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I fmtatumm f 
I ornraMMoi I 

lit. 5^. 


920 Collected biography 


Bangor, Me. — Public library. 1:016.92 Baa 

Class list; biography, 1906. 1906. 

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. roi6.9a Caia 

Lives and letters; a selected and annotated list. 1910. Pittsburgh. 

Reprinted from the "Monthly bulletin/* March 1910. 

New edition of "List of 100 entertaining biographies/' issued in 1902. 

roi6.9a G76 
Grafton index of the titles of books and magazine articles on history, 
genealogy and biography printed in the United States on American 
subjects during the year 1909. 1910. Grafton Press. 

Comprises the quarterly instalments published in the "Grafton magazine of history 
and genealogy" arranged under one alphabet. 

Trenton, N. J. — Free public library. roi6.9a .Tya 

List of entertaining autobiographies. 1910. 

General works 

Ayala, Mariano d'. 9ao A97 

Vite degr Italiani benemeriti della liberta e della patria. 2v. 1868^3. 

V.I. Morti combattendo. 
V.2. Ucdsi dal carnefice. 

Baldwin, James. J9ao B19 

American book of golden deeds. 1907. Amer. Book Co. (Eclectic 

True stories of heroic deeds. Tells among others of Collins Graves's daring race 
with a flood, of the heroism of the life savers of Lone HUl station, of the brave act of 
a little bootblack and of how a qtiick-witted mountain girl once saved the Rio Grande 
express. Also explains about the Red Cross Society and the Carnegie Hero Fund Com* 

Barrington, Sir Jonah. 9ao Ba67 

Personal sketches of his own times, with a memoir of the author, 
an essay on Irish wit and humour, and notes and corrections by Town- 
send Young. 2v. 1869. Routledge. 

First published in 1837. 

Barrington (i 760-1837) was an Irish judge. The volume is made up chiefly of 
Inographical sketches of his own countrymen. 

Benedek, Elek. 920 B43 

Nagy magyarok elete. 3v. 1906. 



Bingham, Denis Arthur. rgao B485 

Marriages of the Bonapartes. 2v. 1882. Longmans. 

V.I. The marriages of the Bonapartes. — Charles and Laetitia Bonai>arte. — Joseph 
Bonaparte. — ^Josephine and Napoleon. — The divorce. — The second marriage. — Josephine 
after the divorce. 

V.2. Lucien. — Louis Bonaparte and Hortense. — Jerome Bonaparte. — Eliza Bac- 
ciochi. — Pauline Borghese. — Caroline Murat. — The Beauharnais. — Stephanie. — The 
Taschers. — Berthier. — Napoleon III. — Count Leon. 

rgao B4873 
Biographical magazine, containing portraits of eminent and ingenious 
persons of every age and nation, with their lives and characters. 2v. 
1819-20. Wilson. 

Brantome, Pierre de Bourdeilles, seigneur de. rgao Byz 

Memoires, contenant les vies des hommes illustres et grands capi- 

taines etrangers de son terns. 2 v. 1739. 

Bran tome (c. 1 540-1614) was a French soldier and courtier. 

'*The great merit of Brantome lies in the extraordinary vividness of his powers of 
literary presentment ... His irregular, brightly coloured, and easily flowing manner, 
represents, as hardly any age has ever been represented, the characteristics of the great 
society of his time... [His] unquestioning acceptance of, and belief in, the moral stand- 
ards of his own society, give a genuineness and a freshness to his work which are very 
rare in literature. Few writers, again, have had the knack of hitting off character, 
superficially it is true, yet with sufficient distinction, which Brantome has.*' Saints- 
bury's Short history of French literature. 

Brantdme, Pierre de Bourdeilles, seigneur de. rgao Byim 

Memoires, contenant les vies des hommes illustres et grands capi- 

tairies frangois de son tems. 4v. 1739. 

"Indifferent to honor and morality, he is an impartial witness to the vice and crime 
of his epoch. None has mirrored more truly the Valois court or its moral ideas." New 
international encyclopetdia, 

Brookfield, Mrs Frances M. gao B77 

The Cambridge "Apostles." 1906. Pitman. 

Contents: The "Apostles."— W. H. Brookfield. — The friend of the "Apostles."— 
J. W. Blakesley. — Charles Buller. — A. H. Hallam. — ^J. M. Kemble. — ^Henry Lushington. 
— F. D. Maurice. — R. M. Milnes. — ^James Spedding. — John Sterling. — ^Alfred Tennyson. 
— R. C. Trench. — G. S. Venables. 

Reminiscences of some of the earlier members of a famous literary society of Cam- 
bridge Universit3^ humorously dubbed the "Apostles" because its memb^i^ip was 
limited to 12. It was in its prime between 1824 and 1840, and hat numbered among its 
members some of the most distinguished Englishmen of the century. Henry Sidgwick 
was a prominent "Apostle" and in the recently published memoir of his life (93 85682) 
there are many interesting. allusions to the society. 

Brown, Anna Robeson, afterward Mrs Burr. gao B78 

The autobiography; a critical and comparative study. 1909. Hough- 

"Bibliography of autobiographical writings," p.4S5'-439. 

Far reaching comparative and scientific study of the origin, motives, ideals and 
psychological importance of the autobiography. Eight hundred biographies in Latin, 
French, German, English and Italian have furnished the groundwork for investigations 
of the "obscure and important questions of the subjective tendency in private history, of 
the standards of sincerity, and of the relative value of the deliberate self -study and the 
unconscious self •revelation." 

Buchan, John. gao B848 

Some i8th century byways, and other essays. 1908. Blackwood. 

Contents: Prince Charles Edward. — Lady Louisa Stuart. — Mr Secretary Murray 
[John Murray of Brougfaton]. — Lord Mansfield. — Charles II. — The making of modern 
Scotland. — Castlerea^ — A comic Chesterfield [the xxth earl of Buchan].— A Scottish 


Biichan, John — continued, 920 B848 

lady of the old school [Lady John Scott]. — ^The Victorian chancellors. — ^The first lord 
Dudley. — Mr Balfour as a man of letters. — John Bunyan. — Count Tobtoi and the ideal- 
ism of war. — The heroic age of Ireland. — Rabelais. — ^Theodor Mommsen. — ^The apo- 
calyptic style. 

Essays and reviews collected from "Blackwood's magazine" and the "Spectator." 

Bungay, George Washington. 920 B88 

Off-hand takings; or, Crayon sketches of the noticeable men of 

our age. 1854. De Witt. 

Biographical sketches of statesmen, men of letters, etc Chiefly American. 

Burke, Sir John Bernard. r92o B917 

Rise of great families, other essays and stories. 1873. Longmans. 

Gives in a fragmentary way the history of some of the well-known families of 
Great Britain. 

Burpee, Lawrence Johnstone, & Doughty, A. G. ed. Tg20 B94 

Index and dictionary of Canadian history. 191 1. Morang. (Makers 
of Canada.) 

"Manuscript sources in the Dominion archives,*' p.419-433; "A partial list of 
scarce maps and plans relating to Canada," P.43S-446. 

Furnishes not only an analjrtical index to the 20 volumes of the "Makers of Can- 
ada,** but a great deal of additional information, including biographical sketches of the 
characters mentioned in those volumes and of other prominent Canadians; also brief 
sketches of wars, battles, treaties and other events having a vital bearing on the history 
of Canada. 

920 ClZ 

Cabinet portrait gallery of British worthies. I2v. in 6. 1845-46. Knight, 

and Cox. 

v. 1-2. Henry II. — Roger Bacon. — Edward III. — ^Wicliffe. — Chaucer. — ^William ot 
Wykeham. — Henry V. — ^James I of Scotland. — Henry VII. — Dr John Colet — Cardinal 
Wolsey. — Sir Thomas More. 

v.3-4. Thomas Cromwell. — Henry Howard, earl of Surrey. — Lady Jane Grey. — 
Cranmer. — Latimer. — John Knox. — Sir Thomas Gresham. — George Buchanan. — Sir 
Philip Sidney. — Sir Francis Drake. — Lord Burghley. — Edmund Spenser. 

v,s-6. Queen Elizabeth. — William Shakspere. — Sir Walter Raleigh. — Camden. — 
Francis Bacon. — Ben Jonson. — Charles I. — Strafford. — ^John Hampden. — Archbishop 
Land. — ^John Selden. — Robert Blake. 

T.7-8. Dr William Harvey. — Oliver Cromwell. — Thomas Fuller. — ^Jeremy Taylor. 
— Lord Qarendon. — ^John Milton. — Sir Matthew Hale. — ^Andrew Marvell. — Isaac Bar- 
row. — Thomas Hobbes. — Samuel Butler. — William, lord Russell. 

V.9-10. Algernon Sidney. — ^William Petty. — Thomas Ssrdenham. — Robert Boyle. — 
Richard Baxter. — Henry Purcell.— Sir William Temple.— Dryden.— William III.— Locke. 
— Lord Somers. — Ray. 

v.ii-ia. Penn. — ^Addison. — Marlborough. — Wren. — Newton. — De Foe. — Halley. — 
Pope. — Walpole. — Swift. — Hogarth. — Smeaton. 

Carroll* Howard. 920 C23 

Twelve Americans; their lives and times. 1883. Harper. 

Contents: Horatio Seymour. — C. F. Adams. — ^Peter Cooper. — Hannibal Hamlin. — 
John Gilbert. — R. C. Schenck. — Frederick Douglass. — William Allen. — ^A. G. Thurman. — 
Joseph Jefferson. — E. B. Washbume. — A, H. Stephens. 

Chase, Henry, ed, qr92o C38 

Representative men of Maine; a collection of portraits with bio- 
graphical sketches of residents of the state who have achieved success 
and are prominent in commercial, industrial, professional and political 
life, to which is added portraits and sketches of all the governors since 
the formation of the state. 1893. Lakeside Press. 


Clarke, John Badger, piib. rgao Cs3 

Sketches of successful New Hampshire men. 1882. 

Coleridge, Hartley. gao C68 

Lives of northern worthies; ed. by his hrother, with the corrections 

of the author and the marginal observations of S. T. Coleridge. 3v. 

1S52. Moxon. 

V.I. Andrew MirreU. — Dr Ricturd Bentlcf.— Tbomu lord Fdrfax.— June* oil 
of D*rby, 

T.i. Udr Anne Gifford.— Roger Aiclum.— John Fisher.— The Rev. WilUuB 
Muon.— Sir Rich»rd Arttwrijht. 

Y.j. Willimm RoKoe. — Captain Jsmes Cook. — William Conjrere. — Di John 

Firal publiihcd in iSjj under the title "Biographia borealia." 

Conrad, Henry Clay. 1930 C75 

Old Delaware clock-makers. 1898. (Delaware Historical Society. 
Historical and biographical papers, v.3.) 
Read beiaie the >0ciet7, December 3. 189?. 

Tke samt. (In Delaware Historical Society. Historical and bio- 
graphical papers, v.3.) 41975.1 D39 t,3 

Short biotraphical iketchcs. Portraiti. 

Croffut, William Augustus, 910 CSS 

The Vanderbilts and the story of their fortune. 1886. Beltord. 

Hiilory of the Vanderbill familf. Devoted chiefly to the cafeen of Cornelia* 

and Willum H. VandtrtHtt. 

gao 0333 
e. igo6. Scribner. 

-Bcnenl H. R. D. Maclver.— Baron James Hardm-HickeT.— W. S. 
. N. McGiffin.— General WillUm Walker, the Idnj of the fili- 

Delaplaine, Joseph, td. qigao D3S 

Delaplaine's repository of the lives and portraits of distinguished 
American characters, v.i, pt.1-2, v. 2, pt.i. 1815-18. 

v.i. Columbui. — Veipudiu. — Dr Benjamin Ruih. — Fiaher Amea. — Hamilton.— 
Washington.— Fe/ton Randolph.- Thoma* Jefferson.— John Jay.— Rnfiu Kine-- De 
WitI Ointon.- Rohcri Fulton. 

V.I, pl.i. Samuel Adami.— George Ointon. — Henry Lauteni.— Benjamin Fnnklin. 
— Francis Hopkinlon, — Robert Morrii. 

Dc Leon, Thomas Cooper. gao D4t 

Belles, beaux and brains of the 6o's. 1909. Dillingham. 

name of spparenlly every 
nle.betlum South, together 

EgglcBton, George Gary. qrgao E3S ( 

The American immortals; the record of men who by their achievCptJ 
ments in statecraft, war, science, literature, art, law and commerce, 1 


ECglMton, George Cary — contmutd. 

created the American republic and whose r 

Hall of Fame. 1901. Putnam. 

CdhK-K.- Inlroduclory [the Hill of Fame).— Tbe men of ibc Rnolutiao: Geocgc 
Wwhincton^ Benjamin Franklin; Jofan Aiiinis; Tbomaa Jeffcnon. — The lUtomen: 
Daniet Wfbtler; Henry Oar.— The juriita: John M.r.halli Joaepfa Slorn Jamn Kenl. 
—The men of the Ciiil war: Abraham Uacoln; U. S. Grant: R. E. Lee; D. G. Far- 
raeut.- Tbe men of lelleri: Waibinston Irving; Nathaniel Bawthome; H. W. Lonf- 
fellow; B. W, Emeiton.— Tbe preuhen; Jonathan Edwardi: W. E. Cbanning; H. W. 
Beecher.— The philanthropitu and edocalor): Geor(e Peabody; Peter Cooper. Horace 
Mann.— The inventon: Robert Fulton; S. F. B. Morse; Eli Whitney.— The arliiU and 
naluraliits: C. C. Stoarl; J. J. Audubon; Aia Cray. 

EUot. Charles William. gao E47 

Four American leaders. 1906. Amer. Unitarian Assoc. 

CoBienM: Franklin.— Wa»hingW)n.—Channin<.—Emer»on. 

930 £8g 
Eton portrait gallery, consisting of short memoirs of the more eminent 
Eton men, by a barrister of the Inner Temple. 1876. Simpkin. 

Pamoiu boys and how they became great men; dedicated to youths and 
young men as a stimulus to earnest living. 1S67. Miller. 

Cenlnli: Daniel Webiter.— Samuel Drew.— Benfamin Franklin.- Robert Burnt.- 
E. K. Kane.— Henry Oay.— John Leyden.— Jamea MontKomery— Nathaniel Bowdilch.— 
Henry Havelock.— I>and Liviniilone.— Oliver Evani.- S. T. Coleridge.— Robert Fulton. 
—John Kilto.— Humphrey Dayy.- Amo» Lawrence.- Stephen Girard.- Samuel Ctomp- 
lon.- Thonuu Chalmera.- Jacquea Laffltte.- J. J. Audabon.- Willlim Jay.— Roger 

Pield, Maunaell Bradhurst. gao F4S 

Memories of many men and of some women; personal recollections 
of emperors, kings, queens, princes, presidents, statesmen, authors and 
artists at home and abroad during the last 30 years. 1874. Harper. 

Fletcher, Charles Robert Leslie. qrgao F63 

Historical portraits, Richard 11 to Henry Wriothesley, 1400-1600; 
the lives by C. R. L. Fletcher, the portraits chosen by Emery Walker, 
with an introduction on the history of portraiture in England. 1909. 
Clarendon Press. 

Ganlot, Paul. 930 G341 

Love and lovers of the past; tr. by F. C. Laroche. 1904- Chatto. 
Caumtt: The ducheue d* Beiry, the regent'* d«ughwr.— A royal coupla (Loni* 
XVI and Marie Antoinette].— The comleue Du Barry'a lait lore affairt.- The Fayra* 
caie.- A lover of Charlotte Cordsy. Adam Lni.— A Girondin'* lore affair*.— Madame de 
Kolly.— The member of tbe convention and the muquiae [Oaaelin and Madame de 

Greene, George Washington. 930 G83 

Biographical studies. 186a Putnam. 

> of Coupcr.— Cole.— Crawford.— Irvini*! 

qr930 G87 

Ith of Kentucky, embrac- 

prominent men and families of the 


Griggs* Edward Howard. gao GSgg 

Great autobiographies, types and problems of manhood and woman- 
hood; a handbook of ten lectures. 1908. Huebsch. 

Contents: Note: Spirit of the course. — The use of autobiography in the study of 
personal life. — ^J. S. Mill; an admirable education and the recovery from it. — Pierre Loti; 
the sensitive dreamer as child and man. — Benvenuto Cellini; the artist in the Florentine 
renaissance. — G. J. Romanes; the religious problem. — Eugenie de Gu6rin; the woman of 
the old regime. — Marie Bashkirtseff; the unfulfilled life of a woman genius. — Sonya 
Kovalevsky; the conflict between love and ambition. — Amiel; a modem Hamlet in per- 
sonal life.— Goethe; the great aspects of personal life in balanced relation and large ful- 
fillment. — Suggestions to students. 

"Book list," p.47-50. 

"Comparative studies," at the end of each chapter. 

Outlines for each lecture are given, followed by topics for study and discussion. 
The aim of the course is to make a comparative study of contrasting types of men and 

Griggs, Edward Howard. 920 G89 

Moral leaders; a handbook of 12 lectures. 1905. Huebsch. 

"References" at the end of each chapter. 

The same, in part, as Griggs* "Syllabus of lectures on moral leaders" (r92o Asi). 

Haaren, John Henry, & Poland, A. B. jgao Hi 13 

Famous men of Greece. 1904. University Pub. Co. 

Contents: Introduction: The gods of Greece. — Deucalion and the flood. — Cadmus 
and the dragon's teeth. — Perseus. — Hercules and his labors. — Jason and the golden 
fleece. — Theseus. — Agamemnon. — Achilles. — The adventures of Ulysses. — Lycurgus. — 
Draco and Solon. — Pbistratus. — Miltiades the hero of Marathon. — Leonidas at Ther- 
mopylae. — Themistocles. — Aristides. — Cimon. — Pericles. — AJcibiades. — Lysander. — Soc- 
rates. — Xenophon. — Epaminondas and Pelopidas. — Philip of Macedonia. — ^Alexander the 
Great. — Demosthenes. — Aristotle, Zeno, Diogenes and Apelles. — Ptolemy. — Pyrrhus. — 
Qeomenes III. — The fall of Greece. 

Haaren, John Henry, & Poland, A. B. J920 Hi 13! 

Famous men of Rome. 1904. University Pub. Co. 

Contents: Romulus. — Numa Pompilius. — The Horatii and the Curiatii. — The Tar- 
quins. — ^Junius Brutus. — Horatius. — Mucius the Left-handed. — Coriolanus. — The Fabii. 
— Cindnnatus. — Camillus. — Manlius Torquatus. — Appius Claudius Oecus. — Regulus. — 
Sdpio Africanus. — Cato the Censor. — The Gracchi. — Marius. — Sulla. — Pompey the Great. 
—Julius Caesar. — Cicero. — Augustus. — Nero. — Titus. — Trajan. — Marcus Aurclius. — Con- 
stantine the Great. — End of the western empire. 

Haaren, John Henry, & Poland, A. B. jgao Hiisfa 

Famous men of the middle ages. 1904. University Pub. Co. 

Contents: Introduction: The gods of the Teutons: The Nibelungs. — Alaric the 
Visigoth. — Attila the Hun. — Genseric the Vandal. — ^Theodoric the Ostrogoth. — Qovis. — 
Justinian. — Mohammed. — Charles Martel and Pepin. — Charlemagne. — Harun-al-Raschid. 
— Egbert the Saxon. — Rollo the Viking. — Alfred the Great — Henry the Fowler. — Canute 
the Great. — The Cid. — Edward the Confessor. — ^William the Conqueror. — Peter the Her- 
mit — Frederick Barbarossa. — Henry the Second and his sons. — Louis IX. — Robert 
Bruce.— Marco Polo.— Edward the Black Prince.— William Tell and Arnold von Winkel- 
ried. — Tamerlane. — Henry V. — ^Joan of Arc. — Gutenberg. — Warwick the King-maker. 

Hall, Samuel Carter. 920 H17 

Book of memories of great men and women of the age, from per- 
sonal acquaintance. [1877.] Virtue. 

Hall (1800-89) WAS <^n author and editor who seems to have been more or less 
intimate with the literary people of the England of his day and to have been on a friend- 
ly footing with many of the artists. 


Harlaxid, Marion, {psmd. of Mrs Mary Virginia 920 Haya 

(Hawes) Terhunc). 
Where ghosts walk; the haunts of familiar characters in history and 
literature; new series. 1910. Putnam. 

Contents: "Little Boy Blue."— The ladies of Llangollen.— Charles First in West- 
minster hall. — Sir Philip Sidney at Penshurst. — Among historic chateaux. — Joan of Arc 
at Chinon. — ^Josephine at Malmaison. — Amy Robsart at Cumnor Place. — Salisbury Plain 
and Stonehenge. — Gentle George Herbert at Bemerton. — Marie Stuart at Amboise. 

Higginson, Thomas Wentworth. 920 H53C 

Carlyle's laugh, and other surprises. 1909. Houghton. 

Contents: Carlyle's laugh. — A Shelley manuscript. — A Keats manuscript — Massa- 
soit, Indian chief. — J. F. Cooper. — C. B. Brown. — H. D. Thoreau. — Emerson's "foot- 
note person," Alcott. — George Bancroft. — C. E. Norton. — E. C. Stedman. — E. E. Hale.— 
A Massachusetts general, Rufus Saxton. — One of Thackeray's women [Jane Stuart].-— 
John Bartlett. — H. E. Scudder. — Edward Atkinson. — J. E. Cabot — Emily Dickinson. — 
J. W. Howe. — W. J. Rolfe. — Gottingen and Harvard a century ago. — Old Newport days. 
— A half-century of American literature. 

Chiefly pen portraits of the author's friends and contemporaries. Many of the 
papers have a peculiar interest, either because they bring out an unfamiliar phase of a 
well-known character, or because they introduce the reader to some little known but 
imiqiie personality. 

[Higginson, Thomas Wentworth, ed.] 920 Kssh 

Harvard memorial biographies. 2v. 1867. Sever. 

"List of obituary works," v.a, p.470-472. 

"A series of memoirs of those graduates and former undergraduates of Harvard Uni* 
versity who fell in battle during the recent war, or who died in consequence of services 
rendered in the contest Former members of the Professional Schools of the University 
are not included. . .Historic interest has been kept subordinate to the exhibition of per- 
sonal character." T. W. Higginson, in preface. 

Hill, Constance. 920 H551 

House in St. Martin's street; being chronicles of the Burney family. 
1907. Lane. 

The book is named from the house of Sir Isaac Newton, which was occupied by 
the Burneys from 1774 to 1783. but in reality the book follows the family about, es- 
pecially Fanny, to Streatham, Bath, Brighton and elsewhere, in such a way that the 
title is something of a misnomer. 

Hitchcock, Thomas. 920 H625 

Unhappy loves of men of genius. 1891. Harper. 

Contents: Gibbon and Madame Necker. — Dr Johnson and Mrs Thrale. — Goethe and 
Oiarlotte von Stein. — Mozart and Aloysia Weber. — Cavour and the unknown. — Irving 
and Mrs Carlyle. 

"The stories are concisely and sympathetically told, and the book presents in small 
compass what, in lieu of it, must be sought through many volumes." Dial, i8qt. 

Hitchman, Francis. 920 H62 

Eighteenth century studies; essays. 1881. Low. 

Contents: John Wilkes. — The founder of Methodism [John Wesley]. — Charles 
Churchill, parson and poet. — David Garrick. — Richard Cumberland. — ''The cook's 
oracle" [William KitchinerJ. — Isaac Disraeli and Bolton Comey. — Dr Dibdin and the 
Roxburghe Oub. — Joseph Priestley. — The author of "Sandford and Merton" [Thomas 
Day]. — Erasmus Darwin. 

Hobbes, John Oliver, (pseud, of Mrs Pearl Mary 920 H64 

(Richards) Craigie). 

The artist's life. 1904. Laurie. 

Contents: Balzac, Turner and Brahms. — Dante and Goya. — Dante and Botticelli. 
Three lectures which do not contain any very profound or original criticism, but 
are charming and graceful appreciations. The first lecture, which gives its title to the 


Hobbes,. John Oliver, pseud, — continued. gao H64 

book, is an interesting comparison of the lives and difficulties of Balzac, Turner and 
Brahms, and from these three artists a generalized idea of the special problems of the 
artist's life is drawn. The last two lectures were delivered before the Dante Society. 
Condensed from Outlook (London), igo4. 

Holland, Rupert Sargent. jgao Hya 

Historic boyhoods. 1909. Jacobs. 

Contents: Christopher Columbus, the boy of Genoa. — Michael Angelo, the boy of 
the Medici gardens. — Walter Raleigh, the boy of Devon. — Peter the Great, the boy of 
the Kremlin. — Frederick the Great, the boy of Potsdam. — George Washington, the boy 
of the old Dominion. — Daniel Boone, the boy of the frontier. — ^John Paul Jones, the 
boy of the Atlantic — Mozart, the boy of Salzburg. — Lafayette, the boy of Versailles. — 
Horatio Nelson, the boy of the Channel fleet. — Robert Fulton, the boy of the Conestoga. 
— ^Andrew Jackson, the boy of the CaroUnai. — Napoleon Bonaparte, the boy of Brienne. 
— ^Walter Scott, the boy of the Canongate. — ^J. F. Cooper, the boy of Otsego hall. — John 
Ericsson, the boy of the Gota canal.-— Garibaldi, the boy of the Mediterranean. — Abra- 
ham Lincoln, the boy of the American wilderness. — Charles Dickens, the boy of the 
London streets. — Otto von Bismarck, the boy of Gottingen. 

Holloway, Mrs Laura (Carter). gao H73 

Famous American fortunes and the men who have made them; a 
series of sketches of many of the notable merchants, manufacturers, 
capitalists, railroad presidents, bonanza and cattle kings of the country. 
1884. Bradley. 

Horgan, John J. gao H79 

Great Catholic laymen. 1905. Benziger. 

Contents: Andreas Hofer. — Gabriel Garcia Moreno. — Frederic Ozanam. — Monta- 
lembert. — Frederick Lucas. — Windthorst. — Louis Pasteur. — Daniel O'Connell. 
Brief biographical sketches by a Catholic layman. 

Houghton, Walter Raleigh, ed. gao H835 

Kings of fortune; or, The triumphs and achievements of noble, self- 
made men. 1886. Davis. 

Biographical sketches of Americans in various walks of life, including those who 
achie\'ed success in their professions even though they did not amass great wealth. 

Houssaye, Arsene. gao H83 

Philosophers and actresses. 2v. 1886. Dillingham. 

V.!. The house of Scarron. — Voltaire. — Voltaire and Mile de Livry. — The republic 
of Plato. — Mademoiselle Gaussin. — Jacques Callot. — Raoul and Gabrielle. — The hundred 
and one pictures of Tardif, the friend of Gillot. — Mademoiselle de Marivaux. — La Tour. 
— The whims of the marchioness. — A romance on the banks of the Lig^on. 

V.2. Chamfort. — Three pages from the life of Madame de Parabere. — Abclard and 
Heloise. — The death of Andr6 Ch6nier. — The marquis de Sainte-Aulaire. — Colle. — The 
daughter of Sedaine. — Prudhon. — Blangini. — An unknown sculptor. — Vandyck. — A lost 
poet. — Hands full of roses, full of gold and full of blood. — The mistress of Cornelius 
Schut. — Marie de Joysel. — The tree of knowledge. 

Hubbard, Elbert. gao H87 

Little journeys to the homes of great lovers. 2v. in i. 1906. Roy- 


Contents: Josiah and Sarah Wedgwood. — William Godwin and Mary Wollstonc- 
craft — Dante and Beatrice. — J. S. Mill and Harriet Taylor. — Pamell and Kitty O'Shea. 
— Petrarch and Laura. — D. G. Rossetti and E. E. Siddal. — Balzac and Madame Hanska. 
— F6nelon and Madame Guyon. — Ferdinand Lassalle and Hfl^ne von Ddnniges. — Lord 
Nelson and Lady Hamilton. — R. L. Stevenson and Fanny Osbourne. 


Hubbard, Elbert. gao H87I 

Little journeys to the homes of great teachers. 2v. in i. 1908. Roy- 

Contents: Moses. — Confucius. — Pythagoras. — Plato. — King Alfred. — Fricdrich Froe- 
bel. — B. T. Washington. — Thomas Arnold. — Erasmus. — Hypatia. — St. Benedict. — M. B. 

Hueffer, Ford Madox. gao H88 

Memories and impressions; a study in atmospheres. 191 1. Harper. 

Contents: The inner circle. — The outer ring. — Gloom and the poets. — Christina 
Rosaetti and pre-Raphaelite love. — Music and masters. — Pre-Raphaelites and prisons. — 
Anarchists and gray frieze. — Various conspirators. — Poets and presses. — A literary deity. 
— Deaths and departures. — Heroes and some heroines. — Changes. — And again changes. 
—Where we stand. 

gao T19 
Human documents; portraits and biographies of eminent men, articles 
by R. L. Stevenson, Herbert Spencer, Professor Drummond, E. E. Hale, 
H. H. Boyesen, Gen. Horace Porter, Hamlin Garland, Robert Barr and 
others. 1895. McClure. (McClure's biographies.) 

Bound with Tarbell's "Short life of Napoleon Bonaparte." 
Appeared in "McQure's magazine," v.x-4, June 1893-May 1895. 

James, George Wharton. gao Jz6 

Heroes of California; the story of the founders of the Golden state 

as narrated by themselves or gleaned from other sources. 1910. Little. 

''Bibliography,*' p.494-502. 

Chapters on Alar^on. de Anza, Pattie, Beckwourth, Taylor, James King of William, 
Field, Lick, Sutro, Muir, Burbank, Henry George and many others. Accounts are also 
given of the Donner party, of the scouts, the pony express riders, the gold seekers, the 
railway builders and Uie lesser heroes of commerce and politics. 

Jameson, Ephraim Orcutt. qrgao J 16 

Biographical sketches of prominent persons and the genealogical 
records of many early and other families in Medway, Mass., 1713-1886. 
1886. Privately printed. 

Binder's title reads "Medway biographies and genealogies, 1886." 

Johnson, John Lipscomb. rgao J36 

University memorial; biographical sketches of alumni of the Uni- 
versity of Virginia who fell in the Confederate war. 1871. TurnbuU. 

Lamartine, Alphonse de. gao Liyv 

Vies de quelques hommes illustres. 3v. 1863, (CEuvres completes, 


V.I. Homere. — Cic^ron. — C6sar. 

V.2. H^loise, Ab^lard. — Guillaume Tell. — Gutenberg. — Jeanne d'Arc. — Christophe 
Colomb. — Cromwell. 

V.3. Milton. — Madame de S^vigne. — Bossuet. — Fenelon. — Nelson. 

Lang, Mrs Leonora Blanche. jg20 L23 

Red book of heroes; ed. by Andrew Lang. 1909. Longmans. 

Contents: The lady-in-chief [Florence Nightingale]. — Prisoners and captives [John 
Howard]. — Hannibal. — ^The apostle of the lepers [Father Damien]. — The constant prince 
[Ferdinand of Portugal]. — ^The marquis of Montrose. — A child's hero [Henry Havelock]. 
— Conscience or king? [Sir Thomas More]. — The little abbess [Ang^lique Amauld]. — 
Gordon. — The crime of Theodosius. — Palissy the potter. 


Lanman, Charles. 920 Layh 

Haphazard personalities, chiefly of noted Americans. 1886. Lee. 

Contents: Joseph Henry. — H. W. Longfellow. — ^Joseph Gales and W. W. Seaton. 
— ^Washington Irving. — G. P. Marsh. — W. C Bryant — Henry Clay. — ^Edward Everett.— 
P*rk Benjamin. — Horace Greeley. — Peter Force. — W. S. Mount — ^James Brooks. — Lewis 
Cass.— Manton Eastbum.— L. L. Noble.— W. B. Sprague.— William Jerdan and Wash- 
ington Irving.— J. H. Payne.— E. N. Kirk. — E. K. Kane. — G. W. Bethune.— Emanuel 
Leutze. — Charles Heavjrsege. — L. S. Foster. — Charles Dickens and Washington Irving. — 
W. A. Buckingham. — J. F. T. Crampton.— Samuel Tyler.— Winfield Scott— Charles 
Mackay. — Clark Mills. — C. P. Mcllvaine. — ^M. F. Tupper.— A. H. Stephens. — ^H. R. 
Schoolcraft — G. B. McClellan.— John Trumbull. 

Lanman, Charles. 920 Lay 

Japan; its leading men, with an historical summary of the empire. 

1886. Lothrop. 

"Foreign bibliography of the empire," p.4X 5-421. 

Lennox, Lord William Pitt. 920 L61 

Celebrities I have known, with episodes political, social, sporting 
and theatrical. 2v. 1876-77. Hurst. 

Lord Lennox (i 799-1 881) was much interested in sport, especially horse-racing, 
and delighted in private theatricals. His reminiscences contain many anecdotes. 

Lewis, Lady Maria Theresa (Villiers) Lister. 920 L67 

Lives of the friends and contemporaries of Lord Chancellor Claren- 
don, illustrative of portraits in his gallery. 3v. 1852. Murray. 

V.I. Life of Lord Falkland. — Life of Lord Capell. 

V.2. Life of Lord Capell (continued). — Life of Marquis of Hertford. 

V.3. Life of Marquis of Hertford (continued). — Appendix: An account of the 
origin of the collection of portraits in the gallery and a descriptive catalogue of the 

*'The forming of this famous portrait-gallery had been one of the Chancellor's 
magnificent passions. . .The quality of the collection was more remarkable than its 
number: for it was not made at haphazard, but selected by design, under the eye of 
one by whom all that was eminent in English story was thoroughly known and ap- 
preciated, and comprised what he considered the ilite of the nation during the most 
stirring years of all its annals, from the Armada to the Restoration." Edinburgh re- 
view, 1852. 

The portraits themselves are not reproduced. 

Lindsay, Alexander William Crawford, lord. gao Lya 

Lives of the Lindsays; or, A memoir of the houses of Crawford and 

Balcarres. 3v. 1858. Murray. 

The author, asth earl of Crawford and 8th earl of Balcarres, was well versed in the 
history and genealogy of this ancient Scottish family. 

*'To a Norman gentleman, M. Toustain de Richebourg, our chronicler is indebted 
for many of his archxological materials; while abundance of lighter matter, concerning 
more modem times and persons, has been gathered from journals, diaries, and memorials 
kept by the Lindsays. . .It is by no means a constant fact that every heraldic painter 
shall execute his labour of love and reverence with so much sincerity, delicacy and 
patience as Lord Lindsay has. He has given us a book which Scott would have de- 
lighted to honour." Athenaum, 1849- 

rgao L747a 
Lives of eminent & remarkable characters born or long resident in the 
counties of Essex, Suffolk & Norfolk. 1820. Longman. 

Brief biographical sketches, accompanied by portraits. Thomas Gainsborough. 
Francis Quarles, Cardinal Wolsey, John Lydgate and Samuel Purchas are among the 
most noted names included. 


rgao L747 
Lives of illustrious and eminent persons of Great Britain. 1820. Long- 

Includes bishops, physicians, court dignitaries, literary people and others. Thle 
biographies, which in each case cover scarcely more than a page, are accompanied by 

Livingston, John. rgao L74P 

Portraits of eminent Americans now living [1853], with biographical 

and historical memoirs of their lives and actions. 2v. 1853. Cornish. 

Being an enlarged edition of his "Biographical sketches of distinguished Americans 
now living." 

Macaulay, Thomas Babington, lord. gao Mix 

Biographies contributed to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, with notes 

of his connection with Edinburgh and extracts from his letters and 

speeches, i860. Black. 

Contents: Notes on Lord Macaulay's connection with Edinburgh. — Biocsapbixs: 
Francis Atterbury; John Bunyan; Oliver Goldsmith; Samuel Johnson; William Pitt. 

McCabe, James Dabney, (pseud. Edward Winslow Martin). gao Mia4 
Great fortunes and how they were made; or, The struggles and tri- 
umphs of our self-made men. 1872. Maclean. 

Contents: Mekchants: Stephen Girard; J. J. Astor; A. T. Stewart; Amos Law- 
rence: A. V. Stout; Jonas Chickering; Nicholas Longworth; George Peabody. — Capitax^ 
iSTs: Cornelius Vanderbilt; Daniel Drew; J. B. Eads; C W. Field. — Inventors: Robert 
Fulton; Charles Goodyear; Eli Whitney; Chauncey Jerome; Elias Howe, jr.; R. M. 
Hoe; Samuel Colt; S. F. B. Morse. — Publishsrs: James Harper; J. T. Fields. — Editors: 
J. G. Bennett; Robert Bonner. — Lawyers: John Marshall; J. T. Brady. — Artists: Ben- 
jamin West; John Rogers; Hiram Powers; Emmanuel Leutze. — Divines: H. W. 
Beecher; Peter Cartmrright. — Authors: H. W. Longfellow; Nathaniel Hawthorne. — 
Actors: Edwin Booth; Joseph Jefferson. — Pbysicxans: Benjamin Rush; Valentine 

Not limited solely to those who have gained pecuniary wealth. The author ex- 
plains that he has included in his short biographical sketches artists, writers, inventors, 
etc who have benefited the world and in that way won for themselves enduring riches. 

Maccunn, Florence A. gao M143 

Sir Walter Scott's friends. 1910. Blackwood. 

Contents: Old ladies of Sir Walter's youth: Alison Rutherford (Mrs Cockburn); 
Mrs A. M. Keith. — Parliament house friends: George Cranstoun (Lord Corehouse); 
Thomas Thomson (deputy-clerk registrar); William Erskine (Lord Kinnedder); J. A. 
Cranstoun (Countess Purgstall). — Family friends: Ty tiers of Woodhouselee ; Clerks of 
Eldin and Adams of Blair- Adam; Mrs Maclean Clephane of Torloisk. — Makers of the 
"Minstrelsy:" Introductory; John Leyden; Joseph Ritson; Robert Surtees of Mains- 
forth; C. K. Sharpe; James Hogg. — Buccleuch group: The House of Buccleuch; Frances, 
lady Douglas; Lady Louisa Stuart. — "Marmion" group: W. S. Rose; George Ellis; Sir 
William Forbes; James Skene and Colin Mackenzie. — Literary ladies: Anna Seward; 
Joanna Baillie ; J. B. S. Morritt of Rokeby. — The Abbotsf ord household : Sir Adam 
Fergusson; Willie Laidlaw; Tom Purdie. — Scott's relation to other poets: Campbell; 
Crabbe; Moore; Lord Byron; Wordsworth and Southey. 

Its charm for the most part is that it brings us into familiar friendship with a host 
of old Scottish ladies, Edinburgh advocates, antiquarian lairds, and great folk whom we 
had learned to know a little in Lockhart and other writers of memoirs. Some of the 
material is from printed sources, but a great deal of it Miss Maccunn has drawn from 
stores of unpublished correspondence. Beyond its burden of entertainment the chief 
merit of the book is the light it throws on the genesis of Scott's poems and novels. Con- 
densed from Nation, 1910. 

Macedo, Joaquim Manuel de. rgao M15 

Brazilian biographical annual, v.i. 1876. 


Martineau, Harriet. 920 M431 

Biographical sketches. 1869. Leypoldt. 

Contents: Literary: Amelia Opic; Professor Wilson ("Christopher North"); J. 
G. Lockhart; M. R. Mitford; Charlotte Bront« ("Currer Bell"); Samuel Rogers; J. W. 
Crolcer; Mrs Marcet; Henry Hallam; Mrs Wordsworth; Thomas De Quincey; Lord 
Macaulay; Mrs Jameson; W. S. Landor. — Scientific: George Combe; Alexander von 
Humboldt — Propessional : Bishop Blomfield; Archbishop Whately; The marquis of 
Londonderry; Lord Raglan; The Napiers; Lieut-Gen. Sir William Napier; Rear-Admiral 
Sir Francis Beaufort; Sir John Richardson; Lord Denman; Lord Chancellor Campbell; 
David Roberts. — Social: Miss Berry; Father Mathew; Robert Owen; Lady Noel Byron. 
— Politicians: The marquis of Anglesey; Joseph Hume; Lord Murray; Lord Herbert 
of Lea; The marquis of Lansdowne; Lord Lyndhurst; The earl of Elgin and Kincar- 
dine; The duke of Newcastle; The earl of Carlisle; Lord Palmerston; Lord Brougham. 
— Royal: The last birthday of the Emperor Nicholas, July 6th, 1854; Mettemich and 
Austria; The duchess of Gloucester; King Frederick William IV of Prussia; The 
duchess of Kent. 

Meiinechet, £douard, ed. qrgao M6a3 

Le Plutarque frangais; vies des hommes et des femmes illustres de 
la France depuis le cinquieme siecle jusqu'a nos jours; deuxieme edi- 
tion, publiee sous la direction de T. Hadot. 6v. 1844-47. 

v.i. Moyen age. 

V.2. i4e, i5e, i6e si^cles. 

v. 3. i6e, i7e siicles. 

V.4. Slide de Louis XIV. 

v.5. i8e siicle. 

V.6. Revolution; empire. 

Menzies, Sutherland. rgao M63 

Royal favourites. 2v. 1865. Maxwell. 

V.I. The favourites of Edward of Caernarvon and Isabel of France. — Maria de 
Padilla, favourite of Don Pedro the Cruel. — Agnes Sorel and Charles the Victorious. — 
Diana of Poitiers. — Henry of Valois and the minions. — The favourites of Elizabeth 
Tudor. — Mary Stuart and Chastelar. — Henry the Great and the fair Gabrielle. — The 
Italian favourites of Marie de* MedicL — ^The favourites of James I and Anne of Den- 
mark. — ^The favourites of Louis the Just (XIII of France). 

V.2. George Villiers, dul;e of Buckingham. — Marie de Rohan, duchess de Chev* 
reuse, favourite of Anne of Austria. — The favourites of Louis the Fourteenth. — Tlie 
12 favourites of Catherine the Second of Russia. 

Moore, Frank Frankfort. 920 M87 

A Georgian pageant. 1909. Dutton. 

Contents: The monarch of the pageant [George III]. — A comedy in St. Martin's 
street [Mrs Thrale]. — A tragedy in the Haymarket [Giuseppe Baretti]. — The faUl gift 
[Maria and Elizabeth Gunning]. — ^The fete champetre. — ^The plot of a lady novelist — 
Tragedy with a twinkle [Oliver Goldsmith]. — The best comedy of the century [She 
stoops to conquer]. — The Jessamy bride. — The amazing elopement [R. B. Sheridan]. — 
The amazing duels [R. B. Sheridan]. — A melodrama at Covent Garden. — ^Thc comedy at 
Downing street. 

Mr Moore writes with wit and with intimate knowledge of the period, and justifies 
his title by his dramatic and picturesque presentment of characters and episodes. 

Morris, Charles. 920 M91 

Heroes of progress in America. 1906. Lippincott. 

The sanie J920 M91 

Contents: Roger Williams. — ^John Eliot. — William Penn. — ^James Oglethorpe. — 
Benjamin Franklin. — Patrick Henry. — Samuel Adams. — Thomas Jefferson. — Robert 
Morris. — Alexander Hamilton. — John Adams. — EU Whitney. — Robert Fulton.— John 
Jacob Astor. — Stephen Girard. — ^John Marshall. — Henry Qay. — Daniel Webster. — J. C 
Calhoun. — S. F. B. Morse.— C. W. Field.— Ellas Howe.— C. H. McCormick.— Charles 
Goodyear.— DeWitt Clinton.— Horace Wells.— W. L. Garrison.— Wendell Phillips.— 
Charles Sumner. — Lucretia Mott. — E. C. Stanton. — S. B. Anthony. — Dorothea Dix. — 
George Peabody. — Peter Cooper. — Abraham Lincoln. — W. H. Seward. — ^J. G. Blaine. — 
Horace Greeley. — ^John Ericsson. — T. A. Edison. — F. E. Willard. — Clara Barton. — An- 
drew Carnegie. — B. T. Washington. 


Moses, George H. ed. rgao M93 

New Hampshire men; a collection of biographical sketches, with 
portraits of sons and residents ©f the state who have become known 
in commercial, professional and political life. 1893. New Hampshire 
Pub. Co. 

National portrait gallery. 4v. [1875-77.] Cassell. qgao N15 

Biographical sketches, with portraits, of English statesmen, scientists, writers, 
clergymen, etc. of the 19th century. 

New England Historic Genealogical Society. rgao N36 

Memorial biographies of the New England Historic Genealogical 
Society; Towne memorial fund, 1864-1897. v.6-9. 1905-08. 

V.9 contains complete index to set 

For v.1-5 see preceding catalogue, second series. 

Noble, Mark. gao N38 

Memoirs of the illustrious house of Medici, from Giovanni, the 
founder of their greatness, who died in the year 1428, to the death of 
Giovanni-Gaston, the last grand duke of Tuscany, in 1737, illustrated 
with several genealogical tables. 1797. Cadell. 

ConUnts: A preliminary chapter, describing the state of Italy prior to the history 
of the family of MedacL — Of the origin of the house of Medici. — ^The life of Giovanni 
de Medici. — ^The life of Cosmo, father of his country. — ^The life of Pietro, the unpopu* 
lar. — ^The life of Lorenzo, the miignificenL — The life of Pietro, the unfortunate. — ^The 
life of Pope Leo X. — The life of Pope Cement VII. — ^The life of Alesandro, duke of 
Florence. — The life of Cosmo I, ffrand duke of Tuscany. — The life of Francesco-Maria, 
grand duke of Tuscany. — ^The life of Ferdinando I, grand duke of Tuscany. — ^The life 
of Cosmo II, grand duke of Tuscany. — The life of Ferdinando II, grand duke of 
Tuscany. — ^The life of Cosmo III, grand duke of Tuscany. — ^The life of Giovanni-Gaston, 
grand dtike of Tuscany. — Genealogical tables. 

Oliphant, Thomas Laurence Kingston. gao Oa33 

The duke and the scholar, and other essays. 1875. Macmillan. 

ConttnU: life of the duke de Luynes. — Life of Huillard-Br^holles.— Life of Frm 
Salimbene. — Was the old English aristocracy destroyed by the Wars of the Roses? — 
The long union between the English lords and commons. 

Parker, Mrs Helen (Fitch). 9ao Pa3 

Morning stars of the New World. 1854. Derby. 

Contents: Christopher Coltunbus. — Americus Vespucius. — Ferdinand de Soto. — Sir 
Walter Raleig^. — Henry Hudson. — Captain John Smith. — Captain Miles Standish. — Lady 
Arabella Johnson. — ^John Eliot. — William Pcnn. 

Parry, John Humffreys. rgao Pa6 

Cambrian Plutarch, comprising memoirs of some of the most emi- 
nent Welshmen, from the earliest times to the present. 1834. Simpkin. 

Contents: Arthur. — Aneurln. — Taliesin. — Llywarch Hen. — St. David. — Asaer 
Menevensis. — Hywel Dda. — Rhys ab Tewdwr. — Owain Gwynedd. — Giraldus Cambrentis. 
— Llywclyn ab Gruffydd. — Davydd ab Gwilym. — Owain Glyndwr. — Sir Rhys ab Thomas. 
— ^Humphrey Llwyd. — Dr John David Rhys. — Bishop Morgan. — Dr John Davies. — Ed* 
ward Llwyd. — Lewis Morris. — ^Thomas Pennant — Rev. Peter Roberts. 

Plutarch. qrgao Pya 

Plutarchi Chaeronensis vitae parallelae, cum singulis aliquot; Graece 
et Latine; adduntur variantes lectiones ex mss. codd. veteres & novae, 
doctorum virorum notae & emandationes et indices accuratissimi; re- 
censuit Augustinus Bryanus. 5 v. 1723-29. 

v. I, 1739; v.2-4, 17*3; V.5, 1734. 
Title-pages of Y.3-5 are in Gredc and Latin. 


rgao P98 

Public characters; or, Contemporary biography; memoirs. 1803. Bonsai. 

Contents: C. J. Fox. — ^^liam Pitt. — ^Dr Ensmut Darwin. — Henry Dundas. — ^John 
Walcott— William HerscbeL — ^Marquis Comwallis.— JoMph Priestley. — ^Mr D'Israeli.— 
Lord Nelson.— Gilbert Wakefield. — ^Earl St Vincent— Robert Southey.— William Godwin. 
— William Cowper. — Warren Hastings. — Sir Ralpb Abercrombie. — Dr James Gregory. — 
Dr William Mavor. — Lord Grenville. — Dolce of Bridgewater. — ^Thomas Jefferson. — Bush- 
rod Washington. — Edmund Randolph. — Dr Hugh Blair. — Sir Joseph Banks. — Henry 
Addington. — ^J. H. Tooke. — General Bowles. — Count Rumford. — Dr James Beattie. — Dr 
S. L. Mitchell. — Dr Jenner. — General Ira Allen. — Earl Stanhope. — Mr Curran. 

920 R72 

Ross, Mrs Janet Ann (Duff-Gordon), ed. gao R73 

Lives of the early Medici as told in their correspondence. 191 1. 

"Interesting selection of intimate letters, which covers the lives of Cosimo, Piero, 
and Lorenzo. She has taken her material not merely from the well-known printed 
sources, but also from those many little volumes issued privately in honour of the mar> 
riage of a friend — in accordance with a graceful Italian custom which has successfully 
prevented quantities of valuable material from being of use to any but the few — and 
above all from the Medici archives in Florence. Consequently much of the contents of 
the present volume is altogether new. . .The majority of the letters are political." Athe- 
n^um, 1910, 

[Ruetenik, Hermann Julius.] gao R83 

Beriihmte deutsche vorkampfer fur fortschritt, freiheit und friede in 
Nord-Amerika von 1626 bis 1901 ; 150 biographien. 1904. 

Russell, William, LL. D, gao R91 

Extraordinary men and women; their early days and after life. 2v. 

in I. [1853.] Routledge. 

Contents: Michael Angelo. — Martin Luther. — Shakspere. — Oliver Cromwell. — 
Molie re.— Blaise Pascal.— The duke of Marlborough.— Peter the Great — Franklin. — 
Mirabeau. — Mozart. — Sir Samuel Romilly. — Nelson. — Robert Bums. — Sir Thomas Law- 
rence. — Wilkie. — Napoleon Bonaparte. — Lord Byron. — ^The duke of Wellington. — Sir 
Robert Peel.— Louis Philippe.— W. E. Channing.— William Cobbett.— Sheridan.— J. P. 
Richter. — The Maid of Orleans. — Mrs Fry. — ^The empress Josephine. — Madame Roland. 
—Christina, queen of Sweden. — Elizabeth Woodville. — Mrs Hutchinson. — Queen Eliza- 
beth. — Madame de S^vign^. — Isabella of Castile. — Anne Boleyn. — Lady Jane Grey. — 
Mary, queen of Scots. — Lady M. W. Montague. — Marie-Antoinette. — Mrs Siddons. — 
Madame de Stacl-Holstein. — Charlotte Corday. — Madame R^camier. — Margaret Fuller. 
— Lady Hester Stanhope. — Madame de Genlis. — Catherine II, empress of Russia. — Mrs 
Opie.— Maria-Theresa. 

Ryan, Richard, comp, rgao Rgs 

Bipgraphia Hibernica; a biographical dictionary of the worthies of 

Ireland from the earliest period to the present time. 2v. 1821. Warren. 

Sainte-Beuve, Charles Augustin. gao Si5po 

Portraits of the 17th century, historic and literary; tr. by K. P. 
Worm el ey. 2v. 1904. Putnam. 

v. I. Cardinal de Richelieu. — Henri, due de Rohan. — Cardinal Mazarin. — Francois, 
due de La Rochefoucauld. — Anne-Genevi^ve de Bourbon XDuchesse de Longueville). — 
Cardinal de Retz. — Mademoiselle de I'Enclos. — ^Tallemant dea R6aux and Bussy-Rabutin. 
— The abb^ de Ranc6. — Anne-Genevi^e de Bourbon ("La grande MademoiseUe**). — 
Marie-Madeleine de La Vergne. — Henrietta Anne of England. — Louis XIV. — Louise de 
la Beaume Le Blanc. 

v.2. History of the French Academy. — Comeillc. — Mademoiselle de Scud^. — 
Moliere. — La Fontaine. — Pascal. — Madame de S6vign<. — Bossuet — Boileau. — Racine. — 
Madame de Caylus. — F^nelon. — Comte Antoine Hamilton. — The princesse des Ursins. 


Sanders, Lloyd Charles. gao Sax 

Holland house circle. [1908.] Methuen. 

"Some works consulted," p. 19-25. 

Treats of the many distinguished people who have been familiar guests at this 
&mous house, giving particular attention to its most brilliant period, the first half of 
the Z9th century. Compiled from contemporary memoirs and correspondence. Many 
illustrations from portraits. 

Scherr, Johannes. gao 833 

Menschliche tragikomodie; gesammelte studien, skizzen und bilder. 
v.3-4, in I. 1884. 

Conttnts: Der letzte sonnensohn. — Der weisse teufel. — Zwei koniginnen. — Der 
falsche Dmitry. — Cromwell. — Ein prophet. — Ninon de Lendos. — Der verzauberte kur* 


920 S38 

Sherard, Robert Harborough. gao S55 

Twenty years in Paris; being some recollections of a literary life. 
1905. Hutchinson. 

Author is (1907) an. English newspaper correspondent. His reminiscences give 
some interesting glimpses of Victor Hugo, Dumas, Ferdinand de Lesseps, Thomas A. 
Edison, Ernest Dowson. Oscar Wilde, Cmile Zola and others. 

Smith, John, of the Inner Temple. qrgao S65a 
Iconographia Scotica; or, Portraits of illustrious persons of Scot- 
land, engraved from the most authentic paintings, with their lives. 
[1798.] Wilkinson. 

Socci, Ettore. gao S67 

Umili eroi della patria e dell'umanita; narrazioni storiche ad uso 
delle scuole. [1903.] 

Contents: Luca Spano. — II pagliaccio GorettL — Andrea Brenta. — Pasquale Sotto- 
como. — Carlo Zima. — Albino e Clemente BondL — Elbano Gasperi — Luigi Anderlini. — 
Giulia Modena. — II dottorino Paolo Arpesani. — II tamburino della valle dei morti. — 
Federigo Comandini. — Giovanni Pezzotti. — Colomba Antonietti — Caterina Baracchini. — 
La famiglia Bensaia. — Pietro Frattini. — Don Giovanni Veriti. — I salvatori di Garibaldi 
in Toscana. — Rocco Lombardo. — Antonio Sciesa. — Cervellino La Mattarella. — Maria e 
Caterina Avegno. — II pescatore Toffin. — Rosa Donato. — Antonio Lanzetta. — Giorgio 
Imbriani. — Francesco Riso. — Tito Strocchi. — Salvatore MorellL — Ettore Panzeri e Guido 

Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. qrgao S67 

Gallery of portraits, with memoirs. 7v. 1833-37. 

Large number of portraits of statesmen, artists, writers, scientists, etc. of ancient 
and modem times, arranged without any apparent system. The memoirs arc extremely 

Speer, Robert Elliott. gao S74 

Young men who overcame. 1905. Revell. 

ContenU: H. M. Beaver. — "Bianny" Holabird. — H. W. Rose. — H. T. Pitkin. — 
Walter Lowrie.— H. W. Camp.— Harry Maclnnes.— Marshall Newell. — T. B. Pryor.— 
G. H. C MacGregor. — Mirza Ibrahim. — W. E. Dodge. — Hedley Vicars. — C. V. R. 
Hodge. — I. P. Coale. 

Short sketches of some young men who made duty and the service of Christ the 
first thing in their lives. 


Steams, Frank Preston. gao S799 

Cambridge sketches. 1905. Lippincott. 

Contents: The close of the war. — F. J. Child. —Longfellow. — Lowell. — C. P. 
Cranch. — T. G. Appleton. — Doctor Holmes. — Frank Bird and the Bird clab. — Sumner. — 
Chevalier Howe. — ^The war governor [J. A. Andrew]. — The colored regiments. — Emer* 
son's tribute to G. L, Steams. — Elizur Wright.— Dr W. T. G. Morton. — Leaves from a 
Roman diary. — Centennial contributions. 

Stevenson, Adlai Ewing. 920 S84 

Something of men I have known, with some papers of a general 

nature, political, historical and retrospective. 1909. McClurg. 

"As a prominent lawyer of Illinois, member of Congress, first-assistant postmaster 
general (i 8)85-89) and vice-president in Qeveland's second administration, the auUior 
had opportunity to meet and know most of the distinguished public men of the last 
third of the nineteenth century. The book consists mainly of estimates and characteriza- 
tions of his contemporaries, enlivened with excellent anecdotes, but also includes selec- 
tions from the author's public addresses and chapters on Lincoki, Douglas, the Mormon 
exodus from Illinois, and noted American duels." A. L. A, booklist, J910, 

Street, George Slythe. gao Sgz 

Ghosts of Piccadilly. 1907. Constable. 

Contents: A general view. — Contrasted fates. — Another contrast of neighbours: 
81 and 82. — Old Q. — The ghosU of Albany. — Byron. — Of Burlington house. — The 
Falmerstons and Cambridge house.— 105, xo6 and 107. — ^The great duke. — ^Emma Hamil- 
ton. — Sir Walter in London. — ^Harriot Mellon. — Some other people. — Some other bouses. 
— ^The shops and the taverns. — The church and the end. 

Symonds, £. M. {pseud. George Paston). gao S98I 

Little memoirs of the 19th century. 1902. Richards. 

Contents: B. R. Hay don. — Lady Morgan (Sydney Owenson). — N. P. Willis. — Lady 
Hester Stanhope. — Prince Puckler-Muskau in England. — William and Mary Howitt. 

Tappan, Eva March. J920 Tig 

American hero stories. 1906. Houghton. 

Contains 15 short stories of war times, five accounts of voyagers and explorers, five 
colonial stories and brief lives of Daniel Boone, David Crockett, Christopher Carton and 
Abraham Lincoln. 

Tappan, Eva March, camp. jgao Tiga 

Adventures & achievements. 1909. Houghton. (The children's 
hour, V.8.) 

The mobbing of Garrison, the escape of Louis Napoleon from the fortress of Ham, 
the burning of Washington, Grace Darling's heroic deed, the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, 
which destroyed Pompeii and Herculaneum, and other stories of adventure, battle and 

Tarbell, Ida Minerva. gao Tig 

Short life of Napoleon Bonaparte, with illustrations from G. G. Hub- 
bard's collection of Napoleon engravings, supplemented by pictures 
from the collections of Prince Victor Napoleon, Prince Roland Bona- 
parte, Baron Larrey and others. 1895. McClure. (McClure's biogra- 

Contains also "Human documents," by various writers, and "The early life of 
Lincoln," by I. M. Tarbell. 

Appeared in "McQurc's magarine," v.3-4, Nov. 1894-May 1895. 

The same, with a sketch of Josephine, empress of the French. 1901. 
McClure ga Ni2gt 

Title reads "Life of Napoleon Bonaparte." 

The same, with a sketch of Josephine, empress of the French. 1909. 
Moffat rg2 Niagt 

Title reads "Life of Napoleon Bonaparte " 


Taylor, William Cooke, ed, rgao Tas 

Romantic biography of the age of Elizabeth; or, Sketches of life 
from the bye-ways of history, by the Benedictine Brethren of Glenda- 
lough. 2v. 1842. Lee. 

V.I. Introduction. — Margaret of Valois, queen of Henry IV. — Robert Dudley, carl 
of Leicester. — Castelnau, ambassador from France. — La Mothe F6nelon. — La Mothe 
Fexielon and Castelnau. — Thomas Howard, fourth duke of Norfolk. — Hu^, earl of 
Tyrone, and notices of Walter, first earl of Essex. — Dr Dee. 

V.2. Calvin and the church of Geneva. — ^William Whittingham and the Puritans. — 
Archbishop Whitgift and Dr Cartwright. — ^John Darrel, the exorcist — Loyola and the 
Order of the Jesuits. — Robert Parsons, Edmund Campian and the Jesuits in England.— 
Pope Sixtus V. — Charles de Valois, due d'Angouleme. — Henry de la Tour d'Auvergne, 
viscount Turenne and duke de Bouillon. 

The "Benedictine Brethren of Glendalough" was the fanciful name chosen by a 
little group of Trinity College graduates who agreed to collect and publish curious and 
little-known bits of historical information. 

Timbs, John. 920 X47 

School-days of eminent men. 1864. Follett. 

The first part of the book gives an outline of the progress of education in England 
to the reign of William IV. The "eminent men" range from Sir Thomas More and 
Spenser to Lord Byron and Thomas Arnold. 

Toldy, Ferencz. 930 T57 

Magyar illamferfiak es ir6k. v. 1-2, in i. 1868. (Osszeg^fijtott 
munkai, v. 1-2.) 

Vannucdy Atto. 920 V19 

I martiri della liberta italiana dal 1794 al 1848. 2v. 1887. 

Vay, San dor, grdf, ed. 920 V23 

Regi nemes urak urasszonyok. 1908. 
Villasenor y ViUasenor, Alejandro. ,920 V33 

Biografias de los heroes y caudillos de la independencia. 2v. in i. 

Ward, Wilfrid. 920 W21 

Ten personal studies. 1908. Longmans. 

Contents: A. J. Balfour, a political Fabius Maximus. — Three notable editors: 
Delane, Hutton, Knowles. — Some characteristics of Henry Sidgwick. — Robert, earl of 
Lytton, statesman and poet. — Father Ignatius Ryder; a reminiscence. — Sir M. E. Grant 
Duff's diaries. — Leo XIII. — ^The genius of Cardinal Wiseman. — J. H. Newman; an ad- 
dress. — Newman and Manning. 

Wharton, Grace, (pseud, of Mrs Katharine Byerley r920 W59 


Memoirs of the Jacobites of 1715 and 1745, 3v. 1845-46. Bentley. 

V.I. John Erskine, earl of Mar. — James Radcliffe, earl of Derwentwater. — The 
Master of Sinclair. — Cameron of Lochiel. 

V.2. William Maxwell, earl of Nithisdale. — William Gordon, viscount Kenmure. — 
William Murray, marquis of Tullibardine. — Sir John Maclean. — Rob Roy Macgregor 
Campbell. — Simon Frascr. lord Lovat. 

V.3. Lord George Murray. — ^James Drummond. duke of Perth. — Flora Macdonald. 
— William Boyd, earl of Kilmarnock. — Charles Radcliffe. 

Lives of those who were prominently identified with the two Stuart uprisings in 

[Williams, Edwin, & Lester, C. E. {pseud. Berkeley men).] 920 W74 

The Napoleon dynasty; or, The history of the Bonaparte family, 

an entirely new work, by the Berkeley men. 1852. Cornish. 

Contents: Origin of the Bonapartes; Lives of Carlo, Letitia and Cardinal Fesch. — 
The emperor Napoleon. — The empress Josephine. — ^The empress Maria Louisa. — Joseph 


[Williams, Edwin, & Lester, C. E.] — continued. 920 W74 

Bonaimrte, Idng of Naples and Spain. — Luden Bonaparte, prince of Canino. — ^Loois 
Bonaparte, Idng of Holland: Queen Hortense. — Jerome Bonaparte, king of West- 
phalia; Napoleon's sisters: Eliza, Pauline, Caroline; Eugene Beauharnais; Napoleon 
I^rancis Joseph, duke of Reichstadt — Joachim Murat, king of Naples. — Louis Napoleon, 
president of the French republic. — Historic illustrations. 
Contains many portraits. 

Williamson, Leland M. and others, ed. qrgao W75 

Prominent and progressive Pennsylvanians of the 19th century; a 
review of their careers. 3v. 1898. Record Pub. Co. 

Contains over 500 names. Portraits. 

Wilson, Henry Schiitz. 930 W76 

Studies in history, legend and literature. 1884. Griffith. 

Contents: Lucreaia Borgia. — Count Struensee and Queen Caroline Mathilde. — Eliza- 
beth Stuart, queen of Bohemia. — Eppelein von Gailingen. — Facts and fancies about 
Fatist — Itiadame Roland. 

Young, George Frederick. gao Y37 

The Medici. 2v. 1909. Dutton. 

"Authorities consulted," v.i, p. 15-17. 

This work saps the foundations of many a time-honored misconception built upon 
stories that cannot bear critical examination. The author places before us the results 
of the most recent research, impartially sifting the evidence as he goes; it is we who 
draw the inevitable conclusions. In the course of his survey he conscientiously ex- 
amines the life of each member of the Medid family whose name has come down to 
posterity. The work accordingly comprises more than a hundred biographical sketches 
of members of the house of Medici, beginning with its founder Giovanni di Bicci, and 
ending with the electress Anna Maria Ludovica; while the connected subjects upon 
which it throws light are of the most varied character. Condensed from Athentrum, igoQ. 

Biographical dictionaries 

Aa, Abraham Jacob van der, and others, comp. r920 An 

Biographisch woordenboek der Nederlanden; bevattende levens- 
beschrijvingen van zoodanige personen, die zich op eenigerlei wijze in 
ons vaderland hebben vermaard gemaakt; voortgezet door K. J. R. van 
Harderwijk en G. D. J. Schotel. 2iv. in 27. 1852-78. 

rgao A58 
Anglo-African who's who and biographical sketch-book, 1905. Rout- 

Walter H. WilU and R. J. Barrett, cd. 

rgao A61 
Annuaire historique et biographique des souverains, des chefs et mem- 
bres des maisons princieres, families nobles ou distinguees et principale- 
ment des homnies d'etat, de guerre, de science et de ceux dont se com- 
pose I'elite des diverses nations, v.2. 1844. 

[Baldwin, Charles N. comp.] rgao Big 

Universal biographical dictionary, containing the lives of the most 
celebrated characters of every age and nation, to which is added a dic- 
tionary of the principal divinities and heroes of Grecian and Roman 
mythology and a biographical dictionary of eminent living characters. 


Biagi, Guido, comp. rgao B47 

Chi e? annuario biografico italiano. 1908. 

Italian "Who's who." 

rgao B487a 

Biographisches jahrbuch und deutscher nekrolog; hrsg. von Anton Bet- 

telheim; register, v.i-io, 1896-1905. 

For Tclumes of the yearbook aee preceding catalogue, second series. 

Boase, Frederic, comp. qrgao B57 

Modern English biography; concise memoirs of persons who have 
died since 1850. v.4. 1908. Privately printed. 

V.4. Supplement, v.i, A-C. 

For V.I -3 see preceding catalogue, first series. 

Canadian who's who. 1910. The Times. rgao C16 

Caulfield, James. rgao CaS 

Portraits, memoirs and characters of remarkable persons from the 
revolution in 1688 to the end of the reign of George II, collected from 
the most authentic accounts extant. 4v. 1819-20. Whiteley. 

[Cooper, Thompson.] qrgao C78 

Men of mark; a gallery of contemporary portraits. 2v. [i876]-77. 

Cort6s» Jose Domingo. qrgao C8a 

Diccionario biogrifico americano; este volumen contiene los nom- 
bres, con los datos biograficos i enumeracion de las obras de todas las 
personas que se han ilustrado en las letras, las armas, las ciencias, las 
artes en el continente americano. 1876. 

Cunningham, George Godfrey, ed. rgao Cga 

Lives of eminent and illustrious Englishmen from Alfred the Great 
to the present time [1834]. 8v. [18351-42. Fullarton. 

GaroUo, Gottardo, camp, rgao Giga 

Dizionario biografico universale. 2v. 1907. 

V.I. Aa- Haydn. 

V.3. Haydon-Zwingli, e appendice. 

gao G31 
Georgian era; memoirs of the most eminent persons who have flourished 
in Great Britain from the accession of George the First to the demise 
of George the Fourth. 4v. 1832-34. Vizetelly. 

v.i. The royal family. — The Pretenders and their adherents. — Churchmen. — Dis- 
senters. — Statesmen. 

V.2. Military and naval commanders. — ^Judges and barristers. — Phjrsicians and sur- 

V.3. Voyagers and travellers. — Philosophers and men of science. — Authors. 

v.4. Political and rural economists. — Painters, sculptors, architects , and engravers. 
— Composers. — Vocal, instrumental and dramatic performers. 

Giles, Herbert Allen, comp. qrgao Gag 

Chinese biographical dictionary. 1898. 

Includes names known in Chinese history and literature from the earliest times to 
living persons of the present day. 


rgao H63 
Historic gallery of portraits and paintings, and biographical review; 
containing a brief account of the lives of the most celebrated men in 
every age and country, and graphic imitations of the finest specimens 
of the arts, ancient and modern, v.3-5. 1808-09. Vernor. 

Hoefer, Johann Christian Ferdinand, ed. rgao H67 

Nouvelle biographic g6nerale depuis les temps les plus recules 

jusqu'4 nos jours, avec les renseignements bibliographiques et Tindica- 

tion des sources i consulter. 46V. 1853-66. 
Bibliography, v.i, p.a-3. 

Ibn-Khallikin, Shams ad-Din Abu'l Abbas Ahmad Bin qrgao I12 

Biographical dictionary; tr. from the Arabic by Bn MacGuckin de 
Slane. 4v. 1843-71. Oriental translation fund of Great Britain and 

The author was a 13th century Arabian writer and scholar. 

"His great work., .contains brief sketches of the lives of all the most important 
personages of Muslim history and literature, with many appropriate anecdotes illustra- 
tive of their personal character, and extracts from the works of such of them as w^re 
authors or poets. It is the most complete and at the same time the most universal and 
comprehensive biographical dictionary in the Arabic language, and is the indispensable 
companion of the student of Mahometan literature." Encyclop^tdia Britannica. 

rgao MsgSa 

Men and women of America; a biographical dictionary of contempo- 
raries. 1910. Hamcrsly. 

rgao M598 
Men of America; a biographical dictionary of contemporaries; ed. by 
J. W. Leonard. 1908. Hamersly. 

Morgan, Henry James, ed, rgao M8ga 

Canadian men and women of the time; a hand-book of Canadian 
biography. 1912. Briggs. 

qrgao Ni5a 
National cyclopaedia of American biography; supplement, v.i. 19 10. 

For work which this supplements see preceding catalogue, first series. 

qrgao N33 
Nieuw Nederlandsch biografisch woordenboek, onder redactie van P. C. 
Molhuysen en P. J. Blok. v.i. 191 1. 

Ottinger, Eduard Maria, comp. qrgao O3Z 

Moniteur des dates, contenant un million de renseignements bio- 

graphiques, genealogiques et historiques. gv. in 2. 1866-82. 
German text. 
Y.7-9 are supplementary volumes comp. by Hugo Schramm-Macdonald. 

rgao Qag 

Qui etes-vous? annuaire des contemporains, 1908, 1909/10. [190&-09.] 

rgao W665a 

Who's who in New York city and state, 1905, 1909. 1905-09- Hamersly. 
Edition for 1909 is edited by J. W. Leonard. 


Who's who in Pennsylvania, 1908. 1908. Hamersly. rgao W665 

Biographical dictionary of prominent living Pennsylvanians. 
For volume for 1904 see preceding catalogue, second series. 

920.4 Booksellers 

Knight, Charles. 9204 K34 

Shadows of the old booksellers. 1865. Bell. 

Contents: Thomas Guy. — ^John Dunton. — ^Jacob Tonson. — Thomas Gent, printer, 
of York. — The Tonsons; Lintotts; CurlL — Samuel Richardson. — William Hutton. — Ed- 
ward Cave; Ralph Griffiths. — Robert Dodsley. — Andrew Millar; Cadell and Strahan. — 
John Newbery. — The Chapter coffee-house: Edward Dilly; Thomas Davies; Peter Elms- 
ley; Thomas Evans; Thomas Payne; Thomas Longman; Robert Baldwin; John Riving- 
ton; John Murray; Thomas Becket; Joseph Johnson; John Bell; Cook; Harrison; Note: 
Publishers of Johnson's Poets. — ^James Lackington. — Appendix : The market of literature. 

Biographical sketches and anecdotes of booksellers from the, times of Charles II to 
the 19th century. 

Marston, Edward. 9204 M42 

Sketches of some booksellers of the time of Dr Samuel Johnson. 
1902. Low. 

Contents: Michael Johnson. — ^Andrew Millar. — Thomas Davies. — ^Thomas Osborne. — 
Bernard Lintot; Henry Lintot. — Robert Dodsley. — ^The friends of literature. — Book- 
sellers' literary club. — Thomas Evans. — ^John Nichob. — William Bowyer. — Edward Cave. 

920.7 Biography of women 

Armjrtage, A. J. Green-. 920.7 A74 

Maids of honour; 12 descriptive sketches of single women who have 
distinguished themselves in philanthropy, nursing, poetry, travel, 
science, prose. 1906. Blackwood. 

Contents: Hannah More. — Mary Carpenter. — C. L. Herschel. — Sister Dora. — Mary 
Kingsley. — A. A. Procter. — Marianne North. — ^Jean Ingelow. — Louisa Alcott. — Christina 
Rossetti. — Agnes Strickland. — Epilogue; Mary Lamb. 

Beame, Mrs Catherine Mary (Charlton). 920.7 B34 

Heroines of French society in the court, the revolution, the empire 
and the restoration. 1907. Dutton. 

Contents: Madame V^ig^e Le Brun. — La marquise de Montagu. — Madame Tallien. 
— Madame de Genlis. 

Beniczkyn6-Bajza, Lenke. 920.7 B43 

Leinyok tiikre; nagy magyar n6k elete. 

Contents: SziUgyi Erzs^bet. — Lorintffy Zsuzsinna. — Szichy Miria. — Zrinyi Ilona. 
— Maria Ter6zia. — Erzs^bet. 

Bordeaux, Henry. 920.7 B63 

Portraits de femmes et d'enfants. 1909. 

Contents: Madame de Charmoisy. — La comtesse de Boigne. — Madame de Char- 
ri^e. — ^Julie de Lespinasse. — ^Trois com6diennes: Ariane, Le tombeau de la Malibran, La 
princesse des lies d'Or. — Une inconnue de Sainte-Beuve. — L'enfance de Bayart. — L'en- 
fance de Mistral. 

"These biographical sketches include subjects of varying date, some familiar, others 
little known. The latter may be said of 'Madame de Charmoisy,' the 'Philoth^' of St. 
Francois de Sales, and also of 'Madame de Charri^re,' the gifted woman of letters of 
the later eifi^teenth century, whose works and whose personality so strongly attracted 
Sainte-Beuve. As to portraits of children, it would be difficult to excel in charm 
*L'Enfance de Mistral.'" Spectator, 1909. 


Brantdme, Pierre de Bourdeilles, seigneur de. 920.7 B71 

Book of the ladies (Illustrious dames), with elucidations on some 
of those ladies by C. A. Sainte-Beuve; tr. by K. P. Wormeley. 1902. 

Contents: Anne de Bretagne, queen of France. — Catherine de' Medici, queen and 
mother of our last Idngs. — Marie Stuart, queen of Scotland, formerly queen of our 
France. — Elisabeth of France, queen of Spain. — Marguerite, queen of France and of 
Navarre. — Mesdames, the daughters of the noble house of France. — Of various illustri- 
ous ladies. 

Includes a sketch of Margaret of Angouleme, queen of Navarre. 

"The Abb6 de Brantome (i 540-1 61 4) [was] ostensibly a writer of contemporary 
biography, but really a laughing collector of piquant ... stories of the dames de par le 
monde, told with great gusto and considerable power of character painting, so that his 
works are reprinted and still read." Wells's Modern French literature. 

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. 016.9a C21 

Famous royal ^omen; a reading list for girls. 1908. Pittsburgh. 

Reprinted from the "Monthly bulletin," Jan. 1908. 

The same roz6.9a Caif 

Clergue, Helen. 920.7 C57 

The salon; a study of French society and personalities in the 

i8th century. 1907. Putnam. 

Contents: The evolution of the salon. — Madame Du Deffand. — Madame d'£pinay. 
— ^Julie de Lespinasse. — Madame Geoffrin. 

Creighton, A/rj Louise Hume (von Glehn). 920.7 C87 

Some famous women. 1909. Longmans. 

Contents: St. Hilda. — Joan, the fair maid of Kent. — Jeanne d'Arc, the Maid nf 
France. — Margaret Beaufort. — Rachel, lady Russell. — Elizabeth Fry. — Mary Somerville. 
— J. S. Inglis. — Florence Nightingale. — Isabella Bird, afterwards Mrs Bishop. — Sister 
Dora. — Queen Victoria. 

Endrddi, Sandor, ed. 920.7 E62 

Magyar holgyek 61etrajzai. 

Fea, Allan. 920.7 F31 

Some beauties of the 17th century. 1906. Methuen. 

Contents: The duchess of Mazarin. — Henrietta, duchess of Orleans. — The duchess 
of Somerset. — The duchess of Portsmouth. — The duchess of Richmond. — ^The countesses 
of Falmouth and Rochester. — Lucy Walter. — Mary of Modena. — The countess of Castle- 
mainc. — The countess de Gramont — Nell Gwyn. — The countess of Shrewsbury. — Anne 
Temple, Frances Jennings and Goditha Price. — The beautiful Myddeltons. — The coun- 
tesses of Chesterfield and Southesk. — The Misses Brooke, Miss Fraser and Miss Law- 
son. — Mademoiselle de la Valliere and the marchioness de Montespan. 

Contains many reproductions from paintings by great artists. 

Ferrero, Guglielmo. 920.7 F41 

The women of the Caesars. 191 1. Century. 

Contents: Woman and marriage in ancient Rome. — Livia and Julia. — The daughters 
of Agrippa. — ^Tiberius and Agrippina. — The sisters of Caligula and the marriage of Mes- 
salina. — Agrippina, the mother of Nero. 

These accounts of the careers of some prominent women of imperial Rome furnish 
a remarkably clear picture of the position of women and of other aspects of social life 
in ancient Rome. 

Gerard, Frances A. 920.7 G31 

Some celebrated Irish beauties of the last century. 1895. Ward. 

Contents: Mary Molesworth, countess of Belvedere. — Eleanor Ambrose, *'the 
dangerous papist." — The Gunnings. — Maria, countess of Coventry. — Elizabeth, duchess 
of Hamilton and Argyll. — Mrs Travis and the other two daughters. — General Gunning 


Gerard, Frances A. — continued. 920.7 G3Z 

and the story of his daughter Gunilda. — Peg Woffington. — Dorothea Monroe. — The 
three Miss Montgomerys. — Elizabeth La Touche, countess of Lanesboroui^. — Anne 
Luttrell, duchess of Cumberland. — The romance of the Coghlana of Ardo. — Miss Far- 
ren, countess of Derby. 

"Authorities consulted/' p. 288-289. 

Gerard, Frances A. 920.7 G3Z8 

Some fair Hibernians; being a supplementary volume to "Some cele- 
brated Irish beauties of the last century." 1897. Ward. 

Content*: Dorothea Jordan. — Lady Anne and Lady Gertrude Fitzpatrick. — Mary 
Birmingham, countess of Leitrim; Anne Birmingham, countess of CharlemonL — Sarah 
Curran. — M. C Trench. — Marguerite Power, countess of Blessington. — Sydney Owen- 
son, lady Morgan; and Olivia Owenson, lady Clarke. — C. £. Sheridan, Mrs Norton, 
afterwards Udy StirUng-MaxweU of Keir.— Eliza O'Neill. Udy Wrixon Becher.— M. D. 
Gilbert, Lola Montez. 

"Authorities," p.273-274. 

Graham, Harry. 920.7 G76 

Group of Scottish women. [1908.] Methuen. 

Contents: Scotswomen of early times: Dervorguilla. — Some Scottish Amazons: 
"Black Agnes of Dunbar." — ^Jane, countess of Sutherland. — ^Elizabeth, duchess of Lau- 
derdale. — Women of the covenant: Lady GriseU Baillie. — Anne, duchos of Buccleuch 
and Monmouth. — Catherine, duchess of Queensberry. — Miss "Nicky" Murray. — Susan- 
nah, countess of Eglinton. — Mrs Alison Cockburn. — Elspeth Buchan. — Isobel Pagan. — 
Jane, duchess of Gordon. — Lady Anne Barnard. — Mrs Grant of Laggan. — Lady Louisa 
Stuart. — Miss C. S. Graham. 

Green, Mrs Mary Anne Everett (Wood). 920.7 G83 

Lives of the princesses of England from the Norman conquest. 
V.1-4. 1850-52. Colburn. 

V.I. Caedlia, eldest daughter of William the Conqueror. — ^Adeliza, daughter of Wil- 
liam the Conqueror. — Matilda, daughter of William the Conqueror. — Constance, daughter 
of William the Conqueror. — ^Adela, youngest daughter of William the Conqueror.— 
Gundred, supposed daughter of William the Conqueror. — Matilda, daughter of Henry I. 
— Matilda, daughter of King Stephen. — Mary, daughter of King Stephen. — Matilda, 
eldest daughter of Henry II* — Eleanora, second daughter of Henry II. — ^Joanna, third 
daughter of Henry II. — ^Joanna, eldest daughter of King John. 

V.3. Isabella, second daughter of King John. — Eleanora, third daughter of King 
John. — Margaret, eldest daughter of Henry III. — Beatrice, second daughter of Henry 
IIL — Katherine, third daughter of Henry III. — Eleanora, eldest daughter of Edward I. 
— ^Joanna, third daughter of Edward I. — Margaret, fourth daughter of Edward I. — 
Berengaria, fifth daughter of Edward I. — Mary, sixth daughter of Edward I. 

V.3. Elizabeth, eighth daughter of Edward I. — Eleanora, ninth daughter of Edward L 
— Eleanora, eldest daughter of Edward II. — ^Joanna, second daughter of Edward II.— 
Isabella, eldest daughter of Edward III. — ^Joanna, second daughter of Edward III. — 
Blanche, third daughter of Edward III. — Mairy, fourth daughter of Edward III. — Mar- 
garet, fifth daughter of Edward III. — Blanche, eldest daughter of Henry IV. — Philippa, 
second daughter of Henry IV. — Mary, second daughter of Edward IV. — Cecilia, third 
daughter of Edward IV. — Margaret, fourth daughter of Edward IV. 

T.4. Anne, fifth daughter of Edward IV. — Catherine, sixth daughter of Edward IV. 
— Bridget, seventh daughter of Edward IV. — Margaret, ddest daughter of Henry VIL 
— Elizabeth, second daughter of Henry VII. 

Hamel, Frank. 920.7 Hz9d 

The dauphines of France. 1910. Paul. 

Contents: Jeanne de Bourbon. — Marguerite de Bourgogne. — Jacqueline de Baviire. 
— Marie d'Anjou. — Margaret of Scotland. — Charlotte de Savoie. — Marguerite of Aus- 
tria. — Catherine de Medicis. — Mary Stuart. — Marie Anne Christine Victoire de Baviire. 
— Marie Ad^alde de Savoie. — Marie Th^r^e d'Espagne. — Marie Josephe de Saxe. — 
Marie Antoinette. — Marie Th6r^se, duchesse d'Angouleme. 


Hamel, Frank. 920.7 Hzgf 

Fair women at Fontainebleau. 1909. Nash. 

Contents: Visions of fair women. — Women of the middle ages. — The duchesse 
d'£tampes. — Diane de Poitiers. — Catherine de M^cis. — Gabrielle d'Estr^es. — Marie dc 
MMicis and Hcnriette d'Entragues. — Anne of Austria. — Christina of Sweden. — Marie 
[de Mancini], Henriette [of England] and Louise [de la Valliere]. — Mme de Montespan 
and Mme de Maintenon. — The demoiselles de Nesle and Mme de Pompadour. — Mme du 
Barry and Marie-Antoinette. — Empress Josephine. — Helena of Mecklenburg. 

Hamel, Frank. 920.7 Hzg 

Famous French salons. 1908. Methuen. 

Contents: The Hotel de Rambouillet; the salon of manners. — La Grande Made* 
moiselle; the salon of the court. — Madame de S^ign^: the salon of friendship. — Ninon 
de Lendos; the salon of gallantry. — Madame de Maintenon; the salon of satire. — Madame 
Du Deffand: the salon of wit. — Mademoiselle de Lespinasse; the salon of philosophy. — 
Madame de Stael; the salon of politics. — Madame R^amier; the salon of literature. 

Holt, Emily Sarah. 920.7 H74 

Memoirs of royal ladies. 2v. 1861. Hurst. 

V.I. Ela de Rosmar, countess of Salisbury. — Alicia de Lacy, countess of Salisbury, 
Lincoln, Leicester, Lancaster and Derby, Dame L'Estrange and De Frenes. — Joan Plan- 
tagenet, countess of Kent and princess of Wales. — Constance de Navarra, queen of 
Castilla, duchegs of Lancaster. — Jean Beaufort, queen of Scotland. — Jeanne de Valois, 
queen of France, duchess of Orleans and Berry. — Juana de Navarra, queen of Spain, 
archduchess of Austria. — Marguerite von Hapsburg, of Austria and Burgundy, queen 
of France, princess of the Asturias and duchess of Savoy. 

V.2. Marguerite von Hapsburg, continued. — Charlotte Marguerite de Montmorency, 
princess of Cond^. — Marie Casimire Oementine Sobieski, titular queen of England. 

Kayserling, Meyer. 920.7 K146 

Zsido n6k a tortenelem, az irodalom es a muveszet teren; forditotta 
Reismann M4ria. 2v. 1883. 

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Female biography; containing notices of distinguished women in 
different nations and ages. 1834. Carpenter. 

Lungo, Isidoro del. 920.7 L97 

Women of Florence; tr. by M. C. Steegmann. 1908. Doubleday. 

Contents: Rise of the commune of Florence. — From Dante to Boccaccio. — Beatrice 
in the life and poetry of the 13th century. — The renaissance and the last years of free- 
dom. — A matron of the cinquccento; being certain letters written by Isabella Sacchetti 
Guicciardini. — A letter of Alessandra Mancinghi Strozzi. 

"The social and political life of mediarval Florence, as viewed by and in its women, 
is portrayed with the assuredness of learning and insight... in vivid phrases that make 
real their lives, habits, and views of duty." Outlook (London), 1907. 

Mabie, Hamilton Wright, & Stephens, Kate, ed, 920.7 Mii 

Heroines that every child should know; tales for young people of 
the world's heroines of all ages. 1908. Doubleday. 

The same. 1909 J9ao.7 Mii 

Contents: Alccstis. — Antigone. — Iphigenia. — Paula. — Joan of Arc. — Catherine Doug- 
las. — Lady Jane Grey. — Pocahontas. — Flora Macdonald. — Madame Roland. — Grace Dar- 
ling. — Sister Dora. — Florence Nightingale. 

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"Bibliografia," p.13-15. 


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Prof ill femminili. 1897. (Biblioteca delle giovanette.) 

Contents: A. C. Minutolo. — Eugenia de Gu^rin. — Carolina Sammartino. — Lucilla 
Satnran. — J. W, Carlyle. — Un* imperatrice reggente a quindid anni [Pulcheria]. — Tora 
Gambacorta. — Una regina per nove giomi [Lady Jane Grey]. — Maria Luisa Gabriella dt 
Savoia, regina di Spagna. — Chi la dura la vince [Marie Legros]. — Maria Adelaide dt 
Lorena, regina di Sardegna. — Un fiore di soaviti e dt virttk [Alice, princess of England]. 

Prichard, Thomas Jeffery Llewelyn. rgacy P94 

Heroines of Welsh history, comprising memoirs and biographical 
notices of the celebrated women of Wales. 1854. Cash. 

Ryley, M. Beresford. 920.7 R98 

Queens of the renaissance. [1907.] Methuen. 

Contents: Catherine of Siena. — Beatrice d'Este. — Anne of Brittany. — Lucrezia 
Borgia. — Margaret d'Angouleme. — Ren6e, duchess of Fcrrara. 

Staley, Edgcumbe. 920.7 S78 

Famous women of Florence. 1909. Constable. 

"Bibliography." p.287-291. 

Dante's Beatrice, Lucrezia Tomabuoni, La Simonetta of Giuliano de' Medici, Gio- 
vanna degli Albizzi, Alessandra ("the moUier of the Strozzi"), Leonardo's Mona Lisa, 
and Bianca Capello are his seven heroines. 

Ward, Mrs Elizabeth Stuart (Phelps), and others. Tg20.7 W21 

Our famous women; an authorized record of the lives and deeds of 
distinguished American women of our times. 1884. Worthington. 

Contents: L. M. Alcott, by L. C. Moulton. — S. B. Anthony, by E. C. Stanton. — 
C. E. Beecher, by H. B. Stowe. — Clara Barton, by Lucy Larcom. — M. L. Booth, by H. 
P. Spofford.— The Doctors Blackwell, by L. G. Runkle. — F. H. Burnett, by E. B. Johns- 
ton.— R. T. Cooke, by H. P. Spofford. — Charlotte Cushman, by Lilian Whiting.— L. M. 
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Howe, by Maud Howe. — C. L. Kellogg, by H. P. Spofford. — M. A. Livermore, by E. S. 
Phelps. — Lucy Larcom, by Mrs A. D. T. Whitney. — ^Maria Mitchell, by J. W. Howe.— 
Lucretia Mott, by Mary Qemmer. — L. C Moulton, by H. P. Spofford. — H. P. Spofford, 
by R. T. Cooke.— Elizabeth Prentiss, by "Marion Harland."— E. S. Phelps, by E. T. 
Spring.— H. B. Stowe, by R. T. Cooke.— E. C. Stanton, by L. C Bullard.— M. V. Ter- 
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—Anne Whitney, by M. A. Livermore. — F. E. Willard, by Kate Sanborn. 

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Heroic women of history. 1855. Gihon. 
Wheeler, Ethel Rolt. 920.7 W61 

Famous Blue-stockings. [1910.] Methuen. 

Contents: Proem: The age of the Blue-stockings. — The Blue-stocldng. — Mrs 
Montagu. — Dramatis personae of the Bas bleu. — Mrs Delany. — Precursors and con* 
temporaries of the Blue-stockings. — Mrs Thrale (Piozzi). — Cards and conversation.— 
Mrs Vesey. — The squaring of the circle. — Mrs Chapone (Hester Mulso). — The Blue- 
stockings in pictures. — Fanny Burney (Madame d'Arblay). — Blue-stocking coteries. — 
Elizabeth Carter. — The Bluestockings in the garden. — Hannah More. — ^The Blue-stock- 
ings and feminine occupations. — Conclusion. 

*'She has not confined herself to the purely biographical, but has interspersed among 
her personal sketches agreeably written short essays on various aspects of their life 
and surroundings. The whole forms a competent conspectus of the English salon." 
Athen^um, igio. 

Williams, Hugh Noel. 920.7 W74 

Five fair sisters; an Italian episode at the court of Louis XIV. 
1906. Hutchinson. 

"The author has constructed from his very copious reading an account of the for- 
tunes of the five Mancini sisters, the nieces of Mazarin, whom that statesman sought 


Williams, Hugh Noel — continued, gacy W74 

to provide with husbands among men of rank in France for the better maintaining of 
his own power. The careers of the four who became Duchesses of Bouillon, Mercceur 
and Mazarin, and Comtesse de Soissons, are full of the interest that attaches to all 
memoirs of the remarkable Court of the young Louis XIV; but it is the strangely ro- 
mantic life of Marie Mancini, Duchess of Colonna, who came so near to sharing the 
throne of the Idng, that is the core of the book.*' Outlook (London), 1906. 
Contains numerous portraits. 

Willing, Thomson. 920.7 Wysd 

Dames of high degree; being portraits after English masters, with 

decorations and biographical notes. 1896. Knight. 

Contents: Her grace of Marlborough. — "My good Howard/' countess of Suffolk. — 
Lady Sarah Lennox. — Her grace of Gloucester, countess WaldegniTe. — Her graee of 
Cumberland. — "True Blue and Mrs Crewe." — Her grace of Gordon. — ^The ma igi avine 
of Anspach, Lady Craven. — "Sweet lass of Richmond Hill," Mrs Fitzherbert. — The 
countess of Ashbumham. 

920.8 Impostors 

Stoker, Bram. 920.8 S87 

Famous impostors. 1910. Sturgis. 

Contents: Pretenders: Perldn Warbeck; The hidden king; Stephan Mali; The false 
dauphins; Princess Olive. — Practitioners of magic: Paracelsus; Cagliostro; Meamer.—* 
The wandering Jew. — John Law. — ^Witchcraft and clairvoyance: Witches; Doctor Dee; 
La Voisin; Sir Edward Kelley; Mother Damnable; Matthew Hopldns. — Arthur Orton 
(Tichborne claimant). — Women as men. — Hoaxes, etc. — Chevalier d'Eon; The Bisley boy. 

920.9 Biography of the blind 

Artman, William, & Hall, L. V. 920.9 A79 

Beauties and achievements of the blind. 1872 Privately printed. 
Biographical sketches of blind authors, with a collection of poems by blind poets. 

Mannix, John Bernard. 920.9 M33 

Heroes of the darkness. [1911.] Partridge. 

Contents: Foreword. — Helen Keller; a genius. — Sir Francis Joseph Campbell. — 
Henry Fawcett. — Dr Armitage; practical philanthropist. — Laura Bridgman and her 
teachers. — Francois Hubcr. — Dr Thomas Biacklock. — John Metcalf; "Blind Jack** of 
Knaresborough. — John Stanley. — Nicholas Saunderson. — John Milton. 

922 Religion 

Beach, Harlan Page. 922 B34 

Princely men in the heavenly kingdom. 1903. United Soc. of Chris- 
tian Endeavor. (Forward mission study courses.) 

Contents: Robert Morrison, China's Protestant pioneer. — J. K. Mackenzie, "the be- 
loved physician.'* — James Gilmour, the apostle to the Mongols. — ^J. L. Nevius, the Chris- 
tian organizer. — G. L. Mackay, Formosa's preacher and teacher. — Princely martyrs of 
China's spiritual renaissance. — Appendix: Bibliography; Organization and leadership; 
Questions and hints on the chapters. — Map of China. 

"Bibliography,** p.223-225. 

Clarke, Richard Henry. r922 C53 

Lives of the deceased bishops of the Catholic church in the United 

States. 3v. 1888. Clarke. 

"The object of the author is to give a summary of the chief events in the lives of 


Clarke, Richard Henry — continued. rgaa C53 

deceased American prelates, and some statement of their most prominent traits of char- 
acter... As he writes more to convey general information than to make an historical 
study... his tone is not critical; indeed now and then he seems to pass the bounds of 
formal praise and to be too laudatory." Catholic world, 1888. 

Tg22 C69 
Collection of memorials concerning divers deceased ministers and 
others of the people called Quakers in Pennsylvania, New-Jersey, and 
parts adjacent, from nearly the first settlement thereof to the year 
1787, with some of the last expressions and exhortations of many of 
them. 1787. Crukshank. 

Dawson, Edwin CoUas. gaa D33 

Heroines of missionary adventure; true stories of the intrepid 

bravery and patient endurance of missionaries in their encounters with 

uncivilized man, wild beasts and the forces of nature in all parts of the 

world. 1909. Lippincott. 

Contents: Mrs Duff. — Mrs Robert Clark. — A. L. O. E. — Fanny Butler. — Mary 
Reed. — Irene Petric. — Alice Marvel; — Mrs Hudson Taylor and Mrs Polhill. — The mar- 
tyrs of Hwa-Sang. — Louisa Stewart. — Some Chinese martyrs. — Mrs McDougall.— Mrs 
Bowen Thompson. — Fidelia Fiske. — Mrs Krapf. — Anna BUnderer. — Madame Coillard. — 
Rebecca Wakefield. — Mrs Green. — Mrs Bishop. — Mother Cecile. — F. J. Shaw. — M. L. 
Whately.—H. C. Hinz.— Mrs Ridley.— Martha Croll.— Among the "blackfellows** of 
North Australia. 

Field, Claude Herbert Alwyn Faure. gaa F45 

Heroes of missionary enterprise; true stories of the intrepid bravery 
and stirring adventures of missionaries with uncivilised man, wild 
beasts and the forces of nature in all parts of the world. 1908. Lippin- 

Fortescue, Adrian. gaa Fyg 

The Greek Fathers. 1908. Catholic Truth Soc. 

Contents: St. Athanasius. — St. Basil. — St. Gregory of Nazianzos. — St John Chrya- 
ostom. — St. Cyril of Jerusalem. — St. Cyril of Alexandria. — St. John of Damascus. 

"Literature" at the end of each chapter. 

"The only object of the boo& is to give in a small space, and in English, a general 
account of what is commonly known about these fathers. I have described their lives 
and adventures rather than their systems of theology." Preface. 

Fowler, Henry. gaa F847 

American pulpit; sketches, biographical and descriptive, of living 
American preachers and of religious movements and distinctive ideas 
which they represent. 1856. Fairchild. 

Fowler, Montague. gaa F84 

Some notable archbishops of Canterbury. 1895. . Soc. for Promoting 

Christian Knowledge. 

Contents: Augustine. — Theodore. — Anselm. — Becket. — Chicheley. — ^Warham. — Cran- 
mer. — Parker. — Laud. — Sancroft. — Howley. — Sumner. — Longley. — ^TaiL 

George, Edward Augustus. gaa G31 

Seventeenth century men of latitude; forerunners of the new the- 
ology. 1908. Scribner. 

Contents: Men of latitude in a century of narrowness. — ^John Hales. — William 
Chillingworth. — Benjamin Whichcote. — ^John Smith. — Henry More. — Jeremy Taylor. — 
Sir Thomas Browne. — Richard Baxter. 


Gorrie, P. Douglass. 92a G68 

Lives of eminent Methodist ministers, containing biographical 

sketches, incidents, anecdotes, records of travel, reflections, &c. [1852.] 


Conttmts: John Wesley. — Charles Wesley. — J. W. Fletcher. — ^Joseph Benson. — 
Thomas Coke. — ^Adam Qarke. — Richard Watson.— -Gideon Ouseley. — Bishop Asbury. — 
Bishop Whatcoat. — ^Jessc Lee. — Benjamin Abbott. — Bishop M'Kendree. — Bishop George. 
— Bishop Roberts. — Bishop Emory. — William Fisk. — Stephen Olin. 

Herrick, Samuel Edward. 922 H47 

Some heretics of yesterday. 1885. Houghton. 

ConttnU: Tauler and the mystics. — Wiclif. — Hus. — Savonarola. — Latimer. — Cran- 
mer. — Melancthon. — Koox. — Calvin. — Coligny. — William Brewster. — Wesley. 

Jennings, Samuel Carnahan. r922 J266 

Recollections of useful persons and important events within 70 

years. 1884. Dillon. 

Author was a member of the Pittsburgh presbytery. The book consists largely of 
short sketches of Pennsylvania Presbyterian ministers. 

Kelly, Bernard William. 922 K17 

Some great Catholics of church and state. [1908.] Relfe. 

Contents: Camoens. — Crashaw. — Sobieski. — Finclon. — Hay. — Schlegel. — O'Conncll. 
— Sheil. — Lingard. — Montalembert. — Rock. — Manzoni. — Moreno. — Brownson. — Newman. 
— Windthorst. — Manning. — MacMahon. — Patmore. — Killowcn. 

Brief biographical sketches. 

Le Grand, Albert. qr922 L55 

Les vies des saints de la Bretagne Armorique; revu et corrige par 
Guy Autret, avec annotations par A. M. Thomas [and others]. 1901. 

M'Clintock, John, ed. qr922 M13 

Sketches of eminent Methodist ministers. 1854. Carlton. 

Contents: John Wesley. — William M'Kendree. — John Emory. — R. R. Roberts. — 
Elijah Hedding. — John Fletcher. — Freeborn Garrettson. — Willbur Fisk. — George Picker- 
ing. — Noah Levings. — Stephen Olin. — Jabez Bunting. — The old New-England conference. 

MacGregor, Mary. J922 M16 

Stories of three saints, told to the children. [1908.] Jack. (Told 

to the children series.) 

Contents: Saint Francis. — Saint Columba. — Saint Cuthbert. 

Maclear, George Frederick. 922 M19 

Apostles of mediaeval Europe. [1869.] Macmillan. 

Contents: Introduction. — The mission field of the middle ages. — St. Patrick. — St. 
Columba. — St. Columbanus. — St. Eligius. — St. Augustine of Canterbury. — St. Willi- 
brord. — St. Boniface. — Gregory of Utrecht; Sturmi of Fulda: Lebuin; Liudger. — St. 
Anskar. — Olaf Tryggveson and Olaf the saint. — St. Cyril and Methodius. — Bishop Otho, 
the apostle of Pomerania. — St. Vicelin, bishop of Oldenburg. — Meinhard, bishop of 
Yxhull. — The martyr Adalbert of Prussia. — Raymund Lull. — Retrospect and reflections. 

Mannix, Mary Ella. 922 M33 

Patron saints for Catholic youth. 3v. 1905-07. Benziger. 

v.i. St. Joseph. — St. Aloysius. — St. Anthony. — St, Philip Neri. — St. Anne. — St. 
Agnes. — St. Teresa. — St. Rose of Lima. 

V.2, St. Bernard. — St. Martin of Tours. — St. Blase. — St. Michael. — St. Cecilia. — 
St. Helena. — St. Monica. — St. Bridget. 

V.3. St. Francis Xavier. — St. Patrick. — St, Louis. — St. Charles. — St. Catharine. — 
St. Elizabeth. — St. Margaret. — St. Clare. 


Perry, William Stevens. qrgaa P44 

Bishops of the American church, past and present; sketches, bio- 
graphical and bibliographical, of the bishops of the American church, 
with a preliminary essay on the historic episcopate and documentary 
annals of the introduction of the Anglican line of succession into Amer- 
ica. 1897. Christian Literature Co. 

Pierson, Hamilton Wilcox, ed, 922 P57 

American missionary memorial; including biographical and histori- 
cal sketches. 1853. Harper. 

Contents: Origin of American foreign missions, by S. M. Worcester. — Ordination 
of the first American foreign missionaries, by A. D. Smith. — Gordon Hall, by Bennet 
Tyler. — James Richards, by B. C. Meigs. — ^Mrs Harriet Newell, by Aaron Warner. — 
Adoniram Judson, Mrs Ann Hasseltine Judson, Mrs Sarah Boardman Judson, by S. S. 
Cutting. — Grover S. Comstock, by Pharcellus Church. — Mrs Sarah D. Comstock, by S. F. 
Smith. — Mrs Harriet L. Winslow, by W. A. Hallock. — ^James McEwen, by John Burtt.^* 
Mrs Catherine H. Scudder, by M. S. Hutton. — Pliny Fisk, by Alvan Bond. — Levi Par- 
sons, by M. P. Squier. — Mrs Sarah L. Smith, by E. W. Hooker. — Daniel Temple, by 
William Goodell.— Azariah Smith, by George Duffield, jr.— David Abeel, by T. E. Ver- 
milye. — Frederick B. Thomson, by A. V. Wyckoff. — ^muel Munson and Henry Lyman, 
by G. B. Chcever. — Walter M. Lowric, by R. W. Dickinson. — Mrs Jane Isabel White, 
by M. J. Hickok.— Melville B. Cox, by W. P. Strickland.— Launcelot B. Minor, by C 
M. Butler. — William B. Williams, by George Peck. — G. W. Simpson and Mrs Eliza P. 
Simpson, by J. M. Macdonald. 

[Podbielski, Bronislaw.] 922 P73a 

Wieniec liliowy; czyli, Zbior zywotow ^wi^tych, blogoslawionych i 
swi^tobliwych dziewic. 2v. in i. 1902-03. 

Shea, John Gilmary, ed. 922 S53 

Pictorial lives of the saints, with reflections for every day in the 
year, compiled from "Butler's Lives" and other approved sources. 
1887. Benziger. 

Shelton, Don Odell. 922 S54 

Heroes of the cross in America. 1904. Young People's Missionary 
Movement. (Forward mission study courses.) 

Contents: David Brainerd. — J. M. Peck. — Marcus Whitman. — J. L. Dyer. — Joseph 
Ward. — America's greatest need. — Appendix: Bibliography; The organization and 
leadership of mission study classes. 

References at the end of each chapter. 

"Bibliography," p. 389-293. 

Sketches of the lives and experiences of these missionaries, each of them represent- 
ing a different section of the country and a typical work. 

Smith, Lucius Edwin, ed. 922 S65 

Heroes and martyrs of the modern missionary enterprise; a record 
of their lives and labors, including an historical review of earlier mis- 
sions, with an introduction by W. B. Sprague. 1852. Brockett. 

Contents: A view of earlier missionary enterprises. — William Carey. — John Cham* 
berlain. — Henry Martyn. — Gordon Hall. — Samuel Newell. — H. W. Fox. — Thomas Coke. 
— Adoniram Judson. — G. D. Boardman. — Robert Morrison. — William Milne. — W. M. 
Lowrie. — David Abeel. — Mtinson and Lsrman. — J. T. Vanderkemp. — W. G. Crocker. — 
Lott Cary. — M. B. Cox. — Pliny Fisk. — Levi Parsons. — Asahel Grant. — ^John Williams. — 
William Richards.— Ard Hoyt.— Cyrus Shepard.— W. H. Hewitson. — G. S. Comstock.— 
James Richards. 

Binder's title reads "Missionary heroes and martyrs." 


Stephen, Sir James, 1 789-1859. gaa S8a 

Essays in ecclesiastical biography. 2v. 1853. Longman, Brown. 

v.x. Hildebrand. — Saint Francis of Assisi. — ^The founders of Jesuitism. — Martin 
Luther. — The French Benedictines. — The Port-Royalists. 

V.2. Richard Baxter. — The evangelical succession. — William Wilberforce. — The 
Clapham sect. — The historian of enthusiasm. — ^The epilogue. 

Thomas k Kempis. 922 T37 

Founders of the New devotion; being the lives of Gerard Grootc, 
Florentius Radewin and their followers; tr. into English by J. P. Ar- 
thur. 1905. Paul. 

The New devotion was the name given to the religious movement started in Holland 
in the latter half of the 14th century by Gerard Groot Societies known as Brethren of 
the Common Life were formed and monasteries founded. Lubert Bemer and John 
Cacabus are among the followers of whom some account is here given. 

Ullmann, Karl. 922 U23 

Reformers before the reformation, principally in Germany and the 

Netherlands; the translation by Robert Menzies. 2v. 1874-77. Clark, 
v.i. John of Goch. — ^John of Wesel. 
v. 2. The Brethren of the Common Lot and the German mystics. — ^John Wessel. 

Visu metu gyvenimai szventuju. 6v. in 2. 1904-06. 922 V35 

Walker, Patrick. r922 W17 

Six saints of the Covenant: Peden, Semple, Welwood, Cameron, 
Cargill, Smith; ed. with illustrative documents, introduction, notes and 
a glossary by D. H. Fleming and a foreword by S. R. Crockett. 2v. 
1901. Dodd. 

v.i. Alexander Pcden's life. — Short reiation of the defections in 1685. — Alexander 
Pedcn's letter to prisoners in Dunnottar, — Alexander Pedcn's notes on the covenant of 
redemption. — Additional passages. — Postscript. — John Semple's life. — Postscript. — ^James 
Welwood's letter. — John Welwood's life. — Richard Cameron's life. — Vindication of 
Cameron's name. 

V.2. Daniel, or Donald, Cargill's life. — Walter Smith's life. — Walter Smith's Steps 
of defection. — Walter Smith's Rules for meetings. — Walter Smith's letter to Janet 
Fimerton. — Postscript: John Semple; Alexander Peden; John Welwood; Richard Cam- 
eron; Grievance at the Revolution. — Notes to Pcden's life. — Notes to Semple, Welwood 
and Cameron. — Notes to V^indication of Cameron's name. — Notes to Cargill and Smith. 
— Illustrative documents: A joint-testimony, 1684; Earlston's release, 1689; Ransom of 
banished Covenanters, 1689; A widow's petition, 1689; Petition of Alexander Sheilds 
and others, 1689. — The prisoners' protest, 1693; Alexander Sheilds's letter to his 
mother, 1700; Andrew Clarkson and Patrick Walker, 1737. 

"List of editions of Walker's works examined," v.a, p.237-240. 

Wallace, Robert, 1 791-1850. 922 W17 

Antitrinitarian biography; or, Sketches of the lives and writings of 
distinguished antitrinitarians, exhibiting a view of the state of the 
Unitarian doctrine and worship in the principal nations of Europe from 
the reformation to the close of the 17th century, to which is prefixed 
a history of Unitarianism in England during the same period. 3v. 
1850. Whitfield. 

Ware, William, ed. 922 W22 

American Unitarian biography; memoirs of individuals who have 
been distinguished by their writings, character and efforts in the cause 
of liberal Christianity. 2v. 1850-51. Munroe. 

V.I. Memoir of Noah Worcester, by Henry Ware. — ^John Prince, by C. W. Upham. 
—Ezra Ripley, by Barzillai Frost— James Freeman, by F. W. P. Greenwood. — Eliphalet 


Ware, William, ed. — continued. 92a Waa 

Porter, by George Putnam. — ^Aaron Bancroft, by Alonzo HiU. — ^Joseph Mottey, by David 
Damon. — John Allyn, by Conrers Francis. — Henry Ware, by J. G. Palfrey. — ^T. M. Har- 
ris, by Nathaniel Hall— J. T. Kirkland, by Alexander Young.— Nathaniel Thayer, by 
Alonzo HilL — Abiel Abbot, by Steyens Everett. 

V.2. Memoir of John Pierce, by T. B. Fox. — Character of Dr Pierce from the 
"Christian examiner," by George Putnam. — Memoir of Joseph Tuckerman, by Mary 
Carpenter. — W. E. Channing, by W. H. Furness. — ^Joseph Story, by William NeweU. — 
J. S. Buckminster, by S. C Tliacher. — Character of Buckminster from the "General 
repository and review," by Andrews Norton. — Memoir of Levi Frisbie, by Andrews 
Norton. — Nathan Parker, by Henry Ware. — S. C. Thacher, by F. W. P. Greenwood. — 
Anthony Forster, by M. L. Hurlbut — ^John Bartlett, by C. T. Thayer. — Samuel Howe, by 
Edward Hall. 

Williams, Robert Folkestone. gaa W74 

Lives of the English cardinals, including historical notices of the 
papal court from Nicholas Breakspear (Pope Adrian IV) to Thomas 
Wolsey, cardinal legate. 2v. 1868. Allen. 

Wilson, Rtv. William. gaa W77 

Popular preachers of the ancient church; their lives, their manner 
and their work. [1859.] Hogg. 

ConUnts: The Christian philanthropist, Cyprian of Carthage. — ^The faithful minister, 
Ambrose of Milan. — The homely preacher, Augustine of Hippo. — The fearless bishop, 
Basil the Great — The genial theologian, Gregory Nazianzen. — The "golden-mouthed" 
orator, Chrysostom of Byzantium. — Passages from Cyprian; Ambrose; Augustine; Basil; 
Gregory Nazianzen; Chrysostom. 

923 Sociology 

Boutwell, George Sewall. 933 B65 

The lawyer, the statesman and the soldier. 1887. Appleton. 

ConUnts: Rufus Choate, the lawyer. — Daniel Webster, the statesman. — President 
Lincoln, the statesman and liberator. — General Grant, the soldier and statesman. 

Gibbins, Henry de Bettgens. 933 G35 

English social reformers. 1902. Methuen. ^ 

Contenis: The reformers of the 14th century (William Langland and John Ball). 
— Sir Thomas More. — Wesley and Wilberf orce. — The factory reformers : Richard 
Oastler; Lord Shaftesbury; Robert Owen. — Charles Kingsley and the Christian social- 
ists. — Carlyle and Rusldn. — Retrospect. 

"Notes on authorities," at the end of every section. 

*'The object of these few sketches is to elucidate the chief influences for social and 
industrial reform that have been active in England in the past, and, in one or two cases, 
to show their relation to problems of the present. In writing of the men from whom 
these influences proceeded, I have tried to let them, where possible, speak for them- 
selves." Preface. 

GiUiat, Edward. 923 G4Z 

Heroes of modern crusades; true stories of the undaunted chivalry 

of champions of the down-trodden in many lands. 1909. Lippincott 

Contents: The crusade against slavery. — The waste of human life. — ^The end of the 
British slave-trade. — American slavery. — Abraham Lincoln. — St Vincent de Paul. — John 
Howard and prisons. — Oberlin in Alsace. — Sir Samuel Romilly. — Temperance crusades. — 
Father Mathew. — Lord Shaftesbury and the poor.— General Gordon and "his kings." — 
Sir George Williams and the Y. M. C. A. — The Polytechnic and Quintin Hogg.— Dr 
Grenfell and the deep sea. — Dr Grenfell and the coming of the reindeer. — Dr Bamardo. 


Gotti, Aurelio. qgas G7a 

Italiani del secole 19, con prefazione di P. T. Mattiucci. 191 1. 

Contents: Gino Capponi. — Massimo d'Azeglio. — Camillo Cavour. — Bettino Ricasoli. 
— Vittorio Emanuele e Giuseppe Garibaldi. — Ubaldino Peruzxi e Bettino Ricasoli. — Marco 
Tabarrini. — Cosimo Ridolfi. — Umberto I.-*- Giovanni PratL — Vincenzo Ricasoli. — Gio- 
vacchino Taddei. — Giovanni Arrivabene. — Giuseppe Pasolini.— A. R. Serbati vicino al 
Papa Pio IX. — ^Alfonso La Marmora. — Giovanni Mestica. — Giuseppe Rigutini e Policarpo 
Petrocchi. — Vittorio Bacd. — Emilio de Fabris. 

"Aurelio Gotti," by P. T. Mattiucci. p.7-33. 

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Leaders of men. 1902. Hall & Locke. (Young folks' library, new 
ser. V.19.) 

Contents: Moses, by A. P. Stanley. — Lycurgiis, by Plutarch. — ^Aleacander the Great, 
by J. H. Gurney. — Pericles, by Plutarch. — The murder of Julius Cesar, by J. A. Froude. 
— Charlemagne, by A. H. Stirling. — Alfred the Great, by G. F. Bosworth. — Mahomet, 
the prophet of Islam, by Washington Irving. — Peter the Great, Frederick the Great, by 
A. H. Stirling. — William the Silent, by J. L. Motley.— The character of Washington, 
by Gen. Henry Lee. — Lord Qive, by Sir Charles Wilson. — Nelson, by Thomas Carlyle. 
— The duke of Wellington, by Lord Roberts. — The fall of Napoleon, by Viscount 
Wolselcy. — U. S. Grant, by Matthew Arnold. — R. E. Lee, by Gen. Wade Hampton. — 
Abraham Lincoln, by J. H. Choate. 

Hubbard, Elbert. 923 H87 

Little journeys to the homes of great reformers. 2v. in i. 1907. 


Contents: John Wesley. — Henry George. — Garibaldi. — Richard Cobden. — Thomas 
Paine. — ^John Knox. — ^John Bright. — [Charles] Bradlaugh. — Theodore Parker. — Oliver 
Cromwell. — Anne Hutchinson. — ^J. J. Rousseau. 

Lamed, Josephus Nelson. 923 L3a 

A study of greatness in men. 1911. Houghton. 

Contents: What goes into the making of a great man? — Napoleon, a prodigy with- 
out greatness. — Cromwell, imperfect in greatness. — Washington, impressive in greatness. 
— Lincoln, simplest in greatness. 

Martinengo-Cesaresco, Evelyn (Carrington), contessa. 923 M431 

Patriotti italiani; ritratti. [1898.] 

Contents: Bettino Ricasoli. — Luigi Settembrini. — Giuseppe Martinengo. — Daniele 
Manin. — I Pocrio. — Costanza d'Azeglio. — Goffredo Mamcli. — Ugo Bassi. — Nino Bixio. — 
I Cairoli. 

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I martiri di Belfiore; pagine di Luigi Martini scelte e ordinate da 
Guido Mazzoni. 1904. 

Steffens, Lincoln. 923 S8z 

Upbuilders. 1909. Doubleday. 

Contents: Mark Pagan, mayor. — Everett Colby, "the gentleman from Essex." — 
Ben Lindsey, the just judge. — Rudolph Spreckcls, a business reformer. — W. S. U'Ren, 
the law-giver. 

Sketches of practical reformers. 

Wilcox, William Craig. 1923 W71 

Six makers of America [George Washington, James Madison, Alex- 
ander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, John Marshall and Abraham Lin- 
coln] ; syllabus of six lectures. University of Iowa. 

Wilcox, William Craig. 1923 W718 

Six uncrowned rulers of modern Europe [Danton, Talleyrand, Met- 
ternich, Cavour, Bismarck, Gladstone] ; syllabus of six lectures. Uni- 
versity of Iowa. 


Wilcox, William Craig. 1923 Wyzsi 

Six unelected presidents of the United States [Henry Clay, Daniel 
Webster, Stephen A. Douglas, Horace Greeley, Samuel J. Tilden, James 
G. Blaine] ; syllabus of six lectures. University of Iowa. 

Chief rulers 


Benkard, J. B. rgas.! B43 

Historical sketch of the German emperors and kings; an explana- 
tory text for the representations of the Imperial-hall; tr. from the 
German by F. Haas. 1855. 

The Kaisersaal, containing the royal portraits, is in the city hall of Frankfort-on-the- 
llain. Illustrated. 

Bidwell, Walter Hilliard, ed. qrgas.! B47 

Imperial courts of France, England, Russia, Prussia, Sardinia and 
Austria, richly illustrated with portraits of imperial sovereigns and 
their cabinet ministers, with biographical sketches, and an introduction 
by W. C. Bryant. 1864. Privately printed. 

Bush, Mrs Annie Forbes. rgas.i B96 

Memoirs of the queens of France. 2v. 1847. Carey. 

From Queen Basine, the wife of Childeric I, a Franldsh Idng of the 5th century, 
to Marie Am^lie, the queen consort of Louis Philippe. 

Butler, Joseph G. ;>. qr923.i B97 

Presidents I have seen and known, Lincoln to Taft. 1910. Penton 

Contents: Abraham Lincoln. — Andrew Johnson. — U. S. Grant — R. B. Hayes. — 
J. A. Garfield. — C. A. Arthur. — Grover Cleveland. — Benjamin Harrison. — ^William Mc- 
Kinley. — Theodore Roosevelt — W. H. Taft — A day in Washington's country. 

Crook, William Henry. 923.1 C89 

Through five administrations; reminiscences of Col. W. H. Crook; 
comp. and ed. by M. S. Gerry. 1910. Harper. 

Contents: Lincoln as I knew him. — The White house family and other people. — 
The entrance into Richmond. — A new phase of the assassination. — Andrew Johnson in 
the White house. — Dissension with the radicals. — The impeachment — After the impeach- 
ment. — White house, under U. S. Grant. — Family life of the Grants. — Political dissen- 
sion. — R. B. Hayes in the White house. — Social life in the Hayes administration. — Gar- 
field and Arthur. 

Intimate reminiscences of an official who was hody*guard to President Lincoln. He 
is still (19x0) at the White house after 45 years of continuous service. 

Duyckinck, Evert Augustus. qr923.i D96 

Lives and portraits of the presidents of the United States, from 
Washington to Arthur; the biographies by E. A. Duyckinck and the 
portraits by Alonzo Chappel. 1881. Johnson. 

Gould, Sabine Baring-. qg^S-i Cf73 

Tragedy of the Caesars; a study of the Caesars of the Julian and 
Claudian houses. 2v. 1893. Scribner. 


Hall, Mrs Matthew. 923.1 H17 

Queens before the conquest. 2v. 1854. Hurst. 

v.i. Cartismandua. — Boadicea "the warlike." — Gwenissa the fair. — ^Julia "Dominm," 
— Victoria, Viturgia and Hunila. — St. Helena. — Cartandis. — Helena ap Eudda. — Rowena. 
— Guencvcr I. — Gucnever II. — Guenevcr III. — Bertha. — Ethelburga **the silent" and 
Enfleda. — St. Ebba, Quenburga, sumamed "Bebba" and Saxburga. 

V.2. Ostrida and Werburga. — Quenburga, Quenswitha and Alfleda. — Hereswytha, 
Sexburga, Etheldreda, Ermenburga and Ermenilda. — Domneva. — Ethelburga and Frido- 
githa. — Quendrida-Petronilla. — Eadburga; Elfleda. — Quendrida II. — Osburga and Ethel- 
swytha. — Judith of France. — Elswitha, queen of Alfred the Great and Ethelfleda, "lady 
of Merda." — Egwina, Elfleda, Edgifa and Elfgifa. — Ethelgiva. — Elfrida. — Emma of 
Normandy.— Editha "the good."— Editha "the fair." 

Hume, Martin Andrew Sharp. 933.1 Hga 

Queens of old Spain. 1906. Richards. 

Contents: Isabel the Catholic. — Joan the Mad. — Mary of England. — Isabel of 
Valois. — Isabel of Bourbon. — Mariana of Austria. — Marie Louise of Orleans. — Mariana 
of Neuburg. — Epilogue. 

Lancelott, Francis. 9a3*i Lax 

Queens of England and their times, from Matilda, queen of William 
the Conqueror, to Adelaide, queen of William the Fourth. 2v. 1894. 

V.I. Matilda of Flanders. — Matilda Atheling. — Adelicia of Louvaine. — Matilda of 
Boulogne. — Eleonora of Aquitaine. — Berengaria of Navarre. — Isabella of Angouleme.—- 
Eleonora of Provence. — Eleonora of Castile. — Margaret of France. — Isabella of France. 
— Philippa of Hainault. — Anne of Bohemia. — Isabella of Valois. — Joanna of Navarre. — 
Katherine of France. — Margaret of Anjou. — Elizabeth Woodvillc. — ^Anne of Neville. — 
Elizabeth of York. — Katherine of Arragon. — Anne Boleyn. — Jane Seymour. — Anne of 
Cleves. — Katherine Howard. — Katherine Parr. — Mary. 

V.2. Elizabeth. — Anne of Denmark. — Henrietta Maria. — Katherine of Braganza. — 
Maria Beatrix. — Mary the Second. — Anne. — Caroline of Brandenberg Anspach. — Char- 
lotte of Mecklenberg-Strelitz. — Caroline of Brunswick. — ^Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen. 

Short anecdotal biographies, similar to Strickland's "Queens of England," but more 
condensed. First published about 1855. Portraits. 

Lane, Henry Murray. qrgas.! L23 

Royal daughters of England and their representatives, with genea- 
logical tables of the royal family from the conquest to the present time 
[1910]. 2v. 1910-11. Constable. 

Deals with no fewer than 177 princesses, presenting a summary of what is known 
of each, with careful notes of authorities. Sixty-four of the royal ladies mentioned have 
living descendants, and a table is appended showing the present representatives of each. 
Includes 77 pedigrees and an exhaustive index. 

Lossing, Benson John. r923.z L91 

Lives of the presidents of the United States; embracing a brief his- 
tory of the principal events of their respective administrations. 1847. 

hynam, Robert. 1923.1 L99 

History of the Roman emperors from Augustus to the death of 
Marcus Antoninus; ed. by J.T.White. 2v. 1850. Simpkin. 

V.I. Cesar Octavianus Augusttis. — Tiberius. — Caius Julius Casar Germanicus 
Caligula. — Qaudius. — Nero. 

v.a. Galba. — Otho. — Vitellius. — Titus Flavins Sabinus Vespasianus. — Titus. — Domi- 
tian. — Ncrva. — Trajan. — Hadrian. — Titus Antoninus. — The emperors Marcus Antoninus 
Philosophus and Lucius Verus. 


[Owen, Mrs Marguerite (du Plantz) Cunliffe-.] 923.1 O34 

Within royal palaces; a brilliant and charmingly written inner life 
view of emperors, kings, queens, princes and princesses; written from 
a personal knowledge of scenes behind the thrones by the marquise de 
Fontenoy. 1893. Edgewood Pub. Co. 

Patmore, K. A. 923.1 Pa9 

The seven Edwards of England. [1911.] Methuen. 

"Author's design is to gire, within certain prescribed limits, some account of the 
personal and family affairs of tlie Edward Kings of England, and of the minor details 
of their daily lires. The late King Edward VII has a specially intimate memoir." Om»- 
look {London), jqii, 

Peake, Elizabeth. 923.Z P34 

History of the German emperors and their contemporaries; tr. from 
the German and compiled from authentic sources. 1874. Lippincott. 

Sangiacomo, Olivieri. 923-1 Saa 

I reali d'ltalia. 1902. 

Strickland, Agnes. 923*1 S91I 

Lives of the queens of Scotland and English princesses connected 
with the regal succession of Great Britain. 8v. Harper. 1859-73. 

▼.X. Life of Margaret Tudor, queen of James IV. — Life of Magdalene of France, 
first queen of James V. — Life of Mary of Lorraine, second queen of James V. 

V.2. Life of Mary of Lorraine (continued). — Life of the Lady Margaret Douglas, 
countess of Lennox. 

v.3-7. Mary Stuart. 

V.8. Elizabeth Stuart. — Sophia, electress of Hanover. 

Upton, Mrs Harriet Taylor. <1923-z Ua6 

Our early presidents, their wives and children, from Washington to 
Jackson. 1890. Lothrop. 

Williams, Edwin. r923.i W74 

Presidents of the United States; their memoirs and administrations, 
including an account of the inauguration of each president and a history 
of the political events of his administration and the transactions of 
Congress at each session. 1849. Walker. 

Political science. Statesmen 

Atlay, James Beresford. 923.2 A88 

Victorian chancellors. 2v. 1906-08. Smith. 

v.i. Lord Lyndhurst. — Lord Brougham. — Lord Cottenham. — Lord Truro. 

v.a. Lord St Leonards. — Lord Cran worth. — Lord Chelmsford. — Lord Campbell. — 
Lord Westbury. — Lord Cairns. — Lord Hatherlcy. — Lord Selborne. — Lord Habbury and 
Lord Herschell. 

Dalling and Bulwer, Henry Lytton Earle Bulwer, baron. 923.2 Dz6 

Historical characters. 1900. Macmillan. 

Contents : Talleyrand. — Mackintosh. — Cobbett. — Canning. — Peel. 

Biographical sketches containing many entertaining anecdotes and acute observa- 
tions. Author (180X-72) was an English diplomat, serving at Paris, Florence, Washing- 
ton and Constantinople. 


Davidson, John Morrison. 923.2 D29 

Eminent English liberals in and out of Parliament. 1880. Osgood. 

Contents: Eiiinsnt ubbbals in Parliaiibnt: W. E. Gladstone. — John Bright — 
P. A. Taylor.— Sir C. W. Dilkc— Joseph Cowen.— Sir Wilfrid Lawson.— Henry Faw- 
cett. — ^Joseph Chamberlain. — ^Thomas Burt. — Henry Richard. — L. H. Courtney. — A. J. 
Mundella. — Charles Bradlaugh. — Eiiinbnt libskals out of Pabuaiibnt: John Morley. 
— R. W. Dale. — ^Joseph Arch. — E. S. Beesly. — C. H. Spurgeon. — ^James BeaL — M. D. 
Conway. — ^J. A. Picton. — F. A. Maxse. — Hon. Auberon Herbert. — E. A. Freeman. 

Dwight, Nathaniel. 1923.2 D97 

Lives of the signers of the Declaration of independence. 1851. 

Ewald, Alexander Charles. 923.2 E96 

Representative statesmen; political studies. 2v. 1879. Chapman. 

V.I. Strafford, the despotic minister. — Halifax, the moderate minister. — Sir Robert 
Walpole, the minister of peace. — Chatham, the minister of war. — William Pitt, the dis- 
interested minister. 

r.2. Lord Eldon, the deliberative minister. — Channing, the brilliant minister. — 
The duke of Wellington, the conscientious minister. — Sir Robert Peel, the minister of 
expediency. — Palmerston, the English minister. 

^ Forstcr, John. r923.2 F78 

Statesmen of the commonwealth of England, with a treatise on the 

popular progress in English history; ed. by J. O. Choules. 1846. Harper. 

Contents: Sir John Eliot. — Thomas Wentworth, earl of Strafford. — John Pym. — 
John Hampden. — Sir Henry Vane, the younger. — Henry Marten. — Oliver Cromwell. 

The same. (In Forster, John, and others. Eminent British states- 
men. 1831. v.2-4, 6-7.) 923.2 F78 

Francis, George Henry. 923.2 F86 

Orators of the age; comprising portraits, critical, biographical and 
descriptive. 1847. Harper. 

Contents: Sir Robert Peel. — Lord John Russell. — The duke of Wellington. — T. B. 
Macaulay. — Lord Stanley. — Lord Palmerston. — Lord Lyndhurst. — Earl Grey. — Sir James 
Graham. — Lord Morpeth. — The duke of Buckingham. — Earl of Radnor. — The duke of 
Richmond.— Mr Bright.— Mr Sheil.— Lord George Bentinck.— Mr Villiers.— T. M. Gib- 
son. — Mr Wakley. — Dr Bowring. — T. S. Duncombe. — Mr Wyse. — Mr Hawes. — Mr 
Ward.— Mr Roebuck.— Sir Thomas Wilde.— Lord Sandon.— Hu|^ M'Ndle. 

Harsha, David Addison. r923.2 H3X 

The most eminent orators and statesmen of ancient and modern 

times, containing sketches of their lives, specimens of their eloquence 

and an estimate of their genius. 1854. Porter. 

Contents: Demosthenes. — Cicero. — Lord Chatham. — Edmund Burke. — Henry Grat- 
tan. — C. J. Fox. — Lord Erskine. — ^J. P. Curran. — R. B. Sheridan. — William Pitt— George 
Canning. — Lord Brougham. — Patrick Henry. — Fisher Ames. — Henry Clay. — J. C. CaX- 
houn. — Daniel Webster. — Edward Everett. 

Hasrward, Abraham. 923.2 H37 

Sketches of eminent statesmen and writers, with other essays. 2v. 
1880. Murray. 

v.i. Thiers. — Prince Bismarck. — Count Cavour. — Prince Mettemich. — Charles, 
comte de Montalembert. — Lord Melbourne. — The marquess Wellesley. 

V.2. Madame de S^ign^. — Saint-Simon. — Madame du Deffand and her cor* 
respondents. — Holland house. — Strawberry hill. — Byron and Tennyson. — The republic 
of Venice; its rise, decline and fall. 

Heningshaw, Thomas William, c&mp. r923.2 H47 

Herringshaw*s American statesman and public official year-book, 
1907/08. 1907. Amer. Publishers' Assoc. 


Hinton, Richard Josiah. 923.2 H57 

English radical leaders. 1875. Putnam. (Brief biographies of 
European public men.) 

ConUnis: The independent members. — The labor agitation and its friends. — Parlia* 
mentary agitators. — Popular leaders. 

Holland, Rupert Sargent. 923.2 H72 

Builders of united Italy. 1908. Holt. 

Contents: Alfieri, the poet — Manzoni, the man of letters. — Gioberti, the philoso- 
pher. — Manin, the "Father of Venice." — Mazzini, the prophet. — Cavour, the statesman. 
— Garibaldi, the crusader. — Victor Emmanuel, the king. 

Howard, George Elliott. r923.2 H84 

Biography of American statesmanship; an analytical reference sylla- 
bus. 1909. Nebraska University. 

Syllabus of course offered at the University of Nebraska 1907/8 and 1908 /g; pub- 
lished by the Department of political science and sociology. University of Nebraska. 

Jones, Charles Colcock. r923.2 J39 

Biographical sketches of the delegates from Georgia to the Con- 
tinental congress. 1891. Houghton. 

Contents: Benjamin Andrew. — Abraham Baldwin. — Nathan Brownson. — Archibald 
Bulloch. — ^Joyph Clay. — William Few. — William Gibbons. — ^Jamcs Gunn. — Button Gwin- 
nett — John Habersham. — Joseph Habersham. — Lyman Hall. — ^John Honstoun. — ^William 
Honstoun. — Richard Howley. — N. W. Jones. — Edward Langworthy. — ^Lachlan Mclntoah. 
— William Pierce. — Samuel Stirk. — Edward Telfair. — George Walton. — ^John Walton. — 
Joseph Wood. — J. J. Zubly. 

King, Edward. 923.2 K26 

French political leaders. 1876. Putnam. (Brief biographies of 
European public men.) 

Contents: V. M. Hugo. — L. A. Thiers. — L^n Gambetta. — ^Jules Simon. — Marshal 
MacMahon (Due de Magenta). — Monsdgneur Dupanloup. — Jules Gr^vy. — £douard 
Laboalaye. — Eugene Rouher. — E. R. Duval. — The due de Broglie. — L. J. Buffet — The 
due d'Audiffret-Pasquier. — ^J. A. S. Dufaure. — £mile Ollivier. — ^Jules Favre. — The comte 
de Chambord. — ^The due d*Aumalc. — The comte de Paris. — Ernest Picard. — Henri Roche- 
fort. — Caaimir P^rier. — ^Jules Ferry. 

Lanman, Charles. qr923.2 L27b 

Biographical annals of the civil government of the United States, 
from original and official sources; revised, enlarged and completed to 
date by J. M. Morrison. 1887. Morrison. 

Gives the names and public services of the men who have been prominently identi- 
fied with the national and state governments. Includes a list of the members of each 
Congress from the 1st to the 49th. 

Linton, William James. 923.2 L72 

European republicans; recollections of Mazzini and his friends. 

1892. Lawrence. 

Contents: Mazzini. — Ruffini and the Bandleras. — Lamennais. — Pestel and Ryltieff. 
— Herzen. — Konarsld; Darasz; Stolzman; Worcell. — Appendix: A basis of organiza* 

Loring, James Spear. r923.2 L87 

Hundred Boston orators appointed by the municipal authorities and 
other public bodies from 1770 to 1852; comprising historical gleanings 
illustrating the principles and progress of our republican institutions. 
1855. Jewett. 

"Beginning with specimens of the eloquence of Warren, Hancock, Lovell, and other 
Revolutionary worthies, by which we are put in touch with contemporary thought and 


Loring, James Spear — continued. 1:923.2 L87 

manner of speaking, the collection includes public addresses, chiefly Fourth of July ora- 
tions, by men of national fame, like J. Q. Adams, Josiah Quincy, Fisher Ames, Webster, 
Everett, and Choate. Its references to the opening events of the Revolution, with its 
excellent biographical notices, put this book in the class of historical literature. The 
title is misleading." Larned's Literature of American history. 

Magoon, Elias Lyman. 923.2 M25I 

Living orators in America. 1849. Baker. 

Contents: Daniel Webster, the logician. — Edward Everett, the rhetorician. — ^Henry 
Clay, the politician. — ^J. C Calhoun, the metaphysician.— George McDuffie, the impetu- 
ous. — Lewis Cass, the courteous. — ^T. H. Benton, the magisteriaL — ^W. C Preston, the 
inspired declaimer. — ^Thomas Corwin, the natural orator. 

Manrice, Charles Edmund. 923.2 M49 

Lives of English popular leaders in the middle ages. v.2. 1875. King. 

V.2. Tyler, Ball and Oldcastle. 

O'Flanagan, James Roderick. 923^ Oz6 

Lives of the lord chancellors and keepers of the g^reat seal of Ire- 
land from the earliest times to the reign of Queen Victoria. 2v. 1870. 

By a member of the Irish bar. 

Saunders, John. qr923.2 S25 

Portraits and memoirs of eminent living political reformers; the 
portraits by George Hayter and other eminent artists, and the memoirs 
by a distinguished literary character; to which is annexed a copious 
historical sketch of the progress of Parliamentary reform from the at- 
tempt to repeal the Septennial act in 1734 to the passing of the Reform 
bill in 1832, by William Howitt. 1840. Dowding. 

Contents: Lord John Russell. — Charles Buller. — J. A. Roebudc — William, vis- 
count Melbourne. — J. T. Leader. — George Grote. — John Bowring. — Joseph Hume. — 
Lieut-CoL T. P. Thompson. — George Byng. — C P. Thomson. — ^Thomas Wjrse. — Serjeant 
Talfourd. — Earl Spencer. — T. F. Buxton. — Henry Warburton. — Earl of Mulgrave. — Vis- 
count Ebrington. — Vice- Admiral Sir Edward Codrington. — William James. — Thomas 
Wakley. — Ix>rd Viscount Palmerston. — H. F. Petty, marquess of Lansdowne. — J. G. 
Lambton, earl of Durham. — H. R. Vassal, lord Holland.— G. W. F. Howard, viscount 
Morpeth.— Charles, earl Grey de Howick. — Sketch of the progress of parliamenury re- 

Stanton, Henry Brewster. 923.2 S79 

Sketches of reforms and reformers of Great Britain and Ireland. 
1849. Wiley. 

Tuttle, Herbert. 923.2 T89 

German political leaders. 1876. Putnam. (Brief biographies of 
European public men.) 

Sketches of men prominent in German politics in the latter part of the 19th century, 
including Prince Bismarck, Prince Hohenlohe, Count von Arnim, Falk, Camphausen, 
von Bennigsen, Lasker, Windthorst, Loewe, Jacoby, Hasselmann, Prof. Virchow and 

White, Andrew Dickson. 923.2 W63 

Seven great statesmen in the warfare of humanity with unreason. 

1910. Century. 

Contents : Sarpi. — Grotius. — Thomasius. — Turgot. — Stein. — Cavour. — Bismarck. 


Judges. Lawyers 

Flanders, Henry. 9234 F61 

Lives and times of the chief justices of the Supreme court of the 
United States. 2v. 1881. Johnson. 

v.i. The life of John Jay. — Life of John Rutledge. 

v.a. The life of William Gushing. — Life of Oliver Ellsworth. — Life of John Mar- 

Footc, Henry Stuart. ^933*4 F74 

Bench and bar of the South and Southwest. 1876. Soule. 

Personal reminiscences. The author was himself an able Southern lawyer. 

P0S8, Edward, comp. r9a34 P79 

Biographical dictionary of the judges of England from the conquest 

to the present time, 1066-1870. 1870. Murray. (Biographia juridica.) 

Law Association of Philadelphia. ''9234 L39 

Addresses delivered March 13, 1902 and papers prepared or repub- 
lished to commemorate the centennial celebration of the Law Associa- 
tion of Philadelphia, 1802-1902. [1906.] Privately printed. 

Aims to preserve some reminiscences of the life of the Pennsylvania bar in the 19th 
century. Memoirs and speeches are included on the lives of Horace Binney, William 
Tilgfaman, John Sergeant, William Rawle and William Morris Meredith. 

Miller, Stephen Franks. 1*923.4 M69 

Bench and bar in Georgia; memoirs arid sketches, with an appen- 
dix containing a court roll from 1790 to 1857. 2v. 1858. Lippincott. 

Sheil, Richard Lalor. 9234 S54 

Sketches of the Irish bar, with notes by R. S. Mackenzie. 2v. 1862. 

"Memoir of Mr Sheil/* by R. S. Mackenzie, v.i, p.5-16. 

Most of the sketches relate to public men, including O'Connell, Plunket, Bushe, 
Sanrin, Joy, Lefroy, Goold, North, Wallace, Doheirty, Norbury, O'Loghlin, Blackbume, 
Foster and Brougham. Some are of events connected with the cause of civil and re- 
ligious liberty in Ireland, and others are narratives of interesting criminal cases. 

Townsend, William Charles. 923.4 T66 

Lives of 12 eminent judges of the last and of the present [19th] cen- 
tury. 2v. 1846. Longman. 

V.I. Life of Justice Btiller. — Life of Lord Kenyon. — Life of Lord Alvanlcj. — Life 
of Lord Loughborough. — Life of Sir Vicary Gibbs. — Life of Lord EUenborough. — Life 
of Lord Erskine. 

V.2. Life of Lord Erskine (continued). — Life of Lord Redesdale. — Life of Sir 
William Grant. — Life of Lord Tenterden. — Life of Lord Stowell. — Life of Lord Eldon. 

WilUs, William. 1923.4 W75 

History of the law, the courts and the lawyers of Maine, from its 

first colonization to the early part of the present century. 1863. Bailey. 

Military and naval 
Brand, Jack. 923.5 B69 

Free lances; stories of the sea fighters of all nations in their long 
cruising and desperate battling for honor and treasure. 1907. Mc- 


Contents: Sir Francis Drake and the Spanish Main. — Don John of Austria, the 
scourge of the Turks. — The wild beggars of the sea. — Sir Richard Grenville and the last 

Brand, Jack — continued. 923.5 B69 

fight of the "Revenge." — Barentz and Van Heemskerk, the Dutch navigators and 
fighters. — Cumberland, the noble freebooter. — Du Guay-Trouin, the great French **blae.** 
— Lord Anson's four years' quest for the rich treasure-ships of Spain. — George Walker 
and the "Glorioso." — American privateers who won, by bard fighting, fame and for- 
tune. — ^Thomas Cochrane, earl of Dundonald, the salt water soldier of fortune. — Two 
Franco-American sea rovers. 

Chesney, Charles Cornwallis. 923.5 C4a 

Essays in military biography. 1874. Holt. 

Contents: The military life of General Grant. — A memoir of General Lee. — Ad- 
mirals Farragut and Porter and the navy of the Union. — A northern raider in the Civil 
war. — De Fezensac's recollections of the Grand army. — Henry von Brandt, a German 
soldier of the First empire. — Cornwallis and the Indian services. — A Carolina loyalist 
in the Revolutionary war. — Sir William Gordon of Gordon's battery. — Chinese Gordon 
and the Taiping rebellion. 

Dunn-Pattison, Reginald Philipson. 923-5 Dga 

Napoleon's marshals. 1909. Little. 

Contents: L. A. Berthier, prince of Wagram, sovereign prince of Neuchatel and 
Valangin. — ^Joachim Murat, king of Naples. — Andr6 Mass^na, duke of Rivoli, prince of 
Essling. — ^J. B. J. Bernadotte, prince of Ponte Corvo, king of Sweden. — J. D. N. Soult, 
duke of Dalmatia. — ^Jean Lannes, duke of Montebello. — Michel Nej, duke of Elchingen, 
prince of Moskowa. — L. N. Davout, duke of Auerstadt, prince of Eckmuhl. — J. £. J. A. 
Macdonald, duke of Tarentum. — ^A. F. L. V. De Marmont, duke of Ragusa. — L. G. 
Suchet, duke of Albufera. — L. G. St. Cyr. — B. A. J. De Moncey, duke of Conegliano. 
— J. B. Jourdan. — C. P. F. Augereau, duke of Castiglione. — G. M. A, Brune. — A, ft. C. 
J. Mortier, duke of Treviso. — J. B. Bessi^res, duke of Istria. — C. V. Perrin, duke of 
Belluno. — Emmanuel de Grouchy. — F. C. Kellermann, duke of Valmy. — F. J. Lefebvre, 
duke of Dantzig. — N. C. Oudinot, duke of Reggio. — D. C. de F6rignon. — J. M. P. 
Serurier. — Prince Joseph Poniatowsld. 

Frost, John, camp. 1923.5 F96 

Pictorial history of the American navy, comprising lives of its dis- 
tinguished commanders; comp. from the best authorities. 1845. Leavitt. 

Glazier, Willard Worcester. 923.5 G47 

Heroes of three wars. 1884. Hubbard. , 

Contents: Washington. — Joseph Warren. — Nathaniel Greene. — Lafayette. — Israel 
Putnam. — Ethan Allen. — Francis Marion. — John Paul Jones. — Kosciuszko. — Hugh Mer- 
cer. — Anthony Wayne. — John Stark. — Win field Scott. — Zachary Taylor. — W. J. Worth. 
— J. E. Wool. — Sam Houston. — James Shields. — Charles May. — Grant. — Sherman. — 
Sheridan. — McClellan. — Burnside. — Thomas. — Hooker. — Meade. — Slocum. — McPherson. 
— Hancock. — Fremont. — Howard. — Farragut. — Sigel. — Kilpatrick. — Kearny. — Nathaniel 
Lyon.— E. E. Ellsworth.— E. D. Baker. 

Hartley, Cecil B. 923.5 H3a 

Heroes and patriots of the South, comprising lives of General 
Francis Marion, General William Moultrie, General Andrew Pickens, 
and Governor John Rutledge, with sketches of other distinguished 
heroes and patriots who served in the Revolutionary war in the South- 
ern states, i860. Evans. 

Herbert. Henry William, (pseud. Frank Forester). 923.5 H46 

Captains of the Old World as compared with the great modern strat- 
egists; their campaigns, characters and conduct from the Persian to 
the Punic wars. 1851. Scribner. 

Contents: Introductory. — Miltiades, the son of Cimon. — Themistokles. — Pausanias, 
the Spartan. — Xenophon, the Athenian. — Epaminondas, the Theban. — Alexander of 
Makcdon. — Hannibal. 


Johnston, Robert Matteson. 933*5 Js^ 

Leading American soldiers. 1907. Holt. (Biographies of leading 


Contents: Thz Rkvolution: George Washington; Nathaniel Greene. — From thz 
RzvoLUTxoN TO TH« CiviL WAR: Andrew Jackson. — Zachary Taylor; Winfield Scott. — 
Tbe Civix. war: U. S. Grant; W. T. Sherman; P. H. Sheridan; G. B. McClellan; G. G. 
Meade; R. £. Lee; T. J. Jackson; J. E. Johnston. 

Locker, Edward Hawke. Qi'gas.S L76 

Naval gallery of Greenwich Hospital; comprising a series of por- 
traits and memoirs of celebrated naval commanders. 1831. Harding. 

Contents: Edward Lord Hawke. — Admiral Viscount Bridport. — ^John Bcnbow. — 
Captain James Cook. — Defeat of the Spanish Armada. — Robert Blake. — Edward Russell, 
carl of Orford.— George Byng, first viscount Torrington. — Honourable Samuel Barring- 
ton. — The battle of the Nile. — Edward Montague, earl of Sandwich. — Admiral Sir 
George Rooke.— ^Admiral Sir Charles Saunders. — Rear-admiral Richard Kempenfelt. — 
King Henry VIII sailing for Calais in the Harry Grace k Dieu. — Charles Howard, earl 
of Nottingham. — George Monk, duke of Albemarle. — Admiral Lord CoUingwood. — Wil- 
liam Locker. — Lord Howe's victory off Ushant. 

Monis, Charles. J933.5 Mgxh 

Heroes of the army in America. 1906. Lippincott. 

Short sketches of American soldiers from Washington to Gen. Miles, the Sioux and 
Apache Indian fighter. Among others, includes Israel Putnam, the ranger and warrior; 
Ethan Allen, the chief of the Green mountain boys; Anthony Wayne, the stormer of 
Stony Point; Henry Lee, the Light Horse Harry of '76; William Henry Harrison, the 
hero of Tippecanoe; Samuel Houston, the winner of Texan independence, and thf 
principal Civil war leaders on both sides. 

Morris, Charles. 923.5 M915 

Heroes of the navy in America. 1907. Lippincott. 

Contents: Jeremiah O'Brien. — Nicholas Biddle. — J. P. Jones. — Richard Dale. — 
John Barry. — Benedict Arnold. — Samuel Tucker. — ^Joshua Barney. — Thomas Truxton. — 
Edward Preble. — William Bainbridge. — Stephen Decatur. — Johnston Blakeley. — Isaac 
Hull. — ^Jacob Jones. — James Lawrence. — Charles Morris. — David Porter. — O. H. Perry. 
— Thomas Macdonough. — S. C. Reid. — Charles Stewart. — M. C. Perry. — D. G. Farragut. 
— D. D. Porter. — W. B. Cushing. — George Dewey. — R. P. Hobson. 

The same J9a3*5 M91 

Norman, Charles Boswell. 933*5 N44 

Corsairs of France. 1887. Low. 

Contents: Introduction: The rise of the French navy. — Jean Bart of Dunkirk, 
1650-1702. — Jacques Cassard of Nantes. — Duguay Trouin of St. Malo, 1673-1736. — 
Francois Thurot of Boulogne, 1727-60. — Leveill^ of Dunkirk. — Robert Surcouf of St. 
Malo, 1 773-1837. — Conclusion. — Appendix. 

Settle, J. H. comp. • 923.5 S49 

Anecdotes of soldiers in peace and war. 1905. Methuen. 

Stories of soldiers in all grades of service, but limited almost entirely to events in 
English history. Treats at special length of incidents connected with the battle of 
Waterloo and the Boer war. 

Shand, Alexander Innes. 923*5 8528 

Soldiers of fortune in camp & court. 1907. Dutton. 

Contents: The condottieri. — Sir James Turner. — Sir John Hepburn and Colonel 
Robert Munro. — Count Leslie of Balquhain. — Prince Eugene. — Marshal Keith. — Marshal 
Saxe. — Indian adventurers. 

"This is military adventure of the old romantic sort, strtmg together on a thread 
of the biographies of a dozen adventurers." Saturday review, 1908. 


Shanks, William Franklin Gore. 923.5 S53 

Personal recollections of distinguished generals. 1866. Harper. 

Contgnts: Sherman as a strategist. — Thomas as a tactician. — Grant as a general. — 
Sheridan as a cavalryman. — Fighting Joe Hooker. — Recollections of Rousseau. — Pecu- 
liarities of various generals. — Some peculiarities of our veterans. 

Statham, Edward Phillips. 923.5 S79 

Privateers and privateering. 1910. Hutchinson. 

Partial contents: Andrew Barton. — William Dampier. — Woodes Rogers. — George 
Shelvocke and John Qipperton. — Fortunatus Wright — George Walker. — ^Jcan Bart. — 
Du Guay Trotiin. — Jacques Cassard. — Robert Surcouf. — Captain Silas Talbot. — Captains 
Barney and Haraden. — Captain Thomas Boyle. 

"List of modem authorities/' p.7. 

Waldo, Samuel Putnam. i'923.5 W16 

Biographical sketches of distinguished American naval heroes in 
the war of the Revolution between the American republic and the king- 
dom of Great Britain. 1823. Andrus. 

Contents: Nicholas Biddle. — J. P. Jones. — Edward Preble. — Alexander Murray. — 
Appendix: Character and official services of James Monroe; Familiar letters of John 
Adams and Thomas Jefferson. 

Wilson, James Grant. 923*5 W76 

Sketches of illustrious soldiers. 1874, Putnam. 

Contents: Gonsalvo of Cordova. — ^The chevalier Bayard. — The constable Bourbon. 
— Prince of Orange. — Duke of Parma. — Prince Wallenstein.— Guatavus Adolphus. — 
Oliver Cromwell. — Marshal Turenne. — ^The great Cond6. — Duke of Marlborough. — Prince 
Eugene. — Charles the Twelfth. — Marshal Saxe. — Frederick the Great. — Marshal Suwar- 
row. — Gen. Washington. — Duke of Wellington. — Napoleon Bonaparte. — Gen. Scott. — 
Lord Clyde. — Marshal Moltke. — Gen. Lee. — Gen. Sherman. — Gen. Grant. 

Reformers. Educators 

Bartlett, David W. 923.6 Bay 

Modern agitators; or, Pen portraits of living American reformers. 
1856. Miller. 

Contents: H. W. Beecher. — Lyman Beecher. — ^E. H. Chapin. — Frederick Douglass. — 
H. B. Stowe. — Elihu Burritt. — W. L. Garrison. — J. B. Gough. — C. G. Finney. — J. R, 
Giddings. — W. C. Bryant. — Theodore Parker. — Ichabod Codding. — N. P. Rogers. — J. G. 
Whittier.— Horace Bushnell.— W. H. Seward. — ^J. R. Lowell. — Horace Greeley. — T. W. 

Barnard, Henry, ed. 933-7 B25 

German educational reformers; memoirs of eminent teachers and 
educators, with contributions to the history of education in Germany. 
1878. Brown. 

Republished from the ''American journal of education." 

Commences with a brief account of the Christian teachers of the 7th and 8th cen- 
turies and concludes with the early part of the 19th century. 


[Winslow, Stephen Noyes.] r923.8 W79 

Biographies of successful Philadelphia merchants. 1864, Simon. 
Brief sketches. 



McMurry, Charles Alexander. J933.9 Max 

Pioneers on land and sea; stories of the Eastern states and of ocean 

explorers. 1905. Macmillan. (Pioneer history stories, bk.i.) 

Contents: Champlain in New France. — Henry Hudson. — Walter Raleigh. — John 
Smith. — Popham's settlement. — John Smith's description of New England.— Christopher 
Columbus. — Ferdinand Magellan. — ^Hernando Cortes. — ^Ponce de Leon. — George Wash- 

Vcmc, Jules. 923.9 Vayt 

Der triumph des 19. jahrhunderts. 2v. 

V.I. Das morgenroth eines jahrhunderts der entdeckungen. — Die erforschung und 
kolonisirung Afrikas. — Die wissenschaftlichen bestrebungen im Orient und die for- 
achungen in Amerika. 

V.2. Erdumsegler aus verschiedenen nationen. — Die franzosischen erdumsegler. — 
Die polar^expeditionen. 

925 Science 

Cattell, James McKeen, ed, 4^935 Ca8 

American men of science; a biographical directory [1910]. 1910. 
For volume for 1906 see preceding catalogue, second series. 

Hubbard, Elbert. 925 H87 

Little journeys to the homes of great scientists. 2v. in i. 1905. 


Contents: Copernicus. — Galileo. — Sir Isaac Newton. — Humboldt. — Herschel. — 

Charles Darwin. — Ernst Haeckel. — Carl von Linnaeus. — Thomas Huxley. — John Tyndall. 

—A. R. Wallace.— John Fiske. 

Jordan, David Starr, ed. 925 J42 

Leading American men of science. 1910. Holt. (Biographies of 
leading Americans.) ' 

Contents: Benjamin Thompson, count Rumford, by E. E. Slosson. — Alexander 
Wilson, by Witraer Stone. — ^J. J. Audubon, by Witmer Stone. — Benjamin Silliman, by 
D. C. Oilman. — Joseph Henry, by Simon Newcomb. — Louis Agassiz, by C. F. Holder. — 
Jeffries Wyman, by B. G. Wilder. — Asa Gray, by J. M. Coulter.— J. D. Dana, by W. N. 
Rice.— S. F. Baird, by C. F. Holder. — O. C. Marsh, by G. B. Grinnell. — E. D. Cope, by 
Marcus Benjamin. — ^J. W. Gibbs, by E. E. Slosson. — Simon Newcorab, by Marcus Ben- 
jamin. — G. B. Goode, by D. S. Jordan. — H. A. Rowland, by Ira Remsen. — W. K. Brooks, 
by E. A. Andrews. 

Fifteen short, sympathetic biographies, each by a man in some degree known as a 
disciple of his subject. 

Knox, Robert, 1791-1862. 925 K35 

Great artists and great anatomists; a biographical and philosophical 

study. 1852. Van Voorst. 

Deals chiefly with the lives of the anatomists Cuvier and Geoff roy Saint-Hilaire. 
Contains a discussion of the relation which anatomy bears to science, philosophy and art. 

National Academy of Sciences. r925 Nz5 

Biographical memoirs, v.6. 1909. 

v.6. J. S. Newberry. — Clarence King. — C. E. Beecher. — G. P. Marsh. — John 
Rodgers. — Fairman Rogers. — W. A. Rogers. — S. L Penfield. — Joseph Le Conte. — L. H. 
Morgan. — Asaph Hall. — Alpheus Hyatt — Joseph Lovering. — W. M. Gabb. — Alexis Cas- 
well.— J. W. Gibbs.— Elliott Coues.— O. N. Rood. 

For v.z-5 see preceding catal<4[ue, second series. 


Ostwald, Wilhelm. 925 Oag 

Grosse manner. 1909. (Ostwald, Wilhelm, ed. Grosse manner, v. i.) 

Contents: Vorbercitung. — Humphry Davy. — J. R. Mayer. — Michael Faraday. — 
Justus Liebig. — Charles Gerhardt. — Hermann Helmholtz. — Allgemeine orientierung. — 
Die jugend. — Das grosse weric — Klassiker und romantiker. — Hernach. — Schluss. 

Interesting attempt to classify scientific men of genius and to formulate the laws 
governing their careers. A careful comparison is made of the lives of six scientists 
who have greatly influenced the life of their time. 

Poincar^, Jules Henri. 925 P74 

Savants et ecrivains. [1910.] 

Contents: Sully Prudhomme. — Grdard, dcrivain. — Curie et BrouardeL — Laguerre. — 
Hermite. — Cornu. — Halphen. — Tisserand. — Bertrand. — Berthelot. — Faye. — Potier. — 
Weierstrass. — Lord Kelvin. — Loewy. — Les polytechniciens. 

Potamian, Brother (Michael Francis O'Reilly), & Walsh, J. J. 925 P84 

Makers of electricity. 1909. Fordham University Press. 

Contents: Peregrinus and Columbus. — Norman and Gilbert — Franklin and some 
contemporaries. — Galvani, discoverer of animal electricity. — Volta, the founder of 
electrical science. — Coulomb. — H. C. Oersted. — A. M. Ampere. — Ohm, the founder of 
mathematical electricity. — Faraday. — Clerk Maxwell. — Lord Kelvin. 

Brief but reasonably complete sketches of the lives of the great pioneer workers in 

Maiden, Joseph Henry. 1:925.8 M26 

Records of Queensland botanists; a paper read before the [Austral- 
asian Association for the Advancement of Science]. 1909. Gumming. 

With this is bound his "Records of the earlier French botanists as regards Australian 

926 Useful arts 

Engineers. Physicians. Printers 

Layson, John F. 926 L44 

Great engineers. Scott. 

Contents: George Stephenson. — Robert Stephenson. — Richard Trevithick. — William 
Hedlcy. — Timothy Hackworth. — Isambard Brunei. — Sir Wm. Fairbairn. — Lord Arm- 
strong. — Gustave Eiffel. — Sir John Fowler. — Sir Benjamin Baker. — Sir William Arrol. 

Lives of distinguished shoemakers. 1849. Davis. 926 L74 

Contents: Saint Crispin. — James Lackington. — Timothy Bennett. — Roger Sherman. 
— William Carey. — Robert Bloomfield. — Simon Antoine. — Hans Sachs. — William Gif- 
ford. — Thomas Holcroft. — Thomas Hardy. — Cloudesley Shovel. — George Fox. — ^James 
Woodhouse. — Jacob Behmen. — Noah Worcester. — ^John Pounds. 

Perry, Frances Melville. J9a6 P44 

Four American inventors: Robert Fulton, Eli Whitney, S. F. B. 
Morse, T. A. Edison; a book for young Americans. 1901. Amer. Book 
Co. (Four great Americans series.) 

Pioneers of progress. [1910.] Collins. (Noble lives series.) 926 P64 

Brief chapters on Brunei and the Thames tunnel, Stevenson and the Skerrjrvore 
lighthouse, Lord Armstrong and the breech-loader. Lord Lister and antiseptic surgery. 
Sir William Perkin and coal-tar colors. Sir William Arrol and bridge-building, Rontgen 
and X-rays. 

Stuart, Charles Beebe. r926 S92 

Lives and works of civil and military engineers of America. 1871. 

Van Nostrand. 

Contents: Major Andrew Ellicott. — James Geddea. — Benjamin Wright — Canvaaa 


Stuart, Charles Beebe — continued, rgaG S92 

White.— D. S. Bates,— N. S. Roberts.— Gridley Bryant— Gen. J. G. Swift.— J. L. Wil- 
liams. — Col. William McRee. — S. H. Kneass.— Ci4»t. John Childe. — Frederick Harbach. 
— Maj. D. B. Douglas. — ^Jonathan Knight.— B. H.^Latrobe. — Col. Charles Ellet, jr. — 
Samuel Forrer. — W. S. Watson. — J. A. Roebling. 

Doctor's who's who. 1906. Saalfield. rgaG.! D66 

Ed. by C. W. Moulton. 

Aims to include the names of all foreign physicians of extraordinary repute and of 
American physicians who are^ther authors of medical works, professors in recognized 
colleges conferring the M. D. degree, editors of prominent medical journals, superintend- 
ents of important state medical institutions or presidents of important medical societies. 

Jeaffreson, John Cordy. 926.1 J22 

Book about doctors. [1862.] Hurst. 

Anecdotal sketches of noted physicians. 

Osier, William. 926.x O29 

An Alabama student [John Y. Bassett], and other biographical es- 
says. 1908. Oxford University Press. 

Other essays: Thomas Dover, physician and buccaneer. — ^John Keats, the apothe- 
cary poet. — Oliver Wendell Holmes. — ^John Locke as a physician. — Elisha Bartlett, a 
Rhode Island philosopher. — A backwood physiologist [William Beaumont]. — The in- 
fluence of Louis on American medicine. — William Pepper. — Alfred Stills. — Sir Thomas 
Browne. — Fracastorius. — Harvey and his discovery. 

About the older physicians much entertaining and sometimes curious information is 
given. The historic data have been infused with life and human interest through the 
author's sympathy and imaginative insight. Condensed from Nation, igo8. 

Williams, Stephen West. r926.i W74 

American medical biography; or, Memoirs of eminent physicians, 
embracing principally those who have died since [1828]. 1845. Mer- 

Hennig, Richard. 926.2 H44 

Buch beruhmter ingenieure; g^'osse manner der technik, ihr lebens- 
gang und ihr lebenswerk, fiir die reisere jugend und fiir erwachsene ge- 
schildert 1911. 

Contents: William Siemens. — J. B. Eads. — ^John Ericsson. — Ferdinand von Lesseps. 
— Alfred NobeL — Henry Bessemer. — ^John Fowler. — Nikolaus Riggenbach. — Otto Intze. 
— Max von Eyth. 

Hubbard, Elbert. 926.5 H87 

Little journeys to the homes of great business men. 2v. in i. 1909. 

Contents: Robert Owen. — James Oliver. — Stephen Girard. — M. A. Rothschild. — 
Philip Armour. — ^J. J. Astor. — Peter Cooper. — Andrew Carnegie. — George Peabody. — 
A. T. Stewart.— H. H. Rogers.— J. J. Hill. 

McKerrow, Ronald Brunlees, ed. r926.5 M18 

Dictionary of printers and booksellers in England, Scotland and Ire- 
land, and of foreign printers of English books, 1557-1640. 1910. Blades. 
(London, Bibliographical Society.) 

"List of some books and articles referred to," p. 2 1-23. 

Plomer, Henry Robert. r9a6.5 P71 

Dictionary of the booksellers and printers who were at work in 
England, Scotland and Ireland from 1641 to 1667. 1907. Blades. 
(London Bibliographical Society.) 


Allen, John Fenwick. 926.6 A4a 

Some founders of the chemical industry; men to be remembered. 

1906. Sherratt. 

Contents: William Gossage. — ^J. C. Gamble. — James Muspratt. — Andreas Kurtz. — 
Henry Deacon. — James Shanks. — Christian Allhusen. — Peter Spence. 

927 Fine arts 

rgay D56 
Dictionnaire critique et documentaire des peintres, sculpteurs, dessina- 
teurs et graveurs de tous les temps et de tous les pays, par un groupe 
d'6crivains specialistes frangais et etrangers sous la direction de £. 
Benezit. v.i. 191 1. 

V. I . A-C. 
'Bibliograpbie," v.i, p.8-ii. 


Dohme, Robert, ed. qrQsy D68 

Kunst und kiinstler des mittelalters und'der neuzeit; biographien 

und charakteristiken. v. 1-3, in 6. 1877-80. 

V.I, pt. 1-2. Kunst und kunstler Deutschlands und der Niederlande bis gegen die 
mitte des 18. jahrhunderts. 

V.2, pt.1-3. Kunst und kunstler Italiens bis um die mitte des x8. jahrhunderts. 

V.3. Kunst und kunstler Spaniens, Frankreicbs und Englands bis gegen das ende 
des 18. jahrhunderts. 

For V.4 see preceding catalogue, first series. 

Ellet, Mrs Elizabeth Fries (Lummis). 927 E51 

Women artists in all ages and countries. 1859. Harper. 

Pecht, Friedrich. 927 ^35 

Deutsche kunstler des 19. jahrhunderts; studien und erinnerungen. 

4v. 1877-^5. 

V.I. Cornelius. — Ludwig Richter. — Ernst Rietschel. — Ludwig Knaus. — Gottfried 
Semper. — Moriz von Schwind. — Anselm Feucrbach. — Fr. PrcUer. 

V.2. Carl Rottmann. — Franz Defregger. — Wilhelm v. Kaulbacb. — Franz Lenbach. 
— Alfred Rethel. — Arnold Bocklin. — Christian Rauch. — Ludwig Passini. — Buenaventura 
Genelli. — Adolph Menzel. — Hans Makart 

V.3. Rafael Mengs. — Asmu? Carstens. — Daniel Chodowiecld. — Joseph v. Fuhrich. 
— Theophilos Hansen. — Heinrich v. Ferstel. — Friedrich Schmidt. — Karl v. Piloty. — 
Gabriel Max. — Eduard Bendemann. — K. F. Leasing. — Andreas Achenbach. — Benjamin 

v.4. Schinkel. — Leo von Klenze. — Friedrich Overbeck. — ^Peter von Hess. — Franz 
Winterhalter. — Bernhard von Neher. — Karl Rahl. — Eduard Schldch. — Arthur von Ram- 
berg. — Ernst HahneL — Johannes Schilling. — Anton von Werner. — Peter Janssen. 

Thieme, Ulrich, & Becker, Felix, ed. qr9a7 T35 

Allgemeines lexikon der bildenden kiinstler von der antike bis zur 

gegenwart. v.1-5. 1907-11. 

V.I. Aa-Antonio de Miraguel. 

V.2. Antonio da Monza-Bassan. 

V.3. Bassano-Bickham. 

v.4. Bida-Brevoort. 

V.5. Brewer-Carlingen. 

Vasari, Giorgio. 927 V22V 

Le vite de' piii eccellenti pittori, scultori ed architetti; ridotte e an- 
notate per le scuole secondo i migliori studi sulla storia dell'arte a cura 
di Giulio Urbini. 1905. 


Wurzbach, Alfred, ritter von Tannenberg. Qrga? W97 

Niederlandisches kunst^er-lexikon; auf grund archivalischer for- 
schungen bearbeitet. v.i. 1904-06. 

v.i. A-K. 

Architects. Sculptors 
Berty, Adolphe. b9a7.a B46 

Les glands architectes fran^ais de la renaissance, d'apres de nom- 

breux documents inedits des bibliotheques et des archives, i860. 

Contents: Pbilibert de TOrme. — ^Pierre Letcot — ^Jean Goujon. — "Les Androuit du 
Cerceau: Jacques Androuet, le graveur; Baptiste Androuet; Jacques Androuet, Tar- 
chitecte de Henri IV; Jean Androuet. — Les M£tezeau: Q^oient M6tezeau, le ma^on 
de Dreux; Thibaut MiEtezeau; Louis M^tezeau; Q6ment M6tezeau, Tarchitecte de L<mis 
XIII. — Les Chaiibiges: Martin Chambiges; Pierre Chambiges, I'architecte de la vUle 
de Paris; Robert Chambiges; Pierre Chambiges, I'architecte de la petite galerie du 
Louvre; Louis Chambiges. — ^Jean Bullant 

Chancellor, Edwin Beresford. b9a7.3 C36 

Lives of the British architects, from William of Wykeham to Sir 
William Chambers. 1909. Duckworth. 

Contents: Wykeham and his predecessors. — Thorpe, Chrismas, Symons, Holt, 
Acroyde and the Smithsons. — Inigo Jones. — Webb, Hooke and Jerman. — Sir Christopher 
Wren. — Bell of Lynn, Talman, Pratt, Hawksmoor and Vanbrugh. — ^Archer, James of 
Greenwich, Campbell, Burlington, Pembroke and Kent — Batty Langley, Gibbs, Wood of 
Bath, Carr of York, Ripley and the amateurs: Aldrich, Clarke, Burrough and Essex. — 
Vardy, Ware, Dance, Flitcroft and Brettingham. — Taylor, Paine, Morris, the Adams 
and Chambers. 

"List of some of the authorities consulted," P.3S5-326. 

Ferrer, L. comp. rgay.a F78 

Biographical dictionary of medallists, coin, gem and seal-engravers, 
mint-masters, &c., ancient and modern, with references to their works, 
B. C. 500-A. D. 1900. V.4. 1909. Spink. 

For V.1-3 see preceding catalogue, second series. 

Lami, Stanislas. Qrgay.s L18 

Dictionnaire des sculpteurs de T^cole frangaise du moyen age au 
regne de Louis XIV; preface de Gustave Larroumet. 1898. 

Biographical dictionary of French sculptors. Includes bibliographical reference 


See also Painting, 750 

Balkema, C. H. rgay.s Big 

Biog^raphie des peintres flamands et hollandais qui ont existe depuis 
Jean et Hubert Van Eyck jusqu'a nos jours, pour servir de guide aux 
peintres et aux amateurs de tableaux. 1844. 

Biographical dictionary of Flemish painters. 

Comer, John. qrgay-S C8a 

Portraits of celebrated painters, with medallions from their best per- 
formances, engraved by John Corner, with authentic memoirs from 
established authorities. 1825. Longman. 

Fairholt, Frederick William. gay.s F16 

Homes, works and shrines of English artists, with specimens of 

their styles, to which is added Rambles in Rome. 1873. Virtue. 

Contents: Homes and shrines of English artists: Sir Joshua Reynolds; William 


Pairholt, Frederick William — catUinuid. 937.5 F16 

Hogarth; Thomas Gainsborough; Richard Cosway; George Morland; Richard Wilson 
J. M. W. Tamer; William Collins; Wflliam Etty;- WUliam Blake; John Flaxman 
Joseph Nollekens; R. J. Wyatt; Samuel Cooper; George Vertue; William Woollett 
Thomas Bewick. — Rambles in Rome. 

Home, Olive Browne, & Scobey, K. L. J9a7-5 H79 

Stories of great artists. 1903. Amer. Book Co. (Eclectic school 

ConttnU: Raphael. — Michael Angelo. — Rembrandt van Ryn. — Sir Joshua Reynolds. 
— ^Jean Baptiste Camille Corot. — Sir Edwin Landseer. — ^Jean Francois Millet. — Rosa Bon- 

About some of the world's great pictures and the artists who painted them. 

McSpadden, Joseph Walker. 937.5 Mas 

Famous painters of America. [1907.] Crowell. 

Contents: Benjamin West. — J. S. Copley. — Gilbert Stiurt — George Innesa. — ^EUhn 
Vedder. — Winslow Homer. — John La Farge. — J. A. M. Whistler. — ^J. S. Sargent — E. A. 
Abbey.— W. M. Chase. 

"Bibliography," p.357-362. 

Maxwell, Sir William Stirling-. 937>5 M53 

Stories of the Spanish artists until Goya; selected and arranged by 

Luis Carreno, with introduction by Edward Hutton. 1910. Chatto. 

Contents: Luis Morales. — Sinchez Coello. — Juan Femindez Navarrete, £1 Mudo. 
— El Greco. — Luis de Vargas. — Juan dc las Roelas. — Francisco de Herrera, the elder. — 
Francisco Pacheco. — ^Velasquez. — Ribera. — Zurbarin. — Alonso Cano. — Murillo. — Goya. — 
Cein Bermudez. — A list of the chief works of the principal Spanish painters. 

O'Neil, A. comp, qr9a7*5 Oas 

Dictionary of Spanish painters, comprehending simply that part of 
their biography immediately connected with the arts from the 14th 
century to the i8th. 2v. 1833-34. O'Neil. 

Ragg, Mrs Laura M. (Roberts). 927.5 R14 

Women artists of Bologna. [1907.] Methuen. 

Contents: Caterina dei VigrL — Properzia de* Rossi. — Lavinia Fontana. — Elisabetta 

"Authorities," p.309-310. 

"The life of Caterini dei as typical of one side of Italian medievalism 
as that of the sculptress Properzia dei Rossi of the Renaissance, and those of Lavinia 
Fontana and Elisabetta Sirani of the life of the later sixteenth and seventeenth cen- 
turies. Many excellent illustrations assist in forming a complete estimate of the artis- 
tic achievement of the four subjects of biography, and the author is to be congratulated 
on a local study of genuine and scholarly interest" Outlook, (London), 1907. 

Robinson, Frank Torrey. V^^T^S R54 

Living New England artists; biographical sketches; reproductions 
of original drawings and paintings by each artist. 1888. Cassino. 

Nearly 30 painters and illustrators are included. 

Musicians and composers 

See also Music, 780 

Qarke, A. Mason, comp. Tg2^.% C52 

Biographical dictionary of fiddlers, including performers on the 
violoncello and double bass, past and present, containing a sketch of 
their artistic career, together with notes of their compositions. &c. 
1895. Reeves. 


Diehl, Alice Mangold. 937*8 D57 

Musical memories. 1897. Bentley. 
Reminiscencef of musical cdebrities, chiefly in London and Paris, in the 50's and 60*8. 

Ehrlich, A. 927.8 E38C 

Celebrated pianists of the past and present; a collection of 139 biog- 
raphies. 1894. Presser. 

Very short sketches, each accompanied by a portrait. 

Ferris, George Titus. 927.8 P43g 

Great German composers. 1893. Appleton. 

ConUnts: Bach. — Handel. — Gludc — Haydn. — Mozart. — Beethoven. — Schnbert, 
Schumann and Franr. — Chopin. — Weber. — Mendelssohn. — Wagner. 
Short biographical and critical sketches. 

Ferris, George Titus. 937.8 •F4agr 

Great Italian and French composers. 1893. Appleton. 

Contents: Palestrina. — Piccini, Paisiello and Cimarosa. — Rossini. — Donizetti and 
Bellini. — Ver^j. — Cherubini and his predecessors. — M^hul, Spontini and Hal^y. — 
Bmeldieu and Auber. — Meyerbeer. — Gounod and Thomas. — Berlioz. 

Short biographical and critical sketches. 

Finck, Henry Theophilus. 927.8 F49 

Success in music, and how it is won, with a chapter on tempo rubato 
by I. J. Paderewski. 1909. Scribner. 

Contents: Music, money and happiness. — Successful singers. — Great pianists. — Four 
types of violinists. — ^Teachers, parents and pupils. 

Begins with some interesting statistics as to the pecuniary returns of a musical 
career. Then follow a number of biographies of special interest, the inclusion of such 
names as Geraldine Farrar, Mary Garden, Victor Maurel, Maurice Renaud, Ludwig 
Wullner and others making this portion of the work very much up to date (1910). The 
author has a personal acquaintance with most of the singers he describes and his pages 
are enlivened with anecdotes and conversations, as well as with shrewd estimates. 

Jaeger, Carl. 927.8 J 14 

Gallery of German composers; a series of photographic portraits, 

with biographical and critical notices by E. F. Rimbault. 1873. Pruck- 


Contents: J. S. Bach. — G. F. Handel. — Christopher Gluck. — ^Joseph Haydn. — W. A. 
Mozart. — Ludwig van Beethoven. — Franz Schubert. — C. M. v. Weber. — Felix Mendels- 
sphn-Bartholdy. — Robert Schumann. — Jacob Meyerbeer. — Richard Wagner. 

Strang, Lewis Clinton. 927.8 S89 

Famous prima donnas. [1906.] Page. 

Contents: Alice Nielsen. — Virginia Earle. — Lillian Russell. — Josephine Hall. — 
Mabelle Gilman. — Fay Templeton. — Madge Lessing. — ^J. B. Davis. — Edna Wallace Hop- 
per. — Paula Edwardes. — Liilu Glaser. — Minnie Ashley. — Edna May. — Marie Celeste. — 
Christie MacDonald. — Marie Dressier. — Delia Fox. — Camille D*Arvillc. — Marie Tempest. 
— Maud Raymond. — Pauline Hall. — Hilda Clark. 

Strang, Lewis Clinton. 927*8 Sdgi 

Famous stars of light opera. [1906.] Page. 

Contents: Francis Wilson. — J. T. Powers. — Walter Jones. — DeWolf Hopper. — 
Richard Golden. — Dutch comedy and its delineators. — T. Q. Seabrooke. — Frank Daniels. 
— Jerome Sykes. — Dan Daly. — H. C. Bamabee. — H. E. Dixey. — Otis Harlan. — Richard 
Carle. — Digby Bell. — ^Jefferson DeAngelis. — P. F. Dailey. — Light comedy in opera and 
its exponents. 

Tapper, Thomas. 927.8 T19 

First studies in music biography. 1900. Presser. 

ContenU : Bach. — Handel. — Haydn. — Mozart — Beethoven. — Schubert. — Mendels- 
sohn. — Schumann. — Chopin. — ^Wagner. 


Upton, George Putnam. 1927.8 Ua6a 

Standard musical biographies; a handbook setting forth the lives, 

works and characteristics of representative composers. 1910. McClurg. 

"Principal works" at the beginning of each chapter. 

"Handbook giving in condensed form the biographies of one hundred and four com- 
posers whose works are most familiar in concert rooms, with a list of the principal com- 
positions of each and an estimate of their claims to fame. There are some surprising 
omissions but the book is on the whole useful and both unbiased and authoritative." 
A. L. A. booklist, 1910. 


See also Theatre, 792 

Edwards, Henry Sutherland. 927*9 E31 

Idols of the French stage. 2v. 1889. Remington. 
The same, 2v ^27.9 E31 

V.I. The wife of Moliere. — Adrienne Lecouvreur. — Madame Favapt. — Sophie Ar- 
nould. — Mademoiselle de Camargo. 

V.2. Madeline Guimard. — Madame Dugazon. — Mademoiselle Clairon. — Made- 
moiselle Contat. — Mademoiselle Raucourt — Madame de Saint-Huberty. — Rachel. — Sarah 

1927.9 G8a 
Green room book; or, Who's who on the stage, 1907, 1909. [1907-09.] 

General biographical dictionary of actors, managers, playwrights and critics. Con- 
tains also miscellaneous information in regard to the theatrical events of the year. 

Hamm, Margherita Arlina. 937*9 Haa 

Eminent actors in their homes ; personal descriptions and interviews. 
1902. Pott. 

Contents: Introduction: The actor and his home. — £. H. Sothern, Virginia 
Harned-Sothern in West Sixty-ninth street, N. Y. — Richard Mansfield, Beatrice Cam- 
eron-Mansfield, their lares and penates. — Marie Bates, her home in East Thirty-first 
street, N. Y. — Elsie de Wolfe at her own hearth. — M. M. Fiske at home. -^ Annie 
O'Neill at home and abroad. — Edward Harrigan at Schroon lake. — ^A. W. Tiffany by 
the sea-shore. — May Robson, the domestic side of a great artist — David WarHeld at 
leisure. — Viola Allen, her domestic gods. — Francis Wilson at the Orchard. — Julia Mar- 
lowe on hearth and heath. — Annie Russell, her mansion and bungalow. — Amelia Bing- 
ham and her many-sided home. — Burr Mcintosh in many roles. — Chauncey Olcott, the 
domestic side of a nomad. — ^J. K. Hackett, Mary Mannering-Hackett, their home life.— 
Mr and Mrs Robert Edeson at home. — ^Joseph Jefferson, America's first actor; his inner 
life. — Otis Skinner in town and woodland. — W. H. Crane and his "Fishing-box.** — Mary 
Anderson de Navarro, mistress of the Court Farm, Broadway, Worcestershire. — N, C. 
Goodwin, Maxine Elliott-Goodwin, their home on the Old Kent road. 

Melbourne, George A. pub. Qi'927-9 M58 

Famous players of to-day. 1904. 

Brief sketches, accompanied by full-page portraits, of Mrs Leslie Carter, Kyrle 
Bellew, Blanche Bates, E. H. Sothern. Maude .\dams, David Warfield, Drina de Wolfe, 
Wright Lorimcr, Eleanor Robson, Tyrone Power, Rose Coghlan, Robert Hilliard, 
Marie Cahill, T. Q. Seabrooke, Mrs Fiske and Henry Miller. 

Shipman, Louis Evan. ^37.9 S55 

Group of theatrical caricatures; 12 plates by W.J. Gladding, with an 
introduction and biographical sketches by L. £. Shipman. 1897. Dunlap 

The caricatures were drawn in 1868 and are said to give faithfully the striking 
characteristics of each actor. They include John Lester Wallack, Edwin Forrest, Wil- 
liam J. Florence and Edwin Booth. 


Strang, Lewis Clinton. 937-9 SSgf 

Famous actors of the day. [1906.] Page. 

Contents: Joseph Jefferson. — ^J. A. Heme. — Richard Mansfield. — E. M. Holland. — 
E. H. Sothem. — John Drew. — William Faversham. — J. B. Mason. — N. C. Goodwin. — 
James O'Neill.— W. H. Crane.— WUton Laclcaye.— William Gillette.— Henry Mnier.— 
J. K. Hackett. — Henry Jcwett. — Stuart Robson. — Melbourne MacDowell. — S. S. Russell. 
— Otis Skinner. — J. E. Dodson. — R. B. Mantell. — Roland Reed. — Joseph Haworth. — 
Herbert Kelcey. 

qr9a7.9 W66 
Who's who on the stage; the dramatic reference book and biographical 
dictionary of the theatre, records of actors, actresses, managers and 
playwrights of the American stage; ed. by Walter Browne and F. A. 
Austin. 1906. Walter Browne. 

928 Literature. Authors 

Austin, Wiltshire Stanton, jr. & Ralph, John. 928 A93 

Lives of the poets-laureate, with an introductory essay on the title 
and office. 1853. Bentley. 

Bell, Charles Dent. 928 B39 

Some of our English poets. 1895. Stock. 

ConUnts: Thomas Gray. — Oliver Goldsmith. — ^William Cowper. — Sir Walter Scott. 
— Samuel Taylor Coleridge. — William Wordsworth. 

Bell, Robert. 928 B41 

Lives of the most eminent literary and scientific men of Great 

Britain; English poets. 2v. 1839. Longman. 

▼.X. Michael Drayton. — Abraham Cowley. — Edmund Waller. — ^John Milton. — Sam- 
uel Butler. 

r.2. John Dryden. — ^Two centuries of minor poets. — Matthew Prior. — Alexander 
Pope. — Edward Young. — Mark Akeniide. 

Black, Mrs Helen C. 928 B51 

Notable women authors of the day; biographical sketches. 1893. 


Contents: Mrs Lynn Linton. — Mrs Riddell. — Mrs L. B. Walford. — Rhoda Brougb 
ton. — John Strange Winter (Mrs Arthur Stannard). — Mrs Alexander. — Helen Mathers. 
— Florence Marryat. — Mrs Lovett Cameron. — Mrs Hungerford. — Matilda Betham Ed- 
wards. — Edna Lyall. — Rosa Nouchette Carey. — Adeline Sergeant. — Mrs Edward Ken- 
nard. — ^Jessie Fothergill. — Lady Duffus Hardy. — Iza Duffus Hardy. — May Crommelin. 
— Mrs Houstoun. — Mrs Alex. Fraser. — Honourable Mrs Henry Chetwynd. — ^Jean Mid- 
dlemass. — .Augusta de Grasse Stevens. — Mrs Leith Adams. — Jean Ingelow. 

Cary, Henry Francis. 928 C24 

Lives of English poets from Johnson to Kirke White; designed as 
a continuation of Johnson's Lives. 1846. Bohn. (Works, v.3.) 

Contents: Samuel Johnson. — ^John Armstrong. — Richard Jago. — R. O. Cambridge. 
— Tobias Smollett. — Thomas Warton. — Joseph Warton. — Christopher Anstey. — William 
Mason. — Oliver Goldsmith. — Erasmus Darwin. — W. J. Mickle. — James Beattie. — William 
Hayley. — Sir William Jones. — Thomas Chattcrton.— H. K. White. 

Clarke, Charles Cowden, & Clarke, Mrs Mary Cowden. 928 C52 

Recollections of writers. [1878.] Scribner. 

Contents: General recollections. — Recollections of John Keats. — Charles Lamb and 
his letters. — Mary Lamb. — Leigh Hunt and his letters. — Douglas Jerrold and his letters. 
— Charles Dickens and his letters. 


Ditchfield, Peter Hampson. 928 D638 

Books fatal to their authors. 1903. Stock. (Book-lover's, library.) 

Enumerates a large number of authors of all countries who have suffered because 
of their books. 

Dutt, William Alfred. 928 D95 

Some literary associations of East Anglia, with illustrations in colour 
by Walter Dexter. 1907. McClure. 

Contents: The homes and haunts of Edward Fitzgerald.— >^th Crabbe at Aide- 
burgh. — In and about Framlingham. — With Crabbe at Parham. — East Dereham. — Nor- 
wich. — Sir Thomas Browne and Bishop Hall. — Lowestoft — George Borrow at Oulton. — 
Dickens' "Blunderstone** and Thomas Gray. — Great Yarmouth. — ^The Wavenejr valley. — 
Bury St Edmunds. — Barton and Hawstead. — Honington, Euston and Ickworth. — King's 
Lynn and North Norfolk. 

"Works consulted," p.33a-333. 

East Anglia, the ancient English kingdom, corresponded to the modern Norfolk 
and Suffolk. 

Edwards, Matilda Betham-. 928 E31 

French men, women and books; a series of 19th century studies. 
1910. Chapman. 

Contents: French domestic poetry, with original translations. — A great love-story: 
Balzac and Madame Hanska. — French author and publisher: Barbey D'Aur^illy and 
Trebutien. — An Anglo-French romance: Mary Clarke and Claude FaurieL — A '*God- 
intoxicated Frenchman:" Jean Reynaud. — The new fiction: MM. Boysleve and Henry 
Bordeaux. — A great prose epic, 1870-71 : the brothers Margueritte. — A typical artisan 
and the people's universities. — Anglophile and reformer: Edmond Demolins. — The his- 
torian of a tragedy: M. Joseph Reinach. — French views of England: MM. Chevrillon, 
Coste, Boutmy and others. — Postscript: La France vue de I'Angleterre; French study 
by the author. 

Eraldne, John. 928 E78 

Leading American novelists. 1910. Holt. (Biographies of leading 


Contents: C. B. Brown. — ^J. F. Cooper. — W. G. Simms. — ^Nathaniel Hawthorne. — 
H. B. Stowe. — Bret Harte. 

Essays, both biographical and critical. 

Forrest, Mary, (pseud, of Julia Deane Freeman). rgaS F78 

Women of the South distinguished in literature. 1866. Richardson. 

Contents: O. W. Le Vert. — Caroline Gilman. — Caroline Howard. — A. C. M. 
Ritchie. — C. A. Warfield. — E. P. Lee. — M. J. Mcintosh.— A. L. Phelps. — ^Marion Har- 
land.— E. D. E. N. Southworth— R. V. Johnson — C. L. Hentx.— S. R. Ford.— S. A. 
Talley.— A. J. Evans.— J. T. H. Cross.— M. S. B. D. Shindlcr.— A. E. Dupuy.— A. B. 
Welby.— K. A. Du Bose.— A. R. Blount and C. B. Sinclair.— Lizzie Petit.— S. A. 
Reedy.— L. V. French.— M. E. Bryan.— A. P. Dinnies.— L. S. McCord.— M. E. Lee.— 
G. A. H. McLeod.— M. J. Windle.— J. T. Worthington.— R. Jacobus.— E. B. Chees- 
borough. — E. C. S. Chilton. 

Forstcr, Joseph. 928 F786 

Great teachers. 1898. Redway. 

Contents: Burns. — Shelley. — Coleridge. — ^Tennyson. — Ruskin. — Carlyle. — Emerson. 
— Browning. 

Graham, Henry Grey. 9*8 G76 

Scottish men of letters in the i8th century. 1901. Black. 

Contents: Dawn of literature, Allan Ramsay, Hamilton of Bangour, Robert Blair. 
— Early Scottish philosophy, Hutcheson, David Hume. — ^John Home. — Principal Robert- 
son. — Adam Ferguson, Dr Hugh Blair, William Wilkie, Dr Blacklock.— Adam Smitli. 
— Literary judges: Lord Kames, Lord Monboddo, Lord Hailes. — ^James Boswell. — ^James 


Graham, Henry Grey — continued. 928 G76 

ICacpherson. — Dr Thomas Rdd, Dr James Beattie. — Scottish men of letters in England: 
Mallet, Thomson, Smollett.— Women of letters: Lady Wardlaw, Lady Grisell Baillie, 
Mrs Cockburn, Jean Elliot, Lady Anne Barnard, Lady Nairne. — Song- writers : Skinner, 
Bruce, Fcrgusson. — Robert Bums. — Henry Mackenzie, Dugald Stewart, Close of the 

Anecdotal biographies. 

Oubernatis, Angelo, conte de, camp. qrgaS Ggsd 

Dictionnaire international des ecrivains du monde latin. 1905. 

Biographical dictionary which includes authors of all nationalities who have written 
on the Latin world. The largest place is given to Italian writers and to books relating 
to Italy. Contains a subject index. 

928 H75 
Homes of American authors, comprising anecdotical, personal and de- 
scriptive sketches, by various writers. 1853. Putnam. 

Contents: J.J. Audubon. — ^J. K. Paulding. — ^Washington Irving. — ^W. C. Bryant. 
— George Bancroft. — R. H. Dana. — W. H. Prescott. — C. M. Sledgwick.— J. F. Cooper. 
— Edward Everett. — R. W. Emerson. — W. G. Simms. — H. W. Longfellow. — Nathaniel 
Hawthorne. — Daniel Webster. — J. P. Kennedy. — J. R. Lowell. 

Huneker, James Gibbons. 928 H93 

Egoists; a book of supermen. 1909. Scribner. 

Contents : Stendhal. — Baudelaire. — Flaubert. — Anatole France. — Huysmans. — Bar- 
res. — Nietzsche. — Blake. — Ibsen. — Stimer. — Ernest Hello. 
Appeared in various magazines. 

Jerrold, William Blanchard. 928 Ja8 

Days with great authors, comprising choice selections from Charles 
Dickens, Sir Walter Scott, W. M. Thackeray and Douglas Jerrold, with 
biographical sketches. 1894. Hagemann. 

Kavanagh, Julia. 928 K14 

French women of letters; biographical sketches. 2v. 1862. Hurst. 

V.I. Introduction. — Mademoiselle de Gournay. — Mademoiselle de Scud^y. — ''Ibra- 
him.'* — "The grand Cyrus," — "Qelia.** — Mademoiselle de Scud^'s purpose. — Madame 
de la Fayette. — "Zayde." — "The princess of Qives." — Madame de Tencin. — "The 
memoirs of Comminge;" "The misfortunes of love." — Madame Riccobom. 

V.3. Madame Riccoboni's tales. — Madame de Genlis. — Historical novels. — Domestic 
tales. — Madame de Charriire: The "Letters from 'Lausanne.'" — Madame de Krudener. 
—"Valerie."— Madame Cottin: "Am6Uc Mansfield."— Madame de SUcL— "Delphine." 
— "Corinne." 

K&nnecke, Gustav, comp. q9a8 K37 

Deutscher literaturatlas, mit einer einfiihrung von Christian Muff. 

Reproductions of manuscripts, illustrations and title-pages, autographs, miniatures, 
portraits of authors, etc, with brief explanatory text. 

Mason, Edward Tuckerman» ed. 928 M44 

Personal traits of British authors. 4v. 1885. Scribner. 

V.I. Lord Byron. — P. B. Shelley. — Thomas Moore. — Samuel Rogers. — ^John Kemts. 
— Robert South ey. — W. S. Landor. 

V.2. WUliam Wordsworth.— S. T. Coleridge.— Charles Lamb.— William HazUtt— 
J. H. L. Hunt. — B. W. Procter. — Evenings with the Lambs. 

V.3, Sir Walter Scott. — James Hogg. — Thomas Campbell. — Thomas Chalmers. — 
John Wilson. — Thomas De Quincey. — Lord Jeffrey. 

V.4. Thomas Hood. — Lord Macaulay. — Sydney Smith. — D. W. Jerrold. — Charles 
Dickens. — Charlotte Bronte.— W. M. Thackeray. 

"List of authorities" at the end of each volume. 


Nichols, John. rgaS N3X 

Literary anecdotes of the i8th century, comprizing biographical 

memoirs of William Bowyer and many of his friends; an incidental 

view of the progress and advancement of literature in this kingdom 

during the last century, gv. 1812-15. Nichols. 

V.7 is an index volume. 

"Invaluable bibliographical and biographical storehouse of information... being an 
expansion of the earlier 'Memoirs of Bowyer.' " Dictionary of national biography. 

Pa3me, William Morton. 928 P33 

Leading American essayists. 1910. Holt. (Biographies of lead- 
ing Americans.) 

Contents: Introduction. — Washington Irving. — R. W. Emerson. — H. D. Thoreau. 
— G. W. Curtis. 

"Bibliographical note," p. 7-8. 

Sketches, partly biographical, partly critical. 

Poe, Edgar Allan. gaS P74 

Literati; Autography; ed. by J. A. Harrison. 1902. Crowell. 

(Complete works, v.15.) 

The same. 1902. (Complete works, v.15.) 814 P74 

Bound with his "Essays and miscellanies." 

Shelley, Henry Charles. 928 S54 

Literary by-paths in old England. 1906. Little. 

Contents: In Spenser's footsteps. — The home of Sir Philip Sidney. — Memorials 
of William Penn.-— The birthplace of Gray's Elegy.— Gilbert White's Selbome. — Gold- 
smith's "Deserted village." — Burns in Ayrshire. — Keats and his circle. — In Carlyle's 
country. — Thomas Hood's homes and friends. — Royal Winchester. 

"He refreshes vague memories and supplies fresh clues at almost every turn, and 
his is exactly the book one would like to take along on a pilgrimage to poetic ihrines. . . 
The plates are beautiful, and there are exactly one hundred and twenty-five of them, 
mostly reproduced from photographs of the author's own." Atlantic monthly, 7907. 

Strachey, Lionel, & Littlefield, Walter, ed. 928 S89 

Love letters of famous poets and novelists; selected by Lionel 
Strachey and prefaced with descriptive sketches by Walter Littlefield. 
1909. McBride. 

Contents: Byron with Lady Caroline Lamb, Anna Milbanke, Jane Clairmont and 
the countess Guiccioli. — Poe to Mrs Whitman. — Congreve to Mrs Hunt. — Victor Hugo 
with Ad^le Foucher, Juliette Drouet and Claire. — Goethe with Augusta zu Stolberg, Frau 
▼on Stein and Bettina Brentano. — Scott from Charlotte Carpenter. — M6rim6e to the 
"Unknown." — Sterne to Elizabeth Lumley, Catherine Fourmantel, Lady Percy and Mrs 
Draper. — Heine to the "Fly." — Balzac to Madame Hanska. — Pope to the Blount sisters. 
— Lamartine from Madame Charles. — Lytton and Rosina Wheeler. — Schiller and Char- 
lotte von Lengefeld. — Keats to Fanny Brawne. — George Sand and Alfred de Musset. — 
Burns with Elb'son Begbie and "Garlnda." 

Thorne, William Henry. 928 T41 

Modern idols; studies in biography and criticism. 1887. Lippincott. 

Contents: Matthew Arnold. — Robert Browning. — Ole Bull. — Robert Bums. — 
Thomas Carlyle. — George Eliot. — George Sand. 

Vincent, George Edgar. 928 V34 

Some Italian authors and their works. 1887. Lothrop. 

Contents: Introductory. — Cato, the censor. — Gcero, the orator. — ^Virgil, the poet. — 
Horace, the satirist. — Pliny, the younger. — Juvenal, the satirist. — Tacitus, the historian. 
— Dante, the poet. — Petrarch, the poet. — Machiavelli, the diplomatist — ^Alfieri. 


Warner, Charles Dudley, ed. 928 W23W 

The Warner classics; selected from the introductory studies included 

in "Library of the world's best literature." v.5-6. 1905. Doubleday. 

V.5. Shakespeare, by Edward Dowden. — William Shakespeare the man and the 
actor, by John Malone. — Goethe, by Edward Dowden. — Moliere, by Brander Matthews. 
— i^schylus, by J. W. White. — Henrik Ibsen, by W. H. Carpenter. 

V.6. O. E. L. von Bismarck, by Munroe Smith. — Benjamin Franklin, by John Bige- 
low. — Lord Beaconsfield, by I. C. Cabell. — William Pitt, from "History of the English 
people." — Thomas Jefferson, by P. L. Ford. — Lincoln's death and fame, from "Abra- 
ham Lincoln; a history." — Abraham Lincoln, by H. W. Mabie. — Alexander Hamilton, by 
D. C. GUman. — Henry Clay, by J. R. Procter. 

Binder's title reads "Studies of great authors." 

For V.I -4 see preceding catalogue, first series. 

Williams, Jane, called Ysgafell. 928 W74 

Literary women of England, including a biographical epitome of all 
the most eminent to the year 1700, and sketches of the poetesses to the 
year 1850, with extracts from their works and critical remarks. 1861. 

Wilson, Rufus Rockwell. 928 W77 

New^ England in letters. 1904. Wessels. 

Contents: Through Longfellow's country. — Wanderings in Whittier land. — The 
Salem of Hawthorne. — Emerson and others in Concord. — Cambridge and its worthies. — 
A day of literary beginnings. — The Autocrat and his comrades. — The Boston of a later 
time. — The land of the Pilgrims. — A winding Bay state journey. — The Berkshires and be- 
yond. — Connecticut wits and worthies. 

Winchester, Caleb Thomas. 928 W778 

A group of English essayists of the early 19th century. 1910. Mac- 


Contents: The new essay; Jeffrey as critic. — William Hazlitt. — Charles Lamb. — 
Thomas De Quincey. — John Wilson. — Leigh Hunt. 

He sets to work to etch the lineaments of his subjects through biographical study 
and then to show how their literary powers and limitations were conditioned by their 
characters. Fairness, proportion and completeness are felt in his portraiture. Con- 
densed from Notion, igio. 

Winter, William. 928 W794 

Old friends; literary recollections of other days. 1909. Moffat. 

Contents: H. W. Longfellow. — Bohemian days. — Vagrant comrades. — O. W. 
Holmes.— T. B. Aldrich.— Bayard Taylor.— Charles Dickens.— Wilkie Collins.— G. W. 
Curtis. — Old familiar faces: Arthur Sketchley. — Artemus Ward. — Bohemia again. — E. 
C. Stedman. — The Ornithorhyncus Club. — C. B. Seymour. — William North. — Sol Ey» 
tinge. — ^J. R. Lowell. — D. G. Mitchell. — ^A. H. Smyth. — P. J. Bailey. — Notes: Long- 
fellow letters. — George Arnold. — Selected letters of T. B. Aldrich. — Ada Cavendish. 

"Doubly interesting, first, for the intimate personal glimpses which it affords of 
men who have won popularity and abiding honor in the field of American literature, 
and, secondly, for the unconscious revelation which it makes of the finer qualities of 
the author himself." Nation, igoQ. 

Woodberry, George Edward. 928 W85 

Great writers. 1907. McClure. 

Contents: Cervantes. — Scott — Milton. — Virgil. — Montaigne. — Shakspere. 

Wright, Thomas, 1810-77. r928 W93 

Biographia Britannica literaria; or. Biography of literary characters 
of Great Britain and Ireland; Anglo-Norman period. 1846. Parker. 

Part of an ambitious work, never completed, intended to cover the period from 
Anglo-Saxon times to 1840. 

"He recovered from manuscript and printed for the first time many valuable histori- 
cal and literary records. Much of his work was hastily executed, and errors abound, 
but his enthusiasm and industry were inexhaustible." Dictionary of national biography. 


929 Genealogy and heraldry 


Newcastle-upon-Tsme, England — Public libraries. qroi6.9a9 N26 

Catalogue of books and tracts on genealogy & heraldry in the Cen- 
tral Public Libraries. 1910. Doig. 

United States — Library of Congress. qroz6.9a9 U25 

American and English genealogies in the Library of Congress; pre- 
liminary catalogue. 1910. 

General v^orks 

Bernau, Charles Allan, comp. 1929 B45 

International genealogical directory, 1907. [1907.] 

Bridger, Charles. r9a9 B74 

Index to printed pedigrees contained in county and local histories, 
the Heralds* visitations and in the more important genealogical collec- 
tions. 1867. Smith. 

Binder's title reads "Index to pedigrees of English families." 

Includes the landed gentry of England and Wales, and indexes brief genealogies 
as well as such monumental works as Burke's. 

Fothergill, Gerald, and others. r9a9 F8a 

Some special studies in genealogy. 1908. Bernau. 

Contents: American emigrants, how to trace their English ancestry, by Gerald 
Fothergill. — The Quaker records, by Josiah Newman. — The genealogy of the submerged, 
by C. A. Bernau. 

qr929 G76 
Grafton magazine of history and genealogy; a quarterly publication, 
June 1908-date. v.i-date. 1908-date. 

Haxtun, Annie Arnoux. 41*929 H36 

Early settlers of New Amsterdam. 

Reprinted from the "Mail and express, N. Y.," 1903. 

Notes on some old New York families including the Loockermans. Van Cortlandts, 
Van Rensselaers, De Forests, Livingstons, De Peysters, Stuyvesants, Morrises, Jays, 
Bayards, De Lanceys, Beekmans, Waltons, De la Montagnes, Proroosts, Brevoorts, Kips, 
Remsens, Willinks, Van Wycks, Philipses, Broncks, StiUwells. Townsends and Roosevelts. 

Haxtun, Annie Arnoux. 4^929 H368 

Signers of the Mayflower compact. 3v. in i. 

Reprinted from the "Mail and express, N. Y.,*' 1896. 
Biographical and genealogical notes concerning the signers. 

r9a9 H62 

Historical bulletin; monthly, July 1905-Sept. 1906. v.7-9. 1905-06. 

Discontinued with v. 9, Sept. 1906. 

Magazine of United States history and genealogy. 

Munsell's (Joel) Sons, pub, qr9^ M96i2 

Index to American genealogies and to genealogical material con- 
tained in all works; supplement, 1900-08. 1908. 

For work which this supplements see preceding catalogue, first series. 


rgag Na6 
New England historical & genealogical register; index of persons, v.i- 
SO, 1847-96. V.3. 

V.3. S-Z. 

Index of subjects, v. 1-50, 1847-96. 

Index of places, v. 1-50, 1847-96. 

For volumes of magazine and for earlier volumes of index see preceding catalogues. 

qrgag P36 
Pedigree register; quarterly, June 1907-March 1909. v.i, no.i-8. 1907-09. 

Round, John Horace. 939 R77P 

Peerage and pedigree; studies in peerage law and family history. 
2v. 1910. Nisbet. 

V.I. The Willoughbjr d'Eresby case and the rise of the Bertiea. — ^The barony of 
Delawarr. — Peerage cases in the court of chivalry. — The muddle of the law. — Tales of 
the conquest. — The House of lords. 

V.2. Some "Saxon" houses. — ^The great Carington imposture. — ^Thc geste of John 
de Courcy.— ^Heraldry and the gent 

Scottish Record Society. 4^929 S43 

[Publications], March 1908-date. pt.40-date. 1908-date. 

Index to the register of the parish of Edinburgh is catalogued separately (qr929 

United States — Census office (ist census: 1790). Qrg^ Uas 

Heads of families at the first census of the United States, v.i-12. 

V. I . Vermont 

\.2. New Hampshire. 

v. 3. Maryland. 

V.4. Rhode Island. 

V.5. Connecticut. 

V.6. Maine. 

V.J. South Carolina. 

V.8. Massachusetts. 

V.9. New York. North Carolina. 

V. 1 1 . Pennsylvania. 

v.r2. Virginia; records of the state enumerations, 1782 to 1785. 

The aim is to publish eventually lists of the heads of families of all the 17 states 
included in the first census. The work will probably be of service chiefly to genealo- 
gists. Under each town of a county are given the names of the heads of families and 
there is a general index at the end of each volume. 

Family genealogies 

Bellet, Louise Pecquet du. r929.a B41 

Some prominent Virginia families. 4v. 1907. [Bell.] 

Genealogies of the Jaquelin, Cary, Randolph, Fairfax, Carter, Lee, Willis, Nicholas, 
Moncure, Marshall, Harrison, Fitzhugh, Mason, Bernard Smith, Mills, Dimitry, Evans, 
Pendleton, Boiling and other prominent families. 

Bond, Henry. qr929.a B6a 

Genealogies of the families and descendants of the early settlers of 
Watertown, Massachusetts, including Waltham and Weston; to which 
is appended the early history of the town, with a memoir of the author 
by H. G. Jones. 2v. in i. i860. 


Chambers, Theodore Frelinghuysen. qrgag.a C35 

Early Germans of New Jersey; their history, churches and genealo- 
gies. [1895. Dover Printing Co.] 

Section on genealogy covers Hunterdon, Morris, Sussex and Warren counties. 
Maps and illustrations. 

Crozier, William Armstrong, ed. ^975.5 V3493 v.8 

Key to Southern pedigrees; being a comprehensive guide to the 
colonial ancestry of families in the states of Virginia, Maryland, 
Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, West 
Virginia and Alabama. [191 1.] (In Virginia county records, v.8.) 

Egle, William Henry, comp. qrgag-a B34 

Genealogical record of the families of Beatty, Egle, Miiller, Murray, 
Orth and Thomas. 1886. Hart. 

Goodwin, Nathaniel. rgag-a G633 

Genealogical notes; or. Contributions to the family history of some 

of the first settlers of Connecticut and Massachusetts. 1856. Brown. 

Mackenzie, George Norbury, ed. qr929.a M18 

Colonial families of the United States of America, in which is given 
the history, genealogy and armorial bearings of colonial families who 
settled in the American colonies from the time of the settlement of 
Jamestown, 13th May 1607, to the battle of Lexington, 19th April 1775. 
v.i-2. 1907-11. Grafton Press. 

Pelletreau, William Smith. qr9a9.2 P37 

Historic homes and institutions and genealogical and family history 
of New York. 4v. 1907. Lewis. 

Sanford, John Langton, & Tovmsend, Meredith. rgag.a Saa 

Great governing families of England. 2v. 1865. Blackwood. 

A chapter is devoted to each of the great families included, in which something 
of their history and genealogy is presented. 

Summers, Ewing, ed. qrgag.a S95 

Genealogical and family history of eastern Ohio. 1903. 

Short biographical sketches of many present (1903) and former residents of East 
Liverpool, Youngstown and neighboring towns, with some notice of their ancestors. 

Ward, Andrew Henshaw. rgag.a Wai 

Family register of the inhabitants of the town of Shrewsbury, Mass. 
from its settlement in 1717 to 1829, and of some of them to a later 
period. 1847. Drake. 

Whayman, Horace W. Billings, ed. rgag.^ W59 

Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania genealogies (fragmenta genealogica 
heraldica). v. 1-2. 1906-07. t^ierpont. Pittsburgh. 

Whitmore, William Henry, comp. rgag-a W64 

Register of families settled at the town of Medford, Mass. 1855. 



Acheson, Alexander W. rgag-a A17 

History of the Acheson family on the paternal side. .1878. Pittsburgh. 

Family of Scotch-Irish extraction which settled at Washington, Pa. in the late i8th 


Alexander, John Edmiston. rgag.^ A37 

Record of the descendants of John Alexander of Lanarkshire, Scot- 
land, and his wife, Margaret Glasson, who emigrated from county 
Armagh, Ireland to Chester county. Pennsylvania, 1736. 1878. Martien. 


Balch, Thomas Willing, comp. qrgag.a B18 

Balch genealogica. 1907. Allen. 


Barber, Edwin At Lee, comp. rg^g.^ Bas 

Genealogy of the Barber family, the descendants of Robert Barber 
of Lancaster county, Pa. 1890. Fell. 


Seilhamer, George Overcash. rgag.2 B237 

Bard family; a history ^nd genealogy of the Bards of "Carroll's 
Delight," with a chronicle of the Bards and genealogies of the Bard 
kinship. 1908. 


Jennings, Zelie. rgag.a J26 

Some account of Dettmar Basse and the Passavant family and their 
arrival in America. [1903.] 


[Bomeman, Joseph H. comp.] rgag.a B63 

History of the Borneman family in America since the first settlers, 

1721 to 1878. 1881. Privately printed. 


Boughton, James. rg2g.a B65 

Bouton-Boughton family; descendants of John Bouton, a native of 
France, who embarked from Gravesend, Eng. and landed at Boston in 
December 1635 and settled at Norwalk, Ct. 1890. Munsell. 


Craighead, James Geddes. rg2g.a C86 

Craighead family; a genealogical memoir of the descendants of 

Thomas and Margaret Craighead, 1658-1876. 1876. Privately printed. 


Waylen, James. rgag.a C8g 

House of Cromwell; a genealogical history of the family and de- 
scendants of the Protector; revised by J. G. Cromwell. 1897. Stock. 

Genealogy of the family from the 14th to the 19th century, including a short 
chapter on the Cromwells in America. 



Cope, Gilbert. rgag^ Dasc 

Genealogy of the Darlington family; a record of the descendants of 
Abraham Darlington of Birmingham, Chester co., Penna. and of some 
other families of the name. 1900. Privately printed. 

De Carpcntier 

Sellers, Edwin Jaquett, camp, rgag-a D35 

Genealogy of the De Carpentier family of Holland. 1909. Privately 


Dickson, William Brown, ed. 1^29.2 D55 

Genealogy of the Dickson family and its immediate collateral 
branches, with notes on the Scottish emigration to North Ireland. 1908. 
Privately printed. 


Darby, William. r9a9.2 D64 

Dixons of Dixon's ford; with "The soldier's tale," a story of the 
people of Derry in 1776. 1878. Dauphin County Historical Soc. 

A letter and a story relating to an old Pennsylvania family of Revolutionary times. 
The letter also makes frequent mention ot the Roan family. 

Maxwell, Sir Herbert Eustace. 929.2 D75 

History of the house of Douglas from the earliest times down to 
the legislative union of England and Scotland, with an introduction by 
W. A. Lindsay. 2v. 1902. Freemantle. 

"Principal authorities quoted," v.i, p. 17-1 8. 

The book is more than a bare genealogy, <ince the history of this famous Scottish 
family is for some centuries co-extensive with the history of Scotland. 

Du Puy 

DuPuy, Charles Meredith, comp. qr929.2 D93 

Genealogical history of the Dupuy family, with additions by his son 
Herbert DuPuy. 1910. Privately printed. 


Cope, Gilbert, comp. Tg2g.2 D95 

Genealogy of the Dutton family of Pennsylvania, preceded by a 
history of the family in England from the time of William the Con- 
queror to the year 1669, with an appendix containing a short account 
of the Duttons of Conn. 1871. Privately printed. 


Flagg, Norman Gershom, & Flagg, L. C. S. camp. r929.2 F59 

Family records of the descendants of Gershom Flagg (born 1730) of 
Lancaster, Massachusetts, with other genealogical records of the Flagg 
family descended from Thomas Flegg of Watertown, Mass. and includ- 
ing the Flegg lineage in England. 1907. Privately printed. 



Graff, Paul. r999.a G76 

History of the Graff family of Westmoreland co. 1891. Privately 


Harrison, William Welsh. qrgag^ H3X 

Harrison, Waples and allied families; the ancestry of George Leib 
Harrison of Philadelphia and of his wife, Sarah Ann Waples, by their 
son. 1910. Privately printed. 


Herr, Theodore Witmer, comp, rg^g.^ H47 

Genealogical record of Reverend Hans Herr and his direct lineal 

descendants, from his birth, A. D. 1639 to the present time. 1908. 
Privately printed. 

Howard, Joseph Piatt, and others, comp. qrgag-a H84 

Abraham Howard of Marblehead, Mass. and his descendants. 1897. 
Privately printed. 


Sellers, Edwin Jaquett. rgag.2 J18 

Genealogy of the Jaquett family. 1907. Privately printed. 

Landis, David Bachman. rg2g.2 Laa 

Landis family of Lancaster county; a comprehensive history of the 
Landis folk from the martyrs' era to the arrival of the first Swiss 
settlers, giving their numerous lineal descendants. 1888. Privately 


Mead, Edward Campbell, ed. rg2g.2 Lsam 

Genealogical history of the Lee family of Virginia and Maryland 
from A. D. 1300 to A. D. 1866, with notes and illustrations. 1868. 


Lea, James Henry, & Hutchinson, J. R. qrg2g.2 L71 

Ancestry of Abraham Lincoln. 1909. Houghton. 

"The value of this volume rests upon the fact that it is the work of trained investi- 
gators, who have carefully weighed their evidence, and who have not hesitated to mark 
what is doubtful or misleading." Nation, igog. 


Family Association of America. rg2g.2 L722 

Annual report (ist-6th, 8th), 1904-09, 191 1. [Lindsey.] 



Linn, George Wilds. r929.a Lya 

History of a fragment of the clan Linn and genealogy of the Linn 
and related families. 1905. Privately printed. 


Livingston, Edwin Brockholst, comp. r929.a L74 

The Livingstons of Livingston manor; being the history of that 

branch of the Scottish house of Callendar which settled in the English 

province of New York during the reign of Charles the Second, and also 

including an account of Robert Livingston of Albany, "The nephew," 

a settler in the same province, and his principal descendants. 1910. 

Privately printed. 

"List of authorities,** P.S64-S7S. 


Buchanan, Roberdeau. rgag.a M176 

Genealogy of the McKean family of Pennsylvania, with a biography 
of the Hon. Thomas McKean; with an introductory letter by T. F. 
Bayard. 1890. Inquirer Printing Co. 


Merrill, John Houston. rgag.a M67 

Memoranda relating to the Mifflin family. [1890.] Privately printed. 

Genealogical information in regard to the descendants of John Mifflin, who came 
to this country from Wiltshire, England between 1676 and 1679. 


Banes, Charles Henry. rgag-a M68 

Annals of Miles ancestry in Pennsylvania and story of a forged will. 
1895. Buchanan. 


Moffat, R. Burnham. rgag.a M76 

Moffat genealogies; descent from John Moffat of Ulster county, 
New York. 1909. Privately printed. 


Hayden, Horace Edwin. rgag.a O23 

Oliver genealogy; a record of the descendants of Joseph. Reuben 

and Levi Oliver of New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware, 1 727-1888, 

and of Pierre Elisee Gallaudet of New Rochelle, N, Y., 1711-1888. 1888. 

Reprinted from the "New York genealogical and biographical record," v. 19-20, 
July, Oct. 1888, Jan. 1889. 


[Page, Richard Channing Moore.] qr929.a P14 

Genealogy of the Page family in Virginia; also a condensed ac- 
count of the Nelson, Walker, Pendleton and Randolph families, with 


[Page, Richard Channing Moore] — continued. qrgag-a Px4 

references to the Byrd, Carter, Cary, Duke, Gilmer, Harrison, Rives, 
Thornton, Wellford, Washington and other distinguished families in 
Virginia, by one of the family. 1883. Jenkins. 


Jennings, Zelie. rgag.^ Ja6 

Some account of Dettmar Basse and the Passavant family and their 
arrival in America. [1903.] 


Brenan, Gerald. 929.2 P4a 

History of the house of Percy from the earliest times down to the 

present century; ed. by W. A. Lindsay. 2v. 1902. Freemantle. 

Account of one of tho most ancient and illustrious of English families, in which the 
title of earl, later duke, of Northumberland is hereditary. From a Catholic point of view. 


Perrine, Howland Delano. qr9a9.a P44 

Daniel Perrin, "the Hugfuenot," and his descendants in America of 
the surnames Perrine, Perine and Prine, 1665-1910. 1910. Privately 


Sinnett, Charles Nelson. r939^ P63 

Richard Pinkham of old Dover, New Hampshire, and his descend- 
ants, east and west. 1908. Rumford. 


Chase, Levi B. comp. r9a9.a P73X 

Genealogy and historical notices of the family of Plimpton or 
Plympton in America and of Plumpton in England. 1884. Privately 


Randolph, Lewis Van Syckle Fitz. r9a9.a R18 

Fitz Randolph traditions; a story of a thousand years. 1907. New 
Jersey Historical Soc. 

Genealogy and history of the Fitz Randolph family. 


Searight, James Allison. r9a9.a S43 

Record of the Searight family (also written Seawright), established 
in America by William Seawright, who came from near Londonderry 
in the north of Ireland to Lancaster county, Pa. about the year 1740, 
with an account of his descendants as far as can be ascertained. 1893. 



Underhill, Mrs Lora Altine (Woodbury). r939.a S635 

Descendants of Edward Small of New England and the allied fami- 
lies, with tracings of English ancestry. 3v. 1910. Privately printed. 


Spangler, Edward Webster. qr9a9.a S74 

Annals of the families of Caspar, Henry, Baltzer and George Speng- 
ler, who settled in York county respectively in 1729, 1732, 1732 and 
1751, with biographical and historical sketches and memorabilia of 
contemporaneous local events. 1896. Privately printed. 

Stanton, William Alonzo. qr9a9.2 S79 

Record, genealogical, biographical, statistical,^ of Thomas Stanton 
of Connecticut, and his descendants, 1635-1891. 1891. Munsell. 

Hayden, Horace Edwin, comp. r9a9.2 W47 

Weitzel memorial; historical and genealogical record of the de- 
scendants of Paul Weitzel of Lancaster, Pa., 1740, including brief 
sketches of the families of Allen, Byers, Bailey, Crawford, Davis, 
Hayden, M'Cormick, Stone, White and others. 1883. Privately printed. 


Clarke, Adam. r929.2 W55 

Memoirs of the Wesley family, collected principally from original 
documents. 1824. Bangs. 


Wharton, Anne Hollingsworth, comp. qr929.2 W593 

Genealogy of the Wharton family of Philadelphia, 1664 to 1880. 
1880. Privately printed. 


Ncvin, Franklin Taylor, comp. qr929.a Wysn 

Table of the descendants of Margaret Williamson. 1898. Pittsburgh. 

Blue-print copy. 


Woods, Henry Ernest, comp. qr929.2 W86 

Woods family of Groton, Massachusetts; a record of six genera- 
tions. 1910. Privately printed. 

Reprinted from ''New England historical and genealogical register," v.64. 


Zahniser, Kate M. & Zahniser, C. R. r929.2 Z18 

The Zahnisers; a history of the family in America. 1906. Privately 


Origin and general history of the family, followed by a genealogy. 


Registers. Vital records. Wills 

Ashbumham, Mass. r939.3 A8a 

Vital records of Ashburnham, Massachusetts, to the end of the 
year 1849. 1909. (Systematic History Fund. Vital records of towns 
of Massachusetts.^ 

Atfaol, Mass. r9a9.3 A87 

Vital records of Athol, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849. 
1910. (Systematic History Fund. Vital records of towns of Massa- 

Baldwin, Jane, afterward Mrs Cotton, cotnp. ^929.3 Bz9 

Maryland calendar of wills, v.3. 1907. 

V.3. Wills from 1703 to 171 3. 

For v.i-3 see preceding caUlogue, first series. 

Barre, Mass. r939.3 Ba6 

Vital records of Barre, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849. 
1903. (Systematic History Fund. Vital records of towns of Massa- 

Bolton, Mass. r9a9.3 B6x 

Vital records of Bolton, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849. 
1910. (Systematic History Fund. Vital records of towns of Massa- 

Brookneld, Mass. r9a9.3 B77 

Vital records of Brookfield, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 
1849. 1909. (Systematic History Fund. Vital records of towns ot 

Charlton, Mass. r9a9.3 C37 

Vital records of Charlton, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 
1849. iSK)5. (Systematic History Fund. Vital records of towns of 

Douglas, Mass. ^ r9a9.3 D75 

Vital records of Douglas, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849. 
1906. (Systematic History Fund. Vital records of towns of Massa- 

Dudley, Mass. r929.3 D87 

Vital records of Dudley, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849. 
1908. (Systematic History Fund. Vital records of towns of Massa- 

Framingham, Mass. r929.3 F85 

Vital records of Framingham, Massachusetts, to the year 1850; 
comp. by T. W. Baldwin. 191 1. [Wright.] 

Gardner, Mass. r9a9.3 G18 

Vital records of Gardner, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 

1849. 1907. (Systematic History Fund. Vital records of towns of 


Grafton, Mass. ^929.3 G76 

Vital records of Grafton, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849. 
1906. (Systematic History Fund. Vital records of towns of Massa- 

Harris, Virgil M. 929.3 H99 

Ancient, curious and famous wills. 191 1. Little. 

Brings together some 500 wills from various countries and times. Includes a chapter 
of practical suggestions for will making and one on wills in fiction and poetry. 

Holden, Mass. r939.3 Hyx 

Vital records of Holden, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849. 
1904. (Systematic History Fund. Vital records of towns of Massa- 

Hubbardston, Mass. r929.3 H87 

Vital records of Hubbardston, Massachusetts, to the end of the 
year 1849. 1907. (Systematic History Fund. Vital records of towns 
of Massachusetts.) 

Hull, Mass. r9a9.3 Hgz 

Vital records of Hull, Massachusetts, to the year 1850; comp. by 
T.W.Baldwin. 191 1. [Wright.] 

Lancaster, Mass. ^929.3 Lam 

Birth, marriage and death register, church records and epitaphs of 
Lancaster, Massachusetts, 1643-1850; ed. by H. S. Nourse. 1890. 

Leicester, Mass. r929.3 L55 

Vital records of Leicester, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 
1849. 1903. (Systematic History Fund. Vital records of towns of 

Leominster, Mass. r9a9.3 L6a 

Vital records of Leominster, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 
1849. 191 1. (Systematic History Fund. Vital records of towns of 

Marlborough, Mass. * r929.3 M39 

Vital records of Marlborough, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 
1849. 1908. (Systematic History Fund. Vital records of towns of 

Millbury, Mass. ^9^-3 M68 

Vital records of Millbury, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 
1849. 1903. (Systematic History Fund. Vital records of towns of 

Natick, Mass. r929.3 Nis 

Vital records of Natick, Massachusetts, to the year 1850; comp. by 
T. W. Baldwin. 1910. [Gilson Co.] 

New England Historic Genealogical Society. r9a9.3 Na6i 

Vital records [of the towns] of Massachusetts to the year 1850. 23V. 


Norfolk, Conn. Church of Christ ^929.3 N43 

Baptisms, marriages, burials and list of members taken from the 
church records of the Reverend A. R. Robbins, first minister of Nor* 
folk, Connecticut, 1761-1813; in commemoration of the 150th anni- 
versary of the organization of the church, Dec. 24, 1760. 1910. 

OaUiam, Mass. ^929.3 Ozx 

Vital records of Oakham, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 
1849. 1905. (Systematic History Fund. Vital records of towns of 

Oxford, Mass. Tgog.^ O35 

Vital records of Oxford, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849. 
1905. (Systematic History Fund. Vital records of towns of Massa- 

Parish Register Society. r929.3 P23 

Registers. no.6o-68» in 4v. 1908-11. 

T.15, no.6o-6j. Bruton, Somerset, 1554-1680, v.i. — Appendix to a list of parish 
regiaters. — Saint Martin'a chapell in Fennj Stratford, Buddni^iam. 

▼.16, no.63-64. Hanham and Oldland, Gloucestershire. — St Mary, Leicester. 

▼.17, no.65-66. MickleoTcr and littleover, Dorfoj. — Halesowen, Worcester. 

T.I 8, no.67-68. Bmera Church, St Oswald, Chester. — Brutcn, Somerset, i68x- 

I812, V.2. 

For no. 1-59 see preceding catalogue, second series. 

Petersham, Mass. r929.3 P45 

Vital records of Petersham, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 
1849. 1904. (Systematic History Fund. Vital records of towns of 

Pfaillipston, Mass. ^929.3 P5X 

Vital records of Phillipston, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 
1849. 1906. (Systematic History Fund. Vital records of towns of 

Princeton, Mass. ^929.3 P95 

Vital records of Princeton, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 
1849. 1903. (Systematic History Fund. Vital records of towns of 

Purple, Samuel Smith, comp. Qr929.3 P98 

Index to the marriage records from 1639 to 1801 of the Reformed 
Dutch church in New Amsterdam and New York. 1890, Privately 

Rosralstom, Mass. 1929.3 R8z 

Vital records of Royalston, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 
1849. 19061 (Systematic History Fund. Vital records of towns of 

Rutland, Mass. r9a9-3 ^93 

Vital records of Rutland, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849. 
1905. (Systematic History Fund. Vital records of towns of Massa- 


Sargent, William M. camp, rg^g^ Sa4 

Maine wills, 1640-1760. 1887. Thurston. 

Sharon, Mass. rgig-a Ss3 

Vital records of Sharon, Massachusetts, to the year 1850; comp. by 
T.W.Baldwin. 1909. [Gilson Co.] 

Sherbom, Mass. rgsg.a Sss 

Vital records of Sherborn, Massachusetts, to the year 1850; comp. by 
T.W.Baldwin. 1911. [Gilson Co.] 

Shrewsbury, Mass. ^929.3 S56 

Vital records of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 
1849. 1904. (Systematic History Fund. Vital records of towns of 

Slaughter, Philip. r9a9.3 S63 

History of Bristol paris}i, Va., with genealogies of families con- 
nected therewith and historical illustrations. 1879. Randolph. 

First published in 1846. 

Southborough, Mass. r929.3 Sya 

Vital records of Southborough, Massachusetts, to the end of the 
year 1849. 1903. (Systematic History Fund. Vital records of towns 
of Massachusetts.) 

Spencer, Mass. r9a9.3 S74 

Vital records of Spencer, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849. 
1909. (Systematic History Fund. Vital records of towns of Massa- 

Sutton, Mass. r9^*3 S96 

Vital records of Sutton, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849. 
1907. (Systematic History Fund. Vital records of towns of Massa* 

Templeton, Mass. r9a9.3 Ta8 

Vital records of Templeton, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 
1849. 1907. (Systematic History Fund. Vital records of towns of 

Upton, Mass. '939*3 Ua6 

Vital records of Upton, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849. 
1904. (Systematic History Fund. Vital records of towns of Massa- 

Warren, Mass. ^9^3 Wa4 

Vital records of Warren (formerly Western), Massachusetts, to the 
end of the year 1849. 1910. (Systematic History Fund. Vital records 
of towns of Massachusetts.) 

West Boylston, Mass. r929.3 W56X 

Vital records of West Boylston, Massachusetts, to the end of the 
year 1849. 191 1. (Systematic History Fund. Vital records of towns 
of Massachusetts.) 


Westborough, Mass. r929.3 Ws6 

Vital records of Westborough, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 
1849. 1903. (Systematic History Fund. Vital records of towns of 

Westminster, Mass. r929.3 W569 

Vital records of Westminster, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 
1849. 1908. (Systematic History Fund. Vital records of towns of 

Winchendon, Mass. r929.3 W77 

Vital records of Winchendon, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 
1849. 1909. (Systematic History Fund. Vital records of towns of 

Worcester, Mass. Qr929.3 W88 

Worcester births, marriages and deaths; comp. by F. P. Rice. 1894. 
(Worcester (Mass.) Society of Antiquity. Collections, v. 12.) 

Contends: Births, 17x4-1848. — ^Marriages, 174 7-1 848. — Deaths, 1826-48. 

Wrentham, Mass. r9a9«3 W9a 

Vital records of Wrentham, Massachusetts, to the year 1850; comp. 
by T. W. Baldwin. 2v. 19 10. Gilson. 

V.I. Births. 

T.a. Marriages and deaths. 

Yorkshire Parish Register Society. r929.3 Y33 

Publications, v.33. 1908. 

▼.33. The parish registers of Otley, co. York, is6a-i672. pt.i. 

Names of persons and places 

Anderson, William, 1805-66. r9294 A55 

Genealogy and surnames, with some heraldic and biographical 
notices. 1865. Ritchie. 

Devoted almost entirely to names, giving the origin -of a large number, chiefly 
English and Scottish. 


Arthur, William, 1 796-1875, comp. r9294 A79 

Etymological dictionary of family and Christian names, with an 
essay on their derivation and import, i860. Sheldon. 

Barber, Henry. r929«4 B233 

British family names; their origin and meaning, with lists of Scan- 
dinavian, Frisian, Anglo-Saxon and Norman names. 1903. Stock. 
"Books consulted," p.ii-12. 

Chicago & North-western Railway Co. ^929.4 C43 

History of the origin of the place names connected with the Chicago 
& North Western and Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha rail- 
ways; comp. by one who for more than 34 years has been an officer in 
the employ of the system. 1908. Privately printed. 

Douglas-Lithgow, Robert Alexander, comp. 19294 D75 

Dictionary of American-Indian place and proper names in New Eng- 
land, with many interpretations, etc. 1909. Salem Press Co. 

"Bibliographical list of principal works consulted," p. 39 7-400. 


Dudgeon, Patrick. rgsg^ D86 

Short introduction to the origin of surnames. 1890. Douglas. 

Edmunds, Flavell. ^929^ Eag 

Traces of history in the names of places, with a vocabulary of the 
roots out of which names of places in England and Wales are formed. 
1869. Longmans. 

Gentry, Thomas George. 1939.4 Gag 

Family names from the Irish, Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Norman and 
Scotch, considered in relation to their etymology, with brief remarks 
on the history and languages of the peoples to whom we are indebted 
for their origin. 1892. Burk. 

Hitching, F. K. & Hitching, S. comp. ^9294 H6a 

References to English surnames in 1601; an index giving about 

19,650 references to surnames contained in the printed registers of 778 

English parishes during the first year of the 17th century. 1910. Bernau. 

Lower, Mark Antony, comp, ^9^94 L95P 

Patronymica Britannica; a dictionary of the family names of the 
United Kingdom, 1840. Smith. 

McCormick, Julian. ^9294 M14 

The child's name; a collection of nearly 500 uncommon and beautiful 
names for children, with an introduction on the tasteful use of Chris- 
tian names. 1899. Young. 

Paterson, James. qrgag^ Pag 

Scottish surnames; a contribution to genealogy. 1866. Stillie. 

Traces the derivation of the names and supplies other genealogical notes con- 
ceming the Fernie, Cunninghame, Wauchope, Paterson, Campbell and Russell families. 

Salverte, Anne Joseph Eusebe Baconniere. r9a9.4 S18 

History of the names of men, nations and places in their connec- 
tion with the progress of civilization; tr. by L. H. Mordacque. 2v. 
1864. J- R- Smith. ' 

Sims, Clifford Stanley. ^929.4 S6x 

Origin and signification of Scottish surnames, with a vocabulary of 
Christian names. 1862. Munsell. 

Bibliography, p.9-10. 

Staples, Hamilton B. qr9294 S79 

Origin of the names of the states of the Union. 1882. Hamilton. 

A paper read at the regular meeting of the American Antiquarian Society, Oct. ai, 
1 881, and published in its "Proceedings." 


Rice, Franklin Pierce, comp. <V^^9*S R39 

Marlborough, Massachusetts, burial ground inscriptions; Old Com- 
mon, Spring Hill and Brigham cemeteries. 1908. Privately printed. 
(Systematic history fund.) 


Rke, Franklin Pierce, comp. qrgag.s P33 

Paxton, Massachusetts, burial ground inscriptions to the end of the 
year 1849. 1906. Privately printed. (Systematic History Fund; 

linger, Frederic William. 9^9.5 U25 

Epitaphs; a unique collection of post mortem comment, obituary wit 
and quaint and gruesome fancy. 1905. Penn. 

Botttell, Charles. r929.6 B65a 

Heraldry, historical and popular. 1864. Bentley. 

Copinger, Walter Arthur. r939.6 C79 

Heraldry simplified; an easy introduction to the science and a com- 
plete body of armory, including the arts of blazoning and marshalling, 
with full directions for the making of pedigrees and information as to 
records, &c. 1916. Manchester University Press. 

Cnflsans, John Edwin. 929.6 C94 

Handbook of heraldry. 1882. Chatto. 
Davies, Arthur Charles Fox-. r929.6 D31C 

Complete guide to heraldry. 1909. Jack. 

Primarily a guide to the laws of heraldry for present day usage. Reviews ancient 
heraldic practice, defining terms and describing historic ornaments and devices. Illus- 
trated, partly in color. 

Davies, Arthur Charles Fox-. r929.6 D3ih 

Heraldry explained. [1907.] Jack. 

Useful handbook of information, discussing such questions as how to prove a right 
to arms, and the process and cost of obtaining a grant of arms. Explains the different 
parts of an heraldic device. 

Eve, George W. 929-6 E95 

Heraldry as art; an account of its development and practice, chiefly 
in England. 1907. Batsford. 

Manual for the beginner in heraldic art. Numerous illustrations. 

Eysenbach, G. r929.6 E99 

Histoire du blason et science des armoiries. 1848. 

"Bibliograpbie de I'art h^raldique," p.267-296. 
"Dictionnaire h^raldique," p. 297-390. 

Jenkins, Robert Charles. r929.6 J25 

Heraldry, English and foreign, with a dictionary of heraldic terms. 
1886. Paul. 

Lower, Mark 'Antony. 1929.6 L95 

Curiosities of heraldry, with illustrations from old English writers. 

1845. J- R. Smith. 

Author was an eminent English antiquary. The book is a collection of miscellaneous 
information in regard to heraldic terms, devices and mottoes. 

Ringrose, Jerome Arthur, & Bemy, Laure, countess de. 0929.6 R47 

Arms and origin of American colonial families. 1910. Harrington 

Square Heraldic Studios. 

The same qr929.6 R47 


Robson, Thomas. qrgag.G R56 

History of heraldry, containing inquiries into its origin, with an ac- 
count of its rise and progress in England and of the various institutions 
connected therewith, to which is added a complete glossary of terms 
used in the science of heraldry, with explanatory engravings. 1830. 

Tyas, Robert. rgag.G Tgs 

Flowers and heraldry; or, Floral emblems and heraldic figures com- 
bined to express pure sentiments, kind feelings and excellent principles 
in a manner at once simple, elegant and beautiful. 1851. Houlston. 

Wameckc, Friedrich, comp, qrgag.6 Was 

Heraldisches handbuch fiir freunde der wappenkunst, sowie fur 
kiinstler und gewerbetreibende bearbeitet. 1893. 

Peerage. Titles of honor 

Allen & Ginter, pub. rgsg.y A4a 

Fifty decorations of the principal orders of knighthood and chivalry 

of the world. 

Illustrations in color, with brief history of each order. 

Archer, James Henry Lawrence-. qr92g.7 A67 

Orders of chivalry, from the original statutes of the various orders 

of knighthood and other sources of information. 1887. Allen. 

"Catalogue of various works on the 'orders of chivalry,' " p.349-352. 
Many illustrations. 

Ballestrem, Eufemia, grdfin, afterward Frau von rg2g.7 Bax 

Adlersfeld, comp. 
Das goldene buch; ein chronologisches verzeichniss der regierenden 
haupter herrschender, erloschener und mediatisirter furstenhauser 
Europas, sowie der deutschen standesherren. 1898. 

Burke, Ashworth Peter, comp. qrgag.7 Bgi6 

Family records. 1897. Harrison. 

Gives an account of many families not included in the "Peerage" and "Landed 
gentry," and follows the plan of those volumes. 

Burke, Sir John Bernard, comp, qrgag.7 Bgzgen 

Genealogical and heraldic history of the colonial gentry. 2v. 1891- 

95. Harrison. 

V.2 is edited by A. P. Burke. • 

Burke, Sir John Bernard, comp. qrgag.7 Bgige 

Genealogical and heraldic history of the landed gentry of Ireland; 
ed. by A. P. Burke. 1904. Harrison. 

Burke, Sir John Bernard, comp, qr929-7 Bgxg 

Genealogical and heraldic history of the peerage and baronetage, 
1911. V.73. 1911. 

V.73 is edited by A. P. Burke. 

For earlier volumes see preceding catalogue, first series. 


[Cokayne, George Edward, comp,] qirgag-y C67 

Complete peerage of England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain and 
the United Kingdom, extant, extinct or dormant; ed. by Vicary Gibbs. 
y.i. 1910. St. Catherine Press. 

T.i. Ab-Basing. 

Debrett, John, comp. rQag.y Dssa 

Peerage, baronetage, knightage and companionage; comprising in- 
formation concerning all persons bearing hereditary or courtesy titles, 
privy councillors, knights and companions of all the various orders and 
the collateral branches of all peers and baronets (194th year), 1907. 

The same. Ed.20. 1834 ^929.7 D35 

Title reads "Complete peerage of Great Britain and Ireland." 

Gore, James Howard^ comp. 1*929.7 G66 

American members of foreign orders. 1910. Privately printed. 

Howard, Joseph Jackson, & Crisp, F. A. ed, qr929.7 H84 

Visitation of England and Wales, v. 14-17. 1906-11. 

Records such genealogical information as was contained in the heralds' visitations of 
the 1 6th and 17th centuries. The pedigrees begin with the grandparents of the repre* 
aentatiTe of the family, and contain notices of all descendants of their name, giving thus, 
in many cases, a complete record of five generations. 

For V.1-13 see preceding catalogue, second series. 

Hosier, Ambroise Louis Marie d', & Hosier, A. C. A. Qr9a9«7 H80 

comte d*. 
Armorial general d'Hozier [Louis Pierre]; ou, Registre de la no- 
blesse de France continue par M. le president d'Hozier et M. le comte 

C. d'Hozier. 2v. in i. [1844-48.] 

Coata of arms and genealogy of about 30 ^milies of the French nobility. 

Lorens, Ottokar. Qr939*7 L87 

Genealogisches handbuch der europaischen staatengeschichte; be- 
arbeitet von Ernst Devrient 1908. 

"Dritte, vermehrte auflage des Genealogiscben hand* und schulatlas." 
Genealogical tables of the royal houses of each nation, from the 4th to the 19th 

Nicolas, Sir Nicholas Harris. Qr929.7 N33 

History of the orders of knighthood of the British empire, of the 
Order of the Guelphs of Hanover and of the medals, clasps and crosses 
conferred for naval and military services. 4v. 1842. Hunter. 

T.I -a. History of the most noble Order of the Garter. 

V.3. History of the most noble and most ancient Order of the Thistle. — History 
of the most honourable Order of the Bath. 

V.4. History of the most illustrious Order of Saint Patrick. — ^History of the Order 
of Saint Michael and Saint George. — History of medals, chains, clasps and crosses con- 
ferred in reward of military or naval services. — History of the royal Order of the 
Guelphs of Hanover. 

Paid, Sir James Balfour, ed. qr939*7 P31 

Scots peerage; founded on Wood's edition of Sir Robert Douglas's 

Peerage of Scotland, containing an historical and genealogical account 

of the nobility of that kingdom. y.S-^. 1908-11. 
V.5. Innermeath-Mar. 
V.6. Marchmont-Oxfuird. 
V.7. Panmure-Sindair. 
V.8. Somerville-Winton. 
For V.1-4 see preceding catalogue, second series. 


Perrot, Aristide Michel Tg2g,y P44 

Historische sammlung aller noch bestehenden ritterorden der ver- 

schiedenen nationen, nebst einer chronologischen uebersicht der er- 

loschenen ritterorden; aus dem franzosischen iibersetzt. 3v. in i. 1821. 

Shaw, William Arthur, comp, qn^ag^y S53 

The knights of England; a complete record from the earliest time 
to the present day of the knights of all the orders of chivalry in Eng- 
land, Scotland and Ireland and of knights bachelors; incorporating a 
complete list of knights bachelors dubbed in Ireland, comp. by G. D. 
Burtchaell. 2v. 1906. Sherratt. 

"Source*,** p.i-ii. 

The first volume, with the exception of a useful historical introduction, is devoted 
to lists of the knights of various orders down to 1904. The second volume contains a 
list of knights bachelors and an exhaustive index to the whole work. Dr Shaw has had 
free access to the records of the various orders, so that his work has an official stamp 
which adds greatly to its value. Condeiutd from Athenaum, 1906. 

Townsend, Francis, comp. 1^929.7 T66 

Catalogue of knights from 1660-1760. 1833. Harjette. 

Gives the date when knighthood was conferred and in many Instances the dates of 
birth and death. 

Walford, Edward. V9^*1 Wx6 

County families of the United Kingdom; or. Royal manual of the 
titled and untitled aristocracy of Great Britain and Ireland. 1873. 

Seals. Coats of arms. Crests 

Birch, Walter De Gray. qr9a9^ B48 

Seals. [1907.] Methuen. (Connoisseur's library.) 
"This book on seals is less useful than we could wish. . .Except for ten pagea at the 
beginning, the work is devoted to the seals of the middle ages and later times. It con- 
tains nothing about the seals of the Orient since the founding of Islam, and yet in 
modern times there Is no part of the world where seals are used so commonly aa in the 
Moslem East There Is no mention of the seals... of the remote East. . .nothing about 
the engraved gems of Greek and Greco-Roman antiquity... Dr. Birch Is known as a 
trustworthy guide. . .and yet we must conclude that the vast deal of interesting Informa- 
tion in this... work is limited in range and hardly made accessible." Nation, igo8. 

Bloom, James Harvey. 929.8 B56 

English seals. 1906. Methuen. 
Short bibliography at the end of some of the chapters. 

Description of royal and episcopal teals, also of those of knighta, aqulrea, corpora- 
tions, etc. Numerous illustrations. 

Burke, John, & Burke, Sir J. B. camp. qrgogS B9X7h 

Heraldic illustrations, comprising the armorial bearings of the prin- 
cipal families of the empire, with pedigrees and annotations. 3t. 
1844-46. Churton. 
Davies, Arthur Charles Fox-. r9a9.8 Daih 

Heraldic badges. 1907. Lane. 

Short essay on the history and use of badges, followed by a list of badges. 

Foster, Joseph. qr9a9^ F81 

Some feudal coats of arms and others; illustrated from the Bayeux 
tapestry, Greek vases, seals, tiles, effigies, brasses and heraldic rolls. 
1902. Parker. 

FLAGS 2459 

Laing, Henry. qrgag^ Lz6 

Supplemental descriptive catalogue of ancient Scottish seals, royal, 
baronial, ecclesiastical and municipal, embracing the period from 1150 
to the i8th century, taken from original charters and other deeds pre- 
served in public and private archives. 1866. Edmonston. 

Matthews, John, ed. qrgag^ M47 

American armoury and blue book, 1901, 1911, pti. [1901-11.] Mat- 

Inclndes the namct of those whose title to bear armi is derired by direct descent; 
tiic names of those whose title to bear arms is claimed by right of prescription, t. «. 
by reason of their haying been used for at least three generations, and the more import- 
ant of those arms which are extinct The blue book includes the names of those whose 
ancestors were lunong the early settlers or held high positions in the state, before or 
after the Rerolntion. 

"No American pedigree even is given. The present generation and its alleged 
progenitors, some three centuries ago, are named, but not a sini^e proof of English 
pedigree or affiliation is adduced." Nation, 1899- 

Pasini-Frassoni, Ferruccio, cante, qrgsg^S Pay 

Essai d'armorial des papes, d'apr^s les manuscrits du Vatican et les 
monuments publics. 1906. 

Description, in many cases accompanied by illustrations, of the arms of the popes 
from Qement II to Pius X. 

Slafter, Edmund Farwell. rgag^S S63 

Royal arms and other regal emblems and memorials in use in the 
colonies before the American revolution; a paper read before the 
Massachusetts Historical Society, Jan. 10, 1889. 1889. Privately 

United States — State department. qrgag^ Uas 

History of the seal of the United States [prepared by Gaillard 
Hunt]. 1909. 


Canby, George. 939*9 C16 

Evolution of the American flag, from materials collected by George 

Canby, by Lloyd Balderston. 1909. Ferris. 

Canttnts: Flags which preceded the stars and stripes. — ^The making of the first 
star spanglni banner. — ^Use of the stars and stripes during the Revolutionary war. — ^The 
flag since the Revolutionary war. — Appendices: Washington's coat of arms. — Biograph- 
ical notes in regard to the persons concerned in making the Hrst flag. — History of the 
Betsy Ross tradition. — Affidavits appended to W. J. Canby's paper. — ^The flag house. — 
The grand union flag. — Additional affidavits and statements in regard to the making of 
the first flag. — Diary of Lieutenant Digby. 

Fow, John Henry. 929»9 F84 

True story of the American flag. 1908. Campbell. 

The same r9a9-9 F84 

EspedaUy intended to prove the historical inaccuracy of the story that Betsy Ross 
designed and made the first American flag as we now know it. Illustrated in color. 

Galbreath, Charles Burleigh. ^9^-9 Gx4 

Ohio emblems and monuments; seals, flag, flower, buckeye, jewels, 
McKinley memorial 

2460 FLAGS 

Harrison, Peleg Dennis. 939*9 Ha9 

Stars and stripes and other American flags; including their origin 

and history, the origin of the name "Old Glory/' with songs and their 

stories. 1906. Little. 

Thi same ^939^ Ha9 

The same J939*9 Ha9 

Colored illustrations. 

New York (state) — Education department qr9a9^ Nsi6 

The American flag; comp. and ed. by H. H. Homer. 1910. 
Bdng a supplement to the 6th annual report, for 1908/09, of the Education depMt- 
ment of the state of New York. 
"Reference list," p. 1 06-1 10. 

* qr9i9.9 Oa8 
Die orden, wappen und flaggen aller regenten und staaten, in original- 

getreuen abbildungen. 1883. 

With this is bound "Spedelle beschreibung der order aller europiiachen und tddtt- 
europaischen regenten und staaten; supplement, 1887." 

Prussia — Kriegs-ministerium. qr9a9^ P97 

Geschichte der koniglich preussischen fahnen und standarten seit 

dem jahr 1807. 2v. 1889. 

History and descriptions of the flags and standards used in the Prussian armj since 
1807. Illustrated. 

United Confederate Veterans. ^929.9 1X3532 

Flags of the Confederate States of America. 1907. 

92 Individual biography 

Critical biographies of artists will be found in class 700, Fine arts 

A Becket, Thomas. Sa Thomas k Becket» St. 

92 A1432k 

Accoramboni, Vittoria, duchess of Bracciano. 92 Axyag 

Gnoli, Domenico, conU, Vittoria Accoramboni; storia del secolo 16, 
corredata di note e document!. 1870. 

[Acheson, Edward Goodrich.] ga A177 

A pathfinder, discovery, invention and industry; how the world 
came to have aquadag and oildag, a4so carborundum, artificial graphite 
and other valuable products of the electric furnace. 1910. Press Scrap 

"Papers written and read" by £. G. Acheson, P.13J-134. 

Acheson is (1910) a chemist and inventor, who has discorered some entirely new 
and valuable materials, including carborundum and artificial graphite. Book is chiefly 

Acton, John Emerich Edward Dalberg, haron, ga A188I 

Lord Acton and his circle; ed. by Abbot Gasquet. [1906.] Allen. 

Collection of letters covering the period 1858-71, most of them written by Lord 
Acton to Richard Simpson and Mr Wetherell and relating to the fortunes, policy and 
management of the "Rambler," the "Home and foreign review," the "Chronicle" and 
the "North British review." There are also a few hitherto nnpublishoi letters from 
Cardinal Newman. 

AdamSy James Capen. ga Aax44h 

Hittell, Theodore Henry. Adventures of James Capen Adams, 

mountaineer and grizzly bear hunter of California. 191 1. Scribner. 

Adams (1807-60) lived like a primitive nan, but his object was the capture 
rather than the destruction of wild animals. His stories of many exciting adventures 
are graphic and interesting. Mr Hittell's discovery of Adams is as interesting as any of 
the adventures subsequently narrated to him by the hunter. 

Addison, Joseph. ga Aaasa 

Aikin, Lucy. Life of Joseph Addison. 2v. 1843. Longman. 
"Contains many letters of Addison never before published, [and] is the subject of 
an essay by Macaulay, who, while praising Miss Aikin's other works, and especially her 
'Memoirs of the Court of James I,' observes that she was 'far more at home among the 
raffs and peaked beards of Theol»ld's than among the steenldrks and flowing periwigs 
which surrounded Queen Anne's tea table at Huipton.* " Dictionary of national bi- 

Aikin, John. ga Aagaa 

Aikin, Lucy. Memoir of John Aikin, with a selection of his mis- 
cellaneous pieces, biographical, moral and critical. 2v. 1823. Bald- 

V.I. Memoir of John Aikin. 

V.3. Critical essays on English poets: Account of the life and works of Spenser; 
An essay on the poetry of Milton; An essay on the heroic poem of Gondibert; Critical 




Aikin, John — continued, 9a Aagaa 

remarks on Dryden's Fables; Obtervationi on Pope's Essaj on man; An eisaj on tha 
plan and character of Thomson's Seasons; A comparison between Thomson and Cow- 
per as descriptive poets; Essay on Dr Armstrong's Art of presenring health; Essay on 
the poems of Green; A critical essay on SomervUle's poem of The chace; An essay on 
the poetry of Goldsmith. 

A Kempis, Thomas. See Thomas k Kempis. 

Albany, Louise Marie Caroline von Stolberg-Gedern, 93 AsaGr 

countess of, 
Vaughan, Herbert Millingchamp. The last Stuart queen, Louise, 
countess of Albany; her life & letters. 1910. Duckworth. 

Author divides his narrative into three distinct parts: the years extending from 
1772, when the countess of Albany was the wife of the Pretender, Prince Charlea 
Edward Stuart, to her legal separation from him in 1784; the time of her close assodar 
tion with Alfieri until his death in 1803; and the last ao years of her widowhood, during 
which she was the central figure of a salon at Florence that achieved a European repu- 

Albee, Mrs Helen (Rickey). 92 AaaSaa 

The gleam. 191 1. Holt 

"Might be called the autobiography of a soul — a record of the development of the 
spiritual instinct from its dawn in a child of six to its fruition in a woman of forty> 
seven. It is told with sincerity and simplicity, with a childlike frankness, and at the 
same time great reticence in all matters except those of the spirit, and also with an 
astonishing lack of what is commonly called egotism." Nation, 1911, 

Albemarle, George Monk, duke of. See Monk, George, duke of Albemarle. 

Albemarle, George Thomas Keppel, earl of, 9a AsaS 

Fifty years of my life. 1876. Holt. 

The sixth duke of Albemarle (i 799-1891) was both a soldier and a travder. Thb 
record of his Ufe, which comes only to X854, i> Tivadously written and interspersed 
with many anecdotes, especially of his early yeara when he spent mnch time at the coort 
of George IV as tiie playfellow of the princess Charlotte. 

Albret, Jeanne d'. See Jeanne d'Albret, queen of Navarre, 

Alcott, Louisa May. 93 Aassm 

Moses, Belle. Louisa May Alcott, dreamer and worker; a story of 

achievement. 1909. Appleton. 

This biography of the author of "Little women" Is written especially for girls. It 
reveals her buoyant nature and the happiness of her home life, boUi of which found ex« 
pression in her stories. 

Aldrich, Thomas Bailey. 9^ A365g 

Greenslet, Ferris. Life of Thomas Bailey Aldrich. 1908. Houghton. 

"Bibliography," p.261-292. 

Mr Greenslet has brought to his work delicacy and reticence, together with a sldlT 
in words that reproduces something of the charm of one who made refinement the end 
of all his labor. He tells just enough of the child's surroundings at Portsmouth, of the 
clerk and youthful editor in New York; he follows the man sympathetically through his 
Boston years of prosperous toil and golden ease, to the honored close. It is a happy life 
gracefully told. Condensed from Nation, 1908, 

Alexander I, of Bulgaria, titular prince of Battenberg. 9a A3744k. 

Koch, Adolf. Prince Alexander of Battenberg; reminiscences of his 
reign in Bulgaria, from authentic sources. 1887. Whittaker. 

Alexander (1857-93) was elected prince of Bulgaria in 1879 and resigned in 1886. 
His rule was during a critical period in Bulgaria's history and the life, which is writtenr 
by Alexander's court chaplain, dwells at length on political events. 


Alexander the Great. qrga A374a 

^ Arrian. History of the expedition of Alexander the Great and con- 
quest of Persia [Indian history and An account of the division of the 
empire and conquests of Alexander after his death, from Photius's 
abridgment] ; tr. from the original Greek by [John] Rooke. 1813. Davis. 

**Of Arrian's orisanal works the one of greatest importance is his account of the 
expedition of Alexauider the Great... It cont^ns the most complete and authentic ac 
ooant of that conqueror's career, being based upon the lost worln of Aristobultas and 
Ptolemj, the son of Lagus, both of whom accompanioi the Idng dtiring the expedition." 
Bncycicpadia Britannica. 

Alexander, James Waddel, 1804-59. ga A376 

Forty years' familiar letters, constituting, with the notes, a memoir 
of his life; ed. by John Hall. 2v. i860. Scribner. 

Alexander was a Presbyterian clergyman, for some years professor in the Princeton 
Theological Seminary and later pastor of the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, New 
York city. 

Alexander, John Henry, 1812-^7. rga A376P 

Pinkney, William, 1810-83. Memoir of John H. Alexander; read be- 
fore the Maryland Historical Society, May 2, 1867. [1867.] (Maryland 
Historical Society. Publications.) 

Alexander was a Maryland scientist, at one time professor of physics in the Uni- 
rersity of Pennsylvania and later in the University of Maryland. 

Alexander, William; called earl of Stirling, 1726-83. 1^74^ N36C v.a 

Duer, William Alexander. Life of William Alexander, earl of Stir- 
ling, major general in the army of the United States during the Revolu- 
tion, with selections from his correspondence. 1847. New Jersey His- 
torical Society. 

Being v.s of Collections of the New Jersey Historical Society. 

Alexander was the first governor of King's College, now Columbia University, 
which he had taken an active part in promoting. In the Revolution he early achieveid 
miliury distinction, was in command of New York city and later of Albany. This biog- 
raphy by his grandson is the chief authority for his life. 

Alexandra Feodorovna, empress of Russia. 93 A379g 

Grimm, August Theodor von. Alexandra Feodorowna, empress of 

Russia; tr. by Lady Wallace. 2v. 1870. Edmonston. 

Portrays life of the capital, court and imperial family as a background for the char- 
acter of the empress, wife of Nicholas I. Author was for many years her close friend. 

Alford, Henry, dean. 92 A389 

Life, journals and letters; ed. by his widow. 1873. Lippincott. 

Henry Alford (i 810-71) was dean of Canterbury and editor of the Greek testament, 
which constitutes his chief claim to gratitude and fame. 

Alice Maud Mary, princess of England, grand duchess 92 A398 

of Hesse-Darmstadt, 
Letters to Her Majesty the queen [Victoria], with a memoir by 
H. R. H. Princess Christian. 1897. 

"Sketch of the life of Princess Alice, by Sir Theodore Martin," p.s73-a8i. 

First published in 1884. 

Princess Alice (1843-78) was the second daughter of Queen Victoria. The letters 
are familiar and unaffected. Most of them relate to the details of social and domestic 
Hfe and to the princess's many charities. They also include material relating to the 
Austro-Pnassian and the Franco-Prussian wars. 


Alighieri, Dante. See Dante AlighierL 

Alison, Sir Archibald. 93 A4i3^ 

Some account of my life and writings; an autobiography; ed. by 
Lady Alison. 2v. 1883. Blackwood. 

English hiBtorian (1792-1867). 

"The last volume of his autobiography contains full details of many interview* with 
distinguished persons in London and elsewhere, hit reception at the houses of the 
nobility, and his speeches at public dinners and meetings, together with tpeculationa 
upon politics, human nature and criticism. . .On the whole, his accounts of distinguished 
men, though coloured by his prejudices, are sensible as far as thej go. The book is 
amusingly characteristic of his even temper, calm conviction of his own merits, and con- 
fidence in his own predictions; but, like all autobiographies, is chiefly interesting in 
the earlier part." Dictionary of national biography. 

Allingham, William, 1824-89. ga A437 

Diary; ed. by H. Allingham and D. Radford. 1907. Macmillan. 

"List of works," p.390-391. 

Allingham was an Irish poet. The interest of his diary depends little on his own 
literary achievements and much on the fame of his friends, the chief of whom were 
Tennyson and Carlyle. Rossetti and Browning are often mentioned and a host of lesser 
literary names. Allingham knew how to draw the best from his friends in eonversatiim 
and we learn much of their characteristics from his pages. 

An American, psetui. See Cass, Lewis. 

Anagnos, Michael. ga Assas 

[Sanborn, Franklin Benjamin.] Michael Anagnos, 1837-1906. 1907. 

Reprinted and revised from the 75th annual report of the Perkins Institution and 
Massachusetts School for the Blind. 

Anagnos was director of the Perldns Institution for the Blind, at Boston, 187^ 
1906. This volume contains sketches of his life, tributes to his work by friends and 
pupils, and the memorial services held at the school after his death. Portraits. 

Anderson, Alexander. qrga A545I 

Lossing, Benson John. Memorial of Alexander Anderson, M. D.^ 
the first engraver on wood in America; read before the New York His- 
torical Society, Oct. 5, 1870. 1872. Privately printed. 

Anderson, Walter B. pseud. See Schultz, James Willard. 

Andrea del Sarto. See Artists, p. 1409. 

Angelico, Fra Giovanni. See Artists, p. 1409. 

Angelo, Henry. ga A584 

Reminiscences, with memoirs of his late father and friends, includ- 
ing original anecdotes and curious traits of the most celebrated char- 
acters that have flourished during the last 80 years. 2v. iSaS-sa 

Angelo ( 1 760-1 839?) was the son of an Italian fencing master, Domenico Angelo 
Malevolti Tremamondo, known in England as Domenico Angelo. He became the virtual 
head of his father's acadimit in 1785. His circle of acquai n tances included manj dis- 
tinguished men. 

"The stories range among all ranks of society, from the regent and William IV to 
Macklin and Kean, and from Bjrron to Lady Hamilton. Verisimilitude is occasionally 
lacking, and the writer abstains throughout with a graceful ease from giving any dates.**' 
Dictionary of national biography. 


Angelo, Michael. See Michael Angelo. 

Angouleme, Marie Ther^se Charlotte, duchesse d'. ga A593I 

Lenotre, Louis L^on Theodore Gosselin. Daughter of Louis XVI, 
Marie Therese Charlotte de France, duchesse d'Angouleme; tr. by J. L. 
May. 1908. Lane. 

"List of documents," P*337-339* 

Includes only the period between her imprisonment in the Temple and her marriage, 
1799. Though the main interest is Madame Royale, we learn enough about her unhappy 
family and her friends and relatives to complete the picture and give the atmosphere of 
the time. Illustrated. 

Anne Boleyn, queen of Henry VIII. ga A6z3b 

Bcnger, Elizabeth Ogilvy. Memoirs of the life of Anne Boleyn, 

queen of Henry VIIL 2v. 1821. Longman. 

The attempt is made throughout to justify Anne's conduct Author was an English 
poet and novelist, the compiler of several biographies. 

Anne of Austria, queen of Louis XIII of France, ga A6z33g 

Grant, Mrs Colquhoun. Queen and cardinal; a memoir of Anne of 
Austria and of her relations with Cardinal Mazarin. 1906. Murray. 

Deals with the mystery of their relations, thou^ it does not solve the problem of 
their reputed marriage. 

Anne of Brittany, queen of Charles VIII and of Louis XII. ga A6z34d 

De la Warr, Constance Mary Elizabeth Sackville, countess, A twice 
crowned queen, Anne of Brittany. 1906. Nash. 

"Works consulted," p. 11. 

Anne of Brittany (i 476-1 514) married two successive Idngs of France, Charles 
VIII and Louis XII. This story of her romantic career shows with some detail the life 
which suxjounded the nobility of France at that time. 

Antes, Henry. qrga AGayh 

Hecke welder, pseud. Newspaper clippings about Henry Antes. 1890. 

Qippings from the Lancaster "Examiner and express,'.' Oct. 9-10, 1890 and "News 
era,** Oct. 25, 1890, and from the "Bethlehem daily news," Nov. i, 1890. 

Antes, Henry. rga AGaym 

McMinn, Edwin. A German hero of the colonial times of Pennsyl- 
vania; or. The life and times of Henry Antes. 1886. Privately printed. 
Antes (170X-SS) emigrated from Germany to America about x/ao, built a paper- 
Bin on the Wissahidcon near Philadelphia and became a leader In the civO and religious 
affairs of the colony. He was a friend of Whitefield and Zinxendorf and one of the 
founders of Bethlehem, Pa. 

Appleton, Thomas Gold. ga AGsah 

Hale, Susan. Life and letters of Thomas Gold Appleton. 1885. Ap- 

Appleton (1813-84) was a brother-in-law of the poet Longfellow. Morse in his 
"Life and letters of Oliver Wendell Holmes" describes him as "a gentleman, famous for 
a generation as 'Tom' Appleton, wit, raconteur, and comrade of all the literary Bos- 
tonians of his day." 

Aragon, Isabella of, duchess of Milan, See Isabella of Aragon, duchess 
of Milan. 

Arany, Jinos. 92 A66aa 

Levelez^se iro-baritaival. 2v. 1888-89. (Hitrahagyott iratai €s 
levelez^se, v.3-4.) 


Arany, Janos. ga A66ar 

Riedl, Frederick. Arany Janos. 1904. 

Bibliography, p. 333-342. 

Arbuthnot, Sir Alexander John. ga A667 

Memories of Rugby and India; ed. by Constance, lady Arbuthnot. 

191 o. Unwin. 

The "Memories" tell little of Rugby or of Arnold, but give tome glimpses of Rugby 
bojrs who lived to be famous. The recollections of Indian service are somewhat random 
and disconnected. Thirty years of this service the author spent in Madras, as director of 
public instruction, as chief secretary to the Council, and later as member of tiie Councfl. 

Arc, Joan of. See Joan of Arc. 

Argenson, Rene Louis de Voyer» marquis d', 9a A688 

Journal and memoirs; published from the autograph mss in the li- 
brary of the Louvre by E. J. B. Rathery, with an introduction by C. A. 
Saint e- Be uve; tr. by K. P. Wormcley. 2v. 1903. Hardy. 

"The Marquis d'Argenson [i 694-1 757], a statesman and a man of great intelli* 
gence, concealed under a rough and clumsy exterior, has left memoirs which are valu- 
able for the early and middle part of the reign of Louis XV." Saintsbury's Short his- 
tory of French literature. 

Argyll, George Douglas Campbell, duke of. 92 A695 

Autobiography and memoirs; ed. by the dowager duchess of Argyll. 
2v. 1906. Murray. 

"List of published works, pamphlets, letters, etc. by the duke of Argyll," v.j, 

This very full memoir of the eighth duke of Argyll (18S3-1900) consists of an 
autobiography, which, however, comes down only to 1857, supplemented by a memoir 
by the dowager duchess, letters, etc. The duke's interests were many. He is well 
known as the author of "The reign of law," and other scientific works, he played a 
considerable part in politics and ranked high as an orator. The book has many inte^es^ 
ing descriptive criticisms of his political and literary contemporaries. Portraits and 
other illustrations. 

Ariosto, Lodovico. 9a Ayzag 

Gardner, Edmund Garratt. King of court poets; a study of the 
work, life and times of Lodovico Ariosto. 1906. Constable. 

"Bibliography," p.369-376. 

"He has admirably analysed for us the 'Orlando Furioso,' Ariosto's minor poems, 
and his comedies. . .he has presented to us in flesh and blood Ariosto, the man, the cooi^ 
tier, the commissary, the diplomatist, the stage-manager, the poet, the distracted tover." 
Saturday revitw, 2906, 

92 A717k 

92 A717t 

Arnold, Benedict. 9^ Aysih 

Hill, George Canning. Benedict Arnold; a biography. [1858.] 

Rather short biography, nattirally denouncing Arnold's treason, but aiming also to 
show that he was not devoid of good qualities. 


Arnold, William Thomas. ga A76ZW 

Ward, Mrs Humphry, & Montague, C. E. William Thomas Arnold, 

journalist and historian. 1907. Manchester University Press. 

The same, 1906. (In Arnold's Studies of Roman imperialism, 

p.3-123.) 937 A76 

Arnold (1852-1904) was a son of Arnold of Rugby, for nearly ao years a journalist 
on the staff of the "Manchester guardian," and an authority on Roman provincial ad- 

Arthur, King. 9a A788d 

Dickinson, William Howship. King Arthur in Cornwall. 1900. 

"An attempt to bring together what may be accepted with regard to the personality 
and actual life of King Arthur...! have given especial weight to tiie details of topog- 
raphy, more particularly in Cornwall." Pr€fac€. 

Assisi, Francis of, 5*/. See Francis of Assisi, St 

Atksms, Lady Charlotte (Walpole). 9a A879b 

Barbey, Fr^d^ric. A friend of Marie-Antoinette (Lady Atkyns) ; tr. 

from the French, with a preface by Victorien Sardou. 1906. Chapman. 

Lady Atkyns was a devoted and self-sacrificing Royalist who spent much money in 
contriving the escape of the dauphin from the Temple and in assisting the hmgris. Her 
correspondence from 1792 to her death in Paris in 1836, is here given. 

Audubon, John James. 9a A9Z68 

St. John, Mrs Horace Roscoe. Audubon, the naturalist of the New 
World; his adventures and discoveries. 1861. Crosby. 

The author has drawn largely upon Audubon's own writings in this account which 
she gives of his various scientific joumeyings. 

Aiigustine» St t^2 A9a3C 

Capgrave, John. Lives of St Augustine and St. Gilbert of Sempring- 
ham, and a sermon; ed. by J. J. Munro. 1910. (Early English Text 
Society. Publications, v. 140.) 

Austen, Jane. 9a A933I3 

Lady Susan; The Watsons; Letters. 2v. 1906. Colonial Press Co. 

V.I. Lady Susan. — ^The Watsons. — Letters. 
V.2. Letters (continued). 

The same; and A memoir. 1892. Athenaeum Club 9a A933I9 

Austen, Jane. 9a A933he 

Helm, William Henry. Jane Austen and her country-house comedy. 
1909. Nash. 

''Bibliographical note," p.asi-asj. 

"In the meagre details of Jane Austen's career he diligently seeks for the material 
of her noveb, and from the novels in turn deduces the realities of her personal experi- 
ence... His appreciation contains perhaps too much of the critical element to be wholly 
acceptable to the straltest sect of Jane Austen enthusiasts; but his applause is as un- 
grudii^g as it is discriminating, and has the note of personal affection." Ath4naum, 1909, 

Austen, Jane. 9a A933m 

Mitton, Geraldine Edith. Jane Austen and her times. [1905.] Me- 


An attempt to show the novelist against a background of contemporary life in Eng- 
land and to describe the ^shlons and manners on which she drew. 


Austin, Alfred. ga Agasa 

Autobiography of Alfred Austin, poet laureate, 1835-1910. av. 191 1. 

"A traveller in many lands, a war correspondent, a diligent interviewer, Mr. 
Austin gossips about men and things in a way which is occasionally interesting, but 
not very entertaining on the whole. He tells little that is new." Saturday rrvUw, 1911, 

Ava, Frederick Temple Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood, marquess of. See 
Dufferin and Ava, Frederick Temple Hamilton-Temple-Black- 
wood, marquess of. 

Bach, Johann Sebastian. 9a Bzaspa 

Parry, Sir Charles Hubert Hastings. Johann Sebastian Bach; the 
story of the development of a great personality. 1909. Putnam. 

"Both for the student and the general reader. It is illuminating in its discussion 
of Bach's music; it presents all aspects of the master's career fully and with insight; it 
is sympathetic and highly appreciative." Dial, 1910. 

Bacon, Delia Salter. ga Biagb 

[Bacon, Theodore.] Delia Bacon; a biographical sketch. 1888. 

Delia Bacon (181 1-59) was an American author who xealously advocated the 
Baconian authorship of Shakespeare's plays. She lived for five years in England while 
making her researches. The story of her life is tragic, for her brilliant though unsound 
mind finally gave way under the strain of her delusion, but her biography has interest 
and value, if only for the glimpse it gives of her friends, Hawthorne, Carlyle and Emer- 
son. The former was from first to last her faithful and devoted friend, and all three 
were her correspondents. Emerson served as her channel of communication with editors 
and publishers. 

Bacon, Thomas. rga Bzssa 

Allen, Ethan, D,D. Rev. Thomas Bacon, 1745-1768, incumbent of 
St. Peter's, Talbot co. and All Saints, Frederick co., Maryland. 

Paper read before the Maryland Historical Society and published in the "American 
quarterly church review and ecclesiastical register," v. 17, no.3, Oct 1865. 

Baertsoen, Albert. See Artists, p.1413. 

Baird, Absalom. rga Bz66b 

Copies of authentic letters and papers throwing some light on the 
history of Doctor Absalom Baird of the army of the Revolution, who 
died at Washington, Pennsylvania, in 1805, likewise referring to his 
associates. 1909. Pittsburgh. 

Baireuth, Frederica Sophia Wilhelmina, markgrdfin von. See Fredericm 
Sophia Wilhelmina, markgrdfin von Baireuth. 

Baldwin, Robert. ga Bzgsl 

Leacock, Stephen Butler. Baldwin, LaFontaine, Hincks; responsible 
government. 1907. Morang. (Makers of Canada.) 

Biographies of three Canadian political leaders, Baldwin (1804-5S), LaFontaine 
(1807-64) and Hincks (1807-85). 

Baldwin, William Henry, jr. ga Bzg6ab 

Brooks, John Graham. An American citizen; the life of William 
Henry Baldwin, jr. 1910. Houghton. 

An American railway executive (i 863-1 905), from 1896 to the time of his death 
president of the Long Island railway. Book is both important and inspiring, revealing 
the sturdy qualities of a man who turned his back on questionable methods and attained 
success without loss of integrity. 


Baltimore^ George Calvert, baron, rgQ Bazyc 

[Campbell, Bernard U.] Review of John P. Kennedy's Discourse on 
the life and character of George Calvert, the first lord Baltimore. 1846. 

Reprinted from the "United States Catholic magazine," v.5, April 1846. 

Takes exception to Kennedy's remarks on Lord Baltimore's motives for coloniza- 
tion, believing them to have been solely religious, and contends that Lord Baltimore 
was at one time a Protestant. 

Baltimore, George Calvert, baron. rga Bazyk 

Kennedy, John Pendleton. Discourse on the life and character of 
George Calvert, the first lord Baltimore; made before the Maryland 
Historical Society, Dec. 9, 1845. 1845. (Maryland Historical Society. 

Largely concerned with Lord Baltimore's religious beliefs, affirming that his 
schemes for colonization were not due wholly to religious motives. 

Baltimore, George Calvert, baron, rga Bazyke 

Kennedy, John Pendleton. Reply to the review of his Discourse 
on the life and character of Calvert, published in the United States 
Catholic magazine, April 1846. 1846. 

Reprinted from the "United States Catholic magazine," v.s, April 1846. 

Balzac, Honore de. ga Bai8c 

Correspondence of Honors de Balzac, with a memoir by his sister, 
Madame de Surville; tr. by C. L. Kenney. 2v. 1878. Bentley. 

One of the most important sources of our knowledge of the novelist's life and 

Balzac, Honore de. ga BaiSla 

Lawton, Frederick. Balzac 1910. Richards. 

For the most part an impartial plain-speaking, well-informed account of a wonder- 
ful personality. Mr Lawton has not made any notable additions to the materials for 
Balzac's biography, but he has gathered up nearly all the most illuminative anecdotes, 
and retold most of the bits of history collected by various experts from printed and 
manuscript sources. He has also sketched the plots of many of the principal novels. 
If there be any admirers of Balzac who are sensitive to criticism of his manners and 
habits, they may be advised to leave Mr Lawton's stout book unread. Condensed from 
Atkenetum, jgjo. 

Bancroft, George. ga Baaaah 

Howe, Mark Antony Dc Wolfe. Life and letters of George Ban- 
croft. 2v. 1908. Scribner. 

"Bibliography of books and pamphlets by George Bancroft; comp. by H. C. Strip- 
pel," v.a, p.329-341. 

Author had access to the private papers of the historian. 

"Mr. Howe has performed creditably a work of peculiar difficulty. He had to dis- 
pose of a large mass of material; but he has confined the narrative within proper limits. 
He evinces a fair degree of sympathy; and he has been wise enough to let Mr. Bancroft 
tell most of the story himself throu^ the medium of letters." Nation, 1908, 

Bancroft, Marie Effie (Wilton), lady, & Bancroft, Sir S. B. ga Baaaab 
The Bancrofts; recollections of 60 years. 1909. Murray. 

These theatrical reminiscences, though containing much that is trivial and egotistical, 
constitute a pleasant and valuable dramatic record. Both the Bancrofts enjoyed honors 
able and successful careers on the English stage and were for many years the managers 
of two London theatres, the old Prince of Wales and the Haymarket They had notable 
success in producing some of Robertson's plays and the public appreciation of their work 
was instant and permanent. 


Banneker, Benjamin. rga BaaSal 

Latrobe, John Hazlehurst Boneval. Memoir of Benjamin Banneker; 
read before the Maryland Historical Society, May i, 1845. 1845. (Mary- 
land Historical Society. Publications.) 

Banneker (i 731-1806) wu a Maryland negro who gained considerable reputation 
as an astronomer and mathematician. 

Banneker, Benjamin. r9a BaaSat 

[Tyson, Mrs Martha EUicott.] Sketch of the life of Benjamin Ban- 
neker, from notes taken in 1836; read by J. S. Norris before the Mary- 
land Historical Society, Oct 5, 1854. [1854.] (Maryland Historical 
Society. Publications.) 

02 B231k 

BarbarellL See Artists, p.1410. 

Barbauld, Mrs Anna Letitia (Aikin). ga Basao 

Oliver, Mrs Grace Atkinson (Little) Ellis, ed. Memoir, letters and 
a selection from the poems and prose A^ritings of Anna Laetitia Bar- 
bauld. 2v. 1874. Osgood. 

V.I. Memoir, with many of her letters. 

y.a. A selection from the poems and prose writings. 

Barney, Joshua. ga BasGab 

Barney, Mrs Mary, ed. Biographical memoir of the late Commodore 

Joshua Barney, from autographical notes and journals in possession of 

his family and other authentic sources. 1832. Gray. 

Binder's title reads "Memoir of Commodore Barney." 

Joshua Barney (1759-1818) was an American naval officer. He tenred in the 
Revolutionary war, was a captain in the FVencfa service, 1795-1800, and dtiring the War 
of 181 a commanded the American flotilla in Chesapeake bay. He died in Pittsburgh. 

Barr, James P. r9a Basgi 

In memoriam James P. Barr, born September 4th, 1823, died Sep- 
tember 14th, 1886. 1887. Pittsburgh. 

Editor and principal proprietor of the "Pittsburgh post" for 31 years. 

Barr6, Isaac. rga Ba63m 

Miner, Sidney Roby. Colonel Isaac Barr6, 1726-1802, orator, sol- 
dier, statesman and friend of the American colonies. 1901. 

Reprinted from the Wyoming Historical and Geological Society's "Proceedings and 
collections," y.6, 1901. 

Barr6 was one of the two men after whom the city of Wilkes-Barr6 was named. He 
was with Wolfe at the capture of Quebec and was one of the opposers of the stamp 
act in the English parliament. Contains a portrait. 

Barry, Sir Charles. 9^ Bayxb 

Barry, Alfred. Memoir of the life and works of the late Sir Charles 

Barry, architect. 1870. Murray. 

Sir Charles Barry (1795-1860) was an English architect, designer of the present 
Houses of Parliament. 

Barry, Marie Jeanne Gomard de Vaubernier, camtesse du. See Du Barry, 
Marie Jeanne Gomard de Vaubernier, comtesse, 

Bartholdy, Felix Mendelssohn-. See Mendelsaohn-Bartfaoldy, Felix. 


Baiye, Antoine Louis. Sa Artists, p. 136a 

Beattie, James. qrga B345 

Forbes, Sir William. Account of the life and writings of James 
Beattie, including many of his original letters. 2v. in i. 1806. Con- 

Beattie (173 5-1803) was an English poet, essayist and moral phflosopher. 

**A life of Beattie by Sir William Forbes, who had much enthusiasm but little 
judgment, appeared in 1806. Beattie's letters, of which there is a profusion ha these 
volumes, are for the most part dull and cumbersome." Dictionary of national biography. 

Beaver, Hugh McAllister. ga B3571 

Speer, Robert Elliott. Memorial of a true life; a biography of 

Hugh McAllister Beaver. 1898. Revell. 

Bemver (1873-97) was the son of Got. Beayer of Pennsylvania. He was prominent 
in the religious work of the men's colleges and at the Northfield conf er ence a . 

Becket, Thomas i. See Thomas k Becket, 5"/. 

Beecher, Lyman. ga B379 

Autobiography, correspondence, etc.; ed. by Charles Beecher. 2v. 

1864. Harper. 

Lyman Beecher (i 775-1863) was a Congregational dergjrman of note, a bold 
thinker and an outspoken enemy of slavery. He was the father of Henry Ward Beecher 
and Harriet Beecher Stowe. 

Beechey, Sir William. See Artists, p.1401. 

Beethoven, Ludwig van. ga B383I 

Letters, with explanatory notes by A. C. Kalischer; tr. with preface 
by J. S. Shedlock. 2v. 1909. 

Contains those from the first Nohl collection and 66 letters to the archduke Rudolph. 

Beethoven, Ludwig van. ga B3838a 

Samtliche brief e und aufzeichnungen; hrsg. und erlautert von Fritz 

Prclinger. 5v. 1907-11. 

V.I. 1783-1814. 

v.a. 1815-1822. 

V.3. 1823-1827. 

V.4. Nachtrage. 

v.s. Nachtrage, erlauterungen. 

Beethoven, Ludwig van. ga B383t 

Thayer, Alexander Wheelock. Ludwig van Beethovens leben; nach 
dem original-manuskript deutsch bearbehet, neu bearbeitet und er- 
ganzt von Hermann Deiters. 5v. 1901-11. 
▼.«-S are edited by Hugo Riemann. 

In preparing this revision Dr Deiters has not only had free access to all the papers, 
notes and documents left by the author, but has also studied all the Beethoven litera- 
ture which has appeared since 1866. It may practically be regarded as a new book for 
which the old volnmc served as a basis. Conionttd from Atkonsum, tgoi, 

Behaim, Martin. rga Q^2^d 

Dodge, Robert. Memorials of Columbus [and Martin Behaim and 

his globe, at Nurembergh]; read to the Maryland Historical Society, 

April 3, 1851. 1851. (Maryland Historical Society. Publications.) 

Short account of the autograph letters of Coltunbus preserved at Genoa and of the 

globe constructed by Behaim, the 15th century navigator and cosmographer. 


Behaim, Martin. rga 638601 

Morris, John Gottlieb. Martin Behaim, the German astronomer and 
cosmographer of the times of Columbus; discourse before the Mary- 
land Historical Society, Jan. 25, 1855. 1855. (Maryland Historical So- 
ciety. Publications.) 

Behaim (i459?-i5o6) was a friend of Colttmbus. His terrestrial globe constructed 
in 1492 and still preserved in Nuremberg is valuable as a record of geographical knowl- 
edge just before the discovery of America. 

Belgiojoso, Cristina (Trivulzio), principessa di, 9a B396W 

Whitehouse, Henry Remsen. A revolutionary princess, Christina 
Belgiojoso-Trivulzio, her life and times, 1808-187 1. 1907. Unwin. 

"Bibliography," p. 307-309. 

The princess de Belgiojoso was a dramatic figure in the struggle for Italian unity. 
She had genius for organization and a power of arousing enthusiasm. Exiled for soma 
years in Paris, she numbered among her friends there George Sand, Margaret Fuller 
Ossoli, Alfred de Musset, Thiers and Lafayette. 

Bellamont, Richard Coote, earl of, qrga B4Z3d 

De Peyster, Frederic. Life and administration of Richard, earl of 
Bellomont, governor of the provinces of New York, Massachusetts and 
New Hampshire from 1697 to 1701; an address delivered before the 
New York Historical Society, at the celebration of its 75th anniversary, 
Nov. 18, 1879. 1879. New York Historical Soc. 

Belt, Joseph. rga B4a3m 

Magruder, Caleb Clarke. Colonel Joseph Belt; a paper read before 
the Society of Colonial Wars in the District of Columbia, March 25, 
1909. [1909.] (Society of Colonial Wars, District of Columbia. His- 
torical papers, no.s.) 

Col. Joseph Belt (i 680-1 761) was a factor in the early history of the District of 
Columbia. For 12 years he represented Prince George's county, now the District of 
Columbia, in the Maryland House of burgesses. The book includes a genealogy of the 
Belt family. 

Benezet, Anthony. rga B433V 

Vaux, Roberts. Memoirs of the life of Anthony Benezet. 1817. 


Benezet (1713-84) was an American philanthropist, one of the earliest opponents 
of the slave-trade. 

Benjamin, Judah Philip. ga B436b 

Butler, Pierce. Judah P. Benjamin. 1907. Jacobs. (American 
crisis biographies.) 

"Bibliographyy" p.44a-449. 

Benjamin (181Z-84) was a brilliant Southern lawyer. He was a member of the 
United States senate from Lonitiana, but withdrew at the secession of that state and 
during the war occupied prominent positions in the Confederate govemment At the 
dose of the war he went to live in England, where he achieved great tnccest in hit 

Bennett, James Gordon. rga B439 

Life and writings of James Gordon Bennett, editor of the New York 
herald. 1844. 


Bennett, Sir William Stern dale. ga B439b 

Bennett, James Robert Sterndale. Life of William Sterndale Ben- 
nett. 1907. Cambridge University Press. 
"List of works," P.45S-460. 

Sir William Bennett (1816-75) at the time of his death ranked chief among Eng- 
lish musical composers. He was a friend of both Mendelssohn and Schumann and the 
biography contains a number of their letters. 

Bentham, George. 9a B444flj 

Jackson, Benjamin Daydon. George Bentham. 1906. Dent. (Eng- 
lish men of science.) 

"Bibliography," p.a69-a84. 

Compact account of the interesting private life and Taluable scientific labors of 
the English botanist (1800-84). 

B^ranger, Pierre Jean de. ga B448m 

Ma biographic, avec un appendice et un grand nombre de notes in- 
edites de Beranger sur ses chansons. 1858. 

Beranger (i 780-1 857) was a French lyric poet and song writer. His political 
sympathies were republican and Bonapartist and for expressing them he was twice prose* 
cuted by the government. His songs have enjoyed an extraordinary popularity. 

Berkeley, George, bp. ga B455P 

Porter, Noah. Two-hundredth birthday of Bishop George Berkeley; 

a discourse given at Yale College on the 12th of March 1885. Scribner. 

Presents briefly the most important facts in the life of the Irish bishop. During 
his stay in this country (1829-31) Berkeley became interested in Yale (College and 
gare to it his estate in Rhode Island as the foundation of the Berkeley scholarships, 
and a library of about a thousand volumes. 

Bemardin de Saint Pierre, Jacques Henri. See Saint Pierre, Jacques 
Henri Bernardin de. 

Bernhardt, Sarah. ga B457 

Memories of my life; being my personal, professional and social 

recollections as woman and artist. 1907. Appleton. 

"Rich as it is in minor details and vivacious descriptions it adds but little to the 
common knowledge of [her] career. In fact, it is studiously reticent concerning many 
essential facts, including those of parentage and pedigree, about which the curious in 
such matters would like to be better in formed... The monstrous egotism of the book 
greatly weakens the pleasurable impression created by its vivacity, its cleverness, and its 
abundance of interesting material." Nation, igo^. 

Bemis, Franqois Joachim de Pierre, cardinal de.« ga B457a 

Memoirs and letters, with an introduction by C. A. Sainte-Beuve; 

tr. by K. P. Wormeley. 2v. 1902. Hardy. 

The same. av. 1902. Heinemann rga B457 

Bemis (1715-94) was a French cardinal and diplomatist, prominent in the reign of 
Louis XV. The memoirs and letters do not extend further than 1760. 

Bemstiel, Baronessa Olimpia di Savio. See Savio di Bemstiel, Baronessa 

Berry, Charles Ferdinand d'Artois, due de, ga B45gac 

Chateaubriand, Franqois Auguste, vicomte de. Memoirs, letters and 
authentic details relating to the life and death of Charles Ferdinand 
d'Artois, duke de Berry; tr. from the French. 1821. Oilier. 

Short, eulogistic biography. An emigri at the time of the French revolution, the 
due de Berry served for several years in the army of Cond^, later lived in England and 
finally returned to France at the restoration of the Bourbons. He was assassinated at 
Paris in 1820. 


Bertsch, Hugo. ga 64652 

Bilderbogen aus meinem leben. 1906. 

Contents: Ubersicht. — Im kreise meiner familie. — Aus meiner Idndheit — Unvcr- 
gessbare wortc. — Aus meiner lehrzeit. — Als soldat. — Als matrose. — Bd den antipoden. 
— Im urwald. — Zickzackwanderungen. — Kleine abentcuer. — Des stromers erste Hebe. 

Besant, Mrs Annie (Wood). ga 64663 

Annie Besant; an autobiography. 1893. Unwin. 

Author (b, 1847) is now (1909) best known for her connection with theosophy, but 
she was earlier a prominent labor and socialist agitator and a writer and lecturer on 
religious and scientific subjects. 

Bigelow, John, 1817-1911. qga B478 

Retrospections of an active life. v. 1-3. 1909. Baker. 

V.I. 1817-1863. 

v.a. 1863-1865. 

V.3. 1 865-1 866. 

The author participated actiyely in American affairs of the last three-quarters of 
the century. He was for la years one of the editors of the New York "Evening post," 
was consul at Paris, 1861-64, and minister to France, 1864-67. His recollections are 
full of memories of American statesmen of the middle X9th century and letters from 
public men of distinction. Especially full and frequent are the letters from Charles 
Sumner, an intimate friend. These three ample volumes close with his retirement from 
the diplomatic service. 

Birch, Harvey. See Crosby, Enoch. 

Bird, Isabella L. afterward Mrs Bishop. ga B4888 

Stoddart, Anna M. Life of Isabella Bird (Mrs Bishop). 1906. Murray. 

Isabella Bird (1831-1902) was an English traveler who made many remarkable 
journ eys through Tibet, Persia, Armenia, Manchuria, Korea, Australia, the United 
States and elsewhere, visiting places where no white woman bad ever been. She care* 
fully recorded all that she saw. Her biographer gives many extracts from her letters 
of description and succeeds also in bringing out her attractive personal side. 

Bishop, Mrs Isabella L. (Bird). See Bird, Isabella L. 

Bismarck, Karl Otto Eduard Leopold, furst von. ga B497b8 

Busch, Moritz. Unser reichskanzler; studien zu einem charakter- 
bilde. 2v. 1884. 
Bixio, Nino. ga B4gga 

Abba, Giuseppe Cesare. La vita di Nino Bixio. 1905. 
Black, Jeremiah Sullivan. rga Bsi^a 

Allegheny County, Pa. Bar. Proceedings of a memorial meeting in 
reference to the late Hon. Jeremiah S. Black, held August 27th, 1883. 
1883. Pittsburgh. 

Black Prince, The. See Edward, the Black Prince. 
Blackie, John Stuart. ga Bszsb 

Letters to his wife, with a few earlier ones to his parents; selected 
and ed. by his nephew, A. S. Walker. 1910. Blackwood. 

Blackie (1809-95) was a Scottish philologist, for 30 years professor of Greek in the 
University of Edinburgh. The letters to his parents cover about two years and a half, 
while he was a student in Germany and Italy. The youthful letters are followed by 
others written ten years later to Miss Wyld, whom he afterward married. The rest of 
the correspondence, and the largest part, covers Blackie's married life, 1843-95. The 
letters are various in theme but uniform in their tone of steadily sustained cheerful- 
ness. They contain references to nearly all the distinguished men of his time. 

Blackie, John Stuart. ga Bszsb! 

Notes of a life; ed. by A. S. Walker. 1910. Blackwood. 

Autobiography begun by Professor Blackie in 1869 and abandoned after the com- 
pletion of the seventh chapter. 


Blackwood, Frederick Temple Hamilton-Temple-, marquess of Dufferm 
and Ava. See Dufferin and Ava, Frederick Temple Hamilton- 
Temple-Black wood, marquess of, 

Blaine, Mrs Harriet Bailey (Stan wood). ga Bsaaa 

Letters; cd. by H. S. B. Beale. 2v. 1908. Duf field. 

Written between 1869 and 1889, mostly to her children, they at first abound in 
domestic detail, but later reveal more clearly both her own and her husband's likeable 
personalities. The allusions to him and his more famous contemporaries are utterly 
free, and sometimes very intimate, evidently made without the slightest idea of publi- 

Blaine, James Gillespie. qga Bsaar 

Ridpath, John Clark, and others. Life and work of James G. Blaine. 

Blake, William. ga BsaS 

Letters; together with a life by Frederick Tatham; ed. from the 
original manuscripts with an introduction and notes by A. G. B. Russelt 
1906. Methuen. 

"Tatham, sculptor and miniature painter, knew Blake in his last years intimately, 
and his account of the poet is the best contemporary document we have... Mr. Russdl'i 
Introduction is written from large knowledge, and is a really valuable essay on Blake 
as an artist" Nation, jgo6, 

Blake, William. ga Bsate 

Chesterton, Gilbert Keith. William Blake. [1910.] Duckworth. 
(Popular library of art.) 

"Contains much about Blake, but more about Mr. Chesterton and his views on life, 
poetry, and painting, with passing allusions to... other fascinating but irrelevant topics 
... As a piece of controversial criticism it is good reading. For sympathetic insist and 
appreciation we must sedc elsewhere." Saturday review, 191 z. 

Blake, William. ga BsaSsy 

Symons, Arthur. William Blake. 1907. Constable. 

''List of books consulted," p. 13-1 5. 

Mr iSymons has here gathered together and reprinted from the manuscripts, where 
possible, all the records of Blake's life from contemporary sources, down to the publica- 
tion of Gilchrisfs Life in 1863, but excluding the Letters and Tatham's Life. Among 
other things is a complete and exact transcription of the parts of Crabbe Robinson's 
Diary and reminiscences alluding to Blake. Mr Symons's own contribution to the work 
affords an admirable criticism of Blake as artist, poet and thinker and settles a number 
of disputed biographical points. Condensed from Nation, 1907. 

Blavatsky, Mme H^lene Petrovna (Hahn). ga B54a 

Sinnett, Alfred Percy, ed. Incidents in the life of Madame Blavat- 
sky; compiled from information supplied by her relatives and friends. 
1886. Redway. 

The editor was a friend and disciple of Mme Blavatsky. The incidents relate 
largely to her work with the occult. 

Bobin, Isaac. rga B575 

Letters of Isaac Bobin, private secretary of Hon. George Clarke, 
secretary of the province of New York, 1718-1730. 1872. Munsell. 
(New York colonial tracts, no.4.} 

Written to his patron from New York city. They afford glimpses of commercial, 
political and domestic affairs, but are chiefly devoted to the enumeration and price of 
various commodities which the writer sends at different times to Mr Clarke. 


Boccaccio, Giovanni. 9a BsySh 

Hutton, Edward. Giovanni Boccaccio; a biographical study. 1909. 

"English works on Boccaccio/' P.35S-359; "Boccaccio and Chaucer and Shake- 
speare," p.360-366; "Synopsis of the Decameron together with some works to be con- 
sulted," p.367-393- 

There is (19 10) no other study of Boccaccio in English to compare with Mr 
Hutton's in fulness or in literary worth. The many illustrations from old pictures, 
books and manuscripts add much to the value of the book. 

Boigne, Eleonore Adele (d'Osmond) Le Borgne, comtesse dc. 9a B594 
Memoirs; ed. from the original ms. by Charles Nicoullaud. v. 1-3. 

1907-08. Heinemann and Scribner. 

v.i. 1781-1814. 

V.2. 1815-1819. 

V.3. 1820-1830. 

The comtesse de Boigne (i 781-1866) was a brilliant and attractive Frenchwoman 
whose salon, during the first half of the 19th century was frequented by many dis- 
tinguished persons. Her vivacious memoirs throw many sidelights on events from the 
reign of Louis XVI to the revolution of 1848. She relates much of the gossip of her 
time and her personalities are often touched with prejudice. 

Boleslawita, B. pseud. See Kraszewski, Jozef Ignacy. 

Bolingbroke, Henry St. John, viscount. 9a B6zzm 

Macknight, Thomas. Life of Henry St. John, viscount Bolingbroke. 

1863. Chapman. 

English statesman (1678-1751). 

"Mr. Macknight is a painstaking and conscientious writer. He has made himself 
well acquainted with all that is to be known of Bolingbroke and his career, and on the 
whole takes just and well-grounded views of the matters which he handles." Saturday 
r€v%€w, 1863. 

Bolivar, Simon. 9a B6zzap 

Petrc, Francis Loraine. Simon Bolivar, "el libertador;" a life of the 

chief leader in the revolt against Spain in Venezuela, New Granada & 

Peru. 1910. Lane. 

"List of books, maps and papers consulted by the author," p.8-io. 

"Solid and instructive contribution to the history of a conspicuous passage in the 
growth of the New World. The purely biographical side of the story is told with in- 
sight and in an interesting manner... On the whole, Mr. Petre leaves us in charity and 
sjrmpathy with the Liberator." Outlook (London), igio. 

Bolton, Charles Edward. 9a B6i4b 

Bolton, Mrs Sarah (Knowles). Charles E. Bolton; a memorial 
sketch. 1907. Cambridge University Press. 

Mr Bolton (1841-1901) was an inventor and lecturer. 

Bonaparte, Jerome. See Jerome Napoleon, king of Westphalia, 

Bonaparte, Louis Napoleon. 5*^^ Napoleon III, emperor of the French, 

Bonaparte, Napoleon. See Napoleon I, emperor of the French, 

Bonheur, Rosa. 9a B6a4 

Stanton, Theodore, ed. Reminiscences of Rosa Bonheur. 1910. 

Without being a formal biography this volume about the French animal painter 
contains in chronological order all the events of her career, and includes many of her 
letters and notes of her conversations, together with recollections, anecdotes and ap- 
preciations of friends. Fully illustrated. 


Boone, Daniel. ga B63ib 

Bruce, Henry Addington Bayley. Daniel Boone and the Wilder- 
ness road. 1910. Macmillan. 

To Boone's bold pioneering the United States owes one of its greatest highways 
of empire — the famous Wilderness road, along which many pioneers passed in the 
early peopling of the West. The book is not only a biography of Boone, but an account 
of this early westward movement and its bearing on the subsequent development of the 
United States. 

Booth, Gen. William. ga B6333C 

Coates, Thomas F. G. The prophet of the poor; the life-story of 
General Booth. 1906. Dutton. 

"Largely compilation, and one will turn to it in vain to Hnd broad grasp of the 
relation of the Army to other religious and social efforts of the time, or even vivid por- 
trayal of the personality of its subject." Indeptndent, igo6, 

Borgia, Lucrezia, duchessa di Ferrara. ga B636gr 

Gregorovius, Ferdinand. Lucrezia Borgia, secondo document! e 

carteggi del tempo; traduzione dal tedesco per Raffaele Mariano. 1885. 

Boswell, James. ga B645 

Letters to W. J. Temple, with an introduction by Thomas Seccombe. 
1908. Sidgwick. 

Written by the biographer of Johnson to an intimate life-long friend. 

"They begin in 1758, when Boswell was eighteen, and continue till he could write 
no longer. Of course the predominant subject is Bozzy himself. . .his amours, and his 
various matrimonial projects ... his worldly schemes, his quarrels with his father, his 
repentances and resolutions to amend, and his meditations upon this world and the 
next." Spectator, 1857. 

Bdtticher, Karl Gottlieb Wilhelm. qrga B648e 

Ernst (Wilhelm), & Sohn, pub, Zum hundertjahrigen gebttrtstag 

Karl Bottichers, ante diem tert. cal. Jun. 1906. [1906.] 

Contains Botticher's "Das prinzip der hellenischen und germanischen bauweise 
hinsichtlich der iibertragung in die bauweise unserer tage." 

Bownas, Samuel. rga B663 

Account of [his] life, travels and Christian experiences in the work 

of the ministry. 1759. Dunlap. 

Reprint of the London edition of 1756. 

Bownas (1676-1753) was a Quaker minister and writer. 

Boyle, John, earl of Cork and Orrery, See Cork and Orrery, John Boyle, 
earl of. 

Brace, Charles Loring. ga B676 

Life; chiefly told in his own letters; ed. by his daughter [Emma 
Brace]. 1894. Scribner. 

Brace (1826-90) was an eminent American philanthropist, chief founder of the 
New York Children's Aid Society. His life may almost be said to be a history of 
philanthropic effort in the United States during a quarter of a century. Not only has 
the society which he built up in New York done an immense work, but his system has 
been widely copied in other states and in Europe. 

Bracht, Eugen. See Artists, p. 1404. 

Bradford, William, 1719-91. ^^ B68aw 

Wallace, John William. An old Philadelphian, Colonel William 
Bradford, the patriot printer of 1776; sketches of his life. 1884. Sher- 

"BoclkM printed by Colonel Bradford," p.349-36a. 


Brady, Samuel. rga B686 

Sketches of the life and Indian adventures of Captain Samuel 

Brady, a native of Cumberland county, born 1758, a few miles above 

Northumberland, Pa. 1891. Zahm. 

Appeared in the "BUirtville record/' 

Brady was a Pennsylvania hero of pioneer days who won fame as an Indian fighter. 
He commanded a band of scouts known as "Brady's rangers." 

Brahms, Johannes. 9a B688ac 

CoUes, Henry Cope. Brahms. 1908. Brentano. (Music of the 

"Bibliography," p.9-10; "Complete list of works by Johannes Brahms," p. 163-168. 
Does not attempt to present any new material, or to tell the uncventfol life of the 
composer, but gives a concise and lucid description of his works. 

Brahms, Johannes. 9a B688ah 

Henschel, George. Personal recollections of Johannes Brahms; 
some of his letters to and pages from a journal kept by George Hen- 
schel. 1907. Badger. 

Slight and fragmentary reminiscences of recital tours with Brahms in Germany in 
the '7o's. 

Brahms, Johannes. ga B688ama 

Maitland, John Alexander Fuller-. Brahms. 191 1. Methuen. 

Less space is given to his biography than to analjrses of his compositions. Author is 
frankly eulogistic. His book is the most comprehensive work about Brahms that has 
yet appeared in English (191 1). 

Brainerd, John. 9a B689ab 

Brainerd, Thomas. Life of John Brainerd, the brother of David 
Brainerd and his successor as missionary to the Indians of New Jersey. 

Contains letters and extracts from the journal of Brainerd (1720-81). 

Brandes, Georg Moritz Cohen. 9a B697 

Reminiscences of my childhood and youth. 1906. Duffield. 

Dr Brandes, who is eminent as philosopher, critic and literary artist, shows himself 
in this attractive volume mainly in the last of these capacities. The book comes to aa 
end while he is still under thirty. The first half deals mainly with his life in Denmark 
and throws many interesting side-lights on Danish scholars and men of letters. Tht 
second half tells of his sojourn in France and Italy and his brief visit to England. 
Condensed from Athentrum, jgo6. 

Brangwyn, Frank. See Artists, p.1401. 

Brassey, Thomas, 1805-70. 9a B7Z4h 

Helps, Sir Arthur. Life and labours of Mr Brassey, 1805-1870. 

1874. Roberts. 

Thomas Brassey was one of the greatest railway buOders of the 19th eentnry and 
was interested in enterprises in every quarter of the globe. Among his chief ttnder> 
takings were the Great Northern railway and the Grand Trunk railway of Canada. 

Bremer, Fredrika. 9a ByaS 

Life, letters and posthumous works; ed. by Charlotte Bremer, tr. 

from the Swedish by Frederick Milow and Emily Nonnen. 1868. Kurd. 

The same. Low 193 ByaS 

Short biography of the Swedish novelist (1801-65). The letters include only those 
written to her sister from Stockholm and from their country estate. 


Bridgman, Laura. ga B745I 

Lamson, Mrs Mary (Swift). Life and education of Laura Dewey 

Bridgman, the deaf, dumb and blind girl. 1879. New England Pub. Co. 

Author was for three years the special instructor of Laura Bridgman at the 
Peridns Institution, and for 37 years an intimate acquaintance. 

BriggB, Mrs Caroline (Clapp). ga B747 

Reminiscences and letters of Caroline C. Briggs; ed. by G. S. Mer- 
riam. 1897. Houghton. 

"This book it one of the family of those which admit us to the companionship of 
remarkable people who have no notoriety or reputation, and who encourage us with the 
assurance that there are many such... The student of [New England] social manners 
and development will find here a memoir so serviceable as to suggest comparisons with 
Mrs. Susan Leslie's 'Recollections of My Mother' [9a L989I]. ..Taken as a whole, tiie 
book as one of the healthiest imaginable, and it must have a tonic influence on those 
who read it." Nation, i%gff, 

Brodarirtski, Kazimierz. ga B763a 

"Wspomnienia mojej mtodosci;'' i inne urywki autobiograficzne, 
wyda) i wst^pem opatrzy} J6zef Tretiak. 1901. 

Brooks, Charles William Shirley. ga B773I 

Layard, George Somes. A great "Punch" editor; being the life, 

letters and diaries of Shirley Brooks. 1907. Pitman. 

Brooks (i8i5'>74) was from an early age a voluminous contributor to the press, be- 
ndes writinii a number of novels. In 1870 he assumed the editorship of "Punch." He 
was a great talker of the old sort; a tremendous writer, turning out jokes, poems, parlia- 
mentary reports, any kind of "copy," with incredible ease — a bom journalist. His let- 
ters are of the kind that must have filled the recipient with joy, but that somehow in 
eold print, half a century later, sound forced and schoolboyish. Condensgd from Nation, 

Brooks, Phillips, bp. ga B774aa 
Allen, Alexander Viets Griswold. Phillips Brooks, 1835-1893; memo- 
ries of his life, with extracts from his letters and note-books. 1907. 

Abridgment of his "Life and letters of PhilUps Brooks" (9a B774a). 

Brown, Henry Armitt. ga B788h 

Hoppin, James Mason, ed. Memoir of Henry Armitt Brown, to- 
gether with four historical orations. 1880. Lippincott. 

Contents: Memoir. — ^Hutorical oiATioirs: Oration delivered in Carpenters' hall, 
Philadelphia, on the looth anniversary of the meeting of the Congress of 1774; "The 
settlement of Burlington" [N.J.]; an oration delivered in that city, Dec. 6, 1877, in 
commemoration of the aooth anniversary of its settlement; Oration at Valley Forge, 
June 19, 1878, the xooth anniversary of the departure of Uie army of the Revolution 
from winter quarters at that place; Oration composed to be delivered at Freehold, New 
Jersey, June j8, 1878, the xooth anniversary of the battle of Monmouth. 

More than half the book is occupied with the memoir of Brown (1844-78), who was 
a Philadelphia lawyer and orator of much ability and promise. His principal orations, 
which are here included, were historical in character. 

Brown, John, M. D. ga Bygia 

Letters of Dr John Brown, with letters from Ruskin, Thackeray and 
others; ed. by his son [John Brown] and D. W. Forrest, with biographi- 
cal introduction by £. T. M'Laren. 1907. Black. 


Brown, John, of Ossawatomie, ga Bygzd 

Du Bois, William Edward Burghardt. John Brown. 1909. Jacobs. 
(American crisis biographies.) 

"Bibliography," p.397-400. 

Readable volume of appreciation, written from the point of view of the negro. 
Disappointing in that it betrays little original research and contains many inaccuracies, 
partly because the author has relied on his predecessors in the field. The last chapter 
is a notable discussion of the race question as it stands to^y in the light of John 
Brown's sacrifice. 

Brown, John, of Ossawatomie, ga B79ZV 

Villard, Oswald Garrison. John Brown, 1800-1859; a biography 50 
years after. 1910. Houghton. 

"Bibliography," p.689-709. 

No pains have been spared to produce a biography both accurate and complete. 
Author has traced Brown's life from day to day throughout the entire active period of 
his career, has gone minutely over the ground on which he operated, and tested every 
printed or verbal statement with tiie rigid thoroughness of a laboratory investigator. 
We have here a book, and the only book, in which the unquestioned facts of John 
Brown's career are completely exhibited. If the author's conclusions differ from the 
conclusions of others, he cannot be charged with either withholding or distorting the 
evidence upon which they are based. Condensed from Nation, 1910. 

Browning, Oscar. 9a B8z8a 

Memories of 60 years at Eton, Cambridge and elsewhere. 1910. 

Oscar Browning (b. 1837) was master of Eton from i860 to 1875 *nd has been 
lecturer in history and political science at Cambridge since 1876. He has found his 
supreme interest in the education of statesmen, and he lo<^s upon Mr Gerkld Balfour 
and Lord Curzon, whom he taught, as works of his hand. His book is personal from 
beginning to end, but never self-important. 

Browning, Robert. 9a B8i9r 

Robert Browning and Alfred Domett [letters]; ed. by F. G. Ken- 
yon. 1906. Button. 

Contains some 30 letters from Browning and Joseph Amould, afterwards judge of 
the Supreme court of Bombay, to Alfred Domett, who went as a colonist to New Zealand 
in 1842 and remained there for 30 years. The letters are those of friends and are 
chiefly occupied with the personal affairs of the writers. The volume is of much inter* 
est if only as showing Browning's sympathetic nature and gift for friendship. 

Browning, Robert. 9a B8i9do 

Douglas, James, b. 1869. Robert Browning. 1903. Hodder. (Book- 
man biographies.) 

The biographies in this series are extremely brief and their value lies chiefly in the 
Urge number of portraits and other illustrations. 

Browning, Robert. 9a B8z9gr 

Griffin, W. Hall. Life of Robert Browning, with notices of his writ- 
ings, his family & his friends; completed and ed. by H. C. Minchin. 1910. 


"The late Professor Hall Griffin was an enthusiastic student of Browning, and had 
collected a large amount of biographical and illustrative material. Among other things, 
he discovered the diary of Alfred Domett; he visited and identified all Browning's 
homes, early and late; and his friendship with the Browning family and with some of 
Browning's closest friends gave him access to many unpublished sources of informatioa 
...Book is more than a thesaurus of facts. It is admirably written, and full of good 
sense and good judgment. It does not attempt to provide any elaborate critical ap? 
paratus, but such criticism as is given seems to us exceptionally balanced and sane. The 
book is primarily a biography, and in the second place a history of literary influences 
and the genesis of the poems." Spectator, igto. 


Bnineau, Alfred. ga BSssh 

Hervey, Arthur. Alfred Bruneau. 1907. Lane.' (Living masters of 


"Alfred Bnmeau't works," p.85-86. 
"Bibliography," p.87. 

Braneati 11 (1907) one of the most dittinguithed of living French composers and a 
leading musical critic 

Bmtiu, Decimus Junius. 9a BSsgb 

Bondurant, Bernard Camillus. Decimus Junius Brutus Albinus; a 
historical study. 1907. 

"Selected list of books, articles and dissertations," p. 14-1 6. 
Thesis for Ph. D., Uniyersity of Chicago. 

Decimus Brutus was associated with Marcus Brutus and Cassius in the conspiracy 
against Caesar. This study discusses at some length his part in the assassination. 

Buchanan, George, 1506-82. 9a B849zm 

Millar, D,A.ed, George Buchanan; a memorial, 1506-1906; contri- 
butions by various writers, comp. and ed. by D. A. Millar on behalf of 
the executive of the Students' Representative Council of St. Andrews 
University. [1907.] Henderson. . 

Buchanan, the Scottish historian and poet, was a graduate of St. Andrews Univer* 
sity. The papers present different phases of his life and work. The second part of 
tiie book gives a number of his Latin poems, with translations, and the appendix contains 
an account of the quarter-centehary celebration at Glasgow in 1906. 

Bnlwer-Ljrtton, Edward Robert, earl of Lytton. Ste Meredith, Owen, pseud. 

Bnnsen, Mme Mary Isabella (Waddington) de. 9a B8843 

In three legations [Turin, Florence, The Hag^e]. 1909. Unwin. 

''These memoirs contain the contemporary impressions of the wife of a Prussian 
diplomat at Turin, Florence, and The Hague a generation ago... English by stock, 
French by bringing up, and Prussian by marriage, she had the cosmopolitan point of 
▼iew and contacts which well fitted her to be a diplomat's wife. Add to those charms 
a quick and receptive intellect, and simplicity of character proof against the artificiality 
of courts and social conventions, and you have an unusual personality. Madame de 
Bunsen was at Turin from 1858 to 1863, during the years when the Piedmontese capital 
became the storm-centre of Europe. Her impressions of men and events are vivid." 
Nation, 1910. 

Burba, Aleksandras. 9a B889J 

Jonas, psewi. Kun. A. Burba, jo gyvenimas ir darbai. 1898. ' 

Burke, Edmund. 9a B9z6nia 

Macknight, Thomas. History of the life and times of Edmund Burke. 
3v. 1858-60. Chapman. 

"Prolix, pompous and uncritical, but containing a large amount of information." 
Dictionary of national biography. 

Bumand, Sir Francis Cowley. 9a B9a8 

Records and reminiscences, personal and general. 2v. 1904. Methuen. 

Bumand was editor of "Punch," 1862-1906, and the author of many light comedies. 
The volumes consist largely of cheerful anecdotes of his contemporaries and are illus- 
trated by photographs, cartoons and sketches. 

Bume-Jones, Sir Edward. See Artists, p.1401. 

Bums, Robert. 9a B939d 

Douglas, Sir George Brisbane Scott-, & Crockett, W. S. Robert' 
Burns. 1904. Hodder. (Bookman biographies.) 



Bums, Robert. ga B939J 

Jean Armour Burns Club, Washington, D. C. Speeches and essays, 

by John Wilson and others, with poems on Burns, by Montgomery and 

others. 1908. Gibson. 

The satne. 1904 rga B939J 

The association was organized as the "Burns Qub of Washington, D. C." but was 
later reorganized under present name. 

Bums, Robert. rga Bgsgt 

Tyler, Samuel. Robert Burns, as a poet and as a man. 1848. Baker. 

"Divided into two parts: the one proposing a new theory of beauty as applied to 
the art of poetry, and especially as illustrated by the works of Bums; and the other 
constituting an almost unconditional defence of the Poet in his various relations to 
society as a man.'* Princeton review, 1849. 

Burton, Sir Richard Francis. ga Bgssd 

Dodge, Walter Phelps. The real Sir Richard Burton. 1907. 

The author has great admiration for his subject. He relates nothing new in regard 
to the famous English explorer, but he gives a good account of his many journeys and 
devotes considerable space to the rather romantic circumstances of Burton's marriage. 

Burton, Sir Richard Francis. ga Bgssw 

Wright, Thomas, principal of Cowper school, Olney. Life of Sir Richard 
Burton. 2v. 1906. Everett. 

** Bibliography of Richard Burton," v.2, apx. p.3-6. 

Mr Wright has amassed a rich harvest of details, anecdotes and gossip. He is a 
eulogist rather than a critic, but he thro¥ra a great number of side-lights upon a singu- 
larly romantic career. Condensed from Saturday review, 1906. 

Bury, Lady Charlotte Susan Maria (Campbell). ga Bg55 

Diary of a lady-in-waiting; being the Diary illustrative of the times 
of George the Fourth, interspersed with original letters from the late 
Queen Caroline and from other distinguished persons; ed. with an in- 
troduction by A. F. Steuart. 2v. 1908. Lane. 

First published anonymously in 1838, under the tide "Diary illustrative of the times 
of George the Fourth." 

Busbecq, Augier Ghislen de. ga Bgsyf 

Forster, Charles Thornton, & Daniell, F. H. B. Life and letters of 
Ogier Ghiselin de Busbecq, seigneur of Bousbecque, knight, imperial 
ambassador. 2v. 1881. Paul. 

v.i. Life of Busbecq. — Turkish letters. 

V.2. Letters from France. — Appendix. 

"List of the various editions and translations of Busbecq's works," v. a, p. 288-291. 

De Busbecq (1522-92) was a Flemish diplomat and scholar. He was for ei^t 
years ambassador at Constantinople and his "Turkish letters" are a valuable source of 
information on the social and political life of Turkey in the i6th century. 

Butler, Mrs Frances Anne. See Kemble, Frances Anne. 

Butler, Sir William Francis. ga Bgygab 

Sir William Butler; an autobiography. 191 1. Constable. 

Sir William Butler (1838-1910) was an Irish soldier who served under Lord Wolte> 
ley in Canada, in Ashanti, in Egypt and in South Africa. The most interesting part of 
the book is perhaps to be found in the last three chapters which relate to the South 
African war. Disapproving of the British management of the situation, just before the 
outbreak of hostilities he resigned his command and returned to England. The auto- 
l>iography ends at this point but there is a brief supplementary chapter by his daughter. 
The book makes agreeable reading, both from the vigor of the narrative and from tiie 
frankness of the views expressed. 


Byron, Georg^e Gordon Noel, lord. 9a B998I 

Letters and journals; ed. by R. £. Prothero. 6v. 1898-1901. 

V.I. Nov. 1798-Aug. 181 1. 

V.2. Aug. i8ii~April 1 81 4. 

V.3. Jan. 1814-Nov. 1816. 

V.4. Nov. 1816-March i8ao. 

V.5. April i8ao-Oct i8ai. 

V.6. Jan. i82a-April 1824. 

"Sources of the text," v.6, p.459-49a. 

V.6 contains an index to the set. 

Contains much new biographical detail and many letters inaccessible to previous 
biographers and editors. 

"Byron's letters appeal on three special grounds to all lovers of English literature. 
They offer the most suggestive commentary on his poetry; they give the truest portrait 
of the man; they possess, at their best, in their ease, freshness and racy vigour, a very 
high literary value.** Preface. 

Bjrron, George Gordon Noel, lord. 9a BggSb 

Blessington, Margaret (Power) Gardiner, countess of. Journal of 
conversations with Lord Byron. 1859. Veazie. 

"Memoir of the countess of Blessington,** p.5-31. 

The Blessingtons met Byron at Genoa in 1833 and for two months were in daily 
intercourse with him. The conversation, here reported with little reserve, forms a 
valuable authority for his life. 

B3rron, George Gordon Noel, lord. 9a B998e 

Elze, Karl. Lord Byron, a biography with a critical essay on his 

place in literature; tr. and ed. with notes. 1872. Murray. 

"He has given, though not a brilliant nor a lively, a good solid chronicle of Byron." 
Saturday review, 1B71. 

B3rron, George Gordon Noel, lord. r9a B998g 

Gait, John. Life of Lord Byron. 1830. Colburn. 

A work which created considerable discussion when it first appeared and which 
passed through several editions. To-day it is rarely consulted. 

B3rron, George Gordon Noel, lord. 9a B998g 

Guiccioli, Teresa Gamba, conUssa, afterward marquise de Boissy. My 
recollections of Lord Byron and those of eye-witnesses of his life. 
2v. in I. 1869. Lippincott. 

Defense of Lord Byron. 

Cabot, George. 9a C1143 

Life and letters [ed.] by H. C. Lodge. 1878. Little. 

"Cabot [1751-1823] was a leading Massachusetts Federalist, and president of the 
Hartford Convention. Aside from its general value as an authoritative biography, the 
volume has special importance for its publication of Cabot's letters, and its exhibition 
of the attitude of the New England Federalists towards the national government in the 
time of the war of 181 a.*' Lamed's Literature of American history. 

', Caius Julius. 9a C119S 

Sihler, Ernest Gottlieb. Annals of Csesar; a critical biography with 

a survey of the sources, for more advanced students of ancient history 

and particularly for the use and service of instructors in Caesar. 191 1. 


"Professor Sihler gives a purely scientific investigation of the facts of Cesar's life, 
as set forth by the ancient authorities. ..In preserving a strictly judicial attitude of 
mind, he neither «)ndone8 Caesar*s crimes, nor exaggerates his achievements. . .A long 
appendix contains a critical discussion of the sources, including a biting arraignment of 
Mommsen and Froude." Nation, 1911. 


Calderwood, Henry. 92 Czagc 

Calderwood, W. L. & Woodside, David. Life of Henry Calderwood, 

with a special chapter on his philosophical works by A. S. Pringle- 

Pattison. 1900. Hodder. 

List of Henry Calderwood's more important writings, p. 443-447. 
Calderwood (1830-97) was a minister in the United Presbyterian church of Scot- 
land, who for many years held the chair of moral philosophy in the University of Edin- 

"His systematic teaching was on the lines of the Scottish philosophy and against 
all Hegelian tendencies, and he showed how philosophical studies could be pursued in 
a devout spirit." Dictionary of naiional biography, 

Calvert, George, haron Baltimore, See Baltimore, George Calvert, harort, 

Calvin, John. 9a CZ44 

Letters; comp. from the original manuscripts and ed. with historical 
notes by Jules Bonnet, tr. from the Latin and French lang^uages by 
David Constable, v. 1-2. 1855-57. Constable. 

No more published. 

The two volumes cover the years from 1528 to 1553. 

Calvin, John. 9a Cz44b 

Barth, Fritz. Calvin und Servet. 1909. 

Presents minutely the events and transactions which brought about the arrest and 
trial of the free-thinker, Servetus, whom Calvin sacrificed for reasons of state. 

Calvin, John. 9a C144W 

Walker, Williston. John Calvin, the organiser of reformed Protes- 
tantism, 1509-1564. 1906. Putnam. (Heroes of the reformation.) 

"Bibliographical note," p.xx-x8. 

"No other equally brief life has so well assimilated the vast amount of material or 
summed up Calvin's character and career with so much insight; and no other life of 
Calvin preserves throughout so judicial a tone. It is a book whose scholarship will 
appeal to both the church historian and the general hbtorical reader." American his- 
torical review, 1907, 

Cambridge, George William Frederick Charles, duke of, 9a CZ47 

George, duke of Cambridge; a memoir of his private life based on 
journals and correspondence; ed. by Edgar Sheppard. 2v. 1906. Long- 

V.I. 1819-1871. 

V.2. 1 871-1904. 

The duke of Otmbridge, as the cousin of Queen Victoria, occupied a high place in 
court circles. He was also commander-in-chief of the British army from 1856 to 1895. 

"This memoir... attractive as it is to the observer of character and manners, and 
absorbing as it must be to those who take a proper interest in all printed matter bearing 
upon the daily life of exalted personages, has not very great importance in the narrow 
■ense in which the word is understood among students of politics." Outlook (London), 

Camp, Henry Ward. 9* Cisst 

Trumbull, Henry Clay. The knightly soldier; a biography of Major 
Henry Ward Camp. 1892. Wattles. 

First published in 1865. 

Major Camp (1839-64), of the Tenth regiment of Connecticut volimteen, loet Ui 
life in battle before Richmond, Va. He was a man of noblett character. 

Campbell, George Douglas, duke of Argyll. See Argyll, George Douglas 
Campbell, duke of. 


Campbell, John Campbell, baron. 9a €159 

Life of John, lord Campbell, lord high chancellor of Great' Britain; 
consisting of a selection from his autobiography, diary and letters; ed. 
by his daughter the Hon. Mrs Hardcastle. 2v. 1881. Linn. 

"Lively picture of a remarkable man [1779-1861] . . .The account of Campbell's 
early life in Ix>ndon; his struggles to maintain himself, his discouragements, his fail- 
ures and successes, his slow but sure rise at the Bar — all comes fresh as it was written 
day by day." Athentnun, 1881. 

Campbell, Thomas. rga C161 

Life and letters; ed. by Williapi Beattie. 3v. 1850. Hall. 

The editor was for many years an intimate friend of the poet and the work is 
considered one of the best authorities on Campbeirs life. 

Campbell, Thomas. 92 Ci6ir 

Redding, Cyrus. Literary reminiscences and memoirs of Thomas 
Campbell. 2v. i860. Skeet. 

This life of the British poet and miscellaneous writer (i 777-1844) was written by 
a personal friend. 

Camiing, George. 92 C1732P 

Phillips, Walter Alison. George Canning. 1903. Button. 

Excellent short biography of the English statesman. Contains several portraits. 

CappeUe, Marie. See Lafarge, Mme Marie Fortunde (Cappelle). 

Cardan, Jerome. See Cardano, Girolamo. 

Cardano, Girolamo. 92 Ci9im 

Morley, Henry. Jerome Cardan; the life of Girolamo Cardano of 
Milan, physician. 2v. 1854. Chapman. 

Cardano (1501-76) was an Italian mathematician, physician, astrologer and author, 
one of the most interesting characters connected with the revival of science in Europe. 
The work of Cardano's which retains most interest for this generation is his auto> 
biography, "De vita propria." In its clearness and frankness of self-revelation it stands 
alone among records of its class and may be compared with the autobiography of Ben- 
venuto Cellini. Professor Morley has ably condensed Cardano's autobiography and at 
the same time supplemented it by information from the general body of his writings 
and other sources. 

Carleton, Guy, bar on Dorchester. See Dorchester, Guy Carle ton, baron. 

Carlyle, Alexander, 1722-1805. 92 C2142C 

Autobiography of Dr Alexander Carlyle of Inveresk, 1722-1805; ed. 

by J. H. Burton, with notes. 1910. Foulis. 

Carlyle was a Scottish clergyman, an eloquent debater and skilful leader in the 
General Assembly. 

"His 'Autobiography' gives a most agreeable impression of him as a genial, cul* 
tivated, liberal-minded, and sagacious minister of the Idrk, who united to the breadth of 
the man of the world a sincere devotion to what he considered to be the true interests 
of his order, and it is unrivalled as a picture of the Edinburgh and Scotch society of his 
time." Dictionary of n<itional biography. 

Carlyle, Mrs Jane Baillie (Welsh). 92 C2i4ii 

Ireland, Mrs Annie Elizabeth. Life of Jane Welsh Carlyle. 1891. 

Mrs Ireland writes sympathetically, if somewhat effusively, of Mrs Carlyle. She 
thinks that the causes which militated most strongly against her happiness were in her 
own complicated nature rather than in circumstances. 

Carlyle, Thomas, & Carlyle, Mrs J. B. (Welsh). 92 C214I0 

Love letters of Thomas Carlyle and Jane Welsh; ed. by Alexander 
Carlyle. 2v. 1909. Lane. 


Carlyle, Thomas. ga Caz4ch 

Chesterton, Gilberl Keith, & Williams, J. E. H. Thomas Carlyle. 
1903. Hodder. (Bookman biographies.) 

Carlyle, Thomas. 9a Caz4CO 

Conway, Moncure Daniel. Thomas Carlyle. 1881. Harper. 

Mr Conway's personal intercourse with Carlyle was long-continued and intimate and 
he has given evidently a faithful and trustworthy delineation of the man. The book it 
rich in anecdote and conversation, especially that relating to Carlyle's early life. The 
most interesting part is the correspondence, containing extracts from letters written by 
Carlyle to two college friends between the years 1814 and 1834, when Carlyle was a 
young tutor. There are also letters to Leigh Hunt and several other persons. Con- 
dtnsed from Dial, i88j. 

Carlyle, Thomas. ga Caz4wy 

Wylie, William Howie. Thomas Carlyle, the man and his books; 
illustrated by personal reminiscences, table-talk and anecdotes of him- 
self and his friends; revised by William Robertson, with a prefatory 
note and a brief memoir of the author by his daughter, M. A. Wylie. 

1909. Unwin. 

By a friend and fellow-countryman of Carlyle. First published in 1881. 

Masterly little biography; a picture deftly painted and pleasant, yet far above the 
mere art of the portrait-painter; appreciative to the verge of hero-worship, but stopping 
short at that point where hero-worship becomes idolatry: — a bit of work, indeed, which 
it would be hard to surpass for sympathy, delicacy, liberality of view, and wealth of 
friendly insight Read, as it should be read, after the "Reminiscences," it purifies the 
memory of certain ignoble moods. Condensed from Contemporary review, i88r. 

Carnegie, Andrew. 9a Caz6f 

Falkenegg, Baron von. Carnegie; ein charakterbild. 1909. 

Carnegie, Andrew. rga Caz6h 

Heredia, Costa Rica, Liceo de. Andres Carnegie; publicacion del 
Liceo de Heredia, 25 de Mayo 1908. 1908. 

Carnegie, Andrew. rga Caz6m 

McCleary, James Thompson. Speech in presenting to the public 
library of Mankato, Minnesota an oil portrait of Andrew Carnegie, 
Nov. 27, 1905. [1905.] 

Carnegie, Andrew. qrga Caz6p 

Paris, University de. Reception de A. Carnegie a la Sorbonne, le 

26 mai 1909. [1909.] 

French and English text. 

Carnegie, Andrew. rga Cai6 

Scrap book of clippings relating to Mr Andrew Carnegie. 

Caroline Matilda, queen-consort of Christian VII, 9a CaiSiwr 

kiftg of Denmark and Norway. 
Wraxall, Sir Frederick Charles Lascelles. Life and times of Her 
Majesty Caroline Matilda, queen of Denmark and Norway, and sister 
of H[is] M[ajesty] George III of England; from family documents 
and private state archives. 3v. 1864. 

"Uncritical. . .though valuable where based on the private papers of the author's 
grandfather, Sir Nathaniel W. Wraxall." Dictionary of national biography. 

Carolsfeld, Julius Schnorr von. See Artists, p. 1405. 
Carpaccio, Vittore. See Artists, p. 1409. 


Carrins^on, Mrs Frances (Courtney). 92 C232 

My army life and the Fort Phil. Kearney massacre, with an account 
of the celebration of "Wyoming opened." 1910. Lippincott. 

Binder's title reads "Army life on the plains." 

The massacre of Fort Kearney ranks next to that of Custer and his troops in the 
annals of American army tragedies. On Dec. 21, 1866, 81 officers and men of the 
1 8th Infantry perished in combat with 3,000 Indians near Fort Kearney. Author was 
the wife of one of the officers killed in the massacre and she sets forth in this volume 
the record of her brief and tragic frontier experience. 

Carroll, Anna Ella. rga Cassb 

Blackwell, Sarah Ellen. Life and writings of Anna Ella Carroll of 
Maryland; comp. from family records and congressional documents. 
2v. 1891-95. Judd. 

▼.I. A military genius. 

▼.a. Ciyil war papers in aid of the administration, and closing years of a noble 

Anna E. Carroll (b. 1815) was a Southern woman who by her writings and military 
plans rendered yaluable aid to the North during the Civil war. Claims for her services 
were recognized by Congress but their payment was ignored. 

Carter, Elizabeth. rga C236 

Letters to Mrs Montagu between the years 1755 and 1800, chiefly 

upon literary and moral subjects; published from the originals in the 

possession of Montagu Pennington. 3v. 181 7. Rivington. 

"Mr*. Carter was more celebrated for the solidity of her learning than for any 
brilliant intellectual qualities; and it is as a Greek scholar and the translator of Epictetua 
that she is now best remembered... Her poems have ceased to be read and are not of 
very high order. . .Her letters display considerable vigour of thought, and now and then 
a transient flash of humour." Dictionary of nationai biography, 

Cartrie, Toussaint-Ambroise Talour de la, comte de la Villenihe. See 
Talour de la Cartrie, Toussaint-Ambroise, comte de la Villenikre. 

Cartwright, Peter. 92 C242W 

Watters, Philip M. Peter Cartwright. 1910. Eaton. 

Peter Cartwright (1785-1872) was a Methodbt clergyman who served for 45 years 
in the Illinois conference. 

Cary, Henry Francis. r92 C245 

Memoir, with his literary journal and letters, by his son, Henry 
Cary. 2v. 1847. Moxon. (Works, v. 1-2.) 

Casas, Bartolomd de las, hp. 92 C249d 

Dutto, Louis Anthony. Life of Bartolome de Las Casas and the 

first leaves of American ecclesiastical history. 1902. Herder. 

Las Casas (i 474-1 566) was a Spanish monk of the Dominican order, known as the 
** Apostle of the Indies.' 


Casaubon, Isaac. 92 C251P 

Pattison, Mark. Isaac Casaubon, 1559-1614. 1892. Clarendon Press. 

''Chronological list of works by Isaac Casaubon," p.475-484. 

Casaubon was bom in Geneva but lived during the latter part of his life in Paris 
and in England. 

"Mr. Pattison has not only done justice to a famous name, but also rendered a 
veritable service to history by showing us how the life of this simple student reflects 
the history of his age, and how a conjuncture of political and other conditions made a 
retiring and laborious Greek scholar one of the prominent men of his times*" Athttntum, 


Cass, Lewis. 92 CasSs 

Smith, William L. G. Fifty years of public life; the life and times 
of Lewis Cass. 1856. Derby. 

Cass ( 1 782-1 866) was an American statesman and soldier. He served in the War 
of 1 81 a, was governor of Michigan territory, 181 3-31, United States senator, 1845-48 
and 1849-57 and secretary of state, 1857-60. 

Castiglione, Baldassare, conte, 92 Ca69h 

Hare, Christopher, {pseud, of Mrs Marian Andrews). Courts & 
camps of the Italian renaissance; a mirror of the life and times of the 
ideal gentleman. Count Baldassare Castiglione, derived largely from 
his own letters and other contemporary sources, to which is added an 
epitome of his famous work, "The book of the courtier," with apprecia- 
tions & annotations. 1908. Scribner. 

"Books consulted," p.280-282. 

Castiglione (i 478-1 529) was an Italian author and statesman whose "Libro del 
cortegiano," a manual for courtiers, was one of the most widely popular books of the 
period, both in Italy and elsewhere. It is notable for the high ideals which it seta forth 
as to the qualities of the perfect courtier. 

Castlereagh, Robert Stewart, lord. See Londonderry, Robert Stewart, 
marquis of, 1 769-1822, 

Catharine II, empress of Russia, 9a Cayg 

Memoirs, with a preface by A. Herzen; tr. from the French. 1859. 

"As this work was not published until the outbreak of the Crimean War, the ques- 
tion of its genuineness was everywhere raised. From internal evidence it is now gener- 
ally accepted as authentic; though it was long ia the hands of Catlierine's imperial 
successors, and the proof that it was not tampered with is not quite complete. The 
volume has to do almost exclusively with Catherine's early years. But it is a most 
extraordinary uncovering of Russian court life. The imbecility of Peter the Third, the 
dissimulation and ambition of his wife, the mixture of barbarism and brutality that 
everywhere prevailed, arc nowhere else more graphically portrayed." Adams's Manual 
of historical literature. 

Catharine II, empress of Russia. rgQ Caygt 

Tooke, William. Life of Catharine II, empress of all the Russias, 

with portrait of the tzarina and a correct map of the Russian empire. 

2v. 1802. Fry. 

The author lived for several years in St Petersburg, ' had access to the Imperial 
Library and was on intimate terms with many Russian men of letters, so that his oppor> 
tunities for the study of Russian history were excellent Although little read to-daj 
he was formerly considered an authority. 

Catharine of Aragon, queen of Henry VIII. 92 Caygad 

Du Boys, Albert. Catharine of Aragon and the sources of the Eng- 
lish reformation; ed. from the French, with notes by C. M. Yonge. 2v. 
1881. Hurst. 

Life of the queen from a Roman Catholic point of view, with special reference to 
her divorce from Henry VIII. 

Catharine of Siena, St. ga Caygag 

Gardner, Edmund Garratt. Saint Catherine of Siena; a study in the 
religion, literature and history of the 14th century in Italy. 1907. Dent. 

"Bibliography," p.423-428. 

Not a conventional biography, but a study in Italian history centring about the work 
and personality of the truest and most single-hearted patriot of her age. Undoubtedly 


of Siena, St — continued, 9a Caygsg 

tbe bctt life of Saint Catharine ever written. Particularly interesting is the chapter on 
the great schism, which includes many new and important details. Illustrated. Con- 
denstd from Nation, igoS, 

Canlfield, James, earl of Charlemont, See Charlemont, James Caulfield, 
earl of. 

Cavendish, Elizabeth, duchess of Devonshire, See Devonshire, Elizabeth 
Cavendish, duchess of. 

Cavendish, Georgiana, duchess of Devonshire, See Devonshire, Georgians 
Cavendish, duchess of. 

Cavour, Camillo Benso, conte dl. qga Ca96 

Diario inedito, con note autobiografiche del conte di Cavour; pub- 
blicato per cura e con introduzione di Domenico Berti. 1888. 

The "Diario" (p.x-366) covers the years 1831-38, and the "Note autobiografiche*' 
(^.267-323') relate to Cavour 's stay in Paris, i84>-43. Both are written in French. 

Cavour, Camillo Benso, conte di. 9a C296a 

Alberti, Arnaldo Acquarelli. Cavour e Mazzini nel risorgimento 
italiano; conferenza. 1893. 

Cavour, Camillo Benso, conte di. 9a Ca96b 

Botta, Vincenzo. Discourse on the life, character and policy of 
Count Cavour; delivered in the hall of the New York Historical So- 
ciety, Feb. 20, 1862. 1862. Putnam. 

Eulogy by a compatriot, spoken less than a year after Cayour's death. 

Cavour, Camillo Benso, conte di. 9a Ca96c 

Cadogan, Edward Cecil George. Life of Cavour. 1907. Smith, 

Presents no new material but gives a compact account of the life of the Italian 
statesman and of his part in the making of modern Italy. 

Cavour, Camillo Benso, conte di. 9a C296ma 

Martinengo-Cesaresco, Evelyn (Carringfton), contessa. Cavour [in 
Italian]. 1901. 

Cazton, William. r9a Ca97k 

Knight, Charles. William Caxton, the first English printer; a biog- 
raphy. 1844. Knight. 

Bibliography, p. 7-8. 

Includes a short account of printing in England from the timet of Caxton to 1843. 

Cecil, Edward, viscount Wimbledon, 9a Cazzd 

Dalton, Charles. Life and times of General Sir Edward Cecil, vis- 
count Wimbledon, colonel of an English regiment in the Dutch service, 
1605-1631, and one of His Majesty's most honourable privy council, 
1628-1638. 2v. 1885. Low. 

"The mass of contemporary documents, admirably annotated and indexed, that Mr. 
Dalton has collected, illustrating the war of Dutch independence and English history 
during the reigns of James and Charles I., is of much value. Lord Wimbledon and his 
associates, for the most part, are permitted to describe themselves... These volumes can 
be recommended to a student who, though 'well up in Gardiner,' is willing to gain fresh 
insight into the causes of collision between the Crown and the people." Athonttum, 1883. 


Chalmers, James. jga CssGk 

Kelman, Janet Harvey. Story of Chalmers of New Guinea. [1906.] 
Jack. (Children's heroes series.) 

Life of the great missionary, known to the South sea islanders as Tamate. Colored 

Chalmers, James. 92 Csssal 

Lovett, Richard, ed. James Chalmers; his autobiography and letters. 

Chalmers, Thomas. ga C3530 

Oliphant, Mrs Margaret Oliphant (Wilson). Thomas Chalmers, 
preacher, philosopher and statesman. 1896. Methuen. 

"Short and brilliant biography, hewn from that vast quarry, the Life and Corre- 
spondence of Dr. Chalmers, by his son-in-law, Dr. Hanna [92 Cjsjh]. Mrs Oliphant 
does not pretend or attempt to add any new material to the mass which was given to 
the world in that work." Saturday rexnexv, 1893. 

Charlemont, James Caulfield, earl of. rga C374h 

Hardy, Francis. Memoirs of the political and private life of James 
Caulfield, earl of Charlemont. 2v. 1812. Cadell. 

Caulfield (1728-99) was an Irish statesman. 

"The memoirs contain much interesting matter, but are rather diffuse, and not 
free from inaccuracies." Dictionary of national biography. 

Charles I, king of England. 9a Csysaai 

Aikin, Lucy. Memoirs of the court of King Charles the First. 2v. 
1833. Carey. 

"Though we can award much praise to Miss Aikin, we cannot say that the has ful- 
filled our idea of a complete and satisfactory Memoir. Her work is, in several respects, 
deficient and meagre: it has not enough of such information as affords an inaight into 
characters, manners and opinions, — the state of society, and the civilisation and condi> 
tion of the people at large." Edinburgh review, 1834, 

Charles I, king of England. qrga C3758 

Skelton, Sir John, (pseud. Shirley). Charles I. 1898. Goupil. 

"The letterpress of the book consists of a clever and interesting but rather ram- 
bling and very one-sided essay on King Charles. Sir John Skelton cannot, of course, 
maintain that his hero committed no faults, but he strongly holds that he was far more 
sinned against than sinning, and thinks that the Civil War must be ascribed to the Long 
Parliament's arrogance, not to the King's incurable tendency towards mental reserva- 
tions and double-dealing." Saturday review, 1898. 

The illustrations, which are unusually excellent, include several portraits by V*an 
Dyck of Charles I and his court. 

Charles V, efnperor of Germany. 9a C3753 

Correspondence of the emperor Charles V and his ambassadors at 
the courts of England and France; from the original letters in the im- 
perial family archives at Vienna, with a connecting narrative and bio- 
graphical notices of the emperor, together with the emperor's itinerary 
from 1519-1551; ed. by William Bradford. 1850. Bentley. 

Charles Albert, king of Sardinia. 9a Csyssm 

Masi, Ernesto. II segreto del re Carlo Alberto; Cospiratori in 
Romagna dal 1815 al 1859. 1890. 

Charles Edward Stuart, the Young Pretender, See Stuart, Charles Ed- 
ward, the Young Pret£nder. 


Charles the Bold, duke of Burgundy. 92 C3756P 

Putnam, Ruth. Charles the Bold, last duke of Burgundy, 1433-1477. 
1908. Putnam. (Heroes of the nations.) 

''Bibliography." p.463-468. 

Author has worked from sources and has condensed much valuable material into a 
readable biography. Charles the Bold, the leader of the last struggle of the great feudal 
lords of France against the crown, is here pictured in his relation to his times. Maps 
and illustrations. 

Charlotte Augusta, princess of Wales, 92 C379W 

Weigall, Lady Rose Sophia Mary. Brief memoir of the princess 

Charlotte of Wales, with selections from her correspondence. 1874. 


Daughter of George IV. After a very unhappy girlhood she had one year of real 
happiness as the wife of Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg, before her sudden death. This 
excellent little biography is one of the chief authorities for her life. 

Charlotte Elizabeth, duchesse dVrleans. See Elizabeth Charlotte, duchesse 

Chateaubriand, Francois Auguste, vicomte de. 9a C396I 

Le Braz, Anatole. Au pays d'exil de Chateaubriand. 1909. (La 
Bretagne et les pays celtiques.) 

Chatham, William Pitt, earl of. See Pitt, William, earl of Chatham, 170&-78. 

Chatterton, Thomas. 92 C399W 

Wilson, Sir Daniel. Chatterton; a biographical study. 1869. Mac- 


An apology for Chatterton and his work. 

Chaucer, Geoffrey. 9a C411C 

Coulton, George Gordon. Chaucer and his England. [1908.] Me- 

Useful as a clear account of the poet's life and work, but more valuable as a pic- 
ture of conditions at the end of the 14th century in England. 

Chaucer, Geoffrey. 9a C4iig 

Godwin, William. Life of Geoffrey Chaucer, including memoirs of 
John of Gaunt, duke of Lancaster, with sketches of the manners, 
opinions, arts and literature of England in the 14th century. 4v. 1804. 

"Godwin, while nominally writing a life of Chaucer, looked upon biography as 
nothing more than an entrance into the broader fields of social and political history, 
where it was permitted him to disport himself at will . . . He seemed, moreover, constatu* 
taonally incapable of sifting truth from error, and was especially inclined to... stating 
as true what he was anxious should be true... He added something specific to our 
knowledge of the poet by printing a few official documents which had never before been 
brought to light" Lcunsbury's Studies in Chaucer. 

Chesterfield, Philip Dormer Stanhope, earl of. 9a C4a7C 

Craig, W. H. Life of Lord Chesterfield; an account of the ancestry, 
personal character & public services of the fourth earl of Chesterfield. 
1907. Lane. 

*'The Hrst connected account of the public life of Lord Chesterfield, and the most 
ekboAte attempt to appreciate his Tslne as a aeriout atatesman." Saturday review, 1907* 


Chesterton, Gilbert Keith. ga 04373 

Gilbert K. Chesterton; a criticism. 1909. Lane. 

Chiefly criticism of his writings, though supplying some few biographical details 
and three photographs at different stages of his career. Somewhat fxilsome in its ad- 
miration of the man and his work. Published anonymously. 

Chopin, Frederic Francois. 9a C456ha 

Hadden, James Cuthbert. Chopin. 1903. Dent. (Master musicians.) 

"List of Chopin's published works/' P.2S7-Z43. 

"Bibliography," p.244-246. 

Short biography. 

"Mr. Hadden writes clearly and simply, but without any distinction." Spectator, 1904. 

Chopin, Frederic Francois. ga C456ho 

Hoesick, Ferdynand. Fryderyk Chopin, zarys biograficzny. 1899. 
(2yciorysy sJawnych Polak6w.) 

Chopin, Frederic Francois. 9a C4560 

Sand, George, (pseud, of Mme Dudevant). Chopin; sketches from 
George Sand's History of my life and A winter in Majorca; selected 
and arranged from the original by Laura Wieser, tr. by Grace Curtis. 
1892. Summy. 

Chopin, Fr6d6ric Francois. ga C456st 

Strenger, Henryk. O zyciu Chopina, gienjuszu i duchu jego muzyki; 
proba syntezy. 191a 

Chorley, Henry Fothergill. 9a C457h 

Hewlett, Henry Gay, ed, Henry Fothergill Chorley; autobiography, 
memoir and letters. 2v. 1873. Bentley. 

Chorley (1808-72) was an English author and critic, for oyer 30 years on the ataff 
of the "Athenaeum," of which he was finally the chief musical critic Dickens waa one 
of his most intimate friends and he knew well the Brownings, Miss Mitford, Lady 
Blessington, Mendelssohn and Moscheles. This work is founded on his unfinished 

Christison, Sir Robert. 9a €46x3 

Life; ed. by his sons. 2v. 1885-86. Blackwood. 

▼.X. Autobiography. 

v.a. Memoirs. 

^dnent Scottish physician (1797-1882) medical professor at Edinbargh Un i t eiaH jf . 

"VoL i. is an autobiography, i797-t83o, very pleasingly written, with a fund of 
anecdote; vol. iL includes chapters on his career as a physician by Profesior Gairdnar, 
and on his scientific career by Profeasor T. R. Eraser." Dictionary of naiumai biog' 

Chrysostom, John, St. 9a €465111 

Macgilvray, Walter. John of the Golden Mouth, preacher of An- 

tioch and primate of Constantinople. 1871. Nisbet 

*'John — who was as exclusively known to his «)ntemporaries by that name aa he 
ia to us by his complimentary title of Chrysostom or the 'golden-mouthed'— is one of 
the most splendid and interesting figures in the early history of the Chnreh. Lett 
profound a theologian than Athanasius, or Augustine, or Gregory of Naaiansoa. ..leM 
learned than Origen or Jerome; leas practically successful than Ambroae, he jtt com- 
bines so many brilliant gifts that he stands almost supreme among the Doctoros Beeiosiat 
as an orator, as an exegete, as a great moral reformer, as a saint and confeaaor." 
Farrar's Lives of the Fathers. 

Chudleigh, Elizabeth. See Kingston, Elizabeth (Chodleigh), duchess of. 


Churchill, Lord Randolph. 9a C469ar 

Rosebery, Archibald Philip Primrose, €arl of. Lord Randolph 
Churchill. 1906. Humphreys. 

Brief personal reminiscence and study of the English statesman (1849-95) with 
whom Lord Rosebery was much thrown and whose brilliant qualities he fully appre- 

Churchill, Lady Randolph Spencer, afterward Mrs Corn- 9a C4693 


Reminiscences of Lady Randolph Churchill. 1908. Century. 

Lady Randolph Churchill lived for many years among the most distinguished peo> 
pie in Europe, and noted not only their political significance, but their clothes, manners 
and temperaments. Mrs ComwalUs-West is able to write wiUi such detachment of Lady 
Randolph Churchill as to exploit somewhat drolly her beauty and personal charm. The 
letters printed and the conversations quoted abound in allusions of the sort that people 
usually leave their heirs to publish. Condensed from Nation, jgo8. 

Cicero, Marcus Tullius. r9a C475m 

Middleton, Conyers. History of the life of Marcus Tullius Cicero. 
3v. 1767. Strahan. 

First published in 1741, and long considered a model of style. Much of the ma- 
terial is taken from Cicero's letters and orations. 

Cid, Rodrigo or Ruy Diaz de Bivar, called the. J9a C477P 

Plummer, Mary Wright. Stories from the Chronicle of the Cid. 
1910. Holt. 

The knighting of the Qd and his banishment, how Martin Pelaez the coward became 
a brave knight, the Cid's victory over 29 Moorish kings, his last ride on Babieca, and 
other stories of the Spanish hero, Rodrigo Diaz de Bivar, called the Cid. 

Cimon. 9a C483P 

Plutarch. Cimon and Pericles, with The funeral oration of Pericles 

(Thucydides, II, 35-46); newly tr. with introduction and notes by 

Bemadotte Perrin. 1910. Scribner. (Six of Plutarch's Greek lives, v.2.) 

Cipriani, Lisi Cecilia. 9a C49Z 

A Tuscan childhood. 1907. Century. 

This autobiographical account of an Italian childhood pictures in a delightful way 
child life among the aristocracy of Italy. 

Clapp, Theodore. 9a C5Z3 

Autobiographical sketches and recollections during a 35 years' resi- 
dence in New Orleans. 1857. Phillips. 

Unitarian minister (1792-1866). 

During Mr Qapp's long residence in New Orleans there were several epidemics of 
cholera and yellow fever and he did heroic service among the people. Although he 
speaks modestly of what he accomplished he writes at some length of the conditions in 
the city at the time. 

Clarendon, Edward Hyde, earl of, 92 C5Z5I 

Lister, Thomas Henry. Life and administration of Edward, first 

earl of Clarendon, with original correspondence and authentic papers 

never before published. 3v. 1837-38. Longman, Ormc. 

Clarendon (1609-74) was an historian and influential statesman during the reigna 
of Charles I and Charles IL The letters and papers are contained in th« third Tolume. 


Clark, Robert. ga 05240 

Clark, Henry Martyn. Robert Clark of the Panjab, pioneer and 
missionary statesman. 1907. Melrose. 

"The life and work of a pioneer missionary amidst a fierce and fanatical people, in 
Northwestern India. . .The narrative is blended with sketches of the land and the people*, 
[and] their ways.*' Outlook, 1907, 

Clarke, Sir Caspar Purdon. rga CsaSaL 

Lane, John. Sir Caspar Purdon Clarke. 1905. Lane. 

Reprinted, with additions, from the "International studio," April 1905. 
Brief sketch of the director (1905-10) of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New 
York city, with some remarks on American art 

Clarkson, Gerardus. rga C538I1 

Hall, John, h. 1806, & Clarkson, Samuel. Memoirs of Matthew^ 
Clarkson of Philadelphia, 1735-1800 and of his brother Gerardus Clark- 
son, 1737-1790. 1890. Thomson Printing Co. 

Clarkson, Matthew. rga CssSh. 

Hall, John, h. 1806, & Clarkson, Samuel. Memoirs of Matthew 
Clarkson of Philadelphia, 1735-1800 and of his brother Gerardus Clark- 
son, 1737-1790. 1890. Thomson Printing Co. 

Claus, £mile. See Artists, p.1413. 

Clay, Henry. 9a C549^ 

Col ton, Calvin, {pseud. Junius). Life and times of Henry Clay. 2v. 

1846. Barnes. 

"Cotton's biography is eulogistic but on the whole well done. The author was. 
engaged on the work for years, and in the correspondence made his selections from more 
than three thousand documents." Larned's Literature of American history. 

Clayton, John Middleton. rga Cssac 
Comegys, Joseph Parsons. Memoir of John M. Clayton. 1882. 
The same. (In Delaware Historical Society. Historical and bio- 
graphical papers, v.i, pt.4.) Qr975-z 1^39 ▼•! 

Clayton (i 796-1 865) was a Delaware lawyer. United States senator at TmriotM time» 
and secretary of state during Taylor's administration. 

Clemens, Samuel Langhorne. See Twain, Mark, pseud. 

Cleopatra, queen of Egypt. 9a Csyib 

Bernath, Desire de. Cleopatra. 1907. Humphreys. (Royal library 

historical series.) 

"Fairly well-written and readable account of the life of the great queen, taken for 
the most part from the pages of Plutarch and Dion Cassius.** Athen^um, 1908. 

Cleopatra, queen of Egypt. 9a C57ZV 

Sergeant, Philip Walsingham. Cleopatra of Egypt, antiquity's- 
queen of romance. 1909. Hutchinson. 

"List of chief modern authorities consulted," p.333; "Andent authoritict af^ 
ranged according to date," p.334. 

"Mr. Sergeant describes the story of Qeopatra as 'the most enthralling romance of 
antiquity;' and he has aimed in telling if at making her 'as interesting to the genermT 
reader as some of the queens and empresses of more recent times'... It is all done welF 
and skilfully. The history is sound and the scholarship satisfactory. The cliaracterB- 
are distinct and living." Spectator, 1910, 


Qeveland, Grover. ga CsSag 

Gilder, Richard Watson. Grover Cleveland; a record of friendship. 

1910. Century. 

"It has seemed to the writer not only an obligation of friendship but of patriotism 
to make some record of the personality of Mr. Cleveland, as revealed in an intimacy of 
many years. The large traits of his character, and those important public services which 
far transcended partisan accomplishment, have made their impress upon the American 
people and the world ... Sympadietic speakers and writers have told much, also, of his 
characteristics and his daily walk, but the full portrait has not yet been rounded out. 
I desire merely to add a few intimate touches to that portrait, not thinking to complete 
it; but only to help loyally toward its completion." Jniroduction. 

Cleveland, Grover. ga CsSap 

Parker, George Frederick. Recollections of Grover Cleveland. 1909. 

'^Bibliography," p.409. 

"The book is properly named. There is a preliminary sketch of Cleveland's life 
before he became a national figure, and hardly any really important event of his career 
goes entirely unmentioned: but the book is not a biography. . .Mr. Parker's. . .are not the 
only recollections the book contains. Others of Cleveland's friends have contributed to 
his store, and perhaps the most valuable of all are certain of Cleveland's own, given 
from time to time in conversation, dealing with some of the most interesting episodes 
of his career and with the best-known of his contemporaries. And yet, although 
thoroughly reminiscential, the book is not light and gossipy, or of a newspaper or maga* 
sine flavor, but a careful presentment of a great public character as seen by his inti- 
mates." Nation, 1909, 

Cleveland, Grover. ga CsSawi 

Williams, Jesse Lynch, 6. 1871. Mr. Cleveland; a personal impres- 
sion. 1909. Dodd. 

Intimate portrait of the ex-president in his retirement at Princeton. Interesting 
anecdotes and stories illustrate his personal traits. 

Cobbett, William. ga C63aah 

Huish, Robert. Memoirs of the late William Cobbett, M. P. for 
Oldham; embracing all the interesting events of his memorable life ob- 
tained from private and confidential sources, also a critical analysis of 

his scientific and elementary writings. 2v. 1836. Saunders. 

Cobbett (1762-1835) was an English political writer, agriculturist and grammarian. 
He emigrated to America in 1792 and began the publication of "Porcupine's gazette," 
which upheld the Federal side in politics. Twice prosecuted for libel, he returned to 
England and started his famous "Weekly political register," which, from being a Tory 
organ, gradually changed its politics and became the determined opponent of the govern- 
ment. Among his best known works is his "Grammar of. the English language." 

Cochran, Joseph Plumb. ga C6458 

Specr, Robert Elliott. "The Hakim Sahib," the foreign doctor; a 

biography of Joseph Plumb Cochran, M. D. of Persia. 191 1. Revell. 

Cole, Cornelius. rga C683 

Memoirs of Cornelius Cole, ex-senator of the United States from 

California. 1908. McLoughlin. 

Recollections of the early days of California, of the Civil war and of the reconstruct 
tion period. 

Coleridge, John Duke, baron, chief justice. ga C687C 

Coleridge, Ernest Hartley, ed. Life & correspondence of John Duke, 

lord Coleridge, lord chief justice of England. 2v. 1904. Appleton. 

Made up chiefly of letters. Lord Coleridge (1820-94) before and after his appoint- 
ment to the bench was connected with many famous cases, of which the Tichborne case 
was one. 


Coleridge, Samuel Taylor. 9a C688co 

Cottle, Joseph. Reminiscences of Samuel Taylor Coleridge and 
Robert Southey. 1847. Houlston. 

"The book [which was written by Coleridge's publisher] is very inaccurate in its 
dates, and... the documents quoted are seriously garbled. Reprehensible and in some 
parts absurd, it is, however, by no means dull, and besides its carious and valuable par- 
ticulars of the early literary career of Coleridge and Southey, has notices of other inter- 
esting persons, otherwise little known, such as Robert Lovell and William Gilbert.** 
Dictionary of national biography. 

Colfax, Schuyler. 9a C69xnm 

Moore, A. Y. Life of Schuyler Colfax. 1868. Peterson. 

Published just before his nomination to the vice-presidency and dealt almost cntirclT 
with his political career. Selections are given from hit tpeechet and writlngt. 

Coligny, Gaspard de, admiral of France. 9a C69aw 

Whitehead, Arthur Whiston. Gaspard de Coligny, admiral of 
France. [1904.] Methuen. 

"This study of the great Huguenot is a fine piece of historical portraiture, alike 
vivid in individual characterisation and comprehensive in its wide national backgrounds^ 
and conceived throughout in a spirit of fine imp«urtiality...Mr. Whitehead tells the 
story with scholarship and clearness, tracing the early rivalry between the houses of 
Montmorency and Guise, and, when the personal strife merges in the larger political 
and religious conflict, giving an admirable survey of the complex warfare of diplomacy 
no less than that of the sword." Academy, 1904, 

Contains genealogical table, maps and plans. 

CoUeoni, Bartolommeo. qr9a C695l> 

Browning, Oscar. Life of Bartolomeo Colleoni of Anjou and Bur- 
gundy. 1891. Arundel Soc. 

Contains also Kitchin's "Life of Pope Pius II." 

Colleoni (1400-75) was an Italian general who won fame in the war between the 
Venetians and the Milanese. From 1454 until his death he was generalissimo of the 
Venetian state. 

Collins, Mortimer. 92 C7X5 

His letters and friendships, with some account of his life; ed. by 

Frances Collins. 2v. 1877. Low. 

Collins (1827-76) was a writer of novels and humorous verse and a frequent con* 
tributor to periodicals. 

Colonna, Vittoria, marchesa di Pescara. 9a CyaaJ 

Jerrold, Mrs Maud F. Vittoria Colonna, with some account of her 

friends and her times. 1906. Dent. 

"Bibliography," p.323-326. 

Mrs Jerrold makes no claim to original research, but from materials easily available 
she has written a readable life of Vittoria Colonna. 

Columbus, Christopher. 9a Cyayab 
Abbott, John Stevens Cabot. Christopher Columbus. 1898. Dodd. 
The same J9a CyaTa 

Columbus, Christopher. 92 Cyayal 

Aldor, Imre. Columbus Krist6f. 

Columbus, Christopher. qr9ZO P63 v.z» 

Columbus, Ferdinand. History of the life and actions of Admiral 
Christopher Colon and of his discovery of the West Indies, called the 
New World; written by his son. [1812.] (In Pinkerton, John, cd. 
General collection of voyages and travels, v. 12, p.i~i550 


Colmnbus, Christopher. rga Cyayc 

Curtis, William Eleroy. Relics of Columbus; an illustrated descrip- 
tion of the historical collection in the monastery of La Rabida [World's 
Columbian Exposition, Chicago 1893]. 1893* Lowdermilk. 

Columbus, Christopher. rga Cyayd. 

Dodge, Robert. Memorials of Columbus [and Martin Behaim and 

his globe, at Nurembergh]; read to the Maryland Historical Society, 

April 3, 1851. 1851. (Maryland Historical Society. Publications.) 

Short account of the autograph letters of Columbus presenred at Genoa and of the 
globe constructed by Behaim, the 15th century navigator and cosmographer. 

Columbus, Christopher. jga €727! 

Imlach, Gladys M. Story of Columbus; pictures by Stewart Orr. 

[1906.] Jack. (Children's heroes series.) 
Colored pictures. 

Columbus, Christopher. 92 Cyayl 

Lolli^ Cesare de. Vita di Cristoforo Colombo; narrata secondo gli 
ultimi document!. 1895. 

Columbus, Christopher. ga Cyayy 

Young, Filson. Christopher Columbus and the New World of his 
discovery; a narrative, with a note of Columbus's first voyage by the 
earl of Dunraven. 2v. 1906. Lippincott. 

Popular, interesting account, with many extracts from Columbus's own writings. 

"In this 'note* [by Dunraven] the student will find the most lucid and satisfactory 
treatment of the subject known to the reviewer." NaHon, ipo/. 

Combermere, Stapleton Stapleton Cotton, viscount 9a Cyaac 

Combermere, Mary Woolley (Gibbings) Stapleton Cotton, vis- 
countess, & Knollys, W. W. Memoirs and correspondence of Field- 
marshal Viscount Combermere, from his family papers. 2v. 1866. 


Viscount Combermere (1773-1865) was a British general who served in the Penin- 
sular war and later was commander-in-chief in Ireland and in India. 
"An excellent biography." Dictionary of noHonai biography, 

Comenge, Gaston Jean Baptiste, comte d^. See Cominges, Gaston Jean 
Baptiste, comU de. 

Cominges, Gaston Jean Baptiste, conUe de. 9a C734J 

Jusserand, Jean Jules. French ambassador at the court of Charles 
the Second, le comte de Cominges, from his unpublished correspond- 
ence. 1892. Putnam. 

Cominges (1613-70) was ambassador to the English court from i66a to 1665. 

"Pleasant and essentially readable... though the interest, at least from the point of 
view of the political student, is not very accentuated, and though there is no important 
contribution to onr knowledge of character or manners." Athenutum, zBgt.^ 

Constable, John. See Artists, p.1401. 

Constant de Rebecque, Henri Benjamin. ga 87780 

Nolde, Elisabeth, baronne de, ed, Madame de Stael and Benjamin 

Constant; unpublished letters, together with other mementos from the 


Constant de Rebecque, Henri Benjamin — continued. 92 877811 

papers left by Mme Charlotte de Constant; tr. from the French by 

Charlotte Harwood. 1907. Putnam. 

Baronne de Nolde, great-granddaughter of Mme de Constant, furnishes the necessary 
connecting narrative to the letters. 

''They are interesting and characteristic, though they do not affect the judgment 
which the world has long since delivered upon the two famous writers." Outlook 
(London), 1907. 

Conway, Moncure Daniel. 9a C768m 

My pilgrimage to the wise men of the East. 1906. Houghton. 

Covers a part of Mr Conway's life not recorded in his "Autobiography" (9J C768). 
The experiences relate to his journey around the world in 1S83, and the larger part of 
the book contains his conversations with leading Buddhists, Brahmins, Parsecs and 
Moslems and his impressions of countries visited, India, Ceylon, Australasia. There are 
reminiscences also of Robert Ingersoll, John Bright, Joseph Jefferson, Sir William 
Hunter, Mme Blavatsky and others. 

Cook, Capt. James. jga C774I 

Lang, John. Story of Captain Cook. [1906.] Jack. (Children's 

heroes series.) 

Capt Cook's search for the "Great Unknown Land" and the Northwest passage, 
and his adventures among the South sea cannibals. 

Cooke, Jay. ga C7780 

Oberholtzer, Ellis Paxson. Jay Cooke, financier of the Civil war. 
2v. [1907.] Jacobs. 

Cooke (182 1 -1 905) was a Philadelphia banker who, as principal financial agent of 
the Federal government during the Civil war, performed services of great value to the 
nation. He negotiated loans aggregating over two billion dollars. He was an ardent 
advocate of the national banking system and was influential in securing its success at 
the start. 

Cooley, Edwin Gilbert. ga C783C 

Crissey, Forrest. Making of an American school-teacher [E. G. 
Cooley]. 1906. Barnes. 

Brief account of the teaching career of Edwin G. Cooley, superintendent of schools 
in Chicago, 1900-09. 

Coote, Richard, earl of BellamonU See Bellamont, Richard Coote, earl of. 

Cope, Charles West. ga €793 

Reminiscences [ed.] by C. H. Cope. 1891. Bentley. 

Personal and traveling reminiscences of an English historical painter (181 1-90). 
They include an entertaining account of his experiences in America, which he visited 
in 1876 as representative of the Royal Academy at the centennial exhibition in Phila- 

Copernicus. ga C7g4p 

Polkowski, Ignacy. 2ywot Mikotaja Kopernika. 1873. 

Copley, John Singleton, lord Lyndhurst. See Lyndhurst, John Singleton 
Copley, lord. 

Copp6e, Frangois. ga C7g6c 

Souvenirs d'un Parisien. 1910. 

"Somewhat disappointing, consisting as it does of fragments only of what, had it 
been completed, would have been one of the most fascinating biographies of modem 
times, so truly in touch with his time was the man who has been called the poet of the 
humble and lowly, but the scattered essays are full of interest, especially those which tell 
of the writer's early struggles and first meetings with such men as Flaubert and Victor 
Hugo." Outlook (London), 1910. 


Corbulo, Cneius Domitius. rga CSias 

Schoonover, Draper Tolman. Study of Cn. Domitius Corbulo as 

found in the "Annals" of Tacitus. 1909. University of Chicago Press. 

Thesis for Ph. D., University of Chicago. 

Aims to show that Tacitus did not use the "Memoirs" of Corbulo as the source of 
material for his account of Corbulo's campaigns, but that he employed and partially 
incorporated into his history a biography of unknown source. 

Cork and Orrery, John Boyle, earl of. qga C8i6c 

Cork and Orrery, Emily Charlotte Boyle, countess of, ed. The Orrery 
papers. 2v. 1903. Duckworth. 

The collection of papers from which the contents of these volumes have been 
selected was chiefly made by John Boyle (1707-62), fifth earl of Orrery. He was the 
intimate friend of most of the literary celebrities of the day, especially Swift and Pope, 
and was himself the author of a life of Swift and a translation of PUny's letters. His 
correspondence contains interesting glimpses of contemporary society, but little history. 

Cornell, Ezra. rga CSaaac 

Carnegie, Andrew. Ezra Cornell; an address to the students of Cornell 

University on Ezra Cornell Centennial day, April 26, 1907. [1907.] Roth. 

Cornwall, Barry, pseud. See Procter, Bryan Waller. 

Comwallis-West, Mrs George. See Churchill, Lady Randolph Spencer. 

Correggio, Antonio Allegri da. See Artists, p. 1409. 

Cortes, Hernando. ga CSagm 


MacNutt, Francis Augustus. Fernando Cortes and the conquest of 
Mexico, 1485-1547. 1909. Putnam. (Heroes of the nations.) 

"Virtually an expansion of a biographical introduction which the author prefixed to 
his two-volume edition of the 'Letters of Cortes'. . .Its bias in favor of Cortes makes it 
a salutary corrective to the older writers who erred in the opposite direction." Nation, 

Costa, Giovanni. qga C834a 

Agresti, Olivia Rossetti. Giovanni Costa; his life, work and times. 

1904. Richards. 

Giovanni Costa (i 826-1903) was an Italian painter and patriot. His studies of the 
Roman Campagna have taken a high place in Italian art and he played an important 
part as soldier and conspirator in the cause of United Italy. After the unification and 
liberation of Italy were accomplished, Costa gave his whole iattention to reform in the 
tendency of Italian art. 

Cotton, Stapleton Stapleton, viscount Combermere. See Combermere, 

Stapleton Stapleton Cotton, viscount. 
Cowper, William. ga C84gsoa 

Southey, Robert. Life of William Cowper. 2v. 1839. Otis. 

The same. 1853-54. Bohn. (In Cowper's Life and letters, v.1-2, 
p.i-160.) ga C84gso v.1-3 

One of the best authorities on Cowper's life. 

Cox, David. See Artists, p.1401. 

Cranach, Lucas, the elder. See Artists, p. 1404. 

Cranbrook, Gathorne Gathorne-Hardy, earl of, ga C866 

Gathorne Hardy, first earl of Cranbrook; a memoir, with extracts 
from his^ diary and correspondence; ed. by his son A. E. Gathorne- 
Hardy. 2v. 1910. Longmans. 

Faithful and affectionate portrait of a great public servant Gathorne Hardy 
(1814-1906) served under three prime ministers, Derby, Disraeli and Salisbury; was 


Cranbrook, Gathorne Gathorne-Hardy, earl of— continued. 9a C866 

■ttccetsively president of the Poor law board, home secretary, secretary for India and 
twice president of the Council. His life is in the fullest sense the history of his time. 
But the book is more than a manual of political history. It is an admirable "portrait 
of a gentleman" and an intimate record of a singularly happy life. Condensed from 
Spectator, 1910. 

Crane, Walter. 9a C8679 

An artist's reminiscences. 1907. Macmillan. 

"The especial interest of this autobiography aside from the timple, straight-forward 
account of the author's own life and work, lies in the sincere report of impreiaions of 
contemporary men and women, and in the prominence given to socialistie ideu and 
movements started by William Morris. Most is told, naturally, of the Pre>Rapha(dit« 
group of painters, the promoters of the arts and crafts movement, and their friends, 
with whom he had most to do. Walter Crane may perhaps claim a wider Interest among 
men than some of his greater confreres, by reason of the variety of expression wUeh 
his art found for itself." A.L,A, booklist, 1908. 

Cranmer, Thomas, abp. of Canterbury. 9a CS67P 

Pollard, Albert Frederick. Thomas Cranmer and the English refor- 
mation, 1489-1556. 1904. Putnam. (Heroes of the reformation.) 

The book can rightly claim to be the first considerable biography of Cranmer which 
has been written according to the canons of modem scientific historical work. It it 
obviously based in large measure on original research; it is clear, and for the most part 
consistent and convincing; and though it contains nothing that is startlingly new, it ar- 
ranges in useful and readable form a vast amount of hitherto scattered and not always 
trustworthy information. Condensed from American historical review, 190$. 

Cranmer, Thomas, dbp. of Canterbury. 9a CSGyt 

Todd, Henry John. Life of Archbishop Cranmer. 2v. 1831. Riv- 


"Of the various lives of Cranmer Strype*s [9a C867S] is the earliest, the fullest, 
and contains most original matter... The Life by H. J. Todd is more readable, but is 
too apologetic, and adds little to Strype." Pollard's Thomas Cranmer. 

Craufurd, Russell. 9a CSya 

Ramblings of an old mummer. 1909. Greening. 
Recollections of an English actor. 

Crawford, William, 1 744-1826. r9a C875C 

Crawford, John, & Crawford, Jennings. William Crawford memo- 
rial. 1904. 

William Crawford was a colonel in the American army, fighting on the border 
during the Revolution, and serving later under "Mad Anthony" Wayne. He was one 
of the earliest settlera in Washington county. Pa. and this volume contains a list of his 
descendants as well as accounts of his life. 

Creigh, David S. r9a C876C 

[Creigh, Thomas, comp.] Brief sketch of the life and character of 
D. S. Creigh [by W. H. Syme], with an authentic account of the circum- 
stances of his cruel and lamented death. 1865. Lewisburg, W. Va. 

Weekly Times. 

Creigh (1807-64) was a native of Lewisburg, Vs. He was convicted and executed 
for the killing of a Federal soldier whom he discovered in the act of robbing his house. 

Cristofdris, Carlo de. See De CrUtofdrU, Carlo. 

Croker, John Wilson. r9a C889 

The Croker papers; the correspondence and diaries of John Wilson 

Croker; ed. by L. J. Jennings. 3v. 1884. Murray. 

Croker (i 780-1 857) was an English politician and essayist. He was one of the 
founders of the "Quarterly review" and contributed many political articles to its pages 
as well as numerous literary reviews, one of the most famous being on Keats's 


Croker, John Wilson — continued, rga C889 

"Endymion.** His annotated edition of BosweU's Johnson was the occasion of Ma- 
caulay's savage review. The three volumes of Croker's memoirs contain ample materials 
for forming an estimate of him. 

Cromwell, Oliver. rga CSgah 

Harris, William, 1720-70. Historical and critical account of the life 
of Oliver Cromwell, lord protector of the commonwealth of England, 
Scotland and Ireland, after the manner of Mr Bayle, drawn from origi- 
nal writers and state papers, to which is added an appendix of original 
papers. 1762. Millar. 

"[Author] wrote in an unattractive style, and is not impartial; but his notes are 
full of information from sources not easily accessible." Dictionary of national biography, 

Cromwell, Oliver. jga CSgam 

Marshall, Henrietta Elizabeth. Story of Oliver Cromwell, with pic- 
tures by Allan Stewart. [1907.] Jack. (Children's heroes series.) 

Some of the chapters are, The thimble and bodkin army.— Ironsides. — ^A three days' 
battle.— The battle of Dunbar.— Willie Wastle.— Take away that bauble.— The Lord Pro- 

Cromwell, Oliver. 9a CSgami 

Michael, Wolfgang. Cromwell [in German]. 2v. 1907. (Geistes- 

Bibliographies at the end of each volume. 

"Professor Michael's biography bears many resemblances to that of Professor Firth 
[92 C892f]...It is commonly accurate and scholarly, free from digressions and philo> 
sopbical disquisitions, and is at all times cautious and impartial. It is rather longer 
than is Professor Firth's work, and touches more aspects of Cromwell's character... 
Professor Michael is familiar with a wide range of CromwelUan literature." Nation, 


Contains two portraits which have not before been reproduced. 

Cromwell, Thomas, earl of Essex, See Essex, Thomas Cromwell, earl of, 
Crosby, Enoch. rga C894b 

Barnum, H. L. The spy unmasked; or. Memoirs of Enoch Crosby, 
alias Harvey Birch, the hero of Mr Cooper's tale of the neutral ground; 
being an authentic account of the secret services which he rendered his 
country during the Revolutionary war, taken from his own lips in 
short-hand, comprising many interesting facts and anecdotes never be- 
fore published. 1828. Harper. 

Crosby (i 750-1 835) was a soldier in the Revolutionary war, whose chance discovery 
of a Tory conspiracy led to hit appointment to a place in the secret service, where he 
accomplished most successful work for the patriot cause. 

Crosby, Ernest Howard. rga C894S 

Addresses in memory of Ernest Howard Crosby (1856-1907), Cooper 

Union, New York, March 7, 1907. 1907. 

Crosby was a New York philanthropist and social reformer, one of the founders and 
the first president of the Social Reform Qub. He devoted his life to such causes at 
international peace, industrial conciliation and arbitration, anti-imperialism, single tax, 
settlement work, children's playgrounds, etc. 

Crosby, Fanny J. {Mrs Frances Jane (Crosby) ga C894 

Van Alstyne). 
Memories of 80 years; the story of her life told by herself; an- 
cestry, childhood, womanhood, friendships, incidents and history of her 

songs and hymns. 1906. Earle. 

life of the blind hymn-writer, many of whose hymns appeared in Moody and 
Sankey's collections and attained wide popiolarity. 


Crosland, Mrs Camilla (Toulmin). ga 68942 

Landmarks of a literary life, 1820-1892. 1893. Scribner. 

Mrs Crosland was an English writer, for more than 50 years a regular contributor 
to "Chambers's journal." She was a sincere believer in spiritualism. This is her last 
and most interesting work, written when she was over 80 years of age. It relates with 
much charm her meetings with famous men and women, among them the Brownings, 
Hawthorne, Miss Mitford, Lady Blessington, Mrs Stowe and Margaret Fuller. 

Cross, Mrs Mary Ann (Evans). See Eliot, George, pseud. 

Cruikshank, George. 9a CSgyh 

Hamilton, Walter. Memoir of George Cruikshank, artist and hu- 
mourist. 1878. Stock. 

Lecture on the life and works of the eminent English illustrator and caricaturist 
( 1 792-1 878). Includes an account of the Cruikshank-Ainsworth controversy. 

Cumberland, Richard, 1732-1811. r9a C9X7 

Memoirs written by himself, containing an account of his life and 
writings interspersed with anecdotes and characters of several of the 
most distinguished persons of his time with whom he had intercourse 
and connexion. 2v. 1807. Lackington. 

English dramatist. 

"A very loose book, dateless, inaccurate, but with interesting accounts of Bentley, 
Dodington, Lord G. Germaine, and other men of note." Dictionary of naiionat biography. 

Cumming, Constance Frederica Gordon-. 9a C9X8 

Memories. 1904. Blackwood. 

Miss Gordon-Cumming (b. 1837) belongs to a large and eminent family which has 
included great soldiers, travelers, hunters and famous beauties. She herself has traveled 
widely and writes with keen zest both of her family memories and of her travels. 

Curran, John Philpot. 9a C931P 

Phillips, Charles. Curran and his contemporaries. 1857. Black- 

Curran (i 750-1817) was an Irish lawyer, statesman and orator. He conducted 
the defense in the bloody series of persecutions instituted by the government against the 
leaders of the Irish insurrection in 1798. 

Curtis, Benjamin Robbins, 1809-74. 9a C933 

Memoir, with some of his professional and miscellaneous writings; 

ed. by his son, B. R. Curtis. 2v. 1879. Little. 

Curtis was one of the foremost of Massachusetts lawyers. 

"The biographical part of this memoir, contained in the first volume is the work 
of Mr. George Ticknor Curtis, the brother of Judge Curtis. The second volume consists 
altogether of professional and miscellaneous writings, of which the most important are 
an article on 'Debts of the States'. . .the Report of the Commissioners on the Reform of 
Procedure in Massachusetts; the dissenting opinion in the Dred Scott case; and the 
Argument in Defence of President Johnson, delivered before the Senate in 1868. The 
biography is well written, and as much is made as was possible out of the uneventful 
life of its subject." Nation, 1879- 

Curtis, George William. 9a C934W 

Winter, William. George William Curtis; a eulogy delivered be- 
fore the people of Staten island, Feb.24, 1893. 1893. Macmillan. 

Curwen, Samuel. r9a C936 

Journal and letters, from 1775 to 1784, comprising remarks on the 
prominent men and measures of that period; to which are added bio- 
graphical notices of many American loyalists and other eminent per- 
sons, by G. A. Ward. 1842. Francis. 

"Essential for an appreciation of the hardships incurred by those persons who chose 


Curwen, Samuel — continued. rga C936 

the Loyalist (Tory) side in the American Revolution. Describes Curwen's flight from 
Salem, Massachusetts, to Philadelphia, and thence to England, and his daily life with 
the other refugees there. The information thus given can be obtained nowhere else. 
The 163 biographical sketches in the appendix, largely of his fellow Loyalists, are in- 
ferior to those given in a good biographical dictionary." Lamtd's Literature of Ameri- 
can history. 

Gushing, Alonzo Hersford. 9a Cgsgh 

Haight, Theron Wilber. Three Wisconsin Cushings; a sketch of 
the lives of Howard B., Alonzo H. and William B. Gushing, children of 
a pioneer family of Waukesha county. 1910. Wisconsin History Com- 
mission. (Wisconsin History Commission. Original papers, no.3.) 

Cushing, Howard B. ga Cgsgh 

Haight, Theron Wilber. Three Wisconsin Cushings; a sketch of the 
lives of Howard B., Alonzo H.)and William B. Gushing, children of a 
pioneer family of Waukesha county. 1910. Wisconsin History Com- 
mission. (Wisconsin History Commission. Original papers, no.3.) 

Gushing, William Barker. 9a Cgsgh 

Haight, Theron Wilber. Three Wisconsin Cushings; a sketch of the 
lives of Howard B., Alonzo H. and William B. Cushing, children of a 
pioneer family of Waukesha county. 1910. Wisconsin History Com- 
mission. (Wisconsin History Commission. Original papers, no.3.) 

Cushman, Charlotte Saunders. qrga Cg4iac 

Clement, Mrs Clara (Erskine), afterward Mrs Waters. Charlotte 

Cushman. 1882. Osgood. (American actor series.) 

Brief, authoritative biography of the celebrated American actress (1816-76). 

Cushman, Francis W. qrga Cg4i3U 

United States — House. Francis W. Cushman (late a representative 
from Washington); memorial addresses, 6ist congress, 2d session, 
House of representatives, April 2, 1910. 1910. 

Custer, Gen. George Armstrong. ga Cg44 

My life on the plains; or, Personal experiences with Indians. 1874. 


"These papers, which were originally printed in the Galaxy magazine during 187a 
and 1873 recount the writer's adventures while campaigning againat the southern 
Qieyennes and other Indians in the region between the Missouri River and the Rocky 
Mountains . . . The dangerous character of the service and the military view of Indian 
questions are strongly brought out, and frontiersman, scout and Indian are vigorously 
depicted." Lamed' s Literature of American history. 

Later edition published under the title "Wild life on the pkins." 

Czartoiyski, Adam Jerzy, prince. ga Cgg6b 

Bielifiski, Jozef. 2ywot Ks. Adama Jerzego Czartoryskiego. 2v. 
in I. 1905. 

Dalberg, John Emerich Edward, haron Acton, See Acton, John Emerich 

Edward Dalberg, haron. 
Dalhousie, James Andrew Ramsay, marquis. ga D164W 

Warner, Sir William Lee-. Life of the marquis of Dalhousie. 2v. 

1904. Macmillan. 

The author of this biography of the great Indian administrator had access to his 


Dalhousie, James Andrew Ramsay, marquis — continued. . 9a D164W 

private papers and letten, which, according to Dalhousie'a will, were not to be made 
public for a certain term of years. The narrative is naturally concerned principally with 
his services as governor-general of India, 1847-56, and the aim has been to present a 
fair and impartial account of his career, especially in regard to the question of his 
responsibility for the Indian mutiny. 

Dallas, George Mifflin. 9a Dx66 

Diary while United States minister to Russia, 1837 to 1839, and to 
England, 1856 to 1861 ; ed. by Susan Dallas. 1892. Lippincott. 

American statesman and diplomat (1792-1864), vice-president of the United States^ 

Dalton, John. 9a Di75m 

Millington, John Price. John Dalton. 1906. Dent. (English men 
of science.) 

"John Dalton's books," 7-221. 

"Concise and well-written account of the illustrious author of the atomic theory 
[1766-1844]. Everything there is to tell about the old Quaker philosopher has already 
been told in such well-known works as the "Memoirs" of Henry and Angus Smith, 
and in the lesser-known biography of Dr Lonsdale, and all that a modem historian can 
do it to put together... the facts of his simple, uneventful life." Nature, 1907, 

Damien de Veuster, Father Joseph. 9a Di86q 

Quinlan, May F. Damien of Molokai. 1909. Benziger. (St 
Nicholas series.) 

With this is bound "Father Damien; an open letter to Dr Hyde of Honolulu," by 
R. L. Stevenson. 

"Remarkably fresh, attractive, and full portrait of the martyr of Molokai." Catholic 
.world, 1910. 

Damien de Veuster, Father Joseph. 9a Di86q 

Stevenson, Robert Louis. Father Damien. 1909. Benziger. (In 

Quinlan, M. F. Damien of Molokai, p. 156-184.) 

The same. 1906. Davos Press. (In his In the South seas, p.211- 

229.) 919.6 S84ia 

The same. 1895. Scribner. (In his Prince Otto, p.41 1-432). . . S848PI 

Dana, Charles Anderson. 9^ D193W 

Wilson, James Harrison. Life of Charles A. Dana. 1907. Harper. 

Dana (1819-97) was an American journalist. He was connected with the "New 
York tribune," 1847-62, was assisUnt secretary of war, 1863-64, and editor of the 
New York "Sun," 1868-97. 

Gen. Wilson was a warm personal friend of Dana's and his biography it naturally 
uncritical. The book is fullest and most authoritative in the chapters covering Dana's 
work in the war as a kind of glorified confidential reporter with the army for Stanton, 
and later as assistant secretary of war. Condensed from Nation, 1907. 

Dante Alighicri. 9a Daayba 

Balbo. Cesare, conte. Vita di Dante Alighieri. 2v. in i. 1885-98. 

Dante AUghicri. 9* Daaybot 

Botta, Vincenzo. Dante as philosopher, patriot and poet, with an 
analysis of the Divina commedia, its plot and episodes. 1865. Scribner. 
"It consists of two parts, the first relates to the life and timet of Dante, hit poUtlct, 
philosophy, science and religious principles. The second contalnt a cmreful analysit of 
the poem, in which, with copious selections from Gary's translation, we have the con- 
nexions of the whole given in a learned and comprehensive manner." Athonttum, 1865, 

D'Arc, Jeanne. See Joan of Arc. 


Davidson, Thomas. 9a Daggk 

Knight, William Angus, ed. Memorials of Thomas Davidson, the 
wandering scholar. 1907. Ginn. 

"Bibliography of Thomas Davidson's works," p.a3S-a4i. 

Davidson (i 840-1 900) was a Scottish philosopher who lived much of his life in 
America. He conducted for many years in the Adirondacks a summer school for cul* 
tore sciences, and from 1898, a class of Russian Jews in New York city. The book 
contains, beside the sketch of his life, reminiscences by William James and others, a 
number of documents relating to his sociological projects in London and New York and 
some letters about his philosophical studies. 

Davis, Jefferson. 9a D3X9d 

Dodd, William Edward. Jefferson Davis. 1907. Jacobs. (Ameri- 
can crisis biographies.) 

"Bibliography," p.384-385. 

Sympathetic yet judicial treatment, by a Southerner, professor (1908) in Randolph- 
Macon College, Virginia. Considers especially Davis's political career, showing that the 
failure of the Confederacy was due to inherent weaknesses which neither he nor any 
other man could have made good. 

Davis, Joseph. r9a D3X9ah 

Hayden, Horace Edwin. Brief sketch of Captain Joseph Davis and 
Lieutenant William Jones of the Pennsylvania line, who were slain by 
the Indians at Laurel Run, Pa., April 23, 1779; read before the Wyoming 
Historical and Geological Society, May 21, 1897. 1897. 

Davis, Joseph. rga D3i9ap 

Phelps, Mrs Martha (Bennett). Address delivered on the occasion 
of the erection of a monument at Laurel Run, Luzerne county, Penn- 
sylvania, September 12, 1896, to mark the spot where Captain Joseph 
Davis and Lieutenant William Jones of the Pennsylvania line were 
slain by the Indians, April 23, 1779. 1897. Wyoming Historical and 
Geological Soc. 

Davy, Sir Humphry. 9a Dsay 

Fragmentary remains, literary and scientific, with a sketch of his 

life and selections from his correspondence; ed. by John Davy. 1858. 


Natural philosopher (i 778-1839). Title is rather misleading for the hook contains 
very litUe in regard to his views on science but is made up almost entirely of letters 
to or from Davy. Several from Coleridge are included. 

De4k, Ferencz. 9a D34ae 

Eotvos, Karoly. De4k Ferencz cs csalidja. 2v. 1905. (Munk4i, 
V. 13-14,) 

Debussy, Achille Claude. 9a D356I 

Liebich, Afrj Louise. Claude-Achille Debussy. 1908. Lane. (Living 
masters of music.) 

Debussy is (1908) the most conspicuous of the younger French composers, whose 
"Pell^ et M^lisande" marked an epoch in the history of operatic music 

De Cristofdris, Carlo. 9a D366C 

Campolieti, Nicola Maria. La mente e Tanima d'un eroe [Carlo De 
Cristof6ris]. 1909. 

Deffand, Marie (de Vichy-Chamrond), marquise du. See Du Deffand, 
Marie (de Vichy-Chamrond), marquise. 


Defoe, Daniel. rga D378W 

Wilson, Walter. Memoirs of the life and times of Daniel Dc Foe, 
containing a review of his writings and his opinions upon a variety of 
important matters, civil and ecclesiastical. 3v. 1830. Hurst. 

Elaborate and excellent, but somewhat heavy. 

Degas, Hilaire Germain Edgard. See Artists, p. 1406. 

De Kalb, John. See Kalb, Johann, haron von. 

Delacroix, Eugene. See Artists, p. 1406. 

Denman, Thomas Denman, haron. 9a D4a9a 

Arnould, Sir Joseph. Life of Thomas, first lord Denman, formerly 
lord chief justice of England. 2v. 1874. Estcs. 

"Lord Denman's connexion with great political events — his part as one of Queen 
Caroline's law officers, his zealous advocacy of the Reform Bill, and his ardent opposi- 
tion to the slave trade and slavery — would ensure for his biography a high degree of 
political interest. . .but the great charm of the biography is derived from the man's 
guileless and honourable private character.** Saturday review, 1S74. 

Dennison, Eliphalet Whorf. rga D43a 

E. W. Dennison; a memorial. 1909. [Updike.] 
Life of the founder of the Dennison Manufacturing Company. 

D6ry, Istvanne. 9a D45X 

Deryne naploja; Bayer Jozsef [szerk.]. 3v. 

Dc Soto, Hernando. See Soto, Hernando de. 

Devonshire, Elizabeth Cavendish, duchess of. 9a D497f 

Foster, Vere Henry Lewis, ed. The two duchesses, Georgiana, 
duchess of Devonshire, Elizabeth, duchess of Devonshire; family cor- 
respondence of and relating to Georgiana, duchess of Devonshire, 
Elizabeth, duchess of Devonshire, earl of Bristol (bishop of Derry), 
the countess of Bristol, Lord and Lady Byron, the earl of Aberdeen, 
Sir Augustus Foster and others, 1777-1859. 1898. Blackie. 

The two duchesses were inseparable companions, and lived under the same roof for 
nearly a quarter of a century. They traveled together in Switzerland and Italy; 
Georgiana, usually referred to as the "beautiful duchess" writing an account of their 
travels in verse addressed to her children, and pieces of poetry addressed to her friend, 
while Elizabeth illustrated Georgiana's poetry by paintings. Georgiana died in 1806, and 
Elizabeth became the second wife of the former's husband, the fifth duke of Devonshire. 
Condensed from Dictionary of national biography. 

Devonshire, Georgiana Cavendish, duchess of. 9a D497f 

Foster. Vere Henry Lewis, ed. The two duchesses, Georgiana, 
duchess of Devonshire, Elizabeth, duchess of Devonshire; family cor- 
respondence of and relating to Georgiana, duchess of Devonshire, 
Elizabeth, duchess of Devonshire, earl of Bristol (bishop of Derry), 
the countess of Bristol. Lord and Lady Byron, the earl of Aberdeen, 
Sir Augustus Foster and others, 1777-1859. 1898. Blackie. 

Diaz, Porfirio. 9a D539C 

Creelman, James. Diaz, master of Mexico. 191 1. Appleton. 

"Except for its at times almost absurd 'whitewashing* of Mexican conditions, this 
work is valuable as a history of Mexico for the past sixty years, and because of its 


Diazy Forihio— continued. 9a D539C 

brisk, joumalistic style extremely interesting. Under the too high coloring, the portrait 
of the great statesman — ^the most successful military despot of modem times — is clearly 
outlined. The author has had Diaz' private memoirs to draw on for much of his ma- 
terial." A. L. A. booklist, igti, 

Diaz, Porfirio. 9a D539g 

Godoy, Jose Francisco. Porfirio Diaz, president of Mexico, the 

master builder of a great commonwealth. 1910. Putnam. 

Highly eulogistic, semi-official biography of Diaz by his late charg6 d'affaires at 

Dickens, Charles. 9a D55xli 

Life, letters and speeches, with biographical sketches of the princi- 
pal illustrators of Dickens's works. 2v. 1894. Houghton. (Writings, 
y '30-31') 

Dickens, Charles. 9a Dssich 

Chesterton, Gilbert Keith. Charles Dickens. 1906. Methuen. 

Sympathetic study in biography and criticism, written with Mr Chesterton's 
accustomed vigor and delight in paradox and the trenchant phrase. 

Dickens, Charles. 9a D551C 

Chesterton, Gilbert Keith, & Kitton, F. G. Charles Dickens. 1903. 
Hodder. (Bookman biographies.) 

Dickens, Charles. 9a Dssih 

Hanaford, Mrs Phebe Anne (Coffin). Life and writings of Charles 
Dickens; a woman's memorial volume. 1875. Allen. 

Chiefly made up of extracts from Dickens's works. The biography is slight and 
somewhat fulsome. 

Diderot, Denis. 9a DsGa 

Memoires, correspondance et ouvrages incdits de Diderot; publics 
d'apres les manuscrits confies, en mourant, par I'auteur a Grimm. 4v. 

The correspondence takes up the greater part of the first three volumes and the 
most important letters are those addressed to the sculptor Falconnet and to Mademoiselle 
Voland. Concerning the letters to the latter, Saintsbury writes. "It is not too much 
to say that they supply not only the most vivid picture of Diderot himself which is 
attainable, but also the best view of the later and extremer philosophe society." 

Dine, Duchesse de. See Tallejrrand-P^rigord, Dorothee (von Biron), 
duchesse de. 

Dix, John Adams. 9a 'D6473d 

Dix, Morgan. Memoirs of John Adams Dix. 2v. 1883. Harper. 

Biography, written by his son, of an American statesman and soldier (i 798-1879) 
prominent in New York politics. He was successively attorney-general of New York, 
secretary of state and United States senator. In 1861 he was appointed major-general 
of the United States volunteers, was placed in command of the Department of Mary- 
land and later took command of the Department of the East. He was governor of New 
York, 1873-75. 

Dodge, William Earl, 1805-83. 9a D67im 

Martyn, William Carlos. William . E. Dodge, the Christian mer- 
chant. 1890. Funk. 

Dodge was an American merchant and philanthropist He was interested in many 
forms of religious work, in the temperance question and in the education of f reedmen. 


Dodington, George Bubb, baron Melcambe, rga D671 

Diary from March 8, 1749 to February 6, 1761, with an appendix 
containing some curious and interesting papers which are either re- 
ferred to or alluded to in the diary; pub. from his lordship's original 
manuscripts by H. P. Wyndham. 1785. Wilkie. 

English politician (1691-1763) who allied himself first to one party, then another, 
to further his own advancement. He was also a patron of literature. 

"It is the most curious illustration in existence of the character of the servile 
place-hunters of the time, with unctuous professions of virtuous sentiment which serve 
to heighten the effect. It also contains some curious historical information, especially 
as to the Prince and Princess of Wales during the period 1749-60.*' Dictionary of na- 
tionai biography. 

Domett, Alfred. 9a BSxgr 

Browning, Robert. Robert Browning and Alfred Domett [letters] ; 

ed. by F. G. Kenyon. 1906. Dutton. 

Contains some 30 letters from Browning and Joseph Amould, afterwards judge of 
the Supreme court of Bombay, to Alfred Domett, who went as a colonist to New Zea* 
land in 184a and remained there for 30 years. The letters are those of friends and are 
chiefly occupied with the personal affairs of the writers. The volume is of much in- 
terest, if only as showing Browning's sympathetic nature and gift for friendship. 

Donaldson, Thomas. qrga Dyxgb 

Brown, George William. Sketch of the life of Thomas Donaldson 

[read before the Maryland Historical Society, 1881]. 1881. Cushings. 

Donaldson (1815-77) was a Baltimore lawyer. 

Donne, John. rga DyaSd 

Letters to several! persons of honour; the text ed. with notes by 

C E. Merrill. 1910. Sturgis. 

Contains facsimile of title-page of original edition, London, 1651. 

Intimate passages are rare, and as a rule the letters move in the peculiar field of 
generalization that makes most of the correspondences of his age neither quite literature 
nor quite familiar self- revelation. The letters that passed from man to man in those dayi 
were written not so much to acquaint the recipient with the details of the sender's life, 
as to foster the ideal of friendship, and it is with this understanding that we must ap* 
proach Donne's letters. Mr Merrill's explanatory and historical notes show judgment 
and learning. Condensed from Nation, 1911. 

Dorchester, Guy Carleton, baron, 9a D735b 

Bradley, Arthur Granville. Lord Dorchester. 1907. Morang. 

(Makers of Canada.) 

Guy Carleton, baron Dorchester (17J4-1808) was governor of Quebec at intervals 
from 1766 to 1796. During the Revolution he successfully defended Quebec against 
the Americans and after the resignation of Sir Henry Clinton in 1781, he was made 
commander-in-chief of the British army in America. 

D'Orsay, Alfred Guillaume, comte. ga D7438 

Shore, William Teignmouth. D'Orsay; or. The complete dandy. 
[191 1.] Long. 

Account of the career of Count D'Orsay (i 798-1 852) and of the remarkable circle 
whose interests centred in the Blessington-D'Orsay salon at Gore house. A considerable 
part of the book is really a biography of Lady Blessington. 

Douglas, Sir James. 9a D758C 

Coats, Robert Hamilton, & Gosnell, R. E. Sir James Douglas. 1908. 

Morang. (Makers of Canada.) 

Sir James Douglas (1803-77) was chief factor of the Hudson Bay Company on the 
Pacific coast for many years and the first governor of British Columbia. 


Douglas, Stephen Arnold. ga D759C 

Carr, Clark Ezra. Stephen A. Douglas; his life» public services, 
speeches and patriotism. 1909. McClurg. 

Mr Carr, a life-long Republican, heard in part the great debates of 1858, and then 
and later was on friendly terms with the contestants, of whom he gives interesting per- 
■onal anecdotes. He writes out of full knowledge and in a spirit of candor, believing 
that the man of whom in early life he strongly disapproved has suffered injustice and 
failed of recognition as a most potent factor in saving the Union. He makes very vivid 
the memorable work of Douglas in his last dajrs. Condensed from Nation, igio. 

Douglas, Stephen Arnold. ga D759J 

Johnson, Allen. Stephen A. Douglas; a study in American politics. 
1908. Macmillan. 

Vivid picture of the man whose life spans the controversial epoch before the Civil 
war. We see him as a debater of remarkable, almost terrible power and as the politician 
who could work for merely personal or party ends — as being nearer a great demagogue 
than a great statesman. Condensed from Nation, 1908, 

Douglas, Stephen Arnold. ga Dysgw 

Willis, Henry Parker. Stephen A. Douglas. 1910. Jacobs. (Amer- 
ican crisis biographies.) 

"Bibliography and bibliographical notes," p.354-359. 

"Incisive study of a great American politician in action... The conditions involved 
in each of the eight or ten critical games of which his political career was composed are 
carefully set forth by Mr. Willis... The good and the bad motives and methods are de- 
scribed with equal composure and without waste of words." Nation, 191 1, 

Douglass, Frederick. ga D761W 

Washington, Booker Taliaferro. Frederick Douglass. 1906. Jacobs. 
(American crisis biographies.) 

"Bibliography," p.353. 

Remarkable as a book by the most notable Afro-American of this epoch about the 
most notable Afro-American of the epoch immediately preceding. It gives, with great 
frankness, great impartiality, and an entire absence of bitterness of spirit, the views 
of both men respecting slavery, reconstruction, the political rights and duties of the 
negro, and the relations between the races. Condensed from Ontlook, 1907. 

Draper, William Franklin. ga Dygs 

Recollections of a varied career. 1908. Little. 

Author (bom in 1843) came in his boyhood into the environment of the Hopedale 
community in Massachusetts, where he worked in mills belonging to bis family. Enlist* 
ing in the Union army, he rose to generalship at the age of aa. Later he became head of 
the Hopedale mills. Among the notable events of bis later life were his election to 
Congress and his appointment as minister to Italy. 

92 D823a 

Du Barry, Marie Jeanne Gomard de Vaubernier, camtesse. ga D856d 

Douglas, Robert B. Ljfe and times of Madame Du Barry. 1896. 


One of the most tnistworthy accounts of her life. 

Du Deffand, Marie (de Vichy-Chamrond), marquise. ga D86gc 

Correspondance in^dite, pr^c^dee d'une notice par le marquis de 

Sainte-Aulaire. 2v. 1859. 

Correspondence with the duchess de Choiseul and the abb^ Barthtiemy, 1761-80. 

Dudevant, Mtne Amantine Lucile Aurore (Dupin). See Sand, George, 


Dudley, Charles Benjamin. rga DSyaa 

American Society for Testing Materials. Memorial volume com- 
memorative of the life and life-work of C. B. Dudley, late president of 
the International Association for Testing Materials and of the Ameri- 
can Society for Testing Materials. [1911.] 
"Bibliography of Charles B. Dudley,*' p. 11 6-1 17. 

Dudley, Jane (Grey), lady. See Grey, Lady Jane. 

Dudley, Joseph. ga DSyak 

Kimball, Everett. Public life of Joseph Dudley; a study of the 
colonial policy of the Stuarts in New England, 1660-1715. 191 1. Long- 
mans. (Harvard historical studies.) 

"List of authorities cited,** p.a 19-229. 

Joseph Dudley (1647-1720) was a colonial governor of Massachusetts. Though an 
able administrator, he frequently antagonized the colonists by his arbitrary methods and 
has been unfavorably viewed by former historians. The present study is not intended 
to meet the criticisms of his character but rather to set forth the Stuart colonial policy 
and Dudley as its exponent. 

Dudley, Robert, earl of Leicester. See Lreicester, Robert Dudley, earl of. 

Duff, Mrs Mary Ann (Dyke). 9a D8774i 

Ireland, Joseph Norton. Mrs Duff. 1882. Osgood. (American 

actor series.) 

Mrs Duff ( 1 794-1857) was of English birth, although most of her life was spent 
in America. She was considered a great actress in her day and played with Kean, For- 
rest and Booth. 

Dufferin and Ava, Frederick Temple Hamilton-Temple- ga D8773I 

Blackwood, marquess of. 
Lyall, Sir Alfred Comyns. Life of the marquis of Dufferin and Ava. 
2v. 1905. Murray. 

The marquess of Dufferin and Ava (i 826-1 902) was among the first of the English 
diplomats of his time. He held many government positions, having been viceroy of 
Canada and of India, and ambassador at St Petersburg, Constantinople, Rome and 

"Gives us a full account of his various high public posts and the work he accom- 
plished in them; but he does not criticise or explain overmuch, leaving that duty to the 
copious quotations from Lord Dufferin's own letters and speeches." Spectator, 1905. 

Du Guesclin, Bertrand. ga D88aj 

Jamison, D. F. Life and times of Bertrand du Guesclin; a history of 
the 14th century. 2v. 1864. Russell. 

Du Guesclin (r. 1320-80), constable of France, was one of the most celebrated of 
the French soldiers of his age. He was particularly distinguished in his campaigns 
against the English and Pedro the Cruel. 

Duncan, William, 6. 1832. 92 DSggaa 

Arctander, Karl Johan Ludwig Wilhelm August. The apostle of 
Alaska; the story of William Duncan of Metlakahtla. 1909. Revell. 

In 1856 William Duncan, a young Englishman, was sent as a missionary to a war- 
like cannibal tribe on the northwest coast of Alaska. To-day at Metlakahtla there is a 
community of industrious, law-abiding Indians. Mr Arctander has spent five summers 
with Mr Duncan, of whose work he gives a graphic and enthusiastic account. 

Dunoyer, Mme Anne Marguerite (Petit). 9a D9a5 

Correspondence; tr. and ed. by F. L. Layard. 2v. 1890. Bentlcy. 

French author (1663-1720). 

'*The correspondence between Mme. du Noyer and her nameless friend reminds the 
reader of the Arabian Nights far more than of any French letters we may happen to 


Dnnoyer, Mme Anne Marguerite (Petit) — continued, ga Dgas 

know. One lady is always trying to outdo the other in the matter of stories, which in 
each case are wholly lacking in the grace of style for which the. . .letters and Memoirs of 
Mme. de S^vign^ and Mme. Aulnoy are remarkable. Mme. du Noyer writes from the 
South of France, Avignon, Montpellaer, Orange, and such places, to her friend in Paris, 
adludes lightly to the beauty of the climate or of the women, and relates lengthy histories 
of the people she meets. The friend. . .tells her — ^at equal length — some of the gossip of 
the day." Saturday review, j8go. 

Du Plessifl, Louis Francois Armand, due de Richelieu, See Richelieu, 
Louis Francois Armand du Plessis, due de. 

Duprd, Giovanni. ga D933 

Pensieri suir arte, e ricordi autobiografici. 1906. 

Duprd, Giovanni. ga D933t 

Thoughts on art, and autobiographical memoirs; tr. from the Italian 
by E. M. Peruzzi, with an introduction by W. W. Story. 1886. Roberts. 

Italian sculptor (1817-82). 

"An unaffected and unpretending record of his life and thoughts ... The history of 
his early struggles and poverty, the pictures of his childhood and youth, are eminently 
interesting — If the 'Thoughts upon Art' do not exhibit any great profundity of think- 
ing, they are earnest, instructive, and characteristic. His descriptions of his travels in 
France and England; his criticisms and anecdotes of artists and persons in Florence; his 
account of his daily life in his studio and at his home, — are lively and amusing. Al- 
together, the book has a special charm which it is not easy to define." IV. W. Story, in 

Duquesne, Abraham, marquis, rga D935r 

Richer, Adrien. Vie du marquis Du Quesne, dit le grand Du Quesne, 

lieutenant-general des armees navales de France sous Louis XIV. 1783. 

Durham, John George Lambton, earl of. 92 D942r 

Reid, Stuart J. Life and letters of the first earl of Durham, 1792- 
1840. 2v. 1906. Longmans. 

Durham was an English statesman whose name is chiefly associated with the 
Reform bill and the reorganization of Canada. In 1838 he was made governor-general 
of the British provinces of North America, and his report made on retirement remains 
the charter of Great Britain's present-day colonial policy. His biographer furnishes 
mnch detail concerning his life, his work in Canada occupying about one-fourth of the 

Duse, Eleonora. ga D947m 

Mapes, Victor. Duse and the French, with an introduction by 
Daniel Frohman. 1898. (Dunlap Society. Publications, n. s. no.6.) 

Paper recounting Mme Duae's first appearance in Paris, her apparent failure and 
ultimate success. 

Duse, Eleonora. 92 D947r 

Rasi, Luigi. La Duse. 1901. 

Eddy, Mrs Mary (Baker) Glover. 9a £2640 

Christian Science Publishing Society. Editorial comments on the 
life and work of Mary Baker Eddy. 1911. 

Eddy, Mrs Mary (Baker) Glover. 9a Ea64m 

Milmine, Georgine. Life of Mary Baker G. Eddy and the history 

of Christian science. 1909. Doubleday. 

Appeared In "McClure's magazine," T.aS-ji, 1907-June 1908. 


Eddy, Mrs Mary (Baker) Glover. 92 £2640 

O'Brien, Mrs Sibyl Wilbur. Life of Mary Baker Eddy. 1908. Con- 
cord Pub. Co. 

Approved by the Christian Science church. 

Edgeworth, Richard Lovell. 92 E2842 

Memoirs, begun by himself and concluded by his daughter Maria 

Edgeworth. 1844. Bentley. 

The life of Edgeworth (i 744-1 81 7) wmt passed mostly in Ireland and was not 
eventful. He wrote somewhat on educational subjects and served in the last Irish 
parliament The memoirs are enlivened by stories and anecdotes. 

Edison, Thomas Alva. 92 E288dy 

Dyer, Frank Lewis, & Martin, T. C. Edison; his life and inventions. 

2v. 1910. Harper. 

"List of United States patents granted to Thomas A. Edison," v.a, p.943-970; 
"Foreign patents granted to Edison/' v.a, p.971. 

"Full and authentic biography of the inventor and record of his work. Technical 
terms are avoided as far as possible, and many of the accounts are in Mr. Edison's own 
words, either written or from dictation. While without any literary pretensions, the 
clear, direct style gives the work interest to readers of all classes." A.L. A. booklist, 1911. 

Edison, Thomas Alva. 92 E288J 

Jones, Francis Arthur. Thomas Alva Edison; 60 years of an inven- 
tor's life. 1907. Hodder. 

Popular, anecdotal biography, describing also Edison's inventions. Illustrated. 

Edward VI, king of England. 92 E3i35m 

Markham, Sir Clements Robert. King Edward VI; an appreciation. 
1907. Smith. 

"Authorities," p.227-231. 

Does not attempt to review the history of the times, but rather to show that, despite 
his youth and the vitiated political atmosphere in which he was nurtured, Edward VI 
gave every promise of high character and future greatness. Only 9 yean of age whea 
he was proclaimed king and meeting a premature death from consumption at 16, be 
had only limited opportunities for displaying his kingly qualitiea. Condensed from Otif- 
look (London), 1907. 

Edward VII, king of England. 92 E3Z33k 

King Edward VII; biographical and personal sketches and anec- 
dotes. 1910. Skeffington. 

Contents: As prince of Wales and monarch. — The life education of a king, by 
Sir Edward Dicey.— At home, by Mrs O'Farrell. — As guest, by Mrs O'FarrelL — ^Ai 
man of the world, by Charles Lowe. — As peacemaker, by W. T. Stead.— As sportsman 
and racing man. — The king's deer forests, by Angus Henderson. — Good stories of the 
king, by Charles Lowe. — Queen Alexandra, by B. S. Woolf. 

Edward, the Black Prince. 92 E3i34d 

Dunn-Pattison, Reginald Philipson. The Black Prince, [ipic] 

Mr Dunn-Pattison's account of the Prince's life is excellent It is not on the 
plane of the inspired historiographers; but it is much more than a piece of bookmaldng. 
It is full, thoughtful, completely informed, and responsible. Condtnssd from Outlook 
(London), 1910, 

Eggleston, George Cary. 92 E357 

Recollections of a varied life. 1910. Holt. 

Mr Eggleston, who is the original of his brother's "Hoosier sdioolmaster," recalls 
the experiences and associates of his career as journalist, editor and author. Thou^ 
he made various escapes from journalism it always reclaimed him. He calls himself 


Eggleston, George Gary — continued, ga S357 

ncsr the end of his Tolmne an "extemporancoiM writer," the sort dereloped hj the 
•treat and atrain of modem journalism and hia brisk aneodotal narrative has all the 
cacoenenccs and but few of the defecta of the trained journalist. 

Egle» William Henry. rga BaGah 

Hayden, Horace Edwin. William Henry Egle, 1830-1901. 1901. 
Reprinted from the Wyoming Historical and Geological Society's "Proceedings and 
collections/' r,6, 1901. 

Egle was an authority on . Pennsylvania history, one of the editors of the second 
of the "Pennsylvania archives" and for seve^l years librarian of the state library. 

92 E473W 

.11m;i nya^m njn :poi]?m pe 

Eliot, George, (Jseud, of Mrs Mary Ann (Evans) Gross). ga E4761e 

Letters from George Eliot to Elma Stuart, 1872-1880; ed. by Roland 

Stuart. 1909. Simpkin. 

Mrs Stuart began her friendship vrith George Eliot as a distant worshipper of her 
art. Her heartfelt homage was met by a gentle and dignified gratitude deepening into 
dose peraonal attachment which pervadea all theae letterar the last of which was written 
four days before George Eliot's d^th. They are a real addition to the literature that 
has gathered around her name. 

92 E476r 

.03"in KB^iKn n»B^in nit^nn ,tDV^H :i"l«y:i 

92 R777r 

EHxabeth, queen of England, ga E485m 

Mumby, Frank Arthur. Girlhood of Queen Elizabeth; a narrative 
in contemporary letters, with an introduction by R. S. Rait 1909. 

"list of printed works and manuscript collections from which letters have been 
selected/' p.9-10. 

Illustrates the dangers and hardships which surrounded Elizabeth up to the time 
of her accession (1559) and shows the relations between Henry VIII, Elizabeth, Mary 
and Edward VI. 

Mr Mumby has modernized the spelling in the letters in order to reach as large a 
pabUc as poanble. Apart from the more aerioua value of the book, it ahowa in a moat 
faitereating way the elementa which helped, in her girlhood, to mold Elizabeth'a charac- 

Efisabe^, queen of England, jga E485t 

Tappan, Eva March. In the days of Queen Elizabeth. 1902. Lee. 

In atory form givA a life of the famoua Engliah aovereign who "guided the ahlp 
of atate with moat consummate skill in its perilous passage through the troubled waters 
of the latter half of the sixteenth century." Illustrations from famous paintings. 

Elisabeth Charlotte, duchesse d'Orlians, 92 E485ib 

Barine, Arvede, {pseud, of Mme Charles Vincens). Madame, mother 

of the regent, 1652-1722; tr. by Jeanne Mairet (Madame Charles Bigot). 

1909. Putnam. 

Life of Elizabeth Charlotte of Bavaria, second wife of Monsieur Due d'Orl^ns, the 
younger brother of Louis XIV. The record of her years in France is full of dramatic 


Elizabeth Stuart, queen of Bohemia, ga E4853g 

Green, Mrs Mary Anne Everett (Wood). Elizabeth, electress Pala- 
tine and queen of Bohemia; revised by S. C. Lomas, with a prefatory 
note by A. W. Ward. [1909.] Mcthuen. 

"Documents, books and pamphlets consulted for this work," p.a9-36. 

First published in 1855. 

Elizabeth Stuart, daughter of James I, sister of Charles I, wife of Frederick, elector 
Palatine and king of Bohemia, is one of the most interesting figures of the early 17th 
century. This new edition of her life, which first appeared in Mrs Green's "Lives of 
the princesses of England," has been thoroughly revised and supplied with notes and 

Elson, Louis Charles. 92 EssGa 

European reminiscences, musical and otherwise; being the recollec- 
tions of the vacation tours of a musician in various countries. 1896. 

Largely collated from letters sent to American newspapers during the yean of his 
foreign travel. The chief interest is musicaL 

Emerson, Ralph Waldo. 9a E586J 

Journals of Ralph Waldo Emerson, with annotations; ed. by E. W. 
Emerson and W.E.Forbes, v.i-6. 1909-11. Houghton. 

V.I. 1820-1824. 

V.2. 1824-1832. 

V.3- 1 833-1 835. 

V.4. 1 836-1 838. 

v.s. 1838-1841. 

V.6. 1 841-1844. 

' Emerson, as a boy, kept a journal and held to the habit as long as his powers re« 
mained. The journals, covering more than half a century, constitute a remarkable auto> 
biography of a mind, and it was these daily entries that he drew upon for the raw 
material of his lectures. 

Emerson, Ralph Waldo, & Fumess, W. H. 9a E586r 

Records of a lifelong friendship, 1807-1882, Ralph Waldo Emerson 

and William Henry Furness; ed. by H. H. F[urness]. 1910. Houghton. 

Fumess (1802-96), whose friendship with Emerson dated from childhood, was a 
Unitarian clergyman, for 50 years minister of the First Unitarian Church in Philadd- 
phia. This correspondence, covering the years from 1837 to 1875, is full of affection 
and mutual recognition. A poem entitled "Fortus" is included, written by Emerson, 
aged ten, and illustrated by Fumess, aged eleven. 

Emerson, Ralph Waldo. 9a B58GW 

Woodberry, George Edward. Ralph Waldo Emerson. 1907. Mac- 
millan. (English men of letters.) 

"Naturally in dealing with such an author as Emerson the critical chapters rather 
overbalance the narrative, but by no means the least satisfactory portion... is that which 
deals with the boyhood of Emerson and his life in Concord." Nation, 1907, 

Emmet, Thomas Addis, b, 1828. * qi9a E594e 

Incidents of my life; professional, literary, social, with services in 
the cause of Ireland. 191 1. Putnam. 

"Chief contributions to medical literature," p.460-463. 

Writer is (1911) a New York physician, grandson of Thomas A. Emmet, the lawyer 
and politician, and grand-nephew of Robert Emmet, the Irish patriot and orator. 

E5tvds, J6zsef, h&r6, 9a E679 

Levelek, is filetrajz [irta Voinovich G6za]. 1903. (Osszes munkii, 


Edtvds, J6zsef, bdrd. ga EGygv 

Voinovich, G^za. B. Eotvos Jozsef. 1904. 

"EotTos-irodalom," ft. 103-108. 

The sami. 1903. (In Eotvos, Jozsef, b4r6. Levelek, 6s filetrajz, 
p.195-306.) 9fl E679 

"Edtvos-irodalom," p.a99-304. 

^pinay, Mme Louise Florence Petronille Tardieu 92 £^694 

(d'Esclavelles) de la Live d\ 
Memoirs and correspondence; tr. with introduction and brief notes 
by J. H. Freese. 3v. 1899. Nichols. 

''Bibliography," ▼.!, p.45-46. 

The same, 3v. 1903. Merrill. (Courtiers and favourites of 
royalty) r92 E694 

"Bibliography/* r,i, p.45-46. 

Mme d*£pinay (1726-83) was a French author, the friend of Diderot, d'Alembert, 
Rousseau and Grimm. 

**There is no book which better describes the society and manners of the i8th cen- 
tury." Tran^ated from SoiHte-Beuve^s Causerits du lundi. 

Erasmus, Desiderius. 92 £7x2 

Epistles, from his earliest letters to his 51st year, arranged in order 

of time; English translations from the early correspondence, with a 

commentary confirming the chronological arrangement and supplying 

further biographical matter, by F. M. Nichols. 2v. 1901-04. Longmans. 

"It is not likely that the critical work here attempted by Mr. Nichob will be done 
again soon, if ever. It offers an indispensable starting-point for every future study of 
tibe great humanist" NaHon, 1905. 

Erasmus, Desiderius. 92 E7120 

Opus epistolarum Des. Erasmi Roterodami; denuo recognitum et 
auctum per P. S. Allen, v.1-2. 1906-ia Clarendon Press. 

v.x. 14S4-ISX4- 

T.s. 1 514-17. 

Erasmus, Desiderius. 92 E712C 

Capey, Ernest F. H. Erasmus. 1905. Methuen. (Oxford biogra- 

"Bibliography," p.i96-aso. 

"A modest compendious view of the great humanist's career... It is eminently 
candid in tone, keeps the chronology well in hand, epitomizes the 'Praise of Folly,' 
quotes freely from the 'Colloquies' and from other writings (including the correspond- 
ence), and fairly sets forth the claims of Erasmus to distinction and admiration." 
Nation, 1903. 

Esptnasse, Julie Jeanne fil^onore de 1'. See Lespinasse, Julie Jeanne 
£leonore de. 

Essex, Thomas Cromwell, earl of. 92 E^6 

Life and letters of Thomas Cromwell, by R. B. Merriman. 2v. 1902. 

Clarendon Press. 

V.I. Life.— Letters to 1535. 

v.s. Letters from 1536. — Notes. 

"List of authorities," v.2, p.313-318. 

Cromwell (1485?-! 540) was an English statesman, Henry VIII's prime agent in 
effecting the reformation. 

"The book is an attempt to present the life of Thomas Cromwell as a statesman, 
and to estimate his work without religious bias." Prtfact. 


Sug6nie, empress of the French, ga Egssle 

Legge, Edward. Empress Eug6nie, 1870-1910; Her Majesty's life 
since "the terrible year," with the statement of her case, the emperor's 
own story of Sedan, an account of his exile and last days and reminis- 
cences of the prince imperial, from authentic sources. 1910. Scribner. 

Intimate record of Napoleon III, the empress Eug^e and the prince imperiaL 
Author is a devoted Bonapartist and a champion of the empress. He writes in detail of 
domestic matters at Chislehurst and Famborough and tells some good stories. 

Eugenie, empress of the French, ga £923! 

Loli^e, Fr^d^ric. Z zycia Cesarzowej Eugenii; z francuskiego prze- 
Jozyta Z. N. 1909. 

£ug6nie, empress of the French. ga Egass 

Sergeant, Philip Walsingham. Last empress of the French; being 
the life of the empress Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III. [1907.] Lip- 

'*Though Mr. Sergeant exhibits no marked distinction of thought or itjrle, he has 
succeeded better than his predecessors... He writes in a plain, simple style, and steers 
an even keel between frankness and reserve. The personal charm of the third Na- 
poleon's consort, the tenderness and impetuosity, the frivolity and courage, are well 
brought out." Outlook (London), 190/f, 

Contains portraits and other illustrations. 

Evans, Mary Ann. See Eliot, George, pseud, 

Evans, Robley Dunglison. ga Eg48a 

An admiral's log; continued recollections of naval life. 1910. Ap- 

Sequel to "A sailor's log." 

"Genial narrative, full of interesting anecdote dealing with the protective, diplo* 
matic and social duties which occupy a navy in times of peace and describing Admiral 
Evans' most important assignments during the period from 1899... to 1908, when he 
retired from service. Includes a sojourn in the Philippines, a visit to Peldng while 
occupied by the allies, the escort of Prince Henry's party and the first stage of the 
Pacific cruise." A. L. A. booklist, 1910. 

Evens, William. qrga Eg54in 

Mellor, Charles Chauncey. Sketch of the life of William Evens. 
1906. [Pittsburgh.] 

Manuscript copy. 


Ewing, Alexander, bp. ga Eg74ar 

Ross, Alexander Johnstone. Memoir of Alexander Ewing, bishop of 

Argyll and the Isles. 1879. Paul. 

"His life was not eventful, yet Mr. Ross has contrived to give an interestinf and 
touching picture of the noble-hearted man who devoted his life and liis fortune to tihe 
improvement of the Western Highlands." Athtn^tum, i8T7' 

Eyck, Hubert van. See Artists, p.1414. 

Eyck, Jan van. See Artists, p.1414. 

Eyth, Maximilian Fr. £. von. ga Bggsah 

Hinter pflug und schraubstock; skizzen aus dem taschenbuch eines 


Reminiscences of a German engineer and author (b. 1836). In 1861 he became en- 
gineer in Fowler's manufactory of agricultural implements at Leeds, for which firm he 
traveled abroad extensively. He was chief engineer of Halim Pasha from 1863 to 1866, 
during which time the steam plow was introduced into Egypt. 


Eyth, Maximilian Fr. £. von. ga £9952 

Im Strom unserer zeit; aus brief en eines ingenieurs. 3v. 1903-09. 

V.I. Lehrjahre. 

▼.a. Wander jahre. 

▼.3. Meisterjahre. 

Vierte auflage des "Wanderbuchs dues ingenieurs." 

Falkland, Lucius Gary, visdmnt. ga Figam 

Marriott, John Arthur Ransome. Life and times of Lucius Gary, 
viscount Falkland. [1907.] Methuen. 

"Bibliographical note/' p.341-343. 

Falkland (i6io?-43) was an English politician and writer, member of Parliament, 
and secretary of state in 164a. At the outbreak of the civil war he joined the King's 
party and was killed at the battle of Newbury. 

Industrious and sympathetic analysis of Falkland, of his character and of the part 
he played. Mr Marriott's verdict is that Falkland was "one of the greatest men of the 
xytfa centtiry." Condensed from Athonaum, 1907. 

Father Damlen. See Damien de Veuster, Father Joseph. 

Father Mathew. See Mathew, Theobald. 

Feam, Mrs Frances (Hewitt), ed, 92 Fszaf 

Diary of a refugee. 191 0. Moffat. 

*'Diary of a planter's wife who fled from a plantation on Bayou Lafourclw, 
when New Orleans was taken by the federal forces, and went to France by way of 
Texas, Mexico and Cuba. The narrative loses by reason of obvious interpolations by 
another hand, and while of interest and some value as a picture of the thnes is inferior 
to many other Civil War memoirs." A. L. A. booklist, igir. 

F61ix, l^lisa Rachel. See Rachel, filisa Felix, calUd, 

F6nelon, Francois, abp. of Cambray. ga F356sa 

St. Gyres, Stafford Harry Northcote, zHscount Francois de F6nelon. 
1901. Methuen. 

"Chronological table of the principal events in F6nelon's life," P.303-30S. 

"List of the more important books dealing with F^elon," p.307-308. 

Fteelon (1651-1715) was a French archbishop, orator and author. 

"Follows F^nelon from youth to age, not only in the incidents of his life, but still 
more in his mental and spiritual history. Always it is the work of a trained thinker, 
intelligent, tolerant, not wanting in delicate insight, and so abounding in felicities of 
description and characteriration as to make the reading a constant delight" AtlanHe 
monthly, jgos. 

F^nelon, Francois, abp. of Cambray. 92 F3568 

Sanders, Ella K. Fenelon, his friends and his enemies, 1651-1715. 

1901. Longmans. 

Impartial sketch of his career, with a detailed account of the religious controversies 
in which he took part. Includes chapters on Mme de Maintenon, Mme Guyon and the 
duke of Burgundy. 

Ferguson, James. 92 F387 

Life, in a brief autobiographical account, and further extended mem- 
oir, with numerous notes and illustrative engravings by Ebenezer Hen- 
derson. 1870. Fullarton. 

First published in 1867. 

English astronomer (17x0-76). The autobiography extends to 1743. The memoir 
is chiefly devoted to an account of his experiments and inventions. 


Ferguson, William. rga FaSSa 

Alexander, Charles Beatty. Major William Ferguson, member of 
the American Philosophical Society, officer in the army of the Revolu- 
tion and in the army of the United States. 1908. [Trow Press.] 

Ferguson (i753?-9i) served in a Pennsylvania regiment during the Revolution. 
The book gives a brief record of his military services, little being known of his private 

Ferrer Guardia, Francisco. ga F4i8a 

Archer, William. Life, trial and death of Francisco Ferrer. 191 1. 

"Impartial account of the events which culminated in the tragedy. . .The author 
condemns the policy pursued by Church and State, and betrays in so doing a certain 
measure of sympathy with the unfortunate reformer, though he does not in the slightest 
let this obscure his judgment. The points for both sides are marshalled and discussed 
with true judicial balance. . .and his outline of the trial it a keen study of Spanish juri»> 
prudence ... The twenty illustrations add greatly to the value of the book." Outlook • 
(London), jgii. 

Fcrsen, Axel, grefve. ga F4a5 

Diary and correspondence relating to the court of France; tr. by 
K. P. Wormeley. 1902. Hardy. 

The author was in France at the time of the revolution and aided the royal family 
in their flight to Varenncs. 

"There is no figure so noble in the court of the last days of old France as the 
young Swede, in describing whom the much misused word 'chivalrous' in its best mean- 
ing is instinctively used." Atlantic monthly, igo2, 

Fessenden, William Pitt. ga F4a9f 

Fessenden, Francis. Life and public services of William Pitt Fes- 
senden, United States senator from Maine, 1854-1864, secretary of the 
treasury, 1864-1865, United States senator from Maine, 1865-1869. 2v. 
1907. Houghton. 

Fessenden (1806-69) was one of the leaders of the Republican party through the 
antislavery struggle, the Civil war and reconstruction. The records of these events are 
found only in part in these volumes, but what is lacking in the way of history is more 
than made good by private letters and memoranda of the senator, giving us hit inmost 
thoughts at critical periods and portraying his personality as no other hand could do. 
The arrangement of the matter is defective, but the matter itself is of the first class. 
Condensed from Nation, 1908. 

Fielding, Henry. 9^ ^4^^K 

Godden, G. M. Henry Fielding; a memoir including newly dis- 
covered letters and records, with illustrations from contemporary 
prints. 1910. Low. 

"Bibliography," p.31 7-3 18. 

English novelist (1707-54). 

"New material alone could justify any attempt to supplement the Fielding of Mr. 
Austin Dobson. Such material has now come to light, and together with reliable facta 
collected by previous biographers, forms the subject matter of the present volume. As 
these pages are concerned with Fielding the man ... literary criticism has been avoided." 


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Lawrence, Frederick. Life of Henry Fielding, with notices of his 
writings, his times and his contemporaries. 1855. Hall. 

"List of Fielding's works," p.37S-377- 

"This is an exceedingly painstaking book, and constitutes the first serious attempt 
at a biography." Dobson's Fielding. 


F»k, Pliny. rga Fsagb 

Bond, Alvan. Memoir of the Rev. Pliny Fisk, late missionary to 
Palestine. 1828. Crocker. 

Fisk (1793-1825) was an American missionary, appointed by the American board 
to the Palestine mission in 1818. After traveling extensively in Greece, Egypt, Pales- 
tine and Syria, he joined, in 1825, the mission established at Beirut and died there of 
fever shortly afterward. 

Fitch, John, 1743-98. rga Fssaw 

Westcott, Thompson. Life of John Fitch, the inventor of the 

steam-boat. 1857. Lippincott. 

"That John Fitch made successful experiments in steam-navigation twenty-one 
years before Fulton's boat on the Hudson astonished the world is beyond a doubt... 
Many of his persona! adventures are stranger than most fiction, while the details with 
reference to the early history of steam-navigation are copious, and bear all the marks of 
diligent and thorough research.*' North Amgrican revUw, 1858. 

Fitch, Sir Joshua Girling. ga Fssal 

Lilley, Alfred Leslie. Sir Joshua Fitch; an account of his life and 
work. 1906. Arnold. 

"Bibliography," p.256-358. 

"His life [ 1 834-1 903] was spent in the great work of re-organising public education 
in England. In that work he became known, not only for a complete mastery of his 
subject, but for singular tact and judgment in the expression of his views." ConUmpo- 
rmy revi4tw, 1903, 

FitzSimons, Thomas. rga F586g 

Griffin, Martin Ignatius Joseph. Thomas FitzSimons, Pennsyl- 
vania's Catholic signer of the constitution of the United States; read 
before the American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia, Sept. 
15, 1887. 1887. Amer. Catholic Historical Researches. 

Flaubert, Gustave. rF6igc 

Selected correspondence, with an intimate study of the author by 

Caroline Commanville. 1904. Dunne. (In his Complete works, v. 10.) 

Fletcher, Mrs Eliza (Dawson). ga F6343 

Autobiography, with letters and other family memorials; ed. by the 

survivor of her family [M. F. Richardson]. 1876. Roberts. 

Mrs Fletcher (1770-1858) related these incidents of her Yorkshire and Scottish 
life for her family and frionds. 

"Those persons who love to study social history will find ample opportunity in 
this Autobiography, full, as it is, of healthy reading, amusing details, incidents, cor- 
respondcnce and conversations, with the occasional appearance of persons who are fore- 
most in the world of intellect It is emphatically a charming book, about a most love- 
able woman." Atlundtum, 1S75* 

Flint, Timothy. ga F647k 

Kirkpatrick, John Ervin. Timothy Flint, pioneer, missionary, author, 
editor, 1 780-1840; the story of his life among the pioneers and frontiers- 
men in the Ohio and Mississippi valley and in New England and the 
South. 1911. Clark. 

"Bibliography,** 9.305-318. 

Flower, ^iV William Henry. ga FGyal 

Lydekker, Richard. Sir William Flower. 1906. Dent. (English 

men of science.) "'* 

"List of the more important scientific publications of Sir William Flower,** 

Deals with the scientific side of the career of the English zoologist and anthropolo- 
gist (1831-99). 


Flynt, Josiah, (pseud, of Frank Willard). 92 F679 

My life, with an introduction by Arthur Symons. 1908. Outing. 

The story of his life told by himself, the account of his last days being supplied by 
a friend. Though of gentle birth, he was early attracted to the life of a tramp and 
tramped over this country and Europe, writing, under the name of Josiah Flynt, of his 
experiences on the road. 

Foley, John Henry. See Artists, p.1361. 

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Meine kinderjahre; autobiographischer reman. 1908. 

Fontane, Theodor. 9a F739y 

Von 20 bis 30; autobiographisches. 1898. 

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Cooke, William. Memoirs of Samuel Foote, with a collection of his 

genuine bon-mots, anecdotes, opinions, &c., mostly original, and three 

of his dramatic pieces. 2v. 1806. Mesier. 

Foote (1720-77) was an English actor and dramatist, celebrated in his day as a vrit 
Many anecdotes concerning him are to be found among theatrical ana. The three 
dramatic pieces here included are the second act of the "Diversions of the morning," 
the "Trial of Samuel Foote, Esq." and an "Occasional prelude." 

Forbes, Duncan. 9a L938b 

Burton, John Hill. Lives of Simon, lord Lovat and Duncan Forbes 
of Culloden, from original sources. 1847. Chapman. 

Lord Lovat (1667 ?-x 747) sided with the government in the Jacobite uprisfatg of 
171 5> but with the rebels in 1745-46. He was captured at the battle of Calloden, tried 
for treason and executed. Forbes (i 685-1 747) was a Scottish judge and a warm tnp- 
porter of the government. 

"He gives., .authorities which show an extent of research, among printed and im- 
printed materials, for which... we were not prepared. . .The value of hi* labotirt em 
only be acknowledged by those who, by having studied Uiis portion of onr history, eta 
estimate the skill with which he has compressed so much into so small a eompaaa." 
North British review, 1847. 

Forbes, Edward. 92 F752W 

Wilson, George, 1818-59, & Geikie, $ir Archibald. Memoir of Ed- 
ward Forbes. 1861. Macmillan. 

"List of Professor Forbes's writings," p.575-583. 

English naturalist (1815-54). 

"Forbes lived an unusually full life, occupied in promoting science and arousing en- 
thusiasm and awakening intelligence in others. To almost every department of Uologj 
he rendered much service. . .He played an important part in elevating paleontology to a 
high position in practical geology, and in elucidating ancient British zoology." Di^ • 
tionary of nation^ biography. 

Forbes, Mrs Elizabeth Adela (Armstrong). See Artists, p. 1402. 

Forbes, Stanhope Alexander. See Artists, p. 1402. 

Forestier, Francois le. See Le Forestier, Francois. 

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Barrett, Lawrence. Edwin Forrest. 1882. Osgood. (American ac- 
tor series.) 

Short biography of the famous American tragedian (1806-72) by another distin- 
guished actor. 


Forster, William Edward. 92 FySyr 

Reid, Sir Thomas Wemyss. Life of William Edward Forster. 1889. 

The author of this biography of the English statesman (i 818-86) was a personal 
friend who was also familiar with the political affairs of the time. He has made large 
use of Mr Forster's letters. 

Fortuny y Carbo, Mariano Jose Maria Bernardo. ga F794d 

Davillier, Jean Charles, baron. Life of Fortuny, with his works and 

correspondence; from the French, with notes and reminiscences by a 

friend. 1885. Porter. 

*'Fortuny [i838?-74] was one of the most artistic of modem artists; a painter and 
etcher who, whatever the final judgment of his brother artists upon his work may prove 
to be, is certain never to be ignored by them... A number of his letters, and a brief 
and sympathetic discussion of his merits are contained in this book." Sturgis and 
KrthbUl's Annotated bibliography of fine art, 

Foscari, Francesco. 92 M761W 

Wicl, Mrs Alethea Jane (Lawley). Two doges of Venice; a slight 

sketch of the lives and times of Tomaso Mocenigo and Francesco 

FoscarL 1891. Chiswick Press. 

Mocenigo was doge of Venice from 1414 to 1433, and Foscari, from 1423 to i457* 
They were politically at variance, the former endeavoring to maintain the position of 
Venice by a policy of peace, the latter standing for an aggressive policy. 

Foscolo, Ugo. 92 F797 

Epistolario; raccolto e ordinato da F. S. Orlandini e da E.Mayer. 
3v. in I. 1892. (Operc, v.6-8.) 

Foster, John Watson. 92 F8173 

Diplomatic memoirs. 2v. 1909. Houghton. 

These volumes contain a personal record and are to be clearly differentiated from 
his three earlier works dealing with diplomatic subjects. His long career in the Amer- 
Scan diplomatic service affords him a large fund of material upon which to draw. He 
has served as minister to Mexico, to Russia and to Spain; he was prominent in the 
Bering sea arbitration, the Alaskan boundary dispute and the Hague peace conference, 
and upheld China's interests in the peace negotiations with Japan. 

Foster, Myles Birket. 92 F8172C 

Cundall, Herbert Minton. Birket Foster. 1906. Black. 

"List of the principal books illustrated by Birket Foster,*' P.X93-198. 

"The art of Birket Foster [1845-99] makes only a limited appeal to modem taste. 
It is somewhat smug and conventional; it is essentially mid-Victorian in its influence, 
and yet there is a quiet pastoral charm about his work which will insure it a permanent 
place in the English school of landscape-painters and illustrators of the later half of 
the nineteenth century." Outlook (London), igoff. 

Illustrated in color. 

Fox, Charles James. 9^ F851I 

Landor, Walter Savage. Charles James Fox; a commentary on his 
life and character; ed. by Stephen Wheeler. 1907. Murray. 

This book was printed in 1812, but has never before been published, as the an- 
tagonistic tone it assumed toward Fox made it inadvisable to bring it out at the time. 
It is a commentary on John Bernard Trotter's "Memoirs of Charles James Fox," which 
appeared in 181 1. 

"As an historical estimate of Fox the book is too polemical to have much value, 
bat the style hat a rare energy and color." Nation, 1907, 

Pra Angelico. See Artists, p. 1409- 


France, Anatole, (Jseud, of Jacques Anatole Thibault). ga F86zb 

Brandes, Gcorg Moritz Cohen. Anatole France. 1908. McQure. 
(Contemporary men of letters series.) 

Review of his writings and sketch of his personality. 

Francis of Assisi, St. ga F866b 

Bailly, Auguste. The divine minstrels; a narrative of the life of 
Saint Francis of Assisi with his companions; tr. by Ernest Barnes. 
1909. Warner. 

Francis of Assisi, St, ga F866d 

Dubois, Leo Louis. Saint Francis of Assisi, social reformer. 1906. 

"Sources and bibliography on St. Francis of Assisi/' 9-350. 

Author, who is a Roman Catholic, in describing the work of St. Francis points 
out that his aim was to reform society through individual virtue and not by attacking 
the existing religious or political institutions. 

Francis de Sales, St. 92 F866as 

Stacpoole-Kenny, Louise M. Francis de Sales; a study of the gentle 
saint. 1909. Washbourne. 

Francis I [Sforza], duke of MUan. See Sfona, Francesco Alessandro, 

duke of MUan. 

Francis Joseph I, emperor of Austria. 92 FSGym 

Mahaffy, R. P. Francis Joseph I; his life and times; an essay in 

politics (with an appendix on recent events). 1908. Duckworth. 

Summarizes the events of his public life and aims to pronounce a fair judgment 
on his part in the history of his country. Appendix on the annexation of Bosnia and 

Francis, Sir Philip. ga F868p 

Parkes, Joseph, & Merivale, Herman. Memoirs of Sir Philip Fran- 
cis, with correspondence and journals; commenced by the late Joseph 
Parkes, completed and ed. by Herman Merivale. 2v. 1867. Long- 

Franklin, Benjamin. g2 FSygfr 

Vita di Beniamino Franklin scritta da se medesimo; nuovamente 
tradotta dair edizione di Filadelfia del 1868, ricavata per la prima volta 
dal manoscritto dell' autore di Pietro Rotondi. 1907. 

Franklin, Benjamin. qrg2 FSyga v.a-6 

American Philosophical Society. Calendar of the papers of Benja- 
min Franklin in the library of the American Philosophical Society; ed. 
by I. M. Hays. 5v. 1908. (In its Record of the celebration of the 
200th anniversary of the birth of Benjamin Franklin, v.2-6.) 

v. 1-2. Letters to Benjamin Franklin, 1730-82. 

V.3. Letters to Benjamin Franklin, 1783-90. — Letters from Benjamin Franklin, 


V.4. Letters to William Temple Franklin, 1 775-90- — Miscellaneous letters, 164a- 

181 o. — ^Appendix. 
V.5. Index. 

Franklin, Benjamin. qrga FSyga 

American Philosophical Society. Record of the celebration of the 

200th anniversary of the birth of Benjamin Franklin, under the auspices 


Franklin, Benjamin — continued. qrga FSyga 

of the American Philosophical Society for Promoting Useful Knowl- 
edge, April the 17th to April the 20th, A. D. 1906. 6v. i9o6-o8w 

▼.I. Commemorative addresses. 

v.a-6. Calendar of the papers of Benjamin Franklin in the library of the American 
Phil(»ophical Society, ed. by I. M. Hays. 

Franklin, Benjamin. rga FSygfr 

Franklin Bi-centennial Committee, Boston. Two-hundredth anni- 
versary of the birth of Benjamin Franklin; celebration by the common- 
wealth of Massachusetts and the city of Boston in Symphony hall, 
Boston, Jan. 17, 1906. 1906. 

The proceedings of the celebration, which included addresses by Gov. Guild of 
Massachusetts, Henry S. Pritchett, M. Jusserand, and an oration on "Our debt to 
Franklin" by Carroll D. Wright A few selections from Franklin's writings are added. 

92 F879h 

Franklin, Benjamin. ga F879ha 

Hale, Edward Everett, & Hale, E. E. /r. Franklin in France, from 

original documents, most of which are now published for the first time. 

2v. 188& Roberts. 

▼.I. The alliance. 

▼.a. The treaty of peace and Franklin's life till his return. 

'*In i8Sa the United States government acquired... a large mass of hitherto un- 
pablished documents written by or relating to Benjamin Franklin, which had been be- 
qneathed by Franklin to his son, Wm. Temple Franklin. From these papers Mr. Hale, 
assisted by his son, has compiled an account of Franklin's life in France during the 
nine years of his residence there (1776-85). The work has been done in a thoroughly 
impartial and scholarly manner, but has led to no revision of past judgments regarding 
FrankUn's career in France, except in some minor matters of detail." Lamed's Litgra- 
tur€ of American history. 

Franklin, Benjamin. 9a FSygmi 

Mignet, Francois Auguste Marie. Franklin 61ete; francziab61 
forditotta de Gerando Attila. 1874. 

Fraser, Mrs Hugh. ga F886 

A diplomatist's wife in many lands. 2v. 191 1. Dodd. 

"The daughter of Thomas Crawford the sculptor, the sister of Marion Crawford, 
a kin on the mother's side to the Wards of New York and the Howes of Boston, allied 
by marriage with gentlefolk of England and Germany, Mrs. Hugh Fraser has had a 
most distinguished acquaintance. As a diplomatist's wife, she has travelled widely and 
Hred in many lands. She gathers up not merely her personal reminiscences, but an 
enormous amount of material touched only by report. The record is not so much of her 
life as of her interests. A certain superciliousness in her literary manner hardly detracts 
frwn the charm of her narrative." Nation, 191 1. 

Fraser, James, bp. ga FSSyh 

Hughes, Thomas. James Eraser, second bishop of Manchester; a 
memoir, 1818-85. 1887. Macmillan. 

Written from intimate knowledge. Bishop Fraser was a man of singular charm 
and openness of mind, keenly interested in all the social and educational movements 
of his day. Many of his letters are included. 

Fraaer, Simon, lord Lovat, See Lovat, Simon Fraser, lord. 


Frederica Sophia Wilhelmina, margrdfin von Bairmth. 92 P894£ 

Fester, Richard. Die Bayreuther sch wester Friedrichs des Grossen; 
ein biographischer versuch. 1902. 

Frederick II, emperor of Germany. ga FSgsao 

Oliphant, Thomas Laurence Kington. History of Frederick the 
Second, emperor of the Romans; from chronicles and documents pub- 
lished within the last 10 years. 2v. 1862. Macmillan. 

Frederick the Great. ga FSgskot 

Koser, Reinhold. Friedrich der Crosse als kronprinz. 1901. 

Life of Frederick the Great (1712-86) to his accession to the Prussian throne in 

Frederick the Great. qga FSgsko 

Koser, Reinhold. Konig Friedrich der Grosse. 2v. 1904-05. 

Life of Frederick the Great from his accession to the throne of Prussia in 1740 
to his death in 1786. 

"Greatest modern authority on Frederick.*' Lamgd's History for ready reference. 

Frederick the Great. rga FSgst 

Thiebault, Dieudonne. Original anecdotes of Frederick the Great, 
king of Prussia, and of his family, his court, his ministers, his academies 
and his literary friends, collected during a familiar intercourse of 20 
years with that prince; tr. from the French. 2v. 1806. 

Frelinghuysen, Theodore. 92 PgiSc 

Chambers, Talbot Wilson. Memoir of the life and character of the 

late Hon. Theo. Frelinghuysen. 1863. Harper. 

Frelinghuysen (1787-1862) was an American legislator and educator, United States 
senator, chancellor of the University of New York and president of Rutgers College. 

Fremont, John Charles. 92 P9fl2U 

Upham, Charles Wentworth. Life, explorations and public services 
of John Charles Fremont. 1856. Ticknor. 

At the time of its publication was highly regarded and widely circulated, and is 
still useful. 

Fr6nilly, Auguste Francois Fauveau, marquis de. ga Fgagaf 

Recollections of baron de Fr^nilly, peer of France (1768-1828); ed. 
with an introduction and notes by Arthur Chuquet, tr. from the French 
by Frederic Lees. 1909. Heinemann. 

"Fr^nilly... while not a conspicuous figure in the history of the Revolution, was 
acquainted with those who were. He was a typical product of the privileged class of the 
old regime, a young man-about-town with no other purpose in life than to shine in 
society. His 'Recollections,' which were begun only in 1837, *^ow a remarkably keen 
memory, particularly for small but picturesque details, but they are so deeply dyed in 
aristocratic prejudice that he would be a bold historian who would be willing to rest 
content with such a source for any incident which it recounts." Nation, 1909. 

Friedenwald, Aaron. r92 F949 

Life, letters and addresses, by his son Harry Friedenwald. 1906. 
Privately printed. 

"List of published and unpublished writings," p.3S3-3S6. 

Aaron Friedenwald (1836-1902) was a prominent Jewish physician of Baltimore, a 
member of the faculty of the College of Physicians and Surgeons. 


Prothingham, Octavius Brooks. ga Fgyxa 

Stedman, Edmund Clarence. Octavius Brooks Frpthingham and 
the new faith. 1876. Putnam. 

Short, appreciative sketch. 

Frothingham (181^-95) was a Unitarian minister who represented the most radical 
branch of that body. He was one of the founders of the Free Religioiis Association and 
finally withdrew h-om connection with any specific diurch. Itie last years of his lif« 
were spent in Boston, where he devoted himself to literary work. 

Puller, Arthur Buckminster. ga PgSaf 

Fuller, Richard Frederick. Chaplain Fuller; being a life sketch of 
a New England clergyman and army chaplain. 1863. Walker. 

Life of Arthur Buckminster Fuller (i8a2-6a), a Unitarian minister and brother of 
liargaret Fuller. He was chaplain of the i6th regiment of Massachusetts volunteers 
and was killed at the battle of Fredericksburg. 

Pulton, Robert rga P986C 

Colden, Cadwallader David. Life of Robert Fulton; read before the 
Literary and Philosophical Society of New York, with an appendix 
[containing documents]. 1817. Kirk. 

A biography of considerable length as it contains material not read befort tba 
society. The author was a personal friend of Fulton and writes chiefly in regard to 
his inventions. 

Pulton, Robert. 9a P986S 

Sutcliffe, Mrs Alice (Crary). Robert Fulton and the "Clermont;" 
the authoritative story of Robert Fulton's early experiences, persistent 
efforts and historic achievements, containing many of Fulton's hitherto 
unpublished letters, drawings and pictures. 1909. Century. 

Pumess, William Henry, & Emerson, R. W. 9a EsSGr 

Records of a lifelong friendship, 1807-1882, Ralph Waldo Emerson 

and William Henry Furness; ed. by H. H. F[urness]. 1910. Houghton. 

Fumess (1809-96), whose friendship with Emerson dated from childhood, was a 
Unitarian clergyman, for 50 years minister of the First Unitarian Church in Philadel- 
phia. This correspondence, covering the years from 1837 to 1875, is full of affection 
and mutual recognition. A poem entitled "Fortus" is included, written by Emerson, 
aged ten, and illustrated by Fumess, aged eleven. 

Gabryella, pseud. Sie ^michowskm, Narcyza. 

Galileo. 9^ GX47 

Private life of Galileo; comp. principally from his correspondence 
and that of his eldest daughter, Sister Maria Celeste. 1869. Potter. 

Affords very interesting glimpses of the social and domestic relations of Galileo, in 
which his own character is presented in the most favorable light. His daughter's letters 
are so many pictures of convent life in the 17th century. 

Gaiaeo. 9a Gx47<a 

Favaro, Antonio. Galileo Galilei e lo studio di Padova. 2v. 1883. 
"Seritti e docnmenti GalUeiani," v. a, p.460-471. 

Gait, John. 9^ Oisfi 

Autobiography. 2v. 1833. Key. 


Gait, John. rga Gisft 

Literary life, and Miscellanies. 3v. 1834. Blackwood. 

V.I. Literary life. 

v.2-3. Miscellanies. 

Scottish novelist (i 779-1 839). 

"The chief authorities for Gait's career are his Autobiography and literary Life. 
But both works, though diffuse, are provoldngly deficient in dates and definiteness of 
detail." Dictionary of national biography. 

Galton, Francis. ga G159 

Memories of my life. [1908.] Methuen. 

"Books and memoirs by the author," p.335-331. 

Author, bom in 182^, is an English anthropologist and traveler, known especially 
for his studies of heredity and his discovery of the method of personal identification by 
means of finger-print impressions. 

"Those who are interested in the history of the growth of science in this country^ 
and in the men who participated in its development* will thank Dr Galton for havinig 
provided them with a characteristic accotint of his own life and of his relations with 
three generations of men of thought and action." Naturg, igo8, 

Gambetta, Leon Michel. 93 Gz63|^ 

Gheusi, Pierre B. Gambetta, life and letters; authorised trans- 
lation by V. M. Montagu. 1910. Unwin. 

"These letters are mostly addressed to members of his own £amilj>— his father, mother^ 
and sister. They do not perhaps throw much light upon the history of the time, but 
they reveal the deep tenderness of an affectionate nature which never failed under any 
trials... Well translated." Saturday review, 1910, 

Garfield, James Abram. 9a Gi84h 

Hoar, George Frisbie. James Abram Garfield. 1882. Houghton. 

Eulogy delivered in Worcester, Mass. shortly after Garfield's death. 

Garibaldi, Gen, Giuseppe. 9a GzSse 

Epistolario, con documenti e lettere inedite (1836-1882); raccolto 
ed annotato da £. £. Ximenes. 2v. in i. 1885. 

Garibaldi, Gen. Giuseppe. 9a GzSsm 

Memorie autobiografiche. 1888. 

Garibaldi^ Gen. Giuseppe. 9a GzSsc 

Causa, Cesare. Giuseppe Garibaldi; storia della sua vita, narrata al 
popolo. [1910.] 

Garibaldi, Gen. Giuseppe. q9a GzSsmar 

Mario, Signora Jessie Merriton (White). Garibaldi e i suoi tempi. 
1907. (Edizione popolare del centenario.) 

Garibaldi, Gen. Giuseppe. 9a GxSsma 

Mario, Signora Jessie Merriton (White). Vita di Giuseppe Garibaldi. 
2v. in I. 1904. 

Garman, Charles Edward. 9a GZ87 

Letters, lectures and addresses; a memorial volume prepared with 
the cooperation of the class of 1884, Amherst College, by E. M. Gar- 
man. 1909. Houghton. 

Charles E. Garman (i 850-1 907) was connected for »$ years with the faculty of 
Amherst College, and exercised a remarkable influence as a teacher who made philosophy 
a matter of vital interest to young men. He lifted college teaching out of mechanici^ 
and academic routine, and passing by the opportunity to publish or to pursue original 
investigation, devoted all his energies to being an inspiring teacher. Appendix contain* 
tributes by former students who had felt his charm and power. 


Qarretty John. rga Gxgah 

Hayden, Horace Edwin. Major John Garrett, slain July 3, 1778; a 
forgotten hero of the massacre of Wyoming, Pa. 1895. 

Appeared in the "Harritburg telegraph," Oct 24, a8, 1893. 
Includes genealogical notes on the (^rrett family. 

Grarrick, David. qrga GX94 

Private correspondence of David Garrick with the most celebrated 
persons of his time; now first published from the originals and illus- 
trated with notes and a new biographical memoir of Garrick. 2v. 1835. 

Chief authority for his life. 

Garrick, David. 9a GX94 

Some unpublished correspondence; ed. by G. P. Baker. 1907. 


Binder's title reads "Letters of David Garrick." 

Reproduces some 40 letters and manuscripts, which although interesting do not 
tiirow much new light on the actor's disposition, ability or career. Many portraits. 

Garrick, David. 9a G194P 

Parsons, Mrs Florence Mary. Garrick and his circle. 1906. Put- 

"Some works consulted," p.i7-ao. 

A careful study of the period derived from the mass of existing material. Written 
with excellent taste and keen judgment. 

"Invaluable to all who may desire to acquaint themselves with theatrical and social 
conditions during the latter half of the eighteenth century in England, but are unable 
to go to the ori^nal aources of information.'' NoHon, 1906. 

Garrison, Wendell Phillips. 9a Gi95a 

Letters and memorials. 1908. Riverside Press. 

Contents: Letters. — Fortieth anniversary of the "Nadon." — Poems. — Editorials and 
essays. — ^The new GtdUver. 

"Wendell Phillips Garrison," p.3-11. 

Aim of this small selection from the whole body of his work is to exhibit some of 
^e principles and convictions, the editorial methods and ideals, the tastes and interests 
of the man who for over 40 years (1865-1906) was literary editor of the New York 

Garrison, William Lloyd. 9a G1958W 

Swift, Lindsay. William Lloyd Garrison. 191 1. Jacobs. (Amer- 
ican crisis biographies.) 

"Bibliography," p.387^90. 

Sets forth in brief compass and in an orderly manner the main events of Garrison's 
career, giving enough of general history to show the connection and enough of personal 
detail to show the man. More successfully than almost any other historian who has 
dealt with the abolition movement, Mr Swift has outlined the moral foundations of 
Gnrrison's course. Ccndtnstd from Nation, 1911. 

Gaskellf Mrs Elizabeth Cleghorn (Stevenson). 9a Gaxsc. 

Chadwick, Mrs Esther Alice. Mrs Gaskell; haunts, homes and 
stories. 1910. Pitman. 

"Bibliography," p.4S4-*464< 

It was Mrs Gaakell's wish that her biography should not be written, hence none of 
her letters are available and the lack of them is felt in this book, which is partly bio- 
graphical and partly critical and which identifies many of the persons and scenes of her 
novels with actual characters and incidents. 

Gathome-Hardy, Gathorne, iorl of Cranbrook. Set Cranbrook, Gathorne 
Gathorne-Hardy, iorl of. 


Genast, Eduard. ga Gagi 

Aus dem tagebuche eines alten schauspielers. 4y. in 3. 1S62-66, 

George III, king of England. qrga Gszzh 

Huish, Robert. Public and private life of George the Third, com- 
prising also an historical memoir of the house of Brunswick from its 

early foundation to the present period [1821]. 1821. Kelly. 

Anecdotal, quasi-historical account by an obscure English writer. lUustrmted. 

George IV, king of England, 19a Gsixac 

Croly, George. Life and times of His late Majesty, George the 
Fourth, with anecdotes of distinguished persons of the last 50 years. 
1830. Duncan. 

**A work of no historical value, but creditable to his [Croly's] independence of 
spirit.'* Dictionary of noHonal biography, 

George V, king of England, 9a Gszist 

Smith, Annie A. Our sailor king [George V, king of England], with 
preface by Sir George Bird wood. 191 o. Shaw. 

Popular life of the king to his accession. Illustrated. 

Geselschap, Friedrich. Sei Artists, p. 1404. 

Ghirlandajo, Domenico. See Artists, p.1409. 

Ghialen de Busbecq, Augier. See Busbecq, Augier Ghislen de. 

Gibbon, Edward. ga G36Z 

Life, with selections from his correspondence and illustrations by 
H. H. Milman. 1839. Murray. 

Contents: Memoirs of my life and writings.— Letters from Edward Gibbon to Lord 
Sheffield. — LeUers from Edward Gibbon to Lord Sheffield and others. 

Gibbon, Edward. 9a G36ime 

Memoirs written by himself, and a selection from his letters, with 
occasional notes and narrative by Lord Sheffield; ed. by Henry Morley. 
1891. Routledge. 

"Edward Gibbon's unfinished Memoirs ... are justly regarded as one of the best 
pieces of Autobiography in English Literature. Supplemented by his nearest surviving 
friend, with an account of his death and a selection from his familiar letters, they re- 
produce for us the writer of the 'History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Em- 
pire.' " Introduction. 

Gibson, John, 1 790-1866. See Artists, p.1361. 

Giffard, Martha (Temple), lady, 9a G377 

Martha, lady Giffard, her life and correspondence (1664-1722); ed. 

by J. G. Longe, with preface by [E. A.] Parry. 1911. Allen. 

Lady Giffard was the sister of Sir William Temple, lived with him, ac eo mp anled 
him in his diplomatic missions and survived him for some years. At a letter-writer she 
does not shine in comparison with her sister-in-law, Dorothy Osborne, to whose "Letters'* 
tUs volume is in a sense a sequel, but her letters give perhaps a wider view of the 
domestic and courtly life of the time, and they carry on the story of Sir WiUlam Tem- 
ple's life which his wife's letters begin. 

Gilbert, Sir William Schwenck. ga G3a4b 

Browne, Edith A. W. S. Gilbert. 1907. Lane. (Stars of the stage.) 

Contents: The genesis of an impressionist sketch. — ^The nebulous stage. — The Bah 
ballads. — Gilbert as playwright. — Our national opera. — The national debt to W. S. Gil- 
bert — List of the Gilbert and Sullivan operas. — The O. P. Club Savoyard celebrmtioik 


Gilbert^ Sir William Schwenck — canimued. 9a GjS^b 

dinner, to^st list and programme. — List of Savoyards present at the dinner. — The plays 
of W. S. Gilbert; bibliography. 

Brief biography of an English dramatist, best known for the comic operas in which 
he collaborated with the composer. Sir Arthur Sullivan. 

Gilchrist, Mrs Anne' (Burrows). 93 G385 

Her life and writings; cd. by H. H. Gilchrist, with a prefatory notice 
by W. M. Rossetti. 1887. Unwin. 

This life of the English authoress (iSaS-Ss) is largely composed of letters and 
anecdotes. She numbered among her friends and correspondents the Carlyles, the Roa- 
settis, Tennyaon and Watt Whitman. Two essays on Whitman's poetry are included. 

Gtlman, Daniel Coit. 9a G4ai£ 

Franklin, Fabian. Life of Daniel Coit Gilman. 1910. Dodd. 

Mr Gilman (1831-1908) scored more, and more variona, successes than any other 
man who ever dealt with education in America. Others may have equaled him in the 
quali^ of their service, but none conducted so many important enterprises so sue* 
cessfuUy. Deeply associated with the organization of the Sheffield Scientific School 
at New Haven, with the upbuUdlng of the University of California, the foundation of 
Johns Hopkins University, and of its Medical School, he found energy at seventy to 
inaugurate the work of the Carnegie Institution, and in the last year of his life he 
practically gave shape to the Russell Sage Foundation for sociological and charitable 
investigation. In treating such a career, the biographer had no choice but to merge 
the hero in his causes. This Dr Franklin, a former Johns Hopkins colleague, has 
done, adding as a sort of supplement a selection from his intimate correspondence, and 
a brief sketch of his family life by Mrs Gilman. Dr Franklin has set forth with admi- 
rable orderliness and lucidity the chief activities of a wied and complicated life. 
Condensed from Nation, igio. 

Gilnuui, Daniel Coit. rga G4azi 

Johns Hopkins University. Daniel Coit Gilman, first president of 
the Johns Hopkins University, 1876-1901. 1908. (Circulars, no.211.) 

The same, 1908. (In its Circulars, no.211.) <1>^378.7 J35 ncazz 

Report of the exercises held in honor of his memory, Nov. 8, 1908. Includes ad- 
dresses by President Remsen, James Bryce and others, and a biographical sketch by 
W. C. Gilman. 

Giorsione, called Barbarelli. See Artists, p.1410. 

Giovanna I, queen of Naples. ga G44ZS 

Steele, Francesca Maria. The beautiful queen, Joanna I of Naples. 

1910. Hutchinson. 

"Sources of information and books consulted," p.337-338. 

Relates entertainingly the stormy life of Joanna of Naples, who came to the throne 
in 1343. A more favorable interpretation of her character than that offered by some of 
her other biographersi 

Girard, Stephen. rga G445ft 

Simpson, Stephen. Biography of Stephen Girard, with his will 
affixed; comprising an account of his private life, habits, genius and 
manners, together with a detailed history of his banking and financial 
operations. 1832. Bonsai. ' 

Girard (1750-1831) was an American merchant and i^anthropist He was largely 
interested in the first United States bank and during tibe war of i8xa was the chief 
finanrial support of the government. 

Gislenitu Binbequitu, Augerius. See Busbccq, Augier Ghislen de. 
Giulio Romano. See Artists, p. 141a 



Giusti, Giuseppe. 9a 64556 

Epistolario; ordinate da Giovanni Frassi e preceduto dalla vita 
deir autore. 2v. 1903. 

Gladden, Washington. 9a G457 

Recollections. 1909. Houghton. 
"Books by Washington Gladden," p.433-434. 
Story of his long career as editor, preacher and social reformer. 

Godkin, Edwin Lawrence. 93 G554 

Life and letters; ed. by Rollo Ogden. 2v. 1907. Macmillan. 

Bibliography, y.2, p. 260-268. 

Godldn (1831-1902) was an American journalist and political writer, bom in Ire- 
land. In 1865 he established and became editor of the "Nation." He was one of the 
foremost leader writers in the history of the American press and his editorials in the 
"Nation" from the first influenced the best thought of the time. 

Goethe, Frau Catharina Elisabetha (Textor). 9a G5593 

Goethe's mother; correspondence of Catharine Elizabeth Goethe 
with Goethe, Lavater, Wieland, Duchess Anna Amalia of Saxe-Weimar, 
Friedrich von Stein and others; tr. from the German, with biographi- 
cal sketches and notes, by A. S. Gibbs, with an introductory note by 
Clarence Cook. 1880. Dodd. 

In his life of Goethe, Lewes speaks of Goethe's mother as "one of the pleasantest 
figures in German literature." The letters are natural and delightful, full of pride in 
her famous son, warmth of affection and joyousness of spirit. 

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von. 9a G559d 

Diintzer, Johann Heinrich Joseph. Goethes leben. 1883. 

"A valuable contribution. But it will not supersede Lewes's book [Life and works 
of Goethe, 92 Gssgle]; it will be read with it... The book is not so much a biography 
as materials for a biography. Of the writer's industry in collecting and verifying his 
materials it is impossible to speak too highly, but of his skill in arranging them it is 
still less possible to speak politely. ..The other stumbling-block is the attitude of adora- 
tion Herr Diintzer assumes toward Goethe." Saturday rtvitw, 1884, 

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von. 9a G559du 

Diintzer, Johann Heinrich Joseph. Life of Goethe; tr. by T. W. 
Lyster. 1884. Estes. 

"A small selection from the works of most importance to the student of Goethe's 
biography," p.21-22. 

Goodrich, Samuel Griswold, (pseud. Peter Parley). 9a G6a8p 

Peter Parley's own story. 1864. Sheldon. 

Gordon, Leon. 93 G658r 

Rhine, Abraham Benedict. Leon Gordon; an appreciation. 1910. 
Jewish Publication Soc. of America. 

"Bibliography," p. 1 75-1 76. 

Gordon (1831-92) was a Russian Hebrew writer and poet. 

Gordon, Sir Thomas Edward. 9a G659 

A varied life; a record of military and civil service, of sport and of 

travel in India, Central Asia and Persia, 1849-1902. 1906. Murray. 

"Sport and military service take up a large part of this book, but it differs from 
the biographies of many soldiers in the fact that the author's long life in the East 
brought him into personal contact with five Central Asian sovereigns." Academy, /906. 


Gordon-Cumming, Constance Frederica. See Cumming, Constance 
Frederica Gordon-. 

[Gosse, Edmund William.] 9a GdgSg 

Father and son; biographical recollections. 1907. Scribner. 

"Record of the author's childhood and youth in a home where the most austere 
Puritanism prevailed; of his father, a scientist of distinction, devoted first of all to the 
religious bringing up of his son. Tells of the development of the boy's individuality* 
and the final break between father and son, between the rigid religion of the past and 
^e liberality of the present, which sacrificed neither the love of the father nor the 
respect of the son. Written with great charm, with delicacy of feeling, poetic insight* 
and not a little humor." A. L. A. booklist, igoS. 

Gdthe, Johann Wolfgang von. See Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von. 

Gower, Lady Harriet Elizabeth (Cavendish) Leveson-, countess Gran- 
viUe. See Granville, Lady Harriet Elizabeth (Cavendish) Leveson- 
Gower, countess, 

Goya 7 Lucientes, Francisco. See Artists, p.1411. 

Graham, James, marquis of Montrose. See Montrose, James Graham^ 
marquis of. 

Grant, Gen, Ulysses Simpson. r92 GySgb 

Boyd, James Penny. Military and civil life of Gen. Ulysses S. Grant, 
leading soldier of the age, president of the United States, loved and 
honored American citizen, the world's most distinguished man. 1886. 

Grant, Gen, Ulysses Simpson. 9a GySgn 

Nicolay, Helen. Boys' life of Ulysses S. Grant. 1909. Century. 

Grant, Gen, Ulysses Simpson. 9a G7898 

Smith, Nicholas. Grant, the man of mystery. 1910. Young Church- 
man Co. 

Somewhat eulogistic work which aims to give a concise sketch of Grant's life and 
character, but which over-emphasizes the so-called mystery of his personality. 

Granville, Harriet Elizabeth (Cavendish) Leveson-Gower, 9a G79za 
Letters, 1810-45; ed. by her son F. L. Gower. 2v. 1894. Longmans. 

The countess of Granville [1806-68I was the daughter of the fifth duchess ot 
Devonshire, famous for her beauty, and the wife of a diplomat who at various timiet 
repretented England at the eourts of St. Peteriburg, The Hague and Paris. 

"Her letters to her brother and sisters, written in all the freedom of confidential 
intercourse, are racy, graphic, humorous and instinct with good tense and right feeling 
...[Their] greatest charm, however... it the pathos which underliet their mirth, and 
the true nobility of character which, in tcenet little favourable to serious thought or 
delicate feeling, preserved Lady Granville throughout life wholly untpotted by the world 
. . .The work formt an important and moat agreeable addition to our knowl^ge of Eng- 
lish society in the first half of tiie century." Saturday rgvUw, 1894. 

Grattan, Henry, i746-i82a 9a G799g 

Grattan, Henry, 1789-1859. Memoirs of the life and times of Henry 
Grattan, by his son. 5v. 183(^46. Colbum. 

Grattan was an Iriah statesman and orator, through whose efforts the independence 
of the Iri^ parliament waa secured in 1783. 


Gray, David, 1836-88. 9a G8i6a 

Letters, poems and selected prose writings; ed. with a biographical 
memoir by J. N. Larned. 2v. 1888. Courier Co. 

V.I. Life, letters, poems, etc. 

v.a. Letten of travel. 

Gray was poet, journalist and a man of particularly attractive personality. The let» 
ters of travel were written to the "Buffalo courier," of which he was editor for manj 

Gray, Thomas, 1716-71. 9a GSzggr 

Gray and his friends; letters and relics in great part hitherto un- 
published; ed. by D. C. Tovey. 1890. Cambridge University Press. 

Contents: Introductory essay. — Unpublished letters, chiefly of foreign travel; 
Gray, Walpole and Ashton. — Correspondence and remains of Richard West. — Gray to 
John Chute. — Gray to Percy and Brockett. — Miss Speed to Gray. — Gray's Notes of 
travel. — Thoughts and verse fragments. — Collectanea and conjectures. — Latin poems. 

Grebk, John Trout. qrga GSasl 

Lossing, Benson John. Memoir of Lieut.-col. John T. Greble of the 

United States army. 1870. Privately printed. 

Greble (1834-61) was a graduate of the United States Military Academy and mftcr> 
ward served there as professor tmtil the outbreak of the Civil war. He was kQlcd at 
the battle of Big Bethel 

Greco, Dominico Theotocopuli, called. See Artists, p.1412. 

Greeley, Horace. qrga G8a6e 

Erlich, Jacob. Sketch of the life of Horace Greeley, with brief ex- 
tracts from his writings and biographical notes. 191 1. Chappaqua 
Historical Soc. 

Green, Thomas Hill. ga G833an 

Nettleship, Richard Lewis. Memoir of Thomas Hill Green, with 

a short preface specially written for this edition by Mrs T. H. Green. 

1906. Longmans. 

The same rga GSasn 

Admirable account of the distinguished English philosopher (1836-82), written by 
a friend and pupil, the editor of his works. It was first published in connection with 
Green's works in 1888 and ia mainly a record of his opinions. 

Greene, Robert. r8a8 G83 v.x 

Storozhenko, Nikolai IFich. Robert Greene, his life and works; a 
critical investigation; tr. from the Russian by E. A. B. Hodgctts, with 
introduction and additional notes by A. B. Grosart. 1878. (In Greene, 
Robert. Life and complete works, v.i.) 

Greenough, Horatio. 9^ G847 

Letters to his brother Henry Greenough, with biographical sketches 

and some contemporary correspondence; ed. by F. B. Greenough. 1887. 


One of the earliest American sculptors (1805-52). The letters give descriptiona of 
art and society in Europe and America, as well aa revelationa of his own interesting 

Grenfell, Wilfred Thomason. 9a 0875g 

Adrift on an ice-pan. Houghton. 

"Biographical sketch," p.ii-a6. 

Vivid account of the author's sensations and experiences while drifting out to sea 
in a field of broken ice. • 


Gresham, Sir Thomas. 9a GSygb 

Burgon, John William. Life and times of Sir Thomas Gresham; 
compiled chiefly from his correspondence, including notices of many 
of his contemporaries. 2v. 1839. Jennings. 

Sir Thomas Gresham (1519^-79) was an English merchant and financier, to 
whose shrewd advice Queen Elizabeth's successful financial policy owed much. 

Grey, Lady Jane. ga GSSyad 

Davey, Richard. The nine days' queen, Lady Jane Grey and her 
times; ed. with introduction by Martin Hume. [1909.] Methuen. 

"Bibliography of Lady Jane Grey/' p.363-364. 

Easy, informed and sympathetic, Mr Davey is rightly equipped for the task he set 
himself in writing of Lady Jane Grey. In his account of her nine days' sovereignty, her 
education and bringing-up, he corrects some errors of strange popularity, and in the 
introduction Mr Hume exposes the political situation in Europe and the social condition 
of England in such a way as to make intelligible much that would confuse the average 
man. The work will please the general public. Condensed from Outlook (London), i^fog, 

Grieg» Edvard. 92 G89ZI 

Lee, Ernest Markham. Grieg. 1908. Bell. (Bell's miniature series 
of musicians.) 

"Some books and articles on Grieg," p.8o. 

Little volume of 80 pages. Both biographical and critical. 

Grierson, Francis. 9a G89za 

Valley of shadows. 1909. Constable. 

Contents: Proem. — The meeting-house. — The load-bearer. — The log-house. — Soc- 
rates gives advice. — Silas Jordan's illness. — The cabin of Socrates. — ^At the post-office. 
— My visit to the load-bearer's home. — A night of mystery. — Sowing and reaping. — The 
flight.'^The camp-meeting.— The pioneer of the Sangamon country. — The regulators. — 
Alton and the Mississippi. — ^Abraham Lincoln. — St Louis; society and the churches. — 
The great fair. — The Planters', bouse. — The torch-light procession. — Camp Jackson. — 
General Fremont — ^The dance of death. — In the maze.— Grierson's raid. — The valley of 

The author of this fascinating book of reminiscence was bom in England in 1848. 
The next year his father emigrated to America and settled in the Illinois country. There 
^e sensitive and keenly observant boy grew to manhood. The thread of incident run- 
ning through the first two-thirds of the book gives it somewhat the character of a novel, 
but the last chapters have slight connection with what has gone before. Three chapters 
are given to Fremont and his experiences, and there is an admirable description of the 
Lincoln-Douglas debate, and of the dty of St. Louis about i860. It is a matter of regret 
that a work which makes, in large part, so welcome an addition to autobiographical 
literature should not have been more consistently carried out Condensed from Nation, 

Griscelli de Vessani, Jacques Francois, calUd baron de Rimini, r9a G9a7 

Memoirs. 1888. Remington. 

Griscclli de Vcxzani was at various times secret agent of Napoleon III, Cavour and 

Guesdin, Bertrand du. See Du Guesclin, Bertrand. 

Guide RenL See Artists, p. 141a 

Gulliver, Lemuel, pseud. See Swift, Jonathan, dean. 

Gunning, Elizabeth, afterward duchess of Hamilton and Argyll. See Hamil- 
ton, Elizabeth (Gunning), duchess of, afterward duchess of Argyll. 

Gustavus II, Adolphus, king of Sweden. qrga G983 

Gustaf II Adolfs bref till Ebba Brahe, med en inledning af P. 
Sond^n. [1901.] 


Gustavus II, Adolphus, king of Stmden. 9a GgSah 

Harte, Walter, tlistory of Gustavus Adolphus, king of Sweden, 
to which is prefixed an Essay on the military state of Europe, con- 
taining the manners and customs in the early part of the 17th century; 
revised by J. J. Stockdale. 2v. 1807. Stockdale. 

"A list of the books made use of in composing tibe life of GtutETUS Adolphut,** 
Y.I, p. 24-28. 

First published in 1759. 

Gustavus III, king of Sweden, ga GgSsab 

Bain, Robert Nisbet. Gustavus III and his contemporaries, 1746- 

1792; an overlooked chapter of i8th century history, av. 1894. PauL 

V.2 contains an excellent outline of Swedish literature with etpecial reference to 
the period of Gustavus III. 

Gustavus III was king of Sweden from 1771 until hit death. 

"Valuable and permanent addition to historical literature. It is the fruit of 
original research, and sets in a clear and accurate light many hitherto distorted passages 
in the career of a sovereign who may almost be called great." Saiurday review, 1895. 

Guyon, Mme Jeanne Marie Bouvier de la Motte. 9a G993 

Autobiography; tr. in full by T. T. Allen. 2v. 1897. Paul. 

First complete translation of the autobiography of the French mystic and quietist 
(1648-1717). The earlier lives are founded on it but they fail to reproduce its peculiar 
charm and power. 

Haeckel, Ernst. 9a Hiaab 

Bolsche, Wilhelm. Haeckel; his life and work, with introduction 

and supplementary chapter by the translator, Joseph McCabe. 1906. 


"Bibliography," P.3S3-3S7. 

"Record of the life of the celebrated German biologist written with... good taste, 
and in a spirit of discriminating good fellowship." Outlook (London), 1906. 


Hale, ^fV Matthew. 9a Hz6iaw 

Williams, ^tV John Bickerton. Memoirs of the life, character and 
writings of Sir Matthew Hale. 1835. Jackson. 

Hale (1609-76) was chief justice of England under Charles II. 

92 H165r 

.lyosn iywn»H i3n:Dyi;i nyi ,'»'i^n miiT* 
Halifax, George Savile, marquis of. 92 HzCyf 

Foxcroft, H. C. Life and letters of Sir George Savile, first marquis 
of Halifax, with a new edition of his works now for the first time col- 
lected and revised. 2v. 1898. Longmans. 

Savile (1633-95) ^m an English politician and statesman, lord privy teal imdcr 
Charles II and WUliam III. 

"His finely balanced intellect appears to best advantage in his writings. As m 
censor of the heated partisan conflicts of the day, and as an inspirer of the declaration 
of rights. . .Halifax exercised a far-reaching influence, and his political opinions rather 
than his acts give his career its chief historical importance." Dictionary of nationai 

Hamilton, Alexander. 9a HZ980 

Oliver, Frederick Scott. Alexander Hamilton; an essay on Ameri- 
can union. 1906. Constable. 

Biography of Hamilton and a study of American politics during the critical period 
just sfter the Revolutionary war, by an Englishman. The final chapters are devoted to 
a comparison of the conditions which confronted Hamilton with those before the Eng- 
lish people to-day. 


Hamilton, Alexander. ga HxgSsh 

Shea, George. Life and epoch of Alexander Hamilton; a historical 
study. 1881. Houghton. 

To 1777, when Hamilton was api>ointed aide-de-camp to Washington. 

Hamilton, Elizabeth {Gunning), duchess of, afterward rga Haiiab 

duchess of Argyll. 
Bleackley, Horace William. Story of a beautiful duchess; being an 
account of the life & times of Elizabeth Gunning, duchess of Hamilton 
&. Argyll. 1907. Constable. 

The duchess of Hamilton (1734-90) was one of the most beautiful and virtuous of 
the women of her time. The author has consulted contemporary newspapers and letters 
and has produced an entertaining if somewhat gossipy narrative. 

Hamilton, Emma (Lyon), lady. qrga Hazzb 

Baily, J. T. Herbert. Emma, lady Hamilton; a biographical essay 
with a catalogue of her published portraits. 1905. Menzies. 

Brings together 2$ reproductions of the most famous of her portraits, including all 
^e best Ronmeyt. The text it more of a setting for the pietures than an origtoal eoo- 
tribotion to history. 

Hamilton, Emma (Lyon), lady. 92 Haixs 

Sichel, Walter Sydney. Emma, lady Hamilton; from new and origi- 
nal sources and documents, together with an appendix of notes and 
new letters. 1905. Constable. 

Lady Hamilton (i76i?-i8i5) was a celebrated English beauty, wife of Sir William 
Hamilton, ambassador at Naples. She was a powerful influence in the life of Lord 
Nelson and was supposed to have played a considerable part in the political relations of 
the court of Naples with England. 

**Mr. Walter Sichel has utilised several new 'sources' for the life of Lady Hamilton. 
Some letters by her were not acquired bj the British Museum until 1896 and were 
^erefore unknown to earlier writers on the Neapolitan period of Nelson's life; and 
there can be no doubt that the author's treatment of the whole subject is far more com- 
plete and authoritative than that of Mr. Cordy Jeaffreson." English historical review, 

Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood, Frederick Temple, marquess of Dufferin 
and Ava. See Dufferin and Ava, Frederick Temple Hamilton- 
Temple-Blackwood, marquess of. 

Hampden, John. 9a Haa&i 

Nugent, George Nugent Temple Grenville, baron. Some memorials 
of John Hampden, his party and his times, with a memoir of the writer. 
1854. Chapman. 

Hampden (i 594-1 643), a leader in both the Short and the Long Parliaments, Js 
chiefly remembered as the opposer of ship-money. This biography called forth Ma- 
canlay's essay on Hampden, in which the work is praised, although he regrets that no 
new material has been brought to light 

\t Chester. 9a Hass 

Sketch of Chester Harding, artist, drawn by his own hand; ed. by 

his daughter, M. £. White. 1890. Houghton. 

Harding (179S-1866) was an American portrait-painter, a self-educated artist who 
rose from the humblest beginnings to prominence and popularity. He painted many of 
the celebrities of his time in England and America. He was at one stage in his career 
engaged in business in Pittsburgh as a sign-painter. 


Hardwicke, Philip Yorke, earl of. ' 93 Hasgh 

Harris, George, 1809-90. Life of Lord Chancellor Hardwicke, with 
selections from his correspondence, diaries, speeches and judgements. 
3v. 1847. Moxon. 

An authority for the life of this eminent English jurist (1690-1764), lord chan- 
cellor for nearly 20 years. 

Hardy, Gathorne Gathorne-, iarl of Cranbrook. See Cranbrook, Gathorne 
Gathorne-Hardy, earl of. 

Harland, Marion, (pseud, of Mrs Mary Virginia (Hawes) 9a Ha74 

Autobiography; the story of a long life. 1910. Harper. 

Contains also a sketch of E. P. Terhune, by J. R. Duryee. 

"The author's memory runs back to a quarter century before the ciTil war, and 
oat of her recollections she constructs a picture of what the Old South was and presents 
striking war pictures; her literary activities and her travels are discoursed upon pleasant- 
ly; and she brings her story down to her present activities at the head of the woman's 
syndicate page established by the North American." Book rtvUw digest, igio. 

Harrison, Gen, Thomas. 9a Hsiaa 

Simpkinson, Charles Hare. Thomas Harrison, regicide and major- 
general. 1905. Dent. (Temple biographies.) 

Harrison (1606-60) was a regicide and religious fanatic His connection with die 
Fifth Monarchy men and his conspiracies against Cromwell resulted in impriaonmeat 
and loss of office. At the restoration, as one of the seven regicides, he was con- 
demned to death and executed. 

Harrisse, Henry. r9a Hszaag 

Growoll, Adolf. Henry Harrisse; biographical and bibliographical 
sketch. 1899. Dibdin Club. 

"List of his bibliographical writings," p.9-13. 

Harrisse was the compiler of the "Bibliotheca Americana vetustissima" and author 
of various books on the early discoveries in North America. 

Hastings, Selina Shirley, countess of Huntingdon, 9a H3433I 

Life and times of Selina, countess of Huntingdon, by a member of 
the houses of Shirley and Hastings. 2v. 1844. Painter. 

The countess of Huntingdon (1707-91) was one of the most influential promoters 
of the early Methodist movement and an intimate friend of the brothers Wesley and of 
Whitefield. She founded numerous chapels and expended large sums in the support of 
young men trained for itinerant preaching. 

Hastings, Warren. 92 H343g 

Gleig, George Robert. Memoirs of the life of Warren Hastings; 

comp. from original papers. 3v. 1841. Bentley. 

The main source for Hastings's biography and the text of Macaulay's famous essay. 
Macaulay says that the work consisted of "three big, bad volumes, full of undigested 
correspondence and undiscerning panegyric." 

Hastings, Warren. 9a H343la 

Lawson, Sir Charles Allen. Private life of Warren Hastings, first 

governor-general of India. 1895. Sonnenschein. 

"Anecdotic biography of the Governor-General, with notices of his friends, hk 
enemies, his trial in Westminster Hall, and hb later years. It is admirably illustrated 
with portraits and views and reproductions of contemporary caricatures. The author 
is more deeply interested in the personality than in the achievements of his hero. He 
does not attempt to deal with the administration of Hastings in India or with his 
career as a public man." Nation, 1895, 


Hawthorne, Nathaniel. 9a HaSyla 

Lathrop, George Parsons. Study of Hawthorne. 1876. Osgood. 

Biographical and critical. 

Ha¥rthome, Nathaniel. 9a K^jSju 

Stearns, Frank Preston. Life and genius of Nathaniel Hawthorne. 
1906. Lippincott. 

Eulogistic biography. 

Haydon, Benjamin Robert. 9a Hayial 

Life, letters and table talk; ed. by R. H. Stoddard. 1876. Scribner. 

Eni^iah historical painter (1786-1846), who numbered among his correspondents 
Mitford, Sir Walter Scott, Wordsworth and Keats. 

Haydon, Benjamin Robert. 9a Hayiali 

Life of Benjamin Robert Haydon, historical painter, from his auto- 
biography and journals; ed. and comp. by Tom Taylor. 2v. 1853. 

*'A valuable biography." Dictionary of national biography. 

Haydon, Benjamin Robert. 9a Hayias 

Symonds, E. M. (pseud. George Paston). B. R. Haydon and his 

friends. 1905. Nisbet. 

**Rarely has a professional man had a career more bitter than fell to the lot of this 
friend of Keats and Lamb. . . Yet. . .he cherished high ambitions with a splendid sincerity, 
and the concise, well-balanced account of his career. . .is. . .well worth reading for its re- 
production of the atmosphere in which generations of Briti^ artists have Uved." At' 
ioHtie monthly, 1906. 

Hajme, Robert Young. 9a H374aj 

Jervey, Theodore Dehon. Robert Y. Hayne and his times. 1909. 

"Mr. Jervey has devoted his book more to the times in South Carolina and par* 
ticularlj in Charleston, and to the course of federal polidcs upon the state*rights issue, 
than to a detailed narrative of Hayne's doings. In fact the book is principally a 
chronicle of Charleston affairs from 1791 to 1839, with Hayne's career a recurring 
rather than a continuous theme." American historical review, 1910. 

Heam, Lafcadio. 9a HsSsaj 

Japanese letters; ed. with an introduction by Elizabeth Bisland. 
1910. Houghton. 

Contents: Letters to B. H. Chamberlain. — Letters to W. B. Mason. — Letters to Mrs 

"To those who still practice the moribund art of hobnobbing with books, of being 
intimate with them and running in on them for informal converse, the volume offers 
endless possibilities of intellectual stimulus and pleasant intercourse. Nine-tenths of the 
coUection are letters to Basil Hall Chamberlain, the noted and devoted student of Japan 
and guide, philosopher and familiar mental crony of Heam's Japanese years. In these 
letters Heam has almost literally poured out his mind to his friend. The comments of a 
keen critic of literature and of life, the subtle characterizations of an intuitively 
sympathetic observer, the whimsies of a child-like and sensitive imagination, and the 
joyous discoveries and puzzled bewilderments of a delver into alien mysteries, all tumble 
over one another in the fine disarray of an untrammeled spontaneity and with the un- 
sought perfection of trained faculties at play." Life, 1911. 

Heam, Lafcadio. 9a HaSsa 

Life and letters [ed.] by Elizabeth Bisland. 2v. 1906. Houghton. 
V.I. Introductory sketch, by Mrs Elizabeth (Bisland) Wetmore. — Letters, 
v.s. Letters (continued). 

Heam (1850-1904) was peculiarly fitted by temperament to become the ideal in- 
terpreter of Japan and he has left a series of books unique in our language. Mrs 


Heam, LsLics-dio— continued, ga HsSsa 

Wetmore, who was his intimate friend for 20 years, has succeeded in depicting his 
sensitive and exotic nature, which the letters themselves reveal even more clearly. A 
correspondence of unusual interest. 

Hearn, Lafcadio. 92 HsSsag 

Gould, George Milbry. Concerning Lafcadio Hearn. 1908. Jacobs. 

"Bibliography," by Laura Stedman, p.336-416. 

Dr Gould approaches the subject from a novel point of view. He is an eye special- 
ist, well known for a series of studies in which he has derived the eccentricities of 
various geniuses from faulty vision. In this respect Hearn, with his one eye intensely 
myopic, offered a tempting field which the oculist could not avoid. In the actual details 
of Hearn's life, Dr Gould presents not much that is new. The most valuable parts of 
the book are those in which Heam's literary activities are traced. Besides a long and 
complete analysis of all his published works, with extracts from the reviews of the time, 
there is also a full bibliography, which includes even the manuscripts left by Hearn. 
Condensed from Nation, 1908. 

Hearn, Lafcadio ga HaSsan 

Noguchi, Yone. Lafcadio Hearn in Japan. 1910. Kelly. 

Appreciations of Hearn by the Japanese lecturer on EngUsb literature in Keio Uni> 
▼ersity, Tokyo. Mrs Hearn's reminiscences and the recollections of Mr Otani are 
included. The make-up of the book is Japanese, and the illustrations include some of 
Mr Heam's own. 

Heidelbaugh, Milton. rga H4x6p 

Pennsylvania — Senate. Memorial proceedings upon the death of 
Milton Heidelbaugh, late a senator from the 13th district. 1909* 

Heine, Heinrich. ga H4X9 

Heinrich Heine's memoirs, from his works, letters and conversa- 
tions; ed. by Gustav Karpeles, English translation by Gilbert Cannan. 
2v. 1910. Heinemann. 

V.I. Childhood and youth. — Student years. — ^Wander years. — In exile. 

y.2. In exile (continued). — The living tomb. 

Compilation from his published writings in prose and verse, arranged in such a way 
as to form a sort of biography. Does not present a complete and coherent life of the 
poet, and the unity of the narrative is disturbed by the disparity of style shown in the 
various extracts. These extracts are not held together by any thread of commentary 
and no explanatory notes are supplied in the English version. In spite of defects, how- 
ever, it is a useful collection of material in convenient form. 

92 H419r 

Heine, Heinrich. ga H4ig8e 

Selden, Camille. Heinrich Heine's last days; newly tr. from the 
French by Mary Thiddall, with introductory notice of "La Mouche" 
[Camille Selden]. 1898. Unwin. 

Fragmentary reminiscences of the poet, with some of his letters to the author. 
Camille Selden (1829-96) was a French writer, an ardent admirer of Heine, whose 
close friend she became during his last illness. 

Helmholtz, Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand von. ga H4a9k 

Konigsberger, Leo. Hermann von Helmholtz; tr. by F. A. Welby, 
with a preface by Lord Kelvin. 1906. Clarendon Press. 

"Chronological index to the scientific career of Hermann von Helmholtz," p.7-17. 
Authorized biography of the eminent German physicist (1821-94). 


Hemana, Mrs Felicia Dorothea (Browne). ga H435C 

Chorley, Henry Fothergill. Life of Mrs Remans, with illustrations 
of her literary character from her private correspondence. 2v. in i. 
1842. Saunders. 

Treats of her career as a poetess rather than of her domestic life and is fullest for 
her later years, when Chorley knew her intimately. 

Hemana, Mrs Felicia Dorothea (Browne). ga H435h 

[Hughes, Mrs,] Memoir of the life and writings of Mrs Hemans, 

by her sister. 1842. Lea. 

This life of the English poetess (i 793-1 835) contains a number of her letters. 

Henry II, king of England, rga H45ZI 

Lyttelton, George Lyttelton, baron. History of the life of King 

Henry II and of the age in which he lived, to which is prefixed a 

History of the revolutions of England from the death of Edward the 

Confessor to the birth of Henry II. 4v. 1768. Faulkner. 

One of the most important works of Lord Lyttelton, prominent in pdlitics and let- 
ters in the i8th century, painstaking and industrious as an author, but never original. 
This biography has been described as "a full and sober account of the time." 

Henry III, king of Francs, ga H45X7f 

Freer, Martha Walker, afterward Mrs Robinson. Henry III, king 
of France and Poland; his court and times, from numerous unpublished 
sources, including ms. documents in the Biblioth^que Imp^riale and 
the archives of France and Italy, etc. 3v. 1888. Dodd. 

"Not a book of any critical value, but one of some interest for the account it gives 
of court life." Adams's Manual of historical literature. 

Henry IV, king of France and Navarre. qga H45xb 

Blair, Edward T. Henry of Navarre and the religious wars. 1895. 


The book lays no claim to scholarship. It cites no sources and gives no referencea 
to authorities. It is a simple narration of the fortunes of Henry IV, places the personal 
element in the foreground and makes love affairs and court intrigue of equal importance 
with the movement of politics. 

Henry, Joseph. rga H45aat 

Taylor, William Bower. Memoir of Joseph Henry; a sketch of his 
scientific work; read before the Philosophical Society of Washington, 
October 26th, 1878. 1879. 

The same, 1881. (In Smithsonian Institution. Miscellaneous col- 
lections, V.20, p.230-368.) r5o6 S66m 

"List of scientific papers by Joseph Henry," p.360-368. 

Henry (i 799-1 878) was an American physicist, especially noted for investigations in 

Henry, Patrick. g2 H45am 

Morgan, George. The true Patrick Henry. 1907. Lippincott. 

f "In preparing his entertaining volume, which is especially rich on the personal tide, 
and in its presentation of Virginia and family tradition, Mr. Morgan has had the tti« 
of many original papers relating to Henry, which have come to light since the pnblies* 
tion of Wirt's weU-known biography." Nation, 1907, 

Henry, William, 1729-86. 9a H453J 

Jordan, Francis. Life of William Henry of Lancaster, Pennsyl- 
vania, 1 729-1 786, patriot, military officer, inventor of the steamboat; a 
contribution to Revolutionary history. 1910. New Era Printing Co. 


Herbert, George. 9a H46iah 

Hyde, A. G. George Herbert and his times. 1906. Putnam. 

*'In coming to this theme Mr. Hyde has nothing new to add to our knowledge of 
Herbert's life or surroundings. But he has a cultivated style, is well read in the genera] 
field, and from common sources has put together a thoroughly entertaining volume." 
Nation, 1906. 

Herbert of Lea, Sidney Herbert, baron. 92 H463S 

Stanmore, Arthur Hamilton Gordon, baton. Sidney Herbert, lord 
Herbert of Lea; a memoir. 2v. 1906. Button. 

Herbert (18 10-61) was an English statesman and a man of peculiarly attractive 
personality and character. His connection with the War office, where he rendered his 
moat important service, covered the period of the Crimean war. 

Herrick, Robert, 1 591-1674. 9a H477m 

Moorman, Frederic William. Robert Herrick; a biographical & 

critical study. 1910. Lane. 

Patient md minute research has not enabled Mr Moorman to add anything dis- 
tinctly new to the story of Herrick's life, but he has given a very readable critical study 
of his poems. 

Hiester, Joseph. • ^974*8 P3993 v-^C 

Richards, Henry Melchior Muhlenberg. Governor Joseph Hiester; 
a historical sketch. 1907. (In Pennsylvania-German Society. Proceed- 
ings and addresses, v.i6 [pt.3].) 

Forms v. 17 of "Pennsylvania; the German influence in its settlement and develoi^ 

Higginson, Stephen. 9a H536ah 

Higginson, Thomas Wentworth. Life and times of Stephen Hig- 
ginson, member of the Continental congress (1783). 1907. Houghton. 

Stephen Higginson (i 743-1 828) was a Salem merchant, the grandfather of the 
author. He was active in the suppression of Shay's rebellion. 

Hill, George Birkbeck. 9a Hssa 

Letters; arranged by his daughter Lucy Crump. 1906. Arnold. 

The most important literary work of Hill (1835-1903) was the editing of Boswell's 

"They cannot in fairness be ranked high in epistolary literature, but with the con* 
necting bits of biography they give us some insight into an impressively though not 
winningly individual character, and furnish a sufficiently detailed account of a scholarly 
career more than creditable in its achievements and not lacking in heroic and pathetic 
features. . .We should be duly thankful for the glimpses we get of Swinburne, Bume* 
Jones, and other interesting men, and for some of Dr. Hill's frank utterances on litera- 
ture and politics. . .There are a few capital sayings and anecdotes." Nation, 1907. 

Hincks, Sir Francis. 9^ BZ95I 

Leacock, Stephen Butler. Baldwin, LaFontaine, Hincks; responsible 
government. 1907. Morang. (Makers of Canada.) 

Biographies of three Canadian political leaders, Baldwin (1804-58), LaFontaine 
(1807-64), and Hincks (1807-85). 

Hitchcock, Ethan Allen. 9a H6a5 

Fifty years in camp and field; diary of E.A.Hitchcock; ed. by W. 

A. Croffut. 1909. Putnam. 

Gen. Hitchcock (i 798-1870) was a grandson of the Revolutionary hero, Ethan 
Allen of Ticonderoga. He was engaged Ui the Florida wars and removed the laat of 


Hitchcock, Ethan Allen — continued. 99 H6a5 

the Seminolet. In the Mexican war he wm fint with Gen. Taylor in the North, and 
later was Gen. Scoffs inipector-general in the South. During the Civil war he was the 
military adviser of President Lincoln and Secretary Stanton. During all this time he 
kept a diary which constitutes a voluminous record of passing events filled with de* 
■criptions, and estimates of methods and men. 

Hodge, Charles. 92 H663h 

Hodge, Archibald Alexander. Life of Charles Hodge, professor in 
the Theological Seminary, Princeton, N. J. 1880. Scribner. 


Charles Hodge (i 797-1 878) was connected with the Princeton Theological Seminary 
for over 50 years. He was the founder of the "Biblical repertory," later known as th« 
Trinceton review." The life is written by his ton. 

Hoffman, Eugene Augustus. r9a H678r 

[Russell, Francis Thayer.] Eugene Augustus Hoffman; in memo- 

Reprinted from the '*New York genealogical and biographical record," Oct. 190s. 
Contains also Dix's "In memoriam Eugenii August! Hoffman." 

Hoffman, Richard. " ga H678 

Some musical recollections of 50 years. 1910. Scribner. 

Biographical sketch by his wife, p. 1-60. 

Hoffman (i 831-1909) was for more than 50 years identified with the musical life 
of New York. He first came into prominence as pianist in Jenny lind's company. 
Among other musicians with whom he was intimate were Thalberg, Gottschalk, HaU^ 
and von Bulow. 

Hogarth, William. See Artists, p. 1402. 

Hohenlohe-Ingelfingen, Kraft, prim zu. ga HGSga 

Aus meinem leben. 4v. 1897-1907. 

V.I. Vom revolutionsjahr, 1848, bis zum ende des kommandos in Wien, 1856. 

V.2. Flugeladjutant unter Friedrich Wilhelm IV und Konig Wilhelm, 1856-63. 

v. 3. Die kriege 1864 und 1866. — Fricdensrcit bis 1870. 

V.4. Der krieg 1870/71. — Reise nach Russland. 

*'The interest excited by the Memoirs of Prince Chlodwig ru Hohenlohe* Schillings- 
forst has thrown into the background those of the general of artillery, Prince Kraft zu 
Hohenlohe-Ingelfingen, who belonged to an older branch of the same family... The 
work is valuable as a contribution to the history of Germany in the latter half of 
the nineteenth century, and especially as a record of events leading up to the establish- 
ment of the German empire." NaHon, 1907. 

Hohenlohe-Schillingafiirat, Chlodwig Karl Viktor, fUrst zu. ga H689 
Memoirs; authorised by Prince Alexander of Hohenlohe-Schillings- 
fuerst and ed. by Friedrich Curtius, English ed. supervised by G. W. 
Chrystal. 2v. 1906. Macmillan. 

Prince Hohenlohe (181 9-1 901) was one of the founders of German unity. From 
1866 to 1870 he was Bavarian minister of foreign affairs and chancellor of the German 
empire, 1 894-1 900. His intimate political association with Bismarck enabled him to 
contribute much of interest to the story of that statesman's long career and final down- 

"They deserve to take rank among the few personal records left by the actors in 
great episodes which help to make their genesis and development more intelligible to 
later times . . . The book is extremely well translated and is to be recommended without 
reserve to all students of European history not by reason of any startling revelations 
it contains... but because it throws much light on a complicated and important series 
of events and is the record of an upright, courageous and far-seeing statesman.'* Sat- 
mrdoy revUw, 1906. 


Holland, Josiah Gilbert. 9a H7a4p 

Plunkett, Mrs Harriette Merrick (Hodge). Josiah Gilbert Holland. 
1894. Scribner. 

Life of the American author and lecturer (181 9-61). Contains portraits. 

"The little volume. ..betrays the admirer, but not the practised book*maker. ..Still, 
one may get from it some idea of Dr. Holland's character and achievement.** Nation, 

Holstein, Anne Louise Germaine (Necker), baronne de Stael-. See StaSl- 
Holstein, Anne Louise Germaine (Necker), baronne de. 

Hook, Theodore Edward. 92 Hyysab 

Barham, Richard Harris Dalton. Life and remains of Theodore Ed- 
ward Hook. 2v. 1849. Bentley. 

Hook ( 1 788-1 841) was an English novelist and humorist, the editor of **Jolin 
Bull," a scurrilous but very facetious and at one time powerful journal. He was 
master of a low style of humor, and the most brilliant improvisatore, whether with the 
pen or at the piano, that bis country has seen. Condensed from Dictionary of nation^ 

Hopkins, William. rga HySGp 

Pennsylvania — Constitutional convention, 1872. Obituary addresses 
on the occasion of the death of William Hopkins of Washington coun- 
ty, delivered March 6, 1873. 1873. Lippincott. 

Hopldns (1804-73) was one of the most prominent citizens of Washington cotiaty. 
He served for several terms in the state legislature and was in 187a elected a member 
of the convention to revise the constitution of Pennsylvania. 

Hopper, Isaac Tatem. 9a H788C 

Child, Mrs Lydia Maria (Francis). Isaac T. Hopper; a true life. 
1853. Jewett. 

Hopper ( 1 771-1852) was a philanthropist, member of the Society of Friends and 
an ardent abolitionist. The book contains many stories concerning the fugitive sUrei 
whom he befriended. 

Horace. rga H793m 

Milman, Henry Hart. Life of Quintus Horatius Flaccus. 1854. 

"It is. . .both well written and — what with such a subject is of etiential importance 
— gracefully and genially conceived, and should be taken into account by every attbee> 
quent editor of the Roman Lyrist." Edinburgh review, iSjo. 

Homer, Francis. 9a H8xx 

Memoirs and correspondence; ed. by Leonard Horner. 2v. 1853. 


English statesman and political economist (i 778-1 81 7), one of the founders of the 
"Edinburgh review.*' 

V.2 contains a selection from his speeches in the House of commons. 

Houdin, Jean Eugene Robert-. See Robert-Houdin, Jean Eugene. 

Howard, Gen. Oliver Otis. 9a H846a 

Autobiography. 2v. 1907. Baker. 

General Howard (6. 1830) fought in many of the great battles of the Civil war — 
Bull Run, Antietam, Gettysburg, and marched with Sherman to the aea. He was coos- 
miasioner of the Freedmen's Bureau, 1865-74 and writes at some length oonceminc f^ 
work accomplished by the bureau. 

Howard, Gen. Oliver Otis. 9a H846am 

My life and experiences among our hostile Indians; a record of per- 
sonal observations, adventures and campaigns among the Indians of the 


Howard, Gtn. Oliver Otis — continued. ga H8463m 

great West, with some accouirt of their life, habits, traits, religfion, cere- 
monies, dress, savage instincts and customs in peace and war. 1907. 

Author was sent by Gen. Grant in 1872 as peace commissioner to settle troubles be- 
tween different Indian tribes or between them and the whites. Many colored illustrations. 

Howe, Mrs Julia (Ward). 92 H854r 

Richards, Mrs Laura Elizabeth (Howe). Two noble lives; Samuel 

Gridley Howe, and Julia Ward Howe, by their daughter. 191 1. Estes. 
Brief tribute. Intended eipecially for use in schools. 

Howe, Samuel Gridley. 92 H854 

Letters and journals; ed. by his daughter, L. E. Richards. 2v. 1906- 
09. Estes. 

V.I. The Greek revolution, with notes and a preface by F. B. Sanborn. 

v.a. The servant of humanity. 

Dr Howe (1801-76) was a distinguished philanthropist and reformer, most genecally 
known for hia connection with the education of the blind, though from 1825 to 1875 there 
was hardly a movement for the relief of human oppresaion or suffering with which he 
was not associated. He has been called "The Lafayette of the Greek revolution." 

Howe, Samuel Gridley. 99 H854r 

Richards, Mrs Laura Elizabeth (Howe). Two noble lives; Samuel 

Gridley Howe, and Julia Ward Howe, by their daughter. 1911. Estes. 
Brief tribute. Intended eipedally for use in schools. 

Howell, James. 92 H856 

lEpistolae Ho-elianae; or, Familiar letters, with an introduction by 

Agnes Repplier. 2v. 1907. Houghton. 

Howell (i594?-i666) was one of the greatest travelers of his day, a friend of Ben 
Jonaon, an accomplished linguist and an outspoken loyalist. Charles II created for him 
the poattion of historiographer royal, which he retained until his death. He is one of 
the earliest as well aa one of the most delightful of the succession of English letter- 

^'Philosophic reflection, political, social and domestic anecdote, scientific speculation, 
are all intermingled with attractive ease in the correspondence which he professes to hsTO 
addressed to men of all ranks and degrees of intimacy. . .But the 'familiar epistles' as a 
whole, although of much autobiographic interest, cannot rank high as an historical 
authority." Dictionary of nationai biography. 

Hubbard, Elbert r92 H874g 

Gardner, Irene. Little journey to the home of Elbert Hubbard. 
[1903. Times-bee.] 

Contents: The Roycrofters and their home. — Elbert Hubbard and his work at 
dose range. 

Reprinted from the "Toledo Times-bee," July i9-a6, 1903. 

Hudson, Henry. 99 HSSyb 

Bacon, Edgar Mayhew. Henry Hudson; his times and his voyages. 
1907. Putnam. (American men of energy.) 

A readable account by one who has made a special study of the Hudson river and 
its early history. 

Hughes, John, 1797-1864, abp. of New York. 92 H8972h 

Hassard, John Rose Greene. Life of John Hughes, first archbishop 

of New York, with extracts from his private correspondence. 1866. 


Archbishop Hughes was noted for hia skill in debate and hia warm defense of the 
Roman Catholic church against attacks. These public controversies and disctissions 
his biographer haa described at considerable length. 


Hugo, Victor. 92 H899l>a 

Barbou, Alfred. Victor Hugo and his* time; tr. from the French by 
E/ E. Frewer. 1882. Harper. 

"Full circumstantial and interesting account of the life of the poet and of Uie cir> 
cumstances of the production of his poems... Dumas' Memoirs, Gautier'a Histoiro d» 
Romantisme , . ,9iTt drawn upon, as they always must be, for the memorable days of 
1830. . .On later days not less noteworthy for their literary productiTeness, if har^y as 
interesting in point of biography, M. Barbou has much that is curious and readable... 
All the poet's residences from Feuillantines to the Avenue d'Eylau are pleasantly d^ 
scribed." Gtorgt Saintsbury, in Academy, 1881, 

Contains portraits, views of the poet's homes, illustrations from his woria and Mir* 
eral reproductions of his own drawings. 

Huidekoper, Frederic Wolters. rga Hgzzh 

[Huidekoper, Frederic Louis.] In memoriam Frederic Wolters 
Huidekoper. [1910.] (Society of Colonial Wars, District of Columbia. 
Memorial papers, no.6.) 

Humbert I, king of Italy. ga H992P 

Pesci, Ugo. II re martire; la vita e il regno di Umberto I; date, 
aneddoti, ricordi, 1844-1900. 1902. 

Humboldt, Alexander von. 92 Hgaab 

Bruhns, Carl Christian, ed. Life of Alexander von Humboldt, com- 
piled in commemoration of the centenary of his birth by J. Lowenberg, 
Robert Ave-Lallemant and Alfred Dove; tr. from the German by Jane 

and Caroline Lassell. 2v. 1873. Longmans. 

The standard biography of the distinguished German naturalist and trareler (1269- 
1859). Portraits. 

Hume, David. 92 Hgas 

Letters to William Strahan; ed. with notes, index, etc. by G. B. HilL 

1888. Clarendon Press. 

Strahan was Hume's publisher and literary executor. The letters, which cover the 
period from 1756 to 1776, have been edited with exhaustive notes. Hume's autobiogra- 
phy is also included. 

Hume, David. r92 H925 

Life, written by himself. 1777. Strahan. 

The same. 1879. (In his History of England, v.i, p.S-13.) . .942 H92 v.x 

Tide reads "My own life." 

Contains also "Supplement to the Life of David Hume,"" Home's "Letter to Adam 
Smith on the life, death and philosophy of his friend David Hume" and Hurd's "Apology 
for the life and writings of David Hume.** 

Hume, David. 92 H925b 

Burton, John Hill. Life and correspondence of David Hume; from 
the papers bequeathed by his nephew to the Royal Society of Edin- 
burgh, and other original sources. 2v. 1846. Tait. 

"Mr. Burton has... from every accessible quarter, drawn to his aid all lands of 
materials, in the selection and disposal of which his sound sense and good taste are no 
less apparent than the faithfulness and impartiality of his narrative." Wtstminster 
review, 1847. 

Humiewell, James Frothingham. 1:92 H935m 

Murdock, Harold. Memorial of James Frothingham Hunnewell, 

read before the Bostonian Society on Jan. 17, 191 1. 191 1. Privately 


James F. Hunnewell (183S-1910) was a prominent Boston merchant and writer oa 
historical subjects. 


Hont, Leigh. 92 H939C 

Correspondence; ed. by his eldest son. 2v. 1862. Smith, Elder. 

''A number of his letters, not included in these TolumeSi were published in 1878 by 
Mr. and Mrs. Cowden Clarke in their 'Recollections of Writers' [9S8 Csa]." Dictionary 
sf u m U o ual biography. 

Hunt, William Holman. See Artists, p. 1402. 

Huntingdoii^ Selina Hastings, countess of. See Hastings, Selina Shirlej, 
amntess of HunHngdon, 

Huntington, Frederic Dan, bp, 9a H945 

Memoir and letters [ed.] by A. S. Huntington. 1906. Houghton. 

"Bibliography/' p.431. 

When Bishop Huntington (1819-1904) first entered the ministry he was a Unita- 
rian. Later his views changed and he beolme rector of an Episcopal church in Boston 
and from 1869 until his death he was bishop of Central New York. The memoir goes 
Tcry little into the discussion of theological questions, but shows rather the man as his 
family and intimate friends knew him. The i^impses which one gets of his early life 
and later summers spent in fiadley, Massachusetts are particularly ddightful. 

Kurd, Richard, bp. 9a H949k 

Kilvert, Francis. Memoirs of the life and writings of Richard Kurd, 
with a selection from his correspondence and other unpublished papers. 
tS6o. Bentley. 

"The works of Bishop Hurd chronologically arranged," p.385-386. 
Hurd ( 1 720-1 808) was bishop of Worcester. 

Hutten, Ulrich von. 9a H976S 

Strauss, David Friedrich. Ulrich von Hutten. 1871. Brockhaus. 

Hutten (1488-1523) was a GermHn humanist, the friend and supporter of Luther. 
"The best biography (although it is also somewhat of a political pamphlet)." 
Encyclop4tdia Britannica. 

Htttton, Laurence. 9a H977ba 

A boy I knew, and Four dogs. 1898. Harper. 

These two sketches were originally published in "St. Nicholas," and, as the writer 
says, are true histories, whieh he hopes will interest boys and girls. The reader soon 
discorers that "the boy" is the writer himself. 

The same, 1900 99 H977b 

With this is bound "Some more dogs." 

Huxley, Thomas Henry. 9a H983d 

Davis, James Richard Ainsworth. Thomas H. Huxley. 1907. Dent. 

(English men of science.) 

"Chief biographical sources," p.255-256. 

""List of published works," p.257-278. 

"Mr. Davis has produced in small compass an account of the life and work of 
Huxley that is at once readable and stimulating. It was inevitable that he should draw 
largely upon Mr. Leonard Huxley's biography of his illustrious father [92 HpSah], but 
the materials have been skilfully employed, and the book is far from being a mere 
afaitrftet of the larger work." Naturt, 1907. 

Hyde, Edward, earl of Clarendon, See Clarendon, Edward Hyde, earl of. 

Pierre le Moync, sieur d'. 9a Izaar 

Reed, Charles Bert The first great Canadian; the story of Pierre 
Le Moyne, sieur d'Iberville. 1910. McClurg. 

"Bibliography,'' p.243-a48. 

"Traces his adventurous career from his schoolboy days in Canada, his training in 
the French navy, and his first expedition to Hudson Bay with De Troyes in 1686, to his 
death in 1706, at the moment when he had completed ambitious plans for raiding the 


Iberville, Pierre le Moyne, iieur d' — continued. 9a Izasr 

British colonies from Virginia to Massachusetts. Into these twenty years were crowded 
such achievements as have rarely fallen to the lot of any single man. . .Notable contribu- 
tion to the literature of early American history.'* Nation, 1910. 

Ibsen, Henrik. 9a Izayg 

Gosse, Edmund William. Henrik Ibsen. 1908. Scribner. (Literary 

"Valuable little study. . .Mr. Gosse has made the beat ute ef hit rare Unguistle eqvi^ 
ment The Scandinavian and German sources of information have been open to him, 
and he has produced what is the only adequate and organic biographical atudy of Ttierji ** 
Outlook (London), 1908, 

Contains portraits. 

Ibsen, Henrik. 9a IzaTm 

Macfall, Haldane. Ibsen, the man, his art & his significance. 1907. 

"Some of the best books upon Ibsen/' p. [337]. 

A curious compound of indiscriminating eulogy and some criticism. It provides a 
fairly full biography, gives synopses of all the plays in their order, with explanations 
of their motives and symbolism, which if they are not authoritative are at least interest* 
ing. Condensed from Nation, 1907, 

Ibsen, Henrik. 9a Izaymo 

Moses, Montrose Jonas. Henrik Ibsen, the man and his plays. 1908. 


"Bibliographical note," p.5 18-522. 

Comprehensive summary of a considerable body of literature on Ibeen, containing 
a sketch of his life, detailed synopses of his pbys, a variety of selected comment and 
interpretation, and a liberal proportion of the author's own views, which often show 
strong common sense and a power of discrimination. Condensed from Nation, 1908. 

Ignatius de Loyola, St, 9a liJSX 

Thompson, Francis. Saint Ignatius Loyola; ed. by J. H. Pollen. 
1909. Burns. 

"The story of the great Spanish nobleman who became 'a fool for Christ's sake,' 
has been told over and over again; and nothing new could be looked for in Franda 
Thompson's book, except the form in which the well-known events would be clothed... 
As was to be expected, in this narrative of St. Ignatius not a shred of its romance and 
poetry has escaped the singer of The Hound of Heaven.' With a wealth of imagery, 
which sometimes even usurps the function of poetry, he carries us smoothly on from 
one event of Ignatian history to another." Catholic world, 1910. 

Ingelow, Jean. 9a Ia44a8 

Some recollections of Jean Ingelow and her early friend*. [1901.] 


Published anonymously. 

"Unassuming little memoir... The author does not know very much about Jean 
Ingelow and her forbears, but she knows a great deal more than any one else, and 
tells it well and kindly." Atkenttum, 1901. 

Ingersoll, Robert Green. 9a Ia443k 

Kittredge, Herman Eugene. Ingersoll; a biographical appreciation. 
1911. Dresden Pub. Co. 

Intimate and admiring portrait. Deals with Ingertoll's war record, hit political 
career, the philosophic foundation of his beliefs and with his unusually heppj domealle 

Ingersoll, Robert Green. 9a Ia443t 

Smith, Edward Garstin. Life and reminiscences of R. G. Ingersoll. 
1904. National Weekly Pub. Co. 


Ingres, Jean Auguste Dominique. See Artists, p. 1406. 

Inncss, George. qrga Ia463t 

Trumble, Alfred. George Inness, N. A.; a memorial of the student, 
the artist and the man. 1895. "The Collector." 

Brief esMy based on a atudy of Innen published in the "Collector/* Oct. 1894. 

Innocent III, pope. 92 Ia46g 

Gordon, C. H. C. Pirie-. Innocent the Great; an essay on his life 
and times. 1907. Longmans. 

"Anthor's statement concerning authorities/' p.9-i9. 

Innocent III (1161-1216) was elected pope in 11 98. During his pontificate the papal 
power was more widely extended than ever before. The book includes chapters on tlM 
fourth crusade and on the relations of Innocent with Sicily» England and the city of 
Rome. Contains maps and genealogical tablet. 

Irvine, Alexander Fitzgerald. 92 Ia884 

From the bottom up; the life story of Alexander Irvine. 1910. 

Author was bom to a life of want and ignorance in a small Irish village; he has 
been a newsboy, a miner, a converted sinner, a religious fanatic, a soldier, an «nigrant, 
a milkman, a Bowery missionary, a clergyman and a socialist. He is at present (1911) 
lay-reader in the Church of the Aac«Dsion, New York dty, and the presiding officer of 
tiiat church's Sunday evening conferences for civic and social discussion. 

Irving, Sir Henry. 9a 13883b 

Brereton, Austin. Life of Henry Irving. 2v. 1908. Longmans. 

"Bibliography to the end of 1883," v.i, p.381; "Bibliography, 1884-1908/' v. a, 

Record of the actor's professional life and triumphs, inspired by the zeal of ardent 
friendship, and based on unexceptionable sources of information. Many interesting illus* 
tratiotts. Condtnstd from Nation, 1908, 

;, Sir Henry. 92 128838 

Stoker, Bram. Personal reminiscences of Henry Irving. 2v. 1906. 


"Of Irving as man and manager... he gives a most attractive and vital portrait; 
a portrait, moreover, whose truthfulness is not attested solely by the manifest sincerity 
of his own enthusiastic affection... but by the plain record of indisputable facts... But 
it will bring disappointment to all those who try to find in it any illuminating details of 
Irving'i growth and development as an actor... or any attempt to discriminate between 
tile comparative excellence of his different impersonations." Nation, 1906. 

I— belhi of Aragon, duchess of Milan, 92 I29i2h 

Hare, Christopher, (pseud, of Mrs Marian Andrews). Isabella of 
Milan, princess d'Aragona and wife of Duke Gian Galeazzo Sforza; the 
intimate story of her life in Milan told in the letters of her lady-in- 
waiting. [1911.] Scribner. 

ToM with strict historical accuracy of incident, character and date, through the 
letters of an imaginary eye-witness. 

92 12971 

Ivinskis, Laurynas. q92 l335g 

Grinius, K. Medziaga L. Ivinskio biografijai. 1908. 


Jackson, Andrew. ga Jz93br 

Bradj, Cyrus Townsend. The true Andrew Jackson. 1906. Lip- 

"For both facts and conclusioos he seems to rely chiefly on Parton, Bnell, Sumner, 
Brown, and Colyar, excerpts from whose writings make up no small proportion of his 
book... His work is further open to objection as ill-proportioned, abounding in extreme 
staements, and uncritical — defects which quite outweigh the considerations that it is 
vivacious, rich in anecdote, and thorotighly readable.'* Outlook, 1906. 

Jackson, Sheldon. 99 Jza6as 

Stewart, Robert Laird. Sheldon Jackson, pathfinder and prospector 
of the missionary vanguard in the Rocky mountains and Alaska. 190R. 

Deals with the life and service of a frontier missionary of the Presbyterian chuitb 

Jackson, Gen. Thomas Jonathan, (called Stonewall). ga Ji36d 

Dabney, Robert Lewis. Life and campaigns of Lieut.-Gen. Thomas 
J. Jackson (Stonewall Jackson). 1866. Blelock. 

Dabney served on Jackson's staff during two campaigns and had access to much of 
his private correspondence and to the archives of tiie Confederate war department. 
The book was written however while the Civil war was still in progress and it is dis- 
tinctly controversial in its tone. 

Jackson, Gen. Thomas Jonathan, (called Stonewall). ga Jza6w 

White, Henry Alexander. Stonewall Jackson. igo8. Jacobs. (Amer- 
ican crisis biographies.) 

"Bibliography." p.366-368. 

Principally a review of his military career. 

Jacqueline of Bavaria, countess of Hainaut and Holland. ga Jz37P 

Putnam, Ruth. A mediaeval princess; being a true record of the 

changing fortunes which brought divers titles to Jacqueline, countess 

of Holland, together with an account of her conflict with Philip, duke 

of Burgundy (1401-1436). 1904. Putnam. 

"Bibliography," p.31 5-322. 

Sympathetic narrative of Jacqueline's stormy, melodramatic career. In spite of the 
author's wide reading and signal industry, the princess's personality remains somewhat 
shadowy, and the volume is more valuable as a consistent account of the methods by 
which Burgundian power was built up in the Netherlands. Many illustrations. 

James I, king of Scotland. ga JZ63] 

Jusserand, Jean Jules. Romance of a king's life; tr. from the French 

by M. R. 1896. Unwin. 

"The substance of this sketch of the energetic career of King Jaipes [James J of 
Scotland] is a paraphrase of the 'King's Quair' combined with an account of the mission 
of Regnault Girard to Scotland in 1435-36 for the purpose of taking back to France the 
Princess Margaret, who was to become Dauphincss." Aihonmum, i9^, 

Jaricot, Pauline Marie. ga Jx94m 

Maurin, Julia. Pauline Marie Jaricot, foundress of the Association 

for the Propagation of the Faith & of the Living Rosary; tr. from the 

French by E. Speppard. 1906. Benziger. 

Pauline Marie Jaricot (i 799-1 862) was the daughter of a wealthy silk wesver of 
Lyons. The Association for the Propagation of the Faith waa founded to aid Roman 
Catholic missions and the Living Rosary was a devotional association. She was also 
interested in enterprises for the improvement of the condition of the worUng cliatci. 

"It is the life of one of those women who recall, in a less conspicuous way, St. 
Catharine of Siena . . . She resembled her in this : that being a single woman, livkijf at 
home a quiet, obscure religious life, she yet left a conspicuous mark on the organisatioa 
of the vast Church to which ahe belonged." Athwnaum, 1906. 


Jeanne d'Albret, queen of Navarre. 9a J297{ 

Freer, Martha Walker, afterward Mrs Robinson. Life of Jeanne 
d'Albrct, queen of Navarre; from numerous unpublished sources includ- 
ing ms. documents in the Bibliotheque Imperiale and the Archives 

Espagnoles de Simancas. [1855.] Hurst. 

Jeanne d'Albrct (1528-72) was mother of Henry IV, king of France and Navarre, 
and a warm supporter of the Huguenot cause. 

Jeanne d'Arc. See Joan of Arc. 

Jebb, Sir Richard Claverhouse. 92 J228J 

Jebb, Caroline Lane (Reynolds) Sleramer, lady. Life and letters of 
Sir Richard Claverhouse Jebb, by his wife. 1907. Cambridge Uni- 
versity Press. 

Contains a chapter on Jebb the scholar and critic, by A. W. Verrall. 
Eminent classical scholar (i 841-1905), from 1889 until his death regius professor 
of Greek at the University of Canibridge. 

Jefferson, Thomas. 92 J2323d 

Domestic life of Thomas Jefferson; comp. from family letters and 
reminiscences, by his great-granddaughter, S. N. Randolph. 1871. 

"When the great collection of Jefferson's manuscripts was sold to the United States 
goremment, there was reserved a mass of papers which were deemed to be of such a 
private nature as to possess no value in the national archives, and to belong more proper- 
ly to the family. These eventually came into the possession of Jefferson's great-grand* 
daughter, and they form the rauon d'itre of this book. It possesses the merits and de- 
merits which might be expected, the documents being of positive value, and the family 
recollections and traditions of distinct interest; but the book is faulty in method, being 
both ill-proportioned and disjointed. It is, therefore, far more valuable to the maker 
than to the reader of history." L^rned's Literature of American history. 

Jefferson, Thomas. qr92 J2323 

Germantown letters, together with other papers relating to his stay 
in Germantown during the month of November 1793, by C. F. Jenkins. 
1906. Campbell. • , 

During the epidemic of yellow fever in Philadelphia in 1793 Congress met at Ger- 
mantown. Jefferson was then secretary of state and about 60 of his letters written 
at that time, including both personal and official correspondence, have been here 
gathered together. An oration is included which was delivered by the principal of the 
Germantown Academy shortly after Jefferson's death. 

Jefffers<m» Thomas. 92 W272ai 

Simpson, Stephen. Lives of George Washington and Thomas Jef- 
ferson, with a parallel. 1833. Young. 

The life of Washington is based upon Marshall's biography, that of Jefferson is 
gathered chiefly from his letters and writings. 

Jeffrey, Francis, lard, 92 J2342C 

Cockburn, Henry Thomas, lord. Life of Lord Jeffrey, with a selec- 
tion from his correspondence. 2v. in i. 1856. Lippincott. 

Lord Jeffrey (i 773-1850) was a lawyer and critic, at one time editor of the "Edin- 
burgh review," which became under his rule the leading organ of public opinion and the 
most dreaded of critical censors. He criticized with great severity the new school of 
poetry represented by Wordsworth, Shelley, Byron and Coleridge. 

Jerome Napoleon, king of Westphalia. 92 J28i2m 

Martinet, Andr^. J^ome Napoleon, roi de Westphalie. 1902. 

Too much in the style of a panegyric and not sufficiently critical; bat it containa 


Jerome Napoleon, king of Westphalia — continued. 99 JaSzam 

many documents taken from the national archives. Inclndea alto many interestiiig 
details on the short-lived kingdom of Westphalia and accounts of the many conqiiracks 
which took place there. Condenttd from ffaiion, igoM, 

Jerome Napoleon, king of Westphalia. 9a JaSzat 

Sergeant, Philip Walsingham. The burlesque Napoleon; being the 
story of the life and the kingship of Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte, 
youngest brother of Napoleon the Great. 1905. Laurie. 

The only monograph (1905) in English on Napoleon's youngest brother and the 
pasteboard throne of the state of Westphalia. 

Jesup, Morris Ketchum. 9a Ja98b 

Brown, William Adams. Morris Ketchum Jesup; a character sketch. 

1910. Scribner. 

Morris K. Jesup (i 830-1908) was a New York philanthropist, president of the 
New York Chamber of Commerce, president of the American Museum of Natural His* 
tory, one of the founders and president, 1872-75, of the Young Men's Christian Associa- 
tion and largely interested in many other philanthropies. 

Jesup, Morris Ketchum. qr9a Ja98n 

Resolutions in appreciation of Morris Ketchum Jesup, by the trus- 
tees of the American Museum of Natural History, the scientific staff of 
the American Museum of Natural History, the New York Academy of 
Sciences [and other societies]. 1908. 

Jewett, Sarah Orne. 9a J3Z6J 

Letters; ed. by Annie Fields. 191 1. Houghton. 

These letters, addressed to various friends in America and England, have the un- 
usual qualities which give distinction to Miss Jewett's stories. They are full of char- 
acter and charm, and reveal her love of nature, impressions of fordign travel, literary 
likings, keen criticism of books, and a rare capacity for friendship. 

Joan of Arc. 9a J3a9b 

Bangs, Mary Rogers. Jeanne d'Arc, the Maid of France. 191a 

"Her narrative eschews controversy and gives a purely objective statement of die 
facts as ascertained by recent research, couched, it is true, in the language of enthusiasm, 
but not colored by any attempt at systematic explanation." Nation, zgio. 

Joan of Arc. q9a j3a9mo 

Boutet de Monvel, Maurice. Joan of Arc. 1907. Century. 

With many illustrations in color. 

Joan of Arc. 92 J3a9fr 

France, Anatole, (pseud, of Jacques Anatole Thibault). Life of Joan 
of Arc; a translation by Winifred Stephens. 2v. 1909- 

While nowhere calling in question the sincerity of his heroine, M. France belittlea 
the part she played in the public events of 1429-30. He attempts to explain away all 
the spiritual side of her history and represents the Maid as an heroic but weak creature, 
a visionary, whose illusions physical science can account for. He attempts to clear away 
the mystery that surrounds her life by advancing the theory that she acted under the 
advice of some unknown person. 

Joan of Arc. 9^ J$^ 

France, Anatole, (pseud, of Jacques Anatole Thibault). Vie de 
Jeanne d'Arc. 2v. 1908. 


Joan of Arc 92 J329la 

Lang, Andrew. The Maid of France; the story of the life and death 
of Jeanne d'Arc. 1909. Longmans. 

Written by an ardent admirer of Joan of Arc, who is conceived as saintly, brave, 
of high intelligence, a natural leader of men. This view is vigorously upheld against 
those of some other historians, notably that of Anatole France in his "Vie de Jeanne 
(TArc," which is subjected to a severe and evidently merited criticism. Portraits, map*. 

"A strong, clear, well-ordered brief, and will be an invaluable document for the 
next biographer of the Maid." NaHon, igog. 

Joan of Arc. 92 J329mi 

Michelet, Jules. Jeanne d'Arc; ed. by J. H. Sacret. 1909. Claren- 
don Press. (Oxford modern French series.) 

"Intended for students who read French with some facility, the volume will appeal 
especially to those who in preparation for college or otherwise have studied De Quin* 
eey's 'Joan of Arc/ which attacks this very book." Nation, 1909. 

Joan of Arc. 99 J329V 

Vaughan, Bernard. Life lessons from blessed Joan of Arc, with 
preface by the archbishop of Westminster. 1910. Allen. 

Combination of history and homily. Author outlines the facts in her story and 
draws the lessons. 

Joanna I, gwen of Naples, Sa Giovanna I, queen of Naples, 

John of Gaunt, duke of Lancaster. 9a C4iig 

Godwin, William. Life of Geoffrey Chaucer, including memoirs of 
John of Gaunt, duke of Lancaster, .with sketches of the manners, 
opinions, arts and literature of England in the 14th century. 4v. 1804. 

John of Gaunt, duke of Lancaster, 92 135628 

Smith, Sydney Armitage-. John of Gaunt, king of Castile and Leon, 
duke of Aquitaine and Lancaster, earl of Derby, Lincoln and Leicester, 
seneschal of England. 1904. Constable. 

"Sources and authorities,'* p. 13-1 8. 

"He has done much to reconcile apparent inconsistencies in the career of the 
father of the first Lancastrian king and to unravel the tangled skein of English politics 
in the last quarter of the fourteenth century. . .His analysis of Lancaster's policy during 
the early years of his nephew's reign is well worked out, and with the help of the un> 
printed register of the duchy he clears up some obscure points... The chapter on the 
Lancastrian estates brings out very clearly the enormous political influence wielded 
by their owner, and a map. which is evidently the result of much labour, shows how 
widespread they were." English historical review, 1905. 

John, Griffith. 9a J356t 

Thompson, Ralph Wardlaw. Griffith John; the story of 50 years 
in China. 1906. Armstrong. 

Interesting account of a veteran missionary who went to China at the age of as 
and has remained there ever since. 

Johnson, John Albert. 92 J362d 

Day, Frank A. & Knappen, T. M. Life of John Albert Johnson, 
three times governor of Minnesota. 1910. Forbes. 

John A. Johnson (i 861-1909) waa thrice elected as Democratic governor of Re- 
publican Minnesota. This story of his life, told by two of his close associates, is not 
intended as a critical biography but aa a memorial. It is too early to measure the man's 
influence or determine his place In the history of the nation, but the sympathetic picture 
here presented by thole who knew and loved him Is well worth preserving. Condsnssd 
from Nation, 1910, 


Johnson, Samuel, 1 696-1 772. ga J3659b 

Beardsley, Eben Edwards. Life and correspondence of Samuel 
Johnson, missionary of the Church of England in Connecticut and 
first president of King's College, New York. 1874. Hurd. 

Johnson, Samuel, 1709-84. ga J365br 

Broadley, Alexander Meyrick. Doctor Johnson and Mrs Thrale, 
including Mrs Thrale's unpublished journal of the Welsh tour made in 
1774 and much hitherto unpublished correspondence of the Streatham 
coterie, with an introductory essay by Thomas Seccombe. 1910. Lane. 

Johnson, Samuel, 1709-84. 92 J365hi 

Hill, George Birkbeck. Dr Johnson, his friends and his critics. 
1878. Smith, Elder. 

ConUnts: Oxford in Johnson's time. — Lord Macaulay on Johnson. — Mr Carlyle on 
Boswell. — Lord Macaulay on Boswell. — The melancholy of Johnson and Cowpcr. — Lord 
Chesterfield and Johnson. — Lord Chesterfield's letters. — Bennet Langton. — ^Topham 
Beauclerk. — Oliver Goldsmith. — Appendix; The duration of Johnson's residence at 

"Seldom has a pleasanter commentary been written on a literary muterpiece. . .It in- 
spires a continual desire to take down the volumes of Boswell . . . [Author] has labored 
to remove misconceptions both of Johnson and of Boswell formed by Lord Macaulay and 
by Mr. Carlyle." Saturday rgview, 1878. 

Johnson, Samuel, 1709-84. rga J36SP 

Piozzi, Mrs Hester Lynch (Salusbury) Thrale. Anecdotes of 
Samuel Johnson during the last 20 years of his life. 1786. Cadell. 

Johnson, Samuel, 1709-84. 9a J365r 

Raleigh, Sir Walter Alexander. Samuel Johnson; the Leslie Stephen 
lecture delivered in the Senate house, Cambridge, 22 February 1907. 
1907. Clarendon Press. 

An appreciative sketch, dwelling more on the Johnson that we find in the Rambler 
and the Lives of the poets than on Boswell's portrayal. 

Johnson, Tom Loftin. ga J366al 

Lorenz, Carl. Tom L. Johnson, mayor of Cleveland. 191 1. Barnes. 

A view at close range of a powerful, impetuous, strife-loving personality, but the 
view is unsteady. The writer fails to give due space to some of the turning-points in a 
career which he apparently knows thoroughly. Condensed from Nation, igii. 

Joinville, Frangois Ferdinand Philippe Louis Marie ga J377 

d'Orleans, prince de. 

Memoirs (Vieux souvenirs); tr. from the French by Lady Mary 

Loyd, with many illustrations from original drawings by the author. 

1895. Heinemann. 

The prince de Joinville (1818-1900) was the son of Louis Philippe, *king of the 
French. He served in the French navy, commanding the squadron in the war against 
Morocco in 1844. During the Civil war he joined McClellan's staff for a short period. 
These memoirs, however, come up only to the year 1848. 

J6kai, Mor. 9^ J378 

A J6kai-jubileum es a nemzeti diszkiad4s tort^nete; az el6fizet5k 
n^vsoraval es a szaz kotet reszletes tartalomjegyzek^vel valamint J6]uii 
osszes irasainak bibliographiajaval. 1908. (Osszes miivei, v. 100.) 

"Jokai M6r osszes megjelent muveinek bibliografiija,** p. 155-190. 


Mor. 9a J378m 

Mikszith, Kilman. Jokai Mor elete es kora. 2v. 1907. 

Jones, Sir Edward Burne-. See Artists, p.1401. 

Jones, John Paul. jga J4iza 

Abbott, John Stevens Cabot Life of John Paul Jones. 1903. Dodd. 

Aocount of the early life of John Paul Jonct, the cmise of the Bon Homme Richard, 
the Ruaaian campaign and other eventa in the career of the famoua admiral of Revolup 
tionary times. By an ardent admirer. 

Jones, John Paul. qrga J41ZU 

United States — Navy department. John Paul Jones commemoration 
at Annapolis, April 24, 1906; comp. by C. W. Stewart. 1907. (59th 
cong. 1st sess. House. Doc. no.804.) 

Official report of the finding of the remains of John Paul Jones in a disused Paris 
cemetery and of the ceremonies connected with their removal to Annapolis. A few of 
hia letters are included and numerous portraits. 

Jones, Sir William. rSsS J4Z v.z-a 

Teign mouth, John Shore, lord. Memoirs of the life, writings and 
correspondence of Sir William Jones. 2v. 1807. (In Jones, Sir Wil- 
liam. Works, v.i-2.) 

Jones, William, d, 1779. rga Dszgah 

Hayden, Horace Edwin. Brief sketch of Captain Joseph Davis and 
Lieutenant William Jones of the Pennsylvania line who were slain by 
the Indians at Laurel Run, Pa. April 23, 1779; read before the Wyoming 
Historical and Geological Society, May 21, 1897. 1897. 

Jones, William, d, 1779. rga D3Z92P 

Phelps, Mrs Martha (Bennett). Address delivered on the occasion 
of the erection of a monument at Laurel Run, Luzerne county, Penn- 
sylvania, September 12, 1896, to mark the spot where Captain Joseph 
Davis and Lieutenant William Jones of the Pennsylvania line were 
slain by the Indians, April 23, 1779. 1897. Wyoming Historical and 
(jeologicsl Society. 

JordaenSy Jakob. See Artists, p.1414. 

Josselin, Ralph. 99 J45a 

Diary of Ralph Josselin, 1616-1683; ed. for the Royal Historical So- 
ciety by £. Hockliffe. 1908. (Camden Society. Publications, 3d ser. v. 15.) 

Records all the detaila of hia life as vicar of Earles Colne. He was occupied with 
many tilings besides the care of hia parish; we hear of political events and the progress 
of the plague, the price of land, cows and pigs, wagea, the cost of a birthday party and 
tha d«ty 00 hopa. 

Jiidson, Adoniram. ^ ga J496W 

Wayland, Francis. Memoir of the life and labors of Adoniram Jud- 
son. 2v. 1853. Phillips. 

American misaiotiary (i78ft-i85o) who from 1812 until his death devoted his life 
to the cause of miasions in India. 


Julian, emperor of Rome, called the Apostate. ga j5X3n 

Negri, Gaetano. Julian the Apostate; tr. from the second Italian cd. 
by the duchess Litta-Visconti-Arese, with an introduction by Pasquale 
Villari. 2v. 1905. Unwin. 

"The reader obtains a complete explanatory account of the whole spiritual situation 
of the century in which Julian lived... He does not contribute any new body of fact 
for the church historian, but he gives a vivid picture of the moral conditions of the 
Christianized empire and a brilliant and illuminating construction of the doctrinal de- 
velopment whether Christian or Neoplatonic." Amtriean historical rtviow, 1906, 

Junius, pseud. qrga J538C 

Chabot, Charles, 1815-82. Handwriting of Junius professionally 
investigated by Charles Chabot, expert, with preface and collateral 
evidence by Edward Twisleton. 1871. Murray. 

Contents: Report of Mr Chabot on Sir Philip Francis. — Report of 3ir Chabot on 
Lady Temple, Lord George Sackville and others. 

K., O. See Novikoff, Mme Olga (Kirceff), {pseud. O. K.). 

Kalb, Johann, haron von. 1:9a KzzTt 

Smith, John Spear. Memoir of the baron de Kalb; read at the 
meeting of the Maryland Historical Society, Jan. 7, 1858. 1858. (Mary- 
land Historical Society. Publications.) 

An account of Baron von Kalb's services during the Revolutionary war. 

Kane, Elisha Kent. 9a Kzaye 

Elder, William. Biography of Elisha Kent Kane. 1858. Childs. 

Kane (1820-57) was an American Arctic explorer. He conducted the expedition 
in search of Sir John Franklin in 1850. 

K&roiyi, G4bor, gr6f, 9a Kz36€ 

Eotvos, K4roly. Grof Kirolyi Gabor foljegyzesei. 2v. (Munk&i, 

Katherine. See Catharine. 

Keene, Laura. 9^ Kzsyac 

Creahan, John. Life of Laura Keene, actress, artist,^ manager and 
scholar, with some interesting reminiscences of her daughters [Clara 
Taylor and Emma Taylor]. 1897. Rodgers. 

Uncritical biography compiled from personal recoUectiona, newspaper article! and 
estimates by contemporaries. Useful for the early history of the American stage. 

Keller, Helen Adams. 9^ Kx65h 

Historya mego zycia; z angielskiego wydania krytycznego P. A. 

Macy, przelozyla i przedmow^ opatrzyla Alina Swiderska. I905- 
Polish translation of "Story of my life." 

Keller, Helen Adams. qrga Kxfisv 

Volta Bureau, Washington, D. C. Helen Keller souvenir no.a, 1892- 
1899; commemorating the Harvard final examination for admission to 
Radcliffe College, June 29-30, 1899. 1899- 

Papers relating to the methods of instruction pursued with Helen Keller, by Dr A. 
Graham Bell and Annie Sullivan, accounts by Arthur Gilman and Merton S. Kdth of 
her college preparatory work and a chronological statement of her atndiea by Miaa Kdlcr. 


Kelpius, Johann. rga Kxyaa 

Journal, 1694-1708; photographically reproduced by J. F. Sachse. 

1893. Privately printed. 

Kdpius ( 1 673-1 708) was a German mystic who came to Germantown in 1694 and 
settled later with his followers, who were known as the Hermits of the Ridge, on the 
hanks of the Wissahickon, not far from Philadel]>hia. His journal is in Latin and a 
few letters written by him in English and German are included. 

Kehrin, William Thomson, baron, 9a Kxyag 

Gray, Andrew. Lord Kelvin; an account of his scientific life and 
work. 1908. Dent. (English men of science.) 

Author was for some years private secretary and assistant of Lord Kelvin at the 
University of Glasgow and writes with authority concerning his methods and work. 

William Thomson, baron, 9a Kzyat 

Thompson, Silvanus Phillips. Life of William Thomson, baron 
Kelvin of Largs. 2v. 1910. Macmillan. 

"Bibliography," v.2, p.i333-ia74. 

Lord Kelvin (i8a4*i907), one of the very few men raised to the British peerage 
for purely scientific achievements, was professor of natural philosophy at Glasgow 
University from 1846 to 1899. The direct successor of Newton, he launched into the 
world the principle of conservation of energy, on which the whole fabric of modem 
physics was based. The world knows him best as the man who has shown how prac- 
tically to measure electric and magnetic quantities, and has made it possible to link 
together distant continents by the electric telegraph. 

"Full and authoritative account of his life and work. This biography was begun 
during the life of Lord Kelvin, and, in fact, had his cooperation; after his death, the 
original sketch was greatly extended by the materials furnished from his letters, diaries, 
and other documents put at the biographer's disposal. In addition to the abundant 
record thus available. Professor Thompson had the high privilege of being a personal 
friend of the great physicist. The result is a book which will appeal strongly not 
only to men of science, who have been eagerly awaiting it, but also to all those who 
have an interest in the thought of the nineteenth century." Nation, igio. 

Kemble, Frances Anne. r9a KZ73 

Journal. 2v. 1835. Carey. 

English actress (1809-93), daughter of Charles Kemble. This journal eovert th« 
first year of her tour in America, 183S-33. 

Kempiiy Thomas k, Sie Thomas k Kempis. 

Kennedy, John Pendleton. 9a Ki84t 

Tuckerman, Henry Theodore. Life of John Pendleton Kennedy. 
1871. Putnam. , 

Kennedy (1795-1870), congressman, secretary of the navy, and an author of some 
importa nce in his day. 

'*The cliief merit of this book is the attractive picture it gives of the best sort of 
Southern gentleman, well educated, of literary tastes, an honest politician, and a good 
lawyer." Nation, xBti. 

Keppel, George Thomas, tarl of Albemarle, See Albemarle, George 
Thomas Keppel, earl of. 

Key, Francis Scott. 9^ Ka348 

Smith, Francis Scott Key. Francis Scott Key, author of "The star 

spangled banner;" what else he was and who. 191 1. Privately printed. 

King, Thomas Starr. 9^ KaGyf 

Frothingham, Richard. Tribute to Thomas Starr King. 1865. Tick- 

King (i8a4-64) was a Unitarian minister, writer and lecturer, for some years 


King, Thomas Starr — continued. 9a Ka67f 

pastor of the Hollis Street Church, Boston. The last part of his life was spent in San 
Francisco and he was instrumental in persuading California to remain in the Union at 
the outbreak of the Civil war. 

Kingston, Elizabeth (Cbudleigh), duchess of, ga Ka73p 

Pearce, Charles E. The amazing duchess, being the romantic his- 
tory of Elizabeth Chudleigh, maid of honour, the Hon. Mrs Hervey, 
duchess of Kingston and countess of Bristol 2v. [191 1.] Paul. 

"Authorities," v.a, P.S57-359. 

"[The story of Elizabeth Chudleigh] is said to have suggested to Thackeray the 
character of Beatrice in 'Esmond' and of the Baroness Bernstein in 'The Virginian t.* " 
Dictionary of national biography, 

Kisfaludy, Kiroly. 9a Ka95b 

Banoczi, Jozsef. Kisfaludy Karoly es munkai. 2v. 1882--83. 

Knight, Cornelia. 9a K343 

Autobiography of Cornelia Knight, lady companion to the princess 

Charlotte of Wales, with extracts from her journals and anecdote 

books. 2v. 1861. Allen. 

"Miss Knight's autobiography is among the most valuable sonrces of information 
for the court history of those days." Dictionary of national biography. 

Konopnicka, Marya. 9a K377g 

Galle, Henryk. Tworczosc poetycka, Maryi Konopnickiej, w ci^gu 
dwndziestu pi^ciu lat. 1902. 

Koiciuszko, Thaddeus. 9a K389S 

Z., X. Y. Kosciuszko w Ameryce, jego bohaterskie czyny w walce 
o niepOidleg}osc stanow zjednoczonych; obraz historyczny. 1890. 

Kossuth, Louis. 9^ K39ag 

Gracza, Gyorgy. Kossuth Lajos elete, mfikod^se es hal41a. 1903. 

Kotzebue, August Friedrich Ferdinand von. 1:99 Ksgs 

The most remarkable year in the life of Augustus von Kotzebue, 
containing an account of his exile into Siberia and of other extraordi- 
nary events which happened to him in Russia, written by himself; tr. 
from the German by Benjamin Beresford. 3v. 1802. Phillips. 

In 1800 Kotzcbue, the German dramatist, while traveling from Vienna to Russia 
was arrested as a spy on the Ritssian frontier and sent to Siberia. He was recalled 
however by the czar, Paul I, about a year later and made manager of the German theatre 
at St Petersburg. 

Kowalewska, Zofia. 9^ K397a 

Pami^tnik Zofii Kowalewskiej; prz. J. Szczawinskiej. 1898. 
Memoirs of Zofia Kowalewska. 

Kranach, Lucas. See Artists, p.i4<M- 

Kraszewski, J6zef Ignacy. 9* K4i3ac 

Chmielowski, Piotr. J6zef Ignacy Kraszewski; zarys historyczno- 
literacki. 1888. 

Kriiger, Franz. See Artists, p.i405- 


Ktup^ Alfred. 93 K4a7t 

Tesch, Albert. Alfred Krupp. 1910. (Manner des erfolgs.) 

Alfred Krupp (i8i»-87) was the ton «nd laccenor of the founder of the great 
Krupp steel-works at Essen, Germany. This brief biography describes the rapid devdop- 
ment of the foundries under his management, and gives a glimpse of the wdfare work 
carried on there among the employees. 

KrOsiy Hermann. 92 K42B 

Recollections of my life; an autobiographical sketch supplemented 
by extracts from his personal records and a review of his literary pro- 
ductions, together with selected essays; arranged and ed. by £. S. Ail- 
ing. 1907. Grafton Press. 

Krfifli's father was a teacher in Pestalozri's school at Yvcrdon, Switzerland ind th« 
son was among the first to make Pestalozri's theory of education known in the United 
States. He taught for is years at the Oswego Normal School 

LaclMc, Pierre Ligueste. rga Iri34a8 

Stevens, Walter Barlow. Laclede, the founder of St. Louis. 

Issued by the Merchants-Ladede National Bank of St Louis. 
Pierre Laclede (1724-7%) was a French fur trader who organized the Louisiana 
For Company and in 1764 founded St. Louis. 

Lacoe, Ralph Dupuy. r9a Lzajh 

[Hayden, Horace Edwin.] Memorial sketch of Ralph Dupuy Lacoe, 
of Pittston, Pa., 1824-1901 [read before the Wyoming Historical and 
Geological Society, April 19, 1901]. 1901. 

Contains aiso: Mr Lacoe's relations to science, by David White. 

Reprinted from the Wyoming Historical and Geological Society's "Proceedings and 
cMecHooBt" V.6, 1901. 

Lacoe was an authority on the geology of the anthracite eoal region. His collec- 
tion of fossil plants, considered one of the most valuable in existence, was presented by 
him to the National Museum at Washington. 

La Parge, John. 9a Lz4ae 

Cortissoz, Royal. John La Farge; a memoir and a study. 191 1. 

It should be said in praise and definition of Mr Cortissoz's adroit and sympathetic 
study that no opinion and no phrase in it would disappoint La Farge himself. It gives 
admirably the subtle and vivid thinker, the fastidious talker, the delightful man of the 
world, who was perhaps the greatest social figure in America of our time. Neither a 
record nor a criticism, but a character study. Aim is to make us hear aiid see the man; 
a knowledge of his works is presupposed and the delightful effect of the book depends 
precisely upon this limiution of the field. Condensed from Nation, 1911. 

Lafarge, Mme Marie Fortunee (Cappelle). r9a Li4a 

Memoirs, written by herself. 2v. 1841. Colburn. 

M«<<«m^ Lafarge (1816-5J) was a Frenchwoman whose husband died under n»- 
picious circumstances. The affair was more or less mysterious and Madame Lafarge 
was convicted, but finally released after several years in prison. The memoirs were 
written during her period of imprisonment. 

Lafayette, Marie Jean Paul Roch Yves Gilbert r9a Li44b 

Motier, marquis de. 
Butler, Frederick. Memoirs of the marquis de La Fayette, major- 
general in the Revolutionary army of the United States of America, 
together with his tour through the United States. 1825. Deming. 

One of the earliest of the biographies of Lafayette. The description of his tour is 
compiled from contemporary newspapers and gives an account of his reception in the 
different towns, the speeches which were delivered, etc. 


Lafayette, Marie Jean Paul Roch Yves Gilbert 9a Lz44e 

Motier, marquis de. 
Cutter, William. Life of General Lafayette. 1856. Derby. 

Deals largely with his services during the Revolutionary war and the French reTO> 

Lafayette, Marie Jean Paul Roch Yves Gilbert rga Lz44p 

Motier, marquis de. 
Parker, A. A. Recollections of General Lafayette on his visit to the 
United States in 1824 and 1825, with the most remarkable incidents of 
his life. 1879. Keene, N. H. Sentinel Printing Co. 

Lafontaine, Sir Louis Hypolite. 9a 8x95! 

Leacock, Stephen Butler. Baldwin, LaFontaine, Hincks; responsible 
government. 1907. Morang. (Makers of Canada.) 

Biographies of three Canadian political leaders, Baldwin (1804-58), LaFont&ine 
(1807-64), and Hincks (1807-85). 

Lamartine, Alphonse de. ga Lz78d 

Domvile, Lady Margaret (St. Lawrence). Life of Lamartine. 1888. 

Places rather more emphasis on Lamartine's political than on his literary career. 

"It is to her credit that she has recognized his limitations and defects. She has 
not tried to make of him a great statesman: she has succeeded in demonstrating the 
nobility of his character . . . Outside of minor inaccuracies of which there are but f ew» 
her book gives, in addition to the life of Lamartine, a very goqd picture of French 
political conditions during the fifty years succeeding the Revolution." Nation, t89^ 

Lamb, Charles. 9a Lz79p 

Procter, Bryan Waller, (pseud, Barry Cornwall). Charles Lamb; a 
memoir. 1866. Moxon. 

"Simple and unpretending, but irradiated by the U|^t of personal soquaintanee 
and the glow of sympathy." Dictionary of national biograpky, 

Lambton, John George, earl of Durham. See Durham, John George 
Lambton, earl of, 

Lancaster, John of Gaunt, duke of. See John of Gaimt, duke of Lancaster^ 

Langhans, Karl Gotthard. r9a La54h 

Hinrichs, Walther Th. Carl Gotthard Langhans; ein schlesischer 
baumeister, 1 733-1 808. 1909. 

Dissertation zur erlangung der akademischen wurde dnes doktor ingenieurs; ge> 
nehmigt von der Konigl. Technischen Hochschule zu Hannover. 

Langley, Samuel Pierpont. ipa LasSa 

Smithsonian Institution. Samuel Pierpont Langley, secretary of the 
Smithsonian Institution, 1887-1906; memorial meeting, December 3,. 
1906, addresses by [A. D.] White, [E. C] Pickering and [Octave] 
Chanute. 1907. (Miscellaneous collections, v.49.) 

"Bibliography of the published works of S. P. Langley/' p.3S-49* 

With this is bound "A biographical sketch of S. P. Langley," by J. A. Brsshear. 

The same. (In its Miscellaneous collections, v.49.) • • • •r5o6 S66m v^g 
Las Casas, Bartolom6 de, bp. See Caias, Bartolom6 de las, bp. 

La Siboutie, Francois Louis Poumi^s de. See Poumi^s de La Siboutie^ 

Frangois Louis. 


LassaUe, Ferdinand. 92 L345bni 

Brandes, Georg Moritz Cohen. Ferdinand Lassalle. 191 1. Heine- 


Study of the life and influence of the German socialist agitator (1835-64). 

La Touche, Mrs Maria (Price). 93 L358 

Letters of a noble woman (Mrs La Totiche of Harristown) ; ed. by 
M. F. Young. 1908. Allen. 

Mrs La Touche (1824-1906) was an Irishwoman of distinction and charm, whose 
dau^ter Rose was the pupil and friend of Rusldn. Several of the letters in this vol- 
ume are written to Ruskin and to his niece Mrs Severn. The greater part of Mrs La 
Touche's long life was spent on her estate in County Kildare. Her letters tell of her 
dsily life, her garden, her reading and other occupations. 

La Villenidre, Toussaint-Ambroise Talour de La Cartrie, comti de. Sei 
Talour de La Cartrie, Toussaint-Ambroise, camtt d€ La VUUniin. 

Lawrence, Amos. rga 1^4222! 

Extracts from the diary and correspondence of Amos Lawrence, 
with a brief account of some incidents in his life; ed. by his son W. R. 
Lawrence. 1855. Gould. 

Amos Lawrence (1786-1852) was an American merchant and philanthropist, largely 
identified with the cotton manufacturing indtistry in New England. These extracts are 
efaosen chiefly with a view to illustrating his high Christian character. 

Lawrence, Sir Thomas. 9a L4a6k 

Knapp, Oswald Greenwaye, ed. An artist's love story, told in the 

letters of Sir Thomas Lawrence, Mrs Siddons and her daughters. 1904. 


"Not of overmuch importance as a contribution to artistic and dramatic biography. 
Its main theme, the double courtship by Sir Thomas Lawrence of Mrs. Siddons' two 
daughters, Sally and Maria, has long since been established... The value of this corre- 
spondence consists, in fact, in its repeated illustration of bygone manners and habits 
of thought** Atheu^um, 1904, 

niustrated by several reproductions of portraits by Lawrence. 

Lawrence, Sir Thomas. 9a L4a6w 

Williams, D. £. Life and correspondence of Sir Thomas Lawrence. 
2v. 183 1. Colburn. 

Life of the English portrait painter (i 769-1 830), who in i8so succeeded Benjamin 
West as president of the Royal Academy. The biographer had access to Lawrence's 
private papers and letters. 

Layard, Sir Austen, Henry. 9a L436 

Autobiography and letters from his childhood until his appointment 

as H. M. ambassador at Madrid; ed. by W. N. Bruce, with a chapter 

on his parliamentary career by Sir Arthur Otway. 2v. 1903. Murray. 

Layard (1817-94) was an English traveler, archaeologist and diplomatist whose repu- 
tation rests chiefly on his excavations of Nineveh. 

Lear, Edward. 9a L459 

Letters of Edward Lear to Chichester Fortescue, Lord Carlingford 
and Frances, countess Waldegrave; ed. by Lady Strachey. 1908. 

Lear (i8ia-88) is known chiefly as the author of "The book of nonsense," but he 
was a considerable water-color artist as well, and a man of interesting personality, as is 
shown in this collection of personal letters to his nearest friends. They were written 
from 1849 to 1864, most of which time he spent on the continent. Illustrated with re- 
productions in color and black and white of Lear's paintings and sketches. 


Le Borgne, Eleonore Ad^le, comUssi de Boigne, Si§ Boigne, El^onore 
Adele (d'Osmond) Le Borgne, camttssf de. 

Lecky, William Edward Hartpole. 9a L488I 

[Lecky, Mrs Elisabeth (van Dedem).] Memoir of William Edward 

Hartpole Lecky, by his wife. 1909. Longmans. 

Lecky (i 838-1 903) was an Irish statesman and historian of England in the i8tb 

Lee, Gen. Charles. rga Lsaxl 

[Langworthy, Edward.] Memoirs of the life of the late Charles 
Lee; to which are added his political and military essays, also letters 
to and from many distinguished characters both in Europe and Amer- 
ica. 1792. Allen. 

General Lee (1731-8S) was an Englishman who acnred 00 the Aiaerican ride in tib* 
Revolution. For disobeying orders at the battle of Monmouth he was tried by coturt 
martial, suspended from the army for a year and later was dlimliifd altoftditr by 

"The sketch of his life though brief is interesting, and the writingB are oftea 
piquant'* Larn*d*M Littraturg of Amtrican history. 

Lee, Gen. Robert Edward. rga L5a6aa. 

Adams, Charles Francis, b. 1835. Lee's centennial; an address de- 
livered at Lexington, Virginia, Jan. 19, 1907, on the invitation of the 
president and faculty of Washington and Lee University. [1907.] 

Lee, Gen. Robert Edward. 9a L5a6ich 

Childe, Edward Lee. Life and campaigns of General Lee; tr. from 

the French by George Litting. 1875. Chatto. 
Written for a French public by General Lee's nephew. 

Lee, Gen. Robert Edward. 9a L5a6i| 

Jones, John William. Personal reminiscences, anecdotes and let- 
ters of Gen. Robert E. Lee. 1875. Appleton. 

As chaplain in the Army of Northern Virginia and later as one of the chaplains 
in Washington and Lee University, of which Lee was president. 1865-70, the author 
came into rather frequent personal contact with him. Lee's character and private life 
are dwelt upon more fully than his military career. 

Lee, Gen. Robert Edward. 9a L5a6im 

McCabe, James Dabney, (pseud. Edward Winslow Martin). Life 
and campaigns of General Robert E. Lee. 1866. National Pub. Co. 

Devoted almost entirely to Lee's campaigns. The tuthor, although a Southerner^ 
was bitter towards Jefferson Davis, to whose blunders he attributed many of the South- 
em disasters. 

Lee, Gen. Robert Edward. 9a LsaCip 

Page, Thomas Nelson. Robert E. Lee, the Southerner. 1908. Scrib- 


Biography dwelling more on his personality than on his generalship and aiming to 
vindicate him from hostile criticism. 

Le Porestier, Francois. rga L54X 

Le Forestier's relation; autobiography and voyzges, a recently dis- 
covered manuscript; ed. by Hasket Derby [in French]. 1904. Bostott 


Le Forestier (1749-18 19) was a refugee from Mauritius and a teacher in New 
England. The book gives in French the story of his life, which he wrote out in i8xa> 
on his voyage from Salem, Mass. to Mauritius. 


Legar6, Hugh S win ton. rga L54a 

Writings, consisting of a diary of Brussels and journal of the Rhine, 
extracts from his private and diplomatic correspondence, orations and 
speeches and contributions to the New- York and Southern reviews; 
prefaced by a memoir of his life, ed. by his sister. 2v. 1845-46. 

V.I. Biographical notice. — Diary of Brussels. — Journal of the Rhine. — Diplomatic 
correspondence. — Private correspondence. — Oration on the 4th of July 1823. — Speech 
before the Union party. — Spirit of the sub-treasury. — Recognition of Hayti. — Southern 
naval depot. — Official defalcations. — Arbitrement of national disputes. — The constitu- 
tkmal history of Greece. — Demosthenes, the man, the statesman and the orator. — The 
origin, history and influence of Roman legislation. 

V.3. Classical learning. — Roman literature. — Kent's Commentaries. — Craft's fugitive 
writings. — Travels of the duke of Saxe- Weimar. — The disowned; Talcs of the great St. 
Bernard. — Cicero de Republica. — Hall's Travels in North- America. — Early Spanish 
ballads; Charlemagne and his peers. — Sir Philip Sidney's miscellanies. — Lord Byron's 
character and writings. — Byron's letters and journals. — Jeremy Bentham and the 
utilitarians. — Codification. — ^The public economy of Athens. — D'Aguesseau. 

Legar6 (i 797-1843) was an American jurist and statesman, member of Congress 
from South Carolina. He was founder and editor of the "Southern review," and 
served as charg6 d'affaires at Brussels, 1832-38. 

Leiceiter, Robert Dudley, iarl of, rga Rssga 

Adlard, George. Amye Robsart and the earl of Leycester; a critical 
inquiry into the authenticity of the various statements in relation to 
the death of Amye Robsart and of the libels on the earl of Leycester^ 
with a vindication of the earl by Sir Philip Sydney; and a History of 
Kenilworth castle, together with Memoirs and correspondence of Sir 
Robert Dudley, son of the earl of Leycester. 1870. J. R. Smith. 

iM^paXoikf Frederic, lord. See Artists, p. 1402. 

Leisewitz, Johann Anton. ga L566 

Brief e an seine braut; nach den handschriften herausgegeben von 
Heinrich Mack. 1906. 

Lcisewitz (i7S*-i8o6) was a Gtrmaa dramatic poet. His single complete drama, 
**Jiiiius voa Tareot," was written in Lcssing's styU «nd was very popular in Germany. 

Le Moyne d'lberviHe, Pierre. Ste Iberville, Pierre le Moyne, siiur d'. 

Lto XIXI, pope. qga L6i9nia 

McGovern, James Joseph. Life and life-work of Pope Leo XIII, 

with an introduction by Joseph Selinger. 1903. 
Official edition. 
"The writer of this biography has endeavored to condense within these pages a 

multitude of facts of the Holy Father's eventful career, gathered from oral tradition, 

personal reminiscences, and a knowledge of local environments." Preface, 

Leo XIII, pope. 92 L6190 

O'Reilly, Bernard. Life of Leo XIII, from an authentic memoir 
furnished by his order. 1887. Webster. 

Gives a full accotint of the pope's career to 1886, and also considers Italy in relation 
totlie fapMsy. 

Leonard, James Francis. qrga L6aat 

Townsend, John Wilson. Life of James Francis Leonard; the first 

practical sound-reader of the Mors« alphabet, and [Biographical sketch 


Leonard, James Francis — continued, qrga L6a2t 

of Colonel Joseph Crockett, by S.W.Price]. 1909. (Filson Club. 

Leonardo da VincL Sie Artists, p. 141a 

Lespinasse, Claire Fran^oise de. See Letpinaaae, Julie Jeanne fileo- 
nore de. 

Lespinasse, Julie Jeanne £leonore de. ga L647S 

S6gur, Pierre Marie Maurice Henri, mcurguis de. Julie de Lespi- 
nasse; tr. from the French by P. H. L. Warner. 1907. Holt 

"Principal new authorities consulted," p. 16. 

Mile de Lespinasse (1732-76) was a French social leader who presided first with 
Mme du Deffand over a fashionable literary salon and afterward over a rival salon of 
her own. 

The final and authoritative life of this remarkable woman, the heroine of so much 
romance in her own day and ours. Many curious and doubtful points in her story 
have been cleared up by the author, who has had access to hitherto unexplored docu- 
nents. Condensed from Spectator, 1907, 

92 L649k 

Lessing, Gotthold Ephraim. 9a L649ac 

Schmidt, Erich, b. 1853. Lessing; geschichte seines lebens und seiner 

schriften. 2v. 1899. 

The standard authority in Germany. First published in 1884. 

Lessing, Gotthold Ephraim. 9a L649S 

Zimmern, Helen. Gotthold Ephraim Lessing; his life and his works. 

1878. Longmans. 

"Both biographers [Miss Zimmern and Mr Sime] draw their material from tii« 
same sources; the difference in treatment consists in [Miss Zimmern] principally ecm- 
fining herself to a sketch of Lessing's life, and [Mr Sime] superadding a minute anal- 
ysis of all his writings, and giving lengthened comments upon them... The reader will 
miss in both . . . those biographical details which impart interest and vividness to a nai^ 
rative." Athenanm, iS^i* 

Lever, Charles. ga L664f 

Fitzpatrick, William John. Life of Charles Lever. [1884.] Ward. 

The chief authority for the life of the Irish novelist (1806-72). 

Leveson-Gower, Lady Harriet Elizabeth (Cavendish), caunUss GranvUk. 
See Granville, Lady Harriet Elizabeth (Cavendish) Leveson- 
Gower, countess. 

92 L667h 

92 L667II 

Lewes, Mrs Mary Ann (Evans). Su Eliot, George, pseud. 


nB, Ellis. ga LCyak 

Konkle, Burton Alva. Life of Chief Justice Ellis Lewis, 179&-1871,. 
of the first elective supreme court of Pennsylvania. 1907. Campion. 

Based on original records. The author considers Lewis one of the most important 
figures in the early history of the Democratic party in Pennsylvania. 

Leypoldt, Frederick. rga L677s^ 

Growoll, Adolf. Frederick Leypoldt; biographical and biblio- 
graphical sketch. 1899. Dibdin Club. 

A very brief account. Leypoldt (1835-84) was one of the founders of the Amer- 
ican book'trade and of the American Library Association. 

Li Hung Chang. ga L6g5l 

Little, Mrs Alicia (Bewicke). Li Htingchang; his life and times* 
1903. Cassell. 

"Practically a history of Chins during the latter half of the nineteenth century. 
For fifty years, from the outbreak of the Taiping rebellion in 1851 to the European 
occupation of Peking in 1901, Li Hung-Chang was in the thick of affairs, and for more 
than a generation he stands out as the most prominent personality in the Far East. 
Thk book. . . [is] an account of his public career." Conttrnporary rnnnv, 1904, 

Lteber, Francis. ga L6gi 

Life and letters of Francis Lieber;ed.byT. S. Perry. 1882. Osgood. 

Compiled from Lieber's diary and correspondence. Covers chiefly the period after 
Us arrival in this country. 

Liebig, Justus, haron von. ga L6gair 

Volhard, Jakob. Justus von Liebig. 2v. 1909. 

By a former pupil and assistant of Liebig in Munich. Contains, in addition to 
interesting personal recollections, valuable matc^al derived from Liebig's extensive cor- 
respondence with relatives, friends and prominent scientific men. Gives slso a valuable 
account of the origin and evolution of organic chemistry, of iHiich Liebig was the real 
fonnder. Condensed from Nation, 1908. 

Ligueste, Pierre Laclede. Set iMcLhde, Pierre Ligueste. 

Lincoln, Abraham. ga L715 

Letters and addresses. 1903. Bell. 

Selection of the most important, characteristic or interesting. 

Lincoln, Abraham. ga Lyisab 

Abraham Lincoln; tributes from his associates, reminiscences of 
soldiers, statesmen and citizens, with introduction by W. H. Ward. 
1895. Crowell. 

Appeared in a special Lincoln number of the "Independent," April 4, 1895. 

Lincoln, Abraham. ga Lyzsbat 

Bates, David Homer. Lincoln in the telegraph office; recollections 
of the United States military telegraph corps during the Civil war. 
1907. Century. 

The author was manager of the War department's telegraph office, 1861-66, and was 
sbo its chief operator in cipher despatches. President Lincoln spent much time in tih* 
lelegrairii office and was often present while Mr Bates was deciphering important mes- 
•ages direct from the seat of war. The book contains many anecdotM abont Lincolo 
sad incidents of Washington life. 

Lincoln, Abraham. ga Lyxsbi 

Binns, Henry Bryan. Abraham Lincoln. 1907. Dent. (Temple 

"This is, as far as I am aware, the first serious attempt made by an Eni^ishman to 


Lincoln, Abraham — continued. 9a Lyxsbi 

portray on any full-sized canvas the greatest of the popular statesmen of the last cen* 
tury...I have not attempted to do more than to suggest, by way of background, the 
events amongst which he lived.*' Prefatory note. 

Lincoln, Abraham. 9a Lyzsbo 

BoUes, £. C. & Maulsby, D. L. camp. Lincoln day program; music 
by L. R. Lewis and Carrie Bullard. 1909. Mason. 

Lincoln, Abraham. 9a L715C 

Carr, Clark Ezra. Lincoln at Gettysburg. 1907. McClurg. 

Reminiscences of the dedicatory exercises of the National cemetery at Gettysburg, 
centring about Lincoln's address. Author was present as Illinois member of the Memo> 
rial Association. 

Lincoln, Abraham. 9a L7 15011 

Curtis, William Eleroy. The true Abraham Lincoln. 1903. Lippin- 


"The volume is an indiscriminate collection of striking passages from Hemdon, 
Lamon, Nicolay, Carpenter, Ben. Perley Poore, aild McClure, interspersed with remi- 
niscences and anecdotes probably culled from newspaper cuttings. All the old Lincoln 
stories may be found here, regardless of the number of times they have been denied 
or disproved." Dial, 190$. 

Lincoln, Abraham. 9a L7X5gi 

Gilder, Richard Watson. Lincoln the leader, and Lincoln's genius 
for expression. 1909. Houghton. 

Lincoln, Abraham. 9a Lyxshi 

Hill, Frederick Trevor. Lincoln the lawyer. 1906. Century. 

Appeared in the ''Century magazine," v.7i-7a, Dec 1905-May 1906. 

"The first effort to make a careful estimate of his position and reputation as a 
lawyer, and to present the main features of his twenty^ree yeara^ practice in tke 
Illinois courts... Many parts of the book have almost the value of original documents, 
since the writer has gaUiered much material at first hand from Judge Weldon, James 
Ewing, Col. Peter Dey, and other witnesses." Nation, 1906. 

Lincoln, Abraham. r9a L7X5J 

Johnson, Herrick. "God's ways unsearchable;" a discourse on the 
death of President Lincoln, preached before the Third Presbyterian 
congregation in Mozart hall, Pittsburgh, Sunday, April 23d, 1865. 
[1865.] Johnston. Pittsburgh. 

Lincoln, Abraham. rga Lyxsk 

Krauth, Charles Porterfield. The two pageants; a discourse deliv- 
ered in the First Eng. Evan. Lutheran Church, Pittsburgh, Pa., Thurs- 
day, June 1st, 1865. 1865. Haven. Pittsburgh. 

Memorial discourse upon the occasion of the national fast appointed in consequence 
of the death of President Lincoln. 

Lincoln, Abraham. 9a L7i5lau 

Laughlin, Clara Elizabeth. Death of Lincoln; the story of Booth's 

plot, his deed and the penalty. 1909. Doubleday. 

Popular account based on official documents and records. Ilhistrated. 

Lincoln, Abraham. rga L7Z5I 

Loyal Legion, Military Order of the, Pennsylvania commandery. 

Abraham Lincoln; memorial meeting, Feb. 13, 1907. 1907. 

Short addresses, a few of them being personal reminiscences of Lincoln. 


Lincoln, Abraham. ga Lyxsma 

MacChesney, Nathan William, ed. Abraham Lincoln; the tribute of 
a century, 1809-1909, commemorative of the Lincoln centenary and con- 
taining the principal speeches made in connection therewith. 1910. 

Lincoln, Abraham. qrga L7Z5me 

Mcscrve, Frederick Hill. Photographs of Abraham Lincoln. 191 1. 

Privately printed. 

One hnndred photographs of Lincoln arranfo4 in chronological order, with notes 
regarding the time and place of taking, photographer and owner. Some photographs of 
Mrs Lincoln, the three sons, the vice-presidents, and members of the cabinets are added. 

Lincoln, Abraham. qga Ljzsmi 

Miller, Francis Trevelyan. Portrait life of Lincoln; life of Abraham 
Lincoln, the greatest American, told from original photographs taken 
with his authority during the great crisis through which he led his 
country, treasured among the 7000 secret service war negatives in the 
Brady-Gardner collection at Springfield, Mass. and in private collec- 
tions, valued at $150,000, collected by E. B. Eaton. 1910. Patriot 
Pub. Co. 

"Hundred greatest books on Abraham Lincoln," p. 1 61—164. 

Lincoln, Abraham. qrga Lyzsn 

New York (city) — Common council. Obsequies of Abraham Lin- 
coln in the city of New York, under the auspices of the Common coun- 
cil. 1866. 

Lincoln, Abraham. jga Lyisn 

Nicolay, Helen. Boys' life of Abraham Lincoln. 1906. Century. 

How he rose from obscurity to fame — from postmaster of New Salem village to 
president of the United States, from captain of a backwoods volunteer company to 
commander-in-chief of the army and navy. 

Lincoln, Abraham. rga Lyxspi 

Pittsburgh, St. Andrew's Protestant Episcopal Church. Memorial 

on the death of President Lincoln. 1865. Haven. Pittsburgh. 

CsnttnU : The nation's bereavement, by W. A. Snively.'-'Address on the day of 
the obsequies, by William Preston. 

Lincoln, Abraham. 9a L7Z5P 

Pratt, Silas Gamaliel, ed, Lincoln in story; the life of the martyr- 
president told in authenticated anecdotes. 1903. Appleton. 

Lincoln, Abraham. ga Lyispu 

Putnam, George Haven. Abraham Lincoln, the people's leader in 
the struggle for national existence. 1909. Putnam. 

"A clear and readable essay on Lincoln expanded from a popular address given in 
Hew York city on Lincoln Day, February 12, 1909, forms the body. ..While the pre* 
sentation of tiie subject is without novelty, the language is simple enou^ to appeal to 
young people, and the narrative is enlivened by interesting reminiscences of the author's 
army life.*' Nation, 1909. 

Includes the speech delivered by Lincoln in New York, Feb. J7, r86o, with an 
introduction by C. C. Nott and annotations by Judge Nott and Cephas Brainerd. 


Lincoln, Abraham. ga Lyzsro 

Rothschild, Alonzo. Lincoln, master of men; a study in character. 
1906. Constable. 

"List of books cited»" p.437-438. 

After devoting two chapters to his earlier life, Mr Rothsehfld centres each of th« 
six remaining chapters about Lincoln's relations with one of six prominent men wMi 
whom circumstances brought him into some degree of confUct, nuuHyi Douglas, Seward, 
Chase, Stanton, Fremont and McClellan. 

Lincoln, Abraham. 93 L7Z58C 

Schauffler, Robert Haven, ed. Lincoln's birthday; a comprehensive 

view of Lincoln as given in the most noteworthy essays, orations and 

poems, in fiction and in Lincoln's own writings. 1909. Moffat (Our 

American holidays.) 

The same rga L7X58C 

The same jga L7Z58 

Lincoln, Abraham. 93 L7X58CI1 

Schurz, Carl. Abraham Lincoln; aus dem englischen ubersetzt von 

Mary Nolte. 1908. 

Lincoln, Abraham. 920 Tx9 

Tarbell, Ida Minerva, 8c Davis, J. M. Early life of Abraham Lin- 
coln, containing many unpublished documents and unpublished reminis- 
cences of Lincoln's early career. 1896. McClure. (McClurc's biogra- 

Bound with Tarbell's "Short Ufe of Napoleon." 

Lincoln, Abraham. 9a L7X5W 

Welles, Gideon. Lincoln and Seward; remarks upon the memorial 
address of Charles Francis Adams on the late William H. Seward, with 
incidents and comments illustrative of the measures and policy of the 
administration of Abraham Lincoln and views as to the relative posi- 
tions of the late president and secretary of state. 1874. Sheldon. 

Lincoln, Abraham. 9a L7i5wh 

W^hitlock, Brand. Abraham Lincoln. 1909. Small. (Beacon bio- 
graphies of eminent Americans.) 

"Bibliography," p.200-205. 

"Tells the story of Lincoln's career concisely and entertainingly." Nation, j^oq. 

Lind, Jenny, afterward Mme Goldschmidt. rga L7i7£ 

Foster, George G. Memoir of Jenny Lind. 1850. Dcwitt. 

The author, an American, has gathered together the press notices and criticisms of 
Miss Lind's work in Europe and presents them to an American public just before her 
first visit to this country in 1851. 

Lindsey, Benjamin Barr. 93 L7a3 

The beast, by B. B. Lindsey and H. J. O'Higgins. 1910. Doubleday. 

Autobiography of Judge Ben Lindsey, who founded the Juvenile court of Denver 
and exposed the political rottenness of Denver and of Colorado. It is a detailed story 
of his singlc'handed fight against the powers of darknfss in politics and society, sym- 
bolized by the beast. 

Linton, Mrs Eliza (Lynn). 9a L7a9l 

Layard, George Somes. Mrs Ijynn Linton; her life, letters and 

opinions. 1901. Methuen. 

"Bibliographical," p.379. 

Mrs Linton (1823-98) was an English novelist and journalist 


Luwt, Franz. 9a L738h 

Hervey, Arthur. Franz Liszt and his music. 191 1. Lane. 

"Principal compotidozis,'' p.i6x~i68; "Literary works,"* p. 16^1 71; "Bibliography,** 
p. 1 73-1 76. 

Mr Hervey has deroted the larger part of his book to a careful and very musidanly 
analysis of Liszt's chief works for piano, orchestra and voice, but in the brief account 
of Liszt's life he has been admirably successful in bringing out the nobility of his char* 
acter. Condenstd from Academy, 1911. 

Lisj^ Franz. ga LyaShu 

Huneker, James Gibbons. Franz Liszt 191 1. Scribner. 

Certain aspects of Liszt's life and art are studied without strict adherence to chrono- 
logical sequence. The result, though it falls short of the author's original plan for an 
exhaustive biography, is admirable and the book gives a vivid impression of this many- 
sided musical genius, his career and the adulation which he reeved. There are ia6 
pages of extracts from the writings of men and women who have known Liszt, analyses 
of some of his most important compontions and numerous illustrations. 

Liszt, Franz. 9a LysSm 

Martin, T. Carlaw. Franz Liszt. [1886.] Reeves. 

"Liszt's chief eompositions,'' p.xos-104. 

Brief sketch of his life and appreciation of his genius. 

Livingston, Robert R. qrga L748ad 

De Peyster, Frederic. Biographical sketch of Robert R. Livings- 
ton. 1876. New York Historical Soc. 

Read before the New York Historical Society, Oct 3, 1876. 

Livingston (1746-181 3) was an American jurist and statesman, chancellor of the 
state of New York and United States minister to France. He negotiated the Louisiana 
purchase in 1803, and was associated with Fulton in furthering steamboat navigjition. 

Livingstone, David. J9a L749g 

Golding, Vautier. Story of David Livingstone. [1906.] Jack. 

(Children's heroes series.) • 

Tells of the horrors of the African slave-trmde and tfa« indomitable courage of 
Livingstone, who helped to break it up. 

Lobatschewsky, Nicholaus Ivanovich. rga L754V 

Vasiljev, Aleksandr Vasiljevic. Nicolii Ivinovich Lobach6vsky; 
address pronounced at the commemorative meeting of the Imperial 
University of Kasan, Oct. 22, 1893; tr. from the Russian, with a preface, 
by G. B. Halsted. 1894. The Neomon. (Neomonic. series, v.i.) 

Locke, John. 9a L759 

Life and letters, with extracts from his journals and common-place 
books by Lord King. 1864. Bell. 

First published in 1829. 

"As a lineal descendant of Locke's cousin and legatee, Lord King had in his posses- 
sion an extremely valuable collection of documents, and in publishing portions of these 
he rendered an important service. . .These materials, however, only serve to illustrate 
some passages in Locke's life, and some phases in his character; and Lord King, not- 
withstanding the title of his work, seems to have made no effort at all to string them 
together in any order, or to combine with them such information as he could procure 
from other sources." Bourne's Lift of John Lockt. 

Londonderry, Charles William Stewart, afterward 9a L8aaa 

Vane, marquis of. 
Alison, Sir Archibald. Lives of Lord Castlereagh and Sir Charles 
Stewart, the second and third marquesses of Londonderry, with annals 
of contemporary events in which they bore a part, from the original pa- 
pers of the family. 3v. 1861. Blackwood. 


Londonderry, Robert Stewart, marquis of, 1769-1822. ga LSaaa 

Alison, Sir Archibald. Lives of Lord Castlereagh and Sir Charles 
Stewart, the second and third marquesses of Londonderry, with annals 
of contemporary events in which they bore a i>art, from the original 
papers of the family. 3v. 1861. Blackwood. 

Authoritative account, though considered unduly lawlatory. The brothers were 
both eminent in English politics and diplomacy in the first half of the 19^1 century, 
Caatlereagh being by far the more notable. The younger marquis had a long and 
eventful military career, having engaged in 2$ battles between 1796 and 181 4. 

Longfellow, Henry Wads worth. ga L8a8n 

Norton, Charles Eliot. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow; a sketch of 
his life, together with Longfellow's chief autobiographical poems. 
1907. Houghton. 

Contains, besides the sketch of his life, tiiote of his shorter poems which are 
referred to in the narrative, also those which have a distinctly autobiographical charac- 
ter and those which relate to his special friends and to the places of his birth and 

Louis XIV, king of France. ga MSsgaw 

Williams, Hugh Noel. Madame de Montespan and Louis XIV. 

1910. Scribner. 

Smaller and less fully illustrated edition of the elaborate quarto which appeared in 
1903 (qr9a M859W). 

"Remains, after seven years, the only complete and accurate account in English of 
the most famous and most magnificent of all French royal favorites." Nation, i^tt. 

Louis XVII, titular king of France. ga Lga74e 

Evans, Mrs Elizabeth Edson (Gibson). Story of Louis XVII of 
France. 1893. Sonnenschein. , 

"Bibliography," p.359-360. 

Although it has now been proved that the son of Louis XVT and Marie Antofawtte 
died in 1795, various pretenders to the title appeared after that tinu. The book, wbidi 
is written especially to champion the claims of Eleaxer Williams, the American niis> 
sionary to the Indians, devotes a large amount of space to the life of Karl Wnhda 
Naundorf f who also claimed to be the dauphin. 

Louis XVII, titular king of France. ga Lga74W 

Welch, Catharine. The little dauphin. 1909. Scribner. 

Story of the boy's life, with a clear account of the many pretenders to the title. 

Louis XVIII, king of France. ga Lgayss 

Sandars, Mary Frances. Louis XVIU. 1910. Hutchinson. 

"Author has contrived to make a readable bode by impartial treatment of nnpronis* 
ing material." Athenttum, igto. 

Louis Napoleon. See Napoleon III, emperor of the French. 

Louis Philippe, king of the French. ga Lga7aw 

Wright, George Newnham. Life and times of Louis Philippe, king 

of the French. [1843?] Fisher. 

Concludes with events of 1838. Early history based on the king's published joumaL 
Appendix describes the visit ef Queen Victoria to the Ch&tcao d'Eu, in 1843* PortraitiL 

Author was an English clergyman. 

Louisa Auguste Wilhelmine Amalie, queen of Prussia. qga Lgayb 

Baiileu, Paul. Konigin Luise; ein lebensbild. 1908. 

"Die zeitgenosaischen bildnisse der Konigin Luise," von Paul Seidel, p.35B-384* 
This biography of the beautiful and well beloved queen of Prussia (1776-18x0) ia 
semi-popular in style, yet based on good sources and finely iUustrated. 


Louisa Auguste Wilhelmine Amalie, queen of Prussia, 9a LgaTm 

Moffat, Mary Maxwell. Queen Louisa of Prussia. [1906.] Methuen. 

"Sources of infonnation concerning the life of Queen Louisa/* p.311-313. 

Readable and sjrmpathetic account of the life of the famous Prussian queen (1776- 
1810). The author has consulted German authorities and made use of recently pub- 
lished letters of the queen. Contains portraits. 

Lovat, Simon Fraser, lord. 9a L938b 

Burton, John Hill. Lives of Simon, lord Lovat and Duncan Forbes 

of CuUoden, from original sources. 1847. Chapman. 

Lord Lovat (1667?-! 747) sided with the goremment in the Jacobite upriting of 
1715, but with the rebels in 1745-46. He was captured at the battle of CaUodai, tried 
for treason and executed. Forbes (1685-1747) was a Scottish judge and a warm sup- 
porter of the government. 

"He gives... authorities which show an extent of research, among printed and nn- 
printed materials, for which... we were not prepared. . .The value of his labours can 
only be acknowledged by those who, by having studied this portion of our history, ean 
estimate the skill with which he has compressed so much into so small a compass." 
North British review, 1847. 

Low, Will Hicok. 9a L95a 

Chronicle of friendships, 1873-1900. 1908. Scribner. 

Recollections by an American painter of his life and experience in Paris and in 
New York. Of particular interest is the attractive and vivid picture of the life, the 
feelings and sentiments of artists and art students in Paris and on their summer expedi* 
tions. Many well-known men are numbered among his friends, notably Robert Louis 
Stevenson, his cousin "Bob," and Augustus Saint-Gaudens. Many illustrations. 

Lowell, Charles Russell. 9a L956 

Life and letters [ed.] by £. W. Emerson. 1907. Houghton. 

Lowell (1835-64) was a nephew of the poet At the outbreak of the Civil war he 
applied for a commission in the regular army. He showed genuine military ability and 
his commission to be brigadier-general was signed on the day that he was killed at the 
battle of Cedar Creek. To a singular degree everyone who came in contact with Lowell 
seems to have felt the fineness of his spirit. Mr Emerson prefaces the letters, many of 
which were written to his wife Josephine Shaw Lowell and to his friends Thomas Went- 
worth Higginson and John Murray Forbes, with a biographical sketch. 

Loyola, Ignatius de, St. See Ignatius de Loyola^ St. 

Lucas, John Seymour. See Artists, p. 1402. 

Lucientes, Francisco Goya y. See Artists, p.1411. 

Lucy, Henry William. 9a L97a 

Sixty years in the wilderness; some passages by the way [an auto- 
biography]. 1909. Dutton. 

Pleasant but slight narrative of the experiences and friendships of an English 
journalist and parliamentary reporter. 

Lukasi£ski, Waleryan. 9a L976a 

Askenazy, Szymon. Lukasifiski. 2v. in i. 1908. 

Luther, Martin. 9a L98aa 

Audin, Jean Marie Vincent. History of the life, writings & doc- 
trines of Luther; tr. by W. B. Turn bull. 2v. 1854. Dolman. 

First published in 1839. Based on original documents. 

Luther, Martin. 9a L98ab 

Bayne, Peter. Martin Luther, his life and work. 2v. 1887. Cassell. 

"Its whole tone is that of a panegyric oration at a centenary banquet." Saturday 
review, 1887. 


Luther, Martin. ga LgSaseh 

Sehlbrede, G. £. Wittenberg and its association with the reforma- 
tion of Germany; introduction by W. L. McEwan. 1906. Winston. 

"The writer of this little book has told, in simple and interesting way, of his risit 
to Wittenburg. . . He takes us through the rooms of Luther's house and the CdUege and 
the Church; and as he lingers in each place gathers up in their order the events. ..that 
were associated with them. He makes the figure of Luther stand out in its nigged sim- 
plicity and greatness." Introduction. 

Luther, Martin. 9a LgSasm 

Smith, Preserved. Life and letters of Martin Luther. 191 1. Houghton. 

"Bibliography," p.433-470. 

Unlike the usual lives of Luther which represent him chiefly as a theologian and 
defier of popes, this admirable biography treats him as a human bdng. Author haa 
drawn largely for his material upon Luther's corresi>ondence, in which he is revealed 
as a plain, earnest, sensible man with a childlike, religious faith and a keen sense of 
humor. Illustrated. 

Luther, Martin. 9a L98ast 

Stoughton, John. Homes and haunts of Luther; ed. by C. H. Irwin. 

1903. Religious Tract Soc. (Anti-papal library.) 

First appeared in 1875. 

Describes the localities associated with events in Luther's career, from his birthplace, 
Eisleben, to Wittenberg, where he spent the greater portion of his life. lUustratioos 
from photographs. 

Lyell, Sir Charles. 9a L987 

Life, letters and journals; ed. by Mrs [K. M.] Lyell. 2v. 1881. 

"Geological papers and works by Sir Charles Lyell," v. a, p. 479-482. 

Noted English geologist (i 797-1875). 

"The two volumes contain a vast mass of information which will be invaluable to 
the future historian of the progress of natural science during the nineteenth century, 
or to Lyell's future biographer; but his 'Life' as we understand the term, is not to be 
found in them. . .The notes are few and far between. . .the meagre fragments of personal 
narrative which occasionally head the chapters read like quotations from an indifferent 
article in a biographical dictionary . . . On the other hand, those who know Lyell's books 
will be delighted with his letters. He wrote in a good style... and he described what he 
saw and heard very graphically and well." Saturday review, i8B». 

Lyndhurst, John Singleton Copley, lord. 9a L99am 

Martin, Sir Theodore. Life of Lord Lyndhurst; from letters and 

papers in possession of his family. 1883. Murray. 

Lord Lyndhurst (i 772-1 863), the son of Copley the famous artist, was a brilliant 
lawyer who at three different periods served as lord chancellor of England. He de- 
stroyed almost all of his own papers and letters, but his biographer has acqtiired a good 
deal of material on his public career and corrects the misstatements made by Lord 
Campbell in his life of Lord Lyndhurst. 

Lyon, Mary. 9a L994g 

Gilchrist, Beth Bradford. Life of Mary Lyon, 1910. Houghton. 

"Bibliography." p.443-453- 

Enthusiastic biography of the founder of Mount Holyoke College and a notable 
pioneer in the higher education of women. 

Lyon, Mary. 9a L994h 

[Hitchcock, Edward, 1 793-1864, and others.] Power of Christian 

benevolence illustrated in the life and labors of Mary Lyon. 185& 
Amer. Tract Soc. 

First published in 1851. 

L3rtton, Edward Robert Bulwer-, tarl of. See Meredith, Owen, psmd. 


Macartney, Sir Halliday. ga Mzzyb 

Boulger, Demetrius Charles von Kavanagh. . Life of Sir Halliday 
Macartney, K. C M. G., commander of Li Hung Chang's trained force 
in the Taeping rebellion, founder of the first Chinese arsenal, for 30 
years councillor and secretary to the Chinese legation in London, with 
a foreword by Sir James Crichton-Browne. 1908. Lane. 

McCabe, Charles Cardwell, bp. ga Mza4b 

Bristol, Frank Milton. Life of Chaplain McCabe, bishop of the 
Methodist Episcopal church. 1908. Revell. 

Bishop McCabc (1836-1906) was chaplain of the la^d Ohio infantry during the 
Qvil war, was captured, and held in Libby prison. . Later he entered the service of the 
Christian Commission, for which he raised large sums. As pastor and bishop he exerted 
great influence. 

McQeave» Johns. rga Mzasa 

[Allegheny County, Pa. Bar Association.] In memoriam Johns 
Mc Cleave [transcript of minutes of the meeting of the Allegheny Coun- 
ty Bar Association, Pittsburgh, March 31st, 191 1. 191 1.] 

McCormick, Cyrus Hall. 9a Mz4xc 

Casson, Herbert Newton. Cyrus Hall McCormick; his life and 

work. 1909. McClurg. 

The life and personality of the inventor of the reaping machine are set forth, with 
many interesting details of his services to his chosen city, Chicago. Presents also much 
historical and statistical matter concerning the development of agricultural implements 
and the recent rapid increase in the world's wheat production. 

McCormick, Cyrus Hall. 9a Mz4it 

Thwaites, Reuben Gold. Cyrus Hall McCormick and the reaper. 

1909. Wisconsin Historical Soc. 

The same, (In Wisconsin Historical Society. Proceedings, v.56, 

p^34-2S9.) r977.5 W8ip v.56 

Brief biography. 

McCullagh, John. rga M 143am 

McCullagh, Joseph H. "The Sunday-school man of the South;" a 

sketch of the life and labors of John McCullagh, with an introduction 

by E. W. Rice. 1889. Amer. Sunday-school Union. 

McCullagh (181 1-88) was born in Scotland, but spent the greater part of his life 
in Kentucky. For 54 years he was connected with the American Sunday-school Union. 
Tlie biography is written by his son. 

Macdonald, Sir John Alexander. 9a Mx47p 

Parkin, George Robert. Sir John A. Macdonald. 1908. Morang. 
(Makers of Canada.) 

Macdonald (181 5-91) was an eminent Canadian statesman whose greatest political 
•ervice was the effecting of Canadian federation. During a period covering ao years 
in all he was prime minister of the Dominion of Canada. 

McDonald, William, 1820-1901. 9^ Mz47am 

Memoir of Rev. William McDonald, first pastor of Saint Anne's 
parish, Manchester, N. H., by a Sister of Mercy, with preface by Rt. 
Rev. Monsignor W. P. McQuaid. 1909. [Sisters of Mercy.] 

Father McDonald was one of the pioneers of the Catholic chtirch in New Hamp- 
shire and a prime mover in the establishment of educational and charitable institutions 
under the control of that church. 


MacDowell, Edward Alexander. 92 Mx4Bgi 

Gilman, Lawrence. Edward MacDowell; a study. 1909. Lane. 

"Compositions of Edward MacDowell," p. 183-1 90. 

Based upon monograph contributed to "Living masters of music*' series in 1905. 
Both biographical and critical. Illustrated. 

Macgillivray, William, 1 796-1852. 9a MiGam 

Macgillivray, William, IV. S, Life of William Macgillivray, with a 
scientific appreciation by J. A. Thomson. 1910. Murray. 

Macgillivray was a Scottish naturalist His merits as an anatomist brought him into 
close association with Audubon, with whom he collaborated for yesn. He rerolutionized 
the bird classification of his day. He also had large influence at professor of natural 
history at Aberdeen University. Book is illustrated by fine reproductlona of Macgil- 
llvray's bird drawings in possession of the British Museum. 

Mackay, Alexander Murdoch. jga Mz75f 

Fahs, Mrs Sophia Lyon. Uganda's white man of work; a story of 

Alexander M. Mackay. 1907. Eaton. (Forward mission study courses.) 
Perilous and heroic life of a missionary in the African kingdom of Uganda. 

Mackenzie, William Lyon. 9a MiSal 

Lindsey, Charles. William Lyon Mackenzie; ed. with numerous ad- 
ditions by G. G. S. Lindsey. 1908. Morang. (Makers of Canada.) 

Mackenzie (i 795-1861), Canadian politician and journalist, violent in support of 
popular government, led a small band of insurgents against Toronto in 1837. Although 
the movement ended in failure, it called the attention of the home government to colo- 
nial abuses and resulted in the establishment of responsible government in Canada. 

McKinney, David. rga.MiSsi 

In memoriam David McKinney, D. D., born Oct. 22, 1795, died May 
28, 1879. [Pittsburgh Board of Colportage. Pittsburgh.] 

Dr McKinney established the "Presbyterian banner" and later consolidated It 
with the "Presbyterian advocate." He was also librarian and treasurer of the Board 
of Colportage of the Synods of Pittsburgh and Allegheny. 

Mackintosh, Sir James. 9a MiSsm 

Mackintosh, Robert James, ed. Memoirs of the life of Sir James 
Mackintosh; ed. by his son. 2v. 1853. Little. 

Sir James Mackintosh was eminent as a philosopher and lawyer, also achieved 
prominence in medicine, history and politics. His name is intimately connected with the 
annals of Holland house. 

Madaren, Ian, pseud. See Watson, John Maclaren. 
Madeod, Fiona, pseud. See Sharp, William. 

Macleod, Norman, 1812-72. 9a Mxg&n 

Macleod, Donald. Memoir of Norman Macleod, D. D. 2v. 1876. 

"Macleod was one of the most notable ecclesiastics that Scotland has produced, an 
eloquent preacher, an earnest philanthropist, a high-minded patriot, a man of broad and 
catholic spirit, a writer of no mean order, and a genial friend.^ Dictionary of naiiontd 

McLoughlin, John. 9a Mz99h 

Holman, Frederick Van Voorhies. Dr John McLoughlin, the father 
of Oregon. 1907. Clark. 

From 1824 until his death In 1857, the story of McLoughlin's life Is closely con- 
nected with the history of Oregon. At the time of the union of the Nortiiwctt and tiM 
Hudson Bay companies he assumed charge of the company's interests in Oregon and was 
an important influence in settling the diaagreementa Mchich arose between the Fnglirii 
and the American pioneers. 


MacmiUan, Alexander. ga Maz4ag 

Graves, Charles Larcom. Life and letters of Alexander Macmillan. 
1910. Macmillan. 

Alexander MacmiUan (1818-96) was the younger brother of Daniel Macmillan who 
foimded the publishing house of that name. Apart from the personality, of the subject, 
the biography is valuable as giving sidelights from an unusual quarter on the literary 
U£e of the last centdry. His letters as well as the Macmillan lists reflect the history 
of Victorian ideas from x86o to 1890. 

Macmillan, Daniel. ga Mai4h 

Hughes, Thomas. Memoir of Daniel Macmillan. 1882. Macmillan. 

Macmillan (1813-57) was the founder of the publishing house which bears his 
name. The interest of this memoir does not lie in its narration of outward happenings. 
for Maonfllan's Ufe was uneventful, but in its revelation of a character singularly noble 
and attractive. 

Maeterlinck, Maurice. ga Ma44h 

Harry, Gerard. Maurice Maeterlinck; a biographical study, with 
two essays by Maeterlinck; tr. from the French of Gerard Harry by 
Alfred Allinson. 1910. Allen. 

Contents: Maurice Maeterlinck; a study.— Essays by Maeterlinck: The massacre 
of the innocents; Critique on I wan (xilkin's "Damnation de I'artiste." — Bibliography. 

"Contains less than a hundred pages upon M. Maeterlinck, written... in a spirit of 
dieerful and careless devotion; and there are added two early sketches, a short bibliogra- 
phy, and a number of photographs, chiefly of Madame Georgette Leblanc-Maeterlinck." 
Saiurday review, tgio. 

Mahan, Capt. Alfred Thayer. ^ ga Ma57 

From sail to steam; recollections of naval life. 1907. Harper. 

ReminiaceBces of the well'lmown American author and naval officer, which include 
some account of Ms experiences at the Naval Academy, his services during the Civil war 
sad 00 variova foreign cruises. 

92 M26S2 

.pD'»D no'^tr nn^in 

92 M265£ 

.BM23jr:j»>D .2 11D ,D^xru hh i»» \^H tjn»H 

92 M265y« 

Maintenon, Frangoise d'Aubigne, marquise de. ga M366n 

Noailles, Paul, due de. Histoire de Madame de Maintenon et des 
principaux ^venements du regne de Louis XIV. v. 1-2. 1849. 

Malateata, Sigismondo Pandolfo, da Rimini, ga MaSih 

Hutton, Edward. Sigrismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, lord of Rimini; 
a study of a 15th century Italian despot. 1906. Dent. 

An excellent book, worthy to be read by every lover of good English. Mr Hutton 
hsa set himself to write fact as fiction, endeavoring to give an impression of the first 
part of the 15th century without using a single incident which is not authenticated. His 
sibject is that strangest and yet most typical of Italian despots; and his mouthpiece is 
a certain Pietro Sanseverino, a wholly imaginary person, but one, nevertheless, who tells 
the story of his patron's life as seriously as Monsieur Yriarte himself has done, and 
certainly with greater accuracy. Condensed from Nation, 1906, 


Malone, Edmond. 9a Ma94p 

Prior, Sir James. Life of Edmond Malone, with selections from his 

manuscript anecdotes, i860. Smith. 

Author and critic (1741-1812), member of Dr Johnson's famous Literary Club, a 
friend of Horitce Walpole and Sir Joshua Reynolds and a familiar figure as well in the 
political society of his day. 

**Sir James Prior's Life of Malone. . .although ill-arranged is full of information.** 
Dictionary of nationai biography. 

Malser, Hans, pseud. Set Rosegger, Petri Kettenfeier. 

Manet, fidouard. See Artists, p. 1406. 

Manin, Daniel e. ga M333e 

Errera, Alberto, & Finzi, Cesare. La vita e i tempi di Daniele Manin 
(1804-1848); narrazione, corredata dai document! inediti depositati ne! 
Museo Correr da! Generate Giorgio Manin. 1872. 

Mann, Horace. ga Msjshu 

Hubbell, George Allen. Horace Mann, educator, patriot and re- 
former; a study in leadership. 1910. Fell. 

In writing this highly appredatire biography the author has had access to tmirab* 
lished manuscripts, letters, etc in the possession of Dr Mann's son. 

Mann, Sir Horace. ga Massad 

Doran, John. "Mann" and manners at the court of Florence, 1740- 

1786; founded oti the letters of Horace Mann to Horace Walpole. 2v. 

1876. Bentley. 

Sir Horace Mann (1701-86) was for 46 years British envoy at Florence. During 
this time he kept up a steady correspondence with his friend Horace Walpole. 

"Lord Dover describes the letters on Mann's side as Sroluminous, but partieularly 
devoid of interest, as they are written in a dry, heavy style, and consist almost entirely 
of trifling details of forgotten Florentine history*. . .Their contents are summarised in 
two volumes published by Dr. Doran... They abound in accounts of serenades, fites, 
masquerades, court ceremonial and Italian eccentricities." Dictionary of national biog- 

Mansfield, Richard. ga M343W 

Wilstach, Paul. Richard Mansfield, the man and the actor. 1908. 


"Bibliography," p.485-490. 

Mr Wilstach was associated with Mr Mansfield (i 857-1907) for many years, was 
devoted to his interests and writes of him with an unwavering and self-evident partiality. 
Though packed with detail and somewhat disorderly in arrangement, the book succeeds 
in revealing his powerful personality and versatile genius, and affords glimpses, through 
the letters to Mrs Mansfield and his son, of a tender human side which was little known 
to the world. 

Mansfield, Richard. ga M343wi 

Winter, William. Life and art of Richard Mansfield, with selections 
from his letters. 2v. 1910. Moffat. 

"Worthy memorial of a brilliant actor by his trusted friend and critic Volume 1 
is devoted to the life, practically commencing with Mansfield's initial New York succecs 
in 1883; volume 2 takes up his important roles in order. The book is autboritatiYe in 
its statements of fact, sympathetic and just in its estimate of Mansfield's complex char- 
acter and the nature and scope of his genius, and contains examples of felicitous dt- 
scription and penetrating analysis that rank it with Mr Winter's best critical work. The 
appendix contains a forty-three page chronology and a note on 'The gentle art of 
plagiarism,' referring to Paul Wilstach, whose interesting life of Mansfield, thougli 
fuller on the biographical side, will be critically superseded by this authorized biography. 
The illustrations consist mostly of portraits of Mansfield in his various character*.'* 
A. L. A. booklist, 1910. 


92 M3572b 

Mant, Jean Paul. ga Masgb 

Bax, Ernest Belfort. Jean-Paul Marat, the people's friend. 1901. 

Defense of Marat's eharacter and career. Mr Bax haa interjected hia own political 
and economic Yiews so freely into hia narrative as to give it a polemical character* 
thereby lessening its value as pare biography. Condensed from American kittaricai 
review, igot. 

Margaret, countess of Richmond and Derby, See Richmond and Derby» 
Margaret Beaufort, countess of. 

Margaret of Austria, regent of the Netherlands. 9a M38a4h 

Hare, Christopher, (pseud, of Mrs Marian Andrews). High and puis- 
sant princess Marguerite of Austria, princess dowager of Spain, duchess 
dowager of Savoy, regent of the Netherlands. 1907. Harper. 

Princess Marguerite (i 480-1 530), the daughter of Maximilian I and aunt of Charles 
V, was one of the foremost figures of her time. The book presents her public rather 
than her private life. 

Margaret of Austria, regent of the Netherlands. ga M38a4t 

Tremayne, Eleanor E. First governess of the Netherlands, Mar- 
garet of Austria. 1908. Putnam. 

"Catalogue of manuscripts in Margaret of Austria's library at Malines," p.330-334. 

The story of her various courtships and marriages carries the reader into almost 
every country of western Europe. As regent of the Netherlands for her nephew, the 
emperor Charles V, she was able and successful; the "Ladies' Peace" of Cambray attests 
her ability aa a diplomatist; the church of Brou, her skill as an architect; her patronage 
of Erasmus and the eulogies of Jean Lemaire de Beiges, her literary appreciation and 
sUU as a poet A welcome addition to the lighter biographical literature of the i6th 
eentnry. Condensed from Nation, 1909. 

Margaret of France, queen of Henry IV. qga MaSaaw 

Williams, Hugh Noel. Queen Margot, wife of Henry of Navarre, 
1907. Scribner. 

Full account of her life (i 553-1 61 5) with some notice of the historical events with 
whidi she was more or less concerned. Founded on her own memoirs and other con- 
temporary sources and on modern works. Portraits. 

Maria Carolina of Austria, queen consort of Ferdinand IV, ga M384b 

king of Naples. 
Bearne, Mrs Catherine Mary (Charlton). A sister of Marie An- 
toinette; the life-story of Maria Carolina, queen of Naples. 1907. Unwin. 

Well written popular biography. Maria Carolina (175J-1814) took a prominent 
part in the political affairs of the time and was an ardent opponent of Napoleon. 

Marie Antoinette, queen of France. 9a M386be 

Belloc, Hilaire. Marie Antoinette. 1909. Doubleday. 

Frank apology for the life of the queen, which views the revolution so exclusively 
from her stan<^int as to mislead a reader who is not forewarned. Mr Belloc is a master 
of style. His thought is direct and incisive, his virile and masterful presentation of 
men and events is' a triumph of literature, but his book is untrustworthy. Condensed 
from Nation, 1910. 


Marie Antoinette, queen of France. ga M386ca 

Campan, Mme Jeanne Louise Henriette (Genest). Memoires, 1785- 

92; ed. by H. C. Bradby. 1906. Clarendon Press. (Oxford higher 
French series.) 

Mme Campan was for nearly ao yean first lady of the bedchamber tA Malic Aa- 
toinette. She narrowly escaped at the storming of the Tuileries ia 179a. 

Marie Antoinette, queen of France, ga MsMea 

Campan, Mme Jeanne Louise Henriette (Genest). Memoirs of the 
court of Marie Antoinette, queen of France, with a biographical intro- 
duction by M. de Lamartine. 2v. 1847. Potter. 
"Biographical notice of Madame Campan," v.i, p. 7-45. 

An abridged edition is published under title "Private life of Marie Antoiiiellif 
<9a M386C). 

Marie Antoinette, queen of France, ga M^SO 

Lenotre, Louis Leon Theodore Gosselin. Flight of Marie An- 
toinette; from the French by Mrs Rodolph Stawell. 1906. Heinemann. 

Flight of the royal family to Varennes in 1791. Contains some interesting portraits. 

"Vivid and captivating narrative... He haa had recourse to all sources of informa- 
tion: national archives, private archives and memoirs past counting. The sldlful use he 
makes of this material ... is as striking as the intensity of life whidi he manages to give 
to his revival of the past" Nation, 1907. 

Marie Antoinette, queen of France, ga MsSGtic 

Tschudi, Clara. Marie Antoinette und die revolution; autorisierte 
ubersetzung aus dem norwegischen von Heinrich von Lenk. 1895. 

Marie de Medicis, queen of France. ga Ms86ap 

Pardee, Julia. Life of Marie de Medicis, queen of France, consort 

of Henri IV and regent of the kingdom under Louis XI IL 3v. 190a. 


First appeared in 1852. 

"Miss Pardoe published several historical works, chiefly pictures of French history 
condensed from the memoir- writers. . .These works, written... in a pleasant and grao^ 
ful style, attracted a large share of notice, and, as popular history, may still be read 
with pleasure." Dictionary of national biography. 

Marie Louise, empress of the French. qrga M386am 

Masson, Frederic. L'imperatrice Marie-Louise. 1902. 

Contains numerous portraits. 

Marie Th6rese Charlotte, duchesse (TAngoulhne. See Angoillime, Marie 
Therese Charlotte, duchesse d*. 

Markino, Yoshio. 9^ Magi 

A Japanese artist in London. 1910. Chatto. 

Mr Marldno is a Japanese illustrator and writer. He had a desperate fight with 
poverty after he left Japan and was forced to accept various employments in San Fran- 
dseo and London before his ability as an artist was recognised. The book gives an ac- 
count of his life in London, told frankly and in picturesque Japanese English. lUn^ 
trated in color. 

Marlborough, Sarah (Jennings) Churchill, duchess of. ga Magaa 

Private correspondence of Sarah, duchess of Marlborough, illustra- 
tive of the court and times of Queen Anne, with her sketches and opin- 
ions of her contemporaries, and the select correspondence of her hus- 
band, John, duke of Marlborough. 2v. 1838. Colburn. 


Marlowe, Christopher. ga Magsi 

Ingram, John H. Christopher Marlowe and his associates. 1904. 

"Bibliography of Christopher Marlowe," p.sSo-apS. 

Attempts to clear Marlowe's name from some of the reproaches which have been 
heaped upon it. Much of the volume is concerned with his contemporaries. 

Marot, Q^ment ga Maggm 

Morlcy, Henry. Clement Marot, and other studies. 2v. in i. 1871. 

Other studUs: Andreas Vesalius. — Conrad Gesner. — Cyrano de Bergerac. — College 
work. — English for Englishwomen. — Gabriel Harvey. — Influence of the Celt on English 
literature. — An old student of English. — The opening of Caedmon's paraphrase. 

The life of Marot (1495-1544) ia depicted against the background of his time — the 
France of Francis I and of Margaret of Angouleme. 

Manyat, Capt Frederick. ga M4iani 

Marryat, Florence. Life and letters of Captain Marryat. 2v. 1872. 


Marryat (1792-1848) was a novelist and a captain in the English navy. The biogra* 
phy ia written by his daughter. 

"It docs not present a complete portrait of her father; the scanty material is siq>-> 
plemented by too many teifling detalla." Dictionary of national biography. 

Marah, Grant Prince. ga M4Z3h 

Hanson, Joseph Mills. Conquest of the Missouri; being the story 
of the life and exploits of Captain Grant Marsh. 1909. McClurg. 

"Bibliography/* p.437-440. 

"A book strangely ill-named. Anything more unconquered than the great Mis- 
souri it would be hard to find; and in what sense the career of a steamboat man who, 
for nearly sixty years, has experienced its snags, sand-bars, and floods, can be called 
a conquest of the river, it would be hard to say. The book is the story of Grant Marsh, 
who, beginning aa a caUn-boy, in 1846, at the age of twelve, has sailed the Mississippi 
and its tributaries aknost to the present hour. It is a {i^turesque and instructive 
reeord." Nation, 1910. 

Marshall, John, chuf justice, ga M4i7d 

Dillon, John Forrest, ed, John Marshall; life, character and judicial 
services as portrayed in the centenary and memorial addresses and pro- 
ceedings throughout the United States on Marshall day, 1901, and in 
the classic orations of Binney, Story, Phelps, Waite and Rawle. 3v. 
igo3. Callaghan. 

Marston, Edward. ga M4ai 

After work; fragments from the workshop of an old publisher. 
1904. Heinemann. 

The author waa for many years a member of the publishing house of Sampson Low, 
Marston and Company. The book consists very largely of reminiscences of authors for 
whom the firm published — Mrs Stowe, Jules Verne, Sir Henry Stanley, Blackmore and 
William Clark Russell among many others. 

Marx, Karl. 9^ M4388 

Spargo, John. Karl Marx; his life and work. 1910. Huebsch. 

Authorized biography of the founder of scientific sodaliam. 


Mary, queen of Scots. ga M439he 

Henderson, Thomas F. Mary, queen of Scots, her environment and 
tragedy; a biography. 2v. 1905. Scribner. 

Both a narrative biography and a critical and impartial study, based on a thoroa^ 
mastery of the literature of the subject. Portraits. 

'*A logical theory of the fundamental causes of her failure is developed with un- 
usual force and rigidity." Americttn historical review, 1906, 

Mary, queen of Scots. rga M43gr 

Read, Conyers, ed. Bardon papers; documents relating to the im- 
prisonment & trial of Mary queen of Scots; ed. for the Royal Histori- 
cal Society, with a prefatory note by Charles Cotton. 1909. (Camden 
Society. Publications, 3d ser. v.17.) 

"The papers (so called from having been for many years kept at a house of this 
name in Somersetshire) are concerned with the imprisonment, trial, and execution of 
Mary Queen of Scots ... A very lucid account of the whole relation of Mary to Eliza* 
beth and English politics is to be found in Dr. Read's introduction." Spectator, 1910, 

Mather, Cotton, 1663-1728. 4^974^ M45 

Diary, 1681-1724. 1911-12. (In Massachusetts Historical Society. 
Collections, 1911-12, v.67-68.) 

Matheson, George. ga M469m 

Macmillan, Donald. Life of George Matheson. 1908. Armstrong. 
"Story of a Scotchman who became practically blind at eighteen, yet when he died, 
in 1906, was the most distinguished man in the Scotch pulpit, and had received tiie 
highest academic honors his countrymen could confer on him." Nation, 1908, 

Mathew, Theobald. ga M47ih 

Hinkson, Mrs Katharine (Tynan). Father Mathew. 1908. Mac- 

Short, pleasantly told story of the busy life of the Irish total abstinence orator 
( 1 790-1 856). Illustrated. 

Mazarin, Jules, cardinal. ga M545h 

Hassall, Arthur. Mazarin. 1903. Macmillan. (Foreign statesmen.) 

"Principal authorities," p. 183. 

Cardinal Mazarin (i6oa-^i) was prime minister of France and one of the leading 
figures in French history during the regency of Anne of Austria and the early jreart of 
the reign of Louis XIV. The book surveys briefly his public career. 

Mazzini, Giuseppe. ga M54gd 

Donaver, Federico. Vita di Giuseppe Mazzini. 1903. 

Mazzini, Giuseppe. ga M54g]d 

King, Bolton. Mazzini; traduzione autorizzata di Maria Pezzi 

Pascolato. 1903. 

"Bibliografia Mazziniana/* p.387-394. 

Mazzini, Giuseppe. qga M54gin 

Mario, Signora Jessie Merriton (White). Delia vita di Giuseppe 

Mazzini. [1908.] 

Meissonier, Jean Louis Ernest. See Artists, p. 1407. 

Melba, Nellie. ga MsSaam 

Murphy, Agnes G. Melba; a biography, with chapters by Madame 

Melba on the selection of music as a profession & on the science of 

singing. 1909. Doubleday. 

Fervent eulogy of the great Australian singer. All her tours and appearances art 
related in detail, together with many personal anecdotes illustrating her energy, Idndli- 
ness and generosity toward young artists. 


Melcombe, George Bubb Dodington, baron. See Dodington, George 
Bubby baron Mekombt, 

Melville, Andrew. 9a MsQsma 

M'Crie, Thomas. Life of Andrew Melville, containing illustrations 
of the ecclesiastical and literary history of Scotland during the latter 
part of the i6th and beginning of the 17th century, with, an appendix 
consisting of original papers. 1856. Blackwood. (Works, v.2.) 

Mendelssolm, Moses. ga M6z6ai 

Isaacs, Abram Samuel. Step by step; a story of the early days of 
Moses Mendelssohn. 1910. Jewish Publication Soc. of America. 

Biography, in story form, of the noted Jewish philosopher (1729-86). Portrays the 
diief scenes of his childhood and his experiences in Dessau and Berlin. 

Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix. ga M6x61 

Letters from 1833 to 1847; ed. by Paul Mendelssohn Bartholdy and 
Carl Mendelssohn Bartholdy, with a catalogue of all his musical com- 
positions, comp. by Julius Rietz; tr. by Lady Wallace. 1868. Leypoldt. 

Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix. ga M6z6h« 

Hensel, Sebastian, ed. Mendelssohn family (1729-1847), from let- 
ters and journals; tr. by Carl Klingemann and an American collabora- 
tor, with a notice by George Grove. 2v. in i. 1881. Harper. 

"Compiled from journals and family papers, and containing 73 letters or portions 
of letters hitherto [1879] unpublished. The title of the book would perhaps be more 
appropriately *Fanny Hensel and her family;' but it is a most valuable addition to our 
knowledge of Felix... The notices and letters of Abraham Mendelssohn are especially 
new and valuable." Grove' j Dictionary of tmuic. 

Mendowg. See Mmdaugia, king of Lithuania. 

Menken, Adah Isaacs. rga M6a3J 

James, Ed. Biography of Adah Isaacs Menken, with selections from 

"Infelicia." Privately printed. 

Brief biography of a Jewish actress (1835-68). 

Menzel, Adolf Friedrich Erdmann. See Artists, p. 1405. 

George. ga M635h 

Hammerton, John Alexander. George Meredith in anecdote and 
criticism. 1909. Kennerley. 

Large collection of extracts from newspapers and critical reviews, woven into a 
continnotts narrative. They deal with Meredith's life^history, with his walks and talks 
— CO Urge an element in his life — his memorable friendships, and contemporary opinions 
on Us work. Distinctly interesting and valuable to the student and future biographer. 

Meredith, Owen, (pseud, of Edward Robert Bulwer-Lytton, ga M635 
earl of Lytion), 
Personal & literary letters; ed. by Lady Betty Balfour. 2v. 1906. 

Even readers indifferent to "Lucile," the work by which Lord Lytton (1831-91) 
is best known, may find this a brilliant and engaging book. As a letter writer his style 
is clear and elegant, he gives glimpses of scores of notables from Daniel Webster to 
Sarah Bernhardt, and on all the many subjects he discusses his utterances are those 
of a thinker who was also a poet Arranged by his daughter, who was also his intimate 
and sympathetic companion. Condensed from Nation, igoy. 


Mettemich-Winneburg, Clemens Wenzel Nepomuk 9a M64te 

Lothar, fiirst von. 
Sandeman, G. A. C. Metternich. [1911.] Methuen. 

On the whole the best life of Metternich which hat yet appeared (191 1). It en- 
ables the reader to realize the extent of his influence In th^ diplomatic history of Europe. 

92 M656k 

Michael Angelo. ga M663h 

Harford, John Scandrett. Life of Michael Angelo Buonarroti, with 
translations of many of his poems and letters, also memoirs of Savona- 
rola, Raphael and Vittoria Colonna. 2v. 1858. Longman. 

"The latter portion of [Harford's] work retains its value to the present day, es- 
pecially in what concerns the architecture of S. Peter's." John Addington Symond^t 
Life of Michtlangelo Buonarroti. 

Michelet, Mme Athenais (Mialaret). 9a M666 

Story of my childhood; tr. from the French by M. F. Curtis. 1867. 

The early years of Mme Michelet, wife of the French historian, were passed in the 
southern part of France. She writes delightfully and simply of their home life and of 
her childish experiences. 

Michelet, Jules. 9a M666am 

Monod, Gabriel. Jules Michelet; etudes sur sa vie et scs oeuvres, 
avec des fragments inedits. 1905. 

"An illuminating book.. .Entering upon his duties in the spirit of an interpreter 
rather than of an annalist, M. Monod gives us seven admirable essays... along with 
copious excerpts from Michelet's journal and correspondence. The bulk of the volume 
centres in the historian's activities during the period 1839-51, though incidents of earlier 
and later life come into view from time to time." Nation, 1906. 

Michelet, Jules. 9a R337m 

Monod, Gabriel. Les maitres de Thistoire; Renan> Faine, Michelet 

These writers were all personally known to the author and the essays, a mingling 
of biography and criticism, are extremely sympathetic in their tone. 

Mickiewicz, Adam. 9a M669b 

Belza, Stanislaw. Ostatnie chwile Mickiewicza. 1908. 

Mickiewicz, Adam. 9a M669be 

Belza, Wladyslaw. U kolebki wieszcza; zywot Adama Mickiewicza, 

popularnie skreSlil. 1898. 

Mickiewicz, Adam. 9a M669d 

Daubaras, A. J. pseud. Adomas Mickevycia, 1798-1855, jo gyvenimas* 
raitai ir darbai. 1902. 

Mickiewicz, Adam. 9a M669g 

Gardner, Monica M. Adam Mickiewicz, the national poet of Poland. 
1911. Dent. 

"List of the chief books I have used." p. 30 1-302. 

Miss Gardner writes with ample knowledge of her topic, after study not only of 
the works of Mickiewicz himself, but of the most important Polish treatises on his Ufc 
and writings. She gives summaries and appreciations of his chief works, accompanied 
by dignified prose translations of their most striking passages, and she narrates the 
facts of his life simply and clearly. Condensed from Nation, jpu. 


Mifflin, Warner. rga M676J 

Justice, Hilda, comp. Life and ancestry of Warner Mifflin, Friend, 
philanthropist, patriot. 1905. Ferris. 

Warner Mifflin (1745-98) was a Quaker and one of the early anti-slavery leaders. 
In 1774 he freed all his slaves and gave them compensation for past services. Through 
his labors most of the members of the Society of Friends emancipated their slaves. 

Mill, John Stuart. 9a MeSym 

Letters of John Stuart Mill; ed. with an introduction by H. S. R. 
Elliot. 2v. 1910. Longmans. 

"Some notes on the private life of John Stuart Mill," by Mary Taylor, v.i, p.39-46. 

The interest of this correspondence, which covers the period from 1829 to 1873, 
ia tfireefold. The letters tell much about Mill's own character which his autobiography 
does not reveal, they throw light on tome of the leading literary figures of hit time, 
including Carlyle, Sterling and Bulwer, and they give a clear and direct impression of 
the public questions of that day in England. 

Iftill, John Stuart. 9a M687b 

Bain, Alexander. John Stuart Mill; a criticism, with personal recol- 
lections. 1882. Longmans. 

Not a complete biography of Mill but an examination of his character and writings. 

MiUer, Sanderson. 9a M695d 

Dickins, Lilian, & Stanton, Mary, ed. Eighteenth-century corre- 
spondence; the letters of Deane Swift and others to Sanderson Miller, 
esq., of Radway. 1910. Murray. 

Sanderson Miller was an English country gentleman with a reputation as an amateur 
ardiitect and a capacity for friendship of which these letters are a faithful record. 
They seldom deal with public affairs but are largely occupied with architectural matters, 
in regard to which Miller's friends often appealed to him for advice. Prominent among 
die letters are those of Deane Swift, cousin and biographer of the great dean. Miller's 
replies hare not been preserved and we thus get a curiously reflected portrait of the 
n as he appears in the minds of hb friends. 

Milton, John. .9a M7i9b 

Brooke, Stopford Augustus. Milton. 1879. Macmillan. 

Essay on his life and works, intended as a text-book. 

Mindaugis, king of Lithuania. 9a M7a4m 

Mykolaitis. Mindaugis, didysis Lietuvos kunigaikstis ir karalius; 
trumpas aprasymas jo gyvenimo ir darbt}. 1899. 

Minghetti, Marco. 9a M7a6m 

Miei ricordi. 3v. 1888-90. 

V.I. Ann! 1818-1848. 

V.2. La guerra e gli episodii politici degli anni 1848-49. 

V.3. 1850-1859. 

Mirabeau, Honore Gabriel Riquetti, comte de. 9a M735C 

Cantu, Cesare. Vite parallele di Mirabeau e Washington. 1873. 

Mirabeau, Honore Gabriel Riquetti, comte de. 9a M735t 

Trowbridge, William Rutherford Hayes. Mirabeau, the demi-god; 

being the true and romantic story of his life and adventures. 1907. 


''Bibliography," p. 11. 

**The whole style of the book is in accordance with the title; it is an attempt to 
strike a happy mean between a novel and a biography, and is not altogether successful. 
Bnt no history of Mirabeau's life can be dull, and the author has gone to all the best 
■oorces of informatioii.*' Saturday review, 1908. 


Mirandola, Giovanni Pico della. See Pico della Mirandola, Giovanni. 

Mistral, Frederic. ga M744m 

Memoirs; rendered into English by C. E. Maud; lyrics from the 
Provengal [tr.] by Alma Strettell. 1907. Baker. 

Translation of "Mes origines" with an appendix continuing tbe history of F^librige 
from 1859, where the memoirs end, to about 1907. 

"It is a history of Provencal poetry and story, and of the men who revired the 
literary fame of their province; but still better and newer than all this, it is the true 
and wonderfully vivid picture of FrM6ric Mistral's own childhood. . .of the adventures 
and friendships of his youth." Spectator, 1907, 

Mistral, Frederic. 9a M744 

Mes origines; memoires et recits; traduction du provengal. 1906. 

Mocenigo, Tomaso. ga M76ZW 

Wiel, Mrs Alethea Jane (Lawley). Two doges of Venice; a slight 

sketch of the lives and times of Tomaso Mocenigo and Francesco Fos- 

cari. 1891. Chiswick Press. 

Mocenigo was doge of Venice from 1414 to 1423, and Foscari, from 1423 to 1457. 
They were politically at variance, the former endeavoring to maintain the position of 
Venice by a policy of peace, the latter standing for an aggressive policy. 

Modjeska, Mme Helena (Opido). ga M765 

Memories and impressions of Helena Modjeska; an autobiography. 
1910. Macmillan. 

"Interesting for its self-revelation of a fine and highly gifted personality and valu* 
able for the light it throws upon the true secret of the writer's brilliant artistic success 
. . . From the egotism which is the distinguishing mark of most theatrical autobiographies 
it is almost entirely free... But few of her admirers, perhaps, realize the trials and ob* 
stades which this Polish actress had to overcome before she realized her youthful ambi* 
tion of triumphing in Shakespeare on the English stage. They are all set down in this 
book, and constitute an engrossing and instructive story." Nation, 1910. 

Mohammed. ga M77amui 

Muir, Sir William. Life of Mahomet, from original sources. 1894. 
Smith, Elder. 

Abridgment of the four- volume work published in 1861. 

"Undoubtedly the standard life of Mohammed in English. Its faults and limitatioiu 
are known; but it is not the less a work of great learning, sound criticism, and eon- 
siderable literary charm." Athenttum, 1894, 

Moli^re, Jean Baptiste Poquelin. ga M7gzm 

Matthews, Brander. Moliere; his life and his works. 1910. Scribner. 

Contains also "La bonne com^die," by Austin Dobson. 

Author, who is (19 10) professor of dramatic literature at Columbia University, has 
given years of study to the making of this book. He sets forth the facts of Moli&re't 
life, stripped of all the legends that have gathered about it, and traces carefully hi* 
development as a dramatist and his intimate relation to the time in which he lived. 

Moliere, Jean Baptiste Poquelin. ga M7gxta 

Taylor, Hobart Chatfield Chatfield-. Moliere; a biography, with an 
introduction by T. F. Crane. 1906. Duffield. 

"Bibliography," p.4 19-434. 

A sketch of the man for the general reader, rather than a treatise on his art for 
the special student. Illustrated. 

"Authentic and exhaustive story of the great comedian's life [1622-73]." Nation, 


Moltke, Helmuth, graf von. ga M8iid 

Dressier, Friedrich August. Moltke in his home; tr. by Mrs C. E. 
Barrett-Lennard, with an introduction by Lord Methuen, 1907. Mur- 

The author was the singing teacher of Moltke's nephew and a frequent visitor in the 
Moltke household. 

'*These recollections of one of last century's greatest personalities are set down 
with a certain natveti, which however nowise detracts from their interest; and while 
they are very modestly put forward and do not for a moment claim to be a 'great book,' 
there is yet something Boswellian in their author's adoring attitude to Moltke." Outlook 
(London), i^ofj, 

Moniuszko, Stanis^aw. ga MSayw 

Wilczynski, Boles^aw. Stanis^aw Moniuszko, i sztuka muzyczna 
narodowa; studyum estetyczne. 1874. 

Monk, George, duke of Albemarle. ga M8a8g 

Guizot, Frangois Pierre Guillaume. Memoirs of George Monk, 
duke of Albemarle; tr. and ed. with additional notes and illustrations 
by J. S. Wortley. 1838. Bentley. 

The first duke of Albemarle (1608-70) was influential in military affairs during 
the rule of Cromwell and the reign of Charles II. 

"Of modem lives the most important is that by Guizot, originally published in 
1837. Of this there are two translations, the first published in 1838, with valuable an- 
notations by J. Stuart Wortley." Dictionary of national biography. 

Montagu, Mrs Elizabeth (Robinson). 9a M8453 

Elizabeth Montagu, the queen of the Blue-stockings; her corre- 
spondence from 1720 to 1 761 [ed.] by her great-great-niece, E. J. Climen- 
son. 2v. 1906. Dutton. 

"There is a touch of the Paston letters about the innumerable quaint details of 
domestic life that crop up everywhere in the intimate letters of a woman to other 
women, which form the greater part of this correspondence. . .A wit, a scholar and a 
critic, she was no less notable as a hostess and local patroness. To be Mrs. Montagu 

her profession; it was her hobby to wear the bcu bltu." Outlook (London), igo6. 

Montagu, Mrs Elizabeth (Robinson). 9a M8453h 

Huchon, Rene. Mrs Montagu and her friends, 1720-1800; a sketch. 
1907. Murray. 

Mrs Elizabeth Montagu was an authoress and a leader in the literary society of 
London. Her circle of friends included Hannah More, Fanny Burney, Horace Walpole, 
Dr Johnson, Burke, Garrick and Sir Joshua Reynolds. It was to her gatherings that 
the epithet of "Blue^oddng" was first applied. 

Montagu, Lady Mary (Pierrepont) Wortley. ga M845m 

Mary Wortley Montagu, written by herself [ed. by A. R. Ropes]. 
Athenaeum Press. (Beaux and belles of England.) 

Selections from her letters, with a connecting thread of explanation and an intro- 
ductory sketch. 

Montagu, Lady Mary (Pierrepont) Wortley. ga M8458 

Symonds, Emily Morse, (pseud. George Paston). Lady Mary Wort- 
ley Montagu and her times. [1907.] Methuen. 

Author had access to many unpublished letters written by Lady Mary, her hus- 
band and her friends. Many of them relate to her marriage with Mr Montagu. Some 
of the letters are given entire, but more often their contents have been simply made a 
part of the well told narrative. Portraits. 


92 M855m 

92 M855S 

Montespan, Fran^oise Athenais (de Rochechouart), ga MSsgaw 

marquise de. 
Williams, Hugh Noel. Madame de Montespan and Louis XIV. 
1910. Scribner. 

Smaller and less fully illustrated edition of the elaborate quarto which appeared in 
1903 (qr92 M859W). 

"Remains, after seven years, the only complete and accurate account in English of 
the most famous and most magnificent of all French royal favorites." N<Uion, 1911, 

Montesquieu, Charles de Secondat, baron de. 9a V378C 

Collins, John Churton. Voltaire, Montesquieu and Rousseau in 
England. 1908. Nash. 

"Attempt to sketch the history of three singularly interesting episodes in the liter- 
ary relations between France and England, namely, the visits of Voltaire, Montesquien, 
and Rousseau, during periods extending respectively from the spring of 1726 to the 
spring of 1729, from the autumn of 1729 to the spring and early summer of 1731, and 
from January 1766 to May 1767." Preface. 

"A contribution of value to the literary history both of France and England.** 
Saturday review, 1908. 

Montgomery, James. ga M864h 

Holland, John, & Everett, James, 1784-1872. Memoirs of the life 
and writings of James Montgomery, including selections from his cor- 
respondence, remains in prose and verse and conversations on various 
subjects. 7v. in 3. 1854-56. Longman. 

Life of the English poet and hymn-writer (1771--1854). The authors aroa r e n tly 
made use of every scrap of material which they could find and the result is an extremely 
long-drawn*out biography. 

Montrose, James Graham, marquis of, 9a MSyan 

Napier, Mark. Life and times of Montrose. [1840.] Oliver. 

Montrose (1612-50) was a Scottish statesman and soldier who served in the Pre ab y- 
terian army at the beginning of the civil war, but afterwards joined the Idng. He was 
captured while conducting an abortive Royalist descent on Scotland, and executed. 

Napier's work is the fruit of much original research, but as an historical guide its 
value is much impaired by its controversial tone and violent language. Condensed from 
Dictionary of national biography. 

Mordaunt, Charles, earl of Peterborough. See Peterborough, Charles 
Mordaunt, earl of. 

More, Hannah. 92 M885 

Memoirs of the life and correspondence of Mrs Hannah More, by 

William Roberts. 2v. 1835. Harper. 

Letters make up by far the larger part of the book, Mr Roberts's share being the 
supplying of a slender connecting narrative. 


Morgan, John. ga M893 

Journal, from the city of Rome to the city of London, 1764, together 
with a fragment of a journal written at Rome, 1764 and a biographical 
sketch. 1907. Privately printed. 

The same rga M893 

Morgan (1725-89) was a Philadelphia physician, founder of and first professor of 
medicine in the mediod school of the College of Philadelphia. At the outbreak of the 
Rerolutionary war he was appointed by Congress director-general to the military hos- 
pitals and physician-in-chief to the American army. The journal relates solely to his 
travels in Europe. 

Morgan, Sydney (Owenson), Uuiy, ga M8gsa 

Memoirs; autobiography, diaries and correspondence. 3v. 1863. 

Lady Morgan (i783?--i859) was an Irish miscellaneous writer whose novels were 
once popular and who was widely known in society. 

Morlandy George. See Artists, p. 1402. 

Morris, Maurice O'Connor. ga Mgx7a 

Memini; or, Reminiscences of Irish life. 1892. Harrison. 

Rambling account of his youth, of experiences as deputy postmaster-general of 
Jamaica, and life in Ireland on his return home in i860. He devoted himself to field 
sports and writes much about horses and hunting. He recalls many notable figures in 
Irish society of the last half of the 19th century and gives temperate expression to his 
own views on the social and political situation of the day. 

Morris, William. ga MgiSan 

Noycs, Alfred. William Morris. 1908. Macmillan. (English men 
of letters.) 

Interpretation of his life and work, by a poet, who believes that the essential factor 
in all the branches of Morris's activity was his poetic spirit 

Morton, William Thomas Green. ga MgaSr 

Rice, Nathan Payson. Trials of a public benefactor as illustrated 
in the discovery of etherization. 1859. Pudney. 

Life and work of William Thomas Green Morton (1819-68), an American dentist, 
who first made use of sulphuric ether as an anjesthetic. Recognition was almost entirely 
denied him during his lifetime and he was frequently engaged in controversies with 
other daumants to the discovery. 

Motley, John Lothrop. ga Mg4im 

John Lothrop Motley and his family; further letters and records; ed. 
by his daughter and H. S. Mildmay. 1910. Lane. 

"The most important letters of the historian of the Dutch Republic were published 
by George William Curtis [1889]... but a considerable remnant has been in the family 
afchtves, and some important letters have in the interval come to light. These, with 
nvmerons letters by Mrs. Motley and Miss Lily Motley, now Lady Harcourt, make up 
a very interesting volume. All the Motleys were good letter-writers, and the wife and 
daughter kept abreast of all literary and political activities of the head of the family. 
So this book, though frankly made up of scraps, has a certain continuity, and covers Ui 
a gU«r*"g fashion the greater part of Motley's public life." Nation, 1910. 

Motdtoiiy Mrs Louise (Chandler). ga Mg44W 

Whiting, Lilian. Louise Chandler Moulton, poet and friend. 1910. 

Louise Chandler Moulton (1835-1908) was a Boston poet and the friend of many of 
the Hterary people of her time in America and England. Miss Whiting writes sympa- 
tfactkalljr of the personality and intimate life of an exceptionally endowed woman. 


Mowatt, Mrs Anna Cora (Ogden). See Ritchie, Mrs Anna Cora (Og- 
den) Mowatt. 

Muhammed, Hamed bin. See Tippoo Tib. 

Muhlenberg, Henry Melchior. rga Mgsam 

Mann, William Julius. Life and times of Henry Melchior Muhlen- 
berg. 1888. Frederick. 

.Muhlenberg (171 1-87) wai a Lutheran clergyman, who came from Germany in 
174a to labor among the Lutherans of the colony of Pennsylvania. Hit arrival marked 
a new era in the history of the Lutheran church in the United States. 

Murat, Princess Caroline, afterward Mrs Garden. ga Mgyia 

My memoirs. 1910. Nash. 

The memoirs of Princess Caroline, daughter of Prince Napoleon Murat and grand- 
daughter of the king of Naples, have for their chief points of interest the Bonaparte 
family and the imperial court. Trivial but not without interest as a collection of the 
gossip of Paris and Camden place, with a bias against the empress Eugenie. 

Murchison, Sir Roderick Impey. ga Mgyig 

Geikie, Sir Archibald. Life of Sir Roderick L Murchison; based on 
his journals and letters, with notices of his scientific contemporaries 
and a sketch of the rise and growth of palaeozoic geology in Britain. 
2v. 1875. Murray. 

"List of Sir Roderick Murchison*s published writings," v.a, p.353-367. 

"Gives us admirable means of perceiving the exact relation of Sir Roderick Mar> 
chison [ 1 792-1 871] to the science of Geology, and the qualities and circumstances whidi 
enabled him to stand in that relation . . . We live again, in reading it, with this hero of 
science." Nature, 1875. 

Musset, Alfred de. ga MgSsb 

Barine, Arvede, {pseud, of Mme Charles Vincens). Life of Alfred de 
Musset; done into English by C. C. Hayden. 1906. Hill. 

Biographical and critical study, based on original sources. First published in 
France in 1893. 

Musset, Alfred de. ga MgSsm 

Martellet, Mme Adele (CoHn). Alfred de Musset intime; souvenirs 
de sa gouvernante, preface de Georges Montorgueil. [1906-] 

These recollections by a faithful attendant cover the period from 1847 to the poet's 
death in 1857. Also contains letters of de Musset and his mother, and rambling 
reminiscences of him by several friends. 

Myers, Ned. ga Mgg4c 

Cooper, James Fenimore. Ned Myers; or, A life before the mast, 
with an introduction by J. P. Keese. 1899. Putnam. 

Mowhawk edition. 

Myers sailed with Cooper on his- first voyage. After an interval of 37 years they 
met again and the sailor related to the author his varied experiences on the sea. 

"This work has often been falsely spoken of as a novel. It is, on the contrary, a 
truthful record, so far as dependence can be placed upon the word or the memof7 of the 
narrator." Lounshury's James Fenimore Cooper. 

Nfidir Shah, shah of Persia, r8a8 J4X v.xx-za 

[Muhammad Mahadi Khan, Mirza.] Histoire de Nader Chah, connu 
sous le nom de Thahmas Kuli Khan, empereur de Perse; traduite d'un 
manuscrit persan, avec des notes, chronologiques, historiques, gco- 
graphiques et un trait6 sur la poesie orientale [par Sir William Jones]. 
2v. 1807. (In Jones, Sir William. Works, v.ii-12.) 


Napier, Sir Joseph. ga Nxa84e 

Ewald, Alexander Charles. Life of Sir Joseph Napier, ex-lord 
chancellor of Ireland, from his private correspondence. 1887. Long- 

Relates almost entirely to his public career. Author had access to material collected 
by Napier's family. 

Napier, Sir William Francis Patrick. ga NiaSa 

Life of General Sir William Napier; ed. by H. A. Bruce. 2v. 1864. 


Chief authority for the life (i 785-1860) of the Englith general and historian of tbm 
Pcniniular war. 

Napoleon I, emperor of the French. ga Nzagnj 

The Corsican; a diary of Napoleon's life in his own words [ed. by 
R. M. Johnston]. 1910. Houghton. 

"Passages selected from letters, state papers and conversations, and arranged chron- 
ologically under the dates to which they refer, not under the dates of utterance. They 
form an interesting but incomplete and disconnected autobiography, but not a 'diary* as 
the sub-title states. Its value is lessened by the editor's failure to mention sources and 
to tell what versions have gone to make up composite entries, and the absence of context 
renders many passages vague. A work of little or no historical value, but of decided 
interest as a psychological study." A. L. A. booklist, tgii. 

Napoleon I, emperor of the French. rga Niagna 

Napoleon's letters to Josephine, 1 796-1812; for the first time col- 
lected and translated, with notes social, historical and chronological, 
from contemporary sources by H. F. Hall. 1901. Dent. 

These letters are neither new nor of much importance. The framework of the 
book is an elaborate diary of Napoleonic and European history from 1796 to 181 4, in 
which the correspondence is inserted in batches. Between February 1797 and May 1800, 
no letters are available, and another complete vacuum reaches from August 181 1 to the 
date of Josephine's death in 181 4. The collection may be accepted as generally authentic. 
The topics of the letters are always the weather, health, clothes, presents, debts, grumb- 
lings, and other intimate personal details, the whole written in an unaffected good- 
natured style. The exhaustive notes are a delightful omnium gatherum of Napoleonic 
lore, but are often foreign to the context. Condensed from Spectator, 1902. 

Napoleon I, emperor of the French. qga Nzaga 

Abbott, John Stevens Cabot. History of Napoleon Bonaparte, av. 
1883. Harper. 

First published in 1855. Fully illustrated. Maps. 

"This book has been read with more enthusiasm, and criticized with more severity, 
tfian perhaps any other life of Napoleon. The author was not simply an ardent, but a 
boundless, admirer of the emperor. His effort was to create an enthusiasm for his hero 
similar to that which he himself felt. He was not too particular in regard to his facts, 
bat those which he made use of he arranged with such consummate skill as to captivate 
completely the judgment of the ignorant and the unwary." Adams's Manual of histori- 
cal literature. 

Napoleon I, emperor of the French. ga Niagbl 

Bleibtreu, Karl. Der imperator (Napoleon 1814). [1891.] 

Popular study of Napoleon's genius as military commander, from 181 4 to his im- 
prisonment at St. Helena. 

Napoleon I, emperor of the French. ga Niagca 

Cappelletti, Licurgo. La leggenda Napoleonica dalla Beresina a 
Sant' Elena (1813-1821). 1903. 

Appendix contains '*Sir Hudson Lowe (1821-1844).' 



Napoleon I, emperor of the French. rga Niagc 

Chateaubriand, Francois Auguste, vicomte de. Of Buonaparte and 

the Bourbons and of the necessity of rallying round our legitimate 

princes for the happiness of France and that of Europe. 1814. Colbum. 

"Chateaubriand... [was] the most brilliant representative of the reaction against 
the ideas of the French Revolution . . . His pamphlet, Bonaparte and the Bourbons, pub> 
lished in 181 4, while the fate of Napoleon yet trembled in the balance, was as opportune 
in the moment of its appearance as the Genius of Christianity, and produced a hardly 
less signal effect. Louis XVIII. declared that it had been worth a hundred thousand 
men to him." Encyclopcedia Britannica. 

Napoleon I, etnperor of the French. 9a Nxagfou 

Fournier, August. Napoleon ler; tr. par E. Jaegl^. v.1-2. 1891-92. 

V.I. 1769-1802. 
v.a. i8oa-io. 

Napoleon I, emperor of the French. qga Niagga 

G^siorowski, Waclaw. Gaw^dy zotnierskie; poktosie spuscizny 

pami^tnikarskiej Napoleonczykow. 1905. 
Biography of Napoleon entitled "Soldiers* tales." 

Napoleon I, emperor of the French. ga Nzaggi 

Gibbs, Montgomery B. (pseud. Gilbert Mortimer). Military career 
of Napoleon the Great; an account of the remarkable campaigns of 
the "man of destiny;" authentic anecdotes of the battlefield as told 
by the famous marshals and generals of the first empire. 1907. Saal- 


First publiihed in 1895. 

Popular in character, the technical details of the battles being little touched upon. 
Numerous illustrationa. 

Napoleon I, emperor of the French, ga Nzaggo 

Gonnard, Philippe. Exile of St. Helena; the last phase in fact and 
fiction. 1909. Heinemann. 

"Bibliography," 1-258. 

M. Gonnard devotes himself to the patient investigation of Napoleon's literary 
work, to his methods of composition, to his authorities, to the comparative value of the 
various versions of the memoirs, by means of which the Napoleonic legend was built up. 
He analyzes all the St. Helena literature, as well as the memorials of Las Casas, Mou- 
tholon, O'Meara and the others, and shows its relation to the later history of the Bona- 
partist party. 

Napoleon I, emperor of the French. ga Niaggr 

Gruyer, Paul. Napoleon, king of Elba [tr.] from the French. 1906. 


"Bibliography," p.iQ-ao. 

Deals with a comparatively little known episode in the life of Napoleon — his brief 
rule in the island of Elba from 1814 to 1815- 

Napoleon I, emperor of the French. jga Nxagh 

Hathaway, Esse Virginia. Napoleon, the little Corsican. iQo6w 

Rand. (Little lives of great men.) 

"Reading list," apx. p. 16. 

The boyhood of a great general, his first campaigns and his wonderful achieve* 
ments. Some of the chapter headings are, A boy's trials. — At the military achool In 
Paris. — The boy lieutenant— The young general. — Napoleon I, emperor of France and 
king of Italy. — The famous prisoner of St. Helena. 


Napoleon I, emperor of the French, 9a Nzaglaf 

Lanfrcy, Pierre. Histoire dc NapoUon ler. sv. 1894-1903. 

**Able and scholarly arraignment of the first Napoleon." New international ency- 

Napoleon I, emperor of the French, 9a Nza9len 

Lenz, Max. Napoleon; a biographical study; tr. from the German 

by Frederic Whyte. 1907. Hutchinson. 

A summing-up of Napoleon's career in the lig^t of recent historical work. It is a 
plain narrative of facts, concisely stated and carefully compressed. There is no attempt 
to describe battles in detail. The book is highly rdiable, well arranged and complete, 
dealing with every side of the life and work of Napoleon. Condensed from Outlook 
(London), I90f, 

Napoleon I, emperor of the French, J9a Nzagm 

Marshall, Henrietta Elizabeth. Story of Napoleon, with pictures by 

Allan Stewart [1908.] Jack. (Children's heroes series.) 

Tells of "the terrible passage of Lodi" and how Napoleon won the title of "little 
Corporal," how he became emperor of the French and how he fouf^t his last battle. 

Napoleon I, emperor of the French, 9a Nza9m8 

Masson, Fr^d^ric. Napoleon at home; the daily life of the emperor 
at the Tuileries; tr. [from the French] by J. E. Matthew. 2v. 1894. 

Goes into great detail in regard to the way in which Napoleon passed his days, tho 
etiquette of the court, the entertainments given, etc. Contains an inventory of the en^ 
peror's wardrobe. 

Napoleon I, emperor of the French, 9a Nza9ma8 

Masson, Frederic. Napoleon et sa famille. v. 1-9. 1905-07. 

V.I. 1769-1802. 

V.2. i8oa-o5. 

V.3. 1805-07. 

V.4. 1807-09. 

V.5. 1809-10. 

V.6. 1810-11. 

V.7. 18x1-13. 

V.8. xSia-ij. 

V.9. 1813-14. 

Napoleon I, emperor of the French, 9a Nza9my 

Meynell, Henry. Conversations with Napoleon at St. Helena. 191 1. 


Record of conversations with Napoleon during the years 1816-17, when Capt 
Meynell was serving in the flagship of Rear-admiral Sir Pulteney Malcolm, commander- 
iii<hief at St. Helena station, specially appointed to enforce a rigid blockade of the 
island and to keep a close watch on Napoleon. 

Napoleon I, emperor of the French. 9a Nza9n 

Nicolay, Fernand. Napoleon at the Boulogne camp; based on numer- 
ous hitherto unpublished documents, tr. by G. L. Davis. 1907- Lane. 

Treats of Napoleon's projected invasion of England and of the army which he as- 
sembled at Boulogne for that purpose in 1804. 

"An uncritical, but pleasantly discursive narrative, dealing with the flotilla, the 
state of public opinion, the episodes of the struggle along the coast, and the personality 
of Napoleon." Athonemm, 1907* 

Napoleon I, emperor of the French, 9a Nza9no 

Norvins, Jacques Marquet de, baron de Montbreton, Histoire de Napo- 

Hon, 4y. 1834. 

This account of Napoleon's life and campaigns was called forth by Sir Walter 
Scott's biography of Napoleon, which the Frenchman thought did not place him in 
a sufficiently favorable light. Contains maps and illustrations. 


Napoleon I, emperor of the French. ga Niagp 

Paschetta, Mario. Storia di Napoleone I. 1905. 

92 N129tch 

.riD-i^ -iyT''''''p jw«-in j«y^«B«a mny nmp 

Napoleon I, emperor of the French, ga Nzagst 

Strahlheim, C. Napoleon Bonaparte's volstandige lebensbeschrei- 
bung. 4v. in 2. 1839. 

Napoleon I, emperor of the French, gao Txg 

Tarbell, Ida Minerva. Short life of Napoleon Bonaparte, with illus- 
trations from G. G. Hubbard's collection of Napoleon engravings, sup- 
plemented by pictures from the collections of Prince Victor Napoleon^ 
Prince Roland Bonaparte, Baron Larrey and others. 1895. McClure. 
(McClure's biographies.) 

Appeared in "McClure's magazine/' v.3-4, Nov. 1894-Maj 1895. 

The same, with a sketch of Josephine, empress of the French. 1901. 
McClure ga Nzagt 

Title reads "Life of Napoleon Bonaparte." 

The same, with a sketch of Josephine, empress of the French. 1909. 
Moffat rga Nxagt 

Title reads "Life of Napoleon Bonaparte.'* 

Napoleon I, emperor of the French. ga Nxagw 

Warwick, Charles Franklin. Napoleon and the end of the French 
revolution. 1910. Jacobs. 

"Can be conscientiously recommended as a first book on Napoleon, to be read by • 
student who has not yet turned his attention to the subject, or who wishes to discharge 
his mind of prejudices which he may have formed. It is well arranged, well written and 
eminently readable. It gives a straightforward account of the main facts of the period* 
and forms a good introduction for future study." Saturday r^vurw, igii. 

Napoleon II, king of Rome and duke of Reichstadt. rga Nxagag 

Grand-Carteret, John. L'Aiglon en images et dans la fiction poetique 

et dramatique. 1901. 

Descriptive catalogue of portraits and prints of the duke of Reichstadt, and of 
poetry and drama centring about him, produced from 181 1 to 1900. First part contain* 
historic and biographic comments, most of which were political sketches issued to arouse 
popular sentiment in his favor. Illustrated. 

Napoleon III, emperor of the French. ga Niagih 

Haswell, James M. The man of his time. 2 pts. in iv. 1871. Hotten* 

pt.i. The story of the life of Napoleon III. 

pt.2. The same story as told by popular caricaturists of the last 30 jrears. 
The cuts illustrate the rise and fall of the Second empire and afford eacplanationa 
of many popular sayings and ballads otherwise incomprehensible. 

Napoleon III, emperor of the French. ga Niagx| 

Jerrold, William Blanchard. Life of Napoleon III; derived from 
state records, from unpublished family correspondence and from per- 
sonal testimony. 4v. 1874-82. Longmans. 

Contains facsimiles of letters and numerous portraits. 

Napoleon III, emperor of the French. rga Nxagsr 

Roth, Edward. Life of Napoleon III, emperor of the French. 1856. 


NeiiviUe, Alphonse de. Set Artists, p. 1407. 

Nevill, Lady Dorothy Fanny (Walpole). ga Nasg 

Reminiscences; ed. by her son, Ralph Nevill. 1906. Arnold. 

Lively reminiscences of social life in early and mid- Victorian times. 

Niebuhr, Barthold Georg. ga N33a 

Life and letters, with essays on his character and influence by the 

chevalier Bunsen and Professors Brandis and Loebell [tr. by Susanna 

Winkworth]. 2 v. 1852. Chapman. 

German historian and philologist (i 776-1831), the pioneer in the modem scientific 
method of historical criticism. 

Nietzsche, Friedrich. ga N336h 

Halcvy, Daniel. Life of Friedrich Nietzsche; tr. by J. M. Hone, 

with an introduction by T. M. Kettle. 191 1. Macmillan. 

Founded on the work of Mme F5rster-Nietzsche, this biography gives an intimate 
and admiring view of the German philosopher's life and thought Introduction is an 
appreciative critique. 

metzsche, Friedrich. ga N336m 

Mugge, Maximilian A. Friedrich Nietzsche; his life and work. 
1909. Brentano. 

"Bibliography and iconography/' p.385-426. 

The brief biographical section is based largely on Frau Forster-Nietzsche's "Leben." 
TUs is followed by a lengthy outline of his works, chiefly in his own words. Concludes 
with a critidsm and appreciation. 

Nievo, Ippolito. ga N336am 

Mantovani, Dino. II poeta soldato, Ippolito Nievo, 1831-1861; da 
dcx:umenti inediti. 1900. 

"Appendice bibliografica," p.3j^403. 

Nightingale, Florence. ga N33gr 

Richards, Mrs Laura Elizabeth (Howe). Florence Nightingale, the 
angel of the Crimea; a story for young people. 1909. Appleton. 

Though marred by a certain condescending style, it accomplishes its purpose welL 
Gives an excellent picture of hospital nursing and of the horrors of war. 

92 N381r 

.2KT »3TI0 ,?^T^''"1 

NoUekens, Joseph. ga N4X58 

Smith, John Thomas. Nollekens and his times; comprehending a 
life of that celebrated sculptor and memoirs of several contemporary 
artists, from the time of Roubiliac, Hogarth and Reynolds to that of 
Fuseli, Flaxman and Blake. 2v. 1828. Colburn. 

Nollekens (i 737-1823) was an English sculptor, very popular in his day. 

"A candid and uncomplimentary biography, from which some deductions have to be 
made; for the author, although intimate with the sculptor, did not, as he probably ex* 
pected to do, benefit under his will." Dictionary of national biography. 

Nordgarden, Knut Rasmusson, called Vis-Knut ga N434b 

Bjornson, Bjomstjerne. Wise-Knut; from the Norwegian by Ber- 
nard Stahl. 1909. Brandu. 

Brief biography of the Norwegian peasant healer and seer (i 787-1 876). 


Northcote, James. ga N457g 

Gwynn, Stephen. Memorials of an i8th century painter, James 
Northcote. 1898. Unwin. 

"List of Northcote's paintings," p.265-a88. 

Northcote (i 746-1 831) was a pupil and friend of Sir Joshua Reynolds. The bodE 
contains part of an unfinished autobiography. 

Novello, Vincent. ga N47gc 

Clarke, Mrs Mary Cowden. Life and labours of Vincent Novello. 
[1864.] Novello. 

The English organist and composer (1781-1861), whose excellent editions and 
arrangements of the work of other musicians improved public taste and won him • 
permanent place in the musical history of England. This brief biographical sketch ift 
by his daughter. 

Novikoff, Mme Olga (Kireeff), (pseud. O. K.) ga N47gaa 

The M. P. for Russia; reminiscences & correspondence of Madame 
Olga Novikoff ; ed. by W. T. Stead. 2v. 1909. Putnam. 

Mme Novikoff, a Russian who spent many years in England, was well (mown la 
diplomatic circles and used her strong influence in behalf of her nation, largely for the 
purpose of bringing about friendship between Russia and England. Her corrcspondentt 
included not only statesmen and politicians, but also notable historians, essayists and 
church dignitaries of the last 40 years. 

Orleans, Elizabeth Charlotte, duchesse (f. See Elinbeth Charlotte^ 
duchesse d*Orlians. ^ 

Orleans, Francois Ferdinand Philippe Louis Marie d\ prince de Jamviile. 
See Joinville, Francois Ferdinand Philippe Louis Marie d'Or* 
16ans, prince de. 

Orleans, Louis Philippe Albert d', comU de Paris. See Pmris, Loui» 
Philippe Albert d'Orl^ans, comte de. 

Orrery, John Boyle, earl of. See Cork and Orrery, John Boyle, earl of. 

Oulot, B. pseud. See Suttner, Bertha (Kinsky), baronin von. 

Ozanam, Frederic. ga O36go 

O'Meara, Kathleen. Frederic Ozanam, professor at the Sorbonne; 
his life and works, with a preface by Cardinal Manning; preface to the 
present edition by T. M. Mulry. 191 1. Christian Press Assoc. 

Ozanam is one of the greatest names, as far as literary and historical criticism ia 
concerned, of the neo-Catholic movement in France during the first half of the 19th 
century. He was one of the founders of the St Vincent de Paul Society and much 
of his time was devoted to the charitable work carried on by this organization. 

Paderewski, Ignace Jan. ga Piaab 

Baughan, Edward Algernon. Ignaz Jan Paderewski. 1908. Lane. 

(Living masters of music.) 

Small volume on Paderewski's art, his personality and his career, by one of the moet 
distinguished of the London musical critics. 

Page, Bernard. rga Pz44r 

Reynolds, Sheldon. Rev. Bernard Page, first Episcopal minister of 
Wyoming [valley, Pa.], 1771; read before the Wyoming Historical and 
Geological Society, Sept. 12, 1884. 1886. 

Reprinted from v.2, pt.j of the 'Troceedings and collections'* of the society. 

Palma, Giacomo, called Palma Vecchio. See Artists, p.1410. 


Palmer, Mrs Alice (Freeman). ga Px94P 

Palmer, George Herbert Life of Alice Freeman Palmer. 1908. 

The work of Alice Freeman Palmer (1855-1902) was of historical importance in 
the develoimient of education in America. Becoming president of Wellesley College 
at the age of a6, she shaped its policies in the direction they have since followed. She 
was a member of the Massachusetts State Board of Education and for three years dean 
of the Woman's Department of the University of Chicago. All these interests are 
fully treated in this biography, vrritten by her husband, but they are subordinated to 
the intimate and penetrating study of Mrs Palmer as a woman. 

Palmer, Samuel. 1805-81. ga P197P 

Palmer, Alfred Herbert. Life and letters of Samuel Palmer, painter 
and etcher. 1892. Seeley. 

"Catalogue of the exhibited works and the etchings of Samuel Palmer," p.405-422. 

One of the most original and poetic of English landscape-painters and almost the 
last of the ideal school which was represented by Wilson and Turner. His series of 
exquisitely finished illustrations for Milton's "L' Allegro" and "II Penseroso" are the 
supreme expression of his art. 

Paris, Louis Philippe Albert d'Orl6ans, comte de. ga Passf 

Flers, Hyacinthe Camille Spiro Francois de Paule de La Motte- 
Ango, marquis de. Le comte de Paris; tr. by Constance Majendie. 1889. 

The comte de Paris (1838-94), grandson of Louis Philippe, was claimant to the 
French throne and head of the Legitimist party in France. In 1862 he came to the 
United States, served on General McClellan's staff and afterwards wrote one of the 
most valuable of the many histories of the Civil war. This biography deals chiefly with 
his public and political life. 

Parker, Theodore. ga Pa4ap 

Autobio£rraphy, poems and prayers (Centenary edition); cd. with 
notes by Rufus Leighton. [1911.I Amer. Unitarian Assoc. 

Included in the fragmentary autobiography are "The true idea of a Christian 
church," "The position and duty of a minister," and "Some account of my ministry," 
which contains an exposition of Mr Parker's creed, of his attitude toward public ques- 
tions and references to Uie difficulties he encountered when he began to preach hia 
doctrines. The copious notes contain much additional biographical information. 

Parkes, Sir Harry Smith. ga Pa43po 

Poole, Stanley Lane-. Life of Sir Harry Parkes, sometime Her 

Majesty's minister to China & Japan. 2v. 1894. Macmillan. 

V.I. Consul in China, 1843-1865, by Stanley Lane-Poole. 

T.s. Japan, 1865-1883, by F. V. Dickins. — Minister in China, 1883-1885, by Stan- 
ley Lane-Poole. 

Larger and more detailed study than Lane-Poole's "Sir Harry Parkes in China" 
(92 Ps43p), containing letters, despatches and references to authorities which wer« 
necessarily omitted in that volume, as well as a penetrating analysis of the rcTolution in 
Japan, by Mr Dickins. 

Parley, Peter, psntd. See Goodrich, Samuel Griswold. 

Parr, Samuel. rga Pasgf 

Field, William. Memoirs of the life, writings and opinions of 

Samuel Parr, with biographical notices of many of his friends, pupils 

and contemporaries. 2v. 1828. Colburn. 

Parr (i 747-1 8J5) was an English schoolmaster and clergyman, intimate with many 
of the distinguished men of his day. 


Parrhasius, Aulus Janus. 92 Pa6xl 

Lo Parco, Francesco. Aulo Giano Parrasio; studio biografico-critico 

da codici e document! inediti. 1899. 
Title-page imperfect. 

Pascal, Blaise. 9a Pa75s 

St. Cyres, Stafford Harry Northcote, viscount Pascal. 1909. Smith, 

"Bibliography," p.43 1-438. 

"Exposition, worthy both in literary form and intellectual quality of its great and 
stimulating subject. Justice is done to Pascal in his various aspects as saint and scientist 
and man of the world.'* Nation, 1910. 

Pastorius, Francis Daniel. r830.5 A5Z V.9-Z0 

Learned, Marion Dexter. Francis Daniel Pastorius, the founder of 

Germantown. (In German American annals, 1907-08. v.9-10.) 

Pastorius (1651-1719) was a native of Sommerhausen, Germany. In 1683 he con- 
ducted a party of German and Dutch Mennonites to the colony of Pennsylvania and 
founded Germantown. He was one of the earliest opposers of slavery. 

Pater, Walter. ga Pagaw 

Wright, Thomas, principal of Cowper school, Olney. Life of Walter 
Pater. 2v. 1907. Everett. 

"Bibliography of Walter Pater," v.s, p.254-a64. 

With the exception of one or two points, Mr Wright's two volumes bring to li^t 
no detail of real biographic significance not to be found in Mr Benson's v'olume, and 
few not adduced in Mr Greenslet's earlier and briefer study. The reader could arise 
from the closest perusal of the two volumes with little sense of Pater's peculiar and 
charming idiosyncrasy. It is, in short, the failure of the "Boswellian" method in biof> 
raphy when applied by a man who is not a Boswell to a subject not a Johnson. Com- 
d§nsed from Nation, 1907. 

Paterson, William, 1658-1719. ga Pagaab 

Barbour, James Samuel. History of William Paterson and the Darien 
company. 1907. Blackwood. 

Bibliography, p. 7-8. 

Interesting account of the man who founded the Bank of England and projected the 
ill-fated Darien enterprise. 

Patrick, St. ga Pagyb 

Bury, John Bagnell. Life of St. Patrick and his place in history. 

1905. Macmillan. 


The general result of the present study is to support the traditional view — what may 
be called the Roman Catholic view of Patrick's work and of his relation to Rome. Pro- 
fessor Bury's method is sound and his mind singularly unbiassed. His mattery of tht 
evidence, both in Latin and in Irish, is also unquestionable. Condensed from Amoricom 
historical review, igo6. 

Patrick, St, ga Pagys 

Sanderson, Joseph. Story of Saint Patrick; embracing a sketch of 
the condition of Ireland before the time of Patrick, during his life, at 
his death and immediately after it. 1895. Richardson. 

With this is bound "Ireland: the Irish," by J. B. Finlay. 

Patteson, John Coleridge. ga P3Z3P 

Page, Jesse. Bishop Patteson, the martyr of Melanesia. 1891. Revcll. 

Patteson (1827-71) was the first missionary bishop to Melanesia and accomplished 
much for the islanders, especially in the way of translating their language. He 
murdered by the natives. 


Mark. ga P3Z4ap 

Memoirs. 1885. Macmillan. 

Patdion (1813-84) was an English scholar and writer, tutor and examiner of Lin- 
coln College, Oxford and later its rector. 

"The book is one of deep and painful interest, the only one in existence that can 
be compared with Rousseau's 'Confessions' in the fidelity with which it lajrs bare the 
inmost secrets of the heart, but in which, unUke tiie 'Confessions,' the author does him- 
self much less than justice. He gives a far less favourable impression of himself than 
any impartial outside observer would have done, and draws a portrait not so much of 
what he really was at the time of which he writes, as of what he seemed to himself 
through the morbid recollections of the past and the often not less morbid entries in 
his diary. . .In his 'Memoirs' he is no less unfair to those whom he disliked than to him- 
self." Dictionary of national biography. 

Paulding, James Kirke. ga Paaip 

Paulding, William Irving. Literary life of James K. Paulding. 1867. 


James Kirke Paulding (i 778-1 860) was a versatile American writer, a friend of 
Washington Irving. The life, which is written by his son, contains some of his letters 
and selections from his books. 

Paxson, Mrs Ann (Johnson). rga Psag 

Memoirs of the Johnson family, with an autobiography. 1885. Lip- 

Paxton, Elisha Franklin. rga Paaga 

Memoir and memorials; composed of his letters from camp and 
field while an officer in the Confederate army, with an introductory 
and connecting narrative collected and arranged by his son, J. G. Pax- 
ton. [1907. Neale.] 

Paxton (1828-63), a Virginian and brigadier-general in the Southern army, was 
killed at the battle of Chancellorsville. 

Payne, Henry Clay. rga P333W 

[Wight, William Ward.] Henry Clay Payne; a life. 1907. Bur- 

Mr Payne's long and successful career (i 843-1 904) in business and politics was 
rounded out with his service as postmaster-general i(i President Roosevelt's cabinet 
It was during his term that the widespread scandals of the department were exposed 
tad punished. 

Peary, Robert Edwin. rga Psssm 

Moore, Joseph Hampton. Peary's discovery of the North pole; 

speech in the [U. S.] House of representatives, March 22, 1910. 1910. 

Peim, William. • qr975*z D39 

Hayes, Manlove. William Penn and his province. 1899. (In Dela- 
ware Historical Society. Historical and biographical papers, v.3.) 

Pepjrs, Samuel. ga P4igl 

Lubbock, Percy. Samuel Pepys. 1909. Hodder. (Literary lives.) 

"A workmanlike biography, telling one all the main facts — and many beside — of the 
career of that amazing tailor's son." Outlook (London), 1909. 

Author has been Pepysian librarian at Magdalene College, where he studied the 
original of the diary. Portraits. 

Pepjrs, Samuel. ga P4igm 

Moorhouse, £. Hallam. Samuel Pepys, administrator, observer, 
gossip. 1909. Dutton. 

Believing that wrong has been done to the memory of Pepys by constantly placing 
emphasis on his frailties and pettiness, the author seeks to show the real character of 


Pepys, Samuel — continued, ga P4Z9m 

the garrulous diarist and to reconcile the gossip as revealed in his own pages with the 
able official and administrator whom the England of his day knew. 

Pericles. ga C483P 

Plutarch. Cimon and Pericles, with The funeral oration of Pericles 
(Thucydides, II, 35-46) ; newly tr. with introduction and notes by Bcrna- 
dotte Perrin. 1910. Scribner. (Six of Plutarch's Greek lives, v.2.) 

P6rigord, Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-. See TaUejrrand-P^rigord, 

Charles Maurice, prince de BhUvent 
P6rigord, Dorothee (von Biron), duchesse de Talleyrand-. See Talley- 

rand-P6rigord, Dorothee (von Biron), duchesse de. 

Perry, Oliver Hazard, commodore, ga P445am 

Mackenzie, Alexander Slidell. Life of Commodore Oliver Hazard 

Perry. 2v. 1858. Harper. 

Eulogistic biography dealing at length with Perry's naval achievements. Appendix 
contains a reply to J. Fenimore Cooper's account of the battle of Lake Erie. 

Perugino, Pietro Vannucci, called. See Artists, p.1410. 
Pescara, marchesa di. See Colonna, Vittoria, marchesa di Pescara. 

Peterborough, Charles Mordaunt, earl of, ga P4553W 

[Warburton, George Drought] Memoir of Charles Mordaunt, earl 
of Peterborough and Monmouth, with selections from his correspond- 
ence. 2v. in I. 1853. Longman. 

This life of the English admiral, general and diplomatist (i 638-1 735) it considered 
to be based on unreliable sources. The biography by Stebbing (9s P4S52s) 1* generally 
regarded as the best authority. 

Petit Du Noyer, Mme Anne Marguerite. See Dunoyer, Mme Anne Mar- 
guerite (Petit). 

Pct6fi, Sindor. ga P46af 

Ferenczi, Zoltan. PetSfi eletrajza. 3v. 1896. 

Pet6fi, Sandor. ga P46ay 

Yolland, Arthur Battishill. Alexander Petofi, poet of the Hun- 
garian war of independence; a literary study, 1823-44. 1906. Franklin 


S&ndor Pet6fi (1823-49) was the national poet of Hungary, and leader in the first 
movement of the Hungarian revolution at Pesth. 

Petrarch, 9a P463J 

Jerrold, Mrs Maud F. Francesco Petrarca, poet and humanist igog. 

"Bibliography," p. 33 5-344- 

"The author has not merely read widely in the enormous mass of Petrarch litera- 
ture, but has thoroughly familiarized herself with the original texts, including Latin 
works usually neglected, and generally has provided her own translations. She has 
shown tact in arrangement, and has chosen a form of expression at once sufficiently en- 
thusiastic and self-effacing. It seems to us the best single work on the humanist poet 
in English, and not likely soon to be superseded.** Nation, igio. 

Petrarch. rga P463n 

Nolhac, Pierre de. Petrarch and the ancient world, [igo?- Merry- 
mount Press.] (Humanists' library.) 

Contents: Petrarch as initiator of the renaissance.— Petrarch's library.^Petrmreh 
and his masters: Virgil; Cicero. 


Petrarch* rga P4638 

[Sade, Jacques Francois Paul Aldonce, abbi de.] Life of Petrarch, 
collected from "Memoires pour la vie de Petrarch" by Mrs Dobson. 
2v, 1805. Maiden. 

Philip II, king of Macedon. rga P495I 

Leland. Thomas. History of the life and reign of Philip, king of 
Macedon, the father of Alexander. 2y. 1820. Whittaker. 

Philip II, king of Spain. ga P4g5ag 

Gayarre, Charles ^tienne Arthur. Philip II of Spain, with an intro- 
ductory letter by George Bancroft. 1866. Widdleton. 

Combines the history of Spain during Philip's reign with an account of his life. 

PhiUips, Wendell. ga P5X7S 

Sears, Lorenzo. Wendell Phillips, orator and agitator. 1909. Double- 

''Readable and inspiring account of the life work of the great American antislavery 
agitator and orator, founded on the biographies of Martyn (1890) and Austin (1884) 
with additional letters and reminiscences furnished by friends of Phillips. The earlier 
biographies are fuller and take up his private life. Sears is more conservative and 
probably more trustworthy because the lapse of years has defined more clearly the value 
and significance of Phillips' public services." A. L. A. booklist, rgog. 

Philo Judaeus. ga Psxgb 

Bentwich, Norman De Mattos. Philo-Judaeus of Alexandria. 1910. 
Jewish Publication Soc. of Amer. 

"Bibliography," p.a6j-365. 

Philo-Jud«us was a Jewish-Hellenistic philosopher bom in Alexandria about 20 
B. C He included in his philosophy both Greek wisdom and Hebrew religion, which 
he sought to harmonize by means of the art of allegory that he had learned from the 
Stoics. His work was not accepted by contemporary Judaism. His writings consist 
chiefly of commentaries on the Pentateuch. 

Photius, patriarch of ConstantinopU, rga PsaSh 

Hergenrother, Joseph Adam Gustav, cardinal. Photius, patriarch 

von Constantinopel; sein leben, seine schriften und das griechische 

schisma, nach handschriftlichen und gedruckten quellen. 3v. 1867-69. 

Piccolomini, Enea Silvio. See Pius II, pope. 

Pico della Mirandola, Giovanni. qrga P54g 

Giovanni Pico della Mirandola; his life by his nephew Giovanni 

Francesco Pico, also three of his letters, his interpretation of Psalm 16, 

his Twelve rules of a Christian life, his Twelve points of a perfect lover, 

and his Deprecatory hymn to God; tr. from the Latin by Sir Thomas 

More, ed. with introduction and notes by J. M. Rigg. 1890. Nutt. 

(Tudor library.) 

Pico della Mirandola (1463-^4) was an Italian philosopher and theologian, one of 
the leading scholars of the Italian renaissance. 

Pierce, Franklin, 1804-69. . ga P557b 

Bartlett, David W. Life of Gen. Franklin Pierce of New-Hamp- 
shire, the Democratic candidate for president of the United States. 
1852. Derby. 

Campaign biography. 


Pierre de Bernis, Francois Joachim de, cardinal. See Bemis, Francois 
Joachim de Pierre, cardinal de. 

Pinwell, George John. 5ee Artists, p. 1402. 

Pippi, Giulio {called Giulio Romano). See Artists, p.1410. 

Pitt, William, earl of Chatham, 1708-78. 9a PGyaro 

Rosebery, Archibald Philip Primrose, earl of. Lord Chatham; his 
early life and connections. 1910. Harper. 

Lord Rosebery's narrative comes abruptly to an end with the year 1756, when Pitt 
was on the threshold of the Cabinet, and about to obtain supreme power. From the first 
page to the last the book bristles with brilliant epigram and picturesque description. 
Condensed from Outlook (London), 1910. 

Pitt, William, earl of Chatham, 1708-78. 9a PGyar 

Ruville, Albert von. William Pitt, earl of Chatham; tr. by H.J. 

Chaytor, assisted by Mary Morison, with an introduction by H. E. Eger- 

ton. 3v. 1907. Putnam. 

"Authorities," v.3, p. 349-3 58. 

Elaborate but somewhat unsympathetic biography of Pitt by a German scholar. 
Based on manuscripts and official documents. Portraits. 

Pitt, William, earl of Chatham, 1708-78. rga PGyas 

Short view of the political life and transactions of a late Right Hon- 
ourable commoner [William Pitt, earl of Chatham]; to which is added 
a full refutation of an invidious pamphlet supposed to be published 
under the sanction of a very popular nobleman, entitled "An enquiry 
into the conduct of a late Right Honourable commoner." 1766. Griffin. 

Defense of Pitt's political measures and of his acceptance of the sinecure office of 
privy seal and the title of viscount Pitt and earl of Chatham. 

Pitt, William, 1759-1806. 9a PGyaarot 

Rose, John Holland. William Pitt and national revival. 191 1. Bell. 

The first of three volumes bearing the collective title of "The life and times of 
William Pitt," to be followed by "William Pitt and the great war" and "Pitt and Na- 
poleon miscellanies.'* 

"Clear, concise and methodical account of Pitt's early career, and a fall analysis of 
the nature of the historical situation in which he found himself both at home and ^road. 
The reader will find in this book not only the first portion of the first serious biography 
of the great Minister, but a very complete history of Europe of the time, and a careful 
appreciation of Fox, of Burke, of George III., and of Wilberforcc." Saturday review, 
191 r. 

Pius II, pope. qrga C695b 

Kitchin, George William. Life of Pope Pius II as illustrated by 
Pinturicchio's frescoes in the Piccolomini library at Siena. 1881. Arun- 
del Soc. 

Bound with Browning's "Life of Bartolomeo ColleonL" 

Pius IX, pope, 9a P6750 

O'Reilly, Bernard. Life of Pius IX. 1878. Collier. 

Authorized by the Roman Catholic church. 

Pius X, pope. 9a P675as 

Skvireckas, Juozas. Sventasis Tevas Popezius Pijus X. 1906. 


Piatt, Orville Hitchcock. ga P689C 

Coolidge, Louis Arthur. An old-fashioned senator, Orville H. 
Piatt, of Connecticut; the story of a life unselfishly devoted to the 
public service. 1910. Putnam. 

Under the sympathetic hands of his biographer, whose tone is that of a fervent Re- 
publican, the story of Mr Piatt's career in the Senate from 1879 to 1905 has become 
almost a history of national legislation for that period. Senator Piatt was one of the 
last of our patriarchal statesmen, representing a kind of ancient severity and virtue, men 
of deeds not of words. For a score of years he spent himself devotedly upon matters of 
high public concern in which little individual glory was to be won. It was he who put 
the Patent office upon an independent basis. Of the cause of international copyright 
he made himself the champion and for years he served on the Indian committee. Con- 
densed from Nation, igio. 

Piatt, Orville Hitchcock. qrga P689U 

United States — Congress. Orville Hitchcock Piatt; memorial ad- 
dresses delivered in the Senate and House of representatives. 1906. 
(59th cong. 1st sess. Senate. Doc. no.534.) 

Piatt, Thomas Collier. ga PGSga 

Autobiography; comp. and ed. by L. J. Lang. 1910. Dodge. 

Thomas C Piatt (1833-19 10) was for years leader of the Republican party in New 
York, a delegate to all Republican national conventions since 1876, and United States 
senator, 1 897-1909. 

Poc, Edgar Allan. rga P74in 

New York (city). North Side Board of Trade. In commemoration 

of the looth anniversary of the birth of Edgar Allan Foe, poet, author 

and editor. 1909. 

GiTes program of celebration and the speeches delivered. Contains several of Poe's 
poems. Illustrated from photographs. 

Poe, Edgar Allan. ga P74iwe 

Weiss, Susan Archer. Home life of Poe. 1907. Broadway Pub. Co. 

"Within its own field... as an intimate portrait of Poe and of those with whom he 
Hved from childhood to death, we regard it as the sanest and truest book yet published." 
Nation, 190S. 

Poe, Edg^r Allan. ga P74iwh 

Whitman, Mrs Sarah Helen (Power). Edgar Poe and his critics. 
i860. Rudd. 

Brief defense of Poe, written in reply to the memoir, distinctly unfavorable in tone, 
prefixed by R. W. Griswold to his edition of Poe's works. 

Poc, Edgar Allan. ga P74ZWO 

Woodberry, George Edward. Life of Edgar Allan Poe, personal 
and literary, with his chief correspondence with men of letters. 2v. 
1909. Houghton. 

"Bibliography of the tales and poems with notes," v.a, p.399-454< 
More detailed and includes more correspondence than author's earlier biography of 
Poc (92 P741W). Fully illustrated. 

Poincar6, Jules Henri. qga P749I 

Lebon, Ernest. Henri Poincar^; biographic, bibliographic analy- 
tique des Merits. 1909. (Savants du jour.) 


Pole, Reginald, cardinal, 9a P756I 

Lee, Frederick George. Reginald Pole, cardinal archbishop of 
Canterbury; an historical sketch with an introductory prologue and 
practical epilogue. 1888. Putnam. « 

"Dr. Lee is one of the moving spirits of the Order of Corporate Reunion, which 
has for its object the reunion of the English church with Rome, and it is, perhaps, not 
unnatural that in writing of the one man who came next to effecting, and did for a time 
effect, the much-desired reconciliation, he should view everything too exclusively in 
the light of its bearing on his present aims... It results in the omission of many inter- 
esting and important facts, particularly those connected with his middle life.*' Spectator, 

Polenz, Wilhelm von. 9a PysTi 

Ilgenstein, Heinrich J. Wilhelm von Polenz; ein beitrag zur litera- 
turgeschichte der gegenwart. 1904. 

Polenz (186 1 -1 903) was a German novelist, known chiefly in this country, however, 
by his "Land of the future," a sympathetic account of his impressions of American life. 

PoUaiuolo, Antonio. See Artists, p.1410. 

Pollock, Sir Frederick. 9a P766 

Personal remembrances. 2v. 1887. Macmillan. 

Author (1815-68) was for many years queen's remembrancer, an ancient office in 
the Exchequer of England. These entertaining reminiscences show how various were his 
accomplishments and how numerous his friendships among men of letters, science and 

Poniatowski, Marichal Jozef Anton, prince, 9a PySya 

Askenazy Szymon. Ksi^z^ Jozef Poniatowski, 1763-1813. 1910. 

Poole, Thomas. 9a P797a8 

Sandford, Mrs Margaret E. (Poole). Thomas Poole and his friends. 

2v. 1888. Macmillan. 

Thomas Poole (i 765-1 837) enjoyed an almost life-long intimacy with Coleridge, 
who is the principal figure in his group of friends. Other notable people appear also— 
Wordsworth. Sir Humphry Davy. Ue Quincey. Thomas Rickman. the economist, and 
the Wedgwoods, Josiah and Thomas. 

Pope, Alexander. 9a P8z38y 

Symonds, Emily Morse, {pseud. George Paston). Mr Pope; his life 

and times. 2v. 1909. Putnam. 

While not pretending to add any fresh facts to his biography, it tells in a straight- 
forward way the story of his literary career, which constitutes a remarkable study of the 
psychology of genius. 

Porcupine, Peter, pseud. See Cobbett, William. 

Potter, Henry Codman, hp. rga P856n 

New York, Century Association. Henry Codman Potter; memorial 
addresses delivered before the Century Association, December 12, 
1908. 1908. 

Bishop Potter had been a member of this society since 1869 and its president from 
1895 to 1906. 

Poumi^s de La Siboutie, Francois Louis. 9a P866 

Recollections of a Parisian (Docteur Poumi^s de La Siboutie) under 
six sovereigns, two revolutions and a republic (1789-1863); cd. by hU 
daughters Mesdames A. Branche and L. Dagoury, tr. from the French 
by Lady Theodora Davidson. 191 1. Murray. 

'Biographical index," p.365-374. 

'Beginning with the outbreak of the Rerolutlon, when the author wu a boj si 



Poumiis de La Siboutie, Francois Louis — continuid, 9a P866 

F^rigneox, the lurratiTe assumes the form of a journsl in x8io, when he went to Paris 
«t the zenith of the First Empire; and it is contintted with few interruptions until 1863, 
when the doctor died, seven years before the fall of the Second Empire. Every part 
of the book is full of valuable hbtorical information, throwing light on various phases 
of French society under all the r^ginus which the author saw." Attunutum, 191 1, 

Powell, Frederick York. 9a PSyae 

Elton, Oliver. Frederick York Powell; a life and a selection from 

his letters and occasional writings. 2v. 1906. Clarendon Press. 

V.I. Memoir and letters. 

V.2. Occasional writings. 

"Catalogue of writings/' v.a, p. 7-1 6. 

Powell (1850--1904) was regius professor of modern history at Oxford. The sec- 
ond volume includes short sketches of historians and other writers and of historical 
personages, original verses and translations. 

'^Through the spontaneity of his nature, the extent and richness of his learning, 
the breadth of his outlook, and his genius for friendship, Powell won, and will keep, 
a U^ place among the Oxford men of his generation." Nation, igo^, 

Pownall, Thomas. qga P877P 

Pownall, Charles Assheton Whately. Thomas Pownall, M. P., 
F. R. S., governor of Massachusetts Bay, author of The letters of Junius, 
with a supplement comparing the colonies of kings George III and Ed- 
ward VIL 1908. Stevens. 

Exhaustive account of Pownall's (1722-1805) career both in America and England. 
An interesting part of the book is the ingenious argument for Pownall's authorship of 
the letters of Junius, with Sir Philip Francis employed as amanuensis. Portraits, maps 
and facsimiles. 

Priestley, Joseph. 9a P947t 

Thorpe, Sir Thomas Edward. Joseph Priestley. 1906. Dent. (Eng- 
lish men of science.) 

Brief account of the life of the English theologian and natural philosopher (1733- 
1804). Based largely on Priestlejr's Memoirs, which hojvever extend only to 1795. 

Procter, Bryan Waller, {pseud. Barry Cornwall). ga P964f 

Fields, James Thomas. Old acquaintance; Barry Cornwall and 
some of his friends. 1876. Osgood. 

Not a formal biography. Mr Fields merely recalls some of the interesting conversa- 
tions which he has had with Procter, Leigh Hunt, Samuel Rogers and other literary 
people of 19th century England. 

Pryor, Mrs Sara Agnes (Rice). ga PgySm 

My day; reminiscences of a long life. 1909. Macmillan. 

"Author has supplemented her entertaining Reminiscences of peace and war with 
memories of earlier and later times. She writes with attractive simplicity of travel in 
die North in the 40's, Virginia society in the 50's, further experiences during the Civil 
War, and New York social and artistic life up to 1900." A. L. A. booklist, 1910. 

Stanisfaw. ga PgySan 

Nowinski, J62efat. Stanisfaw Przybyszewski; szkic biograficzny. 

Puccini, Giacomo. ga PgSid 

Dry, Wakeling. Giacomo Puccini. 1906. Lane. (Living masters 

of music.) 

Puccini is operatically the man of the moment in England and America, his latest 
opera "Madame Butterfly" having met with extraordinary success. His biographer sup- 
plies plenty of gossip about his habits, his sports, his travels, his methods of work- 
ing, his preferences and opinions. Contains 17 portraita. Condensed from Nation, 190/f. 


Pugin, Augustus Charles. 9a PgSaf 

Ferrey, Benjamin. Recollections of A. N. Wel-by Pugin and his 
father, Augustus Pugin, with notices of their works; with an appendix 
[in which the writings and character of Augustus Welby Northmorc 
Pugin are considered in their Catholic aspect], by E. S. Purcell. 1861. 

Pugin, Augustus Welby Northmore. 9a PgSaf 

Ferrey, Benjamin. Recollections of A. N. Welby Pugin and his 
father, Augustus Pugin, with notices of their works; with an appendix 
[in which the writings and character of Augustus Welby Northmore 
Pugin are considered in their Catholic aspect], by E. S. Purcell. 1861. 


Pugin (1812-52) was an English architect, ecclesiologist and writer. 

His guiding principle was his belief in Gothic architecture and his work was 
in its day the most sincere, most faithful and most Gothic work that had been executed 
in England since the 15th century. His father, Augustus Charles Pugin (i76a-i83a) 
earned his fame partly as an educator of young architects, notably his own ton, but 
chiefly by his work as an illustrator of Gothic architecture. Condensed from Dictionary 
of national biography. 

Pulszky, Ferencz Aurel. 9a P985 

filetem ^s korom. 2v. in i. 1884, 

Putnam, Gen. Israel. rga Pggih 

Humphreys, Col. David. Essay on the life of Israel Putnam; ad- 
dressed to the state society of the Cincinnati in Connecticut, with 

notes and additions. 1818. Avery. 

Appendix contains "Historical and topographical sketch of Bunker Hill battle," 
by S. Swett. 

Pylodct, L. pseud. See Lejrpoldt, Frederick. 

Quantrill, William Clarke; ga Q17C 

Connelley, William Elsey. Quantrill and the border wars. 191a 

Torch Press. 

Quantrill (d. 1864) was a Confederate guerrilla chief. 

The book has obvious shortcomings, but the author has investigated every incident 
of Quantrill's life, followed to its source every story and tradition and set down the 
recollections of scores of persons who knew Quantrill and his followers. A contri> 
bution of prime importance to the history of the Kansas struggle and the Qvil war. 
Gives an authoritative account of the famous Quantrill raid of August 1863, whidb in a 
few hours reduced a large part of the town of Lawrence, Kansas, to ashes and left 
some 150 of its citizens butchered in cold blood in its streets. Condensed from Nation, 

Quincy, Col. John. rga Q34aw 

Wilson, Daniel Munro, & Adams, C. F. John Quincy, master of 
Mount Wollaston, provincial statesman, colonel of the Suffolk regi- 
ment, speaker of the Massachusetts House of representatives, member 
of His Majesty's council; an address delivered Sunday, Feb. 23, 1908, 
under the auspices of the Quincy Historical Society. 1909. Ellis. 

Rachel, Elisa Felix, ccUled. rga Riaab 

B., Mme de. Memoirs of Rachel. 1858. Harper. 

Biography of the French tragic actress (1831-58). 

Racine, Jean. 9a Riaal 

Lemaitre, Jules. Jean Racine. [1908.] 


RadawiU, Elisa, princess. 9a Rz36aw 

Wodzicka, Teresa. Eliza Radziwi}}6wna i Wilhelm I. 1896. 

RaffacUe Sanzio. See Artists, p.1411. 

Raffles, ^'tV Thomas Stamford. ga R144 

Memoir of the life and public services of. Sir Thomas Stamford Raf- 
fles, particularly in the government of Java, 1811-1816, Bencoolen and 
its dependencies, 181 7- 1824, with details of the commerce and resources 
of the Eastern archipelago and selections from his correspondence, by 
his widow. 2v. 1835. Duncan. 

Raffles (i78i-i8a6) was an English colonial governor and administrator in Java 
aad Sumatra, whose chief title to remembrance is that he secured to Great Britain 
the maritime supremacy of the eastern seas. 

I, Sir Walter. ga Ri68e 

Edwards, Edward. Life of Sir Walter Ralegh based on contempo- 
rary documents, together with his letters now first collected. 2v. 1868. 

▼.I. Life. 
v.a. Letters. 

**A rich quarry of material, but scarcely a connected or accurate narrative." Die- 
Honary of national biography. 

Raleigh, Sir Walter. rga Ri68h 

Harris, James Morrison. Discourse on the life and character of Sir 
Walter Ralegh delivered before the Maryland Historical Society, May 
19, 1846. 1846. (Maryland Historical Society. Publications.) 

Raleigh, Sir Walter. jga Ri68k 

Kelly, Margaret Duncan. Story of Sir Walter Raleigh. [1906.] 

Jack. (Children's heroes series.) 

Of his boyhood, his exploits in Ireland, his search for new lands and gold and his 
conquests of the Spaniards. 

RaphaeL See Artists, p. 141 1 . 

Rashi, Solomon bar Isaac, called. ga Rai4l 

Liber, Maurice. Rashi; tr. from the French by Adele Szold. 1906. 
Jewish Publication Soc. of America. 

"Bibliography/* p.229-239. 

Rashi ( 1 040-1 105) was an eminent biblical and talmudic commentator. 

Rawlinson, Sir Henry Creswicke. ga Rasyr 
Rawlinson, George. Memoir of Major-general Sir Henry Cres- 
wicke Rawlinson, with an introduction by Lord Roberts. 1898. Long- 

Rawlinson (1810-95) was an English soldier and Assyriologist His successful de- 
dpberment of the Persian cuneiform inscriptions, especially that of Darius Hystaspet 
St Behistun, marked an epoch in the knowledge of Persia's history and ancient languages, 
and also prepared the way for the decipherment of the other cuneiform alphabets. 
Later successful work was accomplished in excavations in Babylonia for the British 

Rawson, Guillermo. ga Raagl 

Larrain, Jacob. Biografia del doctor Guillermo Rawson. 1893. 

Rawson (i8ai-9o) was a prominent figure in the public life of the Argentine 


Read, George. rga Raszr 

Read, William Thompson. Life and correspondence of George 

Read, a signer of the Declaration of independence, with notices of some 

of his contemporaries. 1870. Lippincott. 

"Treats mainly of the years 1769 to 1791. Contains many original lettcn and other 
documents. The text is written in a spirit of filial piety. Especially valumble are Um 
footnotes and the supplementary notes appended to the several chapters. An ttl&intere•^ 
ing but useful book." Lamed' s Literaturg of Amtrican history, 

Reagan, John Henninger. 9a Ra56 

Memoirs, with special reference to secession and the Civil war; ed. 

by W. F. McCaleb, with introduction by G. P. Garrison. 1906. Neale. 

Reagan (181 8-1 905) was a self-made man who rose to high rank under the ancitm 
rigime in the South and became the trusted adviser of Jefferson Davis. He was a man 
of unusually clear vision, of absolute honesty and few abiding prejudices. The main 
topics treated in his book are the writer's early life in Texas, the organization of the 
Q>nfederacy at Montgomery, the Civil war as viewed by an active and efficient cabinaC 
officer in Richmond, and the problems of reconstruction. The most interesting portion 
of the book is the plain unvarnished story of Reagan's hardships and early stnigglca. 
The last 100 pages contain his more important speeches in Congress and hit pnbUc let* 
ters of 1865-66. Condensed from American historical review, 1907. 

Reden, Johanne Juliane Friederike (von Riedesel 9a Rayar 

zu Eisenach), grdfin. 
Reuss, Eleonore, fUrstin. A pietist of the Napoleonic wars and after; 
the life of Countess von Reden; authorised translation by Mrs C. E. 
Barrett-Lennard and M. W. Hoper, with an introductory note by R. S. 
Rait. 1905. Dutton. 

The husband of the countess von Reden was minister of mines at the time of 
Napoleon's invasion of Prussia and knew Stein and many of the public men of the day. 
The interest of the book lies chiefly, however, in the description of the countess's 
domestic life and of her various religious and philanthropic activities. 

Redgrave, Richard. 9a Ra74 

Memoir; comp. from his diary by F. M. Redgrave. 1891. CasselL 

Redgrave (1804-88) was an English painter and Academician, intimately associated 
with the art work of the South Kensington Museum. For the general reader the main 
interest of the book lies in its anecdotes, of which there are many, chiefly of hit brother 

Reed, Thomas Brackett. r9a Ra84r 

[Thomas Brackett Reed Memorial Association.] Exercises at the 
unveiling of the statue of Thomas Brackett Reed at Portland, Mainf^, 
Aug. 31st, 1910. [1910. Berry.] 

Reed, Walter. 9a Ra84k 

Kelly, Howard Atwood. Walter Reed and yellow fever. 1906. Mc- 

"Bibliography," p.281-283. 

Dr Reed (i 851 -1902) was for 18 years an army surgeon in garrison, most of the 
time in the West. In 1900 he was appointed chairman of a commission to study yellow 
fever. He established the fact that the disease is propagated by mosquitoes. 

Reichstadt, duke of. See Napoleon II, king of Rome and duke of Reichstadt 

R6mu8at, Charles Francois Marie, comte de. . 9a R336a 

Correspondance pendant les premieres annces de la restauration; 

publiee par son fils, Paul de Remusat. 2v. 1883. 

R^musat (1797-1875) was a French politician and philosophical writer. The corre^ 
spondence, which covers the period 1 814-19, consists almost entirely of letters 


R^miuat, Charles Francois Marie, camte de — coniinuid. 9a R3362 

R^muiat, who was then a student at Paris, and his mother, a woman of unusual ehara 
and intellectual gifts, who had been an attendant of the empress Josephine. Literature 
and politics are Uie subjects chiefly discussed. 

Renan, Ernest. ga Rssyre 

Recollections of my youth; tr. by C B. Pitman and revised by 
Madame Renan. 1883. Chapman. 

"His style is fair in both the senses in which we use the word — in that of being 
temperate and just, and in that of being without a flaw; and these Reminiscences of 
his younger years... are perhai)S the most complete revelation of it... The first chapters 
. . .are not the most vivid, though they contain a very interesting picture of the author's 
birthplace, the little dead town of Tr^guier. . .It is when he comes to dip into his own 
spiritual history that M. Renan shows himself a masterly narrator . . . The chapters on 
the two seminaries in which he spent the first years of his residence in Paris, Saint 
Nicholas du Chardonnet and Saint Suplice, are full of the most acute notation of moral 
and intellectual conditions.. .He traces with singular art the process by which, young, 
aimple, devout, dedicated to the church from his infancy... he found himself confronted 
with the fact that he cotild no longer be a Catholic" Henry Janus, in Atlantic monthly, 

Renan, Ernest. ga R3378 

Souvenirs d'enfance et de jeunesse. [1883.] 

Renan» Ernest. ga Rssym 

Monod, Gabriel. Les maitres de Thistoire; Renan, Taine, Michelet. 


These writers were all personally known to the author, and the essays, a mingling 
of biography and criticism, are extremely sympathetic in their tone. 

Reni, Gruido. See Artists, p. 1410. 

Rennie, Sir John, 1 796-1874. ga R344 

Autobiography; comprising the history of his professional life, to- 
gether with reminiscences dating from the commencement of the cen- 
tury to the present time [1867]. 1875. Spon. 

English civfl engineer, whose most important work wai the construction of London 

"Besides much that is tolerably interesting to the general reader. Sir John Rennie's 
conmentary upon his own works is likely to be useful to the younger men of his pro* 
feaaion.*' Saturday review, 1876. 

Reynolds, Frederick. rga R376 

Life and times of Frederick Reynolds, written by himself. 2v. 
1826. Colburn. 

Reynolds (i 764-1841) was an English dramatist whose plays obtained a temporary 
popularity. His autobiography narrates with some spirit the adventures of his earlier 

Reynolds, ^tV Joshua. rga R377n 

Northcote, James. Life of Sir Joshua Reynolds; comprising origi- 
nal anecdotes of many distinguished persons, his contemporaries and a 
brief analysis of his discourses. 2v. 1819. Colburn. 

Rhodes, Cecil. ga R384f 

Fuller, Sir Thomas Ekins. Right Honourable Cecil John Rhodes; 
a monog^raph and a reminiscence. 191 o. Longmans.^ 

"Author is well entitled to describe Cecil Rhodes as he lived. Sir Thomas Fuller 
was a leading politician in Cape Colony, and already influential in the Cape Parliament, 
when Rhodes entered that assembly, in 1881. From that year onward, they were in 


Rhodes, Cecil — continued, ga R384f 

constant and usually in close personal relations... The book can hardly be described as 
a biography of Cecil Rhodes. It is rather a sketch of the more prominent frfiases of his 
public life, its aim being not to recount events, but to explain the part which Rhodes 
took in them, the motives that animated him, and the spirit in which he went about his 
work... It is fair and temperate. It does not attempt to conceal or to palliate either 
the defects that belonged to Rhodes as a man, or the grave errors he committed.** 
Nation, igio. 

Rhodes, Cecil. 9a R384J 

Jourdan, Philip. Cecil Rhodes; his private life by his private secre- 
tary. 191 1. Lane. 

Intimate personal observations, in the Boswell manner, of the Rhodes of private life. 

Ricd, Scipione, hp. 9a R394P 

Potter, Louis Joseph Antoine de. Memoirs of Scipio de Ricci, late 
bishop of Pistoia and Prato, reformer of Catholicism in Tuscany; ed. 
by Thomas Roscoe. 2v. [1829.] Colburn. 

Authoritative biography based on the manuscripts and private memoranda of Ried, 
who was in correspondence with many of the most notable men of his period (i 741-18 10). 

Richard I, king of England. 9a R398aja 

James, George Payne Rainsford. History of the life of Richard 
Coeur-de-Lion, king of England. 2v. 1854. Bohn. 

Richard III, king of England. 9a R398ZI11 

Markham, Sir Clements Robert. Richard III, his life & character 
reviewed in the light of recent research. 1906. Smith, Elder. 

"The authorities," p. 166-183. 

"His book is ingenious, bright, and readable; he marshals his arguments cunningly, 
and he scores some good points. But it is not too much to say that he approaches the 
whole subject in the spirit of an advocate, and consequently his essay can hardly be 
considered a serious addition to historical literature . . . The thesis which he Hrst ex- 
pounded in the English Historical Review, and to which he now returns ... is that Henry 
VII., and not Richard III., murdered Edward V. and his brother." Ath^nentm, igof, 

Richard III, king of England. r9a R398W 

Walpole, Horace, earl of Orford. Historic doubts on the life and 

reign of King Richard the Third. 1768. Dodsley. 

"The volume of Historic Doubts on the Life and Reign of King Richard tlie Third, 
one of the earliest attempts to rehabilitate a character previously stamped with infuBj^ 
showed acuteness and research." Dictionary of national biography, 

Richelieu, Louis Francois Armand du Plessis, due de. r9a R4azr 

Memoirs. 3v. 1903. Merrill. (Courtiers and favourites of royalty.) 

The due de Richelieu (i 696-1 788) was a marshal of France and a grandnephew 
of Cardinal Richelieu. He was a prominent social figure in the Paris of Loub XV, not 
without talents in war and diplomacy, but chiefly remembered as an unscrupulous in- 
triguer and a gallant. The interest of his biography lies in its picture of French society 
of the time. 

Richelieu, Louis Francois Armand du Plessis, due de. 9a R4axw 

Williams, Hugh Noel. The fascinating due de Richelieu, Louis 
Francois Armand du Plessis (1696-1788). 1910. Scribncr. 

Richmond and Derby, Margaret Beaufort, eountess of. 9a R4a6h 

Halsted, Caroline Amelia. Life of Margaret Beaufort, countess of 
Richmond and Derby, mother of King Henry the Seventh and found- 
ress of Christ's and St. John's College, Oxford. 1845. Smith. 

"One of the few worthy and high-minded members of the aristocracy, in an 
tially selfish and cruel age." Dictionary of national biography. 


Jacob August. ga R4570 

The old town. 1909. Macmillan. 

Autobiographical reminiscences of his native town of Ribe, Denmark; devoted partly 
to his boyhood experiences, partly to visits made in later years. He relates the history 
and legends of his birthplace and describes fairs and festivals, Christmas customs and 
traditions, paying loving tribute to the family doctor and other local characters. 

Rimini, Jacques Francois Griscelli de Vezzani, ccUled baron de. See Gris- 
celli de Vezsani, Jacques Francois, ccUUd baron de Rimini. 

Ringgold, Samuel. rga R475W 

Wynne, James. Memoir of Major Samuel Ringgold, United States 
army; read before the Maryland Historical Society, April i, 1847. 1847. 
(Maryland Historical Society. Publications.) 

Ringgold (1800-46) was a Maryland soldier. He fought in the Florida war and 
was mortally wounded at Palo Alto, the first battle of the Mexican war. 

Ritchie, Mrs Anna Cora (Ogden) Mowatt. rga R498r 

Autobiography of an actress; or, Eight years on the stage. 1854. 


Mrs Ritchie (1819-70) was an American actress who played in the United States 
and In England with E. L. Davenport. 

Rit8on» Joseph. rga Rsisah 

Haslewood, Joseph. Some account of the life and publications of 
the late Joseph Ritson. 1824. TripHook. 

English antiquary (i 752-1 803). 

"The most militant and ill-tempered, and at the same time one of the most learned 
and accurate of the antiquaries of the i8th century.'* Encyclopedia Britannica. 

Rittenhouse, David. rga Rsxsb 

Barton, William, M. A. Memoirs of the life of David Rittenhouse, 
interspersed with various notices of many distinguished men, with an 
appendix containing sundry philosophical and other papers most of 
which have not hitherto been published. 181 3. Parker. 

Rittenhouse (1732-96) was an American astronomer and maker of astronomical 
instruments. In 1763 he was engaged to determine the boundary line since known as 
Mason and Dixon's line, for which he used instruments of his own construction. He 
was a member of the Constitutional convention and treasurer of Pennsylvania. 

Robert-Houdin, Jean Eugene. ga R534a 

Memoirs, written by himself. 2v. 1859. Chapman. 

Robert*Houdin (1805-71) has been called the father of modern conjuring. The 
memoirs consist chiefly of accounts of public performances. 

Roberts, Algernon Brooke. rga R536P 

Pennsylvania — Senate. Memorial proceedings upon the death of 
A. B. Roberts, late a senator from the 12th district. 1909. 

Robertson, James, 1839-1902. ga R54ZC 

Connor, Ralph, (pseud, of Charles William Gordon). Life of James 
Robertson, missionary superintendent in the Northwest territories. 
1908. Revell. 

Perhaps the most notable and able minister associated with Presbyterian missions in 

Robinson, John, 1575-1625. rga R55zb 

Burrage, Champlin. New facts concerning John Robinson, pastor of 
the Pilgrim Fathers; a tercentenary memorial. 1910. Hart. 

Contains facsimile frontispiece. 


Robsart, Amy. rpa Rss^a 

Adlard, George. Amye Robsart and the earl of Leycester; a critical 
inquiry into the authenticity of the various statements in relation to 
the death of Amye Robsart and of the libels on the earl of Leycester, 
with a vindication of the earl by Sir Philip Sydney; and a History of 
Kenilworth castle, together with Memoirs and correspondence of Sir 
Robert Dudley, son of the earl of Leycester. 1870. J. R. Smith. 

Robusti, Jacopo. See Artists, p.1411. 

Rocca, Enrico, cante della. 9a R564r 

Ricordi autobiografici d'un veterano, 1807-1897; riduzione compilata 

ad uso delle scuole secondarie e normali [da] Antonio Battistella. 190a 

Rockefeller, John Davison. 9a R576 

Random reminiscences of men and events. 1909. Doubleday. 

Short chapters on his early business experiences, old friends and pArtnen, the 
Standard Oil Company and the "difficult art of giving." Concludes with a plan for a 
"benevolent trust" to carry on cooperative philanthropy. 

Rodgers, John, 1773-1838. 9a R586P 

Paullin, Charles Oscar. Commodore John Rodgers, captain, com- 
modore and senior officer of the American navy, 1773-1838; a biogra- 
phy. 1910. Clark. 

"Bibliography," p.405-410. 

Rodin, Auguste. See Artists, p.1361. 

Rogers, Robert. r9a 87951 

Stark, Caleb. Memoir and official correspondence of Gen. John 
Stark, with notices of several other officers of the Revolution; also a 
biography of Capt. Phinehas Stevens and of Col. Robert Rogers, with 
an account of his services in America during the "Seven years' war." 
i860. Lyon. 

Romano, Giulio Pippi. See Artists, p.1410. 

Roosevelt, Theodore. 9a R684br 

Brooks, Sydney. Theodore Roosevelt. 1910. Hoddcr. 

"Reprint of articles which originally appeared in the London Chronicle. They tstke 
up the more important divisions of Mr. Roosevelt's public career... with a falr-fninded 
intention to make clear underlying purposes and personal traits, mental and moraL** 
Outlook, 19 JO. 

Roosevelt, Theodore. 9a R684b 

Burroughs, John. Camping with President Roosevelt. 1906. Hough- 

Appeared in the "Atlantic monthly," v.97. May 1906. 

Recollections of the author's trip to Yellowstone Park with President Rooaerelt. 

in the spring of 1903. 

The same [and President Roosevelt as a nature-lover and observer]. 
1907. . Houghton 9a R684ba 

Title reads "Camping & tramping with Roosevelt." 

The second sketch appeared in the "Outlook," v.86, July 1907. 


Roosevelt, Theodore. 192 R684C 

Catholic mind. Mr Roosevelt and the Vatican. 1910. 

Being no.9-10. May S-aa, 19x0, of the "Catholic mind." 

Newspaper comments on the so-called Vatican incident, which prerented Mr Roose- 
Teh's proposed audience with the pope on April 5, 19 10. 

Roosevelt, Theodore. ga R684m 

Morgan, James. Theodore Roosevelt, the boy and the man. 1907. 

Qear, straightforward account of the president's life from boyhood to the present 
day. It is full of facts, chronologically, not topically arranged, so as to make it a useful 
w«>rk of reference; the anecdotes are plentiful. Mr Morgan is the first man to write 
a real biography of Theodore Roosevelt as distinguished from the character sketches 
of which we have several excellent examples. Condensed from Nation, igof, 

Roea, Salvator. 9a R697m 

Morgan, Sydney (Owenson), lady. Life and times of Salvator Rosa. 

1855. Brycc. 

Rosa (x6is?-73) was an Italian painter of the Neapolitan school, poet and musician. 

Roscoe, Sir Henry Enfield. 9a Ryia 

Life & experiences, written by himself. 1906. Macmillan. 

Roscoe is (1907) an eminent English chemist who has been associated with Bunsen 
in research work. The interest of his autobiography lies chiefly in the account it gives 
of the development in England of scientific education, in which Roscoe has borne an 
important part. 

Roscoe, William. 9a Ryzar 

Roscoe, Henry. Life of William Roscoe, av. 1833. Cadell. 

English historian (1753-1 831) whose chief woric was a life of Lorenzo de' MedicL 
Roscoe was also a poet and a botanist of some reputation. This biography is written 
by his son. 

Rosebery, Archibald Philip Primrose, earl of, q9a RyzSs 

Stoddart, Jane T. {pseud. Lorna). The earl of Rosebery; an illus- 
trated biography. 190a Hodder. 

Dtscnsses his life on the personal as well as the political side. Many portraits. 

Rosegger, Petri Kettenfeier. 9a Ryaik 

Kappstein, Theodor H. Peter Rosegger; ein charakterbild. 1904. 

Among the German writers now living there is no man who, for simple, whole- 
sooie humanity, can compare with the Austrian, whose name is not only a household 
vord in the humblest homes of his native Steirmark, but whose works are read through- 
oat tile world. Thia book is written by one who with honest enthusiasm has traced the 
development of his hero not only in his books, but among the people of his native 
ptovinee. The work has the flavor of the soil and the atmosphere of the plein air por- 
trait Cofidenstd from NoHon, 1907. 

Roskopf, Wendel qr9a R734W 

Wcnde, Oskar. Wendel Roskopf, "Meistcr zu Gorlitz und in der 

Schlesy;" ein beitrag zur geschichte der renaissance in Schlesien. 1908. 

Von der Technischen Hochscbule zu Hannover zur erlangung der wurde eines 
doktor-ingenieurs genehmigte dissertation. 

Monograph on a German architect (1480?-! 557?) of Gorlitz, Prussia. 

Ross, James. qr9a RyaSb 

Brownson, James Irwin, b, 1856. Life and times of Senator James 
Ross; a sketch read before the Washington County Historical Society, 
Feb. 21, 1910. 1910. 

James Ross (i76a-i847) was bom in York county, Pa. He was admitted to the 
bar of Allegheny county in 1788 and became a United States senator in 1794. Hb 
Efe covered an interesting period in the development of what is known as the "Pitts- 
bvigh district. 



Rossetti, Dante Gabriel. 9a R744 

Letters of Dante Gabriel Rossetti to William Allingham, i854r-i870 
[ed. by] G. B. Hill. 1897. Unwin. 

These familiar letters of Rossetti to his intimate friend, the Irish poet, are ranked 
among the best he ever wrote, and show him in a particularly attractive light. Ailing- 
ham was the friend of many great writers of the time and their names occur frequently 
in these letters. Illustrations from drawings by Rossetti and others. 

Rossetti, William Michael. 9a R744a 

Some reminiscences. 2v. 1906. Brown. 

List of writings by W. M. Rossetti, v.x, p. 13-14. 

According to the preface, the present work is the eighteenth more or leas conneeted 
with his family for which Mr Rossetti is responsible. Some recurrence to the tanie 
matter is in the circumstances inevitable, though repetition of identical details has been 
avoided. Further light is cast upon the members of the preraphaelite brotlierhood. A 
short semi-biographical sketch of most of them is provided. Condensed from Athtnmtm, 

92 R761k 

Rousseau, Jean Jacques. 9a R777CO 

[Correspondance.] v.i, 3. (Oeuvres, v.i6, 18.) 

Rousseau, Jean Jacques. 9a R777q 

[Quatre lettres a M. le president de Malesherbes; Les reyeries du 
promeneur solitaire; Rousseau juge de Jean-Jacques.] 1817. (Oeuvres, 

Rousseau, Jean Jacques. 9a V378C 

Collins, John Churton. Voltaire, Montesquieu and Rousseau in 

England. 1908. Nash. 

"Attempt to sketch the history of three singularly interesting episodes in the Uter^ 
ary relations between France and England, namely, the visits of Voltaire, Montesquiev, 
and Rousseau, during periods extending respectively from the spring of 1726 to die 
spring of 1729, from the autumn of 1729 to the spring or early summer of 1731, and 
from January 1766 to May 1767." Preface. 

"A contribution of value to the literary history both of France and Eni^nd." 
Saturday review, 1908. 

Rousseau, Jean Jacques. 9a R777lft 

Lemaitre, Jules. Jean Jacques Rousseau; tr. by Jeanne Mairet, Mme 

Charles Bigot. 1907. McClure. 

"[Lectures which] treat a difficult subject with sympathy and reticence. Monsienr 

Lemaitre gives a r^sum^ of each of Rousseau's more important writings, and indicates 

their influence on the world and their particular connexion with episodes in Rousseau's 

own career." Saturday review, J908. 

Rousseau, Jean Jacques. 9a R777mac 

Macdonald, Mrs Frederika Richardson. Jean Jacques Rousseau; a 

new criticism. 2v. 1906. Chapman. 

The author claims that, as a result of the discovery and comparative study of 
previously unexplored documents, she is able to prove that the estimate of Rousteaia's 
character and private life accepted by his leading French and English critics has for 
its foundation an audacious historical fraud. 

92 R777r 

uTf T»i3o .HDn pxn |HV .13^^^^ nyiJHDpy^H ,}^^n«a^n>n 


Rowland, George Frank. rga R796P 

Pennsylyania — Senate. Memorial proceedings upon the death of 
G. F. Rowland, late a senator from the 14th district. 1909. 

Rojrall, Mrs Anne (Newport). ga R813P 

Porter, Sarah Harvey. Life and times of Anne Royall. 1909. Torch 

American author and pioneer woman journalist (i 769-1 854). She traveled ex- 
teoaively in this country and wrote voluminously of her travels, published a paper in 
Washington, D. C for many years and knew most of the public men of her time. 
While not a person of historic importance her career and her writings are of interest to 
students of her period. 

Rush, Benjamin. rga R8g6 

Memorial, containing Travels through life; or, Sundry incidents in 
the life of Dr Benjamin Rush, written by himself, also extracts from 
his commonplace book, as well as a short history of the Rush family in 
Pennsylvania. 1905. Biddle. 

Benjamin Rtish (i 745-1 81 3) was a noted Philadelphia physician and patriot, one of 
the signers of the Declaration of independence. 

Rnskiii, John. qr8a8 R8g v.36-37 

Letters. 2v. 1909. Allen. (In his Works, v.36-37.) 

V.I. 1827-1869. 

V.3. 1 870-1 889. 

"Bibliographic^ appendix with minor letters," v.s, p.6x 5-739. 

John. ga R8ggb 

Benson, Arthur Christopher. Ruskin; a study in personality. 191 1. 

Series of seven popular lecttirct delivered at Cambridge University. They sketch 
Rntldn's life in outline and his main works in their order. Will be serviceable as a 
handbook for any one wishing to make a sjrstematie study of Ruskin. 

[RuBseU, John Willard.] ga Rgzsa 

Romance of an old time shipmaster; ed. by R. D. Paine. 1907. Outing. 

For almost xoo years these lettera and journals were locked up in the old ship- 
■mMm-'s battered sea*chest which had been with him on his voyages to the West Indies, 
Europe and Africa, from 1796 to 1813. They give a good idea of seafaring life during 
tiiat time, accounts of adventures with privateers and pirates, and of a disastrous ex- 
pedition to Africa for slaves. 

92 SUlw 

.|iHa n^-ryo m :p^ny^n 

Samt-Gaudens, Augustus. See Artists, p.1361. 

8t John, Henry, viscount Bolinghroke, See Bolingbroke, Henry St. John, 

Saint Pierre, Jacques Henri Bernardin de. rga Sz4g 

Correspondance; precedee d'un supplement aux m^moires de sa vie 
par L. Aime-Martin et Memoire sur la vie et les ouvrages de J. H. Ber- 
nardin de Saint-Pierre, accompagne de lettres du Mar^chal Munich et 
autres, par L. Aim^-Martin. 4v. 1826. 
V.4 contains the "M^oire." 


Sainte-Beuve, Charles Augustin. ga Sx56h 

Harper, George McLean. Charles-Augustin Sainte-Beuve. 1909. 
Lippincott. (French men of letters.) 

"Bibliography,** p.375-381. 

First book in English on the life and works of Sainte-Beuve (1804-69), whom the 
author calls "the most serviceable literary .critic France has known," "a judge among 


Salamon, Louis Sifrein Joseph Foncrose de. 9a 8x5921 

Papal envoy during the reign of terror; the memoirs of Mgr. de 

Salamon the internuncio at Paris during the revolution, 1790-1801; ed. 

by the abbe Bridier, tr. by Frances Jackson. 191 1. Sands. 

Brings out facts bearing on the history of the rerolution in geiieral, and espedaQy 
in its relation to the church of France. 

"Told in such animated style, which the translator has successfullj prescnrcd, that 
it reads more like a romance than a page of history." Atluiuntm, 191 1. 

Sales, Francis de, St, See Francis de Sales, Si. 

Salimbene, Ognibene di Guido di Adamo, fra, 9a S165C 

Coulton, George Gordon. From St. Francis to Dante; a translation 

of all that is of primary interest in the chronicle of the Franciscan 

Salimbene, 1221-1288, together with notes and illustrations from other 

medieval sources. 1906. Nutt. 

Emphasizes the darker side of 13th century life. Author takes the ground tiiat 
writers on mediaeval history usually present it in too attractive a light and Salimbene's 
chronicles are made the basis of an exposition of the evils of that period. 

Salm-Salm, Felix Konstantin Alexander Johann 9a 8x71 

Nepomuk, prim zu. 
My diary in Mexico in 1867, including the last days of the emperor 
Maximilian, with leaves from the diary of the princess Salm-Salm. 2v. 
1868. Bentley. 

"One of the most substantial sources of information in English on the French inter- 
vention." Lamed' s Literature of American history. 

Sanborn, Franklin Benjamin. 9a 8x98 

Recollections of 70 years. 2v. 1909. Badger. 

V.I is devoted to the John Brown story. He gathers together scattered and un- 
published letters and clearly describes his own vivid impressions of die events of that 
episode in which he took part. v. a treats of the Concord group which he writes of from 
long and intimate association. Many rare portraita. 

Sanctis, Francesco de. 9a Saxis 

La giovinezza di Francesco de Sanctis; frammento autobioflrrafico 

pubblicato da Pasquale Villari. 1910. 

"Commemorazione in onore di Francesco de Sanctis, fatta da Pasquale Villari, per 
invito deir Associazione della stamps, il ay gennaio 1884," p.333-374* 

"Lettera della Signora Marietta Testa, vedova De Sanctis, a Pasquale ViOari,* 


"Uffizi pubblid di Francesco de Sanctis," p.383-384- 

These memoirs were written during the last illness of De Sanctis by his niece froB 
his dictation and the ms. was revised by him. 

Sand, George, (pseud, of Mme Dudevant). 9a Saxah 

Histoire de ma vie. 13V. in 3. 1855. 

"It was given to the world day by day, as the feuilleton of a newspaper, and, Vkm 
all the author's compositions, it has the stamp of being written to meet a current en* 
gagement...But it has a great charm... It abounded in anecdotes of the writer'a child- 
hood, her playmates, her pet animala, her school-adventures, the nuns at the Convent doi 


Sandy George, (pseud, of Mme Dudevant) — contimud, * 9a Sai3h 

Anglaiset by whom the was educated; it related the juvenile unfolding of her mind, her 
fits of early piety, and her first acquaintance with Montaigne and Rousseau; it con- 
tained a superabundance of philosophy, psychology, morality and harmless gossip, about 
people unknown to the public; but it was destitute of just what the public d^red — an 
explicit account of the more momentous incidents of the author's maturity." Henry 
James's French poets and novelists. 

Sangster, Mrs Margaret Elizabeth (Munson). ga Saa6 

From my youth up; personal reminiscences, an autobiography. 

1909. Revell. 

"Notwithstanding the undeniable thinness of certain chapters here, and the occa* 
sional omateness of the author's style, there is a quality of homely moral earnestness in 
this autobiography that will, with its flavor of sentimentality, endear it to a host of 
readers." Nation, igoQ. 

Santley, Sir Charles. ga Sa36 

Reminiscences of my life. 1909. Pitman. 

Autobiography of a famous English baritone singer. Covers a period of over 50 
years and contains anecdotes of many musical contemporaries. 

Smito, Andrea del. See Artists, p. 1409. 

Savile, George, marquis of Halifax. See Halifax, George Savile, mar- 
quis of. 
Savio di Bemstiel, Baronessa Olimpia. ga SaGyr 

Ricci, Raffaello. Memorie della baronessa Olimpia Savio. 2v. 191 1. 
Sayn- Wittgenstein, Carolyne (von Iwanowska), fiirstin. ga 8375! 

Lipsius, Marie, {pseud. La Mara). Aus der glanzzeit der Weimarer 
Altenburg; bilder und briefe aus dem leben der Fiirstin Carolyne Sayn- 

Wittgenstein; herausgegeben von La Mara. 1906. 

Volume of letters by eminent persons addressed to the princess Carolyne Sajm- 
Wittgenstcin, to whose influence it was due that Weimar, in the days of Liszt, once 
more became as remarkable a centre of the higher life as it had been in the time of 
Goetiie. Book contains letters from Wagner, Clara Schumann, F^tis, Berlioz, Dingel- 
stedt, Freytag, Rubinstein, Delacroix, Richter, Leopold Damrosch, Menzel, Meissner, 
Heyae, Countess Potocka and many others. 

Sc6peaiix, Francois de, seigneur de Vieilleville, comte de Durestal. See 

Vieilleville, seigneur de, Francois de Scepeaux, comte de Durestal. 
Schiller, Johann Christoph Friedrich von. ga S334h 

Hecker, Max F. ed. Schillers personlichkeit; urtheile der zeitge- 

nossen und documente gesammelt von Max Hecker. 3v. 1904-09. 

V.3 is edited by Julius Petersen. 

Contains Schiller's autobiography and extracts from letters and published rem- 
iniscences of relatives, friends and acquaintances, v.i is concerned with the poet's 

SchillingsfiirBt, Chlodwig Karl Viktor, fUrst su Hohenlohe. See Hohen- 

lohe-Schillingsfiirst, Chlodwig Karl Viktor, fiirst zu. 
Schixnmelpeiminck, Mrs Mary Anne (Galton). ga S335 

Life of Mary Anne Schimmelpenninck; ed. by C. C. Hankin. 2v. 
1858. Longman. 

V.I. Autobiography, 1778-93. 
V.2. Biographical sketch and' letters, 1793-1856. 
English author (i 778-1 856). 

"Miss Hanldn's Life of Mrs. Schimmelpenninck. . .a somewhat one-sided and rose- 
coloured performance, is the chief authority." Dictionary of national biography. 

Schnorr von Carolsfeld, Julius. See Artists, p. 1405. 


Schultz, James Willard. 9a 83872 

My life as an Indian; the story of a red woman and a white man in 
the lodges of the Blackfeet. 1907. Doubleday. 

Appeared in "Forest and stream,'* 1905-06, under the title "In the lodflret of the 
Blackfeet" and over the pseudonym W. B. Anderson. 

True and interesting account. The author when a young man went west in search 
of adventure, and lived for many years with the Blackfeet Indians, marrying into their 

Schumann, Frau Clara (Wieck). ga Ssgaal 

Litzmann, Berthold. Clara Schumann; ein kunstlerleben nach tage- 
btichern und briefen. v.3. 1909. 

V.J. Clara Schumann und ihre freunde, 1 856-1 896. 

Qara Schumann (1819-96) was distingwshed as a composer and pianist and as the 
wife of Robert Schumann. Her biographer had at his disposal a rich collection of un- 
published material, including her letters, and diaries covering the years from 1827 to 

For v.i-2 see preceding catalogue, second series. 

Schumann, Robert. 9a 8393 

Letters; selected and ed. by Karl Storck, tr. by Hannah Bryant 
1907. Dutton. 

Over 100 of his best letters, grouped in sections illustrating the main diyisions of 
hi* career. 

Schurman, Anna Maria van. 99 839435 

Birch, Una. Anna van Schurman, artist, scholar, saint. 1909. Long- 

"List of Anna van Schurman's works," p.195; "Bibliography," p.196-198. 

Anna van Schurman (1607-78) during her earlier life achieved fame as artist, student 
of oriental languages and advocate of woman's rights. In later life she relinquished art 
and studies and friends to devote herself to the cause of Jean de Labadie and his new 
sect. Much of the book is devoted to the religious controversies between the Calvinists 
and Arminians at that time. 

Schurz, Carl. 99 8394 

Lebenserinnerungen. 3v. 1906-12. 

v. I. Bis zum jahre 1852. 

V.2. Von 1852 bis 1870. 

v.3. Brief e und lebensabriss. 

Recollections of the well-known journalist and statesman (1829-1906). They ht- 
elude an account of his school days at Cologne and the University of Bonn, of the part 
that he played in the revolution of 1848-49, of his coming to the United States in 1852 
and of his services during the Civil war. The third volume contains a selection of in- 
timate letters to his family and friends, and a brief account of his political career froa 
1869 to 1906 by Frederic Bancroft and W. A. Dunning. 

Schurz, Carl. 9a 8394r 

Reminiscences. 3v. 1907-08. McClure. 

V.I. 1829-52. 

V.2. 1852-63. 

v.3. 1863-69; with a sketch of his life and public services from 1869 to 1906, by 
Frederic Bancroft and W. A. Dunning. 

v.i-2 appeared in "McClure's magazine," v.26-29, Nov. 1905-June 1907. 

Schurz, Carl. 193 8394c 

Carl Schurz memorial — New York committee. Addresses in mem- 
ory of Carl Schurz, Carnegie hall. New York, Nov. 21, 1906. 

Contains addresses by Joseph H. Choate, Grover Cleveland, Charles W. Eliot, Eogene 
Kuhnemann (in German). Charles J. Bonaparte, Hermann A. Schumacher, Booker T. 
Washington, and a poem by Richard Watson Gilder. 

Scott, David. See Artists, p. 1403. 


Scott, Sir George Gilbert. 9a 8426 

Personal and professional recollections; ed. by his son G. G. Scott, 
with an introduction by J. W. Burgon. 1879. Low. 

Scott (181 1-78) was an eminent English architect, a leader in the Gothic revivaL 
He was employed in restoring many old English churches, notably Westminster abbey 
and Ely cathedral. It is with this phase of his work rather than with the erection of 
new churches, public buildings, etc. that these recollections are concerned. 

Scott, Sir Walter. 9a S43ZC 

Crockett, William Shillinglaw, & Caw, J. L. Sir Walter Scott. 1903. 
Hodder. (Bookman biographies.) 

Scott, Sir Walter. 9a S43Z8k 

Skene, James. Memories of Sir Walter Scott; ed. by Basil Thom- 
son. 1909. Murray. (Skene papers.) 

James Skene, a Scottish lawyer with a love of letters, was a lifelong friend of 
Seott. The manuscript of his "Memories" was offered to Lockhart, who, from some 
motiTe of delicacy, did not use it, and it has remained in the possession of Mr Skene's 
descendants ever since. A great-grandson now publishes it, with an introduction and 
useful notes. While the pages reveal nothing of historical importance, they add greatly 
to an appreciation of Scott's character. 

Scott, William. 1850-1906. r92 S43za 

[Allegheny County, Pa. Bar Association.] In memoriam William 
Scott, 1 850-1906. [Pittsburgh.] 

Secondat, Charles de, baron de Montesquieu. See Montesquieu, Charles 
de Secondat, baron de. 

Sedgwick, Catharine Maria. 92 S448 

Life and letters; ed. by M. E. Dewey. 1871. Harper. 

Miss Sedgwick (i 789-1867) was an American novelist whose writings were at one 
time very popular. Her life was mostly spent in Lenox and in Stockbridge, among the 
Berkshire hills. 

"The story of her life is a simple tale as regards outward circumstances. No strik- 
ing incidents, no remarkable occurrences will be found in it, but the gradual unfolding 
and ripening amid congenial surroundings of a true and beautiful soul, a clear and 
refined intellect, and a singularly sympathetic social nature." Editor. 

Sellar, Mrs Eleanor Mary (Dennistoun). ga S467 

Recollections and impressions. 1907. Blackwood. 

Mrs Sellar is (1907) the widow of W. Y. Sellar, who was at one time professor 
of Greek at St. Andrews and from 1863 to 1890 professor of Latin at Edinburgh Uni- 
▼erssty. She has been familiar for many years with Scottish society and university 
life. Among the friends introduced in her memoirs are Jowett, Spencer. Carlyle, 
Tennyson, Lord Bowen, Henry Smith, Dr John Brown, Principal Shairp, Sir Hugh 
Pkjiair and T. C Sandars. 

Sellstedt, Lars Gustaf. 9a S468 

From forecastle to academy; sailor and artist. 1904. Matthews. 

SeUstedt was bom in Sweden in 1819. He began his career as a sailor and later 
lock up the study of art. His life as an artist has been spent mostly in Buffalo, where 
ike was for many years superintendent of the Buffalo Fine Arts Academy. 

Servetus, Michael. ga Cz44b 

Earth, Fritz. Calvin und Servet. 1909. 

Presents minutely the events and transactions which brought about the arrest and 
trial of the free-thinker, Servetus, whom Calvin sacrificed for reasons of state. 

Settembiini, Luigi. ga 84956 

Epistolario, con prefazione e note del Francesco Fiorentino. 1883. 


Seward, Anna. ga 85x42! 

Lucas, Edward Verrall. A Swan and her friends. 1907. Methuen. 

Life of Anna Seward, the English poetess (i 743-1 809), known to her contemporary 
admirers as the "Swan of Lichfield." Mr Lucas quotes at length from her letters and 
the whole book affords an entertaining picture of Miss Seward and the Lichfield circle 
in which she moved. 

Seward, William Henry. 9a L7Z5W 

Welles, Gideon. Lincoln and Seward; remarks upon the memorial 
address of Charles Francis Adams on the late William H. Seward, with 
incidents and comments illustrative of the measures and policy of the 
administration of Abraham Lincoln and views as to the relative posi- 
tions of the late president and secretary of state. 1874. Sheldon. 

Sforza, Francesco Alessandro, duke of Milan. rga 85330 

Urquhart, William Pollard. Life and times of Francesco Sforza, 
duke of Milan, with a preliminary sketch of the history of Italy. 2v. 
1852. Blackwood. 

Based on the life of Sforza by his secretary, Simoneta. Italian history is traced 
from the end of the Roman empire to the isth century. 

Sforza, Isabella of Aragon, duchess of Milan, See Isabellm of Aragon, 
duchess of Milan, 

92 S524k 

Shaler, Nathaniel Southgate. ga 8528 

Autobiography, with a supplementary memoir by his wife. 1909. 

"List of publications," p. 447-45 7. 

Shaler was (1891-1906) dean of Lawrence Scientific School and (1869-1906) pro> 
fessor of paleontology and of geology at Harvard. The autobiography, occupying half 
of the volume, closes with his enlistment in the Federal army after three and a half 
years of study at Harvard. 

Sharp, William. 9a S53Z8 

Sharp, Mrs Elizabeth Amelia (Sharp). William Sharp (Fiona Mac- 

leod); a memoir; comp. by his wife. 1910. Duffield. 

"Whilst she reveals the very inner ego of a complex, and to the outsider moat 
bewildering, personality, she never draws the veil from the sanctuary of his home life... 
She chronicles the outer events of William Sharp's extraordinary career, bringing ont 
the results of the strange blend of nationalities in him, which, to quote the words of a 
friend, made him a *\'iking in build, a Scandinavian in cast of mind, and a Celt in 
heart and spirit;' noting the strong influence Nature exercised over him from the first, 
and dwelling on the deep undercurrent of mysticism that was to the end of his life one 
of the most potent elements of his character." Outlook (London), igto. 

Sharswood, George. qr9a S53aab 

Biddle, George Washington. Sketch of the professional and judicial 
character of the late George Sharswood, chief justice of the Supreme 
court of Pennsylvania; an address delivered before the Law Associa- 
tion of Philadelphia, Nov. 20, 1883. 1883. Privately printed. 

Sharswood (1810-83) was successively judge of the Philadelphia district court, 
president of that court, associate judge of the Supreme court of Pennsylvania and fin> 
ally chief justice. 


Shaw, George Bernard. 9a S534C 

Chesterton, Gilbert Keith. George Bernard Shaw. 1909. Lane. 

"Qnite u much a picture of Mr. Chesterton as a study of Mr. Shaw. The two- 
edfcd quality of critictsm has never made a more striking or amusing display of itself 
than in this analysis of the supposedly. . .Shavian. . .characteristics. . . As to the plan and 
scope of the book, it begins with a characteristic assertion: 'Most people either say that 
they agree with Bernard Shaw or that they do not understand him. I am the only 
person who understands him, and I do not agree with him.' Then follow. . .chapters on 
Mr. Shaw as an Irishman, as a Puritan, and as a Progressive; but the greater part of 
the book is devoted to "The Critic,' The Dramatist,' and 'The Philosopher.' Hence it is, 
as was natural, more a study of the writer than of the man." Dial, 1909. 

Shaw, George Bernard. 9a S534h 

Henderson, Archibald, b, 1877. George Bernard Shaw; his life and 

works; a critical biography (authorized). 191 1. Hurst. 

Contains a genealogical chart of the Shaw family. 

Though fulsome in its admiration and somewhat disfigured by imposing literary 
allusions, French phrases and a journalistic exuberance, this 500-page biography is a docu- 
ment of value. It brings together as many of the facts about Mr Shawns life, character 
and opinions as he wishes to be generally known. There is no other authority (191 x) 
for the interesting period of his childhood in Dublin, when the love of music seems to 
have been his first interest, nor has so much been told before of his early literary work 
in London, of the genesis of the Fabian Society and of his journalistic career. Contains 
numerous and interesting illtistrations. 

Shaw, George Bernard. 9a S534J 

Jackson, Holbrook. Bernard Shaw. 1907. Richards. 

Conttntt: The man. — ^The Fabian. — The playwright — ^The philosopher. 

This little book will afford great satisfaction to the admirers of Bernard Shaw; for 
the author is an enthusiastic disciple of that brilliant but erratic propagandist. It is 
cleverly written in a style that often suggests what the faithful call the Shavian attitude 
and manner, gives an apparently authoritative summary of his various theories, political 
and the like, and furnishes some significant facts which may help to account for a good 
manj of theoL Condensed from Nation, 1907, 

Shaw, Samuel. r9a S536 

Journals, with a life of the author by Josiah Quincy. 1847. Crosby. 

Shaw (1754-94) served in the Revolution and was later United States consul at 

Sheil, Richard Lalor. 9a S543t 

Torrens, William Torrens McCullagh. Memoirs of Richard Lalor 

Sheil. 2v. 1855. Hurst. 

The authority for the life of this Irish dramatist and politician (1791-1851). 

"Shell played a distinguished, if not a decisive, part in the history of his times. 
He waa amongst the foremost of Irish tribunes, and was in the House of Commons a 
successful speaker, of a peculiar kind. In our Clubs and in London society his caustic 
tone and sparkling sayings. were familiar to many, while his literary accomplishments 
coounended him to the regard of several who had no taste for Irish agitation.'* A the- 


Shelley, Percy Bysshe. 9^ S545 

Letters; collected and ed. by Roger Ingpen. 2v. 1909. Pitman. 
"A large proportion of the letters have no literary and little biographical value, but 
collectively they all have an importance .as forming a link in a wonderful self-revelation 
of an abnormal personality... Mr. Ingpen's notes are an invaluable commentary on the 
events and persons mentioned in the letters." Outlook (London), 1909. 

Shelley, Percy Bysshe. 92 S545ho 

Hogg, Thomas Jefferson. Life of Percy Bysshe Shelley, with an 

introduction by Edward Dowden. 1906. Routledge. 

Hogg was Shelley's friend and was furnished by the Shelley family with documents 


Shelley, Percy Bysshe — continued. 9a Ss^sho 

from which to write the poet's biography. The result was a surprise and a disappoint- 
ment Hogg took unwarrantable liberties with his materials, and Shelley's representa- 
tives, fearing that the prosecution of the work would result in stereotyping a caricature, 
withdrew the documents on which Hogg had depended for continuing it. 

"Hogg's offences as a biographer are grave... Yet how much leas we should hare 
known of the youthftd Shelley if Hogg had not written ... The book is indispensable for 
one who would know Shelley; and yet for one who would know Shelley fully and ari^t 
it is wholly insufficient. It is a fragment not only in the sense that it tells no more 
than a portion of the story; it is fragmentary also in its presentation of Shelley'i char* 
acter." Edward Dowden, in introduction. 

Shelley, Percy Bysshe. 92 S545P 

Peacock, Thomas Love. Memoirs of Shelley, with Shelley's letters 
to Peacock; ed. by H. F. B. Brett-Smith. 1909. Frowdc. 

Appeared first in "Eraser's magazine/' v.57-62, June i8s8-March i86a. 

Among the memorabilia of Shelley's friends the memoirs which Thomaa Lore Pea- 
cock contributed to the pages of "Eraser's magazine" will always hold an important 
place. These memoirs have only once been reprinted and have been for many years out 
of print Mr Brett- Smith's introduction gives an account of Peacock's association with 
Shelley. Peacock's record contains many particulars that are not to be found in other 
accounts of Shelley, but in his desire for impartiality he sometimes appears to fail in 
sympathy. As a clear and circumstantial chronicle of the chief erenta in the poet's life 
it is especially valuable. Condensed from Outlook (London), 1910. 

Shelley, Percy Bysshe. 9a S545shc 

Shelley, Jane (Gibson), lady, ed. Shelley memorials from authentic 
sources. 1859. Ticknor. 

Contains also Essay on Christianity, by P. B. Shelley. 

Based on letters and journals and edited by the poet's daughter-in-law, it is to be 
ranked in authority with the standard life by Dowden (93 S545d). 

Shelley, Percy Bysshe. 9a 85458111 

Smith, George Barnett. Shelley; a critical biography. 1877. Doug- 

"Mr. Smith undertakes to realise to us what Shelley was as a man and as a writer, 
introducing the leading biographical facts more by way of illustration than of regular 
narrative. This design is carried out with a fair amount of consistency, and a moderate 
instalment of success; and it was worth trying, for one cannot say that the tame sort 
of treatment has as yet been applied, in any substantial form, to the career of SheUey 
...Mr. Smith tells us a few things. . .which are new... others which are new without 
the stamp of truth; and some which are decidedly erroneous." IV. M. Rossetti, in Acad- 
emy, j8t8. 

Sheridan, Richard Brinsley Butler. 9a S55aai 

Sichel, Walter Sydney. Sheridan, from new and original material 
2v. 1909. Constable. 

Contains also a manuscript diary by Georgiana, duch^s of Devonshire and "Btblioff- 
raphy of Sheridan's works, published and unpublished," v.a, p.445-4S9« 

"Eollowing his usual custom, Mr. Sichel has written the history not only of Sheri- 
dan but of his times, and has presented us with... the most con4>lete portrait as yet 
given to the world ^of that strange genius... The book as a whole is a splendid per> 
formance, a history on the grand scale of the life and times of a man whose interest it 
imperishable." Spectator, 1910. 

Sherman, John, 1823-1900. 9a S553ib 

Burton, Theodore Elijah. John Sherman. 1906. Houghton. (Amer- 
ican statesmen.) 

The same. 1908 193 S553ib 

This biography of the noted statesman and financier (1823-1900) scarcely touches 
upon his private life. 

"He deserves praise for the conscientious thoroughness with which he has traced 


Sherman, John, 1823-19CX) — continued. 9a S553zb 

Sherman't official career, and for his evident reliance upon documentary sources rather 
than upon Sherman's hastily written and often inaccurate 'Recollections.' " Nation, 

Sherman, John, 1823-1900. 9a Sssszk 

Kerr, Winfield Scott. John Sherman; his life and public services. 
2v. 1908. Sherman. 

"As a careful and intelligent compilation, Mr. Kerr's work will hardly need to be 
done orer again, but the student of American history will not find in it anything new; 
while the general sketch of erents, though making fully a third of the bulk, is quite 
without distinction. The pervading tone, moreover, is persistently eulogistic, though not 
offensiTely so; and one looks in vain for any critical appraisal of Sherman's notable 
public sendees. On the whole, the book does not displace the briefer and more dis- 
criminating volume by Theodore E. Burton [ga 8553 ib]." Nation, 1908. 

Sherman, Gen, William Tecumseh. 9a S553h 

Home letters; cd. by M. A. D. Howe. 1909. Scribner. 

Intimate personal letters from General Sherman to his wife and a few other people, 
giving his first inqn'eMions of Bull Run, Vicksburg; Shiloh, the march through Georgia, 
and personal impressions of Grant, Lincoln and other eminent men. They begin at West 
Point in 1837 and continue through the war and until 1888. 

Shirley, Selina, countess of Huntingdon. See Hastinss, Selina Shirley, 
countess of Huntingdon. 

Shoap, George Laird. qr9a S559a 

United States — Congress. Statue of George Laird Shoup, late a 
senator from Idaho, erected in statuary hall of the Capitol at Washing- 
ton; proceedings in the House of representatives and the Senate on the 
occasion of the reception and acceptance of the statue from the state 
of Idaho. 19 10. (61 St cong. ad sess. Senate. Doc. no.468.) 

Shrewsbury, Elizabeth (Hardwick) Talbot, countess of. 9a SsGzr 

Rawson, Mrs Maud Stepney. Bess of Hardwick and her circle. 
1909. Lane. 

The prevailing fashion of mingling history and fiction is strikingly exemplified by 
(this book] . . .in which the life of one of the most famous of the Tudor termagants is 
exhibited in a bewildering maze of original letters, biographical narrative, and frankly 
imaginary dialogues and interludes... The life of 'B^s of Hardwick' typifies everything 
which a stormy and tempestuous career in Tudor times might be expected to bring forth. 
Four times wedded... she devoted herself first and foremost to securing the worldly 
welfare of the children of her second marriage; and she became the grandmother of 
Arabella Stuart, and the foundress of the fortunes of the house of Devonshire." Na^ 
Hon, tgti. 

Sibontie, Francois Louis Poumies de La. See Poumids de La Siboutie, 
Francois Louis. 

Siddons, Mrs Sarah (Kemble). 9a L4a6k 

Knapp, Oswald Greenwaye, ed. An artist's love story, told in the 
letters of Sir Thomas Lawrence, Mrs Siddons and her daughters. 1904. 

"Not of overmuch importance as a contribution to artistic and dramatic biography. 
Its main theme, the double courtship, by Sir Thomas Lawrence of Mrs. Siddons' two 
daughters, Sally and Maria, has long since been established. . .The value of this cor- 
respondence consists, in fact, in its repeated illustration of bygone manners and habits 
of thought" Athen^um, 1904. 

Illustrated by several reproductions of portraits by Lawrence. 


Sidney, Algernon. ga 856996 

Ewald, Alexander Charles. Life and times of the Hon. Algernon 
Sydney, 1622-1683. 2v. 1873. Tinsley. 

Sidney,^ English patriot and politician, was the son of the second e«rl of Leicester. 
After the discovery of the Rye house plot he was imprisoned in the Tower of Timdwi 
on the charge of being implicated, and was eventually executed. This biography con- 
tains an analysis of his "Discourses concerning government" 

Sidney, Sir Philip. rga S569C 

Greville, Fulke, baron Brooke. Life of Sir Philip Sidney, etc., first 
published 1652, with an introduction by Nowell Smith. 1907. Claren- 
don Press. 

As a memorial of friendship it is worthy of a place among the classics of human 
history. It is the source of the classical story of Sidney's death; it is the best likeness 
of the young "president of learning and chivalry" which has been left us by a con- 
temporary; and it is a remarkable testimony by an experienced statesman to the greet- 
ness of Elizabeth's government The whole work commands admiration as an archaic 
but noble expression of the same spirit of chivalry that animated Sidney and Spenser. 
Condensed from CrolVs Works of Fulke Greville. 

Siemens, Werner von. 9a Ssyzb 

Beta, Ottomar Heinrich. Werner von Siemens; ein bahnbrecher in 
der wissenschaft, technik und ethik; ein volksabend. 1910. 

Silvius, i^neas. See Pius II, pope. 

Simpson, Matthew, hp. ga S6z3ac 

Crooks, George Richard. Life of Bishop Matthew Simpson of the 

Methodist Episcopal church. 1891. Harper. 

The same rga S613C 

"The published works of Bishop Simpson," P.47S. 

Bishop Simpson (181 1-84) was, during the first years of his ministry, pastor of 
the Liberty street church of Pittsburgh. He was made bishop in i8sa and ranked as 
one of the most eloquent preachers in the Methodist church. 

Sims, James Marion. 9a 86x4 

Story of my life; ed. by his son, H. Marion-Sims. 1884. Appleton. 

Noted Southern surgeon (1813-83). 

The autobiography extends only through the year 1863. 

"It requires a very clear conscience and perfect guilelessness to expose one's self as 
he has done; but having done it the reader sees an earnest man of complete parity, dis* 
charging his daily duty with singleness of purpose, and reaching fame by conscientknM 
and intelligent exercise of brain and hand. But the story is more than an autobiograr 
phy: it not merely illustrates the evolution of a South Carolina lad into one of the most 
useful and conspicuous of modern benefactors; it is local history interpreting rural lilt 
in that section fifty years ago." Nation, 1885. 

Slowacki, Juliusz. 9^ S634 

Listy Juljusza Slowackiego, z autografow poety; wydal po raz pierw- 
szy Leopold Meyet. 2v. in i. 1899. 

Smith, Goldwin. 9^ 86483 

Reminiscences; ed. by Arnold Haultain. 1910. Macmillan. 

Goldwin Smith (i 823-1 910) was a publicist of two nations. Educated at Oxford, kc 
became a tutor and then a professor there. In 1868 he came to America and was for 
two years professor in Cornell University. Thence he went to Toronto, where the last 
40 years of his life were spent He was s reasonable and constant critic of public 
erents, and of this his reminiscences give abundant evidence. Among the topics dis- 
cussed are American Civil war times, the Manchester school of political economy and its 
leaders, visiu to Jamaica, Europe, Washington and the Northwest, and Canadian poUtka. 


Smi^ Capt. John. ga S65al 

Lindsay, Charles Harcourt Ainslie Forbes-. John Smith, gentleman 

adventurer. 1907. Lippincott. 

The same jga 8652! 

The erentful life of Capt John Smith. The firat half of the book dealt with Ut 
adventures at a soldier of fortune in many t>arts of the world, the second half gives 
the familiar history of his experiences in America. 

Smith, Mrs Margaret (Bayard). ga 86553 

First 40 years of Washington society, portrayed by [her] family 
letters, from the collection of her grandson, J. H. Smith; ed. by Gaillard 
Hunt. 1906. Scribner. 

Author was the wife of Samuel H. Smith, editor of the "National intelligencer/' 
and her home was the resort of the most interesting characters in Washington life. She 
was the intimate friend of Jefferson, of the Madisons, Clays and Cilhouns, and she 
entertained Harriet Martineau when she came to Washington on her famous tour. 

Smith, Rodney, caUed Gipsy Smith. ga S658 

Gipsy Smith; his life and work, by himself; introductions by G. C. 

Morgan and Alexander McLaren. 1908. Revell. 

Popular evangelist, horn near Epping forest, England in i860. 

Smull, John Augustus. qrga S666e 

Egle, William Henry, ed. Memorial of John Augustus Smull. 1881. 

92 S6662b 

•no ,ppDay'7«DD 

92 S678t 

Solomon bar Isaac. See Rashi, Solomon bar Isaac, called, 

Sophia, consort of Ernest Augustus, elector of Hanover, ga Syiaaw 

Ward, Adolphus William. Electress Sophia and the Hanoverian 
succession. 1909. Longmans. 

Appendices: Genealogical tables. — Correspondence between Princess Sophia Doro- 
thea and Count Konigsmarck; from the Berlin secret archives of state, with introductory 
note and translation. — Note on the religious situation in Scotland as it affected the 
Hanoverian succession, by R. S. Rait. 

"The strange story of the way in which Sophia, youngest of the 13 children of 
Elizabeth, daughter of James I. of England, became heiress-presumptive to the throne 
of the Stuarts... The part which the mother played in the advancement of her family is 
made clearly evident" American historical review, 1910. 

SiM'oIla 7 Bastida, Joaquin. See Artists, p.1412. 

Soto, Hernando de. ga S718W 

Wilmcr, Lambert A. Life, travels and adventures of Ferdinand de 
Soto, discoverer of the Mississippi. 1858. Lloyd. 

"Written in a style worthy of its subject. The story of De Soto*s life is told with 
a vigor and nervous energy, characteristic of his restless career.** Field's Indian bibli- 

Soathey» Robert. 9^ Syay 

Life and correspondence; ed. by his son, C. C. Southey. 6v. 1849- 
SO. Longman. 

"List of the publications of Robert Southey,'* v.6, p.397-4oa. 

The best authority for Southey*s life is his voluminous correspondence. The bio- 
graphical link by his son is very imperfect 


Southey, Robert ga C688ca 

Cottle, Joseph. Reminiscences of Samuel Taylor Coleridge and 
Robert Southey. 1847. Houlston. 

"The book [which was written by Coleridge's publisher] is very inaccurate in its 
dates, and . . . the documents quoted are seriously garbled. Reprehensible and in some 
parts absurd, it is, however, by no means dull, and besides its curious and valuable par^ 
ticulars of the early literary career of Coleridge and Southey, has notices of other in- 
teresting persons, otherwise little known, such as Robert Lovell and William Gilbert." 
Dictionary of national biography. 

Sparks, Jared. rga S736 

Letter to Lord Mahon; being an answer to his letter addressed to 
the editor of Washington's writings. 1852. Little. 

Lord Mahon, afterward earl of Stanhope, accused Sparks of having made un* 
warranted additions and omissions in the editing of Washington's writings. A con- 
troversy followed in which Lord Mahon was forced to withdraw his most serious charges. 
In this letter Sparks further defends and explains himself. 

Sparks, Jared. qrga S736in 

Mayer, Brantz. Memoir of Jared Sparks; read before the annual 

meeting [of the Maryland Historical Society], Feb. 7, 1867. [1867.I 

(Maryland Historical Society. Publications.) 

Short account of the life and literary labors of the American historian (i 789-1 866). 

Sparrow, William. rga S737 

Life and correspondence, by Cornelius Walker. 1876. Hammond. 

William Sparrow (1801-74) was an Episcopal clergyman, for many years profetaor 
in the Episcopal Theological Seminary at Alexandria, Va. 

Spencer, Herbert. 9^ S745d 

Duncan, David. Life and letters of Herbert Spencer. 2v. 1908- 

"List of Herbert Spencer's writings,'* v.2, p. 366-381. 

Mr Duncan was chosen by Spencer as his biographer. Much of the matter is a 
repetition of the "Autobiography," but some new letters are added and a history of his- 
opinions written by Spencer himself. 

Spencer, Herbert. 9^ S745t 

Thomson, John Arthur. Herbert Spencer. 1906. Dent. (English 

men of science.) 

92 S7582k: 

.yiDKTH^iB piT PH Ijmy^ p»T ,«T«rfitt^ ^nn 

Spofford, Ainsworth Rand. qr9a SySaad 

District of Columbia Library Association. Ainsworth Rand Spof- 

ford, 1825-1908; a memorial meeting at the Library of Congress on 

Thursday, Nov. 12, 1908. [1909.] 

"List of the writings of Dr. Spofford, comp. under the direction of A. P. C. Grif- 
fin," p.61-84. 

Tributes from friends and colleagues to the memory of Dr Spofford, Ubrarian of 
G>ngress, 1864-97. , 

Stael-Holstein, Anne Louise Germaine (Necker), baronm de. 9a S77ft 

Ten years' exile; or, Memoirs of that interesting period of the life 
of the baroness de Stael-Holstein, written by herself, during the years 
1810-13, and now first published from the original ms. by her son; tr. 
from the French. 1821. Collins. 

Fragmentary memoirs, covering the years 1800-04 and i8io-ia. Mme de Stad 


StaH-Holstein, A. L. G. (Necker), haronne de — continued, 9a S778 

exiled because of her open hostility to Napoleon. She first visited Germany, where she 
made the acquaintance of Schiller and Goethe, then Italy, obtaining there the materials 
for her famous novel "Corinne," and later traveled in Austria, Russia, Sweden and Eng* 

lel-Holstein, Anne Louise Germaine (Necker), haronne de. 9a SyySn 

Nolde, Elisabeth, baronne de, ed. Madame de Stael and Benjamin 

Constant; unpublished letters, together with other mementos from the 

papers left by Mmc Charlotte de Constant; tr. from the French by 

Charlotte Harwood. 1907. Putnam. 

Baronne de Nolde, who is the great-granddaughter of Mme de Constant, furnishes 
the necessary connecting narrative to the letters. 

"They are interesting and characteristic, thou|^ they do not affect the judgment 
whkh the world has long since delivered upon the two famous writers." Outlook (Lon- 
40m), 1907. 

Stanhope, Lady Hester Lucy. 9a S786r 

Roundell, Mrs Julia Anne Elizabeth (Tollemache). Lady Hester 
Stanhope. 1909. Murray. 

"We follow the eccentric career of Lady Hester Stanhope from the time when she 
shone in English political circles — the favorite niece of Pitt— on to the amazing Eastern 
Ufe and adventures which give her such special claims to remembrance... The account 
of her residence at Djoun among the Syrians, who regarded her with awe-struck wonder, 
reads rather like some romantic imagination than a sober narrative of fact... Mrs. 
Roundell has drawn largely on the memoirs of Dr. Meryon, for years resident physician 
of the brilliant and fantastic lady, but she has also turned to interesting foreign 
sources." Outlook (London), 1910. 

Stanhope, Philip Dormer, earl of Chesterfield, See Chesterfield, Philip 
Dormer Stanhope, earl of. 

Stanley, Sir Henry Morton. 9a SySya 

Autobiography; ed. by his wife, Dorothy Stanley. 1909. Houghton. 

Sir Henry Stanley (i 841-1904) prepared the greater part of this work, the supple- 
mentary narrative being made up from his letters, diaries, etc. It is an extraordinary 
life-record, beginning in the workhouse, where he was cruelly treated, continuing in a 
hand-to-mouth existence, a voyage to America, soldier life in the Civil war, the ups and 
downs of journalism, and finally, the African explorations which made him famous. 

Stanley, William Ford. 9a S7898 

William Ford Stanley; his life and work; ed. by Richard Inwards. 

191 1. Lock wood. 

Stanley (1829-1909) was a maker of mathematical drawing instruments, inventor of 
various mechanical devices, writer on mechanical subjects and founder of the technical 
sdiool at South Norwood, England. 

Stanton, Edwin McMasters. 9a S79aac 

Carnegie, Andrew. Edwin M. Stanton. 1906. Doubleday. 
The same r9a S79aac 

Addr^s on Stanton memorial day at Kenyon College. 

The address dwells chiefly on the value of the services rendered by Stanton as 
secretary of war. 

Static, Gen. John. r9a S795S 

Stark, Caleb. Memoir and official correspondence of Gen. John 
Stark, with notices of several other officers of the Revolution; also a 
biography of Capt. Phinehas Stevens and of Col. Robert Rogers, with 
an account of his services in America during the "Seven years' war." 
i86a Lyon. 


Steams, George Luther. ga Sygga 

Stearns, Frank Preston. Life and public services of George Luther 
Stearns. 1907. Lippincott. 

Steams (1809-67) was identified with the antislavery cause and waa one of ^e 
first to advocate the forming of negro regiments at the time of the Civil war. 

Stedman, Edmund Clarence. 92 S8z2 

Life and letters of E. C. Stedman, by Laura Stedman and G. M. 
Gould. 2v. 1910. Moffat. 

"Bibliography/* v.a, p.6i 3-654. 

These portly volumes reveal an exceedingly manly, kindly, alert and engaging per^ 
sonality. They are sure to be of great service to dose students of Mr Stedman's career 
and of the period of which he was probably the most distinguished poet and critic 

Steiner, Edward Alfred. 9a 88a» 

Against the current; simple chapters from a complex life. 191a 

Author's early life was lived in a little Hungarian town where Magjrar, Slav, Ger- 
man and Jew lived in close proximity, and where racial and religious questions were 
matters of most vital interest He describes some of the scenes which stand out most 
clearly from this background of his early boyhood and which influenced him in his later 

Stephen, Sir Leslie. 92 S8982 

Life and letters; by F. W. Maitland. 1906. Duckworth. 

Sir Leslie Stephen (1832-1904) was preeminent as a critic, thinker and philosopher 
and as editor of the "Dictionary of national biography." Mr Maitland, who was 
Stephen's intimate friend for many years and his kinsman by marriage, tells with much 
detail the story of his life and brings together many of his letters. One of the most 
interesting chapters is devoted to Stephen's first visit to the United Statea, aa some of 
the best letters are written to his American friends, notably Charles ^ot Norton, 
James Russell Lowell and Oliver Wendell Holmes. 

Stephens, Alexander Hamilton. 9a S839 

Recollections of Alexander H. Stephens; his diary kept when a 
prisoner at Fort Warren, Boston harbour, 1865, giving incidents and 
reflections of his prison life and some letters and reminiscences; ed. 
with a biographical study by M. L. Avary. 1910. Doubleday. 

Sterne, Laurence. 92 S859C 

Cross, Wilbur Lucius. Life and times of Laurence Sterne. 1909. 


Descriptive bibliography of Sterne's manuscripts and published works, p.5*4'-537* 
Full and interesting record of the life of the English humorist, based on a carelat 

examination of letters and documents. Author is (1909) professor of Eni^ish in ^e 

Sheffield Scientific School of Yale University. Portraita. 

Sterne, Laurence. 92 S839t 

Sichel, Walter Sydney. Sterne; a study. 1910. Williams. 

Contains also Sterne's "Journal to Eliza." 

Mr Sichel has brought forward a few fresh facts and documentary matter hitherto 
unpublished, notably the "Journal to Eliza." The debt which subsequent writers owe 
to Sterne is examined with insight. 

Stevens, Phineas. r92 87959 

Stark, Caleb. Memoir and official correspondence of Gen. John 
Stark, with notices of several other officers of the Revolution; also a 
biography of Capt. Phinehas Stevens and of Col. Robert Rogers, with 
an account of his services in America during the "Seven years* war.*' 
i860. Lyon. 


Stevenson, Robert Louis. 9a S848I2 

Letters; ed. by Sidney Colvin. 4v. 191 1. Scribner. 

Biographical edition. 

These four Tolnmes conititiite a definitiTe edition of Stevenson's correspondence. 
Here the two series, "Vailima leUers" and "Letters to his family and friends," are 
united and set in chronological order, with the addition of some 150 new letters. The 
result is a comprehensive view of Stevenson's life and interests as revealed in his letters. 
The new letters relate for the most part to his early life and the correspondents of this 
fresh instalment are mainly Sidney CoMn, Mrs Sitwell, W. £. Henley, and the writer's 

Steyenson, Robert Louis. 9a 884801 

Moors, H. J. With Stevenson in Samoa. 1910. Small. 

These memoirs, while adding little of importance to our knowledge of Stevenson's 
character, are distinctly interesting because of the angle from which they are written. 
The author, a shopkeeper, dealer in real estate, and local politician in Samoa, had an 
interest in his subject which was rather neighborly than literary. Book bears witness to 
the friendliest intimacy and to the fact that Stevenson was sble to mix familiarly with 
all sorts of men on their own ground. Condensed from Nation, 1910. 

Stevenson, Robert Louis. 9a S848n 

[Nicoll, Sir William Robertson, & Chesterton, G. K.] Robert Louis 
Stevenson. 1903. Hodder. (Bookman biographies.) 

Brief biography. Biany illustrations. 

Stevenson, Robert Louis. 92 S8488te 

Stevenson, Mrs Margaret Isabella (Balfour). Letters from Samoa, 

1891-1895; ed. and arranged by M. C. Balfour. [1906.] Methuen. 

Letters written by the mother of Robert Louis Stevenson during her journey to 
Samoa and her stay in the Vailima household until after his death. The letters are a 
journal of family matters and contain little that is new. 

Stewart, Charles William, marquis of Londonderry, See Londonderry^ 
Charles William Stewart, afterward Vane, marquis of. 

Stewart, Robert, marquis of Londonderry. See Londonderry, Robert 
Stewart, marquis of, 1 769-1822. 

Stirling, William Alexander, earl of. See Alexander, William, earl of 

Stowe, Mrs Harriet (Beecher). 9a 889201 

McCray, Florine Thayer. The life-work of the author of Uncle 
Tom's cabin. 1889. Funk. 

Written in popular style and extremely eulogistic in its tone. A good deal of space 
is devoted to outlines of Mrs Stowe's books. 

Stowe, Mrs Harriet (Beecher). 9a S89a8t 

Stowe, Charles Edward, & Stowe, L. B. Harriet Beecher Stowe; 

the story of her life, by her son and her grandson. 191 1. Houghton. 

This centenary biography is more a study of Mrs Stowe's character and personalis 
thsn of her literary work. WlUle making many intimate rerelations, it is free from die 
tone of idolatry. 

Strafford, Thomas Wentworth, earl of. 9a S896C 

Cooper, Elizabeth. Life of Thomas Wentworth, earl of Strafford 
and lord-lieutenant of Ireland. 2v. 1874. Tinsley. 

Full account of the life of the English statesman (i 593-1641). 


Strauss, Richard. 99 89193B 

Newman, Ernest. Richard Strauss, with a personal note by Alfred 
Kalisch. 1908. Lane. 

"Compositions of Richard Strauss," p. 138-144. 

Author is frankly a partisan of program music and as Strauss is its latest and 
most powerful exix>nent, Mr Newman is, naturally, a friendly critic, though a not nn- 
thinking one. 

Stuart, Charles Edward, the Young Pretender. ga Sgage 

Ewald, Alexander Charles. Life and times of Prince Charles Stuart, 

count of Albany, commonly called the Young Pretender; from the state 

papers and other sources. 1883. Chatto. 

"Mr. Ewald has examined and made excellent use of, a mass of papers regarding 
the Prince's life. . .He has selected from the piles of diplomatic dust and rubbish much 
that helps to give the reader an insight into the character of Charles." Spectator, j876k 

Stuart, James Francis Edward, the Pretender, 92 Sgszas 

Shield, Alice, & Lang, Andrew. The king over the water. 1907. 


"Authorities consulted," p.476-479. 

Vindication of the character of the Old Pretender, James Francis Edward. 

Stu3rvesant, Peter. 92 89381 

Abbott, John Stevens Cabot Peter Stuyvesant. 1898. 

Sumner, Charles. 92 S956ah 

Shotwell, Walter G. Life of Charles Sumner. 1910. Crowcll. 

"For readers who wish an abundance of personal details, old-fashioned summaries of 
writings and speeches, and a general tone of unquestioning approral, the book should 
prove eminently acceptable. . .Unfortunately, however, for the historisji, Mr. Shotwell's 
point of view is so exclusively Uiat of Stunner that the critical value of the work is 
slight" Nation^ 1910. 

Suttner, Bertha (Kinsky), baronin von. 9a'S967 

Memoiren. 1909. 

An Austrian novelist, born in 1843, especially known for her efforts to promote 
international peace. 

Swiftochowski, Aleksander. 9a SgyGg 

Galle, Henryk. Aleksander Swi^tochowski, jako beletrysta. 1902. 
(Ksi^zki dla wszystkich.) 

Swift, Jonathan, dean. rga 89771 

Sheridan, Thomas, 1721-88. Life of the Rev. Dr Jonathan Swift, 
dean of St. Patrick's, Dublin. 1784. Bathurst. 

By the son of the Thomas Sheridan who was one of Swift's closest friends. 

"As Sheridan professed to have derived information from his father, and has on 
the authority of his father, and on the authority also of his own reminiscences as a 
boy, contributed new biographical matter, his name stands high, and, in spite of the 
wretched arrangement of his material, deservedly high, among Swift's biographers." 
John Churion Collins' s Jonathan Swift. 

Swing, David. 9^ S978an 

Newton, Joseph Fort. David Swing, poet-preacher. 1909. Unity 

Pub. Co. 

"Bibliography," p.ii-ia. 

Based on letters and reminiscences. Illustrated. 

"The portrait has been drawn with care, with intelligent analysis of its subject's 
mental and spiritual qualities, but affection and personal enthusiasm have often poshed 
the pencil." Nation, igog. 


Sydenham, Charles Edward Poulett Thomson, baron, 9a SgSaas 

Shortt, Adam. Lord Sydenham. 1908. Morang. (Makers of Canada.) 

Baron Sydenham (i 799-1 841) was made governor-general of Canada in 1839. At 
this critical period, when a new constitution had to be formulated for the united prov- 
inces, he proved both his statesmanship and his disinterested devotion to his country. 
Condensed from Dictionary of national biography, 

Sydney, Algernon. See Sidney, Algernon. 

Ss6ch6nyi, Ferencz, grSf. qga Sggyf 

Frakn6i, Vilmos. Gr6f Sz^chcnyi Ferencz, 1 754-1820. 1902. 

Tahmas Kouli Khan, shah of Persia. See Nadir Shah, shah of 'Persia. 

Taine, Hippolyte Adolphe. ga Rasym 

Monod, Gabriel. Les maitres de I'histoire; Renan, Taine, Michelet. 


These writers were all personally known to the author and the essays, a mingling 
of biography and criticism, are extremely sympathetic in their tone. 

Talbot, Elizabeth (Hardwick), countess of Shrewsbury. See Shrewsbury, 
Elizabeth (Hardwick) Talbot, countess of. 

Talbot, Ethelbert, bp, ga T153 

My people of the plains. 1906. Harper. 

Reminiscences of his life as missionary bishop of Wyoming and Idaho. 

TaUeyrand-P^rigord, Charles Maurice, prince de BMvent. ga Tz6zl 

Lacombe, Bernard Mercier de. Talleyrand the man; tr. from the 
French of "La vie privce de Talleyrand," by A. D'Alberti. 1910. Her- 

Appendix contains "Narrative of his relations with M. de Talleyrand," by Abb^ 

Not a treatise on the whole of Talleyrand's private life, but an account of certain 
^isodes in it, in particular his exile, his marriage, and his retirement at Valen^ay. 

Talle3rrand-P6rigord, Charles Maurice, prince de Benivent. ga Tz6zm 
McCabe, Joseph. Talleyrand; a biographical study. 1906. Hutchin- 

"Bibliography,** p. 7. 

"He has written a readable book, giving an artistic sketch... but the work is at 
several points.*, .inadequate, and lacking here and there in soundness of judgment... 
lir. McCabe has kept historical details in the background. . .with the aim of making the 
personality of his hero stand out more clearly than it does on what he terms the 'very 
crowded canvas' of Lady Blennerhassett** Athen&um, 1907. 

Contains portraits. 

Tallejrrand-Pfrigord, Dorothee (von Biron), duchesse de. ga Tz6za 

Memoirs of the duchesse de Dino (afterwards duchesse de Talley- 
rand et de Sagan); ed. with notes by the prtncesse Radziwill (n^e 
Castellane). v.1-3. 1909-10. Scribner. 

V.I. 1831-1835. 

v.a. X836-X840. 

V.3. 1 841-1850. 

"Biographical index,** v.i, p.a9i-349. ▼•«# P.36i-4a9. ^-3, P.347-409- 

The duchesse de Dino was the niece of Tallesrrand, who was during the first three 
ycsrt of these memoirs ambassador in London. She observed with keen sense the court 
world of which she formed a part, and her diary jrields some striking portraits of 
eounent people. 


Talour de la Cartrie, Toussaint-Ambroise, comte de la VUlenihe, ga T166 
Memoirs of the count de Cartrie; a record of the extraordinary 
events in the life of a French royalist during the war in La Vendee 
and of his flight to Southampton where he followed the humble occu- 
pation of gardener; with an introduction by Frdd^ric Masson, appen- 
dices and notes by P. A. Pichot and other hands. 1906. Lane. 

The result of the painstaking investigations of M. Pichot» one of the most sldlful 
unravelers of historical problems connected with the revolution in France, establishes 
the genuineness of these memoirs and their substantial accuracy bejond reasonable doubt. 
Their interest is great and they have considerable historic value* although the author 
may not have played a preponderant rdle in the military events he describes. The pub* 
lisher's accoifht of the discovery of the manuscript is one of the romances of publishing. 
Cond«ns€d from Nation, 1906. • 

Tamate. See Chalmers, James. 

Taou Kwang, emperor of China, ga TiS4g 

Guetzlaff, Carl Friedrich August. life of Taou-Kwang, late em- 
peror of China, with memoirs of the court of Peking; including a sketch 
of the principal events in the history of the Chinese empire during the 

last 50 years. 1852. Smith, Elder. 

Written by a German missionary who lived for many years in China and who ex* 
erted considerable influence in the opening up of that country to the western world. 

Tasso, Torquato. ga Taagb 

Boulting, William. Tasso and his times. 1907. Putnam. 

"List of authorities," p. 309-3 10. 

Gives an account of the poet's life and of Italy in the latter part of the i6tb cen- 
tury, but very little space is devoted to criticism of Tasso*8 works. Illnstrated by por* 
traits of the poet and some of his famous contemporaries. 

Taylor, Mrs Laura (Keene). See Keene, Laura. 

Taylor, William, 1765-1836. ga Tasgar 

Robberds, John William. Memoir of the life and writings of Wil- 
liam Taylor, containing his correspondence of many years with Robert 
Southey and original letters from Sir Walter Scott and other eminent 
literary men. 2v. 1843. 

Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilyitch. See Tschalkowsky, Peter Ilyitch. 

Tennent, William, jr. rga Tagab 

Boudinot, Elias. Life of the Rev. William Tennent. 1833. Adams. 

Tennent (1705-77) was a Presbyterian minister of New Jersey. 

Tennyson, Alfred, lord. ga Tagsch 

Chesterton, Gilbert Keith, & Garnett, Richard, 1835-1906. Tenny- 
son. 1903. Hodder. (Bookman biographies.) 

The reading matter is hardly more than a summary of Tennyson's life and work, 
but there are numerous portraits of the poet, sketches of his homes and scenes from 
his poems. 

Terhune, Mrs Mary Virginia (Hawes). See Harland, Marion, pseud. 

Terry, Ellen. ga T315 

Story of my life; recollections and reflections. 1908. McClure. 

Appeared in "McQure's magazine," v.29-31, June 1907-Dec. 1908. 

Agreeably characteristic of one of the brightest personalities of the modem stage, 
yet disappointing in its comparatively few revelations of personal intimacies. Fully 


Thackeray, William Makepeace. 9a T333C 

Chesterton, Gilbert Keith, & Melville, Lewis. Thackeray. 1903. 

Hodder. (Bookman biographies.) 
Brief biography. Many Ulustratioiui. 

Thamas Kouli Khan, shah of Persia, See N&dir Shih, shah of Persia. 

Thayer, John Adams. ga T34Z 

Getting on; the confessions of a publisher. 191 1. Laurie. 

Also published under the title "Astir; a publisher's life-story." 
Breezy and boastful confessions of an American, whose business career has in* 
doded the management of the advertising department of the "Ladies' home journal" and 
the "Delineator" and partneirship in the Ridgway-Thayer Company. 

92 T3421 

Theotocopuli, Dominico. See Artists, p.1412. 

Theresa, St. ga Taszgr 

Graham, Mrs Gabriela Cunninghame. Santa Teresa, being some ac- 
count of her life and times, together with some pages from the history 

of the last great reform in the religious orders. 1907. Nash. 

First published in 1894. 

It is impossible to resist the charm of Mrs Cunninghame Graham's enthusiasm. 
She knew Spain through and through She had followed Theresa's itinerary in much the 
same external circumstantes as those in which Theresa had made it. She revered every 
stick and stone that bore associations with the woman she admired. The Spain of 
Theresa lives again in her pages. Condtnttd from Academy, 1907, 

Thibault, Jacques Anatole. See France, Anatole, pseud, 

Thiers, Adolphe. ga T363I 

Lc Goff, Francois. Life of Louis Adolphe Thiers; tr. from the un- 
published manuscript by Theodore Stanton. 1879. Putnam. 

"A very interesting but much too laudatory sketch of the political life of Thiers." 
Adams's Manual of historical literature. 

Thomas k Becket, St 9^ Tsysig 

Giles, John Allen. Life and letters of Thomas i Becket, now first 
gathered from the contemporary historians. 2v. 1846. Whittaker. 

Bibliography, v.i, p.ii-17. 

"He has shown great industry, no less than a laudable desire to vindicate his sub- 
ject from the angry aspersions of most English historians . . . He has rendered a val* 
osble service to succeeding biographers. This indeed constitutes the true value of his 
book. In its actual form it cannot be called either a history or a l>iography; it affords 
OS little insight into the important questions of feudal and ecclesiastical judicature; or 
even into the spirit and manners of the age." Athctutum, 1846. 

Thomas k Becket, St, ga Taysimo 

Morris, John. Life and martyrdom of Saint Thomas Becket, arch- 
bishop of Canterbury and legate of the Holy see. 1859. Longman. 

"Notes and references," p. 397-443' 

Good biography based on contemporary authorities. By an English Jesuit 

Thomas k Becket, 5*^. ga T373xr 

Robertson, James Craigie. Becket, archbishop of Canterbury; a 

biography. 1859. Murray. 

"List of books referred to," p.ii. 

"Mr. Robertson has examined this vexed and tangled subject thoroughly, and 
treated it with great ability, with great good sense, and in a spirit of the most impartial 
justice." Saturday review, i8sQ, 


Thomas k Kempis. ga T3733k 

Kettlewell, Samuel. Thomas i Kempis and the Brothers of Com- 
mon Life. 1885. Paul. 

"Beneath all its superficial faulte of style, the biographical history which Mr. Kettle- 
well has constructed from practically hidden sources is hoth valuable and interesting... 
In addition to the value of this biography as a storehouse of domestic and personal 
detail from the religious life of the middle ages, it forms a contribution of some weiglit 
to the fuller understanding of the... Reformation." Saturday rtvUw, 1883. 

Thomas, Ebenezer Smith. 9a T3734 

Reminiscences of the last 65 years, commencing with the battle of 

Lexington, also sketches of his own life and times. 2v. 1840. Case. 
The same. 2v rga T37S 

"The first volume contains a collection of sketches upon various subjects: battle of 
Lexington, travels in the United States, biographical sketches, and descriptions of Ameri- 
can cities. Being written from observation, the biographies possess some value, if taken 
with allowances. The second volume contains the author's experience as a bookseller 
and editor in South Carolina and Ohio from 1798 to 1840. The comments on political 
and social life are interesting and the style is quite unique." Larngd's Literature of 
American history. 

Thomas, Theodore. 9a Taytt 

Thomas, Mrs Rose (Fay). Memoirs of Theodore Thomas. 191 1. 

Theodore Thomas's life (i 835-1 905) was for several decades the life of a musical 
frontiersman. He was not only one of the first to give Ntfw Yorkers their musical 
education, but he soon extended his mission to a number of other cities by establishing 
his musical "highway," and finally his orchestra in Chicago. In the annals of miisic 
there are few chapters so interesting as those in which Mrs Thomas relates how the 
great conductor gradually enlisted the sympathies of the captains of industry in that 
city, persuading them, with the aid of his friends to erect for him a special building, 
Orchestra hall. Condensed from Nation, 1911. 

Thompson, Jacob. See Artists, p. 1403. 

Thomson, Charles Edward Poulett, baron Sydenham. See Sjpdenham, 
Charles Edward Poulett Thomson, baron. 

Thomson, James, 1700-48. 9a TaSyam 

Macaulay, George Campbell. James Thomson. 1908. Macmillan. 

(English men of letters.) 

James Thomson, a Scottish poet, author of the "Seasons," was the first of the Eng- 
lish nature poets, though he has been overshadowed by Wordsworth and other later 
poets. Mr Macaulay has done well with a rather difficult subject. The comparison of 
Thomson's attitude toward nature with that of his contemporaries and succciaort b 
especially well carried out 

Thomson, William, baron Kelvin. See Kelvin, William Thomson, baron. 

Thoreau, Henry David. r8x8 T39wr 

Journal, 1837-61; ed. by Bradford Torrey. 14V. 1906. Houghton. 
(In his Writings, v.7-20.) 

Tilden, Samuel Jones. ga T464 

Letters and literary memorials; ed. by John Bigelow. av. 1908. 

This collection of letters, public documents and speeches relate mainly to Tilden's 
public life and are a contribution to the political history of the United States during 
the latter part of the 19th century. 


Tilghman, William. rga T465ag 

Golder, John. Life of the Honourable William Tilghman, late chief 
justice of the state of Pennsylvania; comp. from the eulogies of two dis- 
tinguished members of the Philadelphia bar, who delivered them in 
commemoration of his virtues. 1829. Town. 

Contains also: An eiilogium in commemoration of Doctor Caspar Wistar, by Wil- 
liam Tilghman. 

Short biographical sketch. Tilghman (1756- #627) became chief justice in 1806. 
Dr Wistar, the distinguished Philadelphia physician (i76i-i8i8)» was a friend of Tilgh- 

Tillcy, Sir Samuel Leonard. ga W764h 

Hannay, James, b. 1842. Wilmot and Tilley. 1907. Morang. 
(Makers of Canada.) 

Wilmot (1809-78) was attorney-general of New Brunswick, judge of the Supreme 
eourt and lieutenant-governor, 1868-73. Tilley (1818-96) was lieutenant-governor of 
New Brunswick, 1873-78, and 1885-93. 

Tintoretto, Jacopo Robusti, called. See Artists, p.1411. 

Tippoo Tib, Hamed bin Muhammed, called, ga T493b 

Erode, Heinrich. Tippoo Tib; the story of his career in central 

Africa, narrated from his own accounts; tr. by H. Havelock, with a 
preface by Charles Eliot. 1907. Arnold. 

The story, told largely in his own words, of the adventurous career (1835-1905) of 
an Arab, who, though a slave-hunter, contributed in no small measure to the civilization 
of east Africa. He rendered service to four explorers, Livingstone, Cameron, Wiss- 
mann and Stanley, accompanying the latter on his expedition for the rescue of Emin 
Pasha. He became sultan of a large territory to the west of Lake Tanganyika, as well 
as governor of the Stanley Falls district in the Congo Free State. 

Titcomb, Timothy, pseud. See Holland, Josiah Gilbert. 

Titian. 9^ Tsasn 

Northcote, James. Life of Titian, with anecdotes of the distin- 
guished persons of his time. 2v. 1830. Colburn. 

By the English painter and author (i 746-1831). 

"Northcote had collected notes and papers for this throughout his life; but the re- 
suit is a confused production, based mainly on the earlier life by Ticozzi." Dictionary 
of national biography. 

Tocqucvillc, Alexis de. 9^ T547m 

Memoir, letters and remains of Alexis de Tocqueville; tr. from the 

French. 2v. 1861. Macmillan. 

The brief memoir is by Gustave de Beaumont, the intimate friend of de Tocque- 
ville and his companion on the trip to America. Includes some unpublished letters and 
extracts from conversations with de Tocqueville taken from Mr Senior's journals. 

92 T588a 

TolBtoi, Lyof Nikolaievitch, caimt. 92 T588C 

Chesterton, Gilbert Keith, and others. Leo Tolstoy. 1903. Hodder. 
(Bookman biographies.) 

Tolstoi, Lyof Nikolaievitch, count. 92 T855I 

Lloyd, J. A. T. Two Russian reformers; Ivan Turgenev, Leo Tol- 
stoy. [191 1.] Paul. 

Chronology of Turgenev and a list of his works, p.ai6-ai7; Chronological record of 
Tolstoy and a list of his works, with bibliography, p.329-331. 

"Sympathetic study of Turgenev, the early influences which shaped his conceptions 


Tolstoi, Lyof Nikolaievitcb, count — continued. 9a T855I 

of life and his real self as shown in his works, takes up two thirds of the volume, the 
rest of which is devoted to a similar study of Tolstoy, with some slight comparison of 
the two men. Despite the title, both are considered as artists rather than as construe- 
tive reformers." A, L, A. booklist, igij, 

Tolstoi, Lyof Nikolaievitcb, count. 9a TsSSma 

Maude, Aylmer. Life of Tolstoy. 2v. igo^-ia Constable. 

v. I. First 50 years. • 

v.a. Later years. 

"Chief authorities" at the end of the chapters; "List of Tolstoy's chief writings 
since 1877, giving approximately the date when each was Hnished," v.a, p.6s9-666. 

In spite of drawbacks, a valuable and in many ways an illuminating biography. Mr 
Maude is an Englishman who received part of his education in Moscow and who lived 
for than 20 years in Russia, becoming acquainted with Tolstoi in 1887. He more than 
atones for his inadequacy as a literary critic by the understanding with which he portrays 
Tolstoi's personality. He writes with ease and simplicity and with an abundance of 
concrete illustration. Considerable portions of the work have been revised by the 
countess Tolstoi or by Tolstoi himself, so that its accuracy may be generalljr relied on. 
Condensed from Nation, /p//. 

Tolstoi, Lyof Nikolaievitcb, count. ga T588n 

Noyes, George Rapall. Tolstoy as a man of letters. 

Reprint from the University of California Chronicle, v. 13, no.a. 
Brief and appreciative study of Tolstoi's literary work. 

Tooke, John Home. rga T6i9g 

Graham, John Andrew. Memoirs of John Home Tooke, together 
with his valuable speeches and writings; also containing proofs identi- 
fying him as the author of the celebrated Letters of Junius. 1828. 

Tooke (1736-18 1 a) was an English politician and philologist. The theory thst 
he was the author of the Junius letters, to prove which is the main purpose of the book, 
seems never to have been very seriously considered. 

Toole, John Lawrence. 9a T6ax 

Reminiscences related by himself and chronicled by Joseph Hatton. 

2v. 1889. Hurst & Blackett. 

Toole ( 1 830-1 906) was an English comedian, for many years manager of Toole's 
theatre, London. 

Torrcy, Charles Turner. ga T636I 

Lovejoy, Joseph C. Memoir of Rev. Charles T. Torrey who died 

in the penitentiary of Maryland where he was confined for showing 

mercy to the poor. 1847. Jewett. 

Torrey (1813-46) was devoted to the cause of abolition in Maryland. When, in 
1844, it was discovered that he had aided in the escape of several slaves he was sentenced 
to a long imprisonment. He died two years later from the effects of prison life and 
was regarded in the North as a martyr to the antislavery cause. 

Toynbce, Arnold. 9^ T674m 

Milner, Alfred, viscount. Arnold Toynbee; a reminiscence. 1901. 

Brief sketch, by a personal friend, of the English social reformer and economist 

Trivulzio-Belgiojoso, Cristina, principessa. See Belgiojoto, Cristina 
Trivulzio, principessa di. 

Trilbner, Wilhelm. See Artists, p. 1405* 


Tschaikowsky, Peter Ilyitch. ga T788I 

Lee, Ernest Markham. Tchaikovski. 1906. Bell. (Bell's miniature 
series of musicians.) 

"Some books on Tchaikovski/' p.64. 

Brief biography and an analysis of his works. 

Turg^nief, Ivan Sergevitch. 9a T855I 

Lloyd, J. A. T. Two Russian reformers; Ivan Turgenev, Leo Tol- 
stoy. [191 1.] Paul. 

Chronology of Turgenev and a list of his works, p.ai6-si7; Chronological record 
of Tolstoy and a list of his works, with bibliography, P.3S9-331. 

"Sympathetic study of Turgenev, the early influences which shaped his conceptions 
of life and his real self as shown in his worla, takes up two thirds of the volume, the 
rest of which is devoted to a similar study of Tolstoy, with some sli^t comparison of 
the two men. Despite the title, both are considered as artists rather than as construe* 
tive reformers." A, L. A, booklist, igii. 

Tnrgot, Anne Robert Jacques. ga T8568t 

Stephens, William Walker, ed. Life and writings of Turgot, comp- 
troller-general of France, 1774-6. 1895. Longmans. 

Condensed from many French works on the period. Gives more space to his minis* 
terial career than Morley in his ''Critical miscellanies" and is more useful to the general 
English reader than Say's biography, which takes for granted a detailed knowledge of 
French history. 

Turner, Joseph Mallord William. See Artists, p. 1463. 

Tuttle, Daniel Sylvester. 9a TSgx 

Reminiscences of a missionary bishop. 1906. Whittaker. 

Bishop Tuttle, of the diocese of Missouri, is (1907) the presiding bishop of the 
Protestant Episcopal church. He devoted so years of his life to patient pioneer service 
in the missionary dioceses of Utah, Montana and Idaho. His book is a record of ad- 
venture, ecclesiastical financiering and rescue work among Mormons, miners, stage 
drivers and business men in these western states. 

Twain, Mark, {pseud, of Samuel Langhorne Clemens). 9a T897he 

Henderson, Archibald, 6. 1877. Mark Twain, with photographs by 
A L. Coburn. 191 1. Duckworth. 

"Bibliography of books, essays and articles dealing with Mark Twain (Samuel 
Lan^orne Clemens)," p.a 15-230. 

Somewhat fulsome appreciation. Treats Mark Twain under four chapter headings. 
The man. — The humorist — ^The world-famed genius. — The philosopher, moralist and 
sociologist. Contains nine photographs. 

Twain, Mark, {pseud, of Samuel Langhorne Clemens). 9a T897h 

Howells, William Dean. My Mark Twain; reminiscences and criti- 
cisms. 1 910. Harper. 

The reminiscences appeared in "Harper's magarine,*' v.iai, July-Sept 1910, under 
the title "My memories of Mark Twain." 

Its first and longer part is W. D. Howells's memories of the great humorist; the 
second part is a collection of the same critic's reviews of his books, beginning with that 
of "The innocents abroad." The genial spirit of the immortal fun-maker himself has 
touched the hundred pages of reminiscence with characteristic gaiety, and it is a vivid 
picture one gets, not dmply of Mark Twain, but of a rare friendship between two richly 
endowed natures. The record has, of course, a charming anecdotal interest. Condensed 
from Nation, 1910. 

Twain, Mark, (pseud, of Samuel Langhorne Clemens). qr9a T897 

Mark Twain's 70th birthday; record of a dinner given in his honor, 
with photographs of more than 100 authors of imaginative literature 
who were present upon that occasion; together with addresses by Mark 
Twain and others. 1905. Harper. 


Tyler, John, 1747-1813. 9a Tgjst 

Tyler, Lyon Gardiner. Letters and times of the Tylers. 3v. 1884-96. 

Biographies of President Tyler and his father, who was speaker of the Virginia 
House of Delegates, governor of Virginia and at different times a judge of the state 
and Federal courts. By a son of the president 

"A most valuable collection of letters with a large body of narrative, throwing much 
light on Virginia history from the beginning of the Revolution, and on the history of 
the nation from the close of the War of 181 2 to the end of the Civil War. The narra- 
tive is written in a tone of devoted loyalty to the position of Virginia in the crises of 
American history and to the old Virginia Republicanism of which the Tylers were emi- 
nent exponents. One of the ablest presentations of the southern view of American hi» 
tory for the period which is covered.*' Lamed' s Literature of American history. 

Tyler, John, 1 790-1862. 9a T975t 

Tyler, Lyon Gardiner. Letters and times of the Tylers. 3v. 1884-96. 

Tsrson, Elisha. r9a T99at 

[Tyson, John S.] Life of Elisha Tyson, the philanthropist, by a 

citizen of Baltimore. 1825. Lundy. 

Tyson (i 749-1 824) was a member of the Society of Friends and a warm advocate 
of the abolition of slavery. 

VAmb6ry, Arminius. 9a Vxyiv 

Ktizdelmeim. 1905. 

Van Alst3me, Mrs Frances Jane (Crosby). See Crosby, Fanny J. 

Van Buren, Martin. r9a V177C 

Crockett, David. Life of Martin Van Buren. 1835. Wright. 

A political life, distinctly unfriendly in its tone, published at the time Van Burea 
was nominated for the presidency. 

Van Buren, Martin. r630.6 M73 

M'Elhiney, Thomas. Life of Martin Van Buren. 1853. Privately 

printed. Pittsburgh. 

Bound with other pamphlets. 

Vane, Charles William Stewart, marquis of Londonderry, See London- 
derry, Charles William Stewart, afterward Vane, marquis of. 

Vannucci, Pietro. See Artists, p.1410. 

Vare, George Augustus. rg^ Vaisp 

Pennsylvania — Senate. Memorial proceedings upon the death of 
G. A. Vare, late a senator from the first district 1909. 

Vaughan, Herbert, cardinal. 9a Va37i 

Snead-Cox, John George. Life of Cardinal Vaughan. 2v. 191a 

"It was of course inevitable that a large part of these two solid volumes should be 
devoted to matters exclusively concerning the Roman Church and, in a Icia degree, 
Anglican controversialists. The Cardinal was... a power in the public as well as the 
religious life of England. He was pre-eminently representative of the English Roman 
Catholics, and stood far apart, in politics as in churchmanship, from the Irish hierardiy. 
The materials for the present work consist mainly of the Cardinal's private papers and 
public utterances, supplemented by the personal recollections of Father Considine, S. J., 
his Spiritual Director." Outlook (London), 1910. 


Vedder, Elihu. gs Va43 

Digressions of V; written for his own fun and that of his friends. 
1910. Houghton. 

"List of the works of V sold since the year 1856,*' p.459-501. 

"Throu^out the recollections the method is circular. No association is resisted; 
far away events are linked together in surprising fashion, yet the whole gives a fairly 
nni^ed impression of shrewd and delicately self-conscious old age groping tenderly back 
for the vestiges of youth and more vigorous manhood. ..Almost from infancy Mr. 
Vcdder has kept his sketches, and these records dotted through the pages are an ex- 
traordinarily interesting feature of the book.** Nation, 1910. 

Velasquex, Diego Rodriguez de Silva y. ga Vaszm 

Maxwell, Sir William Stirling-. Velazquez and his works. 1855. 

''Catalogue of prints after works of Velazquez/' p. 33 7-3 s6. 

Reprint, with such additions as its republication in a separate form required, of 
the life of Velasquez as narrated in his "Annals of the artists of Spain," a scholarly 
work covering a field virtually unexplored at the time of its publication. 

Verdi, Giuseppe. ga Va6gch 

Checchi, Eugenio. G.Verdi (1813-igoi). 1901. 
"Opere teatrali," p.ao3-3o8; "Bibliografia Verdiana," p.309. 

Verdi, Giuseppe. ga Va6gl 

Levi, Primo. Verdi. 1901. 

Verlaine, Paul. ga Vayal 

Lepelletier, Edmond Adolphe de Bouhelier. Paul Verlaine; his life, 
his work; tr. by E. M. Lang. [1909.] Laurie. 

Verlaine (1844-96) was a French lyric poetf 

"An exact chronicle of a friendship [between author and poet] which lasted, with- 
out a break, for thirty-six years — that is, from the time Verlaine was sixteen to the time 
of his death; and a more sane, lojral, and impartial chronicle of any man's life we have 
never read . . . What we get in this book, for the first time, is a view of the life as a 
whole, with all that is beautiful, tragic, and desperate in it... It not only does honour 
to a great and unhappy man of genius: it does him justice.*' Ath^nttum, 1907. 


Verlaine, Paul. ga Vayale 

Lepelletier, Edmond Adolphe de Bouhelier. Paul Verlaine; sa vie, 
son ceuvre. 1907. 

Viaiiney, Jean Baptiste Marie. ga Vag4v 

Vianney, Joseph. The blessed John Vianney, cur6 d'Ars, patron of 

parish priests; tr. by C. W. W. 1906. Duckworth. 

Vianney (i 786-1 859) was a French priest of great goodness and simplicity, whose 
influence extended far beyond the bounds of his own parish. The life is written by his 

Victor Emmanuel II, king of Italy. ga V311C 

Cappelletti, Licurgo. Storia di Vittorio Eraanuele II e del suo regno. 
3v. in I. [1893.] 

Victor Emmanuel II, king of Italy. ga V3iim 

Massari, Giuseppe. La vita ed il regno di Vittorio Emanuele II di 
Savoia, primo re d'ltalia. 2v. in i. 1897. 

Victor Enunanuel III, king of Italy, ga V3Zi3m 

Morandi, Luigi. Come fu educato Vittorio Emanuele III. 1905. 


Victoria, queen of England. 93 Vazalet 

Letters of Queen Victoria; a selection from Her Majesty's corre- 
spondence between the years 1837 and 1861; pub. by authority of His 
Majesty the king, ed. by A. C. Benson and Viscount Eshcr. 3v. 1907. 

v.i. 1837-43. 

▼.a. 1844-53. 

V.3. 1854-^1. 

The object of the publication, the editors tell ut, it not to supply matter to the his- 
torical student, but to present the nation with a portrait of Queen Victoria. With this 
aim such letters have been selected as exhibit the development of the queen's character, 
her political relations with her ministers, and her domestic relations with her husband 
and the members of her large family at home and on the continent Especially in- 
teresting are the lights thrown on the four men who formed her select body-guard, io 
to speak — Lord Melbourne, her uncle Leopold, king of the Belgians and hb former 
physician and secretary. Baron Stockmar, and Prince Albert Condensed from Saiur* 
day reviruf, 190T. 

Victoria, queeti of England. 9a Vszam 

Martin, Sir Theodore. Queen Victoria as I knew her. 1908. Black- 

Author came into confidential relations with the queen while he was writing the 
life of the prince consort and these relations continued until her death. Very brief 

Victoria, queen of England. jga Vaiat 

Tappan, Eva March. In the days of Queen Victoria. 1903. Lee. 

The same t 9a Vazata 

Life of the "well-beloved woman" who became a queen at 18 and who for nearly 64 
years wore the crown of Great Britain. Illustrations from famous paintings and en- 
gravings, and from photographs. 

Vieilleville, seigneur de, Frangois de Sc^peaux, ga Vsx6c 

comte de Durestal. 
Coignet, Mmc Clarisse (Gauthier). A gentleman of the olden time, 
FranQois de Scepeaux, sire de Vieilleville, 1509-71; portraits and stories 
of the i6th century during the reign of Henri II [tr.] from the French 
by C. B. Pitman. 2v. 1887. Bentley. 

Vieilleville served three French kings, Francis I, Henry II and Charles IX, as 
captain, administrator and diplomatist. From the standpoint of French history, the chief 
interest of the book is the light it throws on Henry II, the wars in Alsace and Lorraine 
and the taking of Metz, Toul and Verdun. 

Vinci, Leonardo da. See Artists, p.1410. 

Vis-Knut. See Nordgarden, Knut Rasmusson, called Vis-Knut. 

Voltaire, Francois Marie Arouet de. 9a V378C 

Collins, John Churton. Voltaire, Montesquieu and Rousseau in Eng- 
land. 1908. Nash. 

"Attempt to sketch the history of three singularly interesting episodes in the liters 
ary relations between France and England, namely, the visits of Voltaire, Montesquieu, 
and Rousseau, during periods extending respectively from the spring of 1716 to the 
spring of 1729, from the autumn of 1729 to the spring or early summer of 1731, and 
from January 1766 to May 1767." Preface. 

"A contribution of value to the literary history both of France and England." 
Saturday review, 1908. 


92 V378go 

Voyer, Ren^ Louis de, marquis d'Argenson, See Argenson, Rene Louis 
dc Voyer, marquis d*. 

Wagner, Richard. qga WZ34W 

Mein leben. 2v. 191 1. 

Wagner, Richard. 9a WZ34W 

My life; authorized translation from the German. 2v. 191 1. Dodd. 

This autobiography was privately printed in 1871 and the half dozen copies given 
to intsmate friends, republication for the world at large being deferred till years after 
Wagner's death. "Mein leben" closes with the year 1864, but, thou^^ a torso, it takes its 
place at once among the world's great autobiographies. It is very full in regard to 
Wagner's childhood and youth and much of it is devoted to a narrative of the ill luck 
which pursued him* through the greater part of his career, because of his unfortunate 
determination to be a composer. The author tells a plain tale sparing himself no more 
than others when occasion for censure arrives. He gives glimpses into the workshop of 
bis genius and throws a flood of light on the musical conditions of his time in most 
European countries; and finally, what many readers will relish mMt, there are many 
eommenta on great musicians who befriended or opposed him — Liszt, Schumann, 
Mendelssohn, Beriioz, Meyerbeer, Bulow, Saint-Saens and a host of others. Condensed 
from Nation, 1911. 

Wagner, Richard. 9a Wz34ga 

Gautier, Judith, afterward Mme Mendes. Wagner at home; fully tr. 

by £. D. Massie from the French. 1910. Mills. 

Author, a Paris journalist, daughter of Th6ophile Gautier and an ardent admirer of 
Wagner, was invited by the latter to visit him at his home in Lucerne in 1869. She 
gives an intimate account of his home life and activities, adding a description of a visit 
to Munich where the "Rheingold" was to be given for the first time. 

Wagner, Richard. 9a Wi34g 

Glasenapp, Carl Friedrich. Life of Richard Wagner; an authorized 

English version by W. A. Ellis, v.6. 1908. Paul. 

T.6. 1855-1859. The pessimist^How "Die walkfire" got finished. — Marking time. 
— Liszt's second visit. — "Siegfried" as torso. — Asyl guests. — "Tristan und Isolde." 

English version of the authoritative German biography of Wagner. Glasenapp's 
name is omitted from the title-page of v.6, as this volume is almost entirely the work 
of Mr Ellis. 

"Based upon an intimate acquaintance with Wagner's writings, and a diligent study 
of periodicals, etc Somewhat verbose, but reliable on the whole." Grove's Dictionary 
of music and musicians, 1900. 

For V.1-5 see preceding catalogue, first series. 

Wagner, Richard. 9a Wi34ne 

Neumann, Angelo. Erinnerungen an Richard Wagner. 1907. 

The most important biographic contribution to musical literature since the beginning 
of the century, with the exception of Wagner's Letters to Frau Wesendonck. It con- 
tains a large number of the master's letters which have never before been printed, and 
it gives so many interesting glimpses of life behind the scenes — ^both literally and figura- 
tively — that in a short time it has reached its fourth edition. Neumann began his career 
as a baritone, 50 years ago. He became a Wagner enthusiast during the Vienna con- 
certs in 1862 and in 1876 he became joint manager, with August Forster, of the Leipzig 
Stadttheater, and from that time on he played a role in the life of Wagner, the im- 
portance of which has heretofore been known to few. The Leipzig performances were 
a brilliant success, and so were those Neumann gave at the Victoria Theatre in Berlin. 
Neumann afterward gained Wagner's consent for his project of a traveling Wagner 
tfMatre. The adventures which befell them in Paris, London, and the other European 
cities down to Italy take up the remaining pages of Neumann's reminiscences. CoU" 
dongod from Nation, 190^, 


Wagner, Richard. 9a Wz34nea 

Neumann, Angelo. Personal recollections of Wagner; tr. from the 
fourth German edition by Edith Livermore. 1908. Holt. 

Walker, Jonathan Hoge. rga WZ69 

Jonathan Hoge Walker, the first judge of the United States district 
court for the western district of Pennsylvania; a sketch. 1882. [Eich- 
baum.] Pittsburgh. 

Wallace, Lewis. 9a WZ76 

Autobiography. 2v. 1906. Harper. 

Reminiscences of the Civil war occupy a large share in the story of Wallace's 
varied career (i 827-1 905) as lawyer, soldier, diplomat and author. 

Walton, Izaak. 9a Wi93m 

- Martin, Stapleton. Izaak Walton and his friends. [1904.] Button. 

Written chiefly, as the author states in his preface, "to bring out the spiritual side 
of Walton's character." Quotations are given from his works and conaiderable space 
is devoted to short biographies of his friends, among whom were many of the noted 
ecclesiastics of the day. 

Warburton, William, bp. 92 Waiaaw 

Watson, John Selby. Life of William Warburton, lord bishop of 
Gloucester from 1760 to 1779, with remarks on his works. 1863. Long- 

"To his admirers he represented the last worthy successor of the learned divines 
of the preceding century ... The life by... Watson is tiresome, but collects most of the 
ascertainable facts.*' Dictionary of national biography. 

Wardlaw, Ralph. 9a Waz9a 

Alexander, William Lindsay. Memoirs of the life and writings of 

Ralph Wardlaw. 1856. Black. 

Wardlaw (1779-1853) was a Scottish Congregational minister and theologian. 

Washington, Booker Taliaferro. ga Wa7aaT 

Vom sklaven empor; eine selbstbiographie; autorisirte deutsche 
uebersetzung von Estelle du Bois-Reymond. 1902. 

Washington, George. rga Wayadi 

Diary from 1789 to 1791; embracing the opening of the first Con- 
gress and his tours through New England, Long Island and the South- 
ern states, together with his journal of a tour to the Ohio in 1753; ed. 
by B. J. Lossing. 1861. Press of the [Va.] Historical See. 

The expedition in 1753, made under Got. Dinwiddle's order, was with the object of 
warning the French against encroaching in the Ohio country. He- reports on tiie ad* 
vantages of the "forks of the Ohio" as a situation for a fort. The northern and souA- 
em tours, which were uneventful, he undertook in order to gain a personal acquaintance 
with all parts of the Union during his term of ofHce. 

Washington, George. qi^74^ P3993 ¥.39-31 

Washington's household account book, 1793-97. (In Pennsylvania 
magazine of history and biography, v.29-31, Oct. i90S-July 1907.) 

Washington, George. qrga Wa7abk 

Baker, William Spohn. The engraved portraits of \Vashingtoii, 
with notices of the originals and brief biographical sketches of the 
painters. 1880. Lindsay. 

The portraits themselves are not reproduced, but an account is given in each case 
of the original picture, followed by a list of the engravings which have been made 
from it. 


Washington, George. qrga Wayabke 

Baker, William Spohn, comp. Character portraits of Washington as 
delineated by historians, orators and divines; selected and arranged in 
chronological order with biographical notes and references. 1887. Lind- 

Washington, George. rga Wayabkr 

Baker, William Spohn, comp. Early sketches of George Washington, 

reprinted with biographical and bibliographical notes. 1894. Lippincott. 

HU character and personal appearance, with brief accounts of his life. Written be- 
tween 1760 and Z79S, some by his acquaintances and friends, some anonymous. 

Washington, George. ga M735C 

Cantu, Cesare. Vite parallele di Mirabeau e Washington. 1873. 

92 W272f 

Washingon, George. rga Wayafor 

Ford, Paul Leicester. Washington and the theatre. 1899. Dunlap Soc. 

With this is bound "Darby's return." by William Dunlap. 

Author belieres that from Washington's youth the theatre was one of his favorite 
pleasures. Qufttes from his diaries and letters any references to play-going. Describes 
■Mmorial services held in the theatre at Philadelphia after Washington's death. Illus- 

bon, George. rga Wayagr 

Grolier Club, New York. Exhibition of engraved portraits of Wash- 
ington commemorative of the centenary of his death, on view at the 
Grolier Club, Dec. 14, 1899 to Jan. 6, 1900. 1900. 

Washington, George. ga Wayala 

L4z4r, Gyula. Washington Gyorgy; ^let- ^s jellemrajz. 1899. 

Washington, George. ga Wayama 

M'Guire, £. C. Religious opinions and character of Washington. 
1836. Harper. 

Book was prompted by the author's belief that Washington's qualities as statesman 
and soldier bad been dwelt on to the exclusion of his religious and moral qualities. He 
sukes frequent quotations from Washington's letters to prove that he had well-grounded 
rdigioas convictions. 

Washington, George. ga Wayasa 

Schauffler, Robert Haven, id, Washington's birthday; its history, 
observance, spirit and significance as related in prose and verse, with a 
selection from Washington's speeches and writings. 1910. Moffat. 
(Our American holidays.) 

Contents: The day .-^ Early year*. — The general. — The president. — Last days. — 
TrOmtes. — ^Washington's place in history. — ^The whole man. — Anecdotes and stories. — 
Sdcctions from Washington's speeches and writings. — Exercises. 

The same rga Wayasa 

Washington, George. ga Wayasc 

Scudder, Horace Elisha. George Washington; an historical biogra- 
phy. 1889. Houghton. 

Appeared in "St. Nicholas," v. 13, Jan.-Oct. 1886. 


Washington, George. 9a Wayan 

Simpson, Stephen. Lives of George Washington and Thomas Jef- 
ferson, with a parallel. 1833. Young. 

The life of Washington is based upon Marshall's biography, that of Jefferson is 
gathered chiefly from his letters and writings. 

Washington, George. ga Wayasp 

Sparks, Jared. Washington elete; szabadon itdolgozta Czuczor 
Gergely. 1886. 

Washington, George. ga Wayast 

Stoddard, William Osborn. George Washington. 1886. Stokes. 
(Lives of the presidents.) 

Washington, George. ga Wayawi 

Wister, Owen. Seven ages of Washington; a biography. 1907. 

"Bibliography/* p.a63. 

Biography which does not aim to be exhaustive, but which presents a sincuUrly 
human and vivid picture of Washington at the various stages of his career. 

Waterhouse, John William. See Artists, p. 1403. 

Water! ow, Sir Ernest Albert. See Artists, p. 1404. 

Watson, John Maclaren, {pseud. Ian Maclaren). • ga W3azn 

Nicoll, ^'tV William Robertson. "Ian Maclaren;" the life of John 
Watson. 1909. Dodd. 

"List of works," p.367. 

Written by an intimate friend in cooperation with Dr Watson's son. Contains 
many letters. 

Watt, James. rga Wsasmo 

Muirhead, James Patrick. Origin and progress of the mechanical 
inventions of James Watt, illustrated by his correspondence with his 
friends and the specifications of his patents. 3v. 1854. Murray. 

V.I. Introductory memoir and extracts from correspondence. 

V.2. Extracts from correspondence. 

V.3. Letters patent, specifications of patents and appendix. 

Webster, Daniel. qrga WaSab 

Bayard, Thomas Francis. Oration pronounced on Webster com- 
memoration day, June 28, 1882. at Dartmouth College. 1882. 

Webster, Daniel. 9a WaSala 

Lanman, Charles. Private life of Daniel Webster. 1852. Harper. 

"A gossipy description of Webster's early life, his college days, his residences at 
Elms Park, and at Marsh field, and his death. There are numerous anecdotes and ex* 
tracts from private letters. The writer was the private secretary of Webster and pub- 
lished this sketch soon after his death. Consequently it embraces much of the eulogistic.** 
Lamed' s Literature of American history. 

Wellesley, Arthur, duke of Wellington, See Wellington, Arthur Welles- 
ley, duke of. 

Wellesley, Richard Col ley, marquis. 9a W489P 

Pearce, Robert Rouiere. Memoirs and correspondence of Richard, 

marquess Wellesley, comprising numerous letters and documents now 

first published from original mss. 3v. 1846. Bentley. 

Wellesley (i 760-1 842) was a governor-general of India. He was one of the greatest 


WeUcsley, Richard Colley, marquis — continued. 9a W489P 

adminittratort Great Britain has ever had, and, together with Dalhoutie and Haatingi, 
Hrmly established the British power in India. 

Wellington, Arthur Wellesley, duke of. rga W49aw 

Wright, George Newnham. Life and campaigns of the duke of 

Wellington. 4v. in 10. [1841.] Fisher. 

Laudatory biography in which Wellington is characterized as "the greatest soldier, 
staUam an and citizen, Eng^d has ever known." Portraits. 

Wenckebach, Carla. 9a Wszsm 

Muller, Margarethe Magdalene Karoline Elisabeth. Carla Wencke- 
bach, pioneer. 1908. Ginn. 

Inter e st i ng biography of the head of the German department of Wellesley Col- 
lege, who died in 190a, a leader in the reform of language-teaching and author of numer- 
oos text-books. A remarkable woman in many ways, she exercised a strong influence in 
tbe college, where she was familiarly called "the little Bismarck." Many portraits. 

Wentworth, Thomas, earl of Strafford. See Strafford, Thomas Went- 
worth, earl of. 

Wesley, John. 92 Wssaa 

Journal; enlarged from original mss. with notes from unpublished 
diaries; ed. by Nehemiah Curnock. v. 1-4. 1909. CuUey. 

Mr Curnock has compared the "Joumar* as formerly printed with the cipher 
diaries. Where there were points of unusual interest he quotes the new material 
verbatim. In addition he supplies a running summary of the deciphered memoranda. 

Wesley, John. 9a Wssaf 

Fitchett, William Henry. Wesley and his century; a study in spirit- 
ual forces. 1906. Smith, Elder. 

Reliable biography presented in a popular manner by the principal (1906) of the 
Methodist Ladies College at Melbourne. 

Wesley, John. rga W553W 

Whitehead, John, i740?-i8o4. Life of the Rev. John Wesley, to 

which is prefixed some account of his ancestors and relations, with the 

life of the Rev. Charles Wesley, collected from his private journal, 

with an introduction by T. H. Stockton. 2v. in i. 1845. Stockton. 

The author, personal friend and physician of John Wesley, was chosen by him as 
one of his literary executors. A dispute arose in regard to the custody of Wesley's 
papers which were in Whitehead's possession, and the other two executors, Henry Moore 
aad Thomas Coke, published a life without having had access to them. 

"No higher tribute can be paid to the excellence of Whitehead's work than the con* 
•tant use which Moore makes of it, frequently, and without acknowledgment, adopting 
its language, though criticisms of Whitehead are not spared." Dictionary of national 

West, Benjamin. See Artists, p. 1398. 

West, Mrs George Comwallis-. See Churchill, Lady Randolph Spencer. 

Whalley, Thomas Sedgewick. 92 W59a 

Journals and correspondence; ed. by Hill Wickham. 2v. 1863. 

Dr Whalley (1746-1828) was an English poet and traveler, prominent in the society 
of Bath and London. These volumes contain many interesting letters from Mrs Piozzi, 
Mrs Siddons and Hannah More» and many long epistles from Miss Seward. 


Wheaton, Robert. 9a W597W 

[Wheaton, Abby, ed.] Memoir of Robert Wheaton, with selections 

from his writings. 1854. Ticknor. 

ConUnts: Memoir. — Selections from his writings; The sources of the Divioa 
commedia; Jasmin, the barber poet; Coquerel's Experimental Christianity; The rerolu- 
tion in Prussia; The revolution of 1848 in Sicily; Schmidt's History of the Albigenscs; 
Thiers's History of the consulate and the empire; Memoir of the late Dr Wheaton. 

Although Wheaton (1826-51) was born in the United States, he spent the greater 
part of his short life abroad. He was a contributor to the "North American review.** 
The memoir is written by his sister. 

Whistler, James Abbott McNeill. See Artists, P.139&-1399. 

White, Josiah. rga W634r ' 

Richardson, Richard, of Philadelphia. Memoir of Josiah White, show- 
ing his connection with the introduction and use of anthracite coal and 
iron, and the construction of some of the canals and railroads of Penn- 
sylvania. 1873. Lippincott. 

This memoir of White (1781-1850) contains some interesting facts reUting to the 
early use of anthracite coaL 

White, Peter. r9a W6s5b 

Barbour, Levi Lewis. Peter White as man and as citizen; an ad- 
dress at the joint session of the classical and historical c<)nferences at 
Ann Arbor, Michigan, March 31, 1909. (Michigan University. Uni- 
versity bulletin, n. s. v. 10, no.22.) 

Peter White (i 830-1 908) was a prominent banker and business man of Marquette, 
Mich.p a member of the state legislature and a regent of the University of Michigan. 

Whitetield, George. rga W638g 

Gillies, John, 1712-96. Memoirs of Rev. George Whitefield; re- 
vised and corrected with large additions, to which is appended an ex- 
tensive collection of his sermons and other writings. 1837. Hunt. 

Whitefield (1714-70) was an English clergyman, a leader of the Calvinistic Metho* 

"The Memoir, 177s, by Gillies, is a careful piece of work." Dictionary of nation^ 

Whitefield, George. 9a W638t 

Tyerman, Luke. Life of the Rev. George Whitefield, of Pembroke 

College, Oxford. 2v. 1877. Randolph. 

"A nearly exhaustive compendium of materials." Dictionary of naUonai biogropky, 

Whitelocke, Bulstrode. 9a W64aw 

Whitelocke, R. H. Memoirs, biographical and historical, of Bul- 
strode Whitelocke. i860. Routledge. 

Bulstrode Whitelocke (1605-75) was an English statesman, a member of the Long 
Parliament, commissioner of the great seal in 1649, and ambassador to Sweden in 165). 
He was one of Cromwell's lords and, after Cromweirs death, commissioner of the grctt 
seal to Richard CromwelL 

Whitman, Marcus. ga W648a« 

Eells, Myron. Marcus Whitman, pathfinder and patriot 1909. Har- 


Another deliverance in the long and acrimonious controversy as to whether or 
not Marcus Whitman saved Oregon to the United States. It is by a xealous disciple 
and follower of that sturdy pioneer and martyr-missionary. 


Whitman, Walt. 9a W648bi 

Binns, Henry Bryan. Life of Walt Whitman. [1905.] Mcthucn. 

"Both a biography and an interpretation... Mr. Binnt writes frankly as an ad- 
mirer, but he rarely allows his admiration to run away with his judgment, and his 
eulogy is generally tempered by the discretion which has been too conspicuously absent 
from the writings of Whitman's professed disciples.** Academy, 1905. 

Whitman, Walt. ga W648ca 

Carpenter, George Rice. Walt Whitman. 1909. Macmillan. (Eng- 
lish men of letters.) 

Brief study, more concerned with Whitman*s individuality than with his work. 

"Especially successful in fusing together criticism and narration, in showing, that 
ia, how Whitman's rhapsodies are a reflection of his life and in telling his life by 
■cans of comment on his rhapsodies." Nation, 1909. 

Whitman, Walt. ga W648P 

Perry, Bliss. Walt Whitman; his life and work. 1906. Houghton. 

"Strikes a note of just appreciation while avoiding the., .extravagance of... pro- 
fessed Whitmanites. . .Altogether the volume will probably take its place as the sane and 
authoritative life of Whitman for many years to come." Nation, igo6, 

Whitney, James Parker. ga W653 

Reminiscences of a sportsman. 1906. Forest and Stream Pub. Co. 

The author has led an active and varied life, including adventures in California, 
Colorado amd New Mexico and has had a wide range of personal acquaintances and 
friendships. He is more fisherman than hunter and is especially interested in brook 
trout and salmon. 

Whitney, Josiah Dwight. ga W653ab 

Brewster, Edwin Tenney. Life and letters of Josiah Dwight Whit- 
ney. 1909. Houghton. 

"Bibliography," p.387-400. 

Josiah Dwight Whitney (1819-96) was an American geologist who served on the 
Vtrm Hampshire, the Lake Superior and the California surveys. He was professor of 
geology at Harvard for 31 years. Through his travels and studies in the principal 
mining regions of the United States he became the foremost authority of his day on 
economic geology and did great service in the development of the mineral resources of 
tile country. 

Wikoff, Henry. rga W694 

Adventures of a roving diplomatist. 1857. Fetridge. 

Although an American by birth Wikoff spent most of his life in Europe. He took 
a keen interest in public affairs and knew many of the noted men of the day. The 
book deals chiefly with his experiences, 1850-51, when he was employed by Lord 
Fslmerston as the agent of the British Foreign Office at Paris. 

Wilberforce, Samuel, hp. ga Wdgyaa 

Ashwell, Arthur Rawson, & Wilberforce, R. G. Life of Samuel Wil- 
berforce, lord bishop of Oxford and afterwards of Winchester, with 
selections from his diaries and correspondence. 1883. Dutton. 

92 W714d 

Wilde, Oscar. rga W7X4g 

Gide, Andr6. Oscar Wilde; from the French, with introduction, 
notes and bibliogrraphy by Stuart Mason. 1905. Holyivell Press. 

"List of published writings of Oscar Wilde," p.93-ioa. 

First appeared in "L*£rmitage,*' June 190a. Author, a personal friend of the 
poet, gives few biographical facU, but rather estimates of character and accounts of 
conversations. Illustrated. 


Wilde, Oscar. r8a8 Wyx v.x 

Life, with a critical estimate of his writings. 1909. Pearson. (In 
his Complete writings, v.i.) 

Vnihelmina, markgrdfin von Baireutk, See Frederica Sophia Wilhelmina* 
markgr'dfin von Baireutk, 

Willard, Frank. See Plynt, Josiah, psewi. 

William I, the Conqueror, king of England. ga W74Z8 

Stenton, Frank Merry. William the Conqueror and the rule of the 
Normans. 1908. Putnam. (Heroes of the nations.) 

The account of William the Conqueror's life concludes with several chapters on the 
changes in constitutional organization and social life which followed the events of 1066. 
Illustrations, charts and maps. 

William I, German emperor and king of Prussia. 9a Rz36aw 

Wodzicka, Teresa. Eliza Radziwill6wna i Wilhelm I. 1896. 

Williams, Sir George. 9a W744wi 

Williams, J. E. Hodder. Life of Sir George Williams, founder of 

the Young Men's Christian Association. 1906. Armstrong. 

Sir George Williams (1821-1905) began his work among a band of xa associates ia 
a London draper's shop. The organization has since grown into an international bodj 
with 773,000 members in 1906. The larger part of the memoir is devoted to an account 
of the growth and history of the organintion. 

Williams; Montagu Stephen. 92 W746 

Leaves of a life; the reminiscences of Montagu Williams. 2v. 189a 

Recollections of his early life and of some of the most famous criminal cases ia 
which he was concerned. Closes with the termination of his career as a practising 
barrister in 1886. 

Williams, Gen, Otho Holland. r92 W747t 

Tiffany, Osmond. Sketch of the life and services of Gen. Otho 
Holland Williams; read before the Maryland Historical Society, March 
6, 1851. 1851. (Maryland Historical Society. Publications.) 

General Williams (i 749-1 800?) commanded a Maryland regiment in the Revolution- 
ary war. From the close of the war until his death he was collector of the port of 

Williams, Roger. 9^ W748C 

Carpenter, Edmund Janes. Roger Williams; a study of the life, 
times and character of a political pioneer. 1909. Grafton Press. 
(Grafton historical series.) 

"The merits of Mr. Carpenter's biography are a complete. ..statement of Roger 
Williams's career, a fluent narrative style, use of original sources, and fairness. No 
brief is held for Williams, and none against him." American historical review, 1910. 

Wilmot, Lemuel Allan. 92 W764h 

Hannay, James, b. 1842. Wilmot and Tilley. 1907. Morang. (Makers 
of Canada.) 

Wilmot (1809-78) was attorney-general of New Brunswick, judge of the Supreme 
court and lieutenant-governor, 1868-73. Tilley (1818-96) was lieutenant-governor of 
New Brunswick, 1873-78. and 1885-93. 


Wilson, Alexander, 1766-1813. qrga W7660 

Ord, George. Sketch of the life of Alexander Wilson, author of 

the American ornithology. 1828. Hall. 

Wilson was bom in Scotland but spent the last years of his life in the United 
States. The sketch was written by a personal friend, who has included in it many of 
Wilson's letters. 

Wimar, Charles Ferdinand. See Artists, p. 1399. 

Wimbledon, Edward Cecil, viscount See Cecil, Edward, viscount Wim- 

Winkworth, Catherine. 92 y/787 

Winkworth, Susanna. Memorials of two sisters, Susanna and Cath- 
erine Winkworth; ed. by their niece, M. J. Shaen. 1908. Longmans. 

"Bibliography," p.333-335' 

They were well known in the religious and educational life of the early Victorian 
period, and through their translations were instrumental in introducing German thoui^t 
and Utcrature into England. We have many interesting glimpses of their friends, 
among whom were Froude, Charlotte Bronte, Bunsen and Dr Martineau. 

Winkworth, Susanna. 92 W787 

Memorials of two sisters, Susanna and Catherine Winkworth; ed. 
by their niece, M. J. Shaen. 1908. Longmans. 

"Bibliography," p.333-335. 

Wise-Knut. See Nordgarden, Knut Rasmusson, called Vis>Knut. 

Wittgenstein, Carolyn e (von Iwanowska), fiirstin Sayn-. See Sayn- 
Wittgenstein, Carolyne (von Iwanowska), fiirstin. 

Wolf, Hugo. 92 WBssn 

Newman, Ernest. Hugo Wolf. 1907. Methuen. (New library of 

"Last of Woirs published compositions," p.264-274. 

First part of the book is devoted to the biography of the Austrian composer (i860- 
1903). The second part contains an analysis of his compositions. Mr Newman pos* 
sympathy with his subject and a knowledge of music. 

Wolfe, Gen. James. 92 W837W 

Willson, Beckles. Life and letters of James Wolfe. 1909. Heinemann. 

"Mr Willson has visited almost every scene in which Wolfe moved, in Britain, on 
the Continent, and in America, and has used great diligence in gathering information 
and unearthing letters. The new information is small in amount and about trifling 
tilings; but the mass of correspondence here for the first time collected is a real en- 
lichment. . .It almost constitutes the book, besides giving its chief value; for the author's 
own contribution consists, over a great part of the volume, of little more than con- 
netting paragraphs." Athenttum, -1909. 

Wolff, Sir Henry Drummond. 92 W8382 

Rambling recollections. 2v. 1908. Macmillan. 

Author is an English diplomat, who has served in Egypt, Turkey and Persia and 
vas ambassador at Madrid from 1893 to 1900. 

"Seldom can a book have borne a more accurate title. Sir Henry gives an outline 
of his diplomatic and Parliamentary career, throws in a few notes of travel with some 
ridelights on the political history of his time, but his main interest is personal, and he 
•flddes gently on from man to man that he has known." Nation, 1908, 


Woolcry, William Henry. 9a WSyaw 

Woolery, L. C. Life and addresses of W. H. Woolery, third presi- 
dent of Bethany College. 1893. Standard Pub. Co. 

William Henry Woolery (1850-89) was from 1887 until his death president of 
Bethany College in West Virginia, a college established by Alexander Campbell, the 
founder of the sect known as the Disciples of Christ. 

Woolman, John. rga W876 

Works. 2v. in i. 1775. Crukshank. 

Part I contains his "Journal," part 2, his other writings, including "Considerations 
on the keeping of negroes." 

Wordsworth, Charles, bp. 9a W897a 

Annals of my early life, 1806-1846, with occasional compositions in 

Latin and English verse. 1891. Longmans. 

Wordsworth (1806-92) was a nephew of the poet and for many years bishop of 
St. Andrews, Dunkeld and Dunblane. This volume of his reminiscences concerns itself 
mainly with his life at Harrow, his Oxford career and Winchester mastership. 

Wordsworth, Charles, bp. 9a W897aa 

Annals of my life, 1847-1856; ed. by W. E. Hodgson. 1893. Long- 

Deals almost entirely with matters ecclesiastical, covering as it does the period of 
Wordsworth's wardenship (1846-54) of Trinity, the then new Episcopal college at 
Glenalmond, Scotland, and the first few years of his bishopric. 

Wordsworth, William. 9a W897W 

Wordsworth, Christopher, 1807-85, bp. Memoirs of William Words- 
worth; ed. by Henry Reed. 2v. 185 1. Ticknor. 

This memoir, written by the nephew of William Wordsworth, was designed to serve 
as a biographical commentary to the poet's works. 

"A useful though not very full narrative." Dictionary of national biography, 

Wotton, Sir Henry. 9a W9i9t 

Smith, Logan Pearsall. Life and letters of Sir Henry Wotton. 2v. 
1907. Clarendon Press. 

"Prose works, poems and letters of Sir Henry Wotton," v.2, p.4 12-454. 

Sir Henry Wotton (i 568-1 639) is familiar to lovers of English literature through 
a few enduring poems, particularly the "Character of a happy life," and the memoir by 
Izaak Walton, prefixed to his collection of Wotton's works. Wotton passed the active 
years of his life in high diplomatic office and ended his days as provost of Eton. Mr 
Smith has changed his vague image into a vivid portrait. He has come only a little 
short of producing a literary masterpiece. He devotes two hundred and twenty-fire 
pages to a compactly detailed biography of Wotton. This is followed by Wotton's let- 
ters, more than half of which are here printed for the first time. Condensed from 
American historical review, 1908. 

Wren, Sir Christopher. b9a W9a9ni 

Milman, Lena. Sir Christopher Wren. 1908. Duckworth. 

Written with skill and enthusiasm. Many illustrations from photographs of his 

Wright, Joseph, 1734-97. See Artists, p. 1404. 

Wyllic, William Lionel. See Artists, p. 1404. 

Yorkc, Philip, earl of Hardwicke, See Hardwicke, Philip Yorkc, earl of. 

Young, Charles Maync. rga Y36y 

Young, Julian Charles. Memoir of Charles Mayne Young, tra- 
gedian, with extracts from his son's journal. 1871. Macmillan. 

Young (1777-1856) was an English actor, a contemporary of Kemble, Kean and 


Young, Samuel. rga Y39 

History of my life; being a biographical outline of the events of a 
long and busy life. 1890. Herald Printing Co. Pittsburgh. 

The early life of the author was spent in Pittsburgh and hit reminiscences include 
an account of the flood of 1832 and the fire of 1845. 

Yung Wing. 92 Y47 

My life in China and America. 1909. Holt. 

Yung Wing ib, i8a8) was educated in the first English school established in China 
and was the first Chinaman to graduate from Yale University (1854). Returning to 
China, he was appointed chief of the Chinese educational commission, and under his 
kadcrahip, in 187a, a band of lao Chinese students came to this country for 15 years' 
education. Later he was made associate Chinese minister at Washington. His entire 
life has been devoted to the welfare of China, and he has been in intimate association 
with its two greatest statesmen, Li Hung Chang and Tsang Kwoh Fan. 

Zamojskiy Jan Sarius. 92 Z26n 

Nowodworski, Witold. Jan Zamojski, jego zycie i dzialalnosc 

polityczna; zarys biograficzny. 1898. (2yciorysy slawnych Polak6w.) 

Zinxendorfy Nikolaus Ludwig, graf von. r92 Z688 

Spangenberg, August Gottlieb. Leben des Herrn Nicolaus Ludwig, 

grafen und herrn von Zinzendorf und Pottendorf. 8v. in 6. 1872-75. 

Zinzendorf (1700-60) was founder of the reorganized Moravian church and of the 
Moravian colony at Bethlehem, Pa. 

2michow8ka, Narcyza, (pseud. Gabryella). 92 Z72b 

Bujno, Marya. Narcyza 2michowska (Gabryela) i jej dzie}a. 1902. 
(Ksi^zki dla wszystkich.) 

92 Z75k 

92 R777r 

Zfigel, Heinrich von. See Artists, p. 1405. 
Znloaga* Ignacio. See Artists, p.1412. 

Books for the blind 

American Braille 


qEo5i lf47 

Matilda Ziegler magazine for the blind; monthly, March 1907-datc. v.i- 

date. [1907-datc.] 

v.x, v.a, no.1-4, March 1907-April 1908 is in American Braille; v.a, no.s-date. May 
X9o8-Klate is in American Braille with contractions. 

Philosophy. Religion 

La Sizeranne, Maurice de. qEi52 L34 

The blind as seen through blind eyes; authorized translation from 
the 2d French ed. by F. P. Lewis. 2v. 1906. Pennsylvania Institution 
for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Cole, Samuel Valentine. qEzyo C68 

Life that counts. 1906. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruc- 
tion of the Blind. ' 

Marden, Orison Swett. E170 M37 

Doing everything to a finish, and other papers from "Success." 
1897. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Marden, Orison Swett. E170 M37e 

Enthusiasm, and other papers from "Success." 1898. Pennsylvania 
Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Marden, Orison Swett. E170 M37g 

Good manners, a passport to success. 1905. Pennsylvania Institu- 
tion for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Roosevelt, Theodore. qEi7o R68 

Character and success. [1900. Pennsylvania Institution for the 
Instruction of the Blind.] 

Washington, Booker Taliaferro. E170 Wa7 

Putting the most into life. 1908. Pennsylvania Institution for the 
Instruction of the Blind. 

qEi7o W59 
What successful men say of success, from the Oxford handy helps. 
1901. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 



Keller, Helen Adams. qEi7a4 Ki6a 

Optimism. 1904. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of 
the Blind. 

Hubbard, Elbert qBx74 H87 

Get out or get in line, a$id A message to Garcia. Perkins Institution 
for the Blind. 

Baldwin, James. Eaao B19 

Old stories of the East. 4v. 1901. Missouri School for the Blind. 

American Braille with contractions. 

William Allen. E223.2 K34 

Song of our Syrian guest. Michigan School for the Blind. 

The same qEaa3.a K34a 

Binder's title reads "Our Syrian guest" 

Protestant Episcopal church. 4^245 P97 

Hymnal, revised and enlarged as adopted by the general convention 
of the Protestant Episcopal church, 1892; being the preliminary report 
of the committee on the hymnal, appointed by the general convention 
of 1886, modified, v.i. 1903. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruc- 
tion of the Blind. 

Common prayer. Book of. qEa64 C730 

Offices for the Book of common prayer and administration of the 
sacraments and other rites and ceremonies of the church, selected for 
the use of the blind according to the use of the Protestant Episcopal 
church. 1901. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the 

Common prayer. Book of. Ea65 C730 

Order of the ministration of the Lord's supper or the order of holy 
communion. 1903. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the 

Baldwin, James. qEa9a B19 

Old Greek stones, from Eclectic school readers. 1897. Pennsyl- 
vania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. qE292 H36 

Tanglewood tales. 2v. in 4. 1894. Pennsylvania Institution for the 
Instruction of the Blind. 

Sociology. Education. Philology 

Thompson, Robert Ellis. qE330 T38 

Political economy. 1896. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruc- 
tion of the Blind. 

Beals, Edward E. qE336 B34 

Law of financial success, av. 1909. Perkins Institution for the 


Wilson, Woodrow. E^34^*4 W77 

Government of Great Britain; abridged by A.J.Newman. 1910. 
Missouri School for the Blind. 

Being chapter 10 of his "The state." 
American Braille with contractions. 

E342.7 Oaa 

Our national government; selections from the Youth's companion. 2v. 
1909. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. (Com- 
panion series.) 

Cleveland, Frederick Albert. E^347 C58 

Supplementary matter for classes in business law. 2v. 1907. Penn- 
sylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Reprinted from his "Funds and their uses." 

qE35i.7ii C75 

Conservation of natural resources; papers received from the bureau of 

research of Nelson's encyclopedia and from the National Conservation 
Association. 1901. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

E353 S55 
Ship of state, by those at the helm. 2v. 1904. Pennsylvania Institu- 
tion for the Instruction of the Blind. 

V.I. The presidency, by Theodore Roosevelt. — The life of a senator, by H. C 
Lodge. — ^The life of a congressman, by T. B. Reed. — The Supreme court of the United 
States, by D. J. Brewer. — How Jack lives, by J. D. Long. — ^Thc Naval War College, by 
J. D. Long. 

v.a. How our soldiers are fed, by W. C. Sanger. — How the army is clothed, by 
Gen. M. F. Ludington. — Good manners and diplomacy, by W. R. Day. — How foreign 
treaties are made, by H. C. Lodge. — Uncle Sam's law business, by J. K. Richards. — ^The 
American post office, by W. L. Wilson. 

Benjamin, Park. 4^^359 ^43 

About the navy, from the "Independent," with special introduction 
by the author. 1898. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of 
the Blind. 

Hughes, Rupert. qE359 H89 

Study of the modern battleship, from the Cosmopolitan, Sept. 1898. 
1898. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Allen, Edward Ellis. E37Z4) A4a 

Education of defectives. 1904. Pennsylvania Institution for the In- 
struction of the Blind. 

American Braille primer. S37M ^^ 

£3734 IflS 
Improved Braille primer. 1892. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Marden, Orison Swett. £374 1^37 

Education under difficulties, and Conduct as a fine art, from "Suc- 
cess." 1898. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Van Dyke, Henry. £394 Vz8 

Spirit of Christmas. 1909. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruc- 
tion of the Blind. 


Fryer, Helen. q£4o8.9 F97 

Esperanto teacher; a simple course for non-grammarians. 3v. 1909. 
Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Hill, David Jayne. E421.9 H55 

Rules for punctuation; taken from D.J. Hill's Rhetoric. 1897. Mis- 
souri School for the Blind. 

American Braille with contractions. 

Natural science 

E55Z O23 

Old ocean; selections from the Youth's companion. 1895. Pennsyl- 
vania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

E5904 A86 
At home in the forest; selections from the Youth's companion. 1897. 
Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

E5904 O32 
Our little neighbors; selections from the Youth's companion. 1897. 
Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

E59z.9a L69 
Life in the sea; selections from the Youth's companion. 1895. Penn- 
sylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

E598.a B49 
Bits of bird life; selections from the Youth's companion. 1896. Penn- 
sylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Useful arts 

Hutchinson, Woods. qE6z6.2 H97 

Colds and how to catch them, and Headache, the most useful pain 
in the world; two chapters from "Preventable diseases." 1910. Perkins 
Institution for the Blind. 

Wright, B. Kate. qE64Z W93 

Practical and economical cooking. 1896. Roberts. 

American Braille with contractions. 

E646 M34 

Manual of handiwork, Bear brand yarns. [Pennsylvania Institution for 
the Instruction of the Blind.] 

[Marvin, Helen.] E646 M43 

Shower of babies' bootees, illustrated in the Woman's home com- 
panion for February 1909. 1909. Pennsylvania Institution for the In- 
struction of the Blind. 

Schumacker, Anna. qE646 S39 

Knitting and crocheting, from the Columbia book of yarns. 1906. 
Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 


£652 B96 
Business letters; selections from "20th century letter-writer," "Ra- 
tional typewriting" and "Book of business letters." 1908. Pennsyl- 
vania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Emery, Mabel Sarah. qE658 E58 

Every-day business. 1896. Pennsylvania Institution for the In- 
struction of the Blind. 

White, Mary. qE689 W63 

How to make baskets. 1904. Pennsylvania Institution for the In- 
struction of the Blind. 

Fine arts 

Hillis, Newell Dwight. qEyao^ R89 

John Ruskin's "Seven lamps of architecture" as interpreters of the 
seven laws of life; a study of the principles of character building. 1900 
Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Woodmansee, W. R. E786.2 W86 

Question of repairs to pianos, from the "Music trades." 1908. Penn- 
sylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 


American literature 

[Lathrop, George Parsons.] E8zz L95 

Keenan's charge, Chancellor sville [poem]. 1883. 

Bound with Lowell's "Vision of Sir Launfal." 

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth. q^ESzz Use 

Courtship of Miles Standish. 1884. Pennsylvania Institution for 
the Instruction of the Blind. 

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth. qE8iz LSae 

Evangeline; a tale of Acadia. 1894. Pennsylvania Institution for 
the Instruction of the Blind. 

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth. qE8zz L89g 

Golden legend. 3v. 1910. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth. E8zz L95 

King Robert of Sicily. 1893. Pennsylvania Institution for the In- 
struction of the Blind. 

Bound with Lowell's "Vision of Sir Launfal." 

[Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth.] E811 LSflp 

Paul Revere's ride, and other selections for class study. 1897. Penn- 
sylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth. qE8zz Ust 

Song of Hiawatha. 2v. 1893. Pennsylvania Institution for the In- 
struction of the Blind. 


Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth. qE8zi L8at 

Tales of a wayside inn. 3v. 1903. Michigan Scho6l for the Blind. 
Lowell, James Russell. E8zz hgs 

Vision of Sir Launfal. 1894. Pennsylvania Institution for the In- 
struction of the Blind. 

The some, and other poems. 1897 E8zz Lgsa 

Whittier, Jotn Greenleaf. E8iz W66a 

Snowbound, Among the hills, Songs of labor, and other poems. 
1898. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Howells, WiUiam Dean. E8za H85 

The sleeping car; a farce. 1905. Pennsylvania Institution for the 
Instruction of the Blind. 

Hfllis, Newell Dwight qESis H56 

Hawthorne's "Scarlet letter" and the retributive workings of con- 
science; a study of the necessity and nobility of repentance and the 
confession of sin. 1901. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction 
of the Blind. 

Bames, Emma, afterward Mrs Story. qE8i4 Ez6 

An afternoon with Chief Croker [by Emma Eames]; Towboating, 
by Charlotte Teller; The Wright brothers* aeroplane, by Orville & 
Wilbur Wright. 1908. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Bmerson, Ralph Waldo. qE8i4 £58! 

Four essays. 1895. Missouri School for the Blind. 

ConUuis: Love. — Friendship. — Nature. — Self*reliance. 

Emerson, Ralph Waldo. E814 £580 

Self-reliance; essay. 1906. Pennsylvania Institution for the In- 
struction of the Blind. 

HiUis, Newell Dwight. qE8i4 H56 

New times, and the poets and essayists as prophets of a new era. 
1901. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Holmes, OUver Wendell. £8x4 H73 

My hunt after the captain; Philosophy of walking; Great trees. 
1897. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. (River- 
side literature series.) 

Keller, Helen Adams. E8Z4 Ki6a 

The world I live in. 4v. 1908. Pennsylvania Institution for the 
Instruction of the Blind. 

Teller, Charlotte. qE8z4 E16 

Towboating. 1908. Perkins Institution for the Blind. (In Eames, 
Emma. An afternoon with Chief Croker.) 

Warner, Charles Dudley. qE8i4 Wash 

How spring came in New England, and A fight with a trout, from 
*ln the wilderness," together with three papers from "As we were say- 
ing." 1910. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 


Warner, Charles Dudley. E814 Was 

Hunting of fhe deer; How I killed a bear; Lost in the woods, and 
Camping out. 1895. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of 
the Blind. 

Wright. Orville, & Wright, Wilbur. qE8i4 E16 

The Wright brothers aeroplane. 1908. Perkins Institution for the 
Blind. (In Eames, Emma. An afternoon with Chief Crokcr.) 

Webster, Daniel. E815 W38 

Oration on the Bunker Hill monument; The character of Washing- 
ton, and The landing at Plymouth. 1895. Pennsylvania Institution for 
the Instruction of the Blind. (Eclectic English classics.) 

Irving, Washington. E817 I98I 

Legend of Sleepy Hollow. 1894. Pennsylvania Institution for the 
Instruction of the Blind. 

Franklin, Benjamin. B818 F87 

Extracts from Poor Richard's almanac, and Letters of Benjamin 

Franklin, from Masterpieces of American literature. 1894. Pennsyl- 
vania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

English literature 

Bums, Robert. E8az B93 

Tarn O'Shanter, and other poems. 1894. Pennsylvania Institution 
for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Bjrron, George Gordon Noel, lord, qESaz BgQin 

Mazeppa, and The prisoner of Chillon, with notes to The prisoner 
of Chillon from Painter's Introduction to English literature. 191 1. 
Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Goldsmith, Oliver. E8ai 658 

Deserted village. 1894. Missouri School for the Blind. 
American Braille with contractions. 

HilUs, Newell Dwight. qE8ai H56 

Study of Browning's "Saul;" the tragedy of the ten-talent men and 

their recovery. 1901. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of 

the Blind. 

Hillis, Newell Dwight. qE8ai HsGt 

Tennyson's "Idylls of the king;" an outlook upon the soul's epochs 
and teachers. 1901. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of 
the Blind. 

[Macaulay, Thomas Babington, lord.] E8ax Mix 

Lays of ancient Rome. 1898. Pennsylvania Institution for the In- 
struction of the Blind. (Riverside literature series.) 

Meredith, Owen, {pseud, of Edward Robert Bulwer- qE8ai M63 

Lytton, earl of Lytton), 
Lucile. 6v. 1910. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 


Rossetti, Dante Gabriel qE8az R74 

The king's tragedy, and The white ship; ballads. 191 1. Perkins 
Institution for the Blind. 

Tcnnysoii, Alfred, lard. E82Z Tagd 

Dora. 1894. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the 

TeimyBon, Alfred, lord. ESai Tage 

Enoch Arden, and The lotus eaters. 1894. Missouri School for the 

American Braille with contractions. 

Goldsmith, Oliver. E822 GsSa 

She stoops to conquer; or, The mistakes of a night; a comedy. 

Missouri School for the Blind. 
American Braille with contractions. 

Lytton, Edward George Earle Lytton Bulwer-, baron. E822 Lgga 

Richelieu, as presented by Edwin Booth. 1898. Missouri School 
for the Blind. 

American Braille with contractions. 

[Lamb, Charles, & Lamb, Mary.] E822.33 H 

Tales from Shakespeare, The tempest. [Pennsylvania Institution 
for the Instruction of the Blind.] 

Shakespeare, William. qE822.33 Sz 

Tragedy of Antony and Cleopatra; ed. by W.J. Rolfe. 1904. Penn- 
sylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Shakespeare, William. E822.33 O3 

As you like it; a drama in five acts. 1894. Missouri School for the 

American Braille with contractions. 

Shakespeare, William. qE822.33 87 

Hamlet; a tragedy. 1895. Missouri School for the Blind. 

American Braille with contractions. 

Shakespeare, William. qE822.33 Tz 

Julius Caesar; an historical drama in five acts. 1896. Missouri 
School for the Blind. 

American Braille with contractions. 

Shakespeare, William. qE822.33 Wi 

History of King Henry IV; ed. by W.J. Rolfe. 2v. 1902. Penn- 
sylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Shakespeare, William. qE822.33 W3 

History of King Henry V; ed. by W. J. Rolfe. 1902. Pennsylvania 
Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Shakespeare, William. qE822.33 Xi 

King John; an historical drama in five acts. 1896. Missouri School 

for the Blind. 

American Braille with contractioiit. 


Shakespeare, William. E8aa.33 T3 

King Lear; a tragedy. 2v. 1896. Missouri School for the Blind. 

American Braille with contractions. 

Shakespeare, William. qE8aa.33 X5 

Life and death of King Richard IH. 1897. Missouri School for the 

American Braille with contractions. 

Shakespeare, William. £822.33 T5 

Macbeth. 1895. Missouri School for the Blind. 

American Braille with contractions. 

Shakespeare, William. E822.33 P3 

Merchant of Venice. 1895. Missouri School for the Blind. 

American Braille with contractions. 

Shakespeare, William. E822.33 P7 

Midsummer night's dream. 1896. Missouri School for the Blind. 

American Braille with contractions. 

Shakespeare, William. 6^2.33 Qx 

Much ado about nothing; a comedy. 1896. Missouri School for the 

American Braille with contractions. 

Shakespeare, William. q£822.33 T7 

Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice; cd. by W.J. Rolfe. 1903. 
Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Shakespeare, William. q£822.33 U3 

Romeo and Juliet; a tragedy in five acts. 1897. Missouri School for 
the Blind. 

American Braille with contractions. 

Shakespeare, William. £822.33 QS 

The tempest; a comedy. 1896. Missouri School for the Blind. 

American Braille with contractions. 

Shakespeare, William. £822.33 Q7 

Twelfth night; or, What you will; a drama. 1895. Missouri School 
for the Blind. 

American Braille with contractions. 

Shakespeare, William. q£822.33 R3 

Comedy of the Winter's tale; ed. by W.J. Rolfe. 1903. Pennsyl- 
vania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

HiUis, Newell Dwight. q£823 H56 

George Eliot's Tito in "Romola." 1900. Pennsylvania Institution 
for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Addison, Joseph. q£824 A29a 

Sir Roger de Coverley papers, from the Spectator; ed. by M. A. 
Litchfield. 1907. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the 


Lamb, Charles. £834 Lzy 

Dissertation on roast pig. 1894. Pennsylvania Institution for the 
Instruction o^ the Blind. 

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von. qESaa G55 

Faust; Blakie's trai\^lation. 1897. Missouri School for the Blind. 
American Braille with contractioiit. 

Hillis, Newell Dwight q£843 H56 

Victor Hugo's "Les mi86rables." 1900. Pennsylvania Institution for 
the Instruction of the Blind. 


Baldwin, James. E904 8x9 

Fifty famous stories retold. 2v. 1899. Pennsylvania Institution for 
the Instruction of the Blind. (Eclectic school readings.) 

Myers, Philip Van Ness. qE909 M99 

General history for colleges & high schools. 9v. 1899. Michigan 

School for the Blind. 

American Braille with contractiona. 

Yonge, Charlotte Mary. qE937 Yag 

Last fight in the Coliseum, A. D. 404. 1908. Perkins Institution for 
the Blind. 

Scott, Sir Walter. qE94i S43 

Chapters from Tales of a grandfather, from the Heart of oak books. 
1895. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Green, John Richard, ed. £942 G82a 

Readings from English history. 1895. Missouri School for the 

American Braille with contractiona. 

Griffis, William Elliot. qE949.a G89 

Brave little Holland and what she taught us. 2v. 1897. Michigan 

School for the Blind. 

American Braille with contractions. 

[Lowry, Mrs Katharine Mullikin.] q£95z L96 

Woman's diary in the siege of Pekin. [1901. Pennsylvania Institu- 
tion for the Instruction of the Blind.] 

Fiake, John. qE97Z4 Tag 

Account of the fall of Quebec, with a map: 1908. Perkins Institu- 
tion for the Blind. (In Ter-centenary of Quebec.) 

qE97i.4 Tag 
Ter-centenary of Quebec, from the Outlook, Aug. 22, 1908, & An ac- 
count of the fall of Quebec, by John Fiske, with a map. 1908. Perkins 
Institution for the Blind. 


Prescott, William Hickling. qEgya P99 

Conquest of Mexico [condensed by omission only], with biography, 
critical opinions and notes. 2v. 1897. Michigan School for the Blind. 
(Maynard's English classic series.) 

American Braille with contractions. 

Parel, G. qEgya^ P23 

Last days of St. Pierre, in the form of a journal from the vicar- 
general to the absent bishop of the diocese, also an Account of the 
eruption of Vesuvius, by Pliny the younger; both taken from the Cen- 
tury magazine for August 1902. 1902. Pennsylvania Institution for the 
Instruction of the Blind. 

Lodge, Henry Cabot, & Roosevelt, Theodore. qEgya L76 

Hero tales from American history. 2v. 1896. Pennsylvania Insti- 
tution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Morris, Charles. E973 M91 

Historical tales; American. 3v. 1895. Pennsylvania Institution for 
the Instruction of the Blind. 

Irving, Washington. E973.1 I28 
Discovery of America, from Irving's Life of Columbus. 1896. Penn- 
sylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. ("Historical 
classic readings.") 

Parkman, Francis. qE973.a Pa4ca 

Conspiracy of Pontiac. v.i. 1896. Pennsylvania Institution for 
the Instruction of the Blind. 

V.I. Indian tribes east of the Mississippi, the French and Indian war and lots of 

Everett, Edward. ^973*3 B95 

First battles of the Revolution, Lexington, Concord, Bunker Hill, 
from the Orations of Edward Everett. 1896. Pennsylvania Institution 
for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Fiske, John. ^£973.3 F54a 

War of independence [1750-1789]. 1895. Pennsylvania Institution 
for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Parton, James. E973.3 Pa7 

Revolutionary heroes, and other historical papers for historical 

classical reading. 1896. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction 
of the Blind. 

Mackay, T. J. £973-7 Mx7 

Incident of Gettysburg; from the Progressive course in reading, 
by G. R. Aldrich and Alexander Forbes. 1908. Pennsylvania Institu- 
tion for the Instruction of the Blind. 


Smith, Capt John. E975.5 S65 

Settlement of Virginia. 1896. Pennsylvania Institution for the 
Instruction of the Blind. (Historical classic readings.) 

M'Clung, John Alexander. qEgyy Mxaa 

Sketches of western adventure. 1898. Missouri School for the Blind. 

American Braille with contractions. 

Description and travel 

E9X4 G49 

Glimpses of Europe; selections from the Youth's companion. 1897. 
Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

E9Z5 S62 
Sketches of the Orient; selections from the Youth's companion. 1894. 
Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

qE9 17.295 G82 
Greater America; selections from the Youth's companion. 1901. Penn- 
sylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

E9174 A45 
Along the Atlantic; selections from the Youth's companion. 1902. 
Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

E9174 I24 
In New England; selections from the Youth's companion. 1902. Penn- 
sylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

E917.6 O25 
On the Giilf ; selections from the Youth's companion. 1902. Pennsyl- 
vania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

E917.7 G82 
Great lake country; selections from the Youth's companion. 1902, 
Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Shea, John Gilmary. Eg 17.7 S53 

Discovery and exploration of the Mississippi valley. 1897. Penn- 
sylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. (Historical 
classic readings.) 

E917.8 A52 
Among the Rockies; selections from the Youth's companion. 1902. 
Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

E9Z7.8 O25 
On the plains; selections from the Youth's companion. 1902. Penn- 
sylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

E917.9 I23 
In the Southwest; selections from the Youth's companion. 1902. Penn- 
sylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

E917.98 I24 
In Alaska; selections from the Youth's companion. 1902. Pennsyl- 
vania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 


EgzS Asx 

American tropics ; selections from the Youth's companion. 1897. Penn- 
sylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 


Collected biography 

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. Egao H36 

Biographical stories. 1895. Pennsylvania Institution for the In- 
struction of the Blind. 

Contents: Benjamin West — Oliver Cromwell. — Sir Isaac Newton. — Benjamin 
Franklin. — Samuel Johnson. — Queen Christina. 

Ingersoll, Robert Green. qEgao Ia4 

Abraham Lincoln, by R. G. Ingersoll, and Charles Darwin, by John 
Fiske; two of the world's greatest men born on the same day, Feb. 13, 
1809. 1909* Perkins Institution for the Blind. 
Tappan, Eva March, comp. E990 Tx9 

Adventures and achievements, v.i-ii. 190&-10. Pennsylvania In- 
stitution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

V.I. Bears, Indians, and Kit Carson. — ^The men who explored the Miasisaippi. 

v.a. A naturalist among the alligators. — Israel Putnam. 

V.3. The pathfinders, Lewis and Clark. — The white champion of the Algonquins. 

V.4. Audubon's hostess. — Winfield Scott at the battle of Queenstown. — ^A storj of 
midshipman Farragut. — How Beecher conquered his audi.ence. 

V.5. The mobbing of Garrison. — Dolly Madison and the burning of Washington. 

V.6. Brian of Munster, the boy chieftain. 

V.7. The heroine of the Fame islands. — The lion and the missionary. 

V.8. The imprisonment of Adoniram Judson in Burmah. 

▼.9. The return of Napoleon Bonaparte from Elba and hia reception' at GrenoUc 
— ^A quiet walk with Stanley in Africa. Dr Kane to the rescue. — ^A boy geologist and the Doocot cave. 

V.I I. Escape of Louis Napoleon from the fortress of Ham, by Brif fault — Found a 
newspaper, by Alexandre Dumas. 

Yongc, Charlotte Mary. Egao Yjq 

Book of golden deeds. 3v. 1895-98. Pennsylvania Institution for 

the Instruction of the Blind. 

V.I. The pass of Thermopyls. — The shepherd girl of Nanterre. — Leo, the ilavc.^ 
The voluntary convict. 

V.3. The Monthyon prizes. — The soldiers in the snow. — The second of September. 
— ^Agostina of Zaragoza. 

V.3. Heroes of the plague. — The petitioners for pardon. — The chief of the AvemL 

Wilson, James, 1779-1850? qEgao^) W76 

Biography of the blind. 2v. in 4. 1897. Pennsylvania Institution 
for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Elson, Louis Charles. qEgayM E5S 

Great composers & their work. 2v. 1905. Perkins Institution for 
the Blind. 

Individual biography 

Brashear, John Alfred. qEga Byzab 

Brewster, Edwin Tenney. John A. Brashear of Pittsburgh. 191 1. 
Western Pennsylvania Institution for the Blind. Pittsburgh. 


Bridgnum, Laura. Ega £7458 

Allen, Katherine G. Laura Bridgman. 

dive, Robert, banm. qEga C6zam 

Macaulay, Thomas Babington, lard. Essay on Lord Clive. 2v. 
191 1. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Cooper, Peter. Ega C788m 

[Macomber, Hattie E.] Peter Cooper, from the "Young folk's 

library of choice literature." 1898. Pennsylvania Institution for the 
Instruction of the Blind. 

Cowper, William. Ega C849b 

Biographical sketch of William Cowper. 

Dickens, Charles. qEga Dsszd 

Dickens, Mamie. Charles Dickens. 1905. Pennsylvania Institution 
for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Dnimmond, Henry. qEga D845h 

Hillis, Newell Dwight Memoirs of Henry Drummond and the days 
of an era of friendship between science and religion. 1901. Pennsyl- 
vania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

I^eld, Cyrus West. Ega F456f 

Cyrus W. Field, from the "Young folk's library of choice literature." 
1898. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Pnnklin, Benjamin. qEga FSyg 

Autobiography. 2v. 1895. Pennsylvania Institution for the In- 
struction of the Blind. 

Qirtrd, Stephen. qEga G4458 

Stockton, Louise. Stephen Girard, mariner and merchant. 1902. 
Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Gladstone, William Ewart. qEga G458h 

Hillis, Newell Dwight. Christian scholar in politics; a study of the 
life of William Ewart Gladstone. 1900. Pennsylvania Institution for 
the Instruction of the Blind. 

Gore, Thomas Pryor. Ega G663C 

[Creelman, James.] Blind senator from Oklahoma [Thomas Pryor 
Gore], from Pearson's magazine for May 1909. 1909. Pennsylvania 
Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Qrssse, Edwin. Ega G793B 

Schauffler, Robert Haven. Blind optimist [Edwin Grasse]. 

Grenfell, Wilfred Thomason. qEga G875g 

Adrift on an ice-pan. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Howe, Samuel Gridley. qEga H854h 

Howe, Mrs Julia (Ward). Memoir of Dr Samuel Gridley Howe. 
1901. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 


Keller, Helen Adams. qEga Kx65a 

Story of my life, with introductory letter written especially for this 
edition. 1903. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the 

The same. 2v. Perkins Institution for the Blind qEga Kx65a2 

Lincoln, Abraham. Ega Lyxsb 

Baldwin, James. Story of Abraham Lincoln, from Four great Amer- 
icans. 1905. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Livingstone, David. qEga L749h 

Hillis, Newell D wight. David Livingstone; a study of 19th century 
heroism. 1900. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the 

Parkman, Francis. qEga Pa46f 

Fiske, John. Francis Parkman. 1909. Perkins Institution for the 

Roosevelt, Theodore. qEga R684h 

Hale, William Bayard. A week in the White house with Theodore 
Roosevelt; a study of the president at the nation's business. 2v. 1908. 
Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Shaftesbury, Anthony Ashley Cooper, earl of, 1801-85. qEga Ssajh 

Hillis, Newell D wight. Opportunities of leisure and wealth; an out- 
look upon the life of Lord Shaftesbury. 1901. Pennsylvania Institution 
for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Stephenson, George. Ega S8368 

George Stephenson, from the "Young folk's library of choice litera- 
ture." 1898. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Washington, George. qEga Wayaaw 

Wister, Owen. Seven ages of Washington; a biography. 3v. 191a 
Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Watt, James. Ega Waasw 

James Watt, from the "Young folk's library of choice literature." 
1898. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Webster, Daniel. Ega WaSaw 

Daniel Webster, from the "Young folk's library of choice literature.** 
1898. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Whitney, Eli. Ega W65am 

[Macomber, Hattie E.] Eli Whitney, from the "Young folk's 

library of choice literature.'* 1898. Pennsylvania Institution for the 
Instruction of the Blind. 

Willard, Frances Elizabeth. qEga Wyaah 

Hillis, Newell Dwight. Biography of Frances Willard and the 
heroes of social reform; a study of the knights of the new chivalry. 
1901. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 


Yoiiinaiis, Edward Livingston. qEga ¥35! 

Fiske, John. Edward Livingston Youmans. 1909. Perkins Institu- 
tion for the Blind. 


Aldrich, Thomas Bailey. EA365m 

Marjorie Daw. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the 

Aldrich, Thomas Bailey. q£A365q 

Quite so. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Amicis, Edmondo de. qEA5i6c 

Cuore; an Italian schoolboy's journal; tr. by I. F. Hapgood. 2v. 
in 4. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Andrews, Mary Raymond Shipman. q£A5681 

The little Revenge, together with Tennyson's poem, "The Revenge." 
Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Andrews, Mary Raymond Shipman. qEA568p 

The perfect tribute. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Andrews, Mary Raymond Shipman. qEA568w 

Witnesses, and A messenger. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Book of stories; selections from the Youth's companion. Pennsylvania 
Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Same as "Stories of purpose." 

Bourget, Paul. qEB657m 

Monsieur Viple's brother. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Brown, Abbie Farwell. qEB783C 

Christmas angel. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Bonner, Henry Cuyler. qEB8832 

Zadoc Pine labor union. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Bimyan, John. qEB885p 

Pilgrim's progress. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of 
the Blind. (Classics for children.) 

Burnett, Mrs Frances (Hodgson). qEB934l 

Little Lord Fauntleroy. 2v. Pennsylvania Institution for the In- 
struction of the Blind. 

Chaplin, Heman White, (pseud. C. H. White). qEC367e 

Eli. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Chester, George Randolph. qEC4a78 

Skeezicks elopes. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Cooper, James Fenimorc. EC787W 

Washington and the spy. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruc- 
tion of the Blind. (Seven American classics.) 

With this is hound "The great stone face/' by Nathaniel Hawthorae. 


Crawford, Francis Marion. q£C874l 

Little city of hope; a Christmas story. 2v. Perkins Institution for 
the Blind. 

Curtis, George William. q£C934d 

Dickens reading, from the "Easy chair/' followed by A Christmas 
carol, as condensed by Dickens himself for his public readings. Perkins 
Institution for the Blind. 

Daring deeds; selections from the Youth's companion. 2v. in 4. Penn- 
sylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Daudet, Alphonse. qEDa&|p 

The pope's mule. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Davis, Richard Harding. qEDaasb 

Bar sinister. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Davis, Richard Harding. EDaaag 

Gallegher; a newspaper story. Pennsylvania Institution for the 
Instruction of the Blind. 

[Davis, Richard Harding.] EDaaagr 

The great tri-club tennis tournament. [Pennsylvania Institution for 
the Instruction of the Blind.] 

[Davis, Richard Harding.] EDaaam 

Midsummer pirates. [Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction 
of the Blind.] 

[Davis, Richard Harding.] £D3a3r 

Richard Carr's baby. [Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction 
of the Blind.] 

Davison, Charles Stewart. q£D3a5h 

How I sent my aunt to Baltimore. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Deland, Mrs Margaret. qEDaSgg 

Good for the soul; printed for the Sunshine Daughters, Providence, 
R. I. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Deland, Mrs Margaret. qEDsSgp 

Promises of Dorothea; printed for the Sunshine Daughters, Provi- 
dence, R. I. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Dick, the door-boy. [Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of 

the Blind.] 

Dickens, Charles. qEDssxc 

Christmas carol; being a ghost story of Christmas. Pennsylvania 
Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Dickens, Charles. qEDssxcr 

Cricket on the hearth, and Doctor Marigold. Pennsylvania Institu- 
tion for the Instruction of the Blind. 


Dickens, Charles. q£D55zl 

Little Nell from "Old curiosity shop." Pennsylvania Institution for 

the Instruction of the Blind. (Young folks' library of choice readings.) 

Dickens, Charles. ED55ZO 

Oliver Twist. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the 
Blind. (Stories from Dickens, pt2.) 

Dickens, Charles. q£D55zp 

Paul Dombey, from Dombey and son; taken from Young folk's 

library of choice literature. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruc- 


tion of the Blind. 

Dickens, Charles. EDsszpi 

Pickwick papers, and The adventures of Nicholas Nickleby. Penn- 
sylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. (Stories from 
Dickens, pt.i.) 

Dickens, Charles. qEDssis 

Seven poor travellers, and The holly tree. Pennsylvania Institution 
for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Dodge, Mrs Mary (Mapes). qED67zh 

Hans Brinker; or, The silver skates; a story of life in Holland. 3v. 
Missouri School for the Blind. 

Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan. qEDyysa 

Adventure of the blue carbuncle; from Adventures of Sherlock 
Holmes. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan. qEDyysb 

Boscombe valley mystery, from Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. 
Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan. qED775m 

Man with the twisted lip, from Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. 
Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan. qED775n 

Naval treaty, from Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. Perkins Institu- 
tion for the Blind. 

Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan. qED775r 

Red-headed league. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan. qED775rc 

Resident patient, from Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. Perkins In- 
stitution for the Blind. 

Edwards, Amelia Blandford. qEEsisf 

4:15 express. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Eggleston, Edward. qEE357r 

The redemptioner; a story in three scenes. Perkins Institution for 
the Blind. 

Eliot, George, (pseud, of Mrs Mary Ann (Evans) Cross). qEE4768a 
Silas Marner. 2v. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of 
the Blind. (Eclectic English classics.) 


Ewing, Mrs Juliana Horatia. EE974m 

Monsieur the viscount's friend. Pennsylvania Institution for the In- 
struction of the Blind. 

Ewing, Mrs Juliana Horatia. qEE9748 

Story of a short life. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction 
of the Blind. 

Gaskell, Mrs Elizabeth Cleghorn (Stevenson). qEGaisc 

Cranford. 5v. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Goldsmith, Oliver. qEGsSSva 

Vicar of Wakefield. 2v. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruc- 
tion of the Blind. 

Grant, Robert, b. 1852. EGySSb 

Bachelor's Christmas. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction 
of the Blind. 

Greene, Homer. qEGSasb 

Blind brother. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the 

Hale. Edward Everett. qEHisgc 

Children of the public. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Hale, Edward Everett. qEHisgm 

Man without a country. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruc- 
tion of the Blind. 

Hal6vy, Ludovic. qEHi65i 

Abbe Constantin. 3v. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Haliburton, Margaret Winifred, & Norvcll, F. T. EHi67k 

The knight and the Saracen, and King Harold and Duke William. 
Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Harraden, Beatrice. qEH286b 

A bird of passage. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Harte, Bret. qEHsigc 

Colonel Starbottle for the plaintiff. Perkins Institution for the 

Harte, Bret. qEHaigl 

Luck of Roaring Camp, and The outcasts of Poker Flat. Perkins 
Institution for the Blind. 

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. qEH367b 

The birthmark, and The threefold destiny. Perkins Institution for 
the Blind. 

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. EC787W 

The great stone face. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction 

of the Blind. (Seven American classics.) 
Bound with Cooper's "Washington and the spy." 


Hayes, Augustus Allen. qEHayad 

Denver express. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Heroic adventures, from the Youth's companion, v.i. Pennsylvania 

Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. (The Companion series.) 

Herrick, Robert, b. 1868. EH477m 

Master of the inn. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of 
the Blind. 

Heyse, Paul. qEH5x6 

L'Arrabiata [tr. from the German]. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Howe, George. qEHSsal 

Last slave ship. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Hugo, Victor. qEHSggs 

Story of the good bishop, Monseigneur Bienvenu, from Les mis^r- 
ables. 2v. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Janvier, Thomas Allibone. qEJi88p 

Passing of Thomas. Rudolph. Pittsburgh. 

Kelly, Myra. qEKi7am 

Perjured Santa Glaus. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Kipling, Rudyard. qEKa78c 

Captains courageous; a story of Grand Banks. 4v. Perkins Institu- 
tion for the Blind. 

Kipling, Rudyard. EKa78g 

Garm, a hostage, and other pieces from "Actions and reactions." 
Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Kipling, Rudyard. qEKa78h 

Her Majesty's servants, from the Jungle book. Pennsylvania Insti- 
tution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Kipling, Rudyard. qEKa78k 

Kaa's hunting, from. the Jungle book. Pennsylvania Institution for 
the Instruction of the Blind. 

Kipling, Rudyard. qEKa78m 

Mowgli's brothers, from the Jungle book. Pennsylvania Institution 
for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Kipling, Rudyard. qEKa78r 

•*Rikki-tikki-tavi," from the Jungle book. Pennsylvania Institution 
for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Kipling,. Rudyard. qEKa78t 

"Tiger! tiger!" from the Jungle book. Pennsylvania Institution for 
the Instruction of the Blind. 

Kipling, Rudyard. qEKa78to 

Toomai of the elephants, from the Jungle book. Pennsylvania Insti- 
tution for the Instruction of the Blind. 


Kipling, Rudyard. qEKaySw 

White seal, from the Jungle book. Pennsylvania Institution for the 
Instruction of the Blind. 

Lee, Mrs Jennette Barbour (Perry). qEL534ii 

Uncle William, the man who was shif less. 3v. Perkins Institution 
for the Blind. 

Little, Frances, (pseud, of Mrs Fannie (Caldwell) Macaulay). qEL743l 
Lady of the decoration. 2v. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Maupassant, Guy de. qEM49a]i 

The necklace. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Muir, John. qEMgsst 

Stickeen. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

My first season's experience with the honey bee, and other laughable 
experiences, by American authors. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Page, Thomas Nelson. qEPi45C 

Captured Santa Claus. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction 
of the Blind. 

Page, Thomas Nelson. qEPi45n 

New agent, and A soldier of the empire. Perkins Institution for the 

Paine, Albert Bigelow. qEPi6sd 

Don't Hurry Club. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Poe, Edgar Allan. qEP74ig 

Gold bug. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Poe, Edgar Allan. qEP74xm 

Murders in the Rue Morgue. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Potter, Beatrix. qEPSsdt 

Tailor of Gloucester. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

[Ram6e, Louisa de la, (pseud. Ouida).] ER175C 

Child of Urbino. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of 
the Blind. 

Ramee, Louisa de la, (pseud. Ouida). ERi75d 

Dog of Flanders. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of 
the Blind. 

Ram6e, Louisa de la, (pseud. Ouida). ER17511 

Niirnberg stove. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the 

Raspe, Rudolf Erich. qERax6t 

Tales from the travels of Baron Munchausen, with notes by E. E. 
Hale. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Reade, Charles, 1814-84. ER^sat 

Talc of the sea. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of 
the Blind. 


lier, Agnes. q£R3548 

Story of Nuremberg. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Rice, Mrs Alice Caldwell (Hegan). ERagsm 

Mrs Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch. Pennsylvania Institution for the 
Instruction of the Blind. 

Richards, Mrs Laura Elizabeth (Howe). ER4ixca 

Captain January. 2v. Missouri School for the Blind. 

Richmond, Mrs Grace Louise (Smith). qER4a5o 

On Christmas day in the morning. Western Pennsylvania Institu- 
tion for the Instruction of the Blind. Pittsburgh. 

Scott, Sir Walter. qES43xi 

Ivanhoe. 3v. in 6. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of 

the Blind. 

The same [abridged]; tales from Scott by Sir Edward Sullivan. 

Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind qES43xi2 

Seton, Ernest Thompson. qES495l 

Lobo. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Seton, Ernest Thompson. qES495r 

Raggylug. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Seton, Ernest Thompson. qES495re 

Redruff. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Seton, Ernest Thompson. qES495v 

Vixen. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Sewell, Anna. qES5x6b 

Black Beauty, his grooms and companions; the Uncle Tom's cabin 
of the horse. Missouri School for the Blind. 

American Braille with contractions. 

Smith, Francis Hopkinson. qES647a 

Against orders, and Sammy. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Spyri, Johanna. qESyyam 

Moni, the goat boy; tr. from the German by E. F. Kunz. Perkins 
Institution for the Blind. 

8p3ai« Johanna. qESyyaw 

Without a friend; tr. from the German by E. F. Kunz. Perkins In- 
stitution for the Blind. 

Sterne, Laurence. ES8398 

Story of Le Fever; stereotyped, printed and bound by Linnie Hague- 
wood (deaf-blind). South Dakota School for the Blind. 

Stockton, Frank Richard. qES866c 

Casting away of Mrs Leeks and Mrs Aleshine. 2v. Perkins Institu- 
tion for the Blind. 

Stockton, Frank Richard. qESS661 

The lady or the tiger? and The discourager of hesitancy. Perkins 
Institution for the Blind. 


Stone in the road [a story]. Perkins Institution for the Blind. ES887 

American Braille, wide lined. 


Stories of kindness; selections from the Youth's companion. Penn- 
sylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Stories of success; selections from the Youth's companion. Pennsyl- 
vania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Student stories; selections from the Youth's companion. Pennsylvania 

Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Tarkington, Newton Booth. qETaiab 

Beasley's Christmas party. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Tarkington, Newton Booth. qETaiam 

Monsieur Beaucaire. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Taylor, Bayard. qETasil 

Little post-boy; printed with wide and gradually lessening line 

spaces for the use of beginners in Braille, from fourth reader "Graded 

classics," by Norvell and Haliburton. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Taylor, Bayard. qETasiy 

Young serf, and The two herd boys. Perkins Institution for the 

Thackeray, William Makepeace. qETaaar 

The rose and the ring; or, The history of Giglio and Prince Bulbo. 
Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 

Tolstoi, Lyof Nikolaievitch, count. qETsSSw 

Where love is, there God is also. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Twain, Mark, {pseud, of Samuel Langhorne Clemens). ET897a 

Adventures of Tom Sawyer, chapter two. [Pennsylvania Institu- 
tion for the Instruction of the Blind.] 

Twain, Mark, (pseud, of Samuel Langhorne Clemens). qETSgyd 

Death disk. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Twain, Mark, {pseud, of Samuel Langhorne Clemens). qETSgym 

Man that corrupted Hadleyburg, from Harper's magazine, Dec. 1899. 
Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Twain, Mark, (pseud, of Samuel Langhorne Clemens). qET897P 

The prince and the pauper. 2v. Pennsylvania Institution for the 
Instruction of the Blind. 

Van Dyke, Henry. qEVx87t 

Story of the other wise man. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Ward, Mrs Elizabeth Stuart (Phelps). qEWaxaf 

Fourteen to one. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Ward, Mrs Elizabeth Stuart (Phelps). qEWaxjj 

Jonathan and David. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 


White, Stewart Edward. qEW636h 

Honk-honk breed, and The two-gun man. Perkins Institution for 
the Blind. 

Wiggin, Mrs Kate Douglas, afterward Mrs Riggs. • EW688b 

Birds* Christmas Carol. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruc- 
tion of the Blind. 

Wiggin, Mrs Kate Douglas, afterward Mrs Riggs. qEW688o 

Old Peabody pew. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Wiggin, Mrs Kate Douglas, afterward Mrs Riggs. qEW688ra 

Rebecca of Sunnybrook farm. 2v. in 4. Pennsylvania Institution 
for the Instruction of the Blind. 

. Wiggin, Mrs Kate Douglas, afterward Mrs Riggs. qEW6888 

Saving of the colors. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Wiggin, Mrs Kate Douglas, afterward Mrs Riggs. EW6888t 

Story of Patsy. Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the 

Wister, Owen. qEWSigp 

Philosophy 4. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

English Braille (old) 

British and Foreign Blind Association, pub, qEySz-g B75 

Musical notation for the blind. 1896. 

English Braille (revised) 

British and Foreign Blind Association, pub. qE372.4 B75 

Revised Braille reading and writing [alphabet and contractions]. 

Line type 

Religion. Sociology 

Bible-^Whole. qEaao.s B47 

Holy Bible containing the Old & New testaments; tr. out of the 

original tongues & with the former translations diligently compared 

and revised. i6v. 1900. Amer. Bible Soc. 

V.I. Genesis. 

▼.2. Exodus.-— Leviticus. 

V.3. Numbers. — Deuteronomy. 

V.4. Joshua. — Judges. — Ruth. 

v.s. Samuel. 

V.6. Kings. 

v. 7. Chronicles. 

V.& Ezra. — ^Nehemiah. — Esther. — ^Job. — Psalms. 


Bible — ^Whole — continued, qEaaas B47 

V.9. Psalms (continued). — Proverbs. — Ecdesiastes. Song of Solomon. — Isaiah. — Jeremiah. 

v.ix. Jeremiah (continued). — Lamentations. — EzeldeL 

V. I a. Daniel. — Hosea. — ^JoeL — Amos. — Obadiah. — Jonah. — Micah. — Nahum. — Habakr 
Irak. — ^Zephaniah. — Haggai. — ^Zechariah. — Malachi. 

▼.13. Matthew. — Mark. 

V. 1 4. Luke. — John. 

▼. 1 5. Acts. — Romans. — Corinthians. 

V. 1 6. Galatians. — Ephesians. — Philippians. — Cblossians. — Thessalonians. — Timothy. 
—Titus. — Philemon. — Hd>rews. — ^James. — Peter. — ^John. — ^Jude. — Revelation. 

Bible — New testament. qEaas-S B47 

New testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; tr. out of the 
original Greek & with the former translations diligently compared & 
revised. 2v. 1871-94. Amer. Bible Soc. 

V. I . Matthew. — Mark. — Luke. — John. 

v.a. Acts. — Romans. — Corinthians. — (jalatians. — Ephesians. — Philippians. — Colos* 
sians. — ^Thessalonians. — ^Timothy. — ^Titus. — Philemon. — Hebrews. — ^James. — Peter. — ^John. 
— ^Jude. — Revelation. 

Drummond, Henry. qE248 D84 

Two addresses: Love, the supreme gift; or, The 'greatest thing in the 
world, and The changed life; stereotyped and printed for the Society for 
Providing Evangelical Religious Literature for the Blind. 1892. Amer. 
Printing House for the Blind. 

Newton, Richard. qEasa N99 

Bible blessings. 1884. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 
Stereotyped and printed for the Society for Providing Evangelical Religious Liters* 
ture for the Blind. 

Common prayer, Book of. qEa64 C73 

Book of common prayer and administrs^tion of the sacraments and 
other rites & ceremonies of the church according to the use of the 
Protestant Episcopal church of the United States of North America; 
for the benefit of the blind. 1845. Privately printed. 

Frandllon, Robert Edward. qEaga Ftt 

Gods and heroes; or, The kingdom of Jupiter. 1898. Perkins In- 
stitution for the Blind. 

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. qEaga Hste 

Tangle wood tales, for girls and boys; a second Wonder-book. av. 
1881-82. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Kingsley, Charles. qEaga Kay 

Heroes; or, Greek fairy tales for my children. 1885. Perkins In- 
stitution for the Blind. 

Binder's title reads "Greek heroes." 

Fiske, John. qE34a.7 F54 

Civil government in the United States, considered with some refer- 
ence to its origins. 2v. 1891. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Poulsson, Emilie. qE37a.a P86 

In the child's world; morning talks and stories for kindergartens, 
primary schools and homes, v.3. 1895. Perkins Institution for the 


Parrington, Margaret Vere, afterward Mrs Livingston. qEagS Fas 

Talcs of King Arthur and his knights of the Round Table. 1892, 
Amcr. Printing House for the Blind. 

Lodge, Henry Cabot, comp, qEagS L76 

Twelve popular tales. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Contents: Jack the Giant-killer. — Jack and the bean-stalk. — Little Red Riding- 
Hood. — Puss in boots. — The sleeping beauty. — Cinderella. — Bluebeard. — Hop-o-My- 
Thnmb. — Beauty and the beast — The princess and the nuts. — Fortunatus. — History of 
Sir R. Whittington and his cat 


Trench, Richard Chenevix, abp, of Dublin. qE4aa Tya 

On the study of words. 1884. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Wisconsin Institution for the Education of the E438.1 W8z 

Blind, Janesville. 

Spelling lessons based upon those of McGuffesr's new eclectic spell- 
ing-book, v.i. 1876. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Natural science. Useful arts 

Huxley, Thomas Henry. qEsoa H98 

Science primers; introductory. i88a Perkins Institution for the 

Lockyer, Sir Joseph Norman. qEsao L76 

Astronomy. 1881. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. (Science 

Proctor, Richarid Anthony. qE520.4 P96 

Series of essays on the wonders of the firmament. 1874. Amer. 
Printing House for the Blind. 

Tyndall, John. qEsas T98 

Notes on light and electricity. 1878. Amer. Printing House for the 

Nichols, James Robinson. qE540.4 N31 

Chapters from Fireside science. 1881. Amer. Printing House for 
the Blind. 

Kmgsley, Charles. qEssi Ka7 

Madam How and Lady Why; or, First lessons in earth lore for 
children. 1890. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

qE5904 S46 
Selected chapters from A world of wonders; or, Marvels in animate & 
inanimate nature. 1882. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Qleason, Mrs Cora D. comp. E646 G47 

Handbook of crochet. 1893. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 



Marx, Adolf Bernhard. qEySo M43 

Universal school of music; a manual for teachers and students in 
every branch of musical art; tr. from the German by A. H. Wehran, 
comp. by D. D. Wood. 2v. 1877. National Assoc, for Pub. Musical 
and Literary Works for the Blind. 

International Musical Commission. E78X.9 Ia4 

Musical notation for the blind; Braille system, as arranged by the 
International commission and confirmed by the Congress of Cologne, 
1888. 1891. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 


Hill, Adams Sherman. qE8o8 H55 

Principles of rhetoric and their application. 1881. Amer. Printing 
House for the Blind. 

Selections for declamation. 1878. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

q£8o8.8 S79 
Star reader (3d-6th), from Butler's New readers, by permission of John 
P. Morton & Co. 4v. 1883-84. Amer. Printing House for the Blind 

Chapin, William. qESioS C36 

Compendium of American literature, embracing choice selections 
from eminent authors and statesmen. 1879. Amer. Printing House 
for the Blind. 

Lawrence, Eugene. qE8io^ L4a 

Primer of American literature. 1881. Amer. Printing House for the 

Longfellow, Henry Wads worth. qE8ix USm 

Song of Hiawatha. 1888. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Irving, Washington. q£8i7 IflSt 

Sketch-book of Geoffrey Crayon, gent. 2v. 1901-02. Perkins Insti- 
tution for the Blind. 

Byron, George Gordon Noel, lord. qE8ai Bg/gfa 

Hebrew melodies, and Childe Harold; printed at the expense of 
Hon. J. C. Gray. 1871. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Byron, George Gordon Noel, lord. qE^ax B99 

Poetry; selected and arranged by Matthew Arnold. 1884. Perkins 
Institution for the Blind. 

Milton, John. qE8az M7XP 

Paradise lost. 2v. 1879. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 


Milton, John. qESaz Myz 

Paradise regained, L'allegro, II penseroso, Lycidas, Comus, Sam- 
son Agonistes, and Christmas hymn. 1892. Perkins Institution for 
the Blind. 

Scott, Sir Walter. qESaz S43 

Lay of the last minstrel, with 37 other poems. 1884. Perkins In- 
stitution for the Blind. 

Tennyson, Alfred, lord, qESaz Tagid 

Idylls of the king. 1892. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Tennyson, Alfred, lord, qE^az Tagi 

In memoriam, Enoch Arden and other poems. 1881. Perkins In- 
ititution for the Blind. 

Wordsworth, William. qESaz W89 

Selections from [his] poetical works. 1891. Perkins Institution for 
the Blind. 

qESaz^ P74 
Poetry for every-day reading. 1883. Amer. Printing House for the 

Goldsmith, Oliver. qESaa G58 

She stoops to conquer; a comedy. 1882. Amer. Printing House for 

the Blind. 

OliTcr Goldsmith, by T. B. Macaulay, p.3-i7* 

Shskespeare, William. S71 

Hamlet, with introduction by H. N. Hudson. 1895. Perkins Institu- 
tion for the Blind. 

Shakespeare, William. qESaa-aa Tzi 

Julius Caesar, with introduction by H. N. Hudson. 1895. Perkins 
Institution for the Blind. 

8hakeq>eare, William. Wsx 

King Henry the Fifth, with biographical sketch by W. M. Rossetti. 
1886. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Shakespeare, William. Tax 

King Lear; printed in raised letters. 1871. Amer. Printing House 
for the Blind. 

Shakespeare, William. Psx 

Merchant of Venice, with introduction by H. N. Hudson. 1893. 
Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Shakespeare, William. P7x 

Midsummer night's dream; printed in raised letters. 1870. Amer. 
Printing House for the Blind. 

Shakespeare, William. Usx 

Romeo and Juliet. 1885. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 


Bacon, Francis. q£8a4 B13 

Essays; or, Counsels, civil and moral. 1888. Amer. Printing House 
for the Blind. 

Carlyle, Thomas. qESa4 Csx 

Essays on Burns, Scott and Goethe. 1907. Perkins Institution for 
the Blind. 

Carlyle, Thomas. q£8a4 C210 

On heroes, hero-worship and the heroic in history. 2v. 1892. 
Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Binder's title reads "Heroes and hero-worship." 

Macaulay, Thomas Babington, lord. qE8a4 M12 

Essays on John Milton, History, and Samuel Johnson. 1891. Amcr. 
Printing House for the Blind. 

Ruskin, John. qE8a4 R89 

Sesame and lilies; three lectures. 1892. Perkins Institution for the 


Contents: Of IdngB' treasuries.— Of queens' gardens. — Of the mystery of life. 


Fables for children. 1877. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 


Duniy, Victor. QB909 D94 

General history of the world; tr. from the French, thoroughly re- 
vised by E. A. Grosvenor. 4v. 1903-04. Perkins Institution for the 

Schmitz, Leonhard. qFIgay S55 

History of Rome. 1880. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Schmitz, Leonhard. qEgaS Stf 

History of Greece, with an appendix giving a sketch of the history 
of Greece from B. C. 146 to the accession of King George, 1862, by A. 
Gennadios. 1880. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Freeman, Edward Augustus. QS940 Fgx 

History of Europe [to 1878]. 1881. Perkins Institution for the 

Dickens, Charles. 4^943 D55 

Child's history of England. 2v. 1872-73. Perkins Institution for 
the Blind. 

V.I. England from the ancient times to the reign of Henry the Sixth. 
V.2. England from the reign of Henry the Sixth to the revolution of 1688. 

Green, John Richard, ed. qE942 G68 

Readings from English history. 1882. Amer. Printing House for 
the Blind. 


Irving, Washington. qE946.8 Ia8 

Chronicle of the conquest of Granada from the mss. of Fray An- 
tonio Agapida. 3v. 1887. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Irving, Washington. ^£953 laS 

Successors to Mahomet. 2v. 1886. Amer. Printing House for the 

Higginson, Thomas Wentworth. q£973 H53 

Young folks' history of the United States. Ed.2, rev. expressly for 
the use of the blind. 1880. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Wright, Henrietta Christian. <l£^73 W93 

Children's stories of American progress. 1889. Amer. Printing 
House for the Blind. 

John. qE973.3 F54 

War of independence [1750-1789]; reprinted by permission of the 
author and with the consent of Houghton, Mifflin &. Co., pub. 1893. 
Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

M'Clung, John Alexander. qE977 Mz3 

Sketches of western adventure. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Hall, Mary Lucy. qE^io H17 

Our world; or, First lessons in geography for children. 1883. Amer. 
Printing House for the Blind. 

Irving, Washington. qE9i4.6 I28 

Alhambra. 2v. 1897. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 


Plutarch. qE920 P72 

Selections from the Boys' and girls' Plutarch; being parts of the 
"Lives" of Plutarch; ed. for boys and girls by J. S. White. 1884. Amer. 
Printing House for the Blind. 

Mitchell, Donald Grant. qE928 M74 

About old story-tellers, of how and when they lived and what stories 
they told. 1882. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Thackeray, William Makepeace. q£9a8 T33 

Lectures on the English humorists of the i8th century. 2v. 1882. 

Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

The same, 2v. in i qE9a8 T33a 

Ltncohi, Abraham. £92 L715C 

[Chittenden, Lucius Eugene.] President Lincoln and the sleeping 
sentinel. 1891. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Scott, Sir Walter. qE92 S43ih 

Hutton, Richard Holt. Sir Walter Scott. 1886. Amer. Printing 
House for the Blind. (English men of letters.) 


Washington, George. qEga Wayaai 

Irving, Washington. Washington and his country; Irving's Life of 
Washington, abridged for the use of schools, with introduction and 
continuation, giving a brief outline of United States history from the 
discovery of America to the end of the Civil war, by John Fiskc. 3J, 
1888. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 


Burnett, Mrs Frances (Hodgson). qEBg^^ 

Little Lord Fauntleroy. Perkins Institutioi) for the Blind. 

Burnett, Mrs Frances (Hodgson). qEB934S 

Sara Crewe; or, What happened at Miss Minchin's. Amer. Printing 
House for the Blind. 

Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de. qEC334i 

Ingenious gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha; John Ormsby's 
translation (abridged). 3v. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Dickens, Charles. qEDssxt 

Tale of two cities. 3v. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Ewing, Mrs Juliana Horatia. qEE974f3 

Story of a short life. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Fancies of child-life. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. qEFai6 

Hale, Edward Everett. qEHisgi 

In His name; a story of the Waldenses 700 years ago; stereotyped 
and printed for the Society for Providing Evangelical Religious Litera- 
ture for the Blind. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Harte, Bret. BHaxgq 

Queen of the pirate isle. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. qEH367t 

Twice-told tales. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Contents: The gray champion. — Sunday at home. — ^The Maypole of Merry Mount 
— The gentle boy. — Mr Higginbotham's catastrophe. — Wakefield. — ^The great carimnele. 
— Dr Heidegger's experiment. — ^The village uncle. — Peter Goldthwaite's treasure.— 
Endicott and the red cross. — The ambitious guest. — The threefold destiny. 

[Heady, Morrison.] qEH384b 


Kingsley, Charles. qEKayah 

Hypatia; or, New foes with an old face; a novel. 3v. Perkins In- 
stitution for the Blind. 

Mackamess, Mrs Matilda Anne (Planche). qEMzgSw 

A trap to catch a sunbeam. Amer. Printing House for the Blind 
Bound with Macleod's "Wee Davie." 

Macleod, Norman, 1812-72. qEMzgSw 

Wee Davie. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 
With this is bound Mrs Mackamess's "A trap to catch a sunbeam." 


Page, Thomas Nelson. qEPi45t 

Two little Confederates. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Richards, Mrs Laura Elizabeth (Howe). qER4Zic 

Captain January, and other short stories. Perkins Institution for 
the Blind. 

Other stories: Little Patience. — Sisters. — Our father. — Julia Ward. 

Richmond, Legh. qER4a6d 

The dairyman's daughter; an authentic narrative. Amer. Printing 

House for the Blind. 

Printed and stereotyped for the Society for Providing Evangelical Religious Litera- 
ture for the Blind. 

Raskin, John. ERSggk 

King of the Golden river; or. The black brothers; a legend of 
Stiria. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Scott, Sir Walter. qES^aiqa 

Quentin Durward, with a historical introduction by C. M. Yonge. 
2v. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Taylor, Bayard. qETaszb 

Boys of other countries. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Thackeray, William Makepeace. qETasah 

History of Henry Esmond, esq. 3v. Perkins Institution for the 

WaUacc, Lewis. ' qEWiye 

Ben-Hur; a tale of the Christ. 4v. Amer. Printing House for the 

Wiggin, Mrs Kate Douglas, afterward Mrs Riggs. EW688c 

A Christmas dinner. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Taken from her ''Birds' Christmas Carol." 

\^gin, Mrs Kate Douglas, afterward Mrs Riggs. qEW688r3 

Rebecca of Sunnybrook farm. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Wiggin, Mrs Kate Douglas, afterward Mrs Riggs. EW688st2 

Story of Patsy. Perkins Institution for the Blind. 

Moon type 

Bible— Whole. qEaao.5 B47ho 

[Holy Bible, containing the Old and New testaments.] Spv. [Moon's 

V.I -2. Genesis. 

▼.3-4. Exodus. 

v.5-6. Leviticus. 

v.7-8. Numbers. 

V.9-10. Deuteronomy. 

V.I I. Joshua. 

V.I 2. Judges. 

V.I 3. Ruth. — Ecclesiastes. — Song of Solomon. — Lamentations. 

V.I 4-1 7. Samuel. 


Bible — Whole — continued, qSaacs B47ho 

V.I 8-2 1. Kings. 
y.22-2s. Chronicles. 
V. a6. Ezra. — Nehemiah . 
y.27. Nehemiah (continued). — Esther. 
V.28. Job. 
V. 29-3 1. Psalms. 
V.32. Proverbs. 
v.33-34- Isaiah. 
V- 35-37* Jeremiah. 
V. 38-40. Ezeldel. 
V.41. Daniel. 

V.42. Hosea. — ^Joel. — Amos. — Obadiah. 

V.43. Jonah. — Micah. — Nahum. — Habakkuk. — Zephaniah. — Haggai. — Zechariah.— 

y. 44-46. Matthew. 

V.47. Mark. 

y.48-49. Luke. 

V.S0-51. John. 

V. 52-53. Acts. 

¥.54. Romans. 

V.S5. Corinthians. 

v.s6. Galatians. — Ephesians. — Philippians. — Colossians. 

V.57. Thessalonians. — Timothy. — Titus. — Philemon. 

V. 58. Hebrews. — ^James. — Peter. — ^John. — ^Jude. 

V.59. Revelation. 

Common prayer, Book of. £265 C73 

Order for the administration of the Lord's supper or holy com- 
munion. Moon's Soc. 

Natural history, v.7-8. <l£595*79 N15 

v. 7. The bee. 
v.8. The ant. 

Whittier, John Grcenleaf. E811 W66 

Snowbound; a winter's idyl. [1907. Moon's Soc] 

Hemans, Mrs Felicia Dorothea (Browne). E^ax H43 

A selection of poems, v.i. Moon's Soc. 

History of England, v.7. <1^49 H6a 

Cooter, Eliza. E92 Cygam 

[Moon, William.] Eliza Cooter, in type for the blind. [1882.] 
Moon's Soc. 

Metcalf, John, 1 7 17- 1 810. Ega M645 

John Metcalf [biography]. 

New York point 


qEosi M47a 

Matilda Ziegler magazine for the blind; monthly, March 1907-date. 
v.i-date. [1907-date.] 


Philosophy. Religion 

Dresser, Horatio Willis. qEiyo D8z 

Living by the spirit. 1902. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Smiles, Samuel. qEzyo S64 

Selections from "Character." 2v. 1899. Amer. Printing House for 
the Blind. 

Keller, Helen Adams. qEzyo^ Kz6 

Optimism; an essay; stereotyped and printed for the New York 
State Library by gift of Nina Rhodes. 1904. Amer. Printing House 
for the Blind. 

Bible— Whole. qEaao.5 B47h 

Holy Bible, containing the Old and New testaments; tr. out of the 
original tongues and with the former translations diligently compared 
and revised. 11 v. 1895. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Bible — Old testament. Psalms. qEaaa.a B47 

Book of Psalms; tr. out of the original Hebrew and with former 
translations diligently compared and revised. 1886. Amer. Printing 
House for the Blind. 

Stalker, James. qEaaa S78 

Life of Jesus Christ, with an introduction by G. C. Lorimer; printed 
for the Society for Providing Evangelical Religious Literature for the 
Blind. 1890. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Wait, William Bell, comp. qEa45 Wz4 

Hymn book; comp. for the use of the blind. 2v. 1891. Amer. 
Printing House for the Blind. 

I^oman Catholic church. qEa48 R65 

Manual of prayers; comp. from authentic sources. 1901. Catholic 
Free Publication Soc. for the Blind. 

Xa Sizeranne, Maurice de. qEayz.g L34 

Blind sisters of St. Paul; authorized translation by F. M. Leggatt, 

stereotyped and printed for the New York State Library. 2v. in 4. 

1909. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. (International Catholic 


Gibbons, James, cardinal. qEa8a G36 

Faith of our fathers; being a plain exposition and vindication of the 
church founded by our Lord Jesus Christ. 2v. 1895. Amer. Printing 
House for the Blind. 



Roosevelt, Theodore. qE304 R68 

Strenuous life; essays and addresses; stereotyped and printed for the 
New York State Library. 2v. 1903. Amer. Printing House for the 

Taft, William Howard. qB304 Tx3 

Present day problems; a collection of addresses delivered on various 
occasions; stereotyped and printed for the New York State Library. 
2v. in 4- 1909. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Johnston, Alexander. <l^Z^9 JZ^ 

History of American politics. 2v. 1897. Amer. Printing House for 
the Blind. 

qE342.7 D36 
Declaration of independence and Constitution of the United States. 
1887. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Keller, Helen Adams. qE37X.9 Kx6 

Correct training of a blind child; stereotyped and printed for the 

New York State Library. 1909. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

New York point primer. qEsya^ Na6 

Smiles, Samuel. qE374 S64 

Self-help. 3v. in 6. 1885. Amer. Printing House for the Blind 

Arabian nights' entertainments. qB398 A65 

Arabian nights' entertainments. Amer. Printing House for the 

Natural science 

Gage, Alfred Payson. qE530 0x3 

Textbook on the elements of physics, for high school academies. 
3v. in 6. 1889. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Fine arts 

Wait, William Bell. qEySi^ W14 

Practical system of tangible musical notation; point writing and 

printing for the use of the blind. 1882. Amer. Printing House for the 


The same qEySLg Wi4a 

New York type with explanations in line type. 


Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth. qE8xx L82 

Selections from the poetical works of H. W. Longfellow. 1883. 
Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 


Tabb, John Banister. q£8ii Txz 

Selections from the poetical works of J. B. Tabb [contained in] 
"Child verse," "Lyrics," "Later lyrics," and "Poems;" stereotyped and 
printed for the New York State Library. 1910. Amer. Printing House 
for the Blind. 

Peabody, Josephine Preston. qE8i2 P33 

The piper; a play in four acts. 191 1. Amer. Printing House for the 

Emerson, Ralph Waldo. qE8i4 E58 

Essays. 2v. in 4. 1909. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Keller, Helen Adams. q£8z4 Kz6 

The world I live in; stereotyped and printed for the New York State 
Library. 1908. Amer. Printing House "for the Blind. 


Irving, Washington. qESiy I28 

Sketch-book of Geoffrey Crayon, gent. 3v. in 5. 1884. Amer. 

Printing House for the Blind. 

The same. 3v. 1885 qESiy Ia8a2 

Tennyson, Alfred, lord. qE8ai Tag 

Gareth and Lynette, from the "Idylls of the king." 1909. Amer. 
Printing House for the Blind. 

Ljrtton, Edward George Earle Lytton Bulwer-, baron. qESaa L99 

Richelieu; or, The conspiracy, in five acts. 1898. Amer. Printing 
House for the Blind. 

PhUlips, Stephen. ' qE8aa P51 

Paolo and Francesca; a tragedy in four acts. 1904. Amer. Printing 
House for the Blind. 

[Shakespeare, William.] qE82a.33 Q3 

Taming of the shrew. 

Title-page wanting. 

Addison, Joseph. • qE^a4 A22 

Sir Roger de Coverley, with prefatory and explanatory notes from 
Maynard's English classic series. 1895. Amer. Printing House for the 

Bacon, Francis. qE^a4 Bi3a 

Essays, civil and moral, with prefatory and explanatory notes from 
Maynard's English classic series. 1895. Amer. Printing House for the 

De Quincey, Thomas. qE^a4 D44 

English mail coach; ed. for study by R. A. Witham. 1909. Amer. 
Printing House for the Blind. 

Specutor. qE8a4 S74 

Selections from the Spectator, with introduction and notes from edi- 
tion of Osmund Airy, H. M. inspector of schools, from Maynard's 
English classic series. 1895. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 


Stevenson, Robert Louis. qE8a4 SS4 

Virginibus puerisque, and other papers; stereotyped and printed for 
the New York State Library. 2v. 1907. Amer. Printing House for the 

History. Travel 

Parkman, Francis. q£97z Pa4 

Count Frontenac and New France under Louis XIV. 6v. 1901. 
Amer. Printing House for the Blind. (France and England in North 
America, pt.s.) . 

Eggleston, Edward. 4^73 ^35 

Stories of American life and adventure; third reader grade. 1897. 
Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Parkman, Francis. QE973.X Pa4 

Pioneers of France in the New World. 6v. 1905. Amer. Printing 
House for the Blind. (France and England in North America, pt.i.) 

Parkman, Francis. qE973.a Pa4C 

Conspiracy of Pontiac. 3v. in 6. 1901. Amer. Printing House for 
the Blind. 

Parkman, Francis. qE973.a Pa4 

La Salle and the discovery of the great West. 2v. 1902. Amer. 
Printing House for the Blind. 

Slocum, Joshua. qEgxo^ S63 

Sailing alone around the world; stereotyped and printed for the 
New York State Library. 2v. 1901. Amer. Printing House for the 

qEgio^ T42 
Three years behind the guns; the true chronicles of a "diddy-box," by 
L. G. T.; stereotyped and printed for the New York State Library. 191a 

Hale, Edward Everett, ed. qEgzo^ Hx5 

Stories of adventure told by adventurers. 2v. 1885. Amer. Printing 

House for the Blind. 

Clement, Ernest Wilson. qEgis^a C56 

Handbook of modern Japan; thoroughly revised and brought down 
to date, with an additional chapter on the Russo-Japanese war, stereo- 
typed and printed for the New York State Library. 2v. in 4. 1906. 
Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Thoreau, Henry David. qE9Z74Z T39 

Maine woods. 2v. in 4. 1905. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Parkman, Francis. qE9X7.8 P84 

Oregon trail; sketches of prairie and Rocky mountain life, stereo- 
typed and printed for the New York State Library. 2v. in 4. Amer. 
Printing House for the Blind. 



Lord, John. qEgao L86 

Middle ages. 4v. 1908. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Being v. 5 of his "Beacon lights of history." 

Lord, John. qEgao L86r 

Renaissance and reformation. 4v. 1910. Amer. Printing House for 
the Blind. 

Being v.6 of his ''Beacon lights of history.*' 

Joan of Arc. qEga Jaagd 

De Quinccy, Thomas. Joan of Arc; ed. for study by R. A. Witham. 
1909. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Keller, Helen Adams. qEga KX65 

Story of my life, with her letters (1887-1901) and a supplementary 
account of her education, including the passages from the reports and 
letters of her teacher, A. M. Sullivan, by J. A. Macy; stereotyped and 
printed for the New York State Library, av. in 4. 1903. Amer. Print- 
ing House for the Blind. 

Lee, Gen, Robert Edward. qEga L5a6w 
White, Henry Alexander. Robert E. Lee and the Southern con- 
federacy, 1807-1870. 3v. in 5. 1905. Amer. Printing House for the 

Napoleon I, emperor of the French, qEga Nzagm 

Morris, William O'Connor. Napoleon, warrior and ruler, and the 
military supremacy of revolutionary France. 2v. in 4. 1905. . Amer. 
Printing House for the Blind. 

Palmer, Mrs Alice (Freeman). qEga Pig4P 

Palmer, George Herbert. Alice Freeman Palmer; stereotyped and 
printed for the New York State Library. 4v. 1910. Amer. Printing 
House for the Blind. 

Riis, Jacob August. qEga R457 

Making of an American; stereotyped and printed by the New York 
State Library. 2v. in 4. 1902. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Schurz, Carl. qEga S3g4r 

Reminiscences of Carl Schurz. 6v. 1910. Amer. Printing House for 
the Blind. 

Washington, Booker Taliaferro. qEga Waya 

Up from slavery; an autobiography; stereotyped and printed by 
New York State Library. 2v. 1903. Amer. Printing House for the 


Akott, Louisa May. qEA355o 

Old-fashioned girl; stereotyped and printed for the New York State 
Library. 2v. in 4. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 


Allen, James Lane. qElA4a7k 

Kentucky cardinal; a story. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Blackmore, Richard Doddridge. qEBsiGl 

Lorna Doone. lov. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Cobum, Mrs Eleanor Hallowell (Abbott). qEC638m 

Molly Make-believe. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Cooper, James Fenimore. qECySyl 

Last of the Mohicans; a narrative of 1757. 3v. in 6. Amer. Printing 
House for the Blind. 

Cooper, James Fenimore. qECySyp 

Pilot; a tale of the sea, with an introduction by S. F. Cooper. 2v. 
in 4. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Crawford, Francis Marion. qEC874T 

Via crucis; a romance of the second crusade; stereotyped and printed 
for the New York State Library. 2v. in 4. Amer. Printing House for 
the Blind. 

Dickens, Charles. qEDssxd 

Personal history and experiences of David Copperfield. 6v. in 12. 
Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Dickens, Charles. qEDssita 

Tale of two cities. 6v. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Eliot, George, (pseud, of Mrs Mary Ann (Evans) Cross). qEE476in 

Middlemarch; a story of provincial life. 5v. in 10. Amer. Printing 
House 'for the Blind. 


Eliot, George, (pseud, of Mrs Mary Ann (Evans) Cross). qEE476mi 

Mill on the Floss, sv. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Eliot, George, (pseud, of Mrs Mary Ann (Evans) Cross). qEE476t 

Silas Marner, the weaver of Raveloe; stereotyped and printed for 

the New York State Library. 2v. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

France, Anatole, (pseud, of Jacques Anatole Thibault). qEF86xc 

Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard. 2v. Amer. Printing House for the 

Glasgow, Ellen. qEG465b 

The battleground; stereotyped and printed for the New York State 
Library. 2v. in 4. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Goldsmith, Oliver. qEGsSSv 

Vicar of Wakefield, with a preface by Austin Dobson. 2v. Amer. 
Printing House for the Blind. 

Harland, Henry, (pseud. Sidney Luska). qEHa74m 

My friend Prospero; a novel, stereotyped and printed for the New 
York State Library. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. qBH367li 

House of the seven gables. 2v. in 4. Amer. Printing House for the 


Henry, O. {pseud, of Sydney Porter). qEH45a8 

Selections from works. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

La Motte-Fouqu^, Friedrich Heinrich Karl, baton de. qELi94u 

Undine; a talc. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Lee, Mrs Jennette Barbour (Perry). q£L5a4ua 

Uncle William, the man who was shifless; stereotyped and printed 

for the New York State Library. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Loomis, Charles Battell. qELSszs 

Selections from "Cheerful Americans" and "Little Maude and her 
mama;" stereotyped and printed for the New York State Library. 
Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Montgomery, Lucy Maud. q£M864a 

Anne of Green Gables; stereotyped and printed for the New York 
State Library. 3v. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Muir, John. qEMgsaa 

Adventure with a dog and a glacier. Amer. Printing House for the 

OUivant, Alfred. q£0234b 

Bob, son of Battle; stereotyped and printed for the New York State 
Library. 2v. in 4. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Richards, Mrs Laura Elizabeth (Howe). qER4iic3 

Captain January. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Richards, Mrs Laura Elizabeth (Howe). qER4iiw 

Wooing of Calvin Parks; stereotyped and printed for the New York 
State Library. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Itichmond, Legh. qER4a6da 

The dairyman's daughter; an authentic narrative. Amer. Printing 
House for the Blind. 

Printed and stereotyped for the Society for Providing Evangelical Religious Litera- 
ture for the Blind. 

Scott, Sir Walter. qES43zk 

Kenilworth (condensed), with introduction and notes by William 
Gilliat, from Maynard's English classic series. Amer. Printing House 
for the Blind. 

Scott, Sir Walter. qES43iq 

Quentin Durward. 3v. in 6. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Sherwood, Margaret Pollock, {pseud. Elizabeth Hastings). qES554d 
Daphne; an autumn pastoral; stereotyped and printed by the New 
York State Library. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Smith, Francis Hopkinson. qES647C 

Colonel Carter of Cartersville; stereotyped and printed for the New 
York State Library. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 


Stevenson, Robert Louis. qESSiSt 

Treasure island; stereotyped and printed by the New York State 
Library. 2v. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Stockton, Frank Richard. qES866b 

Buller-Podington compact, from "Afield and afloat;" stereotyped 
and printed for the New York State Library. Amer. Printing House 
for the Blind. 

Thackeray, William Makepeace. qETassha 

History of Henry Esmond, esq. 6v. Amer. Printing House for the 

Twain, Mark, {pseud, of Samuel Langhorne Clemens). qETSgyaa 

Adventures of Tom Sawyer. 2v. Amer. Printing House for the 

Watson, John Maclaren, {pseud. Ian Maclaren). qEWsaxb 

Beside the bonnie brier bush. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Wiggin, Mrs Kate Douglas, afterward Mrs Riggs. qEW688n 

New chronicles of Rebecca. 2v. Amer. Printing House for the 

Wiggin, Mrs Kate Douglas, afterward Mrs Riggs. qEW688r 

Rebecca of Sunnybrook farm; stereotyped and printed for the New 
York State Library. 2v. Amer. Printing House for the Blind. 

Wister, Owen. qEWSzgv 

The Virginian, a horseman of the plains; stereotyped and printed 
for the New York State Library. 3v. in 6. Amer. Printing House for 
the Blind. 


Author Index 

Call number 

A., P. Apsakinejimai apic zem§ 530 Ai i . 

Pasikalbejimai apie dangg ir zem^ 520 Ai i . 

A B C of swimming 796.95 Ai i . 

A. L. A. See Amer. Lib. Assoc. 

Aa, A. J. van der. Biographisch woordenboek der 

Nederlanden. 27V r920 An. 

Aarets antologi 839.8 Ai i . 

Aaronson, M. Ghetto songs. (Yiddish text.). ..892.51 An. 

Aars, K. B. Gut und bose qi7i A114. 

Abba, G. C. Le Alpi 914.5 A12. 

Da Quarto al Volturno 945 A12, 

Storia dei Mille narrata ai giovinetti 945 Ai2s. 

Uomini e soldati 858 A12. 

La vita di Nino Bixio 92 B499a . 

Abbadie, J. L'art de se connoitre soi-mesme ri7i A12. 

Abbey, C.J. English church and its bishops. 2V..283 A12. 

Abbot, A. History of Andover [Mass.] r974.4 Assa. 

Abbot, E. List of photograph dealers r779 A12. 

Abbot, F. E. Syllogistic philosophy. 2v 191 A12. 

Abbot, W.J. Battle fields and camp fires 973-7 Ai2b. 

Battle-fields and victory 973-7 Ai2ba . 

Battle-fields of '61 973-7 A12. 

Naval history of the U. S 973 A12 

A.l>bott, C C. Outings at odd times 570.4 A130, 

bott, D. P. Behind the scenes with the mediums.. 133 A13. 

bott, E. Women in industry 331-4 A13. 

A.l>bott, E. A. Silanus the Christian 232 A13 . 

"The Son of man" 232 A13S. 

A.l>l)ott, Eleanor H. See Coburn, Mrs E. H. (Abbott). 

At>l)ott, Ernest H. On the training of parents 173 A131 . 

A.l>l)Ott, F. F. Roman political institutions 342.37 A13. 

Society and politics in ancient Rome 9^3-37 A13. 

-^t^lott, G. D. Mexico and the U. S 972 A13. 

A.t>|)ott, G. F. Greece in evolution 914-95 A 13 . 

Israel in Europe 296 A13. 

"^^bott, J. Primer of ethics 170 A13. 

^^bott, J. H. M. South seas (Melanesia) J919.3 A13. 

"^t^bott, J. S. C. Christopher Columbus 92 C727ab . 

The same J92 C727a . 

History of Napoleon Bonaparte. 2v q92 Ni29a. 

Life of John Paul Jones J92 J41 la . 

Peter Stuyiresant 92 S938a. 



. Page 

..6: 750 

..6: 734 

..7: 1484 

. .8: 2402 


























: 186 


: 2264 








: 849 









..6: 168 

..6: 477 

. . 7 : 2062 


..7: 2176 

..6: 323 

..6: 130 

"7' 2376 

..8: 2496 








Call number 
Abbott, K. See Fiction, v.7, p. 1733. 

Abbott, K. M. Old paths and legends of the New 

England border 917.4 A130. 

Abbott, L. Christ's secret of happiness 170.4 A13 . 

Ethical teachings of Jesus 232 A132. 

The home builder 173 A132. 

Seeking after God 231 A13S. 

Spirit of democracy 321.8 A13 . 

The temple 242 Ai3t. 

Abbott, T. O. Road rights of motorists 629.107 A13. 

The same r629.i07 A13. 

Abd el Ardavan, pseud. See French, H. W. 

Abegg, R. Electrolytic dissociation theory 541.8 A13. 

Abel, Mrs M. H. Care of food in the home 643 A14. 

Abendschein, A. Secret of the old masters 75i.i A14. 

Abgar-Sohan, pseud. See Fiction, v.7, p. 1932. 

Abhedananda, swami. Die philosophie des wirkens.. 170.4 A14. 

Abingdon, W. Bertie, earl of. Letter of Burke on 

the affairs of America r973.3 A14 . 

Abonyi, A. See Fiction, v.7, p.2002. 

Abrahams, E. B. Greek dress 391 A15 . 

Abrahams, I. Short history of Jewish literature. .892.4 A15S. 
Abramovitz, S. J. Call to military service. (Yid- 
dish text.) 892.52 Ai6ca. 

The crazy Yisrolik. (Yiddish text.) 892.53 Ai6cr. 

Fischke, the lame. (Yiddish text.) 892.53 A16. 

Last writings of Mendele Mokher Sforim. (Yid- 
dish text.) 892.53 A16L 

The little man. (Yiddish text.) 892.53 Ai6kl. 

The magic wand. (Yiddish text.) 892.53 Ai6w. 

The nag. (Yiddish text.) 892.53 Ai6k. 

Narrative of the travels of Benjamin IIL (Yid- 
dish text.) 892.57 A16. 

An old story. (Yiddish text.) 892.53 A160. 

Perek Sirah. (Yiddish text.) 892.51 Ai6a. 

Sheloime reb Chajjim's. (Yiddish text.) .. ..892.53 Ai6s2. 

The same. (Yiddish text.) 892.53 Ai6s. 

The taxes (meat-tax). (Yiddish text.) 892.53 Ai6m. 

Works. (Yiddish text.) 892.53 Ai6c. 

Yudel. (Yiddish text.) 892.51 A16. 

The same. (Yiddish text.) 892.53 Ai6s. 

Abranyi, E. Koltemenyei 894.51 A16. 

Abu Hamid Muhammad, Al-Ghazzali. See Ghazzali. 

Academy notes; monthly qr705 A16. 

Acheson, A. Shakespeare and the rival poet .... 822.33 Y74. 
Acheson, A. W. History of the Acheson family .. r929.2 A17. 

Vol. Page 






















1 150 



6: 118 


6: 649 
7: 1715 

7: 1720 





7: 1281 
7: 1591 


Call number Vol. Page 

Acheson, E. G. A pathfinder, discovery, invention 

and industry 92 A177 8:2461 

Ackermann, A. S. E. Popular fallacies 504 A18 6: 715 

The same 1^504 A18 6: 715 

Ackermann, G. C. B. Christian element in Plato. . 184 P68za. . . .6: 182 

Ackermann, R. Microcosm of London. 3v.. ..qr9i4.2i A18.. . .7: 2105 

Acland, Sir T. D. Knowledge, duty and faith 104 A18 6: 88 

Acqua, C. dell*. San Michele Maggiore in Pavia..qb726 A18.. ..7: 1333 

Acsady, I. A magyar birodalom tortenete. 2v. . .q943.9 A18 7: 2121 

A magyar jobbagysag tortenete 943-9 Ai8m 7: 2121 

Acton. J. E. E. Dalberg, baron. Historical essays 

& studies 904 A18. . . .7: 2024 

History of freedom 904 Ai8h 7: 2024 

Lectures on the French revolution 944.04 A18. . . .7: 2126 

Lord Acton and his circle 92 A188I.. . .8: 2461 

Adam, C. La philosophic en France 194 A21 6: 192 

Adam, G. M. Spain and Portugal 909 L76 v.8. . . .7: 2156 

Adam, J. Religious teachers of Greece 292A19....6: 318 

Adamoli, G. Da San Martino a Mentana 945 A19 7: 2136 

Adams, A. See Fiction, v.7, p. 1733. 

Adams, C. C. Text-book of commercial geography.. 910 A2ia. . . .7: 2036 

Adams, C. Follen. Leedle Yawcob Strauss 811 A21 7:1512 

Adams, C. Francis. Genesis of the Mass. town r352 A21 ... .6: 504 

Lee's centennial r92 L5262a 8: 2560 

Some phases of the Civil war 973-7 A21 ... .7: 2264 

Three Phi Beta Kappa addresses 378 A21 . . ..6: 597 

Adams, C. H. Lessons in the gospel by John 226.5 A21 ... .6: 228 

Adams. E. H. Premium list of U. S. private and 

territorial gold coins r737 A21 .... 7 : 1363 

Adams. E. K. The aesthetic experience 150 A21 ... .6: 105 

Adams. F. D. & Coker, E. G. Elastic constants of 

rocks qr620.i32 A21 . . . .6: 976 

Adams. G. Lectures on natural and experimental 




philosophy. 5v r530 A21 6 

Adams, G. L. Decorations interieures et meubles . .qb729 A21 .... 7 
Adams. H. Letter to Amer. teachers of history. . . .907 A21 ... .7 
Adams, H. B. Summer schools and univ. extension.. 374.6 A21 ... .6 

The same 370.9 B97 v.2 . . . . 6 

The same r370.9 B97 v.2 6 

Adams, J. Exposition and illustration in teaching. .371.3 A21 . . ..6 
Adams. J. D. Lamps and shades in metal and art 

glass 749-2 A21 7 : 1388 

Adams. J. H. Harper's electricity book for boys.. 537-81 A21 6: 776 

The same J537-8i A21 6: 776 

Harper's indoor book for boys 680 A21 ... .6: 1249 

The same j68o A21 6: 1249 

Harper's machinery book for boys 621 A21 ... .6: 977 


Call number 
Adams, J. H. — continued. 

Harper's outdoor book for boys 790 A21 . 

The same J790 A21 . 

Adams, S. Writings, v.3-4 r3o8 A217. 

Adams, S. H. The great Amer. fraud 614.27 A21 . 

See also Fiction, v.7, p. 1733. 
Adams, T. S. & Sumner, H. L. Labor problems.. ..331 A21 . 

Adams, W. D. By-ways in book-land 804 A21 . 

Adams, W. H. D. Warriors of the Crescent 954 A21 . 

Witch, warlock and magician 133 A21 . 

Adams, W. I. L. Amateur photography 770 A2ia2 . 

Adams, W. J. Hints on amalgamation 669.2 A21 . 

Adams, W. P. Motor-car mechanism and man- 
agement. 2v 629.1 A21 . 

Adamson, J. W. Practice of instruction 371 A22 . 

Adamson, R. Development of Greek philosophy. .. 182 A22. 
Adamy. R. Architektonik der altchristlichen zeit . . b723.i A22 . 

Architektonik der friihrenaissance b724.i A22. 

Architektonik der Hellenen b722.8 A22 . 

Architektonik der Romer b722.7 A22. 

Architektonik des gothischen stils b723.5 A22 . 

Architektonik des muhamedanischen und ro- 

manischen stils ^723.4 A22 . 

Architektonik des orientalischen alterthums.. ..b722 A22. 

Die architektur als kunst b720.i A22. 

Adata. A. pseud, Uzburtas kunigaikstis 891.922 A22. 

Addams, J. Newer ideals of peace 304 A22n . 

Spirit of youth and the city streets 362.84 A22. 

Twenty years at Hull-house 331.85 A22. 

Addis, W. E. Hebrew religion 296 A22 . 

Addison, A. Trial of Alexander Addison r343.i A22. 

Addison, J. Sir Roger de Coverley 824 A22S2. 

The same J824 A22S . 

The same, and other essays 824 A22S3 

Addison, Mrs J. de W. (Gibbs). Art of the Dresden 

gallery 708.3 A22 . 

Arts and crafts in the middle ages 709 A22 . 

Boston Museum of Fine Arts 708.1 A22. 

Ade, G. In pastures new 817 A22i. 

See also Fiction, v.7, p. 1733. 
Adelaide, South Australia. Guide to Adelaide. ..r9i9.42 A22. 
Adelung, F. von. Sketch of Sanscrit literature. .r89i.2 A23. 

Adcney, W. F. Greek and Eastern churches 281 A23. 

Adickes, E. Charakter und Weltanschauung ri7i A23. 

Adlard, G. Amye Robsart and earl of Leycester. .r92 R559a. 
Adler, F. Essentials of spirituality 170.4 A23e . 

Moral instruction of children. (Russian text.)..377.2 A23m . 

Vol. Page 




...6: 346 

...6: 931 

...6: 396 



...6: 96. 


...6: 1235 


...6: 573 

...6: 181 

. ..7: 1326 














. 340 


: 548 


: 423 


: 323 


: 483 












. ..7:1701 

...6: 293 

...6: 136 


...6: 119 


: 595 


Call number Vol. Page 
er, H. Religion und moral 171A23....6: 136 

cr, L. Zwei vortrage zur forderung der 

humanitat 170.4 A237 6: 119 

er, N. Separate courts of justice for children.. .343.12 A23. . . .6: 485 

ersfeld, E. von. See Ballestrem, E. grafin. 

Dtnaitis. J. See Sernas, pseud. 

/ertisement Regulation Soc. See Nat. Soc. for 

Checking the Abuses of Pub. Advertising. 

/ertising & selling [monthly] r659.05 A24 6: 1191 

Y, C. M. History of Milan under the Sforza 945-2 A24 7: 2146 

f, E. Ver es arany 894-51 A24 7: 1727 

y, Mrs H. See Cartwright, J. M. 

fric, abp. of Canterbury. Homilies of the Anglo- 
Saxon church. 2v r829 A24 .... 7 : 1627 

•o Club of America. Navigating the air 533-6 A25 6: 759 

'onautics [monthly] qr533.6o5 A252 6: 763 

chylus. -^schyli Septem contra Thebas r882 A25S 7: 1692 

£schyli tragoediae. 2v r882 A25t 7: 1692 

iCschylus in English verse, v.1-2 882 A25a. . . .7: 1692 

Four plays 882 A25f 7: 1692 

House of Atreus 882 A25h 7: 1692 

I Persiani; tragedia 882 A25P 7: 1692 

Prometheus vinctus [in Greek] r882 A25pr 7: 1692 

Tragcedix. 8v r882 A25tr 7: 1693 

op. Bewick's Select fables of Msop r828 A25 7: 1623 

Fables, with designs by Bewick 888 A25a 7: 1698 

na Life Insurance Co. Elevators 621.87 A25 6: 1033 

alo, F. G. Sunset playgrounds 917-94 A25 7: 2357 

li, A. See Fiction, v.7, p.2002. 

iras. A, pseud. Astronomija 520 A26. . . .6: 734 

lew, D. H. Principles and practice of surgery. 

2v qr6i7 A27 6: 960 

>ult, M. C. S. de Flavigny, comtesse d*. Les 

journees de juin 1848 944-07 A27 7: 2128 

•esti, O. R. Giovanni Costa q92 C834a 8 : 2499 

"ippa von Nettesheim, H. C. Three books of 

occult philosophy 133 A27 6: 96 

lilar, G. Vale of cedars. (Hebrew text.) 892.43 A28 7: 1980 

lilar Free Lib. Soc, N. Y. Annual report .... r027.4 A28 6: 56 

id ha-* Am, pseud. See Ginzberg, A. 

'ens. F. Das hangende gasgliihlicht r665.952 A28 6: 121 1 

•ens, F. B. Sammlung chemischer und chemisch- 

technischer vortrage. v. 1-5 qr540.4 A28 6: 781 

stcr, F. Course of lectures on chem- 
istry r3i7.3 C86 v.13-14 6: 778 

in, J. Vocal poetry r82i.o8 A29V 7: 1565 


Call number 

Aikin, L. Life of Joseph Addison. 2v 92 A225a. 

Memoir of John Aikin. 2v 92 A292a. 

Memoirs of the court of King Charles the 

First. 2v 92 C3752ai. 

Aime-Martin, L. See Martin. 

Ainge, T. S. Sanitary sewerage of buildings 628.2 A29. 

Ainsworth, R. Abridgment of Ainsworth's dic- 
tionary r473.2 A29. 

Ainsworth, W. H. See Fiction, v.7, p. 1733, 1734. 

Aircraft [monthly] qrS33.6o5 A29. 

Aisbc. See Fiction, v.7, p. 1972. 

Aitken, G. S. Abbeys of Arbroath, Balmerino and 

Lindores qb726 A31 . 

Aitken, T. Road making and maintenance 625.7 A31 . 

Akademischer Verein Hiitte, Berlin. "Hutte." 3v..r620.8 A3ia. 

The same. 2v r620.8 A31 . 

"Hiitte" taschenbuch fiir eisenhiittenleute r669.i A31 . 

Aked, C. F. Courage of the coward 252 A31 . 

A Kempis, Thomas. See Thomas a Kempis. 

Akhun, M. Anna Grigorievna. (Yiddish text.) . .892.53 A31. 

The bell; sermons. (Yiddish text.) 252 A38. 

Akron, Ohio — Education bd. Medical inspection in 

schools r37i.7 A31 . 

Aksakov, S. T. Childhood years of Bagrov's grand- 
child. (Russian text.) 891.73 A31 . 

Family chronicles and reminiscences. (Russian 

text.) 891.73 A31S . 

Journal of an amateur sportsman. (Russian 

text.) 799 A315. 

Aksenfeld, I. The first Jewish recruit in Russia. 

(Yiddish text.) 892.52 A31. 

Alabama — Archives and history dept. Official and 

statistical register qr328.75 A31 . 

Alabama — Canebrake agric. exp. station. Bulletin..r630.6 A31 . 

Alabama — Geol. survey. Bulletin r557.6i A3ib. 

Alameda co., Cal. — Exposition com. Alameda co..r9i7.94 A318. 
Alameda co., Cal. — Louisiana Exposition com. 

Alameda co q9i7-94 A31 . 

The same qr9i7.94 A31 . 

Alanic, M. See Fiction, v.7, p.1895. 

Alarcon, P. A. de. Diario dc un testigo de la guerra 

de Africa 964 A32. 

See also Fiction, v.7, p. 19 19. 
Alas, L. See Fiction, v.7, p.1919. 

Alaska Steamship Co. Alaska Indian basketry 689 A32. 

Totem poles 970.6 A32 . 

Vol. Page 


..6: 700 
..6: 763 

..6: 1070 

..6: 972 
..6: 972 

..6: 256 

..6: 256 

..6: 579 



..7: i^ 


..6: 385 
..6: 839 



..6: 1254 


















.6: 28 

.8: 2462 
.8: 2489 

Call number 
iaux, J. £. Ueber die wandlungen der moral in 

menschengeschlecht 170.9 A32 . 

Jbach, J. R. Annals of the West 977 A32. 

Jbany (N. Y.) Chamber of Commerce. Albany.. r974.7 A32. 

Report of the secretary r38i A32 . 

.Ibany review ro52 A32 . 

Jbe, E. E. Fournier d*. See Fournier d'Albe. 

Jbee, Mrs H. (Rickey). The gleam 92 A3282a. 

Hardy plants for cottage gardens 716 A32. 

klbee, L. R. Bartlett collection; a list of books 

on angling qroi6.799 A32, 

Jbermarle, G. T. Keppel, earl of. Fifty years of 

my life 92 A328. 

Jberti, A. A. Cavour e Mazzini nel risorgimento 

italiano 92 C296a . 

Jbini, S. Bisi-. See Bisi-Albini. 

Jbinowska, J. Dom oszcz^dny 640 A33 . 

dbright, E. M. The short-story 808.3 A34. 

dbright, V. E. The Shaksperian stage 792 A34. 

dbum kobiece q89i.8 A34. 

Jbum of novels. (Yiddish text.) 892.53 A34. 

Jcock, Sir R. Capital of the Tycoon. 2v r9i5.2 A35. 

ilcolm blue book qr9i7.47i A35 . 

ilcott, A. B. Ralph Waldo Emerson 814 E58za . 

Tablets 814 A35t. 

llcott, L. M. See Fiction, v.7, p. 1734. 

dden, H. M. Magazine writing and new literature.. 804 A35, 
ilden, Mrs M. (Pearse). Child life and labour. .. .331.3 A35. 
llden, P. Hungary of to-day 914.39 A35 . 

Labour colonies in England r362.56 A35 . 

Uden, R. M. See Fiction, v.7, p. 1735. 

Uden, W. L. Domestic explosives 817 A35d . 

UdcxAon, J. C. Hand book of West Virginia.. qr5S7.54 A36. 

Udor, I. Columbus Kristof 92 C727al. 

Udrich, N. W. Address on Nat. monetary com 332 A36. 

The same r332 W21 . 

Suggested plan for monetary legislation r332 A36. 

Udrich, T. B. See Fiction, v.7, p. 1876. 

Ueardi, A. Canti di Aleardo Aleardi 851 A36C. 

Pocsic complete 851 A36. 

Uekna, A. Trumpa Kataliky baznycios istorija 282 A36. 

Uexander, A. Theory of conduct 171 A3742. 

Uexander, A. B. D. Ethics of St. Paul 171 A374. 

Short history of philosophy 109 A37. 

Vlexander, C. B. Major William Ferguson r92 F388a. 

Uexander, De A. S. Political history of the state 

of N. Y. 3v 974.7 A3752. 


: 1 142 






: 1708 


: 2002 










: 1492 


: 407 




: 548 




: 838 




: 429 


: 429 


: 429 








: 136 


: 136 


: 90 






Call number 
Alexander, E. P. Military memoirs of a Con- 
federate 973.7 A375 . 

Alexander, Mrs F. See Alexander, Mrs L. G. (Swett). 
Alexander, Georgia. First reader J372.4 A37. 

Primer J372.4 A37P . 

Second reader J808.8 A37S. 

Third reader J808.8 A37t. 

& Alexander, Grace. Fifth reader J808.8 A37. 

Fourth reader J808.8 A37f. 

Alexander, J. E. Descendants of Alexander of 

Lanarkshire r929.2 A37 . 

Alexander, J. H. Model balloons and flying ma- 
chines 533.6 A376. 

Alexander, J. M. Islands of the Pacific 266 A37a. 

Alexander, J. W. Forty years' familiar letters. 2v. .92 A376. 

Alexander, John H. Mosby's men 973-7 A37 . 

Alexander, K. B. Log of the North Shore Club. ..917.7 A37. 
Alexander, Mrs L. G. (Swett). II libro d'oro of 

names written in the Lamb's book of life.... 244 A37. 

Alexander, P. P. Moral causation 171 A3743 . 

Alexander, W. earl of Stirling. Poetical works. 3V..821 A37. 
Alexander, W. 1767-1816. Dress and manners of 

the Chinese qr39i A37 . 

Alexander, W. L. Life and writings of Ralph 

Wardlaw 92 W2i9a. 

Alexandrov, H. Leo Tolstoi. (Yiddish text.) 92 TsSSa . . 

Alfani, A. Battaglie e vittorie 174 A38. 

II carattere degl' Italiani 914-5 A385. 

See also Fiction, v.7, p. 1903. 
Alfes, B. The work of Alfes; sermons. 2v. (Yid- 
dish text.) 252 A38. 

Alfieri, V. conte. La finestrina 852 A38f . , 

Opere. 13V 852 A380.. 

Sonetti :85i A38. 

I troppi 852 A38tr . . 

L'uno 852 A38U. . 

Alford, H. dean. Essays and addresses 204 A38. . 

Life, journals and letters 92 A389. . 

Alford, L. P. Bearings and their lubrication 621.89 A38. . 

The same r62i.89 A38.. 

Alfred Smith & Son's monthly circular Qr383.S A39.. 

Al-Ghazzali, Abu Hamid Muhammad. See GhazzalL 
Alice Maud Mary, princess of Eng., grand duchess of 

Hesse-Darmstadt. Letters to queen [Victoria]. .92 A398. . 
Alighieri, Dante. See Dante Alighieri. 
Alishan, L. M. See Alishanian, G. 
Alishanian, G. Armenian popular songs 891.54 A41 . . 

Vol. Page 

.6: 586 
.6: 587 
.7: 1501 
.7: 1501 


.6: 759 
.6: 273 
.8: 2463 


.6: 251 
.6: 136 

.6: 650 

.6: 170 

..6: 256 

..6: 196 
..6: 627 





Call number 

Alison, Sir A. Essays. 3v 824 A41C. 

Lives of Lord Castlereagh and Sir Charles 

Stewart. 3v 92 L822a , 

Some account of my life and writings. 2v 92 A413. 

Allard, £. Memoria sulla intensita e portata dei 

fari qr627.9 A41 , 

Allegheny, Pa. — Controllers, Bd. of. Annual re- 
port r379.748 A42 , 

Allegheny, Pa. — Mayor. Manual of rules and regu- 
lations r352.2 A42 . 

Allegheny, Pa. — Pub. school lib. and reading room. 

Rules and regulations roi7.i A42. 

Allegheny, Pa. — Pub. schools, Supt. of. Annual 

report ; r379.748 A42 . 

Allegheny College. The Kaldron qr378.7 A42. 

Allegheny co.. Pa. Exercises at the new court 

house r974.886 A422 . 

Allegheny co.. Pa. — Controller. Annual report.. .r352.i A42. 

Allegheny Co., Pa. Bar. Memorial to the late 

Hon. J. S. Black r92 B5i3a. 

Allegheny Co., Pa. Bar Assoc. Charter, by-laws 

and rules r347.99 A42C . 

In memoriam Johns McCleave r92 Mi35a . 

In memoriam William Scott r92 S43ia . 

Allegheny co., Pa. Centennial com., 1888. Cen- 
tennial of Allegheny co r974.885 A42r. 

Allegheny Co., Pa. Citizens' Republican Com. Con- 
test in the Fourth representative district. .r352 A4224, 

Allegheny Co. (Pa.) Medical Soc. Transactions.. qr6io.5 A42. 

Milk com. Circular of information r6i4.32i5 A42. 

Allegheny Co., Pa. Republican Executive Com. 

Rules of the Com r324.i A42. 

Allegheny Observatory. Miscellaneous scientific 

papers, v.1-2 r522.i A42m. 

Publications, v.i qr522.i A42P . 

Allegheny philatelist r383.5 A42. 

Allegheny Portage R. R. Report of David Watson..r385 A422. 

Allegheny Valley R. R. Co. Report r385 A42 . 

Allen, A. H. Commercial organic analysis, v. 1-5. .543 A42a. 

Allen, A. M. History of Verona 9453 A42 . 

Allen, A. V. G. Freedom in the church 232 A42 . 

Phillips Brooks 92 B774a2. 

Allen, A. W. Home, school and vacation 370.4 A42. 

Allen, C. Tables of elevation r557.48 P399r v.8o. 

Allen, C. D. Ex libris 097 A42^ . 

Allen, E. Rev. Thomas Bacon r92 Bi35a . 

Who were the early settlers of Maryland?.. ..r975.2 A42. 

Vol. Page 
..7: 1603 


.6: 1082 

.6: 615 

.6: 520 

.6: 40 

.6: 615 
.6: 603 

.7: 2322 
.6: 518 


.6: 496 

. 7 : 2322 

.6: 504 
.6: 907 
.6: 935 

.6: 363 































Call number Vol. Page 

Allen, E. G. & Cotton, F. A. Manual training for 

common schools 684 A42 . 

The same J684 A42 . 

Allen, F. H. Bibliography of Thoreau roi2 T39a . 

Allen, G. Evolution in Italian art 759-5 A42. 

Paris 914.436 A42a. 

Allen, H. Gas & oil engines 621.43 A42. 

How to design a gas engine q62i.43i A42. 

Modern power gas producer practice 662.761 A42. 

Allen, H. N. Things Korean 915.19 A42t. 

Allen, J. Battles of the British navy. 2v 359 A42. 

Allen, J. F. Some founders of the chemical in- 
dustry 926.6 A42 . 

Allen, J. H. & Greenough, J. B. New Latin gram- 
mar 475 A42a. 

Allen, J. K. Swimming pools 725.7 A42. 

Allen, J. Robins. Notes on heating and ventilation . .697 A42a . 

Allen, J. Romilly. Celtic art •. 709.42 A42 . 

Allen, J. T. U. S. patents of air, caloric, gas and 

oil engines. 5v qr62i.4 A42 . 

Allen, J. W. Place of history in education 907 A42. 

Allen, Mrs M. Wood-. Man wonderful 612 A42m. 

Allen, N. B. Industrial studies 609.73 A42. 

The same J609.73 A42. 

Allen, P. L. America's awakening 320.4 A42. 

Allen, W. C. Critical and exegetical commentary 

on the Gospel according to S. Matthew.. ..226.2 A43. 

Allen, W. H. Civics and health 614 A43. 

Efficient democracy 304 A43 . 

Allen & Ginter. Fifty decorations of principal orders 

of knighthood and chivalry of the world ... r929.7 A42. 

Allerton, S. W. Practical farming 630 A43. 

Allgemeine historie der reisen zu wasser und lande. 

21V qr9io.8 A43. 

Allgemeine musik-zeitung qr78o.5 A435 . 

Allgemeiner Deutscher Bergmannstag. Bericht iiber 

den 9. A. D. B. zu St. Johann-Saarbriicken..qr622.05 A43 6: 1042 

Allgemeiner Verband Landwirtschaftlicher Genos- 
senschaften in Osterreich. Der erste oster- 
reichische landwirtschaftliche genossen- 

schaftstag qr630.6 A43 6: 1104 

Jahresbericht fiir das jahr 1904 qr630.6 A43J.. ..6: 1104 

Alliance Israelite Universelle. Bulletin r296 A43 6: 3^3 

Allies, T.W. Formation of Christendom, v.5 282 A43 6: 294 

Allihn, F. H. T. Die grundlehren der allgemeincn 

ethik 171 A43 6: 136 

Allingham, W. Diary 92 A437 8: 2464 

. . .6: 


. . .6: 


. . .6: 






. . .6: 


. ..6: 


. . .6: 

1 201 



. . .6: 





. . .6: 




. . .6: 




. . .6: 




. . .6: 


. . .6: 


. . .6: 


. . .6: 


. . .6: 


. . .6: 


. . .6: 



. ..6: 



m • • • 


• m • y • 



Call number Vol. Page 
AUinson, F. G. & Allinson, Mrs A. C. (Emery). 

Greek lands and letters 914*95 A43 7: 2176 

Allison, W. H. Baptist councils in America r286 A43. . . .6: 311 

Material for Amer. religious history qroi6.2773 A43. . . .6: 13 

Allostis. Die tugend des genusses 170A44....6: 114 

Allsop, F. C, Induction coils and coil-making 537.51 A44 6: 773 

Alma-Tadema, Miss L. A few lyrics 821 A44f 7: 1549 

Meaning of happiness 170.4 A44 6: 119 

Almanacco italiano r3i4.5 A44 6: 351 

Almanach des gens de lettres r840.6 A44. . . .7: 1650 

Almanach des lettres frangaises r840.9 A44 7: 1651 

Almanach du Petit colon algerien r9i6.5 A44.. ..7:2211 

Almanach national r3i44 A445 6: 351 

Almquist, J. A. Sveriges bibliografiska litteratur. 

v.i-2 roi6.oi A45 6: 10 

Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity. Catalogue qr37i.85 A456. . . .6: 580 

Alston, L. Stoic and Christian in the 2d century.. 188 A92za 6: 183 

Altmann, E. G. Uber die entwickelung und be- 
deutung der kartelle in der deutschen eisen- 

Industrie r338.8 A46 6: 463 

Altobelli, A. See Fiction, v.7, p. 1903. 

Altoona (Pa.) Bd. of Trade. Altoona qr9i7.4876 A46 7: 2320 

Altsheler, J. A. See Fiction, v.7, p.1735. 

Aluminum Co. of Amer. Analysis of aluminum .. 546.66 A47. . . .6: 804 

The same r546.66 A47 6: 804 

Properties of aluminum 669.7 A47 6: 1238 

The same r669.7 A471 ... .6: 1238 

Alvarez de Cienfuegos, N. See Cienfuegos. 
Alviella, E. comtc Goblet d'. See Goblet d'Alviella. 
Amadis of Gaul. See Fiction, v.7, p.1735. 

Amari, M. La g^erra del Vespro siciliano. 3v. . .945.8 A48g 7: 2154 

History of the war of the Sicilian vespers. 3v. .945.8 A48 7: 2154 

Ambler, C. H. Sectionalism in Virginia 975-5 A49 7: 2331 

Ambros, A. W. Geschichte der musik. v.4-5 r78o.9 A49 7: 1436 

Ambrosi, L. II primo passo alia filosofia. V.3....171 A496....6: 136 
Ambrozewicz, J. Polsko-litewsko-rosyjski slow- 

nik 491.85 A49 6: 705 

Ambrus, Z. See Fiction, v.7, p.2002. 

Amelineau, £. C. Essai sur revolution des idees 

morales dans I'figypte ancienne 170.9 A49. . . .6: 132 

La morale egyptienne 170 A49 6: 114 

Amelung, W. Die sculpturen des Vaticanischen 

museums. 4v qr733 A49 7*1359 

America; a Catholic review qro5i A5127 6: 75 

America across the seas q9i7 A51 ... .7: 2219 

American; weekly journal qr07i A5122. . . .6: 82 


Call number 
Amer. Academy of Arts and Sciences. Memoirs, 

new ser qr5o6 A5i22m . 

Proceedings qr5o6 A5122P. 

Amer. Academy of Medicine. Prevention of in- 
fant mortality r6i4.i32 Asi . 

Amer. Academy of Political and Social Science. 

Amer. waterways q656.9 Asi . 

The same r3o6 A51 v.31 . 

Bonds as investment securities 332.6 A51 . 

The same r3o6 A51 v.30. 

Chinese and Japanese in America 325.73 A51 . 

The same r3o6 A51 v.34. 

Commission government r3o6 A51 v.38. 

Conservation of natural resources 634.9 A51 . 

The same r3o6 Asi v.33 . 

Electric railway transportation 621.33 Asi . 

The same r3o6 A51 v.37. 

Industrial education q6o7 Asi . 

The same r3o6 A51 v.33. 

Municipal ownership . . •. 352 A51 . 

The same r3o6 A51 v.27 . 

Public recreation facilities 711 A51. 

The same r3o6 A51 v.35. 

Railway and traffic problems 385 A51 . 

The same r3o6 A51 v.29. 

Regulation of the liquor traffic qi78 A51 . 

The same r3o6 A51 v.32. 

Social work of the church 261 Asi . 

The same r3o6 A51 v.30. 

Tariffs, reciprocity and foreign trade 337 A51. 

The same r3o6 A51 v.29. 

Woman's work and organizations 374-3 A51 . 

The same r3o6 A51 v.28. 

Amer. agriculturist [monthly] qr630.5 A51 . 

Amer. agriculturist year book r3i7.3 A512. 

Amer. annual cyclopaedia, v.6-9 qr03i A51 . 

Amer. Anthropological Assoc. Memoirs r572.05 A51 . 

Amer. Anti-slavery Soc. Proceedings at its third 

decade r326 A512. 

Amer. Antiquarian Soc. Archaeologia Americana. 

v.5-6, 1 1-12 r9i3.7 A51 . 

Handbook of information r9i3.7 Asih . 

Manuscript records of the French and Indian 

war r9i3.7 Asi v.ii. 

Proceedings r9i3.7 A51P . 

The same, new series r9i3.7 A5ip2. 

Amer. architect. Garages, country and suburban..qb728.9 A51 . 

Vol. Page 

6: 718 
6: 718 

6: 931 






: 438 




: 37^ 


: 37^ 


: 508 


: 1126 


: I126 


: loii 


: loii 


: 9W> 


: 900 


: 5" 


: 5" 






: 637 


: 637 




: 176 


: 262 




: 458 


: 458 






1 103 







6: 373 


7: 2219 



Call number 

Amer. art review. 2v Qr705 A51. 

Amer. Assoc, for Labor Legislation. Legislative 

review r338.9 A51 . 

National conf. on industrial diseases r6i3.6 A51 . 

Proceedings r338.9 Asip. 

Report of council meeting r338.9 Asir. 

Amer. Assoc, for the Advancement of Science. 

Fifty years of Darwinism 575 A51 . 

Program of the 51st meeting, Pittsburgh r5o6 Asid. 

Amer. Assoc, for the Study of Alcohol and Other 

Narcotics. The alcoholic problem ri78 A5122. 

Amer. Assoc, of Medical Milk Com. Manual of 

the working methods r6i4.32i5 Asim . 

The same r6i4.32i5 A51 . 

Proceedings r6i4.32i5 A51 . 

Amer. Assoc, of Museums. Annual meeting r507 A51 . 

Amer. Assoc, of Refrigeration. Proceedings.. r62 1.55 A512. 
Amer. Baptist Home Mission Soc. Annual report . . r266 Asia . 

Baptist home missions in North America r266 A51. 

Amer. Baptist Missionary Union. Annual report.. r266 A512. 
Amer. Baptist Publication Soc. Anniversary r286 A512. 

Annual report r286 A5 12a . 

Sixty-one years r286 A512S. 

Amer. Bell Telephone Co. Annual report r654.6 Asia. 

The Bell telephone r654.6 Asi . 

Amer. Brass Founders' Assoc. Transactions.. r673.i20S A51. 
Amer. Bridge Co. of N. Y. Railway and highway 

bridges qr624 A51 . 

Amer. business and accounting encyclopaedia. 

4v qr6s7.03 A51 . 

Amer. catalogue, v.8-9 qrois A51 . 

Amer. city [monthly] qr7io A5125 . 

Amer. Civic Assoc. Department pamphlets r7io Asi2d. 

Publications r7io A512P. 

To preserve the nation's heritage r634.9 A51 . 

Amer. commentary on the Old testament. v.i-4..r22i.7 A51. 

Amer. cyclopedia of the automobile. 6v r629.i A51 . 

Amer. Economic Assoc. Hand-book, 1890-91, 

1911-date r330.6 A51. 

The same, 1895, 1900-10 r330.6 Asip. 

The same, 1896-99 r330.6 A51C. 

Papers and discussions, 1910-date r330.6 A5ip2. 

The same, 1886-1909 r330.6 Asip. 

Publications r330.6 Asip. 

Amer. Electric Ry. Accountants' Assoc. Proceed- 
ings r62S.6 A5122.. 

Vol. Page 

..7: I28I 

..6: 46s 

..6: 920 

..6: 46s 

..6: 465 

..6: 857 
..6: 718 

..6: 176 





























..6: 1055 

..6: 1183 
..6: 7 
..7: 1299 
..7: 1299 
..7: 1300 
..6: 1126 
..6: 217 
..6: 1094 

..6: .394 
..6: 394 
..6: 394 
..6: 394 
..6: 394 
..6: 39S 

..6: 1067 


Call nttmber VoL Page 

Amer. Electric Ry. Claim Agents' Assoc. Pro- 
ceedings r625.6o5 A5122.. ..6: 1070 

Amer. Electric Ry. Engineering Assoc. Proceed- 
ings annual convention r625.6o5 A512 6: 1070 

Amer. Electric Ry. Transportation and Traffic 

Assoc. Proceedings r625.6 A512.. ..6: 1067 

Amer. electrical directory and buyers* manual. See Powers' 
central station directory and buyers' manual. 

Amer. Electrochemical Soc. Hand-book of the 

Pittsburg meeting r54i.i7 Asih 6: 786 

Amer. Embassy Assoc. Amer. embassies qr327 Asi ... .6: 378 

Amer. Exploration Soc, Phila. Gournia, Vasiliki 

and other prehistoric sites Qr9i3.39 Asi. . ..7:2068 

Amer. Federation of Arts. Proceedings of the 

annual convention, 1910 r705 A512. . . .7: 1281 

Proceedings of convention, 1909 r7io A5124. . . .7: 1300 

Amer. Federation of Labor. Industrial education. .r6o7 A512. . . .6: 900 

Text book of labor's political demands r33i Asi.... 6: 397 

Trade unions r33i.88 Asi 6: 427 

Amer. fertilizer hand book qr63i.5 A51 ... .6: 11 17 

Amer. food journal qr6i4.305 A51 6: 933 

Amer. forestry; monthly r634.905 F76. . . .6: 1130 

Amer. Free Trade League. Publications r337.i Asi 6: 459 

Amer. Gas Institute. Proceedings r665.705 A5122.. ..6: 121a 

Amer. Gas Light Assoc. Report of com. on elec- 
trolysis. 2v r62i.332 A51 6: 1013 

Amer. glass trade directory r666.i G23.. ..6: 1211 

Amer. Guild of Organists. Calendar r783 A51.. ..7: 1449 

Amer. Historical Assoc. Papers, v.5 r973 AS122.. ..7:2244 

Com. of eight. Study of history in the ele- 
mentary schools 907 Asi2.. ..7: 2027 

Com. of five. Study of history in second- 
ary schools 907 Asi22.. ..7: 2027 

Amer. historical magazine. See Americana. 

Amer. Institute of Architects. Annuary r720.6 Asi2. . . .7: 1317 

Augustus Saint-Gaudens r735 Si3a.. ..7: 1361 

Matters relating to competitions r720 A51 . . . . 7 : 1313 

Relations of railways to city development r656.i A51 ... .6: Ii6ft 

Cleveland chapter. Catalogue of the ex- 
hibition qb720.6 A512 7: 1317 

Pittsburgh chapter. Plan for architectural 

improvement of Pittsburgh r7io AS122.. ..7: 1300 

Amer. Institute of Chemical Engineers. Trans- 
actions r66o.5 A51 ... .6: 119S 

Amer. Institute of Electrical Engineers. Trans- 
actions; index, v. 1-29 r62i.305 Asi2.. ..6: lOOO 

Library. Wheeler books in the lib. 2v..roi6.537 A51.. ..6: 21 


Call number Vol. Page 
Amer. Institute of Mining Engineers. Meeting 

'(98th), Pittsburg r622.o6 Asim 6: 1044 

Ontario meeting 1-622.009 A51 6: 1040 

Transactions; index, v.i-40 r622.05 A51 6: 1042 

Year book r622.o6 A51 6: 1044 

Amer. Institute of Social Service. Science of col- 
lective living r306 A512 6: 345 

Amer. Institute of Steam Boiler Inspectors. Pro- 
ceedings r62i.i842 A51 6: 995 

Amer.-Irish Historical Soc. Journal r325.73 A51 6: 372 

Amer. Iron and Steel Assoc. Proceedings r669.i05 A51 6: 1230 

Supplement to the Directory r669.i02 A51S3 6:1229 

Second supplement r669.i02 A51S4.. ..6: 1229 

Amer. Jewish Historical Soc. Publications r296 A512. . . .6: 323 

Amer. Jewish Publication Soc. Hebrew char- 
acteristics r296 A5122 6: 324 

Amer. journal of archaeology; index, v. 12-21 qr9i3 A51 . . . .7: 2053 

Amer. journal of education; index, v.i-31 r370.5 A51 6: 570 

Amer. journal of international law qr34i.05 A51 6: 471 

Supplement qr34i.05 Asia 6: 471 

Amer. journal of mining. See Engineering and 
mining journal. 

Amer. journal of nursing r6io.705 A51 . . . .6; 909 

Amer. journal of orthopedic surgery r6i 7.305 A51 6: 961 

Amer. journal of pharmacy r6i5.05 A512 6: 943 

Amer. journal of photography qr770.5 A5122 7: 1426 

Amer. journal of public hygiene r6i4.05 A512 6: 927 

Amer. Leather Chemists Assoc. Official methods.. 675 A51 6: 1242 

The same r675 A51.. ..6: 1242 

Amer. Lib. Assoc. A. L. A. booklist roi6 Asiam. . . .6: 9 

A. L. A. portrait index roi6.757 A51 6: 27 

Bulletin ro20.6 Asib.. ..6: 46 

Catalog rules qro25.3 Asica 6: 51 

Library tracts ro20 A51 6: 44 

List of subject headings qro25.3 A51I2 6: 51 

Papers and proceedings, 1876-1906 r020.5 L681 6: 46 

The same, 1907-date ro20.6 Asib. . . .6: 46 

A. L. A. manual of library economy r020 A512 6: 45 

Amer. lumberman [weekly] qr674 A51 6: 1242 

Amer. magazine qrosi F87 6: 75 

Amer. Mathematical Soc. Bulletin rsio.S A51 6: 723 

Catalogue of the lib roi6.5i A51 6: 23 

Symposium on mathematics q5io.7 A51 6: 723 

Amer. Medical Assoc. New and nonofficial reme- 
dies r615.11 A51 6: 944 

Amer. medical directory qr6io.2 A51 ... .6: 906 



Call number 
Amer. medicine; weekly qr6io.5 A5126 

Amer. Mining Cong. Monthly bulletin r622.05 A5i2m 

Papers and addresses, 1904-06 r622.05 A512 

The same, 1907-date r622.05 A5i2r 

Report of the proceedings r622.05 A5i2r 

Amer. mining gazette r622.05 A5122 

Amer. museum journal qr570.7 A51 

Amer. musical directory r78o.2 A51 

Amer. Ornithologists' Union. Check-list of North 

Amer. birds r598.2 Asia 

Amer. Pekin Duck Co. How we make ducks pay. .636.5 A51 

Amer. Pharmaceutical Assoc. Proceedings r6i5.05 A51 

Amer. philatelic magazine r383.5 A5123 

Amer. Philatelic Soc. By-laws and list of mem- 
bers r383.6 A51 

Constitution r383.6 A51 

Souvenir program of the 23d convention r'383.6 A51S 

Amer. Philosophical Soc. Calendar of the papers 

of Franklin qr92 F879a v.2-6 

Transactions qr5o6 A5i2t 

Transactions of the Historical & literary com..r970.i A51 
200th anniversary of the birth of Franklin. 6v..qr92 F879a 

Amer. photography qr770.5 A5 123 

Amer. political science review qr320.5 A512 

Amer. Poultry Assoc. Amer. standard of perfec- 
tion r636.5 A51 

Amer. Printing House for the Blind. Report. .. .r37i.9 A51 
Amer. Prison Assoc. See Nat. Prison Assoc. 

Amer. prohibition year book ri78 A512 

Amer. Radiator Co. The ideal fitter 1*697.5 A51 

Amer. Ry. Assoc. Statistical bulletin qr385 A51 

General com. on safety appliance standards. 

Report qr6i4.8 A51 

Special com. on relations of operation to 

legislation. Bulletin qr385 A5i2b 

Vol. Page 
..6: 907 

..6: 1042 

..6: 1042 

..6: 1042 

..6: 1042 

..6: 1042 

..6: 850 


..6: 887 

..6: 113s 

..6: 943 
..6: 627 

..6: 633 
..6: 633 
..6: 633 

..6: 718 
..7: 1426 
..6: 360 

..6: 1135 
..6: 582 

..6: 176 
..6: 1273 
..6: 637 

..6: 939 

..6: 637 
..6: 637 

Circular qr385 A512 

Amer. Ry. Engineering and Maintenance-of-way 

Assoc. Manual of recommended practice. . .656 Asia. . . .6: 1166 

The same r656 A5ia2 6: 1166 

The same r656 Asia 6: 1166 

Amer. Ry. Master Mechanics' Assoc. Report of 

the proceedings r625.05 A51 ... .6: 1062 

Amer. Ry. Mechanical and Electrical Assoc. See 
Amer. Electric Ry. Engineering Assoc. 

Amer. register r905 A51 . . ..7:2027 

Amer. repertory of arts r6o5 A5124 6: 894 



Call number 
Amer. Republics Bur. Amer. constitutions. 2v...r342 A51. 

Argentine Republic 918.2 A51 . 

The same r38o U2534 v.13. 

Bolivia 918.4 A51. 

The same 1*608.8 U25. 

Chile 918.3 A51 . 

Consular fees and invoices r382 A51 . 

Cuba 917.291 A51. 

The same r9i7.29i A51 . 

Honduras 917.283 A51 . 

Latin Amer. republics r9i8 A51I . 

Mexico 917.2 A51. 

The same r38o U2534 

Paragruay 918.9 A51 . 

The same r9i8.9 A51. 

Republic of Guatemala 917.281 A51 . 

The same r9i7.28i A51 . 

Uruguay * r9i8.9 A51U . 

Venezuela 918.7 A51 . 

The same r38o U2534 v.14. 

Ste also Pan American Union. 

Amer. review of reviews Qrosi R39. 

Amer. Scenic and Historic Preservation Soc. An- 
nual report r7io A5i23a . 

Preservation of City Hall park, N. Y r7ii A512. 

The society r7io A5123 . 

Amer. School of Classical Studies at Athens. An- 
nual report r9i3 A66b . 

Bulletin, v.5 qr9i3.38 Asib. 

Amer. School of Correspondence. Cyclopedia of 

architecture. lov b690 A51 . 

Electric railways 621.33 A512. 

Hydraulic engineering 621.2 A51 . 

Study of the orders. 2v qr729.3 A51 . 

Amer. School of Home Economics. "The profes- 
sion of home making" 640 A51 . 

The up-to-date home 640 A51U. 

Amer. School Peace League. Annual report ri72 A51 . 

Amer. Silk Journal Co. Glossary of silk terms. . .r677.3 A51 . 
Amer. Soc. for Judicial Settlement of Internat. Dis- 
putes. Proceedings of Internat. conf r34i.6 A51 . 

Amer. Soc. for Psychical Research. Journal ri34 A51. 

Proceedings, 1885-89 ri34 Asm. 

The same, 1907-date ri34 Asip. 

Amer. Soc. for Testing Materials. Memorial vol- 
ume of C. B. Dudley r92 D872a. 

Reports on standard specifications and tests. .r620.i Asir. 











6: 75 

7: 1300 

7: 1300 

7: 2066 

.6: 1255 
.6: loii 
.6: 996 


.6: 1142 
.6: 1142 
.6: 164 
.6: 1247 



6: 973 


Call number Vol. Page 
Amer. Soc. for Testing Materials — continued. 

Year-book r620.i Asiy 6: 973 

Amer. Soc. of Agric. Engineers. Transactions. .r63i.905 A51 6: 1120 

Amer. Soc. of Civil Engineers. Transactions; in- 
dex, v.i-74 r620.5 A51 6: 968 

Amer. Soc. of Mechanical Engineers. Pittsburgh 

meeting r62i.o6 A51P 6: 981 

Amer. Soc. of Refrigerating Engineers. Trans- 
actions r62i.55 A51 6:1022 

Amer. stamp exchange year book r383.6 A512 6: 633 

Amer. Steel and Wire Co. Catalogue of concrete 

reinforcement r693.55 A51 . . . .6: 1267 

Company's works at Waukegan r672.3 A51 . . . .6: 1242 

Amer. Street and Interurban Ry. Accountants' Assoc. 

See Amer. Electric Ry. Accountants' Assoc. 
Amer. Street and Interurban Ry. Claim Agents' Assoc. 

See Amer. Electric Ry. Claim Agents' Assoc. 
Amer. Street and Interurban Ry. Engineering Assoc. 

See Amer. Electric Ry. Engineering Assoc. 
Amer. Street and Interurban Ry. Transportation 
and Traffic Assoc. See Amer. Electric Ry. 
Transportation and Traffic Assoc. 
Amer. Telephone and Telegraph Co. Annual re- 
report r654.6 A512 6:1158 

Amer. Vanadium Co., Pittsburgh. Vanadium 

steels 669.1746 A51 6: 1235 

The same r669.i746 A51 6: 1235 

Amer. Water Works Assoc. Proceedings r628.i A51.. ..6: 1084 

Amer. Whig review. Whig portrait gallery r769 A51 7: 1421 

Amer. year book ro3i A512.. ..6: 73 

Amer. year-book of medicine and surgery. .. .qr6io.5 A5129....6: 907 

Americana [monthly] qr973 A5123.. ..7: 2245 

Americanischcr stadt und land calender r3i7.3 A5122.. ..6: 355 

Amerika Esperantisto qr4o8.9 A51.. ..6: 676 

Amerika folfedezese. 3v 973.1 A51 .. ..7: 2251 

Amersin, F. Weisheit und tugend des reinen 

menschenthums 193 A51 . . . .6: 187 

Ames, E. S. Psychology of religious experience. . . .201 A51 ... .6: 194 

Ames, F. Works; comp. by his friends r3o8 A51.. ..6: 346 

Works, with a selection from speeches. 2v 308 A51 ... .6: 347 

Ames, J. M. Use of steel in passenger car con- 
struction 625.23 A51 6: 1065 

The same r625.05 C32 v.15 6: 1065 

Ames, W. Guiljelmi Amesij de conscientia et eius 

iure vel casibus libri quinque r24i.oi A51.. ..6: 249 

Amherst, W. J. History of Catholic emanicipa- 

tion. 2v 282 A51 6: 295 



Call number 

Amherst College. The '85 address r378.7 Asise. 

General catalogue, 1821-1905 r378.7 A515 . 

The same, 1821-1910 r378.7 Asisa. 

L'Ami des timbres qr383.5 A516. 

Amicis, E. de. Ai ragazzi 177 A51 . 

Capo d'anno 854 A51C. 

L'idioma gentile 450.4 A51 . 

Le Maroc qr9i6.4 A51 . 

Nel regno del cervino 854 Asm. 

Pagine allegre 854 Asipa . 

Pagine sparse 854 Asip. 

The same J854 A51 . 

Poesie 851 A51. 

Ritratti letterari 840.4 A51 . 

Spagna 914.6 A51S. 

The same J914.6 A51. 

Speranze e glorie. 2v 854 A51S . 

Suir oceano 910.4 A51S. 

Vita popolare 335 A51. 

Ammon. J. Wappen- & starambuch r76i A52 . 

Ammonius. De adfinium vocabulorum differentia 

[in Greek] r888 A52. 

Amrine, T. H. Lighting country homes by private 

electric plants 621.32 A52. 

The same r620.i I22 no.25 . 

Amsterdam, Rijks-Museum. Beknopte gids door 

's Rijks Museum r7o8.9 A52 . 

Catalogue r7o8.9 A52C . 

Amstutz, N. S. Hand-book of photoengraving yyy A52. 

Les anciennes ecoles de peinture qr7o8.7 A54. 

Ancona, A. I Mille 945 A54. 

Ancona, A. d*. La poesia popolare italiana 851.09 A54. 

Anczyc, W. L. Opisy i przygody z podrozy po 

roznych cz^sciach swiata 910 A540. 

See also Fiction, v. 7, p. 1932, 1972. 

Andersch Bros. Hunters and trappers guide r799 A54. 

Andersen, H. C. See Fiction, v.7, p. 1735, 1736, 1876, 1932, 1972 

Anderson, A. J. Artistic side of photography 770 A54. 

Anderson, D. Catalogue general des reproduc- 
tions photographiques r779 A54 . 

Anderson, F. A. Boiler feed water 621.186 A54. 

Anderson, G. Story of a border city [St. Louis] . .977.8 A54. 
Anderson, J. P. Book of British 16.9 142 A54. 

Anderson, J. W. Refrigeration 621.55 A54. 

Anderson, John. Precious truth r230 A54. 

Anderson, Joseph. City of Waterbury, Conn..r974.6 W29a. 

Soldiers' monument in Waterbury, Conn qr973.7 A54. 




























7: 1698 

6: loio 
6: loio 

7: 1290 
7: 1290 
7: 1428 
7: 1290 
7: 1670 

7 : 2030 

7: i486 

7: 1425 

7: 1431 
6: 995 
6: 34 
.6: 1022 
,6: 232 
7: 2299 



Call number 
Anderson, R. Foreign missions 266 A54f . 

Missions to the oriental churches. 2v 266 A54. 

Anderson, W. Genealogy and surnames 1^29.4 A55. 

Anderson, W. G. Wychowanie fizyczne Andersona..6i3.7 A55. 

Anderson, W. J. Architecture of the renaissance 

in Italy 724.1 A55. 

& Spiers, R. P. Architecture of Greece & 

Rome b722.8 A54. 

Anderson, W. L. The country town 352 A55 . 

Anderson Auction Co., N. Y. Catalogue of a pri- 
vate lib roi8.3 A55 . . 

Andes, L. £. Beseitigung des staubes auf strassen 

und wegen r6i4.7 A55 . 

Der kesselstein r62i.i86 A55 . 

Kokosbutter und andere kunstspeisefette.. .r664.332 A5S. 

Moderne schuhcremes und lederputzmittel . . r667.7 A55m. 

Schreib-, kopier- und andere tinten r667.4 A55 . 

Die surrogate in der lack-, firnis- und farben- 

fabrikation nebst priifung r667.7 A55I . 

Treatment of paper for special purposes 676 A55 . 

Die vertilgung von ungeziefer und unkraut. .r632.95i A55. 

Wasch-, bleich-, blau-, starke- und ganzmittel..r667.i Ass. 

Zellilloid und seine verarbeitung r679.5 AsS- 

Andover Theological Seminary. General catalogue. . r207 Ass • 
Andrassy, G. grof. Hungarian constitutional 

liberty 342-43 AsS- 

The same r342.43 Ass • 

Andreades, A. History of the Bank of Eng 332.11 A55. 

Andreas-Salome, Frau L. See Fiction, v.7, p.1876. 

Andreev, L. N. Ashmeda. (Yiddish text.) 892.S2 A55. 

The seven who were hanged. (Yiddish text.).. 892. 53 AsS- 

Stories. 2v. (Russian text.) 891.73 Ass. 

To the stars rSos P74 v.i8. 

Andreevich. Philosophy of Russian literature. 

(Russian text.) 891.7 AsS- 

Andrew, A. P. Financial diagrams qr332.i As6. 

Andrew, J. Hebrew dictionary and grammar r492.4 As6. 

Andrews, A. What shall we eat? 613.2 As6. 

Andrews, C. M. Bibliography of history 016.9 As6. 

The same roi6.9 As6 . 

& Davenport, F. G. Materials for the his- 
tory of U. S. in the British Museum.. ..qroi6.973 As6. 

Andrews, E. F. War-time journal of a Georgia girl.. 973.7 As6. 

Andrews, H. L. Facsimile typewriting manual q6S2 As6. 

Graded sentence book of Graham phonogra- 
phy 6S3.S2 As6. 

Vol. Page 
.6: 273 

.6: 274 
.8: 2453 
.6: 921 


.6: 504 

6: 42 

.6: 938 
.6: 996 
.6: 1205 
.6: 1221 
.6: 1219 

.6: 1221 
.6: 1243 
.6: 1121 
.6: 1218 
.6: 1248 
.6: 200 

.6: 478 
.6: 478 
.6: 434 

.7: 1720 

.7: 1706 

.7: 1703 
.6: 431 
.6: 7^ 
.6: 917 



.6: 37 
.6: IIS3 

..6: 1155 



Call number 
Andrews, H. T. Apocryphal books of the Old & 

New testament 229 A56 . 

Andrews, Mrs M. See Hare, Christopher, pseud. 

Andrews, M. R, S. See Fiction, v.7, p. 1736. 

Andrews, W. Bygone church life in Scotland 274.1 A57. 

Church treasury of history 274.2 A57. 

Andriessen, H. Poetische auslese 831 A57. 

Angelis, F. de, cardinal. Praelectiones juris canonici. 

4v r348 R65gza. 

Angell, E. D. Play 790 A58. 

Angell, Norman, pseud. See Lane, R. 

Angellier, A. Pages choisies, prose et vers 848 A58. 

Angelo, H. Reminiscences. 2v 92 A584 . 

Angelo, Michael. See Michael Angelo. 

Anger, J. H. Form in music 781.5 A58. 

Anglican liberalism 283 A58 . 

Anglin, F. A. Catholic education in Canada r282 A58. 

Anglo-African who's who r920 A58 . 

Annalen der hydrographie und maritimen meteo- 

rologie qr55i-505 A61 . 

Annalen der physik; register, v.299-347 r530.5 J466. 

Annalen der physik; beiblatter; register, v.i6-30..r530.5 J466b. 
Annates des falsifications [monthly] r6i4.3 A61 . 

Bulletin international de la repression des 

f raudes r6i4.3 A6ia . 

Repertoire des travaux publics sur la com- 
position r6i4.3 A6ia3 . 

Annales des mines; table, v.180-199 r622.05 A61 . 

Annals of educational progress 370.9 A61 . 

The same r370.9 A61 . 

L'Annee philosophique ri05 A61 . 

L'Annee scientifique et industrielle; tables decen- 

nales, v.r-io r505 A613. 

Annesley, Charles, pseud. Standard operaglass 782 A6ia2. 

The same r782 A61S3. 

The same 782 A61 . 

The same 782 A6ia. 

Annmary Brown Memorial, Providence, R. I. 

Catalogue qroi6.093 A61 . 

Annuaire de la curiosite et des beaux-arts r702 A61 . 

Annuaire de I'administration prefectorale r354.44 A61 . 

Annuaire de la vie internationale ro6o A61 . 

Annuaire des journaux roi6.05 A61 . 

Annuaire historique et biographique des souverains..r920 A61 . 

Annual lib. index qro50 A61 . 

Annual magazine subject-index. See Magazine 

Vol. Page 

..6: 231 

.6: 288 
.6: 289 
.7: 1631 

.6: 496 

.7: 1662 

.7: 1440 
.6: 302 
.6: 295 



.6: 932 





































: 1670 


: 1670 


: 1670 




: 1670 




.7: 1670 


.7: I67I 


: 1671 

Call number Vol. Page 
Annuario degli esercenti le arti grafiche in Italia. . r655.5 A61 6: 1165 

Annunzio, Gabriele d', pseud. Daughter of 

Jorio r8o5 P74 v.i8. . . 

Dream of a spring morning r8o5 P74 v.14. . . 

Dream of an autumn sunset r8o5 P74 v.15.. . 

Le elegie romane 851 A6ic... 

La fiaccola sotto il moggio 852 A6ifi. . . 

In morte di Giuseppe Verdi q85i A6ii.. . 

Laudi del cielo, del mare, della terra e degli 

eroi. 3v 851 A61I... 

La nave 852 A6in . . . 

Ode a Vittore Hugo q85i A610... 

Sogno d'un mattino di primavera 852 A61SO. . . 

Sogno d'un tramonto d'autunno 852 A6is... 

See also Fiction, v.7, p.1903, 1904. 
Anschiitz & Co. Kiel, Germany. Anschiitz gyro 

compass qr538.74 A61 6: 778 

Ansted, D. T. Ionian islands in the year 1863 914.99 A62 7: 2181 

Anstey, F. See Fiction, v.7, p. 1876. 

Antelling, M. & Vertua Gentile, A. See Fiction, v.7, p.1904. 
Anthes, H. Vcrsuchsmethode zur ermittlung der 
spannungsverteilung bei torsion prisma- 

tischer stabe r620.i28 A62 6: 975 

Anthony, G. C. Elements of mechanical drawing.. 744 A62e2.. ..7: 1377 

Essentials of gearing 621.83 A62a.. ..6: 1031 

Anthony's photographic bulletin r770.5 A62 .... 7 : 1426 

Anti-socialist Union of Great Britain. Speakers' 

handbook 335 A62 6: 443 

Antologia obca 808.8 A63 7: 1501 

Antona-Traversi, G. I martiri del lavoro 852 A63. . . .7: 1671 

Antoniewicz, K. B. Czytania swi^teczne dla 

wszystkich stanow 244 A63....6: 251 

Poezye 891.81 A63 7:1708 

Anzengruber, L. See Fiction, v.7, p.1876. 

Apgar, A. C. Ornamental shrubs of U. S 582 A640.. . .6: 870 

Apie lenkti kalb^ Lietuvos baznyciose 4274.75 A64. . . .6: 291 

Apotheker, D. Humorous writings. (Yiddish 

text.) 892.53 A63 7:1985 

Appalachian Engineering Assoc. Bulletin r620.5 A64. . . .6: 968 

Apperson, G. L. Bygone London life 914*21 A64.. ..7: 2105 

Appleton, F. Church philanthropy in N. Y r26i A64....6: 262 

Appleton, L. E. Study of play activities of savages.. ri57 A65. . . .6: iii 

Appleton's new practical cyclopedia. 6v rjo3i A64. . . .6: 73 

Applied ideals in work with boys 267.3 A65 ... .6: 281 

Appuhn, C. Elements de morale sociale 170 A65....6: 1I4 

Appuleius. See Apuleius. 


Call number Vol. Page 
Aprcnt, J. Das menschenleben in seiner sittlichen 

erscheinung 170.4 A65. . ..6: 119 

Apuleius. Story of Cupid and Psyche . .qr87i A65 7: 1684 

Aquinas, Thomas, St. See Thomas Aquinas, St. 

Arabian nights' entertainments. Aladdin qJ398 A65ala 6: 662 

Aladin; aii, La mirinda lampo 408.9 A6s 6: 676 

AH Baba and the forty thieves qJ398 A65ali 6: 662 

Arabian nights; ed. by Rouse J398 A65an 6: 662 

Arabian nights; ed. by Wiggin J398 A65aw 6: 662 

Sindbad the sailor qJ398 A65st2 6: 663 

Thousand and one days. (Yiddish text.) 892.53 A65. . . .7: 1996 

The same. (Yiddish text.) 892.53 T422 7 : 1996 

Thousand and one nights. (Yiddish text.) 892.53 T42 7: 1996 

See also Fiction, v.7, p. 1973, 2003. 

Arai, N. Doctrine of the Nichiren sect r294 A65 6: 321 

Arany. J. Elbeszel6 koltemenyei 894-51 A66 7: 1727 

Levelezese iro-barataival. 2v 92 A662a .... 8; 2465 

Mfivei. 6v 894.51 A66m 7:1727 

Araujo, A. J. de. Colonies portugaises d'Af rique. . qr325.6 A66 6: 371 

Arber, E. A. N. Natural history of coal 553-2 A66 6: 822 

Arbiter in council 172 A66 6 : 164 

Arboleda, J. Poesias 861 A66 7: 1679 

Arbuthnot, Sir A. J. Memories of Rugby and India.. 92 A667 8: 2466 

Arbuthnot, J. Life and works 827 A66 7: 1621 

Arce, G. Nunez de. See Nunez de Arce. 
Archaeological Institute of America. Annual re- 
port r9i3 A66b 7:2053 

Archbutt, L. & Deeley, R. M. Lubrication and 

lubricants 621.89 A66a2 6: 1035 

The same r62i.89 A66a. . ..6: 1035 

The same r62i.89 A66 6:1035 

Archer, G. L. Ethical obligations of the lawyer. . . . 174 A67 6: 170 

Archer, J. H. Lawrence-. Orders of chivalry qr929.7 A67. . . .8: 2456 

Archer, T. Highway of letters 914.21 A67 7: 2105 

Pictures and royal portraits. 2v qr942 A67 .... 7 : 2090 

Archer, W. Life, trial and death of Ferrer 92 F4i8a 8: 2518 

' Through Afro-America 326 A67. . . .6: 376 

& Barker, H. G. Scheme for a nat. theatre. .q792 A67S. . . .7: 1468 

Archibald, R. D. & Rankin, R. Electrical labora- 
tory course 537 A67 6: 770 

Architects' and contractors' reference book of 

Pittsburg r690 A67 6: 1255 

Architects* directory and specification index qb720.2 A67 7: 1315 

Architectural annual qb720.5 A674 7: 1316 

Architectural record; index, v. 1-20 b720.5 A673r 7: 1316 

Architectural review qb720.5 A673re 7 : 1316 



Call number 
Architectural review (Boston). Amer. country 

houses q728 A67 . 

Architecture and building qb720.5 A673. 

Architekten-Verein, Berlin. Berlin und seine 

bauten. 2v qr720.943 A67 . 

Die Architektur des 20. jahrhunderts qb720.5 A6735. 

Archiv f iir hygiene r6i4.05 A67 . 

Archiv fiir physiologic; supplement-band r6i2.05 A67a, 

Archives of pediatrics r6i8.9 A67 . 

Arco, G. d'. Istoria della vita di Romano qr759.5 P648a. 

Arctander, K. J. L. W. A. The apostle of Alaska.. 92 D8992a. 
Arctowski, H. L'enchainement des variations 

climatiques qr55i.56 A67 . 

Genealogy of the sciences qroi6.5 A67 . 

Oceanographie qr55i.46 A67 . 

Arderne, J. Treatises of fistula in ano, haemor- 
rhoids and clysters r6i6.34 A67 . 

Argenson, R. L. de Voyer, marquis d*. Journal 

and memoirs. 2v 92 A688, 

Argentine Republic. Agricultural census. 3v..qr630.982 A69. 
Argles, Mrs M. W. (Hamilton). See Duchess, The, pseud. 
Argyll, G. D. Gampbell, duke of. Autobiography 

and memoirs. 2v 92 A695 , 

Argyll, J. G. E. H. D. S. Campbell, duke of. Yester- 
day & to-day in Canada 917.1 A69, 

Aria, Mrs D. B. Costume 391 A69 , 

Arien-album qM784.2 A69 , 

Aristides, A. Opera omnia Graece & Latine. v.i..qr885 A71, 

Aristophanes. Acharnians of Aristophanes 882 A7ia, 

The same; Greek text with tr 882 A7ia2 

Ecclesiazusae of Aristophanes; Greek text with 

tr : 882 A7ie 

Frogs of Aristophanes; Greek text with tr 882 A7if2 

Knights of Aristophanes; Greek text with tr...882 A7ik 
Thesmophoriazusae of Aristophanes; Greek text 

with tr 882 A7it. 

Aristotle. Andronici Rhodii Ethicorum Nicho- 

macheorum paraphrasis ri7i A7ia 

De anima 888 A7idea2 

De rhetorica libri tres [in Greek] r888 A7id, 

Ethics 171 A7iet 

Ethics and Politics. 2v 171 A7ie 

Die Ethik des Aristoteles. 2v 171 A7reg 

Lectures in the Lyceum 171 A71 

Moral philosophy 171 A7im 

Nicomachean ethics 171 A7ini 

The same ; book six 171 A7in 

Vol. Page 


1 341 























.6: 957 

. .6: 





















7: 1693 








. Page 


: 477 


: 112 










: 357 




1 104 


: 1 104 


: 1 104 


: 830 




: 160 


: 773 


: 773 


: 1046 



Call number 
Aristotle — continued. 

On the constitution of Athens 342.38 A710. 

Organon; literally translated 160 A71 . 

The same [in Greek] 888 A7ior . 

Poetics of Aristotle [Greek and English text] . .808.1 A71 . 

The same 701 A7izb. 

The same; tr. from Greek into English 808.1 A7ia. 

Politics and economics 320 A71 . 

Rhetoric of Aristotle 888 A7ir. 

Arizona — Agric. exp. station. Annual report .... r630.6 A71. 

Bulletin r630.6 A7ib . 

Arkansas — Agric. exp. station. Bulletin r630.6 A72. 

Arkansas — Geol. survey. Slates of Arkansas r553.54 A72 . 

Arkansas Historical Assoc. Publications r976.7 A72. 

Arlcth, E. Metaphysischen grundlagen der Aris- 

totelischen ethik 171 A7iza . 

Armagnat, H. Theory of induction coils 537.51 A72. 

The same r537.5i A72. 

Armes. E. Story of coal and iron in Alabama .. r622.33 A72. 

Arminas, P. Rastai 891.921 A72 . 

Arminian magazine. See Wesleyan Methodist magazine. 
Arminjon, P. Treatise on the nationality of cor- 
porations qr347.i A72. 

Armitage, F. P. History of chemistry 540.9 A73. 

Armitage-Smith, S. See Smith. 

Armstrong, C. Relation between speculation and 

gambling qi74 A73 . 

Armstrong, D. B. Cayman islands qr383.9 A73 . 

Armstrong, E. A. Axel Herman Haig qr767 Hi4a. 

Armstrong, E. F. Simple carbohydrates and the 

glucosides 547.662 A73 . 

Armstrong, G. B. Railway mail service r383 A73. 

Armstrong, G. D. Cyclopedia of painting 698.1 A73. 

Armstrong, R. A. "Back to Jesus" 232 A73. 

Armstrong, Sir W. Scottish painters qr759.2 A73. 

Armstrong Cork Co., Pittsburgh. Cork 674.83 A73. 

The same r674.83 A73 . 

Nonpareil corkboard insulation 621.564 A73. 

The same r62i.564 A73 . 

Army and navy life and United service. See United service. 

Armytage, A. J. Green-. Maids of honour 920.7 A74. 

Arnason, J. Icelandic legends 398 A74 . 

Arnauld, A. CEuvres philosophiques 194 A74 . 

& Nicole, P. Port-Royal logic 160 A74 . 

Arnd, W. Das ethische system des Helvetius ri7i A74. 

Arndt, A. Ober das bose 216 A74 . 

Arndt, J. True Christianity r240 A74 . 

6: 491 
6: 783 

..6: 173 
..6: 635 
..7: 1420 












..8: 2405 

..6: 663 

..6: 192 

..6: 112 

..6: 136 

. . 6 : 207 

..6: 249 



Call number Vol. Page 
Arndt, K. Technische anwendungen der physi- 

kalischen chemie 54I-I A74....6: 784 

Arnim, M. A. (Beauchamp), grafin von. See Fiction, 

V.7. p. 1 736, 1737. 
Arnold, B. J. Engineering features of the Chicago 

transportation problem. 2v r625.6 A75r . 

Notice to bidders r625.6 A75 . 

Pittsburgh transportation problem 625.6 A75 . 

The same r625.6 A7Sre . 

Subway of Interborough Rapid Transit Co. of 

N. Y r625.42 A75 . 

Subway system for Chicago r625.48 A75 . 

Union Elevated R. R. of Chicago r625 A75 . 

Arnold, Cecil. Index to Shakespearian thought.. r822.33 L2. 
Arnold, Channing, & Frost, F. J. T. The Amer. 

Egypt q9i7.26 A75. 

Arnold, E. Die gleichstrommaschine. 2v 621.312 A75g. 

Arnold, Sir E. Adzuma 822 A75 . 

India revisited 915-4 A75 . 

Light of Asia 821 A75li. 

The same 821 A75 v.i . 

Poets of Greece 881.09 A75 . 

Arnold, E.J. Stories of ancient peoples J930 A7S. 

Arnold, Felix. Text-book of school and class 

management. 2v 371 A7S. 

Arnold, Frederick. Turning-points in life 174 A75 . 

Arnold, G. & Cahill, F. Parlor theatricals 793-1 A75. 

Arnold, Mrs G. W. Mother's list of books for 

children ro28.5 A75 . 

Arnold, H. P. Gleanings from Pontresina 914-94 A75. 

Arnold, J. O. & Ibbotson, F. Steel works analysis.. 543.7 A75a. 

The same r543.7 A75a . 

Arnold, M. Essays in criticism, v.3 824 A75e . 

The same, v.3 r824 A75e . 

Poems 821 A757p. 

Arnold, T. Teaching the deaf and dumb speech.. .qr37i.9 A75. 

Arnold, W. T. Studies of Roman imperialism 937 A76. 

Arnold-Forster, H. O. See Forster. 
Arnould, Sir J. Life of Thomas, first lord Den- 
man. 2v 92 D429a . . 

Arnoux, W. H. Dutch in America qr974.7 A76. 

Arouet de Voltaire, F. M. See Voltaire. 

Arpee, L. Armenian awakening 281.6 A77. . . .6: 294 

Arr, E. H. pseud. See Rollins, Mrs E. C. (Hobbs). 

Arrhenius, S. A. Immunochemistry 616.022 A77. . . .6: 951 

Life of the universe. 2v 523.1 A77I. . . .6: 739 

Theories of chemistry 541 A77 6: 783 

. . .6: 


. ..6: 1067 



. ..6: 1066 

. ..6: 1067 

. ..6: 1061 


. ..7:2240 

. ..6: 1004 





. . . 7 : 1692 


...6: 574 

...6: 170 



: 70 




: 796 


: 796 








: 582 



. ..8:2506 


• • • ^ « 




Call number 
Arrhenius, S. A. — continued. 

Worlds in the making 523.1 A77.. 

Arrian. Expedition of Alexander the Great qr92 A374a. . 

Arrom, Senora C. (Bohl de Faber). See Fiction, 

V.7, p.1919, 1920. 

Ars et labor ro55 A78 . . 

Arssu, C. Huelin y. See Huelin y Arssu. 

Art and life. (Yiddish text.) 059 K43 . 

Art and progress ; monthly r705 A7845 . 

Art annuals qr759.2 A78 . 

"The art craftsman" r705.i A78. 

L'Art de la mode qr39i A78 . 

Art ct decoration; index, v. 1-24 qb 705 A78. 

Art in advertising [monthly] r659.o5 A78 . 

Art workers' quarterly qr705 A7844 . 

Arteaga y Pereira, F. de. New English and Spanish 

vocabulary 463.2 A78. 

Arthur, King. Arthur; a short sketch of his life.. .r82i A78. 
Arthur, W. Dictionary of family and Christian 

names r929.4 A79 . 

Arthur D. Little Laboratory, Boston. Professional 

papers r66o.5 A79. 

Artist qr705 A79. 

Artraan, W. & Hall, L. V. Beauties and achieve- 
ments of the blind 920.9 A79 . 

Arundel Soc. Alphabet of capital letters qr744.2 A79. 

Arvine, K. Anecdotes of literature and the fine 

arts qr828 A79 . 

Asbury Park (N. J.) Bd. of Trade. Asbury Pa rk..qr9 17.49 A79. 

Asch, S. God of vengeance. (Yiddish text.) 892.52 A81 . 

In a bad time. (Yiddish text.) 892.53 A8ii. 

Moments from the days of freedom. (Yiddish 

text.) 892.53 A81 . 

Writings. (Yiddish text.) 892.53 A8iw. 

Ashburn, P. M. Elements of military hygiene 613.67 A82. 

Ashburner, C. A. Oil regions of Pa. and N. Y..r553.28 A82p. 

Ashburnham, Mass. Vital records r929.3 A82 . 

Ashcroft, E. A. Electrothermal and electrolytic 

industries 54i-i7 A82. 

Ashdown, Mrs E. J. British costume 391 A82. 

Ashe, S. W. & Keiley, J. D. Electric railways 

theoretically treated, v.2 621.33 A82. 

Ashhurst, J. Internat. encyclopaedia of surgery. 

6v qr6i7 A82. 

Ashley, P. W. L. Local and central government. . . .352 A82. 

Zarz^d centralny i lokalny 352 A82z . 

Ashmolean Museum. See Oxford University. 

Vol. Page 

..6: 739 
..8: 2463 

.6: 79 














1 191 







.8: 2453 


1 195 





























.6: 1012 

.6: 960 
.6: 504 
.6: 505 









21 18 















Call number Vol. Page 
Ashwell, A. R. & Wilberforce, R. G. Life of Sam- 
uel Wilberforce 92 W6972a 8: 2643 

Asinius Pollio, C. See Pollio. 

Askenazy, S. Ksi^z^ Jozef Poniatowski 92 P787a. . . 

Lukasinski 92 L976a... 

Nowe wczasy 940.9 A83... 

Wczasy historyczne 943-8 A83. . . 

Askew, J. B. Pros and cons r028 A83 . . . 

Askins, C. The Amer. shotgun 623.442 A83 . . . 

Asian, G. L*experience et I'invention en morale. . . . 171 A83. . . 

Asnyk, A. Keistutis 891.922 A83 . . . 

The same 891.928 K43 v.3-4... 

Poezyc. 3v 891.81 A83p... 

Aspinall, A. E. Pocket guide to West Indies. ..1^17.29 A84.. . 
Aspinwall, Mrs A. See Fiction, v.7, p.1737. 
Associate Presbyterian church of North America. 

Address on seceders in Scotland r285.i A84a 6: 308 

Book of church government r262 A84. . . .6: 265 

Display of the religious principles r285.i A84 6: 308 

Associated Portland Cement Manufacturers. Every- 
day uses of Portland cement r69i.5 A84. . . .6: 1258 

Assoc, des Industriels de Belgique pour Tfitude et 
la Propagation des Engins et Mesures Pro- 
pres a Preserver les Ouvriers des Accidents 

du Travail. Annuaire r6i4.8 A849 6: 939 

Assoc, des Industriels de France contre les Acci- 
dents du Travail. Instructions r6i4.8 A84. . . .6: 939 

Assoc, for Internat. Conciliation. Internal, con- 
ciliation r34i.6 A84.. . .6: 475 

Monthly bulletin of books roi6.34i6 A84 6: 17 

Assoc, of Amer. Portland Cement Manufacturers. 

Bulletin r693.5 A84 6: 1265 

Designs for concrete houses qr728 A84. . . .7: 1341 

Results of tests 620.131 A84.. ..6: 976 

Assoc, of Amer. Universities. Journal of proceed- 
ings r378.7 A84....6: 601 

Assoc, of Collegiate Alumnae, Washington branch. 

Poems chosen from standard English poets ... ro28.5 A84....6: 70 
Assoc, of Life Insurance Presidents. Movement to 

lengthen life 368 A84 6: 558 

Proceedings r368 A84 6: 558 

Assoc, of Official Agric. Chemists. Proceedings..r630.6 U2S33. . . .6: 1104 

Assoc, review r37i.9 A84....6: 583 

Assoucy, C. C. d*. Aventures burlesques r847 A84 .... 7 : 1662 

Astrophysical journal; general index, v. 1-25 r520.5 A85 .6: 736 

Atanazas, Dede, pseud. See Dede Atanazas, pseud. 


Call number Vol. Page 

Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Ry. Co. Annual re- 
port qr656.673 A86 6: 1171 

Summer outings in California Tgi7.g4 A86 7; 2357 

Athcrton, Mrs G. F. (Horn). See Fiction, v.7, p.1737. 

Athol. Mass. Vital records r929.3 A87 8: 2449 

Atkins, B. Modern antiquities 974-7 A87 7:2301 

Atkins, E. A. Sheet and plate metal work for 

boilermakers 682 A87a. . . .6: 1250 

Atkinson, C. T. History of Germany 943 A87 7: 21 10 

Atkinson, F. H. "Atkinson" sign painting q744.2 A87 7: 1378 

Atkinson, J. History of Newark, N. J qr974.9 N26ia 7: 2328 

Atkinson, M. J. A chateau in Brittany 914.4 A87 7: 2130 

Atlanta, Ga. — Carnegie lib. Annual report r027.4 A88 6: 56 

Bibliography of Joel Chandler Harris roi2 H29a 6: 3 

Hand-book of the libraries of Georgia ro27 A88. . . .6: 53 

Atlanta, Chamber of Commerce. Atlanta r9i7.58 A88. . . .7: 2336 

Atlanta, Cotton States and Internat. Exposition, 

1895. Official catalogue r6o6 A880 6: 895 

Atlanta Univ. Publications r326 A88 6: 376 

Atlantic City, N. J. — Free pub. lib. Annual re- 
port ro27.4 A881 6: 56 

Atlantic City Conf. on Workmen's Compensation 

Acts, 1909. Report r33i.823 A88 6: 416 

Atlantic City, N. J. Citizens Executive Com. on 
the 44th Nat. Encampment, G. A. R. Nat. 
Assoc, of Civil War Army Nurses r973.7 A88. . . .7: 2275 

Atlantic Coast Line R. R. Co. What to say in 

Spanish 468 A88 6: 699 

Atlantic Deeper Waterways Assoc. Annual con- 
vention r386 A88 6: 645 

Atlas and cyclopedia of Ireland qr9i4.i5 A88 7: 2087 

Atlas Portland Cement Co. Concrete construc- 
tion » 693.5 A88 6:1266 

Concrete country residences q728 A88. . . .7: 1341 

The same qr728 A88 7:1341 

Concrete garages 728.9 A88 7: 1350 

Concrete houses & cottages. 2v q728 A88c 7: 1341 

Concrete in highway construction 625.7 A88 6: 1070 

Concrete in railroad construction 625.1 A88 6: 1062 

Atlay, J. B. Victorian chancellors. 2v 923.2 A88. . . .8: 2419 

Attwood, E. L. Theoretical naval architecture 623.8 A88 6: 1054 

Atwater, H. W. Bread and bread making 641 A88 6: 1145 

Atwood, W. W. Glaciation of the Uinta moun- 
tains qr55i.3ii A88 6: 813 

Aubert, E. Colloquial French drill. 2v 448 A88 6: 696 

Auberville, Dupont-. See Dupont-Auberville. 

Aubin, E. Das heutige Marokko 916.4 A89 7: 2210 


Call number 
Aubrey, J. Remaines of Gentilisme and Judaisme . . r398 A89. 

Audenried, W. G. Irrigation r63i.8 A89. 

Audiganne, A. La morale dans les campagnes 331.8 A91. 

Audin, J. M. V. Life of Luther. 2v 92 L982a. 

Audoux, M. See Fiction, v.7, p.1737, 1896. 

Audsley, W. J. & Audsley, G. A. Cottage and villa 

architecture qb728 A91 . 

Dictionary of architecture and the allied arts. 

V.1-3 qb720.3 A91 . 

Auerbach, B. Baruch (Benedict) Spinoza. (Yid- 
dish text.) 892.53 A91 . 

See also Fiction, v.7, p. 1877. 

Augustynowicz, J. See Fiction, v.7, p. 1932. 

The Auk; index, v.i-17 r598.2 A92. 

Auriol, G. Le livre des cachets. 2v 744*2 A92 . 

The same. 2v r744.2 A92 . 

Aus f remden zungen qr053 A.93 . 

Ausoni, L. Pensiero e volonta 850.8 A93 . 

Aussy, P. J. B. Legrand d\ See Legrand d'Aussy. 

Austen, J. Letters. 2v 92 A933I3 . 

The same, and A memoir 92 A933I2. 

Austen, Sir W. C. Roberts-. Introduction to the 

study of metallurgy 669 A93a . 

Austin, A. Autobiography. 2v 92 A935a . 

Bridling of Pegasus 809.1 A93. 

Austin, Mrs M. (Hunter). The arrow maker 812 A93. 

The flock 917-94 A93f . 

See also Fiction, v.7, p. 1737. 

Austin, S. E. History of engraving 760 A93. 

Austin, W. Literary papers 814 A93. 

Austin, W. S. & Ralph, J. Lives of the poets- 
laureate 928 A93 . 

Australasian Medical Cong. Transactions r6io.5 A93. 

Australia. Visit of the fleet of the U. S r9i9.4 A93. 

Australia — Commonwealth bur. of census and sta- 
tistics. Official year book. v. 1-4 r3i9.4 A938. 

Australia — Patent office. Australian official jour- 
nal qr6o8.94 A938 . 

Australia — Trade marks, Registrar of. Journal of 

trade marks qr6o8.94 A93 . 

Australian journal of philately r383.5 A93 . 

Austria. Statutes. Manzsche taschenausgabe der 

osterreichischen gesetze. v.2, 11 r349.436 A93. 

Autenrieth, G. Homeric dictionary r483.2 A93. 

Authors' review and scrap book [monthly] qr05i A93. 

Autobain [monthly] r629.i05 A9393. 

Autobiography of an Irish traveller. 3V r9io A93. 

VoL Page 

. . .6: 


. . .6: 


. . .6: 


. . .ol 


. . . / . 



• • • ^ • 


• • • g • 


. . .6: 






. . .6: 






. ..6: 



% • m • 



m • • g • 



• m • g • 


• • • / • 




• • .o: 


. . .6: 




. ..6: 


. ..6: 


. ..6: 


. ..6: 


. . .6: 


. . .6: 


. . .6: 


. . .6: 






Call number 
ir; a journal qr629.i05 A9394. 

obile [monthly and weekly] qr629.i05 A9392. 

obile Club of Pittsburgh. Runs and tours . . r9i7.48 A93 . 

obile official blue book. v. 1-4 r9i7.3 A93 . 

obile review qr629.io5 A939 . 

obile topics [weekly] r629.i05 A9396. 

obile trade directory r629.i02 A93 . 

obile trade journal. See Cycle and auto- 
mobile trade journal. 

otor journal qr629.i05 A9395 . 

ry, J. Lubbock, baron. See Lubbock. 

g, £. B. Die darwin'sche theorie r575.4 A94. 

es, A. C. T. £. Prisse d*. See Prisse d'Avennes. 

E. M. History of the U. S. v.4-7 q973 A95 , 

; same, v.1-7 qr973 A95 , 

E. Co-operative industry 334 A95 , 

ges boards of Australia and New Zealand.. qr33i A95. 
, T. Corrado-. See Corrado-Avetta. 

ts, F. Fables 878 A95 . 

itieff, N. Kultur-ethisches ideal Nietzsches.. 171 N33za. 
^Id, L See Aksenfeld. 

M. d'. Vite degl' Italiani benemeriti. 2v.. ..920 A97, 
N. W.) & Son. Amer. newspaper annual .. qro7i A97. 
:otland — Carnegie pub. lib. Annual report. . ro274 A98, 

H. M. Bibliographical sketch of Anglo- 
Saxon literature roi6.829 A98 . 

L. P. Laggards in our schools 37i'9 A98. 

! same r37i.9 A98. 

:n-air schools 371-9 A980. 

S. G. Jesus Christ our Lord roi6.232 A98. 

1, Mrs H. (Marks). Electric arc 621.321 A98, 

igh, John, pseiui. See Fiction, v.7, p. 1738. 

1, W. £. Lays of the Scottish cavaliers qj82i A98, 

le de. Memoirs of Rachel r92 Ri22b . 

See Benson, A. C. 

t, E. L. Allegheny pilot r9i7.48 Bii. 

t, L The new Laokoon 701 B 1 1 . 

:k, M. D. The success of defeat 252 Bii . 

•n, E. Manuel d'archeologie orientale .... 709.3 Bum, 

fton, J. A. The reformation 270.6 Bi i . 

V. Ricordi del risorgimento italiano 945 B12. 

i, I. Le future mogli 177 B12. 

lie delle cinque 858 B12. 

also Fiction, v.7, p. 1904. 

ce, A. Istorija abelna. v.i 930 B12. 

\. B. The art ballad. Loewe and Schubert .. 784.4 B12. 





















































• .ol 








• .7: 












































Gill number 
Bach, J. S. The 48 fugues for the wohltemperirte . 

klavier. 2v qM786.4 Bi2f. 

Matthaus-passion, oratorium; klavieraus- 

zug qM783.3 Bi2m. 

The same ; vocal score qM783.3 B I2m2 . 

Opern und oratorien im klavier-auszug qM783.3 B120. 

Bacheller, I. See Fiction, v.7, p.1738. 

Bacher, O. H. With Whistler in Venice qr759.i W62b. 

Bachmann, L. Geistreiche schachpartien. v. 1-5.. 794.1 B12. 

Backus, I. Church history of New England r277.4 B12. 

Bacon, B. W. Beginnings of gospel story 226.3 B12. 

Fourth gospel in research and debate 226.5 B 12 . 

Bacon, Mrs Dolores Marbourg, pseud. Old New 

England churches 277.4 B 12 . 

Songs that every child should know M784.8 Bi28. 

Bacon, E. M. Henry Hudson 92 H887b. 

Bacon, F. Essays 824 B13C3. 

Bacon, Mrs J. D. (Daskam). See Daskam. 

Bacon, J. L. Forge-practice 682 B 13 . 

Bacon, Mrs M. S. (Hoke). See Bacon, Mrs Dolores 
Marbourg, psetul. 

Bacon, P. V. Im vaterland 438 B13. 

Bacon, T. Delia Bacon 92 Bi29b. 

Bacon's and Ingram's rebellion in Virginia r975.5 B13. 

B^czkowski, D. M. §. T. Liturgika 282 B13. 

Flatus isguldymas Katalikg mokslo 282 Bi3p, 

Baddeley, W. St. C. Recent discoveries in the 

Forum 913-37 B14. 

Baden-Powell, B. F. S. Ballooning as a sport 533-6 B14, 

The same J533.6 B14. 

In savage isles and settled lands 919 B14, 

Baden-Powell, Sir R. S. S. Scouting for boys .369.2 B14, 

The same J369.2 B14, 

Yarns for boy scouts 369.2 B I4y . 

Badger, G. P. English-Arabic lexicon qr492.7 B14, 

Badger, H. C. Mathematical theses qroi6.5i B14. 

Badische Co. Badische anilin- & soda-fabrik qr33i.8 B14, 

Badnall, R. Treatise on railway improvements.. .r625.i B14, 
Baedeker, K. Austria-Hungary r9i4.36 B 14a , 

Berlin and its environs 914-3 Bi4b2. 

The same r9i4.3 B 14b . 

Central Italy and Rome 914-5 B14C. 

The same r9i4.5 B 14c , 

Eastern Alps 914-94 Bi4a2. 

The same r9i4.94 B 14a . 

Egypt and the Sudan 916.2 B 14a . 

Great Britain 914.2 Bi48a2. 

.6: 1250 

..6: 692 

..6: 295 
..6: 295 




















Call number 
Baedeker, K. — continued. 

The same 914.2 B148. 

The same 1914.2 Bi4a. 

Italy from the Alps to Naples 914.5 Bi4it. 

The same r9i4.5 Bi4i. 

London and its environs 914.21 B14I3. 

The same 914.21 B14I2. 

The same r9i4.2i B14. 

The Mediterranean r9io B14. 

Northern France 914.4 Bi4n2. 

The same r9i4.4 Bi4n2. 

Northern Germany r9i4.3 B I4n2 . 

Norway, Sweden and Denmark 914.8 Bi4a2. 

The same r9i4.8 B I4n2 . 

Palestine and Syria r9i5.69 B14. 

Paris and environs 914.436 Bi4a2. 

Rhine, including the Black forest 914-3 Bi4a2. 

The same r9i4.3 Bi4a. 

Russland 914-7 B14. 

Southern Germany r9i4.3 B 14S2 . 

Southern Italy and Sicily 914.5 B14S. 

The same r9i4.5 B14S. 

Switzerland 914.94 B14S2. 

United States 917-3 Bi4a3. 

The same r9i7.3 Bi4a. 

Baehr, G. Motor inspectors' handbook 621.319 B148. 

Bacr (J.) & Co. Americana qroi6.97 B 14 . 

Handschriften und drucke des mittelalters..qroi6.093 B14. 

Incunabula xylographica qroi6.093 B I4i . 

Bagby, G. W. The old Virginia gentleman 814 B15 . 

Bagley, W. C. Classroom management 371 B15 . 

Craftsmanship in teaching 371 B15C. 

Educational values 370.i Bise. 

The educative process 37o.i B15. 

Bagster-Collins, E. W. See Collins. 
Bahr, H. See Fiction, v.7, p. 1877. 

Baikie, J. Sea-kings of Crete 913.39 B15.. 

Bailey, C. S. See Fiction, v.7, p. 1738. 

Bailey, £. H. S. Sanitary and applied chemistry 660 B15. . 

Bailey, E. J. Novels of George Meredith 823 M63zb . . 

Bailey, H. C. See Fiction, v.7, p. 1738. 

Bailey, H. T. Nature drawing 741 B15. . 

Bailey, J. W. Does Hellenism contribute con- 
stituent elements to Paul's Christology? 232 B16.. 

Bailey, L. H. Beginners' botany 580 B16. . 

Botany 581 Bi6b2.. 

College of agriculture and the state 630.7 B16. . 


. Page 






: 2141 


: 2141 










































: 1009 


: 36 















. . 7 : 2068 

..6: 1192 
..7: 1601 

..7: 1372 

..6: 238 
..6: 863 
..6: 866 
..6: 1113 



Call number 
Bailey, L. H. — continued. 

The same r630.7 Bi6, 

Country-life movement in the U. S 630 B i6c , 

Cyclopedia of Amer. agric. 4v qr630.3 B16, 

Horticulturist's rule-book 630.8 Bi6a. 

Manual of gardening 716 Bi6m. 

The state and the farmer 630 B i6s . 

Training of farmers 630.7 Bi6t. 

Training of persons to teach agriculture r370 U25 , 

Bailey, S. L. Historical sketches of Andover. ..r974.4 Assb, 

Bailleu, P. Konigin Luise q92 Lg27b . 

Baillie-Grohman, W. A. See Grohman. 

Bailly, A. The divine minstrels 92 F866b. 

Baily, J. T. H. Emma, lady Hamilton qr92 H21 lb . 

Bain, A. Emotions and the will 157 B16. 

John Stuart Mill 92 M687b. 

Mental and moral science. 2v 150 Bi6m2. 

Bain, F. W. See Fiction, v.7, p. 1738, 1739. 

Bain, H. F. More recent cyanide practice 669.2 B16. 

Bain, R. N. The first Romanovs 947 B16. 

Gustavus III. 2v 92 G9832b. 

Last king of Poland [Poniatowski] 943*8 B16I. 

Slavonic Europe 943>8 B16, 

Bair, J. F. Poetical works r8ii B16. 

See also Fiction, v.7, p. 1739. 

Baird, A. Papers on Doctor Baird r92 B i66b . 

Baird, W. R. Amer. college fraternities r37i.85 Bi6a. 

Bajot, fi. Profils et tournages. v.2 qb729 B17. 

Bajza, J. Osszegyiijtott munkai. 6v 894.58 B17. 

Bajza, L. Beniczkyne-. See Beniczkyne-Bajza. 

Baker, A. Amer. Esperanto book .408.9 B17. 

Baker, C. See Fiction, v.7, p. 1739. 

Baker, C. A. Old Abe, the war eagle qr973.7 B 17 

Baker, C. C. Sir E. A. Waterlow qr759.2 A78 v.7, 

Baker, Ernest A. History in fiction. 2v 016.8 B17. 

The same roi6.8 Bi7h. 

Baker, Etta A. See Fiction, v.7, p. 1739. 

Baker, F. C. How we hear 534.3 B17. 

Baker, G. H. Firing anthracite coal and oil fuel. .621.1371 B17 

Firing bituminous coal 621.1371 Bl7f , 

Standard signals and rules 656.56 B17 

Baker, G. M. See Fiction, v.7, p.1877. 

Baker, G. P. Shakespeare as a dramatist 822.33 D41 . 

Baker, I. O. Treatise on masonry construction.. ..693 Bi7a 

Baker, J. H. Amer. problems 304 B 17 

Baker, J. T. Correct English 425 B17 

Baker, Gen. L. C. History of U. S. secret service. .973.7 B17, 

Vol Pafc 

1 103 




8: 2535 
6: III 
6: 105 

6: 1235 

7: 1512 

6: 580 
7: 1351 
7: 1731 

6: 676 
















1 170 












Call number Vol. Page 

Baker, R. E. Mr Bob; a comedy 812 B17 7: 1520 

Baker, R. S. Following the color line r326 B17.. ..6: 376 

New ideals in healing 615.851 B17. . . .6: 945 

Spiritual unrest 261 B17.. ..6: 262 

Baker, T. O. Action primer J372.4 B17.. ..6: 587 

Baker, T. T. Telegraphic transmission of photo- 
graphs 654.3 B17 6:1158 

Baker (W.) & Co. Cocoa and chocolate 663.91 B17C. . . .6: 1204 

The same r663.9i B17.. ..6: 1204 

Baker, W. H. Dictionary of engraving r76o B177. . . .7: 1415 

Baker, W. S. Character portraits of Washing- 
ton qr92 W272bke 8: 2639 

Early sketches of Washington r92 W272bkr ... .8: 2639 

Engraved portraits of Washington qr92 W272bk 8: 2638 

Medallic portraits of Washington qr737 W27b 7 : 1363 

William Sharp ^ r765 S53b 7:1419 

Baker, Smith & Co. Illustrating the heating plant 

for Carnegie Lib qr697 B17 6:1272 

Bakers' helper [monthly] qr64i B17 6: 1145 

Bakewell, M. E. See Fiction, v.7, p. 1739. 

Bakewell, T. Pittsburgh Sanitary fair rSii B17 7: 15 12 

The same r8ii C15 7:1512 

Bakhuis Roozeboom, H. W. See Roozeboom. 
Bakowski, K. See Fiction, v.7, p. 1932. 
Baksay, S. See Fiction, v.7, p.2003. 

Balbo, C. conte. Delia storia d'ltalia 945 B18 7: 2136 

Vita di Dante Alighieri 92 D237ba 8: 2504 

Balch, A. E. Study of Christian ethics 171 B18 6: 136 

Balch, E. G. Our Slavic fellow citizens 325.73 B18 6: 372 

Balch, E. S. Comparative art q709 B 18 7 : 1291 

Balch, L. Manual for boards of health r352.4 B18 6: 521 

Balch, T. Free coinage q332.42 B18.. ..6: 437 

Balch,.T. W. Balch genealogica qr929.2 B18 8: 2443 

Law of Oresme, Copernicus and Gresham . . . . q332.4 B18....6: 437 

Baldwin, C. N. Universal biographical dictionary .. r920 B19 8: 2402 

Baldwin, C. S. Writing and speaking 808 B19W 7:1494 

Baldwin, J. M. Darwin and the humanities 192 B 19 6: 186 

The individual and society 301 B195 6: 337 

Social and ethical interpretations .,150 Bi9a 6: 105 

Thought and things, v.1-3 160 B 19 6: 112 

Baldwin. James. Amer. book of golden deeds J920 B19 8: 2385 

Thirty more famous stories retold J904 Bi9t. . . .7: 2024 

Baldwin, Jane. Maryland calender of wills, v.3. .r929.3 B19. . . .8: 2449 

Baldwin. T. Airopaidia r533.6 B19 6: 759 

Baldwin, W.J. St. J. On heating 697.5 Bi9a.. ..6: 1273 

Baldwin Locomotive Works. Illustrated cata- 
logue 621.13 Bi9i 6: 987 


Call number Vol. Page 
Baldy, J. M. Amer. text-book of gynecology.. .qr6i8.i B19....6: 963 

Bale, M. P. Handbook for steam users 621.179 B19 6: 993 

Balet, J. W. Analysis of elastic arches 624.6 B19. . . .6: 1060 

Balfour, A. J. Decadence 301 B19 6: 337 

Balfour, Sir J. Historical works. 4v 941 B19 7: 2079 

Balkema, C. H. Biographie des peintres flamands 

et hollandais r927.5 B19 8:2431 

Ball, C. B. & Sherriff, H. T. Plumbing catechism. .696.1 B21 6: 1271 

Ball, E. A. Reynolds-. Rome 914-56 B21 7: 2152 

Tourist's India 915.4 B211 7: 2194 

Ball, J. Central Alps. 2v r9i4.94 B2IC 7: 2173 

Peaks, passes and glaciers 914-94 B2ip 7: 2173 

Ball, J. I. Strongholds of the barons 914.2 B21 7 : 2097 

Ball, J. T. Drawings of the five orders of archi- 
tecture qb729.3 B21 7 : 1353 

Ball, R. S. Natural sources of power. 621.2 B21 6: 996 

Ball, Sir R. S. The earth's beginning 523 B2ie2 6: 738 

Popular guide to the heavens 523.89 B21 ... .6: 742 

Story of the heavens 523 B2ia 6: 738 

Story of the sun 523.7 B21 6: 741 

Treatise on spherical astronomy 522.7 B21 6: 738 

Ball, W. V. Law affecting engineers r620.07 B21 6: 968 

Balladenbuch. 2v 831.08 B21 7: 1634 

Ballagi, M. Uj teljes magyar es nemet szotar. 2V.. .494 B21 6: 709 

Ballantyne & Co. Ballantyne Press and its 

founders r655.i4i B21 6: 1162 

History of the Ballantyne Press qroi2 S43b 6: 5 

Bajlestrem, E. grafin. Das goldene buch Tg2g.y B21 8: 2456 

Ballinger, J. Bible in Wales qr220.5 B21 6: 212 

National Library of Wales r027.5 B21 6: 64 

Ballinger, W. F. & Perrot, E. G. Inspector's hand- 
book of reinforced concrete 693.55 B21 6: 1267 

Ballou, M. M. Treasury of thought r8o8.8 B21 7: 1505 

Balsillie, D. Ethic of nature 170.4 B21 6: 119 

Baltimore. Mayor's message r352 B21 6: 51a 

Baltimore — Advisory com. on taxation and revenue. 

Report r336.7 B21 6: 457 

Baltimore. Charter. New charter of Baltimore. .r352 B2i7a. . . .6: 512 

Baltimore. Directories r9i7.52 P76.. . .7: 2330 

Baltimore — Health, Sub-dept. of. Annual report. . r352.4 B21.. ..6: 521 
Baltimore — Legislative reference dcpt. Annual 

report r352 B2172 ... .6: 512 

Baltimore and Ohio R. R. Co. Annual report. . qr 656.673 B2ia.. ..6: 1171 
Baltimore Assoc, for the Improvement of the Poor. 

Housing conditions r33i.83 B21 6: 419 

Baltimore, Children's Playground Assoc. Proceed- 
ings qr33i-85 B21 6: AM 

loli, G. de. Trattato delle volgari sen- 

ze sopra le virtu morali 851 B21 . 

K^pek a Finn nep eletebdl 9i4*7i B22. 

G. Literary and historical miscellanies. . .814 B22. 

H. Inheritance taxes for investors r336.24 B22. 

J. H. Games 790 B22. 

:al training 796 B22 . 

I gymnastics 613.71 B22S2. 

une r6i3.7i B22 . 

M. E. (Wilton), lady, & Bancroft, Sir S. B. 

ancrofts 92 B2232b . 

Memorial Lib., Hopedale, Mass. Annual 

ort. r027.4 B222 . 

, A. F. A. Archaeological tour in Mexico..r9i3.72 B22. 

s of Titicaca and Koati r9i8.5 B22 . 

e of lands among the ancient Mexicans. ..r972 B22. 

I Mille 945 B22 . 

H. Annals of Miles ancestry in Pa. . . .r929.2 M68. 

ilc. — Pub. lib. Annual reports ro27.4 B22. 

list; biography roi6.92 B22. 

K. Alice in Blunderland 817 B22a. 

tal thing 812 B22r. 

. R. Jeanne d'Arc 92 J329b. 

Pittsburgh Nat. Assoc. The bank his- 

leal qr332.i B2272b. 

since the year 1810 r9i7.4886 B227 . 

rial to the legislature r332.i B2272m . 

idings of the board r332.i B2272 . 

G. P. Art of the plasterer q729.6 B22 . 

directory qr332.i B2275. 

green book r332.i B2273. 

magazine r332 B227 . 








: 455 






: 922 


: 922 














..6: 431 
..6: 431 
..6: 431 

.7: 1356 
..6: 432 
..6: 432 
..6: 429 


Call number 
Banta, A. M. Fauna of Mayfield's cave qr59i.9772 B22. 

Banville, T. F. de. Gringoire; comedy qr842 B22. 

Baptist General Tract Soc. See Araer. Baptist 

Publication Soc. 

Baranov, M. Man and nature. (Yiddish text.).. 501 B23m. 

Barany, G. Foldrajz 910 B23 , 

Barba, J. Use of steel for constructive purposes. .r69 1.7 B23. 

Barbara, pseud. See Wright, Mrs M. (Osgood). 

Barbauld, Mrs A. L. (Aikin). Works. 2v r82i B232. 

Barbe, W. Famous poems explained 808.8 B23 . 

Barber, A. L. The best road and the right way to 

make it r625.85 B23 . 

Barber, E. A. Artificial soft paste porcelain 738 B23a. 

Genealogy of the Barber family Tg2g,2 B23. 

Lead glazed pottery, v. i 738 B23I . 

Salt glazed stoneware r738 B23S . 

Tin enameled pottery, maiolica and delft 738 B23t. 

The same r738 B23ti . 

Barber, H. British family names r929.4 B233 , 

Barbey, F. A friend of Marie-Antoinette (Lady 

Atkyns) 92 A879b 

Barbie du Bocage, J. D. Maps and coins, illustra- 
tive of the travels of Anacharsis qr9i3.38 B23, 

Barbiera, R. I poeti della patria 851.09 B23 

Barboni, L. See Fiction, v.7, p. 1904. 

Barbou, A. Victor Hugo and his time 92 H899ba. 

Barbour, J. S. History of William Paterson 92 P2932b . 

Barbour, L. L. Peter White as man and as citizen. . r92 W635b 
Barbour, R. H. See Fiction, v.7, p. 1740. 

Barclay, Mrs F. L. (Charlesworth). See Fiction, v.7, p.1741. 
Barclay, Sir T. Problems of internat. practice. . . .qr34i B23 
Bardeen, C. W. Fundamental facts of Amer. his- 
tory 371.2 B23 

Manual of common school law r379.i4 B23 

Regents preliminary question book 371.2 B23r 

Bardenhewer, O. Patrology r28i.i B23, 

Bards well, Mrs F. A. The herb-garden 716 B23 

Bardswell, N. D. Advice to consumptives 616.246 B23 

Life of the consumptive after treatment. . ..616.246 B23e 
Bardzka, A. See Karwat, Mme A. (Bardzka). 
Bardzka, N. See Fiction, v.7, p. 1933. 

Barham, R. H. D. Life of T. E. Hook. 2v 92 H7732b 

Barili. See Filopanti, Q. 

Barine, Arvede, pseud. Life of Alfred de Musset..92 M985b 

Madame Charles Bigot 92 £485ib 

Baring, E. earl of Cromer. See Cromer. 

Vol. Page 
..6: 882 



: 714 








: 1501 


: 1072 


















..6: 47* 

..6: 577 

..6: 611 

..6: 57r 

.6: 29f 


..6: 952 

..6: 952 



Mr, J. The mockers, and other verses 821 6241x1. 

Mr, J. W. Ultimatum of pessimism 149 B24. 

d, H. English pedagogy, v.2 370.8 B25 . 

man educational reformers 923.7 B25 . 

d, J. E. Practical photo-micrography 778.31 B25. 

d, J. L. Factory legislation in Pa r330 P39 v.8. 

(A. S.) & Co. Popular history of the U. S. 
2v 973 B25p2. 

, E. Where knowledge fails 215 B25, 

, H. T. Ice formation 551-57 B25 . 

, Mrs M. £. (Clark). Athanasia [poem] .. ..r8ii B25. 

, P. T. House plants 716 B25 . 

, W. H. Fortieth cong. of U. S. 2v qr328.73 B25f . 

-Grundy, M. S. See Grundy. 

t, H. N. Accidental injuries to workmen. ..614.8 B25, 

t, S. A. Lectures on poverty 331.8 B25 , 

• & Harnett, Mrs H. O. (Rowland). Towards 

social reform 331.8 B25t, 

y, Mrs M. Memoir of Commodore Barney.. 92 625635 

J. R. Histoire des idees morales en France. 2V..194 B25. 

morale dans la democratie 172 B25 , 

im, H. L. The spy unmasked r92 C894b < 

f, A. Types and pictures. (Yiddish text.) . .892.53 B25. 

Mrs A. E. See Fiction, v.7, p.1741. 

J. A. Testing for metallurgical processes. .669.051 B25. 

J. H. Kinematics of machinery 621 B25k, 

R. See Fiction, v.7, p.1741. 

W. M. Pumping machinery 621.64 B2S. 

tt. A, Physical ethics 171 B26. 

tt, N. S. & Sachse, J. F. Freemasonry in Pa. 

v.l-2 r366.i B26, 

, Mass. Vital records r929.3 B26, 


--ft "- 


















































. .oI 



Call number Vol. Page 
Barrett, S. A. Porno Indian basketry qr970.6 B26 7:2226 

Barrili, A. G. See Fiction, v.7, p. 1904. 

Barrington, Mrs E. I. (Wilson). Life and work of 

Frederick Leighton. 2v q759.2 L56b 7:1402 

Barrington, Sir J. Personal sketches of his own 

times. 2v 920 B267 8:2385 

Barron, L. Lawns and how to make them 712 B26 7 : 1306 

Roses and how to grow them 716.2 B26.. ..7: 1310 

Barrow, L Works. 3v 252 B 26 6: 256 

Barrows, M. M. Value of simplicity r8o8.8 B26 7 : 1505 

Barrows, W. U. S. of yesterday and of to-morrow. .917.3 B26. . . .7: 2278 

Barrows, W. E. Electrical illuminating engineer- 
ing 621.32 B26 6: loio 

Barrus, G. H. Boiler tests ..621.18B26 6: 994 

Star improved steam engine indicator 621. 171 B26 6: 992 

The same r62i.i7i B26 6: 992 

Barry, A. Memoir of Sir Charles Barry 92 B27ib 8: 2470 

Barry, R. H. The events man 952 B27e 7:2188 

Barry, W. History of Framingham, Mass r974.4 FSsb 7: 2295 

Barry, W. F. Higher criticism 220.1 B27h 6: 211 

Barsony, L See Fiction, v.7, p.2003. 

Bartels, A. See Fiction, v.7, p. 1877. 

Barten. E. Notwendigkeit 614.8 B27. . . .6: 939 

Barth, F. Calvin und Servet 92 Ci44b 8:2484 

Bartha. Historye biblijne testamentu Starego i 

Nowego 220 B27 6: 210 

Barthel, C. Methods used in the examination of 

milk 614.32 B27 6: 934 

Barthelemy, J. J. Travels of Anacharsis the 

younger r9i3.38 B27 7:2066 

Bartholdy, F. Mendelssohn-. See Mendelssohn-Bartholdy. 

Bartholomew, A. T. Richard Bentley; a bibliog- 
raphy roi2 B44b 6: 2 

Bartholomew, E. F. Relation of psychology to 

music 150 B27 6: 105 

Bartholomew, J. G. Atlas of world's commerce. . .qr38o B27 6: 617 

Atlas of zoogeography qr59i.9 B27 6: 881 

Literary & historical atlas of Europe 9' 1.4 B27 7 : 2040 

Bartholomew, W. N. Pencil drawing from nature. 

2v 741 B27 7:1372 

Bartholow, R. Treatise on materia medica r6i5 B27 6: 942 

Treatise on the practice of medicine r6i6 B27.. ..6: 949 

Bartkiewicz, Z. See Fiction, v.7, p.i933- 

Bartlett, Dana W. The better city 917.94 B27 7: 2357 

Bartlett, David W. Heroes of the Indian rebellion.. .954 B27 7: 2193 

Life of Gen. Franklin Pierce 92 P557b 8: 2597 

Modern agitators 923-6 B27 8: 2426 



Call number 
^artlett, F. O. See Fiction, v.7, p.1741. 

^art^ett, G. B. New games for parlor and lawn 790 B27 . 

harden, J. D. U. S. state revenue stamps r383.9 B27. 

^artlett, J. R. Memoirs of Rhode Island of- • 

f icers qr973.7 B27m . 

Bartlett, L. C. Probation in Amer. cities r343.i2 B27. 

Sartlett, W. H. Footsteps of our Lord 915.69 B27. 

Forty days in the desert 915.3 B27. 

Gleanings on the overland route 914.58 B27. 

Jerusalem revisited 915.69 B27J . 

Nile boat 916.2 B27. 

Pictures from Sicily 914.58 B27p. 

Pilgrim Fathers 974.4 B27 . 

Bartlett. W. H. C. Rifled guns qr5o6 N15 v.i . 

Barton, B. S. Fragments of the natural history of 

Pa. qr598.2 B28. 

Barton, E. H. Text-book on sound 534 B28 . 

Barton, G. A. Commentary on Ecclesiastes 223.8 B28. 

Barton, J. L. Daybreak in Turkey 266 B28d . 

Missionary and his critics 266 B28. 

Unfinished task of the Christian church 266 B28U. 

Barton, M. Impressions of Mexico 917.2.B28. 

Barton, W. Memoirs of David Rittenhouse r92 Rsisb. 

Bartoszewicz, K. Ksi^gi humoru polskiego. 2V..891.87 B28. 
Bartsch, A. Die grundprinzipien der Kantschen 

ethik und das Christentum ri7i Ki2zb . 

Bartsch, J. A. B. ritter von. Le peintre graveur. 

17V qr769 B28. 

Supplements, v.i qr769 B28a . 

Bartsch, K. F. Chrestomathie de Tancien fran- 

^ais r84i.o8 B28. 

Chrestomathie provengale r849. i B28 . 

Bartsch, R. H. See Fiction, v.7, p. 1877. 
Banicchi, L. See Fiction, v.7, p. 1904. 
Bamch, L. See Borne, L. 

^amch, S. Principles and practice of hydro- 
therapy r6i5.853 B28. . 

^arus, C. Condensation of vapor r533.3 B28C . . 

Nucleation of the uncontaminated atmos- 
phere qr533.3 B28. . 

Production of elliptic interferences in relation 

to interferometry. 2v qr535.4i B28. . 

^arwise, S. Purification of sewage 628.3 B28. . 

^ary, R. de. See De Bary. 

iarzini, L. Pekin to Paris 798.1 B28. . 

^asanavicius, J. Apie senoves Lietuvos pylis 947.5 B28a.. 

Etnologiskos smulkmenos 572.8 B28. . 

Vol. Page 

...7: 1465 

...6: 636 



: 485 
















. I25I 

...6: 887 

...6: 764 

...6: 221 

...6: 274 

...6: 269 

...6: 269 

. ..7:2236 

. ..8:2607 



..6: 161 

..7: 1421 
..7: 1421 

.7: 1653 
..7: 1663 

..6: 947 
..6: 759 

.6: 759 

..6: 766 
..6: 1089 

..7: 2164 
..6: 855 



Call number 
Basanavicius, J. — continued. 

Grovo Kyburg'o kelione Lietuvona 1397 m 947-5 B28. 

Is gyvenimo velig bei velnig 291 B28. 

Lenkai Lietuvoje .«. 947.5 B28I . 

Lietuviskos pasakos yvairios. 2v 398 B28. 

Prie historijos musun rasybos 49i*92 B28. 

2iponas bei zipone ir auksingumas bei sidabringumas 

lietuviskun dainun 491-92 B28Z. 

Basch, H. Neue moral und erziehung ri77 B28. 

Bashford, J. W. bp. Awakening of China 266 B29a. 

China and Methodism 266 B29. 

Christian education in China 266 B29C. 

God's missionary plan for the world 266 B29g. 

Bashore, H. B. Outlines of practical sanitation.. .614 B290. 

Sanitation of recreation camps and parks 614.7 B29. 

Baskerville, B. C. The Polish Jew 296 B29. 

Baskerville, C. Municipal chemistry 614 B293. 

& Estabrooke, W. L. Progressive problems 

in general chemistry r540 B29. 

Basnage de Beauval, J. Traite de la conscience. 2v. .ri7i B29. 
Bassett, H. F. Waterbury and her industries.. .1^17.46 B29. 
Bassler, R. S. . Bryozoan fauna of the Rochester 

shale r557.3 U25b . 

Bastiat, F. Economic sophisms 330.4 B29e. 

The same 337-1 B29. 

Batchelder, E. A. Design in theory and practice .. 745 B3id. 
Batcheller, Mrs T. B. Glimpses of Italian court 

life q9i4-5 B31. 

Batcheller, W. Dover and Dover castle r942 B31 . 

Bate, P. Modern Scottish portrait painters qr7S7 B31. 

Baterden, J. R. Timber 582 B31 . 

Bates, A. Talks on teaching literature 807 B31. 

Bates, D. H. Lincoln in the telegraph office 92 L7i5bat. 

Bates, E. Doctrines of Friends r289.6 B31 . 

Bates, E. S. Study of Shelley's drama "The 

Cenci" 822 S54zba. 

Bates, F. A. Camping and camp cooking 79^.5 B31. 

Bates, K. L. From Gretna Green to Land's End.. 914.2 B31. 

Bates, L. W. Retrieval at Panama 626.9 B31 . 

Bates, L. W. jr. Russian road to China 915-7 B31 . 

Bates, S. H. Open-air at home 616.246 B31. 

Bates & Guild Co. English household furniture.. q749 B31. 

Bateson, W. Mendel's principles of heredity 575.1 B31. 

Batiushkov. K.N. Works. (Russian text.) q89i.78 B32. 

Batsford, H. Books on ornament roi6.74 B31 . 

Batson, Mrs H. M. Summer garden of pleasure.. .716 B31S. 
Batten, L. W. The Hebrew prophet 224 B31. 

VoL Pace 

..6: 317 
..6: 663 
..6: 70s 

..6: 705 

..6: 174 

..6: 274 

..6: 274 

..6: 274 

..6: 269 

..6: 924 

..6: 938 

..6: 324 

..6: 924 

..6: 779 
..6: 137 

..6: 847 
..6: 392 
..6: 392 


..6: 870 



..6: 3M 



..6: 952 
..6: 858 

..6: 27 
..6: 222 

















.6: 160 

Call number 

Battersby, C Queer quaint Holland 914-92 B31 . . 

Batteux, C. Moral des Epikureismus ri87 B31 . . 

Battine, C. Crisis of the Confederacy 9737 B32. . 

Bauch, B. Vom prinzip der moral bei Kant.. ..ri7i Ki2zba.. 

Baudot, J. E. A. de, & Pcrrault-Dabbt, A. Lcs 

cathedrales de France. 2v qb726 B32C . . 

Baudrillart, A. The Catholic church 282 B32. . 

Baudrillart, H. M. A. See Baudrillart, A. 

Baudry, P. J. A. Peintures decoratives du grand 

foyer de TOpera [ Paris] qb759.4 B32 . . 

Bauer, A. Kritik der friedensbewegung 172 B32. . 

Bauer, E. & Gary, M. Fiinf und zwanzig jahre un- 

fallverhiitung qr6i4.8 B325 . . 

Bauer, L. A. U. S. magnetic tables qr538.7 B32U . . 

Baugh, F. H. & Schmeisser, W. C. Estate ac- 
counting 347.6 B32. . 

Baughan, E. A. Ignaz Jan Paderewski 92 Pi33b . . 

Baumann, I. Quae de anima ejusque partibus Aris- 
toteles in libris Ethicorum Nicomach. pro- 
posuerit ri7i A7izb . . 

Baumert, G. P. G. H. Lehrbuch der gerichtlichen 

chemie r543-5 B32 . 

Baumgarten, P. M. H. C. Lea's historical writings..282 L44zb . 

Baur, C. Das elektrische kabel r62i.3i5 B32a. 

Bavaria — Konigliches bayerisches arbeiter-museum . 

in Miinchen. Jahresbericht r6i4.8 B32. 

Mitteilung qr6i4.8 B32m . 

Bax, E. B. Jean-Paul Marat 92 M359b . 

Bax, P. B. I. Cathedral church of Bangor 726 B33C. 

Baxter, G. P. Atomic weights of cadmium, etc..qr54i.2 B33. 

Baxter, J. P. British invasion from the North. . . .r973.3 B33. 

Baxter, Mrs L. E. (Barnes). See Scott, Leader, pseud. 

Baxter, W. Hydraulic elevators 621.87 B33. 

Switchboards 621.344 B33 . 

Bay state philatelist; monthly r383.5 B33. 

Bayard, F. M. Voyage dans Tinterieur des fitats- 

Unis r9i7.55 B33. 

Bayard, T. F. Oration pronounced on Webster. . qr92 W382b . 

Bayet, A. L'idee de bien 171 B33. 

La morale scientifique i70-4 B33 . 

Bayley, R. C. Complete photographer 770 B33 . 

Bayley, W. S. Elementary crystallography 548 B33. 

Bayne, P. Essays in biography and criticism, v.2. .r824 B33. 

Martin Luther. 2v 92 L982b. 

Testimony of Christ to Christianity 239 B33. 

Bazan, E. P. De mi tierra 864 B33. 

Bazin, R- See Fiction, v.7, p.i74i» i742, 1896, 1902. 

. ..6: 


. ..6: 


. ..6: 


. . .6: 


. . .6: 


. . .ol 




. . .6: 




. . .6: 


. . .6: 


. . .6: 






. . .6: 


. . .6: 




. . .6: 




. . .ol 


. . .6: 





Call number Vol Pace 
Beach, E. L. See Fiction, v.7, p.1742. 

Beach, H. P. Dawn on the hills of T'ang 266 B34d 6: 274 

Princely men in the heavenly kingdom 922 B34. . . .8: 2410 

Beach, R. E. See Fiction, v.7, p.1742. 

Beach, R. M. Was Fernando de Herrera a Greek 

scholar? qr86i H47 7:1679 

Bcaconsfield, B. Disraeli, earl of. A rod from the 

root of Ishai. (Hebrew text.) 892.43 B34. . . .7: 1981 

Selected speeches. 2v 308 B34. . . .6: 347 

Beadle, C. Chapters on papermaking. v.1-5 676 B34.. ..6: 1245 

Beak, G. B. Indexing and precis writing 808 B34. . . .7: 1495 

Key 808 B34a 7: I49S 

Beal, S. Catena of Buddhist scriptures from the 

Chinese 294 B34C 6: 321 

Beale, E. 1. Highways of the Virginia peninsula. .r9i7.55 B34 7: 2334 

Beames, J. Modern Aryan languages of India. 3v..r49t.4 B34. . . .6: 705 

Beard, C. A. Amer. government 342.7 B34. . . .6: 478- 

Introduction to the English historians 942 B34. . . .7: 2090 

Looseleaf digest of short ballot charters qr3S2 B34 6: 508 

Beard, D. C. Field and forest handy book 790 B34 .... 7 : 1465- 

The same J790 B34 7:1465 

Beard, J. T. Mine gases and explosions 622.41 B34 6: 1049*^ 

Beard, L. & Beard, A. B. Amer. girls' handy-book. . 790 B343a 7: 1466 

Indoor and outdoor handicraft for girls 790 B343i.. ..7: 1466 

The same J790 63431 7:1466 

Things worth doing 790 B343.. ..7: 1466 

The same J790 83431 7:1466 

Beardmore, W. L. Drainage of habitable buildings..r628.6 B34. . . .6: 1093 

Beardsley, E. E. Life of Samuel Johnson 92 J3652b ... .8: 255* 

Beardsley, R. C. Construction of hydroelectric 

plants 621.341 B34 6: lOiS 

Bearne, Mrs C. M. (Charlton). Heroines of French 

society 920.7 B34 8:2405 

A sister of Marie Antoinette 92 M384b.. ..8:257$ 

Beattie, W. Waldenses q284.4 B34 6: 306 

Beaulieu, P. P. Leroy-. See Leroy-Beaulieu. 

Beaumarchais, P. A. C. de. CEuvres completes .. qr842 B350.. . .7: 1654 

Beautiful world ; journal r659.05 B35 6: 1191 

Beauvcrie, J. & Faucheron, L. Atlas colorie de la 

flore alpine r58i.949 B35 6: 869 

Bebel, A. Woman under socialism 396 B35 ... .6: 655 

Beccaria, P. Saggio di f ilosofia morale 171 B35 6: I37 

Becher, E. Die grundfrage der ethik 171 B362.. . .6: 137 

Bechstein, L. See Fiction, v.7, p. 1877. 

Beck, C. Sonnen blicke vom lateinischen Amerika..9i7.29 B36 7: 224X 

Beck, F. Wollen und sollen des raenschen 170.4 B36.. ..6: 119 



Call number 

Beck, O. W. Art principles in portrait photogra- 
phy 778.11 B36.. 

Beck, S. W. Gloves 391 B36 . . 

Becke, L. & Jeffery, W. Naval pioneers of Australia.. 994 B36. . 

Becker, G. F. & Van Orstrand, C. E. Hyperbolic 

functions rs 14. i B36 . . 

Becker, J. H. Ursprung und geschichtliche ent- 
wickelung der sittlichkeit durch den kampf 
ums dasein 171 B36. 

Becker, O. M. High-speed steel 669.1731 B36. . 

The same r669.i73i B36. 

Becker, W. C. Der Nietzschekultus 193 N33zb . 

Beckermann, S. The born jail bird. (Yiddish 

text.) 892.53 B39b . 

Messianic times. (Yiddish text.) 892.53 B39. 

Beckwith, A. Majolica and fayence 738 B36. 

Becquer, G. A. Legends and poems [in Spanish] . . .868 B36. 

Becsky, L. See Fiction, v.7, p.2003. 

B^czkowska, W. Grot-. See Grot-B^czkowska. 

Beddard, F. E. Natural history in zoological gardens..596 B37 . 

Bedell, W. L. D. Practical electro-plating 53785 B37. 

Bedford, J. See Godfrey, Elizabeth, pseud. 

Bedford, N. H. — Centennial com. History of Bed- 
ford, N. H r974.2 B37. 

Bedford gazette, Bedford, Pa. Centennial edi- 
tion qr974.87i B37 . 

Bedinello, U. Diario del viaggio intorno al globo. . .910 B37. 

Bedrosian, M. New dictionary, Armenian-Eng- 
lish r49i.54 B37. 

Bcebc, C W. The bird 598.2 B377b. 

Two bird-lovers in Mexico 598.2 B377 . 

Beecham, R. K. Gettysburg 973.7 B37. 

Beecher, H. W. Eyes and cars r8i4 B37. 

Bcccher, L. Autobiography. 2v 92 B379. 

Beecroft, W. I. Who's who among the ferns 587.3 B37. 

Beerbohm, M. Yet again 824 B38. 

Beers, H. A. Outline sketch of English literature.. 820.9 B380. 
Ways of Yale 378.7 B38a. 

Beers (J. H.) & Co. Biographical annals of Lan- 
caster CO., Pa qr974.8i5 B38. 

Biographical record of central Pa qr974.86 B38C. 

Beethoven, L. van. Letters. 2v 92 B383I . 

Samtliche briefe. 5v 92 B383sa. 

Variationen fiir das pianoforte qM786.4 B38V . 

Begbie, A. H. Christmas songs and carols 821 B38. 

Begbie, H. Souls in action 269 B38S. 

Twice-born men 269 B38 . 

Vol. Page 

..7: 1428 
..'6: 650 

..6: 729 

. . .6: 


. . .6: 


. . .6: 


. . .6: 










. ..6: 


. . .6: 


• • • y • 












































Call number 
Beginners' primer J372.4 B38. . 

Begley, W. Is it Shakespeare? 822.33 AB4. . 

Behren's, B. See Heimburg, W. pseud. 

Beith, I. H. See Hay, Ian, psewi, 

Beker, R. G. World's crop of wheat qr338.i B39. . 

Belasco, D. See Fiction, v.7, p. 1742. 

Belcher, J. Essentials in architecture 720 B39. 

Belding, A. G. Commercial correspondence 652 B39. 

Belfour, A. O. Twelfth-century homilies, v.i r252 B39. 

Bell, Mrs A. See Bell, Mrs N. R. E. (Meugcns). 

Bell, A. G. Mechanism of speech 612.78 B39a . 

The same 612.78 B39. 

Bell, A. M. Englische sichtbare sprache in 12 

lektionen 612.78 B392e . 

English visible speech in 12 lessons 612.78 B392. 

Faults of speech 612.78 B392f . 

Principles of elocution 808.5 B39- 

Principles of speech and dictionary of 

sounds 612.78 B392P . 

Bell, C. D. Some of our English poets 928 B39. 

Bell, C. F. M. Egyptian finance. 336.6 B39. 

Bell, C. H. History of the town of Exeter, N. H . . r974.2 E98b . 

Bell, Currer, pseud. See Bronte, C. 

Bell, D. C. & Bell, A. M. Standard elocutionist. .808.5 B399. 

Bell, Ellis, pseud. See Bronte, E. 

Bell, F. J. Comparative anatomy and physiology..r59i.4 B39. 

Bell, Mrs F. (Olliffe). See Bell, Mrs H. 

Bell, G. L. Amurath to Amurath 915.6 B41 . 

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The same qr759.2 B92b . 

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Lord 244 B41 . 

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See also Fiction, v.7, p. 1973. 

Vol Page 
..6: 587 


6: 460 


• • • ^ • 


. ..6: 


. ..6: 


. ..6: 


. ..6: 


. ..6: 




. . .6: 




. . .6: 


• • .ol 


. . .6: 




• • • g • 


. ..6: 






. . .6: 












. . .6: 




. . .6: 


. • •Ol 










Call number 
Bellamy, J. Nature and glory of the gospel of 

Jesus Christ r230 B41 , 

Theron, Paulinus and Aspasio r230 B4it . 

Bellamy, W. More charades 793-7 B4im , 

Bellasis, E. S. Hydraulics, with working tables .. 532.5 B41. 
Belief onte [Pa.] Methodist Episcopal Church. 

Centennial r287 B41 , 

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Bellet, L. P. du. Some prominent Virginia fami- 
lies. 4v r929.2 B41 , 

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La sonnambula ; libretto Q782.5 B41 . 

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Hills and the sea 914 B4i7h. 

Historic Thames q9i4.2 B4ih . 

Marie Antoinette 92 M386be , 

On everything 824 B410, 

On nothing & kindred subjects 824 B41 . 

On something 824 B4ion. 

Verses 821 B41V. 

Bellord, J. Meditations on Christian dogma. 2V...230 B41, 
Bellows, H. P. Test drug-proving of the "O. O. & 

L. Society" r6i5.784 B41 

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Sketch of the Union League Club of N. Y r363 B41 . 

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Listy z Sycylii 914-58 B42 . 

Na lagunach 91453 B42 

Obrazy Korsyki 91459 B42. 

Odgfosy Szkocyi 9i4-i B42, 

Ostatnie chwile Mickiewicza 92 M669b . 

W polnocnej Afryce 916 B42, 

W stolicy padyszacha 914.96 B42 , 

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U kolebki wieszcza 92 M669be , 

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Bender, C. W. Electric train lighting hand- 
book r625.233 B42. 

Vol. Page 

..6: 232 
..6: 232 

..6: 757 

..6: 312 




















: 1604 


: 1604 


: 1604 




: 233 


: 945 




: 551 




: 119 





















...6: 705 

...6: 824 

...6: 785 



: 137 

.6: 1065 


















Call number Vol Page 
Bender, T. Der praktische hochofenbetrieb T66g.i22 B42 6:1231 

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utstallningen for konsthandtverk och konst- 

industri i Stockholm qr7o8.9 B42.. ..7: 1290 

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macheorum integritate qri7i A7izbe . . 

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& Daugirda, P. Aritmetikos uzdaviniij ir 

pavyzdziy rinkinys 511 B42 . . 

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A magyar nepkoltes gyongyei 894.51 B43. . 

Nagy magyarok elete. 3v 920 B43 . . 

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lism qr6i2.39i B43 6: 913 

& Carpenter, T. M. Metabolism and energy 

transformations of healthy man during 

rest qr6i2.oi53 B43 6: 913 

Respiration calorimeters for studying the re- 
spiratory exchange and energy transforma- 
tions of man r6i2.5i2 B43.. ..6: 913 

& Joslin, E. P. Metabolism in diabetes 

mellitus r6i6.63i B43\ 

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Die hochzeitsreise 832 B43. 

Plautus und Terenz 832 B43P. 

Der weiberf eind 832 E57 . 

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See also Fiction, v.7, p.2003, 2004. 

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Benischke, G. Die grundgesetze der wechsel- 

stromtechnik r62i.3i3 B43 . 


: 959 




: 412 
















: 137 











.6: 137 
.6: 1005 



Call number 
Benischke, G. — continued. 

Dcr parallelbetrieb von wechselstrom- 

maschinen r62i.3i3 B43P . 

Die schutzvorrichtungen der starkstromtechnik 

gegen atmospharische entladungen r62i.3ii7 B43. 

Benjamin, C. H. Machine design ^621 B43 . 

Modern Amer. machine tools 621.9 B43. 

The steam engine 621. i B43 . 

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Benjaminson, A. L. War in peace. (Yiddish text.).. 296 B43. 
Benkard, J. B. Sketch of the German emperors 

and kings r923.i B43. 

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the Mediterranean 613.12 B43. 

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The human machine 170.4 B43h . 

Literary taste 801" B43 . 

Mental efficiency 170.4 B43m . 

What the public wants; a play 822 B43. 

See also Fiction, v.7, p. 1742, 1743. 
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accidents" r62i.i39 B43 . 

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Bennett, J. R. S. Life of W. S. Bennett 92 B439b . 

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Ceylon qr597 B43. 

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Bennett (T.) & Sons. Handbook for travellers in 

Norway .