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3 ?«. I.t 


Satbart Collegt Ubcaci 

J3 j^iguAt/rr?-. 





"Off JJNt^t' .>. 








13 ?5-4J.f 





Through the munificent liberality of the Hon. Rodney Wallace, one of Fitchburg's most promi- 
nent and highly esteemed citizens, the Public Library was enabled, soon after the first of July, 
1885, to move into its present elegant and commodious quarters, the Wallace Library and Art 
Building. It was thought by the trustees that no more favorable time would ever occur in Its 
history for a complete reorganization of the library and the preparation of a new catalogue. They 
have therefore undertaken the present work, which has involved the classification of each volume 
in the library and the assignment of a new place for it upon the shelves, the preparation and 
arrangement of a card catalogue, which will form the basis for all future printed catalogues, and 
the preparation and printing of this volume. 

The library now contains about 16,540 volumes, which, as w^ill be seen from the Subject 
Catalogue, have been di\ided into nine principal classes or subject libraries, with an additional 
one for works of a general character, and which have been distributed as follows: General Works 
954, Philosophy 285, Religion 682, Sociology 1,521, Philology 81, Natural Science 735, Useful Arts 1,066, 
Fine Arts 366, Literature 6,227 (including American Fiction 1,801 and English Fiction 2,072), History 
4,568, subdivided into Geography and Travels 1,406, Biography 1,904, and History, ancient and modern, 
1,258. Of the entire number about 1,450 volumes are duplicates, which have been classified and cata- 
logued and placed upon the shelves ready for distribution whenever there may be a demand for them. 

This catalogue is divided into three parts : the Author and Title Catalogue, the Subject Catalogue, 
and the Subject Index. The Author and Title Catalogue is alphabetically arranged and contains 
author, editor, translator, and title entries, and the necessary references to make them Intelligi- 
ble. Special care has been taken to give full names whenever possible. Initials have been ex- 
panded into the full name, the writers of anonymous works found whenever it was possible, and 
the entry made under the real name of the author when a pseudonym has been employed. In 
the latter case references have been made from the pseudonym to the real name. The prefix "Mrs." 
has not been employed if possible to ascertain the maiden name of the writer, which is uniformly 
enclosed in a parenthesis. English compound names are entered under the last half, foreign writ- 
ers under the first half, with a reference in each case from the part not chosen. English and 
French surnames beginning with a prefix, except the French "de" and"d'", have been entered 
under the prefix; in other languages under the word following. Noblemen are entered under their 
titles unless the family name is decidedly better known. The title list includes the titles of all 
anonymous works, striking titles, and .works of fiction, which are entered under the first word of 
the title not an article. 

The Subject Catalogue is divided into classes, divisions, and sections, and wherever use- 
ful into sub-sections, whi(;h are all arranged in their natural, numerical order. By referring to the 
Synopsis of the Classification, the Subject Index, and the Note preceding them, its arrangement will 
be fully explained. Subject references and analytioals have been freely used with a view 
of increasing the general usefulness of the library. Patrons of the library are earnestly requested 



to call the attention of the librarian to any new subject references which, in their judgment, will 
still further increase the value of the catalogue. 

The whole work substantially forms a classified dictionary ^catalogue alphabetically ar. 
ranged, the Author and Title Catalogue answering all questions as to authors, editors, trans- 
lators, compilers, pseudonyms, titles, etc., and the Subject Catalogue, through its Index, showing 
what the library contains upon any given subject. But it possesses this obvious advantage over 
the usual form of the dictionary catalogue, that kindred subjects are grouped together instead of 
being scattered throughout the work as they occur in the natural order of the alphabet. 

The card catalogue is without doubt the ideal one. Its prominent advantage lies in the 
fact that it is the only one that is fully abreast of the growth of the library. The card catalogue 
of this library is divided into three parts: the Subject, which is now a duplicate of the printed 
one; the Author, as yet incomplete; and the Title Catalogue, which contains all the titles printed 
in the Author and Title Catalogue. If properly kept up it will always disclose the entire resources 
of the library, in its various departments, and is always ready to be printed from, either in whole 
or in part, as its nature readily admits of its being changed into any desired form. As the class 
and book numbers are based upon qualities inherent in the books themselves, that is to say upon 
their subject and author or title, the permanent character of the work can readily be perceived. 

The abbreviations of proper names, sizes of books, and dates, are those recommended by 
the American Library Association and are fully explained in the appended list. It would be pre- 
sumptuous to suppose that this volume contains no errors. The nature of the work is such that 
even with the greatest care many errors will creep in. If any such are discovered, the indul- 
gence of the reader is requested and he is asked to remember that it is much easier to criticise 
than to produce a perfect work. 

The compiler desires to express his grateful acknowledgment for the faithful and efficient 
services of all who have rendered any assistance during the progress of the work, as well a6 for 
the valuable aid that has been received from the catalogues of other libraries and other biblio- 
graphical works which have been freely consulted in the preparation of this volume. 

o. w. c. 
Fitchburg, Mass., October 20, 1886. 






Abticlb 1. The officers of the board of trustees shall consist of a chairman, secretary, treas- 
urer, and four standing committees, viz: A committee of five members, to be styled the standing 
committee on books; a committee of four members, to be styled tlie standing committee on library; 
a committee of three members, to be styled the art committee; and a committee of three mem- 
bers as a financial committee; all of whom are to be chosen by ballot at the first meeting of the 
board, or at any sxibsequent meeting if h choice is not then made. 

Art. 2. The duties of chairman and secretary shall be those usually appertaining to such 
offices; and in the absence of either of them, a substitute may be chosen tempovarily. 

Art. 3. The treasurer shall hold all funds in the possession of the trustees, and shall pay 
bills only upon order of the whole board or of its standing committee on finance. 

Art. 4. The committee on books shall make all selections and purchases of books and pe- 

Art. 5. The committee on the library shall have charge and direction of the rooms, furni- 
ture and fixtures, provide for the lighting and heating, attend to the binding of books and their 
preparation for use, provide all necessary books and blanks for the use of the librarian, and have 
the general superintendence of the library. 

Art. 6. The art committee shall have charge of the hanging of pictures and the final dis- 
position in the art gallery or other rooms of the library building of all works of art purchased 
from library funds or which may be accepted by the trustees. The committee shall have the cus- 
tody of any work of art, which may be offered as a gift to the gallery, until accepted by the trus- 
ieea and may report upon the expediency of accepting any such gift when called upon by the 
board of trustees so to do. 

Art. 7. It shall be the duty of the finance committee to examine all bills against the li- 
brary, and approve the same, and make report to the board at each monthly meeting; to make 



an estimate— on or before the regular monthly meeting in February of each year— of the amount 
of money required to supply the needs of the library for the current year, and report the same 
to the board at said meeting; to employ such means as they may deem best to obtain donations 
in money, books, or works of art for the increase of the library and art gallery; all money thus 
secured shall be passed over to the treasurer, to be appropriated at the ordej of the board, but 
no book, pamphlet, work of art, or other article presented to the library shall be placed in the 
room permanently until it shall have been accepted by the board of trustees. 

Abt. 8. The standing committees shall conform to all directions of the board, and shall not 
order any outlay exceeding five dollars without such directions, and may draw on the treasurer 
for the amount of all bills thus contracted by them. 

Art. 9. Regular meetings shall be held on the second Monday of each month. 

Art. 10. Special meetings shall be held upon the call of the chairman or of the secretary 
or at the written request of any two trustees, and the secretary shall notify each member of all 
special meetings. 

Art. 11. A record shall be kept of all donations, and mention made of them in the "An- 
nual Repoi*t to the City.'' 

Art. 12. A librarian and one or more assistant librarians shall be appointed, who shall hold 
their offices during the pleasure of the trustees, and shall receive such compensation as the board 

may allow, payable monthly. 


Art. 13. Any of the foregoing articles, or any of the library regulations, may be amended 
at any meeting if a majority of the trustees present vote in favor of such amendment, provided 
notice of such proposed amendment has been given at a previous meeting, and also recited in the 
call for the meeting at which action upon the same is taken. 

Art. 14. A majority of the board shall be a quorum. 


Section 1. The library shall be open for the delivery of books every day from 9 a. m. to 
9 p. M., except on Sundays and legal holidays, and the reading room shall be open during the 
same hours. The reading room shall also be open on Sundays from 2 o'clock to 6 o'clock p. m. 

Sec. 2. Books may be taken from the library by all permanently resident adults. A de- 
livery upon the order of such resident shall be considered as a delivery in person. All persons 
between the ages of fourteen and twenty-one, and all temporarily resident, adults, may be allowed 
all the rights of permanently resident adults as takers of books by filing with the librarian a bond, 
signed by some responsible, permanently resident adult, by which the signer shall become, to the 
same extent, responsible for such person as he would for himself. A deposit to the full value 
of the volume called for, or of the set to which it belongs, may take the place of such bond. 

Sbc. 3. All persons shall, before receiving books from the library, enter into an obligation 
in writing, or furnish one from another party, as provided in section second, that they will observe 



all the rules and regulations instituted for the government and safety of the library, which ob- 
ligation shall recognize a pecuniary liability on the part of such person to the city of Fitchburg 
for all fines, forfeitures, loss or damage. 

Sec. 4. No person shall be allowed to take a book from the library who appears by the rec- 
ords to be accountable for a book taken, or for a fine or forfeiture imposed. 

Sbc. 5. Persons entitled to take books from the library may receive from the librarian a 
printed card, having upon it the name of the applicant. The only mode of obtaining a book will 
be by the presentation of this card, with slip, upon which has been written the number or num- 
bers of the books wanted, in the order of their preference, and ^he first book indicated which at 
that time is in the library will be delivered. Such card, presented by any other person, shall be 
considered an order from the person to whom it belongs. 

Sbc. 6. But one volume can be taken at a time, and can be used only in the family of the 
taker; any book taken may be retained two weeks, unless a shorter time is indicated on the cover, 
except as hereinafter stated. 

Sec. 7. For teachers in public schools teachers' cards shall be issued on which three books 
at a time may be taken. Pupils' cards shall be issued, one for each teacher, on which six books 
at a time may be taken. These books shall be upon subjects connected with the studies of the 
school. Teachers shall be responsible for all books so taken, and shall return any such book im- 
mediately upon the written notification of the librarian that the book is desired by another per- 

Sec. 8. No person shall renew a book more than once, until it shall have been returned to 
the library, and have remained there at least one full library day, and then the book shall be 
delivered to the first person who may afterwards apply for the same; applicants shall be served 
in the order of their applications, and no book shall be reserved or promised by the librarian in 
any case whatever. 

Sec. 9. Books will not be acknowledged as returned unless delivered to the librarian. 

Sec. 10. The trustees may order any rare or valuable book to be retained in the rooms, and 
may shorten the time during which any book may be kept out. 

Sec. 11. Magazines within three months of the date of publication shall be kept but one 
week and shall not be renewed. 

Sec. 12. The fine for retaining books beyond the period allowed shall be two cents per day 
for each volume, and for books damaged or lost the actual loss sustained shall be paid. 

Sec. 13. It shall be the duty of the librarian to send by a messenger for all books held 
double the time prescribed, for which service 26 cents will be charged; and any book not returned 
within one week after a demand for it has been made by the librarian, shall be regarded as lost. 
If any book be lost, the person for whose use it was taken out shall replace the same or pay 
such sum as the committee on library shall determine; if the book lost be one of a set, the per- 
son losing the same shall, if the committee so determine, pay the price of the full set and take 
the remaining volumes. 




Sec. 14. All persons visiting the library and reading room will be required to demean them- 
selves quietly and to avoid all unnecessary conversation in the rooms. Any person abusing the 
privileges of the rooms by improper or offensive conduct will be denied admission to the same. 

Sec. 15. Books of reference and those deemed by the committee on the library to be books 
unsuitable for general circulation, shall not be loaned except by an order signed by at least two 
of said committee. 

Sbc. 16. Blank forms for orders, etc., will be furnished free on application to the librarian. 

Sec. 17. All books must be returned to the library on or before the first Tuesday in July, 
under penalty of a fine of 50 cents. The library will be closed after this date sufficiently long 
for the purpose of an annual examination. 



In this catalogne the class number is always followed by a book number which consists 
of an initial letter, either that of the author, the first word of the title, the name of the subject 
of an individual biography, or an X whenever a book is anonymous. This initial with the num- 
ber following it, if any, is called the book number and forms no part of the class number which 
in this work is always separated from it by a space. In writing these numbers upon the call 
slip, care should always be taken to "write the class number or number before the space, in 
the class column, and the book number or number after the space, in the number column. 
If the work contains more than one volume the number of the one desired should be written in 
the volume column. The letter R (Reference) preceding the class number indicates that the book 
cannot be taken from the library, and the letter J (Juvenile) before the book number that it will 
prove of interest to young relulers. 

All the ^works of any author that ace in the library may be found under the surname 
of the author in the Author and Title Cataloipie. These entries contain the fullest informa- 
tion about the books of each author to be found in the catalogue, contents being added whenever 
desirable, ami are arranged in the following order: complete works, single works, translations, 
works edited, compiled, etc., and the biography of the author. The first word of all biographical 
entries is uniformly printed in small capitals. The class number may be used as an index to the 
subject catalogue as it indicates where other works of a similar character can be found. 

The title of any Mrork may also be found in the Author and Title Catalogue. Only 
titles of anonymous works, of fiction, and striking titles are there printed and always begin with 
the first word of the title not an article. Titles Mrhich in themselves suggest the subject of 
the book have been omitted as they will be more naturally looked for in the subject catalogue. 

Works of collective biography may be found under the author entry and works of in- 
dividual biography under the name of the person who is the subject of the biography, or under 
the author entry in the Author and Title Catalogue. 

If one wishes to find a specific book he should not go to the Subject Catalogue as it can 
be more quickly found in the Author and Title Catalogue. 

Books treating upon any particular subject will be found by consulting the appropriate 
heading in the Subject Index which refers to the number in the Subject Catalogue under which 
are arranged all the works that the library contains upon that specific subject. Care should be 
taken in looking for any subject to refer from sub-divisions back to the more general divisions; 
from sub-sections to sections, from sections to divisions, and from divisions to classes. If, for ex- 
ample, one is searching for works upon the Locomotive Engine, 621.13, he should also look under 
621.1, Steam Engineering,— 621, Mechanical Engineering,— and 620, Engineering in General. If unable 
to find what is desired under these heads, works on the Useful Arts in General, 60(^-609, may prove 
serviceable. If these fail, resort should then be had to works of a general character, Cyclopsedias 
and Magazine Literature which often contain very exhaustive treatises upon specific subjects. The 
latter is now made very available by Poole's Index and the Cooperative Index of Periodicals pub- 
lished quarterly. If a thorough seaoih fails to bring the desired subject to light the librarian 
should be consulted. 





A: Augustus. 



Ja. January. 

Jl. July. 

B : Benjamin. 



F. February. 

Ag. August. 

G : Charles. 



Mr. March. 

S. September. 

D: David. 



Ap. April. 

0. October. 

E : Edward. 



My. May. 

N. November. 

F: Frederick. 



Je. June. 

D. December. 

G : George. 



H : Henry. 



I : Isaac. 





J: John. 





L. London. 

K : Karl. 





Lpz. Leipzig. 

Lt : Lewis. 





N. Y. New York. 

M : Mark. 





Ox. Oxford. 

N: Nicholas. 





Ph. or Phil. Philadelphia. 

O: Otto. 





San. Fran. San Francisco. 

P: Peter. 





St. L. St. Louis. 

B: Richard. 





Wash. Washington. 

S: Samuel. 




T: Thomas. 



U: Ulrich. 




V: Victor. 





W: WilUam. 




A. D. 

year of our '. 





1. adjutant-general. 




America, American . 




Fe. (48°) up 

to 10 

centimeters, nearly 

4 in. 

B. C. 

before Chrifi 

Tt. (32°) up 

to 12& centimeters, nearly 

5 in. 


T. (24°) up 
8. (16°) up 

to 15 centimeters, nearly 
to 17i centimeters, nearly 

6 in. 


biography, biographical. 

D. (12°) up 

to 20 

centimeters, nearly 



mm ^ . 

O. (8°) up 

to 25 

* 9f 

centimeters, nearly 

10 in. 




,. brigadier-ge 


Q. (4°) up 

to 30 

centimeters, nearly 

12 in. 


F. (Folio) up 

to 35 

centimeters, nearly 

14 in. 

F«- up 

to 40 

centimeters, nearly 

16 in. 






F*- up 

to 50 

centimeters, nearly 

20 in. 

F*- up 


centimeters, nearly 

24 in. 


m . 

■ « « 



compiler, compiiea. 

Whenever the 


is less 

1 than three-fifths of 

D. C. 

District of Columbia. 

the height, nar. is 


D. D. 

doctor of divinity. 

Whenever the width i 

is more 

than three-fourths of 



the height, sq. is prefixed 




Whenever the width is more than the height, ob. 

D. T. 

Dakota territory. 

is prefixed. 


edited, editor, edition. 

The characters 

indicate the actual size 

of the 


England, English. 

hooks and are never used for the fold. 








New Jersey. 


France, French. 

N. M. 

New Mexico. 




Nova Scotia. 



N. Y. 

New York. 


German, Germany. 







Gt. Br. 

Great Britain. 


page, pages. 


history, historical. 









* pseud. 


Ind. Ter. 

Indian territory. 




introduction, introductory. 










Rhode Island. 



S. Amer. 

South America. 



S. C. 

South Carolina. 









M. D. 

doctor of medicine. 


translated, translator. 



U. S. 

United States. 



U. T. 

Utah territory. 




volume, volum<«4. 




Virginia. • 




Vermont. • 











W. Va. 

West Virginia. 




to and including, or continued. 

ins. mss. 

manuscript, manuscripts. 


include maiden name of married 

N. Araer. 

North America. 


N. C. 

North Carolina. 


include word or words supplied. 





after a word or figure, probably, or 

N. H. 

New Hampshire* 




A. lu O. E., pseud. See Tucker, C. M. 

AH**y Major, pseud. See Coles, C : Barw»ll. 

A B C of Gothic architecture. Parker, J: H: 
2ed. T. 1882. 723 P 

Abandoned. {See Verne, Jules. MyHt^rious 
island. D. n.d. p. 229-445.) 4 V18 

Abb^ Constantine. Hal^vy, Ludovic. D. 1882. 

4 H 

Abbeokuta; or, Sunrise within the tropics. 
Tucker, C. M. S. 1859. 916.6 Tl 

Abbot, Ezra. Literature of the doctrine of a 
future life. (See Alger, W: R. Critical his- 
tory of the doctrine of a future life. O. 1864. 
p. 677-913.) 237 A 

Abbot: sequel to the Monastery. Scott, Sir Wal- 
ter, hart. 2t. in 1. O. 1862. 2 S6 

— Same. 2v. 8. 1879. 2 87 
Abbott, B: Vanghan. Travelling law-school and 

famous trials : first lessons in government and 
law. (Business boys' lib. 2.) D. B. 1884. 

340 A 

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handiwork, in stone, bone, and clay, of the 
native races of the Northern Atlantic seaboard 
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arranged. 8. B. 1875. 973 Al 

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B. 1880. 917.1 A 

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B. J, 

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— American history. 








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3. Southern colonien. 

4. Northern colonieR. 

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series, v. 3.) D. N.Y. n.d. 

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VI. Bninn. Wlllh> and the mortgniK'. Tlie Mtralt gate. 

2. T\w little Louvre. Prank. Knmn. 

3. Vinnnla. Timlmo nnil.loUlia. Tinilxx) and Fanny. 

4. The llar'ter efltabllRhuient. Franklin, the apiirentlce 
bov. The Htndln. 

5. The Ht^iry of ancient history. Tlie Rt«ry of KngllHh 
hintory, to 1775. The >*tor>' of .Vnierlenn hiHtory, to 178H. 

6. Ilohn Trne. Klfred. The iniiMenm. 

7. The engineer. RainbleB among the .ill*. The three 
gold didlan*. 

8. The <}ibr« liar gallery. The aleove. DialogueK. 

9. The great elm. .\unt .Margaret. Vernon. 

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emmenl In llUnoiit; Albert Shaw. Local goveniment In 
Penn.j £. R. L. Oonld. Saxon tlthlnginen In Anier.; Edi- 
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W. Bemiii. Parinh liiBtttatlonii of Maryland; E: Ingle. 
Old Maryland nianom; J: Johniion. Nonnan conntableR 
in .\inerica; Editor. Village conunuultien of Caiie Anne 
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8. Carolina: B. J. Ramage. 

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Note. For contents see Brooklyn catalogue, p. 4. 

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1 P2 
Agricultural societies. See names of st4ites and 
territories which have published reports on 
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914 F 




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2- A2 


Tbe Perez family. The fugitive. The edict : a tale of 
1492. The escape : a tale of 1755. Red Kone villa. (}ouzal- 
vo'h daughter, llie authoretw. Lucy. Idalle. Ladv (Jreft- 
liaui'i) fete. T|ie group of sculpture. Cast thy bread upon 
the waters. 

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2 A3 

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writings of Aikin. (School lib., juvenile ser. 
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or, the Juvenile budget opened ; newly rev. by 

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—joint author. See Channing, W: E. 
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n.p. n.d. 4 A5 

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n.p. n.d. 2 All 

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C. D. 1884. 811 B4 
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2 A17 

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821 A 

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p. 9-110.) 821 A 

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D. B. 1884. 974.2 A 
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Fifty years of my life. O. N.Y. 1877. 

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Wheelwright in S. A. O. B. 1877. 

923.8 W 

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C:, comp. Early years of his royal highness, 

the Prince Consort. D. 1867. 923.1 A6 

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the Prince Consort. 3 v. O. 1875-78. 

923.1 A7 

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ploration of the Nile sources. Baker, Sir S : 
W.,bart. D. 1879. 916.7 B 

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1881. 599 JAl 


I. BoMty and bonny. 3. Sqnirrel mbichlef. 3. Bimn'8 
adventurefi. 4. Squirrel wooing. 

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literature, Ja. 3, 1846-D. 24, 1853. New ser., 
V. 5-12. 8 V. F«- N.Y. 184^^3. R071 A 

Album ; or. Panacea for ennui, v. 1. O. Fitch- 
burg, la'U. 051 A 

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ace for [Margary]. (See Marg^ary, A; R. 
Journey from Shanghae to Bhaino, and back to 
Manwyne. O. 1876. pref. p. 1-21.) 915.1 M 

— Capital of the Tycoon : a narrative of a three 

years* residence in Japan. 2 v. D. N.Y. 

1868. 915.2 A 

Alcoran. See Koran. 
Alcott, Amos Bronson. Concord days. D. B. 

1872. 814 Al 

— Tablets. D. B. 1868. 814 A2 




Alcott, L.. May. Camp and fireside stories. 
(See author* 8 Hospital sketches. D. 1884. 
p. 97^379.) 1 JA75 

— Cupid and Chow-chow, etc. (Aunt Jo*8 scrap- 

hag, V. 3.) S. B. 1880. 1 JA73 


Capkl and Chow<chow. Huckleberry. Xelly'd hofipUal. 
Grandma's team. Fairy pinafores. Mamina'H ulot. Kate'n 
choice. The mom people. What Fanny heartl. A nutriue 

— Eight c^^usins. D. n.p. n.d. 1 JA74 

— Hospital sketches. D. 6. 1884. 1 J A75 

— Jack and Jill : a village story. D. B. 1883. 

1 jA7e 

— Jimmy's cruise in the Pinafore, etc. (Aunt Jo's 

scrap-bag, v. 5.) S. B. 1880. 1 JA77 


Jtanmy'8 endue In the Pinafore. Two little travellers. A 

t>Uy Fourth. Seven black ckta. Romi'fi tale. Lnn<*h. A 
right idea. How they camiie<I out. My little M-hoofbirl. 
What a ufaovel did. Chmui. KiUy'n cattle Rbow. What 
becomes of the iilna. 

— Little men : life at Plumfield with Jo's boys. 

D. B. 1884. 1 JA78 

— rattle women. 2 v. S. B. 1881. 1 JA80 

— Little women ; or, Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy. 

Parts 1 and 2. D. B. 1884. 1 JA79 

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S. B. 1877. 1 A2 

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1880. 1 JA81 

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B. 1880. 1 JA82 


My boys. Tema'R snrpriBes. Bnzz. llie children's Joke. 
Dandelion. Madam Cluck and her family. A cnriotu 
call. Tilly'H ChrintnuM. My little gentleman. Back win- 
down. Little Marie of Lehon. My May-day among curi- 
oua birds and beaata. Our little newsboy. Patty's patch- 

— My girls, eto. (Aunt Jo's scrap-bag, v. 4.) S. 

B. 1880. 1 JA83 


My girls. Lost in a London fog. The boy's Joke, and 
who got the best of it. Roses and forget-me-nots. Old 
Major. What the girls did. Uttle neighlxini. Marjorie's 
three gifts. Patty's place. The autobiography of an omni- 
bus. Bed tulips. A happy birthday. 

— Old-fashioned girl. D. B. 1886. 1 JA84 

— Old-fashioned Thanksgiving, eto. (Aunt Jo's 

scrap-bag, v. 6.) S. B. 1883. 1 JA85 


An old-fashioned Thanksgiving. How it all happened. 
The doll's foumey from Minnesota to Maine. Morning-glo- 
ries. Shadow-children. Poppy's pranks. What the swal- 
lows did. Little UiUliver. The whale's story. A strange 
Island. Fancy's friend. 

— Proverb stories. S. B. 1883. 1 JA86 

— Bo«e in bloom : a sequel to "Eight cousins." D. 

B. 1884. 1 JA87 

— Shawl-straps. (Aunt Jo's scrap-bag, v. 2.) 8. 

B. 1880. 1 JA88 

Off. Brittany. France. Switxerland. Italy. London. 

— Silver pitohers, and Independence : a centen- 

nial love story. S. B. 1883. 1 A4 

— Spinning-wheel stories. S. B. 1884. 1 JA89 

— Under the lilacs. D. B. 1883. 1 JA90 

— Work : a story of experience. D. B. 1884. 

1 A5 

Alcott, L.. lA.B.y— continued. 

— and others. Merry times for boys and girls : 

[short stories and poetry.] O. Ph. 1878. 

2 JA7 
Alcott, W: A. Moral philosophy of courtship 

and marriage, designed as a companion to the 

"Physiology of marriage." 6 ed. D. B. 1860. 

173 A2 
Alcove. {In Abbott, Jacob. Harper's story 

books. 12 v. S. 1854-57. v. 8.) 1 JA19 v.8 
Alden, I.. (Macdonald). (Pamty.) Endless chain. 

D. B. 1884. 1 A6 

— Four girls at Chautauqua. D. n.p. n.d. 1 A7 

— Ruth Erskine's crosses. D. B. 1879. 1 A8 
Alden, Joseph. Dying robin, and other tales. S. 

N.Y. 1860. 1 JA91 

Alden, W: L. Cruise of the "Ghost." S. N.Y. 

1882. 1 JA92 

— Moral pirates. S. N.Y. 1881. 1 JA93 
Aldine, a tyiK>graphicaI art journal : [monthly.] 

Ja.-D. 1871. v. 4. F*- N.Y. 1871. R706 A 
Aldine Press, D. 1870. v. 3. F«. N.Y. 1870. 

R705 Al 
Aldrlch, M. Almy. History of the U. S. marine 
corps; comp. by R: S. Collum. O. B. 1875. 

359 A 

Aldrlch, T: Bailey. Cloth of gold, and other 

poems. D. B. 1874. 81 1 Al 

— Flower and thorn: lator poems. D. B. 1877. 

811 A2 
~ From Ponkapog to Pesth. D. B. 1884. 914 A 

— Marjorie Daw, and other people. D. B. 1875. 

1 A9 


Marjorie Daw. A Bivemionth romance. Quite no. A 
oung def«})era<io. MiM MehetalierH Hon. A struggle for 
fe. The friend of my youth. 31a<leniol8eUe 01ynii>e Za- 
briftki. r^re Antolne'n (iate-iwlm. 


— Mercedes, and lator lyrics. O. B. 1884. 

811 A3 

— Poems. O. B. 1882. 811 A4 

— Prudence Palfry. D. B. 1875. 1 AlO 

— Queen of Sheba. D. B. 1877. 1 All 

— Stillwater tragedy. D. B. 1880. 1 A12 

— Story of a bad boy. D. B. [1877]. 1 JA94 
Aldrldge, Reginald. Life on a ranch: ranch 

notes in Kansas, Colorado, the Indian Terri- 
tory, and northern Texas. D. N.Y. 1884. 

917.8 A 

Alec Forbes of Howglen. MacDonald, G: O. 
1870. 2 MIO 

Alec Tomlin. Aylmer, Mrs, Fenton. S. n.d. 

2 JA9 

Alembert, J : de Rond d'. Life and writings 
of Montesquieu. {See Montesquieu, C : de S, 
haron de. Spirit of laws. 2 v. O. 1873. v. 1, 
pref. p. 7-28.) 340 M2 v.l 

Alexander the Great, b. c. 356-323. Abbott, 
Jacob. History of Alexander the Great. S. 
[1876.] 923.1 A8 

— Williams, Rev. J. Life and actions of Alex- 

ander the Great. S. 1855. 923.1 A9 




Alexander, Mrs., pseud. See Hector, Mrs. An- 
nie F. 

Alexander, Francesca. Story of Ida; by Fran- 
ceHca ; ed. by J : Ru8KIN. '8. B. 1881^. 

922 81 

— tr. RoadHide 8on|i^ of TuHcany; ed. by J: 

RusKiN. Pts. 1-10. 10 V. S. O. B. and N.Y. 
1884-^. 851 A 


l»t. 1. St4>ry of LiiHa. 

3. Halkid of the Madunua and the rich inau. Story of 
Paollna, etc. 

4. Flower <»f the i>ea. The dove. Tlie Htorie* of Iwi- 
b4'lla and Annlda. et4\ 

7. The colonel's leave. The «tory of FaaHtlna. The 
MUiK of row.>!(. Tlie Rong of the KhephertU. 

8. Hehold niy heart. The «tory of Eniilta and her fdii- 
ter. Tlie xoldeii Klrdle, etc. 

9. The paliU'e on high. When the fltar. Ilie Atory of 
lleatrlce and her m>iu(. eto. 

10. (ilve nie light, lady. Nightfall. Talk under the 
oliveK. TheRtoryot Kdwige's cluldren. Evening prayer, 

A'ote. Part« 2, 5-6 wanting. 

Alexander, James E: Sketeliea in Portugal 
during the civil war of 18.'J4, with olxservationH 
on the present state and future prosjKJcta of 
Portugal. O. L. 18.'{5. 914.6 A 

Alexander, W:, Earl of Sterlinf/. 172(>-1783. 
DuBR, W : A. Life of W : Alexander, Earl of 
Sterling. O. N.Y. 1847. 923.5 Al 

Alexander, W: Lindsay, ed. Krrro, J: Cyclo- 
]>iedia of Biblical lit4*rature. 3 v. Q. 18H5. 

R220 'K 

— and Simon, I). W., /r. Dorxer, I: A: His- 

tory of the development of the doctrine of the 
person of Christ. 2 pts. in 5 v. O. 1872-76. 

232 D 

Alfleri, Vittorio. 174!)-1803. Autobiography; 

tr. and ed. by C. Edwards Lkster. D. N.Y. 

1H45. 928.5 A 

— LiFK, with an essay by W: D. Howklls. (Au- 

tobiography.) S. B. 1877. 928.5 Al 

Alford, H: Plea for the queen's English: stray 

notes on s]>eaking and spelling. 2 ed. S. 

L. m'A. 428 A 

— Poetical works. D. B. 1853. 821 Al 
Alfred the (Jreat, kiny of Emjland, a. d. 848-901. 

Anglo-Saxon version of the history of Paulus 
Orosius, [with an Eng. tr.] {See Paul!, R. Life 
of Alfred the (treat. I). 185:3. p. 238>'>12.) 

923.1 A12 

— Abbott, Jacob. History of King Alfred of 

England. S. 1854. 923.1 AlO 

— Arsrr, J. Life of Alfred the Great. (,SVc 

Giles, J: A. Six old Eng. chronicles. D. 
1848. p. 4:?-8l).) 942.01 G 

— HuGHRS, T: Alfred the Great. D. n.d. 

923.1 All 

— Pauli, Reinhold. Life of Alfred the (treat. D. 

L. 1853. 923.1 A12 

Alfred Hagart's household. Smith, Alex. D. 

188(J. 2 877 

Alger, Abby Langdon, tr. Gautikr, Judith. 

Usuri)er. D. 1884. 4 G2 
Alger, Horatio, jr. Abraham Lincoln, the Imck- 

woods boy. D. n.p. n.d. 923.1 L 

Alger, Horatio, Jr. — continued. 

— Grand'ther Baldwin's Thanksgiving, with other 

ballads and poems. D. B. [1875.] 811 A5 

Alger, W : Kounseville. Critical history of the 

doctrine of a future life, with a complete bilv 

Hog. of the subject. O. Ph. m'A. 237 A 

— Friendshiiis of women. D. B. 18(i8. 920.7 F2 

— Life of E<lwin Forrest, the American tragedian. 

2 v. O. Ph. 1877. 927.9 F2 

— Poetry of the East. I). B. 1856. • 890 A 
Algonquin legends of "New England. Leland, 

C:G. O. 1884. > 398.2 L. 

Alhambra. Irving, Washington. S. 18(>5. 

914.6 1 
Alice, (fraud duchess of Uesse^ princess of Great 
Britain and Ireland. 1843-1878. Sell, J)r. 
Biog. sketch and letters ; tr. from the (terman 
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[1881.] 1 JR 

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1878. 1 C8 

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640 B2 




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580 Al 

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The Rev. John Creedy. Dr. (Ireatrex's engagement. 

f r. (7hunK. I1ie curate of C^hurnHide. An eplAode In h^h 

life. My New Y<*ar'« eve among the umnimleH. The foun- 

dering of the ForUina. The bac-kHlider. The myxteriouH 
occnrrewce in Piccadilly. Carvalho. Pau»odyne. The 
emTireiM of Andomi. Tne senior proc^tor's wooing. The 
child of the phalanstery. Our Rcientlflc observations of a 
ghost. Ram Das of Cawnpore. 

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270 Al 

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1 JA95 
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2. Mab-8zy. 

3. Taa-Zwe. 

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1 JB9 
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p. 135-251.) 2 J39 

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2 JR24 
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1878. 345.3 A 

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1 T5 
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811 D 

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1877. 332 M 

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research in the Alps. anon. D. L. 1878. 

914.94 X 
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914.94 XI 




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809. Palmer, E : H. Caliph Haroun Alras- 
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1 J16 

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1836. nar. O. n.p. n.d. 

Note. p. 1-16, A— Appleton, Jeetse, w. 
American baron. De Mille, James. 

R081 A 

R018 A 

O. 1872. 
1 D15 
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ductory discourse and lectures for 1830-31. 
2v. O. B. 1831-32. 870.6 A 

yote. For contents see catalogue of Mass. state library, 
1880. p. 22. 

— Lectures including the journal of proceedings 
and a list of memhers. 1840-^52, '55-*(i2. 21 v. 
D. B. 184m)3. 870.6 Al 

Note. For contents see catalogue of Mass. state library, 
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B. 1824-25. R071 Al 

Note. Tri-weekly from Ag. 12, 1824. 

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temperance documents. (Annual reports, 
1831-:«.) V. 1. O. B. 1835. 806 A 

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Army series. O. B. mm. 288 A 




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S. 1879. 896 H 

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R. D. 1869. 914 U 

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DeVere,M. S. O. 1872. 427 D 

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Ames, Azel, jr. Sex in industry : a plea for the 

working-girl. D. B. 1875. 396 Al 

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year. D. B. 1880. 2 JA8 

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tion from his speeches and correspondence; 

ed. by Seth Amjss. 2 v. O. B. 1854. 815 Al 


V. 1. Memoir; by J. T. Klrkland. T^ttem 178»-1807. 

9m 8p«ech on biennlAl elecUoiw. MtullHon'K commercial 
reMolutionii. Brittitta treaty. Kiilogy on Wajihington. Po- 
litical emaym. Mlnoellaneoiw emay*. 

— Kirkland, J: T. Life [of Ames]. (See Ames, 

Fisher. Works, with a selection from his 
speeches and correspondence. 2 v. O. 1854. 
V. 1, p. 1-28.) 815 A v.l 

Amesy M.. (Clemmer). See Hudson, M.. (Clem- 
mer) Ames. 

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count of the dedication of the Oakes Ames 
memorial hall at North Easton, Mass., K. 17, 
1881. anon. O. Camb. 1884. 923.8 A 

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selection from his speeches and correspond- 
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7th Ital. ed. by Caroline Tilton. O. N.Y. 
1878. 914.96 A 

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TOif. O. N.Y. 1881. 914.92 A 

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Tii-TOif. D. N.Y. 1882. 916.4 A 

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914.6 Al 

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N.Y. 1881. 914.4 Al 

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civil war, V. 2.) D. N.Y. 1883. 973.7 A 

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1870. 804 L 

— Same. 2 ser. D. 1876. 804 LI 
Among the brigands. DeMille, Ja. D. 1875. 

1 JD2 
Among the chosen, anon. Emerson, M.. S. S. 

1884. 1 E8 

Among the hills, and other poems. Whittier, 

J : G. D. 1876. , 81 1 W4 

Among the lakes. Stoddard, W : O. D. 1883. 

1 JS35 
Among the red-skins. Kingston, W : H : G. D. 

n.d. 2 K39 

Among the Tartar tents. Bowman, Anne. D. 

1866. 2 B66 

Among the thorns. Dickinson, M.. L. D. 
1880. 1 D26 

Amongst machines. Lukin, Ja. O. 1876. 

531 L 
Amory, T: C. Life of James Sullivan, with 
selections fr. his writings. 2 v. O. B. 1859. 

923.2 88 
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tional scientific series, v. 10.) D. N.Y. 1883. 

340 Al 

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series, v. 43.) D. N.Y. 1883. 320 A2 

Amphitlieatres of ancient Rome. Wells, C. L. 

O. 1883. 913 W 

Amusing companion : or, Interesting story teller. 

anon. D. N.Y. 1831. 2 X2 

Amy Herbert. Sewell, E.. M. D. n.d. 2 J81 

— Same. 5 Amer. ed. D. 1852. 2 JS2 
Amyas Leigh, voyages and adventures of. 

Kingsley, C: D. 1880. 2 K22 

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reliquiis, adiectae sunt integrae Brunckii 
notae ; new ed. by C. H. Weise. T. Lipsiae, 
1844. 884 A 

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Days in Concord. D. B. [1885]. 814 A3 

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T: 4ed. 3 v. D. 1827. 2 H61 

Anatomy of melancholy. Burton, Rob. 3 v. 
O. 1864. 132 B 

Ancestral footstep. Hawthorne, Nathaniel. 
Dolliver romance, FAnshawe, Scptimius Fel- 
ton, and the Ancestral footstep. O. 1884. 

1 He? 

Anchor of the soul, and other sermons. Arnot, 
i?er. W: D. 1876. 262 A 

Ancient ballads and legends of Hindustan. 
Dutt,Toru. S. 1885. 891.43 D 

Ancient city. Fustel de Coulanges, N. D. O. 
1874. 292 F 

Ancient classics for English readers. See Col- 
lins, W : Lucas, ed. 

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1883. 340 M 

Ancient r<^gime. James, G: P. R. 2 v. in 1. D. 

1855. 2 J2 

Ancient rc^gime. Taine, H. A. O. 1876. 

322 T 

Ancient states and empires. Lord, J: D. 

1869. 930 LI 
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fairy legends and tales ; tr. and ed. with [a] 
memoir, by Caroline Peachet. (Bohn's illus- 
trated lib.) 3ed. enl. D. L. 1881. 

839.8 JA 

— Fairy tales ; a new tr. by Mrs. H. B. Paull. D. 

L. n.d. 839.8 JAl 

— Ice maiden, and the Story of my life ; tr. by H. 

W. DuLCKEN. 8. L. n.d. 839.8 JA2 

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ITT. D. N.Y. 1876. 839.8 A3 

— In Spain, and a Visit to Portugal. D. N.Y. 

1870. 914.6 A2 




Andersen, Hans Christian — continued. 

— Life in Italy, [and] the Iinprovisatore ; from the 

Danish; tr. by M.. Howitt. O. N.Y. 18(50. 

839.8 A4 

— Only a fiddltor : a Danish romance. D. N.Y. 

1871. 839.8 A5 

Sarn^, and O. T. ; tr. by M.. Howitt. anon. O. 

N.Y. 1860. 839.8 Ae 

— O. T. : a Danish romance. D. N.Y. 1870. 

839.8 A7 

— Pictures of travel in Sweden, among the Hartz . 

Mountains, and in Switzerland ; with a Visit 
to Charles Dickens' house. D. N.Y. 1871. 

914.3 A 

— Poet's bazaar : a picturesque tour in Grermany , 

Italy, Greece, and the Orient. D. B. 1879. 

914 Al 

— Popular tales for children. D. L. n.d. 

839.8 aA8 

— Sand-hills of Jutland. D. B. 18(52. 839.8 A9 

— Stories and tales. D. N.Y. 1876. 839.8 AlO 

— Two baronesses : a romance. 3 v. in 1. D. 

L. 1848. 839.8 All 

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dersen, H. C. Life in Italy. O. 1860. p. 
1-9.) 839.8 JA4 

— Pkachky, Caroline. Memoir of Andersen. 

(See Andersen, H. C. Danish fairy legends 
and tales. 3 ed. enl. D. 1881. pref. p. 9-31.) 

839.8 JA 

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L. 1884. 328 A 

Anderson, E : L. Modern horsemanship : a new 

method of teaching, riding, and training by 

means of pictures fr. life. O. Eilin. 1884. 

798 A 

— Six weeks in Norway. D. Cin. 1877. 

914.8 A 

— Soldier and pioneer : a biographical sketch of 

Lieut.-Col. R: C. Anderson, of the continental 

army. D. N.Y. 1879. 923.5 A3 

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Aiken. 3 ed. D. Chic. 1881. 923.6 A 

Anderson, Rev. James. Memorable women of 

the puritan times. 2 v. D. L. 1862. 

920.7 M2 
Anderson, J: Mandalay to Mo'mien: a narra- 
tive of the two expeditions to western China, 
of 1868 and 1875, under Col. E : B. Sladen and 
Col. Horace Browne. O. L. 1876. 915.1 A 

Anderson, M.. £. Scenes in the Hawaiian 
islands and California. S. N.Y. [1866.] 

919.6 A 

Anderson, Rasmus B. America not discovered 
by Columbus : a historical sketch of the dis- 
covery of America by the Norsemen in the 
tenth century. D. Chic. 1874. 973.1 A 

— Norse mythology ; or, the Religion of our fore- 

fathers, containing all the myths of the Eddas. 
O. Chic. 1876. 293 A 

— tr, BjoRNSON, Bjornstjeme. Arne. D. 1881. 

839.8 Bl 

Anderson, Rasmus B. — continued, 

— tr. Bjornson, Bjornstjeme. Bridal march, and 

other stories. D. 1883. 839.8 B2 

— tr. Bjornson, Bjornstjeme. Captain Mansa> 

na. D. 1882. 839.8 B3 

— tr. Bjornson, Bjornstjeme. Fisher maiden. 

D. 1882. 839.8 B4 

— tr. Bjornson, Bjornstjeme. Happy boy. D. 

1881. 839.8 B5 

— tr. Bjornson, Bjornstjeme. Magnhild. D. 

1883. 839.8 B6 

— tr. Bjornson, Bjornstjeme. Synnove Solbak- 

ken. D. 1881. 839.8 B7 

— tr. Horn, F : W. History of the Scandina- 

vian north. O. 1884. 839.7 H 

— and Bjarnson, J(m, tr. Viking tales of the 

North ; the sagas of Thorstein, Viking*8 son, 
and Fridthjof the Bold ; tr. fr. the Icelandic ; 
also Tegn<?r's Fridthjof 's saga ; tr. into Eng. 
by G : Stephkns. D. Chic. 1877. 839.6 A 
Anderson, R: Clough. 1760-1826. Andrrson, 

E. L. Soldier and pioneer : a ]>iog. sketch of 
Lieut.-Col. R: C. Anderson. D. 1879. 

923.5 A3 
Anderson-Maskell, Mrs. A. E. See Maskell, 

Mrs. A. E. Anderson. 
Andersson, C : J : Lake Ngami ; or. Explora- 
tions and discoveries [in] south western Africa ; 
w. an introd. letter by J: C: Fremont. O. 
N.Y. 1857. 916.8 A 

— Notes of travel in south western Africa. D. 

N.Y. 1875. ' 916.9 A 

— Okavango river : a narrative of travel, explora- 

tion, and adventure. O. N.Y. 1861. 

916.8 Al 
Andr^, Major J: 1751-1780. Sargbnt, Winthrop. 
Life and career of Andr^. D. 1861. 

923.5 A4 
Andreas Hofer. Mundt, C. M. O. 1868. 

3 M5 

Andreds- Weald ; or, the House of Michelham. 

Crake, A. D. D. n.d. 2 C103 

Andres, Erwin, and others. Practical treatise on 

the fabrication of volatile and fat varnishes ; 

tr. and ed. by W : T. Brannt. O. L. 1882. 

679 A 
Andre'W, J: Albion. 1818-1867. Errors of pro- 
hibition : argument before a joint special com- 
mittee of the Mass. legislature, Ap. 3, 1867. 
(/7i Miner, A. A. Right and duty of prohibi- 
tion. O. 1867.) 178 Ml 

— Brown, A. G., Jr. Sketch of the official life of 

J: A.Andrew. D. 1868. 923.2 A2 

— Chandler, P. W. Memoir of Gov. Andrew. 

D. 1880. 923.2 A3 

Andreipvr Marvel and his friends. Hall, M. (S.) 

D. 1875. 2 H4 

Andrei^s, Ethan Allen. First Latin book; or, 

Progressive lessons in reading and writing 

Latin. D. B. 1846. 478 A 

Andrews, F.. {Elsey Hay.) Mere adventurer. 

O. Ph. 1879. I A18 




Andreivs, J. N. Sermons on the Sabbatli and 
law, emhraoin^ an outline of the biblical and 
8ecular history of the Sabluith for six thousand 
years. 2 ed. S. Battle Creek, 1870. 263 A 

Andreuvs, J.. Each and all ; or, How the seven 
little sisters i>rove their sisterhood. D. B. 
1878. 1 JA96 

Andrei¥S family, anon. S. L. n.d. 2 JXl 

Anecdotal hist, of the British parliament. Jen- 
nings, G:H: O. 1881. 328 J 

Anecdotes of the life of William Pitt, earl of 
Chatham, and of the principal events of his 
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1 JH25 

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Angel in the house : the espousals, anon. Pat- 
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Angelic wisdom concerning the divine provi- 
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284.9 82 

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Angelina. Edgeivorth, Maria. Tales and nov- 
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2 E6 V.2 

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advice to parents and teachers in regard to 

the mani^ement of the eyes of children. 3 ed. 

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1883. 811 S7 

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other tales. S. B. 1864. 1 JA97 

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Ecclesiastical hist, of Eng. ; also the Anglo- 
Saxon chronicle. 2ed. D. 1849. 274 B 
Angus, D. C. Eastern wonderland, anon. D. 

L. n.d. 915.2 Al 

Angus, Tarleton. {Tn Tucker, C. M. Harry 

Dangerlield. S. 1982.) 2 JT13 

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home. anon. S. N.Y. ISiiO. 2 X3 

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3 T 
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D. [18)».] 640 P 

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1 S56 
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1876. 623 V 

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G: D. 1871. 2 Mil 

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904 I 

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Gait, J: I), im). 2 G 

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2 R34 
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2 V. in 1. O. 1855. 2 S8 

— Same. 2 v. S. 1879. 2 89 
Anne Warwick. Cralk, G. M. O. 1877. 

2 €99 

Annual of scientific discovery, 1849-67. 17 v. D. 

B: 1850-(>7. 505 Al 

.Vote. l»i()-*l «!. bv I) : Amw Wells and (1 : Bliss, I'r. ; 
1883-65 by D : A. Wells; IH»>-b7 by S : Kneeland. 

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politics, and literature, 1802-1805. New ser. 
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1828. 923.9 A2 

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Ans'wers to ever-recurring questions fr. the peo- 
ple. Davis, A. J. 7 ed. D. 1873. 133 D 

Anteros. anon. Laipvrence, G: A. O. 1871. 

2 L3 

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Neander, J : A : W : History of the planting 
and training of the Christian Church. 2 v. 1). 
1856. 270 Nl 

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1, 0. 1852. 2 SIO 

— Same. 2 v. S. 1878. 2 Sll 
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Antiseptic system: a treatise on carbolic a(ad 

and its coinifounds. Sansom, A. E. O. 1871. 

616 S 
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326 €2 

Anti-slavery examiner, 183(>-3J). nos. 2-9. O. 

N.Y. 18»)^J9. 326 Al 


No. 2. Appeal to the ChrlMtlan women of the Aouth; .\, 
E. Grimk^. 3. Letter to Rf v. ,Ja. Smylle of the »tate of 
Mlfw.; lierrlt Smith, ft. Tht* mnver of CoiiKrexK over the 
infttriet of Cohiiiibia, by Wythe: Th<lr. Dwi^ht Weld. 
6. IMble atpiiiiiit Hiavery: an Inquiry into the patriarchal 
and Mosaic Hy«tein« on the >*uhje<'t of hnnian rifflitx. 7. 
Emancipation In the Went ImUe»; .la. .V. Thome and.!. 
Honwe Kimball. H. l'orresiMn«len<*e lietween F. H. 
Klmor« of S. C and .Ja. C. Bimey, m^c'v of Anier. antl- 
ulavery society. 9. Letter of i;errlt Hmith to H : Clay. 

Antonia. Dudevant, A. L. A. (D de F.) D. 

1870. 4 DIO 

Antonina ; or, the Fall of Rome. Collins, W: 

W. O. 1874. 2 C50 

— Same. 2 v. S. 1863. 2 C51 
Antony, Brade. Lowell, R. T. S. D. 1874. 

1 L16 




Anything for sport. Tuthilji, L.. C. (H.) 16 ed. 
8. 1863. I JTSe 

Apjohn, L: Earl of Beaconsfield, his life and 
work. (Memorable men of the 19th cent. 2.) 
D. L. n.d. 028.2 Bl 

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sense. S^v^edenborg, Emanuel. 1 Amer. ed. 
5 V. O. 1859. 289.4 S3 

Apocalypse revealed. STFedenborg, Emanuel. 
2v. O. 1862. 289.4 84 

Apologle for poetrie. 1595. Sidney, Sir Philip, 
hart. S. 1868. 820 A2 v.2 

Appeal to CsBsar. Tourg^e, A. W. D. 1884. 

1 T29 

Apple-blossoms, verses of two children. Good- 
ale, Elaine, and D. R. S. 1879. 811 Gl 

Appleton, T: Gold. Nile journal. D. B. 1876. 

916.2 A 

— Syrian sunshine. S. B. 1877. 915.6 "A 

— Windfalls. D. B. 1878. 814 A4 
Appletons' cyclopaedia of drawing. Worthen, 

W:E. Q. 1869. 740 W 

Appletons' dictionary of machines, mechanics, 

engine-work, and engineering. 2 v. Q. N.Y. 

1857-59. 620 A 

Appletons' guide to Mexico. Conkling, A. B. 

2ed. D. 1884. 910.2 C 

Appletons' home books. 3 v. D. N.Y. 1884. 

640 A 


V. 1. Building a home; Alex. F. Oaker. How to fur* 
niRh a home; Ella Rodman Church. Home Kroiindn; 
Alex. F. Oakey. Home garden ; Ella Rodman Church. 

V. 9, Home decorfittion; Janet E. RimtK-Rees. Ameni- 
tlenof home; M.. E.. f Wilson) Sherwood. Household 
hintA : home receiptfl and home suggefitionB; Emma Whit- 
comb BatMJOck. Home needle; Ella Rodman Church. 

y. 3. Home library; .la. Brander MatthewH. Home 
amunementii; M.. E.. (WllAon) Sherwood. Health at 
home; Alf. H. Guemser avd IrenKnB Prime Davis. 
Home occupations; Janet £. Runtz-Rees. 

Appletons' journal: literature, science and art, 
1869. v. 1. Q. N.Y. 1869. 061 A 

Appletons' new American cyclopedia. 16 v. Q. 
N.Y. 1858-63. R031 Al 

V. 1. A.— Ara. 

2. Ara.— Rea. 

3. Bea.— Bro. 

4. Bro.— Cha. 

5. Cha.— Cou. 

6. Cou.— Edu. 


7. Edw.— Fue. 

8. Fug.— Hay. 

9. Hay.— Jer. 

10. Jer.— Mac. 

11. Mac.— M ox. 
IX. Mojs.— Par. 

13. Par.— Red. 

14. Ree.— Spl. 
16. Hpi.— I'zz. 
16. V.-Zwl. 

Approaching crisis. Davis, A. J. 4 ed. B. 

1873. 133 Dl 

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from his letters. D. 1879. 848 B 

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2 J3 
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814 G6 
Arabian days' entertainments, anon. HaufT, 

W: D. 1858. 3 H6 

Arabian nights' entertainments, anon. D. L. 

n.d. 892.7 JX 

Arabian nights' entertainments. Townsend, 

G : F., ed. O. 1880. 892.7 JT 

Arabian nights' entertainments; six stories. 

EUot,S:, e<{. O. 1880. 892.7 J£ 

Arabula ; or, the Divine guest. Davis, A. J. 
5ed. D. 1873. 138 Da 

Arago, Dominique Francois J: Biographies of 
distinguished scientific men; tr. by W. H. 
Smith, Rev. Baden Powell, and Bob. Gbavt. 
Iser. D. B. 1859. 925 B 

Ballly. Henchel. Laplace. Fourier. 

— Same. 2 ser. D. B. 1859. 925 Bl 

Camot. Malua. Fresnel. Young. Watt. 

Aratra pentelici. Ruskin, J : O. 1872. 

730 R 

Arber, E:, ed. English reprints, v. 1-9. S. L. 

1868-70. 820 A2 


V. 1. Milton, J: Areopagitlca. 1644. I«atlmer, 
Hugh. Sermons on the plonghen. 1M9. Qroason, Steph- 
en. Schoole of abune. 1579. 

S. SldneT, Philip. An apologr for poetrie. ISSb. 
Webbe, £: His travaUes. 1590. Seidell, J: TaUe4alk. 

S. Ascham, Rooer. Toxonhllafl. 1545. Addison, 
JoA. Criticism on Milton's Paradise lost. 1711-12. 

4. Ijylr, J: Eaphnes: The anatomy of wit. 1679. En- 
phues and lus England. 

5. Vllllers, G : The rehearsal. 1672. CJascolsne, O : 
The steel glas, and other pieces. 1576-77. Earle, J : Micro- 
cosmographie. 1628. 

6. Xatimer, Hugh, fleven sermons before Edward 
VI. 154». More, ^irT: Utopia. 1556. 

7. Puttenham,G: Arte of En^. poesle. 1569. 

8. HoweU, Ja. Instruction for lorreine travell. 1642. 
Udall, N : Roister Doister. ante VM. Revelation to 
the monk of Evesham. 1196. James VI. qf Scotland. 
Essays of a prentise in the divine art of poesie. 

9. Nauton, Sir Rob. Fragmenta regalia. 161D-5t. 
Watson, T : Poems. 

Arblay, Frances (Burney), Mme. d\ 1762-1840. 
Cecilia; or. Memoirs of an heiress, anon, 
(BarrisH novelists, v. 4(M2.) 3 v. S. L. 1810. 

2 A16 

— Evelina ; or, the History of a young lady's in- 

troduction to the world. D. N.Y. 1868. 

2 A16 

— DiART and letters. 7 v. D. L. 1864. 

028.2 Al 

— Same; rev. and ed. by S.. Chauncey Woousey. 

2 V. D. B. 1880. 928.2 A2 

Arboretum et fruticetiim Britannicum. Lou- 
don, J: C. 2ed. 8v. O. 1844. 582 L 

Arbouln, Ja. Dissertations on the regenerate 
life and subjects connected therewith. D. 
Savannah, 1869. 289.4 A 

Arcadia. Sidney, Sir P., bart. Countess of 
Pembroke's Arcadia. S. 1868. 2 S68 

Archer, T : Decisive events in history. O. L. 
n.d. 900 A 

— Terrible sights of London, and labors of love in 

the midst of them. D. L. [1870]. 889 A 
Archibald Malmaison. Hawthorne, Julian. 

D. 1884. 1 H55 

Archie Grey ; or. Doing it heartily, anon, 8. L. 

n.d. 2 JX2 

Archie Lovell. Edwards, Annie. O. n.d. 

2 E14 
Architectural director. Billington, J: 2ed. 

O. 1848. 720 Bl 

Arctic boat journey. Hayes, 1:1. D. 1883. 

919.8 H 




Arctic sunbeams. Cox, S: S. D. 1882. 

914 C6 

Areopasltiea. 1(>14. Milton, J : S. 18()8. 

820 A2 v.l 

Arey, Mtk. H. E. G. Home and school training. 

D. Ph. 18W. 372 A 

Argenton, Philip de Commines, sieur d'. 1445- 

1509. Memoirs; ed. w. life and noU*s by And. 

R. ScuBLE. (Bohn's standard lib.) 2 v. D. 

L. 1856. 023.2 A4 

Argles, Maggie. "Airy fairy Lilian." anon. D. 

Ph. 1879. 2 A17 

— Doris. I). Ph. 1885. 2 A18 

— Failh and unfaith. anon. D. Ph. 1882. 

2 A19 

— Molly Bawn. <mon. D. Pli. 1879. 2 A20 

— PhyllU. D. n.p. n.d. 2 A21 

— Portia, and other tales. I), n.p. n.d. 2 A22 


Portia, tlM? lieireMi of Uclmont. T\w thsine'H (IuukIiUt. 
H<*k'na. Viw pIivKU-uurn orphan. DeMleiiuniu. the itiag- 
nificoV child. SJt*jj ami Alicts the merry iiLilds of VVlnwjr. 

— RoHsmoyne. anon. I). Ph. 1884. 2 A23 
Argyll, G: Douglas Campbell, 8/A duke. lona. 

D. L. 1870. 914.1 Al 

— Primeval man: an examination of some reeent 

speoulations. D. N.Y. 18<i9. 573 A 

— Unity of nature. O. N.Y. \m^. 215 A 

Ariadne. Durand, A. M.. C. (H.) D. 1878. 

4 D38 

Ariadne Floreutina. Ruskin, J : 2 v. O. 1874- 
75. 7«1 R 

Aristophanes. Comedies ; a new and literal tr. 

by W : Ja. Hiekie. (Bohn's elassieal lib.) 2 v. 

D. L. 1853-^1. 882 Al 

Aristophanes. Collins, W: L. D. 1873. 

880 C 

Aristotle, b. c. 384-322. Politics and economics ; 

w. life by Dr. [J:] Gillies; tr. by E: Wal- 

FORD. D. L. 186;j. 888 Al 

— Treatise on rhetoric ; literally tr. by T : Hobbrs ; 

also the Poeticj tr. by Thdr. Buckley. D. L. 
1851. 888 A2 

— G1LLIE.S, J : Life of Aristotle. {See Aristotle. 

Politics and economic*. D. 1853. pref . p. 1-»'J2.) 

888 Al 
Aristotle. Grant, Sir Alex., hart. D. Ph. 1880. 

880 G 

Arius, the Libyan, aiifjn. Koiins, N. C. D. 

18»1. 1 K18 

Ark of Elm Island. Kellogg:, Elijah. D. [18G9.] 

1 JK 
Arm-chair in the smoking-room ; or, Flection, an- 
ecdote, humor, and fancy, anon. D. L. n.d. 

2 X4 

Xote. Short ntolHeft niul RketcheH. 

Arnian, Abraham. Complete ready reckoner for 
the admeasurement of land. nar. D. L. 18G2. 

526 A 

Armatag^e, G: Horse owner and stableman's 
companion; or. Hints on the selection, pur- 
chase, and general management of the horse. 
D. L. n.d. 636.1 A 

— ed. Clater, Francis. Every man his own cat- 

tle doctor. O. 1870. 619 C 

2 (17) 

Arniengaud, Jacques Eugene, and others. Prac- 
tical <lraugh toman's book of industrial design, 
and mat^hinist's and engineer's drawing com- 
jmnion ; ed. by W ; Johnson. F. Ph. 1880. 

R744 A 
Armitage, Ella S. Childhood of the Eng. nation ; 
or, Beginnings of Eng. hist. D. N.Y. 1877. 

942.01 Al 
Armourer's prentices. Yonge, CM.. D. 1884. 

2 Y7 

Armstrong, J: Life of Anthony Wayne. (See 

Sparks' Lib. of Amcr. biog. 18;i4-;«J. v. 4, p. :i- 

»4.) 920.07 L. V.4 

— Life of R: Montgomery. (See Sparks' Lib. of 
Amer. biog. 18;U-38. v. 1, p. 18:J-226.) 

920.07 L v.l 

— Treatise on agriculture, comprising a concise 
hist, of its origin and progress, w. a disserta- 
tion on the kitchen and fruit garden; ed. by 
J. BuELL. S. N.Y. 1854. 630 A2 

Armstrong, J: W., erf. BiiiLE, J. Wonders of 
electric!ity. D. 1872. 537 B 

Armstrong, Robt. Construction and manage- 
ment of steam boilers. 8 ed. nar. D. Jj- 1878. 

621.1 A 

Armstrong, W. C, erf. Bourribnne, L: A. F. 
de. Memoirs of Napoleon B<maparte. O. 
1854. 923.1 N3 

Armstrong, Wa., tr. and ed. Perrot, G:, a?id 
Chipiez, C : History of art in. ancient Egypt. 
2 v. Q. 188;^ 709 P 

Arndt, Ernst Moritz. 17(>JM8(K). Life antl a<l- 

ventures of Arndt, the singer of the German 

fatherland ; ed. by J. Robt. Seeley. D. B. 

1879. 928.3 A 

Arno. Bj<Srnson, Bj«3rnstjerne. D. 1881. ' 

839.8 Bl 

Arnold, A. A., erf. Rawlinson, G: Historical 
evidences of the truth of the Scripture records. 
D. 18(10. 239 R 

Arnold, Arthur. Social politics. O. L. 1878. 

320 A3 

— Through Persia by caravan. D. N.Y. 1877. 

915.5 A 

Arnold, A: C. L. and Samuels, E: A. Living 
world, containing descriptions of the several, 
races of men and of all s|)ecie8 of animals, 
birds, fishes, insects, etc. 2 v. in 1. Q. B. 1870. 

590.1 A 

Arnold, Benedict. 1740-1801. Sparks, Jared. 
Life and treason of Benedict Arnold. (Jh 
Sparks' Lib. of Amer. biog. 1834-^W. v. 3.) 

920.07 L V.3 

Arnold, Edwin. Indian idyls, fr. the Sanskrit of 
Mahabharata. D. L. 1883. 821 A2 

— Light of Asia. D. B. 1880. • 821 A3 

— Pearls of the faith; or, Islam's rosary; being 
the 9i) names of Allah. D. B. 1883. 821 A4 

— Poems. D. B. 1880. 821 A5 

— Secret of death, from the Sanskrit, with some 
collected poems. D. B. 1885. 821 A6 



Arnold, Howard Payson. Great exhibition, w. 
continental sketches, practical and hnmoroiiH. 
D, N.Y. 1868. 914.4 A2 

Arnold, Isaac N. Life of Abraham Lincoln. 
3 ed. O. Chic. 1885. 923.1 LI 

Arnold, Matthew. Culture and anarchy: an es- 
say in political and social criticism, and Friend* 
ship's garland, being the conversations, letters, 
and opinions of the late Arminius, Baron von 
Thunder-ten-Tronckh. D. N.Y. 1833. 824 A3 

— Essay on the life and genius of Maurice de Gu^ 

rin. (See Ou^rln, M. du C. de. Journal. D. 
1867. p. 1-18.) 928.4 Gl 

— Essays in criticism. 2 ed. 7iar. D. B. 1866. 

824 A4 

— God and the Bible : a review of objections to 

" Literature and dogma." D. B. 1876. 220 A 

— Higher schools and universities in Germany. 

D. L. 1874. * 378 A 

— Irish essays, and others. D. L. 1882. 824 A5 

— Literature and dogma: an essay towards a bet- 

ter apprehension of the Bible. D. B. 1873. 

220 Al 

— Mixed essays. D. N.Y. 1879. 824 A6 

— Passages from [his] prose writings. D. N.Y. 

1880. 824 A7 

— Poemsi D. N.Y. 1878. 821 A7 

— Poems. 2 v. D. N.Y. 1883. 821 A8 


V. 1. Early pneinM, narrative i>oenifi, and nonnetp. V. S. 
LyrlcA, dramatic, and elegiac imeinfi. 

— ed. Johnson, S: Six chief lives ; fr. "Lives of 

the poets." D. 1878. 928.2 815 

Arnold, R. Arthur. From the Levant, the Black 

Sea, and the Danube. 2 v. D. L. 18H8. 

914 A2 
Arnold, S: Greene. History of the state of R. I. 

and Providence plantations. 2 v. O. N.Y. 

1859-60. 974.5 A 

Arnold, T. 17JK5-1842. History of Rome. 3 v. in 

1. O. N.Y. 1881. 937 A 

— Introductory lectures on modern history ; ed. 

from the 2d L. ed., with notes, by H: Rbbd. 
D. N.Y. 1874. 901 A 

— Life of Hannibal. S. N.Y. 18(i0. 923.5 H2 
^— Manual of Eng. literature, hist'Orical and criti- 
cal, p. B. 1876. 820 A3 

— Stanley, A. P. Life and correspondence of 

T: Arnold. 2 v. in 1, d". 1871. 923.7 A 

Arnold, W : D. Oakfield ; or Fellowship in the 

East. D. B. 1855. 2 A24 

Arnot, Rer. W: Anchor of the soul, and other 

sermons. D. L. 1876. 252 A 

Around a spring. Droz, Gustavo. 2 ed. rev. S. 

1873. 4 D8 

Around the world in 80 days. Verne, Jules. D. 

[1873.] 4 VI 

Around the world in the yacht Sunbeam. Bras- 

sey, Annie, lady, O. 1878. 910.4 B3 

Around the world with Gen. Grant. Young, 

J: R. 2v. Q. [1879.] 910.4 Y 

Around the yule log. Markham, R: O. 

[1879.] 1 JM2 

Arr, E. H.,p<eu<2. See Rollins, Ellen Chapman 

Arrom, Cecilia Bohl de Faber. (Fernan Cabals 
lero.) La Gaviota : a Spanish novel ; tr. by J. 
Leander Starr. D. N.Y. 1864. 863 A 

Arro^v^s of the chace. Ruskin, J: 2 v. in 1. O. 
1881. 824 R3 

Art: a dramatic tale. Reade, C: Clouds and 
sunshine, and Art: a dramatic tale. D. n.d. 

2 R13 

Art Amateur : a monthly journal devoted to the 
cultivation of art in the household. O. 1881- 
date. V. 5-date. F<- N.Y. 1881-date. 

R705 A2 

Art and the formation of taste: six lectures. 
Crane, Lucy. D. 1882. 704 CI 

Art in ornament and dress. Blanc, C : O. 1877. 

646 B 

Art in the mountains : the story of the passion 
play. Blackburn, H: O. 1870. 792 B 

Art interchange: a household journal: [fort- 
nightly], Ja. 4, 1883-date. v. 10-date. F. 
N.Y. 1883-date. R705 A3 

Art life and theories. Wa^^er, W: R: D. 
1875. 927.8 W 

Art of confectionery, w. various methods of pre- 
serving fruitiS and fruit juices ; also different 
methods of making ice cream, sherbet, et-c. 
anon. D. B. 1866. 642 X 

Art of conversation, with directions for self-edu- 
cation, anon. S. N.Y. [1871]. 177 X 

Art of fiction. Besant, Wa. D. 1885. 

820 B2 

Art recreation, with receipts for preparing mater- 
ials, anon. D. B. 1860. 702 X 

Art student in Munich. Watts, A.. M.. (H.) 
D. 1854. 914.3 W 

— Same. 2 ed. 2 v. D. 1880. 914.3 Wl 
Arte of English poesie. 1589. Puttenham, G : 

S. 1869. - 820 A2 y.7 

Artemus Ward in London. Broi^ne, C : F. D. 

1867. 817 B2 

Arthur, Timothy Shay. Danger; or Wounded 

in the house of a friend. D. Ph. [1875]. 

1 A14 

— Friends and neighbors: [short stories]. S. 

n.p. n.d. ^ 1 A15 

— Haven' t-time, and Don*t-be-in-a-hurry, and 

other stories : [short stories]. S. Ph. 1864. 

1 JA98 

— Last penny, and other stories. S. Ph. 1864. 

1 JA99 


The lant iienny. How to attain true greatnem/ The fair 
courier: a Rtory of the American revolntton. The April 
fool. A way to be happy. 

— Light on shadowed paths. D. N.Y. 1864. 

1 A16 

— OfF-hand sketches, a little dashed with humor : 

[short stories]. {In author* g Seed-time and 
harvest. D. 1859.) 1 JA108 

— Orange blossoms, fresh and faded. D. Ph. 

[1871]. 1 A17 




Arthury Timothy Shay — continued. 

— Our little Harry, and other poems and stories. 

8. Ph. imi. 1 JAIOO 

— Peacemakers. S. n.p. n.d. 1 JAlOl 

— Poor wood cutter. S. n.p. n.d. 1 JA102^ 

— Seed-time and harvest: [short stories]. D. 

Ph. 1859. 1 JA103 

— Stories for younp; housekeepers. S. Ph. 18(j(). 

1 A18 

— Three years in a man-trap. D. n.p. n.d. 

1 A19 

— Tired of housekeeping. S. N.Y. 1857. 1 A20 

— Tried and the tempted: [short stories]. (In 

author*s Words for the wise. D. 18K).) 

1 A22 

— Who is greatest? and other stories. S. Ph. 

18G4. 1 JA104 

— Woman to the rescue : a story of the new cru- 

sade. D. n.p. n.d. 1 A21 

— Wonls for the wise: [short stories]. D. Ph. 

1859. 1 A22 

— ed. Words of cheer: [short stories]. D. Ph. 

1864. 1 A23 

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1 H85 

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Elijah. D. 1870. 1 JKl 

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2 M117 

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Knox ; bj' the author of " the Spanish broth- 

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2 X5 

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1 B34 
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2 L19 
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1 JP2 
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1849. 8 S 

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achievements of the blind. D. Auburn, 1860. 

923.6 B 
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2 H34 

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1 D8 

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y. 3.) 820 A2 t.3 

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1882. 1 C6 

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398.1 W 
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1869. 944 A 

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S. 1873. 4 C 

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1883. 390 A 
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courses of Capt. J : Smith. D. n.d. 

923.9 8 
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of Samuel Wilberforce, lord bp. of Oxford; 
with selections from his diaries and corres- 
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A. C, bart. O. 1882. 824 L2 
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wer, 1st baron, nar. D. 1833. 2 L58 
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3 H3 
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804 8 

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1 P33 

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1 F7 
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1878. 818 CI 

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(See Giles, J : A. Six old English chronicles. 

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Penn. S. Ph. 1870. 923.2 PI 

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ebrated Pierrot ; rendered into Eng. by A. G. 

MuNBOE. D. L. 1875. 827 Al 

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917.9 I 
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Nathaniel. D. n.d. 529 L 

At a high price. BUrstenbinder, £.. D. 1870. 

3 BIO 
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At Capri. Bauer, Clara. D. [1875.] 3 Bl 
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At his gates. Oliphant, M. O. (W.) O. 1873. 

2 03 
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e^d'. 2ed. D. 1856. 917 O 

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914 Tl 
— Same. 2 ser. D. 1879. 914 T2 

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919.6 CI 
At home in Italy. Bianciardi, E.. D. R. D. 

1884. 914.5 Bl 
At last : a Christmas in the West Indies. Kings- 
ley, C: D. 1871. 917.29 K 

At odds. TautphoBUs, J. (M.), baroness. D. 1865. 

2 T 
At the back of the North wind. MacDonald, G : 

D. 1883. 2 M12 

At the councillor's, anon. John, H. F. C. E. D. 

1877. 3 J 




At the sign of the lyrti. Dobson, AuHtiti. D. 
1885. 821 D 

At the sign of the silver flagon. Farjeon, B: L. 

O. 1875. 2 P5 

At the South Pole. Kinf^ton, W:H:G. D. 

n.d. 2 K40 

Atalanta at Calydon : a tragedy. S'winburne, 

A. C: D. 18<i(>. 821 822 
Atkinson, E : Distribntion of products ; or, the 

Mechanism and the metaphysics of exchange. 

D. N.Y. 1885. 331 A 


What inike» the rate of wj^w? What i8 a bank? The 
railway, the farmer, and the public. 

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Siberia. D. Ph. 1859. 915.7 A 

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history: 3 lectures. S. B. 1884. 907 Al 

— On the right use of books: a lecture. S. 

B. 1880. 804 A 
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814 H5 

Atlantic islands as resorts of health and pleas- 
ure. Benjamin, S. G. W. O. 1878. 

910.4 Bl 

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and politics, 1857-date. v. 1-date. O. B. 
[1858]-date. 051 A3 

Atlantis: the antediluvian world. Donnelly, 
Ignatius. D. 1882. 551.7 Dl 

Attach^ ; or, Sam Slick in England. Halibur- 
ton,T:C. D. n.d. 827 H 

Attic philosopher in Paris. Souvestre, Emile. 
D. 1859. 4 82 

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1855. 2 J4 

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sees of Joubert. O. 1877. 848 Jl 

— comp. Book of golden thoughts. S. L. 1871. 

808 A 
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2 M69 
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Life of John James Audubon. 1>. 18(>9. 

925 Al 

— St. John, Mrs. Horace. Audubon; his adven- 

tures and discoveries. D. 18(i3. 925 A2 
Audubon, Lucy. Life of John James Audubon. 

anon. D. N.Y. 18(59. 925 Al 

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(Lei.sure hour series.) S. N.Y. 1877. 3 A 

— Barefooted maiden ; tr. by Eliza Buckminster 

Lbk. D. B.'1800. 3 Al 

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3 A3 

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n.d. 3 A4 

— Same; tr. by Ellen Frothingham. (Leisure 

hour series.) S. N.Y. 1874. 3 A5 

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— German tales; with an introd. by C: C. Shack- 

ford. S. B. 1809. 3 A6 


lAfe of Auerbmih, pref. p. 7-15. ChrlnUan (iellcrt'd faiAt 
ChrlKtiiutH. Stepiiiuther. lienigiia. Rudolph and Eliza- 
beth. Erdmittha. 

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N.Y. 1874. 3 A7 

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(Leisure hour series.) S. N.Y. 1877. 

3 AlO 

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Hancock. (Leisure hour series.) S. N.Y. 
188:3. 3 All 

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3 A13 

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times of Moses Mendelssohn; tr. by T: C. 
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3 A14 

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series.) S. N.Y. 1882. 3 A15 

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• biog. sketch of author by Bayard Taylor. 

(Leisure hour series). 2 v. S. N.Y. 1874. 

3 A16 

— Waldfried ; tr. by Simon Adler Stern. D. 

N.Y. 1874. 3 A17 

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Last knight ; from the Germ. ; tr. with notes 
by J: O. Sargent. O. N.Y. 1871. 831 A 

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1 JA3 

August Stories. See Abbott, Jacob. 

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with an introil. by W : G. T. Shbdd. D. An- 
dover, 1877. 922.1 A 

Aulnay tower. Howard, B. W. I). 1885. 

1 H123 

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d*. Military institutions of France; tr. and 
annotated by Capt. Ashe. O. L. 1860. 

944 A 

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C. M.., and Weld, H. H. D. n.d. 970 JY 

Aunt Edith, anon. S. n.p. n.d. 2 JX3 

Aunt Jane's hero. Prentiss, E.. (P.) D. [1871.] 

i P2e 

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Aunt Judy's tales. Gatty, M. (S.) S. n.d. 

2 JG 
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story books. 12 v. S. 1854^57. v. 9.) 

IJA 19 V.9 

Aunt Martha's corner cupboard. Klrby, M.., 

and E.. D. 1883. 643 K 




Aunt Serena. Howard, B. W. D. I88l. 

1 H124 
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W: 5ed. 2v.ini. D. 1854. 1 W7 

Aurelius Antoninus, Marcus. A. d. 121-180. 

Thoughts of the emperor; tr. by G: Lono. 

D. B. 18(>4. 878 A 

— Same, [2 ed.] L. !»». 878 Al 

— Watson, P» B. Marcus Aurelius Antoninus. 

O. 1881. 921.9 A 

Auriferous gravels of the Sierra Nevada of Cal- 
ifornia. Whitney, J. I). F. 1880. 558 W 
Aurora: daily, Ja. 2.-D. 31, 1813. F«- Ph. 1813. 

R071 A2 
Aurora Leigh. Browning, E.. B. (B.) D. n.d. 

821 B8 
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2 A25 

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2 A26 

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— Samet and Northanger abbey. D. Ph. n.d. 

2 A28 

yote. Lite, iJTPf . p. .V«. 

— Sense and sensibility, and Persuasion. D. 

N.Y. 1859. 2 A29 

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O. 1870. 928.2 A3 

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Austin, G: Lowell. Life and times of Wendell 

Philliiis. D. B. 1884. 928.1 P2 

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(Round-robin series.) S. B. 1882. 1 A24 

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B. 1884. 1 JA105 

~ Mrs. Beauchamp Brown, anon. (No name 

series.) S. B. 1880. 1 A25 

— Nameless nobleman. (Round-robin series.) S. 

B. 1881. 1 A26 

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Philosophy of jKwitive law; ed. by Robert 

Campbrll. 4 ed. 2 v. O. L. 1873. 340 A2 

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end. Q. 1879. 3 JC 

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2 K24 

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R. D. 1875. 2 L.56 

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O. W. D. 1884. 818 H 

Autumnal catarrh [hay fever], with illustrative 

maiKs. Wyman, Morrill, M. D. O. 1876. 

616 W2 
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818 C2 

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and verse. O. N.Y. 1878. 917.94 A 

Avis Benson; or, Mine and thine, and other 

sketehes. Prentiss, E.. (P.) D. [1879.] 

1 P27 
Avoidable causes of disease, insanity, and de- 
formity. Ellis, J: D. miO. 616 E 
Away in the wilderness. Bailantyne, R. M. S. 
n.d. 2 JBl 
ADvdry, Frances, and others. Miz maze ; or, the 
Winkworth puzzle: a story in letters by 9 
authors, anon. D. L. 1883. 2 A30 
Axel and Anna. Bremer, Fredrika. Diary, 
H— family. Axel and Anna, etc. D. 185^1. 

839.7 B2 

,Ayer, James Cook. 1818-1878. Cowlev, C: 

Reminiscences of James C. Ayer and the town 

ofAyer. 3 ed. O. [1879.] 974.44 C 

Aylmer, Mrs. Fenton. Alec Tomlin; or. Choose 

wisely. S. L. n.d. 2 JA9 

Hote. Same ah Alec I>evUn. 

Ay re, J : Biof^raphical sketc;h of Richmond. {See 
Rielimond, Legh. Annals of the ]K>or. S. 
1859. p. 7-18.) 2 R34 

— ed. Richmond, Legh. Annals of the iM)or. S. 

1859. 2 1134 

Ayres, Alfred, pseud. See Osmun, T: Embly. 
Ayrshire legatees, anon. Gait, J: nar. D. 

182,S. 2 Gl 

— Same. Annals of the parish, and the Ayrshire 

legatees. D. 18(i9. 2 G 

Azej^lio, Ma.ssimo Taparelli, marquis d'. 1798- 
18<i(». Rrcollrctions of Azeglio ; tr. by Count 
[Andrea] Maffki. 2 v. O. L. 18<j8. 

923.2 A5 


B^ D. W. Thirty years in the Arctic Regions. 

D. N.Y. 1859. 919.8 B 

B., M. L. See Bissell, M.. L. 
B e, J. Life of the Earl of Chatham. (See 

Wiglit, O. W., ed. Life of Pitt and Chatham. 

T. 1860. p. 7-61.) 923.2 P9 

''Bab" ballads: much sound and little sense. 

Gilbert, W.S. D. n.d. 821 Gl 

Babbage, C : General principles [of] the appli- 
cation of machinery to manufactures. {See 
Barlow^, P : Encj^clopaedia of arts, manufac- 
tures, and machinery. O. 1851. p. 1-84.) 

603 B 
Babcook, Emma Whitcomb. Household hints : 
home receipts and home suggestions. {In Ap- 
pletons' home books. 3 v. D. 1884. v. 2.) 

640 A V.2 




Babes in the wood. De Mille, Ja. O. 1S75. 

1 Die 

Bablngton, E. R., ed. Hidden sense, seek and 

find ; or, Double acrostics. D. L. 1867. 

828 B 
Babolaln. Droz, Gustave. S. 1873. 4 D9 
Babyhood : a monthly magazine for mothers. 

D. 1884-date. v. l.-date. O. N.Y. 1884r-date. 

051 B 
Baby's grandmother. Walford, L. B. S. 1884. 

2 W 
Bach, Alberto B. Musical education and vocal 

culture, for vocalists and teachers of singing. 

4 ed. O. Edin. 1884. 784 B 

Bach, Johann Sebastian. 1685-1750. Poole, K. 

L. Sebastian Bac^h. D. 1882. 927.8 B 

— SpmA, Philip. Johann Sebastian Bach ; his 

work and influence on the music of Germany. 

3 V. O. 1885. 927.8 Bl 

Ba^chelder, J: B. Tourist's guide of the U. S., 

including Gettysburg: what to see and how to 

see it. O. B. 1873. 910.2 B 

Bachelder, S : Introduction and early progress 

of the cotton manufacture in the U. S. anon. 

D. B. 1863. 677 B 

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D. 1855. 2 S3 

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Backlog studies. Warner, C : D. S. 1873. 

817 W 
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ent. Knox, T:W. O. 1875. 914 Kl 
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of the life and times of Isaac Backus. D. 

B. 1859. 922.6 B 

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ory of English literature. D. 18&5. 820 81 
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pere unfolded; with a pref. by Nathaniel 

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collected and edited by James Spedding and 

others. 15 v. O. B. 1861. 828 Bl 

— Essays moral, economical, and political; [and] 

Conduct of the understanding, by J: Locke; 
with an introd. essay by A. Potter. S. N.Y. 
ia')8. * 824 B 

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says ; with notes by Jos. Devey. D. L. 1852. 

828 B2 

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D. 1838. p. 1<)9-271.) 2 M132 

— Physical an<l metaphysi(;al works, including his 

"Dignity and a<lvancement of learning," and 
his "Novum organum;" ed. by Jos. Devey. 
D. L. 185i{. 192 B 

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works ; ed. by Ja. Spedding. 7 v. O. L. 1861. 

921.2 B 

— Church, R:W: Bacon. D. 1884. 921.2 Bl 

— DixoN, W : H. Personal history of Lord Bacon. 

D. 1861. 921.2 B2 

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l>hant, as it was and is. (Illustrated lib. of 
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churches. O. N.Y. 1874. 277 B 

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Bliss Gould, of Rome. D. N.Y. [1879]. 

923.6 G8 

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moir of Nathaniel Bacon. {See Sparks' lib. of 
Amer. biog. 2 ser. 1844-48. v. 3, p. 241-306.) 

920.07 LI ^.3 

— Baddeck, and that sort of thing. Warner, C : 

D. S. 1874. 818 W 

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Grant. 3 v. O. N.Y. 1885. 923.1 G12 

Baden-Powell, G : S. See Powell, G : S. Baden. 
Bagdon, J. O., tr. Soteropoulos, S. Brigands 

of the Morea. 2 v. O. 1868. 914.95 S 

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prong, anon. (British novelists, v. 48). S. 

L. 1810. 2 Bl 

Note. Life, pref. p. 1-4. 

Bagehot, Walter. 1826-1877. Biographical stud- 
ies ; ed. by Ricliard Holt Hutton. O. L. 1881. 

920.04 B3 

— Literary studies, with a prefatory memoir ; ed. 

by R: Holt Hutton. 2 ed. 2 v. O. L. 1879. 

824 Bl 

— Physics and politics. (International scienti- 

fic series, v. 2.) D. N.Y. 1883. 820 B 

— HuTTON, R : H. Memoirs of Bagehot. {See 

Bagehot, Walter. Literary studies. 2 v. O. 
1879. v. 1, pref. p. 9-67.) 824 Bl v.l 

Bagley, S.. G., joint author. See Edwards, 

Baile, J. Wonders of electricity ; ed. by J ; W. 
Armstrong. D. N.Y. 1872. 537 B 

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back'Window, with views of Scotland and Ire- 
land. O. B. [1878]. 914.2 B 

— They all do it ; or, Mr. Miggs of Danbury and 

his neighbors. D. B. 1877. 817 B 

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the science of plants. D. B. 1885. 580 B 
Bailey, Pliilip James. Angel world, and other 

poems. D. B. 1850. 821 B 

— Festus, a poem. 17 Amer. ed. D. B. 1852. 

821 Bl 
Bailey, Una Locke {Una Locke.)^ and Lee, Fran- 
ces. Festal and floral days in New England 
and Old England. S. N.Y. [1871]. 1 JB3 

— and another. {Zaida Yorke.) Fourth of July 

in New England, and the 5th of November in 
Old England. S. N.Y. [1871]. 1 JB 

— Joy days on both sides of the water. S. N.Y. 

[1871]. 1 JBl 

— Red lett-er days in Old England and New Eng- 

land. S. N.Y. [1871]. 1 JB2 

Bailiff's maid. John, H. F. C. E. D. 1882. 

3 Jl 





BailUe, Rev. J : Life studies ; or, How to live ; il- 
lustrated in the biog. of Bunyan, Terstugeii, 
Montgomery, Perthes, and Mrs. Winslow. S. 
N.Y. 18(i0. 920.02 L 

— Memoirs of W : T. Bate. S. N.Y. 1861. 

923.5 Bl 
BallUe-Grohman, W : A. See Grohman, W : 

A. Baillie. 

Bain, Alexander. Education as a science. (In- 
TEBMATiONAi. Scientific series, v. 25.) D. 
N.Y. 1879. 870.1 B 

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157 B 

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2 ed. D. L. im9. 808 B 

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928.2 M8 

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ollections. D. N.Y. 1882. 921.2 Ml 

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160 B 

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(Intkbnational scientific series, v. 4.) D. 
N.Y. 1874. 180 B 

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tion to America. 2 v. O. N.Y. [1885]. 

284 B 

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nots of France. 2v.O. N.Y. 1883. 284 Bl 

Baird, Spencer, Fullerton. See U. S. — ConimiS' 
ttion of fith and JUheries. Report on the con- 
dition of the sea fisheries of the south coast 
of New England in 1871 and 1872. O. 1873. 

689 U2 

— See U. 8. — Interior dept. Report on the U. 8. 

and Mexican boundary survey. 5 v. Q. 1857. 
V. 4 and 5. 

— and others. Water birds of North America. 

(Harvard college. Memoirs of the Museum 
of comparative zoology, v. 12-13.) 2 v. Q. 

B. 1884. R598.8 B 
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2e<l. O. L. 1861. 508 B 

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3v. O. 1853. 815 8 

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815 81 

Baker, G: M. Social stage: original dramas, 

comedies, burlesques, and entertainments. D. 

B. 1871. 798 B 


The iMit loaf. A Grecian bend. Too Ute for the train. 
Snow-bound. Bonbonn. Ligbtheart'g i)IIgrlinage. The 
war of the ronex. Thirty nilnnte* for refreDhnieuts. "A 
UtUe more dder.'* "New broonw sweep dean." 

— ed. Ballads Of bravery. O. B. 1877. 821 B2 

— ed. BalUds of home. O. B. 1881. 821 B8 
Baker, Harriet Newell (Woods). {Mrs. Madeline 

Leslie.) Every day duties ; or, the Schoolmates. 
8. B.[1864]. 244 B 

— First and second marriages ; or, the Courtesies 
.of wedded life. D. B. 1874. 1 B 

— Household angel in disguise. D. B. 1871. 

1 Bl 

Baker, Harriet Newell (Woods) — continued. 

— Organ grinder ; or. Struggles after holiness. D. 

B. [1862]. 244 Bl 

— Prize Bible; or, Covetousness. D. B. 1863. 

244 B2 

— Sequel to Tim, the scissors-grinder. S. B. 

[1862]. 244 B8 

— Tim, the scissors-grinder ; or. Loving Christ and 

serving him. S. n.p. n.d. 244 B4 

— Tim's sister ; or, a Word in season. S. B. 

[1863]. 244 B5 

— Up the ladder; or. Striving and -thriving. S. 

B. 1864. 244 B6 

Baker, H : Barton. English actors from Shakes- 
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2 JBl 

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B. 18(». 2 JB4 

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n.d. . 2 B5 

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2 B6 

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2 JB8 

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2 JB9 

Ballantyne, Rol>ert Michael — continued. 

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L. 1858. 2 JBIO 

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immntains. S. L. n.d. 2 JBll 

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Dolj»hin," and the adventures of her crew in 
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1847. 938 HI 

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states of North America. Alaska, 17;»-1885. 
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BivRBEi B* 

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979 Bl 

V. 1. l.S4i-lH00. 
2. 1801-1H24. 


3. lKi5-lM0. 

4. 1840-1845. 

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V. 1. 150I-I.'»0. 2. IS3O-IH00. 

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972 Bl 


V. 1. I5I6-l.Vil. 3. 1600-1803. 6. Ih24-l86l. 

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V. 1. 1531-lMOO. 

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The Northwest coast. v. 1-2. O. San 
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America. 5 v. O. N.Y. and San Fran. 1875- 
8:^. 979 B3 


v. 1. Wild trib(>fl. 4. AnUmiitieA. 

IMuutivt; hliitory. 


Civilized natlonfl. 
^ytlis and laiiguugt^. 


Mustek, J: K. 

Banker^s wife. Gore, C. F. G.. (M.) 

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1 M43 
O. 1870. 

2 G35 

N.Y. 1877. 
2 JB13 

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D. B. n.d. 910.9 B 

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1 M23 

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2 F19 

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The hlfttory of ClArima 

tk vol 

ThehiHtory of 81r ChnrleA 

2 BSS 
The life and garprtolng itd- 


V. 1-8. Richardson. S: 


0-15. Richardson, S: 

16, 17. l>efoe, Daniel, 
venture* of Kubinnon CruRoe. 

18. FleldinKt H: The adventures of Joiieph An- 
dre wh. and hi» friend Mr. .\brahain Adains. 9 F19 

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23. Coventry. KranclH. The hlittory of Poinfiey the 
little. Gold smith. Oliver. The vicar of Wakefield. 

2 €76 

24. 26. liCnox, C (R.) The female Quixote. 

2 1.18 

26. Johnson,.^: The history of Raaselns. Hawkes- 
worth.'l : Ahnoran an<l Haniet. 2 J89 

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l>ho. 2 R 

48. BaiT^t Robert. Man as he is not; or, Herms- 
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ing to the hist, and antiquities of every town 
in Mass., with geog. descriptions. O. Wor- 
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928.4 H 
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2 T37 

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divinity, being an explanation of the princi- 
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1 02 
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A wedding story. A Mnpld story. A Scotch gtory. A 
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919.3 Bl 

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-r Year's housekeeping in South Africa. D. L. 

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ers, strawberries, vegetables. D. B. n.d. 

636 B 

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N.Y. 1881. 1B7 


— [Kate]. A sanitary meajt- 

lire. Under hl^^b premure. Applied iiclence. Love and a 
lantern. Put yourself in her place. Tlie wreck of the 

— My ten-rod farm ; or. How I became a florist ; 

by Mrs. Maria Gilman. O. B. 1809. 716 B 

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716 Bl 

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B. [18G9]. 1 B8 

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768 S 
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the U.S. 2ed. O. N.Y. 1849. 727 B 

— ed. See American journal of education, v. 1- 

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[188:)]. 909 B 

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2 V. O. 1874. 923.2 B 

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[1868.] 3 CI 

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839.8 L 
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[1885]. 1 B9 




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18G2. 2 L4 

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N.Y. 1858. 927.9 PI 

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ure of a true church. D. N.Y. 1855. 

289.4 B 

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D. 1876. 828 € 

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616 B 
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923.1 WIO 
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927.8 E 
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1 R17 
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and fall of the Irish nation. D. N.Y. n.d. 

941 B 

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1853. 923.4 B 

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2 L20 
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Island and its inhabitants, with an acct. of the 
mutiny of the ship Bounty. S. N.Y. 1844. 

919.7 B 

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1834. 923.1 PI 

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4 ed. O. B. [18S7]. 974.4 B4 

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923.2 D4 
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2 v. D. 1853. 2 T22 

Barry, Lyndon — continued. 

— Safne. {See Thackeray, W: M. Henry 

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2 Tie 

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• tion undertaken under the auspices of H. B. 

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Pt. 2. AcouRtics. 
3. OpUcs. 

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928.2 Bl 



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V. 1. IMoffraphy. Cominendatory poems. Wnnian-hAter. 
Thierry ami Themloret. rhUanter. Tlie niaidV trage«ly. 
The faithful Hhephenlem. Knight of the burning nestle. 
King and no king. (Utpid'H revenge. MRmjue of the Inner- 
temple. Four plays in one. Sfoniful laily. Coxcomb. 
Cantain. Honest man's fortune. Little French lawyer. 
Wit at several wea|X)ns. Wit without money. Faithful 
friends. The widow. The enstoni of the country. B4in- 
duca. Knight of Malta. Valentlnlan. Laws of Candy. 
Queen of Corinth. Loyal subject. 

2. Marl lover. False one. Double marriage. Huro<>r- 
ous lleut4>nant. Women pleased. Woman's prize. The 
chances. Monsieur Thomas. Island princes. The i>ll- 
grlm. Wild-goose <'hase. The prophetess. The sea-vovage. 
Spanish curate. Beggar'^ biuh. Love's cure. Maid In 
the mill. A wife ff»r a mouth. Rule a wife and have a 
wife. Fair maid of ttu* inn. Nolde gentleman. Elder 
brother. The nice valour. The bolody brother. Lover's 
progress. Night-walker. Ix)ve's pilgrimage. Two noble 
kinsmen. Poems by lieaumont. Poems by Fletcher. 

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1860. 922.2 Bl 




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t W78 

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2 M102 




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8 E9 

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868 a 

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8 Kl 

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2 JC7 

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anon. S. L. n.d. 2 JX4 

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940 S 
Belton estate. Trollope, Anthony. D. n.d. 

2 T89 




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exhibited in the ailventures of Belzoni in 
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D. N.Y. 1856. G36.5 Bl 

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210 C2 

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1874. 4 H6 

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wife and son of Archibald Campbell, abp. of 

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920.7 T 

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comp. from the Scientific Americau. I). 

N.Y. [1878]. 600 B 

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a critical and hist, sketch. O. N.Y. 1880. 

709 B 

— Atlantic islands as resorts of health and pleas- 

ure. O. N.Y. 1878. 910.4 Bl 

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sketch of the Troad in the light of recent in- 
vestigation. (Epochs of ancient hist.) D. 
N.Y. [1880]. 939 B 

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promotion of atjriculture. Farm law : a treatise 
on the legal rights and liabilities of farmers. 
O. 1884. 347 M 

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Bennett and his time ; by a journalist, anon. 
D. 1855. 920.5 B 

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3ed. O. B.1882. 808 B3 

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(English men of letters.) D. 1882. 

928.1^ B2 

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810 Bl 

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tory of the working of the American govern- 
ment from 1820-1850. 2 v. O. N.Y. 18.54-54). 

329 B 

Bentz, L., and Ciiretien de Roville, A. J. 
Book for every boy in the country: elements 
of agriculture ; tr. by F. G. Skinner. (Sax- 
ton's rural hand books, 2 ser.) D. N.Y. 1850. 

630 81 

Beppo, the conscript. Trollope, T: A. D. 
n.d. 2 T74 

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D. G. Hubbard. (Wayside ser.) S. B. 1878. 

839.8 B 

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ley, 5th earl of. Tales of life and death. 
2 V. in 1. D. L. 1870. 2 &28 


V. 1. TlM» fair doe of KermllU'li. Tlie colkfn Rhue. 
The two coiiHiiu*. 

a. The I-4idy (Jrace. Itlfiitlty. The two «isU»rs of Wor- 
coHt4»r, hikI tlie H<4ioohiuu<(er. The nrioj»t ami the hUwk- 
Kinith Kliop. The baiikerH of Bnllyiiiote. Ltiiidoii and 
Loiigh Neagli. 

Berkeley, Rev. Miles Jos. Infrotluction to 
cryptopfamic botany. O. L. 1857. 586 B 

— ed. Cooke, M. C. Fungi ; their nature and 

ust^s. I). 1881. 589 C 

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N.Y. n.d. 932 B 

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18(i7. 3 M6 

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writings ; tr. and preceded by a biog. sketch of 

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ser.) D. N.Y. 1879. 848 B 

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(Scott Rus.sell) Holmes and Eleanor Holmbs. 
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4 JB5 

yote. Life, p 7-12. 

— Looking-glavSs for tlu* mind: [a] collection of 

little stories and interesting tales, anon. nar. 
S. Dublin, 171K5. 4 JBG 

Berry, M.. Extracts from [her] journals and (cor- 
respondence, from the year 1783-1852; ed. by 
Lady Theresa Lewis. 2 ed. 3 v. O. L. V*m. 

826 Bl 

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Carey Brock. D. N.Y. 187G. 4 B7 

Bertha Weisser's wish. Blssell, M.. L. S. 
18^- 1 JB12 




Berthondy H: Stories of bird-life: a book of 
facts and anecdotes. D. L. 1875. 

608.2 JBl 

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tion to the natural and economic hist, of the 
British food fishes. O. N.Y. 1866. 039 B 

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n.d. .2 CIS 

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2 T40 

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D. L. 1884. 2 JBl 8 

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820 B2 

— Gaspard de Coligny. D. N.Y. 1879. 

923.5 CI 

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n.d. 2 B29 

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O. B. 1873. 2 B30 

— Sir Richard Whittington, lord mayor of Lon- 

don. D. N.Y. 1881. 923.5 W3 

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leges. (American science series.) 2 ed. rev. 

O. N.Y. 1881. 580 Bl 

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n.d. 1 JF27 

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D. n.d. 2 P7 

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D. n.d. 1 M12 

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H. L. Dominican artist : a sketch of the life 

of the Rev. P^re Besson of the order of St. 

Dominic, anon. D. 1870. 927^ B 

Best fellow in the world. Wright, J. (McN.) 

D. n.d. 1 JW26 

Best of husbands. Payn, Ja. 2 v. in 1. S. 1874. 

2 P17 
Best reading: a priced bibliog. for 5 years ending 

D. 31, 1881. Jones, L. £., ed. 2ser. D. 

1882. 028 J 

Best reading, continued to Ag. 1876. Perkins, 

F: B., ed, 4 ed. rev. and enl. D. 1877. 

028 P 
Best reading: hints on the selection of books, on 

the formation of libraries public and private, 

on courses of reading, etc., with a classified 

bibliog. for easy reference, anon. D. N.Y. 

1872. 028 X 

Bethesda. Elbon, Barbara. D. 1884. 1 E5 
Betrothed. Scott, 6'tn Wa., 6ar^ S. 187p. 

2 S12 

— Same. Tales of the crusaders : the Betrothed, 

the Talisman. 2 v. in 1. O. 1853. 2 849 

Better days for working people. Blalkie, W : 
G. 8. 1865. 174 B 

BettoD, T. Forrest, tr. Rbgnault, H : Y : Ele- 
ments of chemistry. 2 ed. 2 v. O. 1853. 

540 B 
Beulah. Wilson, A. J. (B.) D. n.d. 1 WOO 

3 (33) 

Beverldge, H: Comprehensive hist, of India, 
civil, military, and social, from the first land- 
ing of the English. 3 v. O. L. 186*2. 954 B 
Bew^lcky T : Select fables of .^Esop and others ; 
with the life of ^sop, and an essay upon fa- 
ble, by Oliver GoLDsnrrH. D. L. n.d. 

828 B8 
Beyond the breakers. Owen, R. D. O. n.d. 

1 08 
Beyond the gates. Phelps, E.. S. D. 1884. 

1. P18 
Beza, Thedore. Life of J : Calvin ; tr. by Francis 
SiBSON ; with copious notes by an Amer. edi- 
tor. D. Ph. 1836. 922.5 C 
Blanciardi, E.. D. R. At home in Italy. D. B. 
1884. 914^ Bl 
Blart, Lucian. Adventures of a young naturalist ; 
ed. by Parker Gillmorb. D. N.Y. n.d. 

590.4 B 

— Involuntary voyage ; tr. by Mrs. Cashel Hoby 
and J: LiLLiB. D. N.Y. 1880. 910.4 B2 

Bible — Old Testament. New translation of the 
book of Psalms ; with an introd. by G : Rapall 
NoYBS. O. B. 18:n. 228 B 

— New translation of the Hebrew prophets ; ar- 
ranged in chronological order by G : Rapall 
NoYBS. 3v. O. B. 1833-37. 224 B 


V. 1. Joel. AmoH. Honea. ItiaUh. Micab. 

S. Nahnm. Zephanlali. Habakuk. Oba<Uah. Jere- 
miah. LamentaUonn. 

8. Eiekiel. Daniel. Haggai. Zechariah. Jonah. 

Bible in Spain. Borrow, G: O. 1843. 

914.6 Bl 

— Same. 13 ed. O. 1859. 914.6 B2 
Bible in Waverley. Dickson, N: D. 1884. 

828 Dl 
Bible teachings in nature. Macmlllan, Hugh. 
D. 1867. 215 M 

Bickersteth, C. Broad shadows on life's path- 
way, anon. D. N.Y. 1862. 2 B81 

— Post of honor, anon. S. N.Y. 1864. 2 B32 
Bickersteth, E: H: Yesterday, to-day, and for- 
ever: a poem in 12 books. D. N.Y. 1877. 

821 B6 
BIcknell, A. J., and co., pub. Village builder 

[and sup]. F. N.Y. 1874. ' B720 B 

Bicycling world; devoted to the interests of 

bicycling and tricycling: weekly, Jl. 6, 1883- 

D. 25, 1885. V. 7-12. 4 v. Q. B. 1883-1885. 

796 B 
BIddle, C: 1745-1821. Autobiography. O. 

Ph. 1883. 923.5 B4 

Bidpal. See Pllpay. 
Bis brother. Bggleston, G : C. O. 1875. 

1 JE8 
BIgelow, And. Travels in Malta and Sicily, 

with sketches of Gibraltar in 1827. nar. O. 

B. 1831. 914.5 B2 

Bli^elow, Erastus Brigham. Tariff policy of 

England and of the U. S. contrasted. O. B. 

1877. 887 Bl 



Biii^eloi'V, Jacob. Elements of technology, taken 
chiefly from lectures on the application of the 
sciences to the useful arts. O. B. 1829. 

eoo Bi 

— Modern inquiries, classical, professional, and 

miscellaneous. D. B. 1867. 814 B3 

— Nature in diseluse, with miscellaneous writings, 

chiefly on medical subjects. D. B. 1854. 

610 B 

— Useful arte, considered in connexion with the 

applications of science. (School library, v. 

11 and 12.) 2 v. D. B. 1840. 600 B2 

Bigelow, J : Molinos, the Quietist. D. N. Y. 

1882. 922 Ml 

— ed. F&ANKLiN, B: Autobiography. O. 1868. 

023.2 F5 

— ,S'e/M*c. 2ed. 3 v. D. 1884. 923.2 PO 
Blu^elow, L. J. Bench and bar. O. N.Y. 1867. 

923.4 Bl 

Bigelow, Marshall T. Punctuation and other 

typographical matters for the use of printers, 

authors, teachers, and scholars. 4 ed. S. B. 

1883. 421 B 
Bigelow papers. Lowell, J.^. I). 1859. 

811 L21 

— Same. 2 hut. D. 1871. 811 L22 
Biggs, J. History of Don Francisco de Miran- 
da's attempt to eflFect a revolution in South 
Amer., [with] sketches of the life of Miranda. 
anon. 2 ed. nar. D. B. 1810. 987 B 

Billinf^, Frank S. Relation of animal diseases 
to the public health, and their prevention. O. 
K.Y. 1884. 614 B 

BilliDgs, Josh, pseud. See Shaw, H: W. 

Billiu|[^n, J: Arcliltectural director, being a 
guide in the study, design, and execution of 
architecture. 2 ed. O. L. 1848. 720 Bl 

Bingham, I). A. Marriages of the Bonapartes. 
2 ed. 2 V. O. L. 1882. 929 B 

Bingley, T: Stories aliout the instinct of ani- 
mals, their characters, and habits. S. B. 
1861. 591.5 JB 

Biographical not-es and personal sket4>hes [of 
Ja. T: Fields], with unpublished fragments 
and tributes from men and women of letters. 
anon, O. 1882. 928.1 B 

Biographies of the heroes of history. (Crom- 
well.) S. 1867. 923.1 CIS 

Birch, S. Egypt from the earliest times to B. C. 
300. (Ancient hist, from the monument-s.) S. 
L. 1883. 932 Bl 

Bird, F. J. American practical dyer's compan- 
ion, comprising a description of the principal 
dye-stuflfs and chemicals usecl in dyeing; 
accompanied by 170 dyed samples of raw 
material and fabrics. O. Ph. 1882. B667 B 

Bird, I.. L. See Bishop, I.. L. (Bird). 

Bird and insects' post-ofHce. Bloomfleld, Rolv 
ert.. Q. [1879.] 2 JB21 

Bird-bolts : shots on the wing. Tiffany, Fran- 
cis. S. 1882. 814 T2 

Birds in the bush. Torrey, Bradford. D. B. 

1885. 590.4 T 

Birds of a feather flock together ; or. Talks with 

Sothern. De Fontaine, F. 6. D. 1878. 

818 Dl 
Birkbeck, G : 1776-1841. Godard, J : G : George 

Birklieck, the pioneer of popular education. 

D. 1884. 923.7 B 

Birrell, Augustine. Obiter dicta, anon. D. 

N.Y. 1886. 820 B3 

Birrell, C: M. Life of Rev. R: Knill. 8. N.Y. 

1860. 922.3 K 

Birth and education. Schwartz, M. S. O. 

1871. 889.7 8 

Birthday party. Seventy, May 9, 1881. D. n.d. 

922.8 T 
Birthright. Gore, C. F. G.. (M.) O. 1857. 

2 G36 
Bishop, I.. L. (Bird). Golden GhersoneAe and 

the way thither. D. N.Y. 1883. 915.9 Bl 

— Hawaiian archipelago: six months among the 

palm groves, coral reefs, and volcanoes of the 
Sandwich Islands. 5 ed. D. N.Y. 1882. 

919.6 B 

— Lady's life in the Rocky mountains. D. N.Y. 

1879-80. 917.88 B 

— Unbeaten tracks in Japan : an account of trav- 

els on horseback in the interior. 2 v. O. N.Y. 
1881. 915.2 B 

Bishop, J. Leander. History of American man- 
ufactures from 1608-1860; with an apx. contain- 
ing statistics of the principal manufacturing 
centres, and descriptions of remarkable man- 
ufactories at the present time. 3 v. O. Ph. 
1868. 809 Bl 

Bishop, Nathaniel Holmes. Four months iii a 
sneak-box : a l)oat voyage of 2600 miles down 
the Ohio and Miss, rivers and along the Gulf 
of Mexico. O. B. 1879. 917.3 B2 

— Thousand miles walk across South America ; 

with an introd. by E: A. Sakusls. D. B, 
1860. 918 Bl 

— Three thousand miles through the Rocky 

mountains. D. n.p. n.d 917.8 B 

— Voyage of the paper canoe : a journey of 2500 

miles, from Quebec to the Gulf of Mexico, 

1874-76. O. B. 1878. 797 B 

Bishop, W : H : Choy Susan, and other stories. 

D. B. 1885. 1 B21 


Choy SuMui. The battle of Bunkerloo. Peodand. Brax- 
ton** new art. One of the thirty plecen. Mclntyre's false 
face. Mlm Calderon'ii (Jeniian. 

— Detmold : a romance. S. B. 1880. 1 

— House of a merchant prince : a novel of New 

York. D. B. 1883. 1 B23 

— Old Mexico and her lost provinces. O. N.Y. 

1883. 917.2 B 

Blsmarck-Schonhausen, K: O:, prince von. 
1813- . Prince Bismarck's letters from 1844- 
70; tr. from the Germ, by Fitzh. Maxsx. D. 
N.Y. 1878. 886 B 




BIsmftrck-Schonhausen, K : O : — continued, 

— BuscH, Muritz. Bismarck in the Franoo-Ger- 

inan war. 2 v. in 1, D. n.d. 923.2 B3 

— BuscH, Moritz. Our chancellor : sketches for a 

hintoriual picture. 2 v. in 1, O. 1884. 

923.2 B4 

— GoKi^cM, W : Prince Bismarck : a biog. sketch. 

8. 1975. 923.2 B5 

— Hbskkuel, J: G: L; Life of Bismarck. O. 1870. 

923.2 B6 

Bisselly M.. L. Bertha Weisser's wish : a Christ- 
mas story. 8. B. 1864. 1 JB 12 

Bits of talk about home ntatters. Jackson, H.. 
M. (F.)H. 8. 1875. 814 J 

Bits of talk for young folks. Jackson, H.. M. 
(F.)H. 8. 1876. 1 J J 

Bite of travel. Jackson, H. M. (F.) H. 8. 1874. 

914 J 

Bits of travel at home. Jackson, H. M. (F.) H. 
8. 1878. 917.94 J 

Bitter-sweet: a poem. Holland, J. G. S. 1868. 

811 H8 

BItzius, Albert. (Jeremiah GoUhelf.) Wealth and 
welfare. 2 v. O. L. 1866. 4 B8 

Bivar, Ro<lrigo Diaz de. See Cid, Rmlrigp Diaz 
de Bivar, called the. 

Bixby, Ja. Thompson. Similarities of physical 
and religious knowledge. D. N.Y. 1876. 

215 B 

BJarnson, JtSn, joint tr. See Anderson, Ras- 
mus B. 

BJdrnson, Bjornstjerne. 1832- . Arne ; tr. from 
the Norse by Rasmus B. Andkbson. D. B. 

1881. 839.8 Bl 

— Bridal march, and other stories : tr. from the 

Norse by Rasmus B. Andrbson. D. B. 
1883. 839.8 B2 

— Captain Mansana, and other stories ; tr. from 

the Norse by Rasmus B. Anderson. I). B. 

1882. 839.8 B3 

— Fisher maiden ; tr. from the Norse by Rasmus 

B. AifDERSON. D. B. 1882. 839.8 B4 

— Happy boy ; tr. from the Norse by Rasmus B. 

Andkrson. D. B. 1881. 839.8 B5 

— Magnhlld ; tr. from the Norse by Rasmus B. 

Anderson. D. B. 188;^. 839.8 B6 

— Railroad and the churchyard. (In Gold- 

sclimidtyM. Flying mail. D. 1870.) 

839.8. G 

— Synnove 8olbakken ; tr. from the Norse by 

Rasmus B. Anderson. D. B. 1881. 

839.8 B7 

— Anderson, Rasmus B. Biographical sketch of 

Bjornson. (^S'ee BJtfrnson, B. Synnove Sol- 

bakken. D. 1881. p. 5-23.) 839.8 B7 

BlaclL, Adam, and C :, pub. General atlas of the 

world. F<- Edin. 1873. R912 Bl 

Blacl^ J.B..f M. D. Ten laws of health ; or, How 

disease is produced and can be prevented. D. 

Ph. 1872. 613 B2 

Black, J:, tr. Goldoni, Carlo. Memoirs of 

Carlo Goldoni. 8. 1877. 928.5 G 

— - tr. ScHLEOEL, A : W : Course of lectures on 

dramatic art. D. 1846. 804 SI 

Black, Robert, fr. Guizor, F. P: G. Popular 

history of France. 6 v. Q. n.d. 944 Gl 
Black, W : Adventures in Thule : 3 stories for 

boys. D. L. 188:^. 2 JB19 


An adventure In ThiUe. The fonr MacKlcuto. The 
black bothy. 

— Daughter of Heth. D. N.Y. 1877. 2 B33 

— Four MacNicols. 8. N.Y..1882. 2 JB20 

— Goldsmith. (Enodish men of letters.) D. L. 

1881. 928.2 G7 

— In silk attire. O. n.p. n.d. 2 B34 

— Judith Shakespeare ; her love affairs and other 

adventures. D. N.Y. 1884. 2 B35 

— Kilmeny. (Tauchnitz ed.) 8. Lpz. 1874* 

2 B36 

— Love or marriage? O. N.Y. 1876. 2 B37 

— Macleod of Dare. D. n.p. n.d. 2 B38 

— Mailcap Violet. D. N.Y. 1877. 2 B39 

— Maid of Killeena, and other stories. D. L. 

1878. . 2 B40 


The iiiHid of Klllfi>iui. QiUH>n TKa'm waucr. A flight for 
a wife. The true legend of a bllllHrd club. A Requel to 

— Mr. Pisistratus Brown, M. P. in the Highlamls. 

ufwn. D. L. 1871. 2 B41 

— Monarch of Mincing-lane. O. N.Y. 1871. 

2 B42 

— Princess of Thule. D. N.Y. n.d. 2 B43 

— Shandon bells. D. N.Y. 1883. 2 B44 

— Strange adventures of a phaeton. D. L. 1874. 

2 B45 

— Sunrise: a story of these times. D. N.Y. 1881. 

2 B46 

— That beautiful wretch. D. N.Y. 1881. 

2 B47 

— Three feathers. O. N.Y. 1875. 2 B48 

— White wings : a yachting romance. D. N.Y. 

1880. 2 B49 

— Yolande. D. N.Y. 1883. 2 B50 

— and — . Green pastures and Picca<lilly. D. 

N.Y. 1878. 2 B61 

Black baronet. Carle ton, W: 8. n.d. 

2 ce 

Black brothers. Ruskin, J : King of the Golden 
river ; or, the Black brothers. D. 1872. 

2 JR28 

Black cliff, and other stories on the parables. 
Tucker, C. M. 8. 1862. 244 T5 

Black dwarf, anon. Scott, Sir Wa., hart. 
Tales of my landlord. 1 series: Black dw^arf. 
Old Mortality. 2 v. in 1. O. 1852. 2 844 

— Same. (See Scott, Sir Wa., hart. Bride of 

Lammermoor. 2 v. 8. 1878. v. 2, p. 149-^^).) 

2 S13 T.2 
Black poodle, and other tales. Guthrie, F. A. 

D. 1884. 2 G60 

Black robe. Collins, W : W. D. n.d. 2 C53 
Black sheep. Gates, E. H. O. 1872. 2 Y 




Black ship, with allegories and parables, arwfi. 

8. N.Y. 1861. 2 JX5 

Black spirits and white. Trollope, F. E. (T.) 

O. 1877. 2 T72 

Black volunteers. Bothmer, Countess von. D. 

n.d. 8 B6 

Blackburn, H : Art in the mountains : the story 

of the Passion play. O. L. 1870. 792 B 

— Breton folk : an artistic tour in Brittany. Q. 

L. 1880. 914.4 Bl 

— Normandy picturesque. 1 Amer. ed. S. B. 

1873. 914.4 B2 

BlacklC) J : Stuart. Four phases of morals : 
Socrates, Aristotle, Christianity, utilitarian- 
ism. D. N.Y. 1872. 170 B 

— Natural history of atheism. D. N.Y. 1878. 

211 B 

— On self-culture, intellectual, physical, and 

moral: a vade mecnm for young men and 
students. S. N.Y. 1874. 874 B 

— ed, GoTHB, J: "W. von. Wisdom of Gothe. 

D. 1883. 888 Gl 

Blackley, W: Lewery. Word gossip: a series of 
familiar essays on words and their peculiari- 
ties. D. L. 1869. 422 B 

— tr. Tbonbr, Esaias. Frithiofs saga. D. 1871. 

889.6 Tl 

Blackmore, R : Doddridge. Alice Lorraine : a 

tale of the South downs. O. N.Y. 1875. 

2 B52 

— Cripps, the carrier: a woodland tale. O. N.Y. 

1876. 2 B58 

— Erema: or, My father's sin. O. N.Y. 1877. 

2 B54 

— Lorna Doone : a romance of Exmoor. D. N.Y. 

1883. 2 B65 

— Maid of Sker. O. N.Y. 1877. 2 B56 

— Mary Anerly: a Yorkshire tale. D. N.Y. 

1880. 2 B57 

Blackmore, W : Introductory essay on the des- 
truction of buffalo, and the Indians of N. 
Amer. (See Dodge, R : I. Plains of the great 
West. O. 1877. pref. p. 13-55.) 917.8 D 

Blackwell, I. A., ed. Mallbt, P. H: Northern 
antiquities. D. 1859. 890 Ml 

Blackwood, F : Temple. See Dufferin, F : T. 
Blackwood, earl of. 

Blackwood's Edinburgh magazine, 1864-74. 

V. 96-116. Amer. ed. O. N.Y. 1864-74. 

052 B 

— Same. v. 38 and 39. (;S'ee Reprint of Black- 

wood's Edinburgh magazine, the Metropolitan, 
and the Foreign quarterly review, v. 5 and 6. 
Q. 18:».) 082 R 

Bladen, E.. S. Water waif: a story of the revolu- 
tion, founded on incidents connected with the 
baUle of Trenton. S. Ph. 1876. 1 JB18 

Blagden, Isa. Woman I loved, and the woman 
who loved me, and Tuscan wedding. (Tauch- 
nitz ed.) S. Lpz. 1872. 2 B58 

Blaikle, W : How to get strong, and how to stay 
so. S. N.Y. [1879]. 618 B8 

— Sound bodies for our boys and girls. D. N.Y. 

1884. 618 B4 

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people. S. L. 1865. 174 B 

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1865. 174 Bl 

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928.9 LI 
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Garfield, delivered F. 27, 1882. D. B. 1882. 

928.1 6 

— Twenty years of Congress, from Lincoln to Gar- 

field, with a review of the events which led to 
the political revolution of 1860. 2 v. O. Nor- 
wich, 1884-86. 829 Bl 
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live: the effects of stimulants and narcotics 
on the human system. D. B. 1885. 612 B 

— Outlines for the study of English classics. D. 

B. 1881. 820 B4 

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2 B59 

— Ruth Maxwell. O. n.p. n.d. 2 B60 
Blake, J: Lauris. Family text book for the 

country ; or, the Farmer at home. D. N.Y. 
1857. 680 Bl 

— Farmer's every-day book : 1200 laconics and 

apothegms relating to ethics, religion, and 
general literature ; also, 500 receipts. O. N.Y. 
1856. 680 B2 

— Historical reader. D. Concord, N.H. 1825. 

907 B 

— Lessons in modern farming ; or, Agriculture for 

schools. D. N.Y. 1852. 681 B 

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Lord and master: a story of to-day. D. 

N.Y. 1874. 1 B24 

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Blake, Silas Leroy, D. D. Book ; or, . When and 

by whom the books of the Bible were written. 

D. B. 1886. 220 B 

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for mothers and nurses. S. L. 1884. 649 B 
Blake, W : P. See U. S.—C(mimissioners to the 

Paris universal exposition, 1867. Reports. 6 v. 

O. 1870. R606 V2 

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hours a day. D. B. [1883]. 640 B8 

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N.Y. 1877. 646 B 

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83; tr. from a French ms., by W: Duane, ai^d 

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828 B9 

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moir of Blanchard. (See Blanchard, L. 
Sketches from life. D. 1846. pref. p. 5^38.) 

828 B9 




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ples of construction in arches, piers, but- 
tresses, etc. 3 ed. Tiar. p. L. 1867. 

721 B 

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All for greed. O. B. n.d. 4 BO 

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2 ue 

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W: H. Life of Harman Blennerhassett. D. 

1853. 928.2 B7 

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1789-1849. Idler in France. 2 v. D. Ph. 1841. 

914.4 B3 

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with life of the author. D. B. 1859. 

928.2 B3 

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{See her Journal of conversations with Lord 
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Blind Lilias ; or. Fellowship with God : a tale for 

the young ; by a lady, arton. S. N. Y. 1862. 

2 JX6 

BUndpits. Tnylor, E.. D. 1869. 2 T4 

Bllnn, Leroy J. Practical workshop companion 
for tin, sheet iron, and copper plate workers. 
D. Ph. 1882. 672 Bl 

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covery, 1860^1. D. 186an51. 505 Al 

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ed. Memoirs of P. P, Bliss. O. 1878. 

927.8 B4 

Bllthedale romance. Hawthorne, Nathaniel. 
8. 1876. 1 H64 

-> jSofiM, and Scarlet letter. 2 v. in 1. D. [1880.] 

1 H74 

Blockade of Phalsburg. Erckmann, Emile, 
ojid Chntrlnn, Alex. D. 1871. 4 El 

Blockade runners. Verne, Jules. Floating 
city, and the Blockade runners. O. 1875. 

4 V7 

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office. Q. N.Y. [1879]. 2 JB21 

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his island. D. N.Y. 1884. 847 B 

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1880. 1 JWl 

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Blue-stocking. Kd wards, Annie. S. 1877. 

2 £15 

Blunders of a bashful man ; by the author of a 
Bad boy's diary, anon. D. K.Y. [1881]. 

1 X 

Blunders of vice and folly. Haripreaves, J: 
6: D. 1871. 174 H 

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phrates) ; ed. with a pref., and some account of 
the Arabs and their horses, by Wilfred 
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915<5 Bl 

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1 JT4 

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the. Scudder, H. E. O. 1880. 1 JS7 

Bodley grandchildren, and their journey in Hol- 
land. Scudder, H. E. O. 1882. 914.92 S 

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1 JS4 

Bodleys on wheels, anon. Scudder, H. E. O. 
1879. 1 J85 

Bodleys telling stories, anon. Scudder, H. E. 
O. 1878. 1 JS6 

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shooting; ed. by G: J. Fostbb. D. N.Y. 
1874. 799 Bl 

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of Kentucky. D. B. 1870. 923.9 B5 

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of Ibichstein. S. 1884. 8 H8 

Bohemians of the 17th century. (See Saint 
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millions. O. n.d. p. 97-205.) 4 S 

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— comp. Ghronicles of the Grusades. D. L. 1865. 

940 B 



CniMkle of R: Coeiir de Leon: hy iUcKard of Devises 
«<i Cteof f n 
J : de Jolnv; 

aud Geoffrey de VliMauf. Crosade of St LouIm; by lord 
* ^ llle. 

— comp. Young lady's book : a manual of recrea^ 

tion, arts, sciences, and accomplishments. D. 

L. [1859]. 790 Bl 

"Bohn^W.S.Jointtr. iSTee M'Devltte, W. A. 
BolsfTobey, Fortune de. Lost casket ; tr by S. 

Lbs. S. N.Y. 1881. 4 BIO 

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1 B25 
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Works; with life. 4 v. O. Ph. 1841. 

828 BIO 

Note, Life of Bollngbroke, v. 1, p. 13-lOT. 

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18()3. 923.2 B8 




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D. Memoirs of Bimon Bolivar. O. 1830. 

923.1 B 

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tal. D. Pli. 1876. 381 B 

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novel ; tr. by Thdr. Johnbon. D. N. Y. 1869. 

3 B5 

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B. 1885. 020.07 H 

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Ph. 1871. 425 B 

— comp. Gleanings from the harvest-flelds of lit- 

erature. D. Bait. 1867. 818 B4 

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Wilson, Alex. 

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Eugene L. Life and letters of Mme. Bona- 
parte. D. 1879. 923.9 B2 

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Bavaria and in the Tyrol. O. L. 1860. 

799 B2 

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Grandpapa's stories ; or, Dame nature ; lieing 
talks about natural history and things of daily 
use. D. Ph. [1869]. 504 JB 

— Picciola, the prisoner of Fenestrella ; or, Cap- 

tivity captive. D. Ph. 1857. 4 Bll 

— Same. {In Hall, Ja. Wilderness and the war 

path. 3 V. in 1. D. 184().) 1 M25 

Bonnechose, Emile de. Hero of Brittany: a 

hist, of Bertrand du Guesclin ; tr. by Marg. S. 

JsuKB. S. N.Y. 1882. 923^ 05 

— History of France, from the invasion of the 

Franks under Clovis to the accession of Louis 

Philipi>e ; tr. by W : Robson. 2 ed. D. L. 

1856. 944 B 

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Texas, to which is abided an account of the 
Indian tribes. S. Austin, 1840. 917.64 B 

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N.Y. 1878. 
— Child's history of Rome. 

— Child's history of the U. S. 


— Same. 3 v. 8. N.Y. 1866-76. 

938 JB 

2 V. 8. N.Y. 185(5. 

937 JB2 
2. V. 8. N.Y. 
973 JBl 
973 JB2 

— tr. TocQURViLLB, A. C : H : C. de. Old regime 
and the revolution. D. 1856. 320 T 

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Kath. Sherwoo<l (Bonner). 

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tcm. Adventures of Capt. Bonneville in the 
Rocky mountains and the far West. 8. ISiiS. 

923.9 B3 

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1886. 1 W42 

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Bible were written. Blake, 8. L., D. D. 

D. 1886. ' 220 B 

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1870. 610 J2 

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422 G 

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ser. D. 1852. 828 HIO 

Book-hunter. Burton, J: H. D. 1863. 

020 B 
Book-lover. Baldwin, Ja. D. 1885. 804 B 
Book of ballads, ancient and modern, historical, 

traditional, and romantic, cmon, O. L. n.d. 

821 X 
Book of blunders. Bombaug^h, C. C. 8. 1871. 

425 B 
Book of costume, anon, Wilton, M.. M. Eger- 

ton, countejut of. nar. O. 1847. 391 • W 

Book of days. Chambers, Robert, ed. 2 v. Q. 

1863-64. 900 C 

Book of family crests. Waahbourne, H : 2 v. 

D. 1859. 929 W 

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8. 18(>5. 828 Y 

Book of golden thoughts. Attw^ell, H:, conqt, 

8. 1871. 808 A 

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Book of nature. Good, J: M. O. 1831. 500 G 
Book of nature. Schftdler, F : 1 Amer. from 2 

Eng. ed. O. 1859. 502 8 

Book of snobs. Thackeray, W: M. D. 1852. 

827 T 

— Same, and 8ketches and travels in Liondon. O. 

1869. 827 Tl 

— Same, and 8ketches of life and character. O. 

1872. 827 T2 

Book of the beginnings. Nenvton, R. H. D. 

1884. 222 N 

Book of the East, and other ]K)ems. Stoddard, 

R: H: D. 1871. 811 811 

Book of travels of a doctor of physic, anon. 

Taylor, W.H. D. 1871. 914 TO 

Book of vagaries. Paulding, J. K. D. 1868. 

814 P4 





Book of worthies, anon. Yonge, C M.. 

1869. 920.03 

Boone, Daniel. 1735-1822. Abbott, J: 8. 

Daniel Boone, the pioneer of Kentucky. 

[1872.] 923.9 

— BooABT, W : H. Daniel Boone and the hunters 

of Kentucky. D. 1870. 923.9 B5 

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■ of Amer. biog. 2 ser. 1844-48. v. 13, p. 

3-203.) 920.07 LI V.18 

Bootli, Edwin T : 1833- . Clarkb, A. B. The 
younger Booth. {See author* s Elder and the 
younger Booth. D. 1882. p. 117-180,) 

927.9 Bl 
Booth, James C, and Morflt, Campbell. Ency- 
clopjedia of chemistry, practical and theoret- 
ical, embracing its application to the arts, 
metallurgy, mineralogy, geology, medicine, 
and pharmacy. 7 ed. O. Ph. 1872. 540 B 

— and FabeFi^ W: L., ed. Rbonault, H: V: 

Elements of 'chemistry. 2 ed. 2 v. O. 1853. 

540 R 




Booth, Jnnius Brutus. 1796-1852. Booth me- 
morials ; passages, incidents, and anecdotes in 
the life of J. B. Booth, the elder ; by his daugh- 
ter, anon. D. N.Y. 1866. 927.9 B 

— Clarkk, a. B. Elder and the younger Booth. 

D. 1882. 927.9 Bl 

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soms among flowers from German gardens. 
9q. T. Heidelberg, 1864. 831 B 

Booth, M.. L., tr. About, £. F. V. Germaine. 
D. 1860. 4 A 

— tr. About, E. F. V. King of the mountains. 

D. 1861. 4 Al 

— tr, Gaspakiw, a. £., comte de. America before 

Europe: principles and interests. 3 ed. D. 
1862. 821 O 

— £r. Gaspabin, a. E., comte de. Uprising of a 

great people: the U.S. in 1861. 4ed. D. 1861. 

826 O 

— tr, Laboulayb, E: R. L. Abdallah; or, the 

Four-leaved shamrock. 2 ed. S. 1875. 4 LI 

— tr. Laboulayb, E: R. L. Fairy book: fairy 

tales of all nations. D. mn. 4 JL2 

— tr. Laboulayb, E: R. L. Last fairy tales. D. 

1885. 4 JL8 

— tr. Laboulayb, E: R. L. Paris in America. 

D. 1863. 847 L 

— tr. Mabtdt, H: Age of Louis XIV. 2 v. O. 

1865. 944.08 M 

— tr. Mabtin, H : Decline of the French mon- 

archy. 2v. O. 1866. 944.08 Ml 

Boots an4. saddles; or. Life in Dakota with Gen. 

Custer. Custer, Mr$. E.. B. D. 1885. 

917.88 C 
Border and Bastille, anon. Lawrence, G : A. 

8. 1863. 2 L5 

Border beagles. Slmm8,W:G. D. [1855.] 

1 S20 
Border-lAnd of science. Procter, R: A. D. 

1874. fi04 P 

Borderlines of knowledge in some provinces of 

medical scieni;e. Holmes, O. W. O. 1862. 

eio HI 

Borg, Selma, and Brown, Marie A., tr. 
ScHWABTZ, M. S. Birth and education. O. 
1871. 889.7 8 

— tr. ScHWABTZ, M. S. CU)rda. D. [1874.] 

889.7 81 

— tr. ScHWABTZ, M. S. Gold and name. O. 

1871. 889.7 82 

— tr. ScHWABTZ, M. S. Guilt and innocence. O. 

1871. 889.7 88 

— tr. SCHWABTZ, M. S. Right one. O. 1871. 

889.7 84 

— tr. SCHWABTZ, M. S. Son ofHhe organ-grinder. 

D. [1873.] 889.7 85 

— tr, TopBUUs, Zachris. Gustave Adolf. D. 

1883. 889.7 T 

— tr. and comp. Northern lights : stories from 

Swe<lish and Finnish authors. D. [1873.] 

889.7 JB 

Barrow, G : Bible in Spain ; or, the Journeys, 
adventures, and imprisonments of an English- 
man, in an attempt to circulate the Scriptures 
in the peninsula. O. Ph. 1843. 914.6 Bl 

— Same. 13 ed. O. N.Y. 1859. 914.6 B2 

— Lavengro : the scholar, the gipsy, the priest. 

D. N.Y. 1851. 2 B62 

— Romany Rye: a sequel to "Lavengro." O. 

N.Y. 1859. 2 B68 

— Wild Wales ; its people, language, and scenery, 

with introd. remarks. D. L. 1868. 

914.2 Bl 

— Zincali : an account of the gypsies of Spain. D. 

L. 1809. 914.6 B8 

— Same; w. an original collection of their songs 

and poetry, and a vocabulary. 2 v. in 1. nar. 
D. N.Y. 1842. 914.6 B4 

— Same. (In author'n Bible in Spain. 13 ed. O. 

1869.) 914.6 B2 

Bosanquet, F. C. T., ed. Pliny. Letters. D. 
1878. 876 P 

Bosoana, Geronimo. Chinigchinich : a histori- 
cal a<;count of the origin, customs, and tradi- 
tions of the Indians of Alta-California. (See 
Robinson, A. Life in California. D. 184<S. 
p. 227-:m.) 917.94 R 

Boscobel. Alnsworth, W : H. 2v.ini. S. 
1872. 2 A8 

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H. S. Bossuet and his contemporaries. D. 
1875. 922.2 B2 

Best, M. Letters and biography of Felix NefF ; 
tr. from the Fr. by Margaret Anne Wyatt. 
D. L. 1843. 922.4 N 

Boston— C'(7^ council. Celebration of the 25(>t.h 
anniversary of the settlement of Boston, S. 17, 

1880. Q. B.1880. 974.46 B 

— Dedication of the monument on Boston Com- 

mon. Q. B. 1877. 974.46 Bl 

— Memorial of James Abram Garfield from the 

city of Boston. Q. B. 1881. 928.1 Gl 

— Memorial of Wendell Phillips from the city of 

Boston. Q. 1884. 928.1 P8 

— Re-dedication of the ohl state house, Boston, 

Jl. 11, 1882. Q. B. 1882. 974.46 B2 

Boston — Public library. Bulletin, winter numl>er, 
1886: no. 72. Q. n.p. n.d. R018 Bl 

— Bulletins: nos. 4-71. 3 v. Q. B. 1868-85. 

R018 B 


V. 1. Xo. 4-27, Ap. 186S-AP. IW6. 
X. Xo. 3S-flO, Jl. 187fr-Ja. 18H2. 
3. Xo. 61-71, Mr. 1H82-Ap. 18KS. 

.Vote. Xo. 14, 19-22, 24, 28, 4«, .V2, !A-M, 82, and 64 wanting. 

— Catalogue of English prose fiction and books 

for the young [in] loy^er hall. 7 ed. Q. [B. 
1885.] R019 Bl 

— Catalogues : Poetry, dranm, collections, periotl- 

icals, and misc. works. 1 ed. Jl. 1870., Works 
in the arts and sciences. 2 ed. S. 1871., [and] 
Works in the arts and sciences : sup. cat. My. 

1881. Q. [B. 1870-81.] R019 B2 

— Hand-book for readers. S. B. 1883. 028 B 




Boston— Pu5fic /t5raiy— continued. 

— Index to the catalogue of books in the Bates 

Hall: first supplement. Q. B. 1866. 

R019 B 

Boston— Aecord CtmitniMioners. Report, 1876, 

'80. 2v.O. B. 1881-84. 974.46 B8 

— Report, containing Boston births, baptisms, mar- 

riages, and deaths, 1630-1699. O. B. 1883. 

074.46 B4 

— Report, containing Charlestown land records, 

1638-1802. O. B. 1883. 974.46 B5 

— Report, containing records of Boston selectmen, 

1701-1736. 2v. O. B. 1884-85. 974.46 B6 

— Report, containing the Boston records, 1634- 

1660, and the Book of possessions. 2 v. O. B. 
1881. 974.46 B8 

— Report, containing the Boston records, 1660- 

1742. 3v. O. B. 1885. 974.46 B7 


V. 1. l«0O-17Ol. 
9. 1700-1728. 
3. I72i»-I7tf. 

— Report, containing the Boston town records, 

1742-1757. O. B. 1885. 974.46 B9 

— Report, containing the Roxbury land and 

church records. O. B. 1884. 974.46 BIO 

— Report. Dorchester town records. O. B. 

1883. 974.46 Bll 

Boston atlien»um. Catalogue of books, with 
the by-laws of the institution, and a list of its 
proprietors and subscribers. O. B. 1827. 

ROi8 B2 

Boston library society. Catalogue of the 
books in Franklin Place, Ja. 1844. O. B. 
1844. ROi8 B3 

Boston. Lander, S.. W. S. 1864. 1 JLl 

Boston almanac and business directory, 1886. 
V. 51. nar. T. B. [1885]. R917.44 B 

Boston cook book. Lincoln, Mrs. M.. J. D. 
18M. 641 LI 

Boston directory, 1868, 70, '80, and '84. 4 v. O. 
B. 1868-84. R917.44 Bl 

Boston Journal of chemistry ; devoted to chemis- 
try as applied to medicine, agriculture, and 
the arts; ed. by James R. Nichols. Jl. 1. 
1868-Je. 1. 1874. v. 3-8. 3 v. F. B. 1868-74. 

540 Bl 

Boston patriot: [semi-weekly], Mr. 3, 1809-Mr. 6, 
1816. V. 1-14. 8 V. F«- B. 180»-16. R071 B 

Boston spectator ; devoted to politicks and belles- 
lettres; ed. by J: Park: [weekly], Ja. 1, 1814- 
F. 15, 1815. V. 1. F. B. 1814-15. R071 Bl 

Bosivelly James. Life of Samuel Johnson, incl. 
a journal of a tour to the Hebrides ; [a new 
ed.] with notes by J : Wilson Ckokbr. 2 v. O. 
N.Y. 1840-41. 928.2 J2 

Bothmer, Counter von. Black Volunteers : a 
story of the war for Grerman independence. 
D. L. n.d. 8 B6 

Botta^ Anne C. Lynch. Hand book of universal 
literature. O. B. 1885. 802 B 

Botta, C : History of the war of the independ- 
ence of the U. S. A. ; tr. from the Italian by 6 : 
Alex. Ons. 9 ed. 2 v. O. N.H. 1880. 

973.8 B 
Botta, Vincenzo. Dante as philosopher, patriot, 
and poet, with an analysis of the IHvina corn- 
media, its plot and episodes. O. N.Y. 1865. 

928.5 I> 

— Discourse on the life, cliaracter, and policy of 

count Cavour. O. K.Y. 1862. 928.2 C4 
Bottom of the sea. Sonrel, L. D. 1882. 

661.4 J8i 
Boucicaulty Dion, Joint author. See Reade, C : 
Boaghton, 6 : H. Sketching rambles In Holland, 

with illustrations by the author and Edwin A. 

Abbey. O. N.Y. 1885. 914.92 B 

Bonldln, Powhatan. Home reminiscences of 

John Randolph of Roanoke. O. Richmond, 

Ya. 1878. 923.2 Rl 

Boulger, Dora (Havers). {Theo. Gift.) Pretty 

Miss Belle w; a tale of home life. (Leisure 

hour series.) S. N.Y. 1876. 2 B64 

Boulton, Matthew. 1728-1809. BiaLsi, 8 : Lives 

of Boulton and Watt. O. 1865. 926 B 
Boulton, 8. B. Russian empire ; its origin and 

development. 8. 1882. 947 B 

Bound in honor. Trowbridge, J : T. D. 1878. 

1 JT19 
Bound together. Fargus^FiJ: 8. 1884. 

• 2 F 
Bound together. Mitchell, D. G. D. 1884. 

814 M8 
Bourbon lilies. Champney, L. (W.) 8. 1878. 

1 C9 
Bourdon, P: L: Marie. Elements of algebra, 

incl. 8tnim's theorem ; a4apted by C : Davus. 

O. N.Y. 1850. 612 B 

Bourke, J: O. ^nake-dance of the Moquis of 

Ariz<»na. O. N.Y. 1884. 970 Bl 

Bourne, C. B. Great composers ; or, Stories of 

the lives of eminent musicians. D. L. n.d. 

927^ Gl 
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029 Bl 

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918 B 

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1 HI 

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mouth, 1868. 815 XI 

Note. Bound with this are niuiMromi other pamphletii 
relsting to the KananA-Leoompton constitution, and other 





Boyden, A.. L. Echoes from hospital and White 
House: a record of Mrs. Rebecca B. Pomroy's 
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1 B30 

Queen Titania. The mountaln'R face. A dangerous vir- 

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1 B31 


The man who lo«t hbi name. The fitory of an outcast. A 
good-for-notlilng. A Hcientlfio vagabond. Truhi, the name- 
less. Asatlior's vengeance. 

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327 B 

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- 973.3 JC2 

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1 je:i4 

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n.d. 530 JP 

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828 X 


V. 1. Bab and his friends. Mountain of mimiim. Faith- 
lem friend. Chriiitniafi carol. 

2. 8ea-flghtH. Wreck of the (Jolden Mary. 

3. Men of Iron. Three great potters. l*rumian vaM. 

4. Popular dehuUonM. 

5. Strange storied about strange people. 

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975 B 
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Memorial of G : Bradburn. D. 1883. 

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915.4 B2 




Brftddoiiy M.. E.. See Maxwelly M.. £.. (Brad- 

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nar. O. B. 1825. 974.4 B6 

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1775, the answers to the same, and othet pub- 
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tales for little* convalescents; ed. by £: N. 
Mabks. D. L. 1872. 2 JB22 


TomuiT Helton. Katle'H dreain. fteen€« in a nuniery I 
know of. The little peatuuit gtrl's (ihiistinan morning. 
The c]M8 in uuizxical geography. What Tom iMiid. What 
Harry said. Little IMrk. Aea-vlew houiie. Mira Muff and 
UUIe Hnngry. Little Rainy. The children's ward. 

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1 JB17 

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Cliic. 1881. 1 JB18 

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mies, and how she returned them good for 

evil. 8. Chic. 1881. 1 JB19 

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2 JEl 

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1 B33 
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923.6 G4 

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L. n.d. 2 JB23 

— For faith and fatherland. D. L. n.d. 

2 JB24 

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Sequel to "the Snowball society." anon. D. 
L. n.d. 2 JB25 

Bramston, M.. — continued. 

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n.d. 2 JB26 

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L. n.d. 2 JB27 

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ceremonies, superstitions; ed. by Sir H: 
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1851. 970 8 

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anon. D. L. n.d. 2 X6 

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2 C78 

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L. 1851. 927.5 S 

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some account of the Huguenots in the 17th 
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lG59-bD. D. n.d. 923.2 P4 

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Journal of the Plague year. D. n.d. 

942 D 




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1876. 1 JW2 

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Hero, Bread upon the waters, Alice Learmont. 

D. 1872. 2 C84 

— Same, etc. S. n.d. 2 C79 
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1871. 1 N2 

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1884. 1 XI 

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D. Troy, 1885. 914.1 B 

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poetically, and practically, anon, D. N.Y. 
1869. 641 X 

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824 S 

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' V. (H.) O. [1875.] 641 T 

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ed, 8. 1871. 242 L 

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D. n.p. [1851]. 716 B2 

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sages from his note-lK)ok8;'ed. by H. £. Scud- 
DKR. O. Ph. 1877. 928.8 Bl 

Br^hat, Alf . Guezenec de. Jean Belin ; or, the 
Adventures of a little French lK)y. D. B. 
n.d. 4 JB12 

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Bremer, Frodrika. 1802-1866. Brothers and sis- 
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rrr. O. N.Y. 1873. 889.7 Bl 

— Diary, H — family. Axel and Anna, etc. ; tr. by 

M.. Howrrr. D. L. 1853. 889.7 B2 


Diary. The m>litary. The comforter. A letter about 
8npp«re. The H— family. Axel and Anna. 

— Greece and the Greeks : the narration of a win- 

ter residence and summer travel in Greece 
and its islands ; tr. by M,. Howrrr. 2 v. O. 
L. 1863. 914.95 B 

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peace; tr. by M.. Howrrr. D. L. 1885. 

889.7 B8 

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America; tr. by M.. Howrrr. 2 v. D. N.Y. 
1854. 917.8 B4 

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Ph. [18(X)]. 914.94 B 

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889.7 B4 

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Bremer in Sweden. 2 v. D. 1866. 928.8 T 

tricity , with sketches of some of its discoverers. 
D. N.Y. 1886. 687 Bl 

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lish, by Kate Frbiuobath-Kbokkr. D. L. 
1885. 8 JB8 


Ufe, pref . p. 11-23. Dear4uy-«oiil. The utoryof Sir 8kip- 
and-a-jnmp. The utory of Klnuy Xuddv. The story of 
* Wackemhard and his five flons. CJtaUdren's page. 

Brentford parsonage, anon. Bobbins, 8.. C. 

D. 1876. 1 JR4 

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1 B14 
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824 H3 

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921 2N 

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Chief of the pilgrims; or, the Life and time 
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2v. S. 1878. 2 818 

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of Lammermoor, a Legend of Montrose. 2 v. 
in 1, O. 1852. 2 846 

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by an ofAcer of the U. Q.'navy ; ed. by Nathan- 
iel Hawthorkb. atwn, D. N.Y. 1845. 

916 B 

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taining ample directions for the cultivation of 
the most important fruits. D. N.Y. 1857. 

684 Bl 

— Young gardener's assistant. O. N.Y. 1857. 

685 Bl' 

Pt. 1. Vegetable dept. 9, Flower dept. 8. Pniltdept. 




Bridgewater treatises. 3 v. D. L. 1852-77. 


Bell* i9tr C :, bart. Hand an evincing denkrn. 1877. 


dialnieni* T : Adaptation of external nature to the 
moral and inteUectnal constitution of num. 185S. US 10 CI 

Kldd, J : On toe adaptation of external nature to the 
ptiyiileal coodltlon of man. 1092. XI K 

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M.. 8. Life and edocation of Laura Dewey 
Bridgman. D. 1879. 923.7 Bl 

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cont. inscriptions, epitaphs, and records in 
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anon. S. 1831. 923.1 Jl 

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venlcje preserved; Olway. Tlie mourning bride : Congreve. 
Tamerlane: Kowe. Tlie fair (lenitent; Rowe. Cato; Addi- 
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Lady Jane Gray; Kowe. The siege of Damascus; Hnglies. 
The revenge; Vonng. (George Barnwell: Llllo. 

9. Zara; HUl. Fatal curiosity; HIU. Arden of Fe- 
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Zenobia; Murphy. The Grecian daughter; Murphy. Ma- 
tilda; Franklin. 

3* Comedies : — Every man in his humor: Jonson. 
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singer. The great duke of Florence; Massinger. Rule a 
wife and have a wife; Beaumont antf Fletcher. The plain- 
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The way of the world ; Congreve. Love for love ; Con- 

freve. The constant couple; Farquhsr. The inconstant; 
'araiihar. She wou'd and she wou'd not'; Cibber. The 
careless husband; Cibber. The double gallant; Citdier. 
The recruiting; Farquhar. The beaux stratagem; Far- 

4. The busy body; Centlivre. The wonder; Cent- 
Uvre. The drummer; Addison. A Wdd stroke for a wife: 
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Hoadly. The way tokeephim; Muri>hy. All in the wrong; 
Murphy. The Jealous wife; Colman. The school for 
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awdGarrick. The English merchant; Colman. The broth- 
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The rivals; Sheri<lan. The choleric man ; Cuml>erlAnd. 

5. Operas and Faroes : — The cheats of Scapin; 
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honest Yorkshireman; Carev. The king and the miller of 
Mansfield; Dodsley. Sir John Cockle at court; Dodsley. 
The lying valet: Garrick. Miss lu her teens; Garrick. 
Taste; Foote. The English in Paris; Foote. The knights; 
Foote. The apprentice; Murphy. The Englishman re- 
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male-coquette; Garrick. The upholsterer; Murphy. The 
guardian; Garrick. High life below stairs; Garrick. The 
minor: Foote. The old nuiid ; M nrphy. The citizen; Mur- 
;>hy. The liar; Foote. The orators; Foote. The deuce is 
n him; Colman. Love in a village; Bickerstaff. The 

mayor of Garratt; Foote. The patron; Foote. Midas; 
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2. The Ens)i»h Moor. The love-Btck court. Covent 
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1. The general prindpIeK of confttmctlon. 2. Materials 
niied in bvulding. 3. strengUi of materialti. 4. Une of 
materials. h. Working drawings, specifications, and 

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Bttlo'Wy B. von. 

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V. 1. A vindicaUon of natural society. An eaiiay on tbe 
sublime and beautiful. PoUttcal mlsceUanieii. 

S. Political mlflcellanies. Reflectiom on the rerolatfoo 
in France. Letter to a member of the national araembly. 

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Note.—YoT contents see Brooklyn library catalogne, p. 

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V. 9, p. 3-229.) 920.07 hX v,9 




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1 B48 


Sarlv Tim: a Lancanhlre Rtory. "Le MoDslenr de la 
peUteDame." Smethnintm. One day at A He. Enmeralda. 
JlireOlrand'n little daughter. Ix>duiiky. "fleth." 

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JfotB^—BBme as DoUy. 

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814 B9 

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N.Y. 1838. 379 B 




Bnrtoiiy Warren — continued. 

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eOO B3 

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914 T8 




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Robt. von. 
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embracing his suppressed poems; with a 

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de«exildfi. " PoMon Jone'." 

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1882. ' 990 C 




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815 C 


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conKtitutlon and government of the U. B. 
2-4. Hpeechen. 
5-6. Keitorts and public letters. 

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2 CI 
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1 JA75 
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y. 1. Nloolay, J: Q. Outbreak of rebellion. 18Bt. 

973.7 N 
S. Foroe, M. F. From Fort Henry to Corinth. 1881. 

973.7 FS 




Campalipift of the civil yrar^continued. 

3. W«bb. A. S. Penliwula. 1881. 073.7 Wl 

4. Bopes, J : 0. Army under Pope. 1881. 

973.7 R» 

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1882. 973.7 P 

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973.7 CS 

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Louis XV., and Louis XVI. 2 ed. 2 v. O. 
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History of Katherine Randolph, anon. O. 
N.Y. 1857. 2 C3 

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D. N.Y. 1879. 1 JC 

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O. N.Y. 1883. 790 JC 

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1 JCl 

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1 C5 

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1885.. 1 JC3 

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anon. 2 v. O. Ph. 1865. 561.9 C 

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tory of thg campaign of 1812 ; by Ja. Freeman 
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wood, ivory, shell, etc. : a book for beginners. 

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D. 1883. 919.6 J 

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917.29 O 
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O. n.d. 2 T41 

Canadian pictures drawn with pen and pencil. 

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of. Q. n.d. 917.1 L 

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825 C 

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[1835.] pref. p. 5-37.) 825 C 

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n.p. n.d. 917 wi 

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395 XI 

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1878. 821 C4 




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im, 1 N6 

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1 D47 

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islands, and the continents of Amer. two hun- 
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923.4 JK 
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1 JSl 
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926 C 
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968 S 

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1873. • 978.7 P8 

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655 C 

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888 P v.l 

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n.p. n.d. 2 C4 

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1 P24 

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2 04 

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1 JA19 v.lO 

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2 C7 

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D. L. 1877. 2 C8 


Ned M'Keown. The three tMifB. Aluuie Fadh*it wedding. 
Larry M'Karland'ii wake. The tmttle of the factions. The 
iMjty flKhtaud funeral. The hMge Hchool. The station. 
The mltlnlght mass. The Donagh. PhU Puroell. The pig 
driver. The Llanhan Shee. 

— Same. 2 ser. D. L. 1877. 2 C9 


The geography of an Irish oath. An essay on Irish 
swearii^. The poor scholar. Wlldgoose lodge. Tnbber 
])erg. Dents O'Hhaughnessy going to Maynooth. Phelim 
O'Toole's courtship. 

— Willy Reilly. D. n.p. n.d. 2 C 10 
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y. 1. Sartor resartos. 
2-4. French revolution. 
5. Llfeof AchUler. 
6- IS. Sllscellanies. 

13. Heroes and hero worship. 

14. Past and present. 

15-10. Cromwell's letters apd speeches. 

50. Latter-day pamphlets. 

51. Life of Sterling. 
SS-31. Frederick, the Great. 
3S. Index. 

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824 CI 




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3 G6 

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O. N.Y. 1881. 928.2 C2 


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Choice of Books. S. n.d. p. 13-123.) 

828 CI 

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928.2 C3 

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' 928.2 C4 

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Reminiscences of Athens and the Morea : ex- 
tracts from a journal of travels in Greece in 
1839; ed. by his son, the present earl. D. L. 
1869. 914.95 C 

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Caroline Matilda, queen of Denmark. 1751-1775. 

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thor*s memoirs of Sir Robt. M. Keith. 2 v. O. 
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3 JC 

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923.6 C 

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English of the 14th century; Chaucer's Pro- 
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tions ; with an apx. containing the applications 
of the microscope to clinical medicine, etc., by 
Francis Gurney Smith. O. Ph. 1856. 

578 C 

— On the use and abuse of alcoholic liquors in 

health and disease ; with a pref . by D. Francis 
' CoNDiB. (Prize essay.) O. Ph. 1863. 

178 C 

— Principles of mental physiology, with their ap- 

plication to the training and discipline of the 
mind. O. N.Y. 1874. 131 C 

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1878. 590.1 C 

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L. 1878. 914.5 C 

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2 A5 
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counter-revolution in Eng. tr. by W : Hazlitt ; 

with History of the reign of James II., by 

C:J. Fox. D. L. 1846. 942.06 C 

— Mbmoib of Carrel, anon. (See his History of 

the counter-revolution in Eng. D. 1846. 
pref . p. 5-16.) 942.06 C 




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Anecdotes and tales illustrative of the wit and 
humor of Scotland. D. Glasg. 1841. 827 C 

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tion. Q. N.Y. [1876]. 978.8 C 

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the Grows, being the experience of an officer's 
wife on the plains. D. Ph. 1868. 017.8 C 

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** Carrots " : just a little boy. Molesworth, M.. 
L. (S.) D. 1882. 2 JM19 

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Cyclopiedia of Eng. literature. Q. 1883. 

R820 CI 

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O. 1870. 920.04 S 

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C. Kit Carson, the pioneer of the West. D. 
[1873.] 928.9 C 

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928.9 CI 

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928.9 C2 

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B. 1864. 1 JC5 

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Garter. D. 1868. 927.5 C 

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prising the journal of a tour in the years 1825, 
*26, and'27. 2 v. O. N.Y. 1827. 914 C2 

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ink. S. N.Y. 1881. 741 -C 

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D. 1881. 748 Wl 

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D. B. 1855. 1 JC6 

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811 CI 

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Phoebe Gary. D. 1873. 928.1 C 

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Johnson to Kirke White : a continuation of 

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851 D2 

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Gary, Alice. Poetical works. D. 1882. 
p. 18&-332.) 811 CI 

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Phoebe Gary. D. 1873. 928.1 C 

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containing extracts from his diaries and let- 
ters. O. B. 1856. 923.8 P 

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Isaac Casaubon. O. 1875. 928.4 C 

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ley, M. <F.) D. 1876. 1 P8 

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1871. 2 H48 

Casper and his friends. Warner, A.. B. If. 
1868. 1 JW 

CasseU, — . Supernatural jreligion : an inquiry ' 

into the reality of divine revelation. 5 ed. 

2 V. O. L. 1875. 231 C 

you. "Ascribed by some to Dr. J : Muir**— Halkett and 

Cassique of Kiawah: a colonial romance. 

8lmms,W:0. D. 1859. 1 821 

Caat away in the cold. Hayes, I: I. D. n.d. 

1 JH19 
Cast up by the sea. Baker, Sir S: W., bart. D. 

1879. 2 B2 

Castilian days. Hay, J: D. 1871.914.6 H3 

Castle Avon. anon. Marsh, A. (C.) O. 1868. 

2 M70 

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2 Yll 

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1 JH20 

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Surgeons daughter. Castle Dangerous, and 

Index and glossary. 2 v. in 1, D. 1871. 

2 S4S 

— Same. Tales of my landlord. 4 ser. : Castle 

Dangerous. O. 1856. 2 847 

— Same. {See Soott, Sir Wa., bart. Count Rob- 

ert of Paris. 3 v. S. 1879. v. 2, p. 249,-v. 3, 

p. 150.) 2 SI 7 V.2 

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1879. 3 S14 

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son, C. F. D. 1875. 1 W76 
Castle of Ehrenstein. {In James, 6: P. R. 

Heidelberg. O. 1857.) 2 J15 

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Reeve, Clara. Old English baron. S. 1810. 

p.*175^303.) 2 R29 

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and novels. 20 v. in 10, D. 1858^69. v. 1. 

2 E6 T.l 
Castle Richmond. TroUope, Anthony. D. 

1860. " 2 T42 

Castle St. Angelo, and the Evil eye. Story, W : 

W. O. 1877. 914.5 8 

Castle Wafer. Wood, E. (P.) O. n.d. 

2 W23 




Castle windows. Strong, L. G. D. 1876. 

811 S16 
Castlemoiiy Harry, pseud. See Fosdlck, C : A. 
Castle's heir ; or, LaMdy Adelaide's oath. Wood, 

E. (P.) O. n.d. 2 W22 

Castles in the air. Gk>re, G. F. G.. (M.) S. 

18iS6. 2 G37 

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History of the reformation in Europe in the 

time of Galvin. v. 6. D. 1S76. 270 Ml 
Catharine, anon, Adams, N. D. 1859. 

920.7 C 
Catherine II., empress of Russia. 1729-1796. 

Memoirs; written by herself; w^ith a pref. by 

A. Hbkzbn. O. N.Y. 1859. 923.1 03 

Catherine, Lovel the widower, Denis Duval, 

Ballads, etc. Thackeray, W: M. D. 1872. 

2 Til 
Catholic world : a monthly magazine of general 

literature and science, O. 1881-S. 1882, Jl.-D. 

1883, Ap.-S. 1884. v. 34^35, 37, 39. 4 v. O. 

N.Y. 1881-84. 282 C 

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and its effects upon the enjoyments and life of 

man. O. N.Y. 1869. 613 C 

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dition of the N. Amer. Indians. 2 v. O. L. 
1876. 390 G 

— Letters and notes on the manners, customs, 

and condition of the N. Amer. Indians. 3 ed. 
2 V. O. N.Y. 1844. 390 CI 

Jfoie. Same m "lIloBtrattons of tbe manners," etc. 

Catullus, TibuUus, and Propertius. Davles, Ja. 
D. 1877. 870 D 

Causerie. anon. Hovey, W. A. S. 1880. 

818 H2 

Caustic, Christopher, pseud. See Fessenden, T : 

Cauvin, Jo8.,^'oin^at£<Aor. See Brande, W: T: 

Cavaliers and roundheads. Edgar, J : G. D. 
n.d. 2 B4 

Cave, "W If Joint author. See Taylor, Jeremy. 

Cave hunting. Dawklns, W. B. O. 1874. 

571 D 

Cavendish, T: U$64-1593. Gavbndish. anon. 
(See Lives and voyages of Drake, Cavendish, 
and Dampier. S. 1858. p. 123-164.) 

923.5 D3 

Cavonr, Camillo Benso, conte di. 1810-1861. 
BoTTA, Yincenzo. Discourse on the life, char- 
acter, and policy of Count Cavour. O. 1862. 

923.2 C4 

Cazton, liaura, pseud. See Comlns, Lizzie B. 

Caxton, Pisistratus, pseud. See Ly tton, £ : G : 
Earle Lytton Bulwer, \st baron. 

Caxtonlana. Lytton, £: G: £. L. Bulwer, 1st 
baron. D. 1864. 824 L3 

Caxtons : a family picture. Lytton, £ : G : £. L. 
Bulwer, Ist baron. D. 1874. 2 L59 

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tr. and ed. by Elihu Bich. D. N.Y. 1881. 

^6 C 

Cecil, W : See Burghley, W : Cecil, lord. 
Cecil Dreeme. Winthrop, Thdr. S. 1876. 

1 W65 
Cecilia; or. Memoirs of an heiress. anon. 
Arblay, F. (B.) d'. 3 v. S, 1810. 2 A15 
Cecil's summer. Hollis, £. L. (B.) D. 1884. 

1 H90 
Cecy's recollections. Bramston, M.. D. 1870. 

2 B68 
Cedar brook stories. See Moffi»t, A. S. 
Cedars. Cragin, Mrs. L.. T. S. 1878. 

1 JC18 

Celebrated American caverns, especially Mam- 
moth, Wyandot, and Luray. Hovey, H. C. 
O. 1882. 551«4 H 

Cellini, Benvenuto. 1500-1570. Mbmoirs ; written 
by himself; tr. by T: Boscob. D. L. 1860. 

927.3 C 

Censor, pseud. See Bunce, Oliver Bell. 

Centennial exhibition. See Great Britain— 
Commissioners to the Philadelphia international 

— See U. 8. — Centennial commiss-ion. 
Centlivre, Susannah (Freeman) Carrol. 1667- 

1722. Dramatic works ; with a new account of 
her life. 3 v. D. L. 1872. 822 C 


V. 1. Life of the author. The perjnr'd hnnband. The 
beanx'8 duel. The gainenter. The bafwet-table. Love at a 
venture. The stolen heireiM. 

S. Love's contrivance. The busybodv. Marplot. The 
Platonlck lady. The perplex'd lovers. The cruel gift. 

3. llie wonder. TDe man's bewitched. A Gotham elec- 
tion. A wife well managed. A bold stroke for a wife. A 
BlckerstafTs burying, tlie artifice. 

— Nkw account of her life. anon. (See Centlivre, 

S. (F.) C. Dramatic works. 3 v. D. 1872. 
V. 1, pref. p. 7-12.) 822 C v.l 

Century: illustrated monthly magazine, 1881- 
date. New ser. v. 1-date. O. N.Y. [1882.]- 
date. 051 SI 

Note. Continuation of Scribner's monthly : v. 23. 

Century ; its fruits and its festival : a hist, and 
description of the centennial exhibition. 
Bruce, £:C. O. 1877. 606 B 

Century of American literature. Beers, H : A. 
S. 1878. 810 B 

Century of dishonor. Jackson, H.. M. (F.) H. 
D. [1881.] 970 J 

Century of Scottish life. Rogers, C: D. 1871. 

914.1 Rl 

Ceremonial institutions. Spencer, Herbert. O. 
1883. 192 87 v.2 

Cerise. Melville, G : J. W. D. 1866.2 1II104 

Certain dangerous tendencies in Amer. life, and 
[7] other papers, anon. Harrison, J. B. D. 
1880. 330 H 

Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de. 1547-1616. Ad- 
ventures of Don Quixote de la Mancha; tr. 
from the Spanish by C : Jarvis. D. L. n.d. 

863 C 

— History of Don Quixote; ed. by J. W. Clark; 

and a biog. notice of Cervantes by T. Teign- 
mouth Shore. II. by Gustave Dor^. 2 v. F. 
L. n.d. 863 CI 




Chapman, J. E. G. Easter hymns. S. B. 1876. 

811 C4 
Chapman, Maria Weston, ed. Martins au, Har^ 

riet. Autobiography. 2 v. O. 1877. 

928.2 M4 
Chapman, M.., tr, Janbt, Paul. Theory of 

morals. O. 1884. 171 J 

Chapters on Erie, and other essays. Adams, C : 

F.,ir., ondH: D. 1871. 814 A 

Characteristics. Russell, A. P. O. 1884. 

820 R3 
Characteristics of [Shakspere*s] women. Jame- 
son, A.. B. (M.) D. 1837. 396 J 
Charicles. anon. Becl£er, W? A. 3ed. O. 

1866. 3 B4 

Charlemange. a.d. 742-814. James, O : P. R. 

History of Charlemange. S. 1856. 

923.1 C4 
Charlemont. Simms, W:G. D. [1856.] 

1 822 
Charles I., king of England. 1600-1649. Abbott, 

Jacob. History of King Charles I. of England. 

S. 1854. 923.1 C5 

Charles II., king of England. 1630-1685. Bosco- 

bel tracts, relating to his escape after the 

battle of Worcester, etc. (See Hamilton, A. 

Memoirs of the court of Charles II. D. 1853. 

p. 481-^536.) 923.1 C7 

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Eng. S. N.Y. 1852. 923.1 C6 

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court of Charles II. ; by Count Grammont. D. 
1853. • 923.1 C7 

Charles V., emperor of Oermany, I., king of Spain. 
1600-1658. Pbbscott, W : H. Life of Charles 
v. after his abdication. {See Robertson, W : 
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The ruined temple. The Jewel of the order of the king's 
own. The cathedral chhnes. The song without words. 

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The cottage by the cathedral. The «eptilchre and the 
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The ruined temple. The Jewel of the order of the king's 
own. The rathe<lral chinies. The song without words. 

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of Wrulam. Annals of an Anglo^axon faniilv. .Saxon 
f4('htM)l{i and houM^s. Saxon miuMtors and missions. Al- 
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,,J^-,4" Hindowtan. Egjiit. China. Thibet and Tartarj-. 
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ed. D. 1873. 671 C 

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Children of light. Paris, W: W. D. 1877. 

252 F 
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940 Gl 
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[1880.] 793 J81 

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1885. 811 88 




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tong, CoL D. n.d. 390 T 

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Robinson, A. Life in California. D. 1846. 

p. 227-341.) 917.94 R 

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4v.O. and D. 1867-76. 410 M 

Chips from many blocks. Burritt, Elihu. D. 

1878. 814 B5 

Chittenden, Lucius £. Report of the debates 

apd proceedings in the secret sessions of the 

conference convention for proposing amend- 
ments to the constitution of the U.S., held F. 

1861. O. N.Y. 1864. 342.2 C 

Choate, Rufus. 179D-18K9. Works; with a 

memoir of his life by S: Gilman Brown. 2 v. 

O. B. 1862. 923.4 CI 

— Discourse, commemorative of Daniel Webster. 

O. B. 1863. 923.2 W 

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1--316.) 923.4 CI v.l 

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923.4 C2 

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1860. 923.4 C3 

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CKNCBS. {See Stoddard, R:H:,ed. Personal 
reminiscences by Chorley, Planch^, and 
Young. D. 1874. p. 1-70.) 928.2 P3 

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intended especially for the American climate. 
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1875. 215 P 

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240 T 
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D. n.d. 2 C80 
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E. L. O. n.d. 281 C 
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1st earl of Shaftesbury, 1621-168:). 2 v. D. 

L. 1871. 923.2 SI 

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2 Bll 
— Same. Peg Woffington, Christie Johnstone, 

and other stories. D. 1877. 2 R19 

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1867. 2 R51 

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1884. 1 H7 

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2 D7 
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ens,C:J:Hp D. 1871. 2 D8 

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2 T12 
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A., lady. S. 1872. 2 B8 

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mas stories. O. n.d. 2 D9 
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Cousin, pseud. S. 1864. 1 JM3 

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1884. 914.5 K 

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818 XI 
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2 D9 
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1886. 1 H94 

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2 H31 
Chronicle of the Cid. Cid, R. D. de Bivar, 

called the. O. 1883. 861 C2 




Chronicle of the Cid — continued. 

— Same ; from the Spanish by Robert Southey . O. 

1846. 861 CI 

Chronicle of the conquest of Granada. Irving, 

Washington. O. 1859. 946. I 

Chronicles of Carlingford: Executor, Rector, 

[and] Doctor's family, anon. Oliphant, M. 

O. (W.) O. n.d. 2 05 

— Same: Executor, Rector, Doctor's family, 

[and] Salem chapel, anon. O. 1862. 2 06 
Chronicles of Cartaphilus, the wandering Jew. 

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188^. 343 G 

Chronicles of the Canongate. anon. Scott, Sir 

Wa., hart. 2 v. nar. O. 1827. 2 S16 

— Same, 1 series : The Highland widow, the Two 

drovers, the Surgeon's daughter, etc. anon. 
2v. inl. O. 1855. 2 S14 

— Same, 2 series : Saint Valentine's day ; or, the 

Fair maid of Perth. anon. 2 v. in 1. O. 

1855. 2 S15 

Chronicles of the crusades. Bohn, H : G., comp. 

D. 1865. 940 B 

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anon. Charles, E.. (R.) D. 18(>4. 2 C14 
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1857. 929 P 

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821 HIO 

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KNS, W. R. W. St. John Chrysostom; his life 
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(C.) My two sisters. S. 1854. 920.7 M4 

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870 C 

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drawn from his letters and speeches. D. 
N.Y. [1883]. 928.7 R 

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1880. 882 C 

— Stories of the old world. (Classics for chil- 

dren.) D. B. 1885. 870 CI 


The »tory of the Argo. The story of Theben. The ntory 
of Troy, with the adventures of riymes. The adventures 

of JEXWM. 

— and Brodribb, J : W. Pliny's letters. ( An- 

ciBNT classics.) D. Ph. 1875. 870 C2 

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Herodotus. D. u.d. 888 H2 

— ed. Hbrodotus. Story of the Persian war. D. 

n.d. 888 H8 

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888 H4 

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878 L 

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873 V3 

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request of the inhabitants of the town of 

Boston, to commemorate the bloody tragedy 

of the 5th of Mr., 1770. 4 ed. O. B. 1773. 

815 CI 

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Appletons' home books. 3 v. D. 188i. 

V. 1.) 640 A v.l 

— Home needle. (In Appletons' home books. 

3 V. D. 1884. V. 2.) 640 A v.2 

— How to furnish a house, (/n Appletons' home 

books. 3 V. D. 1884. v. 1.) 640 A v.l 

— Money-making for ladies. S. N.Y. 1882. 

396 CI 

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of Gerald Estcourt. (Tauchnitz ed.) 2 v. in 1. 

S. Lpz. 1867. 2 C26 

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— Love's conflict. (Tauchnitz ed.) 2 v. in 1. S. 

Lpz. 18(i5. 2 C28 

— Lucky disappointment. S. B. n.d. 2 C29 

— Mad Dumaresq. (Tauchnitz ed.) 2 v. in 1. S. 

Lpz. 1873. 2 C30 

— Open! Sesame! O. B. n.d. 2 C31 

— Petronel. O. B. n.d. 2 C32 

— Prey of the gods. O. N.Y. 1871. 2 C33 

— Star and a heart. O. n.p. n.d. 2 C34 

— Too good for him. O. B. n.d. ^ 2 C35 

— Veronique. O. B. n.d. 2 C36 

— Woman against woman. O. N.Y. 1881. 

2 C37 

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letters.) D. N.Y. 1884. 921.2 Bl 

— Beginning of the Middle ages. (Epochs of 

modern history.) S. N.Y. n.d. 940 CI 
Church, Mrs. Ross. See Church, Florence 

(Marryat) Ross. 
Church, T : History of King Philip's war ; ed. by 

S: G. Drakb. 2 ed. D. B. 1829. 973.2 CI 

— History of the great Indian war of 1675-76, 

called Philip's war ; also, the old Fr. and In- 

. diaii wars from 1(J8!)-1701 ; with notes by S : C. 

Drakb. O. N.Y. [1845]. 973.2 C 

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(British poets series.) 3 v. D. B. 1854. 

821 Cll 

— TooKB, W: Life of C: Churchill. (See 

Churchill, C : Poetical works. 3 v. D. 1854. 

V. 1, pref. p. 17-a).) 821 Cll v.l 

Churchill, J : See Marlborough, J : Churchill, 

duke of. 
(jfhurchyard literature. Klppax, J: R. D. 

1877. 929 K 




Churton, E: Gongora: an hist, and critical 
essay. 2 v. D. L. 1862. 861 C 


y. 1. HUtorlcal poems— tranfdationii. 
X. Historical poeins. 

ClcerOy Marcus Tullius. b. c. 100-43. Academic 
questions, Treatise de finibus, and Tusculan 
disputations ; tr. by C : Duke Yongb. D. L. 
1853. 875 C 

— De oificiis ; tr. with introd. and notes by And. 

Preston Pkabodt. D. B. 188:). 170 C3 

— De senectute ; [or, On old age] ; tr. with an 

introd. and notes by And. P. Pkabody. D. 
B. 1884. 875 C2 

— Orations ; literally tr. by C : Duke Yonge. 

4v. D. L. 1852-78. 875 CI 

— Three books of offices ; or, Moral duties ; also, 

his Cato major, Lselius, Paradoxes, Scipio's 
dream, and Letter to Quintus; tr. by Cyrus 
B. Edmonds. (Hari)er's classic^al library.) D. 
N.Y. 1858. 170 C4 

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2 Amer. ed. 2 v. O. 1866. 928.7 C 

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1881. 92a7 *C1 

Cicero. Collins, W:L. D. 1875. 870 C3 

Cid, Bodrigo Diaz de Bivar, called the. Chronicle 

of the Cid; from the Spanish by Robert 

SouTHBT. O. Lowell, 1846. 861 CI 

— Same] ed. with an introil. and apx., by R: 

Markham. O. N.Y. 1883. 861 C2 

Cincinnati {Ohio)— Board of Education. Com- 
mon schools of Cincinnati: pt. 1, report; pt. 
2, handbook for the school years beginning 
8. 1, 1877 and '82. 2 v. O. Cin. 1877-83. 

879 C 

Cinq-Mars. Vigny, A. V:, com^e de. D. n.d. 

4 V26 

Circuit rider. Eggleston, £: D. 1878. 1 E 

Circumnavigation of the globe. anon. S. 
N.Y. 1859. 910.4 XI 

CistyH:M. Army of the Cumberland. (Cam- 
paigns of the civil war, v. 7.) D. N.Y. 1882. 

978.7 C2 

Citizen Bonaparte. Brdsmann, Emile, and 
CliAtrian, Alex. D. n.d. 4 B8 

Citizen of Prague. Paalzo'w, A: von. O. 
1858. 8 P 

Citoyenne Jacqueline. Keddie, Henrietta. D. 
1866. 2 K14 

City of the Saints. Burton^R: F. O. 1862. 

917.92 B 

City poems. Smitli,Alex. D. 1857. 821 Sll 

Clmcy^ Mrs. B... {Cycla.) Daybreak; or, Right, 
struggling and triumphant. S. N.Y. 18(>2. 

2 JC5 

— Passing clouds ; or, Love conquering evil. 

anon. S. N.Y. 1859. 244 C 

— Pattie Durant : a tale of 1662. S. N.Y. [1868]. 

2 JC6 
Claiborne. Taylor, G:B. S. 1860. 1 JTl 

Claims of Japan and Malaysia upon Christen- 
dom, exhibited in notes of voyages made in 
1837, from Canton, in the ship Morrison and 
brig Himmaleh, under direction of the own- 
ers. 2v. O. N.Y. 1839. 915.1 X 

Clapp, Herbert C. Is consumption contagious? 
and can it be transmitted by means of food ? 
2 ed. D. B. 1882. 616 C 

Clara HoUinbrook. WHglit, S.. A. D. 1863. 

1 W82 

Clare, Austin. Bells of Freiburg: a Christmas 
tale, told by Gottfried Bensel, father and son. 
8. L. n.d. 2 JC7 

Claremont tales. Tucker, CM. 1 and 2 ser. 
S. n.d. 2 JT6 

Clarendon, £ : Hyde, Ist earl of. History of the 
rebellion and civil wars in England. 7 v. S. 
Ox. 1839. 942.06 CI 

Claret and olives from Garonne to the Rhone. 
Reach, A. B. D. 1852. 914.4 R 

Clarissa Harlowe. anon. Ricliardiion, 8: 
8v. S. 1810. 2 Rdl 

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Roman days. D. 1879. 788 R 

Clark, B. F. Mirthfulness and its exciters. D. 
B. 1870. 817 C 

Clark, C : Heber. {Max Adeler.) Fortunate Island, 
and other stories. D. B. 1882. 1 C14 


The- fortunate Uland. The dty of barlenque. 
fogy. Major Dunwoody's leg. Jlniile. 

An old 

Clark, C. (Moon). (C; M. Clay.) Daughter of 
the gods : or, How she came into her kingdom. 
D. N.Y. 1883. 1 C15 

— Modern Hagar. 2 v. in 1. D. N.Y. 1883. 

1 C16 

ClarlL, £. Warren. Life and adventure in Japan. 
S. N.Y. [1878]. 915.2 C 

Clark, Edson L. Races of European Turkey; 
their history, condition, and prospects; in 3 
pts. O. N.Y. 1878. 949 C 


Pt. 1. The Byzantine empire. Pt. 2. The modern CireekB 
and the Albaniann. Pt. S. The TurkiBh Slavonians, the 
Wallachians, and the Gypftiea. 

Clark, E: L. Daleth; or, the Homestead of 
the nations. O. B. 1864. 916.2 C 

Clark, 6: Rogers. Sketch of his campaign in 
the Illinois in 177&-79. O. Cin. 18G9. 977 C 

Clark, H. A., joint author. See Vallle, F. O. 

Clark, J. W., ed. Cbbvantbs Saavbdba, Mig- 
uel de. History of Don Quixote. 2 v. F. 
n.d. 863 CI 

Clark, Rev. J: A. Glimpses of the Old World; 
or. Excursions on the continent, and in the is- 
land of Great Britain. 2 v. O. Ph. 1840. 

914.5 C2 

Clark, M.. Biographical sketches of the fathers 
of New England. S. Concord, 1836. 

920.07 B2 




Clark, W: B., and others. Pitt-Street chapel 
lectures. O. B. 1858. 280 C 


1. Why I am a methodigt; W: K. Clark. 2. Why are 
yon aunlvenallftt? T: B.Thayer. 3. Why I am a bap- 
tist; Ja. K. Syken. 4. Why I am a trhiltarian oongrega- 
tionalint; Be v. Nehemiah Adanui. S. Why 1 am a church- 
man; G: M. Randall. 6. Why 1 am a unitarian; Rev. Or- 
viUe Dewey. 7. Spiritual Christianity ; T : Starr King. 

Clarke, Asia Booth. Elder and the younger 
Booth. (American actor series.) D. B. 1882. 

927.9 Bl 

Clarke, C: Beauclercs, father and son. O. 

N.Y. 1866. 2 C38 

Clarke, C: Cowden. Shakespeare characters; 

chiefly those subordinate. O. L. 1863. 

824 C7 

— and M.. v.. (Novello) Cowden. Recollections 

of writers; [with] a preface by M.. Cowden 
Clarke. D. N.Y. [1878]. 928.2 Rl 

— and M.. V.. (Novello) Cowden. Shake.speare 

key, forming a companion to the complete con- 
cordance to Shakespeare. O. L. 1879. 

828 C8 

Clarke, 'E:, ed. Saint^Pikbrb, J. H: B. de. 
Works. D. 1846. 848 S 

Clarke, E: Hammond. 182Q-1877. Building of a 
brain. D. B. 1874. 876 C 

— Sex in education ; or, a Fair chance for girls. 

D. B. 1873. 376 CI 

— Visions : a study of false sight, pseudopia. D. 

B. 1878. 535 CI 

— HoLMBS, Oliver Wendell. Memorial sketch of 

Clarke. {See Clarke, E: H. Visions. D. 
1878. pref. p. 7-22.) 536 CI 

Clarke, Ja. Freeman. Anti-slavery days: a 
sketch of the struggle which ended in the 
abolition of slavery in the U. 8. D. N.Y. 
1884. . 326 C2 

— Essentials and non-essentials in religion. S. 

B. 1878. 230 C 

— Events and epochs in religious history. O. B. 

1881. 270 CI 

— Go up higher ; or, Religion in common life. D. 

B. 1877. 252 C2 

— History of the campaign of 1812. (See Camp- 

bell, Mrs. Maria. Revolutionary services of 
W:Hull. O. 1848. p. 30Eh410.) 923.5 H6 

— Legend of Thomas Didymus, the Jewish scep- 

tic. D. B. [1881]. 1 C17 

— Memorial and biog. sketches. D. B. 1878. 

920.07 M 

— Orthodoxy ; its truths and errors. 7 ed. D. B. 

1872. 230 CI 

— Self-culture ; physical, intellectual, moral, and 

spiritual. 9 ed. D. B. 1883. 374 C 

— Steps of belief ; or. Rational Christianity main- 

tained against atheism, free religion, and 
Romanism. D. B.1870. 211 C 

— Ten great religions : an essay in comparative 

theology. O. B. 1875. 290 CI 

— Same: pi. 2. Comparison of all religions. O. 

B. 1883. 290 C2 

Clarke, Ja. Freeman — continued. 

— and others. Memoirs of Margaret Fuller Ossoli. 

2 v.. in 1. D. B. 1884. 928.1 Ol 

— Same. 2 v. D. B. 1852. 928.1 02 
Clarke, Marcus. His natural life. O. N.Y. 

1876. 2 C39 

Clarke, M.. V.. (Novello) Cowden. Complete 
concordance to Shakspere. Q. L. 1878. 

828 C9 

— Strange adventures of Kit Bam, mariner. S. 

n.p. n.d. 2 C40 

— joint author. See Clarke, C : Cowden. 
Clarke, R.. Sophia. {Sophie May.) Doctor's 

daughter. D. B. [1871]. 1 C18 

— Little Prudy. S. B. 1876. 1 JCll 
Clarke, W : Boy's own book : a complete ency- 

clopasdia of athletic exercises and diversions. 

anon. 5 ed. rev. D. N.Y. 1878. 790 JCl 
Clarkson, L., pseud. See Whltelock, Mrs. L. 

Classic heroic ballads, anon. TUeston, M. W. 

D. 1883. 821 T12 

Classic literature. White, C. A. O. 1877. 

802 W 
Classic preachers of the Eng. church. Kempe, 
'J:E. D. 1877. 922.3 C 

Classics for children. 11 v. D. B. 1885. 


Churcli, A.J: Stories from the old world. 870 CI 
I>« Foe, I>aniel.' Life and adventures of liobiniion 
Crusoe. S tTDS 

Irvine, Washington. Six selections from the Sketch- 
book. 814 I 
KlnffBley, C: Heroes; or, Greek fairy tales for my 
children. 398.4 K3 
"Klngnlej, C : Water babies : a fairy tale for a land 
baby. 398.4 K5 
Liamb, C : and M.. Tales from Shakspere. 8S8 til 
Scott, Sir Wa., bari. LtAy of the lake. 881 S4 
Scott, .S^rr Wa., 6<ir<. Quentin Durward. S 837 
Scott, Sir Wa., bart. Tales of a grandfather: Scot- 
laud. 941 81 
Shakapere, W: Merchant of Venice. 8SS 87 
Wysa, J : R.> and If ontollen, J. 1. P. de B. baronnede. 
Swiss family Robinson. 3 W5 

Clater, Francis. Every man his own cattle doc- 
tor ; ed. hy G : AaHATAas. O. L. 1870. 

619 C 

— and others. Farmer's barn-book, containing the 

causes, symptoms, and treatment of all dis- 
eases incident to oxen, sheep, and swine. D. 
Ph. 1856. 636 C 

Claude Gueux: the last day of a condemned 
man. Hugo, V: M., vicomte. D. 1869. 

343 H 

Claudia. Douglas, A. M. D. 1875. 1 D32 
Claverings. Trollope, Anthony. O. 1866. 

2 T43 

Clavers, Mrs. M.., pseud. See Kirkland, Caro- 
line Matilda (Stansbury). 

Clay, C: M., pseud. See Claris C. (Moon). 

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H:Clay. 2 v. O. 1856. 923.2 C9 

— CoLTON Calvin. Life, correspondence, and 

speeches of H: Clay. 6 v. O. 1864. 

923.2 C8 

Clayden, P. W. Samuel Sharpe, Egyptologist 

and tr. of the Bible. D. L. 1883. 928.2 S6 




Clayton, Ellen Creathorne. Queens of song, 
being memoirs of celebrated female vocalists, 
with a chronological list of the operas per- 
formed in Europe. O. N.T. 1865. 927.8 Q 

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1 C19 


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y. 1, S. EMiayii famiUAr and hnrooroufl. 

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S. Cri.-Ham. 
3. Ham.-M'Ua. 

4. Mel.-You. 
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Chaney, G : Leonard — continued. 

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i^: 914.6 Bl 

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822 CI 


V. 1. Memoir of George Chapman. The blinde beggi 

Allfoolee. Mo 


of Alexandria. An humerons mirth. 
»leiir D'Ollve. The gentleman usher. 

2. BiiBfty D'Ambote. The revenge of Buasy D'Aratxiis. 
The con«piracy and tragedy of Charles, duke of Byron. 

3. The wlddowes tearea. The manque of the Middle 
Temple and Lincoln's Inne. The tragedy of Ciesar and 
Pomi)ey. The tragedy of Alphonsus, emi)erour of Cer- 
niany. Revenge for honour. Index. 

Memoir of G: Chapman, anon. (See Chap* 
man, G: Comedies and tragedies. 3 v. D. 
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Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de — continued. 

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tr. from the orig. Spanish by C : Jarvib ; to 
which is prefixed a life of the author. 4 v. in 
2, T. Ph. 1846. 863 C2 

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868 C 

Note. Compiled by Emma Thompson, with a life of 

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(See Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de. His- 
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824 C5 

y. 1-4. Tatler. 
18-15. Guardian. 


16-18. Kambler. 
19-Sl. Adventurer. 

Chalmers, G : Introduction to the hist, of the 
revolt of the Amer. colonies. 2 v. O. B. 1^. 

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Chalmers, T : — continued. 

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with a biog. pref. by Rev. J: Cummino. 
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210 CI 

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mers.] {See Chalmers, T: On the power, 
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pref . p. 5-32.) 210 CI 

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824 C6 


y. 1, 2. Emayii familiar and hnmorouii. 

3. Kfuiayii moral and economic. 

4. EsfuiyB phlloeophlcal and sentimental, and historical 

— ed. Biographical dictionary of eminent Scots- 

men : new ed. ; with a sup. vol. by the Rev. 
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V. 1. Abe.-Cre. 
S. Cri.-Hani. 
3. Hain.-31'Ua. 

4. Mel.-Yon. 

5. Abe.-Woo. 

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structive and amusing papers. 2 v. D. B, 

1853. 828 C7 




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178 C 
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853 C 

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(Kingsley). D. 1885. 2 H27 

Colonel Floyd's wards. Terhune, M.. V. (H.) 
Helen Gardner's wedding day; or. Colonel 
Floyd's wards. D. 1880. 1 T6 

Colonel's daughter; or. Winning his spurs. 
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811 R 

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973.7 H5 

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the narrative of a journey of exploration, 
through the S. China border lands, from Can- 
ton to Mandalay. 2 v. O. N.Y. 1883. 

915.1 C 

— Amongst the Shans ; with an hist, sketch of the 

Shans by Holt S. Hallxtt ; and an introd. on 
the cradle of the Shan race, by Terrien de La- 
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Commines, »ieur d*. 

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4 S5 
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n.d. 2 C15 

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2 C16 


The cottage by the citthedral. The flepnlchre and the 
Rhrine. The black ship. The inland and the niain-hind. 
The ruined temple. The Jewel of the order of the king's 
own. The cathedral chinies. The song without words. 

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2 CIO 


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of Verulam. Annals of an Anglo-Saxon family. Saxon 
schooki and honses. 8axon ininitterK and mismons. Al- 
fred, the truth-teller. Saxon and Nomutn. A story of the 

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4 PI 
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n.d. 2 J5 

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2 JS 
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S. n.d. 1 JK4 

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1863. 317 M3 

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1 818 

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1857. 923.2 Jl 

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821 C3 v.l 

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and notes glossarial and critical. D. Ph. 
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(See Howells, W : D. Lives of Herbert and 
EUwood. S. 1877. p. 21-165.) 923.2 C7 




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922 F 

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Luther. K : Perthes. 

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1 C28 

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1 C42 

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. B. n.d. 1 * C48 

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917.3 CI 

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1873. 1 C49 

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1 C60 

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1 C51 

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Cooper. D. B. [1884]. 1 C55 

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Cooper, Ja. Fenimore — continued, 

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tale of the colony. D. N. Y. 1873. 1 C57 

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1 C58 

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1 C63 

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1873. 1 €64 

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928.1 CI 
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1883. 621.8 C 

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D. N.Y. 1871. 2 C69 


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Old Sf attliew'ii puxsle. Uentle Jack. 

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nitzed.) S. Lpz. 1873. 2 C71 


Joan Merr yw eather. The haunted cntst. The flower 
girl. The watchman'R iitory. An old letter. 

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R721 C 

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Ecclesiastical history, ancient and modern. 
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2 C80 

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The laiit of the RtithveM. The Itallan'R tlaiighter. The 
two" homen. Minor trialii. ]*hillp Armytage. Adelnlde. 

The old maihematlrlan. The half-ca«tie>. ' Mlm Letty'H 

ngedy. 'Tin uwlew trying. The 
only Hon. The doctor's fanUly. .\11 for the bent. 

experiences. A bride'n tragedy. 'Tin UHele«ii trying. 

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D. N.Y. 1881. 2 C85 


Hta little mother. Poor Trin. Tw» little tlnkern. Tlie 

Koatman'fi daughter. Aboat travelling an«l truvellei-M. 
ave the children. Sinleiw Sabbarh-brenking. I>e mortuls. 

'— John Halifax, gentleman. D. N.Y. [1850]. 

2 C86 

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n.p. n.d. 2 C87 

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Aun«tju«lu8. The water cure. The bwt houoe In V. — Street. 
A family In love. A low niarriag*-. The ilouble houne. 

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S. N.Y. 18(K). 2 JC12 

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.\>illlon; or, the Happy IrIcb. The self-wer. The i«^uli»- 
tor of HrugeH. The daughter of Hcremon. Kong Tolv. 
Erotlou. CleonieneR, the<ireek. The jitory of !lya«. Tlie 
rroHi) on the SnowMountalnn. The KoHlernclan. Antonio 
M elldori. The Htory of EilHabetta Slranl. X life eplfMxle. 

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170 ce 

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2 JC14 

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ed.) Lpz. 1874. 2 ClOl 


Only a butUTfly. Klmn'tb tlrat. Lost at ftea. The old 
Ufe-bi^t. Wiu* KlIzalieMi right ? Little Barbara. 

— Winifred's wooing, etc. S. n.p. n.d. 

2 C102 

Winifred's wooing. .V ttile of Florence. Poor Christine. 




Crake, Aiij^aHtine D. AndnHlH-weald ; nr, the 
House of Michelham : a tale of the Norman 
conquest. D. N.Y. n.d. 2 CI 03 

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yEsi^eudune : a tale of the days of 8t. Dunstan. 

2ed. D. N.Y. 1880. 2 C104 

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Moncure (Crane). 
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2 G9 
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Life and times of T: Cranmer. S. 1852. 

922.3 CI 
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1 R28 
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n.p. n.d. 017.47 C 

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1873. 1 C36 

Craven, pseud. See Carleton, J : W : 
Craven, Iffni'. A : ^'e* Craven, P.. (La Ferron- 

Craven, P.. (La Ferronnays). Eliane; tr. by 

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4 C7 

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1 ceo 

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1883. 1 C70 

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origin and history, its work of constructing the 

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822 C4 


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fox, Kvery man In hi* hiinior; Ken .Jttnmm. A klnR and 
no king; Heaumont and Kleti'her. The itlain denier; Wvi'h- 
erly. A jonrney t«» London, The relapi«e; or. Virtue In 
danger. The confederacy; Vanlirugh. She won'd antt 
iihe wou'd not; C'olley Clblier. The way of the world. The 
double dealer; CoiiKreve. The druninier; or, the Haunte<l 
houne; AddL«on. The beaux'd xtratjigeni, Tlie tnconfitant; 
or, the Way to win hlni. The re<:riiiriii{; offlj-er; Karqnhar. 
The lieggar's oi)era; .lohn <;Hy. The K(MHl-natnred man, 
She utoopR to conquer; (ioldHniith. The WeMt Indian; 
Cumberland. The M;hool for acandal; Sheridan. 

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017.63 C 
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2 V. in 1. D. 1845. 016.2 W 

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acter of H : AVinter Davis. O. Wash. 1866. 

023.2 Dl 
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[1870.] 2 882 

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pref. p. <M)0.) 022.5 K 

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1 JJ5 

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023.0 C8 




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2 JM8 

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2 C106 

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1857. 923.1 C13 

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lution of a life, described in his memoirs. D. 
N.Y. 1884. 923.5 C4 

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nia. Q. 8an Fran. 1808. 917.94 C2 
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• 541 F 

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530 F 

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cal treatise on metallurgy. 2 v. O. 1868. 

669 K 
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Banlm^J: D. 18(J5. 2 B7 

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Bull, 8. C. Ole Bull : a memoir. O. 1883. 

p. 32i)-346.) 927.8 B5 

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eminent persons, who have died in the V. 8., 

1857^58. 2v. O. 1858-69. 920.07 A3 

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1885. 928.2 C14 

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2 C108 

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1884. 824 C12 

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2 cm 

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2 C115 


Rml fortnneii of the Kev. Anion Ration. Mr. UUflrii love- 
story. Janet's rejientance. 

— 8ilas Mamer, the weaver of Raveloe. O. N.Y. 

1861. 2 cue 

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821 C19 

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828 C12 

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928.2 C15 

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Crossing the quicksands. Coszens, 8: W. D. 
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and Capen's select library.) 3 v. 8. N.Y. 
1843. 944- CI 

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944 C2 




CroTrfleldy Christopher, pseud. See Stowe, 

Harriet B.. (Beecher). 
Crow^n from the spear. anon. Hamilton, 

C. V.(D.) O. 1872. 1 H26 
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2 JT7 
Crown of wild olive. Raskin, J : O. 1874. 

824 R4 
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in2. D. L. 1845. 827 C2 

— Odd volume ; or, Book of variety. {In author* s 

Cruikshank at home. 3 v. in 2. D. 1845. v. 2.) 

827 C2 V.2 
Cruise of the Betsey, with Rambles of a geologist. 

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[1871.] 1 JK6 

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O. 18n. 910.4 S3 

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D. n.d. 2 K41 
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1882. 1 JA92 

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1886. 910.4 M 

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8. 1874. 2 C46 

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dresses, sermons, etc. 2 ed. D. N.Y. 1862. 

825 CI 
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tical history. D. 1858. 270 £ 

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E:£. D. 1880. 1 H9 

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to the death of Marcus Aurelius. D. N.Y. 

[1877]. 870 Ce 

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1 D17 
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2 V. D. 1881^82. v. 2. 4 VIO v.2 

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Hints toward reforms, with the Crystal palace 

and its lessons. 2ed. D. 1853. 830 Gl 
Crystalline. Slielton, F : W : D. 1854. 

1 S14 
Cuba, with pen and pencil. Hazard, S : O. 

1871. 917.29 H 

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estadistico, descrlptivo, € hJstdrico de las Esta- 

doe Unidos Mexicanos. O. Meidco, 1884. 

817 CI 
• Cuckoo clock. Molesworth, M.. L. (S.) D. 

1880. 2 JM21 

Cndjo's cave. Trowbridge J : T. D. 1885. 

1 T45 

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said.' O. N.Y. 1873. 2 CI 17 

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Lpz. 1875. 2 CI 18 

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2 CI 19 

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2 C120 

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Culture demanded by motlern life. Youmans, 

^il,., and others. O. 1867. 507 Y 

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by himself ; ed. byH: Flandbus. O. 1856. 

928.2 CI 7 
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Daniel Dennison, and the Cumberland states- 
man. O. 1855. 2 H55 
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— From the Hebrides to the Himalayas : a sketch 

of 18 months' wandering in western isles and 

eastern highlands. 2 v. O. L. 1876. 

914.1 C 

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Chalmers. {See Chalmers, T: On the 
power, wisdom, and goodness of 6o<l. D. 
1853. pref. p. 5-^.) 210 CI 

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hunter's life in the far interior of South 
Africa. 2 V. O. N.Y. 1850. 916.8 C 

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and jungle. (Illustrated library of travel, 

exploration, and adventure.) D. N.Y. [1871]. 

915.4 C 
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D. N.Y. 1881. 927.8 P 

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B. 1880. D. 1 C72 

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nent British painters and sculptors. 5 v. S. 
N.Y. 1859. 927.5 Ii2 

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D. Ph. 1879. 1 C74 

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a tale of modern Anglo-Indian society. D. 

L. 1875. 2 C122 

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the most eminent Eng. poets. 2 v. D. 1857. 

928.2 L.7 

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9v. O. 1857-59. 826 W 

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essay on the nature of the principles of politi- 
cal economy, together with a survey of recent 
legisUtion. D. L. 1885. 880 C2 




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mand in South Africa, 1874-1878. O. L. 1879. 

916.8 Gl 

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D. 1884. 822 T2 

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1880. 1 JA73 

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T. 1875. 828 Jl 

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1858. R694 C 

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lantic; being adventures in the early life of 

Cupples Howe, mariner. D. B. 1873. 

1 JC20 

— "Green hand:*' a "short yarn.*' O. n.p. n.d. 

2 C123 
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1871. 2 897 

Curate in charge. Olipliant, M. O. (W.) O. 

1876. 2 07 

Curate's home. Giberne, Agnes. D. 1882. 

2 G28 
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[I860.] 824 Wl 

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1880. Wlieildoii,W: W. D. 1880. 

974.46 Wl 
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S. 1849. 920.02 C2 

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1858. 809 D 

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, T. from4L. ed. D. 1859. 590.4 B2 

Curiosities of the law reporters. Heard, F. F. 

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Curiosities of toil. Wynter, And. v. 2. B. 1870. 

824 W2 
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bine Baring. D. 1867. 291 G 
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with a memoir and hist, notices, by T : Davibs. 

3 ed. D; Dub. 1865. 825 C2 

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J : P. Speeches. 3 ed. D. 1865. pref. p. 11- 
34.) 826 C2 

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D. 1862. 923.4 C4 

Currents and counter-currents in medical science. 

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372 C2 
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1871. 1 C75 

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with general information on the art and 

science of war, for the leisure momenta of the 

soldier. T. N.Y. 18(»1. 355 C 

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[\sm.] 1 868 

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lx)ok8.> D. Ph. 1875. 937 C2 

— Rise of the Macedonian empire. (Epochs of 

ancient hist.) S. N.Y. n.d. 938 C3 

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or, the Coming woman : a prophetic drama, 
followed by Change of base, and Doctor Mond- 
schein. anon. 6 ed. D. B. 18()8. 812 iC 

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O. B. 1876. 915 C 

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Madge to Margaret. D: B. 1880. 1 C76 

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tion, and adoption of the constitution of the 
U.S.; with notices of its principal framers. 
2 V. O. N.Y. 1854-58. ' 342.73 C 

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923.2 Wl 

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923.1 Bl 

— and others. Discussions on the constitution 

proposed to the people of Mass., by the con- 
vention of 1853. O. B. 1854. 342.73 CI 


1. Letters of Phoclon; (J: T. Cnrtiu. 2. Letter* of 8ila» 
SUuKlfMit; (i : Stilliuan liillard. 3. Addrera at Kitchburg; 
8: Hoar. 4. Addrew at Taunton; lAarciis Morton. A. 
AddrHw at Quincy; O: ITrancls Adams. 6. Beiiuirkfi; J: 
Oorliani Pallrey. 

Curtis, G: W: Biographical sketch of Win- 
throp. (See Winthrop, Thdr. Cecil Dreeme. 
S. 1876. p. 5-19.) 1 was 

— Eulogy on Wendell Phillips. (See Boston— 

City Council. Memorial of Wendell Phillips. 
Q. 1884. p. 35-(i5.) 928.1 P3 

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917.47 CI 

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Jackson. Kural essays. O. 1856. pref. p. 
11-58.) 630 D 

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916.2 CI 

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630 D 
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plms W : Ward. 5 v. O. N.Y. 1871-76. 

938 C4 

Note. V. 2 nnd 3 revised by W. A. Packard, from the 
kiKt (ienn. ed. 

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the Levant. 5 ed. D. L. 1865. 916.2 C2 
Cush going to mill. Todd, J: S. [1863.]' 

1 JT12 




Cushing, Caleb. Reminiscences^ of Spain: the 
country, its people, hist., and monuments. 
2 V. O. B. ia33. 914.6 C 

Cnshlni^, Lather Stearns. Manual of parlia- 
mentary practice : rules of proceeding and de- 
bate in deliberative assemblies. S. B. 1870. 

328 C 

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tionary of literary disguises. Q. N.Y. 1885. 

R014 C 

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S. 1880. 2 JG5 

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Emma. Charlotte Cushman ; her letters, and 
memories of her life. O. 1878. 927.0 C 

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in Dakota with Gen. Custer. D. N.Y. 1886. 

917.83 C 

Custer, Oen. G: Armstrong. 18:«-1876. My life 
on the plains ; or, Personal experiences with 
the Indians. O. n.p. n.d. 917.8 C2 

— Whittakkr, F: Life of Custer. O. n.d. 

923.5 C5 
Custine, Astolphe, marquit de. , Ru.ssia. O. 
N.Y. 1854. 914.7 C 

Cu8tia,G: Washington Parke. 1781-1867. Recol- 
lections and private memoirs of Washington ; 
with a memoir of the author by his daughter ; 
and illustrative and explanatory notes by 
Benson J : LossiNO. O. N.Y. 1860. 

923.1 W2 

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Custis, G: W. P. Recollections and private 

memoirs of Washington. O. 18(i0. p. 9-72.) 

923.1 W2 
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war. D. B. 1846. 611 C 

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— Lessons in hygiene : a text-book on the mainte- 

nance of health, with lessons on the action of 
stimulants and sedatives on the brain' and 
nervous system. D. Ph. 1875. 613 C3 

Cutts, £. L. Christians under the crescent in 
Asia. O. L. n.d. 281 C 

— Constantine, the Great : the union of the state 

and the church. D. L. 1881. 937 C3 

Cu vier, G : Leopold Cr^tien F : Dagobert, haron, 
176(>-18.')2. Animal kingdom, arranged after its 
organization, forming a natural hist, of ani- 
mals and an introd. to comparative anatomy ; 
ed. by W: B. Carpbntbb and J: Obadiah 
Wbstwood. Q. B. 1878. 590.1 C 

— Animal kingdom, arranged in conformity with 

its organization; tr. from the French by H. 
M'MuRTRiB. 4 v. O. N.Y. 1831. 590.1 CI 

— Lbb, S.. (W.) B. Memoirs of Baron Cuvier. 

D. 1833. 925 C 

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M.. Storrs Haynbs; with an introd. by Rev. 

Newman Hall. (Spare minute series.) D. 

B. [1884]. 818 C5 

Cycla, pseud. See Clacy, Mrs, Ellen. 
Cyclopsedla of wit and humor. Burton, W : E. 

Q. 1872. 827 B3 

Cyril Thornton, Youth and manhood of. anon, 

Hamilton, T: D. 1868.' 2 Hll 

Cyrilla. Tautphoeus, J. (M.), baroness. 2 v. in 

1. S. 1853. 2 Tl 

Cyropffidia. Xenophon. O. 1855. 888 X 
Cyrus the Great. B.C. -559. Abbott, Jacob. 

History of Cyrus the Great. S. [1878.] 

923.1 JC19 
Czar, his court and people. Maxwell, J: 8. D. 

1848. 914.7 M 

Czarina. Hofland, B. (W.) H. O. 1870. 

2 H54 

D., A. C. Sylvia and Janet; or, Too quickly 
judged. S. L. n.d. 2 D 

Dab Kinzer : a story of a growing boy. Stod- 
dard, W:0. D. 1882. 1 JS36 

Dadd, 6 : H. American cattle doctor. D. N.Y. 
1857. 619 D 

— Anatomy and physiology of the horse, with 

anatomical and questional illustrations, 
glossary of veterinary technicalities, toxico- 
logical chart, and diet, of veterinary surgery. 
Q. B. 1857. 619 Dl 

— Modern horse doctor, containing practical ob- 

servations on the treatment of disease and 
lameness in horses. O. B. 185G. 619 D2 

Daddy Darwin's dovecot. Ewing, J. H. (G.) 
O. n.d. 2 JEll 

Dahlgren, J: Adolphus Bernard. 1825-1870. 
Memoir of Ulric Dahlgren. D. Ph. 1872. 

923.5 Dl 

— Dahlqrbn, Mrs. M. (V.) Memoir of J: A. Dahl- 

gren. O. 1882. 928.5 D 

Dahl^en, Madeleine (Vinton.) Memoir of J : A. 

Dahlgren. O. B. 1882. 923.5 D 

— South sea sketches. D. B. 1881. 918 D 
Dahlgrren, Ulric. 1842-18()4. Dahlorbn, J: A. 

B. Memoir of Ulric Dahlgren. D. 1872. 

923.5 Dl 




Dahlstrom, Karl P., tr. Tkknoloofubexinoen, 
T. I., Stockholm. Fireman's guide : a hand- 
book on the care of boilers. 2 ed. D. 1885. 

621.1 T 
Dahiiy Felix. Felicitas ; tr. by M.. J. Safford. 

S. N.Y.1883. 3 D 

Dally bread, and other stories. Hale, E : E., and 

others, D. 1870. 1 H21 

Dally ne-WB. War correspondence, 1870-71, ed. 

with notes, forming a continuous hist, of the 

war between Germany and France. 2 ed. 

2v.'D. L. 1871. 043 D 

— War correspondence, 1877 : war between Russia 

and Turkey. 2 ed. 2 v. D. L. 1877-78. 

M7 D 
DaUy, Warner, Susan. D. n.d. 1 W17 

Daisy; or, the Fairy spectacles, anon. S. B. 
1864. 1 JX3 

Daisy Burns. Kavanagh, Julia. 9ed. D. 
1879. 2 Kl 

Daisy chain. Yonge, C! M.. D. n.d. 

2 ¥14 
Daisy Nichol. Hardy, M.., ^odj/. O. 1871. 

2 H17 
Daisy Thornton, and Jesse Graham. Holmes, 
M.. J..<H.) D. 1883. 1 H96 

Daisy Travers. Samuels, A. F. D. 1876. 

1 JS 
D'Albertls, L. M. New Guinea: what I did and 
what I saw. 2 ed. 2 v. O. B. 1881. 

010.5 D 

Dale, H:, e<f. Thucydidbs. History of the Pelo- 

ponnesian war. O. 1885. 888 Tl 

— tr. Xknophon. Cyropiedia. O. 1885. 

888 X 
Dale, T. Nelson. Outskirts of physical science : 

essays philosophical and religious. D. B. 

1884. 215 D 

Dale, T: Pelham. Life's motto, illustrated by 

biographical examples. D. N.Y. n.d. 

022 LI 

Daleth. Clark, E:L. O. 18r>4 016.2 C 

Dall, Caroline Wells (Healey). College, the mar- 
ket, and the court; or, Woman's relation to 
education, labor, and law. O. B. 1867. 

806 D 

Dall, W : Healey. Alaska and its resources. O. 

B. 1870. 017.08 D 


Pt. 1. Travelii on the Yukon, and In the Yukon terri- 
tory. S. Ueography, history, bihabitJintB, and renource* 
of Alaska. 

— eri. Nadaillac, Marquis de. Pre-historic 

America. O. 1884. 571 N 

— See U. 8.— /iitcrfor d^t. — Geol. and yeoy. avn^ey 

of the territories. Contributions to N. Amer- 
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192 S5 v.l 




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Davidson, Ellis A. --continued. 

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(Cassell's technical manuals.) S. L. n.d.. 

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1 D2 
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recurring questions from the people : a sequel 
to the Penetralia. 7 ed. D. B. 1873. 

133 D 




Davis, And. Jackson — continued. 

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neirs course of lectures on the Bible, nature, 
religion, skepticism, and the supernatural. 
4ed. D. B. 1873. 133 Dl 

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new collection of gospels. 5 ed. D. B. 1873. 

183 D2 

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planation of much that is false and repulsive 
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of authentic facts in magnetism, clairvoyance, 

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1873-75. 133 D6 


V. 1. Ptaystcian. 
9. Teacher. 
8. Seer. 

V. 4. Reformer. 
S. Thinker. 

— Harbinger of health, containing medical pre- 

scriptions for the body and mind. 18 ed. D. 
N.Y. 1874. 613 D 

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N.Y. 1873. 133 D7 

— History and philosophy of evil, with sugges- 

tions for more ennobling institutions, and phil- 
osophical systems of education. D. N.Y. 
1873. 216 D 

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and nerves ; developing the origin and philos- 
ophy of mania, insanity, and crime, with full 
directions for their treatment and cure. anon. 
D. N.Y. 1871. 132 D 

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before the friends of progress in the city of 
New York, in the winter and spring of 1863. 
D. N.Y. 1865. 133 D8 

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133 D12 

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Davis, And. Jackson — continued. 

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with diagrams and engravings of celestial 
scenery. 5 rev. ed. D. B. 1878. 133 D14 

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Stellar key to the summer land. D. B. 1878. 

133 D15 

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{See Davis, A. J. Principles of nature, her 
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and shore. S. N.Y. 1880. 1 D3 


A fitrande<l ulilp. ^ queen of burlenqne. Dick Lyle's 

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the harmonial philasophy. {See Davis, A. J. 
Events in the life of a seer. 5 ed. D. 1873. 
p. 465>488.) 134 D 

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with misc. selections from his correspondence. 
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being an acct. of the excavations on the site 
of the Phcenician metropolis in Africa. O. 
N.Y. 18(>1. 913 D 

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— Bureau of education. Contributions to the 
hist, of medical education and medical insti- 
tutions in the U. S. A., 1776-1876. O. 1877. 

610 V 

Davis, R. S. {Trebor.) As it may happen. D. 
Ph. [1879]. 1 D8 




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O. Ph. 1868. 1 D4 

— John Androsa. D. N.Y. [1874]. 1 D5 

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— Margret Howth. anon. D. B. 1862. 1 D7 

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hearths, anon. D. N.Y. n.d. 396 Dl 

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Philip Sidney, anon. D. B. 1859. 

928.2 S14 
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551.5 D 
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things. D. L. n.d. 2 JDl 

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O. L. 1»46. 031 Dl 

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account of the habits of fishes bcdonging to 
the genus salmo, 4 ed. D. L. 1851. 

799 Dl 

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Humphry Davy. S. 1856. 925 JD 

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islands and Malta, with some remarks on 

Constantinople and Turkey. 2 v. O. L. 1842. 

914.95 D 

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on the evidence of caves respecting the early 

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tiary period. O. L. 1880. 571 Dl 

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DaiTvn of history: an introd. to pre-historic 

study. Keary, C. F. D. n.d. 571 K 

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551.7 D 
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178 D 
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915.4 D 
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W. 2ed. D. 1864. 824 T2 

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2 JB18 
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2 JS16 
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in Maryland. Davis, G : L. L. D. 1855. 

975 D 

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Olive's midsummer holidays. S. N.Y. 1862. 

2 JX12 
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2 A 
Days of old : three stories from old English hist, 
for the young, anon. S. N.Y. 1861. 

942.01 X 

WnlfgaraiKl tbe earl; or. Power. Canuloc and Deva. 

Day's pleasure, and other contributions of Q. Q. 

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1873. 2 L25 

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2 C54. 
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1 K15 
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1 W8 
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2 C55 
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2 D34 V.4 

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2v. O. 1866. 814 8 

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1876. 2 M2 

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1 358 

Death and life. Ware, M.. G. C. D. 1864. 

286 W 

Debatable land between this world and the 
next. Owen, R. D. D. 1872. 188 O 




Debeiiliam'8 vow. Edwards, A. B. D. n.d. 

2 E7 

Debit and credit. Frey^s, Gustav. D. 1858. 

8 Fl 

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— Interior depi. — Census bureau. Seventh cen- 
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5, Plague In London. The storm, 1701. True born 

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mastlx ; or, the rtitruHnin); of the huniomns poet. The inag- 
' iiifli^iit enteriAiuinent glveu to Kiiifr .lames. 

2. The honest w***e. The w*^e of Babylon. West- 

3. North wartl-hoe. The famous history of Sir Tliomas 
Wyat. Ttie roaring girle. London trlum|>Idng. If this be 
noPa grMMl plsy. the divell is in it. 

4. The virgin umrtir. Rrittannia's honor. Londons 
tenuie. A trAgi-conie«Iy, called Match me in London, 'llie 
wonder of a kingdome. The sun's darling. The witch of 

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923.9 Dl 




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Note. Very many daten wanUug. 

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4 V2 

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nar. D. L. 18bU 631 D2 

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and buildings. 4 ed. nar. D. L. 1867. 

628 D 
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D. N.Y. 1845. 133 D16 

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queen of Prussia : a memorial. D. 1881. 

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Lovel, the widower, Denis Duval, Ballads, 

etc. D. 1872. 2 Til 

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2 B42 
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ner boy: a life of U. S. Grant. S. n.p. n.d. 

923.1 013 
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1 D22 

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1 D25 

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Mass. volunteer infantry. O. Worcester, 
Mass. 1879. 974.4 D 

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eases, and management of the teeth, mouth, 
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strength and skill, in all ages and countries ; 
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from his writings. O. N.Y. 1877. 824 D 


de: quincey. 


I>e Quincey, T :—cotUinued, 

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028 B 

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of letters. 2 v. D. B. 1856. 824 Dl 

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D. B. 1853. 824 D2 

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824 D3 

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D. B. 1856. 824 D4 

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D. B. 1859. 824 D7 

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B. 1854. 204 D 

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1878. 2 D3 


V. 1. TheAvenser; T)e Qnlneey. Peter Ooldthwftlte'R 
trawore; Xathanlel Hawthonie. Love and nkaten; Thdr. 
Wlnthn»p. The defaulter: T: HwmI. Colilfttream: H: 
Vanghan. MiMlonna; H: Spi<rer. The nieteniTwychfwifi : 
Robert MacnlMh. 1 he uninvited. The bellowii-inender of 
Ly«»n«. The gmall change family. The Hcotumau'ii 
tale; Harriet Parr. The blaokninlths of Hokby. A peni- 
tent cxinfeMlon. 

«. C'hrlHtina« with the baron; Stephen Yarrow. .K 
fanUly rhrtotmafl in (Jennany. A ChriAtinan lianquet; 
>athanlel Ilawthonie. Three of a trade: Fltz-Jnmeii 
O Brlen. Adventurer of a New Year'«» eve; H: ZHchokke. 
Knmi hand to month; Fitz^Janief O'hrlen. Count Er- 
nest V home; Panl Heyw. Little Peg O'Shaughnemy. A 
Ahabby genteel story; W: M. Thackeray. 

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028.2 D2 

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028.2 D4 

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J. E. O. n.d. 4 86 

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Eliza (Millett). 
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D : P. D. 1868. 200 B 

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Felicity. 1787-1859. Saintb-Beuvb, C: A. 

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1873. 028.4 D 

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ise on natural philosophy ; tr. and ed. by J. D. 
EvBRBTT. 4 V. O. N.Y. 1873. 530 D 


V. 1. Mechanloi, hydrontatlcii, and pneamatlcs. 
9. Heat. 

3. Electricity and magnetlxm. 

4. Sound and light. 

Description of Pitcalrns Island, and mutiny of 
the ship Bounty, anon. Barrow, Sir J:, 
bart. S. 1844. 010.7 B 

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Deserted ship. Cupples, 6: D. 1873. 

1 JC20 

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1 A24 
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2 H18 
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2 F13 
Destiny of man, viewed in the light of his origin. 

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inl. D. 1855. 2 JO 

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1880. 1 B22 

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Deutch, C, joint author. See Baron, K: 
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Mohammed and Mohammedism. D. 1876. 

P.281--388.) 207 SI 

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America; tr. from the Fr., with an iiitrod. 

and notes, by S: Abbott Gbbbn. O. B. ISHSS. 

073.8 D 
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English of the New World. O. N.Y. 1872. 

427 D 

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N.Y. 1872. 073 D 

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420 D 

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leaves from the book of nature. D. N.Y. 
18G9. 551.4 D 

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3 S4 

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D. 1870. . 3 85 

— tr. SPiBLHAGBir, F: Through night to light. 

D. 1870. * 3 S6 

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baron. S. n.d. 2 LSI 

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f en, J. H. Life of Torquato Tasso. S. 1800. 

p. m-213.) 028.5 T 

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Moral and historical works. D. 1852. 

828 B2 

— ed. Bacon, Francis, baron Verulam. Physical 

and metaphysical works. D. 1853. 102 B 




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collection of facts and opinions, descriptive of 
early prints and the works of J : Gutenberg 
and his associates. O. N.Y. 1878. 655 D 

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brief dest^ription of every article of human food, 
sold in the public markets. D. N.Y. 1867. 

643 D 

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ssohn-Bartholdy, and his letters to me ; tr. by 
Natalia MacFarrbn. O. L. 1809. 

927.8 Ml 

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rative of a journey round the Dead Sea. 2 v. 
in 1. D. 1854. 915.6 S 

Dewdrops and diamonds. Marshall, E. (M.) 
2ed. 1882. 2 JM5 

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botanical surrey. Report on the herbatreous 
flowering plants of Mass. nar, O. 1840. 

581 Ml 

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Sedgwick. D. N.Y. 1872. 928.1 S 

— erf. Dbwbt, Orville. Autobiography and let- 

ters. O. 1883. 922.8 D 

Dew^ey, Melvil. Classification and subject index 
for cataloguing and arranging the books and 
^mphletH of a library, anon. {In Uxbridge 
^Free public library. Classed catalog, based 
on the Dui, or Amherst scheme of classifica- 
tion. O. 1881.) R017 Ul 

— Decimal classification and relativ index for 

arranging, cataloging, and indexing public 
and private libraries. 2 ed. enl. O. B. 1885. 

R029 D 
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new ; or, a Journal of reflections and observa- 
tions made on a tour in Europe. 2 v. D. 
N.Y. 1836. 914 D 

— Autobiography and letters ; ed. by M.. E. 

Dbwry. O. B. 1883. 922.8 D 

DeWitt. See also Witt. 

De Witt, Francis. See Mass. {state)— Sec. of state. 
Statistical information relating to certain 
branches of industry. O. 1856. 317 M5 

Dhammapada ; or, "Path of virtue.'' {See Mttl- 
ler, F : M. Lectures on the science of relig- 
ion. D. 1872. p. 14(V-300.) 204 Ml 

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DIakka and their earthly victims. Davis, A. 
J. D. 1873. 183 D3 

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1 Ml 

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books. 12 V. S. 1854^7. v. 8.) . 

1 JA19 V.8 

Diamond lens, and other stories. O'Brien, 
Fitz-James. D. 1885. 1 O 

Diamond rose. Keddie, Henrietta. D. 18ff!. 

2 JK4 

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1884. ' 1 X2 

Diary, H — . family, Axel and Anna, etc. 

Bremer, Fredrika. D. 1853. 839.7 B2 
Diary of a poor young lady. Nathusius, Maria. 

Joachim "von Kamern, [and] Diary of a poor 

young lady. S. 1869. 3 N 

Diary of an ennuyde. Jameson, A.. B. (M.) S. 

1866. 914.5 J 

Diary of Lady Willoughby. Ratlibone, M.. A. 

(M.) {In Hall, Ja. Wilderness and the war 

path. 3v. inl. D. 1846.) 1 H25 

Diary of Mrs. Kitty Trevelyan. anon. Charles, 

E.. (R.) D. 1866. 2 C17 

Diavola ; or. Nobody's daughter. Maxwell, M.. 

E.. (B.) O. n.d. 2 M89 

Diaz, Abby (Morton). Jimmyjohns, and other 

stories. D. B. 1878. 1 JD7 

— Polly Cologne. D. B. [1881]. 1 JD8 

— William Henry and his friends. D. B. 

1872. 1 JD9 

— William Henry letters. D. B. 1877. 

Diaz de Bivar, Bodrigo. See Old, Rodrigo Diaz 

de Bivar, called the. 
Dibdin, T: Frognall. Introduction to Holbein's 
Bible cuts. {See Holbein, Hans. Dance of 
Death ; also, Holl)ein*B Bible cuts. D. 1858.) 

741 H 

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in 1. D. L. 1863. 917.3 D 

— Victor Emmanuel. D. N.Y. 1882. 923.1 VI 

Dick, Robert. 1811-1866. Smilbs, S: Robert 

Dick, geologist and botanist. D. n.d. 

925 Dl 

Dick,T: Complete works. 11 v. in 2. O. St. 

I^uis, 1854. 215 Dl 

— Essay on the sin and the evils of covetousness. 

{In author^s On the mental illumination and 
moral improvement of mankind, nar. D. 
1845.) 370 Dl 

— On the mental illumination and moral im- 

provement of mankind, nar, D. Ph. 1836. 

370 D 

— Same. (Dick's works, v. 5.) nar, D. Ph. 1846. 

370 Dl 

— Sidereal heavens and other subjects connected 

with astronomy. S. N.Y. 1840. 523.8 D 
Dick Boldhero. (Goodrich, S: G. nar. S. 1869. 

1 J02 

Dick Netherby. Walford, L. B. S. 1882. 

2 W2 

Dick Onslow. Kingston, W : H : G. Adven- 
tures of Dick Onslow among the red skins. 
D. 1870. 2 K38 

Dick Sands, the boy captain. Verne, Jules. O. 
n.d. 4 V3 

Dickens, C: J: Huffam. {Boz.) 1812-1870. 
Abuses of English law. {See Warren, S: 
Confessions of an attorney. D. 1862. p. 163- 
226.) 340 W 

— Adventures of Oliver Twist, [with introd. by 

Edwin P. Whipple]. D. N.Y. 1876. 2 D4 

— American notes. {See author*s Pictures from 

Italy, and American notes. D. 1874. p. 171- 
406.) 914.5 D2 




Dickens, C : J : Huffam — continued, 

— Barnaby Budge, and Edwin Drood. D. N.Y. 

1876. 2 D5 

— Bleak house. D. N.Y. 1873. 2 D6 

— Chihrs history of England. (See author*8 Mys- 

tery of Edwin Drood, and other pieces. D. 
1871. p. 257-491.) 2 D17 

— Same, and recently reprinted pieces. D. N.Y. 

1874. 942 JDl 

— Christmas books. D. N.Y. 1874. 2 D7 


A CbrlfitiniH carol. Tlie chimei). The cricket on the 
hearth. The battle of Ufe. Tlie haunted man. The Hully- 
tree inn. A Chriatm:w tree. 

— Christmas books, and Sketches by Boz. D. 

B. 1871. 2 D8 

Con ten tM. 

ChrlAtmas books : — A Chrintmrni carol. The chime*. 
Tlie crkfket on the hearth. The battle of life. The hnnnted 
m in. Sketches hj Bos : — Our parlnh. Characters. 

— Christmas stories. O. Ph. n.d. 2 D9 


A Chrl«itnuHi carol. The chlroen. Cricket on the hearth. 
Battle of Ufe. The haunted man. Pictures from Italy. 

— Cricket on the hearth. O. n.p. n.d. 2 DIO 

— Dame Dnrflen: little woman, from Bleak 

house. (Dickens' little folks.) 8. N.Y. n.d. 

2 JD6 

— Dombey and son. D. N.Y. 1873. 2 Dll 

— Florence Dombey, from Dombey and son. 

(Dickens* liUle folks.) D. N.Y. n.d. 

2 JD7 

— Great expectations. D. N.Y. 1873. 2 D12 

— Hard times. (See author* $ Sketches by "Boz," 

etc. D. 1879. p. 451-702.) 2 D26 

— Lazy tour of two idle apprentices. O. Ph. n.d. 

2 D13 

— Letters; edited by Georgiana Hooabth and 

Mamie Dickkns. 3 v. D. N.Y. [1879J-81. 

826 D 

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romance. Sketchea of yonng couplen. New ancommer- 
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DIckenSy C : J : Huifam — continued. 

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LIrriper's lo<lKingH. Mrs. Lirriper's leiescy. Doctor Mart- 
gold. Two ghost storien. Theboy at Mugby. The seven 
poor travellers. The Holly-tree. Going into society. 

— Uncommercial traveller, and short Christmas 

stories. D. N.Y. 1874. 2 D8^ 


rncommercinl traveller. Somebody's Inggsge. Mrs. 
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Dodge, M.. £.. (Mapes) — continued. 

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8. 1878. 6*1 K 




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1885-<late. 051 D 

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History of the town. O. B. 1850. 

974.46 D 
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[1884.] 1 V 

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the doctrine of the pernon of Christ; tr. hy 

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2 pts. in 5 V. O. Edin. 1872-70. 282 D 


Pt. 1. Pint four centiirl««. 

2. Krom the end of the 4th century to the preMut tline. 

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1 P6 
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and the Broken Charles- 
worth, M. L.. D. 1883. 2 C25 
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2 PIO 
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of the summer islands. D. N.Y. 1885. 

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Philip Dorridge ; his life and labors. D. 1853. 

922.5 Dl 
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n.d. 2 JDIO 

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D. B. 1870. 1 D31 


Mj affinity. Madam lionuifleur and her rtMCA. Women 
and wimlom. Th« faith of Haiiupha. Hie liachelor'n 
defeat. The ((reat rarbiinele. Marrying tor money. The 
prophet and the pllKrinu*- Mr. SUverlMiry'M exjierience. 
(JeralfUne. Dr. Furtile'it iwtlent. The Runshlue of love. 
The elfln spring. 

Dottings round the circle. Curtis, B: R. O. 
187». 8^5 C 

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1 JE17 

Double story. MacDonald, G: S. n.d. 

2 M15 

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n.d. 1 Wll 

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tysburg. (Campaigns of the civil war, v. 6.) 
D. 1882. 973.7 Dl 

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representations of the Dance of Death. (See 

Holbein, Hans. Dance of Death ; also, Hoi- 

l>ein'8 Bible cuts. D. 1858. p. 1-218). 

741 H 

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1 D82 

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1 D40 

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4 D40 
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784 D 
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1882. 928.2 S20 
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phy. D. L. 1857. 928.2 Jl 





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1 JM 17 

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1 M29 

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I JX4 

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1 M26 

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817 M 




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journeys through Sweden, Norway, T^pland, 
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914.8 D 
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1 W37 
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Dudevant, Amantine Lucile Aurore (Dupin de 
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Note. Sequel to a Rolling atone. 

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928.4 D2 
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tin), lady DufP. 
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perism, disease, and heredity; also, further 
studies of criininals, with an introd. by Elisha 
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2 T46 




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617 D 

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first Napoleon. D. Ph. [1874]. 4 D21 

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(In author*g Doctor Basilius. nar. 8. n.d.) 

4 D23 

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— Doctor Basilius. nar. S. n.p. n.d. 4 D23 

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Monte-Cristo. O. n.p. n.d. 4 D24 

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D. L. n.d. 4 D25 

Note. Reqael to "Marguerite de Valoiii" and "Chicot, the 

— Horrors of Paris. O. n.p. n.d. 4 D26 

Nate, fleqnel to "the Mohicanii of Paris." 

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PetriBa; tr. from the French by a la<ly of N. 
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1.) D. Ph. n.d. 4 D34 

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Hate. Same as "Three guaitUinen.'* 

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no. 2.) D. L. n.d. 4 D36 

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ing the "Iron mask" and "Louise La Val- 
libre"). 2 v. D. L. n.d. 4 D37 

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244 D 

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the perfections of Qod in the phenomena of 
the year; ed. by Francis W. P. Grebnwood. 
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210 D 


V. 1. Winter. 
9. Spring. 

3. flnnimer. 

4. Autumn. 

— and other ». Tales of the Scottish peasantry. 

S. N.Y. 1861. 244 Dl 

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anon, S. N.Y. 1861. 2 JD13 

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morphoses of insects: insecta, myriapoda, 

arachnida, and Crustacea. O. Ph. n.d. 

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* S. 1861. 923.5 D4 

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1874. 672 Wl 

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1836. 1 D48 

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570 D 
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of Central America, in 1827-28. O. N.Y. 1828. 

917.28 D 
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S: C. D. 1865. 973.7 P 

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woman, and other erratic essays. D. N.Y. 

n.d. 814 D9 

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miah. Life of Dunster. D. 1872. 

923.7 D 




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4 D39 

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LKT. S. Ph. n.d. 4 D41 

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Stanlkt. D. Ph. n.d. 4 D43 

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wood. S. Ph. n.d. 4 D44 

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[1879]. 4 D45 

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S. Ph. [1878]. 4 D47 

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Neal Shbrwood. S. Ph. n.d. 4 D49 

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Artist's married life, being that of Albert 

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R050 H 
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Dutchman's fireside. Paulding, J. K. D. 

18(J8. 1 P7 

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R587 E 




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emay on welf-JuHtltlcaUon. Forester. The I'rumlau vase. 
'rh4* good aunt. 

je. Angelina. The good French govemeiw. Mademoi- 
selle Pana(;he. Ihe knapsack: a drnnia. Lame Jervas. 
The will. The Unierick gloves. Out of debt, out of dan- 
ger. The lottery. Kosanna. 

3. Murad the unlucky. The manufacturers. The 
contrast. The grateful negro. To-morrow. Ennui. The 

4. Manoeuvring. Almeria. Vivian. 

5. The absentee. Madame de Fleury. Emille de Coul- 
anges. The modern Qrlselda. 

6. Belinda. 

S. Leonora. Patronage. 
. Patronage : continued. Love and law : a drama. The 
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10. Helen. 

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L. 1810. 2 E5 




2 JE3 


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KoreKter. The Pniaslan vaae. The good aunt. Mad> 
emofaielle Ponache. Angelina; or, TAinle Inconnn. The 
good French governesn. The kn»ii«ack. 

— Parent's assistant ; 
D. N.Y. 1877. 

or, Stories for 

2 JE6 



La«y Lawrence. The falne key. The barring 
out. The birthday preaent. Simi>le Sumn. Old Poi. 
The mlnilc. Eton Montem. The bracelet*. The Utile 
merchants. Forgive and forget. Waste 'not, want not. 
The white pigeon. The basket woman. 

The orphans. Tl 
— Popular tales. 

white pigeon. 

S. Ph. 1857. 

2 JET 

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The grateful negro. To-morrow. 

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2 E12 


MoiiHteur Maiirlo«. An ehxineer'n Rtorv. The Ktonr of 
ErnKt ChrifiClan Ht-hoeffer. A nl|;ht un tne borders of the 
Black FonHit. The Ptory of Salome. The tragedy in the 
Palazzo liartleUo. The four-fifteen expreiw. All iialnta' 
eve, etc. 

— Night on the borders of the Bla(^k Forest. 

(Tauchnitz ed.) S. Lpz. 1874. 2 E13 


A night on the bonleni of the Ulaek Forest. Tlie Rtory of 
Rnlonie. In the confewiional. The lrag«^ly In the Palazzo 
llordello. llie fonr-flfteen exprew*. sUter Johanna's 
Rtory. A 11 Mtinta' eve. 

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2 V. in 1. S. Lpz. 1878. 916.2 E 

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821 E 

n.p. n.d. 
2 Ei4 
Lpz. 1877. 
2 E15 
2 E16 

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anon. O. N.Y. 1873. 2 E18 

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2 E19 

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2. Letters. 

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steam users. 2 ed. O. Ph. 1883. 621.1 E 




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920.7 S 


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M-hel. Marie l*a|)e-Cariiantier. E.. Carter. Matlkla 

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916.5 E 
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a meinoir of Matthew Edwards. anon. S. 

B. 1863. 925 El 

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1876. 1 wee 

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D. 1874. 2 D18 

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2 D19 

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1876. 2 D5 

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821 812 
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[1872]. 1 El 

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1 E3 

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-^ and Seelye, Lillie Eggleston. Brant and Red 

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N.Y. [1879]. 970 E2 

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970 E3 

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973.7 E 

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1 JA74 

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4 vio 

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944.08 M 
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Eighth commandment. Reade, C : D. 1860. 

341 R 

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L. n.d. 2 JE9 

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1 H143 
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fel, J. V: von. 2 v. in 1. 8. 1872. 3 81 

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1 C72 
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1 E5 
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Ph. 1858. 923.9 K 

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Public and private life of Lord Chancellor 

Eldon. 2 V. O. 1844. 923.4 E 

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917.94 T 
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norEldridge. anon. T. 1843. 923.2 E 
Eleanor Maitland. Waters, C. (E.) C. D. 

1881. I W32 




Elective affinities. Gdthe, J: W. von. S. 
1872. 3 G3 

— Same. Novels and tales. D. 1878. 3 G4 
Elementary principles of carpentry. anon. 

2 ed. S. L. 18(». 6&4 X 

Elephant pipes and inscribed tablets in the 

museum of the Academy of natural sciences, 

Davenport, Ohio. Putnam, C : E. O. ISSG. 

571 P 
Elephant, principally viewed in relation to man. 

anon, S. L. 1844. 599 X 

Elfred. (In Abbott, Jacob. Harper's story 

books. 12 V. S. 1854-57. v. 6.) 1 JA19 v.e 
KigArdfMrs.B., tr. Hofbr, Eklm. Old countess. 

D. 1870. 3 H16 

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idson, Robert. D. 18(K). 812 D 
Eliot, G:, pseud. See Cross, Marian G. (Evans) 

Eliot, Ida M., joint author. See Brackett, A.. 

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J: Eliot. {In Sparks' Lib. of Amer. biog. 

18;J4-38. v. 5.) 920.07 L v.5 

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— History of liberty : pt. 2, the early Christians. 

2v. O. B. 1863. 324 El 

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ries. O. B. 1880. 892.7 JE 


Story of the flAherman. Story of the three hlslen*. Story 
of Prince Ahmed. Story of Alnddin; or, the Wonderful 
laran. Story of All Uaba, and the forty robben. Story of 
Siiibud, the fwUor. 

— ed. Poetry for children. S. B. 1880. 

821 JEl 

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D. B. 1884, 173 E 

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Lucy. Memoirs of the court of Elizabeth, 

queen of England. 2 v. in 1. D. 1870. 

942.05 A 

Elizabeth, queen of Roumania. (Carmen Sylva.) 

Pilgrim sorrow : a cycle of tales ; tr. by Helen 

ZiMMSBN. D. N.Y. 1884. 3 E12 


The child of the nnn. Sorrow. The re«lin of iieace. 
Earthly imwera. The Inexorable. WUll. The hennit. 
Lotty. MeduBa. Heavenly gifts. The trea«nre seekers. 
A life. 

Elizabeth, Charlotte, pseud. See Tonna, Char- 
lotte Elizabeth (Brown) Phelan. 

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S. R. 8. 1876. 4 C6 

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V. 1. A-Bat. 6. (;re.-Ind. 

«, Uat.-C?ttt. 7. IiMl.-Lln. 

3. Cat.-Cra. 8. Uii--Mon. 

4. Cra.-Eva. 9. Mon.-Pen. 

5. Eve.-(Jre. 10. Pen.-Rev. 

11. Rev.-fite. 

18. Ste.-Vln. 

13. Vlii.-Zwi. 

14. AI)a.-Zea. 

Encyclopaedia Britannica: American reprint. 
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V. 1. A> 

8. Ana.-Ath. 

8. Ath.-Boi. 

4. llok.-Can. 

5. Can.-Cle. 

6. C'U.-Dav. 

7. Dea,-Eld. 













Inf. -Kan. 



15. Loo.-Mem. 

16. Men.-Mfw. 

17. Mot.-Orm. 

18. Orn.-Pht. 

19. Phy.-rro. 

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R032 El 

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1 W18 
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1 El 




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Note. Memoir of authors, p. 5-14. 

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N.Y. 1872. 4 E8 

— Pl^iscite ; or, a Miller's story of the war ; by 

one of the 7,600,000 who voted "Yes.'* D. 
N.Y. 1877. 4 EO 

— States general, 1789 ; or, the Beginning of the 

great French revolution. D. L. n.d. 

4 ElO 





Erckmann, Emile, and Ohatrlan, Alex. — con- 

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1. S. 1881. 3 Hll 

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2 P45 

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— Speeches, when at the bar, on the liberty of the 
.press and against constructive treasons. 2 ed. 

4 v. O. L. 1813. 825 El 

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B. 1864. 8 E13 


The {learlft. Ilie blind grandfather. The rlvaln. The 
friends. The bettt dowry. 

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ity, and pursuits. O. N.Y. 1880. 914.2 El 
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2 JB23 
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1 L5 

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from the "Revue des deux mondes." 2 ed. 

0. L. 1863. 914.92 E 
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1871. 701 J 

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1. Fables respecting the popes in the Middle 
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[and] a Counterblast to tol>acco. James VI., 
0/ Scotland and I., of England. S. 1869. 

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824 X 

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824 B2 
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824 H4 
Essentials and non-essentials in religion. 

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2 K64 

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O. 184(). 910.4 B5 

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252 Fl 

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2 X9 

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the world to A. D. 975. {Sec Giles, J: A. Six 
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1883. 1 HI 02 

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548 R 

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417 T 
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2 JT2 

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1663-17'36. Mrmoirs. (Autobiography : a col- 
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V. 18.) D. L. 18:)0. 923.2 E5 

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Ut baron. S. 1859. 2 Ii65 

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imi. 4 B 

Euler, Leonard. Letters on different subjects in 
natural philosophy, addressed to a Germ, 
princess; with notes and life, by D: Brkw- 
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882 E 




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827 E 
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1882. 914 P3 

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cal history ; tr. by C. F. Cruse. D. L. 1858. 

270 E 

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by S. E. Parkkr. {See Eusebius Pamphili. 

Ecclesiastical history. D. 1858. pref. p. 12- 

27.) 270 E 

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n.d. 2 T47 

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2 M114 
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811 L12 
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[1883.] 4 D2 

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through tropical Mexico in imj-70, O. Htfd. 

1870. 917.2 E 

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historical transformations of Christianity. D. 

1867. 270 C3 

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g^ide; ed. by T: P. Jonbs, with a description 

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2 A16 
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928.2 E6 

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177 K 
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1849. 1 E6 

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1878. 804 S2 

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928.2 E8 
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— Same, with poems. O. B. 1845. 814 E8 

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powers, with conjectures on their future pros- 
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920.07 LI v.l 

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edge: a critical exposition. (German philo- 
sophical classics for Eng. readers.) D. Chic. 
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1870. 100 E 

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5-42.) 973.7 M2 

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920.07 L v.l 

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— See Mass. {ittate) — Gen. court. Eulogy on the 

life and character of J : Quincy Adams. O. 

1848. 923.1 A2 

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Elementary treatise on natural philosophy. 

4 V. O. 1873. 530 D 

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Everett, L. S., ed. Murray, Rev. J: Life writ- 
ten by himself, nar. D. 1840. 922.8 M2 

Everett, W : Changing base ; or. What E : Rice 
learnt at school. D. B. 1874. 1 JE16 

— Double play ; or. How Joe Hardy chose his 

friends. D. B. 1874. 1 JE17 

— On the Cam : lectures on the University of Cam- 

bridge in Eng. D. Camb. 1866. 378 E 

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[1868.] 790 R 

Every-day book; or, the Guide to the year. 

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Edm. S. n.d. 428 R 

Every-day duties. Baker, H. N. (W.) S. 

[18(}4.] 244 B 

Every-day philosopher in town and country. 

anon. Boyd, A. K. H. D. 1863. 

824 B5 
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1882. 814 H7 

Every man his own mechanic. anon. Y., F. 

O. n.d. 090 Y 




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1882. 176 T 

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monk of Evesham. 1196. an<m, {In Arber, 
E:, ed. English reprints. S. 1868-70. v. 8.) 

820 A2 V.8 

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O. 1877. p. 147-238.) 914.6 S 

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D. 1876. 2 M40 

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923.5 C4 

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tory. D. L. 1868. 909 E 

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monly called the Young Pretender. 2 v. O. 
L. 1876. 923.1 CIO 

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904 E 

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Shaen Solly. O. B. 1876. 220 E 

— History of Israel; tr. from the Germ. 3 ed. 

5v. O. L. 1871-76. 933 E 


V. 1. Introduction and preliminary hint.; ed. by Rniwell 
Martinrai'. . . 

S. Hlotory of Mom« and the theocracy ; ed. by same. 

8. RiM and nplendoar of the Hebrew monarchy; ed. by 
J. Entlln Carprntrr. . ^ .. 

4. Prom the dinruption of the monarchy to Its fall. 

5. Esra, and of the Haglocracy to the time of Chrli«t. 

Ewbank, T: Descriptive and hist. acct. of hy- 
draulic and other machines for raising water. 

532 E 

visit to the 

O. N.Y. 

918.1 E 


O. n.p. [1841]. 

— Life in Brazil ; or, a Journal of a 

land of the cocoa and the palm. 
Evring, Juliana Horatia (Gatty). 

Brothers of pity, and other tales of beasts and 
men. D. L. n.d. 2 JEIO 

— Daddy Darwin's dovecot : a country tale. O. 

L.n.d. 2 JEll 

— Flat iron for a farthing; or. Some passages in 

the life of an only son. $q. O. L. 1884. 

— Great emergency, and other tales. 

2 JE12 

S. B. 1877. 
2 JE13 



great emersency. A very ill-tempere<l family. 
Madame Liberality. 


— Jackanapes. O. L. 1884. 2 JE14 

— Jan of the windmill : a story of the plains. S. 

B. 1877. 2 E30 

— Lob Lie-by-the-fire ; or, the Luck of Lingbor- 

ough. O. L. n.d. 2 JE15 

Ewing, Juliana Horatia (Gatty) — contintted. 

— Mrs. Overtheway's remembrances. S. B. 1881. 

2 JE16 


Ida. Mrs. Moes. Hnorlng ghost. Keka Dom. Kergue- 
len'd Land. 

— Six to sixteen : a story for girls. S. B. 1876. 

2 JE17 

— Story of a short life. O. L. n.d. 2 JE18 

— We and the world : a book for boys. S. B. 

1880. 2 JE19 

— Gattt, Horatia K. F. Juliana Horatia Ewing, 

and her lx>oks. O. 1885. 928.2 E9 

Examination of Canon Liddon's Bampton lec- 
tures, on the divinity of our Lord and Saviour 
Jesus Christ ; by a clergyman of the church of 
Eng. anon, O. B. 1872. 232 X 

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Jacob. S. 1861. 1 JA14 

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917.44 Tl 

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1884. 525 F 

Executor. Hector, A. F. S. 1883. 2 H38 

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[1880.] 793 82 

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[1881.] 4 Tl 

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326 Ol 

Expansion of England. Seeley, J: R. D. 
1883. 904 8 

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Smollett, T.G: 2 v. S. 1810. 2 888 

Experience of life. 8eweli,E.. M. D. 1881. 

2 856 

Experiences of a barrister. Warren, S: D. 

n.d. 340 Wl 

Expiation. Dorr, J. C. (R.) D. 1873. 1 D30 

Expression of the emotions in man and animals. 

Darwin, C:R. O. 1873. 591.1 D 

Extracts from ChordaFs letters, aiion, '8ee, 

Ja. W. D. 1883. 621.9 8 

Extraordinary men. Russell, W: D. 1853. 

920.04 El 

Eyebright. Woolsey, S.. C. D. 1879. 

1 JW19 

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1863. 814 B2 

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1 JR3 

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F., C. W.f joint author. See F., S. Fabens, Jos. Warren. In the tropics; by a set- 

F., S. and F., C. W. Lessons on practical subjects tier in Santo Domingo ; with an introd. notice, 

for grammar-school children. S. B. 1885. by R : B. Kimball, anon, D. N.Y. 1863. 

330 F 917.29 F 




Fabens, Jos. Warren — continued, 

— Story of life on the Isthmus. D. K.Y. 1853. 

1 P 

Faber, Cecilia Bohl de. See Arrom, Cecilia Bohl 
de Faber. . 

Faber, W : h^t joint ed. See Booths James C. 

Fables respecting the popes in the Middle ages. 
DdlUnger, J : J. I. D. 1872. 282 D 

Fabrics : a story of to-day . anon* Tolman, M. 
D. D. [1871.] 1 T27 

Fac-simlles of the memorial stones of the last 
Eng. ancestors of 6: Washington, in the par- 
ish church of Brington, Northamptonshire, 
Eng., permanently placed in the State House 
of Mass. anon. Q. B. 1862. 718 X 

Fadette, pteiid. See Rodney, Marian C. Legar€ 

Fagan, Louis, ed, Mkrimbb, Prosper. Letters 
toPanizzi. 2v. O. 1881. 846 M 

Faggot of French sticks; or, Paris in 1851. 
Head, Sir F. B., hart, D. 1852. 914.4 HS 

FaIJa, H: Portland cement for users. D. L. 

1881. 698 F 
Fainalls of Tipton. Johnson, V. W. D. 1884. 

1 J24 
Fair barbarian. Burnett, F. (H.) S. 1881. 

1 B40 
Fair France : impressions of a traveller. Craik, 

D. M. (H.) D. 1871. 914.4 CI 

Fair God. Wallace, L: D. 1873. 1 Wl 

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S. 1879. 2 818 

— Same. Chronicles of the Canongate, 2 ser. 2 v. 

inl.O. 1855. 2 815 

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1882. 1 H29 
Fair women. Forrester, Mrs. — . O. n.d. 

2 F21 
Fairbairn, W : Principles of mechanism, and 

machinery of transmission. D. Ph. 1882. 

621.8 F 
Fairbank, Rev. Patrick. Historical and critical 
review of the controversies respecting the per- 
son of Christ. {See Dorner, I : A : History 
of the development *of the doctrine of the per- 
son of Christ. 2 pts. in 5 v. O. 1872-76. v. 5, 
p. 337-466.) 232 D v.5 

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B. 1869. 914 F 

Sketcbes of foreign travel. Emays. 

Fairbanks, Q: R. History of Florida, 1512-1842. 

D. Ph. 1871. . 975 F 

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Life of the great Lord Fairfax. O. 1870. 

928.5 F 
Fairholt, F: W: Dictionary of terms in art. D. 

L. n.d. 703 F 

— ed. Lilly, J : Dramatic works. 2 v. D. 1868. 

822 L 
Falrport nine. Brooks, Noah. D. 1880. 

1 JB24 

Fairy bells, and what they tolled us. Landeri 

S.. W., tr. D. 1876. 8 JLl 

Fairy book : fairy tales of all nations. Labou- 

laye, E:B. L. D. 1867. 4 JL2 

Fairy fancies from the German. Bden, L. 8., tr. 

D. 1870. 8 JEll 

Fairy Frisket. (In Tucker, C M. Nutshell of 

knowledge. D. n.d.) 2 JT17 

Fairy-land of science. Buckley, A. B. D. 

1879. 504 JBl 

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898.4 Kl 
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889.8 JAl 
Fairy tales. Brentano, Clemens. D. 1886. 

8 JB8 
Faith and freedom. Brooke, 8. A: D. 1881. 

252 B4 
Faith and rationalism. Fisher, 6: P. D. 

[1879.] 289 Fl 

Faith and science. Sutton, Oilh. O. 1868. 

215 82 
Faith and unfaith. anon. Argles, Maggie. D. 

1882. 2 A19 

Faith Gartney's girlhood. Wliitney, A. D. (T.) 

D. 1882. 1 W48 

Faith Unwin's ordeal. Craik, G. M. 8. 1866. 

2 ClOO 
Faith White's letter-book. anon. Whitinf^, M. 

H. D. [1866.] 1 W41 

Faithful, Emily. Three visits to America. D. 

N.Y. [1884]. 917.8 F 

Faithful in little: the story of a carrier-dove. 

anon. D. N.Y.' 1881. 1 JX5 

Faiths of the world. Caird, J: and others. D. 

1882. 290 C 

Falconberg. Boyesen, H. H. D. 1879. 

1 B28 
Falconer, W., tr. Strabo. Geography. 3 v. D. 

1864^7. 888 8 

Falconer, W: 1730-1769. Poetical works; with 
a life. (British poet series.) D. B. 1854. 

821 F 

— MiTFOBD, J : Life of W : Falconer. (See Fal- 

coner, W : Poetical works. D. 1854. pref . 
p. 9-34.) 821 F 

Falkenburg : a tale of the Rhine, anon. Mur- 
ray, Hamilton. O. 1852. 2 M144 

Falkner, W. C. Rapid ramblings in Europe. 
D. Ph. 1884. 914 Fl 

Falkner Lyle. Ijemon, M : 2 v. 8. 1866. 

2 L15 
Fall of Florestan. Florestan, prince of Monaco. 

O. 1874. 945 F 

Fall River— Pud/jc library. Catalogue. O. B. 

1874. R019 F 

— Same. Q. Fall River, 1882. R019 Fl 
Fallen fortunes. Payn, Ja. O. n.d. 2 F21 
Falloux, F: Alf. P:, vicomte de. Life and letters 

of Madame Swetchine ; tr. by H. W. Pbbston. 
D. B. 1875. 928.9 82 




False heir» (In James, 6: P. B. Fate. 0. 

1861.) 2 J 10 

Familiar quotations. Bartlett, J: Ted. D. 

1875. 828 B6 

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Family at Heatherdale. Mackay, Marg. S. 

1860. 2 M34 

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Family flight around home. Hale, £: E., and 

Susan. O. [1884.] 917.3 H 

Family flight over Egypt and Syria. Hale, E : 

£., and Susan. O. 1882. 916.2 H 

Family flight through France, Germ., Norway, 

and Switzerland. Hale, £: £., and Susan. 

O. [1881.] 914 HI 

Family flight through Mexico. Hale, E: E., 

and Susan. O. 1880. 917.2 H 

Family flight through Spain. Hale, Susan. O. 

[1883.] 914.6 HI 

Family library of British poetry. Fields, J. T:, 

and Whipple, E. P.. ed. Q. 1880. 821 Fl 
Family story book. anon. v. 2. S. B. 1842. 

2 JX15 
Famous forgery. Fitzgerald, P. H. O. 1865. 

923.4 D 
Famous men of ancient times, anon. Good- 
rich, SiG. S. 1849. 920.03 F 
Famous men of modern times, anon. Good- 
rich, S: G. D. 1849. 928 F 
Famous stories. De -Quincey, T:, and others. 

2v. D. 1878. 2 D3 

Famous women series. 10 v. D. B. 1883-85. 

Contents. • 

Blind, Maihllde. CScorKe Eliot. Ib83. 99B»2 C15 
Gllchrliit, A/n. Anne. Mary Lamb. 1883. 

Howe. J. (W.) Margaret Fuller. 1883. 9S8.'l 04 
Lee, Vernon. Tbe countem of Albany. 1884. 

9S3.9 Al 

Miller. F.F. Harriet Marttnean. 1889. 988.*2 MS 
Pennell, E.. R. Life of Mary WolLstonecraft. 1884. 

928.2 G5 

Pitman, Mr$. E. R. EUzabeth Fry. 1884. 923.6 Fl 
Robinson, A. M.. F. EinUy Bronte. 18H3. 

92S.2 Bfi 

Thomaa, Rertha. George SanU. 1883. 928^4 D2 

Zimmem, H.. Maria Edgeworth. 1883. 928.2 Kl 

Fanctiette, by one of her admirers. anon. 

(Round-robin series.) S. B. 1883. 1 X4 

Fancy's frolics. Farley, Harriet. D. 1880. 

1 JF 
Fankwei ; or, the San Jacinto in the seas of 

India, China, and Japan. Wood, W : M. D. 

1859. 915.1 W2 

Fanning, J. T. Practical treatise on hydraulic 

and wat«r-8upply engineering. 3 ed. O. 

N.Y. 1882. 628 F 

Fanny, Aunt, pseud. (See Gai^^e, Frances Dana 

Fanshawe. Hawthorne, Nathaniel. DoUiver 

romance, Fanshawe, Septimius Felton, and 

the Ancestral footstep. O. 1884. 1 H67 
Fanshawe, and other pieces. Hawthorne, 

Nathaniel. S. 1876. 1 H68 

Fantastic hist, of the celebrated Pierrot. Assol- 

lant, Alfred. D. 1875. 827 Al 

Far from the madding crowd. Hardy, T: S. 
1874. 2 H19 

Far off; or, Asia and Australia described, anon. 
Mortimer, 3frs.T: S. 1862. 915 Ml 

Faraday, Michael. 1794-1867. Course of six 
lectures on the chemical hist, of a candle, to 
which is added a lecture on platinum ; ed. by 
W:CiiooKES. S. N.Y. 1861. 541 F 

— Course of six lectures on the various forces of 

matter, and their relations to each other ; ed. 
byW:CBOOKES. S. N.Y. 1860. 530 F 

— Gladstonb, J. H. Michael Faraday : life. D. 

1872. 925 F 

Fargus, F : J : {Hugh Conway.) Bound together. 

(Leisure hour ser.) S. N.Y. 1884. 2 F 


The secret -of the Stradivariua. Fleurette. A cabinet 
fiecret. Tlie bandHinan'R Rtory. The Blatchford beqiieftt. 
My flrKt olleiit. Our l:uit walk. Mlm River's revenge. 
The (laughter of the stars. In one short year. The truth of 
it. A speculative spirit. 

— Called back. (Leisure hour ser.) S. N.Y. 

1884. 2 Fl 

— Dark days. (Leisure hour ser.) S. N.Y. 1884. 

2 F2 

— Family affair. D. N.Y. n.d. 2 F3 

— Missing will, and other stories. D. N.Y. n.d. 

2 F4 

The missing will. The daughter of the stars. Our last 
walk: a mystery. Miss Rlvers's revenge. In one short 

Faris, W : W. Children of light. (Fletcher prize 
essay, 1877.) D. B. 1877. 252 F 

Farjeon, B : Leopold. At the sign of the silver 
flagon. O. N.Y. 1875. 2 F5 

— Duchess of Rosemarylane. O. N.Y. 1877. 

2 Fe 

— Jessie Trim. O. N.Y. 1875. 2 F7 

— Joshua Marvel. O. n.p. n.d. 2 F8 

— King of no-land. O. N.Y. 1875. 2 F9 

— London's heart. O. N.Y. 1873. 2 FIO 

— Love's victory. (In Oliphant, M. O. (W.) 

Story of Valentine and his brother. O. 1876.) 

2 087 

Farley, Harriet. Fancy's frolics ; or, Christmas 
stories told in a happy home [Hazelnook] in 
New Bug. D. N.Y. 1880. 1 JF 

Farm law; by Edm. H. Bennett. Mass.— ^S'o- 
eiety for the promotion of agriculture. O. 1884. 

347 M 

Farm-yard club of Jotham. Lorlng, G: B. 
O. 1876. 630 LI 

Farman, Ella. See Pratt, Ella (Farman). 

Farmer, J:, and Moore, J. B. Collections, hist., 
and misc., and monthly literary journal. 3 v. 
O. Concord, 1823-24. 974 F 

Farmer, J : 1789-1838. Lb Bosquet, J : Memo- 
rial of J : Farmer. D. 1884. 923.9 F 

Farmer, Silas. History of Detroit and Michigan. 
Q. Detroit, 1884. 977 F 

Farmer boy. Heady, Morrison. S. 1864. 

1 JH23 




Farmer's vacation. Waring, G: "E.t jr. O. 

1876. 914.92 W 

Farming for boys. anon. Morris, E: D. 

[1881.] 630 JM8 

Farnell's folly. Trowbridge, J: T. D. 1885. 

1 T4e 

Farnliam, Eliza Woolson (Burhaus). California 
in doors and out. D. n.p. n.d. 917.94 F 

— Ideal attained. O. n.p. n.d. 1 Fl 

— Life in prairie land. S. N.Y. 1846. 917.7 F 
Farquharson, Martha. See Finley, Martha 


Farr, Evarts W. 1840-1880. U. S. - 46M Con- 
ffresHt ^ *^»9. Memorial addreHse.s on the life 
and character of Evarts W. Farr. Q. 1881. 

928.2 F 

Farragut, D: Glasgow. 1801-1870. Farraout, 
Loyall. Life of D: G. Farragut. O. 1870. 

923.5 Fl 

Farragut, Loyall. Life of D: Glasgow Farra- 
gut; embo<lying his journal and letters. O. 
N.Y. 1870. 923.5 Fl 

Farrar, Mrs. Eliza Rotcih. 1702-1870. Recollec- 
tions of seventy years. D. B. 1866. 

923.9 Fl 

Farrar, F: W: Early days of Christianity. 2 v. 
O. N.Y. [1882]. 270 F 

— Eric ; or. Little hy little : a tale of Roslyn 

school. D. N.Y. 1884. 2 JF 

— Eternal hope : five sermons preached in West- 

minster ahbey, N. and D. 1877. D. N.Y. 
1878. 252 Fl 

— "In the days of thy youth : " sermons on prac- 

tical subjects. 3 ed. D. N.Y. 1877. 

252 F2 

— Julian Home: a tale of college life. D. Ph. 

1860. 2 Fll 

— Language and languages, being chapters on 

language and families of speech. D. L. 1878. 

401 F 

— Life of Christ. 2 v. O. N.Y. 1875. 232 F 

— St. Winifred's; or, the World of school. D. 

N.Y. 1874. 2 JFl 

— Seekers aft«r Go<I. D. [L.] n.d. 921.9 S 

— Talks on temperance. D. N.Y. 1878. 

178 F 

— Witness of hist, to Christ. 2 ed. D. L. 1872. 

239 F 
Farrar, H. S. Bossuet and his contemporaries. 

anon. D. N.Y. 1876. 922.2 B2 

Farrar, W : Gardner, joint author. See Hart- 

iw^ell, E. A., and others. 
Farrer, James Anson. Military manners and 

customs. D. N.Y. 1885. 355 F 

Fashionable sufferer; or, Chapters from life's 

comedy. Hoppin, A: D. 1883. 1 HI 22 
Fast friends. Trowbridge, J : T. D. 1875. 

1 JT23 
Fast in the ice. Ballantyne, R. M. S. 1876. 

2 JB3 
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b. 1874. 385 T 

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2 18 

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811 Fl 

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Charles Albert Fechter. D. 1882. 927.9 F 




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WtaUikey ring. Gold ring. 

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n.p. n.d. . 2 XIO 

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4 Fl 

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115.) 4 Fl 

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Jungle station : a tale of the Malay peninsula. 
D. L. 1883. 2 JF8 

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brothers. D. N.Y. 1882. 2 JF2 

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tain mine. O. N.Y. 1874. 2 JF5 

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termination of the Roman republic. S. N.Y. 
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autobiog. acct. ; and further extended memoir 
with notes, by E. Hbndbbson. O. Edin. 1867. 

926 Fl 

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pher. S. n.d. 925 F2 

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914.2 C 
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V. 3) O. L. 1876. 729 F 

— History of the modern styles of architecture. 

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1873. 724 F 

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life of the author, and an essay on his genius 
and writings. D. L. 1851. 821 F2 

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p. 25-130.) 821 F2 

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(Willis) Eldridge. 
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1876. 1 81F 

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anon. S. L. 1831. 2 F18 

— Inheritance. S. L. n.d. 2 F14 

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history, government, doctrines, customs, and 
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illustrated, and causes which retard the prog- 
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886 Fl 

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American kitchen gardener ; rev. by a practi- 
cal gardener. D. N.Y. 1856. 336 F 

— Same. (Saxon's rural hand-books, 2 ser.) D. 

N.Y. 1856. 680 SI 

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enl. D. B. 1842. 680 F 

- Same. 10 ed. enl. D. N.Y. 1856. 680 Fl 

— Democracy unveiled ; or, Tyranny stripped of 

the garb of patriotism, nar. D. B. 1805. 

811 F2 

— New American gardener, containing practical 

directions for the culture of fruits and vegeta- 
bles. D. B. 1828. 685 Fl 




Fessenden, T: Qreen— continued, 

— Same. 30 ed. (In author*8 Complete farmer 

and rural economist. 10 ed. enl. D. 1856.) 

680 Fl 

— Terrible tractoration, and other poems. 

3Amer. ed. D. B. 1836. 811 F3 

— ed. See New England Farmer, Ag. 1823-^11. 

1829. V. 2, 4, 6-7. »q. Q. 1823-29. 
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England. Bailey^ U. L., and liee, Frances. 

8. [1871.] 1 JB3 

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821 Bl 
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Idl, ''fair, fair, with golden hair" ; or, Kilcor- 

ran. 8. Ph. 1878. 2 F16 

Fettered for Ufe. Blake, L. D. D. 1874. 

IB 24 
Feudal castles of France: Western provinces. 

anon. Byrne, Mrs. W : P. O. 1869. 

728 B 
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916.4 F 

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tr. by O. ViBBUR. D. n.p. n.d. 4 F2 


Led astray: or, "La pettte comtame." Tbe sphinx: or, 
"Jnlla de TMcaar". bellah. 

— Marriage in high life ; tr. by Celia Looan. D. 

Ph. 1876. 4 F3 

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by A. E. Kbogbb. D. Ph. 1868. 193 F 

— Science of rights ; tr. by A. E. Kboorb. D. 

1%. 1869. 193 Fl 

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house painting, decorative architecture, and 

the arts. D. L. n.d. 752 F 

— Rudiments of colours and of colouring, with the 

nature of pigments ; for the use of decx)rative 
artists, painters, etc. ; ed. by Robert Mallbt. 
D. L. 1870. 752 Fl 

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O. N.Y. [1877]. 915.4 Fl 

— From the lakes of Killarney to the Golden 

Horn. 9 ed. O. N.Y. [1876]. 914.2 F 

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events in Egypt. D. N.Y. 1883. 915.3 F 
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France, and other papers. D. N.Y. 1876. 

914.4 F 
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2 F17 
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ican actor series.) D. B. 1882. 927.9 F 

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for Amer. boys and girls. D. N.Y. 1878. 

4 F4 


The wings of conrage. The deserted castle. 


Field, Maunsell Bradhurst. Memories of many 
men an<l of some women. D. N.Y. 1875. 

920.01 M 

Field, T : W. Pear culture : a manual for the 
propagation, planting, cultivation, and man- 
agement of the pear tree. D. N.Y. 1858. 

634 F 

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ish islands, anon. Maxwell, W: H. O. 
[1833.] 790 M 

Field of ice. Verne, Jules. D. 1875. 4 V5 

Field paths and green lanes. Jennings, L. J. 
D. 1878. 914.2 Jl 

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1. O. N.Y. n.d. 2 F18 


Tom Jonen; or, the nistory of a foundling. Jo«eph An- 
drewn. AmelU. HUtory of the life of Mr. Jonathan 
Wild, the Great. A journey from thin world to the next. 

— Adventures of Joseph Andrews and his friend, 

Mr. Abraham Adams. (British novelist, v. 
18.) S. n.p. n.d. 2 F19 

— History of Tom Jones, a foundling. (Biuttsh 

novelists, v. 19-21.) 3 v. S. n.p. n.d. 

2 F20 

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Fielding, H : Adventures of Joseph Andrews 
and his friend, Mr. Abraham Adams. S. n.d. 
pref. p. 3-32.) 2 F19 

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928.2 F 

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of Henry Fielding. {See Fielding, H: Se- 
lect works. 2v. in 1. O. n.d. pref. p. 13-34.)_ 

2 il*18 

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'{See Fielding H: Select works. 2 v. in 1. 

O. n.d. pref. p. 5-12.) 2 F18 

Fields, Annie (Adams). Asphodel, anon. D. 

B. 1866. 1 F7 

— How to help the poor. D. B. 1884. 839 Fl 
Fields, James T : 1820-1881. Ballads, and other 

verses. D. B. 1881. 811 F4 

— Hawthorne. (Modern classics.) T. B. [1879]. 

928.1 HI 

— Some memories of Charles Dickens. {See 

DiclKenB, C: J: H. Mystery of Edwin 
Drood, and some uncollected pieces. O. 
1870. p. 1-8.) 2 D19 

— Underbrush. 2 ed. S. B. 1878. 814 F 

— Yesterdays with authors. D. B. 1872. 820 F 

— and Whipple, Edwin P., ed. Family library 

of British poetry, from Chaucer to the present 
time. Q. B. 1880. 821 Fl 

— Biographical notes and personal sketches, with 

unpublished fragments and tributes, from men 

and women of letters, anon. O. 1882. 

928.1 B 
Fields, Mra. James T: See Fields, Annie 

Fiflne at the fair, and other poems. Brcwning, 

Robert. D. 1872. 821 B18 

Fifteen days. Putnam, M.. (L.) D. 1866. 

1 P87 

Fifteen decisive battles of the world. Creasy, 
6'trE:S., &ar<. O. 1876. 900 CI 




JP'ifty salads. Murrey, T: J. S. [1885.] 

e4i M 

Fifty soups. Murrey, T: J. S. 1884. 

641 Ml 
Fifty years ago. Wlllard, C. A. D. [1871.] 

1 W57 
Fifty years among authors, books, and publishers. 
Derby, J. C. O. 1884. 928 Fl 

Fifty years in both hemispheres. Nolte, Vin- 
cent. D. 1854. 923.8 N 
Fifty years' observation of men and events. 
Keyes, E. D. D. 1884. 928.5 Kl 
Fifty years of my life. Albemarle, G: T: 
Keppel, 5<;i caW 0/. O. 1877. 923.5 A 
Fifty years of science. Lubl>ocl£, Sir J:, bart. 
3ed. O. 1882. 509 L 
Figlitins the good fight. E., H. F. D. 1883. 

2 JE 
Figs and thistles. Tourg^e, A. W. D. [1879.] 

1 T31 
Figuier, L: Human race. O. N.Y. 1872. 

572 F 

— Insect world, being a popular account of the 

orders of insects. O. N.Y. 1868. 595.7 F 

— Mammalia ; their various orders and habits 

popularly illustrated by typical species. O. 
N.Y. 1870. 599 F 

— Ocean world. O. N.Y. n.d. 590.4 F 

— Reptiles and birds ; a popular acct. of their va- 

rious orders; ed. by Parker Gillmorb. O. 
N.Y. 1870. 598 F 

— To-morrow of death ; or, the Future life accord- 

ing to science. D. B. 1872. 237 F 

— Vegetable world, being a history of plants, with 

their botanical descriptions and peculiar prop- 
erties. O. N.Y. 1867. 580 L 

— World before the deluge; ed. and rev. by H: 

WiBristow. D. N.Y. 1872. 551.7 F 

Figures of the past. Quiney, Josiah. (1772- 

1864.) D. 1883. 920.07 F 

Fillmore, J: Comfort. Pianoforte music; its 

hist., with biog. sketches and critical estimates 

of its greatest masters. D. Chic. 1883. 

786 F 

Final causes. Janet, Paul. 2 ed. O. 1883. 

124 J 

Finished or not. anon. Tolman, M. D. D. 

1873. 1 T28 

Flnley, Martha (Farquharson). Casella ; or, the 

Children of the valleys. D. Ph. 1876. 

1 F8 

— Elsie's children : a sequel to "Elsie's mother- 

hood." D. N.Y. [1877]. 1 F9 

— Elsie's motherhood : a sequel to "Elsie's wom- 

anhood." D. N.Y. [1876]. 1 FIO 

Finney, Rev. C: G. 1792-1876. Memoirs. O. 

N.Y. 1876. 922.5 F 

Fiord' Aliza. Lamartine, A. M. L: de P. de. 

S. 1868. 4 Ii4 

Fire in the woods. De Mille, Ja. D. n.d. 

1 JD4 
Fireside fairies. Pindar, S. C. S. 1860. 

1 JP5 

Fireside friend; or, Female student. Plielps, 

A. (H.)L. D. B. 1840. 376 P 
Fireside science. Nicliols, J. R. D. 1872. 

504 N 
Fireside travels. Lowell, J. R. 8 ed. D. 1883. 

814 L2 
First and last journey, anon. S. N.Y. 1861. 

2 JX16 

First and second marriages. Baker, H. N. (W.) 

D. 1874. 1 B 

First century of the republic. Woolsey, T. D., 

and others. Q. 1876. 973 Wl 

First impressions. Eilis, 8.. (S.) S. 1867. 

2 E25 
First love is best. Dodge, M.. A. D. 1877. 

1 D27 

First of June. Adams, Rev. H. C. 18 ed. D. 

1882. 2 JA2 

First of the Knickerbockers. Myers, P: H. 

2 ed. D. 1849. 1 M44 

Firtli, Abraham. Voices for the speechless. D. 

B. 1883. 808 F 
Fisli, H: Clay. History and repository of pulpit 

eloquence. 2 v. O. N.Y. 1857. 252 F3 

— Pulpit eloquence of the 19th century. O. 

N.Y. 1867. 252 F4 

Fisb bough, W: Biographical sketch of Davis. 

(See Davis, A. J. Principles of nature, her 

divine revelations, and a voice to mankind. 

34 ed. O. 1876.) 133 D12 

Fislier, £: Thornton, tr. Gubbin, M. du C. de. 

Journal. D. 1867. 928.4 Gl 

Fislier, Frances C. {Christian Reid.) £bl>-tide, 

and other stories. O. N.Y. 1872. 1 Fll 


Ebb-tide. Mim Inglesby'a RlAter-in-law. The story of a 
near. A Uonbt. 

— Gentle belle. O. N.Y. 1880. 1 F12 

— Heart of steel. D. N.Y. 1883. 1 F13 

— Land of the sky ; or. Adventures in mountain 

by.ways. O. N.Y. 1876. 1 F14 

— Roslyn's fortune. D. N.Y. 1885. 1 F15 

— Valerie Aylmer. O. n.p. n.d. 1 F16 
Fislier, G: Park. Beginnings of Christianity, 

with a view of the state of the Roman world, 
at the birth of Christ. O. N.Y. 1877. 

270 Fl 
~ Christian religion. D. N.Y. 1882. 280 F 

— Faith and rationalism, with short supplement- 

ary essays on related topics. D. N.Y. [1879]. 

239 Fl 

— Life of B: Silliman. 2 v. O. N.Y. 1866. 

925 S 

— Notes on books in English, relating to the refor- 

mation . {See Seebohm, F : Era of the prot- 
estant revolution. 2 ed. S. 1876. p. 239- 
246.) 940 SI 

Fislier, M. M. Three pronunciations of Latin. 
2ed. D. B. 1879. 471 F 

Fisher, Sidney G : Trial of the constitution. O. 
Ph. 1862. 842.73 F 




Fisher boys of Pleasant cove. Kellogg, Elijah. 

D. [1874.] 1 JK7 

Fisher Maiden. BJdrnson, Bjornstjerne. D. 

1882. 839.8 B4 

Fisher's river [N.C.] scenes and characters. 

anon. Taliferro, H. E. nar. D. 1869. 

817 T 
Fisk, Wilbur. Travels in Europe. 4 ed. O. 

N.Y. 1838. 914 F3 

FislKe, Frank S., tr, and ed, Thibbs, L: A. Mis- 
sissippi bubble: a memoir of J: Law. D. 

1859. 928.3 L 

Fiske, J. Safford, tr, Taine, H. A. Tour 

through the Pyrenees. O. 1874. 914.6 T 
Fiske, J: American political ideas, reviewed 

from the standpoint of universal history. D. 

N.Y. 1885. 320 F 

— Darwinism, and other essays. D. B. 1884. 

504 F 

— Destiny of man, viewed in the light of his 

origin. D. B. 1884. 218 F 

— Excursions of an evolutionist. D. B. 1884. 

675 F 

— Idea of God, as affected by modern knowledge. 

4 ed. D. B. 1886. 231 F 

— Myths and myth-makers : old tales and super- 

stitions, interpreted by comparative mytholo- 
gy. D. B. 1873. 291 F 

— Outlines of cosmic philosophy, based on the 

doctrine of evolution, with criticism on the 

positive philosophy. 2 v. O. B. 1875. 

575 Fl 

— Unseen world, and other essays. D. B. 1880. 

814 Fl 
— joint author. See Brookes, Artemas L. 
Fiske, S:C. (Dunn Browne.) 1828-1864. Dunn 

Browne's experiences in the army. D. 

B. 1865. 973.7 F 

— Ttlbr, W. S. Biographical notice. (Se^ 

Fiske, S: G. Dunn Browne's experiences in 
the army. D. 1865. p. 11-37.) 973.7 F 
Fitch, Asa. See N. Y. (state)— Legislature. First 
and second report on the noxious, beneficial, 
and other insects of the state of N. Y. O. 
1856. 595.7 N 

Fitch, J. G : Lectures on teaching, delivered in 
the University at Cambridge. D. Camb. 1882. 

371 F 

Fitch, J: 1743-1798. Wbstcott, Thompson. 
Life of J: Fitch. D. 1857. 926 F 

— Whittlesey, C : Life of Fitch. (See Sparks' 

Lib. of Amer. biog. 2 ser. 1844-48. v. 6, p. 
83-166.) 920.07 LI v.6 

Fitch, J : Annals of the army of the Cumber- 
land, anon. O. Ph. 1864. 973.7 Fl 

Fltchburg— C% amincil. Charter and city ordi- 
nances, together with the acts of the legisla- 
ture relating to the city, rules and orders of 
the common council, and regulations of the 
fire and water depts. O. Fitchburg, 1873. 

352 F 

Fitchbiirg — City council — continued. 

— Inaugural address of the Mayor, with the an- 

nual reports, 1873-date. O. Fitchburg, 1873- 
date. 352 Fl 

Fitchburg— PM6/t'c library. Annual reports of 
trustees, 1863-72. (See Fitchburg— 6'c/ioo/ 
committee. Reports, etc., 1843-date. D. and O. 
[1843]-date. v. 2 and 3.) 379 Fl 

— Same, 1873-date. (In Fitchburg— Ci7y coupl- 

et*/. Inaugural address of mayor, with annual 
reports, 1873-date. O. Fitchburg, 1873-date.) 

352 Fl 

— Same, for the year 1885. (In Fitchburg— Pm6- 

lic library. Dedication of the Wallace library 
and art building, J. 1, 1885. O. 1885.) 

R022 F 

— Catalogue. O. Fitchburg, 1862. R018 F 

Ao/«.— SuppIementM 1806, '68, Tl, and '72. 

— Same. O. Fitchburg, 1873. R018 Fl 

Ao<«.— Supplements 1874, 76, T?, '78, '79, and '8U. 

— Same. O. Fitchburg, 1881. R018 F2 

Ao/«.— Supplements 1882, '83, and '84. 

— Dedication of the Wallace library and art build- 

ing, Jl. 1, 1885. O. Fitchburg, [1885]. 

R022 F 

Fitchburg— 6'c^oo/ committee. Reports and 
pamphlets, relating to schools, 1843-date. 
D. and O. Fitchburg, [1843]-date. 379 Fl 

Fitchburg — Soldiers* monument committee. Re- 
port. O. Fitchburg, 1874. 974.43 F 

Fitchburg athensBum. By-Laws, [Mss]. F. 
Fitchburg, 1863. R023' Fl 

— Certificates, sq. O. n.p. n.d. 11023 F 
Fitchburg board of trade. Constitution and 

by-laws, adopted Je. 6, 1874. T. Fitchburg, 
1874. 380 F 

— Reports for 1874, '75 ; by E : B. Sawtell. O. 

Fitchburg, 1875-76. 380 Fl 

Fitchburg railroad co. Report to the stock- 
holders on the affairs, Ja. 1844-S. 1885. 2 v. O. 

B. 1844-8H. 385 F 

Fitchburg almanac, directory, and advertiser, 

for 1845-1871. 3 v. T. Fitchburg, 1846-71. 

R917.44 F 
Fitchburg directory, 1871-1886. O. Fitchburg 

and N.H. 1871-86. R917.44 Fl 

Fitchburg in the war of the Rebellion. Willis, 

H:A. O. 1866. 974.43 W3 

Fitchburg reveille: [weekly], Ap. 6, 1866-F. 22, 

1877. V. 14-25. 13 v. F«- Fitchburg, 1866-77. 

R071 F 
Fitchburg sentinel : [weekly], Ja. 6-D. 30, 1841, 

Ja. 4-D. 26, 1856, Ja. 1, 1868-D. 25, 1861^, Ja. 

6, 1865-D. 29, 1882. v. 3, 18, 20-22, 24-25, 27-44. 

27 V. F^and F'- Fitchburg, 1841-1882. 

R071 F2 

Note. V. 24 for 1862 incomplete. 2 cop. in part of v. 21 

— [daily], My. 6, 1873-date. v. 1-date. F«- and 

F'- Fitchburg, 1873-date. R071 Fl 




Fitchburg tribune : [weekly], Ja. U, 1881-D. 27, 
1884. V. 1-4. 4 V. F«- Fitchburg, 1881-84. 

R071 F3 

Note. ▼. 1 Incomplete. 

Fltts, Hervey, and Richards, W: C. Abraham 
Vest; or » the Cast-off restored. S> n.p. n.d. 

920.9 V 

FftKgerald, B:, lord, 176^17%. Moore, T: 
Life and death of Lord E : Fitzgerald. 2 v. in 
l.D. L. 1831. 923.2 Fl 

Fitzgerald, Percy Hetherington. Famous for- 
gery, being the story of the unfortunate Doctor 
Dodd. O. L. 1865. 923.4 D 

Fitzmaurice, Edmond, lord. Life of William, 
earl of Shelburne. 2 v. O. L. 1876-76. 

923.2 L2 

Five acres too much. Roosevelt, B. B. D. 
1869. 630 R2 

Five hundred and ninety-five pulpit pungencies. 
aniyn, Beecher, H:W. D. 1866. 818 Bl 

Five hundred and seven mechanical movements. 
Brown, H:T. s^. D. [1868.] 531 Bl 

Five little Southerners. Porter, M.. W. D. 
[1880.] 1 JP6 

Five weeks in a balloon. Verne, Jules. D. 
n.d. 4 V6 

Five years in a protestant sisterhood, and ten 
years in a catholic convent : an autobiogra- 
phy, anon, D. L. 1869. 922.2 F 

Flag of distress. Reld, Mayne. D. 1876. 

2 JR8 

Flag of truce, anon, Warner, Susi^n. D. 
1876. 1 JW3 

Flagg, Edmund. Venice, the city of the sea. 
2v:D. N.Y.1853. 914.5 F 

— See U. S. — State dept. Beport on the commercial 

relations of the U. S., with all foreign nations. 
4y. Q. 1856-57. 382 Ul 

Flagg, W : J. Three seasons in European vine- 
yards, treating of vine-culture, wine-making, 
and wine-drinking, as affecting health and 
morals. D. N.y. 1869. 634 Fl 

Flagg, Wilson. Birds and seasons of New Eng- 
land. O. B. 1875. 591.9 F 

— Studies in the field and forest. O. B. 1857. 

814 F2 

— Woods and by-ways of New England. O. B. 

1872. 917.44 F2 

Flammarion, Camille. Wonders of the heavens ; 
tr. by Mrs. Norman Lockyrr. D. N.Y. n.d. 

523 F 
Flanders, H : Lives and times of the chief jus- 
tices of the supreme court of the U. S. 2 v. O. 
Ph. 1858. 923.4 LI 


V. 1. J : Jay. J : Riitletlgo. 

8. W : Cmthing. OUver EUnworth. J : MantiAll. 

— ed. Cumberland, B : Memoirs ; written by 

himself. O. 1856. 928.2 C17 

Flanders, Wooster A. Description of the three 
classes of bees. {See Weelis, J : M. Manual ; 
or, an Easy method of managing bees. D. 
1866. p. 101-119.) 680 82 

Flandrin, J : Hippolyte. 1809-1864. Lbar, 3fr$, 
H. L. Christian painter of the 19th century. 
D. 1877. 927.5 F 

Flat iron for a farthing. Ewing, J. H. (6.) 
sq. O, 1884. 2 JE12 

Flatlaud. anon. Abbott, Edwin. S. 1885. 

827 A 

Fleming, 6:, p86ud. See Fletcher, Julia Con- 

Fleming, I. Plant. Analysis of the English lan- 
guage. D. L. 1872. 428 F 

Ft. 1. OrammAr. S. Etymological derivatioiM. 8. Praxlfi. 

Fleming, James 6. Old violins and their mak- 
ers, including some references to those of 
modern times. O. L. n.d. 787 F 

Fleming, W : Vocabulary of philosophy, men- 
tal, moral, and metaphysical ; with chronology 
of the history of philosophy to 1860, and bibli- 
ographical index by C : P. Krauth. 2 ed. O. 
Ph. 1860. 103 F 

Fletcher, E.. (Dawson.) 1770-1858. Autobioo- 
ILA.FHT, with letters and other family memo- 
rials ; ed. by [Lady M.. Richabdsok.] O. B. 
1876, 920.7 F 

Fletcher, James. History of Poland. S. N.Y. 
1854. 947 F 

Fletcher, James Cooley, and Kidder, Daniel 
Parrish. Brazil and the Brazilians, portrayed 
in historical and descriptive sketches. 9ed. 
O. B. 1879. • 918.1 F 

— joint author. See Kidder, Daniel Parrish. 

Fletcher, J : 1576-1(J25. Dycb, Alex. Some ac- 
count of the lives and writings of Beaumont 
and Fletcher. {See Beaumont, Francis, and 
Fletcher, J : Works. 2 v. O. 1854. v. 1, p. 
1-49.) 822 B v.l 

—joint author. See Beaumont, Francis. 

Fletcher, Julia Constance. {O : Fleming,) Head 
of Medusa. D. B. 1881. 1 F17 

— Kismet, [a Nile story], anon, (No name ser.) 

8. n.p. n.d. 1 F18 

— Mirage, anon, (No name ser.) S. B. 1878. 

1 F19 

— Vestigia. D. B. 1884. 1 F20 
Fletcher, W: I., ed. Poole, W: F: Index to 

periodical literature. Q. 1882. R060 PI 

Fleurange. Craven, P.. (La F.) S. 1873. 

4 C8 

Flint, C: L: Grasses and forage plants. O. B. 

1860. 688 F 

— Milch cows and dairy farming. O. B. 1858. 

687 F 

— Practical treatise on grasses and forage plants. 

O. N.Y. 1857. 638 Fl 

— a7id others. Eighty years* progress of the U. S., 

from the revolutionary war to the great re- 
bellion. O. N.Y. 1864. 609 F 

— See Mass. {Hate) — Board of agriculture, Beport 

of the secretary, 1853-79. O. 1854-80 

680 M5 




Flinty Robert. iSee Janet, Paul. Final causes. 
2ed. O. 18&3. 124 J 

Flint, Timothy. Liectures upon natural history, 
geology, chemistry, the application of steam, 
and interesting discoveries in the arts, D. 
B. 1833. 604 F 

— Recollections of the last ten years, passed in 
the Mississippi valley, nar. O. B. 1826. 

917.6 F 

Flip, and Found at Blazing Star. Harte, F. B. 
S. 1882. 1 H46 

Floatlnji: city, and the Blockade runners. Verne, 
Jules. O. 1876. 4 V7 

Floating prince, and other fairy tales. Stock- 
ton, F.R: O. 1881. 1 J831 

Flood, field, and forest. Hooper, G: O. . 1869. 

799 R 

Flora; or. Self-deception, and the Great re- 
former. Tucker, C. M. S. 1861. 2 JT9 

Flora Lyndsay. Moodle, S. (S.) D. n.d. 

2 M127 

Flora of Fitchburg and vicinity. Hartwell, E. 

A., and others, 681 H 

Flora's interpreter. Hale, S.. J. (B.) D. 

[1848J 821 H 

Florence and John. Abbott, Jacob. S. 1861. 

1 JA16 

Florence Dombey. Dickens, C: J: H. D. 
n.d. 2 JD7 

Florence Egerton. MacGowan, J. S. 1862. 

2 JM2 

Florence Macarthy. Morgan, S. (O.), tody. 2 v. 
in 1. nar. D. 1819. 2 M13d 

Florence Sackville. Burbury, Mrs. E. J. O. 
1858. 2 B81 

Florence stories. See Abbott, Jacob. 

Floreatan, prince o/i/bnaco. Fall of Florestan. 
O. L. 1874. 946 F 

Floras, Lucius Aquillius. [Epitome of Roman 
history] ; tr. by J: Selby Watson. (See Sal- 
lust. [Conspiracy of Cataline, and other 
works.] D. 1868. p. 276-406.) 878 S 

Note. Biographical notice, pref . p. 18-20. 

Floss, Silverthorn. Glberne, Agnes. D. 1876. 

2 J02 
Flower, W ; H : Introduction to the osteology of 

the mammalia. D. L. 1870. 591.4 F 

Flower and thorn. Aldrich, T:B. D. 1877. 

811 A2 
Flower, fruit, and thorn pieces. Richter, J : P. 

F: 2 v. 8. 1877. 8 R4 

Flower of the prairie. Almard, Gustave. O. 

n.d. 4 A6 

Flowers of history. Wendover, Roger de. 2 v. 

I>. 1849. 942.01 W 

Flowers of the sky. Proctor, R: A. S. ' n.d. 

523 PI 
Flowers that never fade, culled for their young 

friends; by Amelia and Annie, anon. S. B. 

1862. 1 jxe 

Floyd Grandon's honor. Douglas, A. M. D. 

1884. 1 D33 

Fly leaves. Caverley, C. S. 8. 1872. 

821 C 

Flying mail. Goldschmldt, M. D. 1870. 

839.8 G 

Foe in the household. Chesebro', Caroline. O. 
1871. 1 CIO 

^'OKK* W : Perreyt Arabistan ; or, the Land of the 
Arabian nights; with an introd. by Bayard 
Taylor. O. Hartford, 1876. 915.3 Fl 

Foggy night at Offord. Wood, E. (P.) O. 
n.d. 2 W26 

-— Sanie, etc. {In Parr, Harriet. Echoes of a fa- 
mous year. 8. 1872.) 2 P3 

Follen, C : Thdr. Chris. 1796-1840. Follbn, E. 
L. (C.) Life of C : Follen. D. 1844. 

923.7 F 

Follen, Eliza Lee (Cabot). Life of C : Follen. D. 
B. 1844. 923.7 F 

Following the flag. Coffin, C : C. D. 1881. 

973.7 C4 
Fonblanque, E: Barrington de. Political and 
military episodes in the latter half of the 18th 
century, derived from the life and correspon- 
dence of J : Burgoyne. O. L. 1876. 

923.5 B6 
Fonssagrives, J: Baptiste. Mother's work with 
sick children ; tr. by F. P. Foster. (Putnam's 
handy book series.) D. N.Y. [1872]. 

649 F 
Fool of quality. Brooke, H: 2 v. D. 1860. 

2 B73 
Fool's errand. Tourg^e, A^W. D. 1880. 

1 T82 
Foote, Andrew Hull. 1806-1863. Hoppin, J. M. 
Life of Foote. O. 1874. 923.5 F2 

Foote, M.. (Hallock). Led-horse claim : a romance 
. of a mining camp. D. B. 1883. 1 F21 

Footfalls on the boundary of another world. 
Owen, R. D. D. 1860. 133 Ol 

Footprints. Cooke, F. E. 8. 1879. 922 F 
Footprints of the Creator : from 3 L. ed. Mil- 
ler, Hugh. D. 1863. 215 M3 
Footsteps of our forefathers. Miall, J. O. D. 
1862. 285 M 
For better or worse. Croly, J. C. D. 1876. 

173 C2 

For faith and fatherland. Bramston, M.. D. 

n.d. 2 JB24 

For honor's sake. Cunningham, Mrs. B. 8. 

D. 1879. 1 C74 

For lack of gold. Gibbon, C: O. 187L 

2 G24 
For love and life. Oliphant, M. O. (W.) O. 
1874. 2 08 

— Same. 2 v. in 1. 8. 1874. 2 09 

For richer, for poorer. Parr, Harriet. 2 ed. 
3v. D. 1870. 2 P4 

For the king. Gibbon, C: O. 1872. 2 G25 
For the major. Woolson, C. F. 8. 1883. 

1 W76 
Forayers. Simms, \Y:G. D. [1866.] 

1 825 




Forbes, J. H. {Arthur Locker.) Stephen Scudt^ 
more, the younger ; or, the Fifteen-year olds. 
D. L. 1871. 2 JFe 

Forbes, James Grant. See Hull, W : 

Forbes, Robert Bennett: 1804- . Personal 
reminiscences. D. B. 1878. 926 Fl 

Forbidden fruit. Hacklander, F: W: D. 
[1877.] • 3 HI 

Forbidden land: voyages to the Corea. Op- 
pert, Ernest. O. 1880. 915.1 O 

Force, Manning F. From Fort Henry to Cor- 
inth. (Campaigns of the civil war, v. 2.) D. 
N.Y. 1881. 973.7 F2 

Ford, J: 1580-1630. Works ; ed. by W : Giffobd ; 
new ed. by Rev. Alex. Dycb. 3 v. D. L. 
1869. 822 F 


V. 1. Commendatory vemen. The lover's melancholy. 
*Tii» pity Rhe'B a •w***e. The broken heart. 

2. iJove'H gacriflce. Pekin Warbeck. The fancies 
chaste and noble. 

3. The lady's trial. The sun's darling. The witrh of 
Edmonton. Fame's memorial: [a poemj. Poems by Ford. 
Honour triumphant: [prose]. A line of life: [prose]. In- 

—joint author. See Massinger, Philip, and 
Ford, J: 

— CoLBRiDGB, Hartley. Life of Ford. {See Mas- 

singer, Philip and Ford, J: Dramatic 
works. 2 V. in 1. Q. 1869. pref. p. 20-44.) 

822 Ml 

— GiFFORD, W: Life of Ford. {See Ford, J: 

Works. 3v. D. 1869. v. 1, pref. p. 13-19.) 

822 F vl 

Ford, L., tr. DaAet, Alphonse. My brother 
Jack. D. 1877. 4 D3 

Ford, R: Spaniards, and their country. O. 
N.Y. 1848. ei4.e Fl 

Ford, T: History of Illinois, from 1818 to 1847. 
O. Chic. 1854. 977 Fl 

Ford, Worthington Chauncey, ed. American citi- 
zen's mannal. (Questions of the day, 5.) 2 v. 
O. N.Y. 1882-83. 320 Fl 


v. 1. Oovernments, national and state. Local govern- 
ment. Tlie electorate. Offices and office holders. 

2. Protection to life and property. The federal govern- 
ment. Functions of the state government. State finances. 

— ed. Wblls, D: A. Natural philosophy. D. 

[1870]. 530 W 

Foregone conclusion. Howells, W: D. D. 
1875. 1 H135 

Foreign classics for English readers. See Oli- 
phant, Marg. O. (Wilson), ed. 

Foreign quarterly review, v. 18-19. {See Re- 
print of Blackwood's £din. magazine, the 
Metropolitan, and the Foreig^n quarterly re- 
view. V. 5 and 6. Q. 1835.) 062 R 

Foreign reminiscences. Holland, H: R:, lord. 
D. 1851. 923.2 H9 

Forest and stream, and rod and gun ; the Ameri- 
can si>ortsman's journal: [weekly], O. 6,-1881- 
date. V. 17, no. 10-date. F^ N.Y. 1881-date. 

R799 F 

Forest Arcadia of northern New York, embrac- 
ing a view of its mineral, agricultural, and 

timber resources. anOn. S. B. 1864. 

917.47 X 
Forest days. James, G : P. B. O. 1854. 

2 Jll 

Forest exiles. Reid, Mayne. D. 1881. 

2 JR9 

Forest glen series. See Kellogg, Elijah. 

Forest life. anon. Kirkland, C. M.. (S.) 2 v. 

D. 1842. 917.3 K 

Forest life and forest trees. Springer, J: S. 

D. 1856. 917.41 S 

Forester, Frank, p9eud. See Herbert, H : W : 
Forester, T:, ed. and comp. Pbicb, E: Norway 

and its scenery. D. 1853. 914.8 P 

Forester. Kdgeworth, Maria. Moral tales. 

3 V. in 1. S. 1856. 2 JE5 

— Tales and novels. 20 v. in 10. D. 1858-^9. 

V. 1. 2 E6 v.l 

Foresters. Wilson, J: (J?i Brougham, H:, 

lord. Historical sketches of the time of 

George III., etc. 3 ser. D. 1844.) 

923.2 H8 

Forestier, Aulier, tr. Bayer, K: E. B. von. 

Sphinx. D. 1871. 3 B3 

— tr. Janson, Kristofer. Spell-bound fiddler. 

D. 1880. 839.8 J 

Forgery. James, 6 : P. B. O. 1857. 2 J 12 
Forgiven at last. Walwortli, Mrs. D. 1870. 

1 W4 
Forgotten by the world. Macquoid, K. S. D. 

n.d. 2 M41 

Forlorn hope. Yates, E. H. O. n.d. 2 Y3 

Forney, J: Weiss. New nobility: a story of 

Europe and America. O. N.Y. 1881. 

1 F22 

Forney, Matthias N. Catechism of the locomo- 
tive. D. N.Y. 1882. 621.1 F 

— and others. Car-builder's dictionary : an illus- 

trated vocabulary of terms, which designate 
Amer. railroad cars, their parts, and attach- 
ments, rev. and enl. ed. oh. O. N.Y. 1884. 

699 F 

Forrest, Edwin. 1806-1872. Alger, W : B. Life 

of Edwin Forrest. 2 v. O. 1877. 927.9 F2 

— Bees, Ja. Life of Edwin Forrest. D. n.d. 

927.9 F8 
Forrest House. Holmes, M.. J.. (H.) D. 1881. 

1 H108 
Forrester, Mrs. —. Fair women. O. n.p. n.d. 

2 F21 
Forrester, Fanny, pseud. See Judson, Emily 

Forrester, T:, ed. Paris and itsen\irons: an 
illustrated handbook. D. L. 1859. 

914.4 Fl 
Fors clavigera. Buskin, J : 2 v. O. 1871-72. 

824 R6 

F^rster, Ernst Joachim. Biography of Bichter, 

abridged. S^ee Ricliter, J : P. F : Levana; 

or, the Doctrine of education. D. 1876. pref. 

p. 11-44.) 870,X R2 




Forster, J: Life and times of Oliver Goldsmith. 
5ed. 2v. O. L. 1871. 928.2 G8 

— Life of Charles Dickens. 3 v. D. Ph. 1872-74. 

928.2 07 

— Statesmen of the commonwealth of England ; 

ed. by J. O. Choulks. O. N.Y. 1868. 

923.2 85 

— Walter Savage Landor: a biography. O. 

B. 1869. 928.2 L4 

Forsyth, W : Hortensius : an hist, essay on the 

oftice and duties of an advocate. 2 ed. O. 

L. 1874. 347 F 

— Life of Marcus Tullius Cicero. 2 Amer. ed. 

2 V. O. N.Y. 1866. 928.7 C 

— Novels and novelists of the 18th century, O. 

N.Y. 1871. 820 Fl 

Fort Lafayette. Wood,B: D. 1862. 

1 we8 

Fortesque. Knowles, J. S. O. 1858. 

2 K63 

Fortunate island, and other stories. Clark, C : 

H. D. 1882. 1 C14 

Fortune of the republic. Emerson, R. W. D. 

1880. 814 E4 

Fortunes and misfortunes, anon. S. n.p. n.d. 

2 Xll 


C'Ain'M brand. On the Atage and off the Ktage. A cant in 
the waggon. Adam Hoine'H reitentance. Hector (iarrett «>f 
Otter. The old yeoinanry weeks. Diana. Mim West's 
Christinas atlventure. 

Fortune's fool. Hawthorne, Julian. D. 

1884. 1 H58 

Fortunes of Glencore. Lever, C: J. D. n.d. 

2 L27 
Fortunes of Hassan, being the strange story of 

Turkish refugee, as told by himself, anon. 

D. L. n.d. 2 XI 2 

Fortunes of Nigel. Scott, Sir Wa., bart. 2 v. 

inl. O. 1851). 2 819 

— Same. 2 v. S. 1879. 2 820 
Fortunes of Rachel. Hale, £:E. D. 1884. 

1 HIO 
Fortuny, Mariano. 1838-1874. Davillikr, 
Baron. Life of Fortuny. D. 1885. 

927.5 Fl 
Forty-five guardsmen. Dumas, A. D. D. 
n.d. 4 D25 

Forum; or, Forty years at the Phil. bar. 
Brown, D : P. 2 v. O. 1856. 923.4 F 

Fosdick, C: A. (Harry Castlemon.) Boy trad- 
ers ; or, the Sportsman's club among the Boers. 
(Frank Nelson series, v. 3.) D. Ph. [1877]. 

1 JFl 

— Boy trapper. (Boy trapper series, v. 2.) D. 

Ph. [1878]. 1 JF2 

— Buried treasure; or, Old Jordan's "haunt." 

(Boy trapper series, v. 1.) D. Ph. [1877]. 

1 JF3 

— Don Gordon's shooting-box. (Rod and gun ser- 

ies, v. 1.) D. Ph. 1883. 1 JF4 

— Frank among the rancheros. (Rocky mountain 

series, v. 1.) D. Ph. [1868]. 1 JF6 

Fosdick, C : A. — continued. 

— Frank at Don Carlos' rancho. (Rocky moun- 

tain series, v. 2.) D. Ph. [1871]. 1 JFO 

— Frank before Vicksburg. (Gun boat series, 

V. 4.) D. Ph. [1864]. 1 JF7 

— Frank in the mountains. (Rocky mountain 

series, v. 3.) D. Ph. [1868]. 1 JF8 

— Frank in the woods. (Gunboat series, v. 3.) 

D. Ph. [1865]. 1 JF9 

— Frank Nelson in the forecastle ; or, the Sports- 

man's club among the whalers. (Frank Nel- 
son series, v. 2.) D. Ph. [1876]. 1 JFIO 

— Frank on a gunboat. (Gunboat series, v. 2.) 

D. Ph. [1864]. 1 JFll 

-^ Frank on the lower Mississippi. (Gunboat 

series, v. 5.) D. Ph. [1868]. 1 JF12 

— Frank on the prairie. (Gunboat series, v. 6.) 

D. Ph. [1865]. 1 JF18 

— Frank, the young naturalist. (Gunboat series, 

V. 1.) D. Ph. [1864]. 1 JF14 

— George at the fort ; or. Life among the soldiers. 

(Roughing it series, v. 3.) D. Ph. [1882]. 

1 JF15 

— George at the wheel ; or. Life in the pilot-house. 

(Roughing it series, v. 2.) D. Ph. [1881]. 

1 JF16 

— George in c^mp ; or, Life on the plains. (Rough- 

ing it series, v. 1.) D. Ph. [1879]. 1 JF17 

— Go-ahead ; or, the Fisher-lwy's motto. (Go- 

ahead series, v. 2.) D. Ph. [1868.] 1 JF18 

— Mail carrier. (Boy trapper series, v. 3.) D. 

Ph. [1879]. 1 JF19 

— No moss ; or, the Career of a rolling stone. (Go- 

ahead series, v. 3.) D. Ph. [1868]. 1 JF20 

— Rod and gun club. (Rod and gun series, v. 2.) 

D. Ph. [1883]. 1 JF21 

— Snowed up ; or, the Sportsman's club in the 

mountains. (Frank Nelson series, v. 1.) D. 
Ph. [1876]. 1 JF22 

— Sportsman's club afloat. (Sportsman's club 

series, v. 2.) D. Ph. 1874. 1 JF23 

— Sportsman's club among the trappers. (Sport- 

man's club series, v. 3.) D. 'Ph. [1874]. 

1 JF24 

— Sportsman's club in the saddle. (Sportsman's 

club series, v. 1.) D. Ph. [1873]. 1 JF25 

— Tom Newcombe ; or, the Boy of bad habits. 

(Go-ahead series, v. 1.) D. Ph. [1868]. 

1 JF26 

Foss, £: Memories of Westminster hall; its 

famous judges and lawyers, and its great trials, 

with a hist, introd. 2 v. O. B. 1874. 340 F 

Fossett, Frank. Colorado; its gold and silver 
mines, farms and stock ranges, and health and 
pleasure resorts. 2 ed. D. N.Y. 1880. 

917.88 F 
Foster, C : J. Biographical sketch of Woodruff. 
(See Woodruff, H. W. Trotting horse of 
America. D. 1869. pref. p. 23-36.) 

798 W 

— ed. BooARDU^, A. H. Field, cover, and trap 

shooting. D. 1874. 799 Bl 




Foster, C : J.—cofitinued, 

— ed. Woodruff, H. W. Trotting horse of 

America. D. 1869. 798 W 

Foster, D : Si'ientific angler : a general and in- 
structive work on artistic angling ; ed. by W : 

C. Harris. D. N.Y. 1883. 799 Fl 
Foster, F. P., tr. Fonssaorivbs, J : B. Mother's 

work with sick children. D. [1872.] 

e49 F 
Foster, J: 1770-1843. Essay on the evils of pop- 
ular ignorance, enl. ed. D. N.Y. 1853. 

824 Fl 

— £s.say on the improvement of time ; ed. by Jon- 

athan Edwards Byland, with a pref . by J : 
Sheppard. D. N.Y. 1864. 374 F 

— Essays in a series of letters. 24 ed. D. L. 

1851. 824 F 

— Bylanb, J. E., ed. Life and correspondence of 

John Foster. 2 v. D. 1852. 928.2 Fl 

Foster, Mrs. Jonathan, tr. Condb, J. A. His- 
tory of the dominion of the Arabs in Spain. 
3v. D. 1854-55. 946 CI 

Foster, Mrs. M. E. Hand-book of modern Euro- 
pean literature. O. Ph. 1850. 802 F 

Foster, W : E. Libraries and readers. S. N.Y. 
1883. 028 F 

Foster-brothers. OTion. Hunt, Thornton. O. 
1858. 2 H68 

Fotherg^U, J. Milner. Animal physiology. S. 
N.Y. 1881. 612 F 

— Maintenance of health : a medical work for lay 

readers. O. L. 1874. 618 F 

Fotherglll, Jessie. Kith and kin. (Leisure 

hourser.) S. N.Y. 1881. 2 F22 

— Peril. S. N.Y. 1884. 2 F23 

— Probation. (Leisure hour ser.) S. N.Y. 1879. 

2 F24 

— Wellftelds. (Leisure hour ser.) S. N.Y. 1880. 

2 F25 
Foul play. Reade, C:, and Boucicault, Dion. 

D. n.d. 2 R28 
Fould, Mme. W.. Josephine Simonin. (Gustave 

HaUer.) Ren^ and Franz. anon. (Collec- 
tion of foreign authors.) D. N.Y. 1878. 

4 F5 

Found and lost, and other Maga stories : [short 
stories], anon. D. N.Y. 1868. 1 X5 

Found at Blazing star. Harte, F. B. Flip, and 
Found at Blazing star. S. 1882. 1 H46 

Foundation of death : a study of the drink-ques- 
tion. Gustafson, Axel. 3 ed. rev. D. 
1885. 178 G 

Fouqu^, F: H: C: La Motte. iS^eeLaMotte 
Fonqu^, F : H : C : haron de. 

Four and what they did. Campbell, H.. (S.) 
D. 1871. 1 JCl 

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327 B 

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2 JB20 

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973.7 C5 

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Fourth- of July in New England, and the 5th of 
November in Old England. Bailey, U. L., 
and another. S. [1871.] 1 JB 

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convention. Official report of the debates and 
proceedings in the state convention to review 
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1853. 342.2 M 

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Gravel wall and octagon mode of building. 
O. N.Y. 1856. 728 F 

— Practical phrenology, giving a concise elemen- 

tary view of phrenology. D. N.Y. 1848. 

139 F 

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S., including the causes of the war between 
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street ; or. Revelations of inside life and expe- 
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part of the reign of James II. O. Ph. 1808. 

942.06 F 

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923.2 F2 

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1881. 923.2 F4 

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[his] life, etc. ; with a preface by W : Penn. O. 

Ph. n.d. 922.8 F 

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ham; and re-ed. by Rev. T. Pratt. Q. Ph. 

1858. 272 F 

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B. 1847. 244 F 

Fox, M.. L. Ruined deacon : a true story, nar. 

S. B. 1851. 1 F23 




Fox-Bourne, H. R. See Bourne, H. R. Fox. 
Fox-hunting, as recorded by Raed. Stephens, 

C:A. S. [1873.] 1 JS26 

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Fragmenta regalia. 1630-1653. Nauton, Sir 

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Fragments of science for unscientific people. 

Tyndall, J: O. 1874. 504 T 

Framley parsonage. Trollope, Anthony. O. 

1871. 2 T48 

France; its King, court, and government, and 

Three hours at 'St. Cloud ; by an American. 

anon, 2 ed. D. N.Y. 1841. 914.4 XI 

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Francis I., king of France, 1494-1547. Pardoe, 

Julia. Court and reign of Francis I. 2 v. 

O. 1849. 923.1 F 

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to the Indians. {In Sparks* Lib. of Amer. 

biog. 1834-38. v. 5.) 920.07 L v.5 

— Life of Sebastian Rale. (^S'ee Sparks' Lib. of 

Amer. biog. 2 ser. 1844-48. v. 7, p. 15<K333.) 

920.07 LI V.7 

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or. Reminiscences of the past (K) years ; with a 

memoir of the author, by H : T. Tuckbrman. 

O. N.Y. 1866. 974.7 F 

— TucKBRMAN, H I T. Biographical essay of 

Francis. {See Francis, J : W. Old New York. 

O. 1866. pref. p. 5-1.%.) 974.7 F 

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MAN, J : History of inventions, discoveries, 

and origins. 4 ed. 2 v. D. 1880-81. 

609 B 
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fected ; or, Francke's orphan house at Halle ; 

ed. and tr. by W : L. Gaqb. D. N.Y. 1867. 

362 F 
Franconia stories. See Abbott, Jacob. 
Frank. Edgeworth, Maria. S. ia*i6. 

2 JE4 
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D. [1868.] 1 JF5 

Frank at Don Carlos' ranchp. Fosdick, C: A. 

D. [1871.] 1 JF6 

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[1864.] 1 JF7 

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2 S72 
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1852. 1 H22 

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[1868.] 1 JF8 

Frank in the woods. Fosdick, C: A. D. 

[1866.] 1 JF9 

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O. 8, 1881-date. v. 53-date. F«- N.Y. 1881- 

date. R071 F4 

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ryat, F: S. n.d. 2 M49 

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man's club among the whalers. Fosdick, C : 
A. D. [1876.] 1 JFIO 

Frank Nelson series. See Fosdick, C : A. 

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N.Y. 1860. 2 JX17 

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[1864.] 1 JFll 

Frank on the lower Mississippi. Fosdick, C : 

A. D. [1868.] 1 JF12 
Frank on the prairie. Fosdick, C : A. D. 

[1865.] 1 JF13 

Frank, the young naturalist. Fosdick, C : A. 

D. [1864.] 1 JF14 

Frank Wildman's adventures on land and water. 

Oerstacker, F: D. 1878. 8 6 

Frankenstein; or, the Modern Prometheus. 

Slielley, M.. (W.) D. 1869. 2 863 

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and a life of the author, by Jared Sparks. 

lOv. O. B. 1856. 818 F 

Note. Autobiography, completed by Sparks, v. 1. 

— Autobiography ; ed. from his ms. by J : Biob- 

Low. O. Ph. 1868. 923.2 F5 

— Same. 2 ed. 3 v. D. 1884. 923.2 F6 

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his grandson and others. 2 v. O. Ph. 1837. 

923.2 F8 

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N.Y. 1843. 923.2 F7 

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1862. 923.2 JFIO 

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2v. O. [1864.] 923.2 Fll 

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H. Sir J: Franklin. D. 1881. 923.9 F2 

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tin and Nelly stories, v. 2.) D. B. n.d. 

1 JF27 

— Hans and Bertie. (Martin and Nelly stories, 

V. 4.) D. B. n.d. 1 JF28 

-- Nelly and Martin. (Martin and Nelly stories, 

V. 1.) D. B. n.d. 1 JF29 

— Regulus and Winnie. (Martin and Nelly stor- 

ies, V. 3.) D. B. n.d. 1 JF30 

Franklin fire insurance company, Philadel- 
phia. Semi-centennial celebration, Je. 25, 
1879. O. Ph. 1879. 368 F 

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Jacob. Harper's storybooks. 12 v. S. 1854-57. 
V. 4.) 1 JA19 V.4 

Franz, Agnes, joint author. See Eschenbach, 

Franz6n, F. M. aruL others. Sketch of the life 
and career [of Tegn^r]. {See Anderson, R. 

B. and Bjarnson, Jon, tr. Viking tales of 
the North. D. 1877. p. 119-145.) 839.6 A 





FranzoSy K : Emil. Jews of Barnow ; with pref . 
by Barnet Phillips ; tr. by M. "W. Macdowall. 
D. N.Y. 1883. 8 F 


The Hhylock of Barnow. Ctiane. Two Savlonn of the 
people. "The child of the atonement." £i*ter1iui reglna. 
''Baron Schinule." The picture of Chrl«t. Nameless 

Fraser, James Baillie. Historical and descrip- 
tive account of Persia, including , Afghanistan 
and Beloochistan. S. N.Y. 1834. 955 F 

— Mesopotamia and Assyria, from the earliest 

ages to the present time. S. N.Y. 1856. 

935 F 

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studies in marine zoology, and botany, and 
maritime geology. D. L. 1868. 590 F 

Fraser-Tytler, Catherine Christina. See Tytler, 
Catherine Christina Eraser. 

Frau Domina. Glttmer, Claire von. D. 1877. 

3 Gl 

Fraser, Douglas. Perseverance island ; or, the 
Robinson Crusoe of the 19th century. D. 
B. 1885. 1 F24 

Freaks on the fells, and Why I did not become a 
sailor. Ballantyne, R. M. D. 1865. 

2 JB4 

Fred and Maria and me. PrentisSy B.. (P.) D. 
n.d. 1 P28 

Frederica Sophia Wilhelmina, margravine of 
Bayreuth, 1709-1768. Memoirs ; tr.. from the 
original Fr. (Autobiography ; a col. of instruc- 
tive and amusing lives, v. 19 and 20.) 2 v. 
D. L. 1828. 923.2 F12 

— MsMoiRs; with an essay by W: D. Howells. 

2 v. S. B. 1877. 923.2 F13 

Frederick II., the Great ^ king of Prussia. 1712- 

1786. B&ACKENBURT, C. B. Frederick the 

Great. D. 1884. 923.1 Fl 

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v.d. 923.1 F2 

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erick II., king of Prussia. 2 v. S. 1855. 

923.1 F3 

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seven years* war. S. N.Y. n.d. 943 LI 

— Macaulat, T: B. Ltfe of Frederiok the Great. 

S. 1860. 923.1 F4 

Frederick the Great and his court. Mundt, C. 

M. O. 1867. 3 M8 

Frederick the Great and his family. Mundt, C. 

M. O. 1867. 3 M9 

Free court of Aarau. Zschokke, J: H : D. O. 

n.d. 3 Z 

Free press : [weekly], N. 14, 1823— N. 5, 1824. v. 1. 

nar. F«- Taunton, Mass. 1823-24. 

R071 F5 

Free Russia. Dtxon, W : H. O. 1870. 

914.7 D 

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and the safe investment of capital; or, a 
Thousand chances to make money ; by a re- 
tired merchant, anon. O. Ph. 1859. 658 F 

Freedley, E<lwin T. — continiied. 

— Practical treatise on business ; or. How to get, 

save, give, lend, and l)equeath money. 4 ed. 
O. N.Y. 1862. 658 Fl 

— ed. Home comforts ; or. Things worth knowing 

in every household. O. Ph. 1879. 640 F 
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252 B 
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1884. 234 Ml 
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velopment of window tracery in England. O. 
Ox. 1851. 723 F 

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909 F 

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earliest times. D. L. 1872. 342.42 F 

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L. 1882. 911 F 

V. 1. Text. X. Mape. 

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1876.^ 956 F 

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N.Y. 1876. 940 F 

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its causes and its results. 5 v. O. Ox. 1870-71. 

942.02 F 

— Lectures to American audiences. O. Ph. 

[1882]. 904 Fl 


1. KngllKh people in ItK 3 homefi. 2. Practical bearing* 
of genernl European hl»t. 

— Old English history for children. S. L. 1869. 

942.01 JF 

— Ottoman power in Europe. D. L. 1877. 

949 F 

— Sketches from the subject and neighbour lands 

of Venice. D. L. 1881. 729 Fl 

— ed. Hunt, W : History of Italy. S. 1875. . 

945 HI 
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portfolio in Rome. D. B. 1883. 818 Fl 

Freeman, Martha. Somebo<ly's Ned. D. Chic. 

1879. 1 F25 

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collection of the laws of Mass. relative to the 

power and duty of justices of the peace, with 

forms. O. B. 1795. 345.8 F 

Freemason's repository, published monthly for 

masons and their families, ed. by H : W. Rugg ; 

N. 1882-S. 1884. v. 12 and 13. O. Prov. 1882-84. 

366 F 
Frellij(ratli-Kr6ker, Kate. Alice, and other 

fairy plays for children. 2 ed. D. L. 1880. 

793 JF 


Alice. Rnow(ln)n. The bear prln<«. Jack and the 
prince who never laughed. 

— tr. Brentano, Clemens. Fairy tales. D. 

1885. 3 JB8 




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the Southern states, Ap.~Je. 18B3. D. 
N.Y. 1864. 917.5 F 

Fremont, Jessie (Benton.) Story of the guard : 
a chronicle of the war. D. B. 18G;). 

973.7 F3 

— and otJiers, How to learn and earn ; or, Half 

hours in some helpful schools. D. B. [1884]. 

372 F 

Fremont, J: C: Narrative of the exploring ex- 
pedition to the Rocky mountains, 1842, and to 
Oregon and N. C, 1843-44. O. N.Y. 1846. 

917.95 F 

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alogica. O. L. 1869. 929 F 

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B. 1883. 915.1 F 

— Our boys in India. O. B. 1883. 915.4 F2 

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processes, and effects of draining land. D. 

N.Y. 1869. 631 F 

French at home. Rhodes, Albert. S. [1875.] 

914.4 Rl 
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n.d. 4 JW2 

French home life ; reprinted from Blackwooil's 

magazine, anon, D. N.Y. 1874. 

914.4 X2 
French pictures in English chalk. Murray, E. 

G. G. 2 V. in 1. S. 1876. 2 M141 

French prisoners. Bertz, E: D. 1884. 

2 JB18 

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Old Deccan days. D. 1868. 398.2 F 

Frere, J : Hookham, tr. Thboonis. Fragments. 

D. 1856. 881 H 

Frere, M., comp. ^Old Deccan days ; or, Hindoo 

fairy legends current in southern Asia ; ed. by 

Sir Bartle Frbbs. D. Ph. 1868. 398.2 F 

Freres. Hector, A. F. T. S. 1882. 2 H39 
Fresh jfields. Burroughs, J : 2 ed. S. 1885. 

814 B8 
Fresh gleanings. Mitchell, D. G. D. 1851. 

914 M3 

Fresh hearts that failed 3000 years ago. anon. 

Lowell, R. T. S. D. 1860. 811 L25 

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Hugo and his time. O. 1882. 928.4 H 

— tr. ScHWBiNFUBTH, G : Heart of Africa. 

2v. O. 1874. 916.7 8 

— tr. Vbrnb, Jules. Hector Servadac. O. .1882. 

4 V12 

— tr. Vbbnb, Jules. Tribulations of a China- 

man. D. 1881. 4 V27 

— tr. Vbrnb, Jules. Wreck of the Chancellor. 

D. n.d. 4 V24 
Frey, Albert R. Letters of Junius, [historical 

and bibliographical]. (See Gushing, W: 

Initials and pseudonyms. Q. N.Y. 1885. p. 

145-166.) R014 C 

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E. CuTTBR. O. N.Y. 1876. 591.8 F 

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C, with a pref . by Christian C : Josias Bun- 
SBN. D. N.Y. 1858. 3 Fl 

— Ingo : our forefathers, v. 1 ; tr. by Mrs. Malcolm. 

(Leisure hour series.) S. N.Y. 1873. 3 F2 

— Ingraban : our forefathers, v. 2 ; tr. by Mrs. 

Malcolm. (Leisure hour series.) S. N.Y* 
1873. 3 F3 

— Lost manuscript. O. n.p. n.d. 3 F4 

Frick, Joseph. Physical technics ; or. Practical 
instructions for making experiments in phys- 
ics, and the construction of physical appara- 
tus, with the most limited means ; tr. by J : D. 
Eastbr. O. Ph. 1861. 530 Fl 

Fridolin's mystical marriage. Wilbrandt, 
Adolf. S. 1884. 3 W2 

Frldthjof 8 saga. Tegn^r Esaias. D. 1877. 

839.6 A 

— Same. D. 1877. 839.6 T 
Friedrich, F: Lost despatch; tr. by L. A. Wil- 

ll\M8. O. B. 1871. 3 F5 

Friend. Durand, A. M.. C. (H). 8. n.d. 

4 D41 
Friend Fritz. Erckmann, Emile, and Chat* 

rian, Alex. D. 1877. 4 E6 

Friend in need papers. C, H. 1 ser. D. n.d. 

2 C 
Friendly, Aunt, pseud. See Baker, S.. S. (Tut- 

Friendly counsel for girls. Cox, Sydney. D. 

1868. 170 C5 

Friends: a duet. Phelps, E.. S. D. 1882. 

1 P15 
Friends and neighbors. Arthur, T.S. S. n.d. 

1 A15 
Friends in council, anon. Helps, Sir Art., bart. 

D. 1849. 828 H4 

Friends in feathers and fur. Johonnot, Ja. D. 

1885. 590.4 JJ 

Friends worth knowing. Ingersoll, Ernest. S. 

1881. 590.4 II 

Friendship of books. Maurice, F. D. D. 

1880. 804 Ml 

Friendship's garland. Arnold, Matthew. Cul- 
ture and anarchy. D. 1883. 824 A3 
Friendships of women. Alger, W: R. D. 

1868. 920.7 F2 

Frisi, Paul. Treatise on rivers and torrents, 

with the method of regulating their course 

and channels, with an e8.say on navigable 

rivers ; tr. by J : Gabstin. nar. D. L. 1861. 

627 F 
Friswell, James Hain. Man's thoughts. D. L. 

1872. 824 F2 

— Varia: reatiings from rare books. D. L. 1866. 

808 Fl 

— ed. Sidney, Sir Philip, hart. Countess of Pem- 

broke's Arcadia. S. 1868. 2 868 

Frith, H : Dictionary of games and amusements : 

a book of sports and pastimes for boys and 

girls. D. L. n.d. 790 F 

—joint author. See Kingston, W : H : Giles. 




Frith) H :, tr. — continued. 

— tr, Dartl, Philippe. Public life in England. 

D. n.d. 354 D 

Frlthlofs saga. Tegn^r, Esaias. D. 1871. 

830.6 Tl 

Fritz Harold; or, the Temptation. M., S. A. 

S. n.d. 244 M 

Frdbel, F : 1782-1862. Mother-play and nursery 

songs, with notes to mothers. F. B. 1879. 

784 F 

— Marbnholz-Bulow, B. von. Reminiscences of 

Frobel. D. 1877. 923.7 Fl 

VroiMArty Sir J:, ban. 1337-1410. Boy's Frois- 
sart, being chronicles of adventure, battle, 
and custom in England, France, Spain, etc. ; 
ed. by Sidney Lanikr. O. N.Y. 1879. 

940 JFl 

— Chronicles of England, France, Spain, and the 

adjoining countries ; tr. from the French by 
T : JoHNBS ; [with] life of the author, essay 
on his works, [and] orig. introductory essay 
on the character and society of the Middle 
ages, by Rev. J : Lord. Q. N.Y. n.d. 

940 F2 

— JoHNBS, T : Memoir of the life of Froissart. 

{See Froissart, Sir J:, hart. Chronicles of 
England, France, Spain, [etc]. Q n.d. p. 1- 
5.) 940 F2 

From attic to cellar : a book for young house- 
keepers. Oakey, Mn^. — . S. 1879. 

640 O 

From father to son. ChelUs, M.. D. D. 1879. 

1 JC9 

From hand to mouth. Douglas, A. M. D. 
n.d. ^ 1 D34 

From jest to earnest. Roe, E : S. D. [1875.] 

1 R18 

From Madge to Margaret. Curtis, Mrs. C. P. 
D. 1880. 1 C76 

From May to -Christmas at Thome hall. San- 
ford, E. B. O. [1882.] 1 JS2 

From Ponkapog to Pesth. Aldrich, T:B. D. 
1884. 914 A 

From powder monkey to admiral. Kingston, 
W:H:G. D. 1884. 2 K42 

From shore to shore, and other poems. Hana- 
ford, P. A. (C.) D. 1871. 811 HI 

From tannery to the White House. Thayer, 
W:M. D. 1886. 923.1 G15 

From the earth to the moon. Verne, Jules. D. 
n.d. 4 V8 

From the Hebrides to the Himalayas. Gum- 
ming, C. F. G. 2 V. O. 1876. 914.1 C 

From the Hub to the Hudson. Gladden, Wash- 
ington. S. 18(}9. 917.44 G 

From the lake^ of Killarney to the Golden Horn. 
Field, H:M. 9 ed. O. [1876.] 914.2 F 

From the log-cabin to the White House : [James 
A. Garfteld]. Tliayer, W: M. D. n.d. 

1 JT5 

From thistles — grapes? Eiloart, Mrs. E.. O. 
1871. 2 E23 

Fromentin, Eugbde. 1819-1876. Old masters of 
Belgium and Holland; tr. by Mrs. M.. C. 
Bobbins. O. B. 1882. 759 F 

— GoNSE, Louis. Eugene Fromentin, painter and 

writer. O. 1883. 927.5 F2 

Frondes Agrestes: readings in "Modern 
painters." anon. Ruslcin, J: O. 1876. 

750 R 

Frontier army sketches. Steele, J. W. D. 
1883. 917.89 8 

Frost, H. F. Schubert. (Great musicians.) D. 
L. 1881. 927.8 8 

Frost, J:, ed. Keiohtley, T: Outlines of his- 
tory. S. 1831. 909 K 

— ed. Robertson, W : History of the discovery 

and settlement of America. O. 1858. 

970 Rl 
Frost, Mrs. S.. Annie, cotnp. Godey's lady's 

book : receipts and household hints. D. Ph. 

1870. 641 F 

Frost, T : Half-hours with the early explorers. 

O. L. n.d. 910.9 F 

Frotliingliam, Ellen, tr. Auerbach, Berthold. ' 

Edelweiss. S. 1874.. 3 A5 

— tr. GoTHB, J : W. von. Hermann and Doro- 

thea. D. 1874. 832 G2 

— tr. Grillparzbr, Franz. Sappho. S. 1876. 

832 G4 

Frotliingliam, Octavius Brooks. Cradle of the 
Christ : a study in primitive Christianity, O. 
N.Y. 1877. 226 F 

— George Ripley. (American men of letters.) D. 

B. 1882. 928.1 R 

— Gerrit Smith : a biography. O. N.Y. 1878. 

923.2 S3 

— Introduction to' Oriental religions : Persia. 

(See Jolinson, Rev. S: Oriental religions: 
Persia. O. 1885. pref. p. 7-44.) 299 J2 

— Theodore Parker: a biography. O. B. 1874. 

922.8 PI 

— Transcendentalism in New England : a history. 

O. N.Y. 1876. 141 F 

Frotbingliam, R : History of the siege of Bos- 
ton, and of the battles of Lexington, Concord, 
and Bunker Hill. O. B. 1849. 974.46 F 

— Life and times of Joseph Warren. O. B. 1865. 

923.5 W 

— Rise of the republic of the U. 8. O. B. 1872. 

321 F 

Froude, James Anthony. Csesar: a sketch. O. 

N.Y. 1879. 923.1 CI 

— English in Ireland in the 18th century. 3 v. D. 

N.Y. 1873-74. 941 F 

— History Of England ; from the fall of Wolsey to 

the death of Elizabeth. 12 v. O. N.Y. 1866- 
70. 942.05 F 

— Life and times of T : Becket. O. N.Y. 1878. 

922.2 B 

— Luther : a short biography. D. N.Y. 1884. 

922.4 L2 




Froude, James Anthony — continued. 
— Short studies on great subjects. D. 

N.Y. 1808. 
824 F3 


Science of liliitory. TlineA of KniKinufi and Lnther. In- 
flaence of the refomuUton on the Soottinh chariu-ter. Phil- 
oiiophy of caUioUdRin. Plea for the free (IImmimUui of theo- 
lOKical dlfllcaltieft. Critlclxni and the gonpel htot. Book of 
Job. Hfilnoxa. DifwoluUon of the nionaAterien. England's 
forgotten worthlef). Homer. Llvefl of the salnUi. liepre- 
sentative men. Reynard, the fox. Cat'n pilgrimage. 
Kables. Parable on the bread-fruit tree. Corai>eniuition. 

— Same. 2 ser. D. N.Y. 1871. 

824 F4 


Calvlnliim. Blabop of the 12th centnry. Father New- 
man on "The grammar of aiwent." Condition anil nnm- 
peetfi of ProteKtantlsm. Engbind and her colonlen. Fort- 
night In Kerry, pt. 1. Reciprocal dutlen of Htate and Rub- 
ject. Merchant and hii« wife. On progreAM. (.-olonleA once 
more. Education. Fortnight In Kerry, pt. 2. Eng. war. 
Eastern qaestion. Sclentillc method applleil to htitt. 

— Same. 3 ser. D. N.Y. [1877]. 

824 F5 


Annalfi of an English abbey. Revival of Romaniftm. Sea 
Btudlen. Society In Italy, In the last dayn of the lionian 
Republic. Luclan. IHvufi (^«!Mir. C)ii the iwe» of a luiuled 
gentry. Party pollUcs. Leaven from a 8. American 

— Same. 4 ser. I>. N.Y. 1883. 

824 F6 


Life and timed of T; Kecket. Oxford counter-reforma- 
tion. Orlgen and CelauK. (^agUontro of the 2nd century. 
Cheney and the House of RuRnell. Siding at a railway Hta- 

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928.2 C2 
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2 €56 
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923.6 Fl 

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D. 1847. 923.6 F2 

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973.7 F4 

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to O. 30, 18(S2, and the Buell commission, rev. 
ed. D. N.Y. 1884. 973.7 F5 

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breeding, with reports made to the French 
academy and the French government. D. 
N.Y. 1854. 639 F 

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graphic accounts, by different authors, of re- 
markable schools, where avocations are taught. 
sq.O. B. 1880. 371.4 F 

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1 M27 

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— Small fruit culturist. D. N.Y. [1867]. 

634 F3 

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sketch of a New England clergyinan and army 
chaplain. D. 1864. 922,8 Fl 

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Mother Michel, and her cat. S. 181)5. 

4 JL 

Fuller, Horace W.^ joint author. See Almy, C:, 


Fuller, Louie Cumings. Young traveller's 
holiday run across the continent. S. [Fitch- 
burg, 1886.] 917.3 Fl 

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the real. D. Ph. 1870. 1 F26 

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Marchioness d*. 

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with some a<;count of the author and his 
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— Some account of the life and writings of T: 

Fuller, anon. (See Fuller, T: Holy and 

profane states, nar. S. 1864. p. 7-28.) 

824 F7 
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Stormy life. O. n.p. n.d. 2 F26 

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4 C7 

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a story of the present time. O. N.Y. 1859. 

2 F27 
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[1871.] 613 H 

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1 W35 
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city : a study on the religion, laws, and insti- 
tutions of Greece and Rome ; tr. by Willard 
Small. O. B. 1874. 292 F 

Future, of Africa. Crummell, Alex. 2 ed. 
D. 1862. 825 01 

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discovery in art and science. D. L. 1871. 

604 F 





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Susson, Robert. Works. D. 1851. p. 25-130.) 

821 F2 

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the author. D. 1851. 821 F2 

G. T. T. [Gone to Texas] ; or, the Wonderful a<l- 

ventures of a Pullman. Hale, E : E. S. 1878. 

1 Hll 
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1871. 2 G49 

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R. B. R.'s, my little neighbors: a story for the 

**younger members." S. B. 18(34. 1 JG 

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Gage, W: Leonard. Life of G: Ritter. D. 

N.Y. 1807. 923.7 Rl 

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fected. D. 1867. 362 F 

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186(5. 220 R 

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1863. 910.7 R 

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1863. 925 82 

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D. Chic. 1881. 4 G 

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1852. 828 83 

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York, with the conquest and loss of France. 

D. N.Y. n.d. 942.04 G 

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923.9 R4 
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n.d. 3 L2 

Galaxy; magazine of entertAining reading, 

1877-78. V. 24. O. N.Y. 1877. 051 G 

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tht< Spanish hy Clara Bbll. S. N.Y. 1884. 

ses G 

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Galileo; comp. from his correspondence 
and that of his daughter Sister Maria Ccfleste. 
D. B. 1870. 926 G 

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wedding, and other poems. O. Cin. 1881. 

811 G 

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923.2 G 

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otti.) Episodes of my second life : Amer. and 

Eng. experiences. D. Ph. 1885. 923.7 G 

GallengfA, Antonio — continued. 

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948 G 

--Same. 2 v. O. L. 1864. 948 Gl 

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tion. Milner, T: Q. 1860. 551 M 

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the Ayrshire legatees. D. Edin. 1869. 2 G 


Memoir. The annAln of the parijih. The Ayrahire Ieg»- 
teen. lUiwtratioiw, anecdotes, and critical reoiarks. 

— Ayrshire legatees ; or, the Pringle family. 

anon. nar. D. N.Y. 1823. 2 Gl 

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1821. 2 G2 

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2v. inl. D. N.Y. 1830. 2 G4 

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928.2 B16 

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anon. 2 v. in 1. nar. D. N.Y. 1825. 2 G6 

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3v.ini. nar. D. Edin. 1822. 2 G7 

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inl. D. Ph. 1833. 2 G8 

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anon. (See Gait, J : Annals of the parish, 
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1-113.) 2 G 

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nature and nurture. D. N.Y. 1875. 186 G 

— Hereditary genius ; an inquiry into its laws 

and consequences, rev. ed. O. N.Y. 1871. 

136 Gl 
Gama, Vasco da. 1450-1524. Towlk, G: M. 

Voyages and adventures of Vasco da Gama. 

D. 1878. 923.5 JG 

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1877. 2 G55 

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— Life of S: Ward. (See Sparks' Lib. of Amer. 

biog. 2 ser. 1844r48. v. 9, p. 235^358.) 

920.07 LI V.9 

Gan-Eden ; or. Pictures of Cuba. anon. Hurl- 
but, W:H: D. 1854. 917.29 H3 

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Sunday school ; by a native Bramin. anon. 
S. B. 1864. 275 JG 

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C. Ezra Stiles Gannett : a memoir. O. 1875. 

922.8 G 

Gannett, W: C. Ezra Stiles Gannett: a memoir. 
O. B. 1875. 922.8 G 

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series.) D. B. 1884. 810 G 




Cannett, W: G. — ctmiinued. 

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B. 1882. 252 G 

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philosophy; ed. by W: G. Peck, and others. 

D. N.Y. [1876]. 530 G 

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principles of design in architecture, as deduci- 

ble from nature, and exemplified in the works 

of the Greek and Gothic architects. 3 ed. 

nar.D. L. 1867. 720 G 

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Ettrick shepherd. O. L. n.d. 928.2 H2 
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the puritan revolution, 1603--G0. (Epochs of 

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failure: a book on home architecture. (Our 
continent lib.) D. N.Y. 1882. 728 Gl 

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real houses and real people. S. B. 1875. 

728 G2 

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815 G 


y. 1. S|M!echeii, 18(>4-1K71. Letter to MaJ.-Gen. Roue- 
craiw. Letter to Sec. Chaoe. Reinarku on Uen. Rosecraiw. 
2. Speechen, 1872-1881. 

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1880. 923.1 G4 

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Garrett, E:, and Ruth, pseud. See Mayo, I.. 

Garrett, Rhoda, and Agnes. Suggestions for 

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furniture. D. Ph. n.d. 645 G 

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927.9 G 
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2 T75 

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1 H59 
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The complaynt of Philomene. 1576. {In 
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928.2 N 

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2 Gil 


Lizxle Leigh. A dark nigtit'ft work. Round the Hofa. 
My I.4«ly Ludlow. An accnrned race. The doom of the 
(Irlfflths. Half a Ufe-tlme ago. The Poor Clare. The 

— Lois, the witch, and other tales. (Tauchnitz 

ed.) S. Lpz. 1861. 2 G12 


LoU, the witch. The grey woman. The doom of the 
GrifflthR. The half-brothers. The crooked branch. 

— Mary Barton: a tale of Manchester life. anon. 

O. n.p. n.d. 2 G14 

— Samct and other tales. D. L. 1873. 2 G13 


Mary Barton. CouMn PhiUlii. Bf y French nuwter. llie 
Id nurse'R iitor 
storms and suns 

old nurse'R story. Bessy's troubles at home. Christmas 




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— Moorland cottage, anon. S. N.Y. 1868. 

2 G15 

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2 G17 

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2 G18 


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witch. The crooked branch. 

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confessions. Hand and lieart. 

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L. 1879. 2 G22 

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326 G 

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1 W69 

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Gathering^ from an artist's port-folio in Rome. 

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244 G 

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1 Amer. ed. D. 1868. 612 M 

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enly bodies, moving about the sun in conic 
sections ; tr. and ed. by C : H : Davis. Q. B. 
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1 T19 

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a.23.). 821 G v.l 

Gay, Sidney Howard. James Madison. (Ambri- 

CAN statesmen series.) D. B. 1884. 

923.1 Ml 
—joifit author. See Bryant, W: Cullen. 
Gayarr^, C: E. Arthur. Fernando de Lemos: 

truth and fiction. D. N.Y. 1872. 1 G2 

— History of Louisiana : the French domination. 

2 V. O. N.Y. 1854. 976 G 

— Same, the Spanish domination. O. N.Y. 1854. 

976 Gl 

— Philii) II. of Spain ; with an introd. letter by G : 

Bancroft. O. N.Y. 1866. 946 G 

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Gayworthys. Whitney, A. D. (T.) D. 1882. 

1 W44 

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D. L. 1878. 915.6 G 

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L. 1881. 947 G 

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D. N.Y. 1883. 927.8 M6 

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1876. 8 H12 

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551.7 G 

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in young life. S. N.Y. 1861. 244 Gl 

Geldart, Mrs. T : See Geldart, Mrs. H. R. 




Gemini, anon. (No name series.) S. B. 1878. 

1 X6 
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D. 1853. 828 Bll 

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2 M107 
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8, Illustrations of Scripture for the new 

church. D. N.Y. 1858. 289.4 Gl 

— Principles of the new church, signified by the 

New Jerusalem. D. N.Y. 1860. 289.4 G 
General index to the contents of 14 popular 

treatises on natural philosophy; by a Mass. 

teacher, anon. O. N.Y. 1872. 530 X 

General rules for punctuation and for the use of 

capital letters, anon, D. Camb. 1876. 

421 X 
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1860. 4 L5 

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History of Genghis Khan. D. '18ri0. 

923.5 JGl 
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[his] writings ; with a biog. sketch. O. N.Y. 

1869. 818 Gl 

— Biographical sketch, anon. {See author*s Selec- 

tions from his writings. O. 1869. p. ^-87.) 

818 Gl 

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comtesse de. 1746-1830. Memoirs ; illustrative 
of the hist, of the 18th and 19th centuries ; writ- 
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814 CI 

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2v. inl. D. 1855. 2 J13 

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riam; its purpose and its structure: a study. 
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n.d. 2 027 

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n.d. 828 G 


V. 1. The Ihrone and Prince Connort. Cabinet and con- 

2. Pernonal and literary. 

3. Historical and Bpeculatlve. 

4. Foreign. 

5 and 6. KccleRlafitlcal. 
7. MLBcellaneoiifi. 

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W. D. 1868. 716 B 




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2 P17 
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C:A. D. [1868.] 1 JF18 

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{See Godwin, M.. (W.) Letters to Imlay. D. 
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1 JGl 




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V. S. 

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551.4 Gl 

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1 CI 

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matter. O. N.Y. 1860. 2 G53 


Mountain muxlngM. Julie Corryeur. My flrat vlHit to 
BrniwelH. Terena: a tale of revolutionized Rome. The 
mother's revenge. My tnivelllng acouaintance. Hketchra 
of irinh fools. The love draught. Fragments of a diary. 
The caves of Oroenendael: an episixle of Waterloo. 
Curate-confessor of Viroflay : a real giiost story. 

Gravenhurst ; or, Thoughts on good and evil. 

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Graver thoughts of a country parson, anon, 

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an examination into American female society. 

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[1884]. 1 JG13 

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ramble of Mr. Geoff ry Wildgoose: a comic 

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— Botany for young folks and common schools. 

How plants grow : a simple introd. to structu- 
ral botany. 3ed. D. N.Y. 1859. 580 Gl 

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Darwinism. O. N.Y. 1877. 575 G 

— First lessons in botany and vegetable physiol- 

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O. N.Y. 1859. 580 G2 

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O. N.Y. 1859. 580 G3 

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Gray, E. Conder, pseud. See Japp, Alexander 

Gray, Ellis, pseud. See Grag^n, Mrs. L.. T. 

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sode of the 13th century. S. N.Y. 1872. 

940 Gl 

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1882. 1 G7 

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erary. O. B. 1856. 814 G5 

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and customs of the people ; ed. by W : Gow 
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D. L. 1880. 915.1 G2 

Gray, Rosalie. Little soldier. D. N.Y. 1880. 

1 JG14 

Gray, T : 1716-1771. Poetical works ; with a life. 
(British poets series.) D. B. 1853. 

821 G3 

— GossK, B. W : Gray. D. 1882. 

928.2 Gil 

— MiTFORD, J : Life of Thomas Gray. {See 

Gray, T : Poetical works. D. 1853. pref . 
p. 1-118.) 821 G3 

Gray, Wi, ed. Sidney, Sir Philip, hart. Miscel- 
laneous works. O. 1860. 828 2 

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1876. 910.8 A 

Great Britain — Commissioners for exhibition of 
1861. Oiflcial, descriptive, and illustrated cat- 
alogue. 3 V. Q. L. 1851. 606 Gl 


V. 1. Index and Introd. Sec. 1. Raw Dtateriala. Sec. 2. 

JS. Sec. 3. Manufactiirefl. Sec. 4. Fine arts. Colo- 

3. Foreign states. 

— Commissioners to the Philadelphia interiuUioncU 

exhibition, 1876. Official catalogue of the Brit- 
ish section. 2 v. in 1. O. L. 1876. 606 G 

Great couversers. Mathews, W : D. 1879. 

814 Ml 
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per's story books. 12 v. S. 1854-57. v. 9.) 

1 JA19 V.9 
Great emergency, and other tales, diving, J. 
H. (G.) S. [1877.] 2 JE13 

Great events, described by distinguished histo- 
rians, chroniclers, and other writers. Lieber, 
Francis, comp. D. B. 1840. 900 L 

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914.4 A2 

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1873. 2 D12 

— Same. Tale of two cities, and Great expecta- 

tions. D. n.d. 2 D29 

Great fur land. Robinson, H. M. D. 1879. 

917.1 Rl 
Great harmonia. Davis, A. J. 8 ed. 5 v. D. 

187»-75. 133 D6 




Great Hoggarty diamond. Thackeray, W : M. 
O. 1860. 2 T13 

— Same, History of Samuel Titmar^h, and the 

Great Hoggarty diamond, etfC. D. 1872. 

2 T19 

Great match and other matches, anon. (No 

name ser.) S. B. 1877. 1 X7 

Great musicians. See HuelTer, Francis, ed. 

Great rosy diamond. Carter, A. C. S. 1864. 

1 JC5 

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916.8 G 

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2 H62 

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D. 1872. 917.3 Dl 

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880 N 

Greek hero-stories. Nlebuhr, B. G: D. 1879. 

292 N 

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a history of the great rebellion in the U. S. A., 

186(M>5. 2 V. O. Hartford, 1875. 973.7 G 

— Essays, designed to elucidate the science of 

political economy, while serving to explain 
and defend the policy of protection to home 
industry. D. B. 1870. 330 G 

— Hints toward reforms, in lectures, addresses, 

and other writings, with the Crystal palace 
amV its lessons. 2 ed. D. N.Y. 1853. 

330 Gl 

— Overland journey from N. Y. to San Francisco 

in the summer of 1859. D. N.Y. 1860. 

917.3 Gl 

— What I know of farming. D. N.Y. 1871. 

630 Gl 

— Rbcollections of a busy life, [with] miscella- 

nies; also, a discussion with Robert Dale 
Owen of the law of divorce. O. N.Y. 1868. 

920.5 G 

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Horace Greeley. D. 1872. 920.5 Gl 

— Pabton, James. Life of Horace Greeley. D. 

1856. 920.5 G2 

— Same. O. 1882. 920.5 G3 
Green, Albert G., ed. See Literary journal and 

weekly register. 
Green, A.. Katherine. Mrs. Rohlfs. Hand and 
ring. D. N.Y. 1883. 1 G8 

— Leavenworth case : a lawyer's story. D. N.Y. 

[1878]. 1 G9 

— Strange disappearance. D. N.Y. 1880. 

1 GIO 

— Sword of Damocles : a story of New York life. 

D. N.Y. 1882. 1 Gil 

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1884. 942.02 G 

— History of the English people. 2 v. O. N.Y. 

1878. 942 G 


Y. 1. Early England. England daring the foreign 
kings. The charter. The parliament. 
JS. The monarchy. The reformation. 

Green, J : R : — continued. 

— Making of England. O. N.Y. 1882. 

942.01 Gl 

— Short history of the English people. O. N.Y. 

1876. 942 G2 

— Stray studies from England and Italy. D. 

N.Y. 1876. 824 G 

— ed. Readings from English history. 3 pts. in 

1 V. D. N.Y. 1879. 942 Gl 

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phy, founded on the teaching of the late S : 
Taylor Coleridge ; ed. with a memoir of the 
author's life by J : Simon. 2 v. O. L. 1865. 

201 G 

— Simon, J : Memoir of Green. {See Green, J. 

H: Spiritual philosophy. 2v. O. 1865. pref. 
p. 1-59.) 201 G 

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comte de. My campaigns in Amer. O. 1868. 

973.3 D 

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Greek testament, with vocabulary and syno- 
nyms. D. L. n.d. 485 G 

Green, S : Swett, comp. Libraries and schools. 
S. N.Y. 1883. 021 G 

Green, W: Spotswood. High Alps of New Zea- 
land ; or, a Trip to the glaciers of the antipo- 
des, with an ascent of Mt. Cook. O. L. 1883. 

919.3 G 

Green book. O'Callaghan, J : C. O. 1842. 

828 O 

Green gate. Wlchert, Ernst. D. 1875. 

3 Wl 

"Green hand": a "short yarn." Cupples, G. 
O. n.d. 2 G123 

Green Mountain boys, anon, Thompson, D. 
P. D. 1856? 1 T20 

Green pastures and Piccadilly. Black, W:, 
and — . D. 1878. 2 B61 

Greene, Francis Vinton. Mississippi. (Cam- 
paigns of the civil war, v. 8.) D. N.Y. 1882. 

973.7 Gl 

— Russian army and its campaigns in Turkey in 

1877-78. 2v. Q. N.Y. 1879. 947 Gl 

V. 1. Text. 


9, Maps. 

— Sketches of army life in Russia. D. N.Y. 1881. 

914.7 Gl 

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O. N.Y. 1860. 920.07 B3 

Cooper. Cole. Crawford. Irving. 

— German element in the war of Amer. independ- 

ence. D. N.Y. 1876. 973.3 G 

— Historical studies. D. N.Y. 1850. 

904 G 

— Life of Nathaniel Greene. 3 v. O. N.Y. 1867- 

71. 923.5 G3 

— Same, (In Sparks' Lib. of Amer. biog. 2 ser. 

1844-18. V. 10.) 920.07 LI v.lO 




Greene, L.. L. Cushions and corners ; or, Holi- 
days at Old Orchard. 7 ed. S. N.Y. 1880. 

2 JG5 

— Gilbert's shadow ; or, the Ma^c bea<is. D. 

N.Y. 1882. 2 JGe 

— School-boy baronet. S. N.Y. 1878. 2 JG7 

— Star in the dust-heap. D. L. n.d. 2 JG8 
Greene, Nathaniel, tr. Mundt, C. M. Two life- 
paths. O. wm. 3 Ml 8 

— tr. Sforzosi, Luigi. Compendious hist, of 

Italy. S. 1855. 945 S2 

— tr, Stahr, F.. (L;) Lake-house. D. J8(>1. 

3 S13 
Greene, Gen. Nathaniel. 1742-1786. Grrenr, 

G: W. Life of Nathaniel Greene. 3 v. O. 
1867-71. 923.5 G3 

— Same. {In Sparks' Lib. of Amer. biog. 2 ser. 

1844-48. V. 10.) 920.07 LI v. 10 

— SiMMS, W:G. Life of Nathaniel Green. D. 

[1849.] 923.5 G4 

Greene, Mrg. R. J. See Greene, L.. L. 

Greene, Robert, and Peele, G : Dramatic and 

poetical works ; with memoirs of the authors, 

by Rev. Alex. Dyce. Q. L. 18G1. 822 G 


Greene's workH :— Orlando PiirtuMV. A lookinK-glju<8 
for l»iulon and England. Friar Bacon and Prlar Uiiiigay. 
Jiun<*fl IV. AlnhonHnx, king of Arragon. Oeorge-a-Oretme, 
the pinner of Wakefleld. Poenw. 

Peele'n works :— The arraignment of Paris. Edward 
I. The battle of Alcazar. Tlie old wives' tale. David and 
Betbaabe. .Sir Clyonien antl Sir Ckimydes. Poems. 

— Dyck, Alex. Some account of Greene and his 

writings. (See Greene, Robert, and Peele, 

G: Dramatic and poetical works. Q. 1861. 

p. 1-75.) 822 G 

Greenough, H: Ernest Carroll; or. Artist-life 

in Italy, anon. D. B. 1858. 1 G12 

Greenough, Mrs. R: S. See Greenough, S.. 

Dana (Loring). 
Greenough, S.. Dana (Loring). Arabesques: 

Monarb, Apollyona, Domitia, [and] Ombra. 

D. B. 1872. 814 G6 

-- Mary Magdalene: a poem. 2 ed. O. B. 1882. 

811 G4 
Greenwood, Francis W : Pitt, ed. Collection of 

psalms and hymns, for Christian worship. 16 

ed. D. B. 1835. 245 G 

— ed. Duncan, H : Sacred philosophy of the 

seasons. 4 v. D. 1839. 210 D 

Greenwood, Grace, pseud. See Lipplncott, S.. 

J.. (Clarke). 
Greenwood, James. Adventures of Reuben Da- 
vidger, seventeen years and four months cap- 
tive, among the Dyaks of Borneo. O. N.Y. 
1866. 919.1 G 

— Savage habits and customs. 3 ed. O. L. n.d. 

390 G2 

— Wilds of London. D. L. 1874. 914.2 G2 
Greenw^ood, W : H : Steel and iron, comprising 

the practice and theory of their manufacture 
in the rolling mills, the forge, and the foundry. 
D. L. 1884. 669 G 

Greey, E : Bear-worshippers of Yezo ; or, the 
Adventures of the Jewett family and their 
friend, Oto Nambo. O. B. 1884. 915.2 G 

— Blue jackets ; or, the Adventures of J. Thomp- 

son, A. B., among "the Heathen Chinee." O. 
B. 1871. 1 G13 

— Wonderful city of Tokio ; or, Further adven- 

tures of the Jewett family and their friend, 
Oto Nambo. O. B. 1883. 915.2 Gl 

— Young Americans in Japan ; or, the Adventures 

of the Jewett fapnily and their friend, Oto 
Nambo. O. B. 1882. 915.2 G2 

—joint tr. See Shiuichiro Saito. 

Greg, W : Rathbone. Creed of Christendom ; Its 
foundations contrasted with its superstructure ; 
with a new iutrod. (English and foreign phil- 
osophical library, v. 5-(>.) 5 ed. 2 v. O. B. 
1877. 238 G 

— Enigmas of life. D. B. 1874. 824 Gl 

— Literary and social judgments. D. B. 1873. 

824 G2 

— Miscellaneous essays. D. L. 1882. 824 G3 

— Mistaken aims and attainable ideals of the arti- 

zan class. D. L. 1876. 335 G 

— Rocks ahead ; or, the Warnings of Cassandra. 

D. B.1875. 320 Gl 


Politiral rock. Ki-onomir rock. Rcligiolid roclc. Tbe 
nilKtake of honcAt DeniocratH. TnioniHt restrictions on 
labour. Three men and three eras. U. 8. in recent years. 

Gregory, Alex. Tighe. Practical Swiss guide ; 
by an Englishman abroad, anon. D. L. 
1858. 910.2 G 

Gregory, B : Walter Powell of Melbourne and 
London, merchant, philanthropist, and Chris- 
tian; ed. by L. P. Brockbtt. D. N.Y. 1872. 

923.8 PI 

Gregory, W:, ed. Libbio, J: J. von. Animal 
chemistry. D. 1842. 591.1 L 

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moirs of the life and gospel labours of Stephen 
Greliet. 2 v. in 1. O. 1874. 922.8 Gl 

Greville, C : Cavendish Fulke. Journal of the 
reigns of King George IV., and King William 
IV. ; ed. by H : Rbbvb. 2 v. D. N.Y. 1875. 

942.07 G 

Gr6vllle, H:, pseud. See Durand, Alice M.. 
C«?leste (Henry). 

Grey, C:, cow;>. Early years of the Prince Con- 
sort. D. N.Y. 1867. 923.1 A6 

Grey, Mrs. E. C. Gambler's wife, anon, O. 
N.Y. 1877. 2 G55 

— Goo<l society ; or, Contrasts of character. O. 

n.p. n.d. 2 G56 

— Young husband. O. N.Y. 1854. 2 G57 

Grey, O. Yf^. Joint author. See Wailing, H. F. 

Grey Hawk: life and adventures among the red 

Indians. Macau lay, James. D. 1883. 

970 M 

Greyioek, Godfrey, pseud. See Smitli, Jos. E: 


Greyslaer. Hoffman, C : F. 4 ed. D. 1849. 

1 H84 




Greyson, R. E. H., pseud. See Rogers, H ; 

Griflls, W: Elliot. Corea, the hermit nation. 

O. N.Y. 1882. 915.1 G8 


1. Ancient and nHHlieval htotory. 2. Political and 
iiociHl (*orea. 3. Modem and recent hlHtory. 

Mikado'8 empire. O. N.Y. 1877. 


952 G 

Vt. 1. HlHtory of Japan, from B. C. 660 to A. D. 1872. 
S. Penional eziieriences, olN«ervaUon«, and KtudleM in 
Japan. 1870-74. 

Grifllthy Cecil. Victory Deane. O. B. n.d. 

2 G58 
Grlfflthy J : W : , joint ed. See Francis, W : 
—joint ed. See Plmock, W. 

Griffith Gaunt ; or, Jealousy. Reade, C : D. 

1877. 2 R15 

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N.Y. 1884. 343 G 

— Lola: a tale of the rock [Gibraltar]. (Leisure 

hour ser.) S. n.p. n.d. 2 G59 

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Fbothivoham. S. B. 1876. 832 G4 

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biography. S. B. 18(17. 923.5 J 

Grimkie. Abbott, Jacob. S. 1860. 1 JA17 
Grimm, Herman. Life and times of Giithe ; tr. 

by S.. Holland Adams. 2 ed. O. B. 1881. 

928.3 G2 

— Life of Michael Angelo; tr. by F.. E.. Bunnbtt. 

3ed. 2v. O. B. 1866. 927.5 B2 

Grimm, Jacob L: Teutonic mythology; tr. by 

Ja. Steven Stalltbbass. 3 v. O. L. 1882^). 

293 G 

— and W: K:, comp. Household stories; col- 

lected by the brothers Grimm. D. L. n.d. 

3 JG9 

— and W: K :, comp. Gennan popular stories 

and fairy tales, as told by Gammer Grethel ; 
tr. by Edgar Taylor. D. L. 1881. 3 JG7 

— and W: K :, comp. German popular tales. D. 

Ph. n.d. 3 JG8 

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ties, and phenomena. 6 Amer. e<l. D. Ph. 
1884. 577 G 

— Little things of nature, considered especially in 

relation to the Divine benevolence. 2 ed. rev. 
D. B. 1866. 504 G 

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580 G4 

— Sexuality of nature : an essay proposing to 

show that sex and the marriage union are 
universal principles. D. B. 1868. 575 Gl 

— Trees of old England. O. B. 18()8. 582 G 
Gringo, Harry, pseud. See Wise, H : A : 
Griscom, J:, jointed. See Brewster, Sir D:, 

Griscom, J : H. Animal mechanism and physi- 
ology; a plain and familiar exposition of the 
structure and functions of the human system. 
S. N.Y. 1858. 612 Gl 

Gris'wold, Rufus Wilmot. Memoir of Montgom- 
ery. {iSee Montgomery, James. Poetical 
works. 2 V. D. 1846. v. 1, p. 7-18.) 

821 MIO v.l 

— Memoir of Poe. (See Poe, E. A. Works. 4 v. 

D. 1858. v. 1, pref. p. 23-.55.) 818 PI v.l 
Grisfvold, Mrs. Stephen M. Woman's pilgrim- 
age to the Holy Land; or, Pleasant days 
abroad. D. Hartford, 1872. 914 G 

Griswold, V. M. Hugo Blanc, the artist: a tale 
of practical and ideal life. anon. D. N.Y. 
1867. 1 G14 

Griswold, W: McCrillis. {Q. P. Inder.) Gen- 
eral index to the "Eclectic magazine," and to 
V. :J7-148 of the "Living Age." O. Bangor, 
1881. R050 G 

— pub. Monograph: a serial collection of in- 

dexed essays, 1st annual volume. O. 
Bangor, 1882. 814 G7 


2U. Fouqnet. the MasiUflcent. by F : W. 8helton. 

24. liritixh in lndlA7T>y K. L. Umlkin. 

26. (!alvin and Servetun, by L. W. liacon. 

27. (;aiit. Kidd, by the Kev. K: K. Hole. 

28. Thirty yearn' war, by Goldwin Sudth. 

— Supplementary index to the Atlantic Monthly, 

V. 1-38, and 31M6. O. Bangor, 1880. 

R050 Gl 

Grohman, W: A. Baillie. Camps in the Rock- 
ies. D. N.Y. 1884. 917.8 G 

Grossi, Tommaso. Marco Visconti ; tr. from the 
Italian by A. F. D. D. L. 1881. 858 G 

Grosvenor, Mrs. H. S. Old red house. S. n.p. 
n.d. 1 JG15 

Grote, G : History of Greece. 12 v. D. B. 1851. 

938 G 

— Life, teachings, and death of Socrates ; from 

Grote's History of Greece. * S. N.Y. 18(K). 

921.9 81 

Grote, Mrs. Harriet Lewin. 1792-1878. East- 
LAKB, E.. (R.), lady. Mrs. Grote: a sketch. 
2ed. I). 1880. 923.9 G 

Grove, Eleanor., tr. Ebbrs, G : Egyptian prin- 
cess. 2v. inl. S. 1870. 3 El 

Grove, G : Notes on Schubert's symphonies. 
{See Hellborn, K. von. Life of Schubert. 
2 V. O. 186U V. 2, apx. p. 2J)7-336.) 

927.8 81 V.2 

— ed. Dictionary of music and musicians, 1400- 

1880. V. 1-3. O. L. 1880-8:?. 780 G 

V. 1. A-lmp. S. Imp.-Pla. 

3. ria.-Hum. 

Grtkn, Anastasius, pseud. See Auersperg, An- 
ton Alex., count von. 

Guardian. {In British essayists. S. 1855. 
v. 13-15.) 824 C5 v.l3 

Guardian angel. Holmes, O. W. D. 1867. 

1 H117 

Gudrun, and other stories. . Gibb, J: D. 
1881. 808.1 G 

Guenn: a wave on the Breton coast. Ho^vard, 
B. W. O. 1885. 1 H125 




Guenon, Francis. Treatise on milch cows ; tr. by 
N:P. Trist. O. N.Y. 1856. 637 G 

— Same. (In Stephens, H : Book of the farm. 

2 V. O. 1807. V. 2.) 690 S3 v.2 

Gu^rin, Eugenie de. 1806-1848. Letters; ed. by 
6. 8. Trkbutirn. D. L. 18G6. 846 G 

— Journal ; ed. by G. S. Trbbutibn. D. L. 1865. 

920.7 Gl 
Gu6rin, >£aurice du Cay la de. 1810-1899. Jour- 
nal ; with an essay by Matthew Arnold, and 
a memoir by Saintb-Bbuvb ; ed. by G. S. 
Trkbutikn ; tr. by E : Thornton Fisher. D. 
N.Y. 1867. 928.4 Gl 

— Baintb-Bbuyb, C : A. Memoir of Maurice de 

Gu^rin. (See Gu^rin, M. du C. de. Journal. 

D. 1867. p. 19^.) 928.4 Gl 

Guerndale : an old story. Stimson, F : J. D. 

1883. 1 S72 

Guernsey^ Alfred H., and Davis, Irenaeus 

Prime. Health at home. (In Appleions' 

home books. 3 v. D. 1884. v. 3.) 

640 A V.3 

— tr, Tbmmb, J. D. H. Anna Hammer. O. 

1860. 3 T 

— ed. HartwiQi G: Polar and tropical worlds. 

Q. 1874. 910.9 HI 

Guernsey, Clara F. Silver rifle : a story of the 

Saranac lakes. S. Ph. [1871]. 1 JG16 

Guernsey, Lucy Ellen. Chevalier's daughter, 

being one of the Stanton-Corbet chronicles. 

D. N.Y. 1880. 1 JG17 

— Cousin Deborah's story ; or, the Great plague. 

anon. (Children of Stanton-Corbet ser.) S. 
Ph. [1869]. 1 JG18 

— Jenny and the birds. S. Ph. [I860]. 

1 JG19 

— Lady Betty's goverAess ; or, the Corbet chroni- 

cles. D. N.Y. [1873]. 1 G16 

— Loveday's history : a tale of many changes. 

D. N.Y. 1885. 1 G16 

— Story of a Hessian : a tale of the revolution in 

N.J. S. Ph. [1877]. 1 JG20 

— Tabby and her travels ; or, the Holiday adven- 

tures of a kitten. S. N.Y. 1867. 

1 JG21 

— and Clara F. Washington and '76. D. Ph. 

1876. 923.1 W3 

Guernsey lily. Woolsey, S.. C. O. 1881. 

1 JW20 

GuerrazzI, Francesco Domenico. Beatrice Cen- 
ci : a hist, novel of the 16th century ; tr. from 
the Italian by Luigi Monti, v. 1. D. N.Y. 
1881. 853 Gl 

Guesclln, Bertrand du. 1314-1380. Bonnbcmosb, 
Emile de. Hero of Brittany: a hist, of Ber- 
trand du Guesclin. S. 1882. 923.5 G5 

Guesses at truth, anon. Hare, J. C:, and A: 
W: 2v. inl. D. [1847.] 828 H2 

Guhl, Ernst, and Koner, W : Life of the Greeks 
and Romans, described from antique monu- 
ments ; tr. by Franz Huffbr. O. N.Y. 1876. 

913 Gl 

Guiccioli, Teresa Gamba, countess. Marquise de 
Boissy. My recollections of Lord Byron, and 
those of eye-witnesses of his life. O. N.Y. 
1869. 928.2 B17 

Guiding lights: lives of the great and good. 
Cooke, F.E. S. 1880. 920.04 G 

Guild, A. E., joint author. See Guild, Caroline 
Snowden (Whitmarsh). 

Guild, Caroline Snowden (Whitmarsh). (Hetty 
Holyoke.) Never mind the face. D. n.p. n.d. 

1 JG22 

— and A. £. Hymns for mothers and children. 

anon. 4 ed. D. B. 1864. 821 W4 

— Same. 2 ser. D. B. 1872. 821 W5 

Guild court. MacDonald,G: O. 1868. 

2 M16 

Gulllemin, Am^d^e. Heavens: an illustrated 
book of popular astronomy ; ed. by Jos. Nor- 
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^ Cjr^9 

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[isn]. 3 HI 

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Tbey «aw a great light. ChrtRtman wnltfi in Bonton. 
Alice's Ctirliitinafutree. Dally bread. Stand and wait. 
The two prlncefi. The Btory of Oello. l^ve is the whole. 
ChrintmaR and llonie. The Hurvivor'a Rtory. The sanie 
ChriHtuuiA in Old Kngland and New. 

— Crusoe in New York, and other tales. D. B. 

1880. 1 H9 


Criutoo in New York. Allf-Lalla. A clvU servant. 
Ni(K)lette and Aucamin. Stories of travel. The modem 

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adventures of a Pullman. S. B. 1878. 

1 Hll 


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1 H12 


His levellteAt. The brick moon. Water talk. Monse 
and lion. The mo<iern Hlnbad. A tale of a salamander. 
The qneen of California. (Confidence. 

— How to do it. D. B. 1871. 177 H 

— If, yes, and perhaps : four possibilities and six 

exaggerations, with some bits of fact. D. B. 
186U 1 H18 


The cliildren of the public. A piece of posaible history. 
The S. American editor. The old and the new, face to face. 
The dot and line alphabet. The last voyage of the Kesolnte. 
My double, and huw he undid me. Tlie man without a 
country. The last of the Florida. The skeleton in the 
closet. Christinas waits in Uoston. 

— In His name : a story of the Waldenses, 700 

years ago. S. B. 1882. 1 H14 

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1878. 1 HIS 

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D. N.Y. 1883. 1 Hie 




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334 H 


My vtelt to Rybarto. How they lived at Nafifiuula^ick. 
How they live at Vineland. How they live In Boston, and 
how they die there. Home for Boston Laborers. Apz. 

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a story in 9 chapters. D. B. 1874. 1 H19 

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anon. D. B. 1870. 1 H21 


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Grey; Martha P. Lowe. Christniafl waits in Boston; E: E. 
Hale. Jessica's flntt prayer. 

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Half a million of money. Bdwards, A. B. 

2v.ini. S. 1865. 2 E8 

Half hours with modern scientists : lectures and 

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1871. 504 X 


On the physical basis of life: Prof. T. H. Hnxley. Cor- 
reUitlon of vital and physical fonres; Prof. O. K. Barker. 
As regards protoplasm— reply to Huxley: Ja. Hutcldnson 
SUrlintf. On the hyiMthesls of evolution; Prof. E. D. Cope. 
Scientlrtc addresses: Prof. J : Tyndall. 

— Same. (University series, no. 6—10.) 2 ser. D. 

N.H. 1873. 504 XI 


Action of natural selection on man; Alf. B. Wallace. 
8lK*otrum analysis; Prof. Roscoe. Spectrum analysis In lu 
application to the heaveidy IxMlles; W: Huggins. Spectrum 
analysis as applied to the sun; J. Norman Lockyer. The 
sun and the phenomena of its atmosphere; Prof. C. A. 
Young. The earth a great magnet; Prof. A. M. Mayer. 
The mysteries of the voice and ear; prof. O. N. Rood. 

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tach^; or, Sam Slick in England. D. n.p. 
n.d. 827 H 

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• Slick of Slickville. (Riverside classics.) S. 

B. 1881. 827 HI 

Note. Same as Yankee stories, pt. 1. Life, pref . p. 9. 

— Historical and statistical acct. of Nova-Scotia. 

2 V. O. Halifax, 1829. 971 H 

— Nature and human nature. D. N.Y. n.d. 

827 H2 
-- Old judge ; or, Life in a colony. O. n.p. n.d. 

827 H8 

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his opinion on matrimony. D. N.Y. n.d. 

827 H4 

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The wlfie thouf^ht. Annie Leslie. Larry Moore. Kate 
Conner. Captain Andy. Take it easy. Lilly O'Brian. 
Peter the prophet. Jack the Rhrlmp. The \&nt of the 
line. We'll nee about it. The liannow iKNitinan. Luke 
O'Brian. Black Dennis. Macgoharty's petition. Father 
Mike. Old Prank. Mary Ryan's daughter. Wooing and 
wedding. The fairy of the forth. The rapparee. Geral- 
dine. Mabel O'Neirs curse. Kelly the piiier. Master 
Ben. Independence. Hospitality. Good spirits and bad. 

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2 H2 


The governess. Grace Huntley. The wife of two hus- 
bands. The forced blooms. The mosspits. The old maid. 
The uses of adversity. The merchiuit's daughter. The 
private purse. The curse of property. Lost beauty. The 
vrisdom of forethought. The daily governess. The 
mother. The young person. Bear and forbear. 

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British provinces. D. B. 1867. 1 H24 

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Ware, jr. 11th thousand. D. B. 1867. 

920.7 W 
Hall, James. (1793-1868.) Memoir of T: Posey. 

{See Sparks' Lib. of Amer. biog. 2 ser. 1844- 

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N.Y. 1846. 1 H25 


The black steed of the prairies. The war belt. The new 
moon. The red sky of the morning. The Capuchin. The 
dark maid of Illinois. The Indian hater. Pete Featherton. 

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Report on the U. S. and Mexican boundary 
survey. 5 v. Q. 1857-59. v. 1. 

R557 Ul v.l 

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friends: a story of the siege of Hull. D. L. 
1875. 2 H4 

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613 H 

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or, the Road to happy old age. O. Spring- 
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and its unmedicinal cure. D. N.Y. 1872. 

613 H2 

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613 H3 

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613 H4 

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O. 1885. p. 327-371.) 915.9 C 




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y. 1. A fiill WmUcatlon. The fanner refuted. Remnrln 
on the Quebec bill. Publiiu. The government and the 
constitution. The contlnentaUst. Resolutions for a gen- 
eral convention of the states. Speeches and resolutions In 
Conn-ess. Vindication of Congress. Address of the An- 
nanolis convention. Resolutions offered in the legislature 
of ^. Y. federal convention. Speeches In the federal con- 
vention. Convention of N. Y. Addresses. Letters of 
H. U. 

2. Taxation and finance. Finance. 

3. Taxation and finance. National bank. Colnaoe and 
the mint. Industry and commerce. Conunerclal relations. 
Foreign relations. 

4. Foreign relations— continued. 

6. Foreign relations— continued. Foreign policy. The 
whiskev ret)«lllon. 

6. Whiskey rebellion— continued. If illtary papers. The 
Jefferson controversy. The Adams controversy. The Rey- 
nolds oaniphlet. MisceUiineous papers. 

7. Miscellaneons pajiers. Private correspondence. 

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by Hamilton, Madison and Jay; with apx., 
contemning the letters of Paciflcus and Helvi- 
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3 S3 
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1 H28 
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1 T2 
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O. N.Y. n.d. 2 H14 




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gas-light, pottery, glass, and iron; from tlie 

fincyclopw^dia Britannica. O. N.Y. ISW. 

609 H 
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anon. O. L. imx 232 H 
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3 Dl 
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WiSTER. D. Ph. 1877. 3 H4 

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T: W: 
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dium of interchange and gossip, for students 
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Hardy, T: — continued. 

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N.Y. 1882. 2 H24 

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Thoughts that breathe. D. n.d. pref. p. 8- 
51.) 828 87 

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anon. 2 v. in 1. D. 18*7. 828 H2 

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1875. p. 177-260.) 928.2 P2 

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O. 1877. 822 T8 




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2 L67 
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2 KQ V.9 
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1 H85 


Minffo : a nketch of life In middle Gforgla. At Tea^iie 
Poteet*8: a sketch of the Hog Mountain range. Blue Dave. 
A piece of land. 

— Nights with Uncle Remus : myths and legends 

of the old plantation. D. B. 1883. 

398.3 H 

— Uncle Remus ; his songs and his sayings : the 

folk-lore of the old plantation. D. N.Y. 1883. 

398.3 HI 

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and primitive condition of the human being. 

D. B. 1866. 571 H 

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1 H37 

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1867. 1 H39 


Roundhearts. The Christmas sister. The boy regiment. 
Willy CoUlns. 

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1 H40 

Harris, Miriam (Cole). — continued. 

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insects of New England, which are injurious 
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973.7 H2 

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916.3 H 
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— Rudimentary treatise on galvanism, and the 

general principles of animal and voltaic elec- 
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Catalogue, comprising subject, author, and title 
lists. O. Providence, 1883. R017 H 

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nitz ed.) S. Lpz. 1874. 2 H26 

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398.4 H 

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1 H43 

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2 JH2 

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1883. 891.73 K 

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946 H 

— Spain in profile : a summer among the olives 

and aloes. S. B. 1879. 914.6 H2 

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n.d. 244 HI 

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tendencies in Amer. life, and [7] other papers. 

anon. D. B. 1880. 330 H 

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Colonel Enderby's wife. D. N.Y. 1885. 

2 H27 

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N.Y. 1883. 2 H28 

Harrison, Robert, Joint autAor. See Gostwick, 

Harrison, Mrs. W: See Harrison, Mrs. -— . 

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821 X2 
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2 JH 
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2 JT18 




Harry Heathcoto of Gangoil. Trollope, An- 
thony. O. 1874. 2 T50 
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2 JB28 

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2 L29 

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n.d. 2 JX18 

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1 JB2 
Harry's winter with the Indians. Campbell, 

H.. (S.) D. 1879. 1 JC2 

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an Indian chief toUl by himself; with an in- 
trod. by Inshta Theamba. ("Bright eyes.") 
anon. D. N.Y. 1881# 1 L 

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Ph. 1871. 928.2 B8 

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923.2 M8 

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anon. D. n.p. n.d. 2 H29 

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2 H30 
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Harte, Francis Bret. By shore and sedge. S. 

B. 1885. 1 H44 

\n aixMtle of the Tulen. Sarah Walker. A 8hip of '49. 

— Condensed novels. D. B. 1880. 

Con tent a. 

X H45 

HamUome 1« as ha]id.soiiie cloefl. Luthaw. Miiok-a- 
miick. Terence DeiiNille. Selhia Sedilia. The ninety-nine 
guardsmen, The dweller on the threshold. 'Ilie haunted 
nian. Mitw Mix. (iuy Heavystone. Mr. Midshipman 
Breezy. John Jenkins. No Utle. N. N. Fantiue. "La 
femme." Mary Moliillap. 

— Echoes of the foot-hills. D. B. 1875. 

811 H2 

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1 H46 

Flip : a California roiminoc. Found at Ulazlng star. 

— In the Carquinez woods. 4 ed. S. B. 1884. 

1 H47 

— Luck of Roaring camp, and other sketches. D. 

B. 1870. 1 H48 

— Mrs. Skagg's husbands, and other sketches. 

D. B. 1873. 1 H49 


Mni. Skagg's hnf<lMind». How 8ant4i ChiUH came to 
Sinii)8on'8 bar. The jirincess Bob and her friend?. The 
llhid of Sandv Imr. Mr. TlmmiwonV pnuligal. The ro- 
mau(!e of Matlrofio hollow. The ix)et of Sierra flat. The 
(?hri»tinaii gift that came to Kuiiert. Urban sketches. 
Legemto and tales. 

— On the frontier. 

S. B. 1884. 

1 H50 

. .\t the mlwion of San Carmel. A blue grass Penelope. 
Left out on Lone Star mountfiiii. 

— Poems. D. B. 1871. 811 H3 

— Snow-bound, at Eagles. S. B. 1886. 1 H51 

— Story of a mine. S. B. 1878. 1 H52 


Harte, Francis Bret — continued. 

— Tales of the Argonauts, and other sketches. 

D. B. 1875. 1 H53 


The rose of Tuolumne. A passage In the life of Mr. John 
Oakhurst. Wan I^h', tlie pagan. How old man Plunkett 
went home. The f<K»l of Five forks. Baby Sylvester. An 
episode of Flddletowii. A Jersey centenarian. 

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A.. L. (A.) Evenings at home. D. n.d. 

828 A2 
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639 B 



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3 H6 


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1876. 1 H66 


Dolllver romance. Sketi-lieR from meinorv. Fmgracnta 
from the Journal of a K(tllt4iry nmn. My viwlt to NiMgnni. 
The untlotie ring. Gravm antl goblinft. I>r. Bulllvant. 
A book of autographH. .Vn old womnn'H tale. Tirtie'» ix>r- 
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and the Ancestral footstep, [in the apx.] O. 
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1 H68 


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Sir WilUam IMiIpt*. Sir William Pepiwrell. Tlionuui lireen 
Femnndeu. Jonathan ClUey. 

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The gray chami^on. Tlie May \yo\e of Merry Monnt. 
Endicott and the red crow. Roger Malvin'n burial. 

— Legends of the Province house. {In Carlyle, 

T: Oliver Cromwell. T. n.d.) 923.1 C12 


Howe'8 m:uHiuenule. Edward Randolph's portrait. Liuly 
EleanoreV mantle. Old Esther DiuUey. 

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923.1 P4 

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2 V. D. B. im>. 1 H70 

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1 H71 


IntnMlnctory note. The old manwe. The birthmark. A 
select party. Young (ioodman lirown. Rappne^ini's 
danKliter. Mrs. Ilallfroff. Fire worship. Buds and bird 
voices. Monsieur du Miroir. The hnll of fantasy. The 
celestial railroad. The prcK-ession of life. Feathertop. 
The new Adam and Eve. Egotism. The Christmas ban- 

5 net. Drowne's wootlen image. The intelligem^ office. 
ii)ger Malvin's burial, r.'s crorres|ion<lence. Earth's h<»lo- 
caust. Passages from a relin<iulshed worlc. .Sketches from 
memory. The old annle dealer. The artist of the beanti- 
f 111. A virtmiBo's collection. 

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Life p. 5-12. Little Daffydowndilly. Little Annie's 
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toach. The wives of the dead. Passages from note-booka. 





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B. [1878]. 1 JH16 


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. 928.1 H4 
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and towns in New England. 10 ed. D. B. 
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N.Y. 1883. 804 H 

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Constantine. D. 1882. 4 H 




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author*8 Table talk. 4 v. in 1. D. IHM.) 

824 H2 

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8. 1884. 811 813 

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1866. 2 JX19 

" *Ho cometh not,' she said." Cudlip, A. (T.) 

O. 1873. 2 CI 17 

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2 L51 
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Briinnen of Nassau ; by an old man. D. N. Y. 
M845. 914.3 HI 

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1 F17 
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2 G83 
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der^ier, E. P. de. D. 1868. 1 L9 

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the wowls. D. N.Y. 1875. 917.47- HI 

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923.5 82 

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Dub. 1849. 914.5 H7 

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rebellion. O. B. 1866. 974.4 HI 

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W:G. D. 1865. 174 Bl 

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Lipplncott, S.. J.. (C.) O. 1875. 599 JL 

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O. n.d. 827 Ml 

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285 Ml 

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boy [Washington], and how he liecame com- 
mander-in-chief ; ed. by W: Makepeace 
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n.d. 917 W 

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628 E 

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2 845 
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1 F13 
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1869. 1 T47 




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1 JB8 
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their construction, adjustment, tinstin^i;, and 

use. 3 V. in 1. nar. D. L. 1872. 510 H 


v. 1. Drawing and incasnring InKtruinenta. 

2. (>i>U(ral InfitruinonU. 

3. SiirvHying anil nstnmointciU instruineutK. 

Heaton, Mrs. Cit ed. Mbtek, Juliua. Antonio 

AUegri da Correggio. Q. 187<). 

927.5 C2 

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10 V. O. 185;W57. 289.4 88 

Heavenly union; or, New Jerusalem, on earth. 

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2 H36 
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1858. 2 G39 

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N.Y. imi. 2 H37 

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188:). 2 H38 

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2 H39 

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8. N.Y. 1877. 2 H41 

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S. N.Y. 187!). 2 H43 

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1885. 2 H45 

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N.Y. 1874. 2 H46 

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il.d.] 2 H47 

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4 V12 
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essays. O. B. 1884. 211 H 

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1870. 262 H 

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211 HI 

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1878. 814 H3 

Hedged in. Phelps, E.. S. D. n.d. 1 P17 
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chair, and Hedgehog papers. D. 1874. 

827 J2 

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Greece; tr. from the German by G : BAjrcROFT; 
also, 3 hist, treatises. O. L. 1&17. 938 HI 

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Carthaginians, Ethiopians, and Egyptians; tr. 
from the German. 2 v. O. Ox. 1838. 939 H 

— Historical researches into the politics of the 

principal nations of antiquity; tr. from the 
German. 2 v. O. L. 1846. 935 H 


V. 1. Afliatic natfun» : PentlariR, IMioenicianfl, R&bylo- 
2. Axiatic natlonn: ScytTilanfl, Imliaiui, Appendixes. 

— Manual of ancient history ; tr. from the Ger- 

man. O. L. 1847. 930 H 

— Manual of the history of the political system of 

Europe and its colonies. O. L. 184(i. 

320 H 

— Biographical sketch ; written by himself. 

(«S'ee Heeren, A. H. L : Historical reseanihes. 

2 V. O. 18138. V. 1, pref. p. 1-09.) 939 H v.l 
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2 J15 
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1 C39 
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less girl ; tr. by Mrs. A. L. Wistkr. D. Ph. 

1885. 3 H7 

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.Ph. 1863. 838 H 

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Simon Adler Stern. (Leisure hour series.) 
S. N.Y. 1873. 838 HI 

Florentine nlghtti. £xcerpt8. 

— Stigand, W : Life, works, and opinions of H : 

Heine. 2 v. O. 1875. 928.3 H 

Heir exiMJctant. anon. O. N.Y. 1870. 2 X14 
Heir of Redclyffe. anon. Yonge, C. M.. D. 

1881. 2 Y20 

— Same. 2 v. D. 1871. 2 Y21 
Heiress: an autobiography. Stephens, A. S. 

(W.) D. [1859.] 1 Sei 

Helen. Kdgew^orth, Maria. Tales and novels. 
20 V. in 10. D. 1858^9. v. 10. 2 EO v.lO 

Helen and her cousins ; or. Two months at Ash- 
field rectory, anon. S. B. 18(K5. 2 JX20 

Helen Ethinger. Wliittlesey, E. L. D. 1872. 

1 W64 

Helen Gardner's wedding-day. Terliune, M.. 
V. (H.) D. 1880. 1 Te 

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244 PI 

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D. 1881. 1 ]ft43 

Helena's household. De Milie, Ja. O. 1867. 

1 D18 

Helen's babies, anon, Habberton, J: S. 
[1876.] 1 H8 




Helen's diary. Marshall, £. (M.) D. n.d: 

2 M79 
Hellodorlus, Longus, and Acliilles Tatlus. 

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notes, by the Rev. Rowland Smith. (Bohn's 
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D. 1863. 914.95 CI 

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bert; tr. from the Germ, by Arthur Duke 
Colbbidgb; with an apx., by G: Grovk. 2 v. 

O. L. 1869. 927.8 81 

Note. With a lint of hta iniuilc In v. 2. 
Helper, Hinton Rowan. Impending crisis of the 

South ; how to meet it. D. N. Y. 18(iO. 

326 H 

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de P. de. My mother's manuscript. D. 1877. 

920.7 M3 

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and aphorisms, anon. D. B. 1871. 

824 H3 

— Casimir Maremma. D. B. 1871. 2 H48 

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828 H3 

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anon. (Fruit« of leisure.) 2 Amer. ed. D. 
N.Y. 1852. . 824 H4 

— Same, [and] an Essay on organization in daily 

life. D. B. 1871. 824 H5 

— Friends in council : a series of readings, atwn. 

D. B.1849. 828 H4 

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dle of the last century, anon. D. B. 1874. 

2 H49 

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923.8 B 

— Life of Las Casas, "the Apostle of the Indies." 

D. Ph. 18(i8. 922.2 LI 

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822 H 

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— Spanish conquest in Amer., and its relation to 

the hist, of slavery, and to the government of 

the colonies. 3 v. O. N.Y. 185(W$7 970 H 

Hemans, Felicia Dorothea (Browne). 171)3-1835. 

Poetical works. O. Ph. 1857. 821 H7 

— Life. {See xiuthor*8 Poetical works. O. 1857. 

p. 21-24.) 821 H^7 

Henderson, E., ed. Fbrouson, Ja. Life. O. 

1867. 926 Fl 

Henderson, Mrs. M.. F. Diet for the sick: a 

treatise on the values of foods, and on the 

best methods of their preparation. D. N.Y. 

1885. 649 H 

— Practical cooking and dinner giving. D. N.Y. 

1878. 641 H 

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to the successful cultivation of the market 

and family garden. D. N.Y. [18(i7l. 

635 H 

— Same. enl. ed. D. N.Y. [1874]. 636 HI 

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of personal adventure. 2 v. O. L. 1866. 

923.6 87 
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D. 1884. 2 K44 

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by S. E. Booos. (Leisure hour series.) S. 

N.Y. 1884. 3 H8 

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let, J. F. Twenty etchings and woodcuts. 

F. 1881. p. 1-21.) R769 M 

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841 VI 
Henrietta Temple. Beaconsfleld, B: Disraeli, 

Ut. earl of. D. n.d. 2 B15 

Henrlques, M. Borges de F. Trip to the Azores, 

or Western Islands. D. B. 18()7. 914.6 B 
Henry IV., kimf of France. 156^-1610. Abbott, 

J: S. C. History of the reign of Henry IV. 

S. 185(>. 923.1 H 

Henry V., kinr/ of Emjland. 1327-1422. Towlr, 

G: M. History of Henry V. O. 186<i. 

942.04 T 

— Tylkr, J. E. Henry of Monmouth; or, Me- 

moirs of the life and charat^ter of Henry V. 
O. 18:{8. 923.1 HI 

Henry, Caleb Sprague. Doctor Oldham at Grey- 
stones and his talk there, anon. D. N.Y. 
18(K). 1 H78 

— Endless future of the human ra(;e : a letter to a 

friend. D. N.Y. 1879. 237 H 

— Sketch of the history of philosophy from Reid 

to the present time. (iS'ee Henry, Caleb 
Sprague, ed. and tr. Epitome of the history 
of philosophy. 2 v. S. 1855-56. v. 2, p. 157- 
200.) 109 HI 

— tr. and ed. Epitome of the history of philoso- 

phy. 2 V. S. N.Y. 185&-5f). 109 HI 

Henry, J. T. Early and lat«r history of petro- 
leum. O. Ph. 1873. 974.8 H 
Henry, M.. H. {Howe Benninxf.) Father's house. 
S. N.Y. [1880]. 1 JH24 

— Quiet corners. D. N.Y'. [1882]. 1 H79 
Henry, Matthew. Discourse on meekness and 

quietness of spirit. S. N.Y. n.d. 243 H 
Henry, Patrick. 173(>-179i). Everktt, A. H. 
Life of Patrick Henry. {See Sparks' Lib. of 
Amer. biog. 2 ser. 1844-48. v. 1, p. 1-205.) 

920.07 LI v.l 

— Wirt, W : Sketches of the life and chara<'.ter 

of Patrick Henry. 9 ed. O. 1836. 

923.2 H5 
Henry Esmond. Thackeray, W : M. D. n.d. 

2 T14 

Henry Esmond, Esq., HLstory of. Tl^ackeray, 

W:M. O. 18r>«. 2 T15 

— Same. D. 1872. 2 Tie 
Henry Irving. Winter, W : D. 1885. 792 Sv 
Henry Irving's impressions of America. Hat- 
ton, Jos. D. 1884. 917.3 H3 

Henry Masterton. anon. James, G: P. R. 
2v. inl. D. 1855. 2 J 16 




Henry of Gaise. James, 6 : P. B. 2 v. in 1. D. 

1855. 2 J17 

Henry Smeaton. James, 6 : P. R. (In author'n 

Forgery. O. 1857.) . 2 J12 

Henty, G. A. Jack Archer: a tale of the Crimea. 

D. B. 1884. 2 H51 

— Young colonists. D. L. 1885. 2 JH4 
Hephzibah Guiness, Thee and you, and a Draft 

on the hank of Spain. Mitchell, S : W. D. 
1880. 1 M29 

Hepworth, G : Hughs. Whip, hoe, and sword ; 
or, the Gulf-dei)artment in *(>d. D. B. 1864. 

973.7 H4 
Her dearest foe. Hector, A. F. (T.) S. 1876. 

2 U40 

Her Majesty's mails. Lewlns, W: 2 ed. enl. 

D. 1865. 383 L 

Her Majesty's tower. Dixon, W : H. D. 1809. 

914.2 D 
Her picture, anon. Hainerton, P. G. S. 1882. 

2 H5 
Her very own. Harrison, F. S. n.d. 

2 JH3 
Her Wasliington season. Lincoln, J. T. (G.) 
D. 1884. 1 LIO 

Heraldry in hist., poetry, and romance. Mill- 
ini^n, £. J. D. 1858. 929 Ml 

Heraud, J : A. Shakspere ; his inner life as inti- 
mated in his works. O. L. 1865. 828 H5 
Herbert, Lady, Cradle lands. Q. L. 1867. 

915.6 HI 
Herbert, E: See Cherbury, E: Herbert, l«t 

Herbert, G : 1593-1632. Poetical works ; with a 
memoir. D. B. 1879. 821 H9 

— Same; with a memoir of the author and notes. 

(British poets series.) D. B. 1855. 821 H8 

— WiLLMOTT, B. A. Memoir of Herbert. (See 

Herbert, G: Poetical works. D. 1855. 
pref. p. 9-33.) 821 H8 

— Same, (See Herbert, G : Poetical works. D. 

1879. pref. p. <^-33.) 821 H9 

Herbert, H : J : G : See Carnarvon, H : J : G : 

Herbert, 3d earl of. 
Herbert, H : W : (Frank Forester.) Field sports 

of the U. S. and British provinces. 2 v. O. 

n.p. n.d. 799 HI 

— Fish and fishing of the U. S. and British prov- 

inces of N. Amer. O. N.Y. 1850. 799 H2 

— Hints to horse-keepers : a complete manual for 

horsemen, [with] chapters on mules and 
ponies. D. N.Y. 1859. 836.1 H 

— Horse and horsemanship of the U. S. and Brit- 

ish provinces of N. America, continued to 

1871; ed. by S. D., and B. G. Bbucb. 2 v. Q. 

N.Y. 1871. 798 H 

Herbert, M.. E.., lady, tr. Hdbnbr, J. A. von. 

Bambl^ round the world, 1871. D. 1874. 

910.4 H5 
Herder, J: Grodfrey von. Spirit of Hebrew 

poetry ; tr. from the Gterm. by James Marsh. 

2v. D. Burlington, 1833. 223 H 

Hereditary genius. Galton, Francis, rev. ed. 

O. 1871. 136 Gl 

Heretic. LaJetclinilKoil^ — . O. 1868. 

891.73 L 
Here ward, the last of the English. Kingsley, 

C: D. 1882. 2 K19 

Herford, Brooke. Story of religion in England: 

a book for young folk. 2 ed. D. Chic. 1880. 

274 H 
Heritage of Langdale. Hector, A. F. (T.) S. 

1877. 2 H41 

Herman; or. Young knighthood. Palfrey, S.. 

H. 2v. D. 18(56. 1 P3 

Hermann Agha. Palgrave, W : G. S. 1872. 

1 P4 
Hermann and Dorothea. G6the, J: W. von. 

D. 1874. 832 G2 

Hermits. Kingsiey, C : D. 1868. 

922.1 H 

Hermsprong. Bage, Robert. Man as he is not ; 
or, Hermsprong. S. 1810. 2 Bl 

Herndon, W : L : See U. S*—Navy depU Ex- 
ploration of the Amazon. 2 v. O. 1854. 

918.1 U 

Hero, Bread upon the waters, Alice Learmont. 
Crail£, D. M. (M.) D. 1872. 2 C84 

HeroCarthew. Parr, L.. S. 1873. 2 Pll 

Herodotus. Boys' and girls' Herodotus; with 
an introd. by J : S. Wkftb. O. N.Y. 1884. 

888 JHl 

— Stories of the East, from Herodotus ; by Alfred 

J:Cmubch. D. N.Y. n.d. 888 H2 

— Story of the Persian war, from Herodotus ; by 

Alfred J: Cmubch. D. N.Y. n.d. 888 H3 

Herodotus. Swayne, G:C. D. 1875. 

880 S 

Heroes ; or, Greek fairy tales for my children. 

Kingsiey, C: D. 1868. 398.4 K2 

— Same, D. 1885. 398.4 K3 
Heroes and hunters of the West, comprising 

sketches and adventures by Boone and 
others, anon. D. Ph. 1855. 923.9 H 

Heroes and kings. Cliurch, A. J : T. 1883. 

883 C 

Heroes of Asgard. Keary, Annie, and Eliza. 
S. 1880. 398.4 K 

Heroes of the lal)oratory and the workshop. 
Brightwell, C. L. D. 1859. 926 H 

Heroes of the seven hills. Laing, Mrs. C. H. B. 
S. [1873.] 937 Jj 

Heroic adventure: chapters in recent explora- 
tion and discovery, anon. D. N.Y. n.d. 

910.9 X 

Herriclc, H. W. Water color painting; descrijv 
tion of materials, with directions for their use 
in elementary practice. D. N.Y. 1882. 

751 .HI 

HerriclL, Robert. ISQl-KHi. Chrysomela; ar- 
range<l with notes, by Francis Turner Pal- 
OBAVB. S. L. 1884. 821 HIO 

— Hesperides ; or. Works both humane and 

divine. (British poets series.) 2 v. D. B. 
1856. 821 Hll 




Herrlck, Robert — continited, 

— Sm W. S. Biographical notice. (See Herrlck, 

Robert. Hesperides. 2 v. D. 1856. v. 1, p. 

1-22.) 821 Hll v.l 

Herricky S. E. Some heretics of yesterday. O. 

B. 1885. 922 S 

Herrick, Sophie Bledsoe. Wonders of plant life 

under the microscope. D. N.Y. 188.S. 

578 H 

Herrlck, W: A. Powers, duties, and liabilities 
of town and parish officers in Mass., with 
forms for conducting town and other meet- 
ings. O. B. 1870. 345.3 H 

Herschel, Caroline Lucretia. 1750-1848. Hsa- 
scHKL, Mrs. M. C. Memoir and correspond- 
ence of Caroline Herschel. O. 1870. 

925 HI 

Herschel, Mrs. J : See Herschel, Mrs. M. C . 
Herschel, SirJ-.F: W:,6arr. 1792-1871. Famil- 
iar lectures on scientific subjects. D. L. 1867. 

504 H 

— Outlines of astronomy. [4 ed.] O. Ph. 1859. 

520 H 

— Proctor, R: A. Sir John Herschel. (See au- 

thor*s Essays on astronomy. O. 1872. p. 1- 
28.) 523 P 

Herschel, Mrs. M. C. Memoir and correspond- 
ence of Caroline Herschel. O. N.Y. 1876. 

925 HI 

Herschel, Sir W :, hart. 1738-1829. Holdbn, E : 
S. Sir \y : Herschel ; his life and works. D. 
1881. 925 H2 

Hersey, S: Freeman. 1812-1875. U. S.— 43d Con- 
gress, 2d sess. Memorial addresses. Q. 1875. 

923.2 M2 

Hertslet, E: Map of Europe by treaty, showing 
the various political and territorial changes, 
which have taken place since the general 
peace of 1814. 3 v. Q. L. 1875. 911 H 

Hertz, Henrik. King Rent's daughter : a Danish 

lyrical drama ; tr. by Thdr. Martin. (Lib. of 

foreign poetry, v. 1.) 3 ed. D. N.Y. 1877. 

839.8 H 

Herv6, Francis, ed. Tussaud, Mme. Memoirs 
and reminiscences of the French revolution. 
2v. D. 1839. 944.04 T2 

Hervey^ 6: Winfred. Principles of courtesy, 
with hints and observations on manners and 
habits. nar.D. N.Y. 1856. 177 H2 

Herzen, A., ed. Cathbrinr II., empress of Russia. 
Memoirs. O. N.Y. 1859. 923.1 C3 

Heseklel, J : G : L : Life of Bismarck ; tr. and ed. 
by Kenneth R. H. Mackbnzis. O. N.Y. 1870. 

923.2 B6 

Hesiod. Remains; tr. into Eng. verse. (See 
Hesiod, Calllmachus, and Theog^nls. 
Works. D. 1856. p. 287-368.) 881 H 

Hesiod, Oallimachus and Theognis. Works;* 
tr. with notes by J. Banks ; [with] the met- 
rical tr. of Elton, .Tytlrr and Frbrb. 
(Bohn's classical lib.) D. L. 1866. 881 H 

Hestod and Theognis^. Davles, James. D. 
1873. 880 D 

Hesperides; or. Works both hi)mane and divine. 

Herrlck, Robert. 2 v. D. 1856. 821 Hll 
Hessians and the other Germ, auxiliaries of 6t. 

Br. in the revolutionary war. Lo^v^ell, E : J. 

D. 1881. 973.3 LI 

Hester. Ollphant, M. O. (W.) D. 1883. 

2 O10 
Hester Kirton. Macquold, K. S. S. n.d. 

2 M42 
Hester Stanley at St. Marks. Spoflford, H. E.. 

<P.) D. 1883. 1 JS25 

Hetty's strange history. Jackson, H.. M. (F.) 

H. D. 1886. 1 J 

Hewes, O : Whitfield. Ballads of the war. D. 

N.Y. 18<>2. 811 H6 

Hewlns, Caroline Maria. Books for the young: 

a guide for parents and children. 2 ed. with 

additions. T. N.Y. 1884. R013 H 

Hewlett, H : G. Heroes of Europe : a biog. out- 
line of European hist., from 700-1700. D. B. 

1861. 920.04 HI 

Heyse, Paul J : L : In paradise. (Collection of 

foreign authors, no. 12.) 2 v. D. N.Y. 1878. 

3 H9 

— Tales from the German. (Collection of foreign 

authors, no. 15.) .D. N.Y. 1879. 3 HIO 


Connt Ernefii'K home. The dead lake. The fary. 
Ju<Uth .Stern. 

Heywood, Joseph Converse. How they strike 
me, these authors. D. Ph. 1877. 814 H4 

Hiatus : the void in modern education, its cause 
and effect. Outia, paeicd. O. 1869. 

707 O 

HIckle, W : James, tr, Akistophanbs. Come- 
dies. 2v. D. 1853-81. 882 Al 

HIckok, Laurens Perseus. Humanity immortal ; 
or, Man tried, fallen, and redeemed. O. B. 
1872. 218 H 

Hidden path. Terhune, M.. V. (H.) D. 1883. 

1 T7 

Hidden power : a secret history of the Indian 
ring. Tibbies, T.H. D. 1881. 970 Tl 

Hidden sense. Bablngton, E. R.,ec^ D. 1867. 

828 B 

Hide and seek. Collins, W : W. 2 v. S. 1856. 

2 C57 

Hlg^ns, CM. Angel children ; or, Stories from 
cloud-land. S. B. 1864. 1 JH25 

Hlg^ns, W. MuUinger. Earth ; its physical con- 
dition and most remarkable phenomena. 8. 
N.Y. 1858. 550.4 H 

Hlgg^nson, M.. Thacher. Room for one more. 
D. B. 1879. 1 JH26 

Hlgg^nson,T: Went worth. Atlantic essays. D. 
B. 1871. 814 H5 

— Book of American explorers. (Young folks 

series.) D. B. 1877. 973.1 |l 

— Common sense al)out women. D. B. 1882. 

396 HI 

— English statesmen. (Brief biographies.) D. 

N.Y. 1875. 923.2 £4 




Hig^ginson, T : Wentworth — continued. 

— Harvard memorial biographies, aiion. 2 v. O. 

Camb. 1»77. 923.5 H3 

-^ Malbone: an Old port romance. D. B. 1871. 

1 H80 

— Margaret Fuller Ossoli. (American men of 

letters.) D. B. 1884. 928.1 03 

— Oldiwrt days. D. B. 1873. 1 H81 

— Out-4loor papers. D. B. 18G3. 814 H6 

— Short studies of American authors. S. B. 

1880. 810 H 

— Young folks' hist, of the U. S. D. B. 1876. 

973 JH2 

— and Liongtello'Wy S:, ed, Thalatta: a book 

for the sea-side, ation. D. B. 1853. 

821 H12 
High mills. Cooper, K. (S.) O. 1872. 

2 C70 
Hlgham, M.. R. Other hou-se. D. N.Y, [1878]. 

1 H82 
Higher than the church. Hillern, Wilhelmine 
von. S. 1881. 3 H15 

Highland widow. Scott, Sir Wa., bart. Chron- 
icles of the Canongate, 1 series : the Highland 
widow, the Two drovers, the Surgeon's daugh- 
ter. 2 V. in 1. O. l&'SS. 2 S14 

— Same, (In author* s Chronicles of the Canon- 

gate. 2 v. nar. O. 1827. v. 1.) 

2 S16 v.l 

— iS'ame, Two drovers, etc. S. 1879. 2 S24 

Highlands of Ethiopia. Harris, Sir W: C, hart. 

from 1 L. ed. O. [1^13.] 916.3 H 

Hlghinrays of travel; or, a Summer in Europe. 

Sweat, M. J.. M. O. 1859. 914 S3 

Hlldreth, R: History of the United States of 

America. 6 v. O. N.Y. 1841MJ2. 973 H3 


V. 1-3. To orKaiilzaUon of governinont under the foil- 
eral RoiwUtiiUon. 
4-:jB. HnlMieiinent to atlopUon of constitution. 

— Japan as it was and is. D. B. 1855. 

915.2 H 

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X. The (loffe and dogewi. Master Martin, theroo|)er. 
Mademoiselle de Scud^ri. (jambler'n luok. Master 
Johannes Wacht. 

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814 H9 




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(Hoi 1 way). 
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2 M109 
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W : Bascom to the pastoral care of the First 
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Alice and Adelaitle. Red-bird. Ruth and Rena. Ben- 
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John Lognn. I'afwion-pluy at Olteranmiergau. 

— Cousin Maude, and Rosamond. D. N.Y. 1884. 

. 1 H95 


Toufiin Maude. RoMimond. J>lainondH. Ilad Miielllng. 
Maggie Ixh*. Tlie anHwere<i prayer. 

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N.Y. 1884. 1 H104 

The bonieHtead on the hillitlde. Riee eorner. The (ill- 
IktIm; or, Itlt-e corner nunitMT two. The llinnkKgivinK 
purtv and it a conM'queneeM. The old red houHe anu>iig the 
niouutaiuM. (Uen'H cn'ek. The K^ble-nHired liouae at 

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1 H105 

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D. N.Y. ISSA. 1 H108 

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imi. 1 Hill 

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See Star^l-Holstein, Anne Louise Germain 

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manipulation, intended as a work of general 
reference and prac^tical instruction on the 
lathe. G v. O. L. 185()-0G. 621.9 H 


V. 1. MiiU^rialH; tlu'lr differt'iww*, choU**, and pn*par»- 
tlon, viiiioiiH iiKKlefl of working them, generally wllhuut 
ciittlnK UmiIn. 

2. llie i»rlneliilei< of oonAtrnetfon, action, and apiilieiu 
Uon of c'uttiiiK t<M)lA uHiHl by hand; and alMo, of luaciiineii 
derlvett from the hand toolM. 

3. Abranlve and niliu'ellanoonfl iiroeewieH, wliich 
caimot be aecompliflhed with cutting toolK. 

yote.—v. 4-6 wanting. 

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n.d. 2 JB25 

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1 P29 

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173 P 

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[1W5.] 1 JG3 

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2 Al 

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1 X8 


Little Mary. The lover's apiM>al. The oa|)en*allzip an<l 
bluok o<M«k. Tlie inTiilexed Htiideiit. Story Solonion de 
Ciiiw. St-eiieH in the early lire<»f a grt^at artist. Ix»ul» XIV. 
Ht Kontjiiiibleau. .\iiiy. Account of au extraordinary 
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2 X15 




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anon. D. N.Y. n.d. 2 XIO 

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1 Al 

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rt. 1. PlantH. 2. Animate. 3. Air, water, h«at, light, etc. 

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series.) S. B. 1881. 1 H120 

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color ; or, the American colony in Paris. D. 
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4 D4 

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1 JE6 
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written at the close of the 18th century. 4 ed. 

3 V. D. L. 1827. 2 H61 

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391 H 




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2 B25 

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2 P38 

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1872. 1 86 

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1841. 2 JH7 

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and parliament of England, during the reigns 
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B. 185fM)l. 942.05 H 

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court, and parliament of England, from the 
reign of Edward VI. to the death of the 
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yote. Same aa author's " Puritans; or, the Church, 
court," etc. 

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O. N.Y. 1874. 923.5 F2 

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7 ed. D. B. 188;^. 914.2 H6 

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4 D26 

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n.d. 1 Kl 

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1873. p. 347-464.) 134 D 
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ties of an advocate. Forsyth, W : 2 ed. O. 

1874. 347 F 
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systematically arranged, being a complete 

guide for learners and advanced players ; with 

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1870. 830 H 

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1 JA75 
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tion of the sick and wounded, from the penin- 
sula of Virginia, in the summer of 1862. anon. 

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Hospitaller, E. Modern applications of elec- 
tricity ; tr. and enl. by Julius Maier. 2 ed. 
rev. 2v. O. N.Y. 1883. 537 HI 


y. 1. Electric generntoni. Electric light*. 
2. Telephone. VartouR appliciUlonft. Electrical tr»/ii»- 
mlfwlon of energy. 

Hot plowshares. Tourg^e, A. W. D. 1883. 

1 T33 




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story of his life. anon. D. L. [1870]. 

»2SJZ D9 
— Joint author. See Lampirood, Jacob. 

— ed. Abyssinia and its jieople ; or. Life in the 

land of Prester John. D. L. 18(j8. 

016.3 HI 
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ing and magic ; or, How to l>ecoine a wizard ; 

tr. and ed. by Prof. L: H. Hoffmann. D. L. 

1878. 133 HI 

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Franz. Little Hans and his Bible leaf. I). 

[1883.] 3 JH21 

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1873. 2 3187 
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1880. 3 H13 

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— Same. 2 8er. D. 1880. 242 Ml 
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' [1881.] 177 S 

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1877. ' 173 G 

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645 C 
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D. 1886. 2 L13 

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1874. 1 JW4 
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D. 1883. 1 B23 

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2 H53 
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thanieL D. n.d. 1 H09 

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Jfr*. C. E. D. n.d. 2 B65 

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D. 1885. 2 WIO 

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D. n.d. 2 Oil 

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n.d. 4 B4 

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1882. 728 Gl 

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(W.) D. 18n. 1 Bl 

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I). 1819. 373 M 

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A. (W.) 2v. D. l«l». 1 W12 

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L. and N.Y. 1850-57. 052 H 

Note. v. 14 and 15 wanting. 

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literature, and society. I). N.Y. 1879. 

914.4 H4 

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2 v. D. L. 1814. 917.64 H 

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1x>tany, and all useful discoveries and improve- 
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IHIxS^i. 630 M 

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ing transcript, anon. S. 1880. 818 H2 

— Mind-reading and beyond. D. B. 1885. 

134 H 
Homr Billy went up in the world. Noble, A. L. 

D. 1883. 1 JNS 

How tH>uld he escape. Wright, J. (McN.) I). 

1877. 1 W79 

How could he help it. Roe, A. S. D. 1873. 

1 Rll 

How crops grow. Johnson, S: W: D. [1868.] 

631 J 

How I crossed Africa. Serpa Pin Co, A. A. da 

R. O. 1881. 916.7 P 

How Marjory helpe<l. Caroll, Martha. D. 

1874. 1 JC4 

How not to l>e sick. Bellow^s, A. J. 2 ed. D. 

m^. 613 B 

Hofv plants grow. Gray, Asa. 3 ed. D. 1859. 

580 Gl 
How shall I govern my school ? Wines, E. C. 

D. is:«. 371.5 W 

How should I pronounce? Phjrfe^ W: H: P. 

S. 1885. 421 P 

How spring came in New England. {See War- 
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147-170.) 917.47 W 

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1885. 920.07 H 

How they strike me, these authors. Heywood, 

J. C. D. 1877. 814 H4 

How to do it. HaIe,E:E. D. 1871. 

177 H 




How to get strong, and how to stay so. Blalkie, 

W: S. [1^9.] 613 B3 

How to help the poor. Fields, A. (A.) D. 1884. 

339 Fl 
How to learn and earn. Fremont, J. (B.), and 

otherg, D. [1884.] 372 F 

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613 H4 
How to make money, and how to keep it. 

Davies, T:A. D. 1875. 658 D 

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3ed. S. 1878. 616 A 

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sq. O. [1880.] 598.2 H 

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915.6 C 
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B. 1885. 1 H123 

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S. N.Y. 1851). 2 JH8 

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Mart^i'iri't. vun Khreiiberg, the artiKt-wife. The Meldriim 
family. Sir TcU^ratKl hln pl}(con. The WfNxl-iiook wellH; 
or, NelKhbont' quarrelK. Leavra fn>in the dhiry of a |HK>r 
8<.'ho<>l-iiiaMt(*r. The fliinnybuiiH at the tteaMde. Some 
love-pai»siM;oH In the liven of' everjMlay iwople. The hunt. 
The two HqiilreM. The (toacher'H progress. 

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or, Worcester as it is. anon. O. Worcester, 

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W: J: 

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1 JA20 

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827 B4 
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Mass., from its first settlement to the centen- 
nial anniversary of the declaration of our na- 
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a genealogical register. O. B. 18()8. 

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queen of Prussia; with an introd. sketch of 
Prussian history. 2 v. O. L. 1874. 

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1872. O. N.Y. 1873. 070 H 

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tures of Henry Hudson. S. 1858. 

923.9 H2 




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n.p. n.d. 1 H143 

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Con ten U. 
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_ ^. 987.8 K 

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supply of cities and towns. D. L. 1859. 

628 H 

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constructing and repairing common roads. 

nar. D. L. 1868. 625 H 


1. A survey of the metro|)oIltan roadn; S: Hughefl. 

2. The art of conxtruf'tlng common roads; H: Law. 

3. Remarks on the maintenance of macadamised roads ; 
Sir J: Fox Bukgoyne, bart. 

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n.d. 923.1 All 

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923.4 HI 

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920.4 M 

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settlement, founded on the Cumberland pla- 
teau ; with a report on the soils of the plateau, 
by F. W. KiLLKBRKW. D. L. 1881. 

917.68 H 

— Scouring of the white horse ; or, the Long va(;a- 

tion ramble of a London clerk, anon. D. 
B. 185{). 2 H66 

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2 H67 

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1880. 804 Ml 

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170 H5 
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witness of his life ; tr. from the orig. French 
by C: Edwin Wilbour. O. N.y. 18(54. 

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— Same : a life ; by one who has witnessed it ; in- 

cluding a drama, entitled Inez de Castro, and 

other works. 2 v. D. L. WiS, 928.4 H2 

Hugo, V: Marie, ricomfc. 1802-1886. By order 

of the king. D. L. 1886. 4 HI 

Note. Same aa "iMan who lauglui." 

— Claude Gueux : the last day of a condemned 

man. D. N.Y. 1869. 343 H 

— Destroyer of the second republic, being Napo- 

leon, the Little; tr. from the 16th ed. D. 
N.Y. 1870. 944.07 H 

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1866. 4 H2 

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I.e. N.Y. 1877. 4 H3 


V. 1. Fantine. Conette. MariiiH. 

2. MariuA— continued. 8t. DenlH. Jean Valjean. 

— Same. 6 v. D. and O. N.Y. 1862. 

4 H4 

V. 1. KanUne. 
2. Conette. 


3* Marin8. 
4. St. Deul8. 

ft. Jean Valjean. 

— Man who laughs: tr. by W: Young. O. N.Y. 

1869. 4 H5 

rt. 1. Sea and night. 2. By the king's command. 
JVo/e. Same aa "By order of the king." 




Hugo, V: Marie, vicomtc — continued. 

— Ninety-three ; tr. by Frank Lee Bbnkdk^t. O. 

N.Y. 1874. 4 He 

— Notre-Dame; or, the Bellringer of Paris. D. 

L. n.d. 4 H7 

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way of Aix-la-Chapelle ; by D. M. Aird. D. 
B. n.d. 914.3 H3 

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[1845]. 914.3 H4 

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tr. by Ellen E. Fbewbr. O. N.Y. 1882. 

928.4 H 

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of his life. O. 18&1. 928.4 HI 

— Same : a life ; by one who has witnessed it. 

2v. D. 1863. 928.4 H2 

Hugfo Blanc, the artist, anon. GHswold, V. 
M. D. 1»>7. 1 G14 

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D. 1855. 2 J18 

Hu||i:uenot family. Keddie, Henrietta. D. 
1868. 2 K15 

Huguenot galley-slave. Marteilhe, J: D. 
1867. 272 M 

Huidekoper, F: Judaism at Rome, B. C. 76-A 
D. 140. D. N.Y. 1876. 296 H 

Huldah. Stahr, F.. (L.) D. n.d. 3 812 

Huling, Ray Greene, A. M. Teachers and grad- 
uates of the Fitchburg high school, 1849-188;$; 
preceded by some mention of teachers in the 
Fitchburg a<;ademy, 1830-1848. O. Fitchburg, 
1884. 379 H 

HuH, J: Winstanley, joint tr. See Davidson, S: 
Hull, W : 1753-1825. Report of the trial of Brig.- 
Gen. Hull by a court martial in 1814 ; taken by 
Ja. Grant Forbes. O. N.Y. 1814. 344 H 

— Campbell, Mrs. Maria. Revolutionary services 

and civil life. O. 1848. 923.5 H6 

Human body and its health. Smith, W:T. D. 
1884. 613 S2 

Human intercourse. Hamerton, P. G. D. 
1884. 177 HI 

Human life in Shakesi)eare. Giles, H: D. 
18f>8. 814 Gl 

Humanity immortal. Hickok, L. P. O. 1872. 

. 218 H 

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ScHLBSiER, Gustav. Life of W: von Hum- 
lM)ldt. (Nef Klencke, P. F : H : Alexander 
von Humboldt. D. 1852. p. 24$M«'U.) 

925 H5 

Humboldt, F: H: Alex., baron von. 17(«M85». 
Cosmos : a sketch of a physical description of 
the universe; tr. by E. C. Otte, B. H. Paul, 
and W. S. Dallas. 5 v. D. L. and N.Y. 184SK- 
(»). 551 H 

— Island of Cuba; tr. with a preliminary essay, by 

J. S. TuKASHBB. D. N.Y. 185G. 

917.29 H2 

Humboldt, F : H : Alex., baron von — continued, 

— Personal narrative of travels to the equinoctial 

regions of America, during the years 17D9-1804 ; 
tr. and ed. by Thomasina Ross. 3 v. D. L. 
1852. 918 H 

— Views of nature ; or. Contemplations on the sub- 

lime phenomena of creation ; tr. from the Ger- 
man by E. C. Otte, and H: G. Bohn. D. L. 
1850. - 551.4 HI 

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from 1827-1858; tr. by F: Kapp. D. N.Y. 
I860. 925 H3 

— Klencke, p. F : H. Alexander von Humboldt : 

a biog. monument. D. 1852. 925 H5 

— Life, travels, and books ; with an introd. by 

Bayard Taylor, anon. D. 1859. 925 H4 

Hume, D: 1711-1776. Essays ; literary, moral,' 

and political. D. L. 1870. 824 H7 

— History of Eng., from the invasion of Julius 

Ciesar to the revolution in 1688. 2 v. O. Ph. 
1844. 942 H 

— Same. 6 v. O. B. 1864. 942 HI 

— Philosophical works. 4 v. O. B. 1854. 

192 H 


v. 1. Life; by hlnwelf. ControventleH between Hume 
and Roiuwenn. LiMt of HcotticlRmff. Treatiae of human 
nature. The nnderatandlng. 

2. The iiflAAions. Of nigralii. Dialogues concerning 
natural religion. 

3. KMiayit; moral. iK)litical, and literary. 

4. Inquiry concerning the human understanding. Con 
mlng the principles or 

Ion. Additional efwa>'«. 

ceniing the principles ofmorabi. Natural hbitory of relig- 

— My own life. {See Hume, D : Philosophical 

works. 4 V. O. 1854. v. 1, pref. p. 16-22.) 

192 H 

— HuxLBY, T : H : Hume. D. 1881. 

928.2 H5 

Humorous phases of the law. Browne, Irving. 

D. 1876. 840 Bl 

Humorous poetry of the English language. 

Parton, James. O. n.d. 821 P4 

Humphrey, Mrs. Frances A. Dean Stanley with 

the children : 5 of Dean Stanley's sermons to 

children ; with an introd. by Cannon Farrar. 

D. B. [1884]. 922.3 JSl 

Humphrey, Heman. Domestic education. S. 

Amherst, 1840. 376 H 

Humphreys, Andrew Atkinson. Gettysburg to 

the Rapidan: the army of the Potomac, Jl. 

18(j;j-Ap. 1»»4. D. N.Y. 1883. 973.7 HO 

— Virginia campaign of *64 and '(55: the army of 

the Potomac, and the army of the James. 

(Campaigns of the civil war, v. 12.) D. N.Y. 

188.3. 973.7 H7 

Humphry Clinker, Expedition of. anon. 

Smollett, T. 6 : 2 v. S. 1810. 2 888 

Hundred Boston orators. Loringf, J. S. O. 

1852. 928.1 H7 

Hundred great<>.st men, [with] portraits. Wood, 

Wallace. O. 1885. 920.02 H2 

Hunnewell, James F. Historical monuments of 

France. O. B. 1884. 729 H 

— Lands of Scott. D. B. 1871. 914 H3 




Hunt, C : Havens. Life of E : Livingston ; with 
an introd. by G; Bancroft. O. N.Y. 1864. 

923.4 L6 

Hunt, Freeman. Lives of American merchants. 
2 V. O. N.Y. 1858. 923.8 L2 

Hunt, Harriot Kezia. 1805- Glances and 

glimi>ses; or, Fifty years' social, including 20 

years' professional life. D. B. 185(). 

926 H2 

Hunt, H : G : Bona via. Concise history of music, 

from the commencement of the Christian era 

to the present time. D. N.Y. [1878]. 

780 H2 

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and fancy ; or, Selections from the Eng. poet^. 

D. N.Y. 1852. 820 HI 

— Stories from the Italian poets. D. N.Y. 1840. 

850 H 

— Wit and humor ; selected from the Eng. i>oets ; 

with an illustrated essay and critical com- 
ments. D. N.Y. [1846]. 827 H9 

— ed. Book for a corner ; or, Selections in prose 

and verse. 1 and 2 ser. D. N.Y. 1852. 

828 Hll 

-^Same. 1 ser. D. N.Y. 1852. 828 HIO 

— ed. Hunt, Thornton. Foster-brother. O. 

1858. 2 H68 

— Autobiography ; with reminiscences of friends 

and contemporaries. 2 v. O. N.Y. 1850. 

928.2 H6 

Hunt, Robert. Poetry of science ; or, studies of 

the physical phenomena of nature. 3 ed., rev. 

andenl. D. L. 1854. 500 H 

— ed. Popular romances of the west of England ; 

or, the Drolls, traditions, and superstitions of 
Old Cornwall. 1 and 2 ser. in 1 v. D. L. [1871]. 

398.1 H 

— Same. 2v. D. L. ISeaS. 898.1 HI 

— ed. Ubb, And. Supplement to Ure's diction- 

ary of arts, manufactures, and mines. O. 

1864. 603 U2 

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Daniel. D. 1883. 829 C 

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O. N.Y. 1858. 2 He8 

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man. S. N.Y. 1875. 945 HI 
Hunt, W : Morris. Talks on art; comp.' by H.. 

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252 H3 

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I. Natural history of the inan-llki^ A{te». 2. ItelaUonR of 
inan to the lower aiiiiniilH. 3. Some fo»Ril remaiiu* of 

— Hume. (English men of letters.) 

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928.2 H5 
reviews. O. 
504 HI 
the study of 

551.4 H2 

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1 Fl 
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destruction by the Gauls. (Epochs of ancient 

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iM^y and his friends. SliUlaber, B: P. D. 

1879. 817 SI 

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— Same; tr. by Lano, Leaf, and Mybrs. D. 

n.d. 883 HI 




lUos, the city and country of the Trojans. 

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H. H. D. 1881. 1 B29 

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to the 19th centuries, anon. 2 v. D. L. n.d. 

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814 G2 
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ser. 4 V. D. 187(}-77. 828 14 

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Impending sword. Yates, £. H. 2 v. in 1. S. 

1874. 2 Y4 

Importance of literature to men of business : [a] 

series of addresses. D. L. 1852. 804 X 

Importance of practical education and useful 

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370.4 E 
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G. (E.)L. D. 1879. 827 CI 

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839.8 A3 
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O. 1860. 839.8 A4 

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(M.) Miss Tommy : a medi;eval romance, and 

In a house-boat. D. 18H4. 2 C90 

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617 S 
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1877. 2 VI 

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1870. 2 G50 

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In honor bound. Gibbon, C: {In Farjeon, B: 

L. Jessie Trim. O. 1876.) 2 F7 

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1 JB22 
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2 X17 
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1862. 821 T4 

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IK>ems. Ctaadwiclc, J : W. D. 188.'?. 

811 C3 
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3 H9 
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1 M14 


n silk attire. Black, W: O. n.d. 2 B34 
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D. 1859. 919.8 M 

n the Carquinez woods. Harte, F. B. 4 ed. S. 

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n the days of my youth. Edwards, A. B. D. 

1874. 2 RIO 

In the days of thy youth." Farrar, F: W: 

3ed. D. 1877. 262 F2 

n the distance. Lathrop, G : P. D. 1882. 

1 L2 
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1881. 2 K47 
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2 JT3 
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low, H:W. 8. 1882. 811 L15 

n the heart of a hill, and other stories, anon. 

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of the frozen zone. D. L. 1882. 

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I). 1884. 1 M40 

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n the trades, the tropics, and the roaring forties. 
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917.47 W 
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n the world. Darling, M.. G. D. 1871. 

1 JDl 
n trust. Douglas, A. M. D. 18(56. 1 D37 
n war time. Mitchell, S: W. I). 1885. 

1 M30 
Inauguration of the statue of Warren. Bun- 
leer Hill monument association. O. 1858. 

906 B 




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Brooke, P. (M.) History of Lady Julia Man- 
deville. S. n.d. p. 213-375.) 2 B72 

— Simple story. O. N.Y. 1858. 2 I 

— Same. (British novelist series, v. 28.) S. 

n.p. n.d. 2 II 

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Independent chronicle: [semi-weekly], Ja. 10, 

18a3-D. 20, 1821. V. 35-^. 13 v. F«- B. 1803- 

21. B071 I 

\ofe. V. 39 for UW. v. 47 for 1815, v. 4!WiI for 1817-19. w. 
NaiiM* changpil to Indeiieiiilent chronicle and Hoston 
INitrlot about 1{)20. 

Index, Q. P., p»eud. See Griswold, W: McCril- 

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821 A2 

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1 wei 

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« Cofitetits. 

The Riimbererfi. My great-annt's picture. Dr. Deane's 
go>'erneiUi. The ntolen treasure. Eimly'g ainblUon. 

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second war between the U. S. A. and Gt. Br. 
4v. O. Ph.1845-52. 973.5 I 


V. 1. Eventa of 1812-13. 3 and 4. Eventu of 1814-16. 
II. EveiitA of 1814. 

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— Same: 1 ser. D. 1852. 827 Bl 

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David ; or. Three years in the Holy City. D. 
B. 1881. 232 I 

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land ; with the continuations, by Peter of 
Blois; tr. from the Latin, with notes, by H: 
T. RiLKY. (Bohn's antiquarian library.) D. 
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n.d. 2 T2 

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914 C4 

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[1878.] 1 J8 

International scientific series. 50 v. D. 1872- 



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International scientific series — continued, 

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• 663 8 

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152 B 

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1878. 544 L 

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Note.—V. 45 wanting. 

Introduction and early progress of the cotton 
manufacture in the U. S. anon. Bachel- 
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his writings. 2 v. S. N.Y. 1843. 928.2 GIO 


V. 1. Biographical Rketch. 

n the Hee. From the citizen of the world. 

Poetical extracts. Misc. es- 

sayn. From 

S. The citizen of the world : continued. Miscellaneou*. 

Mahomet, and his successors. (Irving's works, 
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The voyftge. Wwtniliwter abliey. The leKend of Sleopy 
Hollow. The widow ami her bod. Kip Van Winkle. 
Christinas eve. 

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(Author's rev. ed.) D. N.Y. [18('4]. 814 II 

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rt. 1. HtraiiKe stories bv a nervous sentlenian. 2. liiiok- 
thorneandhls friends. 3. The lUilian banditti. 4. The 
money diggers. 

— Wolfert's Roost, and other papers. D. n.p. 

n.d. 817 II 

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tlie Whim-whams and opinions of Launcelot 
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581 W 
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919 F 
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272 Ml 

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567 U16 

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2 H61 
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n.d. 1 M13 

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3:).) 350 J 

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man. D. 1882. 923.t J2 

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914.4 J 




Jackson, C : T : See Rhode Island — Geol. and 
affrinUturai survey. Report on the survey of 
1839. O. \9A0, 557 R 

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of talk al)out home matters. S. B. 1875. 

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1 JJ 
^ Bits of travel. S. B. 1874. 914 J 

— Bits of travel at home. S. B. 1878. 

917.94 J 

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ernment's dealings with some of the Indian 
tribes. D. N.Y. [1881]. 970 J 

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917.94 Jl 


Callfonila and Oregon. BcotlAnd and England, 
way, Denmark, and Germany. 


— Hetty's Strange history. D. B. 1886. 1 J 

— Hunter cats of Connorloa. D. B. 1884. 

1 JJl 

— Mercy Philbriok's choice. (No name series.) 

S. B. 1876. 1 Jl 

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S. n.p. n.d. 1 J J2 

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1 J3 

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N.Y. 1870. 2 J 

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ship", anon. O. N.Y. 1866. 2 Jl 

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physician, with other me<lical affairs. D. . B. 

1861. 610 J 

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practice. 4 ed. D. B. 1856. 610 Jl 

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O. 1843.) 914.6 Bl 

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of Sir James Brooke, given chieHy through 
letters and journals. 2 v. O. L. 1876. 

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empire, including a survey of the Greek em- 
pire and the crusades. D. L. 1854. 949 J 

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2 M50 
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men, during menstruation. O. N.Y. 1877. 

618 J 
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Latin with additions, by T: C. Upham. 3 ed. 

nar. Q. N.Y. 18.12. 220 J 

Jahn, J: — continued. 

— History of the Hebrew commonwealth ; tr. 

from the German; with an apx., containing 
the Continuation of the hist, of the Jews to 
the reign of Adrian ; tr. from Basnage, by Cal- 
vin E. Stowr. O. L. 1828. 933 J 

James VI., of Scotland^ and I., of England. Es- 
sayes of a prentise in the Divine art of poesie. 
1585; also, a counterblast to tobacco. 1604. 
(Jti Arber, E:, ed. English reprints. S. 1868- 
70. V. 8.) 820 A2 v.8 

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Christian counsels : selections. D. 1872. 

243 F 

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arct. of travel and sport, chiefly in the Bas^ 
country. Q. N.Y. [1883]. 916.6 J 

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au^Aor'^ Arabella Stuart. O. 1857.) 2 J3 

— Aims and obstacles. {In author* s Fate. O. 

1861.) 2 JIO 

--Ancient r<?gime. 2 v. in 1. D. N.Y. 1855. 

2 J2 

— Arabella Stuart : a romance from English his- 

tory. O. N.Y. 1857. 2 J3 

— Attila. anon. 2 v. in 1. D. N.Y. 1855. 2 J4 

— Beauehamp ; or, the Error. {In author's Forest 

days. O. 1854.) 2 J 11 

— Castle of Ehrenstein ; its lords, temporal and 

spiritual, its inhabitants, earthly and un- 
earthly. {In author's Heidelberg. O. 1857.) 

2 J15 

— Charles Tyrrell ; or, the Bitter blood. 2 v. in 1. 

D. N.Y. n.d. • 2 J6 

— Convict ; or, the Hypocrite unmasked. (In 

aM«/ior'» Heidelberg. O. 1857.) 2 J 15 

— Corse de Leon ; or, the Brigand. 2 v. in 1. D. 

N.Y. 1855. 2 J6 

— Dark scenes of history. O. N.Y. 1850. 

900 J 

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anon. 2 v. in 1. D. N.Y. 1855. 2 J7 

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2 J8 

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2 J9 

— False heir. {In author's Fate. O. 1851 J 

2 JIO 

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2 JIO 

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1854. 2 Jll 

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N.Y. 1855. 2 J13 

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* ^ 2 J14 

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Theodore Broughton. O. 1848.) 2 J27 

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— Henry Masterton ; or, the Adventures of a 

young cavalier, anon. 2 v. in 1. D. N.Y. 

1855. 2 J16 




James, 6 : Payne Rainsford — continued. 

— Henry of Guise ; or, the States of Blois. 2 v. in 

1. D. N.Y. 1855. 2 J17 

— Henry Smeaton : a Jacobite story of the reign 

of George I. (In author^s Forgery. O. 1857.) 

2 J12 

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923.1 C4 

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2v. D. Ph. 1842. 942.03 J 

— History of the life of Richard C(eur-de-Lion. 

2 V. D. N.Y. 1842. 923.1 R2 

— Huguenot: a tale of the French protestants. 

anon. 2 v. in 1. D. N.Y. 1855. 2 J 18 

— King's highway. 2 v. in 1. D. n.p. n.d. 

2 J19 

* — Last of the fairies : a Christmas tale. (In 

aufAor'« Forest days. O. 1854.) 2 Jll 

— Life and adventures of John Mars ton Hall. 

nnon. 2 v. in 1. D. N.Y. 1855. 2 J20 

— Life of vicissitudes : a story of revolutionary 

times. O. N.Y. ISm. 2 J21 

— Man-at-arms; or, Henry de Cerons. 2 v. in 1. 

D. N.Y. 1855. 2 J22 

— Margaret Graham ; or, the Reverses of fortune. 

(fn auf^r'x Heidelberg. O. 1857.) 2 J15 

— Morley Brnstein ; or, the Tenants of the heart. 

2 V. in 1. D. n.p. n.d. 2 J23 

— Old oak chest. {In author^ s Forgery. O. 

1857.) 2 J12 

— Old Dominion. {In author* a Life of vicissitudes. 

O. 1856.) 2 J21 

— One in a thoitsand ; or, the days of Henry 

Quatre. anon. 2 v. in 1. D. N.Y. 1855. 

2 J24 

— Pequinillo. {In author* s FaXe. O. 1851.) 

2 JIO 

— Philip Augustus; or, the Brother in arms. 

anon. 2 v. in 1. D. N.Y. 1855. 2 J25 

— Richelieu ; a tale of France, anon. 2 v. in 1. 

D. N.Y. n.d. 2 J2e 

— Rose d* Albret ; or, Troublous times. (In aw- 

e/^or's Arabella Stuart. O. 1857.) 2 J3 

— Russell : a tale of the reign of Charles II. {In 

auMor'« Heidelberg. O. 1857.) 2 J 15 

— Sir Theodore Broughton ; or. Laurel water. O. 

N.Y. 1848. 2 J27 

— Smuggler. {In author* 8 Arabella Stuart. O. 

1857.) 2 J3 

— Step-mother. {In author* 8 Forest days. O. 

1854.) 2 Jll 

— String of i>earls. anon. D. N.Y. n.d. 

2 J28 


The Ktory of Hatlg(« Ibrahain and bU wm. The Htory of 
the charitable man and hi» dog. The i«eqtiel of the story of 
Hadgee Ibrabiun and his son. Tlie buil<iingof liag<lat. 
The nistorv of the diver of Oman, 'ilie travels of prince 
Acliar. The i>alace and the talisman. 

— Thirty years since ; or, the Ruined family. {In 

author* 8 Sir Theodore Broughton. O. 1848.) 

2 J27 

James, G : Payne Rainsford — continued. 

— Ticonderoga ; or, the Black eagle : a romance 

of days not far distant. {In author*8 Life of 
vicissitudes. O. 1856.) 2 J21 

— Whim and its consequences. {In author*8 Sir 

Theodore .Broughton. O. 1848.) 2 J27 

— Woodman : a romance of the times of Richard 

III. {In author* 8 Forgery. O. 1857.) 2 J 12 

James, H: Literary remains; ed. by W: Jamks. 

O. B. 1886. 289.4 J 

— Nature of evil, considered in a letter to £: 

Beecher, author of " The conflict of ages." 
D. N.Y. 1855. 216 J 

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ion in their relation to life : an essay upon the 

physics of creation. O. B. 18(v3. 289.4 Jl 

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1 J4 

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840 J 

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N.Y. 1880. 928.1 H2 

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ries.) Tt. N.Y. [1878]. 1 J8 

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— Passionate pilgrim, and other tales. D. B. 

1884. I J9 


A iMuwlonate pilgrim. The hut of the Valerii. EoKene 
Pickering, 'llie Madonna of the future. Tlie romance of 
certain old clothes. Madame de Mau%'e«. 

-^ Portrait of a lady, D. B. 1882. 1 JIO 

-^ Portraits of places. D. B. 1884. 914 Jl 

— Roderick Hudson. D. B. 1876. 1 Jll 

— Biege of London, the Pension Beaurepas, and 

the Point of view. 2 ed. D. B. 1883. 

1 J12 

— Tales of three cities. D. B. 1884. 1 J 13 


The iniprefMions of a counin. Lady Barberina. A New 
England writer. 

— Transatlantic sketches. D. B. 1882. 

914 J2 
~ Washington Square. D. N.Y. 1881. 1 J14 

— Watch and ward. S. B. 1879. 1 J 16 
James, J : Angell. Young man from home. S. 

N.Y. 1840. 170 J 

James, Marian. Lord of the creation. O. B. 

1856. 2 J29 

James, T: P., joint author. See Lesquireux, 


— See Dickens, C : J : HufFam. Mystery of Ed* 

win Drood, with added part second; by the 

spirit pen of C : Dickend, through a medium. 

O. 1873. 2 D20' 

James, W:, ed. Jambs, H: Literary remains. 

O. 1885. 289.4 J 

James Braithwaite, the supercargo. Kingston, 

W:H:G. D. 1883. 2 K50 




James Montjoy. Roe, A. S. D. 1876. 

1 R12 
Jameson, A.. Brownell (Murphy). 1797-18(}0. 

Beauties of the court of Charles II. O. Ph. 

1834. 923.0 B 

— Characteristics of [Shakspere's] women, moral, 

poetical, and historical. D. N.Y. 1837. 

89o J 

— Diary of an ennuy^e. S. B. 18G6. 014.5 J 

— John Gihson. (See Macpherson, G. Life of 

A.. Jameson. O. 1878. apx. p. 315^332.) 

028.2 J 

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fine arts. enl. ed. S. B. 1866. 750 J 

— Legends of the monastic orders, as represented 

in the fine arts, forming the second series of 
sacred and legendary art. S. B. 1866. 

750 Jl 

— Memoirs and essays illustrative of art, litera- 

ture, and social morals. (In Slinms, W : G. 
Wigwam and the cabin. 1 ser. D. 1845.) 

1 S84 

' ConttnU, 


The hoiiMe of Titian. Adelaide Kenible aixl the lyrical 
drama. The Xanthian ntarblefl. WaHhiiigton Allston. 
Woman's niintlon and woman'« position. ()u the relative 
Hocial jKMiltion of mothem and govemefwew. 

— Memoirs of celebrated female sovereigns. 2 v. 

S. N.Y. 1836. 028.1 M15 

— Memoirs of the early Italian painters : from the 

10th Eng. ed. S. B. 1866. 027.5 M 

— Memoirs of the loves of the poets : biog. 

sketches of women celebrated in ancient an<l 
modern poetry. S. B. 1866. 020.7 Ml 

— Sacred and legendary art. 2 v. 8. B. 1866. 

750 J2 


V. 1. Legendtt of the angelR and arehangeU, the evange- 
UKtK, the apodtlefi, the do«;toni of the church, and 8t. Mary 

2. Patron naintfi, the martym, the earlv blahoiw, the 
heniiitii, and the warrior walnta of ChrlKtentfom. 

— Sketches of art, literature, and character. S. 

B. 1864. 750 J3 

— Some thoughts on art. {^See Macpherson, G. 

Life of A.. Jameson. O. 1878< apx. p. 315- 
332.) 028.2 J 

— Studies, stories, and memoirs. S. B. 1864. 

824 J 

— Macfherson, Gerahline. Memoirs of the lif<i 

of A.. Jameson. O. 1878. 028.2 J 

Jameson, Prof. Rol>ert, and others. Narrative of 

discovery and adventure in Africa. S. N.Y. 

1860. 016 J 

Jamie Gordon, the orphan, anon. S. N.Y. 18<i0. 

2 JX23 
Jamitf^son, Roliert, and others. Commentary on 

the Old and New Testaments. 2 v. in 1. Q. 

Hartford, 1872. R220 Jl 

Jan of the windmill. Ewing, J. H. (G.) S. 

1877. 2 E30 

Jan Vedder's wife. Barr, A. E. D. [1885.] 

1 BO 
Jane Eyre. NichoUs, C. (B.) D. n.d. 2 N3 

Janet, Paul. Final causes; tr. by W: Afflbck, 
with pref. by Robert Flint. 2 ed. O. N.Y. 
1883. 124 J 

— Theory of morals ; tr. by Miss M.. Chapman. O. 

N.Y. 1884. 171 J 

Janet's home. Keary, Annie. D. n.d. 

2 Kll 
Janet's repentance. Cross, M. G. (E.) L. 

Scenes of clerical life. O. 1858. 2 Gil 5 
Janney, Lucy N. Alton-Thorpe. D. Ph. 1880, 

1 J16 
Janson, Kristofer. Spell-bound fiddler: a Norse 

romance; with an introd. by Basmus B. An- 
derson; tr. by Auber Forbstikb. D. Chic. 

1880. 880.8 J 
January and June. Taylor, B : F. D. 1854. 

814 T 
Japanese in America. Lanman, C:, ed. D. 
1872. 015.2 L 

Japhet in search of a father. Marryat, F : S. 
n.d. 2 M51 

Japp, Alex. Hay. (E. Conder Gray.) (//. A. 
Page.) Master-missionaries: chapters in pio- 
neer effort throughout the world. D. N.Y. 

1881. 022 M 

— Thomas De Quincey ; his life and writings, by 

H. A. Page. 2 v. D. N.Y. 1877. 028.2 D6 

— Wise words and loving deeds : a book of biog. 

for girls. D. N.Y. n.d. 020.7 W2 

Jardine, Sir W :, bart., and Jesse, E:, ed. White, 

Gilbert. Natural history of Selborne. D. 

1851. 501.0 Wl 

Jargal. Hugo, V: M., riromfe. D. 1866. 

4 H2 
Jarves, James Jackson. Glimpse at the art of 

Japan. D. N.Y. 1876. 700 J 

Jarvis, C :, tr. Cbrvantbs Saavedra, Miguel de. 

Adventures of Don Quixote. D. n.d. 

863 C 

— tr. Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de. *Life 

and exploits of Don Quixote. 4 v. in 2. T. 
1M5. 863 C2 

Jarvis, E., and others. See Mass. (state) — Com- 
mission on lunacy. Report on insanity and 
lunacy in Mass. O. 1855. 362 M 

Jasper. (In Abbott, Jacob. Harper's story 
l)ook«. 12 v. S. \m\-m. v. 11.) 

1 JAIO v.ll 

Jausz, Ferencz, tr. Kossuth, L: Memories of 
my exile. O. 18H0. • 023.2 K3 

Jay Harriett. Dark colleen : a love story, anon. 
D. N.Y. 1877. 2 J30 

— Queen of Connaught. anon. O. N.Y. 1875. 

2 J31 
Jay, J: 1745-1820. Renwick, H:B. Life of J: 

Jay. (See Renwick, Ja., ed. Lives of Jay 

and Hamilton. S. 1854. p. 13-143.) 

023.2 J 
— joint author. See Hamilton, Alex., and 

Jay, W. M. L., />«ea<f. See WoodrufT, Julia L.. 





Jay, W: Inquiry into the character and ten- 
dency of the American colonization, and 
American anti-slavery societies. 2 ed. I>. 
N.Y. 1835. 326 J 

— Miscellaneous writings on slavery. O. B. 1853. 

320 Jl 
Jeaff^eson, J: Cordy. Book about doctors. 

(Tauchnitz ed.) 2 v. S. Lpz. 1870. 610 J2 
Jealousy. Dudevant, A. L. A. (D. de F.) D. 

1866. 4 D14 

Jeames's diary, a Legend of the Rhine, and 

Rel)ecca and Rowena. Thackeray, W : M. 

8. 1853. 2 T20 

Jean Belin. Br^hat, A. G. de. D. n.d. 

4 JB12 

Jean Jarousseau, the pastor of the desert. 

Pelletan, P: C. E. D. 1872. 4 P 

Jean Teterol's idea. Cherbullez, V : D. 1878. 

4 CI 
Jeanie Morrison ; or, the Discipline of life. anon. 

8. N.Y. 1860. 1 X9 

Jeanie Nairn's wee laddie. Grant, M. M. D. 

1883. 2 JG4 

Jeanne, queen of Navarre. 1528-1673. Town- * 

8BND, V. F. Protestant queen of Navarre, 

the mother of the Bourbons. D. 1880. 

923.1 J8 

Jeanne D'Arc. See Joan of Arc. 

Jeannette: a story of the Huguenots. Peard, 

F. M.. D. 1883. 2 JPl 

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1858. 923.1 J 7 

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O. 1871. 923.1 J8 

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beauty. D. L. 1871. 701 J 

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2v. O. 1852. 923.4 J 

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and its detection. D. B. 1879. 616 J 

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D. 1867. 392 C 

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natural history and rural life. anon. 3 ed. 

D. B. 1879. 799 J 

— Wood magic: a fable. D. L. 1881. 2 J32 

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hour series.) S. N.Y. 1874. 2 J33 

— Matlame de Beaupre. (Leisure hour series.) 

S. N.Y. 1874. 2 J34 

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N.Y. 1874. 2 J35 

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1874. 2 J36 

— "Wlio breaks — pays." (Leisure hour series.) 8. 

N.Y. 1873. 2 J37 

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misfortunes, anon. D. L. 1870. 827 J 

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D. N.Y. 1872. 827 Jl 

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N.Y. 1850. 923.2 W7 

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lish language, illustrating the seasons and 
months of the year. Q. B. 185G. 821 J 

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British parliament, with notices of eminent 
parliamentary men. O. N.Y. 1881. 328 J 

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being country walks, chiefly in Surrey and 
Sussex. D. N.Y. 1878. 914.2 Jl 

— Rambles among the hills, in the peak of Derby- 

shire and the S. Downs. D. L. 1880. 

914.2 J2 

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and sonnets. 2 ed. S. B. 1882. 811 Jl 

Jenny and the birds. Guernsey, L. E. S. 

[18(30.] 1 JG19 

Jenny and the insects, anon. D. Ph. [1857]. 

595.7 JX 
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920.02 Ml 
Jericho road. anon. Habberton, J: D. 1877. 

1 H4 
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from the original German, by F: Hardhan. 
D. N.Y. 1852. 914.7 J 

Jerrold, Douglas W : 1803-1867. Works ; with 
an in trod, memoir, by W: Blanchard Jebp- 
ROLD. 4 V. D. L. 18G3-64. 827 JO 


V. 1. (illefl and St. Jaiiief*. I^mcIi'«leU«ni to bb* don. 

2. Story of a feather, ('aken aiul ale. 

3. Mm. Candle's curtain lectures. Men of character. 
Pnncli'n conipleK' let.t<»r writer. 

4. jM an tniule of money. Sketotie^ of the Knglbth Chron- 
icleH of (.'lovernook. The 8lck giant and the cUH'tor dwarf. 

— Barber's chair, and the Hedgehog papers ; ed. by 

Blanchard Jerrold. D. L. 1874. 827 J2 

— Chronicles of Clovernook, with some account 

of the hermit of Bellyfulle. O. N.Y. 1857. 

827 J3 

Content*. \ 

The chronicler of Clovernook. Essaya :— Folly of the 
Hword. Ellzal>eth and Victoria. The onler of jwverty. 
A gt>f4Hip at Kecnlvers. The old man at the gate. 

— Specimens of [his] wit ; arranged by Blanchard 

Jerrold. 3 ed. D. B. 1859. 827 J5 

— Jerrold, W : B. Life and remains of Doug- 

las Jerrold. D. 1859. 928.2 Jl 




Jerrold, Douglas W : — continued. 

— Jbrrold, W : B. Memoir. {See Jerrold, I). 

W: Works. 4 v. D. 18(>3-(J4. v. 1. pref. p. 
5-40.) 827 Je v.l 

Jerrold, W : Blancliard. Cockaynes in Paris ; or, 
Gone abroad ; with sketches by Giistave Dorc. 
D. L. [1871]. 827 J4 

— Life and remains of Douglas Jerrohl. D. B. 

1859. 028.2 Jl 

— Paris for the English, 1867. D. L. 1867. 

910.2 J 

— ed. Jkrrold, D. W : Barlier's chair, and the 

Hedgehog papers. D. 1874. 827 J2 

— ed. Jbrrold, D. \V : SiHicimens of [his] wit. 

3ed. D. 1859. 827 J5 

— ed. Jkrrold, D. W : Works. 4 v. D. 186;^- 

U. 827 J6 

Jerry; or, the Sailor boy ashore. Simoiids, W: 

D. 1864. 1 J816 

Jerusalem delivered. Tasso, Torquato. S. 

1853. 861 T 

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capital. D. N.Y. 1877. 331 J 

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(6'ee White, Gilbert. Natural history of Sel- 

borne. D. 1851. pref. 5-24.) 591.9 Wl 
—joint ed. See White, Gilbert. 
Jesse, J : Heneage. London and its celebrities : a 

second series of literary and hist, memorials 

of London. 2 v. O. L. 1850. 914.2 J3 

— Memoirs of the court of England, during the 

reign of the Stuarts. 3 v. D. L. 1857. 

942.06 J 

— Memoirs of the life and reign of King George 

III. 2 ed. 3 V. O. L. Wm. 923.1 G8 

Jessie Graham. Holmes, M.. J.. (H.) Daisy 

Thornton, and Jesse Graham. D. 1883. 

1 H96 
Jessie Trim. Farjeon, B : L. O. 1875. 

2 F7 
Jesus of history, anon. Hanson, Sir R: D., 

hart. O. 1869. 232 H 

Jeune, Marg. S., tr. Bonnbchose, Emile de. 

Hero of Brittany: a hist, of Bertrand du 

Gue^clin. S. 1882. 923.5 G5 

Jevons, W: Stanley. Elementary lessons in 

logic, deductive and inductive, with a vo<^l>- 

ulary of logical terms. S. L. 1879. 160 J 

— Metho<ls of social reform, and other papers. 

O. L. 1883. 330 J 

— Money and the mechanism of exchange. (In- 

TKRNATiONAL sclentiAc series, v. 17.) D. 
N.Y. 1876. 332 J 

— Political economy. (Science primers.) S. N.Y. 

im\. 330 Jl 

— Principles of science : a treatise on logic and 

scientific method. 3 ed. D. L. 1879. 

160 Jl 
Jew. anon. Splndler, Carl. O. 1857. 3 88 
Jewel of a girl. anon. Crommelln, May. O. 

1878. 2 C107 

Jewels, from the quarry of the mind. Head, J. 

Yi.,ed. D. 1862. 821 H6 

Jewett, S.. Orne. Country by-ways. S. B. 1881. 

1 J17 

Contents. , 

River flriftwiMHl. Andrew's fortune. An October ride. 
From a niourufnl vilbtKer. .Vn autuuin liolidity. A winter 
drive. («ood liicj^: a girl's Htory. MlAAliecky'it pilgrimage. 

— Country doctor. D. B. 1884. 1 J 18 

— Deephaven. 3 ed. S. B. 1877. 1 J 19 

— Marsh Lsland. D. B. 1885. 1 J20 

— Mate of the Dayliglit, and friends ashore. S. 

B. 1884. 1 J21 


Tlie mate of tlitt Dnyliglit. A lundlesi* farmer. A new 
pariHhiouer. An only Mon. Mim IK*I>by'H neighbors. 
Tom'8 luiHband. The confertMlon of a liouite-breaker. A 
little traveller. 

Old friends and new. S. B. 1879. 

1 J22 


A liwt lover. A Borrow fulgueflt. A late ffnpi^er. Mr. 
Bruce. IMira Sydney 'b flowem. Latly Ferry. A bit of 
shore life. 

— Play days: a book of stories for children. D. 

B. 1878. 1 JJ3 

Jewltt, Llewellynn. Wedgwoods, being a life of 

Josiah Wedgwood, with memoirs of the 

Wedgwood and other families. O. L. 

18(». 927.3 W 

Jews of Barnow. Franzos, K : E. D. 1883. 

4 3 F 

Jew^sbury, Geraldine E. Constance Herbert. 

O. N.Y. 1855. 2 J38 

Jex-Blake, Sophia. See Blake, Sophia Jex. 

Jill. Dillwyn, E. A. D. 1885. 2 D36 

Jilt. Smythles, — . (Gordon). O. 1855. 

2 S89 

Jimmyjohns, and other stories. Diaz, A. (M.) 

D. 1878. 1 JD7 

Jimmy's cruise in the Pinafore, etc. Alcott, L.. 

M. S. 1880. 1 JA77 

Joachim von Kamern, [and] Diary of a poor 

young lady. Nathusius, Maria. S. 18()0. 

3 N 
Joan of Arc. 1411-1431. Grimkib, S.. M., tr. and 

comp. Joan of Arc : a biog. S. 18(>7. 

923.5 J 

— MicHKLBT, Jules. Joan of Arc. 8. 18(j0. 

923.5 Jl 

Joan of Arc. Southey, Robert. S. 1798. 

821 817 

Joan Merryweather, and other tales. Cooper, 
K. (S.) S. 1873. 2 C71 

Joan the maid, deliverer of France and England. 
Charles, E.. (R.) D. 1879. 2 C20 

Joanna's inheritance. Marshall, E. (M.) D. 
1877. 2 M81 

Jobslad, a grotesco-comico-heroic poem. Kor- 
tUm, C : A. D. 18(>3. 831 K 

Jocelyn's mistake. Spender, Mns. J: K. O. 
1875. 2 890 

J ohUy DoUj of Austria. 1547-1578. Maxwrll, /S'lr 
W:S.,bart, Don John of Austria; or. Pas- 
sages from the hist, of the 16th century. 2 v. 
O. L. 1883. 923.1 Dl 




John, Henriette Friederike Christiane Eugenie. 
(E. Marlitt,) At the coiincillor'R ; or, a Name- 
less history ; tr. by Mrs. Anne Lee Wibter. 
D. Ph. 1877. 8 J 

— Bailiff's maid; tr. by Mrs. A. L. Wistkr. D. 

Ph. 1882. 3 Jl 

— Countess Gisela ; tr. by Mrs. A. L. Wistbb. D. 

Ph. 1879. 3 J2 

— Gold Elsie ; tr. by Mrs. A. L. Wistbb. D. Ph. 

1883. 3 J3 

— In the Schlllingscourt ; tr. by Mrs. A. L. Wis- 

tbb. D. Ph. 1879. 8 J4 

— Little Moorland princess ; tr. by Mrs. A. L. 

Wistbb. D. Ph. 1872. 8 J5 

— Old mam'selle's secret; tr. by Mrs. A. L. Wis- 

tbb. D. Ph. 1876. 3 J6 

— Second wife ; tr. by Mrs. A. L. Wistbb. D. 

Ph. 1882. 3 J7 

John : a love story. OUphant, M. O. (W.) O. 

1876. 2 012 

John Andross. Davis, R.. B. (H.) D. [1874.] 

1 D5 
John Brent. Wlnthrop, Thdr. S. 1876. 

1 we7 

John Bull and his island. Blount, M. Paul. D. 

1884. 847 B 
John Caldigate. Trollope, Anthony. Q. 1879. 

2 T52 
John Chinaman. Dalton, W: S. [1858.] 

1 D 
John Dorrien. Kavanagh, Julia. D. 1875. 

2 K4 
John Eax, and Mamelon. Tourg^e, A. W. 

D. [1882.] 1 T34 

Jphn Godsoe's legacy. Kellogg, Elijah. S. 

1873. 1 JKIO 

John Halifax, gentleman. Craik, D. M. (M.) 

D. [1859.] 2 C86 

John Inglesant. anon, Shorthouse, J. H: 

6ed. D. 1882. 2 866 

— Same. 2 v. D. 1881. 2 S67 
John Jasper's secret, anon. Morford, H:, and 

others. D. [1871.] 1 M35 

John Marston Hall, Life and adventures of. 

anon. James, G: P. R. 2 v. in 1. D. 1855. 

2 J20 
John Milton and his times. Ring, Max. O. 

n.d. 3 R6 

John True. (In Abbott, Jacob. Harper's story 

books. 12 V. S. 1854-^7. v. 6.) 1 JAIO v.6 
John Wallace, Shadow of. Whltelock, Mrs. 

L. C. D. 1884. 1 W40 

John Worthington's name. Benedict, F. L. 

O. 1874. 1 B18 

Johnes, T:, ir. Fboissabt, Sir J:, bart. 

Chronicles of England, France, Spain, and 

the adjoining countries. Q. n.d. 

940 F2 

— tr. Mowstbblbt, Enguerrand de. Chronicles. 

2v. O. 1849. 944.02 M 

Johnny's vacation, and other stories. Hathe- 

way,M.. E. K. D. 1878. 1 JH6 

Johns Hopkins university studies in history and 
political science. Adams, H. B., ed. IS ser. 
3v. O. 1883-^. 320 A 

— Same. 4 ser. 1-6 nos. O. 1886. 320 Al 
Johnson, A.. C. See Miller, A.. C. (Johnson). 
Johnson, Arthur, tr. Tbnnemann, W : G. Man- 
ual of the history of philosophy. D. 1852. 

109 T 

Johnson, Arthur H: Normans in Euroi)e. 
(Epochs of modern history.) D. N.Y. [1877]. 

940 Jl 

Johnson, Cuthbert W : Farmer's and planter's 
encyclopsBdia of rural affairs ; adapted to the 
U. S. by Gouverneur Embbson. O. N.Y. 
1855. 630 J 

—joint tr. See Shaw, W : 

Johnson, G:W: Dictionary of modern garden- 
ing; ed. with additions, by D: Landbbth. O. 
Ph. 1847. 635 J 

— Gardener. 3 v. S. L. 1849. 635 Jl 


V. 1. Tlie potato, cnciiiiiber, gooseberry, and the grape 

S. The auricula, anparagnn, pine apple, and the straw- 

3. The dahlia, pench, and the apple. 

Johnson, H.. Kendrick. Roddy's reality. D. 
N.Y. 1875. 1 J23 

Johnson, Lorenzo D. Spirit of Roger Williams, 
with a portrait of one of his descendants. S. 
B. 1839. 277 J 

Johnson, L.. Every lady her own flower gar- 
dener; rev. from 14 L. ed. D. N.Y. 1857. 

716 J 

— Same. (Saxton's rural handbooks, 2 ser.) D. 

N.Y, 1856. 630 Sl 

Johnson, Oliver. W: Lloyd Garrison and his 
times ; or, Sketches of the^ anti-slavery move- 
ment in Amer. ; with an introd liy J: G. Whit- 
tier. O. B. 1881. 923.6 G 
Johnson, Rossiten HLstory of the French war, 
ending in the conquest of Canada. D. N.Y. 
1882. 973.2 J 

— History of the war of 1812-15, between the U. S. 

and Gt. Br. D. N.Y. [1882]. 973.5 J 

— Phaeton Rogers: a novel of boy life. D. N.Y. 

1881. 1 JJ4 

— ed. Single famous poems. D. N.Y. 1877. 

821 Jl 

J<^nson, S: 170i>-1784. Life and writings ; se- 
lected and arranged by Rev. W: P. Pagb. 
2v. S. N.Y. 1855. 824 Jl 

— Life of Gay. (See Gay, J: Poetical works. 

2 V. D. 1854. V. 1, pref. p. 8-2.3.) 

821 G v.l 

— Life of Thompson. (See Thompson, James. 

Seasons. nar.T. 1822. p. 4-18.) 821 Til 

— Life of Tickell. {See Tickell, T: Poetical 

works. D. 1854. p. 1-11.) 821 P3 

— Lives of the most eminent Eng. poets, with 

critical observations on their works, with 
notes by P : Cunningham ; and a life of the au- 
thor, by T: Babington Macaulay. 2 v. D. 
N.Y. 1857. 928.2 L7 




Johnsoiiy S : — continued, 

— Rasselas, prince of Abyssinia. S. N.Y. 18(S2. 

2 J40 

— History of Rasselas, prince of Abyssinia. (Brit- 

ish novelists, v. 26.) S. • L. 1810. 2 J39 

— Six chief lives, from " Lives of the poets ;*' with 

Macaulay*s Life of Johnson ; ed. with a pref- 
ace by Matthew Arnold. D. L. 1878. 

028.2 S15 

Milton. Dryden. Swift. Addison. Pope. Gray. 

— BoswBLL, James. Life of Johnson. 2 v. O. 

184(M1. 928.2 J2 

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Johnson, S: Lives of the most eminent 
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58.) 928.2 L7 v.l 

— Macaulay, T: B., lord. Life of Johnson. (See 

Johnson, S:, Six chief lives. D. 1878. p. 
1-42.) 928.2 S15 

— Page, W : P. Life and genius of S : Johnson. 

See Johnson, S : Life and writings. 2 v. S. 
V. 1, p. 13-9i).) 824 Jl v.l 

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928.2 J3 

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Life of Johnson. O. 1805. 923.7 Jl 

Johnson, jRet'. S: 1822-1882. Lectures, essays, 

and sermons; with a memoir by S: Lonq- 

FBLLow. O. B. 1883. 814 Jl 

— Oriental religions, and their relation to uni- 

versal religion : China. O. B. 1877. 299 J 

— Same: ImliBk. 2 ed. O. B. 1873. 299 Jl 

— Same: Persia; with an introd. by O. B. Froth- 

INOHAM. O. B. 1885. 299 J2 

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Principles of the mechanics of machinery and 
engineering. 1 Amer. ed. 2 v. O. 1848-49. 

020 W 

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Practical draughtsman's book of industrial de- 
sign, and machinist's and engineer's drawing 
companion. F. 1880. R744 A 

Johnson, W:S: 1727-1819. Bbardslby, E. £. 
Life and times of W: S: Johnson. O. 1876. 

923.7 J 

Johnson's New universal encyclopaedia. 4 v. in 
8. Q. N.Y. 1882. R031 J 


V. 1, pt. 1. A— Cav. 
«, pt.l. F-Her. 2. 
3f pt. 1. Lie— Num. 
4, I*. I. S-Tod. 2. 

2. Cav.— E«r. 
2. Num.— K. 
Tod.— Apx. 

Johnston, Alex., ed. Representative American 

orations, to illustrate Amer. political history. 

3 V. S. N.Y. 1884. 815 J 

Johnston, Alma (Calder). Miriam's heritage : a 

story of the Delaware river. O. N.Y. 1878. 

1 J28 
Johnston, E.. B. Visit to the cabinet of the U. 

S. mint at Phil. D. Ph. 1876. 737 J 

Johnston, G:, comp. Cupid's birthday book. T. 

Edin. 1875. 828 Jl 

Johnston, H : P. Yorktown campaign and the 

surrender of Cornwallis, 1781. O. N.Y. 1881. 

973.3 J 
Johnston, James Finlay Weir. Chemistry of 

common life. 9 ed. 2 v. D. N.Y. 1857. 

663 Jl 

— LoNQFBLLow, S : Memoir of S : Johnson. (See 

Johnson, Rev. S: Lectures, essays, and 
sermons. O. 1883. p. 1-142.) 814 Jl 

Johnson, S : "W : How crops grow : a treatise on 
the chemical composition, structure, and life 
of the plant. D. N.Y. [1868]. 631 J 

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Three years in Jerusalem. D. Ph. 1859. 

915.6 J 

Johnson, Thdr., tr. Boltb, Amely. Madame de 
Stacl. D. 1869. 3 B5 

Johnson, Virginia Wales. (Cousin Virf/inia.) 
Cricket's friends: tales told by the cricket, 
teapot, and saucepan. S. B. 1870. 1 JJ5 

— Fainalls of Tipton. D. N.Y. 1884. 1 J24 

— Joseph, the Jew: the story of an old house. 

anon. O. N.Y. 1874. 1 J25 

— Kettle club: Christmas tales for children. S. 

B. 1870. 1 J J6 

— Kettle's birthday party. (Kettle club series.) 

S. B. 1869. 1 JJ7 

— Miss Nancy's pilgrimage : a story of travel. O. 

N.Y. 1876. 1 J26 

— Sack of gold. (In Farjeon, B : L. King of No- 

land. O. 1875.) 2 P9 

— What the world made them. anon. D. N.Y. 

1871. 1 J27 

13 (193) 


V. 1. The air we breathe. The water we drink. The 
noil. riant8. Hreail. lieef. lieverageft: teiui, coffees, 
C4K:4)a8. 8uK:irA. LiciuorH. 

2, XarcoUcJt. Pul8onfl. Odoro. HmellR. Digestion. 
Breathing. The body. Circulation of matter. 

— Same. O. N.Y. 1880. 663 J 

— Elements of agricultural chemistry and ge- 
ology ; with a complete index, and Amer. pref. 
by Simon Brown. D. N.Y. 1856. 631 Jl 

— Instructions for the analysis of soils, limestones, 
and manures. 3ed. D. Cleveland, 1856. 

631 J2 

— Lectures on the applications of chemistry and 
geol. to agriculture. D. N.Y. 1857. 

631 J3 

— Notes on North America: agricultural, eco- 
nomical, and social. 2 v. O. B. 1851. 

917.4 J 
Johnston, R: Malcolm. Old Mark Langston: a 

tale of Duke's Creek. D. N.Y. 1884. 

1 J29 
Johnston, W:, er. Bbckmann, J: History of 

inventions, discoveries, and origins. 4 ed. 

2 V. D. 188(M1. 609 B 

Johnstone, H: Alex. Munro-Butler. Trip up 

the Volga, to the fair of Nijni-Novgorod. D. 

Ph. [1875]. 914.7 Jl 



Jolionnot, James. Friends in featliers and fur, 
and other neighbors : for young folks. (Natu- 
ral history series, bk. 2.) D. N.Y. 1885. 

590.4 JJ 

— Geographical reader. D. N.Y. 1884. 

551.4 J 

— Natural history reader. D. N.Y. 1883. 

590.4 JJl 

— Principles and practice of teaching. O. N.Y. 

1881. 371 J 

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king of France, commonly called St. Louis. 
(iVee Bohn, H: G., comp. Chronicles of the 
crusades. D. 18(>5. p. a51-5:U.) 940 B 

Jokai, Maurice. New landlord ; tr. by Art. J. 
Patterson. 2 v. in 1. D. L. 18(58. 894 J 

Jolly, Emily. Safely married, anon. O. N.Y. 
1875. 2 J41 

Jolly fellowship. Stockton, F. R: D. 1880. 

1 JS32 

Jolly good times. Smith, M.. Prudence (Wells). 
D. 1875. 1 JS24 

Jolly gooil times at school. Smith, M.. P. (W.) 
D. 1877. 1 J 823 

Jolly rover. TrowbHdge, J : T. D. 1883. 

1 JT27 

Jominl, Antoine H:, baron de. Art of war; tr. 
from the French by G. H. Mkndell and W. 
P. Craiqhill. O. Ph. 18(58. 355 J 

Jonas a judge, anon. Abbott, Jacob. D. n.d. 

1 JA22 

Jonas on a farm in summer, anon. Abbott, 
Jacob. D. n.d. 1 JA23 

Jonas on a farm in winter, anon. Abbott, 
Jacob. D. n.d. 1 JA24 

Jonas stories. See Abbott, Jacob. 

Jonas's stories, related to RoUo and Lucy. Ab- 
bott, Jacob. D. n.d. 1 JA25 

Jonathan. Tytler, C. C. Fraser. S. 187f>. 

2 T86 

Jonathan Wild. Fielding, H : Select works. 
2 V. in 1. O. n.d. 2 F18 

Jones, Agnes E.. 18:?2-18(i8. Memorials by her 
sister; with an introd. by Florence Nightin- 
gale, anon. D. L. 1871. 923.6 J 

Jones, C. A., adapter. Only a girl: a tale of 
Brittany. D. N.Y. n.d. 4 J 

Jones, Mrs. C. S., and Williams, H: T. Lailies 
fancy work: hints and helps to home taste 
and recreations. (Williams' household series, 
V. 3.) O. N.Y. 1876. 746 J 

—joint author. See Williams, H : T. 

Jones, F:, tr. and ed. Rottkck, C: von. General 
hist, of the world. 4 v. O. 1H4(M1. 909 R 

Jones, Harry. Regular Swiss round, in 3 trips. 
S. L. lfi<>5. 914.94 J 

Jones, J : B. Rebel war clerk's diary, at the Con- 
federate states' capital. 2 v. O. Ph. 18()(>. 

973.7 J 

Jones, J: Paul. 1747-1792. Abbott, J. S. C. 
Life and adventures of J: Paul Jones. D. 
[1874.] 923.5 J 2 

Jones, J : Paul — continued. 

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933 JJ3 




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Bahadoor. Oliphant, Laurence. D. 1852. 

015.4 O 

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Jules. D. n.d. 4 V13 

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4 V16 
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1 TO 
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son. D. 1855. 022.5 J 

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1817-1854. Kathayan slave, and o^her papers 
connected with missionary life. D. B. 1853. 

275 J 

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B. 1854. 020.7 M4 

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feeling, and Julia de Roubign^. S. 1810. 

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1 B18 




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S. n.d. 
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2 V. D. 1841. 
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2 B72 

Ware, W : 

1 W8 


2 Pll 

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phy; tr. by S. Jackson. (In Borrow, G: 
Bible in Spain. O. 1843.) 914^.6 Bl 

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same writer under other signatures, with his 
confidential correspondence with Mr. Wilkes, 
and his private letters to Mr. H. S. Wood- 
fall ; a new ed. with new evidence as to the 
authorship ; ed. by J : Wade. 2 v. D. L. 1850- 
65. 827 J 7 

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827 J8 

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1 JA26 
Juno on a journey. Abbott, Jacob. D. [1870.] 

1 JA27 

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Permon Junot, ducfiesse d'. 

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1874. 2 J33 

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A. D. (T.) D. 1879. 641 Wl 

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1 VI 

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linianus.) Select titles from the digest of Jus- 
tinian; ed. by T: Erskine Holland, and C: 
Lancelot Shadwbll. O. Ox. 1881. 

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gooly, J. C. S. 18G4. 275 JO 

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870 W 

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masters and misses, anon. Fe. Worcester, 
Mass. 1787. 920.02 J 

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828 Al 

Juvenile budget re-opened. Aikin, J: S. 
1840. 2 JA6 

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1883. 1 JOl 

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N.Y. 1881. 1 J03 

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by Abraham Mills. O. N.Y. 18(K). 801 K 
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tions: the second (rrinncU expe<lition in 

search of Sir J : Franklin, ISoiJ, '54, *55. 2 v. 

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arl and Gretchen*s Christmas. Tilden, L. W. 

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anon. S. B. 18(^4. 1 JX9 

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2 JP3 
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1 DIO 
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2 MHO 

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S. N.Y. 1862. 1 XIO 





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1866. 1 XI 1 

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1 S26 
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811 H9 

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O. 1874. 2 013 

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3 K 

Note. Thetltlepag«rea(l8"A.E. KaUch." 

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-Sybil's second love. D. N.Y. 1872. 2 K7 

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D. L. 188.'). 928.2 K 

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Jacqueline: a woman's lot in the great 
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L. 18()7. 2 JK4 

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1839. 5v. S. N.Y. 1843-55. 942 K 




Keightley, T :— continued. 

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the world ; 2 Amer. ed., with a set of ques- 
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(Forest glen series, v. 1.) D. B. [1874]. 

1 JK15 

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1 JK17 

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patients. (Whis^Hjring pine series, y. 6.) D. 
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1 JK28 

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land stories, v. 5.) D. n.p. n.d. 1 JK25 
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p. 73-182.) 928.2 P4 

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828 K 


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916.2 Kl 




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916.2 K2 

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Orient. O. Hartford, 1875. . 914 Kl 

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The young nimrods in North America. O. 
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297 S 

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tions from his poems, tales, etc. ; tr. from the 
German by G. F. Richardson. O. Ph. 1833. 

928.3 K 




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p. lHl-n545.) 943 8 

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anon. D. N.Y. 18t^. 1 K18 

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1884. 1 K19 

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ary lalH>rs, during an eighteen years' residence 
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{See Fleming, W : Vocabulary of philosophy; 
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1860.) 103 F 

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I«i0. 103 F 

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193 Fl 
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Krdker, Kate. 
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influence. O. Cin. [1875]. 923.7 P 

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the German, Flemish, and Dut<:h schools; enl. 

and re-written by Dr. Waagen. 2 v. O. L. 

miO. 759 K 

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by Sir C : Lock Eastlake, [painter]. 2 v. O. 

L. 1869. 759 Kl 

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Kttnst, Hermann, pseud. See Smith; Walter 

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set; tr. by Clara Bell. S. N.Y. 18W. 3 Kl 

L. A. W. [League of American wheelmen.] 
Bulletin : a journal devoted to the interests of 
cycling in America: [weekly], Jl. 2, 1885-<late. 
V. 1-date. F. Ph. 1885-date. 796 L 

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811 L 

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Dudevant, A. L. A. (D. de F.) Jealousy. 
D. mid. p. 19-41.) 4 D14 

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2 T77 

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1885. 841 G 

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863 A 

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B. 1853. 1 X13 

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Four-lea ve<l shamrock; tr. by M.. L. Booth. 
2 ed. S. L. 1875. 4 LI 

Laboulaye, E: Rend Lef&bre — continued. 

— Fairy book: fairy tales of all nations; tr. by 

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Perlliio. Yvon and Fliiette. The caAtle of life. l)«i- 
tlny. The twelve niunthR. Sffwanda, the pliwr. The gold 
hread. The utory of the noRes. The three cltronfi. The 
8torv of Coquerlco. Kliig Hlzarre and Prince Charming. 

— Last fairy tales ; tr. by M.. L. Booth. D. 

N.Y. 1885. 4 JL3 


The three wondem of the world. The fairy crawflnh. 
Frngolette. The golden fleece. Zerbino, the iiava^e. Tlie 
8hepherd pacha, 'llie little gray inan. Poucinet. A fe- 
male Solomon. The eve of At. Alark. 

— Paris in America; tr. by M.. L. Booth. D. 

N.Y. 1863. 847 L 

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£li^. Meteors, aerolites, storms, and atmos- 
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and the Middle ages ; also, a descriptive notice 
of modern weapons ; tr. by C : Boutell. O. 
L. 1874. 399 L 




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(See Colquhoun, A. R. Amongst the Shans. 

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the period of the renaissance. Q. L. 1870. 

709 L 

— Manners, customs, and dress, during the Mid- 

dle ages, and during the renaissance period. 
Q. N.Y. 1874. 390 L 

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2 C74 

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ico. D. N.Y. 1883. 973.6 L. 

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ajwn, S. 1884.) 2 JX26 

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O. 1870. 920.7 L 

— Same, O. 1882. 920.7 LI 
Ladies' philosophy of love. Stearns, C : D. 

1797. 811 S5 

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heir ; or, Lady Adelaide's oath. O. n.d. 

2 W22 
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1859. 2 M 

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[1873.] 1 G15 

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- tineau des Chesnlez, E.., baronem. D. 

[1873.] 4 JMl 

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Justin. O. n.d. 2 M3 

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O. 1872. 2 H12 

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2 B59 
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2 T35 
Lady of Provence. Tucker, C. M. D. 1871. 

2 T83 
Lady of St. Oucn. Sitwell, S. M.. S. n.d. 

2 JS8 
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1879. 1 HI 37 

Lady of the ice. DeMille, Ja. O. 1870. 

1 D19 

Lady of the lake. Scott, Sir Walter, hart. S. 

1882. 821 S5 

— Same. D. 1885. 821 84 
Lady, or the tiger? and other stories. Stockton, 

F. R; D. 1884. 1 * S74 

Lady Willoughby. anon. Rathbone, M.. A. 

(M.) D. 1854. 2 R7 

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Metier, marquis de. 1757-1831. U. S.— 2.'W 

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character of Lafayette ; by J : Q. Adams. O. 

ia')5. 923.2 L 

Lafayette in America in 1824 and 1825. Levas- 

seur, A. 2 v. nar. O. 1829. 917.3 L 

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Laicus ; or, the Experiences of a layman in a 

country parish. Abbott, Lyman. D. 1872. 

244 A 
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S. Ph. [1873]. 937 L 

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Laird of Logan. Carrick, J: D., and others. D. 

1841. 827 C 

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D. 1873. 2 014 

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O. N.Y. 1858. 891.73 L 

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3 813 
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girls. D. B. 1883. 1 JL 

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Con tents. 
V. 1. AlKl.— Diit. «. Kiw.— Nnl. 3. Oat.— Zol. 

— joint author. See Mason, Alf. B. 

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1790-18(59. Fior d'Aliza; tr. by Q: Perry. 8. 

N.Y. 18()8. 4 L4 

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tr. by Andrew R. 8<;oblk. O. N.Y. 18G0. 

4 L5 

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moirs of the patriots of the French revolu- 
tion; tr. by H. T. Rydk. 3 v. O. N.Y. 
1847-^. 944.04 L 

— Hist4)ry of the restoration of monarc)iy in 

France. 4 v. O. N.Y. 1851. 944.06 L 

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944.07 L 

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Wight. S. N.Y. 18(iO. 923.9 C« 

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M. Adventures of Telemachus. D. 1869. 
p. 1(>-115.) 4 Fl 

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18(X). 923.1 Mil 

— Life of Oliver Cromwell. 8. N.Y. 18(iO. 

923.1 €14 

— Memoirs of celebrated characters. 3 v. D. 

N.Y. 1854^73. 920.02 M 


V. 1. Nel«on. H*'loij»e. CtirlH. (Vilnnilmt*. livrnnnl de 
Pnllwy. R<»ofJt«iu. AIanMi« TuIUiih Cli-ero. 

2. SocrateH. Jacquanl. .Joan of Arc. Cromwell. 
Hoiiier. (Sutfiilierg. F^noloii. 

3. W: Tt'U. Mine, de S^vlgn^. Milton. Antar. 

— Pilgrimage to the Holy Land, in 1832-1833. 

nar. O. Ph. 1838. 915.6 L 




Lsmartine, AIphouHo Marie L : de Prat de — con- 

— Raphael ; or, Pa^es of the book of life, at 20. 

D. N.Y. 1877. 848 L 

— ed. My mother's manuscript; tr. by Maria L.. 

Hklpkb. D. Ph. 1877. 920.7 M3 

— TwENTY-FivB ycars of my life ; tr. by Lady 

Herbert. (See M^rim^e, Prosper. Letters 
to an incognita. D. 1874. p. 19(>^19.) 

928.4 M3 

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his life, by Sir T : Noon Talfourd. 2 v. D. 

N.Y. 1857. 824 L 

— Eliana. D. B. 1864. 824 LI 

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are added Prince Dorus, and some uncollected 
poems, by Charles Lamb. 8. N.Y. 1878. 

821 JL 

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by Edwin Ginn]. (Classics for children.) D. 
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signed for the use of young persons. D. B. 
1859. 828 L 

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lived about the time of Shakspeare. O. N.Y. 
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928.2 L 

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48.) 928.2 PI 

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in history. O. N.Y. 1883. 332 L 

Lamb, M.. Anne, Joint au^/ior. <S'ee Lamb, C: 

— and C : Poems, letters, and remains ; now first 

collected with notes, by W : Carew Hazlitt. 
D. N.Y. 1874. 828 L2 

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Mary Lamb. D. 1883. 928.2 L2 

Lamb, Ruth. His first offence: a true tale of 
city life. D. L. n.d. 2 L 

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nan, princess de. 1741M792. Secret memoirs 
of the royal family of France during the rev- 
olution ; ed. by a lady of rank. O. Ph. 1826. 

923.2 LI 

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adventures of Robinson Crusoe. D. 1885. 

2 JD3 

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811 G2 

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novels. 20 v. in 10. D. 1858-59. v. 2. 

2 £6 V.2 

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from his birth to his inauguration as presi- 
dent. O. B. 1872. 923.1 L3 

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or. Notes of 5 voyages of sport and discovery 
in Spitsbergen and Novaya Zemlya. O. L. 
1876. 919.8 L 

La Motte Fouqu^, F : H : C : , baron de. Sintram 
and his companions. (See Melnhold, J. W : 
Mary Schweidler, the amber witch. D. 1845. 
p. 111-238.) 3 M 

— Undine ; tr. by T : Tracy. (In Melnhold, J. W : 

Mary Schweidler, the amber witch. D. 1845.) 

3 M 
Note. Blog. notice of La Motte, 1 p. 

— Undine, and other tales. (Riverside classics.) 

S. B. [1867]. 3 L 


rmllne. The two captiiliM. AMlaiiga'H knlglit. Sintram 
and his couiiMiiiiouB. 

Lampadius, W : A : Life of Felix Mendelssohn 
Bartlioldy; with supplementary sketches, by 
Julius Benedict and others ; ed. and tr. by W : 
Leonhard Gage. D. N.Y. 1865. 927.8 M2 

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1854. 1 C73 

Lamps and paths. Munger, T. T. D. 1884. 

252 M5 

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Dewey Bridgman, the deaf, dumb, and blind 
girl. D. B. 1879. 923.7 Bl 

Lancashire witches. Alnsworth, W : H. S. 

1854. 2 AlO 
Lances of Lynwood. anon. Yonge, C. M.. D. 

1856. 2 JTl 

Land and the book. Thomson, W : M. 2 v. D. 

1860. 915.6 Tl 

Land,' labor, and gold. Hewitt, W: 2 v. D. 

1855. 919.4 HI 
''Land of charity" : an account of Travancore, and 

its devil worship. Matur, S : D. [1870.] 

915.4 M2 

Land of desolation. Hayes, 1:1. D. 1872. 

919.8 HI 

Land of the Incas, and the City of the Sun. Ad- 
ams, W:H:D. D. 1885. 985 A 

Land of the midnight sun. Du Challlu, P. B. 
2 V. O. 1882. 914.8 D 

Land of the sky. Fisher, F. C. O. 1876. 

1 F14 

Land of the white elephant. Vincent, Frank, Jr. 
O. 1873. 915.9 V 

Land of Thor. Browne, J : R. D. 1867. 

914.7 B 

Lander, Meta, pseud. See Lai^rence, Marga- 
rette (Woods). 

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explore the course and termination of the 
Niger. 2 v. S. N.Y. 1W2. 916.6 L 

Lander, S.. W. Boston. (Spectacles for young 
eyes, V. 1.) S. B. 1864. 1 JLl 

— Moscow. (Spectacles for young eyes, v. 4.) S. 

B. 1864. 1 JL2 

— Pekin. (Spectacles for young eyes, v. 3.) S. 

B. 1864. 1 JL3 




Lander, S.. W .—cofUinued. 

— St. Petersburg. (Spectacles for young eyes, v. 

2.) S. B,1864. 1 JL4 

— Zurich. (Spectacles for young eyes, v. 6.) S. 

B. 1864. 1 JL5 

— tr. Fairy bells, and what they tolled us. D. 

B. 1876. * 3 JLl 

Landolln. Auerbach, Berthold. S. 1878. 

3 A8 

Landon, Joseph. School management, with a 
general view of the* work of education and of 
the intellectual faculties, from the teacher's 
point of view, organization, discipline, and 
moral training. D. B. 1884. 371 L 

Landon, Melville D. (Eli Perkitut.) Biographi- 
cal sketch of C : F. Browne. (.Sec BroTvne, C : 
F. Complete works of Artemns Ward. D. 
1883. p. 9-22.) 817 Bl 

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2v. O. L. 1853. 828 L3 

— Imaginary conversations. 1-4 ser. .4v. D. 

B. 1876-77. 828 L4 


V. 1. (Uaiwlcal diaI<iKii(^. 

2. I>iAl(>Kiieft (»f miveneUni** And 8tate«inen. 

3. DtnktgiieM of literary men. 

4. I>ialugtie» of Uterury men (continued). Disilot^iies of 
faiuouM women. Mbtc. diiilogued. 

— Pericles and Aspasia. D. B. 1871. 2 LI 

— Selections froin [his] writings ; ed by G : S. 

HiLLAKD. D. B. 1856. 828 L5 

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928.2 L3 

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O. 1869. 928.2 L4 

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tionary of modern gardening. O. 1847. 

635 J 

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914 H3 

Lands of the Saracen. Taylor, Bayard. D. 
1855. 915.6 T 

Landsdo'wne, marquis of. See Shelburne, W: 
Fitzmaurice Petty, earl of. 

Lane, E : W : Account of the manners and cus- 
toms of the modern Egyptians; ed. by E: 
Stanley Poole. 6 ed. O. L. 1860. 

390 LI 

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girls; with a pref. by Mrs. M. E. Townsend. 
D. L. n.d. 2 JL 

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Amer. ed. 3 v. D. 18<>7. 2 862 

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L. 1871-76. 923.1 N4 

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Lang, Mrs. Andrew. Dissolving views. D. 

N.Y. 1884. 2 L2 

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Russia to 1882, with a hist, of the Turko-Rus- 

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4 V. D. 1856^9. 920.03 L 

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Ploughman; ed. by T: Wright. (Library of 

old authors.) 2 ed. 2 v. D. L. 1856. 

821 L2 
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the new era. O. 18G8. 3 M16 

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the hive and honey-l>ee; with an introd. by 

Rev. Robert Baird. D. Northampton, 1853. 

638 L 

— Same. 3 ed. D. N.Y. 1859. 638 LI 

— Same. 4 ed. D. Ph. 188:J. 638 L2 
Lanier, Sidney. 1842-1881. English novel, and 

the principle of its development. O. N.Y. 
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811 LI 

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tales of King Arthur in the famous Red book 
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O. 1879. 940 JFl 

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821 P7 

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811 LI 

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containing biog. sketches of its meml>ers. O. 

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920.05 L 

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N.Y. 1841). 917.5 L 

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973.7 E2 

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915.2 L 
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Lanoye, Ferdinand Tugnot de. See Tugnot de 

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2 Y33 

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1 C43 
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2 JP4 
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1 875 
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acct. of some incidents in his life ; ed. by W : 
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Bsperance. D. N.Y. 1865. . 1 L5 

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or, an Historical sketch of the British claim, 
to exercise a maritime police over the vessels 
of all nations. O. B. 1858. 347 L 

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tracts from [his] diary and correspondenc-e. 
O. 1856. 923.8 LI 

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D. n.d. 1 JT28 

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2 G4 

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ago. {In Claims of Japan and Malaysia 
upon Christendom. 2 v. O. 1839. v. 2.) 

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913 L 

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913 LI 
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2 V. D. N.Y. 1869. 130 L 

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1868. 242 S 

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D. 1862. 821 M 

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J:H. O. n:d. 2 D13 

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883 HI 
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by the cathedral, and other parables. 2 v. in 1. 

S. 1872. V. 2.) 2 C16 v.2 

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Eton style ; with a preface by Mrs. Oliphant. 

D. L. 1875. 796 LI 





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19th century, being the life of Hippolyte 
Flandrin. anon, (Christian biographies.) 
D. L. 1877. 927.6 F 

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Rev. P^re Besson, of the order of St. Dominic. 
anon, D. Ph. 1870. 927.5 B 

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Manor house stories. D. L. n.d. 2 JLl 

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1 G9 

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N.Y. 1876. 211 L 


V. 1. Declining senne of the mlracnlotis. .XntheUc, sd- 
entlflc, and moral developments of ratlonalbim. On perse- 

S. On permcutlon— continued. On the secularization of 
politico. Indufttrlnl hlntury of rationalism. 

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1880. 923.2 L5 

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ular and binocular vision. (International 
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535 L 

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A: O. 1882. 904 Fl 

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D. n.d. 4 F2 

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1 F21 

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use, containing a description of the geol. for- 
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S. N.Y. 1855. 550.2 LI 

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minster. 2ed. O. B. 1851. 922.8 Bl 

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B.1858. . 1 L7 

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p. 1860. 3 Al 

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1874. 3 A9 

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928.3 R 
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922.3 CI 

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The true and the false. Emigration; or, the Townnbip 
in Maine. Patronage and friendithip. A Rketch of fash- 
ionable life. 

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ings of Switzerland and other parts of Europe. 
2ed. 2v. O. 1878. . 571 Kl 

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Stories of Lord and Lady Desmond : a narra- 
tive of the times of James II. 2 ed. D. L. 
n.d. 2 Lll 

— Rosamond Fane ; or, the Prisoners of St. James . 

D. L. n.d. 2 JL2 

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(See Custis, G: W. P. Recollections and 

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p. i^72.) 923.1 W2 

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for youth, nar, S. B. 1840. 1 JL7 

Lee, Mrs. B. See Lee, S.. (Wallis) Bowdich. 






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S. 1881. 4 BIO 

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Lee, S.. (Wallis) Bowdich. Anecdotes of the 

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925 C 

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3 V. O. L. 1869. 928.2 Dl 

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ams, C:F. D. 1878. 811 A 

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non-accordance of stage-plays with the Chris- 
tian profession. D. Ph. 1884. 175 L 

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720 L 

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2 L13 
-^ Tenants of ^alory. O. n.p. n.d. 2 L14 

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N.Y. 1875. 720 LI 

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f^\Te de. 
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W. G. van. Burgomaster's family. O. 1873. 

3 W 
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1 J827 
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G. (E.)L. D. n.d. 821 C20 

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Tales of my landlord, 3 series: the Bride of 

Lammermoor, a Legend of Montrose. 2 v. in 

1.0. 1852. 2 846 

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Clarke, J. F. D. [1881.] 1 C17 

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D. 1864. 821 C9 

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and trigonometry ; tr. by Sir D: Brkwstbk; 

and ed. by C : Davibs. O. n.p. n.d. 513 L 
Legends and lyrics. Procter, A. A. D. 1858. 

821 P12 
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n.d. 2 L53 

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1864. 398.4 L 

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760 J 
Legends of the monastic orders. Jameson, A.. 

B. (M.) 8. 1866. 750 Jl 

Legends of the patriarchs and prophets. Gould, 

Sabine Baring. D. 1872. 398.2 O 

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power of the papacy. D. L. 1870. 282 L 
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895 L 

Pt. I. ConfucluK. 2. Menciofl. 

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tr. from the unpublished ms., by Thdr. Stan- 
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Cbbiohton, Mandell. Life of Simon de Mont- 
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Nott, J. C, and Gliddon, 6: B. Indigenous 
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572 Nl 

— See U. H.— Interior dept.—Geol. and geog. survey 

of the territories. Report. Q. 1873-76. v. 1. 

557 U12 v.l 
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world. O. 1879. 910.9 V 

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L. 1870. 928.2 A3 

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autobiog. ; ed. by C : Mackat. O. N.Y. 1870. 

920.9 LI 
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others. Tales of the borders, and of Scotland. 

24 V. in 12. 8. [1869.] 2 W21 

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with sketches of travel. D. B. 1884. 

917.9 L 
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Seventy-three days of the second siege. D. 

L. 1871. 944^08 L 

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poems. O. Ph. 1881. 81 1 L4 

— Sons of Godwin : a tragedy. D. Ph. 1877. 

812 L 
Leighton court. Kingsley, H: D. 1866. 

2 K26 
Leila; or, the Island. Tytler, A. F. 8. [1853.] 

2 JT26 
Leila ; or, the Siege of Granada. Ly tton, E : G : 
E. L. Bulwer, \9t baron. 2 v. in 1. D. n.d. 

2 L71 

— Samej and Calderon, the courtier. 8. 1858. 

2 L72 




Leila at hdme. Tytler, A. F. 
Leila in England. Tytler, A. F. 

D. [1853.] 

2 JT24 
D. 1804. 

2 JT25 
Lelsler, Jacob. 1(W0-1G77. Hoffman, C : F. Ad- 
ministration of Jacob Leinler. {See Sparks' 
Lib. of Ainer. biog. 2 ser. 1844-48. v. 3, p. 
181-2;«.) 920.07 LI v.3 

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D. 1864. 824 B6 

Leland, C : Godfrey. Abraham Lincoln and the 
abolition of slavery in the U. S. D. N.Y. 
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folk lore of the Micmac, Passamaquoddy, and 
Penobscot tribes. O. B. 1884. 398.2 L 

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916.2 Lt 
397 L 
complete ed. O. 
811 L5 
O. Ph. [1872]. 

814 L 
ConfucfUs, and other poems. 

811 L6 
lectures of travel. O. 1863. 

838 H 

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Charleston, 1879. 973.8 L 

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Horace, 4<A earl of Orford. Memoirs of the 

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942.07 W 
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wives. (Tauchnitz ed.) 2 v. S. Lpz. 18t)(3. 

2 L15 

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Miiiu your own biiNinefM. The t4UkiiiK nhell. Kloweri* and 
thornn. What caine of kilUnK a rich uncle one Chrbttinnn 
time. The gho«t detective. A ChrlHtniaw day in a .Iew'» 
hoime. A Chri.stmsw holiday lesson. Aunt Sally's Christ- 
mas boxes. Christmas-eve in a night truin. 

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