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Classified Catalogue 

of the 

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh 

Part 9 

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh 


3'/ {^^3 3 


This list is part g of a Classified Catalogue of all books in the' 
Library, July i, 1902, and includes the books in the class Biography. 

The Decimal classification has been used in this section as in 
others, but the Individual biography has been arranged alphabetically 
by subject, and 92 has been used for the class number. 

Entries to parts of books are not included, but such entries will be 
found in the card catalogue at the Central Library, which should be 
consulted by anyone desiring to see the entire resources of the Library 
on any given subject. 

The symbol at the right-hand side of the page, opposite each tide, 
is the number to be used in calling for the book, and should be copied 
exactly. If the work is in more than one volume, the volume wanted 
should be specified. Call numbers preceded by the letter "r" designate 
books in the reference collection, which cannot be taken from the 
Library. These books, as well as others in the Library, may be con- 
sulted freely in the Reference room. The letter ''j" prefixed to a call 
number indicates that the book is a juvenile. 

Part 10 of the catalogue will consist of the author and subject in- 
dexes, title-pages and preface to the completed work, which forms in 
three volumes a first series. A second series, in two similar volumes, 
is in type and will be issued as soon as the printing can be completed, 
bringing the catalogue down to January 1907. 

The parts issued, up to this time, with their postpaid prices are as 

Part I, General works, 10 cents. 

" 2, Philosophy and Religion, 15 cents. 

" 3, Sociology and Philology, 25 cents. 

" 4, Natural science and Useful arts, 50 cents. 

" 5, Fine arts, 25 cents. 

" 6, Literature (except fiction), 25 cents. 

" 7, Fiction, 40 cents. 

'' 8, History and Travel, 65 cents. 

" 9, Biography, 30 cents. 

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh 
April 22y 1907 

Synopsis of Classification 


CU88 Page 


Biographical dictionaries 2727 

Women 2729 

921 PHILOSOPHY 2734 

922 RELIGION 2735 

923 SOCIOLOGY 2737 

Chief rulers 2739 

Statesmen 2742 

Judges. Lawyers 2745 

Military and naval 2745 

Philanthropists 2748 

Educators 2749 

Business men 2749 

Explorers. Travelers 2749 

925 SCIENCE 2750 

Astronomers 2751 

Chemists 2752 

926 USEFUL ARTS 2752 

Physicians. Inventors 2752 

927 FINE ARTS 2754 

Sculptors 2755 

Painters 2755 

Musicians and composers 2757 

Actors 2762 





920 Collected biography 


Syllabi. 1895-19CX). (University extension lectures.) r920 A51 

Contents: Syllabus of lectures on types of womanhood studied from 
autobiography: Eugenie de Guerin, Marie Bashkirtseff, Adah Isaacs 
Menken and Mary Anderson, Sonya Kovalevsky, Heloise and the 
countess Krasinska, Problems in the lives of modern women, by £. H. 
Griggs. — Syllabus of lectures on representative Frenchmen: Charle- 
magne, St. Louis, Bayard, Rousseau, Napoleon, Gambetta, by Hilaire 
Belloc. — Syllabus of lectures on great leaders of political thought: 
Aristotle, Machiavelli, Montesquieu, Burke, DeTocqueville, Bagehot, 
by Woodrow Wilson. — Syllabus of lectures on moral leaders: The 
function of the moral leader, Socrates, Marcus Aurelius, Saint Francis 
of Assisi, Savonarola, Giordano Bruno, by E. H. Griggs. — Syllabus of 
lectures on English social reformers: Sir Thomas More, John Wesley, 
William Wilberforce, Thomas Carlyle, Kingsley and the Christian 
socialists, John Ruskin, by W. H. Shaw. 

Contains bibliographies. 

AUGE, Moses Mendenhall. 

Lives of the eminent dead and biographical notices of 
prominent living citizens of Montgomery county, Pa. 

1879 r920 A91 

BARRIE, James Matthew. 

Edinburgh eleven; portraits from college life. [1892.] 920 B26 

Sketches from the college life of Rosebery, Masson, Blackie, Calderwood, 
Tait, Fraser, Chrystal, Sellar, Thomson, Stevenson, Dr W. C. Smith. 

BEAVAN, Arthur H. 

Popular royalty. 1897 920 B35 

A budget of anecdotes about royal personages, especially Queen 

BELKNAP, Jeremy. 

American biography; or. An historical account of those per- 
sons who have been distinguished in America as adven- 
turers, statesmen, philosophers, divines, warriors, au- 
thors, and other remarkable characters, v.1-2. 1794-98. .r920 B39' 

V.I. Biron. — Madoc. — Zeno. — Columbus. — John Cabot and Sebastian 
Cabot. — Cartier. — De Soto. — Humphrey Gilbert. — Walter Raleigh and 
Richard Grenville. — John De Fuca. — Bartholomew Gosnold. — ^John 
Smith. — De Monts, Poutrincourt and Champlain. — Ferdinando Gorges 
and John Mason. — Hudson. 

V.2. Sir Thomas Smith. — Thomas, lord Delaware, Sir Thomas Gates, 
Sir George Somers, Capt. Christopher Newport, Sir Thomas Dale, 
Sir Ferdinando Wainman. — Sir Samuel Argal, Sir George Yeardley. 
— Sir Francis Wyat. — Bartholomew Gosnold, Martin Pring, Bar- 
tholomew Gilbert, George Weymouth. — John Robinson. — John Car- 
ver. — William Bradford. — William Brewster. — Robert Cushman. — 
Edward Winslow. — Miles Standish. — John Winthrop. — George Cal- 
vert, Cecilius Calvert, Leonard Calvert. — William Penn. 

No more published. 

BERNARD, Frederic. 

Wonderful escapes; revised from the French and chapters 



added by Richard Whiteing. 1896. (Wonders of man 

and nature.) 920 B45 

BOISSIER, Gaston. 

Cicero and his friends; a study of Roman society in the 

time of Caesar. 1897 920 B59 

Contents: Cicero's letters. — Cicero in public and private life. — ^Atticut. 

— Caelius. — Caesar and Cicero. — Brutus. — Octavius. 
Study of Roman society through Cicero's letters. Of value to student 

of history and sociology and interesting to general reader. 
*'Fit to fill a real want, showing forth Cicero as a man, not as a con- 

triver of syntactical puzzles, nor as a provider of convenient texts 

for dissertations on Roman antiquities." Nation, 1897. 

Ciceron et ses amis; etude sur la societe romaine du temps 

de Cesar. 1899 920 BS9c 

Contents: Les lettres de Ciceron. — Cic6ron dans la vie publique et 
privee. — Atticus. — Cxlius. — Cesar et Ciceron. — Brutus. — Octave. 

BOLTON, Mrs Sarah (Knowles). 

Famous leaders among men. 1894 920 B6if 

Contents: Napoleon. — Nelson. — Bunyan. — Thomas Arnold. — Wendell 
Phillips. — Henry Ward Beecher. — Charles Kingsley. — Gen. Sherman. — 
Spurgeon. — ^Phillips Brooks. 

The same. 1894 J920 B6if 

Lives of poor boys who became famous. 1885 J920 B61 

Contents: George Peabody. — Bayard Taylor. — Capt. J. B. Eads. — James 
Watt. — Sir Josiah Mason. — Palissy. — Thorwaldsen. — Mozart. — Samuel 
Johnson. — Oliver Goldsmith. — Faraday. — Bessemer. — Sir Titus Salt. — 
J. M. Jacquard. — Horace Greeley. — W. L. Garrison. — Garibaldi. — Rich- 
ter. — Gambetta. — Farragut. — Ezra Cornell. — Gen. Sheridan. — Thomas 
Cole. — Ole Bull. — Meissonier. — G. W. Childs. — Moody. — Lincoln. 

BROCKETT, Linus Pierpont, comp. 

Men of our day; or, Biographical sketches of patriots, ora- 
tors, statesmen, generals, reformers, financiers and mer- 
chants. 1872 r920 B76 

BROOKS, Elbridge Streeter. 

Great men's sons. 1895 J920 B77g 

Contents: The son of Socrates; Lamprocles the street boy. — The son of 
Alexander; Alexander the eagle. — The son of Cicero; Marcus the 
consul. — The son of Marcus Aurelius; Commodus the gladiator. — The 
son of Constantine; Constantius the emperor. — The son of Mahomet; 
Ibrahim the baby. — The son of Charlemagne; Louis the well-inten- 
tioned. — The son of Alfred; Edward the unconquered. — The son of 
William the Conqueror; Henry the scholar. — The son of Saladin; 
Afdhal the- unlucky. — The son of Dante; Peter the helper. — The son 
of Tamerlane; Rokh the intrepid. — The son of Columbus; Diego the 
admiral. — The son of Luther; Hans the heavy. — The son of Shakspere; 
Hamnet the boy. — The son of Cromwell; Richard the lazy. — The son 
of Napoleon; Napoleon the forlorn. 

Historic boys. 1894 J920 B77 

Contents: Marcus of Rome. — Brian of Munster. — Olaf of Norway. — 
William of Normandy. — Baldwin of Jerusalem. — Frederick of Hohen- 
staufen. — Harry of Monmouth. — Giovanni of Florence. — Ixtlil* of Tez- 
cuco. — Louis of Bourbon. — Charles of Sweden. — Van Rensselaer of 

Appeared in "St. Nicholas," v.ii, Feb.-Oct. 1884. 

BURGON, John William. 

Lives of twelve good men. 1891 920 B89 

Contents: Martin Joseph Routh. — Hugh James Rose. — Charles Marriott. 
— Edward Hawkins. — Samuel Wilberforce. — Richard Lynch Cotton. — 
Richard Greswell. — Henry Octavius Coxe. — Henry Longrueville Man- 
sel. — William Jacobson. — Charles Page Eden. — Charles Longuet Hig- 


COOKE, Frances E. 

Guiding lights; lives of the great and good. [1878.] 920 C77 

Contents: Michael Angelo Buonarroti. — Madame Guyon. — Martin 
Luther. — Frederich Perthes. 

CORNELL, William Mason. 

Recollections of "ye olden time," with biographical sketches. 

1878 920 C82 

Reminiscences of life in New England and Philadelphia chiefly from 
1825 to 1850. 

CURWEN, Henry. 

History of booksellers, the old and the new. 1873 920.4 C93 

Contents: The booksellers of olden times. — ^The Longman family. — Con- 
• stable, Cadell and Black. — John Murray. — William Blackwood. — 
Chambers, Knight and Cassell. — Henry Colbum. — The Rivingtons, the 
Parkers and James Nisbet. — Butterworth and Churchill. — Edward 
Moxon. — Kelly and Virtue. — Thomas Tegg. — Thomas Nelson. — Simp- 
kin, Marshall and co. — Charles Edward Mudie. — W. H. Smith and 
son. — ^Provincial booksellers. 

DRAKE, Samuel Adams, ed. 

Our great benefactors; short biographies of the men and 

women eminent in literature, science, etc. 1884 r920 D780 

DUYCKINCK, Evert Augustus. 

Portrait gallery of eminent men and women of Europe and 

America. 2v. 1872-73 qr920 D96 

EDGAR, John George. 

Boyhood of great men; intended as an example to youth. . .J920 E28 
Contents: D'Alembert. — Dr Arnold. — Audubon. — Sir Joseph Banks. — 
Bonaparte. — Sir T. F. Buxton. — Canning. — Canova. — Cavendish. — Dr 
Chalmers. — Sir Astley Cooper. — Sir Humphry Davy. — Lord Eldon. — 
Ferguson. — Franklin. — Galileo. — Gassendi. — Gibbon. — Handel. — ^John 
Hunter. — Lord Jeffrey. — Dr Johnson. — Sir William Jones. — Bishop 
Ken. — Sir T. Lawrence. — Sir James Mackintosh. — Lord Mansfield. — 
Duke of Marlborough. — Mozart. — Nelson. — Sir Isaac Newton. — Dr 
Parr. — Pascal. — Pope. — Lord *St. Vincent. — Sir Walter Scott — ^Thor- 
waldsen. — Webster. — Wilberforce. — Sir David Wilkie. 

Footprints of famous men. [187-.] J920 E28f 

Contents: Men of action: Washington. — Burke.— Necker. — Pitt. — Ers- 
kine. — Collingwood. — Teignmouth. — Men of letters: Milner. — Hume. 
— Southey. — Moore. — Artists : Reynolds. — Chantrey. — Wren. — Men 
OF science: Hunter. — Black. — Brindley. — Watt. — Smith. 

ELLET, Mrs Elizabeth Fries (Lummis). 

Court circles of the Republic; or, The beauties and celebri- 
ties of the nation. [1869?] r920 E51 

ELLIOT, Mrs Frances (Dickinson) Minto. 

Roman gossip. 1896 920 E52 

Contents: Pio Nono. — Leo XIII. — Cardinal Antonelli. — II re galan- 
tuomo, Victor Emmanuel II. — Garibaldi. — About the Roman Buona- 
partes. — Queen Hortense. — The princess Pauline Buonaparte. — Canova. 
— A tragic poet [Alfieri]. — Rossini. — Roman houses. — Two Roman 
princes [Alessandro Torlonia and Marc Antonio Borghese]. — Princess 
Gwendoline Borghese. — Two tragedians [Adelaide Ristori and Salvini]. 
— A statesman. — A prophet [David Lazzaretti]. 

EMERSON, Ralph Waldo. 

Representative men. 1894 920 E58 

Contents: Goethe. — Montaigne. — Napoleon. — Plato. — Shakespeare. — 
Swedenborg. — Uses of great men. 
The same. 1896 r920 E58 

The same, [and] Nature, Addresses and lectures. 2v. in i. 

1883 920 EsSa 

EMINENT persons; biographies reprinted from the Times. 

v.i-6. 1892-97 920 E588 


ENCYCLOPAEDIA of contemporary biography of Pennsyl- 
vania. 3v. 1889-93 qr920 E62 

Published by the Atlantic publishing & engraving company. 

ENGEL, Louis, & Notcutt, Percy, ed. 

Our celebrities; a portrait gallery. 2v. 1889-91 qr920 E63 

V.I. Baron Knutsford. — J. Blundell Maple. — Joseph Norman Lockyer. — 
Duchess of Cambridge. — Lord Ronald Gower. — W. S. Gilbert. — M. 
Waddington.— Count Hatzfeldt.— M. de Staal.— Shah of Persia.— 
Count of Paris. — Earl of Fife. — Earl of Lytton. — Dr Pasteur. — G. 
Eiffel. — Duke of Norfolk. — ^Justin McCarthy. — Harry Furniss. — ^J. A. 
Froude. — Henry Labouchere. — -T. Paolo Tosti. — [William Thomson], 
archbishop of York. — Lady Monckton. — Robert Buchanan. — Montagu 
Williams. — Antoinette Sterling. — Henry Arthur Jones. — William 
Agnew. — Lady Goldsmid. — John Hare. 
V.2. Sir Evelyn Wood. — Walter Besant. — J. R. Robinson. — General Bou- 
langer. — Madame Patey. — Henry Vander Weyde. — Herbert Beer- 
bohm Tree. — Mrs Keeley. — W. F. D. Smith. — Sir Henry Trueman 
Wood. — ' Mrs Brown-Potter. — John Osborne. — Dr Lloyd Tuckey. — 
Mrs Jopling Rowe. — James Payn. — Charles Wyndham. — Helen Math- 
ers. — Earl of Desart. — Earl of Lonsdale. — Olga Nethersole. — David 
Powell. — Sir Henry Loch. — Countess of Warwick. — Admiral Sir John 
Edmund Commerell. 
Collection of exceptionally good photographs (not reproductions) by 
Walery, accompanied by biographical sketches. 

ESCOTT, Thomas Hay Sweet. 

Personal forces of the period. 1898 920 E79 

Contents: At court. — From Robert Cecil to Lord Salisbury. — ^The duke 
and duchess of Devonshire. — The earl of Rosebery. — The party of two: 
Sir Charles Dilke, Mr Joseph Chamberlain. — The brothers Balfour. — 
Sir William Harcourt. — Lord Welby. — Diplomatists: new style and Sir 
Philip Currie. — Lord Wolseley and "those about him." — Lord Charles 
Beresford. — Lord chief justice Russell of Killowen. — Lord Ashbourne 
(Mr Edward Gibson). — The Rothschilds. — Lord Glenesk. — Printing 
House square. — Bishop and historian, C. W. Stubbs. — Canon Gore and 
the Lux mundi school. — Personal forces of nonconformity. — An aca- 
demical group. — The "faculty" as a social force. — Sir John Lubbock. — 
George Meredith and his disciples. — Alfred Austin and some other 
singers. — Sir E. Burne- Jones and the P. R. A. — Sir Henry Irving and 
other lights of the play. — London hostesses. — Some personal forces, 
less visible but not less real. — Mr Cecil Rhodes and his friends. — Mr 
W. W. Astor and the American colony. 

FARRAR, Frederic William, dean. 

Men I have known. 1897 920 F25 

Recollections of most of the well-known Englishmen of his time, church 
dignitaries, men of letters, including several Americans, and scientists, 
some of the longer chapters being those on Tennyson, Browning, 
Matthew Arnold, Professor Maurice and Dean Stanley, Doctor 
Whewell, Bulwer Lytton and his son, the earl of Lytton, better 
known as Owen Meredith. 

FISKE, Stephen. 

Off-hand portraits of prominent New Yorkers. 1884 r920 F54 


Memoirs of an author. 2v. 1895 920 F57 

Mr Fitzgerald started on his career as a magazine writer and journalist 
under the patronage of Charles Dickens, first coming, into prominence 
by his papers in "All the year round." Since then he has been a 
voluminous writer. His "Memoirs" include recollections of Dickens 
and John Forster. 

FORNEY, John Weiss. 

Anecdotes of public men. 1873 920 F77 

Originally published in the Washington "Sunday chronicle" and Phila- 
delphia "Press." 

FOUNDERS of Ohio; brief sketches of the forty-eight pio- 
neers who under command of Gen. Rufus Putnam 
landed at the mouth of the Muskingum river on the 7th 


Schuyler homesteads, Albany, N. Y. — Doughoregan manor, the Car- 
roll homestead, Md. — The Ridgely house, Dover, Del. — Other "old 
Dover" stories and houses. — Belmont hall, near Smyrna, Del. — Lang- 
don and Wentworth houses in Portsmouth, N. H. 

Some colonial homesteads and their stories. 1897 920 H27S 

Contents: Brandon. — Westover. — Shirley. — The Marshall house. — Clive- 
den. — The Morris house, Germantown. — The Schuyler and Colfax 
houses, Pompton, N. J. — The Vkn Cortlandt manor-house. — Oak Hill 
upon the Livingston manor. — The Philipse manor-house. — The Jumel 
mansion on Washington Heights, New York city. — ^The Smith house 
at Sharon, Conn. — The Pierce house in Dorchester, Mass. — The "Par- 
son Williams" house in Deerfield, Mass. — Varina, the home of Poca- 
hontas. — Jamestown and Williamsburg. 

Where ghosts walk; the haunts of familiar characters in 

history and literature. 1898 920 H27 

Contents: Two little rooms [Mary, queen of Scots]. — "Only a but an* 
a ben" [Robert Burns]. — "Her gloomy honeymoon" [Mary I of 
England]. — "An eating-house for goodly fare" [The Old Cheshire 
cheese tavern]. — No. 24 Cheyne row [Mrs Carlyle]. — Dante's every- 
day wife. — The prophet of San Marco [Savonarola]. — A 14th century 
new woman [St. Catherine]. — The Ginevra tale. — ^John Keats in Rome. 
— Told on the lagoon [the Orseoli]. — In Ravenna [Lord Byron]. — II 
Magrnifico [Lorenzo de' Medici]. — As in David's day. — In Villette 
[Charlotte Bronte]. 

HARRIS, Alexander. 

Biographical history of Lancaster county, [Pa.]. i872..qr920 H291 
HAWTHORNE, Nathaniel. 

Biographical stories. 1883 J920 H36b 

Contents: Benjamin West. — Sir Isaac Newton. — Samuel Johnson. — 

Oliver Cromwell. — Benjamin Franklin. — Queen Christina. 
Life of Hawthorne, p.3-10. 

HIGGINSON, Thomas Wentworth. 

Contemporaries. 1899 920 H53 

Contents: Emerson. — Alcott. — Theodore Parker. — Whittier. — Walt Whit- 
man. — Sidney Lanier. — An evening with Mrs Hawthorne. — Lydia 
Maria Child. — Helen Jackson ("H. H.")- — ^John Holmes. — Thaddeus 
William Harris. — A visit to John Brown's household in 1859. — William 
Lloyd Garrison. — Wendell Phillips. — Sumner. — Dr Howe's anti-slavery 
career. — Grant. — The eccentricities of reformers. — The road to Eng- 

HILL, George Birkbeck. 

Talks about autographs. 1896 920 H55 

HOLLAND, Henry Richard Vassall Fox, lord. 

Foreign reminiscences. 185 1 r920 H72 

"Miscellaneous collection of anecdote and gossip, often piquant, some- 
times scandalous, concerning various persons of distinction whom 
Lord Holland [1773-1840] had met in his travels abroad — The bulk 
of the anecdotes seem to be fairly authentic, but Lord Holland was 
misled, by his lively sympathy with the revolutionary movement of 
his time, to give undue credit to stories disparaging some of the 
prominent actors on the other side." Dictionary of national biog- 


Lives of great Italians. 1897 920 H81 

Contents: Dante. — Petrarch. — Carmagnola. — Machiavelli. — Michel An- 
gelo Buonarroti. — Galileo. — Gcldoni. — Al fieri. — Cavour. — Victor 

HOUGH, Franklin Benjamin, comp. 

American biographical notes. 1875 qr920 H83 

With autograph letter by F. B. Hough and newspaper clippings by Isaac 

HOWIE, John. 

Scots worthies; ed. by W. H. Carslaw. [1870.] 920 H85 

Short biographies of men who suffered or were prominent in the cause of 
the Scottish reformation. 


HUNT, Violet Brooke-. 

Prisoners of the Tower of London; an account of some 

who at divers times lay captive within its walls. 1899.. 920 H941 
The same. 1901 J920 H94 

HURD, Percy Angier, ed. 

People you know. 1900 920 H94 

Contents: Lord Salisbury. — Lord Rosebery. — The kaiser. — The archbish- 
op of Canterbury, Dr Temple. — Cecil Rhodes. — Chamberlain. — Lord 
Russell of Killowen. — Ellen Terry. — Queen-regent of Spain. — Sir Wil- 
liam Harcourt. — Zola. — T. P. O'Connor. — Mr Justice Hawkins (Lord 
Brampton). — Lord Curzon. — Arthur Wing Pinero. — E. T. Cook (Daily 
news). — Justin McCarthy. — John Forbes-Robertson. — Pope Leo XIII. 
— Queen Wilhelmina. — Joseph H. Choate. — Count Mouravieff. — Baron 
de Courcel. — Hanotaux. — Sagasta. — Henry Arthur Jones. — Lord Lister. 
— Lugard of Africa. — Sir John Tenniel. — ^Abdul Hamid. — Three mem- 
ories: Burne-Jones, The Khalifa, Gladstone. 

IRVING, Washington. 

Biographies and miscellanies. 1866 920 I28 

Contents: Letters of Jonathan Oldstyle, gent. — Biographical sketches: 
Capt. James Lawrence. — Lieut. Burrows. — Commodore Perry. — Capt. 
David Porter. — Thomas Campbell. — Washington Allston. — Conversa- 
tions with Talma. — Margaret Miller Davidson. — Reviews and mis- 
cellanies: Robert Treat Paine. — Edwin C. Holland. — Wheaton's His- 
tory of the Northmen. — Conquest of Granada. — Letter to the editor 
of the "Knickerbocker." — Sleepy Hollow. — National nomenclature. — 
Desultory thoughts on criticism. — Communipaw. — Conspiracy of the 
cocked hats. — Letter from Granada. — The Catskill mountains. 

JESSE, John Heneage. 

George Selwyn and his contemporaries. 4v. 1882 920 J29S 

"The reader who wishes to understand the society of the time, to know 
all about those goddesses the Gunnings. . .and the various other per- 
sonages whose doings fill the letters of Gilly Williams, Tommy 
Townshend, and the various other correspondents of 'Dear George' 
cannot dispense with this book." Athenceum, 1882. 

Memoirs of celebrated Etonians. 2v. 1902 920 J29 

v. I. Nicholas Hardinge. — Edward Weston. — Thomas Townshend. — 
Thomas Morell. — William Battie. — Thomas Broughton. — ^John Chap- 
man. — John Sumner. — Henry Fox, lord Holland. — Gilbert West. — 
Henry Fielding. — Richard Mounteney. — Ralph Thicknesse. — Wil- 
liam Pitt, earl of Chatham. — Sir C. H. Williams. — George, lord 
Lyttelton. — Sneyd Davies. — William Cooke. — T. A. Arne. — Richard, 
earl Temple. — George Grenville. — Frederick Cornwallis. — John, 
earl of Bute. — William Cole. — Charles Lyttelton. — Jeremiah Milles. 
— Charles Pratt, earl Camden. — Jacob Bryant. — Thomas Ashton. — 
Richard West. — George Montagu, earl of Halifax. — Thomas Gray. 

V.2. R. O. Cambridge. — Edward Barnard. — Horace Walpole, earl of Or- 
ford. — Nathaniel Forster. — John Montagu, earl of Sandwich. — 
Robert Glynn. — G. A. Selwyn. — H. S. Conway. — ^John, marquis of 
Granby. — Sir William Draper. — Sir George Baker. — Christopher 
Anstey. — Anthony Champion. — Richard, earl Howe. — David Dal- 
rymple, lord Hailes. — George Graham. — Viscount Howe. — Charles Wat- 
son-Wentworth, marquis of Rockingham. — John Foster. — Frederick, 
lord North, earl of Guilford. — Shute Barrington. — George Steevens. 
— J. H. Tooke. — Jonathaij Davies. — Charles, marquis Cornwallis. 

JONES, Alexander. 

Cymry of '76; or, Welshmen and their descendants of the 
American revolution, with an appendix containing 
notes, sketches and nomenclature of the Cymbri. 1855. .r920 J39 
KING, Moses, comp. 

Notable New Yorkers of 1896-1899. 1899 r920 K26 

Consists of 2,337 portraits. 

LAMARTINE, Alphonse de. 

Memoirs of celebrated characters. 3v. 1856 920 L17 

V. 1 . Cicero. — Columbus. — Heloise. — Nelson. — Palissy. — Roostam. 


V.2. Cromwell. — F^nelon. — Gutenberg. — Homer. — Jacquard. — ^Joan of 

Arc. — Socrates. 
V.3. An tar. — Bossuet. — Milton. — Mme de S6vigni^< — William Tell. 

LILLY, William Samuel. 

Renaissance types. 1901 920 L71 

Contents: The genesis of the renaissance. — Michael Angelo, the artist. — 
Erasmus, the man of letters. — Keuchlin, the savant. — Luther, the rev- 
olutionist. — More, the saint. — The results of the renaissance. 

LODGE, Edmund. 

Portraits of illustrious personages of Great Britain. 8v. 

1849-91 920 L76 

LODGE, Henry Cabot, & Roosevelt, Theodore. 

Hero tales from American history. 1895 J920 L76h 

Contents: Washington. — Daniel Boone and the founding of Kentucky. — 
George Rogers Clark and the conquest of the Northwest. — The battle 
of Trenton. — Bennington. — King's mountain. — The storming of Stony 
Point. — Gouverneur Morris. — The burning of the Philadelphia. — The 
cruise of the "Wasp." — The "General Armstrong," privateer. — The 
battle of New Orleans. — John Quincy Adams and the right of petition. 
— Francis Parkman. — "Remember the Alamo." — Hampton Roads. 
— ^The flag-bearer. — The death of Stonewall Jackson. — The charge at 
Gettysburg. — Gen. Grant and the Vicksburg campaign. — Robert Gould 
Shaw. — Charles Russell Lowell. — Sheridan at Cedar creek. — Lieut. 
Cushing and the ram Albemarle. — Farragut at Mobile bay. — Lincoln. 

The same. 1903 920 L765 

LONGACRE, James Barton, & Herring, James. 

National portrait gallery of distinguished Americans. 4v. 

1836-40 qr920 L82 

LORD, John. 

Beacon lights of history, ist ser. 2v. [1888.] 920 L86 

V.I. Old pagan civilizations: Ancient religions. — Religions of India. 
— Religion of the Greeks and Romans. — Confucius. — Ancient philos- 
ophy. — Governments and laws. — Literary genius. — The fine arts. — 
Ancient scientific knowledge. — Material life of the ancients. — Military 
art. — Pagan society. 

V.2. Jewish heroes and prophets: Abraham. — Joseph. — Moses. — 
The book of Job. — Samuel. — David. — Solomon. — Elijah. — Isaiah. — 
Jeremiah. — Mordecai and Esther. — ^Judas Maccabseus. — Saint Paul. 

The same, ist ser. 2v. [1888.] r920 L86 

Beacon lights of history, [2d ser.]. 8v. [1883-96.] 920 L86b 

v.i. Antiquity: Cyrus the Great. — Socrates. — Phidias. — Caesar. — Cicero. 
— Marcus Aurelius. — Constantine the Great. — Chrysostom. — Saint Am- 
brose. — Saint Augustine. — Theodosius. — Leo the Great. 

v.2. Middle ages: Mohammed. — Charlemagne. — Alfred the Great. — 
Hildebrand. — Saint Bernard. — Saint Anselm. — Thomas Aquinas. — 
Thomas Becket. — ^The feudal system. — The crusades. — William of 
Wykeham. — ^John Wyclif. 

v.3. Renaissance and reformation: Dante. — Chaucer. — Columbus. — 
Savonarola. — Michael Angelo. — Martin Luther. — Thomas Cranmer. — 
Ignatius Loyola. — John Calvin. — Henry of Navarre. — ^Lord Bacon. — 

v.4. Warriors and statesmen: Gustavus /^dolphus. — Cardinal Riche- 
lieu. — Cromwell. — Louis XIV. — Louis XV. — Peter the Great. — Fred- 
eric the Great. — Edmund Burke. — Mirabeau. — Alexander Hamilton. — 
Napoleon. — Daniel Webster. 

v. 5. Great women: Cleopatra. — Paula. — H^loise. — Joan of Arc. — 
Saint Theresa. — Queen Elizabeth. — Madame de Maintenon. — Sarah, 
duchess of Marlborough. — Madame Recamier. — Madame de Stael. — 
Hannah More. — George Eliot. 

V.6. Modern European statesmen : Prince Metternich. — Chateau- 
briand. — George IV. — The Greek revolution. — Louis Philippe. — Wil- 
liam IV. — Sir Robert Peel. — Cavour.— Czar Nicholas. — Louis Na- 
poleon. — Prince Bismarck. — Gladstone. 

v.7. American statesmen: Benjamin Franklin. — Washington. — John 
Adams. — Jefferson. — Andrew Jackson. — Henry Clay. — John C. Cal- 
houn. — Lincoln. 



V.8. Nineteenth century writers: Rousseau. — Scott. — Byron. — Car- 
lyle. — Macaulay. — Life of John Lord, by A. S. Twombly. 

The same, [2d ser.]. 8v. [1883-96.] r920 L86b 

McBRIDE, James. 

Pioneer biography; sketches of some of the early settlers 

of Butler county, Ohio. 2v. 1869-71. (Ohio valley 

historical series.) r920 M12 

McCarthy, Justin. 

Reminiscences. 2v. 1899 920 M12 

V.I. First sight of London. — First glimpses of Parliament. — The princes 
of literature. — Richard Cobden. — ^John Bright. — Some letters from 
John Bright. — John Stuart Mill. — The exile-world of London. — The 
"Morning star;" a retrospect. — Queen of the western waves. — Bos- 
ton's literary men. — Charles Sumner; Walt Whitman. — Henry Ward 
Beecher; Woman's rights. — Some soldiers of the war. — Brigham 
Young and the Mormon city. — A Fitzroy square Bohemia. — Cross- 
ing the bar. — George Eliot. — New friends. — George Meredith. — A 
sudden glance backward. — Lord John and Lady Russell. — Charles 
Reade; Anthony Trollope. — Lord Randolph Churchill. 
V.2. On the stump in America. — Sir Stafford Northcote. — Prince Napo- 
leon. — Some Americans in London. — Charles Stewart Parnell. — 
Froude; Freeman. — Two colonial governors [Lord Rosmead and Sir 
John Pope Hennessy]. — In the lobby. — The English positivists. — Law 
and physic. — The Kingsleys. — Some memories of the stage. — Men of 
light and leading. — Wanderers and war correspondents. — After Achil- 
les. — Some Irish members. — Cardinal Manning. — William Black; Rud- 
yard Kipling. — William Ewart Gladstone. 

MacCRACKEN, Henry Mitchell. 

Hall of fame; the official book authorized by the New 
York university senate as a statement of the origin and 
constitution of the Hall of fame, and of its history up 
to the close of 1900. 1901 920 M142 

The purpose of the Hall of fame is patriotic commemoration of repre- 
sentative Americans. Book gives an account of the building, its ori- 
gin and constitution, its electoral roll, nominations for inscription, 
and an* analysis of the returns for the first election. Larger part of 
the book is devoted to brief biographies of the 29 Americans already 
chosen (1901). 


Men and measures of half a century; sketches and com- 
ments. 1889 920 M 14 

Mr McCulloch, in his official position as comptroller of the currency 
in 1863, secretary of the treasury from 1865 to 1869 and again in 
1884, had an unusual opportunity to acquire an intimate knowledge of 
the men and measures of his time. 

"A fairer, kindlier book was never written. It is refreshing. . .to find 
an able man treating so generously his rivals or opponents." Nation, 

MARDEN, Orison Swett, ed. 

How they succeeded; life stories of successful men told 

by themselves. 1901 920 M37 

Contents: Marshall Field. — Bell telephone talk. — Why the American peo- 
ple like Helen Gould. — ^P. D. Armour's business career. — What Mary 
E. Proctor did to popularize astronomy. — The boyhood experience of 
President Schurman of Cornell university. — The story of John Wana- 
maker. — Giving up five thousand a year to become a sculptor, F. W. 
Ruckstuhl. — Questions and answers, D. O. Mills. — Nordica; what it 
costs to become a queen of song. — How he worked to secure a foot- 
hold, W. D. Howells.— John D. Rockefeller.— The author of the Battle 
hymn of the Republic, Julia Ward Howe. — A talk with Edison. — ^A 
fascinating story, Lew Wallace. — Carnegie as a metal worker. — ^John 
B. Herreshoff, the yacht builder. — ^A successful novelist, fame after 
fifty, Amelia E. Barr. — How Theodore Thomas brought the people 
nearer to music. — ^John Burroughs at home. — Vreeland's romantic 
story. — How James Whitcomb Riley came to be master of the Hoosier 


MARTINENGO-CESARESCO, Evelyn (Carrington), contessa. 
Italian characters in the epoch of unification, (patriotti 

italiani). 1901 920 M43 

Contents: Sigismondo Castromediano. — Bettino Ricasoli. — Luigi Settem- 
brini. — Giuseppe Martinengo. — Daniele Manin. — The Poerios. — Con- 
stance d'Azeglio. — Goffredo Mameli. — Ugo Bassi. — Nino Bixio. — The 

MATTHEWS, (George E.) & CO. 

Men of New York; biographies of citizens prominent in 
business, professional, social and political life during 
the last decade of the 19th century. 2v. 1898 qr920 M47 

MERYDEW, J. T. ed. 

Love letters of famous men and women of the past and 

present century. 2v. 1888 920 M63 

These volumes contain letters from George Farquhar, John Churchill, 
duke of Marlborough, Congreve, Steele, Lord Peterborough, Pope, 
Fielding, Swift, Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, Sterne, Hume, Gar- 
rick, Samuel Johnson, Mrs Piozzi, Henry Frederick, duke of Cum- 
berland, Reynolds, Burns, Horace Walpole, Mary Wollstonecraft, 
Cowper, Nelson, Sheridan, Warren Hastings, Keats, Shelley, Byron, 
Augustus Frederick, duke of York, George IV, Hazlitt, Scott, Jeremy 
Bentham, James Hogg, John Constable, George Bryan Bnimmell, 
Southey, Hood, Duke of Sussex, Hugh Miller, Leigh Hunt, Sir Wil- 
liam Hamilton, Walter Farquhar Hook, Charles James Matthews. 
.MUZZEY, Artemas Bowers. 

Reminiscences and memorials of men of the Revolution 

and their families. 1883 r920 M98 

Contents: Otis family. — Adams family. — Quincy family. — Lincoln family. 
— Parker family. — Munroe family. — Brown family. — Kirkland family. 
— Ellery family. — William EUery Channing. — Society of the Cincin- 
nati. — Revolutionary men in the War of 181 2. — Oliver Hazard Perry. 
— Personal appearance of Revolutionary officers. — Andrew Jackson. — 
The antislavery movement. — Boutelle family. — Lafayette. — Emerson 
the patriot. — The soldier of the Revolution. — The battle of Lexington; 
personal recollections of men engaged in it. — Men of the Southern and 
middle states in the Revolution. 

MYERS. Frederic William Henry. 

Great men. 1889 920 M99 

Contents: Martin Luther. — Christopher Columbus. — Francis Xavier. — 
Peter of Russia. — John Wycliffe. — Sir Thomas More. — Oliver Crom- 
well. — Girolamo Savonarola. — Gaspard de Coligny. — George Wash- 

NELSON. S. B. pub. 

Biographical dictionary and historical reference book of 

Erie county, Pa. 1896 qr920 N22 

NETHERCLIFT, Joseph, & Frederick George, comp. 

Collection of 100 autograph letters written by royal and 
distinguished persons of Great Britain, from the 15th to 
the i8th century, copied in fac-simile from the originals. 

1849 qr920 N24 

KEVIN. Alfred. 

Centennial biography; men of mark of Cumberland valley, 

Pa., 1776-1876. 1876 qr920 N25 

NEVIN. David Robert Bruce. 

Continental sketches of distinguished Pennsylvanians. 

187s r920 N25C 

NEWDEGATE, Anne Emily (Gamier) Newdigate-, lady. 

The Cheverels of Cheverel manor. 1898 920 N26 

History of the Newdigate family and their ward, from whom George 
Eliot drew the Cheverels and Tina in "Mr Gilfil's love story." Con- 


sists of family letters and gives an interesting picture of i8th cen- 
tury English life. 

NICOLL, Henry James. 

Great movements and those who achieved them. 1882.... 920 N32 

Contents: Bell. — John Bright. — Lord Brougham. — Cassell. — Chambers. 
— Clegg. — Richard Cobden. — Constable.-^Cooke. — Fulton. — T. M. Gib- 
son. — Sir Rowland Hill. — John Howard. — Knight. — Murdock. — Sir 
Samuel Romilly. — Stephenson. — C. P. Villiers. — Watt. — Wheatstone. 
Wilberforce. — Winsor. 

O'CONNOR, Thomas Power. 

Some old love stories. 1895 920 O13 

Contents: Abraham Lincoln and his wife. — Mirabeau and Sophie de 
Monnier. — William Hazlitt and Sarah Walker. — Fersen and Marie 
Antoinette. — Carlyle and his wife. 

OLIPHANT, Mrs Margaret Oliphant (Wilson). 

Historical characters of the reign of Queen Anne. 1894. .q920 023h 

Contents: The princess Anne. — The queen and the duchess [of Marl- 
borough 1. — The author of Gulliver [Swift]. — The author of Robinson 
Crusoe [Defoe]. — Addison, the humorist. 

Historical sketches of the reign of George II. 2v. in i. 

1869 920 023hi 

Contents: The queen [Caroline]. — The minister [Walpole]. — The man of 
the world [Chesterfield]. — The woman of fashion [Lady Mary Mon- 
tagu]. — The poet [Pope]. — The young chevalier [Charles Stuart, the 
Young Pretender]. — The reformer [John Wesley]. — The sailor 
[Anson]. — The philosopher [Berkeley]. — The novelist [Richardson]. — 
The sceptic [Hume]. — The painter [Hogarth]. 

Makers of Florence. 1892 920 O23 

Contents: Dante. — The cathedral builders. — The monks of San Marco. 

The same. 1897 r920 O23 

"The book... does not profess to be a history of Florence. . .but simply 
...a collection of slight biographical sketches ... The studies of char- 
acter are life-like and fair, and the narrative portions are full of 
picturesque touches." Athenaeum, 1877. 

PARTON, James. 

Famous Americans of recent times. 1893 920 P27 

Contents: J. J. Astor. — Beecher. — J. G. Bennett. — Theodosia Burr. — Cal- 
houn. — Clay. — Girard. — Charles Goodyear. — John Randolph. — Commo- 
dore Vanderbilt. — Webster. 

The same. 1900 J920 P27 

PARTON, James, ed. 

Some noted princes, authors and statesmen of our time. 

1885 920 P27S 

Partial contents: Reminiscences of Stanley, by F. W. Farrar. — Dickens 
with his children, by Mamie Dickens. — Four famous scenes in the 
House of commons, by H. W. Lucy. — The king of Bavaria [Ludwig 
II], by Mrs John Lillie. — End of Prince Louis Napoleon, by Archi- 
bald Forbes. — College life of Macaulay, by E. P. Whipple. — Carlyle, 
by James Parton. — Victor Hugo at home, by Richard Lesclide. — St. 
Pierre, by J. T. Fields. — Scott, by J. T. Fields. — Lord Coleridge and 
the English law courts, by W. L. Woodroffe. — A grandson of Robert 
Burns, by Will Carleton. — Gladstone, by James Parton. — Queen Vic- 
toria, by L. C. Moulton. 

PARTON, James. 

Triumphs of enterprise, ingenuity and public spirit. 1872. .r920 P27t 

Contents: The Cooper institute and its founder. — The wonderful growth 
of Chicago. — Charles Dickens as a citizen. — The founder of Vassar 
college. — The beginnings of science in the United States. — Origin of 
the electric telegraph. — Jared Sparks. — History of the sewing-machine. 
— Invention of circulating libraries. — Some of the marvels and curiosi- 
ties of Pittsburgh. — Origin of cotton-weaving machinery. — John Fill- 
more and his victory over the pirates. — Painting without hands. — 
Thomas Hood. — The first Bostonian and the first New-Yorker. — 
Irving, Cooper, Bryant. — Edgar A. Poc and Artemas Ward; how they 
lived and why they died so young. — Josiah Quincy. — The piano among 


VLB, and the history of the instrument. — Anecdotes of Faraday. — 
Thomas Nast. — David Crockett. — Oil paintings by machinery. — ^The 
founder of the Rothschilds. — ^A millionaire in the ranks, Elias 
Howe. — ^How the American people learned to nominate presidents. — 
The founder of the internal improvement system of the United 
States. — Pocahontas and her husband. — Invention of the compass and 
who first used it. — Discovery of the island of Madeira. — The real 
merits of Columbus. — The naming of the New World. — ^The wisest of 
the pagans [Marcus Aurelius] and some of his thoughts. — ^Aristotle. 
— Invention of the daguerreotype. — John Macadam. — William Ged, the 
first stereotyper. — A French Tory, Pierre Antoine Berryer. — John 
Eliot, the apostle to the Indians. — Life, trial and execution of Al> 
gemon Sidney. — The city of St Louis. — What sort of man is Bis- 
marck? — Painless surgery by ether. — Benjamin Thompson, count 

PARTON, James, and others. 

Sketches of men of progress. 1870-71 qr920 P27S 

Binder's title reads "Men of progress." 

PENNYPACKER, Samuel Whitaker. 

Historical and biographical sketches. 1883 r920 P41 

"Six weeks in uniform; military service in the Gettysburg campaign," 

PITTSBURG and the vicinity; containing life sketches of 

leading citizens. 1897 qrpao P67 

Published by the Biographical review publishing company. 


Biographien, mit anmerkungen von J. F. S. Kaltwasser. 

lov. 1805-12 r920 P72b 

The same, v.i-6. 1805 920 P72b 

Boys' and girls' Plutarch; parts of the Lives of Plutarch; ed. 

for boys and girls by J. S. White. 1896 J920 P72b 

Lives; tr. fr. the Greek by John and William Langhorne. 

1859 920 P72 

The same. 1831 r920 P72I1 

Lives of illustrious men; tr. by A. H. Clough. 1894 920 P72I 

The same; tr. by Aubrey Stewart and George Long. 4v. 

1901-04 920 P72I2 

"This writer, one of the most celebrated of antiquity, lived in the first 
century of our era. The work that has immortalized his name, and 
made him a favorite with wise men and promising youth, is the lives 
of forty-six Greeks and Romans. These lives he wrote in pairs, por- 
traying one Greek and one Roman, and then drawing a comparison 
between them . . . Among the most delightful sketches ever written. 
As an ultimate and conclusive authority they cannot be accepted. But 
they are able to inspire, to charm, and to instruct. They take the 
reader into the heroic stir of Roman and Grecian life." C. K. Adams. 

Our young folks* Plutarch; ed. by Rosalie Kaufman. 

1890 J920 P720 

Shakespeare's Plutarch; a selection from the lives in 

North's Plutarch which illustrate Shakespeare's plays; 

ed. by W. W. Skeat. 1892 920 P72S 

Contents: Coriolanus. — Julius Caesar. — Brutus. — Marcus Antonius. — 
Augustus. — Extracts from the life of Theseus. — Extracts from the life 
of Alcibiades. 

POND, James Burton. 

Eccentricities of genius; memories of famous men and 

women of the platform and stage. 1900 920 P78 

Partial contents: Booker T. Washington. — Beecher. — Talmage. — S. Rey- 
nolds Hole. — C. W. Stubbs. — Mary Livermore. — Oara Louise Kellogg. 
— Mary Proctor. — Samuel L. Clemens. — ^James Whitcomb Riley. — Stan- 
ley. — Charlotte Cushman. — Elbert Hubbard. — Sir Edwin Arnold. — Dr 


John Watson. — Zangwill. — Anthony Hope Hawkins. — A. Conan Doyle. 
— ^James Redpath. — Ole Bull. 
"For thirty-five years Major. . .Pond has been the foremost lecture man- 
ager in this country. During that time he has managed practically all 
the famous men and women who have spoken from American plat- 
forms. Most of these have been his warm personal friends, and have 
written to him familiarly and charmingly. He has gathered many of 
their letters together . . . and we are given glimpses of their idiosyncra- 
cies, their foibles, and their virtues, in a series of personal observations 
and reminiscences." Dial, 1901. 

POWELL, Aaron Macy. 

Personal reminiscences of the anti-slavery and other re- 
forms and reformers. 1899 920 P87 

"An unfinished f ragment ... whose chief interest lies in the simple 
story of the author's enlistment in the abolition cause ... Numerous 
portraits and facsimiles further make this volume a useful contribu- 
tion to anti-slavery literature, as well as a memorial of a most ex- 
cellent man." Nation, 1899. 

PRATT, Edwin A. 

Notable masters of men; modern examples of successful 

lives. [1901.] 920 P888 

Contents: Secrets of success. — Mr Carnegie and his millions. — The 
founder of Mason college [Sir Josiah Mason]. — "The salt king" [John 
Corbett]. — The rise of Tangye . brothers. — Mr George Cadbury and 
artisans' dwellings. — The inventor of Bessemer steel [Sir Henry 
Bessemer]. — A modern magician [Thomas A. Edison]. — The founder 
of mechanics' institutes [George Birkbeck]. — Sir George Williams 
and the Y. M. C. A. — The rise of the Polytechnic [Quintin Hogg] . — 
A republic of boys and girls [George junior republic]. — ^Thc revolt of 
Hodge and the man who led it [Joseph Arch]. — A pioneer of travel 
[Thomas Cook]. — Chambers's journal and its story. — James Gordon 
Bennett. — British workman and colonial premier [Sir Henry Parkes]. 
— A pastoralist millionaire [James Tyson]. — Railwaymen who have 
risen. — Labour members. — An evangelist in terra cotta [George Tin- 
worth]. — The martyr missionary of New Guinea [James Chalmers]. — 
A master of cannibals [John G. Paton]. — ^Triumph over physical de- 
fects. — Self-help for the blind [F. J. Campbell]. — The lame man who 
travelled [Arminius V&mb^ry]. 

PRATT, Mara L. 

De Soto, Marquette and La Salle. 1895 J920 P88 

Story of the Mississippi and its discoverers written in words of two 
and three syllables. 

REEVES, John, of England. 

The Rothschilds, the financial rulers of nations. 1887 920 R28 

Contains a chapter "About the Jews." 
ROBSON, Charles, ed. 

Biographical encyclopaedia of Pennsylvania of the 19th 

century. 1874 qr920 Rs6 

SABINE, Lorenzo, contp. 

Biographical sketches of loyalists of the American revolu- 
tion, with an historical essay. 2v. 1864 r920 Sii 

"The sketches are very short and very numerous, but here and there 
glimpses are given showing that even the Revolutionary fathers were 
not all worthy of canonisation. The work is introduced by an essay 
...on the nature of the legislation which brought on the war. 
The ground is taken that the causes for grievance were not so much 
the forms of objectionable taxation as the repeated interference with 
the natural industries of the country." C. K. Adams. 

SADLIER, Agnes. 

Heroes of history, in words of one syllable. 1891 J920 S12 

SAINTE-BEUVE, Charles Augustin. 

Essays; ed. by William Sharp. 3v. 1901 920 Si5e 

V.I. On men and women: Pascal. — Bossuet. — Rousseau. — Joubert. — 
Guizot. — Madame Roland. — Madame de Souza. — Madame de Du- 


ras. — Madame de Krudener. — Madame Guizot. — Madame de R^musat. 

— Frederic the Great. — The abbe Galiani. 
V.2. Portraits of men: Goethe and Bettina, 1850. — Alfred de Musset, 

1857. — Letters of Lord Chesterfield to his son, 1850. — De Balzac, 

1850. — The memoirs of Saint-Simon, 1851. — Camille Desmoulins, 

1850. — Diderot, 1851. — La Bruyere, 1836. — L'abbc de Choisy, 1851. 

— Fontenelle, 1851. 
V.3. Portraits of women: Madame de Maintcnon, 1851. — Madame de 

Sevigne, 1829. — Madame de Stael, 1835. — ^Jeanne d'Arc, 1850. — 

Marie Antoinette, 1851. — Madame de La Fayette, 1836. 
Critical memoir of Sainte-Beuve, by William Sharp, v.i, .p.7-48. 

Monday-chats; selected and tr. from t^e "Causeries du 

lundi." 1891 920 S15 

Contents: Introductory essay on the life and writings of Sainte-Beuve, 
by William Mathews. — Lewis the Fourteenth. — Fcnelon. — Bossuet. — 
Massillon. — Pascal. — Rousseau. — Madame Geoff rin. — Joubert. — Guizot. 
— The abbe Galiani. — Frederic the Great. 

SALA, George Augustus Henry. 

Things I have seen and people I have known. 2v. 1894.. 920 S159 

Mr Sala witnessed the coronation procession of Queen Victoria, and was 
in Westminster abbey at her golden jubilee service, and in the inter- 
vening 50 years has seen many important events, and known many 
famous people. He writes of Dickens and Thackeray, of the Paris 
of 1839, of America during the Civil war, of pantomimes, operas, of 
old taverns, dinners and costumes. 

SAUNDERS, Frederick. 

Character studies, with some personal recollections. 1894.. 920 S25 
Contents: Edward Irving. — Anna Jameson. — Washington Irving. — Hen- 
ry Wadsworth Longfellow. — William Cullen Bryant. — Joseph Green 

SECCOMBE, Thomas, ed. 

Lives of twelve bad men. 1894 r920 S44 

Contents: James Hepburn, earl of Bothwell. — Sir Edward Kelley. — 
Matthew Hopkins. — George Jeffreys. — Titus Gates. — Simon Eraser, 
lord Lovat. — Colonel Francis Charteris. — Jonathan Wild. — James 
Maclaine. — George Robert Fitzgerald. — Thomas Griffiths Wainewright. 
— Edward Kelly. 

SHELLEY, Mrs Mary Wollstonecraft (Godwin), and others. 
Eminent literary and scientific men of Italy, Spain and 
Portugal. 3v. 1835-37. (Lardner's cabinet cyclo- 
paedia.) 920 S54 

V.I. Dante. — Petrarch. — Boccaccio. — Lorenzo de' Medici, &c. — Bojardo. 
— Berni. — Ariosto. — Machiavelli. 

V. 2. Galileo. — Guicciardini. — Vittoria Colonna. — Guarini. — Tasso. — Chia- 
brera. — Tassoni. — Marini. — Filicaja. — Metastasio. — Goldoni. — Al fieri. 
— Monti. — Ugo Foscolo. 

V.3. Introduction: Mosen Jordi, The cancioneros, Alphonso X and 
his court, Alphonso XI and his court, Juan de Mena, Juan de 
Enzina. — Boscan. — Garcilaso de la Vega. — Diego Hurtado de Men- 
doza. — Luis de Leon. — Herrera. — Jorge de Montemayor. — Castillejo. 
— The early dramatists. — Ercilla. — Cervantes. — Lope de Vega. — Vi- 
cente Espinel. — Esteban de Villegas. — Gongora. — Ouevedo. — Calder- 
on. — Early poets of Portugal: Ribeyra, Saa de Miranda Gil Vicente, 
Ferreira. — Camoens. 

SICHEL, Edith. 

Story of two salons. 1895 920 S56S 

Contents: The little household of the Suards. — Pauline de Beaumont. 
Concerning some eighteenth century celebrities. 

Women and men of the French renaissance. 1901 920 S565W 

Contents: The French renaissance. — Margaret of Angouleme and the 
renaissance. — Rabelais and his contemporaries. — End of the reign. 

List of works consulted, p. 13-15. 

A well-written history of the personal life of some of the characters of 
the early i6th centurj , touching only incidentally on political or mili- 
tary events. 


SIDNEY, Philip. 

Memoirs of the Sidney family. 1899 920 S56 

"Authorities," p.9-11. 

"There are not many families which have produced in three generations 
three men so distinguished as Sir Henry, Sir Philip, and Algernon 
Sidney. . .Mr. Sidney had plenty of material at his hand for a valuable 
and interesting book. Unfortunately he has not done justice to his 
material; his Memoirs are compiled without skill, and written without 
enthusiasm; and though in the main we accept his conclusions ... we 
feel regret for the waste of an excellent opportunity." Spectator, 

SIMPSON, Mrs Mary Charlotte Mair (Senior). 

Many memories of many people. 1898 920 S61 

"Full of interest to the lover of gossip and anecdote. . .To have been 
tossed as a child in the arms of Archbishop Whately, to have been 
a pet of Sydney Smith, to have grown up in the brilliant circle 
which gathered round the great Lord Lansdowne, to have been the 
friend of De Tocqueville, Ampere, the Grotes, and the Thackerays, 
to have known Cavour, Guizot, Rogers, Moore, Jenny Lind, Carlyle, 
and a long list of illustrious men and women . . . this is a lot given 
to few indeed. There is a delightful old-world touch about much 
of the book." Academy, 1898. 

SINCLAIR, Sir John. 

Correspondence. 2v. 1831 r920 S616 

SMALLEY, George Washburn. 

London letters and some others. 2v. 1891 920 S63I 

Author was London correspondent of the "New York tribune." 
"Nearly the whole of the first volume [is filled] with notices of emi- 
nent personages whom he has met — commencing with Prince Bis- 
marck and Count Herbert Bismarck, the German Emperor, Leon Gam- 
betta, Louis Blanc, Lord Beaconsfield, and others of similarly varied 
distinction — and ending with Browning, Lord Lytton, Renan, Gustave 
Dor€, Carlo Pellegrini the caricaturist, and Mr. Watts the painter. . . 
About a hundred pages are devoted to two of Mr. Gladstone's 'Mid- 
lothian Campaigns,' and to a discussion of his politics. 'Notes on 
Social Life,' including an elaborate description of the ways of London 
society. . .sketches of 'English Talk and Talkers,' and 'The American 
Girl in England,' are followed by 'Notes on Parliament,' and descrip- 
tions of various 'Pageants' (a 'Royal Review,' the Queen's Jubilee, the 
opening of the 'People's Palace,' etc.) which the author has witnessed; 
and the whole concludes with miscellaneous sketches, all more or less 
entertaining." Critic, 1890. 

Studies of men. 1895 920 S63 

Contents: Cardinal Newman. — Lord Granville. — Mr Balfour. — Mr Par- 
nell. — The seventh duke of Devonshire. — Mr Spurgeon. — Tennyson. 
— The German emperor [William II]. — The birthplace of the Bis- 
marcks. — A visit to Prince Bismarck. — The master of Balliol [Dr 
Jowett]. — Professor Tyndall. — Sir Edward Burne-Jones. — Lord Rose- 
bery. — Sir William Harcourt. — Mrs Humphry Ward. — Lord Bowen. — 
William Walter Phelps. — President Carnot. — The prime minister [Lord 
Rosebery]. — Mr Froude. — Mr Winthrop. — Oliver Wendell Holmes. — 
Mr John Walter. — Francis Magnard. — Lord Randolph Churchill. — 
George William Curtis. 

SMITH, Helen Ainslie. 

One hundred famous Americans. 1886 J920 S649 

SMITH, Herbert Greenough. 

Romance of history. 1891 920 S64 

Contents: Bayard. — Benyowsky. — Casanova. — Marino Faliero. — Jacque- 
line de Laguette. — Lithgow. — Lochiel. — Masaniello. — Prince Rupert. — 
Tamerlane. — Vidocq. 

SMITH, Percy Frazer, comp. 

Notable men of Pittsburgh and vicinity. 1901 r920 S65 

Portraits of 1,600 men. 


SPARKS, Jared, ed. 

Library of American biography, ist--2d ser. 25V. 1834-- 

51 920 S73 

Contents: Allen, E., by J. Sparks, v.i. — ^Arnold, B., by J. Sparks, v.3. — 
Bacon, N., by W. Ware, v. 13. — Boone, D., by J. M. Peck, v.23. — 
Braincrd, D., by W. B. O. Peabody, v.8.— Brown, C. B., by W. H. 
Prescott, V.I. — Cabot, S., by C. Hayward, jr., v.9. — Calvert, L., by 
G. W. Burnap, v. 19. — Davidson, L. M., by C. M. Sedgwick, v.7. — 
Davie, W. R., by F. M. Hubbard, v. 15. — Decatur, S., by A. S. Mac- 
kenzie, V.I I. — Dwight, T., by W. B. Sprague, v.14. — Eaton, W., by 
C. C. Felton, v.9. — Edwards, J., by S. Miller, v.8. — Eliot. J., by C. 
Francis, v.5. — Ellery, W., by E. T. Channing, v.6. — Fitch, J., by C. 
Whittlesey, v. 16. — Fulton, R., by J. Renwick, v. 10. — Gorton, S., by 
J. M. Mackie, v. 15. — Greene, N., by G. W. Greene, v.20. — Henry, P., 
by A. H. Everett, v. 11. — Hudson, H., by H. R. Cleveland, v. 10. — 
Hutchinson, A., by G. E. Ellis, v. 16. — Kirkland, S., by S. K. Lothrop, 
V.2S. — La Salle, R. C. de, by J. Sparks, v.i i. — Ledyard, J., by J. Sparks, 
V.24. — Lee, C, by J. Sparks, v. 18. — Leisler, J., by C. F. Hoffman, 
V.I 3. — Lincoln, B., by F. Bowen, v.23. — Marquette, Father J., by J. 
Sparks, v. 10. — Mason, J., by G. E. Ellis, v. 16. — Mather, C, by W. 
B. O. Peabody, v.6. — Montgomery, R., by J. Armstrong, v.i. — Ogle- 
thorpe, J., by W. B. O. Peabody, v. 12. — Otis, J., by F. Bowen, v. 12. — 
Palfrey, W., by J. G. Palfrey, v.17.— Penn, W., by G. E. Ellis, v.22.— 
Phips, Sir W., by F. Bowen, v.7. — ^Pike, Z. M., by H. Whiting, v. 15. — 
Pinkney, W., by H. Wheaton, v.6. — Posey, T., by J. Hall, v. 19. — 
Preble, E., by L. Sabine, v.22. — Pulaski, K., by J. Sparks, v.14. — Put- 
nam, I., by O. W. B. Peabody, v.7. — Rale, S., by C. Francis, v.17. — 
Reed, J., by H. Reed, v. 18. — Ribault, J., by J. Sparks, v.17. — Ritten- 
house, D., by J. Renwick, v.7. — Smith, Capt. J., by G. S. Hillard, v. 2. 
— Stark, J., by E. Everett, v.i. — Steuben, F. W. baron, by F. Bowen, 
v.9. — Stiles, E., by J. L. Kingsley, v. 16. — Sullivan, J., by O. W. B. 
Peabody, v.13. — Thompson, B., count Rumford, by J. Renwick, v.i 5. 
— Vane, Sir H., by C. W. Upham, v.4. — Ward, S., by W. Gammell, 
V.19. — Warren, J., by A. H. Everett, — Wayne, A., by J. Arm- 
strong, v.4. — Williams, R., by W. Gammell, v.14. — Wilson, A., by W. 
B. O. Peabody, v.2. 

The same, 25V. 1839-55 r920 S73 

"Though the collection was designed for the general public, the papers 
are to be regarded as biographical essays rather than as biographical 
sketches, and are therefore not without considerable value in the 
study of our early history." C. K. Adams. 

SPOFFORD, Ainsworth Rand, and others, ed. 

Library of historic characters and famous events of all na- 
tions and ages. lov. 1897 1*920 S76 

SPRAGUE, William Buel. 

Visits to European celebrities. 1855 920 S76 

STEAD, William Thomas. 

Character sketches. [1892.] q920 S79 

Contents: Prince of Wales. — The emperor of Germany [William II]. — 
John Morley. — Arthur Balfour. — Lord Wolseley. — Bismarck. — Madame 
Novikoff. — Dean Church. — Lowell. — Cardinal Manning. — Mrs Besant. 
— Parnell. 

STODDARD, Richard Henry, ed. 

Bric-a-brac series, v. 1-4, 6-10. 1874-76 r920 S86 

V.I. Personal reminiscences by Chorley, Planch6 and Young. 

v.2. Anecdote biographies of Thackeray and Dickens. 

v.3. Prosper M6rimee's Letters to an incognita, with recollections by 

Lamartine and George Sand. 
v.4. Personal reminiscences by Barham, Harness and Hodder. 
v.6. Personal reminiscences by Moore and Jerdan. 
v.7. Personal reminiscences by Cornelia Knight and Thomas Raikes. 
v.8. Personal reminiscences by O'Keeffe, Kelly and Taylor. 
v.9. Personal recollections of Lamb, Hazlitt, and others [Thomas 

Campbell and the countess of Blessington]. Personal reminiscences by Constable and ^Gillies. 

STORIES of great men. 1895 J920 S88 

Contents: Columbus. — George Washington. — William Penn. — Israel Put- 
nam. — Benjamin Franklin. 


SYMONDS, E. M. (pseud. George Paston). 

Little memoirs of the eighteenth century. 1901 920 S98 

Contents: Lady Hertford, Lady Pomfret — Richard Cumberland. — Lady 
Craven (margravine of Anspach). — ^James Lackington. — Mrs Grant 
of I^aggan. — The romance of John Tweddell, with extracts from his 
unpublished love-letters. 

"The little company of seven with whom the reader of these memoirs 
will make acquaintance consists of 'two grandes dames of the second 
George's court, a poet-playwright who dabbled in diplomacy, an aristo- 
cratic ddclassie who died in the odour of royalty, an ex-shoemaker 
turned bookseller, a Highland lady with literary proclivities, and a 
distinguished scholar who was chiefly remarkable for his misfortunes* 
...Their 'confessions' make delightful reading." Spectatott 1901. 

THAYER, William Makepeace. 

Men who win; or, Making things happen. 1897 920 T34m 

Contents: Spurgeon. — Beecher. — Arnold. — Daniel Safford. — Horace 
Mann. — John Roach. — Charles Goodyear. — John Bright. — Whittier. — 
Charles Jewett. — Louis Agassiz. — N. P. Banks. — David Livingstone. — 
Amos Lawrence. — George Stephenson. — Samuel Budgett. — Fremont. 

Turning points in successful careers. 1895 920 T34 

Contents: James G. Blaine. — Nathaniel Bowditch. — George N. Briggs. 
— Thomas Chalmers. — Salmon P. Chase. — George W. Childs. — ^Horace 
B. Claflin. — Henry Clay. — Peter Cooper. — Oliver Cromwell. — Dickens. 
— Farragut. — Cyrus W. Field. — Benjamin Franklin. — Sir John Frank- 
lin. — Elizabeth Fry. — Garfield. — Grant. — Patrick Henry. — Harriet 
Hosmer. — Leigh Hunt. — ^Helen Hunt Jackson. — E. K. Kane. — ^John 
Kitto. — Lucy Larcom. — Lincoln. — David Livingstone. — Mary Lyon. — 
W. L. Marcy.— M. F. Maury.— Hugh Miller.— Maria Mitchell.— S. F. 
B. Morse. — Lucretia Mott. — Sir Isaac Newton. — George Peabody. — W. 
H. Seward. — Lord Shaftesbury. — Roger Sherman. — Leland Stanford. 
— A. T. Stewart. — Sumner. — ^Washington. — Webster. — Benjamin West 
— Eli Whitney. — Wilberforce. — Sir David Wilkie. — Alexander Wilson. 
— Henry Wilson. 

THAYER, William Roscoe. 

Throne-makers. 1899. 920 T341 

Contents: Throne-makers: Bismarck. — Napoleon III. — Kossuth. — Gari- 
baldi. — Portraits : Carlyle. — Tintoret. — Giordano Bruno. — Bryant. 

TUCKERMAN, Charles Keating. 

Personal recollections of notable people at home and 

abroad. 2v. 1895 920 T81 

V.I. • The hub of the universe. — Boston notabilities. — Some old New 
Yorkers. — Reminiscences of Washington city. — Recollections of 
President Lincoln. — President Lincoln's secretary of state. — Recol- 
lections of President Johnson. — Recollections of General Grant — 
An hour with George Bancroft. — Before and behind the scenes. — 
Bits of old China. — An adventure in Venice. — Incidents in Lon- 
don. — English and American traits. — English royalties. — English 
country visits. 

V.2. Recollections of English literary men. — Anecdotes of English 
clergymen. — A gossip about old Paris. — Napoleon III and the 
empress Eugenie. — Athenian reminiscences. — Henry M. Stanley 
at Athens. — Recollections of Dr Schliemann. — Life at court. — 
Delos. — An affair with the Sublime Porte. — The three sultans. — 
Events at Broussa. — The harem. — White slavery in Turkey. — ^The 
princess Zarini. — Four Russians. — Dinners and diplomatists. — Last 
days at Constantinople. 

WHARTON, Grace, {pseud, of Mrs Katharine (Byerley) Thom- 
son), & Philip, {pseud, of John Cockburn Thomson). 
Wits and beaux of society. 2v. i860 920 WS9 

v. I. Club-wits under Anne. — William Congreve. — St. Evremond. — Beau 
Fielding. — Count de Grammont. — Lord Hervey. — Beau Nash. — 
Philip, duke of Wharton. — Lord Rochester. — ^Abbi Scarron. — P. D. 
Stanhope, earl of Chesterfield. — George Villiers, duke of Buckingham. 

v.2. Beau Brummell. — G. B. Dodington, lord Melcombe. — T. E. Hook. 
— Rochefoucault. — Saint-Simon. — George Selwyn. — R. B. Sheridan. 
— Sydney Smith. — Horace Walpole. 


WHIBLEY. Charles. 

Pageantry of life. 1900 920 W62 

Contents: Young Weston. — A marshal of France [Bassompierre]. — 
Theagenes [Sir Kenelm Digby]. — ^The real Pepys. — Saint-Simon. — A 
friend of kings [Prince de Ligne].— The caliph of Fonthill [William 
Beckford]. — Barbey d'Aurevilly. — Disraeli the younger. 
"Might have been called *A Group of Perfect Worldlings.* It consists 
of an Introduction and studies of nine men. . .who devoted themselves, 
'with that perfect consistency which marks only the greatest men,* to 
the unique cultivation of themselves ... We need hardly say that, 
coming from Mr. Whibley, the analysis of the lives of those splendid 
worldlings is unmoral. They are his choice. In his ironical, detached 
way he sympathizes with them, but that is his affair. We are only 
concerned to say that he has done his work with art, with humour, and 
with a cheerful spirit." Acadetn^, 1900. 

WHIPPLE, Edwin Percy. 

Recollections of eminent men, and other papers. 1900. . . .920 W624 

Contents: Some recollections of Rufus Choate. — Recollections of Agassiz. 
— Some recollections of Emerson. — Motley. — Recollections of Sumner. 
— George Ticknor. — Matthew Arnold. — Barry Cornwall and some of 
his contemporaries. — Daniel Deronda. — George Eliot's private life. 

WHITTIER, John Greenleaf. 

Old portraits and modern sketches; Personal sketches and 

tributes; Historical papers. 1898 920 W66 

Partial contents: Old portraits and modern sketches: John Bunyan. — 
Thomas EUwood. — James Nayler. — Andrew Marvell. — ^John Roberts. — 
Samuel Hopkins. — Richard Baxter. — William Leggett. — N. P. Rogers. 
— Robert Dinsmore. — Placido, the slave poet — Personal sketches and 
tributes: The funeral of Torrey. — Edward Everett, — Lewis Tappan. 
— Bayard Taylor. — William EUery Channing. — Death of President 
Garfield. — Lydia Maria Child. — Oliver Wendell Holmes. — Longfellow. 
— Old Newbury. — Schoolday remembrances. — Edwin Percy Whipple. — 
Historical papers: Daniel O'Connell. — England under James II. — 
The border war of 1708. — The great Ipswich fright. — Pope night. — 
The boy captives. — The black men in the Revolution and War of 
1812. — The Scottish reformers. — The Pilgrims of Plymouth. — Gov- 
ernor Endicott. — John Winthrop. 

WILEY, Samuel T. ed. 

Biographical and portrait cyclopedia of Montgomery 

county, Pa. 1895 qr920 W/ibi 

Another edition is published giving on the title-page the name of 
Henry Wilson Ruoff as editor. 

WILEY, Samuel T. & Garner, W. S. ed. 

Biographical and portrait cyclopedia of Blair county. Pa. 

1892 qr920 W71 

YARNALL, Ellis. 

Wordsworth and the Coleridges, with other memories, liter- 
ary and political. 1899 920 Y16 

Contents: Occasional recollections during seventy years. — A visit to 
Wordsworth, 1840. — Walks and visits in Wordsworth's country. — Sara 
Coleridge and her brothers. Hartley and Derwent Coleridge. — Sir John 
Ta>1or Coleridge and Lord Coleridge (lord chief justice of England). — 
Charles Kingsley; a reminiscence. — Oxford, and the author of "The 
Christian year" [John Keble]. — The Oxford commemoration, i860. — 
William Edward Forstcr. — England and the House of commons in 
the closing days of the American civil war. 

YONGE, Charlotte Mary. 

Book of golden deeds of all times and all lands 920 Y29 

The same. 1864 r920 Y29 

Stories of heroism from the days of ancient Greece and Rome to 1864. 
YONGE, Charlotte Mary, ed. 

Book of worthies, gathered from the old histories and writ- 
ten anew. 1892 920 Y29b 

Contents: Joshua. — David. — Hector. — Aristides. — Nehemiah. — Xeno- 


phon. — Epaminondas. — Alexander. — Marcus Curius Dentatus. — Clco- 
menes. — Scipio Africanus. — Judas Maccabseus. — Julius Caesar. 

Biographical dictionaries 

ALLEN, William, 1 784-1868, comp. 

American biographical and historical dictionary. 1832 qr920 A43 

ALLGEMEINE deutsche biographic, 1875-date. v.i-date. 

i87S-date r920 A42 

The supplement of v.4S begins a new alphabet which is continued in 
succeeding volumes. 

ANDERSON, William, 1805-66, comp. 

The Scottish nation; or. The surnames, families, literature, 
honours and biographical history of the people of Scot- 
land. 3v. 1863 qr920 A55 

APPLETONS' cyclopaedia of American biography. 6v. 

1900 qr920 A64a 

The same. 6v. 1900 qr J920 A64a 

AUBREY, John. 

Brief lives, chiefly of contemporaries, set down by John 

Aubrey, 1669-1696; ed. by Andrew Clark. 2v. 1898 r920 A89 

BAYLE, Pierre, comp. 

Dictionary, historical and critical. 5v. 1734-37 qr920 B33 

Life of the author, by Mr Des Maizeaux, v.i, p.i-ii8. 
A dictionary of general biography. Bayle (i 647-1 706) was a celebrated 
French critic and skeptical philosopher. His views find expression in 
his dictionary. 

BEALE, Thomas William, comp. 

Oriental biographical dictionary; revised by H. G. Keene. 

1894 qr920 B34 

BLAKE, John Lauris, ed. 

General biographical dictionary. 1850 qr920 B52 

BOASE, Frederic, comp. 

Modern English biography; concise memoirs of persons 

who have died since 1850. 3v. 1892-1901 qr920 B57 

CASSELL & CO. pub. 

New biographical dictionary. 1896 r920 C26 

CHALMERS, Alexander, ed. 

General biographical dictionary, from the earliest accounts 

to 1817. 32V. 1812-17 r920 C35 

CYCLOPEDIA of American biographies. S^e LAMB'S bio- 
graphical dictionary of the United States. 
DRAKE, Francis Samuel, comp. 

Dictionary of American biography. 1872 qr920 D78 

GODWIN, Parke, comp. 

Cyclopaedia of biography; a record of the lives of eminent 

persons, to 1877. 1880 r920 GS5 

HALL, Henry, ed. 

America's successful men of affairs. 2v. 1895-96 qr920 H17 

IMPERIAL dictionary of universal biography; ed. by J. F. 

Waller. 3v. in 14 qr920 I23 

Originally published in 1857-63. 

KINGSTON, John, comp. 

New American biographic dictionary. 1810 r920 K27 


LAMB'S biographical dictionary of the United States; ed. by 

J. H. Brown. 7v. 1900-03 qr920 L18 

V.I was first issued in 1897 with the title "Cyclopaedia of American 

LETHBRIDGE, Sir Roper, ed. 

Golden book of India; a genealogical and biographical dic- 
tionary of the ruling princes, chiefs, nobles and other 
personages, titled or decorated, of the Indian empire. 

1893 qr920 L65 

The same^ with an appendix for Ceylon. 1900 r920 L65g 

Short biographies with little attempt at genealogy. The chief general 
interest lies in the introduction, which treats of native Indian titles 
and those conferred by the British government, and gives a list of 
titles with their meaning. 

LIPPINCOTT'S pronouncing biographical dictionary. See 

THOMAS, Joseph. 
MEN and women of the time; a dictionary of contemporaries, 

by V. G. Plarr. 1899 r920 M59m 

The same. 1895 rp^o M59 

MICHAUD, Louis Gabriel, ed, 

Biographie universelle, ancienne et moderne. 45V. [1842- 

65.] qr920 M66 

MORGAN, Henry James, ed. 

Canadian men and women of the time; a hand-book of 

Canadian biography. 1898 r920 M89 

MORRIS, Charles, ed. 

Men of the century; portraits and sketches of eminent citi- 
zens of the United States. 1896 qr920 M91 

NATIONAL cyclopaedia of American biography. 14V. 1893- 

1906 qr920 N15 

v. 14 is conspectus; being an analytical summary of American history and 
biography, containing also the complete indexes of the Cyclopaedia. 

PHILLIPS, Lawrence Barnett, comp. 

Dictionary of biographical reference. 1889 r920 P51 

Classed index of works on biography, p. 1 006-1038. 

PRATT, Alfred T. Camden, ed. 

People of the period. 2v. 1897 qr920 PBS 

Short biographies of living people, the facts obtained as far as possible 
from original sources. It includes many people about whom one may 
wish to know, but who are not sufficiently important to be included 
in the ordinary biographical dictionary. 

ROGERS. Thomas J. comp. 

New American biographical dictionary confined exclusive- 
ly to those who have signalized themselves in the Revo- 
lutionary war. 1824 r920 R61 

ROSE, George MacLean, comp. 

Cyclopaedia of Canadian biography; chiefly men of the 

time. 1888 r920 R71 

SANDERS, Lloyd Charles, ed. 

Celebrities of the century; a dictionary of men and women 

of the 19th century. 1887 r920 S21 

SMITH, Sir William, ed. 

Dictionary of Greek and Roman biography and mythology. 

3v. 1890 r920 S66 


STEPHEN, Sir Leslie, & Lee, Sidney, ed. 

Dictionary of national biography. 63V. 1885--1900 1-920 S82 

The same; supplement. 3v. 1901 Tg20 S82d 

Index and epitome. 1903 r920 S82i 

Errata. 1904 r920 S82e 

Biographies of noteworthy people in Great Britain and her colonies, from 
the earliest historical period. Living persons are not included. 

**We have here a series of often fascinatingly interesting narratives, some- 
times embodying new research and usually accompanied by an estimate 
of the subject's special achievement, on the whole written by men who 
are admirably competent to form a sane judgment of their subjects... 
A work which is not only one of the noblest monuments of English 
literary activity in the nineteenth century but an unfailing source of 
instruction and delight." Havelock Ellis, in the Argosy, 1900. 

THOMAS, Joseph, conip. 

Universal pronouncing dictionary of biography and 

mythology. 2v. 1901 qr920 T37 

Binder's title reads "Lippincott's pronouncing biographical dictionary.** 
The sante. 2v. 1899 qr920 T37U 

VAPEREAU, Louis Gustave, comp. 

Dictionnaire universel des contemporains. 1870 qr920 V21 

The same. 1893 qr920 Vaid 

WARD, Thomas Humphry, ed. 

Men of the reign; a biographical dictionary of persons of 
British birth who have died during the reign of Vic- 
toria. 1885 r920 W21 

WHO'S who, [English]. 49th year-date. 1897-date r920 W66 

Compact annual biographical dictionary of prominent living men and 

women, chiefly British. 
Beginning with 1904 a supplement has been issued under title "Who's 

who year-book," call number r3i4.2 W66. 

WHO'S who in America; a biographical dictionary of notable 
living men and women of the United States, 1899/1900- 
date. [v.i-date.] 1899-date r920 W6651 

920.7 Biography of women 

ADAMS, William Henry Davenport. 

Women of fashion and representative women in letters 
and society; biographical and critical studies. 2v. 
1878 920.7 A21 

V.I. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu. — Duchess of Marlborough. — Lady 

Morgan. — Miss Berry. 
V.2. Madame d'Arblay. — Mrs Elizabeth Inchbald. — Countess of Bless- 

ington. — Charlotte Bronte. — Harriet Martineau. 


Ladies of the covenant; memoirs of Scottish female char- 
acters, embracing the period of the covenant and the 

persecution. 185 1 920.7 A54 

BLANC, Mme Therese (de Solms), (pseud. Th. Bentzon). 

Femmes d'Amerique. 1900 920.7 B53 

Contents: Les femmes de la p^riode coloniale: Lady Arbella, Anne 
Bradstreet, Mrs Hutchinson, Mrs Dyer. — Les Am6ricaine8 pendant la 
guerre de I'ind^pendance : Suzanne Quincy, Abigail Adams. — Dolly 
Madison. — Margaret Fuller. — Les femmes poetes en Amirique. — Mrs 
Beecher Stowe et Tabolition de I'esclavage. — Une institutrice, Lucretia 
Crocker. — Une comedienne, Anna Cora Mowatt. — Une amie de la 
nature, Celia Thaxter. — Frances Willard et la teinp^rance. — La Croix- 
rouge et Clara Barton. — Margaret Haughery, la mere des orphelins. 


BOLTON, Mrs Sarah (Knowles). 

Famous leaders among women. 1895 920.7 B6ifa 

Contents: Catherine Booth. — Mme Le Brun. — Catharine II of Russia. 
— Julia Ward Howe. — Dolly Madison. — Mme de Maintenon. — Lady 
Henry Somerset. — Lucy Stone. — Queen Victoria. 

The same. 1895 J920.7 B6ifa 

Famous types of womanhood. 1892 920.7 B6if 

Contents: Queen Louise of Prussia. — Madame R^camier. — Susanna 
Wesley. — Harriet Martineau. — Jenny Lind. — Dorothea L. Dix. — Ann, 
Sarah and Emily Judson. — Amelia B. Edwards. 

The same. 1892 J920.7 B6if 

Lives of girls who became famous. 1886 920.7 B61 

Contents: Louisa M. Alcott. — Rosa Bonheur. — E. B. Browning. — Eliza- 
beth T. Butler. — Baroness Burdett-Coutts. — George Eliot. — Elizabeth 
Fry. — Harriet G. Hosmer. — Jean Ingelow. — Helen Hunt Jackson. — 
Mary A. Livermore. — Mary Lyon. — Maria Mitchell. — Lucretia Mott. — 
Florence Nightingale. — I^dy Brassey. — Margaret Fuller OssolL — 
Madame de Stael. — Harriet Beecher Stowe. 

The same. 1886 J920.7 B61 

Successful women. 1888 920.7 B6is 

Contents: Juliet Corson. — Mary Louise Booth. — Frances E. Willard. — 
Mrs G. R. Alden (Pansy). — Mary Virginia Terhune (Marion Har- 
land). — Margaret [Ilaughery]. — Ella Grant Campbell. — Rachel Littler 
Bodley. — Candace Wheeler. — Clara Barton. — Alice E. Freeman. 

BROOKS, Elbridge Streeter. 

Historic girls. 1896 J920.7 B77 

Contents: Zenobia of Palmyra. — Helena of Britain. — Pulcheria of Con- 
stantinople. — Clotilda of Burgundy. — Woo of Hwank-ho. — Edith of 
Scotland. — Jacqueline of Holland. — Catarina of Venice. — Theresa of 
Avila. — Elizabeth of Tudor. — Christina of Sweden. — Ma-ta-oka of 

Appeared in "St. Nicholas," v. 12-15, Jan. 1885-Nov. 1887. 

BROOKS, Geraldine. 

Dames and daughters of colonial days. 1900 920.7 B773d 

Contents: Anne Hutchinson of Boston, founder of the first woman's 
club in America, 1636. — F. M. J. La Tour, the defender of Fort La 
Tour, 1650. — Margaret Brent, the woman ruler of Maryland, 1650. — 
Madam Sarah Knight, a colonial traveller, 1704. — Eliza Lucas of 
Charleston, afterwards wife of Charles Pinckney, 1760. — Martha 
Washington, 1770. — Abigail Adams, 1770. — Elizabeth Schuyler of Al- 
bany, afterwards wife of Alexander Hamilton, 1776. — Sarah Wister 
and Deborah Norris, two Quaker friends of Philadelphia, 1776. 

Dames and daughters of the young republic. 1901 920.7 B773 

Contents: Dorothea Payne Madison, wife of James Madison. — Sarah Jay, 
wife of John Jay. — ^Theodosia Burr, daughter of Aaron Burr. — Eliza- 
beth Patterson, wife of Prince Jerome Bonaparte. — Martha Jefferson, 
daughter of Thomas Jefferson. — Rachel Jackson, wife of Andrew 
Jackson. — Dorothy Hancock, wife of John Hancock. — Emily Marshall. 

CAREY, Rosa Nouchette. 

Twelve notable good women of the 19th century 920.7 C19 

Contents: Her Majesty the queen. — Florence Nightingale. — Elizabeth 
Fry. — Baroness Burdett-Coutts. — Princess of Wales. — Duchess of 
Teck. — Sister Dora. — Agnes Weston. — Grace Darling. — Princess 
Alice. — Lady Henry Somerset. — Frances Ridley Havergal. 

CLARKE, Mrs Mary Cowden. 

World-noted women; or, Types of womanly attributes of 

all lands and ages. 1858 qr920.7 C53 

CLEMENT, J. ed. 

Noble deeds of American women. 1851. (Patriotic series 

for boys and girls.) 920.7 C56 

COOLIDGE, Susan, (pseud, of Sarah Chauncey Woolsey). 

Old convent school in Paris, and other papers. 1895 920.7 C78 

Other papers: The countess Potocki. — The girlhood of an autocrat; 
Catherine II. — Miss Eden. — The due de Saint-Simon. 


DOBSON, Austin. 

Four Frenchwomen. [1891.] 920.7 D65 

Contents: Mademoiselle de Corday. — Madame Roland. — The princesse de 
Lamballe. — Madame de Genlis. 

DOWIE, Menie Muriel, afteruard Mrs Norman, ed. 

Women adventurers; lives of Madame Velasquez, Hannah 

Snell, Mary Anne Talbot and Mrs Christian Davies. 

1893. (Adventure series.) 920.7 D76 

EGLE, William Henry. 

Some Pennsylvania women during the Revolution. 1898. .r920.7 E36 

ELLET, Mrs Elizabeth Fries (Lummis). 

Queens of American society. 1868 920.7 E51 

Women of the American revolution. 2v. 1900 920.7 E51W 

About 100 biographical sketches of women prominent in Revolutionary 
history and society. Originally published in 1848. 

FAWCETT, Mrs Millicent (Garrett). 

Some eminent women of our time. 1894 920.7 F29 

Contents: The American abolitionists: Prudence Crandall and Lucretia 
Mott. — Jane Austen. — ^Joanna Baillie. — Mrs Barbauld. — Charlotte and 
Emily Bronte. — Elizabeth Barrett Browning. — Mary Carpenter. — Sister 
Dora. — Maria Edgeworth. — Elizabeth Fry. — Elizabeth Gilbert. — Caro- 
line Herschel. — Agnes Elizabeth Jones. — Mary Lamb. — Queen Louisa 
of Prussia. — Sarah Martin. — Harriet Martineau. — Hannah More. — 
Florence Nightingale. — Lady Sale and her fellow-hostages in Afghan- 
istan. — Mary Somerville. — Queen Victoria. — Dorothy Wordsworth. 

FESTING, Gabrielle. 

Unstoried in history; portraits of some famous women of 

the i6th, 17th and i8th centuries. 1901 920.7 F43 

Contents: A mother and daughter, Elizabeth, countess of Rutland and 
Lady Bridget Manners. — A faithful wife, Brilliana Conway (Lady 
Harley). — Some beleaguered ladies, Blanche Somerset (Lady Arundell 
of Wardour), Anne Coventry (Lady Savile), Mary Hawtrey (Lady 
Bankes), Elizabeth Fitzgerald. — A group from the restoration. The 
maniuis and marchioness of Worcester, The Lady Grace Manners 
(Lady Chaworth), The Lady Mary Bertie, The Hon. Bridget Noel. — 
An ill-matched couple, Thomas Pitt and Jane Innes (Mrs Pitt). — 
A spinster and a lady bountiful of the eighteenth century, Ellenor 
Frere and Ellenor Frere (Lady Fenn). 

GORDON, Lydia L. 

From Lady Washington to Mrs Cleveland. 1889 920.7 G65 

HALE, Mrs Sarah Josepha (Buell). 

Biography of distinguished women. 1876 qr920.7 H16 

HANSSON, Frau Laura (Marholm). 

Six modern women. 1896 920.7 H24 

Contents: Marie Bashkirtseff. — Eleanora Duse. — A. C. Edgren-Leffler. 
— George Egerton. — Sonia Kovalevsky. — Amalie Skram. 

HOLLOWAY, Mrs Laura (Carter). 

Ladies of the White house. 1870 920.7 H73 

HUBBARD, Elbert. 

Little journeys to the homes of famous women. 1897.. 920.7 H87 
Contents: Elizabeth Barrett Browning. — Madame Guyon. — Harriet 
Martineau. — Charlotte Bronte. — Christina Rossetti. — Rosa Bonheur. — 
Madame de Stael. — Elizabeth Fry. — Mary Lamb. — Jane Austen. — Em- 
press Josephine. — Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. 

The same. 1898 qr920.7 H87 

Printed at the Roycroft press. 

IMBERT de SAINT-AMAND, Arthur Leon, baron. 

Women of the Valois court. 1894 920.7 I23 

Contents: Marguerite, sister of Francis I. — Catherine de'Medici and her 
contemporaries at the French court: The historians of Catherine 
de'Medici; The childhood of Catherine de'Medici; Catherine de'Medici 


at the court of Francis I; Diana of Poitiers; Mary Stuart; Catherine 
de'Medici regent; Elisabeth of France, wife of Philip II; The child- 
hood of Marguerite de Valois; Jeanne d'Albret; The marriage of 
Marguerite de Valois; Catherine de'Medici and the Saint Bartholomew; 
Elisabeth of Austria and Charles IX; Louise de Vaudemont and 
Henry III; Marguerite of Valois and Henry of Navarre; Catherine 
de'Medici and the day of the barricades; The death of Catherine 

JENKINS, John Stilwell. 

Heroines of history. 185 1 r920.7 J2S 

Contents: Catherine of Russia. — Cleopatra. — Elizabeth of England. — 
Isabella of Castile. — ^Joan of Arc. — Josephine. — Maria Theresa. — Marie 
Antoinette. — Mary of Scotland. — Mme Roland. 


Woman in France during the i8th century. 2v. 1893 920.7 K14 

MASON. Mrs Amelia (Gere). 

Women of the French salons. 1891 q920.7 M44 

Contents: Salons of the 17th century. — The Hdtel de Rambouillet. — 
Mademoiselle de Scud^ry and the Samedis. — La Grande Mademoiselle. 
— A literary salon at Port Royal. — Mme de S6vign6. — Mme de La 
Fayette. — Salons of the i8th century. — An antechamber of the Acade- 
mic fran^aise. — The duchesse du Maine. — Mme de Tencin and 
Mme du Chitelet — Mme Geoffrin and the philosophers. — ^Ultra- 
philosophical salons; Mme d'£pinay. — Salons of the noblesse; Mme 
du Deffand. — Mademoiselle de Lespinasse. — The Salon helv^tique. — 
Salons of the revolution; Mme Roland. — Mme de Stael. — Salons of 
the empire and restoration; Mme R^camier. 

The same. 1891 qr920.7 M44 

MENZIES, Sutherland. 

Political women. 2v. in i. 1873 r920.7 M62 

The women treated of are the duchess de Longueville, the duchess de 
Chev reuse, Anne de Gonzaga, princess Palatine, the duchess of 
Portsmouth, princess des Ursins and the famous duchess of Marl- 

MOORE, Frank. 

Women of the war; their heroism and self-sacrifice. 

1866 920.7 M87 

NEVIN. Adelaide Mellier, comp. 

Social mirror; character sketch of the women of Pittsburg 

and vicinity. 1888 r920.7 N25 

PARKES, Bessie Rayner, aftcrz^ard Mrs Belloc. 

Vignettes; twelve biographical sketches. 1866 920.7 P24 

Contents: Madame Swctchine. — La soeur Rosalie. — Madame Pape-Car- 
pantier. — Madame de Lamartine. — Madame Luce of Algiers. — Governor 
Winthrop's wife. — Miss Cornelia Knight. — Bianca Milesi Mojon. — Mrs 
Delany. — Harriot K. Hunt. — Miss Bosanquet. — Mrs Jameson. 

PARTON, James, and others. 

Eminent women of the age. 1868 r920.7 P27 

Contents: Florence Nightingale. — Lydia M. Child. — Fanny Fern. — Lydia 
H. Sigourney. — Frances A. Kemble. — Eugenie, empress of the French. 
— Grace Greenwood. — Alice and Phebe Gary. — Margaret Fuller. — 
Gail Hamilton. — Elizabeth Barrett Browning. — Jenny Lind. — Our 
pioneer educators. — Harriet Rccchcr Stowc. — Mrs E. C. Stanton. — 
Woman's rights movement and its champions in the United States. 
— Victoria, queen of England. — Eminent women of the drama: Ade- 
laide Ristori, Parep? Rosa, Ellen Tree, Qara Louise Kellogg, Kate 
Bateman. Helen Faucit. — Anna E. Dickinson. — Woman as physician. 
— Camilla Urso. — Harriet G. Hosraer. — Rosa Bonheur. — Mrs Julia W. 

PEACOCK, Virginia Tatnall. 

Famous American belles of the 19th century. 1901 920.7 P34 

Contents: Marcia Burns (Mrs J. P. Van Ness). — Thcodosia Burr 

(Mrs Joseph Alston). — Elizabeth Patterson (Mme Jerome Bonaparte). 

—The Caton sisters.— Margaret O'Neill (Mrs J. H. Eaton). — Cora 


Livingston (Mrs T. P. Barton).— Emily Marshall (Mrs W. F. Otis). — 
Octayia Walton (Mme Le Vert).— Fanny Taylor (Mrs T. H. Ellis). 
— Jessie Benton (Mrs J. C. Fremont). — Sallie Ward (Mrs G. F. 
Dorons). — Harriet Lane (Mrs H. E. Johnston). — Ad^le Cutts (Mrs 
Robert Williams). — Emilie Schaumburg (Mrs Hughes-Hallett). — Kate 
Chase (Mrs William Sprague). — Jennie Jerome (Lady Randolph 
Churchill). — Nellie Hazeltine (Mrs F. W. Paramore). — Mary Vic- 
toria Leiter (Baroness Curzon). — New York as a social centre. 

PEPPER, Mary Sifton. 

Maids and matrons of New France. 1901 920.7 P41 

Contents: Marguerite de Roberval. — Marchioness dc Guerchevillc. — Lady 
de la Tour. — Dame Hubert. — Madame de Champlain. — Madame de la 
Peltrie. — Mother Marie Guyard. — Some dainty nurses of long ago. — 
The founding of Montreal. — The work of Jeanne Mance and Mar- 
guerite Bourgeois. — ^Judith de Bresoles. — Jeanne le Ber. — Madeleine 
dc Vercheres. — Coming of the king's girls. — Women in the first siege 
of Quebec. — ^The two Pompadours. 

"Authorities consulted," p.9. 

RICHARDSON, Mrs Jerusha D. 

Famous ladies of the English court. 1899 920.7 R41 

Contents: Elizabeth, countess of Shrewsbury, "Bess of Hardwick.** — 
Lady Mary Sidney. — Mary, countess of Pembroke. — Penelope, lady 
Rich, countess cf Essex and of Devonshire. — Lady Anne Clifford, 
countess of Pembroke, Dorset and Montgomery. — Lucy, countess of 
Carlisle. — Frances, duchess of Richmond. — Anne, countess of Sunder- 
land. — Sarah, duchess of Marlborough. — Henrietta, countess of Suf- 
folk. — Lady Sarah Lennox. — Isabella, marchioness of Hertford. 

ROSS, Mrs Janet Ann (Duff-Gordon), ed. 

Three generations of English women; memoirs and cor- 
respondence of Susannah Taylor, Sarah Austin and 

Lady Duff Gordon. 1893 920.7 R73 

SAINTE-BEUVE, Charles Augustin. 

Portraits de femmes. 1870 r920.7 Si5p 

Contents: Mme de S^vign^. — Du roman intime, ou Mademoiselle de 
Liron. — Mme de Souza. — Mme de Duras. — Mme de Stael. — Mme 
Roland. — Mme Guizot. — Mme de La Fayette. — M. de La Rochefoucauld. 
— Mme de Longueville. — Une ruelle poetique, ou Mme Des Houlieres. 
— Mme de Kriidner. — Mme de Charriere. — Mme de Remusat. — Mme de 
Pontivy. — Christel. — Les fleurs. — Maria. 

Table gen^rale des oeuvres de Sainte-Beuve, in his "Premiers lundis," 
v.3» P-397-4i3» r844 Sisp v.3. 

Portraits of celebrated women; tr. fr. the French by H. W. 

Preston. 1885 920.7 S15 

Contents: Mme de Duras. — Mme Guizot. — Mme de Krudener. — Mme de 
Lafayette. — Mme de Remusat. — Mme Rotand. — Mme de Sevigne. — 
Mme de Souza. — Mme de Stael. 

The same. 1868 r920.7 S15 


Zwolf frauenbilder aus der Goethe-Schiller-epoche. 1856. .920.7 S34 

Contents : Herzogin Amalie. — Herzogin Luise. — Goethe's mutter. — 
Charlotte von Stein. — Schiller's frau. — Karoline von Wolzogen. — 
Charlotte von Kalb. — Sophie Laroche. — Angelika Kaufmann. — Ger- 
maine \on Stael-Holstein. — Rahel von Ense. — Bettina von Arnim. 

SPOFFORD, Mrs Harriet Elizabeth (Prescott), and others. 

Three heroines of New England romance. 1895 920.7 S76 

Contents: Priscilla, by H. P. Spofford. — Agnes Surriage, by Alice 
Brown. — Martha Hilton, by L. I. Guiney. 

Pleasant sketches of the Puritan maiden, of the fisher maid of Marble- 
head who became Lady Frankland, and of the girl who became the 
wife of Governor Wentworth, one of the famous royal governors of 
New Hampshire. Her story is also told in one of Longfellow's "Tales 
of a wayside inn." The illustrator furnishes some interesting notes 
on the present appearance of the places made famous by the three. 

STARLING, Elizabeth. 

Noble deeds of woman. 1864 r920.7 S79 



Women of the salons, and other French portraits. 1901. . .920.7 T15 

Contents: Mme du Deffand. — Mile de Lcspinasse. — Mme Geoffrin. — 
Mme d'£pinay. — Mme Necker. — Mme dc Stael. — Mme Rccamier. — 
Tronchin, a great doctor. — The mother of Napoleon [Letizia]. — Mme 
de S6vign6. — Mme Vigee Le l>run. 

THAYER, William Makepeace. 

Women who win. 1897 920.7 T34W 

Contents: Harriet Beecher Stowe. — Florence Nightingale. — Dorothea 
Lyndc Dix. — Margaret Fuller Ossoli. — Frances Power Cobbe. — Mary 
Lyon. — Mary Ashton Livermore. — Jenny Lind. — L. M. Alcott. — Vic- 
toria. — Mary Somerville. — Lucy Stone Blackwell. — Frances E. Wil- 
lard. — Clara H. Barton. — Elizabeth Fry. 
"To establish the fact that men have no monopoly of genius, ability, 
health, strength, endurance or energy, but that industry, self-reliance 
and perseverance assure success without regard to sex, Mr. Thayer 
selects fifteen women ... whose lives he recounts in his usual attractive 
way." Critic, 1897. 


Sarah Robinson, Agnes Weston, Mrs Meredith. 1894. 

(The world's workers.) 920.7 TS9 

TROLLOPE, Thomas Adolphus. 

Decade of Italian women. 2v. 1859 920.7 T76 

V.I. St. Catherine of Siena. — Caterina Sforza. — Vittoria Colonna. 
V.2. Tullia d'Arftgona. — Olympia Morata. — Isabella Andreini. — Bianca 
Cappello. — Olympia Pamfili. — Elisabetta Sirani. — La Corilla. 

WATSON, Henry Clay. 

Heroic women of history. 1852 r920.7 W31 

WHARTON, Grace, {fyseud. of Mrs Katharine (Byerley) Thom- 
son), & Philip, {pseud, of John Cockburn Thomson). 

Queens of society. 2v. [1890.] 920.7 W59 

V.I. Georgiana, duchess of Devonshire. — Jane, duchess of Gordon. — L. 
E. Landon. — Lady M. W. Montagu. — Mme Roland. — Sarah, duchess 
of Marlborough. — Mme de S«vign6. — Sydney, lady Morgan. 
V.J. A. S. Darner. — La marquise du Deffand. — Lady Hervey. — Lady 
Caroline Lamb. — Mary, countess of Pembroke. — La marquise de 
Maintenon. — Mrs Elizabeth Montagu. — Mrs Thrale-Piozzi. — Mme 
Recamier. — Mme de Stael. 

WILLARD, Frances Elizabeth, & Livermore, Mrs M. A. 
(Rice), ed. 
A woman of the century; biographical sketches of Amer- 
ican women. 1893 qr920.7 W73 

WILLING, Thomson. 

Some old time beauties. 1895 920.7 W75 

Contents: Georgiana, duchess of Devonshire. — Mary, Honorable Mrs 
Graham. — Emma, lady Hamilton. — Mrs Sheridan, t— Marguerite, 
countess Blessington. — Mary Isabella, duchess of Rutland. — Lavinia, 
countess Spencer. — Elizabeth, duchess of Hamilton. — Maria, countess 
of Coventry. — Elizabeth, countess Grosvenor. 

921 Philosophy 

FARRAR, Frederic William, dean. 

Seekers after God. 1894 921 F25 

Contents: Seneca. — Epictetus. — Marcus Aurelius. 

FfiNELON, FranQois. 

Lives of the ancient philosophers. 1870 921 F35 

Life of the author, by John Cormack, p.9-34. 

NASMITH, David. 

Makers of modern thought; or, 500 years' struggle (1200- 
1699) between science, ignorance and superstition. 2v. 


1892 921 N14 

V. I . Francis Bacon. — Roger Bacon. — Boccaccio. — Brahe. — Caxton. — 
Chaucer. — Columbus. — Copernicus. — Dante. — Galileo. — Grotius. 
— Gutenberg. — Harvey. — Hubs. — Kepler. — Loyola. — Luther. — 
Machiavelli. — Montaigne. — Petrarch, — Rabelais. — Shakespeare. — 

V.2. Descartes. — Hobbes. — Locke. — Newton. — ^Pascal. — Spinoza. 

922 Religion 


ABBOTT, Lyman, and others. 

Prophets of the Christian faith. 1896 922 A13 

Contents: What is a prophet? by Lyman Abbott. — Isaiah as a preacher, 
by Francis Brown. — The apostle Paul, by George Matheson. — Clement 
of Alexandria, by Marcus Dods, — St. Augustine as a prophet, by 
A. C. McGiffert. — ^John Wycliffe, by W, H. Fremantle. — Martin 
Luther, by Adolf Harnack. — John Wesley, by F. W. Farrar. — ^Jona- 
than Edwards, by A. M. Fairbairn. — Horace Bushnell, by T. T. 
Munger. — F. D. Maurice, by A. V. G. Allen. — Can we be prophets? by 
F. W. Farrar. 

BELL, Mrs Nancy R. Elizabeth (Meugens), (pseud. N. d'Anvers). 
Lives and legends of the evangelists, apostles and other 

early saints. 1901 922 B41 

Gives first the actual historical facts of the life of each saint, then the 
legends which have gathered round this nucleus of truth, the symbols 
by which each saint may be recognized, and finally, examples of typical 
works of art in which the saint is introduced, either as a principal or 
accessory figure. 

BIOGRAPHICAL sketches and anecdotes of the Society of 

Friends. 1870 922 B48 

Contents: Anthony Benezet. — Moses Brown. — John Churchman. — George 
Dillwyn. — Samuel Emlen. — David Ferris. — Sarah Harrison. — Arthur 
Howell. — William Hunt. — William Jackson. — Rebecca Jones. — Jacob 
Lindley. — Daniel Offley. — John Parker. — William Savery. — Nicholas 
Wain.— Eli Yarnall.— Peter Yarnall. 

CHENOWETH, Mrs Caroline (Van Dusen). 

Stories of the saints. 1891 J922 C42 

CREEGAN, Charles C. & Goodnow, Mrs J. A. B. 

Great missionaries of the church. 1895 922 C87 

Contents: John C. Patteson. — Titus Coan. — William Goodell. — William 
Carey. — William G. Schauffler. — Griffith John. — Elijah Coleman 
Bridgman. — James Mills Thoburn. — Samuel Adjai Crowther. — ^John 
Kenneth Mackenzie. — Joseph Hardy Neesima. — John Williams. — 
Robert W. Logan. — William Butler. — Adoniram Judson. — John G. 
Paton. — -Alexander M. Mackay. — William Taylor. — Robert Moffat. 
— William McClure Thomson. — Marcus Whitman. — James Hannington. 
— David Livingstone. 

DONALDSON, Augustus Blair. 

Five great Oxford leaders. 1900 922 D71 

Contents : Keble. — Newman. — Pusey. — Liddon. — Church. 

FARRAR, Frederic William, dean. 

Lives of the Fathers. 2v. 1889 922 F2S 

v. I. St. Ignatius of Antioch. — St. Polycarp of Smyrna. — St. Irenaeus. — 

St. Justin the Martyr. — Tertullian. — St. Cyprian. — Clement of 

Alexandria. — Origen. — St. Athanasius. — St. Hilary of Poictiers. — St. 

Martin of Tours. — St. Gregory of Nazianzus. 
V.2. St. Basil. — St. Gregory of Nyssa. — St. Ambrose, bishop of Milan. — 

St. Jerome. — St. Augustine. — St. Chrysostom. 

GODKIN, Georgina Sarah. 

Monastery of San Marco. 1901 922 G55 

Contents: The monastery of San Marco. — St. Antonino. — Fra Angelico. 

— Savonarola. — Fra Bartolommeo. — After Savonarola. 
Six essays upon the most celebrated Dominicans of Florence and the 

cloister where their lives were spent. 


GOULD, Sabine Baring-. 

Lives of the saints. 15V. 1873-82 922 G73 

The same. i6v. 1897-98 r922 G73 

Arranged by month and day. 

Each volume contains also an alphabetical list of the saints treated, but 
the earlier edition has no general index. The later edition is illus- 
trated and has an appendix volume, containing a "General index to 
saints whose lives are given," and other material. 

HINDS, Allen Banks. 

Garner of saints; a collection of the legends and emblems 

usually represented in art. 1900 922 H56 

The same. 1900 r922 H56 

HOOK, Walter Farquhar. 

Lives of the archbishops of Canterbury, v.6-7. 1868 922 H77 

V.6. Introductory. — William Warham. — Thomas Cranmer. 
V.7. Thomas Cranmer, (continued). 

HORT, Fenton John Anthony. 

Six lectures on the ante-Nicene fathers. 1895 922 H81 

Contents: Clement of Rome and Hermas. — Ignatius and Polycarp. — Jus- 
tin and Irenaus. — Hippolytus and Clement of Alexandria. — Tertullian 
and Cyprian. — Origen. 

HOTCHKIN, Samuel Fitch. 

Country clergy of Pennsylvania. 1890 r922 H82 

JAPP, Alexander Hay. 

Master missionaries; chapters in pioneer effort throughout 

the world. [1880.] • 922 J18 

Contents: James Oglethorpe and Georgia. — David Zeisberger and the 
Indians. — Samuel Hebich and the Hindus. — William Elmslie and Kash- 
mir. — George Washington Walker and the convicts. — Robert Moffat 
and South Africa. — Dr James Stewart and Lovedale. — Dr William 
Black and Livingstonia. — John Coleridge Patteson and the south 
Pacific. — John G. Fee and the freedmen of America. 

KINGSLEY, Charles. 

Hermits. 1891 922 K27 

Contents: Saint Antony. — The life of Saint Paul, the first hermit. — 
Hilarion. — Arsenius. — The hermits of Asia. — Basil. — Simeon Stylites. — 
The hermits of Europe. — St. Severinus, the apostle of Noricum. — The 
Celtic hermits. — St. Malo. — St. Columba. — St. Guthlac. — St. Godric of 
Finchale. — Anchorites, strictly so called. 

LEAR, Mrs Henrietta Louisa (Farrer). 

Revival of priestly life in the 17th century in France. 

1894 922 L45 

Contents: Charles de Condren. — S. Philip Neri and Cardinal de Berulle. 
— De Condren's inner life and letters. — The oratory and its system. — 
S. Vincent de Paul and the Lazarists. — Saint Sulpice and Jean Jacques 
Olier. — Present times. 

LEFROY, William, ed. 

Lectures on ecclesiastical history, delivered in Norwich 

cathedral. 1897 922 L54 

Contents: St. Ignatius and St. Polycarp, by F. W. Farrar, — Apology of 
Aristides, by J. A. Robinson. — Life and times of Justin Martyr, by 
Canon Meyrick. — Life and times of Irenaeus, by Stanley Leathes. — 
Cyprian, by W. M. Sinclair. — Life and times of St. Chrysostom, by 
J. T. Kingsmill. — Tertullian, by G. A. Schneider. — Clement of Alexan- 
dria, by F. H. Chase. — Origen, by A. E. Brooke. — Eusebius of Caesa- 
rea, by H. M. Gwatkin. — Life and times of St. Athanasius, by William 
Ince. — Life and times of St. Ambrose, by Bishop Barry. — The church 
in the catacombs, by Henry Gee. — Jerome, by T. W. Drury. — St. Au- 
gustine, by H. C. G. Moule. 

LOWNDES, Frederic Sawrey. 

Bish6ps of the day; a biographical dictionary of the arch- 


bishops and bishops of the Church of England, and of 

all the churches in communion therewith. 1897 r922 L96 

PITMAN, Mrs Emma Raymond. 

Heroines of the mission field. [1884.] 922 P66 

SMITH, George, b. 1833. 

Twelve pioneer missionaries. 1900 922 S64 

Contents: Raymund Lulli. — William Carey. — Hannah Marshman. — Cap- 
tain James Wilson. — ^Peler Greig. — John Vanderkemp. — Alexander 
Duff. — Alphonse Francois Lacroix. — Robert Caldwell. — Ion G. N. 
Keith-Faldoner. — Nilakantha Shastri Goreh. — Dhanjibhai Nauroji. — 
Epilogue: Gladstone. — Sir William Muir and R. W. Barbour on 
Alexander Duff. 

SMITH, Sir William, & Wace, Henry, ed. 

Dictionary of Christian biography, literature, sects and 

doctrines. 4v. 1877-87 r922 S66 

"Prepared by the most eminent scholars in Great Britain, and is of 
great value." C. K. Adams. 

SPRAGUE, William Buel. 

Annals of the American pulpit; or, Commemorative notices 
of distinguished American clergymen, to 1855. 9v. 
1865-69 r922 S76 

v.i-2. Trinitarian Congregational. 

v.3-4. Presbyterian. 

V.5. Episcopalian. 

V.6. Baptist. 

V.7. Methodist. 

V.8. Unitarian. 

V.9. Lutheran. — Reformed Dutch. — Associate. — Associate Reformed. — 
Reformed Presbyterian. 

"Of value for the light they throw on certain phases of social life, 
especially in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. They are 
intended to commemorate the most distinguished clergymen of all 
denominations, from the settlement of the country to the year 1855 
...The volumes abound in anecdotes illustrative of social usages, 
and are exempt from denominational partiality." C. K. Adams. 

SWIFT, Elliot E. 

Brief biographies of elders in the First Presbyterian church, 

Allegheny. 1880 r974.886 S97 

Bound with his "History of the First Presbyterian church of Allegheny." 


Luther, and other leaders of the reformation. 1883 .922 T83 

Other leaders: John Wicliffe. — John Huss. — Calvin. — Latimer. — Knox. 
YONGE, Charlotte Mary. 

Pioneers and founders; or. Recent workers in the mission 

field. 1890 922 Y29 

Contents: John Eliot. — David Brainerd. — Christian Friedrich Schwartz. — 
Henry Martyn. — William Carey and Joshua Marshman. — The Judson 
family. — The bishopric of Calcutta: Thomas Middleton, Reginald 
Heber, Daniel Wilson. — Samuel Marsden. — John Williams. — Allen 
Gardiner. — Charles Frederick Mackenzie. 

923 Sociology 

BALMFORTH, Ramsden. 

Some social and political pioneers of the 19th century. 

1900 923 B21 

Contents: Biography and its relation to history. — William Cobbett and 
the struggle for parliamentary reform. — The story of the great reform 
bill (1832). — Francis Place and political organisation. — Elizabeth Fry 
and prison reform. — Robert Owen and the early co-operative move- 
ment. — Lord Shaftesbury and factory reform. — Richard Cobden and 


the anti-com-Uw movement. — John Stuart Mill and political education. 
— Charles Kingsley and the Christian socialist movement. — Thomas 
Carlyle and the organisation of labour. — ^John Ruskin and the new 
political economy. — William Morris, poet and socialist. — The Chartist 
movement. — The trade unionist movement. — The later co-operative 
movement. — The educational reformers. — Chronological list of events. 

BROOKS, Elbridge Streeter. 

Century book of famous Americans. 1896 J923 B77 

Story of a boys* and girls' pilgrimage to historic places. 

BURTON, Alma Holman. 

Four American patriots: Patrick Henry, Andrew Jackson, 
Alexander Hamilton, Ulysses S. Grant; a book for 

young Americans. 1898 J923 B9S 


Royal dukes and princesses of the family of George III; 
a view of court life and manners for seventy years, 

1760-1830. 2v. 1882 923 F57 

GARDINER, Samuel Rawson. 

Historical biographies. 1887. (English history reading 

books.) J923 G17 

Contents: Simon de Montfort. — Edward, the Black Prince. — Sir Thomas 
More. — Sir Francis Drake. — Oliver Cromwell. — William III. 

GOODRICH, Charles Augustus. 

Lives of the signers of the Declaration of independence. 

1839 923 G62 

The same. 1829 r923 G62I 

HALLIDAY, Sir Andrew. 

Annals of the house of Hanover. 2v. 1826 923 H18 

Begins with an account of the kingdoms of Germany before the time 
of Charlemagne and traces the rise of the house of Hanover, and its 
history down to the accession of George I to the throne of England. 
Illustrated with engravings of portrait effigies and of famous portraits. 

HAYDEN, Sidney. 

Washington and his masonic compeers. 1866 r923 H37 

HUNTER, Mary Van Brunt. 

Stories of famous children, told to Marguerite. 1899 J923 H94 

Contents: Frederic the Great. — The princes in the Tower. — ^Joan of Arc. 
— Children of Charles I. — The king of Rome. — Queen Mary and 
Queen Elizabeth. — Peter the Great. — The dauphin. — Mary, queen of 

JUDSON, L. Carroll. 

Biography of the signers of the Declaration of independ- 
ence, and of Washington and Patrick Henry. 1839 r923 J49 


Falklands. 1897 923 L84 

Throws a strong side-light on the period of the Romanist revival in 
England under James I and Charles I. The first Viscount Falkland 
was lord deputy in Ireland and played a part by no means insignifi- 
cant in the history of his time. His son, an ardent royalist, was a 
scholar, philosopher and poet. The charm and value of the book lie 
in its treatment of what might be considered unimportant details. 
While not a great contribution to historical literature, the volume 
brings together, in convenient and attractive form, much that has 
hitherto been scattered and more or less inaccessible. 

ROTHSCHILD, Ferdinand James, baron de. 

Personar characteristics from French history. 1896 923 R76 

Contents: The middle ages. — The i6th century. — Henri IV. — Louis XIII 
and Richelieu. — Mazarin. — The reign of Louis XIV. — The reign of 
Louis XV. — Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. — The revolution. 
"Anecdotes and personal incidents. . .arranged for the most part chron- 


ologically, but without regard to historical proportion or perspective. 
The chief fault of the book... lies in the incorrect estimates of men 
and deeds given by anecdotes chosen with reference to their dramatic 
interest." Nation, 1896. 

SANDERSON, John, and others. 

Biography of the signers to the Declaration of independ- 
ence. 9v. 1823-27 r923 S21 

V.I. Introduction. — Hancock. 

V.2. Franklin. — Wythe. — Hopkinson.— R. T. Paine. 

V.3. Rutledge. — Hall. — Wolcott.— Stockton. — Guiennett. — Bartlett. — 

Livingston. — Sherman. 
V.4. Heyward. — Read. — Williams. — Huntington. — Floyd. — Walton. 

— Clymer. — Rush. 
V.5. Lynch. -^-Thornton. — Whipple. — Witherspoon. — Robert Morris. 
V.6. Middleton. — Clark. — Lewis. — Penn. — Wilson. — Braxton. — Morton. 

— Hopkins. — M'Kean. 
V.7. Jefferson. — Hopper. — Smith. — Carroll. — Nelson. — Hewes. 
V.8. Gerry. — Rodney. — Harrison. — Paca. — Ross. — John Adams, 
v.p. R. H. Lee. — Taylor. — Hart. — Lewis Morris. — Stone. — F. L. Lee. 

— Chase. — Ellery. — Samuel Adams. 

STORIES of American pioneers. 1897 J923 S88 

Contents: Daniel Boone. — Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. — ^John 
Charles Fremont and Kit Carson. 

STOWE, Mrs Harriet (Beecher). 

Men of our times; or, Leading patriots of the day. 1868. . . .r923 S89 

Contents: Lincoln. — Grant. — W. L. Garrison. — Sumner. — S. P. Chase. — 
Henry Wilson. — Greeley. — Farragut. — J. A. Andrew. — Schuyler Colfax. 
— Stanton. — Frederick Douglass. — Sheridan. — W. T. Sherman. — O. O. 
Howard. — W. A. Buckingham. — Wendell Phillips. — Beecher. 

SULLIVAN, William. 

Public men of the [American] revolution, including events 

from the peace of 1783 to the peace of 181 5. 1847 r923 S95 

Biographical sketch of Sullivan, by J. T. S. Sullivan, p.25-36. 

923 . 1 Chief rulers 

BEARNE, Catherine. 

Lives and times of the early Valois queens. 1899 923.1 B34 

Contents: Jeanne de Bourgogne. — Blanche de Navarre. — Jeanne d'Au- 

vergne et de Boulogne. 
Bibliography, p,io-ii. 

Pictures of the old French court. 1900 923.1 B34P 

Contents: Jeanne de Bourbon. — Isabeau de Baviere. — Anne de Bretagne. 

BOTHMER, Mary, grafin von, ed. 

Sovereign ladies of Europe. 1899 923.1 B64 

Contents: Queen Victoria. — The empress of Russia. — The empress 
Frederick. — The queen-regent of Spain. — The queen of Portugal. — 
Queen Margherita of Italy. — Queen Olga of Greece. — Auguste Victoria, 
German empress and queen of Prussia. — The queen of Saxony. — Queen 
Charlotte of Wiirtemberg. — Wilhelmina, queen of the Netherlands. — 
Queen Sophie of Norway and Sweden. — ^The queen of the Belgians. — 
Queen Elizabeth of Roumania. — The late empress of Austria. — The late 
queen of Denmark. 

Entertaining short biographical sketches, very fully illustrated. 

DORAN, John. 

Lives of -the queens of England of the house of Hanover. 

2v. 1855 923.1 D73 

V.I. Sophia Dorothea of Zell. — Caroline Wilhelmina Dorothea. 
V.2. Charlotte Sophia. — Caroline of Brunswick. 

FARMER, Mrs Lydia (Hoyt). 

Boys' book of famous rulers. 1886 J923.1 F24b 

Contents : Agamemnon. — Cyrus the Great. — Alexander the Great — 
Julius Cxsar. — Charlemagne. — Alfred the Great. — Richard Coeur dc 
Lion. — Robert Bruce. — Ferdinand V of Spain. — Philip II of Spain. — 


Gustavus Adolphus. — I^uis XIV. — Peter the Great — Frederick the 
Great. — Napoleon I. 

Girls' book of famous queens. 1887 J923.1 F24 

Contents: Semiramis. queen of Assyria. — Dido, queen of Carthage. — 
Cleopatra, queen of Egfypt. — Zenobia, queen of Palmyra. — Matilda of 
Flanders. — Margaret of Anjou. — Catharine of Aragon. — Queen Eliza- 
beth and Mary, queen of Scots. — Queen Catherine de' Medici. — Queen 
Anne. — Maria Theresa, empress of Austria. — Catherine II, empress of 
Russia. — Queen Marie Antoinette. — Empress Josephine. — Empress 
Eugenie. — Queen Victoria. 

GEORGE, Mrs Anita. 

Annals of the queens of Spain, v.i. 1850 923.1 G31 

v.i. Gothic queens, 415-714. — Queens of Oviedo and Leon, 718-1037. — 
Queens of Aragon, 1034- 1468. — Queens of Castile and •Leon, 1034- 

GIBB, William. 

Royal house of Stuart, illustrated by plates drawn from 
relics of the Stuarts by William Gibb, with an introduc- 
tion by John Skelton and notes by W. H. St. J. Hope. 

1890 qr923.i G35 

GOULD, Sabine Baring-. 

Tragedy of the Caesars; a study of the Caesars of the 

Julian and Claudian houses. 2v. 1892 qr923.i G73 

GUERBER, Helene Marie Adeline. 

Empresses of France. 1901 923.1 Gr9S 

Contents: Josephine. — Marie Louise. — Eugenie. 

HOWITT, Mrs Mary (Botham), ed. 

Biographical sketches of the queens of Great Britain, from 

the Norman conquest to the reign of Victoria. 1862. .qr923.i H86 

Contents: Matilda of Flanders. — Matilda of Scotland. — Adelais of Lou- 
vaine. — Matilda the empress. — Matilda of Boulogne. — Eleanor of Aqui- 
taine. — Bercngaria of Navarre. — Isabella of Angouleme. — Eleanor of 
Provence. — Eleanor of Castile. — Marguerite of France. — Isabella of 
France. — Philippa of Hainault. — Anne of Bohemia. — Isabella of 
X'alois. — Joanna of Navarre. — Katherine of Valois. — Margaret of An- 
jou. — Elizabeth Woodville. — Anne of Warwick. — Elizabeth of York. — 
Katharine of Arragon. — Anne Boleyn. — Jane Seymour. — Anne of 
Cleves.-^Katherine Howard. — Katherine Parr. — Lady Jane Grey. — 
Mary I. — Elizabeth. — Anne of Denmark. — Henrietta Maria. — Kather- 
ine of Braganza. — Mary Beatrice of Modena. — Mary II. — Anne. — 
Caroline of Anspach. — Charlotte of Mechlenburg Strelitz. — Caroline 
of Brunswick. — Adelaide of Saxe Meiningen. — Victoria. 

JAMESON, Mrs Anna Brownell (Murphy). 

Memoirs of celebrated female sovereigns 923.1 J16 

Contents: Anne. — Catherine II. — Christina. — Cleopatra. — Queen Eliza- 
beth. — Isabella of Castile. — Joanna I. — Joanna II. — Maria Theresa. — 
Mary, queen of Scots. — Semiramis. — Zenobia. 

The same. 2v. [1844-45.] r923.i J16 

KAUFMAN. Rosalie, ed. 

Queens of Scotland; abridged and adapted from Strick- 
land's "Queens of Scotland." 2v. 1895 J923.1 K14 

V.I. Margaret Tudor. — Magdalene of France. — Mary of Lorraine. — 

Lady Margaret Douglas, countess of I^ennox. 
V.2. Mary Stuart. 

KEDDIE, Henrietta, (pseud. Sarah Tytler). 

Six royal ladies of the house of Hanover. 1899 923.1 K15S 

Contents: The electress Sophia. — Sophia Dorothea of Zell, wife of 

George I. — Caroline of Anspach, wife of George II, and her daughters. 

— Charlotte of Mecklenburg- Strelitz, wife of George III. — Caroline 

of Brunswick, wife of George IV. — Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen, wife 

of William IV. 
Authorities at the end of most of the chapters. 


Tudor queens and princesses. [1896.] 923.1 K15 

Contents: Elizabeth Tudor. — The venerable Margaret. — Elizabeth of 
York. — Margaret Tudor. — Mary Tudor. — Catherine of Arragon. — Anne 
Boleyn. — ^Jane Seymour. — Anne of Cleves. — Catherine Howard. — Cath- 
erine Parr. — Mary Tudor. 

KHEDIVES and pashas; sketches of contemporary Egyptian 

rulers and statesmen, by one who knows them well. 

1884 923.1 K24 

Contents: The ex-khedive Ismail. — The khedive [Tewfik]. — Arabi. — 

Riaz Pasha. — Nubar Pasha. — Cherif Pasha. — The Ch^rif ministry. — 

Some consuls-general. — Conclusion. 

LAMB, Louisa Mary Caroline, lady. 

Warrior kings, from Charlemagne to Frederic the Great. 

1889 923.1 L17 

Contents: Charlemagne. —William the Conqueror. — Frederic Barbarossa. 
— Richard Coeur de Lion. — Edward I. — Robert Bruce. — Henry V. — 
Francis I, — Henri IV. — Gustavus Adolphus. — Charles XII of Sweden. 
— Frederic the Great. 

NESBIT, Edith, afteruard Mrs Bland. 

Royal children of English history. [1898.] qJ923.i N23 

POLITIKOS, pseud. 

Sovereigns and courts of Europe. 1897 •. .923.1 P76 

First published in 1891. 

Brief biographies and anecdotes of rulers then in power. 

RIMIUS, Henry. 

Memoirs of the house of Brunswick, to the end of the reign 

of George I. 1750 qr923.i R46 


Lives of the queens of England. 6v. 1888-93 923.1 S91 

V.I. Matilda of Flanders to Margaret of Anjou. 

V.2. Elizabeth Woodville to Mary, first queen regnant of England and 

V.3. Elizabeth. 

V.4. Anne of Denmark to Mary Beatrice of Modena. 

V.5. Mary Beatrice of Modena, (continued) to Mary II. 

V.6. Mary II, (continued) to Anne. 

"A spirited and interesting series of biographical sketches, not, how- 
ever, of great historical value. The author was moved by strong par- 
tialities." C. K. Adams. 


Lives of the twelve Caesars. 1893 923.1 S94 

"Suetonius was born about 75 A. D. ; was the intimate friend of the 
younger Pliny, and held a high office under the Emperor Hadrian. 
The work he has left is a collection of memoirs, rather than a history 
in the proper sense of the term." C. K. Adams. 

TUCKER, Elizabeth S. 

Royal little people. 1895 qJ923.i T81 

WIEL, Mrs Alethea Jane (Lawley). 

Romance of the house of Savoy, 1003-1519. 2v. 1898 923.1 W68 

The history of the present royal family of Italy is full of romantic inci- 
dents, and the author has dealt chiefly with these, enlarging on those 
personages who, by the picturesqueness of their lives, appeal most to 
the imagination. She tells many interesting anecdotes and altogether 
much more of the personal experiences than of the political lives of 
her characters. There is an introductory chapter giving a concise his- 
tory of the family from the earliest times to the present day. Illus- 
trated with portraits, views of historic buildings, etc. 

Presidents of the United States 

ELLIS, Edward Sylvester, (pseud. Col. H. R. Gordon). 

Lives of the presidents of the United States; designed for 

study and supplementary reading. 1897 J923.1 £53 


LINCOLN, Robert W. 

Lives of the presidents, with biographical notices of the 

signers of the Declaration of independence. 1842 r923.i L71 

PIERSON, Mrs Helen Wall. 

Lives of the presidents of the United States, in words of 

one syllable. 1894 J923.1 P57 

The same, [to 1901] J923.1 PS7l 

STODDARD, William Osborn. 

Abraham Lincoln, and Andrew Johnson. 1888. (Lives of 

the presidents.) J923 S86ab 

Andrew Jackson, and Martin Van Buren. 1887. (Lives of 

the presidents.) J923 S86a 

James Madison, James Monroe, and John Quincy Adams. 

1887. (Lives of the presidents.) J923 S86ja 

John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson. 1887. (Lives of the 

presidents.) J923 S86j 

Rutherford Birchard Hayes, James Abram Garfield, and 

Chester Alan Arthur. 1889. (Lives of the presidents.) . .J923 S86r 
William ' Henry Harrison, John Tyler, and James Knox 

Polk. 1888. (Lives of the presidents.) J923 S86 

Zachary Taylor, Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce, and 

James Buchanan. 1888. (Lives of the presidents.). .. .J923 S86z 

TAYLOR, William A. 

Eighteen presidents and contemporaneous rulers. i876..r923.i T2S 

THOMPSON, Richard Wigginton. 

Recollections of sixteen presidents, from Washington to 

Lincoln. 2v. 1894 923.1 T38 

The same. 2v. 1894 r923.i T38 

"Author writes from the point of view of the political historian, 
as well as of the general observer and man of letters. Washington, 
Adams, Jefferson and Madison could have been but shadowy person- 
alities. With the later presidents he was, however, more familiar. 
His opportunities brought him in contact with many of our noted 
men, and he was present on occasions of national importance which 
he is able to describe with the enthusiasm of an eye-witness." Cur- 
rent literature. 

WILSON, James Grant, ed. 

Presidents of the United States. 1894 923.1 W76 

Contains a record of the most important events in the nation's history 
from the inauguration of the first president to the summer of 1894. 
Short notices of the ladies of the White house are also given. 

923.2 Political science. Statesmen 

ARMOR, William Crawford. 

Lives of the governors of Pennsylvania, with the incidental 

history of the state, 1609-1872. 1872 r923.2 A73 

Endeavors to give a graphic and comprehensive record of the public 
acts of each governor, free from any partisan influence, and, in 
connection with these, a complete epitome of the history of the state. 

BAGEHOT, Walter. 

Biographical studies; ed. by R. H. Hutton. 1889 923.2 Bis 

Contents: Lord Althorp. — Bolingbroke. — Lord Brougham. — Gladstone. — 
Sir George Comcwall Lewis. — Sir Robert Peel. — William Pitt. — ^Adam 


BOLTON, Mrs Sarah (Knowles). 

Famous American statesmen. 1888 923.2 B61 

Contents: Washington. — Franklin. — ^Jefferson. — Hamilton. — Jackson. — 
Webster. — Clay. — Sumner. — Grant. — Garfield. 

The same. 1888 J923.2 B61 

Famous English statesmen. 1891 923.2 B6if 

Contents: Lord Beaconsfield. — ^John Bright. — Henry Fawcett. — William 
Edward Forster. — Gladstone. — Lord Palmerston. — Sir Robert Peel. — 
Lord Shaftesbury. 

BRETT, Reginald Baliol. 

Yoke of empire; sketches of the queen's prime ministers. 

1897 9232 B73 

Contents: The queen [Victoria] and her first prime minister [Lord 
Melboumel. — The queen and her second prime minister [Sir Robert 
Peel]. — The queen and her permanent minister [L,ord John Russell]. 
— The queen and Lord Palmerston. — The queen and Lord Beacons- 
field. — The queen and Mr Gladstone. 

BROOKS, Noah. 

Statesmen. 1893. (Men of achievement series.) 923.2 B77 

Contents: T. H. Benton. — Blaine. — Calhoun. — S. P. Chase. — Qay. — 
Cleveland. — Garfield. — Lincoln. — W. H. Seward. — Sumner. — Tilden. 

BROUGHAM, Henry Peter, baron Brougham and Vaux. 
Historical sketches of statesmen who flourished in the 

time of George III, ist-3d ser. 6v. in 3. 1845-53 923.2 B779 

v.i-2. George III. — Lord Chatham. — Lord North. — Lord Loughborough. 
— Lord Thurlow. — Lord Mansfield. — Lord chief justice Gibbs. — Sir 
William Grant. — Burke. — Fox. — Pitt. — Sheridan. — Windham. — Dundas. 
— Erskine. — Perceval. — Lord Grenville. — Grattan. — Wilberforce. — 
Canning. — Sir Samuel Romilly. — Franklin. — Frederic IL — Gustavus 
III. — Emperor Joseph. — Empress Catherine. 

v.3-4. George IV. — Lord Eldon. — Sir William Scott. — Dr Laurence. — 
Sir Philip Francis. — Home Tooke. — Lord Castlereagh. — Lord Liver- 
pool. — Tierney. — Lord St. Vincent, Lord Nelson. — Lord King, Mr 
Horner, Mr Ricardo. — Note on Curran. — Charles Carrol. — Neckar. — 
Madame de Stael. — Mirabeau family. — Camot. — Lafayette. — Prince 
Talleyrand. — Napoleon, Washington. 

v.S-6. The French revolution. — Robespierre. — Danton. — Camille Des- 
moulins, St. Just. — Sieyes. — Fouche. — John, duke of Bedford. — Earl 
Camden. — John Wilkes. — Demagogue arts. — L.ord Ellenborough. — 
I^rd chief justice Bushe. — Thomas Jefferson. — American democracy. 
— Marquess Wellesley. — Lord Holland. — John Allen. — Walpole, — Bol- 

CAMPBELL, John, baron. 

Lives of the lord chancellors and keepers of the great seal 

of England, from the earliest times till the reign of 

Queen Victoria. lov. 1875-78 r923.2 C15 

"The defects of the work are nearly allied to its merits. They are to be 
found chiefly in the strong partialities and animosities of the author; 
and, while these characteristics impart spirit to his pages, they detract 
very considerably from their real value. Lord Campbell was an ener- 
getic hater, and he never hesitated to give expression to his animosi- 
ties. The value of his writings, therefore, is in the general impressions 
and the entertainment they afford, rather than in the correctness of 
the information they give.*' C. K. Adams. 

COX, Sir George William. 

Lives of Greek statesmen, ist-2d ser. v. 1-2. 1885-86 923.2 C85 

V.I. Solon. — Peisistratos. — Kleisthenes. — Polykrates. — Arista- 
goras. — Miltiades. — Aristeides. — Themistokles. — Pausanias. — Gelon. 

v.2. Ephialtes. — Kimon. — Perikles. — Phormion. — Archidamos. — 
Kleon. — Brasidas. — Demosthenes. — Nikias. — Hermokrates. 


Stories of great Americans for little Americans. 1895..J923.2 E35 


FORSTER, John, and others. 

Eminent British statesmen. 7v. 1831-39. (Lardner's 

cabinet cyclopaedia.) 923.2 F78 

V.I. Sir Thomas More. — Wolscy. — Cranmcr. — Lord Burleigh. 

v.a. Sir John Eliot. — Thomas Wentworth, earl of Strafford. 

V.3. Pym. — Hampden. 

V.4. Sir Henry Vane. — Henry Marten. 

V.5. Robert Cecil, earl of Salisbury. — Thomas Osborne, earl of Danby. 

V.6. Cromwell. 

V.7. Cromwell and the republicans. 

HOMES of American statesmen, with anecdotical, personal 

and descriptive sketches, by various writers. 1854. .. .923.2 H75 

Contents: Washington, by Mrs C. M. Kirkland.. — Franklin, by C. F. 
Briggs. — Jefferson, by Parke Godwin. — Hancock, by Richard Hildreth. 
— John Adams, by Clarence Cook. — Patrick Henry, by E. W. Johnston. 
— Madison, by E. W. Johnston. — Jay, by W. S. Thayer. — Hamilton, 
by J. C. Carter. — Marshall, by R. W. Griswold. — Ames, by J. B. 
Thayer. — John Quincy Adams, by D. L. Child. — Jackson, by Parke 
Godwin. — Rufus King, by Charles King. — Clay, by Horace Greeley. 
— Calhoun, by Parke Godwin. — Clinton, by T. R. Beck. — Story, by 
Francis Howland. — Whcaton. 

The same, 1861 r923.2 H75 

The edition of 1861 contains a chapter on Webster by H. C. Deming. 

HUBBARD, Elbert. 

Little journeys to the homes of American statesmen. 

1898 923.2 H87 

Contents: Washington. — Franklin. — Hamilton. — Samuel Adams. — John 

Hancock. — J. Q. Adams. — Jefferson. — Webster. — Clay. — Jay. — Seward. 

— Lincoln. 

LANMAN, Charles. 

Dictionary of the United States congress, containing bio- 
graphical sketches of its members. 1859 r923.2 L27 


Lives of British statesmen. 1807 qr923.2 M14 

Contents: William Cecil. — Edward Hyde. — Sir Thomas More. — Thomas 

MARRIOTT, James Arthur Ransome. 

Makers of modern Italy; three lectures delivered at Ox- 
ford. 1889 923.2 M41 

Contents: Mazzini. — Cavour. — Garibaldi. 

The same. (In Joy's Men and cities of Italy. 1895. p.211- 

312.) 945 J47 

NAUNTON, Sir Robert. 

Fragmenta regalia. 1653. (In Arber, Edward, ed. English 

reprints, v.5.) r820.8 A66 v.5 

Also published with the title "Court of Queen Elizabeth." 
"Valuable account of the chief courtiers of Queen Elizabeth, embody- 
ing many interesting reminiscences." Dictionary of national biography. 

SMITH, Goldwin. 

Three English statesmen. 1867 923.2 S64 

Contents: Pym. — Cromwell. — Pitt. 

SMITH, Theodore Clarke, cornf^. 

General index to the American statesmen series. 1900. 

(American statesmen.) r923.2 S66 

Bibliography of United States history, p.381-473. 

The volumes of the scries are catalogued separately in class 92, Individual 

THORNTON, Percy Melville. 

Foreign secretaries of the 19th century, to 1880. 3v. 

1881--83 923.2 T41 

V.I. Lord Grenville. — Lord Hawkesbury. — Lord Harrowby. — Lord Mul- 
grave. — Charles James Fox. — Lord Howick (Earl Grey). — George 
Canning. — Lord Bathurst. 

V.2. Marquis Wellesley. — Lord Castlereagh. — George Canning. — Lord 
Dudley. — Lord Aberdeen. — Lord Palraerston. 

V.3. Duke of Wellington. — Lord Palmerston. — Lord Aberdeen. — Lord 
Granville. — Lord Malmesbury. — Lord John Russell. — Lord Claren- 
don. — Foreign policy from Lord Palmerston's death, 1865, to the 
fall of Mr Gladstone's administration, 1873. — Administration of 
Lord Beaconsfield. 

TRENT, William Peterfield. 

Southern statesmen of the old regime. 1897. (Library 

of economics and politics.) • 923.2 T72 

Contents: Washington. — Jefferson. — John Randolph of Roanoke. — ^J. C. 

Calhoun. — Alexander H. Stephens and Robert Toombs. — ^Jefferson 


TYSON, James, b. 1818. 

Outline of the political and social life of George Washing- 
ton, and biographical sketches of the signers of the 
Declaration of independence. 2v. in i. 1895 923.2 T99 

923.4 Judges. Lawyers 

SCOTT, Henry Wilson, comp. 

Distinguished American lawyers. 1891 1*923.4 S42 

For contents see contents book, p. 15; kept at the reference desk. 


Sketches of the lives and judicial services of the chief- 
justices of the United States. 1854 923.4 V19 

Contents: John Jay. — John Rutledge. — Oliver Ellsworth. — ^John Marshall. 
— Roger B. Taney. 

WHITE, John William Fletcher. 

Judiciary of Allegheny county. 1883 q923.4 W63 

Reprinted from the "Pennsylvania magazine of history and biography," 
V.7, 1883. 

923.5 Military and naval 

ADAMS, William Henry Davenport. 

Dewey, and other great naval commanders. [1899.] 923.5 A21 

Contents: Sir Francis Drake. — Robert Blake. — Lord Anson. — Lord Rod- 
ney. — Earl Howe. — Earl of St. Vincent. — Lord Nelson. — Sir Sidney 
Smith. — Lord Collingwood. — Oliver Hazard Perry. — David Glasgoe 
Farragut. — David Dixon Porter. — George Dewey. — William T. Samp- 
son. — Winfield S. Schley. 

BABIfi de BARCENAY, Frangois, & Beaumont, L. 

Galerie militaire; ou, Notices historiques sur les generaux 
qui ont commande les armees franqaises, [1789-1805]. 

7v. 1805 r923.5 Bii 

BEEBE, Mabel Borton. 

Four American naval heroes; a book for young Americans. 

1899 J923 B37 

Contents: Paul Jones. — Oliver H. Perry, — Admiral Farragut. — Admiral 

COMPTON, Herbert Eastwick, comp. 

Particular account of the European military adventurers 

of Hindustan, 1784-1803. 1903. (Adventure series.) .. .923.5 C73 

Contents: De Boigne. — ^Perron. — George Thomas. 


CULLUM, George Washington, comp. 

Biographical register of the officers and graduates of the 
U. S. military academy at West Point, 1802-1890; and 
supplement, ed. by E. S. Holden, 1890-1900. 4v. 1891- 

1901 qr923-5 C91 

CUST, Sir Edward. 

Lives of the warriors of the Thirty years' war. 2v. 1865. .923.5 C94 
DODGE, Theodore Ayrault. 

Great captains; lectures showing the influence on the art 
of war of Alexander, Hannibal, Caesar, Gustavus Adol- 
phus, Frederick and Napoleon. 1892 923.5 D67 

"Of course, the limits of a single lecture make the treatment of the 
career of each of the six 'great captains' a mere sketch; but the 
sketch is given with a freedom of drawing and an eye to perspective 
which produce a pleasing and vivid picture. The — purpose... 
has been to show that great warriors have been great in proportion 
as they have possessed that high form of practical intellect which 
has enabled them to make a science of their work." Nation. 

DWIGHT, Theodore Frelinghuysen, ed. 

Critical sketches of some of the Federal and Confederate 
commanders. 1895. (Military historical society of 

Massachusetts. Papers.) 923.5 D97 

Contents: General Beauregard, by J. C. Ropes. — General Grant, by 
T. A. Dodge. — General Hancock, by F. A. Walker. — General Hum- 
phreys, by J. H. Wilson. — General McClellan, by J. C. Ropes. — Gen- 
eral Sherman, by J. C. Ropes. — General Stuart, by J. C. Ropes. — 
General Thomas, by Henry Stone. — General Thomas in the Record, 
by T. L. Livermore. — The war as we see it now, by J. C. Ropes. 

List of books cited, p.9-10. 

EDGAR, John George. 

Sea-kings and naval heroes J923.5 E28 

Contents: Rollo the Norman. — Hasting. — Sweyn, king of Denmark. — 
Harold Hardrada. — Sir Robert Morley. — Earl of Pembroke. — Duke of 
Bedford. — Sir Andrew Wood. — Sir Francis Drake. — Sir Walter 
Raleigh. — Earl of Cumberland. — Admiral Blake. — Prince Rupert. — 
Sir Cloudesley Shovel. — Admiral Benbow. — Lord Rodney. — Earl 
Howe. — Earl St. Vincent. — ^Lord Duncan. — Lord Nelson. — Lord Col- 

FITCHETT, William Henry, ed. 

Wellington's men; some soldier autobiographies. 1900... 923.5 F55 
Contents: Kincaid's "Adventures in the rifle brigade." — "Rifleman Har- 
ris."— Anton's "Military life."— Mercer's "Waterloo." 
"History of Wellington's most famous campaigns as told... by the ac- 
tual fighters. . .The four autobiographies selected may be familiar to 
the military student, but are practically inaccessible to the general 
reader, being old and rare... These narratives present ... inside views, 
and a glimpse of the spirit and feelings of the army not then available 
through the medium of the press... It must, however, be remembered 
that the regimental officer or man . . . can only describe what took 
place on a very limited area, and that discrepancies between the ac- 
counts of two brother officers, standing within a few yards of each 
other, concerning even regimental operations, are not uncommon." 
Athenceum, 1901. 

HALE, Edward Everett. 

Boys' heroes. 1886 J923.5 H15 

Contents: Hector. — Horatius Codes. — Alexander the Great. — Hannibal. 
— King Arthur. — Richard the Lion Hearted. — Bayard. — Robinson 
Crusoe. — Israel Putnam. — Gen. Lafayette. — Napoleon the First. — 
Ralph Allestree. 

HEADLEY, Joel Tyler. 

Napoleon and his marshals. 2v. 1891 923.5 H38 

V.I. Augereau. — Berthier. — Davoust. — Lannes. — Macdonald. — Moncey. 
— Mortier. — Napoleon. — St. Cyr. — Soult. 


V.2. Bemadotte. — Bessieres. — Brune. — Grouchy. — Jourdan. — Lcfebvre. 
— Marmont. — Massena. — Murat. — Ney. — Oudinot. — Poniatowski. — 
Suchet. — Victor. 

Washington and his generals. 2v. 1894 923-5 H38W 

V.I. Arnold. — Conway. — Gates. — Heath. — Mifflin. — Montgomery. — Put- 
nam. — Schuyler. — Stark. — Steuben. — Ward. — Washington. — Wayne. 
V.2. Clinton. — De Kalb. — Greene. — Howe. — Commodore Paul Jones. — 
Knox. — Lafayette. — Lee. — Lincoln. — McDougall. — Marion. — Morgan. 
— Moultrie. — Parsons. — St. Clair. — Stirling. — Sullivan. — Thomas. — 

ROMANS, James Edward. 

Our three admirals: Farragut, Porter, Dewey. 1899 923.5 H75 

KAYE, Sir John William. 

Lives of Indian officers. 2v. 1867 r923.5 K14 

V.I. Lord Cornwallis. — Mountstuart Elphinstone. — Sir John Malcolm. — 
Henry Martyn. — Sir Charles Metcalfe. 

V.2. Sir Alexander Burnes. — Capt. Arthur Conolly. — Sir Henry Law- 
rence. — Gen. James Neill. — Gen. John Nicholson. — Maj. Eldred 
Pottinger. — Maj. D'Arcy Todd. 

LAUGHTON, John Knox, ed. 

From Howard to Nelson. 1899 923.5 L36f 

Contents: Howard, by J. K. Laughton. — Drake, by Sir F. G. D. Bed- 
ford. — Blake, by Montagu Burrows. — Rooke, by C. C. P. Fitzgerald. — 
Anson, by A. H. Markham. — Hawke, by Sir E. R. Fremantle. — Bos- 
cawen, by Sir E. R. Fremantle. — Rodney, by Sir R. V. Hamilton. — 
Howe, by T. S. Jackson. — Hood, by Sir R. V. Hamilton. — St. Vincent, 
by P. H. Colomb. — Nelson, by P. H. Colomb. 

LAUGHTON, John Knox. 

Studies in naval history; biographies. 1887 923.5 L36 

Contents: Jean de Vienne; a chapter from the naval history of the 14th 
century. — Colbert: the birth of a navy. — Du Quesne: the French navy 
in the 17th century. — Le Bailli de Suffren. — Tegetthoff: experiences 
of steam and armour. — Privateers and privateering: Fortunatus 
Wright, George Walker. — The French privateers: Jean Bart, Du 
Guay Trouin, Thurot. — Paul Jones "the pirate." — The French priva- 
teers: Robert Surcouf. 

LIEFDE, Jacob de. 

Great Dutch admirals. 1886 J923.5 L69 

Contents: Jacob van Heemskerk. — Piet Hein. — Marten Harperts Tromp. 
— Witte Cornell's de With. — Michiel Adrianszoon de Ruyter. — ^Johan 
Evertsen. — Cornelis Tromp. 

LOW, Charles Rathbone. 

Soldiers of the Victorian age. 2v. 1880 923.5 L951 

V.I. Sir Thomas Willshire. — Sir G. C. Whitlock. — Sir C. K. Pearson. — 

Sir G. Macgregor. — Sir H. H. Clifford. — Viscount Gough. — Sir H. 

E. Wood. — Sir Vincent Eyre. 
V.2. Sir Herbert Edwardes. — Sir H. M. Durand. — Lord Chelmsford. — 

Sir James Outram. — Lord Strathnairn. — Sir N. B. Chamberlain. — 

Sir J. H. Grant. — Lord Napier. — Lord Clyde. 

LOWE, Charles. 

Our greatest living soldiers. 1900 923.5 L95 

Contents: Wolseley. — Buller. — Roberts. — Sir Henry Evelyn Wood. — 
Sir George White. — Sir Donald Martin Stewart. — Kitchener. — Maj. 
Gen. Hector Archibald MacDonald. — Two royal dukes [duke of 
Cambridge and duke of Connaught]. — A group of generals. 

Originally appeared in newspapers. 

MAHAN, Capt. Alfred Thayer. 

Types of naval officers drawn from the history of the 

British navy. 1901 923.5 M25 

Contents: Introductory; Conditions of naval warfare at the beginning of 
the eighteenth century. — Progress of naval warfare during the 
eighteenth century; Hawke, the spirit; Rodney, the form. — Howe, the 
general officer, as tactician. — Jervis, the general officer, as disciplina- 
rian and strategist. — Saumarez, the fleet officer and division com- 
mander. — Pellew, the frigate captain and partisan officer. 


MORRIS, William O'Connor. 

Great commanders of modern times, and The campaign 

of 1815, Waterloo. 1891 q923.5 M91 

Contents: Turenne. — Marlborough. — Frederick the Great. — Napoleon. — 
Wei 1 ington. — Moltke. 

PLANCHfi, James Robinson. 

The Conqueror and his companions. 2v. 1874 923-5 P68 

Popular account. 

Among the 75 companions of William the Conqueror who are noticed 
in this volume, the chief are Odo, bishop of Bayeux, Eudes de Cham- 
pagne, William de Warren, Robert de Mortain, Eustace the Second, 
• Walter Giffard, Hugh de Montfort, Roger de Montgomeri, Robert de 
Beaumont, Hugh de Mortimer, Richard d'Evreux, Alain Fergent, 
Raoul de Gael, Humphrey de Bohun, Robert Marmion and William de 


Hero patriots of the nineteenth century. 1901 923.5 S21 

Contents: The Peninsular war; Martin Diaz, 1 809-1 820. — The Tyrolesc 
war, 1809. — The Greek war of independence, 1 821-1827. — ^The South 
American revolution; Simon Bolivar, 1811-1830. — Abd-cl-Kader, 
1 833-1 847. — Schamyl of the Caucasus, 1 824-1 859. — Daniele Manin, 
1 831-1849, and Giuseppe Garibaldi, 1 847-1 860. 

SEAWELL, Molly Elliot. 

Twelve naval captains. 1897 J923.5 S44 

Contents: Paul Jones. — Richard Dale. — Thomas Truxtun. — William Bain- 
bridge. — Edward Preble. — Stephen Decatur. — Richard Somers. — Isaac 
Hull. — Charles Stewart. — Oliver Hazard Perry. — Thomas MacDon- 
ough. — James Lawrence. 

SNOW, William Parker. 

Southern generals; their lives and campaigns. 1866 r923.5 S67 

Contents: Lee. — Jackson. — Beauregard. — Johnston. — Cooper. — Long- 
street. — Bragg. — Ewell. — J. E. B. Stuart. — A. P. Hill. — Hood. — A. S. 
Johnston. — ^Leonidas Polk. — Sterling Price. — E. Kirby Smith. — Mor- 
gan. — Hardee. — Wade Hampton. 
Also published with the title "Lee and his generals.** 

SOUTHEY, Robert. 

English seamen: Howard, Clifford, Hawkins, Drake, 

Cavendish; ed. by David Hannay. 1895 923.5 S72 

WILKINSON, Henry Spenser, ed. 

From Cromwell to Wellington; twelve soldiers. 1899.. ..923.5 W72 

Contente: Cromwell, by Col. Cooper King & H. S. Wilkinson. — Marl- 
borough, by J. W. Fortescue. — Peterborough, by Maj. F. E. Cooper. — 
Wolfe, by Gen. Sir Archibald Alison. — Clive, by Col. F. Adam & H. S. 
Wilkinson. — Coote, by Col. S. C. Pratt. — Heathfield, by Col. Adye. — 
Abercromby, by Col. a Court. — Lake, by Maj. E. S. May. — Baird, by 
Capt. Count Gleichen. — Moore, by Maj. C. B. Mayne. — Wellington, by 
Gen. F. Maurice. 

923.6 Philanthropists 

BOLTON, Mrs Sarah (Knowles). 

Famous givers and their gifts. 1896 923.6 B61 

Contents: John Lowell, jr. and his free lectures. — Stephen Girard and 
his college for orphans. — Andrew Carnegie and his libraries. — Thomas 
Holloway, his sanatorium and college. — Charles Pratt and his institute. 
— Thomas Guy and his hospital. — Sophia Smith and her college for 
women. — James Lick and his telescope. — Leland Stanford and his uni- 
versity. — Capt. Thomas Coram and his foundling asylum. — Henry Shaw 
and his botanical garden. — James Smithson and the Smithsonian in- 
stitution. — Pratt, Lenox, Mary M. Stuart, Newberry, Crerar, Astor, 
Reynolds and their libraries. — Frederick H. Rindge and his gifts. — A. 
J. Drexel and his institute. — P. D. Armour and his institute. — Asa 
Packer and Lehigh university. — Cornelius Vanderbilt and V'anderbilt 
university. — Baron Maurice de Hirsch. — Isaac Rich and Boston uni- 
versity. — Daniel B. Fayerweather. — Catharine L. Wolfe. — Mary E. 


Garrett. — Mrs Anna Ottendorfer. — Daniel P. Stone. — Valeria G. 
Stone. — Samuel Williston. — ^John F. Slater. — Daniel Hand. — George 
T. Angell. — William W. Corcoran. — John D. Rockefeller and Chicago 

The same. 1896 r923.6 B61 

The same. 1896 J923.6 B61 

923.7 Educators 

BARDEEN, Charles William, comp. 

Dictionary of educational biography. 1901 r923.7 B23 

Annotated portraits of men prominent in educational history. 

STEWART, Agnes Grainger. 

Academic Gregories. 1901. (Famous Scots series.) ... .923.7 S84 

Short history of the famous Scottish family of Gregory. From the mid- 
dle of the 17th to the middle of the igth century, with a gap of only 
a few years, some of the Gregory connection were professors either 
of mathematics or medicine in one or another of the Scottish uni- 

WINSHIP, Albert Edward. 

Great American educators, with chapters on American 

education. 1900 923.7 W78 

Contents: Horace Mann. — Mary Lyon. — D. P. Page. — Henry Barnard. — 
J. D. Philbrick. — Newton Bateman. — E, A. Sheldon. — J. P. Wicker- 
sham. — Founders and benefactors of American colleges: John Har- 
vard, Elihu Yale, Mark Hopkins, F. A. P. Barnard, C. G. Finney. 

923.8 Business men 

STODDARD, William Osborn. 

Men of business. 1893. (Men of achievement series.) . . . .923.8 S86 
Contents: P. D. Armour. — J. J. Astor. — H. B. Claflin. — Peter Cooper. — 
C. M. Depew.— C. W. Field.— Marshall Field.— E. D. Morgan.— L. P. 
Morton. — G. M. Pullman. — John Roach. — M. O. Roberts. — Leland 
Stanford. — A. T. Stewart. — C. L. Tiffany. — Cornelius Vanderbilt. 

923.9 Explorers. Travelers 

BOLTON, Mrs Sarah (Knowles). 

Famous voyagers and explorers. 1893 923.9 B61 

Contents: Columbus. — Marco Polo. — Magellan. — Sir Walter Raleigh. — 
Sir John Franklin. — Dr Kane. — C F. Hall. — David Livingstone. — M. 
C. Perry. — Gen. Greely. 

The same. 1893 J923.9 B61 


Heroes of African discovery & adventure. 2v. 1893 923.9 B65 

V.I. From the earliest times to the death of Livingstone. 
V.2. Since the death of Livingstone. 

GREELY, Adolphus Washington. 

Explorers and travellers. 1893. (Men of achievement 

series.) 923.9 G82 

Contents: Jonathan Carver. — G. W. De Long. — Du Chaillu. — Fremont. — 
Robert Gray. — C. F. Hall. — I. I. Hayes. — Joliet. — Kane. — Le Moyne. — 
Lewis and Clarke. — Z. M. Pike. — Stanley. — Charles Wilkes. 

HEROES of chivalry; the lives of the Chevalier Bayard, [tr. 
by E. C. Kindersley], and the Cid, [ed. by Richard 
Markham]. 1884 923.9 H47 

HUDDESFORD, William, ed. 

Lives of John Leland, Thomas Hearne and Anthony a 

Wood; from original papers. 2v. 1772 r923.9 H88 


ST. JOHN, James Augustus. 

Lives of celebrated travellers. 3v. 1858-68. (The family 

library.) 923.9 S14 

V.I. William de Rubruquis. — Marco Polo. — Ibn Batiita. — Leo Africanus. 
— Pietro della Valle. — ^Jean Baptiste Tavernier. — Frangois Bernier. — 
Sir John Chardin. — Engelbert Kaempfer. — Henry Maundrell. 

V.2. Joseph Pitton de Tournefort. — Dr Thomas Shaw. — Frederic Has- 
selquist. — Lady Wortley Montague. — Richard Pococke. — John Bell. 
— ^John Ledyard. — George Forster. — James Bruce. — Jonas Hanway. 
— Antonio de Ulloa. 

V.3. Mungo Park. — Peter Simon Pallas. — Carsten Niebuhr. — Choiseul- 
Gouffier. — John Lewis Burckhardt. — Volney. — Edward Daniel 
Clarke. — Francois Lc Vaillant. — Belzoni. — Dominique Vivant Den- 
on. — Reginald Heber. 

VERNE, Jules. 

Famous travels and travellers. 1892. (Exploration of the 

world.) 923.9 V27f 

Contents- Celebrated travellers before the Christian era. — Celebrated 
travellers from the ist to the 9th century. — Benjamin of Tudela. — 
Plan de Carpin, or Carpini. — Rubruquis. — Marco Polo. — Ibn Batuta. — 
Jean de Bethencourt. — Columbus. — The conquest of India and of the 
Spice countries. — The conquerors of Central America. — Magellan and 
the first voyage round the world. — The polar expeditions and the 
search for the north-west passage. — Drake. — Cavendish. — De Noort. — 
Raleigh. — Missionaries and settlers, merchants and tourists. — William 
Dampier, the great corsair. — The pole and America. 

The same. 1892. (Exploration of the world.) J923.9 V27f 

Great explorers of the 19th century. 1895. (Exploration 

of the world.) 923.9 V27gr 

Contents: The dawn of a century of discovery. — The exploration and 
colonization of Africa. — The oriental scientific movement and Ameri- 
can discoveries. — Voyages round the world and polar expeditions. — 
French circumnavigators. — ^Polar expeditions. — The North pole. 

The same. 1895. (Exploration of the world.) J923.9 V^yg 

Great navigators of the i8th century. 1894. (Exploration 

of the world.) 923.9 V27 

Contents: Astronomers and cartographers. — Voyages in the i8th cen- 
tury. — Capt. Cook's predecessors. — Cook's first, second and third voy- 
ages. — French navigators. — African explorers. — Asia and its inhabi- 
tants. — The two Americas. 

The same. 1894. (Exploration of the world.) J923.9 V27 

925 Science 

ARAGO, Dominique Frangois Jean. 

Biographies of distinguished scientific men. 1857 r925 A65 

Conten ts : Autobiography. — Bailly. — Herschel. — Laplace. — ^Joseph Fourier. 
— Carnott — Malus. — Fresnel. — Thomas Young. — James Watt. 

CEuvres completes. 3v. 1854-55 925 A65 

V.I. Histoire de ma jeunesse. — Fresnel. — Alexandre Volta. — Thomas 

Young. — Joseph Fourier. — James Watt. — Carnot. 
V.2. Ampere. — Caritat de Condorcet. — Bailly. — Gaspard Monge. — Pois- 

V.3. Gay-Lussac. — Malus. — Biographies des principaux astronomes. — 

Fermat. — Abel. — Lislet-Geoffroy. — Moliere. — Discours funeraires. — De 

I'utilite des pensions accordees aux savants, aux litterateurs, aux 


BOLTON, Mrs Sarah (Knowles). 

Famous men of science. 1889 925 B61 

Contents: Galileo. — Sir Isaac Newton. — Linnaeus. — Baron Cuvier. — Sir 
William Herschel. — Caroline Herschel. — Humboldt. — Sir Humphrey 
Davy. — Audubon. — Morse. — Sir Charles Lyell. — Joseph Henry. — Louis 
Agassiz. — Darwin. — F. T. Buckland. 


BREWSTER, Sir David. 

Martyrs of science; or, The lives of Galileo, Tycho Brahe 

and Kepler. 1877 925 B73 

CASSINO, Samuel Edson, comp. 

International scientists' directory, 1883, 1892. 1883-92. .. .r925 C26i 

The "International scientists' directory" and the "Naturalists* directory" 
are published alternately at intervals of about i8 months. 

Naturalists' directory, 1890, 1895, 1898. 1890-98 r925 C26 

CLODD, Edward. 

Pioneers of evolution from Thales to Huxley, with the 

causes of arrest of the movement. 1897 925 C61 

pt.4 consists of chapters on Darwin, Wallace, Spencer and Huxley. 
"Story of the origin of the evolution idea in Ionia, and, after long 
arrest, of the revival of that idea in modern times." Preface. 

JEANS, William Tullock. 

Lives of the electricians, ist sen v.i. 1887 925 J22 

V.I. Tyndall. — Wheatstone. — Morse. 

The same, ist ser. v.i. 1887 r925 J22 

MUNRO, John. 

Heroes of the telegraph. 1891 925 M96 

Contents: The origin of the telegraph. — Wheatstone. — Morse. — Thom- 
son. — Siemens. — Fleeming Jenkin. — ^Johann Philipp Reis. — Graham 
Bell. — Edison. — David Edwin Hughes. — C. F. Gauss. — W. E. Weber. — 
Sir W. F. Cooke. — Alexander Bain. — Werner Siemens. — Latimer 
Clark. — Count du Moncel. — Elisha Gray. 

Pioneers of electricity; or, Short lives of the great electri- 
cians. 1890 925 M96P 

Contents: Thales. — William Gilbert. — Franklin. — Charles Augustin de 
Coulomb. — Volta. — Sir Humphry Davy. — Oersted. — Ampere. — Ohm. — 
Faraday. — James Clerk Maxwell. 

WRIGHT, Henrietta Christian. 

Children's stories of the great scientists. 1895 J925 W93 

Con ten ts : Galileo. — Kepler. — Newton. — Franklin. — Linnaeus. — Herschel. 
— Rumford. — Cuvier. — Humboldt. — Davy. — Faraday. — Lyell. — Agassiz. 
— Tyndall. — Kirchoff. — Darwin and Huxley. 

YOUMANS, William Jay, ed. 

Pioneers of science in America. 1896 •. 925 Y35 

Contents: J. L. R. Agassiz. — J. J. Audubon. — A. D. Bache. — B. S. 
Barton. — ^John Bartram. — William Bartram. — W. C. Bond. — George 
Catlin. — ^J. H. Coffin. — T. A. Conrad. — S. L. Dana. — Amos Eaton. — 
Ebenezer Emmons. — ^John Ericsson. — J. P. Espy. — Benjamin Franklin. 
— A. H. Guyot. — Robert Hare. — Joseph Henry. — Edward Hitchcock. — 
David Hosack. — Isaac Lea. — Leo Lesquereux. — C. A. Lesueur. — W. 
W. Mather.— M. F. Maury.— Elisha Mitchell.— S. L. Mitchill.— S. F. 
B. Morse. — G. H. E. Muhlenberg. — Thomas Nuttall. — Denison Olm- 
sted. — D. D. Owen. — C. S. Rafinesque. — David Rittenhouse. — J.- B. 
Rogers. — W. B. Rogers. — Thomas Say. — H. R. Schoolcraft. — L. D. 
von Schweinitz. — C. U. Shepard. — Benjamin Silliman, the elder. — 
W. S. Sullivant. — Zadoc Thompson. — John Torrey. — Gerard Troost. 
— Lardner Vanuxem. — S. C. Walker.— Alexander Wilson. — ^John Win- 

Reprinted from the "Popular science monthly." 

925.2 Astronomers 

BALL, Sir Robert Stawell. 

Great astronomers. 1895 925.2 B21 

Contents: Adams. — Airy. — Bradley. — Tycho Brahe. — Brinkley. — Coperni- 
cus. — Flamsteed. — Galileo. — Halley. — Hamilton. — John Herschel. — Wil- 
liam Herschel. — Kepler. — Laplace. — Le Verrier. — Newton. — Ptolemy. — 
Earl of Rosse. 


MORTON, Edward John Chalmers. 

Heroes of science; astronomers. 1882 925.2 M92 

Contents: On ancient astronomy. — On Copernik and his system. — On 
Tycho Brah^ and his observations. — On Kepler and his laws. — On 
Galileo and the laws of motion. — On Newton and the discovery of the 
law of gravitation. — On Newton's "Principia." — On Newton and his 
followers. — On Lagrange and Laplace. — On Herschel and the distribu- 
tion of the stars. — On modem astronomy. 

Bibliography, p. 5. 

925.4 Chemists 


Memorial lectures, 1893-1900. 1901 925.4 C42 

Contents: Stas, by J. W. Mallet. — Kopp, by T. E. Thorpe. — Marignac. 
by P. T. Cleve. — Hofmann, by Lord Playfair, and others. — Helm- 
holtz, by G. F. Fitzgerald. — T.rOthar Meyer, by P. P. Bedson. — Pasteur, 
by P. Frankland.— Kekul^, by F. R. Japp.— Victor Meyer, by T. E. 
Thorpe. — Bunsen. by Sir H. E. Roscoe. — Friedel, by J. M. Crafts. — 
Nilson, by O. Pettersson. 

Reprinted from the Transactions of the Chemical society of London. 

MUIR, Matthew Moncrieff Pattison. 

Heroes of science; chemists. 1883 925.4 M95 

An effort to trace, by selected biographies, the progress of chemistry 
from the middle of the 18th century to 1880. Contains a sketch of 
alchemy and the dawn of chemistry. 

THORPE, Thomas Edward. 

Essays in historical chemistry. 1894 925.4 T41 

Contents: Robert Boyle. — Joseph Priestley. — Carl Wilhelm Scheele. — 
Henry Cavendish. — Antoine-T^urent Lavoisier. — Priestley, Cavendish, 
Lavoisier and La revolution chimique. — Michael Faraday. — Thomas 
Graham. — Friedrich Wohler. — Jean Baptiste Andre Dumas.— 'Hermann 
Kopp. — Dmitri Ivanowitsh Mendclceff. — The rise and development of 
synthetical chemistry. 

926 Useful arts 

Physicians. Inventors. Manufacturers. Engineers 

BRYSON, John. 

Inventors of the Scotch-Irish race of America. 1892 926 B84 

Contents: Robert Fulton. — S. F. H. Morse. — C. H. McCormick. 
DAVIS, Thomas Davis. 

Pioneer physicians of western Pennsylvania; address de- 
livered at Philadelphia, Sept. 24, 1901. 1901 r926 D32 

Bibliography, p. 69 -72. 

Reprinted from the "Pennsylvania medical journal," v. 5, Oct. 1901. 

HUBERT, Philip GcnRcmbrc. 

Inventors. 1893. (Men of achievement scries.) 926 H87 

Contents: Benjamin Franklin. — Robert Fulton. — Eli Whitney. — Elias 
Howe. — Samuel F. B. Morse. — Charles Goodyear. — John Ericsson. — 
Cyrus Hall McCormick. — Thomas A. Edison. — Alexander Graham 
Bell. — American inventors, past and present. 

The same. 1896. (Men of achievement scries.) r926 H87i 

JEANS, William Tullock. 

Creators of the age of steel. 1884 926 J22 

Contents: Sir Henry Bessemer. — Sir William Siemens. — Sir Joseph 
Whitworth.- -Sir John Brown. — S. G. Thomas. — G. J. Snelus. 

MACOMBER, Ilattie E. 

Stories of great inventors. 1897 J926 M21 

• Contents: Robert Fulton. — Eli Whitney. — Samuel Morse. — Peter Cooper. 
— T. A. Edison. 


PARTON, James. 

Captains of industry, ist-2d ser. 2v. 1892-93 926 P27 

v.i. W. B. Astor. — J. G. Bennett. — Henry Bessemer. — John Bright — 
John Bromfield.— P. H. Burnett.— Elihu Burritt.— M. A. Carime. — 
Richard Cobden. — Sir Henry Cole. — Edward Coles. — Peter Cooper. 
— Robert Dick. — John Duncan. — Thomas Edward. — Peter Faneuil. — 
George Flower. — Peter Force. — George Graham. — Horace Greeley's 
start. — John Harrison. — Sir Rowland Hill. — Myron Holley. — George 
Hope. — Chauncey Jerome. — James Lackington. — P. L. Liguest. — 
Founders of Lowell. — David Maydole. — Sir Moses Montefiore. — 
Robert Owen. — Paris- Duverney. — Maj. Robert Pike. — Israel Put- 
nam. — Sir John Rennie. — Michael Reynolds. — John Smedley. — Gcrrit 
Smith. — Charles Summers. — Frederick Tudor. — Wonderful Walker. 
— Three John Walters. — Ichabod Washburn. — Marquis of Worces- 
ter. — Sir Christopher Wren. 
V.2. Joel Barlow. — Marguerite Boucicaut. — Nathaniel Bowditch. — 
Thomas Brassey. — Michel Br^zin. — Chatrian. — ^Jean le Qaire. — Alvan 
Clark. — J. B. Colbert. — Ezra Cornell. — Mrs Coston. — Sir Francis 
Crossley. — John Delafield. — William Ellis. — G. B. Emerson. — Erck- 
mann. — G. D. Fahrenheit. — Henry Fawcett. — Elizabeth Fry. — J. B. A. 
Godin. — George Guess. — Philip Hone. — Joseph Hugo. — Andrew 
Jackson. — Louis Joliet. — Charles Knight. — Joseph Lancaster. — A. A. 
Lawrence. — Abbott Lawrence. — James Lenox. — Meriwether I.«wis. — 
Christopher Ludwick. — John Metcalf. — William Murdock. — James 
Nasmyth. — George Peabody. — Sir William Phips. — Gen. Seth Pom- 
roy. — David Rittenhouse. — Count Rumford. — Frederic Sauvage. — 
Earl of Shaftesbury. — Junius Smith. — Baron von Stein. — Thomas 
Telford. — Bartholomew Thimonnicr. — Eleazar Wheelock. — Sir Jos- 
eph Whitworth. — Edward Winslow. 

The safne, ist-2d ser. 2v. 1884-91 J926 P27 

SMILES, Samuel. 

Industrial biography; iron workers and tool makers. 

1889 926 S64i 

Contents: Joseph Bramah. — Joseph Clement. — Henry Cort. — The Darbys. 
— Dud Dudley. — William Fairbairn. — Fox of Derby. — Benjamin 
Huntsman. — Henry Maudslay. — Murray of Leeds. — David Mushet. — 
James Nasmyth. — ^J. B. Neilson. — The Reynoldses. — Roberts and Whit- 
worth of Manchester. — Dr Roebuck. — Andrew Yarranton. 

Lives of the engineers. 5v. 1874 926 S64I 

y.i. Vcrmuyden, Myddelton, Perry, James Brindley. 

v. 2. Smeaton and Rennie. 

V.3. Metcalf, Telford. 

V.4. Boulton and Watt. 

▼.5. George and Robert Stephenson. 

The same. 4v. 1861-65 r926 S64I1 

v.i. Early works of embanking and drainage; Vermuyden. — Myddel- 
ton. — Early roads and modes of travelling; Metcalf. — Bridges, har- 
bours and ferries; Edwards. — Brindley. 

V.2. Smeaton. — Rennie. — Telford. 

V.3. Ge^rjfc and Robert Stephenson. 

V.4. Boulton and Watt. 

Men of invention and industry. 1885 926 S64 

Contents: Astronomers and students in humble life. — Charles Bianconi. 
— William Clowes. — E. T. Harland. — John Harrison. — Industry in 
Ireland. — Frederick Koenig. — John Lombe. — William Murdock- — 
Phincas Pctt.— F. P. Smith.— The Walters. 

TOWLE, George Makepeace. 

Heroes and martyrs of invention. 1899 J926 T6s 

Contents. Early inventors. — Coster, the discoverer of type-printing. — 
Gutenberg, the inventor of the printing-press. — Palissy, the potter. — 
Lee, the inventor of the stocking-frame. — Builders of the Eddystone. — 
Inventors of cotton-machinery. — Watt, the inventor of the steam-en- 
gine. — Montgolficrs and the balloon. — Davy and the safety-lamp. — 
Nasm)rth and the steam-hammer. — Stephenson, the inventor of the rail- 
way-locomotive. — Stephenson, the great bridge-builder. — Fulton and the 
steamboat. — Struggles of Goodyear. — Howe and the sewing-machine. 
— Iron and its workers. 


BUSBEY, T. Addison, comp. 

Biographical directory of the railway officials of America, 

1901, 1906. 1901-06 r926.5 B95 


Manufactories and manufacturers of Pennsylvania of the 

19th century. 1875 qr926.7 G14 

927 Fine arts 

ALLGEMEINES kiinstler-lexicon; leben und werke der 

beriihmtesten bildenden kiinstler; vorbereitet von H. A. 

Miiller, hrsg. von H. W. Singer. 5v. 1895-1901 r927 A43 

BELLIER de la CHAVIGNERIE, fimile, & Auvray, Louis, 

Dictionnaire general des artistes de I'ecole frangaise; archi- 

tectes, peintres, sculpteurs, graveurs et lithographes. 

2v. 1882-85 qr927 B41 

The same; supplement et table topographique. 1887 qr927 B4id 

BLANC, Charles. 

Les artistes de mon temps. 1876 q927 B53 

Contents: Felix Duban. — Eugene Delacroix. — Eugene Deveria. — Calamat- 
ta. — David d* Angers. — Francisque Duret. — Augustin Dupr6. — Paul 
Chenavard. — Henry Leys. — Leon Vaudoycr. — fidouard Bertin. — Hip- 
polyte Flandrin. — Grandville. — Troyon. — Gavarni. — Henri Regnault. — 
Corot. — Barye. — Exposition universelle de 1867. — Excursion k Munich. 

CLEMENT, Mrs Clara (Erskine), afterward Mrs Waters. 
Painters, sculptors, architects, engravers, and their works. 

1892 r927 C56P 

CLEMENT, Mrs Clara (Erskine), afterward Mrs Waters, & 
Hutton, Laurence. 
Artists of the 19th century and their works. 2v. in i. 

1893 r927 C56 

Useful reference book containing 2050 very brief biographies of artists 
with mention of their works. 

DOHME, Robert, ed. 

Kunst und kiinstler der ersten halfte des neunzehnten jahr- 
hunderts. 2v. in i. 1886. (Kunst und kiinstler des mit- 

telalters und der neuzeit, pt.4.) qr927 D68 

Contents: K. F. Schinkel, von Robert Dohme. — Canova und Thorwald- 
sen, von Herm. Lucke. — Gottfried Schadow und Rauch, von Karl Eg- 
gers. — David d* Angers, von August Schmarsow. — Francois Rude, von 
Adolf Rosenberg. — Carstens, von Herm. Liicke. — Cornelius, Over- 
beck, Schnorr, Veit, Fiihrich, von Veit Valentin. — J. A. Koch, von 
Theodor Frimmel. — Karl Rottmann, von C. A. Regnet. — P. P. Prud- 
hon, von August Schmarsow. — A. J. Gros, von Richard Graul. — J. A. 
D. Ingres, von August Schmarsow. — Theodore Gericault und Eugene 
Delacroix, von Adolf Rosenberg. — Horace Vernet, Paul Delaroche, 
Leopold Robert, von Adolf Rosenberg. 

DUSSIEUX, Louis fitienne. 

Les artistes frangais a Tetranger. 1876 Q927 D95 

Aim of the author is to bring to light the names and the works of 
French artists, since the 13th century, who have painted in foreign 
countries. Artists arc grouped under the different countries, and the 
names of the persons for whom they painted, ot the places where their 
works arc exhibited, are given. Preceded by a short history of French 

ELLET, Mrs Elizabeth Fries (Lummis). 

Women artists in all ages and countries. 1859 r927 E51 


FOURNEL, Frangois Victor, 

Les artistes frangais contemporains; peintres, sculpteurs. 

1884 q927 F83 

Contents: La dynastic des Vernet. — Ingres. — David d' Angers. — L^on Co- 
gniet. — Ary ct Henri Schcffer. — A. L. Barye. — Camille Corot. — Pay- 
sages et paysagistes. — Paul Delaroche. — Eugene Delacroix. — Hippolyte 
Bellange. — Charles Gleyre. — P. C. Simart. — Narcisse Diaz. — Hippolyte 
Flandrin. — Auguste Preault. — Theodore Rousseau. — Isidore Pils. — Au- 
guste Clesinger. — Henri Lehmann. — Frangois Millet. — Thomas Cou- 
ture. — Francois Daubigny. — Gustavc Courbet. — Eugene Fromentin et 
les peintres de I'Orient. — J. J. Perraud. — Louis Hamon. — Charles Mar- 
chal. — ^J. B. Carpeaux. — Gustave Dore. — Henri Regnault. — La carica- 
ture au XIXe siecle: Daumier, Travies, Henri Monnier, Charlet, 
Grandville, Gavarni« Biard, Cham. 

GUBERNATIS, Angelo, conte de, comp. 

Dizionario degli artisti italiani viventi; pittori, scultori e 

architetti. 1889 qr927 G95 

SPOONER, Shearjashub. 

Anecdotes of painters, engravers, sculptors and architects, 

and curiosities of art. 3v. 1853 r927 S76 

SPOONER, Shearjashub, comp. 

Biographical and critical dictionary of painters, engravers, 
sculptors and architects, from ancient to modern times. 
1853 qr927 S76b 

Authorities, p. 3. 

VASARI, Giorgio. 

Lives of seventy of the most eminent painters, sculptors 
and architects; ed. and annotated in the light of recent 
discoveries by E. H. and E. W. Blashfield and A. A. 
Hopkins. 4v. 1897 r927 V22 

Bibliography, v.4, p.333-387. 
Lives of the most eminent painters, sculptors and archi- 
tects; tr. by Mrs Jonathan Foster. 6v. 1891-94 927 V22 

V.6 is a commentary by J. P. Richtcr. 

"These biographies., .are the groundwork of our knowledge of the great 
Italian artists of the XV. and XVI. centuries. . . [The book] is extremely 
interesting, full of anecdote and picturesque narrative, and gives bril- 
liant pictures of life in Italy during the epoch. The author's state- 
ments of fact have often been found erroneous, and arc frequently 
corrected in the notes of this translation." Russell Sturgis. 

927.3 Sculptors 

See also Sculpture, 730 

SHEDD, Mrs Julia Ann (Clark). 

Famous sculptors and sculpture. 1896 927.3 S54 

Catalogue of antique, renaissance and modern sculptures, p. 309-329. 
Short sketches of the sculptors arranged chronologically rather than 

by schools; it includes a large number of names; a compilation, not 

a critical work. 

927.5 Painters 

See also Painting, 750 

BENJAMIN, Samuel Green Wheeler. 

Our American artists. 1886 927.5 B43 

Contents: William H. Beard. — Albert F. Bellows. — George Loring 
Brown. — ^William M. Chase. — Samuel Colman. — ^John J. Enneldng. — 


Robert Swain Gifford. — Sandford R. Gifford. — David Neal. — Walter 
Shirlaw. — Wordsworth Thompson. — Thomas W. Wood. 
Appeared in "Wide awake," Jan.-Dec. 1879. 

BOLTON, Mrs Sarah (Knowles). 

Famous European artists. 1890 927.5 B61 

Contents: Sir Edwin Landseer. — Leonardo da Vinci. — Michael Angelo. — 
Murillo. — Raphael. — Rembrandt. — Sir Joshua Reynolds. — Rubens. — 
Titian. — Turner. 

BRYAN, Michael, comp. 

Dictionary of painters and engravers. 2v. 1886-89. .. .qr927.5 B84 

The same; new ed. rev. and enl. under the supervision of 

G. C. Williamson. 5v. 1903-05 qr927.5 B84d 

CLAYTON, Ellen Creathorne, afteruard Mrs Needham. 

English female artists. 2v. 1876 927.5 C55 


Lives of the most eminent British painters. 3v. 1879-80. .927.5 C92 

V.I. Hogarth. — Wilson. — Reynolds. — Gainsborough. — West. — Barry. — 

IBlake. — Opie. 
V.2. Morland. — Bird. — Fuseli. — Jamesone. — Ramsay. — Romney. — Runci- 

man. — Copley. — Mortimer. — Raeburn. — Hoppner. — Owen. — Harlow. — 

Bonington. — Cosway. — Allan. — Northcote. 
V.3. Beaumont. — Lawrence. — Jackson. — Liverseege. — Burnet. — Stoth- 

ard. — Crome. — Turner. — Constable. — Wilkie. — Mulready. — Haydon. — 

Etty. — Eastlake. — Stanfield. — Leslie. — Roberts. — Landseer. — Scott. — 

Maclise. — Phillip. 

EASTLAKE, Elizabeth (Rigby), lady. 

Five great painters; essays reprinted from the Edinburgh 

and Quarterly reviews. 2v. 1883 927.5 E18 

V.I. Leonardo da Vinci. — Michael Angelo. — Titian. 
V.2. Titian, (continued). — Raphael. — Albert Diirer. 

HUBBARD, Elbert. 

Little journeys to the homes of eminent painters. 1899.. 927.5 H87I 

Contents: Michael Angelo. — Rembrandt. — Rubens. — Meissonier. — Ti- 
tian. — Van Dyck. — Fortuny. — Ary Scheffer. — Millet. — Reynolds. — 
Landseer. — Dor6. 

"To those who desire to know something of the lives and works of these 
men, and who have no mind to read the ponderous and more learned 
tomes which have been written upon them we cordially recommend 
this unpretentious, lively little book." Studio, 1900. 

JAMES, Ralph N. comp. 

Painters and their works; a dictionary of great artists, not 
now alive, giving their names, lives, and the prices paid 
for their works. 3v. 1896-97 r927.5 J16 

JAMESON, Mrs Anna Brownell (Murphy). 

Memoirs of the early Italian painters. 1895 927.5 J16 

Contents : Cimabue. — Giotto. — Ghiberti. — Masaccio. — Filippo Lippi. — An- 
gelico. — Gozzoli. — Castagno. — Signorelli. — Ghirlandajo. — Mantegna. — 
The Bellini. — Perugino. — Francia. — Bartolomeo. — Lionardo. — Mich- 
ael Angelo. — Andrea del Sarto. — Raphael. — Correggio. — Parmigiano. 
— Giorgione. — Titian. — Tintoretto. — Paul Veronese. — Bassano. 
"The book is one of a number which serve a certain purpose in relating 
the better known facts about a famous body of men." Russell Sturgis. 

KEYSOR, Jennie Ellis, and others. 

Great artist series. 3v. 1898-99 J927 K23 

v.i. Fra Angelico. — Leonardo da Vinci. — Raphael. — Venice, the city of 
Titian. — Antonio Correggio. — Michael Angelo. — Guido Reni. 

V.2. Albrecht Durer. — Rubens. — Van Dyck. — Rembrandt. 

V.3. Sir Joshua Reynolds. — Landseer. — Jean Frangois Millet. — Rosa 
Bonheur. — Murillo and Spanish art. 

PILKINGTON, Matthew, comp. 

Dictionary of painters. 1805 qr927.5 P58 


SHEDD, Mrs Julia Ann (Clark). 

Famous painters and paintings. 1896 927.5 S54 

Catalogue of important paintings and their location, p.309-334. 

"Purports only to be a series of brief biographical sketches of about 
200 painters of all epochs, from Giotto to Ingres, but it will be found 
to contain very sensible discussion of the merits and peculiarities of 
these men and the circumstances of their times. A popular book, but 
a good one." Russell Sturgis. 

SWEETSER, Moses Forster. 

Artist biographies. 7v. 1878 927.5 S97 

V.I. Raphael. — Leonardo da Vinci. 

V.2. Michael Angelo. — Titian. 

V.3. Claude Lorraine. — Sir Joshua Reynolds. 

V.4. Turner. — Landseer. 

v.s. Durer. — Rembrandt. 

V.6. Van Dyck. — Fra Angelico. 

V.7. Murillo. — Allston. 

Each volume contains a list of the artists* works with their present 

"Rather popular in treatment. The latest information seems to have 

been used in preparing these biographies." Russell Sturgis. 

THORNBURY, George Walter. 

British artists from Hogarth to Turner. 2v. 1861 927.5 T39 

V.I. Gainsborough in green lanes. — Wilson in Tottenham-court road. — 
Lawrence in London drawing-rooms. — NoUekens in Mortimer street. — 
Two fop artists: Sherwin and Cosway. — Fuseli in Somerset house. — 
Barry in the Adelphi. — Reynolds at his easel in Leicester square. — 
Brauwer in the Antwerp hospital. — Fra Angelico in the chapel of 
the Vatican. — A pupil of the school of Wattcau [M. Beaujean]. — 
The day after Hogarth's death. — The flower painter's death [Gi- 
ovanni da Fiori]. 

V.2. A ship full of nobodies. — The prophet in Carnaby market: Blake 
the visionary. — The English caricaturists and King Cruikshank. — 
Men of promise: Procter and Deare. — West, the monarch of medi- 
ocrity, in Newman street — Stothard the graceful.-^Morland in the 
sponging house. — David Scott. — Epochs of painting. — Greek art. — 
Moorish art. — Gothic art. 

TIMBS, John. 

Anecdote lives of William Hogarth, Sir Joshua Reynolds, 
Thomas Gainsborough, Henry Fuseli, Sir Thomas 
Lawrence and J. M. W. Turner. 1887 927.5 T47 

VAN RENSSELAER, Mrs Mariana (Griswold). 

Six portraits. 1894 927-5 V19 

Contents: Delia Robbia. — Correggio. — Blake. — Corot. — George Fuller. — 
Winslow Homer. 

927.8 Musicians and composers 

BAPTIE, David. 

Sketches of the English glee composers, 1735-1866 r927.8 B22S 

BARRETT, William Alexander. 

English church composers. 1882. (Great musicians.). .r927.8 B26 
BELLAIGUE, Camille. 

Portraits and silhouettes of musicians. 1897 927.8 B41 

Contents: Palestrina. — Marcello. — Pergolese. — Gounod. — Haydn. — Mo- 
zart. — Gluck. — Beethoven. — Rossini. — Weber. — Mendelssohn. — Schu- 
mann. — Auber. — Berlioz. — Meyerbeer. — Wagner. 

BINGLEY, William. 

Musical biography. 2v. 1834 r927.8 B48 

BLAZE de BURY, Henri Blaze, calUd. 

Musicians contemporains. 1856 r927.8 B54 

Contents: Auber. — Bellini. — Ch^rubini. — Chopin. — David. — Donizetti. — 


Gade. — Halevy. — Herold. — Jenny Lind. — La Malibran. — Mendelssohn. 
— Mercadante. — Meyerbeer. — Adolphe Nourrit. — Paer. — La Pasta. — 
Rossini. — La Sontag. — Spohr. — Spontini. — Verdi. — Weber. 


Great composers. 1894 J927.8 B98 

Contents: Jubal and the Hebrew oratorios. — Terpandcr and the lyre of 
Greece. — St. Ambrose and the music of the early church. — ^Handel, the 
father of the oratorio. — Haydn and Mozart. — Beethoven and the sym- 
phony. — Mendelssohn. — Chopin and piano music. — Liszt. — Rossini. — 
Hymn writers of the past. — Hymn writers of to-day. — American nation- 
al songs. — Wagner and his music in America. — Other great composers. 

CHAPIN, Anna Alice. 

Masters of music; their lives and works. 1901 927.8 C36 

Contents: Palestrina. — Scarlatti. — Handel. — Bach. — Marcello. — Pergolese. 
— Gluck. — Haydn. — Mozart. — Beethoven. — Weber. — Meyerbeer. — Ros- 
sini. — Schubert. — Berlioz. — Chopin. — Mendelssohn-Bartholdy. — Schu- 
mann. — Liszt. — Wagner. 

List of references, p.i. 

"Concise and simple work on music, with biographies of the composers 
and a characterization of their work. . .Anecdote has been interspersed 
...with fact; and the list of his famous compositions which follows... 
the account of each artist is most desirable for reference." Dial, 


Zeitgenossische tondichter; studien und skizzen, ist-2d ser. 

2v. 1888-90 927.8 C37 

V.I. Liszt. — Wagner. — Hans von Bulow. — Joachim Raff. — Max Erd- 
mannsdorfer und Frau Pauline Erdmannsdorfcr-Fichtner. — Carl 
Reinecke. — Brahms. — Rubinstein. — Grieg. — Eduard Lassen und der 
Gocthe'sche "Faust." — Joseph Joachim und sein concert "In un- 
garischer weise." — Cyrill Kistler. — Nachwort. 

V.2. Max Bruch. — Woldemar Bargiel. — Robert Franz. — Franz Lachner. 
— Viktor E. Ncssler und sein "Trorapeter von Sakkingen." — Josef 
Rheinberger. — Franz Xaver Witt. — Verdi. — Saint-Saens. — Gounod. 
— Tschaikowsky und die russische musik. — Ein virtuosen-duo : Au- 
gust Wilhelmj (violinc), Gustav Laska (kontrabass). 

The same, ist ser. v.i. 1888 r927.8 C37 

CLAYTON, Ellen Creathorne, afterward Mrs Needham. 

Queens of song. 1865 r927.8 C55 

Chronological list of operas and their composers, p-Si 5-535- 

COX, John Edmund. 

Musical recollections of the last half-century. 2v. i872..r927.8 C85 
CROWEST, Frederick James. 

Great tone-poets; short memoirs of the greater musical 

composers. 1891 927.8 C89g 

Contents: Bach. — Handel. — Gluck. — Haydn. — Mozart. — Beethoven. — 
Spohr. — Weber. — Rossini. — Schubert. — Mendelssohn. — Schumann. 

DOLE, Nathan Haskell. 

A score of famous composers. 1891 927.8 D69 

Contents: Bach. — Beethoven. — Berlioz. — Chopin. — Glinka. — Gluck. — 
Handel. — Haydn. — Liszt. — Mendelssohn. — Meyerbeer. — Mozart. — 
Palestrina. — Purcell. — Rossini. — Schubert. — Schumann. — Spohr. — Wag- 
ner. — Weber. 

"As an elementary text-book in biography for those who are beginning 
their acquaintance with the lives of great composers it will be useful." 
Critic, 1 89 1. 

EDWARDS, Henry Sutherland. 

The prima donna; her history .and surroundings from the 

17th to the 19th century. 2v. 1888 927.8 E31 

V.I. Her origin. — Anastasia Robinson and Lavinia Fenton. — Cuzzoni 
and Faustina. — Mingotti and Gabrielli. — Sophie Amould. — Mara. — 
Catalani. — Colbran-Rossini. — Pasta. — Sontag. — Malibran. — Grisi. 

▼.J. Jenny Lind. — Bosio. — ^Titiens. — Patti. — Pauline Lucca. — Christine 
NUnon. — ^AlbanL — A flight of prime donne. — Mdlle Schneider, the 


prima donna of opera bouffe. — The prima donna and some opera- 
tic conventions. — The prima donna as a type. 


Celebrated violinists, past and present; tr. fr. the German 

and ed. by R. H. Legge. 1897 927.8 E38 

ELSON, Louis Charles. 

Great composers and their work. 1898 927.8 E556 

Contents: The old Flemish school. — The old Italian composers; Palcs- 
trina. — Opera and oratorio; Gluck, Bach, Handel. — Haydn and Mozart. 
— Beethoven. — Schubert. — Chopin and the modern piano composers. — 
Mendelssohn and Schumann. — A batch of operatic composers. — Wag- 
ner; his life and theories. — Brahms. — Verdi. — Other influences in 
modern music. 

ENGEL, Louis. 

From Handel to Halle. 1890 r927.8 E63 

FAMOUS composers and their works; ed. by J. K. Paine, 

Theodore Thomas and Karl Klauser. 3v. 1891 qr927.8 F21 

V.3 is score and has call number q927.8 F21. 

The same, new ser.; ed. by Philip Hale and L. C. Elson. 

3v. 1900 qr927.8 F2ia 

v.3 is score and has call number q927.8 Faia. 

Contains sketches of composers, history of music in the various countries 
and articles on musical critics and criticism, the great conductors, 
organ playing in America, musical forms, evolution of musical nota- 
tion, philosophy of music, music and health, orchestral instruments, 
the great operas, some orchestral masterpieces, standard oratorios and 
a pronouncing dictionary of musical terms. 

FERRIS, George Titus. 

Great violinists and pianists. i88t r927.8 F42 

GLEICH, Ferdinand. 

Charakterbilder aus der neueren geschichte der tonkunst. 

2v. in I. 1863 r927.8 G48 

V.I. Adam. — Auber. — Bellini. — Boieldieu. — Donizetti. — Flotow. — Ha- 
\6yy. — Harold. — Kreutzer. — Lortzing. — Maxschner. — Meyerbeer. — 
Nicolai. — Rossini. — Spohr. — Verdi. — Weber. 

V.2. Berlioz. — Gade. — Hauptmann. — Liszt. — Mendelssohn. — Schubert. — 
Schumann. — Wagner. 


Musikalische charakterbilder. 1869 r927.8 G97 

Contents: Auber. — Mendelssohn. — Meyerbeer. — Rossini. — Schubert. — 

HUGHES, Rupert. 

Contemporary American composers; a study of the music 
of this country, its present conditions and its future, 
with critical estimates and biographies of the principal 
living composers. 1900. (Music lovers' series.) 927.8 H89 

Contains sketches of E. A. MacDowell. E. S. Kelley, H. W. Loomis, 
Ethelbert Nevin, John Philip Sousa, Henry Schocnefeld, J. K. Paine, 
Dudley Buck, H. W. Parker, W. W. GUchrist, G. W. Chadwick, Arthur 
Foote, A. M. Foerster, Mrs H. H. A. Beach and Margaret Ruthven 

"Not content with perusing all accessible printed works of American 
composers. . . [Mr Hughes] has had the astounding courage to seek out 
and read their manuscripts. . .The information concerning persons and 
manuscripts . . . makes his work indispensable to all who are interested 
in American music . . . The author has an excellent style, with many an 
original turn, and he writes with the knowledge of an expert musi- 
cian." Nation, 1900. 

KEDDIE, Henrietta, (pseud. Sarah Tytler). 

Musical composers and their works. 1890 927.8 K15 


KOBBfi, Gustav. 

Opera singers; a pictorial souvenir with biographies of 

some of the most famous singers of the day. 1901.. .qg27.S K35 

Some of these articles appeared in "Harper's weekly" and the "Woman's 

home companion." 
Short biographical sketches of Nordica, Calv^, Eames, the De Reszkes, 

Melba, Sembrich and Schumann-Heink, plentifully illustrated. 

KUHNAU, Johann Friedrich Wilhelm. 

Die blinden tonkunstler. 1810 1927.8 K43 

LAHEE, Henry Charles. 

Famous singers of to-day and yesterday. 1898 927.8 Lis 

Chronological table of famous singers, P-325-332. 

"It has been the desire of the author to give... as complete a record as 
possible of the famous singers from the establishment of Italian opera 
down to the present day. The majority are opera singers, but in a 
few cases oratorio and concert singers of exceptional celebrity have 
been mentioned also." Preface, 

Famous violinists of to-day and yesterday. 1899 927.8 Lisf 

Chronological table of famous violinists, p.367-375. 
Grand opera in America. 1902 927.8 Li5g 

Brings together in brief compass scattered information concerning 
singers, conductors and managers, whose names have been prominent 
in the history of the opera in America. 

LENZ, Wilhelm von. 

Great piano virtuosos of our time: Liszt, Chopin, Tausig, 

Henselt; tr. fr. the German. 1899 927.8 L61 

LIPSTUS. Marie. 

Musikalische studienkopfe. 3v. in 2. 1874-75 r927.8 L73 

v.i. Weber. — Schubert. — Mendelssohn. — Schumann. — Chopin. — Liszt. — 

\.2. Cherubini. — Spontini. — Rossini. — Boieldieu. — Berlioz, 
v.j. Moschelcs. — David. — Henselt. — Franz. — Rubinstein. — Brahms. — 

Each chapter of v. 3 is followed by a list of the composer's works. 

MARMONTEL. .\ntoine Francois. 

Pianistes celebres. 1878 r927.8 M39 

MORRIS. Lydia T. 

Famous musical composers; biographies of eminent mu- 
sicians. 1890 927.8 M91 

NEUMANN. Wilhelm. 

Die componisten der neueren zeit. pt. i, 4-8, 10-18, 20-21, 

in 2v. 1854-55 r927.8 N25 

v. I. Mendelssohn. — Schneider. — Spohr. — Lortzing. — Cherubini. — 

Donizetti. — llaydn. — Rossini. — Reissiger. — Meyerbeer. — David. 
V.J. Marschner. — Salieri. — Weber. — Liszt. — Chopin. — Berlioz. 

PARKER. John R. 

Musical biography. 1825 r927.8 P23 

"Church music," p.2 17-250. 

PFEIL. Heinrich, ed. 

Kleine musikanten-geschichten: ernst und humor aus dem 

leben beriihmter tonkunstler. 1878 r927.8 P47 

PHIPSON. Thomas Lamb. 

Famous violinists and fine violins: historical notes, 

anecdotes and reminiscences. 1896 927.8 P49 

RIEHL, Wilhelm Heinrich von. 

Musikalische charakterkopfe. 1857 r927.8 R44 

ROWBOTHAM. John Frederick. 

Private life of the great composers. 1892 927.8 R78 

Contents: Beethoven. — Mozart. — Haydn. — Bach. — Handel. — Gluck. — 


Mendelssohn. — Chopin. — Schubert. — Liszt — Rossini. — Schumann. — 
Donizetti. — Meyerbeer. — Wagner. 

SHARP, Robert Farquharson. 

Makers of music; biographical sketches. 1898 927.8 S53 

Contents: Bach. — Handel. — Purcell and Dr Arne. — Gluck. — ^Haydn. — 
Mozart. — Beethoven. — Weber. — Schubert. — Berlioz. — Mendelssohn. 
— Chopin. — Schumann. — Wagner. — Verdi. — Gounod. — Brahms and 


Masters of Italian music. 1895. (Masters of contempo- 
rary music.) 927.8 S91 

Contents: Giuseppe Verdi. — Arrigo Boito. — Pietro Mascagni. — Giocamo 
Puccini. — Ruggiero Leoncavallo. — Some other Italian composers. 

TAPPER, Thomas. 

First studies in music biography. 1900 J927.8 T19 

Contents: Bach. — Handel. — Haydn. — Mozart. — Beethoven. — Schubert. — 
Mendelssohn. — Schumann. — Chopin. — Wagner. 

TROTTER, James M. 

Music and some highly musical people; brief chapters on 
music, [with] sketches of musicians of the colored race 
and an appendix of music composed by colored men. 
1878 r927.8 T76 

UPTON, George Putnam. 

Woman in music. 1886 r927.8 U26 

Contents: Woman in music. — Bach, Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, 
Schubert, Schumann, Mendelssohn, Weber, Chopin and Wagner: the 
influence of woman upon their musical productivity. — Woman as the 
interpreter of music. — List of female composers and of music dedicated 
to women. 

URBINO, Mrs Levina Buoncuore. 

Biographical sketches of musical composers. 1876 927.8 U27 

The same. 1876 r927.8 U27 

WALLACE, Grace Maxwell, lady, tr. 

Letters of distinguished musicians: Gluck, Haydn, Bach, 

Weber, Mendelssohn. 1867 927.8 W17 


Erlebnisse mit Richard Wagner, Franz Liszt und vielen 

anderen zeitgenossen nebst deren brief en. 1898 927.8 W46 

WILLEBY, Charles. 

Masters of English music. 1896. (Masters of contempo- 
rary music.) 927.8 W73 

Contents: Sullivan. — Mackenzie. — Cowen. — ^Parry. — Stanford. 


BAKER, Theodor, comp. 

Biographical dictionary of musicians, [with supplement 

to 1905]. 1900-05 r927.8 B17 

BAPTIE, David, comp. 

Handbook of musical biography. 1883 r927.8 B22 

Musicians of all times; a concise dictionary of musical 

biography. 1889 • r927.8 B22m 

BROWN, James Duff, comp. 

Biographical dictionary of musicians. 1886 r927.8 B78 

Contains a bibliographical index of works on music. 


BROWN, James Duff, & Stratton, S.S. comp. 

British musical biography; a dictionary of musical artists, 
authors and composers born in Britain and its colonies. 

1897 r927.8 B78b 

CROWEST, Frederick James, comp. 

Dictionary of British musicians, from the earliest times to 

the present. 1895 r927.8 C89 

CUMMINGS, William Hayman, comp. 

Biographical dictionary of musicians. 1892. (Novello, 

Ewer and co.'s music primers.) rg27.S C91 

DICTIONARY of musicians and A summary of the history 

of music, by Alexandre Choron. 2v. 1825 r927.8 D56 

FfiTIS, Frangois Joseph. 

Biographic universelle des musiciens, et bibliographic ge- 

nerale de la musique. 8v. 1866-68 r927.8 F43 

The same; supplement et complement. 2v. in i. 1881 . . . .r927.8 F43b 
JONES, F. O. ed. 

Handbook of American music and musicians. 1886 r927.8 J39 

PAUER, Ernst, comp. 

Dictionary of pianists and composers for the pianoforte, 
with an appendix of manufacturers. 1895. (Novello, 
Ewer and co.'s music primers.) r927.8 P31 

927.9 Actors 

BROWN, Mrs Lillie (West), (pseud. Amy Leslie). 

Some players; personal sketches. 1899 927.9 B79 

Reprinted from the "Chicago daily news." 

Sketches of most of the well-known actors, actresses and opera singers of 
the day, full of anecdote and gossip. The following quotation is a fair 
sample of the author's style: "Her voice was soft as chartreuse and 
had a glisten in it like the shine upon pearls . . . Youth hung all about 
her as an infant clings to its mother's skirts. It flecked her strange 
eyes with depths aglow in brown topaz . . . She is as yearless as the 
stars.'* Many photographic illustrations and facsimile letters. 

COLLIER, John Payne. 

Lives of the original actors in Shakespeare's plays. 1853. 

(Shakespeare society. Publications, v.i6.) r820.8 SS2 v.i6 

Contents: Robert Armin. — Robert Benfield. — George Bryan. — Richard 
Burbadge. — Henry Condell. — Alexander Cooke. — Richard Cowley. — 
Samuel Crosse. — William Ecclestone. — Nathan Field. — Samuel Gil- 
burne. — Robert Goughe. — John Heminge. — William Kemp. — ^John Lo- 
win. — ^William Ostler. — Augustine Phillips. — Thomas Pope. — ^John Rice. 
— Richard Robinson. — John Shancke. — William Sly. — Samuel Taylor. 
— Nicholas Tooley. — ^John Underwood. 

McKAY, Frederic Edward, & Wingate, C.E.L. ed. 

Famous American actors of to-day. 1896 927.9 M17 

Contents: Mary Anderson, by J. D. Barry. — Lawrence Barrett, by B. L. 
Woolf. — Maurice Barrymore, by E. F. Coward. — Agnes Booth, by L. 
C. Strang. — Edwin Booth, by H. A. Clapp. — Dion Boucicault, by 
Vance Thompson. — Georgia Cayvan, by Ralph Edmunds. — Rose 
Coghlan, by F. E. McKay. — William H. Crane, by Joseph Howard. — 
Fanny Davenport, by J. B. Benton. — ^John Drew, by J. S. Metcalfe. — 
Mrs John Drew, by T. A. Brown. — Charles Fisher, by Laurence Hut- 
ton. — Minnie Maddern-Fiske, by Mildred Aldrich. — W. J. Florence, 
Mrs W. J. Florence, by A. E. Berg. — John Gilbert, by Stephen Fiske. 
— Nat C. Goodwin, by F. E. Chase. — Edward Harrigan, by W. S. 
Blake. — Edmund Milton Holland, by G. P. Lathrop. — Mme Janau- 
Bchek, by Philip Hale. — ^Joseph Jefferson, by Edward King. — William 
J. Le Moyne, by W. F. Gilchrest.— Lotta Crabtree, by Deshler Welch. 


— Kichard Mansfield, by W. H. Frost. — Maggie Mitchell, by L. L. 
Holden. — Mme Modjeska, by C. E. L. Wingate. — Clara Morris, by 
William Holcomb.— James O'Neill, by H. G. Fiske.— John T. Ray- 
mond, by Franklin Fyles. — Ada Rehan, by E. A. Dithmar. — Stuart 
Robson, by C. M. Skinner. — Sol Smith Russell, by W. T. Adams. — 
Alexander Salvini, by J. A. Waldron. — Edward H. Sothern, by E. M. 
Alfriend. — James H. Stoddart, by E. F. E. Edgett — ^Julia Marlowe- 
Taber, by Edward Fuller. — Denman Thompson, by E. I. Stevenson. — 
Charles R. Thorne, jr., by A. M. Palmer. — Mrs Vincent, by G. P. 
Baker. — John Lester Wallack, by Julian Magnus. — William Warren, by 
E. G. Sutherland. 

MATTHEWS, Brander, & Hutton, Laurence, ed. 

Actors and actresses of Great Britain and the United 

States. Sv. 1886 927.9 M47 

V.I. Charles Macklin, by William Archer. — ^James Quin, by R. W. 
Lowe. — Katharine Clive, by Austin Dobson. — David Garrick, by 
Austin Dobson. — Margaret Woffington, by Austin Dobson. — 
Spranger Barry and his wife, by W. H. Pollock. — Samuel Foote, 
by Brander Matthews. — Thomas Sheridan, by Brander Matthews. — 
Henry Mossop, by R. W. Lowe. — Frances Abington, by Percy 
Fitzgerald. — George Ann Bellamy, by Percy Fitzgerald. — ^Tate Wil- 
kinson, by William Archer. — Lewis Hallam, by Edward Eggles- 
ton. — John Henderson, by W. H. Pollock. 

v. 2. George Frederick Cooke, by Laurence Hutton. — Sarah Siddons, 
by Brander Matthews. — John Philip Kemble, by Brander Matthews. 
— ^Joseph Shepherd Munden, by Laurence Hutton. — Elizabeth Farren, 
by R. W. Lowe. — Dora Jordan, by William Archer. — Robert William 
EUiston, by William Archer. — Charles Mathews, by H. G. Paine. — 
Charles Kemble, by Brander Matthews. — Thomas Abthorpe Cooper, by 
J. N. Ireland. — John Liston, by Laurence Hutton. — Charles Mayne 
Young, by H. G. Henderson. — Eliza O'Neill, by Laurence Hutton. — 
Wm. Henry West Betty, by Laurence Hutton. 

v.3. Edmund Kean, by Edwin Booth. — John Howard Payne, by 
I^urence Hutton. — ^James W. Wallack, by William Winter. — Mary 
Ann Duff, by J. N. Ireland. — Junius Brutus Booth, by Edwin 
Booth. — Eliza Lucy Vestris, by R. W. Lowe. — Henry Placide, by 
J. N. Ireland. — James H. Hackett, by J. N. Ireland. — Benjamin 
Webster, by R. W. Lowe. — John Baldwin Buckstone, by William 
Archer. — Charles James Mathews, by H. G. Paine. — William E. 
Burton, by W. L. Reese. — Frances Ann Kemble, by Brander* Mat- 
thews. — Clara Fisher, by J. N. Ireland. — John Brougham, by B. E. 

V.4. William Charles Macready, by Lawrence Barrett. — Edwin Forrest, 
by Lawrence Barrett. — Samuel Phelps, by William Archer. — Mr 
and Mrs Charles Kean (Ellen Tree), by Laurence Hutton. — Edwin 
L. Davenport, by Henry Edwards. — Charlotte Cushman, by C. E. 
Clement. — Anna Cora Mowatt, by Laurence Hutton. — Helen Faucit 
(Lady Martin), by R. W. Lowe. — Frederick Robson, by E. H. 
Bell. — Charles Fechter, by Kate Field. — Matilda Heron, by Henry 
Edwards. — E. A. Sothern, by W. J. Florence. — John McCullough, 
by William Winter. — Adelaide Neilson, by C. C. Buel. 

v.s. Mary Anderson, by W. L. Keese. — Mr and Mrs Bancroft, by 
William Archer. — Lawrence Barrett, by W. M. Laffan. — Edwin 
Booth, by Lawrence Barrett. — Mr and Mrs Dion Boucicault, by 
B. E. Martin. — J. S. Clarke, by E. H. Bell. — Mr and Mrs Florence, 
by Laurence Hutton. — Henry Irving, by J. R. Towse. — Joseph 
Jefferson, by H. C. Bunner. — Mr and Mrs Kendall, by William 
Archer. — Mme Modjeska, by J. L. Gilder. — Clara Morris, by Clin- 
ton Stuart. — John T. Raymond, by G. H. Jessop. — Ellen Terry, by 
G. E. Montgomery. — J. L. Toole, by W. H. Pollock.— Lester Wal- 
lack, by William Winter. 

ROBINS, Edward. 

Twelve great actors. 1900 927.9 R54 

Contents: Garrick. — John Philip Kemble. — Edmund Kean. — Junius 
Brutus Booth. — Edwin Forrest. — Macready. — Charles James Mathews. 
—Edwin Booth.— Charles Albert Fechter.— William E. Burton.— Ed- 
ward A. Sothern. — John Lester Wallack. 

Twelve great actresses. 1900 927.9 R54t 

Contents: Anne Bracegirdle. — Anne Oldfield. — Margaret Woffington. — 
Frances Abington. — Sarah Siddons. — Dora Jordan. — "Perdita" Robin- 


son. — Frances Ann Kemble. — Rachel. — Charlotte Cushman. — Adelaide 
Neilson. — Ristori. 

STRANG, Lewis Clinton. 

Famous actresses of the day in America, ist-2d ser. 2v. 

1899-1902. (Stage lovers' series.) 927.9 S89 

WEMYSS, Francis Courtney. 

Theatrical biography; or, The life of an actor and man- 
ager, interspersed with sketches, anecdotes and opin- 
ions of the professional merits of the fhost celebrated 
actors and actresses of our day. 1848 r927.9 W51 

Wemyss (1797-1859) was for many years a manager of theatres in 
Washington, Wheeling, Wilmington, Baltimore, Pittsburgh and Phila- 
delphia. His biography consists largely of reminiscences of actors 
and actresses of his time. 

928 Literature. Authors 

ADAMS, Oscar Fay, comp. 

Brief handbook of American authors. 1893 r928 A21 

Brief handbook of English authors. 1884 r928 A2ib 

ADAMS, Oscar Fay. 

Dear old story-tellers. 1889 J928 A21 

Contents: Homer; tales and romances. — The Arabian nights. — ^iEsop. — 
Mother Goose. — Charles Perrault. — The brothers Grimm. — La Fontaine. 
— Laboulaye. — Hans Christian Andersen. — Defoe. — La Motte Fouque. 
— The author of "Paul and Virginia" [St. Pierre]. 

ADAMS, Oscar Fay, comp. 

Dictionary of American authors. 1897 r928 A2id 

"An outgrowth of the writer's 'Handbook of American Authors.* " 

The same. 1901 r928 A2id2 

The same. 1905 r928 A2id3 

ALLIBONE, Samuel Austin, comp. 

Critical dictionary of English literature, with supplement 

by J. F. Kirke. 5v. 1891-92 qr928 A43 

BAGEHOT, Walter. 

Literary studies. 2v. 1891 928 B15 

V.I. The first Edinburgh reviewers. — Hartley Coleridge. — Percy Bysshe 
Shelley. — Shakespeare. — John Milton. — Lady Mary Wortley Montagu. 
— William Cowpcr. — Letters on the French coup d'etat of 1851. — 
Caesarism as it existed in 1865. — Memoir of James Wilson. 
V.2. Edward Gibbon. — Bishop Butler. — Sterne and Thackeray. — The 
Waverley novels. — Charles Dickens. — Macaulay. — Berangcr. — Clough's 
poems. — Henry Crabb Robinson. — Wordsworth, Tennyson and Brown- 
ing. — Ignorance of man. — On the emotion of conviction. — The meta- 
physical basis of toleration. — The public worship regulation bill. 

Memoir of Bagehot, by R. H. Hutton, v.i, p.9-67. 

BARDEEN, Charles William. 

Authors' birthdays, ist-2d ser. 2v. 1898-99 928 B23 

V.I. Poe. — Longfellow. — Read. — Irving. — Whitman. — Stowe. — Haw- 
thorne. — Holmes. — Cooper. — Bancroft. — Bryant. — Whittier. 

V.2. Bayard Taylor. — Lowell. — Howells. — Motley. — Emerson. — Saxe. — 
Thoreau. — Ward. — Parkman. — Cable. — Aldrich. — J. C. Harris. 

Lists of references follow the chapters. 

BATES, William, comp. 

Maclise portrait gallery of illustrious literary characters, 

with memoirs. 1898 928 B31 

This admirable series of 81 portraits and groups, mostly full length 
sketches, originally published in "Fraser's magazine," preserves the 
familiar aspect of many men still famous, and of others who played 


a great part 60 years ago, though they are now comparatively for- 
gotten. Of these drawings Dante Gabriel Rossetti says: "I suppose 
no such series of the portraits of celebrated persons of any epoch, 
produced by an eye and hand of so much insight and power, and 
realized with such a view to the actual impression of the sitter exists 
anywhere, and the period illustrated possessed abundant claims to a 
worthy personal record. Pre-eminent here, among literary celebrities, 
are Goethe, Walter Scott, Coleridge, Wordsworth, Charles Lamb and 
Thomas Carlyle. Each produces the impression of absolute trust- 
worthiness as in a photograph." 

BOLTON, Mrs Sarah (Knowles). 

Famous American authors. 1887 928 B6if 

Contents: T. B. Aldrich.— Cable.— Will Carleton.— Emerson.— R. W. Gil- 
der. — Hawthorne. — ^T. W. Higginson. — Holmes. — ^Howells. — Irving. — 
Longfellow. — Lowell. — Prescott. — E. C. Stedman. — R. H. Stoddard. — 
Mark Twain. — Warner. — Whittier. 

The same. 1887. r928 B6if 

Famous English authors. 1890 928 B61 

Contents: Robert Browning. — Burns. — Byron. — Carlyle. — Dickens. — 
Ruskin. — Scott. — Shelley. — ^Tennyson. 

BORNMt)LLER, Franz, ed. 

Biographisches schriftsteller-lexikon. 1882 r928 B63 

BRANDES, Georg Moritz Cohen. 

Eminent authors of the 19th century; literary portraits; tr. 

by R. B. Anderson. 1886 928 B69 

Contents: Paul Heyse. — Hans Christian Andersen. — John Stuart Mill. — 
Ernest Renan. — Esaias Tegner. — Gustave Flaubert. — Frederik Paludan- 
Miiller. — Bjornstjerne Bjornson. — Henrik Ibsen. 

BRISSON, Adolphe. 

Portraits intimes, ist-4th ser. 4v. 1894-99 928 B75 

BROUGHAM, Henry Peter, baron Brougham and Vaux. 
Lives of men of letters and science who flourished in the 

time of George III. 2v. 1845-46 qr928 B77 

V. I . Voltaire. — Rousseau. — Hume. — Robertson. — Black. — Watt. — 

Priestley. — Cavendish. — Davy. — Simson. 
V.2. Johnson. — Adam Smith. — Lavoisier. — Gibbon. — Sir Joseph Banks. — 


BYRNE, Desmond. 

Australian writers. 1896 928 B99 

Contents: Marcus Clarke. — Henry Kingsley. — Ada Cambridge. — A. L. 
Gordon. — Rolf Boldrewood. — Mrs Campbell Praed. — ^Tasma. 

CAMPBELL, Thomas, and others. 

Lives of British dramatists. 2v. in i. 1846 r928 C16 

Contents: Remarks on the life and writings of Shakspeare. — Memoirs of 
Ben Jonson. — Lives of Beaumont and Fletcher. — Lives of Massinger 
and Ford. — Biographical and critical notices of Wycherley, Congreve, 
Vanbrugh and Farquhar. 

CODY, Sherwin. 

Four American poets: Bryant, Longfellow, Whittier, 

Holmes; a book for young Americans. 1899 J928 C6s 

Four famous American writers: Irving, Poe, Lowell, 

Bayard Taylor; a book for young Americans. 1899. . . . J928 €65! 

CONE, Helen Gray, & Gilder, J. L. ed. 

Pen-portraits of literary women, by themselves and others. 

2v. 1887 928 C74 

V.I. Mme d'Arblay. — Jane Austen. — Joanna Baillie. — Lady Blessington. 

— Maria Edgeworth. — Mary Lamb. — M. R. Mitford. — Hannah More. — 

M. W. G. Shelley.— Mary Wollstonecraft. 
V.2. Charlotte and Emily Bronte. — Elizabeth Barrett Browning. — 

George Eliot. — Margaret Fuller. — Harriet Martineau. — George Sand. 


DOUGLAS, Sir George Brisbane Scott-. 

The Blackwood group. 1897. (Famous Scots series.) 928 D75 

Contents: John Wilson. — John Gait. — D. M. Moir. — Miss Ferrier. — 
Michael Scott. — ^Thomas Hamilton. 

DU CAMP, Maxime. 

Literary recollections. 2v. 1893 928 D86 

Chapter on Gustave Flaubert, v.i, p. 154-1 78. 

ELWOOD, Mrs Anne Katharine. 

Memoirs of the literary ladies of England. 2v. 1843 928 E57 

V.I. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu. — Lady Murray. — Duchess of Somer- 
set. — Mrs Delany. — Mrs Elizabeth Carter.-^Miss Talbot. — Mrs Mon- 
tagu. — Mrs Sheridan. — Mrs Chapone. — Mrs Trimmer. — Mrs Barbauld. 
— Miss Seward. — Mrs Hannah More. — Mrs Charlotte Smith. — Mrs 

V.2. Mrs Piozzi. — Madame d'Arblay. — Mrs Grant of Laggan. — Mrs 
Elizabeth Hamilton. — Mrs Mary Wollstonecroft Godwin. — Mrs Rad- 
cliffe. — Miss Jane Austen. — Miss Elizabeth Smith. — Mrs Brunton. — 
Mrs Hemans. — Miss Jane Taylor. — Miss A. M. Porter. — Mrs Mac- 
lean. — Miss Emma Roberts. 

ESPINASSE, Francis. 

Literary recollections and sketches. 1893 9^8 E83 

Contents: Some early reminiscences. — The British museum library fifty 
years ago and after. — Concerning the organisation of literature. — The 
Carlyles and a segment of their circle. — George Henry Lewes and 
George Eliot. — James Hannay and his friends. — Leigh Hunt and his 
second journal. — Manchester memories. — Literary journalism. — Later 
Edinburgh memories. — Lord Beaconsfield and his minor biographers. 

FARNELL, Ida, ir. 

Lives of the troubadours; tr. fr. the mediaeval Provencal, 
with specimens of their poetry rendered into English. 

1896 928 F24: 

Bibliography, p. 16. 

FIELDS, Mrs Annie (Adams). 

Authors and friends. 1896 928 F46 

Contents: Emerson. — Oliver Wendell Holmes. — Longfellow. — Mrs 
Stowe. — Celia Thaxter. — Tennyson. — Lady Tennyson. — Whittier. 

FIELDS, James Thomas. 

Yesterdays with authors. 1891 928 F465 

Contents: Barry Cornwall. — Dickens. — Hawthorne. — Miss Mitford. — 
Thackeray. — Wordsworth. 

FISHER, Mary. 

Group of French critics. 1897 928 F53^ 

Contents: Edmond Scherer. — Ernest Bersot. — Saint-Marc Girardin. — 
Ximenes Doudan. — Gustave Planche. 


Historical and biographical essays. 2v. 1858 928 F78 

V.I. Historical: The debates on the Grand remonstrance, 1641. — The 
Plantagenets and the Tudors. — The civil wars and Oliver Cromwell. 

V.2. Biographical: Daniel Defoe. — Sir Richard Steele. — Charles 
Churchill. — Samuel Foote. 

GAUTIER, Theophile, and others. 

Famous French authors. 1879 1*928 G24 

Contents: Balzac, Baudelaire, Beranger, by Theophile Gautier. — Bri- 
zeux, by Eugene de Mirecourt. — Diderot, by John Morley. — Dumas, by 
Percy Fitzgerald. — La Fontaine. — Gautier, by Sainte-Beuve. — Gavarni, 
by Theophile Gautier. — Mme de Girardin, by Saint-Amand. — Maurice 
de Gu6rin, by Matthew Arnold. — Arsene Houssaye, Hugo, by Eugene 
de Mirecourt. — Paul de Kock, Lamartine, by Gautier. — Henri Mon- 
nier, by Eugene de Mirecourt. — Alfred de Musset, by Paul de Musset. 
— Sainte-Beuve, Cieorge Sand, by Eugene de Mirecourt. — Mme Swet- 
chine, by M. de Pontmartin. 


GILDER, Jeannette Leonard, & Joseph Benson, ed. 

Authors at home. 1889 928 G38 

Contents: Thomas B. Aldrich, by W. H. Bishop. — George Bancroft, by 
B. G. Lovejoy. — George H. Boker, by G. P. Lathrop. — ^John Burroughs, 
by Roger Riordan. — George W. Cable, by J. K. Wetherill. — S. L. 
Clemens (Mark Twain), by C. H. Clark.— George W. Curtis, by G. P. 
Lathrop. — Edward Eggleston, by O. C. Auringer. — Edward Everett 
Hale, by W. S. Kennedy. — Joel Chandler Harris, by Erastus Brain- 
erd. — Prof. J. A. Harrison, by W. M. Baskervill. — Col. John Hay, by 
B. G. Lovejoy.— Col. T; W. Higginson, by G. W. Cooke.— Dr O. W. 
Holmes, by A. W. Rollins. — ^Julia Ward Howe, by Maud Howe. — W. 
D. Howells, by W. H. Bishop.— Charles G. Leland, by E. R. Pennell. 
— James Russell Lowell, by G. E. Woodberry. — Donald G. Mitchell 
(Ik Marvel), by H. A. Beers. — Francis Parkman, by C. H. Famham. 
— Prof. Goldwin Smith, by C. G. D. Roberts. — Edmund C. Stedman. 
by A. B. Dodd. — R. H. Stoddard, by J. B. Gilder. — Harriet Beecher 
Stowe, by J. H. Twitchell.— C. D. Warner, by J. H. Twitchell.— Walt 
Whitman, by George Selwyn. — J. G. Whittier, by H. P. Spofford. 

Reprinted from the "Critic," v.2-10, Nov. i, 1884-Aug. 18, 1888. 

The same. 1902 928 GsSa 

This edition contains also chapters on Margaret Deland, by Lucia Purdy; 
F. M. Crawford, by William Bond; and P. L. Ford, by Lindsay Swift. 

GRAHAM, William, of England. 

Last links with Byron, Shelley and Keats. 1898 928 G77 

Contents: Chats with Jane Clermont. — The secret of the Byron separa- 
tion. — Keats and Severn. 

GRENIER, £douard. 

Literary reminiscences. 1899 928 G87 

Contents: Lamartine. — Heine. — Charles Nodier and Musset. — George 
Sand. — Merim^e; Sainte-Beuve. — On the threshold of the Academy. — 
Ponsard and Augier. — Epilogue. 

GRISWOLD, Mrs Harriet (Tyng). 

Personal sketches of recent authors. 1898 928 G93 

Contents: Alfred Tennyson. — Ernest Renan. — Charles Darwin. — 
Matthew Arnold. — George Du Maurier. — Elizabeth Barrett Browning. 
— John Ruskin. — Thomas Henry Huxley. — Harriet Beecher Stowe. — 
Robert Louis Stevenson. — William Dean Howells. — Louisa May Alcott. 
— Lyeff Tolstoi. — Rudyard Kipling. — Christina Rossetti. — Henry David 
Thoreau. — Bayard Taylor. — James Matthew Barrie. 

GUBERNATTS, Angelo, conte de, comp. 

Dictionnaire international des ecrivains du jour. 3v. 

1890-91 qr928 G95 

GUILD, Curtis. 

Chat about celebrities. 1897 928 G96 

HALSEY, Francis Whiting, ed. 

American authors and their homes; personal descriptions 

& interviews. 1901 928 H18 

Contents: Introduction; the author and his home. — R. H. Stoddard. — 
John Burroughs. — Henry van Dyke. — F. R. Stockton. — H. W. Mabie. 
— T. B. Aldrich.— W. D. Howells.— P. L. Ford.— John Fiske.— G. W. 
Cable. — Joaquin Miller. — E. C. Stedman. — T. N. Page. — F. H. Smith. 
— D. G. Mitchell.— T. W. Higginson.— G. E. Woodberry.— Andrew 
Carnegie. — Brander Matthews. — J. K. Bangs. — H. M. Alden. — E. S. 

HAMILTON, Catherine Jane. 

Women writers; their works and ways, ist-2d ser. 2v. 

1892-93 928 H19 

V.I. Frances Burney. — Mrs Inchbald. — Madame de Stael. — Mrs Bar- 
bauld. — Hannah More. — Lady Anne Barnard. — Joanna Baillie. — Lady 
Nairn. — Mrs Radclif fe. — Maria Edgeworth. — Amelia Opie. — Jane 
Austen. — Lady Morgan. — Susan Edmonstone Ferrier. — Mary Russell 
Mitford.-^Countess of Blessington. 

V.2. Mrs Hemans. — Mrs Jameson. — Fredrika Bremer. — Harriet Marti- 
neau. — Letitia Elizabeth Landon. — Honourable Mrs Norton. — Eliza- 


beth Barrett Browning. — Mrs Gaskell. — Charlotte Bronte. — George 
Eliot — Adelaide Anne Procter. — Louisa May Alcott. 

HARKINS, Edward Francis. 

Little pilgrimages among the men who have written fa- 
mous books, ist-2d ser. 2v. 1902-03 928 H27I 

V.I. W. D. Howells.— Bret Harte.— Mark Twain.— 'TLeW Wallace— 

G. W. Cable.— Henry James.— F. R. Stockton.— J. C. Harris.- S. W. 

Mitchell. — Robert Grant- — F. M. Crawford. — ^J. L. Allen. — T. N. Page. 

— R. H. Davis. — J. K. Bangs. — Hamlin Garland. — P. L. Ford. — R. N. 

Stephens. — C. G. D. Roberts. — Winston ChurchilL 
V.2. George Ade. — Irving Bacheller. — J. D. Barry. — Arlo Bates. — C T. 

Brady. — R. W. Chambers. — Thomas Dixon. — F. P. Dunne. — G. C. 

Eggleston. — Elliott Flower. — John Fox. — Henry Harland. — A. S. 

Hardy. — Jack London. — G. H. Lorimer. — Charles Major. — G. B. Mc- 

Cutcheon. — F. H. Smith. — Booth Tarkington. — Owen Wister. 

HARKINS, Edward Francis, & Johnston, C. H. L. 

Little pilgrimages among the women who have written 

famous books. 1902 928 H27 

Contents: Elizabeth Stuart Phelps. — Frances Hodgson Burnett. — Sarah 
Ome Jewett. — Mrs Burton Harrison. — Charles Egbert Craddock. — 
Anna Katharine Green. — Molly Elliot Seawell. — Amelia E. Barr. — 
Mary E. Wilkins. — Octave Thanet. — Marshall Saunders. — Kate Doug- 
las Wiggin. — Gertrude Atherton. — John Oliver Hobbes. — Lilian BelL 
— Ruth McEnery Stuart. — Anna Farquhar. — Pauline Bradford Mackie. 
— Mary Johnston. — Ellen Anderson G. Glasgow. — Bertha Runkle. 

HENRY, Stuart. 

Hours with famous Parisians. 1897 928 H45 

Contents: Madame Adam. — Sardou. — Zola. — Daudet, — Coppee. — Paul 
Verlaine. — Catulle Mendes. — Anatole France. — Jules Lemaitre. — 
Huysmans. — Drumont. — Hervieu. — Henri de Regnier. — Marcel-Pr^ 
vost. — Madame Bernhardt. — Mounet Sully. — Coquelin Cadet. — 
Mademoiselle Reichenberg. — Yvette Guilbert. — Bouguereau. — Henner. 
— Massenet. 

HIGGINSON, Thomas Wentworth. 

Short studies of American authors. 1897 928 H53 

Contents: Hawthorne. — ^Poe. — Thoreau. — Howells. — Helen Jackson. — 
James. — Louisa May Alcott. — Whipple. 

"Marked by that delicate literary sense and finish of style that charac- 
terizes whatever Mr. Higginson does." Nation, 1879. 

HOWE, Mark Antony DeWolfe. 

American bookmen; sketches, chiefly biographical. 1898.. .928 H85 

Contents: Irving. — Cooper. — Bryant. — Poe. — Willis, Halleck and 
Drake. — The historians, especially Prescott and Parkman. — Some hu- 
mourists. — Emerson and Concord. — Hawthorne. — Walt Whitman. — 
Whittier and Lowell. — Longfellow and Holmes. 

Appeared in the "Bookman," v.4-7, Feb. 1897-May 1898. 

HOWELLS, William Dean. 

Literary friends and acquaintance; a personal retrospect 

of American authorship. 1900 928 H857 

Contents: My first visit to New England. — First impressions of literary 
New York. — Round-about to Boston. — ^Literary Boston as I knew it. — 
Oliver Wendell Holmes. — ^The white Mr Longfellow. — Studies of Low- 
ell. — Cambridge neighbors. 

"Nowhere has Mr. Howells written more delightfully. . .He is with 
Lowell heartily in his opinion that the Cambridge society of his day 
was the best in the world... It is a ... privilege to be introduced into 
such vital contact with so many noble spirits, few if any of them 
more engaging than the writer who is never for a moment absent 
from the pleasant scene." Nation, 1900. 

HUBBARD, Elbert. 

Little journeys to the homes of English authors. 2v. 1900. .928 H87I 
V.I. William Morris. — Browning. — Tennyson. — Burns. — Milton. — Sam- 
uel Johnson. 
v.a. Macaulay. — ^Bjrron. — Addison. — Southey. — Coleridge. — Disraeli. 
Printed at the Roycroft press. 


The same. 1903 928 H87I2 

Little journeys to the homes of good men and great. 

1895 928 H87 

Contents: George Eliot. — Thomas Carlyle. — ^John Ruskin. — Wm. E. 
Gladstone. — J. M. W. Turner. — Jonathan Swift. — Victor Hugo. — Wm. 
Wordsworth. — W. M. Thackeray. — Charles Dickens. — Oliver Gold- 
smith. — Shakespeare. 

JAMES, Henry, b. 1843. 

Partial portraits. 1894 928 J16 

Contents: Emerson. — Life of George Eliot, by Cross; a review. — Daniel 
Deronda; a conversation. — Trollope. — Stevenson. — Miss Woolson. — 
Daudet. — Maupassant. — Turg^nieff. — Du Maurier. — Fiction. 

JAMESON, Mrs Anna Brownell (Murphy). 

Memoirs of the loves of the poets; biographical sketches 
of women celebrated in ancient and modern poetry. 

1894 928 J166 

JOHNSON, Samuel, 1709-84. 

Lives of the British poets. 4v. in 2. 1854 928 J36 

KEYSOR, Jennie Ellis. 

Sketches of American authors. 2v. 1895 J928 K23 

V.I. Irving. — Cooper. — Drake and Halleck. — Bryant. — Hawthorne. — 

Longfellow. — Emerson. — Holland. 
V.2. Thoreau. — Willis. — Poe. — Taylor. — Lowell. — Whittier. — Holmes. 

— Alice and Phoebe Cary. — L. M. Alcott. 

KURSCHNER, Joseph, ed. 

Deutscher litteratur kalender, 1897-date. I9er jahrgang- 

date. 1897-date r928 K43 


Les contemporains; etudes et portraits litteraires, ist-7th 

ser. 7v. 1896-99 928 L58 

V.I. Theodore de Banville. — Sully- Prudhomme. — FranQois Copp^e. — 
£douard Grenier. — Le neo-hellenisme (Mme Adam). — Mme Al- 
phonse Daudet. — A propos d'un nouveau livre de classe, Oraisons 
funebres de Bossuet. — Ernest Renan. — Ferdinand Brunetiere. — 
£mile Zola. — Guy de Maupassant. — J. K. Huysmans. — Georges 

V.2. Leconte de Lisle. — ^Jose-Maria de Heredia. — Armand Silvestre. — 
Anatole France. — Le pere Monsabre. — M. Deschanel et le reman- 
tisme de Racine. — La comtesse Diane. — Sarah Bernhardt. — Fran- 
cisque Sarcey. — J. J. Weiss. — Alphonse Daudet. — Ferdinand Fabre. 

V.3. Octave Feuillet. — Edmond et Jules de Goncourt. — Pierre LotL — 
Henry Rabusson. — ^Jules de Glouvert. — ^Josephin Soulary. — Le due 
d'Aumale. — Gaston Paris. — Les femmes de France. — ^Albert Wolff 
et £mile Blavct. — Henry Fouquier. — Henri Rochefort. — ^Jean Riche- 
pin. — Paul Bourget. 

V.4. Stendhal. — Baudelaire. — Prosper M6rim^e. — Barbey d'Aurevilly. — 
Paul Verl^aine et les poetes symbolistes et decadents. — Victor Hugo. — 
Lamartine. — George Sand. — M. Taine et Napoleon Bonaparte. — M. 
Taine et le prince Napoleon. — Sully-Prudhomme. — Alphonse Daudet 
— Ernest Renan. — fimile Zola. — Paul Bourget. — Jean Labor. — Gros- 
claude. — Pronostics pour I'ann^e 1887. — Contes de Noel. 

v.s. Guy de Maupassant. — Andre Theuriet. — Paul Chalon. — Marcel Pro- 
vost et Paul Margueritte. — Gilbert Augustin-Thierry. — St^phane Mal- 
larm6. — ^fidouard Rod. — Choses d'autrefois. — L'exposition Bodinier. — 
Une ame en peril. — Donee eris felix. — Contre une 16gende. — Les legs 
de l'exposition: philosophic de la danse. — Le theatre annamite. — 
Reveries sur un empereur. — Lc termite. — Les derniers rois. — Qucl- 
ques "billets du matin." 

V.6. Louis Veuillot. — Lamartine. — De I'influence r^ente des litt^ratures 
du nord. — Figurines. — Guy de Maupassant. — Anatole France. — La 
solidarity. — La tolerance. 

V.7. Marceline Desbordes-Valmore. — "L'amour" selon Michelet. — Vic- 
tor Duruy. — ^J. K. Huysmans. — Henri Lavedan. — £mile Faguet. — Paul 
Deschanel. — Maurice Donnay. — R6ponse a M. Dubout. 


TYLER, Moses Coit. 

Three men of letters [George Berkeley, Timothy Dwight, 

Joel Barlow]. 1895 928 T97 

VEDDER, Henry Clay. 

American writers of to-day. 1895 928 V24 

Contents: Stedman. — Parkman. — Howells. — ^James. — Warner. — Aldrich. 
— Mark Twain. — Crawford. — Mrs Burnett. — Craddock. — E. S. Phelps. 
— Mrs Whitney. — Bret Harte. — Hale. — Eg^leston. — Cable. — Stoddard. 
— Stockton. — Miller. 

WALFORD, Mrs Lucy Bethia. 

Twelve English authoresses. 1893 928 W16 

Contents: Hannah More. — Fanny Burney. — Maria Edgeworth. — Har- 
riet Martineau. — ^Jane Austen. — Felicia Hemans. — Mary Somerville. 
— Jarte Taylor. — Charlotte Bronte. — Elizabeth Gaskell. — Elizabeth Bar- 
rett Browning. — George Eliot. 

WALSH, William Shepard. 

Pen pictures of earlier Victorian authors. 1886. (The 

literary life.) 928 W18 

Contents: Literary London in 1835. — Edward Bulwer, lord Lytton. — 
Benjamin Disraeli, lord Beaconsfield. — Thomas Babington Macaulay. — 
Charlotte Bronte. — Washington Irving. — Edgar Allan Poe. — Harriet 

Pen pictures of modern authors. (The literary life.) 928 Wi8p 

Contents: Carlyle. — George Eliot. — Ruskin. — Newman. — Tennyson. — 
Emerson. — Bryant. — Longfellow and Whittier. — Lowell and Holmes. 
— ^Hawthorne. — Walt Whitman. — Bayard Taylor. — Swinburne and 
Oscar Wilde. — The Brownings. — Dickens. — -.Thackeray. — Some younger 

WALTON, Izaak. 

Lives of John Donne, Sir Henry Wotton, Richard Hooker, 
George Herbert and Robert Sanderson. 1895. (Eng- 
lish classics.) 928 W19 

WARD, Mrs May (Alden). 

Prophets of the nineteenth century: Carlyle, Ruskin, 

Tolstoi. 1901 928 W21 

In short biographies of these three social reformers, Mrs Ward brings 
out the close resemblance of their teachings and maintains that they 
were all working toward the same end. 

WARNER, Charles Dudley, ed. 

Warner classics; selected from the introductory studies 
included in Library of the world's best literature. 4v. 

1897 928 W23 

V.I. Charles Darwin, by E. R. Lankester. — Bacon, by C. T. Lewis. — 
Cardinal Newman, by R. H. Hutton. — Aristotle, by Thomas David- 

V.2. Nathaniel Hawthorne, by Henry James. — Honor^ de Balzac, by 
W. P. Trent.— George Eliot, by Charles Waldstein. 

V.3. Lord Byron, by C. D. Warner. — Dante, by C. E. Norton. — Alfred 
Tennyson, by Henry Van Dyke. 

V.4. Edward Gibbon, by W. E. H. Lecky. — Thomas Carlyle, by Leslie 
Stephen. — Ralph Waldo Emerson, by Richard Garnett. — Matthew 
Arnold, by G. E. Woodberry. 

The same. 4v. 1899 928 W23W 

V.I. Charles Darwin, by E. R. Lankester. — Bacon, by C. T. Lewis. — 
Cardinal Newman, by R. H. Hutton. — Aristotle, by Thomas David- 
son. — Herbert Spencer, by F. H. Collins. — Plato, by Paul Shorey. 

V.2. Nathaniel Hawthorne, by Henry James. — Balzac, by W. P. Trent. 
— George Eliot, by Charles Waldstein. — Thackeray, by W. C. Brow- 
nell. — Cooper, by Julian Hawthorne. 

V.3. Lord Byron, by C. D. Warner. — Dante, by C. E. Norton. — Alfred 
Tennyson, by Henry Van Dyke. — Milton, by E. S. Nadal. — Bums, 
by R. H. Stoddard. 

V.4. Edward Gibbon, by W. E. H. Lecky. — Thomas Carlyle, by Leslie 
Stephen. — Ralph Waldo Emerson, by Richard Garnett. — Matthew 


Arnold, by G. E. Woodberry. — Macaulay, by J. B. McMaster. — 
Washington Irving, by E. W. Morse. — Prescott, by F. N. Thorpe. 
Binder's title reads ''Studies of great authors." 

WOLFE, Theodore Frelinghuysen. 

Literary haunts & homes; American authors. 1899 928 W83li 

Contents: Literary haunts of Manhattan. — Homes and haunts of Poe. — 
Bryant, Whitman, etc.; a Long Island ramble. — Cooper shrines and 
scenes. — Irving's Sunnyside and Sleepy Hollow. — Kipling, Hartford 
authors, etc.; a Connecticut river pilgrimage. 

Literary pilgrimage among the haunts of British authors. 

189s 928 W83 

Useful handbook of local literary associations and identification of sites 
made interesting by English authors. 

Literary rambles at home and abroad. 1901 928 W83lit 

Contents: Along the Hudson; homes and themes of many authors. — ^A 
New Jersey ramble, literary landmarks of Newark, etc. — ^Where 
Stockton wrote his stories. — The haunts of Walt Whitman. — ^A literary 
pilgrimage by the Delaware. — Stratford-on-Avon. — Byron's Harrow; 
Kensal Green. — The grave of Childe Harold. — The Ayrshire Burns- 
land. — ^The English lakeland and its many writers. 

Literary shrines; the haunts of some American authors. 

1895 r 928 W83I 

Contents: The Concord pilgrimage. — In and out of literary Boston. — 
In Berkshire with Hawthorne. — A day with the good gray poet [Walt 

929 Genealogy and heraldry 

AMERICAN ancestry, giving the name and descent in the 
male line of Americans whose ancestors settled in the 

United States previous to 1776. I2v. 1887-1900 qr929 Asi 

V.I. City of Albany, New York. 

V.2. Columbia county, New York. 

V.3-12. Lineages from the whole United States. 

AUSTIN, John Osborne, comp. 

Ancestry of 33 Rhode Islanders born in the i8th century. 

1889 qr929 A93 

Genealogical dictionary of Rhode Island, comprising three 

generations of settlers who came before 1690. i887..qr929 A93g 
CAMDEN, William. 

Remains concerning Great Britain. 1870 929 C14 

Miscellaneous collection of fragments, the remains of Camden's larger 
antiquarian work on Great Britain. It includes notes on English 
Christian names and surnames, on money, wearing apparel and 
armories, with a collection of witty sayings of Englishmen and of 
epigrams and epitaphs. 

CLEVELAND, Catherine Lucy Wilhelmina, duchess of. 
Battle Abbey roll, with some account of the Norman line- 
ages. 3v. 1889 r929 Cs8 

Gives the Holinshed, Duchesne, Leland and Dives versions of the fa- 
mous list of the companions in arms of William the Conqueror, with 
a short account of the descendants of these Normans in England 


Lineage book, 1890-date. v.i-date. 1895-date r929 D28 

DAVIS, William Thomas. 

Ancient landmarks of Plymouth, [Mass.]. 1887 r929 D32 

Contents: Historical sketch and titles of estates. — Genealogical register 
of Plymouth families. 

DEBRETT, John, comp. 

House of commons and the judicial bench. 1900 r929 D35h 


DRAKE, Samuel Gardner. 

Result of some researches among the British archives for 
information relative to the founders of New England. 
i860 r929 D78 

EGLE, William Henry, comp. 

Pennsylvania genealogies, chiefly Scotch-Irish and Ger- 
man. 1896 qi'929 E36 

FARMER, John. 

Genealogical register of the first settlers of New-England. 

1829 qr929 F24 

GLENN, Thomas Allen, comp. 

List of some American genealogies which have been 

printed in book form. 1897 qr929 G48 

GREEN, Raleigh Travers, comp. 

Genealogical and historical notes on Culpeper county, Vir- 
ginia; embracing a revised edition of Philip Slaughter's 

History of St. Mark's parish. 1900 r929 G83 

HANNA, Charles Augustus. 

Ohio valley genealogies, relating chiefly to families in 
Harrison, Belmont and Jefferson counties, Ohio, and 
Washington, Westmoreland and Fayette counties, 

Pennsylvania. 1900 r929 H23 

Contains an introductory account of the origin of the Scotch-Irish, 
Germans, Quakers and other elements of the population of the upper 
Ohio valley, with genealogies of one or more branches of about 300 

HAYDEN, Horace Edwin, comp. 

Virginia genealogies; a genealogy of the Glassell family, 

also of others of Virginia and Maryland. 1891 qr929 H37 

HOTTEN, John Camden, ed. 

Our early emigrant ancestors; lists of persons who went 
from Great Britain to the American plantations, 1600- 

1700. 1880 qr929 H82 

KEITH, Charles Penrose, comp. 

Provincial councillors of Pennsylvania, 1733-1776, and 
those earlier councillors who were some time chief 
magistrates of the province, and their descendants. 

1883 qr929 K16 

LEACH, Josiah Granville, comp. 

Genealogical and biographical memorials of the Reading, 
Howell, Yerkes, Watts, Latham and Elkins families. 

1898 qr929 L44 

MUNSELL'S, (Joel) SONS, pub. 

American genealogist; a bibliography of American gen- 
ealogy, or a list of books and pamphlets on family 
history published in America from 1771 to date. 

1897 qr929 M96 

Former editions were edited by W. B. Whitmorc in 1862, 1868 and 1875. 

The same. 1900. qr929 M96a 

Index to American genealogies and to genealogical mate- 
rial contained in all works. 1900 qr929 M96i 

First and second editions were edited by D. S. Durrie. 


List of titles of genealogical articles in American period- 
icals and kindred works, giving the name, residence and 
earliest date of the first settler of each family and add- 
ing deficiencies in brackets. 1899 qr929 M96I 

PARKE, James Pemberton, & Ward, Townsend. 

Genealogical notes relating to the families of Lloyd, 
Pemberton, Hutchinson, Hudson and Parke and to 
others connected directly or remotely with them; ed. 

by T. A. Glenn. 1898 qr929 P23 


Publications, v.i-date. 1895-date r929 P39 

PHILLIMORE, William Phillimore Watts. 

Pedigree work; a handbook for the genealogist, with a 

new date book, 1066-1900. 1900 r929 P49 

A concise manual giving much indispensable information. 

POPE, Charles Henry, comp. 

Pioneers of Massachusetts; a descriptive list drawn from 
records of the colonies, towns and churches, and other 
contemporaneous documents. 1900 qr929 P81 

"Authorities quoted," p. 520. 

Those who came to Massachusetts before 1650, and their children. 

ROBERTS, Ellwood. 

Old Richland families; historical and genealogical data de- 
rived largely from the records of Friends. 1898 r929 R53 

ROUND, John Horace. 

Studies in peerage and family history. 1901 929 R77 

Contents: The peerage. — The origin of the Stewarts. — The counts of 
Boulogne as English lords. — The family of Ballon and the conquest 
of South Wales. — Our English Hapsburgs. — ^The origin of the Rus- 
sells. — The rise of the Spencers. — Henry VIII and the peers. — Charles 
I and Lord Glamorgan. — The abeyance of the barony of Mowbray. — 
The succession to the crown. 

"Some of the articles, of which that on 'Henry VIII and the Peers* is 
perhaps the most valuable, are... highly important contributions to 
historical knowledge, others are unsparing exposures of the methods 
of the 'Peerage-makers' and of the officials of the College of Arms. . . 
an eloquent warning as to the results that must follow the persistent 
prostitution of dignities in the sale of titles that accompanies the 
political wire-pulling of the day." Academy, 1901. 

RUPP, Israel Daniel, comp. 

Collection of upwards of 30,000 names of German, Swiss, 
Dutch, French and other immigrants in Pennsylvania, 
1 727-1 776, with a statement of the names of ships, 
whence they sailed and the date of their arrival at 
Philadelphia. 1880 r929 R88 

German and English text. 

SAVAGE, James, 1 784-1873, comp. 

Genealogical dictionary of the first settlers of New Eng- 
land, showing three generations of those who came be- 
fore May 1692. 4v. 1860-62 r929 S26 

STILES, Henry Reed. 

Hand-book of practical suggestions for the use of students 

in genealogy. 1899 qr929 S85 

TALCOTT, Sebastian Visscher, comp. 

Genealogical notes of New York and New England fami- 
lies. 1883 r929 T15 


TITCOMB, Sarah Elizabeth, comp. 

Early New England people; some account of the Ellis, 
Pemberton, Willard, Prescott, Titcomb, Sewall and 

Longfellow and allied families. 1882 r929 T52 

VAN RENSSELAER, Mrs May (King), comp. 

New Yorkers of the XIX century. 1897 qr929 V19 

WATERS, Henry FitzGilbert. 

Genealogical gleanings in England. 2v. 1901 r929 W29 

V.2 contains an index of persons and places. 


Battle of Long Island. 1897. (Heroes of the American 

revolution and their descendants.) r929 W65 

History of the society. Sons of the Revolution, including 

the ancestral line of its founders and builders. 1899. .qr929 W65 

Supplement to section i ot "Heroes of the Revolution and their de- 

Signers of the -Mayflower compact and their descendants. 

1899 qr929 W65S 

Chiefly devoted to genealogies of the Bradford and Grinnell families. 


Worcester county warnings, 1737-1788. 1899. (System- 
atic history fund.) qr929 W88 


AMERICAN genealogist; monthly. Mar. 1899-Feb. 1900. v.i. 

1899-1900 r929 A512 

No more published. 
GENEALOGICAL advertiser; a quarterly magazine of fam- 
ily history. Mar. 1898-1901. 4v. 1898-1901 r929 G29 

No more published. 

GENEALOGICAL magazine; monthly, Apr. 1905-date. 

v.i-date. 1905-date qr929 G2922 

Continuation of the "Genealogical quarterly magazine." 

GENEALOGICAL quarterly magazine; devoted to gene- 
alogy, history, heraldry. Revolutionary and colonial 

records, 1900-Jan. 1905. 5v. 1900-05 r929 G292 

Formed by the union of the "Salem press historical and genealogical 
record," "Magazine of New England history" and "Putnam's his- 
torical magazine." 

Continued as "Genealogical magazine." 

MAYFLOWER descendant; a quarterly magazine of Pilgrim 

genealogy and history, 1899-date. v.i-date. 1899-date . . r929 M53 

NEW ENGLAND historical & genealogical register; quar- 
terly, v.i-date. 1847-date r929 N26 

Index to genealogies and pedigrees, v. 1-50, 1847-96; comp. by 

W. W. Wight. 1896. 

Index of persons, v. 1-50. 1906. 

V.I. A-G. 

NEW YORK genealogical and biographical record; quar- 
terly, 1870-date. v.i-date. i87a-date qr929 N261 

NORTH CAROLINA historical and genealogical register; 

quarterly, 1900-July 1903. v.1-3, no.3. 1900-03 r929 N45 

No more published. 
"OLD Northwest" genealogical quarterly, 1898-date. v.i- 
date. 1898-date r929 O23 


SOUTH CAROLINA historical and genealogical magazine; 
published quarterly by the South Carolina historical 
society, 1900-date. v.i-date. 1900-date r929 S72 

929.2 Family genealogies 

ALLERTON, Walter Scott, comp. 

History of the Allerton family in the United States, 1585- 
1885 and a genealogy of the descendants of Isaac Aller- 
ton; revised and enlarged by H. T. Currier. 1900 r929.2 A43 

AUSTIN, John Osborne, ed. 

Ancestral dictionary. 1891 r929.2 A93 

BAKEWELL, Benjamin Gifford, comp. 

Family book of Bakewell, Page, Campbell; being some 
account of the descendants of John Bakewell, born in 
1638, Benjamin Page, born in 1765, William Campbell, 
born in 1766, John Harding of Leicester. 1896 qr929.2 B17 

BALCH, Thomas Willing. 

Brooke family of Whitchurch, Hampshire, England, with 
an account of Robert Brooke of Maryland and Col. 
Ninian Beall of Maryland and some of their descend- 
ants. 1899 r929.2 B77 

BANTA, Theodore Melvin, comp, 

A Frisian family; the Banta genealogy. 1893. (New 

York, Holland society. Publications.) r929.2 B22 

BARRfi, Richard, lord Ashburton. 

Genealogical memoirs of the royal house of France. 

1825 qr929.2 C18 

History and genealogy of the house of Capet. 

BARTON, William Eleazar. 

Lieutenant William Barton of Morris county, New Jersey, 

and his descendants. 1901 r929.2 B28 

BAXTER, Katharine Schuyler. 

A godchild of Washington [Catharine Van Rensselaer 

Schuyler]. 1898 qr929.2 S39 

History of the Schuyler and Van Rensselaer families, with chapters 
on Washington, Hamilton and others, and shorter sketches of dis- 
tinguished men from pre-Revolutionary days down to W. H. Seward 
and Horatio Seymour. Illustrated with many portraits, coats of arms, 
views of old houses* etc. 

CLAPP, John Martin, comp. 

Family record of Fairchild Hubbard and his descendants, 

1771-1891 r929.2 H87 

COPE, Gilbert, comp. 

Genealogy of the Sharpless family descended from John and 

Jane Sharpies, settlers near Chester, Pa., 1682. 1887. .qr929.2 S53 
CRAFTS, James Mason, & William Francis, comp. 

Crafts family; a genealogical history of the descendants 
of Griffin and Alice Craft of Roxbury, Mass., 1630-1890. 

1893 r929.2 C85 

CREMER, John Borland, comp. 

Records of the Borland family in America, embracing the 


principal branches, Borland, Dorlon, Dorian, Durland, 
Burling. 1898 r929.2 B73 


Sesqui-centennial gathering of clan Barlington, at the 
residence of Brinton Barlington, East Bradford, Pa., 
Aug. 20, 1853. 1853 r929.2 B2S 

ELBERKIN, Byer White, comp. 

Genealogy of the Elderkin family. 1888 r929.2 E43 

EMMET, Thomas Addis, b. 1828. 

Emmet family, with some incidents relating to Irish his- 
tory. 1898 qr929.2 E59 

EWING, Thomas, 1827-97. 

The Lyles of Washington county, Penna., 1681 to 1886, 

with an account of the centennial reunion, June 18, 

1884. 1886 qr929.2 L98 

With biographical letters by the author. 

GOOBWIN, John Samuel, comp. 

Goodwin families in America. 1897-99. (William and 
Mary college quarterly; supplement, v.6, 8. Oct. 1897, 
Oct. 1899.) r929.2 G63 

GREEN, Thomas Marshall. 

Historic families of Kentucky, with special reference to 
stocks immediately derived from the valley of Virginia, 

ist ser. 1889 r929.2 G83 

HORB, Arnold Harris, comp. 

Genealogy of the Hord family. 1898 r929.2 H79 


Proceedings of the sesqui-centennial gathering of the de- 
scendants of Isaac and Ann Jackson at Harmony 
Grove, Chester co., Pa., eighth month, twenty-fifth, 
187s, with the family genealogy. 1878 r929.2 J12 

JAMES, Mrs Isabella (Batchelder). 

Memorial of Thomas Potts, junior, who settled in Penn- 
sylvania, with an historic-genealogical account of his 
descendants to the eighth generation. 1874 r929.2 P86 

JENKINS, Howard Malcolm. 

Family of William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania; 

ancestry and descendants. 1899 qr929.2 P39 

KEITH, Charles Penrose. 

Ancestry of Benjamin Harrison and notes on families re- 
lated. 1893 qr929.2 H29 

KINGSBURY, Joseph Addison, comp. 

A pendulous edition of Kingsbury genealogy, gathered by 

Addison Kingsbury. 1901 c\vg2g.2 K27 

KITCHEL, Harvey Benison, comp. 

Robert Kitchel and his descendants, 1604 to 1879. i879..r929.2 K29 

McAllister, Mary Catharine, comp. 

Descendants of Archibald McAllister of West Pennsboro 

township, Cumberland county. Pa., 1730-1898. i898..r929.2 Mil 


MacGREGOR, Amelia Georgiana Murray, comp. 

History of the clan Gregor. v. 1-2. 1898-1901 . . .* qr929.2 M16 

V.I. 878-1625. 

V.2. 1625-1774. 

MACKENZIE, Alexander, b. 1838. 

History of the Camerons, with genealogies of the principal 

families of the name. 1884 qr929.2 C15 

MASON, Mrs Puella Follett (Hull), comp. 

Record of the descendants of Richard Hull of New Haven, 

Conn. 1894 r929.2 H91 

MORRISON, Leonard Allison. 

Earliest history and genealogy, 1600-1891, of the Dinsmoor- 
Dinsmore family of Scotland, Ireland and America, 
also statistics concerning the McKean and Bell families. 

1891 r9i4 M91 

Bound with his "Among the Scotch-Irish." 

PEPPER, David, comp. 

Notes upon the ancestry of John Piatt and a list of his 

descendants. 1896 qr929.2 P68 

PIERCE, Frederick Clifton. 

Field genealogy; the record of all the Field family in 
America whose ancestors were in this country prior 
to 1700. 2v. 1901 qr929.2 F45 

READER, Francis Smith. 

Some pioneers of Washington county. Pa.; a family his- 
tory. 1902 r929.2 W17 

Contents: The Wallaces, Montgomery county, Md. — The Wallaces, 
Washington county, Pa. — Rev. John Smith family. — The Reader 

RICHARDS, Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, comp. 

Descendants of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg. 1900. (In 
Pennsylvania-German society. Proceedings and ad- 
dresses, 1899, v. ID, pt.2.) r974.8 P3993 v. 10 

Forms v.i of Pennsylvania-German genealogies. 

ROBINSON, Thomas Hastings, comp. 

Fragments of family and contemporary history. 1867.. ..929.2 Rss 
The same. 1867 r929.2 R55 

Records of the descendants of Philip Robinson, an early settler of 
Pennsylvania (about* 1722). Includes the Blaine and McCord families. 

SARTAIN, John, comp. 

Annals of the Sartain tribe, 1557-1886. 1886 r929.2 S24 

SAUNDERS, James Edmonds. 

Early settlers of Alabama, with Notes and genealogies, by 

E. S. B. Stubbs. 2v. in i. 1899 qr929.2 S25 

SELLERS, Edwin Jaquett, comp. 

Allied families of Delaware: Stretcher, Fenwick, Davis, 

Draper, Kipshaven, Stidham. 1901 qr929.2 S46 

Captain John Avery and his descendants. 1898 qr929.2 A95 

Genealogy of Dr Francis Joseph Pfeiffer, of Philadelphia, 

Pa. and his descendants, 1734-1899. 1899 qr929.2 P47 

SHERRARD, Robert Andrew. 

Sherrard family of Steubenville, with letters, records and 

genealogies of related families. 1890 r929.2 S55 


SINCLAIRS of England. 1887 r929.2 S61 

Author presents the genealogy and history of the Sinclair family with 
the hope that "the insight that is to be got as to the formation of the 
nation, from the Norman Conquest downwards" will appeal not only to 
the genealogist, but "to the large public who accept with appreciation 
any real contribution to the history of their country." 

SMITH, Zachariah Frederick, & Clay, Mrs M. R. 

Clay family. 1899. (Filson club. Publications.) qr929.2 C54 

Contents: Mother of Henry Clay, by Z. F. Smith. — The genealogy of the 

Clays, by Mrs M. R. Clay. 
"Authorities," p.237. 

SOUTHWORTH, George Champlin Shepard, comp. 

Descendants of Constant Southworth. 1897 r929.2 S72 

TIFFT, Mrs Maria Elizabeth (Maxon), comp. 

Partial record of the descendants of John Tefft of Ports- 
mouth, R. I. and the nearly complete record of the 

descendants of John Tifft of Nassau, N. Y. 1896 r929.2 T45 

UPSHUR, Thomas Teackle, comp. 

Sir George Yeardley, or Yardley, and Temperance (West), 

lady Yeardley, and some of their descendants r929.2 S72 

Bound with Southworth's "Descendants of Constant Southworth." 
VERNEY, Frances Parthenope, lady, & Margaret Maria, 

lady, comp. 

Memoirs of the Verney family, 1465-1696. 4v. 1892-99. .r929.2 V27 

"For a history of social manners these volumes are simply invaluable. 
We gain from them clearer insight into the ways of our forefathers of 
the upper ranks of society than from all the histories of the past . . . 
The Verneys were protestants." Athenceum, 1892. 

WADE, Isaac E. ed. 

Okely; a pedigree and family history of the descendants of 
John Okely, of Bedford, England, from about 1650 to 
the present time, to which is added the collateral 

branches of de Guylpyn, West and Wade. 1899 r929.2 O22 

WARING, Robert Newton. 

Short history of the Warings. 1898 qr929.2 W22 

929.3 Registers. Vital records. Wills 

BAILEY, Frederic William, ed. 

Early Connecticut marriages, as found on ancient church 

records prior to 1800. jv. 1896-1906 r929.3 B15 

Early Massachusetts marriages prior to 1800. v.1-2. 1897- 

1900 r929.3 Bise 

V.I. Worcester county. 
V.2. Plymouth county. 

BALDWIN, Jane, afterward Mrs Cotton, comp. 

Maryland calendar of wills, v.1-2. 1901-06 r929.3 B19 

V.I. Wills from 1635 (earliest probated) to 1685. 
V.2. Wills from 1685 to 1702. 

BOOGHER, William Fletcher. 

Virginia; Overwharton parish register, 1720 to 1760; old 

Stafford county. 1899 r929.3 B63 


Vestry book and register, 1720-1789; ed. by C. G. Cham- 

berlayne. 1898 qr929.3 B75 

"Those who are interested in the history of local government in the 


South will find here a typical series of entries as to the business of 
a Virginia parish in the last century. . .comprising both votes and ac- 
counts, records of elections and processionings, and casting light on 
all manner of details of local administration — glebes, tithes, church 
buildings, burials, roads, bounds, the poor, the taxes." American his- 
torical review, 1899. 

NEW PALTZ, N. Y., Reformed Dutch church. 

Records, containing an account of the organization of the 
church and the register of consistories, members, mar- 
riages and baptisms. 1896. (New York, Holland 
society. Collections, v.3.) r929.3 N26 

PELLETREAU, William Smith, ed. 

Early Long Island wills of Suffolk county, 1691-1703. 

1897 r929-3 P37 

An unabridged copy of the manuscript volume known as "The Lester 
will book;" being the record of the Prerogative court of the county 
of Suffolk, New York, with genealogical and historical notes. 

Early wills of Westchester county. New York, from 1664 
to 1784; abstract of all wills recorded in New York sur- 
rogate's office and at White Plains, N. Y., also the 
genealogy of the Havilands of Westchester county and 
descendants of James Graham (Watkinson and Acker- 
ley families), with genealogical and historical notes. 
1898 r929.3 P37e 

Wills of the Smith families of New York and Long Island, 

1664-1794. 1898 r929.3 P37W 

RICE, Franklin Pierce, comp. 

Vital records of Auburn (formerly Ward), Mass., to the 
end of the year 1850, with the inscriptions from the old 
burial grounds. 1900. (Systematic history fund.) . . qr929.3 R39 

Vital records of Northborough, Mass., to the end of the 
year 1850, the larger part from the copy made by G. B. 
Howe. 1901. (Systematic history fund.) qr929.3 R39vi 

Vital records of Boylston, Mass., to the end of 1850. 1900. 

(Systematic history fund.) qr929.3 R39V 

ROBERTS, Ellwood. 

Plymouth Meeting; its establishment and the settlement 
of the township, with historical, genealogical and bio- 
graphical data from records of Friends. 1900 1*929.3 R53 

Plymouth Meeting is a small village in Montgomery county, Pennsyl- 
vania, about 12 miles northwest of Philadelphia. It received its 
name from the old Friends' meeting house established there about 

WAGENSELLER, George Washington, comp. 

Snyder county [Pa.] marriages, 1835-1899. 1899 r929.3 W12 

929.4 Names of persons and places 

BARDSLEY, Charles Wareing. 

Curiosities of Puritan nomenclature. 1897 r929.4 B23 

BARDSLEY, Charles Wareing, comp. 

Dictionary of English and Welsh surnames, with special 

American instances. 1901 r929.4 B23d 

List of references, p. 13-16. 


BARDSLEY, Charles Wareing. 

English surnames; their sources and significations. 

1897 r929.4 B23e 

BOWDITCH, Nathaniel Ingersoll. 

Suffolk surnames. 1861 r929.4 B66 

GANNETT, Henry. 

Origin of certain place names in the United States. 

1902 r929.4 G16 

"Authorities," p. 12-16. 

The same. 1902. (In United States — Geological survey. 

Bulletin no.197.) r557.3 U25b 

"Authorities,*' p. 12-16. 

The same. 1905. (In United States — Geological survey. 

Bulletin no.258.) r557.3 U25b 

"Authorities," p. 10-14. 

JOYCE, Patrick Weston. 

Origin and history of Irish names of places. 2v. 1898. . .r929.4 J48 

LOWER, Mark Antony. 

English surnames; an essay on family nomenclature, his- 
torical, etymological and humorous. 2y. 1875 r929.4 L95 

MATHESON, Robert E. comp. 

Special report on surnames in Ireland, with notes as to 
numerical strength, derivation, ethnology and distribu- 
tion. 1894 qr929.4 M46 

Appendix to the 29th detailed annual report of the registrar-general of 
marriages, births and deaths in Ireland. 

SWAN, Helena. 

Girls* Christian names; their history, meaning and associa- 
tion. 1900 r929.4 S97 

The same. 1905 J929.4 S97 

TAYLOR, Isaac, comp. 

Names and their histories. 1896 1*929.4 T25 

Names and their histories alphabetically arranged as a handbook of 
historical geography and topographical nomenclature. Object is to 
give an account of certain names, especially those of philological 
interest or of geographical importance, of which the origin or etymol- 
ogfy has been ascertained, and then to trace historically the changes 
which have taken place in their forms or in their geographical signifi- 

WAGNER, Leopold. 

Significance of names. 1893 r929.4 W13 

YONGE, Charlotte Mary. 

History of Christian names. 1884 ^029.4 Y29' 

925.9 Epitaphs 

ALDEN, Timothy, comp. 

Collection of American epitaphs. 5v. 1814 r929.5 A35. 

BRIDGMAN, Thomas, comp. 

Memorials of the dead in Boston; inscriptions on the 
monuments in the King's chapel burial ground, with 
biographical notices of many of the early settlers. 

1853 1-929.5 B74. 



CLARK, Edward L. comp. 

Record of the inscriptions on the tablets and grave-stones 
in the burial-grounds of Christ church, Philadelphia. 
1864 r929.5 C51 

With an autograph letter by E. L. Clark. 

HACKETT, John, comp. 

Select and remarkable epitaphs in several parts of Europe. 

2v. 1757 r929.S H12 

HOWE, W. H. comp. 

'Here lies;" a collection of ancient and modern, humorous 

and queer inscriptions from tombstones. 1902 r929.S H85 

929.6 Heraldry 

ABBOTT, William Henry. 

Heraldry illustrated; a short account of the origin and 
history of heraldry and an explanation of its nature, 
with practical directions for drawing and painting coats 
of arms; to which is added a glossary of terms used in 

heraldry. 1897 r929.6 A13 

BOUTELL, Charles. 

Heraldry, historical and popular. 1863 r929.6 B65 

CUSSANS, John Edwin. 

Handbook of heraldry. 1893 r929.6 C94 

DAVIES, Arthur Charles Fox-, & Crookes, M. E. B. comp. 
Book of public arms; a cyclopaedia of the armorial bear- 
ings, heraldic devices and seals of the counties, cities, 
towns and universities of the United Kingdom. 

1894 qr929.6 D31 


L'art heraldique. 1889. (Bibliotheque de I'enseignement 

des beaux-arts.) r929.6 G74 

Bibliographie heraldique, p.275-290. 

HOLDEN. Edward Singleton. 

Primer of heraldry for Americans. 1898 929.6 H71 

The same. 1898 r929.6 H71 

MANUAL of heraldry; a concise description of the terms 

used. 1894 r929.6 M34 

WHITMORE, William Henry. 

Elements of heraldry, containing an essay upon the use of 

coat-armor in the United States. 1866 qr929.6 W64 


Treatise on ecclesiastical heraldry. 1894 r929.6 W86 

929.7 Peerage. Titles of honor 

BELTZ, George Frederick. 

Memorials of the Order of the Garter, with biographical 
notices of the knights in the reigns of Edward III and 

Richard II. 1841 qr929.7 B42 

BROWNING, Charles Henry. 

Americans of royal descent. 1894 qr929.7 B81 


■- - - 

BROWNINp, Charles Henry, comp. 

Some "Colonial dames" of royal descent; pe'digrees show- 
ing the lineal descent from kings, of some members of 
the National society of the colonial dames of America, 
and of the Order of the crown. 1900 qr929.7 B818 

BURKE, John, comp. 

Genealogical and heraldic history of the commoners of 

Great Britain and Ireland. 4v. 1833-38 qr929.7 B917 

Later edition has the title "Genealogical and heraldic dictionary of the 
landed gentry of Great Britain & Ireland.'* 

BURKE, John, & Sir John Bernard, comp. 

Genealogical and heraldic dictionary of the landed gentry 

of Great Britain & Ireland. 3v. 1846-49 qr929.7 B9i7g 

V.I. A-L. 
V.2. M-Z. 

V.3. Supplement, corrigenda and general index. 

Earlier edition has the title "Genealogical and heraldic dictionary of the 
commoners of Great Britain and Ireland." 

BURKE, Sir John Bernard, comp. 

Genealogical and heraldic dictionary of the peerage and 

baronetage, v.57, 62, 64, 68. 1895-1906 (1^929.7 Bgig 

Knightage of Great Britain and Ireland. 1842 r929.7 B9ik 

DEBRETT, John, comp. 

Complete peerage of Great Britain and Ireland. i834..r929.7 D35 
DOD, Charles Roger. 

Manual of dignities, privilege and precedence. 1843 r929.7 D66 

DOD*S peerage, baronetage and knightage of Great Britain 

and Ireland, 1900. 1900 r929.7 D67 

DOYLE, James E. comp. 

Official baronage of England, showing the succession, 
dignities and offices of every peer, 1066-1885. 3v. 

1886 r929.7 D77 

GOTHAISCHES genealogisches taschenbuch der adeligen 

hauser, 1901. 1900 r929.7 G71 

MacNEILL, John Gordon Swift. 

Titled corruption; the sordid origin of some Irish peer- 
ages. 1894 929.7 M21 

SEARLE, William George, comp. 

Anglo-Saxon bishops, kings and nobles; the succession of 
the bishops and the pedigrees of the kings and nobles. 

1899 r929.7 S43 

WHITAKER'S peerage, 1898-date. 2d issue-date. 1898- 

date r929.7 W62 

ist-3d issue title-page reads "Whitaker*s titled persons." 
Presents in compact form and excellent arrangement information con- 
cerning the royal family, the peerage, baronets, knights, English and 
colonial bishops, etc. 

929.8 Coats of arms. Crests 

DAVIES, Arthur Charles Fox-, comp. 

Armorial families; a complete peerage, baronetage and 
knightage, and a directory of some gentlemen of coat- 
armour, and being the first attempt to show which arms 



^ in use at the moment are borne by legal authority. 

^ 1895 qr929.8 D31 

EVE, George W. 

Decorative heraldry. 1897. (Ex-libris series.) 929.8 E95 

FAIRBAIRN, James, comp. 

Book of crests of the families of Great Britain and Ire- 
land; revised and brought down to date by A. C. Fox- 
Davies. 2v. 1892 qr929.8 FiS 

V.I. Text. 
V.2. Plates. 

MATHEWS, Ferdinand Schuyler. 

The writing table of the twentieth century; an account of 
heraldry, art, engraving and established form for the 

correspondent. 1900 929.8 M47 

pt.i. Heraldry. — pt.2. Stationery; including chapters on visiting cards 
and various invitations, wedding invitations and announcements, 
colonial and modern engraving, bookplates, monograms, etc., dies, 
seals, etc., writing-papers, color in writing-paper. 

TYPOTIUS, Jacobus. 

Symbola divina & humana pontificum, imperatorum, re- 
gum; accessit brevis & facilis isagoge Jac. Typotii. 

V.I. 1601 qr929.8 T98 

VERMONT, E. de V. comp. 

America heraldica; a compilation of coats of arms, crests 
and mottoes of prominent American families settled in 

this country before 1800. 1886 qr929.8 V27 

X, of the Saturday review, pseud. 

Right to bear arms. 1900 929.8 Xil 

Contents: The origin and meaning of arms and gentility; The rights 
and prerogatives of the sovereign. — The earl marshal. — The college 
and officers of arms. — ^The granting of arms. — The visitations. — Proof 
of the existence of the authority of the crown and college of arms 
at the present date. — Armorial law in Scotland. — Armorial law in Ire- 
land. — The right to bear arms. — Foreign arms. — Popular fallacies. 

ZIEBER, Eugene. 

Heraldry in America. 1895 qr929.8 Z41 

929.9 Flags 

GRIFFIN, James, comp. 

Flags, national and mercantile; for the use of officers of 
royal navy, mercantile marine and yacht squadrons. 

1891 929.9 G89 

HOLDEN, Edward Singleton. 

Our country's flag, and the flags of foreign countries. 

1898 .* J929.9 H71 

Intended to give American children a brief history of our national flag 
and its significance, with some account of the flags of other countries, 
and of symbols that have had so much to do with the hopes, aspira- 
tions and loyalty of nations. 

HOUNSELL, George C. ed. 

Flags and signals of all nations, by Hounsell brothers, 
flag manufacturers to the Lords* commissioners of 

the admiralty qr929.9 H83 

HULME, Frederick Edward. 

Flags of the world; their history, blazonry and associa- 


tions. [1897.] 929.9 H91 

The same. [1897.] r929.9 H91 


Flags; some account of their history and uses. 1881 r929.9 M16 

PREBLE, George Henry. 

Our flag; origin and progress of the flag of the United 
States, with an account of the symbols, standards, ban- 
ners and flags of ancient and modern nations. 1S72. .Tg2g.g P89 

Appendix contains a chapter on our national songs. 

UNITED STATES— Equipment bureau. 

Flags of maritime nations. 1899 qr929.9 U2S 

92 Individual biography 

Critical biographies of artists will be found in class 700, Fine arts. 

ABAILARD, Pierre, & Heloise. 

Abelard and Heloise; a mediaeval romance, with the letters 

of Heloise; ed. by Abby Sage Richardson. 1895 92 Aii6r 

Letters of Abelard & Heloise, with a particular account of 

their lives and misfortunes by John Hughes. 1806 92 A116 

First English translation. Contains besides the five letters of Abailard 
and Heloise, one from Abailard to Philintus, a friend, also poems by 
Pope and Mrs Madan. 

Lettres; tr. par E. Oddoul, precedees d'un essai historique 

par M. et Mme Guizot. 1839 qr92 A116 

Illustrated by J. Gigoux. 
Love letters of Abelard and Heloise. 1901. (Temple 

classics.) 92 Ai 16I 

The love story of the illustrious Abailard and Heloise is told in these 
six letters, which were written in Latin about the year 1128, 10 years 
after the lovers had separated, Abailard to become a monk and 
Heloise a nun. Though both were famous in their day, Abailard as a 
philosopher and logician. Heloise for her learning, it is by these in- 
comparable letters alone that they live to-day. 

ABAILARD, Pierre. 

McCabe, Joseph. Peter Abelard. 1901 92 Aii6m 

"It is less with the tragic romance with which Abelard's name is princi- 
pally associated than with the career of the philosopher, the theo- 
logian, and the ascetic that Mr. McCabe is concerned." Academy, 


Wheeler, Stephen. Ameer Abdur Rahman. 1895. (Public 

men of to-day.) 92 A136W 

Life of the ruler of Afghanistan, who was proclaimed ameer in 1880. 

ABERDEEN, George Hamilton Gordon, earl of. 

Gordon, Sir Arthur Hamilton. Earl of Aberdeen. 1893. 

(Prime ministers of Queen Victoria.) 92 Ai43g 

British statesman of the early 19th century. In 1814, he signed the 
Treaty of Paris as one of the representatives of Great Britain and 
was premier in 1852-55, his ministry being formed by a coalition of 
Whigs and Peelites. 

"There was little in his public career to dazzle the spectator, or to 
command instant or excessive admiration; and neither his mental 
powers nor rare personal charm can now be fairly appreciated, ex- 
cept by those who, like the author of this book, lived in close personal 
intercourse with him. and have had access to the mass of his corre- 
spondence, public and private." Dial, 1893. 



Macilwain, George. Memoirs of John Abernethy, with a 

view of his lectures, writings and character. 1853 92 Ai46m 

Abernethy ( 1 764-1 S3 1) had in his lifetime the highest reputation as a 
surgeon, anatomist and physiologist, and exercised great influence on 
his profession. 

ABINGTON, Mrs Frances (Barton). 

Life of Mrs Abington, celebrated comic actress, with full 

accounts of her various performances in the theatres 

of London and Dublin, also notes upon the history of 

the Irish stage and notices, anecdotes and criticisms of 

her theatrical contemporaries, by the editor of the "Life 

of Quin." 1888 q92 A149 

Mrs Abington (i 737-181 5) was the daughter of a private soldier in the 
Guards. From the position of a flower-girl she rose to eminence on 
the stage and enjoyed a successful career of 43 years. She was the 
original representative of 30 characters, the most famous being her 
crowning triumph. Lady Teazle. 

ABRANTfiS, Laure (Permon) Junot, duchesse d'. See JUNOT, 
Laure (Permon), duchesse d'Abrantes. 

ADAMS, Mrs Abigail (Smith). 

Letters. 2v. 1840 92 A21 12 

Memoir, by C. F. Adams, v.i, p. 13-84. 

These letters of Abigail Adams, wife of John Adams, second president 
of the United States, give a valuable picture of the times, and 
glimpses of many stirring events. The collection contains letters to 
her husband during the Revolution and letters to her family, when 
she was with Mr Adams in Paris, London, Philadelphia and Washing- 

ADAMS, Charles Francis, 1807-86. 

Adams, Charles Francis, h. 1835. Charles Francis Adams. 

1900. (American statesmen.) 92 A2iia 

The same, 1900. (American statesmen.) r92 A2iia 

Mr Adams's public life covered a period of only 13 years and was almost 
entirely connected with events of the Civil war. In this biography 
by his son we have clearly defined the character and value of his 
services as minister to England and member of the Geneva tribunal. 

ADAMS, John,. 1 735-1826, & Cunningham, William, of Fitch- 
hurgy Mass. 
Correspondence, beginning in 1803 and ending in 1812. 

1823 qr92 A214 

Written by the ex-president to a relative, shortly after being defeated for 
re-election. They were under the seal of the strictest confidence and 
dealt with the chief actors and events in the latter part of his public 
life. They were vehement, abusive and unjust. Mr C. F. Adams 
says that an heir of Cunningham gave them to the opponents of 
John Quincy Adams to be used against him when he was a candidate 
for the presidency. It was a great mistake upon Adams's part that he 
wrote them, and a grave misfortune that they were published, even 
though dishonorably and many years afterward. 

ADAMS, John, 1735-1826. 

Adams, Charles Francis, 1807-86. Life of John Adams; 

begun by John Q. Adams. 2v. in i. 1871 92 A2i4a 

John Adams, second president of the United States, was one of the 
leaders of the patriot party in Massachusetts before the Revolution, 
signer of the Declaration of independence and prominent in political 
life till 1801. This biography is a republication of the one first pub- 
lished only in connection with his collected works in 1856, and there- 
fore comparatively inaccessible. 

Morse, John Torrey. John Adams. 1893. (American 

statesmen.) 92 A2i4m 


The same. 1899. (American statesmen.) 192 A2i4m 

*'We have John Adams the man and patriot, in all his rugged honesty, 
full of courage in great emergencies when others fell away, pugnacious, 
wise, when his judgment was not clouded by passion, a statesman 
without tact, vain and conceited, yet always a patriot, possessing the 
traits found in most of the world's great heroes, yet not reaching 
the stature of a hero. It is a truthful portrait." Dial, 1885. 

ADAMS, John, 1772-1863. 

Brown, Mrs Mary Elizabeth (Adams), & Mrs Helen Gil- 
man (Noyes). Story of John Adams, a New England 
schoolmaster. 1900 92 A2i43b 

Dr John Adams was well known as an educator, being principal of 
Phillips academy, Andover, Mass., 1810-32. 

ADAMS, John Quincy. 

Memoirs; comprising portions of his diary from 1795 to 

1848; ed. by C. F. Adams. I2v. 1874-77 r92 A2142 

"Volumes of surpassing interest on the personal and political life of one 
of the noblest and most accomplished of our public men. The most 
striking and interesting peculiarity of the diary is the fulness of the 
author's reflections and comments on the men and on the events 
among which he lived." C. K. Adams, 

Morse, John Torrey. John Quincy Adams. 1895. (Amer- 
ican statesmen.) 92 A2i42m 

The same. 1899. (American statesmen.) r92 A2i42m 

"That Mr. Morse's conclusions will be those of posterity, we have very 
little doubt, and he has set an admirable example to his coadjutors in 
respect of interesting narrative, just proportion and judicial candor. 
If entire patriotism, incorruptibility, political fairness, prescience, 
initiative and high physical and moral courage are the marks of states- 
manship it would be difficult to point to any of his contemporaries or 
successors who possessed them in an equal degree with Mr. Adams." 
Nation, 1882. 

Quincy, Josiah, 1772-1864. Memoir of the life of John 

Quincy Adams. 1859 92 A2i42q 

"The light attempted to be thrown on his course has been derived from 
personal acquaintance, from his public works, and from authentic un- 
published materials. The chief endeavor has been to render him the 
expositor of his own motives, principles, and character, without fear 
or favor, — in the spirit neither of criticism or eulogy." Prefatory 

ADAMS, Samuel. 

Hosmer, James Kendall. Samuel Adams. 1893. (Amer- 
ican statesmen.) 92 A2i7h 

The same. 1899. (American statesmen.) r92 A2i7hi 

A study of the New England town meeting with Adams in the fore- 

"He was possessed with the instinct of agitation: led the people, not the 
leaders; cared not for place, but only for power; showed a mastery of 
means, a self containment, a capacity for timely and telling speech, that 
marked him a statesman, though he loved the rough ways of a people's 
government, and preferred the fierce democracy of the town meeting 
to the sober dignity of senates." Woodrow Wilson's George Washing- 

"Interesting and appreciative Life of Adams — one which fairly sets 
forth the man, his work, and his times." Nation, 1885. 

Wells, William Vincent. Life and public services of Sam- 
uel Adams, with extracts from his correspondence, 

state papers and political essays. 3v. 1865 r92 A217W 

"One of the most valuable contributions to our knowledge of the 
Revolutionary period. It was not written so much for the purpose 
of constructing a fascinating narrative as to give a sober account of 
the great events in which Samuel Adams took so conspicuous a part. 
The early years of his life are therefore rapidly passed over, and the 
principal part of the work is devoted to his Revolutionary services." 
C. K. Adams, 


ADDISON, Joseph. 

Courthope, William John. Addison. [1884.] (English 

men of letters.) 92 A225C 

*'It is praise enough to say of a writer, that in a high department of litera- 
ture, in which many eminent writers have distinguished themselves he 
has had no equal; and this may, with strict justice, be said of Addi- 
son . . . He is entitled to be considered not only as the greatest of the 
English essayists, but as the forerunner of the great English novelists 
...His best essays approach near to absolute perfection; nor is their 
excellence more wonderful than their variety." Macaulay's Essay on 

AGASSIZ, Louis. 

Agassiz, Mrs Elizabeth (Gary). Louis Agassiz; his life 

and correspondence. 1893 92 A262a 

This biography by his wife gives pictures of Agassiz's early life in 
Switzerland, tells of his friendships with Cuvier, Humboldt and other 
distinguished scientists, of his scientific work, particularly in geology 
and ichthyology, of his work at Harvard including the founding of 
the Agassiz museum. The enthusiasm which he always kindled in 
others and his rare personal charm are felt throughout the book. 

Gould, Alice Bache. Louis Agassiz. 1901. (Beacon biog- 
raphies of eminent Americans.) 92 A262g 

Bibliography, p. 149-154. 

Short sketch, giving the main facts of his career and quite a vivid idea 
of his personality. 

Marcou, Jules. Life, letters and works of Louis Agassiz. 

2v. 1896 92 A262m 

Author was one of the European naturalists who came to America with 
Agassiz in 1846, and he was his friend for nearly 30 years. 

*Tarticularly remarkable for raking up old personalities and forgotten 
scientific quarrels." Nation, 1896. 

AGNEW, David Hayes. 

Adams, Jedidiah Howe. History of the life of D. Hayes 

Agnew. 1892 q92 A273a 

Dr Agnew (1818-92) was an eminent American surgeon and from 1871 
to 1889 professor of surgery in the University of Pennsylvania. 

AIRY, Sir George Biddell. 

Autobiography; ed. by Wilfrid Airy. 1896 92 A298 

List of printed papers and books by Sir G. B. Airy, p.369— 404. 

Airy (1801-92) was astronomer royal for 46 years, and this autobiogra- 

phy deals less with his private life than with his scientific work, which 

was varied and extensive. 

AKBAR, emperor of India. 

Malleson, George BruCe. Akbar and the rise of the 

Mughal empire. 1896. (Rulers of India.) 92 A3i3m 

Akbar, the real founder of the Mughal, or Mogul, empire in India, was 
a contemporary of Queen Elizabeth of England. He was specially 
famed as a civil administrator, striving to reconcile the various races 
under his rule and bringing about many reforms. He seems to have 
been in some ways distinctly modem, particularly in regard to re- 
ligious toleration. 

ALBANY, Louise Marie Caroline von Stolberg-Gedern, 
countess of. 
Paget, Violet, (pseud. Vernon Lee). Countess of Albany. 

1897. (Famous women.) 92 A326P 

"List of authorities consulted/' in the preface. 

**The great figure of her book is. . .Alfieri. . .By this figure, so strange 
yet so grand even in its contradictions, stands another more perfect 
as a contrast, a foil to it, than any novelist could have imagined. If 
there be in history one man more than another for whom friends 
should mourn that the privilege of an early death was denied to him, 
that man is the Young Pretender, Charles Edward. Vernon Lee. . . 
does not spare the adjectives to describe him in the days when he had 
'let himself become a disgrace to the very memory of the men -who 


had died for him.* Such he was when married by French intrigues 
to Louise of Stolberg. . .We have named her the last of the three be- 
cause her place in the book is least, though as Countess of Albany 
she gives her name to it." 'Nation^ 1884. 

ALBEMARLE, George Monk, duke of. See MONK, George, 

duke of Albemarle. 

ALBERT, prince consort of England. 

Grey, Charles, 1804-70. Early years of the prince consort; 

comp. under the direction of the queen. 1867 r92 A333g 

Author was for some years Prince Albert's private secretary. 
This memoir extends to 1840 only. 

Binder's title reads "Queen Victoria's memoirs of the prince consort; his 
early years." 

Martin, Sir Theodore. Life of the prince consort. 1882 . . q92 A333m 

Written at the request of Queen Victoria. 

"Throughout the work courtly reticence has been reconciled with inde- 
pendent judgment, and sincere appreciation has never expressed itself 
in the language of flattery." Saturday review, 1880. 

ALBUQUERQUE, Affonso de. 

Stephens, Henry Morse. Albuquerque. 1892. (Rulers of 

India.) 92 A345S 

ALCOTT, Louisa May. 

Cheney, Mrs Ednah Dow (Littlehale), ed. Louisa May 

Alcott; her life, letters and journals. 1892 92 A355C 

The same. 1902 J92 A355C 

Daughter of A. Bronson Alcott and author of "Little women" and other 

popular books for young people. 
"It is an unstudied, almost fragmentary memoir which Mrs. Cheney has 

edited with wise reserve and good taste." Atlantic monthly, 1890. 


West, Andrew Fleming. Alcuin and the rise of the Chris- 
tian schools. 1892. (Great educators.) 92 A356W 

"Books on Alcuin," p. 197-198. 

Alcuin was educated at York, and settled on the continent in 782, on the 
invitation and under the protection of Charlemagne. He was master 
of the school of the palace and served as general superintendent of 
Charlemagne's schemes of ecclesiastical and educational reform. 

"Combines careful scholarly investigation with popularity." George 
Trumbull Ladd. 

ALEXANDER I, czar of Russia. 

Choiseul-Gouffier, comtesse de. Historical memoirs of 
Alexander I and the court of Russia; tr. fr. the original 
French by M. B. Patterson. 1900 92 A3743C 

"Translation. . .of the book. . .produced in 1828, three years after the 
Czar's death... The comtesse ... had the advantage of knowing the 
Czar well, but her writing is frothy and vain where her own contact 
with the Russian court is to be described, and her moralizing is of 
the most vapid kind." Nation, 1900. 

ALEXANDER II, czar of Russia. 

[Joyneville, C] Life of Alexander II, emperor of all the 

Russias. 1883 92 A3741 j. 

Author lived iot a long time in Russia and on the personal history of 
the czar he is well informed and his account is interesting. His narra- 
tive of the political history of the reign is written from the strongly 
Russian standpoint. 

ALEXANDER III, czar of Russia. 

Lowe, Charles. Alexander III of Russia. 1895 92 A3742I 

Clear, interesting and fairly impartial memoir, though it is written 
rather from the British standpoint, and the author's sympathies are 
plainly not with Russia. The first chapter contains an excellent 
summary of the history of Alexander's ancestors from Catharine II, 
and there are interesting accounts of certain great ceremonies which 
the author witnessed. 



Abbott, Jacob. History of Alexander the Great. 1876 92 A374a 

This history of the famous Macedonian king and conqueror was written 
50 years ago and in its style is quite different from the present 
approved manner of writing biography for the young, but, in common 
with the othet biographies and histories by the same author, it was 
exceedingly popular in its day, and is still much read. 

Dodge, Theodore Ayrault. Alexander; a history of the 
origin and growth of the art of war, to the battle of 
Ipsus, B. C. 301, with a detailed account of the cam- 
paigns of the great Macedonian. 1890. (Great cap- 
tains.) 92 A374d 

The best ancient and modern authorities have been consulted to make 
up a complete history of Alexander's wars, and the author has taken 
great pains to explain and describe the equipments and tactics of the 
Greeks and Persians. Illustrated with many charts, maps, topo- 
graphical sketches and woodcuts of armor. 

Hogarth, David George. Philip and Alexander of Mace- 
don; two essays in biography. 1897 92 P495ih 

"Author speaks to the cultivated public rather than to the scholar . . . He 

mentions only the telling facts, pursues only the main line of events; 

and, thus avoiding detail, gives us a remarkably perspicuous narrative 

of the rise of Philip's kingdom and Alexander's empire." Nation, 


Wheeler,' Benjamin Ide. Alexander the Great; the merg- 
ing of East and West in universal history. 1900. (He- 
roes of the nations.) 92 A374W 

"A history of the period as well as of the man... Tells the story of 
Alexander's aims and achievements with considerable detail and ad- 
mirable clearness." Nation, 1900. 

ALFIERI, Vittorio, conte. 

Autobiography, with an essay by W. D. Howells. 1877. 

(Autobiographic series.) 92 A387 

Famous Italian tragic poet and dramatist of the i8th century. 

"Work of intense interest, and perhaps the most thoroughly sincere 
among celebrated books of its order of literature. It depicts a man 
continually under the influence of pride and discontent, but whom 
pride and discontent stimulate to lofty endeavour and noble actions . . . 
This psychological interest is relieved and enhanced by the details of 
his numerous adventures, his extensive travels, and his love affairs, 
three of which were memorable." Garnett's Italian literature, 

ALFRED THE GREAT, king of England. 

Abbott, Jacob. History of King Alfred. 1877 92 A392a 

Besant, Sir Walter. Story of King Alfred. 1901. (Li- 
brary of useful stories.) 92 A392be 

Good short history of the career of Alfred and the position of England 
in the 9th century. 

Bowker, Alfred, ed. Alfred the Great. 1899 92 A392b 

Contents: Introduction, by Sir Walter Besant. — Alfred as king, by 
Frederic Harrison. — Alfred as a religious man and an educationalist, 
by G. F. Browne. — Alfred as a warrior, by Charles Oman. — Alfred as 
a geographer, by Sir Clements Markham. — ^Alfred as a writer, by John 
Earle. — English law before the Norman conquest, by Sir Frederick 
Pollock.— Alfred and the arts, by W. J. Loftie. 

Conybeare, Edward. Alfred in the chroniclers. 1900 92 A392C 

'Purpose is to put before unlearned readers in their own language all 
those passages of our early historians which can possibly rank as 
sources for either the real or the legendary history of King Alfred 
...An introduction, giving an account of Alfred's life and work, is 
prefixed, and the book is accompanied by a map of England in the 
9th century. . .Unfortunately the workmanship is far from being alto- 
gether scholarly ... Considering the popular object of the book, its 
defects are not likely to do much harm, and for many readers it 
may be both instructive and entertaining." Athenceum, 1900. 



Draper, Warwick Herbert. Alfred the Great. 1901 92 A392d 

Bibliography, p. 137-140. 

Biographical sketch, followed by seven studies of different aspects of 
Alfred's life and work. 

Giles, John Allen. Life and times of Alfred the Great. 

1854 r92 A392g 

Gives Alfred's will and several other documents in Saxon, and makes 
much use of old chronicles and histories, but is now regarded as more 
curious than valuable. 

Hughes, Thomas. Alfred the Great. 1891 92 A392h 

"A book with a direct, practical purpose, not merely the biography of a 
great man. He does not profess to be an original explorer in the 
history of those times... [he] aims to turn the lessons of history 
to the account of the highest and most pressing needs of his own 
generation." Nation, 1870. 

Page, Jesse. Alfred the Great, the father of the English. 

[ 1900.] 92 A392pa 

Author has made a special point of presenting the social and religious 
conditions of the age, and in order to increase "the general interest 
and lifelikeness of the narrative" includes many familiar, but entirely 
traditional events. 

Pauli, Reinhold. Life of Alfred the Great; tr. fr. the 
German, to which is appended Alfred's Anglo-Saxon 
version of Orosius, with a literal English translation 
and an Anglo-Saxon alphabet and glossary by B. 

Thorpe. 1893 92 A392P 

Though written 50 years ago it still has a high reputation because of its 
thorough research, the fidelity of its spirit and the accuracy of its 
critical analysis. 

ALLEN, Ethan. 

De Puy, Henry Walter. Ethan Allen and the Green moun- 
tain heroes of '76. 1853 r92 A425d 

Noted American revolutionary commander (1737-89), colonel of the 
"Green mountain boys." This biography is one of the standard works 
on the subject. 

Hall, Henry. Ethan Allen. 1892 92 A425h 

A popular history of the hero of Ticonderoga. 

ALLEN, Grant. 

Clodd, Edward. Grant Allen; a memoir. 1900 92 A4252C 

Bibliography of the writings of Grant Allen published in book form, 
p.2i 3-222. 

"Grant Allen's life was charged with tragic interest. . .He had to live 
by his pen, and he soon learned that living by his pen, in the regions 
he was specially equipped for — namely, science and philosophy — meant 
starvation. Then he tried his hand at every branch of literature, and 
displayed versatility which was truly marvellous. He achieved suc- 
cess... But success came too late... He had been constantly thinking, 
planning and scheming to produce wares to catch the literary market, 
and this ceaseless mental activity and worry wore him out, and cut 
short his life at a comparatively early age." Academy, 1900. 

ALLEN, Thomas. 

United States — Congress. Memorial addresses on the life 
and character of Thomas Allen (a representative from 
Missouri) delivered- in the House of representatives and 

in the Senate, 47th cong., ist session. 1884 qr92 A431U 

ALLEN, William, 1710^80. 

Extracts from Allen's letter book; selected and arranged 
by L. B. Walker, with an appendix containing pam- 
phlets in the controversy with Franklin. 1897. (Burd 

papers.) r92 A432 

Allen was chief justice of Pennsylvania, 1750-74. He was an extensive 
land owner in 'Pennsylvania, and Allen town, which was laid out on a 


portion of his land, was named for him. These letters, covering the 
period 1753-70, relate mostly to personal matters. 

ALLEYN, Edward. 

Alleyn papers. 1853. (Shakespeare society. Publications, 

V.8.) r820.8" S52 V.8 

Alleyn (i 566-1 626) was an English actor, founder of Dulwich college. 
He was associated with Henslowe in his management of the Rose and 
Fortune theatres. 

Collier, John Payne. Memoirs of Edward Alleyn. 1853. 

(Shakespeare society. Publications, v.8.) r820.8 S52 v.8 

ALLSTON, Washington. 

Flagg, Jared Bradley. Life and letters of Washington 

Allston. 1893 qr92 A442f 

This life of the eminent American painter (i 779-1 843) is compiled from 
notes, letters and memoranda gathered by R. H. Dana in preparation 
for a memoir, which however he never wrote. Allston's work shows 
high imaginative power and his ability as a colorist gained him the 
name of the "American Titian." 

ALMA-TADEMA, Sir Laurence. See Artists, p.1254. 

ALTDORFER, Albrecht. See Artists, p.1262. 

AMADEUS, duke of Aosta. 

Whitehouse, Henry Remsen. Sacrifice of a throne; an ac- 
count of the life of Amadeus, duke of Aosta, sometime 

king of Spain. 1897 92 A481 w 

Second son of Victor Emmanuel II, was elected king of Spain in 1870. 
After a brief and unpopular reign he abdicated in 1873 and returned 
to Italy, where in 1890 he died. 

AMHERST, William Pitt, earl. 

Ritchie, Mrs Anne Isabella (Thackeray), & Evans, Rich- 
ardson. Lord Amherst and the British advance to 

Burma. 1894. (Rulers of India.) 92 A5i5r 

AMICIS, Edmondo de. 

Ricordi d'infanzia e di scuola; seguiti da Bambole e mario- 
nette, Gente minima, Piccoli studenti, Adolescenti, Due 
di spade e due di cuori. 1901 92 A5162 

"Signor de Amicis is the most candid of autobiographers — he writes 
with an irony that subtly tells against himself, of his ambitions, his 
frequent discomfitures, his love of praise, his susceptibilities, his 
impetuosity, and finally of all the circumstances that decided his 
career as a man of letters." Saturday review, 1901. 

Short stories and sketches fill the last half of the volume. 

AMIEL, Henri Frederic. 

Fragments d'un journal intime. 2v. in i. 1897 92 A5i6f 

Journal intime; tr. by Mrs Humphry Ward. 1893 92 A516 

"Amiel has been much compared with Obermann and Maurice de 
Guerin, but he is far nearer to us than either. . .There was in Amiel 
that deeper seriousness which we characterize by the word Puritan. It 
is for that type of religious mind, of which there are very many among 
English speaking peoples, even though they disavow the name, that 
the book will have the strongest attraction." Nation, 1886. 

AMMEN, Daniel. 

The old navy and the new; memoirs. 1898 92 A518 

Life in the United States navy from the time the author entered the 
service as a midshipman of 16 to his resignation as admiral in 1877. 
Contains much of interest concerning the evolution of war-ships, and 
the naval contests of the Civil war. 

ANDERSEN, Hans Christian. 

Story of my life. 1871 92 A544 

"The absolute candor with which Andersen lays bare his soul, the com- 
plete intentional or unintentional self-revelation, gives a psycholog- 
ical value to the book which no mere literary graces could bestow . . . 


Anderiken remained, until the day of his death, a child. His innocence 
Win* more than virginal; hit unworldltneas simply inconcefrablc — He 

c//neefve4 of his life as a fairy-tale The feeling of the marrelloiis 

j>rrv»d<rs the book from beginning to end." Boyesen's Essays on 
Scandinavian literature. 
Th# atttobi/>graphy brings the narrative down to 1867. An account of 
hi* lAtrr y«;ar» will be found in Bain's "Hans Christian Andersen," 
9;i A 544b. 

Main, Kobcrt Nisbet, Hans Christian Andersen. 1895 92 A544b 

"He retells the story, soberly, carefully, critically, perhaps with a little 
less than full fellow-feeling for the wajrward, daemonic, half-irrational, 
hkUAutiiArrA dement in Andersen's character, but certainly with great 
fiilnriiM of knowledge not only as regards the facts of Andersen's own 
life, and the books by him and about him, but also as regards Danish 
lltfrMtiire g^nrrally." Academy, 1896. 

ANDKKSC^N, GcofRc Bonbright. 

AndcrfHon, William C. In memory of George Bonbright 

AiulcTHcm, who departed this life Oct. 4, 1896. 1897.. r92 A546a 
PfstittNylviinU physician, 1853-96. 
AN DICKSON, Mary, afteruard Mme de Navarro. 

A frw inrinoricrM. 1896 92 A548 

Mnry Andemon played with much success such parts as Juliet, Perdita, 
(fitlitfrA, Kdnnlind, etc. from 1875 to 1889, when she retired from the 


"An h rontritiufion to theatrical literature her volume is of very small 
imporlitnre, but at n bit of autobiography it is exceedingly interesting 
. . . Kroin fimt to InNt. . .there it not one note of affectation or insincer- 
ity. . .Thfl rml interent and charm lie in the story of her life outside 
thit thuntre. . .of the friendship of many of the most distinguished men 
Atwl woittftn of the dsy." Nation, 1896. 

ANDKA. MnJ. John. 

l.oKKiiijXi MtHHoit John. Two spies: Nathan Hale and John 

Andrf. iHga 92 H161I 

Thf .uimi^, io<M J92 H161I 

"Two HrvoltitioiiHt'y iikrtriirii, turning about the dates 1776 and 1780. 
Thr unr U httHrd on Stiiftrt'n Hale and the other on Sargeant's Andr^. 
Tlir ttUthiM nmkrK ti utrouu prrscntntion of Andre's courage ... The 
luriit of thr hook lini in thr iUuKtrntions drawn from nature by the 
ttUthiM." /•♦»»•»♦(/'>» t.itt>mtHre of American history. 

ANPKI' A HKI. SAKTO. See Artists, p.1276. 

ANDKKW. St. MpoMlr. 

riilttriulni, V:/\'{\ Porter. Life aiul example of Saint An- 
drew. t8oO 92 A562C 

A ahott nk«»tvh wtlttrn for the members of the Brotherhood of St. 

ANnKKWKS. Ltuu^rh^t. bp. 

Woovl* l.tuly Mary Stt^att bVlioie. Story of a saintly 
hiv^hop*?* liiV;\orK»t .'Xttdrewcs. bishop of Win- 
chejktfr* t5» tf^^O. tHo8 92 A564W 

.\»ut^eww wi^« rmlnrut «» ti iMrlrtte of thr Church of England, as a 
|mH^che\ «^nvt aa a wiltei UU **Manua\ of \Mivate devotion" is especi- 
a\W well Vnv»wn auvt wivtel.v n«e\t. In thi» abort memoir the object 
hi^ii \mm^u t>« ||iYt» a ^^U't\\«t» v«f hU iM^taoual life and character rather 
thau to e»\tt»\ v»u vU^'ttiual vineatloua, 

ANOKKWv^. WUIuuu Wrtt^ot^. 

Andr\"\V5*v Srttwuel J^w^r?*. Willi.uu W.Usvmx Andrews: a 
rtU^ioM^ U\v*>it4^phy» with v^\t»<ut>i ttvMu his letters and 
v^thev wvttiuK'* ^v>*<^ ^ 92 A572a 

*'IN\Wiahed v^utU^** ot W W \uvl»i>\>a.'* »v .'><v *>^ 
Mv Amhvxv* v^'^^'"' v?""^ ^^<** * vVuift\>^at\o\\Al \uouxtxrv who withdrew 
t\\vw^ |hv v'H^wh ^> ^5*K ***^^ v»av\\sl ttu* u»iuittry of th<r OathoKc 
^^t\v^W vKvv^vh vV^vhvii^t**^ ^ atv» h* tss^V «i» the vNfct^e^r of »n evan- 
Ht^val Ui ^hW^v h* vs^^tiuN\*>t \\\^<U hi* >t**th 

ANGKl K\\ Kv* O^uAAmu X*v \\tvM5k. pi*.^ 


ANGELL, George Thorndike. 

Autobiographical sketches. 1892 92 A583 

Founder of the American Humane education society and one of the 
founders of the Massachusetts society for the prevention of cruelty 
to animals. 


ANGOUL£ME, Marie Therese Charlotte, duchesse d'. 

Imbert de Saint-Amand, Arthur Leon, baron. Duchess of 

Angouleme and the two restorations. 1892 92 A593S 

Popular account of the daughter of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette 
(1778-1851), from the restoration of Louis XVIII in 1814 to the ar- 
rival of the duchesse de Berry in 1816. 

Imbert de Saint-Amand, Arthur Leon, baron. Youth of 

the duchess of Angouleme. 1894 92 A593sa 

Popular history from her imprisonment in the Temple, 1793 to the re- 
turn of Louis XVIII in 1814. 

ANNE BOLEYN, queen of Henry VIII. 

Friedmann, Paul. Anne Boleyn; a chapter of English his- 
tory, 1527-1536. 2v. 1884 92 A6i3f 

Author has not only studied all the English state papers bearing on the 
subject, but has made exhaustive investigations on the continent. 

"Result is that he has been able to tell the tale of Anne Boleyn's as- 
cendancy with a fulness, a clearness, and a graphic minuteness of de- 
tail with which it has not yet been treated in any English history." 
Academy, 1884. 

ANSELM, St. abp. of Canterbury. 

Rigg, James Macmullen. St. Anselm of Canterbury. 

1896 92*A6i8r 

"The first English biography which assigns due prominence to Anselm*s 
minor works... It should be read by those who care to know Anselm 
rather as a literary man, a thinker and a theologian than as a states- 
man." Athenecum, 1897. 

Rule, Martin. Life and times of St. Anselm, archbishop of 

Canterbury. 2v. 1883 92 A6i8ru 

"Contains a good deal of useful matter, the fruit of long and careful 
labour, but marred by irrelevant digressions and a cumbrous style." 
Dictionary of national biography. 

"St. Anselm [archbishop 1 093-1 109] is the most universally attractive 
figure in the history of mediaeval Christendom. . .That which distin- 
guishes St. Anselm above all his contemporaries is that he still retains, 
and must permanently retain, a hold upon the respect and attention 
of men. This is the result of the unique many-sidedness of his char- 
acter and work." Saturday review, 1883. 


Bell, Mrs Nancy R. Elizabeth (Meugens), (pseud. N. d'An- 

vers). Saint Antony of Padua. 1901 92 A6282b 

Picturesque combination of what history and legend have to say about 
the great Franciscan monk and miracle worker. Includes a satisfac- 
tory chapter on St. Anthony's place in art. 

ANTHONY, Susan Brownell. 

Harper, Mrs Ida (Husted). Life 'and work of Susan B. 
Anthony, including public addresses, her own letters 
and many" from her contemporaries during fifty years; 
a story of the evolution of the status of woman. 2v. 

1898-99 92 A628h 

ARBLAY, Mme Frances (Burney) d'. 

Diary and letters, with notes by W. C. Ward. 7v. 1854. . . .92 A665 

Fanny Burney's social advantages were great and the years of inter- 
course with brilliant people gave her unusual knowledge of the world. 
Not long after the publication of "Cecilia" she accepted a position at 
the court as keeper of the robes to Queen Charlotte. Her "Diary 



and letters" gives us one of the best historical pictures of that time, 
the everyday life at court, King George Ill's increasing insanity, and 
her own story of discomfort in uncong^enial companionship. 
'As a diarist Miss Burney is with Pepys and Evelyn, as a letter-writer 
with Walpole and Chesterfield. And unlike all of these, except Hor- 
ace, she is a novelist as well." Saintsbury's Essays in English litera- 

Seeley, Leonard Benton. Fanny Burney and her friends; 

select passages from her diary and other writings. 

1890 92 A665S 

Passages from her memoir of her father, her diary and her letters 
to Crisp, with a connecting thread of narrative. Illustrated with por- 

ARC, Joan of. See JOAN of ARC. 


Plutarch. Themistocles and Aristides; tr. with notes by 
Bernadotte Perin. 1901. (Plutarch's Greek lives, 

V.I.) 92 T346P 

Sketch of Plutarch, p. 1-24; List of authorities cited by Plutarch, p.68-69. 

ARNDT, Ernst Moritz. 

Life and adventures; comp. fr. the German, with a preface 

by J. R. Seeley. 1879 92 A747 

"These memoirs. . .may serve as a sort of Erckmann-Chatrian novel for 
Germany, showing us the side of the Napoleonic age which history for 
the most part overlooks, and at the same time they have the advantage 
over every novel that they are true, and also that they make us 
acquainted with an interesting and a celebrated man." 7. R. Seeley, in 

^ preface. 

ARNOLD, Benedict. 

Arnold, Isaac Newton. Life of Benedict Arnold; his 

patriotism and his treason. 1880 92 A752a 

"Life of the celebrated general of the i8th century (1741-1801), whose 
treason is one of the Revolutionary episodes. . .The sources of informa- 
tion . . . are, in part, family papers. As the book is frankly an at- 
tempt to overcome the 'universal prejudice* against Arnold, it loses 
somewhat in impartial treatment, though the desire of the author to be 
just and fair is everywhere evident." Larned's Literature of Amer- 
ican history. 

ARNOLD, Matthew. 

Letters, 1848-1888. 2v. 1896 92 A757 

"His friendly, chatty, confidential letters combine the simplicity of a 
child with all the mental and imaginative resources of a scholar, a 
poet, a philosopher, and a man of the world." Forum, 1896. 

Saintsbury, George. Matthew Arnold. 1899. (Modern 

English writers.) 92 A757S 

Chiefly a critical study of Arnold's literary work. 

ARNOLD, Thomas, 1795-1842. 

Fitch, Sir Joshua Girling. Thomas and Matthew Arnold 
and their influence on English education. 1897. (Great 

educators.) 92 A759f 

The author of this biography was a colleague of Matthew Arnold in edu- 
cational work, and he aims to present those characteristics of both 
father and son which are of special interest to teachers. 

Stanley, Arthur Penrhyn, dean. Life and correspondence 

of Thomas Arnold. 2v. in i. 1892 92 A759S 

There is only so much narrative as will enable the reader to take up the 
letters with a right understanding of the writer's opinions at different 
periods, and so far as possible his plans and opinions are given in his 
own words. Dean Stanley was chosen by Dr Arnold's family for the 
work, and has availed himself of the contributions of others who 
might have had better opportunities of knowing Dr Arnold, especially 
in early life. His own acquaintance with his subject began when 
Stanley was a pupil at Rugby, and extended with increasing intimacy 


until Dr Arnold's death in 1842, and it is to the latter's work as master 
of Rugby, with which his name is most closely associated in the general 
mind, that most space is given. 

ARNOLD, Thomas, 1823-1900. 

Passages in a wandering life. 1900 92 A7592 

"Account of his mental and spiritual wanderings is much more inter- 
esting than that of his corporeal ones. When he goes ba^k to a genera- 
tion of great men now dead — when he tells us how he went into the 
Catholic church — and out and in again — we are delighted, but his jour- 
neyings in New Zealand, Tasmania, and Sweden and Italy are hardly 
worth writing about. Of his father. Dr. Arnold, he tells us little 
that is new — there cannot be much left to tell — ^but his friends at Fox 
How, and his boyish recollections of Wordsworth, Southey, Professor 
Wilson, and Hartley Coleridge, are well worth reading." Spectator, 

ARTEVELDE, Jacob van. 

Ashley, William James. James and Philip van Artevelde. 

1883 92 A786a 

Bibliography, p. 5-6. 

Considers the history of the Arteveldes in its relation to the general 
development of the Flemish towns in the 14th century. 

ASCHAM, Roger. 

Whole works; ed. by J. A. Giles. 3v. in 4. 1864-65 92 A812 

v.i,pt.i. Life [of Ascham, by J. A. Giles], &c. and letters. 

V.I, pt.2. Letters, (continued). 

V.2. Letters, (continued). — Toxophilus. 

V.3. Report and discourse of the affaires and state of Germany and 
the emperour Charles his court. — The scholemaster. — Latin poems. — 
Grant's oration on the life and death of Roger Ascham, (in Latin). 
— Seven letters of Giles Ascham, (in Latin). 

"Ascham is a great name in our national literature. He was one of the 
first founders of a true English style in prose composition, and one 
of the most respectable and useful of our scholars. . .acute, learned 
and laborious." Retrospective review, 1821. 

AUCKLAND, George Eden, earl of. 

Trotter, Lionel* James. Earl of Auckland. 1893. (Rulers 

of India.) 92 A898t 

AUDUBON, John James. 

Audubon and his journals; ed. by M. R. Audubon, with 

notes by Elliott Coues. 2v. 1897 92 A916 

v. I. The European journals, 1826-29. — The Labrador journal, 1833. — 
The Missouri river journals, 1843. 

V.2. The Missouri river journals, (continued). — Episodes. 

"Audubon," by M. R. Audubon, v.i, p. 5-77. 

Audubon is celebrated chiefly for his drawings and paintings of birds. 
In pursuit of specimens for his work he made many journeys and in 
his journals and letters describing them we feel his remarkable en- 
thusiasm and tireless patience. 

"Miss Audubon has done her work well . . . She has made an important 
contribution to the historical and zoological literature of America, and 
has erected to the memory of Audubon a useful and enduring monu> 
ment." Nation, 1898. 

•Audubon, Mrs Lucy (Bakewell). Life of John James Au- 
dubon, the naturalist; ed. by his widow, with an intro- 
duction by J. G. Wilson. 1894 92 A9i6a 

Short biography written in 1867. 
AUGUSTA, empress of Germany. 

Tschudi, Clara. Augusta, empress of Germany; authorised 

tr. fr. the Norwegian by E. M. Cope. 1900 92 A9232t 

An interesting biography in which many historical events are skilfully 
interwoven with the personal narrative of the life of the empress 
Augusta, who was the wife of Emperor William I and the grand- 
mother of William II. 


Hatzfeld, Adolphe. Saint Augustine; tr. by E. Holt. 


1898. (The saints.) 92 A923ih 

After a brief sketch of the life of the saint and penitent, pieced together 
mainly from the "Confessions," the author gives us in two short 
chapters a general review of the teachings of St. Augustine from the 
Roman Catholic point of view. 

AUGUSTINE, St. abp. of Canterbury. 

Cutts, Edward Lewes. Augustine of Canterbury. 1895.. ••92 A923C 

Dr Cutts does not limit himself to a biography of St. Augustine, but 
gives some account of the work of his successors up to the accession 
of Theodore, about 60 years after St. Augustine's death. 

AURELIUS ANTONINUS, Marcus, emperor of Rome. 

Watson, Paul Barron. Marcus Aurelius Antoninus. 

1884 92 A927W 

"Marked by thorough scholarship, industry, and a clear judgment of 
historical relations, and by an excellent English style... The principal 
defect of the book... is an inadequate treatment of the condition of 
society and institutions at this period." Nation, 1884. 


Poole, Stanley Lane-. Aurangzib. 1893. (Rulers of 

India.) 92 A931P 

AUSTEN, Jane. 

Letters; ed. by S. C. Woolsey. 1892 92 A933 

Adams, Oscar Fay. Story of Jane Austen's life. 1897 92 A933a 

Sets forth her domestic rather than her literary life. Illustrations from 
photographs of scenes connected with Miss Austen. 

Smith, Goldwin. Life of Jane Austen. 1890. (Great 

writers..) 92 A933S 

Bibliography, apx. p. 1-5. 

"The first and best chapter contains an excellent sketch of Jane Austen's 

life; the other chapters analyze her novels with delicate taste and fine 

critical faculty." Athenautn, 1890. 

AYTOUN, William Edmondstoune. 

Masson, Mrs Rosaline (Orme). Pollok & Aytoun. 1898. 

(Famous Scots series.) 92 1*767x0. 

Pollok was a Scottish religious poet ( 1798?-! 827) ; Aytoun a Scottish 
lawyer, poet and man of letters (1813-65). 

AZARIAS, 'Brother, (Patrick Francis Mullany). 

Smith, John Talbot. Brother Azarias; the life story of an 

American monk. 1897 92 A992S 

An Irish-American, member of the Roman Catholic order of Christian 
brothers, whose lives are devoted to teaching. He was superior of the 
Rock Hill college at Ellicott City, Md. for several years and spent 
the last four years of his life, 1889-93, in the De La Salle institute. 
New York. He was the author of various books on philosophy, litera- 
ture and education. 

AZEGLIO, Massimo Tapparelli, marchese d'. 

I miei ricordi. 1895 92 A993 

"The life of a man who was soldier, artist, diplomatist, novelist, and 
statesman; whose earliest reminiscences were of Alfieri and the 
Countess of Albany, and who lived to be introduced to the present 
heir-apparent of the British throne; who, born in the highest social 
circle, mingled by choice and by profession with members of every 
class, and who exercised no small influence upon the destinies of his 
native Italy, can hardly fail to present some points of interest." 
Quarterly review, 1867. 

"This character of individuality, which impressed its stamp on his whole 
life, is charmingly revealed in every sentence of the memoirs which he 
has left behind him; so that, more than any of his previous writings, 
their homeliness and wit and wisdom justify the epithet which I once 
before ventured to give him when I described him as 'the Giusti of 
Italian prose.' " 

Recollections; tr. by Count Maffei. 2v. in i. 1868 92 A993r 



BABBAGE, Charles. 

Passages from the life of a philosopher. 1864 r92 B114 

English mathematician, chiefly known as the inventor of a calculating 
machine which, after years of toil, he failed to perfect. The book 
is more concerned with his experiments than with the personal details 
of his life, and is marred by a certain bitterness of tone. 

BABER, Zehir-Eddin Mohammed, emperor of Hindustan. 

Poole, Stanley Lane-. Babar. 1899. (Rulers of India.).. 92 Bii6p 

Note on authorities, p. 5-7. 

BACH, Johann Sebastian. 

Bitter, Carl Hermann. Johann Sebastian Bach, [in 

German]. 2v. 1865 r92 Bi25bi 

Haupt-zusammenstellung aller von J. S. Bach hinterlassenen werke, 
V.2, apx. p.79-121. 

Bitter, Carl Hermann. Life of J. Sebastian Bach; abridged 

translation by J. E. Kay-Shuttleworth. 1873 r92 Bi25b 

List of Bach's compositions, p. 105-153. 
Forkel, Johann Nicolaus. Life of John Sebastian Bach, 

with a critical view of his compositions. 1820 r92 Bi25f 

The author was personally acquainted with Bach's two eldest soi^s, for 
years constantly corresponded with them, and obtained from them 
much information about Bach's life and works. 

Poole, Reginald Lane. Sebastian Bach. 1894. (Great 

musicians.) 92 Bi25p 

List of church cantatas, p. 1 31-138. 

"An excellent compendium; a vast amount of information well brought 
out and well stated." H. E. Krehbiel. 

Spitta, Philipp. Johann Sebastian Bach; his work and in- 
fluence on the music of Germany, 1685-1750; tr. fr. the 
German by Clara Bell and J. A. F. Maitland. 3v. 
1899 92 B125S 

"A monumental example of German thoroughness and devotion." H. B. 

Wesley, Samuel. Letters to Mr Jacobs relating to the in- 
troduction into this country [England] of the works of 

Bach; ed. by Eliza Wesley. 1875 r92 B125W 

List of the musical works of Samuel Wesley, p.51-60. 

Samuel Wesley, the son of Charles, was a distinguished musician, the 
greatest organist of his day. 

"The great event of Wesley's life was his vigorous propaganda of the 
works of John Sebastian Bach in this country [England] .. .During 
1808 and 1809 he addressed a series of characteristic letters on the 
subject to Benjamin Jacob, then organist of Surrey Chapel. These 
letters, edited by his daughter Eliza Wesley were published in 1875." 
Dictionary of national biography. 

Williams, Charles Francis Abdy. Bach. 1900. (Master 

musicians.) 92 B125W 

Catalogue of vocal works, p. 177-190; catalogue of instrumental works, 

p.191-201; bibliography, p.202-204. 
Popular biography of Johann Sebastian Bach, the composer, based on 

the numerous previous lives. The details of his career are considered 

in the first seven chapters; his compositions and methods in the seven 

chapters following. 

BACH, Karl Philipp Emanuel. 

Bitter, Carl Hermann. Carl Philipp Emanuel und Wil- 

helm Friedemann Bach und deren briider. 2v. 1868.. r92 Bi24b 

Sons of Johann Sebastian Bach. Bitter is a. recognized German author- 
ity on the Bach family. 

BACHE, Francis Edward. 

Bache, Constance. Brother musicians; reminiscences of 

Edward and Walter Bache. 1901 92 Bi26b 

"The older of the brothers, who died forty-three years ago [1858], il- 



lustrates musical affairs in London in the period of Mendelssohn 
worship, when no other god was acknowledged except Handel; where- 
as Walter Bache, who died thirteen years ago [1888], was one of the 
leading apostles of the new German school. . .and. . .spent a great part 
of his life and a third of his income in making propaganda for the 
'music of the future,' especially that of Franz Liszt." Nation, 1901. 

BACON, Francis. 

Church, Richard William. Bacon. [1884.] (English men 

of letters.) 92 B131C 

Short biography highly praised for its fair and thoughtful delineation of 
Bacon's character. 

Dixon, William Hepworth. Personal history of Lord 

Bacon. 1861 r92 Bi3id 

"Dixon's books upon Bacon obtained wide popularity, both at home and 
abroad, but have not been highly valued by subsequent investigators." 
Dictionary of national biography. 

BADEN-POWELL, Robert Stephenson Smyth. 

Begbie, Harold. Story of Baden-Powell; "the wolf that 

never sleeps." 1900 92 Bi44b 

Pleasant, anecdotal biography of that distinguished English officer, 
popularly known as the "hero of Mafeking" (Anglo-Boer war, 1899- 

BAILLIE, Robert. 

Letters and journals; ed. from the author's manuscripts by 

David Laing. 3v. 1841-42 q92 B163 

V.I. 1 637-1 641. 

V.2. 1642-1646. 
V.3. 1 647-1 662. 

Baillie (i 599-1 662) was one of the most learned of the earlier Scotch 

Presbyterian divines. 
"His 'Letters and Journals' are for Scotland much what Pepys and 
Evelyn are for England. They are especially valuable in relation to 
the assembly of 1638 and the assembly of Westminster." Dictionary 
of national biography. 
BAIREUTH, Frederica Sophia Wilhelmina, markgrafin von. 

grafin von Baireuth. 
BAKER, Daniel. 

Baker, William Mumford. Life and labours of Daniel 

Baker, pastor and evangelist. 1859 92 Bi73b 

Baker (i 791-1857) was pastor of Presbyterian churches in different 
parts of the South, and afterward missionary in Texas, where he 
founded Austin college. 

BALFE, Michael William. 

Barrett, William Alexander. Balfe; his life and work. 

1882 92 Bi96b 

Irish violinist and operatic composer (1808-70). 

"There is in the book so much that is curious and interesting to people 
interested in musical matters, so much that is eminently readable by 
people that have no special interest in such matters. . .that the author 
may be excused for his shortcomings, odd as some of them are." 
Saturday review, 1882. 
Kenney, Charles Lamb. Memoir of Michael William 

Balfe. 1875 q92 Bi96k 

"The book is full of anecdote, and we find no fault with the writer's 
enthusiasm for his subject." Spectator, 1875. 


Some experiences of a barrister's life. 1883 92 B213 

English barrister, counsel for the claimant in the original suit of the 
famous Tichborne case. 

"The first judgment of most readers must be unfavouraJ)le; but as they 
go along the author's frankness and easy good nature will please 
them and help to atone for the great defects of arrangement and of 


style. . .There are plenty of good anecdotes scattered about the book." 
AthetKBum, 1883. 

BALTIMORE, George Calvert, baron. 

Browne, William Hand. George Calvert and Cecilius Cal- 
vert, barons Baltimore of Baltimore. 1890. (Makers 
of America.) 92 B2i7b 

"Altogether this is a solid and scholarly performance, well planned 
and adapted to its subject, with little attempt at description of man- 
ners, with few moving accidents, never exciting, but excellently written 
and readable. It is worth the attention of people interested in the 
early history of Maryland and of the United States. It has, moreover, 
the great merit of brevity, containing less than 200 small pages." 
Nation, 1890. 

BALZAC, Honore de. 

Letters to Mme Hanska, born Countess Rzewuska, after- 
wards Mme Honore de Balzac, 1833-1846; tr. by K. P. 

Wormeley. 1900 92 B218I 

"The simple story of these letters is as follows. In February, 1833, 
Balzac received a letter, posted in Russia, from a lady who signed 
herself 'I'fitrangere' ('Foreigner'). This letter is not known to exist, 
nor is there any authentic knowledge of its contents; but it began a 
correspondence between its writer and Balzac which ended in their 
marriage in i8sq." Translator's preface. 

Personal opinions, taken from his correspondence and his 
miscellaneous writings; comp. and tr. by K. P. Worme- 
ley. 1899 92 B218 

Concerning history, politics, literature, art and some of his own works. 

Wedmore, Frederick. Life of Honore de Balzac. 1890. 

(Great writers.) 92 B2i8we 

Bibliography, apx. p. 1-15. 

"The best part of Mr. Wedmore's book is the biographical. It is accurate 

in matters of detail, and on the whole judiciously discriminative... 

Written with sufficient ease, grace, and spirit to deserve more than 

one reading." Nation, 1890. 

Wormeley, Katharine Prescott. Memoir of Honore de • 

Balzac. 1892 92 B218W 

List of Balzac's writings, p. 3 5 7-364. 

Taken partly from the narrative of his sister, Mme Surville. More 
biographical than critical. 

BANCROFT, Hubert Howe. 

Literary industries; a memoir. 1890 q92 B223 

In 1852 Mr Bancroft established an extensive book business in San 
Francisco and began to collect books and documents relating to the 
Pacific states, acquiring 60,000 volumes, tracts and mss. Upon this 
library, which was elaborately indexed, he founded his "History of the 
Pacific states" in 39 volumes. This book tells the story of his great 

BARLOW, Joel. 

Todd, Charles Burr. Life and letters of Joel Barlow, 

with extracts from his works. 1886 92 B248t 

Joel Barlow (175 5-1 8 12) was a prominent figure in early American 
literature. His verse for the most part is stilted and declamatory, but 
his "Hasty pudding," a poetical reminiscence of New England among 
Italian scenes, still affords pleasant reading, and is genuinely humor- 

BARNATO, Barnett Isaacs. 

Raymond, Harry. B. I. Barnato; a memoir. 1897 92 B2S3r 

Barnato was a notorious South African speculator and diamond-mine 

BARNEVELDT, Jan van Olden. 

Motley, John Lothrop. Life and death of John of Barne- 
veld; with a view of the primary causes of the Thirty 


years war. 2v 92 6256111 

"An account of what is known in the Netherlands as the 'Twelve 
Years' Truce.* It was a turbulent period of intrigues between the 
conflict that for more than forty years had been raging in Holland, 
and that greater struggle which engrossed the energies of all Central 
Europe for more than a quarter of a century." C. K. Adams. 

BARRIE, James Matthew. 

Hammerton, J. A. J. M. Barrie and his books; biographical 

and critical studies. 1900 '. 92 B2662h 

"Barriana," p.255-257; bibliography of Barrie's works, p.258-264. 
Does not pretend to be a formal biography, nor a comprehensive critical 
study, but aims to supply biographical and bibliographical data. 

BARRIE, Mrs Margaret (Ogilvy). 

Barrie, James Matthew. Margaret Ogilvy. 1896 92 B266b 

This memoir of Barrie's mother is eloquent of family love and filial 
devotion and respect. It deals most delicately with the tender and 
intimate relations between a mother and her son, and reveals an in- 
dividual character, shrewd, mirthful, pious and intensely human. It 
necessarily includes much that relates to her son's life and work. 

BARRY, John, commodore. 

Griffin, Martin Ignatius Joseph. History of Commodore 

John Barry. 1897 92 B272g 

Reprinted from the records of the American Catholic historical society. 
Distinguished naval commander of the American revolution. Served 
from 177s to 1803. 

BARTHOLDY, Felix Mendelssohn-. See MENDELSSOHN- 

BARTLETT, Gen. William Francis. 

Palfrey, Gen. Francis Winthrop. Memoir of William 

Francis Bartlett. 1878 92 B278P 

Tribute to one of Massachusetts' leaders in the Civil war. 

"The story told in Mr. Palfiey's pages is a deeply interesting one. 

Among all the officers of the Volunteer army to whom the war brought 

early distinction and rapid promotion. General Bartlett is conspicuous 

*by his coolness and gallantry and the beauty of his character." 

Nation, 1877. 

BARTOLOMMEO, Fra. See Artists, p.1277. 
BARTON, Thomas H. 

Autobiography of Dr T. H. Barton, the self-made phy- 
sician of Syracuse, Ohio, including a history of the 

Fourth reg't West Va. vol. inf y. 1890 r92 B2832 

BARTON, Gen. William. 

Williams, Mrs Catherine R. (Arnold). Biography of Revo- 
lutionary heroes; the life of Brigadier Gen. William 
Barton and also of Capt. Stephen Olney. 1839 r92 B283W 

Barton (i 748-1831) is famous for the surprise and capture of the British 
general, Robert Prescott, who had made himself offensive to the 
Rhode Island Whigs. Olney (1755-1832) was an officer in the 
Revolutionary army. 


Journal of a young artist, 1860-1884; tr. by M. J. Serrano. 

1889 92 B291 

**It is not alone the outspoken wit, longing, and opinions of a girl writ- 
ing for her own heart, and poising for her public at the same moment, 
but the self-revelation of a gifted and forceful nature, working itself 
out through successive phases of a life which, concentrated into a 
few short years, leaves an impression almost complete in its distinct- 
ness." Atlantic monthly, 1889. 

Last confessions, and Correspondence with Guy de Mau- 
passant! 1901 ■ 92 B291I 

"Interest is the same as that which gave the first diaries their populari- 
ty; but the present volume is more painful, covering as it does the 


last year of that brilliant, ambitious and restless creature.. .We see 
Marie making fashions, but no friends; criticizing society, pining for 
real expert praise of her pictures, flirting with Guy de Maupassant in 
a series of letters under a mask of anonymity; and over all... the 
restless energy, so soon faded, of the consumptive." Athenaum, 1901. 

BASS, Edward, bp. 

Addison, Daniel Dulany. Life and times of Edward Bass, 

first bishop of Massachusetts. 1897 92 B295a 

Account of the establishment of the Episcopal church in Puritan Massa- 
chusetts; the ecclesiastical causes of the Revolution; the history of the 
parishes during the war, and the consecration and influence of the 
first bishop. 

BASTIEN-LEPAGE, Jules. See Artists, p.1270. 

BATCHELOR, Charles William. 

Incidents in my life, with a family genealogy. 1887 r92 B311 

Mr Batchelor (1823-96) was born in Steubenville, Ohio, but lived much 
of his life in Pittsburgh. He was at one time captain of the "Alle- 
gheny" en the Pittsburgh and Cincinnati steamboat line, held interests 
in other steamboat lines, and from 1861 to 1865 was surveyor of the 
port at Pittsburgh. He was a prominent Mason and received the 
highest degree that can be conferred by that order. 

BAUER, Karoline Philippine Auguste. 

Posthumous memoirs; fr. the German. 2v. 1884 92 B32S 

The author, a German actress, gives us a strange picture of court life 
and intrigues in the middle of the 19th century. 

BAYARD, Pierre du Terrail, chevalier de. 

Mailles, Jacques de, called Le loyal serviteur. History of 
Bayard, the good chevalier sans peur et sans reproche; 
tr. into English from the French of Loredan Larchey. 
1883 q92 B333m 

Author was Bayard's secretary. His account, published in 1527, is the 
source of much of the information concerning Bayard. Illustrated 
with drawings and reproductions of old prints. 

"Chivalry, deprived of fantastic extravagance, is perfectly mirrored in 
the character of Bayard, (1476-1524). He combined the merits of a 
skilful tactician with the romantic heroism, piety and magnanimity of 
the ideal knight-errant." 

BAZZI, Giovanni Antonio, called Sodoma. 5"^^ Artists, p. 1283. 

BEACONSFIELD, Benjamin Disraeli, earl of. 

Froude, James Anthony. Lord Beaconsfield. 1893. 
' (Prime ministers of Queen Victoria.) 92 B342f 

"Three fifths of it are occupied with the early history and struggles of 
Mr. Disraeli down to the fall of Sir Robert Peel... The romantic in- 
terest attaching to the beginning of his marvellous career is so great 
that we should not blame his biographer for devoting only the lesser 
of the two portions of the book to the succeeding thirty-five years 
had that remainder been entirely given to the life and actions of the 
leader and reconstructor of the Tory party." Athenceum, 1890, 

Gorst, Harold Edward. Earl of Beaconsfield. 1900. (Vic- 
torian era series.) 92 B342g 

"An excellent life... from the public point of view." Athenceum, 1900. 

Punch. Benjamin Disraeli, earl of Beaconsfield, in up- 
wards of 100 cartoons from the collection of "Mr 

Punch." 1878 qr92 B342P 


Symons, Arthur. Aubrey Beardsley. 1898 92 B343S 

Short critical and appreciative essay with no biographical details. Illus- 
trated with six of Beardsley's drawings and three portraits. 

BEATRICE d'ESTE, duchess of Milan. 

Cartwright, Julia Mary, afterward Mrs Ady. Beatrice 
d*Este, duchess of Milan, 1475-1497; a study of the re- 


naissance. 1899 92 634530 

"Authorities," p.9-11. 

"Not restricted to the incidents of family relations and court society. 
It shows in a hundred ways how thoroughly Renaissance life was 
steeped in classicism, it investigates the political aims of Ludovico, 
it enters upon the relations of Venice with the northern states of Italy 
and it brings the French across the Alps . . . Her knowledge of docu- 
ments and skilful use of detail could be used to advantage on the same 
line for a long time to come." Nation, 1900. 

BEAUHARNAIS, Eugene de, prince. 

Pulitzer, Albert. Romance of Prince Eugene. 2v. 1895.. 92 B348P 

Considers the Napoleonic era from the standpoint of Eugene, Napoleon's 
adopted son, called for his courage, purity and nobility the "modern 
Bayard." His military and political career is traced, together with the 
story of his marriage and family life. Contains many letters of in- 

BECK, James Burnie. 

United States — Congress. Memorial addresses on the life 
and character of James B. Beck, (a senator from Ken- 
tucky), delivered in the Senate and House of repre- 
sentatives, Aug. 23d and Sept. 13th, 1890. 1891. (51st 
cong. 2d sess. Senate. Misc. doc. no.26.) qr92 B363U 

BECKET, Thomas a, St. See THOMAS A BECKET, St. 

BECKLEY, Mary Emily. 

Loomis, S. C. In memoriam of Mary Emily Beckley; 

funeral discourse. 1878 r92 C734m 

Bound with "Memorial of Henry G. Comingo." 


Life and adventures of James P. Beckwpurth, mountaineer, 
scout, pioneer and chief of the Crow nation of Indians; 
written from his own dictation by T. D. Bonner; ed. 
with preface by C. G. Leland. 1892. (Adventure 
series.) 92 B368b 

Beckwourth (1798- 1867) was a mulatto who had great influence with 
the Indians and led a most adventurous life. He figures in many 
books of Western travel. 

BEECHER, Henry Ward. 

Barrows, John Henry. Henry Ward Beecher, the Shake- 
speare of the pulpit. 1893. (American reformers.) 92 B378ba 

Short, interesting and popular biography of the noted preacher. 

Beecher, William Constantine, & Scoville, Samuel. Biog- 
raphy of Henry Ward Beecher. 1888 92 B378b 

Work by Beecher's son and son-in-law, based upon the rough outline of 
an autobiography which he himself had planned. Contains many let- 
ters and personal reminiscences. 

BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van, comp. 

Brevier; sammlung der von ihm ausgezogenen stellen aus 
dichtern und schriftstellern, nebst einer darstellung von 
Beethovens geistiger entwicklung; hrsg. von Ludwig 
Nohl. 1870 r92 B383b 

Collection of passages from poets and prose writers, ancient and modem, 
selected by Beethoven, together with a sketch of Beethoven's mental 
development by Ludwig Nohl, a modern German writer on musical 

BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van. 

Letters, 1790-1826; tr. by Lady Wallace. 2v. 1867 r92 B383 

Contains those from the first Nohl collection and 66 letters to the 
archduke Rudolph. 


BEETHOVEN, Ludwig y2Ln— continued. 

Breuning, Gerhard von. Aus dem Schwarzspahierhause; 
erinnerungen an Beethoven aus meiner jugendzeit. 
1874 r92 B383br 

Personal recollections by Stephen von Breuning's son, who was ii years 
old when Beethoven died, and was much with him during the last 
years of his life. The von Breuning family were for years Beethoven's 
closest friends. 

Frimmel, Theodor. Neue Beethoveniana. 1888 r92 B383f 

Five studies of Beethoven's life and work. Not to be confounded with 
another work with a similar title by Nottebohm published in 1878. 

Lenz, Wilhelm von. Beethoven; eine kunststudie. 5v. in 

3. 1855-60 r92 B383I 

V.I. Das leben des meisters. 

v. 2. Der styl in Beethoven. — Die mit- und nachwelt Beethovens. — Der 
Beethoven-status quo in Russland. 

V.3-S. Katalog sammtlicher werke Beethovens, mit analysen. 

"Largely rhapsodical, but inspired by genuine enthusiasm for Bee- 
thoven's genius and well calculated to promote appreciation of his 
works." H. E. Krehbiel. 

Marx, Adolph Bernhard. Ludwig van Beethoven; leben 

und schaffen. 2v. in i. 1863 r92 B383ma 

"A critical biography written with ardent sympathy and in a sanely 
poetical style, with analysis of the larger compositions of Beethoven 
which give it a place not filled by any English biography." H. E. 

Moscheles, Ignaz, ed. Life of Beethoven, including the 

biography by Schindler, Beethoven's correspondence 

with his friends, and The life and characteristics of 

Beethoven, by Heinrich Doring. 1841 .92 B383m 

Systematically arranged index of the works of Beethoven, P.38S-390. 

The same. 1841 r92 B383m 

Schindler was the intimate companion of Beethoven, and for several 
years lived in his house as a sort of secretary. 

Miihlbrecht, Otto. Beethoven und seine werke. 1S66. . . .ryoi L33 

List of Beethoven's works, P.7T-115. 

Bound with Lasaulx's "Philosophic der schonen kunste." 

Nohl, Ludwig. Life of Beethoven. 1881. (Biographies 

of musicians.) 92 B383n 

The same. 1881. (Biographies of musicians.) r92 B383n 

Condensed from the German biography in three volumes. 

"Nohl is said to be inaccurate, and he is certainly diffuse, but I for 
one owe him a debt of gratitude for his various publications, the in- 
formation in which can be found nowhere else." Grove's Dictionary 
of music. 

Nohl, Ludwig. Eine stille Hebe zu Beethoven. 1875 1*92 B383ni 

Rudall, H. A. Beethoven. 1890. (Great musicians.) 92 B383r 

Catalogue of Beethoven's printed works, p. 15 3-1 65. 
Trustworthy and readable short biography. 

Schindler, Anton. Biographic von Ludwig van Beethoven. 

2v. in I. i860 r92 B383S 

"The intimate relations which existed between Schindler and Beethoven 
during the last few years of the latter's life give great worth to the 
book as an original source of information." H. E. Krehbiel, 

Wasielewski, Joseph Wilhelm von. Ludwig van Bee- 
thoven, [in German]. 2v. in i. 1888 r92 B383W 

BEGAS, Reinhold. See Artists, p. 1207. 
BELLINI, Giovanni. See Artists, p.1277. 
BENIOWSKY, Moric Agoston, grof. 

Memoirs and travels in Siberia, Kamchatka, Japan, Liukiu 

islands and Formosa. 1893. (Adventure series.) 92 B435 


BENSON, Edward White, abp. of Canterbury. 

Benson, Arthur Christopher. Life of Edward White Ben- 
son, archbishop of Canterbury. 1901 92 B443b 

Abridged from the first two-volume issue. 

"Many circumstances combined to invest the fourteen years of his Pri- 
macy [1882-96] with exceptional importance. . .The. . .book is an im- 
portant contribution to the ecclesiastical history of this century. . .It is 
also extremely good reading, and contains more than the ordinary 
proportion of racy and humorous anecdotes. . .We lay down these vol- 
umes. . .with a greatly enhanced opinion of the late Primate's ability, a 
juster estimate of his great work for the Church of England, and a 
warm affection for his interesting and complex personality." Satur- 
day review, 1900. 

Bernard, John Henry. Archbishop Benson in Ireland; a 

record of his Irish sermons and addresses, 1896. 1896. .92 B443be 

BENTINCK, Lord William Cavendish. 

Boulger, Demetrius Charles von Kavanagh. Lord William 

Bentinck. 1892. (Rulers of India.) 92 B444b 

BENTLEY, Richard. 

Jebb, Sir Richard Claverhouse. Bentley. [1882.] (Eng- 
lish men of letters.) 92 B445J 

Bibliography, p. 5-6. 

"The restoration of classical learning in England was effected by a few 
great scholars of various countries. Among these Bentley (1672- 
1742) represents England, and he begins a new epoch." Dictionary 
of national biography. 

BENTON, Thomas Hart. 

Roosevelt, Theodore. Thomas Hart Benton. 1891. 

(American statesmen.) 92 B4453r 

The same. 1899. (American statesmen.) r92 B44S3ri 

"Benton [1782-1858] is worth studying both as a type and individual. 
Mr. Roosevelt has most correctly shown that he is a representative of 
the West in its early generation, as distinguished at once from the East 
and the South ... In his account of the strife of parties during the 
administrations of Jackson, Van Buren, and Tyler, the author has 
aimed to combine a reasonable regard for the demands, motives and 
passions of the time with the coolness of a philosophic historian." 
Nation, 1888. 

BfiRANGER, Pierre Jean de. 

Memoirs, written by himself. 1858 92 B448 

Gives the principal events of his poetic and political life. 

"In all his works, in lyrics of levity, of politics, of worldly reflection, — 
B6ranger. . .has given us an idea of the essential French character, 
such as we fancy it must be, but can never for ourselves hope to see 
that it is." Bagehot's Literary studies. 

BERKELEY, George. 

Eraser, Alexander Campbell. Berkeley. 1894 92 B4SSf 

Berkeley (1684-1753) was one of the most profound and original of 
English philosophers. He lived for several years near Newport, R. I. 
and gave a strong stimulus to philosophical and classical studies in 
America. This small biography presents Berkeley's philosophy in con- 
nection with his personal history. 

Eraser, Alexander Campbell. Life and letters of George 

Berkeley. 1871 92 B4S5fi 

The same. 1871 r92 B4SSf i 

Collects all ascertainable information with large selections from Berke- 
ley's papers, including diaries of his travels. 

BERLIOZ, Hector. 

Autobiography. 2v. 1894 92 B4SS3 

"A necessary hdp to a study of the eccentric French genius, but as a 
literary work woefully deficient in that it has no index and few refer- 
eneet to datea." H, B, KrehbieL 


BERNARD, St. abbot of Clairvaux. 

Morison, James Cotter. Life and times of St. Bernard, 

abbot of Clairvaux. 1889 92 B456m 

Bernard exercised great influence on the intellectual and spiritual life 
of his time and was one of the controlling forces of ecclesiastical 
politics of Europe. His Was the strongest influence in prevailing upon 
France and England to recognize Innocent II as pope in opposition to 
the rival claimant, and his preaching is largely responsible for the 
second crusade. 

"A book which was praised by Mark Pattison, Matthew Arnold, and 
Cardinal Manning. It shows great historical knowledge and a keen 
interest in the mediaeval church." Dictionary of national biography, 

BERNARD, Claude. 

Foster, Sir Michael. Claude Bernard. 1899. (Masters of 

medicine.) 92 B4562f 

"No one, perhaps, is better fitted to give an account of the French 
master of modern physiology than Sir Michael Foster, himself the rep- 
resentative physiologist of England, and the founder of the Cambridge 
school. But Sir Michael has hardly done justice to himself or his 
subject. . .The early chapters are hastily and rather carelessly written 
. . . There is a good portrait of Claude Bernard . . . and a sufficient in- 
dex." Literature, 1899. 


Huret, Jules. Sarah Bernhardt; tr. by G. A. Raper. 1899. .92 B4S7h 

Chiefly an accumulation of dates, facts and events purporting to have 

been taken from the actress's own lips. 
"The best things in this book are the illustrations and two pages and 

a half of the preface by M. Rostand." Spectator, 1899. 

BERRY, Marie Caroline de Bourbon, duchesse de. 

Imbert de Saint-Amand, Arthur Leon, baron. Duchess of 

Berry and the court of Charles X. 1894 92 B4S9S 

Second volume of the series. Presents a picture of the intrigues of the 
French court and the causes which finally led to the revolution of 

Imbert de Saint-Amand, Arthur Leon, baron. Duchess of 

Berry and the court of Louis XVIH. 1892 92 B459sa 

The duchess of Berry (1798-1870) was the wife of Charles Ferdinand, 
duke of Berry and mother to the comte de Chambord. This, the first 
of a series of three volumes on the duchess of Berry, covers her girl- 
hood and brief married life. 

Imbert de Saint-Amand, Arthur Leon, baron. Duchess of 

Berry and the revolution of 1830. 1893 92 B459sai 

Third and final volume on the duchess of Berry. Describes abdication 
and flight of Charles X and accession of Louis Philippe. 

BERRY, Mary. 

Extracts of her journals and correspondence, from 1783 to 

1852. 3v. 1865 92 B4S91 

Biographical sketch of Miss Berry, v.i, p. 13-41. 

For over 70 years Mary Berry and her sister Agnes were constantly in 
society both at home and abroad and, having peculiar social talents 
and literary tastes and pursuits, they knew well the most distinguished 
people of that long period. Horace Walpole was an intimate friend 
and Miss Berry's first literary task was editing his works. 

BERZELIUS, Johan Jakob, baron, & Schonbein, C. F. 

Letters, 1836-1847; ed. by G. W. A. Kahlbaum, tr. by F. V. 

Darbishire and N. V. Sidgwick. 1900 92 B46S 

Berzelius (i 779-1 847) enriched and developed chemistry to an extent not 
exceeded by any other man. Perhaps his greatest contributions to 
chemistry were his development of the atomic theory, his electro- 
chemical theory, and his dualistic system. Schonbein (1799- 1868) is 
chiefly known as the discoverer of ozone and gun-cotton. The letters 
are chiefly devoted to ozone, gun-cotton and theoretical subjects. 


BESANT, Sir Walter. 

Autobiography. 1902 92 B466 

''Interesting just as Sir Walter's novels were interesting. . .not thrilling, 
not great in any way, but full of the interest that went with his per- 
sonality." Critic, 1902. 

BETHAM-EDWARDS, Matilda. See EDWARDS, Matilda 


Life and times of Thomas Betterton. [Anonymous.] 

1888 r92 B468 

Distinguished actor of the latter half of the 17th century, who was in- 
timate with Dryden and with others of the most intellectual men of 
his time. 

BEUST, Friedrich Ferdinand, graf von. 

Memoirs. 2v. 1887 r92 B469 

Statesman and diplomatist of Saxony and Austria who was Bismarck's 
chief political opponent during the decade preceding the Austro-Prus- 
sian war. , 

BEWICK, Thomas. 

Dobson, Austin. Thomas Bewick and his pupils. 1884.. .92 B4692d 

Appeared, in an abridged form, in the "Century magazine," v.24, 1882. 

"Besides being an engraver, he was, in his own way, an artist of re- 
markable capacity as a faithful interpreter of animal life, and a genu- 
ine humourist of a sub-Hogarthian type... As an engraver Bewick 
has been justly styled the restorer of wood engraving in England. 
It is to the impulse which it received from his individual genius that its 
revival as an art must be ascribed." Dictionary of national biography, 

BfiZE, Theodore de. 

Baird, Henry Martyn. Theodore Beza, counsellor of the 

French reformation, 15 19- 1605. 1899 92 B469b 

Bibliography, p. 17-21. 

"Of the heroes of the Reformation Theodore Beza is by no means the 
least attractive. His course of activity was long and brilliant. He 
presided over the Reformed Church in the French-speaking coun- 
tries through a protracted series of years, its recognized counsellor and 
leader in times of peril both to Church and to State. The friend of 
Calvin, he was also the friend 'and adviser of Henry IV until within 
five years of that monarch's end." Preface. 

BIDDLE, Charles. 

Autobiography, 1745-1821. 1883 r92 B47S 

Born in Philadelphia in 1745, he followed the sea in early life, later he 
was vice-president of the Supreme executive council of Pennsylvania 
and held other offices. He was a friend of Franklin and Burr, and 
the book contains hitherto unpublished letters from Burr and others. 
He was the father of Nicholas Biddle, the financier, of Richard Biddle 
of Pittsburgh, and of James Biddle, the distinguished naval officer. 

BIENVILLE, Jean Baptiste Lemoine, sieur de. 

King, Grace. Jean Baptiste le Moyne, sieur de Bienville, 

[in English]. 1893. (Makers of America.) 92 B476k 

"Among the makers of America, Bienville was by no means the least. 
He was one of the party who first discovered the mouth of the 
Mississippi from the south in 1699, 17 years after La Salle had reached 
that point from the north. . .19 years after he first saw the Mississippi, 
Bienville founded New Orleans. . .Found faithful in many trusts and 
equal to every emergency, he rose step by step to the Governorship 
of Louisiana, and continued in public service there for 25 years before 
returning to France." Nation, 1893. 

BIRNEY, James Gillespie. 

Birney, William. James G. Birney and his times; the 
genesis of the Republican party, with some account 
of abolition movements in the South before 1828. 1890. .92 B49ib 

"Anti-slavery books before 1831," p.382-388. 

Although Birney (1792-1857) was born in Kentucky and lived half his 
life in the South, he was always in favor of the emancipation of the 


slaves, and for years devoted himself entirely to that work. He wat 
the candidate of the "Liberty" party for president in 1840 and 1844. 

BISMARCK-SCHONHAU^EN, Otto Eduard Leopold, furst 
Bismarck, the man & the statesman; reflections and remi- 
niscences written after his retirement from office. 2v. 
1899 92 B497bi 

Valuable for sidelight, particularly to students of political history, who 
care little for the lighter matters of personality and anecdote. 

Love letters of Bismarck; letters to his fiancee and wife, 

1846-1889. 1901 92 B497ly 

"Reveals Bismarck in an entirely new light. The self-portraiture shows 
a forcible tenderness that will surprise such as associate only shrewd 
insight and bull-dog tenacity with the statesman. . .This volume is a 
part of history." Saturday review, 1901. 

Table-talk. 1895 92 B497 

Based on Herr von Poschinger's five volumes of Bismarck's table-talk, 
compiled from a great variety of sources, private communications, etc., 
and covering his life from boyhood to his retirement in 1890. 

Andler, Charles. Le prince de Bismarck. 1899 92 B497a 

"Sources," p.395-400. 

General sketch of Bismarck, his character and policy. 

"Author knows the history of the period, is familiar with German life, 
and evidently has read all the voluminous Bismarck literature that is 
worth reading. He writes with creditable control of his national bias." 
Nation, 1899. 

Busch, Moritz. Bismarck; some secret pages of his his- 
tory. 2v. 1898 92 B497bus 

The author entered the German foreign office in 1870 and from that 
time was a special follower and great admirer of Bismarck. After the 
latter's retirement, Dr Busch was still his frequent and intimate guest. 
The foundation of this book is a diary covering 25 years of official 
and private intercourse with the great chancellor. Its publication was 
authorized by Bismarck. It is a most complete and frank record of a 
great man's career written by a devoted adherent. 

Busch, Moritz. Bismarck und sein werk; beitrage zur in- 
neren geschichte der letzen jahre bis 1896, nach tage- 
buchsblattern. 1898 92 B497bu 

Small collection of extracts from Busch's diary and from public and 
private papers to which Bismarck gave him access. 

Busch, Moritz. Our chancellor. 2v. in i. 1884 92 B497b 

Not in any sense a biography of Bismarck, but a series of essays on his 
character and statesmanship, beginning with "the chancellor's pro- 
fession of faith and moral code of statesmanship" and going on to dis- 
cuss separate aspects of his public work, especially his relations with 
Austria, Russia and France. Comes down to 1883. 

Gorlach, Wilhelm. Fiirst Bismarck; eine lebensbeschreib- 

ung. 1885 92 B497g 

Short sketch for younger readers showing the influence he exerted on 
the formation of the Germany of to-day. 

Headlam, James Wycliffe. Bismarck and the foundation 
of the German empire. 1899. (Heroes of the na- 
tions.) 92 B497he 

Popular genei:al view of his life and character. 

"The novelty of Mr. Headlam's work lies in his treatment of the career 

of Bismarck in his later labors as chancellor of the German Empire." 

Dial, 1900. 

Hoche, Jules. The real Bismarck. 1898 92 B497h 

Also published with the title "Bismarck at home." 

The real Bismarck, according to M. Hoche, is first of all a humorist, 
which explains his apparent inconsistencies and exaggerations, also 
the "chameleon-like" charm of his personality. The book is largely a 
compilation of anecdotes from newspapers and the older Bismarck 


BISMARCK-SCHONHAUSEN, Otto Eduard Leopold, fiirst 
von — continued. 
Jacks, William. Life of Prince Bismarck. 1899 92 B497J 

Popular, somewhat superficial and very enthusiastic biography. 

Jahnke, Hermann. Fiirst Bismarck; sein leben und wirken. 

[1899] 92 B497ja 

Comes down to his retirement in 1890. Many portraits and other illus- 

Klaczko, Julian. Two chancellors; Gortchakof and Bis- 
marck. 1876 92 G689k 

Reviews the diplomatic history of Europe, 1855-71, and sketches the 
careers of Gortchakof and Bismarck then (1873) chancellors respec- 
tively of Russia and the German empire and the most friendly allies. 

Kohl, Horst. Fiirst Bismarck; regesten zu einer wissen- 
schaftlichen biographic des ersten deutschen reichs- 
kanzlers. 2v. 1891-92 qr92 B497k 

V.I. 1815-1871. 

V.2. 187I-189O. 

Valuable storehouse of the necessary data for a biography, arranged 
by years. 

Lord, John. Two German giants: Frederic the Great and 
Bismarck, with a character sketch of Bismarck by 
Bayard Taylor, and Bismarck's great speech on the en- 
largement of the German army in 1888. 1894 92 F895I 

Short character sketches. Also included in his "Beacon lights of history." 

Lowe, Charles. Prince Bismarck. 1896 92 B497I0 

"Since the appearance of my large two-volume work, 'Prince Bismarck: 
An Historical Biography,' ten years ago, much fresh material on my 
subject has come to light; and the substance of this up-to-date ma- 
terial — sometimes corrective, sometimes supplementary — I have incor- 
porated in the present sketch." Preface. 

Lowe, Charles. Prince Bismarck; a historical biography. 

2v. 1895 92 B497I 

"Mr. Lowe has studied the sources of information at present avail- 
able with great care; has arranged and presented the results of his 
investigation with no little art and skill; and has written not merely 
a very readable book, but a very creditable history of Bismarck and 
his times." Nation, 1886. 

Poschinger, Heinrich von, camp. Conversations with 
Prince Bismarck; English edition ed. by Sidney Whit- 
man. 1900 92 B497P 

"Herr von Poschinger's official position afforded him unique oppor- 
tunities for collecting authentic details and many entertaining anec- 
dotes about the Iron Chancellor. Mr. Whitman has made selections 
for English purposes from five bulky volumes." Saturday review, 1900. 

Smith, Munroe. Bismarck and German unity; a historical 

outline. 1898 92 B497S 

"Bisidarck literature," p.95-99. 

Covers the entire ground of Bismarck's career and the political in- 
fluences which surrounded him. As a companion volume . to Dr 
Busch's larger work, it will be found not only useful, but very enter- 
taining, and one who has not the time for the larger work will find 
the present volume sufficient to give a clear and rational view of the 
career of the great statesman. Originally published in the New York 
"Evening post" immediately after Bismarck's death. 

Stearns, Frank Preston. Life of Prince Otto von Bis- 
marck. 1899 92 B497st 

Study of his life and character and of his place in history. 

BLACKIE, John Stuart. 

Stoddart, Anna M. John Stuart Blackie; a biography. 2v. 

1895 92 Bsiss 

The author is a warm admirer of the famous Scotchman whom she 


had special facilities for knowing in all moods and under all circum- 
stances; but this biography is an impartial one, doing full justice to 
him and at the same time not concealing his limitations and incon- 

BLACKWOOD, William. 

Oliphant, Mrs Margaret Oliphant (Wilson). Annals of a 

publishing house; William Blackwood and his sons, 

their magazine and friends. 3v. 1897-98 92 B5170 

v. I and 2, which are all that Mrs Oliphant lived to complete, bring the 
history of the Blackwood firm down to 1861 and are valuable for the 
sidelights they throw on the literary history of the period. Of them 
the London "Athenaeum" says: "They form a most interesting record 
of the doings of a famous publishing house, which has always stood 
high, not only for the many notable books it has produced, but for 
the integrity and liberality which have distinguished its dealings with 
author and public." v.3, "John Blackwood," is by his daughter, Mrs 

BLAINE, James Gillespie. 

Hamilton, Gail, (pseud, of Mary Abigail Dodge). Biogra- 
phy of James G. Blaine. 1895 92 B522h 

"This is not in reality a biography at all; it is the history of a family, 
written by a kinswoman who was practically an inmate of the house- 
hold . . . Mr. Blaine has often been compared with Henry Clay, but this 
biography shows how small was the likeness between them. Both 
were energetic, magnetic leaders, speakers of the House, secretaries of 
state, repeatedly disappointed candidates for the presidency. But 
Clay was a great figure, and filled a great place; while of Blaine 
the best-intentioned biographer makes out a man genial, kindly, eager, 
shrewd, renowned, but not extraordinary." A. B. Hart, in American 
historical review, 1897. 

BLAKE, Admiral Robert. 

Dixon, William Hepworth. Robert Blake, admiral and 

general at sea; based on family and state papers. 1852. .92 B527d 

Blake was among the first to join the parliamentary forces in 1642 and 
after a notable career on shore was appointed one of the commanders 
of the fleet, and it was at sea that his greatest reputation was gained. 

"More even than by his glory and by his success the memory of Blake 
is dear to the English people by the traditions of his chivalrous char- 
acter and of his unselfish patriotism." Dictionary of national biogra- 

Hannay, David. Admiral Blake. 1886. (English 

worthies.) 92 B527h 

"He does not unduly glorify his hero. The sea fights are made intelli- 
gible to the non-professional reader and there is also an interesting 
chapter on the navy of the commonwealth." English historical review, 

BLAKE, Williahi. 

Garnett, Richard. William Blake, painter and poet. 1895. 

(Portfolio monographs.) qr92 B528g 

William Blake (i 757-1827) must always be one of the most interesting 
figures in art. His position is exceptional, for his fame as a poet 
has fully rivaled his fame as a painter. The present volume considers 
both his literary and artistic work. 

Swinburne, Algernon Charles. William Blake, with illus- 
trations from Blake's designs in facsimile. 1868 r92 B528S 

The same. 1906 92 B528S 

Does not contain illustrations. 

"Mr. Swinburne shows himself master of his purpose, which is to set 

forth the ideas of Blake in religion, morality and design." Athenceum, 



Journal, 1780-1783; tr. by William Duane and ed. by 

Thomas Balch. 1876 r92 BS32 

Blanchard was sent to America in 1780 as commissary-in-chief of the 
French forces under Gen. Rochambeau. While his Journal gives but 


few military details it contains much that is interesting concerning the 
organization and discipline of the French forces, and some glimpses of 
American society. 

BLESSINGTON, Margaret (Power) Gardiner, countess of. 
Molloy, Joseph Fitzgerald. Most gorgeous Lady Blessing- 
ton. 2v. 1896 92 B548m 

Lady Bkssington was a noted English beauty and wit, a writer and a 
leader of fashion. 

"A curious, sad and interesting life, a picture of literary society and 

a collection of anecdotes about its members . . . Lord Byron especially 
is a wonderful portrait in a few pages... Poor Lady Blessington is 
throughout more natural than any of her courtiers; she remains the 
beautiful, charming, sensitive, clever, good-natured, unaffected and 
unlucky Margaret Power to the end." Nation, 1896. 

BLISS, Philip Paul. 

Whittle, D. W. Memoirs of Philip P. Bliss. 1877 92 B553W 

Philip Paul Bliss (1838-76) was a well-known evangelist, and a popular 
composer and singer of sacred songs. 

BLOOMFIELD, Georgiana (Liddell), baroness. 

Reminiscences of court and diplomatic life. 2v. 1883.... 92 B562 

Baroness Bloomfield before her marriage was maid of honor to Queen 
Victoria, and for nearly 30 years after that lived at St. Petersburg, 
Berlin and Vienna, when Lord Bloomfield was ambassador at those 
courts. During those years she also traveled extensively on the conti- 
nent and met most of the great social and political personages of the 

BLUEBEARD. See RETZ, Gilles de Laval, baron de. 

BOCCACCIO, Giovanni. 

Symonds, John Addington. Giovanni Boccaccio as man 

and author. 1895 92 B576S 

"The literature of modern as distinguished from mediaeval Europe began 
with three Italian poets — Dante, Petrarch and Boccaccio [1313-75]... 
We have to estimate Boccaccio, not only as the author of the 'Decam- 
eron,' not only as the poet who controlled the course of Italian litera- 
ture in its main currents for three hundred years, but also as the 
founder of Greek studies and Petrarch's ablest lieutenant in the pio- 
neering work of the Revival." Symonds's Boccaccio. 

BONAPARTE, Mme Elizabeth (Patterson). 

Didier, Eugene Lemoine. Life and letters of Madame 

Bonaparte. 1879 r92 B6i8id 

Mme Bonaparte was an American, daughter of a Baltimore merchant, 
who married Jerome Bonaparte, the brother of Napoleon, in 1803. 

BONAPARTE, Joseph, king of Spain. See JOSEPH BONA- 
PARTE, king of Spain. 
BONAPARTE, Louis Napoleon. See NAPOLEON III, em- 
peror of the French. 
BONAPARTE, Mme Marie Laetitia (Ramolino). 

Tschudi, Clara. Napoleon's mother. 1900 92 B6i82t 

Bibliography, p. 11. 

"She [Lctitia Bonaparte] is usually credited with colossal greed and 
an unpleasant partiality toward certain members of her family. In 
the present sketch these hard lines of character are a good deal 
softened by the emphasis which is placed upon her self control, in 
prosperity and misfortune alike... A well-prepared sketch." Nation, 

BONAPARTE, Napoleon. See NAPOLEON I, emperor of 

the French. 
BOND, William Cranch. 

Holden, Edward Singleton. Memorials of William Cranch 

Bond and George Phillips Bond. 1897 92 B622h 

List of the scientific writings of W. C. Bond and G. P. Bond, by R. F. 

Bond, p.276-291. 
The Bonds, father and son, had charge of the Harvard college observa- 


tory from its foundation in 1840 down to 1865, and hold a leading 
place among American astronomers. 

BONHEUR, Rosa. See Artists, p.1270. 

BOONE, Daniel. 

Abbott, John Stevens Cabot. Daniel Boone, pioneer of 

Kentucky. 1898 92 B63ia 

The same. 1900 J92 B63ia 

Short biofi^raphy, written for young people, of the famous pioneer, hunter 
and Indian fighter. 

Ellis, Edward Sylvester, ipseud. Col. H. R. Gordon). Life 
and times of Daniel Boone, with sketches of Simon 
Kenton and Lewis Wetzel. 1884 92 B63ie 

"Popular account of a notable life, written in a pleasing style, occasion- 
ally rhetorical. A boys* book." Larned's Literature of American his- 

Hartley, Cecil B. Life and times of Daniel Boone, to 

which is added Boone's autobiography. 1859 92 B63ih 

The autobiography is the foundation of most of the biographies of 

BOOTH, Mrs Catherine (Mumford). 

Stead, William Thomas. Mrs Booth of the Salvation 

army. 1900 92 B6312S 

Enthusiastic eulogy of Mrs William Booth, the "mother" of the Salva- 
tion army. 

BOOTH, Edwin. 

Copeland, Charles Townsend. Edwin Booth. 1901. 

(Beacon biographies of eminent Americans.) 92 B632C 

Bibliography, p. 157-159- 

"Compact and comprehensive ... A most intelligent and sympathetic appre- 
ciation of the actor and the man in which cordial recognition of his 
genius and his virtues is mingled with judicious criticism." Nation,, 

Grossmann, Mrs Edwina (Booth). Edwin Booth; recol- 
lections by his daughter and letters to her and to his 

friends. 1894. 92 B632g 

These recollections of the great actor by his only child are most inter- 
esting, bringing out the side of Mr Booth which was seen only by his 
family and friends. 

Winter, William. Life and art of Edwin Booth. 1893 92 B632 

Appreciative biography, somewhat lacking in details but valuable for 
its studies of the actor's chief impersonations; many interesting 

BOOTHBY, Charles. 

A prisoner of France; the memoirs, diary and corre- 
spondence of Charles Boothby, during his last cam- 
paign, [1809-1810]. 1898 92 B633 

Charles Boothby (i 786-1 846), captain in the Royal British engineers, 
while recovering from a serious wound received during the campaign 
in the Peninsula in 1809, fell into the hands of the French and was 
detained as prisoner of war. His memoirs tell the story of his captiv- 
ity and of the treatment accorded him by a courteous enemy. 
Under England's flag, 1804-1809; memoirs, diary and cor- 
respondence; comp. by M. S. B. & C. E. B. 1900 92 B633U 

"Sincere and straightforward description of campaigning in the two 
Sicilies and the Peninsula, with passages concerning Sir John Moore's 
expedition to Sweden. . .'A Prisoner of France*. . . [describes] the later 
acts of Capt. Boothby in the Peninsula war." Nation, 1901. 

BORROMEO, Carlo, St. abp. of Milan. 

Thompson, Edward Healy. Life of S. Charles Bor- 

romeo 92 B63pit 

Italian cardinal and archbishop of Milan in the i6th century. He ac- 


complished great reforms in the church' in his large diocese, taking 
special interest in the education of persons intended for holy orders. 
This account was first published in 1858. 

BORROW, George. 

Knapp, William Ireland. Life, writings and correspond- 
ence of George Borrow, (1803-1881); based on official 
and other authentic sources. 2v. 1899 .92 B639k 

Chronological bibliography of the writings of George Borrow, v. 2, p.343- 

The author of "The Bible in Spain" and "Lavengro" has for the first 
time a full and authentic biography. After his death in 1881 Professor 
Knapp, late of Yale, made a collection of his printed books, the maga- 
zines that contained his early fugitive pieces, and the articles that 
discussed him and his works. Eventually he also secured his papers, 
the correspondence of half a century and more, his manuscripts, and 
the scattered remains of his library. From this mass of authentic 
records it now became possible for the first time, to give a full and 
reliable account of his origin, his early struggles and employments, 
his later triumphs, his withdrawal from the "trumpery society of 
London," and also to explain his disinclination to furnish correct data 
for his personal history. 

BOSWELL, James. 

Leask, William Keith. James Boswell. 1896. (Famous 

Scots series.) 92 B645I 

Short but satisfactory account of Johnson's famous biographer. 

BOTTICELLI, Sandro. See Artists, p.1277. 
BOUCHER, Francois. See Artists, p. 1270. 

Boudinot, Jane J. Life, public services, addresses and let- 
ters of Elias Boudinot. 2v. 1896 92 B652b 

Elias Boudinot (i 740-1 821) was an American patriot and philanthropist, 
and was made president of the Continental congress, 1782. 

BOUGAINVILLE, Louis Antoine de. 

Roy, Just Jean fitienne. Bougainville, [in French]. 

1883 r92 B653r 

Bougainville was a Frenchman who went to Canada as aide-de-camp of 
Montcalm, and was at the battle of Quebec. In 1763 he left the army 
for the navy. He explored the Straits of Magellan, visited a great 
number of the Pacific islands, coasted New Ireland and New Guinea, 
and returned to France by the Cape of Good Hope. 

BOUQUET, Gen. Henry. 

Cort, Cyrus, ed. Bouquet celebration on Bushy Run bat- 
tlefield in Westmoreland county, Pa., Aug. 6, 1883. 
1886 r92 B655C 

Bound with his "Col. Henry Bouquet and his campaigns." 

The same. 1886 r974.844 C82 

Bound with his "Memorial of Enoch Brown and eleven scholars." 

Cort, Cyrus. Col. Henry Bouquet and his campaigns of 

1763 and 1764. 1883 92 B655C 

The same. 1883 r92 B655C 

This sketch of Col. Bouquet and his campaigns against the Indians in 
western Pennsylvania, especially of the expedition for the relief of 
Fort Pitt in 1763, was prepared for the 120th anniversary of his 
victory at Bushy Run, Aug. 6, 1763. 

BOURGOGNE, Adrien Jean Baptiste Francois. 

Memoirs of Sergeant Bourgogne, 1812-1813. 1899 92 B657 

The terrible Russian campaign, the burning of Moscow, and the memora- 
ble retreat are described by a sergeant in Napoleon's Old Guard. The 
events of war as seen by private soldiers are given. The volume is 
illustrated with reproductions of sketches made by an officer of the 
French army during the retreat. 

BOURKE, Richard Southwell, earl of Mayo. See MAYO, 
Richard Southwell Bourke, earl of. 


BOWLES, Samuel. 

Merriam, George Spring. Life and times of Samuel 

Bowles. 2v. 1885 92 B662m 

Mr Bowles (1826-78) was editor of the "Springfield republican." 
"The first interest of the general public in the career of Samuel Bowles 
arises from the fact that he was an eminent journalist. . .his editorial 
work covered the period from the annexation of Texas to the close 
of reconstruction under President Hayes... In the struggle which 
ended in the overthrow of slavery, he was a spectator and actor.'* 

BOWNE, Mrs Eliza (Southgate). 

A girl's life eighty years ago; selections from [her] letters. 

1888 92 B663 

Biography, by Clarence Cook, p. 3-6. 

The same. 1903 J92 B663 

These letters date from 1797 to 1809, forming a record of the life of an 
American beauty and girl of fashion during that period. They are of 
interest for their contemporaneous records, their literary merit and 
the portrait they present of a lovable girl with a striking and individual 

BOWYER, WilHam. 

Nichols, John. Biographical and literary anecdotes of 

William Bowyer and his friends. 1782 qr92 B664n 

Bowyer (1699—1777) was an English printer; Nichols was his apprentice 
and later, his partner. These reminiscences, covering Bowyer's long 
career as a printer, contain much information regarding the publica- 
tions which came from his press, anecdotes of his friends, and other 
literary material. 

BOYCE, Mrs Jane (Harker). 

Ikirt, Mary Holmes. In memoriam Mrs Jane Harker 

Boyce. [1898?] r92 B666i 

BOYD, Andrew Kennedy Hutchinson. 

Last years of St. Andrews, 1890 to 1895. 1896 92 B667I 

Brings the pleasant familiar record of his life down to the beginning of 
1896, three years before his death. 

St. Andrews and elsewhere. 1894 92 B667S 

Continuation of Dr Boyd's reminiscences, devoted to "Men and matters 
ecclesiastical" and "One's real life in the latter years." 

Twenty-five years of St. Andrews, 1865 to 1890. 2v. 1892.. 92 B667 

Dr Boyd, author of the well-known "Recreations of a country parson," 
was minister in the famous old Scottish university town, coming into 
personal contact with the many distinguished people who every year 
find their way to that interesting place. 


Recollections of persons and places in the west. 1868.... r92 B677 

With newspaper clippings and annotations by Judge Veech. 

Mr Brackenridge was born in Pittsburgh, and his book includes recollec- 
tions of the early days of that city as well as of Baltimore, St. Louis 
and the middle west in the first quarter of the 19th century. 

BRADFORD, Andrew. 

Jones, Horatio Gates. Andrew Bradford; an address de- 
livered at the meeting of the Historical society of Penn- 
sylvania, Feb. 9th, 1869. 1869 qr92 B681J 

Bradford was the only printer in Pennsylvania from 1712 to 1723. In 
1 71 9 he began the publication of the first newspaper printed in the 
middle slates, the "American weekly mercury." It was at his printing 
office that Benjamin Franklin found employment on arriving in Phila- 

BRADSTREET, Mrs Anne (Dudley). 

Campbell, Mrs Helen. Anne Bradstreet and her time. 

1891 92 B68SC 

Mrs Bradstreet (1612-72), wife of one of the early colonial governors 
of Massachusetts, was a poet whose work was much praised by her 


contemporaries. This volume contains extracts from her poems, and 
some prose meditations which are more interesting to the modern mind 
than the poetry. 

BRADY, Cyrus Townsend. 

Recollections of a missionary in the great West. 1900 92 B686 

Anecdotes of an Episcopal missionary's hard work in five Western states 
and territories. 

BRAHE, Tycho. 

Dreyer, John Louis Emil. Tycho Brahe; a picture of 

scientific life and work in the i6th century. 1890 92 B688d 

Aims not only to "narrate the various incidents in the life of the great 
astronomer, in some detail, but also to describe his relations with 
contemporary men of science, and review his scientific labours in their 
connection with those of previous astronomers." 

Author is himself an astronomer and director of Armagh observatory 
since 1882. 

BRAHMS, Johannes. 

Dietrich, Albert Hermann, & Widmann, J. V. Recollec- 
tions of Johannes Brahms; tr. by D. E. Hecht. 1899. .92 B6882d 

''Professor Dietrich ... was on most intimate terms with Brahms during 
the years immediately following the latter's introduction to the public. 
The letters carry us... from the year 1853 up to 1874; whereas Dr. J. 
V. Widmann, an eminent Swiss litterateur, is enabled to give us some 
details of the later years of the musician's life (1386-97).'* Transla- 
tor's preface, 


Memoirs of David Brainerd, missionary to the Indians on 
the borders of New- York, New-Jersey and Pennsyl- 
vania; chiefly taken from his own diary, by Jonathan 
Edwards; including his journal, now for the first time 
incorporated with the rest of his diary in a regular 

chronological series by S. E. Dwight. 1822 r92 B689 

Page, Jesse. David Brainerd, the apostle to the North 

American Indians 92 B689P 

Condensed biography. 
Sherwood, James Manning, ed. Memoirs of David Brai- 
nerd, missionary to the Indians; based on the life of 
Brainerd by Jonathan Edwards. 1891 92 B689S 

Contains also an essay on God's hand in missions, by A. T. Pierson. 

BRAMSTON, Sir John. 

Autobiography. 1845. (Camden society. Publications, 

V.32.) 92 B6943 

Bramston (1611-1700) was an English lawyer and member of Parlia- 

"Although it [the Autobiography] casts no important light on historical 
events, it is of great interest as a record of the social and domestic 
life of the period." Dictionary of national biography. 

BRAMWELL, George William Wilshere, baron. 

Fairfield, Charles. Some account of George William Wil- 
shere, baron Bramwell of Hever, and his opinions. 
1898 92 B694f 

Baron Bramwell in 1856 was appointed to fill a vacancy on the ex- 
chequer bench, a position he held for 20 years, when he was made 
a lord justice of appeal. Many of his important decisions are incor- 
porated in the book. 

BRAUNSCHWEIG-LUNEBURG, Karl Wilhelm Ferdinand, 
herzog von Braunschweig- Liineburg. 

BRECK, Samuel. 

Recollections, with passages from his note-books (1771- 


1862) ; ed. by H. E. Scudder. 1877 92 B722 

Samuel Breck (i 771-1862) was a merchant in Philadelphia, a member of 
the Pennsylvania legislature and of Congress. 

"Mr. Breck made no pretensions to literary power, but he was a man of 
catholic tastes and general interests. In this book the reader hears his 
chat, and will be helped by it to get that contemporaneous position 
which is so needful if one would see American life and manners from 
time to time during the first century of the Republic." Preface. 

BREITMANN, Hans, pseud. See LELAND, Charles Godfrey. 

BRETON, Jules. 

Life of an artist; an autobiography; tr. by M. J. Serrano. 

1892 92 B734 

A large part of this autobiography of the great French painter is given 
to impressions of his childhood; much more to reminiscences of the 
famous artists with whom he was brought in contact, and criticisms of 
their work; but the most valuable part of the book consists of extracts 
from his notebooks, giving his art doctrines and opinions. 

BRIGHT, John. 

Robertson, William, of Rochdale. Life and times of John 

Bright. 1889 92 B749r 

Gives an interesting account of the condition of the English people 
under the corn laws and of Mr Bright's share in bringing about their 

Smith, George Barnett. Life and speeches of John Bright. 

2v. 1881 92 B749S 

Very full account of the public career and speeches of the well-known 
British statesman, whom the author considers "the g^reatest Liberal 
orator of the 19th century." 

Vince, Charles Anthony. John Bright. 1898. (Victorian 

era series.) 92 B749V 

A study of Mr Bright's political life rather than a general biography. 
Being himself in active political life in Birmingham, Mr Vince can 
well estimate the effect of Bright's influence and example in that city. 


Recollections of a lifetime. 1900 92 B752 

During the eventful years of the last half-century the author was active 
and prominent in many ways, as educator, lawyer, editor, soldier, 
statesman and philanthropist. In 1861, when the war broke out, he 
entered the army, and for five years was an officer in the Quarter- 
master's department, at the front, and at important stations west 
and east, and when the war closed he was on duty at Washington. 
Among his close friends were Salmon P. Chase, James G. Blaine, 
General Garfield and General R. B. Hayes, all of whom occupy a 
prominent place in these recollections. 


Broadfoot, William. Career of Major George Broadfoot 
(governor-general's agent N. W. frontier, 1844-5) in 
Afghanistan and the Punjab; comp. fr. his papers and 
those of Lords Ellenborough and Hardinge. 1888 92 B758b 

List of books consulted, p. 11- 14. 

"Extends only over the last few years of Broadfoot's career, commenc- 
ing in 1 841, when he was thirty-four years of age, and ending with his 
death at the battle of Firozshah in 184 5... A gallant soldier, who 
fought hard, endured much, and died bravely.*' Athenaum, 1889. 

BRODIE, Sir Benjamin Collins. 

Holmes, Timothy. Sir Benjamin Collins Brodie. 1898. 

(Masters of medicine.) 92 B763h 

Distinguished English surgeon (i 783-1 862), president of the Royal col- 
lege of surgeons (1844) and also of the Royal society (1858-61). 

BROGLIE, Achille Leonce Victor Charles, due de. 

Personal recollections. 2v. 1887 r92 B765 

"This life of his was so mixed up with public affairs from beginning to 
end that it is in fact part of the history of France, and from the early 


years of the century to 1832, the point reached by the Recollections » 
one could hardly read any book giving a 'better idea of the course of 
public events... To many people the most interesting part of the Due 
de Broglie's book will be his wonderfully spirited account of the' 
Revolution of 1830 of which he was an eyewitness." Spectator, 1887. 

BRONTfi, Charlotte, afterward Mrs Nicholls, (pseud. Currer 


Birrell, Augustine. Life of Charlotte Bronte. 1887. (Great 

writers.) 92 B77i2b 

"Avoiding the amiable prolixity of Mrs. Gaskell and the sententious 
dogmatism of Mr. Reid, Mr. Birrell has availed himself of all the 
material before the public, has brought to light a hitherto unpublished 
chapter in the career of Patrick Bronte, and has offered upon 
Charlotte Bronte's novels some critical remarks which are characterized 
by clearness of perception and sound common sense. The book is 
small in compass, but it covers the field thoroughly; and for its fresh- 
ness of observation, admirable perspicacity, and charm of style, it is 
a contribution to critical biography of no slight importance." Literary 
world, 1887. 

Gaskell, Mrs Elizabeth Cleghorn (Stevenson). Life of 

Charlotte Bronte. 1895 92 B77i2g 

The saffte, with introduction by C. K. Shorter. 1900 92 67712^2 

Haworth edition. 

"Charlotte Bronte was so far f ortunate . . . that her biography was writ- 
ten by the one woman among her contemporaries who had the most 
genuine fitness for her task." Clement K. Shorter, in preface. 

Harland, Marion, {pseud, of Mrs Mary Virginia (Hawes) 
Terhune). Charlotte Bronte at home. 1899. (Liter- 
ary hearthstones.) 92 B77i2h 

"In compiling her narrative of the domestic life of the eldest of the 
Bronte sisters, Mrs. Terhune has drawn on Mr. Shorter's work, from 
which was omitted nothing of material importance concerning the 
daily life at Haworth parsonage . . . Dwells minutely on the details of 
Charlotte Bronte's daily existence." 

MacKay, Angus Mason. The Brontes, fact and fiction. 

1897 92 B77im 

Consists of two essays, one written to disprove Dr William Wright's 
theories concerning the Brontes in Ireland. The other is entitled 
"Fresh light on Bronte biography," and deals mainly with Charlotte 
Bronte's experience in Brussels and its effect on her character and 

Reid, Sir Thomas Wemyss. Charlotte Bronte. 1877 92 B77i2r 

One of the first biographies of Charlotte Bronte to be written after Mrs 
Gaskell's, it contains some material not available earlier, and deals 
with circumstances with which Mrs Gaskell could not, writing as she 
did during the lifetime of Miss Bronte's father. 

Shorter, Clement King. Charlotte Bronte and her circle. 

1896 92 B7712S 

** 'This is not a biography, but a bundle of correspondence,' writes Mr. 
Shorter. . .The book... owes its value mainly to the material put at 
the editor's disposal by the Rev. Arthur Bell Nicholls, husband of 
Charlotte Bronte... by Miss Ellen Nussey, and by the family of the 
late Mr. W. S. Williams. . .In these pages Charlotte, and Emily, and 
Anne appear to live again — more ordinary mortals, perhaps, than those 
limned by Mrs. Gaskell; not less interesting, perhaps more lovable." 
Nation, 1896. 

Wright, William, D.D. The Brontes in Ireland; or. Facts 

stranger than fiction. 1894 92 B7712W 

An account of the family down to the time when Charlotte Bronte's 
father left Ireland in 1802. 

BRONTE, Emily, (pseud. Ellis Bell). 

Robinson, Agnes Mary Frances, afterward Mme Dar- 
mesteter, afterward Mme Duclaux. Emily Bronte. 


1889. (Famous women.) 92 B77ir, 

List of authorities, p. 7-8. 

Sister of Charlotte Bronte and author of "Wuthering Heights," etc. 

"The story of her short life, and the delineation of her character and 
writings, are accomplished with admirable skill by her present biog- 
rapher. The narrative is infinitely pathetic, with few and faint points 
of brightness to relieve its sonibre color. But it adds a new light 
to our comprehension of the circumstances environing the inmat^ of 
Haworth parsonage." Dial, 1883. 

BROOKE, Sir James, rajah of Sarawak. 

St. John, Sir Spenser. Rajah Brooke; the Englishman as 
ruler of an Eastern state. 1899. (Builders of greater 
Britain.) 92 B772S 

"Short biography of Sir James Brooke, rajah of Sarawak, Borneo, 1842- 
63. Contains an 'account of Brooke's attempts to regenerate the 
Malays, of relations with Chinese and with pirates, illustrating British 
policy in southeastern Asia." IV. Dawson Johnston. 

BROOKS, Phillips, bp. 

Allen, Alexander Viets Griswold. Life and letters of 

Phillips Brooks. 2v. 1900 92 B774a 

"Dr. Allen sees the soul behind the man, and enables his reader to share 
something of his sight. It is this power of vision which gives to this 
life of Phillips Brooks its peculiar value. And if there was ever a 
man whose inner life was hard to discern, it was Phillips Brooks; he 
hid it behind an impenetrable reserve ... Nevertheless, Dr. Allen has 
succeeded in piercing behind this reserve . . . There is no process of 
vivisection; no abnormal interest excited in a keen dissection of mo- 
tives . . . The impression of Phillips Brooks's real personality steals 
upon you while you read, as the personality of one of the portraits of 
Chase or Sargent while you look." Lyman Abbott. 

Howe, Mark Antony De Wolfe. Phillips Brooks. 1899. 

(Beacon biographies of eminent Americans.) 92 B774h 

Bibliography, p. 1 1 6-1 20. 

Good short essay on the distinguished preacher. 

BROUGHAM, Henry Peter, baron Brougham and Vaux. 

Life and times, written by himself. 3v. 1871-72 92 B779 

Celebrated British statesman, orator, jurist and scientist. He was one 
of the founders of the "Edinburgh review" in 1802, lord chancellor of 
England 1830-34. 

"Life and Times must... be read with caution, and its statements com- 
pared with other authorities; it is chiefly valuable for the letters it con- 
tains." Dictionary of national biography. 

BROWERE, John Henri Isaac. See Artists, p.1207. 

BROWN, Rev. George. 

Recollections of itinerant life, including early reminis- 
cences. 1866 r92 B787 

Personal reminiscences of one of the founders of the Methodist Protes- 
tant church; embracing social and religious changes and ecclesiastical 
reforms, together with incidents of pioneer and clerical life in west- 
ern Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio and West Virginia. Dr Brown was at 
one time president of Madison college, Uniontown. 

BROWN, John, M.D. 

M'Laren, E. T. Dr John Brown and his sisters, Isabella 

and Jane. 1901 92 B79i2m 

Introductory note, by A. C. Brown, p. 7-1 7. 

These short sketches of the author of "Rab and his friends" and his 
two sisters are sympathetic appreciations written by an intimate friend. 

BROWN, John, of Ossawatomie. 

Chamberlin, Joseph Edgar. John Brown. 1899. (Beacon 

biographies of eminent Americans.) 92 B79IC 

Bibliography, p. 135-1 38. 

Short sketch of his life with no estimate of his character or the effect 
of his work. 


Hoist, Hermann von. John Brown. 1888 92 679ih 

"Of interest as a study of John Brown's career by a foreign historian 
who was making a profound study of the influence of slavery on 
American politics." Larned's Literature of American history. 

Sanborn, Franklin Benjamin. Life and letters of John 

Brown. 1891 92 B791S 

The same. 1891 r92 B791S 

"The most elaborate life of John Brown, and the fullest collection of his 
letters and papers . . . The editor, himself an actor in some of the 
earlier scenes, is a hero-worshipper, and goes to some lengths in at- 
tempting to explain and justify the Pottawatomie massacre." Larned's ' 
Literature of American history. 

BROWN, John Gemmill. 

Fiftieth anniversary of his membership in the presbytery 
of Monongahela, Seventh United Presbyterian church, 
Pittsburg, Dec. 22, 1896. [Anonymous.] 1896 r92 B79iif 

Dr Brown, a native of Pittsburgh, was for 25 years pastor of the Third 
United Presbyterian church, founder of the Western Pennsylvania in- 
stitution for the instruction of the deaf and dumb, and for several 
years its superintendent. 

BROWN, Oliver Madox. 

Ingram, John H. Oliver Madox Brown, 1855-1874. 1883.. 92 B793i 

Oliver Madox Brown was the son of Ford Madox Brown, the eminent 
artist, but though he painted several notable pictures his gifts were 
rather in the direction of letters. 

"Leaving Chatterton out of the question, it would be difficult to recall 
any other English man of letters who, dying at so early an age (he 
was not yet twenty), left behind him such remarkable, if fragmen- 
tary work." Athencpum, 1883. 

BROWN, Thomas Edward. 

Letters; ed. with introductory memoir by S. T. Irwin. 2v. 

1900 92 B797 

"Letters, apart from their original private use, may be of value... as re- 
vealing in obscure writers a personality worth knowing, and other- 
wise missed by the public. Mr. Brown's letters belong to this . . . 
class, for he had no renown except in a small way as a minor poet. . . 
He was not fond of the serious vein — in these letters. He preferred 
dash and sparkle, and talk about Flaubert, or Scott, or his friend Hall 
Caine, or any of a thousand literary topics, or the hills of Man and its 
peasants, or... the affairs of his friends." Nation, 1900. 

BROWNING, Mrs Elizabeth (Barrett). 

Letters; ed. with biographical additions by F. G. Kenyon. 

2V. 1897 92 B818 

"Mr. Kenyon says: *It is essentially her character, not her genius, that is 
presented to the reader in these letters.* But it is her intellectual 
character equally with her moral, and this, if not essential to her 
genius, is to that allied. It is her character as a poet; it shows her 
relation to her work." Nation, 1898. 

BROWNING, Mrs Elizabeth (Barrett), & Robert. 

Letters, 1845-1846. 2v. 1899 92 B819 

BROWNING, Mrs Elizabeth (Barrett). 

Ingram, John H. Elizabeth Barrett Browning. 1893. 

(Famous women.) 92 B8i8i 

List of authorities, p. 7-8. 

BROWNING, Robert, & Mrs Elizabeth (Barrett). 

Letters, 1845-1846. 2v. 1899 92 B819 

These are all the letters that ever passed between Mr and Mrs Browning, 
and date from some time before their first meeting down to their 
departure together for the continent a week after their marriage. Be- 
fore Mr Browning's death he destroyed all his correspondence except 
these letters, which he left to his son to do with as he liked. 


BROWNING, Robert. 

Gosse, Edmund William. Robert Browning; personalia. 

1895 92 B8i9g 

Contents: The early career of Browning, 1812-46. — Personal impres- 

The first of \these essays appeared in the "Century magazine/* v.23, Dec. 
1881; the second, in the **New review," v.2, Jan. 1890. 

Orr, Mrs Sutherland. Life and letters of Robert Browning. 

2v. 1891 92 B8190 

"Her details... of the poet's youth are abundant without being in the 
least tedious; her account of his middle life is judicious and pleasing; 
her sketch of his triumphal progress at the end, succinct and well- 
tempered." . Saturday review, 1891. 

Sharp, William. Life of Robert Browning. 1890. (Great 

writers.) • 92 B819S 

Bibliography, apx. p.1-22. 

The larger part of the volume is criticism of Browning's work. 

Waugh, Arthur. Robert Browning. 1900. (Westminster 

biographies.) 92 B819W 

Bibliography, p. 153-155- 

A brief biography aiming to give a faithful picture of the personal 
character and social surroundings of Browning; also to indicate his 
place in the literary movement of his times. "The primary object 
is," says the author, "to lead the reader to the poems themselves." 

BRUCE, James. 

Head, Sir Francis Bond. Life of Bruce, the African 

traveller. 1830 r92 B825h 

James Bruce (1730-94) was one of the earliest African explorers, in- 
vestigating successively Syria, the Nile valley and Abyssinia, 1768-73. 

"He will always remain the poet and his work the epic of African 
travel." Dictionary of national biography. 

BRUCE, Robert, king of Scotland. See ROBERT BRUCE, 

king of Scotland. 
BRUMMELL, George Bryan, called beau. 

Barbey d'Aurevilly, Jules. Of dandyism and of George 

Brummell. 1897 92 B834b 

George, generally known as "Beau" Brummell was for years the absolute 
ruler of fashion in London, the prince of Wales (later George IV) 
being his subject in this domain. 

"It is his [ d'Aurevilly *s] peculiar glory to have written the epic of 
Dandyism and of Brummel. This masterpiece is more intimately his 
own Uian the best of his romances, the fiercest of his criticisms. For 
not only in his life, but in his art dandyism was a constant obsession 
. ... and this immortal treatise is the best commentary on his works as 

on his career." IVhibley's Pageantry of life. 

BRUNO, Giordano. 

Louis, Gustav. Giordano Bruno; seine Weltanschauung 

und lebensauffassung. 1900 92 B836I 

"Litteraturnachweis," p. 1 37-1 43. 

Eminent Italian philosopher, 1 548-1 600. His teachings were opposed to 
the current philosophic tenets and religious dogmas. From his writ- 
tings a mass of testimony was collected sufficient to convict him of 
heresy, and he was burned at the stake by order of the Roman In- 

"Dr. Louis* pamphlet was timed for the tercentenary of that event. It 
is extremely well written and well arranged, giving in a moderate 
compass all the essential facts of Bruno's life and thought, as well as 
a brief review of his influence on posterity and of the bibliography 
connected with his name." Saturday review, 1900. 

BRUNOT, Felix Reville. 

Slattery, Charles Lewis. Felix Reville Brunot, 1820-1898, 
a civilian in the war for the Union, president of the 


first Board- of Indian commissioners. 1901 92 B8362S 

"He [Mr Brunot] was a forerunner of Mr. Carnegie in Pittsburgh, a 
principal founder and benefactor of the Mercantile Library ... During 
the Civil War he was an ardent and active patriot. His interest in the 
sick and wounded soldiers took him to the front, where he was ar- 
rested as an army surgeon and taken to Libby Prison... Mr. Brunot's 
service on the Board of Indian Commissioners was highly honorable, 
and Dean Slattery does not exaggerate his influence on Indian af- 
fairs." Nation, 1901. 

BRUNSWICK, Charles William Ferdinand, duke of. See 
KARL WILHELM FERDINAND, herzog von Braun- 
schweig- Liineburg. 

BRYANT, William Cullen. 

Bigelow, John. William Cullen Bryant. 1893. (American 

men of letters.) 92 B842b 

Author, a warm personal friend, was associated for many years with 
Mr Bryant in the management of the "Evening post," and he has 
written a compact and readable life. 

• Godwin, Parke. Biography of William Cullen Bryant. 

2v. 1883 92 B842g 

This exhaustive biography by Mr Bryant's son-in-law must always be 
interesting and valuable to those who want all possible information 
about the poet. 

BUCHANAN, George, 1506-82. 

Wallace, Robert, 1831-99. George Buchanan; completed 

by J. C. Smith. 1899. (Famous Scots series.) 92 B849IW 

Scottish historian, scholar and Latin poet, at one time classical tutor 
to Mary, queen of Scots, and preceptor to her son James. He was 
an adherent of the regent Murray in the civil war. 

"The estimate of Buchanan's character and genius is, on the whole, 
quite admirable." Spectator, 1900. 


Curtis, George Ticknor. Life of James Buchanan, 15th 

president of the United States. 2v. 1883 92 B849C 

Very laudatory account of the president who, to Mr Curtis's thinking, 
has been almost universally misjudged. 

BUCKLE, Henry Thomas. 

Huth, Alfred Henry. Life and writings of Henry Thomas 

Buckle. 1880 92 B856h 

Special bibliography, p.483-496. 

Mr Huth's parents were intimate friends of the author of the famous 
"History of civilization in England," and he himself as a boy of 
eleven accompanied Buckle on his last journey to the East. 

BUFFALO BILL. See CODY, William Frederick. 
BUGEAUD de la PICONNERIE, Thomas Robert, due d'Isly. 
Ideville, Henri Amedee le Lorgne, comte d'. Memoirs of 

Marshal Bugeaud, 1 784-1849; ed. fr. the French by C. 

M. Yonge. 2v. 1884 92 B865i 

Marshal Bugeaud was one of Napoleon's veterans, who during a great 
career served France both in peace and war. His most brilliant 
service was in Africa, where he saved Algeria for France at a serious 
crisis. This biography has been compiled from family documents, and 
is well translated. 

BULL, Ole. 

Bull, Mrs Sara Chapman (Thorpe). Ole Bull; a memoir. 

1883 r92 B874b 

Contains also Ole Bull's "Violin notes" and A. B. Crosby's "Anatomy of 
the violinist." 

A Norwegian violinist (1810-80) of great technical skill. He had also 
much knowledge of the construction of the violin, and his "Violin 
notes" contains interesting information about its history and manufac- 
ture, and the famous Italian violin makers. It also includes an ex' 


cellent analysis of Paganini's playing. Ole Bull made frequent concert 
tours in the United States and spent much of the last part of his life 

BULLER, Sir Redvers Henry. 

Jerrold, Walter. Sir Redvers H. Duller; the story of his 

life and campaigns. 1900 92 B875J 

The author states that this little volume has been pieced together from 
various sources to meet the present (1900) demand for information 
concerning General Duller. 

BULOW, Bertha, freiin von Marenholtz-. See MAREN- 

HOLTZ-BULOW, Bertha, freiin von. 
BULOW, Hans von. 

Brief e; hrsg. von Marie von Billow, v. 1-5. 1898-1904. . . .92 B877b 

V.I. 1841-1853. 

V.2. 1853-1855. 

V.3. 1855-1864. 

V.4. 1864-1872. 

V.5. 1 872-1880. 

Early correspondence; ed. by his widow. 1896 92 B877 

"Hans von Bulow [1830-94] has been, with one exception, the *best 
abused' musician of our day ... I believe that these letters will do more 
than anything else to clear away the atmosphere of mist and doubt 
that has hung around Billow's name." Preface, 

BULWER-LYTTON, Edward George Earle Lytton, baron. 

See LYTTON, Edward George Earle Lytton Bulwer-, 

BUNSEN, Christian Karl Josias, freiherr von. 

Bunsen, Frances (Waddington), freiherrin von, comp. 

Memoir of Baron Bunsen. 2v. 1868 92 B8842b 

Distinguished German scholar and diplomatist, author of various phil- 
osophical and religious works. 

"Baroness Bunsen gives to the world two large volumes which more than 
justify her husband's confidence in her ability to produce a record of 
his achievements in literatui-e and politics, of his friendships with good 
and learned men, and of the many joys oi his domestic life. The only 
exception that can be made to her work is, that it is on too large a 
scale." Athenceum, 1868. 

BUNSEN, Frances (Waddington), freiherrin von. 

Hare, Augustus John Cuthbert. Life and letters of 

Frances, baroness Bunsen. 2v. in i 92 B884h 

"As author of the life of her husband [Memoir of Baron Bunsen] her 
literary ability has been fully acknowledged, but it was only among 
her private friends that her extraordinary talent and her wonderful 
knowledge of the various public events of the time could be appre- 
ciated." Dictionary of national biography. 

BUNYAN, John. 

Froude, James Anthony. Bunyan. [1880.] (English men 

of letters.) 92 B88sf 

"A real study of Bunyan's life and character, and at the same time a 
real study of his books." Athenaum, 1880. 

Venables, Edmund. Life of John Bunyan. 1888. (Great 

writers.) 92 B885V 

Bibliography, apx. p. 1-35. 

"Nothing more has been attempted in the present work than to arrange 
the available materials in a clear and intelligible form; where it has 
been possible allowing Bunyan to tell his own story in his own unap- 
proachable English." Preface. 



BURCHARD, Whiting Cyrus. 

Memorial volume; Rev. W. C. Burchard. [Anonymous.] 

1892 r92 B891 


BURD, Edward. 

Selections from his letters, 1 763-1828; ed. by L. B. Walker. 

1899. (Burd papers.) r92 B895 

Edward Burd (i 751-1833) served as major during the Revolution and 
was captured by the British in the battle of Long Island. He was 
prothonotary of the Supreme court of Pennsylvania from 1778 to 
1805. The letters are of great interest in connection with Pennsyl- 
vania local history. 

BURGES, Sir James Bland. 

Selections from his letters and correspondence, with notices 

of his life; ed. by James Hutton. 1885 r92 B897 

"Burges was not so influential a statesman nor was he so great a poet as 
he thought himself, but he was associated with many famous men dur- 
the last quarter of the i8th century and afterwards, and the mass of 
correspondence which he left behind him contained quite enough 
material for an interesting volume." Atheneeum, 1885. 

BURKE, Edmund. 

Correspondence, 1744-1797; ed. by Earl Fitzwilliam and 

Sir Richard Bourke. 4v. 1844 r92 B916 

A large, well-arranged collection of letters. One of the editors was 
distantly related to the family of Edmund Burke and has supplied the 
notes to the letters from his personal information. 

Morley, John. Burke. [1879.] (English men of let- 
ters.) 92 B9i6m 

A fine analysis and critical study of the great political thinker, his 
times and his work. 

BURLEIGH, William Cecil, baron. 

Hume, Martin Andrew Sharp. The great Lord Burghley; 

a study in Elizabethan statecraft. 1898 92 B92ih 

"As one of the painstaking editors of the Record Office calendars of 
Spanish State Papers Major Hume was familiar with much of the 
material requisite for this life. He also had access to other manu- 
scripts bearing on the Elizabethan period in the Calendars of the 
Hatfield Papers. The book throws useful light on some points of 
Elizabethan policy, and brings out clearly, and with many fresh and 
welcome illustrations, the chief political movements of the times and 
Cecil's share in guiding and controlling them." Literature, 1898. 

BURNE-JONES, Sir Edward. See Artists, p.1254. 

BURNETT, Mrs Frances (Hodgson). 

The one I knew the best of all; a memory of the mind of 

a child. 1893 92 B934 

Appeared in "Scribner's magazine," v. 13, Jan.-June 1893. 
Recollections of her own childhood by the author of "Little Lord Faunt- 
leroy," and "That lass o' Lowrie's." 

BURNEY, Charles. 

Arblay, Mme Frances (Burney) d'. Memoirs of Dr Bur- 

ney. 1833 r92 B936a 

Charles Burney (1726-18 14), Fanny's father, is distinguished as the 
author of a valuable history of music. 

"The book is disfigured by an elaborate affectation of style and is 
singularly vague in dates; but it contains much interesting matter 
and many fragments of letters and diaries, full of vivacious descrip- 
tion." Dictionary of national biography. 

BURNS, Robert, & Dunlop, Mrs F. A. (Wallace). 

Correspondence, with elucidations by William Wallace. 

2V. 1898 92 B939 

These volumes contain 96 letters that passed between Burns and Mrs 

Dunlop in the course of their 10 years' friendship, during the last 

decade of the life of Burns. 

BURNS, Robert. 

Blackie, John Stuart. Life of Robert Burns. 1888. 


(Great writers.) 92 B939l> 

Bibliography, apx. p.i-41. 

"If his judgment of Burns, both as a poet and a man, is not distinguished 
by originality, it is catholic and well balanced." Academy, 1888. 

Memorial catalogue of the Burns exhibition held in the 
galleries of the Royal Glasgow institute of the fine arts, 
1896. 1898 ; qr92 B939ni 

Exhibition of portraits, pictures, relics, manuscripts, etc. The cata- 
logue is illustrated. 

Setoun, Gabriel, (pseud, of Thomas Hepburn). Robert 

Burns. 1896. (Famous Scots series.) 92 B939se 

"He is impatient of biographical details, and appears to be under the 
impression that we should understand Burns better if we could cut 
him adrift from 'uninteresting* events, surroundings, and contem- 
poraries ... Estimate of Burns is sane." Academy, 1896. 

Shairp, John Campbell. Robert Burns. [1879.] (English 

men of letters.) 92 B939S 

*'A very satisfactory life of the poet and critical estimate of his genius." 
Leypoldt & Iles's Books for girls and women. 

BURR, Aaron. 

Davis, Matthew L. Memoirs of Aaron Burr, with selec- 
tions from his correspondence. 2v. 1838 r92 B943d 

For 40 years the author was intimately acquainted with Burr, possessed 
his full confidence and wrote this memoir' at the repeated request of 
Burr, who gave Mr Davis all his letters and papers to be used at dis- 

Merwin, Henry Childs. Aaron Burr. 1899. (Beacon bio- 
graphies of eminent Americans.) 92 B943n» 

Bibliography, p. 148-150. 

Short essay giving less attention than most of the biographies to the 
political side of his career. 

Parton, James. Life and times of Aaron Burr. 2v. 1893. .92 B943P. 
BURROUGH, Edward. 

Memoir of the life and religious labors of Edward Bur- 
rough, minister of the gospel of the Society of Friends. 

[Anonymous.] 1890 92 B946 

An English minister of the Society of Friends, 1634-62. His numerous 
works were formerly held in high esteem among the Quakers. 

BURTON, Isabel (Arundell), lady. 

Romance of Isabel, lady Burton; the story of her life told 

in part by herself and in part by W. H. Wilkins. 1898. . .92 B952^ 

Lady Burton was the wife of Sir Richard Burton, the famous orientalist 
• and explorer. 

BURTON, Sir Richard Francis. 

Burton, Isabel (Arundell), lady. Life of Captain Sir 

Richard F. Burton. 1898 92 B953l> 

Burton was a traveler, orientalist, and writer of bold and original 
personality, whose life was full of picturesque incident. One of his 
most interesting adventures was a pilgrimage in disguise to Mecca, 
described by him in his "Personal narrative of a pilgrimage to Al- 
Madinah and Meccah." 

"Fault of Lady Burton's presentment is that it is adulatory to the point 
of absurdity ... Full of characteristic anecdotes and opinions about 
every variety of subject, political, social, religious, spiritualistic, 
linguistic, and what not... Had they been well written they would 
have formed one of the most remarkable biographies of the day." 
Atheneeum, 1893. 

Stisted, Georgiana M. True life of Sir Richard F. Burton. 

1897 92 B953S 

Author was a niece of Burton and wrote this to supply a popular biog- 
raphy, but she has little literary skill and she makes an unnecessary 
attack on Lady Burton. 


BUSHNELL, Horace. 

Munger, Theodore Thornton. Horace Bushnell, preacher 

and theologian. 1899 92 B964m 

"Published writings," p.ii-14. 

"He brings to Dr. Bushnell a reverent admiration, but his attitude 
toward his thought is never that of the advocate or apologist. It is 
calmly and kindly judicious. . .There is no attempt to represent Bush- 
nell as a theological finality. His was the work of liberation, breaking 
up the 'cake of custom' which had thickened and hardened over the 
New England orthodox mind." 

BUSS, Frances Mary. 

Ridley, Annie E. Frances Mary Buss and her work for 

education. 1895 92 B968r 

Miss Buss was the founder and head-mistress of the Camden school and 
of the North London collegiate school for girls. 

BUTLER, Benjamin Franklin. 

Butler's book; autobiography and personal reminiscences. 

1892 92 B975 

Author (1818-93) was a lawyer, politician, and general in the Civil war. 
This autobiography is full of misstatements and is no authority as 

BUTLER, Elizabeth Southerden (Thompson), lady. See 

Artists, p.1254. 
BUTLER, James, duke of Ormond. See ORMOND, James 

Butler, duke of. 
BYRON, Anne Isabella Millbanke, lady. 

Stowe, Mrs Harriet (Beecher). Lady Byron vindicated; a 

history of the Byron controversy, from its beginning in 

1816 to the present time [1869]. 1870 92 B997S 

Mrs Stowe was a friend of Lady Byron and publishes Lady Byron's 
own statement made to her. 

BYRON, George Gordon Noel, lord. 


Letters and journals; ed. by R. E. Prothero. 6v. 1898- 

1901 r92 B998 

V.I. Nov. 1798-Aug. 181 1. 

V.2. Aug. i8ii-Apr. 1814. 

v.3. Jan. 1814-N0V. 1 81 6. 

V.4. Nov. 1816-Mar. 1820. 

V.5. Apr. 1820-Oct. 1 82 1. 

V.6. Jan. 1822-Apr. 1824. 

"Sources of the text," v.6, p.459-492. 

V.6 contains an index to the set. 

Contains much new biographical detail and many letters inaccessible to 

previous biographers and editors. 
"Byron's letters appeal on three special grounds to all lovers of English 

literature. They offer the most suggestive commentary on his poetry; 

they give the truest portrait of the man; they possess, at their best, 

in their ease, freshness and racy vigour, a very high literary value." 


Letters, 1804-1813; ed. by W. E. Henley. 1897 92 B998 

v. I of an edition of Byron's works which was to have been completed 
in 12 volumes, but was left unfinished at the time of the editor's death 
in 1903. 

"These Letters Mr. Henley has annotated as never, surely, were letters 
annotated before. The Notes provide simply a complete series of little 
biographies of everyone mentioned in the letters; miniature biog- 
raphies with such vital selection, such concise completion without 
dryasdustness, such interest in little, as no other writer but Mr. 
Henley could compass." Academy, 1896. 

Brandes, Georg Moritz Cohen. Shelley und Lord Byron; 
zwei litterarische charakterbilder, mit besonderer be- 
rticksichtigung der frauengestalten in ihrem leben. 
1894 92 S54Sbr 

» - • * 
« • • • 



Castelar, Emilio. Life of Lord Byron, and other sketches. 

1876 92 B998C 

Other sketches: Victor Hugo. — Alexander Dumas. — £mile Girardin. — 

Daniel Manin. — Adolphe Thiers. 
Though this Life presents no new biographical details, it is of value 

as showing the view of Byron's mind and genius taken by a Spaniard 

of distinction. 

Nichol, John. Byron. 1902. (English men of letters.) .. .92 B998n 

"Books consulted," p. 7-8. 

A competent and sympathetic biography, which, however, does not spare 
the weaknesses of the poet. 

Noel, Roden Berkeley Wriothesley. Life of Lord Byron. 

1890. (Great writers.) 92 B998no 

Bibliography, apx. p. 1-38. 
"Mr. Noel, besides many other qualifications for his task, has the one 
essential one, that he has a strong admiration for his subject, yet not 
so all-absorbing as to make him blind to the very serious faults which 
disfigured the character of his hero." Athenccum, 1890. 

Trelawny, Edward John. Recollections of the last days 

of Shelley and Byron. 1858 r92 SS45t 

"Relating to only the last six months of Shelley's life, but unrivalled for 
vivacity of portraiture." Dictionary of national biography. 

CABOT, John. 

Beazley, Charles Raymond. John and Sebastian Cabot; the 
discovery of North America. 1898. (Builders of 
greater Britain.) 92 Cii42b 

"Cabot literature," P.26S-305. 

"The most useful, and the most readable, volume upon the Cabots, 
for the purposes of the general reader. Like every other book devoted 
to the explorers, it is largely filled up with the original documents, 
which Mr. Beazley interprets with much care, conservatism and com- 
mon sense." Lamed' s Literature of American history. 

Harrisse, Henry. John Cabot, the discoverer of North 

America, and Sebastian his son, 1496-1557. 1896.... r92 Cii42h 

"An expansion, in English, of the narrative and argumentative portions 
of Harrisse's Jean et Sebastien Cabot... The French volume contains 
the most correct text Mr. Harrisse could secure of every important 
document which throws light upon the Cabots, and is the recognized 
source for reference to these texts. The English volume is a 'labora- 
tory manual, in which the student finds revealed each step of the pro- 
cesses through which the material of history has been forced, in 
order that it might be made to render up the truth which was contained 
within it.' " Lamed' s Literature of American history, 

CABOT, Sebastian. 

Biddle, Richard. Memoir of Sebastian Cabot, with a re- 
view of the history of maritime discovery, illustrated by 
documents from the Rolls. 1832 92 Cii4b 

The same. 1831 r92 Ci 14b 

With annotations by Isaac Craig. 

"One of the earliest American works of serious historical scholarship, 
and important in the history of historical study and writing in Amer- 
ica. A powerful argument advocating the achievements of the son 
as more important than those of the father; the source from which 
nearly every article upon Cabot, during the succeeding forty years 
derived both its inspiration and facts. Many of these facts, and most 
of the conclusions based upon them, have been overthrown by the dis- 
covery of documents unknown to Mr. Biddle." Larned's Literature 
of American history. 

Nicholls, James Fawckner. Remarkable life, adventures 

and discoveries of Sebastian Cabot., 1869 92 Cii4n 

"Valueless eulogy, in which all the available evidence is interpreted so 
as to add to the glory of Sebastian as a native of England and of 
Bristol." Larned's Literature of American history. 


Stevens, Henry. Sebastian Cabot, John Cabot. 1870 r92 C114S 

In the main a criticism of J. F. Nicholls's "Remarkable life* adven* 
tures and discoveries of Sebastian Cabot." 

CiESAR, Caius Julius. 

Abbott, Jacob. History of Julius Caesar. 1877 92 Ciipa 

The same. 1902 J92 Ci 19a 

Clarke, Michael. Story of Caesar. 1898 J92 C119C 

Dodge, Theodore Ayrault. Caesar; a history of the art of 
war among the Romans, with a detailed account of the 

campaigns of Caesar. 1893. (Great captains.) 92 CiiQd 

Consideration of Caesar's campaigns with reference to the permanent 
problems of strategy and tactics. 

Fowler, William Warde. Julius Caesar and the foundation 
of the Roman imperial system. 1892. (Heroes of the 
nations.) 92 Ci igf 

Embodies results of recent investigations* and preserves an excellent 
perspective in dealing with Caesar's character and in estimating his in* 

Froude, James Anthony. Caesar. 1894 92 Cii9fr 

A careful study of "the conversion of the Roman republic into a mili- 
tary empire." Froude, though didactic, is always readable, and the 
student will from this book obtain a good outline picture of Roman 
life and conditions at the time of Caesar. 

"A brilliant and fascinating piece of historical writing, but tainted with 
Carlylean hero-worship." Larned's History for ready reference, 

Liddell, Henry George. Life of Julius Caesar, i860 r92 C119I 

Taken from the author's "History of Rome." 

Napoleon III, emperor of the French. History of Julius 

Caesar. 2v. and atlas. 1862 qr92 Cii9n 

"It cannot be denied that this is a history of some importance, in 
spite of the questionable object for which it was written. The author 
himself declares that it was prepared 'for the purpose of proving 
that when Providence raises up such men as Caesar« Charlemagne, 
and Napoleon, it is to trace out to peoples the path they ought to 
follow; to stamp with the seal of their genius a new era; and to 
accomplish in a few years the work of many centuries.* " C. K. Adams. 

CAGLIARI, Paolo, called Paolo Veronese. See Artists, p. 1284. 

CALDECOTT, Randolph. 

Blackburn, Henry. Randolph Caldecott; a personal 

memoir of his early art career. 1886 92 Ci292b 

English artist (1846-86), whose reputation rests largely upon his illus- 
trations for books and periodicals. 

"Written by a friend and fellow-labourer, one who knew the artist well, 
written most sympathetically, and adorned with a copious and repre- 
sentative series of drawings, many of which have not before been 
published." Spectator, 1886. 

CALDER, Howard L. 

Pennsylvania — House of representatives. Memorial pro- 
ceedings upon the death of Howard L. Calder. I90i..r92 Ci29p 
CALHOUN, John Caldwell. 

Correspondence; ed. by J. F. Jameson. (In American his- 
torical association. Annual report, 1899, v.2.) r973 A5i22a 

The same; ed. by J. F. Jameson. (American historical asso- 
ciation. Annual report, 1899, v.2.) 92 C132 

Hoist, Hermann von. John C. Calhoun. 1894. (American 

statesmen.) 92 Ci32h 

The same. 1899. (American statesmen.) r92 Ci32h 

Calhoun was in public life from 181 1 to his death in 1850 and as member 
of Congress, secretary of state, vice-president and United States sena- 
tor he played an important part in the history of the cduntry. 


Deals chiefly with public relations; valuable as history of thfc slavery 
question rather than as personal biography. 

Jenkins, John Stilwell. Life of Calhoun. 1851 92 C132J 

Style is rhetorical, and the author is warm in his praise of Calhoun. 
Some extracts of speeches and letters are given, and there is a clear 
statement of Calhoun's position in regard to nullification. 

CALIARI, Paolo, called Paolo Veronese. See Artists, p. 1284. 

CAMERON, Richard. 

Herkless, John. Richard Cameron. 1896. (Famous Scots 

series.) 92 Ci53h 

A short life of the founder of the Cameronians* a sect which was after- 
wards organized as the Reformed Presbyterian church of Scotland. 

CAMOENS, Luis de. 

Adamson, John. Memoirs of the life and writings of Luis 

de Camoens. 2v. 1820 r92 Ci54a 

V.I. Memoirs of Luis de Camoens. — Notices concerning the Rimas, 
or smaller poems of Camoens. 

V.2. Essay on the Lttsiad of Camoens; translated from the Portuguese 
of Dom Joz6 Maria de Souza. — Some account of the translations of 
the Lusiad« with notices concerning the translators. — Some account 
concerning the editions of the works of Camoens. 

The most celebrated of Portuguese poets, whose greatest work, the 
"Lusiad/* first printed in 1572, commemorates the exploits of Vasco 
da Gama and other Portuguese heroes. Of his poems Madame de 
Stael says, *'The national glorf of the Portuguese is there illustrated 
under all the forms that imagination can devise. The versification is 
so charming and stately that even the common people know them by 
heart and sing them with delight.*' 

CAMPBELL, Colin, baron Clyde. 

Burne, Sir Owen Tudor. Clyde and Strathnairn. 1891. 

(Rulers of Indik.) 92 Ci57b 

Lord Clyde distinguished himself in the Crimean war, but his most 
famous and brilliant achievement was the relief of Lucknow during 
the Sepoy rebellion of 1857-58. 

Forbes, Archibald. Colin Campbell, lord Clyde. 1895. 

(English men of action.) 92 Ci57f 

Well-written short account of Lord Clyde's military career. 

Shadwell, Lawrence. Life of Colin Campbell, lord Clyde. 

2v. 1881 92 C 1 57s 

Author was for a long time in Lord Clyde's regiment and on his staff 
and, while one might wish to hear more of Lord Qyd&'s early life, 
the book is always interesting and valuable. 

CAMPBELL, Thomas. 

Hadden, James Cuthbert. Thomas Campbell. 1899. 

(Famous Scots series.) 92 Ci6ih 

"His remarks, taken separately, are just, but he dwells overmuch on 
Campbell's weaknesses, and the criticism of his poetry, although sensi- 
ble, is not particularly acute As we have demurred to much that 

Mr. Hadden says, it is only fair to add that his monograph is pains- 
taking and accurate." Athenceutn, 1900. 

CAMPION, Edmund. 

Simpson, Richard. Edmund Campion; a biography. 1867.. 92 C164S 

Bibliography, p. 347-3 5 9- 

Campion was an English Jesuit and scholar, one of the most prominent 

of the Jesuit missionaries in England, condemned on a charge of high 

treason and executed at Tyburn, 1581. 
"The. . .biography by Richard Simpson [is] an admirable and exhaustive 

work... It contains much valuable information on points connected 

with the religious history of the i6th century." Dictionary of national 

CANNING, Charles John, earl. 

Cunningham, Sir Henry Stewart. Earl Canning. 1892. 

(Rulers of India.) 92 Ci733c 


CANNING, Charlotte (Stuart), countess. 

Hare, Augustus John Cuthbert. Story of two noble lives; 
being memorials of Charlotte, countess Canning and 
Louisa, marchioness of Waterford. 3v. 1893 92 Ci73h 

"The work begins in the third quarter of the eighteenth century* • .Lady 
Hardwicke and Lady Stuart de Rothesay, the grandmother and mother 
of the two beautiful women designated by the title, contribute two... 
collections of prefatory letters. Lady Hardwicke's husband was Lord 
Lieutenant of Ireland from 1801 to 1806, and she gives some amusing 
sketches of Dublin society of that time. Lady Stuart de Rothesay's 
letters are dated from the English Embassy at Paris, and are rich in 
reminiscences of men and events... Her daughters, Lady Canning and 
Lady Waterford, belonged to the second quarter of the century. Mr. 
Hare gives interesting details of their childhood in France and England 
and of their marriages. Lady Canning's married life was spent in India 
during the eventful period of the mutiny, hef journal being full of the 
thrilling scenes there enacted . . . Lady Waterford spent her long 
widowhood among her husband's tenants in Ireland. With many 
domestic details are anecdotes and recollections of some famous 

CANNING, George. 

Hill, Frank Harrison. George Canning. 1887. (English 

worthies.) 92 Ci732h 

Famous English statesman, orator and prime minister, 1 770-1 827. A 
compact and impartial biography, drawn in large measure from the 
lives, letters and speeches of statesmen of the time, and quoting 
freely from the squibs, lampoons and public prints of Canning's day. 

CANNING, Stratford, viscount Stratford de Redcliffe. See 
STRATFORD de REDCLIFFE, Stratford Canning, 

CANNON, Harriet Starr. 

Dix, Morgan. Harriet Starr Cannon, first mother superior 

of the sisterhood of St. Mary. 1896 92 Ci73id 

A Protestant episcopal sisterhood, founded 1865. 

CANOVA, Antonio. See Artists, p.1207. 
CAPPER, Mary. 

Memoir. 1888 92 C184 

Mary Capper (1755-1845) was a minister of the English Society of 

CARLYLE, Mrs Jane Baillie (Welsh). 

Letters and m'emorials; ed. by J. A. Froude. 2v. in i. 1894. '92 C2141 
The same. 2v. 1883 r92 C2141 

"A pathetic and instructive record of the private history of a woman 
who will henceforth be remembered and honoured, not only or chief- 
ly because she was the wife of a man of genius, but on account of 
her own virtues and talents ... The humour and the pungent wit, the 
delicious ndivetd, and the power of expressing spontaneous thoughts, 
grave and gay, in choice language. . .make at least a hundred. . .letters 
worth preserving as choice specimens of letter-writing apart altogether 
from their personal interest." AthencBum, 1883. 

CARLYLE, Thomas. 

Early letters, 1814-1826; ed. by C.E.Norton. 1886 92 C2i4e 

"Mr. Norton is one of the many outsiders to whom 'the view of Mr. 
Carlyle's character presented in Mr. Froude's biography has not ap- 
proved itself,* and he endeavors to correct that view by printing selec- 
tions from the letters written by Carlyle himself." Athenaum, 1886. 

Letters of Carlyle to his youngest sister; ed. by C. T. Cope- 
land. 1899 92 C214I 

The letters printed in this volume were mainly written by Thomas Car- 
lyle to his youngest sister, Mrs Robert Hanning, who died in Toronto 
Dec. 13, 1897. Other members of the family are represented in the 
correspondence; there are a few letters — these perhaps the most inter- 
esting — from Carlyle to his mother; a few, also, from the mother to 
her oldest and to her youngest child. The collection extends from 



1832 to 1890. Mr Copeland's introductory essay is on "Carlyle as a 
letter- writer." 

CARLYLE, Thomas, & Emerson, R. W. ' 

Correspondence. 2v. 1888 92 C214 

"Not so much a correspondence in any true intellectual sense as a de- 
liberate exchange of monologues. . .Emerson's nature, on the whole, 
comes out of this correspondence the more disinterested* saner, and 
wiser, though not the stronger and grander of the two." Spectator, 

CARLYLE, Thomas. 

Froude, James Anthony. Thomas Carlyle; a history of his 

life in London. 2v. in i. 1892 92 C2i4f i 

Froude, James Anthony. Thomas Carlyle; a history of 

the first forty years of his life. 2v. in i. 1882 92 C2l4f 

The same. 2v. 1896 92 C2i4f2 

Froude was Carlyle's intimate friend and literary executor, but his 
biography has been bitterly criticized for its ruthless frankness, and 
its accuracy denied by those in a position to know the facts. 

Garnett, Richard. Life of Thomas Carlyle. 1887. (Great 

writers.) 02 C2i4g 

Bibliography, apx. p. 1-28. 

"Mr. Garnett has given a singularly good account of Carlyle, man and 
work... We do not know that anything important. . .in Carlyle's bi- 
ography is here omitted, while his successive works meet with criti- 
cism which is more or less sympathetic and discriminating. Mr. Garnett 
is most emphatically right in insisting on the altogether incalculable 
importance of Carlyle as an ethical influence on the last half of the 
nineteenth century." Saturday review, 1887. 

Macpherson, Hector Carsewell. Thomas Carlyle. 189;^. 

(Famous Scots series.) 92 C2i4m 

"Regarded. . .as a study based on Fronde's work — supplemented and 
tempered by the much more genial reminiscences of. . .Professor 
Masson — Mr. Macpherson's book is. . .admirable." Academy, 1896. 

Nichol, John. Thomas Carlyle. 1892. (English men of 

letters.) 92 C2i4n 

"Has distinct merits as a narrative^ a few passages of sound criticism, 
and at the end a refreshingly vigorous recogn^ition of the great posi- 
tion of Carlyle." Saturday review, 1892. 

Wilson, David. Mr Froude and Carlyle. 1898 92 C214W 

A defense of Carlyle, introductory to a proposed biography. 

CARNEGIE, Andrew. 

Cunningham, Andrew S. ed. A busy week; Mr Andrew 
Carnegie at Dumfermline, Kirkcaldy, Dumfries, Port- 

mahomack. 1899 r92 C216C 

Collection of newspaper notices about the functions connected with the 
opening of a technical school, a library and the laying of the corner 
stones of two libraries. Illustrated. 


Carpenter, Joseph Estlin. Life and work of Mary Carpen- 
ter. 1881 92 C223C 

Mary Carpenter (1807-77) was one of the founders of reformatory and 
industrial schools in England. She was also much interested in the 
education of the women of India. 

"The book might have had a keener interest if it had been more varied 
in its treatment; but in Mary Carpenter herself we shall Jook in vain 
for variety. Her strength lay in a single purpose, carried out through 
a long life with single-minded persistence." Saturday review, 1880. 

CARROLL, Charles, of Carrollton. 

Rowland, Kate Mason. Life of Charles Carroll of Carroll- 
ton, 1737-1832, with his correspondence and public 
papers. 2v. 1898 92 C233r 

Bibliography, v.i, p. 17-18. 

"Although associated with almost every public event from 1770 to 1800 


Carroll habitually destroyed his correspondence. Hence this, his only 
worthy biography [1902], finds its material largely in official records, 
publications of the Maryland Historical Society, the journal of Wil- 
liam Maclay, and a few unpublished family letters. It is a mixture 
of his public and private life, but especially a Carroll family book." 
Larned's Literature of American history. 

CARROLL, Lewis, {pseud, of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson). 
Bowman. Isa. Story of Lewis Carroll; told for young peo- 
ple by the real Alice in Wonderland, with a diary and 
numerous facsimile letters. 1900 92 C2332b 

Miss Bowman was one of the child actresses who impersonated Alice on 
the stage and came to know the author in that way. Illustrated. 

Collingwood, Stuart Dodgson. Life and letters of Lewis 

Carroll. 1898 92 C2332C 

Bibliography, p.43 1-443. 

Interesting biogrraphy of the Oxford don who lectured on mathematics 
and created the immortal Alice. The author quotes many entertaining 
letters to and from children, of whom Lewis Carroll was very fond, 
and gives some interesting details about "Alice in Wonderland,'* 
"Through the looking-glass" and "Sylvie and Bruno." Illustrated by 
sketches and remarkably fine photographs by Lewis Carroll. 

CARSON, Christopher. 

Abbott, John Stevens Cabot. Christopher Carson, known 

as Kit Carson. 1898 92 C2342a 

The same. 1901 J92 C2342a 

Young people's biography of one of the most picturesque figures of early 
Western history, trapper, guide and friend of the Indians. 

CARSTARES, William. 

Story, Robert Herbert. William Carstares, a character 

and career of the revolutionary epoch, 1649-1715. 1874. -92 C234S 

"William [III] had... one Scottish advisor, who deserved and possessed 
more influence than any of the ostensible ministers. This was 
Carstairs, one of the most remarkable men of that age. He united 
great scholastic attainments with great aptitude for civil business, 
and the firm faith and ardent zeal of a martyr with the shrewdness 
and suppleness of a consummate politician." Macaulay's History of 

CARY, Alice. 

Hudson, Mrs Mary (Clemmer) Ames. Memorial of Alice 

and Phoebe Cary, with some of their later poems. 1873. .92 C245h 

Familiar, personal account of the two American poets by an intimate 

CASANOVA de SEINGALT, Giovanni Jacopo. 

Escapes of Casanova and Latude from prison; ed. by P. 

Villars. 1892. (Adventure series.) 92 M444 

Masers de Latude (i 728-1 805), whose "Memoirs" are here given in full, 
was one of the celebrated prisoners of the Bastile and in confinement for 
35 years before he finally made his escape. Casanova, one of the most 
noted adventurers of the i8th century, was imprisoned in Venice for 
political reasons. The graphic story of his escape, here translated 
from his remarkable "Memoirs" gained him great celebrity. 

Memoires, ecrits par lui-meme. 6v. in 3 92 C248 

CASAS, Bartolome de las, bp. of Chiapa. 

Helps, Sir Arthur. Life of Las Casas, "the apostle of the 

Indies." 1896 92 C249h 

The same. 1868 r92 C249h 

"In this work, reproduced with additions from the author's 'Spanish Con- 
quest,' Mr. Helps has refuted the charge that Las Casas, in his anxiety 
to relieve the Indians from the slavery imposed upon them by the 
Spaniards, first suggested the institution of African slavery." Sabin's 
Dictionary of books relatinfi to America. 


CASS, Lewis. 

McLaughlin, Andrew Cunningham. Lewis Cass. 1892. 

(American statesmen.) 92 C258m 

The same. 1899. (American statesmen.) r92 C258m 

Like the other biographies in this series, this is more of a political than 
a personal history, and Cass has been studied as a representative of 
the old Northwest and as a power in the development of that section 
and in the growth of its political life. 

CASTELAR, Emilio. 

Hannay, David. Don Emilio Castelar. [1896.] (Public 

men of to-day.) 92 C266h 

Good sketch of the distinguished Spanish statesman, orator and author 
(1832-99), and of Spanish politics in the later 19th century. 

CATHARINE II, empress of Russia. 

Waliszewski, Kazimierz. Romance of an empress, Cath- 
erine II of Russia; tr. fr. the French. 1894 92 C279W 

Waliszewski, Kazimierz. Story of a throne (Catherine II 

of Russia) ; fr. the French. 2v. 1895 92 C279wa 

Sequel to "The romance of an empress." 
CATLEY, Anne, afterward Mrs Lascelles. 

Life of Anne Catley, celebrated singing performer of the 
last century, including an account of her introduction 
to public life, her professional engagements and her 
various adventures and intrigues. [Anonymous.] 

1888 r92 C284I 


Wilson, George, 1818-59. Life of Henry Cavendish, in- 
cluding abstracts of his more important scientific papers 
and a critical inquiry into the claims of all alleged dis- 
coverers of the composition of water. 1851. (Caven- 
dish society. Publications.) r92 C29SW 

Cavendish (i 731 -18 10) was a distinguished natural philosopher who 
discovered the composition of water and made other important con- 
tributions to scientific knowledge. 

CAVENDISH, William, duke of Newcastle. See NEW- 
CASTLE, William Cavendish, duke of. 

CAVOUR, Camillo Benso, conte di. 

Martinengo-Cesaresco, Evelyn (Carrington), contessa. 

Cavour. 1898. (Foreign statesmen.) 92 C296m 

"Chief authorities,*' p.221-222. 

Cavour, the celebrated Italian statesman, was the moving force in achiev- 
ing the unification of Italy. 

CAXTON, William. 

Blades, William. Biography and typography of William 

Caxton. 1882 92 C297b 

The standard authority concerning the life and work of the first Eng- 
lish printer. It contains full reprints of original documents and many 
reproductions of Caxton's work. 

CECIL, Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne, marquis of Salis- 
bury. See SALISBURY, Robert Arthur Talbot Gas- 
coyne Cecil, marquis of. 
CELLINI, Benvenuto. 

Life; newly tr. into English by J. A. Symonds. 1899 92 C315I 

Contains an introduction by Symonds which gives a good character 
sketch of Cellini. 

"Those who have made themselves thoroughly familiar with Cellini's 
Memoirs possess the substance of that many-sided epoch [the i6th cen- 
tury] in the form of an epitome. It is the first book which a student of 


the Italian Renaissance should handle in order to obtain the right 
direction for his more minute researches.. .From the pages of this 
book the Genius of the Renaissance, incarnate in a single personality, 
leans forth and speaks to us. He was the first goldsmith of his time, 
an adequate sculptor, a restless traveller, an indefatigable workman, a 
Bohemian of the purest water, a turbulent bravo, a courtier and com- 
panion of princes; finally, a Florentine who used his native idiom 
with incomparable vivacity of style." J. A. Symonds. 
"One of the most interesting and valuable autobiographies ever written. 
The author was contemporaneous with Raphael and Michael Angelo, 
and was the most skilful worker in metals in that age of artists. It 
was while he was engaged in the varied labors of his craft that he 
dictated this fascinating work. The variety of its incidents, the mi- 
nuteness of its descriptions, the pictures of the people, and of the man- 
ners of the time, and, above all, the view it affords of the life of one 
of the most powerful characters of the age. give it at once the charm 
of romance and the value of a record of contemporaneous events." 
C. K. Adams. 
Memoirs; tr. by Thomas Roscoe. 1901 92 C315 

Longueville, Thomas. Chisel, pen & poignard; or, Bfen- 

venuto Cellini; his times and his contemporaries. 1899. .92 C3islt 

By the author of "The life of Sir Kenelm Digby." 

Interesting and amusing but very condensed account, dealing only 
slightly with his art. 


Kelly, James Fitzmaurice-. Life of Cervantes. 1892.... 92 C334k 

Bibliography of the works of Cervantes, p.32 1-384. 

Mr Fitzmaurice-Kelly has a great enthusiasm for the author of Don 
Quixote, and criticizes his writings with literary judgment, but his 
book will be more interesting to the student of Spanish literature than 
to the general reader. 

Mayans y Siscar, Gregorio. Life of Michael de Cervantes 

Saavedra; tr. fr. the Spanish by Mr Ozell. 1738.. ..qr92 C334m 

Contains a number of prints illustrating Don Quixote. 

One of the four biographies of the famous Spanish novelist, author 
of Don Quixote, mentioned in Ticknor's "History of Spanish liter- 
ature." He characterizes it as a "work of learning, and the first 
proper attempt to collect materials for a life of Cervantes, but ill- 
arranged and ill-written, and of little value now, except for some of 
its incidental discussions." 

Oliphant, Mrs Margaret Oliphant (Wilson). Cervantes. 

[1880.] ; 92 C3340 

"The biographical part has all .the charm and dramatic colour of a novel 
...The purely literary and critical portion is less happy." Saturday 
review, 1881. 

Watts, Henry Edward. Life of Miguel de Cervantes. 

1891. (Great writers.) 92 C334W 

Bibliography, apx. p. 1-23. 

A rearrangement of a larger work by the same author, omitting much 

matter intended for Spanish students, and adding criticism and literary 

history more interesting to the general reader. 


CHALKLEY, Thomas. 

Journal. 1749 92 C352 

An itinerant preacher of the Society of Friends. He visited the Ameri- 
can colonies in 1698. 1700, 1710, and a few years before his death 
established a residence near Philadelphia. 

CHALMERS, Thomas. 

Blaikie, William Garden. Thomas Chalmers. 1896. 

(Famous Scots series.) 92 C353b 

"Looking at the influence of Chalmers on the religious thought and life 
of Scotland generally, we may say that he let in daylight and fresh air 
on the evangelical enclosures of the church . . . With broad, statesman- 
like view he was seen to have apprehended the evils of modern society. 


to have detected the remedy, and girded himself, in all his strength, 
to apply it." Dictionary of national biography. 


Jeyes, Samuel Henry. Right Hon. Joseph Chamberlain. 

(Public men of to-day.) 92 C355J 

Brief account of the public career of "the best abused man in England," 
to quote Mr Chamberlain's own description of his position in publie 

The last chapter, "Mr Chamberlain the imperialist," includes a brief 
account of Dr Jameson's expedition in the Transvaal. 

CHAMBERS, George. 

Sharpe, John McDowell. Memoir of George Chambers of 

Chambersburg. 1873 ^92 C3S5S 

Read before the Historical society of Pennsylvania, Feb. 17th, 1873. 

Eminent Pennsylvania jurist, member of the convention that formed 
the present constitution of Pennsylvania, was made a judge of the 
supreme court of his state in 185 1. A manuscript history of a con* 
siderable portion of Pennsylvania, which he had written for the Penn- 
sylvania historical society was destroyed when the Confederates burned 
Chambersburg in 1864. 

CHAMPLAIN, Samuel de. 

Sedgwick, Henry Dwight. Samuel de Champlain. 1902.. 92 C358S 

Being written for young people the biography does not refer to original 
sources or discuss at length questions of policy. It dwells particularly 
on Champlain's life in France and presents his nobility of character. 

CHANDLER, Zachariah. 

United States — Senate. Memorial addresses on the life 
and character of Zachariah Chandler, delivered Jan. 28, 

1880. 1880 qr92 C364U 

Senator from Michigan, 1857-75 ^"d again from Mar. 1879 to his death, 
Nov. 1879. 

CHANNING, William Ellery, 1780-1842. 

Channing, William Henry. Life of William Ellery Chan- 

ning. 1890 92 C365C 

Channing may be regarded as the founder of the Unitarian denomination 
in the United States, and for the middle part of his life as the leader 
of that body. During his later years he was especially interested in 
social questions and the abolition of slavery. 

CHAPIN, Edwin Hubbell. 

Ellis, Sumner. Life of Edwin H. Chapin. 1882 92 C367e 

A prominent Universalist clergyman of New York city, 18x4-80. 

CHARLEMAGNE, emperor of the West. 

Davis, Henry William Carless. Charlemagne, the hero of 

two nations. 1900. (Heroes of the nations.) 92 C374d 

"I have endeavored to give some idea of the first western Emperor's 
personality and influence upon European history. I have limited 
myself, in dealing with institutions and social and literary develop- 
ments, to those facts which seemed to throw light on his career. I 
have throughout based my narrative on a study of the chronicles, 
diploma ta, and literature of the period." Preface. 

Eginhard. Life of Charlemagne; tr. fr. the text of the 

"Monumenta Germanise" by S. E. Turner. 1880 92 C374C 

Life of Eginhard. p.9-10. 

Eginhard (770-840?) was minister of public works and councillor to 
Charlemagne as well as his private secretary. 

Hodgkin, Thomas. Charles the Great. 1897. (Foreign 

statesmen.) 92 C374h 

The author prefaces his history of Charlemagne by a study of his pre- 
decessors and the conditions of the time, and in the last chapter 
gives a brief summary of the effect of his rule on the political condi- 
tion of Europe, on literature, on laws and on the western church. 


Mombert, Jacob Isidor. History of Charles the Great. 

1888 92 C374m 

"As a record of events... an admirable piece of work. Scarcely a 
single fact has escaped his notice, and he has entered far more minute- 
ly into several of the affairs of Charles's reign than any other his- 
torian who has written in English . . . He has not attempted to define 
the place which his hero holds in the history of the world, or to trace 
the effects of his conquests and general policy on the fortunes of the 
peoples included in his Empire." Saturday review, 1889. 

CHARLES I, king of England. 

Last advice of Charles to his son, 1648. 1886. (Aungervyle 

society. Reprints.) r92 C375 

Abbott, Jacob. History of Charles the First of England. 

1876 92 C3752a 

The same. 1899 J92 C3752a 

Written for young people. 

Disraeli, Isaac. Commentaries on the life and reign of 

Charles I, king of England. 2v. 1851 92 C3752d 

"Disraeli's point of view is that of a High Tory, and it is probably the 
most powerful plea ever made in behalf of Charles I. But, notwith- 
standing the ardor of its advocacy, it is temperate in language and 
dignified in toile. The greatest value of the volumes is not so much 
in the new evidence brought to light, though new evidence is not 
wanting, as in the ingenuity with which known facts are woven into 
the argument and made to support his cause." C. K. Adams. 

Guizot, Francois Pierre Guillaume. History of Charles I 

and the English revolution, [1625-49]. 2v. 1854 92 C3752g 

Herbert, Sir Thomas. Memoirs of the last two years of 
the reign of Charles I, to which is added a particular 
account of the funeral of the king, in a letter from Sir 
Thomas Herbert to Sir William Dugdale. 1815 92 C3752h 

Sir Thomas Herbert was an English traveler and writer and a faithful 
adherent to the cause of Charles I, being the king's sole attendant 
during the last few months of his life. 

CHARLES I, king of Roumania. 

Whitman, Sidney, ed. Reminiscences of the king of Rou- 
mania; ed. fr. the original. 1899 92 C3754W 

"Mr. Whitman is justified in claiming to introduce 'a piece of work 
which a politician must consult unless he is to remain in the dark 
concerning much of moment in the political history of the Eastern 
question'. . .The book is carelessly edited, and abominably indexed, 
but it deserves to be read for its . . . pleasant anecdotes and interesting 
sidelights on characters of European celebrity. . .It will remain an 
important book of reference and. . .affords us a graphic account of 
the romantic career of an essentially unromantic personage." Saturday 
review, 1899. 

CHARLES II, king of England. 

Abbott, Jacob. History of Charles the Second of England. 

1877 92 C375ia 

The same. 1900 J92 C375ia 

For young people. 
BlQunt, Thomas. Bosc'obel; or, The history of His Majes- 
ties most miraculous preservation after the battle of 

Worcester, 3 Sept. 1651. 1887 92 C375ib 

Reprint of the edition of 1660. 

Short contemporary account of the escape of Charles II and his ad- 
ventures up to the time of leaving Boscobel. 

CHARLES V, emperor of Germany. 

Maxwell, Sir William Stirling-. Cloister life of the emperor 


Charles V. 1891 92 C3753m 

Elaborate, careful and interesting account of the life of the emperor of 
the Holy Roman empire after his abdication in 1556. 

CHARLES XII, king of Sweden. 

Bain, Robert Nisbet. Charles XII and the collapse of the 

Swedish empire. 1895. (Heroes of the nations.) 92 C375b 

The present work has no pretension to be anything like an exhaustive 
biography. But it claims to suggest the lines on which such a biogra* 
phy should be written, "and it endeavours to dissipate the many 
erroneous notions concerning 'The lion of the North' for which Vol- 
taire's brilliant and attractive work. I had almost said romance. 'His- 
toire de Charles XII' is mainly responsible." Preface. 

Browning, Oscar. Charles XII of Sweden. 1899 92 C375br 

"A lucid popular account of those wars and adventures which were at 
once the delight and the terror of Europe." Academy, 1899. 

CHARLES EDWARD STUART, the Young Pretender. See 

STUART, Charles Edward, the Young Pretender. 
Braunschweig- Liineburg. 
CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH, duchesse d'Orleans. See 
ELIZABETH CHARLOTTE, duchesse d'Orleans. 
CHASE, Salmon Portland. 

Diary and correspondence. (In American historical as- 
sociation. Annual report, 1902, v.2, p.ii-527.) r973 A5i22a v.2 

Hart, Albert Bushnell. Salmon Portland Chase. 1899. 

(American statesmen.) 92 C392h 

The same. 1899. (American statesmen.) r92 C392h 

"The central figure in three historic episodes; the western political 
anti-slavery movement, the financial measures of the Civil War, and 
the process of judicial reconstruction. Mr. Hart has ... followed the 
historical rather than the biographical method of treatment* and al- 
though the general reader will miss something of the picturesqueness 
of a more personal narrative, the work is perhaps of greater value as 
a political study on this account" American historical review, 1900. 

Schuckers, J. W. Life and public services of Salmon Port- 
land Chase. 1874 r92 C392S 

"Little more than a skeleton narrative of the public career of his sub- 
ject." Nation, 1874. 

Warden, Robert Bruce. Account of the private life and 

public services of S. P. Chase. 1874 r92 C392W 

"Author had intimate knowledge of his subject* had access to private 
journals and papers, but the work is poorly done ... Gives much more 
of the personal life of Chase than does Shuckers* but lacks his 
scholarly treatment." Lamed' s Literature of American history, 

CHATEAUBRIAND, Francois Auguste, vicomte de. 

Les memoires d'outre-tombe, avec une introduction, des 
notes et des appendices par Edmond Bire. 6v. [1898- 

1900.] 92 C396 

CHATHAM, William Pitt, earl of. See PITT, William, earl 

of Chatham, 1708-78. 

Dix, John. Life of Thomas Chatterton, including his un- 
published poems and correspondence. 1851 r92 C399d 

English poet, famous for his precocity and for his literary impostures, 
committed suicide in 1770 at the age of 17. 

"There is little, if anything, of permanent value in his writings. In 
one way, however, he showed an acuteness which may, perhaps, be 
fairly called marvellous. He showed an instinctive knowledge — re- 
markable in one so young — of the kind of intellectual food for which a 


demand was springing up in the country. His forgeries illustrate, 
as they no doubt stimulated, the growing taste for ancient litera- 
ture." Stephen's English thought in the eighteenth century. 

Masson, David. Chatterton; a story of the year 1770. 

1874 92 C399m 

A short biography of Chatterton, most of the book being devoted to the 
causes which led him to go to London, and his life there from Apr. 
1770 until his death. 

CHAUCER, Geoffrey. 

Ward, Adolphus William. Chaucer. [1880.] (English 

men of letters.) 92 C41 1 w 

Compact sketch giving the results of modern scholarship. 

"He has a real eye for Chaucer himself and the best points of his work, 

and is the first critic who has done justice to the wonderful dramatic 

power of the poet." Academy, 1880. 

CHAVANNES, Pierre Puvis de. See Artists, p.1273. 

CHERUBINI, Maria Luigi Carlo Zenobi Salvatore. 

Bellasis, Edward. Cherubini; memorials of his life. 1874. . r92 C425b 

Standard biography of the celebrated Italian composer (i 760-1 842). 

Crowest, Frederick James. Cherubini. 1890. (Great 

musicians.) 92 C425C 

Catalogue of Cherubini's works, p. 105-109. 

"Conventional in style. Its chief claim to interest is its subject" H. E. 

CHEVREUSE, Marie de Rohan-Montbazon, duchesse de. 

Cousin, Victor. Secret history of the French court under 

Richelieu and Mazarin; or. Life and times of Madame 

de Chevreuse. 1859 r92 C429C 


Parker, Richard Green. Tribute to the life and character 

of Jonas Chickering. 1854 r92 C432P 

Chickering (i 797-1 853) was the well-known piano manufacturer. 

CHILD, Mrs Lydia Maria (Francis). 

Letters. 1882 92 C436 

Biographical introduction, by J. G. Whittier, p. 5-2 5. 

Mrs Child (1802-80) was a novelist and edited the first monthly periodi- 
cal for children published in the United States, but her great work was 
in connection with the antislavery movement, her writings contributing 
in no slight degree to the formation of public sentiment on that 

CHOATE, Rufus. 

Brown, Samuel Gilman. Life of Rufus Choate. 1891 92 C448b 

A distinguished American lawyer (i 799-1 859), especially noted for his 
power as an orator. The memoir contains extracts from his speeches, 
journals and letters, but the author was unable to include any of his 
addresses to a jury, for which he was perhaps most famous. 

CHODOWIECKI, Daniel Nikolaus. See Artists, p.1262. 

CHOPIN, Frederic Francois. 

Huneker, James. Chopin; the man and his music. 1900.. 92 C456h 

Bibliography, p.39 1-396. 

"Divided into two parts, the first giving a sketch of Chopin's life, 
personality and style. . .while the second part analyzes in detail the... 
valses, nocturnes, etc., of the great Polish composer ... No pianist... 
can rise from the perusal of his pages without a deeper appreciation of 
the new forms of beauty which Chopin has added... to the musical 
flora of the 19th century... He justly takes every opportunity to em- 
phasize the manliness of Chopin." Nation, 1900. 

Karasowski, Moritz. Frederic Chopin; his life, works and 

letters. 2v. 1880-83 r92 C456k 

'IJntil the appearance of the exhaustive work by Niecks, the best 
Chopin biography." H. E. Krehbiel 


Liszt, Franz. Life of Chopin; tr. by M. W. Cook. [1872.] . .92 C456I 

The same. 1866 r92 C456I 

The same; tr. in full by John Broadhouse. [1899.] 92 C456I2 

"It is a misnomer to call Liszt's poetical, almost hysterical essay a 
'Life' of Chopin. Its biographical material is meagre and faulty, but 
the book is valuable as a study of Chopin's art by a fellow-artist and 
friend." H. E. Krekbiel. 

CHORLEY, Henry Fothergill. 

Recent art and society, as described in his autobiography 

and memoirs; comp. fr. the edition of H. G. Hewlett by 

C. H. Jones. 1874. (Amateur series.) 92 C457 

Chorley was from 1833 to 1866 musical critic for the "Athenaum," 
numbering among his friends Dickens, Miss Mitford, Lady Blessing- 
ton, Mr and Mrs Browning, Mendelssohn, Moscheles, Grote and 
other well-known men and women of the time. He was the author of 
various interesting books on music and of several novels and dramas 
which were not successful. 

CHRIST. See Christology, p. 165. 

CHRISTINA, queen of Sweden. 

Bain, Francis William. Christina, queen of Sweden. 1890. .92 C46ib 

Authorities, p. 7-9. 

Christina was the daughter of Gustavus Adolphus, whom she succeeded 
in 1632, abdicating the throne in favor of her cousin, Charles Gusta- 
vus, in 1654. After embracing the Catholic faith, she settled in Rome, 
where she, became the patron of men of letters and science. The 
book makes no attempt to chronicle the history of Sweden. 

CHURCH, Richard William. 

Life and letters; ed. by M. C. Church. 1897 92 C468 

List of the author's writings, p.423-424. 

Church (1815-90) was a historian, critic and, from 1871 to his death, 
dean of St. Paul's. He has been called "perhaps the most impressive 
preacher of his generation; the only one who suggested to his hearers 
the presence of a prophetic gift." This biography consists chiefly of 
his letters. 

CHURCHILL, John, duke of Marlborough. See MARL- 
BOROUGH, John Churchill, duke of. 

Account of his labors and Christian experiences. 1882.... 92 C469 

A minister of the Society of Friends, whose life (1705-77) was chiefly 
spent in Pennsylvania. 

CIBBER, Colley. 

Apology for his life. 1822 r92 C474 

English actor and dramatist (1671-1757), held up to scorn by Pope in 
the Dunciad. 

"He was a sparkling and successful dramatist, a comedian of high mark, 
a singularly capable and judicious manager. . .and an unequalled critic 
of theatrical performances." Dictionary of national biography. 

CIBBER, Mrs Susannah Maria (Arne). 

Account of the life of Mrs Susannah Maria Cibber, also 
the two trials between Theophilus Cibber and William 
Sloper. 1887 r92 C4742a 

English actress and singer, whose debut was made in 1732. She was 
a special favorite with Handel, who wrote the contralto songs in the 
"Messiah" and the part of Micah in "Samson" expressly for her. 

CICERO, Marcus Tullius. 

Davidson, James Leigh Strachan-. Cicero and the fall of 

the Roman republic. 1891. (Heroes of the nations.). .92 C475d 

"The author has thought for himself, and draws his own picture of 
Cicero and his times without making either a servile copy from other 
authorities or a fantastic caricature in defiance of them. . .Elspecially 
worthy of commendation is the clear statement of the relations of the 
different orders in the later Commonwealths." Nation, 1894. 


Trollope, Anthony. Life of Cicero. 2v. [1881.] 92 C47St 

"An exceedingly vivid portrayal of the life of the great orator. No one 
of the numerous biographers of Cicero has succeeded so completely 
in transplanting him and his surroundings into our own days. . . 
While Mommsen, Froude, Merivale, and others have looked at the 
condition and the necessities of the State, and have censured Cicero 
for not comprehending the nature of the situation, Trollope had 
studied the problem with a view to ascertaining and showing how it 
must have appeared to Cicero himself. Thus the volumes become very 
largely a personal rather than a political life." C. K. Adams. 

CID, Rodrigo or Ruy Diaz de Bivar, called the. 

Clarke, Henry Butler. The Cid Campeador and the wan- 
ing of the crescent in the west. 1897. (Heroes of the 
nations.) 92 C477C 

CLARK, Alexander Downs. 

In memoriam Alexander Downs Clark, 1812-1884. [Anony- 
mous.] [ 1885?] r92 C518 

Mr Clark was president of Franklin college from 1845 to 1861, profes- 
sor of biblical literature and criticism in the Allegheny theological 
seminary from 1847 to 1884 and also pastor of the Sixth church, Alle- 
gheny, from 1 86 1 to the close of his life. 

CLARK, William, 1770-1838. 

Lighton, William R. Lewis and Clark; Meriwether Lewis 

and William Clark. 1901 92 L674I 

Short sketch of the two pioneers and their famous expedition from the 
Mississippi river to the Pacific ocean. 


Iphigenia, baroness of Styne; a story of the "divine impa- 
tience;" an approximate autobiography; ed. by F. H. 
Clark. 1896 92 C527 

The same. 1896 r92 C527 

Anna Steiniger (1848-90?) was the inventor of a new method of piano- 
forte playing, known as the "Clark-Steiniger" system. 

Cobb, John Storer. Anna Steiniger; a biographical sketch, 
in which is contained a suggestion of the Clark-Stein- 
iger system of piano-forte playing. 1886 r92 C527C 

CLARKE, Adam. 

Account of his infancy, religious and literary life, written 

by himself, v.i. 1833 r92 C528 

Clarke was a Wesleyan preacher, commentator and theological writer of 
the later i8th and early 19th centuries. He was bom in Ireland, but 
lived in various places in Ireland, Scotland and England. 

CLARKE, James Freeman. 

Autobiography. 1891 92 C533 

List of the writings of J. F. Clarke, p.4i6-4i9- 

Leading L'nitarian clergyman (1810-88), prominent in educational and 
reform work in Boston. 

CLARKE, Mrs Mary Cowden. 

My long life. 1897 92 C534 

These recollections by the author of the "Concordance to Shakespeare" 
include many of the notable literary and musical people during the 
greater part of the 19th century. 

CLAUDE LORRAIN. See Artists, p.1270. 

CLAY, Henry. 

Private correspondence; ed. by Calvin Colton. 1855 r92 C549 

The editor visited Henry Clay at his home in Kentucky and was given 
free access to all his papers. After the death of the famous political 
leader his papers came into the possession of Mr Colton and from 
them this work was compiled. 


Prentice, George Denison. Biography of Henry Clay. 

1831 r92 C549i> 

Written by a friend and admirer shortly before Clay's election to the 
Senate in 1831. 

Sargent, Epes; Life and public services of Henry Clay, 
down to 1848, containing Clay's select speeches. 

1856 r92 C549sa 

This memoir was completed down to Clay's death in 185a by Horace 
Greeley, who also modified some of the more partisan passages. 

Schurz, Carl. Life of Henry Clay. 2v. 1894. (American 

statesmen.) 92 C549S 

The same. 2v. 1894-95. (American statesmen.) r92 C549S 

"Really a political history of the United States, based upon the public 
life of Henry Clay. . .We do not know of any book of like compass so 
well suited as this to give young Americans a knowledge of the his- 
tory of their country during those stirring years — at once accurate, 
graphic, and pervaded by a strong moral sense." Nation, 1887. 

CLAYTON, Mrs Victoria V. (Hunter). 

White and black under the old regime. 1899 92 C552 

These reminiscences of life in the South before the Civil war throw 
light on the relations of whites and negroes in slavery timet. 

CLEOPATRA, queen of Egypt. 

Abbott, Jacob. History of Cleopatra. 1879 92 Cs/ia 

The same. 1900 J93 C57ia 

For young people. 

CLERK-MAXWELL, James. See MAXWELL, James Clerk. 


Stoddard, William Osborn. Grover Cleveland. 1888. 

(Lives of the presidents.) J92 C582S 

Whittle, James Lowry. Grover Cleveland. 1896. (Public 

men of to-day.) 92 C582W 

The same. 1896. (Public men of to-day.) r92 C582W 

The object of the series is to present "a study of the career of some 
conspicuous personage in each nationality," and to the author (an 
Englishman) it seemed in 1896, when the book was written, that there 
was no American then living who had played so distinguished a part, 
and at the same time had so strong a personality, as the then president 
of the United States. 


Campbell, William W. Life and writings of De Witt 

Clinton. 1849 92 C595C 

"The most important part of the book is the Private canal journey, 
1 810, which is the diary of a journey through New York between 
Schenectady and Buffalo, and contains considerable historic and 
economic information gathered while the country was still in a primi- 
tive state. Helpful data will be found here in regard to wages, 
prices, value of land and local products. Clinton was afterwards an 
ardent supporter of the construction of the Eric Canal." Larned's 
Literature of American history. 

CLIVE, Mrs Catherine (Raftor). 

Fitzgerald, Percy. Life of Mrs Catherine Clive, with an 

account of her adventures on and off the stage. 1888.. r92 C6i2f 

English actress of the x8th century usually known as "Kitty Qivc," her 
forte being rattling comedy and operatic farce. 

CLIVE, Robert, baron. 

Arbuthnot, Sir Alexander John. Lord Clive; the founda- 
tion of British rule in India. 1899. (Builders of greater 
Britain.) 92 C6i2a 

"Sir Alexander Arbuthnot's excellent little study will do good service 
in proving to his countrymen that Qive [1725-74] was no ruffianly 


adventurer and no mere lucky soldier of fortune, but a man of wide 
and comprehensive mind, a great statesman as much as a greilt soldier." 
Spectator, 1899. 

Malcolm, Sir John. Life of Robert, lord Give; collected 

from the family papers. 3v. 1836 * 92 C6i2m 

V.I. 1746-1758. 

V.2. 1 758-1 765. 
V.3. 1766-1770. 

The fairest and most authoritative of the longer biographies of Clive. 

"From his first visit to India [1743-53] dates the renown of the English 
arms in the east . . . Nor must we forget that he was only twenty-five 
years of age when he approved himself ripe for military command . . . 
The only man, so far as we recollect, who at an equally early age ever 
gave equal proof of talents for war, was Napoleon Bonaparte. . .From 
Clive's second visit to India dates the political ascendancy of the 
English in that country ... From Clive's third visit to India dates the 
purity of the administration of our Eastern empire." Macaulay's 
Essay on Lord Clive. 

Malleson, George Bruce. Lord Clive. 1893. (Rulers of 

India.) 92 C6i2ma 

Wilson, Sir Charles. Lord Clive. 1890. (English men 

of action.) 92 C6i2w 

Terse and direct account, with selections from Clive's letters. 

CLOUGH, Arthur Hugh. 

Prose remains, with a selection from his letters, and a 

memoir. 1888 92 C619 

Contents: Memoir. — Letters. — A consideration of objections against the 
Retrenchment association at Oxford during the Irish famine in 1847. — 
Lecture on the poetry of Wordsworth. — On the formation of classical 
English; an extract from a lecture on Dryden. — Lecture on the de- 
velopment of English literature from Chaucer to Dryden. — Review 
of some poems by Alexander Smith and Matthew ■ Arnold. — Letters 
of Parepidemus. — A passage upon Oxford studies; extracted from a 
review of the Oxford university commissioners* report, 1852. — ^Ex- 
tracts from a review of a work entitled "Considerations on some recent 
social theories." — Notes on the religious tradition. 

CLYDE, Colin Campbell, baron. See CAMPBELL, Colin, 
baron Clyde. 

COAN, Titus. 

Coan, Mrs Lydia (Bingham). Titus Coan; a memorial. • 

1884 92 C628C 

One of the early missionaries to Hawaii (1801-82). 

COB BE, Frances Power. 

Life, by herself. 2v. 1895 92 C632 

Gives a picture of the position of woman in the world to-day as con- 
trasted with that of 70 years ago. 

"Miss Cobbe's life has been a useful, interesting and important one, 
and she has told her story of it better, on the whole, than any other 
biographer could do it." Nation, 1894. 

COBBETT, William. 

Waters, Robert. How to get on in the world, as de- 
monstrated by the life and language of William Cob- 
bett, to which is added Cobbett*s English grammar with 
notes. 1883 92 C6322W 

Cobbett (1762-1835) was an English essayist, politician and agriculturist. 

"Cobbett if not an attractive character, is a very interesting one, and 
the active part taken by him in all the public events and contro- 
versies of an important period makes him well worth knowing to 
all who are students of that period. For this purpose Mr. Waters's 
life is well suited... He has had the good sense, too, to let Cobbett 
tell his own story for the most part, an easy thing in so voluminous 
and egotistical a writer, and a very desirable thing in a writer so racy 
and entertaining." Nation, 1883. 


COBDEN, Richard. 

Morley, John. Life of Richard Cobden. 1890 92 C633m 

"The best account of the agitation which led to the establishment of free 
trade in England." C. K. Adams. 


Pennsylvania — Senate. Proceedings and obituary ad- 
dresses on the occasion of the death of John Cochran. 
1883 r92 C645P 

Senator from the second district of Pennsylvania, 1879-81. 

COCHRANE, Thomas, earl of Dundonald. See DUN- 
DONALD, Thomas Cochrane, earl of. 

CODY, William Frederick. 

Wetmore, Mrs Helen (Cody). Last of the great scouts; 
the life story of Col. William F. Cody, ("Buffalo Bill"). 
1899 92 C655W 

The public knows "Buffalo Bill" as a buffalo hunter, soldier and scout, 
an intrepid frontiersman and a famous exhibitor. This biography is 
written by his sister and from the standpoint of hero-worship. 

COFFIN, Charles Carleton. 

Griffis, William Elliot. Charles Ckirleton Coffin, war cor- 
respondent, traveller, author and statesman. 1898 92 C662g 

Well-known, particularly in New England, as correspondent for many 
years, beginning early in the Civil war, of the "Boston journal." 

COFFIN, Levi. 

Reminiscences; history of the labors of a lifetime in behalf 
of the slave, with stories of fugitives who gained their 
freedom through his instrumentality. 1880 r92 C663 

"Coffin was a member of the Society of Friends; resided in youth in 
North Carolina; and removed in early manhood (1822) to Indiana. 
Successful in business he devoted time and money to the help of escap- 
ing slaves, — several thousand, it is estimated in number. Because of 
his activity he was termed by some the president of the underground 
railroad. This volume. . .is a simple but thrilling record of the escapes 
with which the author was associated. It is one of the few books 
on the subject, and... is likely to remain a principal authority." 
Larned's Literature of American history. 

COIGNET, Jean Roch. 

Narrative of Captain Coignet, soldier of the empire, 1776- 
1850; ed. by Loredan Larchey, tr. fr. the French by 
Mrs M. Carey. 1890 92 C671 

These personal experiences of a soldier of the empire were most exciting 
and are vividly told. He was with Napoleon's army in Italy, Spain, 
Prussia, Poland and Russia. 

COLERIDGE, Samuel Taylor. 

Biographia literaria; or. Biographical sketches of my liter- 
ary life and opinions. 1891 92 C688b 

The same. 2v. in i. 1852 r92 C688 

"Primarily intended as a claim for public recognition, but diverging 

into some of his most admirable criticism." Dictionary of national 

Letters; ed. by E. H. Coleridge. 2v. 1895 92 C688 

Though filling two large volumes this collection is only a selection from 
the most important letters. It is intended to illustrate his personal 
history rather than his critical and philosophical opinions, or his 
development as a poet. 

Caine, Hall. Life of Samuel Taylor Coleridge. 1887. 

(Great writers.) 92 C688c 

Bibliography, apx. p.i-21. 

"Careful performance, containing many new facts." Athenaum, 1886. 


Traill, Henry Duff. Coleridge. [1884.] (English men of 

letters.) 92 C688t 

Excellent short account. 

COLERIDGE, Mrs Sara Henry (Coleridge). 

Memoirs and letters; ed. by her daughter. 1875 92 C6882 

Mrs Coleridge (1802-52) was the daughter of the poet Coleridge, and 
herself a poet. 

"The unanimous testimony of her friends represents her as an almost 
perfect woman, uniting masculine strength of intellect to feminine grace 
and charm. This favourable judgment is confirmed in both its branches 
by the correspondence published by her daughter in 1873, though a 
considerable part of it is occupied with references to contemporary 
theological controversies." Dictionary of national biography. 

COLES, Abraham. 

Coles, Jonathan Ackerman, ed. Abraham Coles; biograph- 
ical sketch, memorial tributes, selections from his 

works. 1892 92 C689C 

New Jersey physician (181 3-91), author of various reviews and papers 
on literary, medical and scientific subjects, and several volumes of 
poems and hymns, among them 13 versions of the Latin hymn, "Dies 


COLIGNY, Gaspard de, admiral of France. 

Besant, Sir Walter. Gaspard de Coligny. 1879. (Makers 

of history.) 92 C692b 

Popular sketch of one of the most heroic figures in French history. 

COLUMBUS, Christopher. 

Adams, Charles Kendall. Christopher Columbus; his life 

and his work. 1892. (Makers of America.) 92 C727a 

"Excellent brief life, written in an impartial spirit." Lamed' s Literature 
of American history. 

Boston — City council. Memorial of Christopher Columbus 

in honor of his discovery of America. 1893 Qr92 C727b 

Contains an oration on Columbus by John Fiske. 

Brooks, Elbridge Streeter. True story of Christopher 

Columbus. 1892. (Children's lives of great men.)....J92 C727b 
Elton, Charles Isaac. Career of Columbus. 1892 92 C727e 

Popular narrative with little criticism or comment. 

Helps, Sir Arthur. Life of Columbus. 1897 92 C727h 

The same. 1869 r92 C727h 

Admirable biography taken in great part verbatim from the author's 
"History of the Spanish conquest in America," but somewhat en- 
larged and rearranged. 

Irving, Washington. Life and voyages of Christopher 

Columbus, with those of his companions. 3v. 1868.. 92 C727i 

"Irving's work has more than literary merit. It is a history written 
with judgment and impartiality." Harrisse's Christophe Colomb. 

"Did not draw characters with the realistic fidelity now in favor. He 
smoothed his portrait of. Columbus, and defects are passed over in 
silence or left obscure in the background." Larned's Literature of 
American history. 

Markham, Sir Clements Robert. Life of Christopher Colum- 
bus. 1892. (World's great explorers and explora- 
tions.) 92 C727m 

Mr Markham is a ripe student of history, but he is biased in his 
estimate of Columbus by his admiration for the seamanship. He is 
trustworthy except in regard to the personal character of Columbus. 
Adapted from Nation, 1892. 

Neri, Achille. I ritratti di Cristoforo Colombo. 1893 • • • qr92 C727n 

Bibliography, p.2S-32' 

Treats of the various portraits of Columbus and gives reproductions of 
over 40 of them. 


Poole, William Frederick. Columbus and the finding of 

the New World. 1892 r92 C727P 

A X 9-page essay, reprinted from the "Northwestern Christian advo- 
cate," 1892, and containing some severe criticism of the great explorer. 

Pratt, Mara L. Story of Columbus. 1892. J92 C727P 

Simply written, for first grade children. 

Seelye, Mrs Elizabeth (Eggleston). Story of Columbus. 

1893: J92 C727S 

One of the most attractive and reliable of the shorter volumes about 

Stevens, Benjamin Franklin, ed. Christopher Columbus, 
his own book of privileges, 1502; photographic fac- 
simile of the manuscript in the archives of the Foreign 
office in Paris, with translation into English. 1893.. qr92 C727S 

Just before Columbus started on his last voyage in 1502 he determined 
to have some record made of the royal and official documents in his 
favor. Four copies were made and in this volume we have a photo- 
graphic facsimile of one of the two sent to Nicolo Oderigo for preser- 
vation in Genoa. 

Tarducci, Francesco. Life of Christopher Columbus. 2v. 

1890 r92 C727t 

"Very readable detailed narrative designed for the general public. Tar- 
ducci approaches his subject in the spirit of Irving. He is not a 
specialist in this field, and in accordance with the aim in view, he 
does not discuss at any length the doubtful questions ... It is strictly a 
life of Columbus, and little attention is given to the general history of 
the discoveries." Lamed' s Literature of American history. 

Winsor, Justin. Christopher Columbus, and how he re- 
ceived and imparted the spirit of discovery. 1892 92 C727W 

"Contains not only a detailed account of Columbus' achievements, but 
also a mass of bibliographical and cartographical detail of great value. 
Based on careful study of printed sources. Written in a spirit of 
hostility to Columbus." Lamed' s Literature of American history. 

COLVIN, John Russell. 

Colvin, Sir Auckland., John Russell Colvin. 1895. (Rulers 

of India.) 92 C728C 

COM INKS, Philippe de, sieur d'Argenton. 

Memoirs, containing histories of Louis XI and Charles 
VIII, kings of France, and of Charles the Bold, to 
which is added The scandalous chronicle; or. Secret 
history of Louis XI, by Jean de Troyes. 2v. 1892-94. . .92 C73S 

"This author, not without some reason, has been called the father of 
modern history. Certainly he was the first author of modern times to 
reason with sagacity on the characters of men and the consequences 
of their action . . . Commines was contemporaneous with Columbus, and 
consequently wrote during that lull which preceded the great storm of 
the Reformation." C. K. Adams. 

COMINGO, Henry G. 

In memoriam Henry G. Comingo. [Anonymous.] qr92 C734i 

Henry G. Comingo (1809-61) was pastor of the First Presbyterian 
church in Steubenville, Ohio, 1836-61. This volume contains three 
of his sermons, an account of his funeral services and a short me- 
morial sketch. 

Memorial of Henry G. Comingo, pastor of the First Pres- 
byterian church, Steubenville, Ohio. 1862 r92 C734m 

Contains his sermon on the 2sth anniversary of his pastorate, his last 
two sermons and the sermon preached at his funeral. 

COMMINES, Philippe de, sieur d'Argenton. See COMINES, 
Philippe de, sieur d'Argenton. 


CONGREVE, William. 

Gosse, Edmund William. Life of William Congrevc. 

1888. (Great writers.) 92 C749g 

nibliography, apx. p. 1-9. 

This study of Congreve is said to be the first detailed biography of 

him that has ever been written, and it offers some new and interesting 

additions to the materials of literary criticism. 

CONSTABLE, Archibald. 

Constable, Thomas. Archibald Constable and his literary 

correspondents. 3v. 1873 92 C761C 

Archibald Constable (i 774-1827) was the well-known publisher of the 
"Edinburgh review." 

"The interest of the memoir centres as much upon the lives and charac- 
ters of his correspondents, as shown by their letters to him, as upon 
his own life. . .Letters hitherto unpublished from Sydney Smith, God- 
win, Jeffrey, I^ockhart, and Sir Walter Scott, cannot fail to arrest 
attention." Saturday rei-ieu; 1869. 


Leslie, Charles Robert. Memoirs of the life of John Con- 
stable, composed chiefly of his letters. 1845 r92 C761I 

COOK, Capt. James. 

Besant, Sir Walter. Captain Cook. 1890. (English men 

of action.) 92 C774b 

"There was, and is, but one Capt. Cook, yet who, among the rising gen- 
eration, has read those volumes which describe how his strong hand 
tore away the veil from half a world?... Mr. Besant passes by the 
Voyages, for the most part, to sketch for us the portrait of the man. 
This he has done with clear and just yet kindly touches, as was fitting 
...That it may call renewed attention to the fascinating story of his 
voyages is to be hoped and expected." Nation, 1890. 

COOK, Peter McCauley. 

Pennsylvania — House of representatives. Proceedings on 

the occasion of the death of P. McCauley Cook. 1897. .r92 C774P 

Member of the legislature from Fulton county. 

COOKMAN, Alfred. 

Ridgway, Henry Bascom. Life of Alfred Cookman, with 
some account of his father, George Grimston Cookman. 
1873 92 C782r 

Mr Cookman (1828-71) was a Methodist minister of some note, con- 
nected during most of his life with the Philadelphia conference. He 
was pastor of Christ church, Pittsburgh, 1855-57. 

COOPER, Anthony Ashley, earl of Shaftesbury. See 
SHAFTESBURY, Anthony Ashley Cooper, earl of. 

COOPER, James Fenimore. 

Clymer, William Branford Shubrick. James Fenimore 
Cooper. 1900. (Beacon biographies of eminent Amer- 
icans.) 92 C787C 

Bibliography, p. 146-149. 

Brief sketch, following Lounsbury's biography in general, but containing 
a few new letters. 

Lounsbury, Thomas Raynesford. James Fenimore Cooper. 

1895. (American men of letters.) 92 C787I 

Partial bibliography of Cooper's writings, p. 290-299. 

"An admirable specimen of literary biography. . .It gives the reader 
not merely a full account of Cooper's literary career, but there is 
mingled with this a sufficient account of the man himself, apart from 
his books, and of the period in which he lived, to keep alive the in* 
terest from the first word to the last." Nation, 1883. 

COOPER, Peter. 

Raymond, Rossiter Worthington. Peter Cooper. 1901..92 C788r 
Excellent short biography of the American inventor and philanthropist 



(i 791-1883), founder of Cooper union, written by one who was closely 
associated with him during the last decade of his life. 

COPLEY, John Singleton. 

Amory, Mrs Martha Babcock (Greene). Domestic and 
artistic life of John Singleton Copley, with notices of 
his works and reminiscences of his son. Lord Lynd- 
hurst. 1882 92 C795a 

Portrait painter (i 737-181 5), distinguished equally in America, where he 
was born, and in England, where he spent the last half of his life. 
This biography is by his granddaughter and includes many family 

CORDAY, Charlotte. 

Van Alstine, Mrs Jeanette. Charlotte Corday. 1890 92 C813V 

There is not much known about the life of the young Frenchwoman, 
famous for the assassination of Marat in 1793, but Mrs Van Alstine 
has made a good little biography and added a few letters. 


Guizot, Francois Pierre Guillaume. Corneille and his 

times. 1871 92 C82ig 

Partial contents: Poetry in France before the time of Corneille. — Jean 

Chapelain. — ^Jean Rotrou. — Paul Scarron. 
One of the standard biographies of the great French dramatist and tragic 

poet (1606-84). 

CORNELIUS, Peter, 1824-74. 

Sandberger, Adolf. Leben und werke des dichtermusikers 

Peter Cornelius. 1887 r92 C8228 

Cornelius composed several unsuccessful operas, but is chiefly known 
through his advocacy of the musical theories of Wagner and Liszt. 


Cornell, Alonzo Barton. Biography of Ezra Cornell, 

founder of Cornell university. 1884 92 C822C 

CORNWALL, Barry, psetid. See PROCTER, Bryan Waller. 

CORNWALL, Piers Gaveston, earl of. See GAVESTON, 
Piers, earl of Cornwall. 

CORNWALLIS, Charles, marquis. 

Correspondence; ed. by Charles Ross. 3 v. 1859 r92 C82S 

Lord Cornwallis (i 738-1 805) played a prominent part in the American 
revolution, and later served with much distinction as governor-general 
of India and lord lieutenant of Ireland. This correspondence is the 
great storehouse of facts about his career. 

Karr, Walter Scott Seton-. Marquess Cornwallis. 1893. 

(Rulers of India.) 92 C825k 

COROT, Jean Baptiste Camille. See Artists, p.1271. 

CORREGGIO, Antonio Allegri da. See Artists, p.1277. 

CORTfiS, Hernando. 

Abbott, John Stevens Cabot. History of Hernando Cortez. 

1884 92 C829a 

The same. 1904. (Makers of history.) J92 C839a 

Title reads "Hernando Cortez." 

Popular biography for young people of the great Spanish soldier and 
conqueror of Mexico. Written about i860. 

Helps, Sir Arthur. Life of Hernando Cortes. 2v. 1871..92 C829h 
The same. 2v. 1871 r92 C829h 

As in the lives of Columbus, Pizarro and Las Casas, the author has used 
his work on the "Conquest of Mexico" as a foundation, but in this 
case he has added greatly to those parts which especially concern the 
private life of Cortes. 


CORWIN, Thomas. 

Russell, Addison Peale. Thomas Corwin. 1881 92 C83ir 

An American statesman and orator. He was governor of Ohio, 1840-42, 
and United States minister to Mexico, 1861-64. He opposed the Mexi- 
can war and made a strong speech against it in 1846. 

COSMOPOLITE, pseud. See DOW, Lorenzo. 
COTMAN, John Sell. See Artists, p. 1255. 
COUSIN, Jean. See Artists, p.1271. 
COUSIN, Victor. 

Simon, Jules. Victor Cousin. 1888. (Great French writ- 
ers.) 92 C843S 

Narrative of the life of the French philosopher and writer (i 792-1867) 
and an exposition of his system, by one of his favored disciples. 

"Pithy and entertaining, but often prejudiced Life... The most interest- 
ing feature ... is its collection of anecdotes, in the pithy and picturesque 
style of which M. Simon is the acknowledged master, of every phase 
of Cousin's life and character." Edinburgh review, 1890. 

COWDEN-CLARKE, Mrs Mary. See CLARKE, Mrs Mary 

COWPER, William. 

Best letters; ed. by A. B. McMahan. 1893 92 C849 

The letters extend from 1765 to 1794, were written chiefly to Lady Hes- 
keth, Mr Joseph Hill, Rev. William Unwin and Rev. John Newton, 
and show the poet at his best and happiest. 

Letters; ed. with introduction by W. Benham. 1899 92 C849I 

"Two men of mark in English literature, Southey and Alexander Smith, 
have called Cowper 'the best of English letter-writers,* and few will 
be found to challenge this opinion. The charm of Cowper's letters, 
like that of his poetry, lies first of all in his naturalness and sincerity. 
He writes simply because he had something to say, or because he loves 
his correspondent, and has no idea of posing for effect... His letters, 
then, are the simple statement of whatever he has in his mind; written 
in pure and beautiful English; full of the information and refined 
taste of a well-read man; overflowing now with humour, now with deep 
religious feeling." Introduction. 

Life and letters; ed. by Robert Southey. 4v. 1853-54 92 C849SO 

jr.i. Life, by Robert Southey. 

v.2. Life, (continued) and Letters. 

v. 3-4. Letters. 

One of the best of the biographies of Cowper. 

Gearey, Caroline, ed. Cowper and Mary Unwin; a centen- 
ary memento. 1900 92 C849g 

With the aid of judicious extracts from the poet's ever-charming letters, 
she relates her story in a style of pleasant gossip. 

Harland, Marion, (pseud, of Mrs Mary Virginia (Hawes) 
Terhune). William Cowper. 1899. (Literary hearth- 
stones.) 92 C849h 

"Her aim is to show what the subjects of her studies were, rather than 
what they did — to portray them familiarly as men and women, rather 
than as members of the guild of authors." Dial, 1899. 

Smith, Goldwin. Cowper. [1880.] (English men of let- 
ters.) 92 C849S 

The man, the poet, his work and his age, portrayed by a scholarly hand. 

Wright, Thomas, principal of Corvper school^ Olney. Life of 

William Cowper. 1892 92 C849W 

Author has many sources of fresh information such as Cowper's unpub- 
lished letters in the British museum, the unpublished Diary and Life 
of Samuel Teedon, who had great influence over Cowper, and other 
diaries of the period. 

COX, David. See Artists, p. 1254. 

COX, Samuel Sullivan. 

Cox, William \'an Zandt, & Northrup, M. H. Life of 


Samuel Sullivan Cox. 1899 92 C853C 

Mr Cox, the American politician and diplomatist, served several terms 
in Congress, and as United States minister to Turkey, 1885-86. He 
was chiefly instrumental in reforming the national postal service laws 
and securing for the post-office employees regular hours and salaries. 

United States — Congress. Memorial addresses on the life 
and character of Samuel Sullivan Cox, representative 
from New York, delivered in the House of representa- 
tives and Senate. 1890 qr92 C853U 

CRAB BE, George. 

Kebbel, Thomas Edward. Life of George Crabbe. 1888. 

(Great writers.) 92 C857k 

Bibliography, apx. p. 1-5. 
Biographical and critical study. 

CRADDOCK, Charles Egbert, (pseud, of Mary Noailles Mur- 
Baskervill, William Malone. Charles Egbert Craddock. 

1897. (Southern writers.) 92 C858b 

Short essay on her life and writings. 

CRAIG, Isaac. 

Craig, Neville B. Sketch of the life of Isaac Craig. 1854. .r92 C861C 

With annotations by Judge Veech. 

Sketch, by his son, of one of the first settlers of Pittsburgh, a man 
who had previously served throughout the Revolution and who after- 
ward was employed by the government in various positions. 

GRAIN, William Henry. 

United States — Congress. Memorial addresses on the life 
and character of William H. Grain, representative from 
Texas, delivered in the House of representatives and 
Senate. 1897. (54th cong. ist sess. House. Doc. 
no.429.) qr92 C863U 

Mr Crain was member of Congress from Texas, 1885-96. 

CRANMER, Thomas, abp. of Canterbury. 

Mason, Arthur James. Thomas Cranmer. 1898. (Leaders 

(^f religion.) 92 C867m 

"The chief value of Canon Mason's work lies in the claim which it 
establishes for Cranmer to rank as distinctly the most learned theo- 
logian of his time." Athenaum, 1898. 

Strype, John. Memorials of Thomas Cranmer, wherein 
the history of the church and the reformation of it, dur- 
ing his primacy, are illustrated; collected chiefly from 
records, registers, authentic letters and other original 
manuscripts. 2v. 1840 92 C867S 

One of the most important of Strype's publications. Most of his material 
was taken from a fine collection of original letters and state papers 
of the Tudor period owned by the family of the secretary of Lord 
Burghley, Elizabeth's lord high treasurer. 

CRESAP, Michael. 

Jacob, John J. Biographical sketch of Captain Michael 

Cresap. 1866 qr92 C879J 

Reprinted from the Cumberland edition of 1826. . 

Proves that Cresap, who was for 50 years considered responsible for 
the treacherous murder of the family of Logan, a friendly chief, dur- 
ing an Indian outbreak near Wheeling in 1774, had nothing to do 
with it and was in Maryland at the time. The case against Cresap 
may be found in Thomas Jefferson's "Notes on the state of Virginia," 
r97S-5 J23» and r3o8 J23, v.3 and 7. 

Mayer, Brantz. Tah-gah-jute; or, Logan and Cresap; an 

historical essay. 1867 r92 C879m 

Vindication of Michael Cresap from the charge of killing the family of 


a friendly chief named Tah-gah-jute or Logan. Logan's famous speech 
is given in an appendix. 

CRISPI, Francesco. 

Stillman, William James. Francesco Crispi, insurgent, 

exile, revolutionist and statesman. 1899 92 C8848 

Author was special correspondent of the London Times from 1876 to 
1898. Crispi is pictured as one of the greatest of Italian statesmen, 
second only to Cavour among the makers of Italy. 

"We take leave of this work with a feeling that few critics have the 
right to meet Mr. Stillman on a ground, every inch of which he knows 
so well, and yet, at the same time, with a doubt whether Signor Crispi 
is the great Italian hero he appears in these pages." Spectator, 1899. 

CRITTENDEN, John Jordan. 

Coleman, Mrs Ann Mary (Crittenden). Life of John J. 
Crittenden, with selections from his correspondence 
and speeches. 2v. in i. 1871 92 C885C 

"Life of one of the best examples of a Southern public man of the old 
school... He was a thoroughgoing Union man to the last, and, like 
most other such North and South, believed that the Union was only 
to be maintained by granting the slaveholders every possible protection 
for their peculiar species of property ... He resisted the annexation of 
Texas, resolutely withstood the repeal of the Missouri Compromise, 
sternly condemned the Lecompton fraud and the Kansas villanies, op- 
posed the measure looking towards the annexation of Cuba, and was a 
bitter opponent of secessionism . . . The defect of the book as a literary 
work is, that it is less a continuous narrative of a life than a collection 
of documents relating to one." Nation, 1872. 

CRIVELLI, Carlo. See Artists, p. 1278. 


Abbott, John Stevens Cabot. David Crockett. 1898 92 C886a 

The same. 1898 J92 C886a 

Crockett was elected to the Tennessee legislature in 1821, when he had 
never read a newspaper and was entirely ignorant of public speaking; 
served three terms in Congress, where he was noted for his strong 
common sense, as well as his eccentricity of manner; joined in the 
Texan struggle for independence, and lost his life in the famous de- 
fence of the Alamo. This biography is a popular one for young people, 
written many years ago. 

Ellis, Edward Sylvester, ipseud. Col. H. R. Gordon). Life 
of Colonel David Crockett, to which are added sketches 
of Gen. Sam Houston, Gen. Santa Anna, Rezin P. and 
Col. James Bowie. 1884 92 C886e 

American pioneer, hunter and politician, killed at Fort Alamo, Texas in 

CROKER, Richard. 

Lewis, Alfred Henry, (pseud. Dan Quin). Richard Croker. 

1901 92 C889I 

"Though a good deal of the life history of his hero is imbedded in the 
pages of Mr. Lewis's extraordinary book, it is not so much a biography 
as the vindication of a system [Tammany] .. .The account... of the 
personality of the great Tammany chief is extremely engaging. . .the 
book as a whole is full of curious entertainment." Spectator, 1901. 

CROME, John. See Artists, p. 1255. 

CROMWELL, Oliver. 

Aubigne, Jean Henri Merle d'. The Protector [Crom- 
well] ; a vindication. 1850 92 C892a 

Vindication of Cromwell's religious character. 

Church, Samuel Harden. Oliver Cromwell; a narrative 
of his life, with extracts from his letters and speeches 
and an account of the political, religious and military 
affairs of England during his time. 1895 92 C892C 


CROMWELL, Oliver— c(whn«^rf. 

The same. 1895 r92 C892C 

The same. 1899 r92 C892C2 

Finding the existing historical treatment of Cromwell typified by the 
extreme severity of Hume, or the equally unfair hero-worship of Car- 
lyle, Mr Church began a serious study of the man and his time, and 
the result is this book, which he does not consider a biography, but 
"as an adequate narrative which aims to present, with sufficient de- 
tail, the formation of the Commonwealth and its strange paradox of 
the permanent establishment of civil and religious liberty through a 
Dictator who respected no law, in working out England's salvation, 
but the law of necessity; and this for a nation whose fortunes are 
happily and inseparably linked with the forms of popular monarchy.** 

Firth, Charles Harding. Oliver Cromwell and the rule of 
the Puritans in England. 1900. (Heroes of the na- 
tions.) 92 C892{ 

While based on an article contributed by the author to the "Dictionary 
of national biography" in 1888, this life embodies the result of later 
researches and of recently discovered documents such as the Clarke 
papers. The battle plans have been specially drawn for this volume 
by B. V. Darbishire and in two cases differ considerably from those 
generally accepted as correct. 

Gardiner, Samuel Rawson. Oliver Cromwell. 1899.... qr92 C892g 

"A cautious, moderate and unpartisan estimate... A truly marvellous pic- 
ture of Cromwell." Spectator, 1899. 

"From a literary point of view, Mr. Gardiner has never done anything 
so good. As an artistic whole, the arrangement, the subordination of 
details to the general effect, the breadth and skill of the treatment, are 
worthy of a great historian." Literature, 1899. 

Beautifully illustrated with reproductions of portraits, busts, medals, seals 
and miniatures pertaining to Cromwell and his family. 

Guizot, Frangois Pierre Guillaume. History of Oliver 

Cromwell and the English commonwealth, 1649-1658. 

1887 92 C892gu 

Title-page reads "Life of Oliver Cromwell." 
The same. 2v. 1854 r92 C892gu 

Harrison, Frederic. Oliver Cromwell. 1894. (Twelve 

English statesmen.) 92 C892h 

" 'Popular* in the good, not in the bad sense of that term. It tells ordi- 
nary readers the facts which men who are not historians, but who care 
for history, want to know about the Protector, and it tells these facts 
in a style which is clear, striking, and unaffected." Nation, 1888. 

Horton, Robert Forman. Oliver Cromwell; a study in 

personal religion. 1897 92 C892ho 

Believing that the Puritan creed was the central idea of Cromwell's life 
and that no biographer has been in sufficient sympathy with this idea 
to exhibit his career properly, Dr Horton has considered it entirely 
from this point of view. 

Morley, John. Oliver Cromwell. 1900 92 C892m 

Appeared in the "Century magazine," V.S9-60, Nov. 1899-Oct. 1900. 

"Not a biography, but an 'appreciation* of the Protector ... Mr. ' Morley 
. . .unites the character of the man of letters. . .with the character of a 
statesman who has played a leading part in English public life... The 
book does not. . .explain the paradox of Puritanism. . .It does not give 
a picture of Cromwell, but it suggests peculiarities in his character 
which go far to explain his failure in every attempt to construct a 
system which should outlast his own life." Nation, 1901. 

Paterson, Arthur Henry. Oliver Cromwell; his life and 

character. 1899 92 C892pa 

"The object of this book is to give a narrative of the personal life, 
aims, and motives of this great Englishman; any history of the time 
has been studiously avoided. Cromwell, and Cromwell alone, with 
what Cromwell did, and tried to do, and was — ^this is the theme.*' 

"Mr. Paterson, though ... a devotee of Cromwell, yet writes like a man 
who has first weighed the evidence pro and con.** Spectator, 1899. 


Vicion, Jam€» Allanson. Oliver Cromwell; the man and 

Ills mission, 1889 92 C892P 

''Mr. I'ic-tcm bat fucc^eded in drawing a life-like portrait of the Hbeial- 
mind^rd de«{>ot, and bat clearly brought out the ideas, reUgions and po- 
litical, that influenced him," Atherutum, 1883. 

"Thr ti€*t biography of Cromwell." Fiske's Beginnings of New England, 

Roosevelt, Theodore. Oliver Cromwell. 1900 92 C892r 

App«-«rcd in "Scribner't magazine/' v.27, Jan.-June 1900. 

Written with tfiecial reference to the birth of English liberty and its 
r«'latioii to the growth of American liberty and institutions. Illus- 
tratcd with portraits, facMmiles, documents and memorabilia from the 
bfiit KngUtih collections. 

Tangye, Sir Richard. The two protectors, Oliver and 

Richard Cromwell. 1899 92 C892t 

Authoritifs consulted, p. 16. 

"Of no little interest to all lovers of Cromwell, and to all students of 
the Commonwealth period. It is not a history or Life of Cromwell or 
hiii uoij, but rather a series of reproductions of Cromwell pictures and 
('i(ujjwfll relioM with a certain amount of explanatory comment. Sir 
Richard Tangye appears to have a large and valuable collection of 
pictures and other objects connected with the Protector, and it is from 
Ills own collection that most of these pictures are drawn." Spectator, 

CROMWELL, Richard. 

Guizot, Francois Pierre Guillaume. History of Richard 

Cromwell and the restoration of Charles IL 2v. 1856. .92 C8922g 

"A phlloMophicul study rather than a history. . .Chief value lies in the 
niuasi of illustrative letters printed in the Appendices. Considerably 
more than half the work is filled with these letters, drawn from foreign 
archives, and some of them arc of extreme importance. . .Cardinal 
Maxarin was one of the coolest and cleverest of the many spectators 
of events in England, and the letters of his diplomatic agent, M. de 
Uordeaux, are deeply interesting." Athenecutn, 1856. 

CROSS, Mrs Mary Ann (Evans). See ELIOT, George, pseud. 

CROWE, Sir Joseph Archer. 

Reminiscences of thirty-five years of my life. 1895 92 C896 

An account of his life to the time when he entered the public ser\'ice, 
and a most interesting life it was, passed by turns in London, on the 
continent, in India. He was war correspondent on the Danube in '54, 
in the Crimea, in Bombay during the mutiny, in the Franco-Austrian 
war in *59, Not the least interesting part of the book is his account 
of the circumstances under which he wrote in collaboration with 
CavalcaseUe the history of the early Flemish painters. 

CROZIER, John Beattie. 

My inner life; a chapter in personal evolution and autobi- 
ography 1898 92 C8962 

**Mr. Crvxeier is known to English readers as one of the most versatile 
and o^isinal thinkers of the day. and there is nothing which he is 
di;^po*ed to say which is not. at least, interesting and suggestive. This 
x^-ork..*!* a curious blend of bic^jraphy, incident, and inward growth. 
lv>gether with mxKh acute criticism on the history of philosophy, and 
Ott svMtte of the leading writers of our time. The object of the work 
is tv^ reveal the x-arious forces which played on an exceedinghr actirc 
and serious micd.** .^/v^^fcsJcr, xS99- 


Je^^v^^d. Wiriiam Blanchard. Lite of George Cmikshank, 

in two epochs^ 2Y. 18S2 92 CSorj 

E^iksh caricaturist asd artist ^:r9J-:?r?V "nisr bio«ra?ky i? ^rrittea 
lu^te^ Irvot p<«ocal knowledjpe aad r e ga iai sc^acc? of trtetsfe. T!fce 
r«^ epoch* ar^ tbwee ot Crtrtkshari's early co«WviaSty aad ii$ later 
vievodott »> tibse cacse or total absttsetsce. 

CVNLIFFF OWEW Mrs Marg::erite v^du PUntzV 5^^ 
OWEX. Mr> Marguerite ^d:i Flantz^ CcaliftV. 



CUNNINGHAM, William, of Fitchburg, Mass., & Adams, 
John, 173S-1826. 
Correspondence, beginning in 1803 and ending in 1812. 

1823 qr92 A214 

Written by the ex-president to a relative shortly after being defeated for 
re-election. They were under the seal of the strictest confidence and 
dealt with the chief actors and events in the latter part of his public 
life. They were vehement, abusive and unjust. Mr C. F. Adams says 
that an heir of Cunningham gave them to the opponents of John 
Quincy Adams to be used against him when he was a candidate for the 
presidency. It was a great mistake upon Adams's part that he wrote 
them and a grave misfortune that they were published, even though 
dishonorably and many years afterward. 

CURRAN, John Philpot. 

Curran, William Henry. Life of John Philpot Curran. 

1855 92 C93IC 

Irish patriot and orator (i 750-1 817). His wit and conversational powers 
were so brilliant that they almost eclipsed his reputation as an advo- 
cate and statesman. 

The editor of this American edition of his Life by his son has introduced 
a large quantity of new matter relating principally to his legislative 
and personal life. 

CURTIN, Andrew Gregg. 

Egle, William Henry, ed. Andrew Gregg Curtin; his life 

and services. 1895 92 C932C 

Andrew Curtin (1815-94) was the famous "war governor of Pennsyl- 
vania." This biography consists of independent chapters on different 
periods and phases of Curtin's life, written by men closely associated 
with him. 

Honors to Andrew Gregg Curtin. 1869 qr92 C932 

Account of a reception and dinner given by citizens of Philadelphia to 
Gov. Curtin on his departure for Russia. 

McClure, Alexander Kelly. Life and services of Andrew 
G. Curtin; an address delivered in the House of repre- 
sentatives at Harrisburg, Pa., Jan. 20, 1895. 1895 r92 C932m 

Col. McClure was Gov. Curtin's intimate friend and associate during the 
most eventful period of his life. 

CURTIS, George William. 

Early letters to John S. Dwight; Brook Farm and Con- 
cord; ed. by G. W. Cooke. 1898 92 C934 

"Mr. Cooke has studied Emerson and others of the Concord set so 
carefully that he is well prepared to edit the letters which he now 
presents to us . . . Taken in their entirety, the letters are a fine dis- 
closure of the working of Transcendentalism in a singularly ardent 
and ingenuQus youth." Nation, 1898. 

Cary, Edward. George William Curtis. 1895. (American 

men of letters.) 92 C934C 

The author being himself a political journalist his comment and criticism 
on Mr Curtis 's connection with "Harper's weekly,'* with civil sjtfyice 
reform, with state and national politics is particularly valuable^iPliile 
his judgments of the purely literary work are frank and discriminating. 
Of Mr Curtis's more personal and private life Mr Cary has written 
briefly, but with excellent taste. 

"Taking his book as a whole, those must have known Mr. Curtis ex- 
tremely long and well whose good opinion of him is not enhanced by 
this entirely simple and sincere portrayal of his character and career." 
Nation, 1895. 

Chadwick, John White. George William Curtis. 1893. 

(Black and white series.) 92 C934ch 

Address on his character ind work. 

CUSHMAN, Charlotte Saunders. 

Stebbins, Emma. Charlotte Cushman; her letters and 


memories of her life. 1899 92 C94IS 

Author is a friend of Miss Cushman, and the biography is complete on 
the personal side, but of her career as an actress little is to be learned. 

CUSHMAN, Pauline. 

Sarmiento, Ferdinand L. Life of Pauline Cushman, the 

celebrated Union spy and scout. 1865 r92 C94IS 

Gives her early history, describes her exciting adventures while with the 
Army of the Cumberland, her sentence to death as a spy and her final 
rescue by the Union troops. 

CUST, Robert Needham. 

Memoirs of past years of a septuagenarian. 1899 92 C943 

Contents: Twenty-one years before India. — Twenty-five years in India. 

— Thirty-two years after India. 
Chronological list of his writings, p.325-383. 
Went to India in 1843, where he held high posts in the civil service 

and was present at several battles during the mutiny. Author of 

numerous religious and linguistic works. 

CUSTER, Gen. George Armstrong. 

Custer, Mrs Elizabeth (Bacon). "Boots and saddles;" or, 

Life in Dakota with Gen. Custer. 1901 92 C944cb 

The same. 1902 J92 C944cb 

"Mrs. Custer has aimed 'to give a glimpse to civilians of garrison and 
camp life' . . . She has truthfully presented the domestic life of an army 
family ... A book breezy with open air and cheery with horse and 
hound." Nation, 1885. 

Custer, Mrs Elizabeth (Bacon). Boy general; story of 

the life of George A. Custer; ed. by M. E. Burt. 1901 . . J92 C944CU 

Condensed from "Tenting on the plains," "Following the guidon" arid 
"Boots and saddles." 

Custer, Mrs Elizabeth (Bacon). Following the guidon. 

1890 92 C944cf 

The same. 1904 J92 C944cf 

Experiences of army life on the plains. 

Custer, Mrs Elizabeth (Bacon). Tenting on the plains; or. 

Gen. Custer in Kansas and Texas. 1895 92 C944ct 

The same. 1895 ' J92 C944ct 

Military life in Texas and Kansas during the two years immediately fol- 
lowing the Civil war. 

"The book is not meant to be a mere chronicle of the small beer of 
domestic pleasures and trouble and nothing more ... Its public value 
consists in its presentation of the constant trials and privations, as 
well as of more heroic adventures, that befell the troops when 'there 
was no wild clamor of war to enable them to forget the absence of the 
commonest necessities of existence.' " Nation, 1888. 


Biographical sketch of John Cuthbertson, the first Re- 
formed Presbyterian minister in America, 1751-1791. 
[Anonymous.] 1878 92 C948b 

Forj^ny years after coming over from Scotland in 1751, Mr Cuth- 
b^pon did missionary duty in various parts of Pennsylvania, though 
his principal congregations were at Octoraro, Lancaster county, and 
Lower Chanceford, York county. The facts of this work are taken 
from his diary and from details given by old people in the places where 
he worked. 

CUTLER, Ephraim. 

Life and times; prepared from his journals and correspon- 
dence. 1890 r92 C9491 

Contains a biographical sketch of W. P. Cutler. 

Ephraim Cutler (1767-1853) was the son of . Manasseh Cutler of the 
"Ohio company" and naturally turned westward with the other early 
emigrants. He rendered important service in the convention that 
framed the Ohio state constiti^tion, and in the territorial legislature, 
and led the hard life of a frontiersman. The book contains also a 


short memoir of Jervis Cutler, one of Putnam's band of pioneers who 
began the settlement of Ohio in 1788. 

CUTLER, Manasseh. 

Life, journals and correspondence; ed. by W. P. and J. P. 

Cutler. 2v. 1888 r92 C949 

"Most complete account ever published of the beginning^ of the colonial 
system of the United States, in the first settlement and civil organiza- 
tion of the region beyond the Ohio river, grouped around the per- 
sonality of one of the most prominent actors in the events themselves." 
Larned's Literature of American history. 

CUVIER, Georges Leopold Chretien Frederic Dagobert, 
Lee, Mrs Sarah (Wallis) Bowdich. Memoirs of Baron 

Cuvier. 1833 92 C9S7I 

Author and her husband, who wrote an "Introduction to the Ornithology 
of Cuvier," were in daily intercourse with him and his 'family in Paris 
for several years, and warm friends for many more. She speaks not 
only of his work as a naturalist and legislator, but also of his private 
and family life. 

CYRUS THE GREAT, king of Persia. 

Abbott, Jacob. History of Cyrus the Great. 1878 92 C992a 

The same. 1900 J92 C992a 

Short history for young people. 

DABNEY, Thomas Smith Gregory. 

Smedes, Mrs Susan (Dabney). A Southern planter [T. S. 

G. Dabney]. 1890 92 D115S 

Mr Dabney (1808-86) lived most of his life in Mississippi. 

"Intensely interesting, vivid, and valuable as a portraiture of a southern 
planter of wealth and intelligence, who treated his slaves with patri- 
archal dignity and affection . . . Mr. Dabney lost nearly everything dur- 
ing the Rebellion, and the volume gives an account of the deprivations 
undergone during this period ... Of great importance, not merely as a 
biography, but as a contribution to social history." Larned's Literature 
of American history. 


Dahlgren, John Adolph. Memoir of Ulric Dahlgren. 

1872 r92 Di5id 

Ulric Dahlgren (1842-64) son of Admiral Dahlgren, officer in the Union 
army, was killed in a raid to release the Union prisoners in Libby 
prison and Belle Isle. 

DALE, Robert William. 

Dale, Alfred William Winterslow. Life of R. W. Dale of 

Birmingham. 1899 92 Di6id 

List of Dr Dale's publications, p.7S 1-758. 

"He was the minister of one of the largest Congregational churches in 
England ... he stood in the foremost rank of citizens in 'the best- 
governed city in the world;* he was an active politician and reformer, 
a leader in his denomination and elsewhere . . . The special importance 
of the book lies in the graphic picture it gives of a very able man, 
and still more, for American readers, in the careful and appreciative 
chapters upon public matters of far more than local or national mo- 
ment." American journal of theology, 1900. 

DALHOUSIE, James Andrew Ramsay, marquis. 

Hunter, Sir William Wilson. Marquess of Dalhousie. 1895. 

(Rulers of India.) 92 Di64h 

DALTON, John. 

Henry, William Charles. Memoirs of the life and scientific 
researches of John Dalton. 1854. (Cavendish society. 
Publications.) r92 Di75h 

Written from personal knowledge and Dal ton's correspondence and scien- 
tific journals, by one of his executors. 


Roscoe, Sir Henry Enfield. John Dalton and the rise of 

modern chemistry. 1895. (Century science series.).. ..92 Di75r 
Short but fairly complete account of the author of the atomic theory. 

DAMPIER, William. 

Russell, William Clark. William Dampier. 1894. (Eng- 
lish men of action.) 92 Di89r 

Dampier (1652-1715) was buccaneer, pirate, circumnavigator, captain in 
the English navy, and an. excellent hydrographer with a remarkable 
talent for observing and describing natural phenomena. This short 
sketch G^ves a good account of his voyages, but is less successful as a 

DANA, James Dwight. 

Oilman, Daniel Coit. Life of James Dwight Dana, scien- 
tific explorer, mineralogist, geologist, professor in 
Yale university. 1899 92 Di94g 

Bibliography, p.385-394. 

"In preparing the biography, which is personal rather than scientific, 
the subject of it is his own interpreter, and wherever his language 
could be introduced, or that of his correspondents, I have preferred 
to quote rather than to condense or rewrite what they have said." 

DANA, Richard Henry, 1815-82. 

Adams, Charles Francis, h. 1835. Richard Henry Dana. 

2v. 1891 92 Di95a 

Biography of the man best known as the author of "Two years before the 
mast," though he was also an authority on maritime law, and promi- 
nent in the defense of the fugitive slaves. Two-thirds of the book 
is autobiography, a large part of that a diary as interesting as his 
famous book. 

DANICAN, Frangois Andre. See PHILIDOR, Frangois 

Andre Danican, called. 

Boccaccio, Giovanni, & Bruni, Leonardo, called Aretino. 

Earliest lives of Dante; tr. fr. the Italian by J. R. Smith. 

T901. (Yale studies in English, 92 D237bo- 

Of the biography by Boccaccio, Scartazzini in his "Companion to Dante" 
says: "Though doubtless well intended and a fine monument of litera- 
ture, valuable too, indeed indispensable, for the historic study of 
Dante, [it] has to be used with the greatest caution." The same 
author says of Bruni's work: "One of the most important among the 
old biographies of Dante, and his statements always deserve to be 
taken into consideration." 

Browning, Oscar. Dante; his life and writings. 1891....92 D237b' 

Expanded from an article in the "Encyclopaedia Britannica." Gives a 
short account of Dante's life and work without detailed criticisms. 
Useful as an introduction to the study of Dante. 

Plumptre, Edward Hayes, dean. Life of Dante; ed. by A. 

J. Butler. 1900 92 D237P 

New edition of the work which appeared in 1886, the editor having 
pruned, he says, "a little of the somewhat exuberant conjecture in 
which the Dean, after the fashion of an earlier school of biographers, 
was apt to indulge." In spite of this tendency, the book has both 
value and interest and the advantage of compactness, covering less 
than 250 small pages of good-sized print. 

Toynbee, Paget. Dante Alighieri. 1900 92 D237t 

"For the general reader; controversial points are for the most part 
avoided. . .Mr. Toynbee ... has given a certain originality ... to his 
handling of the well-worn subject by making his little book very largely 
an avowed compilation." Athenaum, 1901. 

Ward, Mrs May (Alden). Dante; a sketch of his life and 

works. 1887 92 D237W 

Bibliography, p.287-294. 

Good introduction to the study of Dante. 


DANTON, Georges Jacques. 

Beesly, Augustus Henry. Life of Danton. 1899 92 D238be 

Authorities, p. 7-8. 

"Distinctly apologetic from beginning to end... He shows a wide famil' 
iarity with French researches, but he has apparently paid little at- 
tention to the documentary sources of information." Dial, 1899. 

Belloc, Hilaire. Danton; a study. 1899 92 D238b 

The first biography in English of the great French revolutionary leader, 
founded on original documents. Mr Belloc, late scholar of Balliol 
college, Oxford, deals only with known facts — facts that may be proved; 
he has painted a vivid and true picture of Danton and described the 
character of the period in which he was a central figure. An appendix 
supplements the narrative, embodying much collateral information. 

D'ARC, Jeanne. See JOAN of ARC. 

DARIUS I, king of Persia. 

Abbott, Jacob. History of Darius the Great. 1878 92 D255a 

DARWIN, Charles. 

Charles Darwin; his life told in an autobiographical chapter 
and in a selected series of his published letters; ed. by 
Francis Darwin. 1893 92 D268d 

Virtually an abbreviation of the "Life and letters" in which the more 
scientific part of those volumes is ^mitted, although during certain 
periods of Mr Darwin's life when the scientific and the personal ele- 
ments were alike interesting both parts have been retained. For in- 
stance, the part of the story relating to the writing of the "Origin of 
species" has been told in full. 

Life and letters of Charles Darwin; ed. by Francis Dar- 
win. 2v. 1891 92 D268 

"List of works by C. Darwin," v.2, p.533-541. 

The same, 2v. 1899 r92 D268 

"List of works by C. Darwin," v.2, p.533-541. 

"The book is at once a biography, an autobiography, and the history of 

a great idea . . . The man and his work are so presented as never to be 

dissociated." Spectator, 1887. 

Allen, Grant. Charles Darwin. 1893. (English worthies.) . .92 D268a 

Small, popularly written book, dealing "rather with Darwin's position as 
a thinker and worker than with the biographical details of his private 

Bettany, George Thomas. Life of Charles Darwin. 1887. 

(Great writers.) 92 D268b 

Bibliography, apx. p.T-31. 

Somewhat slight and uncritical sketch. 

Holder, Charles Frederick. Charles Darwin; his life and 

work. 1892. (Leaders in science.) 92 D268h 

Popular; useful for readers in general and especially for the young. 

DARWIN, Erasmus. 

Krause, Ernst, {pseud. Car us Sterne). Erasmus Darwin, 

with a preliminary notice by Charles Darwin. 1880.. 92 D268ik 

"The permanent interest in his writings depends on his exposition of the 
form of evolutionism afterwards expounded by Lamarck. He caught a 
glimpse of many observations and principles, afterwards turned to 
account by his grandson, Charles Darwin; but, though a great observer 
and an acute thinker, he missed the characteristic doctrine which made 
the success of his grandson's scheme." Dictionary of national biog- 

DAUBIGNY, Charles Francois. See Artists, p.1271. 

DAUDET, Alphonse. 

Trente ans de Paris; a travers ma vie et mes livres. 

[1888.] 92 D284 

"To read Trente Ans de Paris is not reading in the ordinary sense of 
the word. It is spending a couple of hours with Daudet, who takes the 
reader out of himself, shows him Paris, and describes his own life 


there with that mixture of pathos and humour which is so character- 
istic of the great French artist." Nineteenth century, 1890. 

Daudet, Leon. Alphonse Daudet, to which is added The 
Daudet family, "Mon frere et moi," by Ernest Daudet. 
1898 92 D284d 

This memoir of the great French writer by his son, shows Daudet's 
charming personality and the general trend of his thought, and throws 
much light on his literary aims and methods. An appendix contains 
a conversation "concerning the imagination" between father and son 
and an interesting account of their early life by Daudet*s brother. 

Sherard, Robert Harborough. Alphonse Daudet; a bio- 
graphical and critical study. 1894 92 D284S 

Written from personal knowledge. 

DAVID, Ferdinand, & Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix. 

Ferdinand David und die familie Mendelssohn-Bartholdy; 
aus hinterlassenen briefschaften zusammengestellt von 

Julius Eckardt. 1888 r92 M6i6e 

DAVID, Gheerardt. See Artists, p.1289. 
DAVID, Jacques Louis. 

David, J.L.Jules. Le peintre Louis David, 1748-1825; 

souvenirs & documents inedits. 1880 qr92 D2962d 

Contains a list of David's pupils, a catalogue of his painting^ and a bib- 
liographical index. 

DAVIS, Charles Henry, 1807-77. 

Davis, Charles Henry, b. 1845. Life of Charles Henry 

Davis, rear admiral, 1807-1877. 1899. 92 D3i6d 

Valuable for its account of the early days of the United States navy 
and the naval side of the Civil war. Perhaps Davis's greatest achieve- 
ment was the establishment in 1849 of the "American ephemeris and 
nautical almanac," a work which will always remain an enduring monu- 
ment to his scientific skill. He was also intimately connected with the 
early work of the United States Coast survey. 

DAVIS, Jefferson. 

Craven, John J. Prison life of Jefferson Davis. 1866. . . .r92 D319C 

"Written by the physician in attendance during the imprisonment in 
Fortress Monroe from May 25 to December 25, 1865. A kind of diary 
of the daily life, giving the gist of conversations. Written by a Union 
man, but sympathetic and forgiving." Larned's Literature of Amer- 
ican history. 

Daniel, John Warwick. Oration on the life of Jefferson 

Davis. 1890 r92 D3i9d 

DAVIS, Thomas Osborne. 

Duffy, Sir Charles Gavan. Thomas Davis; the memoirs 

of an Irish patriot, 1840-1846. 1890 92 D323d 

By his colleague and close friend. 

DAVY, Sir Humphry. 

Thorpe, Thomas Edward. Humphry Davy, poet and phi- 
losopher. 1896. (Century science series.) 92 D327t 

"Probably few persons have hitherto so completely realized as will the 
readers of this book the poetic element in Davy's character, and the 
large share it had in determining his choice of associates, as well as 
the extent to which it appears to account for the quality of some of his 
scientific work, and the vivacity and ardour with which he pursued his 
discoveries." Nature, 1897. 

DAWSON, Sir John William. 

Fifty years of work in Canada, scientific and educational; 

autobiographical notes; ed. by Rankine Dawson. 1901..92 D332 

"Sir William Dawson's notes are mostly concerned with his educational 
work . . . The success of the schemes he had so much at heart — McGill 
University, the Royal Society of Canada, and the higher education of 


women — takes up several chapters, and his visits to England and a 
few references to his geological work the rest." Spectator, 1901. 

DEAN, Philotus. 

Kerr, John H. Address delivered on the dedication of the 

monument to Philotus Dean, 1872. 1873 1*92 D345k 

Dean was principal of the Pittsburgh Central high school, 1859-71. 

DEARBORN, Gen. Henry Alexander Scammell. 

Goodwin, Daniel. The Dearborns. 1884. (Chicago his- 
torical society. Proceedings.) r92 D348g 

Biographical sketch of Henry Dearborn (1751-1829) distinguished officer 
in the Revolution and War of 181 2, and his son Henry Alexander 
Scammell Dearborn (i 783-1 851) who was the first president of the 
Massachusetts horticultural society and laid out Mount Auburn and 
Forest Hills cemeteries. 

DECAMPS, Alexandre Gabriel. See Artists, p.1271. 

DECATUR, Stephen, commodore. 

Brady, Cyrus Townsend. Stephen Decatur. 1900. 

(Beacpn biographies of eminent Americans.) 92 D358b 

Bibliography, p. 138-142. 

Stephen Decatur was the most conspicuous figure in the naval history 
of the United States for the hundred years between Paul Jones and 
Farragut. For an accurate presentation of his life the author has 
drawn freely upon all available sources of information, including many 
manuscripts, letters, and other interesting matter in the possession of 
Decatur's descendants and in the library of the Historical society of 

Author is a graduate of the Naval academy at Annapolis, and, previous 
to his taking orders in the church, served in the navy. 

DEFFAND, Marie (de Vichy-Chamrond), marquise du. See 
DU DEFFAND, Marie (de Vichy-Chamrond), mar- 

DEFOE, Daniel. 

Chadwick, William. Life and times of Daniel De Foe. 

1859 92 D378C 

Covers a period of contemporary English history from the revolution 
of 1688 to the death of Queen Anne in 1714. 

Minto, William. Daniel Defoe. [1879.] (English men of 

letters.) 92 D378m 

"Mr. Minto has laid down for himself two points as specially illustrated 
in the life of Defoe, — first, the beginning of English journalism and 
the special qualities which journalism tended to call forth; secondly the 
way in which 'Robinson Crusoe* really reflected the many-sided energy 
and adventurous life of its author." Athenaum, 1879. 

Whitten, Wilfred. Daniel Defoe. 1900. (Westminster 

biographies.) 92 D378W 

Bibliography, p. 11 3-1 17. 
Animated short sketch. 

DEFREGGER, Franz. See Artists, p.1262. 

DE KALB, John. See KALB, Johann, baron von. 

DELANY, Mrs Mary (Granville). 

Autobiography and correspondence, with interesting rem- 
iniscences of George III and Queen Charlotte. 3v. 1861 . .92 D389 

Mrs Delany was a great favorite of George III and the royal family, and 
had many interesting friends, but is best known from her connection 
with Fanny Burney. Part of the letters describe life in Ireland, 
1 743-68. 

Symonds, E. M. {pseud. George Paston), comp. Mrs Delany 

(Mary Granville) ; a memoir, 1700-1788. 1900 92 D389S 

"There is every reason why, in her reincarnation in one volume, abridged 
and intelligently edited, so vivacious a lady should win a new lease 
of life. Her lively journal of the court and social life of a century 
so dull is worth reading, if only for the light it throws on the minor 


antiquities of dress and manners, and for the curious pieces of gossip 
that only a clever woman knows how to retail." Nation, 1900. 

DELAROCHE, Paul. See Artists, p.1273. 

DE MORGAN, Augustus. 

De Morgan, Mrs Sophia Elizabeth (Frend). Memoir of 
Augustus De Morgan, with selections from his letters. 
1882 92 D422d 

List of De Morgan's works, p.401-415. 

De Morgan (1806-71) was a noted English mathematician and logician. 


Butcher, Samuel Henry. Demosthenes. 1897. (Classical 

writers.) 92 D424b 

"An admirable little book. Mr. Butcher has brought his finished schol- 
arship to bear on a difficult, but most interesting chapter of Greek 
literary history. . .The result is as fresh and attractive in form as it is 
ripe in learning and thorough in method." R. C. Jebb, in Academy, 

DE QUINCEY, Thomas. 

Hogg, James, publisher. De Quincey and his friends; per- 
sonal recollections, souvenirs and anecdotes. 1895.... 92 D442h 

Many of these recollections, anecdotes and criticisms by personal friends 
of De Quincey have been previously printed. They include Thomas 
De Quincey, his friends and associates, by Alexander H. Japp; recol- 
lections by Findlay, Woodhouse, Colin Rae-Brown, James Payn and 
James Hogg, criticism by Dr Hodgson. 

Japp, Alexander Hay. Thomas De Quincey; his life and 

writings. 2v. in I. 1877 92 D442J 

Detailed and complete biography, containing much information furnished 
by De Quincey's family and friends, including interesting papers and 
letters, here first published. 

Masson, David. De Quincey. [1887.] (English men of 

letters.) 92 D442m 

Short biographical and critical study. 

DERBY, Edward Geoffrey Smith Stanley, earl of. 

Saintsbury, George. Earl of Derby. 1892. (Prime minis- 
ters of Queen Victoria.) 92 D443S 

British Tory statesman of the middle 19th century, premier in 1852, 
1858-59 and 1866-68. 

"A forcible, compact, yet, space considered, fairly thorough review, 
from the Tory standpoint, of Lord Derby's public career, with the 
due infusion of characteristic anecdote and personal detail . . . He 
sketches rapidly and sympathetically. . .the salient events of Lord 
Derby's political life, his part in fighting the Reform Question, his 
attitude towards the Corn Law agitation, his first, second and third 
ministries. . .Lord Derby's connection with the turf is not forgotten." 
Dial, 1 892. 


Mahaffy, John Pentland. Descartes. 1894 92 D456m 

Account of his life with an estimate of his writings. 

DES ^CHEROLLES, Alexandrine. 

Side lights on the Reign of terror; memoirs; tr. fr. the 

French by M. C. Balfour. 1900 92 D458 

"It is a tale of personal vicissitude, wholly devoid of political character 
or literary association, and dependent for its success on the ingredients 
of peril and unexpected escape... The siege of Lyons is an episode 
of some moment in the history of the Revolution, and it fills the chief 
place among the historical events which are described by Mile, des 
£cherolles. After the troops of the Convention had entered the 
conquered city M. des ficherolles was condemned, and escaped only 
after he had survived some remarkable dangers . . . Her reminiscences 
create a pleasant impression by their simplicity of tone, while the 
amount of domestic detail which they furnish places them in the class 
of historical materials." Nation, 1900. 



Claretie, Arsene Arnaud, called Jules. Camille Desmoulins 
and his wife; passages from the history of the Danton- 
ists. 1876 r92 D468C 

"No man in himself ever personified the people better than did Camille 
Desmoulins [1760-94] .. .He not only aped the people, he was the peo- 
ple himself. His newspapers cried in the public streets, and their 
sarcasm, bandied from mouth to mouth, has not been swept away with 
the other impurities of the day. . .It was the popular chorus which led 
the people to their most important movements." Lamartine's Gi- 

DE SOTO, Hernando. See SOTO, Hernando de. 

DE VERE, Aubrey Thomas. 

Recollections. 1897 92 D487 

Contains a chapter on Cardinal Newman and one on Cardinal Manning. 

" 'Recollections' and 'Autobiographies* arc very different things; and 
this book belongs to the former class, not to the latter. We have seen 
persons and places which have amused or interested us, and it occurs 
to us that if accurately described they might amuse or interest others 
also; but this is a very different thing from writing one's biography, 
with which the world has little concern." Preface. 

DEWEES, Samuel. 

History of his life and services; comp. by J. S. Hanna. 

1844 r92 D513 

A Pennsylvanian who served during the Revolution and the War of 
181 2. Of interest for its local history. 

DEWEY, Admiral George. 

Barrett, John. Admiral George Dewey; a sketch of the 

man. 1899 92 D5i4b 

Most of the book is given to his career at Manila, May 1898 to May 
1899. Author was war correspondent there. 

Dewey, Adelbert Milton. Life and letters of Admiral 
Dewey, from Montpelier to Manila, containing repro- 
ductions in fac-simile of hitherto unpublished letters 
during his naval career and extracts from his log-book. 
1899 q92 D5i4d 

Very detailed biography. Many illustrations. 

DE WINT, Peter. See Artists, p.1254. 

DE WITT, Jan. See WITT, Jan de. 


Hay, Marie. Madame Dame Dianne de Poytiers, la grande 

seneschale de Normandie, duchesse de Valentinois; a 

monograph. 1900 qr92 D537h 

A brief and interesting biography of this famous woman of the French 
court, who lived during the first half of the i6th century (1499-1566) 
and who exercised so great an influence on court and king (Henry 

Among the numerous and fine illustrations those of the i6th century 
bookbindings are perhaps the most interesting. 

DIBDIN, Thomas John. 

Reminiscences. 2v. in i. 1828 r92 D541 

English actor and dramatist (1771-1841). 

"Though necessarily egotistical and devoted to theatrical recollections, 
[are] lively and amusing, full of interesting anecdotes of old com- 
panions." Dictionary of national biography. 

DICK, Robert. 

Smiles, Samuel. Robert Dick, baker of Thurso, geologist 

and botanist. 1878 92 D549S 

Life and scientific work of a poor Scottish baker (181 1-66). Illustrated. 


DICKENS, Charles. 

Collection of letters. 1889 92 Dssi 

Small collection, much condensed from the larger volume of letters 
(92 Dssil) and with the connecting narrative also omitted. 

Letters, 1833-1870. 1893 92 Dssil 

Date from 1833, just before the starting of the "Pickwick papers," to 
the day before his death in 1870. A slight thread of narrative intro- 
duces the letters of each year. 

Dickens, Mamie. My father as I recall him. [1897.] 92 Dssid 

Informal portrayal of the great novelist's gay and affectionate nature in 
his own home. 

Forster, John. Life of Charles Dickens. 1893 92 Dssif 

The same. 2v. 1889 r92 D55if 

Gadshill edition. 

The same; abridged and revised by George Gissing. 1903. .92 D55if2 

This biography by Dickens's intimate friend and literary executor is the 
chief authority and source of information concerning his life and writ- 

Marzials, Sir Frank Thomas. Life of Charles Dickens. 

1887. (Great writers.) 92 Dssim 

Bibliography, by J. P. Anderson, apx. p. 1-33. 

Short popular biography with some history and criticism of each of the 
more important works. 

Pemberton, T. Edgar. Charles Dickens and the stage; a 
record of his connection with the drama as playwright, 
actor and critic. 1888 92 D551P 

Perkins, Frederic Beecher. Charles Dickens; a sketch of 

his life and works. 1870 r92 D551P 

Short biography with little criticism of his works. 

Ward, Adolphus William. Dickens. [1882.] (English 

men of letters.) 92 D551W 

Short biography. 


Letters. 2v. 1894 92 D553 

Extend from 1845 to the author's death in 1886. 

"These letters cannot fail to arouse sharp differences of opinion, but 
also they cannot fail to arouse interest. They are an important con- 
tribution to our collection of human documents ... They deepen the im- 
pression made by Miss Dickinson's poems, and they afford material for 
the study of an extraordinary style." Nation, 1894. 


Stille, Charles Janeway. Life and times of John Dickinson, 

1732-1808. 1891 92 D554S 

The same. 1891. (In Pennsylvania historical society. 

Memoirs, v.13.) 1*974.8 P39 v.15 

"Careful and thorough biography by a competent scholar." Larned's 
Literature of American history. 

DIDEROT, Denis. 

Morley, John. Diderot and the encyclopaedists. 2v. 

1886-91 92 D562m 

"The biography of the chief founder and conductor of the Encyclopaedia 
is not, in Mr. Morley's hands, a mere peg on which to hang a disserta- 
tion, but is set before us as an example of what Encyclopaedists were. 
Treated in this way, the life of Diderot has a value which it could not 
have otherwise." Saturday review, 1878. 

DIGBY, Sir Kenelm. 

Longueville, Thomas. Life of Sir Kenelm Digby, by one 

of his descendants. 1896 92 D577I 

"Were it for nothing else than the picturesqueness and versatility of the 
man, Kenelm Digfoy would have been a notable figure at the court of 
King Charles. He had laid it out for himself to combine the roles 


in life of the philosopher, the fine gentleman, and the man of affairs, 
and he attacked his difficult problem with astonishing audacity, and on 

the whole, astonishing success His life is pretty reading and we are 

in debt to the descendant signing himself, T. L., who has put it to- 
gether for us." Academy, 1896. 

DINGELSTEDT, Franz von. 

Miinchener bilderbogen. 1879 92 D613 

Dingelstedt (181 4-81) was a German poet and dramatist, and stage di- 
rector of the National theatre at Munich. His autobiography relates to 
his Munich experiences. 

DIX, Dorothea Lynde. 

Tiffany, Francis. Life of Dorothea Lynde Dix. 1892 92 D647t 

The life of Dorothea Dix was devoted to work in behalf of paupers, 
prisoners and the insane. Her campaigns for reform won almost sin- 
gle-handed, her victories over the ignorance and indifference of legis- 
latures, at home and abroad, form an unusually interesting story. 

DODGE, Mary Abigail. See HAMILTON, Gail, pseud. 

DODGSON, Charles Lutvvidge. See CARROLL, Lewis, pseud, 

DOLET, fitienne. 

Christie, Richard Copley, fitienne Dolet, the martyr of 

the renaissance, 1508-1546. 1899 92 D694C 

List of books written or published by Dolet, p.S 13-553. 

First edition appeared in 1880. 

"Such memory of Dolet as survives is the exclusive possession of the 
bibliophile or the scholar. To the former he is known as one of those 
erudite printers who have placed Lyons in typographical art by the 
side of Venice or Florence, or in subsequent times Amsterdam. The 
latter has gleaned some scanty particulars concerning one who was the 
friend and the publisher of Marot and Rabelais, the pupil of Villano- 
vanus, the ally of Bonaventure Desp6riers, the opponent of Erasmus, 
and the antagonist of Scaliger. . .It is pleasant to think that an English- 
man has been the first to drag to light such particulars concerning 
Dolet as may yet be found, and to supply a biography that must rank 
as adequate." Athenaum, 1880. 

DOMINIC, St. called de Guzman. 

Herkless, John. Francis and Dominic and the mendicant 

orders. 1901. (World's epoch-makers.) 92 F866h 

"Literature," p.227-230. 

Short sketches of St. Francis and St. Dominic, followed by an histori- 
cal account of the founding of the mendicant orders, particularly the 
Franciscans and the Dominicans. 

DON JOHN of Austria. See JOHN of AUSTRIA, don. 

DONATELLO, Donato di Betto Bardi, called. See Artists, 
p. 1 206, 1207. 

DONNE, John. 

Gosse, Edmund William. Life and letters of John Donne, 

dean of St. Paul's. 2v. 1899 92 D728g 

"Mr. Gosse's subtle and solid study of John Donne justifies expectation 
...It is a brilliant portrait: it is also a laborious and exact work of 
literary history. . .Apart from Walton... Mr. Gosse has found his 
chief mine of biographical matter in Donne's own works — the poems, 
so far as they can be dated, and the letters. . .These [letters] have been 
digested, set as far as possible in chronologrical order, and incorporated 
in the text of the compiler's narrative." Athenctum, 1899. 

Jessopp, Augustus. John Donne, sometime dean of St. 

Paul's, 1621-1631. 1897 92 D728ic 

"It will not have been Dr. Jessopp's fault if the world does not begin 
to understand Donne's greatness as a preacher and a Churchman . . . 
Dr. Jessopp is an enthusiast, a Donne worshipper; but even if he does 
not always persuade us to take quite his view, he never fails to make 
his subject attractive." Spectator, 1897. 

DORA, Sister. See PATTISON, Dorothy Wyndlow. 


DORfi, Gustave. 

Jerrold, William Blanchard. Life of Gustave Dore. 1891. .92 D737J 

Biography and study of his work by an intimate friend and co-worker. 
Many illustrations chiefly from unpublished sketches. 

DOUGLAS, Stephen Arnold. 

Brown, William Garrott. Stephen Arnold Douglas. 1902. .92 D7S9b 

"Notable as a recognition of the great part that Douglas really played 
. . . The criticism that suggests itself respects the scope rather than the 
form of the book. It is too mature for younger readers and too 
meager for older ones." American historical review, 1903. 

Sheahan, James W. Life of Stephen A. Douglas, i860. . . .92 D759S 

Extremely eulogistic sketch written to secure for him the presidential 
nomination of i860. 

DOUGLASS, Frederick. 

Life and times, written by himself. 1893 92 D761 

"Highly interesting and instructive narrative. The account of slavery 
as it appeared to a slave is invaluable, and no other single source gives 
us such a strong and effective picture." Lamed' s Literature of 
American history. 

Chesnutt, Charles Waddell. Frederick Douglass. 1899. 

(Beacon biographies of eminent Americans.) 92 D761C 

Bibliogfraphy, p. 1 36-1 41. 
Short sketch. 

DOUGLASS, Sir James Nicholas. 

Williams, Thomas, civil engineer. Life of Sir James Nich- 
olas Douglass, formerly engineer-in-chief to the Trinity 
house. 1900 92 D7612W 

"For thirty years his life was a continuous record of lighthouse erection, 
design, and improvement, not only on the English coast, but also on 
the Great and Little Basses reefs... The Eddystone Lighthouse. . .has 
always been regarded as the chief monument of his engineering skill.'* 
AthentBum, 1900. 

DOW, Lorenzo. 

History of Cosmopolite; experience and travels in Europe 
and America, also polemic writings, to which is added 
the Journey of life, by Peggy Dow. 1850 r92 D767 

Methodist minister (i 777-1 834) who preached in New England and the 
South, and visited Ireland feeling a divine call to preach to the 
Catholics, and England, where he introduced camp-meetings, and was 
the means of the organization of the sect of the Primitive Methodists. 

DOW, Neal. 

Reminiscences; recollections of eighty years. 1898 92 D767 

Account of the temperance movement in Maine by the leader of the 

DRAKE, Sir Francis. 

Corbett, Julian Stafford. Sir Francis Drake. 1890. (Eng- 
lish men of action.) 92 D786C 

Short popular biography which has been severely criticized as unreliable 
and unattractive, while a later work by the same author, "Drake and 
the Tudor navy," of which this is the nucleus, has been highly praised. 

Towle, George Makepeace. Drake, the sea-king of Devon. 

1882. (Young folks' heroes of history.) J92 D786t 

DREW, Mrs Louisa (Lane). 

Autobiographical sketch, with an introduction by her son, 
John Drew, and biographical notes by Douglas Taylor. 
1899 92 D821 

"Little more than a bare outline of Mrs. Drew's professional career, 
with dates of her different engagements, the names of the characters 
in which she appeared, and the briefest references to the many dis- 
tinguished players with whom she was associated at different times . . . 
Nevertheless, the book is worth reading as an illustration of the sort 


of apprenticeship which the really skilled actors of the past were com- 
pelled to serve, and is rendered additionally attractive by a number of 
excellent portraits." Nation, 1899. 

DREXEL, Anthony Joseph. 

Drexel institute, Philadelphia. Service in memory of 
Anthony J. Drexel, founder of Drexel institute, held 
Jan. 20, 1894. 1896 92 D822d 

The memorial address was by Bishop Potter. 

DREYFUS, Alfred. 

Five years of my life, 1894-1899. 1901 92 D823f 

Covers the time of his captivity on Devil's island. 

"Almost entirely confined to extracts from the letters of Capt. Dreyfus 
to his wife and of Madame Dreyfus to her husband ... Carefully ex- 
cludes everything which bears upon what is known as 'the case' itself." 
Athenaum, 1901. 

Letters of Captain Dreyfus to his wife. 1899 92 D823 

Cover the period from Dec. 5, 1894, to Feb. 14, 1898, and contain the 
only defense which Dreyfus has made refuting the calumny that his 
married life was not what it should have been. They are dated from 
the prisons of Cherche-Midi and La Sante, from Saint Martin de Re, 
and from Devil's island. There is an introduction, summing up the 
Dreyfus case, by Walter Littlefield. 

Barlow, George. History of the Dreyfus case, from the . 
arrest of Captain Dreyfus, Oct. 1894 up to the flight of 
Esterhazy in Sept. 1898. 1899 92 D823b 

The author firmly believes in the innocence of both Dreyfus and Pic- 
quart, shows the entire improbability that Dreyfus ever made any con- 
fession of guilt, pays a high tribute to M. Zola and condemns the 
conduct of M. Cavaignac. 

Conybeare, Frederick Cornwallis. The Dreyfus case. 

1898 92 D823C 

A clear and concise history. 

Hale, Richard Walden. The Dreyfus story. 1899 92 D823h 

Clear, very brief statement, with a simple explanation of French pro- 

Lushington, Sir Godfrey. Conspiracy against Dreyfus. 

1899 92 D823I 

Special supplement to the National review, v.33, June 1899. 
Summary of the more important facts. 

Roges, Louis. L'affaire Dreyfus; cinq semaines a Rennes. 

[1899] 1*92 D823r 

Brief description of the trial at Rennes accompanying 200 photographs 
(most of them evidently snap-shots) of all the participants in the 
affair, prisoner, counsel, witnesses, journalists, etc. 

Steevens, George Warrington. Tragedy of Dreyfus. 1899. .92 D823S 

"A newspaper correspondent's book, which tells nothing new, but is an 
endeavor to present a great event as a contemporary Macaulay might 
have done it." Nation, 1899. 

Zola, fimile. Trial of fimile Zola, containing M. Zola's let- 
ter to President Faure relating to the Dreyfus case, and 
a full report of the fifteen days' proceedings in the Assize 
court of the Seine, including testimony of witnesses and 

speeches of counsel. 1898 92 D823Z 

DREYFUS, Mme Lucie. 

Lazarus, Josephine. Madame Dreyfus; an appreciation. 

1899 92 D8231I 


Simpson, James Young, b. 1873. Henry Drummond. 1901. 

(Famous Scots series.) 92 D845si 

A brief biography followed by an estimate of Drummond's literary work. 


Smith, George Adam. Life of Henry Drummond. 1898.. 92 D845S 

Critical biography of the author of "The greatest thing in the world." 
"Drummond was, first, last, and always, an evangelical Christian, much 
in love with science and unable to be happy in his religious faith with- 
out her approval and consent. . .His enthusiasm for humanity ... was 
the consuming passion of his life, and was marked by a naturalness 
and simplicity that make us love the man. . .What makes [Mr Smith's] 
...biography admirable is his fairness in dealing with Drummond's 
intellectual product, and his loving appreciation of the man.'* Nation, 

DRUMMOND, James, earl of Perth. See PERTH, James 

Drummond, earl of. 
DRUMMOND, William, of Hawthornden, 

Masson, David. Drummond of Hawthornden; the story 

of his life and writings. 1873 92 D84S2m 

Scottish poet of the first half of the 17th century. 

"An elaborate monograph on the poet's literary and political position and 
influence." Dictionary of national biography. 

DRYDEN, John. 

Saintsbury, George. Dryden. [1881.] (English men of 

letters.) 92 D851S 

DU DEFFAND, Marie (de Vichy-Chamrond), marquise. 
Lettres a Horace Walpole, ecrites dans les annees 1766 a 
1780, auxquelles sont jointes des lettres a Voltaire, 
ecrites dans les annees 1759 a 1775. 2v. 1864. (Biblio- 
theque des memoires pendant le i8e siecle.) 92 D869 

Madame Du Deffand (i 697-1 780) was a brilliant and witty French- 
woman, a leader in Parisian literary and philosophical circles. She is 
noted for her correspondence with Voltaire, Henault, Montesquieu, 
Horace Walpole and other great men of her time. 

DUDEVANT, Mme Amantine Lucile Aurore (Dupin). See 

SAND, George, pseud. 
DUDLEY, Thomas. 

Jones, Augustine. Life and work of Thomas Dudley, the 

second governor of Massachusetts. 1899 92 D874J 

"Mr. Jones is less concerned with the case of Governor Dudley than with 
that of the orthodox party of the Puritan Commonwealth, and he has 
mainly written to defend his heroes against their modern critics." 
American historical review, 1899. 

DUELON, Friedrich Ludwig. See DULON, Friedrich Ludwig. 
DUERER, Albrecht. See DURER, Albrecht. 
DUFFERIN and AVA, Hariot Georgiana (Hamilton), mar- 
chioness of. 
Our viceregal life in India; selections from my journal, 

1884-1888. 1890 92 D8772 

"The distinct value of the book is in the detailed description of the 
viceregal round, ceremonial and practical, of native customs and cos- 
tumes, contrasts of life, Indian and English." Nation, 1890. 

DUFFY, Sir Charles Gavan. 

My life in two hemispheres. 2v. 1898 92 D877 

*'As the career of the famous Irish editor, leader, and statesman covers 
forty years of active public life in Great Britain and Australia, his 
autobiography is practically a history of the stirring times of the Irish 
famine, the Young Ireland movement, the subsequent struggle in the 
House of Commons, and the final disruption of the Irish party." 
Critic, 1898. 

DU GUESCLIN, Bertrand. 

Stoddard, Enoch Vine. Bertrand Du Guesclin, constable of 

France; his life and times. 1897 92 D882S 

French commander of the 14th century, distinguished in the campaigns 
against the English and Pedro the Cruel. He was made comte de 


Longueville and marshal of Normandy in 1364 and constable of 
France in 1369. 

Dt)LON, Friedrich Ludwig. 

Dulons des blinden flotenspielers leben und meynungen, 
von ihm selbst bearbeitet; hrsg. von C. M. Wieland. 
2v. 1807-08 r92 D889 

DUMAS, Alexandre, the elder. 

Memoirs; tr. by A. F. Davidson. 2v. 1891 92 D891 

Selections from the first five volumes of **Mes m^moires." 

Fitzgerald, Percy. Life and adventures of Alexander 

Dumas. 2v. in i. 1873 92 D89if 

Written from a very unsympathetic point of view and giving him the 
credit of few of his works. 

DU MAURIER, George. 

Moscheles, Felix. In Bohemia with Du Maurier. 1897.. 92 D89iim 

Reminiscences of the artist in Antwerp in the 50*8. Illustrated .by Du 

DUNBAR, William, I465?-I530? 

Smeaton, Oliphant. William Dunbar. 1898. (Famous 

Scots series.) 92 D898S 

Dunbar was one of the earliest Scottish poets. 

DUNCAN of CAMPERDOWN, Adam Duncan, viscount. 
Wilson, Henry Walter. Adam Duncan. 1900. (West- 
minster biographies.) 92 D899W 

Bibliographical note, p. 154-1 56. 

A brief biography of the famous English admiral (i 731-1804). 

DUNCOMBE, Thomas Slingsby. 

Duncombe, Thomas H. ed. Life and correspondence of 

Thomas Slingsby Duncombe. 2v. 1868 r92 D9i2d 

English radical legislator, member of Parliament, 1834-61. He constantly 
advocated the vote by ballot, extension of suffrage, and other reforms. 
In 1858 he carried an important motion which resulted in the relief of 
the Jews from political disabilities. 

DUNDONALD, Thomas Cochrane, earl of. 

Fortescue, John William. Dundonald. 1895. (English 

men of action.) 92 D9i6f 

"In truth, with all his faults, he was a great man, a great commander, 
and a very great seaman. The fame of Nelson overshadows all others 
in British naval history, but as a naval genius Nelson himself stands 
hardly higher than Dundonald.** Author. 

DUNLOP, Mrs Frances Anna (Wallace), & Burns, Robert. 
Correspondence, with elucidations by William Wallace. 

2v. 1898 92 B939 

These volumes contain 96 letters that passed between Burns and Mrs 
Dunlop in the course of their 10 years' friendship, during the last 
decade of the life of Burns. 

DUNSTER, Henry. 

Chaplin, Jeremiah. Life of Henry Dunster, first president 

of Harvard college. 1872 ,. . r92 D926C 

Contains a genealogy of the Dunster family. 

"It will do a good work in bringing so admirable a character and so 
great a benefactor of our oldest university to the knowledge of many 
persons who would otherwise have known little or nothing about him." 
Nation, 1872. 

DUPLEIX, Joseph Francois, marquis. 

Malleson, George Bruce. Dupleix. 1895. (Rulers of 

India.) .92 D93im 


DURAND, Asher Brown. 

Durand, John. Life and times of A. B. Durand. 1894. • •qr92 D937d 

List of engravings by Durand, p.223-226. 

Durand was an eminent American engraver and painter (i 796-1 886). 

DURER, Albrecht. 

Conway, Sir William Martin, ed. Literary remains of Al- 
brecht Diirer, with transcripts from the British museum 
manuscripts and notes upon them by Lina Eckenstein. 

1889 q92 D875C 

''Most thorough and conscientious study of his writings. Every scrap 
of them that has been preserved to us seems to have been deciphered — 
letters and journals and notes written upon the margins of drawings, 
as well as his professed treatises upon art and engineering — and the 
whole collated and compared with scrupulous care in the effort to 
throw some new light upon his nature, his ideas, and his methods of 
work. The result is almost altogether admirable." Nation, 1890. 

Heaton, Mrs Mary Margaret (Keymer). Life of Albrecht 

Diirer. 1881 92 D875he 

Full biography and criticism. Illustrated. 

Scott, William Bell. Albert Diirer; his life and works, in- 
cluding autobiographical papers and complete cata- 
logues. 1869 92 D875S 

"Authorities," p. 7-10. 

"Catalogue of Diirer's works," P.220-31S. 

"The account of the life and works of Diirer occupies only 193 small 
pages of large print. It is a vigorous and sympathetic biography of a 
great artist, who was also a worthy man and who lived a somewhat 
eventful life. It includes long extracts from the journal which Durer 
kept during his journey to the Netherlands ... For the general reader, 
not specially occupied with German art or with print collecting, this 
is the best life of Diirer." Russell Sturgis, 1897. 

Thausing, Moriz. Albert Diirer; his life and works. 2v. 

1882 92 D875t 

"Probably the standard work on Albert Diirer." Russell Sturgis, 1897. 

DWIGHT, John Sullivan. 

Cooke, George Willis. John Sullivan Dwight, Brook- 
Farmer, editor and critic of music; a biography. 1898.. 92 D977C 

"He knew most of the choice spirits of his time, and enjoyed both their 
esteem and their love. The story of his life is thus deeply rooted in 
all that was noblest and best in mid-century New England, and the 
associations evoked by its pages are indeed various. This extra-musical 
interest is so great that the book will find as many readers among 
those who do not care for the art... as among those who do." Dial, 

DYCK, Anton van. See VAN DYCK, Anton. 

DYLKS, Joseph C. 

Taneyhill, Richard Henry. Leatherwood god; an account 
of the appearance and pretensions of Joseph C. Dylks 
in eastern Ohio in 1828. 1870. (Ohio valley historical 
series.) r977 E84 

"A very curious and interesting account of the achievements of Joseph 
C. Dylks, who appeared for the first time, no one knew how or whence, 
at a meeting of the Ohio Methodists in the open air; he laid claim to 
extraordinary physical and spiritual powers. . .The delusion of which it 
treats, is extraordinary in its nature, and the story is instructive and 
signifipant, as an example of the credulity of a comparatively educated 
and intelligent people." Thomson's Bibliography of Ohio. 

Bound with Espy's "Memorandums of a tour in Ohio, Kentucky and 
Indiana territory." 

EADS, James Buchanan. 

How, Louis. James B. Eads. 1900 92 Ei26h 

Books of reference, p. 5. 

American engineer, 1820-87, distinguished for important achievements 


in mechanical and hydraulic engineering, including a diving-bell boat 
for the recovery of cargoes of sunken steamers, the designing and con- 
struction of iron-clads and mortar-boats used in the Civil war, construc- 
tion of the steel arch bridge across the Mississippi at St. Louis, and 
the Mississippi jetties. 

EASTLAKE, Elizabeth (Rigby), lady. 

Journals and correspondence. 2v. 1895 92 E184 

"Lady Eastlake (1809-93) wrote much about literature and art, and ex- 
pressed in her journals and letters many opinions on politics. Time 
has changed many of her judgments; yet they are still worth attention. 
She was a woman of great ability and much culture; she lived among 
well-born, clever, and well-informed people." Spectator, 1896. 

EASTWICK, Capt. Robert William. 

Master mariner; being his life and adventures. 1891. (Ad- 
venture series.) 92 E186 

Narrative dictated by Eastwick (i 772-1865) in his blind old age. 

"He went to sea as an apprentice in the whaling trade... had a brief 
experience of a man-of-war as a pressed man; sailed much in the East 
Indies, both for the Company and private employers ... was a prisoner 
on board the Forte when she was captured by the Syhille in the fa- 
mous night action; he made and lost several fortunes in those days of 
war freights and French privateers, was in several shipwrecks, saw the 
mutiny of the Irish political convicts at Sydney." Saturday review, 
1 89 1. 

EBERS, Georg. 

Die geschichte meines lebens. 1893 92 E2i8g 

Story of my life. 1893 92 E218 

Born in Berlin in 1837, Dr Ebers has become well known as a novelist 
and Egyptologist, both in his own country and among English-speaking 
people. His autobiography, which closes with the completion of his 
first novel, gives a touching retrospect of his childhood, an account of 
his gymnasium and university career, and a description of the famous 
Keilhau school (founded by Froebel), its methods and ideals. There 
is much incidental portraiture and entertaining reminiscence. 

fiCHEROLLES, Alexandrine des. See DES fiCHEROLLES, 

EDEN, Mrs Horatia K. F. Gatty. See GATTY, Horatia K. F. 

Life and letters; ed. by A. J. C. Hare. 2v. 1895 92 E284 

"There is nothing more unlike the life of the typical literary lady than 
that of Maria Edgeworth as we see it in her letters. They are full 
of the happy cheerfulness of a lovable woman whose heart was in her 
home and her multifarious duties, and who took her writing mainly 
as one of the permissible healthy recreations." Saturday review, 1895. 

Zimmern, Helen. Maria Edgeworth. 1883. (Famous 

women.) 92 E284Z 

Critical rather than biographical. ' 

EDISON, Thomas Alva. 

Dickson, William Kennedy-Laurie, & Antonia. Life and 

inventions of Thomas Alva Edison. 1894 Q92 E288d 

The same. 1894 qr92 E288d 

Authors had been close business and friendly associates of Mr Edison 
for 13 years and he supplied much of the material for this book. Many 
illustrations from drawings and photographs. 

EDMUNDSON, William. 

Journal of his life, travels, sufferings and labour of love in 

the ministry. 1715 r92 E295 

17th century Quaker of some note. 

"His 'Journal' and other works are written in a simple, unaffected way 
which makes them very pleasant reading, and they are still among the 
most popular works on Quakerism." Dictionary of national biography. 

EDWARD I, king of England. 

Jenks, Edward. Edward Plantagenet (Edward I), the 


English Justinian; or, The making of the common law. 

1902. (Heroes of the nations.) 92 E313J 

List of authorities, p.349-351. 

This biography, written by an English lawyer, lays special stress on the 
legal significance of Edward's reign. 

Tout, Thomas Frederick. Edward the First.. 1896. 

(Twelve English statesmen.) 92 E3i3t 

Concise, popular biography. 

EDWARD III, king of England. 

Mackinnon, James. History of Edward the Third, (1327- 

1377). 1900 92 E3i32m 

"The history of Edward III. is practically that of England for half a 
century and embraces that of Scotland, France, the Low G>untries, 
and Spain, in a more limited degree. The work is, therefore, more 
than a biography; it is a history of an important and dramatic epoch, 
as influenced and overshadowed by the extraordinary man who was 
the motive power of the activity of his age." Preface. 

EDWARD VII, king of England. 

Belloc, Marie Adelaide, afterward Mrs Lowndes. H. R. H. 

the prince of Wales; an account of his career. 1898 92 E3133I 

Collection from newspapers and memoirs, of information regarding his 
education, travels, marriage, home life, philanthropic, social and 
political work. There are many illustrations, some of them very in- 

Private life of King Edward VII (prince of Wales, 1841- 

1901), by a member ot the royal household. 1901 92 E3133P 

Personal gossip extending to the most trivial details of food and clothes. 

EDWARD, Thomas. 

Smiles, Samuel. Life of a Scotch naturalist, Thomas 

Edward. 1876 92 E314S 

Accoynt, much of it autobiographic, of the difficulties and successes of 
the shoemaker and naturalist, an extremely accurate and original ob- 

EDWARDS, Henry Sutherland. 

Personal recollections. 1900 92 E317 

"Begin in the later forties, and deal chiefly with London and Paris. 
His main interest was in his fellow-correspondents, in authors and 
musicians of various grades, and in matters theatrical . . . His tone is 
that of easy-going, matter-of-course, semi- journalistic comradeship... 
He has known some eminences, as Verdi, Charles Reade, Thackeray, 
Dean Stanley, Browning." Nation, 1900. 

EDWARDS, Jonathan. 

Allen, Alexander Viets Griswold. Jonathan Edwards. 

1894. (American religious leaders.) 92 E3i8a 

Bibliography, p.39i-393- 

**Well-balanced and just study of the great divine and metaphysician of 
New England." Dial, 1889. 

Hopkins, Samuel, 1721-1803. Life of Jonathan Edwards, 
with extracts from his private writings & diary, also 
seventeen select sermons. 1804 r92 E3i8h 

Short biography, written in 1764, six years after Edwards's death, by his 

friend and pupil. 
"A work which has the quaint charm of Walton's Lives." Allen's 

Jonathan Edwards, 

EDWARDS, Matilda Betham-. 

Anglo-French reminiscences, 1875-1899. 1900 92 E3i82a 

"Has studied France long and sympathetically, and writes well of what 
she has seen; but her pages are pervaded by a vehement spirit of re- 
ligious animosity. . .Her picture of Gambetta, whom she twice heard 
address a meeting, is striking. But the more interesting things are her 
detailed accounts of less famous persons, of M. Gu^pin of Nantes, a 
colleague in 1830 of Ledru-Rollin and Louis Blanc, a pioneer of de> 
mocracy among the Bretons... and of Mr. Holden, the English Wes- 


leyan manufacturer of Reims, to whom after the war of 1870 was 
unanimously voted the Legion of Honour . . . But the most interesting 
thing of all in the book is the study of the French soldier." Spectator, 

Reminiscences. 1898 92 E3182 

Recollections of the odd manners and customs in Suffolk during the 
author's childhood, of the beginnings of her literary career, of her life 
abroad, particularly in Weimar, where she knew Liszt and the last 
of the Goethe family. George Eliot she knew well, and there arc in- 
numerable amusing anecdotes of other distinguished people. 

ELIOT, George, (pseud, of Mrs Mary Ann (Evans) Cross). 
Life, as related in her letters and journals; ed. by J. W. 

Cross. 3v 92 E476 

"Setting aside the introductory chapter, a few closing pages of deep in- 
terest, and a rare occasional paragraph, we find George Eliot's life here 
recorded by herself from her nineteenth year until three days before 
her death... We arc shown George Eliot not as an Olympian, but 
human ... an eager, sensitive, frail, dependent woman . . . Mr. Cross has 
done his work — with admirable judgment, fine feeling, and dignified 
self-subordination to his theme." Academy, 1885. 

Blind, Mathilde. George Eliot. 1883. (Famous women.) . .92 E476bl 

Short biography and account of her work. 

Browning, Oscar. Life of George Eliot. 1890. (Great 

writers.) 92 E476b 

Bibliography, by J. P. Anderson, apx. p. 1-14. 
Short biography and criticism by a personal friend. 

Thomson, Clara Linklater. George Eliot. 1901. (West- 
minster biographies.) 92 E476t 

Bibliography, p. 128-1 32. 

Considering its extreme condensation, a fairly satisfactory biography. 

ELIOT, Sir John. 

Forster, John. Sir John Eliot; a biography, 1 590-1632. 

2v. 1865 92 E477f 

"Sir John Eliot was the most eloquent leader of the first Parliament of 
Charles I . . .These volumes, therefore, contain a vast amount of val- 
uable information not to be found elsewhere. No one will ever under- 
stand thoroughly what the rising against the Stuarts meant until he is 
well acquainted with its beginning, and no one can get such an ac- 
quaintance better than by studying these volumes." C. K. Adams. 

ELIZABETH, queen of England. 

Abbott, Jacob. History of Queen Elizabeth. 1876 92 E485a 

The same. 1904 J92 E485a 

Beesly, Edward Spencer. Queen Elizabeth. 1892. (Twelve 

English statesmen.) 92 E485b 

We hear little of Elizabeth as a woman or of domestic affairs, most of 
the book being given to a study of her foreign policy. 

ELIZABETH AMfiLIE EUGfiNIE, empress of Austria. 
[Owen, Mrs Marguerite (du Plantz) Cunliffe-.] Martyr- 
dom of an empress [Elizabeth of Austria]. 1899 92 E48520 

The writer is violently prejudiced in favor of the empress and blind to 
the fact that her misguided eulogies but strengthen the conclusion she 
so earnestly seeks to deny, — that all Elizabeth's troubles were indirectly 
of her own making. In seeking to vindicate Elizabeth's character she 
libels the emperor and other distinguished people. Like many other 
books which would have been better unwritten, this volume throws a 
good deal of light upon history and, in the main, is doubtless genuine, 
though often misleading and inaccurate. 

ELIZABETH CHARLOTTE, duchesse d'Orleans. 

McLaughlin, Mary Louise. The second Madame; a memoir 

of Elizabeth Charlotte, duchesse d'Orleans. 1895 92 E485im 

Short sketch of the second wife of Philip, duke of Orleans, brother of 
Louis XIV. 


ELIZABETH FARNESE, queen of Philip V of Spain. 

Armstrong, Edward. Elisabeth Farnese, the Termagant of 

Spain. 1892 92 E4855a 

Bibliography, p. 5-6. 

"Elizabeth Farnese took her place on the throne of Spain at the end of 
the year 171 4... Mr. Armstrong's book... is practically a political, or 
rather, diplomatic study of the times when this woman occupied the 
attention of all Europe . . . An original, well-arranged, and well-written 
monograph on a person, and of a period, which few but specialists 
are able to focus for themselves. In the introduction, there is a val- 
uable discussion of the sources from which materials have been drawn, 
including those still unedited." Spectator, 1892. 

ELIZABETH PETROVNA, empress of Russia. 

Bain, Robert Nisbet. Daughter of Peter the Great; a his- 
tory of Russian diplomacy and of the Russian court 
under the empress Elizabeth Petrovna, 1741-1762. 
1899 92 E4854b 

Bibliography, p. 15-18. 

"His aim is to make clear the political history of the days which saw the 
rise of the present royal house of Prussia, and to winnow out the truth 
from the baffling and confused mass of falsehood. In this he succeeds 
admirably . . . the portrait of Empress Elizabeth is imbued with all the 
vivacity and fascination with which her contemporaries credited her.** 
Nation, 1900. 

Illustrated with interesting portraits. 

ELIZABETH STUART, queen of Bohemia. 

Benger, Elizabeth Ogilvy. Memoirs of Elizabeth Stuart, 
queen of Bohemia, including sketches of the state of 
society in Holland and Germany in the 17th century. 
2v. 1825 92 E4853b 

Daughter of James I of England. 

ELLIOTT, Charles Loring. 
Thorpe, Thomas Bangs. Reminiscences of Charles L. El- 
liott, artist r92 E5292t 

Reprinted from the New York "Evening post.** 

Short personal sketch of the American portrait painter (died 1868). 

ELLIOTT, David. 

Brownson, James Irwin. Address commemorative of the 

life and character of David Elliott. 1874 r92 E529b 

David Elliott (i 787-1 874) was pastor at Mercersburg and Washington, 
Pa. and, 1836-74, professor in the Western theological seminary. 

ELLWOOD, Thomas. 

History of the life of Thomas Ellwood; or. An account of 

his birth, education, etc.; ed. by C. G. Crump. 1900 92 E538 

"Although the passages referring to Milton are the gems of Ellwood*s 
autobiography, the whole is worth reading as a picture of the early 
Quakers and of the times they lived in.** Athenccum, 1900. 

Herbert of Cherbury, Edward Herbert, baron. Lives of 
Lord Herbert of Cherbury and Thomas Ellwood, with 
essays by W. D. Howells. 1877. (Autobiographic 
series.) 92 H461 

"The autobiography of Lord Herbert is of a style so charming, and of 
a manner and matter so singularly characteristic of his order, age, and 
nation, that one might easily believe it written by some skilful student 
of the period... As you read, you cannot help thinking. . .that Thack- 
eray himself could not have done it better, if he had been minded to 
portray a gentleman of the first James's time. Yet this picture, so frank, 
so boldly colored, so full of the very life of a young English noble, is 
one of the most remarkable instances of self -portraiture in any language 
... A rare sincerity marks the whole memoir, and gives it the grace of 
an antique simplicity ... Herbert, not only as James's ambassador to 
Louis XIII., but as a sort of soldier of fortune in the Low Countries, 


and a peaceful traveller in Italy, saw everything that was best worth 
seeing in the Europe of his day." IV . D. Howells, in introduction. 
The other autobiography included in this volume is that of a "sturdy 
Quaker, good and beautiful, with a simple righteousness that comforts 
and strengthens the soul." 

ELPHINSTONE, Mountstuart. 

Cotton, James Sutherland. Mountstuart Elphinstone. 

1892. (Rulers of India.) 92 E549C 

ELSON, George. 

Last of the climbing boys; an autobiography. 1900 92 E556 

Autobiography of a chimney-sweep. Anecdotes about all sorts and con- 
ditions of men are introduced. 

EMERSON, Ralph Waldo. 

Letters to a friend, 1838-1853; ed. by C. E. Norton. 1899.. 92 E586 

34 very short letters to an unnamed friend. 

"Here we find the same gentle optimism, the same inspiring note as in 
his Essays." Dial, 1899. 

EMERSON, Ralph Waldo, & Carlyle, Thomas. 

Correspondence. 2v. 1888 92 C214 

"Not so much a correspondence in any true intellectual sense as a de^ 
liberate exchange of monologues. . .Emerson's nature, on the whole, 
comes out of this correspondence the more disinterested, saner, and 
wiser, though not the stronger and grander of the two." Spectator, 

EMERSON, Ralph Waldo, & Sterling, John. 

Correspondence. 1897 92 S838 

Life of Sterling, by E. W. Emerson, p.3-24. 

"In presenting the words of good cheer that passed betwten John Sterling, 
the poet, and a friend, never seen, beyond the ocean, I wish to urge 
that here was one whose nobility and sympathy illuminated in his short 
day the lives of his friends; and though he died before his noon, leav- 
ing little lasting work, yet was not the light lost, for the seemingly 
more enduring work of his friends was done in a measure in its rays." 
E. IV. Emerson. 

EMERSON, Ralph Waldo. 

Albee, John. Remembrances of Emerson. 1901 92 E586ja 

Contents: A day with Emerson. — Emerson's influence on the young 
men of his time. — Emerson as essayist. 

Cabot, James Elliot. Memoir of Ralph Waldo Emerson. 

2v. 1893 92 E586C 

"Mr. Cabot has done a difficult task with singular skill and success. The 
V chief regret with which one lays down the book is that he has not 
given us more." Nation, 1887. 

Conway, Moncure Daniel. Emerson at home and abroad. 

1882 92 E586CO 

"A biographical eulogy rather than a criticism. To him Emerson was 
from the first not merely a great man but the revealer of a new life." 
Nation, 1883. 

Garnett, Richard. Life of Ralph Waldo Emerson. 1888. 

(Great writers.) 92 E586g 

Bibliography, apx. p. 1-14. 
Short biography and criticism. 

Holmes, Oliver Wendell. Ralph Waldo Emerson. 1895. 

(American men of letters.) 92 E586h 

The same. 1897. (American men of letters.) r92 E586h 

"Detailed review of the opera omnia of one man of genius by another, 
with running annotations, grave, gay, learned and witty." Nation, 
Ireland, Alexander, (pseud. Philobiblos). Ralph Waldo 

Emerson; his life, genius and writings. 1882 r92 £5861 

Deals especially with Emerson's European relations and gives a number 
of letters. 


— — - _ - 

Sanborn, Franklin Benjamin. Ralph Waldo Emerson. 

1901. (Beacon biographies of eminent Americans.) 92 £5863 

Bibliography, p. 133-1 40. 

ERASMUS, Desiderius. 

Drummond, Robert Blackley. Erasmus; his life and char- 
acter as shown in his correspondence and works. 2v. 
1873 92 E7i2d 

Emerton, Ephraim. Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam. 

1899. (Heroes of the reformation.) 92 E7i2e 

Bibliographical notes, p. 23-26. 

"Prof. Emerton is necessitated by the series of which his volume is one, 
to treat most fully of Erasmus as related to the Reformation, but he has 
been led into no one-sided biography. The inclusion of Erasmus 
among the 'Heroes of the Reformation' he holds to be justified not 
merely on account of the great scholar's 'heroism of persistent work 
and cheerful endurance,' but of his immense services in preparing the 
way for reform by illuminating and unlocking the sources of Christian 
thought, by insistence 'upon the principle of a sound, sane, reasonable, 
individual judgment,' and by a sense of the 'essential rightness of what 
is natural.' " Nation, 1899. 

Froude, James Anthony. Life and letters of Erasmus. 

1895. 92 E7i2f 

"Have all the merits and all the demerits of their author's other works. 
His descriptions are most happy. His portraits are most life-like. His 
summaries are most brilliant ... But of that judicial mind, that breadth 
of view, that philosophic moderation, which are essentially character- 
istic of a great historian, his pages present no trace." Quarterly re- 
view, 1895. 

Jortin, John. Life of Erasmus. 2v. 1758-60 qr92 E712J 

v. I. Life of Erasmus. 

V.2. Life, (continued). — Remarks upon the works of Erasmus. — Extracts 
from Erasmus. 

"The common foundation of all the modern compilations on the life of 
Erasmus is the sketch which Le Clerc, while he was superintending 

the Leyden edition of the works, drew up Dr. Jortin adapted and 

enlarged Le Clerc in his 'Life of Erasmus.' " Encyclopedia Britannica. 

Pennington, Arthur Robert. Life and character of Eras- 
mus. 1875 92 E712P 

Condensed and somewhat partisan. 


Church, William Conant. Life of John Ericsson. 2v. 

1891 92 E743C 

"One of the best and most interesting biographies on record." Nation, 

ERNST II, herzog zu Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha. 

Memoirs, 1818-1850. v.1-2. 1888 92 E767 

Brother of Prince Albert, the husband of Queen Victoria. 

"In consequence of my continual participation in German politics my 
recollections have quite unintentionally assumed the character of an 
uninterrupted representation of the events of the past decades." 

ESTE, Beatrice d', duchess of Milan. See BEATRICE 

d'ESTE, duchess of Milan. 
ETTRICK SHEPHERD, pseud. See HOGG, James, 1770-1835. 

ETTY, William. 

Gilchrist, Alexander. Life of William Etty. 2v. 1855.. ..92 E898g 

Life of the English artist (i 787-1 849) with little criticism of his art. 
Founded on letters and recollections of friends. 

EUGfiNIE, empress of the French. 

Tschudi, Clara. Eugenie, empress of the French; a popular 
sketch; authorised translation from the Norwegian by 
E. M. Cope. 1899 92 E923t 



Sketch of the life of C. Eulenstein, performer on the Jews' 

harps. 1833 r92 E92S 

Short memoir of a German musician who produced extremely beautiful 
effects by performing on 16 jews-harps. 

EVANS, Christmas. 

Davis, J. Memoir of Christmas Evans. 1840 r92 E946d 

Short sketch of one of the great Welsh preachers (i 766-1 838). 

EVANS, Mary Ann. See ELIOT, George, pseud, 

EVANS, Robley Dunglison. 

A sailor's log; recollections of forty years of naval life. 

1901 92 E948 

"Rear- Admiral Evans, popularly known as 'Fighting Bob/ certainly has 
a story to tell, and he tells it in a plain sailor like way... The main 
narrative begins with the account of the author's services in the Civil 
War, and then follows the diversified story of cruises to the Orient, 
to Africa, to South America, to Behring Sea, to the Baltic, and so 
on . . . The volume closes with a lively risumS oi the naval operations 
of the Spanish- American war." Dial, 1901. / 

EVANS, William. 

Journal. 1894 92 E949 

Minister of the Society of Friends (i 787-1 867). 

EVELYN, John. 

Diary and correspondence; ed. by William Bray. 4v. 

1889-91 92 E953 

"Covers the long period from 1641 to 1705. The author was a much 
more important and worthy personage than his friend Pepys, and yet 
his work is of somewhat less interest, if not of less value. He travelled 
extensively in different parts of Europe, and he made record of what 
impressed him most." C. K. Adams, 

EWING, Mrs Juliana Horatia. 

Leaves from ''Canada home;" gathered by E.S.Tucker. 

1896 92 E974 

Interesting personal recollections of Mrs Ewing in Canada with some of 
her letters during that period. Illustrated with photographs and with 
facsimiles of eight watercolor drawings by Mrs Ewing. 

Gatty, Horatia K. F. afterward Mrs Eden. Juliana Horatia 

Ewing and her books. 1887 J92 E974g 

"List of Mrs Ewing's works," p.84-88. 

EWING, Thomas, 1827-97. 

Shafer, John Douglas, comp. In memoriam Thomas Ew- 
ing, 1827-1897. 1898 r92 E974S 

Funeral sermon, memorial resolutions, articles and addresses before the 
Bar association on the occasion of the death of the president judge of 
the court of common pleas, no.2 of Allegheny county, 1897. 

EYCK, Hubert van. See Artists, p. 1289. 

EYCK, Jan van. See Artists, p. 1289. 

FABER, Frederick William. 

Bowden, John Edward. Life and letters of Frederick 

William Faber. 1869 92 Fii32b 

Faber (1814-63) was prominent among the English clergymen who went 
over to the Roman Catholic church about 1845. This biography by a 
fellow-member of the Oratory of St. Philip Neri devotes most attention 
to the Roman portion of Faber's career. 

FABERT^, Abraham de, marshal of France. 

Hooper, George. Abraham Fabert, governor of Sedan, 

marshal of France; his life and times, 1599-1662. 1892. .92 Fii3h 

A famous French general, son of a printer, who was created marshal of 
France by Louis XIV in 1658. His exploits and good fortune were 
so extraordinary that they were by many ascribed to magic. 


FABIUS; pseud. See DICKINSON, John. 

FAIRFAX, Thomas, baron. 

Markham, Sir Clements Robert. Life of the great Lord 

Fairfax. 1870 92 Fi62m 

Appendixes : Selections from the poems of Lord Fairfax. — Pictures, en- 
gravings, medals, etc. of Lord Fairfax and his kindred. — Will of Lord 

"Book of real and conscientious work... Mr. Markham's chief object 
seems to be to challenge for Fairfax his proper place in the military 
history of the Civil War, in which he holds that his fame has been 
unfairly overshadowed by Cromwell." Saturday review, 1870. 

FALLS, Mrs Alicia Maria. 

Foreign courts and foreign homes. 1899 92 F197 

Rambling, entertaining narrative of the author's life abroad. Her father 
was a high official at the court of Hanover and later held a consul- 
ship in France. We have glimpses of many interesting people, the old 
king of Hanover, Montalembert, de Tocqueville, Thiers and Guizot, 
Napoleon III and his circle. 

FALLS, Henry C. 

Pennsylvania — House of representatives. Proceedings on 

the occasion of the death of Henry C. Falls. 1885 r92 F1971P 

Member from Lawrence county. 

FARADAY, Michael, & Schonbein, C. F. 

Letters, 1836-1862, with notes, comments and references to 
contemporary letters; ed. by G. W. A. Kahlbaum and 
F. V. Darbishire. 1899 92 F229 

"We have now the whole correspondence brought together chronologi- 
cally, the letters being left intact as originally written, and made more 
valuable by a most complete series of explanatory notes giving refer- 
ences to the papers alluded to, as well as short biographical notices of 
people mentioned in the correspondence. The care and trouble which 
has been bestowed upon this most essential adjunct to a set of letters 
containing references to memoirs which for us represent the scientific 
literature of a former generation, has thus resulted in a distinct con- 
tribution to the history of science, and the editors have laid all workers 
in the domains of physics and chemistry under a debt of obligation." 
Nature, 1900. 

FARADAY, Michael. 

Jones, Henry Bence. Life and letters of Faraday. 2v. 

1870.' 92 F229J 

"Though full of interest to scientific men, and to those who knew Fara- 
day personally, was too voluminous and too lacking in cohesion to be 
very widely read." Nature, 1872. 

Thompson, Silvanus Phillips. Michael Faraday; his life 

and work. 1898. (Century science series.) 92 F229th 

Interesting account of him as a scientist and also from the purely human 

Tyndall, John. Faraday as a discoverer. 1890 92 F229t 

"Spirited and sympathetic memoir." Saturday review, 1870. 

FARRAGUT, Admiral David Glasgow. 

Barnes, James. David G. Farragut. 1899. (Beacon bi- 
ographies of eminent Americans.) 92 F248ba 

Bibliography, p. 129-132. 
Brief popular essay. 
Farragut, Loyall. Life of David Glasgow Farragut. 1891 . .92 F248f 

"Largely composed of the journal kept by the admiral himself and of 
his letters. . .The story of Farragut's early life, the letters to his fam- 
ily, and the revelations of character make the book a marked one in 
literature." Nation, 1880. 
Mahan, Capt. Alfred Thayer. Admiral Farragut. 1893. 

(Great commanders.) 92 F248m 

"Ideal piece of brief biography. The subject is excellent, the author 
perfectly adapted in every way to treat it, and the treatment itself 


well calculated to inspire interest and just admiration for the subject.** 
Lamed' s Literature of American history. 

FAWCETT, Henry. 

Stephen, Sir Leslie. Life of Henry Fawcett. 1886 92 F291S 

List of Fawcett's published works, p.469-472. 

Though Mr Stephen was for 30 years one of Fawcett's most intimate 

friends this biography dwells far more on his public work and career 

than on his vigorous and interesting personality. 

FAY, Amy. 

Music-study in Germany. 1896 92 F295m 

• The same. 1881 r92 F295 

Miss Fay lived in Germany from 1870 to 1875, studying music under 
celebrated masters, including Taussig, Kullak, Deppe and Liszt. She 
wrote during that time to her home in Boston frankly ingenuous and 
entertaining letters describing her musical experiences and impres- 
sions, and affording pleasant glimpses of German home and social life. 


Grosart, Alexander Balloch. Robert Fergusson. 1898. 

(Famous Scots series.) 92 F389g 

Fergusson was a Scottish poet of considerable merit, born in Edinburgh 
in 1750. 

FERRIER, James Frederick. 

Haldane, Elizabeth Sanderson. James Frederick Ferrier. 

1899. (Famous Scots series.) 92 F42iih 

Ferrier was a Scottish metaphysician of the first half of the 19th century. 

FERRIER, Susan Edmonstone. 

Ferrier, John, comp. Memoir and correspondence of Susan 

Ferrier, 1782-1854; ed. by J. A. Doyle. 1898 92 F42if 

Scottish novelist. Her letters describe the society of her day, and in 
them we meet many of the originals of characters in her novels. 

FIELD, Cyrus West. 

Judson, Mrs Isabella (Field). Cyrus W. Field; his life and 

work, 1819-1892. 1896 92 F456J 

Mr Field's life-story is well worth reading apart from his share in- the 
laying of the Atlantic cable, with which his name is so honorably as- 

FIELD, David Dudley. 

Field, Henry Martyn. Life of David Dudley Field. 1898. .92 F4S72f 

"To be regarded as a tribute of fraternal affection rather than as a true 
biography. Mr. Field's career was in many respects very remarkable, 
and his abilities were admitted to be of the highest order, but many 
important events in his career are unmentioned here, and his abilities 
did not produce the results which his brother naturally attributes to 
them." Nation, 1898. 

FIELD, Eugene. 

Below, Ida Comstock. Eugene Field in his home. 1898.. 92 F457b 

Bibliography, p. 1 07-1 1 1 . 

Thompson, Slason. Eugene Field; a study in heredity and 

contradictions, 2v. 1901 92 F457t 

Written by an intimate friend and in a spirit of warmest admiration. 

Wilson, Francis. The Eugene Field I knew. 1898 92 F457W 

Anecdotes, by his intimate friend, the well-known comedian. 

FIELD, Kate. 

Whiting, Lilian. Kate Field; a record. 1899 92 F4573W 

Appreciative account of her career as journalist, author and lecturer. 

FIELD, Mary Katherine Keemle. See FIELD, Kate. 

Dobson, Austin. Fielding. [1883.] (English men of 

letters.) 92 F46id 

Authorities, p. 5-6. 

Thorough and exhaustive study based on careful study of the materials. 


FILDES, Luke. See Artists, p. 1255. 

FILSON, John. 

Durrett, Reuben Thomas. John Filson, the first historian 
of Kentucky; an account of his life and writings. 1884. 
(Filson club. Publications.) qr92 F486d 

FINLEY, James Bradley. 
Autobiography; or. Pioneer life in the West; ed. by W. P. 

Strickland. 1853 92 F499 

Methodist preacher in southern Ohio and missionary to the Wyandot 
Indians, 1809-56. 

FIRTH, Frank Russell. 

Young engineer; memoir of Frank Russell Firth, with a 

sketch of the life of Otis Everett Allen. 1874 92 F52iy 

Short memoir, written for private circulation, with an introduction by 
Edward Everett Hale, commending as an example the life of the young 
civil engineer engaged in railway construction in Kansas and Nebraska, 

FITHIAN, Philip Vickers. 

Journal and letters, 1767-1774; student at Princeton college, 
1770-72, tutor at Nomini hall in Virginia, 1773-74; ed. 
for the Princeton historical association by J. R. Wil- 
liams. 1900 92 F554 

Fithian was born in 1747 and was a student at Princeton with Burr and 
Madison and Henry Lee. He gives a graphic account of his life in 
Virginia as tutor in the household of Robert Carter of Nomini hall' 
during the interesting period just before the Revolution. He was a 
frequent guest of the Lees of Stratford and Lee hall, the Turbervilles, 
the Washingtons of Bushfield and other famous families. The notes 
give much historical and genealogical information about these families. 


Letters to Fanny Kemble, 1871-1883. 1895 92 F572 

More letters; ed. by W. A. Wright. 1901 92 F572m 

These letters belong with the other two volumes of "Letters" and the 
"Letters to Fanny Kemble." They have the same progressive dates 
and they cover similar subjects. 

The "Letters" will be found in v.i of his "Letters and literary remains," 
call number 828 F57 v.i. 

"Fitzgerald's letters are... among the best of their kind. They are real 
letters, written by the most modest of men, with no reputation in his 
own day and without any suspicion of posthumous honors ... they are 
also candid letters, expressing the actual opinions he had formed on 
matters of literature and art . . . above all, they are the letters of a 
master of style." Spectator, 1902. 

Glyde, John. Life of Edward Fitz-Gerald, with an intro- 
duction by Edward Clodd. 1900 92 F572g 

Bibliography of the versions and editions of the Rubaiyat of Omar 
Khayyam, by Edward Fitzgerald, and others, p.341-348; bibliography 
of articles in reviews and magazines relating to Fitzgerald and Omar, 

English poet and translator (1809-83), best known by his rendering of 

the "Rubiiyat" of Omar Khayyam. His "Letters," published in 1894, 
tell us in such a charmingly unaffected way just what we want to 
know of his singularly quiet and uneventful life, that a formal biogra- 
phy is almost needless, but there are some things in Mr Clyde's "Life" 
which the lovers of the letters may like to note. 

FLAUBERT, Gustave. 

Faguet, fimile. Flaubert, [in French]. 1899. (Les grands 

ecrivains f ran<;ai3.) 92 F6i9f 

"The most important part of the book lies among the hundred pages in 
the middle, where romanticism and realism are studied, and Flaubert's 
relation to them and the relations of them to his works." Nation, 



Tarver, John Charles. Gustave Flaubert as seen in his 

works and correspondence. 1895 92 F6i9t 

FLEMING, Andrew. 

Yalden, Margaret Lyon, and others. In memoriam Andrew 

Fleming. 1898 r92 F628y 

Pittsburgh physician, 1830-96. 

FLETCHER, Andrew. 

Omond, George William Thomson. Fletcher of Saltoun. 

1897. (Famous Scots series.) 92 F6340 

An able Scottish republican writer and orator, born at Saltoun, 1653, 
died in London, 1716. 

FONTENOY, Mme la marquise de, pseud. See OWEN, Mrs 
Marguerite (du Plantz) Cunliffe-. 

FORBES, John Murray. 

Hughes, Mrs Sarah (Forbes), ed. Letters and recollec- 
tions of John Murray Forbes. 2v. 1890 92 F754h 

"John Murray Forbes renewed in our American society, during the most 
heroic period of the republic, the old Venetian type of merchant, who 
managed to unite a keen eye for trade and commerce with an equally 
keen or keener eye for the public interest. . .A most successful man of 
business .... he found the time and had the inclination to keep in close 
communion with the choicest spirits of his day and country, to exercise 
a large and liberal hospitality . . . while at the same time placing at the 
disposal of his government the services of a ceaseless activity, and of a 
sagacity and judgment concerning the conduct of public affairs, which 
were rarely at fault." Nation, 1899. 

FORREST, Edwin. 

Rees, James, (pseud. Colley Cibber). Life of Edwin For- 
rest. 1874 92 F78ir 

Partisan, uncritical, anecdotal biography of the American actor (1806- 
72) by a personal friend. 

FORREST, Gen. Nathan Bedford. 

Mathes, James Harvey. General Forrest. 1902. (Great 

commanders.) 92 F78i2m 

Forrest (1821-77) was a Confederate cavalry commander during the 
Civil war. This biography was written by a warm admirer. 

Wyeth, John Allan. Life of General Nathan Bedford For- 
rest. 1899 92 F7812W 

FOSTER, Birket. See Artists, p.1255. 

Crosfield, George. Memoirs of Samuel Fothergill. 1857.. 92 F822C 

English minister of the Society of Friends (1715-72). He traveled and 
preached in America, 1754-56, visiting most of the Friends' meetings 
from South Carolina to Cape Cod. 

FOUCHfi, Joseph, due d'Otrante. 

Memoirs. 1894 92 F827 

These memoirs of the minister of police under Napoleon, though declared 
by his family to be forgeries, are undoubtedly founded on genuine 

FOWLER, Sir John. 

Mackay, Thomas. Life of Sir John Fowler, engineer. 

1900 92 F848m 

"Sir John Fowler must be reckoned one of the grand old men of the 
Victorian era, for his work began before her Majesty's accession to 
the throne, and he died the year after the Diamond Jubilee, being then 
more than 80 years old. He saw the great railway boom and collapse 
of the later 'forties,* he took the lion's share in the creation of the 
Metropolitan Railway, and crowned a life's work with the great Firth 
of Forth bridge in conjunction with Sir Benjamin Baker." Spectator, 


FOX, Caroline. 

Memories of old friends; extracts from journals and letters, 

from 1835 to 1871; ed. by H. N. Pym. 2v. 1882 92 F8512 

Memoir, v.i, p. 13-31. 

John Stuart Mill and John Sterling were among her intimate friends, 
and her journal owes its value to her association with many dis* 
ting^uished persons. 

"Indicates the gentle, spiritual, and at the same time intellectual and 
accomplished woman, And it will always be valued as a highly import- 
ant illustration of the most characteristic thought of the Victorian 
era." Dictionary of national biography. 

FOX, Charles James. 

Russell, John, earl. Memorials and correspondence of 

Charles James Fox. 4v. 1853-57 92 FSsir 

The third Lord Holland began the collection of the material, consisting 
of letters, notices and anecdotes from contemporary journals and other 
unpublished manuscripts, and of recollections of Fox's contemporaries, 
but Lord John Russell prepared the work for the press. There is a 
great amount of valuable and interesting material, but the arrange- 
ment is sometimes rather intricate. 

Trevelyan, Sir George Otto. Early history of Charles 

James Fox. [1880.] 92 F85it 

"Although this volume purports to be only a history of a small part of 
the life of a single person, yet its historical importance is sucJh as to 
entitle it to the student's most careful consideration ... It is the best 
picture that has ever been drawn of the transition from the old meth- 
ods of statesmanship to the new. The author holds that Fox was the 
first great statesman of the modern school ... It is an admirable speci- 
men of literary workmanship, and its charming pages are as instruc- 
tive as they are fascinating." C. K. Adams. 

The life of Fox, between 1774 and 1782, is so inextricably interwoven 
with the history of the American revolution that Trevelyan has treated 
this part of Fox's career in his "American revolution," 973.3 T73. 

Trotter, John Bernard. Memoirs of the latter years of 

Charles James Fox. 1812 92 F85itr 

"By Fox's private secretary, the first-hand authority for many details of 
private life from 1802 to 1806." Dictionary of national biography. 

FOX, George. 

Passages from his life and writings, taken from his journal 
with the desire to give a representation of his character 

and religious views 92 F852 

Hodgkin, Thomas. George Fox. 1896 92 F852h 

"Mr. Hodgkin, as a Quaker himself, writes in sober and loyal sympathy 
with the founder of the society to which he belongs, but he writes with 
dignity, sobriety, and eminent fairness." Athenceum, 1896. 

FRA ANGELICO. See Artists, p.1276. 
FRA BARTOLOMMEO. See Artists, p.1277. 
FRANCESCA, Piero della. See Artists, p.1278. 
FRANCIA, Francesco. See Artists, p.1278. 

Herkless, John. Francis and Dominic and the mendicant 

orders. 1901. (World's epoch-makers.) 92 F866h 

"Literature," p.227-230. 

Short sketches of St. Francis and St. Dominic, followed by an historical 

account of the founding of the mendicant orders, particularly the 

Franciscans and the Dominicans. 

Little flowers of Saint Francis of Assisi; tr. fr. the Italian 
with a brief account of the life of Saint Francis by A. L. 
Alger. 1898 92 F866 

"In this little book are contained certain little flowers, miracles and de- 
vout examples of that glorious poor follower of Christ, Saint Fran- 
cis, and of certain of his holy companions, told to the praise of Jesus 



'A series of legends which were collected some two hundred years after 
his death, having been handed down by word of mouth until that 
time. They form an excellent biography of him and his disciples, told 
with quaint simplicity and grace." Preface. 

Oliphant, Mrs Margaret Oliphant (Wilson). Francis of 

Assisi. 1902 92 F8660 

"Few, if any, of St. Francis's many biographers, Catholic or Protestant, 
have told the exquisite tale of his life and work with more quiet grace 
and appreciative sympathy." Saturday review, 1871. 

Sabatier, Paul. Life of St. Francis of Assisi. 1894 92 F866s 

The same. 1895 r92 F866s 

The author, a Protestant, has made a fair and sympathetic study of 
St. Francis, applying the most modern methods of historical investiga- 

FRANCIS, Sir Philip. 

Francis, Beata, & Keary, Eliza, ed. The Francis letters, 
by Sir Philip Francis and other members of the family, 
with a note on the Junius controversy by C. F. Keary. 
2v. [1901.] 92 F868f 

"Though these two volumes are interesting enough of themselves to 
justify their publication, their interest is intensified by the ancient 
mystery of Junius... The letters, of course, do nothing to pierce the 
mystery ... but ... Mr. C. F. Keary contributes an admirably lucid note 
upon the famous controversy." Athenceum, 1901. 

FRANKLIN, Benjamin. 

Autobiography; ed. by John Bigelow 92 F879b 

The same, with a sketch of Franklin's life from the point 

where the autobiography ends. 1902 92 F879a 

The same. 1902 J92 F879a 

The same. 1887. (In his Complete works, v.i, p.27- 

301.) r3o8 F87 V.I 

The same. 1905. (In his Writings, v.i, p.219-439.) 308 F87 v.i 

Franklin's fame as a writer chiefly rests on this autobiography. 

Life, written by himself; ed. by John Bigelow. 3v. 1893.. 92 F879 

The same; ed. by D. H. Montgomery. 1891 92 F879mon 

The same. 1891 r92 F879mon 

The sam£. 1902 J92 F879mon 

The same, to which is added his essays. 1813. r92 F879fi 

Made up of his autobiography, which ends with 1757, and selections from 
his very full official and private correspondence continuing the narra- 
tive to the end of his life. 
"The importance of the volumes grows not simply or even chiefly out of 
their description of contemporaneous events, but rather from the 
revelation they give of Franklin's methods of viewing contemporaneous 
events." C. K. Adams. 
Memoirs, written by himself, with his most interesting es- 
says, letters and miscellaneous writings. 2v. 1876 r92 F879m 

Abbott, John Stevens Cabot. Benjamin Franklin. 1898.. 92 F879ab 

The same. 1903 J92 F879ab 

Brooks,. Elbridge Streeter. True story of Benjamin Frank- 
lin. 1898. (Children's lives of great men.) J92 F879br 

Fisher, Sydney George. The true Benjamin Franklin. 

1899 92 F879f 

"Useful, but overdone, and gives a false and rather mean impression, 
by accenting the faults and giving the benefit of the doubt in favor of 
the unfavorable." Lamed' s Literature of American history. 

Ford, Paul Leicester. Many-sided Franklin. 1899 92 F879fo 

Appeared in the "Century magazine," v. 5 7, 1898-99. 
Emphasizes the many-sidedness of Franklin's genius by treating in each 
chapter a separate phase of his varied activity. The printer, the jour- 


FRANKLIN, Benjamin — continued. 

nalist, the scientist, the diplomat, the administrator, the family man, 
the lover and the friend are in turn set before the reader, and the 
effect produced is more lifelike th^n that of the usual chronological 

Holley, Orville Luther. Life of Benjamin Franklin. 

1866 r92 F879h 

Treats of the development of his character and mind rather than of his 
political or diplomatic services. 

McMaster, John Bach. Benjamin Franklin as a man of 

letters. 1895. (American men of letters.) 92 F879m 

"Written from the historical standpoint rather than the critical, in the 
writer's brilliant allusive style. As Franklin wrote but little that may 
be called literature, the main subject is necessarily sometimes obscured 
by the interesting but secondary details. Sources have been consulted 
and many of the most important documents are quoted or alluded to." 
Lamed' s Literature of American history. 

More, Paul Elmer. Benjamin Franklin. 1900 92 F879mor 

Short account for young people. 

Morse, John Torrey. Benjamin Franklin. 1894. (Amer- 
ican statesmen.) 92 F879mo 

The same. 1899. (American statesmen.) r92 F879moi 

His chapter on the Hutchinson letters is most adequate and satisfactory. 
The hostile influences against which Franklin as a diplomatist had to 
contend are made clear. On the subject of the treaty of peace with 
England in 1783, Mr Morse has availed himself of new and important 
materials recently brought to light. Adapted from Nation, 1889. 

Parton, James. Life and times of Benjamin Franklin. 2v. 

1897 92 F879P 

"In this, as in his other books, Mr. Parton stands midway between the 
old-fashioned panegyrist of the Abbott type and the modern 'critical* 
biographer. Much minute investigation is shown, and the result is 
entertainingly and graphically told." Lamed' s Literature of American 

Robins, Edward. Benjamin Franklin, printer, statesman, 
philosopher and practical citizen, 1706-1790. 1898. 

(American men of energy.) 92 F879r 

"The familiar story is told in an intimate and warm manner, with use 
of the phraseology and even slang of to-day." Nation, 1898. 

Weems, Mason Locke. Life of Benjamin Franklin. 

1820 r92 F879W 

Anecdotal, popular and unreliable. 

FRANKLIN, Sir John. 

Beesly, Augustus Henry. Sir John Franklin. 1881. 

(Makers of history.) 92 F88ib 

Useful and accurate short account, chiefly compiled from earlier nar- 
ratives, including Franklin's own accounts of two Arctic expeditions 
previous to that in which he lost his life. 

FRANKLIN, Samuel Rhoades. 

Memories of a rear-admiral, who has served for more than 

half a century in the navy of the United States. 1898.. 92 F8811 

Experiences and anecdotes of naval life from his entrance into the ser- 
vice as midshipman in 1841, and descriptions of his association with 
distinguished people all over the world. 

Memoirs, with an essay by W. D. Howells. 2v. 1877. 

(Autobiographic series.) 92 F894 

The author was the favorite sister of Frederick the Great and the 
Memoirs give a picture of Frederick William and his family. 


Brackenbury, Charles Booth. Frederick the Great. [1896.] 


(Makers of history.) 92 FSQSb 

"A succinct, clear, well studied military history." Lamed' s History for 
ready reference, 

Carlyle, Thomas. History of Friedrich II of Prussia, 

called Frederick the Great. 6v. 1886-87 92 F895ca 

The same. 7v. in 4 92 F895ca2 

The same. 8v. 1897-98 r92 F895C 

Centenary edition. 

"The book is founded on the most exhaustive study and the most careful 
observation. The author even visited the more important of Fred- 
erick's battle-fields and had surveys made in the interests of absolute 
accuracy. Every scrap of German writing that would throw light on 
the reign appears to have been examined and weighed. The result is 
one of the most remarkable books in the English language, and one, 
which, all things considered, is unquestionably the best history of 
Frederick the Great in any language." C K. Adams. 

Dover, George James Welbore Agar-Ellis, baron. Life of 

Frederic II, king of Prussia. 2v. 1833 r92 F895d 

Kugler, Franz Theodor. Geschichte Friedrichs des 

Grossen. 1901 92 F895k 

Kugler, Franz Theodor. Life of Frederick the Great, com- 
prehending a history of the Silesian campaigns and the 
Seven years' war r92 F895k 

First published in 1840. 

Contains 400 illustrations by Adolf Menzel, who made a special study of 

the period. The portraits are accurate likenesses, the localities, cos* 

tumes, etc. are accurately represented. 

Lord, John. Two German giants: Frederic the Great and 
Bismarck, with a character sketch of Bismarck by Bay- 
ard Taylor, and Bismarck's great speech on the enlarge- 
ment of the German army in 1888. 1894 92 F895I 

Short character sketches. Also included in "Beacon lights of history." 

FREDERICK III, emperor of Germany. 

Hiltl, Georg. Unser Fritz, deutscher kaiser und konig von 

Preussen. [1890.] 92 F8952h 

Popular biography, recommended in Germany for school and public 

Poschinger, Frau Margaretha von. Life of the emperor 
Frederick; ed. fr. the German, with an introduction by 
Sidney Whitman. 1901 92 F8952P 

Frederick III, son of the emperor William I. Includes conversations, 
letters and personalia of monarchs, soldiers, statesmen and men of 
letters during the last half of the 19th century. 

FREEMAN, Edward Augustus. 

Stephens, William Richard Wood, dean. Life and letters 

of Edward A. Freeman. 2v. 1895 92 F91IS 

"What he was, moreover, as host, as guest, as fellow traveller — in each 
situation distinguished as he was by strong and sometimes grotesque 
characteristics — it might have interested some to have been told in 
greater fulness. But as it stands, this biography deserves the very 
highest praise, as a faithful and sympathetic picture of one of the 
greatest of English historians — a man much admired, somewhat feared, 
and too little understood." Academy, 1895. 

FRfiMONT, Gen. John Charles. 

Schmucker, Samuel Mosheim. Life of Col. John Charles 
Fremont, and his narrative of explorations and ad- 
ventures in Kansas, Nebraska, Oregon and California. 
1856 r92 F922S 

Short biography, written for the campaign of 1856. Fremont's narrative 

occupies most of the book. 
"Fremont's journal is written in a graphic style, bearing evidence of 


literal accuracy in all its statements, and yet in many parts reading 
like a romance." American journal of science, 1847. 

FRENEAU, Philip. 

Austin, Mary S. Philip Freneau, the poet of the Revolu- 
tion; a history of his life and times; ed. by H. K. Vree- 
land. 1901 92 F929a 

The account of Freneau's life is much encumbered with the general 
history of the time, and only one chapter is given to him as an author. 

FREYTAG, Gustav. 

Erinnerungen aus meinem leben, und Gedichte. 1896.... 92 F945e 
Reminiscences of my life; tr. fr. the German by Katharine 

Chetwynd. 2v. 1890 92 F945 

Admirers of the German author will be interested in what he says of his 
literary friends, and of "Debit and credit" and his other writings. 

FROBEL, Friedrich. 

Autobiography; tr. and annotated by Emilie Michaelis and 

H. K. Moore. 1896 92 F961 

Consists of a letter written to the duke of Meiningen in 1827 and one to 
the philosopher Krause in 1828 in which he tells the story of the per- 
plexities and difficulties of his early life. 

"Though of very great value, was not written till Froebel was forty- 
five years of age, and some allowance must be made for this when we 
are considering what he says about his earliest years." Bowen's 

Bowen, Herbert Courthope. Froebel and education by 

self-activity. 1893. (Great educators.) 92 F96ib 

Bibliography, p. 197-201. 

"A book that is a real addition to Frobel literature." W. T. Harris, in 
Bibliography of education. 

Marenholtz-Biilow, Bertha, freiin von. Reminiscences of 
Friedrich Froebel; tr. by Mrs Horace Mann, with a 
sketch of the life of Froebel by Emily Shirreff. 1892. .92 F96im 

A graphic account of the last years of Froebel's life; written by the 
gifted woman through whom he first obtained recognition by the lead- 
ing educators of Germany. 

Snider, Denton Jaques. Life of Frederick Froebel, 

founder of the kindergarten. 1900 92 F961S 

Frdbel's life, from the standpoint of the author, the well-known lecturer 
and founder of the Chicago kindergarten college, was from beginning 
to end an illustration of his own principle of the unfolding of the 


Robinson, Agnes Mary Frances, afterward Mme Dar- 
mesteter, afterward Mme Duclaux. Froissart; tr. by E. 
F. Poynter. 1895 92 F963r 

So little is known of the facts of Froissart's life that it is by no means 
easy to write the story of it, but Madame Darmesteter has very skil- 
fully used both the old material and some which has been discovered 
recently. Being herself both historian and poet she is just the one to 
rightly estimate Froissart, who was so essentially both poet and his- 


Gonse, Louis. Eugene Fromentin, peintre et ecrivain; 

ouvrage augment^ de Notes d'un voyage en figypte, et 

d'autres notes et morceaux in6dits de Fromentin. 

1881 q92 F964g 

"Although mainly a life of Fromentin, contains long passages of his 

critical work." Russell Siurgis. 


FROUDE, James Anthony. 

Wilson, David. Mr Froude and Carlyle. 1898 92 C214W 

A defense of Carlyle, introductory to a proposed biography. 

FRY, Mrs Elizabeth (Gurney). 

Pitman, Mrs Emma Raymond. Elizabeth Fry. 1892. 

(Famous women.) 92 F975P 

English philanthropist and minister of the Society of Friends. She was 
especially noted as a promoter of prison reform in the first half of the 
19th century. 

"She tells us what Mrs. Fry did (and it was a great work) but not what 
she was." Nation, 1884. 

FULLER, Margaret, afterzvard marchesa d'Ossoli. 

Higginson, Thomas Wentworth. Margaret Fuller Ossoli. 

1891. (Anierican men of letters.) 92 F983hi 

List of Margaret Fuller's works, p.315-318. 

Just, S3rmpathetic and sincere biography of one of the most interesting 
Americans of her period. Mr Higginson describes her as "a woman 
whose aims were high and whose services great; one whose intellect 
was uncommon, whose activity incessant, whose life varied, and whose 
death dramatic." 

Howe, Mrs Julia (Ward). Margaret Fuller. 1883. 

(Famous women.) 92 F983h 

An admirable study. Gives emphasis to culture as the keynote to Mar- 
garet Fuller's career. 

FULTON, Robert. 

Reigart, J.Franklin. Life of Robert Fulton. 1856 r92 F986r 

Curious and interesting illustrations, some of them reproducing Fulton's 
paintings and drawings. 

Thurston, Robert Henry. Robert Fulton. 1891. (Makers 

of America.) 92 F986t 

Short biography, including a general sketch of steam-navigation before 
Fulton and since his time. 

GAINE, Hugh. 

Journals of Hugh Gaine, printer; ed. by P. L. Ford. 2v. 

1902 qr92 G139 

V.I. Biography and bibliography. 

V.2. Journals and letters. 

Gaine (1726?-! 807) was a Scotch-Irish printer and bookseller. In 1752 
he established in New York a weekly publication called the "Mercury." 
At the close of the Revolutionary war, he discontinued the publication 
of his paper and confined himself to the printing and bookselling 
business. His journals here printed cover two years of the French 
and Indian war, five years of the Revolutionary war and two years 
of John Adams's presidency. They contain many minute details of 
interest to both the general and local historian. 


Fulcher, George Williams. Life of Thomas Gainsborough. 

1856 92 Gi4if 

Biography with no criticism. 

"Represents much careful original research, and is written in a terse 
scholarly style." Dictionary of national biography. 

GALITZIN, Demetrius Augustine, prince. See GALLITZIN, 

Demetrius Augustine, prince. 
GALLAND, Pierre Victor. See Artists, p.1271. 

GALLATIN, Albert. 

Adams, Henry, 6.1838. Life of Albert Gallatin. 1879.. qr92 Gi49a 

With a biographical letter by the author. 

"A volume designed to supply historians with some of the materials for 
the history of a period as yet only imperfectly understood. For the 
financial history of the years between 1801 and 1829 the volume is 
of importance only second to that of Gallatin's works. It is not a 
biography written for popular use, but rather a narrative designed to 
assist the most thoughtful student" C. K. Adams, 


Stevens, John Austin. Albert Gallatin. 1892. (Ameri- 
can statesmen.) 92 G149S 

The same. 1899. (American statesmen.) r92 G149SI 

Carefully prepared biography of the man who chiefly influenced United 
States financial policy during the first 30 years of national history. 

GALLENGA, Antonio, {pseud. Luigi Mariotti). 

Episodes of my second life. 2v. 1884 92 G152 

V.I. American experiences. 
V.2. English experiences. 

The author emigrated from Italy to America in 1836. From this impor- 
tant step, he dates the episodes of his life in a strange land. 

GALLITZIN, Demetrius Augustine, prince. 

Heyden, Thomas. Memoir on the life and character of 

Prince Demetrius A. de Gallitzin. 1869 92 Gi54h 

Gallitzin (i 770-1 841) was an early missionary of the Roman Catholic 
church in Pennsylvania, and founder of Loretto. 

GAMA, Vasco da. 

Towle, George Makepeace. Voyages and adventures of 
Vasco da Gama. 1878. (Young folks' heroes of his- 
tory.) J92 Gi6it 

GAMBETTA, Leon Michel. 

Marzials, Sir Frank Thomas. Life of Leon Gambetta. 

1890. (Statesmen series.) 92 Gi63m 

Short sketch of the French orator and statesman (1838-82). 

GARDINER, William. 

Music and friends. 3v. 1838-53 r92 G179 

English manufacturer and amateur of music (i 770-1853), who did much 
to introduce the works of Beethoven, Mozart and Haydn to the Eng- 
lish public, and had many friends among leading musicians. His recol- 
lections give a lively account of life in his native town of Leicester, 
his career and his friends. 

GARFIELD, James Abram. 

Blaine, James Gillespie. James A. Garfield; memorial ad- 
dress, Feb. 27, 1882. 1882 qr92 Gi84b 

Short sketch of the career of the twentieth president of the United 

GARIBALDI, Gen. Giuseppe. 

Autobiography; tr. by A. Werner. 3v. 1889 92 Gi8s 

The same; ed. by Alexandre Dumas, tr. by William Rob- 
son. 3v. 1889 r92 Gi8s 

"Throughout his eventful and romantic career, Garibaldi had years of 
comparative inaction, at least as respects public life. . .During those 
years he wrote the first part of his Memoirs, comprising his youth, his 
joining the Mazzinian uprising in Piedmont, his exile to South 
America, his ten years' guerilla warfare in that country, and the 
prominent part he took in the Italian revolution of 1848-49. This he 
did not publish at the time; but, after the eventful epochs of the 
Franco- Italian war against Austria, the Sicilian uprising against the 
Bourbons of Naples led by him and his one thousand red-shirted 
volunteers ... and, finally, the Franco- Prussian war. . .Garibaldi, on 
retiring to his island home at Caprera, corrected and modified the first 
portion, and wrote the remainder without books or documents, or any 
assistance save his own memory. . .Space will not allow us to comment 
on Mme. Mario's Supplement [v.3 of the 1889 edition], except to say 
that it. . .is. . .the most thorough and authoritative addition to 
Garibaldi's memoirs that has yet been published." Nation, 1889. 

Life written by himself, with sketches of his companions 

in arms; tr. by Theodore Dwight. 1859 92 G185I 

Includes his life to the end of the revolution of 1848-49. 

GARRICK, David. 

Davies, Thomas, 1712-85. Memoirs of the life of David 


Garrick, with anecdotes of his theatrical contemporaries, 

the whole forming a history of the stage. 2v. 1784.. rga Gi94d 

By a friend and contemporary of Garrick. Source of much of the infor- 
mation concerning him. 

Fitzgerald, Percy. Life of David Garrick. 2v. 1868.... 92 Gi94f 

Contains much interesting and valuable information, but is badly ar- 

GARRISON, William Lloyd. 

Garrison, Wendell Phillips, & Francis Jackson. William 

Lloyd Garrison. 4v. 1885-89 92 Gi95g 

Many portraits. 

"Although the treatise ... is primarily a biography, and a very full and 
minute one, and although it is written with the reverential admiration 
of children rather than from the point of view of a dispassionate and 
critical historian, it is also virtually a history of the anti-slavery strug- 
gle. Seldom has a cause and a contest been more closely associated 
with the life of one man than in the case of abolition and Garrison." 
James Bryce, in English historical review, 1886. 

Smith, Goldwin. The moral crusader, William Lloyd Gar- 
rison. 1892 92 G1958 

In the preface the author acknowledges his indebtedness for his facts 
to the life of Mr Garrison by his children. The opinions are formed 
from his own point of view, that of an Anglo-Canadian who sympa- 
thized with the American friends of the antislavery cause. 


Schelling, Felix Emmanuel. Life and writings of George 
Gascoigne, with three poems heretofore not reprinted. 
(In Pennsylvania university. Publications; series in 
philology and literature, v.2, no.4.) qr8o5 P39 v.2, pM 

Bibliography, p. 1 1 7-1 23. 

Whetstone, George. A remembraunce of the wel imploycd 
life & godly end of G. Gascoigne. 1888. (Aungcrvyle 
society. Reprints.) r92 G213W 

Commemorates in verse the death of the poet in 1577. This is a re- 
print of a unique copy in the Bodleian library. 

GASPARIN, Agenor fitienne, comte de. 

Borel, Thomas. Count Agenor de Gasparin. 1881 92 G2i7b 

An oarly advocate of the enfranchisement of the negroes, who from the 
beginning of the Civil war warmly supported our government, doing 
much to influence public opinion in Europe in our favor. 

GASS, Patrick. 

Jacob, J. G. Life and times of Patrick Gass, with his 
journal of the expedition under Lewis and Clarke, con- 
densed. 1859 r92 G218J 

Gass ( 1 771-1870) was a sergeant in the army, an efficient and intelligent 
man of little education, detailed to accompany the Lewis and Cark 
expedition 1804-6. This memoir is by a personal acquaintance. Con- 
tains also a sketch of the early history of western Pennsylvania. 

GATES, Adelia. 

Orpen, Mrs Adela Elizabeth R. Chronicles of the Sid; or, 

The life and travels of Adelia Gates. [1893.] 92 G2320 

"Sid," the author tells us, means lady or mistress, and was the title by 
which Miss Gates was known in the Sahara. Her travels extended 
over Italy, the Sahara, the Holy Land, the North cape and Iceland. 

GAVARD, Charles. 

A diplomat in London; letters and notes, 1871-1877. 1897. -92 G2482 

"Notwithstanding the slovenliness of the translation, this book it very 
entertaining, particularly for its comments on English life, manners 
and tastes . . . The diplomatic notes are of much interest, as M. Gavard, 
though only an attach^ of the French Embassy at London, was more 
than once, from the change of ministers, obliged to act as sole repre> ' 
sentative of France at the English Court." CfiHc, 1897. 


GAVESTON, Piers, earl of Cornwall. 

Dodge, Walter Phelps. Piers Gaveston; a chapter of con- 
stitutional history. 1899 92 G248d 

Piers Gaveston was the companion and favorite of Edward II of Eng- 
land. His influence over the king was of the worst and he was es- 
pecially disliked by the barons, whom he finally provoked to a rising, 
in the course of which he was captured and executed. 

"Presents no clear image of the man, any more that it presents a clear 
picture of the times ... Written in a jerky style, and though... it con- 
tains a good deal of hitherto inaccessible information. . .it is not inter- 
esting reading." Spectator, 1899. 

GEARY, John White. 

Pennsylvania — General assembly. Memorial addresses on 
the death of Gov. John W. Geary, delivered in the 
Senate and House of representatives, Feb. 1873. 1873 . . qr92 G261P 

Geary (1819-73) was distinguished in the Mexican and Civil wars, and 
was governor of Pennsylvania, 1867-73. 

GEBHARDT, Eduard von. See Artists, p.1263. 

GEL£E, Claude. See Artists, p. 1270. 

GENGHIS KHAN, emperor of Tartary. See JENGIS KHAN, 

emperor of Tartary. 
GEORGE III, king of England. 

Brown, John, of England. Memoirs of George III. 1820.. r92 G311 

Gossiping history of his private life. Illustrated. 

GEORGE IV, king of England. 

Fitzgerald, Percy. Life of George the Fourth, including 
his letters and opinions, with a view of the men, man- 
ners and politics of his reign. 1881 92 G3iif 

A personal history full of interesting details of the life and people of 
the period. 

Huish, Robert. Memoirs of George IV, descriptive of his 
private and public life and the important events of his 
reign, with sketches of his friends and ministers. 2v. 

1830 92 G3iih 

GEORGE, Henry. 

George, Henry, jr. Life of Henry George. 1900 92 G3i2g 

American writer on political economy and sociology, author of "Progress 
and poverty" and "Protection or free trade." He advocated the appro- 
priation of rent by the community, thus making land virtually common 
property. This "Life" is written by his son. 

GfiRARD, Francois, baron. See Artists, p. 1272. 
GERRY, Elbridge. 

Austin, James Trecothick. Life of Elbridge Gerry, with 

contemporary letters, v.2. 1829 r92 G324a 

V.2. From the close of the American revolution. 

"The book is not one of great inherent merits; but a sympathetic view of 
Gerry's life while he was governor of Massachusetts and Vice-President 
of the United States, as well as the acknowledged leader of the 
opposition to New England Federalism, is not without considerable 
importance.** C, K. Adams. 

GHIRLANDAJO, Domenico. See Artists, p.1278. . 
GIBBON, Edward. 

Autobiographies; ed. by John Murray. 1896 92 G36ia 

Contains the six sketches of his life left by Gibbon from which the re- 
ceived text of his "Autobiography" was compiled by his friend and 
literary executor. Lord Sheffield. 

Autobiography, with an essay by W. D. Howells. 1895. 

(Autobiographic series.) 92 G36iau 

'All critics agree that Gibbon's autobiography is a model in its way. 
Every autobiography is interesting. ..But Gibbon's has the very rare 



and peculiar charm of recording complete success... We may probably 
have known of men... who might be compared to Gibbon in naturtU 
endowments, and who have left nothing tlut fragments ... It is only 
when the right player comes, and the right cards are judiciously dealt 
to him by fortune that the great successes can be accomplished." 
Stephen's Studies of a biographer. 

Private letters, 1 753-1 794; ed. by R. E. Prothero. 2v. 1896..92 G361P 

This collection of correspondence practically covers the whole of Gib- 
bon's life, and most of the letters now appear for the first time. 

Morison, James Cotter. Gibbon. [1878.] (English men 

of letters.) 92 G36im 

Contains an excellent estimate of Gibbon's history. 

''An effective and well-balanced sketch of Gibbon's life and personal 
character." Saturday review, 1878. 

GIBBS, Mifflin Wistar. 

Shadow and light; an autobiography, with reminiscences of 
the last and present century, with an introduction by B. 

T. Washington. 1902 92 G365 

The author, a negro, has had a long and varied career as antislavery 
lecturer, merchant, railroad builder, attorney-at-law, municipal judge 
and United States consul to Madagascar. He was associated in labor 
for his race with Frederick Douglass. His book will be of value to 
those who are interested in the history of the negro in America. 

GIBSON, John Bannister. 

Roberts, Thomas Paschall. Memoirs of John Bannister 

Gibson. 1890 92 G37ir 

The same. 1890 r92 G37ir 

GIBSON, Randall Lee. 

United States — Congress. Memorial addresses on the life 

and character of Randall Lee Gibson delivered in the 

Senate and House of representatives, Mar. i, 1893 ^^^ 

Apr. 21, 1894. 1894. (53d cong. 2d sess. Senate. 

Misc. doc. no.178.) qr92 S785U 

Bound with "Memorial addresses on the life and character of Leland 

GIBSON, William Hamilton. 

Adams, John Coleman. William Hamilton Gibson, artist, 

naturalist, author. 1901 92 G37l^ 

Bibliography of the writings of Gibson, P.273-27S' 

GILBERT, Alfred. See Artists, p. 1208. 
GILBERT, Mrs Anne (Hartley). 

Stage reminiscences; ed. by C. M. Martin. 1901 92 G383 

Appeared in "Scribner's magazine,'* v.29, Feb.-Apr. 1901. 

Mrs Gilbert's career on the American stage has been unusually long and 

full of interest For 30 years she was identified with Augtistin Daly's 


GILLESPIE, Mrs Elizabeth (Duane). 

Book of remembrance. 190T 92 G412 

Mrs Gillespie, a Philadelphian and a great-granddaughter of Benjamin 
Franklin, has traveled much at home and abroad and has met many 
interesting people. Her reminiscences, covering a period of 70 years, 
abound in anecdote and humor. 

GILMOUR, James. 

Lovett, Richard, ed. James Gilmour of Mongolia; his 

diaries, letters and reports. [1892.] 92 G425 

Scottish missionary to China (1843-91). 

GIORGIONE, Giorgio Barbarelli, called. See Artists, p.1278. 

GIOTTO, Angiolotto Bondone. See Artists, p.1279. 
GIRARD, Stephen. 

Beck, James M. Stephen Girard; an oration delivered May 


20, 1897. 1897 r92 G445 

Short appreciative sketch of the career and the character of the founder 
of Girard college, Philadelphia. 

Rupp, George Peabody, ed. Statue of Stephen Girard; 
records of its erection and unveiling, Philadelphia, May 
20, 1897, with commemorative poem by H. H. Hay and 

historical essay by G. P. Rupp. 1897 92 G445r 

GIRTIN, Thomas. See Artists, p.1256. 

GLADSTONE, William Ewart. 

Bryce, James. William Ewart Gladstone; his characteris- 
tics as man and statesman. 1898 92 G458b 

Critical essay by a personal friend and political ally. Appeared in the 
"Nation," May 26, 1896 and is also included in Bryce's "Studies in 
contemporary biography" (920 B84). 

Hamilton, Sir Edward Walter. Mr Gladstone. 1898.... 92 G458h 

Valuable brief personal sketch. Author was for several years Gladstone's 
private secretary. 

McCarthy, Justin. Story of Gladstone's life. 1897 92 G458m 

The same. Ed. 2 enl. 1898 92 G458m2 

The same. Ed. 2 enl. 1898 r92 G458m2 

"For the most part, a high eulogy... The value of the work is to be 
found in Mr. McCarthy's personal recollections and impressions. He 
has lived an active life, he is familiar with public affairs and public 
men, he has been an actor in the events of his time as well as a 
recorder of them... His 'Story' has the saving merit of liveliness." 
Spectator, 1898. 

Reid, Sir Thomas Wemyss, ed. Life of William Ewart 

Gladstone. 2v. [1899.] 92 G4S8re 

Popular compilation, different aspects of Mr Gladstone's life and char- 
acter being dealt with by different writers. Illustrated with portraits, 
views, political cartoons, etc. 

Russell, George William Erskine. Mr Gladstone's religious 

development. 1899 92 G458ru 

Short essay. 

Russell, George William Erskine. Right Honourable Wil- 
liam Ewart Gladstone. 1891. (Prime ministers of 
Queen Victoria.) 92 G458r 

Brief sketch giving the successive events with little comment and dealing 
chiefly with the earlier portions of his life. Comes down to 189 1. 

Smith, George Barnett. Life of William Ewart Gladstone . . 92 G458S 

Originally published in 1879, chapters were added to successive editions 

bringing it finally to Mr Gladstone's death. 
"Seems to have many of the qualities which in this country mark a book 

out as a campaign biography." Nation, 1880. 

Tollemache, Lionel Arthur. Talks with Mr Gladstone. 

1898 92 G458t 

These "talks" are upon books, men, women and political questions. 
They took place in the years 1856-70 and in 1891-96. 

Williamson, David, and others. William Ewart Gladstone, 

statesman and scholar. 1898 92 G458W 

Written by G. R. Emerson, Ronald Smith and David Williamson. 
Popular biography. Illustrated. 

GLANVILL, Joseph. 

Greenslet, Ferris. Joseph Glanvill; a study in English 
thought and letters of the 17th century. 1900. (Colum- 
bia university. Studies in English, v.i.) 92 G46ig 

Contents: Sketch of English thought, 15 79-1 660. — The Cambridge 
Platonists. — Glanvill's life and the order of his writings. — The philos- 
ophy of Glanvill. — Latitudinarian theology. — Ghost stories and witch- 
craft. — Glanvill as a man of letters. — Chronological list of Glanvill's 


publications. — Principal critical notices of Glanvill. — Writings of the 
Cambridge Platonists. 

English divine, philosopher and voluminous writer, whose most important 
work is the "Vanity of dogmatizing" in which he attacks the Aris- 
totelian philosophy. 

"Joseph Glanvill was that fashionable divine and Fellow of the Royal 
Society at whose house in Bath our friend Samuel Pepys, four years 
his senior, used to sit up into the small hours with fair Mistress 
Pennington ... Dr. Greenslet has made a diligent study of his subject, 
and has put into a compact and entertaining form all that ordinary 
readers, including students of philosophy and of literature, will gen- 
erally be particular to know about Glanvill." Nation, 1900. 


Bradley, Arthur Granville. Owen Glyndwr and the last 
struggle for Welsh independence, with a brief sketch 
of Welsh history. 1901. (Heroes of the nations.) 92 G486b 

Owen Glendower (1359?-! 41 5?), lord of Glyndwr and a great national 
hero of Wales, was the last native who assumed the title of prince of 
Wales and the leader of the only formidable attempt made by the 
Welsh to regain their freedom after their subjugation by Edward I. 

GLUCK, Christoph Willibald von. 

Newman, Ernest. Gluck and the opera; a study in musi- 
cal history. 1895 92 G522n 

Schmid, Anton. Christoph Willibald von Gluck; dessen 

leben und wirken. 1854 ^92 G522S 

Bibliography, p.49 1-508. 

Detailed biographical aesthetic study. Gives a fairly complete list of 
Gluck's compositions. 


GODWIN, Mrs Mary (Wollstonecraft). See WOLLSTONE- 
CRAFT, Mary. 

GOETHE, Johann Wolfgang von. 

Autobiography and annals; tr. by John Oxenford. 2v. 

1884-91 92 G559 

The autobiography, begun in 1810, tells the story of the poet's life down 
to the time of his settlement in Weimar in 1775. The annals continue 
it to 1 81 9. 

"Has great charm, but the charm is scarcely, if at all, the kind which be- 
longs to Autobiography. Its calm artistic delineation of men, scenes 
and influences. . .however we may prize them, only approximate to 
Autobiography; left as they are without the precise detail, and above 
all without the direct eloquent egotism which constitutes the value and 
charm of such works." Lezves's Life of Goethe. 

Boyhood and youth of Goethe; being books I to XI of the 
Autobiography; tr. fr. the German by John Oxenford. 
2v 92 G5590 

Letters to Zelter, with extracts from those of Zelter to 

Goethe ; tr. by A. D. Coleridge. 1887 r92 G559g 

Zelter was a Berlin musician, the teacher of Mendelssohn, "the restorer 
of Bach to the Germans." He set many of Goethe's songfs to music, 
was one of his most devoted admirers and from these letters, which 
cover the widest range of topics, it is evident that Goethe had a real 
affection for him. 

Arnim, Frau Elisabeth, called Bettina, (Brentano) von. 

Goethes briefwechsel mit einem kinde 92 G559b 

"Einleitung," von Franz Briimmer, p.5-15. 

Eckermann, Johann Peter. Conversations of Goethe with 

Eckermann and Soret. 1883 92 G559e 

Eckermann was Goethe's private secretary from about 1823. The "Con- 
versations" include the period 1822-32. 

"Present a most striking picture of Goethe in old age, and it is impos- 
sible to read them without feeling that they bring us into contact with 


an intellect and character of superb quality. Almost every subject 
interests Goethe as he is here revealed." Sime's Life of Goethe. 

Grimm, Herman. Life and times of Goethe; tr. by S. H. 

Adams. 1880 92 G559g 

"Gives a more natural and human delineation of Goethe than any other 
biography. Nothwithstanding prolixity and eulogy the best single 
work on Goethe up to this time for old and young." Nation, 1881. 

Lewes, George Henry. Life and works of Goethe, with 

sketches of his age and contemporaries. 2v. 1856.... 92 G559le 

"Has become the standard work on the subject... It shows his char- 
acteristic merits of clear good sense, independent criticism, and un- 
flagging vivacity. Goethe's idolaters were of course dissatisfied, and 
Lewes's general prepossession against German style and dislike of the 
mystic and allegorical may disqualify him for adequate appreciation of 
some aspects of Goethe's genius. The book, however, has merits which 
have seldom been equalled in similar work, and it retains its position 
in our literature." Dictionary of national biography. 

Lewes, George Henry. Story of Goethe's life. 1894 92 G559I 

Abridged from his "Life and works of Goethe." 

Sime, James. Life of Johann Wolfgang Goethe. 1888. 

(Great writers.) 92 G559S 

Bibliography, apx. p. 1-44. 

Convenient popular biography, too brief for any adequate estimate of 
Goethe's work. 

GOLDONI, Carlo. 

Memoirs; tr. fr. the French by John Black, with an essay 

by W. D. Howells. 1877. (Autobiographic series.) 92 G585 

Goldoni (1707-93), famous Italian comedy-writer and the founder of 
modern Italian comedy. The "Memoirs" are interesting and valuable 
as revealing the life of the author, and presenting a faithful picture 
of Italian, particularly Venetian, life of the i8th century. 


Black, William, 1841-99. Goldsmith. [1879.] (English 

men of letters.) 92 G588b 

Inferior to the more copious lives by Forster and Washington Irving; 
but judiciously presenting, in brief compass, the familiar facts and 
incidents of his life, as well as the genial characteristics of the poet. 

Dobson, Austin. Life of Oliver Goldsmith. 1888. (Great , 

writers.) 92 G588d 

Bibliography, apx. p. 1-24. 

"In many respects a model of short biography. . .Mr. Dobson's narrative 

is clear and well-arranged, and his remarks on Goldsmith's literary 

work are full of common sense." Athenceunit 1888. 

Irving, Washington. Oliver Goldsmith. 1864 92 G588i 

The same. 2v. 1868 r92 GsSSi 

"One of the best biographies in the whole range of English literature, 
just, full, brilliant. . .No one whose. idea of Goldsmith has been formed 
by Boswell can afford to neglect Irving's presentation of the Irish 
poet and novelist." Richardson's American literature. 

GOLITSUIN, Dmitry Augustin, prince. See GALLITZIN, 

Demetrius Augustine, prince. 
GONCOURT, Edmond Louis Antoine Huot de, & Jules 

Alfred Huot de. 
Journal; memoires de la vie litteraire. 9v. in 5. 1891-96.. 92 G612 

Extends from 1851 to 1895. 

"The history of their numerous books, their articles, their studies — the 
register, moreover, of their adventures and triumphs as collectors... 
of their talks, their visits, their dinners, their physical and intellectual 
states, their projects and visions, their ambitions and collapses, and, 
above all, of their likes and dislikes." Henry James's Essays in 
Belloc, Marie Adelaide, aftenvard Mrs Lowndes, & Shed- 


lock, M. L. ed, Edmond and Jules de Goncourt, with 

letters and leaves from their journals. 2v. 1895 92 G6i2b 

GONNEVILLE, Aymar Olivier le Harivel de. 

Souvenirs militaires; publics par la comtesse de Mirabeau. 

187s r92 G617 

Officer in the French army 1804-33. 

■GOOD, Adolphus Clemens. 

Parsons, Ellen C. A life for Africa; Rev. Adolphus 

Clemens Good. 1898 .' 92 (j623p 

Appendixes : Scientific labors of A. C. Good, by W. J. Holland. — Super- 
stitions of equatorial Africa, by A. C. Good. 
Good (1856-94) was an American missionary in equatorial west Africa. 

GOODELL, William. 

Prime, Edward Dorr Griffin. Forty years in the Turkish 

empire; or, Memoirs of William Goodell. 1883 1*92 G624P 

Author was a missionaiy for some years in Turkey, Syria, etc. Full of 
incident and very readable. The earl of Shaftesbury said of this 
missionary and his fellows, "They are a marvellous combination of 
common sense and piety." 

GOODYEAR, Charles. 

Peirce, Bradford Kinney. Trials of an inventor; life and 

discoveries of Charles Goodyear. 1866 92 G636P 

Goodyear (1800-60) was the first inventor of a process for vulcanizing 

GORCHAKOV, Alexsandr Mikhailovich, prince. 

Klaczko, Julian. Two chancellors: Gortchakof and Bis- 
marck. 1876 92 G689k 

Reviews the diplomatic history of Europe, 1855-71, and sketches the 
careers of Gortchakof and Bismarck then (1873) chancellors respec* 
tively of Russia and the German empire and the most friendly allies. 

GORDON, Adoniram Judson. 

Gordon, Ernest Barron. Adoniram Judson Gordon, with 

letters and extracts from his sermons. 1896 92 G6562g 

Baptist clergyman, pastor of the Clarendon street church in Boston, 
■ 1869-95. 

GORDON, Gen. Charles George. 

Gordon in central Africa, 1874-1879; from original letters 

and documents; ed. by G. B. Hill. 1899 92 G6s6hi 

In China, at the head of the "eyer-victorious army,*' Gordon suppressed 
the Tai-ping rebellion; in central Africa, in the service of the Egfyp- 
tian khedive, he gave himself to the extermination of the slave-trade 
in the Sudan. These letters and diaries cover the period of his career 
in Egypt. The "Story of Chinese Gordon" by A. E. Hake (92 G656h) 
covers the whole period of Gordon's life. 

Journals at Kartoum, introduction and notes by A. E. 

Hake. 1895 92 G656 

Tells the story of the siege from Sept. lo-Dec. 14, 1884. 

Allen, Charles H. Life of "Chinese" Gordon. 1884 r92 G656a 

Author was secretary of the British and foreign antislavery society, and 
a personal friend of Gordon. This short sketch was published while 
Gordon was on his way to Khartum. 

Butler, Sir William Francis. Charles George Gordon. 

1891. (English men of action.) 92 G656b 

Author was a friend of Gordon and a member of the Khartum relief ex- 

"Brief memorial of a career that embraced many momentous spheres of 
action, that included some of the principal military and colonial crises 
of the past fifty years, and that ended in a halo of transcendent self- 
immolation." Athenetum, 1889. 


Forbes, Archibald. Chinese Gordon; a succinct record of 

his life. 1884 92 G6s6i 

Comes down only to Gordon's arrival in Khartum, Feb. 1884. 

Hake, Alfred Egmont. Story of Chinese Gordon. 2v. 

1884-85 92 G6s6h 

V.I contains the story of Gordon's life to 1884. v. 2 describes the events 
of the last year of his life. Portraits and maps. 

GOTHE, Johann Wolfgang von. See GOETHE, Johann 

Wolfgang von. 
GOTTSCHALK, Louis Moreau. 

Notes of a pianist during his tours in the United States, 

Canada and South America. 1881 r92 G725 

Describe many entertaining experiences of his travels from 1853 to his 
death in Rio Janeiro in 1869. but say little about music. 

Hensel, Octavia, (pseud, of Mrs Mary Alice (Ives) Sey- 
mour Fonda). Life and letters of Louis Moreau Gott- 
schalk. 1870 r92 G725h 

Author was a pupil of Gottschalk and writes an extremely personal sketch. 

GOUGH, John Bartholomew. 

Autobiography. 1870 92 G734 

Popular American temperance lecturer (1817-83). 

Martyn, William Carlos. John B. Gough, the apostle of 

cold water. 1893 92 G734m 

GOUNOD, Charles Frangois. 

Memoirs of an artist; rendered into English by A. F. 

Crocker. 1895 92 G746 

Account of his life to the production of "Faust" in 1859. 

Bovet, Marie Anne de. Charles Gounod; his life and his 

works. 1891 92 G746b 

"Neither a biography nor a criticism. . .What I have endeavored to pro- 
duce, is a portrait of the artist and the man within the limits wherein 
one is inseparable from the other." Preface. 

GOYA y LUCIENTES, Francisco. See Artists, p.1285. 

GOZZI, Carlo, conte. 

Memoirs; tr. by J. A. Symonds, with essays on Italian im- 
promptu comedy, Gozzi's life, the dramatic fables and 
Pietro Longhi, by the translator. 2v. 1890 92 G761 

"Books used and referred to in this work," v.i, p. 13-14. 

This 1 8th century Venetian dramatist and opponent of Goldoni possessed 
unusual powers of observation and description and a keen sense of 
humor and had a very varied experience of life. His "Memoirs" 
deal with family affairs, discuss fashion, philosophy, treat in great 
detail of actors and acting, give lively portraits of all classes, in short 
enable us to study thoroughly Venetian society at the end of the i8th 

GRADY, Henry Woodfin. 

Harris, Joel Chandler, ed. Life of Henry W. Grady, in- 
cluding his writings and speeches. 1890 92 G764h 

Mr Grady was well known by his newspaper work, especially on the 
Atlanta (Georgia) Constitution, but even better known by his speeches, 
two famous ones being "The new South," delivered in New York, and 
"The race problem," which was delivered in Boston just before his 
death. A man of fine character, an eloquent orator and a writer of 
much ability, he was a great power in the South. 

GRAHAM, James, marquis of Montrose. See MONTROSE, 

James Graham, marquis of. 
GRAHAM, Peter. See Artists, p.1256. 
GRAMMONT, Philibert, comte de. 

Hamilton, Anthony, count. Memoirs of the count de 



Grammont, containing the history of the English court 

under Charles II; tr. by Horace Walpole. [1890.].... 92 G775h 

Biographical sketch of Hamilton, p.i-15. 

"Mainly occupied with the 'amorous intrigues' at the court of Charles II 
during 1662-64; it is written with such brilliancy and vivacity that it 
must always rank as a classic." Dictionary of national biography. 

GRANBY, John Manners, marquis of. 

Manners, Walter Evelyn. Some account of the military, 

political and social life of John Manners, marquis of 

Granby. 1899 • . . 92 G777m 

"Authorities," p.5-7. 

English general, distinguished during the Seven years' war, was ap- 
pointed master-general of the ordnance in 1763 and commander-in-chief 
of the British army in 1766. 

GRANT, 'Gen. Ulysses Simpson. 

Letters to a friend [E. B. Washburne], 1861-1880, with 

introduction and notes by J. G. Wilson. 1897 92 G789I 

This series of letters begins during the first year of the war and con- 
tinues almost uninterruptedly till Gen. Grant's return from his tour 
round the world. Many are dated from famous battlefields, and others 
contain his opinions upon men and affairs in America and the foreign 
countries he visited. 

Personal memoirs. 2v. 1885-86 92 G789 

The same. 2v. 1895 92 G789P 

"Books, reviews and pamphlets cited in the marginal annotations," v.i, 
p. 18-19. 

"Cover the course of the author's life down to the close of the Civil 
War... The native simplicity and lack of affectation so characteristic 
of the author are noticeable features of the work." Larned's Litera- 
ture of American history. 

Allen, Walter. Ulysses S. Grant. 1901 92 G789a 

Short biography for young people. 

"Unusually accurate and significant portrait." Dial, 1901. 

Badeau, Adam. Military history of Ulysses S. Grant. 3v. 

1885 92 G789b 

Extends from 1861 to 1865. 

"The author had a story of the utmost dignity to tell, he possessed 
exceptional opportunities of knowing it thoroughly, and he has told it 
well; and this is true in spite of the fact that... [it is] almost an 
apotheosis of Grant, who is credited with every military virtue and 
with a large share of the other virtues." Nation, 1868. 

Brooks, Elbridge Streeter. True story of U. S. Grant. 

1897. (Children's lives of great men.) J92 G789br 

Church, William Conant. Ulysses S. Grant and the period 

of national preservation and reconstruction. 1897. 

(Heroes of the nations.) 92 G789C 

"Such a life as Grant's cannot fail to be interesting, and, although Mr. 
Church fails as a military critic, his picture of the man of stubborn 
will, natural modesty, and clear judgment, but without a spark of 
genius, is distinctly attractive." London Times. 

Coppee, Henry. Grant and his campaigns. 1866 92 G789CO 

The events of the Civil war form the background for an outline of 
Grant's career. His plans, their execution and results are presented. 
Details of tactics are given only when necessary for the comprehension 
of the general's purposes and achievements. Personal and political 
history are subordinate to the military side of his life. 

Cramer, Michael John. Ulysses S. Grant; conversations 

and unpublished letters. 1897 92 G789cr 

Written by a brother-in-law of Gen. Grant. 
Fairmount park art association, Philadelphia. Ceremo- 
nies incident to the unveiling of the statue of Gen. 
Grant erected in Fairmount park by the Fairmount 


GRANT, Gen. Ulysses Simpson — continued. 

park art association, Apr. 27, 1899. 1899 qr92 G789f 

Garland, Hamlin. Ulysses S. Grant: his life and character. 

1898 92 G789g 

Gives many anecdotes and much detailed information about periods of 
his life usually treated at less length, such as his boyhood, life at 
West Point, army life in California, and the period after leaving the 

Headley, Joel Tyler. Life of Grant. 1868 r92 G789h 

Popular uncritical biography written for the presidential campaign of 

Knox, Thomas Wallace. Boys' life of General Grant. 

1895 J92 G789k 

Odell, Samuel W. Lives and campaigns of Grant and Lee; 
a comparison and contrast, with introductory reminis- 
cences by O. O. Howard and J. P. Newman. 1895 92 G7890 

Stoddard, William Osborn. Ulysses S. Grant. 1886. 

(Lives of the presidents.) J92 G789S 

Wilson, James Grant. General Grant. 1897. (Great com- 
manders.) 92 G789W 

Deals chiefly with his military career. Letters to £. B. Washburne, 
first published here, are of special interest. 

Wister, Owen. Ulysses S. Grant. 1900. (Beacon biogra- 
phies of eminent Americans.) 92 G789wi 

Bibliography, p. 1 41-145. 

"From first to last this book is incisive and fixes attention, dealing 
in high praise and the most unsparing criticism. Throughout it is 
strong in its contrasts, shows Grant's failure before the war and in 
the Presidency as well as his military success." Larned's Literature of 
American history. 

GRANTHAM, Sir Thomas. 

Historical account of some memorable actions, particularly 

in Virginia. 1882 r92 G7893 

A reprint of the edition of 1716. 

British naval commander who took part in several expeditions to the 

East Indies and to \'irginia, where he was present during Bacon's 

rebellion in 1676. 

GRANVILLE, Mary. See DELANY, Mrs Mary (Granville). 

GRAY, Asa. 

Letters. 2v. 1893 92 G816 

"The letters give special prominence to the. . .botanical researches and 
discoveries on which his fame securely rests, but... we shall be mis- 
taken if the charming journals of travel, only lightly freighted with 
botanical lore, but rich in friendly gossip, botanical and other, do not 
prove welcome to many a reader who does not know one plant from 
another." Xation, 1893. 

GRAY, Thomas, 1716-71. 

Letters, including the correspondence of Gray and Mason; 

ed. by D. C. Tovcy. 2v. 1900-04 92 G819I 

Edited in a most scholarly fashion and, for the first time, presented 
exactly as the i>oet wrote them. 

"His letters are all but the best in the best age of letter-writing. They 
arc fascinating not only for the tender and affectionate nature shown 
through a mask of reserve, but for gleams of the genuine humour 
which Walpole pronounced to be his most natural vein." Dictionary 
of national biography. 

Letters; selected with a biographical notice by H. M. Ride- 
out. 1899 92 G819 

Includes only 55 letters, a small part of his published corres|>ondence. 

Gosse, Edmund William. Gray. [1882.] (English men of 


letters.) 92 GSiQg 

"Authorities consulted," p.5-6. 
Excellent short study. 

GRAYDON, Alexander. 

Memoirs of a life passed in Pennsylvania. 181 1 r92 G821 

"Revolutionary period in Philadelphia and in New York, where the 
author was a prisoner. Extremely interesting, gossipy memoir . . . 
One of the earliest, best known and most used sources for the period 
and places." Larned's Literature of , American history. 

GREELEY, Horace. 

Recollections of a busy life. 1868 92 G826 

"The personal narrative is well told and full of human interest. . .and 
this is no bad example of the egotistical, self-complacent, gossipping, 
rambling, miscellaneous medley of failures and successes, of joys and 
sorrows, of opinions, good and bad, and their issues, which we all of 
us like to read ... because *we have all one human heart.*" Nation, 

Parton, James. Life of Horace Greeley. 1872 92 G826p 

First published in 1855. Supplementary chapters bring it down to 
Greeley's nomination for the presidency in 1872. 

GREEN, John Richard. 

Letters; ed. by Leslie Stephen. 1901 92 G829 

"Works of J. R. Green," P.497-S03. 

So far as possible the editor has limited his own work to narratives ex- 
plaining Green's position during various periods of his life. These 
are derived from a fragmentary diary, from autobiographical reminis- 
cences taken down by Mrs Green, and from information collected from 
friends. Most of the early letters are addressed to Prof. Boyd 
Dawkins and the majority of the later to E. A. Freeman. 

GREENE, Gen. Nathanael. 

Greene, Francis Vinton. General Greene. 1893. (Great 

commanders.) 92 G837gr 

Candid and intelligent study of the military operations of the Revolution 
and Greene's public relations. Valuable to students and interesting to 
the general reader. 

Greene, George Washington. Life of Nathanael Greene. 

3v. 1878-90 92 G837g 

"As the most important biography of the ablest subordinate to Wash- 
ington in the Revolutionary War, these volumes are not without con- 
siderable historical value. They throw much light on, the military 
history of the war, especially that portion of it which was under 
General Greene's immediate direction. The biographer differs in 
some important particulars from Bancroft; and, therefore, the two 
works may well be used in common." C. K. Adams. 

GREENHALGE,. Frederic Thomas. 

Nesmith, James Ernest. Life and work of Frederic 

Thomas Greenhalge. 1897 92 G843n 

Greenhalge (1843-96) was a member of Congress from Massachusetts, 
1889-91, and governor of Massachusetts, 1894-96. 

"The portrait ... is really valuable because it points a moral. Here, on 
the whole, was the sort of man whom any government should try to 
ensnare into its service — able, honorable, disinterested, possessed of 
fibre and sentiment which is apt to go with a sensitive conscience." 
Nation, 1897. 

GREY de WILTON, William Grey, baron. 

Grey de Wilton, Arthur Grey, baron. Commentary of the 
services and charges, of William, lord Grey of Wilton, 
with a memoir of the author and illustrative documents; 
ed. by Sir P. de M. G. Egerton. 1847. (Camden so- 
ciety. Publications, v.40.) 92 G887 

An account of the military achievements of this distinguished general in 
the reigns of Henry VIII, Edward VI and Mary. The larger portion 
of the narrative is devoted to the details of the siege of Guisnes, in 
1558, of which Grey was at that time the governor. 



Journal of [his] life, travels and labours in the work of 

the ministry. 1780 r92 GS95 

Griffith (1713-76) was a minister of the Society of Friends who came 
to Pennsylvania from England in 1726. He spent 1736-47 in visiting 
Friends' meetings in this country. After his return to England in 1747 
he went about preaching in England and Ireland. His journal records 
only the religious conditions of the time. 

GRIMSTON, Mrs Margaret Brunton (Robertson). See 

GRISWOLD, Rufus Wilmot. 

Passages from the correspondence and other papers of 

Griswold. 1898 92 G931 

Griswold (1815-57) was a journalist and compiler, best known by his 
works on American literature. 

"Contains a more vivid and more intimate view of the atmosphere and 
state of literature in the early manhood of our important writers, as 
they proved to be, than is elsewhere to be obtained." Nation, 1898. 

GRONOW, Rees Howell. 

Reminiscences and recollections; anecdotes of the camp, 

court, clubs and society, 1810-1860. 2v. 1900 92 G933 

English officer and society "beau" of the first half of the 19th century. 

"When he relates his personal experiences, as in his account of the state 
of Paris in 1815, the condition of society in London in his own time, 
and the doings of the court of Napoleon III, his testimony is to be 
relied on, but his second-hand stories and anecdotes of persons whom 
he did not know are of little value." Dictionary of national biography. 

GROS, Antoine Jean, baron. 

Delestre, Jean Baptiste. Gros; sa vie et ses ouvrages. 

1867 q92 G937d 

French historical painter (i 771-1835), pupil of David. The biography 
is illustrated with many reproductions of unpublished drawings and 
other compositions. 

GROTE, George. 

Grote, Mrs Harriet (Lewin). Personal life of George 
Grote; comp. fr. family documents, private memoranda 
and original letters to and from various friends. 1873.. 92 G942g 

Biography by his wife begun in his lifetime. 

"More lively and piquant as a composition than always quite accurate 
in its statement of fact." Dictionary of national biography. 

GROW, Galusha Aaron. 

Biographical sketch, with speeches and extracts from his 

speeches r92 G945 

Member of Congress from Pennsylvania, 1851-63 and 1 895-1 903, and 
speaker of the national House of representatives, 1861-63. This brief 
sketch gives his career only to 1881. 

Presentation of portrait of G. A. Grow to the Legal asso- 
ciation of Susquehanna co.. Pa. [Anonymous.] 1892.. r92 G945i 
GRUTZNER, Eduard. See Artists, p.1263. 

GUfiRIN, Eugenie de. 

Journal; ed. by G. S. Trebutien. 2v. 1893 92 G958J 

The history of Eugenie de Guerin and her brother Maurice is left in the 
form of journals and letters, the most intimate records of their char- 
acters and spirits. Eugenie's journal was written for her brother 
only; during her lifetime no one else ever saw it. 

Matthew Arnold says, "Her soul had the same characteristic quality as 

•...[her brother's], talent, — distinction. To the circle of spirits marked 

by this rare quality, Maurice and Eugenie de Guerin belong; they will 

take their place in the sky which these inhabit, and shine close to 

one another." 

Journal et fragments; publics par G. S. Trebutien. 1898.. 92 G9S8J0 


Letters; ed. by G. S. Trebutien. 1866 '. .92 G958 

Lettres; publiees par G. S. Trebutien. 1899 92 G958I 

GUfiRlN, Georges Maurice de. 

Journal; ed. by G. S. Trebutien. 1891 92 G957 

Memoir, by Sainte-Beuve, p. 1-53. M 

Guerin (1810-39), a French poet with a rare appreciation of nature. 
Journal, lettres et poemes; publics par G. S. Trebutien et 
precedes d'une etude biographique et litteraire par 

Sainte-Beuve. 1898 92 G957J 

GUESCLIN, Bertrand du. See DU GUESCLIN, Bertrand. 

Angeloni, Luigi. Sopra la vita, le opere ed il sapere di 

Guido d' Arezzo. 181 1 r92 G965a 

Comprehensive but uncritical. 

Kiesewetter, Raphael Georg, edler von Weisenbrunn. 

Guido von Arezzo; sein leben und wirken. 1840 qr92 G965 

One of the chief authorities on the life of the Italian monk of the 
nth century, who is often called the father of modern music. 

GUISE, Henri I de Lorraine, due de. 

Macdowall, H. C. Henry of Guise, and other portraits. 

1898 92 G967m 

Contents: Henry of Guise. — Agrippa d'Aubigne. — Catherine of Navarre. 

"He writes from considerable knowledge of the original authorities, 
and he undoubtedly succeeds in expressively delineating some sides of 
sixteenth-century life in France. . .Here [in the essay on Agrippa 
d'Aubigne] Mr. Macdowall has drawn the portrait remarkably well, and 
he shows a fine taste in letters, as well as an accurate judgment of 
Henri Quatre, Huguenotism, and his own hero. The third essay is 
a quiet and pathetic, even charming, sketch of Catherine of Navarre, 
Henri's unhappy sister." Literature, 1898. 

GUSTAVUS II, ADOLPHUS, king of Sweden. 

Chapman, Benjamin. History of Gustavus Adolphus and 

of the Thirty years' war. 1856 r92 G983C 

"The author appears to have taken great pains in searching out the 
documents of the period... The book is an agreeable one to read; but 
it seems to us deficient in breadth of view." Saturday review, 1856. 

Dodge, Theodore Ayrault. Gustavus Adolphus; a history 
of the art of war from its revival after the middle ages 
to the end of the Spanish succession war. 1895. (Great 
captains.) 92 G983d 

Fletcher, Charles Robert Leslie. Gustavus Adolphus and 
the struggle of Protestantism for existence. 1892. 
(Heroes of the nations.) 92 G983f 

"Shows the part Sweden played in the Reformation and the 30 years 
war." A. L. A. catalog, 1904. 

Stevens, John Leavitt. History of Gustavus Adolphus. 

1885 92 G983S 

"An attractive volume which will amply repay a careful perusal. Though 
he is not free from the biographer's fault of making too much of his 
chosen hero, he has thrown fresh light on Gustavus' exploits." 
Academy, 1885. 

GUTHRIE, Thomas. 

Smeaton, Oliphant. Thomas Guthrie. 1900. (Famous 

Scots series.) 92 G986S 

Eloquent Scottish preacher, who, as an associate of Dr Chalmers, took 
a prominent part in the institution of the Free church in 1843, and was 
the chief founder of the original Ragged or Industrial school of 

GWYN, Nell. 

Cunningham, Peter. Story of Nell Gwyn and the sayings 


of Charles II; ed. by H. B. Wheatley. 1896 92 G997C 

Life of the author, by H. B. Wheatley, p.ii-19. 
Interesting, but not always trustworthy. 

HAENDEL, Georg Friedrich. See HANDEL, Georg Fried- 
rich. ^ 
HAHNEMANN, Christian Samuel Friedrich. 

Bradford, Thomas Lindsley. Life and letters of Dr Samuel 

Hahnemann. 1895 92 H 147b 

Bibliography of Hahnemann's translations, p.507-513. 

Includes an account of the origin and development of homeopathy. 

HALE, Edward Everett. 

A New England boyhood. 1893 92 H159 

The samCf and other bits of autobiography. [1900.] 92 Hi59n 

Recollections of Dr Hale's own boyhood and youth in Boston, 1822-39. 
The later edition supplements the record with papers entitled "Sixty 
years of my life," bringing the biography to 1899. 

HALE, Nathan, 1755-76. 

Johnston, Henry Phelps. Nathan Hale, 1776; biography 

and memorials. 190T q92 H161J 

"Professor Johnston has made the most of his material, and has care- 
fully garnered every reference to Hale or the regiment in which he 
served. . .The entries from the British orderly-books and from the logs 
of the British vessels near New York enable Mr. Johnston to correct 
the current story of Hale's capture, and this may be considered the 
most important contribution made to history by the present volume. 
Hale's diary while in service is given in full." Nation, 1902. 

Lossing, Benson John. Two spies: Nathan Hale and John 

Andre. 1892 92 H161I 

The same. 1903 J92 H161I 

"Two Revolutionary sketches, turning about the dates 1776 and 1780. 
The one is based on Stuart's Hale and the other on Sargeant's Andr6. 
The author makes a strong presentation of Andr6's courage . . . The 
merit of the book lies in the illustrations drawn from nature by the 
author." Lamed' s Literature of American history. 

Stuart, Isaac William. Life of Captain Nathan Hale, the 

martyr-spy of the American revolution. 1856 92 H161S 

Short popular sketch of little value. 

HALL, John. 

Hall, Thomas Cuming. John Hall, pastor and preacher; 

a biography by his son. 1901 92 Hi742h 

Dr Hall (1829-98) was a Scotch-Irishman, for 30 years pastor of the 
Fifth avenue Presbyterian church in New York city, and a preacher of 
wide reputation. 

HALL, Newman. 

Autobiography. [1898.] 92 H174 

Informal and genial record by the English nonconformist minister 
(181 6-1 902), dealing not only with his religious work but with all the 
experiences of his life. Ends with 1898. 

HALLAM, Arthur Henry. 

Gladstone, William Ewart. Arthur Henry Hallam 92 Hi77g 

Appeared in the "Youth's companion," w.jz^ Jan. j6, 1898. 
Brief personal reminiscences. 

HALLECK, Fitz-Greene. 

Wilson, James Grant. Life and letters of Fritz-Greene 

Halleck. 1869 r92 H178W 

The principal biography of the American poet (i 790-1867). 

HALS, Frans. See Artists, p.1289. 
HAMERTON, Philip Gilbert. 

Hamerton, Mrs Eugenie (Gindriez). Philip Gilbert Hamer- 


ton; an autobiography, 1834-1858, and a memoir by his 

wife, 1858-1894. 1896 92 Hi96h 

"Mr. Hamerton was in this generation the best literary exponent of art 
to the public, and of different classes of art to each other... His lit- 
erary services to art as a whole — his quarter-century editing of the 
Portfolio which he founded, with his clear and patient analysis of 
current works of art... his thorough technical works on Etching, on 
Landscape, on all the Graphic Arts; his life of Turner; his 'Thoughts 
on Art' — and much other matter — have probably done more than all 
other art writing of the age together to put the public mind into the 
only state from which anything good can be hoped for art;'* Warner^s 
Library of the world's best literature. 

Mrs Hamerton's Memoir is brightened with much lively chat as to her 
own experiences, domestic and social, in Scotland and in France. 

HAMILTON, Alexander. 

Observations on certain documents contained in no. 5 & 6 
of "The history of the United States for 1796," in which 
the charge of speculation against Hamilton is fully 
refuted, written by himself. 1797 r92 RsiSr 

Bound with Rush's "Eulogium to perpetuate the memory of David Rit- 

Conant, Charles Arthur. Alexander Hamilton. 1901....92 H198C 

Outline sketch of Hamilton's career. 

"Mr. Conant seems to be of the opinion that the form of our govern- 
ment, its successful establishment, and its later greatness, are due to 
Hamilton more than to any other man." Dial, 1902. 

Hamilton, John Church. Life of Alexander Hamilton. 2v. 

1840 r92 Hi98h 

Unfinished biography by his son. Ends with the adjournment of the 
Federal convention in 1787. 

Lodge, Henry Cabot. Alexander Hamilton. 1893. (Amer- 
ican statesmen.) 92 H198I 

The same. 1899. (American statesmen.) r92 H198I 

"An excellent bit of .. .biography. It presents on the whole a very 
fair picture of an extraordinary man." Nation, 1882. 

Schmucker, Samuel Mosheim. Life and times of Alex- 
ander Hamilton. 1856 92 H198S 

Schouler, James. Alexander Hamilton. 1901. (Beacon 

biographies of eminent Americans.) 92 H198SC 

Bibliography, p. 138-140. 

Short sketch chiefly devoted to a discussion of Hamilton's political 
career. Author is more in sympathy with Jefferson than with Hamil- 

HAMILTON, Gail, (pseud, of Mary Abigail Dodge). 

Gail Hamilton's life in letters; ed. by H.A.Dodge. 2v. 

1901 92 H212 

"Books of Gail Hamilton," v.2, p. 1 077-1 083. 

In her active and varied career in Washington and in New England she 
knew well the most famous literary and political people of the last 
half of the 19th century, and in these letters her faculty of hitting 
off the characteristics of people she met g^ves us many entertaining 

HAMLIN, Cyrus. 

My life and times. 1893 92 H221 

Dr Hamlin was for many years missionary to Turkey; he also wrote a 
book called "Among the Turks." From his boyhood on a New Eng- 
land farm to his missionary life in Turkey there is nothing common- 
place in his career. 

HAMLIN, Hannibal. 

Hamlin, Charles Eugene. Life and times of Hannibal 

Hamlin. 1899 q92 H22i2h 

American statesman, several times United States senator; governor of 
Maine in 1857; vice-president 1861-65; and minister to Spain 1881-83. 


"The chief feature of Hannibal Hamlin's career is his anti-slavery 
record. This is the principal story of the biography, and it includes a 
substantial account of the rise and fall of the slave party in Maine, as 
well as in the nation." Preface. 

HAMMOND, Charles. 

Smith, William Henry, 1833-96. Charles Hammond and 
his relations to Henry Clay and J. Q. Adams; or, Con- 
stitutional limitations, and the contest for freedom of 
speech and the press. 1885 r92 H226S 

Hammond (i 779-1 840), Ohio lawyer and journalist. 

HAMPTON, John Henry. 

In memoriam John Henry Hampton. [Anonymous.] 

1892 r92 H2«9 

Member of the Allegheny county bar, 1850-91. 


Brown, Abram English. John Hancock, his book. 1898. .92 H2332b 

Consists largely of extracts from John Hancock's letter-book. They are 
not only on business, but also of political and personal interest, in- 
cidentally showing the man himself and his domestic as well as busi- 
ness and public life. The narrative forms only the necessary connec- 
tion between the letters. Illustrated. 

HANCOCK, Gen. Winfield Scott. 

Forney, John Weiss. Life and military career of Winfield 
Scott Hancock, also a biographical sketch of W. H. 
English. 1880 92 H233f 

Biography hastily written to help Gen. Hancock to the presidency in 

Hancock, Mrs Almira (Russell). Reminiscences of Win- 
field Scott Hancock. 1887 92 H233h 

Very personal narrative of events from his marriage in 1850 to his 
death in 1886. Illustrated. 

Walker, Francis Amasa. General Hancock. 1894. (Great 

commanders.) 92 H233W 

"The habit of dealing with census statistics, and of seeking close logical 
form for the expression of reasoning in economics, has not deprived 
the author of the power of making a vivid and most effective nar- 
rative, full of color and deep feeling." Nation, 1895. 

HANDEL, Georg Friedrich. 

Bray, Mrs Anna Eliza (Kempe). Handel; his life personal 
and professional, with thoughts on sacred music. 
1857 ''92 H234br 

Short sketch. 

Burney, Charles. Account of the musical performances in 
Westminster-abbey and the Pantheon in commemora- 
tion of Handel. 1785 qr92 H234b 

Life of Handel, p. 1-56. 

Presented by Dr Burney, with his autograph inscription, to the duke 
of York, with the duke's memoranda in pencil on the margins. 

Chorley, Henry Fothergill. Handel studies. 2v. in i. 

1859 r92 H234ch 

v. I. Biographical notice of Handel. — The Messiah, 
v. 2. The Dettingen Te Deum. — Israel in Egypt. 
Description and comment for the amateur. 

Chrysander, Friedrich. G. F. Handel, v. 1-3, pt.i, in 2. 

1858-67 r92 H234C 

"Carries the story of Handel's life down to 1740 and to that limit is 
exhaustive, not to say prolix." H. E, Krehbiel. 

Marshall, Mrs Florence A. (Thomas). Handel. 1890. 

(Great musicians.) 92 H234m 

List of Handel's works, p. 130-1 36. 


The same. 1883. (Great musicians.) r92 H234m 

Short biography based on Chrysander's work. 

Rockstro, William Smyth. Life of George Frederick 

Handel. 1883 92 H234r 

Catalogue of Handel's works, p.432-439. 
"Trustworthy and serviceable." H. E. Krehbiel. 

Schoelcher, Victor. Life of Handel. 1857 r92 H234S 

List of Handel's compositions, p.480-482. 

"Schoelcher was not a musician, but a politician, who, as a republican, 
was expelled from France on the accession of Napoleon III. He lived 
in London till 1870, and his book was the fruit of an enthusiasm for 
Handel created and nourished there. Though extremely faulty, it 
long enjoyed great popularity because there was no modern English 
biography of Handel. It has now been supplanted by Rockstro's 
•Life.' " H. E. Krehbiel. 

Williams, Charles Francis Abdy. Handel. 1901. (Master 

musicians.) 92 H234W 

Catalogue of works, p.239-246; Bibliography, p. 247-252. 

"Without making any pretence to an exhaustive treatment of the subject 

. . . gives a pleasant and unaffected account of the life and works of 

the great Saxon composer." Spectator, 1901. 

HANEMANN, Moritz. 

Aus der musikerwelt; leben und schriften eines koniglich 

preussischen kammer-musikus. 1875 r92 H235 

HANKS, Nancy. See LINCOLN, Mrs Nancy (Hanks). 


Abbott, Jacob. History of Hannibal the Carthaginian. 

1876 ,92 H237a 

The same. 1901 J92 H237a 

Dodge, Theodore Ayrault. Hannibal; a history of the art 

of war among the Carthaginians and Romans, to 168 

B. C. 1893. (Great captains.) 92 H237d 

Morris, William O'Connor. Hannibal, and the crisis of 

the struggle between Carthage and Rome. 1897. 

(Heroes of the nations.) 92 H237m 

Presents the conditions existing in Rome and Carthage just previous to 
Hannibal's campaigns, and an account of his various battles and mili- 
tary movements. 


Harbaugh, Linn. Life of the Rev. Henry Harbaugh. 

1900 92 H247h 

Henry Harbaugh, D. D. (1817-67) was professor of didactic and pastoral 
theology in the Theological seminary of the Reform church, Mercers- 
burg, Pa. He was, says Nathan C. Schaeffer in his introduction, "a 
typical Pennsylvania German." Mr Schaeffer also regards him as 
noteworthy, because of his familiarity with the social and religious life 
of the Pennsylvania Germans. 

HARDINGE, Henry, viscount. 

Hardinge, Charles, viscount. Viscount Hardinge. 1892. 

(Rulers of India.) 92 H2S6h 

HARDY, Thomas. 

Macdonell, Mrs Annie (Harrison). Thomas Hardy. 1894. 

(Contemporary writers.) 92 H263m 

Biography and criticism. 

HARE, Augustus John Cuthbert. 

Memorials of a quiet life. 2v. in i. 1872 92 H264 

"The special office of this work is that it leads us into one of the most 
refined and cultured and lovely of English homes ... where all the 
amenities and dignities of a . . . fastidious training are lifted into the 


freedom and light of an atmosphere of tender devotion." F. D. Hunt- 
ington, in preface. 

Story of my life. 6v. 1896-1900 92 H264S- 

Mr Hare's (i 834-1 903) occupation was literature, and he led an unevent* 
ful life, but he met numberless interesting people, stayed in many 
historic houses, heard many anecdotes, visited many haunted houses in 
which he firmly believed, and tells about everything and everybody 
with an exceeding frankness and at great length. 

HARIOT, Thomas. See HARRIOT, Thomas. 

HAROUN-AL-RASCHID, calif of Bagdad. 

Palmer, Edward Henry. Caliph Haroun Alraschid and 

Saracen civilization. (Makers of history.) 92 H282P' 

Probably few people ever think of this famous character except in con- 
nection with the "Arabian nights," or even realize that he was an 
actual person. Mr Palmer, the distinguished oriental scholar, has 
written a spirited life of him full of characteristic anecdotes and verses 
from Arabic sources. 

HARRIOT, Thomas. 

Stevens, Henry. Thomas Hariot, the mathematician, the 
philosopher and the scholar; developed chiefly from 
dormant materials, with notices of his associates, in- 
cluding biographical and bibliographical disquisitions 
upon the materials of the history of "Ould Virginia." 
1900 r92 H27r 

Eminent English mathematician, who visited Virginia in the service of 
Sir Walter Raleigh in 1584, publishing an account of that province in 
1588. It is said that he observed the satellites of Jupiter in 1610 a 
few days after Galileo first discovered them, and that he was the first 
who detected the spots on the sun, Dec. 8, 1610. 

HARRIOTT, Mrs Clara (Morris). See MORRIS, Clara. 

HARRIS, Joel Chandler. 

Baskervill, William Malone. Joel Chandler Harris. 1896. 

(Southern writers.) 92 H293l> 

Very short biographical and critical essay. 

HARRIS, Townsend. 

Griffis, William Elliot. Townsend Harris, first American 

envoy in Japan. 1895 92 H296gr 

By a personal friend familiar with Japanese history and affairs. Based 
on Mr Harris's journals and letters. 

HARRISON, Benjamin. 

Wallace, Lewis. Life of Gen. Ben. Harrison, also Life of 

Levi P. Morton, by G. A. Townsend. 1888 92 H298W 

Includes "Our former presidents" and "Bird's-eye view of the presi- 
dential contests," p.439-552. 
Hastily written biography for the presidential campaign of 1888. 

HARRISON, Gen. William Henry. 

Burr, Samuel Jones. Life and times of William Henry 

Harrison. 1840 r92 H3i2b 

Gives a short sketch of his life to his nomination for the presidency in 

Jackson, Isaac Rand. Life of William Henry Harrison, 
with a history of the wars with the British and Indians. 
1840 r92 H312J 

Comes down to 1840. 

Montgomery, H. Life of William H.Harrison. i86o..r92 H3i2m 

HARTE, Bret. 

Pemberton, T. Edgar. Bret Harte; a treatise and a tribute. 


1900. (English writers of to-day.) 92 H319P 

Bibliography of the writings of Bret Harte, p.27 1-284. 
Enthusiastic uncritical narrative by an admiring friend. Comes down 
only to 1900. 

HARVEY, William. 

Da Costa, Jacob Mandes. Harvey and his discovery. 

1879 r92* H336d' 

Address before the Jefferson medical college on William Harvey 
( 1 578-1657) and his discovery of the circulation of the blood. 

Power, D'Arcy. William Harvey. 1898. (Masters of 

medicine.) 92 H336p- 

"Authorities," p.267-270. 

For both the professional and general reader. 

"A work of permanent value." Nature, 1898. 

HASTINGS, Francis Rawdon-, marquis. • 

Ross-of-Bladensburg, Sir John Foster George. Marquess 

of Hastings. 1893. (Rulers of India.) 92 H3432r 

HASTINGS, Warren. 

I.yall, Sir Alfred Comyns. Warren Hastings. 1889. (Eng- 
lish men of action.) 92 H343t 

Impartial biography of the first governor-general of British India (1732- 

Macaulay, Thomas Babington, lord. Warren Hastings, 

with notes and appendices by K. Deighton. 1897 92 H343ni: 

"Despite its exuberance of colour, its Whig partiality, and its proved in- 
accuracies, will not soon be superseded." Encyclopadia Briiannica. 

Trotter, Lionel James. Warren Hastings and the found- 
ing of the British administration. 1897. (Rulers of 

India.) 92 H343t 


Brief e an Ludwig Spohr und andere. 1876 r92 H353: 

Hauptmann (i 792-1 968), distinguished teacher of the theory of music, 
and cantor of the Thomas school at Leipsic. He was a life-long friend 
of Spohr. 

HAUSER, Michael. 

Aus dem wanderbuche eines virtuosen; brief e aus Cali- 

fornien, Siidamerika und Australien. 2v. in i. i860.... 92 H354 
The same. 2v. in i. 1859 1*92 H354 

Familiar letters of the Hungarian violinist while on a concert tour 

HAVELOCK, Sir Henry. 

Forbes, Archibald. Havelock. 1890. (English men of ac- 
tion.) 92 H3S7f^ 

The same. 1891. (English men of action.) r92 H357f 

Brief outline sketch of the career of the heroic English general who first 
relieved Lucknow. 

HAVERGAL, Frances Ridley. 

Havergal, Maria Vernon Graham. Memorials of Frances 

Ridley Havergal. 1892 92 H359b 

Miss Havergal (1836-76) is best known by her hymns and religious 

"Striking picture of an unusually eager ... spiritual life." Dictionary of 
national biography. 

HAWKER, Robert Stephen. 

Gould, Sabine Baring-. Vicar of Morwenstow; a life of 

Robert Stephen Hawker. 1899 92 H364fir 

"The whole book is full of stories, tragic as well as humorous, in illus- 
tration of the Cornish life, but its central interest lies in a lively 


picture of this strange ecclesiastic. .. [whose life, 1804-75], with all 
its extravagances and eccentricities ... was saintly and beautiful." 
Spectator, 1899. 

HAWTHORNE, Nathaniel. 

Conway, Moncure Daniel. Life of Nathaniel Hawthorne. 

[1890.] (Great writers.) 92 H367C 

Bibliography, apx. p.i-13. 

"Effective brief view of the author's career, well-proportioned and read- 
able, and contains some interesting observations upon the more marked 
phases of Hawthorne's life." Nation, 1890. 

Fields, Mrs Annie (Adams). Nathaniel Hawthorne. 1899. 

(Beacon biographies of eminent Americans.) 92 H367f 

Bibliography, p. 133-136. 

Short biographical essay with little criticism of his work. 

Hawthorwe, Julian. Nathaniel Hawthorne and his wife. 

2v. 1893 92 H367h 

"So instinct with a tender respect and unquestioning love, so full of a 
frank boyish spirit, of a loyalty that has never contemplated the Kings's 
doing wrong, that the critic is constrained to take his point of view 
and accept this biography not as a critical and complete life, but as a 
friendly confidence. " Nation, 1884. 

James, Henry, h. 1843. Hawthorne. 1879. (English men 

of letters.) 92 H367J 

"He has made a careful, conscientious and even vivid literary portrait 
. . . Whatever its comparative value, it has the artistic advantage of 
being less formally a biography and more completely a criticism than 
any of its predecessors; it may, indeed, be said to be saturated with 
the essence of literary criticism, and to be a fine thing in itself." 
Nation, 1880. 

Lathrop, Mrs Rose (Hawthorne). Memories of Hawthorne. 

1897 '. 92 H367I 

"Largely made up from Sophia Hawthorne's letters... In this volume 
Hawthorne the man, amid his surroundings, comes to view cordially 
and even intimately." Dial, 1897. 

Pickard, Samuel Thomas. Hawthorne's first diary, with 

an account of its discovery and loss. 1897 92 H367P 

Contents: The home in Raymond, Me. — The story of William Symmes. 
— Extracts from diary. 

This diary purports to have been kept by Hawthorne during his resi- 
dence in Raymond, Me. The question of its authenticity is considered 
in the "Nation," v.6s, Nov. 25, 1897, p.425. 

HAYDN, Franz Joseph. 

Beyle, Marie Henri, (pseud. De Stendhal), ed. Life of 
Haydn, in a series of letters written at Vienna [origi- 
nally written in Italian by Giuseppe Carpani], followed 
by Life of Mozart, [by A. H. F. von Schlichtegroll], 
with observations on Metastasio and on the present 
state of music in France and Italy; tr. fr. the French by 
the author of The sacred melodies [W.Gardiner]. 
1820 r92 H37ib 

"A fascinating book." H. E. Krehbiel. 

Carpani, Giuseppe. Le Haydine; ovvero, Lettere su la vita 

e le opere del maestro Giuseppe Haydn. 1812 r92 H371C 

Dies, Albert Christoph. Biographische nachrichten von 

Joseph Haydn. iSio r92 H37id 

Account of 30 visits paid to Haydn 1805-08, with the object of obtaining 
materials for a biography. Gives personal rather than musical details. 

Ludwig, C.Albert. Joseph Haydn; ein lebensbild. 1867.. r92 H371I 
Nohl, Ludwig. Life of Haydn. 1883. (Biographies of 

musicians.) 92 H37in 


The same. 1883. (Biographies of musicians.) r92 H37in 

Condensed popular biography. 

"Nohl has a good eye for the significant and suggestive facts in the life 
of his subjects, and his sympathy with the modern movement in music 
does not prevent him from appreciating the historical and cjlduring 
value of the classical masters." Nation, 1883. 

Townsend, Pauline D. Joseph Haydn. 1884. (Great musi- 
cians.) 92 H37it 

List of Haydn's compositions, p. 1 21-124. 

"Unadorned narrative of facts without attempts at analysis or criticism." 
H. E. Krehhiel. 

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart und Joseph Haydn; versuch 

einer parallele. [Anonymous.] 1810 r78o.4 HS5 v.3 

Bound with Killer's "Aus dem tonleben unserer zeit." 

HAYES, Rutherford Birchard. 

Howard, James Quay. Life, public services and select 

speeches of R. B. Hayes. 1876 r92 H372h 

Has more speeches and messages, but lacks the literary merit of Mr 
Howells's biography. 

Howells, William Dean. Sketch of the life and character 
of Rutherford B. Hayes, also a biographical sketch of 
W. A. Wheeler. 1870 92 H372h 

**In most respects a pleasing picture of an honest, simple-minded, modest 
citizen, a good soldier, a faithful and energetic lawyer, and a public- 
spirited politician." Nation, 1876. 

HAYNE, Paul Hamilton. 

Link, Samuel Albert. Paul Hamilton Hayne, poet laureate 

of the South. 1896. (Pioneers of Southern literature.) . .92 H374I 

Very brief biograi)hical sketch with a few selections from his poems. 

HAYWARD, Abraham. 

Selection from his correspondence, 1834-1884, with an ac- 
count of his early life. 2v. 1886 92 H377 

"V^ery heterogeneous collection of notes and letters, light and serious, 
dull and entertaining, but it affords a fair retrospect of half a century 
of London life in the world of affairs and entertainment." Nation, 


HAZLITT, William. 

Hazlitt, William Carew, ed. Lamb and Hazlitt; further 

letters and records hitherto unpublished. 1899 92 H382 

Contents: The earliest Hazlitts. — Hazlitt's school days. — Hazlitt at 
Hackney college. — Between two paths. — A curious historiette. — 
Hazlitt's earlier married life. — Liber amoris, pt.2. — A packet of new 
Lamb notes and verses. 

HEALY, George Peter Alexander. 

Reminiscences of a portrait painter. 1894 92 H384 

Gives many anecdotes of the famous people whose portraits he painted, 
from John Quincy Adams to Franz Liszt. Illustrated. 

HEARNE, Thomas. 

Reliquiae Hearnianae; the remains of Thomas Heame; ex- 
tracts from his diaries; ed. by Philip Bliss. 3v. 1869.. 92 H385 

Heame (1678-1735), historical antiquary and for some years one of the 
assistant librarians of the Bodleian library. His elaborate diary 
kept during the last 30 years of his life is full of personal anecdotes, 
details of the habits and manners of the university, information about 
local antiquities and outspoken remarks on his friends and enemies. 

HEBER, Reginald, bp. 

Some account of the life of Reginald Heber. [Anony- 
mous.] 1829 92 H389S 

Heber (i 786-1 823), English bishop of Calcutta, well known for his 
hymns, the most familiar of which is "From Greenland's icy moun- 


HECKER, Isaac Thomas. 

Elliott, Walter. Life of Father Hecker. 1898 92 H393e 

Of German-American parentage, brought up as a workingman, Father 
Hecker early felt the need of a fuller and more spiritual life. He 
sought it in various philosophies and beliefs, lived for a time at Brook 
Farm, and finally became a Roman Catholic priest. He was one of 
the originators and the superior of the Paulist community in New 
York. In 1865 he started the "Catholic world" and later the "Young 

Sedgwick, Henry Dwight. Father Hecker. 1900. (Beacon 

biographies of eminent Americans.) 92 H393S 

Bibliography, p. 153-157. 

Brief sketch of his character and work. 


Rice, W. H. Rev. John Heckewelder. 1899. (In Ohio 
archaeological and historical publications, v.7, p.314- 
348.) r977.i O18 v.7 

The same. (In Ohio archaeological and historical society. 

The Gnadenhuetten centennial, p.314-348.) r977.i OiSg 

Heckewelder was a Moravian missionary among the Indians. He died at 
Bethlehem, Pa. in 1823. 

Rondthaler, Edward. Life of John Heckewelder. 1847.. r92 H393r 
HEGEL, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich. 

Caird, Edward. Hegel. 1892 92 H414C 

Good popular exposition of Hegel's system of philosophy. 

HEINE, Heinrich. 

Sharp, William. Life of Heinrich Heine. 1888. (Great 

writers.) 92 H419S 

Bibliography, apx. p. 1-17. 

Biography with a critical estimate and description of his writings. 

Stigand, William. Life, work and opinions of Heinrich 

Heine. 2v. 1875 92 H4i9st 

"Rather a copious selection of material for a critical biography than 
such a biography itself." Saturday review, 1876. 

HELMHOLTZ, Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand von. 

M'Kendrick, John Gray. Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand von 

Helmholtz. 1899. (Masters of medicine.) 92 H429m 

Bibliography, p.29 1-294. 

"Rather a record of scientific discovery than a biography. . .Helmholtz 
was a physiologist by training, but a physicist and mathematician by 
nature, and the problems to which he devoted his immense intellectual 
power with such brilliant success — notably optics and acoustics — in- 
volved the application of the most abstruse mathematical principles to 
physiological ends." Literature, 1900. 

HfiLOlSE, & Abailard, Pierre. 

Abelard and Heloise; a mediaeval romance, with the letters 

of Heloise; ed. by Mrs Abby Sage Richardson. 1895.. 92 Aii6r 
Letters of Abelard & Heloise, with a particular account of 

their lives and misfortunes by John Hughes. 1806.... 92 A116 

First English translation. Contains besides the five letters of Abailard 
and Heloise, one from Abailard to Philintus, a friend, also poems by 
Pope and Mrs Madan. 

Lettres; tr. par E. Oddoul, precedees d'un essai historique 

par M. et Mme Guizot. 1839 qr92 A116 

Illustrated by J. Gigoux. 

Love letters of Abelard and Heloise. 1901. (Temple 

classics.) 92 A116I 

The love story of the illustrious Abailard and Heloise is told in these six 
letters, which were written in Latin about the year 11 28, 10 years 
after the lovers had separated, Abailard to become a monk and Heloise 
a nun. Though both were famous in their day, Abailard as a philos- 


opher and logician, H^loise for her learning, it is by these incompar- 
able letters alone that they live to-day. 

HENRIETTA ANNA, duchesse d'Orleans. 

Cartwright, Julia Mary, afterward Mrs Ady. Madame; a 
life of Henrietta, daughter of Charles I, and duchess of 
Orleans. 1894 92 H448C 

"It is by Bossuet's magnificent funeral oration that the lovely Princess 
is best known, but that masterpiece of eloquence cannot be fully ap- 
preciated without a larger knowledge than it affords of Henrietta's 
singnilar grace, winning charms and many talents. This knowledge 
Mrs. Ady's book gives. . .The book. . .is interesting from the first page 
to the last." Nation, 1894. 

HENRY II, king of England. 

Green, Mrs Alice Sophia Amelia (Stopford). Henry the 

Second. 1898. (Twelve English statesmen.) 92 H45iSg 

Brief study of Henry's work as a statesman. Distinguished for its firm 
grasp of its subject, its philosophic tone and its literary style. 

HENRY IV, king of France and Navarre. 

Abbott, John Stevens Cabot. History of Henry the 

Fourth, king of France and Navarre. 1884 92 H45ia 

The same. 1900 J92 H45ia 

Popular history for young people. 

Willert, Paul Ferdinand. Henry of Navarre, and the 

Huguenots of France. 1893. (Heroesof the nations.). .92 H4SIW 

Fair and appreciative estimate founded on the best contemporary sources 
of information. 

HENRY V, king of England. 

Church, Alfred John. Henry the Fifth. 1889. (English 

men of action.) 92 H4S14C 

"Faithful sketch of an interesting career in the military annals of the 
race." Dial, 1889. 

Kingsford, Charles Lethbridge. Henry V, the typical 

mediaeval hero. 1901. (Heroes of the nations.) 92 H45i4k 

Bibliography, p. 29-31. 

"An expansion of the short life of Henry which he contributed to the 
'Dictionary of National Biography.' He has not perhaps wholly suc- 
ceeded in shaking off the austere style of that businesslike repertory 
. . . But it is a sound and scholarly piece of work, based upon a thor- 
ough study of the original sources... of which an excellent account is 
given in his preface." English historical review, 1902. 

Tyler, James Endell. Henry of Monmouth; or, Memoirs 
of the life and character of Henry the Fifth as prince 
of Wales and king of England. 2v. 1838 92 H45i4t 

V.I. 1387-1413. 

v. 2. I413-I422. 

One of the best of the modern authorities. Most valuable for the 
earlier years. 

HENRY VII, king of England. 

Gairdner, James. Henry the Seventh. 1889. (Twelve 

English statesmen.) 92 H45i2g 

Condensed narrative. Author writes from thorough knowledge of the 
iSth century. 

HENRY, prince of Portugal, called the Navigator. 

Beazley, Charles Raymond. Prince Henry the Navigator, 
with an account of geographical progress throughout 
the middle ages. 1895. (Heroes of the nations.) 92 H45i3b 

Contains 14 maps. 

"One of the best brief introductions to the period of discoveries." 
Larned's Literature of American history. 


Major, Richard Henry. Life of Prince Henry the Naviga- 
tor and its results. t868 r92 H45i3m 

"Critical history of the geographical discoveries of the fifteenth century 
and first part of the sixteenth. Prince Henry was the pioneer of 
modern scientific exploration, and the work done under his direction 
paved the way for Columhus and Magellan. Mr. Major. . .discusses 
with wide learning and a keen critical spirit a great number of ob> 
scure and controverted questions relating to the early voyages of ex- 
ploration." Larned's Literature of American history. 

HENRY, Joseph. 

Dickerson, Edward Nicoll. Joseph Henry and the mag- 
netic telegraph; an address delivered at Princeton col- 
lege, 1885. 1885 r92 H4522d 

American physicist, especially noted for investigations in electromag- 
netism. Became secretary of the Smithsonian institution in 1846. 

HENRY, Patrick. 

Henry, William Wirt. Patrick Henry. 3v. 1891 Q2 H452h 

"Author a descendant of Patrick Henry. Had access to much new ma- 
terial. The 'life' is written from a family standpoint. The docu- 
ments given in these volumes, however, are of inestimable value and 
give a new and more correct view of Henry's great career. The 
standard work on the subject for students' use." Larned's Literature 
of American history. 

Tyler, Moses Coit. Patrick Henry. 1894. (American 

statesmen.) 92 H452t 

The same. 1899. (American statesmen.) r92 H452ti 

"One of the best and most readable of American biographies. May be 
fairly said to reconstruct the life of Patrick Henry, and to vindicate 
his memory from the unappreciative and injurious estimate which has 
been placed upon it." Nation, 1888. 

Wirt, William. Sketches of the life and character of 

Patrick Henry. 1863 92 H452W 

"Based on inadequate materials. Often very unjust to Henry. Charm- 
ingly written but now antiquated and of no use to the student." 
Larned's Literature of American history. 

HERBERT, Amabel (Aston), lady. 

Stepney, Catherine (Pollok), lady. Memoirs of Lady Rus- 
sell and Lady Herbert, 1623-1723. 1898 92 R917S 

Rachel, lady Russell, was the wife of that Lord Russell who was be^ 
headed in 1683 on a charge of treason. A woman of fine mind she 
was her husband's adviser, and even after his death followed public 
events with keen interest. Lady Herbert was the wife of Sir Edward 
Herbert, an adherent of the Stuarts. There is an interesting account 
of her rescue of her husband after the battle of Naseby and their 
escape to France. 

HERBERT of CHERBURY, Edward Herbert, baron. 

Lives of Lord Herbert of Cherbury and Thomas Ellwood, 
with essays by W. D. Howells. 1877. (Autobiographic 
series.) 92 H461 

"The autobiography of Lord Herbert is of a style so charming, and of 
a manner and matter so singularly characteristic of his order, age, and 
nation, that one might easily believe it written by some skilful 
student of the period... As you read, you cannot help thinking. . .that 
Thackeray himself could not have done it better, if he had been minded 
to portray a gentleman of the first James's time. Yet this picture, so 
frank, so boldly colored, so full of the very life of a young English 
noble, is one of the most remarkable instances of self-portraiture in 
any language... A rare sincerity marks the whole memoir, and gives 
it the grace of an antique simplicity ... Herbert, not only as James's 
ambassador to Louis XIII., but as a sort of soldier of fortune in the 
Low Countries, and a peaceful traveller in Italy, saw everything that 
was best worth seeing in the Europe of his day." W. D. Howells, in 

The other autobiography included in this volume is that of a "sturdy 



Quaker, good and beautiful, with a simple righteousness that com- 
forts and strengthens the soul." 

HERKOMER, Hubert. See Artists, p.1256. 
HERRON, Francis. 

Paxton, William Miller. Two discourses upon the life and 

character of Francis Herron. 1861 Tg2 H478P 

Pastor of the First Presbyterian church in Pittsburgh, 1811-50. 

HERSCHEL, Caroline Lucretia. 

Herschel, Mrs John, ed. Memoir and correspondence of 

Caroline Herschel. 1879 92 H479ih 

The memoir, written to preserve for her nephew an account of the life 
and labors of his father, is the chief source of information concerning 
Sir William Herschel, whose able and devoted assistant she was. 

HERSCHEL, Sir William. 

Clerke, Agnes Mary. The Herschels and modern astrono- 
my. 1895. (Century science series.) 92 H479C 

"Not the annals of the Herschel family, but rather a series of pictures 
from the lives of Sir William, Sir John and Caroline, which suffice to 
present in vivid colors the individuality of brother, sister and son." 
Science, 1896. 

Holden, Edward Singleton. Sir William Herschel. 1881..92 H479h 

Bibliography of the writings of Herschel on astronomical subjects, p.215- 

Account of his life and a careful analysis of his work. Author is him- 
self an astronomer. 

Sime, James. William Herschel and his work. 1900. 

(World's epoch-makers.) 92 H479S 

Less successful, particularly in its account of Herschel's scientific work, 
than the biography by Holden (92 H479h). 

HIBERNICUS; or, Memoirs of an Irishman now in America; 

containing an account of the principal events of his 

life, and interspersed with anecdotes and observations, 

humourous, political and moral. 1828 r92 H521 

Born in Ireland in 1779, the writer emigrated to America shortly after 
the famine of 1817. He tells quite fully the story of his youth in 
Ireland, his misfortunes, his wanderings about in America and his 
final settling in Kentucky, where misfortune still pursued him, this 
book being written to eke out his living as a teacher. 

HIERONYMUS, Sophronius Eusebius. See JEROME, St. 

HIGGINSON, Francis. 

Higginson, Thomas Wentworth. Life of Francis Higgin- 
son, first minister in the Massachusetts Bay colony and 
author of "New England's plantation," 1630. 1891. 
(Makers of America.) 92 HS36ih 

"The connection of Francis Higginson with the settlement of Massa- 
chusetts was so brief and his previous life so unrecorded, that the ma- 
terials for his biography suffice for a mere outline sketch. Under 
these necessary limitations Col. Higginson has succeeded in presenting 
a readable life of his ancestor. He has allowed contemporary docu- 
ments and the older historians, like Morton and Mather, to tell the 
story in the main, connecting these excerpts by gracefully written com- 
ments." Nation, 1891. 

HIGGINSON, Thomas Wentworth. 

Cheerful yesterdays. 1898 92 HS36 

Contents: A Cambridge boyhood. — A child of the college. — ^The period 
of the newness. — The rearing of a reformer. — The fugitive slave 
epoch. — The birth of a literature. — Kansas and John Brown. — Civil 
war. — Literary London twenty years ago. — Literary Paris twenty years 
ago. — On the outskirts of public life. 

"It admits us to the very heart of several of the greatest movements of 
the century, without any exaggeration of the writer's personal con- 
tribution to the current of events. It gives us history in its social 
setting." Nation, 1898. 


HILEY, Richard William. 

Memories of half a century. 1899 92 H544 

By an English clergyman who has been in active clerical and educational 
life during the latter half of the 19th century. 

HILL, Benson Earle. 

Recollections of an artillery officer, including scenes and 
adventures in Ireland, America, Flanders and France. 
2v. in I. 1836 r92 HS51 

HILLARD, Mrs Harriet (Low). 

My mother's journal; a young lady's diary of five years 
spent in Manila, Macao and the Cape of Good Hope, 
1829-1834; ed. by Katharine Hillard. 1900 92 H556 

"Written in a fresh and piquant manner. . .There is also the fascination 
which habitually inheres in times and manners very different from 
our own — the voyage of 15 weeks' duration; the pleasant glimpse of 
Manila as it was in 1829; the delightful impressions of the South 
African Dutch in 1834; the visit to St. Helena, before Napoleon's dust 
had been removed to France... But altogether the most interesting 
aspect of Miss Low's journal is the entirely frank and simple revela- 
tion of the young writer's mind and heart." Nation, 1900. 

HODGES, Edward. 

Hodges, Faustina Hasse. Edward Hodges. 1896 92 H664h 

The same. 1896 r92 H664h 

Hodges ( 1 796-1 867) was much esteemed as an organist during a long 
residence in New York. 

HOGARTH, William. 

Sala, George Augustus Henry. William Hogarth; essays 

on the man, the work and the time. 1866 92 H686s 

"To be received rather as a result of Mr. Sala's ready conclusions and 
hasty assumptions than as a 'Life' of Hogarth." Athenceum, 1867. 

HOGG, James, 1770-1835. 

Douglas, Sir George Brisbane Scott-. James Hogg. 1899. 

(Famous Scots series.) 92 H688d 

Includes brief notices of Robert Tannahill, William Motherwell and 
William Thom. 


Woltmann, Alfred. Holbein and his time. 1872 92 H694W 

Elaborate and learned work. Many illustrations. 

Wornum, Ralph Nicholson. Some account of the life and 

works of Hans Holbein. 1867 q92 H694W0 

Excellent biographical and critical study. Illustrated. 

HOLE, Samuel Reynolds, dean. 

Memories. 1894 92 H718 

"The Dean has known a large number of interesting men. His tastes 
are wide, embracing literature and art, horticulture and most forms 
of sport. He has a keen sense of humour and never spoils his stories 
by over-elaboration of their points." Athena-um, 1892. 

More memories. 1894 92 H7i8m 

Substance of lectures delivered in America. 

HOLLEY, Alexander Lyman. 

American institute of mining engineers. Memorial of 

Alexander Lyman Holley. 1884 92 H727 

Holley (1832-82) was prominent in clcvrloping the Bessemer process in 
the United States. 

HOLLEY, Sallie. 

A life for liberty; anti-slavery and other letters; ed. by J. 

W. Chadwick. 1899 92 H7272 

Miss Holley (1818-93) was an active worker in the antislavery cause 
and a teacher of colored people in VirKinin from 1870 to her death. 


HOLLS, George Charles. 

Barnard, Henry. George Charles Holls; a memoir. 1901. .92 H73ib 

HoIIs (1824-86) was a German who devoted himself to questions of 
juvenile reform, charities and education. He came to America in 
1 85 1 and soon afterward became the head of the first great Lutheran 
orphan asylum in the United States. His later years were passed as 
head of the Wartburg orphan farm school, near Mount Vernon, New 

HOLMES, Oliver Wendell. 

Brown, Emma Elizabeth. Life of Oliver Wendell Holmes. 

1884 92 H736b 

Bibliography, p.302-304. 

Popular biography. Ends 10 years before Holmes's death. 

Jerrold, Walter. Oliver Wendell Holmes. 1893 92 H736J 

Short biography with criticism of Holmes as poet, novelist, autocrat and 
doctor, enlivened with many quotations and anecdotes. 

Morse, John Torrey. Life and letters of Oliver Wendell 

Holmes. 2v. 1896 92 H736m 

"Taken together, the memoir and the letters form a complete and most 
engaging piece of literary portraiture — one which the reader finishes 
with a gratified sense of having learned all that one needs know, and 
has a right to know of the career and personality of the kindly 'Auto- 
crat.' " Dial, 1896. 

HOLSTEIN, Anne Louise Germaine (Necker), baronne de 
Stael-. See STAfiL-HOLSTEIN, Anne Louise Ger- 
maine (Necker), baronne de. 

HONE, Philip. 

Diary, 1828-1851; ed. by Bayard Tuckerman. 2v. 1889 r92 H764 

Hone ( 1 780-1 851) was identified with the business, social and some- 
what with the political life of New York. Diary was begun as a 
record of business or personal affairs, but later the author chronicled 
general events and comments on art, literature, politics, etc. Mr Hone 
was an ardent Whig. Diary is interesting particularly to students of 
social life. 

HOOK, James Clarke. See Artists, p.1257. 

HOOKER, Thomas. 

Walker, George Leon. Thomas Hooker, preacher, founder, 

democrat. 1891. (Makers of America.) 92 H774W 

One of the founders of the Connecticut colony and first pastor of the 
Hartford church. 

"200 pages, of which 70, an undue proportion, treat of his youth, educa- 
tion, preaching in England, and in Holland, whither he went in 1630 
...From Hooker's arrival in New England in 1633 when he was 47 
years old, Mr. Walker's materials increase in value, and his narra- 
tive gains correspondingly in interest and importance. . .It is from the 
aptness and the raciness of the quotations from old sermons that the 
book gets its most characteristic and agreeable flavor." Nation, 1891. 


Three score and ten in retrospect; boyhood days and rem- 
iniscences of school experiences from twenty to seven- 
ty-two. 1900 92 H778 

Pictures of school and home life in Onondaga county, New York, 

Field, Edward. Esek Hopkins, commander-in-chief of 
the Continental navy during the American revolution, 
1775-1778. 1898 92 H784f 

Includes the part borne by Rhode Island in the naval struggles of the 

HORT, Fentoh John Anthony. 

Hort, Arthur Fenton. Life and letters of Fenton John 


Anthony Hort. 2v. 1896 92 H8l5ih 

Hort (1828-92) was best known to the general public by his valuable 
work on the revision of the New testament, but he was also a man of 
varied interests. He was an excellent botanist and geologist, keenly 
interested in questions of social and educational reform and in modern 
literature, and was one of the founders of the Alpine club. 

HORTENSE, queen of Holland. 

Abbott, John Stevens Cabot. History of Hortense, queen 

of Holland, mother of Napoleon III. 1870 92 H8i5a 

The same. 1900 J92 H8i5a 

Short popular history for young people. 

HOUGHTON, Richard Monckton Milnes, baron. See 

MILNES, Richard Monckton, baron Houghton. 
HOUSTON, Gen. Samuel. 

Bruce, Henry. Life of Gen. Houston, 1 793-1863. 1891. 

(Makers of America.) 92 H838b 

"Largely composed of quotations from other biographers and from 
standard historians, which have been cleverly strung together.** 
Lamed' s Literature of American history. 

Elliott, Sarah Barnwell. Sam Houston. 1900. (Beacon 

biographies of eminent Americans.) 92 H838e 

Bibliography, p. 145-149. 
Vivid short narrative. 

Williams, Alfred Mason. Sam Houston and the war of 

independence in Texas. 1893 92 H838W 

"Books relating to Houston and the history of Texas," p. 397-400. 

"A good historical monograph, and a discriminating account of a public 

man whose memory has suffered about equally from fulsome eulogy 

and unjust detraction." Dial, 1893. 

HOWARD, John, 1726-90. 

Brown, James Baldwin, 1781-1843. Memoirs of John How- 
ard; comp. fr. his diary, letters and other documents. 
1831 r92 H846b 

English philanthropist (1726-90) devoted to prison reform. He was the 
first to awaken English public sentiment to the need of improvement 
in the construction and discipline of prisons. 

Scullard, Herbert Hayes. John Howard; a lecture. 1899.. 92 H846S 

Short sketch. Illustrated. 

HOWARD, William D. 

In memory of Rev. W. D. Howard, pastor of the Second 
Presbyterian church, Pittsburgh, Pa.; published by a 
committee of the congregation. 1876 r92 H847 

HOWE, Mrs Julia (Ward). 

Reminiscences, 1819-1899. 1900 92 H8S3 

Many of the chapters appeared in the "Atlantic monthly," v. 82-8 3, 

As wife of the distinguished philanthropist, Samuel Gridley Howe, her- 
self both philanthropist and author, Mrs Howe had rare opportunities 
for knowing many of the most prominent men and women of her 
time. Of these she gives us reminiscences, as well as of the various 
movements in which she has been interested. 

HOWELLS, William Cooper. 

Recollections of life in Ohio, 1813 to 1840. 1895 92 H8572 

"Very valuable because of the clear and simple accounts it gives of 
material, intellectual and religious conditions in central Ohio, for the 
period covered." Review of reviews, 1895. 

HOWELLS, William Dean. 

My year in a log cabin. 1893. (Black and white series.).. 92 H857 

Memories of the author's boyhood in Ohio. 


HUDSON, Henry. 

Read, John Meredith, b. 1837. Historical inquiry concern- 
ing Henry Hudson, his friends, relatives and early life, 
his connection with the Muscovy company and discov- 
ery of Delaware bay. 1866 r92 H887r 

The same; abridged and ed. by Edmund Goldsmid. 1883. 

(Clarendon historical society. Reprints.) 92 H887r 

"Most scholarlike and admirable example of a species of investigation 
which lies at the base of all accurate and trustworthy history. Its 
subject is a discoverer who holds a conspicuous place in the early 
annals of this continent, but whose life has nevertheless been wrapped 
in an almost impenetrable obscurity." Atlantic monthly, 1867. 

HUDSON, Thomas M. 

Life and times of Thomas M. Hudson. 1871 r92 H888 

Methodist minister whose connection with the Pittsburgh conference 
dated from its formation in 1825. 

HUGHES, George Edward. 

Hughes, Thomas. Memoir of a brother [G. E. Hughes]. 

1873 92 H897h 

*'Memoir itself is but a sketch. . .Those, however, who have a spare hour 
on their hands might well spend it in studying the character of one 
who, in his brother's words 'was only a good specimen of thousands 
of Englishmen of high culture, high courage, high principles, who are 
living their own quiet lives in every corner of the kingdom.' " Satur- 
day review, 1873. 

HUGO, Victor. 

Letters; ed. by Paul Meurice. 2v. 1896-98 92 H899 

V.I. To his family, Sainte-Beuve and others. 

V.2. From exile and after the fall of the empire; to Ledru-Rollin, Maz- 
zini. Garibaldi, Lamartine and others. 

"If the first volume. . .[contains] little else than dulness, the second 
offers the pleasing contrast of much attractive and valuable matter, 
whether for literature or for biography ... The principal literary in- 
terest ... of the correspondence arises from its unexpected abundance 
of illustrations of Hugo's characteristic mannerisms of style... One of 
the greatest merits of [the second] volume lies in its constant presen- 
tation of an aspect of his character not sufficiently dwelt on... the 
sunny and cheerful geniality of his prevailing mood." Nation, 1898. 

Love letters, 1820-1822, with comment by Paul Meurice. 

1901 92 H899I 

Appeared in an abridged form in "Harper's magazine," v.ioi-102, Nov. 

1900-Jan. 1 90 1. 
Written to Adele Foucher, whom he married in 1822. 
"They are love-letters pure and simple, the rapturous outpourings of a 

youth of genius who has nothing to conceal ... and whose pen paints 

with delicate fidelity the fluctuating emotions of the lover's heart" 

Dial, 1 90 1. 

Memoirs; tr. by J. W. Harding. 1899 92 H899me 

"In no sense a connected autobiography ... little more than scattered 
scraps of memoranda relating only to a few isolated episodes — and 
these not always the most important episodes— of his career... Not 
very well translated." Literature (Eng.), 1899. 

Blemont, fimile, ed. Memorial life of Victor Hugo, by con- 
temporary writers 92 H899b 

Disconnected sketches on his life, personal appearance and habits, and 
various homes, together with contemporary criticisms on his prin- 
cipal works. Published several years before Hugo's death. Many 

Marzials, Sir Frank Thomas. Life of Victor Hugo. 1888. 

(Great writers.) 92 H899ni 

Bibliography, apx. p. 1-29. 

Clear and concise biography and discriminating criticism. 

HULL, Gen. William. 

Defence delivered before the general court martial, Albany, 


1814. 1814 r92 H914 

Hull was accused of treason in the surrender of Detroit to the British in 

HUMBOLDT, Alexander von. 

Letters, 1827-1858, to Varnhagen von Ense, with extracts 
from Varnhagen's diaries and letters to Humboldt; tr. 
fr. the German, i860 Tg2 H923 

The distinguished scientist was then at the zenith of his fame, and the 
letters are a valuable contribution to the history of German science, 
literature and society, especially of Berlin, but they also reveal some 
unpleasant qualities of the writer, and their injudicious publication 
has been much regretted. 

HUMBOLDT, Wilhelm, freiherr von. 

Briefe an eine freundin. 2v. 1856 92 H9233b 

Letters to a lady; fr. the German by C. G. Leland. 1864. . .92 H9233 

These familiar letters from the German diplomatist and philosopher to a 
friend discuss a great variety of topics and show much beauty of 
thought and feeling besides possessing considerable biographical in- 

HUME, David. 

My own life. 1879. (In his History of England, v.i, p.5- 

13.) 942 H92 V.I 

Calderwood, Henry. David Hume. 1898. (Famous Scots 

series.) 92 H92SC 

"Inclined to underrate the depth and extent of Hume's skepticism. 
The exposition of his philosophy is superficial, but the 'Letters to 
William Strahan* have been turned to good account in the biography, 
which is pleasant reading." Athenaum, 1898. 

Huxley, Thomas Henry. Hume. [1879.] (English men of 

letters.) 92 H925h 

The same, with helps to the study of Berkeley. 1894 92 H925hi 

"Clear reproduction of the more popular results of Hume's philosophy, 
without criticism or historical treatment." Encyclopedia Britannica. 

HUNT, Holman. See Artists, p.1257. 

HUNT, Leigh. 

Monkhouse, William Cosmo. Life of Leigh Hunt. 1893. 

(Great writers.) 92 H939m 

Bibliography, apx. p.i-15. 

"Mr. Monkhouse has brought together and skilfully set in order much 
widely scattered material, and his comments. . .show that he has en- 
deavoured to be candid as well as sympathetic in his treatment of 
Hunt both as a man and an author." Athenceum, 1893. 

HUNT, William Holman. See Artists, p.1257. 

HUNT, William Morris. See Artists, p.i2Si. 

HUNTER, John, 1728-93. 

Paget, Stephen. John Hunter, man of science and sur- 
geon, 1728-1793. 1898. (Masters of medicine.) 92 H943P 

"Chief references," p. 264-266. 

Untechnical biography for non-profcuHional readers. 

HUNTER, Rev. William, 181 1-77. 

Note book, containing texts and dates of sermons preached 

by Hunter r92 H943 

Covers the period 1833-44, when Huntrr, who was a Methodist minister, 
preached in Pittsburgh, Uniontown, Hraver and other places in this 

HUOT de GONCOURT, Edmond Louis Antoine. See GON- 

COURT, Edmond Louis Antoine Huot de. 

Hutchinson, Mrs Lucy (Apsley). Memoirs of the life of 


Col. Hutchinson, governor of Nottingham castle and 
town, to which is prefixed The life of Mrs Hutchinson, 
by herself, also an account of the siege of Lathom 
house. 1889 92 H97ih 

"Intended simply for the preservation of his memory and the instruc- 
tion of his children, it possesses a peculiar value among seventeenth- 
century memoirs. As a picture of the life of a puritan family, and the 
character of a puritan gentleman, it is unique." Dictionary of national 

HUTCHINSON, John Wallace. 

Story of the Hutchinsons. 2v. 1896 92 H9711 

Interesting story of this remarkable singing family. They rendered 
effective aid to the cause of slavery and other reforms, and the book 
is full of anecdotes and reminiscences. Many illustrations. 


Diary and letters of Thomas Hutchinson, captain-general 
and governor-in-chief of the province of Massachusetts 
Bay, with an account of his administration when mem- 
ber and speaker of the House of representatives, and 
his government of the colony during the difficult period 
that preceded the war of independence; comp. fr. the 
original documents by P. O. Hutchinson. 2v. 1883-86. .r92 H971 

"Story as narrated by himself of a man whose fate was perhaps as tragic 
as that of any figure in American history." Lamed' s Literature of 
American history. 

Hosmer, James Kendall. Life of Thomas Hutchinson, royal 

governor of the province of Massachusetts Bay. 1896. .92 H97i2h 

It adds materially to our knowledge of the Revolutionary era and re- 
stores Governor Hutchinson to his rightful place in our regard, both 
as a thoroughly capable magistrate and a thoroughly noble man. 

HUTTON, Laurence. 

A boy I knew, and Four dogs. 1898 J92 H977 

These two sketches were originally published in "St. Nicholas," and, as 
the writer says, are true histories, which he hopes will interest boys 
and girls. The reader soon discovers that "the boy" is the writer 

"A boy I knew" appeared in "St. Nicholas," v.24, Dec. 1896-Mar. 1897; 
*'Three dogs" in v.23, Nov. 1895; "Another Dandy" in v.24, Oct. 1897. 

HUTTON, William. 

Life of William Hutton, stationer, of Birmingham, and the 
history of his family, written by himself, with some ex- 
tracts from his other works. 1841 r92 H977 

"Hutton [1723-1815] has been called 'the English Franklin' ... His per- 
sonal narratives form a graphic record of a life of great industry, and 
abound in clear and sensible judgments on men and things." Dic- 
tionary of national biography. 

HUXLEY, Thomas Henry. 

Huxley, Leonard. Life and letters of Thomas Henry Hux- 
ley, by his son. 2v. 1900 92 H983h 

"Strongest. . .in the presentation of Huxley's character and personality. 
Mr. Huxley's own writing is thoroughly good, and hi* appreciation of 
his father's scientific work is clear, but he leaves him for the most 
part to expound it in his letters ... What we do get everywhere is the 
reaction of Huxley's mind upon his work, and its effect on others, 
with a good deal of its tentative process in advance of its deliberate 
expression . . . The chapters that report his relation to Darwin's epoch- 
making book are the most dramatic in this biography." Nation, 1901. 

Mitchell, Peter Chalmers. Thomas Henry Huxley; a sketch 

of his life and work. 1900. (Leaders in science.) 92 H983m 

"List of Huxley's writings," p. 15-1 7. 

"This volume is in no sense an intimate or authorized biography of 


Huxley. It is simply an outline of the external features of his life 
and an account of his contributions to biology, to educational and 
social problems, and to philosophy and metaphysics." Preface. 

HYDE, Henry Baldwin. 

Equitable life assurance society of the United States. 

Henry Baldwin Hyde; a biographical sketch. 1901 92 H993e 

Mr Hyde (1834-99) was the founder of the Equitable life assurance 
society of the United States, and later its president. He exerted an 
immense influence on the development of life insurance in the United 
States and throughout the world. 


Bowring, Lewin Bentham. Haidar AH and Tipu Sultan. 

1893. (Rulers of India.) 92 H994b 

"The reigns of Haidar AH and his son Tipu filled ... thirty-eight years 
of the eighteenth century ... To his varied local knowledge and his 
Oriental scholarship, Mr. Bowling adds a cool, unbiassed judgment, 
a searching study of documents, and a fair degree of literary skill. 
The result is a clear and impartial narrative of a remarkably troublous 
time, both for the natives of Southern India and for the English set- 
tlement at Madras." Athenccum, 1894. 

IBSEN, Henrik. 

Jaeger, Henrik. Henrik Ibsen, 1828-1888; a critical biogra- 
phy. 1890 92 I127J 

"Jaeger, has taken high rank in Scandinavia as a critic and man of let- 
ters and his biography has become the recognized authoritative life of 
Ibsen... Was written with Ibsen's sanction and partial collaboration." 
Nation, 1891. 

IDA, a Florentine girl. 

Alexander, Francesca, {pseud. Francesca). Story of Ida; 

ed. by John Ruskin. 1891 92 1141a 

This "story of a young Florentine girl's too short life is absolutely and 
simply true: it was written only for a memorial of her among her 
friends by one of them that loved her best, and who knew her per- 
fectly.'* Editor's preface, 

IDDESLEIGH, Stafford Henry Northcote, earl of. 

Lang, Andrew. Life, letters and diaries of Sir Stafford 

Northcote, ist earl of Iddlesleigh. 2v. 1890 92 I1412I 

Sir Stafford Northcote was a noted English conservative statesman. 
A graduate of Oxford, he became an M. P. and served consecutively as 
president of the board of trade, as secretary of state for India, as a 
member of the joint high commission which drew up the Treaty of 
Washington in 1871, as chancellor of the exchequer, first lord of the 
treasury and colonial secretary. He was the author of "Twenty years 
of financial policy." 


Autobiography; ed. by J. F. X. O'Conor. 1900 92 1 175 

Founder of the Society of Jesus. 

Testament of Ignatius Loyola; being "sundry acts of our 
Father Ignatius, founder of the Society of Jesus, taken 
down from the saint's own lips by Luis Gonzales;" tr. 

by E. M. Rix, with preface by George Tyrrell. 1900... 92 Ii7Sg 

Bibliographical appendix, p.ao7-a3o. 

Another translation of Loyola's autobiography. 

Rose, Stewart. St. Ignatius Loyola and the early Jesuits. 

1891 q92 Ii75r 

"Authorities," IK5-6. 

"Excelleiltly illustrated and while written from the Roman Catholic 
point of view, and showing a greater admiration of Loyola and his 
aims than we can pretend to, is marked by moderation and good 
sense." Athenteum, 1891. 

INCHBALD, Mrs Elizabeth (Simpson). 

Boaden, James. Memoirs of Mrs Inchbald« to which are 


added The massacre, and A case of conscience. 2v. 

1833 92 1242b 

Mrs Inchbald was a novelist, dramatist and actress, a friend of Mrs 
Siddons and of John Philip Kemble. Her diary was destroyed at her 
death, but Boaden had access to her correspondence and probably 
saw portions at least of her diary. This is regarded as the standard 
biography of her. 

INGERSOLL, Charles Jared. 

Meigs, William Montgomery. Life of Charles Jared Inger- 

soll. 1897 92 1244m 

Table of references, p. 33 5-343. 

"Written from Ingersoll's papers, and of value in relation to politics 
from 1 8 12 to 1850. Ingersoll was a Philadelphia lawyer, a Democrat 
who supported the war of 1812, Jackson's attack on the Bank, the 
Mexican war and southern interests. The events of his life are here 
presented in a satisfactory manner." Larned's Literature of Ameri- 
can history. 

INGRES, Jean Auguste Dominique. See Artists, p.1272. 

IRVING, Edward. 

Oliphant, Mrs Margaret Oliphant (Wilson). Life of Ed- 
ward Irving, minister of the National Scotch church, 
London, illustrated by his journals and correspondence. 
[1865.] 92 I28820 

Interesting but not impartial account of the founder of the sect of the 
Irvingites, an eloquent preacher, and from 1822 to 1833 one of the 
striking figures of the English ecclesiastical world. 

IRVING, Sir Henry. 

Hiatt, Charles. Henry Irving; a record and review. 1899. .92 l2883h 
Account of the career of the English actor from 1856 to 1899. Many 

IRVING, Washington. 

Boynton, Henry Walcott. Washington Irving. 1901 92 l288b 

Condensed biography. 

Irving, Pierre Munroe. Life and letters of Washingfton 

Irving. 3v. 1869 92 l288i 

Full biography founded on journals, note-books and many letters. Little 
literary criticism. 

Warner, Charles Dudley. Washington Irving. 1894. 

(American men of letters.) 92 I288W 

Particularly good for its estimate and appreciation of Irving't work. 

ISABELLA, queen of Castile and Aragon. 

Nervo, Gonsalve, baron de. Isabella the Catholic, queen 

of Spain; her life, reign and times, 1451-1504. 1897 92 129111 

"Fluently written, popular presentment of a great character considered 
as the central influence of an important epoch." Spectator, 1897. 

IVAN IV, czar of Russia, called the Terrible. 

Pember, Austen. Ivan the Terrible; his life and times. 

1895 92 I331P 

Sketch of Russia in the i6th century, giving a vivid picture of the singu- 
lar and horrible career of the czar. 

JACKSON, Andrew. 

Brown, William Garrott. Andrew Jackson. 1900 92 Ji23b 

Short biography intended for young people, but also interesting to older 

*' Rarely impartial account of a career which, as he observet, has always 

made stanch friends or bitter enemies." Dial, 1901. 
Eaton, John Henry. Life of Andrew Jackson; coipprising 
a history of the war in the South, from the commence- 
ment of the Creek campaign to the termination of hos- 


JACKSON, Andrew — continued, 

tilities before New Orleans. 1824 qr92 Ji23e 

The first four chapters, carrying the narrative nearly through the Creek 

war, were written by Major John Rcid, who was an eye-witness of 

the events he relates. 

Jenkins, John Stilwell. Life and public services of Andrew 
Jackson, including the most important of his state 
papers, with the eulogy delivered June 21, 1845 by 
George Bancroft. 1850 92 J123J 

Most of the work is given to a full account of Jackson's military career. 

Parton, James. General Jackson. 1893. (Great com- 
manders.) 92 Jl23pl 

Excellent popular biography; frank criticism tempers an estimate which 
is in the main favorable. 

Parton, James. Life of Andrew Jackson. 3v. 1887-88.. ..92 Ji23p 

List of publications containing information respecting Andrew Jackson, 
his times and contemporaries, v.i, p. 13-25. 

"Unquestionably one of the best of Parton's biographies. Jackson's 
weaknesses are not concealed; on the contrary he is shown to have 
had serious faults, but, at the same time, to have been honest and in- 
teresting, though not at all times wise . . . Though the book contains 
much that a severe judgment would exclude, yet from beginning 
to end it is a narrative of absorbing interest." C. K. Adams. 

Sumner, William Graham. Andrew Jackson. 1894. (Amer- 
ican statesmen.) 92 J123S 

References, p.387-392. 

The same. 1899. (American statesmen.) r92 J123SI 

"A very able and critical treatment of the political and financial history 
of the years 1 824-1 840 . . .Prof. Sumner writes as an expounder of the 
processes of democratic government and a vigorous critic of financial 
theories and practice, rather than as the biographer of Jackson. The 
book is one of the most instructive on this period." Larned's Litera- 
ture of American history. 

JACKSON, Gen. Thomas Jonathan, called Stonewall. 

Cooke, John Esten. Stonewall Jackson; a military biogra- 
phy. 1876 92 J126C 

Popular biography from the Southern standpoint The writer had no 
access to the military records, and his narrative of military opera- 
tions is more picturesque and interesting than reliable. 
Henderson, George Francis Robert. Stonewall Jackson 

and the American civil .war. 2v. 1898 92 Ji26h 

Exhaustive and elaborate military biography and history by an English 
officer who, if not partisan, is certainly not unfavorable to the 
Southern side. 

Hovey, Carl. Stonewall Jackson. 1900. (Beacon biogra- 
phies of eminent Americans.) 92 Ji26ho 

Bibliography, p. 1 29-1 31. 

Brief biography, particularly good for its presentment of a simple and 
noble character. 
Jackson, Mrs Mary Anna (Morrison). Memoirs of Stone- 
wall Jackson. 1895 q92 J126J 

Portrays less the fighter and strategist than the man of strong and 

beautiful character. 

Life of Thomas J. Jackson, by an ex-cadet. 1864 r92 J126 

Short sketch, chiefly of "Stonewall" Jackson*s career during the Civil 

war, from the Southern point of view. 

JACOBUS, Melancthon Williams. 

In memoriam Melancthon W. Jacobus, 1816-1876. [Anony- 
mous.] r92 J135 

From 1852 to 1876 Dr Jacobus was professor in the Western university 
of Pennsylvania. 


JASMIN, Jacques. 

Smiles, Samuel. Jasmin; barber, poet, philanthropist. 

1892 ; 92 J213S 

Longfellow translated "The blind girl of Caste! Cuill6," one of the best 
of Jasmin's poems, and in a note to the translation he says **Jasmin 
[1798-1864] . . .is to the South of France what Burns is to the South 
of Scotland, the representative of the heart of the people." 

JAY, John, 1 745-1829. 

Jay, William. Life of John Jay. 2v. 1833 r92 J223J 

V.2 contains the miscellaneous and official correspondence of Jay. 

With annotations by Isaac Craig. 

"As unprejudiced as a son's life of his father is likely to be. The Life 
occupies Vol. i. It is composed of letters patched together with what 
are scarcely more than editorial notes... The original papers contained * 
in this work give it great value for the close reader." Larned's Litera- 
ture of American history. 

Pellew, William George. John Jay. 1892. (American 

statesmen.) 92 J223P 

The same. 1899. (American statesmen.) r92 J223PI 

"Thoughtful and judicious account of the life of one of the best and 
ablest of the old Federalist statesmen ... It abounds in excerpts from 
Jay's correspondence, and gives an unusually clear picture of the 
Revolutionary period and two succeeding generations." Larned's 
Literature of American history. 

Whitelock, William. Life and times of John Jay. 1887.. 92 J223W 

"Sketch of the history of the United States during the years 1774-1800 
with Jay as the central figure. Based on the ordinary materials. Very 
favorable to Jay." Larned's Literature of American history. 

JAY, William. 

Tuckerman, Bayard. William Jay and the constitutional 

movement for the abolition of slavery. 1894 92 J2232t 

Bibliography, p. 1 71-173. 

This memoir is largely devoted to the part borne by Judge Jay in anti- 
slavery work, his relations to the abolition societies and the political 
antislavery parties. 

JEANNE d'ARC. 5r^ JOAN of ARC. • 

JEFFERIES, George, baron. See JEFFREYS, George, baron. 
JEFFERIES, Richard. 

Story of my heart; my autobiography. 1898 92 J231S 

English writer (1848-87), best known for his descriptions of nature. 
"A writer of a perfectly original type, and at the same time intensely 
English... he is unparalleled, unless by Shelley, for the eloquent ex- 
pression of the mere rapture of living, of the joy of existence in fresh 
air and clear light amid lovely landscape ... 'The Story of my Heart* 
. . .idealises the feelings and yearnings of his youth; it is hardly what 
the lad really thought, but embodies all he was to think when he 
should have intellectually come to man's estate. The one fixed point 
in it is its intense pantheism." Dictionary of national biography. 

Besant, Sir Walter. Eulogy of Richard Jefferies. 1888 92 J23ib 

List of Jefferies' works, p.366-369. 

Besant's feeling for Jefferies, according to his own confession, is 
one of "admiration pure and unalloyed." The natural result is that 
his book will be completely acceptable only to those whose enthusiasm 
is equal to his own. 


Autobiography. 1890 92 J232 

"Mr. Jefferson's style has the cadence and the color of good dramatic 
writing, with a charm that seems to be his own.. .Quaint and odd as 
were many of the personages whom he recalls for us in these pages, 
he sketches them with unfailing charity, with never a hint of acerbity, 
and with very remarkable skill . . . Something more than merely amus- 
ing. We see here the judgment of an expert with broad sjrmpathies 
and a chastened taste." Nation, 1890. 

Winter, William. Life and art of Joseph Jefferson. 1894- -92 J232W 
In his account of the long career of the actor (1829-1905) Mr Winter 


includes much of the earlier history of the American stage and ac> 
counts of some of Mr Jefferson's contemporaries. Illustrated. 


Curtis, William Eleroy. The true Thomas Jefferson. 

1901 92 J2323C 

Series of sketches showing Jefferson as lawyer, farmer, politician, author 
of the Declaration of independence, founder of the University of Vir- 
ginia, and as a scientific and literary man. The author hopes by this 
unconventional form to show Jefferson as he was and not as he has 
hitherto been presented either by strong partisans or bitter opponents. 

Lee, Henry, 1787- 1837. Observations on the writings of 
Thomas Jefferson, with reference to the attack they 
■ contain on the memory of Gen. Henry Lee. 1832 r92 J2323I 

With newspaper clippings and annotations by Judge Veech. 
The "Gen. Henry Lee" referred to is the Revolutionary officer known 
as "Light-horse Harry." 

Merwin, Henry Childs. Thomas Jefferson. 1901 92 J2323me 

Brief impartial biography. 

Morse, John Torrey. Thomas Jefferson. 1892. (Ameri- 
can statesmen.) 92 J2323m 

The same. 1899. (American statesmen.) r92 J2323mi 

"Brief popular biography based on Randall's Life and Jefferson's 
Works. Over two thirds of the book are devoted to Jefferson's of- 
ficial career after 1790, his relations to Washington, Hamilton, Ran- 
dolph, Burr, to the Louisiana purchase, and to the embargo receiving 
particular attention." Larned's Literature of American history. 

Parton, James. Life of Thomas Jefferson. 1889. 92 J2323P 

"The least valuable of the author's biographical productions, with the 
possible exception of the 'Life of Burr'... The author seems to have 
been moved by two impulses equally strong — admiration of Jefferson 
and aversion to Hamilton . . . The narrative is fascinating, but the his- 
torical value of the work is very slight." C. K. Adams, 

Pierson, Hamilton Wilcox. Jefferson at Monticello; the 

private life of Thomas Jefferson. 1862 r92 J2323pi 

Reminiscences of the manager of Jefferson's estate at Monticello from 
1800 to 1820. 

Randall, Henry Stephens. Life of Thomas Jefferson. 3v. 

1858 r92 J2323T 

"By far the most valuable of the biographies of Jefferson. It is a very 
elaborate effort to place the third President before the people... in a 
favorable light. The author. . .has brought together a large amount of 
valuable material ... It is chiefly in this material that the real im- 
portance of the volumes consists." C. K. Adams, 1888. 

Schouler, James. Thomas Jefferson. 1893. (Makers of 

America.) 92 J2323S 

Brings out clearly Jefferson's far-seeing intuition, not only in statecraft 
but also in moral and educational matters. 

Tucker, George. Life of Thomas Jefferson, with parts 

of his correspondence. 2v. 1837 r92 J2323t 

With ms. annotations by Judge Veech. 

"Formerly the standard life of Jefferson, based largely on corre- 
spondence and papers, but written with a love of the subject which 
frequently leads to a strong bias. Eulogy often takes the place of 
critical judgment." Larned's Literature of American history. 

Watson, Thomas Edward. Thomas Jefferson. 1900. 

(Beacon biographies of eminent Americans.) 92 J2323W 

Bibliography, p. 1 47-1 s o. 

"It is remarkable that so few pages can give so comprehensive an 
understanding of the immense versatility of the man, of the range of 
his interests and information and of his great and manifold services to 
state and nation." American historical review, 1901. 

JEFFREYS, George, baron. 

Bent, James. Bloody assizes; or, A compleate history of 


the life of George, lord Jefferies, from his birth to this 

present time. 1890 qr92 J234b 

Reprint of the edition of 1680. 

Author took part in Monmouth's rebellion. 

Irving, Henry Brodribb. Life of Judge Jeffreys. 1898 92 J234i 

Ingenious but unsuccessful attempt to modify the current condemnation 
of Jeffreys' character and conduct. 


Seaver, James E. Deh-he-wa-mis; or, A narrative of the 

life of Mary Jemison, called The white woman, who 

was taken captive by the Indians, 1755. 1844 r92 J253S 

Captured by the Indians as a child she lived with them in western New 

York until her death in 1828. 
"The best resume we have of incidents in the history and common life 

of the Seneca Indians." Field's Indian bibliosraphy. 

JENGIS KHAN, emperor of Tartary. 

Abbott, Jacob. History of Genghis Khan. 1888 92 j25Sa 

. The same. 1901 J92 J255a 

Account of the Mongol emperor (i 162-1277). For young people. 

JENKIN, Henrv Charles Fleeming. 

Stevenson, Robert Louis. Memoir of Fleeming Jenkin. 

1896 92 J2s6s 

The same, with Records of a family of engineers. 1896. . . .92 J256SI 

Electrical engineer, 1833-85. 

"May be read a first time for the sake of Fleeming Jenkin; it will be 
read a second time for the sake of Fleeming Jenkin's biographer. 
Mr. Stevenson has- never done a more delightful bit... of literary work 
than this Life of the man to whom he stood first in the position of 
careless pupil, and then of warm friend." Spectator, 1888. 


Largent, Hubert Augustin Pierre Joseph. Saint Jerome. 

1900. (The saints.) 92 J281I 

''Father Largent has shown us the preacher of asceticism, and at the 
same time, the man who affected the history of the church as much 
by his scholarship as by his gospel of monasticism." Athenaum, 1901. 

JERROLD, Douglas William. 

Jerrold, William Blanchard. Life and remains of Douglas 

Jerrold. 1859 92 J283J 

Anecdotal biography of the dramatist, journalist and contributor to 
"Punch," by his son. Contains also a poem and a fragment of a story. 

JESUS CHRIST. See Christology, p. 165. 

JOACHIM, Joseph. 

Moser, Andreas. Joseph Joachim; a biography, (1831- 

1899) ; tr. by Lilla Durham. 1901 92 J328m 

Appreciative biography of the famous German violinist. It admits the . 
reader to such musical centres as Vienna, Leipsic, Weimar, Hanover 
and Berlin. 


Boutet de Monvel, Maurice. Joan of Arc. 1896 qJ92 j329mo 

Gower, Lord Ronald Charles Sutherland Leveson-. Joan 

of Arc. 1893 92 J329fir 

Bibliography of Joan of Arc, p.311-321. 

Written with much enthusiasm for the subject, and aims at giving a 

picture of his heroine, rather than a discussion of controverted points. 


Lowell, Francis Cabot. Joan of Arc. 1896 92 J329I 

The same. 1896 r92 J329I 

"Learned and compact biography." Nation, 1896. 

Mr Lowell's design is to exclude the legendary element by stating just 


what is known of Joan's actual life and achievements. The result is 
that her personality stands out pure, strong and simple without arti- 
ficial light. 

Michelet, Jules. Joan of Arc. [1858.] 92 J329m 

From his "History of France." 

Oliphant, Mrs Margaret Oliphant (Wilson). Jeanne d'Arc; 

her life and death. 1896. (Heroes of the nations.).. ..92 J3290 

Popular and romantic biography from the standpoint of a warm admirer. 
Not founded on historical research. 

Tuckey, Janet. Joan of Arc, the maid. 1880 92 J329t 

Short popular sketch. 


Maxwell, Sir William Stirling-. Don John of Austria; 
or, Passages from the history of the i6th century, 1547- 
1578. 2v. 1883 qr92 J3s6in 

Bibliography, v.2, p.468-504. 

Lucid, vivid and exhaustive study with many interesting and valuable 

"The gallant son of a great father, though not himself a man either of 
genius or of commanding strength of character, he stood in the van of 
the two chief conflicts of his century — that of Christendom against 
Islam, and that of Rome and Spain against the liberties of both princes 
and peoples." Saturday review, 1884. 

JOHNSON, Andrew. 

United States — Congress. Memorial addresses on the life 
and character of Andrew Johnson, delivered in the 
Senate and House of representatives, Jan. 12, 1876. 

1876 ; qr92 J359m 

JOHNSON, Samuel, 1709-84. 

Johnsonian miscellanies; ed. by G. B. Hill. 2v. 1897 92 J36sh 

V.I contains "Anecdotes of the late Samuel Johnson during the last 
twenty years of his life," by H. L. Piozzi, and "An essay on the life 
and genius of Samuel Johnson," by Arthur Murphy. 

Boswell, James. Life of Samuel Johnson. 2v. in i. 1904. .92 J36sb2 
The same; ed. by Arnold Glover, with an introduction by 

Austin Dobson. 3v. 1901 r92 J36sb 

TA^ jom^, with Boswell's Journal of a tour to the Hebrides, 

and Johnson's Diary of a journey into north Wales; ed. 

by G. B. Hill. 6v. 1891 92 J365b 

"Assuredly a great, a very great work. Homer is not more decidedly 
the first of heroic poets, — Shakespeare is not more decidedly the first 
of dramatists, — Demosthenes is not more decidedly the first of orators, 
than Boswell is the first of biographers . . . Many of the greatest men 
that have ever lived have written biography; Boswell was one of the 
smallest men that ever lived, and he has beaten them all." Macaulay's 
Grant, Frederick Richard Charles. Life of Samuel John- 
son. 1887. (Great writers.) 92 J365g 

Bibliography, apx. p. 1-28. 
Good condensed biography. 

Johnson club. Johnson club papers. 1899 92 J365J 

Contents: Verses addressed to the editors, by G. H. Radford. — The 
transmission of Dr Johnson's personality, by Augustine Birrell. — 
Dr Johnson as a Grecian, by J. Gennadius. — Boswell's proof-sheets, 
by G. B. Hill.— The Boswell centenary, by G. B. Hill.— Dr Johnson 
and the "Gentleman's magazine," by A. W. Hutton. — Dr Johnson's 
library, by A. W. Hutton. — Some Johnson characteristics, by H. W. 
Massingham. — Dr Johnson and Lichfield, by G. H. Radford. — Dr 
Johnson and music, by J. Sargeaunt. — Dr Johnson's politics, by J. 
Sargeaunt. — Dr Johnson's associations with the law, by A. H. Spokes. 
— Dr Johnson as a correspondent, by A. West. — Round the town 
with Dr Johnson, by George Whale. — Dr Johnson as a traveller, 
by George Whale. — At the "Cheshire Cheese," by Lionel Johnson. 


The Johnson club was formed Dec. 13, 1884, at the "Cock tavern," Fleet 
St., London, exactly 100 years after Dr Johnson's death. These papers 
have been contributed by members of the club at the quarterly meet- 

Stephen, Sir Leslie. Samuel Johnson. [1878.] (English 

men of letters.) 92 J365S 

Brief but excellent study of Johnson's career with much acute criticism 
founded on a clear insight into Johnson's character and much knowledge 
of his times. 

JOHNSON, Sir William. 

Griffis, William Elliot. Sir William Johnson and the Six 

nations. 1891. (Makers of America.) 92 J366g 

"Clear and interesting view of this stirring period [ 1738-74] on the 
frontie;- and... a sympathetic study of the masterful Irish pioneer." 
Nation, 1B92. 

Stone, William Leete, 1792-1844. Life and times of Sir 

William Johnson. 2v. 1865 qr92 J366S 

This accurate and detailed study contains an excellent and thorough 
account of Indian relations in New York in the i8th century. 

JOHNSTON, Gen. Joseph Eggleston. 

Hughes, Robert William. General Johnston. 1893. 

(Great commanders.) 92 J369h 

"Its high appreciation of the great Confederate general does not pre- 
vent a candid treatment of the portions of his career which have 
been the subject of more or less controversy ... The bias toward the 
Confederate side is nowhere shown in any exaggerated or offensive 
form." Nation, 1893. 

JOHNSTON, William Graham. 

Life and reminiscences, from birth to manhood. 1901 92 J371 

The same. 1901 r92 J371 

Mr Johnston was born in Pittsburgh in 1828. His reminiscences, ex- 
tending to about the year 1850, are rich in historical data. 

JONES, Sir Edward Burne-. See Artists, p.1254. 

JONES, Harry W. 

A chaplain's experience ashore and afloat; the "Texas" 

under fire. 1901 92 J41 1 

Author was on the Texas during the Spanish-American war. 

JONES, Inigo. 

Cunningham, Peter. Inigo Jones, a life of the architect, 
[and] Remarks on some of his sketches for masques 
and dramas by J. R. Planche. 1853. (Shakespeare so- 
ciety. Publications, v. 17.) r820.8 S52 v.17 

JONES, John Paul. 

Brady, Cyrus Townsend. Commodore Paul Jones. 1900. 

(Great commanders.) 92 J4ii2br 

"Covers satisfactorily the main events of Jones's public career. It is 
written from the view-point of an ardent admirer . . . Mr. Brady's 
animated style and exuberant patriotism make his book an attractive 
one for young readers." Dial, 1900. 

Buell, Augustus C. Paul Jones, founder of the American 

navy. 2v. 1900 92 J41 12b 

List of works consulted, v.2, p.3S6-3S9. 

"These two volumes not only tell an old story well, but they have 
enough new material to clothe the old story with all the attributes of 
novelty . . . The technical knowledge of the writer has enabled him to 
develop what was one of the essential features of Jones's career; for 
the daring courage of the fighter would have been of small service 
had it not been for the sound and advanced seamanship which gave 
it a foundation." Worthington C. Ford. 


Hapgood, Hutchins. Paul Jones. 1901 92 J4ii2h 

"Authorities," p. 5-6. 

Short sketch intended particularly for young people. 

Sands, Robert Charles. Life and correspondence of J. P. 
Jones, including his narrative of the campaign of the 
Liman. 1830 r92 J4iisa 

This is what is known as the "Janette Taylor collection" and includes 
journals and other papers not contained in the Sherburne biogrr^pliy* 

Sherburne, John Henry. Life and character of John Paul 

Jones. 1825 r92 J41IS 

First life of Paul Jones published in this country. It contains hisletters 
and other papers relating to his services in the Revolutionary war, but 
does not include his journals. 

Sherburne, John Henry. Life of Paul Jones, from original 

documents. 1825 r92 J41 isi 

Condensation for publication in England of the "Life and character of 
John Paul Jones" (r92 J411S), and more interesting to the general 

JONES, William, b. 1826. 

Quaker campaigns in peace and war. 1899 92 J417 

The author is a Friend, and the book is practically an autobiography, 
giving particular prominence to his experiences while distributing the 
relief funds of the Society of Friends in France in 1870-71, in Bul- 
garia in 1876-77, and his visits to America and Australia in the inter- 
est of peace and arbitration. 

JONSON, Ben, & Drummond, William, of Hawthornden. 

Notes of conversations, 1619. 1853. (Shakespeare society. 

Publications.) r820.8 S52 v.17 


Symonds, John Addington. Ben Jonson. 1886. (English 

worthies.) 92 J423s^ 

Short critical study. 

JOSEPH II, emperor of Germany. 

Bright, James Franck. Joseph II. 1897. (Foreign states- 
men.) 92 J442l> 

"The present volume is a direct continuation of 'Maria Theresa.' " 
Prefatory note. 

JOSEPH BONAPARTE, king of Spain, & Napoleon I, em- 
peror of the French* 
Confidential correspondence; selected and tr. fr. the 

"Memoires du roi Joseph." 2v. 1856 r92 N129. 

JOSEPH BONAPARTE, king of Spain. 

Abbott, John Stevens Cabot. History of Joseph Bona- 
parte, king of Naples and Italy. 1869 92 J4422a 

A short history, for young people, of the life of the elder brother of 
the great Napoleon. 

JOSEPHINE, empress of the French. 

Abbott, John Stevens Cabot. History of Josephine. 1879. .92 J443a 
The same. 1899 J92 J443a 

Short history for children, more readable than valuable. 

Ducrest, Mme Georgette. Memoirs of the empress Jose- 
phine, with anecdotes of the courts of Navarre and Mal- 

maison. 2v. 1894 92 J443^ 

Originally published in 1828. 

"In spite of her garrulity, and her curious capacity for spoiling good 
stories, she had considerable powers of observation, and could set 
down external characteristics with entertaining facility." Athenautn, 

Imbert de Saint-Amand, Arthur Leon, baron. Citizeness 


Bonaparte. 1894 92 J443S 

Sketches life of Josephine from her marriage with Napoleon to his 
elevation to the consulship. * 

Imbert de Saint-Amand, Arthur Leon, baron. Court of 

the empress Josephine." 1894 92 J443sai 

Comprises most brilliant period of Josephine's life; from beginning of 
the empire in 1804 to 1807. 

Imbert de Saint-Amand, Arthur Leon, baron. Wife of the 

first consul. 1894 92 J443sa 

Series of vivid pictures of court of Napoleon and Josephine during 

Ober, Frederick Albion. Josephine, empress of the French. 

1895 92 J4430 

Popular gossiping biography devoting an unusual share of attention to 
Josephine's life before her marriage to Napoleon and after the divorce. 

JOWETT, Benjamin. 

Letters; ed. by Evelyn Abbott and Lewis Campbell. 1899.. 92 J476 

Contents: Church reform and the abolition of religious tests. — Educa- 
tional. — European politics. — Letters on India. — Miscellaneous. — Notes 
and sayings. 

Supplement to the "Life and letters of Benjamin Jowett," published in 

Abbott, Evelyn, & Campbell, Lewis. Life and letters of 

Benjamin Jowett. 2v. 1897 92 J476a 

"The leading intellectual and practical interests of the Master's life were 
so varied as to defy any process of cataloguing, and make it reasonable 
to say that the present biography must possess an almost unique inter- 
est for the future historian of English life and thought from the de- 
cline at Oxford of the Tractarian movement to the closing decade of 
our century." Nation, 1897. 

JUAN, don, of Austria. See JOHN of AUSTRIA, don. 

JULIAN, emperor of Rome, called the Apostate. 

Gardner, Alice. Julian, philosopher and emperor, and the 
last struggle of paganism against Christianity. 1895. 
(Heroes of the nations.) 92 Jsi3g 

Remarkably clear, fair and unprejudiced. Is particularly good in its 
chapters on his philosophy and religion, but pays less attention to his 
military career. 

JUNOT, Laure (Permon), duchesse d'Abrantes. 

Autobiography and recollections of Laura, duchess of 

Abrantes. 4v. 1893 92 N129J 

Second title-page reads "Home and court life of Napoleon and his 

Also published with the title "Memoirs of the emperor Napoleon, from 
Ajaccio to Waterloo." 

Wife of a marshal of France, and herself a well-known figure at the 
court of Napoleon, the author gives a vivid and entertaining descrip- 
tion of the life there. 

KALB, Johann, baron von. 

Kapp, Friedrich. Life of John Kalb, major-general in the 

Revolutionary army. 1884 92 Kii7k 

"Fair and unbiassed account of the service of Kalb (de Kalb) in the 
Revolutionary War, considering both sides of each question and giving 
abundant references for the statements. . .The author's account of the 
early life of his subject differs widely from the accepted descriptions." 
Larned's Literature of American history, 

KANT, Immanuel. 

Stuckenberg, John Henry Wilburn. Life of Immanuel 

Kant. 1882 92 K129S 

Appendix contains a list of works consulted. 

Devoted almost entirely to a personal study of the man in his various 
relations. Gives only an epitome of the main points of his philosophy. 


KARL WILHELM FERDINAND, herzog von Braunschweig- 
Fitzmaurice, Lord Edmond George Petty. Charles Wil- 
liam Ferdinand, duke of Brunswick; an historical study, 
1735-1806. 1901 92 Ki3Sf 

Appeared in the "Edinburgh review," v. 186-187, July 1897 and Jan. 

"Brunswick is one of the most .ill-fated figures in history. Sharing in 
the military glories of the great Frederick of Prussia. . .he was looked 
upon as the greatest general and placed at the head of the best army 
in Europe . . . Yet Brunswick's name, as Lord Edmond remarks, is 
chiefly associated in our minds with Valmy and Auerstadt — ^with the 
first check administered by France to her enemies, and with the hu- 
miliation of Prussia by Napoleon. . .The book is all too brief. . .a sug- 
gestive sketch." Athenaum, 1901. 



KAUFFMANN, Angelica. 

Gerard, Frances A. Angelica Kauffmann. 1893 92 Ki4ig 

Popular personal sketch of the artist who, little as she is now esteemed, 
was a member of the Royal academy and ranked high among English 
painters of her day. 

KAULBACH, Friedrich August von. See Artists, p.1263. 

KEATS,. John. 

Letters; ed. by H. B. Forman. 1895 92 K1S3 

Includes all letters known to exist in 1895. Illustrated with contempo- 
rary views of places visited by Keats. 

Colvin, Sidney. Keats. [1887.] (English men of letters.). .92 K153C 

Authorities, p. 5-8. 

Brief but exhaustive biography, sympathetic and suggestive criticism. 

Rossetti, William Michael. Life of John Keats. 1887. 

(Great writers.) 92 Ki53r 

Bibliography, apx. p.i-ii. 

More perfunctory and generally less valuable either for biography or 
criticism than Colvin's "Keats" (92 K153C). 

KELLER, Helen Adams. 

Chappell, Jennie. Always happy; or, The story of Helen 

Keller. [1895.] 92 Ki6sc 

Short sketch of the early life of the remarkable deaf, dumb and blind 

KELLY, James. 

Pennsylvania — House of representatives. Proceedings on 

the occasion of the death of James Kelly. 1885 r92 K1721P 

Member from Fulton county, 1881. 

KELLY, Michael. 

Reminiscences. 2v. 1826 r92 K172 

These memoirs of the actor, vocalist and composer (1764?-! 826) con- 
cerning his long career in Dublin, on the continent and in London 
are highly esteemed. At Vienna he was intimate with Mozart and 
gives much interesting and important information about him. 

KELVIN, William Thomson, baron. 

Glasgow university. Lord Kelvin, professor of natural 
philosophy in the University of Glasgow, 1846-1899, 
with an essay on his scientific work by G. F. Fitzgerald 
and an account of the celebrations on the occasion of 

Lord Kelvin's jubilee as a professor. 1899 Q92 K172 

KEMBLE, Frances Anne. 

Further records, 1848-1883. 1891 92 Ki73f 

"Principally from the year 1874 when she settled in Philadelphia, to 


1877, when she returned to Englandf and ... concerned with domestic 
particulars. Towards the end of the volume are some letters of travel 
in Switzerland, the Tyrol, and Italy, and a separate batch dating from 
1848 to 1 883... Adds very little to our knowledge of the writer or to 
her anecdotes of the past." Nation, 1891. 

Journal of a residence on a Georgian plantation, 1838-1839. 

1863 92 K173 

"The first ample, lucid, faithful, detailed account from the actual head- 
quarters of a slave plantation in this country." Atlantic monthly, 1863. 

Records of a girlhood. 1884 92 Ki73r 

Extend from 1809 to 1834. She first appeared on the stage in 1829 
and the^book contains much interesting information about the famous 
Kemble family, and particularly about the career of her father, Charles 

Records of later life. 1884 92 Ki73re 

Extend from her marriage in 1834 to 1848. Vivacious letters concerning 
life in America and her experiences after returning to England. She 
was a great favorite with many distinguished persons on both sides of 
the Atlantic and records numberless anecdotes about them. 

KEMBLE, John Philip. 

Fitzgerald, Percy. The Kembles; an account of the Kem- 
ble family, including the lives of Mrs Siddons and her 
brother John Philip Kemble. 2v. [1871.] 92 Ki732f 

Makes only the merest mention of other members than Mrs Siddons and 
her brother, John Philip. Illustrated. 

KENDAL, Mrs, (Mrs Margaret Brunton (Robertson) Grims- 
Pemberton, T. Edgar. The Kendals; a biography. 1900.. 92 Ki79p 

Popular, uncritical biography. Illustrated. 

KENNEDY, Joseph P. 

Pennsylvania — Senate. Proceedings and obituary ad- 
dresses on the occasion of the death of Joseph P. Ken- 
nedy. 1887 r92 K184P 

Senator from Philadelphia, 1883-86. 

KENT, James. 

Kent, William, lawyer. Memoirs and letters of James Kent, 

chancellor of the state of New York. 1898 92 Ki92k 

Appendix: Chancellor Kent's Memories of Alexander Hamilton. 

"It can be truly said that it is due to his life's work, more than to that 
of any other man, that the United States, from ocean to ocean, is 
controlled by the same system of jurisprudence, founded upon those 
principles of law and equity which he enunciated." 

^ KERFOOT, John Barrett, bp. 

Harrison, Hall. Life of John Barrett Kerfoot, first bishop 
of Pittsburgh, with selections from his diaries and 
correspondence. 2v. 1886 r92.Ki98h 

V.I. 1 81 6-1 864. 
V.2. 1 864-1 88 1. 

KERNER, Justinus Andreas Christian. 

Das bilderbuch aus meiner knabenzeit; erinnerungen aus 

den jahren 1786 bis 1804. 1886 92 K2IX 

Kerner (i 786-1 862) was a German lyric poet 

KING, Rufus. 

Life and correspondence, comprising his letters, public 

documents and speeches. 6v. 1894-98 r92 K266 

V.I. 1755-1794- 

V.2. 1795-1799- 

V.3. I 799-1 801. 

V.4. 180I-1806. 

V.5. 1807-1816. 

V.6. 1816-1827. 

"Valuable contribution to American political history. Concerns the later 


sessions of the Continental Congress, the formation and adoption 
of the Federal Constitution, the first United States Senate, the Jay 
treaty, and especially relations with England from 1796 to 1803. Also 
embraces the admission of Missouri." Lamed' s Literature of Amer- 
ican history. 

KING, William Rufus. 

United States — Congress. Obituary addresses on the oc- 
casion of the death of the Hon. William R. King of 
Alabama delivered in the Senate and House of repre- 
sentatives and in the Supreme court of the United 
States, 8th and 9th Dec. 1853. 1854 r92 K267U 

From 181 1 King was almost continuously in public life, dying a few 
months after his election to the vice-presidency. 

KINGSLEY, Charles. 

Kingsley, Mrs Fanny (Grenfell), ed. Charles Kingsley; 

his letters and memories of his life. 2v. 1894 92 K272k 

*'It is not merely as the author of a few clever novels, or brilliant 
essays, or pretty little poems; it is not merely as an eloquent preacher 
or capable exponent of popular science that Charles Kingsley has a 
distinctive claim to be honourably remembered. . .it is rather as one 
who, as a teacher and writer, exercised a very remarkable influence 
over others, and especially over those of a younger generation." 
Edinburgh review, 1877. 

Stubbs, Charles William, dean. Charles Kingsley and the 

Christian social movement. 1899 92 K272S 

Frederick Denison Maurice is nearly as prominent as Kingsley, of whom 
there is a most agreeable though sketchy picture, but the book is 
chiefly given to an account of the social movement of the middle 
19th century. 

KINSEY, John. 

Walton, Joseph Solomon. John Kinsey, speaker of the 
Pennsylvania assembly and justice of the Supreme 
court of the province. 1900 r92 K276W 

Short sketch of the Quaker leader (1693-1750). 

KIPLING, Rudyard. 

Clarke, William James, (pseud. G. F. Monkshood). Rud- 
yard Kipling; an attempt at appreciation. 1899 92 K278C 

"Kiplingana," p.235-236. 

Biographical and appreciative, but could hardly be called discriminating. 

Norton, Charles Eliot. Rudyard Kipling; a biographical 

sketch. 1899 92 K278n 

"Books by Rudyard Kipling," p. 23-24. 

Very brief sketch, giving only the outline of his life down to 1898. 

KIRKCALDY, Sir William. 

Barbe, Louis A. Kirkcaldy of Grange. 1897. (Famous 

Scots series.) 92 K28sb 

Straightforward, impartial account of a striking figure in the stirring 
times of Mary, queen of Scots. 

KITE, Thomas. 

Memoirs and letters. 1883 92 K298 

Minister of the Society of Friends in Philadelphia (1785-1845). The 
letters are concerned with religious or personal matters. 

KLINGER, Max. See Artists, p.1264. 
KNAUS, Ludwig. See Artists, p.1264. 
KNOX, Gen. Henry. 

Brooks, Noah. Henry Knox, a soldier of the Revolution, 

1750-1806. 1900. (American men of energy.) 92 K354b 

Gen. Knox was chief of artillery during the Revolution, the close friend 
and constant companion of Washington, first secretary of war under 
the constitution, and one of the founders of the Society of the Cin- 


Drake, Francis Samuel. Life and correspondence of Henry 
Knox, major-general in the American revolutionary 

army. 1873 q92 K354d 

"Materials for this memoir, prepared. . .for the 'Memorials of the Mass* 
achusetts Society of the Cincinnati,* have been mainly derived from 
the original letters and papers of General Knox." Preface. 

KNOX, John, 1505-72. 

Brown, Peter Hume. John Knox. 2v. 1895 92 K355b 

**In this work afe found grace of literary style, patient mastery of details, 
and that comprehensive grasp of the larger aspect of affairs which is 
to the historian what atmospheric effect is to the landscape painter." 
Athenceum, 1895. 

Harland, Marion, (pseud, of Mrs Mary Virginia (Hawes) 
Terhune). John Knox. 1900. (Literary hearth- 
stones.) 92 K3S5h 

Popular personal biography. Illustrated. 

Innes, Alexander Taylor. John Knox. 1896. (Famous 

Scots series.) 92 K355i 

Impartial, very condensed narrative making use of all the latest materials. 

M'Crie, Thomas. Life of John Knox. 1855 92 K355m 

The author has consulted, besides the usual sources of information, 
many manuscripts, especially a volume of Knox's letters which throw 
much light on his character and history. 

Maccunn, Florence A. John Knox. 1895. (Leaders of 

religion.) 92 K355ma 

Well-written short narrative. 


The Klepht and the warrior. 1892. (Adventure series.).. .92 K371 

Absorbing autobiography of this modern Greek hero, prefaced by a brief 
history of the Klephts. 

KONER, Max. See Artists, p.1264. 

KOSSUTH, Louis. 

Memories of my exile. 1894 92 K392 

Though the famous Hungarian patriot was exiled in 1849 and remained 
in exile until his death in 1894 the "Memories" deal only with the 
Italian war of 1859 and its effect on the destiny of Hungary. 

KOVALfiVSKY, Sonya. 

Recollections of childhood, with a biography by A. C. Leff- 

ler. 1895 : 92 K397 

Mme Kovalevsky was a gifted Russian mathematician and author. 

"Mr. Gladstone is right in saying that the biography of Sonia Kovalev- 
sky is a book of extraordinary interest . . . There is nothing in the world 
more interesting than to obtain fresh insight into the real nature of a 
human soul. ..The character here described is that of a woman of ex- 
traordinary intellectual powers and of extraordinary richness and force 
of character... The story of her life is intensely interesting and in- 
tensely sad." Nation, 1895. 

KRASINSKA, Frangoise, countess, afterward duchess of 
Journal; tr. fr. the Polish by Kasimer Dziekonska. 1896.. 92 K413 

"Gives, with charming naivete, a picturesque account of high life in 
Poland at the middle of the [i8th] century — a life still pervaded by 
feudal traditions and customs. . .The Countess writes with all the 
vivacity of a girl who does not suspect that the glamour will pass, but 
withal she has very keen eyes, that see just those details which pos- 
terity is most interested in and rarely finds in formal histories.'* Na- 
tion, 1895. 

KRAUTH, Charles Porterfield. 

Spaeth, Adolph. Charles Porterfield Krauth. v.i. 1898.. .92 K414S 

V.I. 1823-59. 

"By universal consent the most accomplished scholar and theologian of 


the Lutheran church in America." Appletonj^ cychpadia of American 
Was pastor of the First English Lutheran church in Pittsburgh, 1855-59. 

KROPOTKIN, Petr Alexeievitch, prince. 

Memoirs of a revolutionist. 1899 92 K425 

Appeared in the "Atlantic monthly," v.82-84, Sept. 1 898-Sept. 1899, with 

the title "The autobiography of a revolutionist." 
"Kropotkin's story is a singularly rich, diversified, and romantic one, 

and it is attractively told. Nothing more interesting in its way has 

ever been written than the chapters relating his prison life and escape. 

The book abounds in instructive pictures of Russian life and character, 

done with unconscious art." Dial, 1900. 

KRUDENER, Barbe Julie (de Wietinghoff), baronne de. 
Ford, Clarence. Life and letters of Madame de Krudener. 

1893 92 K4262f 

"Authorities consulted," p. 15-1 6. 

Bom at Riga in 1764. she led a brilliant social and intellectual life till 
she was about 30, when she was suddenly converted and devoted the 
rest of her life to the most exalted preaching and exhortation. Her 
special renown was acquired through her remarkable influence over 
the Russian emperor, Alexander I. 

"Mr. Ford's compilation from the Continental authorities is a valuable 
piece of work, and a service to English-speaking students of modem 
Russian history who constantly encounter allusions to one of the most 
famous of Russian women." Nation, 1893. 

KRUGER, Paul. 

Statham, Francis Reginald, {pseud. Francis Reynolds). 

Paul Kruger and his times. 1898 92 K426S 

Defense of the Boer president and the Boer policy. Author was for 
years a journalist in South Africa. 

KUHLAU, Friedrich Daniel Rodolph. 

Thrane, Karl. Friedrich Kuhlau. 1886 r92 K433t 

Short biography of a composer (i 786-1 832) much esteemed in his day. 

L. E. L. pseud. See LANDON, Letitia Elizabeth, afterward 

Mrs Maclean. 
LA FAROE, John. See Artists, p.1251. 
LAFAYETTE, Marie Jean Paul Roch Yves Gilbert Motier, 

marquis de. 
Adams, John Quincy. Oration on the life and character 

of Lafayette, delivered in the House of representatives, 

Dec. 31st, 1834. 1835 r92 S849 

Bound with "Biographical sketch of Charles Stewart." 

Brooks, Elbridge Streeter. True story of Lafayette. 

1899 J92 Li44b 

Burton, Alma Holman. Lafayette, the friend of American 

liberty, with an introduction by James Baldwin. 

1898 J92 Li44bu 

Simply told, for quite young children. 

Headley, Phineas Camp. Life of General Lafayette. 

1876 r92 Li44h 

With newspaper clippings and annotations by Isaac Craig. 
Popular biography. 

Memoirs of La Fayette, embracing sketches of the Ameri- 
can revolution, the French revolution, the downfall of 
Bonaparte and the restoration of the Bourbons. 1825. .r92 L144 

This narrative, hastily compiled by an anonymous writer, must not be 
confounded with Lafayette's own "Memoirs." 

Pelet de la Lozere, Privat Joseph Claramont, comte. La- 
fayette en Amerique et en France. 1867 92 L144P 

Deals at much greater length with Lafayette's career in France than 
with his American career. 


Sichel, Edith. Household of the Lafayettes. 1897 92 L1448 

Author is at her best in her general surveys of events, and she gives an 
interesting portrait of Adrienne de Lafayette, distinguished even in an 
age of notable women. Her statements are not always strictly accord- 
ing to history. Illustrated. 

Tuckerman, Bayard. Life of General Lafayette, with a 
critical estimate of his character and public acts. 2v. 
1889 92 Li44t 

"The greater part of the first volume deals with his American experi- 
ences . . . The whole of the second volume is devoted to his arduous 
labors during and after the French Revolution. The pictures of 
life in France, as painted by Mr. Tuckerman, form a brilliant addition 
to our knowledge of French history. Then comes one long swath of 
sunlight in the visit, in 1824, of Lafayette to America, and the homage 
of a grateful people." Critic, 1889. 

LAMARCK, Jean Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet, 
chevalier de. 
Packard, Alpheus Spring. Lamarck, the founder of evolu- 
tion; his life and work, with translations of his writings 
on organic evolution. 1901 92 L177P 

Bibliography of the writings of Lamarck, P.42S-443; list of biographical 
articles on Lamarck, p.444-445. 

"The most important of the pre- Darwinian writers on evolution. . .With 
the advance of scientific knowledge others have discovered laws, re- 
garding the processes of evolution, which were distinctly formulated 
by Lamarck, and it is the full exposition in English of Lamarck's own 
view upon evolution that constitutes the chief value of this volume. . . 
Chapters are added presenting Lamarck's views on the evolution of 
man, his thoughts on morals and the relation of science to religion, 
and a brief summary of the views of the more important Neo- 
Lamarckians." American journal of science, 1902. 

LAMARTINE, Alphonse de. 

Memoirs of my youth rS778c 

Bound with Stael-Holstein's "Corinne." 

LAMB, Charles. 

Letters. 2v. 1889 92 L179 

"They are not in the least like any one else's. They defy classification, 
and escape analysis. Humour and fancy run through them all, but it 
is Lamb's humour and Lamb's fancy. Nothing occurs in them but the 
unexpected." Paul's Men and letters. 

Ainger, Alfred. Charles Lamb. [1882.] (English men 

of letters.) 92 Li79a 

Short biographical and critical study. Author is one of the chief authori- 
ties on his subject. 

Hazlitt, William Carew, ed. Lamb and Hazlitt; further 

letters and records hitherto unpublished. 1899 92 H382 

Contents: The earlier Hazlitts. — ^Hazlitt's school days. — ^Hazlitt at Hack- 
ney college. — Between two paths. — A curious historiette. — ^Hazlitt's 
earlier married life. — Liber amoris, pt.2. — A packet of new Lamb notes 
and verses. 

Lucas, Edward Verrall, ed, Charles Lamb & the Lloyds; 
comprising newly-discovered letters of Charles Lamb, 
S. T. Coleridge, the Lloyds, etc. 1899 92 L179I 

"This book grew from the discovery, in 1894, of two masses of corre- 
spondence relating to the family of Charles Lloyd (i 748-1828), the 
Quaker philanthropist and banker of Birmingham. The papers., .con- 
tain upwards of twenty new letters of Charles Lamb, some of them 
worthy to rank with his best, and others, also hitherto unpublished, 
of Coleridge, Wordsworth, [and others]." Preface. 

Martin, Benjamin Ellis. In the footprints of Charles Lamb. 

1894 92 Li79m 

Bibliography, by E. D. North, p. 150-195. 

Description of the homes and places associated with Lamb. Illustrated. 


LAMB, Gen. John. 

Leake, Isaac Q. Memoir of the life and times of John 

Lamb. 1850 r92 LX791I 

"Lamb was the leader of the Sons of Liberty in New York, beginning 
with the Sump Act, and was connected with the most rabid spirits of 
the Revolution in that colony. Later, he was in the Canadian campaign, 
in command of West Point when Arnold tried to betray it, and was at 
the Yorktown surrender. His memoirs cover these topics* as well as 
the treatment of the LoyalisU in New York, the adoption of the Con- 
Btitution, and later New York politics." Lamed's Litgrature of AmgT' 
icon history, 

LAMB, Mary. 

Gilchrist, Mrs Anne (Burrows). Mary Lamb. 1883. 

(Famous women.) 92 Li79ig 

List of authorities, p.ii-ia. 

LAMB, William, viscount Melbourne. See MELBOURNE, 

William Lamb, viscount. 
LAMBALLE, Marie Th^r^se Louise de Savoie-Carignan, 

princesse de. 
Bertin, Georges. Madame de LambaHe; tr. by Arabella 

Ward. 1901 92 LiSib 

The story of Madame de Lamballe (1749-92), her intimacy with Marie 
Antoinette and her devotion to the royal family, forms an interesting 
and pathetic chapter in the history of the French revolution. This 
biography seeks to show that her murder by the mob was entirely 


Eaton, Samuel John Mills. Memorial of the Hon. Robert 

Lamberton. 1885 92 L184C 

Short sketch of a typical Scotch-Irishman who settled in Franklin, Penn- 
sylvania about 1830, and there engaged in trade and various other 

LAMPSON, Frederick Locker-. 

My confidences; an autobiographical sketch. 1896 92 L211 

"Locker-Lampson's literary acquaintance embraced most of the author* 
of his time... These recollections are cheery, consciously unaffected, 
and deliberately discursive. . .They contain capital. . .stories and some 
shrewd perspectives of character. . .Vitality is never missing. . .and 
the self -portraiture most undeniably charms." Athetntum, 1896. 
These reminiscences, which cluster about the middle years of the 19th 
century, include recollections of George Eliot, Thackeray, Dickens, 
Leigh Hunt, Carlyle, Dean Stanley and others. 
LANDON, Lctitia Elizabeth, aftenvard Mrs Maclean, {pseud. 

L. E. L). 
Blanchard, Samuel Laman. Life and literary remains of 

L. E. L. [Letitia Elizabeth Landon]. 2v. in i. i84i..r92 L227b 

English poet and novelist of early 19th century. 

"As a poetess Letitia Elizabeth Landon can only rank as a gifted 
improvisatrice. . .If not entitled to a high place in literature upon her 
own merits, she will nevertheless occupy a permanent one as a char- 
acteristic representative of her own time." Dictionary of national 

LANDOR, Walter Savage. 

Letters, private and public; ed. by Stephen Wheeler. 1899.. 92 L228 

"Lady Graves-Sawle, whom we have to thank for permitting the publica- 
tion of these private letters, is niece to that *Rose Aylmer* whom more 
than one generation has thanked for inspiring perhaps the most Hel- 
lenic of English l>Tics. Written to Lady Graves-Sawle in her unmar- 
ried youth and during the first years of her marriage, they belong 
to the last division of Lander's life and cover the period of his final 
sojourn in England and his sad exile to his death-place, Florence. . . 
We arc less grateful for the collection of public letters, rescued from 
the pages of the extinct 'Examiner.* " Saturday rez-iew, 1899. 


Colvin, Sidney. Landor. [1881.] (English men of let- 
ters.) 92 L228C 

Bibliography, p. 5-6. 

"A book the reading of which will do much to popularize this great and 
much neglected writer.'* Leypoldt & Iles's Books for girls and women. 

LANDSEER, Sir Edwin. See Artists, p.1257. 
LANIER, Sidney. 

Letters; selections from his correspondence, 1866-1881. 

1899 92 L264 

Written chiefly to Gibson Peacock. Bayard Taylor and Paul Hayne. 
Include many notes on music and musical impressions. Two portraits 
of Lanier and a facsimile of a letter to Bayard Taylor appear in the 

LARCOM, Lucy. 

New England girlhood. [1889.] 92 L323 

Recollections, by the New England poet, of her childhood in a small 
country village and of her girlhood and young womanhood in a busy 
manufacturing town. 

LAS CASAS, Bartolome de, bp. of Chiapa. See CASAS, 
Bartolome de las, bp. of Chiapa. 

LASSALLE, Ferdinand. 

Bernstein, Edward. Ferdinand Lassalle as a social re- 
former. 1893. (Social science series.) 92 L345b 

"For a full treatment of the subject it is far too incomplete, and its 
constituent parts are of purpose unequally balanced . . . But, on the 
other hand, it deals with questions almost ignored by other writers. 
and after I had had access to documents hitherto unknown to them. 
Further, it is written at the same time from a Social-Democratic and a 
critical standpoint." Preface. 

LATIMER, Hugh, bp. 

Carlyle, R. M. & Alexander James. Hugh Latimer. 1899. .92 L356C 

Authorities, p.S-6. 

"A clear, vigorous, and readable sketch of the great English Protestant 
preacher. They have nothing extenuated, and certainly they have 
set down nought in malice... The account of the sermons before Ed« 
ward VI is especially good." Literature (Eng.), 1900. 

LATUDE, Jean Henri Masers de. See MASERS de LATUDE, 

Jean Henri. 
LAUD, William, abp. of Canterbury. 

Works. 7v. in 9. 1847-60. (Library of Anglo- Catholic 

theology.) 92 L363 

V.I. Sermons. 

V.2. Relation of the conference between William Laud and Mr Fisher 
the Jesuit. 

V.3. Devotions, diary, and History of troubles and trial. 

V.4. History of troubles and trial, (continued). 

V.5, pt.i. History of his chancellorship of Oxford, &c, 

V.5, pt.2. Accounts of his province. — Visitation articles. — Injunctions 
and orders. — Statutes of Canterbury cathedral. — Canons and constitu- 
tions for the Church of Scotland, 1636. — Canons and constitutions for 
the Church of England, 1640. 

V.6, pt.i. Miscellaneous papers. — Letters. 

V.6, pt.2. Letters. — Notes on Bellarmine. 

V.7. Letters. 

Simpkinson, Charles Hare. Life and times of William 

Laud. 1894 92 L363S 

Strongly partisan biography. 

LAUNAY, Mile de. See STAAL, Marguerite Jeanne 

(Cordier), baronne de. 
LAVAL, Gilles de, baron de Retz. See RETZ, Gilles de Laval, 

baron de. 



LAMB, Gen. John. 

Leake, Isaac Q. Memoir of the life and times of John 

Lamb. 1850 r92 L1791I 

"Lamb was the leader of the Sons of Liberty in New York, beginning 
with the Stamp Act, and was connected with the most rabid spirits of 
the Revolution in that colony. Later, he was in the Canadian campaign, 
in command of West Point when Arnold tried to betray it, and was at 
the Yorktown surrender. His memoirs cover these topics, as well at 
the treatment of the Loyalists in New York, the adoption of the Con- 
stitution, and later New York politics." Lamed'* Literature of Amer- 
ican history, 

LAMB, Mary. 

Gilchrist, Mrs Anne (Burrows). Mary Lamb. 1883. 

(Famous women.) 92 Li79ig 

List of authorities, p.ii-12. 

LAMB, William, viscount Melbourne. See MELBOURNE, 

William Lamb, viscount. 
LAMBALLE, Marie Therese Louise de Savoie-Carignan, 

princesse de. 
Bertin, Georges. Madame de LambaUe; tr. by Arabella 

Ward. 1901 92 LiSib 

The story of Madame de Lamballe (1749-92), her intimacy with Marie 
Antoinette and her devotion to the royal family, forms an interesting 
and pathetic chapter in the history of the French revolution. This 
biography seeks to show that her murder by the mob was entirely 


Eaton, Samuel John Mills. Memorial of the Hon. Robert 

Lamberton. 1885 92 Li84e 

Short sketch of a typical Scotch-Irishman who settled in Franklin, Penn- 
sylvania about 1830, and there engaged in trade and various other 

LAMPSON, Frederick Locker-. 

My confidences; an autobiographical sketch. 1896 92 L211 

"Locker-Lampson's literary acquaintance embraced most of the author* 
of his time... These recollections are cheery, consciously unaffected, 
and deliberately discursive. . .They contain capital ... stories and some 
shrewd perspectives of character ... Vitality is never missing ... and 
the self-portraiture most undeniably charms." AthetKBum, 1896. 

These reminiscences, which cluster about the middle years of the 19th 
century, include recollections of George Eliot, Thackeray, Dickens, 
Leigh Hunt, Carlyle, Dean Stanley and others. 

LANDON, Letitia Elizabeth, afterward Mrs Maclean, (pseud. 
L. E. L.). 
Blanchard, Samuel Laman. Life and literary remains of 

L. E. L. [Letitia Elizabeth Landon]. 2v. in i. i84i..r92 L227b 

English poet and novelist of early 19th century. 

''As a poetess Letitia Elizabeth Landon can only rank as a g^ifted 
improvisatrice. . .If not entitled to a high place in literature upon her 
own merits, she will nevertheless occupy a permanent one as a char- 
acteristic representative of her own time." Dictionary of national 

LANDOR, Walter Savage. 

Letters, private and public; ed. by Stephen Wheeler. 1899. .92 L228 

"Lady Graves-Sawle, whom we have to thank for permitting the publica- 
tion of these private letters, is niece to that 'Rose Aylmer' whom more 
than one generation has thanked for inspiring perhaps the most Hel- 
lenic of English lyrics. Written to Lady Graves-Sawle in her unmar- 
ried youth and during the first years of her marriage, they belong 
to the last division of Lander's life and cover the period of his final 
sojourn in England and his sad exile to his death-place, Florence... 
We are less grateful for the collection of public letters, rescued from 
the pages of the extinct 'Examiner.* " Saturday review, 1899. 


LEE, Gen. Robert Edward. 

Anderson, Archer. Robert Edward Lee; an address de- 
livered at the dedication of the monument to Gen. Lee. 
1890. r92 D3i9d 

Bound with Daniel's "Oration on the life of Jefferson Davis." 
Cooke, John Esten. Robert E. Lee. 1893 92 L526IC 

"This Life, though one of the earliest published, remains one of the 
best biographies of Lee. It is an affectionate, reverential estimate of 
the Confederate chief, full and accurate enough to be a trustworthy 
guide, and broad enough to command respect... It is strongly Con- 
federate, but free from bitterness.'* Lamed' s Literature of American 

Lee, Fitzhugh. General Lee. 1895. (Great com- 
manders.) 92 L526ile 

Admirable in its high estimate of Gen. Lee's character, and contributing 
much interesting matter. By Lee's nephew. 

Long, Gen. Armistead Lindsay. Memoirs of Robert E. 

Lee. 1887 92 LS261I 

"The greatest value of Gen. Long's book is found in his reminiscences 
of his personal association with Lee, and in his reports of the conduct 
and opinions of his chief as they were seen and heard by himself. 
The narrative of Lee's early life and his service in the army of the 
United States prior to the Civil War is also more full than usual." 
Larned's Literature of American history. 

Odell, Samuel W. Lives and campaigns of Grant and Lee; 
a comparison and contrast, with introductory reminis- 
cences by O.O.Howard and J.P.Newman. 1895 92 G7890 

Trent, William Peterfield. Robert E. Lee. 1899. (Beacon 

biographies of eminent Americans.) 92 L526it 

Bibliography, p. 132-135. 

Brief sketch written with great admiration of the man, but with little 
admiration for the political beliefs for which he fought. 

White, Henry Alexander. Robert E. Lee and the Southern 
confederacy, 1807-1870. 1897. (Heroes of the na- 
tions.) 92 L5261W 

Author had the use of Gen. Lee's letters and papers and gives a spirited 
narrative of his campaigns, but is less successful in presenting the man 

LEECH, John. 

Frith, William Powell. John Leech; his life and work. 2v. 

1891 92 L529f 

Apart from his work there is little to say of the life of the artist best 
known perhaps through his connection with "Punch," and these two 
volumes are principally occupied by a discussion of his work, fully il- 
lustrated with reproductions of his drawings. 

LEETH, John. See LEITH, John. 

LEGOUVfi, Ernest. 

Sixty years of recollections; tr. by A. D. Vandam. 2v. 

1893 92 LS49 

The versatile and amiable lecturer and dramatist, author of "Adrienne ^ 

Lecouvreur" and other successful dramas, knew everybody in the 
literary and artistic world of Paris and his "Recollections," which be- 
gin about 1820, are full of interest 

LEIBL, Wilhelm. See Artists, p.1264. 

LEICESTER, Simon de Montfort, earl of. See MONTFORT, 

Simon de, earl of Leicester. 
LEIGHTON, Frederic, lord. See Artists, p.1258. 

LEITH, John. 

Short biography; a reprint, with notes by C. W. Butterfield. 


1883 rpa L569 

With annotations by Isaac Craig and autc^^aph letter tyy C W. Butter- 

Leith was taken prisoner by the Indians in 177s and remained among 

them for 18 years, most of which were spent in the wilds of western 

Pennsylvania and Ohio. His narrative tells of his adventures and 


LEJEUNE, Louis Francois, baron.. 

Memoirs; tr. and cd. fr. the original French by Mrs Arthur 

Bell. 2v. 1897 92 LS7I 

Lejeune was aide-de-camp to marshals Berthier, Davout and Oudinot. 

"The charm of [the memoirs] consists in this, that, cultivated, brilliant, 
and gallant soldier as Lejeune was, he was essentially, and always 
remained, an artist who bad become a soldier rather than a soldier 
who had taken to art." Introduction. 

LELAND, Charles Godfrey. 

Memoirs. 1893 92 L573 

"Records to 1870 of a life of unusual variety of event. Candid and rich 
in reminiscence and humor. Leland [is] widely known as 'Hans 
Breitmann.' " A, L. A. catalog, 1904. 

LEMON, John A. 

Pennsylvania — Senate. Memorial proceedings upon the 

death of John A. Lemon. 1897 r92 Ls89m 

Member of the state senate at different times from 1872 to 1895, and 
held other offices. 

LEMON, Michael B. 

Pennsylvania — House of representatives. Proceedings and 
obituary addresses on the occasion of the death of 
Michael B. Lemon. 1895 r92 L5892P 

Member of the House of representatives from Allegheny county, 1887-95. 

LENBACH, Franz. See Artists, p. 1264. 

LEO X, pope. 

Roscoe, William. Life and pontificate of Leo X. 2v. 

1853 92 L6i9ir 

Though first published in 1805 it has remained an authority on this im- 
portant period. It treats not only of the personal history of the pope, 
but also of the general history of Italy and especially considers the 
revival of letters and of the fine arts. 

LEO XIII, pope. 

McCarthy, Justin. Pope Leo XIII. 1896. (Public men 

of to-day.) 92 L6i9m 

Excellent sketch from sympathetic standpoint of the pope's personality, 
career and attitudes toward public questions. 

Narfon, Julien de. Pope Leo XIII; his life and work; tr. 

fr. the French by G. A. Raper. 1899 92 L6i9n 

"The object of the present volume is not so much to narrate the public 
acts of his administration, as to furnish a faithful account of the 
daily life and personal traits and character of the pope." 

Talbot, James F. coftip. Pope Leo XIII; his life and let- 
ters. 1886 92 L6i9t 

Includes "Useful information, also a pronouncing dictionary of Catholic 
words, phrases, etc.," p.405-512. 

LEONARDO da VINCI. See Artists, p.1279. 

LEPAGE, Jules Bastien-. See Artists, p. 1270. 

LESSEPS, Ferdinand, vicomte de. 

Smith, George Barnett. Life and enterprises of Ferdinand 

de Lesseps. 1893 92 L648S 

Popular account of his work in connection with the Suez canal and the 
Panama project. 


LESSING, Gotthold Ephraim. 

Rolleston, Thomas William Hazen. Life of Gotthold 

Ephraim Lessing. 1889. (Great writers.) 92 L649r 

Bibliography, apx. p. 1-15. 

Condensed but vivid and truthful study, detailed enough for ordinary 

purposes. Particularly good for its exposition of and comment on 

Lessing's works. 

Sime, James. Lessing. 2v. 1877 92 L649S 

Account of Lessing's life with a minute analysis of his writings and full 
comment on them. 

LESUEUR, Eustache. 

Dussieux, Louis £tienne. Nouvelles recherches sur la vie 
et les ouvrages d'Eustache Le Sueur, avec un catalogue 
des dessins de Le Sueur. 1852 92 L642d 

Short biographical and critical sketch, with no illustrations. 

LEWES, Mrs Mary Ann (Evans). See ELIOT, George, pseud, 

LEWIS, Meriwether. 

Lighten, William Rheem. Lewis and Clark; Meriwether 

Lewis and William Clark. 1901 92 L674I 

Short sketch of the two pioneers and their famous expedition from the 
Mississippi river to the Pacific ocean. 


Douglas, Robert Kennaway. Li Hungchang. 1895. (Pub- 
lic men of to-day.) ' 92 L695d 

Successful short sketch of the public career of the Chinese statesman. 
Comes down to 1895. 

LIDDELL, Henry George. 

Thompson, Henry Lewis. Henry George Liddell, dean of 

Christ church, Oxford; a memoir. 1899 92 L686t 

"Liddell popularized scholarship. It is difficult to imagine how the 
world learnt Greek in the pre-Liddell and Scott days. . .He has... 
found. . .an admirable biographer." Spectator, 1899. 

LIEBER, Francis. 

Harley, Lewis Reifsneider. Francis Lieber; his life and 

political philosophy. 1899 1 92 L69ih 

Bibliography, p. 1 99-207. 

Lieber was a German political refugee who occupied the chair of history 
and political science at Columbia university from 1857 till his death, 
and was the author of various books on political science. 

LIEBERMANN, Max. See Artists, p.1264. 

LIEBIG, Justus, baron von. 

Shenstone, William Ashwell. Justus von Liebig; his life 

and work, 1803-1873. 1895. (Century science series.).. 92 L692S 
"While it possesses literary charm of its own, gives a clear and at the 

same time, critical summary of the work and writings of the great 

chemist." Nature, 1895. 

LIGNE, Charles Joseph, prince de. 

Memoirs, letters and miscellaneous papers; selected and tr. 

by K. P. Wormeley. 2v. 1899 i 92 L69SI 

List of publications relating to the prince de Ligne, v.i, p.42-43. 

Austrian general, born in 1735. 

"He fought through the Seven Years War, and his sword was always 
unsheathed when opportunity favoured him ... Through all the years 
of inaction he had but one ambition — happiness. . .He went every- 
where, he knew everybody, he read everything. The Emperor Joseph, 
the great Frederick, Catherine herself, were among his friends. . .His 
works are a pleasant commentary upon the grave history of half a 
century." Spectator, 1899. 

LIGNE, Helene (Massalska), princesse de. See POTOCKA, 
H^lene (Massalska), comtesse. 


LILFORD, Thomas Littleton Powys, baron. 

Drewitt, Mrs Caroline Mary (Powys). Lord Lilford, 
Thomas Littleton, fourth baron; a memoir, by his sister. 
1900. 92 L696d 

"It was as an ornithologist that Lord Lilford was chiefly famed... The 
most interesting part of this memoir will be found in the letters writ- 
ten at various times to his friends. They show the character of the 
man, as well as his intimate knowledge and great love of animal life, 
and especially of birds. The illustrations are chiefly of birds from the 
collection at Lilford Hall... live birds, which were kept in a state of 
freedom only second to nature." Knowledge^ 1901. 

LINCOLN, Abraham. 

Abraham Lincoln, his book; a facsimile reproduction of 
the original, with an explanatory note by J. McC. Davis. 
1901 r92 L7isa 

"Facsimile reproduction of a small leather-covered memorandum book 
owned by Lincoln during the campaign of 1858. It reproduces both 
the newspaper clippings and the autograph notes which the owner put 
into it, and constitutes a curious and interesting souvenir of the great 
President." Dial, 1901. 

Arnold, Isaac Newton. Life of Abraham Lincoln. 1893 92 L7i5a 

"History of Lincoln's political life almost exclusively. . .The portion 
which deals with' Lincoln's personality is... small, and the new 
material meagre." Nation, 1885. 

Brooks, Elbridge Streeter. True story of Abraham Lin- 
coln. 1896. (Children's lives of great men.) J92 L7i5br 

Brooks, Noah. Abraham Lincoln; a biography for young 

people. 1893 J92 L7isbro 

Brooks, Noah. Abraham Lincoln and the downfall of 

American slavery. 1894. (Heroes of the nations.) ..92 L7isb 

"Good specimen of the so-called popular style of history, treating its 
subject in a heroic light rather than as a man. Especially full on the 
legends of the early life of Lincoln ... Strongly biased against the 
South." Larned's Literature of American history. 

Butterworth, Hezekiah. In the boyhood of Lincoln. 

1896 J92 L7isbu 

Sketch of Abraham Lincoln's boyhood and of the influences under which 
his character developed; gives many anecdotes and traditions. 

Carpenter, Francis Bicknell. Inner life of Abraham Lin- 
coln; six months at the White house. 1869 92 L7i5ca 

While painting a historical picture the author saw much of the inner 
life at the White house and often had short conversations with the 
president. Gives many anecdotes and incidents. 

Chittenden, Lucius Eugene. Recollections of President 

Lincoln and his administration. 1891 92 L7i5ch 

Author was register of the treasury during Lincoln's administration, and 
a personal friend of the president. 

Choate, Joseph Hodges. Abraham Lincoln. 1900 92 L7i5cho 

An address delivered before the Edinburgh philosophical institution, 

Nov. 13, 1900. 
Eulogy emphasizing the part Lincoln bore in preserving the integrity 

of the American union. 

Coffin, Charles Carleton. Abraham Lincoln. 1893 J92 L715C 

Cravens, Frances. Story of Lincoln, for children. 1900. . J92 L7i5cr 
Dana, Charles Anderson. Lincoln and his cabinet. 1896. .92 L7i5d 

"Mr. Dana was employed in the War Department, and his reminiscences 
concern chiefly Stanton and Lincoln. His estimates of the different 
men are brief but judicious. He gives many anecdotes of Lincoln." 
Larned's Literature of American history, 

Gallaher, James E. Best Lincoln stories tersely told. 

1898 92 L7i5g 


LINCOLN, Abraham — continued. 

The same. 1898 J92 L7i5g 

Hapgood, Norman. Abraham Lincoln, the man of the 

people. 1900 92 L7i5ha 

"It is not easy to imagine that anyone would think so well of Lincoln 
after reading this book as before, could they not appeal from it to 
other and more comprehensive representations. This does not mean 
that Mr. Hapgood has had the intention of writing Lincoln down. 
He writes more things that are favorable to him than the reverse, 
and lavishes upon him many strains of generous and lofty praise. 
But he seems to do these things. . .from a sense of duty; while be 
tells the vulgar story and reports the political indirection with as 
much relish as conscientiousness . . . Somehow the emphasis appears 
to be upon the lower things." Nation, 1899. 

Herndon, William Henry, & Weik, J. W. Abraham Lin- 
coln. 2v. 1895 92 L7ish 

Mr Herndon was for 20 years Lincoln's friend and law partner. Most 
of the work is given up to the incidents of Lincoln's boyhood and early 
manhood, and it gives no adequate estimate of his place in history, nor 
of his conduct of national affairs. 

Lamon, Ward Hill. Recollections of Abraham Lincoln, 

1847-1865. 1895 92 L715I 

"Miscellaneous collections of alleged anecdotes and reminiscences, some 
of which are true and some decidedly untrue, notably the one about 
the Gettysburg address. . .Its principal value lies in facsimile repro- 
ductions of an autograph memorandum by Mr. Lincoln, and one or 
two autograph letters." Xarned's Literature of American history. 

Leland, Charles Godfrey. Abraham Lincoln and the aboli- 
tion of slavery in the United States. 1879. (Makers 
of history.) 92 L7i5le 

Brief popular biography. 

McKinley, William. Abraham Lincoln; an address before 

the Marquette club, Chicago, Feb. 12, 1896 r92 L7iSmc 

Morse, John Torrey. Abraham Lincoln. 2v. 1894. 

(American statesmen.) 92 L7iSm 

The same. 2v. 1899. (American statesmen.) r92 L7i5mi 

Should have given more attention to Lincoln's life before the Civil 
war. Of all Lincoln's gifts, that of knowing the public mind, and find- 
ing his way to the public heart, was the most precious to the country. 
It is a great merit of this book that it holds this trait constantly be- 
fore the reader's eye, although the author is himself too much dazzled 
by it. While Mr Morse cautions his readers very properly against the 
apotheosis of Lincoln by Nicolay and Hay, yet he is constantly sliding 
into the tone of idolatry in a lesser degree. Adapted from Nation, 
Nicolay, John George, & Hay, John. Abraham Lincoln; a 

history. lov. 1890 92 L7iSn 

The authors, as private secretaries to President Lincoln, stood in most 
intimate and confidential relations with him, and had his approval of 
this history for which they began to prepare during the war. Their 
work is really a history of the period with Lincoln as the central 
figure, particular attention naturally being given to the political 
struggle preceding the war, and to the narrative of military events. 

Oldroyd, Osborn Hamiline. Assassination of Abraham 

Lincoln; flight, pursuit, capture and punishment of the 

conspirators. 1901 92 L71S0 

Many illustrations. 

Pitman, Benn, comp. Assassination of Lincoln and the trial 

of the conspirators. 1865 r92 L715P 

Authentic record of the trial, including the testimony, addresses of 
counsel, documentary evidence, and the findings and sentences. 

Putnam, M. Louise. Children's life of Abraham Lincoln. 


LINCOLN, Abraham — continued, 

1893 J92 L715P 

Rice, Allen Thorndike, ed. Reminiscences of Lincoln, by- 
distinguished men of his time. 1888 92 L7i5r 

The same. 1888 r92 L7isr 

The "distinguished men" were nearly all prominent in the civil and 
military service of the government during the Civil war. Better for 
its personal characterizations and the idea it gives of the spirit of the 
time than for concise and definite historical statement. 

Schurz, Carl. Abraham Lincoln. 1892 92 L715S 

Appeared in the "Atlantic monthly" v.67, June 1891. 
Noteworthy short sketch of the character and achievements of the great 

Scripps, John Locke. First published life of Abraham 

Lincoln, written in i860. 1900 qr92 L715S 

"The extreme rarity of a campaign life of Lincoln, by John Locke 
Scripps of the Chicago Tribune, in i860, and published conjointly by 
that journal and by the New York Tribune, justifies the reprinting of 
it since it is the earliest in existence. It is a good specimen of its 
class, and had the advantage of some communications from the sub- 
ject of it." Nation, 1900. 

Selby, Paul, comp. Life, stories and speeches of Abraham 

Lincoln. 1900 92 L7i5se 

Contains a short biography of Lincoln, stories of his early life, inci- 
dents from his presidential career, stories of the war, a few charac- 
teristic letters and a selection of his speeches. 

Stoddard, William Osborn. Abraham Lincoln; the true 
story of a great life, showing the inner growth, special 
training and peculiar fitness of the man for his work. 
1896 92 L7i5st 

"Mr. Stoddard has the advantage of having been one of Lincoln's private 
secretaries. . .The book is too much of an essay about Lincoln to 
take rank as a satisfactory biography, but it contains much that is 
discriminating and penetrating in its portraiture, not only of Mr. 
Lincoln, but of the men who were about him." Atlantic monthly, 

Tarbell, Ida Minerva. Life of Abraham Lincoln; drawn 

from original sources, and containing many speeches, 

letters and telegrams hitherto unpublished. 2v. 1900.. 92 L7iSt 
"The distinctive value of Miss Tarbell's Life of Lincoln lies in the 
fact that it is to some extent based on independent research and 
contains a considerable amount of new and interesting information. 
This information is the fruit of the systematic and extensive inquiries 
instituted in 1894 by the proprietors of 'McClure's Magazine'. . .This 
matter was largely embodied in the two series of articles by Miss 
Tarbell which appeared in 'McClure's Magazine' during the past five 
years... Both series, in a revised and supplemented form, are pub- 
lished in the present volumes." Dial, 1900. 

United States — State department. Assassination of Lin- 
coln and the attempted assassination of W. H. Seward 
and F. W. Seward; expressions of condolence and 
sympathy. 1867 qr92 L715U 

The satne. 1866 r327 U25p 

Being appendix to Diplomatic correspondence of 1865. 

LINCOLN, Mrs Nancy (Hanks). 

Hitchcock, Mrs Caroline (Hanks). Nancy Hanks; the 

story of Abraham Lincoln's mother. 1899 92 L7i6h 

Mrs Hitchcock here establishes by new documents and facts obtained 
in her genealogical researches, the true story of the life of President 
Lincoln's mother. 

LIND, Jenny, afterward Mme Goldschmidt. 

Holland, Henry Scott, & Rockstro, W. S. Memoir of 



Madame Jenny Lind-Goldschmidt. 2v. 1891 92 "Lyiyh 

Most of the two volumes is devoted to her career as an opera singer, 
and the narrative ends with her retirement from the operatic stage 
in 1 85 1. Illustrated. 


Story, Alfred Thomas. Life of John Linnell. 2v. 1892.. 92 L726S 
Though Linnell was an artist he was interested in many other things, 
and this book describes his interesting personality as well as his work 
as a painter. It is illustrated with reproductions of his work, both 
landscapes and portraits, and has a list of his pictures. 

LIPPI, Fra Filippo. See Artists, p. 1280. 
LISZT, Franz. 

Brief e; hrsg. von La Mara. 8v. 1893-1905 92 L738b 

v. I. Von Paris bis Rom. 
v.2. Von Rom bis an's ende. 
v.3. Briefe an eine freundin. 

v.4-7. Briefe an die ftirstin Carolyne Sayn-Wittgenstein. 
V.8. Virtuosen- und wanderjahre, 1823-1847. — Weimar, 1848-1859. — 
Rom, 1 862-1 868. — Weimar, Pest, Rom, 1 869-1 886. 

Letters; tr. by Constance Bache. 2v. 1894 92 L738 

LISZT, Franz, & Wagner, Richard. 

Correspondence; tr. by Francis Hueffer. 2v. 1897 92 W134 

v.i. 1841-1853. 

V.2. 1854-1861. , 

"All these letters are of inestimable value to Wagner students." H. E, 

LISZT, Franz. 

Nohl, Ludwig. Life of Liszt; tr. fr. the German by G. P. 

Upton. 1892. (Biography of musicians.) 92 L738n 

The same. 1884. (Biography of musicians.) r92 L738n 

Brief popular biography, dealing particularly with his musical achieve- 

Wohl, Janka. Franz Liszt; erinnerungen einer landsman- 

nin. 1887 r92 L738W 

Author knew Liszt well, and the book records many of his conversations 
with her. A record of the man rather than of the musician, with 
many interesting anecdotes. 


Hunt, Charles Havens. Life of Edward Livingston. 1864. .r92 L748h 

"Livingston's life is of special interest because of his preparation of a 
penal code for Louisiana which gave him a great reputation, not only 
in this country but in Europe. He was closely identified with Presi- 
dent Jackson's administration, and, it is generally understood, had 
much to do with the preparation of Jackson's important papers." 
Larned's Literature of American history. 


Blaikie, William Garden. Personal life of David Living- 
stone, chiefly from his unpublished journals. 1894.... 92 L749b 

"Reveals most clearly the character of Livingstone, the intense religious 
faith which permeated every act of his life, his exact sense of justice, 
his earnestness of purpose, his unconquerable will, his disregard of 
comfort, the joyous enthusiasm of his earlier years, and the pathetic 
sadness of his later ones." Nation, 1881. 

Hughes, Thomas. David Livingstone. 1893. (English 

men of action.) 92 L749h 

Short and readable biography, not going deeply into any question of 
Livingstone's achievements as an explorer. 

LOCKE, John. 

Bourne, Henry Richard Fox. Life of John Locke. 2v. 

1876 92 L759b 

Full account of his life and system of philosophy, based on all available 
sources of information. 


Fowler, Thomas. Locke. [1880.] (English men of let- 
ters.) 92 L7S9f 

A large part of the book is given to an account of the events of Locke's 
life, and the rest to exposition and criticism of his works. 

LOCKER-LAMPSON, Frederick. See LAMPSON, Frederick 

LOCKHART, John Gibson. 

Lang, Andrew. Life and letters of John Gibson Lock- 
hart. 2v. 1897 92 L762I 

"As a man of letters, Lockhart is a fascinating, if not a prominent, fig- 
ure... but to the majority he will never be more than the biogrrapher 
of Scott... What here enhances even Mr. Lang's wonted charm of 
style is the pervading note of devoted admiration for the great min- 
strel, and of gratefully affectionate regard ... toward his faithful son 
and biographer." Academy, 1896. 

LOCKWOOD, Sir Francis. 

Birrell, Augustine. Sir Frank Lockwood; a biographi- 
cal sketch. 1898 92 L763b 

"Sir Frank Lockwood's career presents nothing in itself worthy of 
special record; his utterances, happy and effective as they were, have 
little claim to be remembered; but he was among the most charming 
and most loved personalities of his age, and it is the man himself that 
Mr. Birrell has endeavored to portray.'* Spectator, 1898. 

Illustrated with reproductions of Lockwood's caricatures. 


Mayer, Brantz. Tah-gah-jute; or, Logan and Cresap; an 

historical essay. 1867 r92 C879m 

LOGAN, George. 

Logan, Mrs Deborah (Norris). Memoir of Dr George 
Logan of Stenton, with selections from his correspon- 
dence; ed. by F. A. Logan. 1899 qr92 L775I 

Published by the Historical society of Pennsylvania. 
George Logan was a prominent politician in the early days of the Re- 
public. In 1798 he visited France with the object of averting war 
between that country and the United States. Born in Pennsylvania, 
he was for several years a member of the state legislature, and during 
1801-07 represented her in the United States senate. 

LONGFELLOW, Henry Wadsworth. 

Carpenter, George Rice. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. 

1901. (Beacon biographies of eminent Americans.).. ..92 L828C 

Bibliography, p. 147-1 50. 

Brief biography and just, discriminating and appreciative criticism. 

Longfellow, Samuel. Life of Henry Wadsworth Long- 
fellow, with extracts from his journals and correspon- 
dence. 3v. 1893 92 L828I 

Bibliography of Longfellow's works, v. 3, p.427-441. 

The authoritative biography. 

"Full and delightful history of the external aspects of a lettered life in 
a refined society, as it was led by a man who fulfilled his duties in 
the varied relations of his sphere in a way that made his days beauti< 
ful and his memory a humanizing influence upon all who have any 
perception of the sources of its charm." Nation, 1886. 

Robertson, Eric Sutherland. Life of Henry Wadsworth 

Longfellow. 1887. (Great writers.) 92 L828r 

An appreciative and sympathetic monograph. 


May, Joseph. Samuel Longfellow; memoir and letters. 

1894 92 L828im 

Samuel Longfellow was a brother of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and 
himself the writer of some fine hymns, much used in the Unitarian 
denomination, of which he was a clergyman. 


LONGUEVILLE, Anne Genevieve de Bourbon-Conde, 
duchesse de. 
Cock, Mrs Alfred. Life of Madame de Longueville 

(Anne-Genevieve de Bourbon). 1899 92 L844C 

Mme de Longueville (1619-79), sister of the great Cond6, was in her 
youth an ornament of the Hotel de Rambouillet, became the heroine 
of the Fronde, and in later life was attached to the Jansenists and the 
community of Port Royal. 

"In that adventurous time there is no figure so romantic as that of the 
beautiful Duchess, and no story so exciting as that of her expeditions, 
her treaties, her narrow escapes, the sad disenchantment of the last 
days at Bordeaux, when treachery hastened the death of the Fronde 
and Mazarin's victory. Throughout those reckless years, in spite of 
terrible mistakes and severe punishment, Madame de Longueville 
may be said to have been the good angel of a bad cause." Spectator, 

LORD, John. 

Twombly, Alexander Stevenson. Life of John Lord. 

1896 920 L86b V.8 

The same. 1896 r920 L86b v.8 

Bound with Lord's "Beacon lights of history," v.8. 

LORRAIN, Claude. See Artists, p. 1270. 

LORRAINE, Henri I de, due de Guise. See GUISE, Henri 

I de Lorraine, due de. 
LORTZING, Gustav Albert. 

Diiringer, Philipp Johann. Albert Lortzing; sein leben und 

wirken. 1851 r92 L89id 

Short biography of a composer (1803-51) of light operas which arc 
still constantly performed in Germany. 

LOTI, Pierre, {pseud, of Julien Viaud). *?' 

Le roman d'un enfant. 1895 92 L9i6r 

Story of a child; tr. fr. the French by C. F. Smith. 1901 92 L916 

Reminiscences of the author's own childhood. 

"These reminiscences date back to the second year, so that the narra- 
tive surpasses in retrospective reach all other records of childish ex- 
perience. . .They give us in an almost startling vividness impressions 
of particular moments, sudden and transient awakenings of childish 
'clairvoyance*. . .The writer... has the true feeling for child-nature, 
its original way of envisaging things, its questionings, its pathetic 
isolation It is as if he were writing of another, of one whose inner- 
most secrets had revealed themselves to him." James Sully, in Long- 
man's magazine, 1891. 

LOTTO, Lorenzo. See Artists, p. 1280. 

LOUIS IX, king of France. 

Perry, Frederick. Saint Louis, the most Christian king. 

1901. (Heroes of the nations.) 92 L9273P 

Covers the period of French history from 1224 to 1270 and emphasizes 
the influence Louis IX exerted in developing the system of monarchic- 
al government. 
Sepet, Marius. Saint Louis, with a preface by George 

Tyrell. 1899 92 L9273S 

Study of the character of the man, emphasizing his moral and religious 
nature, rather than an historical study. 

LOUIS XIV, king of France. 

Abbott, John Stevens Cabot. History of Louis XIV. 

1870 92 L927ia 

Hassall, Arthur. Louis XIV and the zenith of the French 

monarchy. 1895. (Heroes of the nations.) 92 L927ih 

Notes on authorities, p. 15-16. 

"A just estimate of an extraordinary character. . .When the record of 
events is condensed into small space there is little opportunity for 


picturesque description, for glowing portrayal of character or of 
famous scenes, and these he has not attempted. His review of Louis 
XIV.'s reign is eminently correct and just in its general outUnet." 
American historical review, 1896. 

LOUIS XVII, titular king of France. 
Beauchesne, Alcide Hyacinthe du Bois de. Louis XVII; 
his life, his suffering, his death; tr. and ed. by W. Haz- 
litt. 2v. 1853 r92 L9273b 

Can hardly be considered as history. It is strongly royalist in its 
sympathy, has a decidedly romantic coloring and gives many details 
of more than doubtful authenticity. 

Perceval, Charles George, tr. Abridged account of the 

misfortunes of the dauphin; tr. fr. the French. 1838.. r92 L9273P 
Memoir of Hubert, calling himself duke of Normandy, one of the many 

imposters who have claimed tp be Louis XVII escaped from the 



the French. 
LOUIS PHILIPPE, king of the French. 

Abbott, John Stevens Cabot. History of Louis Philippe. 

1871 92 L9272a 

Hudson, Elizabeth Harriot. Life and times of Louisa, 
queen of Prussia, with a sketch of Prussian history. 2v. 
1876 92 L927h 

Gossiping popular biography. 

L'OUVERTURE, Frangois Dominique Toussaint. See 
TOU^AINT L'OUVERTURE, Francois Dominique. 

LOVELAND, Solomon M. 

Pennsylvania — House of representatives. Proceedings on 
the occasion of the death of Solomon M. Loveland. 
1885 r92 L943P 

Member from Mercer county, 1881. 

LOW, Harriet, afterward Mrs Hillard. See HILLARD, Mrs 

Harriet (Low). 
LOWELL, James Russell. 

Letters; ed. by C. E. Norton. 2v. 1894 92 L957 

"So far as Mr. Norton's volumes represent Mr. Lowell, they represent 
him most delightfully and yet most fairly, and... there has not, on 
the whole, been a collection of English letters of such rich and varied 
quality since those of John Keats." Nation, 1893. 

"From first to last, the one impression, inclusive of all others, that 
these letters make, is that Lowell the writer and Lowell the man were 
absolutely one. . .And while they do not alter, but confirm our previ- 
ous apprehension of his personality, they add one of capital impor- 
tance to the known variety of his gifts — a gift for writing letters of 
such brightness and such beauty that they are a permanent addition 
to one of the most delightful satisfactions which the past affords the 
present and the coming time." Forum, 1894. 

Curtis, George William. James Russell Lowell. 1893 92 L957C 

Address before the Brooklyn institute on the character of Lowell. 

Hale, Edward Everett. James Russell Lowell and his 

friends. 1899 92 L957h 

Dr Hale was in college with Lowell and much of his life was spent 
among the same surroundings, so that he has personal recollections 
of the people, the places and the affairs in which Lowell himself was 
engaged. It gives an admirable review of the latter half of the 19th 
century in eastern New England. 

Hale, Edward Everett, ;V. James Russell Lowell. 1899. 


(Beacon biographies of eminent Americans.) 92 L957ha 

Bibliography, p. 124-128. 

"The value of the book is in its discussion of Lowell as a force in the 

literature and society which were taking form about him." Nation, 


Scudder, Horace Elisha. James Russell Lowell; a biogra- 
phy. 2v. 1901 92 L9S78 

List of the writings of Lowell, arranged as nearly as may be in order 
of publication, v.2, p.42 1-447. 

"Mr. Scudder was pre-eminently interested in Lowell as a man of letters; 
was interested moreover not in his influence on others, but in the im- 
pressions made by friends, by passing events, by literature, by family 
misfortune on the mind and spirit of LoweU himself." American 
historical review, 1902. 

Underwood, Francis Henry. James Russell Lowell; a bio- 
graphical sketch. 1897 92 L957U 

"Mr. Underwood's sketch is perhaps a trifle over-colored by his warm 
personal admiration of the subject, but it is well written and interest- 
ing and full of pleasant biographical and literary details." Dial, 1882. 

LOYOLA, Ignatius de, St. See IGNATIUS de LOYOLA, St. 

LUBBOCK, Francis Richard. 

Six decades in Texas; or. Memoirs of Francis Richard Lub- 
bock; a personal experience in business, war and poli- 
tics; ed. by C. W. Raines. 1900 r92 L967 

Lubbock was governor of Texas in war-time, 1861-63. He does not 
claim that his work is a history of Texas, but a personal memoir inter- 
spersed with such public events as he recalled when writing it. It 
extends over the entire life of the Republic and the Confederacy, 
coming down to the present time (1900). 

LUCA della ROBBIA. See Artists, p.1207, 1208. 

LUDLOW, Roger. 

Taylor, John Myers. Roger Ludlow, the colonial law- 
maker. 1900 92 L974t 

"Bibliographical notes," p. 163-166. 

"The salient feature of Ludlow's career... was his large share in origi- 
nating and putting into practical operation the original laws of Con- 
necticut. When, after the Pequot War, the General Court met to de- 
cide upon a frame of government, he was unanimously appointed to 
make the draft. Of this great paper it is not too much to say brief- 
ly, that in its immediate application and far-reaching results, it ranks 
with the best that have been formulated by the profoundest states- 
men." Magazine of American history, 1882. 

LUDWIG II, king of Bavaria. 

Gerard, Frances A. Romance of Ludwig II, of Bavaria. 

1899 .92 L975g 

Profusely illustrated, vivacious, popular biography of the "mad king" 
of Bavaria whose best claim to remembrance is his early recognition of 
Wagner's genius. 

LUINI, Bernardino. See Artists, p.1280. 

LUMSDEN, Sir Harry Burnett. 

Lumsden, Sir Peter Stark, & Elsmie, G. R. Lumsden of 
the Guides; a sketch of the life of Lieut.-Gen. Sir Harry 
Burnett Lumsden, with selections from his corre- 
spondence and occasional papers. 1899 92 L977I 

"Authorities," p.8. 

Originator and for 16 years (1846-62) commander of the famous corps 
recruited from among the most hardy and adventurous natives, many 
of them desperate outlaws, who rendered invaluable service as guides 
and interpreters to the troops operating against the hill tribes of 
India. Maps, plans and illustrations. 


LUTHER, Martin. 

Freytag, Gustav. Doktor Luther; eine schilderung. 1884. .92 L982fr 
Freytag, Gustav. Martin Luther; tr. by H. E. O. Heine- 

mann. 1897 92 L982f 

Excellent short biography giving a clear synopsis of the important events 
of the 1 6th century in which Luther played so prominent a part. Many 
illustrations from contemporary prints. 

Jacobs, Henry Eys.ter. Martin Luther, the hero of the 

reformation, 1483-1546. 1898 92 L982J 

Kostlin, Julius. Life of Luther. 1883 92 L982k 

One of the best biographies of Luther, with many interesting illustrations. 

Labouchere, Pierre Antoine, & Aubigne, J. H. Merle d'. 
Illustrations of the life of Martin Luther; engraved after 
paintings by Labouchere, descriptions by d'Aubigne. 
1862 qr92 L982I 

Sears, Barnas. Life of Luther, with special reference to its 
earlier periods and the opening scenes of the reforma- 
tion. 1850 92 L982se 

Written for the American Sunday-school union. Illustrated. 

Seiss, Joseph Augustus. Luther and the reformation. 

1883 92 L982S 

"Founding of Pennsylvania," p. 13 5-206. 

Short and disconnected sketch of Luther and his period. 

Whately, Elizabeth Jane. Story of Martin Luther. 1867. .92 L982W 

LYELL, Sir Charles. 

Bonney, Thomas George. Charles Lyell and modern 

geology. 1895. (Century science series.) 92 L987b 

Good short account of Lyell's life and a review of his influence on 
modern geology. 

LYMAN, Mrs Anne Jean (Robbins). 

Lesley, Mrs Susan Inches (Lyman). Recollections of my 
mother, Mrs Anne Jean Lyman; being a picture of 
domestic and social life in New England in the first 

half of the 19th century. 1899 92 L989I: 

Mrs Lyman was the wife of Judge Joseph Lyman of Northampton, 
Mass. Their social position and overflowing hospitality drew to their 
home or into the current of their existence many interesting and 
eminent people, including Emerson, Webster, Bryant, Bancroft, Chan> 
ning, Harriet Martineau, Lydia Maria Child and John S. Dwight. 
The Round Hill school, the law school at Northampton, the Unitarian 
controversy, the slavery agitation, the early growth of American liter- 
ature — all these add interest to the volume. But, as the title-page in- 
dicates, its chief attraction lies in its quality as a picture of the best 
New England life of the times. 

LYTTON, Edward George Earle Lytton Bulwer-, baron. 

Meredith, Owen, (pseud, of Edward Robert Bulwer-Lytton, 

earl of Lytton). Life, letters and literary remains of 

Edward Bulwer, lord Lytton, by his son. 2v. 1883. . . .92 L999m 
The subject of this book was the author of "Last days of Pompeii," 
"Last of the barons," "Harold," "Lady of Lyons." "Richelieu," etc. 
These volumes cover the period from 1803 (the date of his birth) to 
1832, the first volume containing an autobiographical fragment. In- 
clude various fragments of unfinished novels. 

MACAULAY, Thomas Babington, lord. 

Morison, James Cotter. Macaulay. [1883.] (Englishmen 

of letters.) 92 Mii9m 

Interesting biography and most thoughtful and suggestive criticism, valu- 
able to every student of Macaulay's place in literature. 


Trevelyan, Sir George Otto. Life and letters of Lord 

Macaulay. 2v. in i. 1875 92 MiiQt 

" *It was my business,* says he [Trevelyan], *to show my uncle as he 
was, and not as I or any one else would have had him'... If Sir 
George had set himself to cut away all the early and later priggish- 
ness, all the evidences of extreme partisanship. . .if he had given us a 
Macaulay all family affection, all sweet reasonableness, all pathetic hu- 
manity, a trimmed, shorn, and varnished Macaulay, we should have 
revolted. . .whereas, by giving the rough with the smooth, and letting 
the man exhibit himself as he actually was. . .the revolution of opinion 
in the minds of some, the establishment once for all of a good opinion 
in those of others, was done and done thoroughly, so that it will never 
need to be done again." Saintsbury's Essays in English literature. 

MACAULAY, Zachary. 

Knutsford, Margaret (Trevelyan) Holland, viscountess. 
Life and letters of Zachary Macaulay, by his grand- 
daughter. 1900 92 Mi 192k 

Macaulay*s services toward abolishing the British slave trade can hardly 
be overestimated, and this biography is an important contribution to 
our knowledge of the subject. The story of the family life is interest- 
ing and the family letters form an entertaining part of the corre- 

McCLELLAN, Gen. George Brinton. 

Michie, Peter Smith. General McClellan. 1901. (Great 

commanders.) 92 Mi35m 

"Thoroughly just and kind to McClellan, yet impartial and searching in 
its treatment of military questions. It is written outside the atmos- 
phere of personal friendship or hostility, and with command of the host 
of documents, public and private, which have made clear many a dis- 
puted fact." Lamed' s Literature of American history, 


McCLURE, David. 

Diary, 1748- 1820, with notes by F. B. Dexter. 1899 r92 M137 

After his ordination in 1772, David McClure spent 16 months as a 
missionary among the Indians in the vicinity of Pittsburgh. 

McCOSH, James. 

Sloane, William Milligan, cd. Life of James McCosh; a 

record, chiefly autobiographical. 1896 92 M142S 

Bibliography, p.269-282. 

"To have moulded in some degree the thought of two generations in 
three lands; to have shared in Scotland's latest struggle for religious 
liberty; to have wrought in the great enterprise of Ireland's intellectual 
emancipation; to have led a powerful educational movement in Amer- 
ica, and to have regenerated one of her most ancient universities 
[Princeton], — these are the* titles of James McCosh [1811-94] to public 
distinction." Introduction, 

McCREERY, William. 

In memory of William McCreery. [Anonymous.] 1892. .r92 Ml42i 

Obituary notices and memorial resolutions on the death of a prominent 
citizen of Pittsburgh, 1891. 

McCUNE, John Robison. 

Ewing, Thomas, 1827-97. Memorial volume; John Robison 

McCune. 1889 r92 Mi43e 

For 50 years a business man in Pittsburgh. 

MACDONALD, Marechal fitienne Jacques Joseph Alexandre, 
due de Tarente. 
Recollections of Marshal Macdonald; ed. by Camille Rous- 

set. 1893 92 Mi45r 

Created a marshal of France and duke of Tarentum by Napoleon for 

his military services. 
"Carries in every page the evidence that it was written, as it professes 

to be, purely from memory, dashed off at speed, without revision by 


the aid of documents. . .What might be lost in fulness of historical 
detail is more than mad^ up in the lively and vigorous presentation 
of the Marshal's own personality. He stands vividly before us for 
what he was — a brave, honest, and blunt man, half Scotch and half 
French, whose military eminence was fairly won and honorably used." 
Nation, 1892. 

MACDONALD, Sir John Alexander. 

Biggar, Emerson Bristol. Anecdotal life of Sir John Mac- 

donald. 1891 92 Mi452b 

Distinguished Canadian statesman of the latter half of the 19th century. 


Morley, John. Machiavelli; the Romanes lecture, 1897. 

1897 92 Mi68m 

"Mr. Morley is to be thanked, in that he has not joined his mighty voice 
to the chorus of condemnation; he discriminates, illustrates, puts his- 
torical imagination into his final censure, and passes judgment with 
no note of unctuous rectitude.*' Academy, 1897. 

Villari, Pasquale. Life and times of Niccolo Machiavelli. 

2v. 1892 92 Mi68v 

"The most satisfactory work on the life and public services of this 
great political philosopher and writer. For centuries Machiavelli hat 
been regarded as a species of sphinx of whom no one could solve the 
riddle. . .The work of Professor Villari is an effort to solve the enigma. 
The theory of the author is that an adequate exi)lanation can only 
be found in a study of the man and of his times, as revealed especially 
in his unpublished writings. To this task Villari has applied himself 
with unusual assiduity and success.** C. K, Adams, 1888. 

MACKAY, Alexander Murdoch. 

H., J. W. A. M. Mackay, pioneer missionary of the Church 

missionary society to Uganda, by his sister. 1896.... 92 Mi75h 
H., J. W. Story of the life of Mackay of Uganda, told for 

boys by his sister. 1895 J92 Mi75hj 

McKINLEY, William. 

Andrews, Byron. One of the people; life and speeches of 
William McKinley, embracing a report of the St. Louis 
convention, with a sketch of Garret A. Hobart. 1896.. 92 Mi84a 

The same. 1896 r92 Mi84a 

Popular campaign biography. 
Porter, Robert Percival. Life of William McKinley, with 

biographical sketch of G. A. Hobart. 1896 92 M184P 

The same. 1896 r92 M184P 

Campaign biography. As a journalist, economist and personal friend 
of Mr McKinley the author had unusual knowledge of his subject and 
of the effect on the country of his tariff policy. 

MACKLIN, Charles. 

Kirkman, James Thomas. Memoirs of Charles Macklin; a 

history of the stage. 2v. 1799 r92 Mi86k 

Romantic, but not always reliable biography of the actor, dramatist and 
stage-manager (1697?-! 797). 

MACLEAN, Mrs Letitia Elizabeth (Landon). See LANDON, 
Letitia Elizabeth, afterward Mrs Maclean, {pseud. 

MACLEOD, Norman, 1812-72. 

Wellwood, John. Norman Macleod. 1897. (Famous 

Scots series.) 92 M198W 

Scottish divine and author. 

MACREADY, William Charles. 

Reminiscences and selections from his diaries and letters. 

1875 92 M224 


The same. 1875 r92 M224 

Chief source of information concerning the life of the actor (i 793-1873). 

MacWHIRTER, John. See Artists, p.1258. 

MADISON, Mrs Dorothy (Payne). 

Memoirs and letters of Dolly Madison. 1888 92 M2361 

A record of 40 years of married life of President Madison's wife, by 
a grandniece. As a picture of political and fashionable life in the 
early part of this century, these letters, while lacking the sparlde of 
Abigail Adams's, are still worthy to rank with them. The narrative 
which holds them together is given simply and with excellent taste. 
Goodwin, Mrs Maud (Wilder). Dolly Madison. 1896. 

(Women of colonial and Revolutionary times.) 92 M236ig 

A sketch of the wife of President Madison and of the social and do- 
mestic life of the period. 

MADISON, James. 

Adams, John Quincy. Lives of James Madison and James 

Monroe. 1851 r92 M236a 

"Eulogies rather than critical biographies, but valuable as the estimates 
of the character and services of these statesmen made by a contempo> 
rary who knew them well and who had himself taken a large part in 
the events whereof he writes." Lamed' s Literature of American his- 

Gay, Sydney Howard. James Madison. 1894. (American 

statesmen.) 92 M236g 

The same. 1899. (American statesmen.) r92 M236g 

"Viewed from a Federalist (and later non-'state-rights') standpoint. 
Severe, if not unsympathetic. The author thinks Madison possessed of 
great powers in ordinary affairs, but lacking purpose in crises; de- 
plores his defection from the Hamiltonians, belittles the war of 1S12, 
and sustains the attitude of New England. Nevertheless it is the best 
brief biography of Madison extant [1902]. Especially full on the ori- 
gin of the Federal convention." Lamed' s Literature of American his- 

MAGEE, Christopher Lyman. 

Pennsylvania — Senate. Memorial proceedings upon the 

death of Christopher L. Magee. 1901 r92 M249P 

MAGELLAN, Fernando. 

Guillemard, Francis Henry Hill. Life of Ferdinand Ma- 
gellan and the first circumnavigation of the globe. 1890. 

(World's great explorers and explorations.) 92 M252g 

Interesting, accurate and thorough biography, the first written in Eng* 
lish, of the Portuguese sailor who first circumnavigated the globe. 
Especial attention is paid to Magellan's early life and to the details 
of the important questions and difficulties of his career. 

Towle, George Makepeace. Magellan; or, The first voy- 
age round the world. 1879 J92 M252t 


MAINTENON, Frangoise d'Aubigne, marquise de. 

Bowles, Emily. Madame de Maintenon. 1888 92 M266b 

"Authorities consulted," p.7-8. 

An interestitig account of the second wife of Louis XIV whom Dr Dol- 

linger has called the most influential woman in French history. Many 

of her letters are included. 

MAITLAND, Sir Thomas. 

Lord, Walter Frewen. Sir Thomas Maitland; the mastery 

of the Mediterranean. 1897. (Builders of greater 

Britain.) 92 M272I 

Does not deal with the private life of its subject, but is occupied en- 
tirely with his public career, in Parliament, in San Domingo, with his 
mission to the United States, and especially with the events of his 


two most important positions as governor of Ceylon and later of ]iCalta» 
where he secured for the English the control of the Mediterranean. 

MALIBRAN, Mme Maria Felicita (Garcia), afterward Mme 

de Beriot. 

Merlin, Mercedes Jaruco, comtesse de. Memoirs of 

Madame Malibran. 2v. 1844 r92 M289111 

More a romance than a biography of one of the most popular and suc> 
cessful of modern singers (1808-36). 

MALLET du PAN, Jacques. 

Memoirs and correspondence, illustrative of the history of 

the French revolution; ed. by A. Sayous. 2v. 1852 r92 M291 

"Mallet was a Swiss intriguer who put himself at the service of the 
Reaction. In carrying out those secret intrigues, he found out some 
things of use, and his revelations have a certain value.'* Andrew D. 
White's Bibliography of the French revolution. 

MANN, Horace. 

Hinsdale, Burke Aaron. Horace Mann and the common 
school revival in the United States. 1898. (Great edu- 
cators.) 92 M335h 

Bibliography, p.311-319. 

Deals with Horace Mann (1796-1859) as an educator, and says little of 

his private life or personal characteristics. Gives a short history of 

common school education before and after his time. 

Mann, Mrs Mary (Peabody). Life of Horace Mann. 

1891 92 M335m 

The same. 1891. (In Mann, Horace. Life and works, 

V.I.) 379744 M33 V.I 

"His thoughts, his motives, his private letters, and, above all, his long 
continued private di^Vf are now laid open with so much freedom, 
and at the same time with so much delicacy and appreciation, that the 
veil which often covers the secret springs of a public career seems 
in his case completely lifted... He stands before us a self-denjring, 
public-spirited, eloquent, and indefatigable advocate of popular educa« 
tion." Nation, 1865. 

MANNERS, John, marquis of Granby. See GRANBY, John 

Manners, marquis of. 
MANNING, Henry Edward, cardinal. 

Purcell, Edmund Sheridan. Life of Cardinal Manning. 2v. 

1896 92 M337P 

V.I. Manning as an Anglican. 

V.2. Manning as a Catholic. 

The biography has been much criticized as belittling its subject and be- 
traying his confidence. 

"Whatever view is taken of Manning's personal character, his methods 
and his principles, it must be acknowledged that his was a picturesque 
and commanding figure, that he was a distinguished Englishman and 
a distinguished prince of the Church. This, however, is not the im- 
pression gathered from this narrative." Athenaum, 1896. 

MANSFIELD, Edward Deering. 

Personal memories; social, political and literary, with 

sketches of many noted people, 1803-43. 1879 r92 M345 

The author was born in Connecticut, but moved to Ohio in 1824, where 
he became well-known as editor of several Cincinnati papers. He was 
a contributor to other papers and the author of various books. 
"As a contribution to the history of the period... it possesses both in- 
terest and value." Nation, 1879. 

MANTEGNA, Andrea. See Artists, p. 1280. 

MAPLES, Chauncy, bp. 

Maples, Ellen. Chauncy Maples; a sketch of his life, with 

selections from his letters, by his sister. 1897 92 M357m 

A memoir of a pioneer missionary in east central Africa for 20 years. 


His sympathies and interests were remarkably wide, and his exploring 
journeys into the interior resulted in contributions to scientific as well 
as missionary knowledge of the country and the natives. 

MARBOT, Jean Baptiste Marcelin, baron de. 

Memories; tr. fr. the French by A. J. Butler. 1893 92 M361 

Among the most valuable of the private memoirs concerning the first 
empire. Marbot served with great distinction in the army of Napoleon, 
being on the staff successively of five of his marshals and present at 
nearly all the great his'toric battles of the period. 

MARCEAU, Gen. Fran<;ois Severin Desgraviers. 

Johnson, T. G. Fran^ois-Severin Marceau. 1896 92 M362J 

This young French general, killed in battle at the age of ^^ is one of 
the poetic figures of the French revolution, more widely known by 
Byron's lines on seeing his tomb. 

MARCHESI de CASTRONE, Mme Mathilde (Graumann). 
Marchesi and music; passages from the life of a famous 

singing-teacher. 1897 92 M372 

During Mme Marchesi's long career not only has she numbered among 
her pupils most of the most famous singers of the time, but she has 
come to know well the most distinguished musicians of the century, 
and in these memoirs we have a lively record of her observations and 
personal experiences. 

MARENHOLTZ-BULOW, Bertha, freiin von. 

Bulow-Wendhausen, Bertha, freiin von. Life of the baron- 
ess von Marenholtz-Biilow. 2v. 1901 92 M379b 

"The memoirs . . . are valuable to the kindergartner as furnishing an in- 
sight into the intellectual struggles of the most gifted of Frobers com- 
mentators to seize in its full depths the meaning of the educational 
ideas of the founder of the kindergarten. Nothing that has been 
printed of the writings of the Baroness is so helpful in this regard at 
the quotations from her diary contained in the present volume... A 
second claim which this work has upon the reader, not the merely 
professional reader but even the general reader, is to be found in the 
light which is thrown upon the political and social situation that pre^ 
vailed in Germany during the epoch covered by the diary." W. T, 
Harris, in preface. 

MARGARET, queen of Denmark, Sweden and Norway. 

Hill, Mary. Margaret of Denmark. 1898 92 M3822h 

Bibliography, p. 151-1 52. 

Short narrative of a shrewd, wise and energetic woman, the daughter of 
a king of Denmark and wife of a king of Norway, who succeeded 
in gaining also the crown of Sweden and uniting the three Scandi- 
navian kingdoms under one sovereign. 

MARGARET of ANGOULfiME, queen of Navarre. 

Robinson, Agnes Mary Frances, afterward Mme Darmes- 
teter, afterward Mme Duclaux. Margaret of Angouleme, 
queen of Navarre. 1887. (Famous women.) 92 M382ir 

"Authorities," p.ii-13. 

"Gives a picture of a phase of the Reformation period which is little 
known, but is full of instruction. Margaret, sister of Francis I. and 
grandmother of Henri IV., was a potent influence in her day. . .and to 
her is largely due the preservation of whatever germs of the reformed 
religion survived in France." Nation, 1887. 

MARGARET of ANJOU, queen of Henry VL 

Abbott, Jacob. History of Margaret of Anjou, queen of 

Henry VI of England. 1900 92 M382a 

The same. 1861 J92 M382a 

Hookham, Mrs Mary Ann. Life and times of Margaret of 

Anjou, queen of England and France, and of her father, 

Rene the Good, with memoirs of the houses of Anjou. 

2v. 1872 92 M382h 

"An elaborate compilation. . .Though containing many facts, is of no 


great value, being mostly derived from modem sources." Dictionary 
of national biography, 

MARIA CAROLINA of AUSTRIA, queen consort of Ferdi- 
nand IV, king of Naples. 
Jeaffreson, John Cordy. Queen of Naples and Lord Nel- 
son; an historical biography based on mss in the 
British museum and on letters and other documents 

preserved amongst the Morrison mss. 2v. 1889 92 M384J 

Defends Maria Caroline from the various charges brought against her 
character and conduct, shows the falsity of the stories of Lady Hamil> 
ton's influence in political affairs at Naples and also has much to 
say about Lady Hamilton and Nelson. 

MARIA THERESA, empress of Austria. 

Bright, James Franck. Maria Theresa. 1897. (Foreign 

statesmen.) 92 M385b 

"The subject of this monograph, the political work of Maria Theresa, 
runs over into a second volume, which will appear under the title of 
'Joseph II.* " Prefatory note, 

MARIE, Mrs Jane. 

Case of Jane Marie, exhibiting the cruelty and barbarous 

conduct of James Ross. 1808 r92 R738m 

MARIE ANTOINETTE, queen of France. 

Abbott, John Stevens Cabot. History of Maria Antoinette. 

1849. 92 M386a 

The same. 1900 J92 M386a 

Bicknell, Anna L. Story of Marie-Antoinette. 1897 92 M386b 

Full justice is here done to the romance and pathos of the life of this 
unhappy queen, without ignoring the abuses and extravagances of 
the court. Fully illustrated. 

Campan, Mme Jeanne Louise Henriette (Genest). Private 

life of Marie Antoinette. 1890 92 M386C 

Lively narrative, full of interesting anecdotes, by a clever and accom- 
plished woman, who was first lady in waiting and in close personal re- 
lation to Marie Antoinette from her marriage to her imprisonment. 

Imbert de Saint-Amand, Arthur Leon, baron. Marie An- 
toinette and the downfall of royalty. 1895 92 M386sai 

The events of the French revolution, from the beginning of 1792 to the 
proclamation of the republic in September. 

Imbert de Saint-Amand, Arthur Leon, baron. Marie An- 
toinette and the end of the old regime. 1894 92 M386S 

From the birth of the dauphin to the flight of Louis XVI and Marie 
Antoinette from Paris. 

Imbert de Saint-Amand, Arthur Leon, baron. Marie An- 
toinette at the Tuileries, 1789-1791. 1895 92 M386sa 

Keddie, Henrietta, (pseud. Sarah Tytler). Marie Antoi- 
nette, the woman and queen. 1883. (The new Plu- 
tarch.) 92 M386k 

Popular biography, treating the life of the queen independently of the 
history of France. 

La Rocheterie, Maxime de. Life of Marie Antoinette; tr. 

by C. H. Bell. 2v. 1895 92 M386r 

Nolhac, Pierre de. Marie Antoinette, the queen. 1898. .qr92 M386n 

"Authorities," p. 187-188. 

Particularly valuable for the reproductions of many portraits of Marie 
Antoinette, and other illustrations. 

Tschudi, Clara. Marie Antoinette. 1898 92 M386t 

"Works of reference," p.8-9. 
Animated popular biography. 


Yonge, Charles Duke. Life of Marie Antoinette. [1878.] . .92 M386y 

"Mr. Yonge possesses in a high degree the art of narration, and has 
composed a graphic and interesting account of the life of Marie An- 
toinette. He is also painstaking and accurate in his facts. He does 
not, bbwever, possess that indispensable quality of a historian — a sound 
and impartial judgment. He appears as, abdve all things, a panegyrist 
of the queen." Nation, 1876. 

MARIE LOUISE, empress of the French. 

Imbert de Saint-Amand, Arthur Leon, baron. Happy days 

of Marie Louise. 1893 92 M3865sa 

From her marriage to Napoleon to 1812. 

Imbert de Saint-Amand, Arthur Leon, baron. Marie Louise 

and the decadence of the empire. 1891 92 M3865st 

From the return of Marie Louise from her triumphal journey to Pragrue 
to her final farewell to Napoleon in 18 14. 

Imbert de Saint-Amand, Arthur Leon, baron. Marie Louise 

and the invasion of 1814. 1891 92 M3865sn 

Imbert de Saint-Amand, Arthur Leon, baron. Marie 

Louise, Elba and the hundred days. 1893 92 M3865S 

The final scenes in Napoleon's career, Elba, Waterloo and the voyage to 
St. Helena. 

MARION, Gen. Francis. 

Simms, William Gilmore. Life of Francis Marion, i860.. 92 M388S 

"Authorities," p.6. 

Celebrated American general of the Revolution. For more than three 
years he carried on a guerilla warfare in the Souths often attended 
with brilliant successes, and baffling all the attempts of the British 
generals to effect his capture. 

MARIOTTI, Luigi, pseud. See GALLENGA, Antonio. 

MARLBOROUGH, John Churchill, duke of. 

Coxe, William. Memoirs of the duke of Marlborough, with 

his correspondence. 3v. and atlas. 1865-93 Q92 M392C 

Saintsbury, George. Marlborough. 1886. (English 

worthies.) 92 M392S 

Bibliographical note on Marlborough, p.219. 

Short sketch, aiming to give an impartial view of Marlborough, and par- 
ticularly opposing the view taken of him by Macaulay. 

Wolseley, Garnet Joseph, viscount. Life of John Churchill, 
duke of Marlborough, to the accession of Queen Anne. 

2v. 1894 92 M392W 

A study of the man and his time, portraying in a picturesque manner 
the home and court life of Marlborough and other important men 
during the reigns of Charles, James, William and Anne. 

MARMONTEL, Jean Frangois. 

Memoirs. 4v. 1805 r92 M39S 

Interesting for what it tells of Marmontel, himself in the front rank of 
French litterateurs of the time, and still more for its revelations of 
the literary history and of the celebrities of the latter half of the i8th 
century. The author clearly depicts the court of Louis XV from 
1753 and the whole reign of Louis XVI, and gives much space to 
the acts and events which led to the French revolution. 

Memoirs, with an essay by W. D. Howells. 2v. 1878. 

(Autobiographic series.) 92 M395 

MARRYAT, Capt. Frederick. 

Hannay, David. Life of Frederick Marryat. 1889. (Great 

writers.) 92 M4i2h 

Bibliography, apx. p. 1-8. 

"As a succinct record of Capt. Marryat's career, Mr. David Hannay's 
little book will be found extremely useful... and it is also valuable as 
a critical examination of Marryat's claim to be one of our notable 
novelists of the sea." Academy, 1889. 


MARSHALL, Christopher. 

Passages from [his] remembrancer, [1774-1781]. 1839.... r92 M416 
Mr Marshall was a native of Chester county, Pa. and was dismissed from 
the Society of Friends because of his devotion to the caus^ of the 
colonies. The editor has selected from his diary all passages relating 
to public affairs and so much of the private history as throws light 
on the life and manners of the period. 

MARSHALL, John, chief justice. , 

Centennial anniversary of the elevation of John Marshall 
to the office of chief justice of the Supreme court of the 
United States, Feb. 4, 1901 ; celebration in Philadelphia, 
under the auspices of the Law association of Philadel- 
phia, the Lawyers' club of Philadelphia, the Pennsyl- 
vania bar association, the Law school of the University 

of Pennsylvania. 1901 r92 M417C 

Magruder, Allan Bowie. John Marshall. 1892. (Ameri- 
can statesmen.) 92 M4i7m 

The same. 1899. (American statesmen.) r92 M4i7mi 

"Although Marshall's fame rests upon his judicial services, he was made 
Chief Justice because of the eminent ability he had shown in other 
fields than that of the bench, and the volume is especially interesting 
because it reminds the reader how wide and diversified were the gifts 
of the men who formed the statesmen of the earlier period." Atlantic 
monthly, 1885. 

Story, Joseph. Discourse upon the life, character and 

services of John Marshall. 1835 r92 S849 

Bound with "Biographical sketch of Charles Stewart." 

Thayer, James Bradley. John Marshall. 1901 92 M4l7t 

"Brief, compact, impressive memoir, which can be read in an evening, 
and will be remembered because it does not overtask the memory... 
Nearly half of this monograph is . . . given up to a review of Mar- 
shall's most noted opinions, and their bearing on our political system." 
Nation, 1901. 

MARTIN, St. bp. of Tours. 

Scullard, Herbert Hayes. Martin of Tours, apostle of 

Gaul. 1891 '. 92 M426S 

"Works referred to," p.9-11. 

Short account of this saint of the Roman Catholic church (316-397) as 
a political force, as a social reformer, as a missionary. 

MARTIN, John, 1846-76. 

Craik, Mrs Dinah Maria (Mulock). A legacy; being the 
life and remains of John Martin, schoolmaster and poet. 

1878 92 M428C 

Born in the East end of London, his early life was spent in the depths 
of misery and poverty, but in spite of everything he educated himself 
sufficiently to be a schoolmaster, though he never achieved the liter- 
ary recognition he so much desired. Most of the book is occupied 
with his journals and note-books. 

MARTINEAU, Harriet. 

Autobiography; ed. by M. W. Chapman. 2v. 1877 92 M431 

Memorials of Harriet Martineau, by Mrs M. W. Chapman, v.2, p.131- 

English author, of the 19th century, whose first literary success was 
a series of stories illustrating the political economy of Malthus, 
Ricardo and James Mill. In 1834 she visited America and assisted 
the abolitionists. 

"This is doubtless one of the very honestest autobiographies ever writ- 
ten, and in respect to careful self -analysis, it probably stands at the 
head of its whole class... The little deaf woman... was courted by 
lords, commons, and society at large... She saw everybody in London 
who was notable. . .but there was no figure in this circle more re- 
markable than Harriet Martineau herself, a young woman of thirty, 
into whose ear-trumpet philosophers dropped their theories and states- 


men their plans, while she in return supplied, at their request, facts, 
theories, and themes." Nation, 1877. 

Miller, Mrs Florence Fenwick. Harriet Martineau. 1890. 

(Famous women.) 92 M43im 

"Good, compact, unambitious summary of the career of a remarkable 
woman." Nation, 1885. 


Jackson, Abraham Willard. James Martineau; a biogra- 
phy and study. 1900 92 M4312J 

Contents: The man. — The religious teacher. — ^The philosopher of re- 

English Unitarian minister and writer on philosophic theology and 

"As an exposition ... of Dr. Martineau's teaching, and as an account 
of the progressive steps by which the force of that teaching was 
borne in upon a mind not altogether inclined to accept it as true in 
its entirety, Mr. Jackson's book must be pronounced a most satisfying 
and nutritive one." Dial, 1900. 

MARTYN, Henry. 

Smith, George, b. 1833. Henry Martyn, first modern mis- 
sionary to the Mohammedans, 1781-1812. [1892.] 92 M434S 

Henry Martyn was one of the most heroic figures in English missionary 
history. This biography is written in the light of recent (1892) 
knowledge of India, Persia and Turkey. 

MARY I, queen of England. 

Stone, J. M. History of Mary I, queen of England, as 
found in the public records, despatches of ambassadors, 
in original private letters and other contemporary docu- 
ments, [1516-1558]. 1901 92 M4393S 

Much of the substance of this history is derived from the despatches of 
foreign ambassadors, Giustinian, Chapuys, Renard, Michiel and others, 
and from the English chroniclers. Stone, Holinshed, Machyn, etc. 
Queen Mary is shown in a much more favorable light than usual. 

MARY, queen of Scots. 

Abbott, Jacob. History of Mary, queen of Scots. 1876.. 92 M439a 
The same. 1904 J92 M439a 

Popular history for young people, first published 1848. 

Bell, Henry Glassford. Life of Mary, queen of Scots. 2v. 

1890 92 M439b 

One of the principal works in vindication of Mary. First published 1840. 
De Peyster, John Watts. Inquiry into the career and char- 
acter of Mary Stuart and a justification of Bothwell. 
1883 q92 M439de 

Bound with his "Bothwell." 

Includes a discussion of the authenticity of the Casket letters, which 
the author believes to be genuine. 

De Peyster, John Watts. Mary, queen of Scots; a study. 

1882 q92 M439de 

Bound with his "Bothwell." 

Short study, on the whole unfavorable to Mary. 

Dumas, Alexandre, the younger. Mary Stuart, queen of 

Scots; tr. by J. M. Howell. 1896 92 M439d 

Familiar and graphic in style, it still keeps very close to the facts of 
Mary's life, though naturally choosing the most dramatic scenes to 
dwell upon. 
Kaufman, Rosalie, ed. Mary, queen of Scots; abridged 

from Agnes Strickland's Queens of Scotland. 1892 92 M439k 

Gives the most important parts of Miss Strickland's warm defense of 
Queen Mary, which was first published in 1852, and founded on 
careful study of the documents then available. Illustrated. 


Lang, Andrew. Mystery of Mary Stuart. 1901 92 M439I 

Appendix contains Scottish and English translations, and original French 
version of the Casket letters. 

The most serious charges against the character of the Scottish queen 
are involved in the partial or complete authenticity of what are known 
as the "Casket letters," a series of eight epistles which came into the 
hands of Mary's enemies in 1 567. Half of Mr Lang*s book is devoted 
to an examination of these letters, and, though the author disavows 
the intention of defending Mary's innocence, he throws a searching 
light on the intricacies of the tragedy. 

Mignet, Francois Auguste Marie. History of Mary, queen 

of Scots. 1887 92 M439m 

Careful, unprejudiced, elaborate presentation of the adverse view and, 
though first published in 1851, still in many respects a standard au- 

Pitcairn, Robert, comp. Funeral of Mary, queen of Scots; a 

collection of curious tracts relating to the burial of this 

princess; ed. by R. Prescott-Innes. 1890 r92 M439P 

Reprint of the edition of 1822. 
The same. 1890 qr92 M439P2 

Strangvage, William. Historie of Mary Stuart, queen of 

Scots, to her escape from Loch Leven into England. 

1891. (Holyrood series.) 92 M439S 

Reprint of the edition of 1624. 

The same. 1891. (Holyrood series.) r92 M439S 

MARYSIENSKA, Marie de la Grange (d'Arquien) Zamoyska 
Sobieski, queen of Poland, called. 
Waliszewski, Kazimierz. Marysienka, Marie de la Grange 
d'Arquien, queen of Poland and wife of Sobieski, 1641- 
1716; tr. fr. the French by Lady Mary Loyd. 1898.. 92 M4392W 

List of authorities consulted, p. 13-16. 

Daughter of a poor French captain of the guards, she became the wife 

of Sobieski, who owed his crown almost as much to her cleverness as 

to his own military ability. 

MASERS de LATUDE, Jean Henri. 

Escapes of Casanova and Latude from prison; ed. by P. 

Villars. 1892. (Adventure series.) 92 M444 

Masers de Latude (i 728-1 805) was one of the celebrated prisoners of 
the Bastile and in confinement for 35 years before he finally made 
his escape. Casanova, one of the most noted adventurers of the i8th 
century, was imprisoned in Venice for political reasons. The graphic 

■ story of his escape, here translated from his remarkable "Memoirs," 
gained him great celebrity. 

MASON, George. 

Rowland, Kate Mason. Life of George Mason, 1725-1792, 
including his speeches, public papers and correspond- 
ence. 2v. 1892 92 M449r 

Bibliography, v.i, p. 17. 

Gives a genealogy of the Mason family in Virginia, a biography of 
the "planter statesman of the Revolution," an abbreviated history of 
the time, an exposition of the political opinions and principles of 
which he was so distinguished an advocate. He was an intimate 
associate of Washington in public and private affairs, member of the 
Virginia assembly and author of the "Declaration of rights," member 
of the convention that drafted the constitution of the United States. 
Thomas Jefferson says of him that he was "a man of the first order 
of wisdom among those who acted on the theatre of the Revolution, 
of expansive mind, profound judgment, cogent in argument, learned 
in the lore of former constitutions, and earnest for the republican 
change on democratic principles." 

MASON, William, h. 1829.. 

Memories of a musical life. 1901 92 M453 

Entertaining and valuable reminiscences of music and musicians, chiefly 


in Europe, by one of the best known living (1901) American musi- 

MASSIE, Nathaniel. 

Massie, David Meade. Nathaniel Massie, a pioneer of 

Ohio; his life and selections from his correspondence. 

1896 92 M458m 

"Bare, matter of fact narrative of the life of a distinguished actor in 
early Ohio history... He was a surveyor, land speculator, founder of 
towns and politician. He was a pronounced Jeffersonian. . .and an 
active advocate of the early admission of Ohio to the Union. His- 
torically the main interest of the book is in the original documents 
relating to this event." Larned's Literature of American history, 


Greene, William. Manuel Matamoros; his life and death; 
a narrative of the late persecution of Christians in Spain. 
1866 r92 M467g 

Matamoros (1834-66) on account of his belief was imprisoned in Spain 
for several years, and finally condemned to the galley, but the sentence 
was commuted to exile, during which he did much work for the spread 
of Christianity in Spain. 

MATHER, Cotton. 

Wendell, Barrett. Cotton Mather, the Puritan priest. 

1891. (Makers of America.) 92 M468W 

"Authorities," p.309-310. 

Mather (i 663-1 72S) was an able minister, a voluminous writer, but is 
most widely known for his connection with the witchcraft trials where 
his course has been much criticized. Prof. Wendell believes him to 
be truthful, honest and devout, but prejudiced, narrow and lacking in 

MATHEWS, Charles James. 

Life, chiefly autobiographical, with selections from his cor- 
respondence and speeches; ed. by Charles Dickens. 2v. 
1879 92 M472 

English actor and dramatist (1803-78). This work is the principal 

authority for the events of his life. 
"Full of anecdotes, nearly all of them fresh and well told. Mathews's 

freqaent letters are as light and sprightly as possible.'* Nation, 1879. 

MATHY, Karl Friedrich Wilhelm. 

Freytag, Gustav. Karl Mathy, [in German]. 1898 92 M474f 

German editor and statesman (1807-68) with a varied career from his 
connection with the revolution of 1830 through his long work in gov- 
ernment departments of finance and trade in Baden, where he did 
much to develop banks and railways. The memoir is by a friend and 
fellow journalist. 

MAURICE, Frederick Denison. 

Maurice, Sir John Frederick, ed. Life of Frederick Deni- 
son Maurice, chiefly told in his own letters. 2v. 1884. .92 M495m 

Maurice (1805-72), Anglican divine and one of the leaders in the "Chris- 
tian socialist" movement of the middle of the 19th century. 

"In the 'Life of Frederick Denison Maurice' the world has received 
the picture of a character and the account of an influence. The man 
himself. . .was of deeper import than his work, and his character ex- 
plains the quality and the limits of his influence.*' Nation, 1884. 

MAURIER, George du. See DU MAURIER, George. 

MAURY, Gen. Dabney Herndon. 

Recollections of a Virginian in the Mexican, Indian and 

Civil wars. 1897 • 92 M498 

During his life at West Point and his long service in the United States 
and Confederate armies Gen. Maury knew intimately most of our 
military leaders, and his estimates of them are extremely interesting. 
As is natural the Virginians fare best at his hands. 

MAX-Mt)LLER, Friedrich. See MULLER, Max. 


MAXWELL, James Clerk. 

Campbell, Lewis, & Garnett, William. Life of James Clerk 

Maxwell, with selections from his writings. 1884 92 M524C 

Biography, popular account of his scientific work and a selection from 
his poetry. Illustrated. 

"The interest and freshness of Prof. Campbell's story lie in the light it 
throws on the subjective influences that moulded the character of the 
gentle physicist, a character which was the most extraordinary com- 
bination Uiat this generation has seen, of practical wisdom, childlike 
faith, goodness of heart, metaphjrsical subtlety, and discursive oddity, 
with wonderful critical sagacity and penetrating scientific genius.'* 
Nature, 1882. 

Glazebrook, Richard Tetley. James Clerk Maxwell and 

modern physics. 1896. (Century science series.) 92 M524g 

Brief non-technical account of his scientific work. 

MAYO, Richard Southwell Bourke, earl of. 

Hunter, Sir William Wilson. Earl of Mayo. 1892. (Rulers 

of India.) 92 M542h 

MAZARIN, Jules, cardinal. 

Masson, Gustave. Mazarin. 1886 92 M545m 

"Authorities," p. 10, 294-297. 

Short popular account, with many extracts from contemporary memoirs, 
of the great cardinal and the France of his time. 

MEADE, Gen. George Gordon. 

Bache, Richard Meade. Life of Gen. George Gordon 

Meade, commander of the Army of the Potomac. 1897. -92 MsS3b 

"Rather a narrative of the campaigns of the Army of the Potomac; and 
the intimate history of Meade is limited to a dozen pages at the be- 
ginning and a score at the end of the volume. . .We find the standpoint 
of the writer to be that of a g^roup of the younger officers who sur- 
rounded General Meade, who, starting with the intensest prejudices 
against the men who succeeded McQellan, transferred the dUlike with 
equal hostility to Grant and Sheridan, when Meade was superseded in 
the independent command of the Potomac army." American historical 
review, 1898. 
Pennypacker, Isaac Rusling. General Meade. 1901. 

(Great commanders.) 92 M553P 

"Mr. Pennypacker. . .sums up as a logical deduction from his whole 
story, the services of Meade: *In the history of the wars of the United 
States, it does not appear that the nation ever profited by the services 
of any other army commander who combined thorough training with 
personal energy and skill on the battlefield as did General Meade.' 
That is a great verdict, and unless the whole structure of Mr. Pen- 
nypacker's book can be overthrown, it is a true one." Dial, 1901. 

MEADE, Sir Richard John. 

Thornton, Thomas Henry. General Sir Richard Meade 
and the feudatory states of central and southern India. 

1898 92 M5S32t 

MEDICI, Cosmo de', called the elder. 

Ewart, K. Dorothea. Cosimo de' Medici. 1899. (Foreign 

statesmen.) 92 M56i2e 

Bibliography, p. 239-240. 

Short and careful study of his domestic and foreign policy, treating 
only briefly of him as a patron and cultivator of art and letters. 

MEDICI, Lorenzo de', prince of Florence. 

Armstrong, Edward. Lorenzo de' Medici and Florence in 

the isth century. 1896. (Heroes of the nations.) 92 M56ia 

A graphic and delightful volume in which the brilliant picture of the 
person and the age is brought vividly before us. Illustrated. 

Carpenter, Edith. Lorenzo de' Medici; an historical 

portrait. 1893 92 Ms6ic 

Brief study, taking a middle ground between admiration and severity of 


criticism, and pointing out his real accomplishments as poet, scholar, 
art critic, statesman and man of affairs. 

Reumont, Alfred von. Lorenzo de* Medici the Magnifi- 
cent; tr. fr. the German by Robert Harrison. 2v. ^1876. .92 M56ire 

"Not so much a biography of Lorenzo as a history of Italy at the time 
Lorenzo was its most important figure. The work of an able scholar 
and historian. The translation has numerous errors." C. K. Adams, 

Roscoe, William. Life of Lorenzo de' Medici. 1891 92 M56ir 

Memoir of Roscoe, p. 19-48. 

"Not to be regarded as a good authority. Roscoe's style introduced 

his books easily into public favor, but his works have been shown 

again and again to be inaccurate." C. K. Adams. 


Murray, Sir Charles Augustus. Short memoir of Mo- 
hammed Ali, founder of the vice-royalty of Egypt. 
1898 92 Ms68m 

Valuable for the personal estimate and recollections of the author, who 
was English consul-general in Egypt, 1846-51, during Mohammed 
Ali's viceroyalty. 

MEIER-SMITH, Matson. See SMITH, Matson Meier-. 

MEISSONIER, Jean Louis Ernest. See Artists, p.1272. 


Deane, David J. Philip Melancthon, the Wittemberg pro- 
fessor and theologian of the reformation. [1897.] 92 MsSid 

Brief biography of Luther's associate in the Protestant reformation. 
For the general reader. 

Richard, James William. Philip Melanchthon, the Protes- 
tant preceptor of Germany, 1497-1560. 1898 92 MsSir 

Melanchthon's Funeral oration over Luther, p.381-392. 
Does full justice to his character and work, without concealing his 
failings. Gives selections from his letters and other writings. 

Wilson, Rev. George. Philip Melanchthon, 1497-1560. 

1897 92 Ms8i w 

Having both thorough knowledge of his subject and literary skill Mr 
Wilson has made an interesting short sketch, giving a good account of 
the more personal side of his life and of his theological work. 

MELBOURNE, William Lamb, viscount. 

Dunckley, Henry. Lord Melbourne. 1890. (Prime min- 
isters of Queen Victoria.) 92 M582d 

Bibliographical note, p. 5. 

English Whig statesman, was prime minister in 1834 and 1835-41. 

*'A readable sketch of Queen Victoria's first Premier and early Mentor 
...While Lord Melbourne was not, despite his Premiership, in any 
sense a great man, he bore no inconsiderable share in great events; 
and the story of his private life is sufficiently piquant to attract read- 
ers who might shrink from following Dr. Dunckley into the maze 
of British politics," Dial, 1891. 

MELLOR, Richard. 

Incidents in the life of a veteran organist, [Richard Mellor]. 

[Anonymous.] 1874 r78o P21U 

Reprinted from the "Huddersfield examiner." 

MELVILLE, Andrew. 

Morison, William. Andrew Melville. 1899. (Famous 

Scots series.) 92 M595m 

1 6th century reformer and scholar. Was actively engaged in the reli- 
gious controversies of the time and was chiefly instrumental in the 
abolition of episcopacy in Scotland. 

"A painstaking and accurate little ' monograph, but will hardly com- 
mend itself to any but the extremer Presbyterians." Athenaum, 1899. 

MEMLING, Hans. See Artists, p.1289. 



Brief e an Ignaz und Charlotte Moscheles. 1888 r92 M6i6br 

Letters to his intimate friends, containing many opinions and criticisms 
concerning music and musicians. 

Letters from Italy and Switzerland; tr. by Lady Wallace. 

1865 r92 M616 

Benedict, Sir Julius. Sketch of the life and works of Felix 

Mendelssohn Bartholdy. 1853 r92 M6i6b 

"Sketch of one who knew him well; attractive and, as far as it goes, 
complete." Grove's Dictionary of music. 

David, Ferdinand, & Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix. Fer- 
dinand David und die familie Mendelssohn-Bartholdy; 
aus hinterlassenen briefschaften zusammengestellt von 
Julius Eckardt. 1888 r92 M6i6e 

David was concertmaster of the Gewandhaus orchestra when Mendels- 
sohn was conductor of the concerts, they were intimate friends, and 
many of Mendelssohn's works were referred to his taste and knowledge 
during their composition. 

Devrient, Philipp Eduard. My recollections of Felix Men- 
delssohn-Bartholdy, and his letters to me; tr. fr. the 
German by Natalia Macfarren. 1869 92 M6i6d 

"Containing 32 letters and portions of letters. The work of an old 
and intimate friend, but written with all the impartiality of a stranger." 
Grove's Dictionary of music, 

Hensel, Sebastian. Mendelssohn family (1729-1847), from 
letters and journals; tr. by Carl Klingemann and an 
American collaborator, with a notice by George Grove. 
2v. 1882 r92 M6i6h 

"Compiled from journals and family papers, and containing 73 letters 
or portions of letters hitherto [1879] unpublished. The title of the 
book would perhaps be more appropriately 'Fanny Hensel and her 
family;' but it is a most valuable addition to our knowledge of Felix 
. . .The notices and letters of Abraham Mendelssohn are especially 
new and valuable." Grove's Dictionary of music. 

Hiller, Ferdinand. Mendelssohn; recollections and letters. 

1874 r92 M6i6hi 

"Contains 26 letters not before printed. A thoroughly good book, genial, 
discriminating, and accurate; by one well able to judge." Grove's 
Dictionary of music. 

Lampadius, Wilhelm Adolph. Life of Felix Mendelssohn 

Bartholdy; ed. and tr. by W. L. Gage. 1866 r92 M616I 

"Standard work, written in a spirit of affectionate sympathy." H. E, 

Appendix contains sketches by Benedict, Chorley, Rellstab, Bayard Tay- 
lor, R. S. Willis and J. S. Dwight. 
Polko, Frau Elise (Vogel). Reminiscences of Felix Men- 
delssohn-Bartholdy. 1869 r92 M6i6p 

"Poor gushing book, from which however some traits may be picked up. 
Chiefly valuable for the letters." Grove's Dictionary of music. 
Rockstro, William Smyth. Mendelssohn. [1881.] (Great 

musicians.) 92 M6i6r 

Complete catalogue of Mendelssohn's works, p. 141 -147. 

"Follows pretty closely the lines of Sir George Grove's article in hit 
dictionary; but Mr. Rockstro had the privilege of being personally 
acquainted with the subject of his biography, and his own reminis- 
cences are among the most valuable portions of his book." Athentntm, 

Stratton, Stephen Samuel. Mendelssohn. 1901. (Master 

musicians.) 92 M6i6s 

Mendelssohn bibliography, p.225-234; List of Mendelssohn's con^Msi- 

tions, P.23S-248. 
"Does not profess to furnish any **'>*-' data, bot it *^ a careful ecmpQtt' 


tion of facts regarding the life and works of Mendelssohn, gathered 
from a great variety of sources, and presented in a readable manner." 
Nation, 1901. 

MENDEZ PINTO, Fernao. See PINTO, Fernao Mendez. 
MENZEL, Adolf Friedrich Erdmann. See Artists, p.1264. 
MfiRIMfiE, Prosper. 

Lettres a une inconnue. 2v. in i. 1899 92 M636 

"£tude sur M6rim6e,'* par H. Taine, p. 1-32. 

MERIVALE, Charles. 

Autobiography, with selections from his correspondence. 

1899 92 M637 

English historian and divine, author of several works on Roman history. 

" 'Autobiography' ... closes with the attainment of the fellowship at 
St. John's [1833], the remaining two-thirds of the volume being de- 
voted to correspondence. The whole forms a good record of a life 
with high aims steadily and successfully pursued." Dial, 1900. 

MESDAG, Hendrik Willem. See Artists, p.1289. 

METASTASIO, Pietro Antonio Domenico Buonaventura 
Burney, Charles. Memoirs of the life and writings of 
Metastasio, in which are incorporated translations of 
his principal letters. 3v. 1796 r92 M645b 

Consists chiefly of letters written after he became court poet at Vienna 
in 1729. 

"He may be considered as the originator of a real improvement in the 
musical drama, though long since superseded. His popularity as a 
dramatic poet was great; the charm, grace, melody, and sweetness of 
his verse have induced the composers to overlook the absence of con- 
trast and strong passion; and in consequence some of his libretti have 
been set to music thirty or forty times." Grove's Dictionary of music. 

METTERNICH-WINNEBURG, Clemens Wenzel Nepomuk 
Lothar, fiirst von. 
Memoirs; ed. by Prince Richard Metternich. Sv. 1880-82. .92 M648 
The same. 5v. 1881-82 r92 M648 

Prince Metternich (i 773-1 859), an eminent Austrian statesman, was 
ambassador at Berlin and Paris, and for more than 30 years chan- 
cellor and minister of foreign affairs. 

"No diplomatist, even in that age of intellectual g^iants, excelled, per- 
haps hardly any equalled, Metternich in the sagacious survey which 
he took of existing events, and the admirable tact with which he con- 
trived to render them conducive to the interests of his 'country." 
Alison's History of Europe. 

MEYER, Leopold von. 

Biography of Leopold de Meyer. 1845 r92 K433t 

Bound with Thrane's "Friedrich Kuhlau." 

Illustrated popular sketch of the Austrian pianist of the middle of the 
19th centurv. 

MEYERBEER, Giacomo. 

Mendel, Hermann. Giacomo Meyerbeer; eine biographie. 

1868 ' qr92 M6s6m 

Appreciative criticism of the composer by a competent writer on musical 


Duppa, Richard. Michel Angelo, by Richard Duppa, with 

Raffaello, by Quatremere de Quincy. 1846 r92 M663d 

Catalogue of the principal works of Michel Angelo, in sculpture, paint- 
ing, design and architecture, p. 164-188. List of the works of Raf- 
faello, p.452-457. 

The life of Michael Angelo was written early in the 19th century under 
the influence of the English revival of interest in Italian art, particu- 
larly that of Michael Angelo. The biography of Raphael, published 
in 1824, is inaccurate in many respects. 


Grimm, Herman. Life of Michael Angelo. 2v. 1890.... 92 M663g 

"Not the most sympathetic nor the most critical of the many lives of 
Michelangelo, but containing a great deal of research and brought 
down to date.'* Russell Sturgis. 

Symonds, John Addington. Life of Michelangelo Buonar- 
roti, based on studies in the archives of the Buonarroti 
family at Florence. 2v. 1893 92 M663S 

"Containing what seems most necessary in the other books on the man 

and his time and much additional information." Russell Sturgis. 
Many valuable illustrations. 

Wilson, Charles Heath. Life and works of Michelangelo 

Buonarroti. 1881 92 M663W 

Life is partly compiled from that by Aurelio Gotti. 

"Mr. Wilson had the rare good fortune to gain access to the scaffolding 
erected close under the vault of the Sistine Chapel; he thence analyzed 
the processes used by Michelangelo in the frescoes there, which con- 
stitute, perhaps, the most important monument of the painter's art in 
Europe." Russell Sturgis. 


MIEL, Charles Francis'Bonaventure. 

Pelerinage d'un ame; ou, Experiences religieuses. 1899... 92 M6752 

M. Miel, a Frenchman and a Jesuit, driven by doubts to give up his 
religious career, came to America in 1855, where he was at first 
associated with the Unitarian church and the Transcendentalists, but, 
finally became an Episcopal clergyman. This interesting account of 
his "soul's pilgrimage" has an introduction by Dr McConnell, of Holy 
Trinity, Brooklyn. 

MIfiVILLE, Sir Walter Frederick. 

Under queen and khedive; the autobiography of an Anglo- 
Egyptian official. 1899 92 M675 

"Sir Walter Mieville is one of those who have worked under Lord 
Cromer. . .They who are acquainted with Egypt know that he did 
excellent work there for over 20 years, especially at the Quarantine 
Board over which for many years he presided. He was present during 
all the troubles of Alexandria and he was in the square Mahomed Ali 
when the news of the victory of Tel-el-Kebir arrived." Saturday 
review, 1899. 

MILAN, Beatrice d'Este, duchess of. See BEATRICE 

d'ESTE, duchess of Milan. 
MILES, Gen. Nelson Appleton. 

Personal recollections, embracing a brief view of the Civil 

war and the story of his Indian campaigns. 1896 92 M685 

The greater part of the book is devoted to an account of the campaigns 
against the Western Indians during the last 30 years. There are also 
chapters on Alaska, California and the development of transportation 
facilities in the West. 

MILL, John Stuart. 

Autobiography. 1887 92 M687 

"The practical record of the formation of an eminent thinker's mental 
habits and the succession of his mental attitudes. . .If Mr. Mill's auto> 
biography has no literary grandeur, nor artistic variety, it has the 
rarer merit of presenting for our contemplation a character that was 
infested by none of the small passions, and warped by none of the 
more unintelligent attitudes of the human mind." John Morley, in 
Fortnightly review^ 1874. 

Courtney, William Leonard. Life of John Stuart Mill. 

1889. (Great writers.) 92 M687C 

Bibliography, apx. p.i-12. 

Short critical biography of Mill's life and work, somewhat antagonistic 

in tone, and taking for granted in the reader some knowledge of his 


MILLAIS, Sir John Everett. 

Millais, John Guille. Life and letters of Sir John Everett 


Millais. 2v. 1899 , . q92 M688m 

Chronological list of Millais* work in oil« water and black-and-white, 
V.2, p.466-494. 

"The 'Life and letters* is somewhat confusingly written, skipping back 
and forth and sometimes giving contradictory accounts of the same 
event; but it succeeds, on the whole, in drawing a clear picture of 
the cheery, hearty, determined, straight-forward, eminently British 
personality of the man ... Prof usely illustrated.'* Nation, 1900. 

MILLER, Hugh. 

My schools and schoolmasters; or, The story of my educa- 
tion. 1882 .92 M692 

To the author of this autobiography, Thomas Carlyle wrote: "You have 
painted to us scenes of life, scenes of nature, which rarely come upon 
the canvas; such draughtsmen, too, are extremely rare in that and in 
other walks of painting.'* This book convincingly proves how much 
education there is out of school — in the experience and thought of 
every-day life. A work of especial value to readers who regret their 
lack of thorough formal instruction. Miller was a Scottish geologist 
and worked as a stone-mason in his youth. 

Bayne, Peter. Life and letters of Hugh Miller. 2v. 1882. .92 M692b 

Very full biography, particularly of his earlier years. 

Leask, William Keith. Hugh Miller. 1896. (Famous Scots 

series.) 92 M692I 

Bibliography, p. 15 5-1 5 7. 

Brief biography, devoted chiefly to Miller's connection with the Free 
Church movement. 

MILLET, Jean Frangois. 

Cartwright, Julia Mary, afterward Mrs Ady. Jean Francois 

Millet; his life and letters. 1896 q92 M696C 

"The authoress has combined the information gathered from the books 
of Sensier and Piedagniel and much information from articles in the 
American magazines, together with a number of Millet's letters. The 
result is a very good and satisfactory treatise on the man." Russell 

Sensier, Alfred. Jean-Frangois Millet, peasant and painter. 

1896 92 M696S 

Biography of the author, p. 5-8. 

A peasant and the painter of peasants, whose typical figure was the la- 
borer in the fields. Millet is one of the most interesting of artists. 
Sensier was an intimate friend and his biography is the authoritative 

MILMAN, Henry Hart. 

Milman, Arthur. Henry Hart Milman, dean of St. Paul's; 

a biographical sketch. 1900 92 M711 

" 'Scholar, poet, critic, historian, but above all these a perfect Christian 
gentleman,' Dean Milman was also a man of the world, and a most 
agreeable member of society at a period when society was most 
agreeable. Walter Scott and Byron were still alive when he entered it, 
and Sidney Smith, Whately, Macaulay, Stephen, Monckton Milnes, 
Rogers, Senior, Lords Holland and Lansdowne, and many others 
whom it would take too long to enumerate, were his contemporaries." 
Spectator, 1900. 

MILNES, Richard Monckton, baron Houghton. 

Reid, Sir Thomas Wemyss. Life, letters and friendships 

of Richard Monckton Milnes, first lord Houghton. 2v. 

1891 92 M71ST 

Lord Houghton (1809-85) lived in intimate contact with the stirring 
events in England and Europe for half a century from 1835 onwards, 
and knew well the chief actors in them. He was an accomplished man 
of the world, a scholar and man of letters, a critical and philosophical 
spectator, the friend of Carlyle and Edward Fitzgerald and Tennyson, 
the political confidant of de Tocqueville and Guizot, equally at home 
with Landor in Florence and Emerson in Concord. The biography is 
generously appreciative. Condensed from Saturday review, 1890. 


MILTON, John. 

Garnett, Richard. Life of John Milton. 1890. (Great 

writers.) 92 M7i9g 

Bibliography, apx. p. 1-39. 

Excellent short biography with clear and discriminating criticism of Mil- 
ton's poetry and prose by a most competent critic. Mr Garnett differs 
with Mr Pattison (92 M719P) on the importance of the effect on Mil- 
ton of the political and religious controversies of the time. ' 

Masson, David. Life of John Milton, yw. 1873-94 92 M7i9m 

"Professor Masson's 'Life of Milton' is an elaborate and often highly 
interesting study of all the contemporary movements — ^religious, po- 
litical, and social — which may be supposed to have influenced the 
poet's genius or to have moulded the national history." Gardiner & 
Mullinger*s Introduction to English history, 

Pattison, Mark. Milton. [1880.] (English men of let- 
ters.) 92 M719P 

A singularly able monograph, invaluable to students of Milton and hit 

Trent, William Peterfield. John Milton; a study of his life 

and works. 1899 92 M7i9t 

"Is welcome... because it aims and succeeds at getting at the heart of 
Milton as man and writer, because it is charged with a fine en- 
thusiasm, while yet being quite sane and critical in tone." Spectator, 

MIRABEAU, Honore Gabriel Riquetti, comte de. 

Memoirs, by himself, his father, his uncle and his adopted 

child. 4v. 1835-36 r92 M735 

These memoirs, biographical, literary and political, are the most important 
authority concerning Mirabeau. 

Willert, Paul Ferdinand. Mirabeau. 1898. (Foreign 

statesmen.) 92 M73SW 

"A portrait which is not less large in treatment because it is small in 
scale. . .Mirabeau, after all, was eminent for a statesmanship unique 
in his time; and it is for this, as well as for his superb, unconscious 
gift of drama, that Mr. Willert justly esteems him." Spectator, 1898. 

MISSING friends; the adventures of a Danish emigrant in 

Queensland, 1871-1880. 1892. (Adventure series.) 92 M743 

True experiences of a carpenter as he wandered from place to place 
looking for work and adventures. 


Dillon, William. Life of John Mitchel. 2v. 1888 92 M74S2d 

Mitchel (1818-75), Irish nationalist. On account of his political utter- 
ances he was transported for treason, escaped to America and lived 
there and in Paris, always working for the Irish cause, until his 
return to Ireland in 1875. He was active on the Confederate side 
during the Civil war. 

MITCHEL, Ormsby MacKnight. 

Mitchel, Frederic Augustus. Ormsby MacKnight Mitchel. 

1887 92 M74Sm 

Life, by his son, of the American astronomer and general (1809-62). 
He was director of the Cincinnati observatory 1845-59, of the Dudley 
observatory at Albany 1859-61 and brigadier-general in the Civil war 
1861-62. He was an enthusiastic lecturer and was largely instrumental 
in the establishment of some of the first observatories in the United 


Life, letters and journals; comp. by P. M. Kendall. 1896. . .92 M748 

"The life of the first American woman who attained eminence in 
science, and it is also the perfect picture of the ideally happy life of 
the woman who devotes herself to scientific pursuits." Nation, 1896. 

MITFORD, Mary Russell. 

Life, told by herself in letters to her friends; ed. by A. G. 


K. L'Estrange. 2v. 1870 92 M754 

Miss Mitford (1787-1855) was an English novelist and dramatist She 
was an inveterate letter-writer and corresponded with scores of people 
whom she never met. Her letters are as attractive as her books. The 
most interesting are those written to Sir William Elford and Miss Bar- 
rett But her correspondents also included Macready, Mrs Hemans, 
Mrs Trollope, Dyce, Allan Cunningham, Haydon, Douglas Jerrold, 
Mary Howitt, Harriet Martineau, Mrs Jameson and Barry Cornwall. 

UEstrange, Alfred Guy Kingham, ed. Friendships of 
Mary Russell Mitford, as recorded in letters from her 

literary correspondents. 2v. 1882 92 M754I 

Includes letters from Macready, Joanna Baillie, Charles Kemble, Har- 
riet Martineau, N. P. Willis. Elizabeth Barrett, Ruskin, Crabb Robin- 
son, Landor and many others. 

MOFFAT, Robert. 

Moffat, John Smith. Lives of Robert & Mary Moffat. 

[1888.] 92 M769m 

Pioneers in South African mission work where they labored, 1817-70. It 
was Moffat who aroused Livingstone's interest in Africa. 


Irving, Washington. Mahomet and his successors. 2v. 

1868 92 M772i 

"One of the most attractive accounts of the rise of Mohammedanism, 
and of its development from 622 to 710. It cannot be said to contain 
any important additions to our knowledge of Mohammedanism; but, 
like all of Irving's histories, it does much to compensate for any lack 
of profound research by the charm of an unusually attractive style." 
C. K, Adams. 

Muir, Sir William. Mahomet and Islam. [1895.] 92 M772mu 

A sketch of the prophet's life from original sources, and a brief outline 
of his religion. 


MOHL, Mme Mary (Clarke). 

O'Meara, Kathleen. Madame Mohl; her salon and her 

friends; a study of social life in Paris. 1886 92 M7730 

Of English birth, but brought up in France, Mme Mohl (i 793-1883) was 
the friend of Mme R^camicr, and for nearly 40 years her own recep- 
tions attracted a most talented circle. 

MOLIfiRE, Jean Baptiste Poquelin. 

Brown, Alexander Menzies. Moliere and his medical asso- 
ciations; glimpses of the court and stage, the faculties 
and physicians of the grand siecle. 1897 92 M79ib 

Bibliography, p.232. 

MOLINOS, Miguel. 

Bigelow, John. Molinos the Quietist. 1882 92 M799b 

Molinos was a Spanish theologian, born about 1630. He founded the 
sect of the Quietists, was sentenced to life imprisonment by the In- 
quisition and died in 1696. 
MOLTKE, Helmuth, graf von. 

Field-marshal Count Helmuth von Moltke as a correspond- 
ent; tr. by Mary Herms. 1893 92 M8iif 

Selected letters to his father, sisters, brother and other relatives, and 
to several friends, on a variety of subjects. 

Letters to his mother and brothers; tr. by Clara Bell and 

H. W. Fischer. 2v. 1891 92 M811I 

Biography of Frau von Moltke, v.i, p.3-^' 

Gives an excellent idea of the real nature of the great German general. 

Letters to his wife and other relatives; tr. by J. R. Mcll- 

raith. 2v. 1896 92 M811 

These letters show Moltke to be very different from the ordinary con- 


ception of him. To the world he was cold and silent, to his family 
and friends he was affectionate, kind and sympathetic to a remarkable 
degree. Though generally regarded as little better than a strategic 
machine we find in these letters that two of his chief characteristics 
are admiration of nature and fondness for children. He was a keen 
observer and his opinions of the people and countries which he saw in 
his long life are interesting and valuable. 

Herins, Mary, tr. Moltke; his life and character. 1892.. .92 M8iih 
Largely made up of selections from his journals, letters and autobio- 
graphical notes. Includes a tale written at the age of 28. Illustrated 
with drawings by von Moltke and portraits. 

MONK, George, duke of Albemarle. 

Corbett, Julian Stafford. Monk. 1889. (English men of 

action.) 92 M828C 

Biography of Gen. Monk, the restorer of Charles II; greatly exalts the 

MONMOUTH, James Scott, duke of. 

Fea, Allan. King Monmouth; a history of the career of 

James Scott, "the Protestant duke," 1649-1685. 1902.. 92 M832f 
"The ill-fated career... of James, Duke of Monmouth, the natural son 
of Charles II., forms an important chapter in English history; and... 
it is as a picture of the times, rather than of the man, that any reci- 
tal of his adventures can be of value... The chief interest in Mon- 
mouth's career centres, of course, in his invasion from Holland soon 
after his father's death, and in the battle of Sedgemoor which put an 
end to his kingly pretensions. . .The new material drawn upon by the 
author makes his book well worth the writing." Dial, 1901. 

MONROE, James, 1758-1831. 

Adams, John Quincy. Lives of James Madison and James 

Monroe. 1851 r92 M236a 

"Eulogies rather than critical biographies, but valuable as the estimates 
of the character and services of these statesmen made by a contempo- 
rary who knew them well and who had himself taken a large part in 
the events whereof he writes." Lamed' s Literature of American his- 

Oilman, Daniel Coit. James Monroe. 1893. (American 

statesmen.) 92 M836g 

Bibliography, p.255-280. 

The same. 1899. (American statesmen.) r92 M836g 

Bibliography, p.260-294. 

"Short and simple account of the most important events in Monroe's life. 
When the book was written the Monroe manuscripts at Washington, 
while not inaccessible, were not easily handled ... The publication of 
these papers may show the desirability of a more extended biography; 
but probably the general judgments of this book will not be over- 
thrown." Larned's Literature of American history. 

MONTAGU, Lady Mary (Pierrepont) Wortley. 

Letters and works; ed. by Lord Wharncliffe. 2v. 1893 92 M845 

Memoir of Lady Montagu, by W. M. Thomas, v.i, p. 1-48; Anecdotes of 

Lady Montagu, by Lady Louisa Stuart, v.i, p.49-121. 
From 17 18 to 1739, Lady Mary Wortley Montagu was one of the leaders 
in English society and letters, a friend of Pope, Sir Horace Walpole 
and Lord Hervey. She accompanied her husband on his embassy to 
Turkey, and the letters written during this time are her best. Her 
sprightliness and the easy elegance of Jier style, her pungent wit and 
shrewd observations make her letters justly famous. 

Letters previous to 1717. 1834. (In Republic of letters, 

V.I, P76-131.) qr828 R35 v.i 

MONTAGU, Victor Alexander. 

A middy's recollections, 1853-1860. 1898 92 M8452 

The author began his sea-service when he was only 12 years old. He 
saw service in the Crimean war, the war with China in 1857, and in 
the mutiny in India, when he was a member of a naval brigade which 
did land duty. 


MONTAIGNE, Michel Eyquem de. 

Lowndes, Mary E. Michel de Montaigne; a biographical 

study. 1898 92 M847I 

St. John, Bayle. Montaigne, the essayist. 2v. 1858 92 M847S 

The same, 2v. 1858 r92 M847S 

Good and careful study. 

MONTAL, Claude. 

Dufau, Pierre Armand, and others. Claude Montal, facteur 

de pianos; sa vie et ses travaux. 1857 Qr92 M848d 

Short sketch of the life and work of a blind man of unusual musical taste 
who was a maker of excellent pianos. 

MONTALEMBERT, Charles Forbes Rene de Tryon, comte de. 
Oliphant, Mrs Margaret Oliphant (Wilson). Memoir of 
Count de Montalembert; a chapter of recent French 

history. 2v. 1872 92 M8480 

Mrs Oliphant was personally acquainted with Montalembert, she wrote 
with the aid and sanction of his family, she had access to the best 
sources of information, and she produced a valuable and interesting 
memoir to which there is, however, one marked objection. She gives 
an undue prominence to the romantic, sentimental or sensational 
aspects of character, and places the clerical enthusiast in broad relief, 
but hardly does justice to the orator, statesman, author and accom- 
plished man of the world. Condensed from Quarterly review, 1873. 

MONTEFIORE, Sir Moses, & Judith (Cohen), lady. 

Diaries, 1812-1883; ed. by L. Loewe. 2v. 1890 92 M855 

Sir Moses Montefiore (i 784-1 885) was a Jewish philanthropist of Anglo- 
Italian origin, who spent his enormous wealth in ameliorating the 
condition of the Jews in all parts of the world. His life is also inter- 
esting from its great length, he having lived to over a hundred years 
in perfect possession of his faculties. 


Wolf, Lucien. Sir Moses Montefiore, with selections from 

his letters and journals. 1885 92 M8S5w 

Well-written, brief biography of the Jewish philanthropist, much more 
interesting to general readers than the edition of his diaries, edited by 

MONTESQUIEU, Charles de Secondat, baron de. 

Sorel, Albert. Montesquieu; tr. by M. B. Anderson and E. 

P.Anderson. 1888. (Great French writers.) 92 M859S 

"M. Sorel does his work very well. He gives us a fair notion of what 
Montesquieu did, but does not contribute much that is new. We knew 
before that Montesquieu was one of the pioneers of modem political 
philosophy; that he helped, without knowing or intending it, to pave 
the way for the French Revolution; and we strongly suspected that a 
great deal of his speculation was wholly groundless, or, rather that 
the groundwork of his speculation was often flimsy and unsubstantial. 
Perhaps the exhibition of this weakness is the best part of M. Sorcl's 
work." Nation, 1888. 

MONTFORT, Simon de, earl of Leicester. 

Creighton, Mandell. Life of Simon de Montfort. 1895- 

(Historical biographies.) 92 M862C 

Brief, reliable and interesting. Gives the most important events of his 
life, but does not go deeply into constitutional questions. 

Prothero, George Walter. Life of Simon de Montfort, 
earl of Leicester, with special reference to the parlia- 
mentary history of his time. 1877 92 M862p 

"Elaborate study of the earl's character and career as a whole." Dic' 
tionary of national biography. 

MONTROSE, James Graham, marquis of. 

Morris, Mowbray Walter. Montrose. 1892. (English men 


of action.) 92 M872m 

Brief and spirited sketch of the noted Scottish statesman and soldier, 
James Graham, first marquis of Montrose (1612-50). 

MOODY, Dwight Lyman. 

Daniels, William Haven. D. L. Moody and his work. 

1875 92 M874d 

Drummond, Henry. Dwight L. Moody; impressions and 

facts. 1900 92 M874dr 

*'A personal tribute," by G. A. Smith, p.3-36. 
Brief appreciation. 

Moody, William Revell. Life of Dwight L. Moody. 

1900 92 M874m 

Life of the evangelist (1837-99) by his son. Many illustrations. 

MOORE, Albert Joseph. See Artists, p.1258. 

MOORE, George, 1806-76. 

Burnley, James. Sir Titus Salt and George Moore. 1885. 

(The world's workers.) 92 Si76b 

Both were successful business men and philanthropists. 

MOORE, Thomas, 1779-1852. 

"Thomas Moore" anecdotes, bon-mots and epigrams from 
[his] "Journal;" ed. with notes by Wilmot Harrison. 
1899 92 M879 

Interesting notes and observations on the society of his day. 

MOORHEAD, James Kennedy. 

Cowan, Edward P. Memorial volume; James Kennedy 

Moorhead. 1885 r92 M8792C 

Brief sketch of the career of Gen. Moorhead of Pittsburgh (1806-84), 
with memorial addresses, resolutions, etc. 

MORDAUNT, Charles, earl of Peterborough. See PETER- 
BOROUGH, Charles Mordaunt, earl of. 

MORE, Hannah. 

Harland, Marion, {pseud, of Mrs Mary Virginia (Hawes) 
Terhune). Hannah More. 1900. (Literary hearth- 
stones.) 92 M885h 

Principally concerned with the personal life of its subject. Illustrated. 

Thompson, Henry. Life of Hannah More, with notices of 

her sisters. 1838 92 M885t 

Considered the best biography of the distinguished writer and interesting 

Yonge, Charlotte Mary. Hannah More. 1888. (Famous 

women.) 92 M885y 

"Authorities," p.9. 

Excellent short account of her long and varied life (i 745-1 833). 

MORE, Sir Thomas. 

Bridgett, Thomas Edward. Life and writings of Sir Thomas 
More, lord chancellor of England aiid martyr under 
Henry VIIL 1892 92 M886b 

Authorities, p.6-i8. 

"Among all those who suffered death for the faith in England under 
King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth. . .and who have been declared 
Blessed by the Holy See, there is no one who is universally more 
warmly esteemed than Sir Thomas More . . . The work before us is not 
an undiscriminating panegyric. . .it is a careful exhibit of what he was, 
and said, and did, after a laborious, painstaking study of original 
sources." American Catholic quarterly review, 1891. 

Roper, William. Life of Sir Thomas More. 1894. (In 

More's Utopia, p.5-56.) 320.1 M88 

"Earliest life of More. . .by. .. [his] son-in-law ... It is full of attractive 


anecdote, and is the original source of all information concerning 
More*s personal history." Dictionary of national biography. 

Roper, William. Vita Thomae Mori, lingua Anglicana con- 
texta; accedunt Mori Epistola de scholasticis, quibus- 
dam Trojanos sese appellantibus; Academiae Oxoniensis 
epistolae et orationes aliquammultae; Anonymi chronicon 
Godstovianum, et Fenestrarum depictarum ecclesiae 
parochialis de Fairford explicatio. 1716 r92 M886r 

The life is written in English, the letters and orations in Latin. 

MORELLET, Andre, abbe. 

Lettres a Lord Shelburne, depuis marquis de Lansdowne, 

1772-1803. 1898 92 M8882 

Lord Shelburne became acquainted with Morellet during a visit to Paris 
in 1 77 1, and they remained firm friends, much of Shelburne's subse- 
quent interest in France being due to this. The letters are concerned 
with the people, politics and literature of the time. 

Memoires sur le i8e siecle et sur la revolution, precedes 

de I'eloge par Lemontey. 2v. 1821 r92 M8881 

"Of value for the Philosophe period ... Morellet, though not a man of 
extraordinary ability, or of specially amiable or estimable character, 
was in both respects a fair specimen of the man of letters of all work 
of the time." Encyclopedia Britannica. 

MORELLI, Domenico. See Artists, p.1281. 

MORGAN, Gen. Daniel. 

Graham, James, of New Orleans. Life of Gen. Daniel 

Morgan, with portions of his correspondence. 1859. . .r92 M892g 

With newspaper clippings and annotations by Isaac Craig. 
Prepared from unpublished letters and papers, with a full account of 
the battle of the Cowpens. 

MORLAND, George. See Artists, p. 1258. 

MORRIS, Clara. 

Life on the stage; my personal experiences and recollec- 
tions. 1901 92 M915 

Some of these chapters have appeared in "McClure's magazine." 
Varied and interesting experiences of the American actress, who began 

her stage career as a ballet girl in 1862 and became one of the most 

successful emotional actresses of her time. 

MORRIS, Gouverneur, 1752-1816. 

Diary and letters, 1789-1816; ed. by A. C. Morris. 1888. . .92 M9i6m 

Letters of our minister to France and notes which he jotted down daily 
during that most momentous epoch of modem history — the epoch of 
the revolution in France, 

Roosevelt, Theodore. Gouverneur Morris. 1893. (Ameri- 
can statesmen.) 92 M9i6r 

The same. 1899. (American statesmen.) r92 M9i6ri 

"In the portrayal of this energetic and brilliant statesman he [Mr Roose- 
velt] found a congenial task. Occasionally the author indulges in flip- 
pant comments, or in exaggerated praise or blame, but on the whole 
his method and temper are commendable. The life of Morris in Paris 
during the days of the French Revolution is entertainingly described." 
Larned's Literature, of American history. 

Sparks, Jared. Life of Gouverneur Morris, with selections 
from his correspondence, and miscellaneous papers. 3v. 
1832 r92 M916S 

"The early standard life of Morris. The first volume contains a biog- 
raphy into which are woven extracts from his correspondence and 
diary, conscientiously expurgated and revised according to the Sparks 
method. . .This work has been supplanted to a certain extent as a biog- 
raphy by Roosevelt's Morris." Larned's Literature of American his- 


MORRIS, John Gottlieb. 

Life reminiscences of an old Lutheran minister; an auto- 
biography. 1896 92 M917 

Morris (1803-95) was a Lutheran minister in Baltimore, librarian of 
Peabody institute, founder of the "Lutheran observer," lecturer, scien- 
tist and author. 

MORRIS, Robert, 1734-1806. 

Sumner, William Graham. Robert Morris. 1892. (Makers 

of America.) 92 M918S 

Abridged from the author's longer work "The financier and the finances 
of the American revolution," (336.7 S95). 

"There is hardly sufficient personality in this epitome to arouse interest 
in Morris as a man. but it brings out in clear relief the financial 
methods, both public and private, that prevailed during our Revolu- 
tionary period." Nation, 1892. 

MORRIS, William. 

Mackail, John William. Life of William Morris. 2v. 

1899 92 M9i82m 

This biography of the poet, decorator, printer, and craftsman in many 
arts was undertaken at the special request of the late Sir Edward 
Burne-Jones. The author had unreserved access to all materials in the 
possession of the family of William Morris. His crowded, brave and 
useful life is put on record with excellent judgment of essentials and 

Vallance, Aymer. William Morris; his art, his writings 

and his public life ; a record. 1897 qr92 M918V 

"Chronological list of the printed works of William Morris," p.447-452; 
"Publications of the Kelmscott press," p.453-454. 

This does not claim to be a biography or an account of Mr Morris's pri- 
vate life. It is an enlargement of "The art of William Morris" by the 
same author, the most important addition being a chapter on Morris's 
connection with the socialistic movement. The author was expressly 
permitted by Mr Morris to bring out this book and every facility 
was given for reproducing a number of ornaments of the Kelmscott 
press. Perhaps the distinctive feature of the book is the chapter "Of 
the firm of Morris & co., decorators." 

MORSE, Samuel Finley Breese. 

Prime, Samuel Irenaeus. Life of Samuel F. B. Morse. 

1875 92 M923P 

Full biography of the founder of the American electromagnetic telegraph, 
written, however, from the non-scientific standpoint. 

Trowbridge, John. Samuel Finley Breese Morse. 1901. 

(Beacon biographies of eminent Americans.) 92 M923t 

Bibliography, p. 132-134. 

Very brief sketch. Author is (1902) a Harvard lecturer on the applica- 
tion of science to the useful arts. 

MORTON, John, abp. of Canterbury. 

Woodhouse, Reginald Illingworth. Life of John Morton, 

archbishop of Canterbury. 1895 92 M927W 

"John Morton [born about 1420] was from early years a distinguished 
man, a popular man, and a man beloved at Oxford. He was the chief 
civil and ecclesiastical lawyer of his time... He was the trusted friend 
and councillor of Henry VI... of Edward IV and of Henry VII; and 
if Shakespeare's play is correct, he was councillor of Edward V and 
united the rival factions of York and Lancaster." Preface, 

MORTON, Levi Parsons. 

Wallace, Lewis. Life of Gen. Ben Harrison, also Life of 

Levi P. Morton, by G. A. Townsend. 1888 92 H298W 

Includes "Our former presidents" and "Bird's-eye view of the presi- 
dential contests," p.439-552. 
Hastily written biography for the presidential campaign of 1888. 

MORTON, Oliver Perry. 

Foulke, William Dudley. Life of Oliver P. Morton, includ- 


ing his important speeches. 2v. 1899 92 M9272f 

**In any list of a dozen men most prominent in civil life during the 
civil war period, Oliver P. Morton's name would... be found... His 
biographer has given us a book which will help the historian, for it 
is a fair presentation of the acts and events of Morton's life, without 
overstraining to force them into consistency or to justify them. . .Done 
with moderation and intelligent restraint, as well as with good literary 
judgment" American historical reviewt 1899. 


Fragments of an autobiography. 1899 92 M9312 

The author's special gift as a writer of reminiscences was shown in his 
"In Bohemia with Du Maurier." In this volume he tells of his 
student life in Paris, of his love affairs, of sketching tours with Claude 
Raoul Dupont, ocean travel with Henry Irving and Ellen Terry, life in 
New York and Chicago, and meetings with Mazzini, Rossini and Robert 
Browning. The volume is illustrated with portraits of the author's 
mother, of Mazzini and Browning, reproduced from the author's paint- 


Recent music and musicians, as described in his diaries and 
correspondence; ed. by his wife and adapted fr. the 
original German by A. D. Coleridge. 1889. (Amateur 
series.) 92 M931 

The same. 1873. (Amateur series.) r92 M931 

The author (i 794-1 870) was one of the foremost pianists af the early 
19th century, and this book is an interesting record of his life and 
work, and also a chronicle of the musical history of the time covered 
by his diaries (1814-70). 

MOTLEY, John Lothrop. 

Correspondence; ed. by G. W. Curtis. 2v. 1889 q92 M941 

One of the most delightful collections of letters ever written, em- 
bracing his life in Russia. Holland, England and Austria, and his 
intimate friendship with Bismarck. His letters written during the 
Civil war are vivid pictures of the intensity of feeling existing at that 

Holmes, Oliver Wendell. John Lothrop Motley; a memoir. 

1889 92 M94ih 

The same. 1898 r92 M94ih 

Rather brief biography based on a sketch prepared for the Massachusetts 
historical society. 

MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus. 

Letters; tr. fr. the collection of Ludwig Nohl by Lady 

Wallace, 1769-1791. 2v. 1866 r92 M948 

Beyle, Marie Henri, {pseud. De Stendhal), ed. Life of 
Haydn, in a series of letters written at Vienna [original- 
ly written in Italian by Giuseppe Carpani], followed by 
Life of Mozart [by A. H. F. von Schlichtegroll], with 
observations on Metastasio and on the present state of 
music in France and Italy; tr. fr. the French by the 
author of The sacred melodies [W. Gardiner]. 1820.. r92 H37ib 

"A fascinating book." H. E. Krehbiel. 

Gehring, Franz. Mozart. (Great musicians.) 92 M948g 

**Wc can pay it no higher compliment than in saying that the little 
volume reads like an abstract of Jahn*s great work. The style is very 
clear and thoroughly interesting, and though any detailed account of 
Mozart*s compositions was obviously impossible, the short criticisms 
given in the course of the narrative are just and discriminating." 
Athenaum, 1883. 

Holmes, Edward. Life of Mozart, i860 r92 M948h 

"Works of Mozart," p.367-372. \ 

"Holmes has arranged the essential portions of the correspondence with 
intelligence and discrimination and has connected them by a narrative 


MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus — continued, 

built upon previous notices; he has thus produced a trustworthy, and. 
so far as possible, an exhaustive account of Mozart's life. . .The re- 
sult is a work which must be considered as the most trustworthy and 
serviceable biography that could be produced by a skilful employ- 
ment of the materials generally accessible. Holmes has not attempted 
to draw from hitherto unknown sources. He neither carries his re- 
searches to any depth nor offers any original opinions or explana- 
tions." John's Life of Mozart. 

Jahn, Otto. W.A.Mozart [in German]. 2v. 1867 92 M948J 

The same. 4v. 1856-59 192 M948J 

The book is not a life of Mozart so much as an encyclopaedia of musical 
art and biography. Not only have we the narrative of the life of 
Mozart himself from his cradle to his grave in the smallest particulars, 
with a detailed examination of each work, but we have the history 
of the rise and progress of each branch of music that Mozart touched. 
We have also full accounts of the social and musical condition of 
the various cities visited by Mozart and biographical notices of every 
person whom his biographer has occasion to mention. Condensed from 
preface by Sir George Grove. 

Lorenz, Franz. W. A. Mozart als clavier-componist. 

1866 r92 W372k 

Bound with Kohut's "Weber-gedenkbuch." 

Nissen, Georg Nikolaus von. Biographic W. A. Mozart's. 

2v. 1828 r92 M948n] 

Nissan married Mozart's widow, had full access to all Mozart's papers 
and the benefit of the recollections of his wife and Mozart's sister, but 
he was not able to make good use of his material, and his book is valu- 
able chiefly as a mine of information. 

Nohl, Ludwig. Life of Mozart; fr. the German by J.J. 

Lalor. 1897. (Biographies of musicians.) 92 M948n 

The same. 1880. (Biographies of musicians.) r92 M948n 

Valuable short biography. 

Nohl, Ludwig. W.A.Mozart; ein beitrag zur aesthetik 

der tonkunst. i860 r785.i E56b 

Bound with Elterlein's "Beethoven's symphonieen." 

Oulibicheff, Aleksander Dmitriewitch. Mozart's leben, 
nebst einer uebersicht der allgemeinen geschichte der 
musik und einer analyse der hauptwerke Mozart's. 3v. 
1847 r92 M94801 

Oulibicheff, Aleksander Dmitriewitch. Nouvelle biogra- 
phic de Mozart, suivie d'un apergu sur I'histoire generale 
de la musique, et de Tanalyse des principales oeuvres 
de Mozart. 3v. 1842-43 .'. r92 M9480 

"The historical 'aper^u'. . .attacked the later compositions of Beethoven 
and provoked Lenz to write his 'Beethoven et ses trois styles.' " H. E. 

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart und Joseph Haydn; versuch 

einer parallele. [Anonymous.] 1810 r78o.4 H55 v.3 

Bound with Hiller's "Aus dem tonleben unserer zeit." 

MOZLEY, James Bowling. 

Letters ; ed. by his sister. 1885 92 M9482 

"The letters in this volume are all more or less interesting, and are 
mostly from Mozley himself. But there are also letters from other 
well-known pens, including Dr. Newman's, Dr. Pusey's, Mr. Keble's, 
Mr. Gladstone's, the Dean of St. Paul's and Dr. Liddon's." Spectator, 

MUHLENBERG, Gen. John Peter Gabriel. 

Muhlenberg, Henry Augustus. Life of Major-general 

Peter Muhlenberg, of the Revolutionary army. 1849. .92 M9522m 

Gen. Muhlenberg was born in Montgomery county, Pennsylvania, in 



1746, a son of the chief founder of the German Lutheran church in 
America. He served with distinction in the Revolutionary war and 
was elected to the Senate of the United States in 1801. 

MUHLENBERG, William Augustus. 

Ayres, Anne. Life and work of William Augustus Muhlen- 
berg. 1880 92 M952a 

Dr Muhlenberg (i 796-1 877) was a teacher, Episcopal clergyman, founder 
of St. Luke's hospital. New York, and of the first Protestant sister- 
hood in the United States. 


Auld lang syne, ist-2d ser. 2v. 1898-99 92 M959 

Being ordered by his doctor to go away for a rest, and to take no books 
with him. Max Muller relieved the tedium of his vacation by writing 
these fragments of autobiographical reminiscence which are full of 
interest. In v.i, one chapter is devoted to his "recollections," four 
contain his "literary recollections," two his "recollections of royalties," 
and a final chapter on "beggars" gives some entertaining stories of 
his experiences with needy students, crafty adventurers and literary 
impostors, v.2, "My Indian friends," includes a chapter on the poets 
of the Veda, with metrical translations of some of their hymns. 

My autobiography; a fragment. 1901 92 M959m 

Supplements Miiller's "Auld lang syne," which contains recollections 
of his friends, but very little about his own life and career. The pres- 
ent volume covers his childhood at Dessau, school-days at Leipzig, and 
the early part of his career at Oxford. 

MULREADY, William. See Artists, p.1258. 
MUNRO, Sir Thomas. 

Bradshaw, John. Sir Thomas Munro. 1894. (Rulers of 

India.) 92 M968b 

Short biography of the man who as soldier, civil officer and governor 
took part in most of the leading events in southern India from 1780 
to 1827. He inaugurated a successful system of land tenures and he 
understood and was beloved by the natives so that his memory is still 
cherished among them. 

MURDOCH, James Bissett. 

Memorial volume; James Bissett Murdoch. [Anonymous.] 

1897 r92 M972m 

MURDOCH, John, 1872-94. 

John Murdoch, son of Dr James B. Murdoch and Mrs Jen- 
nie Moorhead Murdoch. [Anonymous.]. 1894 r92 M9722 

Short memorial containing resolutions, sketches, letters, etc. 

MURFREE, Mary Noailles. See CRADDOCK, Charles Eg- 
bert, pseud. 

MURILLO, Bartolome Esteban. See Artists, p.1285. 

MURRAY, John, 1778-1843. 

Smiles, Samuel. A publisher and his friends; memoir and 
correspondence of John Murray, with an account of the 
origin and progress of the house, 1768-1843. 2v. 1891. .92 M978S 

"Murray lived in the world of books and was a great potentate there. 
The history of his affairs touches authors and publishers, literature and 
trade, poetry and politics; and no phase of his varied connections is 
neglected ... The selection is well-proportioned, the arrangement is ad- 
mirable, and the knowledge conveyed is great in amount." Nation, 

MURRAY,* Lindley. 

Memoirs of his life and writings, in a series of letters 
written by himself, with a preface and a continuation 
of the memoirs by Elizabeth Frank. 1827 r92 M978 

Murray's famous "English grammar," published in 1795, has been char- 
acterized as the "worst of all contrivances invented by human in- 
genuity for puzzling the brains of the young," but it went through 50 
editions and for a long time was used in schools to the exclusion of 


all other text-books of grammar. His "Spelling book" and "English 
reader" were equally popular. 

NAAS, Richard Southwell Bourke, lord. See MAYO, Richard 
Southwell Bourke, earl of. 

NANSEN, Fridtjof. 

Brogger, Waldemar Christopher, & Rblfsen, Nordahl. 
Fridtiof Nansen, 1861-1893; tr. by William Archer. 
1896 92 Ni26b 

Detailed account of the ancestry, training and life of the Arctic explorer 
up to the departure of the Fram on her famous voyage in 1893. Many 

Bull, Jacob B. Fridtjof Nansen; a book for the young. 

1899 J92 Ni26bu 

Dolman, Frederick. Dr Nansen; the man and his work. 

1897 92 Ni26d 

Very brief sketch including an account of the expedition farthest north, 

NAPIER, Sir Charles James. 

Butler, Sir William Francis. Sir Charles Napier. 1890. 

(English men of action.) 92 Ni28b 

Somewhat indiscriminately eulogistic biography of the gallant English 
general (i 782-1853), particularly distinguished as the conqueror of 

NAPOLEON I, emperor of the French. 

New letters of Napoleon I, omitted from the edition pub- 
lished under the 'auspices of Napoleon III; fr. the 

French by Lady Mary Loyd. 1897 92 N129 

Omitted as showing the emperor in an unfavorable and unamiable light. 

NAPOLEON I, emperor of the French, & Joseph Bonaparte, 
king of Spain. 
Confidential correspondence; selected and tr. fr. the 

"Memoires du roi Joseph." 2v. 1856 r92 N129 

NAPOLEON I, emperor of the French. 

Antommarchi, Francesco. Last days of Napoleon. 2v. 

1825 r92 Ni29a 

The author was an Italian surgeon, physician to Napoleon at St. Helena. 

Bonaparte, Napoleon Joseph Charles Paul, prince. Na- 
poleon and his detractors; tr. and ed. with a biographi- 
cal sketch and notes by R. L. de Beaufort. 1888 92 Ni29bo 

"Biographical sketch of Prince Napoleon," p. 1-93. 

Author was a nephew of Napoleon, son of his brother Jerome. 

Bourrienne, Louis Antoine Fauvelet de. Memoirs of Na- 
poleon Bonaparte; ed. by R. W. Phipps. 4v. 1890 92 Ni29b 

Lively and entertaining, but often inaccurate. Author was the early 
friend of Napoleon, and his private secretary, 1 796-1 802. 

Constant, Louis Constant Wairy, called. Memoirs on the 
private life of Napoleon, his family and his court; tr. by 
E. G. Martin, with a preface by Imbert de Saint-Amand. 
4v. 1895 92 N129C 

For many years Constant was his servant, hardly leaving him for a day. 
Gives the details of his daily life. 

Doris, Charles. Secret memoirs of Napoleon, by one who 

never quitted him for 15 years. 1896 92 Ni29d 

First issued in 181 5. 

Political rather than personal. The author was no blind admirer of 

Foa, Mme Eugenie. Boy life of Napoleon, afterwards 


NAPOLEON I, emperor of the French — continued. 

emperor of the French; adapted and extended for Amer- 
ican boys and girls by E. S. Brooks. 1895 J92 Ni29f 

Forsyth, William. History of the captivity of Napoleon at 
St. Helena; from the letters and journals of Sir Hudson 
Lowe and official documents not before made public. 
3v. 1853 r92 Ni29f 

A defense of the personal and official conduct of the governor of St. 
Helena. Historically it is important and has been a mine of informa* 
tion for students ever since its publication, but the general reader will 
hardly find it interesting. 

Hazlitt, William. Life of Napoleon Buonaparte. 3v. 

1894 92 Ni29ha 

"Not... a correct view of Napoleon as he is revealed to us by later in- 
vestigators, but still one of the best of those originally published in 
English. Unlike most of the histoHes of Napoleon written on the 
north side of the Channel, it shows a strong sympathy for the career 
of its subject. Certainly in English no better word than this has been 
spoken for the first emperor. But as all histories written before the 
publication of Napoleon's Correspondence are now to be regarded as 
incomplete and imperfect, so this cannot be held as a high authority." 
C. K. Adams. 

Hillis, William J. comp. Metrical history of the life and 
times of Napoleon Bonaparte; a collection of poems and 
songs, with notes and connecting narrative. 1896 92 Ni29h 

Jomini, Antoine Henri, baron de. Life of Napoleon; tr. fr. 
the French, with notes by H. W. Halleck. 4v. and atlas. 
1864 r92 N129J 

Sketch of the life and writing^ of Jomini, v.i, p. 13-29. 

"Of value, no doubt, to military students, but absurdly written as though 
narrated by Napoleon in the other world to a ghostly audience of the 
great warriors of the past." Larned's History for ready reference. 

Junot, Laure (Permon), duchesse d'Abrantes. Autobiog- 
raphy and recollections of Laura, duchess of Abrantes. 

4v. 1893 92 N129J 

Second title-page reads "Home and court life of Napoleon and his 

Also published with the title "Memoirs of the emperor Napoleon, from 
Ajaccio to Waterloo." 

Wife of a marshal of France, and herself a well-known figure at the 
court of Napoleon, the author gives a vivid and entertaining descrip- 
tion of the life there. 

Lanfrey, Pierre. History of Napoleon the First. 4v. 

1894 92 N129I 

The history is carried down to 181 1 only, as Lanfrey died before com- 
pleting his work. 

"In his treatment of the first emperor, Lanfrey is very severe; but his 
severity is discriminating, and he has therefore been able almost com- 
pletely to revolutionize public opinion concerning the character and 
purposes of the emperor." C. K. Adams, 

Laurent, Paul Mathieu. History of Napoleon; fr. the 

French. 2v. in i. 1854 ^92 N129I 

Chiefly valuable on account of its 500 illustrations by Horace Vernet, 
the French military painter. 

Levy, Arthur. Private life of Napoleon. 2v. 1894 92 Ni29le 

One of the most valuable books on the subject. 
Lockhart, John Gibson. Life of Napoleon Buonaparte. 

1897 92 N129I0 

When originally published in 1829 this biography was widely read and 
highly praised for its serious and generous treatment of Napoleon, for 
its brevity and for its interesting style, but now, like all histories writ- 


NAPOLEON I, emperor of the French — continued, 

ten before the publication of Napoleon's correspondence, it cannot be 
regarded as complete. 

Masson, Frederic. Napoleon, lover and husband; tr. fr. 

the French by J. M. Howell. 1894 92 Ni29ma 

Meneval, Claude Frangois, baron de. Memoirs illustrating 

the history of Napoleon I, from 1802 to 1815. 3v. 

1895 92 Ni29me 

Meneval was for some years Napoleon's private secretary. 

"The value of these memoirs is scarcely proportional to their bulk. 
They contain neither inspiring narrative nor profound analysis. The 
Baron was incapable of either. It is impossible to compare them with 
the thoughtful memoirs of the Chancellor Pasquier, and they do not 
contain a trace of the spice that enlivens the reminiscences of the 
Remusat family . . . Unstinted adulation and extravagant panegfyric arc 
the warp and woof of these books. . .Nevertheless. .. [they] are not 
entirely devoid of interest." Nation, 1895. 

Morris, William O'Connor. Napoleon, warrior and ruler, 
and the military supremacy of revolutionary France. 
1895. (Heroes of the nations.) 92 Ni29m 

Deals chiefly with Napoleon as a warrior and in his public relations; 
deprecates extreme severity of recent estimates of his character. 

Napoleon III, emperor of the French. Des idees napo- 
leoniennes; On the opinions and policy of Napoleon. 
1840 r92 Ni29n 

Author was a nephew of Napoleon. 
O'Connor, Thomas Power. Napoleon. 1896 92 N1290 

Collection of essays giving the substance of various histories and 
memoirs of Napoleon, aiming to produce a true picture. Mr O'Con- 
nor's witnesses are generally favorable to Napoleon. 

O'Meara, Barry Edward. Napoleon in exile; or, A voice 
from St. Helena; the opinions and reflections of Na- 
poleon. 2v. 1827 r92 N1290 

Author was surgeon to Napoleon at St. Helena until recalled for his 
intrigues against the governor in 181 8. He was in Napoleon's confi- 
dence, but he was also for part of the time the spy of the British gov- 
ernment, and his book though interesting is unreliable. 

Ropes, John Codman. First Napoleon; a sketch, political 

and military. 1895 92 Nl29r 

"An able attempt to stem the resistless tide of condemnation that set in 
with the publication of Napoleon's correspondence." C. K. Adams. 

Rose, John Holland. Life of Napoleon I, including new 
materials from the British official records. 2v. 1901- 
02 92 Ni29ros 

"This book is rather biographical than historical — that is to say, it deals 
with Napoleon rather than with the Napoleonic epoch . . . The chief 
contribution which Mr. Rose makes to the materials of Napoleon's 
biography consists in his personal study of the British official records 
of the Napoleonic times. . .and. .. [his] systematic examination of the 
archives of our Foreign Office, War Office, and Admiralty, from 1795 
to 1815, has yielded much valuable information." Athenaum, 1902. 

Rosebery, Archibald Philip Primrose, earl of. Napoleon; 

the last phase. 1900 92 Ni29ro 

"The bulk of the book is devoted to three subjects: the relations be- 
tween the British government and Napoleon arising out of the cap- 
tive's custody; Napoleon's life at Longwood. . .and finally, his char- 
acter considered in the light of his whole career . . . The style is 
beautifully clear and has the characteristics of clever, compact and 
well-sustained conversation . . . Judging him by the standard of sheer 
capacity, Lord Rosebery raises Napoleon to a height beyond which the 
enthusiasm of the devotee could hardly soar." Nation, 1900. 

Scott, Sir Walter. Life of Napoleon Buonaparte, with a 


NAPOLEON I, emperor of the French — continued. 

preliminary view of the French revolution. 9v. 1827 . . r92 N129SC 
"The information is sufficient, the narrative clear... But it is too long 
to be read . . . for its merits as biography, and not technically authorita- 
tive enough to be an exhaustive work of reference from the military, 
diplomatic, and political side.'* Saintshury's Sir Walter Scott. 

Seeley, Sir John Robert. Short history of Napoleon the 

First. 1892 92 N129S 

The same. 1897 J92 N129S 

"The most able of the brief accounts of Napoleon from a hostile t)oint 
of view." C. K. Adams. 

Sloane, William Milligan. Life of Napoleon Bonaparte. 

4v. 1901 q92 Ni29sl 

"Historical sources," v.4, p.249-261. 

Appeared in the "Century magazine," V.49-S2, Nov. 1894-Oct. 1896. 

The same. 4v. 1896 qr92 N129SI 

An elaborate history of the Napoleonic era. The illustrations are re- 
markable both in number and in quality. 

Tarbell, Ida Minerva. Life of Napoleon Bonaparte, with 

a sketch of Josephine, empress of the French. 1901 92 Ni29t 

Appeared in "McClure's magazine," v. 3-4, Nov. 1894-May 1895. 

The illustrations are very numerous and of special interest, and include 
many from private French collections, never before reproduced. The 
account of Josephine is based on the most recent historical investiga- 

Ussher, Sir Thomas, & Glover, J. R. Napoleon's last voy- 
ages; being the diaries of Sir Thomas Ussher on board 
the "Undaunted" and J. R. Glover on board the "North- 
umberland." 1895 92 Ni29na 

Vereshchagin, Vasili. "1812;" Napoleon I in Russia. 1899. .92 N129V 

Contents: On progress in art. — Realism. — Napoleon. — The burning of 
Moscow. — The Cossacks. — The grande arm6e. — The marshals. 

"It may fairly be doubted whether any other so brief treatment of the 
Moscow campaign makes for the general reader a more satisfactory 
and intelligible presentation of the subject." Nation, 1899. 

Warden, William. Letters written on board the Northum- 
berland and at Saint Helena, in which the conversa- 
tions of Napoleon and his suite are faithfully described. 
[1816.] r92 N129W 

During the voyage to St. Helena, and for several months afterward. 
Warden, a British naval surgeon, was in frequent attendance on Na- 
poleon who talked frankly to him, but as h,e spoke no French and Na- 
poleon spoke no English and the interpreter was Las Cases the book is 
considered to have little historical value. 

NAPOLEON III, emperor of the French. 

Forbes, Archibald. Life of Napoleon III. 1897 92 Ni29i{ 

Excellent popular biography, contributing no new material, but showing 
familiarity with the French and English sources. Particularly good in 
its account of the events leading up to the Franco-German war. Many 
portraits and other illustrations. 

Imbert de Saint-Amand, Arthur Leon, baron. Louis Na- 
poleon and Mademoiselle de Montijo. 1897 92 N1291S 

Spirited biography of Louis Napoleon down to his marriage in 1853. 

NASMYTH, James. 

An autobiography; ed. by Samuel Smiles 92 N146 

Nasmyth (1808-90), Scottish engineer and inventor of the steam-hammer. 

"A pleasant record of a very interesting life. It would seem that from 
his earliest years Mr. Nasmyth has not suffered any passing event to 
escape his observation, and the consequence is that, in addition to 
his record of the many valuable mechanical contrivances in which he 
takes a just pride, he gives us some delightful sketches of a time 
which has completely passed away and of which we cannot have too 
many records." Saturday review, 1883. 


NECKER, Mme Suzanne (Curchod). 

Haussonville, Gabriel Paul Othenin de Cleron, vicomte d*. 

Le salon de Madame Necker, d'apres des documents 

tires des archives de Coppet. 2v. in i. 1885 92 Ni93h 

Haussonville, Gabriel Paul Othenin de Cleron, vicomte d*. 

The salon of Madame Necker; tr. by H. M. Trollope. 

2v. 1882 92 Ni93ha 

By her great-grandson, from hitherto unpublished material. 

"Admirable sketch of an admirable woman, with a brilliant picture of 
the leading men and women of the epoch in which she was a social, 
literary, and almost a political leader — the eve of the French Revolu- 
tion.** Nation, 1882. 

NEESIMA, Joseph Hardy. 

Davis, John D. A maker of new Japan, Joseph Hardy 

Neesima. 1894 92 Ni97d 

Biography of the Japanese educator and missionary (1843-90) by an 
associate in liis work. 

Hardy, Arthur Sherburne. Life and letters of Joseph 

Hardy Neesima. 1893 92 Ni97h 

NELSON, Horatio, viscount. 

Letters and despatches; ed. by J. K. Laughton. 1886 92 N222 

Selection made with the object of presenting in convenient compass 
Nelson's own view of his professional life. 

Beresford, Charles William de la Poer, lord, & Wilson, H. 

W. Nelson and his times. [1898.] q92 N222b 

Popular and profusely illustrated. 

Laughton, John Knox. Nelson. 1895. (English men of 

action.) 92 N222I 

Authorities, p. 9. 

Good short biography written by an English professor of naval history. 

Mahan, Capt. Alfred Thayer. Life of Nelson; the embodi- 
ment of the sea power of Great Britain. 2v. 1897 92 N222m 

"It is essential to the completeness and rounding off of the author*s 
discussion of the 'Influence of Sea Power,* that he present a study, 
from his own point of view, of the one man who in himself summed 
up and embodied the greatness of the possibilities which Sea Power 
comprehends.** Preface. 

"Capt. Mahan's merit is that he treats with full competence the three 
aspects involved — personal, professional, and political.** Nation, 1897. 

Russell, William Clark. Horatio Nelson and the naval 

supremacy of England. 1895. (Heroes of the nations.) . . 92 N222r 

Russell, William Clark. Pictures from the life of Nelson. 

1897 92 N222ru 

Collection of popular articles. 

Southey, Robert. Life of Nelson; ed. with introduction 

and notes by Michael Macmillan. 1892 92 N222S 

Though one of the best-known and most popular of all the lives of 
Nelson, it is unreliable as biography, but interesting and valuable as 
literature, one of Southey*s best works. 

White, Joshua. Professional life of Lord Nelson. 1805.. r92 N222W 
Published immediately after Nelson*s death and now of little value. 

NERO, emperor of Rome. 

Abbott, Jacob. History of Nero. 1881 92 N238a 

The same, 1901 J92 N238a 

Popular biography for young people. First published 1853. 

NEUFELD, Charles. 

Prisoner of the Khaleefa; twelve years' captivity at Omdur- 

man. 1899 92 N2S2 

Author was captured by dervishes in 1887 while journeying to Kordofan. 


He has been the subject of much discussion and apparent misrepresen- 
tation and intends his book as a personal vindication. The appendix 
contains an account of General Gordon's last stand and death. 

NEVILLE, Richard, earl of Warwick. See WARWICK, 
Richard Neville, earl of. 

NEWCASTLE, William Cavendish, duke of. 

Newcastle, Margaret (Lucas) Cavendish, duchess of. 
Lives of William Cavendishe, duke of Newcastle, and 
his wife, Margaret; ed. by M. A. Lower. 1872 92 N264n 

William Cavendish (i 592-1676) was governor of the prince of Wales, 
afterward Charles II, and prominent in the royalist cause. His second 
wife, Margaret, cultivated literature with great industry and her best 
work is her biography of her husband. 

"Her life of the duke is in its way a masterpiece. With it may be 
classed her autobiographical sketch, the nalvet^ and beauty of which 
are equal. Not easy is it to find a picture so faithful and attractive 
of an English interior." Dictionary of national biography. 

NEWMAN, John Henry, cardinal. 

Apologia pro vita sua; a history of his religious opinions. 

1893 92 N28S 

Remarkable account of the inner life of the distinguished English cardi- 
nal for 45 years, written in answer to a controversial pamphlet by 
Charles Kingsley. 

"Few books have so triumphantly accomplished their purpose as that 
remarkable work. Its simple candour wrought conviction even in 
theological opponents, while it revolutionized the popular estimate of 
its author." Dictionary of national biography. * 

Letters and correspondence during his life in the English 

church. 2v. 1891 92 N28SI 

Waller, A. R. & Barrow, G. H. S. John Henry, cardinal 

Newman. 1901. (Westminster biographies.) 92 N285W 

Bibliography, p. 148-150. 

Brief sketch compiled from authoritative sources. 

NEWTON, Sir Isaac. 

Brewster, Sir David. Memoirs of the life, writings and 

discoveries of Sir Isaac Newton. 2v. i860 92 N293b 

Considered the most complete life of Newton. 

NICHOL, Mrs Elizabeth (Pease). 

Stoddart, Anna M. Elizabeth Pease Nichol. 1899 92 N317S 

"Born in 1807 of the best Quaker blood in England, Miss Pease married 
in 1853 Prof. Nichol, Astronomer Royal of Scotland. . .She was active- 
ly engaged in all the liberal philanthropic movements of her time... 
For American readers, the chief interest in Miss Pease lies in her 
intimate relations to the American abolitionists, and especially to their 
leader." Nation, 1900. 


Light in darkness; autobiography. 1878 92 N334 

Short sketch of the uneventful life of a blind girl. 

NIND, Mrs Mary Clarke. 

Baucus, Georgiana. In journeyings oft; a sketch of the life 

and travels of Mary C. Nind. 1897 92 N362b 

Account of a visit to the missions of the Methodist church in eastern 
Asia and India. 

NORTH, Christopher, pseud. See WILSON, John. 
NORTHCOTE, Stafford Henry, earl of Iddesleigh. See 

IDDESLEIGH, Stafford Henry Northcote, earl of. 
NORTHUP, Nicholas Carr. 

Pennsylvania — House of representatives. Proceedings on 

the occasion of the death of Nicholas C. Northup. 

1885 r92 N458P 

Member from Lackawanna county, 1884-85. 


NUGENT, Robert, earl. 

Nugent, Claud. Memoir of Robert, earl Nugent, with 

letters, poems and appendices. 1898 92 N498 

One of the prominent figures of his time (1702-88). For 20 years he 
represented the city of Bristol in Parliament, he held office under the 
government, and was the fast friend of Frederick, prince of Wales. 
He was the associate of such men as Pope, Goldsmith, Chesterfield, 
Chatham, Pitt, Henry Fox and Horace Walpole, and many of their 
letters to him are included in this volume. 

O'CONNELL, Daniel. 

Correspondence of Daniel 0*Connell, the liberator; ed. 
with notices of his life and times by W. J. Fitzpatrick. 
2v. 1888 92 Oi3Sif 

Dunlop, Robert. Daniel O'Connell and the revival of na- 
tional life in Ireland. 1900. (Heroes of the nations.) . .92 Oi35id 

. Irish patriot and orator, founder of the Catholic association, leader of 
the agitation in favor of Catholic emanicipation and of the "repeal" 
agitation in 1840. 

O'CONNOR, Michael Patrick. 

O'Connor, Mary Doline. Life and letters of M. P. O'Con- 
nor. 1893 92 O13S0 

Contains his orations, p.223-561. 

Mr O'Connor was one of the leading men in South Carolina during the 
reconstruction period and a member of Congress from 1879 to 1881. 

OGLETHORPE, Gen. James Edward. 

Bruce, Henry. Life of Gen. Oglethorpe. 1890. (Makers 

of America.) 92 Oi75b 

English general and philanthropist, who projected the colony of Georgia 
for insolvent debtors and persecuted Protestants. He conducted the 
expedition for its settlement in 1733. 

"There must have been much individuality in the soldier of Marlborough 
and Prince Eugene; the philanthropist who defended duelling, and is 
said, at the age of 93, to have challenged a neighboring gentleman for 
trespassing on his manor; the prisoners* friend, and the friend of 
Johnson, Goldsmith, and Boswell. . .We have enough here to make us 
wish for more." Nation, 1890. 

Wright, Robert. Memoir of Gen. James Oglethorpe, one 
of the earliest reformers of prison discipline in England 
and the founder of Georgia in America. 1867 r92 Oi7Sw 

, An admirable biography, based on careful study of official papers, con- 
temporary journals, periodicals, county histories, etc. 

O'HARA, Theodore. 

Ranck, George Washington. "Bivouac of the dead," and 

its author [Theodore O'Hara]. 1898 92 Oi8ir 

Theodore O'Hara (1820-67) is known to us almost wholly through his 
poem, the "Bivouac of the dead." This little volume contains a brief 
biographical sketch and the text of the poem. 

O'KEEFFE, John. 

Recollections of his life. 2v. 1826 r92 O222 

O'Keeffe (1747-1833) studied under Benjamin West, but early gave up 
painting, first for acting, and later for dramatic writing. These ram- 
bling recollections are full of gossip of the social and dramatic world 
in London and Dublin. 

OLIPHANT, Laurence. 

Oliphant, Mrs Margaret Oliphant (Wilson). Memoir of 

the life of Laurence Oliphant and of Alice Oliphant his 

wife. 2v. 1891 92 O2330 

Biography of two very remarkable characters and lives. In Laurence 
Oliphant (1829-88) a taste for adventure, wit, humor, shrewd business 
ability and knowledge of the world were singularly combined with a 
strange religious development. Both he and his wife, a beautiful and 
attractive woman, had great fascination for all who knew theim. 


OLIPHANT, Mrs Margaret Oliphant (Wilson). 

Autobiography and letters; ed. by Mrs Harry Coghill. 

1899 92 O2332 

List of Mrs Oliphant's works, p.441-451. 

The memoir left by Mrs Oliphant was begun in i860 and relates chiefly 
to the struggles of her- early widowhood. She made no addition to the 
work till 1864 and after this there is a long gap of ai years, when the 
narrative was taken up again at intervals until 1892. Her manuscript 
has been supplemented by letters, the whole being connected with the 
slightest possible thread of story. 

OLNEY, Capt. Stephen. 

Williams, Mrs Catherine R. (Arnold). Biography of Rev- 
olutionary heroes; the life of Brigadier Gen. William 

Barton and also of Capt. Stephen Olney. 1839 r92 B283W 


Herbert, Lady Mary Elisabeth, tr. Wives and mothers in 
the olden time; fr. French, Italian, and Latin authors. 
1885 92 P3i9h 

Contents: History of Saint Paula; tr. fr. her life by Francois Lagrange. 
— Life of St. Olympias. 

OPIE, John. See Artists, p.1259. 

ORCHARDSON, William Quiller. See Artists, p.1259. 

O'REILLY, John Boyle. 

Roche, James Jeffrey. Life of John Boyle O'Reilly, with 
his complete poems and speeches; ed. by Mrs John 
Boyle O'Reilly. 1891 92 0283r 

Born in Ireland in 1844 he entered the British army to spread disaffec- 
tion among the Irish soldiers, was tried for treason, confined in var- 
ious prisons and finally sent to Australia, from whence he escaped to 
America, where he afterwards lived. He was editor of the Boston 
"Pilot,** lecturer and writer. 

ORFORD, Horace Walpole, earl of. See WALPOLE, Hor- 
ace, earl of Orford. 

ORFORD, Robert Walpole, earl of. See WALPOLE, 
Robert, earl of Orford. 

ORLEANS, Elizabeth Charlotte, duchesse d'. See ELIZA- 
BETH CHARLOTTE, duchesse d'Orl6ans. 

ORLEANS, Henrietta Anna, duchesse d'. See HENRIETTA 
ANNA, duchesse d'Orleans. 

ORMOND, James Butler, duke of. 

Carte, Thomas. Life of James, duke of Ormond, contain- 
ing an account of the most remarkable affairs of his 
time and particularly of Ireland under his government, 

with an appendix and a collection of letters. 6v. 1851. .92 O285C 

v.1-2. To Sept. 1643. 

V.3. Sept. 1 643-1 660. 

V.4. 1660-1668. 

v.5-6. Letters. 

James Butler (i6io-88>, first duke of Ormond, became lord lieutenant 
of Ireland in 1644. After the execution of Charles I, he attached him- 
self to the cause of Charles II, whom he accompanied into exile. At 
the restoration in 1662, he was returned to the lord-lieutenancy of Ire- 
land. The biography by Carte is quoted in the "Dictionary of national 
biography" as one of the chief authorities for the life of the duke of 
Ormond, especially the collection of letters in the appendix. 

OSBORN, Hon. Mrs Sarah (Byng). 

Political and social letters of a lady of the i8th century, 

1721-1771; ed. by E. F. D. Osborn. 1890 92 O291 

Mrs Osborn was the daughter of Viscount Torrington and the sister of 


Admiral Byng. Her letters cover an important period of history and 
politics and throw light upon the manners and customs of the day. 

OSBORNE, Dorothy. See TEMPLE, Dorothy (Osborne), 

OSSOLI, Margaret (Fuller), marchesa d*. See FULLER, 

Margaret, afterward marchesa d'Ossoli. 
OSTADE, Adriaen van. See Artists, p. 1290. 

OSTADE, Isack van. See Artists, p.1290. 

OTRANTE, Joseph Fouche, due d'. See FOUCHfi, Joseph, 
due d'Otrante. 

OUDINOT, Marechal Nicolas Charles, due de Reggio. 

Stiegler, Gaston. Memoirs of Marshal Oudinot, due de 
Reggio; comp. fr. the Souvenirs of the duchesse de 
Reggio; tr. into English by Alexander Teixeira de 
Mattos. 1897 92 O322S 

Beginning his career as a common soldier he became a peer and marshal 
of France, one of Napoleon's most distinguished generals. 

OVERBECK, Fritz. See Artists, p.1264. 

[OWEN, Mrs Marguerite (du Plantz) Cunliffe-.] 

Tribulations of a princess, by the author of "The martyr- 
dom of an empress." 1901 92 O3422 

"The publishers announce that the... book is autobiography; but it is 
doubtful whether or not its thrilling narrative furnishes any solution, 
save that of dilemma, for the problem of 'who*s who*... We have 
merely a rapid and well-sustained narrative of Austrian and Russian 
court-life, which... the reader may regard seriously as strict fact or 
more lightly as fiction, with little to gain or lose either way." Dial, 

OWEN, Sir Richard, 1804-92. 

Owen, Rev. Richard. Life of Sir Richard Owen, with an 
essay on Owen's position in anatomical science by T. H. 
Huxley. 2v. 1894 •. 92 O3420 

Bibliography of Owen's works, v.2, p.333-382. 

The same. 2v. 1894 r92 O3422 

Interesting and well-balanced memoir by his grandson. The famous 
naturalist had a very human side, was hospitable and fond of society, 
and many interesting people figure in the letters and journals. 

OWEN, Robert. 

Jones, Lloyd. Life, times and labours of Robert Owen. 

1895. (Social science series.) 92 O3423J 

Appreciative account of the well-known philanthropist and socialist, 
often called the "father of English socialism." 

PACKARD, Alpheus Spring. 

Little, George Thomas. Memorial; Alpheus Spring Pack- 
ard, 1798-1884. 1886 r92 P126I 

Bibliography of Prof. Packard's publications, p.89-92; bibliography of 
"Tributes to his life and character," p.92-95. 

For 6s years he was connected as tutor and professor with Bowdoin col- 
lege, Maine. 

PACKARD, Silas Sadler. 

My recollections of Ohio; a paper read before the Ohio 

society of New York, May 12, 1890. 1890 r92 P1262 

Author was at the time of his death in 1898, president of Packard's busi- 
ness college, New York. His recollections of his youth in Ohio, to 
which state he was taken as a child in 1833, Rive us a good idea of 
what life, particularly school life, was at that time and in that state. 

PAGANINI, Nicolo. 

Fetis, Francois Joseph. Notice biographique sur Nicolo 


Paganini, precedee d'une esquisse de Thistoire du violon. 

1851 192 Pi43f 

Good short biography. 

Polko, Frau Elise (Vogel). Nicolo Paganini und die 

geigenbauer. 1876 r92 Pi43p 

Short popular sketch. 

PAGET, Lord Clarence Edward. 

Autobiography and journals. 1896 92 P146 

Admiral Paget was present at the battle of Navarino, served in the 
Crimean war, and in addition to his active naval service, was at one 
time a member of Parliament and secretary of the admiralty during 
Lord Palmerston's premiership, beginning in 1859. 

PAINE, Thomas. 

Conway, Moncure Daniel. Life of Thomas Paine. 2v. 

1892 92 P164C 

The best (1902) long biography of the author of "The age of reason" and 
"The rights of man," based on careful and exhaustive research, but 
too zealous in Paine's defense. 

Sedgwick, Ellery. Thomas Paine. 1899. (Beacon biogra- 
phies of eminent Americans.) 92 P164S 

Bibliography, p. 148-150. 

Good, very short biography, accurate, animated and impartial. 

PALESTRINA, Giovanni Pierluigi da. 

Baini, Giuseppe. Ueber das leben und die werke des G. 
Pierluigi da Palestrina; nach den Memorie storico- 
critiche des abbate Giuseppe Baini verfasst und mit his- 
torisch-kritischen zusatzen begleitet von F. S. Kandler, 
hrsg. von R. G. Kiese wetter. 1854 1*92 Pi82b 

"A welcome translation and abridgment [by Kandler and Kiesewetter] of 
the Abbe Baini's famous work on Palestrina, which was published in 
1828. Invaluable in the study of church music." H. E, Krehbiel. 

PALGRAVE, Francis Turner. 

Palgrave, Gwenllian F. Francis Turner Palgrave; his 

journals and memories of his life. . 1899 92 Pi86p 

"This little sketch of my father's life has... been greatly aided by his 
own journals, which are quoted at some length, for in them he speaks 
for himself, expressing many thoughts and opinions which could not 
otherwise have been so plainly given ... I have tried to show my father 
both as a man of true poetical feeling, possessed of the purest taste in 
art and literature, and also as one who was loved by an almost infinite 
number of friends." Preface. ^ 

PALMER, John McAuley. 

Personal recollections; the story of an earnest life. 1901..92 P196 

Mr Palmer (181 7-1 900) had a long political career. He served as Il- 
linois state senator, commanded the 14th Illinois regiment in the Civil 
war, was governor of Illinois from 1869 to 1873, and United States 
senator from 1891 to 1897. 

PALMER, Roundell, earl of Selborne. See SELBORNE, 

Roundell Palmer, earl of. 
PALMERSTON, Henry John Temple, viscount. 

Ashley, Evelyn. Life of Viscount Palmerston, 1846-1865. 

2v. 1876 92 Pi98a 

Consists principally of selections from his letters and speeches. 
British statesman, became prime minister in 1855, retaining the office, 

with the interval of Lord Derby's administration in 1858-59, until his 

death in 1865. 

Bailing and Bulwer, Henry Lytton Earle Bulwer, baron. 
Life of Henry John Temple, viscount Palmerston, with 
selections from his diaries and correspondence, v. 1-2. 


1871 92 PipSd 

Comes down only to 1847. 

'*We could wish the life had been written by one who had lived more in 
his society, and could to a certain extent have Boswellized him, as 
he would have repaid the process more perhaps than most of our ptd>lic 
men. As it is, the book, though a valuable contribution to history, is 
upon the whole rather dry, and very unlike what one's imagination had 
previously conceived of a life of Lord Palmerston." Academy, 1874. 

Lorne, John George Edward Henry Douglas Sutherland 
Campbell, marquis of. Viscount Palmerston. 1892. 
(Prime ministers of Queen Victoria.) 92 P198I 

"The Marquis of Lorne has wisely availed himself of the enormous 
amount of correspondence, official and private, left behind by the 
'fair and square' political fighter whose official career extended over 
nearly sixty years, allowing him to speak wherever feasible, and thus 
indicate in his own way the object and motives that influenced him... 
An interesting chapter on Lord Palmerston's personal characteristics 
rounds out the view of the politician and statesman." Dial, 1892. 

Sanders, Lloyd Charles. Life of Viscount Palmerston. 

1888. (Statesmen series.) 92 P198S 

Considered the best short biography of Lord Palmerston. 

PANIZZI, Sir Anthony. 

Cowtan, Robert. Biographical sketch of Sir Anthony 

Panizzi. 1873 92 P219C 

In 1837 Panizzi became keeper of the printed books in the British 
museum and devised the catalogue. He was made principal librarian 
in 1856, the construction of the great reading-room from his design 
being finished in the following year. He was also active in the in- 
terests of the revolution in Italy. 

Fagan, Louis Alexander. Life and correspondence of Sir 

Anthony Panizzi. 2v. 1881 92 P2i9f 

The same. 2v. 1880 r92 P2i9f 

By a close personal friend and professional associate. 

PAOLO, Fra. See SARPI, Pietro, called Fra Paolo. 

PAOLO, Servita. See SARPI, Pietro, called Fra Paolo. 

PAPIAS, bp. of Hierapolis. 

Hall, Edward Henry. Papias and his contemporaries; a 

study of religious thought in the 2d century. 1899.. ..92 P224h 
Liberal study for the general reader. 

PAR£, Ambroise. 

Paget, Stephen. Ambroise Pare and his times, 1510-1590. 

1897 92 P23IP 

List of chief references, p. 13-14. 

"A brief but exceedingly interesting and well illustrated memoir of the 
great French military surgeon who followed the wars, off and on, for 
32 years, who practised for more than half-a-century in Paris, who was 
surgeon to four Kings, and whose life extended from Louis XII. to 
Henri IV., from the battle of Spurs to the battle of Ivry, from Flodden 
Field to the Armada. With excellent judgment, Mr. Paget has allowed 
his hero to tell much of his own story. Few books give so graphic a 
picture of many of the social aspects of Fare's day." The Times 

PARK, Mungo. . 

Life and travels of Mungo Park, with the account of his 
death from the journal of Isaaco, the substance of later 
discoveries relative to his lamented fate, and the termi- 
nation of the Niger. 1840 92 P235I 

Celebrated African explorer, drowned in the Niger, probably in 1806. 

Maclachlan, T. Banks. Mungo Park. 1898. (Famous 

Scots series.) 92 P235m 

Good short biography of the African explorer. 


PARKER, Joseph. 

A preacher's life; an autobiography and an album. 1899. . . .92 P239 

Bibliography, p.i6. 

Prominent English Congregational preacher and writer', settled in Lon- 
don in 1869, where he built the City temple, of which he became 

PARKER, Theodore. 

Chadwick, John White. Theodore Parker, preacher and 

reformer. 1900 92 P242C 

Bibliography, p. 11-20. 

"We find no better study of personal character in any recent book, and 
it is based upon intimate study and ardent appreciation. ..[Mr Chadwick 
says] *I have nowhere encountered in the modern world a man whose 
religiousness has seemed to me so complete as Theodore Parker's, such 
a perpetual presence and delight, such an abiding strength and peace, 
such an abounding inspiration.' ** Nation, 1900. 

Frothingham, Octavius Brooks. Theodore Parker. 1874. .92 P242f 

"An exceptionally good biography of a great American of the New Eng- 
land type. Parker's inherited traits and gifts, his home and student 
life, his career as preacher, philosopher, heretic, reformer, philanthro- 
pist and patriotic citizen, are set forth in a way that makes him an 
attractive and impressive personality." Larned's Literature of Amer- 
ican history. 

Weiss, John. Life and correspondence of Theodore Parker. 

2v. 1864 92 P242W 

Very full and sympathetic biography written, soon after Mr Parker's 

PARKMAN, Francis. 

Farnham, Charles Haight. Life of Francis Parkman. 

1900 92 P246f 

Contents: Preparation. — Parkman as seen in his works. — Spiritual 

Bibliography of Parkman's writings, p.359-364. 
Sympathetic, impartial account of the historian of France in America. 

PARNELL, Charles Stewart. 

O'Brien, Richard Barry. Life of Charles Stewart Parnell, 

1846-1891. 2v. in I. 1898 92 P2520b 

"Mr. O'Brien's book might be more complete if private papers had been 
open to him; but, even without that advantage, it may be more valuable 
than any biography written after the present generation had passed 
away could be . . . Considering the political bias of the author, it is an 
admirable book. Few men were in the position ... to elicit, concerning 
phases in the life of Mr. Parnell, opinions, verging on the confidential, 
of Mr. Gladstone, Mr. Bright, Mr. Duffy, Mr. Chamberlain, Mr. 
Rhodes, and other prominent men." Nation, 1899. 

O'Connor, Thomas Power. Charles Stewart Parnell; a 

memory. [1891.] 92 P2520 

Slight partisan sketch of the Irish leader (1846-91) by a political as- 

PASCAL, Blaise. 

Tulloch, John. Pascal. [1878.] 92 P275t 

Brief popular account of the life and works of the famous French philos- 
opher (1623-62). 

PASTEUR, Louis. 

Frankland, Percy Faraday, & Mrs Grace Coleridge (Toyn- 

bee). Pasteur. 1898. (Century science series.) 92 P286f 

"Presents a picture of the great master, and of the scientific machinery 
which he knew so well how to set in motion and how to control. This 
biography is practically the history of the germ theory of disease dur- 
ing this century." 

Vallery-Radot, Rene. Life of Pasteur; tr. fr. the French 

by Mrs R. L. Devonshire. 2v. 1902 92 P286V 

"The whole of this noble life is laid open in these pages. ..The scientific 


world in which Pasteur lived is veraciously and vividly portrayed, and 
this IS one of the most valuable features of the work." Nation, 1902. 

Vallery-Radot, Rene. Louis Pasteur; his life and labours, 
by his son-in-law; tr. fr. the French by Lady Claud 
Hamilton. 1885 92 P286 

Written during the lifetime of the distingruished scientist (1822-95). 

"The book, as a whole, is much more a sketch of the man's work than 
of the man himself; and the work is great work... It presupposes, if 
not a knowledge of the interesting discoveries which it details, some 
familiarity with kindred subjects; and those who would seek simple 
entertainment will scarcely find it in these pages." Nation, 1885. 

PATERSON, Gen. John. 

Egleston, Thomas. Life of John Paterson. 1894 92 P293e 

The story of Gen. Paterson's life is the story of the Revolutionary war, 
and includes, besides details of his private life and of his efforts to 
build up the state of Massachusetts and especially his own county of 
Berkshire and the town of Lenox, chapters on the Continental con- 
gresses and the battle of Bunker Hill, the siege of Boston and the 
battle of Trenton, the campaign of Valley Forge and Monmouth, 
Shay's rebellion, etc. 

PATMORE, Coventry Kearsey Dighton. 

Champneys, Basil. Memoirs and correspondence of 

Coventry Patmore. 2v. 1900 92 P295C 

"Principal editions of Patmore's writingfs," v.i, p. 15-16. 

V.I contains the story of Patmore's life; v.2 a discussion of his religious 
and philosophical opinions, an account of his conversion to Roman 
Catholicism, and his letters to correspondents, including Tennyson, 
Ruskin, Carlyle, Aubrey de Vere, Newman, Holman Hunt, Emerson 
and Browning. 

PATON, John Gibson. 

John G. Paton, missionary to the New Hebrides; an auto- 
biography; ed. by his brother. 2v. in i. 1889 92 P296P 

The same. 3v. in i. 1898 , 92 P296P2 

A Scottish Presbyterian missionary whose life-work in the New Hebrides 
began in 1858. He gives a very full account of his labors among the 

Story of J. G. Paton; ed. for young folks by James Paton. 

1896 J92 P296 

PATTESON, John Coleridge. 

Yonge, Charlotte Mary. Life of John Coleridge Patteson. 

2v. 1894 92 P3i3y 

Patteson (1827-71) was an English missionary in the Pacific, made 
bishop of Melanesia in 1861. 

PATTISON, Dorothy Wyndlow. 

Lonsdale, Margaret. Sister Dora. 1892 92 P314I 

The record of a life devoted to the sick poor. Sister Dora was a member 
of the Sisterhood of the Good Samaritan. 

PAUL, Charles Kegan. 

Memories. 1899 92 P317 

Bibliography of his works, p.378-381. 

"This interesting volume is in part autobiography of the ordinary kind, 
in part apologia pro vita of the type of which Cardinal Newman's is 
the most famous example, and in part a record of the author's remin- 
iscences of other people . . . The chapter recording Mr. Kegan Paul's 
experiences as a publisher has an intimate bearing on current con- 
troversies, and is well worth the consideration of those who are con- 
cerned with them." Literature (Eng.), 1899. 


Herbert, Lady Mary Elisabeth, tr. Wives and mothers 
in the olden time; fr. French, Italian and Latin authors. 


1885 92 P3i9h 

Contents: History of St. Paula; tr. fr. her life by Frangois Lagrange. 

— Life of St. Olympias. 
By far the larger part of the volume is devoted to St Paula (347-404), 

the devoted disciple of Jerome. 

PEDRO I, the Cruel, king of Castile. See PETER I, the 
Cruel, king of Castile. 

PEEL, Sir Robert. 

Memoirs. 2v. 1857-58 92 P365 

V.I. The Roman Catholic question, 1828-9. 

V.2. The new government, 1834-5. — Repeal of the corn laws, 1845-6. 

McCarthy, Justin. Sir Robert Peel. 1892. (Prime minis- 
ters of Queen Victoria.) 92 P365m 

**A somewhat superficial piece of work." AthentBum, 1891. 

Parker, Charles Stuart, ed. Sir Robert Peel; from his 
private papers, with a chapter on his life and character 
by his grandson, George Peel. 3v. 1891 92 P365P 

The authoritative biography. 

"[Mr Parker's] running commentary is thoroughly adequate and well 

informed, elucidating without impeding the correspondence." Athe- 

nceum, 1891. 

Thursfield, James Richard. Peel. 1898. (Twelve Eng- 
lish statesmen.) 92 P365t 

"It is unfortunate for Mr. McCarthy that Mr. Thursfield's 'Peel' should 
have appeared at this time, as a comparison between the two biog* 
raphies is inevitable, and the verdict must certainly be in favor of the 
latter. It is superior to Mr. McCarthy's work in every point, and it is 
specially explicit and satisfactory in regard to the particular matters 
which he has neglected." Nation, 1891. 

PELLICO, Silvio. 

My prisons; memoirs, with an introduction by Epes 

Sargent. 1885 92 P381 

Pellico ( 1 789-1 854) was an Italian whose writings gave offense to the 
Austrian government and caused his imprisonment. This book, written 
after his release from prison, revealed to Europe the iniquities of 
Austrian rule in Italy, and powerfully aided the movement for Italian 


Bevan, Joseph Gurney. Memoirs of the life of Isaac Pen- 

ington, with a review of his writings. 183 1 92 P393b 

Account of a Puritan and Quaker (1616-79), whose stepdaughter was 
William Penn's first wife. Written from the viewpoint of a Quaker. 

PENN, William. 

Passages from his life and writings. [1882.] 92 P395 

Clarkson, Thomas. Memoirs of the private and public life 

of William Penn. 2v. 1813 r92 P39SC 

List of authorities for the work, v.i, p.9-12. 

"This is one of the earlier, but yet one of the most valuable of the lives 
of Penn ... Is written not from the standpoint of a critic, but of an ad- 
mirer. But it is based on a thorough knowledge of Penn's writings 
and ideas, and it sets forth authoritatively and in agreeable style the 
Quaker view of his life and work." Lamed' s Literature of American . 

Dixon, William Hepworth. William Penn. 1851 r92 P39Sd 

"Its style is agreeable, and it is full of interesting facts picturesquely 
grouped. In some cases, however, the authorities quoted do not sup- 
port the inferences which have been drawn from them, and the his- 
torical value of the book has been sacrificed in order to add to its 
attractiveness." Winsor's Narrative and critical history of America. 

Draper, Bourne Hall. Life of Penn, to which is added his 

reflections and maxims relating to the conduct of 


PENN, William — continued. 

human life. [1834?] r92 P39Sdr 

Very small volume, a good deal of it consisting of a reprint of Penn's 
"Fruits of solitude." 

Fisher, Sydney George. True William Penn. 1900 92 P39Sf 

"There is a very interesting description of the condition of life in the 
time when Penn was growing up, -so that it is not at all difficult to un- 
derstand how this youth, having chances to enjoy the gay career of a 
courtier, preferred to cast his lot with the persecuted Quakers. The 
changes in his thought as the panorama of his life shifted are admira- 
bly set forth. Both the frame and the picture are to be praised." 
Dial, 1 900. 

Forster, William Edward. William Penn and Thomas B. 
Macaulay; being brief observations on the charges 
made in Mr Macaulay's History of England against the 

character of William Penn. 1850 r92 P39Sf 

"His [Macaulay's] severe treatment of William Penn appears to have 

arisen from a confounding of two different persons." C K. Adams. 
Refutation of Macaulay's charges. 

Harrison, George Leib. Remains of William Penn. 1882. .92 P395h 
The same. 1882 r92 P39Sh 

Author went to England in 1881 as the representative of the governor of 
Pennsylvania to negotiate for the transfer of the remains of William 
Penn from England to America. He here gives an account of this 
mission, which was not successful. 

Hodges, George. William Penn. 1901 92 P395ho 

"Authorities^" p. 141. 

The same. 1901 J92 P395ho 

Small volume of less than 150 pages. 

"Within his rather contracted limits contrives to paint a firm and well- 
realized portrait." Dial, 1901. 

Janney, Samuel Macpherson. Life of William Penn, with 
selections from his correspondence and autobiography. 
1852 r92 P395i 

"A trustworthy book. All that was in print at the time it was written 
was used in its preparation, and it is today [1884], historically, the 
best work on the subject. . .It treats more of William Penn the Quaker 
than of William Penn the founder of Pennsylvania." Winsor's Narra- 
tive and critical history of America. 

Paget, John. Inquiry into the evidence relating to the 

charges brought by Macaulay against William Penn. 

1858 r92 P39SP 

A vindication of Penn.. 

Stoughton, John. William Penn, the founder of Pennsyl- 
vania. 1882 92 P39SS 

"Of Quaker descent, he has made a study of Quaker opinions. He has 
visited Pennsylvania and learnt much on the spot which no reading 
in this country [England] could impart. It is a pity that one who has 
so many qualifications for being Penn's biographer should not have 
made a study of the Penn manuscripts." Athenceum, 1883. 

Watson, Henry Clay. The great peacemaker; a young 

folks' life of William Penn J92 P395W 

Weems, Mason Locke. Life of William Penn. 1822 r92 P39SW 

PENN, Admiral Sir William. 

Penn, Granville. Memorials of the professional life and 

times of Sir William Penn, admiral and general of the 

fleet during the interregnum, admiral and commissioner 

of the admiralty and navy after the restoration, from 

1644 to 1670. 2v. 1833 r92 P3952P 

Sir William Penn was father of William Penn, the founder of Pennsyl- 


vania. He was an officer of high rank during the commonwealth 
and his share in the conduct of the fleet was an important one. 
"The principal authority for the life of Penn is Granville Penn's 
'Memorials' ... a valuable, but crude compilation of materials rather 
than a life." Dictionary of national biography, 

PEPYS, Samuel. 

Diary. 5v. [1887^88.] r92 P4i9d 

The same; ed. by H. B. Wheatley. 9v. 1893-99 92 P419 

V.I. 1659-1661. 

V.2. 1661-1662. 
V.3. 1 662-1 663. 
V.4. 1663-1665. 

v.s. 1665-1666. 
V.6. 1 666-1 667. 
V.7. 1 667-1 668. 
V.8. 1 668-1 669. 
V.9. Pepysiana; or, Additional notes on the particulars of Pepys's life 

and on some passages in the diary, with appendixes and a very full 

index of the preceding eight volumes. 

The same; ed. by Lord Braybrooke. 1902 92 P4i9d 

"The Diary of Pepys is unquestionably one of the most singular and 
one of the most entertaining in any languge. Though the author was 
not without royal favor in the days of Charles II, he was not above the 
work of making record in his diary of the most insignificant affairs 
...The diary covers the interesting period from 1659 to 1669, and 
throws a flood of light on the character of that singular decade. It 
deals with social far more than with political affairs; but the student 
of politics will here find not only much that will entertain, but also 
something that will instruct." C. K. Adams. 

"He walked through life, his eyes and ears wide open . . . and thus he 
observed the lives, the speech, and the manners of his fellow-men, 
with prose fidelity of detail and yet a lingering glamour of romance." 
Robert Louis Stevenson, 


Abbott, Evelyn. Pericles and the golden age of Athens. 

1894. (Heroes of the nations.) 92 P43ia 

"Consists of two parts: in the first and larger part I have endeavoured to 
trace the growth of the Athenian empire and the causes which alienated 
Athens and Sparta; in the second I have given a brief account of the 
government, the art and literature, the society and manners of the 
Periclean Athens." Preface. 

PERRY, Matthew Calbraith, commodore. 

Griff is, William Elliot. Matthew Calbraith Perry. 1890.. 92 P44Sg 

American naval officer (i 794-1 858), who commanded the expedition to 
Japan, 1852-54, during which he concluded the treaty opening Japan 
to American commerce. 

PERTH, James Drummond, earl of. 

Letters to his sister, the countess of Erroll, and other mem- 
bers of his family; ed. by William Jerdan. 1845. (Cam- 
den society. Publications, v.33.) 92 P447 

James Drummond, 4th earl of Perth (1648-17 16), was devoted to the 
cause of the Stuarts and held high offices under Charles II and James 
II. After the defeat of James II by William, he was imprisoned in 
Stirling castle. These letters were written after his release on bond 
to leave the kingdom, and are descriptive of his travels in France and 
Italy, 1693-96. 

PERUGINO, Pietro Vannucci, called. See Artists, p.1281. 

PESTALOZZI, Johann Heinrich. 

Guimps, Roger, baron de. Pestalozzi; his life and work; 
tr. by J. Russell. 1894. (International education 
series.) 92 P4S4g 

"List of Pestalozzi's works," p.433-434; "Books to consult on Pestaioz* 
zi." P-43S-438. 

The same; tr. by M. C. Crombie, abridged and adapted for 


students. 1889 92 P454g2 

Title reads "Pestalozzi; his aim and work." 
"Bibliography of Pestalozzi," p. 13-14. 
Swiss educator and writer (i 746-1 827). 

Kriisi, Hermann. Pestalozzi; his life, work and influence. 

1875 92 P4S4k 

Author was the son of one of Pestalozzi's intimate associates and gained 
much of his material from personal recollections of Pestalozzi's 
friends and from hitherto unpublished letters. 

PETER I, the Cruel, king of Castile. 

Merimee, Prosper. History of Peter the Cruel, king of 

Castile and Leon. 2v. 1849 92 P4SS4m 

PETER THE GREAT, czar of Russia. 

Abbott, Jacob. History of Peter the Great. 1887 92 P4SSa 

The same, 1901 J92 P4SSa 

The famous Russian czar (i 672-1 725). 

Browning, Oscar. Peter the Great. 1898 92 P4SSb 

Motley, John Lothrop. Peter the Great. 1893 92 P45Sm 

Biography of the author, p. 3-5. 

"Famous essay, originally contributed to the North American Review for 
October, 1845." C.K.Adams. 

Schuyler, Eugene. Peter the Great. 2v. 1890 92 P4SSS 

V.I deals with the 17th century. 

"It is a history of Peter, his reign, life, struggles, his reforms, wars and 
diplomacy." Nation, 1884. 

"One of the best biographies in English." New international encyclo- 

Waliszewski, Kazimierz. Peter the Great; tr. fr. the French 

by Lady Mary Loyd. 1897 92 P45SW 

*It is a marvelous story . . . and it has been told with great spirit by the 
author, who is able to include in his narrative many new anecdotes, 
and much other material that is practically new to English readers." 
Saturday review, 1897. 

"The style is graphic, and the volume is as easy to read and as entertain- 
ing as a sensational novel . . . The author is very decided in his views, 
and, as a whole, eminently fair in his handling of disputed points." 
Nation, 1897. 

PETERBOROUGH, Charles Mordaunt, earl of. 

Stebbing, William. Peterborough. 1890. (English men 

of action.) 92 P4SS2S 

English general and admiral (i 658-1 735). 

"His parliamentary speeches and letters show him to have been clever, 
witty, incisive in thought and word. He was a generous and judicious 

patron of men of letters and science Swift, however, who had a 

certain affection for him, calls him with friendly insight 'the rambling- 
est lying rogue on earth '...The common idea that he was a distin> 
guished commander of fleets or armies rests only on his own state- 
ments; while the official documents and the reports of the men who 
were with him in Spain testify to his incompetence." Dictionary of 
national biography. 


Robinson, James Harvey, & Rolfe, H. W. Petrarch, the 
first modern scholar and man of letters; a selection 
from his correspondence with Boccaccio and other 
friends; tr. fr. the original Latin, with historical intro- 
ductions and notes. 1898 92 P463r 

"Purpose. . .is essentially historical ... Views Petrarch not as a poet, nor 
even, primarily, as a many-sided man of genius, but as a mirror of 
his age — a mirror in which are reflected all the momentous contrasts 
between waning mediacvalism and the dawning Renaissance. Petrarch 
knew almost everyone worth knowing in those days; consequently few 
historical sources can rival his letters in value and interest." Preface. 

'Petrarch's life, views and character, his friends, and the political and 
literary conditions of his day are so vividly set before us, and the 



letters and the explanations are so skilfully fitted together, that the 
work forms a complete, homogeneous, and lifelike picture of the poet 
and his time." Nation, 1898. 

Ward, Mrs May (Alden). Petrarch. 1891 92 P463W 

"Authorities," p.287-288. 

"There is very little criticism of Petrarch's works or illustrations of 
his life from his poems: the volume is thus no more than a biographi* 
cal sketch of the man himself ... [She] derives the material of her 
portrait mainly from the letters of Petrarch, and her conception of 
his place in history from Mr. Symonds." Nation, 1891. 

PETRIE, Irene Eleanora Verita. 

Wilson, Mrs Mary Louisa Georgina (Petrie) Carus-. A 
woman's life for Kashmir; Irene Petrie, a biography. 
1901 92 P464W 

Story of a gifted young Englishwoman and her career as missionary in 
India, where she died in 1897, after four years of service. 

PHELPS, Elizabeth Stuart. See WARD, Mrs Elizabeth 

Stuart (Phelps). 
PHIDIAS. See Artists, p.1205. 

PHILIDOR, Francois Andre Danican, called. 

Allen, George. Life of Philidor, musician and chess-player, 
with a supplementary essay on Philidor as chess-author 
and chess-player by Tassilo von Heydebrand und der 

Lasa. 1863 r92 P495ia 

PHILIP II, king of Macedon. 

Hogarth, David George. Philip and Alexander of Mace- 
don; two essays in biography. 1897 92 P49Sih 

"Author speaks to the cultivated public rather than to the scholar... He 
mentions only the telling facts, pursues only the main line of events; 
and, thus avoiding detail, gives us a remarkably perspicuous narrative 
of the rise of Philip's kingdom and Alexander's empire." Nation, 

PHILIP II, king of Spain. 

Hume, Martin Andrew Sharp. Philip II of Spain. 1897. 

(Foreign statesmen.) 92 P49S2h 

"Authorities consulted," p.256-267. 

"A model book of its kind; brief, competent, and accurate. . .Mr. Hume 
is not blind to cruelty . . . But he casts a pall of sadness over king and 
reign so dense that anger is forgotten.'* Nation, 1898. 

PHILIP II, AUGUSTUS, king of France. 

Hutton, William Holden. Philip Augustus. 1896. (Foreig^n 

statesmen.) 92 P49Sh 

"Mr. Hutton has told the story of the great French monarch with a 
keen and sympathetic appreciation of the man and of his aims... He 
has told it, moreover, in an interesting way, making much use of the 
incidental touches of the contemporary chronicles and poets who set 
forth Philip's deeds." American historical review, 1897. 

PHILLIP, Admiral Arthur. 

Becke, Louis, & Jeffery, Walter. Admiral Phillip; the 
founding of New South Wales. 1899. (Builders of 

greater Britain.) 92 Psii2b 

Phillip (i 738-1814) was the first governor of New South Wales. 

"Phillip's energy and self-reliance, his humanity and firmness, made a 
lasting impression on New South Wales. He permanently inspired the 
colony, despite the unpromising materials out of which it was formed, 
with an habitual respect for law, a deference to constituted authority, 
and an orderly behaviour." Dictionary of national biography, 

PHILLIPPS, Adelaide. 

Waterston, Mrs Anna Cabot Lowell (Quincy). Adelaide 

Phillipps. 1883 92 Psiiw 


The same. 1883 r92 Psixw 

Distinguished American singer (1833-82). 

PHILLIPS, Wendell. 

Austin, George Lowell. Life and times of Wendell Phil- 
lips. 1893 92 Psi7a 

Noted American orator and abolitionist (181 x -84). 

Martyn, William Carlos. Wendell Phillips, the agitator. 

1890. (American reformers.) 92 P5i7m 

Appendix conUins "The lost arts," "Daniel O'Connell," and "The 

scholar in a republic," by Wendell Phillips. 
A rather undiscriminating eulogy. 

PICKETT, Gen. George Edward. 

Pickett, Mrs LaSalle (Corbell). Pickett and his men. 

1900 92 P547P 

Memoir, written by his wife, of the Confederate general who led the 
famous charge at Gettysburg. 

PIKE, Robert. 

Pike, James Shepherd. The new Puritan; some account 

of the life of Robert Pike. 1879 92 P582P 

The Puritan of the late 17th century, who defended the Quakers, re* 
sisted clerical domination, opposed the witchcraft persecution, and 
held the advanced views on "civil and ecclesiastical liberty" which 
at a later date finally became dominant 

PILKINGTON, George Lawrence. 

Battersby, Charles Forbes Harford-. Pilkington of 

Uganda, with introductory chapters by A. T. Pierson 

and J. H. Shrine. 1899 92 PsSSb 

"Few leaders of the Ugranda mission stand out more notably than does 
Mr. Pilkinc^on. . .The book has a special interest in that it gives the 
story of the great mutiny in Uganda and sets forth the political situa- 
tion most clearly." 

PINCKNEY, Mrs Eliza (Lucas). 

Ravenel, Mrs Harriott Horry (Rutledge). Eliza Pinck- 
ney. 1896. (Women of colonial and Revolutionary 
times.) 92 P6i9r 

Gives an entertaining account of social and domestic life in South 
Carolina in the 18th century. 

PINCKNEY, Gen. Thomas. 

Pinckney, Charles Cotesworth. Life of General Thomas 

Pinckney. 1895 92 P6l92p 

American statesman and soldier in the Revolution (i 750-1828). 

"Instead of original documents, the reader is treated to hasty generaliza- 
tions, or a crude sketch of contemporary events in which Pinckney 
took little or no part. . .A very few, hardly a dozen in all, unpublished 
letters of Pinckney are given.'* Nation, 1895. 

PINTO, Fernao Mendez. 

Voyages and adventures; done into English by Henry 

Cogan. 1892. (Adventure series.) 92 P644 

Portuguese adventurer and traveler in the East (i509?-83). 

PINTORICCHIO, Bernardino Betti. See Artists, p.1281. 
PIOZZI, Mrs Hester Lynch (Salusbury) Thrale. 

Autobiography, letters and literary remains; ed. by A. Hay- 
ward. 2v. 1861 92 P647 

Introductory account of Mrs Piozzi's life and writings, by A. Hay- 
ward, v.i, p.3-231. 

Mrs Piozzi is well known as an intimate friend of Dr Johnson and a 
conspicuous member of his circle. Part of the material for this book 
is her copious diary called Thraliana, and her manuscript marginal 
notes on her own published works. 

Sccley, Leonard Benton, ed. Mrs Thrale; a sketch of her 


life and passages from her diaries, letters and other 

writings. 1891 92 P647S 

"She owes her remembrance, of course, to her relation with Johnson, but 
she was herself a remarkable woman, of very diversified talent, full of 
energy and feeling, and successful in what she undertook. Mr. Seeley 
has brought out her qualities admirably, using old material, it is true, 
but revamping it.*' Nation, 1891. 

PITMAN, Sir Isaac. 

Reed, Thomas Allen. Biography of Isaac Pitman. 1890.. 92 P667r 

Investor of the Pitman system of phonography (1813-97). 
PITT, William, earl of Chatham, 170&-78. 

Correspondence. 4v. 1838-40. r92 P672 

This correspondence, extending from 1741 to his death in 1778, consists, 
with the exception of a few letters to his wife and family, of political 
letters, and is of importance in illustrating the character and career 
of the man and also the history of England during a most eventful 

Almon, John. Anecdotes of the life of William Pitt, earl 
of Chatham, and of the principal events of his time, 
with his speeches in Parliament from 1736 to 1778. 
3v. 1793 r92 P672a 

"The writer has not the vanity to offer this Work as a History. He pre- 
sumes no more, than having collected, and preserved, a fund of ma- 
terials, which may afford light and information to the future inquirer; 
who could not have found them in any of the books hitherto printed 
. . . The anecdotes which he has here committed to paper, were, all of 
them, in their day, very well known. They were the subjects of public 
conversation. But they have not been published." Preface, 

Green, Walford Davis. William Pitt, earl of Chatham, and 

the growth and division of the British empire, 1708- 

1778. 1901. (Heroes of the nations.) 92 P672g 

Popular biography of the great English statesman. 

Thackeray, Francis. History of William Pitt, earl of 
Chatham, containing his speeches in Parliament, a por- 
tion of his correspondence, with the principal events 

and persons of his time. 2v. 1827 qr92 P672t 

Written by the uncle of the novelist. 

"Macaulay, in reviewing the work in the Edinburgh review for 1834, 
justly censured Thackeray for his extravagant laudation of his hero. 
The life, however, was painstaking and contained a good deal of fresh 
information from the state paper office." Dictionary of national biog- 

PITT, William, 1759-1806. 

Ashbourne, Edward Gibson, lord. Pitt; some chapters of 

his life and times. 1898 92 P6722a 

A review of Pitt's Irish policy, from the commercial resolution of 1785 to 
the Roman Catholic relief bill of 1801, interspersed with chapters on 
his private life. The author had access to many interesting and 
hitherto unpublished letters and manuscripts. Illustrated with many 
reproductions of portraits. 

Rosebery, Archibald Philip Primrose, earl of. Pitt. 1893. 

(Twelve English statesmen.) 92 P6722r 

"Is thoroughly clever. It shows, as might be expected, parliamentary 
experience and familiarity with political and diplomatic history. It 
is lively and sometimes trenchant in style." Nation, 1892. 

"A masterly and interesting study." Dictionary of national biography. 

Stanhope, Philip Henry, earl of. Life of William Pitt. 4v. 

1861-62 r92 P6722S 

"The standard 'Life,* written with much care, and defending Pitt 
throughout." Dictionary of national biography. 

Tomline, George Pretyman, bp. Memoirs of the life of 


William Pitt. 2v. 1821 92 P6722t 

"Goes down to 1793, and is so far usefuL'* Dictionary of moIunui/ biog' 

PITTS, James. 

Goodwin, Daniel. Provincial pictures by brush and pen; 
an address delivered before the Bostonian society, 
1886. 1886 r92 D348g 

A biographical sketch of James Pitts of Boston, a leader of the patriots, 
and for 10 years previous to the Revolution a leader of the ooanciL 
Bound with Goodwin's "The Dearborns." 

PIZARRO, Francisco. 

Helps, Sir Arthur. Life of Pizarro. 1896 92 P676h 

The same. 1869 r92 P676h 

"This life of Pizarro. . .has been taken mainly from my history of the 
Spanish Conquest in America [972 H43]. It has been formed into 
a biographical narrative by the Rev. F. Watkins.** Introduction, 

Pratt, Mara L. Francisco Pizarro; the conquest of Peru. 

1890 J92 P676P 

The story of the conquest of Peru by the Spaniards, w ritte n for very 
little people. 

Towle, George Makepeace. Pizarro; his adventures and 

conquests. 1878 92 P676t 

The same. 1878 J92 P676t 

Picturesque narrative of exploits of the i6th century Spanish hero. For 
young people. 

PLANT, Henry Bradley. 

Smyth, George Hutchinson. Life of Henry Bradley Plant, 
founder and president of the Plant system of railroads 
and steamships and also of the Southern express com- 
pany. 1S9S 92 P685S 

PLAYFAIR, Lyon, baron. 

Reid, Sir Thomas Wemyss. Memoirs and correspondence 
of Lvon Plavfair, first lord Plavfair of St. Andrews. 
1899, 92 P692r 

British chemist and Liberal politician. Was special commbaoner of 
the great exhibition of 1S51. being in a great measure responsible for 
its success: invented postal cards in 1S70; was postmaster-general 
i$7j-~4. and for some years an influential member of the House of 

"The main purpose of his life, and he pursued it with ontirmg e ueigy, 
was to ameliorate the condition of the people by means of the db- 
coveries of science. He occupied, therefore, a separate place of hit 
own in the history of the Victorian era... His addresses to lear n ed 
societies and to popular audiences on subjects connected with the 
public health and technical education often made a profoond »■• 
pression and led to important changes. . .Contains many iiUei c sliB g 
conversations with distinguished persons and not a few ■■"■■■■ij 
anecdotes.** Spectator, 1900. 

POE, Edgar Al'.an. 

Harrison, James Albert. New glimpses of Poc. 1901 92 P74lh 

This book is the outgrowth of a movement at the University of Vir- 
ginia to do honor to Poe. its most famous alumnns. It contains re» 
ollections. by several xnti=:utes and contemporaries, of the poet as plaar> 
mate, student and lecturer. 

Kent. Charles William, c.vup. L'nveiling of the bust of 
Edgar Alian Foe, in the librarj* of the L'nivcrsity of 
Virginia, Oct. r, iSoo: an account of Poe's connectioii 
w-ith the L'niversity of Virginia, the origin and history 
of the Poe memorial association, and the exercises at- 


^^^^^ — w ^^- ■■■- ■ — - ... ■ ■ ~ ■ — - — • ■ — ' -^ 

tending the unveiling of Zolnay's bust of Poe. 1901 .... r92 P74ik 

Contains an address by H. W. Mabie on "Poe's place in American litera* 

Woodberry, George Edward. Edgar Allan Poe. 1890. 

(American men of letters.) 92 P741W 

"The record of Poe's life may be regarded as being, for the first time, 
established. There is no more correspondence to be unearthed that 
can essentially vary the result. . .There may yet be brought to bear. . . 
even more acute and ingenious analsrsis of character than is here ex- 
hibited; but so far as facts are concerned, the case may be said to be 
closed." Nation, 1885. 

POER, Louisa A. (Stuart) de la, marchioness of Waterford. 

See WATERFORD, Louisa A. (Stuart) de la Poer, 

marchioness of. 

POLAND, Pietro Soave, pseud. See SARPI,.Pietro, called 

Era Paolo. 
POLLOK, Robert. 

Masson, Mrs Rosaline (Orme). Pollok & Aytoun. 1898. 

(Famous Scots series.) 92 P767m 

Pollok was a Scottish religious poet (1798?-! 827); Aytoun a Scottish 
lawyer, poet and man of letters (1813-65). 

POLO, Marco. 

Towle, George Makepeace. Marco Polo; his travels and 

adventures. 1880. (Young folks* heroes of history.).. J92 P769t 
POMPADOUR, Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, marquise de. 
Goncourt, Edmond Louis Antoine Huot de, & Jules Al- 
fred Huot de. Madame de Pompadour, [in French]. 

1888 qr92 P78lg 

The favorite of Louis XV (1721-64). 

POOLE, William Frederick. 

Newberry library. Board of trustees. Memorial sketch of 

Dr William Frederick Poole. 1895 92 P797n 

Publications of Dr Poole, p.27-34. 

American librarian, bibliog^rapher and historical writer (1821-94); origi- 
nator of "Poole's index to periodical literature." 

POORE, Benjamin Perley. 

Perley's reminiscences of sixty years in the national 

metropolis. 2v. 1886 92 P811 

American journalist and author, Washington correspondent of the 
"Boston journal,** 1854-84. 

POPE, Alexander. 

Stephen, Sir Leslie. Alexander Pope. [1880.] (English 

men of letters.) 92 P813S 

"Admirable monogrraph, by a great critic.** Leypoldt & Iles*s Books for 
girls and women. 

PORCUPINE, Peter, pseud. See COBBETT, William. 
POTOCKA, Anna, comtesse, afterward Comtesse Wonsowicz. 
Memoirs; ed. by Casimir Stryienski, tr. by Lionel Strachcy. 

1900 92 P853 

"Not a complete record, for they break off at 1820, and the author lived 
on at Paris until the' closing years of the Second Empire... Was a 
great-granddaughter of Stanislaus Poniatowski. . .and the grandniece 
of Stanislaus Augustus, the last king of Poland... The Countess 
describes a visit to Paris in x8xo very fully; otherwise, the action 
centres in Poland. Prior to 1806, her family interests were paramount, 
but when the war of the Third Coalition brought the French to 
Warsaw, she came in contact with Napoleon and his staff. After 
the Grand Duchy of Warsaw had crumbled, she witnessed the re- 
turn of the Russians. The last episode of the volume is the marriage 


' * 

of the Grand Duke Constantine...She had the liveliness of the Polish 
nobles, and she knows how to communicate it to her memoirs." Na- 
tion, 1900. 

POTOCKA, Helene (Massalska), comtesse. 

Memoirs of the princesse de Ligne; ed. by Lucien Percy, 

tr. by Laura Ensor. 2v. 1887 92 P8S32 

Covers the period of her school dzys at a convent school near Paris, her 
marriage with Prince Charles de Ligne, and her subsequent life to the 
time when she became the wife of Count Vincent Potodd. Some doubt 
has been cast on the genuineness of the countess's journal and the ac- 
curacy of M. Percy's supplementary narrative. The popular picture of 
the "Countess Potocka" by Mme Le Brun, is generally supposed to 
be a portrait of this countess. 

POUSSIN, Nicolas. See Artists, p. 1273. 

POYNTER, Sir Edward John. See Artists, p.i2S9. 

PRAXITELES. See Artists, p. 1204. 

PRELL, Hermann. See Artists, p.1265. 

PRESCOTT, William Hickling. 

Ticknor, George. Life of William Hickling Prescott. 

1863 92 P924t 

The standard biography, by a lifelong friend. Includes many letters and 
other documents. 

PRESTWICH, Sir Joseph. 

Prestwich, Mrs Grace Anne (Milne) M'Call. Life and let- 
ters of Sir Joseph Prestwich. 1899 92 P932P 

"Sir Joseph Prestwich was known long before his death as one of the 
most successful and accomplished of geologists; this volume proves 
him to have been also one of the most modest and lovable of men . . . 
The bulk of this book... is necessarily interesting only to Prestwich's » 

professional brethren." Spectator, 1899. , 


Scientific correspondence; ninety-seven letters addressed 
to Josiah Wedgewood and others; ed. by H. C. Bolton. 

1892 92 P947 

Joseph Priestley (i 733-1 804) was an eminent English philosopher, chem- 
ist and theologian, noted chiefly for his discovery of oxygen. 

PROCTER, Bryan Waller, (pseud. Barry Cornwall). 

Autobiographical fragment and biographical notes, with 
personal sketches of contemporaries, unpublished lyrics, 

and letters of literary friends. 1877 r92 P964 

PROUDHON, Pierre Joseph. 

Sainte-Beuve, Charles Augustin. P.J. Proudhon; sa vie 

et sa correspondance, 1838-1848. 1875 r92 P972S 

French socialist and author (1809-65). 

PRUD'HON, Pierre Paul. 
V Clement, Charles. Prud'hon; sa vie, ses oeuvres et sa cor- 
respondance. 1880 92 P975C 

The story of the early life of the distinguished French artist (1758- 
1823) is told in his own letters. The account of the later period is 
derived from the recollections of his contemporaries, these being sup- 
plemented by a careful study of his work. 

PURCELL, Henry. 

Cummings, William Hayman. Purcell. 1881. (Great mu- 
sicians.) r92 P986C 

English composer (i 6587-95). 

"Trustworthy and necessary for correction of errors in the early his- 
tories." H. E. Krehbiel. 
PUSEY, Edward Bouverie. 

Liddon, Henry Parry, canon. Life of Edward Bouverie 


Pusey. 4v. 1894-97. * 92 P989I 

Bibliographical list of the printed works of Dr Pusey, y.4, p.395-446. 
Distinguished English divine (1800-82) and leader of the "Oxford 

PUTNAM, Gen. Israel. 

Livingston, William Farrand. Israel Ptitnam, pioneer, 
ranger and major-general, 1718-1790. 1901. (Ameri- 
can men of energy.) 92 P991I 

Bibliography, p. 11 -18. 

The author has had access to hitherto unpublished contemporary docu- 

Tarbox, Increase Niles. Life of Israel Putnam. 1876 92 P99it 

PUVIS de CHAVANNES, Pierre. See Artists, p.1273. 
PYRRHUS, king of Epirus. 

Abbott, Jacob. History of Pyrrhus. 1854 92 P999a 

Written for young people. 

QUICK, Robert Herbert. 

Storr, Francis, ed. Life and remains of R. H. Quick. 

1899 92 Q29S 

QUIN, James. 

Life of Mr James Quin, comedian, with the history of the 
stage from his commencing actor to his retreat to Bath, 
with his trial for the murder of Mr Bowen. [Anony- 
mous.] 1887 r92 Q33 

A reprint of the edition of 1766. 

"A lying biography of Quin, dedicated to Garrick, was published in 
1766, and some of the scandalous details have been copied into the 
Georgian Era and other collections of memoirs." Dictionary of 
national biography. 

QUINCY, Josiah, 1744-75. 

Quincy, Josiah, 1772-1864. Memoir of the life of Josiah 
Quincy, junior, of Massachusetts Bay, 1744-1775; ed. 
by E. S. Quincy. 1875 92 Q342q 

An American lawyer and patriot, sent on a political mission to Eng- 
land, 1774-75. He published various political works, including "Ob- 
servation on the act of Parliament commonly called the Boston port 

QUINCY, Josiah, 1772-1864. 

Quincy, Edmund. Life of Josiah Quincy. 1891 92 Q34q 

American statesman, orator and historian. This life was written by his 
son in 1867. 

QUINCY, Walter Cottrell. 

In memoriam Walter Cottrell Quincy. [Anonymous.] 

1895 r92 Q34i 

RABELAIS, Francois. 

Besant, Sir Walter. Rabelais. [1879.] 92 Rnsb 

RABUTIN-CHANTAL, Marie de, marquise de Sevigne. See 
SfiVIGNfi, Marie de Rabutin-Chantal, marquise de. 

RACHEL, £lisa Felix, called, 

Kennard, Mrs Nina H. Rachel. 1886. (Famous women.) . .92 Ri22k 
RAEBURN, Sir Henry. 

Andrew, William Raeburn St. Clair. Life of Sir Henry 

Raeburn. 1886 92 Ri39a 

"Authorities," p. 5. 

List of works of Sir Henry Raeburn, exhibited in the Royal academy, 
Edinburgh, 1876, p.99-160. 


The same. 1886 r92 Ri39a 

This life of the Scottish portrait painter (i 756-1 823) was written by his 
great grandson. An appendix contains a list of his works. No illus* 
trations. , 


RAFFLES, Sir Thomas Stamford. 

Egerton, Hugh Edward. Sir Stamford Raffles; England 

in the Far East. 1900. (Builders of greater Britain.).. 92 Ri44e 

Raffles (i 781-1826) was an English colonial governor and administrator 
in Java and Sumatra. 

"He was responsible for the English exploitation of Singapore as a check 
upon Dutch influence in the East. ..Fortunately for England, Raf- 
fles was but one of a host of agents who, overstepping the limits set 
by central authority, effected permanent improvement and expan- 
sion." Dial, 1 90 1. 

RAFINESQUE, Constantine Samuel. 

Call, Richard Ellsworth. Life and writings of Rafinesque. 

1895. (Filson club. Publications.) qr92 R145C 

Bibliography, p. 13 3-2 14. 

Constantine Samuel Rafinesque (i 783-1 842) was the first naturalist to 

investigate at all fully the natural history of the Ohio valley, and 

was the first science teacher west of the Alleghanies. 

RAIBOLINI, Francesco, called Francia. See Artists, p.1278. 

RAIKES, Henry Cecil. 

Raikes, Henry St. John. Life and letters of Henry Cecil 

Raikes. 1898 92 RiS7r 

Raikes was an English politician (1838-91), postmaster-general from 
1886 to the time of his death. 

RAIKES, Robert. 

Harris, J. Henry, ed, Robert Raikes; the man and his 
work; biographical notes collected by Josiah Harris, 
unpublished letters by Robert Raikes, letters from the 
Raikes family, opinions on influence of Sunday schools. 

1899 92 RiS72h 

RAIKES, Thomas. 

Private correspondence with the duke of Wellington and 

other contemporaries. 1861 r92 R157 

Among the "other contemporaries" are Beau Brummell and C. C. Gre- 
ville. The larger part of the book is taken up by the correspondence 
between the duke of Wellington and Raikes and relates to French 
politics from 1840 to 1844. 

RAIS, Gilles de Laval, seigneur de. See RETZ, Gilles de 

Laval, baron de. 
RALEIGH, Sir Walter. 

Gosse, Edmund William. Raleigh. 1886. (English 

worthies.) 92 Ri68g 

"He has. . .chosen to confine himself to the personal career of his hero, 
'disengaged from the general history of his time.' What might ap- 
pear, therefore, a superfluous task, in the face of so many books 
professing to cover the same ground, is a welcome addition to our 
libraries. The story of Raleigh's life is told by Mr. Gosse with great 
fulness and sobriety, and in a very interesting way." Nation, 1887. 

Hume, Martin Andrew Sharp. Sir Walter Ralegh; the 
British dominion of the west. 1897. (Builders of 
greater Britain.) 92 Ri68h 

"He was the apostle and the martyr of a British Colonial Empire; and 
this is the phase of his multitudinous activities in which the present 
short biography is intended to regard him." Preface. 

Stebbing, William. Sir Walter Ralegh. 1891 92 Ri68s 

"[Raleigh] was so constantly on the stage in all the movements and 


enterprises of his time... that the materials for his Life are pretty 
copious. Mr. Stebbing seems to have made diligent, skilful and critical 
use of them; and unless further search in the Simancas Archives 
should bring something new to light, his work will probably be accepted 
as final." Nation, 1892. 

Towle, George Makepeace. Ralegh; his exploits and voy- 
ages. 1881. (Young folks' heroes of history.) J92 Ri68t 


Mtiller, Max. Ramakrishna; his life and sayings. 1899... 92 Ri73m 

The subject of this biography was an Indian ascetic (1833-86). He was 
supposed to possess powers of thought-reading, predicting future events, 
seeing things at a distance, healing disease by simply willing, and the 
power of changing a man's thought by simply touching his body. He 
believed that all religions are true, and in explaining this side of his 
nature the author describes the various religions of India and their 
expounders. He was looked upon as htilf God and half man, and his 
influence among his people was marvelous. 

RAMSAY, Allan, 1685-1758. 

Smeaton, Oliphant. Allan Ramsay. 1896. (Famous Scots 

series.) 92 R179S 

Distinguished Scottish poet of the i8th century, his best-known work 
being "The gentle shepherd." 


Adams, Henry, b. 1838. John Randolph. 1892. (American 

statesmen.) 92 Ri88a 

The same. 1899. (American statesmen.) r92 Ri88a 

Carefully prepared, though unsympathetic, biography. Of value to the 
student of political history. 

"We already have a larger and more complete life of Randolph, by 
Hugh A. Garland. . .The two sketch the Virginian from altogether 

different standpoints The ingenuous and unconscious sympathy of 

Garland, and the evident antipathy of Adams, make>them almost biog- 
raphers of their sections as well as of their subjects." Nation, 1882. 

Garland, Hugh A. Life of John Randolph of Roanoke. 2v. 

in I. 1853 r92 Ri88g 


Griffin, Sir Lepel Henry. Ranjit Singh. 1892. (Rulers of 

India.) 92 Ri9ig 

Ranjit Singh (1780-1839) was an ambitious East Indian prince, called 
the founder of the Sikh empire. In 1809 he made a treaty with the 
British, with whom he always maintained peaceful relations. 


Duppa, Richard. Michel Angelo by Richard Duppa, with 

Raffaello, by Quatremere de Quincy. 1846 r92 M663d 

Catalogue of the principal works of Michel Angelo, in sculpture, paint- 
ing, design and architecture, p. 164-188. List of the works of Raf- 
faello, p.452-457. 

The life of Michael Angelo was written early in the 19th century under 
the influence of the English revival of interest in Italian art, partic- 
ularly that of Michael Angelo. The biography of Raphael, published 
in 1824, is inaccurate in many respects. 

RAUCH, Christian Daniel. 

Cheney, Mrs Ednah Dow (Littlehale). Life of Christian 

Daniel Rauch. 1893 92 R225C 

"Queen Louise of Prussia," p.28-61. 
Noted German sculptor (i 777-1 857). 

RAYMOND, Henry Jarvis. 

Maverick, Augustus. Henry J. Raymond and the New 

York press for thirty years. 1870 r92 R243m 

American journalist and politician (1820-69). 

RAZZ I, Giovanni Antonio, called Sodoma. See Artists, p. 1283. 


READ, James Logan. 

In memoriam Rev. James Logan Read, 1808-89. [Anony- 
mous.] r92 R252i 

RfiCAMIER, Mme Jeanne Frangoise Adelaide (Bernard). 

Memoirs and correspondence; tr. by I.M. Luyster. 1867.. 92 R262 
The memoir was written by Mme R6camier's adopted daughter, to whom 
she bequeathed her papers with the understanding that they were 
to be used for this purpose. The correspondence, though it contains 
few letters of Mme Recamier's, is very interesting. It consists al- 
most entirely of letters from distinguished people, those of Chateau- 
briand, for instance, forming a complete autobiography of the last 
25 years of his life. 

REED, Mrs Esther (de Berdt). 

Reed, William Bradford. Life of Esther de Berdt, after- 
wards Esther Reed. 1853 r92 R282r 

Mrs Reed (1746-80) was the wife of Joseph Reed, president of the 
Supreme executive council of Pennsylvania. 

REED, James. 

In memoriam James Reed, 1793-1878. [Anonymous.] r92 R2832 

Mr Reed was successively a resident of Washington, Pa,, Allegheny and 
Pittsburgh. He was a successful clockmaker and silversmith, and a 
manufacturer of geodetic and astronomical instruments. 

REED, Gen. Joseph. 

Bancroft, George. Joseph Reed; a historical essay. 1867. .r92 R283b 

"Gov. Reed was charged with meditating a treacherous abandonment of 
the American cause, and a determination to go over to the British, 
and George Bancroft in his history introduced the statement on what 
appeared to be reliable testimony. A bitter controversy ensued, in 
which William B. Reed took part, and it was ultimately shown that 
he had been confounded with Col. Charles Reed." Appletons* cyclo- 
peedia of American biography. 

Reed, William Bradford. Life and correspondence of 

Joseph Reed. 2v. 1847 r92 R283r 

"President Reed was military secretary of Washington, Adjutant-gen- 
eral of the Continental Army, Member of Congress, and President of 
the Executive Council of the State of Pennsylvania. The confidential 
relations of the commander-in-chief and his military secretary give to 
these letters great value ... Although there has been some controversy 
concerning them, their importance is universally conceded. They 
throw light not only on the Revolutionary, but also on the Constitu- 
tional, period." C. K. Adams. 

Reed, William Bradford. President Reed of Pennsylvania; 

a reply to George Bancroft and others. 1867 r92 R283rc 

Smith, Horace Wemyss, comp. Nuts for future historians 
to crack, containing the Cadwalader pamphlet, Valley 
Forge letters, etc. 1856 r92 R283S 

Reprints of the documents published in the Reed-Cadwalader contro- 
versy, with a preface reflecting on Joseph Reed's character. It was 
this publication that induced Mr W. B. Reed to print the evidences 
of the Valley Forge forgeries. 

REED, Mary. 

Jackson, John, of the Mission to lepers in India and the East, 

Mary Reed, missionary to the lepers. [1900.] 92 R283J 

On her return to America in 1890 from India, where she had been for 
several years a missionary, Miss Reed discovered that she had fallen 
a victim to leprosy. Realizing that there was no hope of cure, she 
went back to India to live and work among the lepers. This little 
book is a record of the good she accomplished. 

REEVE, Henry. 

Laughton, John Knox. Memoirs of the life and corre- 
spondence of Henry Reeve. 2v. 1898 92 R287I 

^glish writer (1813-95). editor of the "Edinburgh review." 

"His cosmopolitan training, intimacy with the most distinguished men of 


his time, brilliant social position, acquaintance with the innermoit 
springs of politics, wide literary sympathies, and marked ability as a 
writer, well fitted him for the post During the forty years of hit 
sway, the 'Review' bore the impress of his strong individuality." Dic- 
tionary of national biography. 


Bailliere, Henri. Henri Regnault, 1843-1871, [in French]. 

1872 92 R294b 

Illustrated with one of Regnault's drawings. 

"Henri Regnault, who was killed at the battle of Buzenval in 1871... 
was the most remarkable painter of the contemporary school in point 
of promise, and had he lived until maturity would have attained a 
pre-eminent position." Benjamin's Contemporary art in Europe. 

REID, Capt. Mayne. 

Reid, Mrs Elizabeth (Hyde), & Coe, C. H. Captain Mayne 

Reid; his life and adventures. 1900 92 R3ii2r 

"Authentic biography. .. [His] early vicissitudes were many and various 
. . . Before he found his true vocation, he was, among other things, a 
slave-driver, a shop assistant, a private schoolmaster, an actor, and 
a soldier. . .The rest of the story of his life is mainly taken up with an 
account of the writing of his books, which enjoyed an enormous 
sale." Literature, 1900. 

REID, Thomas. 

Eraser, Alexander Campbell. Thomas Reid. 1898. (Fa- 
mous Scots series.) 92 R3iif 

Scottish philosopher, the principal founder of the Scottish school of 
philosophy (1710-96). 


Bolton, Charles Knowles. Saskia, the wife of Rembrandt. 

1893 92 R33ib 

A picture of the home life of Rembrandt in Amsterdam during the 
most glorious and stirring period of Dutch history. Full-page pictures 
of the scenes and characters add interest to the book and furnish ex- 
amples of the artist's best style. This work is based upon the original 
researches of the author in Holland and is verified and enriched by 
documents now first fully given in English. 

REMBRANDT van RYN. See also Artists, p.1290. 

REMUS, UNCLE, pseud. See HARRIS, Joel Chandler. 

RENAN, Ernest. 

Recollections and letters; tr. fr. the French by I. F. Hap- 
good. 1892 , 92 R337 

Eminent French writer, orientalist and critic (1823-92). 

RENAN, Ernest, & Henriette. 

Brother and sister r a memoir and letters; tr. by Lady Mary 

Loyd. 1896 92 R337b 

RENAN, Ernest. 

Espinasse, Francis. Life of Ernest Renan. 1895. (Great 

writers.) 92 R337e 

Bibliography, apx. p. 1-20. 

Robinson, Agnes Mary Frances, afterward Mme Dar- 
mesteter, afterward Mme Duclaux. Life of Ernest Renan. 
1897 92 R337r 

"To no more competent source could we look for a lifelike biography 
of Ernest Renan. Madame Darmesteter knew him intimately in his 
later years, and became, after her marriage with the eminent scholar 
James Darmesteter, almost a member of Renan's family circle... The 
influence exercised on Renan by his sister, his sojourn at the Semi- 
nary — every episode of his long, storm-tossed life is of course dealt 
with, but the very real charm of this small volume of less than 300 
pages lies in the writer's insight into Renan's character and personality 
in his old age... and in her analysis of his various books and 
opinions." Literature, 1897. 


Robinson, Agnes Mary Frances, afterward Mme Dar- 
mesteter, afterward Mme Duclaux. La vie de Ernest 

Renan. 1898 92 R337ro 

RENAN, Henriette. 

Renan, Ernest. My sister Henrietta; tr. by A.L.Alger. 

1895 92 R337ir 

RENfi of ANJOU, king of Naples. 

Hookham, Mrs Mary Ann. Life and times of Margaret of 
Anjou, queen of England and France, and of her father, 
Rene the Good, with memoirs of the houses of Anjou. 
2v. 1872 92 M382h 

King Ren^ (1409-80), was a patron of literature and art. 

"His Court at Aix became a famous resort for artists and poets. He 
sought to revive the poetry of old Provence, and his devotion to the 
forms of a rapidly disappearing chivalry gained him the name of the 
last of the Troubadours. Agriculture and manufactures were also 
encouraged and he earned his title of *the Good.' " New international 

"An elaborate compilation. . .Though containing many facts, is of no 
great value, being mostly derived from modern sources." Dictionary 
of national biography. 

Lecoy de la Marche, Albert. Le roi Rene; sa vie, son ad- 
ministration, ses travaux artistiques et litteraires; 
d'apres les documents inedits des archives de France et 

d'ltalie. 2v. 1875 92 R341I 

v. I. Histoire politique. 

V.2. Beaux-arts et litterature. 

RENNELL, James. 

Markham, Sir Clements Robert. Major James Rennell 
and the rise of modern English geography. 1895. (Cen- 
tury science series.) 92 R343m 

English geographer (i 742-1 830) in the service of the East India company. 

RERESBY, Sir John. 

Memoirs, 1634-1689, written by himself; ed. fr. the original 

ms. by J. J. Cartwright. 1875 92 R3S6 

"Reresby was a cautious, time-serving politician, who possessed a happy 
knack of pleasing those in power and a keen eye for his own ad- 
vancement. . .His 'Memoirs* give an interesting and valuable account 
of the events of his time." Dictionary of national biography. 

RETZ, Gilles de Laval, baron de. 

Wilson, Thomas. Blue-beard; a contribution to history 
and folklore; being the history of Gilles de Retz of 
Brittany, who was executed at Nantes in 1440, and who 
was the original of Blue-beard in the tales of Mother 
Goose. 1899 92 R362W 

"Mother Goose publications," p. 183-185; "Bluebeard stories," p. 186-188. 
French marshal (1396?-! 440), notorious for his cruelties to children. 

RETZ, Jean Frangois Paul de Gondi, cardinal de. 

Memoires. 4v. 1779 r92 R362 

Contain lifelike portraits of the leading characters of the time, of 
Mazarin, Conde, Turenne, La Rochefoucauld, Anne of Austria, etc. 

"They display in rather irregular style, and with some oddities of dialect 
and phrase, extraordinary narrative skill and a high degree of ability 
in that special art of the 17th century — the drawing of verbal por- 
traits and characters." George Saintsbury, in Encyclopedia Britannica, 

Memoirs, written by himself. 1899. (Court memoir 

series.) r92 R362m 

One of the leading spirits of the Fronde (1648-52). The "Memoirs" 

come down to 1655. 
Hallam says of them, "Their animated style, their excellent portraitures 


of character, their acute and brilliant remarks, distingiiish their pages 
as much as the similar qualities did their author." 

REUCHLIN, Johann. 

Barham, Francis. Life and times of John Reuchlin, or 

Capnion, the father of the German reformation. 1843.. 92 R363 
Celebrated German humanist (1455-1522). 

REVERE, Paul. 

Goss, Elbridge Henry. Life of Colonel Paul Revere. 2v. 

1891 92 R368g 

"Paul Revere [1735-1818] was one of the most fortunate of the minor 
characters of the Revolution . . . He was the trusted friend and agent 
of the Boston patriots, he served loyally and ably, he survived the 
perils of war to reestablish himself in business, and he left descendants 
among the most distinguished families of his native town... Mr. Goss 
is evidently a painstaking antiquary, greatly interested in his subject, 
and he has collected everything, perhaps, which a biographer could 
need." Nation, 1892. 

REYNOLDS, Sir Joshua. 

Leslie, Charles Robert, & Taylor, Tom. Life and times of 

Sir Joshua Reynolds. 2v. 1865 92 R377I 

"[Earlier biographies] have been superseded by the comprehensive Life 
by Tom Taylor, which also includes the researches of Leslie." New 
international encyclopedia, 

II full-page illustrations. 

Phillips, Claude. Sir Joshua Reynolds. 1894 92 R377ph 

"Authorities consulted," p.3. 

"His life is a little apt to resolve itself into a catalogue of his sitters, 
and such a catalogue, made up from his pocket-books, is apt to prove 
monotonous. Mr. Phillips gives all the facts along with some very 
just criticisms." Nation, 1894. 

RHODES, Cecil. 

Verschoyle, John. Cecil Rhodes; a biography and ap- 
preciation, with personal reminiscences by Dr Jameson. 

1897 92 R384V 

Favorable and well-written life of the South African statesman and 
financier (i 853-1 902). 

Vindex, pseud. Cecil Rhodes; his political life and speeches, 

1881-1900. 1900 92 R384vi 

"In this volume are collected for the first time the speeches of the 
Right Hon. C. J. Rhodes, from his first appearance in the Cape Legis- 
lative Assembly early in 1881 up to the present time [1900]. The 
history of Mr. Rhodes's political work I have written to serve as an 
introduction and commentary to the speeches, which thus accompanied 
will, it is hoped, be more easily and fully understood." Preface. 

RICARDO, David. 

Letters to Hutches Trower and others, 1811-1823; ed. by 

James Bonar and J. H. Hollander. 1899 92 R393 

Noted English political economist (i 772-1 823). 

"Ireland, Savings Banks, and Queen Caroline, take up almost as much 
room as pure economics and finance." Introduction. 

RICHARD I, king of England. 

Abbott, Jacob. History of Richard the First of England. 

1885 92 R3982a 

The same. 1900 J92 R3982a 

For young people. 

RICHARD II, king of England. 

Abbott, Jacob. History of Richard the Second of Eng- 
land. 1886 92 R398a 

The same. 1901 J92 R398a 

RICHARD III, king of England. 

Abbott, Jacob. History of Richard the Third of England. 


1886 92 R398ia 

The same. 1900 J92 R398ia 

RICHARDS, Mrs Laura Elizabeth (Howe). 

When I was your age. 1895 J92 R411 

Appeared in "St Nicholas,'* v. 19, Jan.-Sept. 1892. 

Record of the sayings, doings, pranks and mischief of the four little 
daughters of Julia Ward Howe. 

RICHARDSON, Sir Benjamin Ward. 

Vita medica; chapters of medical life and work. 1897 92 R412 

"Some posthumous autobiographical chapters from the life of a good 
physician [1828-96], a noted reformer and philanthropist, and an 
eminent scientist." Dial, 1897. 

RICHARDSON, John, 1667-1753. 

Account of the life of that ancient servant of Jesus Christ, 

John Richardson. 1880 92 R414 


Thomson, Clara Linklater. Samuel Richardson; a bio- 
graphical and critical study. 1900 92 R4i6t 

BibliograpBy, p.292-301. 

"The critical part... is extremely well done. Her examination of the 
three famous novels is lucid and judicious, and, moreover, can be read 
with interest even by those who do not know their 'Clarissa' or 'Sir 
Charles Grandison.' " Spectator, 1901. 

RICHARDSON, William Adams. 

Hackett, Frank Warren. Sketch of the life and public 

services of William Adams Richardson. 1898 92 R4i7h 

As financial agent of the United States Mr Richardson made the first 
contract for the sale of government bonds in Europe. He after- 
wards became secretary of the treasury and later chief justice of the 
United States court of claims. 

RICHELIEU, Armand Jean du Plessis, cardinal de. 

Lodge, Richard. Richelieu. 1896. (Foreign statesmen.). .92 R421I 

"Chief books on the period," p.232-233. 

"A very brief account of the famous cardinal [i 585-1 642], based upon 
the most recent authorities." Nation, 1896. 

Masson, Gustave. Richelieu. 1884 92 R42ini 

Bibliography, p.9-10, 322-324. 

A short biography compiled from authoritative sources, making no claim 
to originality, but giving a clear and concise account of Richelieu's 
marvelous personality and his far-reaching influence upon French his- 

Perkins, James Breck. Richelieu and the growth of 

French power. 1900. (Heroes of the nations.) 92 R42IP 

"Author has pretty thoroughly stripped off the draperies, and has sought 
to tell a plain tale plainly — the story of the petty provincial Bishop of 
LuQon, who pushed and flattered and intrigued his way to a place 
at court; who was more of a priest than an author, more of a soldier 
than a priest, and was most of all the statesman whose theory of 
government was absolute monarchy with a minister for monarch. 
Mr. Perkins writes of his hero with cool candor." Dial, 1900. 

Based on an examination of original sources. 

RICHMOND, Sir William Blake. See Artists, p.1260. 

RICHTlER, Ludwig. See Artists, p.1265. 

RIIS, Jacob August. 

Making of an American. 1901 92 R4S7 

"Mr...Riis has won fame as a reformer and philanthropist. His labors 
have borne no small fruit in cleansing New York. . .His later magazine 
articles are now gathered in an autobiography of frankness so singu- 
lar as at once to invite and disarm criticism. . .He has no pretences 
and no reserves . . . his early struggles and reverses . . . his doleful years 
as a day-laborer and hungry tramp — all these are as much part and 
parcel of the record as his intimacy with Mr. Roosevelt and the con- 
sideration he won from policemen and politicians." Nation, 1901. 



RIPLEY, George. 

Frothingham, Octavius Brooks. George Ripley. 1882. 

(American men of letters.) 92 R486f 

Ripley (1802-80) was one of the early Unitarian ministers of Boston and 
the head of the Brook Farm community,^ concerning which the book 
gives many interesting details. On the failure of that enterprise in 
1847 he turned his attention to literary criticism and was for many 
years a contributor to the "Tribune." 

RISTORI, Adelaide. 

Studies and memoirs; an autobiography. 1888. (Famous 

women.) 92 R496 

Noted Italian tragic actress (1822-1906). 

RITNER, Joseph. 

Sketch of the life, character and public services of Joseph 

Ritner, by a citizen of Lancaster county. Pa. 1835 r92 S849 

Bound with "Biographical sketch of Charles Stewart." 


Rush, Benjamin. Eulogium to perpetuate the memqry of 
David Rittenhouse, delivered before the American 
philosophical society, Philadelphia, 1796. 1796 r92 RsiSr 

RIVIERE, Briton. See Artists, p.1260. 

ROBBIA, Luca della. See Artists, p.1207, 1208. 

ROBERT BRUCE, king of Scotland. 

Maxwell, Sir Herbert Eustace. Robert the Bruce and the 
struggle for Scottish independence. 1897. (Heroes of 
the nations.) 92 R534m 

One of the national heroes of Scotland (i 274-1 329). 

"If some of the military details and some of the weighing of authorities 
had been omitted in favor of more background, a fuller picture of the 
general life of the time... [the book] would have been instructive 
enough and more entertaining." Dial, 1897. 

Murison, Alexander Falconer. King Robert the Bruce. 

1899. (Famous Scots series.) 92 R534mu 

"Gives in a very convenient form a narrative of the career of Bruce, 
based upon the familiar authorities, such as Barbour, but checked 
by the researches of modern investigators ... The book is not, per- 
haps, so well written as Sir Herbert Maxwell's monograph on the 
same subject, but it will give more satisfaction to the majority of 
Scottish readers." Spectator, 1899. 

ROBERTS, Frederick Sleigh, earl. 

Cobban, James Maclaren. Life and deeds of Earl Roberts. 

4v. 1901 q92 R536C 

V.I. To the end of the Indian mutiny. 

V.2. To the abdication of Yakub Khan. 

V.3. To the end of Lord Roberts's Indian career. 

V.4. To Lord Roberts's reign in Pall Mall. 

This popular biography of the present (1902) commander-in-chief of the 
British army, covers a military service of nearly 50 years, 40 of which 
belong to India. 

"By far the fullest Life of Earl Roberts yet issued ... vivid and anec- 
dotal." Academy, 1901. 


Roberts, Daniel. > Some memoirs of the life of John 

Roberts 92 R537r 

ROBERTSON, Frederick William. 

Brooke, Stopford Augustus, ed. Life, letters, lectures and 

addresses of Fredk. W. Robertson 92 R539b 

English divine (1816-53). 

"By far the most important authority for the biography of Robertson... 


a most thorough and sympathetic piece of work, notwithstanding 
obvious reticences no doubt unavoidable at times." Dictionary of 
national biography. 

ROBERTSON, Thomas William. 

Perhberton, T. Edgar. Life and writings of T. W. Robert- 
son. 1893 92 R542P 

Robertson came of a family of players, and went on the stage when very 
young, but he is best known as the author of many plays; "Ours/* 
"Caste" and "School" being the most successful. 

ROBESPIERRE, Maximilien Marie Isidore de. 

Belloc, Hilaire. Robespierre; a study. 1901 92 R544b 

"The author steers clear of the temptation to digress into a general his- 
tory of the Revolution. Attention is throughout concentrated on 
Robespierre, but the background is very vividly pictured." Academy, 

Lewes, George Henry. Life of Maximilien Robespierre, 
with extracts from his unpublished correspondence. 
1899 92 R544I 

"Authorities," p.6-7. 

"The first edition appeared just fifty years ago, and every one knows 
what an abundance of information regarding the early French Revolu- 
tion has in the meantime been disclosed. Nevertheless, Lewes, by 
dint of biographical skill, produced an estimate which will for a long 
time hold a place in the esteem of scholars." Nation, 1899. 


In memoriam David Robinson, 1828-1895. [Anonymous.] . .r92 R548 
ROBINSON, Henry Crabb. 

Diary, reminiscences and correspondence; ed. by Thomas 

Sadler. 2v. 1870 92 R551 

"Robinson had acquired the friendships' of the most notable men in 
[England], France, and Germany during the earlier years of this cen- 
tury. Lamb, Coleridge, Wordsworth, and Southey are a few out of 
his many intimate friends... As a conversationalist he made his mark, 
and his breakfasts were as famous as those of Rogers. He left behind 
him a 'Diary,' 'Letters,* and voluminous memoranda, which give a 
truthful and unrivalled picture of social and literary life and literary 
men, both in [England] and on the continent, during the first half of 
this [19th] century." Dictionary of national biography. 


Sidney, Philip. Who killed Amy Robsart? some account 
of her life and death, with remarks on Sir Walter 

Scott's "Kenilworth." 1901 92 R559S 

Bibliography, p. 19. I 

Aims "to relate... all that is known to history concerning the career of 

Amy [Robsart]; and to form... a kind of historical handbook to... 

Scott's 'Kenilworth.* " 

ROBUSTI, Jacopo, called Tintoretto. See Artists, p. 1283. 
ROCCA, Enrico, conte della. 

Autobiography of a veteran, 1807-1893. 1898 92 R564 

Personal recollections of an Italian patriot who played an important 
political and military part in the stirring years of Italy's struggle for 
freedom and union. Covers a period of history from 1821 to 1870. 

ROCHEFORT-LUgAY, Henri, marquis de. 

Adventures of my life; arranged for English readers by 

the author and E. W. Smith. 2v. 1897 92 R567 

Among the more important episodes are the author's personal narra- 
tive of the French commune, his subsequent transportation to the 
penal settlement of New Caledonia, his marvelous escape, his numer- 
ous duels, etc. 

RODNEY, George Brydges, baron, 1719-92. 

Hannay, David. Rodney. 1891. (English men of ac- 
tion.) 92 RsSgh 

English admiral. 


ROE, Edward Payson. 

Roe, Mary Abigail. E. P. Roe; reminiscences of his life.^ 

1899 92 RS9Sr 

A sister's account of the life of the popular American novelist. 

ROGERS, Samuel. 

Clayden, Peter William. Early life of Samuel Rogers. 

1887 92 R617C 

English poet (1763-^855). 

"For over half a century his home in St. James's place was a rendezvous 
for poets and artists, statesmen and musicians; for English men and 
women of note, and for distinguished people from abroad. Here 
almost daily he entertained five or six at breakfast, and talked with 
them through the morning hours. Here art and politics were dis- 
cussed, bons'tnots originated, entertaining anecdotes retailed." IVar- 
net's Library of the world's best literature. 

Clayden, Peter William. Rogers and his contemporaries. 

2v. 1889 92 R617CI 

ROGERS, William Barton. 

Life and letters; ed. by his wife. 2v. 1896 92 R6172 

Mr Rogers was largely instrumental in founding, and was the first pres- 
ident of, the Massachusetts institute of technology, and was also active- 
ly interested in many lines of scientific research. 

ROLAND, Mme Marie Jeanne (Phlipon). 

Private memoirs; ed. with an introduction by E.G.John- 
son. 1900 92 R63S 

Account of the early life of the "heroine of the French Revolution," 
written in 1793 in the prison from which she went to the guillotine. 

Abbott, John Stevens Cabot. History of Madame Roland. 

1878 92 R635a 

The same. 1904 J92 R635a 

Blind, Mathilde. Madame Roland. 1891. (Famous 

women.) 92 R63Sb 

List of authorities, p.7-8. 

"The first hundred pages of this little volume are on the whole satisfac- 
tory; but it then becomes, instead of a biography of Madame Roland, 
a history of the Girondins, and a history not written by an historian 
. . .The somewhat rash generalizations and assumptions of the authoress 
could be better pardoned were they connected with absolute accuracy 
of historical statement." Nation, 1886. 

Tarbell, Ida Minerva. Madame Roland; a biographical 

study. 1896 92 R635t 

Shows good judgment and a fair spirit, without disposition to eulogy. 
Contributes some new material. 

ROMANES, George John. 

Romanes, Mrs Ethel (Duncan). Life and letters of George 

John Romanes. 1896 92 R659r 

British naturalist (1848-94). * 

"Where Mrs. Romanes is entirely satisfactory is in her account of her 
husband's personal life. Here everything is beautiful and attractive. 
We have the picture of a man most affectionate and kind, a most 
loyal nature, strongly emotional, eager for work and love. . .The re- 
lations of Darwin and Romanes were very intimate [and] the biogra- 
phy reaches the highest points of interest in the many letters which 
they exchanged." Nation, 1896. 

ROMILLY, Sir Samuel. 

Memoirs, with a selection from his correspondence. 3v. 

1840 r92 R66s 

An English lawyer and philanthropist (1757-1818), famous for hit 
labors for the reform of the criminal law. 

ROMNEY, George. See Artists, p.1260. 


ROMULUS, king of Rome. 

Abbott, Jacob. History of Romulus. 1880 92 R667a 

The same. 1901 J92 R667a 

ROSE, George. 

Diaries and correspondence, containing original letters of 
the most distinguished statesmen of his day; ed. by L. 
V. Harcourt. 2v. i860 92 R716 

An intimate friend of the younger Pitt, was in Parliament and held va- 
rious offices, 1772-1818. The diaries and letters are full of ipterestingi 
information about Pitt 

ROSE, Hugh Henry, baron Strathnairn. See STRATH- 
NAIRN, Hugh Henry Rose, baron. 

ROSEGGER, Petri Kettenfeier. 

Mein weltleben; oder, Wie es dem waldbauernbuben bei 

den stadtleuten erging. 1900 92 R721 

This autobiographical sketch of the well-known Austrian novelist is 
written with the same simplicity and charm which characterize his 

ROSS, James. 

Marie, Mrs Jane. Case of Jane Marie, exhibiting the 

cruelty and barbarous conduct of James Ross. 1808. .r92 R738m 
ROSSETTI, Christina Georgina. 

Bell, Henry Thomas Mackenzie. Christina Rossetti; a bio- 
graphical and critical study. 1898 92 R743b 

Bibliography, p.377-39o. 

"Loving care and sympathy are evident upon every page, as well as a 
degretf of scrupulousness in the statement of exact fact that verges 
upon pedantry. We wish that we might go beyond this tribute of 
respect, and commend the volume as a piece of good writing and 

■ adequate criticism; but this is frankly impossible. . .Nevertheless, the 
book is welcome, and we could not well dispense with it, although it 
does little to assist us in comprehension of the rare and beautiful 
spirit exhaled from these poems that constitute one of the chief glories 
of our Victorian literature." Dial, 1898. 

ROSSETTI, Dante Gabriel. 

Cary, Elisabeth Luther. The Rossettis; Dante Gabriel and 

Christina. 1900 92 R744C 

Dante Gabriel Rossetti, the English artist-poet, is generally recognized 
as the leader of the preraphaelites. This study of his life and work 
contains photogravure reproductions of the characteristic paintings of 
Rossetti, which form the collection of Samuel Bancroft, jr., of Wil- 
mington, Delaware. Two chapters on the life and work of his poet- 
sister, Christina Rossetti, are added. 

Knight, Joseph, b. 1829. Life of Dante Gabriel Rossetti. 

1887. (Great writers.) 92 R744k 

Bibliography, p.i-19. 

"Excellent miniature biography." Dictionary of national biography. 

• Rossetti, William Michael. Dante Gabriel Rossetti; his 

family letters, with a memoir. 2v. 1895 92 R744r 

The first volume contains the memoir proper, the second consisjting 

entirely of letters. 
"In a sense and to a degree the life of Dante Gabriel Rossetti is the 

story of the growth and development of English art in his day and 

generation. Its side lights come from the world of poetry and letters. 

It is the key to that enigma, the Pre-Raphaelite movement." Literary 

world, 1896. 

Rossetti, William Michael, ed. Ruskin, Rossetti, pre- 

Raphaelitism; papers, 1854-1 862. 1899 92 R744ro 

A volume of correspondence chiefly between John Ruskin and Dante 
Gabriel Rossetti, containing much interesting art criticism and afford- 
ing new knowledge of the character and genius of Rossetti. Ex- 
tracts from the diaries of Madox Brown and W. M. Rossetti are given 


and the volume also contains some miscellaneous items pertaining to 
the preraphaelites and their exhibition of 1857. The illustration of the 
book is in photogravure, the pictures with one exception being Ros- 
setti's work. 

Sharp, William. Dante Gabriel Rossetti; a record and a 

sttidy. 1882 92 R744S 

"An excellent critical handbook to his literary work, especially the 
sonnets." Dictionary of national biography. 

ROSSINI, Gioacchino Antonio. 

Beyle, Marie Henri, (pseud, De Stendhal). Memoirs of 

Rossini. 1824 r92 R747b 

Celebrated Italian composer (i 792-1 868). 
Edwards, Henry Sutherland. Life of Rossini r92 R747e 

Edwards, Henry Sutherland. Rossini and his school. 

1895. (Great musicians.) 92 R747ed 

List of Rossini's works, p. ii 3-1 14. 

"Bright and readable. Donizetti and Verdi are briefly discussed in 
the concluding chapters." H. E. Krehbiel. 

Escudier, Leon, & Marie. Rossini; sa vie et ses ceuvres. 

1854 r92 R747es 

ROUSSEAU, Jean Jacques. 

Les confessions. [1844.] 92 R777 

The same. 4v. 1832 r92 R777' 

Confessions, [in English]. 4v. 1897 .92 R777C 

One of the greatest French writers of the i8th century (1712-78). 

"To write memoirs of one's own life was one of the fancies of the time, 
but like all else, it became in Rousseau's hand something more far< 
reaching and sincere than a passing fashion. Other people wrote polite 
histories of their outer lives, amply coloured with romantic decora- 
tions. Rousseau with unqualified veracity plunged into the inmost 
depths, hiding nothing that would be likely to make him either ridic- 
ulous or hateful in common opinion, and inventing nothing that could 
attract much sympathy or much admiration." Morley's Rousseau. 

Jansen, Albert. Jean- Jacques Rousseau als musiker. 1884. .r92 R777J 
Lamartine, Alphonse de. Jean-Jacques Rousseau, [in 

French]. 1878 92 R7771 

Macdonald, Mrs Frederika Richardson. Studies in the 

France of Voltaire and Rousseau. 1895 92 R777ma 

"The purpose of the following Essays is to study >the strong, true and 
universal ideas the French Revolution took for its law, not in con- 
nection with that event, but in their relationship to what is called 
'the modem spirit* " Preface. 

Morley, John. Rousseau. 2v. 1891 92 R777m 

"The best English work on Rousseau." New international encyclopedia, 

ROUSSEAU, Pierre fitienne Theodore. 

Sensier, Alfred. Souvenirs sur Th. Rousseau. 1872 q92 R7772S 

"Theodore Rousseau has been for twenty-five years the first apostle of 
truth in landscape painting. •.He emancipated the landscape-painters 
as Moses formerly liberated the Hebrews... He led them into a land 
of promise, where the trees had leaves, where the rivers were liquid, 
where the men and women were not of wood." Edmond About, 1857. 

RUBENS, Peter Paul. 

Sainsbury, William Noel, comp. Original unpublished 
papers illustrative of the life of Sir Peter Paul Rubens 
as an artist and a diplomatist, preserved in H. M. state 

paper office. 1859 92 R823S 


Autobiography, 1829-1889; tr. fr. the Russian by Aline 

Delano. 1892 92 R824 

"Although this is a very small volume, of 170 pages, it is full of interest- 


ing details concerning the career of the great Moldavian pianist and 
composer [1829-94], as well as of side-lights on the state of music in 
Russia during the past half cedtury." Athenaum, 1891. 

M'Arthur, Alexander. Anton Rubinstein. 1889 92 R824m 

''Author. . .offers it merely as a series of facts in the life of Rubinstein 
collected in St. Petersburg from various sources. •.Three portraits ^re 
included in the book, which, in spite of the author's pardonably ex- 
travagrant estimate of his hero, may be read with much interest by 
musicians.'* Athenceum, 1890. 

Vogel, Bernhard. Anton Rubinstein; biographischer abriss, 

nebst charakteristik seiner werke. 1888 192 R824V 

RUMFORD, Benjamin Thompson, count. 

Ellis, George Edward. Memoir of Sir Benjamin Thomp- 
son, count Rumford. [1871.] r92 R868e 


RUPERT, prince. 

Scott, Eva. Rupert, prince Palatine. 1899 92 R878S 

Considers the history of the English civil war only as far as it con- 
cerns Rupert of the Rhine. Valuable for the side-lights thrown upon 
the internal dissensions which tore the Royalist party to pieces and 
were a large factor in its ultimate collapse. 

"Miss Scott's Life of the Prince Palatine may be called very satisfac- 
tory." Nation, 1899. 


Praeterita; scenes and thoughts in my life. 3v. 1885 92 R899 

Author, artist and social reformer (i 819-1900). 

"The most important work of his last period was the fragment of auto- 
biography, undertaken at the suggestion of his friend. Prof. C. E. 
Norton, and published at intervals during 1885-9 under the title of 
'Praeterita*. . .This book contains occasional passages of description 
as fine as anything in 'Modern Painters,' and is marked throughout 
by limpid ease in the narrative, by the keenness of its recollections, 
and by brilliant character-sketches of friends and acquaintances." 
Dictionary of national biography. 

Collingwood, William Gershom. Life and work of John 

Ruskin. 2v. 1894 92 R899C 

Bibliography, v.i, apx. p.9-14 and v.2, apx. p.12-18. 

Author was for many years Ruskin's private secretary. 

"His book, which, for the rest, is a noble tribute to his own devotion to 
its subject, and a by no means valueless contribution to the history of 
a man who will always be an object of great interest in the history of 
literature, is otherwise simply a labored and almost indiscriminate as 
well as unintelligent laudation of all Mr. Ruskin has ever done or pro- 
posed to do." Nation, 1893. 

Hobson, John Atkinson. John Ruskin, social reformer. 

1898 92 R899h 

Gives a short biography of Mr Ruskin taken from "Praeterita," "Fors," 
and other papers; and a summary of his views on political economy, 
socialism, machinery and industrial towns, education, and woman's 
place. The author is himself a social reformer and has written some 
books on economics. ^ 

La Sizeranne, Robert de. Ruskin and the religion of 

beauty. 1899 92 R899I 

"Three essays which first appeared in the *Revue des Deux Mondes* . . . 
The writer approaches his subject very much as Taine would have 
approached it, and treats it with the same combination of picturesque- 
ness, vivacity, and philosophical analysis. . .It is clear in its exposition 
and unfailing in its sympathy; yet it does not blink at inconsistencies." 
Dial, 1900. 

Mather, James Marshall. John Ruskin; his life and teach- 
ing. 1900 \ 92 R899m 

List of the principal works of Ruskin, p. 1 71-179. 

"The book. . .remains an exposition and not a criticism, a synopsis of 

Ruskin's teaching rather than an outline of how he is to be studied 

to the best advantage." Introduction, 


Meynell, Mrs Alice (Thompson). John Ruskin. 1900. 

(Modern English writers.) 92 RSQpme 

"Method. . .is to consider successively and briefly Ruskin's principal 
works, devoting to each book. . .a special chapter. Each of these 
chapters sets forth the leading ideas of the work considered, includes 
a few illustrative extracts, and brings to the discussion a certain 
element of the author's personal idiosyncrasy. The author is herself 
a writer of such distinction that this personal note always proves in- 
teresting, although it is sometimes irritating, and often excites to 
protest." Dial, 1900. 

Rossetti, William Michael, ed. Ruskin, Rossetti, pre- 

Raphaelitism; papers, 1854-1862. 1899 92 R744ro 

A volume of correspondence chiefly between John Ruskin and Dante 
Gabriel Rossetti, containing much interesting art criticism and afford- 
ing new knowledge of the character and genius of Rossetti. Ex- 
tracts from the diaries of Madox Brown and W. M. Rossetti are given 
and the volume also contains some miscellaneous items pertaining to 
the preraphaelites and their exhibition of 1857. The illustration of the 
book is in photogravure, the pictures with one exception being Ros- 
setti's work. 

Spielmann, Marion Harry. John Ruskin; a sketch of his 
life, his work and his opinions, with personal reminis- 
cences. 1900 92 R899S 

Contains a paper by Ruskin, entitled The black arts. 

Popular little sketch, which bears the marks of having been hastily put 
together after Ruskin's death in response to the demand for informa- 
tion concerning the distinguished art critic. 

RUSSELL, Irwin. 

Baskervill, William Malone. Irwin Russell. 1896. 

(Southern writers.) 92 R9i4b 

Promising young Southern poet (1853-78). Many of his poems were in 
negro dialect. 

RUSSELL, John, earl. 

Reid, Stuart J. Lord John Russell. 1895. (Prime minis- 
ters of Queen Victoria.) 92 R9i5r 

"From the days when Napoleon was changing the map of Europe at 
his will until the time of our own Civil war. Lord John Russell was 
in the House of Commons, and prominent from the first; and this 
splendid service was crowned with five years more of distinguished 
service as Earl Russell in the Foreign Office and as Prime minister. 
During this whole career Lord John was the champion of the Whig 
principles of religious toleration and equality. . .The cause of parlia- 
mentary reform was so peculiarly his own that he was chosen to in- 
troduce the great measure of 1832, although not yet of cabinet rank." 
Dial, 1896. 

RUSSELL, Rachel (Wriothesley), lady. 

Stepney, Catherine (Pollok), lady. Memoirs of Lady Rus- 
sell and Lady Herbert, 1623-1723. 1898 92 R917S 

Rachel, lady Russell, was the wife of that Lord Russell who was be- 
headed in 1683 on a charge of treason. A woman of fine mind she 
was her husband's adviser and even after his death followed public 
events with keen interest. Lady Herbert was the wife of Sir Edward 
Herbert, an adherent of the Stuarts. There is an interesting account 
of her rescue of her husband after the battle of Naseby and their 
escape to France. 

RUSSELL, William, lord. 

L'Estrange, Sir Roger. Considerations upon a printed 
sheet entituled The speech of the late Lord Russel to 
the sheriffs, together with a paper delivered by him to 
them, at the place of execution, on July 21, 1683. 1884. 
(Clarendon historical society. Reprints.) 92 R918I 

Reprint of the edition of 1683. 

The same. 1884. (In Clarendon historical society. Re- 


prints, V.I.) rg4a Csir v.i 

Russell, John, earl. Life of William, lord Russell. 1853. . .92 RpiSr 

Lord Russell was convicted of being concerned in the Rye-house plot 
against the life of Charles II and was beheaded in 1683. 

RUSSELL of KILLOWEN, Charles Russell, baron. 

O'Brien, Richard Barry. Life of Lord Russell of Killowen. 

1901 92 R9130 

Lord Charles Russell (1833- 1900) was an eminent English lawyer; from 
1894 to the time of his death, lord chief justice of England. 

'This life of a lawyer by a lawyer is a success... A harmony between 
subject and writer is pleasantly felt all through the book, and is 
helped by the fact that Mr. O'Brien's biographical intentions were 
known to Lord Russell, who willingly talked to the purpose." Acad- 
emy, 1901. 

RUTHERFORD, Samuel. . 

Letters, 1639-1661 ; ed. by Thomas Smith. 1875 92 R93S 

A Scottish Presbyterian clergyman, theologian and controversialist, pro- 
fessor at Edinburgh university, from which he was banished for two 
years, 1636-38, on account of his severe Calvinism. He wrote "Lex 
Rex," which was publicly burned by the authorities, and other works, 
but is best known from his "Letters," first published in 1664. 

RUYTER, Michel Adriaanszoon de. 

Milne, G. Grinnell-. Life of Lieut.-admiral de Ruyter. 

1896 92 R949m 

A life of the greatest of Dutch admirals (1607-76). 


countess of. 
SAGE, Henry Williams. 

Cornell university. Memorial exercises in honor of Henry 

Williams Sage. 1898 r92 S129C 

An American philanthropist (1814-97), who succeeded to the presidency 
of the board of trustees of Cornell university on the death of Ezra 

SAINT PIERRE, Jacques Henri Bernardin de. 

Barine, Arvede, (pseud, of Mme Charles Vincens). Ber- 
nardin de St. Pierre; tr. by J. E. Gordon. 1893. (Great 
French writers.) 92 Sl49b 

French novelist (1737-18 14), author of "Paul and Virginia." 
"The life of Bernardin de Saint-Pierre is so unusual, so interesting, so 
suggestive and amusing, that the grumpiest of Anglo-Saxons need not 
complain of the fact that no series of Great French Writers would be 
complete which did not contain the name of the author of 'Paul and 
Virginia.' " Augustine Birrell, in preface, 

SAINTE-BEUVE, Charles Augustin. 

Lettres a la princesse. 1873 r92 Sis6 

French critic and essayist (1804-69). 

Letters written to Princess Mathilde, the daughter of Jerome Bonaparte, 
and published after Sainte-Beuve's death. 
Souvenirs et indiscretions. 1872 r92 S156S 

Contains some miscellaneous letters, notes, etc. by Sainte-Beuve, together 
with a biography of him by M. Troubat, his literary executor, and 
various fragments relative to his life and work. 

SALA, George Augustus Henry. 

Life and adventures, written by himself. 2v. 1896 92 S159 

He was a precocious boy and gfives many childish reminiscences of dis- 
tinguished people, mostly musicians and actors. His own life work 
was chiefly literary. He was editor, contributor, novelist, dramatist, 
but was principally distinguished as a special correspondent, in which 
capacity he made many expeditions and was present on many notable 

SALADIN, sultan of Egypt and Syria. 

Poole, Stanley Lane-. Saladin, and the fall of the kingdom 


of Jerusalem. 1898. (Heroes of the nations.) 92 S1591P 

Famous sultan of Egypt and Syiia (1137-93). 

"There are comparatively few books in English, which deal in a scholar- 
ly and trustworthy way with Muslim history and to these Mr. Stanley 
Lane-Poole has made a welcome addition. The book is based through- 
out on a sound study of the orig^inal sources, and yet the weight of 
learning is borne lightly, and few lay readers will guess how much 
solid work has been put into it." Nation, 1899. 

Yusuf ibn Rafi ibn Tamin, called Ibn Shaddad. Life of 

Saladin; [ed. by C. W. Wilson]. 1897 92 815917 

The author (i 145-1234) was a noted traditionist and the Kadi of Aleppo. 
He accompanied Saladin on his later campaigns. 

SALISBURY, Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne Cecil, mar- 
quis of. 
Traill, Henry Duff. Marquis of Salisbury. 1891. (Prime 

ministers of Queen Victoria.) 92 Sl67t 

English conservative statesman of the latter half of the 19th century, 
several times prime minister. 

"Mr. Traill has done his work as thoroughly as space and other condi- 
tions permit; and, while making no effort to hide his strong conserva- 
tive bias and his warm sympathy with Lord Salisbury's method! 
and ideals, he has not erred obtrusively on the side of hero-worship." 
Dial, 1B92. 

SALT, Henry. 

Halls, John James. Life and correspondence of Henry 

Salt. 2v. 1834 r92 Si76ih 

Traveler and collector of antiquities (i 780-1 827). He was appointed in 
1 81 5 British consul-general in Egypt, where he collected many antiqui- 
ties and made some discoveries. 

SALT, Sir Titus. 

Burnley, James. Sir Titus Salt and George Moore. 1885. 

(The world's workers.) 92 Si76b 

Both were successful business men and philanthropists. 

SALVINI, Tommaso. 

Leaves from [his] autobiography. 1893 92 S185 

Celebrated Italian tragedian, born in 1829. 

"Tells us of his youth, of his first humble appearance on the stage, of 
his early successes, of his later triumphs, and of his stellar wanderings. 
He gives us his impressions, not only of his compatriots, Modena, 
Rossi, and Ristori, but also of Rachel, Sarah Bernhardt, Coquelin, 
Mounet-Sully, Edwin Booth, and Henry Irving. . .The frankness of 
Signer Salvini's interest in himself is its own excuse; he is right in 
believing himself so great an actor that what interests him shall inter- 
est us also." Nation, 1893. 

SAMUELS, Capt. Samuel. 

From the forecastle to the cabin. 1887 92 S193 

"Is a stirring tale of adventure. It is written in a homely, manly 
language which befits one who has earned distinction by deeds rather 
than words, — with but little boastfulness, although it relates the speedy 
promotion of the author in his career on the sea and the honors and 
JFortune he gained through valor and integrity." Dial, 1887. 

SAND, George, (pseud, of Mme Dudevant). 

Convent life of George Sand; tr. by M. E. MacKaye. 

1893 V 92 S213CO 

Translation of a part of her "L'histoire de ma vie." 

Letters; tr. by R. L. de Beaufort. 3v. 1886 92 S213 

Biographical sketch of George Sand, v.i, p.9-40. 

"Their intrinsic interest, the large additions that they make to the 
knowledge of their author's character, the varied scenes and the 
numerous attractive personalities that they bring before us, can neither 
escape the notice, nor disappoint the expectation, of any competent 
reader." Athenaum, 1886. 

Lettres d'un voyageur. 1869 92 S213I 

The first of these, dated 1834, gives the author's impressions of Italy. 


^ ■ ■-■■■■—■ ■■ — ■ ^— - ■ - ■ ■ ■ I. ■ . - — ■■■— ■ ■■■——■ —I . ■ __■_ ^m ^ - ■■■ ■ ^^^^■^^■^^^^— ^^^^^ 

Among the others are letters addressed to Liszt, to Meyerbeer, and 
others. The "Encyclopaedia Britannica** says of Uiem, "They are spe- 
cially valuable to the student of George Sand, as they give her views 
of men and things, not refracted and distorted by the exigencies of 
a novel." 

Caro, Elme Marie. George Sand. 1892. (Great French 

writers.) 92 S213C 

"His running exposition, both of the individual novels and of the 
Sandian conception of a novel in general, is most adroit and far from 
inadequate. He has managed with great skill to lay emphasis, without 
tediously dwelling, on the points in which, that conception and its 
embodiment in words correct the faults of the prevailing school of 
novels, and he has . . . made great use of that charming correspondence 
with Flaubert, which exhibits both correspondents so fully and so 
agreeably." Athenceum, 1888. 

Thomas, Bertha. George Sand. 1883. (Famous women.).. 92 8213! 

"To a rapid and concise account of outward events and material cir- 
cumstances are added clear and attractive sketches of the books which 
best lend themselves to such a r6sum6, and which are most important 
as illustrations." Nation, 1883. 

SANDS, Admiral Benjamin Franklin. 

From reefer to rear-admiral; reminiscences and journal 
jottings of nearly half a century of naval life, 1827-1874. 
1899 92 S221 

The narrative includes incidents never before told in the lives of Far- 
ragut, Porter, Rodgers, Rowan, Ammen, Jenkins and Worden; anec- 
dotes of Generals Grant, French and others; reminiscences of Gari- 
baldi and Dom Pedro I of Brazil; also some account of the revolutions 
in South America, the slave-trade on the west coast of Africa, the 
Mexican war, and the War of the rebellion. The work also tells of 
the origin and -growth of the United States coast survey, and of the 
foundation and nucleus of the United States naval observatory. 

SANTLEY, Charles. 

Student and singer; reminiscences. 1892 r92 S236 

Author, born in 1834, is a well-known English baritone singer. 

SARCEY, Francisque. 

Conferences et conferenciers. 1897 92 S243C 

Also published with the title "Souvenirs d'age mur." 

Recollections of the popular French dramatic critic and lecturer (1828- 

99). This volume supplements his "Souvenirs de jeunesse," which 

embodies his memories of youth. 

Souvenirs de jeunesse. 1895 92 S243 

"M. Sarcey may not be a great writer. . .but what a charming talker he 
is! There can be no greater pleasure than to read his theatrical 
feuilleton in the Temps — rambling, disconnected notes, full of personal 
allusions, remote as possible from any attempt at fine writing, and 
full of rich hints and the very best independent criticism. In the 
'Souvenirs' the same qualities are found. The tone rises, however, 
but only a little, when he gives graphic details of his academic career, 
both as a pupil in the £cole Normale and as an instructor in several 
provincial faculties." Nation, 1885. 

SARPI, Pietro, called Fra Paolo. 

Robertson, Alexander. Fra Paolo Sarpi, the greatest of 

the Venetians. 1894 92 S246r 

"References," p.8-9. 

Sarpi (i 552-1623) is best known as the historian of the Council of Trent 
and the adviser of the Signory of Venice in its quarrel with Paul V. 

"It does not contain, apparently, the results of any original research, 
but recites in somewhat exaggerated style the well-known facts in the 
career of the remarkable man whom tiie author characterizes on the 
title-page as *the greatest of the Venetians.* " Nation, 1894. 


Reminiscences of a very old man, 1808-1897. 1899 92 S249 

"As a boy he was assistant to a maker of fireworks who had charge of 
the 'effects' at Covent Garden Theatre, and thus came into contact 
with many of the actors of the day. Later he became an engraver, 


and, crossing to America in 1830, knew many of the artists of that 
period, Inman, Sully, Neagle, and others. Still later, as magazine 
proprietor, he met many of the earlier literary men of America . . . Mr. 
Sartain's style is not particularly vivid, and of many of the inter- 
esting people he knew he has not much to tell us; but the book is, 
nevertheless, an entertaining one." Nation, 1899. 

SARTO, Andrea del. See Artists, p.1276. 

SAVERY, William. 

Journal. 1837 92 S266 

Author ( 1 750-1 804) was a Philadelphia Quaker. 

SAVONAROLA, Girolamo. 

Lucas, Herbert. Fra Girolamo Savonarola; a biographical 

study based on contemporary documents. 1899 92 S268I 

"Bibliographical list," p. 11-20. 

"This volume had its origin in the fiery controversy which the fourth 
centenary of Savonarola's death revived. Its first appearance was in 
the form of articles in the Tablet, representing what may be called 
the Jesuit point of view, while simultaneously the very divergent 
view of the Dominicans found expression in a series of papers in the 
Irish Rosary. Since that time Father Lucas has revised aqd in great 
measure rewritten his work... It is most carefully derived from the 
origrinal sources, which are scattered through numerous periodicals 
and monographs, not easy for the English reader to obtain." Eng' 
lish historical review, 1901. 

"Brings together a rich collection of contemporary documentary evi- 
dence bearing on the relations of parties, the political and ecclesiastical 
intrigues, and the correspondence between the magistracy of Florence 
and the Papal Court at Rome." M' Hardy's Savonarola. 

M'Hardy, George. Savonarola. 1901. (World's epoch- 
makers.) 92 S268m 

Bibliography, p. 5-7. 

"A sympathetic and entertaining biography. . .The writer does not under- 
take to present new views of his subject otherwise than by a careful 
review of such material as has been already presented . . . Departs in no 
essential particular from the traditional treatment." American histori- 
cal review, 1902. 

O'Neil, James Lewis. Jerome Savonarola; a sketch. 1901 . .92 S2680 

Bibliography, p.222-232. 

Issued in commemoration of the fourth centenary of Savonarola's death, 
1498. This short summary, which has received the approval of the 
author's ecclesiastical superiors, strongly supports Savonarola's ortho- 
doxy, and opposes those who consider him a rebel against the pope's 

Villari, Pasquale. Life and times of Girolamo Savonarola. 

2V. 1893 92 S268V 

"The work of an eminent scholar, who has made a special study of the 
period of the Renaissance. It is founded on the results of much 
original research, not only in the archives of the government, but also 
among papers preserved by the families of the old Italian nobility." 
C. K. Adams. 

SCHILLER, Johann Christoph Friedrich von. 

Carlyle, Thomas. Life of Friedrich Schiller. 1885 92 S334C 

The same. (In Cromwell's Letters and speeches, v.2.) . .308 C89le v.2^ 

The same, 1899 r92 S334C2 

Centenary edition. 

"The work, published complete in 1825, is termed by the author himself 
'an insignificant book.' It might not have lived without his name, 
but has the merit of true artistic proportion, and is a sound piece 
of work." Garnett's Life of Thomas Carlyle. 

"It was based on very imperfect information, but was an inspiring work 
of genius nevertheless. It is now more valuable as a Carlyle docu- 
ment than as a Schiller document." Thomas's Life and works of 


Ncvinson, He