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3 i3i-i'-i>'> 

Karbart Colltgt libtarj. 


(Ctui of i8So). 





Cfilass llt$t 

English Pkose Fiction, 




ISSTKII liY T II K I. Ill U Alt V. 

1 h7 7. 



English Prose Fiction, 



SIXTH KlDITIOlSr. J\.1»RTL, J 877. 


I S sr K II 11 V Tll K M 11 K A K Y. 

I K 7 7. 



/^ . ^ ^^ Maroh Bequeet* 

^ /" PREFACE. 

The first edition of tlii-^ catalogue was issued, in 18GC, as an alcove list, for a temporarv 
purpose. Successive editions have followed, and the present, tlie sixth (4,000 copies), has beeii 
thoroughly revised, with the addition of notes, intended to assist readers in making choice of 
books, and to lead them to parallel reading where the works in question have a historical hL-aring. 

One of the standing objections to separate lists of fiction — that they do not olier readei-s 
a chance for other selections — will thus be removed. A brief list of historical fiction, — tales, 
poems, and plays. — arranged chronologically under countries, but without shelf numbers, wa- 
first issued by tliis library in 1871, and, much enlarged, but still without any pretensions ii- 
completeness, was reissued in 1877). Meanwhile the application of its principle hail been innde in 
a few instances in the historical notes in the Lower Hall Catalogue of books in History, Biography, 
and Travel, issued in 1873. Following this guidance, the Public Library of Quincy, Massarhn- 
setts, issued, in 187.'>, a Catalogue of their collection, in which classifications of liction to lh<* 
same puqiose were introduced, and notes of a similar character were sup[)lied. One or two other 
libraries followed, with more or less sco|>e. in the same diivction. In issuing in August, 187G. a 
new edition of tiie Catalojnic of the Roxburv Branch, the notes were made to cover illustration^ 
of a fictitious as well as of a purely historical character. The most extensive ellbrt of this kind, 
however, has lK»en made in the present catalogue, though the classification is still far from perfect. 
That the best chance for success in inducing more can»ful habits of reading lies in the grailual 
awakening of a deeper interest b}' connecting, in one course t>f instruction, tiie imaginative and 
historical renderings of the same theme, may lie deduced safely, it is thought, from the experi- 
ments already tried. The present catalogue is committetl to this same mission. 

The scope of these present notes has, it will be seen, admitted some pi*otluctions chiefly of 
interest to scholarly persons ; but, by omitting the shelf nunibers in such cases, the ordinary 
reader will not be embarrassed, while the moiv careful student can trace them for himself in the 
other catalogues of the librarv. 

Something has also been done in the way of helping the general public to comprehend the 
relative standing of the principal novelists. Under the head of Scott will be found a chrono- 
logical arrangement of his tales and poems, showing their historical relaticms. The same treatment 
has been followed under Jamks, and certainly with less reason, though it may l»c (piostioned if in 
the line of historical development any other novelist has. in his day, so unilbrmly interested the 
mass of novel readers. 

Little more can be claimed for these distinctive additions to a [)opular catalo^rn*' than that 
it is the beginning of a new combination, which may yet accomplish something worthy to bo. done. 
Its value, however, will not wholly depend on the estimate to be put on historical lictinii as a 
substitute for more sober chronicles. Various opinions on this ix>int were quotiMl in the |>rcrace to 
the separate issue already referred to, and <loubtless others equally respectnblo couM i)e culled 
from the opponents of this class of writing. Fielding rei>resents one extreme', wlicn lu' >Mys that 
*'the difTercnco between the historian and me is, that with him everything is false but the names 
and dates, while with me nothing is talse but these." Sir Francis Palgrave. on the olh«r iiand. 
after trying to mould into an historical novel the material used subsequently in his •• lIl^^l(>^\ of 
Normandv," said. •* Historical novels are mortal enemies to historv.'' But alli>\v one extri-nu' or 
the other lo be truth, or place that jewel between the two, it still remains to he said tli:U the 
historical novel can be made an allurement and a slepi»ing-stone for the pastime-reader, to some- 
thing better than the mere dispelling of eiuiui. 

A few minor writings, not liction, will be found under their ap[»roprinteentiiis. ])ecan'^e they 
are \n\vi< of collections mostly liction, which are included in thi> classification. 

Assistance in the notes has been rendered by Mr. F. B. Perkins, the Otlice Secretary oi' the 

Library, and in the proof-reading by Mr. William H. Foster. A word of i>raise is also due to the 

labor bestowed upon it in the otlice of the Citv Printers. 


ruBLio Liim.uiY, DdSTox, Mnrcli 31, IS77. 





A., A. A. AllfocgrMd 

— Lnf • Iba vningur 

A., F. R. N<.w.Bril>ji 

A.. t.O. A- TbtlutlohsbiUntataanldlioan.. 
A & C. lliturj ot. Wetliin, II. ]|., uti uthan.... 
A. L. 0. e.. jmud. Sii TircEEK. C. 

A*i!>iM!iin. Vera*, J 

A»* Tijnne, Tb*. CinJidiW fur tb* papal ebaii 

AiiRTciiuiii'H. Vong*, C. H 

Amoi. Tb«. B«oU, Sir\l 

460.1.10; 460.Ui U70.1.S; 
Ahott. B.,A., korlL. (Snavly.) U>Uh«w Canb;. 

A»OTT, B. I/inic Lock htiow 

AlCDTT, J. Tha Antca'tttutlM. Ansulkbd BItIs. 



in. IB 

1-47.9 I 

ton. flu ■K.Bi»«Ha.Si«,^ iCalB-ti uCi^wi. 
tv. Kit. cava, Vulit LhiU^wT 

- Saair. 31 ». A'liwfy.' — 

- - TbailcDTe 44D.ia 

~ - Annt Mmriant 440.SI 

- - Urqno 440.1 

Cuofffl 4t0.e8 

- - UUluKDM 440.48 

- - Elfred 440.11 

- ~ Kau 440.n 

- - Th. .i.|tln«r «4U.3fl 

-- Fnnklln 440.21 

- - Tha Qibnlur gallarj 440.44 

- - Tba smt dm MM 

Shelf namb«n •!»«>▼• 9110 In the 

AitOTT, J. Bvpar'* itory booki, aatuwad. 

Jupar 440.« 

JahoTma 440.11 

Judga Jutla 440.«1 

Upitona 440.S7 

Tba liltla LoBTia 440.14 

LiUlaPanl 4*0.71 

Uiniio 440.M 

Thannuanm 440.3a 

Orknej 440.&9 

Prmnli 440.15 

Rugblci unong Iba Alp) 440.1) 

Sturj bf mae»Dt bUtary 440.M 

ThaitrillKila 440J 

TbailudJD 440.U 

Tba Ihna guld dollsn 440.41 

TimbwiDj FaniiT 440.11 

Timbvoind Jolibk 440.10 

Varnon 440.S3 

Violm 440.S* 

VirKiiiU 440.a 

Willie iDd thamDrtcua 440.4 

— lliiarJiht^andH'DoDnar I087.M 

— Tbs Jano ilorln. Hubert 440.40 

jBdokdd Oaorfto 440.41 

-- Joooon.joo™? 44a.4« 

SIirjOibgriH 44D.iT 

— Uaroo Psul'i nytgm and uiTcl*. (klareo Panl 

at ihe] SpniijtOald armorj nS.T 

[UareoPaullo] BuituR SS.I4 

IMaiooPaallD] New York Sl.lO 

tKinafaollDttaarurtMen Haln* 61.1] 

[Mano PaallD] Varmont U.ll 

[Man»P.alaDllia|Bcla«uU U.ll 

— Tba R..llo»ri«a. Rollo (I pUy 440.18 

Hollo at Mhool 440.M 

Hollo at work 440.30 

Kollo't ODTTVipfiiidaaM 

Kollo'taiparimaoU.t I4C7.IS 

— Tba Rollo •lor; beokf. Thaappl* nt]Mrlag....I4n.U 

BalgbarrylBR I410.S1 

OaoMj baildioi I41>.U 

TbafrMbat 14»J4 

Oaorgl* l4M.t1 

TbabaloroaDdtbamooD 141*.t> 

Uborloat 14tl.lS 

Ri.lla Id lb* wuoda 14M.M 

Tbaitoaplatrap 14M.M 

TroBblauDttaaiDaaDUlB Mlt.U 

Tb* two wbaatbarrawi UWJl 

Notes KM In Che B*tM Hall. 



8helf. No. 
Abbott, J., eonlinued, 

— RoUo's toar in Europe. RoUo in Gedera 659.U 

Rolloia Holland 659.17 

— — Rullo in London 659.6 

RoUoin Naples 677.10 

R<»llo in Parid 659.8 

Rollo in Rome 669.9 

Rollo in Scotland 677.18 

Rollo in SwiUorland 659.9 

Rollo on the Atlantic 659.1 

Rollo on the Rhine 659.23 

— Stories of Rainbow and Lncky. or 747.11 

CoNfmrf*. — Vol. I. Handi«. 11. Rainbov't jonrncjr. IIL 
The three piiiea. IV. Srllinx Lucky. V. Up the riTcr. 

— William Oaj ; or, pla j for boys. 4 r 440.72 

CVNfenr*. — Vol. I. Plar for vintrr. II. Plaj for tprinf. 
m. PU7 fi>r niiiinier. IV. Pi^ Tur autumn. 

Abbott, L. Laicus 765.26 

— A layman's story 1759. 1 

JVip««.— Same u preccdinic. 

Abbott, R. See Parker. R. A. 

Abdallah. Sherwood, M. M. Works 452.1.3 

Abdallah, or the four-leared shamrock. La- 

boulaye, fi. (R. L.) 1478.11 

Abbdxego the money lender. Gore, C. G. F 1771.9 

Abkl Drake's wife. Sannders, J 792. 16 

Abel Gray 744.19 

About, E. (F. V.) Ahmed 1712.15 

— TheFellah. [Life in Egypt] 478.9 

— Oermaine 1-144.6 

— The man with the broken ear 14-15.22 

— The noee of a notary 743. 1 

— Roage et noir. A tale of Baden-Baden 1728.8 

— Tolla: a tale of modern Rome 478.13 

.Vott. — About is • rontrmpormry Frmch romanerr. particu- 
larly MicceMful in extravatrant and amiiainK plots. Hit 
** Gcrmainc.** hov«>t-er. is a simple ttrairht-foivanl story of 
character. His potition as a writer is defined in Frisvell't 
" Miidem men uf letters ** C^^rtUo]- Hi* political character 
Is depicted in the " Men oi tlie thini empire " C:i6l7.&.r]. See 
'* About at hom« " in The salaxy . August, Iff*. 

Above saspicion. Riddell, J. II 1800.1 1 

Above tempest and tide. Verena, S 1745.2 

Abraham Page, E^. Holt, J. S 767.20 

Abroad. Brown, H. E 426.25 

AB8E5TEB, The. Edgewortb, M 467.1.5; 468.8.9 

AbO Said Abd al MalIk Ibx Ecraib al As- 

VAi. Antar, a Bedoueen romance. 4 r 418.4 

Achsah: a New England life-stndy. Round, W. 

M.F 43.3 

Acnoxs speak louder than words. Neely, K. J 1729.2 

AcT0!« Bell, pseud. See Broxt^, A. 

Actress, The, in high life 1 494.17 

Acts, The, of kings. Hanna, J. M 1448.33 

Adalixb Green, the praying girl 467.7 

Adam Bede. [Ordinary English life.] Lewes, M. 

G 410.43; 505.5 

Adav Dlair. [SeoUish.] Lockbart, J. Q 769.7; 769.9 

Adam Brown, the merchant. Smith, II 802.21 

Adam Graeme, of Mossgray. Oliphant, M. (0. W.) 753.13 

Adam Grainger. Wood, E. P 1809.15 

Adams, Charles. (T^morAy Templelon.) Adren- 

tares of my oou^in Smooth 487. 15 

Adams, Charlotte. The errand boy 724.13 

Adams, F. C. The Von Toodlebnrgs 4 18. 13 

Adams, Harriet A. Dawn 1717.1 

Adams, Henry C. The first of Jane. Set Adams, 

William 723.15 

— Hair-breadth escapes; or, the adrent ares of three 

boys in South Africa 1788.34 

— The lost rifle 1427.8 

— Schoolboy honour 746. 10 

— Sunday erenings at home 52.5 

— Sundays at Encombe 728. 19 

— The Winborongh boys 756.20 

Adams, N. Agnes and the little key. 4th edition. 477.20 

— bailie. lOthedition 477.1 

— The sable cloud. [Southern life] 486.20 

Adams, Rev. William. Sacred allegories. Leipxig. 2099.27 

— Same, Philadelphia 1094.9 

Adams, William. The cherry-stones 744.24 

— and U. C. Tales of Charlton school 723.15 

CaMCciKs.— The cherry-atonea ; The flnt of Jane. 

Shelf. No. 

Adams, William H. D. The forest, the jungle, and 

the prairie 1754.7 

— Scenes with the hunter and the trapper in many 

lands 1464413 

Adams, William T. (Oliver Optic.) Army and 

nary stories. BrsTO old salt 729.23 

Fighting Joe 717.16 

The sailor boy 713.3 

The soldier boy 480.44 

The Yankee middy 430.45 

The young lieutenant 722.2 

— Boat club series. All aboard 729.3 

The boat club 729.7 

Little by little 747.6 

Now or never 729.4 

— — Poor and proud 748.4 

The sUrry flag 729.15 

Try again 747. 11 

— The Great WesUrn series. Going West 1795.13 

— In doors and out 1466.6 

^ Lake shore series. Bear and forbear 727.25 

Brake up 727.24 

Lightning express 727.21 

On time 727.22 

Switch off 727.23 

Through by daylight 727.20 

— Living too fast 45.3 

— Starry flag series. Breaking away 784.3 

Down the river 729.18 

Freaks of fortune 729.17 

Make or break 729.16 

Seek and find 784.9 

— Upward and onward series. Bivouac and battle. 1726.5 

Cringle and cross-tree 1726.4 

Desk and debit 1726.1 

— — Field and forest.... 1726.1 

Plane and plank 17*26.3 

Sea and shore 1 726 6 

— The way of the world 784.4 

— Wood vi lie stories. Haste and waste 7S4.6 

Hope and have 7S4.5 

In school and out ^ 7S4. 10 

Rich and humble 724.21 

Watch and wait 723.20 

Work and win 728.22 

— Yacht club series. The coming wave 1778.1 

The Dorcas club 1777.1 

Little Bobtail 1737.12 

Money-maker 1741.7 

Ocean-born ; or, the cruise of the clubs 1 785.9 

The yacht club 1 726.7 

— and OTHERS. The great bonanza 1721.17 

Adela Cathcart. MacDonald, (} 422. 17 

Adelaide Lindsay. Marsh -Caldwell, A 41)3.1 

ADiLB. Kavanagh, J 420.17; 454.2 

Adelr. Samuels, S. B. C 4o0.47.l 

Ad^le Dubois. Savage, Mrs. W. T 763.18; 7o3.25 

Adeline Mowbray. Opie, A. Works 802.1.1 

Adex Power. Owen, F. 502.26 

Adrift in the world. Samuels. A. F 450.72.1 

Adrift on the sea. Norris, E. M 716.27 

Adrift with a vengeance. Cornwall is, K 486.23 

Adsomville 459.24 

AovE!CTURE and peril. The book of. Bruce, C 1784.15 

Aotenturkrs, The. Oehlenschlaeger, A. G 427.6.3 

Adveivtures in New Guinea. Tregance, L 1803.17 

Advemturf.8, The, of a brownie. Craik, D. (M.).. 509.29 

Adventures of a French boy. Rrehat, A. de 724. 19 

A dvextures of a sailor boy. Martin, W 436.5 

Adventures of a younger son. Trelawny, Sir J. S. 1505.23 

Adventures of an aide-de-camp. Grant, J 1804.1 

Adventures of Caleb Williams. Ginlwin, W.150G.2; 1736.15 
Adventures, The, of Captain Blake. Maxwell, 

W. H 1504.19 

Adventures, The, of Captain Mago; or, a Phoeni- 
cian expedition, b. c. 1000. Cahun,L... 1801.5; 1802.1 
Adventures of Dick Onslow among the red skins. 

Kingston, W. H. G 724.14 

Adventures of Fudge Fumble. Rattlchead, D 1787.21 

Adventures of Johnny Ironsides. Ginirdin. J. .. . 52 t 
Adventures of Joseph Andrews. Fielding, U 1804.1 

Shelf nombers above 21 lO in the Notes are In the Bates Hall. 

Adteittbei of £*«i, th* Cbloe 

nt Mr. 

D C<o Ux- 

; l!3(i.l 

UrvlUjr, E SOC.O 

muf oij 0<iD>iii Sinnuth. Adsinf, C IHT.IJ 

LI, Thr, i-t PorgK'ia* I'Mkl*. ifaollitt, 

T. (tl.) 430.51 

nvKXTUBES «f Philip. Thiehonir.W.M...5U1.17; T10.3J 
»VFitl'RK», Tbt, uf Rubiuwn I'Uf rull..*, B joung 

yrcaeh ntrioa 5Z.1S 

nvjuii-nrii, Tbv, of Hodericli lUaduoi. SnuUelt, 

T. (W.) «0.*7 

QVKNiDiiu nf Sit LjoB llooM. b«rt., Id Ameiica, 

iii'h. Tba, irniilinK-iliiy. Crii 
'bofon. (E.) K. Liltle elAnioi). 


, c. </. 

i la XiirHj. M< 

» id Altltn bj Uir» EagliaHD. » 

1. HlirM''llr*rili-v'iilr:((ljrn-'[-llJC],' 



,F..... 7lW.-i 


igR*. T. IIJ.3 

iu .... S1.33 
Dd dla- 
».3!: 1713.15 

uri)irdni1l~(SK»<. " Iririlni 

iir'wr Ihi iT'a oAnirii' ■JMi'ii]."^ -WiU l«."iliiiw'n>^ 



HK'Anralli-y.Thr. M 

r J, J. . . , 



Mtiifhi>d.>«. ArlhBi 


Arte- lif.-. iJ.w.11, E. .* 

Hi. 13 


r •bin 




Eiitl»b^ll. Ooic, A. 


r to hcroi 

wl.J Cbiilw, K. 


AISHT lb» woriil. lUd 



1, A. I.. 


MiiUHburband. Cnik. I). (M.) i3U.l!; TUH.j: 

ir, i.t chivalry, Tb«. [Kiiig Arlbnr'i period.] 

Iluiaiicb, T 1:33.8 

iiiroiriiT. (TutiM i>a Ihia baltic, In Ilcnrj v'« 

liuH.) Jiava, tl. P. It l»l.l; 1S03.I 

inm. ^bbuil, .1 '3S.1.1U 

iiEH. Dliplwit, M. <0. W.) IVl.i;; T10.JU 

j^ri>in,lih>lilili-h>j. AdaiDi. N 477.1; 4:7.W 

iKUi llrtbaia. U.Tirj. S. A 7I3.1!> 

IHKH irn-«. Ilrnni'. A 110.11 

iMKS II..pcl..uii>Mb«.la kiid liolidv*. Olliibint, 

M. ('). W.) 74H,9 

«M.] Su.>r. il. <!!.) I> ". '. 1.''I.15 

iiKH^trc). JuiDO.ll. P. K 4G3.1 

1. Tbfl dayi ut Uiuce; ■ lUaj fruu 

blilifjr. 1* 'a 

Bnrim iCt.3i 7 

licr't miiOipcBK; ■ Mi|iul tu Uonio in- 

.■.fw^bii.''inflVi.nJiV«Vo'rV.'ln"!iRi'ii']. T* 

fN-.-i-l-'-ir "B 

1ku1.K.(P. v.) 171 

Slioir uumbera atMtve 21 lO lu the Notes are In the Bates UaU. 

- &\i«,. Srr fsr 

. Murioj. a 

Baptitl, FullitT .. 
Cbtmbsr*. W. ... 

.rK*itr>, U. Thelodiai 

- TUo r*b«l ohi*r 

- Therubtl U«ck 

.. 710.13 

.. lea.iL 

.. 710.11 
.. 73fi.ll 
,. 1>71.« 
.. 7&8.M 
..1411. IS 
.. 791.S 
.. &lt3.B 
. . S03.1 

H, \V. II. lloMiibcl; or, ifaa rujral oik. 

1 iif tbv ;o>r lli-'-l 

■1': or, ths daji gf Pbillp and Muj. 

nil I, of FnMMta). 
n biiturical to. 

mines. Ulpii](.... 

— Hami. No* V..rk 

— TbagiJilinllbUaira 1 

— The i;uikI iild tinec tho •tor; of Iba UinobaUr 

- Jiibn Idv tba proJMlur, (Qaaan Aon*') lime].. 

- Tba Liird uiijrcr of London. (Uaor^ ii'* lima]. 

- Meirj EiiKlitDil ; or, noble* ind wrfi 1 

- The miur*! danghler. [Ueorge ii'i tii 



- Utd t«aii>t I'aul'i: 

flrr. [lAodoo. I 

- Oiingilenn gruifa. 

. 781.19 

. 781.U 

. 41t0.1T 

. 49D.3T 


b.,t lUrliDd. 
rerhill. [ila 

bio. A ula I 
i; ur, Cliule* 




'^h!.'!! (•iiii* ■ ^aeiti).* 

The -Id bMbelnr 





■ It. Wil»y. C. U. 





llmting*. WbiUhet.JI 





.i^.Fnnk, ;-«-/. 





a. Leliur* b»ur 



11. II. l-.n\ eb 




Shelf. No. 

Abcon, L. M. Aant Jo's sermp-Ug. 3 r 769.25 

Cbdteiir*.— Vol. I. Mr bojfl, etc II. Shawl-atrape. III. 
Cttpid and Cbow-chov, etc 

— AuntKipp 1800.23 

— Eight cousins; or, the ftant-bill 51.14 

— Flower fables 729.2 

— Hospital 8ketch<>8 and Camp aod fireside stories. 

[American civil war] 729.11 

^Liltlemon. Boaton 72J.50 

— Same. London 1809.32 

— Little women. 2t 729.5 

— Moods 772.9 

^ Morning-glories, and other stories 743.10 

— An old-fashioned girl 72J.8 

— Psjche's art 1473.7 

— Silrer pitchers: and Independence, a centennial 

lore story 44.5 

— Three prorerb stories 437.21 

ComUmta. — Kitty't cbue-daj ; Aant Klpp ; Pf jrche't art. 

— Work 1732.7 

ALCOYB.The. Abbott, J 440.46; 739.1.8 

Aldkaxb. Preston, L 1494.10 

Alde!!, I. M. (Paiuy.) Ester Ried 4')7.12 

— Four girUat ChauUnqua 1803.21 

^ Household puzzles 1787.20 

— Jeteie Wells 1808.7 

— Julia Ried 1776.12 

— The king's daughter 1721.7 

— Three people 17t6.12 

— Pansj's picture book 1465.24 

— The Randolphs 1788.27 

<— Wise and otherwise 1458.3 

Aldbn, J. The burial of the first bom 1509.2 

^ The cardinal flower, and other tales 1509. 1 

Aldb5, Jlfr«. R. G. Tip Lewis, and his lamp 1767.10 

Aldbich, T. B. Marjorie Daw and other people.... 1745.5 

— Out of his head 803.23 

— Prudence Palfrey 1708.14 

— The storj of a bad boj 728. 2 

^~ atmpUer, Good stories. 4v 1799.1 

Cm(c«/«. — Vf >1. I. Oe QiiinceT, T. : The aTrnirer; Ilar- 
thomr, N. : Peter Gitldtnvaitr a treanire; Winthmp. T.: 
Love and •katen; Hood. T : The drCuiUer; Vaugban. U.: 
Coldatream: Spic^r, 11. : Madonna. 

II. MarnUh, K.: The metriiipaTchofii; The miinvitrd; 
The beUow».inender of Lvont: The SinallclianKe family; 
Lee. II.: The Sruttman't tale; The blacksniitht uf lloUby; 
A penitent conreMion. 

ni. ChrUtmaa with the baron; Daviv, R. B.: Stephen 
Tarrov: A familr Chriatmas in Geniiany, translated fiom 
the German; Hawthorne. N. : The Chriatniai banqiirt; 
0*Biirn. F. J. : Three of a trade, or red linle Krin Krinirfe ; 
Zichokke. (J.) H. (U.) : Adventures of a new ycar*t eve. 

IV. O'Brien. F. J. : Froiii hand to mouth ; Heyae.P. (J. L): 
Count Ernest'* home ; Little Pex O'Sbaughnessy ; Thackeray, 
W. M. : A shabby genteel story. 

Alkc Forbes of Uowglen. MaoDonald, G 412.7 ; 710.35 

Alemait, M. Guzman d'Alfarache. (/n Roscoe, T. 

Spanish novelists) 427.7.1 

Albssandro Stradeila. Polko, £. 17C1.7 

Alexander, Mr*. — . Leisure hour series. Her 

dearest foe 179G.9 

Ralph Wilton's weird 1771.8 

Which shall it be? 174L13 

The wooing o't 1739.19 

Alexis the runawaj. Parker, R. A 1449. 15 

Altio Balsani 495.19 

Alfred in India, (/a Chambers, W. and R. Li- 
brary for joung people) 440.76. 1 

Alfred Hagart's household. Smith, A 772.21 

Algatchib, p«eiM/. Seen and unseen 44.2 

Alger, II., ^'r. BraTe and bold series. Brare and bold. 1775.7 
Jack's ward 51.12 

— Campaifcn series. Charlie Codman's cruise 4 14. 10 

Frank's campaign 714.7 

Paul Pre8cott*s charge 417.7 

— Helen Ford 414.12 

— Luck and pluck series. Bound to rise 1736. 14 

Herbert Carter's legacj 53. 1 

Luck and pluck 428.24 

— ~ Risen from the ranks 1778.3 

Sink or swim 434. 14 

— - Strire and succeed 434.15 

Strong and stead j 756.22 

Try and trust 1745.1 


Alger, H., n*., comtinned, 

— Ragged Dick series. Ben, the luggage boj 717.6 

Fame and fortune 4 14.26 

Mark, the match boj 714.26 

Ragged Dick 714.8 

Rough and ready 716.5 

Rufus and Rose 436.21 

— Tattered Tom series. Julius; or, the street boj 

out West 1456.7 

Paul the peddler 447.19 

Phil, the fiddler 437.26 

— - Sam's chance; and how he improved it.. .... .. 42.1 

Slow and sure 1725.5 

Tattered Tom 437.22 

— — The juung outlaw 1771.10 

Algeria, Tales of. Dumas, A. (D.) 735.4 

Alhambra, The: tales and sketches of the Moors and 

Spaniards. Irving, W 377.1.4; 408.15; 438.20 

Sal: — A semi-llctitious chronicle of its history. 

Alice. Bulwer-Ljtton, £. (G. E.) L. 465.15 

Alice and Beatrice 417.22 

Alice Brand. A romance of the capital. Riddle, 

A. G 1773.14 

Alice Learmont. Craik, D. (M.). 55. 10. 15; 507.11; 507.16 

Alice Leigh's mission 446.14 

Alice Lorraine. A tale of the South downs. Black - 

more, R. D.... ....1481.8; li 87.17 

Alice Vale. Wai»brooker, L 478.18 

Alice's adventures in Wonderland. Dodgson, C. L. 

744.2; 744.3 

Alicia Warlock. Collins, (W.) W 1781.5 

Alida. Sedgwick, S. R 17C0.13 

Alidb: an episode of Goethe's life. Laxarus, E.... 14.S8.4 

All aboard. Adams, W. T 729.3 

A LL lor greed. A., A. A. ............... .... .... 4<tu.o4i 

All for luvo. Dupuj, E. A 1723.15 

All in the dark. Le Fanu, J. S 783.15 

All in the wrong; or, births, deaths, and marriages. 

Hook.T. (E.) 754.14; 1503.13 

Allegories, Sacred. Adams, W 1094.9; 2099.27 

Alle.^, J. H. Ever new and never old, or twice 

told stories, bj the best authors 450.56 

Alle.^ Baj. Stedman, 8. 1809.23 

A LLiE-BiRD series. iSrr Farmax, E. 

All's for the best. Arthur, T. S 1459.7 

Allstox, W. Monaldi. [Artist-life in Italy] 755.1 

.Vote. — See about Allston in Greenough's art-Dorel, ^ Emeat 
Carroll " [iW-y]. 

Allworth abbej. Southworth, E. D. E. N 473.3 

Almack's. 2v 432.9 

Aliiack's revisited. White, C. 2 v 769.4 

Almeria. Edgeworth, M 467.1.4; 4C8.8.7 

Almoran and Uamet. llawkesworth, J 778.1.26 

Almost a heroine. Sheppard, E. S 497.13 

Alvost a nun. Wright, J. McX 1447.13 

Almost a priest. Wright, J. McN 486.1 

Almost faultless. Edinburgh 764.10 

— Same. New Tork 431.19 

A. L. 0. E., pneud. See Tucker, C. 

Alo.hb. Terhune, M. V 805.25 

Aloxe in Lfindon. Smith, II 1479.25 

Aloice in the world. Leslie, E 446.19 

AL05Z0 and Melissa 1509.7 

Alpha, jneud. See Phelps, L. L. 

Alpbouso and Delinda. Genlis, S. (F. D. de St. 

A.)de 449.21 

Alps. Rambles among the. Abbott, J 440.39; 739.1.7 

Alroy. Disraeli, B 410.37; 442.14; 752.15; 752.19 

Alsace, Tales from 800.86 

Altaxesi, G. F. Novels, (/n Rosoue, T. Italian 

novelists) 427.8.4 

Altox Locke. [Chartist movement in England.] 

Kingslej, C 420.2G; 484.14 Sherw»>od, M. M. Works 452.1.7 

Alwy.m's first wife. Craik, D. (M.) 750.19; 7G2.9 

Alypius of Tagaste: a tale of the early church. 

Webb, Mrs.Z. B 500.28 

Amabel. Latimer, (M.) E 4Iti.2 

Amadis of Gaul. Lobcira, V. de. 4v 779.2 

Amaury. Dumas, a. (D.) 802.51 

Shelf numbers above 21 lO in the Notes are in the Bates Hall. 

on, Th«. Dingeltttdt, F. 1UT.31 1 

oy. On iho banka of lb«, Klngaton, W. II. Q. 414.1T ; 

H (■oa.,Tlie. ijpolfgrd, 11. B. t:i3.13 

■ ■iub. The. M.'inbuld, J. W 41G.13; tlll9.:i4 ' 

:i,aii Fccil. English. T. 1> ItiiS.S i 

IX, tl>.t..r}r of. Kidding, tl UW.\ I 

:ici, ::<<>ulb. A nijan ruond Itaa mrM. i 

,crnc, J 1709.18, 

HAH baron, Tba. t>tiUi1k,J 43I.2T 

iii'AH eaidinul, Tb». Uavitt, J. M ftS.V 

Lii'AN eharadcr. llala, t<. J 4JU.U 

ilc'Ai bume aariea. y«m,ly: — 

tgltrtun.E. Tba aohuolinuiai'a atorin 1774.7 

all. T. 0. Har muther'a Fancy 1774.8 

Bhill. lEa. 


Anufl. Thf, and Iba dnn.-n. Arlhor, T. S. 

Axc»:l, The, of Iha iceberg. T.xlil, J 


A!<n■I^ The. tinawHrra. ll<.<riu. M 

AlliiRL •rbiipera. Maiirril, Mr.. M. II 


AXBELA. Jlanh-Caldncll. A 


10.11; 4(!7.I.l 


AXKALI i>f ■ qoii't DiighbuurhcHxI. MaeUu 

aid, Q. 


Be: a 





Alim.C Vialuira 77S 

Ah», M. C. Sff Clehukb, M. 

Amvku itaebiigandi. Da Uilla. J 4.'i0 

AbuNU Iba cuEtillM. Uilinnr*, J. R. 4UU 

A-1'i.kT. Tl.«. (;..»eki.te, II 178 

Anio, «■«■ •>/ F*alnad, ICM-KH. Fur llluatn- 
Uva Betiun, •<:« Ehhlam.. 

A»!ii lIoLEr.i, v«"" "/ '/"'J V///, «/ J^BjIasif. 

*'•».-«)» I. Iha a.4t^ urini^i^brU. II-UIIMA 
[17 >31 x-t Unxn U B-1iR ("ttxli U'dv' ■(•ra * 
wwkM'lwitl] Mvan M* anal Hn>rT>m' ni 

AnxBFurowv Trnllnpc. .Vr.. T. A 76I.M 

As»tHtri!oTil. «'(,uJ, E. P 4U0.M 

AiCII Judge, ppm.lcr. Uubinion, F. II' 411.17 

AaxKurUeienlcin. Ecgd, .V<> IV 4i;0.l.n 

l-iO.fS; -JOI.I.Vi lt7U.I..Si 1M7.21 
Akkettb; nr, tba ebroniclea ot llellaviie. WaUiu);- 

ham, C. 1773.8 

Itilj bf the pnrla. Damat, A., 

Awr benbnwk. Wei. 

Coi. Jfr>. W. N. .. 


1.' ^"ukarnoM, 

.. 1445.SI, 
..14114.17 < 
.. I4TJ.9r, 

auf tboRntliairuf tbaaii- 
'cldo, U. F. van det I'SU.n.l , 

I, I). (M.) 7M.S J 


Mnllk Ibn Km 


.. 4UI.» 

r, PHuuin uf a Unek. 


isciEiT [rgime.Tbe. Jainea, U. P. It 4M.7i IhUi.G 

ksuKniMjH, W. II. Anb-ine da Ih.iingral; a tale uf 

I'uilK, ia Ihs dap Kf St. Viadeiit de Paul 17S3.9 

k!inKiiat:!i. II. C. Kiinlah fairy legendi and ta[ea... S.'>4.I3 

- Th* driain uf lilttoTBk, and ulbar Ulna 744.10 

- Tbn iiu|>mriut..ri-. (Lifa in Italy] 7Cti.Si 7»'i.3 

- LiLilc Kudy, and vtbur •luiln 4U.1J 

It IIrad«. l^nrell, K. T. S IT 

rART. The. Seiitt, Sir W 43034; « 

41,0.7; 4V0.U; 4IU.I3: 4l<n.l3i 147U.1.I; 1 
n de ll.Hinev.1: a Ul> i.f l>aHa, in the diyi of 

— O T. 

— Only a 

— A picti 

, Uini>b r.'» 



' J 

aymimtb. Kjnial.di. W. II. (1 

Oreenuugh. II 

■ iaagamatber. Opie, A. Wuika.... 

etini, The. Abbolt, J 

E. 11. A half-Iifa anJ half a life, (fa 


ngi, and wbioh way (bey pnlkd. Capn.n, 


■iiairt. ( EiiKliah bUtury. liut of Jamc* 

m.a,U.P. 11 420 i; 

1. Urwiiiiogb, .S. 1) 

a..- onLruiiiu^iil.. llaufT. W 

i^hU' rnt<!rlainmviiU. &>( TUuOSAKn, 

wiapi ar* Is toBU und other 

17M.IS ■ 
TIB. I ■ 
rk I78J.1B' 

lAXtnkaaiiilBwcdcta*. Un*, B. W B 

■.I.. Hooper, J. W '. 

IT. F. d', /ormtrtt Mia. Burmtg. Evelina. 

•^ip'ig * 

iHt, London. 1 T. (/a Rarbaold, A. L. 

I — .S'amr. New Yorl 

( lie Tareriiey: ir, the dovoratl of Frem 

nareliy. Iluiu.. A. {I» ) 

* Marvel and hi* frii-ad*. A alur* af i 

iteof IIbII. lliiil. M 

.«. F. A family weret 

... II. P. Sii nei» i« hoiinr 

*>. J. Theaeveii liltlu fialera nbo lira 

. 711.1.-. 
. 1419.1.-. 

AMI Hamilton. Ilaarnbivl.n. E IV 

.... 748.B 

FULI.. fwaJ. .V» l-Armi.H, M. J. 

M.wrt.: and ..Iher lalv 


a k^y. Trimbriilg-. CM 

.. :.oo.sti 

■a.haJ..w. Pe-bl.-.. M. 1. 

Shelf numbera above !illO In the Notea are In the Batea Uall. 

Abcrc lift. Artber, T. S., cmiiimrtt. 

-fw;7.k"^V-"l-S!^'''rfjJ'.^'iU^t-^- — TheiMn.nd Ih. <.dm«d ItS9.9 

[7«iii;; •iiilltittVi-'i'B-ia'iiT'niiH'C'M' [IMIJ:] — ^ii niebu niih the WubingMDiaii) ; and other 

A»oJt!^'Anii...™»!i!'"TbTc«,^«T.^' *'.''. I Th™ »«»'i^ H^-u'irtro"' '"' tH^il 

-Thefee««r,d,.„Kl,t«r. S*q»d iQ "ThoCwili.^" TK.3J _ Trl.l /nd t'iu.uob ..■"■'.'".;'.■■.!■. "i;'!" iSol 19 

— OliKLacj: . [.Is -f the (rial, rtbdligi. gf ITua.lTsa. li _ i" "riX. li"^ l« 

A«. The. of El,. Ul.aJ. KMogg. E ._. UM.B _ x^, ,„„j,;/„V .^ " Jf" G^^k "hVU" ;;^' «h« 

Abhadali, Cullini, (W.) ^ TH-fi; 7W).bi . ,i„rie» 73S u 

*""«n'["V^'"' "' '*'"''■ ' '""""* "' "•• "***""' ,jg, jj Arthvh AruilaeV.' 'a WlVof ii,i*Bogn"-"h n«ioViuIi.' 

kLm &IW.«0 

ireglBD eonfttr; lite. Bjitn 

-Tbeyaut,Bm.JJ7----^—; j^... ..._^.... TW.19 ABTai.M.rryp. Bro-D.C.B. Sr TiT.l 

""'-"■' ' " "~ HUR O'Loify. Loier,0.(J.} ««>.3I: TII.U 

■1CLE17. Uclot, A 1743.19 

■1ST •iff, The. Huwilt, M 4i9.7 

Ill's, Hie, •Iroim. Lcigmn, M. C 774.! 

MT't, The, luve. Soulbwgrtb. E. D. E. X 414.8 

irt's, The. mirricd lite; buing (bit ut Albert 

Uiner. Soberer, L 116.K 

mi's, The, auo, KaJThcemisrut'iun 8U0.4T 

«Ti. lifiBi, U 1723.1) 

' AnDXDKLmutta, The. Uaj, M. C IfiVO.lS 

' \awtu U]'lleiulierQ>: > lale cif the earlj pmrt ot 

ihe rigtateenth eeniurj. VHJe, C. F. iikii d<:r.i;9C.8.1 

liiic.uiil.-sii. Sherwood, II. M. WVki 4J2.I.8 

,«bjBii-. Mirsblll, N 777.16 

.% lung II (he lived. Kubioon, F. M' IT30. 10 

inninr Iwin*, TBe. Cbtke, B. S ii.l J 

.srvn RuBERT IIopk, juiud. Sn MoscRiEFr, R. 11. 
inBAXTEE, Afhrd. Mrlinda the eibuccer; or, >p»r[ 

ID Aihaiili. itkemhiy, J. A SS.iS; 11C5.9 

ilEITu.'), F. A modern CrM^idi. And Oa Ibe 

ehnreh rlep, b; S. C. lUlluHcll 17G1.16 

..IHWoBIH, T. .v.. i^iir iiKAor. Tom Chtpa. Srt 

tttitM in hi^Siiinilnpri irtmt oT "mmrci'i" Askauds Kuiii the Copt. A ivjirdM uf mudern 

ffiK';-ijai5;-'iS5i;r..";,i'?aii.'i . e„,« a. w.k...^ ■.■■■;■','.;■"; '"■" 

ib' (NTMi]i la •»&• df^nUe Miiiiiin hi 81117 I AsiEw. or Abcooh, Anne. Puuitea in the life of 

J W..U [y OftaWM Mtafcart AhjM.. .i,d li.i.;n»fi the Fair* awpeller. lUenr* viii'aliine.l Uan- 

»ina«WiHrtB*iLm1<v(nlekia»MiaB>>Sriuhra ^rnArrr di- ...lill.b', till.) 

^i£^j|tS«w^' """" ■ 

Tiwn air uiH pTcgM ot Enniill ani4 lib 
crMuiT In B.irt>i,M'- -U levlH " %-»na as 
*aj<'«-ni5r»ral -«■■ tr* 

»n, b; :::.v.:;:„:!:".:„.:r.;::;..m:vi 

ABxnt, W. W. EmaDuel Daonan 



AuuLD. G. Wbj ThoiDM »•* diMherEcd. (/>> 

438. lU 

Arodxd > «(,Hag. Droi,G 411.11; 


AaoiMD the wurld in ei];blr daf). [ImiKinarj 

joarnej.] Verne. J 


Ariubiata. L'. llej«. P. (J. L) 


Arrab Xeil. (Time uf the E.igljih <i..«.in"n»e»llh.] 


Art. tE»>:iiih tbgatrieal life, brt ceolurj-J 


AKTUdirtlL-fanCM. Baker, 11. X. (W.) 




ort. Br<K. 
.1. Prett 
„ Field.. 
i>x. Msni 
.T. (J. 11.) 


on. 11. W 

M«. J.T. 


A. The fanLiitio 1 



. 473.7 




A .torj of ItHlian life- 11. 

frej. Pain, J 

te.. Olipbanl. M. (0. IV.).. 

Terhnnc, M. V 

1 ChfiiliDM in tbe Wetl Indiui 





— llalury, Sir T. MortedArlhor 17B 

«« *(«> ESUL ISO. \«„ Ml E^[l..ll hlB.ilT. 

Abthi-r, T. S. Afttrathadow. and other «t.jrie«. .1509.23 At nddi. Tsulphoem. J. .M, fiinma 494.: 

— Ail'i For iliebpfl 1459.7 At k hi ml wiLh an old drajtix'o. ilacKentia, S. J. 

— The angel mid Ibc demon 713.18 At the altar, llucrilenbindcr, E 

— Caitadrifl 1743.*! At the baek nf the norib wind. MaeUooald. U... 

— Tho firoiide angel, and other •turiei 449.r. At the cooncilh.r'i. John. E 

— The hand but nut the heart 18IJ6.11 At the lign of the lilTer Bagon. Farjeon, B. L. . 

— HermM.if the houwhold ]«9.S AtELIEU, Tbe, du Lyt.or.anarldadvDl in the rei 

— lIome-lierocMaiat* and insrlrri 71S,li "f terror. Bj the author of ■ Uadenioife 

— Idle taand>, and ..ther rturlet 741.6 Mnn." Li.ndon 

— Ijght i.n »h»Juired patha 4JG.1I .vv.. - Pubiuiml in St- V.™» uiKWr ihr tiu. Xoirt. 

— UHjGleno 713.6 ■*"*' 

— Marrii'd and Kingle 15119.12 Aihclixrr, The. Oliphaot, M. (0. W.) 

— Kot anytbiug fur |icaec, and other atoiie* I.'>U9.33 Atblrm. A. Here and hereafter 

— Nothing but m-'Ovy 772.10 — Step by ilrp 

— Orange bliAtniDa Titih and faded 77J.S Atbchmtose uriorr. ComTO, L. N 

— Our nL-ighbiTi. in Ibe corner h..u» 496.11 Athjkto.i. Milfurd, M. B 

— Tho peaeemalier, nod ether tli.ries ISillj.ll Atbuu lligbam. M. R 

Shelf ntuubeni abovo 2110 in tbe Notes are In tbe Bates Hall. 


LTKiis, U. A. Etrl Wbiling 800.B1 

- Mutt; ur, Ann Ilolbrouk'i Kidhmd B00.e4 

LiiEi!tgo:t, J. U. Liul, or ttbilcanit of > ilip [rom 

■hnnoot bright' 71C.I 

- Stantou KrVDEii 723.7 

Wnlkii, talk), innlt mod tiploiu of tita Mbool- 

boj. lB08.n 

AjKintvy. M. B. 


', iUlIn. 

I. Thn. 


Atoxiiccxt, Tbt, at Loam DaodM. IJabm, 


Attic plii1i<>t>phsr, An, in Pari). Saqrestre. 

Attila. [Europe, fifth uaturj.) Jsn 

Attorsit, The. Irring. J. T 

ArBNKr. Mardi-CuMoi-ll, A 

Adkr, a. ron. Il » the fAfhiun 

AcKRDAcn. 11. Bliekfureat Tillage atorlH 

— Kdtl-t-IH 

— The "Ei-Klhuot"','.i"'.l" '.".!! '.'.".XI" 

— Jonph intbaPDOw 

— Th" little bjrefmit. lluitun 

4e(.»: iBoi.s 

.. 1711.3 



' Knglith biitorj. Yunge, 
i Uri^lihlat'iV;! 'Y..DKe, 










ioTj and i.tlier (alM. Uoudwin 

Atiir F» 


Stt Uahhdw. p. 



bir<l'|.ii»t il-jrlri. liirr 



• ebil<ir< 


Uarr..w, I 





Kirer.- groat fieb 

«. UarruB 



lulil in the mx-d. 


Ai Trara™ 



d. Sn IliKEH. t 



TTm. (i.™rf. 



Alooii. 1- M. : 


Avn Ji 


irreullcetir.iu. A taloufi 



Aunt J 1 





.. *37.S1; 





MaolDt..lh, U. J. 


Ai'tr MaJge-a ainr;. Clarke H.A. 

ArvT Maim^ie. p.r.4. f„ IlEXtlAir, -. 

Aiir Margaret. Abbott, J 4ia.i>l: 

Avni Uargaret-i vifit. Kippin, J. U 1 

AfTT Harliia'i corner aupb.«rd. Klrby. M. and B..! 
AcxiMaitif, anil her TuaiiK fricod*. Hand, C. H.. 
At'ST .Unlti''* llbnr.T. Srr Umi, it. J. 
AtxT IVittv'* wr^p.bag. Ilrntl, C L. ...*......-. 

AtsORA Flnjd. Bnddon.M. E. 492.1; 73D.4S 

Achk:(,J. NoTeli. Vui. Z, 4, 5. It 75B.» 

~- Emma. BoiIud 7SI.1 

— Samr. London 1306.11 

— S«n,r. -Vow York 7il.J 

— Manafiald park. Uottun 7.>1.S 

— Simr. Leipiig (30 31 

— Samr. UnJ..n 7ST.8 

— .V-.™,. No« York 7S8.B 

— Xorchaager alibo;. And PrriiiMioB 730.78 

— Prido anil prrjudieo. Lci| tig 7.>U.4) 

— Samr. And SotlhanBur abbey. lloitoD TJI.* 

S;m,. Seir Yurk 7SB.7 

— SenHiod woaibility. Lcipiig iSO.lU 

— Samr. I^nd..n l.'.Ot-il 

— .Sn»-. »ai> York TaB.J 

Stmr. And Pcriniuiun "JS.l 

i.>«h . - EniU.h •-»«. «t knw- "Vl* »Ii I" Kit W««- 

Atrsrix.J. O. Moonfglk 176i.H 

— Oulp'al 414.S 

— The thadow of Mul.«b mountain 413.30 

Ai-HTtiiaaJ hiiHife. Upio, A. Worka. BOl.l.S 

AtST.n EJIiot.|uwa, Pe^l, ew] Kingaley, 

II 4!iu.i,ii: 493.U 

ACETHALIA. A boy't advciiluici la lb* wilda uf. 

Iloirilt, W 719.4 

AriTH.iLiA, etc. 

llA>«4«.i>im. — r BwV'i - Xrvrr In blF la nml'' 
ClllI;UI.>i'.fj. >l>nn|.Mi(;l.>lai-|t>.»i>«.-t.ill.iitti 
Axunliai W. It.isii.^1 "Taiua^tl*- [KJ-i] (ii4 -»i't 
m.1.riH<iMi [TIM]: B. I. rI?|F.Hi-> ^'^.£m UsmiL- 
rcljii; Ui;j>.'4 "(IM'- [0).:4]i II. Kiaiu] • -llxdiT 
ll.n.l..' [:fi>H>]a>i4- Tll^ tlin'ar. tli Hy-OV rr.f.ll; 

in>-~jhii baaii iiK-i Uu ■u'V<-'nM»i«>aai>r>'[i:iii:]: 

U.^...!.'. "K<Nin-^ hi.Mrr^- l'^.l.'P; T"«<>~> -u<>^ 
"TTi ''."if '-'if '»iS;!l»';^ii.™"r"iiSi.i], -Tm*- 
[MivjTai* "Wiiii'-iuk,i (:.a;;i c.-wri -lyaw- 



Tal».^. Swan. ,N. W.. 

iBKhler. tluwitt,M.... 


uf • L<«d<iB detevtire. 




Th*. M^cldndburgb, F. 



. Child. UM 


I>e Uuincy, T. (/» AMr 

h, T. li. 

Ii> Ji'ira .. 

. Uuint' 

! AvEi 

r, M. A. shid-m-l p«il 41.10 

-or. V -J'... .V" VrLTWiT..!. T. 

in Ibe wildori»i. lUllantyM, It. M 7l4.t 

on Iha ni<>ad. Chaobera, A. V lT!i-,.|t 

■ A. the maid ..t Kara. M..ri-r, .1 4H-1J l.-.OJ.« 


MHi: li'K.iti'i'?, Tile- <i;>II. J 'hH.H 


A-r. .■'[-.It...d. H. K J-l.r. 

Shelf niiniben above 21 10 In the NntoK are In the Baten Hall. 




Shdr. No. 

B , C. E. ChristiAQ Hfttherlej's childhood 417.25 

B., M. A. GoDstanoe and Marion 1418.2 

B., M. B. BrareNellj 1427.2 

— Clement's trial and riotorj 1775.8 

" B. 0. W. C," The [i. e. Brethren of the White 

Cross]. DeMille, J 717.4 

" B. 0. W. C," The, series. See De Mille, J. 

BaIrxhielv, E. W. Archibald Hamilton 748.6 

Babes, The, in the wood. A storj of the Italian 

resolution of 1848. De Mille, J 1772.1 

Babes. The, in the wood. Sherwood, M. M. Works. 452.1.4 

Babolai.x. Dros, G 1737.7 

Baby's Christmas. Daris, C. E 728.26 

Bach and Beethoren. Barnard, C 7G6. 1».3 

Bacoe, a. Legends of fairj land 729.10 

Bacbb, R. M. The young wrecker 480.9 

Bachelor, The, of the Albany. Sarage, M. W. 

438.2; 1802.17 

Bachelor Ben. Giles, E. A 1783.18 

Bachelor's, A, revery. Mitchell, D. G. (/« John- 
son, (B.) K. Little classics) 1839.7.4 

Bachelors, The. Enapp, S. L. 498.12 

Backslider, The. Lee, U 1427.28 

Bacok, D. TAles of the puriUns 769.11 

Citunia. — The ref ieides ; The &ir piljcrim ; CMtiM. 

Baden, F. U. The Christmas guest See South- 
worth, E. D. E. ^.a •••« .... .... .... .... .... 456.25 

— Stories. iSee Southworth, E. D. E. N... 444.8; 1777.10 
Bakxsch, W. Pocket miscellany. Vol. 12, 13. 

2 V 720.83 

Babr, Jlfr#. B. F. Irene 1778.8 

Baffled. Goddard, J 431.3 

Baffled schemes 1493.2 

Bags, K. Man as he is not ; or, Hermsprong. {In 

Barbauld, A. L. British novelists) 778.1.48 

Bags, The. of gold 440.84 

Bailkt, U. L. Dr. Pla^iid's patients 450.86 

Baked meats of the funeral, llalpine, C. G 475.7 

Baker, G. M. The maidenhood series. Running 

to waste 1764.4 

Baker, U. N. ( W.) {Auni Hattie; Madeline Leslie.) 

Art and artlessness 734. 1 

— Behind the curtain 476.4 

— The breach of trust 47G.2 

— Cora and the doctor 73 *>. 13 

— Every day duties 800.54 

— Fitshion and folly 1468.6 

— The governor's pardon 450.57 

— Happy home stories. 6 r 609.24 

C<M/ra/«.— Vol. I. Diligent Dick. II. Cousin Willie, in. 
Lmzv R»lM-rt. IV. L.ttie Friu. V. The new busgy. VI. 
B«iti« and her tiMen. 

— Helps and hi nderances to the cross 476.1 

— The hole in the pocket 723.23 

— The houtehold angel in disguise 476.3 

— Howard and his teacher, and other stories 748.1 

Comtemt: — Howard and his tracher : The filter's Influence; 
Faithful Uaiinali ; The •tulen drets ; Willie and hii mother. 

— Juliette 735.12 

— The Leslie stories. Never gire up 800.78 

The secret of success 800.79 

Worth and wealth 800.8 1 

— The little Indian 1469.25 

— Live and learn 735. 1 1 

— Lost but found 718.18 

— The motherless children 735. 15 

— Paul Barton 74S.3 

— The picnic party 1469.28 

— Play and study 735.16 

— Stopping the leak 1468.4 

— The sunshine series. 6v 440.74 

C»nUmtt. — Vo\. I. Horeytnckle enttagr. II. The little 
Florrniine. IlL Tlie load of chips. IV. Tonj and his liarp. 
V. Tiuinijr Tup-bouU. VI. Sophia and the gipelet. 

— Tim the scissors grinder 1429.2 

— Trying to be useful 748.2 

— The twin brothers 1469.29 

— The two birthdays 1469.30 

— The two homes 80».77 

— The violet-girls 1469.26 

Shelf. No. 
Baker, H. N. (W.), continued, 

— Walter and Frank 476.18 

— The water cress girl 1469.27 

— The wheel of fortune 800.76 

— and A. R. Theology in romance. 2 v 468.13 

Baker, iStr Samuel W. Cast up by the sea. New 

York 728.27 

— Same. Philadelphia 728.25 

Baker, Sarah. {Aunt Friendly.) Meggieof"The 

pines** 1469.2 

Baker, William E. S. The widow Seymour 45. 15 

Baker, William M. {George F. Harrington.) Carter 

Quarterman 1790.22 

— Inside: a chronicle of secession 491.24 

— Mose Erans 1767.4 

— The new Timothy 478.20 

Baker, Mr». Woods. Cheerily, cheerily 440.80 

Balfour, C. L. One by herself 500.65 

Balfour, F. Perdita 503.20 

Ballaxtt.'vb, R. M. Away in the wilderness. 

London 7 14.2 

— Same. Philadelphia 714.23 

— Black ivory; a tale of adventure among the 

slavers of East Africa 1740.15 

— Chasing the son; or, rambles in Norway 728.1 

— The coral island. [Pacific ocean.] Boston 738.11 

— Same. London 748.8 

— Deep down. A tale of the Cornish mines. Lon- 

don 714.22 

— Same. Philadelphia 714.20 

— The dog Crusoe. A tale of the Western prairies. 714.21 

— The dog Crusoe and his marter 714.19 

— Erling the bold: a tale of the Norse sea-kings . . 748.20 

— Fighting the flames: a tale of the [London] fire 

brigade 714.11 

— The floating light of the Goodwin sands 757.20 

— Freaks on the foils. And Why I did not become 

a sailor. Boston 714.18 

— Same, London 714.12 

— Same. Philadelphia 448.10 

— Qascoyne the &andal-wood trader. [Pacific 

ocean] 757.24 

— The golden dream; or, adventures in the far 

West 757.22 

— The gorilla hunters. Boston 746.21 

— Same. Philadelphia 757.23 

— U udsou's bay. Bostbn 747.25 

— Same. London 714.15 

— The iron horse. A tale of the Grand national 

trunk railway 757.25 

— Life in the red brigade [London firemen], [and 

other stories] 1458.9 

— The lifeboat 714.16 

— The lighthouse 738.13 

— Martin Rattler; or, a boy's adventures in the 

foreiits of Brazil 757.21 

— Miscellany. 13 v 810.83 

Co«r«rt«. — Vol, I. Fighting the whales. II. Awaj In the 
wildvriioM. III. Fart in liie icr. IV. C'lating tiie sun. V. 
i<uiik St sea. VI. Lost in the forest. VII. Over the R^ekj 
nKtuntains. VIII. Sa«ed by the lileb»at. IX. The t-anat- 
bal islands. X. UuntiDC the lions. XL Digging fur gold. 
XIL Up in tli« clouds. XllL The battle aud lue hreexe. 

— The Norsemen in the West; or, America before 

Columbus 1714.2 

— The pioneers 757.26 

— The pirate city. An Algerine tale 1778.9 

— The Red Eric. [Norse] 1796.15 

— Hirers of icor A tale illustrative of Alpine ad> 

venture and glacier action 1721.15 

— Shifting winds 728.14 

— Snowflakes and sunbeams. [Arctic] 728.12 

— Tales of adventure. Vol. 3,4. 2 v 1778.11 

Comemts. — Vul. III. Awaj in the wilderness : The pioneers : 
Hunting tlie lion* : Up in tiie clouds. IV. The sior:^ ol the 
rock : Wrecked but not ruined; Saved bjr the Lifeboat; Chas- 
ing the sun. 

— Ungava: a tale of Esquimaux-land 748.16 

— The wild man of the We:$t. [Rocky mountains]. 746.11 

— The world of ice 746.3 

— The young fur traders 728.13 

Ballard, J. P. Building stones 448.24 

Slielf numbers above 21 lO in the Notes are in the Bates Hall. 


BiLuc, II. d«. Tba 

— <;pMr UirgttMB 1165.8 

— Eugroio tInuHlet Uti.lS 

UisutLLo, U. .1u>«U. (/■• BiWBoe, T. IuIUd 

uu>eIi.U) *J7.8.3 

D*»DiT,Th«. fiUaobe,(A.)A 7JI.M 

Uaxiii.J. TbD Uujni walfli TJU.IJ 

— Tbe pvap u' dkj; aod Cruboun of (h« billhook.. 4139.14 

— Tho rini drwuar*. {/n JubuoD, (B.) It. Llt- 

(IK, M. Ths aroppT 

(innKUKw, Tba. IJanti, G. L 

(KKH*, Tbe, duggbtcr. Hajould), Q. W. M. . 

ier. AilajMw 
Maun, N. t. ... 

( Aikiit. Tbiiifi bj 

idilur. Uriliah uureliau. Vol. \-U, 13-29, 31- 

aj, i,t-io. wt 

S'. Bu>u4»>, £'i ui (.>l^ tefrt^o. xvlTxtii. 
Bma/JwSTASnn XXU. bio, O rn> aU B-i- 
CMiaut- r. r_fiiwf (M lUllii UaUmiik. O-rTTw ilor uf 
«i>krt^ x5uyi gT-Tjw ..y..Tf»«Mal.<»riwi.. 
•Ml ».iML SCTIL ■■aafcl. r*M,L Jull^ iliiu^xiibi 
tauiku4. KiMnn and an/XJcrui. Iiwi^id. 1 1 a 

HMraU Sl.iH. XZXir, XU*. M<wi, J.^ IrlM«. 

DiBCBUiKB tuwaii. Trullupa, A... 
BARCLirs, Th*, of Boaton. Otii, J 


ISJ.S; 4U.17; T)tU.lU 

>. U. 4i;.l 

Uick«iu, C. 

(J. II.) 147T.14 

UARaiULi, d. Suvella. (/■ lUaoM, T. Italiao 

nuiitiiU) 417.8.4 

Bahiiam, 11. II. {Thomas fii^cUa.) Jarry Jai- 

lii'iirls. {/a Juhiuuu, (K.) It. Uula daaia).IS39.7.4 

— M;»>u*iu Mcbolu IJOI.3 

UABLiu-UuDm. & UabrlalU AodrA. Ad hlMur- 

BaUW, p. T. 

Ltoo Jaak : * itory of parlloD 
luag wild loen and (ba oaptgrii 
; ihowing huH lasDiigerica aro :,L 

OlxHg, M. I). Mall, A 

a iiuJa.1 747.10 




BAKBan bunuur. LanniDU. U. A 71U.m; TUl.lS 

Bahkktt, a. ThebuaUaan'adauEbter UlH.ll 

BAHKiiBa barn«l ana;. Vm, U. R I71S.7 

BABiisfliuil. Loiar, C. (J.) &03.1 ; 7aU.4] 

Bahhitt.F.F. Tba land olalin 17S8.1 

Babrow, F. Auot FaDoy'i bird't-aaat itorla* 1739.6 

— Allot yaunj'ialiiMraD'iebaritybauar ITJS.T 

— Audi FaDn/'iMoUjUlTan' great riebM 1719.9 

— AuDlFannj'aiturlal tuldin tba wwd 1739.9 

— Nair Diibleipa tuKl tu Ciwrlej 1719.) 

Barrubi, W. Tbo gaoeral; ur, twsin aigbU In 

tba buDtan'uiBp 418.11 

BARitr UiiAr. jtivi. Stt Corri.i, R. B. 

Babht LjoduD, Tha loaiouiri dC. Tbaikeraj, \>. 

U 4S.13; 710.43.6 

BAHTltidgclej; a Ula uf nor [ham Ohio I73t; 1 

UAaiUL. M. Hunur Uaf 418.16 

Baht»n, K. Iu: aula of tba oldao faiia 43T.S 

BaiiL. IJalliDi, (W.) W 71U.3S:; 1801.11 

BAaiLUudrn/aaprioB. Parr, H 4M.U 

BAaiiT-HAiBB, Tbo. Sherwiwd, M. U. Worki .. 4J1.1.7 
Batkbam, J. C. laroD af Aimorioa. A tala ot th* 

tima of CbloTll 1734.11 

Baibi.J. C. (Juail 7B3.IS 

Batci, L. Thaoiimber I7S1.1I 

- Thagablad huiua 


— Nalbarslifl 1496.8 

BATa-cuAiBman'i, Tba, ator;. Cbanh, F. fij.IS 

llAiTLi, Tlia, and ibo biwte. Ballut:r>>a. R. H.. 810.81.11 

llATTLi, Tba, of Uurking. Cbeaoaj, U. (T.) 1809.14 

Battle, Tba, of life. Dickaoi, C. <J. II.) 471.1S 

481.14; urS.lS; 1781.1 

Battlk aiimmar, A. Terbaoa, U. V 765.17 

BattlK) at hgiua. Llarlmg, U. 44U.13 

BATTLEa luat and woo. Uarriii, 0. E. 4J0.81 

Batilei vorlb figbting 1449.10 

BansH, K. {Carl JtMrf.) At tiapri. A ater; of 

Italian Ufa. [ I DWraatlDnal lariaal .'1I83.1S 

— Uaad tu tba worid I7M.5 

— Muilitb* 1731.10 

— Valahtina, tba aiiuDKai 1768.11 

BArEB,C. It. ftpbim 41.1 

BAiLT.T.It. bar id Damp* 494.31 

■ Eaglaad aulua 

ligbti far baji aod gl 


-PATH, Tba; a Ula ' " 
Iira(lli38]. lluilaoc 
Cbriiluiiu aaka ID tuurqaartan 797. IG' Bbacb, " 

— Kibbao H»rl<.i lilV.ljl Ubaiu; 

— Spriog Caiuadld 411.7 I Bbai-oj 

— Tbia Iruublaauina world 1777.G ' Bbali, A. Himplisilr and fauinalion 14S4.) 

Bab;.kk, E. Duad aiid bad m>Dagan. Tba two I Bban, Tbi. Zackukke. (J.) II. (b.) 7:>G.10 

uaigbbaun. JuIid Uurtiinar-a wifa. Bauia [ Ubab aud t.^bMr. AdaaiP, W. T II1.U 

Itoabanao'i baaking-buuk I<i9.Ui llBAii-BU.iiBB*,Tb*, oTtba Ruaby DaantaiBi. Bow- 

— Skalabci uf wurkiDg Wamea ! man, A 747.1i 

'W.w..-iin«i> x.iiirL r.diFWu»..-. (iiiiTMaa- i <iur ItBrdaiia. MaoLann, M. W 1496.11 

n.1. u«„br.i T.»u.«, WJ...L™, BuiT bnui>.l>aii | BBAita, Tba, af AugDiluaburg, an aplMida la Saian 

' hi.t..rj. N'iariU, (i;.)U 1446.13 

Babuiw.C.Y. Helen UacOragur 783.14 i Bbailkt, F. W. I'apari frau Orerlowk-buuta 496.10 

IlABBAar Kudga. [Uid (lardve rioU, 1T80.] Ulek- 'IIbathub. KaTanagb, J 7.'>0.37i TU.I3 

ao>,C.(J.II.) 471.11; I4JG.1; Kail Biatrk E. Sinclair, U 4.-.6,3 

xx.-TbKiiafr IrHwHRd la-HawiUaoirlin^'a I Bbairii-i Boiiila. Kama, L. da la 783. IJ; TlO.16 

*'■"■ , Bbai-cbami'. Jam«,U.P.K IMU.l 

Bbaocbabp'* oaracr. Maradith, U il.ll 


Muna; and niiuln. liaqnel W " Tba npi 

".,1703,10 IBbai 

. 7t.G.19lBB*DlLIBl 

Barku, J. WgndcTi 

■eky tiBgady. SiDma, 


Tba, falbat xhI auD. Clarka, C. C. . . . 784.9 
. iorijF J>. D« Vara, ■>■ Udy Hn-Ulf 

U<m. Ttnalura. Luudoo 1803.I0 

I— A'"««. Fbibdalphia 777.11 

43111 BaACBAHtBAia. Ad blitaricBl nuTel, BraehTugal, 
-i8.17- A. E. 4U.I( 

tBirai lltadir'a g.M.M. tiarlaU.n, W 

tBIET U'itainl..n tba nailgatur. Luiar, 6. (/a 
J«bnM.n, (G,) K. Utlla clauiei) 1S13. 

Ubelf nuiubera above iillO In the Notes are in the Batea UalL 





Shelf. No. 

Bbaumoxt, a. Thomierofk^s model 1779.22 

Bbaubeixcourt, The romance of. Warfield, C. A.1445.10 

Bbautiful Aurelia, The. Da Boys, J 482.1 

Bkautiful Bertha. Tathill, L. C 725.1 

BsAUTiFrL fiend, A^ South worth, E. D. E. N 1754.15 

Bkautiful MUs Barrington, The. Parr, U 720.82 

Bbautt and the beast. Taylor, (J.) B 508.27 

Bbavtt and the heast. Thackeray, A. 1 1443. 17 

1493.2G; 1494.15 
BBAUrr and the boast. Willis, N. P. (/n Johnson, 

(E.) R. Little classics) 1S39.7.4 

BiBftB. Rame, L. de la 1756.13 

BBC's bedtime. Uallowell, S. C 1739.23 

BicHABD, F. Maurice 424.1G 

Bbckforo, W. Vathck. Baltimore 1749.10 

— Same, London 799.12 

— Same. New York 799.8; 799.17 

^ Same. Philadelphia 799.14; 799.15 

Xue. — This romance of E«st«Tn life «as orifinallj vritten 
In Frrnch r4579«.-l^3 bv thii eocenttic and vralthv Enff.ivh- 
luaii, of «i]iiH' can-cf »t>n)vthinc can be Ican^^ fb>m the 
memoir prvfixttl to an vtltliun [457&51: and froiu TimlH's 
** Ecct-ctncs" C*.'«>tK]. and IU<ldiiif;i " Pa«t celebritiea" 
iiliaM-l} and •' KvcollecdoDfl" C^^4i>.'ALS]. 

BECK0.XI5G series, The. See Cobobn, Paal, paeud. 
Beckwitu, J. R. The house behind the poplars. . . . 797.22 

Bbd-time stories. Moulton, L. C 174G.14 

Bbde, Cuthbert, pseud. See Bradlet, E. 

Bedb's charity. Smith, H 505.22 

Bbebee, C. AV. Edmund Dawn 1735.8 

Bbechcroft. Yonge, CM 786.9 

Bebchbr, H. W. Norwood; or. Tillage life in New 

England 774.14 

Bbbch.xut. Abbott, J 738.4.5 

Bbechwooo. Springer, R. R 1715.11 

Beggar, A, on horseback. Payn, J 754.21 

Beggar boy, The. Bellamy, T 1448.2 

Beggar girl, The, of the Pont des arts. Hauff, W. 490.65 

Beggars, The. Liefde, J. B. de 484.25; 1712.17 

BAgox, F., comteate de. (Madame de Stolz.) The 

house on wheels. Boston ...•• 1727.5 

— Same. London 1429.23 

— Nanny's treasure 1788.3 1 

Behind the counter. Uacklaender, F. W 730.75 

Behixd the cnrUin. Baker, H. N. (W.) 476.4 

Behixd the scenes. Wright, E. M 487.20 

"Behixd the Toil" 752.3 

Bblford Regis. Mitford, M. R 804.4 ; 1502.2 

Belial 741.2 

Beuxoa. Edgeworth, M 467.1.6 

Vol. 11, 12 of 468.8; Vol. 49, 50 of 778.1 
Bell, Acton, paeud. See Bront^, A. 
Bell, Currer, paeud. See Nicbolls, C. 
Bell, Ellis, p«r«J. See^, E. (J.) 

Bell, Isa, paettd. The discipline of Alice Lee 439.17 

Bell, M. M. Eda Morton and her cousins 724.18 

Bell, 3fr«. Martin. Julia Howard 802.13 

Bell-tower, The. Melrille, H. {In Johnson, (E.) 

R. Little classics) 1839.7.3 

Bella. A st<>rT of in»ne asylums. St. John, E. .. 1756.9 

"Bellah." Feuillet, 1774.18 

Bellamy, Mra. E. W. {Kamba Thorpe.) The little 

Joanna 1790. 13 

Bellam r, G. S. Two wedding rings 1800. 15 

Bellamy, T. The beggar boy 1448.2 

Belle, The, of the family. Grey, Mra. E. C 792.25 

Belle Otis, paeud. See Woods,' C. 11. 

Bbllbhood and bondage. Stephens, A. S. (W.).. .. 1746.1 

Brlls and blackcock. Rame, L. de la 1447.1 

Belmont, Cara, paeud. The city side 1509.4 

Belot, a. Article 47 1743. 19 

— Men are what women make them 1735.5 

Belphagor. MachUrelli, N. {In Roscoe, T. 

Italian novelists) 427.8.2 

Belton estate. The. TroUope, A 480.55; 1801.20 

Ben Brace. [Sea life.] Chamier, F 1467.6; 1503.2 

Ben Milner's wooing. Parr, U 43.25 

Ben Sylvester's word. Yonge, C. M.. 55. 10.5; 786.19; 1806.1 

Ben, the luggage boy. Alger, II.,jr 717.6 

Benaxjly, parud. See Abbott, B., A., and L. 

Beneath the wheels 732.21 

- I 

Benedict, F. L. John Worthing^n's name 1761.1 

— Miss Dorothy's charge 1743.22 

— MiM Van Kortland 732.») 

— Mr. Vaughan's heir 1760.9 

— My daughter Elinor 712.13 

•— St. Simon's nieoe 17G0.^ 

Benjamin, E. B. Brightside 1745.9 

Benjamin, S. G. W. The choice of Paris 4^9.24 

Bennett, E. Clara Moroland 426.9 

— Ellen Xorbury 426.23 

— The outlaw's daughter 17S4.1 

— Twixt hammer and anvil .1802.11 

— Villela Linden 1766.15 

— Viola 426.21 

Bennett, M. E. Six boys • 457.23 

— The story of Jameii Moran 1449.11 

Benny Averet. Llewellyn, E. L. 1719.11 

Bepfo, the conscript. TroUope, T. A 1808. 14 

Brrber, The; or, the mountaineer of the Atlas. A 

tale of Morocco. Mayo, W. S 1733.3 

Bergbr, E., paeud. See Sheppard, E. S. 

Berkeley, the banker. Martineau, H. Vol. 14, 15 of 749.2 

Berlin and Sans-souci; or, Frederick the great and 

his friends. Mundt, C. (.M.) 415.17 

Bernard Lile; embracing the periods of the Tezaa 

revolution and Mexican war. Clemens, J 498.7 

Bernardo del Carpio. An historical novel of the 

eighth century. Montgomery, J 802.5 

Bbrmce, the farmer's daughter. Keiley, C. E 600.51 

BERQriN, .\. de. The child's friend 729.21 

— The children's friend. Boston 727.11 

— Same. New York 727.12 

liEnniEDALE, paeud. Unforgiven 764.16 

Berry, F. M. See WniTCRER, F. M. 

Berry, M. E. The cro^ik straightened 1448.22 

— Sisters, and not sisters 480.17 

Bersier, Mme. E. The violets of Montmartre and 

other stories ....« 1756.5 

Bertha; or, the p<.tpe and the emperor. An his* 

torical tale. MacCiibe, W. B 1443.27 

Bertha and Lily. Smith, E. 477.15 

Bertha the beauty: a stfry of the Southern revolu- 
tion. Whittlesey, S. J. C 765.7 

Bertha's engagement. Stephens, A. S. (W.) 1784.10 

Bertha's visit to her uncle in England. 2 v 1808.18 

Bertie and her sisters. Baker, II. N. (W.) 509.24.6 

Bertie's birth-day present 151>S.25 

Bertram family. The. Charles, E 1803.1 ; 1809.30 

Bertram N«>el. May, E. J 805.27 

Bertrams, The. TroUope, A 430.62; 506.12 

Besant, W.,and Rice, J. My little girl 1733.14 

— Mortiboy. Boston 1742.8 

— Same. London 1733.4 

— With harp and crown 1790.4 

Bessie. Kavanagh. J 411.24; 1729.19 

Bessie at the sea-side. Mathews, J. II 1449. 18 

Bessie in the city. Mathews, J. H 1449.29 

Bessie Brown, the soldier's daughter. Deni^on, M. A. 800.52 

Bessie Buchanan's banking-bo«ik. Barlee, E 1759.16 

Bessie Fairfaiz, The vicissitudes of. Parr, H. 

1767.11; 1769.10 

Bessie Lang. Corkran, A 1421.1 

Bessie Wilmerton. Westcott, M 1757.2 

Bessy Banc. Wood, E. P 710.76; 731.5 

Best, The, of husbands. Payn, J 1761.13; 1779.21 

Bestr, J. R. Modern sucicty in Rome. 3 v 504.11 

Betham-Edwards, M. de. See Edwards, M. de B. 

Bethkll, A. Millicent and her cousins 497.4 

Betrothed, The. [Plague at Milan, etc., 1628.] 

Manzoni, A 488.2 

Betrothed, The. Scott, Sir W 460.1.18 

400.15; 902.1.5; 1470.1.4; 1807.19 

gee aUe SorOT. Sir W.. note. 

Betsey Jane Ward, (better-half to Artemus) hur 

bo<ik of gi>aks 803. 17 

Better than gold. Strong, J. D 469.8 

Betty's bright idea. Stowe, 11. (E.) B 1427.13 

Beulah. Wilson, a. J 497.11 

Beverly. Walworth, M. T 475.5 

Bewsher, Mra. M. £!. Zipporah, the Jewish maiden. 1795. 15 

Shelf numbers above 2110 in the Notes are in the Bates Hall. 



BKraiKsnie. W>llue, E 

IlKTuvii ih> bmkirf. Uir«i, H. U 

BKruMD Urn «•■«. Kcnl, K F. 

t nt Erin aod tulj. Uatnrla, £. 


m-l*iLr*T. y»bl« 

bab'b adTintDTci and tniv«lii, 


Ibvr.Ttiu. Aitorrarindliniru. 

", B/'Vii^ 


.. 41li.ll 


: Blaci biiroiiBt, Ths. Cirlelon. W... 
: llLAt'K cliiCKur. Tho, of lUrntiidii: si 
K il*art, The. Scotl, ^ 

IllLLI . 
IllLL.. .. 
]|MI>IT<M ^ 

BiHl.. 11. 1, 

— Nick nf IIk' w 

- TI.I- lU.kj. „ 

IllHIwaf af.-»tlu- 

k1<: 1 u 


Bi«.« ..,1 

BlKTULAV ,,. ,.l 

BlKtll-A..K, Tlu. 

(E.) i;. 
BiuruHi.iiir. Th... 

Til.', .<L 


', U.II 43(1. lU 

^v, II. W. 
iLLvm II S40.43 

4GU.1«; U70.1.1; IHOT.e 

Bluk f.,rnt Tillage ■!..»». Auvrbaob, B 14TR.I7 

liLAi'K Irurri a lalmil niIrnntDnr amcng Ibn lUTan 

•.r K»t .IMca. Ball lU^no k. Jkf 1740.IS 

llLii'E t»n(hrr, Tht. Wraia 1. i'i> (C. F.) L. 7J3.H 

I'LAric |iliant»iu. Tha. dhriin|> d 144.1.31 

IlLArK pTu|>h«t, TbL-. i'arktuii, W IMA 

Black ■beep. VatN, E 4i!.l; 4W).8T 

Blai-k liilip. The. [.SwDO at Iho llaGuo, iiVl.} 

ieo. It. 80C.I:> i 

•>«4. M. M. Work*. 4J1.I. 

liMi.K, E. I,. Kalbaiioo'i ciuTlrBCv ., 

- Th<' ttli r|H-. : 

tiii>tu., II. I.. X«l <iraiiri iiiutt 

. . , , 4ST.8.1 


Lkt-li Tulrct jH'liMF, Tbc. llpK A. Wurki.... 
[.A<'KBCii:t, n'. M. UuiH'va'iiphk'ld: ■ atorj oft 

- Thv Thvban legi.iti: a «t<ir; or tfaa timn* 

— Cradick Nowull : a lalu uf tbc rfaw y 


— L.'ri.i>'l n-. Ai'upiaD»Vt Eam»i 

— Thu ■n.-ild rf :<ker 

Ul.A.'KWKI.L, A. B. Tlioiili 

Blackwiiuii. .■'tiirii-ii fnim.. _ 

Bi,icK W..UI1. Talc* ffuu 

Bj.Aoi: u'-obAisa. >'ai>uD. B. L 



. 1789.1 

. 411.19 
. 41 M 
. 4G9.11 

.\ Ta-fl^n ■ 

. 411.11 

Blihm.k!.* ku%bt«i or, Lutu-u and l.a Vondrs. 
ByoK, A. U. y. 

— Tbi'li-licr-uaidiHi: ■ .\nfBr|(ii»n talo 4 

— ri';' ^«?PJ *"I * Ul...f .N.if»Bi:iBii iH-nouit UCb. 

— UTind- K tor; of niuiiirj lift' In .Norway I 

— Th lallrud ■■*! Ibu ubursliyird. Sh Uolq. 

' In -ilkatlirs. LripiliC.. 

- \.,.A,. S>w Y..rk 

- ti aien^. l«lp*i|t 

crilAlllS (I. C. 

Itl>. I~ Tri.-.llntWarc 

r ....1781.18 

- Tb'' maid «f Killi-ma and •■th«r 


iu Ibo Court! uf ehaocrrj, 
H.); Ul.iOi 4H1.7; 1478.1 
^bcr<r.'>a. It. M. Work!.. 4^1.1.11 

-r. Sll IJAHUIHEB. M. 

■b, .M.J 4jr.S 

IWnlH-rE. Wlldenhaha.CA. 18U8.& 
Vtom.i,M't 1787.1 

Idun F 417. G.S 

». )l ITSCS 


M'l.J. II 14G.IS 

.•<c..ltifh lifv 774.11 

:hr. Ilawlboma, X 4&7.I) 

- Tbi'mrriaffoxf M..ira inga ITSI.Si; 

- Tli.Mii..i..rch"f Mincui.Liiw 4-Jl.K 

- A |>nii«>*<>f Tbulc. Mpiig ITf.H.ll 

- A'<«» X™ Y"rk 17-.I.I 

- Tiif ilranit* a<lri-niar<-> .* a )>hait-n. Wpiig.. ni7.U 

- K.,«u. Xrw V.Tk 4i:.'i7 

- Tbr.f f-alhiTi. UlniiU 1'"' U 

' K-mr. .\.w Y..rk 17*1.17 

Slieir uumbcra above UllO in the SoUm are In tlie Bat«i llaU. 




Shelf. No. 

Bluebeard's kejs. Thackeraj, A.I 1T74. 14 

1781.19; 1785.13 

Bluebbrrtixo. Abbott, J 14!29.3 1 

Blum, G., and Wahl, L. Seaside and fireside fairies. 727.18 

Blttbe, J. A. St. John. A lonelj life 171-1.5 

Boadb5. J. The man of two lives 442.15 

BoARDiNO-eorsES, Physiology of New York. Qann, 

T. B 803.19 

Boa RDiXG-scBOOL days. Gordon, C 1712.8 

Boardi.xg-bchool girl, The. Tuthill, L. C 450.33 

BoARnMAif, M. M. Haps and mishaps of the Brown 

family 717.17 

— Isaac Phelps 448.19 

Boat club. The. Adams, W. T 729.7 

Boat club series. Hee Adams, William T. 

Boatman's, The, daughter. Barrett, A 1418. 12 

BoELTC, A. Madame de StadI: an historical norel. 473.18 

Bokhara, The bur elare in. Ker, D 177G.10 

B0.HWICK, J. Mike Howe, the boshraoger of Van 

Diemcn's land 1756.3 

— The Tasmanian lily 1742.17 

Book, The, of adventure and peril. Bruce, C 1784.15 

Book, A, of golden deeds. Yonge, C. M. Vol. 10, 11 of 55.10 

Book. The. of my lady 449.18 

Book, The, of Saint Nicholas. Paulding, J. K 797. 13 

Book, The, of snobs. Thackeray, W. M. Miscel- 
lanies 720.42.1 

Book, The, of the boudoir. Morgan, S. 0., lady. 2 r. 432.14 

Bou!CS and blessings. Hall, A. M 1777.7 

Boots at the Holly-tree inn. Condensed. Dickens, 

BoRDRR and Bastille. [The South in the rebellion.] 

Lawrence, G. A 493.16; 730.49 

Border beagles. A tale of [the first settlers of] 

Mississippi. Simms, W. G 800.6; 800.7 

Border foes, The. A romance uf early Kentucky. 

Willelt, E 1789.11 

Border rivaN, The. Jame*, Mr*, 1768.8 

Borderers, The. [King Philip's war, 1675.] Cooper, 

J. F 1505.8 

BoRX to be a lady. Henderson, K 1803.22 


.Vor«. — Sc« nrfenwnod's " A«lrrntiim of Rraben DaTidKK." 
at d Mmynt R«id's "Caftawa^-s" [7iV..'i]. 

Borrow, G. Jjarengro; the scholar — the gipsy — 

the priest 478.2 

— Romany Rye; ascquel to^'Lavengro." [Gipsies.] 

London. 2v 478.4 

— Same, New York 802.22 

.V<tf«. — Borrov acquirrd a hieh rrputatiiin for hi* books 
tv(-iity aiid thirty jrran a^. Hr viDt to Siwin a^ a rol- 
poitrur. ai-d tht- b>H>k«iiatii«<l aN>iearp in part aiiiobk>|!raph- 
Iral. and arv ft<M>d pictures of |r>'p*Tiilv iii s>pain. F<>r a 
ri impact accvunt uf hi« life, wk* Snii.n'a " Brief Diu};ra|-.hi«« " 

BoRTB, G. She loved him madly 1763.5 

Boscooel; or. the roral oak. A tale of the year 

1651. Ainsworlh', W. H 1718.1 

Boston. 3/<M«. Abbott, J. Marco Paul in Boston.. 53.14 

— Lee, E. B. Naomi: or Boston, two hundred years 

ago 437.6 

X'4*.—Otlht carljr period ufB"tton'4 hii'ory wc ha«e illut- 
iratfd fiLiioD in Mr>. Ijev'* " Natniii " [4; in Il.-i«rth>>ri'«'t 
** ScarM Ivfrpr " n-JOSr,-, 457 8] ai>d i'l viiiid.y of hi« " Twlce- 
ti>:d ta^M " [4-^7.14: 7SU.7]: and C K. Thk- ■ " Shawniut: or, 
J«ihn Wiiithiup and th« g>rat mlonj." Of th^ Aiidro« pcrHjd, 
I(W, tie., wv hm\r l>avr»'t "Ni\'s niat«" [V^« 13]. a>:d 
llerbrrt'« "Fair puritan ** [177:: IS^- Of the K<:«oliiti>inar7 
peii'Ml. C N.|M>r»** Lii>n>l liiiculu ' [7(X).40; U(U.173 aud Mra. 
Ciiild'i *• Rf bel« " C44U6.6<;j. 

Boston common ^. 417.1 

BosTwiCK, H. L. Buds, blossoms, and berries 734.12 

Both sides of the street. Walker, M. S 450.11 

Both well; or, the days of Mary queen of Scots. 

Grant, J 1804.5 

Bottari, G. Norella. {In Roscoe, T. Italian 

novelists) 427.8.4 

Boucicault. D. {h.)f joint author. Foul play. See 

Reade. C 415.12; 437.11 

Boudoir cabal. The. Murray, G 52.11 

Bound down. Fitch, .A. M • 705.1 

Bound to John Company. Braddon, M. £. 732.15 

Bound to rise. Alger, H.,^'r 1736.14 

Bound to the wheel. Saunders, J 785.13 ; 1802.7 

1" casJLSt 9v.i^ 

Bounty, Mutiny of the, in 1789. 

.Vorv. — Tlierv arr poHlcal tivatiBCBfti im 
"ChiiMina." and in Byntn't *-Iilaiid" C< 

140»JU{]. Chainiff's ** Jack Adaais ** u a »*wtL ^ 

•'Lunftvi7a«r.''inhU»Rrprinlrdpieen"[l7M.1l3. ia wa fh* 
Mine »ubjrct. Ladr Belcher's nanaUw C^Wi'SeaQ Is the lalcit 
autlivDtic accouut of thui ctent. 

Bourdon, M,, formerly Mme, Prmneut. KmX lif« .. 18011 

BouTON, J. B. Round the block 494.21 

BowEN, C. E. Grandmamma's relioa and h«r ttorica 

about them ...1729.17 

— Jack the conqueror •••. 732.12 

— The young potato-roasters 74L4 

Bower, J. L. Brare heart 1769J 

— The doomed hunter 1789J 

— The Mohegan maiden ........ 1789.9 

— The three Indian hunters 1789.11 

Bowles, E. In the Camargoe 1773J 

Bowman. A. The bear-hunters of the Boekj moan- 
tains 747.1i 

— The boy foresters. A tale of tho daji of Bobia 



— The kangaroo hunters 727.13 

— Lilly Hope and her friends 1714.12 

— The young yachtsman 727.14 

BowRA, U. L'na 1725.13 

Box tunnel. The. Reade, C 415.8; 1839.7.9 

Boy, The, from Bramley. Townsend, V. F. 745.29 

BoT, The, with an idea. Eiloart, E. 1744.C 

BoT, The, of Mount Rhigi. Sedgwick, C. U 467.19 

Boy emigrants. The. Brooks, N 1747.9 

BoT farmers, The, of Elm island. Kellogg, B. 146&.I 

Boy foresters. The. A tale of the days of Robin 

Hood. Bowman, A 727.8 

Boy hunters. The. Reid, M 710.2 

Boy slave. The, in Bokhara. Ker, D 1776i.l9 

Boy slaves. The. Rcid, M 7Ml5 

Boy Ur, The. Reid, M 747.24 

Boy's, A, adventures in the wilds of Anstralift. 

Howitt, W 719.4 

BoY*s, A. kingdom 1759.20 

BoYCE. J. {Paul Prpprrgrass.) Shandy M*G aire; or, 

tricks u[>on travellers. A story of the norUi of 

Ireland 1712.9 

Boyd, R. Wee Willie 450.54 

BoYESEN, H. H. Gunnar: a tale of Norse life 176Sk.l4 

— A Norseman's 2)ilgrimage 1786.21 

— Tales from two hemispheres 1747.11 

Cotf^f*. —The man vho li>fll hi* name; The ftory of mn 
oulcaM; A i;<<'d-for-nut)iifi|C: A tcientiJlc vaKabond; Tndia, 
the nauieleas ; Aaathur's veu^ieaiicv. 

BoYNE water. The. Banim, J 750.12 

Boys and girls. The, of Deech hill. Greenough, A. J. 446.7 

Boys at Chequasset. Whitney, A. D. T 744.22 

Boys, The, of Grand Pre school. De Mille, J 450.23 

Buys of other countries. Taylor, (J.) Bayard 44.14 

Box, psrud. See Dickens, C*(J. H.) 

Brabazon, E. J. Talcs of the Muslims in Spain .. 487.6 

Brace, .\, of boys. Ludlnw, F. H 1445.23 

Bracebridge hall. Irving, W S77.1.S 

397.1; 438.19; 889.26 

JVofe. — Sketchei of a phaM of Engliih country life, two or 
thrcv generatiuus agu. 

Brachvogel, a. E. Beaumarchais. An historleal 

novel 413.16 

Braddon, M. E. Aurora Floyd. Leipzig 730.43 

— Same. New York 492.3 

— Birds of prey 1493.7 

— The black band 781.19 

— Bound to John Company 732.15 

— Charlotte's inheritance 491.13 

— Darrdl Markham 492.19 

— Dead men's sh<»cs. Leipzig 1809.22 

— Same, New Yprk 1800.1 

— Dead-sea fruit. Leipzig 730.70 

— Same. New York 781.15 

— The doctor's wife 750.31 

— Dudley Carloon 4(^2.35 

— Eleanor's victory. Leipzig 730.51 

— Same. London 1802.19 

— Same. New York 492.32 

— The facU)ry girl 781.17 

Shelf numbers above 21 lO in the Notes are in the Bates Hall. 



BmADitOK. M. E., anlimiud. 


BBiTm ind bold. A\}r. 177S.T 

-io— N.- Y«rk 

— I)*>>r7 Du»bir. Uipiic 

-».«. X,. York.... , 

— IIuiUcH Ui furluKB. Loiptlg 





BKAViheirta. Rirmood. K. W 1746.17 

B«»T.Udr.A. C™ik,D.(M.) 710.JJ: 76I.S 

B»A*.Sellj. B..«.B 1427.J 

URAftoldnlt Adra^W.T 7J9.J3 

BmATcTh.. [Venie*.] Cooper, J. F. ....7W.10; T60.1S 

— JiJiH Mai'I'KX'dI'i lc|uj. Lcipttf.... 


— Samt. HicbmoDd 

— lj.iy AuJl.>y'i«QrTl 



B«Ar. A. B CourteBAj of WilreddoD. A roaipc* 

— The ]<ir>»r'i icciot 


— |[.r.].i,dfur.« » ^g"n.ii.f y<.nb D«<-n 7Si.n 

— L.*t(orlo«. ]«ipilg 

— S.-r M«wT«rk 

— TUb UhU rf Arden. ' Leipilg. . 

— Kamr XnVurk 

— Lucliu Ilairomt or pnblieani an 

— il; aiittr*! narwian >fid uUif r H 

..l77U.i9 IliiM 

S gAlM. 

l.M Petil... 

, F N. . 

>tlba reign at QuHoHkry. < 

— The ocloruin 1801.17 

— Onlyaelod. Lelpiig 480.r.8 

— Samt. Now ywk 7)1.71 

— 0™.r Brirand 7BI IH 

— fpUle>..iandjlnnen 17SI.4 

— l^^beit Alaileiih 17I7.!> i 

— KuDt.. earth 710.60 

— ItDpert tiudwln. Leipiig 4110.46 

— Samr. New York UM.C 

r- i-irJ^F"^'" ""»'" '"*■*« 

— A •»■«(. w.T J, Leipiig I77».J-'> 

— Sam,. Srn V«tl( I7TI.1H 

— t^lrang«n and pitKrim. Leipiig 1746. 10 

— Tab ' 

Dkeach of pcmiw. The. ^ihjiMm. Afr.. Q. . 
ItRrACHuf Iriul, The. Dikrt, US W,)... 
BRaAi.-A«i>-<:UB»Kand lifieea. fujeoD, U. I 

Bread and nianse*. WaiDcr.g. . 

Bread upon ihe walerL Craik^D.<U. ...&C 




. 7».n 

. 476.1 
. 1712.0 
. 62.21 
.) TI0.1J 
. iOB.ll 
: 720.6> 

I <.[ mFrcneh bo; 

— Thr** timtadtid 

— T» haliilMreDd 

SraWORB, .S. II. T.lef lillle ni 


k CwM.^ B„l, i 

- ll.pp, h,«r. at tt > 



)l.a/-t tiayl-rd.'i Calm ru«k>. 

— Gilbert .-iUrr and 

— miberl'* lart HI 


— Jtab Araornbe 

— hleerallentwU 
■ Mr. PtD' 

— Will Hwid'efrig 

BRAflATiIl p"^!. Str llRAiin, tl. / 

UHAOKijjaXKl tba Km »f Atli.-a. 

Boiland, 16MI. rU!.] Dotnaa. A 
BRAni), U. A. <fir<.f..>^) T>k>'l; 

- lli.rj; The I 

- Father and -l, 

- The II U 

w York 

Ice. I«Ddnn .. 

.. IJS.l 
.. 817.6 
.. 45S.M 

'.'. 4AS.10 
.. 4.W.H 
.. 4&S.I0 
.. 4.'>S.« 
2; (.^.'•.13 

rerr^da; life. With Slrlf* 
laghlen; iDClDdiog Nina. 


; 817.1 



l'.(.MI.U^ ( 

DkaanA, fnd. '• Sepwlallr (!><>*■. ' A itiirj o 
IhB tifajtr roi all auDditiaMof mvo" 

— FxiRJEj'' '■'<!■ brutbar 

Brest, J. II. V,t it a 

Ilune}'iwa4 1 

Oremiaxi. A. Liuoello. A Rqnel to Tba Jaw of 

The marderf ii 


:. U. Tale* rruu itaa d 

.'£.*" iiiVti'irini' noVci. 

,n riorplLti.) 

■a. The, -r Bi>b..p'a full 

r. M. ThvCaTbridgn .. 

7 1} 797.1' Br« 
... 1190.r> 

7I0.a; T2il" 

r-. K 1>. K. .V 4 

B<»r. Se.iIt.AVW 4i 

4UU.;tli 1470.1.2; 1 

n. AiBlbvith. R. It. E. N. t 
.tb-.>th. K. t>. B. N- 4 

Shelf nanilK'ra ubovo 21 lO In tho Notos are In the Bates Hall. 




ShelH No. I 
Briqadibr Frederic. A story of an AlMcian exilo. 

Erckmaon, £., and Chatrian, A I760.1S; 1773.19 

Brigand, The; or, Curse de Leon. James, G. P. K. 

463.2U; 1805.5 

Bbiqht, A. M. The three Lernices 785.25 

Bright, M. A. (Lyndun.) Margaret: a story of 

life in a prairie home, 

— Oxiej 1732.2 

Bright days. Howitt, M 459.8 

Brigutsidb. Benjamin, £. B 1745.9 

Brightwbll, C. L. Kumantic incidents in the lives 

of natoralists and tm vellers 746.20 

British novelists, The. See Barbaulo, A. L., editor. 778. 1 

British woIf-huutcr», The. Miller, T 748.23 i — Same. Philadelphia 

Brittaxy, Popular legentl< uf. Soavestre, £ 744. 2ti I — Jane Talbot 

SbcU: SCO. 
DR0UGHT05, R. Cometh up as a flower 490.45 

— <* Guod'bye, sweetheart ! *' Berlin 1717.4 

— Same. New York 777.21 

— Joan 1800.24 

— Nancy. Leipxig • 1768.3 

— Same. New York 173S.16 

774.1 j — Not wisely, but too well. Loipiig 490.50 

— Same. New York 14»3.25 

— Red as a rose is she. Leipzig • 490.73 

— Same. New York • 431.2 

Bbo wx, C. B. Arthur Mcrvy n. 2 v • 757.3 

— Edgar Hun tly. [Sleepwalking.] Boston • 757.11 

— Same. London 1600.9 


\'fe. — Ctuirl^ Rmekden Bmirn. died 1 810. «m unonj; the 
mi]i'«t uf American n'jvrlirt*. ana hi* delinrAliiMM wen 
ra:h«r nfiycholnjcir than drainatu- or p«>f{ic. PrncitCt cun> 
trihuu^l a lifi- i»l him to Spa;ki'« Mrin [.^iP.I.ll. which 
ic|>rint-d in hit MiwrlianH^ *>*U.4: 872./: £a«J^]. S«« 
«M*avt by Dana C-'^M-V--] and Tuckcniian [547.1]. 


Brown, Ellen E. 
Brows, Ellen L. 

From night to light 771.17 

The Favell children 1809.35 

Brittany and La Vendee. Souvestro, ]§ 7i>7.4 | — Ormond; or, the secret witness 757.3 

Brock, 3fr«. C. Children at homo 487.2 

— Dame Wynton's home 417.14 

•— Margaret's ;»ecret and its success 713.9; 1418.11 

— Sunday echoes in week-day hours. [lst-4th 

series.] London. 4v 447.26 

C<mf<nf#. — Vol. I. a taleilliDtratirv ofthccoUvct^ 11. A 
tale illuittratiTe ■•/ the church cat«N*ui(iin. III. The jou.iiej- 
iD£* uf t!i« chilUreu uf Ivrai-l. IV. Toe parable*. 

— Same. [lst-3d aeries.] New York. 3v 447.20 

— Wishing and choosing 1449.24 

-— Working and waiting 487. .S 

Brock, S. .X. Kenneth, my king 1717.10 

Brockley moor. L., J. W 1707.14 

Broderip, F. F. Tales of the t«>ys, told by them- 
selves 718.12 

— Wee Maggie. And other tales 480.48 

Cont< HI*. — Wee Macxie-, Willie and Locj. by G. E. Sar- 
Kent: I^Ktie'f half-*<nf r«i|m. by Mr*. K. Grax; The vbite 
riulet: Ri'd-lieadcd .\iidj : One argo'* 

BROKB.f chains. Buerstenbinder, E 1772. 12 

Broken hyacinth. The. Sl.urw«.H>d, M. M. Works. 4.'>2.1.4 

Broken pitcher, The 716.18 

Broken to harness. Yates, E 473.13; 720.C3 

Broken toys. Steele, A. C 433.32 

Bromfikld, M. E. Trot'^f letters to her doll 1419.20 

Bronte. A. (Acton Bell.) Agnes Grey. See 

BRo.xTft, E. (J.) 410.14 

— The tenant of WildfoU hall 435.18 

Bront£, C. Set NiceoLLS, C. 

Brown, II. E. 426.25 

Brown, J. Marjorie Fleming 427.10 

— Same, (/n Johnson, (E.) R. Little classics). 18S9.7. 10 

— Uab [a dog] and his friends. {In Johnson, (£.) 
K. Little cla«jiic«>) 1830.7.4 

Brown, M. K. Maggie and her friends 14o0.6 

Brown stone front, A. A story of New York and 

Saratoga. Fulton, C 1749.1 

Browne, 0. F. {Artemu* Ward.) .\rtemus Ward 

— hisUwk 803.21 

— Artemus Ward; his travels 722.5 

— Artemus Ward in L<>ndon 727.7 

Brownie Sandford. May, C. L. 1798.17 

Brownings, The: a tale of the great rebellion. 

Fuller, J. G 436.2 

Brownjoun, HellumT, pseud. No throughfare. See 

D s, C s'. 422.15; l$i00.23 

I Brownlows. OIi|>hant, M. (0. W.) 7.~>3.14 

I Brcck, C. The b>jok of adventure and peril 1784. 15 

I — Noble mottt>eS 170ir.24 

I .Vjftf. — Called in the runnini; title, Fetrr Glenriltc. 

— Uncle John's first «hipwrt>ck; or, the loss of the 

Bro.nik, E. (J.) i Ellis Bell.) Wuthering heights. 435.12 brig " Nellie " Ur.4.9 

— Same. And Agnes Grey. By Acton Bell 410.14 i BRrrE, E. M. A thousand a year 716.22 

Bruce, The davs of; a story from Scottish history. 

Aguilar, (i .^ 765.10 

Brcudkr Bones' Ixiok of stump speeches. Scott, J. F.1475.21 

Hruin: the grand bear hunt. lleid, M 747.23 

Brcn«». Abbott, J 440.1; 739.1.1 

Brunton. M. Discipline 1506. 14 

— Self-control 1506.13 

Bryan Maurice. [College life.] Mitchell, W 1445.16 

-^Q og I Bryant, J. D. Pauline Steward 1774.9 

4S7!l8 Brvixies, Sir (S.) E. The hall of Ilellingsley. 3 r. 1793.1 

BroKiNGUAM. £. M. A evlf-mndf woman 1741.12 

BrnniNtiTON, Z. B. Can the old lore ? 421.18 

BriKiETof fun, .A, for little folk.-^. Henshaw, Miss — . 724.16 

Bi'DS, blossoms, and berries. Dostwick, H. L 734.12 

Buerstenbinder, E. {Ernst Werner.) Atthealtv* 4S6.3 



pen 1760.29 

Buffets. Doe, C. H 1760.14 

I BuiLHiNO stone*. Ballard, J. P 448.24 

I BuLFiNcn, M. H. Frank Stirling's choice 716.9 

i BuLFiNCH. S. G. ilonor; or, the slavexlcaler's 

1 daughter 426.15 

■ BuLFi.Ncn, T. The age of chivalry 1723.8 

/'«. — Pait I Km;: Arthur and hifl kuight*. II. Tlie 
Mabino^ieon; «>r. Wcitli |n.»|iuiar tslt-«. 

— Ijcgends of Charlemagne 494.8 

Bulla Kb, .\. Tbe children's album 732.7 

Bulwer-Lytton, Edwaid (<i. E.) L., lord Lytton. 

.\lice. A sequel to *' Erne?t Maltravers" 465.15 

I — The Caxtons. lA-ipzig 42u.4.^ 

— Same. Iy>ndon 4t;.'».2i> ; 466.22 

— Same. New York 465.28 

.V«<«. — For an account of tV Drml* norelf , be»i<lei Mi». 
Ga*kejr« " Life "" [:<^n ; .'■tfUl*;:. «ee Petvr Uaynei »• i:«<ari * 
[MVl.i j. and the life ami vi>rk*<il the Bntnie fiMers l^iT.iJfi}. 

Brooke, F. M. Julia Mandeville. {In Barbauld, 

A. L. British novelists) 778.1.27 

Brooke, II. The fotd of quality. 2v 798.17 

Bkooke and Brooke farm. .Martineau, 11 749.2.3 j 

Brook E.s, The, of Bridlemere. [London and country 

life.] Melville, G. J. W 

Brooks, (C.) S. .\spen court 4S 

~- The silver cord. Leipzig 730.9 

— Same. New York 502. IG 

^r Sooner or later. Leipzig 490.26 

— 6'amr. New York. 3v 502.11 

Brooks, J. J. Whi>key drips 1733.2 «tERSTENBiNDER, 

Brooks, M. Idomeu 4G'J.27 ' — I'^^ken chains . 

Brooks, X. The b<.y emigrants 1747.8;— ''^o^niluck! 

Brookside farm-house. Finlev, M 717.20 ; -■ A hero of the j 

Broome, Mrs. F. N. See Bahker, M. -\., lady. 

Brother, The, aud si^iter. Opie, A. Works 

Broiber scries. See Robinson, M. S. 

Brother soldiers, The. .\ household story of the 

American conflict. 





Brother's. The, secret. Godwin, W., ^r , 

Brothkicheai). .a. p. IIim.«elf his worst enemy. 

[ Philip, duke of Wharton] 705.15 

Brothers and si>ters. Bremer. F 455. 1 

Brothers and sisters. Marsthall, E 733.16 

Broth i:us*, The, bet. Carlen. E 7C0.2 

BROUiiHAM, 11., /:/r'/. Albert Lunel 431.31 

BRorcHAM, J. The li;;htff home 770.20 

BitoUiiiiT home. Smith, 11 1427.1 

Brought to the front. Krlh.j;.^^, E 54.14 

Shelf uuuibers above 21 lO in the Notes arc in the Bates Hall. 




Shelf. Nu. 

BuLWKR-Lrrrox, Edward (O. E.) Ij., eontinue<i. 

— The ooiuiug race 1737.9 

V'/r — A tlrtWin rtincrrnitic • pt^iplr inhaliilinK thr intoritir 
of tlu' ttlobe, furriiiiiK a Mtirv uii i-urn-nt view* on pi>lilic* aiul 

— Devercux. [liolin^bruku and others of Queon 

An no's time.] J^ipzig 42().4G 

-~> Sttinr, Ijondon •■«..... 4t».i. J 

— Samf. I'liiladolphia. 2t 4(m.3>S 

— The diflownoil. Lvipxig 4*20.47 

— Stime. Philadelphia 4C.'>.5 

— ErnvH Maltravers. Leipzig 4*20. 4'J 

— &\*m#-. Now Y«»rk 40.'). 13; 46.' 

.Vitfr. — This itory i« nuttliiunl In " Alice." 

— Eugene Aram. Leipzig 4*20. r>0 

— Sitme, M)nuon i.>U>t.'J 

— tSnrnr. New Yurk • 4(*<>. lU 

Same. 2 v 4Go.21 

.%'../«•. — A Ulr fiuiHlctlun thr raicrr of • mii«rkBhlr man 
• •f thi» iiamr. f\«H utiti in KnjclaiKl for murder in IT'Af. Coni- 
parr lliMil fl |KK-iiifl[.-.lH.l 1; i::t7.7.1]. 

— Evn; The ill-omened marri.tgc, and other laics 

iiml )MM<ms 4nG. 10 

— Falkland 432.10 = 

— UiKliilphin. LonduD... • 4(>ii. 14 , 

— .Siwr. New Yurk 4tl«.13 ' 

Sumr. 2 V 4f.0. 12 = — ^Samt. I^ipzi 

— Ginltilphin and Falkland 42U..'i2 I 

— llamld, the laat of the Saxun kingf. Leipzig. . . 420.53 ' 

— Sitmr. I^)ndnn 400.'> 

8h«ir. No. 
Bulwf.r-Ltttox, Eilward (O. E.) L., continurtl. 

— Zimoni. [Timo of the firU French revolution.] 

U'ipiig 420.fi3 

— SatHf. I/f>ndi>n 4(iC. 1 1 

— iS'iimr. PhiliMlelphia 1786.11 

A''tf<>. — niii««>r. •« mir itf the nrnft rriiiArkahlv vrraatilc 
■ •( niiiilfrii «ni«>i*, (le'ftor •«-*«• Im- ^titilii ■! in all hi* n-iuli<>n«. 
Ill* «tiii|ii4 wriiti II a nil 111. lit 'it hi* in-liinal iifi- [ •'•7.'t..*i«: . alMi 
in I.i|i|iii i*i>tt'« inu;:a/ine. Ii< >■.. ]«r4]. Tii^rr utv pi-iirial ac- 
ftiiiiil* |i\ l'ri.w«-n [^"ir.H.'iii"'; ht- Mbc-ih'ii [l.'iXi l.IJ: by 
Miiii. * ['**■• 1"*); hv II. JtrrnMl [•.'VMi::. hy .Murl'aithy 
[l.Mi.'l'; Hii'iilai'tl'Mi", ill ll.iiir. at li"iii»'. Nov , \m\i^; ai-t.t>iiiit 
atnln'hr mi-* in .VIIilHUif ninh-r Liitl-m. Sw crlilriil e^ti- 
niali ■• in li-t\n<- C'^t.'i.i 1]; in \Viit;i|i •• [-r'* 1 -'.'.']: iu .V. llaj[- 
wnnl'i « >•■!«' r;:i'>r.:. VI }. .<•■«' 'I'tiH«>Wra\ '• bU(U-«i(Ui- uf hit 
■t>l*> in hi« *'.MiBifllanit^' Q7J' ♦-•.•■} 

Vli^Tv 1* i]lii>trAli\i- iiiantr in iii-iMvy •infinoiririMlli.i^.l]) 
in Miiliiti.a Illon'n^t.m ;.'•'.&'•<«■.']: m Wili-t'^ " P« iiciliiniis 
h\ ill- «av ' L'**'iO- I'* Jt'Mtan- " Atit>»bii>;CfB|ilir " 
L<.'il>'i It 4j; and iu Mu>-tittil\'« " HviuinifCviiiva [ l-'i::a.'JS ; 
■-."■I- .>] 

.•»■«• ui«.i MailiM** '• Pi>!tra:t jrah-.T * ;l"-*«i»*..V.']: Flanchi 
[a'^nT I'J. •I'd "»" •• Cttfti-.n |» •it'»i:« [--•'^-'''O- 

BCLWKU-T,VTT0N, (Kdward) U. {Oice/i Mtrethth.) 

The ring nf Aniasif 493.9 

BrLWKii-LvTTo.s, /..i»/j/ K. The h'lu.'iehold fairj ... 4GG.23 

— The Mhocl for hutibandti 492.27 

Br.Hci:, 0. The ronianoo of the revolution 418.21 

lU'NKKK, Timothj, r]»q., jutfitit. See Cliit, W. 

Bu.f NKTT, F. E. The hidden power 44G.8 

Bu!«r%.s, J. The pilgrim's progreM. Edinburgh.. 1U99.33 


^ Snmr. London. 8G9.9; 1099.32; 1101.1.3 

— Same. New York 1099.30; 2094. J 

vvr. — An hi«:i>riral nnnanre nf William the nin«|nenir'« 
lini,' Km '•l.yi - lii-rr«ani the Walie" C*"**.; «i.:»: 7lO;!'0 
can he r\ad in onim-itiun. 

*- The hnuiif and the braiu. {In Johnson, (E.) R. 

Little clawir*) 1839.7.2 

— Kenelm Chillingly. I^Mpzig 1737. G 

— Siime. New York 1714.4 

— The la^t day« of Pumpeii. [Life in a Roman 

town, firf>t century.] Leipzig 420. •'».'> 

— S,ime. New York 4&'».23 

— Sitme. Philadelphia 4<i.').24 

— The In-t of the bartins. TAdpzig 420. ■'»*"• 

— Slime. l4«ind«in 4G.').lS 

— Slime. Now York 4G'>.20 

.*■". — Ail lii*tiirit-al tal** iimrrrnlnir Warairk Ihr Kiiifr* 
iiikkcr. in the r* igni ft llrnrj VI and (Idaaid IV, fiflt^tith 

•— I.i4-ila; or, the »iege of (iranada. And Calderon, 

the courtier. L»nd<iu 4oG.9; 4GG.21 

— Same. Philadelphia 4t>G.8 

— Lueietia. I^eip/ig 420.,*i7 

— Sitme, L>ndMii 4(i.'i.32 ' 

^» tNijm<. ^ Qw 1 ork .... ..... .... .... .... .... .. 4G.>.31 

— The maid of Malinei<. (/n Johnflon, (E.) R. | 

Little el jMicsi) 1839.7.6 

— > My novel. [English p<iliticti.] I^eipzig. 4t. .. 420. .'>8 

— S'lmr. I>indi'n. 2t 4titi. IG 

— Sitme. .New York 4«.G. i:» 

— Night and uinrning. licipzig 720.29 

^— oiimr. i^>ndon .... .... .... .... .... ..•• ...^.. 4tiG.2 

— The Pariyianit. I/eip/ig. 4 v. in 2 1779.1 

— Snne. New York ..1740.1; 17'>G. 11 

— Paul Clillwrd. N«w Yi»rk. 2v 4fi.">.12 

— SntHf. Ptiiladelphia 4«».'i.lO 

— P.iiMania.<* the Spartan. [(inH*oo, fifth century 

ii. I . — but the iit«iry i^ unflnii*hed.] licip/.ig ■ . 1799. l'> 

— Same. New \ i»rk «>t.lG 

— Pelham. lA'ipzig 420.t.i> 

— Sam^. Li>nd<>n 4G.'>.3 

— Samr. New Vork 4»'»-'».4 

Same. 2v 4r.:>.2 

— Thf pilgritnii of the Rhino. Frankfort .^09.1G 

— Sn'ne. Iji'ipzig 420..'il 

— Sitme. ]>»ndiin 4Gj.2G 

— Rii'ozi, the la*t of the lUinian tribuncfi. [Italian 

hi-li.ry, fuurte4'iith century] 1799. 1 1 

— A Ptrangf »tMry. Li-ipzig 4hO,Cl 

— iS'nme. L>in«ioti .'»0'2.30 

— iV/i rn* . New Yi»rk .'i0'2. 2^1 

— What will he do with it? Udpzig. 4 v. in 2. .. 42n.«.2 

— .VrtMie. New York .'»ol.'23 

.Vi/r. — Thi* laniiiii« aili-piriral rfiidi-riiif; iif rhri«tiaii ez- 
|irrn'!i«'< « ili-rivi-« iil i«l'a! <>n tn.iii IluiiVM'r* nwii ••antT, 
wliii n rail h<- trai-t^l in Ma<'aiila\ '• nu'iiiiiir ot hiiii C-V47 7; 
'•^7.14; .'.^'-'lTJ. vii.r.i* a nica-v cii'mcirtir re«l-M ••! iii* Inxik 
14 (:i\>n in .Mai itu.a\ * •«<«>• [.'••kl; tki'i:<ii, l*.«f>i.:l.V]. N^ 
tmthi r till- ni'ti- in lUi* Oataio^uc t f Iii.t4iry. etc.. |< 4U. 

Bi'KCKKiT, F. Wildmonr 1774.16 

Jil'Koirr. V. .Margaret .Moncrietfe; the fir:»t love of 

Anmn Burr. A romance of the revolution ....1444.19 

BritcioMAsTCK'si, The, f.imilv. Walree, E. C. W. van. 

171».9; 1731.11 

BcuiAl., The, of the firi>t born. Alden, J l.'>09.3 

liiKiKi) alono 720.G8 

Bi'K.NAM), F. C. The now bivtory of Sunford and 

Merton. n<*«ton '. 172o.l2 

— Same. I^.ndon 1725.19 

iJiRXKY, F. See Auni.Ar, F. d'. 

lil'iiMlAM, if. V.,J',intatith'r. £>tray ^uhjectJ. See 

lit uiVACK. F. A 47G.1G; 744.1 

Bi*Biui.i>r: itri fuunhino and iU cloudi. Trow- 
bridge, J. T 1448.8 

BrKToy, J. I). The mad<lert marriage ever was.... 17bl.2G 

lU'itioM, W. The dietrict :'chi»ol as it wai>, and other 

writing!* 449.8 

Bust API K, EI, or the feriient. Cervantes Saavcdra, 

liL'Mi-B'irit. Thi*. Ri'id, M 7lO.'i 

BiMii:, .M. C. The painted bird and the painteil text. lbOG.5 
BrbHKAN<ii;it!«, The. A Yankee's adventures during 

his second vii^it to Auntrnliii. Thomeii, \V. 11... 722.10 
I*l>Y bee, or the adventureif and uii^isd ventures of 

licpfiie .Allen ......1727.11 

Pir.sY hiind^ and fiatient heart)*. Nieritz, (C.) (i.. .. 417.21 

BriLKit, (!. H. The little me!<«engrr birdit 1448.5 

Buii.KK, W. A. Mm. Liml>er's ratlle; or, a church 

fair and it« victim^ HGG.IS 

Pitt. B. .M. Ii*'ij«ure hour t««"ri'-s. .Minn .Molly ....1798.11 

llrriiuii.r, Th«*. .'^hcrwo'Ml, .M. M. Works 4.'i2.1.7 

P.rrTi.KKi.r huntir-. Thi'. ('••nant, IL S 1449.3U 

BrTTKHn.rV. Th*>, g<i<<iH>I. Jiremer. F 14t;h.21 

•« Bi-2. "/...«./. l»i.|by and fnth.-r • 14G9.lfl 

Br anti bv: an hietorical romance of the future. 

Mjitland. E 174:».IG; 1773.7 

Br hit own might. liillfrn. W. von 785.3 

Br onler of ihi* king: a romnncr of Englii^h hi«tury. 

IIugt». V. (.M.). I'li'imfr 730.85 

Br ^till watfr<i. M.iyo, I. F 17G5.ri 

I!t th>- M>;i. t'urrirr. S 704.11 

liTNii, A. 11. F.. i:w...uHt'M3 F.nUtlit. Blameless 

knight* ; or. I.titr<-n ami Vi-ndfe 14GC.25 

P»TU. 1I< b«-rt. ;m/m</. S*e Bavku, (\ U. 
Brith XaTW.V., pstwl. Set Li>M4X. E. V. 

BritoM a!i a iletvoiiie. Pinkert^in, .\ 179*>.20 

Shelf II iimborfi abcive 21 10 In tho NcitoH uro In the llntefi Hall. 




ShelC No. 

a, A. W. Sybil'! waj 729.25 

C, H. S. Cbronielei of Dottjpore. A tale of 

modern Aoglo-Indiaa •ue'.etj 1803.14 

C, L. S. The fairy glass 5U0.1S» 

C, S. 0. Storied from Waverley, from the original 

of Sir W. Scott. 2v 500.9 

a, T. Prince Periodo*s wiih 1419.28 

Cabix, The, and parlur. Randolph, J. T 803. 15 

Cabisc book, The. ScaUfield, C 735.7 

Cabisi, The, on the prairie. PearMn. C. U 428.23 

Cachet; or, the secret sorrow, ilamilton, Mr*. M. 

J. K. 1734.2 

Caddbll, C. M. Wild tfrne*. A Ule of the days 

of Queen Elizabeth 1736. 1 

Caddt's three drcMes. llosmer, M 508.13 

Cadell, H. M. Leisure hunr series. Ida Craren ..1808.15 
Cademosto da Lodi, M. NotcU. (/a Roscoe, T. 

lulian nordisb>) 427.8.2 

Cadet life at West Point. Kinnman, J. B 494.4 

Cjlsab Burgia. An hi«ttirical romance. Robinson, £. 1778.2 
Caged lion. The. Vonge, CM 710.12; 780.8 

.Vort. — Capciritj of Jaiiici I of Scotiaud in Enf Isnd, reign of 
Henry T. 

CABrs, L. The adventures of Captain Mago; or, a 

Phoenician expedition, B. c. 10(H). Loudon.... 1802.2 

— Same. New Yurk 1801. .*> 

Cakes and ale. Jerrold, Douglas ( W.) 906.1.4 

Cakes and ale at Wuodbine. Coffin, R. B 70323 

Caldcleugu, W. G. Eastern tales 713.7 

Caldf.kiix, the courtier. Bulwer-LTtton, £. (G. 

E)L .'400.8; 400.9; 4CG.21 

Caldekwood secret. The. Juhni>on, V. W 170U. 1 1 

Caleb Krinkle. Coffin, C. C 1774.4 

Caleb Williams, Adventures of. Godwin, W. 1500.2; 1730.15 

Called to account. Cudlip. A 421.23; 4'.tu.39 

CALLiRBoi. Dudevant, (J. F.) M. (A.) 470.22 

Callista, a sketch of the third century. Newmkn, 

J. 11 710..')9 

Calthrop, a. Myrtle and cypress 1460.30 

Cambridge, W. G. Henri 479.1 

Camde!!. C. Hoity Toity, the good little fellow 1739. 1 1 

Cameron hall : a story of the civil war. Cruxe, M. A. 4 13. 15 

Cameron pride. The. Holmes, M. J 493.20 

CaMillb. DummSf a. f the y'iunyer 735.7 

Camp and fireside stories. [American civil war.] 

"Alcott, L. M 729.11 

Camp of refuge. The. Macfarlane, C 409.49 

Camp fires of the red men. Orton, J. R 730.12 

Camp-pires of the revolution. Watson, U. C 733.5 

Campaign series. 6>r Alger, U.. jr. 

Campaner Thai, The. Richter, J. P. (F.) 42C.18 

Campbell, E. Paul Preston 800.58 

Campbell, II. Self-devotion 432.21 

Campe, J. H. Robinson the younger 1448.13 

Camping out. Stephens, C. A 1713.8 

Camping-out series, The. See Stephens, C. A. 

Can the old love? Buddington, Z. B 421.18 

Can wrong be right? Hall, .\. M 490.28; 502.21 

Can you forgive her? Trollope, A 722.3; 750.35 

CA.NCBLLED will, The. Dupuy, E. A 458.24 

Cannibal islands, The. Ballantyne, R. M 810.83.9 

Canning, J. Kit Kelvin's kernels 1446.16 

Canoe, The, and the saddle. Winthrop. T 504.8 

Caxongate, Chronicles of the. Scott, Sir W. 

Vol. 20, 21 of 460.1; 902.L6; 1470.1.5 

S4e att« SOOTT, Sir W.. note. 

Canterbcrt tales. Lee, H 437.2 

Cantbrburt talies. Lee, S 437.1 

Canterbury tale^. Lee, S. and II 1506.11 

Capacelli, a. The pleasures of beneficence. {In 

Roscoe, T. Italian novelists) 427.8.4 

Cape Cod and all along shore. Nordhoff, C 774.19 

Capron, M. J. {Archie Fell.) Apron strings, and 

which way they pulled 508.8 

— Clytie Leigh 1447.11 

— Mrs. Thome's guests 1479.5 

Captain Blake, Adventures of. Maxwell, W. H. ..1504.19 
Captain Brand, of the "Centipede." [Buccaneers 

of the West Indies.] Wise, H. A 792.39 

Captain Carletcn, Memoirs of. De Foe, D 833.9.2 

Captain Carnbs, paeud. See CuMMiiiaB, If. I. 

Captain Christie's granddaughter. lAmb, R. 48€^2I 

Captain Uatteras, The voyages and adreo tares of. 

Verne. J StS 

Captain Horace. Clarke, R. S 

Captain Jack; or, old Fort Duqoesne. MscKniKfai, 

C 1T&6.6; 177ft.ll 

Captain John. Porter, A. E... •••.•••....•••• ... 757.17 

Captain Kyd. Ingrahain, J. U ....•••••• 7S5.2S 

Captain, The, of the guard. Grant, J imM.C 

Capt. Russci's watchword. Groireiior, Mr*. H. S. 800.41 
Captain's, The, story. Davis, R. B, (/a Johnaoa, 

(E.) R. Little classics) 1639.7J 

Captivity, The, of Judah. Mortimer, F. L. ]4€€.2$ 

Caravanserai, Tales of the. Fraaer, J. B. 4T».C 

Ca RBRiiKiES, The. BnuustoD, M • 1778.11 

Cardinal fl^'wer, The. Alden, J 15M.1 

Cardinal Pule: (»r, the days of Philip and Hitrj. 

Ainsworth, W. U T30.M 

Carey, A. .Autobiographies of a lump of ocmJ; a 

grain of suit; a drop of water; a bit of old 

iron; a piece <if fiint 7C9.23 

— Threads of knowledge, drawn from a eambrie 

handkerchief: a Bru;«{>els carpet ; a print dreia; 

a kid glovc ; a sheet ol paper .... 1734.1T 

Ca re y, R. X. WiK.ird and married 179&7 

Carl, pneud. Ste Xkwhali^ C. 3. 

Carl and Jxcko. Abbott, J 739.1.20 

Carl Bartlett. Erickson. D. S. 

. T3ft.ll 

Carl Detlef. jnewi. See Baubr, E. 
Carlen, E.tforiHfrlif Flyjaret maiden nam» Swutkm 
The bri»thcr*s bet , 

— (iustavus Lindorm . 

— John 

••••••• •• 

• • • • * * I 



— •< Lavinia; " or, one year. A tale of wedlock. .. lil4.S 

\«te. - Orii;iiia:iy published with the title ** One jrcar: a 
taie uf wttliitck." 

— Marie Louise. [Added] Jamef Leganger 505.17 

— One year ; a tale of wvdlock 76ft.i 

— Twelve months of matrimony 72231 

— The whimsical wouiun TSft.! 

Carlcton, W. The bluok baronet 75d.U 

— The black prophet 758-5 

— The emigrants 758.11 

— The evil eye 77Llt 

— Xeal Maluue. {In Johnson, (E.) R. laltle eUa- 

sics) 1839.7.5 

— Parra .Sa»tha; or. the history of Paddy Qo^mtmj 

and his wife Xancy 758.25 

— The poor scholar, and other tales of Iriah life ...1458.28 

— The pt.or scholar, Frank Martin and the fairies, 

The country dancing master, and other Irish talea. 758.18 

— Redmond, count O'Hanlon, the Irish rapp*roe. 

[Also] Barney Brady's goose 758.27 

— Willy Rvilly and his dear Coleen bawn 758.13 

Sote. — A popular iiunl.ft uf Iruh life and maaBCfB. 
Carleton, pxtul. Stf CorFiN, C C. 
Carlingfori>, Chronicles of. Oliphant, M. (0. W.) 

Carlino. Uuffini, G 495.24; 

Carlyle, T. German romance. Boston. Vol. 1, t. 

2 V. in 1 418.10 

Muftos; La 


CoHfrnr*. — Trmn«!ati-iiM of rales by 
FuuqUK-; Tieck; II<iituiann : lUcDter. 

Same. Vol. 2-4. Edinburgh. 3t 

''osf^HT*. — Vul. II. Tieck: lloffiiiano. III. Biehter. 

Gw tiie. 



Carlyon's year. Payn, J 1493.22 

Carmen'b inheritance. Fi^iher. F. C 1731.8 

Carnes. Capt:uu, ptful. See Cdmmings, M. I. 

Caroline. Abbott, J J. 738.4.9 

Caroline Mordaunt. Sherwoitd, M. M. Worka...452.1.U 

Caroll, M. How Marjory helped 1763.9 

Carpenter, The, of Uoueu. Jones, J. S 498.8 

Carr of Carrlyoii. .Aide. II 730.32 

Carrie's idol. Porti-r, M • 737.23 

Carroll, Lewis, p*(ud. See Dodgson, C. L. 

** Ca rrots : " j iist a little bi>y. Graham, E 1788.25 

Carry's confession. Robinson, F. W 715.19 

Carry's ro.4e. Cuppic?, A. J 447.1ft 

Carter, Mrs. — . {Elsie Gorham.) Rainy days in 

the nursery 1479.14 

Shelf numbers above 2110 iu the Notes are iu the Bates HalL 




Shelf. No. 

Cartfr, T. II. Tales of the day 4'J3.19 ! CsifnjRY, A, of gftuip. Nash, W. (} 

Shelf. No. 
. 1806.7 

Caktkk Quartoniian. U:ikor, W. M 17U0.22 ' Cekihk: a tale uf tbu last century. Aleltille, (2. 

CARr. A. <Mo\-ern(>uk childreo 41<*.10 < 

— I'ictureM of C'liintrv life 480. 1(> 

Caski.ka. or tho ctiihlron uf the valleys. Finley, M. T17.2G 

Cahimir Mnri'iuiiiM. IIoI]m, Nir A 7l>ti.2U 

Caapari, K. II. The sch<Hilinai«ter and h'u son. A 

story of th(* thirty years' war 480.'i8 

Cavsidy, I*. S. (tlciivci);h 7.'iD. 18 

CAHKigrK of Kiawah, The: a colonial romance. 

[South Carolina, If.^l.] Siinias, W. G 800.31) 

Cast adrift. Arthur, T. S 1743. t> | 

Cast away in the cold. [Arctic ^tory.] IIayoi«, I. 1.1408.12 | 

Cast up hy tho sica. Haker, Sir S. \V 728.2.1 ; 72S.27 

Castaway. Yates, E 7:>0.4C 

Castaways. The: a Ktury of a<lventure in the wilds 

of Ilnrnvo. Kiid, M 7C'J.5 

V/ A ST K. Jolly, Mi ^ ' ~ .•«■..««•.««•■.■•■.«•■••«• 14 Ji ..> 

Castk. l»iko. M.JI 458.8 

CAsTKi.t.AMoxrK; an autubiographical sketch illns- 

trativo iif Italian life during the insurrection 

of 1S31. (tallen^ca (Marriotti), A. 
Casti.k iKily : the i<tory of au Irish home thirty 

years aj;«>. Koary, A.. 
Casilk l)au;;vroui*. Scott, 

of IS31. (Jallenjca (Marrimti), A 507.:, ' ^K'i»5*ki, M. iieicn; or, the ancient r^^K'iino. JaiDes,U. P. R. 180:>.0 ! ^"^'■f"K^**««' The. [ 

Castuk Avnn. .Mar!<h-Culdwell, A 430.14 1 , *^- * Vi"' 

Casti.k hmllers TUo. Yon«e, C. M 78«.7 , C-bamukrimix, (.., jr. 

Casti.k halv: the story of au Irish home thirty I the greatest i.I.ig 

J. W , 480.4; 805.11 

Cbrvaxteh Saavedra, M. de. Don Quixote, llos- 

ton 1776.15 

^ Same. New York 7H7.15 

— Same. Philadelphia 51.6; 787.10 

— Exemplary novels. Aiiilcd, El buscapio, or the 
serfient; and La tia fingida, or the protended 
aunt 857.3 

— Uinconcte and Cortadillo; The pretended aunt; 
El amvnte liberal. {In Koi<Ci>o, T. Spanish 
iioveliiJtn) 427.7.1 

— Wit and wiiKlom of Don Quixote 7811.3 

Wr. — or ('1 naiilrt. tike rrmlfr ot Don Oiiixt>te will And 
arr>iiiiit« III It'*''!"'"* liti- tif CVr»«i.te» j[;W» 1]: in l*ii"f»lf« 
K«>«v Ct^*iV4: '•7'.M']: ami «-«tiiiiai«-« I'f tii« rrlulimi f«i 8|>«iti«h 
li(«-raruii< III Ti>kiiiir'4 '* S|«iii*!i Hlt-ratun*" [ 3|[Ll:l.L>i «r.' Li; 
:ip.ii.-4i-.>: :ii>ji.l.i'; :fli:**3:!: .i|t> I :&'.:;]; ftiul in IUliaiii's*«J«tt- 

C^SAR Biriitteau. Balzac, II. de 

Cksarink Dietrich. Dudevant, A. L. A. 1> 

507.5 ' ^*'-'^i^^Ki, M. Helen Egert«in 1808.8 

[Kcvulutionary period.] Cooper, 

• •••• •••• •••• •••• •••• •••• •• I WW* Xv 

The servant-girl of the period 

the grvateyt plaguu of life 484.18 



17»»\ ■». 1T«I«I \ ! CIIAMI1KRI.AIN, P. B. IsA (ireame's World 

e,_ \v iiui 1 vj CiiAMiiKRS, A. C. A Way on the moorland li*J.>.12 

902.1.0; 1470.1.5; lb07.2:» Ciiami.krs, W . Aihe Gilroy .... ..Ii24.12 

Casti.k Vowhere: lake-country sketches. Woolson, 

C. F 1773.21 

Castlk, The, of Ehren*tein. James, ii. P. R.. 463. 22; 1H05.7 
Casii.k. The, of otranto. A <ji>thic story. Wal- 

p..Ie. II ;)2.2J; 778.1.22 

Cast i.k, The, of the three mvMeries ;'iO'J.28 

Cacti.k Kaekreitt. [Ireland.] Etlgeworth, M.467.1.1 ; 46S.M.I 

(7asti.k Kiehinond. Trollope, A .* 430.63; 4^6.8 

Cast lk Wafer. Wotnl. E. P 7U2.3 

Ca^ti.kmox, Hurry, p'^eu'i. Srr Kosdick, C. A. 

Casii.»:!< in the air. C<-flin, R. B 763.27 

rAsri.i.> in th^ wir. tJore, C. (J. F 410..'>'.>; 776.3; 776.M 

Ca.mlkiiiM, I>. U. Salem: a tale of the seventeenth 

I — and R., publishers. Library for young people. 

10 v 440.76 

<'i.H/^irf.. — Viil. I Altml In Imlia: I'n.-Ii' Sainn im'iiry- 

b .X. I»T A. .M. iUll. H K.n-»l«If •iiiu't- iilt. 0«*vrr !>.•>•. 

ami Kltiir <l->rii». Ill Dutv and a!l>t-ti-iii, by T- M»riU; 
TnitM anil triMt. IV. lliM >ty <«i LnjclaiMl. bv F. Ki>«aii: A 
Ul<- of oM Kii/i«iif|. h\ T. Mil. IT. \ . iliMury of Kramx, bv 
I^ Kitcliir; ilMt'irv lit {!«- itlaiid. bv K. Ki«aii. VI (irmnd- 
iiiainiiia»poi-kK>. bv \. M. Hail: T:iv •U-aillast {jabiirl. b? 
M. ll>«ilt. VII ()rian>iiiii>. bv .M l-:<iKi-«-irlhi Tlir liific 
KiilKii»iiii.aml iKhir tilip. Vllt. Moiil iMnraffr, ami uChtr 
Uif«; l'<>i-iii« foi yiiJii.; |ii'iip=('. IX. tirir-dmial , ami utiier 
Ul'*; Tmi- liiioi«in, mill otln'r «t>rif«. X. TU« swau's tif, 
li> A. M. lUil: Till- •liii|irivr. by A. M. Hall. 

Cha MiKR, F. Ben Brace. [Sea life] 1467.6; 1503.2 

CiiAMi'MKY, L. W. In the sky-garden 1424. 9 

CliAMi'^KTS, W. W. Images 4S8.13 

p ....... \^f| A M|-ir.ll«, ••. 11. AIIId|^i r..... .«••. .... .... .... ^..w .w 

I Chanck ao«fuaintance, A. Ilowelis, W. D 1737.3 

1765.11 I CuANri: child, A. Mayo, I. F 4MJ.2:>; 1830.7.11 

century. [Witchcraft] 

Catai o\ii,s. Fabiohi; or, the church' of the. [Home. ; Ciiax« k. .A, f«>r him!*elf. Trowbridge, J. T 1713.5 

lifth e.nlnry ] Wiseman. N. (P. S.). . .80J.13; HOU.lM Cha^ck. A, medley of light matter, tlrattan, T. C. 80233 

Catiikhlnk. Thackeray, W. M 71U.6 ,, E. L. This, that, and the other 44H.6 

Caiiikri\^. Blum Dumas, A. (I>.) UtH.14 riiA^ims. Uame, L. de la 720.^l4; 1447.3 

Ca I iikhimk's lovers. Erckmann, E., and Chatrian. A. 44H.l.'i ^ Ciiankv, (1. Ij. F. (Irant and co. ; or, partnerships. 1777.1 

Catskii.i. failles. The. Johnson, V. W 1760.21 Ciia.x«;ki» brides, The. .^outh worth, E. D. E. N 453.19 

Cai SKY building. .Abbott,.! 142'J.2'> CiiAXiiisti ba-e. Everett. W 1468.17 

Ca\ai.ikk, Mitnwirs of a. [Fiction, English com- ; Chaxmvus. The. WimhI, E. P 502.22; 730.18 

moil wealth |ieiio<l.] De Fo4>, D 
Cavai.ikr, Th*>. An hi<< novel. [English 

civil war. ] James, (i . P. R 

Cavai.ikus and riiunilheadr>; or. stories of the great 

civil wai [in Kiiglasid]. Eilgar. J. U 

Cavai.ikks of fortune. The; or, British heroes in 

833.0.2 ' Chanter. C. Over the cliffs 405.12 

• p»** •• •••• ••••••••• AV%4aV 


Ciiai>ki., The. of St. Mary. 
J CiiAi'i.KT, The, of pearls. [Time of Henry 11 uf 

V Fiance.] Yonge, C. M 412.23; 720.67 

4'<0.38 CiiAi'Li^, D. Tlie ctiiivent and the manse 417.19 

I ('hapmm, J. D. Out of the wilderuei'S 767.7 

foiei^jn war-, tirant, J 1804.7 ' Ciiai*ma!<(, M. S. Edith's Tentament 1406.34 

Caxti.n, Laura. /'wu'/. iSVr Comihs, L. M. i Ciiai>i»:r. A, "f the Palmerin of England. Hitch- 

CAXToM>,The. Bulwer-Lytton, E. (<i. E.) L 420.45 j cock, E. A 4W.6 

4t.:..2S; 4t.5.2«J; 4116.22 i'h.ui.oal s-ketclie^. Neal, J. C 783.12; 783.23 

Cayriim. <". A. J. (Julet Xtriar.) Human fidties. 8O1;. 16 CilARKTiK. Sage, R. F 52.7 

Cki II.. <Jore. «'. tf. F 477.5; I->03.22 ■ OiiARi.KiiA4i!«K, I«egen<l'* of. Bulffneh, T 494.8 

Ck. II. and bis -lo;;. Story of 74:».23 ! Cii arlcu AtiXK cycle uf romances. The. 

('Kill, (^i«tli•lnaiii<•'l> gag«-. Rame, L. de la. .760.57; 1445.7 

(*L( 11. Dn-i-me. {.New Vork.] Winthmo, T 504.3 

Cki 11,'s trv-t. ]*ayii. J 431.3H; 7.'»U.57 

Ckiii.ias. The. .Ar,:yle, A 722.27 

(.V.i»Atc brotik stories. .SV^ Moi'KAr, A. S. 

C».i.Kti» \TKii jumping frog, Th<*, of (.\ilaveras county. 

" I' III* "1*1 • lj •-••••••••■•••••••a**«a»«*«-«ft i44>'*>^ 

Ck^soRIA lietofii. El'Mnjay. L 17hi>. 15l 

Ci;\TK'»i,A. rh<i:iip«H|i, D. p 782. 1»» 

Ckniiiai. Kmkrka. 

i '^ii ■■ •. ■* I>«fi«r', wr iMriiri,' VaMSi i|^ Ualhiia, iIlM 

« !:■• f iti irtc*. t«.r. l't*i;i'lt I17 ('oiloi- 
.i. I.' }•. iM,,. M V \ !• t<M. '■ l.att ilaja ••f Till." 


\\ 1 

,■ .f. ., . 

/ •: 

.• •.!».••.•■» . II" r-j. ] Warbiirtiiti • -l>BiMn II l>>i'.>'. buc- 
ra- I , I. ■ ■■ I:,. «:,,!>. :.'■ i, >,iii . |S'' r« 'ii • K\|inlil) 'ii. tal<*. 

Kiiiif*.' t. - .ViiMa* l>ij{lk [4.:7; l.^«.:V; IhI i"J, 1» i*n; 

#;.i|4N.f iir f#rf.|nff.i, .{ i|f IT-iN/rCt ••/'r*. 77S. Th« 
"4':i*i.«>-i ilf It'liiiil. ' I'l*- ifli'-*! put-iii ••! till* I'vrl^, «aa 
«iit(iii ill Aii2:<>-.\.-riii«ii bv Til •'••lit. binI liirrv arr nnHlrrn 
tir*ioi.» ..I 1: J^.*'J : '.(; 4»Ai : ; iHrifci ti* J*iib*'| init foman- 
(■ • 'T til 4 rv< i.- ari- !;•■'••-'■!■*' kii'«n •• "t'liaii»»i« de 
(o-**!- " Wn^r.t aa>« -t liirm. " I'lpir iiiifiibrr aiKl im^ii are 
• 1 • xtra->r>|Miarv t.ial «<■ ijii iMtir ti<ilM- M ■rr lii->rr than 
a ■ ■■■ii t- 'll-i "Mn i-i |triiil." T.'i*' faiiiil»u« narraii«r uf 

rtiarlniiagni • r«|ai|iti m lllIU Spiin. liUf»>nliiK |o lir llT 
,\.r.i)i.«.iii|>'liir('iii. Il-i( ,;■«• tJii III a |ilarc III |il«-raiurr. and 
I'll • 4r.' iii-h|i rii i-iLti >iit ''f it 
\\ !.!> t!ii I'lrin-li I'rif-braic i'ii« pt^iil in many pofitii. Itar 

4ir« ruiAii* lia^r -hiIt tin ••id * K^-.ainl LinI 

I li<- "K<a'ii ill IraiM-ia ' i« tii«- icn^t Italian i^ipiilai ro* 
ma' t"** <•( C'i>ar:> ii>axiii ■■•■I *ii« i^** '• . .TM i". 47rJa. 11). 

IM iS' w«>:i-a' ••« II ii<^>r<' ■••■••(•'''II {■•'•'iiii ba«i-«l ui*»n thfw 

..|.| laiiira, H<iiaril-^ • " itiiaitil I iiiiianioralo [ Vol ll-IA 

■ •I '.?■'• •' '.'■<*'• 'JO) ai «l Ib*riii'a |>iiriii arrtr a« pt-A^gar* l<> 
Arii-*r^'* - or.ainl • liiiii>*i ^ in Italian, luniN, jm |.-ik;li«h. 
■»l'i . , •i:«'J. .-f •;iiihliii:i i» a •■•iittiiumtHMi liir V llniian- 
i.ii • " %''.'■'•-• K.iian ••'■la ' rui< I ■ " .Mii'caiilr inaR- 
u. .!•- (k. lia-ian. I»«i .' i- Ki>k-!i>:i :.:i.-.1. &C Iv. IMW;!.!' 
^tiiirali> t!ii"iiCl-l t- In- a bur •'•jii* uivm r-miaiH'ri «ii 

!■ 'I •! 

Slieir iiiiiiilM^ni above 221 lO In the SoWn are In the Bates Hall. 





•II ni Upiwr. 

tr ton* «/ Awmon. (*nt cf thr iiiogc popular i4 the ryrle, 
■riiizt-d in " Kinault and hi«thn« brntiu-n." ainI «iippl«- 
i'^ in Ihr i'ld ruiiuini-<r. " Mau|cii d'AyinTinoiit." 

Shelf. No. t 

CBABLKMA65E ojcle of romADces, Tbo, continued, 

cMxtirj, but wa« not to coovidrrrd in thr Ifllh and 17th rm- 
tnrte* ; and IlaKani m« •. " It vai to the |Ki«tiral runiunc*^ i>f 
ehivalo' ahat I><>ii<jui«<ite wa* to thi-ir hritlir«:n in pniM.-." 
IJin«ni'iPii>irr<rB*'UrIandlno" U a burleaque upua tfav in- > 

fancv irf K-iiand. .,-««., 

Srv al«i» Montsom^rr'f " Bi-niardo dtl Cirpi-.i [Wcrij; 

and F. Ilrnians* *• Bernardo del Carpiu" [:C'L5. 'Sui-llHi 

OX«.£;.l]. pof-iii. 
Tirknur mvc t!i*rr arr tfXy ballads upon Bernardo dtl Car- 

J1i>, ar>d Iahit dr Vr^a ha* Brrrral plajri. aiid there if mif br 
uaii di- !a Cuc-^a. I>»rkriarl ■ "Siianith ballaUa" [;Uti.l: 
31(1 Hi 3Vt 1.^] al» illurtratrf thi* hrn>. 

Ojfiertkt /AflH'.tine of CiiarIeniaKt)r't peer*. The oM Tt*~ j 

manee ot tin* name cxiMi^ in (tie 1 1th or Uth eeiiturr In . 

I^tin |iri*e. and then in Fr**nrh indrical «hai>e. and is the ' 

thfUf cif line uf W. M'trria'i ■furir* ifi h» " Laithly paradise" ■ 

[l-'i^ii^]. Tncrearraiao mudcrn torni* of tlie old fiMiiaiiccf 
on IXJun. thr Rraitdtatticr. Uetifln-j.tbe father. atMl Mervin, 
the mm uf Opier. 

inentitl _ 

Hnom 0/ BvrdeaHi. — Tui* is w:b«it|iiriit to the dvfrat at 
]loiH-es%-a!le<. Piietical liieratuie dt:ri\e« Obrrun, kin}; i^ 
the fairu-k. fr^iii tiiit runiancv. See Wieiand's "Obeivu" 

Fitrabrmt. — A Sara<-en piant turned Chrl stlan. joined Char- 
kniatine. Thrre aie niudrrn rdiljuii«. 

S«^ also Kurtt-fcucria's ** Kirciardrtto," last of the poems of 

Charlemoftt; or, the pride of the village: a tale of 

[tbe firfe>t settlers of] Kentucky. Simms, W. G. 80f*.26 

Charles, E. Aji^iui>t tLe stream. The storr of an 
heroic age in England. [Napoleonic period.] 
Leipzig IT.'iD.G 

— Same. Xew York 174.'>.1T 

— The Bertram family. Leipzig li»0;;».30 

— Same. London 1803.1 

.v<ir«. — Stoiiel to ** TVinifked Bertram aiMl the irurld she 
m*d in." 

— Chronicles of the ^houberg-Cotta family. 

[Luther and the reformation.] Leipzig 490.54 

^ Same. Xew York 420.13 

— Conquering and to conquer. A Btory of Rome in 

the days of St. Jerome. Leipzig 45.17 

— Same. London ITi^T. 13 

— Same. New York 1771.0 

— The cottage by the cathedral, and other parables. 750.4'J 

— The cripple of Antioch, and other scenes from 

Christian life in early times 423.a 

Cim/entt. — I'hr cripple of Aiiti>ich ; The false Christ ; Way- 
side notes in thv day* of Chrysoatuiti. 

— Diary of Mrs. Kitty Trevylyan: a story of the 

times of Whitefield and the Wesleys. Leipzig. 710.C7 

— Same. London 413.8 

— Same. New York 413. 

•— The Draytons and the Davenants: a story of the 

civil wars. Leipzig 490. l.'> 

— Same. New York 413.7 

— Early dawn. [Early Christians in England].... 773.19 
~- The martyrs of Si>ain and the liberators of Hol- 
land 458.17 

— On both sides of the sea: a story of the comroon- 

wealth and the restoration. Leipzig. 2t 490.C3 

— Same. New York 426.20 

Ao(«. — Sequel Ut " The Drajrtons and the DaTeiiants. " 

-— Tales and sketches of Christian life, in different 

lands and ages 467.24 

— The victory of the vanquished. [Early Chriiitians 

in Uome.] Leipzig 710.77 

— Same. New York 423.4 

— Winifred Bertram and the world she lived in. 

Leipzig 490.70 

^ Same. New York 473.2 

Charles Auchester. [Musical life.] Sheppard, E. S. 802.39 
Charles O'Malley, the Irii>h dragoon. Lever, C. (J.) 420.32 

301.14; 501.13; 303.2; 1800.17 

Charles Tyrrell. James, G. P. U 4('i3.3 1 ; 1803.8 

Charleswortu, M. L. England*s yeomen. London. 486.13 
* Same. New York 493.14 

— Ministering children. Leipzig 55.10.4 

^ Same. New York. 2v 416.7 

— Mini-try of life 479.3 

— Oliver of the mill 44.4 

— Sequel to Ministering children 4 16.8 

CuARLKT and Eva Uoberts' homo in the West. 

Thurston. L M 1729.6 

CiiARi.Kr .\shley. Walker, J. G 300.3i» 

Charlet Laurel. King»ton, W. II. (i 1778.12 

Charlbt Roberta Kriea. Set TBUBsroVp I^ M. 

Charlie Bell, the waif of Elm ialand. Kellogg, E. I46&.34 

Charue Codman's eraiie. Alger, H.^ jr. 414.11 

Cha rlottc Ackermann. Jf aeller, •.... 4KJ 

Charlotte Elizabeth, ptend. Su Tossa, C E. 

Cha RLOT1E Temple. Kowaon, 5 789.10; 783.19 

Charlotte'8 iuberitanee. Braddon, M. K. 49LU 

Charltojc sch<iol. Tales of. Adams, W 713.13 

Cha rm ku sea. The. Maitinean, H 749.111 

Crarterib. Meline. M. M 17€(.S 

CuASiSti the sun; or, rainblea in Norway. BaUad- 

tyne,K.M 728.1; 810.83.4; 1778.1L4 

, Chaste as ice, pore as snow. Detpard, JMrs. Af. G. 176C31 
I Chateau Fri»ae; or, home iceDes in Franee. Sikee, 0.l446.1i 

; Chateau Morville, The; or, life ia Toaraiae 7S>.SI 

CHATF.ArBRiA.«ii>, K. F. (A.), vicomue de. Xlia lasi 

I of the Abenoerages ^. ....1505.14 

CflATRiA.'f, A., joint author. Set Ebckhajtv, K. 

I Chats with the little ones. Saavenr, L. ]46€ul4 

, Cbats WORTH. Patmore, P. G 787.1 

. CuAiTER. G.. Tales fnim, io proae. See Ci^rkk, C C 754.13 

I Cbauxcet Judd. Warren, I. P 1771.14 

Chautari). L. Emsa pes from Cayenne 17$0.7 

Cheap Jack, The life and adventures of a. Green, W. 146&.S 

Cheap repo^itnry tracts. More, U ]46yJ 

Checkmate. Le Fanu, J. S 4Slt 

' Cheerful heart. The I739.20 

, Cheerilt, cheerily. Baker, Jfrt. W 440.81 

Chee ver, H. T. The whale and bis eapton 73^.9 

I Chellis, M. D. Aunt Dinah*s pledge 14!f6.1i> 

! — Effie Wingate's work 790.71 

! — The hermit of Uoloombe 436.19 

■— Molly's Bible 417.» 

! — Standard scries of temperance tales. Bill Droek*s 

' investment 43i.l€ 

' Mark Dunning's enemy 436.19 

I The old doctor's son 436.17 

. Chexey. E. D. The'child of the tide 1 759.13 

. — Faithful to the light, and other tales 457.17 

— Sally Williams, the mountain girl 172S.4 

CuFLVET, Mrs. II. V. A peep at the pilgrims [at 

Plymouth] in 1636 434.1 

Cher, Henry W. B., pseud. Gnaw-wood 1445.37 

Cherbuliez, V. JoBi'ph Noirel's revenge 4!>8.34 

i — Lei:«ure hour serici*. Count Kustia 1739.13 

', Pntsper 1759.3 

. — MiM Hovel 1781.6 

— The romance of an honest woman 1777.13 

Cherry and Violet, a tale of the great plagna [ia 

London, 1664-3]. Manning, A 507.13 

Cherry orchard, The. Edgeworth, M 1468.1 

CuKRRY- stores. The. .Adams, W 723.15; 744.34 

Chkseuro', C. Amy Car r 773.4 

, — Dreamland by daylight 1444.8 

— Peter Cirradine 493.8 

I — Victor and Jacqueline, (/m Atlantic tales) 480.1 

— Victoria 77.S.11 

- Chesx EY, G. (T.) The battle of Dorking 1809.34 

I .V'lf'. — An account of an imaf^iiiary battle, in aoBie ftaare 

I invspiun nf £iit{laiid by the Uonnant. 

— The dilemma 1800.4 

[ Chester. S. (E.) Nine Saturdays 1449.37 

_ — Holy and Poly at aunt Merciful Grataeaps 1439.4 

. — Koly and P(»ly at Piukvillo 1459.3 

, Chest mtt wood. Linden, L. 2v 756.3 

Chkiwt.xd Citlverlcy. Ainsworth. W. U 1809.29 

Chevalikii, The. Dumas, A. (D.) 721.6 

Chew alley. Davis, C. E 1716.4 

Child, L. .M. Autumnal leaves 488.12 

— The children of Mount Ida, and other stories.... 457.1 

— The coronal 1749.8 

' — Fact and fiction 488.14 

— Fhiwers for children 738.9 

— Philothea. [Greece, fifth century before Christ]. 488.15 

— A rotnancc of the republic. [.American civil 
w«r,eto.] 488.19 

— etiitor. Rainbows for children 744.16 

Cuild-lipe in Europe. Watson, E. H 1429. 13 

Child life in many I.ind.<. Strong, J. D 738.16 

Child-like in New England. Hall, S. L. 1736.9 

Child life in prose. Whittier, J. G., editor 1753.1 

Shelf numbers above 21 lO in the Xotes are in tlie Bates Hall. 




Shelf. No. 

Child martjrr, The, and early Chriatians in Rome. . . 438. IG 

Child, The, of the island glen. Kellogg, E. 467.2!) 

Child, The, uf the tide. Cheney, E. D 1759.13 

Child, The, uf the wreck; or, the loaa of the Royal 

George. Kiiigflton, W. II. U 1427.6 

Crild-pkturks. Dickens, G. (J. II.) 1477.10 

Child wife. The. Keid. M 717.11 

Child wurld. Dodge, M. A 1725.8 ; 1725.0 

Chili>*8, A, cornvr bu<tk. Rowe, R 1464.6 

Child's, A, dream of a itar. Dickens, C. (J. II.) 

(/n Johnson, (E.) R. LitUe claasios) 1839.7.10 

Cuild'h, The, friend. Bcrquin, A. de 729.21 

Cuild'h, The, own book of fairy tales 744.7 

Childrkx at homo. Bntok, Mrs. C 487.2 

CuiLDRK.x, The, of Amity eonrt. Thurston, L. M.. . 1729.7 

Children, The, of Clorcrley 790.71 

CuiLiiKEX of many lands. Strong, J. D 734. 13 

Childrf.m, The, of Mount Ida. Child, L. M 457.1 

CHILDRK.H, The, of the abbey. IU>ohe, R. M 789.8 

Childre!!. The, of the frontier. Land, T 71C.C 

CuiLDRE.^, The, of the Ureat king 608.7 

CuiLDRK.x, The, of the Kew Forest. [Charles I's 

time. ] Marryat, F 430.4 ; 739.4 ; 745.6 

Childre.m, The. of the public. Hale, E. E. {In 

JuhnAon, ( E. ) R. Little classics) 1839.7. 12 

Cbildrex, The, with the Indian-rubber ball. Mont- 

gi)mery, F 55.10.23 

Cbiliiren's, The, album. Bullard, A 732.7 

Chili>ke.m'h, The, Bible story-book 1753.8 

CuiLDRKa's charity bazaar, Aunt Fanny's. Bar- 
row, F 1739.7 

Children's, The, friend. Berquin, A. de... 727.11; 727.12 

Cbildre!«'h picture 0tory-book. Pratt, L. M 1466.13 

Children's. The, prixe 732.14 

Crildrkn's, The, week. Raymond, R. W 459.4 

Children's, The, voyage. Cupples, A. J 1741.14 

Chimes, The. Dickens, C. (J. II.) 410.27 

472.15; 481.14; 1782.2 

Chimes for childhood. Estes, D 1509.17 

Cbimnky-cohner stories. Martin, W 718.3 

Cmina, .Stories from 52.25 

China manufactory. Sherwood, M. M. Works.. .452.1.13 

CHi.NCAriN Charlie. Eyster, N 715.11 

Cbinese ule _ 1723.4 

CBiVALRr. Age of. [King Arthur's period.] Bul- 

finch, T 1723.8 

Choice, The, of Paris. Benjamin, S. 0. W 489.24 

vHOiM I . ^Miry, w . A . .... .... .... ........ «••• ... 43 1.33 

Chops, the dwarf. Dickens, C. (J. II.) (/a John- 

si.n, (E.) R. Little classics) 1839.7.2 

Chris and Otho. Smith, J. P 765.19 

CuHihNA ; the quwn of the Danube. A story of 

Montenegro. Saintine, ( J.) X. B 802.44 

Christ. Maf^gie's pictures, or, the Great Life told 

toa child. Lovion, F 1466.22 

CURISTABKL (ioLDSMITH, pfffM'/. See SmUH, F. N. 

Cbristun Hathvrley's childhood. B , C. E 417.25 

Cbrihtian Indian, The 432.3 

Cbristian private. The 1469.8 

Cbrihtian Keid, pt^ud. See Fisher, F. C. 

Crriktian'h misUke. Craik, D. (M.) 750.26; 763.7 

Chuiatie Crust, pgtwi. See Dknihon, E. F. 

Cbristib Johiifitone. Reade, C 4 15.7 ; 14.18.5 ; 1734.9 

Cmristik's fiith. Robins«>n, F. W 1442.5; 1766.17 

Chrihtina North. Archer, E. .M 413.10 

Christine. Turtis. L. J 1444.2 

Christixb. Enault. L 425.21 

Christine, or the Bible girl. Pun«>t, S 1427.23 

Chbiitine Miller, pMewi, See WalrAe, E. C. W. 

Christine Thornton. Read, E 449.7 

Christmas and winter evenings. Stories for. Put- 
nam. G. P 738.1.3 

Christmas at Anneeley. Shipley, M. E 1429.21 

Christmas books. Dickens, C. (J. II.) 482.14 

1476.3; 1477.6 

Christmas biKiks. Thackeray. W. M 509.15 

Christmas cake. A, in four quarters. Barker, M. 

A.. /Wy 797.16 

Christmas carol. A. Dickens, C. (J. H.) 410.27 

472.15; 4H1.14; 1424.6; 1782.2; 1839.7.5 

Shelf. Mo. 

Christmas fairies. Ford, T 600.60 

Christmas guest. The. Southworth, E. D. E. N., 

and Baden, F. II 466.26 

Christmas hamper, A. Lemon, M 1448.10 

Cbristm AS holidays. Strickland, J 734.23 

Christmas holidays at Cedar grove. Seymour, M. A. 717.16 

Christmas hours. Haven, C. M 1446.14; 1448.39 

Christmas mummers. The. Yonge, C. M 1806.1 

CHH18TM AS stories. Dickens, C. (J. U.) 481.14 

500.1; 730.20; 1782.3 

Christmas story, A. Davis, C. E 1449.47 

Christmas tree, A. Dickens, C. (J. II.) 1782.3 

Christopher Crooked. Hathaway, W. E. 1429.4 

Christopbrr Kenriok: bis life and adventures. 

Hatton,J 776.U 

Cbristoprrr Nortb, paeud. See Wilson, John. 
Christophers, S. W., editor. From out the deeps: a 

story of Cornish life 1466.33 

Cbristcs judex. Roth, E 782.23 

Chronicle, The, of Ethelfled. Manning, A 439.6 

Chroniclks of Carlingford. Oliphant, M. (O. W.). 492.7 
Chronicles of Clovernook, The. Jerrold, Douglas 

(W.) 906.1.6 

Chronicles of Cosy nook. Hall, A. M 1439.19 

CBRoNirLES of Dustypore. A tale of modem An- 
glo-Indian society. C, H. S 1803.14 

Chronicles of St Mary's. N., S. D 486.3 

Chronicles of the Canongate. Scott, Sir W. 

Vol. 20, 21 of 460.1; 902.1.6; 1470.1.6 
5<ir «Im Scott, Sir W., note. 

Chronicles of the Schonberg-Cotta family. [Luther 

and the reformation.] Charlea, E. 426.13; 490.64 

Chronicles of Waltham, The. Gleig, G. R. 3 r. 477.8 

CBCSbs.jr. Gilkeson, M. R. 757.18 

Cbdrcb, V.f formerly Mitt Marryat. The oonfessions 

of Gerald EstcourU Boston 786.6 

— Same. Leipxig 490.48 

— Fighting the air 64.3 

•— For ever and ever. Boston 433.8 

~~ ^ame. Letpxig .... .... .... .... .... .... ..... 730.68 

— Her lord and master. Leipzig. 3t 720.86 

— Same. Sew York 433.21 

Love's conflict 730.83 

— A lucky disappointmeuL Boston 1799.16 

— Same, And other stories. Lelptig 1809. 16 

Ci.nrr nia. — A lucky diiappointiDniti TiM Uttk Oonloni 
Sir Ma I cud'* rbolor; MrR lUitlrjr't cure. 













— Mad Dumaresq 

— "My own child." Leipzig 

— Same. Now York 

— Xelly Brooke. Boston 

— Same. Leipxig 

— No intentions. Leipxig , 

— Same. New York 

— Open' Sesame! 

— Petfonel. Boston 

— Same. Jjeipsig 

— The poison of asps. New York 

—•Same. And other stories. Leipxig 

Cvnf ««/•. — The piiliun of sapi: The bath-chair msn's 
•forx: Flackid fhMu the iNiruiBfi A happy aeeldeot al 

— The prey of the gods. Boston 433.36 

— Same. Leipzig 760.48 

— A star and a heart. Boston 1800.3 

— Same. To which is added An utter impossibility. 

Uipzig 1799.14 

— '*Toti good for him" 731.11 

— \>mnique. Boston 433. IS 

~ Same. Leipzig 710.73 

— Woman against woman 786. 10 

Church, Mrs. J. M. The hospiul boy 439.31 

Church. Mr». R. See Church, F. 

Churchill, E. K. Overc«»ming 438.1 

ChuhtoN, lltnrj t peeud. &Vr Toubjbb, A. W. 

Cinderella. Thackeray, A. 1 1493.26; 1494.15 

Cibq-Marm: or a conspiracy under I^mis xiii. An 

hintorical romance. Vigny, A. (V.), remlede.. 499.17 
Ci.NTBio, G. B. G. Novels. (/aRoteoe, T. Italian 

nitvelifU) 437.8.3 

Circe. White, B 1493.13 

Shelf numbers above 2110 In the Notes are iu the Bates Hall. 




dheir. No. 

CiBCiJiT rider, The: a tale of the heroic age. 

K^Klctftuii, E 145G.4 

Citizen of Pragiie, The 802/25 

CiTT and fuburb. lUddell, J. H 1427.4 

CiTT, The, and the caiitlo: a story of the reformation 

in Switzerland. Lucas, A 14C5.4 

CiTT, The, of Nocrots and its famous physician. 

Tucker, C 1713.13 

City side, The. Dclmont, C loUU.4 

Clace, (M.) L. Our refugee household liu.Vl 

Clackitts, The, of Inglebrook hall. Prosser, Mrs. 508.'24 

Clact, £. iCyila.) Pattie Durant 1408.16 

Claibok!«e. Taylor, G. B 716.20.3 

Clak-Albi.x. Johnstone, J)fr«. — 42il.4 

CLAi«i»KaTiNR marriage, The. Dupuy, E. A 1774.10 

Claua ; or, riave life in Europe. Ilacklaender, F. W. 7!)6.14 

Claua AufiUKTA. pstud. Winifred Winthrope 178U.8 

Claka Morelaud. Bennett. E 426.9 

Clara Stephens. SheririMjd, M. M 452.1.4; 467.17 

Claka \ Ainvv.y jftuH. See I)K!<iho*v, M. A. 

Clara Vaughun. Ulackmoru, U. D 475.9 

Clauk, a. " in the north oouutrie." Three hill- 
side sketches 1464.19 

i'tnUrmt:— Jttek u'theforxe; BarhauKh Burn; A iiiuuuUin 

Clare Avery: a story of the Spanish armada. 

Holt, E. S 1464.1 

Clark's nlil<^ion. Goodwin, Mrs. M. M. U 1479.17 

Clarknck. Sedgwick, C. M 436.11; 436.12 

Clariksa Hurlowe, History of. Richardson, S 480.64 

Vol. 5-12 of 768.1; Vol. 1-8 of 778.1; 1767.9 

Clark. C. D. Tim, the scout 1789.11 

Clark. T. M. John Whopper the newsboy 488.21 

Clarke, A., joint author. Story of a honeymoon. 

See Uoas, 0. II 786.17 

Clarke, H. Puunoeford hall 1724.4 

Clarke, C. C. The Heauclercs, father and son 78>.9 

— Tales from Chaucer in pron* 754. 1 2 

— and M. 0. "Many happy returns of the day !" 723.17 

Clarke, Marcus. Ilis natural life 1790. 19 

Clarke, Mary C. The iron cousin 434.7 

-o A rambling story 1774. 19 

— Yarns of an old mariner 434. 13 

— joint authitr, ** Many happy returns of the day ! " 

AVf Clarke, C. 723.17 

Clarke, Mary L. (Mada.) Little Blossom's stories. 

The daisy's mi:<i<ion and other stories 469.9 

Little blosMim 469.11 

kHKE, U. S. {Sophie May.) The doctor's daughter. 748.26 

— Dotty Dimple stories. " Dotty Dimple at her 

grandmother's 719.24 

Dotty Dimple at bt»mo 719.25 

~~ - Dotty Dimple at play 719.27 

Dotty Dimple at school 7 19.28 

Dotty Dimple out West 7 19.26 

Dotty Dimple's Flyaway 7 19.29 

— Flazie Frizzle stttries. Flaxie Frizzle 1464.8 

~- Little Prudy series. Captain Horacu 719.20 

Cousin (iraco 719.21 

Dottv Dimple 7 19.23 

Fairv biKik 719.22 

Little Prudy 719.18 

Sister Susy 719.19 

— Little Prudy's Flyaway scries. Aunt Madge's 

Bti»ry 719.31 

Little folks astray 1809. 1 

Little grandfather 1737.2 

Little grandmtahor 1809.2 

Miss Thistledown 1749.19 

Prudy keeping house 7 19.30 

— The maidenhtKKl series. The Asbury twins 54.12 

Our llelcn 1778.13 

Clarke, S. M. S. An enemy's friendship. A tale 

of the Franco.Prussian war 1498.4 

— Mayflower »toric8 14 1 1.9 

— Little Madeleine 1498.7 

Claude Stocq: a tale of the sixteenth century. 

Ueybaud. H. £. F. A 809.10 

Claude the colpi»rteur. Manning, A 783. 15 

Claudia. Douglas, A. M 1447.15 

Claudine. Florian. J. p. C. de 449.20 




Claudine; The garland of OTerlaaUngs 744.14 

CLAVKRi.xtis, The. Tndlope, A 485.5; 4M.0 

Clavers, Mrs. Mary, pseud. Set KlBKLABro» C. Ji. 

Clay, B. M. Thrown on the world 1411.17 

Clayto.i, C. Azalea 1416.3 

Clean your boots, sir? 145&.!1 

Clklia. Mels, a 73119 

Clkmence D'Orville. A norel of Rnssiaii high life. 73115 

Clkmency Frankly n. Keary, A 17CJ 

Clemens, J. Bernard Lile; embraeing the periods 

of the Tezas revolution and the Meziean war . . 4M.7 

— Mustang Gray •••...•• 4S(5.2i 

— Tobias Wilson: a tale of the great rebellion. 

Ut series • 7Uul4 

Clemenk. S. L. {Mark Twain.) The celebrated jniDp- 

ing frog of Calaveras county, and other aketehee. 14iSi 

— Mark Twain's (burlesque) autobiography and 

first romance • ........ 479.8 

— and WAR.NER, i.\ D. The gilded age ^'U.'}^ 

Clkmkni's trial and victory. B., M. £...••..•••.. 1775.S 
Clbsimkr. yi., formerly Mrs. Ames. Birene 431.21 

— His two wives 1774.T 

CLEKiiVM AN*8, The, wiTe. Kitchie, A. C 144S.S 

Clkve hull. Sewell, E. M 42&i 

Clever bt>ys, and other stories. (In Chambers, W. 

and K. Library for young people) 440.76l3 

Clever Jack, or the adventures of a donkej 7&.1( 

Clever woman, The, of the family. Yonge, C. M. 

Cliff-climbers, The; or, the lone home in the 

Himalayas. Kvid, M 

Cliff hut, The. London I4t7.ll 

',— Same. Philadelphia 719.S 

I Clifford, F. S. A romance of perfume lands, or 

I the search for Capt. Jacob Cole 1464.7 

I Clifford household, The. Moore, Mrs. J. F 1447.14 

I Clift, W. The Tim Bunker papers, or Yankee 

I farming 

i Clifton Grey. £gan, P 771.8 

Climbek.s, The. Batoti, L 1789.22 

Climbijiu the lad<ler. II ope, A. K 1495.3 

Climbing the ini>untuin. G rosvenor, Afrs. U. S 800.39 

Ci.iiiBiNU the rope. Nowell, H. P. U ••.... 1449.7 

I Clixe, A. J. liunry Courtland • 786.1C 

I Clinto!!. Simond.4, W 747.18 

I CLigUK. The, of gi.ld. Gaboriau, £ 17615 

Clivk, C. Paul Ferrull. Leipzig 430.2S 

— Same. New York 79^.1) 

— Why Paul Fern.ll killed his wife. Leipzig 720.52 

— Same. I^ondttn 439.4 

— Same. New York 439 13 

— Year after year 43U.71 

i Clockmakeu, The. Ilaliburton, T. C 44S.S 

I Cloi'k-iiakkr. The, of Lyons. Piper. E. M 746.16 

Cloister, The, and the hearth. [Fifteenth century 

on the continent.] Keade, C 730.6t 

Clotide. Poutiuartin. a. de 796.7 

Cloi'D, The, on tlie heart. Roe. A. S 726.14 

Cloud, The, with the silver lining. Mackarnen, 

M. A 436.4.2; 476.7; 730.47 

' Cloudksley. Godwin, W. 2t 498.1 

! Clouds and sunshine. Reade, C 413.6 

j Cloven fiM>t, The. Newell, R. II 47S.9 

Cloveri.y. Iligham, M. R 1721.19 

CLoVEK.NooK.The chronicles of. Jerrold, Douglas (W.) 906.1.6 

, Cloveknook children. Cary, .\ 416.10 

; Club-book, The. James, G. P. R., and others.464.23; 474.11 

Clyde. A. Under fi tot 732.17 

Clyde Wardleigh's promise. Nauman, M. D 1723.9 

Clyiie. a novel of mvdern life, llatton, J 45.U 

Clytie Leigh. Capron, M. J 1447.11 

Cobb, C. and D. The veteran of the grand army. .. 473.24 

CoBK, S. D. Hill.-boro' farms 764.22 

CoBDE!f.Paul.;»ru/y. Beacin lights for b«tys and girls. 14l«6.15 

— The beckoning scries. Going on a mission 1727.7 

(J..m1 luck 1749.13 

I Take a peep 1 764.7 

The turning wheel 1727. IM 

; Whowillwin? 1727.8 

Cobwebs from an empty skull. Grile, D 1735.19 

I Cobwebs to catch flie:i • 430.84 

Shelf numbers above 21 lO in the Notes are in the Bates llall. 




— Tli««l*"urd 

_ -.;i,:.l,-rS.,m>,l; Ibo •uiDMinbullit. LunduD 

— ■ ■■ . . l[.l.i. 

— VHj.'iiliiit' V<,i; l!i< VfDlrili>|uiBt 

■Mr. So. 

.. I'GO.I 

.'.' ISiH.'l 
.. 7I1.IU 

CoLLiKI, (W.) W., (suftaurf. 

i...ii..r» i.jW.,-i.«i.L.I. ih<>y>>,l i-^i-i- 

Ooirj*, II ; 


— Cndn ^u .... 

and l>g«ii li 


— MTiDUiinll 


Cu<ia»>R:kU.. W 


tararn 1T39.G 

H. Uaoniug.A. 4IW.1T 
in ^.urxica.] MrciiDP*. P. 787.11 
(In KuKwi, T. IlalUn 


14.— 1740.10 

I, Thv. Ilauff, \V. 

CULK. M. .S'»ll>Klll«, M. 




CvLi.Kiiij^iii, Tbo. Uhfliti.U 


•■.d (■» 'I- >" »•» Inull'i play. -OillRi. IMV.." ' 

CULI.1KR, J. A. PI>«alMdur.>rlim<fMt 






— 1%* Viriia muaacn 

CUi.t.i!i». (W.) V. After dark. Loipiig.... 

.'.'.'". 4iu.iu 

— Ximr. ]>bil>Jcl|>liia 


— Alicia Warii<ck, (■ ni^Xerj.) and i.Ihor it- 

iM.. ITHI..'. 

— A ioa; w, Ihp fall ..f H.«ua. [Fifth oao 

lar,!. T3.MHJ 

- .NWf. srw\,.,k^.../^. '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 


— Uipiig 


— S,m>. L-...d.>n 

— Tb» cr.wl iwthi ..t. Ilaiil. I>ki1advt|jb<a 


— Tbr dnul alivF 


— Tlia dnul rrcn-l. I.eirii)t 


— Same, (h .N..vrl. aiiJ tal«) V..I 

3. >of4.'.U.l 

CoLViLLR familj, Tba. S media j, F. E 1'il.lO 

CuaanT uf lart..ia, A. Ua Jlilla, J 4 11.11 

CuiiKTiap«l*llo>*r. ItruuKbtMi, K. 4'JU.4.'i 


AJauK, U'. T 

,1., li. (i..a» CWloa.) lie II 


»I.>XKK, Tbe. Jaiiivi,U. H. It.. 
xerroM. Sbarir.wl. M. .M. Wu 
:iKDH. NvHby, C. J 


- Tli*rr»iFii derp. Il.»l.a 

- *«»if; anairthvriKiriet. Laipiif 

t'vKi'i.%»tiua. f .Miuiual i 


I'uHTii. L. .V. AibL.rhtuu.. 
— Ei..|>a. Ad lulian laia 
Vux CnjpiB, Til* cunfMiiuui 

.el-l lire. 

.. 4U.1L 
.. 71U.Ja 
.. 7GU.U 


ibrr laic*.. 

— iUo a 

■Hi *ite. 

i...i|..iK. J». 

— .Mi....f .Mr..! 

— Ih-Bf 

- M.K>la 

.11. UipiiK.. 

— N.. iiai 

_ A pl„. 

life and Mher 

— fisbl. 

■-r...t .. 

— Tiw-I 

Ivn aia<l 


- d'Vtinl 

•NVw Y 

n>n it. 1 

'* .r. S 




. 41U.1I 
. 73u.i>n 

. 4ii.r.t: 

4im.H IITJ.ll 

..f .r. .l.'i..,U .j-n.l-™,n. Uacdiner. H 




ibi-, uf CpU C'rvaati. Urtr, 0. (J.) . 




Tlie. .,t Flli-ll<«Klle. Tbackera/, W 

Tlie, „f (ierald E>t«.urt. I'barvb, F 

: TU.« 

Tlie, «r llarrj Urr»,u.r. Urrr, G! 

Pl.». iMr:t, L-miU 




"tl. J 440.M; 


■lirU»..plipr. p.«J. Shrliwa 


[KaglUb Hil)«al »f*l l>i<raeli. II- 

4la.I-.; 1474.1 


and I.. e<.iiqMr. A >l..rr ..r 11..d» In 

ufSt. Jer««». Cbarl«. K 


177 1..-. L 


tUielf uumbera abuve lillO lu the Xutcv are lu the Itatea I 




Shdr. Ko. 








CosrsciKici, H.y continued, 

^- The fishemuui's <Ua^ter 

— The happiness of being rich 

— The lion of Flanders ; or the battle of the golden 


— Ludorie and Gertnide 

— The merohant of Antwerp 

~- The miser 

— The miser; Rioketioketaek, and The eonseript.. • 

— The poor gentleman 

— Kioketicketack, and Wooden Clara 

— Tftlee of Flanders. Count Hugo of CraenhoTe; 

The story of Abolfaragus, eto. [The poor gen- 

— Tales of Flemish life 

— VoTa: or, the war of the peaMnts. 

— The Tillage innkeeper 

— The jonng doctor 

.V«r«. — The tales c^ thii popalar Flemish dotcUiI Ulnalrata 
dtieAy the hiiturj and life uf the Low oountriea. 

CoHSCRiPT, The. Conscience, H 1419.9 ; 1786.6 

CoxscBiPT, The: a tale of war. Dumas, A. (O.). .. 493.6 
C058CK1PT, The:, a storj of the French war of 1813. 

Erekmann, E., and Chatrian, A. 418. 12 

Constable do Bourbon, The. [Francis i, of France.] 

Ainsworth, W. 11. 2t 710.54 

CoMBTABLK of the tower. The. An historical romance. 

Ainsworth, W. H 730.6; 781.9 

CoHSTANCS and Marion. B., M. A 1418.2 

C058TA2CC1S and Nellie. Davenport, E 417.24 

CoxBTANCB Ajlmer. A story of the seventeenth 

century. Parker, Mrt, H. F 764.21 

CoHBTANCB Herbert. Jewsbury, Q. E 492.28 

CoHSTAifCE Lyndsay. II., C. Q 802.8 

CoHtTANCB Sherwood: an autobiography of the six- 

teeoth century. Fullerton, Lady 6. C. (L. U.) . 710.42 
C05SUELO. [Italy, musical life, etc.] Dudevant, 

CoHTARiifi Fleming. Disraeli, B 720.12; 1478.3 

CovTiXBXTAL adventures. 3v 443.2 

CoHTRABAif D. Melville, G. J. W 710.79 

CoaTBAOiCTioits. Dunning, Mrt, A. E 1496. 13 

CoHTRAST, The. Edgeworth, M 55. 10.19 

467.1.3; 468.8.5; 1429.27 

Co:iTE2(T, The, and the manse. Chaplin, D 417. 19 

CoHTENT, The, of St. Clair. Sherwood, M. M. 

Works 452.1.14 

CoxTiCT, The. James, G. P. R. 420.5 ; 1805.9 

Con WAT, C. L. Life's promise to pay 1806.10 

Cook, D. The prodigal son 492.4 

Cook, E. Jottings from my journal 795.19 

Cooke, J. E. Doctor Vandyke. [Virginia life about 

1750] 421.28 

~- Fairfax. A chronicle of the valley of the Shenan- 

doah [1748] 774.3 

— Her majesty the queen. [Time of Charles i of 

England and Henrietta of France] 1735.4 

— Hilt to hilt; or, days and nights on the banks of 

the Shenandoah in the autumn of 1864 774.25 

— Justin Harley: a romance of old Virginia 1738.3 

— Leather stocking and silk. A story of the valley 

of Virginia [about 1800] 755.2 

— Out of the foam 775.24 

— Pretty Mrs. Gaston, and other stories 1458.2 

— Surry of E.igle's-nest 490.1 

AM*.— The Ule« of this living Vlrij^nian noreliat relate 
chiefly to the hiitury and inaancri of hu natire state. 

CooKiXQ club, The, of Tu-whit Hollow. Farman, 

E 1803.16 

CooLiDGB, Susan, pseud. See WooLSBT, S. C. 

Cooper, J. F. Afloat and ashore. [Sea story] 760.2 

— The borderers; or, the wept of Wish- ton- Wish. 

[King PhUip'swar, 1675] 1505.8 

— The bravo. [Venice.] New York 760.13; 1785.15 

^ Same, Philadelphia. 2v 760.10 

— The crater; or, Vulcan's peak. A tale of the 

Pacific 760.19; 760.20 

— The headsman. [Switzerland and Italy — time 

of Calvin.] London 1505.25 

— Same, New York 760.22; 760.23; 760.24 

Cooper, J. F., caniinued. 

— The Heidenmauer. [Scene in the Voigat 

tains in the middle ages.] London 1504.4 

— Same, New York 7eO.S8 

— Same, Philadelphia. 2v 760.2S 

— Home as found. Sequel to ** Homeward bound." 

[Satire on Americans] 760.S4: 700.36 

— Homeward bound. A tale of the sea. Jjondon. • 1503.14 

— Same, New York 7eOJ2 

.VoM. — These last two noTris made ttta amhor oO^Bahrv to 
some or his countiTiueu, bj his satire oa tta* i mfsifn 

— The Jack o'Lantern (Le Fen-follet). Leipsis . . . 780.U 

— Same, London ..»• .... 150S.14 

A'«f«. — Same as ** Winfr-and-Wing." 

— Jack Tier; or, the Florida reef. [Sea adven- 

ture:), Westlndies] 760.38; 760.M 

— [Leather-stocking tales.] The deerslayer. Jjondon. 1503.16 

Same. New York 7T0J 

The last of the Mohicans. London 150C6 

Same. New York 770.15; 770.16 

The pathfinder 770.17; 770.18; 770.23 

The pioneers 770.tT 

— •- The prairie 770l31 

.Vor«. — Tne " Lf«ther-stockinf tales" trace the hislovy of 
Natty Biinippo, a backwoodsiaan. and associate of the Iii> 
dians, diirioE the laal century, and covering, particalaiij ia 
" Trie laK of i!ie Muliican*," the period uf the old French wmr. 
The article " llatinted lake.** bjr Cooper's daufchter, in Harpcr'a 
monthly, t<A. 44, i« a Uescriptiuo uf Cooper's home mod uc tka 
scene ot •* The deerslayer." 

— Lionel Linculn. [ Bunker hill and Boston in 1775.] 

London 1506.17 

— Same. New York 760.42 

— [Littlepagc series.] The chainbearer. [Reroln- 

tionary period] 760.15 

The redskins. [Anti-rent troubles in New 

York state] 780.10 

^ - Satanstoe. [Westchester county. New York, 

roiddlo of the la5t century] 780.22 ; 780.24 

— Lucy llardinge: a second series of Afloat and 

ashore 1502.25 

— Mercedes of Castilo; or, the voyage to Oathay. 

[Spain and Columbus] 760.48 

— Miles Wallingford: a sequel to Afloat and ashore. 

[Sea story] 760.8 

— The Monikins. [Satire on American polities].. . 770.38 

— Ned Myers; or, life before the mast 770.39; 770.40 

— The oak openings. [Michigan early days].770.42; 770.44 

— The pilot. [Paul Jones figures.] London 1506.1 

— Same. New York 780.1 ; 780.4 

— Precaution 780.10 

A'ofs.— A society noTel, and Cooper's earliesC. 

— The Red Rover. [Old French war — Newport 

and slavers] 780^16; 780.17 

— The sea lions; or, the lost sealers [in the South- 

ern ocean] 780.27; 780.29 

— The spy. Leipiig 780.35 

— Same. New York 780.30 ; 780.34 ; 17 14.9 

A'or«.— The rernlntionary period on the Hadson. Wash- 
ington figures in ic, 17dU. 

~- Stories of the prairie, and other adventures of the 

border 770.34 

— Stories of the sea 746.14 

— Stories of the woods 746.15 

>'<««. — These three culloctions of "Stoiics" ai« sclcctioos 
from his novels. 

— The two admirals. [English naval service, old 

French war.] Li>ndun 1503.20 

— Same. New York 780.38; 780.40 

— The Water-witch. [Subsequent to the defeat of 

the Dutch in New York.] New York 780.45 

— Same. Philadelphia. 2v 780.46 

— The wept of Wish -ton- Wish. [King Philip*! 

war, 1675] 780.51 

— The Wing.and-wing; or le Feu-foUet. [The 

Mediterranean — during the Napoleonic wars.] 

New York 780.57; 780.59 

— Same. Philadelphia. 2v 1734.1 

— Wyandotte. [Revolutionary frontier warfare] .. 790.3 

Shelf numbers above 2110 in the Notes are in the Bates HalL 

CoopiR, T. OlJ-fuhluDcd itoria 1T67.1S 

CooriB* '] ,'. I1..NU.. \ II ISJ.II 

CorLKT. .Vr.. Earlr irioiHtibipt 467.11 

Copii.IT ibimU pruccvHl in unrftb* tU.2\ 

Oc«ic«m,Tbe. FurtH, 11 M-.S; B07.16 

OosA and Ilia JoMor. Dakar, II. N. (W. ) ;i5.n 

CuMii. i.linil, TliB. [Paoifla ooaao.] Uallantros. 

11- M TSILII; 7*8,8 

CoaiETi, ,V."«. ThuiKld vc.lomo *b».lS 

Co. ■ . II ,. tow n:.3.9 

— . ., . wuinan'i HKint 1M7.W 

— Uuclo I U«,V» 

CoHDKiuJ ciwis. 1>« Millo, J li;t.3 

CoKi^iNiil - lulj. .- . I' : .. A. L. U. N., 

£a'DK>.. ., ' ■. '.: Oi 767.10; »06.31 

CouRAN, A. Uwia Uog 1131.1 

CoRXKH,^. "Tbccarl'ipalb:' a narratlra fodndnl 

un tliv biitoHeal anuU uf 174j MCe.lO 

CoBRKH biiUKva. Tba. And othsr UIm liUrt.lD 

Cuk:>e<i>UII, Tha. Wrlgbt, J. MoX U(<J.40 

Ci'RHKAi-L. C. M. Kraa, jeirorgingtbairowaati^nJ.17M.U 

CoFiHwiLi., .■^. P. Tha FiiiUnd bmilr UGM.U K. Adrift with a TMicaaiiM 4S6.U 

I'l .ii'n- I ralhiiin 4D4.& 

K;,,k^,.,., iu^. Child, L.M 171S.t 

CuiLUT O'Lauui: fail vioi and cxpcrlenoet. IIuw- 

»ri,J.,j' 1496.1 

CouK da Laun: gr, lbs biiKand. Jamca, 0. P. R. 

4G3.1U; 180j..'i 

Cuaai.ia bnrtbaf^ Tlie. Dunar, A. (D.) 1771.11 

VvTTAui, Thr, by tt»«llj«Ji.t Ch.irl», E. IS0.4-J 

OmtttEiu, Tbt, of tilcnbarni*. lUmilt-'n, E 7HU.13 

C<mil>. S.,/<»i>Bfy MUt. ItitliHd. Eliubalh.oiUia 

(lilM of HIbatU . . 499. 1 4 

— S*m*. /> UwUrplaw. uf AeliuD) 1731.14 

CoRviUrd Tba. Ulrn, II .'lOU.Z'J 

iOoBLa»i< J G.A llarwo..! 1701.1U 

Tho «ld Uamp 1781. 1 4 

dLri'.cuL].'. mb«mo, A .il.lO; 178J.IT 

f :-- v."' ttitgrdf. THtncM.D ;oJ.14 

... h„m=. llcyw. I'.(J. I.) {/. Ai- 

dricli, T. I 1799.1.4 

Cot:<i irCiionliure. Cunicl<D«, II...UI9.H; liti:.7 

Coist I. i . .J V 17J!t. II 

Corxi ^. ..^-.u. :.l^„-i,. 1 411.19 

CuCNT i.f UuaK-Ciinl. , TLc. [Tba llDadnd da», 

MarHJIlai, I81& Utiaiai, A. (1*.) 474.1 

4T9.»: 17 

CorxT Robctt ot Parif. Scotl, Sir W 

Wl.l.ti; 1170.1..>: 18117. 11 

CociTCHFiiiiTs. IPijcbulugloaluidiBiulcal.] Staep- 

pird, K.a. 101.7; .106.8; 1730 9 

Cocmraii da Cliirnji, Tba. [Cbampda Uar), Frcneb 

.. ] huniM, A. (!>.). .131.14; 47J.1U; 731.11 

Cor.iir>ii<<iaFl>. i J^bo, B 410.11 

Consri.- Kata. Vi>ag», ('. 31 iS.lO.S; 7^1,11 

ColsTKH, Tlio, of 1'loma.d 1418.13 

Coi-'ir[>.>, Tha, a 3I..i>Lr-L-rino. Do B..*!, J 

CuCNi»*. Tba, uf Hndolrladl. Dudcranl, A. L. A. 

U 173.1..; 4T3.11; 470.14 

Cociiar luaidaa. Ur>m<I..n, M 1774-11 

Cuciiar eurM^, Tba. Iil*i|t, O. K l.-.ii.".. 17 

CuriTHT ibTlH. .Milfunl, .«. K K4.» 

Klielf uiiiubcm abov» 21 lO in 

ComTBT itoriH, oldiiHt new. Parr. Q SOO.T 

Cocxnr jeu-book, Th*. Ilowitt, W 17B.T 

<.\.i,iir f.milj,A T96.J 

ConrKB, C. At. A. Lncj'i balf crown ! IIIS.ID 

Cuaros b<.ndi. TrD.brldga. J T 1714,1 

CoDBTa^iAT of WalnddoD. A tDtawnAa of the Wait. 

Brar A.B. 418.1S 

OutriiTiiia inilfDmiiDg. SuHh, J. P M.S 

CoriiKRi L. L. V. I'mllnE'i trial 1788.11 

'■...: I 1,1 , Ilentl, C. L ... 4i8.13 

I Craik,0. M 3D9.4 

cociis F.H ns.u 

■■ CoOBiB Amck," ptrwt. *« Uatu, A. B. 
CuDsin CiaaiE, ptnd. Sun.ra^i from fair and 

cLiudjiliiM 480.U 

iCoDiin Clara. Wba, P 713.10 

CunaiB Haoffr;. Hook, T. (E.) 809.10 

Cuc»ii> Ur«o*. ClarkcKS Tlu.ll 

CuoiK Uuj. TijJijr a B 710.30.3 

Cocais llarrj. >ir.T, Mr: E. C 1141.3 

Cunain lluraoa. Clarke, It. S 719.10 

CuDaiH Luij tiii:,M^ iLd luMuiiuini. Abbott, J 1407.11 

CoDiin Locj't omnmtluuf. Abbott, J 1407.14 

CocniK Jdanbait. Martlncau, II 749.18 

CuDRi.i MauJa. llolinM,M.J 193.34 

CoD«i!i Pbillii. tiaikalI.E. C 180. S3; 711.S 

OuDKiK Smnotb, AdTcntnrca ot mj. Adami, C 437.13 

UoDiiN Trii and l.<^r wak^ma Ului. Craik, U. li...83.10.U 
CocaiK Virginia 1469.17 

COCSIH Vli I, . V . JOBUMR, V. W. 

CtfCamWi I. (W.) B09.14.1 

UoTiiiTHT, F. PgrapaT ihe lilila. {/■ Barbftuld, 

i-h niiieU.U) 778.1.11 

CowAiin, li- \ : ,.: < 
lrtt3>H, II. . 

Cos.U M iSiMi-i ) 

Col. Mtt.V S {/"mj 

I— Hiahard Patora 

! CoUEHa, F. S. Tba H. 
»nd ijtbar Irarncd ma 

Cvtiu.) Amj Qaii 
nVVofDr. Buhwha 

lla of tt 
R. D. 

Now Porut [Eag- 
ray.) Long ag..; 

.. 789.18 

.. 300.08 

.'. 7T1.11 


. . 17B8.3S 

ClI.OIH. Mr: L- 'I 

j«r.,(Qiiiid it. '.." ":..:.... H11.1 

Cbigki'i naiiugr MaliDg, B. A Tl.i.lT 

C»jii.i.i,i E I M-ilo tioro, C. O.F. 770.10 

Ckiiiiie, M. B. Oaea opoo a liiDO. Storiaa forsbil- 

dran lakeo frcim the losii^ot godi aoJ hor.*i . . . 1809.19 
Cmik :• : Mill Malotk. TbeadTan* 

tare . 309.19 

— Agnil Uipiig 430.11 

— i'««f ■■. " i 798.13 

— Aiko (.■iirm,.|,I S07.ll 

— ATillionaail uihar Uloi 7Cl.t 

— saiaT'so-; v..rk''"'*!"!'.;;."..'!".."".;;."..'.' '-.a.i 

— Bread npuo Ibo valrn; A familj in liira; A low 

I uiiin>.-. Tba double bnuia 710.3S 

— Cbil^i':' Leipiig 

I— Sa"' S," \-:\ 7C1.7 

— Uum»lra...i.« 1S0.GS 

— [lanuab. Marrjisg a olfo'i ilitar.) Laipiig.. 1MM 

— Ar-nt. Maw lark 19J.1; 7IM.H 

Tb« b(B J tl lb* Umttj. Lalpiig IM.H 

" - "— '■ -"^ 30.1.17 

>r*; Alloa Laumimt. MT.18 

r 1>I ■ 1luB>aDl>Id. Ah JlAIUB-CiLDWILL, 

id OTB.aa 731.16 

,.li(.i. Laipilg 4)0.11 

.Naw \'..rk 761.8 

I— Sm.. Saw York.. 
I— Abaro; Drrad Bpim 

- Tha ■iiiFllju.b 

- A lifa r.>r a lit.'. Uipiig 

- Tbr lillla lama prinaa atid biV li 

the Nutea are In the Batvn Hall. 

. 1B09.T 


■— Little .SduiMi. 

— Lord Er&itoaD; AIrj 

rja'i flnt wifa; Tht nUr 
can: ine i.n nau» in C (tml TiO.I 

- UlitrBSSaadmi-iil. Leipiiv 730. 3< 

- Stmt. New York 792.1 

-H<imolb>rsn<II. Laipiif liiiS.l 

- Stm,. New York 1768.1: 

- TIh OgllTiai. Leipiig.. 

- Stmi. Lxnduii 

- SanH. S™ Yurk 

- Olive. Litipli^ 

- Stodlci from lifa 

- 'DjtiH tklei for bdjj. A hero; 

vhBtCi: ColiMoatl 

- TbtwUlaifiir jirii. AliM Lcai 

tbs mlnir: How to win Ion . . . . 


(/n JohnUD. (E.) R. Litlla 


10 liLtla Lj- 


mt; Micbul 


Lcipiig WOIA 

;p-| kingJaiD. L«lpiig.. 


iW. l>it 

.iK. ft,ri«t«i 


Craik, <i.M.>D 


— Ouurin Tril and bl-c wvl 


— K.tb"Hiir. .met.... 

— Hcf..Tiii.:.lvi,L 


— LnligTjtrriL. Uuaton 


— »-».,. LeipliK 


Cbiceet, Tho, on the taenrlh. Diekcnt, C. (J. U.), 110.37 
ITLlSj ISl.ll; lFiI.15; I'i-l.i 

CRrCKEl'l. The. friendi. J.,hni..n, V. W UCS.l' 

CRmEt. The fuller the [in ITBJ]. f peocer, E ISuI.U 

Caisati »nd cruji-lre*. Adam., IV. T 17;6.1 

CnlpPLl.Tbe.ur Antirwb. Chulg*, E tVt.i 

Csipr«,lbearTieT. filMkmute, H. D 1730.6 

CRWHCTCBti'oK, pinJ. 5«CK*ru.«, CroehDi. 

Csixti-ot ga\i,^ht. Topper.M.F. 711.31 

CaocKrmD, O. Frili. (/» iiny, Mr: ~ 

C«ocKroRD'»: or life in the HV«. It. ... 

CHorT".i boji. The. .Martineaa, II 

CROUUDMuf thebillhock. Banim, J 

Chuekr. T. C, nl^or. Killarne; legend!. . 

CBui.r, U. Munioi 



. 755.14 
. 132.15 

. 7 J-.. 16 


EMIathlel tba imniDtUl. [Wandering Jee] 1717.3 

CKOOcTtieiSlraighteiMd. Ueirj. U. E 1(18.21 

Cbooked bniDEh, Tba. QBikell, E. C, 7»).n 

Chouned plaeu. Uaja. I. F 1716.11 

CRorPT, The. BaDini, M 169. 2d 

Cbubli^d. C, Tt'atrrli) .Uin T«itlmii. Engtbh Ulct 

andiketchat 809.14 

— BabertFreeth'i proap^ril; IljS.l 

CHO«R,Tlie, andlfaetbannek. QuigltT, II 75g.lT 

UROM.Tha,aniarD]r. (jinrdia. U. (<!.}, and ulhen. 1751.11 

ORO«>,The,onioDar. Cudlip. A 7sa.l 

CRoas purpim*. l)«Lc>n.T.C 7e'J.lT 

CBuutn path, The; or. IlaiU. Cullini, V. (W.) 

73U.2a; 751.1fi: 1S03.31 

Crotcbet* and qaarera. Maretiek, 31 . 12S.I0 

OROcrn, J. Three aisMnlDl gvLi 791.10 

'•weling-da;. (/. Juhn- 


UBD«r!i, A.irom me >pe>r. Ilauiiltan, C. V 131.19 

Crown. The, of glurjr. A Scotii*h itory of inarlyr 


(^am jail da. Uodeii, E. L 411.13 

Crowsed in palm-Jand. A alorj of African miMiua 

life. N'aeUD, K. II 17C0.SO 

CBDELia the grave, do ulh worth, E. D. E. S l.tO.20 

Urccllest wrung. The, 

•on, (E.) K. LitlloeluEio 

<E, U. Thrc 


. KIM.! 

Thi, of the Cajco. Kellogg, E 157.26 

The, uf the Frolic. KiiigftoD, W. H. O.. .. 713.14 

The, of the Midge. Scult. .U 735.19 

a in the l»t war. Peierion. C. J 711.11 

[, The, of the children: > itor; at the middle 


^mith, H. ..17!0.19j 1799.21 
Trowrriooe, J. T. 
terrier! 14J7.10! 

/. rnHnl.— B.AnUli Tain '<(Ih< mil IlEV;''n'. B. 

Shelf numbers above 21 lO In tbc Notes are in the Baten Hall. 




Shelf. No. 
CmrsADBB, continued. 

•; AdKlgith* •• (Otranto) C1.'«K).19: l.-rntJlj 13W .1]. tr«p«ly; 
JM .M"Cte FiHH|iif, "ThitMlii||>h the Iivlnndj-r" (foiitiax of 
Noftiiinan •mi UjrMnlim- mannpr*) [HiO K). talr; au<1 Mrs. 
IJriiiaiKi. •* I>r Clmiillnn ' C-^T.t! 1]. Craralr. 

Hi lorjrti/ rtfertnrr».— ll. von SylHM l« ihc nu»ft rrcent 
■uthoiiij iin trir crutAftiii, •imI h«* liat aimrd lit uiwratr (lie 
nniliical niM>rt« fioni hiMonral lartii in tiic rarlj narratives, 
aiMl hit critical rttimalc nf thi* rhiff irriu-r* tm tliiii siilijirt. 
vhlcli a|i|Man<d at a pn*lacr to hi* account of llif flnit cm- 
■adr, in IKll. inakea a |»art uf an Kngli^li wurk. iwiif«i unilcr 
hi* name a* - 'Pir hi<<<irv atul literature o* the eruMidi-a" 
C£an.n Mill'aC9iV:(] ii the rartieet uf the rrcrnt accountJ 
HI Kn;>li«>i. but hf is n<>t thi>iiRlit to l>e rrry rritirai in hii 
examinaliun i>f the autlmritie*. The nuKlrrn reai-ti<»iary 
ritthiiviflMii Air the cru««(lrrs vae b«*Kun in IM07 bj Wilkrn 
C2:!!ti.'J]. «h«>pu| liliiiM-lf in the iMMilion of a i-ontc-iuporaiy 
til iloJ.t«tiei> to their rrliitiiMit fervor; bntheilix^ mit alwayi 
diH-riiiiinali> bf-tveen hl«ti>rv and the Irgende. Stv Mllman's 
" l^tin ChriMiaiiity " iUl:\ \ ; »I4.1:{1 <ir the extract [ !)« 17'JO- 
Mirliaudridtli.l-.'. iirin Knrneh ffijci.1] !• u|n>ii the wh»lc tha 
■Candard French aiilhontr. critically ileCcnnininx tlie vahio i*t 
lh« oriirinal Matenit-Mi. but aliowini; tiKi gencrail^ that nnlv 
to be fibuIiNM wliieh deaU with prodigiM- CapvtlKin- ['J*!'.!] 
opikite* Tatjut'fl riiniantic vii-tt», and in given latlu-r tn ctrntni- 
Ter«y than U* rem-arvh. Tlir work* bv Steliblnc Ch.I)..VO. Kilgar 
[9«i.l7]. aixl liiitt in [l.UTi \:i] ari> |Mi|NiIaracoi»iiiitJi. rnM-tur'i 
^* llirtiirv • [wr '£:} \» a OMivenieni narrative lor the general 
reader, but the latest |M>piilar acronnts are in C«>\'a '* Cru- 
■adr*" []; and »>nie chapter" in <iui/iit'« iiopular 
•• lli«t.irv t.! France - [:»KI A« 1 and '.'J The latter authority 
alMi treated the •ubjitt in tii* ** History of civlli/alinn in 
Franc«-"rK(7 J.I.WtureK]. (iibitmMn his " l^> man empire " 
C»VU{ UV.IO: lUVVl; •.'7&I.1]. »ives in cha|rtrrs AH. .M» ami OD 
niiire ur ie** cin*iiiiistantial ac4-ount4 of the diltermt rruiailes. 
and in rhapter<tl sunrk up their results. The part that Kng- 
liah prelate* tiHik l« illiiii|ra(i-d in IIiNik's *' Arctibiahnfta (»f 
C'anreihniy " [is' tfl. Mnp* |i>r the route* will be found in 
Mllman m edition •>! i}ibbiinCU<.l.ti rt]: in Thallieiiuer's *' Man- 
ual " ClW.'!-*}. and generally ni lti«ti>rical atlas«-s. 

Cruvk, M. a. Cameron hall: a storj of the civil war. 413.15 
CftrtiT, Chrifltit). pseud. Ser»ux, E. F. 

Criht, The, and the cake. Mu.yo, L F TTo.lO; 777.25 

Ckyptogram, Tho. De Millo, J 431. lU 

Ckystalli.yb. Shclton, F. W 7C'J.10 

Ci'DJo'h caro. TrowbriUgo, J. T 7b3.20 

CUOLIP, A., formerly Mum Thomas. Called to ac- 
count. Leipxig 490.39 

"^* ofinlr. ^ CW xt>rK...« ..•■ •*■« .•*• .... •••• ..■ 4^1. *•} 

— The cn.M of honor 78*i.4 

— Dennis Dunne. Leipzig 750.17 

— Home. New York 42 1.24 

— The dower house 42 1.2-'> 

^"^ * HIlMI cull 'TS .«•• .... a... .«•• ...a ■••■ ■••• •«■• • A i k. a 

— ♦• 'He Cometh not,' she said " 1742. Hi 

^ Maud .Mtitian 421.211 

^ A narrow eitca|)e. Itostun IHOO.H 

— Slime. I>ei|ixig 1749.20 

— No alternative 17C7.G 

— On );u.ird 7.*»0.29 

— Onlj herself. Leipzig ^.. 710.4 

— Same. Now Y..i k 421.21 

— A pa^^ion in tutterA 1712.1(t 

— Ptajeil out. licipzig 4h0.80 

^^ o/iifie. oew lorK ...•••••..••■■■•..........« it^l.U 

— I'lujing for high stakes 422.5 

— Then Leigh 721.25 

— The two widows 1741.2 

— Walter (taring. Ii«'ipzig 4H0.7H 

— A'.jHir. New Vt.rk 722.23 

CCLM rock, liradley. W. 1 423. 10 

CmiflNUS. M. I. iCnpt'iin Cirnen.) Little Tomt .. 1715.13 
CCMMIIVM.M.S. Kl Fureiditf. [Ela^torn life.] Boston. 441.2 

— •Vunir. Ijt'ipzig 720.2k 

— Ha untefl hearts. Boston 412.3 

^ Same. I<eip7.ig 430. 7iS 

— The lamplighter. Bonton 447.11; 447.12 

— Same, j/eipzig 430.77 

— Mabel Vaugban 447. 1 

\-4*. — Mu« (.'unuiiins'* rerutati<in wa* nisde by the real- 
ii«ir Oearnpriiin* nl hi>ni<lv New Kn;;land cilv lite in "The 
lani|Ml){hier." and was iH*t adde<l t" by lier «uhsei|uenl iimrls. 

CujfxiifonAM, .\. The haunted ships, (/n John^>n, 

(E.) K. Little cla»«-ic!t) 1H39.7.8 

— The king of the |H*uk. {In Johnson, (K.) K. 

Little clas!*ics) Ih39.7.7 

CrXMiititiiAH, J. \V. I'neuinance 777.4 

— Thi' v^'Ivft cu«hi'i!i. Bi'siion 42'». 13 

— S'lmr. PhiU«Kdphia 141H.5 

Cci'iii nnd Chow-chow. .Alci-tt, L. .M 7ri!».2 ..3 

CrpfLKH, A. J. <'arrr's rose 4C7.1«; 

— The chitdi«n's vojragu 1741.1 1 

— Driven to *e4 447. 1 1 

8helf. No. 
CupPLES, A. J., continued. 

— Hugh Well wood's success 417.17 

' ■' ^ tii no ^ccoii •••• •••• •■•• •• •••• •••• ■••• •••• •• 4ft4a 1^ 

— Singular creatures, and how they were found.... 447.18 

— Terrapin iiilaiid ; or, adi'ciitures with tho**Gleatu."17b8.4l 

— Young Bright Eye 1427.7 

Cdpples, Georgf*. The deserted ship: a'storj of the 

Atlantic. Boston 1728.1 

— Same. Ijondun 1728.15 

— Tho green hand 17C2.6 

Cuppi.Es, Mrs. George. Ste Cl'ppi.ks, A. J. 

Curate, Tho, and the rector. Strutt, E 1745. 18 

Curate, The, in charge. Oliphant, M. (0. W.) 

55.20; 1790.20 

Citratr'a, The, discipline. Eiloart, E 1493.8 

Curatk'h, The, home, (iiberne, A 1712.11 

CuRiuuii, if true. Gavkell, £. C 480.85 

Curious stories; to counteract the belief in ghosts 

and apparitions 1449.2 

Xotf. — Thi* i« the same work as " Ghost tt<«rie«: to cnun- 
teravt the bi-iirf iit gho»ts and ai>paiitioiM," but « ith a diltef- 
CDt tilie-|ffege. 

CuRLixu, H. Love at first sight 1762.10 

CuRUKK Hell, pseud. Ste Nicholls, C. 

CuRRiKR, S. By tho sea 764.11 

Curse, Tho, of Clifton. S<mthworth, E. D. E. N. .. 754.15 

Curse, The, of gold. Stephens, A. S. (W.) 427.15 

Curse, Tho, of the village. Conscience, H 17h6.8 

CuRTKis, B. C. In tho marsh 14C4.3 

Curtis, G. W. My chlteaux. (In Johnion, (E.) 

K. Little cluji^ics) 1839.7.4 

— Tho Potiphar papers. [Lively satire on New 

York societv] 476.15 

— Prueandl..* 794.16 

— Trump* 784.13 

Curtis, L. J. Chri.<ttine 1444.2 

CuRTiss, Percy, pseud. See Cox, Mrs. W. N. 

CUSACK, M. F. (rdit/ious name Mary Frances Clare). 

liornehuret rectory 1732.4 

Cushions and corners. Greene, L. L 480.36 

CuTiiUERT Bkdk, pseud. See Bradlkt, K. 

Cycla, /wfiif/. *SVr Clacy, E. 

Cyrili.a. [German life.] Tautphooas, J. M.,/?arofiin. 720.41 

I)., J. Jeanio Wil.^un, the lily of Lammormoor ....1418.18 

.\iUf. — l>rigiiially publithvtl in " Tlie Sunilay at lioiue." 

D., M. Percy's fir.-t fi iends 146C.36 

D f , C s, Bki.lauy Bnow.MJuH.N.and Domuky, 

pffud. No throught'itre 422.15 ; 1800.23 

Dacre, B. Brand, lady. UccidKctions of a oha()eron. 1502.14 

— Tales of the |K>erago and the peaiiaiitry 1502.17 

r'i..i/'i.r<. — Wiiiifretl. c>>untefli of NiUitdale; The llanip- 
ihiie eottdgi ; K^anehe. 

Daft Davie. WhiUhead, 3. K 1788.32 

Daily bread, and other stories 459.16 

r„HUtU:—ll%U: K. K. : l>aUy brt-ad: "The oiled feathrr"; 
The man who k<{»t hiinvlf in re|«tr; I.***'. M- I'.. l>e>»ie 
(«ie> ; Hale, £. >.. : CUrittiiiai wails in ll^JfftuDl Jettica's ttrst 
pra) er. 

Daisy. (!ondwin, Mrs. M. M. B 1479.15 

Daisy. Warner. S 43C.G;_794.5 

Daisy Brentwell. WiiMeiner, [ 1790.17 

Daisy Burns. Kavaimgh, J 420.19; 454.4 

Daisy chain. The. [Iloine circles in English middle 

cla-9*«*!«.] Yonge, C. M 720.40; 77.>.3 

Daisy Nichol. lUrdy, Lady 431.16 

Daisy Trav4*rs. Samu<d«, A. F 45.16 

Daimy Wunl's work. MacLain, M. W 457.23 

Daisy's, The, mii'i'ion. Clarke. M. L 469.9 

DAKi.t, C. V. See llAMiLit»?i, C. V. 

Dall, C. (W.)H. Patty Gray's journey. From 

Bo.-ton to Baltimore 1496.6 

From Baltimore to Wanhington 1490.20 

On the wav: or, Pnttv at .M«iuut Vernon I49t>.21 

• • • 

Dallas, .\. K. i\ Friix .Alvarez; or, manners in 
Spain: containing di-sciiptive accounts t>f Mime 
protniiirnt evvntxof th«* late penin-ulnr wjr; and 
autlifiitic anec<liites illu?tiative of the .'^panivb 

cliaraott-r. 3 v. in 2 4 19.4 

I)all.\s. H. C. Tn*' .M .rUiidM. 4v 17:m.3 

Dai.i.aa G.ilbiaiih. D:ivi-, K. B 494.34 

Shelf niimbeni above 21 lO tn the NoteM are iu the Uatefi Hall. 





Shelf. No. 
Daltox, W. The nest hanten; or, adventares in 

the Indian archipelago 725. 15 

— Stories ut* the cunque«t« of Mexico and Peru .... 77U.2 

— The sttirj uf Mark Kaffles; or, an English boj'a 

adventures ainung the Japanese 1759.19 

— The tiger prin<»; or, adventures in the wilds of 

Abj&siuia 757.15 

Da LTD!! y. The. Lever, C. (J.) 420.34; oU5.3 

Damk Nature and her three daughters. Saintine, 

(J.) X. B 737.21 

Dams Wjnton's home. Brock, Mrs. C 417.14 

Dan to Beersbcba; or. Northern and Southern 

friends 496.24 

Daxesuurt hou$e. Wood, E. P 487.17 

Daxuerfip.ld's rest. [Ante-rebellion politics.] Sed- 

ley, H 426.14 

Da.^ioerous game, A. Yate:<, £. 1761.8 

Da.'Igerous guest, A 431.15 

Daxgers and duties. Tonna, C. £.. 489.9 

Da.xiel, Mrs. K. M. Elsie's married life 1493.1 

— Georgina Hammond 1760.12 

— The heiress in the family '. 1743.20 

DAsiELDeronda. Lewes, M.G.. 43. 11; 45.18; 1410.4; 1797.8 
Danisu fairy legends and tales. Andersen, 11. C. .. 854.13 

Dan VERS papers. The. Yonge, CM ..490.41; 786.2 

D*Arblat, F. iSee Arblat, F. d*. 

Dariem. a historical romance. Warburton, E. 

C Dm \S •^•••* •••« ••«• •••• •••• •••• «••• •••• •••• il O V* Vv 

Dark night's, A, work. Qaskell, E. C 730.48; 792.21 

Dark secret, The. Fleming, M. A 1781. 15 

Dark year. The, of Dundee: a tale of the Scottish 

reformation 787. 14 

Darkness and daylight. Holmes, M. J 416. 19 

Darling, M. G. Battles at home 446.13 

— In the world 446.16 

Darnlet: or, the field of the cloth of gold [1520]. 

James, G. P. R 442.7; 464.22; 720.19; 1805.10 

Darrkll Markham. Braddon, M. E. 492. 19 

Darrihgton Deslonoe, M. See Deslonde, M. D. 

Darryll gap. Townsend, V. F 414.19 

Dartl, S. Told in the twilight. London 417.15 

— Same. Philadelphia 14C8.20 

— With the tide. L^mdon 417.17 

— Same. Philadelphia 1468.26 

Dasent, G. W. Lady Sweetapple 1722.4 

Daudbt, a. The new Don Quixote 1787.24 

Daughter. The, at home 480.46 

Daughter, The, of an Egyptian king. Ebers, G... 775.6 
Daughter, The, of an empress. Mundt, C. (M.) .. 412.11 

Daughter, A, of Bohemia. Fisher, F. 1740.12 

Daughter, A, of Ueth. Black, W 731.24; 750.53 

Davault's mills. Jones, C. U 1797. 15 

Davenport, E. Constance and Nellie 417.24 

Davenport Dunn. Lever, C. (J.).. 420.35; 505.4 ; 802.45 
David Copperfield. [Supposed to have some refer- 
ence to Dickens's own early life]. Dickens, C. 

(J. H.) 410.28; 481.1; 1476.4; 1477.11; 1783.1 

— Same. Condensed 1477.14 

David Dumps. Bayly, T. H 494.23 

David Elginbrod. MacDonald, Q 422.11; 750.52 

David Lloyd's last will. Smith, II 1478. 18 

David Swan: a fantasy. Hawthorne, N. (/« John- 
son, (E.) R. Little classics) 1839.7.4 

Daviks, G. C. Rambles and adventures of our 

school field-club 54.8 

Daties, T. Losing to win 1775.4 

Davis, A. J. The magic staff; an autobiography.. 1446.12 

— Tale of a physician 763.4 

Davis, C. E., formerly Miss Kelly. Annt Lois. .... 1716.3 

— Baby's Christmas 728.26 

— Chew alley 171C.4 

— A Christmas story 1449.47 

— Faithful in least 448.22 

— Hearts' delight 1742.5 

— Little Maidie. 3 v 1449.46 

— Little three-year-old 1749.16 

— No cross, no crown 438.18 

— Papa's b«.y 1427.24 

— Penny Rust's Christmas. [Also, Toady] 448.20 

— Thc^nny path 508.14 

— Two books 446.20 

7 I 

Sbelf. Kol 
Davis, C. E., eontinued. 

— The upward path 1449.45 

— The Yaohtrille boys 737.2 

Davis, E. A. Snip and Whip, and some other boys. 1788.36 

Davis, L. C. A stranded ship 14S^.6 

Davis, R. B., formerly Mtss Harding. The captain's 

story, {in Johnson, (E.) R. Little classics) . . 1839.7.2 

— Dallas Galbraith 494.24 

— A faded leaf of history. {In Johnson, (B.) R. 

Little classics) 1839.7.10 

— John Andross 1458.8 

— Kitty's choice. A story of Berrytown 1741.5 

— Life in the iron mills. {In Atlantic tales) 480.1 

— Margret Ilowth 494.3 

— Stephen Yarrow. {In Aldrich, T. B. Quod 

stories) 1799.U 

— Waiting for the verdict 494.23 

Dayis, W. M. Nimrod of the sea; or, the American 

whaleman 1766.1 

Davt's jacket. Ward. H. L. H 1749.18 

Davy's motto; or, deeds speak louder than words. .. 509.13 

Davys, G. The saving bank 4^.24 

Dawn. Adams, H. A 1717.1 

Day, J. The old engagement 478.14 

Day, T. History of Sanford and Merton. London. 

799.22; 799.24 

— Same. New York 799^ 

.Voff. — Thit h«« bren • popular book for nnu'ly a cnaurj. 
It i* k ■tury intcndrd to ttach ri|;ht mude* of education, ai^l 
to ■lio« the happlui'M of dutiful action. 

Day, The, after the holidays. Moncrieff, R. H 52.18 

Day, The, after to-morrow, and Singed by the fir«.. 500.33 

Day, The, of small things. Manning, A 439.1 

Day's, A, ride. Lever, C. (J.) 505.6; 730.54 

Days at Mitigate. Isobel,jMnuf 1499.3 

Days, The, of Bruce; a story from Scottish history. 

Aguilar,G. 2v 765.10 

Days, The, of my life. An autobiography. Oli- 

phant, M. (0. W.) 753.10 

Days, The, of sboddv. A novel of the great rebel- 
lion in 1861. .M'orford, H 426.10 

Days, The, of the cattle plague. Prosser, Mrs 1724.14 

Days of yure. Keddie, 3/i«« — 789.7 

De profundi*. Gilbert. W 496.23 

Deacon Pitkin's farm. Stowe, U. (E.) B 1427.13 

Dead, The. alive. Collins, (W.) W 1757.1 

Dead guest. The. Zschokke, (J.) II. (D.) 715.25 

Dead lake, The. Heyse. P. (J. L.) 1711.11 

Dead marquise. The. Kip, L. 1745.55 

Dead men's shoes. Braddon, M. E 1800. 1 ; 1809.22 

Dead men's shoes. Hadermann, J. R 765.25 

Dead-sea frnit. Braddon, 51. E 730.70; 781.15 

Dead secret. The. CoUins, ( W.) W Vol. 2, 3 of 450.2 

480.60; 754.8 

Dead sin, The. Mayo, I. F 1733.5 

Dead to the world. Bauer, K 17S5.3 

Dealings with the fairies. MacDonald, G 1469.18 

Dean of Denham, The. Wood, E. P 721.7 

Dean's, The, daughter. Gore, C. G. F 410.60; 487.10 

Dean's, The, watch. Erckmann, £., and Chatrian, 

A 1760.18 

Dear Lady Disdain. MacCarthy, J 1790.18; 1S09.13 

Death-bed, The. Opie, A. Works 802.1.1 

Debenuam's vow, Edwards, A. B 710.27; 771.20 

Debit and credit. Frey Ug, G 434.3 ; 434.5 

Deborah's diary. [Charles ii's time.] Manning, A. 507.2 

Deborah's drawer. O'Reilly, E. G 509.17 

Decision. Kennedy, G 1448.12 

De Cressy. By the author of " Still waters ** 720.C 

Deep down. A tale of the Cornish mines. Ballan- 

tyiie, R. M. 714.20; 714.22 

Deep waters. Drury, A. H 492.31 

Deerbrook. Martineau, H 749.1 

Deerinus, The, of Medbury. Townsend, V. F 797.15 

Deersla YEii, The. Cooper, J. F 770.5 ; 1503.16 

Svtf. — Om of the " Lcatlier-stockinx tale*." 

Deerstalkers, The. A sporting tale. Herbert, 

H. W 51.T 

Defaulter, The. Huod, T. {In Aldrich, T. B. 

Good stories) 1799.1.1 

Slielf numbers above 21 10 in the Notes are in tiie Bates Hall. 




Shrlf. No. 

Di Foi, O. Norolfl and mise«lUQeoaf worki. Vol. 

2.5,«. St 833.9 

Cnml«Ht». — VtA. II Mriniiin of • ravallrr: MriiKiirs of 
Captain Carlrluii; liii-k-iry Cronkr; K\»iTbu«lj'a biaiim* U 
{••■budj** |ii'«iiM*M. V. Ili«for« nf Ih" pliittu* in Luii>l<»ii. lA'.'it 
Narintivr of tlir rn>at fln" of l>in<1on. IiWl; Thv •t.inn. I7»'-: 
Tli» Ciur-biirn K«ig-i«liiiiaii. VI. l«ifr aiiil ailvrtitiint •■! 
Ihinran Ckiuphril; New roraftr rtMind ihr worlili Poiliical 
tr»rU n*laf iiiR tu tlu* llano vrtUii aurovtolun. 

— Robinson Crusoo. Boston 744. ft 

— Same, [jondon 17H4.7 

— Samt. New York 1802.22 

— Same, (/n HarbaulU, A. L. British noTelists.) 

Vol. IG, 17 of 778.1 

.Vdff. — De Ftir'a irputmtluii rfati ptipularly upon hit K-'bhi- 
•viii CYuftie. fitr whi»ap placr la Uteraturr ai-v Cn« tunr undtr 
that title. UN ** Colonel Ja<-k ' and " Mfinoira uf a ca« alifi " 
•r*. howrmr, woiidrrful iraliuir pirtiirvt ot the cotiiiinttioiii 
uf the rivil van in Kngland. Ihuuitli tk-tiliou*; and Iim ** llia- 
loiy i>f the iilaJCiM" liaa drtvived many into bclirvinK it a 
ICviiuiiic iiarratl»e. 

For I)« Ki«'« life. Chadwirk'i hook C^-'iW.S] la diaruralvrlr 
written. Lre made aoiiie rr<-rntlv diavovcrfd wriiiiic^ thii 
ovcaaion of a n«v bi'^craphr [VmS.I] in IfftV. IH the brief tr 
nienioira. F»r«ter'a Bh>Krap>iii-al r*«aj [.''77 V: MM..; 3; lftU.16 
— alao Rdinburgh review. Oct., ISIAJ tc thuruufh euousb fur 
lDO»t reader! . 

Ds Fuiz; or, sketches of th A manners and customs 

of the fourteenth century. Braj, A. E. 3 r. .. 448.11 

Dk Forest, J. W. Kate Bvaumont 411.13 

— > The Lauson tragedy, (/n Johnson, (E.) R. Little 

claaic<) 1839.7.3 

— MiM RareuePs convcrkiun from secession to 

loyaltT 144:».ii 

— Orerlaiid 431.22 

— Playing the mischief 1782.12 

— Seacliff 5u0.1o 

— The Wetherel affair 17.>1.3 

Ds Krotft, 8. II. Little Jakey 44G.21 

^ Same, (/n Johmmn, (E.) R. Little classics).. 183U. 7.1 U 

Dklaplaink. Walworth, M. T 4'JC.4 

Dc LA Ramk, L. See Ramr. L. do la. 

Dsi^wARK. Jaroci, (S. P. R 180:>.ll 

Dm liKon, B. Ankaros KawiA the C«ipt. A romance 

«if modern Egypt. Ix>ndon 7GG.24 

— Same. Philadelphia 7G6.17 

Ds Lkox, T. 0. Cross purposes 7G'J.17 

DsLKo!!, L'«M^. Theconfes»ir 422.3 

Dc LiKPDK, J. See LiKFDK, J. dc. 

Ds LiKrbB, J. B. &W LiErnic, J. B. de. 

Dt L'liRMB. James. G. P. R 4G4.21; ]80:>.12 

Dkmp.rara. Martincau, II 74U.2.4 

DcHBTRiua. Schiller, (J. C.) F. von 478.1 

Dt Mills, J. The American baron 431.27 

— The babes in the woixis. A story of the Italian 

rerolution of 1848 1772.1 

— ITbe •• B. O. W. C." scries.] The •' B. 0. W. C." 

[i. e. Brethren of the White Cross] 7 17.4 

•— - The boys of Grand Pre school 4'>0.23 

Fire in the wouds 4.'>0..'»8 

Lo!«l in the fog 4.'>U..'iU 

Picked up adrift 417. 2G 

— - The treasure of the seas 1728.0 

— Cord and creese 1472.3 

«- A comedy of terrors 4 1 1.22 

— The cryptogram 43 1. lu 

— The Dodge club 1472.2 

— Helena's hoaseh«)ld ; a tale of Rome in the first 

^^ iUli r^ •••• •••• •••• •■•• •••• •••• •••• •••• •••• 144«^«al 

— The lily and the cross. A tnle of Acadia 17G4..'i 

— The living link 17«i2.2 

«- An open question 1722.7 

— The young Dodge club [series]. Among the 

brigands 4.'>0.7.'t 

The seven hills [i. e. lUme] 17 13.4 

— - The winged lion; «»r, Htories of Venice 5.'>.24 

Druov. The, of gtild. CoiiM.'ience, II 14r.*.G 

Ds MoROAX. M. On a pincuMhiou and other fairy Ules. 1424.4 

f^•■fe■f• — Theatory of \ain I^armtrn*; The arnU of love; 
Thr at.irj iifthe o|««i : Sk|^>1.| aud Uanda : The dair tree; A 
t>iy IHUkreaa; Through tltr Are. 

Drmi'strr, C. The hutel du petit St. Jean. A Gas- 

c%ta story. Leipiig 730.73 

— Snmr. London 424. ll* 

— r-eulte 17i*1.27 

— Vrra. Leipilg 72i).77 

— Same. New York 431. 12 

I .Mt.rlf. No. 

I DBJtr. hollow. Wood, E. P 503.1T; 730.77 

DR!fiii Donne. Cudlip, A 421.24; 7."i0.17 

Dkmis Duval. Thackeray, W. M 4^0.33; :i02.2» 

Dg.xisk. By the author of *' Mademoiselle Mori." 

I^ipzig 7.'»0.4 1 

— Sitmr. Xow York. 2v 782.7 

Dk.mi!<o!v, E. F. {Chrixtie Cru.\t.) Autumn le.ives. 14r,C.17 
Dknimi.i, .M. .\. {Cinra Vance.) Andy Luttrell. . . 734.7 

— Bi-^.tiv Brown, the suldier'« daughter 8U0. '>2 

— Kept from idols 4*)U.46 

— Lieutenant Mussinger 7'jO.G3 

— The lover's trials 71.1.15 

— A noble sister 8iK).8:> 

— Oppf)iiito the jail 438.14 

— Orphan Annie 477.22 

— Out of prison 42C. 17 

— The silver hand 1427.3 

— Stolen from home 173.'>.1 

— Strawberry hill 42C.24 

— The Talbury girls r»i>0.39 

— Victor Norma n, rector 1712..'> 

Dk.nmark, Wonderful tales from. Anderven, H. C. 178.). 18 

.V(ir«.— For illuttratlunaol I»aoiah hiatory.reeStAMHNAVlA. 

De.^skl, M. Goldy and Guldy's friends 1809.20 

— Lloyd D.ilan I7r,8. 18 

— Tel Tyler at ^hool IHIU.18 

— Three little Tylers .: ISUU.19 

De.'csi.ow p:ilace.*Tho. Whelpley, J. D. (In At. 

lantic Mies) 480.1 

Dr Qrixi'Kr, T. The avenger, (/a Aldricb, T. B. 

Good stories) ■ 17'.i'J. 1. 1 

— Flight of a Tartar tribe. (In Johnson, (E) R. 
Little classics) 1839.7.1 

— Klosterheim 78'»..'>; UOJ.3.2 

— Murder, cun:*idered as «>nu of the fine arts. {In 
Johnson, ( E. ) R. Little classics) 1839.7.2 

" The vi:>ion of sudden death. (In Johnson, (E.) 

R. Little classics) 1839.7.3 

Derby, C. II. (John I'hcenix.) Phtenixiana. [Cali- 
fornia life] 806.1 

DsRHKK, Francis, pfri(/f. See NoTLSr, Mrs. — . 

Desert home. The. Reid, M 718.13 

DESKRrKO mill, The. Llewellyn, E. U 1719.10 

DE^RKTEl> ship. The: a Bt«>ry of the Atlantic. Cup- 

phs, G 1 728. 1 ; 1 728. 15 

DESKHiKn wife, The. Suuthwnrth, E. D. E. N 4)3.3 

Desk and debit. Adams, W. T 172G.2 

Desloxde. M. D. John Maribel 17hS.44 

— The millrr of Silcott mill 179.'>.4 

Drhpari), Mm. M. C. Chaste as ice, pure as snow. . 1700.21 

Dbsi'KRate remedies. Hardy. T 17.'»H. 1 

Dkstint; or, the chiefs daughter. Ferrier, .S. E.. . l.'>03.10 

Destint; or, life as it is. .Murphy, R. M 1447.10 

De .^TOiJt, Madame. See B£go!I, F., cnmlesMe de. 

DBSULToRr man. The. James, i}. P. R 4G4.1 

DsTEtTiVE, The, and the somnaiubuliit. Pinker- 
ton, A 1721.5 

Drtiiromei) hcirei<(), Tlie. Dupuy, K. A 171G.25 

Dktlkf, Carl. p*eud. See BaI'KR, K. 

De Ihlliard, II. W 473.12 

De Vkrk, Latii/ D. Sn Bkac* lkrk, L'ldjf D. De Vere. 
De Vere. [English politics 1H20. etc.] Ward, 

; DEVKRKrx. G. II. Sam Shirk: a tale of the wtN^ls 

of .Maine 44C.6 

I DEVKRf.i'X. [Bolingbroke and others of Queen 

I Anne's time.] Bulwer-Lyttim, E. (G. E.) I*. 

! 420.46; 4C'>.U; 46."i.35^ 

Devotkii bride, The. Tucker, St. G 7h2.14 

De WiTr, II. G. See Witt, H. de. 

I Ds Witt, P. G. See Witt. P. de. 

Dextkk. II. M. Strert thoughts 74<i.22 

DiAl.oiiCKH. .Abbott. J 44U.4K; 739.1.8 

DiAMo.Hi) cut dt:iiuind. A story of Tuscan life. 

I Trollopc, T. A 1736.18 

DiAWiixn lens, The. O'Brien, F. J. (In Atlantic 

tairs) 4?«0. 1 

DlAVoND roi«, Thr Koddie, .Vi«« — 7S9.27 

Diana Carew. Forrester, Mrw. — 1798.12 

DtANA of Meriilor; ur, the lady of M«in«ureau. 

Dumas. A. (D.) 802.53 

Shelf niimbeni al»oTC 221 lO tu the Notes are in the Bateti Hall. 




Shrlf. No. 

Diaxa's crescent. Manning, A. 2v 439.16 

DiAXE. Macquoid. K. S 55. 23 

Diary. Bremer, F 817.6 

DiAKT and notes of Horace Templcton. Lever, C. (J.) 430.53 
DiARr of a detective police officer. \Vater«, pseud, 5U3.5 
Diary of a late phv:»ician, Passages from the. War- 
ren, S .* 720.44; 754.13.1; 767.19 

Diary of a milliner, The. Woixls, C. 11 1447.12 

Diary of a pt>or yonng lad v. Xathu^ius, M. 720.70 

Diary of an eniiuyee. [Largely art associations of 

Italy.] Jameson, A. (M.) 469.50 

Diary of Martha Uethunc lialiol 447.10 

Diary of Mrs. Kitty Trevylvan: a story of the times 

of Whitefield and the Weslejrs. Charles, E. ... 413.1 

413.8; 710.67 
Diaz, A. M. Lncy Maria 1754.3 

— A story -b<iok for the children 52.30 

— William ilenry and his friends 450.70 

— The William Henry letters 457.16 

.Vore.— Mr*. Diiu'i books pve vivid realiiAic pictures of boy 
life iu New Enj;land. 

Di Beacclerk, Lady. Sf€ Beauclerk, Lady D. 

Do Vere. 
Dick, W. B. {Joshua Jedidiak Jinks.) Uncle Josh's 

trunk-full of fun 1474.1 

Dick and Daisy scries. See Samcels, A. F. 

Dick and I 1739.10 

Dick Ma&«ev: a tale of the Irish evictions, llussell, 

T. 758.23 

Dick Rodney; or, the adventures of an Eton boy. 

Grant, J 746.25 

Dick Travcrs abroad. See Sauuels, A. F. 
Dickens. C. (J. U.) (Boz.) Barnaby Rudge. 

[Lord Gordon riots. 1780.] Philadelphia 471.11 

— Same. And Hard times. Boston 1476.1 

-^ Same. [And] Sketches. Part ii. New York.. 1782.1 

— The battle of life 1473.23 

— Bleak house. [Delays in the Courts of chancery, 

etc.] Boston 1476.2 

— Same. Leipzig. 4 y. in 2 410.26 

— Same. Philadelphia 462.20; 481.7 

•— Boots at the Hully.treo inn. Condensed 1477.12 

— Child-pictures 1477.10 

— A child's dream of a star, (/n Johnson, (E.) R. 

Little classics) 1839.7.10 

— Chops, the dwarf. {In Johnson, (E.) R. Little 

classics) 1839.7.2 

— Christmas books, and Sketches 1476.3 ; 1477.6 

— A Christmas carol. In prose 1424.6 

— Same. (In Johnson, (E.) R. Little classics).. 1839.7.5 

— Same. [And] The chimes; The cricket on the 

hearth 410.27 

— Christmas stories. Xew York 482.11 

Con/emtM. — A Christmas carol; Th« chimct; The cricket 
on the hearth; The battle of life: The haunted man : $.>me- 
budv's lagsage; Mn. Lirriper* lodj;inf;]i: Mrs. I^arriper'c 
lega^'y; Doctor Mari|;ol4; T«ro fhoM atorie*: The biijr at 
MuKbj: The aeven toor bnavelert; The lloUj-tree; Going 
into aocietj. 

Same 1782.2 

Cimtent: — A Chriftnuu carol: The chime* ; The cricket 
on the lieanh; The battle of Ufe; The haunted man; A 
ChriMiua« tree. 

— Same. Philadelphia 481.14 

Cimunta.— A Chrirtniaj carol; The chime*; The cricket 
on the htarth; The battle of life; The haunted luan; Pie- 
turn fruiii Italy. 

Same 472.15 

Cotuent*. — A Chriftmaa carol ; The chimes ; The cricket 
on the hearth : The baule of lite; The hauuU*d man. 

Same. Vol. ii 


Comtent:— \o\. II. The haunted man; The wreck of the 
Golden Mary; The seren poor trarelert; Nine new itoriea 
by thi* Clin»tuiaa tire. 

>V*. — "The wreck of the Golden Mary "and "Xine new 
storii-a by tiie Ciirivtiiias Are " arc not by Dirken*. 

— The cricket on the hearth 482.15 

— David Copperfield. [Supposed to have some ref- 

erence to Dickens's own early life.] Boston .... 1476.4 
Same. 2v 1477.11 

— Same. Leipzig. 3 v. in 2 410.28 

^ Same. New York 1783.1 

— Same. Philadelphia 481.1 

Shelf. 5*. 
Dickens, C. (J. H.), comtnued. 

— Doctor Marigold's prescriptions; Mogbj jane- 

tion 490J5 

— Dombey and son. [Illustrates the evils of pride 

and selfishness.] Boston 1476.3 

— Same. Leipzig. 3t. in2 410.29 

— Same. New York -•• 1783.3 

— Same. Philadelphia 471.U; 47M5 

— Great expectations. Boston.- .1476.6; 1477.7 

— Same. Leipzig .••• 720.^ 

— Same. New York • 463.4 

Same. 2v 17«.2 

— Same. PhiUdclphia 4812 

— Hard times. [English operatiTe life.] Leipaig. 410.30 

— Same, New York 481.1S 

— Same. PhiladelphU 481.19 

— Hunted down; and other Reprinted pieeea 17S4.11 

— Hunted down; The nncommeroial traTeller 410J1 

— Little Dorrit. [Circnmloeation oiBee, eie.] Bos- 

ton. 4v •••• 1476.8 

— Same. Leipzig. 4v 410.32 

— Same. New Y'ork 471.13 

— Same. Philadelphia 472.7; 471.8 

Same. 2v 472.6 

— Martin Chuzzlewit. [American life.] Boston.. 1476.9 

— Same, Leipzig. 2v 410.33 

— Same. London. 2v .462.12 

— Same. New York. 4t 1782J 

— Same. Philadelphia 471.7; 47L10 

— Master Humphrey's clock. 3 v. in 2 410.34 

— Mu;; by junction •• 1473.3 

— The mystery of Edwin Drood. [And a bio- 

graphical notice of the author, bj G. A. Sain.] 
licipzig 490.77 

— Same. Adapted to American soenes, oharaetera, 

cosU>m8, and nomenclature. See Nbwsll, R. U. 

The cloven foot 475.S 

— Same, and other pieces. Boston 475.11 

Contenl».— Tht mr«tenr of Edwin Drood; Marter Ham- 
phiev't clock; The AnfrfMj{a««ociation; A chikl'a hiftorv of 
kngfand; lluliday runiance ; George Silrcnnan'c explanauoo. 

— Same, and some uncollected pieoes. Boaton 471.22 

CoHtemt». — T\ie mrrtery of Edwin Drood; Geonpe Silrer- 
nian'it ex|ilanaliuu ; Hi'liday romance; Sketchca of jooBg 
coupler; New uncuimiieicialtaniplea. 

— The mystery of Edwin Drood. [Added, Part 

second'. By the spirit- pen of C. Dickens, through 

a medium, Thomas P. James] • 17413 

— New Christmas story. Mrs. Lirriper's legaey . . . 1473.3 

— New Christmas story. Mrs. Lirriper's lodginga.1800.tS 

— New stories 49 L5 

CVmrem*. — The seven poor traTelleri: Nine new ftorica by 
the Chnstinaa fire; Ilaid tinie*; Lirzie lA'igh fby E. O. Oas- 

kvli]; The miner's daughters; Fortune 'Wiidrcd. 

ycte.— Of thfMf, onlv -'The seven poor trarcUan** and 
" Haid times " are by Dicliens. 

— Same 472.2 

CvHtcft*. — Hard times; Pictures from luly. 

— Nicholas Nicklcby. [Yorkshire boardiog-sebools 

and provincial theatres.] Boston 1477.1 

Same. 2 v 1786.23 

Same. Condensed 1477.12 

— Same. Leipzig. 2v 410.3S 

— Same. Philadelphia 461.24; 461.25; 461.26 

— The old curiosity shop. Philadelphia 461.20 

Same. 2 v ^ 1712.14 

— Same; and Reprinted pieces. Boston .. 1477.2; 1477.13 
Same. 2v 47L1 

— Same. [And] Sketches. Parti. New Y'ork... 1782.4 

— Oliver Twist. [Workhouse abuses and London 

low-life.] Boston 1477.S 

— Same. Leipzig • ••..... 410.36 

— Same. Philadelphia 461.9 

Same. 2 V 46L10 

— Same. [.And] Oreat expectations. New York.. 1782.5 

— Our mutual friend. Boston. 4v 1477.9 

— Same. Leipzig. 4 v. in 2 710.4S 

— Sa'ne. Loudon.- 1730.2 

— Same. New York 722.8; 1782.6 

— Perils of [certain] English prisoners 433.26 

Shelf numbers above 2110 in the Xotes are in the Bates Hall. 

— Imair. Li'i|iiiic. 2 r. 

— Samr. X.wV.irk..., 

— !i^m^. PhiUdclphia. . 

— Itnilinet, nioilguMd .. 

Mioj. Lripilg. U0.31 

- SkertituriM 500.11 

- Tk* ■isail-iiUD. (;■• JuhoHiD, (B.) It. Liltl* 

elwuie)) 1BS9.T.8 

- SkcUliii. IlMtun U'l.e 

- StOH. L«ipii|i 72U.10 

- Smm,. Haw Yi.rlt 1T83.S 

- Si.!. Philulvlphia 4C1.I; 4U1,3 

- dmike, rrom Niihulu Nicklebj 4(!'i.S5 

- Sooebndj'a luagrngs; Mn. Liiripcr') Iwlringt; 

Mn. Unlpci'a leK*e; *eO,8I 

- A telsof (so eltic*. {Psrii aod Londtiu in lb* 

ti» uf tba PiDDBh rorglalloD, 17ti9.] Uiptl|[. TSO.Il 

- tiamt. IMilladelpliift 47:1.13; 1TX4.4 

- Samt.aM Gnnt si|>ceUtiuni. lii>ft'>D..14TU.G; 1477.; 

- Same. [And] Itaril timca r<'r tbn« tliuM. Naw 

V<.rk 1-81.7 

- 11» unsoinnierL-inl inirellcr| lUid tiiii»V»>d Tbe 
ajUnj gf EJoin l>r«Kl. Haw York 


. *raller; 
jck; »uw CbrliliDM 



— Ili^nrictU Titnpla. Laipilg 4IU.39 

— Sanit. Undgn 1»78.> 

— Iiiiin in hiiitvn. Tbu lnrernnl nuriaga. Pupa- 

nilla. Count AUreot; a tnijcly 7JM4 

— Lulbair. [Catbuliciim in KnglanJ.] Uipiig... T10.15 

— Sam,. Ni-w Ywk JJI.31 

— Uirimii Alruy ; a rumanca of ibi' twainh cscnlurf. 7^:.I1 
or lakandcr. (/a Jobnwn, (K.) U. 


. .1B3U.7.6 

— SjLil. Ltfipiig 

— An«(. Luud...l 

— Sam,. (And) Alrojr 4U0.30 

— TjMKd. U-n-iig 7iO.U 

— S.ini,. Uindun 7jl.l 

— V*n*tU 410.40 

— ViiianUntf 410.41 

— Tbe vujraga uf CapUin Pupaailla 443.6 

— Tba juung dok*. 1 v 431.6 



. 4'i0.G9 

hix.1. Tba, ai it waa. BurLon, W 44t).S 

\,.t iluLljtut., .Vn. J I4a.U 

1. ScaDHintbapractioaufaMoK York 

I I>octuB, Tbc. Soutba;, It. .. 

' UUCT.IH lll.itiu' 
UOLTKIt Uifllb 1 

W. >i 

I Da. Uuahwhach 
I Dr. ll.,-.^ll-a r>i 
I Due-run Jaa.b. 


Digit lUatbeula. 
UiGuiso a gnvu 
l*imj - ' - ■ ' 

K Aniutiiu. [UiHlcm lulian politiu.] Rnf- 

li. 11 730.3; 7S0.B; 7S6.9 

lm,n... A.(D.) 447.* 

nd hii juung frivodL Tbackan;, 


■I, Tba njiD|;a uf. Gitiana, >'. S. . . 771.J4 

lily. Talctl, Mr,. U. II Uul.ll 

Kdvirda, M. da 1) 147)1.14 

DmTUH Jutiiia. [Ufa Ib (.'••aucolionl.) .Mitchvit, 

D. U. -ir 414.S 

Dut-ruK Kemp 71I.S 

I Dm-tuH Mirlgnid'l pTenri|itiana. Uiokena, C. (J. 

i H.) 4~1.II; 4M.JS 

G4.ID DoTTi.nOi'aciperimcat. Varoa, J..17«tl.4: I77G.<;; 1776.) 

. II. U. Tiia arcd i.r tba eboreh. A talo Dh. Plaa<id'i {alianta. Ilailcj, U. L. 4iO.B6 

dairauf Trajan ITIIS.33 i DmnuR Tlioriip. Tiullojic, A 4it.'..4; 1SUI.4 

urT [Puiltin of the 

>. D. Foa, 

>BTH, T. M. 
kin^uln, VV.'ii.'il' 

Vaiidjko. (Virginia lifa 

1 ' U<HT>; 

I, J. E. T...T '. 4!l.tS 

I. It D<K-toR WalDoriicfat'ii paUaDt. Vatca, li 473.17; 71U.7S 

1.17 Dih-Ti.k'i. Tbe, daagblat. CUrka, K. S "la.lO 

Hall, A. M.... 416.18 b<H-T.iH'«, Tli', dllimiiia. .Suillb, II 411.16 

>. Knlsbl, E.C 

ai>T. V. Tb- amauin. [Art n 
:i> daagbtcr, Tlia. Soalbir..Tlli, 
:■• wifr. Thv. A. .. 

D-ii;, Marj A. (f-W If«m,llun.} Chi 

d <r..rld 


■)ur«rj ».K.ninB. 

Tilt' jiunuit -t knuwlr<lga UHdi-r dIBcu 



ToelTs mill-) rn>iB a Irnu.n 


u.:r.. }UI7 K. ^'lini Itrlnkar. A at-.r; 

r iir- ii 

tUi«ir nuiobent above 21tO In tbe KoteH are iu the Bute* Uall. 




DoDGSy N. S. Stories of a grandfather about Ameri- 

can historj 1749.24 

Dodge club, The. De MUle, J 1472.2 

DoDGSox, C. L. (Lewis CarrolL) Alice's adven- 
tures in Wonderland. Boston 744.2 

— Same. London « 744.3 

— Thningh the looking>glas8, and what Alice found 

there. Boston 743.13 

— Same, London 765. 13 

Doe, C. H. Buffets. [Original Ij published in 

••The Boston courier"] 1760.14 

Dobsticks, Q. K. Philander, peeud. See Thomson, 

Dog Crusoe, The. A tale of the Western prairies. 

Ballantyne, R. M 714.21 

Dog Crusoe, The, and his master. Ballantyne, 

R. M 714.19 

Dog fiend. The; or, Snarlejyow. [Smuggling, 1700.] 

Marrvat, F .* 745.8; 745.26; 745.30; 1419.14 

Dog, a, of Flanders. Rame, L. de la 783.27; 1839.7.10 

DoiKG and dreaming. Mayo, I. F 1784. 16 

Doi KG his best. Trowbridge, J. T 1466.29; 1763.7 

DoiXGS in Maryland; or Matilda Douglas 1713. IS 

Doings of the Budlej family in town and country. 

Scudder. U. E 51.9 

DOLBT and father. *' Buz," peeud 14G9. 16 

Doll world. O'Reilly. E 4G9.5 

Doll's, The, club. Johnson, V. W 460.48 

Dollars and cents. Warner, A. B 793.12; 793.13 

DoLLiTER nunauce. The. Hawthorne, X 1808.10 

Dolores. Forrester, 3fr*. — 1771.6 

Dolores. Robinson, B 422.8 

DoMBET, pseud., joint author. No thoroughfare. See 

D s, C -s 422.15; 1800.2:J 

DoMBET and son. [Illustrates the evils of pride and 

selfishness.] Dickens, C. (J. H.) 410.29 

471.14; 471.15; 1476.5; 1783.3 
Domestic animals. Heads and tails: studies and 

stories of pets. Lippincott. S. J 1429.18 

Domestic stories. Craik, D. (M.) 480.63 

Dominica A. The. Williamson, T. 3v 1797.4 

Don Qtviiote. Cervantes Saavedra, M. de 51.6 

787.10; 787.15; 1776.15 

S'ote. — A fatnoac 9p«nieh novel ridiealinK the mmknc«« of 
rhiralrv. which were coniinon io the sixteenth centunr. For 
itc potuion in litemtore wr Ticknor'c " llittory of Spaniah 
litenuare'*C.'VI.L-t; -lUi.l; 300.51): .HXM.!: .'W9I.5; SIOLlAlaod 
Preflco«'s ewajr on Cervante* [865.4; S^S^. 

Do5iA Josefa. (/n Patrallas; or. Spanish stories) ..457.19.3 

Donald Deane, and his cross. Bradley, W. 1 448.5 

Do.'^aldson, J. L. Sergeant Atkins [Seminole war.] 767.19 

Don AT Clare, the manuscript man 1508.6 

DoNBAVANf), B. Wild Ireland; or, recollections of 

some days and nights with Father Michael 761.3 

DoNi, A. F. Novels. (/nRoscoe, T. Italian novel- 
ists) 427.8.3 

Doom, The, of the Griffiths. Gaskell, £. C 720. 17 

Doomed hunter. The. Bowen, J. L. 1789.5 

Door, The, without a knocker. Prosser, Afr«. 1508.16; 1787.3 

Doors outward. Bobbins, S. C 1765. 15 

Dora. Kavanagh, J 490.55 

Dora Deane. Holmes, M. J 493.22 

Dorcas club, The. Adams, W. T 1777.1 

Dorking, The battle of. Chesney, 6. (T.) 1809.34 

A'or*. — An ftcroiintof ui imt.gUta.Tf battle. In some fkitarc 
inrasion of England by the German*. 


DoROTBT. By the author of " Still waters' 

DoROTBT Fox. Parr, L 491.1; 

Dorr. J. C. R. Expiation 

•— Sibyl Huntington 

Dorset, S. A. {Filia.) Agnes Graham 

*Dorval; or the speculator 

DoTEN, B. Hesper, the home-spirit 

— My affinity : and other stories 

Dotty Dimple. Clarke, R. S 

DoTTT Dimple at her grandmother's. Clarke, R. S. 

Dottt Dimple at home. Clarke, R. S 

Dottt Dimple at play. Clarke, R. S 

Dottt Dimple at school. Clarke, R. S 

Dottt Dimple out West. Clarke, R. 3 

Dotty Dimple's Flyaway. Clarke, R. S 


Double house. The. Craik, D. (M.)... 710.33; 762.9 

Double play. Everett, W 44€.ll 

Double story, A. MaoDonald, G 1466.9 ; 1785.13 

Double wedding, A. Warfield, C. A 1781.8 

DoUBLT false. Stephens, A. S. (W.) 416.4 

DoUDNET, S. Faith Harrowby 1714.9 

— Nothing but leaves. London 63.24 

— Same, New York 53.17 

— Under gray walls •• 137.15 

Douglas, A. M. Claudia 1447.15 

— Drifted asunder 1797.7 

— Homo nook 1734.11 

— Intrust 480.30 

— Kat hie stories. In the ranks 797.18 

Kathio's aunt Ruth 799.18 

Kathie's harvest days 797. 19 

Kathie's soldiers 797.17 

Kathie's summer at Cedarwood 799.19 

Kathie's three wishes 799.20 

— Lucia : her problem 806.8 

— The maidenhood series. Seven daughters 1456.5 

— Nelly Kinnard's kingdom 45.1 

— The old woman who lived in a shoe •• 1764.11 

— Santa Claiuland ....17S6.16 

— Stephen Dane 1445.1S 

— Sydney Adriance 1447.23 

— With fate against him 4{$0.31 

Douglas, />i</y G. Linked lives 1801.8 

I Douglas, Marion, pseud. See Grbrrk, A. D. 

; D'ouTRE murt. Spoffbrd, H. E. {In Johnson, (B.) 

R. Little classics) 1839.7.3 

Dote, The, in the eagle's nest. [Baronial life. 

Thirty years' war.] Vonge, CM 480.23 ; 710.53 

Dove's, The, nest. Llewellyn, E. L. 1719.11 

Dower house. Cudlip, A 421.25 

Down in Tennessee, and back by way of Richmond. 

Gilmore, J. R 496.1 

Down in the valley. Coffin, R. B 77S.11 

Down the river. Adams, W. T 729.18 

Downs, £. Harry Maitland 508.11 

Downward and upward. Bates, L. 765.6 

Drafts for acceptance. Raymond, G 1478.9 

Draxt Miller's dowry. Holm, Saxe. Stories 1756.11 

Dratson, a. W. The gentleman cadet 1774.11 

Draytons, The, and the Davenants: a story of the 

civil wars [in England]. Charles, £ 413.7; 490.15 

Dream children. Lamb, C. (/a Johnson, (E.) R. 

Little classics) 1839.7.5 

Dream children. [Imaginative stories for children.] 

Scudder, H. E 734.11 

Dream cbints. The. Mackarness, M. A. Sunbeam 

stories 436.4.3; 476.7 

Dream, The, fulfilled 1419.31 

Dreamland by daylight. Cbesebro', C 1444.8 

Dream life. Mitchell, D. G 416.11 

Dream numbers- Trullope, T. A 786.10 

Dream, The. of little Tuk. Andersen, H. a 744.18 

Dream-woma.v, The. Collins, (W.) W 1779.13 

Dreams and realities in the life of a pastor and 

teacher 1444.13 

Dreamtborp. Smith, A. (In Johnson, (E.) R. 

Little classics) 1839.7.4 

Drbd; a tale of the great Dismal swamp. Stowe, 

H. (E.) B 430.81; 796.11; 806.6 

yate. — Th'xt norcl of sla^enr waa kiMwo later as '*Nlna 


Drew, C. Harry Chalgrave's legacy 1414.11 

Drifted asunder. Douglas, A. M 1797.7 

Drifting and steering. Peebles, M. L. 1719.15 

Drifting goodward. Laiub, M. J 438.7 

Drinkwater, J. M. Mariun's little 8u<ter, and the 

hard thing she found to do 448.8 

Driven from the path. Smart, C 1743.18 

Driven to sea. Cupples, A. J 447.14 

Dropped from the clouds. Verne, J 1775.1 ; 1795.1 

Droz, G. Around a spring 411.11 

— Leisure hour series. Around a spring 1737.8 

Babolain 1737.7 

Drummer boy. The. A story of Burnside's expe- 
dition. Trowbridge, J. T 724.1 

Shelf numbers above 2110 in the Notes are in the Bates Hall. 


Drdbt, A. II. D«pwilen i91.3t 

— Biilborj 4ie.e 

— Tlioino bjlbeaniida lOJH.Jt 

— MiireprcHiiUtinn *8.Vai 

— Hidhard Kowc'i panal 146U.:tl 

— The nlorj of m ihuwer IBJ.l 


I of Mnn 


Hof Uunts-Crlito lS->.^! 

Ddcbih, The, uf Tr^cttn. MuDniog, A i3'i.9 

DrDiVART, A. L. A. U. {Gargt S^nil.) AotuDii. ITil.lU 

— CeuriiH Uietrish Ki-Ti 

— Cooiudu. tltnl;, miiiiul life, >la.] 473. ir>; i'G.U 

— Tlia WnnteM of Hudulftult 171.IJ; ITS.:!; 47(i.l4 

— Padette 1440.17 

— FioehoDtbaeriikci 47ii.8 

— Ilanilfuma Lawnnsa. A Hqufl M " A rvllJnK 

,Uut" 4ai.lB 

— UlU Merqaam 4711, 16 

— Tbe mirquiida Villouar 731.16 

— UiaiiTit Tei^lS 

— The miller of Angibiult 

K Sjrl.e, 

. 431.1.1 

. 4T6.2I 



■ - The qDaan'l DMkU«e 

i<lra(D.), tntiivd. 
r ■ pbjiloiao wrisi.] Utnoln of » 
[Fmnee, 1770-74 ; <le*lb of ttaa 

log of tba Uiitllls 

Tbe eunni 

Freiioh rovu 

».■«».(. 1*1 

AnJrra d 

Freiieb muo 

Tbr obiTnl 

— The Muh 

"uon'l l^d. 

Iladelpbi* .... 

431.24; 711.11 

the duwntill of 
rehy Tll.IS 

iof Algeria 73i.4 

- Ttronljijrun after. [Maurin, 1615, Mo.) ... TIl.l 

- UragelooDO; tba wn of Atbui. [KarululioD 

Id KoKUud, 1688, etc.] 1478.T 

- Tba inm maik. [Luui* iiv and tbe ptbodtr 

- Thrw 

in liei 

c.>A i-i:.3 

luver.The. Mui^ui, (J. C] A 41S.1.3i 418.10 

:ha. Eilgewar[h,H 4ti7.I.Ii 468.8.S 

Liir. Kennadr, U 800.10; 807.17; 

X, II. Talei bf tbe Swltiib ]>canotrj lU.tD 

K Campbell, L<raaTidad*«ntarc>or. I)a Foe, D.US.H.fl 

*,H..n.Mr.. Wieekad. out iMt 1714.11 

_ -■•o, ,Wr.. A. K. UuDtradiatioDa HaClJ 

DDDBTaRT, (J. F.) M. (A.) (JVanrice Saarf.) — The Brtt glaM of wine. 5(( lliLL, A. U 44«.1S 

CUlithoe 47n.ll. Ddhotek, il. F. Trua (Wrla* uf tba timoiof Bieb- 

DEHLtr Ckrleod. llra<l<, M. E. Vli-S:' ■ aid ii UtS.lO 

Di-Di.Kr ea^le. r^brrw.xKl, M. M. Work* 4J3.I.13 > Dcpur, £. A. All ri>r luro 1713.11 

DvrKMHK, A. Sturicx-r Uvnr}' and llenrirtla .... 747.1! — 1 lie caMulIrd will 4&b.l4 

bcDAXXiE, A. J. II. The king-a man; Manowil'a — Tbe clniidctti no marriage 1774.10 

dauihlet. [Aliui] lladga Wjidc, b; [Arthur — The drllirtincd livireu 1716.U 

Tuwnlejl 144(1.18 — Tin diMaidcd wife 1777.11 

DcKE. Tlia, >.r M..i»Doiitb. [HebelliuD, Jamci ll'a , — Tbe gijuf ') naroing 1733.11 

time.] driffin.U 1809.IT|_The hiddvn lin. Saqnel hi "Tba dvtbruDod 

DcEKEBoBuDan talei. Juhofton. H. M 17U6.I4 bilreat" 14J4.S 

Udlckm. II. W., f./«of. Mural nur«fy Ulea fur l_ lluwhadidit 4.18.11 

ehildrcn 14I0.:'J| — Michael Kudolpb 4.i8.M 

DOHAa. Ali'iindre, IA( ywajin-. AdnetU; or the , — Tbe mydeliuua gueil ITH.* 

ltd; of tlia pearli 481.10 —A - " ■ ' - - 

— Cknltle. 

Dchah. Aleiandni(l>.} 

— The btaek tHlip. [Seei 
le llloai 

- Catberii 

'i daughlrr. 

.. 8Ul..'.ll— .S^m,. Pbili»icl|.bia... 
.. -31.1Hi_ Wbj- did be marry bcr? 
..U4M.I1. — Wbu rhtll b« >iclur? 

iew Vurk.. 

— The< 

— Thai 

I of .Mod 

i-Crintn. [Thellaiidnd daya, 


te(|Uvl tu " The «D- 
lAv, U. P. i\ny I 

>u'i> Hire 

. 4JS.10 
. 4i8.ll 



loaof Meridnr 


uuind I>aolea. A (e<|Dt 

oountof Munlc 
M>r IBlh] .... 

— Pelina de Chtabiire, the femalo ftrnJ 17 

— Tba r'rlj.fiio guardftDao. (Tiiae uf llaorj in, 

(iitetDtb ttntorjl T 

— OeerKei or, iho planlei of the iole uf Franca.... 

— m* half br.,lhera 

— The h.,rti.ra uf Paria. A leiiuol to •• The Mo- 

bican*i<f Paria" 17 

— Inganye; or, Ibedaaih uf ManI 1 

— Tb* Ip'bImihI: ur, (be kaigbt "f Maolnin 7 

— Irabelof tUT.iia; -i. tlic ohruDiL-lM uf Franco 

■bbrj. Tti<lli>|>fi, 
II biitury and life. .s,t und^r U.v e<.ui 
lllia!l'>>. The. Br»l<le. l>auldiiig. J. K. 
' and affceliuD. Uuriti, U. {U Ubimbrn, W. 

ary for Jivng people) 440.IIJ 


. The, 

> Fivi 

lUKterimec. rulige, C. U 430.73; TBS.S 

.>«. Siurlra r..r willing »>ra 17l«.10 

IVhiliiiK. Atkint, U. A SOII.Ht 

>,1hf, danjffabr. I^enell. K. U 4».] 

Kltriir. Fnindlln. K. E. 411.1T 

K. The, brira. W.-mI. K, P. .'•Ul.lO 

aud libi 

Klieir nnnibeni ubovt! 21 lU in tlic Notcn ura in tliv Hutvit llitll. 


a, Tha, promin. RiddcU, J. I 

sDgh, W. O 

.y -torj Mltn. Vllentin.. 


1, W.H 

Eastxax, J. A. Tbs Romnsjra oT RidgenioDt. 

— Soboul days of DauUb Koume; 

— Striking br the ligbL [Tba thounnd i 

. 600.7 


D. C. 

DD, Fn 

. . 17M.11 


biUnU. Edea. Hen. B b00.17 

[Uor. Latrullah 130.1 

E.tsr book, Tbe, Tor littlBcbildrgn. Sborsy.J. L. ..1T39.I1 
Sttt Warrea and hit cotempiHiLrita. Coggeab*11, 

W.T T«.31 

B»»-IIDB. Fiiber, F. C 731.29 

Ubk!( Ertkin*., J 788.9 

EuiiB,U. Tba dmugbtsr of an Egjrplian king 779.0 

— An EgypliiD priD»B 710.80 

of Puii. BiebftrdaDD, J. 
iliGran^, 3(«..'a. K. 

Ad biitorioal Ule gf (ba 6nl century of tbe 

ohnrch 1766,6 

— Talaa iltualnitiDg abunh hialarj UIB.I 

Mtda. Pane 

, E.C. . 

Wotki . 

Pike, M. U 

BcHuiaor a (amoai yar. Put, H 

EcKLsr. S. U. Enilia 

BcoNoiir. Sberwund. M. U. 
Em MurtoD i " 

EnDitB round (ba [eetur;. Varr*, 

Eddy, D. C. Ualter'i tour in lb« But. 


EoELWKiaa. Anarbaeh, B 

£[>IN,C.1I. TbebumEuriha' 

1, H. U.. 

. S07.ll 

. Til. IS 
. 711. IS 

— Ralph f 

■ildi of Can 

E-f, H<m. EL» 

aebed < 

. 500.17 

BoatoD 495.1S 

— Simi. London. It 195.10 

— Tbe aemi.deUDhed houM 195. T 

Edubsdeih. A. Miriam RoMobaaui: a itory of 

Jswi.b life ITII.13 

Bds'h, J. a. Cafalieraandntundhfadsi ur, itoriai 

of lbs grMt civil iTBr [in Eailand] 180.38 

EnaAB Huntlj. [Sleep walking.] Brown, C. " 

Enei-UtLU Ueatb, J. E. 3> 

Emid tools. Kobbini, S. C. 

EiKiEwonTD, M. Talst ind Doieia. Vol. '. 

757.11; 1 

Edoewobtb, H., c 

a. 10 

I Z\. I], cult fUchirnli ._ . 

rll-jim^antHm; Fnimttr; Tbt PntHUa n 
. 11(3.1]. Anxrliiii; Tkri-ialFffiirki 

— Beliuda. (/a Barbaold, A. L. Bntiih uoTelists.) 

Vol. 19, 50 of 17B.I 

— Ennal, and Emllio do Coulanges tl7S.10 

— Frank ISa.T 

— Harry and Luoy [eta.] 11S8.1 

'^Kfiaj «B Mth iMlla.' Real vierj-dar riHriencH aava 
Hidum brra hMUr Ktvphkallj pflnrejrd Man la ^ Beihidli." 
In - Umrrmftim " titr ilincd w rormt the DDfitar ncnudK* 
mvaJnit 0w JrwB. lii"ThiBri''itbirhrrvniuraTiralL pur. 

LjLo. UolfflM, M. J. ... 

PrMcot. Manhall, B. .. 

V.oghan't victory. Piec* 

lifo-work . 

. 731.S 
. 439. IB 
. U79.7 

.iTu'g mislaka. Stablor. J. L. 

.tTB'a TesUrnont. Ubaptuan, M. S 1196.14 

.■DSD UsDtet. {CauKS of Ibc rscolutiou of 184B.] 

Dumai, A. (D.) 735.» 

iBOSuDiou. liecbM, C. IV 1715.8 

imjuD KlRKR, pimil. Set QlLHORI!, J. R. 

i!iA Browning. Ilolmc^ M.J 493.17 

6b«ll' numbers above 2110 in the Notes are In the Bates Hall. 




8helf. No. 

EMOTt,S. I., pteud. Barbara 146ti.2 

— Sili'iit Tom. [Tho thouMnd dollar priio soriet]. 172K.11 

EbWAKi) Austin. Ingraham, J. 11. THo.l'i 

£owAKi> Clifford. Tn>whrid)^, C. M 5UU.21 

Edwauu Uakrrtt, jt»cwi. JSee Mato* I. F. 

EuMAKO MaosGeld. SherwoiMl, M. M. Worki .... 452.1.8 
Edward Oabornp, The oolloquip* of. Manning, A. . . 4(>8. 17 
EnwARoe, Amalia B. Barbara'^ bi^torj. Leipiig.. 

— Smmt. NowYork 721.12 

— Debenham'f TOW. Loipiig 71U.27 

— ^nme. Now York 771.20 

— The foor-fiflc«u cxproM. (/« Johnaon, (K.) K. 

LittloelaMies) 1839.7.8 

— Half a million of monej. Loipiig 710.43 

^^ ^Ainfm n ow 1 orK «••.«..•...••....•..■..•■•. i im» 1 1 

— Uand and glovo. Leipiig 710.49 

^*^ oAttlf. X^eW I orK .«•• «... ••..•... .... ....•.« Vv A. 1 V 

— In the dajs uf luy joutb. Luipsig 1728.5 

— Samt, Philadelphia 175r>.7 

— The ladder of lifo 721. lii 

— M J brother't wife 721.8 

— A night ooTtho bordcn of the Black forcit [and 

other stories] 1769.2 

Cmattttt. — A uish: on (li^ Utrilrr* uf ili<< lllaek forr«t : The 
'; In 
i>: Th 
Mury ; ALI-«»lBta' ev«. 

ftorjr «»f Haiuiiir; In tiiv ii>iiff«ii*»iMl: Thi* traKrtly In lh« 
FBlauoRunlHIu: The fbui-ltftrrii rxpie«p; ^Ul«r /ohanne'i 

\ I 

Edwards, Annie. Archie Lore 11 771.2 

» E«t«lle 1776.8 

AW«. — Thit book wu pablUheil iu EnKlend under the 
lltlr or ** Crwd*.'* 

— Leah: a woman of fashion. Leipiig 1749.27 

— A'amr. New York 1760.17 

— MiM Forrester 1731.10 

— The ordeal for wires 1713.2 

— Ought we to risit her 7 Leipiig 750.6.) 

— Samt, New York \ 732.26 

— Philip Eamseliffe 771.1; 1722.8 

— A point of honor 492.21; 178ti.l7 

— Steven Lawrenec, jeoman. Leipiig 7 10.U6 

— Snmt, New York 491.30 

— Su«an Fielding 771.3 

— A Tagabond heroine. Leipiig 1748.9 

-^ Samf, New York 1748.1 

RiiWARii*, Mr: C. M. The rainbow side 487.13 

EiiWAKDii, M. doB. Uootor Jacob 147K.14 

— Fi'licia 55.2 

— Kilty 771.4 

^ Mademoiselle Josephine's Fridajs, and other 

stories 1773.11 

f''<N/»M(«. — Madi-moiarlle Ji>w|>hiDo's I'ruUji: Kpipiiilrf 
In tlir iifc uf a muticien; Two Irilrrt that rroamil; Cliri«tiiiaa 
In thcdrwrt: I^ravn fkimi • luit dlarv; At ihi* wiirlil'i rnJ: 
Hutu in the Kanleo: Fhikmieua: Mjr cuuelu lU'oAe; Two 
vltiter ila) e. 

^ The SjlTcftrcs. Leipiig 750.56 

^ Sam*. Philadelphia 421.11 

Ei»w 1 51 and Alicia. Shvrwuod, S. . . .« 1418.4 

KiiwiM Brothertoft. H'inthrop, T .'i04.6 

Edwih Drood, The mjsterj of. Dickens. C. (J. II.) 471.22 

475.11; 4^0.77; 173i».16 
.— tViiffif. AdnptiMl to American scenes, characters, 

eostoms, and nnmoiichiturv. Str Nkwkll, K. II. 

The cloven fiHit 475.8 

— ^ Snme, (.I'/r/r//, Part second. Bj the ftpirit-|>en 

of C I>ickenff, through a medium, Thomas P. 

J.imes] 1741.3 

ErriK Mini I. lliibourne, C. S 783.1 

E»-riK Wingatp'a work. (Mivllis M. \> 790.72 

ErrisUfHAMik, The, or homo as 1 found it. 2 v 797.8 

S^f — Thii ■mil la a rrpljr ti J. F. C^Mpcr'i " Iloine aa 


Etu.<«, P. The birthright reatored 771.8 

— nittf*-ejcd witch 1 771.10 

— aifl'.nUrej 7Tl.rt 

— liagar Uit. [S««|uel to *< The {M^r girl"] 17(;2.1<; 

— Imogene 777.14 

— LAdj Maud; the wonder (»f KingnwiMal chnco ... 771.11 

— Mj lore Kate 77 1. 12 

— Mjra; or, the cruise of tho Svabird lT.{0.r> 

~- The p«Hir girl . . , 1 7»;2.H 

— The scarli-t flower 17».2. 1.1 

— The snake in thi< ;;raM 771.9 

Hhelt. No. 
EonLRSTON, K. The circuit rider: a tale of tho 

heroic age • . . 1456.4 

— The end <if the world. A lore storj 1712.4 

— The H«N)«ier school-master. [Western life] t»06.21 

— The myftery of Metntpolisrille..,? 1732.5 

— The schoolmaster's stories for boys and girls. 

[American homes series] 1774.7 

Eiitii.ktiTo.M, G. C. Tho big brother. A story of 

Indian war 53.9 

— A man of honor ^ 1754.12 

KoLA!fTi.xR. Tabor, E 1760.1 

Eur IT. 

jr<irfjf k*ii'.ry. — (2. Kbera, *' Ktne arKvittiachr Koniirfoch- 
ter" [JSShJ'I. tniniilat>-tl »iy II«-iirj Uw^l a« " Tin- •!« ii:tiii-r 
nnr" liTAAi], 


if an KKTHian kinn " [7rA.4iJ. ami again a« "An K;:t|iti«n 
iriii«fii« trio ml, H. c. .".»!, (ale. .\lifo Teriatioii. " SrOi.i* • 
in Kn-nrh, 'Jt^i:.'.!:.': In KnKli«h, 4707.0], omrt uf Mviuphi*. 

K. rpham. ** lUmr«ri," Pharaiih*. 

Thtiiiia* .MiHirt-, "The rpiruiian"C7M.t>3. ChrlMlaui. thlnl 
c^<iicnr% . tali> 

C. kiiiK«lvr. ■'IlypMla" N^».:f7i 4H4.11: 4M.1.1], Alexan- 
<Iri« ill clif fitrly |)art uf tnr tildi cfiilnrjr, tale. 

jVo/.m Ai«f<j«>. — K. Ih- lA-on, " Aikams KaMlt llie Cufit " 
r7«>;.ir: 7«»:.:!IJ. tmtf . Miliilharh, **M>ihaMiiiird \U aiMl hie 
huiur" L^^ W. U- l>ii'K'<tiv««. •• llviniann Ai;ha" 
C4»*.-.5n. t-l—e «»r laM nnturv. Ai«. t - ihi- IVIlah " C4:h.»:, 
tele. Ju:iA.i Uawthurne. *'lii.lnir> liriL'ill'}. 

EariTiA.N piincessr, An. £bcr«, (i 710.80 

Ek'Hkmi»uu»'F, J. Ton. Memoir^of ag«>od-for-nothing. 480.11 

Ei«iiiT oouriiiis; or, tho aunt-hill. .-\Ioott, L. M 51.14 

EiLDoN manor 723.11; 72H.18 

Eii.i.» \ II r, K. The boy with an i<le:i 1746.6 

— The our.itr% dincipline 1493.8 

— Ernie Kl ton: at home and at sohoiil 1746.9 

— From thiiitlf.i — grapes? 731.12 

— Lady Aloret'^uu's daught4:r 17(^.3 

~ The love that lii-ed 1772.7 

— Some of our girls 51.4 

— Woman's wrong 17 14. 13 

— The young m|uiro 17 18.3 

EiHK.XE. Clcmmer, M 431. 2U 

Eldkk, W. The enchanted beauty and other tales. . 1444.10 

Eldf.k si)4ter, The. Jamen, M 495.4 

Klka.yok Willooghby's self. Noble, A. L. 4.50.44 

ELRANuKb victory. Braddon, M. K. 492.32; 73<).51; IH02.19 

Elkanou'i* virtit. Mathews, J. II 1777.13 

Ei.K«TioJi. The 807.11 

Ei.KiTiVE aflinities. Uuethe, J. W. von H47.1 

Elkujat, L.,fMrwi.? Oeiistiria lictoria 1789.15 

Elena. An lUlian Ule. Otuiiyn, L. N 176.1.6 

EuKo!fiiKR. It«>theuffls, p]. von 797.28 

Elki'OA.vt club, History and records of the. Thoui- 

s«m, M 459.21 

ELi*RKi>. Abb'itt, J 440.33; 739.1.6 

El Fcrkiimh. [Eastern life.] Cummins, M.S. 444.2; 720.28 
Eliot, George, p»tud. Her Lewu, M. G. 

Eliza Cuiniin^haui, Memoirs of 724. 1 1 

Eliza Whartm, The coquette; or, tho history of. 

Fwter, II b07.8; 807.1C 

Eliza Wtnidii^in. Farnham. E. W 7H2.6 

KuzAiicru, The story of. Thackeray, A. I .'>00.26 

750.5; 1494.15; 1791.1.6 
Eliz ABr.Tii, or tho exiles of Siberia. Cottin, S 499. 14 

— Sumr. (In Masiterpieces of fiction) 17H2.14 

Kc.lZAIlKill WkTIIKUKLL, /Mruf/. Srr WaKNRU, S. 

Elkamaii BrewDtor'p temptation. NordhotT, 0. (/a 

Atlantic Uiles) 4S0. 1 

Klla. Simonds, W 747. 19 

Ella of Garveloch. Martinesu, H. 749.2.5 

ELLG.f 01inl<.n. W., II 50i;.25 

Ellk?c I<4>flie. .Macintosh, .M. J 437.5 

Kli.K!! Linn. Abbott. J 7;tH.4.7 

Ellk7« Middleton. Fullerton, La'/y tl. C. (L. U.) 

410 41*.; 4.W.4 
Ellkx Montgomery's b<Kik>iihelf. Warner, S. and 

A. B 717.24 

Ei.LE!! Mordaunt 725.8 

Kllkn Ni'fbury. Bennett, K 42t:.*j3 

Kllkn Parry, niivin, ;»«/u / 4^7.21 

Ei.LKX Wnrehiiin. Piek.ring. E 792. 13 

Ellk^'!* id-.l. Ph.lp-. K. .< 14f.r..31 

Kl.l.KltTnN VlMfK^T, ;j»rii-/. »Vrr L«MiA!«, M C. 

Kli.ii. .Wr.». K*. F. KaniMr* ab"Ul the country 4'»9.l?> 

KM.ior. K. Thi< It-ili.Mi'. I«*-tp/ig 1779.31 

— StiiMr. New York 1747.1 

Shelf numberM above 21 lO in the Notes are In the IfatcH llalh 





Sbeir. No. 
Eluott, G. W. {Mr. Thorn, White.) Wind and 

whirlwind 1445.28 

Ellis, E. S. The riflemen of Miami 1788.2 

— The trail-huDters 1789.8 

Ellis, S.S. The brewer's family 436.1 

— nearU and homea. 2r 804.8 

— Home; or, the iron mle 804. 10 

— The minister'fl family 1469.6 

— ProTention better than core 804. 1 1 

— Self-decoptioD 1762.9 

Ellis Bell, pseud. See Bront^, B. (J.) 

Elus Gray, pseud. See Cragim, L. T. 
Ellsworth, 0. ( Timothy Thistle. ) A single gentle- 
man 1445.19 

Elm tree tales, The. Smith, F. L B 1446.7 

Elm island stories. See Kellogg, E. 

Elms homestead. Johnson, Mrs. M. 769.20 

Elmwood; or, Helen and Emma. Mayfield, G 1425.3 

Elm WOOD ; or, the inalienable inheritance 759. 1 1 

Eloisa. Roassean, J. J. 2t.... 1448.1 

Elsie Oinsmore. Finley, M 717.19 

Elsie Gorham, pseud. See Carter, Mrs. — . 

Elsie Magoon. Gage, F. D 1445.1 

Elsie Vennor. [New England manners.] Holmes, 

0. W 453.1; 454.16 

Elsie's dowry. A tale of the Franoo-German war. 

Leslie, E. 600.66 

Elsie's expedition. Weatherly, F. E 1429.8 

Elsie's girlhood. Finley, M 1736.4 

Elsie's married life. Daniel, Mrs. R. M 1493. 1 

Elsie's motherhood. Finley, M 1802. 16 

Elsie's SanU Glaus. Mathews, J. H 52.19; 1465.15 

Elsie's womanhood. Finley, M 51.13 

Elster's folly. Wood, E. P 480.70; 491.27 

Elwes, A. Paul Blake 784.22 

Emancipation. Sherwood, M. M. Works ...452.1.5 

Emanuel Dannan. Amett , W. W 1509.3 

Emblems of life. Sewoll, E. M 425.10 

Emerald, Tho. Sargent, E., editor 1754.5 

Emert, E. Myself: a romance of New England life. 79>'>.12 

Emery, E. B. Qneens 1716.23 

Emery, Sarah A. Three generations 411.17 

Emery, Susan E. Uncle Rod's pet 1448.31 

Emigrant, The. Head, 5tr F. B 489.15 

Emigrant's, The, son 800.47 

SkeK Vol 

Emigrants, The. Carle ton, W 758.11 

Emilia Wyndham. Marsh>Caldwell, A 795.6 

Emilie de Coulaoges. Edgeworth, M. 467. 1.5 

468.8.10; 1478.M 

Emilkroob, M. Fabrics: a story of to-day 755.23 

Emily and her brothers. Sherwood, M. M. Works. 452.1.13 

Emily Chester. Seemaller, A. M 782.19 

Emily Ellet's journal 53.4 

Emily's bracelet 1508.22 

Emir Malek, prince of the Assaarins. An hist«rioal 

noTcl of the thirteenth centory. S t 727.2 

Emma. Abbott, J a0.17; 739.L2 

Emma. Austen, J 751.1; 751.2; 758.3.3; 1506.23 

Emma. Lee, H. W 467.15 

Emma Marble and her cousin. Trowbridge, CM... 459.3 

Emmeline. Sherwood, M. M. Works 452. 1.T 

Emperor's, The, picture. Hanff, W 490.65 

Empty heart. The. Terhune, M. V 765.12 

^NAULT, L. Christine 425.21 

— The pupil of the legion of honor 433.20 

— The woman of honor; or, false friendsh\p8 in 

society 1760.6 

Enchanted beauty. The. Elder, W 1444. 10 

Enchanted princess. The. Nanman, M. D 500.5 1 

Enchanting and enchanted. Hacklaonder, F. W. .. 789.23 
End, The, of the world. A Iotc story. Eggleston, 

E 1712.4 

Enemy's, An, friendship. A tale of the Franco- 
Prussian war. Clarke, S. M. S 1498.4 

Enfield, Viseountess. See Byng, A. H. F. 
Bngel, M. E. Norels. {In Roscoe, T. German noTcl- 

ists) 418.2.4 

Engineer, The. Abbott, J 440.38; 739.1.7 

ENGLA.ND. Abbott, J. Story of Euglish history... 739.1.5 
— > Crosland, C. English tales and sketches 808. 14 

— Dunster, H. P. True stories of the times of 

Richard II 1428.20 

— Hack, M. Stories from English history during 

the middle ages 1724.1 

— Neele, H. The romance of history 419. 1 

419.2; 419.3; 

— Percy, S. Tales of the kings of England 759.19 

— Yonge, C. M. Aunt Charlotte's stories of Eng- 

lisn uistory . . . . .... .... .... .... .... .... ....oo.xu.z^ 

Kings of England: a history for the young.. .55.10.17 


JBriion and JRoiman period, to A.I>» 418» 

MrrmrAi. — Tha remote leicendaij eonqneat of Albion by Brutus, imaginary aon of JBoeaa of Tro.r, is given in Waca'a " Boman da Brat.** of which 
there are modrrn rersions and excerpts C3G87.S]. Wace*s French verse and Geoffrej of Monmouth's Latin prose ( ** Historia Britonum " ) of thia chronicle 
are supposed to be after an original in Armorican. Lajr&mon's '* Brut" is in the main a translation of Wace, bringing the recoid down to the death of King 
Cadvslladrr, A. D. S8B. The rhjming chronicle of Robert of Gloucester corvn a period from Brut to the death of Henry m. UTS; and that of Rubett of 
Brenne frum Brut to the death of Edward 1, 1.107. The tragedy of** Locriue" i\X9Ai 6309.93, sometimes assigned to Shakespeare, eomes within this period. 

This early mythical history !■ told by the old ehroniclers and by Milton in his '* History of England " [83S.7 J], and (Sallowed by Bolflncfa in a chapter 
of his '* Age of chivalry " [irSLS}. The reign of Leir gives the slory of Shakespeare's tragedy. Ferrex and Porrex followed, and Ihe atory of tbeir di^ 
aensions makes the plot of the first tragedy written in the English Imnguage, by Thomas Sackville, Earl of Dorset, and Thomas Morton, in IMl. A sobse- 
quent king is commemorated in Wordsworth's ^ Artegal and Elidure. " in his ** Poetical works " [SU.l ; 95902.1 ; 1S19.7.1 ; I«».6; 8582.54]. 

AVe. — See the opening chapter i»f Hart's " Manual of English literature " [475.4]. 

RoMAM. — ** Carad.>c and Deva " (British life in the first century), in ** Days of old." 

CruArlins^ B. c. 4. — Shakespeare's tragedy (after Uolinriied) and others (in part after Shakespeare) by Hawkins, Oarrick, Marsh. Henry Brooke, 
and Kcmble. 

Cartutaeiu, A. IK 51.— Poem by Masitn [331.1.2; 9006.9.1; 4l79aJi.3l]. 

BoatUcfa, A. i>. ni. — Beaumont and Fletcher's tragedy ** Bonduca " [381.1.1 ; 351.2^; 2S00.8; 2S07.8.S; 4I79a.l.33], campaigns of Suetooiua, and poems 
by Tennyson [13%>.J9 .5] and W. Whcwcil. 

Jirott. — The R>ii)«ns left the island about A. D. 428. 

Eaklt CHSienAXS. — Io the "Tales illustrating church history "[1418.1] the fallowing :—** The cave in the hills " (persecution under Diocletian, 
third century); " Tlte Allelulia battle" (Pelagian hereby) ; ** Penitent" and ** Fugitive" (first Christian Celts) ; ** The rivals" (preaching of St. Augustine); 
•ad ** The black Danes" (time of Alfred). 

Mrs. Alfred Payne, ** Glastonbury, " Ule. N. Rowe, ** The royal convert " (Ilengist. 5th century) [356.21.2; 4179a.l.27], drama. 

Alex. Smith, " Edwin of Deira " [23!]9a.a>], Northumbria, died &\, poem. 

Mrs. Charles, ** The early dawn " [77.^19], tale. '• Winter's tale " [ 1 118 9], time of Julius Agricola. 

HlBTOBir!AL KnrsKKMrKS.— The ** Pictorial history " [96S.2; 242:L1] opens with an introduction on the original and primitive history of the British 
islands, before devoting l>ook I to the Britnn and Roman period. See the paper on Britain and the Brituns, in Disraeli's ** Amenities of litetature" 
[404.8: 697.7 ; 4.VdJ: a»7.13]. The firrt book of Turner's " Anglo-Saxons " [»'iS.I ; 4175.12] covers the period down thnmgh Casar's conquest. Ungard's 
[964.2: 9W.3; 2421.2] account of the Roman sway in BriUin is Aill. Hume's narrative [iHU.l ; 96±S: VSi.1; »».l; I9ia.l', 4516^; 4325.5; 6512.3; 6515.2] is 
condensed. The Buman conquest begun by Catsar necessarily forms sections in the general histories of Rome, like Meiivalc's ** History of tlie Romans " 
[915.12; 2725.4]. and for tlie Uter periudf of it see Qibbon's *'Rtmsn empire "[avui; aT7.K): 1935.I; S753.1; 4754.3; 475lJ{; 47.'«.7]. Those liking to examine 
original authorities will follow the narratives of Tacitus in hU ** Agrio»la ' [672.11; 2919.11.1], and Suetonius in his " Lives of the Cssars" [844.6; 2»4aJ7]. 
'I'he erenu form a section in Napoleon's "Life of Cjesar" [931.2; 49H.2: 49HJt; 49i4.6]. The archssulogical evidences of this and eariier periods can he 
tiareil ill chapter iti of Dawklns's " Cave hunting " [S236JV4]: and in this connection read certain chapters in Lydl's *' Principles of geology " [163^; 163.7; 
3887 J2]. Fur farther authorities see note in Bulletin, vol. tl. p. 206. 

The planting of Chrij^imnity can be well followed In Montalembert's *• Monks of the West " [3514.4]. 

Shelf numbers above 2110 in the Notes are in the Bates HalU 


BriianB and iSoaroiMy A* !>• 418'897* 

jnoM. — Th« Saxcnia inraded the taUnd aboat a. n. 499. 

VoBnoKBX. 445-483. — MllmAn, '• Samor," In hit " Poetical worki" [AIS.M: JBi«; :aJ9.i}. IrvUiul't tngf^ of '• VortlRrrn " [iTOTJl] paMrd off 
for Sbaknpcarr's. 

ABTilt'RiAM BKA. — ilrtkur't active earwr beitan abiMit 50Q and CJiitinued till hii death In MS.] The iiianuteript chnmicle of Qftffrej of Mitnrnonth 
vat tint made inibilc in the middle of the twrlfth century, and hie meagre account (if Arthur tuon gave riie to a cjde of runiaiioee. iHit flr«t into «hape In 
Franch bj Ili*bcrt de B<irron from the Latin uf Walter Mapee, maliinK Ave (li«iiiict n>niance«. 

Teniiyeon't poems. baM^ upon thcte roinanoee, in the later compUUd tHlici(»u« uf the *' Idyilt of the king " C394Ji>.2; »5.2D; UD.iO.I ; irur-H], lUnd io 
IbefbUowinxorder, — Coming «if Arthur; Ckraint and Enid ( Merlin and Vivien; I^ncelot awl Elaine; The iiolyxrailt Pellcaa and Ettarre; Ouincvere, 
mod Tlic paadng of Arthur. The five originait above referred to are aa foilovs, and unde r aaeh head aome modern ivnderings will be indicated : — 

1. Wmort^ tkt kotg ffll. 

1 Llfmf MHUn. TliU if the early hietory of Arthur. The Early Engl Uh text fociety have publishada tnuulatlon C«11I8.I0]. Spenier't •* Faeria 
ri ii ni "C31111; xn.l.l-4t m.IU.l-l: t392.7.1; 4«M.1.S]. The old Engiiah pUy.^'The birth of Meriin"CL-tSII.4; fl59B.93, U by aoma attributed to Shakc- 
■paara. Immermann. •• Merlin " CSftWJS-T], drama. 

S. g ewaace of LaHcHot. W. Ilertf. " Queen Ouineverv and Sir F^neelot," translated by C Brace. 

4. Qmmc V(*« My yrafl. — Wolfram von EKhenbaeh, in hit- Patfival''C»V4Jl : SJi)1.3].deKrlbea the anarch, and In hia "Tltuiel*' C'J874J1], tiM 
41«M»v«fy by 8ir Ualaliad. J. K. I^iwell. " Tlie viaiou of Sir Launfal " i:m.n ; ami in hia " Poetical wurka," iVKLm-, MQ9a.A7] 

^ ifofilraMr. — 81rThoma8Mal(»ry's **Morte dArthur" C172U] coUeeta the principal proae romanoaa on thia aubiect,aDd there aravarioua 

Sir W. Scott'a " Sir Triattem" C902.I.1; 4179.1.5]. 

TlMNnaa Warton, '• The grave of King Arthur' [^300.7.18; 4a(M.1.n], poem. 

Bulwer-Lytton. •• King Arthor " OtM-H t i4U'J.l(0, puem, and he aaya of this poem, that after the man ncr of the Tnravircs and Bomantlcists, of Arioito 
•ad Spenaer, he aunuunda the heroes of the Rfth and sixth centuriee with thv chivairout aaribu'.cs of the thirteenth and fburtcvnih. 

Blaeklnor^ " Arthur " [SWl.KI]. epic. 

Of tba cplatidee, the fi>Uowing : — 

IViJian. — This imMt popular of the Roand Table cycle ii auppoaed to have been engrafled upon the wrica under p r a t enee of being a tmndatkn fttNB 
tka lAlln *• Lncaa de Gaat." of Mapea. This tale suppliol the idea of an enchanted fbunUiu to Arioato and Boiardo. See Spenaer'a " Faarle quaene " CS1S.11 4 
m-l.M: SO.lU.l-4i Saes.7JI:.4im.l.S], and Scott'a " Sir Triatram " C90S.1.1 ; 4179.1.5]. Matthew Arnold, *« Triatram and laeuit,** in hia Poeina [SS.ll]. Im- 
manuann. " Triatan and laolde " [aUJ J.9]. poem. 

Gprmm U Comrttia. — The old Franch ruinanoe gave Wialand the thcma of hia poem, which la tranalatad b7 Taylor of Norwich, and Luifi Alanuuiai 

I an luilan epic of it. 

Tk» MmhtmrntUm. — Theae eariy Welsh romancea of Arthur'i day have bs<en given an Engliah dreaa by Lady Charlotta Ooeat C4W1.1}. Sec BulflDch'a 
** Agtt of chivalry " [ITZt^t] and Skene's - Aitcirnt books of Walaa" [45:I7.1S]. 

JKiaceMojMeiM. — Chaocvr's •• The wife of Hatha tale" C31S.I1: :mi5; Stt-U; .'n5.4.1i 8I0.1S.3. etc.], moderniied by PbpeCL118.1.S; 140OJ] and Diydcn 
C'*tl9S.4t aiS.7{ 1.'{1<.1S.4]. W.ifdfwortli. *'Tikv Egyptian maid," in hl« » Poetical wtrk s " [.111.1 ; %1«).1S.»: 1:(19.7 3; lMrj.8; SS>K.54]: TrnnyMin, "The lady 
of ShahM," In hia Pu«^na CTII.2II.1: LTtl>:9;{; 1U7.14]. Sc^jlt. "The bridal of Triarmain C^I-3: -tM.l; »t.S.4i SKU.!; 9ru.l.l; LIlSAti; LtO.l; tamuli\ 
4I79.1J»} 4384.17; 4:kUi.I7.S]. poem. Dryden. '• King Arthur." «ipora, alteml by Uarrick. Frvre CWhlMlecralt], *' Monks and gianU " C<»7k.7]. humoraas 
puem. F. Ilalni,"UrUeUlis-'CiKriL14.S: 4K79:Si]. drama. Aubrry de Verv," Duke of Merc ia.'diaina. Joanna Baillie,'*Ethwald," in her Wurka [1364.8 1 
»8UPj. tragedy. ** Jaufry the knight " [7.-15 J]. 

See Ellis. " Eariy English metrical romancea " [SSfeLll]. and Cox and Jamea, ** iN>pular romance* <^ the middle ages" [S478.51]. fbr such ballads aa 
** Tba boy and tba maatle," etc. 

IIISToviCAL ftKFRKK.'wciES. — For fuller accounts than the general histt>riana afTird, for^'inost anntug whom tor popular use must be put the " Picto- 
rial hiatoiy " ['/BLSi S4SS.1] and Knight's » I'Opular history " ['JHS.1 ; S52&.1U]. Turner's " .Viiglo>8«xoiis ' ['JiU.l ; 417.V1S] will serve the caietui rea«ler brat. 

There is an aeoiunt of the esUbli^lkiuvnt of the Saxon lle|«archy in the ."Mil ctiapter ol Gilibon's " itiinan empire " [ttALfiJ): ftM'.lU..-l: littVl J; 2753.14; 
8«MJ^4; 47&4.V.1; 47^8.7.4]. Tbii formation of tlie English monarchy i* cowrvd in Ute Arj t volume uf Frevniau's ** Norman oonquaat "[4515.1]. 

St. AUUU8TIME, A. D. 507.— E. 8. liult, *• Iim>gwn * [5:i.Sl]. tale. 

AHglo-SajroHM, A, 2>. 897-1066, 

DavUII was*, ninO, temth, aiwi rIsrenfA fiduHu. — The old riinmiicca of llavei<*k the I*ane, Horn, Guv of Warwick. Bevls of Hampton, Wade, etc. 

CAtliefsCtme. "Sinkings of EM;(1aiMl." Scitt,*' ilan>>'l the dauii'lcM '[:ni.»; :(tt.l ; 13U 1; 4179.1.11; 4V»a.l7.1], poem, for Danish Nurse kings and 
the early ehurch. T. llughrs, "Tin- sciiunng of tlir white h •n«"k4U.K'; lll9.:fl]. ia ab«iut |Ik- cleaning of the hgurv uf a horsecut m the liuie-iliin* of a 
bUlslde In eoaunemoratlon of this Saxon period. Henry Brooke, " Earl uf Westiifireland " [Z'^X 11..1]. tragedy, lor tlie invasion of Danes in tlie eighth 
century . 

ALniKi»TaK UAKAT. 871-Wl. — />r«M<M b> U.nue [»lkSJt.S]: Knowles [LlV.l.l]; Koemer [1(084.4]; Kotiebue [ltfW.1.9'.]; Thomson ['JSd9.1(1.1i 
CMLUl]; Viscount Htratttifd de K(<dclille's " Alfrnl the grvat in Atheli-ay " C:U4l.5.l]. 

iVwMM by H. J. P>v [45d9s Jb]. M. F. Tupper [»C.a.4]. Am«>a Conic, etc. 

MUTUUCAL ftSruiKXOKH. — Thelier»orthisprriudis Aifrtd ike prwa*. and U*sida the general histories of England, see partlculariy Turner*! 
*■ Angtu-MaxoDS " [985.1 ; 4175.1S] ; and Freeman's ** Norman comiueet " [4515 i ] ; and tor hi* literary character. chapUrs in b«Mik A of Turner [9ii5 I ; 4l7:^li] ; 
Wartun'a Engliah piietry [S&Vi:!]; Longfellow's '■ PoeU of Kurtipe " [-US 1 ; a;iS..1] i wiul.- Hughes, in his popular lifp of Alfred :5M.i;]. has availed himself 
•r the latest rceult*. There is a (iennan life by PauiU which lutt b«cn translateil into English [108.4]. See Aliibonc's article. 

Et*WAftlt TIIK EU>» B. 90l-tC». 

ATiiti.flT*!<. K&'V-94I. — Dr. B.-own, ** AtheMan " [ft'i7iL18]. trsgnlv. AthrlsUn's 1 i-t.trie* are celehrsled in nintemporary Anglo-Saxon poems. 

BaZ'I.H uru. — W. 11. Hubert, •■ Wager of baUle." fbr Saxoa slavery in Sherwo «I fyrcal. •' Wolfgan ami llie tarl " in " Da>s uf uUl. ' 

Box KIMU«, 94l-l»lli. 

gdrin tk^/kir. II. Taylor's dramatic poem [■''■U.7] for the fanatlciam of St. Ihiasta 1, who also figure* in A- D. CVake's " First chronicle of JCsccb- 

- [17ICJB]. 

Mdfm. V'O'Vry — A. IIi!l. '* Athelwold." trage ly t T. Kvmer, " En^li**) m niareh. t az>nly ; Ravenscruft. •• dtgar and Alfrcda. " tragcdj . 

K49mrtk» ««rf yr. 8r5-UP.>. - Ma»m's ['CIllS] and Aanui Hiil s tragedies. " Elfrida ; ' U}iucr, " Edgar," drama. 

CAStt'TB, Julrt-KKU. — Drajiiaa by OclilcnschlAger. J. £. Schlrgel. etc. 

UABnu> llABKrwrr. lir.5.|ntn. 

llAftmoANUrr. liMi^ltHS. — C«*l«-braled in old ballads. 

RUMTABI* Tn« «*<»?irMW »», UMi-li»>;. - A. Vmr»ley." Eari Goodwin," tragedy. W. Leigliton. Jr.. "The sons of 0«i'lwin [XWM i'.]. Uagetly. 

IIaW)u> tl. V»Vt. — Tenni aini, " Harold " [ |.tli;.34]. drama. 

HlftniBK'AL KCrxilKNt'ltH — t«:ianMiToMMrr[9i'» 1; 4I.V. l.»] is^illthespi-ciai autlii>rlty; Sir Franria Palgraves b^ioks C:W.7; 4l7n.n] are mure 

; aad excellent, and he Is paitiruUrly instructivr on 111- risr an>l p.->»i(rrM of |Hilitit-ai iuatitiiti-ois at tuis ixTful iSAl .'•;. « itn VVi.Iisni Kiifusi 
and thvy must be SHnrchnl if further light is waiiU'd th*n will be furuiilied hv tin* g-neral hittorn-s, Hunio. LinSsnl. Kni)(liL ami tin- *' PKt.iriai hirt*iry. * 
Ai»i E. A. Fnvnian's essay on the " MyUiioai ami romantic cleinenU in early EnK.isti hutory,' in the Fortn.ghUy rvwiw. May 1. WV*. an.1 rcpitiitnl In 
Ida Essays [ MM. W]. 

MUs YoBgc's**Caine<'*"Ll^l'*i**'i 45M.SJ] begins late in this with tlw t-arlt Nonnan dukes, and aims to Intensify Uie iiilirvrf al liupoitant 

pMims, down to the Piantagenct iwriod. 

Xormufi*, A.D, SOi;0'tt54. 

WlUJAM TUS ciiNg|-CEi>K. IxV/i-hHi. — Wacc's " RMiian dr nm '" [ilUi'J; ami fir t'lc ••pindc of Tailii-lir. m-r ballailj by ritlsiHl. He. 
Bulwcr."llaiwld "[l'Jlt..Vi: »«:»]. lal^. C J. Napier. •• William the con<jiu-r^.r [ll'.tj Ulf. C. KmgtJvy. - Hrrv-anl" [V;<, 4(«U; 7lo-U]. tala 
B. OWi.befiand. " The baUle « f ilasUngi " [l.HU 1.17; 4irJa.l4J. play. J. K. Smith. • .sunrirki liait ' [4S1.1. IxKik I J- 
WlLUAM Rrrt-a. li*C-ll»). 11. C Adams's " llv*i King • burial ' in his " Tales uimn tcxU." 
IlKhRT I. Ilii>-itlV — Miss lli»berts, " MaUn>lm," tor Edgar At!ii-:iiig. irmge<ly. 
STKflir.N. lUVILM 
lllihT<iiU« At. - Frwiiian's[»C.l?; 4M.Vl]i« pnibahly the best b>Mik. I».4h criUrai ami phii.i*» the •-.•n-iue*. but li* Is antl- 

Hlielf numbers above 21 lO in the Noteii arc in tlie Uutes Hull. 


Noramn in his ajmpathin. Thieny's book it of reptile on the Continent, and ha* been tranalated Into Eoglith [837.6 1 978.63. See HueweU'a paper on the 
Oonquett, in the Atlantic monthly, Oct., I86R. ' 

Dinaeli's " Amenities of literature" [401.8: 867.7; 4SS9Ji\ 6S07.1S] givee a paper on the Angto-Nonnana. 

JPianioifenets, A. I>. 1154^1399, 

CKfTSADKS. See under Ckusadbs in thi« catalofue. 

Henbt n, U5^118». — A. Radcliffe,'*Oaaton de BlondevUle" [777.53. A. Ildpt. '* Henry the Meond,** drama. D. Jerrold. " Thomaa A BnAcC" 
(1170). tra^^cdy. Aubrey de Vere'i ** St Thoraaa of Canterbury " [450.54], drama. Doddey, *' The king and the miller of Manifield " (331.1 J ; SMJi J3. pi«7- 
A. J. l*jre, " Adelaide," drama. 

JTenry and B<i*amcmd. — T. Miller. " Fair RoMmond." W. Hawkins, ** Henry and Rosamond.*' and other tragedies by Thomas Hull, John Bancfxilt, 
Theodore Koemcr (1173). Mrs. Malierly, ^ The lady and the priest." Rosamond and Thomas i Bccket 

Scott, " The betrothed " [•M».1.I8 ; 400.15 ; »ci.l J ; 1470.1.4 ; 1807.19 ; 2579.1.373, for the Welsh border and preparations for the third crusade. 

Thomas May. " Henry the second,*' poem. 

JnratioH of Ireland. — Maturin's ^ Eva " [1788^]. 

RiciiAED CucuR DK Ljoic , 1189-119U. — (See also Cruuuit*.) The old French romance of'* Richard Coer de Lyon," was early translated into English. 

James White. " Richard Cceor de Lion." tale. ** Lack of Ladysmcde " [SOSLll]. L. Case, " Treasure trore " [1346.313, poem. 

Scott. ''The talisman" [460.1.18; 90BLI.5; 147ai.4; 18073); 2579.L3B]and ''iTanhoe" [430J7; 460.1.8; 1470.1.S; 1807 J); 1809.31; SS79L1.16, 17; 4MB.L8! 4S«&M3- 

Mrs. MacKeerer, " Maud and Miriam " [1788.283, for the crusades. 

KUAard and BUmd^. — Scdaine. " C«ur <te Lion " [4575.303, opera, with English adaptations by Burgoyae and McNally. G. E. Rice, ** Bloadal ** 
[1357.10]; Ilemans, **The troubaduur" [HSU; 347.2.1 ; S47.4.1 ; 1409.4; 2578.11.2; S004.53, poem. Julia Comer, "The king and the troubadour " [367.8}. 

HI8TOBICAI. KETSBSMCZS. — The interest of this period centres largely in the career of Rickmrd Caw dt Hon and the crusades, particularly the 
third crusade. James's life [55±2 ; 8S7.2] of that hero, and Miss Striddand's life of his Queen [W2.1 3, for collateral reading, will gire the reader a good 
understanding of the time. 

Jon.x, 1190-1216. — Shakespeare, **King John," play. Logan, '*Ruanamede" [3«).243, tragedy. C. Cibber, ** Papal tyranny" [3S7.1S.43, tragedy- 
Drayton, " The barons' wan " [2992.7.4 ; 2009.2.1 ; 4S01.L33. poem. T. Miller, " Boy ston Qower." tale. M. F. Tuppcr, •* Stephen Langton," tale. B. Davrn- 
port, " Kin); John and Matilda." drama. 

Scutt, 'Iranhoc" [430.37; 460.L8; 1470.L2: 1807J): I809.'a; 2579.1.16,17; 4169.1J: «(78.64], fbr John while prince. 

Hknry ui, 1216-1272. — Wordsworth, " The borderera"[SlLl; 3S9l12.1; 1319.7.1; 2562 54], tragedy. Drayton, *' The baxmu' wan" [26BS.7.4; 9S06Ln; 
4804.I.S3, A. i>. 1264-67, poem. 

EiiWABD I. 1272-1307. — Gait, " Rothelan," tala. A. Cunningham, ** Sir Michael Scott," tale. 

George Peele, " Edward 1 " [2388.1 ; 2588.7.13, tragedy. Thomson, ** Edward and Eleanon " [2969.18.4; 4179i.L323. for the period whDe Edwaid was 
prince, tragedy. 

T. Gray, " The bard " [339.2.1 ; 1317.3; l.t38.U ; 25G0.2.1 ; 2S67.77; 29B2J J4; 48011.10; 6569a.573, Edwaid« conquering Waka, Ofden their bards to be pot 
to death, so that they could no longer rouse the people to resistance. 

With Edward land 11^ the interest largely shifts upon the Scottish heroes WaUaee and Brooe; but Scottish history mora particularly eoncems these 
heroes, for which see the note under Scotlaxdu 

Ed WASH II, 1307-1327. — C Mariowe, >* Edward the second " [231.2.1 ; SS6J{.2s 2SB8.1.23. tragedy. 

The Camden society has publi^ed *' Political songs of the time of Edward n " [2416.6]. 

Edward in, 1327-1377. — E. S. Holt, " The well in the desert " [1712.63, rcclesiastical affiure. Lawrence Minot (Hallam thinks him perhaps the flnl 
original poet in our language who has sunrived) wrote poems on the ware of this reign. Thomas May. *' Edward the third." poem. Chaucer's ** Canter- 
bury tales" [312.11; 319^Ji,S; 336.15; 336.16; 355.4.1; 840.12; 1314.1; 2536.2; 2537.26; 2S68.I2; 2992.7; 4604.13 give a Uvely picture of this time. Tragedy hj 

F. North, " Kentish barons," drama. GresscC, ** Edward m," tragedy. Miss Tonge, **The mice at play " [746.16] and ** The lances of Lynwood " 
[786 11], for ware in Spain. De Belloy, **Le si^ge de Calais" [26I0.19J7; 4708.1.233, 1347, tragedy, translated l>y Cuiman as **The surrender of OUala." 
Tragedies by GrosscI, Weisse. etc 

Langlande, " Piera ploughman " [2SV.13, satire on ecclesiastical abuses, poenu 

Uistokioal BErKKKNCxs. — Warburton's monograph [1909.73 on Edward the third. 

Edward Oe black princa. — Tragedies by Shiriey [354. 1.14 ; 1389.1.16 ; 4l79a.l 93 ; Earl of Orrery ; Mrs. Iloper. Miss Tonge, ** The lances of Lomvood " 
[786.113. wan in Spain. 

Ricn ARD II, 1-177-1399. — Shakespeare, ** lUchard the second," plar- James White, ** John of Gaunt," tale. 

Wat 7>/er'f jiwif rr«r<<m — Ainsworth, " Merrie England " [1779.15). tale. 

Jafk AND XANMKRS. — A guod expression of them in the chruuicles of Robert of OloocesCer; also, in the romances of the Arthur cyde, whidi 
were written at this period ; and Bulwer has followed them. See ArlMurian era, Scott says of the Romances of chivalry, *' The authors, like the painten of 
the period. Invented nothing, but. copying the manncn of the age in which they lived, transferred them without doubt or scraide to the period and pcrsoo- 
agcs of whom they treated." 

M. Hack. '- Stories from English history during the middle ages" [1724.13. 

Historical RRrKRRMCES. -^ For the early part of the fourteenth century. Froissart's '* Chronicles " [10A1.2; 1003.1 ; 2329.60; 2601.7 ; 46Z1.73 and Chan- 
cer's "* Canterbury Ulr*" [312.11: 319.5 2.3; .'06.15; S)6.I6; Jt55.4.1; 840.12; LS14.1; 2536.2; 2S37.2S; 2568.12; 2ri4l9.7; 4604.13 alKird material and commentaiy 
Hallam s" Middle ages "[945.1: 946.12; 946.13: 19S4.1; 1938.1; 2301.13 and Milman's ** Latin Christianity "[111.1.1; 3514 12; 3515.53 come in collaterally. 

Edmund Burke's abridged narrative in his Works [868.9.6; 2572^1] only brings the story down to within this period* but is worth attnrtion fur thoaa 
rccognixing the characteristics of his <tyle. 

Under this period, in his King John and Richard 11, Shakespeare begins a series of historical dramas, which cmisUtuto a wonderful cotmBentary oa 
the progress of English history down to the reign of Henry Tin. Maurice, in his " Friendship of books " [2376.72], argues that he is truer to history than 
the professed historians. . 

je66ii»//<wd.— .Scott, "Iranhoe" [430.37: 400il^: I47ai.2( 1807.9; 1809.31; 267%1.16,17; 4109.1.8; 4578UM]. tale. Q. P. R. Jamea, "* Forest days "[490.7; 
4(n.l3, Ule. Bowman, ** The boy foresters " [727.8]. Ule. Sec collections of ballads by Percy (I7i»), Ellis, Erans. Scott, Wright, AUingham, Ritson, Cttild, 
and others. Ben Jons >ii, " The sad shepherd " l&Li ; 3X17.4.113. drama. T. L. Peacock, ** Maid Jiariau " [>477.tiO J]. 

Pierce E^an, the younger, " R.>biii U>Nid," romance. 

Stu.^ Autltorities differ in placing Ri>bin Hood, some in the time of Richard and othen ia that of Henry iii. 

Mouses of Lancaster and Tork, A* 1>. 1399-1461 and 1461-1485, 

IlRintT IV, 1*99-1413. — Shakesp^re, ** Henry iv," in two parts, plays. Part I extends fh>m the battle of Hulnurdon, 14 Sept., 1492, to the battle of 
Shrewsbury. '21 July. 1 tQct. Part n coven 1403-1413. 

Lollards. — Emily S. Uolt« " Mistress Margery " [1IS9.11 ; 1459.223 and "The white rose of Langiey " [1777.4], talea. Mrs. Knevela, ** Gcuffrey the 
Lollard " [4'i0.49]. Ule. 

Henry v, 14L3-1422. — Shakespeare, " Henry V," play. Als • tragedies by A. HUi and Earl of Orrery. 

Claia Reeves, " The old English baron " [778.1.2i]. is a G;>tiiic romance, modelled on Walpole's ** Castle of Otranto,** once fknaoua, hardly a Just or 
prt>bable representation of feudal times, and parodied in Miss A ustcn's " Northauger abbey " C730.76 ; 751.4 ; 7.j8.3.4{ 758.7]. W. Howitt, *' Jack of the mill '* 
[802.16], tale. Miss Yonge, ** The caged liun " [7iai2; 786.8], is James I of Scotland during his captivity lu England. Agnes Qiberae's ** Con(yug castle ** 
[5L10; 1785.173 is a Ule about Sir John Oldcastle. 

nmtU of Aginr^mrt. — Tale by G. P. R. James [420.1 ; 1805 1 3- 

Hknrt VI. 14:S-ird.~ Shakespeare, "Henry VI," play in three parts. A. Phillipa, ** Humphrey, duke of Gloster," tragedy (1447). Abbi PrfrosC, 
*• Margaret of An}ou." Ule. 

El>M-\Ri> IV. 1461-l48n. — T. Hey wood, * Ed»ani the fourth" [342.12; 2605.7.13. tragedy. Rowc^'Janc Shore" [331X1; 354.1.10; 356.21.2; ISeSJ; 
1388.5: l:«'; 4irUs.I 3; 4.^75.20.43, tragedy. " Evenings at llsddon hall " [808.173. 

Edward v. 14S:). — C Dela« igue. ** Les enfanU d'£jouanl ' [106'i.l0.2; 270L4..i], tragedy. 

Ilic HARD Ui. I48r;-1485. - Shakespeare, ** Richard ill," play. 

Shelf numbers above 2110 in the Notes are in the Bates Hail* 


Sir John BMiniMmt, ** Bocvoith IMd " [2303.7^], poem. C Brooke, ** The irhoft of Richard m " [34121 ], poem. 

a. P. R. Jamri. " The wiXMltiian " ClWl.ti)]- Anon., " The Utt of tho IMuita^^pneta " [7(L'.I<.0. tale. 

WABHorTllRBOSni, 145S-14H.V — l)<>nnf," Civil vari,"piiein. N. Rowv, "Jane Shore" C^CM.I.l; 354.1.10; 3U.S1.2: im.l: l.VSJl: I.'Kkl.ISi 417te.] Ji 
49rA.W.4]. lrs|;nljr. Kiii|C«t(in. " RitckinR atone." 

Kmrt •/ Wmnriek, tk€ Unf-maker. - Uulwer. " The iMt <if the harona '' l^SOM-, 4rtS.18; 4«S.sn3. tale. La Ilarpc, " Lc comto de War* kk " CM«'-19J8l 
9BBe.l.l]. tranelated by Franeklin C4ir9a.l.I7] aiHl lliflcman. Ladjr Fulkrton'e " Stiirmy life " C«Ji)^; 7IS.14J. 

11. P. Duniter, •• lliiturlcal Ulrt of Laitcaatrian timet. " 

IIlimuOAL mxrKllIN«*KH. —A |>i>|nilar miminary of tht* perhid can be fbuiKl in Ualrdner'a " Laneaiter and York" [IWOii], in the " Ep«>rhi of hi»- 
tory " Mrlce: and In f^lrar'e ** War* of the ruwe" iWt^l; «U.1A3. The Wan of tk* roa*» divided the nati«in. aiMl the IntereM of Sliaki-«|wan'« playi of 
lienry IT, llrnry v, Henry YI , and Hichanl lit. turn iipim them. Beside aeing the Ki^nttral hiiluriet, follow thcM evcnU alao In CauipbeU'e " Lord chancal- 
lora ' CAM.1 ; 4iA^.6; -iUiJO] and in Mn. litrickland't " Qoivni of England " [.'iKLl]. 

The EoKlidi Invaaion (»f ('ranee In 147.^ ie dtpleted in Kirk'i " Charlvi the bold " [811.5; ¥m.»}. 

For an account of Fabyaa and the other chiuuldere of this time, aee Dbraeli'e ** Amcnitiee of litertture " [4MJI; 807.7 ; 4SN 5; 6n07.13]. 

House of Tudor, A. 1>. 1485-1603* 

IIXNST Til, 1«S-U0U. — IVrUn Wnrhtfk.— Novel by Mn. Shelley. 

Plajri by Ford [iftLU.S; .tlU.7.1] (fraKiiient). and C. Macklin, *• FopUh Impoftor." 

IIRNBT Tin. U(V-LM7. — Shakevpi-are, "Ilinry viii." play. Ainiwurth, " Windsor eaiCle " [410.0]. tale. MQhlbMh. "Ileory Tilt or CktharliM 
Fur" [41.V«i; 4LS.2I3. tale. AIntwurth. ** Tover hill " [4UI».79J, UJf(. to the exi-cution uf CaUiarlnc lldvani, tale. W. I). Suter. " Kalharine II.iTard." |ilay. 
Chtalcf , *• Ileuri Till." tragedy. O. W. M. KeyuukU, "Necromancer.'* Ule. E. 8. Holt. "Imult Barry uf WynidXc" [rjnjt]. tali* (i. K. .Sargent, 
** Kiehaid llunnc " [4MLS]. Lollard perwcutloiM, in London. Ule. ^Vgnes Strickland, "The pilgrinia uf Waltinghani "], wliftin llmry, Cherk>« V, 
Abuc Bokyn, and othert, tell rtories. Mm. Manning. " Kaire k>w|>«.-llvr " [4:D.l;;3, l-VDI. talc. Jainii, " I>anilcy " [4ti( 7 ; 4<>4.x:; 7:U.1V; iMkVIn], intruduce* 
W.ilM>y and ends with ** The tWId of the cloth of guld." J. F. Smith, " SUnflcId hall " [4:51.1, buok 2]. 

^MiM folcvii.— Tragediee by J. Banke; II. H. Milmaii l^MJAx 3L>.6]; II. U. Uru«er; and O. II. Boker [.-{0.2.1]. Opera by I>onlactti [sOIUaJl]. 
Nowl by Mn. K. ThoiiiM»n. 

r. E. de MuMci. ** Anne de Boleyn.** W. Whitehead, I' Eptitlc uf Anne BoK'vn to H.>nry vm ' [SW2.7.17: 4601.1.11], poem. 

Sir rJlMMs JVHr«.->8. i\-lllei>. " Tomnuun Moru" [2nH.]4; 470}^]. trag«ly. Mr*. A. Manning, "Ttie household of Sir Thomas Mora " [«».11| 
CV.7). Erasmus, talc, and Stewart's " Margaret Kop^'r " [IHUtLli!]. 

r*e«M« Or— i wfU. — Tragedy by Dray tun. 

jfoMMra. — Skrltun's satirical porini [l.tULC] fur court manner*. Udall, **Balph Roister I>oirtcr**[2S74J3J: Oa08.2R], lor London rowdy maaaen, 
COTMdy. Sea II. Smith. '^Tur hill " [7V7.A], talc. 

lliamurAL KKrCBKNCKli. — The championthip by Henrjf tht tigktk of the oppusiiion to the church of Rome makes the staple of the history of Ihta 
pariod by Frowle [; 24.KJV]. who U eunsldrml by the Catholics as virulent in his uppoflltion. Ills final e«(lmale of Henry will he fouml in his M 
ckaplrr. Uls research makes him \uluniint»us, and his narrative is engaging; but he is chaigvd with romancing in his l»>ld attempts to %iudieatc Iha 
character of Henry Vlll fVoni the settled Judgment of pustvrily. ami has drawn uui numrrv>us opp^ments. He di>|iarages Mary qupen of tie<»ts in oum> 
parisi>n with Elizabeth: and Ihv defenders of Mary liavc token him greatly to task for it. He has been tevleweil favorably by Kingiity [KM.C], Sew 
Atla-iilr iiMiothly, July, li^B, by C C llazawell; North Ameriran review, Oct.. 1«<4S: ami other reviews rrferrv*! tii in Th<Hiia«'s '* Biographiral illiti*>nai7.** 
lialwui [VTA.!; KM 21 1 lull 2; 1'JCS».2: 2514.4; 4*117.5] will be fiiuitd Jwliclal in his treatment uf this iruubliNJs era. Ungard ['J6I.2; ifXtJ; 'JUJM] of coursa 
givw the Catholic view. 

Cal.iartiie Parr and tha rest of Henry's qact'os are portrayed by MIm Strickland [.'iie.1.2; CiM8.1.2]. The interest culuiinaias, perhaps. In Ansa 
Btdern, ami she is the subject of a special biography by l>iion [l.h'MJt; 2III.A;i]. 

C-iiiipbcirs ** Li*rd chancellors" l.'HiK.l; 4lfVi.i'i; -lM2..'Ui] gives the lives nf Wolsvy and Sir Tlioinas Mora. 

Tha histiry uf the Kefimmmtiom nreeii«arily ci>vvra this |>eriiNl of the Ci>niiectli>n uf thw state ami church, and collateral reading will be situght la 
Kubettson's **C}iarlcs V " [H;l».0| •.•12.4; UlU.U; 14:1.4.2; 23UU:; Zt»iM\ SUI.Gi; »M01; .'MVlJ]; JUUHI], and in the lives of Fraacb I, or in Fri-nch hiatnry of 
this period. 

For the Rrfurmatiun perl-id. see a go«Hi summary In Fisher, rha|itvr 10 [:)niAJ(4, and his list on p. M::]. ami a cha|«ter in Dfilllngrr's ** Ki'uni'in of tlia 
cliurehet " [3S2Vl^}. Burnet's" lief<>niiatuin'*C.'lAiii.l] ii Ihituylit by Macaulay ti> »tami e«aniliiali>Mi as tu itsatxoracy with liugular g<HMl f^irmne. Fnmdo 
g1««« a sammaiy of the rife iif i*p>ti>«taiiti«m in KngUnd in i'lit|>ti*r :i uf hi« Ili»t<irr [ltM.2 2; 21.'t'i..^.2J. S«-r also Fmutlr's |Mi|Nr on Kramuu* ami Lullirr 
[IhU.U.1]. LingMnlCViit.2;'.S%i:i:2l2!».'.'] it of OMiriiei>n the Catholic siile. Iliinn- [IMI.l; !*L'.:t; '.s^t 1: W^.l: llsUI: ii'iltlh: 4V^%^1, r.'.I.M; iLMW: is setrrvun 
^4h skies. The ll»es of WickhlTc, Ciaiiiner, Sir Th->iiiu« Mi>n-, «-lr., ami the ifHtiiTal church hutorics nnist be ciHis«i1l«tl fur c-miparative stuily. JratfresiMi's 
** Book about the clergy " [4.%4«>a.ln] •ki-lchcs lh*kr lishit«, rlc, tmm the ilays itf Wyt kliirc t>> tha |N-ri<Nl uf the Ke^ti •ration. 

EnWAKU VI. LVl.'-U'lL — W. Mituntforil. '• Marlyria " [4«tr«.><: 4H8.IO]. fur I'nitarian nutti-mcnis, Ule. E«i«ard Baruani. ** EiUaid vi." lrai:edv. 

Ainswofih. '*Thec<»n»Uble<>f liiet«i«cr"*i: 7t|.Uj, t'lum |!ied>alh ot Henry Vlll &• ttieekei-ution of Admiral Se>ii»i>ur. tale. A- Manning, ** Ed- 
ward Osboine" [4<»( 17]. I>itidun. lAt7-l.V.'.<. talc. 

LaKT J.1.NI: (iBi:Y. I.VM. — T. MiKer. ** I^Aily Jane <;n-y.'' Ainavonh. "Tower utlymdou" [TnLU], <i|>ens with her incanvration and rndsalth 
her esertilN'n. Ule. N. llii«e. " I<aily Jane tirey [ (11.1.1 ; :;.'>4.M<»; :W si 2; I 'Jfti'ii 4i:'.<a.l.l.'>]. Iraunly. J. Banks, " Inmi-enl uiiin" r.' tragi«ly. It>sa 
Neil. •• I^ady Jane (lre>," tragedv. A. fiiiye. " I.a<ly J«iic Grvy," ilramatic tkHi-h K. Young. "Tlie hirre «>f religion. " in hi* Works [.;U 12.2; :SU.14 2; 
»W.4.1t 40»il.l»]. iHJcni. Also tragi-dien !•> M •mnier; Bnlnier; Walileit; J. K. A- I^Mleku* [.\melia Berg]; WVland. ami other (iermaii p«t*. 

MakT, laU-IATifi. — Mr*. Bray, "The prute»Unl" [iLMt]. Ule. Alnswwnh, " CanllnaL I'k'la " [7:u 4iS}. o|ivns with tlie marriage of .Mar} and I*hilip, 
and eloape wUh the reeturatitm of papal aulhoitly. ule. 

Tennywn. "tltueen Mary" [; l.kVi H; ri4;7.:il]. drama. V. Hugo. "Marie Tu<lor." trage<ly. Aubrey De Vere. ••Mary Tii-I't. ' lirania. F. 
Ileiaana. " Eoflish maitvr*," dramatic ktm. Weliaur. " Sir Thomas Wyait ' [^^■V.I7.1J, tragedy. U. B. McKccver. " T« ice crovmrd " : i::^' l?:. talc. E. 
% IMt, *• Rubin Tn'mayne " [I71M 2]. fiir |>ersecutiiit.«. ta!e. 

lllMTiiBli^Al. Kf.PRBBNrRH. — For tlie reign i>f " HL^'-tt„." • lialancing of «ii-ws must Mill be sought iu LinBanl [U(»4.2; vn.t:i. 2I;.V.:;]. Ilflliaiii 
t!lCa.l I ft«l21 : 1U!U.2) lUM 2; 2&i4JIt 4Ali.A]. ami Mist Strnkiati.l i K.l.'J-. i».4i>«.l.-.]. .McClintock ami Stiong's Cyriopadia umUr Mary a ill in^p ilirrili'ins 
lir turtlirr reading. The Catholic suie iie^iis to Ik- Btuihid in foniiiction «i;li tin I'rott'iani. 

r.UZAlif.TII. I.V4i>lilct. — Si-otl. " Kinilwuilii' [kt'M; «li III ; tirj l.-l; llTo I.::; iri'.'.U: InC 12: 'Jir'.i.l.J-.'.:^!: 4I(U I. II J. lu.\ tak- CadOell. ■* M ild 
limes ' [I7:K.1]. C. Kingsli y, " Amyas I^tigh, i»r Wi ntwanl ho ' [ i; 7 . 4.i< '.■« ; 1^1 |n^. ule. Traiieilivi by Mtiller, lK'uriiigi.r, ami othcis- 

T. lii-ywooil, " If you kito<r luA me. you know nob>idy " ['.'l.'J'U.l. akU.7.2]. play. 

Giarominetll. " kllxabelh." tragiily. 

Soplila l^ce. '* The rrrvu," Ule. 

Words* Of th. ••The wliilc >|.>e of Rvlitonc " [-^11.1 ; .^*.ll I'.M: I liU 7 4; IVV.G, 2.-«l_V.t]. rising in favor uf the Queen of Scits. B-lt-n al>)Ky. |f>etn. 

Warner, " AIbi oia Euglaml.' la a |"ieti<-al chr-iuiclc down to tl,it ttnie. 

Sertr-iiti*. — F. A. Kretl. " V* it. Inrut n." I.V« l.'.'.CI 

9r*mf»h drmmO* — T. U. Macauluv. " Annaila" ['.11 \^^. %.'-':> «'•]. {i -em. Holt, " ('ia^e Aiery ' ' IKrI l^ tak>. 

i'4tfA«fle«. — l.«ily ti. Fuliirtiin, "C>ui«tani-e nher«ofi«r^:iii r.']. tiii>. W. II. fi Kini:*;->ti. " I'lm-,- iiundml years ago. nr, t'lc martyr uf Uivnf- 
wii'hI' [4.W74]. IMV AM..n.."Kallnr.le I.i*l.>.'lal- J B>>.-e. ■■S;.a-«it«-. lal.-. (' .M IVlh ll. " Wi.l tnin • [17111;. talr. 

5 toAf Sfwtr r. — ittet- iSe .Shak«-T|faiia II iMbliograjihM* I II K. Wti'iain*. * .<*'iaki-«iira''e • vnitli " ^i^'ilC II]; " Shakfa|*rarv ainl Im iiiiiiil«' [■ell ^J; 
and"Tli«serrelpasti-tn,"Ules. N. Drake, " .M>oiti-lie:i«-r," tal«>, in *■ N •■luti'lo ki«uri " H. J K>«-rii|{. "Wil'iBm Shak«|Nare Lln|;> j 1. fiualt tn, 
' !i.-iakespearc,' c<Hiiei|v. Tii-ck, " Dk'iitfritlNii " ^loW.l |>ij, ta.i-. ami Itrann vou liranni lal • ihania. " <*;iak«-«|tea'e.' ftmihliil on u 01. 1, r limuan 
i:raBiasby Hoilri. LebiQn. ami Stein. If. Cu-lmg. "Shaki-fsr* i-f' |mh-!.' !*:•■. K. r^- \i m. " .V-m- lialliawav.' ule. l'ij:"<v> " l.« l<-iohi iti >!.ahr> 
•pear* ' [trwa. 2^1], |>jeiii. T D. ftregg'i "i|m>en El!/abt-lh '[<•'!'*]■ drama. Vt>ril..i. ■■ *«;iiik*i<i-are' J(i tii :']. ••^rm^ly. Kan. " W..:i< ; •> *>-ijk. .|«air. ' 

^«H H^ Kuts. — rragv«lli-« by B-ink*. * I'he uiiliap;iy Uvonti- ; Ik-ury UriMiku , C'lrin !••• . sml -'Ihi it. 

Jfarf, fueew ••/ .<£««.— S<-<' umlct ?m •>II.\NI>. 

Jr-tfiHfrt. — Much In lite c^uitt- ii|>i:irv d'aina. |>3:ti>-iiidr:v Ju i«-iri's " ll.kri:i> '. >iii, « U.r ' *:.*'<■<* I Ij. "Tie ali-iicnii«t I .'.' .'...11 >. l^OI 1, 
U« I. 'jaC.4 4]. anduthtrt. 

Smart, "(jikmI oM da>t" 'I4<kV'.], ("invtmn* cii»t •mi« 

lilKToBli AL BI.I'I.KKN<-F.H. — I hi- lar,:i->t mli n-*; ■•» iS< Tml t lini- n iitr. « in V'<*"* AVii i^ir*. Kr ••iilr 'J.**\ '.', '.'!•'• .^; Iih« t!.i m >*t .x-ri. •ii- .• |-i ■{• 

Sliclf uiimberH ubcivc 21 lO In the NotoN are in the HuteH Hall. 


nnO^bot his chamrtw vihmiM thoaffht Id hAve Itacn hdjthtened by hi* detkauOkm of Marr queen of Scots. HaraeCKLI; ttUI; M!t.l;flnLl; tSBJ; 
4S1C^: 4SSV5; 6&1±3: CSUJ], Ungard C9M.8; 90^; 949^, end Mlm StriekUnd [592.1 J] traU the euhject charaeteriitkaUr. Hallain CfS-l ; fH^; 19913: 
1988.9; 2514.6; 4ill^2 m Mvere on the queen. Fntoatx eompere* her to InbelU in his " Ferdinaod and Isabella" [912.1; 929 2; SSftJIl ; 
See Borkle's paper un her relirn. in his » Miseclbmies " [40)1.3.1]. Miss Aiken's ^ Meraoin of her court " [AMJI; 45IS.16] is leadable. 
of her reiKn are examined in connection with Bacon and Barleigfa in Macaulay's Esears [19RS.3.2: SSttLSJ^S; 4U8A3; 415017.23 on tbcae < 

The 3p«*uk Armada is described at length in Fronde [984J: Ma&i], and in Motler's " United NctherUnds" [911.1; 4ttl9; 48X2.10]. 
*'DecisiTP battles "[948.3; 2229^5]. 

lamlor, in liis ** Iaiairinai7 eOBversatioos " [S73J0] as bcCwaen EUiabeih and BnrlciglL. is tlioui^ to have caoght her spirit I 

JBoMM of Stuari, A. I>. 1603-1714, 

(Including the Oommonu>ealthf and tKe Retolution t(f 1689.) 
jAXn I (see SOOTLAVD), MOS-ieSS. — Scott, '*Th<B fortunes of SifcA" [4«>.1.1S; MU.21; ifOajSi 79LX; 1470.1.3: 1807.14; 8579.L9S.Sr: 4179X11; 

OSreJB]. London, fharacter of James I, excellent picture of manners, tale. Aaon., " WilUtoCt," tale. Ainsworth. '* Quy Favkes" [SOcLSO], UOS, **TIm 
cbarobcx " [410.18], and ** The Spanish match " [7U.36]. tale*. Sdina Bnnbwy, ** Ooombe abbey," tale. Mrs. Sadlier, ** Danchter of TyroowMU." 
**The Langham rerels " [£05.21], witchcraft, etc.. in Devonshire. 

iiraMla 5f«MrL — Tale by Q. P. R. James [4CU8] ; poem by Mrs. Heroana [«L5; 391.2.2; 317 J.2; l40Mi 2S78.1L5; 9804^]. Mlas Tonga. ** Tka nypla 
of discord " [3R7.7]. play. 

Raleigh (beheaded 1618). — Pli^s by M. F. Tupper and Qaorge SeweU. Sir S. E. Brydges. ** Sir Ralph WUIooghby." Raleigh and Arabella 9fenart.tBla. 

HiBTORiCAL Bi:rKU:2coiS. — j;BaM»/b the subject of especial discrimination in DisraeU's "* Literary character "[£D6 3 ; fi2L1J.l: Ml7.1^ See tks 
paper on Charles 1 ami his fiithcr in the Contemporary review, 1874. 

CHAKI.XS 1. Ifi^S-lOIO. — M. R. Mitfofd. ^ Charies I,** tragsdy. and other tragedies by A. Q. Bottar [9177 J8]; Havaid; T. Sgrieei; ▲. ryfe, ** Boyd 
martyr; ** A. Gomey ; A. Qryphius, '*Carl Stnard "; Kaisw; Bcrmoth; Lohmann. etc 

T. Robinson. » Whitehall," tala. E. Warburton, ** Reginald Hastings " [1443.U], tale. J. M. Simpkinson, ** Washiagtons,*' for domestie CMntry life, 
tale. W. E.Urygate," Sir Henry Applcton"[8S705],rebeUion in Essex. 1641. tale. Mayne Reid, " The white ganntiet " [717.8]. M.andC. 
mondFane"[44<U].for escape of Duka of York, tale. A. E. Br^, •* Courteaay of Walreddon " [448.13]. tale. L. E. Goemeey. ** I^ady Bettys 
[488l8]. 1A37. etc tale W. £. Heygale.'* The scholar and the trooper "[2427.13], Oxford in the riril war, 1644-8. tale. J.E.Oooka,**Ucr m^iesty the* 
[173&.4], fur the queen, Henrietta of France, tale. Ainsworth, ** The star-chamber " [4108]. 1641, tale. 

Strafard (executed 16U). — Dramas by Steriing [373.98] ; R. Browning [378.8] ; Lally-Tolleodal ; Wangenhdm, etc 

Prime* Rmptrt. — O. J. Whyte-Melrille. ** Holmby house " [430.20], tale. 

PoUtieal atpaeta. — John Cleveland's saUres. 

Home, in hb " Agb " [900SA1], tragedy, took a Grecian subject to reflect tfaa relations of the Soots and Charies I. 

^«fe.— The civil war began with Battle of Edgehill. 1642. 

C0lUfO!iwiLu.TH. 1649-IOSO. — Scott. ** Woodstock " [400.U9: 790 76; 909^.8: 1470.1.4; 1807.21; 9579lL40; 4169.109; 650BL31. is mostly in the 
MSI. just after the battle of Worcester, talc. Agnes Strickland, "Worcester Held." poem. CoL Oolomb, **Donnington castle." poem. W. B. 
** Sisters of the valley." for Waklensian persecution. MSS. tale. Leigh Hunt ** Sir Ralph Esher"[Lnti. 18]. tale. J. F. Smith,**StanfleklhaIl"[4XlJ],taleL 

G. P. R. James, •*Arrah Nell** [40J!; 790.18: 1805.2], ends with Edgehill. 1642. "Henry MastPiton " [464.4; 464^]. and** The cavalier" [4114.12]. eadswHk 
tite batUe of Worcester. 1651, talesL Horace Smhh. ^ Bnunbletye house'* [797.1:797.2]. tale. H. M. Rathbone, » Lady Wilkmghby ** [7n.7).tale. Mia. 
Charles. " Drsytuns and Davenants " [480.15] and ** On both sides of the sea " [426.90; 490.63], tales. Miss Tonge. *' The pigeon pie " [4404S], tale. ■d8Si;i 
**Cavmliers and nxindheads" [480.38], tale. Mrs. A. M. HaU, "The buccaneer." 1636. tole. W.Godwin, '* MandeviUe." tale. Ainsworth, "Oviagdcaa 
grange " [7a).2] and ** Boscobd " [1718.1], 1651, tales. Mrs. H. F. Parker, •' Constance Aylraer " [764.21]. Holland and EngUnd. tale. Lee. ** Rosamond FaM" 
[448.3]. turns on the escape of the young duke of Torfc ftom St. James's paUce. Grant, " Harry Ogilvie " [180L10], warfiue In Scotland. 
CVoMwdL — Tragedy by Victor Hugo, followed in Victor S^Mr's drama. 

Tales by H. W. Herbert and Horace Smith. F. W. Robinson, » Ok! Noll " [1781.13]. 

Poems by MUlon, Bulwer, Dryden, Howitt, Lowell, Shelley, and Waller, in their revpcctivc poetical works. 

Jf Am. — M. Ring, ** John Milton and his times " [414.34]. tale. A. Manning, *• Mary Powell " (Milton's courtship) [49.12]. tale. 

illM. — Butler. •'Hodibias*' [314.13; S19L4; 399.8; 8tt.9; 817.13; 1316JI; 153B.6; SS59.13; 9S&U: 4604.1 J], satirical poem. Dryden, ** AbsokMSi and 
Achitopel " (political satire) [S19l8J,9: 399.3.1: 38SJ; 13ML12.1,2: 958913.13; 4604.1.6]. poem. Thorabury, ** Songs of the cavaliers and roundheads *" [SIC^ 

De Foe's " Memoirs of a cavalier" [833.9.2] and " Life of Colonel Jack " [4«)8a.Ll]. are fictions, with close eonespondenee with history. 

8eoCt,"Rokeby" [381.3; 331.1; 338.2.4; S»ul3^; 338.14; 3»J3L3: S39.16; 902 LI ; 1318.3.4: 1329.2.2; M».l: S9eBa.;5: 4179.1.9; 4984. U; 4508.17.4], pocsa. 

UlSTonCAL KXTKUCMOKO. — The CMl wars amd Oka Caautaawtatk are re^esented with the stiirit of the parliament in the contemporary " Life of 
Colonel Hutchinson " by his widow [81&13] : and in Baxterts " Life and times " [3497 J.l] ; while the history of the puritans has a standard tikough soom^ 
what partiMui chnmider In Neal [1069.16; SS9S.]]. The modem stand tor parliament was Mrongty reinforced by Cariyle. in his life of Cromwell [8084; 
1579.2; 4S77.7:4&se.l]. Goldwio Smith, in his ** Three English statesmen" [1988wl; 4M8.22]. also espouse* the side of parUameat. See also chapters in 
Masson's ** Life of Milton" [UL6; 244L51 2] and Macaulay's Essay [lOOS^JZ; 2S63.2J: 4368.^1,2; 4&3B.7.I, 2] on Hampden end on MQton. 

On the royaliaf side we have the narrative of Clarendon (Hyde) [977.1 ; 8SU.I ; 4173J}] ; pleasant glimpses of it are given in Leigh Hunt's ** Wishing, 
cap papers ' [1818.13; 2578.65], the work of a participator in the scenes be so well doseribes ; and it can be fitly supplemenird by the " Diary of John 
lyn." an ardent royalist [97.4; 9440.5]. end Burnet's gossipy hot strmightforward ** ilistnry of his own time " [25173; 45iai0]. Among modem 
Disraeli, in his " Life of Charles I " [553J; 8541.S2]. repeats these sympathies, and in hU " Amenities of literature " [4044; 897J ; iSSO.5; 6907.13]. in " The 
difllcultiesof the publishers of contemporary meoMlrs," he traces the fate of the manuscripu of Claiendon and Burnet, and examines their authaatieiqr* 
There are several papers on dUferent aspects of this periud in D'lsraeli's" Curiosities of literature "[332.4: 807.1;897J: 2194.1; 6807.14]. 

Macaolav. in his first volume [968l2; 9K.3; 1908.1; 8M3JI; 4SSL8: 4527.6; 45^.15]. rams up the charges against Charies I. See also Smyth's Lsctmcs 
[827.8: SMSJ: 943.7; 2213J0; 2225.4; 4142J; 8827.2; «att5.2] and Miss Strickland's "Life of Henrietta MarU" [»C>.L4; 244RJ8]. 

CnABl.n II. 1600-1685, JtatorsCfMt. — Scott, '• Feveril of the Peak" [430.40; 400.1.13; 460.17: 1470.1.3; 1807.15: 9V9.1.14: 4ieBLU4]. covers MOD-MBBi, 
Cavalier and Roundhead. Catholic plot, intrigoes of Buckingham, tale. Cyda. ''Pattie Durant" [146S.16]. 16Gt. tale. A. Manning, **Deb«Mmlis 
diary "[^07.2], tale. T. Robinson, " WhitefKars," tale. H. J. Schlmmd, •* Mary Honis,"tale. Ainsworth, "Taibot Harland" [490.76]. tale. L. Mfthl- 
bach, '• Aphra Brhn " [1016.17]. tale. 

SM GmtnuM. — D. Jerrold, •* Nell G wymie " [996.L8]. plsyr- Tom Taylor and Charies Reade, •• The king's rival " ( Nell Qwynne) [1388.7], plmj. 

Urd Rn99tU, beheaded. 1683. — Drama by W. Hay ley [2S68.&6}. G. P. R. James, " Russell " [46116; 730 JO; 18(\5-"S]. tale. 

TUgrtat ptagM*, lOM^ — De Foe, "History of the plague" [8SJ.9.5: 4inia.l.9]. A- Manning. " Cherry and Violet " [507.18]. tale. E. B. L , 
•• Oliver Wynohsm " [*-ff .7], tale. Mrs. J. B. Webb. " Oliver Wyndharo " [437 J?l], tale. John Wilson. " The city of the plague " [312. W]. poem. 

r*«#rMi.^fM£4M4Mi,I«l8. — Ainsworth. "Old St Paul's "[781.23]. tale. Lady G. Fullerton, " Rosemary " [1428.10 ; 1428.15; ITOSuO]. tale. 

AlM^ — Dryden. - Annus mirabiUs " [.112.L1 ; 31WI.1 : 380-3.1 ; 385.7 ; 1316.12.1 ; S»U.U; 4604.1.6], 1606. poem. 

Maamen, — See comedies of Farquhar, Vanbrugh. Congrvve. and Wycberley . Anonymous tale, " Drifted and sifted." for domestic life. Mrs. Mauley's 
doubiftil novels satirize the public characters and manners of the day : and the curious arrh«oIogist may find a similar study In Mrs. Beha's, and in her 
•*Oroonoko" (and in Sontheme's |riay) will be found a representation of slavery in the English colonies. G. P. R. Jamea, "Hie robber" [474^1], tale. 
Potter, " Rup«rrt Aubrry of Aubrey chase." 1681. tale. 

HI9TOSICAL KKFBKKXcn. ~ Of the ntt^neUm under Charter IT, we have a picture of the debased character of society in Pepys's - Diary " [957-»: 
9577 Jl]. Macaulay's [WW; 9SUs 19K.1 ; 23ia.2; 4S5I.8: 4SBff.6: 4S27.I5] Sd chapter and part of the 4th Is a briUiant summary of his reign. See Ukewies 
his Essay on Sir WiUiam Temple [1960.3^; 236X2.6; 4556J.4 ; 45S9L7.3]. See also the general histories alieady named; and Bishop ISumet's ** Uistoty of his 
own time " [3.*17.5 ; 45 HLIO] must not be overiookcd. 

J AXn U. lfiB5-16n, EmtlUk reesluMiM. — Ainsworth, " James the second." G. P. R. James. " The fete " [492^5]. tale. A. Gibeme. •* Almie " [79Sl73, 
tale. M. and C Lee, " Oakstair case," and " Rosamund Fane " [446J], b>>yliood of James ii. tales. Mrs. A. M. Hall. " The ootlaw." 1888. tale. C. M. Tungew 
"The last of the cavaliers- [730.15]. MSS, tale. H Smith, "Walter Golyton [442.1], ICBS. and ^Arthur Arundel" [88120]. talea. Blaekmore. •*Loraa 
Doone" [1761.14], battle of Scdgeoioor and banditti. 

Dryden. "The hind and ihe panther" [319.82; 389.3.1: 885.7; 1316.12.2; 2&<»A14; 4604.1.0]. polemical poem. 

Mo*mo»tU rvMlMa. — Griffin, ^ Duke of Monmouth "[1800.17], tale. L. E. Guernsey, -Winifred" [173&11]. tale. G. P. R. James, *« The fate" 
[43i2:0, tale. 

Shelf numbers above 2110 in the Notes are in the Bates Hall. 


lllirroBirAL Bi rKRKirm. — Of t1 c rercturtam nf IfiAS, vt havv a Whig view tn Fnz'a " Ufb nf Jamra n " iKV.W-. 9^14; HW.Hi 1ifS».C1 : Mtd Um 
mme ayiiipAthli « arr ilitchttrtl by th« briliUnt aim! pliilfwiphical Mackiuttith. whii«e work [.IW.:!; 2*40.14] hu twrn f laiiiinnl by Mactnlar In hii Enftjrt 
[ItWAS; XWCLSS; 4^S()JLt: ViW-7-1}- Thr most ■plrndld rri>otatinn uiioiik nitxlern KiifClhhhipturUna. howrtrr. wufpilnpfl hr MacaiiUy for hi«hi«l(iry 
eovcrlnK th« pnii^d fruiii tht aercuion of Jaoirs II tu the death nf Willbiin uf Oranjcc »ho ia the hrro uf the »ork [UCC3: Viti.n; lWtt.1; 2>n.Si 
45St.N; iSHfn 4XR.\iy Ilia Ihonmgh reat-«rrh and riahormlion <if detail — iiftt'ti ruriuiu — iiiake him dilTuae. ami hia atjrie. thouiEh llrelj, ia Ri'iM'rmlljr 
Mferemrd lu b«4m> antithetical, not aunirtiinea to aai-riltce fart tn i-tTect. S«r refrma-ra in Allihiine. Whiltler'a " KnRland umlfr Jaiiiea II " [HSi^l.:!: fUlSlI] 
b in review <if Macaulay. See Smyth'a aih lecturv [M^-^ : M»J) : ML7 ; SiV^'M ( saU.4 : 4143 S ; GSSJi ; 1SW.'2} in liia " Modern liiatuiy." fiurnvta ** IliatoiT 
of bbi>wnUme"CUl7Jl; 4SlU.1ii3 fkvora William. iWv alM> Evelyn'a" IMair " CK7.4 ; 24«>JV]. 

Fur the Chuirh hiatorj uf thia prricd ace a ai<eti<iii of the " Pirtorial liiktury [»a.'.': MS5.1]. SmUea ia the authnriij C9tM.3K] on the •• IIuinienf«la in 
EajtUod.'* Rce alaii Enierann'a " Enjiliah trait* " [K7ii.8; 21tN.I5J. Matthew Atiiohl exaniinea the n-lationa of Puriiaulaiii ti> the church [riVia.iE!]. I*attiai*n 
tncci the lendeney uf relticiona thtiuKht trtnn the ReToluti<iii to the middle uf the lart century [IIX.!]. 

WiLUAM III A!«i> Mart (JViiryif/rtiinoi ), IAH0-I7U2.^O. IMi. Jamea, **The kinx'a hifchway " C481S>; ItVW.Sl], Fenwirk rtinaplracy. N. Ki>wc, 
** Tamerlane "[.YU.l.i ; .tM.l.ll): .V16.2I.I : l.'W.I.M: 4l7(!a.l^]. thia character ia drawn ttom William of Orange, tragedy. Dc Foe, •• The true-born Eiigllah- 
tumn" 19X19^: 4aOa.l.»], William and the Dirtch, p<iem. 

AM HI. 17II9-1714. - AInawnrth, ^ John I aw " C7J».10], ITAS. etc, and " Saint Jame«'a" [ 110/0. inV. tales. Swift, *• Tale of a tnb" [r«<.in.l : 2nifi.l.lO| 
4174.4^1], ia a satirical allegory on the churchea of Rome and Eoglaml. Scribe, ** La Vvrr« d'eau " [1U76JL3: 2701.3.7], th« queen, dncheaa of Marlborough, 
ale., comedy. 

Wmr in Ftendera. — W. M. Thackeray, ** Henry Eamond " [45.13; 4.1)J7 ; 001^]. the old Pretender, tale. Aildlaon, *« The campaign ** CM7J.1 ; 9Sn.S.l 1 
4804.1.7], on MarlborouRh, poem. Ainawiiith. " St. Janiea'a ** [41tMi]. court of Queen Anne ami defence of MarllHimuKh, tale. 

I>e Fiie'a ** Memoir uf an Engllah oincer, by Capt. Oeorfca Carltua " CtCtLAS; 4aUa.l.M], la a flrtitluua narralive, eorvring the Dutch wars [IfilS-l'Ll]. 

JtaMcri.— Thackeray, ** Henry Eamond " [45.1.1; 4-V.'!7 ; sniM"]. maum-ra and literature, tale. Uulwer. " Deverrux " [43I.4A; «!.%.»: MOM], nulinRbnike. 
■wift. Pope, etc.. tale. Le«m de Wailly, *' Stella <<t Vaneaaa," trannlatod by La<iy ihilT (ionlun. Bulwer, '* Nut ao bail aa we aeem " [ L'M9..-t]. comedy. Aikll- 
•on, ** Sir Ibtfter de Om-riey " C4nu.l.l], papera of " Thr aixt'tatiir." may be taken aa ainnnir the earliest noveli of manncra and society. See drainaa of th« 
Hate, like C Obber'a '• Carelr«a huaband - [.HLl.t: .-VM.l.U; .'»7.1.'L9; l.KLl ; 4l.'iUa.M: 4.-V7.1.a) 71 (Laily Botty M<ididh) : Ullo'a ** Georjc^ Uamweil " [.lU.l J; 
aM.1.11; 3M 1H.1: LtfR-S; UMR.4; 1;H».1.I4; 417Ua.l.l4] (tow auclety) : Oay'a " RcRgar'a opera "* [:ni.lJ(; .V*4.I.IS;>. 2.*«l-i.4: 417Ua.l.U: 4fl7.'>31.-i]. etc.i 
•ml Mrs. lleywood'a escrptionable ntiwlt. *• Bi-tty Thotiehtlesa." ami other*. Gay. "Trivia" [.113.1.1; 1)17.1.1; 394)22 1; £W..\4l| 4nM.lJ»]. London 
•ightt. pitein. ami •• Shephird'a week ~ [:U3.1. 1 • :«».1S.1 ;; HMfMi I ; SMUA41 : 4€(»I.1.N]. la for rural lifr. poem. Pttpt, '* Kapc of the lock " [:tl2.1.1 s 
83».lJ(i SV.S1: 99.12.2; 13U.1.1; 14UP.3; SSdVll; S:^'8.14.]; SWUll; 3iML2..U f«>r manners,' poem. Somerville, ** The chase "[312 1; 3SUJ; 2571-8; 4AM.1JIJ. 

HintmiOAL BKrKRRNCZS. — Forthsrrignof ^MsraiiuM, Lonl Blahon, now Earl Stanhope, follows upon Macaulay, and [l9dS.*; 4SSI 4} carries 
the narrative to her death. 

The military interest of this reign crnfrrs In the Duke of Marlbor»uj;h, of whom a brief account can be f.>und In Lntlje's ** PortraiU " C'^L'^I T 1 
9451.11.7], and there la a Aill biuf raphy by Coxc [HrM.2; S44iV4]. Caiiiphell'a •* Lonl rhancellor* " [»3.1 ; 41iin 0; 45t2Jii] nf c«iurae covera the li-gal crlebritic*. 
71m war of the suecesaitm In S|»ain. and Knfiiamra nmiiecti-m with It, it the aubji-ct of a hi«t>rical nion<»irraph by Sunhi>iM> [MlJCt; U tK.f], aiid it epito- 
mised In Macaulay'a Eaaaya[l<jm.:i.2: 2.1>>:I.2..% ; 45.VC'U; 4:k'W.7.S]. The ci miM^ Ion uf literature and p>ilitic« ia ahown in Macaulay'a Eaaay on Addiaun 
[WOJLI; 2iWt.2.7: 4\tf.X.Y; V»'H).7.1]; In Konrter't'* Life of Swift ** [:fi^U..VI: 2M1..M]; and iu Tharketay'a" Iluniouristo" [.'M-l; 5W.»]. 

The general hiatnries. Hume [Ut'.I.I; VHiJli W^.\i IHM.l: iur».l; 4'.1<IH: iSA'^^; Ki\iJ\i t»l.VS], Unjcanl [9iH.2: WH; Mlul: 942U.2]. Hallam [975.1| 
Wtn : 1SM.3; im.9: 45173]. Kniftht [W2 1 ; i'^K^f], and thr " Pirtorial history " [<.K2 2; 3rJ2.11. muat be followeil. till Maraulay [041.2; *pHi.3; liaK.l ; 3.Vi;i 2; 
4BfcEU; 4£ff .8; 4527.15] takes up tlir tiUiry under Janie* II ; but the latter'* llrat chapter will acr^e for a brilliant epitome of the earitcr reiirna: and pooiU all 
thfVHigh the period, much can be found tn hia Essa\ ■ [ im.3; 9S&I.2 ; iV.8J; 4V5!».:]. Caiupbeira ** Li>rd chancellors " [.W8.1 ; 4li**i 8 1 4M2Ji>] atili acrvea lor 
Um leading Silviaera of the rr«>wn. 

JWe.— William Drx)wnr.*«Britannla'BpaBtoniU" [.-112.11; 4.1iZIIa.9); 4A^.I.4], gives local scenery of Devonshire. IHM. Draytou'a Poly-olblon [.119-11 1 
L7.4: 9nV.2..-t: 40M.1J1] i* a vcrslflr«l drarriptiun of Kuk'land at thia lime. 

llallam rrgrrto that ws havr !iu portrayal of niaruM-ra unilrr Kliialieth and the Stuarts in works of Action of their day, in the aame way thai Iba 
I novels f»f Spain represent contemporary lire in tlis p^minaula. See, however. I>uunr'a aatirsa [ £0.1.2; .'trSI.IJ; KI5.10J!: 13IS.U; 4MDI 1.4]. 

lIouBc of lianorer, A. D. 1714-1877, 

OBOEQK I. 1714-1737.- A. Hill, '*Saville houae." tale. .Mra. Bray. " Hartland litreat" [r.VVir], North Devnnahlie, 1790. tale. A. P. Bn4hcrhrad, 
■* Himself hia worat enemy "[7ii'i.Li], Philip.4uksof Wharton, tale. De Foe, " New voyage " [Hin.OA; 4Ai!la.l.;] and "Capt. Singleton" [40Aa.l.:>:, boccm- 
aaoffw. J. Qrant, " I.ucy Ardrn," tale. 

aU PrmendFTB rrMlion, 1715-1716— .^eott, ** Ri»h fbtv" [l.n.43: 4nvi.4: I47ii.l 1; i:n.7: IMV.4: S'lTV.IT.M; 41<1^.1.4]. ta'e. O. P. R Jamra. •'Hfury 
■meattm* [4flR-I..l^, tale. Grace Keniictly. " Father C'lnnrnt ** ['«>'Lli(; t*V vy. tale. Charh-a Oihhun. " F<ir the king " [411JSI], tale. Ainswuith, ** PrrsioD 
flght" [5(UBf]. tale. Tirkrlla imitation of the Pniphery of Nrieu* ia a aatirr axaiurt llir Kurl of Mar'a in«urn«tion. 

.AIM. — Kwift,"(;u1Ii»rra traveb " [7.'V.2 ; 7.'MJ4: rtMS: 1>A(.I0; :u*X 10.2; ri7.Xl.'J; 'J*i> 1.11:4171.112], la a aatire on ctmlrmporary politiea. Mallrt'a 
•• Mustapha " :2K7.!»-2]. a play, ia a aatire on Sir Ri>lHrt Wa'p>»lr. 

Un»»)K II, 1727- IMI. — Aiuiwunh. " Thr I»rd mayor of l^omlon " [r:iVl<:]. ami •■ Thr miirr'a dauishtrr " [7A\Jn ; 7HI.2V1. 1744. tales. G P. R. James, 
*'The gipsy " [431.8: 464.9: *'A»)i iMA'i IH]. tale. Kniollrct. ** K-ilrrick IUml»m" [l.».4r]. I>>mharduieiil of C4rthai^iia, 1741. ta:r. W. M. Tharkrray. 
* The Virgin lana" ['<»:'»: 7a».4;J]. tale. S. L.rcr. "Trvaiu'v trove." F.intrn.iy. 17i*i,tale. J. (Jraiil, *• L«-Uy llyde'a lovera" [r-^LiJ]. Knullah ai>rvicr, 1742, t«ltf. 
Bcnbe, ** L'ambitkux" [lilTrtO^; 2701.2. 7], portrays Sir Rob. it Wali»-.|e.r>Miinly. 

FMiny Pr^n4*ra rrhtlUon, 17(.'M;. (.S«> 84-<iTI.ANii.) — Sri4l. " Wavrrlw " C4I> 4.1; iO).!.!; 4f».2S; 147II.I.1: 147:1.1; IMKIM; 1417.1; 2.'>7? I.l. 2], ule. 
Ki4iebor. •• P.4luard in Sclwittlaml " iUnU Ih], pUy. W. II. Aintworth, ** The fr>Mil old tintea '], Man* hratvr. tale. Uter. ** Gerald f'itjgerald ** 
(7'tt.r>^ •lepirta tlie ftirlunra iif the rrniainin;! Smart In K-oiie. in iri«>. 

«ai«i» f^rt' wir. I75'i-I7^d. iSre GKBVAaT.) — 8. Fuotr. **Thr conimiaisry " [.T.l-l 5; iMO.i: 2575 U 4]. ahmil at rontractors, r.imrdv. 

JV><*'«f<wa.— Mra. Oiaries. '* Diary of Mrs. Killy 'rrvvyhsu " [41:11: 4l:LM: 71im;7]. WhilertrM ami Wi«iey. talr. K (iravra. "The sptrltnal 
Qalsnce** [77N |J12..'EI], attack on methoillam. tale. F<»otr. **Thr niiin'r" [.ttl.1.5; :U4.2S; l:Ml-4: 2i'.r.'>JU5: 4i;Ua.l.2J. coiiH-dy. SiiiolleU, "Humphry 
Cinikrr' [i».4il]. talr. H. W. Hilliard. " !>«• Vane" [47:iL']. in (hrir drN-nrr. lair. 

,V-«.— The MrllHMliat revival of thr la«t o'litury U iifrcsaAril> |i<irlrayt^ in all livra 1^ W^-.lry C'"^; ■'•■Vi« Ji]. 

iliayiWfJU'wI. — A. E. Dr«rhio;{rl. " Williaiii Il<*k'arth " [JKr.iili]. tale. C. Whitehead. *' Iticitaid Sa^atfe" Ll''*t-Ij< aM Maa*i>n, •■Coaronna 
d Epiiiea." Charles Itrailr, ^ Peg WolUngton " [41.* 5; ;«iii..*il]. taK'. 

JfuMrra. — E. Praa<k, " Ka!f Skirlaugh" [7«;V.'!], Linc»loahlrr ^lulre ami Jaoiliitrs. tale. Mrs. A. Maniiin;;. "The ul'l Ch. Iwa bnn h>use " C-HIT 19], 
lyNNliin. tale. Charli4ta Smith. "Thr «iM manor Iliuo-" [77Kl.:al. :?], tale. Shriiatouc, "The achiN.l-uiiitrina*' [-112.1 1], immiu. John |l»«-r. " Hrere " 
{j:Mt ^Ai; 48M.i.u: ami" (imtigar hill' l'£iiVJ\ &-{; 44t|], rural lite, fxiema. 

C«Milrmpirary noveliata,— FieMina, "Tom Jom-«" [r.*> I'l^ ."iiiuire Wr«trm, AlUorthy.rte. : "Jo«>i>h An li »■"[::< I l«: IHIII 1], Parkin Ada>o«; 
** Amelia" (1401.1], etc. : — SuHiilrtt, rrlf«-«ih)g thr matiTial plca4uri>i uf (he ajr. aa in " Prn-i;ri(ir I'irhli-" [4l>.M], ('o'liiin^i.irf Tiuioii-oi: " Huropliry 
Clinker" [ill M]. travels of a WHah fauillv throu^*! Kng'and ai:<l ^siiilljinl. it«-. ;— Kirhard^Mi (tf)iiii«) ; — Mr*. I> nnot, 'Thr f- Miair (^i«i4.." 
[TTk I 21. 2:>]. I7.V.'. ndirulealheGramI Cyru>arhoo|i>f Mmaneea:— Mri- Shi-nilan." Ml»« Siilurj Bidulph " [7*;i«.':; (vrry |i-ipular in lla da) );— C. John- 
■liHie. ** Chryaal. or Adreiitnrranf a Giilura " ({kilitiral »alire) : — Mi«. (tiilfi-lh :— Mr*. linoikr. etc. 

AUc, i}. GoMomith, ** Citiirn of thr worlil " C'.asl 'I.'.'], ihuwa a tT.utn-if |i'ii!ii«ii|ihrr In Kiigiaml. F.^-li-'t rniietliea are In pail aimr,! at the pr«ralrnt 
fclly of Frvnrhiiying. ami Ifolbrrg In Dmniatk «aa aafnxing the ianif trim;; in hi* " Jrau dr France." Ttn- iMia;;lnary pli-turva iif ■• Th^ apr«'tat>>r " and 
**The latler" ars an escellrtit n fin of the tliue*: and in pirtorial art. t>ir aaiiriral pnNliirtiona ui II 'iCarth. Wright'a ** Car ii'al'jre hiatory << the 
Gavirgra" [2527 11: 452M.28] iroeea thr phaat-i uf intliti.'al •alin* in Irltert ami an fliinn;; tin ir n-ign*. 

Alfu. fiir luanitera. are conleinpoiarr playa. !lk'- .Moorv'i" Thr ganiH.t.T' C *>:l I "i; ■"-'•* I It: !:«? L>: I Mi I It; 4irM 1 in;-. Tovnlry's " lli.:'i '-fr 1m I>»« 
stairs" [I'TMlAVAi fiWl.4 j:]. eir. Further, n>r nivtri>|Kilitan inannera, Jolioaon't " Ijomlon ' ['.■•! •! I; SXi 'J I ; VIM.I II]. a »altrr ; airi r>r r<iial a«|"vta, 
Laagtionie'a " Count rv Juatin-,** |iOrm. 

Hl*T*>Si( At. Br.rgRKNi-r-it. — For thr prriiMl of fi'-rgt If, Staiihufir [:*t::;: |'.»tr.: 2<'Jli..'«>] mat bt- parallrlid «iih thr arr mmiIi uf t* > fir •oiim mi 
Chamrtrrs of the reign in Mrs. 0:i|ih«iit'a "Skrtr|ii>«" p.Mtt; 4'iJ7 V]. mirh a« Sir K •li'-rl Wal|i.iU-. l«>ril ('Iir«t.r11i-:<I. Iji>ly M-nv W ■ 1 r, «!■ -i. 
tagur, .\|riander Popr, Juhn Wralvy, Sa<ii'i<>I lt:i-1iar<lii-Mi. ari'l Wllliaoi II i.ra'lh, wiiili* ti-paratr ai-e-Htnt* of (hiar aiid Ihrkr nia • t>> I'n-i • ira 

Shelf uuiubcni above 21 10 in the Notes are in tiie Dates ilall. 


krily cowr moch iliiulntioo of Um period. For the episode of the Kinf and Dettingen, lee book xrr of Oarijle's **Fndcfick. 
CM2.6: 579.22: SI74.59: SftSS^S]. 

The pretvofiunf of the dvthroned hoase of Stoaft to the eceptrp. through a loag aeriee of yc«r«, arc followed in Jene'e ^ Preleadera 
CV94; I9SS.1}. The •ccounU In Earl Stanhope't HUtory [flO&J; 19S6.S; 919 JO}, vol. I, ch. C, and toI. II, ch. aS. reepcctivelj, are the beet for the gemtnl 
reader. Scott* "Tale* of a grandfkther" [400.1.94-38: 4«.ll; 480.41; 908.1.7; S577AO-9Ss 41«l.l.94-9i: 417&li; OSTteJOJata) aflbrd a dcarnamCivv. 

Qkobok ni, 17a>-lit».— Scott.** The sttrgeon'* daughter "C»n-l-<: 1470.1J; 1807.25; S579L1.48: 4189.1 JD], acene ihifti to India. and •'Tltc 
chamber " C«».l.a>: 90:11^: 147«lL5: S57SLL4I ; 41€9Ll.a03, tales. C Lerer. •* Gerald FUigerald " [iClU], the Ftetander Ib BoB^ USD, lala. Awm 
George th« third was king." tale. Aineworth, ** The Lord major of Londoo " C«90JiS], talc. 

Wokoct (Peter nndar'i) political latlrcs CSSffLM; 6S7<J»; 

Gcrdom. ri<4*, 17H0. — C. Dickeni, » Bamaby Budge " C471.U ; l47d.l ; 178L1 ; 6908^], tale. Anon., » Tb» rival apprendeaa." laia. 

XupoUoHir ir«r*. — Sec FBANOB. 

Sir*. Charles, '* Against the stream " [1745.17; 17»j8], tale. 

Poems by T. Campbell, ** Ye mariners of EngUnd,** ** lIohenllDden." " Battle of the Bame," etc. In his Poetical wocks CSMJ; 9tfLl3: MU4: IS1&4; 
9587 J«: 2S8O.03: 4379aJ0. " Burial of Sir John Moore." ballad, etc 

G. P. R. James, " Aims and obstacles " [ 1301.13], campaign of t8U. Grant, " The king's ovn borderers ** CI394.1S3, tha PMdnsola campnisn. 

Mvtimp mt the Xon, 1797. — Marryat, ** The king's own " [490.6$; 74S.I4 ; 74S.2S ; 74>.9], tale. 

BioffnpkirnL — l>e Vigny, " Chatterton " [9>«.43, drama. W. Ilanim, » Shelky," tale. Disraeli, " Venetia " [410.10]. Byron and ShcDcj, tale. 

& F. Williams, " Strawberry hill," for Walpole's coterie, tale. Miss Thackeray's** Miss Angel " [^12; 17itLU: 17S7.4], AageUca Knafkoann, Sir 
Joshua Rirynolds, etc. 

MoMmm (last centuTy).~0. Goldsmith. "TheTlear of Wskefleld" [490.U; 7A.2; 759.3; 7^16; 778.I.S: 900X3; ISSOJJ; 2S73LLJ; 4879*^7; CST-ajSI]. 
tale, 178S. H. Brv>oke, ** The fool of quality ** [798.17; SS77J], 17SI, Uw against debtors, ~ an edition published by John Wedcy, altered as •* Bisanry af 
Henry, earl of MurrUnd " [SS7S.4], tala. George Colman, ** Poliy Honeycomb " [4579aJ5.9], aimed at the libraries of circulating novels of tha day, oumatr. 
£. S. Holt. *• Ashcliffe hall." tale. Miss Edgeworth. ** Belinda " [4<r.l ; 468.8: 778.1v«, 50], and other tales, for middle and aristocratic lift. Miai larbbahl. 
** A simple stonr " [778.1.28]. tal«, etc. CumberUnd. ** Arundel," for high life, Ule. 

Sec CliurchiU's poems (1761-4). ** The Boaeiad " [3U.LI ; 319.8.1 : SSSJi; U18.7.I : i»;.4.1 : 2SQ8AI ; 4804.1.10], theatres, etc 

Cuntemp.jrary comedies,— Sheridan, ** The school for scandal " [gSLlO; gl7.2: 1357.2; 13S7.1 ; 4'(75JDJ>]: Colman and Garrick, ** The dandeatlna mtt^ 
riage" [1^1.1.4: aV4.1.18; L187J; 1388.1; 1589.1.8: 4575.20.9; 4575JB]; Hoadley, **The suspicious husband" [331.1.4; 9U.L13; 1389111: 4179a.lw4: ASOJUIJi 
Goldsmith. "She stoops to conquer "[SU.1.4; 354.1.17; 832.9; 90dJL4: Llfill; L«S2: U80.1..'(; 1400.12; 4179a.l.9; 4575J0.8]; Fbote's eomadi 

Miss Tytlcr, *• Lady Bell " [ 1734.8], Mrs. Skldons, Sir Joshua Rrym^d/i. Duchess i>f King«on. etc, tale. 

Bichardson. ** Sir Charles Grandison" [7n8.l.I3-10; 778.1.9-U]. the model gentleman, tale, and his other novels. 

G. J. Whyte-Melville, " Cerise " [480.4 ; 800.11], talc Mrs. Gaskell, ^ SyKia's lovers " [402.10 ; 7ni)jil], Yorkshire coast, 1798, tale. 
** Old English manor h.>use " [778 1.3ft, 37], tale. Hannah Mora. " C<£lrbf iu search of a wife " [709.14; 907.2^!], domestic religfoas life. 

For London life — Miss Barney [Madame d'Arblay], ** Evelina " [410.23]. exhibits, says Macaulay, the feshionable and vulgar life, 1778^ vitb gnat 
force. Manning. ** The old Chelsea bun-house " [A07.I9]. 

ForBathlifr. — Smollett, ** Humphry Clinker" [«tt.4A], talc Anstey. ** New Bath guide," poem. D. Jerrold, ** Bean Nash," play. 

Pur sea life, — Smollett. *• Roderick Baadom' [430.47] and "Peregrine Pickle" [430.M]; D. Paukiing. •• Brigantiaa." 17CS. laia. Marryat's 
** Snariejov. or the dog Send " [745 J: 745.28; 743 .«; 1419.13]. smuggling. 1700. etc.. tale. 

For rural life. -Goklsmith.^ The deserted TiUage" [312.1.1; 3S9.4; a(O.I2.2; .*^8.9: 89S.9: 908.3.4; 1317.2; 1409.12; 48MJ.103, poem. Bloovicld. 
** The former's boy " [312.1 J ; 1339.8] and ** Rural tales " [312. 1.2 : i^BXU}. Crabbe's poems [327.4]. 

Fur middle and low Ufe, — Warren. ** Now and then " [4« 70; 7(7.1*;] 

Jfaaaer* <flrst half of thU century). — Miss Ed^wortli's " Belinda " [4C7.I.8: 4ffiAll. 13: 77A.1.49. .V], ** Man<snTring " [4670.4; 4eBJ.73. •* Patnm. 
age" [417.1.7: 4n8.ai4-16] and "Helen "[447.1.10]. Thackeray, ** Vanity fkir"[430.e0: 491 7]. Vauxhall.etc ,talc George Elkjt,** Adam Bade" [4l«.43: 
5a.V5]. 170»-18ri7. tale. Peacock's novels (society painting and opinions). ScoCt, *' Saint Ronan's well" [4a>.1.18; 903 1.5; 1470.1.4; 1807.17; 2SrBLl.-3;M: 
4M9.1.1(;], Innerleithen, 1^12, tale. Mme .de Sooxa. '* Charles c< Marie" [4g79a.6SJ, a French view, tale. Tennant. " Anster fkir " [38901; fMOlSO], l«nr life, 
humorous puem. L Disraeli, '* Voyage of OapC Popanilla " [443.6 : 752.14]. talc 

For Lo!>don life, — Theodore Hook's novels disclose the society of the metropolis and its suburbs. P. Egan, ** Ufe in London" [6376.71, TVm and 
Jerry, and its sequel, '* Finish," Ules. J. Gait, ** Ayrshire legatees " [78S.8]. a Scotch minister and family describe the sights, tale. 

For rural life, — Miss Mitford. *- Our village" [507.<: t»4.4]. Ules. Bloomfleki. *' The farmer's boy " [313.1.2: L't39.8], poem. W. Irriag, •* Brac»- 
bridge hall ~ [.77.1.3 ; 397.4 : 438.19 ; 880L26 ; S391.ll ; 2304.11 ; 2Sin.l7 : 43BR.14], country gentleman's estate. Crabbe. ** Village " and other poeofts VSSAy. Jane 
Austen's novels for rural gentry. Bulwer's *' Eugene Aram " [420JW ; 4AS.19; 465.21 : 1305.9], country customs. Clare's poems [2M9.2S]. 

For domestic life, — Jane Austen's novels ( begun 12U 1 ). Miss Ferrier, "* Marriage," ** The inheritance " [ 1308.9] and ** Destiny " [U0S.1O]. Hannah 
More. *' Oslvbs In search of a wife" [789.14; 907.2.2], tale. 

For political liffe. — R P. Ward, *• De Veie " [787.4 : 787 J], Canning as Wentworth, tale, and *• Tremaine " [787.2]. Mrs. Gore, *• Cabinet ministry." 
Rheridsn. tale. La<ly C. Bury, ** Memoirs of a peeress," Fox. Mrs. Bari>anld. ** Eighteen hundred and eleven," in her Works [88SJ.1], poem. Anon., 
** Wynville," talc Bulwer's novels deal largely with political and fashionable life. 

Fur military life (see NAPOLBOai lO wars, under France). — Col. £. Napier, ** Linesman." talc Sherer, ** Tales of the wars of our time.** Cajit. 
Hamilton, *' Cyril Thornton." tale. 

For smuggling, — G. P. R. James, ** The smuggler " [420.13; 1803.34], Kent, talc R. Cobbold. ** Margaret Catchpolc" Suffolk, tale. ** For the king's 

For seab^>ard life. — Crabbe. " The borough " [.137.3.3]. poem. Mrs. Gaskell, » Sylvia's Levers " [492.10; 791.31]. Yorkshire coast, tale. 

I'or reforms. — Peacitck. ** Headlong hall " [2I97.'0; 3477.00.1], ** Nightiiuue abbry " [3477 OM], etc. satires on advanced opinions, taka. 

Fox hunting. — T. Owynne. ** School of fetbcrs." a town fsther and country f tv-h-inting son. Novels of C. Lever. John Mills, etc 

Naval life.— Chainler. •* Ben Brace " [Ifw 6: XMLS}. Kingston, *• R<»nald Morton " [ WG.!]. 

ilt«o, — Compare William Forsyth's " Novels aJi'J novelists of the et;:hteenth century " CtftVl7.U] in Illustration of the manners and morals of the eg*. 

In W. Godwin's *' Caleb Willianu" [196.2: ir^Vll.^]. we ^et **a study of thinics fiassing in the moral world.' through ttie eyes (»r a philoai>|ihcr. 
rather more moroae than Theodore Hook, in his "Sayings and doings" [909.4; SUBJi-, dOOJi}. See also Holcroft's **Uogh Trevor." f«»r the e^ila uf 

See also the satirical poenu and parodies of Canning. Frere. etc. 

lllST«>»rAL KKFXKKMCES. — Fur the time of Ceorye ///. a very full narrative will be foaitd in the English edition of the ** Pictorial histori ' 
[3422 1]. and in SUnhupe's ** History " [116X2; 1066.6; 2439JW] through the American war: but more particulars of this ctindict can be found in liic- 
tories of the United States. Brougham's sketches of the*' Statesmen "of this reign [.^68.7: SIOJI; 33Sl.<i] must be supplemented by fuller study of tiie 
littv of Chatham. Buike. Fox. Sheridan, and for the later period. Wellington and his ciinU^nittoraHes. The letters of Junius [ftltLS; 87:1.10; 2>VW.7] and 
llae's book on the opposiiioa [1-V)5.13] will throw light on the violence of pvilitical ft-elin;;. as also does Wraxall's Memoirs [2ril5..1]. Maraulav's tvn 
£»>ay« on Chatham [1966J12,3: 2363.2A7; 4U8Aa,6: 4V«.7.2.3] must not be ovcHmikcd. Tory politics are exciiipIiHed in Alison's" Europe" fhmi ITH) 
to ISVi [9l3.-t: 23U3J0]. and continued later to 18S2 [913.2: 23SU1]. A more liberal view of the latter peri<Ml will be found in Miss Martincan's ** Hisrury 
of the peace. " lM(i-S4 [OOftJl; 2422.3]. 

For the rvlaiions of England to her Indian empire, see Macaulay 's essays [19XL3JS ; 2Sia.2.6 ; ^'Cid.S., 54 ; 4ji50l7.3, 4] on Clive and Warren Hastings. 
Gkocuriv, 183IV.lftlO. 

Particularly illustrating the reign of <;sorys /Fand a later period, will be found t^e lives of Palmcrstoo [503.13; 2511 JS]. Brougham [505.10; ftHLin]. 
the Greville Memoirs [U3S »; 2512.51]. Earl RusscU's ** Recollectious " [laavS; 25U.U]. etc. 

The general rvader will be helped by Smyth's discrimination of tlic anthorit'ics in his " l.rctures on modem history" [837.8; 9t.t.7; 22L"Jin: 22*5 4; 
4142.2; i£!37.3: 6Jl'>Jf]. Knight [982.1 ; 2525.10] and the *' Pictorial history " [2122 1] can be followed fur the whole period, and tlie latter, in Uie Amrricnn 
edition [tf'vLS]. till 1700. The most particuUr authority, however, is Stanhope's "History" [■JSt.2: 1966.6; 2429J0]. covering the wlnile pvriml tu t' e 
close of the American revolution in 1783, and in his treatment of this event he is rminrnt'y just. Wriglit's ** Caricature history of the Georgm " [3J37.1 ( ; 
V>3K.9*] is an anmsing record of tlie ludicrous side of life and pylitics during nioat of this periud: an<l Thackeray's lectures on ttie " Georges " ['•.v;.3] iNits 
tite m •narchf themselves in a setting that serves to heighten their ftilly, tlieir stubbom.iviu and tlioir crinica. 
William iv, 1t«0-I837. 
PoUtieal ujtpteu.— George Eliot, ** Felix Holt " [480J8; «)1.25], Toryism. l&D, Ule. Lady Blessingion. » Grace" Irish puiitic*. tale. 

Shelf numbers above 21 lO in the Notes are in the Bates Hall. 



CkmvHM: - DUtkH. *« Sjrbll " [TID.M; 1478.4], Ule. C. KinKiIry. " AiMn Lock* " C49l).»: 494.14]. Ulr. 

CrimtaH iMT. li444^'V. — T. W. Rtibi'rt^iti'a " Ourt," «lram«. Grant, " Lady \Vi<dilfrbiirn'« wUh " [Itm.l.l], ule. J. F. Smith, " Il^nrl d« la Tour"*:. tal*. O. J. Whytr-Mvlville. " The intrnnvtrr " i7St.r,i:, t«lf. C. I>iin|>««-r, " Vera " [4.11. l'.»; TM.TTl tale. T. YeUerton, " Martyr* to cirrum- 
■Uiicr " [7*1.7]. Ule. Tenny*»ii, " The charne of tha liieht briirade " C^KM.I? ; 3iM.UU.2; l:M7.l4j l.'Oy.ISfJO. Ale*. Smith and 9. Dt^bell, " S.mnet« on Che war." 
II. Kiiijc>ley, " Ravetifhoe " C<W(.A; 7^.^}, Ule. 

JmdHM rer.*. KV. » Anon.. " The «»ffloerH chlMrcn " C4H).7.1], Ule. Grant, " Firft love and lait I.jtc " [HM.1]. Ule. O. Maat<>7, " Ilavelock'i 
march ' VmJ}. poem. Bimciraiilt. " Je«fie Bnivn. a tiege of Lnrknov " Hl^ii.i ; l\Sii.Vi2. play. Turn HihnI, '* I^ive and Taior ** [411.30], ule. 

y^t.— Ufnry Neelt'i " Ruiiiancc of hiKory, KnKland " [41^.1 ; 419.L'; 4rj.3; ilJ.V], it a terlei of Ulea llliutrating tha eraa of Eitf^iah hiitory ttom tb« 
Konnant d*>vn. 

riirmey'* " The battle of I>i>rkinK " [1419.11], an Imagined nicecanful inTa<ion of England by the Germant, eoo»e<|u«nt upon their lUCceM in Franea 
la ISn^l. garc rite to a great number of •inularpr«>4t>eftive hi«t«>rifii, both fkrorablc and unfavorable to England'* fame. 

IllNixtRlCAL KRFKBlNrES. — With M<ileaworth'« *' illftory at England " [i'>k'.:{] we turn to the reign of Wtlltam /r, and hii hittory depict* tha 
•ffitatiun for terorm and preaerre* the outlinen of parliamentary dfhatea. The leader* of pulitlc* of theic later yean a re ahown in McCarthy'* ** Modem 
laader* " [ L%I:i.''.], in iliuton* " Kadiral leaden " [l.VkLlN], and in iligginaon'a Englinh ■tatetmen " [UOLIS]. 

Tlic Crimean war flndf a very full chronicler in Klnglako I'JJi.l ; 1!I99.4 { JlULV]. 


London tiff. — .Savage, " The bachelor of the Albany " [iV-S; IfVC.l'] and " Falcon (kmlly," Ule*. AVh3te.Melviile, " The Brooke* of Drldlemera * 
C730.3]. E. M. Whitty, " Frieml* of Bohemia," Ule. Mn. Charli>ii. " Winifred Bertram " [4;.^l^ 4»).70], tale. I>. Jemilil, " 8t. Gilc* ai.d St. Jame* " 
C«I7J; 4d).l.%]. low ilfi-, Ule. C Dickena. " Oliver Twiat " [4ln.:»;: 401.0; 401.10; 1477.1; UKt-H; 0»Jil7]. w.irk-houa* abutc* and London thievei, and 
*■ Xkhola* Nickleby " [4IiUl%i 401.'il: 4Al.i'n 401.23; 1477.1; 17m!.-.£I: dlkUJ. Yorkshire *chK>l«, provincial theatre*, tale*. J. QrcenwoiNi, •• IIi«t4iry ufa lUlla 
ngamuIRn " [712.4], London thieve*, ule. Dieken*, " Martin Chuxxlewit " [410.'St; 403.12; 471.7 ; 471.10; I47C.9; 17&.'J; OiXUJJ. In part*, sanitary ctiiiditioB 
Ct dwelling* for the poor. tale. 

rrmrtnei^ tomiu.— Lady Bleaclngton, *' Country quarters,'* Ule. Miss MitfonI, " Belford Regis" [801.4; UO-.'.S]. Reading, market town vketchea. 
George Eii.4. •' MUhllemarch " [424.1.1: 1717.3; iru.ld], tale. Foole, " Little PedUngUm and the Pedlingtonian* " [447.0], satire on country town maniwra, 
tale. Mi** Sewcil, '• Margaret Percival" [421^.14 ; 42J.17], country gentry. 

/h MWef. — F. Ileman*. " Welih meI«Miie«," in her W.irk* [.'CiU; .147.2.1 ; 'r»r8.11.4; aSiMJV]. poem*. Anon., ** Heir* nf Gauntry." Ule. M. llowitt, 
" The rort i<f Caergwyn," tale. John Saunders, " larael Mort, overman " [t)iiii.±i; 17.i0.11 ; 177V.I2]. Welsh miners, Ule. R. D. Blackinora. " The niakloT 
Skrr " [421.:ai], tale. 

jrdMM/icrMWNj diitHrtt.^ Mn. Gavkell. " Mar? Barton " [4I()A1; HM.IO], Manciiester, and " North and .South ' [4I0J0], and her other Ulea. P. G. 
UaBiettiin. '* Wenderhohne " [iXt.2; HH.'.*]. I^anca^hirv. tale. Mis* Mi-teyard, " Miiin*toiie'* huusekivper " [7^' I], talc. II. Martineau, " A Manehe«Ur 
rtrlke " [7492.7]. Ule. Mim Urunt<>. " .Shirley ' :4ln.l-.': 4iU.Ii:. >" T>art«, tale. Manehister fariory lite in II. Smith* ** David Uoyd* laat will " :i47S.l<4]. 

Amti.^IndiaH life. - Amm.. " ililU and plain*. " tale. W. 1). Arnold, " OakHi-ld " [ IIS.!!; 418.7J, tale. K. King, •• The i|ueen of Uic regiment " [irOl.S], 
laic. " Chr)nii'le«>*f I>u*ti pore" [l!*C{ 14], tale. King«lnn, " The ynung rajah" [I4<V|.V]. • 

PUutr^l «tpffi».^ Disraeli, *' Vivian Grey " [4!u.41], tlie author and hi* enemie*. and " Coning»by " [410..'a); 1478.1; 1»>1.3]. Croker, Marquis ot Ilrrt- 
Ibrd. etc., ule*. C. King-ley. " Yeast " [42i). V : 4H4.K] and " Two yeun ago " [43>.:» ; 4(H.7], Ule*. II. Kingsley, "* AusUn Elliul " [iHiVtM; 4X1.12], Com- 
laws, HhI, famine in Scotland, tale. 

K. Ward, " Tieniaine " C7K7.2]. IKSS. " DeVere "[7tC.I; 7!t7.A], I><07, and " De Cliffird,' imi, Ule*. Mrs. Gore, "The cabinet raloUter," 
Brgrney. ul". i>>U . " .Mar«ton '* [711.17 ; 7'.&VI*;]. Ule. Bulwer-L>tt<in, " The new ' [:{!■;. 10; .-Mi'>.l9: Il:W.19], puctical satire. 

Troi:.<|ie. " Tile prime miniiier " [iMO.ii; HO V}. and *' Pliinvaa Finn " [-IVHl); 7.'>l.-.'|i], lri«h iwlilician's experience* in London, tales. G. Murray. 
" The niember Pan* " [i'^1.21 : 7:U 7n]. tale. W. Cullin*, " The wnnian in white " [ rjU.;.'4 ; 7:U.3j, lUlian rvfu^jert in Enclantl. 

Patllaineiitary ilrctionf,— Uulwer.J^iton, " My novel" iVS>M\ ¥*\.\^\ 4tk>.i;]; A. Tfollopv, " Ralph the tieir" [720.78; 781.27; 791.1]: Waim'i 
•• Ten th«Mi«aiid a year " [7*JMS; 7.11. Iii]. 

Re|N«i of Com law*.— Elliott. " C«im law rhyme* " [»l'i.2l.l]. 

i'««ili«.M4Ai« lift, — AhiBworth, " Criclitun." iThis hl4>irii-al hero i* drawn from Count d'Or*aT, who al*o figure* in Disraeli's " IlenrietU Temple " 
[41<V9; l47fUO)- Novel* by Lady (Aniline I«anibe; Tlie.Ml<iru ll>j<A (suburban gi-ntility and city man'iei*>; BenJ. Diaraeii; Bulwer; Normanliy; Mrs. 
Trollope pn-tenden t«i fkihlon); I^ly Bleuington; Misa Yonge (btat in |»ecrage). Anon., " Pique " [4'.n.4j. ariatocrarj. tale. Slurley Brook*, " AspcD 
court" [4<.Ih;. with London low life. ule. 

Mn. (rffe, " Motlien and daugh ten " CL'i<ri.l2], " Women a* they ar«>," botli fiiclety novel«. and " Cecil " [477.^; I-VKV::.']. club lifip. Ule*. Bulwer- 
Lytton, " Peiham ** [l2li.Ui; 4i;V2i 4&V1; 4i».|]. ule. Mi«a Sinriair. ** MiNli-rn acc.>inpli<ihmenta " [-iVVf] and ** Modem sitciety " L4M.2]. Ulea. E. E. Smith, 
"Thethn-e eraa nf woman'* lift- " [tlCS]. tal<-. Contra»Uot hninbie and |ie«>ra)(e lift- in G. M. Craik's *' Faith Unwiu** ordeal," and in Mi*a Yonge's 
** Ileartaraae " [11).74: 7iil.l ; 7(M.1I]. Wnyte-Meiville'a Ulea depict fa»hi>iualiie hch life in it* cenaurablv aspects, a* doe* Grvnvillc Murray in his " Yoang 
Brawn " [I7KU; 1779. In]. 

t'MHfry !■/«.■- Miss M'ltfonl. •* Our villace " :.'M'7.>'>: ftU.I]. Ilerkahire, and " Atherton " [791.11], Ulr*. W. Ilot^itt, " Wo«Hlbura grange " [47N.17]. 
K'lCitnghamihire.Ule. G«-orge Kli»t. *' Adam B>ile " [UiM*.; :4»..'>]. Wanrickahirv. Uli-. K. 1>. Blairkniore. '■ Cradoek Novell "[771.A], New Forest Hi* and 
dialect, tale. W. Barnea. |XMma in dialc<t [l.-U'* -.94; -.^WM. ]. G. W. Thornbury. " Greatlieart. " Cornaail. Ule. W. Mountfi»rd. " Thorpe " [4(i^ 11], tale. 
O. R (ili-ig. " Waltham ' [477.A]. ule. M. K. PiN.le. " Pirtiin.-* of rottagc life ' West of England. Anne Beale, " Simplicity and fascination " [ 14^1.9], lale. 
E.M. f«eiiell,'-l von "[4241-.':. Ule. A. Trollo|N.. •• lln.y faMU " [a« .1; 7.*i«.Sll lalf. 

Mn. (iaakell. " Ctiuain I'hillla" [Mi.V>; 7'-'l..'iJ, farm liti-. la.r. T Manly, '* Fai from the maiMing crowd " [I77il.2]. ah-vp famiing. north of England, 
and ** Under the grrvnwuud tree" [ItftV.'t; 17.t>.l.'>]. Ule«. Mn. Krakine, " Wyncutc " C17<ll^]. quiet vil!a|{e life, tale. Uamley, '■ I^ady Lee's wiilowh'Jod" 
[tfBJV]. tale. 

In Yorkahin. — Charlotte Bront^'a uovela. P. <!. Ilnmcrton, •* Wendsrhojme. [i'.V2; liU.'.*:. C. Dickens, " Nicholas Nkkleby" [ 481^4; 
461.K: 461.9; 1477. 1 ; K**; -j.:; uliL.O. cheap Ifianling M-hoot*. tale. 8. Yorke, " TaU-o of the .Nurth tiding " [Hlh'».4]. 

Jn Devimahire.— V. Ktns*li-y's novi>la. Il-nry Kin,;<li<v. *' Lelgrittm dmrt ' [ Vt).:£'i; 7l0.nrtj. ulc. Mrs. Bray, " Ifaxtland forest" I7JA.17], tak. 

In Berkahiie,— II. Kini.'sley. '• >ilc«>ti- ut Siic/tea " O'l"!.'.*]. tale. 

In Clamhridiieshire. — Fraaer-TytU-r. " .Mistreat Jmlitii " [I77J 9]. quiet eaiatenec. 

In iJnoilnahire. — " Uur hmne in tlie nianli land " [I424..'f ]. 

In Cornwall. — Ballantyne, " l>ei-p d<'wn \71l.3i; 711.'.".']. mine*. CnrIst>pherB, " From out the deeps " C 1 4>»V22]. Ule. 

In I<anraahire. — P. G. Ilamerton. " Wf itfifricilnie ' [t.L'i 2; I'tU.'.iJ. 

InS-iBsex.— K.!). Itlarkmore, '* AIi«'i' L»mtue" [l?^!^! ir>C.I7:. ;} mth ilown*. G. E. Sar,:enr. " Iturlock Cliase" [1411.7]. inmw irk'a lifr 

M'ittarf \\Jt. — Ston^a by (}l<'ig (" Th<* velenn* <if ChelM** h.iapiul [177 7]. etr), I<<vt-r. and .Maxwell, tirant, "Tue phantom regiment " [l^MKi]. 
moaliy in Spain; "Oliver EMia* :H>I.|.'> J, in Wi«( ln'lica durin;; t:ie Na|K>;ionif iN-n-kl; ^nd " Frank IIilt-Mi " :i<aM.s:. in Arabia- 

MidiJJki uwnd Urn <i/c.— Warren. " Diary iif a iihyaifisn" [7^1* It; 7f»7.l<i] and " Ti-n tiM'U«an<l a \ear " ",'A\ \\\ 7.'>4 li^, Ul<-a. Miaa Jane Austen's novels, 
■iMdle liCr. F. Mnntg>iinrry. "Thruwn together " [7iX»..'Sil; 77il.l>]. lnMite s.-enes uf mi>l<tie life. Dickens a ito^el*. Mias Youge. " Ttie daisy cJuin ' [7J).48i 
m:S\. domestic miildle life. 

5«e US*. — Stones by Marryat, <lla*rock. Oiamler. iloaard. Trelawney. anil G. Cupples. King«t mi. " The threi* lieotenanls ' T 1772. 1.1]. tale. 

M. Scott, " T«>m Cringle's log" C*>VIn] a'Hl '* The crniai- -if i:-t<- Midge " C7.LV1VJ, West Indies, talva. Ilannay. " Miugletou Fontenoy," tale. 

Jemld. " Black-eyed Susan " C9)ii: 1 4; lAi.i; 1^-M.H; I'Mnvj, diaina. 

»f*tiing (<^. — Whvte-Mclvllk-, " SiUn>-lla ' :i97.19G]. tale. 

Ikn/U-firml aieieinefite. — I.«dy Fullert'in. " (i raiilUy manor" [(1<).47| 4Vi 1], war of creeda. tale. William Mmintfonl. " Th-rpe "[IW-II], qnM 

•Duntry life. tale. Disrarh, "Taia-rvd" [72iM4; 7.'i2.1]. iMenc^* of the Jiwa. UN-. W. MeD lell. " Exeter hall : 17X2.1:. Ule. Anon.. " Ilvertim rrctiwy," 

IMV.eonfk>miisl, Ule. Mn. Olipliaiit's novel* fi*r life among tlif diasenling (-]a«aea. Ilrrliert Ainalee. " Tin- piljiriin and llie ahriiie ' ^701 V. tale. 

High church and ritaallsm. — W. GreaVy, '* Bernard I.4«lir and " Si> g<> of Ln-hlleld." F. E. Pagi t, M " .Vnih».iu*." and •4lii r ulr*. Miss E M. 
Srwell. •* Amy Herbert ' [42».l: 4^1.41]. and otlnr tale*. Miaa C .M. Yotig.-. - The lulr of Knleivlfc ^(•»:^; 77.V4; 7'tf.I], "The pillars wf the h<iuse " 
tlTat*. 1745.4]. and other UlM. Fiorenre Wilt-.r.!.- Viv.a l <'>*>. IJ]. tal-. F Mvl iiia'il. *■ N4t!iaiii-1 V.iitg:iaii. ' 

Roman catlmiic.^ Diaraeii, ■' l^*!liair JKI.IS; 7.V.'.21]. lale. Nvwuian. " L>*« and ctm [417'.) '•;. lair. Aniiii . '* Iji«-iiie" [17.'-I*-V an Englisli 
pru«e*Utit tuma Puseyite, then Roman catholic, tlian Jetuit, etc.. tale. C Sinrlair. " ilratnce " [i.'*'. T. Jeauita' indnrni-v. "Father Oaaaid ' [ita.Jfl], 
iacgrly doctrinal. 

8helf uiimbcrM above 2110 in the Note» are in tlie Bates Hall. 


jr«M.— Forayth Mj*. *' Aothonj TroOope czcda in the dMerlpdon of sleek eanons. and polished vchdcacons. and eoorUj bishops." 

Consalt the qiuutcf I7 rerievs and the theological joonuds for the progress of the divisions in the Anf^lcan church duriitf recent ycara. 8ec aka 
Arnold's " Oar bishops and dewu " C^MIA)}. and Harper's monthlj. March, 1878. for a paptt on " The patties and pieachcn " at tliis time. D Im iii I , ia 
eoBiiection with the church, is C2cpl*ii>*d for the different sects in Corteis's kotores CMS7 J03- 

jlrtiarliA.— W.CblUns.'* Hide ind seek" n^X5; 7M.l}.tale. 

PH«m aiiMM. — C. Kcade."XeTertoo hOe to meod" C414J; 414^; 430J0J, tale. C. Dickens, " Flekvick papers" i^lSLU: 7S(L8; 147iS.10; lC7Ai 
im.4; ISOO^; ttftLl], debtor's prison, taie. 

Pri€mtm immum mttlumu. — Charles Reade, " Hard cash " ItKM ; 45083. tale 

^/orm*. — Miss Martaneao's political ecooomj and Kame law stories, a Dickens, "Bleak house" [410.38 ; 4e3.»: 481.7; 14?&S: aoOSJll ddajs ia 
Oooits of chanceiy. and " UtUe Dorrit " C4iOJ3 ; 472.6: 472.7; 4718; 47S.U: 147&8; 8608.123, circumlocution office. ^ PUgrim street ** lUQ6J3, stieet boy Klb ia 

C. Reade, ''Put yoorself in his place " [411.2: 411.4; 750.443. trade unions, tale. 

Jenkins. " Ginx's baby " C4!»ja: 4(«J3; 710.49}. satire on poor laws; ** DerU's chain," Uqnor traffic, and " Little Bodge " [I715.1T3. labor and eapiiaL 

5oei«Xe*aHf«a. — Mrs. Browning. ** Aurora Leigh "[rfiS.?: 339.22; 1386.8.3; 1SS8..'0; SM)Sa.CS.3].po(ni. Tbackriaj's norels for satire on folbca. Mn. 
Cralk's CMi«s Muloch3 stories. Sir A. U. Elton, ** Below the surlhce,** tale. W. CoUins, ** The law and the lady " CI«73J0: 1779^3. women's righfts under 
thalaw. W. 8e well, '* Ilawkeetone," tale. 

A\«a^ — lUwthorne calls Anthony Troilope's novels** as English as a beelMcak, and they deal with the better dassca.'' Misa Sewdl's and MiaaToofe's 
aoTds delineate viridly home lil^. particularly with its rdlgioos aspects. 

rwMmfv life. — T. Hughes, " TMn Brown at Oxford ** [433.7 ; 417.43. tale. Edward Bradley [Cuthbert Bede3. " Yndant Green " [30693, tale. J. G. 
Lockhart. *' Reginald Daiton," gives a ** town aiad gown " row, tale. H. Kingslcy, ** Ravenahoe " [5(HJ; 73P.273, Oxford, tale. Thackeray. ** 
[4UJ23. Xewroan.'*Lossand gain" [4179.83. Kingsley, " Alton Locke" [43).aS; 484.143. Farrar. ** Julian Home " [4B.193 and " Peter Prigglna." 

PnUic trknot 1^. — T. Uugties. ** Tom Bixram at Rugby " C434J93. Ule. Kingston. '* School-boy days," " Reginald Warrender," Eton, and ** 
Biaccbridge":724.a)3. A. R. Hope, ** My schoolboy fHends " [7 J8JU3. Grant, *« Dick Rodney " [746.2S3, Eton lifr. Farrar, » St. Winifred's " [71X63 aad 

.Vsee. — Bayne [8SSl1.23 contrasts the old and mod^fm nnivenity systems. Varioos general descriptiMis of, or trard ia, England, devote s a c t io^s to the 
OBivcrsities, like Emerson's ** English traits " [5*8^8; 2467.^^3. etc 

Timbs's *' Scho«d-days of eminent men " [8M.13; &57.18; 589JI3 popularly traces the rise and pt o gi es s of education in England. Howard Stanwroa'W 
*• Great schools of England " [2470.133 is a convenient conglomerate record. Stanley's ** Loft of Dr. Araokl " [874.2 ; 887.10 ; 4S44.133 and Hnghes'a ** Toaa 
Brown at Rugby " [434 Jt} picture the life of the boys. 

For Ou^/lprrf, ** Medieval Oxford" is painted in J. H. Newman's Essays [4587.43. The best known delineations of life at this unireraty arc given ia 
Hughes's "Tbm Brown at Oxford" [433^^; 437.4. — St. Ambrose being a typical college} and the ** Adventures of Verdant Green " [SO&A. verging oa cariea- 
lBre3. For the Oxford of the early part of this century, see De Quioeey 's ** Memorials " [905.3 ; 68M.I43 ; Lamb's '* Vacation in Oxford " [884.23. etc.; Harper's 
■Boothly. vols. 30 and 31 (by OoUwin Smith), and 39 (by A. I^maa). Emerson's account [8?&Jt: 2467.183 appUes mostly to Oxford. See the aitide oa 
Oxford in Macmillan's magtdne, 1878. 

For Cmmbridge, the best books for American readera, deaeriptive of tfaa imivcrnty eoorse and life at a late date, are Brisfeed's [88U4; SS7BLC13 and 
Kvaratt's *• On the Osm " [8118; a909.253- 

See Turner's '*Angl«>-Saxons" [9611; 4178.12, chapter 6 of book 83. as to tiie priority of the founding of Oxford or Cambridge. For a coaqsnaoa 
afOMobridge and Oxford, seech. 4 in Frederick Arnold's** Turning points in life" [U87.33; and Wordsworth's book [2477.873 is aa elaborate trHtaaeat cf 
tiM aocial life of the universiiiea. 

Xm O e n e r t U , and for I^ong JPeriods. 

HiaroncAi. UErXBXXOXS.— The earefhl reader will find Foole's ** Annals of England [I95L6; CJ&4JJ3 a eonvo^nt masnal for lefewia c a dariat a 

\ of reading in English history, with its chronology, bibliography, and grouping of materials and authorities. 

Of perhaps the most repute among the ymsrwihistoriaas of England is Home [Wl^l; 9G2J; 903.1; 96H.1; 1965.1: 4516.8; 4SSJ; 6512J: 6518^ whose 
■anative. ending with the revolution of M8St shows a partiality for the Stnaits, and little sympathy either with the liberal progress of the English, or with 
tte religion of the people; yet, for its style and sagacity, it has in the past been accepted as tlte standard history. Bis successive editions showed hiia 
and more a Tory. His research was not extensive, and he left uncoUeded mndi that has since t hrown great light upon his suh^ect. 

LiniDsni [964.2; 9S9.8; 249.23 makes an able and digniAed review from a ca tholic point of view ; he is an able controTerstalist, and covera the 
grooad wtth Hume, and is the Ihvorite aothority 00 tiie Gootinent. 

The ** Pictorial history " is carefully and learnedly riaborated by a group of scholars, with some advantages in ariaagement by epochs, with 
devoted to the civil and military histiMry, to the eonstitational history, to the ecclesiastical history, and to the histories of the people's Indmtiy, their 
aara. their condition, their literature, adeaoe and art. The American reprint [9£t23 reproduce* the wood-cuts of the English, tMit only covers tae first foar 
votumcs (down to JTtO) ; wlule the BagUsh edition [242113. which has a fine aeries oi portraits on steel, in addition to the wood^cuts, has four more voI> 
amea. euvering the reign of George m, and bringing it down to 182tt. The portion eonxing tbe American war and the French revolution has a siroag Tary 

Knit's ^ Popular hisloey "[9311; 2SS5.103. tooaght down to the death of Prince Albert, embodies the essentia] remits of the special hlstoriaas tai a 
coBliBuoas narrative, which is eonsktcred the best for the general reader, who wishes to cover the entire period from the Roman conqaest to the 

The flraC two diapters of Maeaalay [966.2; 9818; 19661; 2963L2; 4SSSJ; 4S7.6; 4SS7.183 form a brilliant summary of English history down to the Eng- 
lish revutntioa. Greca's^^torthistory of the English pe«^>le" [985.2; 4517.1}. covering A.D. 0DC-I873. is an exposition of the ronstitutioBal and social 
advance of the natioa. This styie of writing the record is more in accordance with the process folluwcd by Knight, and the authors of the ^iViorial 
history." than with the habit of centring the interest of the narrative in the monarch for the time being. One uf £. A. Freeman's hi««orical essays [1818.163 
ia apon the eoatinuity of Engltsh history. Lawrence's ** Lives of the British historians " [586.U ; 4548.21} traces the progress of hiitorical science in Eag- 
laad. £. A. Frreman*s**0'id English history ~C9>}.8; 4819l333 was originally written for young reader*, but it has proved a successful ootnpend for the 
period down to the Norman conquest, and is piovid d with mapsL Dickeiu's ** Child's history " [969il ; 969.93 i* perhaps the beet of the simpier ^iMf «, i n ^ 
hisnrica. Lodge's ** Portraits" [815^1; 2t5LU; 254108} gives the physical characteristics of the ruling spirits in England's histury through its BMay 
eaatariea. with brief details of tlie text. 

Ibr the po'Jtical atudent. HaUam [9^8.1 ; 986121; 1984.1; 19SL2; 2814.6; 4517^3. who is reviewed by Macanlay in his Essays [K85.20: ]96SJt.l; 9963.15: 
4S98ySJ ; 4&S6.7.I3. for the period from the aeceasloa of Bcnry Tm to the death of George ll. may be consadeted the beat hutorr »f England, presenting, ia 
a highly iaapartial oaanner, the eonliet be t ue eu the tluoae and Parliaamkt in th? I7th century ; and U has been creditably eontiaucd to Itjeu by May [2419J83. 
Tbare are sections oa this aspect of Eaglish history thioa^hoia the ^ Pictorial history." Frrcmaa's ** Growth of the English cunstitutian " [967J23 should 
ha read ia thb connection. 

Ouapbell's ** Lives of the lord chaneeUon" [386.1; 4165.63 b a atcessaiy commentary. 

Maurice, in his ** Friendship of books" [2576^833, in an essay oa Engiish history, explains the valae of Constitational history read la eoancctioa with 
aanative histories. See the accooat of the British parliaasent and its history in A. Baywmrd's Esaay* [2S74.54.83. 

For a general sorrey of the eedcsiastical history of England, see tlie chapters in the ** Pictoria] hiitory of England " [962J; 2422J3. Book's ** Lives 
«f the ardkbiahops of Oantarbory" [2544.10} is in cifeet a continuous hiitory of region in England. .See tlM aamea of promiaeat theoiogiaas aad leaden; 
•ad the article " Englaad" (Chareh oO« vith r c fei ences. ia McCtiatoek aad Strong's Cydopsedia. 

BnroBiCAl. KXramzxcn.— See the ^aptersoa this sabject ia the ** Pictorial hirtory of EngUitd" [9412; 2421.13. Backle [Mil; MS.2; aS64J3: 
aBJj3 shows fvsrarch ar^l ingcaaity la advaaciag a theory, opposed by maay. that events follow of aecesaity upon estahlishrd conditions of race aad 
dlBMte. Wright's-Homeeof otherday*"[4SS193i*thevrork of a repotahie archjeotogist. Kaight's •* Biography of Shakc»peare " [Si^4.7 ; 2»BL4.l 3 gi«v« 
«Bdicddelincatioasaf tiiemannenof thcEliiahctiMntiaM^. Tl»e social CMiditioos of the people in the Mth centary is described in Froode [9&4.2.1 ; ^43&8.U 
ck. 13. "Hmbs's •* Abbeys, caaclea. and ancient halls" [2«aM; SSaBL93 can be examined collaterally, as w«U as Gewrge Dsniei's " Mrrrie England in the olden 
C9^l]> ^ee Evelyn's C9n'.4 : 24«»J(} and Pepys'sC9C7.8; 2577.53 Diaries for the tiroe of the ciril war* and the rescorstion. Fur th* rtale ot EagUnd at 

Shelf nambera aboTe 21 lO in the Notes are in the Bates Hall. 


thellimof the irrolutirtn. m« Mitrsalaj'ithlnl chapter CMtSt ML.I; IQflR.It 2.1A1S: 4'»21Ri 1537.4; vm.iny, "Th« qiocUtor," and a papfr in Ilarpcr't 
monthlj. vtil. 44. lor Qiif>«n Annf'a period : anil WaltKile't '* Ijetttr* " t'>r'.V.t; 2i'Ci..1; UMA"- and ■* J-uirnalf " C'.Kl.'J] t>i<> 1a»t cfiitiiry. Wrl^ht't *' Carica- 
turp hiatoryuf Ihr Oi'>>rgr*" C:t'i:!7.LI; i'iJ4.:f;] \g an aiiiu«inK rcc<>pl of the C(>iitviii|H)rarjr satire iipm pulittr* biiiI iitolal lift*, and llnawll ■ " I.itr of Jtihn- 
•i>n" C-Vt'.M: H%>-'.'; 'JtU-V; i*ill.>:i: l^VILt; tr..|l.»; iivrja.l't] i* woii-lirfiilly cxpre^MTi* of th*- tiiii«* cf *iiriiiy in hi* day. lIoFarth* priuU and liir mivrla 
of FM-IdiuK and Kirhanlpmi di>p>it thr c<>ininoii valka nf ktcirtr. Siv alwi Macanlay'a K«*aj CllN>:.:t.."; 'SVi'.'i 7 : 4Xtr*." ••; -iWi 7 .'i] un Mailariir Dathlay. 

Fiirthi" KnKliih nir#.*i^ achaiittfr in KiiUTton'* *' Enffliah trait*" CK7C.H; 24ii7.13]. Sec Uuclili-'t "IIirt4>r>- of rlriiuatiun " C'-^l^-M. n*^«nn p. MB, 
with rcft'rrncM: 'M'i 2.1 ; nv>1.7:t.l ; :i>;V17.I] on th* dcraj of t!i« ypftnianiy. 

On thf itfrraKi*. 9t9 Einen»n'a* Knglifh trait*" itCti-Ti; I'MmLI]. and a chapter in Smileai ■* Self-help " Cl:W.2i>i L9L21 ; .'VVU.IO]. A paper on the pvM- 
Milry ii in Ilarper'i munthiv, Aug., K4. 

Fur amiiiemenu. aer Struu'* " Sporti ami partiioefl." at edited by Hone [ I'.».1U; iVj^.T"}. and Ilone'a " Every-dav book " [OKM]. Pike't *' llinnry of 
criontr" C-'bV».54] ntT<H,aarl]y throw* a guod dcnl of light un tlie prugreis of lociety. Sinith'a " llialury of Engllih luttitutioui " iVJfH 2] la llkeviM n natural 
eontribotion to thia knowledge. 

Shelf. No. 

Exolaitd's yoomon. Charlotworth, M. L.... 486. 13; 41(5.14 

EsGLlBR, T. D. Ambrose Fecit 14i)3.:i 

£:«<juiin, The, at the north polo. Verne, J 17K3.r.) 

EsGLiitH channel, The. Abbott, J 747.3.4 

EsGLisii cbaractvr. Sketches of. Gore, C. G. F 40!). IH 

ExtiLiMU faioilj Kiibiuflon, The. 1U*i«l. M 718.13 

E.«au»ii Marj. Shtfrwo<Kl, M. M. Works 4')2.1.r) 

Emuush orphan?. The. iioliuos, M. J 41(».21 

ExwLiHH talcf and sketches. Crosland, C 80R. 14 

EsiViSFBLLR!!. Sainuels, 3. B. C 4r>0.47.r) 

Enmi-i. EJj^worth, M 407.1.3; 4Cd.8.C; 1478.10 

ENTAIL, The. Gait, J 788. 1 1 

EsTRrriiAtin, The. Ward, R, P 787.3.3 

EoLlsi!. Uonti, C. L 44.'>.13; 44:>.1G 

Epici7itKA!r,The. [E;;ypt, third century.] M«)oro, T. 7.VJ.G 
Erckmaxn, E., and CiiATiiiAjf, A. The bl«>ckiide. An 

episiide i>f the fall of the flmt empire. [France]. 418.20 
-— The bidckado of Phalnbur);: an episode of the 

end of the empire. [War in the VoB};es. 1814]. 418.22 

— Hri|pidier Frv<lerio. A storj of an Al.xncian ozilo.l773.IU 
— • Snmf. [Ai**t, The dean's watch, and The in- 

vWbleeje] 1760.18 

— The CfU*cript: a story of the French war of 1813. 418.12 
*- The forest house and Catherine's lorers 448.1>'> 

— The invasion of Fntnco in 1814: comprising the 

oiKht-mareh of the Russian army past Pbals- 

burg. Loiid'in 418.8 

— Sam*. New York 418.23 

— Madame Thereao; or, the volunteers of '1)2 473.17 

— A man of the |H,HipIo. A tnlo of 18l<). 2 v 418.28 

^ A millerV story of the [Frunc»-Gvrman] war; or, 

the pirbtrtcito 418.27 

^ The outbreak of the great French revulution, 

rt*latiNl by a peasant uf Lorniine. 3 r 4 ]8.2'> 

— The Polish Jew 47"J.23 

— The slury of a peasant. [Part 1.] ( 178'.») or 

thi* beginning of the great French re%'nluti<in. 
[ Part 2. ] 17'J2, or, episudes of the great French 

rvVfdutiun 418.21 

^ The story uf the plebiscite. [Modern French 

politic*] 418.26 

— Watorloti; a sequel to The conscript of 1813 .... 41*<.PJ 

EiieioiiDi castle. 3 v 1713.1.'> 

Eric. Samuf'is, S. It. C 4-'>U.47.2 

Eru:: or, little by little. A tale of Ko^lyn school. 

m mkTTmTf » • 1faa*«« ■••• •■•••• •••• •••• aava •••• 4*Ml« 1 1 

ERli-K!»i*.«, D. S. Carl Uartiett 73r>.21 

^ Good measure 417.3 

^ The stAtion«inaster*s daughter and her friend.-i .... 800.87 

— The Wadsworth b«)ys. [The thousand dollar prize 

•eries) 172.'».10 

Erii canal, Marco Paul on the. Abbott, J .'>3. 1 1 

Emiuo, S. Novels. (An Ki>!(Coe,T. Italian novelistii). 427.8.3 

Eri.i?iii ; or. the days of .<t. Glaf. P>>tter, F. S 14G4. 12 

£rli.^(i the bold. A tale of the Norse sea-kings. 

Uallantyne, K. M • ...■ *■• 748,20 

Erma'n engagement. Hy the author of " Blanche 

Seymour" 411.28 

Eri(I!<a. Sherwood, M. M. Works 4'*2.1..'i 

Erxkht Uracebridgo. Kingston, W. II. G 724.20 

ER?ir.!iT Carndl, or artist-lifo in Italy. <ireenough, II. 4'.>7.:( 

Er^mt LinwiHul. llonti. C. Ij 41*1. ('• 

Er.«ut Maltravers. Uulwer-Lytton, E. (G. K.) L. 4'.Mi.4'.> 

4(j.'».13; 4i;'».lt> 
ERSir. Elton: at home and at schuul. Kiluart, K. . . . lT4i'>.'* 
Errash b<>y. The. Adams, C 721.13 

Shelf. No. 

ERRANn boy, The. Sherwood, M. M. Works 452.1.8 

Kksilia. Eckley, .S. M .'107.21 

Kkkilia. Poyntcr, E. F 43.1; 17'.t7.U 

KiiSKi.vF., 3/rjr. T. Leisure hour series. Wyncote . . 1786.9 
Krvik, pnewL See, E. C. 

Ksi Ai'KS from Cayenne. ChauUrd, L 1790.7 

KsriiK, L. Grandmother and granddaughter. See 

Sturw. T 427.9 

" Esi'KriALi.r those." A story on the prayer "for 

ail Conditions of men." Brenda, pMtud 1427.20 

EsTELLE. Edwards, A 1776.8 

.v.iT^. — Thit book wa* publlthcd in England under the title 
uf " Crwrd*." 

EsTRLLE RuMell. Loipzig 710.11 

— Same. Now York 731.9 

Estkr Kied. A Men. I. .M 4o7.12 

KsTKH, 1). Chimes for childhood 1'>0'J.17 

KsTUER, QutrHf The story of. .Seaincr, M 1408.28 

KsTiiKR II ill's secret. Craik, G. M 710.78 

EsTVA.T, M. Harry Delaware 421.30 

Etua!! Brand. Hawthorne, N. (/a Johnson, (E.) 

U. Little clasitic.'*) 1S3U.7.1 

Rtukl Churchill. I^iidon. L. E. 2v 4'J8.18 

EruKL Mildmuy's follies. By the author of ** Pettte'a 

romance " 41 1.21 

ErnKi.'s love-life. Sweat, M. J. M 1444.14 

Ktiiklkli!!), The chronicle of. .Manning, A 43*J.5 

Etiiklyx's mistake. Holmes, M. J 4U3.26 

Kro.x soliool days 428. 18 

EuuK-VB Aram. Bulwer-Lyttou, E. (G. E.) L 420..'iO 

40.'i.lD; 46.'>.21; 1505.9 

JV'/r. — A talf fiundi**! on th<> mrwrof a rFmarkable man 
nf iiiN iiaiii". f«iTii|iil III KuKliiidf-ir ntunirr in 17*i'.t Ci»iu- 
patv II.. ..d« |>.Kiii:::lH if; l..i:.7.I: i&Otil/rl. I ;.:&'> U.-'.V 1^ 

Euap.^K CiM.pcr 111)6.19 

ErtiKNR Pickering. James, H.,,;> 1774.21 

EniR:«ii: Gratidtit. Baliac, II. de 4ti5.l8 

Kt'Mii'K Soiners. Gale, 3fr«, N 1727.4 

ErsTArK diamnrids, The. Trolhtpe, .A 721.35 

KrsrAci: Queiitin. KL'ynold<i. (i. W. M 1702.12 

EuTAw; a tnio of the ( Vinvrican] revolution. 

Simm^ W. (S 800.19 

Eva. Bulwer-Lyttnn. E. (G. E.) L 406.10 

Eva; or the i^le^ of lifo and doath. A historical 

r>»niance. .Maturin. E KH'^.SO 

Eva St. <'lair. James, G. P. K Iso.'i. 13 

Kva's ndvoiiturir:4 in ^hadow-laIld. Nauinan, M. U. 7.IS.17 

Evas Dale. Keye.i. F 773.18 

EvAHH. A. J. .SV^ Wi[,siix, A. J. 

Eva MS, Mm. ('. Dvit tho hilN and far away. A 

story of N'i>w /.<'alanil 1778.4 

— A strange friend-hip. A story of Now Zealand. 43.17 
EvA?i4, M. G. Srf Lkwf.s, M. G. 

EvfiMXA. Arblay. F. d' 410.23; 4'J'.».2; 778.1.38,33 

EvKi.rx Grey. Ma«^gowan. J. 440.9 

EvKi.YN Howafil. i^aiill, Mr*. H. M .'»4.10 

EvKLY.v Marston. .Mnr!*h-CaMwell, A • 430. IG 

EvKNiN«i rej<t. Pratt, I. L. 17I.'i.l2 

Evp.NiN'iiH at H-i'Moii hall Koh.]7 

EvKxiNcsal hoioi*. Aikin, J., and Barbauld, A. l*. 71:*. 11 

— S.ifnr. Sfr I'n* UF. JtttlS, p^fiot 730.24 

Evru new anil nevemM, or twice tidd slorien, by the 

bei*t author*. Allen, J. II 4>'i0.56 

EvKKKir. W. Changing ba^o I4*i8.17 

-^ Double play 440 11 

EvKUV d.iy. I'ike, F. W. A 47S.24 

Slielf numbem above 2110 in the XotoH tire In the liiUeM Hall. 




Shelf. No. 

Byxrt day daties. Baker, H. N. ( W.) 800.54 

Etbrtbodt's proTidence. Keed, R. P 1784.3 

Evil eje, The. Carleton, W 772.19 

EwALD, H. F. Waldcmar Krone's yoath 426. 19 

EwiNO, J. H. Jan of the windmill 1421.5 

— Lob Lie-by-the-fire, and other tales 175G.4 

— Six to sixteen 53.20 

ExKMPLART novels. Cervantes Saavedra, M. do.... 857.3 
Ex£TER hall. A theological romance. MaoDonnell, 

W 1732.1 

Exiled soul, The. A legend. Also, Semeia, the 

Christian 509.27 

Exiles, The. Robinson, T. A. L. (r. J.) 449.13 

Exit of Caliban and Shylock 1791.5 

Expectant, The. Pickering, E 805. 10 

ExPERiBXCE, The, of life. Sowell, E. M 424.2; 1779.17 

Experiences of a French detective. Waters, jueud. 482.7 
Expiated. By the aathor of *' Six months hence." 

Boston 1743.9 

— Same. Leipzig 1717.8 

ExPiATiO!!. Dorr, J. C. R, 1715.9 

Etler, Nellie, pseud. See Ostex, M. 

ErsTER, N. Sunny hour stories. Chineapin Charlie. 715.11 

On the wing 715.9 

Sunny hours 480.57 

Tom Harding and his friends 480.21 

F., E. E. The flower by the prison 509.8 

— Little people whom the Lord loved 500.41 

F., E. L. Our home in the marsh land; or, days of 

Auld lang syne 1424.3 

F. Grant and co.; or, partnerships. Chaney, G. L. .. 1777.2 

Fabian's tower. Kettle, R. M 1411.15 

Fabiola; or, the church of the catacombs. [Rome, 

fifth century.] Wiseman, N. (P. S.). ..809.13; 809.18 
Fables. JEsopus. .£s<ip'8 fables 717.18; 728.15 

— Bidpai, or Pilpay. Fables 809.14 

— Hey, W. Fifty fables for children 734.18 

— Northcote. J. Fables 735.3 

— Ralston, W. R. S. Krilof and his fables 728.16 

Fabbb, F. The abb^ Tigrane. Candidate for the 

papal chair 1784.19 

Fabrics: a story of to^iay. Emilkroob, M 755.23 

Faces for fortunes. May hew, A. 3 v 1802. 15 

Fact and fiction. Child, L. M 488.14 

Fact and fiction! Disappointed love: a story drawn 

from incidents in the lives of Clara £. Cochran 

and Catharine B. Cotton 1790.12 

Factory girl, The. Braddon, M. E 781.17 

Facts in a clergyman's life. Tayler, C. B 449.2 

Faded, A, leaf of history. Davis, R. B. (In John> 

son, (E.) R. Little classics) 1839.7.10 

Fadbtte, pgeud. See Rodnet, M. L. 

Fadbttb. Dudevant, A. L. A. D 1446.17 

Fair god, The; or, the last of the 'tsins. A tale of 

the conquest of Mexico. Wallace, L. 1744.10 

Fair Harvard: a story of American college life. 

Washburn, W. T 766.16 

Pair maid. The, of Perth. Scott, &> W. 4 60. 1 . 2 1 

902.L6; 1470.1.5; 1807.22 
5m «lte ScoTT, Sir W., note. 

Fair play. Soathworth, E. D. E. N 453. 16 

Fair play. Strong, J. D 469.10 

Fair puritan, The. An historical romance of the 

days of witchcraft. Herbert, H. W 1773.12 

Fair Saxon, A. MacCarthy, J 1744.5.' 

Fair to see. Lockhart, L. W. M 421.9! 

Fair women. Forrester, Mrs. — 1712.18 ' 

Faircbild family. The. Sherwood, M. M. Works. 452.1.2 
Fairfax. A chronicle of the valley of the Shenan- 
doah [1748]. Cooke. J. E 774.3 

Fairfield, C. E. Our Bible-class 1446.5 

Fairfieud, G. G. Irene. And other tales 804.6 

Camt«mta. — The Tiot-pmident's daughter; The w\h of tvo 
hoibeDda; Irene. 

Fairy. Tomlinson, L. J 1498.8 

Fairt bclKs and what they tolled a 1727.1 ! 

Fairt egg, The, and what it held. Weston, H. H., ; 

and others 725.6 < 

Fairt fancies. Ploennies, L. von 755.16 | 

Fairt-fixdbr, The. Lover, S. (In Johnson, (E.) 

R. Little classics) 1839.7.13 

Fairy fingers. Ritchie, A. C 772.17 

Fairy gifte. Knox, K 1759.12 

Fairy glass, The. C. L. S 500.49 

Fairy guardians. Willoughby, F 1466.23 

Fairy tales. Andersen, II. C. Danish fairy tales 

and legends 854. 13 

Popular tales for children 1465.21 

The sand-hills of J4itland 54.23; 485.19 

Stories and tales 723.1; 756.13 

— Austin, J. G. Moonfolk 1765.13 

— The child's own book of fairy tales 744.7 

— Clarke, R, S. Fairy book 719.21 

— De Morgan, M. On a pincashion and other fairy 

teles 1424.4 

— Friendly fairies; or, once upon a time 177S.6 

— The frost-king 1787.8 

— Grimm, J. L. and W. C. Gorman popular stories 

and fairy teles 1766.1 

German popular teles and household stories. 

744.10; 756.5 

Goblins from the Household stories 744.11 

Household stories 744.6 

— Hamilton, A. Fairy teles 857.1 

— Hoffmann, E. T. W. Fairy teles 737.14 

— Hugessen, E. H. K. Higgledy-piggledy ; or, 

stories for everybody and everybody's children. 

1721.10; 1795.11 

Moonshine. Fairy stories 423.1 

Tales at tea-time. Fairy stories 17 16. 1 

Whispers from fairyland 1429.10; 1759.17 

— Johnson, V. W. The Catskill fairies 1760.11 

— Kavanagh, B. and J. The pearl fountein and 

other fairy teles 1801.21; 1803.15 

— Kingsley, C. The heroes; or, Greek fairy teles. 484.11 

— Knox, K. Seven birthdays. A fairy chronicle. 1795.16 

— Laboulaye, £. (R. L ) Fairy teles of all nations. 744.8 

— Lee, M. and C. Joachim's spectacles. A legend 

of Florenthal 1427.17 

— Leland, C. G. Johnnykin and the goblins 1788.29 

— Lewis, M. A. A rat with three tales 1467.9 

— Mace, J. Home fairy teles 744.15 

— Maguirc, J. F. Young prince Marigold, and 

other fairy stories 1749. 17 

— Montelby, A. R. The famous fairy teles of all 

nations 1718.10 

— Morgan, L. Baron Bruno, and other fairy stories. 1465.6 

— Rainbows for children 744. 16 

— Scudder, H. E. Dream children 734.21 

Seven little people and their friends 724.1 

— Sogur, S. (R.), comtesse do. Fairy teles for little 

folks 718.1 

— Shedlock, E. S. A trip to music-land. A fairy 

tale 1780.1 

— The thousand and one nights; or, the Arabian 

nights' enterteinments 733.1 

— Villamaria, — . Fairy land. Tales and legends 

of dwarfs, fairies, water-sprites, elves, ete 1464.11 

— Watson, E. H. Child-life in Europe: historical, 

mythological, fairy, and other stories 1429.13 

— Wentwortb, M. Fairy teles from gold lands.... 744.13 

— Willoughby, F. Fairy guardians 1466.23 

— Wonder-world. A collection of fairy tales, old 

and new 1429.9 

Faith and Patience. Shepherd. S. W 1721.18 

Faith Gartney's girlhood. Whitney, A. D. T 493.4 

Faith Hnrnmbv. Doudney, S 1714.9 

Faith White's' letter book. 1620-23. Plymouth 

[colony]. Whiting, M. H 800.65 

Faithful, E. A reed shaken with the wind 1745. 10 

Faithful and true. Robbins, S. C 714.S 

Faithful, but not famous. A historical tale 1714.19 

.Vor«. — A nerration. '* in e po|>alar form, of the oiif uoi end 
cerl>- prugreM of prutcttantiuii in Fnmcc** 

Faithful Hannah. Baker, H. X. ( W.) 748.1 

Faithful in least. Davis, C. E 448.21 

Faithful to the lighL Cheney, E. D 457.17 

Faithless guardian. The. Van Namee, J. W 437.10 

Falcon rover, The. Hungerford, J 1788.4 

Falcoxbr, W. Bloom and briar 478.13 

Shelf numbers above 2110 in the Notes are in the Bates Hall. 




Shelf. No. 

FiLKLAVD. Bulwer-Lytton, E. (O. E.) L... 420.52; 432.19 

Falkxer Lyle. Lenrnn, M 710.37 

Fall, The. uf tho I'rimoa [in 17^3]. Sponcor, E. . . 1802.14 
Fall, TIk*. of tho lioune uf L'^hur. Po«, E. A. {In 

JdhiiiMiii, ( E.) K. Little clai>i<ictf) lH:il).7.2 

Fallkx furtuiivti. Payn. J 14H'J.3; 1730.18 

Fallk.x pride. Suuthwortb, E. D. E. N 7.'i4.17 

Hhiir. No. 
FATnBR Tom and tho pope. Ferguvon, S. (An John- 

»>n, (E.) H. Littlu oliuidic«) 1S3'.».7.9 

FATiiKirs coinin); buino 424.23 

FATiiKirH, Thi', tfvo. Sh(TW(»<'d, M. M 4.'i2. 1.13 

Fatiikks und fuiiii. [Ku.<«j>iii.] Turi^^iivf, I. S 144.'}, ]r( 

Fai'stina. lluliii-ll:ihu, I. M. L. y. ii.f C'luntfMM, .. 17i>.'>.l) 
Kavki.l ohildriMi, Thu. HrcMii. E. L 1hUI».35 

FAl.^E cnlom. Cudlip, A 421.22 j Fa vdkiii: :<chiilur. The. Howitt, M 744.13 

Falmk heir, The. James, G. P. U 42U.6; IBO.'kU ! Fawi ktt, E. Purple and fine linen 174.'>.11 

pALKKortruo. Opie, A. Works 8U2.1.3 

Famr and furtnne. Alger, II., >r 414.20 

Family, The, at Iloatbenlalo. Maokaj, Mrs, — .. . 4*J'.).7 
Family diH:tur, The. Walker, M. S 1.'>U8.7 

FAwrKTT. M. G. TuIl'M in pulitical ocuoomj 1773.8 

Fa y, T. S. Xormau TiOiilie 4 IS. 17 

Fayk Mar of Sti>rni-l^*liir. Pritchard, S. J 1 r.U.8 

Fkakndalf.: a toiuperanco tale. Hardy, W. A 14:t9.11 

Family doom. The. St>uthworth, E. D. E. N 4.'>3.21 ; Fkais on thu fiord. .Martinunu, II 43S.11 

Family, A, in lore. Craik. D. (M.) 710.33; 7G2.9 

Family pride. By tho author of " Pique" 42(i.lG 

Family Kcret, A. Andrews, F lNUU.3 

Family Mrcrets. A coinpanioQ to " Family pride " 

and "Pique'* 413..'> 

Family tree. A. Fonbliimiuc, A., jr ISOU. 10 

Fax. a village tale. Sigma, pttrud 14r»4.2i 

FAScriio.H the cricket. Duderant, A. L. A. I) 47G.8 

FAHriiM of a whimsical man. I)y the author of 

** MuaingNof an invalid" 449.3 

FA!rpA?c; or. the kingV butterfly 1448.11 

¥Annr Hruwn and her hnneybee'«. Tandy, Mrs, J. M. 1428. 18 
Fajijiy Fkrn. jueud, Sre 'pAUTo!f, S. p. 
Fam.xy Furiucstkr, puruft. 6>f Juitiiox, E. (C.) 
Fa.hsbawk. [Tbo author*! earliest tale.] ilaw- 

Iburne, N 1808.0 

Far above rubies. Kiddell, J. H 4UU.40; 14i:>.17 

Far from the madding crowd, iianly, T 177ti.2 

FARjr.<i!f, H. L. At the sign of the silver flagon . ..1772.1.> 

— Hlade-i/.grass 421.12 

— > l< read -and ^cheese and kiflM.»ii 

— The duchesis of Uosemary lane 1 7S0.U 

Fkilhex, p. M. Felli>w:(hip uubrnkcn 1803.7 

FEiLi?(ii, C. A., j'tini nuth'tr. Tales from the (tin- 
man. iS'#r OxKNKoitit, J 702.18; 79'.>.7 

Fklk'IA. Eilwards, M. do B 5j.2 

Fklina do Chamburo, the female fieud. l>umas, A. 

(1>.).... 1790.11 

Fklix Alvarei; or, manners in :?pain: contAiiiing 
de«cri[ttive accnunt.H of some prumineiit events 
of thu late penin:«ula war; and authentic ant«- 
dotus illui<trativo of tho S)»anitth character. 

Dallas A. K. C. 3 v. in 2 479.4 

Ff.lix Hi'lt. Iiewes, M. U 480.8C; 491.26 

Fkll, Archie, jmtud. ^Vr Capron, M. J. 

Fkllaii. The. [Life in Egypt.] About, E. (F. V.) 478.9 

Fkllowsiiii' unbroken. Fvilden. P. M lhU3.7 

Fkmalk l^uixote. The. iiennnx, C. (K.) 778.1.24,26 

Flnelon, F. (du S. do Ija .Mothe). Adventures of 

Ti'kniachus Ih03.ia 

Fbnx, G. M. Thu triMisuro hunters 1772.4 

Fkstox's quest. Braddon. M. E 710.H1; 7')2.2 

Fehci su.H. S. Father Tnm and the {lopo. (/n 

John.xon, (E.) K. Little clatiyicn) 1839.7.9 

— > Golden grain 1731.13 : Fern, Fanny, /ufuf/. Srr Parton, S. P. 

— Grif: a «tory of Australian life 421.27 

— > .All irland pi>arl 17:(0.4 

— .l^-diiieTrim 1772.8 

— Jd-hua Marvel. Boston 421.0 

^^ ^'Xntt, «\ vw 1 orK ..■■ ...■ .*••.... ...a.... ■.. 4*1.1 

-> The king of nu-land 1772.3 

— Lh nd«>n's heart % 1742.11 

"^ Ij*/ V L 9 « ll^m'ii ▼ •■•• •••■ •••• ••■• •••• •••• •••• ••■ ll I 1 Bw 

Fcii.N leaves. Part«m, S. P 75.').C; 766.8 

Fkrnanim) de Lemon, tiayarri^, C. (E. A.) 47.'>.2 

Fkrnlkv manor. Daniel, 3frx. M 17b0.3 

FKHXYillRstT Court 731.10 

Fkiiuik^, .'^. E. Destiny; or, the chiefs daughter. . I'>03. 10 

— The inheritaiico l'»03.9 

— Marria;;e 1 •|I3.8 

Fkttkiiko for lifn. Blakf, L. 1) 14'i8.G 

— ."^iudows on the snow: a OhriHtmas story 1410.7 | Fki'ii.lki, C. I^>d a-tray; Ttie •pliinx; " i:ellah''..1774.18 

Farm, The, of .Aptonga. N'ealo, J. .M 47'.). 11 | — A marriuge in hi;;li life. [ Iiiternali«-iial series]. 17^7.10 

Farm, The, on tho mountain. Arn^dd, F 418.14 — Tlie p>inanoe i>f a pfur young man 803.12 

Farha!!, E. [ A llic>Bird series.] Grandma Cro;* by 's j — Thf sttiry <*f Sibyib* ^03.2 

bouifehold 1727.19 | FinitiN. (^litid by E. Windtaiilcy. 2 v 17n0.1 

— — A little Wiimaii 1727. ir> Fidllit^. /i.^ruf/. Fighting the f>*e; or, every day 

^ The ct»oking club of Tu.whit Hollow Ib03.10. battlei* 1111.3 

Faii.himm, E. W. Eliza W(Hid!it>n 782.0 Fidki.ity rewarded .'i00.71 

FARgniARsox, Martha, ptrwl. ISer Fi.<«i.ry. M. 
Fabrar, F. W. Eric: or, little bv little. A tale of 

U.wlyii school .* 490. 1 1 

— Julian Home. A tale of college life ?.. 4 '»■'>. Ix 

^^* * 1 • * ■ 1 ll 1 1 w\ llo«««« ••■• •••• •••« •••• ■••• •••• •••• I lif*«l 

FAftHiiiX and fainino. StrpheiMi. .A. S. (W.) 410..'i 

Fai^hii'!v and folly. Baker. H. N. (W.) 1408.0 

FAallioXADLB wife. Tho, and unfashionable hu.-'band. 

Upie, A. Worku 8n2.1.1 

Fa ar friends. Trowbridge, J. T 177"i.3 

Fakt iu the ice. liallantyne. It. M 810.^3.3 

Fat e«iutribut'ir. The. Thaekerav. W. .M *AJS. i 

FiKLi>, II. Glitter and gold... .,. 41-'>.I0 and fore At. Ailani;*, W. T 1720.1 

FiKLo, The, of iee. Verne, J 1776.6 

FiKi.i>iNii, H. .A* I ventures of Joseph AndrfWH Isoi.l 

— Same. (/>t Baibauld, A. L. British novi-Ii.-ts). 77s. 1.18 

— lli-'txry of .Amelia lli'itt. 1 

— lliftorv of Toll! .foneii. 2 v 720. 16 

li<- 1n-.'h-i l.i> ■ iit< •■! .i> ■• •i.:iri>t -t \\,- ''-ir-l>i>i. p ti'i ir ti<|i<iii 
>|iir I •. ai'il riiili li III |h .1 ;; :'ii I'al'n ' uf |;.i- 1 ■ \ ■ I ■•( •■:..i-n> ;■ ', 
**v >■ i.|: ■ ■■ |jHi-i "i \..r ll •!» :•»« '_ ■-■*'. v.* I . l»."."i 'i I ; 

■i.'.m; ■*'. . 'I :■■• ki -4> « ■• 11 ir i«t» ;. ••; i ■•^'-■*! . ••.:ti 

'•It till- l:>i •• |.>I«. >• <■ 111. ■ A •M-iilii* 

Fatal marriage, Tho. Si,uihw..rtli,E D. E. .V. 420.0; 17k». in Fiki.os. .Vr«. .F. T. .A>ph...l.l 

Fatal marriag«•^ The. O^rkton, H 1700.2. Fhim ... .-olnlkr. (J. C.) F. von 

.V'. — lir«l|iiiliM«)iiil wiiii tlir title "The •i»tir«i nr, tlie 
(aUi luarriBKi-i." 


FiriKi s •layi" 7«^7.7 

. Fini.iM, K-.biri^^i-n. T. .A. L. (v. J.) 7t;6.1ti 

F%TK. Th<«. Jameii. (t. P. U 402. 2'> Kii iv tabli-^ t'<>r eiiildren. Il.iy, W 731. IS 

Fa1».i> t*i be free. Jiigelow. .J 1781.20; 179'J.2; l»«0f«.2 FiKiY ve:iri a;;.i. A ^lory i»f New England life. 

Faiiiiu and daughter. Bremer, F 4."i'i. 14 . W ill.ird. W \ 

Fatiikh anil daughter. Gpie. A. Works Mi.M.l Fniiir, A. f<>r a \k\W. Bl.iok. W 17(.'.«.27; 

Fatuku Clvraent. Kennedy, it 80i<.l0; >\\'.\M 

FAmr.R I»arcy. Mari*h-(Vldwell, A 1740.7 

Faiiikr Fabian. The monk of Mai ham tower. 

Worboisie, E. J 1777.1:. 

Fathkr G'Kltrey. By thu author of " Anno I>y>art," 

etc 171*. 3 

F«TIIER Miill«<r. HotTinann, F 171t>.7 

FATDRRG-owald; B catholic i>torv 112*^.21 


Fk.hi. The, of fiiith. JI.ill. A. .M SU4.13 

Kiiiiiiix.: .Toe. .Aibihi-, W. T 717.16 

Fi>:iiiisi: l:ie air. ('iiur<':i. F ■'<4.2 

Fti.iiii.M: liii- b.ittle. S.iMiro'N, A. F 4.'.ii.72.2 

FhiMMVi) thi; tiai : a tile <f the [L'n<l>iii] fire 

brig:i<ii'. B.ilIuityiH', it. .M 714.11 

Fl4iMll\>i the fill*; i.r, ev-iv b.lltle>. Fidfliti-. 

i's.ul '.....' 1111.3 

Hhelf DiinibcrH above 2110 in the Notes are in tiie Uutes lliill. 




Shelf. No. 

FiGHTiXG the whales. Ballantyne, R. M 810.83.1 

FiGUKB eight, The. Register, S 495.22 

FiLB no. 113. Gaboriau, £ 1760.3 

FiLiA, pseud. See Dorset, S. A. 

Fi50B.v's tableaux. Mitfurd, M. R 804.4 

FiXDiXG shelter; or, little Nan 500.73 

Fine feathers do not make fine birds. Neelj, K. J. 1509.27 

Fi!(LA!(D familj, The. Gorowall, S. P 1468.23 

FiMLBT, M. {Martha Fanjuhargon.) Brookside 

farm-hooBe 717.20 

— Casella, or the children of the rallejs 717.26 

— Elsie Dinsmore 717.19 

— Elsie's girlhood 1736.4 

— Elsie's motherhood : a sequel to '* Elsie's woman- 

hood" 1802.16 

— Ebie's womanhood: a seqael to *' Elsie's girl- 

hood" 51.13 

^ Holidays at Roselands .' 717.14 

— An old-fashioned boy 446.17 

— > Our Fred ; or, seminary life at Thurston. Sequel 

to An *' Old-fashioned boy" 1456.10 

— Wanted — a pedigree 53.25 

FiOR d'Aliza. Lamartine, A. (M. L. P.) de 789.20 

Fire and flame. Schuecking, (C. B.) L 1730.8 

Fire in the woods. De Mille, J 450.58 

Fire, The, of London; or, Rosemary. Fnllerton, 

Lady Q. C. {L, Q,) 1428.10; 1428.15; 1766.6 

FiRB-SHiPS, The. Kingston, W. II. Q 454.8 

FiRBNZDoLo, A. Norels. {In Roaooe, T. Italian 

noyelists) 427.8.2 

Fireside angel. The. Arthur, T. S 449.25 

First ChrLitmas, The, of New England. Stowe, H. 

(E.) B 1427.13 

First chronicle, The, of .£soendune. A tale of the 

days of Saint Dunstan. Crake, A. D 1787.25 

First class: fare, one shilling. [Christmas annual]. 1410.3 

First famUies of the Sierras. Miller, C. H 1796.19 

First friendship, A 492.12 

First glass of wine, The. Dunning, Mrs, A. K.. . . 446.18 

First impressions 450.32 

First love and last lore. A tale of the Indian 

mutiny. Grant, J 1804.3 

First of June, The. Adams, H. C 723.15 

Fish, H. C. Harry's conflicts 1808.6 

FiSBER, F. C. {Christian Reid.) (Omen's inher- 

iUnce 1731.8 

— A daughter of Bohemia 1740.12 

— Ebb-tide, and other stories 73 1.29 

— Hearts and hands 1773.2 

-<- *' The land of the sky"; or, adventures in moun- 
tain bv-ways 1800.7 

— Mabel Lee 731.26 

— Morton house 771.22 

— Nina's atonement, and other stories 1745.14 

— A question of honor 1787. 18 

— Valerie Aylmer 73 1.3 

Fisher, W. The petrel, or lore on the ocean 1790.5 

Fisher boys, The, of Pleasant cove. Kellogg, E... 1758.2 
FisHER-MAiDEX, The: a Norwegian tale Bjornson, B. 415.13 

Fishermax's, The, daughter. Armstrong, F. C 1787.7 

Fisherman's, The, daughter. Condcience, H 1786.9 

Fisherman's, The, daughters 1469.22 

Fisherman's, The, daughters, and other stories 1508.18 

Fitch, A. M. Bound down 765.1 

Fitz-Boodle, The confessions of. Thackeray, W. M. 509.10 
Fitzgerald, P. H. Never forgotten 1802.18 

y«u. — OrisliHaiy published in '' AU the jrcftr round.** 

Fits champions, The. Wiilett, E 1789.9 

FiTB days, The, entertainments at Wentworth grange. 

Palgrave. F. T 732.13 

Fits hundred majority; or, the days of Tammany. 

Niles, W 732.27 

FiTB hundred pounds reward 712.10 

FiTE little farmers. Mulbolland, R. 1466.21 

FiTB oil friends. Thackeray, A. 1 1403.26 

1494.15; 1777.18; 1791.1.3 

Five Points, Mission house at the 80S. 13 

Five weeks in a balloon. A voyage of exploration 

and discovery in Central Africa. [Burlesque.] 

Vcrue, J 53.32; 1743.13 


Fiyb years of youth. Martineau, H 749.5 

Flag, The, of distress: a tale of the South aea. 

Reid, M 55 J 

Flag, The, of truce. Warner, S 1778.14 

Flago, W. a good investment. A tale of the up- 
per Ohio 431.54 

Flanders, Tales of. Conscience, H 1419.8 

Flavia; or *' loyal unto the end." A tale of the 

church in the second century. Leslie, E 1785.7 

Flaxie Friixle. Clarke, R. S 1464.8 

Flaxie Frisxle storiee. See Clarkb, R. S. 

Fleetwood. Godwin, W 458.9 ; 

Fleming, M. A. The dark secret; or, the mystery 

of Fontelle hall 1781.5 

— Guy Earlscourt's wife 1714.4 

— Kate Danton 45.6 

— A mad marriage 1785.1 

— Norine's revenge, and Sir Noel's heir 52.6 

— One night's mystery 1798.14 

— A terrible secret 1769.24 

— A wonderful woman 1746.11 

Flbmish life. Tales of. Conscience, H 488. 16 

Fletcher, A. {Sheelah.) The mother's request .. . 718.19 
Fletcher, Maria J., formerly Miss Jewsbury, The 

throe histories. Boston 469.1 

^ Same, Piiiladelphia 450.35 

Fletcher, Miriam. The methodisL 2 v. 507.15 

Fleukange. Craven, P 1718.5; 1722J 

Flburiot, Z. M. a. The little head of the family.. 1499.5 
Flight of a Tartar tribe. DeQuincey, T. (/a John- 
son, (E.) R. Little classics) 1839.7.1 

Flint, S. A. Great success 500.6S 

— Making money 790.64 

Flirt, The. Grey, Mrs. E. C 792.7 

Flirtations in fashionable life. Sinclair, C 782.11 

Floating city, A. Verne, J 53.35 ; 1763. 13 

Floating light. The, of the Goodwin sands. Ballan- 

tyne, R. M 757.20 

Flora Lyndsay. Moodie, S 794.9 

Flora Morris' choice. Hildeburn, M.J 1449.17 

Florence and John. Abbott, J 747.3.1 

Florence A rnotL Macintosh, M. J 437.5 

Florence Macarthy. Morgan, S. 0., /a/fy 432.20 

Florence O'Neill, the rose of St. ^rmains; or, the 

siege of Limerick. Stewart, A. M 1783.13; 1784.17 

Florence stories. Abbott, J 747.3 

Florence's return. Abbott, J 747.3.6 

Florian, J. P. C. de. Claudine. See Gbnus, S. 

<F. D. de St. A.) de 449.20 

Florida, Amm/, p*ewi. See Aunt Florida. 

Floss Silverthorn. Gibeme, A 1759.11 

Flower, The, and the star. Linton, W.J 1468.18 

Flower, The, by the prison. F., £. E 509.8 

Flower fables. Alcott, L. M 72.^.3 

Flower garden, The. Souvestre, B 723.13 

Flower garden. The. Tonna, C. £ 4S7.1 

Flower girl. The. Saunders, K. ..777.26; 1734.6; 1777.5 

Flower, The, of the family. Prentiss, E 4^i3.8 

Flower people, The. Mann^ M 14*29.1 

Flowers for children. Child, L. M 738.9 

Flowers of the forest. Sherwood, M. M. Works. 452. 1.5 
Flotd, C. (.Vn7 Forrest.) Honest and earnest 17:!5.4 

— Mice at play 53.27 

Flting mail. The. Goldsohmidt, — 478.22 

Foggt night, The, at OSord. Wood, E. P... 492.10; 750.63 

Folle-Farinb. Rame, L. de la 497.25 ; 730.82 

FoLLRN, E. L. The old garreL (;Twilight stories]. 1768.9 

— The skeptic 1427.25 

Following on to know; or, old days at Hethering.. 500.56 

Follt as it flies; hit at. Parton, S. P 755.11 

Fonblanque, A.,yr. A family tree 1800.10 

— AUngledskein 503.2; 1761.11 

Fool of quality, The. Brooke, H. 2 v , 798.17 

Footprints left on life's journey. S., F. M 1795.9 

For a woman's sake. Phillips, W 1732.11 

For a woman's sake. W^achenhusen, H 1760.10 

For better, for worse 502.19 

Fur each and for all. Martineau, II 749.2.11 

For ever and ever. Church. F 433.8; 730.68 

For faith and fatherland. Bramston, M 1464. 14 

For her sake. Robinson, F. W 715.21 

Shelf numbers above 2110 in the Notes are in the Bates Hall. 




iUielf. No. 

FoRlmokof gold. Gibbon,C 731.25 

For lore and life. Oliphant, M. (0. W.) . . . 1762.7 ; 177U.i 

For richer, for poorer. Parr, il 710.3 

For the king. Gibbon, C 411.23 

For the king'f daefl. MacdonoU, A 17B4.9 

FoRAYKRS, The. [American revolution in South 

Carolina.] Simms, W. G 800.15 

FoRDEs, A. S<ildicring and Mribbling 1718. 13 

Ford, S. R. Mary Bunjan 1444.1 1 

Ford. T. Chriatmaa fairies 500.50 

FoRsaudaft. Phelps, W. D 446.10 

FoRROOXC ooncluaion, A. Ilowells, W. D 1776.4 

Forest, The, the jungle, and the prairie. Adams, W. 

U. D 1754.7 

Forest and shore. Ildej, C. B 428.1 

Forest dajs. [Robin Uoud. ] James, G. P. K 420.7 

40>3.1; 180 J. 15 

Forest exiles. The. Reid, M 7 18. 15 ; 1802.9 

Forest glen series, The. Sft Kkllogh, K. 

Forest house. The. Erckmann, £., and Chatrian, A. 448.15 

Forester, Frank, jmrwi. See Uehbekt, U. W. 

Forester. Kdgeworth, M 55.10.12; 467.11 

Foresters, The. Wilson, J 759.8 

FoRESTIBR, AuhtVf parud. See M'OODWARD, A. A. 

Forucrt, The. Jamcii,G. P. R 463.12; 180.).16 

FoROBT me not. Pioennics, L. ron 755. 16 

FoROiVEit at last. Haderniann, J. R 765.18 

"FoRaivijfu kin. The." L(»th, M 1765.4 

FoR«iuTTE!( bjr the world. Mactiuoid, K. S 17h7.28 

FoRLOKS hope, The. Yatvs, E 480.77; 1801.18 

FoRRRHT, Noil, pMrud. See Flotd, C. 

FoRREKT mills. Thurston, L. M 1468.9 

FoRRKSTER, Mrs, — . Diana Curcw 171*8. 12 

— Dolores 1771.6 

— Fair women 1712.18 

— From Oljmpus to Hades 1742.13 

— Mj hero 794.22 

Forrester, ¥%nnj, p&eud. See Jrnsox, E. (C.) 
Forrester, Francis. /»niJ. See Wise, D. 

Forsaken, The. Smith, R. P. 2t 498.2 

FoRMKBjr daughter, The .* 763.2 

FoRTi!«i, P. Nurella. {In Roscoo, T. Italian 

nuTelists) 427.8.2 

FoRicxE hunter. The. Ritchie, A. C 722.19 

FoRTi'jcE seeker. The. Suuthworth, E. D. F. N. ... 490.6 
FoRTL*!«B-TELLKK, The. of SHiute-ATore. Sue, M. J. 1800. 16 
FoRTOTiK Wild red. Dickens, C. (J. 11.) Nvw ntorics. 491.5 
FuRTL-MES, The, of Cyril Denham. Worboise, E. J. 806.26 
FuRTENEs, The, of MiM rolloii. Tnlcott, Mrs. II. B. 1798.16 

FoRTC.^ES, The, of Nigel, i^ott, Sir W 460. 1.13 

4(K).21; 460.27; 720.36; 1470.1.3; 1807.14 

Jm mUo Scorr, Sir W., note. 

FoRTC^ES, The, of the .Scattcrgood family. Smith, 

A 1502.22 

FoRTT'FiVE guardxmen, The. [Time nf Henry iii, 

sixteenth century.] Dumnji. .A. (I>.) 793.17 

Forty- SET E!f Ron ins, Tho. Mitfnrd, A. B. </n 

Joho^m, (K.) R. Liitlocl:ii*Kic:«) 1839.7.11 

FoRTT yean ago. Tytler, C. C. F 417.11 

Shelf. Mo. 
Forward with the flag. A household story of the 

American etjnflict. Rtrbinson, M. S 1809.37 

FosDiCK, C. A. {Harry Cii*tlemoH.) Frank Neltfun 

series. Frank Nelson in the forecastle; or, the 

sportsman's club among the whalers 1421.6 

Snowed up; or, the 8i)ortsman*s olub in the 

mountains 1802.10 

— Gi-ahcad scries. Go-ahead 17 19.20 

No moss 1719.21 

Tom Newcombe 1719.19 

— The gun*boat series. Frank before Vicksburg.. . 1719.4 

Frank in the woods 1719.3 

Frank on a gun-boat 1719.2 

Frank on the lower Mississippi 17 19.5 

-^ - Frank on the prairie 17 19.6 

— - Frank the young naturalist 1719.1 

— The Ruoky mountain series. Frank among the 

rancheros 446.22 

Frank at Don Carlos* rancho 446.23 

— - Frank in the mountains 446.24 

— The sportsman's club afloat 1768.1 

— The sportsman's club series. The sportsman's 

club among the trappers 1765.6 

The sp«)rtiiman'8 club in the saddle ..1736.10 

Foster, E. The Haven children 1427.22 

Foster, H. The coquette; or, the history of Elixa 

Wharton. Boston 807.8 

— Same, Philadelphia 807.16 

Foster, S. H. Watchwords f<ir little si'Idiers 1469.7 

Foster brothers. The; the scho<il and college life of 

two yttung men 506.1 

FosTKU-BRoiUERi«, Tho, of Doou. A tale of the 

Irish rebellion of 1798 146.V20 

Fotiieroill, J. Healey 1760.16 

Foul play. Reade, C.,and Boucicanlt, D. (L.) 415.12; 437.11 

Foul-weather Jack. Starbuok, IL 1788.13 

Fou.xD dead. Payn, J 490.72 

Four, and what they did. Weeks. H. C 759.21 

Fouii-riPTEK!f express, The. Edwardii, A. B 1769.3 

— Same, (/n Johnson, (E.) It. Little classics). . 1839.7.8 
Fouk-f<»otei> lovers, The. AIlxTtson, Frank, pwend. 1721.16 

Four girls at Chautauqua. Aldon, I. M l^•03.21 

Fox-iiU!fTi?fu. ."Stephens, C. .A 1735.9 

Foxtox, E., jtseuil. See Paliret, S. H. 

Fran LEY parsonage. Tri>lli-pe, A 485.24 

FiiAxrK, M. C. WiKNlleigh Park 43.18 

Fhamce. Craik, D. (.M.) Twenty years ago.. 751. 5; 798.27 

— Erckniann, E., ai<d Chutrian, A. The invasion 

of Franco in 1814 418.8; 418.23 

The outbreak of th«* groat French revolution.. 41^.2.^ 

The story of a i>eaiiant 41S.24 

— Murray, G. The member for Paris: a tale of tho 

.*^«*ci>iid empire 431.21 ; 730.78 

— hhi'<lc5, A. The French at homo 17S6.22 

— Ritchie, Ij. The romance of history 419.5 

— Scntt, Sir W. Stories tiikon fioni the history of 

France 4t.0.1.27; 490.2; 1^08.1 

— Shand, A. I. The war between Prussia and 

France 433.15 

The CaialA|pir of the Natiimal library at Pari*, in thi* •rctinii on Fmich hUtory [•'•lAI.].!]. iucludca hiditriral Action, and tho«r In vrrvr arr Kum on 
pace Ms) of ilw miut ratal* i{ur. 

MeroHngian M'eriod, A, J>. 49S~7Ji9, 

TiTn «*R9rTTRT. Cinris, h. ¥"*; d. .Ml.— K|iii>« l»y I>**«iiiai«'*l* ami Si. IMilirr, ai li • liaK''<l.v in Ilaviuc, ami titlirn hjr Virnnet, etc. Slinmndl. "Julia 
Snvim" 'tiauUand Ktmana, r»urt of Clovia). laSr. J l'. llutrtnaii, *- Imii* •■r Anutrti-a ' [17 '■> IT J, talc. 

TIlTii riXTrBT.— Bali'i, " IlasitlMTt." IraKfiv. traii«lalc<i bj It. Tli«iiiip«>n [>:.'. :l.4]. 

Tlllru ( B3(TrBT. — O. rirlflin, •"Tlip itiva«i«n." tat-. 

Ft^m 'km fhurt, 4. 714. 4. 7tH. Thr nk| pMni'iri- of (lartn Ihr Iiiirraini>r, InlrfMltirturr l<i thi; Charlrmacnr •rr>«-«, writirn by Jchan 4e FlaKy. and *%4U*- 
■ilard Ib Thomas Wrixht'a ■' Omya»n ilir tni<liili> aicc*" C:im7.:i.I: iv:: ivi'. 

UlKT RlCAl. ar.rKaKS«rFH — Thr |iicturfW{ii«>a'>i| aiimatoil wurk i>f .\u|iu*llii Thitrrv f4"r.' r. « ritfen «llh the nKMlrrn apprrriati'm nf Ihr valoa 
of aaitfiaariao k>rc. laof the hlKlirH iin|Mirtant-f. Sri- aliHj .M*inlticinl»«-rt « " .M mk* tif i.'ii- \V. .% '[.'•lit; 

Chaffer ISlh uf tikbbnn [lUuI; VK.W; I'.kV. 1 ; 'r^M ; «7.%t .t; 4r.'>l .*•; AT-V, 7] i« k'lti n !•• t»i« finimli' g -f thr- Fr-nrh tifinarchv. Th* Imp<ir1anl b«Ul*« 
of Chalofia, a. I>. tfl. ami Tuurp, A. n. 1.>J. an- a.-crlh^"! in C'i-a*r« *- l>i- i*iti-;;>« ' IM-^ 1: .'.'.V .V.}. Hai. ain't " MiJiHc a,;i-i " JJii I i 'J¥i K'. \>¥\ IS; 
I.I; IWRl; XXlUj bexlna A. I>. 4M. Gui/ut ■ " lli^loiy «if Franc*- " ^'.ILI .v*] aftnr i« a •.iinninrv. 

CariortMfflan Veriwl, A, /#. «.>?-.'#« 7. 

CMARLKM*Q!t|. t. 743. d. Mil. — Srp Til 41tl.rM AO^iF in tli:t r^lal-lTtir 

XTH ra!»TniT.~r. M. YnnKr. ■• Rii-hanl (In- X*at\,*%" ^.Vi.lii.:,^. N..iMiiimh. Ifn Inn! «iii. IViir. ',•♦■-''•■; til" 

Bhelf nuiubera above 2110 in tho Notes aro in tiic liatoH Hall. 


HiBTOUCAi. KKPKUEKCIS.- Ouizoc's IWi kctim or hb " Hi*>r7 of drilixadon " ISSf^; M9.1 ; OMwI] eonccrna the tnmritioii fh» dw 
l^an period ; lecture Skh is given to Charlctnagne. ftnd the 24th to the diMnembennent of his empire. PalxraTe't Nommndj C341&1] befia* with the 
or CharlemAgne, goes to Charle* the simple in >ol. 1, and to William the conqueror in toL 3. QaUam's " Middle age* " C»l&^ ; M6.U; M&13; ISMJ; ttBBJ; 
aOU] corrn this period ; and Guixot's ** Iliatory of France " CaK!U9] maj be consulted for a summaiir. 

On Ckartem99-«^ see the hiatoiy of him by G. P. )L Jame* C81O.603; Milman's "Latin Christianity" [1113.1; SSlllS; SSU.A3; Gibbon's **BoimB tm- 
fin" C9SS.6; 857.10; 1955.1; SSUA : 47M J; 4751^; 47M.7, chap. •»]; and BaUnch's » Legends of Chkrlemagne " C«4.4}. 

The CapeU, A, 1>. 987-1 S28. 

CBrSADKS, KI0&-131. See Ckubadkb in this eatalojcne. 

ROBEBT TilK Devil, Normandy, d. ia& — Dramas by Scribe, Ranpaeh, Holtei, and others. 

XliTU cCfTTTET. — C R. Maturin, » Albigenses." A. de Gobincau. " Tl»e rose of Txphaines abbey," tale. G. A. FOole, ^ Sir Bnool de Bnie aad Us 
•on Tristram." £. E. Hale, " In His name " [1741.9; 17Ui.83, Waldenses, tale. Mme. De Witt, ** Dames of high e*<ate." 

Phiup AUQUnTS, lldD-12B. — G. P. R. James, " PhiUp Augustus " C4MJ ; 464J0 ; UOl^ ; laUJSJ. tale. F. Poosard, " AgnAs de Itttani* " CWC-^ 

XIIITH O K .xTt itY . — Baynoaard, " Lea teroplieri " C»M.M; WTCSq. Philip the ikir, tragedy. Souli«, "Le ricomto de Biziers" and ^^La 
da Toulouse," tales. 

8t. LomiM, ISX-\ST0. — Epie by Lemoine ; dramas by Aneelot ; Oefele, " Lodwig der Heilige in Aegypten." 

WaUkiue* or TaudoiM. — Mn. J. B. Webb, "Julio " [500.14], tale. 

Hi8T«>KiCAL BErERUTCES. — S«« the 8th chapter of Guisot's " History of ciTilization " [837.5; M9.1 ; 008.1] fbr an czeellent accoant of tite ( 
Oulxot considers the cirilixation in France to begin in this period. Michelci iVKXLS} and HaUam's "Middle ages" CM5.1; M&li; M6.13; ISMJ; 
B0L3] should be eonsuUed. 

Mouse of Vaiois, A. I>. 1327-1589. 

XTTth cntTTXT. ~ Mrs. Bray, " De Foix " C-H&H]- V. Hugo, " La tour de Nesle." A. Dumas, " Le batard de Manl«on " C9S79A53, 
** The knight of Mauleon." 1»38, He., tales. Mme. De Witt, " Countess and queen," Brittany, 1311. in her " Damea of high estate," tale. 

Conscience, " The lion of Flandcn " [1 119.10], is a close stwiy of the French occupation of Flandera, 1298-1302, dosing with the " Battle <d the Goldea 

Bntnnd dn GutttUn^ L'Ui-l.'BO. ~ Poems by La Motte Fouqoi and B. M. Milnea [Lord Houghton] [334.2]. 

Puunm*" rtmlt durimg Ot iatfrUmunent of Kin§ /oAa, 1338. P. Mf rimAe, "Jacquerie " [10e»J>], drama. O. P. B. Jamea, " The Jacqvaia " C4HJi; 
1805.21}. tale. 

An old French poem, ** La guerre de MeCz, 1324," of which there is a recent edition [2G7C66]- 

CnABiJS vi,a«Morc<l,L'»lKl4:a. — Amim, "01iTerCllsson,"Ule. A. Dumas. " Isabel of Bavaria " [731.23], 1389, etc, tale. T. LavalMe, *-JaBa 
8ana-Peur " [aHS.14]. 1407>1419. Drayton, " The batUe of Agincoort " [:iSQ8.7.4 ; 28ne.4 1 ; tfM.lii]. 1413, poem. 

Paul Lacroix (Bibliophile Jacob) In his " Romans pour senrir i I'Uistoire de France " illurtrates the manners of the middle agea. 

CQARIJES VII, tkt n'rtortfotM, 14£*-14«1. — G. P. B. Jamea, " Agues Sorel " C4fi3.4]. died 1450, tale. 

j<Mn 9/ Jrr. — Poems by Chapelaio, G. H. Calvert [4500-1], C Delavigne, Dnmcsnil, Hemans, P. A. Lebrun, Lebnm de Chazmettca (" LtMCaaiAa ~ I. 
▲. Soumet, and R. Southey. 

Tragedies by .\vrrgny, Barbier, Bemhard, John Brougham. (** lily of France ") John Bnrk [4406.34], O. H. Calvert, D'Avigny, Deanoycr C9KXJ3.M}. 
Gnachberg, Held. J. J. Porchat, F. J. M. Rayoooard, Shakespeare (" Henry TI "). Schiller, Tom Tsylor, Voas, and WeCze). 

LorUi XI. 14';i-1483. — y. Hugo, " Notre-Dame de Paris " [1075.40], translated in English as " The hunchback of Notre-Dame" [7Si.l3; l4n.M]. «U 
Plaria, 1482, etc.. tale. C Delarigne, " Louis XI," tragedy, and imitated by Dion BoocicauU. C Beade, " Tha cloister and the hearth " [730182], tala. L«- 
uercier, " Ixml* Xi," tragedy. 

H. Hera, " King Bent's daughter " [ISS8.3; 1377.13; 1379.19; 1384.3], Provence, drama, translated by Phippa, etc. 

CAartM tk0UU of Burgnmh, i- 1433, d. 1477. -Soott, " Qoentin Durward " [4:».41 ; 4G0.1.15; 470.19; 1470.L3| 1807.16; S579il.31,39: 4ia0LLUl.lC!l. eK>^ 
and " Anne of Geierstein " [460.1.22 : 720.88 ; 902.1.6 ; I47ai J ; 1807 JO ; 2V79.1.44, 45 ; 4169Jf], court of Burgundy, battle of Nancy. 1474-77, talea. Jl 
of Burgundy" [463.6; 464.11; l!»U3.»>], tale. 

Tragediea by Rellitab, Keller, SrhOU, Metelloa, Meaner. (" TOchter Karia dea Kilhnen "), and Kopp. 

Olivier de la Marche, " Le chevalier D«liM^r£." Charles the b^ild and his daughter Mary. Masaon, " Helvitiens," Charles the bold, epkc 

CnABLF3 vni. 1483-1498. — The old roniance. " Jehan de Paris," oi which there are modem editions, shows the triumph of Ciaariaa over '. 
in vinning Anne of Britutny. Tragedy by J. Crowne. 

XVxn CENTrBY, iM»n«r«, «*. — F. Wilford. " The king of a day " [490 J], tale. Anon., " The armonrer of Paris " [IS02J2]. tale. 

Lons XII. I498-LM5. — Mickle, " The siege of MaraeUlea,** drama. Anon., ** Faithftil but not fkmous " [1724.19], Protcatantiam in 1510, tale. 

Anon., " Gaston de Foix." d. LM2. tale. 

Cktr^ier d* Bm^mrd, h. 1476. d, U24. — Kotzeboe, " Bayard " [10(9.1.13], play. De Belloy. " Gaston et Bayard," tragrdy. 

FBAHCI8 1. 1315-1347. — Chapman and Shiriey. " Cliabot." d. 1543. tragedy. Mrs. F. A. Kemble, " Francis 1 " [4575J0]. tragedy. G. P. B. Ja 
**I>amle7: or, the Held of Uie doth of gold ' [442.7 ; 464.22; 720.19; l«».lu], 15:90, Ule. Joanna Baillie, "Basil" [312.1.2; 29tMJ; 2564.9]. Maatua. 
of Pavia. tragedy. Alntwoith, " The constable de Bourbon " [7I0JM], 1523, tale. Mme. De Souxa, *- Mademoiselle de Touroon," tale. A. Dwnaa, ** . 
[27(9aJ>3], court life, Benvenuto Cellini, etc. 

IlKNBTn,I547-lU0. — Miss Yonge,"Tlie chaplet of pearls "[412.23 ;720j67], tale. T. E. Hook, "Siege of St Quintin,** drama. G. P. B. Ji 
** The brigand; or. Corse de Leon " [463.29; 1HU5.5], tale. 

Diana of PvitUr*. d. 1500. — Drama by CaslellL 

D^ke o/ G*i*e (assassinated 1&58). — P. Matthieu, " La Guisiade," tragedy. G. P. R. Jamea, ** Henry of Guiae " [464.27 ; 1800.9] and ** Ona la a 
aand " [464.19; 1805.28], tales. 

Catkmrmt dt M*dici» (queen of Henry n. d. L589) ~ L. S. Costello, " Catharine de Medici." A. C Swinburne, " The queen mother" [13C7Jn]. i 

Fba:«<.^8 n ( married Jrary. quten of Sect* ), l.VKm5«W. See Note on Scottish history. Vitet. " £tats d'Orlcans " [4629.28], Mary Stuart in Fr 

Chablks IX. L'i60-1574. — Dryden, " The duke of Guise " [4007.1.7], tragedy. P. Mirimie, " Chroniqae du tempa de Chariea IX " [KHB.4J. USX \ 
romance. Chinicr, " Chariea IX " [2^^1.1}, tragedy. 

St, Bmrthctoimew't day, 1572.— N. Lee and C. Marlowe C35d.5.I] have tragediea called " The massacre at Paris." Anllenberg, " Baitholomiia»>i 
tragedy. Mme. De Souza. " Mademoiselle do Toumon," Margaret of Vaiois, tale. A. Dumas, " Margaret de Vaiois," to death of Chariea ix. £. 8. Uflfe. 
" Sister Rose," tale. G. P. R. James, " The man-at-arms " [464.15 ; 1«A1.24]. tale. 

Dramas on Admiral Coligni by Marachner. AufTenberg, Mohr, and others. 

/Vrsecn/ioao/rAf i/wyM«iifM.— J. S. Jonc*. "The surgeon of Paris " [1309.10; ltSS.41], diama. Owen Meredith. **Vanini,"ia Ida **Se« poami* 
[1323.19]. Rey baud, " Qaude Stocq " [HOB. K*]. 1.VI2. 

Ut !(BT III. 1574-1589.— A. Dumas. " The forty-flve guardvmen " [798.17] ai:d " Chicot" A. Dumas. " Le dame de Monsoreau ** [6S7tL13; \u 
SIZ9J»]. court intrigues, tale. Mr*. RadclifTe, " The mysteries of Udolpho " [778.1.45-47]. Tragedies by A. Dumaa (July, 1378), and Thomaa I 
GeorgeChapman."Bussy d'Ambois,"trBgedy. and one byT. Durfey. Ainswoith, " Crichton," 1579, tale. Vitet "Barracadea" [46B9J8.2}, the 
and " Les tiutu de Blois " [4629.28.3]. Duke of Guise, dramas. 

X Vlrn CEvrUBT. mamHen, tic. — G. P. B. James, " Leonora d'Orco " [464 J4] and " Corse de Leon * [403.29]. Ulea. H. Smith. " Tor hOl * [W 3]. 
tale. A. Manning, " The provocations of Madame Paliasy " [468. Ii>]. tale. A. Dumas, " La comtesac de Chamy ** [2079.23], tale. Lawienca, ** Bmkaapcan * 
[493.18], tale. 

Du Fail. " Contea et diacoors d'Eutrapel." rural manners. Mme. De La Fayette, " La princesse de Montpensier " [2605.1.!]. ** Im pri nee aa a de GMfCi* 
[9^5 1.2] and " Le comtesfte de Tendc " [2»Vi.IJ2], aceiies laid at this time, but the manners are those of the author's own time (lCJO-1700). HaUan calls *la 
prinres.oe de Clives " the eariiesi novel of manner*. 

lIl6Ti>Bli^Al. BEFEBENCES. — Follow first the general histories like Guixot's History [3621 59] and hfs " History of civilizatioa " [8S7.3; MSJj OU]* 
and Hallam's " Middle ages " [91.VI ; 916.12; '.ttO-l.t: I'jrvil ; 19:^ I ; 2^4*1 .:{]. 

or the pntininent characters of thi« period I.A>uis IX, or Saitu L^tui: iw portrayed in Guizot's " Great Christians of France " [1I18J]. Kagllah Urtary 
mates with French hi<t>iry in the invasion under Edward lU and the Black prii:ce; and of the battle of Crr^tf, A. O. L'MO. there ia an accoont in Ortas.^i 
" Decisive battles " [04A .'t; 2229.:aI]. as also of the later conflict A.D. IXmI, at Foiettm. There is a life of the Black prince by Jamea [3S3J;]. aa a txa a a t df 

Shelf numbers above 2110 in the Notes are in the Bates Hall. 


EdwanI ili'a rrlfn br liunimwn Cr>42 !<>]. «nd illintrmtive niatirr ran bo f.iiiml In StrirkUmri ^ Quorat r»f Rnjilaihl " [VflM]. in FmlMart [KV'l.Si 
£S9t»: mn.Tx 4as\.iy kml III MiM YuiiKr't " CBinviM " [iNlftlti]. I'iMirr Dii (iiic«rliii Iho Fri>nrh Minifil«tl In lirivitiff tUo Kiiitluh fhnii Hit* i^miitry. A. I>. 
13<n. vtr., auil thr •!«<•»)(• In the Kciteral hl«t'»rlc« iiiaj tw •iipplvincfifiHl by A. Itiiiiiaa'ii "Tin* kulKhf nt MniiliiMi. " OT lli-nry V'a virt-iry al 4v''«^*Nrf. 
A. !>. 141.V th« KiiKlUh ai well at tho Fmirli hiiiti>rlr« iiiiMt bv (xiiiiiiilftil. Hhaki-ii|M>ari>*t |»lajrt of llritry v ami Henry vi nmif in mllan-r illy, ami fmnj the 
piujpfMt iif cvrnia aliHiK th(> KnKil»h <tccii|ianry. and hy the epit<Mlo of /mn w/ .4rr, whnni fee. Tin- C(>n>|iH-at anU loi* uf Franri* li» the Kii;;li»h rrowii 1^ fol- 
lu««il in (falriliirr'a •> I<anca>t*-r ami York * [!««»•'.]. 

The ii-iRn 4if L/mU X/extenditl I-I>;i-I4«t, ami in thl* time the niihlrrn kiuKilniii wa* c<»nfioli.latni. Mifhcirt ia trantlatiti [U'^^ -} >•>' tin* fierifNl, and 
there UatUNiniar> 111 (Jiiltot*ala<t hiitury [aUI .'4^: ait(ir«>r liiiuii'trelatittnftothe rhiirrh hiilnry, wo Milniair* " I^lln Chri«tiaiiitj" [llLt.I; :l'ill.l:!: 
UlS.*0, antl tlie nierciicea In McCIiiituok ami Mnuij;'* ryrlo|ta*dia. AIjk> veo GnnH'y * " Cha|iter« fmin Frvnrii hUfory " [ I'i'JH <*>'"• j- 

0>:itenipurary with I>iub waa C*«irfra rAe bUii. iluke uf Uurffuiidy, aiHl Ills rvlatiotia l>^ the hiiktury uf I^ituit't reign it trai-«<l in Kirk't " lliatory i-f 
Charlm the b.>)d ' itiUJi; «KI Sil]. 

The iilii climnielpr FruiMart C MlH.:! ; KttLl: SSJU.iXi; 'JIU.:; -hi.'!.;] cuiera the earlj |iart. l:M;-llili. of thit Valoif pert.».l. Munhlrvlirl [In Kni;lifh. 
9e.>1 J]. fbUow*. l«k».l.Ma. 

The •UMiniary on lumia XIV» reljcn in Gulzot'a Fraiirv rSfii']..'iO] will nufllce the jseneral reader before pati«iii|C on !■> Ike |N-riiK| of Fr^neia /. « \vtMt life 
■nd etturl are defcribiil by Panluo [iil(L1]( a nininiary of « how reiyn will lie found In (tuifot [^•^1 -^j* ami whone rL]ati>in« 1 1 Renvral KumtN'an pulitict 
CSB br rtmlii-d in |{.»b«rtm>n'a "Charli-t V "CM:»(!; ii|'J.4: '.UUlt; t»«:t.4.S: 'J-^KVi: iSSV.iU; iSHi..-.! : :*rA rt; U^M^.^^ 

Within thii iMTiod fklli tlie M4«*Aere V A- BaHh'Aumfw, a. I». I'm'.', upon whioh Ihi-re \n a ■|K-tfial iiionoKraph h\ White [linl.-J; 4»:3i.;]. a rhapter In 
Elliot ■ " Did vnxxX life" [9HI6.1 ( ^UH"']. an account in MiMley'a " Dutch r«-piiMio " [WUl : )»\o 'S; ire.'.S]. ami an ^ a|xi|ojtv " in I)i4rarli'« " ('iirh>«itif« of 
litctmture " C-IC.Ii «U.1 : HOT.l ; fftlTJt: :.'iUI.I ; .M'Li.'Ll ; naC.H}. Thi-rt- 1« much variaiiw betwo«n protc«tant ami catholic hNtorium on thU r%i i.l. ami 
ganl in his - llittory of Enj^iand " ['.«!.'.'; illU..t; m'JU.l*], and othi-ri nn the catholic tide. hoM vicwp that m-ml to l*e veljclud while n-adiug tin- if opponriiti. 
AJJ hifturieaui the rvfuniiatioti and of the liugiivntitf nt>c4>*«aril> cuvcr thUaiid other eT«nt« of thi* contfn:ioii« |ierioti. 

Buckle. In hia 8th chainer [MlM ; UIJ.'J; Jutil.;.*); Xiirt.17]. trace* the change* in French inti-Uevt I rum thii lime to the a^c I'f Loulu XIV. 

The BourboHM, A. n, liiH9--1703. 

IlKMBV IV. L'lrtl-Kim. — Voltairv. *> II«iiriaih> " [I'W.IU]. «iege of l^arN. epic. Maca:ilav. " Ivry " Cei.lrl]. l.*;!^. Iiallail. (1. P. R. Jainrt, »* One In a 
ihuOMUd * [Ml 1>|; iMl'i .191]. •' l{ow d'Albnrt ' C4-J).ll ; MW.'J; 14U..:n. and •• (iowrle ' Ci*«'l IP. tnle*. Amm.. " llnguem>t* of Fiantc." tah>. Cehe. " l>er l«id 
llrinrlch IV.' iraci-dy. M<iutalvan, " CI niaretcal d<> Uiioii." tra);.dy. <ic«irgi' Chapman. "The cuntpiraey " Cf^7N(E!.:!; :&'•;<.• M] and ** iMike of Byron " 
[SVn ■!:!'.': aw m].lra(edi«-i. Dryden. "Theduke of (iiiiM.'" CUkC.l 7]. tragiiiy. LctMu%e. "La nuirt de Henri tv." tragi-dy. J. T. Merle, ■' Youth of 
Henry iv. " d'ama. Dramas by llergeniann, Kahn, Kobeile. and Charier B4-rkin)Chani. 

Dorfr. " L'A«irfi-.'' under the guise of a pa«ti>ral. whin* the c^urt lift' of this rclRu is |>i»rtrayed. 

Henry iv di:um in Vitel's " La niort de Henri 111 " [ tfr.V.:^!.:;]. drama. 

HiitT«tBi«'Ai. KF.rKBKNCEH. — /leNry/r, thefouiidiTof tiieliiie, nileilfritm IJAf toliili); and a full ni>le on the literature perUlniiig to him and hia 
ivlffn aid be found In the IlulU<ln of this IJIirarv for Jitiy. K:*. p. Mi. 

There Is • regular bio;!raphy by Janti-s CiMI'-Mx]. Ilin ctmnection with Nctherlaiidinh history Is covcml In Motley's "I'nltiil Netherlands" ['Jill; 
«CSJ: 4i«::!.l(ij and in his " John of liarnevrld " [iMl'JIl ; '^flJVl}. 8ee aisn (iurnvy's '• Cliapti-rs from French history " C4>i:Si.iki]. The wars of the I^eagua 
artay hisltiflans by tlieir proti-sUnt or catholic sympathies, tiniiot, Inrth in his "History of civiliiatliMi " [KI7.:i: tNl>.l ; GAf.l] and In his "Hittorv" 
[JQI Jtf]. must be read as a pniteslaur, lliouKh of hroail sympalhics. 8ee also the Due d'Aumalc's " llistitirr des priiicr« de Comh's" [<'4;4:!"4: iM-'Cl.*!]; 
Thlrrr) s " llittory ot the tiers lAal " [857.1:1: lUU(i.l73: Siiiiles's " HuKuenoU" [nKi.rOi White's " 8aint Ilarthoioiiu.'w " [JUl.:!: ¥iA.:}\ awl Elliot's "OU 
court hie " [9lli;.l ; 3SUI'0. 

L(»UIM Xllt, thtJHti, Ii;i0-1<M1. — tHegeiicy of Mary de .Medici, ]rd>»-IGI4.> A. Dumas. " The three guardsmen " C71I..1] [or " Toe three muskcttvrs "). 
mvittti. iurrender ol La Kiichelle. tale. R. C. Dallas. " riic MCRe of I^>chc1l•^'* IiUi, Ulr. Mine. Dc Uenlis, " Le ri^gv de la Ruchclle ' [ luiK«.U]. talc. I>a 
VigBy. " La maiechale d'Aiicrv " ['J>M.4 ; 2Uiirt.i:]. drama. Daiiii. " I<a mur de Marie de Medicis." Ule. 

Urani. " Anhur Blaiie " [lMm.4]. ItKM, St'ottish guaid in France, etc 

Andenhm. - Anbdne de Ikinuevai " [KKl V], Pari*. St. Vincent de I'aul, tale. G- P. R. James. " D« Kirmc " [4lM.Sl ; INU.I;;]. 

Scribe, ** Le nioulin de Jaeelle" ['.Ti)l.:fjs], regi-ncy, play. 

KwkMUtH.d. I1UJ.-O. P. R. James. "Richelwu" [«l4.'r>: laik'i..-«>]. tale. Rulwer. "Richelieu" [tU&l: l;r'J.ll: LSb.8], play. Dc Vigny. " Cinq- 

J. P Marana is llie prrsunie<l author of **The Turkish spy " [4irJ0.:ti: 47 iH.:!]. a snppowd cuiiMarv of the Porte in Paris, liS&S.liK!. 

HiKf«iR|i-AI. SKFieKKM.-r.». — l.uMi§ Xllt, — I'ilU-lOL:^ — The »t acci-«<ibie lull aivminl is the seetitin of Martin's Ilislitry wliich has b -en translated 

Into English l^Xll Vi). Buckle s Nth cha|iter In his " Ci% Ihration ' I'Mi.l ; M;: ll; :LV»4.7.:: .LV.'i 17] ;{i%i-« a clear outline of IIm- progress of e\t-iits. The first 
eliapler of James's " Life and liiiicii of l^ouis XIV " [Hr*n.:i2 4unimari£es thi< periiKl, ami imtea the cliief n-fi>nMice4 f »r tnllrr sludv. 

I^il'ia XIV. /MrM^NN-. ltf4:m7LV — A. Dumas, '*Naui'n."aiid "Twenty years afti>r' [71l.lj. I'anlmal Maiarin, |ili\ i-tctali-s, and " Ia J.iumease 

dc Uniib XIV.' cotiu>d>. E. Sue. " I<alre-au ut, ' hU^ 11^4, tale. A. E. ilrathr-gel. "Ijiid«iii Xiv. iHUr die Ki>iiM>dic des |^-beo*. ' I» Uunzi-ni-r, 

*'Thrprraf-neraDil the king" [i^UL 4]. great pulpit ■•rBti*r«. tale. V. lluX". " Man m Drlonni'." •#. K'lii. ilmina. .Vllieit .siniih. " M^rrliMints 01 lirin- 
vkilirrs.'if ICi;, Ule. Mrs. (i«irv, '* I^tlrt.' i|e Cai hi-t.' tair. Fi'iiei-m. "I^* aveiitnies di- 'r«'lt'niai|ui " ; KUt'i.l:;; loM..:; liJ7'.U.'.''J: 4tM<'.':: 7<iru«<. etr.], 
eo«n1 sailiv on this reign. Tii-ck. " Aufrnlir In dcu Cwi-nnrii," I7ir.', tale. A. Dumas, " BrageliMine " [II7A.7]. Rvtiduliun in EnKlaud. etc., Ilim,aiid "Tba 
If Oil mask " [7.;a I :. talis. A. AchanI, " Bt-I1e R.isi-." tale. 

Tkg fr«Hil«. — H. W. llerU'tt, "The brother*." tale. W. II. Aiiderdon, " AnloiiietU- B«iiiieial " [I;k:.'J3, si(. Vim cut de Paul, etc., tale. A- Dumas, 
" Ijk giterre ik* ft:oini«-s " [ J'i:<Vi.>'i7J. Maxaiiu, the Fnonlr. C'tonlr. etc. 

i/wi^iieiii4#. —Miss Dupuy," lliigiiciK it exile, "tale. Mrs. A. Manning, "Jac<(iies 11 leval" [l&'.ti>]. laie. F. I. f »uiry, " .Irmild Delaliaiie,' IHTU, 

ftad " Henri de It'han." E. Sue, *• Ji-an Cavalier. * revocation of the Eilict of Nsiitt-*. tale. .ScrilM-, " L« s hugneiii'ts ' ^'/,'o|.'J.k], drama. <t. P. R. James, 
" Tbc Huguenot ' [;: WO.'Ji]. tale. 

Jtamtcra.sfc. ~ Mine. De Witt, "Climbing high." ill her "Dames of hiKh esiati-." lAd. tale. ii. P. R. JaUH-s, " Lod Montagu'* page ' [friMl], 
lair. K. lie Mirac«>ui1, " Coinnient les fenimes sc {K'nletil " and " La nla^|ul■e de ('uorielli s. " tal«-t Laiiy Fnlli-rtoU, " Hrpaiation " [ i4>.l-'<J. Vinturinl. 
*■ Jean Cavalirr." Ule. (i. W. 'Ilntrnhury, " Kvi-ry man his own trnmiM-ter.' tali-. Molii re. " I<e« pti-i-i^-iisrs rldirnle«" [l(»7.l I; In7ii.;i- -jri<7S.I; 
47V4.HI I; 471^4 J. etc.]. salirr ou the peilanlrv of til-- ll<i • 1 -l- llimli •ullM, cinii'^iv- i|i-rt/. " Ninun du 1 Eii.i-'*. ■!. I7iNi, diaiiia. Buugi uer, " Two even- 
!■«■ ai the lli'itel de Ranibiuilli-t." lAII. lto*«Ui-t. tale. .<Tib>>. - Vale! ' llOll.:.'.!:. «-.iioi- It. 

»4. r*. rf. Iff.L — (ioldonl. ■* II Mwli^re" [|n47 .( :'.'. ■.'7>.l'.ll]. coninly. I^Iy lluUir, " Tiie •cU»d lor husbands " [IX'.LT], n-iti I. Mernberg, " Mo. 
lUfc," tale. Dfa»iias by Voss, Cosmar, ttenrKe Sami, ai.d others. 

Jf«i|«M«il# la raid' re. «l. I7lt>. — Play h^ UuUi r: aii'l an anoriyiinius French iiotcl. A Dumas " ly-u>«a la Vai.lcre" [711 .*•]. Ule. 

Hl»r<*BI«-AL RiriwBtX EN. ~ /.i.ifi« .171', — Iiii',-I71.'>. — See ti.e note in tin- C'alil>i:iii of h •! ri. 1 Ic-. ••< lif l^>«i-r lUll, p. I.'l. ami p. Iff. MarHu's 
" Age of I^Niis XIV " [UCi-S-li, U] I* leiiifierati- in thttacter and the fullest of the iiionii;:ra|ih4, Thi- Kii»::i*ii n-ailt-r will Hiul a k>hn| suittj in chapters of 
Bilaaell s Kuropsr ^MLi; M7.>>]. aiHl in James's " Lift- aiHl tiim** 'if I^iui« .\iv ' [ViH .|^ nil tnsii m iil ••r,]iii«rt;> be nn>«let|. 

F»r h.s niiiitary succrss, ••■e Due d'.Vuma.e • *' Ilt'4*iin- dr« princes dc C in-Us ' [lit:!'.'.'.'! : tdH.:.l"}. 

VidUire negkctedfo give due pnimiiicnci- !•• the ilierarv inrtuenci-s of litis ai;e-. Imi thi- Kiig:« 1 rea Irr will find this Inltuenci ainplv set forth by 
llallamllC.tli I.C'IS; 1J7.L:I: Jiu: i], and pipularly by Ai4ie [hi>« hi]. Sf> als.i lh«- livis of i'a- at, (.'■tik ilit-. lUciiie. Midirn'. Il>olean, I<a F-oiUlne, 
rtiielon, and others, ifec also Farrer's" H<i4sui-I ami his ci>nt-m|kiraries " [lil'iW.Vl]. Iluiklr [VU'.ii '.•!;: .'. :iS( ^L'sk'i.lT. cdap ii} contends that tlic 
Utorary rrpiitaiion of this reign «as iu spile of thi- kiiii:. u-it iMi-ansi' ot hlni. 

iH the eiiurt and priTale life of the king, Mi«4 Ihiniue's U^ik lilli'i..'} is the liest for the Kn^liih li-.vh r. Thi re are estiinatrs iif I<ouis in lliirkle s lllh 
clMf4*r CMJ.2 i'MSii :L'«l4.7.i: :UiU.I7] and In GuU-t's llth li-cture of ins " History ol i iMh/ati,.n ' C\n'..&: 'Aj I , uih i]. See aUi J. C- M<>rriMn. in iti« 
Fortnightly review, lrC4. 

For the nrligUNiB aspects of thf reigu, and the results of the revocation of the Etli^-I of Nanti*. sec Siiiiii's's " Hug u-nots " U^>i-' ^2 The calhoilc 
hlaliiriAna aeed, howeTer, t«i be cloaely c>im|iaird with the pniU-stant. 

1>>1'IB XV. t»rimdtm§ Utt nfrnrg. I71.V1774. — It. P. It. Jaiin-s, "The am'ient K^ilm ' C4i>l 7 . Nl*•i•^ Is If. K V Malierly, " I^Hiuiinr," |l,e o>iiit. tale. 

Lady Ra«*er, ' The peer's da tighter. " Ule M IK- (irnlis. "Mailaineih- Mainli'iioM llmiii (, .1 17l'.Ma:e. /•ili<>kkr. ■ Der iimrsilia I t<oi Harhwn. 4. 

i:s». dranuk A. Duiuai. " Meni>ilrs of a phyiician ' :4iftt.'.>J. I77i>-177i. iKalh ol Ihc kin^*, tale. .Hcnlie, ■• I'li loinicrre *>mi« l^iuis XV ' ^.S.^l 'i MJ. Chinseul, 

••/ ^ars^anls. — I«. Biingi'ticr. " The priest and the lluiruciiiit " \ .']. tih-. E IV .hia 1. " Jean Jar<>uwau ' ['•m ji. 17 12 IIJ. ta> 

8helf uuinberH above 21 lO in the >ioteH are In the Itaten Hall. 


Jean CaUs, Jndidallj mordncd, 1713, — tale by Oiiaiar. DimmM by Weiase. Victor, and other*. 

JVwM«rt.--Monte«inieu.**Ptrdanlcttcn,**HUlrconFari*iaiiiQanDen^l731,ctc. 8. Foote^-'Tbe Englbhman returned fttwn Pari*" C-'W-l-SJ-Mrtwo* 
Flench fkahiont. comedy- Whyte-MdrUlc, " Oeriw ' [48U.4 ; 8U5.11), euurt life. Louu Xiv. tale. E. Pellftan, " The putor «tf the dewrt " laO^JDi 17UJ43. 
pesaant life. tale. Jouy, '• L>rmitedelachauaa^d'Antin"C:M».7]. talc. Marivaux'c norels. Scribe and LcfrouT^, " Adrienoe Lecoarrmr " C^S«LU43. 
Harduil Saxe. tbeatricml life, irJD, etc.. pUy. Aintvorth. '* John Lav " C'^-It>]. for the flnancial Miaaicaippi bubble, talc 

IIISTOBICAL BKrKBKNCCS. — The CoQiit dc TocqueriUc, in 184(1. complained of the paucity of hiaCorical trmtitet upon thia reifn. vhMi he thoafchl 
of fo much Interest aa corrrinK the great change uf nuuincrs and idea* that led to the French revolution, which change the reader will alot flnd poftray>ed ia 
the early part of Carlylc'f " Fiench revolution " [1007.7 : VX» 21 : S474J11 : 457.%.!}. Buckle* 12th chapter [M2.1 : »I2.S: SW1.7S: SS&V17] i« on the ptvt^ntMM 
for the rcvulutiou. The fullest treatment will be found in Martin'a ** Decline of the monarchy " CVa.2 15> l^]- An article by De Toci|uevtlle on " Fi 
before the revolution " i^ Riven in hi* " Meimura " C«tl4.6: «7:i.l ]. Carlyle'* " French rerolution " [1007.7 : 1000.21 : 2174.51 ; 4575.1] ha* a chapter 
XT'* la*t da.v*. Ft»r niurli that illu*tratea thl* period, aee the reference* in the Catalogue of history, under Voltaire. 

See Germany. Seven years' war. for France* relation lo European hi*tor7. 

LOUIB rvi. I774-I7t«. — Morri*, " Tlie prisoner* <rf the temple " [SSW 74]. " On the edge of the *tortn " C.<ttI.lS : HOS^]. R. n^, ** CSaptive 
tragedy. John Banhoknoew, *' Fall of the French monarchy," drama. Tragedies by Aignan eC Beithevin, and by Mon^)^. Focm by TreneaU. 

A. Dumas, ** The queen's necklace " [798.19], 1734, tlic court, tale. 

Manner: — George Sand. ** Antonia " [476.19] and '* Mauprat " [7ttJ8]. renudns of the old feudal life of the country nobles, tales. Mme. Dc 
^ Engine de Rotherlin " [4t»B.21], the brilliant poeUc side of the Umes ; " Adcle de S^oange," convent life, etc, and » Comtease de Fargy,'' eoavcnt life, i 
tales. Mme. De Dura*, '• fdouard." social characteristics, tale. Mrs. Mowatt-RUebie, ** Annand"[3u&16: 130M; 138&.7; 1588.45]. pl^. J. N. Booilly, 
** Abb« de I'Epee.' drama, also in German by Kotxebuc A. H. Drury , " Blue ribbons," talc 

M. J. Mcintosh, " Woman an enigma " [737.17]. nobili^. 

The first regular political novels, and those which introduced the principles that led to the French revolution, were those of Bag*. Hokroft. aad 

HitrroBlOAL KKTEBEXCES. — The histories of the French revolution n e e e ss ari ly begin with going over the emue* of tht rrnlmtiom as developed ia 
this reign. The chapter in Sybel [4035.14] is valuable. Carlyle enumerates them in a characteristic way [1007.7 : 1009.21 : 9474^ : 4575.1]. The moat uw- at 
showing of the smouldering fires of the coming revolution to in Talne s " Ancient rvgime " [ajaft.5: 2657.09]. The economic coiwlitions. as ooitrayed la 
Young's *' TraveU " [4600 15]. one of the best authorities, are well summarised in Alison's Europe [943.1 : 22»J!0t SI>2.U]. Buckle [»tS.l ; 1M2.2; 336L73; 
35(15.17] is erudite and suggestive. See Aso Moriey's " Rouswau " [2G44 Jl] and his " Voltaire " [(»l&2] i and Mannontel's ^ Memoirs ' C«9.S; CMBtt.2J. C]. 
See further in the note under Louis xn in the I^^wer Hall Catalogue of history, etc. 

Bancroft'* view of lyiuis and his cabinet, in relation to the American revolution, is taken in his ** History of the United States" [SOS. IJ; SSS3JBJ; 
44S1A7. chapters 7. 8. and 61]. 

In elucidation of A. Dumas's *' The queen's necklace" [793.19], see Carlyle's Eas«y* [SSU; 887.1.3: 8BSJA4; 25583.3; 4577 A3, 4] on ^ The diamood 
necklace," and " Count Cagtiostro." 

JPreneh ReroiutUm, A, 1>. 1789-1799. 

FIK8T Fbknch REVOLmoTC. 1789-1792. — Quinton, **The nobleman of W" [1783.10]. Marat, etc. A. Domaa. "Six years later" [793.18]. Bastile. ITM. 
etc: ^ The countess de Chainy " [431.24; 479.19: 731.22], Champ de Mars: ** Andr6e de Tavemey " [71L15]. July, 1791, to the death of the king. Jan. 1. U9S. 
talec Erekmann-Chatrian. »The story of a peasant" [41R«4]. 1789-1792, and '*The outbreak of the rerulotion " [418.^]. tales. Talboi-Gwynae. ** Nanette 
and her lovers." talc R^iUuo. *• Le fkubourg St. Antoine," talc & Baring..Goukl, ** In exltu Israel." called in the American reprint ** OabricUe Andre* 
[433J9], religioua aspect, tale. E. Pelletan. ** Jean Jaruusaeau " [8(H.20; 1715.14], persecution of a protestant curi, tale. 

A. Dumas, " Lo^e and liberty " [793.16], ITSet. talc 11. Martineao. ** French winea aiwl politics " [749.2.12], 1788, etc.. tale. Dfckena. ** A tale of tm» 
cities " [472:12 : 790.11 ; 1476.6 : 1477.7 : 17rt2.7 : 1781.4 ; 6003.14], 1 A)ndon and Paris. Mrs. Gore, *' The Tuilerica " [4415], 1791, talc Jules Jaala. ** J 
talc C Tucker, " Lady ta Provence," 1792. & Tytler, >* Cituyenoe Jaequeline," tale. 

Lord Brougham, ** Albeit Luuel ' [431 Jl], political aspect, talc M. S. Schwartz, *' Birth and education ** [431.8], 1789-1792, tale. Bnlwer,**: 
[laOUB; 44t.ll: 1785J1]. tale. 

BS9fnpkicaL- A. E. Brachvogel, '* Beanmarchals" [413.16], d. 1790. talc A. Bodte, ** Sfadame de Staei,"d. 1817, tale, translaled I^T. 

MiraUmu, d. 1791. —Tale by Mnndt [412.19]. Drama by Baupach. 

Jfarie itaioiiMae. — MQUlbach, " Marie Antoinette and tier son " [412.10], talc G. M. Ilunter, " Louis and Antoinette," tragedy. A. II. Drary, ** I 
libbons," belbre the revolution. 

Brittmmjf and La rnid.c — Mmc De Witt, "■ Behind the hedge*," in her " Dames of high estate." A. Sord, ** La grande fklaise." 1785-170. talc 
Soolii, '* Les aventnres de Satumin Ilchet," tale. 

Eschendorf, ** Das schloss Dnrandi." G. W. Thombury, ** Wild fire" tale. V. Monti. ** BassviUiana," poem. Anon., " On the cdgs of tbo 
C5QS.18 : 710.63], talc G. Croly. » Maraton " [711.17 : 725.16], talc Mr*. Sadlier, " The lost son," tale. 

JTsaner*. — Mme. De FUhaut [De Souza], " Eugenie H Mathilde " [1079.9], effect of the revolution upon the noblec and dispereioa of the 
talc a Tucker, " I^dy of Provence," 1792. talc T. UolcruA, " Anna St. Ives," talc Poiisard, ** Le livte amooreux," play, in English ^ Hervaa 
vale as ** Son of the soil." 

nUTOBiCAL BEFEBENCE8. — Alison [913.1 : 2293.9; StOJXi^ prefixes a list of authorities, and in his prefiice characteriMs the contewpor ai y i 
and journals. President White, of Cornell, adds a bibliography with characterisations to Morris's condensed history of the revolution [2UU&3: X15.5I> 

Among the kUUirie$ vfcontidmMt txtent, the latest of them, that of Sybel [4635.14], which cover* 1789-17US. and extends the survey over all Europe is oa 
sonis grounds the best yet written, though somewhat heavy. It enjoy* gmU reputation in Germany, elucidatea particulariy the German policy of tbat 
period, and the author waa allowed aeces* to the French, Prussian, and the Neapolitan archives, and uses material never before brought furwmnL 

Among the /WacJk AiaSoHea, that by Thiers [1002:7 ; 4648.3] is a complete, highly -finished. voluminoiM plea in defence of the revolution, which 
ha would hardly hare nude, but which is In great favor with the liberal*. In the early chapters, however, he i* thought to be given to a loose i 
Ing spirit. Mignst (Uke Th'iers, of the fiUalist school) believes in the inevitable evil of the rrvolution, and his book [ftl7.3 ; 1008.U] has been very i 
He is rapid and concise in survey, selecta fiew but apporite details, and characterizea with precision. He also has since somewliat modified hk vievc 
let's ** Historical view " has been transtated into English [8M.7], but it Is considered lomewhat one-sided. 

Baillv's ••M«moires"[464S.7.1I-lS] and Madame DeSlail's work on the revolution [1004.6; 6B52JB] are the occasion of JcllVcy'i enoaeiatSQa of the 
average views of the English people of that day, in hi* Essay* [8SL6] 

Of the Bn0U4k hut«rt«a, Carlyle** [1007.7 ; 1009.21 ; 2474 Jl ; 4575J] U the most fkmous. but Ita unquestioned ability is much marred to ma^y by fti 
strained mriodrainatic eflipcta and jerky succession of pictures. In his essay on the French revolution [H617; 867.1.4: 893J!L4; 2558A4: 4577.5.4] he enanMr- 
atea the chief authorities in vogue forty years ago. for an understanding of this period. Alison takes the arislocratie view [913.1: SSSSmSO; SWJ3]; and 
Beott's toryism was ckar In his " Life of Napoleon " [004.1 ; 604.5; 007.4; 2251.6; 3&42.1i] Burke and Mackintosh took respccUvely the eonscrvativa and 
Ubaral side at tlie Xivna. Smyth's Lectures [8S7 J ; 4648.4] are in good repote. See also Brougham's Statesmen [840.5 ; 568.7 ; 4178.3]. 

The politics and philosophy of the French revolution make a chapter in C. K. Adams's " Democracy and monarchy In France" [9S17J3]. Hie es»* 
stitotion of 17W-01 is discussed in Sybel [4(2)5.14]. and in Burke's ** Reflections" [2572A:<: 4644.5]. 

Of episodical monographs, Lamartine's on the Girvndiau [828.6; 064a7] is probably of most repute, thongh he is accused of inacciuvcy aiad copies tht 
aneienta in aasigaing imaginary speeches to the actors ; and he aurpriscd the public by his democratic sympathies and laodatoiy view. 

NaHonal Conreniion and the JHrector^, 1799-1799, 

National <X*vnumov, 1799-179B.— A. Dumas. "The chevalier" [721.6]. March. 1798, revolutionary tribunals, etc.. talc Erckroana<;tetr«iU 
•• Madame Tbirrae " [473.17]. war of 1792. talc. Mme. De Witt, ** Behind the hedges,' in her ** Dames of high estate, " 1793-M, talc Hoehkireh, " Ckpat," 
death of the king. 1793, drama, and another by BurL V. Hugo, ** Quatre vingt-treize " [9S75.62], or *" Ninety-three " [I4S&1], tale. H. OmseiCMe, ** Vera * 
[1419.7], invasion of Belgium. 1798. 

Xei^n e/t<Tror. I7Sn-JM. — A.Dumas, " I>e ehevaller de la maison-n>uge " [2079. W], talc. Hemant, "Prisoners' evening service" [39.1: SC±li 
1409.4; 2S78.11.7: 9Q0L5]. poem. Mrs. Gore, ''The reign of terror." tale. L. Kip, "The dead marquise" [1745J5], talc ** The atelier da Lya, or, aaait 
student in the reign of terror " [44.^)]. tale. A. Danuu, " Ingenue ; or. the death of Marat " [ 1424.7], talc 

Jtotssyrfrrrv, executed 1794. — Dramas by S. T. Coleridge [:H7.10.2], B. Griepenkeri. Anicct-Bourgeoia, Ball. Gottschall, Hcinomann, and others. 

Shelf numbers above 2110 in the Notes are in the Bates Hall. 


fWJiy. t xtrvlbed IT July. ITW- — Tw^wllf hj F. Ponvard. Gwwicr 8«lnl-AmAn<1 ("I/atnl du praptr"). Ilatnnif, Rirkhiini. It>mm«l. II. 
Zarh«>kkr, itrnkrnhenr. 0>M. C Wcftphalcn, CalraOof, DiHraiiK<*. Mi-yiT, E. J. Eyre {." Malil <»r Nitrinandy "), C. K. GUn, aikI utlirr*. IMairn. •* Marat's 
T^nI," tr«rr<Ir. Tal** by II. A. E«i|uin>i. 

Balli«'»traz*^ly, wilttrn within ihr««> mnmha oT th^rvi'Tit, ha« rrcrntir bern prlntnl in an hiiti>ri4*al and biblioffraphiral irninosiaph on Charlotte 
Omday. by VatflC3IISJl2].fnumerariiiR(hirty-«c«-fn playtof all kliiiK wliii-h thr aiUhitr tho'ighl In b«> the larici'at niinibcr of limra thai any hlMoriral 
rrant had bc<>ii ■• utnd : but one of hU eritir« clainiMl that th»re ar«> flfly-ninc drama* of all kliuU upon Ji>an of Arc. 

i^ IViwI «. imuirjn ~ Mrt. Dray, " The orphant uf Ia Vi'ndh>." talc. A. Tn>Il<>p<>. ** La VfndiV." £. Sou ventre, " Mim-jiret d'un Sani-culotte." 
Tidur Huso, '* Ninety-thive " [li^l]. 

Wmn. - II. C>nwli'nc«>, •• Veva '• [U W.7]. Flandert. Ule. C. I-erer, " Maurice Ticmey " [.TiifiL.',]. tale. 

Till: DiRnTimY. 179I-17MI. 

lt«f«letm im Kfgpt.^i. Moaen. " DIaue Blame.** BartliAlemy et Miry, " I«mi Fran^aU en A;cypCe." 

IIIivmBirAL BF.mKNi'KH.^ On the Ke*gm of terror, 1703-1791, i«o AliftMi'i " K<wr" C^n.'i; iVi.^ in}; Ilulwer'ii C'K7.'V1: Maraulay'i R»«arfnn Bartre 
CaB.S] and Mirabrau C4&ViA]i ami Carlyle'f E«iay on Mlrabcau C»n.7; M7.1.4: Atu.4t :t.W4..t.l: 4.<177JS4]. HLXtnti [ft;..t; inKl*.] and Thiera CKn8.7( 
M4A.5] may he r<in«Iderrd the principal wrhrra on the aide of the rrvolirtlon. 8ee al«o I^niartinc* " lliitory of the Gintmiirta " CK9i.fl:aMK.7]. The defeat 
of the Pmisiant at Valmy, l?je. fbmii one of Creaiy't •' DecUIre Itaitlct " [9MJI; 2^9.^^J. 

On Ln Vtmdft, tee Fuateriana [8.17.7] atHi Ji-ffrry's Euayn [Wf-iS]. 

On Ibe ilaMMUy, lee Thiera, Mackintoah'i CaMyi, ami Svbel [4UV14]. on lu rommuniftle tendenriet: Burkc'i " Reflection!" C3:i;2.A.t; 464IJt] la a 
cummentary on their action. 

Napoleonie Period, Am D, 1709-1814, 


I>. Jenuld, " The priauner of war ** [OOfl 1.7], Venlnn. o>ntratt« of EnxHth and Freneh chararter. 1«Q. comedy. Balaae. " Lei demleri Chonana " 
roymll«t rcactloa In Brltuiiy, IM), etc., lak. Mra. Martiocau, ** The hour and the man " C74UJ)3. Touvraint I'Ourerture, d. Itm, tale. 

JfoMMMv. — De sun, " Delphiiie." Ule. 

Till RMnmr, IWI-ISU.— Mahlhach. **The empreai Josephine " [413.1.1] and •'Queen liorlente " [41.'S.3i'i]. U'es. Jow^h Na«h. '• JoM>plilnc " 
C4nnk.4]. drama. A. Dumaa, ** The twin captains," MOO, ami ** The D)n«cript " C^Vt ('•], IHIU. ule. A. Giltcmc. " rMainc<l in France," Ule. Julia Kavanagh, 
*• Madelalne " [774.11], Auvergne, tale. 

#%MfiM«iflr w«r, 1MH.1M|4.^ See Note on Spanish hiftory. W. II. Maxwell. •• The bivouac " :i.'iil.S]. tale. I^tt, " T«»ni Burke of Ours " [49.4St 
ncLS} and " Charles O'Malley " [4ak.-e( .lill.U; aH.I.'i; .VKVJ: 1«0) 17], talcs. Grant. " Aid.- de camp." En;(liih Sicilian cv|M^ltion. IMVL rtc. tale. 

Jt«MJ«ii MMp«iyii, U13. — G. M. Yonxe, " Kenneth " [Ji:s.l».I ; 7-Ji.^» ; ?JH.S]. tale. L. Rellstab, - The romance i-f war." C- V. 0>ltoN. " CmOajtr*- 
IkMi of MtM&iw," poem. 

Wmr %f lAI.I-li. — flee N<its on Gennan history. Erckmann-Cliatrian. •* The ci>nvrlpt " [4R13], Ule. F. Stolle. '* Eishteeii hundred aiMl thirteen," 
tale. Renter, "In the year 'L'l " [I7I1.4], tale. Errkmann-Chatrian. - Tlic invasion of France in iOll " [4lii.8; 418.2:], nl^ht march of the Russians past 
PliaMhNirit, and *' The bl«>ckaile of IMi^lsbtnirR " [UA.23]. Voiset. 1HI4, lale«. 

#e« mmrf»rr. ~~ Chaiiiler. •• Ben Brace " [14C7.C( 1JUL2]. Nelaoirs battles, tale. 

hurw XTiii, May X 1K14>. March Sn, iMl.V 

Tns IlD}ii>BKl> iiAYti, March-June, 1815.— A. Dumas. " The count of Monte-Crlsto " [474.1 ; 479.9: 479.11; 731.4]. Marwilles. tale. 

C. Delavlitne's " Mesa^niennes " celebrates the victirlcs ami trverses <>f France. Barrif n-. " .Malheur aux vaiiicu«! " eumedv. 

irar«r*«. June IM, IrtLV — Erckmann-Cluurian, "Waterloo" [4K9]. tale. W. II. .MaiweM, " Siorlea of Waterloo" [l«i|.l]. V. Ilnfo, '• Lm 
■ils^mblea " [1781.4; 4ailJ8s 4871.*)], Ule. Lever, •* Charlca O'Malley "[4ak.1S: .W1.14: .WI.U; AIVS; IAU.17]. tale. Thackeray. " Vanity fair " [«IOJn; 
«!.;]. Ule. 

Pk«ins by W. Seoct [.111.1; XK.!; .t«l.2Jf: .tK.LTS; .TS9.1.14; 9n3.I.l: irilMA.S; 4179.1.11; 4VOa.l7..1]. G- E. Seott, C R. Malurin. C. I>elavi(iie, 
Baithtleinv et M^ry, E. F. Scherenberc; So<Hliev. ** The p<iei's pllsrimaKe " [.111.1; 311.1.1;; a'liiS.:^]. and Byron, third canti> of "ChiUle llarold " 
[311. 1 j:; .VL2.1: ,-U7.1.S: 1I09.SJ: 42<»a.S7; 0)i<»S.R]. Victor lIuRu. 

Pt^mt ON Hmp9lt*m bv Bagjresen. B. Barton, Barbicr, Byion,C- C. Colton. W. R. Harris, E. Quinet. V. Ilnico, L'. Fosculo, Monti. Maaiunl.and others. 

There Is a Basi|ue tra|[nly on Napoleon. 

i » raiai »m SmpiiUmt by A- Dunws, Grabbe (the llundml days), Rlmar, and Kahlban (At .'It. Il.*lena>. 

lll«rOBI«-Ai. KFrBRKKf-ra.— The consulate exteiMM firom I7inMo IM^I, when the empire licKiin. 

The prlnrlpal Knxllsli writers are the tory So>tt [rtH.I ; AM..'}; «>l.7; 9il-.M.9: 9;i-.Ml] and the ariotH-ralir Alison [94.T1 1 3Sai M; SIrJAl]. Thiers, fbr 
hia ** Consulate and empire " [Iftls! A: SftVSJU); (VJUi.Vi\ MiVH], hiildt the very hi^heft rank, and is of kii-hi iKipularity. His views are nindifled from lha«e 
In his *■ History of the revolution" [Kni.3: 4(KtS IV]; but he it accuscfl of cfmcealinc the eniiienir's bail trait*. Bishop DupaniiMip thinks thai, in the rl*ise 
f«r tlie last volume, he has hit what will be the aliiilin|t e«timate of Napoleiin. Since thi- puhlirjiiiitn ff Na|ki]rfin's " CVirresiMiiMlaniv " [*i>r acdNiiil in Far- 
lott's " Topics vt the times " Ml 17], l^ufrry [l'»l.:!; 4'UVl9] has beKun the publication of a life ot Na(!«ile«>n. which i« written so ahly ami with Siieh new 
de vt lofNoenU. that ll has Uken hifh rank, and may lie nnisideretl as reprc««'ntinj( the reaction from Thiers. I.anfrey is rrvirwnl in A. Ilay«ard's Essays 
(SrxM ::]. Abbott ■ Napiiletm [fllM.l] !■ a popular and nijEhly eulOKistk* acc«mnt. 

or the mUUmrf AimIhWcs. Jomini [9C.1<>; ¥ti,VM\ holds the lil){he«t rank; thouRh t>»r a special minojEraph. Col. Napier's" IIi«tory of the war In the 
prainsula " [Mni.l; ltf>l.>] is unsurpasMtt. The miliUry hiatory ol this iierind Is luld rrltieai;y ami concisely in llamley's " (i|irrations of war " [iaV|JVI| 
.W4 9); •IBS^tl]. 8eca full note on the Waterloo campaign in the Bulletin for (M., ItC.n. The bi-st summary ol all is peiiiap* in lI<Mi|ier's " Waterloo " 

For Napoleon's so}ourn at Elba, see Lamartinc's " History of the rest«iratlon " [17.9; KsV.l; 4>kV1.K,3; Madam Miclielct's " Childhood " [UB7.I]| 
and llaiper's nwathir, vid. 41. 

tb>e ftime persi>nal recollect Ions of *' The Hundred days " in IHirif. in the Atlantic mimthly. .\pril and Mar. lA'irt; and a chaiiter in v«>l. .1 of the 
MenHHrs of J.ihn Quinry .%iUms [StklAl ; SMI .12]. 

Estimates of the character of Napole<m will he found in Carlyle's ** Heroes and hero-wnr^hip " ['.'174 .M]; in Chinnins % ** W<irks ' [117^1; .UTS I.I ; 
am^l; .VTAJ I}, who Is ilepreeatory ; in Eiiierwtii's *- lleprrsenlalite men "[■Cfl/Ot *'"' vicw« hini a* a man of thr world: m Batnc't " E«says ' [i*IU.lJt]: 
aftd III Brnajcham's " HtatesiiH-u of the time of (}<-«tr)ie ill " [Hio.'t; Vit<.7: 4178..'!]. 

t«inaniiie. In the llm volume of his** History of the reatoratiim ' [H.I7.U; I4*i7 1; lAVi.l'i]. make* an eliir|iient Impfreation a|tain«t Napoleon. flnoM 
IrmHa of his pvivale Uie can be fleaiied from Alison's leitew ol the im-inmrs of the Ducli m |)'.\brant«s in his essays [!«Sl 3;]. 

JtentomtloH of the lioMrhons, 

Lnn* xTni. July 1M.V1«I. — T. Mo.»re, »• The Fmlge famllv in Perls " :H1.2; .".vt.17 ; XH 8.4 ; ni7.1.1-1; nn»S.1.7]. Croly. " Paris In IflU - [.'B4.ML1 1 
Xli.173, porm. Boniierhiise, " Christopher Sauval." 

JTeaMers. — Pua|p-ns. " Les quatre ages," country life, Ule. 

CIIAKI.KS z, iCM-lRnn. 

De Vigiiy. *' Sertitude ct (randeur miliuires " ['jnST.iN], ules of military life In peace. 

BBnilil* FBSTicn RKV»i.i-Tio?f. l<c)A. — W. G. Simiiis, "Tricolor," poem. Scrtb.\ " Bertram! H Raton " [in74.«J: Smi !.l]. Talleyrand aad 
ImMnt s«ilrl/e<l. drama. 

I^t'ia riiiu.imc. m>-lHi4. 

RBTn|.i-Tli»?i fir IMH. — Erckmann-Cnatrian. " A man of the peopir " [4IS >]. tale. 

IilllTi*airAL SKr>.aRN<-FJi — lAinariineCH7 9: Ii*i7.l: t«;v..l«;; m the ni>Pl ••■•-r>«ihle auth-uitv in Enjcilsh. Cmwr't " lUijcns of |»uts XTIII aad 
Charlee Xll' [H<r>..1] Is bflefrr aiMl stronger. Kvcrrtt, in his " .Mount Vernon p«pi>r« ' [<i I :^ iCi^i • a ckeleh nf the rourl in W"*. }i^ Harper's mimlhly. 
«oL 41 Theve Is an account irf the iiHMlcni cnn«titiitionBof Fiani*e in LiMiiniittt'i niaxa/inf. May and .\ui;ust. lO. The Fmir'i iiiptory by Vaulabella 
[4UAS]. a liberal. Is ppibably ibe betl jingle scrounl. 

ItfHiia Blanc [liBCS.-'S] covers the fsll<iwing ilecsde and the n-v>ilutioii nf KH liiiim'a ■■ Mi-ni liri" 'l<si'. ■*•] form a neeeviarv Cfoninrnlarr. lh<»ugh 
ffMWr efolisf ical. anil given to special pleading: but thcv throw little ligiit tm tin- aec't-t Iii<t-irv of thr intlhI. Sre .\Ii*in s " ft^asav nn Hip rerolutioa 
«if UCD '[IKl/if 4U>Vh»]arHl the last cliaiKcr of llroiuhanrs .V uti >bi • >i rap ii r ['•"•. lo. 'IMI-i:". Siv |irr«iiiil iiimioin itf tite orUans laiiiilr in Ha i per a 
■■•mthlv, vol- III. 

Shelf iiiunbcni abovo 21 lO in tlio Notes are In the Bates llall. 


Lunvtine and Ouiiot vcre both obwnrera of Um events of the rerolntion of 1&I8. See alto C. K. Adanu's " Dtmocnej mad monarchy in 
CS6I7JS] and B. Jerrold'f " Lift of Naftolcon m " C2S«4.a]. 
Rkpubuo, 18I8-185S. 
A. Otuna*, ** Edmood Dantca " C73S4)], 1S41-1M8| causes of the rerolation, tale. 

Xotci* Napoleon's Period* 

Napolvon m. 185S-1«0. — G. Marray, ** The member for Paris " [431.21 ; 730 78], tale. He appears In Miss Sheppaid's '' Bomor " C4BiJ93. 

R. Buchanan, *' Napoleon fallen " [flST&M], after Sedan, drama. Bom, *' Eugenia " [lOll.l], Ule. 

SoeietM uiuUr XapoUon ///.— Bolwer, " The Parisians " C17«).l ; UJ«;.I1: 1779 1]. tale. O. FeuUIet, ** Camors " [9067.10], In English hr Da Lm^ 
tale. J. P. Story, " Choity " [431^], Paris life. Various French plays by Barriire, Sardon, Ponsard, Angier, and others. Feydeau, **Im lonik — ds 
Challs." Qaboriau, " La d«Kringolade " [•ff78.«0, coop d'itat, Dec S, 1851, and the empire generally. 

FBANCO-GKUfAV WAS.— E. Leslie, '* Elsie's dovry " [WkOS], tale. Erckniann-Chatrian, " The story of the plebiscite " ZfiSM], or *«A milkf's 
■lory of the war " [4I&27], tale. Their *« Brigadier Frederic ** [1760il8: I773.I9] is severe upon the Germans. H. Strctton, "Max Krcmtx " iiSJf^ 
siege of Strasburg. Ule. Anon., ** The gate and the glory beyond it," tale. Anon., " Denri et Louis," siege of Paris, Ule. Lucas, " LAonie," etc £1774.15]. 
H. King»lcy, '* Valentin " [1717.7; 17».14]. Sedan, tale. L. Schueeking, ** Povder and gold " [1728.13], tale. S. M. 8. aarke, " An enemy's IKeadihip " 
[14S8.4], tale. 

Wilkic CoUins, " The new Magdalen " [173i.l7 ; 1742.7], nursing In the Held, tale. Oaborian, '* Other people's money," tale. 

Thk Commcnk. —V. Hugo, ** L'ano^ terrible " iXZiJi^. poem. 

Sieg* of /\in-«.— Bulwer, '*The Parisians" [1740.1; 1756.11; 1779.1], tale. Iloassaye, **Le ehien perdn et la fkronie fusillfe" C2P5JS}. tale. B. 
King, ^ Kentucky's love." Ule. Mrs. Orr, " The twins of Saint-Alaicel " [177&7]. Paris burning. De Mille, '* A comedy of terrors " [411.22], Amerkaaa sIh« 
np In Paris. Lucas,** Within Iron walls" [1774.1.%], tale. 

G. Chesney 's ** The battle of Dorking " [U08l34] (an imaginary future Invasion of England, consequent upon German soocesses In France) gave rise la 
over twenty similar pruducUons. nnostly of an oppoMte tendency : and H. W. Pullen's ** Fight at Dame Europa's school " [4629.15; 4fi9ll6], a aatfre yt^nm 
oolempormry European polities, produced over eighty publications of a similar character. See the English CaUlogue for 1871. 

lIIflTOBlCAL KKrKSKNOBB. — The late emperor has a popular champion in Abbott [609.6; 4651.8]. and a farorable view is Uken by R. B. KiBtbaH, 
In The galaxy, April, 1873. See also McCarthy's ** Modem leaders " [1512.3] and Everett's " Mount Vernon papers " [8BS.7]. Kinglake, in his ** Invaakm af 
the Crimea " [9K(.l ; 1909.4 ; 3063.9], takes an unfkvorable view. 

See also a K. Adams's ** Democracy and monarchy in France " [2617.53]; B. Jerrold's " Ldfe of Napoleon m " [2644.61]; and Whitdiarst oa the 
** Court and socUl life.' 

Few publications on the Ftanco-German war, the Commune, etc, have yet acquired sUnding ; but a large number of contemporary contribirtioaa la 
ttie history can be found in the Bates Hall. See Maxzlni, in the Contemporary review, vol. 17. An epitome of events in the Franco-Gemaa war is givaa 
In Blackwood's magaxine, 1875, or no. 1647 of Living age. 

Vrtneih Character, etc* 

NoveU by George Sand [Madam Dodevant]; Balsae, " CoinMie hnmaine,"aseriesof Ules; Gaboriau; About: Anon., ** Ei«ena Roasdl'* [710.11; 
7S14I], tale. Mmc U. de Witt, " Marie DerviUe " [1716J!1]. boarding-school life, tale. Anon., ** Le maudit " [6B73.13] and *' La riligi^use,"«rkBl. 
tale. Cherbuliez, ** The romance of an honest woman " [1777.12]. Craven, '* Anne Siverin." Victor Hugo, •' Les misfeables " [1781.4; 4661.8; 4tnJD^ 

Balxac, ** 06sar Birottcau " [1485.8], lav of bankruptcy ; ^ The alchemist " [485.21 ; 9376^8], early part of century, search for phikMophcr's smdc; ** L* 
femme supirieure." abuse and routine «^ ministerial fUnctious ; " Seraphita," mysticism, tales. Gaboriau, *' Within an inch of his life " [176S.4], criniaal 

#MlfM«U« U/k. ~ G. Dros, ** Around a spring " [41U1 ; 1737.8], tale. James P. Story, *' Choisy " [4S1 J3], tale. Beyle (De Stendhal), ** Bonge d 
nolr " [1067.17], evils of it, tale. 

5ta life. — Tsles by Eugene Sue, Corbiire (** Le nagrier," dav« trade), and Lecomte. 

Pro9imeiat mmd peasmmt lift. — Balxac, '* Les paysans " [698Ba.l.3:t]. talc George Sand, " Fanchon " [476^] or ** La petite FMctta " [aOTSJ ; SBTS^S], 
«* Monsieur Antoine " [4S1.2i}. employers and employed; " Francois le Champi "[3067^7], and ".Mile Merquem" [473.16], Normandy, tales, and her 
playa. F. Mistral, ** Miriio, " translated by Preston [386^0], etc, Provence, poem. ^ Marion " [1428.12], Provence, tale. Miss Thackeray, ** The TtOaiDP on 
the cliff" [TSOiB: 781.12], Norman sea-coast, talc A. Karr, » Alain family," Normandy, talc Mrs. Jenkin, '* Madame de Beaupr6 " [788.18], 
lifet and " A Psyche of to-day " [783.9], Ules. £. Souvestre, v BritUny end La Vendue " [767.4], or ** Les demters Bretons " and '* Mtemirea d*nn 
cnlottc" Lamartinc "* Ttie tfone-inason of Saint Point " [777.15], vilUge, talc £. Both, ** Chilean Morrille," Tonraine, Ule Mrs. 8arloris*B "A week in 
a French country-house" [1443 7], and other tales. 

lAf* in Pmrit. — Balxac's Ulcc Richardson, '* ficart« " [807.7], salons of Paris. JolU Kavanagh, " Seven years " [420.22; 454.1], Paris life. Mtas 
Thackeray. ** The story of Elisabeth " [500j»; 7505; 1494.15; 1791.1.6]. Mmc De Witt, ** Parisian fkmily." George Sand, '* Antonia " [476J9]. V. B«bb 
•*Les mis«rables"[ 1781.4; 4081.8; 4671.20], and the pari **Gavroche" [1713.6], for street gamins. 

H*m» Ufk. — O. Sikes, " Chateau Frissac " [1446.15]. Lamartine, " My mother's manuscript." C. V. Hamilton, " A crown fVom the aprar " [4S13}. 
£. Souvestre, '* Lravca fhim a fiunily Journal " [767.9]. Mine H. de Witt, '*A French country fmmily " [1U^20]. George Sand. ''A rolling stone" C<01SS]and 
** Handsome Lewrence " [421.16]. 

5Mii*«rm Frmme*. — Emily Bowtes, " In the Oamargne " [1773.5], ule Fabre, " The abbi Tigrane " [1784.19]. ecclesiasUcal intrigoea. George aaad. 
•* My >i«Ur Jeannie " [1764.12]. Lawrence. *« Sword and gown " [730.40 ; 792.19]. 

A» Tmrmin*. — '* Chiteau Morville " [789.29]. 

In Cfenerai* 

HmoBlCAi. BXTKBCXCKS. — (rsiwraX oitd e«siprcA«iM<v« «sorls. The latest history, and for the general reader perhaps the best, becanae less cxtensiva 
though still elaborate, is Martin's, for the period prerious to the flrst revolution, digesting as it does the labors of Slsmondi, Guixot, Thierry, and 
It has, however, been only in pari translated into English [433.2.15, 16], and upon it is based ** The student's France " [1006.6; 1006.7], a brief < 
account. Crowe's, covering 1465-1795 [3BB.6; 1003.6; 1009.11], Is a concise popular account. Sir James Stephen's Lectures [10QS.1 ; MnU; ftXtS] are of high 
repute, and De TocquevUle says «^ them that they show a "clear comprehension of our ideas, Isws and habits." The chapters on Freodi hiatoffy in 
Sinyth's '* Lectures on modem history " [827.8; 913.3; 943.7; £03^0; 22S.4; 4142.2; 6227.2: Sn'i.2] are of imporUnce to the gen^ render seekiag to know 
the character of the books to be read. E. A. Freeman's essay on ** The Franks and the Gauls ' [2475 52.1] is a mpid survey of French Idstoiy fSraoi the 
eariiest times to our day. 

The ingenious, brilliant, poetic Miehelet [1003.2], thonsti without method aiKl regularity in his eloquent narrative, by combining graphic iltat flptiiine 
with a tone of philosophy, and by praises of liberty and virtue, and as the adversary of the Jesuits, has always been popular in France. See Flint, ** Phi- 
losophy of history " [2213.51], on Miehelet and the democratic school of historians. Catholic writers, like Bishop Dupanloop, regret hb impic^. and ttdnk 
he degenerates into pamphleteering. There is an English translation of the first section of his history, covering the interval to A. P. 1488 [SSBMI]; bat tha 
lander can find the entire sequence ta Frwmek in the Bates UalL Miehelet is reviewed in J. S. Mill's Dissertations [2565J0.2: 2365.21.2] and In Alten's 
Essays [86Sil; 4S5&.10]. 

From political grounds the opposite to Michckt's. CapeAgne reviews French history in a voluminous scries of works, which are in adnw laapadta 
anomalous and eccentric He is a staunch rojralist, a defender of the papacy, believes the reformation an impious innovation, but he has great reaaniTii, ia 
brilliant and imaginative in style, and. where not indoenced by political views, impariisJ. lie constantly takes issue with Guixot, Thicny, ] 
and MIgnct. The series in Frendi is in Bates Hall, but they have rtot been translated into English. 

The rise of the modem schools of French historians, which add a purpose beyond mere narrative, and have sought illustrations beyond baldea 
the IK); of courts, is largely doc to Augustin Thierry's '* Letters on the history of France ' [4662.1], and he illustrated his idea in his fnonugmiih oa 
history of the middle class (tiers kat) [&7.12; 10U8.17]. 

The highest repute acquired by a French historian probably belongs to Guixot. for his " History of civilisation from the fell of the Roaaaa caaplie to 
the revolution " ISS^i; 949.1: SXH^l]. With a dignified style, he is able in analysis, in genenUixaUon, lakes great range, is impartial, and of 
views. Guixot is examined In Flint [2213.511; in Alison's Essays [8Sx6; 455J.10]. ete. A hirtory <•! France, which Guixot originally pr epa r e d I 
which he lived only to bring down to 1780 [2621 JO], may be considered the host of the gemral histi^ries for pi>puUr use. 

Shelf numbers above 21 lO in the Notes are in the Bates Hall. 

t'H.MirE* KaIIWUOD, ptttld. iS« KXETIU, Mri. 

Fuacx* Uildjanl. Wnml, E. P ITal.Sl 

FsAinMLUi:!, 11. B. Rirl'* Ilono 411.11 

~- Ranguod look. A furtuna in WTen ■(nikoi .,..1801.21 

_ /alJa^ fortuDB llil.I 

Faaiirii DxaHiL-K, pnuf. Sa Notlet, Mn. — . 
FRAXrii FoKiiKiiTCR, piniJ. Sh Win, LI. 

'FKAHCoxiAilnrlei. Abbott, J. St T3S.( 

Fkake. Edgaworlb, M iVS."! 

FiiAiiiiBiiionglhsruBhcnK F.udiak, C. A 44«.!I 

Fraxh Bt I>an Carlui- nnebn. Fiwliok, C. A I4l3.» 

FKABEbcfun ViokibuTg. Fo«lick, C. A i;i<J.4 

FBA»E)[DiiaKithaHi. Holbt, A. S. 14G!).I3 

Frakk Id tha ni<wnUini. r.«llBk, C. A 44^.24 

Fbanx in ths woiiiU. Fiwdiek, C. A 1113.3 

FRA5X cin ■ gao-boat. Fowliak, C A.... 17111. J 

FBAnw va tin Inner MMuippi. FoKliok, C. A. ... i:i!l.:> 

Fbakk Da tbo pnirle. Fonliek, C. A lTlli.6 

FiiAiii the junng natunliM. Fuxliok, C. A ITIIi.I 

pHAKH Fiirkgb. SmnllEj.F.E 711.21; T.'iQ.l.'* 

PRAJK F'lHCniER, rurwi. Stt lleuBERT, II. W. 

FmAiK (iordon. GgDl<llng. F. R riOR.ll 

FmAiK lliltop; or.-'tbsqaran'suwa." annt.J... 1KU4.N 

FbavkMbj, th«mliitiU'r'**in. Purlar, A. B 4.'iD.II 

Fkakk MildB»T. Marrjot, F 743.11; 1T16.1.> 

FuvK .NalNQ. llanafunl, 1>. A 7i;.!l 

Fba!ik NcIwd in the forecartlc; ur, tlio aportHnBn'i 

alnb among tliB sbalcn. Fmtlok, C. A 1411.G 

Fkauk Nainn Bcriai. Utt Fubuick, C. A. 

FBABNSIIrling'fchuiM. UulGnah, M.H 7le.U 

Fba UK Warrington, liarria, 1( 41)4.111 

Pkaiik WntMorlb 44U,l.i 

Pbabe Wlldoun'i BdvFntani on land anrl water. 

UamaMkar, F. I'lri.ln 

FBAHa'B ampalgti. Aigar, il.,j>. 'I4.T 

FBAXKBNBTEtM) OF, tba inudaRi PniiDothoiu. i^brl- 

laj, H. W 71IH.U1 7UH.1I: UOce 

Fbahkuk. Abbott.J H0.1t; 7311.1.4 

Fbabbr, J. B. Tba K Bill Ibaih. A tala iif Khuiaian. 

Lumluo. 3 T Rfl'.C 

— Smm.. Now Vork. It B«7.18 

— Talwof thscatBranMni 47U.G 

Frabrb-Tttleb, C. Str Ttti.rr, C. C. F. 

Frad liiiminB, Tba. 11lacn»r. U. too 1413.1 

Fbac Luna and bcr Tojragaa. Wildarmoth, 4HIUT 

Freaki or fnrtun*. Adainr, W. T 7!1I.1T 

Freak* on tha Mlt. Ballantjoe, R. Jt 44H.1II 

7J4.13; 7U.l« 
Fred'i frrfh lUrt. and what ha did bj noml oouniK"' 431l.'^4 
Fbkakrii'k th« grMt and hii luurl. [PtDnlH.] 

aiauU. C. (M.) 41.-..10 

FBRDRRKKtbagnatandhiifamii;. aiunilt, C. (U.) 41J.18 

^JpMrtaMtJlH^^llHnrtr af IK. (Ml Pr.. 
m JralmUiiimi lk> llMn 

Fbeb, j*l forfilii^ ihf ir own chiln), Cornwill, C. M.179a.l.'> 
Freelak'e, Kailioal, E<n., puruJ, Tbo nlili<Mi>plian 

of Fi.afbBville 774.SO 

FrbUi ■ e»antf]t famiij, A. Witt. II. do 1443.-JU 

Frexi'B dacotlra. Kiparifneei of a. Water), iwrnl. 481.7 
rBK><.Rlb.binMRiCrn*«.'nia. Jvan IIoIId. [In'bat, 

Freii ■ «iDM and pi- 

is*. Marline 

.3. P 

ibutt. J 

Frrttao, 0. Deliit and credit. Edlnbdrgh. 1 t. 434.5 

— AW. * Now York 434.1 

of a «irii4 entiUcd Our r.^rofathan 173C11 

— The l>«t nanuKript. London. 3t 434.e 

— Saw. N»w York 434.4 

— Our r<ir*ralhari. Fint part. Ingaanil Ingnban.n3i;.19 

PBiARHwunnpoit^aice. Vnnga, C. M .'•.>.ll).13i 49T.10 

FBiUAr night. Tai» illnitrating Hobrvw tifa. 

iMan, 1. S HOK.l 

FKiRI>Kii:n, F. Tba Init dHnstcb 433. » 

FbIEIK Bli-i dBUKhtar. Ta/lor, (J.) llajBrd. (/a 

Atlantic talHj 4K0.I 

FRiEXi>i.r, Auml, pirwl. Srt llAKKn, i^arah. 

FRiENfLr fairin; ui, onso upon ■ time 1778.6 

Friexu* and aciinulnbinim. Rj llio antbor of 

■■ KpiH-kilDBnobwurallre" 7fr'i.ll 

PniKKIW in ni'i'd. tlui-rniwy, C. F 771.18 

Fkikk and hia llciek. ^nford, E. II l4-iT.2l; 1417.31 

FniswKLL, J. il. Outandubont UU.'>.lg 

Fbiti. Cmckford, (I. (/nUny, .Vrt. R.,nndothrn. 

The rnlNb..w Untlm) 7S,->.I4 

FRoniiT'ti liltlo brotber. Itrandn. p-rvl ItlT.l 1 

Friim an Hand. Thaekerny, A. 1 14'.I4.11; 17111.1.6 

Fkiih Usitlmnra to W^ubiBKb.D. Kail. 0. <W.) Ii..l41ifi.» 

From Ikmion to llalliwxrc. llull, U. (W.) II I49G.6 

From .lawn to dark in Italy. A talc of tba rrfuniia- 

tion in tba ■iiK'tntb conlury '63.6 

Frdk draaoH to waking. Lint.m. B. I^ 17M.B 

Fr<»[ finirlcan tn roDnoon-. Jawvlt. .tfri. .S. W 

Fruh band to nu-ntb. U'llrian. I'. J. {In Aldtlob, 

T. It. ChmI abirieii) 1703.1.4 

Fitoif J>'>tt.ivurne>L II.*, E. P .'■I.ll 

Fruh my ]'.:uthBp. Trrhnua, M. V 1770.1 

Frou now y.'ar In ni'w jrar Slid fruu all the wmlil 

t»and. Ily tho author of " I uwt kcvp tha 

chlmoi gning," etc. 1109.6 

Fruh nigbt to light. Ilrnwn. B E 771.17 

FrnHDuwhiTolutho North n..lo. lliH>d,T.,t*r wMajfr.ltlll.ltf 

KnuM Ulyinpup h> Iladex. Forrcator. .Vn. — ITtl.lS 

FiKiK uut thi' ilerna; a aiory uf Coriili>b lifo. Chrli- 

InpbBH. It. W. ■. 14IU.n 

From Iho c|.,ud> t» the miHinUlM. Varna, J 1763.6 

From tba earth !'• lb* niu.>B. Vema, J 53.34; ITtl.6 

FRi.x[hi.tlM-gra|».T mioatt, B. 731.1S 

FK..XTIER n'riea, The. AWr/y: — 

— Barniw), W. Thi> grnaral: or, Iwatrc nights in 

lb.- hunter*- eauip 43H.21 

— Mai-I'^iho, J. II. PInnting tbp wildernex 41'<.ot 

— IVarion.C.iL Tbe cabin i.n the prairia iW/i3 

Tb^ ynnng pioneer. ..f thi> .\urtb-wa.t 43li.23 

FBn*T,.Vri. I,. J. II. Lynda Newton 

FRiwr-Ki<i.i, The 17KI.8 

FiuiEE!! di-ap. Tlie. Odlini,(W.)W 1764.10; IT7!».13 

Fur, C. W. T. Lttllr Sptpii,tid-| Taeutuin 1468.10 

FtlHiG d'-inR'L Uiteheil, 1>. 0. tr 1114.4 

KciHiR Funblc, The adrenturei "f. Katlbbead, II. 1787.21 

FvLRAi) iiitti. Thackeray, A. I. W.-rk* ITUI.l.g 

Ftii.l.ER, J. <1. Tbc llrowBiaga: S tala ot tho grral 

rebtllion 416.3 

FV1.I.KB. J. J. I'DCle Jobn'a IbiweT-githi'ri-ra I.'iOn.U 

FULLKH, I^ Uirtakrn; or, the <»iaing and tba 

real 436.14 

Ft'Li.KH.M. ItightMl alWt 731.27 

FvLLKKT.m. T^-lf (r. C. (I. II.) l.'orKlanee Sher. 

lury 716.41 

— Klli-n Middl.'t.>i>. Uipiig 41U.46 

— .S.,m,. \..w Y..rh 4.-.8.4 

— Tbonrcrif l.<.n.i..n; "r, ll.iwmary . . ." 14'iS.IO 

— liranlleyiuanur. Uipiig 410.17 

— Lidy-hir.l. Uipiig .''.,....'..'....'..'..'.'.'...'.'. 4HI.48 

— Snmr. .\rw Y..rk 716.1.". 

— .Mnblti-raMiniiuo. L.-ipiia -HMO 

— S^m,. >Vw 4'I.IT 

— K.'H-uarv; a Ulu nl Ibr lira of I«ind.>n tlt'i^') .. I7<;i1.6 

— Si'Ti-u >t.>rie< II'^H.IJ 

Sbeir niiiiibers above 21 lO lii tlie N'oti'M an: lu tb«- Uatmt Halt. 




Shcif. Nu. 

FuLLBRTOir, Lady G. C. (L. O.), continued. 

<— A stormy life. Leipsig 490.52 

^ Same. New York 712.14 

-> Too strttnge not to be true. Leipiig 750.33 

— Same. New York,.* 482.9 

.VoTtf.— Ladr Fullrrton vu coiiT«tted to catholtdim in 
l&'ifi, and her •tones pablUti«d iince that time liaTe more or 
leM reiation to hrr fkuti. "Ellen Middlcton " I* a domeitie 
■tury of carlr prudodion. "Qrmntley manor" bears on the 

war of 



FuLTOH , C. A brown stone front. A story of New 

York and Saratoga. [Tho Pook novels] 1749. 1 

Fulton, J. D. Show yoor colors; or, a story of 

Boston life 1428.7 

FuLTO!f, Rribort. Robert Fulton, an bistorieal norel. 

Ilaucb, J. C 418.11 

S9tt. — ^*t the OBtalofue of hifltory, cCe., for lives of this 
inreiitur of the stram-b^Mit. 

Fox and profit. Lamb, M. J. 438.8 

FusNT philosophers, The. Yellott, 6 434.2 

G , A. Mignonette 416.1 

G., C. J. The good fight of faith 17*J6.20 

G., L. E. Guy Falconer; or, the chronicles of the 

old moat house 1789.27 

— Myra Sherwood's cross, and how she bore it 500.32 

Gabled bourse, The. Bates, L: 767.C 

Gaboriau, E. The clique of gold 17G2.5 

— File no. 113 1760.3 

— The mystery of Oroiral. Boston 1782. 17 

^ Same. New York 421.13 

— The widow Lerouge 1723. 1 1 

— Within an inch of his life 1762.4 

Gabrikl, a story of the Jews in Prague 7 10.4 1 

Gabrikllb Andre. An historical norel. Baring- 
Gould, S 433.19 

Gabrikllb Vaughan. Shipley, M. E 1797. 16 

Gagb, F. D. Elsie Magooo 1445.1 

— Steps upward 757.7 

Gail Hamilton, pseud. See Dodgk, M. A. 

Gain, The, of a loss. Yonge, C. M 720.62 

Galama; or, the beggars. Liefdo, J. B. de. 484.85; 1712.17 

Galb, Mrs. N. Eunice Somers 1727.4 

— Uncle Charles 1737.1 

Gallant Tom. Jones, J 433.5 

Gallbnga (Marriotti), A. Castellamonte; an auto- 
biographical sketch illustrative of Italian life 

during the insurrection of 183 1 507.5 

Gallbt slave. The. Zschokke, (J.) H. (D.) 1712.12 

Galt, J. The Ayrshire legatees 788.8 

— Eben Erskine. 3v 788.9 

— Thoentail 788.11 

— Uaddad-Ben-Ahab the traveller, (/a Johnson, 

(£.) R. Little classics) 1839.7.9 

— Lawrie Todd. [Scottish.] London 1506.18 

— Same. New York 788.7 

— Sir Andrew Wylie of that ilk 788.1 

— Stonley Buxton. 2t 788.2 

— The steam-boat 788.13 

— Stories of the study. 3 v 788.5 

CoNtenM. — Vol. I. IntrodurUon; The Lutherans. IL The 
Lutherans: The dean of Guild; The bisrk pirate: The 
Greenwich pensioner; The lumberer. ILL Theteunt; The 
craniologists; The horoscope: Heron Glenie; Tlie macos; 
The suge-coach ; The seamfltneM ; The EiTKlish groom ; The 

.Vor«.~ Gait's noTvls pertain mostly to middle-class Scotch 
life. See the note under Scutlaitd. 

Gardbx, a, of women. [Various tales.] Keddie, 

JIm#— 51.16 

Gardixbr, M., formerly Mis* Power, counlese of 

Blessington. C^nfessionsof an elderly gentleman. 498.20 

— Confessions of an elderly lady and gentleman. 2 v. 498.17 

— Marmaduke Herbert. Leipzig 410.50 

— Same. New York 411.1 

— Meredith 410.52 

— Strathem 480.59 

JVore. ~- Lady Blcatington's tales are societjr-norcis of inA»- 
rior merit : tHit, as a leader of society herself, slie forms a 
prominent flgure in accounts of the •ocial and lilerarr life of 
Uie lint hall of this century. See liaH't " Book of memo- 
ries" [152:.' 18; 6M±I33: Cliorley's Memoirs rM49.0]: Mad. 
dvn's "Literary life and correspondence [5(15.81; and 
Williis » Fencillings by the var" [657.9: 6S<.10; WI.14]. 
Sec also the pap«*r on Lady BIcssington and Cooiit D'Orsay 
in Harper's monthly, vol. 10. 

Shrlf. No. 

Gardner, C. E. Rich Medwa/i two lovea 1773.18 

— Tested 1767.16 

— A woukan's wiles. " An ower true tale " 1802. 12 

Garoxkr, Mrs. II. C. Rosamond Dayton 1508.1 

Garibaldi, G. The rule of the monk; or, Rome in 

the nineteenth century 713.35 

Garland, The, of everlastings. See Clauoini .... 744.14 

Garrbt Van Horn. Sausade, J. S 803.26 

Garrett, Edward, p»fiMf. See Mato, I. F. 
Garrett, R. The quiet Miss Godolphin; and A 

chance child, by Edward Garrett [ ptrwi.] 489.2S 

Garstangs, The, of Garstang grange. Trollope, T. 

A 710.1 

Ga scorn ■ the sandal-wood trader. [Pacific ocean.] 

Ballantyne, R. M 757.14 

Gaskbll, A. A widow of Windsor. Boston 1806.15 

— Same. London 1806.2 

Gaskbll, E. C. Cousin Phillis. New York 721.5 

— Cousin Phillis and other Ules. Leipiig 480.85 

Conrmte. — Cousin Phillis; Six weeks at IleppenliMin ; 
Oirious, if true; Right at last; The Manchesler marriaffe. 

— Cranford. Leipzig 4M.71 

— Same. New York 794.17 

— A dark night's work. Leipsig 730.48 

— Same. New York 792.21 

— Lissie Leigh. Philadelphia 472.15 

— Same, (/a Dickens, C. (J. H.) New stories) .. . 491.5 

— Same; and other tales. Leipsig 410.54 

— Lois the witch and other tales 720.17 

CoMl<N(». — Lois the vitch ; The grey woman ; Tlie doom of 
the Griffiths: The half-brothen; Ttie crooked branch. 

— Mary Barton. A tale of Manchester [manuftM>> 

tu ring] life. Leipsig 410.55 

— Same. New York 80L10 

— My lady Ludlow. Leipsig ; 450.2^ 

— Same. New York 802.47 

— North and South. [Manufacturing life] 410.56 

— Right at last, and other tales 506.21 

Cin({«Ni«. — Right at last; Th« Manchester marriage; Ijn* 
the witch ; The crooked branch. 

— Ruth. Leipsig 410.57 

— Same. New York 415.1 

— Sickness and health of the people of Bleabnm .. 449.10 

— Sylvia's lovers. [Yorkshire coast, 1793.] Leip- 

sig 730.31 

— Same. New York 492.10 

— Wives and daughters. Leipsig. 3t 730.65 

— Same. London 506.23 

A'o««.~ Mrs. GaskriPs novels are examined in tha OmiibUl 
magaxine, ltC4, or no. 1555 of Living aga. 

Gaston de Blondeville, or the court of Henry lit. 

Radcliffe.A 777.5 

Gates, The, ajar. Phelps, E. S 416.18 

Gates, The, wide open ; or, scenes in another world. 

Wood, G 498.6 

Gathered gems 53. 18 

Gatty, M. Aunt Judy's letters 439.8 

— Parables from nature. 4 v 1749.4 

GADTGurloy; or, the trappers of Umbagog. A tale 

of border life. Thompson, D. P 726.6 

Gautier, T. The romance of the mummy 494.18 

— joint author. The cross of Bemy. See Giraroih, 

D. G. de 1754.11 

Gatroche: the gamin of Paris. Hugo, V. (M.), 

vicomte 1713.6 

Gatarr^, C. (E. a.) Fernando de Lemos 475.2 

Gatler, C. Out of the streets 764.23 

Gatlord, Glance, pseud. See Bradlbt, W. L 

GATWoKTors, The. Whitney, A. D. T 763.17 

GBBBLTior. Tudor, W 799.9 

Gbier-Wallt. a tale of the Tyrol. UlUern, W. 

von 1790.2 

Se* «l«e VCLTrRK maiden. The. 

G BLD A RT, Afr*. T. May Duudas 734.20 

— Truth is everything 748.11 

Gem series. Sargent, E., editor 1754.5 

Gemma. Trollope, T. A 786.23 

General, The; or, twelve nights in the hunters' 

camp. Barrows, W 428.21 

General's, The, daughter. Argyle, A 722.32 

Shelf numbers above 21 lO in the Notes are in the Bates Hall. 




Shelf. Nil. 

QmiRALMRlp. Roy, 1771. IG 

Gbmita, KoUo in. Abbott, J CoU.14 

Qshbta'i »hiold: • story uf tbo Swifli refurinatiuD. 

UlMkburn, W. M 800.88 

GBnicviievE. Uinartine, A. (M. L.) do 180U.12 

G KM LIS. S. (F. D. do St. A.) do. AlpboDSo Aiid Du- 

liDda 449.21 

— New moral Ulos 489.2U 

Cmatm*.— Ltiulm <le Ciciuumti Rum; The »ifv; Kuiirial 

-— SiocUir; IIortenM; [»Iso] ClauUino [by J. P. 

C. do Fiurian] 

Gbstiamklla. Randolph. Mrs. — 

OiSTLic band, Tlio wondorfal atory of. Arthur, T. S. 

Gestlb Jaek. Saundera, K 

Gbxtlkmasc cadet, The. Drayiwn, A. W 

Gbxtlemast, The, of the old acbuul. Jamu, G. P. R. 

GcorFRRT CiiAYon, pMfud. See Irviiig, Waiihingtun. 

OsorpRBT Moncton. Muodie, S 

GBorFRKT the Lollard. Knevols, Mrs. I). 

GBOPFKr ilamlyn, The recollection* of. King«ley, II. 
Gbomsb; or, thv planter of tbo isloof Franco. Du- 

luaf, A. (D.) 

Gburub Canterbury** will. Wood, E. P 492.13 

Gborok Geith i)f Fen oourt. Riddi'll, J. II. . . 7.'}0.27 
Grorgb MurtoD and hit sinter. Trowbridgo, C. M. . . 
Gkurob Sasd, pgeuti. See Dudkva.^t. A. L. A. D. 
Gborob Silrerman'i explanation. Dickens, C. (J. 

II.) 471.22; 




; 710.9 
i 763.3 



Sheir. No. 

Gborgr*8 enemies. Moncrieff, R. II 1724.6 

Georgbh, The four, of Knulantl. Thackeray, W. 

M. 720.58 

S'vte.—K Rnpliic and caiutic narrmtive uf the cuurt life of 
thc»e rrixna. 

Georgia scenes, characters, incidents, etc., in the 
fimt half century of the republic. Lunf^treet, 

A. B 767.i:» 

Gkorgie. Abbott, J 1429.27 

Gkokuina Hammond. Daniel, Mrs. R. M. 1760.12 

Gerald and Hurry. Xorris*, E. M 716.4 

Gerald Edtoourt, The confessions of. Church, F. 

490.48; 7&V6 
Gerald Fitxgerald. *' the chevalier." Lover, C. (J.) 762.15 

Gkkaldine. Agnew, E. C 4HS.I 

Gkrda; or, the children uf work. Schwartz, M. 3. 1763.1 

Grumaixe. About, E. (F. V.) 1444.6 

Geuma!« emigrants. The recreations of the. <i<»ethe, 

J. W. von 847.1 

German evenings. Aucrbach, B., and others 766.4 

German literature. Carlyle, T. Germuu romance. 

418.1; 418.10 

— Grimm, J. L. and W. C. German popular tales 

and Household st4>ries... 744.6; 744.10; 7:i6..'>; 1766.1 

— Oxenfoni. J. Tales from the German 762. Ih ; 799.7 

— Roscoe, T. (verman novelists ^^^'^ 

-> Stiano, G. S^Kciniens <if German romance 427.6 

German talen. Auerbach. B 1711.10 

German's, The, Ulo. Kruitzncr. Lee, H... 492.26; 1739.3 

N O T K ON- O K X^ M i\. T^* H I S T C> I^ Y . 

ilXBMANli.or AKMIMUA. mwptomm tk* Romatu ut^ler rant*. A.P. 0.^ Uraniu by Kl<ip«tock. J. E. Schk'KrI. M&wr. QrablM*, PtiMlrmonte. 1a 
'F«iwiirf. Bliimbvrfr. Klritl (" llrrmanntrhlacht"), U. Wrriicr, Thvbealui, WHilrit, Wullart, Ajmih<ifr. Uriniin, Kalu-nbrrK. aiid SchniitJ 
^•cnw by Illnabrrf , Brauii. 8 hAiiaich, and othcrt. 

IIumtBIOAL BCrKBEN«:KH.— Fiirllie Rvmmm ^ ir« C«nr'i " OmiinenUrirf " ['il*^".; (iif^.H: 4J1ii.ll: WVJ A; ItflU.M; 4Vl!li:i: «(SN.C; 7IKI.::i]: 
Tsrhut'i*'G«ni»nm":silM; itfJXl; lUftXil; 4:HM.*i B.Mib.til]: (iihUiirfUsh ehaiitoror hi« IlinMry [WlL<i; U'i7.lU: I'.iVt U'.'T.VI.l; 47M:!:47.**4Ji( 4:»:.;}s 
aad MffffiVAlc'a *• K-MMn riiipirp ** Ct»iVl'.': 27.U.4] Tlu> rictiiry of Armiiiiui i« told iu Civa«y'i " l>erUivi' baitlr* " [iHiCt; ^TJliVi}. 
Ivr cKMTVav. — J. A. Kannr, " 8 nnuiullt Fflhruncrn." 

IVth vK!«Ti-av. —The AnElo-*iavuii puom, of wliivh Bcovulf U tlie hero, it wld by Wright tu be '* a mainiirtvent and accurate picture of lite in the 
hcfoic aiM." Itf acme !• Schlctwiic and Jutland. 

Vtu AXb VlTil 4-SNTt'BIBtt.— The** iiiifiiy SicicMt^." prrluilmic the " NicbeiunRcn Lied" (Sicgfricd'a murder mrrngt-d by Chrlnihild). pticni, wKh 

iTBiKdlra baaed hii it by IJerniann. Eichhom, M llcr, Zarnack, and udirra. 
Ida llahiLllahn, " EuduxU,** tale. 

Vlllm i.-SNTt'ST. — Mi4a«Uti«*. " II BuEffi«ru " CKM9.14; SUA ; 4nu.8.;i: 4r7:hi 0.1:;]. Fnyl:iK. " Ineralu.i" Cir:»-IS]. A l>. 7JI. etc.. tale. 
Grutrtwm, or tiemtri'r* a/ Brnhumt. wife of l*alaliitp SiefffVieil. Drama* by Ticck, F. llrbUrl, Hauikavli, aiid Liuill. 
ChmrUt Jtmrtet, d. 741. Dratuta br W<:i(.>r and Mirker. 

ClIAaLRMAONB. h. 743. Kmf^f^tOi, d. Nl4. Stt CllABLi:M.%(iSK In tliit catalt>Ktie. 

Pu«Mi« by 1^ Mi*tle FiHi-|ii^, I«uclen BouaiMrte. Millcvi»>e, O. F. («riippe (" Kaiai-r Karl ">. and I^ird llougliiun (Imlladi). 
Drama* by UelilenachiArer, Furhi. VierKau*. and one in ttir Bati|w luniruc. 

Hiv T. BulSnch. " I^fcenda uf Charlcniairne " C4!M.N.\ Cov and Junra. *• Fnpnlar nniianci • uf tho middle aiprt" C:.'47H..'il ]. 
Xril CS.MTraY. — J. «i>nSciieirrl," Ekk«>lianr'[lli|:i.ll: 'Jittt.:;:]. monaatcry uf St. (Sallen. 

JlnvyUke/birfrr (llviniich di-r Fliikler),UIH.»iiL —TraKcilira by J. .Mnvcn, Kt<lda. SfliMiiairii, KiiMir<-niaiin. Willk ii. and I^'>t;l«-r. 

OUa /. r*« f mf. K»U}i;:l -> Naubert. " IIalb>. Bi»cli«if vun Malni," tale. I>rania* by Mrl-llm and l^k«'lilJ&Kt r. 

OJk« tll.lkf rr4. 'Ji\-\Wl. — Dramit bv J. Mmvi . Bjm li>!i'-. Hi->-kpml<irf. I'lvlilritr, Fi»n-*t i.i. and Ih'uk. 

XItu rEMTraT. — (■. JI. Milet, "Theiruccof (ioir'^llJlUlJ. Urt'|{ury Vtl and llniry tv. and c^'imiI-im ufiuivale fvUiU. (Jir/irk. **8lfplian drr 

Hungary, rf. Mfll. drama. 

Jimry/r. law-IML — Uramaa by Kaoknt (in two partf), F. W. Kupgt, II. MarK,;rair, Dyk, SuJrn, F vun M.. B>Mlnur. K'rUir, l*aiila. li.-ln- 
•iua, Srhradrr, and K««bcr. 

W. B. Macvabr. " Brrtha " [I I4.XS7]. cimteat vith liitili braml. Gregory VII, talc. 
COOTf Cafarard. h. )m\\d. KM^ —Tragedy hy KIrial (fragment). 
CBI'SAIiBe, I(M-I9)1. Sm CaVHA DFM 111 tiiia catalugue. 
XliTU f-KNTTi.T.— 

rr*dtn€t I, «flri4r*>«a. 1LU-Il9n. — lingo. •• I^>f burgrar«>a" [IllQi: L'1.2]. plar. TragMi<-« by K i»ark. F. W. li^etir. V Grabbe. Niccitlipl. 
" Amaldo da Brvaela" Clitii;.Vt 41ML.%]. Kaupach (In f»nr fiart^i. and 8>-li«rriurr. Onn in lilv hy UtMaiidon i'^MM i'^r:]. 
(M>y ri*«l«ftwa(ilataha). IHi-llHS.— I>raina« hy IVnk. tlrhir'ilA^i-r, 8li^inlx-rg. arwl BiVi. 

Uwnrpitebtm ■ liar aria and Savuny). llSf-llUV — Traui-dii-i hy lt<-inhard, .Hi'hni-tdir, and KliiiKi-niann; anil (pic hy J- E- S-h egrl. 
Hrmrg r/, ll!li-ll'J7. — TragiHiini by C tirahSM-. Nirnildilt. Hnrltnfr, and K»M|iar:i. 

XllJru CBNTl-BT.^F. vun Ilaidrnt^'rg. "Henry ul Ullerdingen" LrjB.l:(; 4i:a.7]. J. V. S h(-fl>I. "Fran A«fUtiure." |-wm. Franibavh. " Di« 
Batafrffung ton liamburK." I-l^. drama. 

fkko /r. IJW-ISU.^ Muaenthal. " Cttclln- ^<>n Alban.i." traRnly. (i P. II Jamev " I'hilip Ant:uitna * [4i>«..-:; iCA 10; l^tl H; mk'i.'.-ij. ami *■ The caMle 
o€ Ehrwairin " C*n.3: Itf lV7]. mbber liaiun*. Uln. 

/Vwrifnr* //. lSI5-lXiU. — TragMiirt by K. I*. Imnimnann. Ni«-njitllt. ami Ktnparli (in r>urpait>K 

C- KIngslry. "Tlie aainU' tragrdy " [J.'bM 'O. ^iUtA il], Elixab. th i>r llnnj{ary. I:i;l. Kat ma. " liank-lUn." Hungarian, U>)7. tragedy. 
fnmrmd tV. ]S«»-I£ii1.— Trageiiv bv Nienttftill. 

Vwmrmdin (InvadMl luiy ai-d rxecutrd. liAi). — Traciilicf by Maltxahn. Kn«tiT. Kni-«i. S-h>ilf. Ni(n>ia«l(. HIim-Ii (Ilrri.'riii. iri.mbrif. Omf. 
D| hm. Zinunrfmann. Kiingef, Werthe*. Hrydrn. Milh>v<i«r, arnl llaiini.nirtni>r ('- I><t |i-t/tr 11 /u i«tiiiti'ii '). Hi-i ILinpAcli. " l>ic ll-ihrnviaufcn," drama. 
Bmdtifk AM ir«/M*ar/. VS-SAHl. — I>raina« by Kt*l«vbne, W,;r;li«r*, Klein, C I'lC'ili-r, and Kipp. 
Furiiia by J. I* Pyrker. Schiller, and ntiii ra. 

XIVtm «*B:kTL'aT. — Zeviill la. •* I*i El'ipi-nrin d'-l Si^-nci-i." St. 4o»in of N p mi i.-k. 1 13» 1 .*■-. pi -ni .Vnim . " Tii' t larfr ..f t i- h«*k " [rtA-g], 
kiiHariif llapaborg, alruggle brtwii-n I<>iui«tif Bai'aria and Knih-rif if AuMri.t, l«l<-. ]|iina>i*. " A la> of thf ki«-i.: ^C:I -'i. J 1; 'St'* II. t; 
lMJ].|M»tii. 11. Taylor. *• I'hilip van Arie«tldc' [rtl^i hi]. Flamlr<a. l.:7'>-l:Al. druina. T. .M^iaa, " Ei«iii ti<n Mnnbavh l1<^'<^-'j J lUiiiir. " Oiru ' 
laUZx a(14.V3. Avinerland. ami "Tlir dr^am" [rt'.l .'.; l^ail.'jj. tta,{idi.a. 
fSmffTPtaion vf T*mfi4T», I.tin. r(r. — Tragcily hy MontuUaii. 
Kaynwuanl, "l<rat«'inpliera"C9Kl.lS.I ; iVmCs:'. I>i- .M-lav •■xi-cutM. 1 H. tra;:iilv 

Hhelf niiniberH above 21 lO in the Notes iire in tlio Hiitcs Hall. 


XVTncnrnrBT.— aSpIiidler,**T1ieJew**C8B14}.1414,Wonnt,cte.,tale. W. Alexia, ** Burxomaater of Beriin." Ul«. C BMde,**T1ieclobiemi 
the hearth " C7».6i}. tale. Serdewitz, '* Die Belageraaff too Ueili«enatadt,** HM, drmniatic poem. L. Storeh. ** Kuns ron Kaaffunfen " [lOWJ.^^}. tale. 

J7iM««e«. — KoUeboe^-DieHunitenTun Naaraber|r~ CI<rai-I^3< 14S, play. A. Meiamer. ^'Ziaka," i:»»-14dl. poem ; and a drama byDdmbcrtk 
Beattie, ** John If un." bamt 1415, poem ; aiid dramaa by Schier. Giea, and Elrnat. 

JtexiMi/MN /, h. 1459; wutrried Mart of Rurfumdg, 1477; Bmffrm; 14>t: il. UUl ~ 

AiiaaUsiiu Gr&n (Graf run Auenpcrg), ** Der Ictzte Ritter." tranalated by J. O. Sargent, aa *' The laat knight " C487i.l3]. poem. Jamca. ** Maiy af 
Bargundy"C«S^; 464.11; i»5.»3. 

The old romance, " Der weiaa KAnig " (The white king) and ** Teurdank," eorer MaxImUian'a hiatory. •' The white king - b an allegorieal ■anathie 
of chiralrr written by Maximilian hini«elf, but arranged by Treitzaanrwein. The ** TeunUnk " ia an amplified eplaode of the aame, by Mriehior Ptntaiaf 
la LS17 for the edification of the young king of Spain, ChAriea ▼, and teUa the atoiy of Maximilian'a wooing of Mary «^ Burgnndiy. Then are aodsa 

Dramaa by Sehlechter. Kollmann. Pannaaeh (in Handera), and Sehenk. 

Gtttenitrf, ft. 1400. «(. IMtj. —Tale by E. C. Fearaon [UKl33 and playa by Mme. FIguier, F. Marlow, and Bireh-Pfeiffer. 

illftcitl>.rer,ft. 1471, «(.1K». — L. Schefer." Die Kanatlefehf^"ClUl&2.1]. tranalated aa" The artiat'a married lifte*' C41«.l<3. tale. A. Weiae, ** OandB, 
]>hrling A. Darers." £. ron Scheuk, '* Albrvcht Diircr," comc<y. A. Ilagen, '^Norka" C8t».U], Nuremberg in DOrer'a time. tale. C Lyaer, ** Alkeft 
DOrer." drama. Tieek. ** Stembald." pupil of Dflivr, tale. Sodea, ^ Daa Bild run Dftrer," drama ; and other dramaa by Grieael, and Golbcke, ** I>aRr'a Tod." 

I*. 8torch. ** Philipp ron Oeatrrich " [lOlAAl^l, Spain and Holland, tale. 

r«*iii««r>cJUe. -Scott.** Anne of Oeieratein"C-iSl.L£t; 7'MiMi W2.L6: 1470X5; 1»7.2S: Ssr9J.4l,45; 4ia».S], tale, and **Th» hooat of AqMH* CSL*: 
902.1.8: l:tlIi..^9]. drama. 

Xaubert. " Hermann ron Unna," tale. 

MoMntTt. — The feudal and chitralruna fiuhiona are to be traeed in the ** Amadia de Gaal." whaterer the oountry In which the expk>lta of the kcao nay 
be anppoaed to fall. See rertlona by Sonthey and W. S. Roae. Bernard Taaao founded a poem on it. The old romance of " Pereeforeat" offim tha 
advantage. There are modem editiona alao of SebaaUan Brant*a '* Ship of fboU," or ** StultUera Naria," or " Narrenachill,'* which ia a 
on maiinera (I4!M). 

See P. von Stetten. ^ Briefe einea Fraoenzimraera." 

Mi«a Yonge. " The dore in the eagle'a neat " [4^0.23; 710 JS], domeatie feudal mannera. 

HiSTOUCAL BEKKBEXOB8. — For the period before the rr/trmmtiom, beaide the general hiatoriea, aec Mra. Qope'a '* St Bonifhee and tte 
of the Genuana " C^^^^] •nd lUlhun'a ** Middle agea " [945.1 ; » 9I8.13; ISU.l ; 1S38.1 : 2D1 Jj. 

XA'lTii rxxTirBY. — L. Bechatein, •* FOntenUg." Goethe, ** GOta too Berilehingen " [lO^l-l ; 103S.1.9; 2909.1.9: 4219.1.2: 4S3R.L4; 4gnB.l.«). 
ated by Scott [SfiU ; 90^1.8; 1318u3J], drama, upon which G. W. Thombory'a "■ True aa atcel " ia baaed. Weidmann, " Soliman tot Wleo." 1S29. drama. 

CkmrUs r. 1519-1&V. (See Note on Spaniah hiatoiy.) — Pyrker, " Tuniaiaa,"* ChriaUana fteed flnom aUveiy. epic Lope de Vega, " Oeapedea," drama. 
Yon Amini, '« Kaiaer Karl dea Ffinflea erate jugendliebc " [2903.2.1] and ** Die Kronenvlchter " [SnoJiJI, 4]. talea. J. Mitrier, ** Banlahed," Swabian 
league, tale. F- Hoflfmann, ** Wolfgang, prince of Anhalt,** batUe of Mfihlberg, 1M7. J. C Hauch. ** Charka ▼," tragedy ; and other dramaa by XieMidt, 
Gt^dmann, Uanpt. Ca«telli, and Freeae. 

MaximUii*m If, 12«4-157<. — Pfeiflfer, ** DerTurkiache Geaandter." tale. 

JfoMricat «/ Saxtmf, d. LaKI. — Dramaa by Pruts and Herrmann. 

#Vmu MM Stekimgen, ft. 14S4, d. USL — Tragediea by Furchan, Schmitz, Relatab, Bender, Sodcn, E. Duller, Meyer, and Laadle; and a novel by 
Tromlitz (Witzleben). German tale hy BoUnden [29(19aJi±l]. 

L'lrieM worn UutUik^ ft. 14»1. d. 1521. — Poem by FrOlieh ; and dramaa by Kftaler, Gottachall. and Ulrich. 

BeformuuUm, L&17, die.— Mra. Charlea. ** Chroniclea of the Sehflnberg-Cotta fkmtly ** [42A.L1: 4!)0JU]. tale. C A. Vnideahahn, **The \£mA giri 
of Wiitenbeig,** tranalated hf J. Morria [UOSJi]. •« The aiatera of Soleure ** [7:3.11], UTB, peraecutlona, etc. 

In Switzerland. — Mra. A. S. Orr, ** Mountain patriot*." tale. A. E. FrOhlieh, ^ Zwingil," ft. 1481, d, IS^. poem; and dramaa try Blrch-Pfciftr and 
Eckachlager. W. M. Blackburn: ** GeneTa'a ahield ** [8U0.88]. tale. T. K5nig, "Calrin '' [2024.8], tale. Hermann, ^ Calvin and Senredo." ttacedr- Annie 
Loeaa, '* The city and the caatle " [146S.4], tale. Mra. Manning. " The good old timea " [4.-9 2], tale. 

J. L. Wylliama, *' Chillon.** Byron, '* The priaoner of Chilton " [321.8; .'B3.2.3: .t47.1.4: 1409.2.2; «H0a.S5: 4001.25; QODB «.I0], poem. 

Luther, — L. Bechatein, ** Luther," poem. O. W. Thombunr. ** True aa ateel," Luther'a timea. C DelaTigne, "■ Une fkmille an leropa de Lntfier " 
[MOllOJ; 2701.4 J), Augaburg. tragedy. Werner. " Martin Luther," tragedy. L. Sehficking. '• Luther in Bom " [20SJQ. Klingeinann, ^ Lather,'* play. 
O. Meredith, " Thomaa .MQntzer to Martin LuUter," in hia ** New ponna " [1320.19]. Alao, poema by W. S. Wood, Cramer, O. Friwiridi, Hynack, and 
Beckatcin. Dmmaa by HaopC Klingemann, and Schorch. Boianden. ** Luther'a Brantfkhrt" [29U9aJ2.1]. 

Ha»M Sadu, )^94-U7& — Flaya by Halirach, Deinhardrtein, Gubita, Furchan, and HolteL 

Tale by F. FunJiau. 

Budolpk II, U78-iai2. 

Spindler. ^ Der Baatanl *' [1098.6], Bethlem Gabor. etc tale. 

Mmmner*.— M. Alemaa, ** Guzman d'Alfluache " [427.7.1]. tale. Von Amim. " laabella von Aegypten " [2905.2.1]. gipay 111^, and ** DIa Kir eh ea ot d- 
nang " [29UJ.24>]. 15tI7. talea. J. W. Meinhold, ** Sidonia tlie aoroereaa " [783.)S0], Pomerania. 

His roue A L SKrESKMcrs. — For the njuema mtfury, the moat conaUarabk Engliah contribution ia Rubeiiaon'a " Charlea r " [830.8: 912.4; WiiSs 
913.4.2; £»1.6; :a»J>i; 2389.62; 2846^1; 5081 J; 5096.4]. 

XVIITH rENTUrr. — G. II. Boker. " K&nigamark ' [1357.17], 1001, drama. Marrrat, " The phantom ahip " [730.7 ; 74502], tale. Anon.. - GabfieU" 
tranalated by A. Milman [710.41], Jewa in Prague, 1620, tale. J. R. Macduff. *' Exilea of Lucerua,** Waldenaea, 1686, tale. W. Alexia [W. Hiring]. 
" Domthe " [1024 J], Brandenburg, tale. Mehrmann. » Friedrich Wilhelm der Gruaae," Rathenow. 1C75, drama. L. von Roblano, " Die Roae von Heidei- 
berg," war in the Palatinate, 1689>lfl03, tale. Amim, '* Die Vettreibnng der Spanier aua Weael im Jahre 1629 " [2905.2^] and ** Die Capitulation vm Ocger- 
aheim " [2903 ±6]. Ifi21. dramaa. 

Pomurania. — Meinhold. ** The amber witch " [4i6.L1; 889.34], time of Guatarua Adolphna, tale. Amim, ^ Olinde, Bftrgerm^atar ron SMtin " 
[290SJL18]. Duke Eric and the Elector Frrderick, tale. 

Artittie lif: — J. F. Kind, " Van Dyk'a landleben." play. Sternberg. ^ Die Gcbrfkder Breughel," Flemiah art before 1625. tranalated aa ^ Tlia Brefigliel 
brothen" [1721.1; 2S05.5], tale. Bredow, "* Andreaa Gryphiua," 1616-1664, drama. Koroli, ^ Bembrandt'a Meiateratilek," drama. H. Betthoad,* 
^ Rubena." tale. 

Tkirtf ffarw' war (1618-1648). — Janiea, " Heidelberg " [420.9; 463.8], 1619-1622. tale. Caapari, " The achoolmaater and hia aon " [480.A]. tale. H. 
Laube, '* Der deotache Krieg ** [4879JM], including '* Junker Hana," *' Waldatein,** and *' Herzog Bemhard," talea. La Motte FouqoA, *" Alwtn." De Foe. 
*' Memoira of a cavalier " [8:C.9.2 ; •1376J&!], Tilly and Ouatavua Adolphua, tale. Kleiat, " Prinz Friedrich von Homborg " [10(36.2.2], tragedy- W. H. Uar- 
riaon, " Waldeniar." Groaamann, "■ Die Belagcrang der Sladt Hanau." 16^6. drama. Ravenaberg, "' Der bfthmlache Krieg," drama. Maaaakmp. ** Magde- 
burg'a fall." 1631. drama. Ravenaberg, " Mannafeld und Tilly." drama. •*The duelliaU" in '* Talea fh>m Blackwood" [A4a41.IO]. Topdiua, **OiMlav« 
Adolf " [475.r.]. tale. De Liefde, " The maid of Stralaund" [1790.17], tale. Van der Velde, "The Lichtcnateina " [1796A2]. tale. Euflekl, **BlaflBclea8 
knigbta " [14(i6.2.1]. tale. 

Tlie>*Uemiao'f tale "in Lre'a** Canterbury talea "[437.1; 418.2.2; 1.W6.11.2]. and Byron'atragcdy,** Werner" [3il.6: 3S3.2J; 3t7.L8; 1387^; 1400.2^: 
4601.35; 6609.2.14]. founded on it. Greifenaon, *• Simpliclaaimua," cotemporary picture of life and mannera, tale. De Quincey, ** Uoaterhdm ** [<8Sl5; 
9QS.S.2]. Nonllingen, 1634. tale. 

Tk* 5w«iIm. — Rebenalt, " Die Schweden vor Billingen," IftH, drama. 

C. Piehler, ** Schweden vor Prag," or » Lea SuMoU 4 Prague." 1648. tale. 

iraOaiuteta.— Dramaa by Schiller, ** Wallenateio " [1019.2.4; 2U16.9; »79aJ5: 4905X12; 4249a.3..3], and *' Die Piccolomlni" [lOiaJ-4; 9DSJ7.2t 
S879a^; 2908.4.4 :49U9.13],tranaUted by Coleridge [;127.10.3; 886.2.7: 1316.8.3]; Halem, ViUenare, Glaptltome. and Conitant de Rebecqoe. Taleby Willkomm. 

HiSTOUCAL BErKKKNCES — Gardiner'a " Thirty yeara' war"[I909J; 2229JS7] ia an appru%-ed anmmaiy of the nio«t recent German aathoritlea on 
the hiatory of that atruggle for German unity, in the aerenteenth century, known aa the Thirty yeara' war between the Proteatant and Catholic foreca of 
Europe, 1618-1618. A atlll more condenaed review, without, however, the advantage of the lateat reaearchea. will be found in Dr. Smyth'a well-known ** Lee- 
turra on modem hiatory " [827.8: 943.3; 94^7; 2213.15; 2225.4; 4142.2; 0227.2; 6005.2]; and general viewa in connection with contemporary European hiatory 
will be gained from the more comprehenf ive hiitoriea of Europe, Gennanj. Auatria, Praaaia. Sweden, etc Schiller ia unfavorable to Wallenatein. but hia 
readable moitograph [SDJO ; 8V4.14] haa populariy the nio«t extended reputation of any on the war. 

Shelf numbers above 2110 in the Notes are in the Bates Hall. 


The rAnaM of th« war have hMii eUborateU tnie<N| In M >t]i>y'i ** Ji>hn of B«rnerel(| " [»tl-iJ1 ; 2RM .'I3. See Trrnrh's leeturp on OuUvus Adolphw 
la Germany C*'^W»-1]» J- K- IIiMnier't paper on I^t/rn. in th«* Atlantic ni'inthly, Apiii, IfO'i, an<i the n^iti' in tlir Uulli-tin. nil. II, p. iTf. 

MmxtmiU«m the grmt •/ Aanirfii. Palatinatt' rrRl>*rr<l. IMt.— Talc by J. B. Qroacniann. I>ramaB by Ca«|>ar and IK-iilfliilT. 

SiTft 1/ ri«itM4, 1<M.I. — C. Pichl«r. " B«*la|CcruTiK Wivnt," tale. Filicaja'a o<l«>«. 

rrim^ Kmfent, 4. Mil. d. IT:**.— Ma)iitKii'>i. " rriii..'i> K ii{riH> and hit tiin >«" CHVi!], lalo. C. Pichirr, *' Ditf Wii^lcrprobcrunc Ofrn" [HiSt 9], 
BtidA, I'M, ulr. Z«4.'h<Aki>, " IKt Fa«-:ia v.ia BuJa ' C>'»l.iii. i; 4J.T. Ll']. <ipili' if R nil. U»i. tah*. 

XVIIlTil «'KNn:BY.— I.ady FuMfrto'i, '• r*M> «tran};>- to b; tnie" {»i:.*: 7 'j-i. (.'.]. Mi Iain d'Auban, oiurt of Brantwick. lali>. Olti> Mdller, 
" CKafliiltc .ickennann " [OLA]* theatrica! lifi- at IlariihurK, Sv^iroiHl.^r. Ijetnin^, etc., talc. Strrubirx. " I^-c^iiiK.' Ulv. C (iuizkuw. •• Z<i|rf uim| Srhvrrt," 
eonMOy. II. Rau, "Munrt' CSieL-l]. -■ li.Vidrriin " [lAtil.L'] and "Jt'an Paul" [tJt.'^i'i]. Ul***. Mn. K-fbin«<Mi [ Talvl]. " Filtren yi-an" [rilVIfS}. ulc. 
Mablbarh, ** JiMrph ii and hif court" [11 l.2t]. Ule, aiul a drain » bv Illr. M- Kliu. " R ifmikniaicr und llluminatcn," Ule. F. Pulixky, *' The Javubiiia ia 
iluDganr. ' Ule. Zwhokke.'* Uie PrlnxeMln von WoilenbatU'l " [lORlO.I; *£!:.ti.i^. Ule. 

FrrdfHekAt frtmt il7¥}-\tM). — Str FtLKUKVLVK the Krfal in ihii catalogue, — and Ocrman hirtiviral tain bv E'llaaden [±in0tt..'t2..1]. 

M*rim TVrcM, h. 1717, mmrriad Francii I, I':!!, fNc^n of Itmnparg, KM, etc. — Kermtry. ** Fn^lerick Siyndali ** court of Vienna, Ule. C. Pichleff, 
** Elisabtth of Uattenitein," tale. II. J. Paaliow, " Titoaiai Tliyrnau " [ i>*l''>^ 7-'J]. tra.HJaUxi by Mary lliwitt. as " The cUiien of Praffua " [AM-SJ]. 17U, 
talk. Oeorpe Sand. " Cmtueltt " [47.1 15 ; 47'U{3. tale. Dramat by Kalc!ib<*rK. and (>:hiT4. 

JerwH ftmrt' v«r, 17.Vi-176l — Mahlbacli. ** Frederii-k the great and hi< family " C4I^.1>(]. T/!«utlii*n, or l.ia«a. 17.'i7, Ule. Buutervek. •* (2raf DoDamar.'* 
talc. Grandlcr, ** Friedrich der GriMff." Oinriertdurf, 17.19. drama. Tair«>uiann. *' Friedrich bei Ix-utlie n." drama. 

Leaainn, •' Minna eon Barnhelm " [|iiI<J.1.3: :WI..<4.1 : .SgHiUKl; 4J4s..'i.4], M>clal a«p.Tts of tin* war. comeily. Zichokke. " RarkwirkunRen" Cmtl.lU.S; 
437 A6]. cwirt Intrifpii'S at thi* cimrt of I^oui* xv. at the time <>f the battle of Iti^barh. 17.V, tali-, il. J. Paali!>>w, "Thomai Thyrnau" [M7J^7-9^ 
tranalaird by .Mary lloaiit mm " The citizen iif Prague " Cdih.Ml'0, Auttrlan, French and ituheiiiian politic*, at the time of the battle of PriKue, lliT. Nicritx, 
" The bear* iif .%uguKu«bur|r " [ UHi m. Ju%eu ile. 

UlBTiiKii'Ai. KrrF.BKXt-KS. — For the Settm ftnra' war. A. i>. 17M-I7ii:t, the moat elaborate account in Engliah will be found in Cariyle's " Frederick tb« 
ITMl " [SKAi 37y.£!i »i'i:l.L']. The i«lation« of lk>nnanT with England are reciMinted in Sunhope's " Uiatory of englaiitl " lVtV2i l'JtiiI.6 ; :f4JUJo, eh. £]. 

i.iter«rf (i/V.^ Lauhe, " n>ittechetl uud <icllert,*' drama. 

AwtUtic IfA. — 3chii>r, •> Raphael Mi-ngc," drama. 

W*r teUk Frmiw, 17UI-MI5. — Si-« Note on French hivtorr. — Milhlbarh, ** N*ap<i!i>.m and the <|uci>n of Prti9«iA" [ll-J.]'.']. " I^kulfa of PruMla and her 
timn^ C41''l'*3< J«i'^ «tc.. and " .Vapolrun and Bldclier" C4I-U]- H U-'t-ki"!. •- Kruiniii"n»e<'" [■Jii.^;]. J. eon Vo»«. "(Sctchichtc einei bri Jma 
CHangi iM-ii PivuMi«chen Ofll/iere," IHTIW. 1. I. WeiUel, " Lindiu." Fanny Lewald, " Prin4 L >ui« Ferdinauil ' Ct>C;)a.7.']. Sajilteld, ItM). Ulc. Mehring, 
**Kaiii|if der Freiheit. ' IHl.t. |*oem. F. Rcutrr. " In tho year 1:1" [1711.43. 

Tautpherut. " At iMld«" [41)1.11: 7:»..'VI}. Bavaria and Tyn>l. In t), tale. 

Goctlie. ■* Il4<nnann and DoMtlua" [:Er.I:i: U.170.|i)l]. life in a «uull tovn vitli French Immigranta, expelled by the revolution, poem. 

M-ttU 9/ tjtipMie, iM.. MI'S. — Poem« bv Wi-lter aiwl II. .Schmidt. 

AmirwtM H»frr. d. LHU), ryrol. — Tali* by MQIiibach [ llJ.lii] : playi by Planclii, (iirtnrr. Berth, and I mmermann ; poema by Scheokendorf and Moaea. 

Mr a. Manning. " Year nine," Tyrol, talc. 

TketWur A'tierNrr, killed in battle, If^lL — II. Rau. "This idi>r K>)erner''*3»3Va]. lale. ScUailen, " K>erner'a T->l ," drama, and another by Kanatler. 

A. Biiite. " Jiillane von Kriidenrr," tale. J. Mown, " C iiigr-«« r.\\ Wroiia," \r<^, ulc. 

TwitHLRS fir IHIM. - Fn'ytag. " Sill imd llabcn " [!•»'• .'•: 3il7..*0. or " IVbit and creilit" [414.1: Ul/i]. Siloiia, P>aeii, etc. Ule. 8ple:ha2«a. 
•* Uarch narhl aum IJcht " [4N77.i lo.l:!]. %n,\ hi Kigiiah ■* iii::i ni.:ntM ii,{ht" Cri".Jl] . 

Auwhech. ■* Waldfri^d " [liVt.ll], political iiitvnienta. Ist:l-lj72, tale. 

CiMi(«aifw»ry pulair*.^" For accptre anil ciuwn," tala. 

IIIvTiiBtrAL BKrKBr.Ni'ra. ~Tlie Engiiih reader will And great benefit from the rommentariea on the diff'<*rent perioda of (lerman hiatory, vith ertik 
riamaoa tlie aulhotitiri, in Smytli'a " liii-ture«on m-idcrn lii«torir ' j^lCH; »I U; '.H.t.7( IZJI-lVj; '.'■JJ-..4; 414:! •£; 'HtS i; iSkt'i.i']. Si-e l.'hranpy'a article on the 
■dlUary future of tieniiauy, in MaciiiiUan'4 migaxine, .S'pt., Is7.'i; a'ld a pa|^>r on tt •rmin pAriia-n^'nta, in S."'ibiii>r'ii ni inthi v. April, l!C5. 

The niiMt pitpulaiiy written ^tntntt hiattry. fir the |ieri m1 ic i-otfra, i« K-tii'ran^eVa [ii.'V:!]; bat M.* if-.-i'i C^H '.' ] ia an Ivmcat. road ib e lN>ok. of foud 
rvpiilalion. and ooneedowu to 111 I. {bv alio Bryri-*« " Holy Koina 1 efnpl re" [14:27. !•>] ami C >«•''« " lli«t iry of t'l^ Uou ai' of Au«ria" C-*CfiU!] . whi«-h covera 
aa cilended period. 121 ^17^:!. and haa been continued. d.i> ihi- ;(-iieral hiatorii-« if Kur ip-. a'i<l th •« of .luitria, Prua • la. eir. 

Lire ATiliMAN.NKBM. ^llarklaender," Clara "[7;^i.l4 J. liin.-i to picture all claa4ca of moilern Knmpean aticiety, grand ducal eourta. ballet da nci-ra,cK!. 
Th» nemian iHivela itf Spielliag.'n.tnto Ruppiua.anil ottixra. W. vm llilicrn," A twof liil life " C17l<in, Uie. .Min F.<l»arda. " iKM-tor Jamb " [I4:k.I42. Ulc. 
C Jo'.n[t:. Marl iu J, " T!ieciiinlv*i of ^^'^"[IL* I. ■_>.'].•• (Sol I Kl<i-":il47 L'l].- rite i*].! mam'avlle • •rvri-t"[l447.1'«].aiHl "The littlr tn».ir1arid priurcei " 
t«i'>'J3 Ulre. Barunna Tantphtrna. "Iniliala ' [t74.lL>]. "Cyrilla" [73) II]. and "i^iit>" [4.»i.*i:;: 471.5; .Vai.!'']. Obrranimer;rau play. Uli-i. Mta. A. 
Mtelum-Markmiif. ** Ann^ila." Ule. Mra. Trollopi-, " Tit«* ««cf i«tan'« h>m««-hold ' [71V£'.]. J. Ruia Bniwne, *■ \n Ameriran family in (ieiinany " [lAiS.!]. 
Jaeub Engt-I, " linn-ni Stark" [zxC.Xi;]. domeniie lite, tale. J. Ilmitg. " (ioldcu daya ' [17.'i.l..'l]. achool girls in tirrmaiiy. tale. Kec Uyron, "Chihia 
Han<ld."thirileanti>C:si:f.l ::-. .'Ul.d; .'l/t;;.:; .147.1 2; iVV.-Ji; i-'nEU:.'?; AilU.SSj.thc Rhine. 

4n«(-ierarieli/if. — Connteaa llahn-IIahn'a mivela. Dingi'lMnli. "The aniuun "[1117 ±!]. tal". N ivcis bv Auguate Ton Paaliow. 

Lift ml waif ring plu.-r» -^Tnrgcner. '■ .S-ii*kc " C4 m r.'). Ulc .Vb mt. " R >jgi« ct Noir " C17L'S.rt]. Baden-Baden, tale. " Der .Spiel Prulesaor," tale. F. 
WIUWumUI, ** Faul lerw.' play. T. W. Rubi'rtwin, " Play." coniedv. 

('•itiiparr llrad'a " llutibl«-a frim the Itrunncn of .\a«iian " [■'<'> '•.17; iVn .H; fVr.l'j], and an account of the gambling spas in llarper'a uoiilhiy. vol. 45. 

iVaa^Hf l</r. — .Viii'lvif 11. Aiierl»a<li. " Thi' llltk- bin-ro 4 ' C'i>i:»l; 1771.17], a.ul oth<T«. 

Toema by I'liicli. lli-gii««r. ("aiidiu*. llob<-l, and ii •vV.xr. •' llcniiaim un-i l> iro:'ii-A" [ t-.? 12. B.I70 Ii>I]. 

G-4lheir,** Baiiernapiegel." Ulc. Immrnninn. *> .\ianr'i!iai«<'n ' [2v'7.'i .'i-'i]. tile A- II. E.igi'lbacU, " Gretchen'a tr)ublei,"Ule. 

7V4f«lltitf <i|>|>r«Bri>M.~(J.Mihr. "Wilhtl.ii Miiitor' C7.'hi.l; •r_'7.lO. 2175.51..'], Ule. 

JTiHiitf ti/V - Wirner. " G<*«m| lurk " [174li.l.%]. tale. 

laiffrarf li/r.~Mlllilliach,'*GortlH> and .Si-hillur \I1V22]. tale. II. S. Ilurnphrev. •' (}oHV in Stratsburg. drama; and other dramas on G'.>ethe bj 
Behbofrn, Wagner, ami othera. K. I«i<anit. " .\li-li- ' C I*''-* 4] (i K-ih-' Drama ••n S '.nlji-r hy Kvkanlt. 

MuaiTM l^/c. — Mia«8hf|>panl, "■ CliarU-a .V-n'hrairr " [f«L' ::i]. Si-raphai'l ia .Mi-ni|i<laaithn . Miaa Benette la Jenny I.iml : " Runmr " [iVi '.".•]. Be^hoven, 
and " OHiHtorparts" [Ati.7; .V>I M; |7 11 \f). Kn^liiU and J '«i«h. tu.ix. (>•• 1 rgi> Sand, " Coucufi-* ' [47.1. L'l ; 4:ii.«'>; iii>7''. li-;, llaydn. etc.. and " I^creiia fin. 
rlMiI*':»7V.7.'<], PnneeGardiflClMpiu. Ciunt 8i:vst*r Alhani ia L':«t, Ulea. Wu-m, " Ilcethoien," drama. Anou., " .ilcesiia ' [174f .*>:. Ule. UftsM, 
** rausuna," tala. 

M'uart.— Taleby Rau ['JUSM] Drama* by llofrhaiicr, Schailcn. and Wohlmnth. 

Mmrmrim. —Talcs by .Mc/r. 11- Schmid. " The lUbi-niiriiiter" [1417.7], nioniitaina. tale. 

MUrk rw««. -> Tales br Auerbach. .Mary Wi-«:br<-chl, " Faitii'a mirauli**," U le . 

#rvaU«.~ Tales by FreyUg. 

FV«Me-f;er«Miir I Rhenish Bavaria, cte. ). — Talrs by W. 11. lUehl. 

I f aa — w. — Talra by A. Oi>perniatin. 

I* eon Pluennies. " Princess Ilae " [ 1 117 <"], li>gendry of the Ilarx, tale. 

Jfcriicii*«ry. — Tales by Friti Renter. 

^tim^rmmut. — Tales by Hpielhagen and Mrinhold. 

l^iaeM. — Talra by FreyUg. 

fVwsatfa. — Talc* by Hpielhagen, (luUkow (Berlin). Frani Zieglcr (Brandenburg), W. Alexis (Brandenburg), B. Golis i Polish), and Frey tag (Polish). 
i. Wr.nier. - The nvMXrm vaaaal" [I7>ii.4], Polish. 

Smtmrng. — Talea by Freyug ( I«('ipaic ami l'pp<>r) ami A. Oppcrnunn (Lower) . 

ftUtim. — Tal»s by Freytag. 

Jtm^Um — Tal^s by Auerbach. W. Ilaulf, '> Uchtenatclo." 

Tkmwimflm — Tales by Otto Lmlw ig. 

IVrsl. - llUlem, *• Geier-Wally ' : I7W) 2]. tale. 

VflM^alifl.— Talea by Immerinann, " .Mdnrhhanaen" ['Jt97.''>/»-H^ and 'Ahera. 

XmUM c;er««iiv. — B>maUkl. -' lialiiz." S<-hli-4«ig. la'i-. ttanilal>-«l hy Mra. (i. P. Marah ['J97S.9]. 
Cffv«aity. — Hi^bert Byr (i. e. C II. Bayr). " Hphini " : 12 i]. tale. 

8helf numbers above 2110 in the Noteii are in the Bates HalL 



fliBSUECKSR, P Fnnk VCUdmui'a ^raDtur«« oi 

liuid »ndi.M«r 

Hiiw k bride irs> won. [Pvupu lod Aodei] . . . 

QlRTRUUI. Soirell, E. M 

GtHHSECMtoDcl. Wood, E. P 

SUpheu.C. A .« I'bi.m 

nor, W. D MS-lOj 1819.7.8 

Sohillvr, (J C>F. Ton..*78.1i HIS.U 
.aUratX Iha belief tn gbuU Bod 

aiLinmo. Uajendi 

UiAxn, Tjiv'. Jill hoM 

tiiiBon, C. Foi iji^lk ui guia 

— ForlhoilDg 

— InhoEor bunnd 

— KobinGrmj 

OiaiHXK. A. Aiines: ft tala of tll< 

LaifyM.(B.) &1.5; 1S03.( 


Bghl Iham. HawtoD, K...lTti.i.l<^ 
gold 731.2i 

da;i of Jimi 

. Ull.i 


- CuuljDg cutis. London ITtfj.lT 

- S-ut. Mill Tork BllO 

-The uniW.boiao ITIJ.U 

- Dnuio'ioonttarj 51.37 

■- ■■ ■ ■■ - '"^".11 

— n(«._ 

— VvlfotBkoO 

— WillFMter.if tbafaiTj ■ 

Gmu.i«B giUerj, Tbo. Abbotl. J... 
eiDKON tlodb^lJ. AUloofArnoli'atm 


Qsn, Tb«o, jurud, L:,iAi:- hour HriM. PraMj 



— King QeorRe't mldd; 


— TbetlrufcLcinfumn. A ttoi? of Iha rafonnft- 



<}>LDEHT'» 1.^-1 fuiomer M iUinfard, ud wb*( it 

tingbl, llr*dk-j. W. L 


Ori.aiERT's •hado*. timna. L. L. 

OlLD«ULIim,C. H. Ram; St. Eamjr 


QlLNiJr, 0, &M»11«t>oD«of AualbarnnulroDuid 

OlLMAH, Mrs. Maria, j^rul. Stt BjkRXARD, C. 

QiLMOB*. J. R. (Kdriuid Kirkt.) Among tha 

— Down in T«Dne»«, and baok bj «t of Kioh- 

— Patriot bo7> and prison piclarec [Amcrioan 

Oli.« Parton.3. P 


onEDgiubpoorlawi.] Jenkina, E. 


Qipar.Tbo. [Timeof Gaorgaii.) Jamea, G. P. R. 


QiMT Ubaa, Tba. Sbanrood. M. M. Work. 


B.XF'u<iUH..'-ZcMitlbm»"[l.-3Il). An>l«>.-'l» 
rsmi^^":* £]!^~U>ruJm" !<ni:i and -Hunxn? 

Shelf nambera above 3110 in the Notes are in the Bates Hall. 

. T1B.U 

aughlar. Qrej, Mri. E. C. TM.tT 

ruphsOT. SoBtbwutUi, E.D. G.H.. 4M.T 

iji..g. Dopoj, K. A- ITSJ.1> 

I-. The. Kaid, M 7I0.W 

. ,l..,G*iJTiBii.T.,Si.-.i)i[HJ,{L. 8.) 
i.,T. ■!),>> CT,>M„iii«ruT 1754.11 

■. of Job 


: ^ liaod. Uaaletl, H ■JU.U 

. I', 1 - J59.18 

L, - I IV WDild. ottwell, a U ItUJ 

. [list. T-)no«,C.E. *87J 

. i Field, U **3.10 

' !1.U. Helen CoailenBT'a promiaa. 7U.9 
■..■]|,iijilentp«tQm. K«Iet,R..... 771.M 

:.Ton. Tha Fran UominB 1413.1 

ThosoUon5or>l 500.» 

ID. Cber.a.W B-.tutuL 1445.17 

Foadifk.C. A 1719.M 

aerial. SnfosaicK. C. A. 
Astorjof BoatiArj ifa. By th« Bnthor 

Ooii:iEiti.lJ.) A., 

w - 

cursor A boar, etc SLH 

, »nir d«. Typbainoa abbaj: a 

LlflhMDturj 774.10 

iom.J.L.anil W.C 744.11 

ir.,m-i 431.J 

■ 1 I , Mill. Btjgme, W. E S00.S7 

UoDOLPUi < Ilobioaan Oruaoc. In worda of ona 

tyllible S09.n 

QoDOLPHis. l;iilKor-t.;lUio, E. (0. E.) L. 410^1 

4<>6.I2; IGG.IS; 4SG.14 
i..,iiKrv Williiiin. AdTcotnrea of Caleb Williama. 

London I50Ct 

— Snmr. Now York I73G.U 

— Cloudealej. Z t 498.1 

— FIfetwood. Lpndoo 15(K.19 

Goethe, J. W. i 

. I444.T 
. 144SJ 
. B47.1 


Shilf. Nu. Slwlf. Mo. 

GoETHK. J. W. TDD, ctmiinurd. Good oUl times, Tho: the Mory of the Maachvstcr 

WilheliD Mei»t«r'« truTuli 41S.1.4 rt-bcla of '4.'». Ainitirurth, W. II. 2t..._ 17.')9.4 

ABfr. ~9w th^ mnion* on Gucthi'i noirN in Ix'wpi'ri •• I.ifo <* o(H> focii't J. Grey, .Vr*. K. C 721. 1 1 ; hU2.2T 

of ifiirtlir'" [.•il.'«-i: iHiL-j]. «imI niliiT r«!cn'iirvii iu Uie unU' Guou ftoriOa. Aliirich, T. li., CumpUrT, 4 V ITU'J.l 

ui.a.-r u.>»iiE in th« Ctalusiiir ..f in«„r,, e.c. I ^^^^ ,, ^j^^^ ooiiiiiig, Th« ; of. our uow crusado. Hale. 

GuCTHB and Sohiller. Mundt. 0. (M.) 412.2*2 K. E 1778.17 

Goixu Bud BUD. '* Monk," /JL«ni4f 1472.0 Guob vruuiun, Tho. Gnvthv, J. W. vun 847.1 

Goiiru iDto aooiety. Dickons, C. (J. II.) Cbrijituia« 

•turiea 482.11 

GuiNG uu a luiMion. Cubdva, I' 1727.7 

GouDWi.N, Mrs, II. B. *>* TaU'ott, Mrs. II. B. 
GooDwi.f, 3/rjf. M. M. B. The littlv uionitiir tfvrica. 

Auut Eunico'it fairy story and othor talud 1479.20 

Gui!cu it) the bad. Yates, E 173U.13 i Claru's misiiion, and uth«r stories 147'.'. 17 

Guisr. WesL Adams, W. T 17D'i. l:i liuiKv, and other stories 147'J. 15 

Gold and dru»i. Mayo, I. F 171C.24 ! Mury lloluies 147U.1C 

Gold And name. Schwartz, M. S 4:n.G j iSjimniy St«»nc*s red apples, and other st«>ries. .. 147'.*. 18 

Gold and stlrer. II., A. W I44S.O ' -> - Willie Welch, :ind other tuinperanoo talcs 147*J.1U 

Gold, frankineonse, and myrrh. Keed, E 1713.11 Gooi>y Gracious! and the for);ot-me-uot. Noal, J. 

Gold brick, The. Stephens, A. S. (W.) 44U.31 (/n Johiihon, (E.) K- Little cla^ic^i) 1839.7.10 

GoLD-Lt'd, The. Poe, E. A. (in Johnson, (E.) R. Gookou Simple, and his fivo di^^iples, Strange, sur- 

Little elas"ics) 1839.7.12 , prising adventures of the reueruble 1444.22 

Gold Elsie. Jnhu, E 1447.21 ' Gokdox, C. ( Yicux Muustacht.) Boarding-school 

Gold, The, of Chickaree. Wuruer, S. and A 17.'^8.2G ' days 17 12.8 

GoLDR^ childh<io<l 14G7.4 — That g«K>d old time 7K4.24 

GoLiiEif cl«w,The. Sherwood, M. M. Works 4.'i2.1.4 ' Goudon, 11. Lovers and thinkers 7ti3.12 

GiiLDi:.^ days, llering. J 17.>3.3 <ioKi>o!« lii>dgo; or, retribution. An autobiography. 

GoLDex di-eds, A book of. Yonge, 0. M .'>.">. lu.lU, 11 | White, M. A 17i>3.16 

GoLDKX drf;im, The; or, adventures in the far West. ' Gokk, C. ii. F. Abednego the money lender 1771.9 

Ballantyne. U. M 7.'i7.22 '— The bunker's wile 77G.I 

Guldc.oi fence, The, and other tales 141:».ll — The birthright 770.2 

GuLDEX fetters. Lemon, M 4 '.>!)..*) (i i — Captles in thuuir. Lt.>ipzig 41U.59; 77t>.3 

Goldex tici'co, The. Tucker, C 73('i.2U — tSume. New York 77ti.8 

Golden fruit, The. Wright, J. McN ]44J.3h , _ Ci^cil 477.o; I.'i03.22 

Golden gate series. Wuniworth, M. 2v 714.23 — (Jraigullen castle 77(j.lU 

Goldln grain. Farjeon, B. L 1410.19; 1731.13' — The dean's daughter. Auburn 4n7.1U 

Goldex-bair: a tale of the pilgrim fathers. Wrax- ! — Sfimr. Leipzig 4I0.(iU 

all, •SVr (C. F.) L 4^0.28 I — lleukingt«>n 4l0.(il 

.Vtf«. — A tingularlv ioftccurHk' illiiftrati-in of rarly life in -~ Hungarian t:iles. 2v ••••.... 442. <i 

Kr» i:i.,;UiMl. : — A litv's losons 4lU.ti2 

GoLDKN-BA I RED Gertrude. Til ton, T 793.1 J . — Mammon. U-ipzig 410 W 

OoLDBN legacy, The. Mooro, Mrt, 11. J 1 42:>. 1 j — S.nHt. New York 497. IJ 

QoLDE.N treis, The. liu Bciisgobey. F 172I.C ' — 1*">>*'» talt-s. 3v 77t;.ti 

Golden work, The. Wright, J. McN 14 1'.».32 — Frugrtss and pnjudice. Leipzig H*'-^^ 

GuLDaclMiDT, — , and oTiiKKrt. The living mail ] — ^S'tme. New Y«irk 77ti.ll 

[elo.1 .* 47f>.22 — ^^'^^ "*i' 

iW-i.r..- «.ild.chnildt, - : T•.^K Ay ; Th-.n-KM. M. : — Skftcht-s of English character 4<J'.». 18 

Old O.kI : B>initiiii. B. : Tiie ruilriiuil ami lliv vliurt*lt\ard. — The Soldier of LyoDS 1>>03.7 

G OLDS M ITU, Christabel, paeud. See Smith, F. N. 
GoLDSurrH, O. The vicar of Wakefield. Lnndon. 7.'>9.10 

— The stor v of the rt>yal fav«mrite 7:i2.22 

— The Tuil'erie^. 2v 442..'i 

— Sumt, Xew York 7:.9.3 — 1'»»»' ^'^^^ arist.>cracl«s 4lO.C> 

— Atimr. Fhilailt'lphia 499. i:> ; 7.'i9.2 | . >"'- - >^*- <■••'«'« ""*«^>» •«* ni.nily dtfripti«c ..f fash- 

^ Same. (/« Barbauld, A. L. Briti.-h novt.|i>t.-).77».1.23 I «-«-i- • K..t:i..u ..t.. 

JV.tfr. — Til*- Jii-t.irv lif liiu laiii.iuii ,if lj;i' U>t c-n- i GolUIAM, ENie, p»ruil. Ste CaRTKK, Mrx. — . 

Jury !• I'M III - Ldi tiiiui ^i (ioidtmiiii ' GoUii.LA huntiTK, The. Ballantyue, K. M. . .74^.21 ; 7.'»7.23 

'' ■ GohAT fuuthy, 1 he. I'arr. L lt.;9.23 

Goldsmitb's, The. wife. Ain^iworth, W. II I7(;9.2C ' Gutiik, J. W' vim. Srr GoKriie, J. W. von. 

GoLDT and Goldy's friends. Uon9>el, M ISO j. 20 (ioiLD, E. S. John l>i>o and Kiehard Bne 4J3.9 

GuMCRT of Montgomery. Washburn, C A...0UG.4; 772.20 . Goui.i>, S. Baring. Sie BAniN«;~Goi'LD, S. 

Good and ba«l managers. Barh-e, E 17.'»'j.lti (luri.i*. J. T. Marjurif'd 4ue>t 798.2 

Good aunt, The. Edgcworth, M •').'>. 10.12; 4G7.1.1 (torMiiNfi, F. U. Cuu.-iu Aleck 719.14 

■• GuuD-BTR, sweetheart ! " Bnmghton. K.. .777.27 ; 1717.4 — Frank G.mlnn I.'>Os.'Jl 

Good light, A. Keade. C 412.ti |— ManKHier's i>laml 7 In. 10 

Good fight, The, of faith. G., T. J 17'.m;.20 ifiii'itAri>. .1. A little biiy'« i>t'iry 7Jti.ll 

Good fi*r nothing. Melville, G. J. W 433.1^; 730.11 — IVtcr Lipf 11:»4.4 

GooD-roR-NOTiiiNi:, Memoim i>f a. EichoiubirfT, J. . (iovku^ikss, Th«*. ShorwiNid. .M. .M. Works 4.'»2. l.G 

TOD 4><U.ll Govkknok's, The. pird»n. Hakvr, 11. N. (W.) . . . . 4'<n.'i7 

Good French guverneft*. The. Eilgewurth, M 4ii7.1.2 (iowitii:; nr, the kiii^'.' plot. .lanifM, G. I*. K l-«oi.ll 

■•Good hour," The. Aaerbaoh, B HlG.lO (inzzi. t\ X.ivt-ls. {In K«m.hh<.T. Italian iKiveiiKts). 427.8.4 

Good inrestinent, A. A story of the uppi*r Ohio. ■ Guavk and Clara. M»''h>t>>5<h, .M. J 437. ,*> 

Flagg, W 431.34 GuAi K(iKAII\M,/)^#U'/. Sre rilTKKiNliToN. MrH. S. B. 

"Good luck *." Buerstenbinder, E 17lo.l.'> (iuA( i: tiKKKNUiH.n, /mmi /. .S'*^ Lii'i'iNiiirr, .S. J. 

Good look. Oobden, F 17t9.i:> Gkai i: lif-o. Kavanagh.-.1 420.19; 4.'>4.I2 

Good match, A. Perricr, A 174ri.I«'i Ghack MoKtiukh. /'xrur/. *SVr Stvart, .M. B. 

GuoD meafuro. Ericksoo. L>. S 417.3 Gra( k <)w«mi':« eiiKagi'iufnt 712.24 

Good Mr. llagglethorpe. The. Sikes, 771.7 | Gka* k TiMcn. Fhelp^ L. L 147'J.22 

Good oM dajs, The; or, Christmas under Vjueen ' Giiaiiah. E. "Cirmt:': " jii«t a little buy 17*>»i.2& 

Elizabeth, .^tuart, E 1465.3 i — .\<.t without th..rns 1742.3 

Good old times, The. A tale of Auvergne. Man- I — Tell me a story 1427.9 

ning, A 439.2 (jiiaiiau. iiracr, /Mfu./. .Vrr TiTrKUixiiTiiN, Mrs.:^. B. 

Bhelf numbers above 21 1 6 in tbe Notes are in the Baten Hall. 




Shelf. No. 

Grahams, The. Whitehead, Jfr*. T 490.5 

Granbt. Lister, T.U 442.2; 479.10 

Gbandfathbr, The. Pickeriog, E 805.6 

Graudpathkr Mill/fl luck. Samuels, A. F 450.74.4 

Gra.^tdpathbr's pocket-book. Johnson, V. W 736.23 

Gbah DMA Crosby's household. Fatrman, £ 1727. 19 

Graitdmamma's pockets. Uall, A. M 440.76.6 

Grandmamma's relics and her stories about them. 

Bowen, C. E. 1729.17 

Gramdmotbbr and granddaughter. Esche, L. 427.9 

Grandmother's curiosity-cabinet. Osten, M 1448.27 

Grahdmothbr's monej. Robinson, F. W 412.22 

Grandpa's house. Weeks, U. C 1449.26 

Grange garden, The. Kingslej, U 1749.29 

Grant, AfiM —. Victor Lesoar 1797.6 

Grant, J. Adventures of an aide-de-camp 1804.2 

— Arthur Blane; or, the hundred cuirassiers 1804.4 

— Both well; or, the days of Hary queen of Scots.. 1804.5 

— The captain of the guard 1804.6 

— The cavaliers of fortune; or, British heroes in 

foreign wars 1804.7 

— Dick Rodney; or, the adventures of an Eton 

boy 746.25 

— First love and last love. A tale of the Indian 

mutiny 1804.3 

— Frank Hilton ; or, " the queen's own " 1804.8 

— The girl he married 1804.9 

— Harry Ogilvie; or, the black dragoons 1804.10 

— Jack Manley: his adventures by sea and land. .. 746.7 

— Jane Seton: or, the king's advocate. A Scottish 

historical romance 1804.11 

— The king's own borderers. A military romance. 1804.12 

— Lady Wedderbum's wish. A tale of the Crimean 

war 1804.13 

— Laura Everingham; or, the Highlanders of Glen 

Ora 468,24 

— Legends of the Black watch: or, forty-second 

Highlanders 468.19 

— Letty Hyde's lovers 783.6 

— Mary of Lorraine. An historical romance 1804. 14 

— Oliver EllU; or, the fusiliers 1804.15 

— The phantom regiment 1804.16 

— Philip RoUo; or, the SooUish musketeers 1493.10 

— > The romance of war; or, the Highlanders in 

Spain 1803.9 

— The Scottish cavalier. An historical romance... 1804. 17 

— Second to none. A military romance 750.13 

— The white cockade 1804.18 

— The yellow frigate 1493.11 

Grant, M. H. Artiste 1723.13 

Grantuct manor. FuUerton, Lady G. C. (L. G.) 

410.47; 458.1 

Shelf. 5o. 

Granucci, X. Novella, (/a Roscoe, T. Italian 

novelists) 427.8.3 

Granville valley. Abbott, J 500.44 

Grapes and thorns. Tincker, M. A 1781.21 

Gratbpul negro. The. Edgeworth, M 55.10.19 

467.1.3; 4G8.8.5; 1429.27 
Grattan, T. C. a chance medley of light matter.. 802J2 

— High-ways and by-ways. 3d series. 2 v 798.6 

— Jacqueline of Holland. A historical tale. 2 v. 442.10 
Graves, R. The spiritual Quixote. [Attack on 

methodism in the last century in England.] (/n 
Barbauld, A. L. Britii^h novelists) 778.1.S2, 33 

Grat, Barry, pseud. See Coffin, R. B. 

Gray, Ellis, p»eud. See Cragin, L. T. 

Gray, Robertson, ^nuf. See Raymond, R. W. 

Gray, Mrs. Russell. Lottie's half-sovereign. (I» 

Broderip, F. F. Wee Maggie, etc) 480.48 

— Same, (in Mackamess, M. A., and others. The 

magnet stories) 746.16 

— and others. The rainbow stories fer summer 

days and winter nights 755.14 

Coi*f«fif«. ~ The SMside home, br Mra. R. Gray: TIm 
Notthcroft lilies, bv M. E. Shipkj: Peril* ftmuDC piratra. bj 
F. M. Wilbrmham : IImmIIcm and tiandleM. bj F. II. Wood; 
Fritz, by G. Crockford; The vaiMl«rer, by liMty Charica 

Gray, T. The vestal, or a tale of Pompeii 429.6 

Grayson, E. Standish the puritan. A tale of the 

American revolution 1766.11 

Graziella. Lamartine, a. (M. L.) de 808.21 

Grazzini, a. F. Novels. {In Roscoe, T. Italian 

novelists) 427.8.2 

Great battle year. The. A household story of the 

American conflict. Robinson, M. S 1508.5 

Great bonansa. The. Adams, W. T., and others. .. 1721.17 

Great elm. The. Abbott, J 440.50; T39.L9 

Great expectations. Dickens, C. (J. H.) 482.2 

483.4; 720.50; 1476.6; 1477.7; 1782.5; 1783.2 
Great Hoggarty diamond. The. Thackeray, W. M. 

501.12; 720.42.1 

Great lady, A. Wall, — van de 1741.1 

Great mysteries and little plagues. Neal, J 428.13 

Great St. Benedict's. Thomas, E 1788 J8 

Great success. Flint, S. A 500.63 

Great Western series. The. See Adams, William T. 
Greatest plague. The, of life: or, the adventures 

of a lady in search of a good servant. Mavhew, 

H. and A 484.17; 1722.5 

Greece. Niebuhr, B. G. Heroic tales of andeni 

Greece 728.9 

— Yonge, C. M. Aunt Charlotte's stories of Greek 

history 1467.8 


AMc — See Raool-Roehctte'icdftlOTi, ** LethMtredea Greet '*C29a5.4Jl], for the hi«torical order of Greek tiagediea. 

ItBOEHDART. — O. Meredith, " Talca fVom Herodotna," poem. 

JWhIm. — Tracediea by Comeilk C»iIS.l ; 2708.2.2; S»)5.4.6j and H. F. Bc«L 

Talfourd, •* The Athenian eapdv* " C^MBJT]. time of Creon, tfmfedj- i- M. Smith, " The prinee of ArfolU " [ 1«0.143, 

ArwtMuu. Xnith ecBtory B. o. — W. Morria, " Jaaon ** [IM&l : 4Sa6M^ poem. Grillparxer. '* Dai Roldne Vleias " i^SOM&J^*"^ trmfc^. 

TrojmH war. XI Ith ccntnry a. c. — Joaephni lacanna, ** De bello TrojaDO," poem. Homer, '* Iliad." poem, in translaliona bjr Chapman C^KU; 
S0e.513, Pope CSUJ; 83S.I3; 879.1 ; SSW.l}. Oowper CSU.3; 837.1.11, 12; 817.11.7}. Bryant C%5.» ; ISBSJS}, and others. VirieO. Book 2 oT 
varioos editions and Tenlons of which aee the Bates Hall and Lower Hall catalogues under hit name. Racine, ** Andromaque " [2708^1.1 « STOBa^Si 
4708X13. tragfdj, paraphrased by A. Phflips, in **The distremed mother" [321.1.1; SM.1.7: 1S8B.1 12; 4l79aJj6: 6S71.4.2], tragedj- 
■■d Cressida,'' altered by Diyden as ** Truth found too late." Agmmtmmim is the snfatiect of tragedies by .fschylos, Alfleri, Lemercier, G«lt. aad 
Baas Sachs, ** Die serstOning der Stadt Troja," drama. 

( JQschylos is translated by Halem, Jeniseh, Cons, Wilhelm Ton Humboldt, Flhse, Toss, and others, in German.) 

Banks's ** Destruction of Troy," and Hcywood's " Iron age." tragedies. 

An old German tragedy by Conrad von Wjirtzburg. 

The literary treatment of the Trojan war is traced in DUntio's ** Die Sage Tom trojanlsehcn Kricfe." Sea also Ward's " En^iak dramalle 
twa" [SetTSJSS.!, p. 430] for the rarious old and medisBrml stories based on the war. 


5affP*e — Dramas by Grillpaner [Enf^ish translation, SBMaJO], Gubitz, Bccthold. and Deist 

Pember, ** Tragedy of Lesbos," drama. 

VlTH CKimrmT b.o.— Schiller, ** Die Kranichedes Ibycns," poem, and In English translations of his poems byBnhvcr, aad 
Sterling, ** Croesus," tragedy. Immermann, ** K5nig Periander," ^ 586 B. C, drama. 

YTHOErrrmr B. o.— L.lI.Chikl.*«Phik>thea"C4&15].ta]e. Anon., •* Pwidea, a tale of Athena." Landor, *« Pericles and Aspasia" [< 
imaginary eont-ersation. Miss Lynn. ^ Amymone," time of Pericles, talc 

J. G. Seume, " Miltiades," tragedy. 

Tk*mUt9clm, d. 449.— J. A. Fessler, *' Aristidcs and Thcmistokles." Mctastasio, ** Temislocle " C1M9.2.2: 2775.1.5; 2775.4.5; iJOASx iSn^JU^ 
other dramas by Anfflenberg and Cramer. 

Shelf numbers above 21 lO in the Notes are in the Bates Uall. 

■ail af 


l*m»UmM, 4. 48(1. ttr. — Pn«m by GloTcr 12:>«>M; «V>l.I.n]. ami cinitliiiird in hi» ** Athonind " C3.*7ft.«>] to hfttil« uf PlaUMt. n. r. 479. Dnimftt bv Ttiui- 
MlM, Kaa|«r. UluiiirnhaRili <** Die Hriilaiht bi-l Tirii.i>|ii lift' ), J. 8iin|i»i<n i" Tin* |i*lriut "). llnllM'in. r^hiili. aiiii rii-hal. I'mitaiicp. "La Gi«cv aauvf^," 
puMn. Crf biljoii. " XtTCVi, * rrap-«lv. Aiitliriili*-r^ " 8(iuitaiii-ru iNlvr XiTXi m in Grii-cliciilaiid," |ilay. C- Cibticr, " Xorkt.-*," drama. 

Jfiurr^M. il. 4:iiV — iJraiiigf liy Mi-ta<aaii>. I^iiiirrrt*, Dvliifii, aixl lIiMbtTK- 

AlnhiMit; d. ¥M II. «:. — TraRrdU-ji br OCwav. I^'tMri;:, uitJ A. (i. MoM<iicr. Talf bj Mariiumlrl. 

/'WMMRiiK. SpAita. rf. 47(1 II. <'. — Drama br lla^zomi-iKtir. Uulwcr'p uiidiiUhitl lali'. " I'auiaiila^" CI7W.1.1: SVTt^VS]. 

IVtii rCNTiKT ». <!.-C..riKMlh-. ■• AK««il««" £ 3 V I. •.'.■;: S?!! :.•-^^]. tiBit-ily- A. (I. MilMiier. " Kpaminmiilao. " llrnry Gn>mniigb, " Ap«llct and hU 
eonlciii|»>rarir«" [487.11], iiuvrl. J.J. BarUiOk-my, " Yuuhk Aiiacriariiia" [:iii7;l.L']- 31uutc»|uk'U, *'J^iiimai|ur." Ijeathani, " ChaiiiiiuiM-," Atlirni afirr 
Um I^liiptmnraian war, talc. 

JtaerAmfa. — Frohnr. " Konif Pbillpp," drama. Dr. Ynunf;. •• Tho biutiiera " [.'U4.lL'.::; :c:|. I.:.': l>%M.t »; lA^MKri; r;-.7ii.lo], traRi-dy VrchtriU 
*■ Alexander ttiid Dariu*,' traRi-dy. I'inm, ** Cttllittlii-iim. " traiO-<iy- MfU«iaaii>. " .\li'ii*andr>> mil' Imlir " Lluiu.'j.i ; L'7r.'i.I.i': V77.VI.I: 47tkl.S.:i], drama; 
and l/aKnlm by Rariur, Bawr. aiid BvH. Earl uf StrrliuK. " l>arlu<," trajcetlv ; aUt. A. \W Vtrr, " Alexander the jcrt-al ' [Uili7..'CJ. drauiaiiv Imk-ui. Playa 
bf Caldeivn and J. Cruwnr ; and the uM GrnnaniHwin, " .VU'xamlorlniI. ' by Kiiar l^miiprt-rht. 

naMtewn, rf. St7.— Tiaip-dietby AllU^ri, La llar|>t'. ClienUr. Si.iIIntk. K. P. Cmi (" Tiiii>«Ii'nnt Rili-kkehr na<h KorliitJi "), (M.-hmi4U •£!!«», I*telffrr, 
Budmrr. Kaupach. C. A. Udlirr. B. Martin, and Ma«»iriRrr, "The iHindman " C.L'il.l.l ; XiiA; 'S<i'.M.2; :»7.14.1 ; :LV.7.7ii]. 

I*rmti»thtnt». — Traxt-dirf by Mes»eiihaiiwfr ainl An-iid. 

Svrmtrr. 4. .19. ~ Kllrn Palmer, " Ilerwi of ancient Greece" [1410.83. tale. Pot-nii by Lamartini- and St. Pu-rre. I)rmma« by Artttuphanca, Uaum- 
faitcB. OehienKbiijrrr. Eckardt, and Vollairv. 

/laiv, 4. Ml. — Wilpcr. " Plato uihI M-inr ivit." 

lllD t KMTIBY H. O. — Drydin, •• CltfiMueneri,'* traK«ly- Cr^billon, " I*yrrhui " (li. 173. Epirut). trefceily. 

Agia <^ jfparra.^Trageiiiet by Alllvri, Hume. Zarnat'k, and (tu(t«cht'di*n. 

Krintrm*, d. SfTUji. <:. — D'ArutmonI, "A fi-w day* in Athrii* " ['.£^7.4]. Kpiiurvan philii«ipliy. 

Ill> (KNTl'BV n. r. JTirArfifnfr*. —TniKiiliifi by Rarinr, sitwi-r. Inj^fmaiin, N. Lee, and lUrl of Caryrt'ort, "Miniimia." Talfounl, " Ion" [nft'i,!;!; 
Urr.l ; aSiJ*''}. tra|Ec«ly, Gierk ilritiny. W. A. Uti-kt-r. " Cliaiicir* " lU^'-:.! j, lilo and maniiom. tran»IaU-d by Mrlralfe. Uulwi-r. " The Irnt tale* «•! Miletus " 
CL'sW.9*: m7.±;], p<iem». Th^nriitin. " Lilwrty ' [-i^-l-i-I: l:tr.).:Ll; I4in«.ni :!.''ii:i<.lVJ; ■S>io.',.:i; 4i4i|.l.'.i]. imeiii. Milller, "tin^riau I'ocms." iluklcrlln, 
** Uypenun. ' lUe. imccry and rcliRhni. tale. Cumcille, " Nii-omrtle ' [lifc»i.'.«.J: V%«1.'.'.4 ; '.'7(»'i.i'.7 ; 47<M.|.^]. Bitbyuia. ii. c. 14J. tragedy. 

Uicirjt AKT. — Bcuie, " Phidias" play. Greiniiu|;li. " A|M:ii-t and lii<(Miitrm|>-*niriet" [4^.11], tale. 

lIlimtBli'AL BP.rRHKS(i'r.i(. — 8ce Dr. I>>dxv'atrAii>lation tif Whicki-lniann's vvll-kiiuwn history of art among the Greeks i.\.2:i:J. abo Atlantic 
monthly, April, 1^7::}, gikI C. (>■ MUllvr'i "Aneii nt art and iU rrmain^ " [ HCLM']- Taiiiv'ii IhMik on Girek art CE*^i7.1'l] i» WMlini in piimiance i>r hu tavurite 
tbipiry of ecbnuli>gical and ellnialir lullueim-*. Tliv Knplinh n-aib-r » ill lind the hi^ttny uf Giwk ait trrateil in gfin-ral bialoriv* uf art, of »culpture. and uf 
paintlny: and iikeriai chaplrra in (imtr'a " IIii4i»ry uf Gni-ee " ['.('•'i..l; .mi;j 1; :ii:4LU]. IVltun • *' Lccturra" [VIV..-J. uii7.LU> b"*! Ll>'yd < ".VKe u! Periclei" 
[StRMI]. Kre alw FuMi-r'a " L'riti<:al eMai ■ ' [-it?. 7. J]. Thfre it a |t«i|nilar aiiiiunt in Viaid'jf'* " Wuiidi-rt of fcnt|i{ure " llVjr* W; 4«'7'J.77] 

Alw Van Bnint't papera MD llie priiii-ipli-ii of Grti-k art in the Atlantic monthly, June, iMil. vte., and Ku»kin on (invk laiid»capv in vul- 3 of hU 
*■ Mtidcrv palnlria " [JtTUa^):; i*r:2M^. Tli«-ir an-hiln-turt^ bii« Hmp.e treatnitot in the |{«Deral works ul >'er|;uMi»n [4lUhll'J and Ldbke [4U74.14J; 
and vlth murh tymitathy in RownKarti-n'* " Arc: lUttural »tyic-r " i VXkHI, 41(il«.!!t]. 

IVtu « KKTl'ST A. H. — Hydberg, "The la^l .Vlheiikan ' C4''!-l'''< ii*i«*- 

IllM(»lli('AL HKPKBKXriJ*. — Dr. Williuni Smith c<'niiiiK-r» G>oIi-'p n>n(ribiitii>nR t> hirtorical wiencc the nioM valuable that have been made wllhin 
the pmcDt generatiim. and Gmte't " IliPtory of iSri-.Ti' " I'X* .'i: .iK'2 1 ; .il7)> '.•]• <>**t« ithMandinK the autlmr'a tcndenry lu thruruing. i» comiiiiiuly eptc«*incd 
Uia njuM raluable of all fur the ttmlenl. and except f>»r it* vidurninoutnoct for the ordinary reader. He preient* I lie early lei{eiidary hi»:ur> , but beKtnt lo 
write la the iiM^lcrn critical spirit when he ii-arbek li- i'. 77'i. niid rontliiiiea tlie iiarrait\e to the ch'^e uf AiexaiMler • geiirration, ll v- It**. Grote uiuli-itooa 
hia Work t<i correct tlie rrr«irs of Milf>tnl [iUI.! ; .'■lf71.l]. ainl lo i-minteiact the i'lli-c:> fullowinjc upm Mitfunl • illibciai vu-waot the p^'pular iu»titutiunf 
of lb* Greeks, whkh wen' al«o ciMitniverted In Bulwi-r • " Athens " ['.07.7 ; U'>7.11 1 :ii7n 'J; 4;!.'C'.ll'j, «hich omies doan unly to U. i.'. 4UV, and U revivaed from 
Milford • Mand-piiliil in Alifrin's Lusays [<<iLt.1; iVkVlo]. 

Tlie nMNiern critical and pliilu^'phical inanru-roi writing lii<itory has thrown sonn-what Into disrepute the hemic ami exaggerating inrt hod of Plutarch. 
Many of whnae " Ll«e*" C.'>11 6; .III.IU: Al7.ll ; :3lii-.i..M); diii>!i.l ; uorj r(] trace the prnKrviS o| Grci'ian history ; and he »af copied by K^lliu tu his " AnclciiC 
hiSUiry [tttf.!; tUJ); ZtA.'2, HiV^'^i MVJj^; IL-.*i.7]. 

For Ihr IcfCMilarf AMMry, aee Max .Mdllrr's " Chip* " I'M*: :>■'.': :*t:l* 1.'.'}. and the manuals inrntioiml in tiir note niHler MvruOLOUY, in the CalalogiM 
of history, etc. The !id chapter ot .Mure's " Critiral hi»:i>ry '* [ I'.tVJ.'.i] di4cu«»ea the hi-lunc lalue uf the mythical leg' n<l«. 

The most jMjpiffar uf the (ti-nnaTi hiali»rie« i« that of Cnrtiuii. winch i* to coni<> duwn tu n. r. 4«i|. but it i« nut yi-t ciniplcliil : but an Knirlith tranalatlon 
[tfCl.i; diET.l?] i« in prfigre**. In «<iine rei>pit:ti In- is more tcariK^ than Gr<<te. !<<■*« e«tciiaive aitiiM- will h^- IouihI hi Co\'» Hi*t>>i>, atMl atill b M in Cox a 
■mailer wurk [IW&I.'i: 'Kk.Iji; .117V II ^ coming down |o t>ic dcaih o| .Vli-iaiid>-r the i;r<al, ami in .Sfwill* -• t iisi hi«i>iry '':' ^^ Piii.ip South gi<e«a 
(kM4 sitinniarlBCtl narrative in hia " Hi«tory of the world " lt\:WJA']. IniiMi.-tant ci'i^axli a with (io-ir U-ariiiK on tin- *e<|iirni:e ol t-venta are ):i«t-o in Cieaay s 
** IkrciBive battles " [!Mh.:I: £.'£> .U] Newman hu* an lawy uu the stri\iiiK ff ainieiit t;if« n- t-r niiity, in rr-iMi a n.agaxiiic, l>74. i.Kiier iilufliative nialtcr 
will be found in Frvenian'a " K*aaya" [ l'C'..4 *.'; \:i: ■'..:,» L'] and in hii - IIi«tory of fv« !(•**• rnimut ' ^Vi -I 1]. 

Those who wish to goti> HeriNlotus as an oriifiiial auih.irity, wnl Hod ninrh hi-:p iiuin Kawiinaioi • IhjTvb in hit iililion [!Ml.l : tW>!i\ and will f-liuw 
It with Lbiyd s " Ace «>t Perli-b-«" i'Jl«u;.II]. iM-foie g<oiiK t" • lul>^<' iH'riod with Thuc^dides [^14.'.'i KVJsi '^JtClf, .JlU'.'^i: .'4m :: j. Titi- view Uhrn by 
Hatvdutus uf Gnrek hitlur^ It conlnivt-rt*-*! in Pluisich « *' M>*rala I-**** 'J.4]. 

Un llie liA aarf Pt«itwra nf the anririit Gnvk*. Grote i« »t,U lli<- b>-«t, while Ib-ckrr'a "Charii-U-t " [;i'<7.1], thi-ngh in im-rv form a iii»vil. einlHidirs 
tZM cniical rcseaichea of German ac>ii>lanlii|N acc<iiopanir«l with iiluatralhi' notes ; and Uartlii-i>-iii> a "Anaciiariia ;.;i>7:'..'J, 4'.S».^4^ la a b-.M>k ol itnaKo^aiy 
tratria in the ripest limca nf anrimt f iri-err. 

(in the M>rAu{'^v. ire Clarki- a " Tin great rvligiout' [114.11; 7I»7m;; Max Mltilef'a "Chip*" C-*<'7 l^l.'J. •'4C:'».1.I.::J; an artiili- on tin- n lati>ma 
of the icli|noQ 1*1 ancient Grtvci* ti> her in> th<>l<iS>', i'l Ho' N'irlii Ann-riran n>«irw,Julv, Wt*. aiiil Ilic^SHifii s i-aaav ■»• lii«- g"«Me«»e«. in hi« " Adantie 
■-sta>a' ^^7 21; alao in the Altantie loniitlilv. July, )*<4;:i\ >ts> a i-hj|iti'r in Miiilrr l-"^>4^ i>n rriiki<>n. .<><•• I>r t^onit) ••n " l'H,:an orailr* " in his 
" Meiutirlals" 191'! isl; tMIM.14 IJ, ami an rxaminati-m ul IN- tjnincr>'!k vn wa on l!i« ii .i|:i'm ol tin- (ini ki> in tin- ( hriitisn rxaioiiur. Manh, IhsL There 
la an ai-cuunl of the orai ha iri Piutarrli'a " Mi>rala ' [.'•a>4.-.'.4'. .*<ir a!«t ('•M*kcra " Chri*ti.tiiit> ainl (iirvk |>l<il ■••ipl.y ^ruti.l'J. 

Fr>^o^s " I^rctuies ' ['JiVi.ii; .'■iir.l.l}. attiie «>>ik o| a ji- niul wiiirr aii^l thr ton in-itf tif Ann ru-aii (■:•■• a -•■o><:.if«. kimI aa vnii>oi|) iiig pt-rs-mal ubs^iva- 
tlima of travel, are of great u*>-luhK-4t u> the gemTal reader .'<iiii::i'< l>iiti->iiiirii-t rnib kIv tin- l«fv«t enwlili oi and are ul gri-al e\i*i Ikm r 

Enieram says, "An ekcelient |M»|iiilftr b^x k it J. A. .'•t. J-.ho 4 * Ainii i>t tirmv ' [L'.tio-.;i; Thi- ' l.ili ai n bitira il Nubohr ;'>k .1: '^^^..:l\ eirn 
BMMv ttiaa his * Leetuiva ' [',iV»:r. furnish Irihling \irw«. Tin- tHi-n-t of' thr riti-.ii iii«i>oii» m (ii-niian and m Ki.g!i«li la t:i' diM---«i i),'i«ri| |]r«i !•• Widfl, 
later tu Bucckh, tliat Uie tincen- Gievk hiatory uf thai primd oiu>t Im drawn lc<-m I>4-niMi>:lii ii««. tS| loiin ihr InanLi^n uralM-ut. ami Imiu IIm 
{kida. ' 

I'lr tlie parind -^ the Trojan war. Honirr'a piN-ni, which fila.l<t>ni- ]uu I- t>i b< • ;b>tao:i4l tJct. aiid hat illiHtraiid in hit " Ji.if nlut niu'.di 1 </.«'.•>; 
I.X]. may be cuinpaicd wilh Sliaki-S|irare'a tn-atiin nl in hit " Timlua and Cre»*ida. " >«v a,ai^ (» a ' H.-uo-iic •>iicliroiii>iu lA^ .-4. ,'.'» V.J on 
the saaii eubjcct. 

M<i|iKBN (iBRBl'l. — T. Hope. " Anaatatina " [I'^M I^ cluti* •! Ihe eighl-i-iit<i i-i-nliirT- 

£. AbiHit. " The king of the nimintaina,' tin- {■■••aibilitn't tif liifik h i,:aiiiU;;i . 

llrniana, "Mi^rntiieccc' [ r.'|..-i;.47 J.l, •47 4. J; •^.u'i 11. J; l^il'l ■'<]. |HNni. A ;:■»■« .•iliirklimt," |>«nolrnia.' p'-em. lliron. " Cliiilr llaruM.' smind 

caai'i lUilS; «lfl: .-t£i.-.'..l: ;M7.I.'-*; 14i>'j2'J; v-v« '.I; .v/.ti..-;. ..■.>..--;; r*rif.i'/»:. •• ii... ^'ia..ur- ^.i:! -.. ;=:.'.■.:. ;;i: l.i; luv.-':': *•«*:;«. iV»4ta»i. 

•Ma.7:. fklVS.'.']. "The siege of Corinth i-i'l.-'.; :r.r; 'J !; .■'r47 I t: ll".«.-'-'; 4.-JI77; iVHi-J lo:. ■Hi.- Lml, ..I Ahydoa \ .Jl-s ;iSI.L'-l; JM; 1 .1. lUVX^l 
4likaJI; •■V.X-U]. and " Th>- coriair ' l:^\ .'; ::\£: 'J .1; :'.i;.i..; . I ¥*:'J 'J. u'l^ij 77 : iMn* J '.•]. aii iilu<liai< ln't k nfi-. itr- 

A J. Kctfuier. " Marc>i Bo/iaria. " (rag'-ilv, ami llalin-k* p-ifii "ii thi- Bmiic au'iji-i t 

UlftTtlBICAL BEPr.BRNf-fch. — Un the war fur liid«>|>t.-iide.icv h-,:nii in Iv.'l. |>,>*nli. HoWf. an Fi-l:>>n ■ " Ixrtures " ^ttVlJl; .'^ir.:!] and Mr F.irrelis 
tlrfantcaMy In the N<inh American review for iM-ilier. l<.'i. ■!«• in hi* " Oralfoit ■■■■l .|i.<.i-h. < ^t'.i 7 t; .iVi.\i 4". and Mr. Wr baler a ■(•rt-t h in c- ogress, 
la his " Worba " {•Mi.lJ\\ :;«ai 4..I; V4iir|.:;.:i; 'J4<>'..4. :]. lor tin itvu,{iiili-iii i^r (in rk in it-in- dr-u-e 

Sliclf uiiiubers aibove 21 lO in the Notes are in the Kates Hall. 




Slielf. No. 

Greek fair J tales. Kingsley, C 484.12 

Greek maid, The, at the court of Nero. [Rome, 

first centorj.] UuffmanD, F 447.22 

Grcex, W. The life aDd adventures of a Cheap 

Jack 1465.8 

Green gate, the. Wichert, E 1786.2 

Gkbbm hand, The. Cupples, G 1762.6 

Greb5 island. The. Kirby, A. F. P 759.14 

Green mountain bojs, The: a historical tale of the 

earij settlement of Vermont. Thompson, D. P. 726.8 
Grrene, a. D. {Marian Douglas.) Peter and Pollj, 

or, home-life in New England a hundred years 

ago 1809.21 

Greene, L. L. Cushions and corners 480.36 

— Gilbert's shadow 1787.2 

— The grey bouse on the hill 759.22 

— ThesUr in the dust-heap 1802.3 

— A winter and summer at Burton hall 490.14 

Greene, Mrs. K. J. See Greene, L. L. 

Grbenougo, a. J. The boys and girls of Beech hill. 446.7 
Greenouuh, II. Apelles and his contemporaries. 

[Greek art-norel] 487.11 

— Ernest Carroll, or artist-life in Italy 497.9 

Greknougu, Mrs. R. S. See Grebnough, Sarah D. 
Greenocgu, Sarah D. Arabesques 505.19 

— In extremis 17 15.2 

— Treason at home 1725. 16 

Grebnough, Sarah L. Lilian 783 .4 

Green WELL, D. Two friends 500.24 

Greenwood, F. Margaret Denzirs history 781.8 

Greenwood, Grace, pseud. See Lippincott, S. J. 
Greenwood, J. Jack Sted fast 433.30 

— A night in a workhouse. {In Johnson, (E.) R. 

Little classics) 1839.7.1 

— The true history of a little ragamuffin. [London 

low life] 712.4 

Greet, E. Bluejackets 501.1 

Grbnyillb, G. N. T. and A. L., lord aid lady Nugent, 

Legends of the library at Lilies. 2v 777.11 

Grey, Mrs. E. C. The belle of the family 792.25 

— Cousin Harry 1444.5 

— The flirt 792.7 

— The gipsy's daughter 792.27 

— Good society. New Tork 721.11 

— Same. Philadelphia 802.27 

— The history of a flirt 1716.16 

— The manoeuvring mother 792.30 

— A marriage in high life 732.22 

— Mary Seaham 792.31 

— The old dower house 792.32 

— Sybil Lennard 792.34 

— The young prima donna 802.26 

Grey and gold. Worboise, E. J 806.27 

Grbt house. The, on the hill. Greene, L. L 759.22 

Grbt Towers; or. Aunt Hetty's will. Pollard, M. M. 1788.42 

Grbt woman, The. Gaskell, E. C 720.17 

Grip: a story of Australian life. Farjeon, B. L.... 421.27 
Gridiron, The. Lorcr, S. {In Johnson, (E.) R. 

Little classics) 1839.7.9 

Gritpin, G. The collegians 459.23 

.V««.— De«cribe* the nirsl middle cUm in MunMer, IrcUuKl, 
and gave rite to Buacieault*« plaj, *' Calleen bavo." 

— The duke of Monmouth. [Rebellion, James ii's 

time] 1809.17 

— Mr. Tibbot O'Leary, the curious. {In Johnson, 

(E.) R. Litde classics) 1839.7.5 

— The swans of Lijr. {In Johnson, (B.) R. Little 

classics) 1839.7. 1 

>'<««•.— Most of Qrilfln'f nortU are illoitrative of Iriah lift 
and character. 

Grippith, C. Victory Deane 506.20 

Grippith Gaunt. Reade, C 412.18; 448.1 

Grile, Dod, pseud. Cobwebs from an empty skull. . 1735.19 

Grillparzbr, F. Sappho 489.16 

Griukie. Abbott, J 747.3.2 

Grimm, J. L. and W. C, editora. German popular 

stories and fairy tales 1766. 1 

— German popular tales and Household stories. 1st 

[and] 2d series. Boston 744.10 

'■^ Same. 1st series. Philadelphia 756.5 

Shelf. No. 
Grimm, J. L. and W. C, editors^ continued. 

— Goblins from the Household stories 744.11 

; — Household stories 744.6 

Gringo, Harry, pseud. See Wise, H. A. 

Griswold. V. M. Hugo Blanc, the artist 793.14 

Grosvenor, Mrs. H. S. Capt. Russel's watchword. 800.62 

— Climbing the mountain 800.59 

Grumbler, The. Pickering, E 805.9 

Guardian angel. The. [New England life.] Holmes, 

0. W 423.4 

GuBRiN, E. de. Journal 480.21 

GuBRNSET, C. F. Friends in need 771.18 

— A mere piece of mischief 439.19 

— The merman and the figure-head 769.21 

Guernsey, L. E. Irish Amy 505.23 

— Lady Betty's gorerness 496.8 

— Lady Rosamond's book 1769.20 

— The Langham reTcis 505.21 

— Milly 784.18 

— Winifred 1736.11 

GuERRAZzi, F. D. Isabella Orsini. A historical 

novel of the fifteenth century 485.12 

— Manfred; or, the battle of Benevento 1784.14 

Guild court. A London story. Mac Donald, G. .. . 422.6 

Guilt and innocence. Sch warts, M. S 431.11 

" Guilty, or not guilty " 775.3 

GuizoT, Mile. See Witt, H. do. 

Guizot, Mile. See Witt, P. de. 

Guizot, E. C. p. do M. Moral Ules 737.16 

Gulch miners. The. A romance of the gold region. 

Hamilton, W. J 1789.3 

Gulliver's travels. Swift, J. 738.2; 738.3; 738.0; 18u3.10 
Gun-boat series, The. See Fosdick, C. A. 

Gunnar: a tale of Norse life. Boyesen, H. H 1769.14 

Gus Howard 712.11 

Gustavb. Taylor, G. B. 716.20.4 

Gustavus I, Vasa, king of Sweden. Gustavns Vasa; 

or, king and peasant. N ieritz, G 447*. 27 

Gustavus II, Adolphus, king of Sweden. Oustave 

Adolf, and the thirty years' war. Topelins, Z. 475.6 

Gustavus Lindorm. Carlen, E 766.7 

Gutta percha Willie, the working genius. Mao- 
Donald, G 1748.10 

Gutzkow, K. Through night to light 1711.12 

/ AoTr.^Muft not be ronfounded vUh Spielhagen't norel of 

the same title ['77^.'!}. 

GuYCarlton. Wise, D 723.9 

Guy Dalesford. Tucker, C 809.1«i 

! Guy Dcverell. Le Fanu, J. S 710.34; 722.20 

Guy Earlscourt's wife. Fleming, M. A 1714.4 

Guy Falconer; or, the chronicles of the old mo«t 

house. G., L. E 1780.27 

Guy Fawkes; or, the gunpowder treason. Ain»- 

worth, W. H 802,50 

Guy Livingittone. Lawrence, G. A 410.66; 497.6 

Guy Mannering. Scott, Sir W 460.1.2 

460.8; 4t»0.24; 720.37; 1470.M; 1783.7; 1807.2 

Set aUo Scott, Sir TT., note. 

Guy Rirers: a tale of [the first settlers of] Georgia. 

Simms. W. G 800.11 

Guzman d'Alfarache. Aleman, M. {In Roseoe, T. 

Spanish novelists) 427.7.1 

Gwendoline's harvest. Payn, J 710.14; 732.24 

Gypsies, The, of the Danes' dike. Phillips, G. S... 772.2 
Gypsy. See Gipsy. 

Gypsy Breynton Phelps, E. S 414.16 

Gypsy's cousin Joy. Phelps, E. S 414.17 

Gypsy's sowing and reaping. Phelps, E. 3 414.25 

Gypsy's year at the golden crescent. Phelps, E. S. 416.20 

H., A. W. Gold and silver 144S,6 

H., C. F. The lord of the forest and his vassals. . . . 500.37 

H., C. G. Constance Lyndsay 802.8 

H., M. Jottings from the diary of the sun 1509.20 

H family,The. Bremer, F 455.20; 817.6 

Habbbrton, J. The Barton experiment 1411.21 

— Helen's babies 1809.24 

Habbrm bister, The: a tale of the Bavarian moan- 
tains. Schmid, H 1447.7 

Shelf numbers above 21 lO in the Notes are in the Bates Hall. 




Slult'. Nu. 

II Ai Ik. M. Sturii>« {(oia bUtury durinj; tho middle 

ugK» 1724.1 

llA4*ki.Ar.!«DKR, F. W. IK'iiiiid thtt ctfuutuf 73U.7.'i 

— > Clara; or, »Iuv« life ia Kur(i|i« 7LI(i.]4 

— Eiichaiitiiijf and ciichunU-d «.... 7b'.i.2J 

HAUhAi>-l{K!<-AliAB tli« (mvelliT. (fult, J. (/i 

JiihiiMiii, (K.) K. Liitlo ciutfsiori) 1S3'.>.7.0 

HaMhi!! hall, Kruningti at SOH. 17 

liAiieRMAMN, J. K. Against tho world 17.(:i.(i 

*- Dead iul*ii*s tlutct 7(i'>.*2'> 

•>— Forgiven at luiit 7i ■'>. is 

— Hear J yukv* 1 7HU..'> 

Uagaii L^it. £gan, P> .•••..••««>> >•..>• 17(**J. Iti 

llAtiAH*i» secret. Uulines, M. J 4'.):l.22 

IIaqare!!!. LftwreDCO, G. a 1772. l(i; 177U.24 

ILaukx, a. Norica: or tulcs (tf Nurnberg fnmi thu 

oldeo tiiQu 8o:).].'» 

11ah?i-Uahx, I. M. L. F. G., countess. Faustina... 17GJ.'J 
Uair-VRkaiiiii eitcapi'^; or, thv ailronturvd of tbruo 

biiy« in South Africa. Adaiu^. 11. C 17S8.3 1 

IIajji Baba in England. Morivr. .F l'>U.'i.2U 

IIajji UabA in Turkey, Portia nud Kii!<>ia. Morivr, 

J MiS.t;; hUS.7; h\)^.\H 

Hale, K. E. (('.«/. fVrf/mc /nyA'nn.) Thecliildrcn 

of thu public. {In John^mn, (K.) K. Littlo 

elASiiicif) 183'.>.7.12 

^ The giMjd tiuiu Coming; or, our now crusade 1778. 17 

■%•«'.— A K-Unuc ul "Our iifw cru««i]e." wilA clmnj(v nf 

— His lerel b««t, and other stories 17U.C 

^^ >IOW ll) U" It .«■* .«•• ■■■■ ••■■ ...a .... ...a *.•* ilO^.il 

— If, yesi, and |>erhnps 7 13.1 J 

— In Ills n.iinu. A ytory of thu WAldcn^oii, cl-vimi 

huutlriHl years agii 174 l.'J; Ktllt.'^ 

— The Iuj;h.iio paiivrv 4}>:t.22 

— l:ie uiuii without a Country. {In Atlantic talvj<). 4>U.l 

— ^'^tme. (/« Jiilin-'on, (K.) K. Little cla.x.oic"). . 1 S3 '.». 7.1 
-~ My di'uble, and h^w ho undid me. {In Atlantic 

tilei«) 4S0.1 

— «»jr nrw cruMdo. A tem|K>r.inve !iti»ry 177'J.20 

— rnilip's frieud.t: a story of the cliango of 

wvrtern empire 1747.3 

A'O. — I'lral piibliiiiiil in $«-iiiiiitrii niuntii.y iiia;;u/iiip. 

— 'i I.e skidi-ton in the oliij^et. {In John!<on, (Li.) R. 

Little cI.i>Mc:<> lH3i».7.."» 

— .'<'\ bari* uuil nther ho(nr« 4*^.'. 23 

— T- u times 4ine i- tuu 4>M.2i> 

— I |>« and diiwmt 1742.4 

— ^ 'lit/ 'luth-'r. >ix of i»ne !»y li.ilf a dozi-n of thu 

ilher. Nfr SiowK, 11. (K.) It 7'>.~).l,'i 

— and OTIIKHS. Tale* fur triivrlU-rK. Tin." l-is-t pal- ^ 

aee. and other tales 17stl.2'J 

f.^.r.'. - Thi \--4t iihIil.Iiv i: k iia:.-. A::-.:r'. r.y i;. 

taTU\ . 1 .IV Ikat w Hi-ti. Ill 4' K. <i.iir '< \ ; Ai' ■•■ • |ii-..i>i,i. 
t:i>.b> I It Ml rill i!i,' Jji-K Mai ■ <r.^ I'. M ((«• 
•■■■in; I'.ii Ni-« KM^:ii<'| «;i'-i ". l.» V (t Mn.i:i. \V:iu-|| 
laUirSiirrap' li) L I' llil • . U -liil-JX ."^ > n i illc. 

— Nic«dettc and Auc:i'<'>in, and nthiT tales 17?»1.3I 

r*tiirri»«a. — .\ti-i|iltr ami AinU'.iti i T itil I l:ilililirf>>li'ii 
(luaixlarjr. Itj K. W hmI >|. N >.; A i-i-il H-iiaiit. [■> I., l'.. 
flair, lii«3 MN a icrrat li^il. Ii> I.. K. Il.i:r. 

^ - - S|MHiD!i in a wherry, and I'ther 5tiirie.« 17S1.3U 

t-.^tr^ui -m.^il.|.nf/Vr.. hv K II T.-rkil.. ; T!|.' I'-l. • 
• . I .■■.■ iiii| rii>i-..t-<ii uiiil till h liir. Ii. F W l.-.r.. /; 

'1 •!•■ iwii |irii.ii-.. Ill I. y. ii.i:- III t II- I Hi- «tii ill. ii\ r. 

I ■•!• -li-Mii . ICi b- 1 1-4 • I lii. Ill I' \V 1. 11111,:; Wliit .iii|iii. iiiil 

!•• till' hl.aii aiiil til |>ii--r nun • •■ n I n ■ i "ni i .|i * p «• 

il.w.b. II A. .^1 ••>: A larlur tui.i Ij I- (r.ii>>> I'l -I ; 

M-ii •ii« III a «lii*rn . bN M. > ■^■■•■luiiii, \\ iti- .ill! . 'Ill- i.t..i< 
bi.rii.a^il. by A Slifin-. A ii.-.:lit nl ti-riur, li> Mn. >. IH: 
rulilr; I'liK ., "ihlliirlH-r • •tm) 

— - - Stand and wait, and other tales 17a 1.3.! 

rft'rit/a — »«laii>l anil «-ait:Thi- iiuii-' fi.-l i-v. }>y V II. 
f.rkiiia. ISi-alri'i'< iin *iir. hv A l> I'rii.ii*. "'A.--«:ii.t 

t:iiM-. by I'. I'a) !:■ k : A ■ uliTi iir.;i -ii !•> I ■•■ <* .t-ii--i- 

tui4l. bj It diuMrr. Alirxnl liai. 'i\ I ii Mt r»il;t:i. 

— • - i't'iry of the .*«impl<in, and other tali'!< 17*«1.32 

''■■f'lifa.— .% Illii i-r t.'li- .*«l"i|i;..:i; III ■ i- M ■ illii:-! ff 
viiriii. Iir I, I* lUlr; l^il.-||«^|l. in \i .1. I'l i, n'. ; i« ■< ( f -r 
K- !■ II4 I J . I rir iiiivitiir » it'iri , I'-*-* m>. ^ '-ti-'l't^iii'i' in' m. 
by I' M Lt.Aj; 

%'-4w.— V. y Ila*i- i «lii'lrt arr mC Aiiii-r.i-nii nmi iiii-<- 

rpM. u'liai.y wil 1 r:<- imri^'*' ■■! t* ■>' ■■)■« ■ 'in ' -■• ' 1 '>■' 

fi-aii •■•iiiiiil ■ iiiiiiiSri ' ii'IhIi « 111! I \,M ii ■■> * ■ I 1:,. N-- 1- . 
ffUii|ii"<«l t-i Ih- r«|.Miriali«I t-ir Oi-.i«- iiah r iii-:ii.i- i " li i 
ti(uv« iiUr ic trii it a iijrraOn- i-l an nrjitiii/Mti • i I -r ■■i- . .1 


. I 

dhrlf. So. 

IIalk, E. £., continurii. 

iin|iriivi-iiii nt. hv a kiiui i>f pnipa^ imla nl iiirli- rih-!i-a lur 
l-ii al ai li-iii. " I'lii.iii .Niiljii'- I ■■■■I* i* .t i.:>[i:i :tl i I'.il 
lit (III- iMiH- ••I' lliirr « c->ii>|iii iir> , I •f •■-III- Ih iii^ i:i I. ■■. .i- 
aiio, Hiii.i- tliv >|imiiH'il* win- >tiii in |i.i.«i->.i-i.i nl I'l (h«. 
" rp* iiiiii il<'iii4 ' i|i.i-ritM« llii- « li i>«i|iiili * "I .Vii.i-ii .III 
liii<iiii-.< <-«|f I ii-iii-<>. '*.^i\ lit inn- liy liuil a <lii/i-ii -f i:ii' 
• il'ii-i " u.ii. n-titU'ii a* u N.iil III lilira':> i-\|m iii.i-- l Uy Mr 
Hull- ami III! m:!! K. Ill «u> It >»itt- I'li.ti--!.". " II<ih l-i ■! • il ' 
(ii-i( :t-ii-iii) i-<ii-(aii.4 .iij^i »ii--ii« i-ii ■■•■-i*'>. > t't o.iili..jr. liiiM III (ill ulmiit ri^itt t;-iiiraii>. "In l|i« naim- i« a 

Kt'-rv lit tr i'li-ir iin i. nl L\.iit*i i.f I'l-ii-r W.iiil-i, a' •! nf 

t:ii- |N-riii<i'tilhiii uf tlii-iii I'l titf iwrllth 1 1 ii:ui> . " It. \t •. .tml 
l>«-iiiii|i« " riii.tMiii* »:iiin •tiiiii" ii|irii.iij "'llii- Ii.^iiarii 
|u|M-r». ail- iiidilt- (i|i III «ki-ti III'* |>iil |i-K« >lii ; a' (m-iIhi .ii.,i l-i 
liii- nil* anil i &|ii-ru-iit-c« ui Iti i O'l in i F.i-ii-ni* |M.:iiiiiii. 
" I Mir iii'w rru*iii|i- ' i« an iiiia^iiia'> ariimi t "I a li n |a-iuiii-i> 
n-t-iinial IhMiti-ml. *■ !i>|taiia and uilti-r liuinr* l« ai. uvoiuiit 
III iiiiu}{iiiiil city n-ritriiin. 

Hale, Ij. T. Margaret Perciral in America 42j.16 

A'-./i'. — A cniitiiiiiatiiHi uf Mi«< Si'«i-ir< " Mar,:ari-t IVrcl- 
*al :4ii.lli 4-iVI7J 

— Tho ({ueen of the red chcfsiuen. {In Atlantio 

tale>) 4S0. 1 

— - Struggle for life 4.').'i. !.'> ; 743.0 

11ali;,:>. J. Liberia 4*'».3 

— N'oithwiiod; or, lifu Nurth and South 1144.2U 

— .>kt'toljo!f of .American character 4.'in.2.'> 

Half u million ot mmtey. Kiiward>, A. IL 7IU.43; 722.21 

Half brothi-rs. The. Dumas, A. (1».) 447.3 

llALF-iiUoiiiKU*>. The. (ji.i!-kitl, IJ. 720.17 

llAi.F-rnowN, Tiie, and hiii philiiMipliy. Hall, K. .. .>n7.14 
Uai.k iiiiur libiary nf truv«-l, ii.tturi* and >ci«'nee. 

Half hourii in wuod.» uipI wild.«. Adventures of 

sport and trawl niiC.24 

f '-.■i.'i h'.. — <',>lit -niia; I'aiiaita: riii-i-r Ania/mii lirvat 
Iliilaiii; .Siiiitii .Vli li J ; itij-iiu; .Maiii»-. .Nuiii^utiH. 

Half- 1.1 IK, .\, and half a life. Ajipleton, K. H. 

{In Atlantic tale.«) 4S0.I 

Halimmiiox. T. C. (.Niir/i Sltrk.) The eliickmaker: 

>.iviii:;.-< ami dningii of >iiui >i'u'k i-f .'^lii'kville .. 448.3 

— I*aying"i uuil doinga of >amuL*l Slick 4t»U.2 

.\..', -.'I'!. I • ii-.i-wliat I riiilr ui il i- i--iii;:iiiiiiiii iMiiil.iiiatinn 
I'f i|ii.iiit.i < ili-|-.- :i-it I.I >iiiii Mii-h i« lai: • r n i-ain-aliin i!-aii 
a liiiliil-ii il< mil a:iiMi III ii.i- Vaiikti' r.'iuidt fi-i, 1 tii- |M'r*i-na- 
llit ,, -i.-Hi-ii :. Jia> li< -till i| li |iut t!.->il ilUl d-Miv liilK-ii 1^ 
I'.laiii.'.li llif |i-i|ill,ai II -ll.ili. 

Hall, A. M. Himiiis and ble:<siii;;s. .'^titricii and 
skvtche.o to illu^trate the udvant.iges of ti-iiipvr- 
aiicr 1777.7 

— Can n rung be light? IJn.-toii ."i02.21 

— S lint. 1.4 ip/i;; 4'.>U.i4 

— r.uiiiiii.'li'.-^ iif t i.:.y nn'ik 1421'. I'J 

— l»i;;^iii;; a gr.ive will) a wiiK'-glii?.*. [.VN-i, Tho 

iii^t gl.t-"-' «'f wiuo. by Mr*. A. K. ihiniiing] ... 4iri.lS 
~ Till' h^lit "f t.iith ^UI.I3 

— (■i.inilin.iiiimaV pi-i;ki't>. {In <,Mi ambers, W. ami 

K. Library lor >i>uiig poipli) 410.7(1.6 

-> Li^ht- atpl !>li:iiliiwj' iif liL-ih lite. 2v 77C.I2 

— T.u' lucky pi'iiny, and nthiT taU-.- 77i>.l.S 

— .Mamtiia .^lllly. {In .Ma>'kariit'*'', M. A., and 

I'lhers. Till' m.i;;iii t ^l<ii ii.- ) 7lii.lti 

— The private pui.«v; and other tali-.-i 734.17 

f 'i..,<. ,if.. — '1 , !• prirau- I'Urfi ; Cii«iin>*«. '1 m- pn%iTiii-*4; 
liuii.iiii , 'llKii (fill.-* a liav 

— .*^ki ti'ln-s i.f Iii-'h charaeter H04.2 

— Tile'- f;r^. (/'I *'J»aiiilnT», W . and IL Li- 

brary ti>r yoHo^ pciipl') ttii.7(i. lU 

— I nelf >.inr.-« iii-iih'v-Ik-x 77ti. It* 

— Sim'. {In <':iaiiibi'i!', W . aiid K. Libtary f^r 

V'lllll^ p<'"li|r) .... .... ..••• .... .... .... .... IPl.i (i. I 

— Tiii> w.iy I't tliL' w>i[M aii>l nthiT ^tl•li« ii 77ti.l7 

i .'. ■- • I . ■» il -t •: - * -r -I 1 •■• li. r ,1 .1 H I'V- 

!'iri- . i . I ■ I ' i-l - : I Ki ■■ I .':il> li--> , I .II- M*! ■■ r- 

i •* ; 1 .1' w .' «• 1. .'i* I ii*. 

^ Till' » liiMii-ii'r ] iO'j..'» 

— .Vi'Mi". (/fi (.'tiantbi r«, \\\ and K. Library l-.r 

yxuii,; p npli) 110.7ii. In 

Hai.i.. .1. L>-;;i'ii i.s iif thr Wi'^t !*«:<. o 

— I IK' will!' I If ••' nud III'- war p iih 17**7.22 

Hali , .M.. r»"i»ri'v .Vi.i« .Ni'-fr. .\ii>lr>'W M.irvil 

and hi* iri'-hil-. A -tiiiy if t'.n' -!::>' i.l lluil. 1 ( I'.'.L'i 

Hall, K. fiic h iUVmhwii .iii>l lii^ ; iiii ■" p.iv I'lT.U 

li\i.L. Wf«. ."^.imut 1 •'- .v.. Il\i I . .\. .M. 

Mai I., -^ iiiih L. ('.niii-l.:-' m .Ni u l!:i^l.iiil IT.'ii'.'J 

II AM , T. < ^ IliT iiii-ll.i r'> r.iM'v 

Shelf uunibcni above 221 lO iu the MoteH are iii tlie llutes Hall. 




Sbeir. Xo. 
Hall, The, of Hellingslej. Brydget, Sir (S.) E. 

3 V 1798.1 

Hallowkll, S. C. Beo's bedtime 1739.23 

— Oa the obaroh steps. tSee Ashbtoit, F 1761. 16 | 

Halo, The, roand the moon. Abbott, J U29.'29 

Halpink, C. G. {Miles O'Reilly.) Baked meata of 

the funeral 475.7 

— Life and adrentarea of private Mile* O'Reilly ... 307.*28 

Halvks. Payn, J 1790.16; 1799.13 

Hambbtox, £. The mirror of truth and other mar- 

Tellous histories 1419.18 

HAMBBTOir, P. G. Harry Blount 1774.20 

— Wenderholme. A story of Laneashire and York- 

shire. Edinburgh. 3t 435.2 

— Same. Boston 1801.9 

A'oic — ''The pment edition, though gnmtij abridfed. it 
not • mutilated edition." — Anthor'a prv/oe*. 

Hamilton, A. Fairy tales and romances 857.2 

Hamilton, C. V., formerly Miss DaJdn, A orown 

from the spear 43 1.29 

— Ropes of sand : and other stones 1743.4 

— Woven of many threads 43 1.9 

Hamilton, K The cottagers of Glenburnie 789.13 

Hamilton, Gail, pseud. See Dodob, M. A. 

Hamilton, Mrs, M. J. R. Cachet; or, the secret 

sorrow 1734.2 

Hamilton, Mary. Our games 1429.20 

Hamilton, W. J. The gulch miners. A romance 

of the gold region 1789.3 

— The hunchback 1789.9 

— The lake rangers: a tale of Tieonderoga 1788.8 

— Ruth Ilarland 1789.5 

— The Shawnees' foe 1788.4 

— The sons of liberty. A story of the Mohawk val- 

ley in revolutionary days 1788.4 

— The traitor spy 1789.11 

— Wenona, the giant chief of St. Regis 1738.8 

Ham LET, E. B. Lady Lee's widowho<^ 802.38 

Ham MBB and anvil. Spielhagen, F 775.15 

Hammond, W. A. RobertSereme 490.27 

Hampden, A. Hartley Norman 496. 16 

Hampshibb cottage, The. Dacre, B. Brand, /a<fy. . .1502.17 

Hanafobd, P. A. Frank Nelson 717.22 

Hancock, S. J. The MonUnas 496.19 

Hand, The, but not the heart. Arthur, T. S 1806. 11 

Hand, The, of Ethelberta. Hardy, T 43.8; 1809.25 

Hand and glore. Edwards, A. B 491.19; 710.49 

Hand, The, of the diligent 509.22 

Handel and Haydn. Barnard, C 766.19.2 

Handib. Abbott,J 747.11.1 

Handsome is that handsome does. Bradley, M 1509.28 

Handsome Lawrence. Dudevant, A. L. A. D 421.16 

Handt Andy: a Ule of Irish life. Lorer, S. 448.12; 711.10 

Hanna, J. M. TheacUof kings 1448.33 

Hannah. [Marrying a wife's sister.] Craik, D. 

(M.) 495.3; 750.54; 798.26 

Hannah. Moos, H. M 762.20 

Hannah Lee 800.45 

Hannah Thurston. Taylor, (J. ) Bayard 426.8 

Hannay, J. KingDobbs 1478.8 

Hans Brinker. A story of life in Holland. Dodge, 

M.E 480.20 

Hanspobd: a tale of Bacon's rebellion [in Virginia]. 

Tucker, St. G 487.24 

Happiness, The, of being rich. Conscience, H 1786.10 

Happt accident. A, at Brighton. Church, F 65.19 

Ha PPT boy. The: a tale of Norwegian peasant life. 

Bjomaon, B 415.9 

HAPprfaces. Opie, A. Works 802.1.1 

Happt grandmother, The. Sherwood, M. M. 

Works 452.1.13 

Happy home stories. Baker, H. N. (W.). 6 r 509.24 

Happt hours at Wynford grange. Bradley, E 1428.19 

Haps and mishaps of the Brown family. Boardman, 

M.M 717.17 

Habboub bar, The. A tale of Scottish life. Phil- 
lips, Air*. J 1784.18 

Habd cash. [Private insane asylums.] Reade, C. 

497.24; 750.8 
Habd scrabble. The, of Elm island. Kellogg, E. .. 727.9 
Habd master. The. MacConaughy, Mrs, J. E. 1449.9 

SlMlf. So. 

Habd times. Dickens, C. (J. H.) 410.30; 472.2 

4S1.18; 481.19; 491.5; 1476.1; 1736.16; 1781.7 
Uabdbnbebg, F. von. {Sovalis.) Henry of Ofter- 

dingen. [Germany, thirteenth century] 798.13 

IIabding, R. JB. See Datis, R. B. 

Habdt, Lady. Dai^y Nichol 431.16 

Habdt, T. The hand of Ethelberta. Leipzig 1809.25 

— Leisure hour series. Desperate remedies 1758.1 

Far from the madding crowd 1776.2 

The hand of Ethelberta. New York ^ 43.8 

A pair of bl ne eyes 1745.12 

Under the greenwood tree. New York 1739.15 

— Under the greenwood tree. London 1465.5 

Habdt, W. A. Fearndale: a temperance tale 1499.11 

Habdt and Hunter. Ward, Mrs, H 748.19 

Habb, Mrs, R. Standish: a story of [the civil war]. 721.21 
Habland, Marion, pseud. See Tbbuune, M. V. 
Habold, the last of the Saxon kings. Bulwer-LyV- 

ton, E. (G. E.) L. 420.53; 466.5 

.V«e«. — An hiacoricml romance of William the eonqocror'a 
time. KinK*lrv't " Uereward the Wake ' [43.6; 4t«.S; 7IOJi] 
can be read m roiioection, as veil aa "rainyaou'c drama, 

Habold's wife. Tytler, C. C. F •.. 417.11 

H ABPBB establishment, The. Abbott, J 739. 1.4 

Habpeb's story books. Abbott, J. 12 v 739.1 

Habbict and her sister. Yonge, C. M 1806.1 

Habbington, George F., pseud. See Bakbb, W. M. 

Habbington. Edgeworth, M 467.1.9; 468.8.17 

Habbington. O'Connor, W. D 44.18 

Habbis, G. W. Sut Lovingood 805.14 

Habbis, M.y formerly Miss Cole. Frank Warrington. 494.19 

— Louie's last term at St. Mary's 4S6.10 

— A perfect Adonis 1775.16 

— Richard Vandermarck • 765.8 

— Ronndhearts and other stories 784.1 

ConrcMto. — RoundhearU : The Chriitmaa ilfller; The boy 
regiment: Willy Oullia*. 

~ Rutledge 507.10 

— St. Philip's 763.16 

— The Sutherlands 494.1 

IIabbison, a. Martin's vineyard 1779. 10 

Uabbison, J. Little boots 17G3.11 

— Marty and the mite-boxes 1427.16 

— The old backroom 434.10 

Ha bbt and Lucy. Edgeworth, M 1468.1 

Habbt Blount Hamerton, P. G 1774.20 

Habbt Chalgrave's legacy. Drew, C 1424.11 

Habbt Cuverdale's courtship and marriage. Smed- 

ley, F. E 487.14; 1766.10 

Ha BBY Delaware. Estvan, M 421.30 

Habbt G bingo, pseud. See Wise, H. A. 

Habbt Harson. Irving, J. T 486.17 

Habbt Hazel, pseud. See Jones, J. 

Uabrt Heathcote of Gangoil. Trollope, A. 1751.1; 1768.6 

Habbt Helm. Jones, J 433.16 

Habbt Leo 487.9 

Habbt Lorrequer, The confessions of. Lever, C. (J.) 

502.15; 710.23 

Habbt Maitland. Downs, E. oOd.ll 

Habbt Ogilvie; or, the black dragoons. Grant, J. 1804.10 

Habbt Tempest. Jones, J 433.17 

Habrt's conflicts. Fbh, H. C 1808.6 

Habbt's vacation. Richards, W. C 714.9 

Habt, G. In the rapids 765.21 

Habt, J. 0. Miriam Coffin, or the whale-fishermen. 1765.8 
Habtb, (F.) Bret. Condensed novels. Boston 788.14 

— Same, And other papers. New York 718.1 

— The luck of Roaring camp. {In Johnson, (B.) 

R. Little classics) 1839.7.4 

— Same, and other sketches 737.16 

— The outcasts of Poker Flat {In Johnson, (E.) 

R. Little classics) 1839.7.1 

— Tales of the Argonauts [California pioneers], and 

other sketches 51.10 

— Thankful Blossom. A romance of the Jerseys, 

1779 1436.4 

.Voce — Bret Ilarte'i "Condensed noTelt"are broad bur- 
le«ques on Mim Braddon. Mr*. NicholU. and other reeeal 
popular writers. Most of hii other Btoriea Oncludinv the 
novel of ** Gabriel Oonrojr**) are ao-callcd dialect Htorwa of 
California life of the earlier and ruder tjpe. 

Shelf numbers above 21 lO in the Notes are in the Bates Hall. 



HabtUid futMl: a l(g«nd of Harlh DuTnn. 


n^niurr Mvnn». lUmiHlgn, A 

llAit»«i<(, M. -Die ]HLdoT'<^r iking. [Munt]. 

IlAHTWELL, U. AwuDwa H aimur lTttll.3 

HuTiiriLi,rarm, Tb«. ConlU, L. U T.'..-|.1S 

lUui bDji. The. UoffnuD.K *:t!l.l3 

iliBTanii. IhiHlant-llta at. Tilpp, U. II IViHl 




>, Tho . 
TLthc. Kingilvy.lL. 

: Ilia lilo anJ ad- 



Tliu thr 


Tm ltd 


« J an 

nl *r 
»v, M. C 

<'f..ld dwi 

'^.' (/» 

Jplmwn. (B. 



M tiling. 
.1 '.'-,. In 
.-hu.>k for 

doia ■. 
OK itoriM 
The Am 



Sh..rt rt-ir 

Kirit ..'> 



K- UtUeelut 


".iV; 71; 







H>4 prvltj, lint prceloaf 


uilal molM 

- Viel..[ 


IlaDXTEDCrnM.The. Banndcrf.K. 7TT.SG; 1T77..>1 IdSa.T.ri 

Hadstio '-,:■• iLrarulu.. 11.3 4I2.1J 430.7M 

IIadxted bnuiMl»d, Thr. ^Wthworth, E. H. E. N. 1J3.!X 
IUll:<TEuhuuH.Tbe. Uiek«M,C(J.U.>,aiuliithi!n. 


Hai^t - l>ieke,iil,C.(J.II.) Cbriflinni. i n/ji, 

...Min 4^1.11 IJ; 48;.I1; iiUU.l.Z; ITHrS 1 1[, 

XLlCxted tuuiul. Tacker, C UliClU 1 1|, 

UM*nbmUm, The. CunninKbam. A. (/n John- |j, 

•»a. It) EL UUIaBlaHlei) liU'J.T.rt |i, 

XACNtthViooi, Tbo. Wood. E. P THI.3 ; n, 

HlT--^. 1 T> (•• f-iisin Alui.') TboCuoport.... 41t,"..n H, 

llAEELTllK. Mabel, pfl'aJ. 


»,C. M, 



■ ixuhiill. 



Ml. K. .... 
iirvK, M. V. 

uvi«) . 

_ Da (d avao ■ ranlwj. (/a Juhncin. (K.) K. 

Ulll* dlaulo) I).1U.T.4 ' 

— Th DotlkmroijunHiaiia'-thcrplKr* InUO.ll) I 

— GO»n Biaed. h J"hiuun, {K } It. Llllb- : 

eUMiCi') IS19.-.1 

— fanibawfaail otbcr piMv« liiUy.V ' 

H*rr.K. I I. CutawavInthacDld. [Ai 

Ilivw'Anii. M. L Thallantiiigd'.M HiM.IS 

II*iiK[., Ilnrrj, pMrwI. Srt JuMEH. J. 

II4IHL r»rui I4i9.IS 

.Vrr IUkii. C. H. 
Molhar'* ililp, aad Iha 

OLtifi' it bruHKbt 418.9 

lUiLKtr, II. Uleiinair; or. Ilfa in S«<itland 774.14 

U Muelh not,' aha nlil." Cudlip, A 1741.16 

' iTAfrlicht., A 710.73; Tll.ll 

aaulilirr! J«pba>D, K. M 1411.11 

-. HfbrtnldeCfuoa. It 4«.7 

II, Thsamigrant 481I.IS 

if Ihef.mllT. ■Cn.ik,l>.{a.>..430.»; S0.-..I7 

iiiuf. I^ktniar, E. P. dp 174. 18 

iJhindlua. Wood, F. II. (/a i)n;, 

I juri. n and othnn. Tbe rainbow Uuria).... TSJ.14 

144G.14: I44it.:a llKAOLDihonamui.Tha. Raid. M 713.1: 7I.'..10 

1137.11 liiK^iu.ndhi-arti. ll<.bin»n, P. W !l7al.ll 

■ ■■■. '*^:'? llKAMaml Uilii: ■tudica and ttoriva >if pell. Up- 

iNAN.Tb.'. StrttiarlBBd Juid IUI7 — Ulna of 
ilvin] l\M,pi.,,J.r.T<a.ll 7GII.13; 7UIJ.14i I.>IU.15 

^v. F<itberKlil.J 17nU.II 

I M Laksrllla I7S1.I1 

imnmvr' Tiiui M IT13.7 

randcnM. iHi|.hAn4, M. (n. W.) 7ai.ll 

r aipririiev. JarvM.J.J 7M1.W 

r-Kiviiiiiy. Wi'<<tin<>n4anil, M. J 473.] 

r, Tbc, dC Mid-LulbiBD. Rcull. Mr W (lU.ia 

4CD.1.C; 1170.1.!; 1803.G; 1S07.8 

. 1773.1 

. M4.S 
. 1T41.!1 



■ Ha, 


lS03,.'i _ , 

r.'KAKK. [Itlaliuetiuuufnnk.] ' 
I.J.E. EdK»-lli[[. 


— Tha boniw of thu pptcd nnbl.t t^' 

life and nuMinin]. and Tbu inuw- 

— TVanarbl faun. [ 
^ il'iaira frvm an uld'manH 

.. _ Mu!|).,nni'll, W... 

<•''' IIk ti-.-i. \f. Tba rinrj of HoUo Uwl I4.'<*. tu 

r Eiixlmd iIlKAVKivittniol. AimuwM, J. H. 77.'i.7 

laiw [and IllKlvvnilu-*. lU.I.-r«>.iuii, J. K. IT1U.3 

.?. 4JT.4 1I»HE« brnwA Tucktr. C\ 

I If.... .'•iKi.lO IIki'ki«<iI"<i. <Iurv.r.(l. F. IIO.UI 

4:iT.-J lIn-ii>u<ni4lI..ra)i.Tb<-f.,rlnn-«uf. Mimll.W.II. m'.Ai 

_._ 407.3 llri«E ..f (li..ri.., Tlic. Sii.T...d, M. M. Wuiki. 4-.J.U 

»*-III.,M iMri™ - U- - u J I..1.IK' ii. tHMir IIBWIEII in. fh.'li-. K.A. IM.l 

■twlii.E 111 Uuimii. IIkiI'KI.ukiui. ITfairljT jtan' war in Oi-rman;.] 

— }>«ur Ouldlb**[ta'i trraiara. (/a Aldrich. T. II. „ ■'»""■»■ '*■ J!; ""■,■■■ ■■ ;*'V";. *'"'''' *""* 

Go.Nl .t..tiM) i;ao.l.i I "■""««"*,'■•■■"■ "i.'':„I'^*V" ^"'f" "•""- .,„ ,. 

— Tha —l^t J.K.r. [A L.I. of early 3l>«uhu- U.n. in >h« lauUlease^l C.-il«r, J. !■. ...... .ffl.l. 

•t1tibl«..rT) Uuit..n 4,- .a. s- 1,1111 

— $.•,. I..>ip.iit 4;.i 

- Tbeni 


- TAii|le«<Mal tatni. 


,rd GKbl. I7T 

c, II. 

il il..|.ll... 


filieir niimbrm above 2110 iu tbc Not4.'H aru in tlic IIhU'H Hull. 




Shelf. No. 
Hbib, The, of Malreward; or, restored. By the 

author of ** Son and heir," eto. 1740.U 

Heir, The, of RedclySe. [Eugli:ih high church, 

domestic life of upper classes.] Yunge, C. M... 430.75 

775.4; 786.1 

HsiR, The, of Wa#t-Wayland. Howitt, M 4h9.y 

Hkir, The, to Ashley. Wood. E. P 502.25 

Heiress, The. Stephens, A. S. (W.) 42C.7 

Heiress, The, in the family. Daniel, ^tr9. K. M.. . 1743.20 
Heiress, The, of QreenhursL Stephens. A. S. (W.) 427.14 
Heiress, The, of Haughton. Marsh-Caldwell, A.430.17; 431.1 

Heiress, The, of Sweetwater. Randolph, J. T 1743.5 

Heirs. The, of Derwentwater. Blanohard, E. L.. . . 1781. 16 

Helen. Edgeworth, M 467.1.10 

Helen and Arthur. HenU, C. L. 458.15; 458.18 

Helen and her cousin 467.9 

Helen Courtenay*s promise. Glorer, Mr*. C. H. Q. 743.9 

Helen de Toumon. Soaxa, A. F. de. 2 r.*. 489. 17 

Helen Egerton. Ceiinski, M 1808.8 

Helen Erskine. Robinson, Mr*. M. H 766.21 

Helen Ethinger. Whittlesey, E. L. 797.26 

Helen Ford. Alger, II., >r 414.12 

Helen Gardiner's wedding-day. Terbone, M. V. .. 765.17 

Helen MacGregor. Barlow, C. T 7S3.24 

Helen of the glen ; a tale of the Scotch ooTenanters. 

PoUok.R 467.5 

Helen's babies. Habberton, J 1800.24 

Hele.m's diary. Marshall, E 733.17 

Helena's household; a tale of Rome in the first 

century. Do Mil le, J 1445.3 

Heliond£. Whiting, S '. 480.18 

Helmb, E. St. Clair of the isles; or, the outlaws of 

Barra 1798.9 

Hbloise. Robinson, T. a. L. (▼. J.) 449.14 

Helping-hand series. See Xuwell, H. P. H. 

Helps, iSfir A. Casimir Maremma 766.20 

— Ivan de Biron ; or, the Russian court in the mid- 

dle of last century. Boston 1757.4 

— Same. Leipsig ,. 1768.7 

— Realmah 767.25 

Helps and hinderances to the cross. Baker, H. N. 

(W.) 476.1 

Helps over hard places. Peebles, M. L. 2 r 1729.12 

Hemlock swamp. The. Whittlesey, E. L. 1728.7 

Henderson, J. S. Karaibo 1789.5 

— NedSurling 1788.4 

— Saloueh, the Cherokee 1788.13 

— The unseen hand 1788.8 

Henderson, K. Born to be a lady 1803.22 

Henri. Cambridge, W. Q 479.1 

Henri de la Tour; or, the comrades in arms. Smith, 

J. F 1781.18 

Henrietta Temple. Disraeli, B 410.39; 1478.2 

Henrietta's wi«h. Tonge, C. M 55. 10. 16 

Henrt, A. Rolando. 3y 1798.5 

Henrt, H. L. Little Ada 450.73 

Henrt and Henrietta, Stories of. Dufresne, A 747.1 

Henrt Courtland. Clioe, A. J 786.16 

Henrt Dunbar. Braddoo, M. E 750.21 ; 781.22 

Henrt Esmond, History of. [Queen Anne's time.] 

Thackeray. W. M 45.13; 430.57; 501.8 

Henrt Masterton. [English ciTil war.] James, G. 

P. R 464.4; 464.8 

Henrt M ilner. Sherwood, M. M. Works 452. 1. 1, 15 

Henrt of Guise; or, the states of Blois. [French 

history, 1588. etc.] James, G. P. R... 464.27; 1805.19 
Henrt of Ofterdingen. [Germany, thirteenth cen- 
tury.] Ilanlenberg, F. Ton 798.13 

Henrt Powers (banker). Kimball, R. B 774.17 

HxNRT Smeaton: a Jacobite story of the reign of 

George the first. James, G. P. R 463. 13 

Henrt the eighth and his court. [English history.] 

Mundt,C.(M.) 415.20; 415.21 

Henrt Wood ville. Opie. A. Works 802.1.2 

Henshaw, ATis* — . {Aunt Maggie.) A budget of 

fun for little folks 724.16 

Hbntz, C. L. Aunt Patty's scrap-bag 500.53 

— The banished son; and other stories 458.1 1 

— Cmrtship and marriage 458. 12 

*— ' JQiOiine .... ■■■• ..•■ •••• ..• •■•• ••■• .■•■ 445. 13 ; 44i). 16 

— £rne»t Linwood 445.6 

Shell. Now 
Hentz, C. L., cotainued. 

— Helen and Arthur 458.15; 458.18 

— Linda 445.11 

— The lost daughter ; and other stories 445. 15 

— Love after marriage; and other stories 44Gwl 

— Marcus Warland 458.16 

— The planter's northern bride 446.4 

— Rena 445.12 

— Robert Graham. A sequel to ** Linda " 445.14 

Hep WORTH, Mrs. G. 11. {Una Savin.) The little 

gentleman in green 744.21 

Her dearest foe. Alexander, Mrs. — 1796.9 

Her face was her fortune. Robinson, F. W 1731.12 

Her lord and master. Church, F 433.21; 720.86 

Her majesty the queen. [Time of Charles i of Eng- 
land and Henrietta of France.] Cooke, J. E. .. 1735.4 

Her mother's Fancy. Hall, T. 1774.8 

Her title of honor. Parr, H 730.74 

Herbert, Mrs. — . Weakness and strength 1449. 14 

Herbert, 11. W. {Frank Forester.) The deer- 
stalkers. A sporting tale 51.7 

— The fair puritan. An historical romance of the 

days of witchcraft 1773.12 

— Oliver Cromwell ; or, England's great protector. . 469.6 

— The Roman traitor: or, the days of Cicero, Cato 

and Catalino [sic}. A true tale of the republic. 436.15 

Herbert, Lady M. E. The two siitters 7i0.23 

Herbert, S. A. F. {Herbert yewburg.) May Bell. 14T9.3 

Herbert. Samuels, S. B. C 450.47.3 

Herbert Carter's legaby. Alger, 11., jr 53.1 

Herbert Newburt, pseud. See Herbert, S. A. F. 

Here and hereafter. A them. A 47S.5 

Hereward the Wake, '< last of the English." [Wil- 
liam the conqueror's time.] Kingsley, C 43.C 

480.3; 710.39 
K9t€. —See Note nnder IlABOLit. 

Hering, J. Gulden days 175S.3 

— Truth will out 1746.8 

Herman, or young knighthmtd. Palfrey, S. H. 3 r. 490.4 

Hermann Agha. Palgrave, W. G 498.23 

Hermit, The. of Holcombe. Chellis, M. D 436.19 

Hermsprong. Bage, R 778.1.48 

Hero, A. Craik, D. (M.) 55.10.9; 507.16 

Hero, A, of the pen. Buerstenbinder, E. 1760.29 

HERoCarthew. Parr, L. 1732.9 

Hero Trevclyan. Craik. G. M 750.58 

Heroes, The; or, Greek fairy tales. Kingsley, G. . . 484.12 
Heroes of ancient Greece: a story of the diays of 

Socrates the Athenian. Palmer, E. 1499.8 

Heroes of the hou:$ehoId. Arthur, T. S 1459.8 

Heroes of the North; or, stories from Norwegian 

chronicle. Potter, F. S 1464.23 

Heroic tales of ancient Greece. Xiebuhr, B. G.. .. 738.9 

Heroic wife. The. Kingston, W. H. G 1759.8 

Heroine, The, of the confederacy. O'Connor, F. J. 796.10 

Hertha. Bremer, F 455.16 

Uesba Stretton, pseud. See Smith, Hannah. 

Hesper, the home-spirit. Doten, E. 507.3 

Hester Howard's temptation. Warfield, C. A 53.4 

Hester Morley's promise. Smith. H 1746.3 

Hester Strong's life work. Southworth, S. A 1496. 1 1 

Hettt. Kingsley, H 504.10 

Hewlin, S. E. Mrs. Marshall's key, and what it 

unlocked 450.14 

Hkt. W. Fifty fables for children 7S4.18 

Hetgate, W. £. Godfrey Davenant 500.57 

— Short tales for lads of a Bible class or night achooL 1419.30 
Hetse, p. (J. L.) L'ArrabiaU and other tales 1711.7 

Co»f*mtf. — L' AirabiaU ; Cuunt Eraest** home ; Blind ; Wai> 
tcr't littJe inotlier. 

— Count Ernest's home. {In Aldrich, T. B. Good 

stories) 1799.1.4 

— The dead lake and other Ules 1711.11 

Vantmm. — A fortnijrht at the dead Uke; Doomed; Bea- 
trice : Besinuiox. and rud. 

— The lonely ones 436.1 

Hetwood.J.C. How will it end T 788.17 

Hiawatha, The myth of. Schoclcraft, 11. R 485.15 

^»tt. — The he»i« t.f r»nefr1low'« " The •N>npr of Hiawmtha " 
' [."Mai: StU); ia».15.«; 1^35.11; SIOUB: fmsJli -ISOSaS]. 

I Hidden depths : 4T3.ll 

Shelf numbers above 21 lO in^Jie Notes are in the Bates Hall. 




Shotr. No. j 

HiDDBif homo, The 77 1. U ; 

lliDDBX path, The. Torhune, M. V HO i.'iC : 

HiDDCsi perilt. Hay, M. C lSUO.13 ; 

IliDbBN power. The. Bannctt, F. E 44ti.8 

UiDDEX sin. The. Dupuy, E. A ]4.')ti.3 

Hide and acvk. Collins, (W.) W 720.5; 751.1 

IliGttiMifusi, T. W. Malbone: an Oldport [Newport, 

K. I.] riimanoe 1443.33 

HiaoLEDT-PiuuLBur; or, itorie* for everybttUj and 

ererjbodj'i children, llagvajten, E. II. K 1721.10 


lIiGB milU, The. Saunders, K 421.15; 177ti.25 

High- WATS and by-ways. Grattan, T. C 7'.id.G 

UtuuAM, M. K. Athol 1740.18 

— Clurerly 1 7 2 1 . IH 

UiOBEB and higher: a bi>ok for ehildren 14ii4.1S 

jv>rf« — Thi*« 4oriM <«lth two excciHioiia) are adaptrd fh>in 
8. 84iiiiot'«" Self-help." 

IIiGHBB law. Maitland, E 7!)t.21 

IIIUULABD widow, The. Scott, Sir \V 400. 1.20 

U02.1.G; 1470.1.5; 18U7.2ti 

S^ mlMo SCOTT, Sir W., note. 

lliGDL4!«i>s, The, of the city. Black, W 18011. 14 

111 LA Dart. Muiuford,M.E 5(H).40 

liiLAiir SL Itch. Ainsworth, W. II 710.73 

IllLDoCRNB, C. S. Effieandl 783.1 

JliLbKDKAjiT, C. Winter in Spitzburgun. A tale of 

the Northland 450.53 

lliLDBBUBM, M. J. Flora Morris' chtiice 144U. 17 

Hill, L. C. Laare; the history of a blijchud life. . 777.19 

Hill, The, and the ?alley. Martineau, II 74'.). 2.2 

HiLLKRiv, W. voD. By his own might 7^5.3 

— Gcier-Wally. A Ule of tho Ty n>l 17'.h).2 ; 

— The Tulture maiden [Die Goier-Wally] 180V). 28 

— Only a girl 785. 1 

— A twufold life 1718.6 

HiLLESDBX on the moon. A runiaiico of tho Wo^t 

Kiding. Kettle, 11. .M 1411.20 

HiLLiARi», H. W. Do Vane 473. 12 

Hills, The, of the Shatemuc. Warner, S. . . .730.1'J; 7<.M.4 

HiLLHUoKO' farms. Cobb, S. D 761.22 

UlLLTAHS, The, and the Burtons. Kingaley, 11.750.38; 7C3.0 
Hilt to hilt; or, days and nights on the banks of the 

Shenaiidi»ah in the autumn uf 1HG4. Cooke, J. E. 774.25 
HlHSBLT his worst enemy. [Philip, duke of Whar- 

U>n.] Brotherhead, A. 1* 705.15 

HiBTu!! , II. My comrades. AdvouturcM in the High- 
lands and Ipgends of tho neutral ground 17r.i>.7 ! 

HiRF.Li. Saundurs, J 702.22 

HiN le?el best. Hale, E. E I7It.O 

His marriage vuw. Ciirbin. C. F 17>3.'.> 

His natural life. Clarke, .M IT'.Mi. L), 

His two wires. Cloinmer, .M 177i'i.7 

His y«»ung wife. .Smith, J. P 17h:>.20 

HiaTiiKK'AL tales of illu:«trii>Ui( childrvn. Strick- 
land. A 40. MO 

HiSTuRT, The romance of. England. Ni'vlc, II. . . . 4 I'.). I 

41 'J. 2; 4111.3; 4 I '.>.-.» 
HiSTORT, The romance of. Franco. Kitohi«, L. 4 1:».5 ; 17 is. 1 
History, The romance of. Italy. Macfarlano, C. . . 4 1 '.>.!'• i 

lliSTUKT, Story of aiioK'iit. Ab'Uitt, J 440.20; 73'.» l..'> ■ 

HiSToRr, The. of a flirt. (tri>y, 3/r«. E. C 171i'.. hi ' 

llikToRT of a hnuiM*htild. Craik, D. (.M.) 7.'l.2i> 

HikToRT of Sir William Harrington. 4 v I7'.»M.0 

HiTi;U4-oCK, E. A. The r«d Iniok of Appin; [alM»] 

A chapter of the Palmerin uf Englaml 4*^0 

Hitherto. Whitney, A. D. T 7i.0.15 

HoARTilRAb and M'Donuer. Abbott, J 10^7.2(1 

HoBSoVs choice .'lOii.'j '• 

•' Hoc age." Sherwood, M. M. Work* 452. 1. 13 

HoniiER, E. Tuwed on the waves ]47^i l-'i 

HoBrER, E. The old eount4*is 427.4 

HoBT, MrM. C. Tho blossoming of an aloe 1773. !.'• 

— A golden ^jrrow. Leipxig 7ti0.01 

— Same, New York 4ll.i'.* 

^ A house of cards 732. in 

— Out of court 17T'.*.tt 

HorrMANX, E. T. W. Fairytales.... 7.(7.14 

— German roraancp. .Wr (^aiii.yi.e, T 4H.I.2: 4l!S.lo 

— MiiAler Flea, (/n Soano, G. .S|M«cimens of (lor- 

man ntnmncc) 427.0.2 

Bh«ir. Ko. 
HoPFMAM.N, E. T. W., continued. 

— Signor Formica 737.20 

— Strange stories 737.13 

HoFFMA?i.H. F. Father Muller 1716.7 

— <Ji;yer Wally 438.17 

— The Greek maid at the court of Nero. [Rome, 
firet century] 447.22 

— The II.irt»boys 438.23 

— Sowing in tears and reaping in joy 450.62, ^S. Kuflcction 1735. 15 

— Solf-donial 751I.24 

IloiTY Toity, the good little f«*llow. Camden, C. . .« 173U. 1 1 

lIoLDEX with the cords. WtHtdruff, J. L. M 1705.7 

Hole, The, in the pocket. Baker, H. N. (W.) 723.23 

HuLiDAr album. The, for boys. Pratt, L. M 1400.12 

HoLiDAr album. The, for girN. Pratt, L. M 1400.11 

Holiday chuplet of utories. Tucker, C 800.73 

Holiday house. Sinclair, C 45'J.ll 

Holiday romance. Dickens, C. (J. II.). ...471.22; 475.11 

Holiday taltfs. Wilford, F. 172l>.13 

Holidays at Rosvhiuds. Finley, M 717.14 

HoLiDAVK at St. Mary's. X., S. D 48U.7 

HoLLA.HD, C. AnpRjiia 410.23 

Holland, J. G. {Tinnthy YifrimA.) Arthur Bon- 

nicastlo 1744.11 

— The bay-|>ath; a tale of Nirw England Colonial 
life [1038] 415.1 

— M iss (Gilbert's career 495.8 

— Svvenoaks. A .<«tory of t«)-day 62. 13, Hollo in. Abbott, J 659.17 

Sf* 4<>u I.OW riiuntilcf. 

Hollands. The. Towni«cud, V. F 764.25 

UoLLKY, .M. My opinions and Betsy Bobbet's. By 

Jo5iah Allen'swife 1753.11 

HoLLiX(;8iiP.A]>, J. Under Bow bulls 497.17 

HoLLr-TKKK, The. Dickens, C. (J. H.) Christmas 

Btiries 482.11 

Holly wreaths and rose chains. Rame, L. de la. 

783.25; 783.26 
Holm, Saxe, ;wru'^ Stories 1756.12 

^wmirmf.— Unxj Milltr'a tl'iwrv; Thr rUUr'n wifr; Whi^«e 
will- v«« <!)(.•/ The •nit^lfKcixl danrrrt: Iluv uiie voiiuui 
ki-{< iiL-r liutband: Ktthrr Wjriiii i lov«-irttci». 

IIoLMAX, M. F. The rescued girl 448.26 

HoLMiiY h«iiiM>: a tale of old Northamptoni<hire. 

[(ViMuwrllian period.] Melrille, G. J. W 430.20 

IIoLMK Lkk. pstud. See Parr, H. 

H oLM Ks, .M . J. The Cimuron pride 493.20 

— Oou^ill .Maude nn«l Rosamond 4't3.24 

— D.irkiiess and daylight 416.19 

— l)or;i Deaiie and Maggie .Miller 493.22 

— Edith Lvie 43.15 

— Klna Browning 493.27 

>- The Knglioh orphans 410.21 

— Klhelyn's mist.ike 493.26 

— The houiestvad on tho hillside and other tales • . . 416.24 

— II ugh Worthington 763.15 

— 'Una Rivers 493.21 

— .Marian iirvy 493.5 

— Mesilow brook ...• .... ■••• •■•• ..•• • 493.23 

— M illbank ; or, Rogvr Irving'i ward 765.23 

— Rose .Mather 493.25 

— Tompi'iit and snoshine 416.4 

— West lawn and The rector of St. Mark's 1764.3 

Holmes, 0. W. EUio Venner 454.16 

— «V(ij|ir. 2 r 453. 1 

— Tiip guardian an^^'-l 423.4 

— Iri'. (/a JohnuM'i. (P:.) IL Little classicO-.-* 1839.7.7 

— A vi^it to the n«yhim for aged and decaye<I pun- 
!>ter^. (/n Juh'ii- ••!, (E.) IL Little clasiiics).. 1839.7.5 

.Viir#. — Il>.ih o( It' 11 •Inm'a nnwU arr eU*tf MiHlin nf 
N--« riu.aint :it«- mii'l I- .ar^' ;rr titr the onlinar.T miUi . km! 

<i| riiij -ii* -li-wl-iiii t« of ii<lii-rit<^i irkiti fur ihf (wtrh.O t. 

|{ii| In " Ki'ir Vi-iiiiir ' " nn •Iii-ri t-lfiiirrit [r*ltlraiimkr 
r-iHr*rt<-ri.|ii-a] i* iiitr.>tliiri^l i In thi' lilniHi uf a liiiiii«ii It* iii| 
|h(iiii< I'l^i In-- 2 •■« i-ir iijlit ' III "Tin- fianl'iti ■ii,;i'l 
r!i irj- ti rialict ii|iralcil lu tiirct-Mivr ]{riiri«l|.i|ii cnutlitul* 

tll« IlK-tlVe. 

IIoLr, E. S. Clare Arery: a story of the .Spanish 

armada 1464. 1 

— IiU'i.'iMi. A i<tiiry iif tho misHimi uf .\ugustintf 
[to i:n;;l.»n.l. K. I>. .•■.►71 53.21 

8hell* uuiiiberH above 21 lO lu^ke Noten are In the liaten Hall. 




8h«lf. No. 
Holt, S. S., continued, 

— Isoolt Uarry of Wynscoke. A Ule of Tndor times. 795.8 

— MifltrMs Margery. A Ule of the Lollards. London. 1459.11 

— Same. Philadelphia 1459.22 

— Robin Tremayne. A tale of the Marian perseon- 

tion. [Protestants nnder Queen Mary in Eng- 
land] 1718.2 

— The well in the deeert: an old legend of the 

hoase of Arnndel 1712.6 

— The white ro»e of Langley: a story of the eoart 

of England in the olden time 1777.4 

Holt, J. S. {Abraham Page, E^q.) Abraham Page, 

Esq 767.20 

— What I know about Ben Eccles 767.23 

Home. Sedgwick, G. M 729.14; 1427.27 

lIoMB, The. Bromer, F 455.10 

Uomb; or, the iron rule. Ellis, S.S 804.10 

HoMK, The, and the synagogue of the modem Jew. 

Sketches of modem Jewish life and ceremonies. 1724.2 
Home as found. [Satire on Americans.] Cooper, J. 

F 760.34; 760.36 

JTote.— S«e ErFiNGUAMS, The, or borne aa I found iL 

IloMR, The, at Qreylock. Prentiss, E. 18016 

Home, The, at lleatherbrae. By the author of 

•' E?erloy " 496.6 

Home, The, of the wolverine and bearer; or, fur- 
hunting in the wilds of Canada. Eden, C. U... 1464.4 

Home harmonies. Pumeroy, M. M ••.. 45.10 

Home-heroes, saints and martyrs. Arthur, T. S. . . 713.15 

Home in humble life 742.4 

Home influence. Aguilar, G 764.3 ; 764.4 

Home Is home 774.12 

Home life. Journal of a. Scwell,E.M. 425.12; 425.13; 490.36 

Home nook. Douglas, A. M 1734.11 

Home stories. Haren, A. B 725.5 

Homes abroad. Martineau, H 749.2.10 

HoMBSPU.f, Sophia, /uev/i. Much fruit 447.25 

Homestead, The, on the hillside. Holmes, M. J. .. 416.24 
Homeward bound. A tale of the sea. Cooper, J. F. 

760.32; 1503.14 

Honest and earnest. Floyd, C 1725.4 

HoxETMooir, The. Bemembranoe of a bridal tour 

through Scotland. Medina-Pomar, — , eonde de. 1766.9 

HoNETSUCKLE oottage. Baker, U. N. ( W.) 440.74. 1 

Honor; or, the slaFc-dealer's daughter. Bulfinch, 

S. 426.15 

Honor Blake. Eeatinge, Mr». R. H 1733. 10 

Honor Bright. By the author of ** Malbrook ** 727.10 

Honor May. Bartol, M 418.16 

Hood, Thomas. Prose and rerse 498.4 

— TaJes, romances, and eztravagansas 490. 1 1 

— The defaulter. {In Aldrich, T. B. Qood stories). 1799.1.1 

— Tylney hall. Boston 498.3 

— - Same. London 1503.5 

Hood, Thomas, the younger. From nowhere to the 

North pole 1419.19 

— Lore and ralor 41 1.20 

Hook, J. Pen Owen. 3t 809.8 

— Percy Mallory. 3f 809.7 

Hook, T. (E.) AH in the wrong; or, births, deaths, 

and marriages. London 1503.13 

— Births, deaths, and marriages. Philadelphia. 2t. 754.14 

— Cousin Geoffry. [Also] CIand& Stocq: a tale of 

the sixteenth century [by H. E. F. A. Reyband]. 809.10 

— Maxwell 807.13; 807.14; 1505.10 

— Same. 3t 807.5 

— NedMusgrare 712.7 

— Sayings and doings. First series. 2 t 809.4 

Seoond series. 2r 809.5 

Thirdseries. 2t 809.6 

— The widow and the marquess 1503.12 

HooPEB, H. The lost model 1767.18 

Hooper, Jane W. Arbell 734.21 

Hooper, Johnson J. Some adTentnres of Captain 

Simon Suggs 726.15 

Hooper, M. Wives and hoosewiyes 1428.17 

HoosiER school -master. The. [Westem life.] Eg- 

gleston, E. 806.21 

Hope, A. E. Climbing the ladder 1498.2 

Hope, Asoott Robert, pseud. See Moncriefp, R. H. 

Sbeif. No. 

Hope, C. Seabnry castle 1494.13 

Hope, S. A new Godiva 43.4 

Hope, T. Anastasius; or, memoirsof aGreek. 2t. 15<M.1 

Hope and hare. Adams, W. T 784.5 

Hope Darrow. Townsend, V. F 737.23 

Hope deferred. Pollard, E.F 413.11 

Hope Leslie. [Early Now England life.] Sedg- 
wick, a M. 2t 436.13 

Hope Meredith. Tabor, E. 1772.19 

Hopes and fears. Yonge, CM 720.47 ; 784. 12 

Hopkins, E. Rose Turquand 1730.7 

Hopkins, S. The youth of the Old dominion 478.8 

Horace Templeton, Diary and notes of. Lerer, 

C. (J) 430.53 

Horace Welford. Warren, A 1468.2 

Horace Wilde. Mallary, M.J 477.21 

HoRNE, R. H. The poor artist 798.15 

Hornbhcrst rectory. Cusack, M. F 1732.4 

Horrors, The, of Paris. Dumas, A. (D.) 1760.15 

HoRSE-suoB Robinson : a tale of the tory asoendency 

[in South Carolina in 1780]. Kennedy, J. P. . . 726.5 

HoRTENSB. Genlis, S. (F. D. de St. A.) de U9.20 

HoRTENSE. Woillei, X 1419J1 

HoRTON, Mrs. M. B. The wife's messengers 776.33 

HosMER, J. K. The thinking bayonet. [Ameriean 

civil war] 763.14 

HosMER, M. Blanche Gilroy 486.24 

— Caddy's three dresses 508.13 

— A rough boy's story 500.42 

— Ten years of a lifetime 496.22 

Hospital boy. The. Church, Mr». J. M 439.21 

Hospital sketches. [Ameriean civil war.] Aloott, 

L.M 729.11 

Hostages to fortune. Braddon, M. E. 54.1; 1790.1 

HuTEL, The, du petit St Jean. Dempster, C.424. 19 ; 730.73 
HoTSPCR. A tale of the old Dutch manor. Wal- 
worth, M. T 1445.15 

Hour, The, and the man. Martineau, H 749.3 ; 1733.8 

Xfte. — A aCnry of Tounaint L'OuTertnre and the rerolntioa 
io Sauto Douiiiigu. 

Hours of infancy. The. Sherwood, M. M. Works. 452.1.13 
House, The, and the brain. Bulwer-Lytton, B. (G. 

E.) L. {In Johnson, (E.) R. Little classios). 1839.7.2 

House beautiful. Tucker, C 600.75 

House, Tho, behind the poplars. Beokwith, J. R... 797.22 

House, The, in Bal four-street. Dimitry, C 495.21 

House, The, in town. Wamer, S 508.11 

House, A, of cards. Hoey, Mr*. C 732.10 

House, The, of Elmore. Robinson, F. W 1731.6 

House, The, of the seven gables. [New England life 

and manners.] Hawthome, N 457.4 

House, The, of Yorke. Tincker, M. A 431.32 

House, The, on the heights. MacKeever, H. B. . . . 1754.2 
House, The, on the moor. Oliphant, M. (0. W.). .. 495.16 

House, The, on the rock. Mackarness, M. A 436.4.2 

House, The, on wheels. Begon, F., conrfewcde. 1429.23 ; 1727.5 

House, A, to let. Leipzig 450.2.5 

-^ Same. Philadelphia 472.9 

House, The, with spectacles. Robinson, L. B 44.21 

Houseful, A, of children. Sanfoifl, E. B 1424.1 

Household, Hi8tory of a. Craik, D. (M.) 721.26 

Household, The, of Bonverie. Warfield, C. A 1808.13 

Household angel. The, in disguise. Baker, H. N. 

(W.) 476J 

Household fairy. The. Bulwer-Lytton, Lady R... 466^23 

Household puzzles. Alden, I. M 1787.20 

Household stories. Grimm, J. L. and W. 0. 744.6 

744.10; 7&«.5 
Household stories of the American oonfliet. 5m 

Robinson, M. S. 

Household tales. Puritan, J 486.12 

Household tales for week day hours. Nameig : — 

— Proeeer, Mr*. The Claokitto of Inglebrook halL 508.34 

— Smith, H. Darid Lloyds lant will 1478.18 

Household words, NutcIs and talcs reprinted from. 

10T.in5 450.3 

Housekeeper, M. R. M y. husband's or ime 731.4 

Houston, G. National Ules. 2 y 432.3 

How a bride was won. [Pampas and Andes.] Ger- 

staecker, F 413.17 

Shelf numbers above 21 lO in the Notes are in the Bates Hall. 




Slirlf. No. 

How Benniedidit. Wood, W. S. 14U0.22 

How Charlej Uoborta bvcaine a man. Thurstun, L. M. U7'.K*23 

lluw eonid be help it? Itoe, A.S 7'2ti.l8 

Uow Era Roberta gained her education. Thurtftun, 

L. M. ..•• • 1479.24 

Howhedid'lL DupuVVk! A.' ^\\''!!! '..'!. ^"!'^' 4:>8.23 

Uow he won ber» tioufchworth, E. D. E. N 463.17 

Uow I managed mj children from infancy to mar- 
riage. Warren, E 154.24 

How I managed mj home on two hundred pounds a 

year. Warren, E. 154.31 

How I was tracked by trappers. lUme, L. de la... 1447.1 

How it all hapiiened. Parr, L. 7:>'J.2U 

How it was paid. Bates, L :>UH.1<J 

How Marjory helped. GarolI.M 17(i3.U 

How one fire lit another, llarao, L. de la 1447. 1 

How to be a lady. Newcomb, II 4(iU.21 

How to be a man. Nowoomb, II 4ti<J.20 

How to do It. Halo, E. £ 508.3 

How to rise in the world. Tntwbridgu, J. T 14CG.2D 

How tu win lore. Craik, T>. (M.) 55.10.15 

How will it end? lIoywoiMl, J. C 788.17 

UoWABD, B. W. Ouesummvr 1786.18 

HowABD, J.,^V. Corry 0*Lanns: his views and ex- 

perienoos 149C.3 

Howard and bis teacher. Baker, II. N. (W.) 748.1 

UowABD Urey. Mitobull, — 150U. 10 

Howb, M. a. The merchant-ravchanio 772.3 

HoWBLiji, W. D. A chance ocquaiutauce 1737.3 

— A foregone concluviun 1770.4 

^ A romance of real life, (/a Johnson, (E.) U. 

Little claMics) 1839.7.4 

HowiTT, A. M. A school of life 798.19 

Uowirr, M. The angel unawan^n, and tithcr stories. 44.8 

-— The artist wife, and other tales 459.7 

— The author's daughtor 722.11 

^ Bright days 459.8 

— The faruritv scholar 744.13 

— The heir of Waat-Wayland 459.9 

^ Lillieslea 740.8 

^ My (»wn story 459. 18 

— 31 y uncle the oIi>ckmaker 459.14 

^ Our fiinr-footed friends 733.22 

^ A pleasant life 733.13 

— Sowing and reaping 459. 15 

— The steadfast Gabriel, (/a Chambers, W. and R. 

Library for y<*ung people)..... 440.7G.G 

— Strive and thrive 407.12 

— Which is the wi*er? 459.17 

— ' joini nmlkor, Sturies of English and foreign life. 

5rr lIuWiTT, W 825.5 

■V.M.^Marr l|ii«ltt'« uW mit you'iK rr«di'r», who like 
^kt. Inrthful ■(urirp. tii>l nvrrwruuitiit. 

Howirr, W. A boy's adventures in the wildi of 

Anstralia 719.4 

«— The e«iuntry year-book • 478.7 

— Jack of the mill 8U2.1C 

•— Jdhuuy Darbysbire. (/a Johnson, (E.) R. Lit- 
tle classics) 1839.7.9 

— Tallaagetta, the squatter's home. [Auxtrulia.] 

2 V 475.4 

— WtNKlbnrn grange. [Nottinghamohire] 478.17 

^ and M. Stories of English and foreign life h25.5 

HrBBAfK, J. Kate PenroHO HU3.7 

^^^ A^'v C Bim U'KY •••• •••• •••• •••• •••• •••• •••• •«• li *■ 1 

HcasELL, M. H. The shady side 417.10 

Upbcbt. Abb4>tt, J 410.49 

HnBKBT Freeth's iirncperitv. Cropland, (^ 1458.1 

Hobkkt's wife. Lee, .M. .M 17M.14 

HCDS09. liCgeuds and pttetry of the 140'.i. 15 

Hrnso?!'* bay. Ballautyne, U. .M 714.15; 747.25 

HcG»»!iB!f, B. II. K. Iliggli-«ly.pi7gle«iy; or, stn- 

ries fur everybody and everyb<idy's children. 

Lf'ndon 1795.11 

— Snme. New Yi irk 1721.10 

— Moonshine. Fairy sturies 423.2 

— Pass-eat mew, and other storioji fur my children. 43S.5 

— Queer folk. Seven sti»ries 1754. 10 

— Tales at tva-time. Fairy st'irirs 17 1 0. 1 

— Whippers from fairyland. Lmilun 1 429. 10 

— Same. New York I7..9. 17 

Shfll. No. 

Hran Cricliton's romance. Coleridge, C. R 1800. IS 

Ilu«iii Milton. King. K 1700.19 

liUQH WvIIwo(h]*s success. Cupples, A. J 447. 17 

Iluon Worthingt4in. Holmes, M. J 7ti3.I5 

lIu«iUK!t, T. Schoiil days at KuKby 434.8 

— The scouring of the White Horse. Boston 434.12 

— Sawf. Cambridge 1419.24 

— Tom Bn)wn at Oxford: a sequel to School days 

at Rugby. Boston. 2v 437.4 

— Snme. New York 433.3 

— Tom Brown's school days 410.C7 

Xolf. —The IxMiki nunilMTnl m\fvr VA K ami 41ti<7 anr th«* 
Miiir. anil thrv |iM-turc, uiick-r tlir Sui*^' *»{ fli-li«»ii. Ihf •rninil 
life ml KuKbr under Dr. AriiuM » iii»«trri<iif». " 'I'uiii llrnvn 
•I i txfiin\ " rkrrif* tin* ymilli In thv iini\vr« " Tin- n'-'ur- 
liiR of iIk' Wiiilr II<irM-" «-f|rl»rmli*« «ii iiniiMiiiikl tfpli«ml nf 
fri-<>iiiK tnuii ilir sniwih mI biipli«'ii lli«' iiii«|{i> <>t • horM- rut in 
thr nnlr iif ■ fiiafk hill to Ciituniciiioralv • viclnry uF Uiv Uaii- 
Uli ruir lu £n|lanil. 

Hugo, V. (M.), viromte. By order of the king: a 

romance of En;;li!'h hi>tory 73i>.85 

— Qavrifchu: the gamin of Paris. From " Los inifc- 

rablos" 1713.C 

— The huncbbnck of N"tre-Dame. [Old Paris, 

Iioui.H xi'ti tiin<>.] Lmdon 1421.10 

— Same, New York 792. 16 

.Vfif^.— A tiaiiBlatiiii) «>r " N<>lri-.«laiiii> d« Taria" [IU7.V'I»; 
067^ :<]■ • Ulv of Tanp in L>>uu XI'h timr. 

— Jargal 473.8 

— The man who laughs 473. 22 

— Les mis^rablcs 1781.4 

/'•i>irr»ir«.— FaiitiiK; CuKilo; Mariui; St. Dfiiii; Jrmn 

— Nini'ty-three. [French revolution] 1450.1 

— The t<^ilersof the sea 722.24 

Huuo Blanc, the artist. GridWold, V. .M 793.14 

Hutii'E.voT, The: a talc of the French prott-stants. 

Jam<'!i, G. P. U 404.10; 1805.20 

Huni:E?f or family, The. Kt-ddio, 11 727.17 

IIU(;CEXOTH. See Ni>to undiT FltAXrK. 

Hi'LDa; or, the dvlivervr. St:ilir, F. L. 1707.5 

1Idma!« follivs. Caymn, C. A. J 800.10 

IIoiiA.x he:irt, The 432.17 

HuMiiLK life. By the Hutli«ir of " Gerty and Miiry," 

etc 1427.19 

HuMi'iiKr Clinker, The exj^'ilition of. [Kiiglish 

life, etc., la.ot oiMitury.] Smolktt, T. (ti.) 4:iii.40 

IIr?iriiDACK, Thv. llumilton, W. J 17b9.9 

lIuxtiiKAiK, The, of Notre-I>amv. Hugo, V. (M.), 

vic'tmte 792.15; 1421.10 

.Vitf« — A tiai)flali<iii<ir"N<<lrr.|)atiif ilv I'arli" JiC^ 10; 
(>i7)C<j> • {■!« "i I'ariii lu I^uita Xl'a Oiiu!. 

• • . . . 


HuMCAKiAN tales. Uoro, C. U. F. 2 v. .... 


.Vi/f. ' M«ttl)ia« riirviiiiit. if IIMi. it thf tnlij*^ -T a (ali- liy 
J. A. |V"lfr; tiaciilu'* lir Wi-ina-l arNl liv a llnnraiiaii 
ti/riit.'i'ilii : aiNtinnlv bv KiMuliMtr; a p »riii Nv A. Urn-iani. 
J. I^it%r<«. " llunxary 111 l.'i|l." n-%<>i( i>f iN-ananirt . tali . (i. 
Ki»f'u!ii«lv. " J.aliii l|iiiiia<l>-«, ti Ii>l. il'Hina. 

.Mi*« IlraiKl. " .\ci)iiili>lii." >ir.v nf lU IgimW H'^s t<ac«ily. 

I' vim F<-!'>>-IIiir. "Zriiiii T<m|. CraiTitli. T. Kxrni-r. 

"Ziiiiv CM;»i.i;.j]. lk-i;:nMlr. itc. i'*'': tiapdt. ami 
ait'-tlii r liv V\ rkrr. 

Mr* |^■l>ili».■Il. " I.ltr'a i|i>i:j|i!ilii ' ' IV.< ll'^ !•*:«. taV. 
K<i"iiiiaii, " Sli|ihi'll C/ariiiivki, •!. !•%'■, i-|>U'. Wvrtiiia, 
" Nu'iiiuii* Ziiiii. tiraiiia. 

Tai--. liv ilii l.%«. Irniit. anil ullii r« 

J l.i-;vl>*. "Tiir vi.iaiff ii-ilary ' [:9C<'i*.4^ !!•>>•;>-• and 
p»-iiilr. fair. 

Ml itilli-'i" Till- intrri r^ii-r " t'Jit-l] i« i«art;> in llimijaiiau 
■•H-ii-lv. Ill thr linir i-t flu- ('iiiinuii «Br. Ali<>M . ".Niiia 
Halatka ' ll'.O.C!, 4rJ.lo;. luaniiri* <1 tiiii n ntury. ulc. 

HrN<a-.Ki-oKi>, J. The falcon rover 17>«'4.4 

— Thv «>ld ]ilantatioii .... 5u7,9 

HrN«;KiiiMu and thimting 439.23 

Hr.NT, (J. H.) Leigh. Sir Ralph Ki«ber I.'i02.18 

Hi'Ni Kit down. IHckvns, C. (J. 11.) 410.31; 17h4.11 

Hu!«TKi> to dc:i(h 721.17 

llrxTEH anil Tom. Abbtitt, J 450.77 

HrMTKlt'^, Thi*. fvaft. Rcid, .M 710.3 

Ilu.'rii:««; thvliohii. Ballaiityno, R. .M.. .n1o.><:}.I0; 177'4.11.3 

Hr!«Ti?((ii><t!«s. The. Hay ward. M. Ij. m(i:|.2H 

Hi'.viiMiiioN, J. V. Alban. A tnl<*uf thvnvw world. 477.17 

— Liidy .Miov; «ir, tlio m-w I'n.-i 712.21 

— U iiinry 473.20 

Hi'Ui.tHK CliA«f; nr, among tlii* Su«Si<x ir-inworki*. 

Sargviit, (t. K 1411.7 

Shelf numbers above 2110 in the Notes arc In the Bates Hall. 



nSRmiciXB Hbitt. Kingston, W. H. Q ITSl.ll 

HiiRBi:(UB and hnm«. Terhaoa, M. T 7€3.10 

Hvaanuiatj. Ron, C. II 49I.10 

BuTCHixiu:), E. Ths Brsndoiu 1165.11 

Btd>, a. AI. M'ork, plaj, and proGt li43.Z 

Htpitia. [Uunlend a. c. Hi ; ChiialiaiM at Alci- 

andria.] Kinf^lcy, a 410.3<; 4U.II; 481.13 

Htfkriuk. [Idrgelj Inrsla io GeriDany.) Lonj[- 

(ellgw, H. W. . 

-.438.6; 410.89.2; 8J1.16 

I don't kDQ* boK. PheliM, B. 8 14e6.3& 

1 mii(t keep tbe Bhimea going 11U6.7 

I will b« ■ gentlsDian. Tnthitl, L. a .' 73l!t 

I trill be > aailur. Tntbill, L. a T».ll 

1 will be a x.ldUt, Tuthill, L. C T34.6 

InaCraren. L'ldoll, B. U 

iM.Maj. Pike, M. U '. 4a0.44 

loauA. Itame, L. do la (90.34; 1803.S 

iDLEliands. Arlbar, T. S T4I.6 

Idler. Tbs. Sbsrwood, M. M. Workf 1S2.1.1S 

InuLATRr. Hawihorne, J ITS'^. It 

Idohkm. Broiiki, U 4CU.2' 

IDTL, An, or the Alpa. Manning, A 1(11.13 

lERXR. [IHiblife.] Tranoh,W.3. 7: 

ItB.iE ot Armoriea. A l*lo of the time of CbloTit. 

lleleinan, J. C. IT: 

If, 7BS.«Dd perhapi. Hals, B. B 7 

IC UlRVEL, pinllll. Srr iSlirBK!.!^ D. U. 

Ikai><>i> lux, ptmd, Srt Stebbivb, O. S. 
iLL^KRXiD marriags, Tbe. Balwer-Ljttan, E. (O. 

B.) L. 1G6.JI 

iLLiciiri, II. KoTella. (/a Roiooe, T. ItaliiD 

C. P. Fore* 

ag. Opie.A 
, W. W 

..4TT.11; 803.1.3 

E.(U.E.)L. Thecuniognce 1737. 

- Cliffurd, F. 3. A romance of perfaoie Uadi, or, 

the »arcb for Cspt. Jacob Cola 1166. 

- Raipe, U. E. The tnveli and larprialnc adnn- 

turea of Paron MuDchaoMn T38.I 

' Swift, 3. Qullirar'a traiBlt. 738.1; 736.31 738.6; IS03.1U 

- Verne, J. AroDod the world in eight; da^a 1731.14 

- - Tbe Eniliab at tbe north pole 1783.19 

- - Tbe field oT iee 177 j.3 

- - Fire weeka in a balloon 53.31; 1743.13 

rth to ths 1 

'■to the eenlre of tbe earth.. 746.17 ; 17 
teriuus bland. P&rt i. Shipwrwked 

air 177o.l! 179S.1 

II.] Abandoned 51.11 

ii[.] The wierat of the ialaod I7'J6.( 

53. 3G 

orld ii 


sigbtjdaja 1737.1 

under Ihaieaa.. 53.31; 1723.1 
Id. In laarah of the 


'oOi.. i»™ - £«=]■ 

tinier eit;. Rame, L. de la 1793.10; 1809.11 

l!ibondi. Prettoo.L. 1191.1 

^nandout. Adams, W. T. Il««.« 

dred jrearl ago. Uile, B. E. 1711.9; 1T69.B 

lonorboond. Gibbon, C 1771.10 

Iir school and odU Adama, W. T TU.U 

Ir aaareb uT the oaslaitan. A Tojage round tha 

Forld. Vetne, J 1731.1 

katlirs. Black, W 760.61; Tel.ll 

In ill monlhi. Meline, M. M 141S.U 

> that state of life. Aide, II 1M.T8 

K tha Camargne. Buwiea, E. I77S.S 

x the daja of m7 joath. Bdwardl. A. B...ni8.i; I75S.T 

.1 the Ba.<te[n aeas. Kingiton, W. II. Q. 4H.T 

In the golden shell. A Uie of Palermo. Maiial, L. ITtJ-l 

l5 the heart of a hill. Pajn, J 1718.11 

' 'emarsb. Cnrteia, B. C I46(J 

Lhe north soonlria.'- Clan, A UM-U 

iRtharanka. Douglu, A. M 7)7.18 

iKthenpida. Hart, G 

~ eskT-garden. ChampnsT, L. W lUl.t 

In the wi'lda of Africa. KingMon, W. B. 756.17 

e wurld. Dariing. •• " 

SALn, E. Xal 

novelists) 778.I.1S 

iMDEPEHnEScE, B Centennial luia alurj. Aleolt, 

L.1I Its 

Irma : the pearl of Pearl titer- Suutbworth, B. D. 

E.N 141.1 

Ihui*;! arcbipelego. The neat hnntara; or, adTca^ 

tnresiatbe. Dal ton, W Tti.tS 

laniAX colUge, The. Si. Pierre, (J. H.) B. de. (/■ 

Miuterpieoes of fietlon) 1781.11 

I^iDiAK pilgrim. The. Sherwood, U. M. Works. . . 451.1.( 
InoiAM geout. The. Aimard, ti 7915 


With-tanTwi^'' r»n.1I] uul " WnnlolM" (nS.]]. Bii C. 
F. 1. Wnnll mmSti. AUiaid'i aiirtM (•tnalbiHll u< Pd^ 

■ il*rn«.-'[Tl"i iliS BWm.!; irSffitt O^S^m. 



:. II. 9J"ilh. -Bltrk lla-lT" [ »LIH . 
eh or CammldB.' ■HB.^toJ^i 

W tfyMimg."T»St«lt<f-W»d"mBiM^P3J. 

r«°^ J. I„ MeUu', "MefVl mom^^S^m^ 
jHimikC '^Tlx riiSjSr or KHiHA* WKEfa M< -Ilia 

Ihduh*, Legend! of the. Schoolcraft, H. R. MS.U 

iREi. A Ule of tbe Alamo. Wilson, A. J 7T1J 

Inrarr'a, Tha, glare. Sherwood, U. H. Works. 

InrAAT's, The, progrtsL Sherwood, it. It. Works. 151.1.5 

III rsitn A L marriage, Tbe. Diaraeli, B 751.11 

Infidel, The; or Cbo fall of Meiico. Bird, B. M. 

1 * 80Ct5 

INFIBIART, The. Sherwood, U. H. Works 45S.1.) 

Slietf Dumben above 2110 In the Notes are Id the Bates Hall. 

Hve^ " KaloalBh' lOTUn U an aenn* <4 liiiiiiiHrT 
Ewla w Om AMan lilMifaiD it rnHnad^ twUi ol 




blntl- So. 

IxflKLow, J. Fated to be froo. Doston IThli.'iO 

— Samf. Leipzig 17l»'J.2 

— S«me. LiiDduu 18»)8.2 

— Thelittio wunder-horn 17'JI».14 

— Alofwtt thu fairy. Biwtou 718.14 

^ Hame. I^iindiin 71b.ti 

— OiT the Skelligf. Bostun 17i:».3 

^— ^ame, Ix'ipxig •...•■ 1744.3 

— A fititer'i bychonra 144rt.'23 

— 8t«irin tidd to a obild 7 18.22 

^ Studiea for stories 413.3 

Cb«ini<«. — Tlu' cuiiilicnT*: My KTmUatinra picturr: Dr. 
Dtaiir'pguvvnicM: TlieMulnilmiiurv; EiHilr'a ainbUioii. 

Ikghuk; or, the death of .Marnt. Domas, A. (D.) 1424.7 
I SIGH AM, Col. Frederic, juiud. See Uale, £. E. 

laoHAH papers, The. Halo, E. E 489.22 

ISGLifKs. The. Kobertstm, M. M 1725.2 

Isooaod IngrabaD. Freytag. <i 1736.11) 

ISGoLiiKBY, Thomas, /Mfuj. See ItARiiAM, K. II. 

IsuBABAy. FreyUg. G 1730.12 

IsGHAHAii, J. 11. Captain Kyd 78.'}.23 

— Edward Austin 78.'!. 12 

— The thr«>ne of David ^ 171)6.6 

IiiHBBiTAxrE, The. Ferrit-r, S. E 1503.9 

IstTiALK, The. [German life.] Taatphocus, J. M., 

Haronin 474.12 

I »», The, by the sea-Hiilo. Drury, A. H 1098.34 

Inn, Thi*. of the guardian angel. iScgur, S. (K.), 

rom/rjuf de 479.15 

I}i!i(K-K?fT: a failo of ui'ideru life. Ulipbant, M. (0. 

W.) 1743.11; 1749.0 

S!i«>:t. Nil. 

iMSinE: a chronicle of soccAsion. Baker, W. M 491.24 

Intrllkctual, The, and moral dcvulupucnt of the 

age. Warren, S 7o 1. 13.4 

Intrk.matiomal series, yamrty: — 

— Bauer, K. At Tapri. A story f>f Italian life .. . 17s3.5 

— Feuillet. 0. A marriage in high life 1797. ID 

— Kearr, A. Cattle Daly 179.').5 

Uldbury 17h:;.6 

— Moore, G. J. On dangerous ground 1797.9 

— Oliphant, M. (0. W.) An odd couple .'>4.22 

— Randolph, Mrs, — . Guntianella 17G4.8 

Interi'Rktkk, The. A talu of the [Crimvan] war. 

Melville, G. J. W 720.61 

Imtimatk friends. Sherw«K>d, M. M. Works 4.i2.1.7 

I?iTO the light. Ogdon, 3/r«. C. A 424.20 

Irtuitio!!. Kingman, F 1767.8 

l!«VA8ioN, The, of France in 1814. Erckmann, £., 

andChatrian, A .^ 418.8; 418.23 

IxvisiDLR eye, The. Erckmaun, £., and Chatrian, 

A 1760.18 

IxvisiHLB princess. The. O'Conncr, F. (In J(»hn- 

s<m. ( E. ) K. Little cla^Hics) 1839.7.8 

IxvoLDXTART prophct. The; a talu of the early ages. 

Smith, H 130.'i.24 

lo: a t.nltf of the olden fane. Bart4»n, K 427.3 

Iota, /wru//. Knoroona: a tale of .^luth Australia. . 1499.13 
Irblami). Hall, a. M. .Sketohen of I riinh character. 804. S 

— J(»yce, H. D. Legends uf the wars in 777.12 

— Ijitvvr. S. IjCgendu and utories of 477.14; 1782.18 

— Meredith, L. A. The lucp-inakmi: sketchm of 

Irirh ohameter 411.6 

— Tales and stories of 758. 15 


VTir i-FNTrRY. - J. ShiiW. " P»int l*alrirk fur In-]and " CWVi.2.4]. ilrani*. 

IXrn rKMl-HV.— Iluwaiil. "Thvait^t-nf T*iiii>r." ilmn*. 

Xllrn rBSTi'BT.- J. Q. Adami. - iHrriiift Mac Murnigh " [.114.10], the eoiujueft In the tvelfth century, purin; and Matudn ■ " Kva" [I7W.?W1 tor 
llw ainif invavluB by llrnry II nf KnglaiHl. 

XVIlTH cicNTrBT.-I». r.Cuiiji)ffhaiii,-Sanfleld"LW»lt:].tal«>. AiMiu-.^^Xellir NcttenrillcritUV.tale. Julia ttadUcr,- The coulcdcratcehienahia" 
■i4 ** The hriiTM III Kiturtran." 

J. Banlin. •■ Thr li>irii« valer " [7:11 1:*]. U'^\ Hr.. and *■ Thr dt nuunrrd," battle i»r Allffhrini, ICUl. 

K. Aahliin. " Battl«< of AuKhiini." n-la-U d«fi>atn| liy King Wimaiii. Ii^^l, etc., tragi-dy. 

V>. Caiktrin, " RrdiiHHid, munt U'lUiilun " C:.'4(.l':^ Iiil«'i. etc., title. 

8. Loirr. *• Ttie wUlfr hnrik- ot Ihr Pi-piM-ra " [ i^Til r>; 1:C4.2; l.'M XI ]. IrUh character, coniedy. 

M^U mf ikf JTvyhr. — |). I'. l'.iii>nghaiii, " .Kar«ileld " C'JK>.l<i]* J Baniin, "The Ikiyiie water" [79)1:;]. Mr«. Saiilier. " Old houve by the ]|<i) m-." 

fi*^f« •/ rimmrk. iiVI — A. M. 8li-waTt. ■' Klori'iKV O'Neill " C17At.n; 17HI.17]. 

XVIIIril i-B»Ti:nr — C. I^rter. " The Martiii«<i| Cn/ .Martin "C4:?i.:V: Wl l'**: AV, ]4] and "Tin' ()'|>iiii'i»hue" [■'^iRj':]. hrrakiiiK ii|>«if thr uld tanii- 
Tie* H. I»ter, " K.>r> (>'M<>rv " C7!«.1 : 17l-.Mii]. J. Saiilier. " I'athrr Shcvhy." Tiiiperary, tale. C J. Kickhain, '* Sally Caeaiiach " [:.> l^'], TiMN-rari . Ule. 
Morlm Eilgeatiftli. " Caiilr Kai-krviit " [fu 1.1; iiM s.I]. aiHl iitiii-r Ulf*. 

ImmuwTMttmm •/ 17W-V. — M. Banlni, " TIk- erii|i|iv " [-*•» >], talr. R. Neville. " Llnyd IVnuant." landing ul (he Fn-nrh. tatf^. C<in ( )'l^-anr. *' Tlif 
Iriah wlduw'a aon," tAle. Anna Ar^t W. " OUw Lact ' C17<^1^3. talc. " TUc Futter -brut lien ul 1>«hiii " [1 WTi.'JO- I- »«(<irch. " Die llrultwhenkp " [ lnli;.ti. ;-••]. 

XIXtii rKXTiBV.— FatliiT Baptiei. " .iili y M lure" C7.W.-.«X tale. T. O Neil KimhII, " Dick Matwy " [7M.£(j, cvictiuut. tale. II. Qulgley, - riw 
croaa and the iliaiiiMck " [7.V(.17J. Irlih in Ainrrifn. tale. Savage, " Faicnu fauiiiy, ' p->Utical inurenienta, tale. 

Mra. A. M. Hall, "The Wliiirb<iy. ' 1K£.', tale 

Nr \V. tt. Trench, » KeaUnci «it Iri»h liti-" [47'.! h]. and hl< " Irrnr" :7tfl.l«0. taSe. 

1 ne Mviie nf J. Bamu'e " Jfhn INic." ff which Capt. Ilock i» t'n- livni. It tranvfiTrrd tii Spain. In the drama. "Th«- la^t i>f t^ir KiH-rillai." 

A. Tiulh>pe."rhlniatFlnn, theIiiiihnieinbi'r"C<WdU; 7S1.J0- "The MacSi-riiiuU uf Dal^cluran" C7f«.L3] ami "The Kvllyi aiul the O'Ki'lly*" 

C«r.«'. lalrt. 

/aaiM, IrtiT. — W. Carli-t<in. •■ The black |ir«i|ihrt" C7&f..'>]. Ule. An<in., •' Golden hilla," tale. A- Tiullope, " Gartla Rirlmiuud' £4 VA'.; Mi.f] 

#«fi«H«. — J. McCarthy. "A fair >aiiiii " [1711. :•]. Ule. 

t'k^rrk tmpvm$. — ^^'. (*ar!rti>n. " The li!]ii--|iriirtiir." 

fVMf tava — W. •• Willy Hrii:y ' C~>ltj O. Griffln. " Tracy* ambit Inn." J. Banlni. " Thv confunniata. " 

immd mfmtm. — W. Carli ti>ii. ** Thr eiiiigrai.t* «<r Ahularra." 

/.ff.afafire mnivm, \m\ — C I^vor. "The knijht 'if (iwviine " C4JC3»: 711 1'l]. 

CVw*<4>c refir/. ~ J. lUniui. " Tak-a b> thr O liara fainilv." 

laiMI I llABAiTMI. — Niite.a \t\ J. Ihiitii , " Talea h» the O liira faunli. ' " The pe<p n' dae "^MlLt.M.*. 3nd"Th«- N-<Uii<. ' hut thr ai.iry i< inu >r. rrM 
til Fraf^rv in thr drania fuiiiMle«l on it. calk^t " Thi- M-rg.-aiit'» « ifr " I rc^.ln; I::?.* n:; «u-. By T- T. ('ri>k«r. lly W. f ar'.<tiin. " T>>r liia- k b«r>> •• I l7> b^ . 
■■ Titer* II eec' [rr:.MV]. rtr. 11% J. BniM;:lia:>i. " Uun^liv |iaprra." Jli* T- C (iratian. Bv tn-iald tiritHii. " II il^ami tub- la'ir«," " I'jIi-i .>| tin- Jiir< r -•in," 
•■ Ai ln<»ri.~ rCr. By Mra. A. M Hall. By (*. l^r< r. H\ S. I^nrr. " Handy Amly ' ^tli V2'. 711. loj and irther lalt-a. By l.a<ly .Morgan. Miiln-n . • o iUi- 
lomft. la.r. L. A. Meritllih. " The larv.iiijk<rs in\ i^. ule 

J Knity. "Thr liUh anibaaaadnr" [I. «••.<; 1.mA.iJ. vunifdy. Filfjaiiict ll'lirii-n, " A gi iillriiian Ir^mi fn-iand ' lI'?7 1 . i:iN« bi], |i ay. Ji>liii Bning- 
1. " T'-r Inah enugranl. ' I'lav. 

A. « •irfii. " Hiiry iif tlir In, [•."tale. Mr« A. 11 l»-iraey. " Mnna the v.-«la| ' ami " N ira Brady'a v>w." tali-a B l>iinbarand. " U ild Irriai.d ' .7«1 .i]. 

A- Krary. - i'atir Daly " f \1^\^,: 17'Ai..']- •>-■>'•' >=''•'■ -Miu .Mulli'>::aitd. '* The «ii-k< d wikmIb oI Tubcuwed " [ 174 (.1:.'}. Chatlea Hcaile. " Ttu- «au- 
^rlag heir " Cl'~ •: I'V.'SJ Mr*. Sadllrr. - 1 nr liiaki* and Flanigana. ' 

^riar«irr«r<' <</«. ~ Mi*a >;«lg-wiirt!i. "(.In I \^u \'i\ tl^n ?(.|h]. 

JNItfAry «M./ nMii/n«l lifr — C. I^'ier, " Tun ll.irki- -if Ourt*: ^ IJ* 13; 7ir.'..r.]. '* iiarr% I^AirTViner ' :'«i.' I.'i ; 7;.*i '.":. - Cliatb • O'Mallry ' ^tLiil-S, >> ; 
m.U. OA-X: HO I7J. ai.ll "Jaik linit»n ' [.Vij U: .*«i'>.ll: 7Jil>4^ h. I^oivi-r. " llf vmld U- a i{«ii(iriiian. I'k.i liriita-h abr .iil. 

iV«i««iri !•/'■ -> W. Carlrt«iii. " .\rt Maznir*-. dniiiki-n hahita. ami Ma " I'arra Saaiha ^7'c' :!'•]. Imbil'iit liat.r> J Ban. i. " la •■» bi tl.r • i ilara 
ihy." Mrau J. D. C'ha|iiin, "tivina<i(lheb>ii(. ' Ulr. AnuO., ".M<ilU and Kilty, "U.i-. I' .** Ca*atd> " (tiiiiM-.Kii ii' -v {"^.laL- W. .%;.iii,iliaiii, -■ |«au* 

Bbwniflrltl in Ireland' :±'«'iMi.M]. ihm-hi. 

in px^rw — K. H«yi'a. " Ballatli nf Iirlaiid." H D. J<<vrw>. " BaKaiU *>t Iri«lt c:..irairy." .i'lbrry !»•■ V. re. " Imh •••ira " 1 1 'I ■ . ' 

AiM — R. D. Jiiyee. "I^.:- ntlanf liu- «ar« In 1 riaii't ' „777 l;.'\ 

Hhelf nuiuberii above 2110 lu the Nuies are In the IluteM Hall. 


8. LoTer'i tain were aimed to dbeat the peaMiitry of vice and coaneneM. lliM Edfevorth*i '* Caitle Raekfetit** C^'1-1 ; 4B&&1] te not eoMitaada 
raeceMftil repmentatioD of p^uant life; and her " Rofanna" C<U.10.U: -Mff.U: 4«aA4] i« devoted to farm life. 1.^47 Morjtan la inlenaely patriotic and 
her beft «ie " O'l^innril " atid " FIon>nce McCarthy " [433^]- Carlecon't "* Talentine McClotchj " it called the eonipleCeet epitome of Irish frirraMM. aad 
hii " Redd.T the mrer " it friven to ribt><jni*ni and the «py trctem. Ttuickemy says CarletoD i* " the grcatect seoiiu that liaf arritten of Irish Ufc." 

Scian Dubli, " Ktdxewsy," Fenian inTsaion of CanaiU. tale. 

Svnk of Irtland. — J. Bovce, '* Shamly M'tiutre " l\:i2JS2, and •* Mary Lee.** 

pHhliH populace. — S- Lorer. " New Pityatees." 

KitUruTf. — T. C. Cniker. " I^^ndi " C^^WJ*]- 

Lein^ur. — J«>hn Banim't talei chiefly represent tiie peatants of thip country In passionate and tragic relations. 

Munater. — G. Griffin's " The coUeffians ** C'An.SS]* niral middle class, flrinK rise to Boocicault's drama, ** CuUeen bavn," and ^Ttlcs of the MoMlcr 

Utater. — W. Carleton, " TralU and stories" C4K5.43. and his noreb; and W. Alllncham's "■ Foams" [USBJO]. 

Faity lore. — S. LAiver. ** Legends and stories " [477.14 ; 178S.I8]. 

IIiffroKiCAL SRKXUUfOES. — Of general histories, the b«st for popular ose is Cosack's ** Dlastratcd history " C^n'-^lt of which ** The patrioCs his- 
tory " Is a condensed snmmarr. See Raldvin's summary [1957.3] fur preltisloric times. Hiere b an article on tlM ** Ancient Feniaas ** in Serihacr a 
monthly. toI. I. Montalembert's " Monks of the West " [.tS14.4] corers the era of Saint Patrick and the early Christian history. Wright, in hb ** MUik 
axes " [25:9.27], has a chapter on the Anjclo-Norman conquest, and it is treated of In the 2d Tolaroe of Thierry's " Norman conquest " [837.C; SPSuQ. See also 
Harper's monthly, vol. 43. There is an acciHint of ancient lavs, etc., in Maine's " History of institutions'' [."iQZjwLt]. 8tron|rt>ow's loTaaloo In die Uth 
ceuturr is fblly d^'srrihvd in Linfrard's '* History of England" [9M^: M9JS: SIS9.S], but arc Harper's monthly. Oct., lOT. Froude's 9d Tolumc of hb ** His- 
tory of England " [»i4.2: 34-10L.13 ukes ap the rebellion of U34-SS; and he also enlarges upon Irish history during the time of Henry Tin and Queen Elii»> 
belh, alwavs. howervr, with an English leaning. Go to Cariyle's ** Cromwell " [80^9; 1579lS: 4Si3».1 ; 4S77.7] for the eirll war period. The aiefee of Loadou- 
derry In 16tV> is graphically described In Macanlay's *«History of England" [900; 9013; 19IMul; »&S; 4SSSJ: 4387j63, who telb the sohseqi 
of William of Orange in Ireland, and in hb ICth cliapter describes the Issifs oftk» Bofue. 

For the cathi>Hc emancipation and otlier aspects of Irish history of the last century, see Edmund Burke's speeches, in hb Works [SBZJ; SSTSC}. 

Fur the nrvolution of 17!^ see chafers In De Quincey's "Autobiographic sketches" [t«A.I7: i«S.19]. Sydney Smith, in hb essays [SCll]. 
exculpatory in his vtesrs. Jeffrey, in his essays [863il], enfbrees the arfument for legislative union. Lecky has an admirable book on the " Lradeis of pah- 
lie opinion in Ireland " [4119.21], chiefly as regards her relations with England, from tiie days of Hwift down, and this can he traced also in the lives of Flmd 
(d. 1791), Emmet (executed IMVt). Curran (d. 1817). Grattan (d. ISSO). O'ConneH (d. 1^7), and Sheil (d. lUl). See also Daunt's ** Irebad and her agitators" 
[4518.18] : Sheil's *' Sk«tch«s of the Irbh bar " [o96J] ; and the paper in the Xoith American review, Jan., 187S, on " Henry Flood, and the conditioo oflr^nd 
ftom Swin tti O'Cmnell." 

On the f Amine •/ 1847, beside O'Rourke [4517.28], who enlarges opon the relations of England and Ireland, see Ftorbcs* ** Voyage " [S9&J], aad 
Everett's " Orations and speeches " [W1.7.S: SSOjLS]. 

On the rtlationa of BngUmd and Ireland^ Fronde, In his recent history on ** The English in Ireland in the 18th eentnry " [98GL9: 4514.9], has been re- 
Tiewed by Lecky, in Macmillan's magazine, Jan., 187.1, and Godkin's '* Bell^ous history " [.1315 Jrt] aud Burke's " English misrule*' [4517.21] were in part 
prepared in refutation of Froode, a ho covers in a general way the interral fhMa 1641 to 1798. For ftirther on Fronde's relations with Irelaitd, sec hb two 
papers " A fortuight in Kerry,* in his " Short studies " [181:LL5.2] ; also Contemporary review, vuL 4. Also, " The Fenian idea," in the Atbatie naonthly. 
May. LML See also Th^baud, " The Irish race in the past and the present " [iBSJ]. 

Of the preseiu condition of CA« Unmnirt of Ireland, there is an excellent presentation In Trench's " Bealitics of Irish lift " C451L9t]. The vexed laad 
fmoMtitn is ctmsideml in a paper in Macmillan's magaxine. May, 1875. 

There are g«x>d general descriptions of manners, etc., in Carleton 'a ** Trails and stories of the Irish peasantry " [45C5.4], and in the books of Mn. A. 
M. Hall. 

The tliree volumes of Mr. snd Mrs. S. C Hall's ** Ireland " [4511.18] otter a flill descriptive account of Ireland ; and there b some good d e sc iip t io a in 
Thaeker^'s ** Irish sketch-book " [JOLltf ; JOl.ll ; 508.1 ; 760.64 ; 1790.10]. See also Contemporary review, vol. 5 ; and Harper's monthly, vols. 40, 43, and 47. 

Shelf. No. 

Irblaxd: a tale. Martineau, H 749.2.9 

Irrn e. Bacr, Mrs. B. F 1778.8 

Irbme. Fairfield, G.G 804.6 

Iris. Holmes, 0. W. {In Johnson, (E.) R. Little 

clwssica) 1839.7.7 

Irish, The, abroad and at home 477. 16 

Irisu Amy. Guernsey, L. E 505.23 

Irish bulU, Essay on. Edgcwortb, 5f 467.1.1; 468.8.1 

Sole. — Not a novel, but a series of instances of thb propen- 
sity, etc fireside tales. Joyce, R. D 757.9 

Irish heirs. Lover, S 711.11 

Irish mission scenes and adrentares 790.^9 

Irish princess. The, and other legendary and colo- 
nial Ules 457.19.2 

Irish scholar. The 1509.9 

Irish sketch-book. The. Thackeray, W. M 501.10 

501.11; 508.1; 760.64; 1790.10 
Iron, X. G. Gideon Godbold. A tale of Arnold's 

treason. [ American revolution] 1788.2 

— The maid of Esopus; or, the trials and triumphs 

of the revolution 1789.8 

Irom cage, The. Sherwood, M. M. Works 452.1.4 

I Ro.x Cousin, The. Clarke, M. C 434.7 

Iro.x hand, The; or, the knight of Mauloon. Dumas, 

A. (D.) 793.20 

iROif horse, The. A tale of the Grand national 

trunk railway. Ballantyne, R. M 757.25 

Iros mask, The. Dumas, A. (D.) 735.1 

Mrr. —Thb story concerns the state prisoner of France, in 
LouU Xiv's reign, who is known by this name, and about 
whose ideniitr there is much question. The matter will be 
found treated historically by l^urd Dover [OLSS; 2647.191. 
whose supposition is that he was Count MatthiolU which is 
the gnMind takon by Delurt C2lM7.U<^. on whom inde«<d Lord 
Dovvr's b«><ik it ba««:tl. Jantes rt-capitulaies the theories and 
nriibahiliiies in his " Lift* aiMl times of L<>uis XIV " (S.VU]. 
There is an article eTaniiiiing the various suppositions m t>nce 
a w c«'k. IM). or no. 85ii of Living age. and tiie suuiniaries in 
C.iambera's and other encyclopahlias. are the ntost acresfible 

It No. 

Iron mask, The, coR/inuetf. 

accounb In English. Voltaire flrat gave the stonr an hlslckri- 
cal importance in his » Age of Lonb XIT " [MHJ; 9l4!]l.n. 
Oibb>in's brief article. In his " Miscellaneous works " [IVV.!]. 
gives argumenb In favor of Iwlieving him a son of Anne uT 
Austria and Mazarin. 
New documents [6643 12^ werepnblished in 1873. The mo«t 
. recent summaries are Topin's "■' The man with the Iron mask." 
ISW [OM3.10]. in favor of Matthiuli. and lung's ** La v^rit^ 
sur le masque de fer." Paris. 187:t rOHS.!:!!. and both volumes 
are reviewed ia the Ivdinburgh review. U73 (eiHiied in no. LVQ 
or Living age), which holds with lung that MatthioU b dis- 
proved, but does not agree with lung, that the masqoc was a 
conspirator against l^niis XIT. kuovn as Lefroid. See the 
London quarterly review. June, 18dS; National quarterly 
review, Juue, IW; and Harper's monthly, vol. 4S. 

Irox shroud, The. Mudford, W. {In Johnson, (E.) 

R. Little classics) 1839.7J 

Irtixg, J. T. The attorney 486.16 

— Harry Harson 486.17 

Irting, Washington. {Geoffrey Crayon f DUdrich 

Knickerbocker.) The Alhambra : tales and 
sketches of the Moors and Spaniards [with the 
associations of this famous palace]. Londoa. .. S77.1.4 

— Same, New York 408.15 

-^ Same. Philadelphia. 2v 438.20 

— Braoebridge hall. London 889.26 

— Same. New York 377.1.3; 397.4 

— Same. Philadelphia 438.19 

.Vols. — Sketches of a phase of English countiy life, two or 
three generations ago. 

— History of New York. London 377.1.1; 389.8 

— Same New York 387.3 

— Same. {In Masterpieces of fiction) 1782.14 

JV«r«. — Pretends to follow the amusing and eztravagaat 
manuscript of I>iedrich Knickerbocker. 

— Sketch-book. London 377. 1.2 

— Same. 2t 389.10 

— Same. New York 387.5 

.Vofc. — Essays and short ules. and the work that flrst con- 
duced to eatattnsh Ir\-ing's reputation. 

Shelf numbers above 2110 in the Notes are in the Bates HalL 




iBrisia. WafblngtoD, coniinued, 

— Talesuf a tnivellor. Lundon 377.1.4 

— Same. New York 307.10; AW'M 

.— Wolfvrfs Ru<*H and other papori 438. 13 

.Vtfr.— I'lir rrli-ri'nrr* mi Iitiii^, »«e notr In th«> C«Ul«>)nii* 
of n'M-jtj. lie. 

Irvix<2, William, PAULbi!v«:, J. K., and Invixa, 
Waaliington. Siilmagundi; or, the whini-whaiD« 
and opiuiuni of Launcuiut Langataff, Enq., and 
other*. Ui feriot. London.... 377.1,1 

— Same. New Yi.rk. 'i r 43^.22 

— Same. 2d serie*. 2t 438.21 

Ifl it tmoT Tall**, oidlvcted. Craik, D. (M.), editor. Mil.Tl 
Is that all? [No naino soriei] 141H.1U 

jr*. — Attrlbulcil to MIm lUrrirt W. Pttttvn. 

IflA GroAine'i world. Chamberlain, P, B 480.42 

IftAAC Phalpa. Uuardmao, M. M 44S.1'J 

laAAca, K. 9. Fridaj night. TaK*i illustrating Hv- 

brew life M)8.*2 

ItABBL. Jeaffrvftm, J. C 478.0 

Ibabcl; or, tho trials nf tbo heart 14011.1 

Ibabrl of Havaria; or, tho ehn>nicled (»f Franco for 

the r«ign of t'harlva vi. Duin»«, A. (I>.) 731.23 

Ibabel'h woret. lly thv authi»r of "The Nti*rjr of a 

h.ip|»/ little gill" 44.13 

laAhKi.i.A Or«ini. A hiritoriciil talo of thu Hftuenth 

evnturj. Guurraui, F. D 48.'}. 12 

8half. Wo. 
Ibabbllk do Vcrnouil; or, the convent of St. Marj'a 

Snell, .Vr*.C 1418.3 

IsKULTE. DemiMter, 1781.27 

Ibumael; or, in the depths. Southwurth, E. D. 

E.N 41.1 

I SLA Nil lioMif, The. Kvi'ue. Mrs. S. F 4'iO. 13 

Island nuiglib(ir#, Thi*. niaokwfll, A. U 41I..> 

Ulasu i»carl, An. Furjpon, U. L 1410.10; TOO.i 

IsLK of Wight, Visit to tho. Abbott, J 747.3.5 

IsoUEL, /wrur/. I>a/d at Millgato 14'J9.2 

IsuLiNA. S.,£.0 1712.1 

Isoka'b child. Alcott, li. II 48.S.1C 

IsoULT Barry of Wjrntooto. A talo of Tudur timet. 

Holt. E. S 7»5.8 

IsKAKLMort, overman. 8aunderf,J.800.22; 1730.11; I77'.».I2 

Ihtiimiaxa. Winthrop, T 504.8 

•< It is never too late to mend." Keade, G. ..414.2} 430.30 

.\vte.— PriMin mbuK'« in £ni;land. and niiuiiijc am] coD«ici 
llfir III AiiitrAliA. 

I It is tho fa.-hion. Auor. \. Ton 797.27 

: It isn't right. Lamb, .Vr«. J 144l*.3 

Italian girl, The. Washburn, K. ^ 14'i8.7 

Italian iioveli-td. Itusci>o, T 427.8 

Italian hOi'nes and i-torit-a. By the auth«ir <if " What 

inukcx me gp'W," etc 

Italians, The. Elliot, F 1770.31; 

Italy. From «l:iwu to d:irk in Italy. A tale itf the 

refi'rniiitioii in the sixteenth ot'utury T<i3.5 

i — .Maofiirlane, C. The ruinauoe of history 410.0 


X O T K ON I U; ^V L I A X li I 8 X O R Y . 

viTu «'r.NTraT.— Mrt«»ij-i.i. •* Giurtiii.i" [lou.-.M: •.■::.•.».:; v;:.*..i.H: 4;ii'i-.o. 

irfii*«nN«, i/ .VkV— liranikii by W. |Miilli|i>. J. I*. Kfiiiiilr. II. I> •wnniaii. J>uy, K«-khi>ri-i), Si*hrnk, TntuUarlim, QoMnnl, and Mlrt de MsKna. 
T^lfi h\ MariiMiiili-l J|li?:i..".|j •ruj Mim-. Ar CJ.-nlit. I'.-in |iy TrK-iii.'. - lulin lilM>n:a" C-Tld.!.!; 'SM !?»]. 

jlfiniw, '1. -W.t, lM-*},-f4t — Trai.i-,li,« \\\ Sir W. |)a««..aiit. fi«-lili«:i|, rjiiiiuiTli. bimI J^ M.-iIi I*<i.i<iiii'. I'ik-ih by O. F. Orappc 

R.i«iiiii.Mi.>TiU|C^i.-> \*\ Alrti-ri ClOI'i-S.l : LTTIIMi; :7ri.-.'.-.'; l77.v: I ; 4:?A».iW]. Uaii-lt»i, (i >ltl»iii. NuTuilDi. Sir W. PiiiHiiw ("Thv rrieiUtfftll 
q«rrn''i, W. |*n-4-iii. hihI It4Mi<K->. \Vi-ii-h»'-lb<uiii<T, *> JXi* \^i\:^ •bAnli*ii."diaiim. 

lllMmilUi-AL BlirtaiCNfrJI. — F'lr tin* btKinnlng* til iii.»<Iitii ltsiia>i bi.loiy. trt* Ihr QUtli •mi TUI'i chapter* ot OibbiMi, In liU " BiUiian nnpira" 
[RUt; UV.IU: l'J.V,.l: -.TALI; 47'>l.1; \'\\Jt\ 47A'i.7j, h!ii> li*avc< tin' vtury with tin- aiiai •n|i|i»MviK'«< of K-imc in tiie puwor of th« pupMj aiid twa chapter* 
In llallaiir* » Midi|:r agit " [VLil; '.fKi l-j; UKIi; I'.i'.t.l: liiM.1: :>aiL.1]. 

VlllTII r: XTtav. - A. Maiix<ini.'* A>Mrlii" [l7C.|i: i; 47111. :.i], (ragr«ly. 

IXtiI I RNrt'HV. *- S. IVilic •, " Kuli- nil ili Mi-t«iiia" [l.T'.M.II]. >aruo>ii iiiva* ••n. 

XTll I KNTI-HT. — Mri. Ilt-iiiaiis " Tlu- viil.iw nf (*ru. ftitin." ::.'!. 'i; .'.17. -.M; {17.1.1; llirj.4; :&'i7ti.II,:!: UMl.A]. pocin. 

XlTll f'KNTITBT. — 1.. KrruIiAiia. " I «Hlvf..iri b • wlaiii ' [Io'<a'«;. 

V'f*w» 17/. MUdfbmmd, §•>>/>*. M7:;-1<M. - JL il. Il..nw. " Uir;:<.ry vil," traft-lr. W. II. Mac^'abi'. " IWtSia" CII4\3r}. Gr^^nry VII and flfoiy nr,— 
Caih*»tir view. U. II. Miin, ••TIm lrtic« uf («<m1" CI>:»«ii]. Grignry and llviiry IV. — CaHKiiir. J. (.'. Ilaiiih. " llilikbrand," iraHMlj. Uyk, " llwinf 
BaiTiirtrahl." drama. 

XII Til I'Khl ray. — Nicc«<lin1, " .\niBidii da fln^cia " CI<lV..S: 41-.V.-'<]. PKit-iititl llVi, tra^v<K . IraiMlaN -I by T. Tr»ll«|>e. C Marvnm, " Aniaidn da 
Brv«ria' ^lOiViS]. •». |Vliir>», " (li«iii<in'l« lU M-ii<l.-t*!<i " ['.TJI II] ai.l " I,>.Mtii r • ila Il-'t-niA " l-'^JI l«^ I'-^i ■•|i'-«. 

.\ttt ~ l>aiik-'i " liiiiuv comedy" CI.«iii}:fvli<i»'i Iraiiilaii 47VI.:;; 47'.aL;: 4.411.1.;], uyt KiiH-r«»n, « uin-ii* Uk- Iialian rtputilics uf Um 

■liiHIr ai.H^ ' 

lirr Ciiiiarlii, " flri-nr iatmiclir del iiinli>* cvn d'ltalia " [ 177:'^}. 

XlllTil rSNTray.— F. 1). (iurrraixl. •'I.aliattkgiiaili Di-iu-iriitu" Ct«^Vli<j. !:»»:, tniii«:atr«l by I.. Munii a« " ManfVvil " Cirrtl.!!]. 8. IVItko, 
•• Iffliila dWrti " [J7V4.I43, traiSi-dy. Tm*""'* " Snviua rapita " C:.7iiil.3.:ll : :»». Il'i 47r.M.4.-1]. |H-lt> « an. iiui-k hvruir imwiii. T. Gnmi, " Marro Vieennli " 

.Si-i:i«M r"r«rf. I.v,». — l>riiii,a«hy IVIavi{tiu'[liW ln.l]; Mr*. lietiiaiK. - T n* »i.:i-..i! I'jt-ruM " [ yi.'t; til.'J.I; .117 .*.S: .Hr/i.l; a"Ji*.ll..'i: JM.3]; 
J. S KM-.w.r*. *Joh:ii<f rrtii-;ila"LI-a7.l :;]: lia;.viiiriBti-r, " Ji»!iaiii. J'r.Kula"; FIi k.iiiri n. 

rV-'**"<('btTirlr«i-ant#. |->N. — Tra;;iilu« by J. U. Iii>i!i. (irMU-nU-r.:. .Mi;.<'\iiy^. IIhIui ^" I>ir .\uriiibr /t| Piaa"), UAhl<>»<l<>rf, ami Burhholi. 
I'ralhi rrfi-iibaugh. " l>ratli ff renliiin," trapiiy. St- ai«i |i«iili-'» " Ii.riTun." |i ■iii). 

#V4it^*M^ JtiniHi. — I>aiitr. "Infvriiit" ii| i^.^dr. lritii»Utii| by l.'ary. Iljrui, l^usf>',\>iit, li«cii Mt-niliii.. and nthrrfi. I« lluiil. " Iftiiry uf 
Kim mi ' C '*''^-' !]• I» •<>>>. aii-l aii<iCiH-r |miviii bv li. W. >i-i { :4r :i'J. Drama* by M. !'• liii-.i r;.TM IT. G II. ll<>kir [.:l'i.:;.1\ and iiriir. 

/MHfv. ft. laiT'. >#. I-S.'!. — liiiallirri, *' Ilanti- ml Vi-i<>..a.-' ilrainA. and an-itbi r i-n lli- ■jmi' aub;! •■> by I*. Fi ruri. I'im-im* by .\raii>. M. Anffrlo. llyron, 
Oniviii* (. i'al»<-rl, lat-ilirl, J. W. lli»«tr, I^ih|{lsJ !••»'. .Mi«< Miil-ii h, ilalrii, I). II. H>**iiM. ami iMrAiul Uratiia* by Kwliummi and Ijiinlnrr. 

XIVtiI t I NTl-iir. - OaiitH. '* Mar|ch<-rira I'lMtrrU " [Uti-'-.l :}. T. GnM«i, '• Mau-ii Vit.->iiti " ^lnV, H], killed 1 Zif. laU- l.a IUr|«r, • Jcann* dc 
Naiilri" ; Jlr.' I.'.*?. lraj{iily. Mrs. Nhi-IN-y. ** Val|irr|Ca." Ca»:iiii-vi'>. Iloccarcin, ioliiH|ui-ti<iii 1>» IX^aiiiimri, iilafue al Fiuruio-, IMf*. Tliunit->n lluBt« 
■■ r«wlr- br.4hrr," vafiil ('Uitifiia. L»'i-I:9», lair. 

tti'M.. l.hM. - TraRHlii^ by J. M.i«.-ii. M. K. M>tri-.|, J. F. I^ii„'iir1<>t, Kinn-r. i:.>.-!'.r'i. a'Hl Om««.- Talr by It iU.-r : I7W II]. 

Msn^it Ftitern. ILm. - I>raniai by [ :-.>| •-,; .u : -J.I ( .;ir.l.<:. Inv -J..'>; ¥W:S'i t'0*i i i:.'] and C. l>c:aiii{ni- ::.'.'ol.4 'l^. 

#wY«rri», 4 \XS, — l>rania« by Hayard, Ua'-Iiih m, and J>i-niiiaid«ti-in. 

istr^rrk, k. I.IH, 4. 1-74.— I>raiiiat by 1*. Iljlii«4-ti, I.'. \Vi->t|iliHN II, rurniiailn, Krkkc:r.iii;<-r, Inuiirrniaiin, C:.**/!, and Golidainnier. 

XVth rB!«Tb*aT.— Miw Mll^'rd t " F<i«-ari ' [411.4 J. if. liw, a Iraciily ; tin- atiiry runiiuui-i| tn lljrun a " The t«q Fnwari " [.EfljO; .Tn2.4| MT.I.ri 
IHRI £J: MiI.'.SI: AlV .'.tS]. a lra|^•«ly. 

l^>P«- ^ VesB. **Kt CMtlici lin Vensania." play, Ferrara, lldV the wx'm ■i<.rv ai llyruii'i " l*arii|iia ' C^'l-*!; KL2 3: :ii;.I 4; IWI.2.3: MH.Si 

V. M.Mili, ••(•ainittu Manfft-di" ['JUD.l'], lra^-<ly. A. Slaiifmi, " II ciMite il. C!arnia|;D<ila" lW'ei.'^ 1], 14 S!, Ira^'-dy. Aiimh , " Sibiila IklaJcta** 

ILC Maberlj. •' Melanthr.' r uf the .M*^lici. G Rrvirr. " I^.r.n/<' ilf M-lici." d. W.K, drama. F. I>. Uiierraul. " l«al-ila Orvini' [k^-^l* 

Ule. IrantUlnl bv L. .Monti : lAV]-.']. Shi-llry. •' C not " : :il t; l.tK.1 l]. tra^.dv. 

1». I» Macdiiffiabl. ■' Villa Venicrhii),' y-iilii nl l^-->natil • '<a Vuici, h. llu', !■>. T!i->nit<in Hunt, '• FimIit brithrr." Carlo Krnn. tah- Altarl. 
~ CuiiHurary tif ihe l*aafi," Ktun-ni-e. 1178. Ira^nh . li II r4:tiTi. " Thi- wiil ■•i.| ttir wui ' C .W.l], ilraina. K-.iu.iat'hr. it^mii ••:! ilie riii|urM of 
SCai k« <li>*(, by .ilf^info V; and i*i.e by Tnlln. nn I'n- im-nr^inii -if iti.-i«n!t.i ■!•■ I'.ir \ ixa. Ln-t-ivn-, *' Vi iinliK im Jaiiiv IlV. dra'na 

^jrMiiinif«, k. UU, d. 14Miu — G«vi)I^- Eli.rt. " ItMnula" {Wi: LII.; 1717 li; 17>» 7^. U.- . M.« Si .wr, - i^n.-i .if ii-xmilx [ »' 4 l'<;.Ul<- INi 
by l^tiau, i. 9. tkrvMrnaii. 

Shell' numbers above 21 lO In the NuteM are In tiie lIutcM Hall. 



Lmimtn E(Mamy /I Jta«, h. 1451, d. 1510. — Tmccdin I7 MMrinRer, OomerMl. Bany Goniwmn (In hli "* Drmmatte akctehM*^ CSMJ>)- < 

lavMfoii fty <Jk« Frtmek. — James, "* Lraoorm d'Oivo " i*U.VS]. See also Crovne't tngedj, " Charica Tni." and Godin. ** La napliade," cpie. 

HUTOUCAI. SXPKRKNCKa.— The period of the rtnaiMmme* may be contidercd aa beffimdns «ith the fkll of Coii^aiitiuo|i)e in MRS. 
wtth the nek of Rome in 1537. Sjmondf [3722.51] ia the Uteit alngle authority fur this epoch ; and for the wars with Spain, sec Preaeotfi ** 
and Isabdla" C9li.\ ; 9».g; S39&51 ; XD9JS: aU99a.ll], and also the histories of Frmnce for Francis I't Ume. 

XVlTH CK^mniT.— O. Meredith, " The dake's laboratory." in his " New poems" C1S2S.19.1], poem. Cantii, " Maeario Spa cca la ari a " CINLU^ 
battle of Paria. D'AsesIio, " Ettora Fleramosea: or the challenge of BarietU " CaM6.1]. O. Rosirii, " Loisa stnwi" C10R'H>: ilff.lO]. Jaaa dt la 
Cneva'a piay on the taking of Borne (Lti?), by the Cbnatable de Bourbon. 

C«M«r JToryjo, d. 1507. — Tragedy by S. Lee, and tale by Emma Robinson ClTTSJf]. and by Gilbert, close to hiatory. 

XMcrsns Soryio, d. 15SS. — Tragedy by Victor Hogo [SOIS.11.23, adapted by J. M. Weston [USB-IO; 1378.15 ; 1S8U.1 ; 1380.13. 

J^fswe, 4. 1M7. — Tragedies by SchUler [478.1 ; 818JS], A. W. Schreiber, and M. AncrloC 

TU JfMM.— KSberte, "*!){« Medider,** drama, and others by OftrKhan, I^ynar, Brandea, AlAred de Moaset, and oChen. AMcri. ** Doa Gttsla 
[I0IU.1; 2774.1.12: 2774.2.4; SHSAl; aDL50.2: 477Baj6^3, tragedy. 

CWsM da' JTMM, d. 1574. — Tragedy by B. U. Home [SS87 J7]. 

Biiaum CmptUa, wife of Ooamo de* Medici, d. 1587. — Dramas by Mdancr (tnndatcd by Tbompaon), Easicfa, E. a Kinney. Sodcn, DalT Onffaio, Lmtf 
Bohrer-I^ytton, and others. Tales by Maieapini, etc 

CstftaW ns d*' Mtdifi. — Talc on her girihood, by T. A. TioUope. 

MmdtimwtUi. — I>rama by Schmidt. 

Mtatrie* C^nei, ISSO. — Talc by Guerrazxi. trandaled by L. Monti and Mis. Watts Sherman. Tragedy by SehSn. 

J^larsiMs.— AderooUo, *" Marietta de* Rirci" [2773^], siege, 1S27, etc, talc D'Asegiio, ''Niceoid de' Lapl" [105&S1], siege, talc timasiatcd hyH. 
Hallcit aa *' Florence betrayed." L. Hunt, " Legend of Florence," Leo X'a time, diama. 

r«iiic«. — Platen. " Di liga von Cambrai." 1500, drama. 

Mt/armmtiim. — Anon., " From dawn to dark in Italy " [TOSJ], talc Gilbert, ** The sCmggle in Fnraxa" [791 Jj. 

XsyolA, d. 1550.— Tale by E. Duller. 

TVuao, h. 1544, d. ISXk. — Dramas by Baapach, Goethe (continued in Danish by Ingemann), Goldoni, Boaint. and others. POems by Byron, 
and Hemans. Tale by Masse 

Arcuc U/a. — Oehlen«chliger, " Oorreggfe " [1337.4], d. 1534, drama. G. Bosinl,'' Luisa Stroszi " [1057.10; 4187.10]. A. Walker, » Giorgione," 

F. P. Meurice, '* Benvenoto GelUni" [4e7L2.1], d. 1570. and dramas by Kannegiesser and Ziegler. Heinse, "* Ardinghelk>" [4018^1]. Qroase, 
**CaiaTaggio " [2877.53^ talc 

Miekmei Amftlo^ d. 1501 .— Dramas by Hebbcl, J. B. Bonaaean, Dunkcr, and others. Dramatic skeCrh br Bany Cornwall [.TM.22). 

Mapkmel, d. 1520. — Alcardi, ** Bafkdlo e la Fomarina." Myl. Anon., ** The pupil of Baphael " [48Bl21], tale. DranuM by Brann, Baapach, Sikahn. 
OMielll, Schmid. and WuUbeim. Barry Comwsll, ^ BaOacUc and Fomarina " [3M 82]. a dramatic sketch. Araim, " Raphael and selac y arhb a rinn cn * 

HI8TOBICAL BKriKKMOXS. — For the power of JT'torsnea in Italy there ia the well-known hiatory by MachiaTelH [838.7 : S800J], who, in bringing 
down tiie narratire to the death of l^trenso de' Medici, partly surveyed his own days, and while his reputation Is not high for earefU research, his mnaMcr 
is animated. Roscoe fbmishes, in the " Life of Lorenzo de* Medid," d. 1492 [543.11 ; 818.0; 27419], an excellent narraUve for the general reader, who can 
foUow It with the aamc writer'a » Life of Leu x." d. 1522 [818^2; 3SS18], both worka of excellent reputation. The lives of Michael Angela, d. 1504. pank«> 
larly Grimm's [573.10; 8067.12, in which, in voL 1, p. 72, the historical sources are characterlaed]. the autobiography of Ollini. which Boscjc has trmnalalid 
C8I8.I3, and the lives of other prominent men of the period, aflbrd much illastratlvc help on the period of Florentine supremacy ; while in his ** nisassy of 
the commonwealth of Florence " [4798.33, TroUope has given in some respects the best survey from 11«I7 to the fell of the republic in 1531. which is a mil c bi a 
fbr the English reader, conatituting, as it does, a narrmtlvc of the political afUrs that fitly complements Boscoe's accounts of the esthetic csJtoiw of fho 
Mcdicean era. Napier's " Florettine history * [27SSJi23 ia a book of good repute, copiooa in treatment, of adcqoate research, hdd to be honest and unpnitial, 
and it brings the record down to 1824. See also Symonds's " Benaissance." chapter 3 [2722«'il3. 

Fbr the influence of Ytnie* and Jtous upon Italian history, see those heads. 

For the •eOuiamieml kUtorf, see the summary as mapped oat in McClinlodc and Strong's Cydopadia. Banka's ^ History of the popeo " [838.1 : KKJ93 
eovara the 16th and 17th centnries. Macaulay's review, in hU Essays [400.20; 1055.19; 1908.3.3: 2563.2.6; 4558.3.4 1 45S0.7.33, te suOeient for the general 
reader, who may refer to the note under Bcformation, in the Catalogue of history, fbr general worka touching the convulsion in Italy, and to chapter 11 of 
Fisher's " BeformaUon " [3515.543. 

There ia an examination of the Italian hialorians in Disraeli's "* Curiosities of literature" [3BS.4; 807 J; 0007.153. 

XYIlTH CCrruBT. — A. Manxoni, ** I promeasi sposi " [10S84; 2772.23, or " The beirothed " [48S.23, plague at Milan, etc, Mtt. talc T. A. Tlollopa, 
■* Paul the pope, and Paul the friar ** [917.183. Q. Bosini, " La monica di Monsa " [1057.113. 

Deinhardstein, "* Salvator Boss," d. 1C7S, drama. 

Anon., ^ The castle of the three mysteries " [500.283, translated by £. W. Dawson, censure of the Catholic church, tale. 

Otway, " Venice preserted " [."Rl-M : 3S3.10.2; 354.1J2: 1387.3; 1380.1.11 ; 4179a.I.15; 457520.23, tragedy, conspiracy of Bedamar, following in part Hie 
■omewhat inaccurate version of St Beal, and the same subject onder Boman names in La Foaac ** Manlius," txag«!dy. U. B. NiccJlini, ** Antonio F«i«ca- 
linl " [4770.11.23, Venice. 

George Sand, '^The Uaooque " [1723.133, Venice and Illyrian coast pirates. 

jraMiii(lto,Naples, A ion— Tragedies by B. F. W. Zimiuemiann, Ingemann, Weisse, Fischer, Menzel, Albrecht, Fireks, aud Darfey. Tale by IL 

ZVniTB OX3ITUBT. — B. Browning, "King Victor and King. Charles ** [335^9.13, 1730, poem. A. Bolte, '*Vlttorio Alfleri and seine vicfte Uehe* 

Manzoni, " Les fiances," Milan. Aleardi's poems, political aspinatms. 

Cornemn rvsolitf /sn. — Knhn, ** Paoli," drama. 

jr«NiMra. — Ooldont's comedies. See Gualtieri, " Goldoni," comedy- P. Ferrari, ** Goldoni and hb sixteen comedies" and "Sottre and FarfaO." 
dramas. G. Parini, *' II Kiomo " [105&123. satiie on the nobility. 

Ptlitic*. - Foscolo, ** Jacopo Ortis " [2B[«.2.13, tale, translated into Frendi [2aB0a.68] by Dumas. 

Pint r/, 1775-179a — V. Monti, " BasvOliana," intriguing emissaries fh>m France. 

XIXth ck>TCBT. — Cooper, ** The Wing-and-wing: or, le Feu.fulkl" [780.57; 780J0; 1731.13. Mediterranean Napoleonic wars. M. HnrtoMsn, 
** Tlie last d»y* of a king " [ 1443.43. MnraL Garibaldi, '• TIte rale of the monk " [711253, talc Panzaui, » Mistrri di FIrense " [1057.73. 

Mrs. Jenkin, " Who brraks— pays" [498.113. Charies Albert of Sardinia, etc.. tale. Duke de Levis, ^ Caibonaro," Piedmont, tale. Swinbarne, ** A 
aong of Italy" [1329.43, Mazzini, poem. Mrs. Browning. •• Napoleon m in Italy " [374.183, poem. Wallace, ** Strife " [423J3, talc 

/luwrraetfon, 18SL — Gallenga, " CaateUaoMmte " [507 J3. 

Pifu II- — P. S. GcneUi, " Der Uufehlbare und seine Schwarzen Strelter," Pins DC, talc Anon., "* Mademoiselle Mori " [505.16; 7aO.»3, eaify years of 
Plus ix's pontificate, talc G. F. Bom, » Pins der Neuntc " [3487 J23, talc 

JtaMfarJen •/ 184& — Mrc Browning. "* Case GuidI windows ' [1338.3.23. Tuscany, 1848-1851, poem. Dall' Ongaro, " StomeUi," poem. J. B. Be«c 
•• Modem society in Rome " [50L113, talc De Millc ** The babes in the wood - [1772J3, talc 

G^rlUUL — Poems by Swinburne Massey, Whittier. " Miriam " [4508J73. Mrs. Browning, and P. Carey. 

Caraqud, " Soovenira d'nn volontaire de GaribaldL" 

Dalin, '* Coortahip and a campaign," Milanese volunteers, 1808, tale. 

HUTOncAi. BXmEXOXB. — For an account of the recent diasolntaon of the relations between the state and church, see Fortnightly review. 18R; and 
Maoini's article on " The religious side of the Italian question." in the AUantie monthly. July, 1887, or Westminster review, July, IdST. There are sevetal 
apedal memoirs on the war of 1899, and the military history of it can be studied in Hamlcy's " Operations of war ** [3033^1 ; 3E)i54 JO3. For the war of 1888. aee 
OsmMANT. See also Harper's monthly, vol. 43. etc An examination of the present condition of united Italy ■• made in the Edinburj;:i review. Oct.. 1875; 
mm! Hare's ^ Cities of northern and oenUal Italy " [2709.64; 2709.653 represento the views of those who find noore to disapprove than appiuve in the pttst n t 
slate of aflkira. 

iTAUAiv un, oaaKACm axd IJIKMCAfk.- Mmc de8ta<l, " Corinne" [742.3; 757^; 757.10; 1508J2: 9373^03. talc Byron, •• dtllde HatoM* 
C8HJ.8; 821.6; 823X3; 317.1 J; 1409J JZ; 40OL25; 6009.2.83. poem (4di canto). Andersen, » The impruviaatore " [701.9: 79ti 23, talc Buflini, " Docttr An- 

Shelf numbers above 2110 in the Notes are in the Bates Hall. 


kMlo- CnUi 791S; 7M.n modm polttlet, UMO, He, and " Lavinia " C49A.U; 79(U4]. talet. T. A. Trollop**. " A flrra ** C7».n]. and othrr norels. Mra. A. 
MaaBlag. ■* fclvrnxcio," proiimi of protMtantitm in Italy. RoRvra, •' Kaly " [.113.1.3]. poein. Th'>ni«on. " Liberty "C-OU-l.^ 1; IHPAI; l«iRt.ll; 1M!I.18.S| 
h «IM.l.*]. poem 4 part* 1 aiid H). Mart|uic uf Lonio, " Uulilo and Lite" C&M7.':.']. Genua, purin. Richtrr. " Titan ' C4'i4.1M], tak. P. Mrrimia. 
' C7H7.IS]. Coraiean Vend«4ta. tale. 

H. Itowthnrne. *' The marble fkoo " C-IAVIO; 7!!A.4A]. ulv. J. ile Mille, ** The Dodffe rlub " [1473.3], Italy. IHS3. tale. John Mimre, " ZHiico " [77tt.lJU. 
my SehBcklnir." Italia," antholoKy. Beatti«. " Ilrliotrope." poem. Anon.. "Madrm>»iiielle Mori" [.tiLViai 7.-».»t]. C. V. Hamilton. " Worvn nt many 
VumtiW* [411.9], tale. Mr*. ValcHo. " Ina " [431.1]. tale. MIm Edmrds " Oarbarmn hlitonr " [71U.4A: 731.13]. Ilowrll, " A fontKone ei>nclu«loD " [1770.4] i 
C*m««i."neuran|{c"C172U]. Mr*. Orvennngh, " Lilian "[7»14]. partly in Italy. EUM. "The Italian* ' [1787.1; 17?J.1I], in I^ueca. Cf my n. " Elena " 
Cmii). country life. IMekena, ^ Liltli* I>>irril " [410..-a: 472.A: 473.7; 473.8; 4:3.1:t; l47(i.M; um.13]. partly in Italy. 

Georg«' Sand. " I^ea maitree moMiitei " [m78L9!>], " I a Danlella " [37U7..'«]. R<mi«n ranipaKna, ami •• La demlire Aldioi " [37117 JB]. taleiu A. Trollope, 
** IMamowl cot dianmnd " [17ai.U]. Tnicany, tale. Wilkle Cotlina, " The woman in white " [4UI).34 ; 722.8]. chararter or Cuunt Futc<», talr. Bulwer. •* My 
MfrPC^SnJe; 4m.IA: *M.1<;], ehararlere of Oouot di Petchiera, and of Klecabooea, tale. Ouida, " Stxiia " [171)0.1: 1787.16], t iliac* life, and "In a wlmcr 
d^" [inHLlOi una 13], Fkimice, tale. 

Artfif 1^ — Allittm. '• MoDaldi " [7».l ; *MM], tale. T. 8. Arthur, " The young art i«t." tale. II. OreenooKh, " Emeel Carroll " [497.9]. 

MmHrml tift. — Uim Brewiter, "Saint Martln'i miinmer" [ffn.49], tale. Qconte Sand, " Cuniurlu" [47.TI.'V: 47A.i'i]. 

#Hff«»4M«- — Oeitrne Sand." LePlcciniDO"[37U7.83], in Sicily, etc.. tale. J. de Mille. " The American baron" [4.11 J7], tale. Inrlns. "Talea of a 
MveDer'* [377.1.4; .107.10; .W.ll]. 

Capru" Oaoer. •* At Capri " [17fl3.U]i Mary llealy, " A tummer'a romance " [17IS.7]. 

AM*. — »Madilalena**[ia»j(]. About, " TuUa " [478.13]. "Lemaudit" [0673.13], anH-cathoUc. Wordivorth'a '*MuiinR* iwar Aeqaapeadanla " 
C31U| aBB.l£.3: 1.1iy.7Jl: 140M| SSflDLM], poem. 
.—See under Viuiii-B. 

Shelf. No. 

InnRAircT, Life lo the 417.10 

Itax de Biruo; or. the RuMian onurt ia the middle 

of laat oenturj. lielpt, Sir A 1757.4 ; 17G8.7 

Itaxhob. Setitt, 5irW 43U.37 

4G0.1.8; 1470.1.2; 1807.9; 1809.31 

8m flbe SOOTT, Sir W., note. 

iTORt. 8eweli.E.M. 3t .' 424.12 

IiAX, Ilubod, p$eud. See Stbbbini, G. S. 

Jack mnd the bewi-iUdk. ThBckeraj, A. 1 1774. 14 

Jack in the foreeBstle. Sleeper, J. S 745.18 

Jack uf the mill. Uowitt, W 802.1G 

Jack the eooqaoror. Buwen, C. E 732.12 

Jack the gUnt-kiiler. ThBOkeray, A. 1 1493.20 

1493.2G; 1494.15 

Jack Areombe. Bradley, W. 1 1449.33 

Jack llaiard and hia fortnnei. Trowbridge, J. T.. . 445.18 

500.43; 14r>r>.29 

Jack UlDton, the gaardsnan. Lever, C. (J.) 502.14 

505.11; 720.24 
Jack MbdIj: hii adveDtarci by ioa and land. 

Grant, J 746.7 

Jack o'Laotern, The. Cooper, J. F 780.44 ; 1503.24 

Jack Stedlaat. Greenwood, J 433.30 

Jack Tier; or, the Florida reef. [Sea adventnrea, 

Wettlodiei.] Cooper, J. F 7G0.38; 7G0.40 

Jack's kite. Johnaon, V. W 450.48.3 

Jack*s filter. Navers, D 1772.5 

jACK'sward. Alger,U.,>r 51.12 

jACKSoy, Thomai. Our dumb companiona 733.23 

^ Oar dumb neighbours 733.24 

Jacxsox, Thomai J. See *' Old Jack " and hit foot- 

earalrjr 733.7 

Jacob FaithfuL Marryat, F 720.31; 735.21; 745.13 

jACQDBLiiTB of UoIUnd. A historical tale. Grat- 

tMi,T. C 442.10 

Jacqfbbib, The. James, G. P. R. 464.20; 1805.21 

Jacwvbs BonncTal; or, the days of the dragonnadet. 

[The lIuKuenoti.] Manning, A 439.14 

Jambs, Mra. K. Wanderings of a beauty 494. 15 

Jambs. O. P. R. Aginoourt. Leipiig 420. 1 

— Smwu. London • 1805. 1 

-^ Agnes Sorel 4b3.4 

— Alms and obitaeles 1801.13 

— The aneient regime 464.7 

^ Arabella Stuart. Leipsig 420.2 

_ Sawtf. New York 463.18 

— ArrahNeil. Leipsig 720.18 

^ Same. London 180.'>.2 

— ^eiiM. New York 463.3 

* AUila. London 1S05.3 

. Same. New York 464.24 

— Beanchanp 1805.4 

— The brigand ; or. Cone de Leon I8o.'i.5 

— Castelneau ; or, the ancient regime I H05.6 

— The eastle of Ehrentteiu. London 1HU5.7 

^ Same. New York 463.22 

thdf. Bo. 
James, G. P. R., continued. 

— The cavalier 464.11 

— Charle« Tyrrell. London 1805.8 

^ Same. New York 463.31 

— The oominiuioner 463.11 

— The convict. Lcipiig. 2 t 420.5 

— Same. Iiondon 1805.9 

— Corse de Leon : or, the brigand 463.29 

i — Darnlpy : or, the Sold of the cloth of gold [1520]. 

Luipzig 720.19 

— Same. London 1805.10 

— Same. New York 464.21 

Same. 2v 442.7 

— Delaware. [Same ai " Thirty years since"] 1805.11 

— Del'Orme. L^mdon 1803.11 

^ Same. New York 464.21 

— The desultory man 464.1 

— Eva St. Clair, and other Ules 1805.13 

rtmieniM.-- Kva St. Clair; The hlrtorv (if an aitaeitn ; Annie 
Ihtr; The lucky chanrc; The rival hnuaec; llertiaiid ile la 
Criiiz: Circuiii«ta tit ia I evidence: Manrirf Mantua; The bridal 
of Uertnidc: Thefbe; Aii adrenlarcln the iiiMUutaine. 

— The false heir. Uipzig 420.6 

— Same. London 1805.14 

— The fate 492.25 

— Fiiruiit days. Leipzig 420.7 

— Same, liondon 1805. I& 

~ Same. New York 463.1 

— The furg<*ry. Limdon 1805. 16 

— Same. Now York 463.11 

~ Same. Philadelphia 71^15.1 

— The gontlt'inan of the old school. London 1805. 17 

— Same. New York 464.17 

— The gipsy. Leipzig 420.8 

— Same. London 1805. 18 

— Same. New York 464.1; 464.30 

— Qowrio; or, the king's plot 1801.11 

— Heidelberg. Ix^ipzig 420.9 

— .Vriwr. New York 463.8 

— Henry Masterton 464.4 

•^ Same. 2v 464.8 

— Henry of Guixc; or, the states of Dlois. Ijondon.1805.19 

— Same. New York 464.27 

— Henry SineaUm: a Jacobite story of the reign of 

George the first 463.13 

— The Huguenot: a tale of the French protestants. 

I^mdon 1805.10 

— Same. New York 464.U 

— The Jac<|Utfrie. London 180.^.11 

— Same. New York 464.10 

— Thn kingV highway. London 18a>.lS 

— Same. New Y.irk 463.25 

— Ijouniifu il'Oreo. A hiSVtrical romance 464.13 

— The life uiid adventures of John Marston Hail. 

I^Hidon 1805.11 

— Same. N.'w York 464.26 

— Ij4»r«l .Mnntagu's |Mige: an hiHorical romance of 

tiio livveiitcenth century 464.14 

Shelf numbers above 21 lO in the Notes are In the Bates Hall. 




Shelf. No. 

Jambs, G. P. R., continued. 

— The ouui-at-aniis. London 1805.24 

^ Same. Now York 464.15 

— Margaret Graham. London 1805. 2a 

-- Same. New York 463.7 

— Mary of Bargnndy; or, tho rorolt of Ghent. 

London 1805.26 

— Same. New York 463.6 

^ Same. Philadelphia 464.11 

— Morley Ematein. Leipzig 420.10 

— Same. New York 464.5 

— My aunt Pontypool 1805.27 

— The old dominion; or, the Southampton mas- 

sacre 463.14 

— The old oak chest 1801.15 

— One in a thousand. London 1805.28 

— Same. New York 464.19 

— Pequinillo 1801.12 

«> Philip Angustas; or, the brothers in arms. 

London 1504.8; 1805.29 

— Same. Now York 464.3; 464.10 

— RichelioQ. A tale of France. London 1805.30 

— Same. New York 464.25 

— Same. PhiladelphU 712.15.2 

— The robber 474.21 

Jawbs, G. p. R., continued, 

— Rose d'Albret; or troublous ^times. Leipzig.... 420.11 

— Same. London 1805.31 

— Same. New York 40.9 

— Russell : a tale of the reign of Charles ii. Leipzig. 720.21 

— Same. London • 1805.32 

— Same. New York 463.15 

— Sir Theodore Broughton. Leipsig 420.12 

— Same. London 474.18; 1805.33 

— Same. New York 463.5 

— The smuggler. Leipzig 420.13 

— Same. London 1805.34 

— The step-mother. Leipzig. 2y 420.14 

— Same. New York 712.1 

— The string of pearls 464.18 

— Thirty years since. [Same as ** I>elaware "] . . . .1801.14 

— Tioonderoga 463.10 

— A whim, and its consequences. Leipsig 430.71 

— Same. New York 474.20 

— Tho woodman: a romance of tho times of Rich* 

ard III 180L10 

— and OTHBRS. The club-book 464.23 

Same. 2t 474.11 

.Vaf«. - See E. P. Whipple'f rcTtew of Janirt's norels 
C875.1I.1 ; 875.12.13, and flutner referenoet in Allibone. 

sxjBjKcrrs. • 

The period te that of Attila'a IdtmIoim of France and Italy, and the scene U In Ulyria, in France, where the battle of Chalnm is dcMribed, 
and in Italj, ending vtth the death of Attila, A. D. 453. The reader roaj trace the hirtorical parallel! In Gibbon't " Roman empire" i'SesXAi 9n?.IO; 1S3S.1; 
1753.1 ; 4754J<: 47M.5; 't75&73, and if he would inquire carefully to aeparate the truth from mTth« he maj conniU A. Thieny'e ** HIttoire d' Attila cC de aee 
MeeeMenr* " C2bl9.S]. See ftiithcrimaxinatlTe rendering* under Boms. 

PkOip Auf^unu. A ftory of Franca and of the time* and manners of the Third crusade. The action culminates in the battle of B ou r in e a , wo« by 
Philip A. D. 1^4, orer the emperor Otto IT and the Flemings. IIi«torical parallels can be fbund in Ouixot's " llistory of France ** C2S81 J9J ; and Viollcft-l»> 
Due's ** MUitary architcctare of the middle ages " C3US.7S] will test the technicalities of warlkre. 

#W«i( dmrt. An English story of the reigns of^Henry in and Edward I, more especially of the period of Simon de Montf>rt and Tlie banms* war. 
Robin Hood is one of the characters, and the battle of Evesham, a d. IdU, is a chief point in the tale. For Bobin flood see Child's " Ballads " CUM^C^l 
and the introductioa. There is a special monograph on ** The barons' war" by Blaanw CMS3JS63. 

Tk€ auOe o/ Ekrenaitm. A tale of the time* of the ** robber barons " in Germanv, dating about the period uf Budotph of BapsbuT|r. A. Dl ISTS- 
U8L It appears to have been burlesqued by Thackeray in hb amosiog ** Legend of the Bhine" [506.15; 506.16]. Oomparc Mensel's [MM] and other 
general histories of Germany. 

TkeJacferU. Founded on Froissart's Chronicle [1001.2; 100S.1; 2329.0); 90I.7; 4eS1.7] of the French peasant insurrection of 13S7-A. The Captel 
de Bach and other personage* mentioned by Froissart, and the bloody rengeance inflicted by the knighu in suppressing the rising, are poitrajed la tba 

Agimemtru Turns on thb battle, fought 1415, by Denry Y of England, to acquire ascendancy in France. A conrenient snmniary of the hbfeorieal 
erents will be found in Gairdnar's " Lancaster and York " ZVKQ.6}; and Shakespeare's play of Henry T will of course come in. 

Agne» 5«r«l. I421-14S0. This story comes within the reign of Charles Tii of France, when this woman exercised a powerful inflneno* vpon the w non- 
areh, and oorers the murder of the Duke of Orleans by the Bargundians in Paris. Sec Guizot's ** History of France " [2S21 JO] and other general historica, 
and fw a sketch of the heroine, Adams's ** Famous women " [SSO J7.2]. 

Mmrjf of Burgumdf. The scene of this norei is chiefly in Ghent, and the period is that ending with the death of Mary's fkther. Charles the hdUL. at 
tlM battle of Nancy in 14rr. Kirk's ** Charles the bold " C61L5; 4e63JS] covers the events; but a summary will be found in Guiaot's ^ History of 

Tk« isee rfw iw. In the time of Bichard m of England, ending with the battle of Bosworth field. In 1485. Shakespeare's tragedy vfll of 
•And parallel reading upon the spirit of the time, and it ha* shaped the p'n;»ular estimation of Bicbard'e charact«, which ha* boen vindicated In Mia* 
HaUtcd's life of him [5S3.5]. See also A. Uayward's essay [SS73.54.2]. 

Loamora tfOrcn. The period eoverrd by this story is that of the invasion of Italy by Charles vni of France. 14M-liS. The king, the Cheralirr 
Bayard, Cssar Borgia and hi* *ister Lacretia, and others, are made actor* in the story. For historical illustrations, see Guizot's ** Hiatary of Frauoe ** 
CMn JB] and 8i*mondi*s ^ Italian republic* " [37&4]. Compare also the luite in this catalogue under I talt. 

Dmmleg. A itUaj of intrigue* at the court of Henry Till, in the earlier part of hi* reign, during the fiivor of WolMy. The king and his ikmova 
chancellor, and Franei* l of France, are prominent in the story, whieh closes with the celebrsied spectacle of the ** The flekl of the doih of ffold,** A. I>. 
van. For the Englidi aspect of these events, see Fronde [9fll.S : 243BJV]. Lingard [9M 2 ; SOU J ; 2«9.2] and the otHcr gcnoal historians of Eas^and, and oa tba 
IVench side Guisot [9B1 JSiS}. For other Action showing the French monarch, see the n«>te utider Fba.m<:k. 

Tk* hrigumd: «r. Cor** dt Loom, Much of the action of this story is laid in the south-eaat of France, on the fVontler of Savoy. Its period is dnftag 
the negotiations whieh resulted in the peace of Cateau-Canibresis, LSSB, and It closes with the fatal tournament of that year, in which Beniy n waa 
accidaatally killed by Montgomery. The king. Diana of Poitiers, and other personagrs of the French court, appear in tlie slory. Ttie best popular 
coounentary i* Gaizot's * History of France " [9R31 JB]. See also Bankc's " CivU wara " [10117 j6; 4192.3.1] and Bobert*on's " Chaiics V ** [SaOK: 911.4; 9n3i 
M8.4.2: 2301.<; 23B8J5; »i»JS2; 2M6.51; 50B1.S; 5Qnt.4]. 

Tko wu m at arms. A tale of the wars of the League, between the Catholics under the Guise* and Mayenne and the Protestant* ondcr CooM ; titt 
battle of Jamac Is worked Into the texture of the tale, which eUtoeo with the massacre of Sc. Bartbolomew, 1572. See Banke's ** Civil wars ** [lHKr.fl; 4iaLS]; 
Gnisot's " History of France " [2821^9], and White's '* Saint Bartholomew " [2091.2 ; 4G26.7}. on the Protestant side, while Ungard'i ** Illetovy of BnglaBd ** 
C95t.2; 96B.3: 1129.2] Is perhaps the mo*t accessible of the CWholic narrative* in EnglUli. Buckle. " History of civilization " [MS.1 ; MU: S9SI.73; SSCJT]. 
eonlends that the crimes of the two parties were equally revolting in proportion to numbers, and cites references. 

HoftfTf of Guioe. Also baaed on the period* of the French religion* war*, but deal* with their later phase during those intrigues and tmfcakat 
proceedings of the Oolse* which ended with the a**a**!nation of the Duke of Gui** in the king's apartments at Bloit in 1568. The king, thaddce, tha 
Cardinal of Lorraine, and others of the historical persons of the time, are introduced. Historical paralleb in Guizot's " History of France" Cld-A] aad 
other general histories. The leading Catholic hi*torian, Capeflgue [46S8J!7 ; 4G2&58]. ha* not been translated. 

JCoM tfAtbrot. A story of intrigue and military adventure during the struggles of Henry iv of France with the I^eague, after the battle of Aiqoea aai 
before his actual establishment as recognized king. The king himself is the principal historical character who appears in the story. Compare James's 
** LUb of Boirjr iv " [0642.18] and the further authorities given in the not<^ on p. »» of the Public Library Bulletin, vol. II. 

On* tm a tkotuond, Belates to France at the end of the reign of Henry HI and the beginning uf that of Henry lY. who succeeded In 15V; bat 
contains little of a historical nature. 

Oomrio; or, c*o king't ptoL Tun» on the Gowrle conspiracy, which took place under James TI of Scotland, at Perth, in IflOO. See Burton's ** 1 
Of SeotlaBd " [4KM.3}. 

Shelf numbers above 2110 in the Notes are in the Bates Uall. 


A ronMBlIc vcnlon of tKc Iotp ftr.d unfintunate Tate of thii \mAy. whnw arcrrt mKniase with William Scrim nir tn crMtly (>nrascd 
ituT EnclaiMl. keroHuin.ftmllcdtohi>r iiiipriMiiitncnlaml iii«Aiilty. Uc«i«le the K«.>niTLl hittoiln uf EuKland, iro C»«t4'li<<'i ** Kmini-iit Euxlljh- 

HHdHitrf. A ftoryof thr hririniiiniriif th«>Tlii(ty yi'Kn' wnr. Ita action il innnlly at thr n nut of Knileriric the Klcrtor raiatim- at lli i<li-!lk>ri{. ami 
i>iiClial Praffur, hif capital ilurin;t III* abort aiul uiifortiitiHtr rcijcn aa kinfi of liohciiiia lii'iiM>'t ami hi* hfniiewifi* Kli/al>cth, (hi* ilaii;;htcr of 
JamM I, arv aimiiiK the hlatorical charact^ra iittnMlintil; ami the tali- cIum'« with the hatth- "t I'ru^m- iii N it.. V<»K iu which Frcilcrtck wa« ilffcilol. Siw 
atiwrliiiaKiiiailccrrnilcrlnit* of thia war umlcr (fRKV \my, xviith c>-iitury. Si-liilU-r'i in<iiMiRraph •m tV" Thirty yrara' war" C*t>i.h;; iCil.UJia tiirbrat 
kaown narmtire, but Oarditirr'a auminary CIKiil.A] ia n-criit. 

Af tOrwtt. The Hrn« l« partly in Francr. chiefly l''»|i)-41, ami iwirtlf in Cntilonia liuriiiK ha t.-iiip irarv ix-ctpation by the Frt«n<*>i at tiul tlnf. 
It if lh«n ajcain in France, where t)ic hostllttica uf (faatoit ilOrlrana, U<niilli>n ami 8«ii«aon4 a^ain^t Richclini arc iianaitd, clti^inx witli the bottl" ••{ Sitliii 
whan the Count de Stiiaaona wa* killed. Tiie peraoiia alMie nanutl, Kicliclicu, I)e Ilctx i aHet wanlf CarUinal i, and uthrr*. B|i|iear In talr. See Maitin'i 
*■ Ilklukre de France ** [»l:!.l] and Ouizot'a " Iliatory tif France " C:!»rjl. *>{)]. t-tc. 

MckrUm. Thlttalea tuma mainly up«»n the tiitripuea a^aiixt Kifhclim, by Ctnq-Mara, dc Thou, and itthrra, whlcli wer> to thon>iii;hlv czp!oi|nl by 
■caecotlun of Cinn-Mara in lil42: and aniuuK thoai- intpkluc-d in it are I<-Miia Xllt, hia Kntt niiniatcr, and variou* pi-raimnj^^ of hi* cmirt. Tiiia waa the 
ritcel anil one of the beat uf Janie»'<i m>vr-N. Tiu- event* are al*o covimnI in I>c Vi/ny'« " Cimi-.Ma a " [ *W 171. an admiralilc hUlorii-al Utc. Stv al«<> 

r'a pl^ of ** Ridiellea " CLT».I ; l:7t).II ; IHI.-'I]. Sii- tlio note on Uirln-lieu. in the CatBhi;;ue i.f hi-rtttrx . p. '^J. 

Jrrw* .Vtti. A itory of the mirth of Kn^rland in the l>i<^:nnin» of the civil war. chi'fly ilurin^ t;ie time when Sir John ILifhant waa holding Hull for 
' Parr Lament I and ciMlinK with the battle uf £iil}ceh{ll, Oct. 151. lit I:!. The coin niamlera at that flxht. Frincc Ruiiert. Iva«e«. and othdra. are mrnli'Mmi in 
Ike deveripUon fif the battle, but on the whole the hi»toriciirpcrM>na};ca ot'the iwrivMl contrilMitc little tu the aMry. Sec the mite under Enui.axii, fir other 
fcUoBi llluatratire of thit period, and their hiatorical bcarinir. 

JTHarf JTnatortm mmd TktUft and n-lreHtur** of John M'lrUim Flail. The aeciml of th"**' talea la in aiine niea<urc a «cr|ucl to the first. Their airtion, 
flrM in EnKland and for moat part of the aecond atory in France, belon;;* to the flrat |MTiod <ir the Kni{li*h eivil « ar and to the trouble* ot the Fronde. 
Janiea'i " Ltfc and tiniea ol Ixinla XIV " [MiVkj;] will throw liitht upon the Fronde, and ■iiwill Oui/ot'* '*lli«lory 4.f Knuin-" [it'l^.'^t]. 

71« fmmttUr. Tlie eceneia Arat In France, then in England; the time, the civil war. ending with the battle of \Vorce«t«'r. Iil'^l : tiie hiat-irical iieraon- 
■era are. In France. Oond^, (fimili or de lU-tx and their a«a<>ciiitc Frondeura; ami in Enftlaml, Cn>inweli Coni|iare Janiei'a ** Life and liini-« uf I^iuU Xtv '* 
CUHhI], and Carlyk'a " Cniinwvll ** [f^iLl'; l.'.?J.i; 4.WAi Vim .7]. The nite* under KxM.ANti ami Fra sck will fiiie ftirlin-r reference*. 

M*MstU, Baaed un the Intriipiea uitder Cliarle* ll in which .Vl;;ernon .Sydney. L-ird Kur*«'ll and olhera «cre en]{a;;i-<l: and it emt* with tlic exp«i«ure of 
tke conapiraey and the execution uf I^iid Ku<«vll < irAi). For hiiitorii-Hl lef.-ieiiee- ilic principal nieinoir ia that hy thi- pn>«i>nt Kail ltii««ell [L'4l.><.*j]. which 
▼iadlealea Liord Konell a|taln>4 Daliyinple'a char^ea, aa U done alao in the intriHluetion t<i the co|li>ction ufLad^- Iluaaell a le:ter» [H'liVU], wheie an account 
or the trial will be r<iuiiil. Wlffen. in hia ineinnir of the IUmiK'II family C^*'t7.'.'j< tella the at-iry at h-aa Ienf:th. 

Ike MnfHnv*. A tale of tlie prrM-cutlona uf French pr-ileatantK nndi-r liouia xtV. ami of the iirined re*iatance %-alnly made bv them ; but the hlfluri- 
calcharader of the work larather In lt«e«poaitivin of tlie iloin;;' of the |M-iiiNl thiin in any deline«ti<ina of actual peraonafCea. Fur hi«t>>rtcal auihoritiet 
VullBire ChnVT] haa pcrhapa the num brilliant natiu' anion;; Inter hiitorian* of thi* rciRii. and ol lhi>ae of our day. the imi«t n-|iutah:e are the li)M*ral Miehelel 
(in Fimeb, 4SI7.M]: the trmperate Man in, who ha« been tran^latid into lint!) Uh ['.ctLlM.'t. 14; 4ljl:t.l], and the monarchical Ca|Ktl|{iie [in Kieiieh. LliMLi;; 
SHf.aj. The EnKliah rrwier will Itnd a pnmI aiirvey in chaplcra uf Kuaaell a Kuro|K> CVCL'i; (UirJ.1 ; t^J.4 ; iini.'.'}; aud in Jaiiiia'a " Lite ami tiniea of I«ouia 
ZIT ' [h»tS] all that will onllnariiy be iieiiled. 

Tk*/m«. Concerned with Mimmmith'a Innirrectlim of MXf under Janiva It of England, and itaturninmioint ia the battli^ of Sefli;eino->r. Cimpare 

Gerahl lirillln'a tale. ''The duke iif .Mi i.nrih " [MV 17]. Macaulav'a '* lliatorv of Eiiitlaiid " i'Mi-Jx VOi.:'.; \»ViA ; 2-4lt.2; 4'.:St ri; Vi/Tj!; i'LT.IV cha|4er 

3^ will euflcpforthe hlattirlcal iwrallcla, and he Kiveaa note on the authoritica for the battle of ^k.■dj^,■n^lur. There ia a a|ierial life ul .M-'iiiiiouUi by 

7W ftiMU'a ki^k»«i. Oaaiil i>n the Jac ihitc om^piracy of Sir J>ihn Fen wick umler William til. and which reanliml in tJie execution of Fen wick in 
Wft. Kinjc William and aonie of hi« friemUaiid cimrtii-ra, aa well a« Feiiwick and Uia fellow conspirator*, app<-ar In tlie atory. Compare Mji-aulay'a " Ilia- 
lory ol England "CW.:;: WXU; llOLl; 'SHiMi Vil*iH: iT.'SiJi; 4.V.^.I.'>% 

Ifrnrf .Smttmhm. Alao a atory I'f the < )M l'rctenili>r'a ItelH-Ui-m or Jacobite cun'piracy, of tlie time of (Seorsi- 1. The aame epm-h ia il!ii«lraltil in Srott'a 
*■ Bob a>y'*CL-|i.CS| 441.1.4: 11711.1.1; 17;:'..7: IHi7 4; •Sh'J.1.7. N; tliXi.l.f j. a> d for hi*t>iric llliiatratioiia ats- tlie n.ilc nmli rS< i>TT iK<ib fi-yi. 

nc— ^ a i wya . Thia ia a atory of (he o'd Freiieli war in .Vnn-riea. the «cene liein); t)ii- wili|eriie«« ab<iut Lake tie-irjp*. an^l the principal oreurn>ni-e the 
— aueeewhil battle tie.hcrwl by Abi-rcroinhie in 175**. in liia endeavor to take tiie fort. A authvleiit ({oiienil acc-iunt of thea.* eventa will l«r fnuii-l in Uan- 
cnrfl a" lll<«ory i»r the I'ldti-d tiuiea " [rirj.l ( •j.i^i .vi; 4t-.'l.i:]- 

neaiicirnlr-yiaic. p<ibiUheilal«»aa r'ii>/rlii<iiii. .V talx nf th" p«Tioil of f^nui. ^v dnrhiK the miiii«;re -tf tV duke de rh>ti«iiil (17.'iil-ir7ii>. The 
kinf. hia niiniater. and other perainia;ji'a III the Fn-iich court, apiN-ar ill the atorv, w Inch denli in-ire or le>f with the ixvuliar Imtul^i-uci-a i>f LiuTa. Fur 
li»aa uf tliia monarch ami hia trinn, B<vthe note in the Catal-i^ne of hiat irv iinler I^oi'it* XV. 

Thf/ml0€ Aeir. France In the eighti-enth ii-ntiiry, a donieatie atory, but w il partienlai relcn-nce to hi«tory. 

rA««MWfff«r. A narrati\i- of aiiiu^zglint! advenliin> and the pn'\entive •er\ii*<> lit t'le tiirn* oi <ti*<iri:c ill, in the amith 'if Knifland. 

5tr r AMrf«e« Brom-tkfuM. Thi* imu I ia wurkitl up on the lin<i* of a well-kiii<wii rnnnlei trial, that of Ca|itain J.ihn l)<iiclian, fir |>oi«inln;; Sir Tlnti- 
doaiiH Bouiihl^in. Ihmelian »aa found Kuilty aiul hantnil in 17-'<l. 

jIimj mmd ukatmrlfs. — Aa EnicliBh lore »|orv mti wiiieU iiim- aecouiit of tin- c;iin|iai;;M -if W:it<-:'i •■» in l^l-'i i« |:iw •ivcn. 

n* «U rfuMiiiieii. Vlrftiiiia lifi-. tlM- phit tui iitiu opmi Nat ruriier'a n-ln-ili in. m i!ii- s iiilh»iii|it >n niaa«acrc. 

ntfwmwtH. Nut eontainind any hiatorii*ul iHimoiiojCi-a nece*4ar>- to the flruetnie ••! thi> tale-, but i|e|i,-ii>linp for ni-itivra upon inciileiita of the 
in Easlaad during about H Ah la M, upon the iiMthiHl of Jary trial, ami the e\p. ricncea uf tranaport««l cuaTicU in Auttfaliaand ttu- laiatMla 

Shelf. No. ' Shell No. 

jAMKl,II.,>r. ApMilon»topilgriin,a»dotliortiK>8.1774.21 Jame T.ilbnt. nrown, C. B 7.i7.4 

t'laiwratf*. — A paoalonale piljcrim; The la-t of Uie Vali-rii ; j JaJIKT Strung. TuWlli«(.'lld, V. F 77'i. l:i 

S'S;ix^r&l^Ji!Sii:^rU:ru^^^^^^ \J^^^r-s\ »«. Kt.ary. A. J78:,.C 

-. KiHleriek UadMii |xXKr s love :i,..l «Tvicc. Ui.b^rl«».i. M. M.. 7t;i.I3 

jA«ni,M. Tho elder .lufcor ^,,. ^ JANirAiiv ^KAULK, /»r«,/. .See Piiilli..». i.. .-•. 

Jamu, Jlr«. 0. Tho burdor rivali Kss.H *'^*'*''* 

" Old Jap6 «... I 7n!».3 Vi^'- — I<nd> KnMerton'a " I^nri-ntia." la a tale of mi n- 

^ Thit vrMMkar'a tlMncvhtnp l-w«l I -i arl- • in il \ti> i.tli e< utiiri liai " The atoir iff 3!ark 

— ine wreoKeri uttognicr l ijms. U ji.itBia "[Kv.!.!-.!]. j{i,i-«itce.ii.\iiir:eiiii-i. 

Jahm. T. p. Tho mjitorjr of Rdwin Drood. Pnrt 

■ceoBfL Sft 1MCKI»8, 0. (J. II.) Tbo mjsWrj .Tapiirt in 84>nrch of a fatiivr. Marryat, F 430..*^ 

of Klwin Drood I7t1.3 73.'i.'JO; ltm.I3 

Jamu Ofirdoii'i wifo 4 II. 'J JAiti:Ai.. IIu^, V. (.M.), pi. om/e 473. t) 

Jamrii Legauger. Carirn, E 50.'i.l7 .^iKuLJ»sKAr, Jfiin, tho |i:i*t«ir nf tho dworl. Pi'lk-- 

Jambs Monl>*j. Riw, A. ri 7'2»;.I7 tun, (I*. U.) K enK-iU; 171 "1.14 

Jambs Morao. The st'iry f if. Boniiott, M. E 144'J.1I Jarvks. J. .1. Whr and what niii 1? 7('.<i.lO 

Jambsox. A. (31.) Diiirjr iif an uiiiiujrfv. [I<nr);elT Jaspkk. .VMintt. .1 4; 7.t-.».l.Il 

art aaKciatioDt of ImIt] .'. 4(i'.i..'iO JaI'i itr thi* kni^lit niiii thi* Inir I!rutii!ii«*>iiile. .\ 

Jau r>f the windmill. Ewi'ng, J. II 1421. .'» tali* nf thu tinti.^ i.t KiiiK Arthur 73 1.2 

jA3fB Brre. NichnlU, C 4]n.lii; 4:i.'>.4; 4j:i..') ^^iva. 

Jamb Kisu^ruRD, fmewl. Sre nAKMAim, r. ,..^^ _ ^,.. , ,. „ ,^^^ ,^ ,.^, ,:,^^ ..„.,. 

Jajib .Sel4in : or, the king*:* advnciiti*. A Scutti*h 

bUturieal rutnaiicv. (i rant. J 1'<»1.11 .Fay, W. .M. L., ;«,„./. .sVf Woiiiuiii r. J L. .M. 

Hhelf uiiuiberH above 21 lO in the NoU^h are In the liateH Hall. 


Shelf. No. I ShdL X«l 

Jbapfrkson, J. C. Ittbel 478.6 Jb.m5ie WooDviLLB,p>rtM/. iSre Stablbr, J. L. 

— LoUie Darling 1752.2 Je.hnt's germuium. Or, the prise flowor of a London 

— Not dead yet 782.18 ' court 1459.1f 

— Olive Blake's good work 792. 12 ! Jbphsox, R. M. He would be aaoIdierV .'.'.*. !!!.!. 1412^12 

— A woman in spite of herself 750.50 ; Jbrrold, A. See SwiTO, Alice. 

Jealous husband. The. Maillard, A. M 458.19 Jbbrold, Douglas (W.) Cakes and ale 906.1.4 

Jbalous wife, The. Pardoe, J 803.8 — The chronicles of Cloyernook; A man made of 

Jbambs's diary. Thackeray, W. M 508.15; 608.16! money 906.1.6 

Jbaw. Newman, j|fr«. — 1760.8 — A man made of money 80U7 

-i;„ n^Au^. A A^ t^na c _ HiBtory of St. Giles and St. James. [London 

low life.] Leipiig 420.15 

- Same. London 417.5 

- Men of character 720.21 

A'or*.— Comiwre W. B. Jerrold'i ** Life and rm^m of 
DoaelM Jprrold" [588.18: 588.191 and ** A d» irith Dooglaa 
J^iToSd" rifflBJl; lS78.ffl]: Horne't •* A new^rit of the erc " 

Jbaji Belin. Brehat, A. de 509.6 

Jbaic Jacqubs. See Rodsseau, Jean Jacques. 
Jean Jaroussbau, the pastor of the desert. Pelle- 

Un,(P.C.) E. 808.20; 1715.14 

Jkav Paul. See Richtbr, Jean Paul (F.) 

Jbavib Wilson, the lily of Lammermoor. D., J 1418.18 

Jbanib's quiet life. Tabor, E. 715.8 r*** -« a-o *n .« .u -ii -u o-*.*.!: .^- ^ - v«-r 

JbANNETTB. Wo«lson,C.F 1773.21 C8r8.«; iteWI], and th« North Brirtrtir.Tkw.Mv.l« 

Jeans, T. The Tommiebeg shootings; or, a moor ! Jerry Janris's wig. Barham, R. H. {In Johnson, 

inScotland 486.11' '° " ^ * "' ' ' - 

JE5I3IGS, E. ( Wycliffe Lane.) My good for noth- 

ing brother 492.33 

Jexkin, jkfrx. C. Leisure hour series. Jupiter's 

daughters 1759.7 

Within an ace 1787.5 

(E.)R. Little classics) 1839.7.4 

Jessamine. Terhnne, M. V 1753.4 

Jessie. Simonds, W 747.22 

Jessie Carlton. Wise, D 723.14 

Jessie Gordon 736.25 

Jessie Graham. Macintosh, M. J 437.5 

— Madame de Beaupr^ 783.18 ! Jessie Trim. Farjeon, B. L 1772.8 

— Once and again 480.67 j Jessie Wells. Alden, I. M 1808.7 

— A Psyche of to-day 783.9 ; Jessie's work. Shipley, M. B 1713.9; 1735.2 

— Skirmishing. London 783.19 ; Jessy Allan. Kennedy, G 806.11 

— Same. New York 783. 10 Jettatrice; or, the veil withdrawn. CraTen, P.. . . 1781.23 

— Two French marriages 730.80 Jeuse, M. S. My school days in Paris 807.3 

— '* Who breaks — pays." [lUly] 493.11 

~ Within anaoe 710.64 

Jexkins, E. Ginz's baby: bis birth and other mis- 

Jew, The. Spindler, C 802.4 

Jewess, The. Es«tlake, Lady G. L. Lironian 

tales 732.6 

fortunes. [Satire on English poor laws.] Boston. 488.23 ! Jewbtt, S. W. From fourteen to fourseore 765.14 

— Same. London 488.22 ! — The old comer cupboard 1446.1 

— Same. [And] Lord Bantam. Leipiig. 2t. ... 760.49 Jews. The home and the synagogue of the modem 

— LitUe Hodge 1715.17 | Jew 1724.2 


Mrs. Orr, " L«ah " [49^.7], time of Ahab, tenth century B. a 

W. Ware, " Julian " C9«.lif], time of Chriit, clorioK with the erociflxion. tale. Mra. Brownin|t, ** The seraphim " [-ra.10.1; .TK.11.1: l.'BK.S.I}. 
the cniciflxiol). drama. W. W. Storr. **A Roman lawyer in Jenuakm " [L'SS S; 4M0a.l53. poem. Lonid^llow, " Tl>e divine tra|Ee4j " [^18.3: Sffi JCJ, 
death of ChriaL R. Cumberland, " Cahrary " [2^7.6}. poem. J. H. Ingraham, '* The prinoe of the hoate of Darid ** [UOSlSI]. Jeraaalem, Henjd and J«mw, 
tale. Stniuel Wesley. '* I^fe of Chriat" epic. Klopctock, " The Mewiah ** CSMM.4 : 489S r>], poem, and other epic*, in Qermaii. on the lift uT Chriit. by 
Lavater, Haleiii, Rftckert, and Pyrker. Eliza Schmidt, ^ Judaa iMariot," drama, and another by Straota. R. li. Home, "Jodas laouiot.'' aininic to 
•how that Judas intended to hasten the diKOvery of Christ's divinity. Giles Fletcher, ** Christ's victory and triumph" C<W>f.l.4}. M. 'on, '* Ftarmdiae 
regained " C»12-1I: 3LL12; 312.6; Sfl.1.2; 3S9AS; 3»JI; 350.4: Wi.9Ji\ m7.11.3: I409Ji; £itH.8.4: £98.7.7; SSSBJU: 9«B2 2; 38QS.4.2; 4S«Ba.l.-U; 4«M.I33, 
poem. Lope de Tefta, " PasCores de Helen," Bethlehem, birth of Mary to the flif ht into EQrpt. pestoral. Biownln£. ** i^istle <^ Kharnbh,*' raismic of 
Lazanis, poem. Pyl, ** Pontius Pilate,** drama. 

Tka wndtHmt Jett, or Atetwervs. — O. Croly, "* Salathtel " [1747.^: 257«.(K3, tale. E. Quinet, " Ahasviras,** tale. Dramas by Hai t, Mootb, KUnfe-* 
mann, and BAnDellirt. Mrs. Norton. ** The undyinK one," poem. Tale by Sue [711.13; 787 J; I7V>.23]. 

See G. Brunet. " Notice historiqoe et bibliofraphique sor la If Rende du Juif-errant " C2873J0], 1848. BarinK-GooId, *' Curious myths of tht aBiddle 
ases" C183R.1; S28ft.ll; fi^A.!]. 

Htrod CA« frtat, <f. 4 B. C — Dramas hy 8. Pellico, RHekert, Hebbel (** Herodes nnd Mariamme "), Earl of Orrety. and Nenmeisler. 

J. M. Leavitt, " Idumean." Marini, "* Masaacre of the innocents,** poem, translated by Crashaw. 

F. A. Strauss, '' Helons WalUkhrt nach Jemsalem " Ca>aa.51], also publUhcd as " The glory of the house of Israel ** C90M.1O], tale. Mra. 
*" Zipporah " aTWU?. tale. 

JerutaUm taken, 70. — Milntan, " Fall of Jerusalem ** [327.9.1; S3S.6; 90.2], poem. J. Crowne, *' Destruction of Jcrasalem," traffeily. 
"Jews' traxedy." Poem by B. Linders. G.J. Whyte-MeiviUe, "The icladiators" [7^93* tale. G. B. Lalli, ''II Tito Vespasianor epic J. van dca 
Vondel, " Sack of Jerusalem," tragedy. Mrs. J. B. Webb, " Naomi " [42.1.6], Ule. Dramas by Latter. Cronegli. and Rittershausea. 

JettM «f «oMe. — Quinton, "Aurciia" [8U9.12].at Rome' nndvr Dumitian, Ule. 

/«wfl and Ckrittimiu.'- Scott's " Ivanhoe" [49IL.V; 4fl0.1Ji 1470.1.2; 1807.9; 1809^0 ; 2S79.1.16, 17; 41C9.1J: 4S78.M]. in England, A. ». IIM, etc., tala. 
Pfeifler. *• Der Jaden artt," persecution, 14(h century. Spindler. ** The Jew *' [802.4], Worms, 1414. G. Afcuilar. '• The vale of cedars " C<M-17], cxpolaoa 
fh>m Spain, IMh century ; and her ** Edict," in " Home scenca." Also Cooper. ** Mercedes of Castile " [7«0.48], for persecution of the Jesrs. (Hem, 
Meredith. » Rabbi Ben Ephraim's treasure,** in his "* New poems" [13Mcl9.S]. Spanish Jews persecuted, poem. " Gabriel " [710.41]. Jews in Pngue. lOlL 

George Eliot's " Daniel Deronda" [43.11 ; 45.18: 1410.4; 1797.8] gives a suppoM>d Christian suddenly discovering himself to be a Jew. 

JeieUk rkmratur. — Mosenthal, " Deborah," diaina. M. A. Gohlschmidt [Adolph Meyer], " En JMe " [4229.9}. translated as ''.The Jew,** tale. Mias 
Edwards. " Doctor Jacob" [1478.14]. Frankfort, tale. I. S. Isaacs. "Friday night" [808J], illustrative tales. A. Edersheim, "Mirtain Roambum* 
[ 172l.Ki}. in Silesia, leligions aspects, tele. " The home and the synagogue of the modem Jew " [ 1724.2]. Erckmann-Chatrian. •* The FluUsh Jew " [471^8]. 
** Joseph the Jew " [7Ut.8 ; 1741UI]. Grace Aguilar. " Home scenes." Tonna, " Judah's lion " [487.4]. 

Lessing's " Nsthan the wise" [1SS8.13; 1357.12; S874JS], drama, was a protest against uncharitable views of the Jewish rharaftart aad Di w rna l l, ia 
**Tkncred" [730.14; 7A2.1], '*Alroy" [410.37: 442.14; 4S9.30; 752.15; 752.19] and *'Coning«by" [410J8; 1478.1; 1801J]— for ludicrous parody of tlwlut SM 
*< Codlingsby." in Thackeray's " Burlesques" [2570.33] — has delineated the Jewish character to disarm prejudice. The same may be said of Miss Uf^ 
worth's *' Harrington " [467.1.9; 468.8.17]. and of Miss Sheppard's *• Charles Auchester " [8QCL.'9] and ** Counterparts " [508.7 : 508.8; 1790.9]. 

HISTOBICAI. mcpUKMCie. — MiAnans eariy editions of his " History of the Jews " [389.15 ; 810.1 ; 836.25] were puUished over thirty ycers aflu, aad 
his hook has mainuined a reputation for scholarly candor and accuracy, with pictnresqae presentation, hot he incurred some detraction for his critical ex- 
amination of the historic truth in the sacred records. His revised edition [2297.4] is enlarged principally in the later period*, and gives the authorities, whick 
of late years have added to onr knowledge; and. in a prefoee. which he thinks will suit neither extreme, the author reaffirms his previous views on the di^ 
of an historian. MUman acknowledges great indebtedness to Ewald [English translation. .V42S.S0], who first brought that critical spirit to the task, whi^ 
had BO rewarded Wolf and Niebuhr in the history of Greece and Rome. Though his conclusion! are not always adopted, nor his stateroenta invariably 
agreed to, his work, for the period before the commencement of the monarchy, B. 0. 1090. is the most comprehensive, and his sueceasora only exeepi a 
certain dojnuatism in his opinions from their general praise. Bunsen's " God in hiitory " [5436.4] is written on a speculative, conjectural qrsteaa, llMi 
does not conmicnd itself to sturdy truth-seekers like MiLmau. Sharpe*s " History of the H^rew nation and iu Ikerature" [2299.64] is the latart fikgUA 

Shelf nmnbers above 21 lO in the Notes are in the Bates HalL 


The Rifwral rwdcr win And Dr. SmHh'i Old TnUment hiftory [^'S.IO; MnB.10] a nifllcient namt'iTc clown to about n. C. 4af). when J«i«pphni C9Ml1 i 
S aBIUD: gfg-g; SS»L'{: •jam.H; ZVO.W; 4Vru.l; (SUn.Si (OOPtLAi «U»V.%] and tlu- Ronian liivlMrtaiM takr up thr ttury. Smith'* Now Tertament 
lilflorjr [3IM.4: MM.Il], whirh HitKtanllally rli>#e« A. I>. 70. it prrfacid by a cnrmtry nkvlrii liiidKiiin Ihi- intvnat hrl«rvii tiir old and new imird. 8re 
Fniwlr'i tmamy un rrillriam and thr |ri>i|irl hinturv, in hi« " Short «liidti>ii" CI'<1*'I'> 1 : i*><i7-'>I ; -t.Vir.7.1]. ThTr !■ a |«|irr in lljrpi-r'i monthly, vol. 49, on 
** Thr J««fl and thrir |irrMrul«>rii. " Maraulay hai an viway CX'.»»..'<.I : 'S*i\.2Jn 4aMjt.J; Vi>V.i.7^'i] on thrir " Civil dikabilitir*" in Eii<laiiil : aiMl Partnn. in 
Ua ** Topir* ol the tinw ** [NMIT?. tclU of ** Our Iararlili»h brrthrcn " in Aiurriea. Tli« itory ol ih« ir cxpul*i>in tn>m Siwln It tolil In I'n-Mirtt • ** Frnlinasd 
MMl lHlwlbl"[»lll: 9»i8; iVMil; XXW^W; MVm 17. cha|itrr xvii]. 

Ihv Barin||.U.»uld'a "OiiRin and drvrlnpnient of rrli)rl<>ua bflicf " C'JXMS.IA; 7(»I.I0j and Clarkv't "Ten Rroat rciiKiont" [11411; 74K7>]. ami ute fur 
•■ncikHia rclatad t*iptc« Smith'i, and alfi 3lcCTintock and Strung; ■ Cycloiiwdla. 

Shelf. No. 

JiwsBumT, G. E. GoDiUneo Herbert 4U2.28 

— Zfie. The hiitorjr of two lived 802.23 

jRWiitrRT, M. J. Sre Flietchkh, M. J. 

Jilt, The. Smjthie^, Afr«. U 802.31 

JiKKH, JofhuA i eilldiAh, pttud. See Dick, W. l\. 

Ju'tdt.U. JobDmn, V. W 450.48.4 

JoAi-Hiii*ii •peetaclei. A legend of Floren thai. Lee, 

M. and C 1427.17 

JoAKiM T. Kainern. NatbuBius, M 720.70 

JOAV. Broaghtun, R Ud'J.l; lhOO.24 

JoAJi. Shcrwoiid, M. M. Works 4:)2. 1 .8 

Joiv Merry weather. Saanderf, K..777.20; 1734. G; 1777..') 
JoAX or Arc, Storj uf 4'>0.20 

AVtfr. — 8i« nndt-r Fa A^<-R, C'harh-« Vll. Joan f>f Are has 
brrn thr ■ulijfni iff a laricc nunibiTiif btnik^, au«i Hiiim* imh- 
littied brti>ri- 1H47 arrrhunieraliNl In Itarllt^li-inv ili* B<-aufi>- 
lard t lite "T her C4'iLV71 » iilfh U a Mandaid litv. 'I'lir piib- 
1 train HI I if lair I i-«iii I if I he ilncunivnturv rit-'ord^ nf lii'i tiial 
[aer Bain Hall llklei. iindi-r " Jujn nf Arc ' ] Iih« i-nahli-tl the 
Miit«l rtvriU luii^iraphert lu conipri-h<-nil her character tti-ttor. 
Miriivit-l li«K»rttSi-nu ri>piilahl<> life, wliirh it drawn Inmi hit 

" lli*l-iii of FraiHT* [i¥J.VJ: •^i'A'M.'".']. Ti.e hiopI hh I lite 

iii Knit li'b it liar mi ran't ['i}. hamil lipon tin- (Iik-u- 
iiiftit* nfiTinl tii bIhiii-, ai.d <in tl-.e whole It tlie tM-«i fur 
Die KiiKii«!t rrader. ul tlie extemli^l nirnniitii. .s«>f al«o IM- 
({iiiiieey t " Miae«-|laneiMia eK*av>" [.<!%»; Oltl^'t]: («nini*y't 
" i'hB|iif rt fmni I'micli hi>l<>rv ' [V^^XiV:]; (■inml'ii " lliiiti>rv 
Af I'raiHY" C3el/«]i and 0«iran't ** Krii]{litt and lln-ir dayt^' 


Tlie nntt n<rtewi>rth> di-lineatiiin in tietinn Vtr thi> KuftHth 
rrwlt-r are Snaketpi-are't litmrr Tl; Snithey't |mn<iii; and 
bi-li i>r'tdiania: the latter, huwrvvr, ik>| Ifli'iK in ti-r> rl<i»e 
•ntiriairf-r with lite hitlorical reellalt. See alni ni>te lii Uul- 
Irtin, ni>. .«4, p. aCt. 

JOAXXA Darling. Townsend, V. F 74:>.22 

Jo Age IS MlLLBB» pneuil. See MlLLEK, C. II. 

Job I >eanp the trapper. North, 1 1788.8 

Job I'rRiTAX, patud. See PuRlTAX, Job. 

JocBLr.<«'8 mistake. Spender, Mrs. J. K 178 1.2.') 

Job and Sallj. Iljr the author of *< Grumbling Toin- 

mj," etc 1427.30 

Job and the ilowards. Newhall, C. S 7'.M).('.h 

JoHA.^.HBs Olaf. Wille, E. dv 

JoH«. E. ( K, Marlitt,) At the councillor's IhOi.l I 

— The eountets Gixela 424».22 

— Guld Elrie 1447.21 

— The little muorlaod princi-ss 42'). U 

— Magdalena 42(;. 1 

— The old mam'tello't at'oret 1447.1s 



^^^ \JWm ▼OlUJCi ■••• «••• •••• •••• •••• eae* a*«» ••••« 

^^^ A Ow VVTvUDQ ^V llO •■••«•••• •••« •••• •••• •••• ••••• 

.Vi«f . — TLrw Diirrlt are di'acriptUe uf Gi-nnan life. 

V WH^a vAl ft« Uf ^9* aa«e •••• •••• •••• ••■• •••• •««• •• 

JuHB. Oliphant, M. (0. W.) 

JoMSi and the deinij«ihn. Wright, J. McN 

Jobs A ndnns. Uaviii, U. B 

J OB « Brent. [Calirurnlaand the Weitt.] Winthrop, 

1447. ('. 


JoB5i I>oe and llicbard Roe. Gould, E. S 4.*)3.'J 

JoB«i Dtirrien. Kavanagh, J 1784.12; 17H.'i.l4 

JoBSi Gi)dfre/'i furtunt**. Taylor, (J.) Bayard 772. (i 

Job* GudMM-'tf legacy. Kvllugg, E 1747.1 

Jobs Guilderatriug'a lin. KtuhardM, C. F 773.20 

Job* Halifax, gentleman. Cruik, D. (M.). ..430.24; 7(;2.(' 

Jobs- Jack. Peeble*, M. Ij. 4 '»<>. ■'>■'> 

JoBji Jagfi'i ghoft. Odlina, (W.) W 177D.23 

JoB» Jaiper** noret. Morford, II.. Rnti otherM 47.i.lo 

JoBV Ijkw the projector. Aiiiawtfrtli, W. H. ., 7.'iO.]0 

Jte« 'Ttiit piivel nierr«ll-e rarrvr of ihli «i-!l-kii ivn pni. 
)erriir itf t:i» Mii*i<«ip|il tmblilr. hiii\i-i. m |ii« :.7ti| |riiiiP< 
on ni'^'rn hi<>iry [n£ dj U4.t:i; yi:.; . JL'I I.-41. -S^Vi: 411.' u'; 
ti.i. tW'.i} Iraert llir hiali<rv uf liie •rlimir. hihI iii-kn<-wi- 
fp* Ilia ehirt iibliicatioii In Htruari'> " rrniripU-a ul imliMral 
^iimj ' r«tl»; .-«U.H.Mi. Thirit't ti an larU wrk. 
later revitcd [ta Frrnrh, «At7.Kl]. aid I* a ei>iM|iarl rvadHtilf 

Shair. No. 
Jonn Law the projector, continued, 

■k*>trli. Tht-reitan-itlH'r Fn'iirh aiirkiw and hit tym- 
t«*iii by ('<K-hiit [4<V.'k77]; und the gfneral lik«ti>rir« nf Ijimit 
XVlh'v llini- riMilmii ni<»ri* nr Int. S«>e al«i Clianib<-r«'t " lliii- 
crvphii'al di<'ti<>iiHry fif t-mineiit .*M-4rttinrn "; thi- pa|M-r nn the 
Mi>Mi««ip|ii iHihhIf' liv Irvini; [1 M I;!]; StBn)iii|H>'a "llMtirv 
of Kti(;lumr ['.•'!:'».:!: I!i»«;: *.'lv".»..''i. chaiitrr II]. ai<d i'H»u ll't 
" liikti-iy <if tlir liiitnl Sl:i(r«' [t^L'l.trl. rhaptir •*•::. p. t7nj; 
alto the ai'i-iiiinl in Mackui 't ** I^opular di-ln»itint " [•<7,i.nj. 

JoUM lA'nnnrd U.'t'J.U 

JuHM MarchiU(>iit*d legacy. Bradduu, M. E 4U2.11 

7:i0.7; 1RUG.U 

John Muribel. Doslonilo, M. D 1788.44 

JuiiN Mnrstiin llnll, The life uiid adrcnturc;* of. 

J.iiiioit. (1. W K 4(;4.2G; lH0.>.22 

Jniix Miirtin. SherwixHl, M. M. Wnrki* 4.'>2.1.16 

John Milton and lii.'< tiine:i. .An hiiitorical novel. 

Kin,r. M 414.24 

John Mnrtimcr'H wif«>. Barico, E KfiU.lG 

JuHNOBrion. H.Kldiin. J. T 7.')8.14 

JoUN Huilt.m. Hnbimn, W 44*J. I'J 

John Tli'iniiison, bhicklicad. Parr, L. 80.'>. 14 

JohnTiuo. Abbott. J 440.31; 73*J.1.G 

John Wiini'** p)veriit'«*.*. Miiu,;regor, A. L 774.6 

John Whopper thu iiow^boy. Cluik. T. M 488.21 

.loiiN Wurthiii^toii'd name. Hviifdict, F. L 17G1.1 

JuHNNV l>urby0hirr. llowitt, W. (/« J«ihnS'in, (E.) 

K. Littli' olauicfl) 1^3U.7.0 

JoHN.HY Lu<iliiw .'11.2; 177l(.13 

.FoHNNYKiN 1111(1 the giibliii-i. Lvland, C. G I7SH.2J 

Johnson, K. The jtidgv'« pots .'»IM).38 

JuUNSuN, (E.) K., c'/iffir. Little cla«i<icji. IGr. ... 183'J.7 

f'oufHtii. — Vnl.l. Kxilf: Kthan lirnntl. h\ N. llawthnnie; 
The twana uf, by fi. (iTilh.i; A ni)ilil in a wiirklnMiaf. by 
J- (in^nwi-Ml: T!ir'i>i'li-i*l* itf 1 1'krr Flat. b\ Hii'l liartet 
Tilt- Ill-Ill «iirii>nt armiiitiy. by K- K. Ilalv. Fliilht i4 a Tar- 
tar In In*, by r |)t' tjiii>ii*i-y. 

Viil. II. Iiiii'lltft I'lii'liiiii*!- aiiil thf lira in. he K. linUer 
Lylt'in ; D'iMitn* iii<irt hy II. I'. >|i<tf.inl : Thr tall uf llir liiiute 
i-l I'ahri. bv K. A. I'ih'; Chop*, tiif "Iwarf. by V. I»i«ktnt. 
Wak«-fli*lil. by X. Ilswtltunir: Munh-r •'••naMlrrrd a* one uf 
t!ir tlni> arta. by T. !><• Quinri'v : Tiif ca|itain a atury, by K- II. 
lia\ i« 

Vitl. III. Trairi^y: The murtlert in Ihf Idle ^^irfin*. by 
K. A I'lM-; Till* l^Awaiin trH);iily. liv J. W. I>» Fi>ni>i: The 
irun »liiitu<l. b% \V. Mudtnid: Tii** ln>l|tii«rr, tiy II. Mi-hliir; 
Th«> Kii'iiaxaii alate. by K C JiMl«iii; Tin- <lMr> uf I.a K<H-hr. 
b\ II Muvanirie: Tin- ti^imi i*f aiMbkn di-ath. by T. IK; 

Vol )V. Life: Hah and hi« tri< nd*. br J I{r<<«n. M n. ; 
A roiiianci- •>! n-al litr. hv W 1 1 Iii>wfll«; I'.i*- luck "f ll-mr- 
inj[ •'amp. bv Hn-t Mnrlr . Jrrrv Jaiti*« ^i]i. bv K il. 
Ilatliuiii: ll<-iiiil> and till- l<-a>t. hy N I'. \Vii;i*: liand .'•«aii. 
be N lli«t!i iriii : l>ii-a-ntii><rp. Ill \. Simlii ; A lMt'liil><ra 
r.'\irv. bt 1) (i .Mitch. .L Till- «'"'•■'»»' ••! Illi*. bv It F 
TdViiir: Mv ihati-nn. U\ ^i. W. ('iirlii; l)ri-a>n 1 tiiliWn. by 
V. l.aiiili: I'lii- mail in tin- n-afrvmr. tiv ('. F llnlliiiaiii W.-ftt- 
liiiiiiti r alilNy. hy J. .\i|ili«-n; Tin- puritan*. Ii> T. II. Mhiuu- 
la\ : III tt« .b-irt: hv A I.i-ii-iilii. 

Viii. V. I.HiJif:itir .\ r;iri«riiiai i-ar<>!. br (*. Dirken*: The 
Iiniiii1f«l i-rii«t. hv K- >un.-ii--rk; A di*Mrtaliifii up 'ii r^iaat p g. 
bv C. I.iil •>• Til' t-'lul ilrpriiviM nt iiiaiiiiiiati> l!iiii.->, lie 
.Mi« K. A. WnlkiT ; I ..•■ «ki-li'l 'ii I'n thr rli<«tl. hy K. K. Il»i<-: 
Sai:itv W'-iiil ■■ M-piili-!iir. lit II. Mi'li ■- : .1 ^i»il :>itlif ■•vinio 
t->r aKiii aiiii dn-HViil |>iiii*li :f. Iir 1 1 W. Ilnliiu-a; .Mr. TiblK4 
O'l^an, tUi- ciiihiua. b> (*. (irilHn; Nr«l Ma!<>ii*-. liT W. 

Vol VI I.i>«r. I^iti' and •kali a. liv T. Winthr-ip: Tha 
maiil i>t Ma:i<>i 1. liv K. Iliilwtr I.tttMii: Tin- tt-iM nt llulti, 
fi.'tii llip Il.lil< : The ri*i- «if l»ka>idi-i. In II I>i«rii<-,i 

v.. I VII KniiHi.f Iri-. tit it ^V ||..I : Tht lt..<i. 

• Mi'-.ii* . ii> I). M M i':aik: 'I'lir s-iitri bn d^rr. liv II. I'. 
S|Ki:!<iiil. TIm> ai>fi»-*i--riii, l>* J. \Vjt>i»M ; Tm- kmit ul the 
jf nk. iiv \. i'lititiiii^iijiii 

V. ; Vlll. Mv.|. .-v I'!..- KliiM*. by W. II fir.iMMir. The 
1 i.n -Mt'i-ii t\]iii«*, liv A. It |j|waril«; I'hr ii^n il ■fiia<i , ttV 
I If • %■■ ■; Till- hioi'ii-il «:ii|i*. by .1 t'ln niii.liiin \ ra<t 

tl.n* •.■■■!: iiiade, tiv It T > I/--wll : 'I in- i:»» i«.N ■ it ■»•, 

ill F 1)1 M-<i. Till- aih'- III!-'* ••■•Idiii.r-ila>. U\ t' l'i<<«e: 
'II- III' ■■•i-k.lir\ llu-i* ih'iriM- 

\ ..■ IX «• ■■riv Hum.) n Itiini.i •. |1i>- imi Ijr.i' ■'. U\ *i 
l^,.,.. . iij<|<h>|-||. •- \liaii. Hi- ira* ••;•■-. hv J «fi'. Il ii>-- 
lr-nii|>^ li-l. ti* ^^ M fi a. WiTii"; '1 i.f pi-ii»- pa-i- . liv II. 

S'Mti- Kit!ii-i r n>l 111' !■ 'I"', 'iv N !• ii; i.'iM ; J v • . !•! W ||<i4il|; T!ii> ,rrii!i'-ii. >■« ^ !...«•: l\* 
\t..> mil- ■ .. II-. <* l(>i.|< . 

V.i! X. «' III! A'l'iS -fl.*.'!-!- bk I. 'I ;t H.ini.' 1 

Tl.r ki .' < I !'.•■ liiiliii Ill J. Itnvkiii. I'm laiii ••( 

8he1f iiumberH a1)ov<* 121 lO In the Not<*s art* in tlio Hates Hall. 


SuBXBDM, lEinnKh M. Signal ligbU !>00.47 

JOHHBKlc, liduaK. Uoddj'a ideal ; 44.11 

— Kiidily's rcalitjr 54.7 

— Ku<l.l>'a rumanos 

JOHXSON, .Ifn. M. 0. Elmi liomuleMl 7lO.!0 

JaaxMV.S. Kanclat. [Ad Euteratal*.] Hartfurd. TiS.lO 

— Samt. Londun. (ib Barbanld, A. L. Britbh 
DiiicliM) "- 



woud Mcret. 

— TboOaUkUlfairiu.. 

— Tbe urioliBt'a fricnda. 

— The dull'a club. Vol. 

(Cduim Virgimia.) The CUder- 

" The kettle dab Kric*. Qraudrathijr'B pocket- 

KS, K. H. (PAitfjH 

-A.) Dnkeaboruqgh 


Joannoaa, Ur:J. dan-Albio. It 42!>.4 

— DirrnionaVif llollyout 14(;4.I5 

JdaxsTu-tn'i farm. Samntlf, S. B. C 450.17.3 

JoLLr.JIiW— . CaMe l4y3.J 

— Ctilunel Dnare 1740.10 

JuLLre<-Kl liniM, Smilh, a, P. W " " 


!. C. F. , 

Ja:iATHAV Homebred, Tho cnartvbfp and ai 
of. Paul, II 


J0.1BB. C, 11. DaTauli. mill, 


Jdxu, J. B. Th« quaker »tdier; or. the llriti> 

i.. PblJwIdpbU. A romauM of tbe rerolutio 


. 782.1? 

Joxu. Jweph S. The carpenter of Roun 


— Life of JeffBraon S. Batkina, member from Cmi 



JoxKil, Jtulin. SatlantTom 133.S 

— HarrjHalm 433.16 

— Harr; T?aip««t 433.17 

— VirgiDia tirabam 71S.25 

" JasuvH.," p^eud. Waa ah* augaged! 7BS.S 

Joseph and hfa triand; a itory of Penujlnuiia. 

Taylor, (J.) Bayard 764.11 

JosKPH in tho taow. Anerbiieb. B 1478.11 

JoRECH II. and bu ouurt. Ad hlitorieal noiel. 

Mundt. C. (M.) - 414,23 

JoiEputhe Jow 713.8t 1741.3 JKj 

JoBKPB Andrewa, Adreuturei of. Kalding, H IMU.l 

_ Sam., (/» Itarbauld, A. L. Britith naTeliaU).778.l.lS 

JOBEFB Nsirel'i reTenge. Cherbnllai, V 498.14 

JagiPB M'ilmat. Ile;nulda. G. W. M ITBl.l 

JosKpaiiiF., unc/. Our cbildreo'a peta 733.11 

JoaapHiKE, The empress. An biitoHwI akateh of 

thediTiof Napoleon. UuDdl, C. (U.) 411.13 

JoBB Billiuga. Sbaw, U. W 4S0.13 

Jusa Uillinsa on ioe. Shan, U. W 179.17 

tK ntire upon BaslUh aooietr.l Liaton, B. 
n».17; 1T18.1I 

JoRHDA HagKsrd'a daughter. BnddoD, M. K. 

Jdrbda JaoiDiAB JiSKi, Tnnui. 5n Dica, W. B. 

JotBDA Uariel. Farjaon, B. U; 43L7 

JoTTIKOS from my joamil. Cook, S. 

JomacB from the diary of tbe eon. H., H 1M».I0 

JouKiAL, The, of a home life. Sewall, £. H lU.ll 

iSS-lS; 190.36 
JotraiiT, A, to the oeotre of the earth. Tenia, J. 

716.17; 1746.13 

JoTCi, R. D. Iriib GnaidsUlai 7ST.9 

— Lenadaof the irsra in Ireland 7T7.II 

Jnali FeniaDdes, Tba aolitary of. Saintine, J. {X.) 

B. T37.8 

Jvin Masdicl. Stt Maiidil, Joan. 

JuDAu'Hliuu. [Jeiiiih life.] Tonna, C. K 18T.4 

Jddd, S. Margaret. [A eloaa atndy of New Bog- 


goveroor'a family 438.6 

jDDEA.juiun; or,eocDeaiD. Ware, W. 3t BUS-ll 

JCMIK Branard'a iotiatry. Noble, A. L. 505.10 

jDiiaEjDotiD. Abbott,J 140.61; 719.1.11 

"JuiWEniit." Sbappard, Jfri. B. 1496.4 

Jdme's, Tbe, peta. JehnioD, E 500.3S 

jDWiE's,Tbe, KD*. Kendall. E.D U7.S 

jEDSU.f, E.(C} (fauy/WcKir.) The Kalhayu 

■lire. (/■ JohB»n, (E.)R. IdtUa aUanoi) . . IS39.TJ 

Jro-uR-soT. Wrigbt,J.MoN *S8.1S 

JcLF.a N'oBiAC piiiui. Sit Catkos, C. a. J. 

Julia. Wiliiami, U.H UIS.II 

Jdlia doKuabigne. Maakaniie, H ITS.1.I9: TS3.14 

JuUA Howard. Bell, Mn. M 801.U 

Jdlia MaudcTille. Brooke, F. M 778.1.37 

Jdua Hied. Aldan, I. M 1776.11 

Jdlmii ; or, eeeuea in Jndea [in tbe time of Chriitl. 

Ware,W. a» 808.11 

JoLiAir Home. A tale of oolkge life. Furar, F. 

W 4>S.18 

Jdliak PiTcii'tl. Shanrood, M. M. Vork* loLl.B 

JnuASA Oikiey. Sherwuod. M. M 151.1.5; 167.11 

JcLiiTTi. Baker, H. N. (W.) 735.11 

Jnuui a Ule of tbe VaudoiL Webb, Wi. J. B.... G09.U 

JDUC8. Toepffer, K 756.10 

JoLica: or. the ttreet boy out Weat. Alger, B.,>r. ]|5li.7 

l.(J.)H. Theobald 769.11 

Luey; or. married Tram piqae 1111.17 

!Orgie. AbbDtI,J 110.43 

uiocy. Abbott. J 410.18 

The. Srt ABBOrr, J. 

in. JffiC... 

. 1759.7 

1 Virrinia. Cooke, 

J. B....'. I718J 

rVE5iLK budget. The, opened. Aikln, J 499.11 

r, aebool life at the 

> reward attar nai 

Kaloolah. [Afrioan.] Mayo, W. 8.... 
Kabia Tboufe, piwd. Set Bella>t, II 
KA!iaABoa bnntera. The. Bowman, A.... 

Karaibo. Ucadenwn.J.S 

Kate and her bnither 

Kate Beantuonl. De Fvreft, J. W 

Kate Danlun. Fleming. M. A 

anedy. New by, C. J 

. 1477.17 
. 171J.T 


. 1498.11 

.. 717.11 
.. 1789.S 
.. 111.13 

Sbelf numbers above 2110 in tbe Notes are In the Bates Hall. 




Shelf. No. 

KAnMantone 4H0.1i) 

Katc (VDonoghue. Lerer, C. (J.) 173U.4 

Katb PenroM. Hubbmok, J 8U3.7 

KATRRriLTu: a storj of Exmoor. [Uypsics.] Mol- 

ville, 4). J. W 1771.2; 177!).30 

Kathabiicb Anhton. Scwell, E. M. 2v 424.8 

K Am A RINK Seward. Shorwoud, M. M. Works.. .. 4.'i2. 1.4 

Katha KINK Walton. Simmti, W. 7DU.27 

KATHARiiiK'g ezpcrienoe.. ISiwoo, E. L 147U.12 

Kaihatas ilave, The. Juilsim, E. (C.) {In John- 

«un, (E ) U. Littio elassi<») 1830.7.3 

Kathbrijik Earle. Trafton. A 17(i5.3 

KATHBBiNc'g trial. Parr, U 174H.3 

Kathib Brande. Parr, U 78G.12 

Katbib •toriei. Set DouoLAg, A. M. 

J£ ATaiB*g aunt Ruth. Douglas, A. M 799. 18 

Katbib*b harreit daji. Douglas, A. M 797. 19 

Kathib's KiMiers. Douglas, A. M 797. 17 

Katbib'b sammer at CodarwiKid. Dou|cIaa. A. M. . . 799.19 

Katbik's three wishes. Douglas, A. M 79.1. 'iU 

Kathlbb!!. Bj the author (»f *« Kavniond's beruioo." 73*2.9 

Katir Stewart. Oliphant, M. (0. W.) It 10.1 

Katstb, a. E. Undor the storks' ne:»t o 1. 1.~) 

KAVA!iAGa, B. and J. The pearl fountain and nther 

fairj taleji. London 1803.1j 

— Hamr. Xew York 1801.21 

Kat.\5ia«h, J. Addle. Leipzig. 3v 420.17 

— Snme. New York 4.'»4.2 

-» Beatrice. Lripiig. 2r 7r>0.37 

— Btt««ie. Leipiig. :. r 1729.19 

^ Snme, New York 411.24 

— Daifj Barns. I^ipiig 420.18 

— Same, New York 454.4 

— Dora 490.53 

— Uraee Lee. Leipzig 420.19 

— Same. New York 4:)4. 12 

<— John Dorrien. Leipiig. 3 t. in 2 I7h.').14 

— Same. New York 1784.12 

— > Madeleine: a tale of Anrergne 774.11 

— Nathalie. Leipxig. 2r 420.20 

— Same. New York 4.'>4.rt 

— Queen Mab 783.13 

— KaohelUraj. Iioipxig 420.21 

— Same. New York 454.10 

— Saint-Qildas. Boston 454.9 

■•^ Same. Citneord 454.13 

— Seren years, and other Ules. Leipzig 420.22 

''^ Same. New York 454.1 

— Silvia. Leipzig 710.17 

— Same. New York 454.5 

— Sybil's second love 480.74 

— joint author. The pearl fountain and other fairy 

tales. iSr«« Kavanacu, B 1801.21; 1803.15 

■Vtr#. — .MiM Ka^aiiairirf Uli^ mu* ptirv in iiin«> and Mvie 
■wl arr Kriicnily funaidrrrd an •iici>va>liil fh«r«t;t«r norcli. 

Kata!«agh. [.Vew England life.] Lnngfellow, H. 

W ...438.12; 440.89.2; 854.10 

Kbart, a. Casllu Daly: the story of an Irish 

houe thirty years agi>. Leipzig 1799.5; 

<— A'amr. Philadelphia. [Intornatiimal series] . .. 1795.5 

— Clemency Frauklyn 1705.2 

— Janet's homo 1785.0 

— Oldbary. Leipzig 1709.9 

"^ Same. Philadelphia. [International series]. .. . 17H3.G 

— A York and a Ijancaster roM 1421.15 

KEATiMiiB. Mre. R. II. Honor Bluko 1733.10 

Kb mi IE. II. {Sarah Tjftter.) Childhood a hundred I 

years ago 1410.12: 

— Days of yuro 7i>9.7 

— The diamond roee 78U.27 . 

— A garden iif wuinen. [Varioui> tales] 51.10, 

— Oirlhifod anl wuinanhtMHl 4 IT. is ' 

— The Ilaguenot family 727.17 

— Laily Bell. A story of the la«t century 175 1. 8 

— •• Ntibleami oblige" 4'.Hl, 111 

— Sisters ^d wiveii hor..5, R!' Gli'verson and hiA MliMit pnrtiKTii 774.22 

Kbb^ir, Mra. S. F. The inland homo 15n. 13 

— Oriont buys 450.i» 

Kscriivii ufwu house. MaeUin. M. W ITOS. 17 

Shelf. Nu. 

KBiGHTLKr, T. Tales and popular fictions 489. 18 

KELi.o«ia, E. Elm island stories. The ark of Elm 

island 1408.8 

The hoy fanners of Elm inland 1408.7 

Charlie Boll, the waif of Elm itilaud 14iiH.24 

The hurd-iicrnbble of Elm itilaud 727.9 

Lion Ben of Ulm isUnd 140H.25 

The young 9hip-buiMers of Elm i.-tland 1408.3 

— The furetit glen feries. Brought to the front.... 54 14 

The mitisiouof Black Uifle 1420.2 

S«>wcd by the wind 1774.3 

Wolf Hun 1785.10 

— Norman Clino 450.42 

— The Pleasant cove series. Arthor Brown, tha 

young captain 457.5 

The child of the island glen 457.29 

The cruise of the Canoo 457.26 

The fisher buys of Pleasant cove 1758.2 

John (iodfloe's legacy 1747.1 

The young deliverers of Pleasant cove 457.7 

— The whi!«|>ering pine series. The sophomores of 

Kadoliffo 4.57.27 

The i(]>ark of genius 457.24 

A (itout heart 1749.21 

The turning of the tide 1747.2 

The whispering pine 457.28 

Winning his tipurs 1718.4 

Kellouu, .S. W. The Livelies, and other short sto- 
ries 1761.15 

Kelly, C. E. Bernico, the farmer's daughter 800.51 

— The old barrackif 790.C5 

Kkllys, The, and the O'Kellys. Trollope, A 486.4 

Kkmptu.hs, The. P., II. K 717.13 

Kkjtdall, E. D. The judge's sons 447.23 

— Master and pupil 418.15 

Kbnelm Chillingly. Bulwor-Lytton, E. (G. E.) L. 

1737.6; 1744.4 

KEKiLwoRxn. Scott, 5i> W 430.38 

460.1.11; 400.16; 1470.1.3; 1712.13; 1807.12 
5m alto Si-tirr, Sir W., note. 

Kennedy, G. Decision 1448.12 

— Dunallan. Boston 807.17 

Same. 2 v 800.10 

— Same. Philadelphia 808.15 

— Father Clement. Bimtim 809.9 

— Same. Philadelphia 800. IC 

— Philip Ciilville. Anna Ktms. Jessy Allan b06.11 

Kennkdy, J. P. (S'fitm'tn Se*imflth-mjhtM.) Horse- 
shoe Kohioiion: a tale of the tory aKCeudency [in 
South Carolina in 17H0] 726.5 

— QiiiKllibet: annals there«if 297.26 

— Kiib of the b«»wl. [.Maryland, Lord Baltimore, 

etc.] XewYork » 726.3 

— Samr. Philadelphia 726.19 

— .Swallow barn. [Virginia country life about 

iNUO] 726.4 

Kkmnkth; or, the n-ar-guard of the grand army. 

[Napoleon's Kussian campaign.] Yonge. C. .M. 55.10.1 

720.80; 798.22 

Kenneth, my king. Bn^k, S. A 1717.10 

Kknnktt. The »ti»ry of. Taylor, (J.) Bayard 480.8 

Kknny. Tayliir, <i. B 710.20.1 

Kki'T fn>m idols. Deniiion, M. A 450.46 

Kkk. 1>. The wild hor«4>man of the Pampas 54.6 

Kkku, UrpheuM C, jt^^rwl. See Nkwbll, K. II. 

Kkitlk, K. M. Fabiaii'4 tower 1411.15 

— II il leaden on the moors. A romance «if the West 

Biding 1411.26 

— The mi!(lre:F4 of I^ungdale Hall: a romance of the 

West Biding Ihn3.23 

— My home in the xhircs 1H(I0.3 

— riider tho grand old hills 1411.14 

— TIk- wrockors 1407.5 

Kkttlk club piTii'S, The. »Vrr Johnson, V. W. 

Kkrii. ».'.-<. Tlif. bir(h>day party. Johnnon, V. W.... 7.10.22 

KKvr.s. F. Kvan Diile 77.1.18 

KitKiiiM.i'. J. Sully r.iv ana gh 75H.22 

Ki« KLKiii:itY>. The. abro:id. Thackeniy, W. M. .. .72U.42.2 

Kii KLKbi'iiYii.The, on tin* Khin«>. Thaeki'r.iy. W. M. 5(19.15 

Kll.i..\UNKY h-g.-ndii. Croker, T. C, rtltttr 1400.8 

Km.vkny. Bliii'k, W 70'J. 11; 1779.5 

Shelf numbers above 21 lO in the NoteH art^ in the llaten Hall. 


KiniLL, R. B. H«iT7 Poir«R (bkokar) 774.17 1 

— IhepriiuHof Kuhu ilS.e 

— BoiD*o»ar ■luilBnt life abnwd 773. IJ ' 

— Stunt Lagtir iM.54 - 

— To-dij 75' •" 

— nndeniDmnU. Uipiig 71 

— S»i. NowYoik 44.11 • 

— [TmlereamnU of Will^traat 80S.30 - 

— WuhsiDCHBfnlT Lnpiig 710.16 - 

— Samt Now York 773.3- 

- Off (he roll.. 


— Tbe qoaea of lb* ngimral 1 

Kiiio,S. P. Lily 

K»o Arthar and bla kplgbta of tbe roand table, Tbe 

legoddiDf. K, J.T niS.T 

KiiTBDubbi. Uanoar.J 1478.8 

KuroOeorga'i middj. Qilbert, W 770.1 

Kixa, The, of ft day 1 or, elimpaee of Fieoeb lifi ~ 

thefineonthcenlurr. Wilford. F, 499.8 

KlMQ.Thc, of EO-l»nd. Farjwo, B. L... .. 1410.10; 177S.3 
Kaa. The, cl the (loldeo riTac. Bukin, J. (/a 

JofaDHD, (E.) R. Liltle aluiie.) 1839.7.10 

Kaa, The, of the peak. CuDDloghioi, A. (/■ 

JohDioD, (K.)R. IJttla aliBioi) 1839.7.7 

SlHS'swpe 1<62.1 

Kino'b, The, daughter. Alden, I. It 1711.7 

KlBO'l, Tbe, highnr. Jam«, O. P. R. ..463.15; )80$.23 

Kihs'b, The, man. Dagaoae, A. J. H 1446.18 

Kiaa'B, The, o«d. [Hatinj at tbe »0T«, 1791 

MuT^al.F 4!K).6Si 745.11; 745.ZJ^ 745.29 

KiBS's, The, own borderers drant. J 1804.11 

KiRo's, Tbe, pioe^vpla. R., B. . 

KiRaa*;c, F. lotuhioD 1767.8 

KIXOH baeehet. MMkenna, 8. J 1714.11 

Kiiaa of Baglaod: a hUtorj for tbe joong. XoDga, 

aM 5i.l0.17 

ElflOSBDBT, J. II. KiagibDTj ■kclehel 

KiHGSroRD, Jane, ptnd. Sit BAaiiABD, C. 
KiBOSE-cT, C. Allaa Loeke. [Cbaniit moTemeDt In 

Bogland.] Laiptig 410.16 ■ 

— S-^i. Ne-Votk 484.14 ■ 

— At lilt: a Cbriitau in tbe Wait Indiea. t r... 710.79 

— Harawanl tba Wake, ■■ laat of the Bnglub." 

BiMlAD 4B0.3 

— Samr. Laipiig 7 

— Sam,. London 

— Theheroaa; or Greek fairy talei 484.13 

— Uypatia. [Mardered a. D. 41aj CbritUana at 

Alaiuidria.] BoBton 484.1 

Sam., it 484.13 ' 

— Uida'meUowaDd'iiidy Why ! J26.33 

— Two yean ago. [Corranl poliLieal BBpeelB in 

England.] Boaton 

— Sami. Laipiig. It 430.28 

— The water-bablea 773.7 

— WeilvBid ho> The voyageiandadTenlnreiiif Sir 

Amyaj Leigb, in Ifae reign of Queen Biiiabelh. 
BonsB 484.10 

— Sana. Laipiig. Ir 4J0.39 

— 5aau. LoiidOD* -•.. 

— Taait. [Carraot poliUenl aapevta io Bogland.] 

Laipiig 430.30 

— Saiu. KawYark iM.lS 

hrim^UJtJI » MT ta|"V It On 

Shelf numbers above 2ilO in tbe 

laaLET, H. AuUn Elliot. [Cbra-UwB, Peal, 

elB.] Boaton <«.M 

Sam,. Leipiig 480.M 

The Qrange garden 1749.39 

TheHai-Teyi 75S,1* 

Hatty MH.W 

The Uillyan and the BBrtona. Boaton 7«t.< 

Samt. Leiptig 750.38 

Laigbton oonrt. [Demnihlre Itfe] 7MJS 

The loitabild. </s Jofanion, (E.) B. UUla 

elBMio) 18S».7.ia 

Oak^otleuUe. Laipiig 1737J 

Samt. London ISOU 

OldHargant 607.13 

Rarenihoe. [Oifoid, Crimean war, eto.) BoctOB. 5M.5 

Samt. Laipiig 7S0.n 

Tba raoollectioni of Qeoffr j Uamljn U>G.1« 

Reginald Uethenge 1769.17 

Silooie of SilsoM 504.1 

StrattOD 493.1 

Valentin. A Frenefa boy'i rtory of Sedan. Lelp- 

lig 1717.7 

Sam.. London 1759.11 

BOBTUN, W. U. Q. Adrantnre* of Diok Onilov 

among tbe red iklni 714.14 

Antony Wsymonth; or, the gentlemen adren- 

tarer. Tit* 

Charley Lanrel: a dory of adrentare by aeaand 

land 1778.11 

Theebildof thewreok; or, the loaa of the Royal 

aeorge 1417.6 

The eruin of the Frelio. A tea (toty 713.14 

Digby HMlbWite 454.17 

EroMt Bnecbridge 73t.MI 

The II re-lb i pa 454.8 

The heroie wife IT.W.B 

Hurricane Harry; or, tba adrantntei of a naral 

officer afloat and on ihore 1734.11 

In tba E»tern Kal 45t.T 

In IbeKildior Africa 756.17 

Liltle Ben Iladden 757.1C 

Tba log house by the Fake. A Ule of Canada... 1469.10 
Haoeo: the Peruvian ehief; or, an Engliihman'a 

UarkSeawortb: a Ule of the Indian ocean 454.11 

Msroiadnke Merrr the midiblpman 7.i6.1S 

Old Jaok 75e.lC 

On thebankiat the Amaion 414.17 

Our «iilon; or, aneodotei of (he engagemento and 

Callaot deeda of the Britiih naTy dnrinf the 

reign of Queen ViotorU 4t5.W 

The "Ouial" galley: or, notea fTom an old Ma 

log 1789.14 

Peter tbe whaler. Boaloii 746.1 

Sam.. PbiladelpbU 1785.16 

Ronald Norton; or, the fire^hlp) 1801.1 

Round Ihe world T46.4 

Salt water: or the Ra life and adfenlorea of Neil 

D'Any, tbemidibipman 454.10 

Saved from the lea; or, tbe loes of the '< Tiper," 

and the adrenlarei of her arew in the g»t 

Sahara ITll.lJ 

TbeHttlerar a Ule of Virginia 1795.10 

Snew-ahoet and eanoei; or, Ihe early daya of a 

fnr-t>ader in tbe Hadn>n'i bay territory 1411.14 

Tbe South sea whaler: aalory of the Ion of tbe 

"Cbimpion," and the adrenturei of her er««.. 51.11 

in modem dayi. London 53.1.9 

Sam.. Hew York 1711.9 

Three hundred yean ago; or, the martyr of 

Brentwood 450.74 

Tbe three lieutenanU; or, naral life in tbe alne- 

leentfa century. London 1775.13 

Sam.. Now York 5133 

Tba thraa oiidabipmen 1718.1 

TrneBlue 454.18 

Atraabero; or, the ttnry of William Penn fl 500.64 

Twice loat. A story of ghtpwreok, and of adren- 

tarein Ihe wilda of Aukalia 1111.7 

A royage round Ihe world 756.14 

Motes are in tbe Bates Hal). ~ 




Slieir. No. 
Kumroa, W. H. Q,, eomtinued. 
— > Tb« waodenrt; or, adren tares Id the wilda of 

Trinidad and np the Orinoeo 1412.9 

<— Waibed aahore; or, the tower of Stormount bay.UCB.rj 
<— Ttio yonng rajah. A story of Indian life and 

•dTOntnre 1464.2 

— > ediior. Oar fresh and salt water tutors 445.20 

KuiKBL, pttud. Set Shbpparo, E. S. 

Kixaiia]i, J. B. Cadet life at West Point 494.4 

KiauB, J. A. Walter Ogilby 776.23 

Kip. L. The dead marquise 1745.55 

KirpBX, J. M. Aant Margaret's risit 1759. 18 

KiBBT, A. F. P. The green island 759.14 

KlftBT, M. and E. Aunt Martha's oorner cupboard. 14 19.22 

— Luc J Neville, and her sehool-felluws 1787. 10 

— Trath is always best 748.10 

KiBKK, Edmund, pteud. See GiLifORB, J. R. 

KiBKLAVD, C. M. Western elearings 1787.22 

KuMKT. [Life on the Nile.] [No name series] .... 1412.14 

JMf. — Aniibulcd to Mln Dudn Fletcher. 

Kim, a, for a blow. Wright, H. C 1508.2 

Kiuivo the md. Tates, E. 785.18 

Kit Kelvin's kernels. Canning, J 1446. 16 

KiTTT. Edwards. M. do B 771.4 

KriTT*! ohuiee. A storj of Berrjtown. Davis, 

R.B 1741.5 

Kitty's Aleott, L. M 437.21 

KLoiTBBaEiii. DeQuinooy, T 785.5; 9U5.3.2 

K Jiapp, S. L. The baehelors, and other tales 498. 1 2 

Kmapsack, The. Edgeworth, M 467.1.2 

KjiATCHBi7L[/-HuaBS8e5, E. U. See Uvqvssi&si, £. 


K.^aTBS and fools. Whittj, E. M 476.14 

KsBTBLfl, Mre. D. C. {Francee EoMtwood.) Qcuf- 

frej the Lollard 450.49 

— Uareella: a tale of the earlj church 450.52 

KxicKBBBOcKBR, Diedrich, p*eud. See Irvinq, 


K.^i«BT, E. 0. Dinarbas 799.5 

K.^i«BT, The, of Gwjnne. A tale of the time uf the 

onion. Lever, C. (J.) 420.38; 711.24 

Kximsu-woBK. Shillabor, B. P 487.7 

KliuaRllfU, BaronemM. The peasant and his landlord. 418.9 

Kxox, K. FairjgifU 17.VJ.12 

— > Lily of the valley 1467.1 

— MeMiowleigh 1467.2 

— Seven birthdays 1795.16 

— Wildllower Win 1789.29 

KoBBOLToto. Cranch, C. P 1445.20 

KvBBWKa, P. Picture* in black 733.25 

KoBisfasHABKB. [Swedes un the Delaware, 1550.] 

Ptolding, J. K. 2 v 797.7 

KooRooiia: a tale of South Australia. Iota, paeud. 1499.13 

KoiTBB, J. G. Our " first families " 428.8 

Kbbitijiacb, a reminiscenee of. Schwartz, M. S.... 431.18 

Krilop and his fables. Kalstun, W. K. S 72H.16 

Krititxxer: or, the German's tale. Lee, II.. 492.26; 1739.3 

Kcaii, E. J. The mystic bell 725.22 

KuixiLBAsa, The. A tale of Khorasan. Frascr, 

J. B 807.6; 807.18 

KvBi, the Chinese girl. Adventures of. Myra, 

pnmd 1729.16; 1736.5 

U, J. W. Brockleymoor 1767.14 

LaborIosL >bbott,J 1429.33 

Laboulatb, E. (K. L.) AlMlallah, or the funr-leared 

shamrock 1478.11 

— Fairy Ules of all nations 744.8 

LABODBstandson golden feet. Zsohokke, (J.) H. (D.) 769.23 
Lacb-bakbrs, The: sketehes of Iri^h character. 

Meredith, L. A 413.6 

Ladpcb. The, of life. Edwards, A. B 721.19 

Ladibi, The, of Bevcr hollow. A tale of English 

life. Manning, A. 2v 500.22 

Ladt, The, of Lawford. Warren, N. B 1774.2 

Laot, Tb% of Little Fishing. Wtmlstm, C. F 1773.21 

Ladt, The, of Lyndon. Blake, Isady — 42 1.3 1 

Laot, The, of Shalott. PheliM, E. S. (/n Johnson, 

(B.)il. Little classics) 1H39.7.10 

Lapt, The, of the isle. Southwurth, E. I>. E. N. . . 506.7 

Shelf. Mo. 
Ladt, The, of the manor. Sherwood, M. M. Works. 


Ladt Adelaide's oath. Wood, E. P. 2 r 480.81 

Ladt Alice; or, the new Una. Huntington, J. V. 712.21 

Ladt Anna. Trollope, A 1761.4; 1768.4 

Ladt Anno and Lady Jane. Opie, A. Works 802.1.2 

Ladt Audloy's secret. Braddon, M. E 492.1 

Ladt Bell. A story of the last century. Keddie, R. 1754.8 

Ladt Betty's governess. Guernsey, L. E 496.8 

Ladt-bird. Fnllerton, Lady G. C. (L. G.). 4 10.48; 716.16 

Ladt Clarissa. Worboise, E. J 45.12 

Ladt Ernestine. Warfield, C. A 44. 11 

Ladt Green-satin and her maid Rosette; or, the 
history of Jean Paul and his little white mice. 

Martineau dcs Chosnex, E., Aaronae 1746.7 

Ladt lloster; or, Ursula's narrative. Yonge, C. M. 1754. 13 
Ladt Judith. A tale of two continents. Mao- 

Carthy,J 431.23 

Ladt Loe'N widowhood. Ilamley. £. B 802.38 

Lady Lisle, The. Braddon, M. E 492.2 

Ladt Marabout's troubles. Kame, L. de la.. 783. 25; 1445.7 
Lady Maud; the wonder of Kingswood chace. Egan, 

P 771.11 

La dt Moretoun's daughter. Eiloart, E 1785.S 

Ladt Rosamond's book. Guernsey, L. E 1769.20 

Ladt Silvordnlu's sweetheart. Black, W 1809.14 

Ladt superior. The. Pollard, E. F 1781.28 

Ladt SwcetApple. Dasent, G. W 1722.4 

Lady Weddcrburn's wish. A tale of the Crimean 

war. Grant, J 1804.1S 

Ladt Willuughby, Passages from the diary of. Rath- 
bone. H. M 777.7 

Ladt's, The, mile. Braddon, M. E 495.26 

IjA Fkrro.hays, jl#//f. See Cravbn. P. 

La Foxtainb, A. The Tillage pastor and his ehil- 

drcn. 2v 799.13 

La Gkangk, Mme, A. K. de. Tales from church his- 
tory. The Tcstal. An historical tale of the 

first century of the church 1766.6 

Laicuh. Abbott, L 765.26 

Laird, The, of Norlaw. A Scottish story. Oliphant, 

M. (0. W.) 507.10; 1717.6 

Laird's, The, Jock. Scott, Sir W. 460.1.20; 902.1.6; 1470.L5 
Sf€ alto 8*vrrr, Sir W., iMte. 

Lake Champlain press series. Namely : — 

— llattun, J. Clytie. A novel of modern life .... 45.11 

Lakr-rousb. Stabr, F. L 495.1 

Lake rangvrs. The: a tale of Ticondoroga. Ham- 
ilton, W.J .*. 1788.8 

Lakk shore serioii. See .\damh, William T. 

Lakkvillk. llealy, .M 1722.11 

Lamartimk, A. (M. L) de. Fior d'Alisa 789.20 

— Genevieve 1800.12 

— Graiit'lla 808.21 

— The stono.inason of Saint Point 777.15 

Lamb, C. The adventures of Ulysses 759.9 

— A dis^icrtation ujxm roast pig. (/a Johnson, (E.) 

R. Little classics) 1839.7.5 

~~ Dream children. {In Johnson, (E.) R. Little 

classics) 1839.7.4 

— and Mary. Mrs. Leicester's school. London.... 759.15 

Same. New York 759.17 

Talcs from Sbakspere 55.10.7; 797.20 

A«tf^. — Thmr tales iiitr the vtorlef ofvitnic iif Hhaketpcsrv'i 
priiiriiMl |iU\i in ■ iiiBiiurr fuitnl t<i jmiiif ii«d«rt. 
Srf llir n4>te uu I^Biiib io thr I.ibrary Bullttiu, April, IS7A. 

Lamb, .Vr«. J. It isn't ri^ht 1449.3 

Lamb, Martha J. Aunt Mattie's library. Drifting 

goodward 438.7 

•— - Fun and profit 438.8 

Sabbath schools 438.9 

— Spicy 4n.29 

Lamb, Mary, joint auihi/r. Mrs. Leicester's school. 

.SVrLAMB, C 7:.9.15; 759.17 

— Tales from Shaksporu. See Lamb, C 55.10.7; 797.30 

Lamh, K. Captain Christie's granddaughter 486.21 

Lamk Allan. Sett. Mr*. — 14.'>9.25 

Lamp. Jervas. K>lgeworth, M...55.10.18; 467.1.2; 468.8.4 
La Mottk Fougi-fc, F. (II. C), Fretherrde. German 

romance. iSVr Cari.tlk, T 418.10 

— Minstrel love 416.17 

Sheii numbers above 21 lO in the Noten are in tiie Bates Hall. 




Shclt No. 

La Mottk FoUQUi, F. (H. C), Freiherr de, continued. 

— Thiodolf the Icelander 809.17 

— Undine ilQ.U 

— Samtf and other tales. Leipiig 1711.6 

CmOtfdM. — Vndinti The two eapteim; AilMiga's knight ; 
Sintnun and hi» eumpAniont. 

^ Same, New York 1711.9 

Lampligbtbr, The. Commins, M.S. 430.77; 447.11; 4t7.12 
Lakcbs, The, of Lynwood. [Time of Edward iii, 

fourteenth oentarj.] Yonge, CM 55.10.20; 786.11 

Lancbwood, Lawrence, paeud. See Wise, D. 

Land at last. Yates, E 49L16; 730.63 

Laud claim, The. Barritt, F. F 1788.2 

** Lard, The, of the sky"; or, adrentures in moan- 

Uin by-ways. Fisher, F.C 1800.7 

Lando, 0. Novels. (/aKo80oe,T. Italian norelisto). 427.8.3 
hxuDoit, L. E. Ethel Charohill. 2 r 498. 18 

— Romance and reality 1502. 1 1 

Lane, E. W. Arabian Ules and anecdotes 840.30 

La5B, Wyeliffe, pteud. See Jevikgs, E. 

Lanbto.h parsonage. Sewell, E. M 425.3 

Lamgbeiiv, a. F. Norels. (/a Roseoe, T. German 

noTelists) 418.2.4 

Langdo.h, Mary, pseud. <SeePiKE, M. H. 

Largham rebels. The. Gaemsey, L. E 505.21 

Lang LET manor. Newby, C. J 1740.4 

Lanier, S. Tiger-lilies. [American ciril war] .... 1448. 19 

Larkbster, C. Marian and her pupils 718.17 

Lansbts, The, of Lansby hall. Soathey, C. A 715.17 

Lansing, M. Rebecca's journal; or, how we made 

the winter beautiful 1498.15 

Lapstone. Abbott, J 440.57; 739.1.10 

Lascine. By an Oxford man 1754.6 

Last Athenian, The. [Greece, fourth century.] 

Rydberg,V 473.19 

Last chronicle. The, of Barset. TroUope, A. . .485.3 ; 490.44 
Last days. The, of a king. [Murat] Hartaiann, M. 1443.4 
Last days, The, of Pompeii. [Life in a Roman town, 

first century.] Bulwer-Lytton, E. (G. E.) L. 

420.55; 465.23; 465.24 

Last house. The, in C street. Craik, D. (M.). 

750.19; 762.9 
Last inhabitant. The, of an old house. A., I. 0. A.1724.16 
Last, The, of the Abencerages. Chateaubriand, R. 

F. (A.), vieomte de 1505.24 

Last, The, of the barons. Bulwer-Lytton, £. (G. 

E.) L. 420.56; 465.18; 465.20 

JTou. — An hiatorieal tale concemlnK Warwick the kinf- 
asalKr, In the reigus of Henry TI and £d« ard IT, ftfteenth 

Labt, The, of the catholic (VMalleys. Taunton, M. 1428.14 
Last, The, of the caraliers. [James ii's Ume.] 

Yonge, C. M 730.15 

Last, The, of the Mohicans. [Old French war.] 

Cooper, J. F 770.15; 770.16; 1506.6 

jrou.— One of the " Leather-it ocking talea." 

Last, The, of the Mortimers. Oliphant, M. (0. W.). 730.13 
Last, The, of the Plantagenets: an historical ro- 
mance of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. 762.19 

Last, The, of the Valerii. James, II., jr 1774.21 

Late Mrs. Hollingford, The 490.22 

Later years. Prime, W. C 1465.14 

Latimer, (M.) Kf/onuxriy Miss Wormeley. Amabel. 416.2 

— Veronica 724.12 

Latter days. The. Sherwood, M. M. Works . ..v. 452.1.2 
Ladn, F. The blind passenger. (/» Soane, G. 

Specimens of German romance) 427.6.3 

Laitba Caxton, peeud. See CoMiNs, L. B. 

Laura Ereringham; or, the Highlanders of Glen 

Ora. GrantfJ 468.24 

Laura Lin wood; or, the price of an accomplishment. 
By the author of " The white cross and dove of 

pearls,'' etc 53.23 

Laura Lorinq, peeud. See Pratt, L. M. 

Laure; the history of a blighted life. Hill, L. C. . . 777.19 

Laurel bush. The. Craik, D. ( M. ) 1455. 10 ; 1809.7 

Lauson tragedy. The. De Forest, J. W. (/a John- 
son, (£.) R. Little classics) 1839.7.3 

I«ATENGRo; the scholar — the gipsy — the priest. 

Borrow, G 478.2 


Latinia. [lUlian life.] Ruffini, G 495.13; 710^4 

"Lavinia;" or, one year. A tale of wedlock. 

Carlcn, E 766.5; 1714.8 

JVM«.~Oricinallj pubUdtcd with the title ''One year; atala 

of wedlock. "^ 

Law, John. See John Law. 

Law, The, and the lady. Collins, (W.) W. 1773.10; 1779.34 

Lawrence, A. M. Light from the cross 1469.12 

Lawrence, G. A. Anteros • 720.56 

— Barren honour. Leipsig 730.29 

^ Same. New York 792.18 

— Border and Bastille. [The South in the rebellion.] 

tieiptig 730.49 

-^ Same. New York 493.16 

— Brakespeare 493.18 

— Breaking a butterfly. Leipsig 720.69 

— Same. Philadelphia 497.7 

— Guy Livingstone. Leipsig 410.66 

— Same. New York 497.6 

— Hagarine. Leipsig 1779.24 

— Same. Now York 177X16 

— Maurice Dering. Leipiig 75042 

— Same. New York 503.7 

— Sans merci. Leipsig 710.51 

— Same. New York 712J 

— Sword and gown. Leipzig 720.40 

— Same. New York 792.19 

Lawrence Lancbwood, paeud. See Wise, D. 
Lawrence's adventures among the ice-cutters, glasa- 

makers, coal-miners, iron-men, and ship-build- 
ers. Trowbridge, J. T 450.51 

Lawrences, The. « Tumbull, C 1743.8 

LAWRisTodd. [Scottish.] Gait, J 788.7; 1506.18 

Lawyer's, The, secret. Braddon, M. E 492.37 

Latman's, A, story. Abbott, L. 1759.1 

Lazarus, E. Alide: an episode of Goethe's life.... 1458.4 

Lazt Robert, Baker, H. N. (W.) 609.24.3 

Leap, A, in a storm. Rame, L. de U 760.51 

1717.3; 1839.7.11 
Leah: a tale of ancient Palestine. Orr, Mra. A.S. 436.7 
Leah : a woman of fashion. Edwards, A. . . 1749.27 ; 1760.17 

Leah's confessions 1443.18 

Leather stocking and silk. A story of the valley 

of Virginia [about 1800]. Cooke, J. E 755.2 

Leather-stocking tales. See Cooper, J. F. 

Leaves for a Christmas bough 786.25 

Leaves from a family journal. Souvestre, B. 767.9 

Leaves from the journal of a poor vicar. Zsohokke, 

(J.)H. (D.) 756.10 

Leavitt, J. M. The American cardinal 423.9 

Led astray. Feuillet, 1774.18 

Lee, C, joint author. Joachim's spectacles. Set 

Lee, Mary 1427.17 

— Rosamond Fane. See Lee, Mary 446.3 

Lee, D. K. Merrimack, or life at the loom 1446.18 

Lee, E. B. Naomi: or Boston, two hundred years 

ago 437.6 

— Olive Wyndbam. [Great London plague, 1664].. 437.7 

— Partbenia: or, the last days of paganism. [Julian 

the apostate, fourth century] 437.3 

Lee, Hannah. The backslider 1427.28 

Lee, Hannah F. Rosanna; or scenes in Boston 1749.7 

Lee. Harriet. Canterbury tales. New York. 2 v. 437.2 

— Same. London. 5rr Lee, S 1506.11 

— The German's tale. Eruitsner. Boston 1739.3 

— Eruitsner: or, the German tale. New York .... 492.26 

.Vof«. — One of (be ** Canterfourj tale*,** the one from which 
Brron took the eiibirct of hia trafedr, "Werner" [VIJ: 
3±l.2J; »47.IJ: LVT-V; 1409.3 J; 4t»l3: fflS-S-Uj. TheM 
well-known ** Canteib«iry tale*." now for eifhtr Tears befoff* 
the public, bear no relation to tne poems of the same name bjr 
Chaucer, except that they are a collection of aloriee told bj 
diilerent people. 

Lee, Henry W. Emma 467.15 

Lee, Holme, paeud. See Pabb, H. 

Lee, Mary and C. Joachim's spectacles. A legend 

of Florenthal 1427.17 

— Rosamond Fane; or, the prisoners of St. James's. 446.3 

Lee, Mary B. Redesdale 1448J0 

Lee, Mary E. Social erenings: or historical tales . . 469.25 

Lee, Minnie H. Hubert's wife 1783.14 

Lee, S. Canterbury tales. New York 43 7. 1 

— and H. Canterbury tales. London. 2 r 1506.11 

Shelf numbers abOTe 21 lO in the Notes are in the Bates HalL 




Shrlf. No. 

Lb Faxu, J. S. AUinthedark 785.15 

— > ChMkmate 482.G 

— Ony DoTerell. Leipiig 710.34 

-. S«iii«. New York 722.20 

— > A lott name 772. 18 

— Th« tonants of Malory 1493.12 

— UDoleSiUf. Leipzig 750.39 

^ Samt. New York 721.15 

— Wyldor'i hAod 772.11 

LbFstbi. dberwood, H. M. Worki 452.1.13 

LuT-BAVDSD Elaa. [Kopriuted from Blackwood'a 

naguine] 1799.22 

LRffT on Labrador; or, the cruise of the schooner- 

yaohl <* Corlew." Stephens, C. A 1713.12 

Lbtt to herself. Stabler, J. L. 7G5.5 

Lb«bbd, a, of Montrose. Scott, Sir W 430.35 

400.1.7; 460.22; 1470.1.2; 1807.0 
8m mim 80OTT, 5fr W., noCr. 

LaoBBD, A, of the Rhine. Thackeray, W. M 508.15 

508.10; 720.42.2 

LBflKSDi and poetry of the Hudson 1469. 15 

Lbokhds and stories of Ireland. 1 rer, S.. 477.14; 1782.18 

Lbobjim of Charlemagne. Dulfinch, T 4U4.8 

Lbokxm of fairy land. Baoho, A 729.10 

Lboc^m, The, of King Arthur and his knights of 

the round table. K., J. T 1723.7 

LB9BSfDS of the American revolution; or, Washington 

and his generals. Lippard, G 422.2; 1800.9 

LaauiDs, The, uf Lampidiiea, or the seron heroines. 1700.24 
LBQESitsof the Black watch: or, forty-second High- 

landers. Grant, J 468.19 

Lbbbbds of the Indians. Schoolcraft, II. R 485.15 

Lbobum of the library at Lilies. Grenville, G. N. T. 

andA.L. 2t 777.11 

Lbobbm of the West. Hall, J 489.6 

Lb Qbasgk, II. M. SalUd with fire 478.25 

Lbibb, Marian. fiffiMf. .* My own story 413.2 

LxiOBToar eonrt. {Devonnhiro life.] Kingsley, II. 710.38 

Lbigbtox grange. Braddon, M. £ 1771.7 

Lbila at home. Tytler, A. F 719.3 

Lbila; or, the island. Tytler, A. F 737.18 

Lbila; or, the siege of Granada. Bulwer-Lytton, 

E.(G. E.)L. 466.8; 466.9; 466.21 

LBitDRK boor series. Namely: — 

— Alecftis 1769.5 

— Aleiander, Mtm. — . Her dearest foe 1796.9 

Ralph WilUin's weird 1771.8 

Which shall it be? 1741.13 

— - The wooing o't 1739.19 

— > Aaerbach, B. The convicts and their children. . 1441.6 

— Butt, B. M. MiMMullie 1798.11 

•— Oadell, II. M. Ida Craven IHU8. 15 

— Cherbnliei, V. Cuunt Kt^tia 1739. 12 

Prosper 1759.2 

— Craven,?. Flenraugo 1718.5 

— > Dmi, 0. Around a spring 1737.8 

Babolain * 1737.7 

— Erskine, Afr*. T. Wynooto Kso. I'.i 

— FreyUg, G. Ingraban 1736. 12 

— Gift, T. Pretty Miss Bellcw 54.9 

— Hardy, T. Desperate remcdie!« 1758. 1 

<— - Far from the madding crowd 1776.2 

The hand of EthelberU 43.8 

<— - A pair of blue eyes 1745.12 

^ - Under the greenwood tree 1739. 15 

— Heine, U. ScintilUtions 1745.6 

— Jenkin, Mr*. C. Jupiter's daughters 175'j.7 

Within an aee 17H7.5 

— Majendie, Lotfy M. (E.) Glannetto 1803.4 

•— Maxwell, C. A story of three si«t«ni 44.3 

— N*oble«e oblige 44.16 

— Oliphani,M. (0. W.) Whitoladics 1787.19 

— Pkrr, L UeroGarthew 1732.9 

— Poynter, E. F. Krsilia 1797.14 

^ Riehardpon, S. Clarissa [liar lowi*] 1767.9 

— Slip, A, in the fens 174H.(; 

— Spiel hagen, F. What the swallow sang 1743.3 

— Tnrgenef, I. S. Dimitri Roudine 174H.7 

Uia 49h.2.'i 

<— * On the eve 1717.15 

«- - Smoke 498.22 

8heU. No. 
Lbisurk hour series, continued, 

— Tytler, C.C. F. Jonathan 1797.11 

Mistress Judith 1773.9 

— Walfurd, L. B. Mr. Smith 1777.14 

Leland, C. G. Johnnykin and the goblins 1788.29 

— Sunshine in thought 803.29 

LcMo.H, M. A Christmas hamper... 1448.10 

— Falkner Lylo 710.37 

— Gulden fetters 490.56 

— Lovcdatlast 750.24 

— Wait fur the end 730.59 

'LB.NA Rivers. Holmes, M. J 493.21 

LB!fN0X, C. (K.) The female Quixote, (/a Bar- 

banld, A. L. British novelists) 778. 1.24, 25 

Lknnox, M. Ante bvllum. Southern life as it was. 767.22 

Lr.hze.h, M. Not in their set 1767.17 

Lko, paeud. See Pemokuto.H, Co/. — . 

Lkux and Zcphio. Wildermuth, 480.37; 743.8 

Lko.haiii), a. iSee Scamlahii, A. L. 

Leo.makd the liun-heart. Yonge, C. M... .55.10.21; 1806.1 

L£onik; or, light out of darkness. Story of the 

Franco-German war. Luca^, A 1774. 15 

Leonora. Edgewurth, M 467.1.7; 468.8.13 

Leonoua CaMiluni. Trollope, T. A 786.21 

Lkoxuka d'Orco. A historical romance. James, G. 

P. II 464.13 

Leppere, A. II. The rainbow creed 1773.13 

Lb Saoe, a. R. The adventures of Gil Bias. Bos- 
tun. 3v 435.20 

— Same. London 853.12 

— Same. Philadelphia 177L11 

^^4t. — Gil Blki >iM b«en b pii|iuUr novel fur ovrr onr hun- 
drrti bihI »\\ty >rmr». Svc ScvU'a "Live* ut the tHnclbu" 
C0»1.1U.I: ^H6.J40. 

Le{ii)kr.hibr, E. p. de. Headland home 

Leslie, £. Alone in the world 

— Elsie's dowry. A tale of the Franco-German war. 

— Flavia; or, *' loyal unto the end." A Ule uf the 

church in the second century 

— The orphan and the fuundliug 

— M ill v's errand 

— Pencil sketches, and other stories 

— Percy Raydon 

— Quadratus 

LesliKp Mrt. Madeline, jueud. See Baker, II. N. 

LK8LIK stories, Tho. See Baker, II. N. (W.) 

Leslie Tyrrell. Craik, G. M 490.42; 

Lettkks everywhere 

Lkitu'k Arnnld. Marsh-CHldwoU, A 721.24 ; 

Lktty Hyde's lovers. Grunt, J 

LevKR, C. (J.) Arthur O'Lvary. Lcipxig 

— Same. Philadelphia • •• 

— Harrington. Leipxig • 

— Samr. London 

— The Bramleighs of Uishop's folly. Leipzig 

— Same. New York 

— Charles CM alley, the Irish dragoon. Leipiig. 

3 V 

— Same. London 

— Same. Philadelphia 501.14; 501.15; 

— The confi*psi<ins of Con Cregan. Leipzig 

— Same. liondon 

— Same. Philadelphia 

— The confe»iuns of Harry Lorrequer. Leipiig. . . 

— Same. Philadelphia 

— The Daltons. Leipzig. 4 v. in 2. . . .« 

— Same. !i4>n<lon 

— Davenport Dunn. lAMpzig 

— Same. Ijinidon 

— Same. Philadelphia 

— A day's ride. Ij(>ipzig 

— Smne. I^ondun 

— Diary anil n«ites of Horace Templeton 

— The DiMld family abmad. I^eipzig. 3 v. in. 2.. 

— Samt. I<<indon 501.19 

— Samr. New Yurk 

— Gi-rnlii Filz>;eruld, " the chevalier " 

— Jiick lliiitnii, the guardfiuan. I^'ipiig. 2 v.... 

— Same. L>nili>n 

— Same. Philadelphia 












420 36 
; 5U5.M 
50.1. 1 1 

Shelf numberH above 21 lO In the Notes are in the Bates Hall. 

Lkvu. C. (J.). ' 

- K.(. O-Donog 

— Tha knight of U 

A Ult at Iba time o: 

Ifipiig. i T. 

— Same. Ptiilwlclpbu 

— IiSnl KilgobbiD: k t*l> of Inlaod in ' 

tiina. Laipiig. I» 

— Sam.. New Yotk 

— LotlKd of Arrmn. Laipiig. It. 

— Samt. Ka* York 

— Th« Uaitini of Cn>' UuUa. Laipiig. 

— San 

Sami. LundoD 

■ York , , 

. 111.11 
. bOi.ll 

— TheO'Dunogbaa: > Ula of lr*l*ad 

— One of Ibem 

— A not in ftclaad. Lalpiig 

— Samt. Pbiladslpbia 

— Samr. [.AIM. Su P>(riek'*ave.] Londi 

— SL Patrink'i a«e; PbdI Cloailatt'- 


— Sir Uruuk Foubrouke 

— Sir Jasper Curew. Ltipiig 

^ Samt. Kair York 

— Tbat bofuf K»routt's. Laipiig... 
_ &'amr. Sew York 

— Turn Burke of "Oun." Lcipiig. 

— Son.*. Pbil«ilo[phi» 

>(.■■ York., 

'■>' J^ HwijI^Fpmrf/." 


— Uildred' 

'££'"'■ piotaraa. or, Ihe Qreat Lifa 

ild lt6G.I2 

lUka. A itilMite itod; H4I.24 

: in bank. Reed, E. llTa.Sl 

LiVALD, P. 5»Stahr. F. L. 

LiHES.O.H. Rutliorpo 7IO.S7 

— Threa »ii.le« and three rortuncu 71S.» 

LeVEB, it. E.,/iirflrrJy Afiu Enam. IGiargi Eliot.) 

Adam Iteda. (Qrdiur; Engliih life.] Leipiig. 410.43 
— Sa-it. New York SOS.S 

— Dsnic) DerondL Vol. i-iii. Ediabargh. S t. 

InC 1797.8 

— 5aar. Leipiig. 4 T. Id 1 4-'i.ld 

— So»K. Hew York 1110.1 

Same. S. 13.11 

— Felii Holt. Lripiig 180.SG 

— Samt. New York 4!' ~- 

— MiddleDunb: a *tuJj of proiiooUl Ufa. Barlio. 1' 
_ Sami. Ediobargb. 4 t 1733.ia 

— Samt. New York. It 121.13 

— The mill oo tha FloM. Laipiig 110.44 

— Stmt. NewYurk 

— RomuU. {Flanoo* and SiTOuroU.] BoMod... 1TG9.7 

— SatKt. Laipiig 73D.5S 

— Same. New York 191.17; 1717.11 

— Saones of elariealllfe IIO.IJ 

— Silai Marner. Leipiig 720.54 

— Samu. New York SOG.22 



LeviI.A.H. {Linii Htnrg.) Oolj uk 1. 

Lewis, Mirj A. A rat with three lalei 11G7.9 

i. Mallliew I 

IdCBTEinciKS, Tba: t Ule of tbe timea uf tha ^liit; 

yean'wmr. Valde, C. P. »u dor lt»«.S.I 

J. A None Ion noTj. The pilot and hia wife. ISOCI 

LiBPDE, J. de. The poMnun'i b^ and other Itoiiaa. 180.17 

LiiFDK, J. B. de. The begg>ri (Lei gaeDi}; or the 

oanden of tbe Dniob repnblis 481.U 

— aBlama; or, tbe beggua. (The fonnden of the 

:>atch republia) 1711.17 

— The m 


~ rc, A,l 

d of Stnlaaod. 
' Utasioger. Oei 

A aloiT oT tha Thin; 


liHiD, H. A 7M.a 

'. (H.) 130.15; 761.11; IBOOJI 
dadveDturei,Tba, oT s Cheap Jaok. Greao, 


FE and adnnturea, Tba, of Jobn Uanlos Hall. 

Jamea, U. P. B. 161.16; ] 

PKand adTenlarea, The, of lU^. Roger ShunuD 

Potter. Van TrOMdale, P 417,1 

PE and adTealaru of prinU Uilea (^RoiUj. Hal- 
pine, C. a SOT.B 

rs and alone 7» 

PEanddeatb 486.1* 

rs and We in Norwaj. Mneggo, T 41AJ 

rs and aajioga of Mrs. PirtingtoD, and othera oT 

the famil;. Sbillaber, B. P ;BU 

FE aod timea, Tbe, of Coorad the aqnirral. Bj tha 
aalborof ■' Effie -" 

Lira in tbe eloii 






Wylde,P. P. 

R. B. 


(JW AtUntk 

Lira in the itinoranej. D»ia, L. D. 417.11 

LiFK in tbe New world. Pottct, C n3.S 

Life in tbe red brigada. [London flremen.] Bal- 

lantjne, B. M IIMJ 

Life in tbe Weil; or, itoriea of Iha Miaaiarippi. 

Meeker, N. C 14"i.l 

Life in the wild a. Jlartioeas, U 74».LI 

LiFE-LOHH: leuoni from tbe cbildliood oT Nolao 

Fairfield 44W 

Life. Tbe, of a bear. His blrlb, edaea^oo, ud ad- 

reotore* I7S5.1I 

LiFK'a aftermath. Marvball.'E 13.1 

LiFK's, A, aujte. RiddeU, J. U 1611 

Life's diMiplioe. RobiowD, T. A. L. <t. J.) 419.11 

LiF«'sl™K.n «87.1S 

Life's, A, leuona. don, C. Q. P. 

LiFs'I latter;. Osburna, E. 1417.11 

Lifk'R prumiae to p^f. Conwaj, C L. .1806.10 

Lifk's, A. aeeraU Wood, E. P 490.51; MI.U 

LiFKBOAT, Tbe. Ballaatrae, K. M T14.1G 

LieuT. Uod«t, U 4*1.7 

LiUBT and darkncM 796.9 

Light frura tbe eron. Lawreooe, A. M 1169.11 

Light, Tha, of borne. Brougbam, J 776.M 

LiCHT on ibadowed paths. Artbur, T. 8 416.11 

LiOHTHODSi, Tbe. Ballaatjne, R. H T38.U 

Liuai-iisa eiproM. Adiuoa, W. T. 717.11 

le life.. 

. 415.11 

I.lLlA.f. IJreenoDgb, 8. L. 

LiLit.f DalMll. U; tbe autbor of ■■ Unclaimed' 
LruES, Legendiof the libnrf at. GrenTiUe, Q. H. T. 

1. The brato of VonioB : 

del. Smedlej. F. E 

(ILL, pinui. Src UoHIBOH, G. L. 

of Holland, The. [Per«MatioD of prot- 

l.ial.] Cbatlei,E 458.17 

lale,S. J 488.3 

Sbeir niunbers above 2110 In the Notes are In tbe Bates Hall. 

Lights aod ahadowa of Eogliah life * 1T34.U 

Lights aad ibadowa of Iri<b life. Hall, A. H. 1 r. 
Licnra and abadowi of Seoltiah life. WIIkb, J. ... «77J 

Like and unlike. Roe, A. & n>«.U 

»n. Pa;u, J 710.81 

' " " 781.4 


! n7.ll 
. 746.8 

'. Olipbanl, U. (0. \V.) 491.1 

Lii.uxG9TOXES,The,ofLilliDK>tone. Worbolae, B. J. ITIU 

LiLLiPDT reTele. Randa, W. B 500.46 

LiLLt Hope and her frleoda. Bowman, A 1711.11 

Lilt. King.S. P 75SJ 

LiLi-, A.amongtborna. Maraball, R 1756.8 

LiLI-, Tbe, and the bee. Warren, S. 130.701 751.11.4; 767.18 




Shrir. No. 

Lilt, The, and the cron. A tale of Aeadia. Do 

Mille.J 17C4..> 

Lilt of the rallej. Kdox, K UtiT.l 

Limerick gloree, The. Edgeworth, M '*-*. 10. 18 

4C7.1.2; 4C8.8.4 

Limerick Teteran, The. Stewart, A. M 1783.12 

LiSDA. Ilentx, 0. L 445.11 

LlEDEH, L. Choftnat wood. 2r 750.3 

Ll3fDB.«(DALB fltonci. See WlSE, D. 

LiXDiaPARX eha«e. Trollope, T. A 781.4 

Lisf B, A, ID the " Daily." Rame, L. do la 783.2r) 

Li»KKi» liTM. Douglae, La</y G 1801.8 

LiiiLBT Koohfurd. MaoCarthy, J 17ri3. 13 

Livskt'i trial. Smedlej, M. B 4'J7.22 

LisiiuB farm. Moore, Mrm. J. F 14UG.23 

LiarTOV, E. L. The atonement of Learn Dundai. 

Leiptig 1809.20 

— Samt. Philadelphia 1730.1 

— From dreami to waking 1780.8 

— Patricia Kemball 177U.2U 

— S«iwing the wind 1443. G 

— The true history of Joshua Daridsou [t. e. Jnvhua 

(Jeiius) Darid's sun], oomm nist. Ijvipzig ....174^.11 

— Same. Philadelphia 172.'i.l7 

.Vtrfr. — ** Thr mory iif a •nlritual-miiidnl 3'<miiR man (>f the 
wiirhtiig-rlBMi'f nui iiwnuaji brirhintiiK liii rant-r with (lie 
huiiiAii llfr III Chrirt a* hia alMhilutv iilfa!. ami, in a iiiiicli 
tuo namiw »vit»f, hia iiiodrl, ami K'*'')**''}' HKNllftliiK hia 
r«Nicrptl»ii bf It . . . Ill tiir r«iurK' of an uiia««iatf«l ttruK- 
^Ir anil til* princi|ilv* and 

sir anil til* |irinci|ilv*_antl macliiiicry ul niiMlerii tucieiy." 

LiVTOJi, W. J. The flower and tho star and other 

•lories for children 1408.18 

LiRwoob: with other sturics 703. lu 

('•■r#nr«. -> I JnvMKl, or tlie ChrUtiiiaa Rift: Thr npirit of 
llir fiiuDtaio: EntrM'« rhuicr. or tiir tin-aiilo fairy: Ida 
LralW; Tn« inoihci'i drraiii; Tlic ciiicible: Fl>>rvii«-i* l^iii- 

LiRwooM, The. [RcTolutlomry war.] Sedgwick, 

C. U. (/a .Mast4;rpiec<f8 of fiction) 1782. 14 

Llo!i, The, of Flandi'rs; or the baltlu of tho gulden 

spurs. CiinMiencc, II 1410.10 

LiO!i, The, of war; or, the pirates of Loo Chow: a 

tale of the Chinese sens. Armstrong, F. C 1787.7 

LioM Hen of Elm inland. Kellogg, E. 1408.25 

LloB Jack : a story of porilouii adwuture^ among wild 

men and the capturing of wild hvants; showing 

bow menageries are made. Itnrnura, P. T 1747.10 

Ijorbl Lincoln. [Banker hill and i^-ion in 1775.] 

Cooper, J. F. «••• ••«• •■•••••> .••« «>. .700.422 15(Hi. 17 

LlosiBLLu. Breeeiani, A 1703.4 

LiPPABD, O. Legends of thu American rerolution; 

or, Wajihingtun and his gcneruU 422.2 

^ Washingfm and his men. Being tho "reeond 

■erifs** of the Legends of the American rcTtilu- 

tion, of •' 1776" 1800.0 

LiPPiacuTT, S. J. {Grace UrrenWfHtH,') Heads and 

lairs : studies and vtorirs of jivt« 1 42U. 1 8 

— > Stories and legends of truTcl and history 72'.i.O 

LiBTKB, T. II. Uranby. l^mdon 470.10 

^ Same. XeF York. 2t 442.2 

IjrrLK, S. L. Thriee through the furnace: a talo of 

the timet of the iron hoof 1740.20 

LiTTLB Ada. Uenry, II. Ij. 450.73 

LiTTLB barefoot. The. Aucrbach, B SUG.20; 1771.17 

LiTTLB beggarn. The. Sherwood, M. M. \Vork:< .... 452. 1.4 

LiTTLB Ben Hadden. Kingston, W. II. G 757. 10 

Little BI««som. Clarke, M. L. 40'j.ll 

LirrLB Blocsom's stories. Namrly: — 

^ Clarke, M. L. The daisy's uiiHsion and other 

atoriei 40'.).!i 

Little Bloeaoro 40l).ll 

^ Strong, J. J). Better than gold and other vtorivs. 4ii'.».8 

— - Fair play and other stories 40'.>.lU 

<— - The wfntergreen girl and other stories 4011.12 

LiTTLB Bi. bull. Adauin, W. T 1737.12 

Little boiita. Harrison, J 17ii'.t.l2 

Little boy's. A, story. Gnuraud. J 710.11 

LiTTLB Brigga and I. Ludlow, F. If . . . . 1445.23 ; ls3!>.7. 1 1 

LiTTLB brother. Ludlow, F. II 1415.23 

Little brown Bible, The. Llewellyn, E. L 17 1'l. 12 

Little by little. Adams, W. T 7 47.(. 

LiTTLB samp, The, on Eagle hill. Warner, S 17 10.5 

Hhrir. No. 

Little Canary. Oj>good, Mr», M. A 1720.9 

LiTTLU Ciiiiury's blnck Cuto. Osgood, ytrt, iM. A. .. 172'J.11 
Little Canary's cuu»in Eugene. Osgood, yfrt. M. A. 1720. 10 

LiTTLK Canary's daisy. Oifgood, Mr». M. A 1720.8 

Little cla9sics. Johnron, (E.) R., editor. 10 t. . . . 1830.7 
LiTTLK criokt't; or, Dick Travers in London. Sam- 
uels, A. F 171C.14 

LiTTLi: dog Trunty, Tho. Edgeworth, M 1408. 1 

Little Dorrlt. [Circumlocution office, etc.] Dickens, 

C. (J. I1.).410.32; 472.0; 472.7; 472,8; 472.13; 1476.8 
Little duke, The; or, Kiohard tho fearless. [Rich- 
ard Sans Peur, Normandy, tenth century.) 

Yonge, C. M 55.10.5 

Little Florentine, The. Baker, 11. N. (W.) 440.74.2 

Little folk life. Dodge, M. A 414.1 

Little folks actray. Clarke, R. S 1M)0. 1 

Little foxes. Stuwc, 11. (E.) B 785.11 

.Vofc. — I'aprra snil ihort talct illuitrating (kulufliiding aiid 
other iiiiiiiir vicci. 

Little friends at Ulenwoo<l. Mathews, J. II 1498.3 

Little Fritz. Baker, H. X. (W.) 500.24.4 

j Little grutloiuHn, Thu, in green. Ilepworth, Mr*. 

j (1.11 744.21 

Little gipi^y, The. i^auvage, E 737.11 

Little (iordon, The. Church, F IMIO. 16 

Little grandfather. Clarke, R. S 1737.3 

Little grandmother. Clarke, R. 8 1800.2 

LiTfLE head, Tho, of the family. Fluuriot, Z. M. A. 1400.5 

Little hvi)>«rti. Shipk-y. M. E 1404.16 

Little Honry and his buaror. Sherwood, M. M. 

Works 452.1.3 

Little Iludge. Jenkins, E 17 15. 17 

Little Indian, The. Buker, II. X. (W.) 1400.25 

LuTLE Jack 14511.24 

Little Jakey. Do K my ft, S. II 440.21; l83'J.7.10 

Little Joanna, The. Btllauiy, Mrs. E. W 171)0.13 

Little Kate Kirby. Ruhlnstm, F. \V 1742.2 

Little king, The. Bland r, S 1411.10 

Little ladaie. Bv tho author " Little mother," ttc. 1735.16 

i Little laiue princu, The, and his travrlling cloak. 

Craik, D. (.\1.) 1420.0; 1770.26 

I Little leaven, A. Walker, K. K. C 450.37 

LiTrLE lives. .Animal :<torie!i in prose and verdie .... 1710.5 
Little l^iu's sayings and doing!4. PrentiiV, E. . . 7 IH.7 ; 742.8 
Little Louvre, The. Abhutt, J 410.14; 730.1.2 

i Little Lucy and her dhnve. Sherwood, M. M. 

i Works '. 452.1.3 

1 Little Lyeh«ttti«, The. Craik, D. ( .M.) 55. 10.0 

Little Madoluiiie. Clarke, S. M. S 140S.7 

Little maid. The, of Oxbuw. Nowcll, II. I*. II 1720.4 

Little .Maidie. Davis, C. R. 3v 1440.40 

Liitle .Mi'g's children. Smith, II. 1470.10; 15ius.ll; 15UH.20 

Lith.e men. Alcott, L. M 720.20; IhUO 32 

Little ineNienger birdu. The. Butler, C. II 1448.5 

Little Mr. Bouncer and his frit-nd Verdant (irfon. 

Bra.lley. E 1744.7 

Little Moeoa-in. Neal, J I45'.i.27; 178^.5 

> Little Mumiere. Sherwoud, .M. M. Wurks 452.1.6 

> Litile nionitur series*, Tho. Set (joohwin, Mrt. .M. 
.\1. B. • 

Little moi^rland princoi*!*. The. Jnhn, E 425.9 

Little mutlK-r. By thu author of " Little Rudy's 

trawls" etc 1715.1 

Little nuiltitrr, The, and her Chri^'tmas. .Mac Keen, 

I». F 1400 5 

Little Paul. Abl><»lt. J 440.71; 730.1.12 

Little peat-cutterii, The 1451). 20 

Little Pedlington and the Pedlingtonians. iN^de, J. 447.6 
Little Peg O'fthaugnesijty. (/n .\ldrieh, T. B. (inirtl 

liti'rieO .* 17't0.1.4 

Little prople whuui the l<«iril Inved. F., E. E .MM). 41 

I LiiTi.E prt'^cri} tii'ii. O'lUilly, E. li 1127.5 

I Little Pi u<1v. (Marke, R. S 7 1'J 18 

Little Pruilv >erii-s. Srr Cl.\kke, R. S. 

Lim.K Pru«ly"f< Flyaway j«fiief. St* Clahke. R. S. 

Little Pii->y \\ ilf.-w. 'St. w.'. II. (K.) l: 70i#.18 

Lmi.E Rtd id'liii;; II>.m1. Thackeray, A. 1. 1 1*3. ji:; 15 

Ijllllpra l%i ilvilW ••■• ■••• •• ■• •••• •••• aftaa ••■• «aaa • "WV***"' 

Little R'-biiidun, bikI 'ither tali-n llo.70.7 

r..iu>,f.— Liltli- ItuL.ii^i' ; MirliSi I III)* iiiiiii-r: I. Irn •ml 
))• I lunl. 

8helf nuinbeni abovo :2110 in tho NotcH arc in the Hates llalL 

I.rm,K BoHbnd'f ftlbnoi 1~S9.15 

LiTTLi Roit'i TDjsgaot diwa>«; ^t2.& 

LiriLtRaAj. ADd*n(>a,H.0 124.15 

liTTLS »»■(«, The. M>rrTit,F 747.4; 7*7,8 

LiTTLi Snowdrop and her caldBQ ouVst 1419.17 

LiTTLi Spiniird, Th». Mowell. B. P, H 1449.11 

LiTTi.1 Splendid*! natiao. Frjr.C W. T llbS.lD 

Lirri.E Sunihine'i hoSdar. Cnik. O. (M.) S09.3 

LlTTLK thnsdi. PnatiM, K. 731.1 

Lini.E tbiw-jur-otd. Dirii, C. K 1T43.16 

LnTLcToM. CtiaiiiiiDsi, M. I. 171^. IS 

LiTTLK w.oderBn- ffilberroree, S ITJ4.14 

ttTTLK irida^wlks. BBrksr, I- D. 3. 1418.9 

LiTTLB wuaiin, A. Firmko. E I'JT.IE 

LnTL«»ocneo. A leal I. L. M. Jt 729.S 

LiTTLK wundcLham, The. IdgBlow, J 1719.14 

LiTTLi woAmiB, Tbe. Sherwood, M. M. Warhi.. 4SI.1.4 
LrTTLE wuDdoun, Th«. and hii dag Caar. Sher- 

iri.od,i«.M 7il.S 

IdmVACItHriiii. fin OooFitK. J. F. 

LlY« liid lorn, biker. H. 1*. (W.) T3S. 11 

Lite ind let lire. Sedgwiok, a U 719.11 

kviuis. The. Kellufg, S, ff. 1761.IS 

LiTERNORE, B. D. Z»e: artbaqBmdroon'itriaiBph. 

J r 1444.1 

liTHo link, The, Da Hilla, J KOS.I too hii. Adinu, W. T 4.i.3 

LiroiTTUi Ul«. Bultukv, LtdjC. L. 731.6 

Liu. a RiutiiB tale. Turgsoaf, I. S 498.13 

LiutidlFDn. Arlbur, T. 9 71J.B 

Litiic Leigh. Uuksll, B.C 410.54; 472.13; 491.5 

Liurc VI'iliaD. Uarab-Caldwell, A 71Lie 

Lu:*oB, L. SandoTal; oi, the rraaawaon. A Spu- 

iib Ulo. It. 441.9 

LLiwaixn, E. L. The dBMited mill 1719.10 

— The dore'i neat, nil I U oqj Arerat 1719.11 

— The liLUehmwD Bible 1719.11 

— net7 aod pride 1719. IS 

— IThatlodo 17I!I.14 

LuiTD Dalao. Daniel, M ITUS.IS 

Load uf chips. The. Baker. U. N. (W.) 440.71.3 

Lob Lie-bjr-ihe-Gre, Bwins. J. H 1T5G.4 

LoKiBjk, v. de. Anudia of Qinl. 4t 779.1 

Locks Amiden. [Xaw England achoolniEitar.] 

Tbvinpnn.D. P T16.10 

LocEBiBT.J.O. Adam Blair. [Soottiih] TG9.7 

— Samt. And MaUbe* tVald 7C9.9 

— HattbewWald. Bdinbargh 769.8 

— Sam,. Sew York 769.15 

— Valerini; a Roman itory. [The pertecutloa of 

Chrifliam antler Trajan.] It 189.4 

LocKBiBT. L. W. M. Fair to iH 111.9 

LoDoLi. C. -Vuielt. (/■ Ronoe, T. lulian nor- 

eliitt) 417.8.1 

Lorrr. The. and the lowl^. Maslaloah, U. J. 1 1. 417.11 
Loa faKOH. Tbo. bj tbe lake. A (ale of Canada. 

Kinr^lun, W. H. 1169.10 

L«]*<|. M. C. iEUtrtm Ttnetu.) The arlut'i 

LooAi, 0. SttSnia'.'o. 

LosAiipmiif. Tbe luiler'i baoM; a tale of •onlh- 

•ra lite 507.1J 

LoiiCaiTol. VanB*,S.S 1761,3 

Loii Iba wllah. Qatkell, E. C. 506.11; 7tli.l7 

LoKix.E.V. (Hjrd tyffJr.) Marf Autin 509.18 

LoROOi. Abbott. J. Rollo In 6.'<9..i 

— Aiujiwarlh. IT. U. Tbe piatorial tomr of 781.14 

— Do Foe, D. Hiitorr of the pUgua Id, 1G65 .... 833. 9. S 

— Sorr.T.S. A wiour in 119.14 

LaxDOK deteotiTB, Aatbhiograph; of a. Watera. 

pw*f. 781.17 

LonDul pride. Yonge.C.H 1800.1 

Lo^iDuI romanile, A. Rod, C. II 710.65 

LosDos fplrrowl Bj Iba luthor of - L'nola Tum'l 

nlorirt," Me 1141.11 

LonDOS'l hE«t Farjeon. B. L 1713,11 

Shelf nambera above 2110 in tl 

'Lo.i(LTlira, A. BIytha, J. A. Bt. J 1714J 

LoxKLT<>nu.The. Hejie, P. (J. L.) ItCt 

Losoip: •rau-oTehlld tifa. Ct>Eia,L.T. 14111 

Loxa Iwk, A, ahead. Roe, A. 8 17BS.10 

Loxa Look boon. Abbou. B 1747.* 

Laid timetgo, A. Orrtti, UalA,pH^. IWl.l 

Laaeni,i«w, a.W. ProM work). .Boftea. It... UO.St 

f iiiFMi ^TnL I. Ilia (timiMa liinQi DriO. 

— Stmt. LandoD SU,lt 

— Hjperion. [Largel; trareli in Oarmanj] tii.t 

— KaTaoagb. [New England tife] 

LoxoaTEeiT. A. B. Georgia leenea, ahanMsn, io- 

eidentl, eta., in the Brat half eantur; of the 

repablio TE7.15 

LooKinoataaad. Roe. A. S 771.11 

Limn, The. and the lugger. Uantnenn, U 7«ft.l.lT, IS 

LoBoand Lad; Barai^url. Siaclair.O.. 15S.1 

LoBD of biJDwir. IKeolDokj.] Underwond, F. U. 17CU 
Lord, The. of tbe foreil and hii raoala. H., C. F. 500JT 

Loao BatiUiD. Jenkiot, B 760.19 

LotuStBiioDD. Cnik,D.(».) 730.19i T61.9 

Loitaltupa'aaboiee. Stephana, A. 3. (W.) KSU 

LoRi Kilg<»bbin: ■ tale of Ireland in oat own time. 

Lerer, C. tJ.) lU.lSj 750..Sf 

LoBB major, 'Hie, of LandoD. [George ii'i time.] 

Ainiwoith, W. ii no.u 

LoaoUontagu'ipaga: an biatoHoal romance of the 

aeTenteentb eeotury. Jamaa, O. P. B. 4CI.I4 

LoBD Oikborn'a danghtera. Wood, E. P... .503. 16; '50.18 

Losna and lad^ei. Strettoo, J 711.19 

LoBsnio BenonL RaSni. d 710.1; ;3E.l 

LoRSiiETTE.Tbe. [Skelcbei of town life, Sew r«k.] 

J£taball, D. U. It 176.11 

LoRIHEBiO. C. Under the eTergraeni; or, n nighl 

■Hh£t.TIIdioUa 17)9.;i 

I.OIIIBQ,P.W. Two oallege filendi 798.16 

~-^'ataiBkr. Six of one bj half a doaan of tbe 

other. 5ct Srowi, H. (E.) B 155.15 

LoRiRff, td,Brie, pmil. 5« Pratt, L. M. 

LoBiu Doone. A romanMut Eimoor. Blaekmon, 

R.D 1761.11 

LowLum, p>Fiu<. Whj aba rernfad blm 1715.8 

LuaiMa to win. OsriM, T. 1775.1 

LoBSU and gaiDi. Moore. J/i-j. J. F. 508.9 

LoiTabroad. Tuwojend, Q. A 757.11 

Lost and aaTod. K.a^lon, C. B. S 730.15; T«J.5 

LaiTandwon. Craik, G. U 710.15 

Loot bank note, Tbe. Wood, E. P. Tll.l 

Loir bol fonnd. Baker, H. N. (W.) 71S.18 

Loir ebild. The. Kingiley, H. {/a Jobawm, (B.) 

B. Little claaiia) )B19.7.10 

LoITihilillvn, The. Niohelion, H. W I198.IS 

Lo«T diDghter. The. HenU. C. L. 115.15 

LoaT deapiteb, Tbe. Friedrish, F lll.t) 

UtTfurlore. Braddun, If. B. 1771.14; 1779.1* 

Ldit heir. The, of Linlithgow. Soothwnrth, E. D. 

E. \ 141.10 

LoiT beireu. The. Sonlbworlh, E. D. E. N 153.11 

LoiT in the fog. De.Uille,J 150.50 

LoiTiDtliefDHat. BalUotjoa, B.M SIO.81.6 

LoiTlnberllanoe.Tb*. Sawell, E. U 415.10 

LonLenore. Keid, M Tta.14 

LoiTlife.A. Uoore,E.U 7G5.I1 

Lost lore, The. Ogle, A 1116.17 

Lost minuHript, The. fnj^g.Q 4U.4; 434.6 

Lo*I model, The. Hooper, II 1767.18 

LasTaame,A. 771.18 

Lost, or wbateaUiaof aalipfrana ' bonoar brigbL' 

Atkinwm.J.C 718,1 

Lout palMO. The. llale, E. B. TWlei for tniTelIor».1761.!9 

Lost rifle, The. Adami, U. C Ui:.i 

Lost rUtty. The. tyimaxj.C 758.11 

LuBTSiiSUalnKbeTd. Pajn, J 7««.l 

L«*T tar, Iba; or, Diok Trnrera In Afriea. aamnela, 

A. F 1716.11 

Lo»r«ill,Tha. Potter. A. E £00.50 

Loin, M. '-Thuf.irgiviogkiij" 17M,1 

le Notes are In the Bates Hall. 




S u It. So. 

LoTB%in. [Cithiiliclvni in Englund] DismHi. H. 

7li).ri; 7:»2.2! 
I»TllRfiP. Amy, pteuL See WAiiyFR, A B. 
l^iTTriiT, Tiio. Kl;;t*Wfirt>i. M ...V>.I0.1«; Hi7.1.2; ir-S.-^.l 

I«omK It.irliii:;. JoiiTrr'tiMi, J. C IT.VJ.'J 

l.fimR Kiiiio.'*; or. ** Do your bo:it, niiil loaro thu 

rtfKi".... *. lT.tri.l:l 

Ij4irTiK*H half-8iivur.i;;ii. (iray, Mrx. !l 4SU.4H; 74»i. |ii 

L(iirii-j!«, .1. W. Itlup-Kttiokiii;; b^ll. 2 r 4:12. 1 1 

LfiHiK's Iii«t tvrtii nt St. Mury'if. llnrrn, M 4MU.1U 

Li I tun IIkxry. ji*rHtL Srr Lkwis, a. II. 

I^iOis Miuli.iud; <ir. tho lictlis Fruiioh prott'stmt.... I'l'*^ 1 i 

Luuis Sinciuir. U'iiio, I> 72.L2) 

Lol'IB\ i»f Pru^jii.i ;iiitl her ti:iicn. [I!ftttlu of Ji>n:i, 

lie] M limit, C. (M.) 4i:i.l!i 

I^FIH.% Ton lM<*tttMlh:iU9 7'» i.4 

Liifim: l» Villi ivru. DumnA, A. (I).) 711.'> 

Xt*f. — IIi«tnripn] mlr; |.a Vaili«'n» diiil 1710; inav lie cuiii- 
plird «itii liui»i-:'ii ilrama [ 1 SM-"] iir«.i:ni* iiuiii.*. 

LoriSK MUKLDAI IT. JitfHtl. Sff MrxoT, C. (M.) 

I«*iVK,Thr. livuil. KiliHtrl. K 1772.7 

l^tiVR afltuit. A fUtry u( tUo Anioriu^iii navv. Shcp- 

hcril. F. II .' 17fit.r. 

I40VR Hllvr Qinrri.!:;!'. Ilontx. C. L 4li>.I 

l«<iVR ami ilury. Ilubbntrk, J 772.1 

I4AVR and «luty. 0|iio, A. Wurks HO.M.j 

l^iVK ami 1 iw. Ivl^i'Wiirtb. .M 44m. I. S; 4(;S.H.1(; 

Li>VR umI lilMTty. A nnrrutivi* of th«' Froiioh rvvn- 

lution of 17:i*i. Duini:*. A. (I>.) 71»3.I(i 

IjOvk »nfl rmniiiro. Kuw:Min, S 74.). 10 

1^1 VR ami ukatcs. Wintbrop. T KuD.l.l; lH.t:i.7.(; 

LoVK and Talur. IIihmI, T., tht y.tuHjrr 4 1 1.2U 

j !*h.-lt. Nn. 

I JjOVfs at (ir.xt Ki^ht. Ciirlini;, II 17(i2. lU 

I LoVK ill iilli'iicyA. A KiiiiiiiiiT ^tllry. UliK-y, K. W. It'JO.'i 
J l«(>VK ill thu iiiiiftHMith CDiitiiry. i*r«'j<t>)ii. II. W... . IT.tJ.U 
; '* LnVK iiif littlu. l"Vi> UK' loll.;." lleiid.-, C 41 i.l.'i 

Ijiivk. iiiy-*t«.'ry, and ^llp'•r•'t^li•lr^. Opii-. .A. Wurk;*. Hirj. I.;f 
j LtiVK or in:ini.i;;-.>? lUack, \V 1^n().2 

Ijovk tilt' avcn;;i'r. A., A. .-\ 710.7U 

I l.nVK tukuri, .A, fur chlMrt'ii. S«d;;wml(,C. M 4(m.2> 

Lovk'n ontlict. Chinch, F 7:ii).sJ 

Lovk's lih->r won. Siuliiwurth, G. I>. K. X 4'>:t.lil 

■ Ijiivk's victory. FHij>)on, B. L 1711. ;t 

. Lmvkii at l.i((t. Ij"iiioii. .M ., 7-in.24 

; Ijdvki. tho wiilowcr. Tiiackfray, W. .M oirj. i:t; 72>).o8 

LovKit, S. liariiy O'llfirdiin the navi;;ator. (in 

Juhn««in, (K.) K. Littiu rl:i!i<iicj() 18:PJ.7.9 

— Thu fairy-lifidtr. (In Johii»iin, (K) K. Littio 

cla!i>ie.) 1<I'.I.7.I2 

— Thf! i^ridimn. (/m Johiiifoii, (K.) K. Litiltf 

— Ilaiidv Amly: a talu of Iri:*h lito. L«iiidou .... 4I-*%.12 

—,'. Now V..J k .711.10 

^^ III. "^11 IlL*ll9 •■•• ■••• •«•• •«•• •■■• ■•■• •••• •■• •• ftllall 

— Ijo;;!^!!^ iinil i<t<>rii*ji of Ireland 477.14; 17^2.18 

— K'lry U'.Miiro. L miLin 1712.10 

— Sime. Nt-w Vtirk 7!»2. 1 

— Tom Uro^hio 'iiid hi.<i friu:i>U 711. *J 

.Vii»r. — L-ni-r* <itiirirji »!«• p ijnilar puiiimtif liUh llfi-. 

LovFU*.'!. Tho, triuN. p!*ni:<on, M. A Tl'i.l.'i 

! Lovi: us and thill kor.'. (lordnti, II 7(>J.ri 

I Ijiiw, (\ K. Talo!t iif naval ailvviitiiro 7'Hi.27 

: — Tal«'« of old ocoaii 177U. IG 

! L<i\v cnuntric«i. 

(pLANIir.KH, nBLtiiCM, IIiil.l.ANIl, XkTII::iiLA!«Ii8, F.TI'.) 

.Vof#. - II. r.>n*rirfirr. " C'lmt llug^t" [HI'.i.H: i:'«;.7]. a. Ii. 1.M». lunr Ai twrrp. wi n-wlf. rtr. II. Tux Lt. *• VUiV'P rtn .ittrwlilc" [»W IC}. ininr- 
t*«CkMi in Ijlintt, 1m:>-I jv.'. tl'Biiia. 

— .. .., — . ...- _-......,, »■•■ "-J. .■■• — -■,-■.. ,.>.. 

Ot.n Mi-nd-i I.*- .\il>-ir>>iti<. ilukr-if iiiH-Hir'.' i.i lii* " NVw imrMiii" ; 1:3: 1^1 I] 

C*. iVIilrr. " Arti"! i isvn. ' Qnhitni MkI4> h aiil J.>'iaMiii-ii N-li> i. IltiliM «'iil F-i iiii.h |ia:i;l< r*. 

Kjii t, rin-urn] I "•■•*. — (i.>rt:ii', *• K4'"«"»f ' ^-O.' ; LNr^.i;;; Kii ||i'. lirima. 'I', ili na. i|.ir in i> tW\. 

I>.iii J.ihii iif Amtrii. |{<i\iTnir nf N- HiitIbiiiI., h. I.'ii.', ■/. I'tT*. Tu.: ih Uv M-nilj.^an. 

fifr„.f.w,.tk*vmt»f¥.— .\ I#.»i«j»'«. •• l-u^t riiiip»ijjn i.t Ih' Ki\l-r.' .1 l>>."i. |i.n in. J. IS. ilr I.m-IiI '. " .\:ni', bihI Cj>i I. ' t«> A. I>Jiiii«. "Th<> Mack 
IB ip "7 il Ij*]. IIitfiM'. l'»J. lilr. II. MartiiM-aii. -M<<!ir« ViiMi|.|Mit ■ii.| s nH-k ' ^.'1.1 L' li::. .Vni.v dani. \*i.*'>, lai-:. .\iiiiiii." II illin li<>V Lit* b'liatierrkii " 
[M9 I '.':. I.«>iiri:. IC-.V |.rii(i^ir'. I iff. ;aU'. KmUi-Ihio. " ll>ii;>i (ir.-liu*" [1" ^>.i.l-:]. |<la>. 

ll«riir\i-1iU. — iJianinliv l.n Il4|i«>. 

Ktfht^rnik rrti/iiiv. — J. C lUiu'li, ' AU'fv i-f .Ma^i(r:c>il. " 17 IS tra^.-ily. II. C'li^t-'urC"*, " Th* rt«hniiini*« ilnudhtrr " [17'«J.1i3. I lrinl*h OMMt. ikipp of 
BTiviipt'rt. f.i- , la:<-. 

fiiv Hvnin. '-I'l.iM. lUr ilii, ' Diiiil raiilM J.iLM.i; .ciiy,; .'jl :::•.•. r.t:.\ ■.'; Itmi.i'.J: i.-«U^i /T i»f.i J^; Ikliriuni. 

IliMttiKti %L Rr»rK».^i-Li. — liiMik I iM S<-!ii1lrr'«- Kt-v.Ml iiftiii- \« li-iiuml* ' ;nM.] I J trait • tin Iii.t>i'\ pn-i lo if In |lir tiKtvi'Dlh n-nturt ; antf thcrt 
M ■ BHiiiiii«>> r I tli» Ititiiaii ii-iiiiil ill •All in tin* nitnkliiiti i-i l-i M.i!.i'.r «" l>ii:r i ri-iHiliid- ' '.i.*: 1 ; "-I'l ■'•. I^'.'J *V 

■.■-....._: ^ ■ ..^.i_ <■ .1 r .- ... I . - . . .- .. i ... ■ II I ... .. - . .1 I- ... ..'.. U..1. .......•.....■*;_■._..•. .1 r f. I « iLi^ 

Phvlf. Xi.. I «hrkl. No. 

hum niarriJKo. A. Craik, D. (.M.) 710.J13; 7li2.l» Ln in. .A.. cnntinnr'L 

LftWKLL. K. T. ."<. Antony Hrailu 17(>.i.lO — l<4<inii-; or, li:;ht out of •larkno**; and Within 

— Trii- iii-w lirii'rt in <.'utici*ption bay. [Newfound- in-n waIN: a lal»» nf tho i*ii';:i* <f Parij*. T»in- 

Inml] 4'ii^..l .•.t.'rii-'* i.f iIm- Kr.ini*'i.liorin hi war 1774. 1.'* 

— .A raft that no made, (/n Atlantic talri) . . 4mi.1 Lr« i i : hi-r i»:« »il«in. l»iiU::la", A. .M w)6.8 

— iV-jnir. (/n JobniM>ii, (K.) K. Litth.' ola!*:*ir-) . . 1*% 'i'.i.T.h Ln it h |).iv..r-ii: • r, p«>i and -iinnT!*. 

l^iTAi. until dratb 17H.14 d-'ii. W. V. IT .LI; 17I.H.2 

Litam. A. Th« city and tho oa;* tit*: a i<tiiry of ihi* Li-ik and |>loi-k. Al.;<-r, ll..j»' l2-'«.24 

ri furmatiiin in SwitCiTlanil lli'-'i.l Lci k ami jilurk ■*i'rii"*. Sr* i\i.i;».ii, II.. ir. 

81iclf uiiiiiberM Above 21 lO in the Notes tire in the Ittitt^M Hull. 





Shelf. No. 

Luck, The, of Ladysmede 803.11 

Luck, The, of Ko&ring camp. [California.] Harte, 

(F.) Bret 737.26 

— Same. {In Johnson, (E.) R. Little classics.) 1839.7.4 

LucKT bag, The. Kowe, R 14G4.10 

LucKT disappointment, A. Church, F.. ..1799.16; 1809.16 

LucKT penny, The. Hall, A. M 776.18 

LucRBTiA. Bolwer-Ljrtton, £. (G. E.) L. 420.57 

463.31; 463.32 

Luct; or, married from pique. Junker, E. 1444.27 

LUCT Clare. Sherwood, M. M. Works 462.1.3 

LucYGelding. West, W 497.23 

LucT Uaidinge. Cooper, J. F 1502.25 

LucT Uoward's journal. Sigourne j, L. U 906.6 

JjUCT JAana. Uias, A. Ja. .■■«••••«..■«•«. .... ..• l i04.3 

Lucr Nerille, and her school-fellows. Kirbj, M. 

andE. 1787.10 

LucT Randolph; or, present doing, and patient wait- 
ing 742.5 

Luct Temple. Rowson, S 789.10 

Lucy's half crown! Couper, a M. A 1418.10 

Ludlow, F. U. Little Briggs and I. (/» Johnson, 

(E.) R. Little classics) 1839.7.11 

— Little brother; and other genre-pictures 1445.23 

Ludlow, P. The red-shantj boys 508.22 

LuDOVic and Gertrude. Conscience, H 1786. 11 

LuiGi da Porto. The novel of Juliet. (/» Roeooe, 

T. Julian norelisU) 427.8.2 

Lulu's norel. Pulko, E 1761.7 

Lux D, T. The children of the frontier 716.6 

LuTFULLAH. Eastwiok, E. B., ecftlor 43U.1 

Luttbell of Arran. Lerer, C. (J.) 721.14; .750.23 

Lniio, Illustrations of. Opie, A 477.11; 802.1.3 

Lthda Newton. Frost, Mr». L. J. H 509.11 

Lthob Palmer, paeud. See Peebles, M. L. 

Ltndoii, pteud. See Briqbt, M. A. 

Lthtonville; or, the Irish boy in Tanada [Canada]. 480.56 

Ltnx-huxtino. Stephens, C. A 17 13. 18 

Ltttlb, Byrd, peeud. See LoM AX, E. V. 
Ltttcw, (E.) R. B. See Bulwer-Lytto.w, (E.) R. 
LtttoX, Lady. See Bulweb-Lttto3I, Lady R. 
Lrrrox, Lord. See BuLWER-LrrroK, £. (G. E.) L., 

lord Lytton, 

M., L. M. die; or, the old west room 777.17 

M.orN. Melville, G. J. W 710.24; 73L21 

Mabel, ptaK/. See Uazeit, M. P. 

Mabel Clifton. Brierwood,F 776.21 

Mabel Hazeltov, peeud. See Rand, C. H. 

MABELLee. Fisher, F. a 731.26 

Mabel Livingstone. Titterington, jkfrjr. S. B 771.15 

Mabel Ross. By the author of ** Luke Darrell, the 

Chicago newsboy " 716.23 

Mabel Vaughan. Cummins, M. S 410.19; 447.1 

Mabel's message. [And The happy land] 500.77 

Mabel's mistake. Stephens, A. S. ( W.) 453.14 

Mabel's progress. Trollope, F. E. 1493.24 

Mabixogeon, The; or, Welsh popular tales. Bul- 

finch, T 1723.8.2 

Macaria. Wilson, A.J. 497.14 

MacCabe [MoCabe], J. l>.,jr. The frontier series. 

Planting the wilderness 428.22 

MacCabe, W. B. Bertha; or, the pope and the 

emperor. An historical tale 1443.27 

MacCarthy [McCarthy], J. Dear Lady Disdain. 

Leipzig 1809.13 

— Same. New Tork 1790.18 

— A fair Saxon 1744.5 

— Lady Judith. A tale of two continents 431.23 

— Linley Rochford 1763.13 

— My enemy's daughter 1472.4 

^" A aUl iuBSolO ............a........ ...... ...... Xi o4.d 

— The Waterdale neighbours. Leipzig ..... i. 490. 1 6 

— Same. New York 1493.23 

MacCliivtock [McClintock], L. Sir Spangle and 

the dingy hen 1436.3 

MacCo.hauoby [McConaughy], Mr*. J. E. 'The hard 

master '. 1449.9 

MacCrixpell [McCrindell], R. The school-girl in 

France 714.4 

Macdermot^, !Fhe, of Ballycloron. Tmllope, A.... 786.15 


MacDoxald, G. Adela Catheart 412.17 

— Alec Forbes of Uowglen. Leipzig •• 7 10.35 

^ Same. New York 41X7 

— Annals of a quiet neighbourhood. Leipzig 480.79 

— Same. New York 412.5 

— At the back of the north wind 422.18 

— David Elginbrod. Boston 422.11 

— Same, I^ipzig. 2v 750.52 

— Dealings with the fairies 1469.18 

— A double story. Boston 1466.9 

— Same. New York 1785.12 

— Guildcourt. A London stcury 422.6 

— Gutta percha Willie, the working genius 1748.10 

— Malcolm. Leipzig ...1759.21 

— Same. PhiladelphU 1772.9 

— Phantastes. Boston 422.16 

— Same, London 422.12 

— The portent. [Second sight.] Boston 764.6 

-•^ Same. London.... 7r4.15 

— The princess and the goblin. London 500.55 

— Same. New York 500.48 

— Ranald Bannerman's boyhood 446.12 

— Robert Falconer. Boston > 422.14 

— Same. London 1787.26 

— St. George and St. Michael. Leipzig 1799.9 

— Same. New York 53.15 

— The seaboard parish. A sequel to "Annals of a 

quiet neighbourhood " 412.24 

— Thomas Wingfold, curate 1806.4 

— The vicar's daughter. Boston 439.25 

— Same. Leipzig 760.60 

— Wilfrid Cumbermede 496.7 

Xtt€. — MacDonald'a norrli hare mmny of them « decidedly 
relifitMie tuae ; and many of them dctikt Scottish lite. 

Macdonell, a. For the king's dues 1784.9 

MacDox.hkll [McDonnell], W. Exeter hall. A 

theological romance 1732.1 

— The heathens of the heath 44.19 

MACi, J. Uome fairy tales 744.15 

Macedo!cia. See Greece, note. 

M acElgu.x [.McEIgun ], J. Annie Reilly 1466.16 

Macfarlane, C. The camp of refuge.... 469.49 

— The romance of history. Italy. 3t 419.6 

Macgowa!!, J. Evelyn Grey 446.9 

Macgkegor, a. L. John Ward's governess 774.6 

— The professor's wife 775.12 

Machiavelli, N. Belphagor. (/» Rosooe, T. 

Italian novelists) •.•- 427.8.2 

MacIlraik [Mcllrain], C. L. Ebon and gold 1769.22 

MacLxtosh [Mcintosh], M. J. Aunt Kitty's Ulea. . 437.5 

CtmttntM. — Blind Alice; Jeuie Qnham ; ITomiee Anwtti 
Grace and Clum; EUcn Leelie. 

— Conquest and self-conquest 437.16 

— The lofty and the lowly. 2v 437.14 

— Meta Gray 427.5 

— Two lives 437.15 

— Two pictures 494.16 

— Violet 437.13 

— Woman an enigma ...• 437.17 

Mackarness, M. a., formerly Miss Planeki. Sun- 
beam stories. Leipzig 730.47 

Ccmtna$. — A trap to catch a ■iinbeam ; The eload vlth Um 
»llTvr lining : Old Julliffe : The sequel tu Old JoUifle ; Tha etar 
iu the dcMit ; " Ouljr ** ; A nicrry Chriitinaa. 

— Same. Philadelphia 476.7 

Conrenl*. — Ai abore, 

with the addltioa of Tbe dream 

— Same. London. 4v 436.4 

Comtemp. — Yol. I. A trap to catch a HiDbeain: Old Jolllfl^: 
Tlie •euuel to Old J«>Hifre ; The *(ar in the dewft; ** Otd.v ** ; A 
merry Chri»tma«. II. The cloud with the rilver lininf : Amr'a 
kitchen : " CominK hoine " ; The houae on the ro^. IlL TIm 
dream ehinia; Sibert't wold. IV. Minnie's k>«e; Married 
and Mfttkd. 

— A mingled yam • 1734.4 

— Minnie's love 439.7 

— Old Jolliffe 467.22 

— Old saws new set 759.23 

— A peerless wife. 2v 720.81 

— Sibert'swold 476.9 

— Tell mamma 1749.11 

Shelf numbers aboTe 21 lO in the Notes ate in the Bates HalL 




Shelf. Mo. 
KAGKARXBMy M. A., eoHimutd. 
— > ftad oTHERg. The nmgnot stories 746.16 

Mlresi pUJi bj C. M. Yourp. 

Kackat, Mrs. — . The familj at Hcathordalo. . . . ^ 499.7 
KacKbk!! [MeKeen], P. F. The little muthcr aod 

her Christmas 14C6.5 

— Theodora: a home story ..17*21.11 

— ThorDt«>D hall 1725.1 

KacKebver [McKeoTor], 11. B. The house on the 

heighU 17r>4.20 

^ Maadeand Miriam 1788.28 

— > Silver threads 480.73 

— > Twice orowoed. A storj of the days of Qaoon 

Mary 1722.12 1 

— Westbrook parsonage 48G.22 

— Woodcliff 1446.24 

— The Woudcliif children 480.51 

KacKexsa, a. J. At school with an old dragoon . . 1756.2 

— Kings beeches 1714.11 

Mackbxxik, Adelheid S. Married against reason. . . 715.22 
MacKbjixik [McKeniio], Alexander. The two boys, 

and what they did with a year 500.34 

Kackmiib, E. The Ilona pass; or, Englishmen in 

the Highlands 1443.16 

Kack8.«xie, II. Miscellaneous works 798. 14 

C^fitM. — Mrtiiulr. bv Sir Wtltrr Scott ; Th« man of fM> 
Inf I Fapm ryinii Th«* kiuii|rri Th« man of the world; Julia 
de HfkMibign6 ; I'apvra fruiii The mirror. 

— Jalia de Roubignr; The man of feeling, (/a 

Barbauldy A. L. British novelists) 778.1.29 

— The story of La Roche, (/n Johnson, (E.) R. 

LiUle classics) 1839.7.3 

Mackssczib, M. J. Private life. 2 v 432.5 

Mackb.^zie, R. S. Tresxilian and his friends 5U6.3 

MacKjiiubt [McKnight], 0. Captain Jack; or, old 

Fort Duquesne. London .....' 1776.11 

*— Old fort Duqaosne: or. Captain Jack, the scout. 

PitUburgh 1756.6 

A*«fr. — ThcM tvo booka are ncarljr alike. 

KArLAi?c [McUin], M. W. Bearing oar burdens. 1496.14 

— Daisy Ward's work 4:>7.22 

— Keeping open house 17(iH. 17 

— Wedding gnrm«nt4 1419.25 

MaiLan naCRiiH [McLandburgh], F. The autuma- 

tiin ear, and other sketches 1799.20 

Maclbuii, N. The old lieutenant and his son. Bos- 

tun ...* «... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... oIIa.o.) 

-^ n4inf« Lrfiipsig •■........•••• 730.35 j 

— Snme. Jjiindon 1440.30 ' 

— The marling 1443.12 

^^ ** ett j'a vie .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... ..ll 4«'. * J 

Macqijoiii, K. S. Diane .'i5.23 ■ 

— Fiirgottvu by the world 1787. 28 ' 

— Miriam's marriage. Lvipiig 1717.11 

^ Smme. London. 3v 1718.8 

*^ "^ SKory ...a .... ...» .... ..«■ .... ..*• ..... t> J.2<) 

— Patty. Leipzig. 2v 7(^.55 

— Unrne. New Vork 793. 1 1 

— • Pictures across the Channel 1734.8 

— HookstoDc. Bi«tnn 754.5 

^ Same. Philadelphia 795.23 

— TooPuoB. Leipsig 1779.13 

— Same, New York 1733.11 

Mau Damarcsq. Church, F 1768.8 

Mad marriage, A. Fleming, M. A 1785.1 

MADMonktim. Collins, (W.) W 731.14 

M A DA , peeud. See Clark b, Mary L. 

Madame. Benedict, F. L 462.2 

Madame flow and Lady Why. Kingslcy, C 726.22 

Madame de Beaupre. Jenkin, 3fr«. C. 7H3.18; 

Madame de Fleury. Edgeworth, M 467.1.5; 40-^.8.10 

Madame de Mauvef. Jami'H, II., >r 1774.21 

Madame de !<Uel: an historical novel. Boelte, A... 473.18 

.Vi*r. — Th»a hlrforlrai tair ran h» liluttratrfl bjr hi»r «wn 
■* T«n jraii* rvilr " rHl7«.>t; »Kk6 l.'i: in Kiit:ii«h. K r>.l.-.j. 
On hrr pAliiiral liinuruii-. wrr l<aiiuirtiii«-'a " llfpiMrHtHin ' 
C«C»; mCli «»-.-■.]«:]: Ilnmitliain • " Mal. *iii« ii " [-'<•> T; 
MS.-'^; SSl.;^ aiMl tlw iniiMjlar n-latixn, lu Maika Noiru* 
k-MikCALVJI}. '^ 

Sbelf. Ktf. 

Madame Fontenoy. By the author of "Mademoi- 
selle Mori" 710.57 

M ADAM K la marquise. Rame, L. de la 17 16. 19 

Madame Th^rese; or, the volunteers of '92. Erck- 

mann, £., and Chatrian, A 473.17 

Madcap Violet. Black, W 1410.14; 1412.4 

Maddalen A, the orphan of the Via Appia. A tale 

of Rome in the xixth century 1806.8 

Maddeht, The, marriage ever was. Burton, J. D. . . 1781.26 
Madeleiiie: a tale of Auvergne. Kavanagh, J... 774.11 

Madblixb. Opie, a. Works 802.1.1 

Madkli.hb Lb8UR, pseud. See Baker. U. N. (W.) 
Mademoiskllb Fifty millions. Saint-Mars, Cistcme 

de Courtiras, vicomteese de 412.25 

Madkmoikkllb Josephine's Fridays. Edwards, M. 

de B 1773.11 

Mllr. Merquem. Dndcvant, A. L. A. D 473.16 

Madkmoihelle Mori: a tale of modern Rome. Bos- 
ton 505. 16 

— Same, Leipzig 730.26 

Mademoiselle Panache. Edgeworth, M 467.1.2 

Mai>uk. Taloott, 3fr«. II. B 494. IS 

M aixjr Wyldo. Towiiley, A 1446.28 

Mado.hna, The, of the future. James, II., jr 1774.21 

Madojcna Mary. Oliphant, M. (0. W.).... 490.30; 752.18 
MAflALoTTi, L. Novella. {In Roscoe, T. Italian 

novel isU) 427.8.4 

Magi>ale.5 churchyard, The. Rcgnault-Warin, J. 

(B.) J. (I. P.) 2t 429.1 

Maqdalk.^ llepburn. A story of the Scottish ref- 
ormation. Oliphant, M. (0. W.) 753.11 

Maodalkna. John, E 426.1 

Maooik, Auntf ptewL See IIk.^SHAW, — . 

Maguib and her fi lends. Brown, M. R 1459.6 

Maguir Miller. Holmes, M. J 493.2S 

Maggie's mistake. By the author of " Aunt Annie's 

stories," etc 1735.11 

Maogie'm pictures, or, the Great Life told to a child. 

Lcvien, F 1466.22 

Magic staff, The; an autobiography. Davis, A. J. 1446. IS 
Magill, M. T. Women, or chronicles of the late 

war 775.9 stories, The. Mackarncss, M. A., and 

others 746.16 

Magnet stories. The. See Peebles, M. L. 

Mag.iolia leaves. Hciitz, C. L 458.13 

MAiiriRE, J. F. Young prince Mariguld and other 

fairy stories 1749.17 

Mahomkt. See Sarai'ens, note. 

Maid, The, of Ksopus; or, the trials and triumphs 

of the revolution. Iron, N. C 1789.8 

Maid, The, of KilU-ena. Black, W 1769.27 ; 1773.4 

.Maid, The, of Malinca. Bulwer-LytUm. E. (U. E.) 

L. (/n Johnson, (E.) R. Little cloiMiios) ....1839.7.6 
Maid, The, of Orleans. See Joa.<i or Arc. 

Maid. The, of Sker. Blackmore, R. D 421.29 

Maid, The, of StraNund. A story of the Thirty 

years' war. Liefde, J. B. de 1730.17 

Maiden, A, of our own day. Wilford, A 496.14 

Maiden widow. The. Southworth, E. D. E. N 453.25 

Maidenhood; or, the verge of the stream. Valen- 
tine, 3/r«. — 1789.S1 

Maidenhood series, The. yameiy: — 

— Baker, O. M. Running t«j waste 1764.4 

— Clarke, R. S. The Asbury twins 54.12 

Our Helen 1778.13 

— Douglas, A. M. Seven daughters 1456.5 

— SaniucU, A. F. Daisy Trawrs 45.16 

— T«iwnscnd. V. F. That i| ueer girl 1774.6 

Maiixoach, The. Sherwood. .M. M. Works 452.1.1S 

Maillard, A. M. The ji'alous husbRnd 458.19 

Maine, E. S. Scarscliff rocks 1809.27 

Maine, Marco Puul in the foresu of. Abb«>tt, J... . 63.12 

It** mlt'i Nkw K.<<OLa»i>. note. 

.Mainspring, The. Wini^:om, J. A 416.3 

MaiN!«tone's housekcrp4>r. Meteyard, E 783.1 

Maitlanin K. (lirrhrrt Ainjtlte.) By a lid by: an 

hii(torical roiuaiice of the future. I^ondon 1773.7 

— Samr. New York 1745.16 

— The |iilgriiii and the ^hrilll• 765.4 

Hhelf numbers abovo 2110 iu the Notes are In the Bates Hall. 




Maitlaxd, J. A. The old patnton 144o.G 

JlAJKNDie, Lntiy M. (E.) (jiaunetto. Ediuburgh. 51.5 
— HaiMr. L«'i^u^e li<iar twried. New Yurk . ... ■ ... 16U3.4 
MAJt>K Guhsignn, Suinc ^>a;MigC'8 in Ibc life of. Tbrnck* 

Cray. W. M 509.10 

Major Junes'^ chrmiicKd cf Piacritle. Tbumptfoo, 

W.T 805.21 

Major J(»n;.'8's courUliip. Thuap^in, W. T 805. Iti 

Major JoulVs <kutcbt-s of trawl. Tbompjon, W. T. iiO'y.2*l 

Makk or break. Adaau, \V. T i2l».Hi 

Makinc} uicrrj. Thnckerajr, A. I liUl.1.4; 180J.3 

Making inniicy. Flint, S. A 7;»0.t4 

Malbonl: an Oldpurt [Xewpurt, ii. I.] rumauco. 

Ili^-inai.n. T. W 1443 33 

MAIA.-ULM. MncDunsild, G 175U.21; 1772.U 

Mam-um*«> cuttago and Malcuiu's friend. Wrigbt, 

J. McX 144a.4 

MALi:i»i'iM, C. Nuvel». (/it Romuc, T. Italian 

noveliaL>) 427.8 3 

MALiNii. K. A. Crag«toiic Ci»ttago 725.17 

Mallauy, M. J. llontce Wildu 477.21 

Mallkvili.k. Abbott, J 738.4.1 

Malury, ^'ir T. Mortc d.^rthur WTSA 

Malot, 11. (li.) Kumain Kalbri« 1735.17 

MALThSK cro8«, The. [And utber talM] 457.18 

CoHirmi*. — Th* Ma'.t'M' non: The wayrarrr mt the Grecu 
dracun ; A t«iuliii|( auU its iiiiMioii. 

Mammon. Ooro, C. G. F 410.C3; 497.15 

Ma5, The, among tbo luonkcye; or, ninety days iu 
A|>elaiid. To wbicb are added The philosopher 
and bid monkeys, The professor and the crocu- 

dilc, and other i^lorieii 1748. 14 

Ma» and wife. Colliu*, (W.) W 710.20; 752.10 

Ma.i as he is not. Uage, R. (In Barbaald, A. L. 

British novelists) 778.1.48 

Max-at-arms, The. James, G. P. R. 464.15; 1805.24 

Ma3I-kati£KS, The, and other odd pe<>ple. A popa> 
lar description of singular races of men. Keid, 
M 784.20 

A'ofc— AIM publitKrd and«r the title " Odd peopfo,** etc 

Man, The, in the moon, and other people. Ray- 
mond, R. W 1796.11 

Ma.*i is love. An American story 1713.14 

Ma.n, a, made of money. Jerrold, Douglas (W.). 

K)2.37; 906.1.6 

MA!f, The, of feeling. Mackenzie, II 778.1.29; 798.14 

Ma.5, a, of honor. £ggle)<ton, G. C 1754.12 

Ma!C,^A, of tbo people. A tale of 1848. Erckmann, 

£., and Cbatrian, A 418.28 

Man, The, of the world. Mackenxie, 11 789.14 

M A.N, The, of two lives. Boadcn, J 442.15 

Man-of-war life. Nordboff, C 728.7 

Man, The, who laughs. Hugo, V. (M.), vicomte ... 473.22 
Man, The, who was like Sbakspeare. Black, W. 

1773.4; 1809.14 
Ma.n, The, with the broken ear. About, E. (F. V.). 1445.22 
Man, The, without a country. Hale, K. E..480.1; 1839.7.1 
Man's boot. The, and other Idles. By the author of 

" Dick and I." etc 1427.12 1 

Manchiester marriage. The. Gaskell, £. C..480.85; 506.21 I 

Manchester strike. A. Marlineau, U 749.2.7 ' 

Manco: the Peruvian chief; or, an Englishman's 
adventures in the country of the Incas. Kings- 

•on, Vi . Ji « yjim ...................... ........ 4*)4. i 1 

Mandarin's, The, daughter. Moesman, S 1795.17 

Manfred; or, the battle of Benarento. Gnerrazzi, 

F.D 1784.14 

Manigault, G. Saint Cecilia. Part 1. Adversity. 797.23 

Mann, M. The flower people 1429.1 

Mannering, May, jueud, Se§ Nowkll, U. P. U. 

Manners, E. Aspiration 1444.12 

Manni, D. M. Novella, (/a Rosooe, T. lulian 

novelidtf) 427.8.4 

Manning, A. Cherry and Violet, a tale of the great 

plague [in London, 1604-5] 507.18 

— The chronicle of Etbclfled 439.5 

— Claude the colporteur 783. 15 

— The C4>lloquic8 of Edward Osborne 468. 17 

— The day of small things 439.1 j 

— Deborah's diary. [Charles ii's time] 507.2! 

Manning, A., cmtinutd. 

— Dijnu'v crescent. 2v • 439.16 

— Tbo duchess of Trajelto 439.J 

— The good old times. A tale of Auvergno 439.2 

— The houM-hold of Sir Thomas More, [liistorical 

fiction.] Loudon 1 439.1 1 

— Same. New York 469.7 

— An idyl of the Alps 14U.13 

— Jacques Bonnoval; or, the days of the draguoo 

nadi-s. [The HugnenotJi] 439.14 

— The ladies of Bever hollow. A tale of English 

life. 2v 500.21 

— The maiden and married life of Mary P«»well, 

afterwards Miiitreiu Milton. [Milton's house- 
bold.] lyndon 439.12 

— Same. New York 4C9.3; 4C9.4 

— M rs. Clarinda Sin^lehart 468.1S 

— The old Chelsea bun-bouse. A tale cf the lai^t 

century 507.19 

— Passages in the life of the Fa ire giMj'i>eller, Mis- 

tress Anne Askew. [Henry viiTs time] 439.13 

— The provi-cations of Madame Pali.^y [wife of the 

famous French potter, sixteenth century] 4CS.16 

— Town and forest 439.6 

\ftf. — &Ir«. Manning'* f.rt are oarrful dclinratk^ne 
hiMuficaJly. aiid |>u|>iilar with studiuus rcadera. 

Manceuvring. E<lgeworth, M 467.1.4; 468.8.7 

Manckuvring mother. The. Grey, Mtm. E. C 792.30 

M anski kld, T. W. Up-country letters 48^.3 

Mansfield park. Austen, J.. 490.31; 751.3; 757.8; 7.58.6 

.Mantle, The. Naubcrt, B 427.6.3 

Manuel, Juan. El conde Lncanor. (/» Rosooe, T. 

Si>anisb novcli-«Ui) 427.7.1 

Mancpactureus, The. Edgeworth, M 

467.1.3; 468.8.5; 1429.27 
" Mant happy returns of the day ! " Clarke, C. C. 

and M. C 723.17 

Manzoni, a. I promessi spo»i. The betrothed. 

[Pb{;ue at Milan, etc., 1628.] 2t 48S.2 

Marble faun. The. [lUly, art-lifo, etc] Haw- 
thorne, N 505.10; 720.48 

.Vote. — Also publiahi^ under the title ** TrmnkLfrnution.** 

Marcblla. a tale of the early church. KneveU, 

Mr,. D. C 450.52 

Marcu, Walter, pseud. See Willcox, 0. B. 
Marcu Paul's voyages and travels. Set Abbott, J. 

Marcus. Simonds, W 747.2J 

Marcus Blair. A story of provincial times. Wright, 

C. E, 1735.14 

Marcus Warland. Uontz, C. L. 458. 16 

Maretzek, M. Crotchets and quavers 428.10 

Margaret. [A close study of New England life.] 

Judd, S 44.9; 488-7 

3IABGARET. Tytler, C. C. F 417.11; 1715.6 

Margaret: r story of life in a prairie home. Bright, 

XU • «*■ •••• •••• •••• •• •••• •••• ••• •••• •••• •••• 4f^«A 

Margaret and her bridesmaids. Strettun, J 712.16 

Margaret at home. Walker, K. K. C 725.7 

Margaret; or, prejudice at homo and its Tictims.. . 449.17 

Margaret Chester 800.69 

Margaret Denzifs history. Greenwood, F. 781.8 

Margaret Graham. James, G. P. R 463.7; 1805.25 

Margaret Hamilton. Newby, C. J 491.28 

Margaret Lyndsay, The trials of. Wilson, J 759.7 

Margaret Maitland. Oliphant. M. (0. W.).730.37; 753.12 
Margaret Moncrieffe; the first love of Aaron Burr. 

A romance of the revolution. Burditt, C 1444.19 

Margaret Percival. [Life of the country gentry.] 

Sewell, E. M 425.14; 425.17 

Margaret Percival in America. Hale, L. P 425.16 

S'ue.—A coDlinuatiun of the preceding. 

Margaret Roper. Stewart, A. M 1808.16 

Margaret Smith's journal. Leaves from, in the 
province of Massachusetts bay. 1678-9. Whit- 
tier, J. G 777.8 

Margaret Torrington. Worboise, E. J 8(r6.29 

.Margaret's choice 1724.3 

Margaret's engagement 712.18 

Margaret's secret and its success. Brock, .Vr«. C. 

713.9; 1418.11 

Shelf uuuibers above 2110 iu the Notes are iii the Bates Hall. 




Siillrll. .No. I 

Maiuikkt Kfith. T«>wnMMiil, V. F / | 

3IAHUHKT lluntb. l>avi:<, K. II 4*J4.:i = 

Mahci'kuitk Kent. Wavncy M. W 424.18 

MAiuiUi-.HiTK'!* journal 17'^I.h 

Makian and her |>u|>itfl. I^iinkoAtcr, C 71H. IT. 

Makiah Orcv. llnliui'8, M. J 41)3. .'i ' 

Marie, a >t4'>ry i»f Kuraiaii Icvc. ru.^hkin, A. S.. .. 14'.» ; 
Marik Aiittiiiiitte and Iut nun. Muudt. C. (M.)*** 412.10 : 
Maiiik I>er\illi'. A rtory i>f a Frvnch bmiidiug | 

MliiH.l. Witt. II. do 1710.21 

Marik Liiuifc. C«rlon. E TiO.'k. 17 | 

Maiiikita. Tridlupe, T. a 1i^{'>.'12 

Mahiox. a tale of French »ocivty under iho old 

rogiino y 1428.12; 

Marium Hrrklrj. Cuniintt, L. II 7Cii. 11 ' 

Mariom 1»uuula 8. p«rM</. Ute Uhkknk, a. I>. 
Mahi(»m Ha II la Nil, p»tuii. JSn Tkuiii.'mk, M. V. 
Makiom'm 1 it ilo kilter, and the haid ihiu^ rho found 

tiidu. Diinkwattr, J. M 4tS.8 

MARJi>KiK I>uw nnil <ithfr )>eii|ile. Aldrich. T. I*. . 174'). •> 

MahjoUu: Fleming. Ilmnn. J 427.1U; lb:; 

MARjoKiK'iiiim>t. liould, J. T 7MK.2 

Mark, the timtoh hi.y. Alp-r, ll.p/V 7II.1'(» 

Mark Dunnin^'tf cneniv. Cuflliii, M. 1) 4i{ 

M AiiK Gilderileeve. .Siuzndu, J. .S 172:1. in 

Mark Kowianil. Slfe|ier, J. S 7J7.4 

Mark ijeaw«irth: a tale of the Intlian ticoan. King.<(. 

mill I f 11 ■ AAa iVa ■•«• ■••• ■•■• • ••■■ •••■ •••• ■••• • 4illa^M 

Mark Slcadinan; or, rhow your oulnrtf l.)08.1.i 

Mark Thotcyby, or theevangcli:<tuinon); the luiliiii:.^. 

A narrative t^f tho bcveuteeulh ci:utur3'. >nr- 

Renl.G.E 447.21 

Mark T w .\ i v , ^r m//. ^SV^ r i. k si k n s . S. L. 

MARKKViTdi, It. The ne;;leeu.'d (luevtion 1774.5 

Marlitt, Vs.,p*tu/i. Srr Joii.h, E. 

MahmaIiDkk llerbert. Gardiner, M 4]0..'iO; 411.1 

MABMAi»rKB Merry the uidshipiuau. Kingston, W. 

II. 7:.G.1« 

MAR(M>!f, The: or. planter life in Janniica. Reid, M. 7V>U..Vi 

Marou.xkr'h ipUnd. (Souhiinj;, F. K 7l!^.lU 

MARgl'iii and iiierehant. ColIini<, M 411.12 

MARgtiH de Villemor, The. Dudevaut, A. L. A. D. 731.10 

M AR«ii'i», The, of Iji'torit^re. Sue, M.J 174'.L2 

MARgtis*H, The, taetie«. Uainc, Ij. du lu 1417.11 

Marriauk. Ferrivr, S. K l.'>03.s > 

MARKiAfiK, A, ill high life. Feuillet, 17'.i7.lo 

Maruiai:b, .a, in high lire. Urcy, Mrn. K. C 732 22 : 

Marriauk, The, of Moira Fergus. Dlack, W. 

17H1.30; IMMKM 

Marrikd. Xewhy, C. J 7n'i.2I 

M AH RU.ii agai lift reason. Mackvnxii', A 4S 71-'i.22 

Ma and veltled. MnckarnrHi<, M. A 4:;4i.4.4 ■ 

Marrikd and sin{;Ie. Arthur. T. S I .'10:1.12 

MarrikI) belle, The. Smith, J. P 7'JL23 ' 

Marriki> beneath him. I'ayn, J .'t.'i.lii; 177 1. 1 ( 

MARRicn fur biith worlds'. INirter, A. K 7!Mi.2 1 

MARRinn in ba^te. Sti'|ihen^, A. S. (W.) 427. IS - 

Marrikd life. Worboiiie, K. J bOO.3 1 

Marrikd ur niiigle? ik'dgwick. C. M. 2 v 43(i.3 

Mabiitat, Fl'irenec. Srr Ciiriu 11, F. I 

Marrtat, Frcilerick. The children of the New j 

Forciit. [Charles I's time.] Leipzig 430. 1 

^ Srtmr, I^iiitlun 73.1.4 

^*^ a!^'! fMC« «^ C W X Oi K •«•••■•• •••••••■ •••■■•■• •■• i*! )«'i 

— Frank Mildniay. London ]71(-.1.*> 

» Snm*. New Vurk 7 1 >. 1 1 

— Jac«ib Faithful. I«eip7.ig 72". -tl 

— »V.iiiif. New York 73.'i.21; 74.*..l.r 

— > Japhet in search «if a father. Ijeipzig 43o..'» 

-— kS'imr. I/>ndiin 73-'). 20 

^ Unmr. New York M1'.I.13 . 

" The king*s own. [Mutiny at the Nom>. 17'J7.] I 

Ltipxig 4'.»0.iN 

-— Same. I^xndon 74.'».2.t 

— * Sttmr, Ni- w York 7 1-'*. 14 

— •S'.imr. l*hil:iil'.'lphia 7 i • 2*1 

— The littb* ■avn;:^. Ij4»ndi>n 717.t 

— iViinif. Ni'W York 717.^ 

— Ma-ti'mian Heady; or, the wrick «if thf I'.icific. 

l^-mdoii K.> 'i.'* 

^^* O 'i 'M ^m A^ %^ W li'lKi*** ••■■ •«■■ •••• ■••• ••■• B «■ Iw * m m t 

itivir .Nu. 

Makrvat. Frederick, continnrd. 

— The uiissiun: or, fecuues iu Afri'ui. Leipxlg. .... 430. G 

— Saint: LomUin 73'i).5 

— SiifHf. New York 731*. C 

— Mr. Midi<hipnian Kii<y. Ijondon i4.i.28 

— Same, New York 74.'i.4; 74j.j 

— Nariative iif the travi Is and adventure.-* uf M<in- 

Mcur Viuiet, in California, Suuora, and Western 

Texas 430.11 

— Nowtun Fuii>ter; or, the merchant jjer\ ice. Lon- 

don 74.'i.34 

— Sittnr. New York 74J.JI; 14111.12; 1732.0 

— The pacliii iif inaiiy Uile:i. L<iud«in 74.). 3 1 

— Siiine. New York 74*. 2 ; 1 74 I .'J 

— Samr. Philudclpliia 733. 1'i 

— Porcival KreiM!. Leipzig 4.10.7 

— S.twe. New Yi»rk 74.). I.'i 

— Peter Simple. Li-ipzig 43o.s 

— Stttnr, Li'ndnii l.'iOl.ll 

^^^ A * ■ I '/• * • «^ L IV AVlKaBs* •• ••■■ ••■•• ■••• ••«« •■•■ l*W''*l 

— Siimr. Pliihidelpliia ..» 74.') 3 -'i 

— The piiaiituin i«hip. L<indnn 73J 7 

— Saint. New Ymk 74J.12 

— ' The pirate, and The tlirue cutteis. [.Alan Mti»u- 

shine] 711 27 

— The |Mi.icher 7 4.'). 3 

— Piinr Jack. New Yi<rk 1730. IJ 

— Stnif. Phil.idclphi:i 74.'i. 17 

— The privateei'V-nian one hundred yi-ari; agi*. Ijit5- 

tt.n 727.1 

— Same. Leinzi;; 430.VI 

— Sa me. Londun 8>')4. lU 

— Siimr, New York 745.1 

— The soaking. A tale of tho si'a 711.20 

— The m-ttler» in Canada 430.10 

— Snarleyyow; or, tho dog fiend. [Smuggling, 

17U0.] Jyndon 74.^.30 

— Sume. New York 746.b; 74.').20; 141'.».U 

<— Valerie, an autobiitgraphy 43U. 12 

.V<«f. — l^a|it. Marnat'a nii«i-l«an' iitiially •|iiriir«l. ami Irf 
tali'fitf htrun iiirii-iit-«ar atKl nn'rchmitiiirii oniitliiiUr vniiio 
III liif Ih«i lit' iiairiii'Bl »^•rl■■•. Tiuy uDvii lutrMlucv wk*- 
V(ii«Kli • III tlu- Napulvuiiic »ara. by loL A tale of the primitive Mora- 

viaiii*. Mortimer. C. H 14'.U.I1 

MAKuri.Mi tiHi l,it«'. WtMid. (■ A\ii>.'» 

Maumi-Cai.iii^ki.i., a. Adehiiile Lind!>:iy 4.*3.2 

^*^ J\ ll^(*lw •••■ •■•• ■•«■ •••• •••« •■•• • ••■• •••• •••• § m'-t tW 

^"^ J\ UI'li*V •« •••• •••■ •••••• •■••••■• ••■•■■•• •••• • *l«i^i>lai 

^^" \. kl ^i l« ^\ liill«*aa •••• •••• •••■ aa aaaa •■•• aa •••• • 4>P*Val^ 

— Kinilia Wy ndliain 7'J.').ti 

— Evelyn .Ma rsttm 430.10 

— ' Fat her I h\ rcy 1740. 7 

—' The heiu>^ fif llaughlon. Leipzig. 2v 430 IT 

^"^ *« fa //I r a *^ tf W 1 tl| K «•«■••■••••• a*«*ft«»««*B»*«» ^Btlal 

— Lettiec Armd-i 721.24 

— Nttrnian's bridge 72I.2'J 

^^* J kn V 1*I1M^ llll'^Ba** a*»* aaas ••■• •••• aasa sas* m m m m 9 lai'NfD 

— The niM« of .\«hur?<l. Ix'ipzig 43ii. PJ 

^^^ ■> « * f '1 ^ ■ A^ C W lCrK*«B« m m m 9 ••■• a*sa va** *••• •• • 4»vlalBl 

— Time, the avfO^iT. lyiiiibm. 3r 7'.i.'i..'i 

~ c^ii ftie, ISew 1* 'I k.. ...... ■■•••>••...>•.«•..■ i.l.i.ft 

— The triuniphii of time 7'.^'<.1 

— Tho Wilniingt'iiis 7.M.2 

^ and oiiii.iis. Li*tlicu .Arnohl and Liciir W il«<in. 721.2b 

/■.■ii'r.i».. — I>H..'r An .iM Iiv A M«r»l. ChIiImi .1 ; lli»l><i> 
i>t a li<U4<li«il<l. U} I). I M.I C'raik; l.jzz.r M lixiti. 

Ma iisii I i.L, E. lirtitliers and hitters 733. 10 

— IMilh PriJKi.,t 734.3 

— Helen's «li.iry 733.17 

— Lif<'*-> afternnith 43.2 

— ' .\ lily among th<>rn^ 17 •(•.S 

— l^-^U 73l.2i 

— .Miy. .MuinwaiingV ji'Uinal 174 '.1.23 

— .\..M.:i-l.i\.i Ill.».2l 

-11 M-."il.»;iy 44I..2 

— .-^ii'iinl .ilitifv .'.iMi TO 

— 1:111 •• linlr ^i*l*■•^ I -O.ol 

.- Vi hi h-.u-hi" 

M %nMi \i.i>, N. .A)> l<\ fill' 777.10 

Hlielf uuiubcrH above 21 lO in the Notes are in llic ll4ile» llali. 




Shelf. No. 

Marstox. Croly, 711.17; 725.16 

Marstoji of Daooraa. [With other tales] 72 1.27 

Content*.— MantoD of DuDoran ; The Mlf-«er ; The watcher. 

Marstoss, The. Aide, U. 2t 490.59 

Martha Brown, the heiress. B/ the author of 

"Still waters" 730.7 

Marti.h, S. Broomlea; or, the manse fireside 1455.7 

Marti.h, W. The adventures of a sailor boj: and 

other tales of the sea and of the British nary . . 436.5 
<— Chiinaej-oorner stories 718.3 

— The jouDg student's holiday book 1787.9 

Martin Chuzilcwit. [American life.] Dickens, C. 

(J. H). 410.33; 462.12; 471.7; 471.10; 1476.9; 1782.3 

MartixPuz. Verne, J 43.5; 54.39; 1769.28 

Martin Pule. Saunders, J 492.30 

Martix Rattler; or, a boj's adventures in the forests 

of Brazil, liallantyne, K. M 7.>7.21 

Martin the foundling. s>ue, M. J 1801.4 

Martin's Tincjard. Harrison, A 1779.10 

Martineau, H. Illustrations of political economy. 

19 V 749.2 

ConttMi: —Vol. I. Life in the vild*. II. The hill and the 
Ttllfj. III. BivKike and Bnkoke farm. IV. Deiiierara. V. 
Elle i>f UaiTrloch. VI. Wvai and woe in Garrrloch. VII. 
A Manrtioikti-r btrike. VIII. Coutin Manhmll. IX. Ire- 
laiHl. X. Ilitme* ahroad. XI. Fur <«ch aiid ri»r all. Xil. 
Fixiich wint>t and politic*. XIII. The chaiin*>d aca. XIV, 
XV. Berki>lrv. thr bankrr. XVI. Mectn. Vanderput and 
Sitock. XVU. XVIIL Toe loom and the lugs«r. XIX. 
Sower* noi rrapera. 

— The billow and the rock 840.42 

— TheCroflon boys 749.6 

— Decrbrook 749.1 

— FeaU on the fiord 438.11 

<— Fire years of youth; of sense and sentiment. . . • 749.5 

— The hour and the man 1733.8 

— Same. 2r 749.3 

.Vgr«. — a tUdTj of Toanaint L**Orerture and the rrrolntion 
in Santo I>omiii£o. 

— Poor laws and paupers illustrated. I. The parish. 749.4 
Martinbau DBS Chesnkz, E., banmne. Lady Green- 

satin and her maid Jlosette ; or, the history of 

Jean Paul and his little white mice 1746.7 

Martingale, Hawser, pseud. See Sleeper, J. S. 

Martins, The, of Cro' Martin. Lerer, C. (J.) 420.39 

501.16; 505.14 

Martt and the mite-boxes. Harrison, J 1427.16 

Martyn Ware's temptation. Wood, E. P. ...741.1; 750.63 
Martyria: a legend of the reign of Edward the 

sixth. Mountford, W 483.10 

Martyrs, The, of Carthage. Webb, Mrs. J. B 500.14 

Martyrs, The, of Spain. [Persecution of protes- 

Unts, 1561.] Charles, E. 458.17 

Martyrs to circumstance. Velrerton, T 783.7 

MARrKL, Ik, pseud. See Mitchell, D. G. 

Mary and Mi-ka; a tale of the Holy childhood. 

With an ac<Munt of the institution 789.22 

Mart Anne. Sherwood, M. M. Works 452.1.4 

Mart Austin. Lomax, E. V 509.18 

Mart Barton. A tale of Manchester [manufactur- 
ing] life. Qaskell, E.C. 410.55; 801.10 

Mary Bell. Abbott, J 738.4.4 

Mary Brandegee. An autobiography. Peck,E 763.11 

Mart Buoyan. Ford,S. R. 1444.11 

Mary Derwent. Stephens, A. S. (W.) 427.12 

Mart Elmer. Whitcher, F. M 428. 15 

Mart Erskine. Abbott, J 738.4.3 

Mart Holmes. Goodwin, Mrs. M. M. B 1479. 16 

Mart Lanudon, pseud. See Pike, M. H. 
Mart Lyndon ; or, rerelations of a life. An auto- 
biography 1425.4 

Mart Lyndsay. Ponsonby, Lady E 721.10 

Mart of Burgundy; or, the revolt of Ghent. James, 

G. P. K. 463.6; 464.11; 1805.26 

Mart of Lorraine. An historical romance. Grant, J. 1804. 14 

MARrOdburne. Abbott, J 440.47 

Mart Powell, The maiden and married life of. 

[Milton's household.] Manning, A.439. 12; 469.3; 469.4 

Mary Price. Reynolds, G. W. M 411.8 

Mary Schweidler, the amber witch. Meinh«ild, J. 

W 416.13; 889.34 


MARTSeaham. Grey, 3fr«. E. C i91Sl 

Mart Stuart, queen of ScoU. Set Scotland, note. 

Mart's journey; a German tale 4684 

Martland, Doings in, or Matilda Douglas 1713.16 

.Vaf«. — For iUiHtrationfl of Maryland hidoiy, 


Mason, C. W. Rape of the gamp , 


AV««.— For iUoitnuionfl of iu hUrtoiT, 

Xkw Esqi.ahi>, 

Massasgit's daughter. Dnganne, A. J. H 1446.28 

Master and pupil. Kenj|all, E. D 418.15 

Master and pupil ; or, school life at the old Bald- 

W10« ^^*f '*'* A-^* •••• •*•• •••• •••• •••• •••• •••*JI4ll»AI 

Master, The, of Aynhoe. Proeser, Mrs 1787 J 

Master. The, of Groylands. Wood, £. P. 1732.12; 1759J 

Master Flea. Hoffmann, £. T. W 427.6.2 

Master Humphrey's dock. Dickens, C. (J. H.). 410.34 

472.17; 475.11 
Master mechanic, The; or, Joshua Taylor's passion. 790.C1 

Master Zacharius. Verne, J 1769.4; 1776.6; 1776.9 

Master's, The, house; a tale of southern life. 

Logan, pcrvi 507.13 

Masterman Ready; or, the wreck of the Facifie. 

Marryat,F 735.23; 835.9 

Masterpieces of fiction. Unabridged • 1782.4 

Ccm/em*.— Knickerbocker't hiftory of New York, bj Waah- 
ing:t4in Irr.nK: Thr Linvondt. br C- M. Sedfrviek; EltcahcA, 
or the exile* of Siberia, by S. R. Cotthi: Paul and Virfpnia, 
br(J II.) B.de9t. PiefTe; The Indian cottocc by Um Hioa; 
iuuaelat, by Samuel Johnson. 

Mathews, J. H. Bessie at the sea-side 1449.18 

— Bessie in the city 1449.29 

— Eleanor's risit 1777.U 

— Elsie's Santa Clans. London 1465.15 

— Same. New York 51.19 

— Little friends at Glenwood 1498J 

— Rosalie's pet 1765.14 

Matrimonial brokerage in the metropolis 1446.8 

Matrimonial infelicities. Coffin, R. B 773.21 

Matt*s follies. Prescott, M. N 1735.11 

Matthew Caraby. Abbott, B., A., and L. 803.18 

Matthew Merchant, pseud. See Wood, W. S. 

Matthew Wald. Lockhart, J. G 769.8 ; 769.9 ; 769.15 

Mattib: a stray. Robinson, F. W 721.3 

Maturin, E. Era; or the isles of life and death. 

A historical romance 1788.30 

Maud Mohan. Cudlip, A 431.26 

Maud or Nina. Melrille, G. J. W 1760.7 

Macdb and Miriam. MacKeerer, H. B 1788.38 

Mauleterer's dirorce. Robinson, J ..1779.11 

Macprat. Duderant, a. L. a. D 766.18 

Maurice. Bcchard, F 424.16 

Maurice Dering. Lawrence, G. A 503.7; 750 J2 

Maurice Guilford 1508.17 

Maurice Sard, pseud. See Dudbyant, (J. F.) M. 

Maurice Tiemay, the soldier of fortune. Lerer, 

C. (J.) 506.5 

Max Kromer: a story of the siege of Strasbnrg, 

1870. Smith, H 457.20 

Max Meredith's millennium. Townsend, V. F. .... 459.6 
Maxwell, C. Leisure hour series. A story of three 

sisters 44.3 

Maxwell. Jfr«. M. H. Angel whispers 450.71 

Maxwell, W. H. The adrentures of Captain Blake. 1504.19 

— The birouac; or, stories of the peninsular war . .1504.22 

— The fortunes of Hector O'Halloran 807.15 

— Stories of Waterloo 801.1 

— Wild sports of the West 1502.24 

Maxwell. Hook, T. (E.) . .807.5; 807.13; 807.14; 1505.10 

Maxwell Drewitt. Riddell, J. H 43LI4; 480.69 

Mat, C. L. Sweet dorer stories. Brownie Sand- 
ford 1798.17 

Ruth Lovell 490.9 

Sweet clorcr 480.53 

' Svlria's burden 490.12 

j .Mat, E. J. Bertram Noel 805.27 

I Mat, Sophie, pseud. See Clarke, R. S. 

I " M.%Y," pseud. Sre PuRTER, M. 

Sholf numbers above 2110 in the Notes are in the Bates HalL 




Shelf. No. 

Mat. (CoMt of Scotland.] Oliphant, M. (0. W.) 

1739.16; 1742.13 

llATbee.Tbe. Sherwood, H. M T41.:> 

Mat (lower. The. Stowe, U. (K.) B 8U(>.3 

Mat jnu like it. Tajler, C. B 724. lU 

Mat Bell. Herbert, 8. A. F 147U.3 

MATCuTerley 144(i.]0 

MATDnndac Qeldart, Afr«. T 734. 2U 

Mat MA!fMfEBi.*io, furud. See Nowbll, II. P. JI. 

Hat Martin. [Life in Vermont.] Thumpdon, D. P. 726.11 

Hat** garden, and where the flowers went 1713.10 

Mat's own buy. Bj the aathor of ** Little mother/' 

eke. 1775.13 

Matpirld, Cora, ptud. Elmwoo4: or, Helen and 

Emma 1425.3 

Matflowib stories. Clarke, S.M.S 1411.9 

Matbkw, a. Faces for fortunes. 3 r 18U2. 13 

Matikw, II. and A. The greatest plague of life: 

or, the adrentaros of a lady in soaroh of a giM>d 

serrant. London 4fl4.17 

—^. Philadelphia 1722.5 

Matu, I. F. ( Edward Gnrrrti.) Bj tftill waters. . . 1765.5 

— A ehanoe child. Sre (1 arrbtt, K 489.25 

— Same, (/n Johnson, (E.) R. Little cUwicd). 1839.7.11 
» Croc»kcd plaecs 1746.11 

— The crust and the cake. London. 3 r 775. 10 

— Same. Xew York 777.25 

— The dead sin and other stories 1 733.5 

— Doing and dreaming 1784.16 

— Gold and dross 1716.24 

-« ^^n and heard 17 15.4 

— While as snow 43.10 

Ma TO, W. 8. The Berber; or the muuntaiiieer of 

the Atlas. A Ulo of Morocco 1733.3 

-. Kaloolah. [.African] 1773.17 

— Never again 1715.8 

MAII5I, L- In the golden ibell. A storj of Pa- 
lermo 1723.2 

Mbahe, L. T. Scamp and I. A story of city by- 
ways 1411.1 

Mkaimiw brook. Holmes, M.J 493.23 

MaAnuWLKKsu. Knox, K 1467.2 

MiEASia and ends. Sedgwick, 0. M 450.6 

Mkdima Pomak, — , 31., dutfue do. Fashion nnd 

pawion; or, life in Mayfair 1441.22 

-» The houeymoi>n. Remembrance of a bridal tour 

thnmgh Scotland. 2r 1766.9 

MBDiTKKaANBA!! inlands. The. Sleeper, M. U 716.21 

MsnusA. Sartoriii, A. (K.) 7h3.8 

Mbbkeh. N. C. Life in the West; or, itiries of the 

MiiisiMippi 1475.1 

Mm Hartley's cure. Church, F 1^09. 16 

Mkaoib of ** The pines." Baker. S 1169.2 

McimioLD, J. W. The amber witeh. Jjdndon hS'.i.:)! 

— Mary Schweidler, the amber witch. New York.. 416.13 
^ Sidonia the surcereos. [<lerman mediaeval life]. 785.20 

McLBoURiiB houM. Warner, S 772.4 

Mcllum a manor. Putter, F. S 52. 27 

MsuBtKri in London. Payn, J 494.6 

MauruAMi-B: a logend of the 8ant4*o. SimmM, W. (r. 790.17 
Mbliki>a the eabtjocer ; or, s|M>rt in Affh;inti. A tnle 

of the Hold coast. Skertchly, J. A 53.28; 146.'>.9 

Mclinb, M. .M. CharU-ris 176ti.23 

— In sii months 142n. 1 1 

Mkllr^, O. {Re.jinatd Reverie.) Sad talrs and 

gladUles 4V.M3 

Mellil'rmt and her cuusiinii. Bethtdl, A 497.4 

Mrui, A. Baroo Leo Ton Uberg, M. I> 713.17 

— a«lU 732.18 

Mblvillb, U. J. Why to. The Brookes of Bridle- 

mere. [Lnndon and eountry life] 759. 2 s 

^ Cerise: a tale i if the last century. L'jndnn 4H0.4 

" Same. New York SO'i.ll 

— Cmtraband 7lu.7.» 

— The gla'liaturs: a talo of Rome and Judii-i [in 

the time of Vespaniau]. Leiftiig 7.'iO.'.i 

^^* •v'l^l^s *w tfl^ Stlr&**ae •••■ •■■• ■••• •«•• •• •• ••• |V*l<i 

^ Good for nothing. Leipiig 730. 1 1 

— Sam^. New York 43:1. l8 

'— lliflmby h'luso: a tale of old Northamptonshire. 

(Crowwellian perliKl] 430.20 

giMir. No. 

Melville, G. J. Whyto, continued. 

— The interpreter. A Ule of the [Crimean] war. . . 720.61 

— Katurfflto: a story of Ezmoor. [<iypsivs.] 

Leipzig 1779.30 

— Same. Philadilphia 1771.2 

— M. orN. Leipzig 710.24 

— Same. Xew York 731.21 

— Maud or Nina 1760.7 

— The queen's Maries. A romance of Holyn»od. 

[Mary queen of Scots and her ladies] 730.34 

— Rosiiio. [A story of the nnl reToluti«>n] 1410.8 

•— Sarchedon : a legend of the great queen. [Semir- 

amis, 13th century B. c] Leipzig. 2t 730.80 

— Same. Xew York 433.24 

— Satanella. A st4>ry of Punchestown 497.26 

— Sifter Ijouise. Ix'ipzig 1799.8 

— Same, liondou 1790. 17 

— Uncle John. L(>ipzig 1779.7 

— Same. New York 1766.22 

— The white ri'so. U-ipsig 49U.21 

— Same. Limdon hO:i.20 

— Same. New York 805.7 

Melville. II. The boll-tower. (/« JohnM>n, (K.) 

K. Little cltt^MCs) 1839.7.3 

— Moby-l)ick; or, the whale 736.9 

— Oiuoo: a nurrntiro of adventures in the South 

sens 736.5 

.Vitf^. ~ A Mtiuel tu Typtv,— partly tutobiiigrapliictl. paitlj 

— The ]iiazza tales 736. 1 1 

— Pierre 736.8 

—' Redburn 736.6 

— The refugee 735.25 

— Typee: a peep ut Polynei«ian life, during u fnur 

nionth«* n>(iidence in a vnlley ot the Marquei^s. 73C.2 

— W hite-j.icket ; or, the world in a man-of>war 736.7 

Membkr, The, for Piiriv: a talo of the Second em- 
pire. Murray, (i 131.21; 730.78 

Memoirs of a cavalier. [Englii^h Commimweallh 

period.] Do Fiio. I> 833.9.2 

.Memoirs of a giHHl-for-nothing. Eichendorff, J. 

von 4S0.11 

MEMitiRS of a physician. [Franco. 1770-74; ilealii 

of the king.] l>uniaii. A. (I>.) 499.9 

Mkmoirs of a physician oeries. Sft Dt'MAS, A. (H.). 
.MKM«>niKS: a tale of (leruian love. Mueller, (F.) 

Max ***:'V? 

Mkx are what women make them. Belnt. A 1735.5 

.Men of charuet4>r. Jrrrold, huugUs (W.) 7'Jn.21 

Mk!I. women, and i;h«>!<ts. IMielp^, K. S 4 l(i.22 

Mkx's wives. TlLiekeray, W. M/ .•; 720.42 

Mendoza, I>. Hurtad»de. The lifiMif Ijizarillo de 

Tornies. (In Koscoe, T. Spanijth noveli^t^) ... 427.7.1 
Mercedkh of Caiitile: or, the Toyair« to Cathay. 

[Spain and Columbu*. ] CiK>por, J. K 760.48 

.Merchant, .Matthew, /Mrii'/. Srr Wood, W. S. 
.Mkiujiant, The, and the friar. Palgrave, Sir F. . .. 507.8 

.Mehihant, Thn. of .\ntwerp. Conncience, II 1743.17 

MEUciiAxr, The, of Berlin. [Frederick the great'M 

time.] .Mundt, C. (.M.) ^jf" 

.MeR« HA?fT-MK(-n\?(i4\ The. llnWe. .M. A 772.3 

MEm-HAVT ve«<i>l. The. Xi>rdhutf. C 72^.7 

Mehit PhilbriokV chuioe. [No name Krie^] 1*^09.33 

\-4f. — .\nri!iutiil t>i II. M Ja> kti>n. fi'nmrly Mr>. limit. 

Mere piece of inijiohief. .\. <»uern!<ey. C F 439.19 

.Mkrkiiitii. <ff. |m-:iiii*Ii.-iuip'4 imp^t 55. 'J2 

— The ordeal of Kii'hiinl Feverrl 1769.30 

Meukiutii. I*. A. The hiee-inakeri*: pketcheii of Iri"h 

character 413.C 

MerkditH, Owen. jMfwl. Sre Ilt'LWEll-LYiToV, (H.) 


.Mrkkiiitii. (iardihiT. M 410.52 

.Mf:uiM»S:, P. C'lmiiha. [Funiily fendu in ('<irpKM). 7h7.I2 

Mkrman. The. :ii»'l the ti::iire«head. »iuer y,<'. F. "t.'.».2l 

.M KURIL!., If. K. H:itll«'« li>-t ati'l Willi 4 'ill. hi 

.AlKi'.itM.L, K. Sniiw-lorm« .ind funbediii Hi'.*. 10 

— Wi-hiiij* an<l lo-i-kiiirf M i'.». 16 

.MkuuiMA4 k. or life ut thf liioin. I<ee. h. K 1 t4l>. IH 

.MKiuir, <»lil. f'»*wl. Hn'-vr di-onuii'e* t.n i|iieer 

pHivorh^ 1 4 1**. 34 

Hhelf niinibcni above 21 lO in the Notes are in tlie BiUeM Hull. 




Shelf. No. : 

Mkrry Christmas, A. Mnckarncw, M. A 43G.4.] • 

470.7^ 730.17 ' 
Merrt Englund; or, nobles and serf^. Ainsworth, 

W. H 1779.15* 

Mbrry-mmcxt; a romance of the Ma^nobu^etu 

(Mltmy. [Weston's colony at Weymuutli.] 

Motley, J. L. 476.5 i 

Mkrtonville park. Uy the author of *' Ellen 

Clinlrtn" 50C.24 

MitRY, J. Throu<;h thick and thin 1775. ti 

— j-nmt nnthir, Tuo cross of Bcrny. Sre Qirardi!C, 

D. «. de 1754.11 

Message, .\, from the sea. Dickens, C. (J. II ), 

and others. Christinas ptorics 730.20 

Messrs. Vanderput and Snoek. Martinean, II 749.2. lb 

Mkta Gray. Macintosh, M. J 427.5 

Mkta Orrcr, j»fuH. See Orrkd, Mcta. 

Mkta's faith. Tabor, E 713.20 

Meteyard, E. Mainstone's housekeeper 782.1 

METUi»DiST, The. Fletcher, M. 2 v 5U7.15 

Mktropolitam tales and sketches. Blanohard, 

G. C 1790.21 


The romoHft yMn'orf. —>iquiz. ** Mevien cooQTiivhula ** 
[■h>C l.L': b.l-Vt.lM]. |MM-m: Anumio do Saavrdra. ** Kl |>.-rr- 
jrri-iio iraliAiKi*' ^L> 1.17 .-HI], imk'hi; («. I«n«i>otlc ia Vr;?!, ** I^a 
iiicxicaiia,'* puriii: ali4i, itoeni bv VUiajcra. The tlo^truriiun 
uf Ilia «bip* bjr f.'urtrt i« tue •uiij««t ■)( iii-ti]«rn S|4liii'th pueni* 
bv .Mo MtiM, SaSaa. ami (fiixrnaii. W. (J. Siinin*, "The viaion 
oro>rt('4" {.:kXl.U^. piMfiii. Zicharii, " C^rteii," epic. See 
N<i<e on Spanish liutury, andrr C!iarltr« i. 

Dryiirn. " Indian queon " [■MtCl.:!]. and " Indian emperor" 
[(i^ 11, iract^ic*. F. d- Zvrati-. " Connuit4a de ^Uxico.'* 
d ania. Ftinn, " Femaud Cortes.** traziniv. and other* by 
Klingemann. and othrra AI«i "Sto.ifV" bv W. Daltoo 
[770.::1. Ilarriiu^. in hi* " Bibliotht-ca Americana " iiV*) Si, 
p. :H.j, gixrt a lijit of iniaKinalive itluatmtion* «>f tli<> coiMiiieiit. 

Mnu'extumn, Ln* C'<m4<i,«'c. — lltarv Bi(M>ke. ** Monte/nma** 
[;:i-fi.ll.:;:. lra;e«tiy. Sw Vu:taiiv,**AIn«e" Ch»76.17; aw.18.4; 
4<Mi'i.l.'J]. tragcnjjr. I>a .Maio, *' Montrxunia.' opera. Iv. 
Maturin. " .Monlrannia." tale. K. M. Bird. " Calavar," at»d 
" The iulldel " [VU l.%],tale«. J. II. Ingrahani. *' Montezuma." 

AMtf tiriU*itinn. — l*. Wallaee. "The fair jcod" [1741.101, 
tale. W. W. FoKlii-k, ** .Malniixtic the Tultvc. aitd tiic cava- 
lier* of tne cro»«." tale. 

Rer^fU Mextr^m hi*tvrg. — K L. MofletU " Cri>wn jeweU " 
[444.1:*.]. .Ma\iiuni:in and Carli^tU, lale. Pustet vSeaUtk-ld), 
*■ Viiev " and ** Suden nud Nitrden." tale*. T Flint. " Fia:ioif 
Uerriau,*' inanrn><-tion, ls.1. He, laie- T. Bur^tea, " The »a lev 
ot Alvanlo" [44it'>A*>]. p«K-ui. £. Mailland. *' Higher law'' 
[7yi.21]. Juan-x. l^fiJ. vU:. ta:e. 

For «''»fwr"-ai iUusirutUmt tcc note under MEXICO in the 
Calal->Rue of hiatory, etc. 

Mice at play. Floyd, C 53.27 

Mice, The. at play. [England, foartoenth century.] 

Yonjje, 0. M 74C.I6 

Michael Rudolph. Dupny, E. A 458.22 

Michael Stro^>ff, the courier of the cxar. Verne, J. 01. 4 

Michael the miner. Craik, D. (M.) 55.10.15 

MiDDLEMAiu'o: a study of provincial life. Lewes, 

M. E 424.13; 1717.2; 1735.10 

MiDNiuuT sun. The. Bremer, F 455.4 

MiDSHiPUAM Ea.'«y, Mr. Marryat, F... 745.4; 745.5; 745. 2S 

Midsummer day. Yonj^o, C. M ISOG.l 

MiGSoMErre, pseud. Hee Moore, E. H. 

MiGNO.VETTE. G , A 41G.1 

Mike Howe, the bushranger of Van Dioman's land. 

R.tnwick, J 1756.3 

Mildred. Cniik, G. M 730.09; 1493.27 

Mildred Arkell. Wood, E P 750.40; 772.16 

Mildred Dalton. Red ford, 1424.12 

Mildred Gwynne 417.4 

Mildred's mi.<itake. A t<till-life study. Lcvion, F. 1441.24 

Mildred's wcddin:;. Xotley, Mrs. — 1781.10 

Miles, G. il. The truce of God, a tale of the 

cleTenth century 1428.6 ■ 

Miles Wallin^ford. [Sea story.] Cooper, J. F 7G0.H ' 

Mill, The, on the Floss. Lowes. M. E 410.44 ; 505.15 

Millbank; or, Roger Irving*s ward. Holmes. M.J. 765.23 
Miller, C. H. {Joaquin MMer.) First faiu'lies of 

the Sierras 1796.19 ! 

— The one fair woman 55.17 ' 

Miller, E. 11. The rt>yal road to fortune 1479.8 

— What Tommy did 1809 8 . 

Miller, II. Sandy Wood's sepulchre. (/« Johnson, 

(E.) R. Little clas^i&t) 1339.7.5 

— Tak't* and sketches 864.11 

Miller, Joaquin, psewi. Sfe Miller, C. H. 

MiLLKR, S. F. Wilkiiis Wylder 1425.2 

She J. 5^ 

Miller, T. The British wolf-hantcrs 748^ 

Miller, The, of Angibault. Dude?ant, A. L. A. D. 476.21 

Miller, The, of Silcott mill. Deslonde, M. I> 17SI5.4 

Miller's, A, story of the [Franco-German] war; or, 

the plebiscite. Erckmann, £., and Chatrian, A. 

418.26; 41S.27 

Millicext and her cousins. Bethell, A 4'Ji.4 

MiLLiCENT Kendrick. Worboirie, B. J 806.28 

Millicext Legh. Marshall, E 734.15 

Millie Lee. Porter, A. E 1727.15 

MiLLiXQKN, J. G. Stories of Torres Vedraa. [Ponio- 

rular war] 1504.26 

MiLLiO!V, A, too much. Wright, J. McX 788.16 

.Mills, The, of the gods. Twells, J. U 1784.8 

Mills, The, of Tuxbury. Townsend, V. F. 437.23 

Milly. Guernsey, L. E 784.18 

Milly's errand. 'Leslie, E 14V8.I4 

Milmax, E. a. The wayside cross; or, the raid of 

Gomez. A tale of the Carlist war 802.54 

Milxer, E. Sunshine in the shady place. London. I4k5.S 

— Same. Philadelphia 1747.7 

MiMi's charity, and its reward after many days. K., 

S. de 1498.12 

Mimic life. [Theatrical experiences.] Ritchie, A. C. 475.1 
Mixer's, The, dnughters. (/« Dickens, C. (J. 11.) 

New stoi ie:>) 4!* 1.5 

Mi.XGi.ED yarn, A. Mackarness, M. A 1734.4 

.MixiGo. Abbott, J 440.64; T3d.Lll 

.M ixister's, The, family. Ellis, S. S 146i.6 

.Mixister's, The, story. Roe. A. S 80ii.2; 1796.14 

Mixister's, The, wife. Oliphant, M. (0. W.) 710.61; 753.15 
MixiSTER*s, The, wooing. Stowe, H. (B ) li...495.2; 720.3 

Xeft.— A itory of Newport In the ]a*t eentnry, when Ho^ 
kinaianiani wa* rife aiul Uie slate-trade was rtill dtndocCed hy 
Newport inerchanta. 

MixiSTERi.xQ children. Charlesworth, M.L. ..55.10.4; 416.7 

Sequel 416.8 

MixiSTRY, The, of life. Charlesworth, M. L. 479.3 

.MiX2(A Mortc. Cox, M. M 78J.2S 

Mixxie's love. Mackarne.^s, M. A 436.4.4; 419.7 

MixsTREL love. La Motto Fouqne, F. (U. C), 

f ftinfTT ne....* ...• •••• .... •.■••«■• .*•• •>•• % lo. 1 1 

MiRAMiCHi. Savage, Mrs. W. T 763.18; 761.25 

Miriam. Terhune, M. V S;4.7 

Miriam Alroy; a romance of the twelfth oentary. 

Disraeli, B 752.22 

Miriam CoflBn, or the whule*fisherrocn. Hart, J. C 176 j.8 
Miriam Monfort. By the author of '* The household 

of Bouvcrie *' 1733.15 

Miriam Rosenbaum: a story of Jewish life. Eders- 

heim, A 1724.13 

Miriam's marriage. Macquoid, K. S 1717.11; 1718.8 

Miriam's memoirs. War field, C. A 1797.12 

.Mirror, The, of truth. Hamerton, E 1419.18 

MiscALCULATiox. Bowra, H 1430.2 

Mischief's Thanksgiving. Woolsey, S. C 1428.8 

Miser's, The, daughter. [George ii's time.] Ains- 

worth, W. H 78L25; 781.29 

.MiSPRABLBS, Le«. Hugo, V. (M.), vicomte 1781.4 

MiSERRiMUS. Reynolds, F. M 429.11 

Misery landing. Woolson, C. F 1773.21 

MiSREi*RESE.XTATiox. Drury, A. U 485.25 

Miss .\ngel. Thackeray, A. 1 52.12 

1782 11; 1787.4; 1791.1.8 

.VdTe. — .\. story Tounded on the life of Angelica KauAnaan, 
the artist. 

Miss Dorothy's charge. Benedict, F. L 1743.22 

Miss Elsie's boys and girls. Ward, U. L. 11 1749.18 

Miss Forrester. Edwards, A..... 1731.10 

Miss Gilbert's career. Holland, J. G 495.8 

Miss Hitchcock's wedding dress. By the author of 

" Mrs. Jcmingham's journal," oto 1466.27; 1467.7 

Miss Lily's voyage round the world 742.7 

Miss Lucinda. Terry, R. (/a Atlantic Ules) 480.1 

Miss .Mackenzie. Troll ope, A 721.21; 1802.20 

Miss .Majoribanks. Oliphant, M. (0. W.). . .710.74; 722.25 

Miss .Molly. Butt, B. M 1798.11 

Miss Moore. Craik, G. M 1769.1 

Miss Ooiia McQuarrie. [Scottish.] Smith, A 480.4ii 

.Miss or Mrs.? Collins, (W.) W 750.47; 1743.18 

Miss Patience Hathaway. Bradley, W. 1 716.12 

Shelf numbers al>ove 2110 In the Notes are In the Bates Hall. 




ttheir. No. 
Uiw Rarenal'f oonrenion firom looeuion to lojaltj. 

llcFuK«t,J.W 1445.9 

UiM KubcrU* fortano. SliophorJ, S. W j(»8.2G 

AliM RovaL Cherbulies, V 1781. (i 

lliK» Siiliivj Didulph, Mcmitin of. Sheridan, F. ... T(;S.3 ; 

AliKH SliromeDi* wiudnw. IVabtKlj, Mrs. M 144(1.4 

UiM ThistliMioirn. Clarke. K. S 1T4'.M<J 

UiM Van Kurtland. Benedict, F. L Ti'l/lO 

UiMiMQ bride, The. Southwurtli, £. D. E. N i.'>3.:> 

lliMi09i» The: or, Menes in Arrica. Marryat, F.... i3U.ti 

739.5; 73«.).C 

UiMiov, The, of Blaek Rifle. Kollngg, E 14 20. 2 

UiMiox huoflo at tho Fire Points, The old bruwerj 

and the 808.13 

UiiaisMppi. See Uxitbd States, note. 
lluTAKK.v; or, tho teeming and tho real. Fuller, 

L. 436.U 

Mb. and Mn. Fauloonbridge. Aide, II 1781.22 

Hb. Bob Sawjer*a partj. Condenaod. Dickcnn, C. 

(J. II.) 1477.14 

lift. Brown's letters to a jonng man about town. 

Thaekeraj, W. M 508.12 

UiBTBR Horn and his friends. Poarse, M. G 18U3.2 

Mr. Midshipman Eusj. Marrjat, F.. 743.4; 745.5; 745. 2K 

Mr. Pendleton's cup. Bradlej, \V. I I441>.4 1 

Mr. Rutherford's children. Warner, S. and A. B... 717.24 

Mr. Smith. M'alfnrd, L. B 55.21; 1777.14 

Mr. Stewart's intentions. Robinson, F. W 4 12.4 

Mr. Tibbot O'Leary, the curimis. (Sriffin, G. {In 

Johnson, ( E.) R. Little claAiiies) 1839.7.5 

Mr. Vaughan's heir. Benedict, F. L 17(>U.9 

Mr. Wind and Madam Rain. Musstt, P. da 734.15 

Mr. Wynjard's ward. Parr, II 1443.14 

MisTRKSS and maid. Craik, D. (M.) 730.3C; 792.14 

MiaTHKsa. The, of lAogdalo Hall : a romance of the 

West Riding. Kettle, R. M 1803.23 i 

MiftTRRKS Anno Askew, Ptts:<a^>s in the life uf tho 

Faire guspcller. [Hcurj viii's time.] Man- 
ning. A 439.13 

Mrs. Arlingtun. Opie, A. Wurks 802.1.2 

Mrs. Armingtpn's ward. Wright, I). T 173('i.l7 

Mrs. ArmjUgo. Gore, C. G. F 489.8; 77ti.l9 

Mrs. Catherine Crawlej. Sherwood, M. M. Works. 452.1.8 

Mrs. Clarinda Siuglehart. Manning, A 4ti8. 18 

Mrh. Clifford's marriage. Reprintfd frum Black- 

woiKi's magaiine 49G.25 

Mrs. Gerald's nieoe. Fullerton, Lady G. (I^. G.). 

482.17; 710.10 
Mrs. Halliburton's troubles. WiMtd, E. P. 2 v.... 730.32 
M taTRKHB J udtth. A Cambridgeshire storj. Ty tier, 

C. C. F 1773.9 

Mrs. Leieester's school. I«amb, C. and M...759.15; 759.17 
Mrs. Liiubur's nifllc; or, a church fair and its vic- 
tims. Butler, W. A UCCuVt 

Mrs. Lirriper's legacj. Dickens, C. (J. II.) 4hO.H2 

482.11; 1473.3 

Mrs. Lirriper's lodgings. Dickens, C. (J. II.) 4so.k2 

452.11; |NU0.2.{ j 

Mrs. Mainwaring's journal. Marnhnll. E 1749.23 I 

MlSTRKsa .Margerj. A tale of the liuUardii. Ilolt, ■ 

K. S 1459.11; 14.VJ.22 

Mrs. Marshall's kej, and what it unlocked. Jlvw- 

lin..S.E 450.14 

Mrs. Mouser; or, tales of a grandthothvr. By tho 

author of <* Aunt Annie's storicM," etc It 29.0 

Mrs. Perkins's ball. Thacki'raj, W. .M 50U.I5: 

Mrs. Thome's guests. Capnm, .M.J 1479.5 ' 

MiKCXiiKRhTuoii. Montgomery, F 7('i9. 1 

MiTCHrLL, — . Howard Groy 1509.10 

MiTciiRLi., I>. G. {Ik MarvtI.) A bAch«>lf>r*s revery. 

(/« JuhnH>n, (K ) R. Little dansics) 1839.7.4 

— I>iict<ir Johns. [Life in Connecticut.] 2t 41t.9 = 

— Dream life 42('i.l2| 

«- Fudge doings. 2t 1444.4 l 

— Thv lurgnette. [Sketches of town life, Nvw 

York.] 2r 47r..ll ' 

— Re rvri«*s of a bachelor 470.12; 470.13; 47r..l7 

— H«*v«-n storivs, with ba^temcnt ami attic lir.4.24 

Min-tiKLL. W. Bryan Maurice, [dllcgo lifi*].. . .1445.10 
MirroRii. A. B. The forty -se ven Huu ins. (/it John- I 

son. (B.) R. Little classics) 1839.7.11 

Shelf. No. 
. 804.4 

MiTFORD, M. R. Works 

foN/rnra. — (>iir villasr; Hrlfttnl RrgUi ('•mntrr tti»r{rt{ 
Fiii<lvii'« inblt-BUTi; l'i*«4>ari. ■ traKttJ> i Julian, • lni;.fdjr| 
KieiiAl, a tia)!r«ly : CiiarUt tiie Artt. an liitturical tra;:iU>-. 

— Atherton, and other tiiles 794.13 

— Bclford Regis 1502.2 

— Our Tillngv 507.C 

Svte. — I'lcturif uf £ii){li«h vlliaj;!' lifr, aJmirabljr purtxa}-^ 

MoBY-DicK ; or, the whale. MelTille, H 736.9 

MuDKL mother, The. Sketches from real life. By 

the author of " Tho object of life" 800.46 

MoDRL town, Tho, and the deteetires. Pinkertim, A.I795.20 

Muhekn accomplishments. Sinclair, C 450.8 

MunERM Crossida, A. Asheton, F 1701.10 

MuDKRM flirtations. Sinclair, C 450.14 

MoitKK.x Gristtlda, The. Edgeworth, M...407.1.5; 408.8.10 

— Samf. {In Burbauld, A. L. British novelists). 77s. 1.50 

MoDKR.N pilgrims. Wof)d, G. 2r 42S.4 

MoiiEHM siKsiety. Sinclair, C 450.2 

MuDKKX society in Rome. Beste, J. R. Z v &04.1I 

MuDKiix vusKal, The. A story of Poland. Wilmer, J. 1780.4 

Mou£t, H. Light 493.7 

Moffat, A. S. Cedar brook stories. Frank gone to 

tho war 11G9.I3 

— - The seed bearing fruit 1409.11 

The seed growing 1409.10 

— - The young s"eil*suwers 1409.9 

— One-aruK'd Hugh •. •.... •... 7h4. 17 

— Only a pauper 800.0U 

MuFKKTT. E. L. Crown jewels. [.Maximilian and 

Ciirlotta in Mezio«i] 444.13 

MoiiAMMKi) Ali and his houso. [Egypt.] Mnndt, 

\^m y «ll • M • m • m •••• •«•• ••«• •••• •••• •••• •••• •••• %21*1V 

MoiiFCAN niiiidvn, The. Buwen, J. L 1789.9 

MuHK'ANs, The, of Paris. Dumas, A. (D.) 1772.20 

Mollt'h Bible. Chellis, M. D 417.9 

MoxALUi. [Artist-iifv in Italy.] AllKton, W 755.1 

MuXA lull. The. of Mincing-Lane. BUck, W 421.8 

Mux AKTEiiT, The. Scott. *S'ir W 430.39 

400.1.9; 400 50; 1470.1.2; lb07.10 

5i# a/io SOfiTT, Sir W.. utile. 

.Mo.xcRiiriF, R. H. {A*cott R'thert Hope.) The day 

a ftvr the holidays 52.18 

— George's enemies: a sequel to "My sehoolbtiy 

friends " 1724.6 

— My schoolb«>y friends: a »tory of Whitmin^ter 

grammar sch(N»l 755.20 

— The Pampas: a story of adrenture in tho Argen- 

tine republic 1803.3 

— Round about tho Min!>ter green: stories of tho 

b«)ys and girls who lived thero 178S.39 

•— Tho Bch«Mflbi>y hero 439.22 

— Stories of French school lifo 720 24 

— St4»riesof schi>ol life 720 23 

— Stories of Whitminster 1740.19 

f '••M.''Nfi.— T>ir fai-'urirr: TSm* hiir|[!art T<iiti. Dirk, ard 
Hurt ; .\ hiktirt Iff liaiii|'*it; Tlf nii>f'>rtiinr« i-f an rlrtcii; 
Cu|4>«nl lu«f; I.1UIC ii.iiiikijrt. Jit. Vali HliBr'f Oay. 

MoNF.r and mu^ic. Barnard, C 1703.10 

MuXKY god. The; or. the empire and the |ia|uiey. A 

tulv of the thipi century, (juinton, A 17 A3. II 

.MoNl:r-MAKf:K. Adiiinfi. W. T 1741.7 

.MoNFi.KT Hall. Wartirld, C. A 17J0.10 

MuxiKi.NH, The. [Satire on American |H»lities.] 

Coo|KT, J. F 770.33 

'* MoXK,";)srii'/. G .ling and ^on 1472.5 

MoMK, The. of riinirs. ShcrwiM.d, M. M. Works. .452.1.14 

.Mono V A Ml. tc. The. GillnTt, W 773.17 

.MoNsiKiiK .Aittoine. Dudevant, A. I^. A. D 431.25 

MoMsiiirii .'^rlvri'tre. Dudfvant, A. L. A. D 470.20 

MuNSiKi'it Viflit, Narrative of tho traveN and adven- 

tuii's of, in (California, Sonora, and Wehtvrn 

Tex:is. Marryjt. F 430.1 1 

.MuNTALiiA. .\. R., fiitur. The famous fairy taK** of 

all nation,! 171'».I0 

MoXTALitAX. Pachrco, 3/r«. R 774.21 

.M.i\Tix\a. The. II.iM.-«k. S. J. 4:h;.|9 

.Mux rii-CKiMu, The count of. Duman, A. (D.) .... 474.1 

479.'.i; 479.14; 73 14 
M4>XTr.-CuisTo, The countei!* of. Du Boy^. J 4H5.23 

Shelf uunibcni above 21 lO in the Notes are iu the ISatoH Hall. 



MOnroaxKUT F. NifDndsnlood TGU.I 

— ThrvKuUinther. Leipiig 7B(>..iO 

— Ai-.,. N « Ynrk 77ti.U 

— Tb»«fttii of,-duekj'*gg>inahea'iDHt. Londan, ITJb.l 

— S«n(, Pliiliultlphl. ITJJ.IS 

— thn totrD-oricc. Added Tha cbildrwi wltb the 

luitiiD TubWr bal[ 35.10.33 

— W)Id4likeiiiulhiiriBtim. Lsipiig ITUti.T 

— Sam: Uadoa 1711.11 

UonTGuMERr, J. Dorunlo del 4:krpii>. Aa hi*- 

toricaluo»lorilieeixliUi«enLai7 B03.5 

— ladoTncRi. Th<;ArrLcaoT>llej(«tc 4ti7.-i<l 

llovriiI,Tp»afUl.jHi;t Ynopi.C. 7i.. tdiwr 178135 

Mo^TOUED, J. I. V •ill v., banmiif de. joimlaUior. 

TheSaiufunilj-KublninD. Str \frs», J. A... 73G.1* 

7*6.6; 'le.lS; 751.10; 1T77.9 

MooDiE, S. Florm Lyndn; 1U.9 

— Uiuffrej MonctoD 791.6 

ilaoaa. Aloutt, L. M 771.9 

UaonrMike. Semll. F. S09.IS 

MfloXFOLK. Auttin.J. a 1765.13 

Mi>u:»nTXE. Pair; iteriM. Ilnginea, E. U. K.... 133.2 

MtfU-isHiiE. MacrTil. F 7ll.:li 

UoossTosE, The. CuLlia*. (W.) W (90.61; 712.11 

UooHE, C. J. On dnagentDi (roDnd. [taternk- 

tlotwl teriu) 1797.9 

MaoBE, E. H. (.UijHwlK.) AlHtlife Ttii.ll 

Moore, F. F. Whvre tbo rail ruiu aoa: ■ sbirj of 

tbt omcbiog daj* 17B9.71 

MooBE, .Vrt. U. J. Tbe gulden lecae; 1135.1 

UooRE. .Ifri. J. F. The CtiSurd buiuebuld 1117.11 

Liuride brm 1496.U 

IahsibtkI gSiiiu bos.y 

HooKE, 3/1. J. a. RcMued 1745.7 

UooRE, Job 0. Zclaoo. (/n ItBrbonld, A. L. Britiili 

noTsBiU) 778.1.31, 3i 

MooRK, T. Theepifamio. [Ggj^t, tltird Mntat;]. 759.0 
Uoou, The. SrilSpAiit, nuie. 

UouB, II. M. lUaiiHh :C3.Z0 

ilOPBAtheCiiirj. logelow.J ia.6 71S.ll 

Uokahe, P. SbiDiogbuuia 11^B.17 

UOKIL ennnjc*. knd other UIel /n Cbaoibeta, 

W. BDdK. Libnryror joODgpwplt) «10.7G,S 

UoEiL naraerj Ulei for ehildreo. Duloken, II. W.1119.1J 

tluBiLUlo. 3r i;,0.27 

MoiuLUla. Edi^wortta, M 55.10.12 

MoHii, lalet. Uuiiut. K. C. P. do M 737.16 

UoBAUTT. SeliiinBD.C. U i-ia.y 

UoRAuand aiyituiiu. Aid^, U T50.GU 

HoHDA CUT hall. Mufb-Oaldinill, A 795.10 

llaNi.11. C<rlebitiD*iMrohof BwiTe . .769.11; 907. J. 3 

Rcpoaitorj tracta 997.3.1 

uidwrBKH*. Cheap lepoiitcry IraoU 1169.3 

UoRE, £irr. V(up<L [An inuginiirr oommanU; 

nndfira-D idsil fDm of goraruunnl] 759.3 

— Tbs haunbold ut. (lIlaturicBl Bulion.] Man- 

ning.A. 13».ll; 169.7 

MoRETTrawDpaaalB. Thackeia;, A. 1 1791.1.1 

UoBi'OBD, II. Tbttxxrnrd. Vliionilii(ai»ictv«L<l 

tbeBeldin 1663 773.11 

— The daja of ibodd*. A dotoI of the craat rebel- 

lion in 1361 116.10 

— Turned from the door. A Cbiittmu itofT for 

1869-70 785.1 

— and oTHEKi. John Javpei'i aMrat ., 175.1U 

HoROA'T, 11. NrJNc.idi.ihooowi boj 118 30 

HuRCAM, L. IS'>r,.al]ritDu,4<nd uihvc fair; tlorieL 

.nnKsoXR, The. Stoddard, E. (D. B ) 191.7 

.riIiaOkv.A. florals. (/nlUiMoeiT. Italian 

R»TUi>K) . "7.SJ 

.nir.R,J Are9he,t)i..MunidL.ri;ari. Loodoa 

S.,«,t. PiiiUdtiphia. 2» 1W.3 

lUjji Bib. in England 1M5.» 

— HnjJiBabaiaTnchsj, PeniiandRBaia. LoDdoo. MS.IS 

— Saau. Pari!. 3t M8.T 

— !i«mt. pyiadel;,bla 8W.6 

— Zuhnb the huUge. LondoD.. ..808.3; 808.19; 15MJ 

— Sami. New Yurk. It 8U8.1 

MoRin, a. DutT and affaetioo. (In Cbanbera, W. 

rj r« 7«nog p«p]e) 1«.TU 

<M, The. Uallan, R. I 

r, K. School d*7i at Usnat Plaanat .. 


McRMUJia, Tbr. 

B. Tft) Jort ^' 'nil piupb 



AIon.iixa-o<.ott>E«. Alootl,L.M 71I.II 

MoRRixo rtdo, Tbo. Perry, a T. 


MonniB, J. Wanderiogaof a TBgiboDd. An ROlo- 

biiiBrapbj I7M.1 

MuBTK dArthtir. Jiilorr, Sir T KH.I 

MoBTiuRR, C B, Mart^oe bj lot. A lalo of tbo 

primiliTB Mnratiaoi 1491.11 

.MoBTiMiB,F. L. Tbeuptiritjor Jodah 1466.16 

MoKTiHEB, Drare, ptntJ. Sn SiORT, M. B. 

- I-. ItiddeH.J.U 1779.17 

il-W.Fa 771.21 

MosiErana. „ r, W M 1767.4 

Mo(S-9inE. I i'.ui„.,M.V 805.16 

MoiBEB from aa Dtd tninao. llawtbome, N. -.157.1; 151.3 

MoiiViiK, S. The mandarin'i dangbter I795.1T 

.UoTH*Ddra>t 45«.lt 

MOTBKR, Tbe, and wn. Opie, A. Worka SOILI 

UuTHeB-iK-Ljkw, The. Suotbcortb, B. I>. B. N. .. 1111.3 

Uothbr's, Tbe, reeuiuiMiiu. Aguilar,*! 761.8 

MuTRER'i, Tbe.requnt. FlMcber.A 718.19 

MoTHEH'i ahip, and the cargo it brongbt. Huen, 

M. P. 418.9 

UoTHiR'a, A, itorioa for herchildren. WilaoD, lira. 

0. 1799.11 

UoTHKRLEaai or, a Pariaian lamil;. Witt, .. tl5.J> 
.ir,n.Tbe. Baker, II. N. (W.).... 735.15 

J isra. Oo™,C.«.F. 1505,11 

.'^Tif-inoDnt; a romance of tbo 
.ManacbuHtlj cIi.dt. [Weaton'a oulonj at 

«>jnn>uthl 47W 

Brnoe.C 1799.11 

BHi-ilmo itotiea 1746.11 

— S.™e wiimon', harK 1767.1 

.Mocr<TAH J 718.11 

AiuD.iTAix j'Li.i .s ;... of Ihe refurmaUon in 

SaTuif. ^irr \tr,. .\. ^ 1496.17 

Moir.iTriHiri, W Minvtii: a legend of tbe nign 

uf£d«anl[tier>iith 488.10 

— Tbarpe. * 4|ai?t Eii^liib (uirn, and hnnua lita 

iheieiD 488.11 

HocSSiH^ Haeru, The. Sherwood, M. M. Work*. 451.1.1 
il.HSTACHcVieUI pwiKf. iWIJoBuun.a 
MoviTT, A. C, Str Kiiv-uiE, A. C. 

Mount: i bi'.grapblcil rumanw. ttan, B 161.K> 

MoI*r(tandM.'udtlBPLn. [Sarnnr.i.C. 7«e.».i 

MoROAs, S. 0.,;«rfy. The book of the boudoir. It. 131.11 

— n.irrntF .Maonhj 133.10 

— Tbe 0"Uri»o» and the OFlaherlTa. J t, 1118.1 

— The wild IrUh girl 7S8 11 

MrrufruiC ilomropnn. S.. piiul 44T.15 

M(i|ii'..<^n».cUli»n. TliD. Uickeni, C. (J. 11.) 475.11 

noaroRD, W. The iron ihraud. (/a Juhuvn, (K.) 

b Utile alBHlca) 18S9.7J 

Mnnei, Z. A. Shell enre 457.15 

Sbeir Dumbera aboTe ailO In tbe Notes are la the Bates Hall. 




Shflf. No. 

UUDIK, M. St. Miehaert priurj. 2t 806.18 

MuBUUEf T. Afnija; or, lifo and loTe in Norwaj .. 416.3 
McKHLBAca, LouiM, jutud. Ste Muxdt, 0. (M.) 
MujcLLBR. (F.) Max. Momories: a storj of Gor- 

MOBLLKS, 0. Charlotto Ackerinann 4!)6.5 

II DUB Y junction. Dlokens, C. (J. il.) 4UU.33; 1473.8 

MuLnoLLANDf K. Firo littlo farnien 14ti0.2I 

— Puck and BluMou. A fairy taiv 142D.22 

^ Tho wicked woods of Tol>ort»o?il 1743.12 

MoLLCii, Cbrbtiiie, pttud. See W'ALRit, £. C. \V. 

Mdlocb, D. (M.) See Craik, D. (M.) 

Mdiipord, M. E. il II a Dart 500.40 

UuifCBACSEif, BaroHt Tbo travels and surprising ad- 

▼ontorMof. Raspe, K. £. 738.12 

MuJiitT, C. (M.) (Louise Muehlbach.) Audroas 

llofcr. [The Tjrulese patriot] 4 1 2. IC 

- Berlin and Saos-souoi; or, Frcdorick the groat 

and his friends , 41.'i.l7 

— Thedaagbter of an empress 412.11 

— Tbe I'lnpress Josephine. An historical sketch of 

thodajsof Napoleon 412.13 

— > Frederick the great and his court. [Prussia] ... 415.1ti 

— - Frederick the great and his faiuilj 4]o.]8 

— Goethe and Schiller 413.22 

<»- llenrj the eighth and bis court. [Euglirh his- 

tbrj] 41o.20; 415.21 

<»- Jotepli II. and his court 414.23 

^- Louisa of Prussia and her times. [Battle of Juua, 

etc.) 415.1!) 

<»• Marie Anttiinctte and her son 4 12. 10 

<»• The merchant of Berlin. [Frederick the great's 

%im^ I •••• •••• •••• •••• •••• •••• ■• ■••• •••• «••■ fti4«*^ 

— Mohammed Ali and his house. [Ki^ypt] 421.10 

«« Napoleon in Germany. Napolei>n and Bificher. 412.14 

— - Napoleon and tbo queen of Prussia 4 12. 12 

— Old Friti and the new era. [Frederick the 

great] 412.15 

— Prince Eugene [died 1730] and his times 415.23 

— Queen llortense. A life picture of the Napole- 

onic era 4 15.25 

— The story of a millionaire 4 15.20 

^ Two life-paths 415.10 

.v«j«#. ^Thc MiKhllMch n<fVfU. nrijcinKllr Grmian. arp all 
lilpkincal. but uf tloubtlul valiM aa tlviiiu-aUona of rharavtcr 

UUHUT, T. Count Mirabeau 412.19 

UOKAD the unlucky. Edgewortb. M 55.iU.rj 

407.1.3; 408.8.5; 142U.27; l83lf.7.l2 
UliBi>KR« considered as one of the fine arts. Do 

guiiioer, T. (In Jubuson, (E.) IL Littlo 

elasaics) 1839.7.2 

MuBDKK will out. Opie, A. Wurks 802.1.1 

MOBUKUiCK, Tbe, and the fortune teller. Pinkerton, 

A 1721.5 

llUiii>F.Ri, The, in the Kue Morgue. Poo, E. A. 

(/• Johnsun, (E.) K. Little classics) 1839.7.3 

Mcrimi«:k, D. The royalist's daugbter and tbe 

rebels: or, tbe Dutch dominie of the Catskills. 

A tale of the rc?(ilution 17^3.8 

UcBPBT, K. M. Destiny ; or, life as it is 1447.10 

McBPUr'B master. Payn, J 1742.C; 17482 

HcKRAT, C. A. The prairie-bird. Lmdun 750.1** 

Smwu. 3 T.. i:.»3.23 

lICRBAr, G. (7Vot« XV'h/m.) The boudoir cabal . . 52.11 
^ The member for Paris: a tale of tbo Svcund em- 
pire, Boston 431.21 

-•^ Same. Leipilg. 2r 7;iU.78 

— Young Bniwn. Boston 1740.0 

— Same. Leipiig 177'.M8 

MoBAKru. (J. C.) A. Dumb lore 1712.3 

— Tbe dumb loTer. Boston 418.10 

•^ Same, London. (/• Koscoe, T. German nuveU 

l«U) 4IS.2.3 

MDserii, The. Abbott, J 4t0.35; 7:pJ.l.o 

McftKUH, The. Tonna, C. E 1400 3 1 

Mcsii; governess, The. P., S. C 145U.20 

Mcaic-LA.*«D, A trip to. A fairy Ule. .Sbedl<>ck, 

K. L. 1780.1 

mull. No. 

Musical uotoIs. 

The hr*t known ar« Ge<tr}{e Sand'a ••Conmclo" r-«7.1.H; 
4rti 6; iKti III], ■11(1 till' Mfi'tvl Iti il. " The r.«Hnt«'»» uf K.iil>l- 
rtaili" C47.T1A: 4;:i:;l ; Ol.tM], illiKlraliii,; niiikiciii lU*- in llaij 
ami (i('iiiia:iy in Ihi- lime iif ila^tln: alio hiT "Lucn-iia 
Klorlaiii " [ 19) iru .'•':]. In which riiurv Kan>l !• Chuiiin. and 
Oiirit .<ialv«l>ir Alhani i« Liurt: and her ** Malitiet-ut " 
ri'7i*7.:4]. Ilaii* AiHlcrMrn'i '* The iiii|titiTi»alon- " Crtk>.U; 
7'je.':;: -J^iiu.M; m (ivniian.4K?J«.s]tr<*ai« aUi of Italinn iile. 
MiMS>ii>|>|Hiiira"(?har}ra Aiwiii-iCer " [MlSJUJ ip a dennan 
•iui V in lite tinif uf .Mvndelitiihii, wIm* i« huiiimmhiI |m In- tlv- 
•cribed in .*HTa|ihar| a« the hi-ni uf the iMhik. and Xfiter, 
(iiti'indalc Ui'nnrtt. Jeunv LifHl and i>fh<-r« apiN-ar in it. .**i-v 
als-*. Iiy Mil- viiiii- auiunr. " C'Utitrii«rc« " C.iii:!.< : .<ur..H: ir:>» Uj. 
iu wnirh Shi'Ui-v and Byrun anjivar ; and " Kiinii»r " [4'.'J IV]. ni 
whii-h Iii-<-th'ivi>n apprar*. Mi«f Urewttrr'a ".«tainl .Mniiin'a 
»iuiinier" [''''•fVl is uf Italian life. "Mi><an" [riM.l^li 
In <M-rinan, S^'.^Ut], hjr Ilrriberi Kau, la an in|i>rr*lin)i art 
nnvfl. a< la alM> **Aht>li«" [17«%i..'i]. in vhieh (ilnik ami 
Faustina IVk^f are anfjun thi- c)iar«cier«. ** .Si. Oiavi- •." hv 
Elixa Tab<ir [lir.MO], i«a well wriltrn talc nf the numical life 
of an Kni(li»h cathedral tuan. There i« a drama un Ilet.-t)H>- 
▼en hy Wii-w. 

8*>- alaii Bnrtol'a " Honor Majr" rilS.H]; .iniirraen'a -ObIt 
a n.lilh-r " tXtti-Hj ; and Mill TrullMpe's ■' Mabii's prvKroa ' 

l>r a •iniUar cUm ar« Hamanl'a "The tune niartrrt" 
[Tiii;. Iu ' : *- The «oprano " C7aLI4], and its srqucl. " Muuvy and 
uiuiv" CirULlU}. 

MusirAL tales, phantasms, and sketches. Polko, E. 

2r 1441.20 

Muslims in Spain, Tales of the. Brabason. E. J. .. 487.6 
MussKT, (L. C.) A. de. Selections from [bis] prose 

and ptKrtry 450. 15 

MussET. P. de. Mr. Wind and Madam Ruin 734.15 

Must; or, Ann Ilolbrook's girlhood. Atkins, M. A. bUO.04 

Must it bo. Bauer, K. 1732.10 

Ml'atanu Gray. CIiMnens, J 4'.)5.25 

Mustek, The. Pre»bury, B. F 1494.6 

MUTK singer, Tbo. Kitcbie, A. C 480.21 

MuTixKKRH, The. Verue, J G1.4 

.MYuffiiiity. Doton, E 780.18 

Mr aunt Kate. Shcrwimd, M. M. Works 45'i.].7 

My aunt Margaret's mirror. Scott, Sir W 400.1.20 

902.1.0; 1470.1.5; 1807.26 

Am «/•« 8c<>TT. Sir W., nutt. 

My aunt Poutypool. James, 0. P. R 1805.27 

My buys. Alcott, L. M ••• .••• ..• .709.25.1 

M Y brother's keeper. Warner, A. B 794.7 

My brother's wife. Edwards, A. B 721.8 

My elifttoaux. Curtis, G. W. (/a Johnson, (E.) B. 

Liitle classics) 1839.7.4 

My comrades. Adventures in the Highlands and 

legends of the neutral ground, lliiiton, H. ... 17CG.7 

My Courtship and its c«»nsv4|ueucfs. Wikuff, 11 794.18 

My cousin Nicholas. Barliaiu, K. 11 15U2.3 

My cou:«iii ?^miN>th. Teiupletou, T 4h7.15 

.My darling's album 172 1 .20 

.My daughter Elinor. Benedict, F.* L* 712.13 

.My dolly. Kunsell, H. K 1499.13 

My dt»uble, and how he undid me. Hale, E. E. (In 

Atlantic tal(>0 480.1 

My enemy's daughter. MacCarthy, J 1472.4 

My first pUcv; and other stories. Adapted fur ser- 
vants and young women generally 140H.27 

My godmother. Sberwuod, M. M. Works 452.1.13 

My giHid for nothing brothur. Jeniiigs, E. 492.33 

My hero. Forrester, Mrs. — 794.23 

MYhoro. Porter, A. E 450.79 

.My heroine 421.5 

My home in the shirw. Kettle, K. M lHOC.3 

My husband's crime. lIoUBekee)*or, M. K 721.4 

My Kululu. prince, king, and slaw: a story of Cen- 
tral Africa. .Stanlty, 11. M 1741.10 

My lady : a tale of ino«li'rn life 500.37 

My lady Ludlow. Gai>kell, E. C 4.'i0.2.5; 802.47 

My little Corner 1736.6 

My little girl. Besaiit. W., and Kice, J 1733.14 

My little lady. Poynti-r, E. F 498.21; 720.55 

.My little low. Terhun-, M. V 44.13 

My low Kate. E^an. 1' 771.13 

My inarrittl life at llillsidn. (^•flin, U. B 703.21 

.My iiK'tlnT and I. Oaik. D. (51.) 170h.l3; 1709.18 

My neighlM»r9. Cuffio, R. B 773.23 

.My nrw Ifine. Rul* bin :•,.<. C 4h0.39 

.My n<ivel. [Ktiglii>h politics] Bulwor-liyttnn, E. 

(G. K.) L 42ii.5r«; 4t(>.15; 400.16 

My opiniiini* and Brt'*fy Boblwt'^. IIolli-y, M 17. 13. 11 

** 51 T own child." Ciiurt-h. F .'..lbUl.3; lh09.38 

Hhelf numbers above 21 lO in the Noteii are in the Bates llail. 




= I 


MrowDftorj. Ilowiti, H 459.13 

MTuwnvU^rj. Leij^h, M 413.2 

Mr ntcfael mnd I. Stebbins. G. S 1741.11 

Mr school da J8 in Pari*. Jeone, Jl. S 807.3 

Mr aehooIUij frieudi: a atorj of Whitminster gram- 
mar teliooL MoD^rieflf, K. H 755.20 

Mr fUter Jeaonie. Daderant, A. L. A. D 17G4.12 

Mr suter't eonfewion. Braddon, H. B. 1730.3 

Mr aoD*fl wife. Pike, 31. II 458.5 

Mrstorj. Maeqaoid, K. S 17bd.25 

Mr three onole^f. Sherwood, M. H. Worka 452.1.13 

Mr uocle the cloekmaker. llowitt, M 45l>.14 

Mr uncle Timothj. Sherwood, M. M. Works 452.1.6 

Mrwifeandl. Stowe, H. (E.) B 796.24 

Mr joong Alcidea. Yonge, C. M. 1796.10; 1796.13; 1799.10 

3Ir yoong days 500.24 

MTi>DLirro5 Pomfret. AioAworth. W. H 490.17 

JlrBA, pseud. Adrentorea of Ewei, the Chinese 

girl. Boston 1736.5 

— Same. London 1729.16 

Mtra ; or, the omise of the Seabird. Egan, P 1730. 15 

Htra Sherwood's crosa, and how she bore it. G., 

L. E. 500.32 

Mtbtle and cjpress. Calthrop, A 1466.30 

Mtself: a romance of New England life. Emerj, 

E 795.12 

MrsTE RiES, The, of Paris. Sue, M.J 1802, 13 

Mtsteries, The.of Udolpho. KadclifTe, A. 45.9; 778.1.45-47 

MrsTERiocs guest. The. Dupuy, E. A 1717.9 

MrsTERiocs isUnd, The. Verne, J 1800. 14 

Parti 1775.1; 1795.1 

Part II 54.11 

Partiii 1796.4 

MrsTERiocs stranger, The. Opie, A. Works 802.1.2 

MrsTKRT, The. Wood, E. P. . .'. 502.2S 

Htstert, The, of Dark hollow. Southworth, £. D. 

E. X 1786.20 

MrsTKRT, The, of Edwin Drood. Dickens, C. (J. 

H.) 471.22; 475.11; 490.77; 1730.16 

— Same. Adapted to American scenes, characters, 

customs, and nomenclature. See Newell, K. H. 

The cloven foot 475.8 

~- Same. [Added, Part second. Bj the spirit-pen 

of G. Dickens, through a medium, T. P. James]. 1741.3 

MrsTERT, The, of Holly tsTern. Collis, L. 1735.6 

MrsTERT, The, of Metropolisville. Egcleston, E. . • 1732.5 
JdrsTERT, The, of OroiTsl. Gaboriau, £. ..421.13; 1782.17 

MrsTBRT, The, of the cavern. Yonge, CM 1735.7 

Mystic bell. The. Kuntz, E. J 725.22 

Mtth, The, of Hiawatha. Schoolcraft, H. R. 485.15 

MrTBOLOGr. Once upon a time. Stories for chil- 
dren taken from the ancient gods and heroes. 
Craigie, M. E. 1809.39 

N., S. D. Chronicles of St. Mary's 486.3 

~ Holidays at St. Mary's 489.7 

Nacbtigal, J. 0. C. Popular traditions. {In Ros- 

coe, T. German novelists) 418.2.2 

Nails driven homo. Sargent, G. E 608.20 

Naxcy. Brouehton, K 1733.16; 1768.3 

Nanny's treasure. Bcgon, F., comtease de 1788.31 

Naomi: or Boston, two hundred years ago. Lee, 

E. B 437.6 

Naomi, or the last days of Jerusalem. [Vespasiau's 

time, first century.] Webb, Mr*. J. B 425.6 

Naomi Torrente. Vingnt, G. F. de 802.56 

Napier, C. J. William the conqueror. A historical 

romance 415.4 

A'ofe.— Comnftre Bulwrr't " Harold" [49)A't: 40151 and 
Kln{[slry*« "licreward tlte Wake" £43^; 4i«).3; 71UJSJuu Um 
Hune theme. 

Naples, Rollo in. Abbcttt,J 677.10 

Napoleon. See France, note. 

Napoleon and BlOcher. Mundt, C. (M.) 412.14 

Napoleon and the queen of Prussia. Mundt, C. 

(M.) 412.12 

Narbs, E. Thinks'-I-to-myself 479.18 

Narrow escape, A. Cudlip, A 1749.2C; 1800.8 

Nash, H. C. Kosie and Hugh; or, lost and found . . 1441.14 
Nash, W. G. New JBngland life. A century of 

gossip 18' 6.7 


Nassau, R. H. Crowned in palm-land. A story of 

African mission life • •• .... 1766.90 

Nay Gregory. Scion, W.,yr. 1443.1 

Xathaub. Kavanagh, J 420.20; iM.6 

Nayhc«ics, M. Joachim r. Kjuneni; Diary of a 

poor young lady • 730.79 

Nayional tales. Houston, G. 2y • 432JI 

Naytrb and art. Inehbald, B. (is BarbaaM, A. 

L. British novelists) 778.LX7 

Natitre's nobleman. By the author of ** Badiefs 

secret,*' etc i9L31 

Naubery, B. The mantle. (/« Soane, G. Speci- 
mens of German romanoe) •••. .. 4T7.Cw3 

Naum AN, M. D. Clyde Waidloigh*s promise 1723.9 

— The enchanted princess 500.51 

— Era's adrentures in sbadow-lawi i38.17 

~ Sidney Elliott :. 777.18 

— Twisted threads ii7.22 

Natal lieutenant. The. Annstroog, F. C 722.26 

Naters, D. Jack'ssister 1T72.5 

Nral, Juhn. Goody gracious! and the fmrgei-oMHioi. 

(/« Johnson. (E.) R. Li Ule classics) 1839.7.10 

— Great mysteries and little plagues 423.13 

— Little Mocassin. London 1459.27 

— Same, New York 1789.5 

— Rachel Dyer. [Witchcraft days in New England]. 442.8 

X EA L, J oseph C. Charcoal sketches 783. 12 ; 783.23 

Neal Malone. Carleton, W. (/a Johnson, (£.) K. 

Little classics) 1839.7.5 

Neale, E. Scenes where the tempter has triamphed. 466.20 

Neale, J. M. The farm of Aptonga 479.11 

Near to nature's heart. Roe, E. P 1806.12 

NEDFranks. Tucker. C 736.1 

Ned Grant's quest. Biseell, M. L. 716.26 

Ned Musgrave. Hook, T. (E.) 712.7 

Ned Myers; or, life before the mast. Cooper, J. F. 

770.39; 770.40 

Ned Nevins, the news boy. Morgan, H 428.20 

NEoSUrling. Henderson, J. S 1788.4 

NssLB, H. The romance of history. England.... 419.9 

— Same. Sr 419.1; 419.2; 419.3 

Nbely, K. J. The prorerb series. Actions speak 

louder than words 1729.2 

Fine feathers do not make fine birds • . 1509.27 

— - One good turn deserres another 1729.3 

Neglected question. The. Markevitch, B. ........ 1774.5 

Neighbor Jack wood. [New England life.] Trow- 
bridge, J. T 796.1 

Neighbor's, The, house. Shaw, J. R. 1479.6 

Neighbors, The. Bremer, F.455.11; 455.12; 455.13; 817.1 

Neighbors' wires. Trowbridge, J. T. • 796.4 

Neil Forrest, pteud. See Floyd, C. 
Nellie Eyler, pseud. See Osten, M. 

Nelue Grey son. Willard, C. A 1459.5 

Nelub Warren. Wise, D 733.20 

Nelly Brooke. Church, F 433.11; 73U.84 

Nelly Kinnard*s kingdom. Douglas, A. M 45.1 

Nelly Rirers' great riches. Barrow, F 1739.9 

Nelly's dark days. Smith, U 1494.18 

Nemesis. Terhune, M. V 784.7 

Nepenyhe. By the author of " Olie " 773.11 

Neptune; or the autobiography of a Newfoundland 

dog 418.14 

Nesy hunters, The; or, adrentures in the Indian 

archipelago. Dal ton, W 725.1S 

Netherclift. Bates, L. 1496.8 

Netherlands. iSee Low countries. 

Netti e's trial. Samuels, S. B. C 450.47.4 

Never again. Mayo, W. S 1715.8 

Never despair: a tale of the emigrants 1789.16 

Never forgotten. Fitigerald, P. H 1802.18 

Never give up. Baker, H. N. (W.) 800.78 

Nevers, The, and other stories 1459.15 

New age of gold, The. Pay son, G 718.11 

New buggy, The. Baker, H. N. (W.) 509.24.5 

New clerk. The. Putnam, Mrs. E. T. H 728.21 

New Commandment, The. Shaw, J. R 1469.19 

New Don Quixote, The. Daudet, A 1787.24 

New forest, The. Smith, U. 3r 797.4 

New Godiva, A. Hope, S 43.4 

New ground. Tongc, C. M 786.5 

Shelf numbers above 2110 in the Notes are in the Bates Hall. 

NEW 101 NEW 

Shrir. No. 

Siirlf. No. 

New Magdaleo, Tho. [Nareing in the Franoo- 

Newrt, C. J., continual. 

Pru«0ian war.] Collins, (W.) W 173'J.17; 1742.7 — Ki^ht and left 7A'».17 

New uioral talvs. tienlis, S. (F. i). do St. A.) do .. 489.20 

Nkw nightcaps told to Cbarloj. Harrow, F. 173'J.2 

New picture, Tbo. Nowinan, E. E. .. 1710.2 

— Suntfhino and nh.idow 1701.13 

— Troddun down 41H.18 

— Wondrous strange 17S0.7 

Nbw priest, Tbo, in Cuncoption bay. [Newfound- Newcomb, II. How to be a ladj 4C'J.21 

land.] Lowoil, K. T. S 496.1 j — How to bo a man 4«i'J.20 

New tketches of evorj-daj life. Uremor, F 455.2 ' Newcomks, Tho. Thuckemj, W. M 4:M>.5S ; iol.J 

New storj book for children. Parton, 8. P 723.22 Newkll, K. 11. (Orphtut C. Kerr.) Avrrj (Slibun. 412.8 

Nxw Tiuiothj, The. Uaker, W. M 478.2U — The olovon f<Mit: being an udantatiun of '* The 

Nbw uneoniuiuroittl ramplvs. Dickens, C. (J. II.) .. 471.22 

Nkw Tovage round the world. De Foe, i) 833. U.U 

Nkw waj, A, to win a fortune. Dupuj, E. A 17U5.7 

Nkw-ykak's, The, bargain. Woolser, S. C 755. lU 

NawaURT, llorbort, pgeud. See Hkubkbt, S. A. F. 

Nicwar, C. J. Cowuion seme 710.5G 

^ KatvKennedj 17(;i.3 

^ Lauglej manor 174U.4 

— Margaret Ilauilton 4U1.28 

— Married 785.24 

— Ouljr temper 4U1.11 

ing an udaptatii 
mystery of K«iwin DrotMl," to Anioricaii sceuoi*, 
cliaracters, customs, and nomeuclature 475.8 

— The walking doll 775.23 

Newkll boys, Tho. A temperance story. Whipple, 

C 500.C1 

New Enui.a.^i>. Nash, W. G. New Kugtand lifu. 

A century of gossip lhOC.7 

— Sedgwick, C. M. A New England tale 43G.9 

— SptiObrd. II. E. Now-Eiigland legends 421.4 

— Webb, Mr», J. B. The pilgrims of New Eng- 

land: a tale of the early American settlers 50*J.7 

Maine.— J. O. Whlnler. •• Norumboirft " [1:01.3; 2 li)9.71]i "'Hie lirMal of Pcnnactwk" [.R-IM: l.'liSl.'J!).!; ir.Sl.2; 3109.71], and "Mom Mrxouc" 
iSa.%i l:a(.£i.l| tUl.S; 2«Kl.ri]. ptwiii*. 1>. I*. 'nii)mp«»ii. " (}aiit (lurh>y " C7:»;.(;]. UiiibaxiiR. bunlvr Hir, Ul«. 

Mra. Stuwi>, *• The |*rarl uf Orr't iiilatHl" Ci-^*14]- cimiitry lite. fair. 

Nku llA¥liniBK. — Mr*. Whitnry. " A Piiiiiinfr in Ia-^IW (ioldihwaltv'a life " [414.1H]. •iiminrrinft at the White mountainii. 

VtawuNT. — D. V. Thi»in|Mi>D, •• The (irtvii nuiuiituiii bi»y» " [TJUh]. b-mnaary irnuble* with Nvw Yoik, auil " May Martin " C'3'>>11]' t*I««- •* Th« 
MOB of Hit Vpnnuutm" (177V). tiallail. in l>U3rfklnrk'< " Cycl<>p:rdia uf Aiiirrifaii literature " ['Sn.' IM]. 

in.T¥«ilTII OM^tNT. — U M. Child. " Ilfb-riiok." tule. II. V. Oieiiry. " .V iHi-p at tii<> |>i]|{iirii« " [4:^.1]. tale. M. II. Whitii g, " Faith White's iHler 
hank" [tfa>.i»^ l^iiiKfi-lluw, "Tlie eiwrt^hip ol Mih'« S'an<li«h " [.?■'•.:!; Hil.H; l.L-4t..3<; ::irr>/>l : 4lti>.«.'il; l^nMl:'.: 4.'i*i>.«.li:. |«hiii. J L. Miiliry, 
■* Mrrry-iiKiuul" C47<LS}. Wc«ti>ira mMu-kmi; eMinpany at Weyiiii>iith. ItU'i. Ule. >'.. II. S>ar«. ■' rirtiiri'* tif the ••Mi-n time" [C'LV]. (air. Mr*. J. U. Webb, 
" The pilcriiii* ur New KnRlaiid " [.Vllt.7}, Ule. U .M. Cliiltt, - The flr«t wttler- uf .NVw KiiKlaiul " {.tiVm U], oUMini-nt ot the 1Sn|ii tl*. tale. 

Kl.NU IlilUf'M WAa — K.C. ^alllU, " YariKirilro " CS7L4 l], KinKl'hUlp uf Tukauukct, iioeiii. OH.per, " The «ept uf WMh-^m-Wllh" C'HiUl], 
tele. U. II. Ilulilrtcr, " Muiint Ilopif.'* rieree. ■' Narra;{aiiMtt chief." 

Mam^ai lirKnTH HAY. -J. Cm. llollttiHl. "The bav pat!i " C4l'l]. ARawam. Sprin^.-lil. In IftH. tale. I^tnefrllow, ^ Gi!ea (^>rey " [r4&S1: 
4aV.|i0.tra|Crflj, witeheran. J. Neal. " Kaehel l>vrr "C4i:!>].«ilch«iatt. " Thilip Kni;li«h'ii two eiipii"[ir:!I.S]. It2«,«i(cherait. lair. J. (i. W).Utur.'-Tii« 
«krh uf Wenham.'* in the Atlanlle monthly. Feb., li^7. J. Ilaiitaril, " I*rlM-illa." puritan* ami l»apti*ta. K. IS. Ix-e. " Nannii" Ci?.*>]. ll«»tui) in it* earlieat 
da«». tale. C. K. True, '* Shavinut." tale. lU«thuriM-, " The tvarUt Irtler' C^^'-'.ii't: 4.*ir ..•«], (jut. UkllingJiam'* time. tale, and vaii<iii«" I'w irr-told UUi" 
14X 14: Zitasy G. Ilarriaiin. "The *earl«-t U-Urr' Ci'«i:t.O>]. ilrania, ImwI mi lla«ih<irtie. I>. Uue'm."Tate« ■•! the puriuii* " ^TiK^ li^ lariy MtlU-iiitnt 
«f BiMlua aiul the PeiHtbaeut. I<uiiKtellow, '* John Ki.dic«itt" [ISMLS:; l.ll8.l:t; 4,Vr.«.|ir, traRidy. pt-rM-rirtiun uf the iiuaki-iK. J. (I. Wl.i[tiei."Maf).'arH 
Bnibb ■>iunist"^777J: NSL^l I; Z4iM.:il]. hi-anhtand hiinie^ ill IinM. etf. K. Dawe*. " Ni\'i male" [4.'i»*> 1l']. n'tnliiti'm *>( VjV m Bminn, lalf. J. 11. 
Infimhani* " Captain Kyd'tK hid 3 L'^^''-^*]- l''K>< <*1^*- J- ^' JtHK-s " C'aiiUin Kvd " [lii^.l:.'; l.MfA, l.^T'Jil; l:>«f«.41]. itrama. C M. S-«lK«lck. " Hup* 
Lnlw '[iK.1.1], IiHiiaiit. lt»M,ric.; " New Kngland tah- " C4:i'i.<n, and " lUdwMid " [4.j;.>«] lah-.. M. Kuiiiek. '* Kit Iiaid Irclon" [i::7.K>3. Uie. 

Xr^io^ •. — OKiper, "Thf wept uf Witli-toii-Wiiih " C7rt>..'.l]. I>. Ilacuu, " Tal«« ul the purilaiit ' [ IL 4.>utliey, " lliner Newman " lMlJ3i 

311. ti: r^jL'ji; r:iH.7.lHi ::i'K.'U]. INMiii. 

CiixxCi-riM'T. — W. Settin, " Kumancv itf the charter nak " [T'J^-'V]. K><. Mr*. Sti-phent. " The n-j'Tinl wile " [i:27.LiJ* Am>ild'« early life, tale. II. 
Foster, ** The e«^|ue<le; or. Kli/a Wharton " C^i7 M; (tl7.|i'>]. I7»«l. i-te . Ule. Anuii., •' Oiantti- cnivt- ' [ 414 '.nj. lulr. 

T. 0« ifht. "Ureenfleld lull ' [:;i'i*i.l :]. iiiH-in. de^tructiini nf tin- FitiU'Ki*, liumnii; "( Ijirrtrld by tiie Ilntiih, etc. 

I>. O Milrhrll, '* Itijctiir J.ihn* " [414. V}. mannert uf the early |iart (if the preMiit erDtury, Ule. 

C. W. Fliilleu, "SURe-iNiaeh •liiiie*" ami "Twici* iiiarii«il," tali-*. 

fk'iryiif "irncle Jaw"aiid>itlier4 in Mr«. Stiwc'* "May fl.iwrr" [.'«);.':]. manner* in the c<>untiy. Ifi-V 

Mr*. 8<o«c and irtliem, ** Siv ut uiie bv half u ducen <if t'le uthrr " ^*.Vi !■'•]. talr. 

Kliiiliic IhI.AM>. — Ji4i Dmti-v. " Whatt'lir-r; ur, It>;{<r Wiiliam« in liaiii«hmi-nt ' [-H':.r], inmin. 

Ct»iprr. " riic Hi-d Kitver" [|i:: 7'ai.l7]. •laii- 1ib<Ii> in .Nrwimrt in tlie Ib*I oiiiIu:>. .Mi». SUj^v, "The mlnlaler'a wiMfing" Cl'.ri.i'; 731 :J. llopkiii*- 
Imalmi. T. W. IIisf;In*.in. ■' Mallhiiie" [O^^l-'i V>:v.l:i]. Ni-w|)<in, ami " tiMioirt davn' [|i;'i4i !••]. lul<«. 

Niw ENijI.AMi MANNKKH. — Mi*. Stuwr'»*'Thc niini«:er'« «•• •inp; " C4'.t',.:;: T.ii.l]. Ne«|«.irt ^r thf lait eontnrr. whi n llr. [I'lpkinn wj« a««^riin:; hi* 
peculiar I'lroli'lCiral virw*. and her inerchaitts were iM'tfinniux to have the pnipriHy uf iiii|k>riing alate* i{Ur»li<>iM-d, and ' tiMtuwii luik* ' C<''**'-1 '!• ^'al«in- 
iaiic and Amilnlan IheultiKv. 

H>*yi Fi kr, " Thr Algerine captive" C'.'UM.l): 44IOji.iM]. latti>r fiart uf the lait century, alave trade, AU*-riiie*. etc.. tale. 

Mr*. Tenney, ** Friiiab* Qnixutiini," lti«« Matinlaiaiii ut tlie In jfinniii|r "f tin- ii>ntiir> . lah-. 

K- Eiiiery. "Mvarlf ' [7'Xi.l:i]. ii|ieiiing of c<*iiliiry, lak. (^i-min 1 l^ninry. " W Ur C7il."i 1 1], m.mrir'*. flf^y yrat* ap*. ta>. 

J. («. Ilollaiiii.*- Arthur Himniea^h' [IMI.II]. lair. C A. Willurd. - FiHy it-*'* ajiu CM*:.'.*}. J i:. Smiih. - (lakii I fix- [I.Tf '.i>] 

llaliburton. **tfant Shek " [41H.:t: 4yj?l, Minii-whal e«rivei>tiiiiial Yankee rhara-u-r. S. Juilit. " Mar^-anl' [44 '.•-. 4v» 7] a*>il *' U.rhanl IMmy ' [**<(■'•]. 
O. %*. liiilme*. " EUie Vrnner •■ [*VUl; 4".i.Hi] ami "Tlif iiuanliaii anpl" [IL'I i;. I«li«. an- ai«i rin.rr •tr tut .if mniniir- in IiM llii-ik(a*t.t*hlo 
llawthorpe, "The huuwi>rtheM-vi>n i:nbir*"[i'ir 4]. and many ur ht* " Twnr-r.M lain L*" 14: 7vk:.T] «hiU " 1 in- U.iMiitlaii- r-'Mi.n i^ „*:>: I'] 
hi* BrtHik fanii eviieriener. J. T. Tiua Inline. " NVij{ii)*<>r Jai-k«iMHl ' [T'Jii.l}. t-ih-. .Nh-i .Hihiili, - Wat ibmn lla.t." l^•>H■lt !>•«• H. " T'li- ••i-w 
prieal in Ciinrepthm hay " [!»: I]. NrwfuiiiwP.aiid. rha racier nf Mr. itan;!*. Ule. Mrs. Muwe, *■ O.dluwn tinpiJi- »|i>rii-t 'J'M.Ji; 7'A' J-). II. W. I^iiii;rrll<iw, 
-* Kamiach " [i>.l3: 44li m.-.': H*>l.|i:]. Uh- Mi.« C M. %-lii^ ick'n tal> *. 

IJ. P. TbiimpMiD." I.«*ck» AniMlen " [r^'-.l"]. Niw Kn::lani| -eh' -ul master, tale. Mim (.'unmilna. "Th*- lainpliglilrr " C*-** 77 . 447 II j 447. II']. r« aliHic 
hwnble life In Button, tale. Mr*. A. I). T. Wliiimy. "Tlie liaywu.-tiiy^" [Tti: 17;. •* l-U. " il:*: i']. ■"•! hrr i.Hirr •|.iri.-*. Mw W.-ilinB. " S:ii;..h" 
[?A«i].villafe life, tale- H. (■iliiian, " Mcmuir* uf a«ii:agi- rhi'ir" [IMk*. I.'>}. II. W. Iti<< hrr. - N»rw..tMl " [;; tale. Mi-a " kern-lne 
lEark":i7&.-;].«>iti-i>averv.Ule. BiMiaiilcy. "l.'oiic cut c 'rnri*." CM* O'lHii. " Tal* h Knake" :i:74.4j. Afun . -M.isell" [7'X.IX.. T. U. Aidri.h* 
teles iiaee ptuA ileUnraliuns uf New England iilr. Mi«. St. Juhn, " li<lia CI* ''■'•0> in«aii<- h«yiuin*. 

J. fj Whilller. ".Hnfiv-btiuml" [lt»7.1*7; l'«f. 4 0. l"Nin. Tiuwbrukr. "(.'imixm b-.UiU " [irii;}, rnral. U>. Mlt* Wetherrll. •• Thr ■ Ur. » »de 
«nftd*'r4-.0.44. rjn.1: 7yiS}.nllgiuu*. farm-lfn-e liti'.Hc. tale. C. A. Wiilard. " Fitti yvur* */••" :«Mi.V], u:e. Miai Enieiy. - Thm- grnrrati-iii*" 
C«ll Kl.tai^. J<ihn Nra>. '■ I><iwn lUttera." J..>«|<h tV Ni-ai. " Cl>ari-.>al •kit<lie« '[''*-> I- . ''^- ^-J- 

It'iyai Tyler, **('< intrant. ' oiiniily, Ihi- fli<l a:ti mp! al a ataiie Yankf . 17«',. 

/'•■/xry lifr. — M. Ch'mMier. ■' Kirrne ' [I M '^^]. IaU: .\li«« I'h.ip". " I'lw •ili-iit parti^'r " C4-' 1.','. lah'. V. F. T-«liM'nd. •" The nilM* i.f Tuiiiury - 
CiTr.S^I.Uie. I<iie> Ijtrruiii. " .\n idtl ut w nk (,1 '.*>«. M]. |> m'im. 

■ Arfriwf «Hif Jc,ifi/«.— J. C. IIarl."MiiidiiiC.>mii ":i7i.'>x]. .\a..t<i.k-t. !u!e 

Tale* b> J. F. C lOprr. Iik Hu" pil>>t " ;7'<» I ; 7'^«.4; l.'itfi.l] l..r l^>ii;r T-hh foifln. ile . and by IKrniann Mel«iilr. .••h'-rl •t.'rn* b) J'»hn F. (Suuld. 

Sot4h*4t, " Caiw CmI and all alung Bnuir ' ^771.1:*]. f-ir Khi'rt at irn-^. 

d* «lef« fi/f. — Wa.hlMjrri. "Fair llunard" i;ii»!.h.]. lah-. W Mnrlii II. ■ Ilry4n' ' Tlli". h":. tale. F. W l.urinir. - T«u rt.;!<cp frlrf.d*" 
cram W;. CaW. Lunrell. •• AiUuny lliaile " [ h'li". !■•:. ial»-. 

Blielf nuinberii above 2110 in the >'otci» »re in the Uutes Hull. 


IIiflTOKirAi. KKTRKifon. — Full iwrtkiilan of th« Utarainre of Ncv Enftliiid hiitoiy ean be fooad in the Lower Hall CataSogm of hkmri 
Sec Webrter'a iim.1 ; :MWU; S4UIJ!; S«X1.43 and £rei«n*« C8SL7 : SaCS] orations on the firM adtkimnta. 

The latrr hUturUn« of New EnKUuid tiod the emriieit authority iu Winthrop** ** Journal " Cifil.lO; 2S21.11]. After Dr. Bobeitaw'a defltfh. kia " I 
mary of the hittory of New Englaiid to Ifi52,*' which vmt not orijEinally Inclmkd in hi* histurjr ot America, vm iwbliahcd in I7W C-C'^'B'-l^ 
Oeoare E. Ellis, i>. »., in hit lecture C2±L.1: 44JL3] of the Uistorical anciety'a courM, has learnedly traecd the relationa of the rotoniaCa to ikm 
qualien. Longifellow. in his**New-EuKianil tragediit*'CLH&:Sl; l-'US VI; 'iSOU.lO], Has renJervd the tftjtj ofquafcer pcrMcntkm di mmaiic a l ij, 
Allen has supplied the historical basis uf tae pjeiu iu a pvipolar compilation [IISLS; iSnu.18]. 

Palfrey leA little !•> b.> d.*st<vd in his soh > larly and circumspect work C^ti.l ; SLtl^]. and it must be awarded by Car the hiichest place jcC 
history of New England. lie hat since abridjced, for tlie xeneral reader, the narrative of Uiis UrRer work, which ends with the reroIutioB of 
recently otniinned the narratlTe in tlie same abridjted aliape to 1737, which abridjpnents are far better compends for the period covend than BradfiMrd'a 
nology, 14Sr-UC90, or llanuah Adams's Uistory. Tbere are of course chapters in Bancroft's, and In UUdRth's United Statea, and also ia C aaa eiT a, i 

Fur the associations of places, in connection with revointionary history, see IxMsi He's ** Field-book of the revolution " [ilU; SSStSS}i wMIs 
Drake's ** Historic fields and mansions of Middlesex " it^S-, OSttST] and '* Nooks and comers '* [ICU J; SSUIS] treat similarly the ouaat aad ov 
country by describing their associations with the entire course of New England history. 

Fur the rural aspects of the country, FUCK'S ** The birds and seasons of New England " C 1 173.16 ; .tM9M3 and ** The woods and by-waj« ui Kcw 
[ liU..-Ci ; »MV.5:£]. are the results of kmg and duae obaernuion. See also FOrte Crayon's ^ Summer in New England," in Harper's aoathly, 
■For iUustratioiis of the resulution period, see under UfllTKD Statxs, note. 


aA la 

S. A. 


Shelf! No. 

New Guixea, AdTentares in. Treganee, L. 1803.17 

Nkwhall, C. S. {Carl.) Joe and the iIoward« . . . . 700.68 

Newmax, J/r«. — . Jcaa 17t>0.8 

Newma.x, £. E. The new pietnre reading-book .... 1716.2 
Newman, J. H. Calista, a sketch of the third oen- 

tarj. [ Persecution of ChrLitiaiu] 710.59 

Newsbot, The. Smith, E. 476.10 

Newton, Mr*. A. C. Aant Rebecca's charge, and 

other stories 1727.9 

Comtemr: — Aunt Rebecca's charge ; Ernest Wallace's temp- 
tation ; IjuYc one anuther. 

Nkwto.x, R. The giants, and how to fight them; and 

wonderful things 1765.16 

Newton Forster; or, the merchant service. Marrjat, 

F 74:).9; 745.34; 1419.12; 1732.6 

New York, Cify. Abbott, J. Marco Paul in 53.10 

— Gajler, C. Out of the streets 764.23 

New York, Stale, Uistorj of. Irring, W 377.1.1 

387.2; 389.8; 1782.14 

5m afso JJStTED STATES, note. 

New Zealand. 

Mrs. Evans. " Orer the hills and far awav ** [1778.41 and "A 
strange friendship" C^-'LIT], tales. J. White. '"Te Ron" 
CJ04!tJ63, life before the iutruduction of Citristianity, tala. 

Nicholas Nicklebj. [Yorkshire boarding-schools 

and proriueial theatres.] Dickens, C. (J. H.).. 410.35 
461.-24; 461.25; 461.26; 1477.1; 1786.23 

— Same. Condensed 1477.12; 1477.14 

N1CHOLL.S, C, formerly Misa Bronti. (Currer Bell.} 

Jane Ejre. Leipsig 410.10 

— Same. New York 435.4; 435 5 

— The professor. Leipzig 410.11 

— Same. New York 435. 14 

— Shirlej. Leipiig 410.12 

_ Same. New York 435.11 

— Villette. Leipzig 410.13 

~- Same. New York 435.9 

A'ors. — For an accoant of the Bronti norels. besides Mrs. 
OasHell's Life CX»'>. 11 : 296.14: 6.'>4d. 173. see MacmilUn'smatra- 
ziiie, 1876: Peter Bavne's Essays [WA.1.1J; the " Life and 
worlis," etc. [4573.^1], and Smith's ** FOets and novelisU" 
[1^16.8; £>75j»3. 

Nichols, 6. W. The sanctuary: a storj of the ciril 

war [in America] 784.23 

Nicholson, U. W. The lost children 1498. 13 

Nick of the woods: a tale of Kentucky. Bird, R. M. 457.9 

NiCKERsoN, S. D. Bread'Winners 509.12 

NicoLLETE and Aucassin. See Hale, E. E., and 

others. Tales for travellers 1781.31 

NiD WORTH, and his three magic wands. Prentiss, E. 718.5 
NiEBUHR, B. G. Heroic tales of ancient Greece.... 728.9 
NiERiTZ, (G.) G. The bears of Augnstusbnrg, an 
epiwde in Saxon history. [Seven years' war.] 
With other tales 1446.13 

— Busy hands and patient hearts 417.21 

— Gustavus Vasa; or, king and peasant 447.27 

Nigel Bartram's ideal. Wilford, F 496.13 ; 762.8 

Night, A, in a workhonse. Greenwood, J. {In 

Johnson, (E.) K. Little classic.*) 1839.7.1 

Night, A, on the borders of the Black forest. Ed- 
wards, A.B 1769.2 

Night and morning. Bnlwer-Lytton, B. (G. B.) L. 

466.2; 730.29 

Night-walk, The, oTcr the mill stream. Wood, S. P. 750.63 

Nile, The. 

JVorc — The modem life of excorsioaiats cm the Nile is 
portrayed in ** KisnvC" lHU.143. 

NiLES, W. Five hundred majority; or, the days of 

Tammany • 731.27 

NiMROD of the sea; or, the American whalemui. 

Davis, W. M 1765.1 

Nina. Bremer, F 455.6; 455.8; 817J 

Nina Balatka: the story of a maiden of Pragaa. 

Boston 422.10 

— Same. Leipsig 490 J2 

Nina Gordon. Stowe, H. (B.) B 796.21; 806.6 

Xut. — Originally poblished under the title of ** Ond." 

Nina's atonement. Fisher, F. G 1745.14 

NiNE-D ATS' wonder, A. Aid«, H 55.1; 1781.34 

Nine little goslings. Woolsey, S. C 52.16 

Nine new stories by the Christmas fire 491.5 

500.L2; 1800.23 

8€t also 8CUOOLBOT, The. 

Nine Saturdays. Chester, S. (E.) 1449.37 

Nine years old. By the author of " When I was a 

little girl," etc 769.3 

NiNETT-THREE. [Freuch revolution.] Hago, Y. 

{M.), vicomte 1456.1 


Byron, " Sardanapalns " [•'Sl.'t: 93X1.4'. M7.1J: VmAi 
l«t)J*.5:4nOI.£>:<»«i2.Ln]. B.r.8l».play- Atherslutie,**TlM 
fall of Nineveh" [874.1]. B. t\ «». poem. 

No alternative. Cndlip, A 1767.6 

No church. Robinson, F. W • 720.57 

No croes, no crown. Davis, C. £. .•... 4S8.18 

No fiction. Reed, A 788.15 

No intentions. Church, F 1740.9 ; 1769.16 

No man's friend. Robinson, F. W 412.9 

No moss. Fomlick, C. A 1719.21 

No name. Collins, W. (W.) .• 492.6 

No name series. Namely: — 

— Is that all? 1418.19 

— Kismet 1412.14 

— Mercy Philbriok's choice 1809.33 

No thoroughfare. Dickens, C (J. H.), and Collins, 

(W.) W 490.22; 1473.29 

No thntughfare. D s, C s, Bellamy Brown- 

john, and Dombey, p^eud 422.15 ; 1800.23 

Noble, A. L. Eleanor Willoughby's self 450.44 

— Judge Branard's infantry 505.20 

— St. Angnstine's ladder 1727.17 

Noble life, A. Craik, D. (M.) 490.10 

Noble lord, A. Sonthworth, E. D. B. N 444.9 

Noble sister, A. Denison, M. A 800.85 

Nobleman, The, of '89: an episode of the Frenoh 

rcvol ution. Quinton, A 1783.10 

Nobleman's, The, wife. Wood, B. P 722.9 

Noblesse oblige. By the author of '* Mile. Mori." 

[ Leisure hour series] 44.16 

.We. — Published in I/jmlon nnder the title **Tlie aAdier 
du Lys, or, an art student in the reifm of terror.** 

Shelf numbers above 2110 in the Notes are in tlie Bates HalL 


. i:i«.lu I >'DTELii>n. BkrlMDld, A. I. nritUb a< 

n (Iwjaoc'a freat «i>rk 


'•■i *ii<l all mluag uliora 

'a t«IU|>lktiun. (h Atlaii 

— Wh^log in 

H>nQ. A. . 
uc'l rarug 

DfoBiari rarun. Klamin);, M. A 

KaKif4» Cllna. Krll.«jf t^ 

N(iait*:i Lvills. [.Veir V<irk,url7psrt 

— i'Bui iL.n.r.i » onpiiritj and wlij hv VKtpvil . 


177.1. lU 

NnUKHA^'*. A,T>ll)(ri>uiigi>. tkiTwcn, 11. II 


No>n, 1. J<4> Dean. (b« Inpiwr 



VoiraAHOKRablMr. Aint«n, J. TIU.TGi 'Jl.4; T.'i 

»««Y«CWM,J. »^blM 

Jf^BTRI-RutY IIUh, Tb«. Shiplij il I. (/aili 

KoRtHiair lij^to. Stuilo fmm rioedlrh uil ITiiii 

41H.1- 411.10 

IluKHihulil wurda. 


i *i<r i^rHiuuhitiik Ki4t*''B rttl f^i lb poor 
[iv,] T. Th. wHii .3 tj^iiTtmil* r MH i y . mid tttir 

bjM^la iii™™. fhlWn'.p, .ll^i u-I l™^ Irfirtmi hill | 

BMAiUrTCi' M~4 ii(%!i"Satd»i'^L»ii] vr ( ■ii'IZtol 
'I Ik. fl>4 ar ro-OM. bn)l»n. 


SI:ir>hJll. K 

I. \Vam.n.(! »10.7Ui 4(i7.1ii 

, AdaiDJ-. W.T 

Ml. (W., .V...».r;,y.) H„l[.Lu 

, TM.IV 

TholitlJo mnui uf Uitww 

Tba tiltlv Spaiibnl 

.S.ilt-<rit('r l>ick 

NlDtTKT, l,ir.l and ladu. Sn Ukkkviu 

and A. L. 
Svn, Tlio. Shrrwiwl. M. SI. W.-rki . 

N'tiKK HT ntonlDgl. I><Hl|Cr, M. A 

NriucBT Ulaa, Unral. Ifiilckm. 11. W 
XlTMiKi.L, A. uT kn..irliils,r. Tm-kir, 1 
". K. tluchjlii! 


II. w .7. ...— 

NoRK, TIm, bT a Biilarjr. Abii 

7JII.;U -'>'"""■ "■ ■»■ iwnj "111 ■■H" rmilllj (irikirlii 

. (tui.|j L T^ A Hanirf. r..iiiai«». Amlswon, H. (\ ..4H;..3. 
I OxK iipi-iiiiiga, Tli«. [Miuliifan cicIt da;*.] I'..i 

3.Y. . 






; 4IH.T 

5(>rahvra. rufih. S. L ...... 

KvT aiif IblnK fur iwaea. Attiiai 
K»Td-adr>l. JuiTn'i.n.J. C. 

KuTwii; JHi.>U>. flliltull 

— Sam. Uipilg 

Knr fonakrn. 'iihrnf, A 

NvTinlliririwt. Lonun. M 

NoTlpf Ihe «.,rld. T.,.J.T, I!. » 

KuTi.rtllT, hul praciuo). 1I«T, J 

KciT wiKij, bul bv writ. ltn>UKlit<>n, K. ..4-.IU..->U; 
la, E 

Tiie, ■ttyh.t, H. H. 4r 7IB.1U 

' Uakhiihik: an .dJ-tliiw •t..rjr. Snilb.J. K, 1773.'.1) 

, OAKaiiiin eaatli-. KiiiH'*/* " lTj;..'ii imii.H 

1 1 (>iit:iur.!)rE., .M. it. Wi.tli) 4.V.M.1 

, O'IIrikn.F.J. Tiicdlaa-nd t^nf (fa Allnutie Ul.->1. 4hu.1 
— Fr.«n iian.! to uunth. (/a AMiicii, T. II. 


ITuT IT "'"">•"• 

1. Th«, and lb OIlAbtttjt. 51<>ry>n, S 

hil. " SiiHin'»i,* M. 'it'. ' uwV, 
musi ut. tha erui.a iiF IIib rlubt. A.l: 


Not . 
Ndto -I 


Sh Tii-mr-. VV, II, 

!. wiiift, Tl..'. R.W. M 

• fiH. Fli>n-nnJ. Theh«r..ii 

tt-lvny. 71IS.1 

llildml'a ; 

»:«■• . 

rtiirk. \:«>-"iiM,'Ji^. ' huunJL,' -riu'r^ I i.» -ai»| :,<iiniui>.i.Ti'itti<i>" niriitii. Ml. 

Bhelf numbers Bbovo 21 lO In tbe Note* arc In tlio UuUsm llnli. 




Sheir. No. 

Odd trump, The. Coulson, J. G. A 17S1. 14 

Odd volume, The. Corbett. yfistea 459. *2o 

O'DoNOG HUE, The: a talc of Ireland. Lerer, C. (J.). 606.G 
Oehlessciilakckii, a. Q. The adveotarors. (/n 

S«iaue, (i. Specimens of German romance).... 427.6.3 

O'kr moor and fen. WaUingham, C 1TU6.5 

Okrtel, (P. F.) W. {IV. O vm Horn.) The achool- 

master of Abbach : and other stories. 806.14 

CoHtrmtn.— The M.*lMor-CTiiHler ; The ichoolinftiter of Ab- 
bach; Theuyiuiu; The May-queen. 

Off the roll. King. K 1790.3 

Off the Skelligs. Ingelow, J 1715.3; 1744.3 

Off to the gejsers; or, the yoang jaohters in Ice- 
land. Stcphenii, C. .A. . .' 1753. 12 

Officer's, The, ohiidren. A etorj of the Indian 

mutiiij 440.73 

OoDES, 3/r«. C. A. Intothe light 424.20 

OmLViES, The. Oraik, D. (M.)... 730.44; 798.23; 1766.18 

Ogle, A. The lost to^e 1446.27 

Ojos Morrmos, pseud. What vill the world njT 

and Onl V a woman 1734.3 

Olcott, 11. .A. The torchlight 428.11 

Old agency, The. Woolson, C. F 1773.21 

Old and new. Sadlier, M. A • 1769.23 

Old bachelur. The, in the old Scottish village. Aird, 

T 477.9 

Old back room, The. Harrison, J 434.10 

Old barracks. The. Kell j, C. E 790.65 

Old battleground. The. Trowbridge, J. T 1448.15 

Old brewery. The. and the new mission house at the 

Five Point:, [in New York] 808.13 

Old Chelsea bun-house. The. A tale of the last cen- 
tury. Manning, .\ 507.19 

Old continental. The. [American revolution.] 

A auiiiing, V . ix.. ....••...• •..••.....••••••..Xi o4. 19 

Old corner cupboard, The. Jewctt, S. \V 1446.1 

Old countess, The. Hoofer, E 427.4 

Old countess. The. Stephens, A. S. (W.) 1744.8 

Old court. Aiuswnrth, W. H 490.37 

Old curiosity sh«.>p. The. Dickens. C. (J. H.) 461.20 

471.11; 1477.2; 1477.15; 1712.14; 1783.4 

Shelf. Na 

Old lieutenant. The, and his son. Mooleod, N* 730J3 

802.55; 1440 JO 

Old mam'selle's. The, secret. John, E. 1447. IS 

; Old manor house, The. Smith, C 778. 1.36, 37 

. Old manor house, Sequel to the 7!M).6l 

Old Margaret. Kingjclcy, 11 

- Old Matthew's puzzles. Saunders, K •• 777.26 

. Old Merry, pseud. See Mbrrt, Old. 

Old Mortality. Scott, Sir \V 460.1.5 

460.18; 720.38; 1470.1.1; 1S07.5 

S9t ai#o Scott, Sir W.,'Dote. 

Old Myddclton*s money. Hay, M. C 1TT3.17 

Old Noll; or, the days of tho Ironsides. A tale of 

Oliver CromwelTs times. Robinson, F. W. ....KSMS 

Old oak chest, Tho. James, G. P. K. • 1801.15 

Old oak farm. The 769.19 

OLDOlaf. Thorcsen, M 478.22 

Old patroon,The. Maitland, J. A • 1445.6 

Old plantation. The. Hungerford, J 507.9 

Old Saint PauKs: a tale of the plague and the fire. 

[L'jndon, lb64-66.] Ainswortb, \V. H 781.23 

Old saws new set. Mackarncss, M. A ••... 759.23 

Old schiMil fellows, and what became of them 450. SO 

Old Sir Douglas. Norton, C. E. S 490.47 ; 1493.14 

Old things and new things. Sherwood, M. M. 

Works 452.1.13 

Old woman. The, who lived in a shoe. Douglas, 

A. M 17C4.ll 

Oldbcrt. Keary, a 1769.9; 17>s3.6 

Oldfkllow, Alfred, ;»»fi«f. Uncle Nat 714.5 

Oldtow.i fireside stories. Stowe, H. (E.) B... 796.25; 796.26 

.V <f.— Hiis vas laUr publUhed under the title** Sam Law- 
m»u'» Uldtown sturie«." 

Oldto wx folks. [A tale of New England manncn.] 

Ol(4iwC| Am* I M&m J M3m • •••• •••• •«•• •••• m m • • •••• •• 

O'Leart, C. The lost rosary 

.ViV'. — Thi« itory orif ioally appeared in *' Master 

Old distillery. Tho T43.7 

Old doctor's. The, son. Ghellis, M. D .....«•• 436.17 

Old dominion. The; or, the Southampton massaere. 

[Virginia, 1831.] James, G. P. R 463.14 

Old dower house, The. Grey, Mrs. E. C 792.32 

Old engagement. The. Day, J 478.14 

Old English b.iron, The. [Feudal manners, but not 
a creditublo representation.] Reeve, C. (/a 

Rarbauld, A. L. British novelists) 778.1.22 

Old-f.isuioned boy, .\n. Finloy, M 440.17 

Old-fashioxed girl. An. Aleotc, L. M 729.8 

Old-fasiiiu.vcd stories. Coi^pcr, T 1TC7. 13 

OLDflag.The. Warner, £. A 773.13 

Old fort Duquesne: or. Captain Jack, the scout. 

MacKuight,C 17.*i6.6; 1776.11 

Old Fritz and the new era. [Frederick the great.] 

xMumlt, C. (M.) 412.15 

Old garret. The. Follen, E. L. 17GS.9 

Old gateway. The. Marshall, E 44U.2 

Old Haun, the pawnbroker; or, the orphan's legacy. 

A tale of New York 51.8 

Old helmet. The. Warner, S. 2t 783.14 

Old home»<tead, The. Stephens, A. S. ( W.) 427. 1 1 

Old Honesty. A tale of the early days of Ken- 
tucky. Willott, E. 1788.13 

Old house. The, by tho river. Prime, W. C 1465. 13 

Old Jack. Kingston, W. U. G 756.16 

"Old Jack'' [T. J. Jackson] and his foot-cavalry; 
or, a Virginian boy*s progress to renown. A 

story of the war in the Old dominion. 733.7 

Old Jolliffe. Mackarness, M. A 43C.4.1 

467.22; 476.7; 730.47 

Old Jupe. James, Mrs. 1789.3 

Old Kensington. Thackeray, A.I. 1742.14; 174S.4; 1791.1.1 
Old lady's. The, complaint. Sherwood, M. M. 

Works 452.1.13 

Old letter, An. Saunders, K 1734.6; 1777.5 

Olib; or, the old west room. M., L. M. 

Oliphant, M. (0. W.) Adam Graeme, of Mossgray. 

~~ Agnes. Leipzig 

<*- Same. New York 

-— Agnes Hopctonn's schools and holidays 

— At his gates 

— • The Athelings 

— firownlows 

— Chronicles of Carliogford 

Miss Majoribanks 

— — The perpetual curate 

Tho rector and the doctor's family 

— - Salem chapel 

— The curate in charge. Leipzig 

— Same. New York '. 

— The days of my life. An autobiography 

— For love and life. Leipzig.. •• 

— Same. New York 

— Heart and cross 

— The house on the moor 

— Innocent: a tale of modem life. Leipsig 

— Same. New York 

— John 

— Katie Stewart 

— The laird of Norlaw. A Scottish story. Berlin. 

— S'tme. New Y^ork 

— The last of the Mortimers 

— Lillicsleaf ••.. 

— Madonna Mary. Leipzig 

— Same. New York 

— Magdalen Hepburn. A story of tho Scottish 


— Margaret Maitland. Leipsig 

— Same. New Y'ork 

— May. [Coast of Scotland.] Leipzig 

— Same. New Y'ork 

— The minister s wife. Leipzig 

— Same. New York 

— Miss Majoribanks 

— .An odd couple. [International series] 

— Ombra. Leipzig 

— Same. Now York 

— The perpetual curate 

i7i.l I 









Shelf numbers above 2110 in the Notes are In the Bates Hall. 




Shelf. No. 

OupHANT, M. (0. W.), eontinutd, 

— Phccbe, junior. A lut obronicio of Carlingford. 

Lelpsig 1749.28 

^ Same. Xcw York 1730.14 

— A Tifto in June. Bost4)n 1702. 1 1 

^ Samr, Loipiif 177'J. !(• 

— Self-nerifico 7S2.'.) 

•^ S|uire Anion 1 17(>2. I>'i 

^ The ttorj of Valentine and hii brother 1777. IT 

— The three bruthem 43 1..> 

— 9. Whiteladioa. Leipiig 17»'J.3 

•^ Samr. [Leisure hour seriei.) New York 17h7.1<J 

_ I 

^ Zaidee. 

S>*a. — Mrm. Oiiplianl rmnkv ainonf the htti of tlir •rtimd- 
cUm novrliaia. one !■ (teuleh, and inanj ut her uuvvU show 
her BAlkinmii^. 


^98. 24 

Olitb. Cralk, P. (M.) 710.30; 

Outs Blake's good work. Jeaflfreion, J. C 7U2.12 

Olive Laoj: a tale of the Irish robcllinn of 17U8. 

Argjie. A 17G8.].'> 

Olitb Varotio. Notloj, Jlfr«. — 1742.1 

Ulivkr Cri»mwell; or, England's great protector. 

Herbert, II. W 469.6 

Olivkr Klli.«; ur, the funi Hers. <lrant, J 18U4.1') 

Ulitbh «f the mill. Charlojiworth, .M. L. .... .41.4; 1489.2 

Olitrii OpTir, furud. Sre Aiiamh, William T. 
OuvBR Twist. [Wurkhiiuse abuses and Ij<mdiin low 

life.] Dickens, C. (J. II.) 410.36 

461.U; 461.10; 1477. It; 1782.5 
Our BR Wjndham. A story of the grvnt plsgue [iu 

London, in IbC.'i]. Webb, Afr«. J. It 437.7 ; 437.21 

.Vifr. — By a niiMp|ireheiitiui) tli«*e twn rutiiei are rv^rrcd 
to uniler Kniilam>. nuCr. at by twu dillirrviit |irr*uiii. Ttie 
cirvr uccurt alau under I.KBi K. B. 

OuTia.pfrttf/. Ellen Parrj 487.21 

Olrbt, E. W. Li>ve in idleuens. A summer st^r jr. 142U.2 

Umbra. Oliphant, M. (0. W.) 7JU.b4; 7.'i3.17 

Umi. Hj the author of "Shira" 433.9 

Om(>o: a narrative of adventures in the Siiuth svas. 

Melville. II 736.5 

Ob a pincushion and other fairj talus. l>u Morgan, 

M 1424.4 

Ob both sides of the sea: a story of the o«)mnion'> 

wealth and the restoration. [England.] Charles, 

E. 426.20 ; 490.63 

0* dangeroos ground. Moore, 0. J 1797.9 

On guard. Cudlip, A 7.'iU.29 

Ub the Auasonn: or, the cruise of **The Uumbler." 

Stephens, C. A 

Ob the banks of the Amazon. Kingnton, W. II. 12. 

Ob the b>irder. Uilmore, J. K 

Ob the church itep*. Ilalluwvll, S. C 

Ob the edge of the storm. Ily the author of 

** .Mademoiselle Muri." Leipsig 

— Same. New York 

Ob the eve. Turgenef, I. 8 

Ob the hvightJi. Auerbacb, K 1711.1; 

Ob the sras. A, book for boys 

Ob the trail of the war. Shaiid, A.I 

Ob the wave; or. Dick Travers aboard the ** Happy 

Jack. s^amut*lS, A. *• ..................... 

Ob the way. Tucker, C .'»00..'i2 ; 

Ob the way; or, Patty at Mount Vernon. Dall, C. 


Ob the wing. Eyster, N 

Ub time. Adams, «* . T. .... .••• .... .••• .... .... 

Obl'B and again. Jenkin, Mr». C 

Obcb upon a time. Storiei fur childrpn taken from 

the ancient gods and heroes. Craigio, M. E. . . . 

Obb and twenty. Kobininui, F. W 

OBB.-A RUED Hugh. .Moffat. A. S 

Obe by herself. Ualfuur. C. L. 

0«B day's weaving. I'cfbles, M. L 

Obb fair wuman. The. M illcr, U. II 

U^K fCfid turn deserves another. N«ely, K. J 

Ubb in a thiiURand. James, (}. P. K 4(»4.]9; 

Ob B night's mystery. Fleming, M. A 

Obk iif the family. Payn, J 

Obb itf them, liever, C. ( J. ) .'106. 1 1 ; 

Ubb pi Mir girl: the itory of thousands. Sikun, (W.) 

W. .... .... 76' 





1717. l.'i 














71'.. IH 


Sheir. No. 

Obe summer. Ilowanl, D. W 1786.18 

O.NK witman'n two lovors. Townsend, V. F 1778.16 

OMKyenr. Ponrd, F. .M JlO.oK; 764.9 

UxKyvar; a talv uf wcdhick. Carl^n, E 766..'>; 1714.8 

,Vrf«. — Srr " L WIM \ ; * nr, imi- year. 

Ojip. year at ^ur bnarding-solKHil. Phelps. A 1773. IC 

'MJblt." Mackariietfji, .M. A. Sunbeam atories ... 4364.1 

476.7; 730.47 

OxLV a butterfly. Oraik. G. M 1779.6 

OBLYacIod. llraddoii, M. E 4M».b8: 721.23 

O.fLYa dog: by the author of "Hetty's resulvv,'* 

etc 1789.2."* 

OxLT a fiddler. Andersen, H. C 766.8 

O.XLT a girl. Ililleru. W. vi>n 7S.*i.l 

OxLr a piiu|>er. Moffat. A. S MM).(iO 

Obly a woniiin. Oj<>a Morem«, ;»« tt<i 1734. S 

U^l.Y ask. lit* wis, A. II 4'>0.K.'i 

O.NLY girls. T.iwniiend. V. F 1725.7 

Obly herself. Cudlip, A 421.21; 710.4 

OBI.Y i.ist4-r, An. Witt, P. de 1739.1 

O.MLY temper. Xewby, C. J 

0.x LY three weeks. By the author of ** Ereighda 

castle' 411.16 

OxYX ring, The. .Sterling. J 7.'i6.1l 

Oi>KN queiitii)n. An. De Milie, J 1722.7 

Oi'Eb! .Se*auic! Church, F 1782.16 

Oi>ENi!«<t a ehi'Stnut burr. Roe, E. P 17<>4.1 

Oi'KKAS. Tali-s from the. Pardon, G. F 742.3 

Upib, a. Works. 3 v 802.1 

t'uH/mta — Vtil. I Matkliiir: Adi*iinr|Mi>vbr«r; Pimpla 
tall'*; Tlifb:a<-k tvlt.^ |i<> !!«•«-. T>»- ili-ath-htil. Tlii* faariioii- 
ahir uiff, atiil iiiilapliKiiiable liuvhand. Tlir robU-r: The 
iriolhrr aiul »oii; l^nr aiHi dulv . Tii** wi|iii<-r'a rrfuni; The 
lifiithi'r aii-l pi«lrr; Th^ mritUr: Tlir iiiirb- and m-li'irw ; 
.Munler will nut; The orphan; Tbe talhi-r aiid «lau||hUT| 
llai )iv taiTi 
I II. Talv4 iir rval lift-; I<adT Annr and I.ailT Jane; .\u«tin 

I and Ilia « iff : Tin- mvatfiMUi •tratii(i<r; .i|i|N-araiK-v \* airaiiiM 

! her; Vali-iiliiir« eii; New lain; Mf. .Iriiiiiriiiu: I'mtMival* 

01 inarriaS'-; Wliit*' liet; ilriirjr Wu-idviile; Ttw iiiiakrr. and 
till* jT'iiiiiK man <•! lb** «iiiidi ▲ talc ul triaU; The rufBan 
biiv : Till- wi-U-iiiiif home. 

In. Tiiii|>er; A viiinairt love: A vifr'a dutv; Tlir two 
Mjii*. Tbf )i|i|»»ilr firij{liliiiur: l^iive, nivtlrry. ami tufirrui- 
liiiti : AHi-r l)i«- bnll ; Fal»r ..r trw; The i,«>iiteMiwua of an udU- 
tiiii|M-ivd man. i:iuri|rati«iii««'r l>in|{. 

— IlluKtrationf of lying 477.11 

OrToRTUNiTiK!*. Wiimer, S 448.21 

Oi'iMiRTrBiTT. Seemuller, A. .M 7>»2.'24 

Oi»p,)8iTK neighb-iur. The. Opie, A. Wiirks 802.1.3 

Oi'i'osiTK thH jail. Donison, .M. A 438.14 

OiTH', (Uiver. jmtnd. Sre Adamb, William T. 

Ora, the limt wife. S|K«iicer, B. Z. 17J7.3 

Orabuk bl«K*iioms fre«h and failed. Arthur, T. S. .. . 77.'i.8 

Okabhk grove: a tale of the Connecticuf 4 It. 20 

Orabui: man, The. Eilgc worth, M 1468.1 

OKhKAL, The, fur wi veil. Kilwards, A 1713.2 

Oriikal, The, of Richard Fi-vercl. Meredith. G 1769.30 

O', E. G. Deborah's drawer .'lOU.lT 

— Doll world 46U.5 

— Little prescription and other Ules 1427.5 

I'l.n/^iifl.— I.illif prrar 1 1 |4iiii>: My •iltiT IIUm; An an* 
biiUlfii iciirM: >|j«'«ii>ail-cari: I^mii'in dauira; The bata>ny 
\ni\t: (■raMdniaiiima'* iiett; 1*1 iiic«-H LJiia. 

~ The stiirics they tell me 1766.16 

O'K BILLY, Miles, p*ruii. See Halpibe. C. G. 
O'Kkilly, Mrs. K. Hre O'Keilly, E. G. 
OnruRl). ilhenrl of. See WalI'oLB, II. 

Oribbt boyri. Ke«Mie, 3/r«. S. F 4i0.9 

Orkbky. Abbott. J 440.:i9; 739.1.10 

OnK!«KY isilandu, Excuriiion to the. Abbott, J 747. 3.S 

Ohlanoino. Eilgewiirth, M 1468.11 

— Same. {In Chambers. W. and K. Library for 

young potiple) * 440.76.7 

Orliiy farm. Trollope, A 503.1; 7:i0.34; 1780.6 

io:«l>. [Irilihlif•^] E<lgewurth. .\i. ..467.1.9; 468^8.16 
iii?ii»; rir, the inTri't witness. Urown, C. 11 ■•■»7.2 


niii'iiAB, Thi«. opie, .A. Works H02.1.1 

nui'iiAH. An. I'f the I >ld dominion. Silvenlali*. L... 1716.22 

OiirnA^, Th«', :iiid tin* foumlling. lieHie, E 1721.10 

Oiti'HAv Anne Dt-ni-i'n, .M. A 477.22 

Oiii'MAN boy. The. .'^hiTWrnd. .M. .M. Wi-rki. 4:i2.1.8; 741.5 
OKi'ii\» tif Normandv, The. .*»herwiNid, M. M. 

Wurki ' V^2.l.l 

ORi*n«Hs', The, triuinphfl IN. twin. H. K 1468.22 

bhelf uunibcFH above 21 lO In tlio NotoM arc in the liates Hall. 




Shelf. No. 
Orr, Mts. a. S. Leah: a tale of aneient Palestine. 136.7 

— Mountain patriots. A tale of the reforinatiun in 

Savoy 1496.17 

~~ The twins of Saint-Marcel : a tale uf Paris in- 
cenUie. Bo^tivn . 

— Same. Edinburgh 

Shalt So. 

Out of his head. Aldrieh. T. B 803.S 

Oct of prison. Denisun, M. A •.. 426.17 

Oct of the cage. An u'er true tale. Owen, G. W.. . 61.13 

Out of the deep. Wood, E. P 1760.2d 

1778.7 , Oct uf the depths: the storj of a woman's life 773.t3 

1724..') i Oct of the foam. Cooke. J. E 775.34 

Orrko, Meta, /Mfuci. A long time ago ISOl. 7 Oct of the streets. Gajler, C 764.13 

Ortoh, J. K. Camp fires of the red men 736.12 ' Oct of the wilderness. Chaplin, J. D 767.7 

Orv I LLE college. Wood, E. P 4*JU.43 ; Oct of the world. Thackeray, A. I. 14i»4.15; 1791.1.4; ll^UvJ 

OsBORXE, Edward, The colloquies of. Manning, A. 468.17 • Oct of town. Coffin, K. B 7b3.22 

~ Outbreak, The. of the great French rerolutioii. 

Erckmann, £., and Chatrian, A 418.SS 

Outcast, The. Keade, (W.) W i2.U 

OcTCASTS, The, of Poker Flat Harte, (F.) Bret. 

(/n Johnson, (E.) K. Little classics) 1839.7.1 

Outlaw's, The, daughter. Bennett, E. 17S4.1 

OcTFoST. Austin, J. G 414Ji 

OuTRK-MER. [European traycl.] Longfellow, H. 

W. Prose works 440.89.1; 854.16 

OSBORM E, Elise. Life's lottery 1447.24 

Oscar. Simonds, W 747. 17 

Oscar Bertrand. Braddon, M. £ 781.18 

Osceola the Seminole. Keid, M 716.13 

Osgood, Mrs. M. A. Little Canary series. Little 

Canary 1729.9 

Little Canary's black Cato 1729.11 

Little Canary's cousin Eugene 1729.10 

Little Canary's daisy 1729.8 

OsTBM, M. (J\V//ie Eyler.) Grandmother's curi- 
osity-cabinet 1448.27 

OswALo'Cray. Wood, B. P 750.30; 781.6 

" OczEL " gallery, The : or, notes from an old sea 

log. Kingston, W. II. G 1789.24 

Over the cliSs. Chanter, C 493.13 

Otber folk's lives. Smedley, M. (B.) 750.22 , Over the hills and far away. A story of New Zea- 

Other girls, The. Whitney, A. D. T 1744.6 ^ 

Otis. Belle, pseud. See Woods, C. H. 

Otis, Mrs. II. G. The Barclays of Boston 417.2 

0TRA5T0, The castle of. Walpole, U 52.23; 778.1.22 

Ottalie's ftoriesfor the little folks. Wildermuth, 0. 480.37 [ 
Ought wo to visit her? Edwards, A 732.26; 750.65 

Oct DA, pseud. See Kame, L. de la. 

Our Bible-class and the good that came of it. 


land. Evans, 3/r«. C 177S.4 

Over the Rocky mountains. Ballantyne, K. M. ...810.%3.7 

Over 3'onder. John, E • ••*• 715.6 

Overboard. Starbuck, K 17&9.5 

OvERCoRiXG. Churchill, E. K 43S.1 

Overdale; or, the st4>ry of a pervert. WorboLfe, 

E. J 806.25 

OvERLAMD. DeForest,J.W 431.22 

field, C. E. 1446.5 ' OvERLooc-HocsE, Papers from. Beasley, F. W. . . . 496.3Q 

Our Charley, and what to do with him. Stowe, U. , Ovi!fi>: a story of country life in Norway. Bjom- 

(E.) B 747.16 I son, B 415.24 

Our Chatham street uncle. Wright, J. McN 1449.42 i Ovixgdeax grange. A tale of the South downs. 

Our children's pets. Josephine, prnw/ 733.21] Ainsworth, W. H 720.2 

Our country home. By the author of " Ilarry Law- I Owen, Farleigh, pseud. ? Aden Power 502.26 

ton's adventures," etc 751.7 I Owen, G. W. Out of the cage. An o'er trae tale . . 61.13 

Our country quarters. Kame, L. de la 783.26 Owem, R. I). Village life in the West. Beyond the 

Our deUchment. King, K 1781.7 { breakers 713.22 

Our dumb companions. Jackson, T 733.23!Owbm: — a waif. Robinson, F. W 73U.33 

Our dumb neighbours. Jackson, T 733.24 OwE.t Gwyune's great work. Noel, La</jf .\ 1790.15 

Our " first families." Eoster, J. G 428.8 i Owex Meredith, pseud. See BcLWKR-Lmosr, 

Our forefathers. FreyUg, G 1736.12; 1736.19 ! (E.) R. 

Our forest home. Its inmates, and what became of ! Owen VARRA,;Mfi«f. iSrc Varra, Owen. 

them. Boston 1736.8 , Oxenford, J., and Feilino, C. A. Tales from the 

•—Same. London 1724.18! German. London T62.1S 

Our four-footed friends. Howitt, M TiZ. 22 .— Same. New York 7:i9.7 

Our Fred; or, seminary life at Thurston. Finley, > Ox lev. Bright, M. A 1732.2 

M 1456.10 1 

Our fresh and salt water tutors. Kingston, W. H. ' P., H. K. The Kemptons "17.13 

G., editor 445.20 i P., S. C. The music governess 1459.26 

Our games. Hamilton, M 1429.20: P's and Qs. Yonge, C. M 55.10.21; 1723.3 

Our Helen. Clarke, R. S 1778.13 i Pacha, The, of many toles. Marryat. F 733.12 

Our home in the marsh land ; or, days of Auld lang 745.2; 745.33; 1744.9 

syne. F., E. L 1424.3 

Our junior mathematical master. Richardson, R. .. 1498.9 

Our mutual friend. Dickens, C. (J. H.) 710.48 

722.8; 1477.9; 1730.2; 1782.6 

Our neighbors in the corner house. Arthur, T. S.. . 496.21 

Our new crusade. A temperance story. Hale, £. £. 1779.20 

Our new house. Worboise, £. J 1748.5 

Our parish; or, annals of pastor and people 417.12 

Our refugee household. Clack, (M.) L. 767.12 

Our sailors; or, anecdotes of the engagements and 

gallant deeds of the British navy during the 

reign of Queen Victoria. Kingston, W. H. G. 445.19 

Our street. Thackeray, W. M 509. 15 

Our two lives. K.. A. H 1742.9 

Our village. 'Mitford, M. R 507.6; 804.4 

A'tifc-PicturM of £nsli»h TillA|{« life, admirmbly por- 

Our wager; or, how the major lost and won. Rame, 

L. de la 783.26 

Our year. Craik, D. (M.) 55.10.3; 747.9 

Our young yachters' series. See Stephens, C. A. 

Out and about. Friswell, J. H 1465.18 

" Out of charity " 1443.2 

Out of court. Hoey, 3fr«. C 1779.9 



Pacheco, Mrs. K. Montalban 

Pacific ocean. See Acstralia. note. 

Paoovani, G. Novella, (/a Roscoe, T. Italian 

novelists) 427.8.4 

Page, Abraham, Esq., pseud. See Holt, J. S. 

Page, J. W. Uncle Robin in his cabin in Virginia, 

and Tom without one in Bo:<ton 796.12 

Painted bird. The, and the painted text. Bashe, 

M.C 1806.5 

Painting, A, and its mission 457.1S 

Pair, A, of blue eyes. Hardy, T 1745.12 

Palaces and prisons. Stephens, A. S. (W.) 456.4 

Palestine. See Jews, note. 

Palfrey, S. H. {E. Foxton.) Herman, or young 

knighthood. 2v 490.4 

Palgrave, Sir Francis. Truths and fictions of the 

middle ages. The merchant and the friar 507.8 

Palgrave, Francis T. The five days' entertain- 
ments at Wentworth grange •....• 731.13 

Palgrave, W. G. Hermann A gha 493.23 

Palissy, Madame [wife of the famous French potter, 
sixteenth century], The provocations of. Man- 
ning, A 468.16 

Palissy the Huguenot potter. A true tale 800.43 

Out of debt out of danger. Edgeworth, M 55. 10. 18 Palm land; or, Dick Travers in the Chagos islands. 

467.1.2; 408.8.4| Samuels, A. F 1716.U 

Shelf numbers above 21 lO in the Notes are in the Bates HaU. 




Siieir. No. 

Palm BR, B. Hemes of anoiont Greeoo: a ttorj of 

tlio dajt of Sooratcii iho Athonian 1499.8 

PALMKR, LjDiIo, p*eud, Sr§ PKKBLKS, M. L. 

pALVKRiJf of KnglaoJ, A chapter of tbo, llitoh- 

OOOK I mMm ^& • ■••• •••• ■••• •••• •••• •«•• •••• •■«• 40w« V 

pALMhiTo bojs, Tbo. Wright, J. McX 7riC.21 

Palrtra. 6Vr Home, nute. 

Pambla. KiobardMii, S. Works 76S. 1.1-4 

Pampas, The: a story i>f adventuro in the Argentine 

rvpublio. MnnorielT, It. II 1803.3 

VAUtirtjMeutL See Aldkm, I. M. 

Pansy's picture buok. Altlun, I. M l-iG.').24 

PAPA'flbo/. Davis, 0. E 1427.24 

Pai'BRA from OverltNik-hunso. liouslcT, F. W 4!tU.20 

HhclL No. 
Partreicia: or, the last days of paganism. [Julian 

the ap«>state, fourth oouturj.] Leo, E. D 437.3 

Partixotux, Mrs., Life and fayings of. Shillabur, 

IJ. P 783.3 

Partisax, The: a rutnance of the [.American] revolu- 
tion. Siiums, W. <}. 790.13 

Pa RTiSA.f loader. The. Tucker, B. 2v 774.13 

Partox, S. P. (Fanny Fern.) Fero leaves 7.i.'i.8 

Second ^erie.i 755.6 

— Folly as it flies; hit at 7j.'i.11 

— Fresh leaves 75.'i. j 

— (}iii);er-f<naps 755. 12 

— Nevr story book for children 723.23 

— The pluy-day b(M>k 755, 10 

pAi'KHii rrt»m Thu lounger. Mackenxie, II 798. 14 j — Uuth Hull 755.9 

pAi'KRa frum Tbo mirror. Mackensie, II. 798.14 ; Pascarel. Kame, L. do la 1727.12; 1737.10 

Parables from nature. Uatty, M. 4v 1749.4 j Passauks fn>m the diary of a late physician. 

pARABu»ro, (]. Novels, (/n Kosoue, T. lUlian | Warren, S 720.44; 754.13.1; 7G7. 19 

BovelifU) 427.8.2 : Pashixi; the p«irtal. Victor. M. V 1798. 13 

pARA«iRKEXs, The, in Paris. Uuffini, (^ 72U.71; 75<i.ri Paksiox, A, in tatters. Cudlip, A 1712.16 

Pa RIME. J. The euuftwaiuns of a pretty woman.... 17H0.5 j Pa.ssioxatk pilgrim, A. Jaine.^, ll.,jir 1774.21 

~~ Th« jealou* wife H03.h ■ Pa»toii, The, of the de.^rt, Jean Jarouiiscan. Pelle- 

— The rival beauties 802.42' tan, (I», (\) E b0H.2O; 1715.14 

Parikjx, (f . F. TitloM from the o|>eras 742.2 ; Pastuu'h, The, firenide. Porter, J 150(;.]6 

Pare^t'h, The, aMistaut, or stories for children. 

Etigeworth, M 4G8.9 

pARExra', The, oAbinet of amusement and imttruo- 

tion 1425. G 

Patufixukk, The. Cooper, J. F... .770.17; 770.18; T70.23 

Xut4. — f)nr iif ihi' " L«atluT-rti«kiiif Ulkf." 

Patirxcr Strong's outings. Whitney, A. I). T 414.4 

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Patraxas; or, ^iMiuish stories, legendary and tra- 
ditional. Vol. ii-i V. 3 V 457.19 

5«t oiiii FBANrr., Diite. 

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Parisiaxs, The. Dulwer-Lyttun, E. (G. E.) L 1740.1 

175«i.ll; 1779.1 

Parish, The. Martineau, H 749.4 : 

f 'imfr ••/•.— Viil II. Tlir Ir{»h liriDcMi. III. IK>fia Jufltfik 
IV. Tlif liUfk cliKii:rr ut IJcriiAiiilu. 

Patricia Kemball. |jint«>n, E. L 1779.39 


Park, II. (J. A voice from the pars«inage 417.8 Patriot boys and pris«.n pictures. [American eivil 

Parkrr, E. M. The rose of Avondnle 489.27 war.] (iilmore. J. U 4 

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of the seventeenth century 764.21 ; Pattkiisox, J. L. Victory § 480.24 

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7^ 500.23 I Patty. Mtic<{Uoid, K. S. ...- 7G0.55; 793.11 

r'wtfTHr*. — Viil. I. M-Mlirr ami Mm: Thr riTniit; Tlia 
Miikr. II. Jaiin-a llriKiil; J>iit«« rimt: Tiii- ai«|iT«. HI. 
i'aiitiiiir £!|-iii; Servant*' liifliii'im-; Tur railway nivitlriU: 
WHiiinl. a wif*. IV. Irn-iiH<utilr: Tin- ti-iiiiit« al riiiiii-r« 
rml, Wtiiil\ri4r lta|i V. I'ai-r huxniir; Oi<l Ji(r\i«'« «i',l; 
l'b>-t«i*i^4UKca VI. Twiloiiiii*: lli>liwii)'«chiiicvi Su»aii; 
MaryTnwiiiu. VII- S|iiili-rK Thr i»>liluiaii. 

Parkkr, K. a. Kosa Abbott stories. AleJiis the 

runaway 1449.15 

— - The pinks an<l blues 1729.5 

Patty Oray's* journey. Ser Dall, C. (W.) II. 

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than Il'iniebred H05.23 

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Pai'i. and Virginiii. [Mauritius.] Saint Pierre, 

(.1 . Il* / *** **'* ••.•.••••••..• .......••I ■.'. I ; 1 • HA. i% 

Paul Itiiiton. Maker. II. N. (W.) 74H.3 

Paul IMiike. Elwes. A 7N4.22 

T'.inMiy llickup I44".i.20 | Paul riidTord. Hulwcr-Lytton, E. (U. K.) L. 46'».lU: 465.12 

rpsided'iwn 1449.30 : Paul I'unrrox, /m*ii*/. N,« TuuwBRiiMiK, J. T. 

The y..ung deti-elive 1449.49 pj^^.,, p^no. Willie N. P 794.12 

PARKMAX, F. Va!(«an Mor&m 795.17 

Park water; or, told in the twilight. Wood. E. P. 

52.10; 17r,0.27 
Parr, II. (^IhUme l^r.) Annis Warleigh's fortunes. 491.23 
» IlasiMiiidfrfy'K caprie« 490.23 

Paul Ferroll. Clive, C 430.28; 795.13 

Paul iios*<lett's otrnfes^ions. Lever, C. (J.) 490.75 

Paul llnward'.i captivity; and why he escaiK'd. 

*\ iims'i n* *ll a ■••• •••■ •••• •••• ■••• •••• ••••••A4^laAtf 

Patl Mai*!«ie. .Mac(*arthy, J 1784.5 

^ The bemutiful .Mi>w Harrington 72H.j*2 ; p^^.j, pKiTKRUKAh*. ineu'd. Srt IJoyue, J. 

^ ll«*n Milner'.H wiMiing kZ.^l'^ • Paul Ppn^cotl's charge. Alger, II., jr 

^ Echoes tif a famous year *^^"''3 ' Paul Prej^ton. Campbell, E 

— Fi»r richer, for jworer 710 3 ' p^,.,' jj,,. |,t.adler. .Alger', H..jr .'. 

— Ilawkoview 4Hri.G 

— Her title iif honour 730.74 | 

— Kathrrine's trial 1744.3 \ 

— Kalhin Hrande 7ri6.12 

— Mr. Wynyanl's wani 1443.14 

^ The viciMituden of Despie Fairfax. I^eipzig .... l'G9. lo 
^ Snmt, Philadelphia 17<i7.11 

— The Worttebank diary, and some old stories from 

Kathie I { ramie's ixirtfol in 1759. 10 

Parr. L. I>i»rothy Fox. Leipsig 750. Gl 

_ Samt. Philadelphia 491.1 




pAfJLiMXi;. J. K. The b'Hik of .*^aint Nicholas "97.13 

— The Dutchman's flrenide 797.9 

— Same, 2 V 797.10 

.Viifa ->- Tiirav tvii ittirii-t {J I nun lifv In Ihitrh Nvw Vurk. 

— Koningsmarko. [.*^wedes on the Delaware, 1550.] 

2 V 797.7 

— The iild c«)ntineiital. [American ruvolution].... 17R4.13 

— Tales of the gooil wi»man 797. 14 

— Same. 2 v 797.12 

— jntnt author. Salmagundi. Set Ihtimu, William. 377.1.1 

43rt.21: 43H.33 

>- Tbe (losaa smithy and other stories 1759.23 

— llnw it all happened 7511.20 Paulixr Seward. Bryant. J. I> 1774.9 

— John Thompson. bli>ckhead, and companion por- Paulixk'h trial. Courtney. L. L. D I7ttH.43 

trails M05.14 PaUsaxias the Spartan, [i^rewe, fifth ci-ntury B. c. 

— licifure hour series. Hero (.'arthew 1732. 9 —but the «tiiry i^ unrnii.oh4>d.] ltulwer-L\tt"". 

— The PresctitUof Pamphillon 17i;9.Il K. (li. K.) I .,; 1799.15 

Parra SBSthn; or. the history of Paddy (So-easy and 

his wife Naney. Carleton. W 75H.25 

Paravraur, The. TiM-pffer, H 75(i.lO 

Pat I.I, .Vr.. II. II. Ilnaking the ruleH 450.41 

— Ev.lvn ll..war.l 54.10 

— Walii-r's mistake 17n'J.23 

Hlielf nunibera above 21 lO In the Noteii are lu the Bates Uall. 

— ThsbatoT haibamli. Lalpllr I''i1t.ii 

— Sam,. New York 1701.13 

— CulyoD'ijcar 

— Stmt. NswYork , 

— San 

— Foa 

— bin 

ulina'a 1 

Lalptig US3.3 





— UkItm. Leipiig 

— Sami. New York 1790.16: 

— In the bMitof * hill uid other Morie* 1748.1:! : 

_ Uke bther, like (DD 7I0.SI I 

— Loot Sir Mutingbenl. A roiunoa of imI lib .. T96.1 1 
_ Uirried bennth him. LoodoD 177t.l3 I 

— Stmt. PhlUJelpbia bi.Ki 

MetlbwD* in LoDdoD *94.8 

— Morphj'i nujler. htaaae ...^ .....**--« I7J8.1 

— Sami. New Yurk i:43.S 

— Not wooed, but won. It 730.67 

— One uf tbo [kmil; 715.IS 

— Walter*! word. Leipiig 1769.19 



g. 1* 1716.17 


London U65.I6 

uu'iu.) Tbe new 

— Simi. New York 

Patki, a. a. M. The odd 

— Samt. NewYorh 

PatboX, O. {Battn Daltr Bammu 

*ge of gold 

PuiODT, Mr: M. Mia SlimmeniT 

oUicr papen 1416.4 

PUOM4EIB, The. Arthnr, T. S. 1509.11 

pKACocE, E. IUirSkirUDgbtheLtncola>hinM|alre. 

ii 76S.3 

PuKD.P.U. OnoTeu. Boaton TG4.9 

— Samt. Loipiig 710.5S 

— The nae-girdeD. Boaton 7S9.J6 

— Sam: Leipiig TMI.67 

— Thorpe Regii. Boaton 1755.1 

— Stmt. Leipiig 1779.3 

— UaawaroL Boaton 76T.16 

— Stmt. Leipiig 760.S3 

— A winter Morj. Leipiig 1609. 1 1 

iL Tqun 

a, The. EaTinarh, B.and J.iaol.ll: 1803.15 

«, The, 

a (torr of tba Bnaat of 

Jliina. Stowe, U. (B.)I9 454.14 

PiiHE.U.Q. Uuter Horn and hii frienda 1601.1 

PtAUos, C. U. Tbe frontier Mrio. Tbe cabin «i 

thepnirie 418.13 

The junog iHoneera uf tbe Nurth-weat 436.11 

PuBSOM, B. C. (£rw(.} Echo-bank. A temper. 

anosUla 1449.B 

— Rulb'i ■aerlBoei or, l<(b on the Rappahaanoek . . 781.5 
PuiAiT, The, and hi> landlord. Knoiring, Bamuu. 418.9 

Put, J. B. Sort; or. it paji 17K.IJ 

Pica, B. Uirjr BiandcKca. An antobiogiBphT.... 763.11 
PacDLiia. A late of tho great truntion. [^lirerr, 

ote.] Sargeal, E 783.16 

PuiLia, 31. L. (.Lgndt Palmtr.y UelpioTerhird 

pboca. 1» 1739,11 

— Tlia magnet tlorioa. Arahie'a abadow 1719.11 

Uriniog and iteeriBg 1719.15 

Joba-Jaek 4S0.55 

Ona daj'a weaving 1719.16 

P»p, A, at tbo pilgrimi [at Pljmonlh] in 1636. 

Onaej, Mrm.B. V 434.1 

P»p a* day. The. Basim, J 469.14 

Puajiaa and the peaaantr;, Talea of tb*. Daere, B. 

Brand, lady 1501.17 

PlIBLUa wife, A. Harkamen, M. A. It 71I).S1 , 

Plana and parrenai. Qare. C. 0. F 7T6.5 I 

Pas noffingion. [ThaatHsal life, Colley Cibber'a I 

lime.] Reade, C 415.S; 760.54 | 

PSLUX. Bulwar-LjtlOD, E. (O. E.) L. 410.601 

465.J; 465.3; 465.4 

Shelf nunUMTS above 21 lO In Uie 

PlLLBTlM, (P. C.) E. . 

of thedeaart. London ;....: S08.ll 

— Stmt. XewYork 1715.11 

Puaaatoa, Col . (La.) Tba icapMoat 478.11 

pEMiUTaK; or, one hnndred jeanago. Peleraon, H-171S.I0 

PnOwrn. Hook, J. 3 t. 809.8 

pLiciLiketcbea 467J 

Pliiab (kotebea. Leilie, B. 468.11 

Pi.tDEaniK. Hiitory of. Thaakai*;, W. H 19L1I 

Pus, William, A tme hero; or, tbe Marj of. 

Kingaton, W. H. O SeO.« 

PaxnoT. IUt. Pater, pwiui. Sn Rocmb, W. M. F. 
PaxiBTLVAma. Srt UimiiD Stina, nots. 

Pe^xt Roit'i Cbrialnaa. Dani, C. E 44&10 

Peist Irwl, The. gherwood, M. M. Worha 451.I.U 

PEmrnDon. Ward, B- P ;*'.3.i 

Penrdduucke. Aid«, H 1743.16: 1748.11 

PBrpiRSBAia, Panl, ptivl. Stt Botcb, J. 

PcQDixiLLO. Jamea,Q. P. IL 1801.11 

PaQDOTC. Sti Skw E;i<iLaxD, Dole. 

PancH, Philemon, pmid. Stt JdsiitoX, B. H. 

PiBCiTAL Kcene. MarrTBt, F 430.7; 745.15 

PiRin-.S. Talei of the kingi of England 759.11 

PiWT CnRTiss, pttvl. Stt Cox, Jfn. W. N. 

Pekct Uallorj. Uook, J. 3 T »0*.7 

Piacr Rardon. Lealle, E. 1714.11 

PEaCT'iGnl friendi. D.. U I4M.3C 

PaacTS, Tba. Prentiaa, E. 457.15 

PsanttA. Balfour, F 301.10 

PiWKLaChaiie. Sberwood, H. M. Worka 451.1.C 

pEBEORiMi Pickle, Tbe adTOntarM of. SoollcU, 

T.(0.).. -• 430.54 

Paarict Adonia, A. Barria, U. 

PaariCT Ioto caiteth ont fear. Waahbnra, K. 3. . . . 1T7L11 

PiniLOUi emnd, A. Ricbardaon, R. 1498J 

PiaiLom aeaa and how Oriana aailed them. Sadler, 

S. W U66.M 

PiBiLi among pi ntei. WUbfaham.F.M. {hOnj. 

Mn. R., and olbera. The rainbow itorlot) .... 756.14 
PiBtLS of [eerUin] Bngllah pHloneis. Diokeoi, C 

(J. H.) 

Pebtls, Tbe, uf orphanhood; or, Frederin and bet 

gnaTdiani. Bt the anther of "The Balma," 

el« 1775.11 

Pebeli», F. B. Serope; or, tbe loat llbrarj. A 

norel uf »aw York and Uartfoid HSU 

— jatni aiahr. Six of one by half a doaaa of the 

other. KrrarowE, n. (E.)B TSS.Ii 

PaRPEntAi.oiirate, Tbe. Oliphant, It. (0. W.).*10.i5i iSl.tO 

Pekeiek, A. AgDodmateb 1746.16 

Pinnr, C. T. The morning ride, and The lahool- 

milca 716.19 

PEBaDAliox. Aniten,J T10.76; 758.3.4; 758.4 

Pebd, Storieaof tbe eonqneat of. Dalton, W TTfl.l 

PlBU and Piiam. 

Pr; or. putimmand panaltiea. Biweia. H. B. ... 17U.1 
PnEB and Polly, or, home-life in New EngUnd B 

huodnd ynn ago. Qnane, A. D lSO*.tl 

Peter Camdioe. CbMebto', C t».8 

Peter Clinton. Wi«e, D 7».n 

Peter GUarilla. Sti Bbvce, C. Soble mottOM. . . 17M.U 
Peter Qoldtbwaite'i tnanira. Hawthivne, N. (U 

AldHab.T. B. Uood atorlea) ITtS.l.l 

PETEsLipp. Ooanitd,J 11»4.4 

Petih Seblemibl. Cfaamiao, (L. C.) A. too 1785.4 

Peter Seblemibl in Ameriea. Wood, Q 806.1 

Petes Simple. Marrral. F.. .430.8; 745.T; 745.35; 15*4.11 

Peter IhB psraon. Wool.on.C, F 1771.31 

Peter (be whaler. Eingrton, W. H. Q 746.1; 1785.16 

Peterson, C. J. Crniiing in tbe laat w>r 111.14 

PETBRaax, II. Pembeilon; or, one hnodrad jaan 

ago 171S.W 

Motes are In the Bates Hall. 




Shelf. No. 

Pbtitk. Ilrmy, Ifrf. R. M 1727.18 

Petrel, The, or lore on the ocean. Fiaher, W 171)0.5 

PETBuifEL. Charoh»F 433.14; 710.21 

Pm« lloadi And Uili : ttudies and stories of. Lip- 

pineott, S. J 1 4 29. 18 

PirricoAT gvtvernment. Trollope, F 1424.2 

PXTBBlL of the Peak. Scott, 5ir W 430.40 

4G0.1.14; 460.17; 1470.1.3; 1807.15 

Jm atao SOOTT, air W., BOta. 

PaAUBuna, The blockade of: an episode of the end 
of the empire. [War in the Vosgos, 1814.] 

Erckmann, fi., and Chatrian, A 418.22 

Pbaitaiii io!f , a fairj tale. Coleridge, S 1707.2 

PEA3ITABTBI. MacDonald, 422.12; 422.10 

Phantom regiment, The. Grant. J lH04.1ti 

Praictoii ship. The. Marryat, F 739.7 ; 745. 1 2 

Phebb Travcn. Aunt Florida, pseud 748.25 

Pbblbo Vam Trvsboale, pseud, Hee Van Truse- 
HALR, Pheleg. 

pRELPi, A. One year at our board ing^sehoot 1773. 1 6 

PRELPH. E. S. The gates ajar 416.18 

— The gyp^y series. Oypsy Breynton 414.16 

•^ - (2 y (My 's cousin Joy 414.17 

— — llyiwy's sowing and reaping 414.25 

Oyp*j*» year at the guidon crescent 416.20 

^ Hedged in 426.2 

— The lady of Shalott. {In Johnson, (E.) U. 

Little classics) 1839.7.10 

— > Men, Women, and ghosts 416.22 

— The silent partner. [Factory life] 425. 1 9 

~~ [Tiny's library.] Ellen's idol 1466.32 

•— - I don't know how 1466.35 

Tiny 1466.34 

Tiny*s Sunday nighU 14r.6.33 

— > The Trotty book 416.2.'> 

— Trotty's Wedding tour, and story-book 1753.6 

Prelps. L. L. {Alpha,) (Irace Tildeu 1479.22 

— The veil on the heart 450.76 

Phelps. W. D. (" Wrhfootr) Fore and aft . < 446. 10 

PBEHIK Fnist's experiences. Stephens, A. S. (W.).. 1456.6 

Php.m IE Keller. Kiddell, J. li 491.21 

pRBM ie's temptation. Terhune, M. V 8u5. 19 

Pril. the fiddler. Alger, 11., >r 437.26 

PRILBMO.OI PeriR, pariti/. iSVr JuHXHTON. K. M. 

Philip, Adventures of. Thackeray, W. .M... 502.27; 730.33 
Philip Augustuii; or. the brothers in armn. [France, 

thirtevnth century.] James, 0. P. U 464.3 

464.10; l.'i04.8; lt>a'>.29 
PRILIP Rrantley's life work and how he found it. 

M oweii, Alt (w ...... ..■•«•.•...•■•.••.... .••.I4.'*'.iu 

Philip Oil ville. Kenni<<ly. G SOi;.]! 

Philip Earn>e I ifTo. Edwards, A 771.1; 1722.K 

Philip English's two cups. " 1692." [Salem witch- 

craflj 1721.2 

Philip Nolan's friends: a story of the change of 

western empire. Hale. E. E 1747.3 

Philip KoIIo; or, the Scottish musketeers. Grant, 

J 1493.10 

Philip Thaxter. Washburn. C. A 504.2 

Philip's war. Sre New England, note. 

Phillips. G. 8. {January Utarle.) The gypsies of 

the Danns* dike 772.2 

Phillii»ii. Mrs. J. The harbour bar. A tale of 

.Scottish life 1784.18 

Phillips, Watts. For a woman's sake 1732.11 

pRiLUPa, William E. Wooed and w«.n 797.21 

PaiLosoPRER, The, and his monkeys. See Ma.i, 

The, among the monkeys, etc 1748. 14 

PRILOHOPHBRS, The, of Fonfouville. Freelance, K. 774.20 
PRILOTHBA. [Greece, fifth century before Christ.] 

Child. L. M 4Sfl.l5 

PRINEAB Finn, the Irish member. Trollopo, A.490.69; 7H1.20 

PRINEAR Qniddy. I'oole, J 447.5 

PRINRAH redux. TroIli»pe, A 1740.2; 1772 2 

pRtKBR. junior. A last chronicle of CarliiiKfonl. 

Oliphaiit. M. (O. W.) I7:tU.14; 1749.2s 

pRrKVIX, John, pMfud. Srw IiKimr, G. II. 

PHfK!«ixiANA. [Oalifornia life.] Derby. G. 11 k(m;.1 

Phtkk ian'n. The, wife. S(iaii>;ler. II. K 177ti.I4 

PiAUA talcs. The. Melville. II 736. 1 1 

8h«ir. N'o. 
PiccioLA. Saintine, (J.) X. U 478.11; 737.19 

Stte. — Thl« Ptiiry ilinwi how • ttatf pri toner in Na|Milf4in'i 
tiiiir c«-iitnil thr iiilrrr*t« uf lili lifir iu a Kiuwing iluwcr, 
which he lendvriy carrd fur. 

Picked up adrlfu De Millo, J 417.26 

PiCKKRi.<«ti, E. Ellen Warcham 792.13 

— The cx|M:ctant 805. 10 

— The grandfather 805.C 

— Tho grumbler 805.9 

— Tho squire 805.8 

— Who shall be heir? 792.38 

Pickwick, Bardell and. Dickens, C. (J. II.) 1477.14 

Pickwick papers. Dickenii, C. (J. II.) 461.11 

720.8; 1476.1(1; 1477.4; 1783.4; 1800.5 

Pic-Nic papers. Dickens, C. (J. li.), and others... 471.20 

Pu Mu party, The. Baker, 11. N. ( W. ) 1469.28 

PicMic party, The. Smith, H. (7a Johnson, (E.) 

li. Little clasnicB) 1839.7.9 

PiCTu.t, T. The princess of Vinrna: or, the Spauish 

iui{uisitiou, in the reign of Churli-d the tilth .... 1446.11 
PicToitiAL tower. The, of London. [Lady Jane 

Grey, 1553.] Ain^worth, W. U 781.14 

PiCTURi^-iiooK, A, without pictures. Andersen, 11. 

C 719.6 

PicTCRKS across the Channel. Mocquoid, K. S 1734.8 

PicTUUKS in black. Konewka, P 733.25 

PiCTUKPJ) of country life. Cary, A 4SU.16 

PiL-ruuKH of tho olden timo. Svars, E. II 473.9 

PiCTUUiiH of the world at home and abroad. Ward, 

R. P. 3 V 787.3 

PiERKE. Melville, H 736.8 

PiEiiRoT, The fantastic history of tho celebrated. 

Aivollant, (J. B.) A 1429.17 

PiKKSo.H, 11. W. Edith Vaughan's victory 439.18 

Piett and pride. Llewellyn, E. L. 1719.13 

PiuEox pie. The. [Knglish commonwealth period.] 

Yonge, C. M ...55. lo. 20 ; 440.82 

Pike, F. W. A. Everyday 478.24 

Pike, M. II. {Mary Langdun; Sydney A, Story^jr.) 

Caste 458.8 

— Ida May 420.44 

~~" ..1 y Son 8 wile .... .... .... .... .... .. ........ .. 4 jo.«» 

— Safely married ! 17H1.3 

— ."^uiiset fturic:<. Echi»es from the gun of 1861 . .. 714.6 

— Striving and gaining 7 15.7 

PiUiKiii, The. and the ^h^ine. .Maitland, E 764.5 

PlUiKiN vtreet. A ftory of Manohi*i>tfr life. Ey tho 

author I if ** .Ti'>!>iea*s tir>l prayer." etc I.'i08.9 

PlLuuiii'>, Thi'. profxriiki. Itunviin, J 410.15 

Si.'; I()<j.«.;iU; l09-.».32'; 1099.33; 1101.1.3; 2094.3 
PiLiiKiiiS. A peep at the, [lit Plymouth] in 163(;. 

Chviiey, .Vrx. II. V ...•• 434. 1 

l'ii.«:uiif H of fn«hi<>n. Citniwallis, K 494 5 

I'lLURiVH. The. of New Kngland: a lalo of tho 

early Ainericaii SfttliTK. Webb. MrM. J. U 50'.*. 7 

PiLUUiVN. The, of the Uhine. Ilulwir-Lytlon, K. 

(0. E.) I*. 420.51; 465.21.; 509.16 

PiLuliiMS, The, of Wul>inghani: or, tales of the luid. 

die agfS. ."^trickiuiid, .A 787.9 

Pillars. The. of the house. [Englinh high church.] 

Yoii^je.C. -M IT3H.1H; 174.'i.4 

Pilot, The. [Paul June:* figures.] Cuojier, J. F. .. 7H>.1 

7h0.4; l.'i06.1 
Pilot, The, and hi^ wife. A Xorse lovo st^ry. Lie, 

J 1&00.9 

PiLi'Ai. See HiiipAi. 

Pi.<CK and white tyranny, i^towe, II. (E.) B. 796.22; 796.23 

Pi.NKEKToN. A. The di'teciivu and the somnambu- 

lirt. "The uiurdertT and the furtune teller 1721.5 

— The iniMlid town and the detectives, llyrun as a 

detective 179.'i.20 

Pi5ks, Thv. and bluen. Parkrr, U. A 1729.6 

PioMKKKM, 'The. Unllnntyne. K. M 757.26; 1778.11.3 

PioMKERs, The. [Indian life.] Coop«*r. J.F 770.27 

AO'. — Out- •'! I> |^Bllic'-tl>-«-hiii^ Ulit." 

PiiT.u. K. -M. The cl<>ok-in»ker i-f Lyt-n^. (/a 
M;iokarni*^ji. .M. A., and otiirrs. Tht* magnet 

storii'A) 71i'i.l6 

Plyl'K 4'.i.l.l4 

PiKAFB, Thi>. .Marrvat. F 711.27 

8belf numberti above 21 lO In the HoUm are In tlie UuteH Hall. 

PlUTB, The. Scott, S 

PnUTicit;, The. An Algsrlae Ule. B*IUiitjD«, 

K.M 1778.9 

PiiuTiciL lira. 

PiRHABDOM. B«eb,C. A 1731.18 

PllARKU. Sit FiHi:. 

PIiIUDI in Loudun, IG60, UUtor; of ttae. D> Foe, D. 633.>.5 

PlascuC, M. a. Sri MackiIbxbSs, M. a. 

Pusi knd plmnk. Aduma, W. T. 1716.3 

Pl*:(t hniiten, The; ur, idveDturci amODg th« 

UimaUj'ii muuDUina. Ucid. M 71S.4 

PunTKB-g, Tbe, dunghicr. Uupuy. E. A....lia3; (58.1U 

pLA!iTKit'», Tbo. nurtborn bride. llanU, C. L IKA 

PuxTi5<i (ba ■ilderncH. MiaCibe, J. D., tV liS.ll 

PuTandtludr. Bmkei, II. X. (W.) 73:..16 

Puir-r>xTbwk, The. Pirlon.S. P 75.->.10 

Pi^T ror ftulumn. Abbott, J IIO.TZ.I 

Plat fur f[,ria):. Abbntt, J 440.Tl.:i 

Pur fur ■umiiiBr. AbbuU, J 140.71.3 

Plat for winter., J 440.71.1 

Plated ouL Cndlip, A 480.80; 181.13 

PLAmoDR. The 744.17 

Platimq tor high BtakcL Cndlip, A 411.3 

Platixu themiMhief. Da ForeM, J. V 1781.13 

Pleasant core xriea. The. 5a KillooO, E. 

PLaAiA-XT life, A. Uowitt. U. 733.13 

Plea lA ST path > for little Fee u Coilier.J.A 1479.1 

" ^ - Bi. Vol. 1 1466.31 


PLCAiDHEa, The, of iwoefioEnce. Capaoelli, A. (/■ 

R»«n«, T. Italiati notdijU) 417.8.4 

PLtiisoiTi, Tbe rtor; urihe. [.MudarD Prvnah poli- 

tiiw.] EiohmBDD. £., and Cbiliinn. A.. 418.16; 418.17 

PLouctiBS, L. tun. Fuirj (ueius 7J5.IC 

And Tbe VCitlV 
— The Will*'-the-V 
Put, A,InpriTBt<.'l 
PLVlKEUfmm thehi 

PuACBER, The. Mairjnt 


rtftrrarr,. — PaSaJT "iBawT oC 


t...r ..» ^— ...— %.^-^Jcl* e-ieddcail n 1 jw <*t*»iML ye 
tk-LU. ntU]. ud SluHr*! " HixiH; itf llnilAsil ■' i UAli 

PoLiaa Jew, The. ErolEDMao, S., ud Cbatriui, A. 

PuLiiH talei. Uore, C. U. F. 3 T 

PoLiTiCALsconomr. Fawcett. M. tl. Tales in 

— Alartinena, II. Illutntluoa of 

POLEO, E. Lulu'a norel. [And Aleaaandn Sin- 


— MiuiiMl telea, pbintainii, and tketetaea. 3 T. ...L 
Pollard, E. F. II ope deferred 

— The ladjauperiur 1 

Pollaru, M. M. Orej Tuwen; or, Aoat Battj** 


PuLLOK, R. UelSD of the EleD; a tale nT the Soolch 

POMERUT.M. M.'iiume'humoniaa!.'.*.'!. ..'.".*...'" 
PuMFEti. iSh Kohb, note. 

PuiPET tbe little. Coreatr;, F. TTI 

PoapoxiA: or, the ginpel io Ciemr'a hoBaelioId. 
[Kuuain Aiigustai>'a tiine.] W>bb,.tfri. J. B... 

LadyH. Harj Ljodsk; 7 

PW.-KET m\t. 


7- V 

1. 1 



•ch, W. 


a, B. A. Pro> 

The full of th 
R. Littles 











<E.) K. Utile cl 

I in ths Rue Uurgae. (/a JohaMD, 

iRTLi, A. de. Clutilda 

I447.S : PuoLR, J. Little Pedlinaton and the PedliDgtiwiaDa. 

1447.U,_ PhinniUuiJdT 

410.11 N>oi.R and pruud. Adanu, VT. T. 

SJ.19:PaoR«tiBt, The. Home, K. U 7 

PoOB lll«<»m-, the ttorjr of a bona. Bj the anthor 

777.4 uf " .•«eddj' and me," ate I* 

3 { Poor gentleinan, Tbe. Conxienoe, H 1419.8; 17 

! Poor girl, The. Egan. P 1 

13 . PuDB bamaDlt;. Kubinaon, F. W. 4 

.llPouRjaok. Marrrat,F 745.17; 17 

PooB lava and paapera illBatrat«d. I. The pariih. 

.3 Mv<iD«*<i. H 

I Poor MI'S Fineb. Cvlllna, (W.) W 431.19; 7 

1S39.7.11 Poor of Psria.The: a itorjof everj-day life . 

. . 1B39.T.S 



Mar.— AUd 10 Ihc Art ninrls. ■od mb 

rpMHI IMHa' CUa.I.«i TMi: tSM-. inUl HiUlIi 
(0*1^ - Ml WiAuMa " ilUJ-. jmny. Blniri ■- Juha 

I Ok IHKiMlMbjr OMIliai'i IMntHniS^'i -lUu 
W- tan'.n41iJ(ufKli-< -Thh.- asl tbipwfli en 
IJIlMUli IIr>l»'i"CWi>)«>r-Ca».1U].(U. 

Edwarda, A. 491.31; 

m, Tbe, and the rich pour nun. S«dc- 

Poor Kbnlst, The. "carUton, W.'.'..'.*. .'...758.19;* 

Por and Peg^'j ; or, buv Tun ni ««nt 10 aea 

PuPA^tiLLA, Captain, The Tormge uf. Diaraeti, B. 

Poppixo the qoeition. Smjlbiea, Jfri. O 

PuPULAR leganda of BritUaj. Suavealie, B 

Popular talei for ohildreo. Anderaeo, H. C. 

PoBTatlaiU SUrbDCk, R. 

PoBTE Cbatd:<, ptrud. Stt Stbotbeb, D. P. 
PoRiE»,The. [Second algbt.1 MacDouald.O. 761.6; 

Porter, Ann E. Captain John 

— Fraok Maj, the miaiiter'a BOD 

~ Gtvn 


— The loat will 

— Married for both worlda . . 

— Millie Lee 

r, Tbe, of aipa. 

lurch, F. . 

<; 731.30 I Porter. Anna M. Tbe re 

. 44S.I 

. 8MJ« 
. TM.1I 
. 4M.7* 

Sbelf numbers above iillO In the Notes are In tlie Bates Hall. 




Hhrlf. N(i. 

PoRTSR» J. The pantor*! fireiido l.'iOC.lG 

— The Seottif h ohiefii. Loudun. 2t l.'iOti.T 

— Same, Philailt'lphia 7H'J.4; 1778.*') 

.V</'. — A tair iif thr days uf Wallare. but out coiiiiilvri-d a 
rliiir vtiniy uf tiiutr liiiiu. 

— Thaddcus <if Wanaw. [London and tho Puli^h 

ftrugglo with Ku!»<ia, 17lll, etc.] 789.C ; 

PoRTKii, M. i**Mny.*') Carrio's idul 737.22 j 

PuKTKK, K. Suininvr drift-wood fur tho winter firo. 437. '2U ' 
~- Uplandf and Iuwland« 437.27 | 

— The winter flro. A aequel to " Summer drift- 

wood" 1703.2 

— The yeftn that are told 1721. 1 2 

Porter, \V. T. A quarter race in Kentucky, and 

other iketchi-d 4.'>0.27 

Portrait, The; a romance of the Cujahoga vallej. 

Portrait, The, in mj nnclo'f dining-room ; and other 

Ulc« 732.23 

C*m/p-t* — Thr pi>rtrait In my uncli-'ttllniiiS-riNini: olivla'i 
fa%iiiir I Mr». Mrrritlvw'a fortuti**; Uuiv Mim iK-aiiv; l.alK fiir 
tlir train. 

PoRiruAL. See SpAiN, note. 

PuaiB 450.C3 

PuSTKi., »r PuhTL, C. (^Ch'irlr$ SeaUfirld.) Tbecahin 

bf>i»k 73't.7 

— Life in the Now world 73.'>..5 

Pi 1ST MA. 11 'a. The, b.ig. Licfdo, J. do 4S0.47 | 

PoTiPiiAR papen, Tho. [Lively satire on New York | 

■rciety.] Curtis, (}. W 47(1. ].*» ! 

PuTTKH. F. S. Kriing; or, the dnyt of St. Ul.if .... 1404. 12 
—^ Ilvttieii iif the Ni»rth; or, btorie^ from Norwegian 

chronicle 14CI.22 

(unf^NCi ^ liaralil i;iu f«Ir-h«Iii'il: Tho vnw i>t thr Jmiia- 
buri: Vuiiijra; 0.«rTf) jC>vi-«">>: Oiil the Miu(; Karl Mxrsfct 
AriiliuC fh« ruhin-r; liaralil liii* lianly. 

— Melcomb manor 52.27 

PoTTKK, Maj. Koger Sherman, Life and adventurei 

of. Van Tru'ofljle, I* 427. 1 j 

PoTTKii'h, The, coinm«iu. SherwoiKl, M. M. Workn. 4.'>2. 1.13 | 
PuTWiN, II. K. The (irphaua* triumphs 14(;h.22 

— Paul and .Margaret 144H.24 ^ 

PoD-fiKPOKU hall. Clarke, It 1724.4 > 

Puwiii:r and gold. A «tory of the Franco-Prussian | 

war. Schuecking. (C. H.) L 172S. 13 

PuWKi.1.. M. W. Philip lirantlcy'a lite work and 

hi'W he found it * 14'.(0. 1 

PoT.^rKR, £. F. Ervilia. Leipiig 43.1 

— Samr. I««M»ure h'lur Kcries. New York 17U7.14 , 

— My little lady. Leipzig 720.<'>.'i 

— .S'liHir. New Vork 4'JS.2l 

Prairik, The. [Western frontier life — cloiio of 

Leather-stocking's eari^r.] Cooper, J. F 770.3 1 

pRAiRiR-RiRi). The. Murray, C. A. 4J2.1'i; 7.'>0.ll*; l.')U.L23 
pRAiiiiK Crusoe, The; or, adventurer in tho far 

West 414.14 

PRAXK. Abbott, J 440. l.'> ; 731). 1 .2 

Pratt, I. L. Evening rest. [The thou«and dollar 

Di Is* "t?i Iv" I ■••••«•• ■>■■••■■••••••••• ■■•••••11 ItV* 1 * 

Pratt. L. M. {Laurie Litriny.) Children's picture 

»t<iry.biM)k 14CO.I3 

— The hi'liday album, for buyn 1400.12 

Jt-4*.— M^itifsi villi pp. l-lil iif ihe " C'l.iiilivu'i |>iclurc 
■••lit bxk." ii> llir •anil- aullitir. 

^ The holiday album, for girls 14CC.11 

.««• — Mrritli-al «il)i pp K'- :" uflhe " C'liililreu'i picture ■ 

M'lry-biiMh. by tin- »aiiii- •uthvr. I 

— > fntmebiidy's darlings, ami other i^tiirie:! 14GG.3 

Pratt. .M. E. The girlhoo<l seriei<. Kho<la Thorn- 

!••»'« girlhoftfl 1747.4 

pREi'AL'Tio.H. [\ society noTcl, and C«M>|ier'« ear- 
liest. J Co4ipi*r. J. F 7so. in 

pRRi loi'M -itones. Stories in. Zimmern, II 171k.11 

pRK«Ti!iA. E. Aunt Jane'ji hero 7.'>.'i.21 

— The tlower of the family 4.'»3.h 

— The home at GreyliK'k iMll.O 

^ Little Ltiu's sayingM and doings, l^iindon 7 H.7 

^ Stnte. New York 7I2.'» 

— Little threads 7'J3.4 

— Nidworth, and hia three magic wands 7lH..*> . 

Shrlf. N*u. 

Prk.htirb, E., cAHtinued. 

— The Percys 4:17.15 

— Sii little prineecne^, and what thoy turned into .. 743.12 

— Stepping heavenward 7 \^A 

— rrb:iui' atid his friend** 177N.15 

Pkemiuky, H. F. The mu«tee 14'J4.6 

pKKbColT, II. E. Str Si'oFKoKli, II. E. 

pKEscorr, M. N. Matt's follies, and other !<tories .. 173'>.I1 

PiiKHiuns, The, of Pauiphillon. Parr, L 170:k11 

pKK^iiI)KNT'!4, The, daughters. Dreiuur, F. 4.>j.0; 4.'>.'>.H; H17.3 
pRKSSKXSiS, Mine. E. do. lloiii 1 2.'>.4 

— Theri-sa's journal 7h7.I7 

— Tho white h«iU8e at St. Ural 72-'>.lH 

Preston, II. W. As|iendalo 4tt'.Kl7 

— Is that all? [No nameserie»] lll^.lU 

— Lovu in tho nineteenth century 1733. U 

PiiKSToN, L. Aldeane U'.M.IO 

— In blinds 14'J4.2 

Prestom fight; or, the in.'<urreclion of 171.'i [in .S;i>t- 

laml]. Ainsworth, W. II 52.22 

Pretended aunt. Tho. Cervantes Saavedra, M. de. 

42 7. 7.15; 8.*i7.3 
Prettt Miss Ik'llcw. A tale of human life, (tift, 

Theo, jt»ru't 54. U 

pKEn r .Mr:*. (i:i:(ton. C«>oke. J. E 1458.2 

PitKiir pliite. The. Vincent, J I5U'J.ll 

Piiktty widow. The. Ku.-ts, C. 11 4'.»0.53 

Pkbve.<<tio.<i better than cure. Ellis, S. S 

Pkey, The, of the gods. Chuieh, F 433.25; 7.t0.48 

Pkii>k and irresolution. Poni>onby, Luiijf E 5u5, 17 

Pride and prejudice. Aui>ten, J 750.43 

751.4; 75^.3.5; 758. 7 

PiiiDK of life, The. Sciitt, Ludy C. L 7h2.13 

Pkiks^t and nun. Wright, J. .McN 1447.5 

Prime, W. C. Liter yeais 1405.14 

— The ol«l hitUM' by the river 14ri5.13 

Pkime minister. The. Tr..lliiiK>. A IrtOU.O; l><iU.<J 

Piil.NCK, The, utid the p.ige. Vongu. C. M 4JU.41 

PiilNCK Eugene [died 1730] and hi:< timed. Mundt, 

\^m I «fi -■•••••■■•••« ■ • •■••• ■••- •• •••• ••■• »■•• 41v« «W 

pRlNi-K, The, of Argidis [Tlicxeus]: a st'iry of the 

old (ireek fuiry time. Smith, .1..M 14'.KKl4 

PitiNrK of diirknefn. The. Southworth, E. D. E. .N. 453.33 
pKi.NiK of Ka^hna. Tho: a We»t Indian story. Kiiu- 

Imll. K. IJ 473.6 

Pris« K IVrin.h.V wish. C. T 141'.i.2H 

Pki.hck St-ribrenni. Tolntni, (P.) A. 2t ITtiC.H 

Pkini K>>,The,aiid thogiiblin. .Machonald, (i . 5(Mi.(!»; 5U0.55 
pKlNt KhS,Thr, of Itrunswick-Wolfenbuttel. Z^chok ke, 

(J.) II. (D.) 1711.8 

PuiN«F», The. "if Silverlaml. .•itrivilvne. E 173**. 4 

PiiiNO.>>. A, of Thnle. Itlack, W. 1441.4; 1751.]; 17(.H.ll 
pKi!«CK^a, The, of Viarna: or. the ."^pani.-h iiH|ui!<i- 

tion, in the reign i<f l.'hHrleit the tiflh. Pieton, T. I44G.] I 
Piii!«i*Khs Il!*e, a pti>ry of the Ilarz m-iuntain^. 

PloennieH, L. Vi>n T5.'>. li;; 1417.!^ 

pKiiru^iiii, S. J. Faye .Mar of StiTm-Cliif I4'.»(.8 

Pni VA1 K life. Mackenzie, M. J. 2 v 432.5 

PuiVAiK pnr^i*, Ttie. Hall, .A. .M 734.17 

pKiVAT»;'s-UAN, The, one hundred year!< ugo. 

.Marrval. F 4Jn.U; 72^.1; 7li.l; H54 10 

Piio uiid c in. Swift. .M .'ino.3 I 

PUiiiii.KMAiic eliar:irliT«. ."^pii-lhagen, F 775.14 

PkuIiI'm: or K<>ine in tli<' third ci ntury. Ware. W. 

2 T * hU-^.IU; 808.11 

\U« — S<« " .\rttCI r*N . • r. K -in*- in Oir tinnl rri-tury ' 

pR<M rastinatiom. Sherwooi|, M. M. Works 452.1,7 

PituDii;.\L ii<in. The. CiMik, 1) 4U2.4 

Puuii.NMiit. The. NichulN. C 41«l.I]; 435.14 

pKul'iiO'iii, The, iifi'i the critci^dile. Sre M w, The, 

am<ing the innnki-y!*. etc 1748.14 

pKiirKssi'ii'h. Thi>, wife. .Mac;;r<-gor, A. L 775.12 

Piiim:icK'>s and pr«>juiiiee. tiiire, C <■. F 41i*.i-t; 77C.11 

Puu«tUK>>l> K peltionats; or, diwed t<> ihMth. K-M-e- 

vlt. K. II 177fi.S 

pKiii*i'!«\l.f» I'f ni.irri igi*. <l|.ii'. A. Work* Hii2.1.2 

Puoi'HiA i|U:r uiaribu^. [.\ ahurt t.ile. ] Itcaile, i\ 415.8 

l*iiii<ti-KU. (.^lerbulii-/. V 17'i'J.2 

Piio>>EK, Mr*. The t'l.iokiltj> of Inglibri->k h.-ill. . . 50N.34 

— The d.iT* of ttie eatilf plri;;ue 1724.14 

8helf uuinbers above 21 lO in tlio Nutoa are in the lialcH Hall. 




Shelf. No. 
Peossbr, Jfrt., amtmued* 

— The door withoat a knoeker. [And The use of a 

ehUd.] Boston 1508.15 

— The door without a knocker, and other tales. 

London 1787.3 

C>MteMt$. — Tht «l<ior without a knocker ; The oiaMar of 
Ajrubue; Blind John Neihi-rwajr. 

— Sunshine; or, cures fur all ills 500.75 

P&OTESTA.xT, The; a tale of the reign of Queen 

Marj. liraj.A.E. 432.1S 

Pbotbxcb rose, A. Ramo, L. de U. 760.51; 783.27; 1717.3 
Proverb series, The. 6 v. Namely : — 

— No. 1. Kradley, M . Birds of a feather 1509.26 

— No. 2. Neeljr, K. J. Fine feathers do not make 

fine birds 1509.27 

— No. 3. Bradley, M. Handsome is that hand- 

some does 1509.28 

— No. 4. Bradley, M. A wrong oonfesaed is half 

redressed 1729.1 

— No. 5. Xeelj, K. J. Actions speak loader than 

words 1729.2 

— Nu. 6. Neely, K. J. One good torn deserres 

another 1729.3 

Provocations, The, of Madame Palissy [wife of 

the famous French potter, sixteenth century]. 

Manning, A 468.16 

Prudence Palfrey. Aldrich, T. B 1768. 14 

Pruot keeping house. Clarke, R. S 719.30 

Prub and I. Curtis, G. W 794.16 

Prussia. See GBRMAirr. note. 

Prussian va«e, The. Edgeworth, M 467.1.1 

PsTCHB, A, of to-day. Jenkin, Mrs, C 783.9 

Psyche's art. Aloott, L. M 437.21; 1473.7 

Public and private life of animals. Thomson, J.. . .1411.12 
PuBUCANS and sinners. Braddon, M. £... ..1751.4; 1768.2 

Puck. Kamo, L. de la 720.74; 786.13 

Puck and blossom. A fairy tale. Mulholland, K. . . 1429.22 
Puck novels. The. Xameiy : — 

— Fulton, C. A brown stone fronL A story of 

New York and Saratoga 1749.1 

— Schuecking, (C. B.) ll Powder and gold. A 

story of the Franco-Prussian war 1728. 13 

PuDDLBPORD papers. The. Uiley, U. 11 477.18 

PuuH, £. L. Not a hero 713.23 

PuLLBif, H. W. Turn Pippin's wedding 790.74 

Pu.hch's prize novelists. Thackeray, W. M 508.4 

Pu!fOT,S. Christine; or, the Bible girl 1427.23 

— Tim*s little mother 1429.15 

Pupil, The, of Raphael 489.21 

Pupil, The, of the legend of honor, ^oault, L. 433.20 

Puritan, Job, p»eud. Uousehold tales 486. 12 

Puritans, Tales of the. Bacon, D 769. 1 1 

Set mUo Note* under Xkw ENGLAND and EXGUkMD. 

Purple and fine linen. Fawcett, E 1745.11 

Pursuit, The, of knowledge under difficulties. 

Dodge, M. A. (/n Atlantic Ules) 480.1 

Pushkin, A. S. Marie: a story of Russian love 1498.16 

— Russian romance 1785.2 

CoMfMM. — The caiiUin't dAuchtrr: The ladj-nittir; The 
piM>>l-thi»t: Tne wtiii«i.«tonn; Tiir undertmker: The ■Utioii- 
uiAflter ; The moor uf Peter tlie Ricat. 

Prss-CAT mew. Uugessen, E. U. K 438.5 

PussT Tip-toes' family. San ford, E. B 1424.10; 1763.11 

Pussr Willow. Slowe, H. (E.) B 769.18 

Put yourself in his place. [Trade unions.] Reade, 

C 411.4; 750.44 

Putnam, Mr». E. T. H. {Thrace Talmon.) The 

new clerk, and other stories 728.21 

Putnam, G. P. Story library. Vol. v 738. 1.5 

Cvmttmi*. — Vol. V. Sea ttoriea. 

Putxam, M. L. Record of an obscure man 495.17 

QuADRATUS. Leslie, E 1785.8 

Quadroon, The. Reid, M 717.1 

Quaker, The, and the young man of the world. 

Opie. A. Works 802.1.2 

Quaker partisans. The. A story of the revolution. 

Williamson. E. H 418.18 

Quaker soldier. The; or, the British in Philadelphia. 

A romance of the revolution. Jones, J. R. . . . . 1446.13 

QuAKKRS. See Notes under Niw Eholahd ( 

ehusetts), and under Uxitko Statu (PMuugrl- 


Quality Fogg's old ledger 

Quarter race. A, in Kentucky. Porter, W. T 

QuBEcHT. Warner, S 420^4 

Queen, A. Wildermuth, 

Queen, The, of Connaught 

QuBBN, The, of the county. Strettoo, J 

Queen, The, of the red chessmen. Hale, L. P. (/a 

Atlantic tales) 

QuBEN, The, of the regiment. King, K. ...» 

Queen Hortense. A life picture of the Napoleonie 

era. Mundt, C. (M.) 

Queen Mab. Kavanagh, J 

Queen TiU*s wager. Black, W 1769.27 ; 

QuKSN*8, The, Maries. A romanee of Holyrood. 

[Mary queen of Soots and her ladiet.] JfeU 

ville, G. J. W 

Queen's, The, neeklaee; or, the secret history of the 

oourt of Louis xti [1784, etc.]. Dumas, A. (D.). 

QUEENHOO-HALL. Strutt, J. 4v 

Queens. Emery, E. B. 

Queer b<m nets. Tuthill, L. C % 

Queer discourses on queer proverbs. Merry, Old, 

pteud '. •-• 

Queer folk. Hugessen, E. H. K 

Queer little people. St(»wtf, U. (E.) B 

QuBNTiN Durward. Scott, Sir W 

460.1.15; 470.19; 1470.1.3; 

Se* «<M S<M>TT, Sir W., note. 

Quest. Bates, J. C 

Question, A , of honor. Fisher, F. C 

Quiet heart. The. From Blackwood's magmsine. . . . 

Quirt Miss Godolphin, The. Garrett, R 

Quiet nook. A, in the Jura. Ruffini, G. . . .490.38; 

Quiqlet, II. The cross and the shamroek 

QuiJfCT, E. Wensley. [New England manners]... 
QuiNTON, A. Aurelia; or, the Jews of Capena-gate. 

— The money god; or, the empire and the papacy. 

A tale of the third eentury 

— The nobleman of '89: an episode of the Frendi 

revolution • 

Quite alone. Sala, G. A 

Quits. [German life, Ober-Ammergau play, etc.] 

Tautphoeus, J. M., Baronim ....430.52; 474.5; 

QuixsTAR. By the author of '* Blindpits** 

Quodlibet: annals thereof. Kennedy, J. P 


; 793.6 





















R., E. The king's pine-apple 450.66 

Rab [a dog] and his friends. Brown, J. (/a John- 
son, (E.) R. Little classics) 1839.7.4 

Race, A, for a wife. Smart, H 433.2 

Race, The, fur wealth. Riddell, J. H 720.64; 7a5.16 

Rachel Dyer. [Witchcraft days in New England.] 

Neal, J 442.8 

Rachel Gray. Kavanagh, J 420.21; 454.10 

Rachel R.ay. TroUupe, A 78L1 

Rachel's secret. By the autUbr of " The master of 

Marton" 491.29 

Radclifpe, a. Gaston de BlondevUle, or the ooori 

of Henry iii 7774 

— The mysteries of Udolpho. London, (la Bar- 

bauld, A. L. British novelisU) 778.1.4S-47 

— Same. Philadelphia 45J 

Radical Freelance. Esq. See Freki.anck, Radical, 

Raft, A, that no man made. Lowell, R. T. S. 

480.1; 1837.7.8 

Ragged Dick. Alger, IL,7> 714.8 

Ragged Dick series. See Alger, H., jr. 

Railroad, The, and the churchyard. Bjomson, B. 478.22 

Railroad children. The. Yonge, CM... .55.10.21; 1806.1 

Railwat, The, anecdote book 783.21 

Rainbow and Lucky, Stories of. Abbott, J. 5 r... 747.11 

Rainbow creed. The. Leppere, A. H 1773.13 

Rai.nbow readings. In prose and verse. Jllostrai- 
ing all phases of the temperanoe question. Bj 

various writers 52.3 

Rainbow side. The. Edwards, Jlrs. C. M 487.13 

Shelf numbers above 21 lO in the Notes are in the Bates Hall. 




Shrlt. N». 

Raisibow ftnriefp The. Gray, MrM. R., and othen.. 7>>.S.14 

Raixbow's jonrnoy. Abbott, J 747.11.2 

RaixbuW!! fi»r ebtldron. Child, L. M., nhtor 744. IC 

RAi?ir dart in the nursery. Carter. Mr*. — 147'J 14 

Ralp Skiriaogb the Lino«)Infihiro isquiro. Peaoock, 

E. 3t 7G'>.3 

Ralph tSomcrrillo; or. a inid^hipnian^s adventures in 

the Pacific ocean. Eden, C. II 1407.3 

Ralph the heir. Tr<ilIopo. A 720.7S; 781. *27; 7tfl.i 

Ralph H'iltim'f weird. Alexander, 3lr«. — 177 l.K 

Raijitox. W. K. S. Krilof and hi>i fables 7*28. IG 

Rawulks abiiQi the country. Eliot, Mr*. E. F 4>'J. li) 

Ramulkr amonj^tho Alpx. Abbott, J 440.3'*; 73'.M.7 

Ramblkk and adrentures of our school fleld-club. 

Davien, <). C 51.8 

Ramblimq story, A. Clarke, M. C 1774.19 

Rame. L. do la. {Ouida.) Beatrice Borillo and 

vioor Sbories ■•• •. «••• •••• •••■ *••■ .■ ..•• •••• i o<}. •<) 

fVNt/rHff. — Bcaifiiv Borille: L:i<ly Marabt>ut« tpiubico; 
Il'illjf wrraUit anil rntr eluuiui Silver chiiuri and K"Meu 
frltrn; SSUiiUrr ami Milco. 

-^ Sfimf. Thirdseries 783.2C 

Ctmtriaa. — nfMTier H>n\Vri A lliw Inthf *' Dailv": II -I'v 
wi«B<h« ••■! Titae ohaiui; S[lvvr riilnicii mid Koldfii ti>ttri«; 
SsihJt ai-d Slllery: Sir (iftlalud'* niiil; "Knloim^l '; Our 
nmurr, ur h<>v the iiiajtif luM and wrni ; Our o'uiitry «|uarU-i«. 

— nrbce. or two little wiMidon sIiock 17o(>.13 

^ Creil Codtleinaine's gage; I^ady Marabout's trou- 
bles ami other vtnries 14 4 *t.7 

^ Cecil (.'a:*tlumaino'8 ga;;e, and (»thcr novclettrs . 7(jO..'»7 

— Chandos. Leipxig. 2t 720.84 

^ Smmr, Philadclpbia 1447.3 

— A ilog of FlandHn*. (/a John8iin,(E.) R. Little 

ciauies) 183!).7.I0 

— A dtig of Flaadurs. and other stories 783.27 

roMfafi. — .\ iliii^ of Fiandrn; A braicli uf lilac; A Tio- 
TViirc rv«'; A li'aliD lliv tHurui. 

— PoUe-Farine. Leipxig 730.82 

— Siimr. Philadelphia 41*7 2,'i 

— Iddlia. Leipxig 4tl0.34 

— Same. I>mdoo I8l)2..'» 

— In a winter city, licipxig lvuiM2 

-- Same. Philadelphia 17Uh. 10 

— A leaf in the storm. (/a Johnson, (E.) H. 

Little claMios) 1839.7.11 

— A leaf in the Ktorm and i>ther sitorius. Merlin. .. 1717.3 

''MtfrHia. — .ldoc "f namlrni; A branch of lilar; A Pru- 
vrncc rwM; A \vt in liif •twnii. 

^^ tNain^. Ijeipxig .•«.•••..••■•••■■•.......•... t ti0.i> I 

— Maiiaine le uiAn{ui«e and otbor novelettes 171(i.l9 

— PjUicar^l. I^eipxig 1737.10 

— .Vrtiiir. Philadolphia 1727.12 

— Puck, lifipxig 720,74 

— Same. Philadelphia 780.13 

^ Uandolph (vordun and other stories 1447.1*. — ltaiHlii!|>S ni>ri|iiii; l|<iw «in«* fln' li! ftn<ilhi>r; 
Thr iiiaii|uia'i tailii-a; ll-'iir •ii'l tclSnH: Ih-lU aiMl liiai-li> 
c*irh; l|ii« I «•■ trackwl by tra|i|ivn: Trrulc-d-un ; The 
d>>nk«>ajiiM- iiiilaia. 

' Signa. Leipiig. 3 r. in 2 1787. If. 

— .S/iinr. Philiulelphia 17m;.1 

— Tricotrin: the 8t«>ry of a waif and stray. Leipzig. 490.74 

^ S.imf. Philmlelphia 1447.4 

■— Two little wiHiden vlioos • 17C8..'> 

^ I'nder two flags. [French military service in 

Algeria.] Leipzig. 2r 730.72 

— .V«*f. Philadelphia 1447.2 

Ra^ away til fea. lie id, .M 7l0.r.» 

Rajiali> Hauoerman's buybood. MacDnnald, 41 41ti.l2 

RA.<ri>. C. II. {MiUtel liaztWin.) Aunt .Mattie; and 

her young fricndu 1479.4 

RABiN»i.fU, .Vr«. — . Gentianella. [Intcrnutinnal 

•eriesj 17r,4.8 

— Wild Hyacinth 17l»* 

lU.<rii<ipLH. J. T. The cabin and parlor 803. 1 .'i 

— Th«' hfiress of Sweetwater 1743..') 

Rajiihili'U. I*. It Tbe wonderful Mtnry nf KavnUtt-. 

AImi. Toiu Clark and his wife, ttnd the curious 
things that befell them; being the Knsicrucian's 

story 1S0<4. 1 2 

RA^iHiLPn «iordon. lUmc, L.dela 1417.1 

8h«lf. No. 

Rahdolphh, The. Alden, I. M I78H.27 

KA!fb8, W. I). Lilliputrevels .'>l*0.46 

KA!f<iRK8, The; or. the toryV <laughter. A talo, 

illnstrativo of tin* revolutionary hiotury of 

ViTiuoiit, and the Xortheru oanipHign «if 1777. 

Thomiwon, D. P .'il.l 

K.\5KiN, F. \V. True to him ever 17r.7.12 

KAjfnioKi'K. I^wos, (f. 11 720.27 

Uai»e of the gamp. Ma!<iin, C. W 1781.9 

Uaphakl. The pupil cf 489.21 

Kapii>8. Tile, of Ni.i;;ara. Warner, .S u2.32 

Kark gtMid luck. A fitrtuno In sev^n strokes. Fran- 

cilbm, U. E 1801.22 

Kabpe, U. E. The travels and Kurprising adventures 

of Baron M unchausen 738. 1 2 

.VfiT'. — Thi* fanioii* and Btiiii*iii};hiMik hn* hjul ^rrat |iiipii- 
Iaril\ fur tiinrlv \i-urii. «Mifi* it wb« rtraf piibli<ii«H| in KM.:ii4iid 
b%- an i>\|i«tii:itiil Oviiiiini. Tlir Hii|liiir«hi|i lia« iM-«*a*h>iii^l 
I- inir->MT>i. liitHf\i r, and the br*t uninniaiy of tin- bxik'* 
liiatuiy Mill bt' fituitd in AJllb-uie'a Dicliuiiarj, \m\ li, p. 1711. 

Rasbelar. [An Eastern tale ] Johnson, S 4fi9.1j 

739.10; 778.1.20; 901.(;.1; 17h2.l4 
Srf a'— N'>>t«- iindiT Arau'A. 

Kat, A, with three tales. Lewii*, M. A 1467.9 

Uatiii)onk, II. M. Passages from the diary of Lady 

Willi'oghby 777.7 

KATTi.KiiKAn, David. M. D. [juend.y The advon- 

turejt of Fudgi* Fumble 1787.21 

UATTi.ri'AiK. A legend of Manhattau in colony 

tiniiS ShcrwtMid. .S. K 1788.4 

Kau, II. MoZiirt: a biographical mmanco 704.20 

KAVALKfTK, The woiiilerful i*toryor. Randolph, P. B.1808.13 

Kavkmsi-liffk. Mart>h-C.ildwell, A 430.18 

RAVKMbiioK. [Uxfi>rd, Crimean war, etc.] Kings- 
ley, II J04.i; 730.27 

KAVL.SMWiKtb. /Avru'/. See Bkkbkk, C. W. 

lUr. Sp«itford, II. E. (/a Juhuson, (E.) R. Little 

classic*) 1839.7.11 

Uaymoxi), G. Draftji for acceptance 1478.9 

IUtmoxi). R. W. {Robertson limy.) Brave hearU. 1740. 17 

— The ohil.lren's week 4:»9.4 

— The man in the moim, and other people 1790. 1 1 

Ratmoni»*:« hi'Mine • 1443.13 

Kkai). E. Aytoun 1722.10 

— Chriatiue Thornton 449.7 

Rkaok, C. Tho box tunnel. (/« Johnson. (E.) R. 

Little cla.<i»ics) 1S39.7.9 

— Chri«ttie Johnrtoiie. Boi^ton 415.7 

— Sumr. Ix-ipzig 1734.9 

— Same. I/«indoii 14 '18.5 

— The cloiiiter and the hearth. [Fifteenth century 

on the continent] 730.C2 

— Clouds and suniihine. And Art. [Englirh the- 

atrical lifo, laj>t century] 41.'i.6 

— A good fight, and uther Ulcs 412.6 

('iH/'Hr*. — A i{"od flgliti Autubiti^rBphy uf a ihM; Jack 
of all trailv*. 

~ (jriflith (iaunt 412.18; 448.1 

— Hard cai^h. [Private insane asylums.] Bmiton. 497. 2i 

— Siimr. Leipzig 7'»0.8 

— ** It in never too Into to mend." Boston. 2 v. . . 414.2 

— SitfHe. liPipzig. 2v •■ .. 430.30 

A'irf', — PriMin abutct in Knglaiid. and niioiOK and cunvid 
lltr in Auttraiia. 

— " Love me little, love me long " 4l'i.l5 

— Peg Wofllngton. [Thiatricul life. Col ley Cibber's 

time.] Ituiit«)n 41'>.S 

•^^ Same. lioipzig 7iiO..'i4 

— Propria qua* maribui'; and The box tunni-l 41i'i.8 

— Put yourtielf in his place. [Trade unions.] Leip* 

zig 750.44 

— Same. Xew York 411.4 

— A simpleton. Boiiton '*Z.^ 

— Same. Li'ipzig 1700.2 

— Same. N.'W York 1743.15 

— A terrible tcnipt.itiun. B«tston 4 1 1.7 

— Same. Ijeip/ig ..■• • uU.OO 

— The wanilirrint; heir. Ij<-i|ixig 17.'>9.23 

— Slime. N«.'w York 1722.2 

— White lies. [ Va|MiliMiiiic times'.] Boston 41'>.ll 

— Same. New Y"ik 4^2.18 

Shelf iiumbeni above 21 lO in the Notes are in tiie Hateii Hall. 





SheU. No. 
Rbadb, C, eoniimued. 
'-' and BouciCAULT, D. (L.) Foul play ....415.12; 437.11 

Sate.— Yor Charlr* RMdv M a norelivt. wet MrCafthy's 
**Mud-ni lndfni"CLSlS^i]; "Cartoon portraita" r±MUa5l»J: 
Frit«rir« » M'xirrn nwii of letter* " r:i.^8JW3, and MiM Fre*- 
colt, in ihe Atlantic inunChly, Auf.. MM, or 2i45^ 

Rbade, (W.) W. The outcast 52.24 

KcADY-Mo.xKY Morliboj. Bcsant, W., aud Rice, J. 

1733.4; 1742.8 
Real, The, and the beau-idcal. By the authur of 

'* Viaiting my rehitiuDS," etc Boston 479. IG 

— Same. London , 479.12 

Real folks. Whitney, A. D. T 797.25 

RiiALlife. Bourdon, M 1806.6 

Realities of Irish life. Trench, W. S 479.8 

Realm AH. Helps, Sir A 767.25 

Reaxet, I. Waking and working 1428.1 

R£BECx:a and Rowena. Thackeray, W. M. ..508.15; 508.16 

Rebecca ; or, a woman's secret. Corbin, C. F 1447.20 

Rebecca Wilson, the Cumberland girl. Bj the author 

of " Little John Meek,'' etc 1429.35 

Rebecca's journal; or, how we made the winter 

beautiful. Lansing, M 1498.15 

Rebel chief, The. Aimard, G 503.9 

Rei^apturkd negro. The. Sherwood, M. M. Works. 452.1.3 

Recluse, The, of Norway. Porter, A. M 789.18 

RE<'OLLECTiosfs of a chapcron. Dacre, B. Brand, 

lady 1502.14 

Rbcoli.ectioxb of a 8i>uthern matron and a New 

England bride. Oilman, C 437.8 

Recollectio.hs, The, of (leoffry Hamlyn. Kings- 
ley. H 506.10 

" Recommended to mercy." Leipzig 750.16 

— Same. New York 480.26 

Recompense. Seymoar, M. II 1429.36 

Recokd of an obscuro man. Putnam, M. L. 495.17 

Recorded will, The. Bigelow, £ 506.2 

Riscordb of the Bubbleton parish 417.13 

Recreatio.ns, The, of the Uerman emigrants. Goethe, 

J. W. von 847.1 

Rector, The, and the doctor's family. Oliphant, M. 

(0. W.) 710.8 

Rector, The, of St Bardolph's. Sheldon, F. W. . . . 428.7 

Rector, The, of St. Mark's. HolmM, M.J 17644 

Rector's, The, wife. Stretton, J 1445.14 

Rectory, The, of Moreland ISU 

SuU. — Tint imbliihcd under the dtU ** Mmrj Etmm ; or the 
rectory of Mureland." 

Red as a rose is she. Broughton, R. 431.2; 490.73 

i Red book. The. Sherwodd, M. M. Works 452.1.13 

Red book. The, iT Appin. Uitchoock, £. A. 480.6 

' Red court farm. The. Wood, E. P 490.25 ; 7211 

: Red Eric, The. [Norso.] Ballantyne. R. M 1796.15 

I Red-letter days in Applethorpe. Dodge, M. A.. .. 414.15 

: Red men. Camp fires of the. Orton, J. R.. 736.12 

. Red Riding Uuod. Thackeray, A. I. ....1443.23; 1493.26 
Red Rover, The. [Old French war — Newport axid 

slavers.] Cooper, J. F 780.16; 780.17 

Red-shantt boys. The. Ludlow, P... 508.32 

Red track, The. Aimard, G 503.4 

Redburn. Melville, H 736.6 

''Redeemed." Rame, L. de la '. 783.26 

Redesdale. Lee, M. B. .. .... .... .•••.. .... .••• 1448.30 

Bedford, C. Mildred Dalton 1424.12 

Rbdgauntlet. Scott, iSir W 460.1.17 

460.19; 902.1.5; 1470.1.4; 1807.13 

5m afao Stxirr. Sir W., iM>te. 

Redmond, count O'Uanlon, the Irish rapparee. Carle- 
ton, W.. 758.27 

Redbeixs, The. [Anti-rent troubles in New Yurk 

sUte.] Cooper.J.F 780.20 

Redwood. Sedgwick, C. M 436.9 

Reed, A. No fiction 7S)!^15 

Reed, E. Gold, frankincense, and myrrh 17i3.11 

— Levin's treasure in bank 1479.21 

Reed, P. F. Beyond the snow 1734.15 

Reed, R. P. Everybody's providence 17S4 J 

Reed, A, shaken with the wind. Faithful, B. 1745.10 

Reeve, C. The old English baron. [Feudal man- 
ners, but not a credible representation.] (/a Bar- 

bauld, A. L. British novelists) 778.1.22 

Reeves, M. L. See Rodicet, M. L. 

Reflectio!!. Ilofland, B • 1735.15 

j Reformatio.m, The, of the sixteenth century. 


Ai Englamd, Holt's " leuult Barry of Wjnacote " C7as.S] and » Robin Tmnayne " [irULS], time of Maty I. /« Setemmd, Mn. CMIpluut't ** lUf- 
dalm Hepburn'' [73:1.11]. In Franer. Jainef'a ** The Huguenot " C4<»LI6: ISavSU], and BunKnier'a " BounUlooe and Loub XIV** CiaaS.4] ■nd**'n» 
prieat and the Hugnenot ** C1CML2]. time uf Umiu X\. /» Grrmmng^ Mrs. Charles's *• Chronicle* of the SchOnberg-Cutta familj ** [491U: 4SI»I]; Mn. 
llanning's "The good old times" [4.1^.2]: and "Tales from Alsace" [800.86]. /« Sptiim, .Mrs. Charles's "The martyr* of Spain" C-*S6.I73. For 
Savonarola's agency in Jtmlg, mm Gvorgv Eltiit's " K^^mola " [«)C2.17: nOJU: 171714; 17t2).7]. In SrUitriand. Lucas's "The cilj and the easUe" [MC**]- 

See further for iUu»tiative Action, in the r.otes under England, (icnnany. Italy, Scotland, Sttalu. and Ssritceilaod. 

HlSToaiCAL KKrEBKNCFS. — F<>r the prvliniinarirs ut the general muremeDt. see Newman's ** Essays " CVi5«.4.2] for that of the Ilth eeoCuiy; ths 
English church histories and lives of Wickliff with Miiniau'» " Latin Christianity " £1113.1 : 3511.13: 35UJ(] for that in England in the lIKh ccutory. Livei 
of Huss cover that in Bohemia in the I3:h centtirr. The struggle of the Waklenses u lukl in Milnian's " Latin Christianity " [1113.1; S514.12; SUU]. 
Bobcrtson's " History of the Christian church " [:ir<28J7] cumes down to the beginning of the German movement under Luther. 

In genrral. Tlie general reader « U! find Prof. Fisher's '* Reformation " [.VU.^] ample, and derive aid fVoro his references and list of booksL If a 
more eundenaed account is wanted use Scebohm ['jnK'.7 ; S3I9a.l8]. llardvicli [3al7J9], who takes a church of England standpoint, nuiy be read in i 
tion, and will be found a convenieitt manual, with foot note references, and in chapter i he names the different sects and heresies aceompaoyinir the 
ment If ftirther stutty is needed, sea the note in the Lower Hall Catalogue of history. D'Aubigni is reviewed in Sir James Stepheu't Essays [ABLf; M« J; 

In Mmgtmnd mnd Sntimmd. The general hittorUns, Hume [961.1; 963.3; 9fit.l: »».l; 1965.1; iSlCS; 4S33J: C512.S: G5U.S] and Robcttson CKI.4.4; 
2310.4.1,2; SOl^^ on the prutertant side, and Lingard [964.2; 9ii8.4; 9k».n; 9429.2] on the catholic side, will give a general view. See lives of the priaelfal 
English reformers, aud Bacon's ** Genesis of the New England churches " [3M9.C1]; and Froude's IiiMor>- [ilM.2; 9i*&A] for th« pact ol Ilcnry Tm aai 
Wolsey in the movement, and several papers io his** Short studies "[1815.15: 4SC7J}], having in part relation to the movcraent in Scotland, concafniag 
which lives of Knox should be consulted, and the general hiatorias of Scotland. Kcal's ** History of the puriuhs " [1085.16; aOS&l] elocidalaB the cffSii 
fkom the puritan point of view. 

In Germang. Fisher's general history will ordinarily snfBee. DOlIinger has a chapter in his " Reunion of the ehufcbes **[3S&56]; and Bobartnnii 
•* Charles v ** [912.4; 019.9: 943.4.2; 2»1.1.3,4; 2301.6; 2»8.55: JKlBLfB; 28f6wM: AUOU; 5096.4] necessarily conc»ns it Macmnlay'k Samy CUKJJ.8; 
«HB'*.V6; •i'U8^],4; 4550.7.1,3] on Ranke and Hallam relate in part to the reformation. 

In Fnuu». Froude on Calvinbm, in his" Short studies ''[1815.15.1; 45(j7Jl1]; D'Aumalc's" Ui«oiredea pnoeca da Condi " [ttHSI ^ SSfaj^aBi 
White's " Saint Bartholomew " [3001 Ji]- 

Jn au XtOttrUndM. MoUey's " Dutch republic " [923.1 ; 2815.3 ; 4S218] and Preacott's " Philip II " [922.1 ; 929.8 ; 2396.54 ; 2300.61]. 

In Spain. Beside Fisher and the general accounts, see PrcaODit's ** Philip II '' [9£L1 ; 929Ui: 23ytU4; £09.01] and Ticknor's **Spaniah UlgslBW " 
[308.13: 40(2.1: .1)90 50; ,1094.1; 3001.5; .1104.25]. 

See also Coxe's" House of Austria ''[M2R.2]: Roseoc's ** Lao X ** [818.2]; Robertson's ** Charles T " [912.4; 919.9; »il4«: SJD1.4JL 4; 2301.6; t»L0t 
3399.62: 284&51; AOOU; 500i*i.4]; Gibbon's 54th chapter [953.6; 957.10: 19&5.1: 275.1.1: 475«.3: 4754.->; 47V>.7]: Smyth's 9ch and IQth lecture [ft.7.8; 9VL.1: tOJ; 
22L1.-4); 222.V4; 4142.2: G327.2: 630S.2]; Hallanra Literature [UTJ-l; 1.173.2; 1;73J; 2191.5]: Presciitt's ** Ferdinand and Isabella** [9l2.1:9eUJt: 2nWJl:S3B»JSt 
5U!J9a.l7]: Ranke's *' History of the popes *" [Sai.1; 1085.19]; and Ouixot's ** History of eivilixation '* [&Jt.5: 949.1; GM.1]. Parton. in Harper's noalkly. 
April, 1875. has a paper on the caricatures of the reformation period. 

Shelf numbers above 2110 in the Notes are in the Bates Hall. 




8hrir. No. 

RsrroM, The. Oiidwine, A 1448.3 

RBnroBR, The. MeWillo, H 735.21) 

Rbmbstrr, 8. The figaro et};ht 4!)6.22 

Kkuicioes. See New Exolamd, note. 

RsaixALD Archer. Seoinullcr, A. M 7i)4.1o 

IUmiixald listings; or, a Ule of the troablos io 

164-. Wmrbnrton, £. (U. G.) 1443.15 

Rbgimalo Hetherege. Kingslej, II 17G<J.17 

Rbcsijiald Kbvbkib, mnwf. See Mbllbm. O. 
REa!«AULT-WARi!(, J. (U.) J. (I. P.) Tbo Magda- 

Ion eharchjard. 2t 429.1 

Rboular iivrvice, The. By the author of " Copbley 

annali,** ote 424.24 

Rbid, Ohriitian. p»ewi. See Fisuer, F. C. 

Rbid, M. Afloat In the furert 414.7 

— The boy hunters 710.2 

— The bny slaves 728.5 

— Thebtiy tar 747.24 

<— > Brnln: the grand boar hunt 747.23 

^ The buAh-b-iys 710.5 

-^ The eastaways: a story of adventure in tho wilds 

of Uurneo 7G9.5 

— Tho ehild wife 717.11 

^ The eliff-climbers; or, the lono homo in tho Him- 
alayas. A sequel to ** Tho plant hunters'* 723.18 

— The English family Robinson; Tho donort home. 718.13 
-^ The flag of distress: a tale of the South sea 55.3 

— The fureiit exiles. Boston 718.15 

-^ Same. New Vork 1802.9 

— The girafle-hunters 710.2C 

-~ The headless horwman. Boston 7 15. 10 

~~ Same. New York 7 15. 1 

— The hunter's fvast 7n;.3 

— b)St Lenore 7GU.24 

— The mAn-eaters and other odd people. A popular 

description of singular races of man 784.20 


Odil peuplr," with ei>ntenU diffcmiUy 

— The maroon : or, planter life In Jamaica 790.55 

— The oeean waifs 727.19 

— Odd pe«»ple. A popular description of singular 

raees of man 717.9 

— Osootila the Seminole 71C.13 

— The plant hunters: or, adventures among the 

Himalaya mountains 728. 4 

— The quadroon 717.1 

— lUn away to sea 710.19 

— The riflo rungprK; or, adventures in S«iutl>urn 

— The Malp-huutiTS 717.10 i 

— Thi* tigcr-huntor 490.3 • 

— The war-trail 715.12 

— The white chief. A legend of North Mexico.... 717.7 
— > The whitf gauntlet 717.8 

— The white S4|uaw 4(.9.29 

^ •S'tiMif, ami Tho yellow chief 72K.2H : 

— The wild huntrvra 723. G i 

— Wild life; or, adventures on the frontier 747.'JG . 

— The wm>d-rangtTs; or, the trappers of Sonora . . . 723.19 

— The y«»nng royageurs 7 10.22 

— The young yigers 710.25 

R BIG SI of ti'rror. See Fkahcr, note. 

REiG!ct!iu belle. The. Stephens, A. S. (W.) 427.19 

Rejected wife. The. Stephens, A. S. (W.) 427.13 

Rbmii-k, M. RIohard Ireton; a legend of the early 

■aitlrment of New England 1777. IG 

RBHiiiisce.'vrB, A, of Kreuznach. Schwartz, M. S.. . 431.18 ! 

RuiT Si. Remy. Gilderaleeve, C. H 71G.1G 

S*aX A* JICUvS, \ft Ij. .■*■ •■■•.**• •. .«•• •■■• ••■■ .. vf'f . A £ 

RbjisRAWB 7G4.I8 ! 

Rbsit. a, Io a cltHid. Lever, C. (J.) 490.G7; 50*;. 13; K02 4(> 

R Bros iroRT tracts. More, H 907.2.1; 14G9.3 

Rei'Vilic of fu<il8, The: Indng tho hintory of the 
state and pe<»ple of Abdcra, in Thrace. Wie- 

land, C. M. von 179r..l 

RBSCTRn. Monro, Mre. J. S 1745.7 

REScrxn from Egypt. Tucker, C 4M). 14 

Rem rEii girl. The. Hnlman. M. F 44H.2ii 

RsHoi.QTion. Rtm, A. S. 795.15 

Rbihibotiu.^. Southworth, E. 1>. E. N 45G.IC 

Sli^lt. No. 

Rbturx, Tho, from India. W., F. M. C 450.G7 

Ueubkn Apsley. Smith, H. 2v 797.3 

Keuukx Kent's flrnt winter in the city 489. 10 

Rkuhen Medlicott; or, the coming man. Savage, 

M. W 438.4 

Redtkr, F. In tho year '13: a talu of Mecklenburg 

life 1711.4 

— Seed-time and harvest 1731.9 

Rkvkxue. The. Opic, A. Works 802.1.1 

Rev. Dr. Willoughbv, Tbo, and his wine. Walker, 

M. .S '. 1496.9 

Reverie, Reginald, p»tud. See Mellk.m, G. 

Reveiucs of a buohelor. Mitchell, l),Q 47G.12 

470.13; 47C.17 
Retbauh, H. E. F. a. Claude Stocq: a tale of tho 

sixteenth century 809.10 

Rktxolds, F. M. •* Miserrimus" 42'.«.11 

Revmolus, (i. W. M. Tho bunker's daughter 781.24 

— Eu.iUico Quenlin. A sequel to " Mury Price "... 17G2. 12 

— Joseph Wilmot 1781.1 

— Wary Prioo 411.8 

Riii.HK. Rolloon tho. Abbott, J G59.23 

RuiNKLAMD and its legend:*: and other tales 1448.24 

RiioDA Thornton's girlhiK)d. Pratt, M. E 1747.4 

Rhode Islaxd. Sre New Enoi.axi>. note. 

RiBBo.N storiifd. Barker, M. A., /fir/^ 1729.15 

Rhe, — . "Boy Mill" 1411.11 

Rice, J,tjmnt author. My little girl. See Besakt, 

W 1733.14 

— Roady-money Morlibny. 5rr, W. 1733.4; 1742.8 

— With harp ami crown. See Bezant, W 1790.9 

Rich and humble. Adams, W. T 724.21 

Rich husband. The. Riddell, J. H 785.21 

Rich Medwav's two lown. (lard iter, C. £ 1773.18 

RicHAun II, True stories of the times of. Dunrter, 

H. P 1428.20 

Richard Edney and the governor's family. Judd, 

S 488.6 

Richard Hunno. A story of old L<indon. Sargent, 

U. E 458.J 

RiCHAHD Hurdis: a talo of [the first settlers of] 

Al.tbaina. Simms, W. G 790.51 

Richard Ireton: a legend of the early settlement of 

New England. Rvmick, M 1777.16 

Richard Piters. Cox, Mrs. W.N 500. C8 

Richard Rowc's i»arcel. Drury. A. H 1469.31 

RicHAKD Savage. A romance of real life. White- 
head, C 1503.21 

X^e. — Arniiii.ti nt itiit Kii^:i.h p.if1, «lii> iliiil in 1741. 
will Im* foiiiiil ill Jiilin»iir» ">" [-VcMI ::; .VTi'.*.".'; 
&*Ci.'3VJ: 4i::L.'t.4]; iu Tiickriiiiku'i "i:awy*' [^17 S; .*w.Mu}, 

Richard Vandi'rmarck. Harris, M 7G5.8 

RicHARiiH, C. F. .lohn Guildvrstring's sin.... 773.20 

RiiiiAuns, W. C. Harry's vaci til m 724.9 

RicHAKD>oM, A. S. St'fie^ fnnii old English poetry. 7h8.12 
RlcnARD^iuN, E. The vi-il lifte<I; or, the romance 

and reality of CKnvvnt life 1479.13 

R1CHARD8U.V, J. ^*artr; or, tho salons of Paris. 

2 V 807.7 

RjcnARD^tuX, R. The oidd shonldcr; or, a half-year 

atCraiglea 1498.5 

— Our junior mathematical master. And A peril- 

ous errand 1498.9 

RiCHARDSd!!, S. Works. 19 V 7C8.1 

rv>ii/*«r..-Vil I IV. rain^k. V-XII- IIMory d C\m. 
ri«4a Ilnrliinr. XIll-XIX. Iliitur} iif Sir Cliartn Uraiiili. 

— rinrissa [Harlowe]. I>»ipiig. 4v 480.64 

— IliDtory of Olariiisa llarli»wi>. London, (/a Bar- 

bauld, A. I« British novelists) 778.1.1-4 

— •Vfim«. New York. [ I a* is uro hour series] 17(i7.9 

— History of Sir Charles Grandiion. (/a BarbanId, 

A. L. British novelists) 778.1.9-15 

.V"' — Ri«*hani««in'i loiip kiiil wimfwhAl trillmifl \mW% haf« 
•till ail intnral Im tlirir di linrainnit iif hfr In KnslHiMl in l»i« 
lll>d>IU' "I t^ir l«.t c< lllliiy. V«- K->riitli ■ " %<••• ■■ ■: il li.iirl> 

i«i« [>ft*> l'.i. r.47 r>; Uichirtl aaia h<»»h» IIt ?>T 'Hft- 

l>«fi"ii I Ciir«iii«" ||i.|»iit III b<Rik ■•!>»' (.'It- Ti*] and 

KiiUlil'i ' ^linil'Nii iif liir iiiii iMNihM-llrri [«.'i.'i] lhr><w 
lii;M 'III hi! rliiraitri a. a mmi ■■■■i avmr. ^n- ■!«■ im 
"('••irra|k.iii|ifiri-.' tilitiil lit M'a Ha Im'iM . i'J'.^ .'^ . s.-iift'a 
"l.liia lit lllF f-.i.t* ' ■'•■».i''i !•••■ 'ij. Mr* lli||i|iaiil • 

*'ll.-ii{ii •'! <fr<<ri;< III [Wi'lt «'>.'7v:i Udir M*-|ilifii'a 
" il-'iira III a liliiait ' It^.vi^. ::'>.'i',ii>;. lU 

Hlielf numbcFM above 21 IO iu the Notes ure iu the llatei* Hull. 




Sheir. No. 

BtCDEUEU. A Ule of Fraoee. James, G. P. R. 

404.25; 1805.30 

Ktte. — Tliiff iioTrL the farlictt of JanH«*t, and ont of hii 
bc*t. picturv* the poliiicml life itt Frmtiee In the flnt half of the 

hare li> do « itii t!)e Minir pt'riod. 

HiwtwUal rv/rrrncaa. — The »ork known in Engliah BJ 
"Secrrt hi*|..rv of tJie French court" Ci^CO-i;: IttWia by 
COu»iu, in an KniclUh tranvlation of hit lueainir nf Mauiuue 
de CherrrusN- [in French. XV<.:f]. a brilliant female politician 
of Richelieu't day. Kobvun't \* a popular Kn^liim lite [], 
and Ctime • i* the French ctnkiTaleDt [lUS'tCh". Also arv Gui- 
aut'i** IIi»t.>r> ol Fiance "raSflJU.4]. and tho article in Tctnpla 
bar, Nov.. ItC.S. t»e« aJs-* Pre*c<nt'* conitiariMin ot Richelieu 
and Xinieoe*^ in hit " Fenlinaaii and Isabella" r»I:LlJ: 
)ev.2.2; ^aw^lJ!; ^V9^<A.:ii J0Hta.l7^]: Jamest "Ule and 
tinicsof Diui«XlV":8r«8..-t]: Diyraeli ■ *' Curio* itic« <>f liter- 
ature" C:4«.4: Jlff.lJl]: 2114.1.1 : MUJi-, WC.MJiJ; and a e»ni- 
tiri«ou vt W«i)tej aind Richdica id Tovlc'a " Gliuipfet of 
l«i»ry" [1977.1]. 

BiCHTEtt, Jean Paul (F.) The Campaner Thai, and 

other writings 426.18 

— Qernian romance. Set Cabltlb, T 418.1.3; 418.10 

— Titan. 2t 404.10 

— Walt and Vult. ^t 808.8 

.Vore. — Richter't noreln arc of a character to derive much 
illuatration fur tiicir uuderttandingjnroni the biograDhical and 
ciilical accounts of their author. The beat Enitliab acconot 
of con»iil«nihIe extent ia Mra. Lee'< [.'45.13: SKI7.^1 vho 
transiaiN Uicnter'* autobiuxiaphj fin Uernuui, 9il9.7j, and 
cunti II iio« III V nan atire. drawing aia fn»in the Gcmuui con- 
tiniuitiiHi by Fi^r«t«-r and oClien[a»4U.7]: the life by IXVrinK 
[aMU.j>]: the biogiaphieal cominentaiy on the work* by 
»{Mzrer [4^7^S3: and tlia *' Ginrspoiidi'nce with Otto^ 
r-J>4U4»3. Bdmr** euh>ry la well-known [2(lM.13Ji3. For 
Fieiich eftiniaie*. fee Madame De Staei't "Germany" [in 
Eiigliah. a!7.1lt] and Blaze de Bury [4tl7&!31. CarMe haa 
done much to familiarize Richter to the EnKlitn reader, — ae« 
hiaeawy* [Am.I.^: 8>SL7: tWlAS: S3»JL:;;4577Al.i].aud hii 
*• German romance" [418^10; 418.1.:ii. See alM llcdffe'a 
"Proae writcit of Geniiany" [Mxl; ^gBZJS] and De Gtaln- 
cey'a " £«!•> • " [«av:0.1 ; OM.k.]}. 

RiCKBTiCKETACK. Conscieooe, II 14 19.9 ; 1786. 14 

RiODRLL, J. H. (F. G. Trafford,) Above sas- 

picion 1800.11 

— Citj and sabarb 1427.4 

>— The earFs promise 1759.5 

— Far aboTO rabies. Leiptig 490.40 

— Same. Philadelphia 1445.17 

— Qeorge Qoith of Fen eoart. Boston 703.3 

— Same. Leipxig 750.27 

— A life's assise 762.7 

— Maxwell DrewitL Leipzig 480.69 

— Same. New York 43 1. 14 

— Mortomlejr's estate 1779.27 

~ Phemie Keller 491.21 

~ The race for wealth. Leipzig 720.64 

— Same. New York 785. 16 

— The rich husband 785.21 

— Too mach alone 785.14 

Riddle, A. Q. Alice Brand. A romance of the 

capiUl 1773.14 

— The portrait; a romance of the Cajahoga rallej. 1734.13 

BiuLET, J. Tales of the genii 835.10 

BiKXZi, the last of the Roman tribnnea. [Italian 

history, fourteenth centurjr.] Bulwer-Ljtton, 

B. (G. E.)L. 1799.11 

Rifle rangers, The; or, adrentures in Southern 

Mexico. Roid, M 715.2 

RiFLEMK.x, The, of the Miami. Ellis, E. S 1788.2 

Right and left. Newby, C. J 785.17 

Right at lant. 6a«kcll, E. C 480.85; 506.21 

Right one. The. SohwarU, M. S 43L26 

Righted at last. Fuller, M 731.27 

RiLBT, H. U. The Puddleford papers 477. 18 

RuTALDo Rinaldini, The history of. Vulpius, C. A. 443.13 
Ruicometb and Cortadillo. Cerrantes Saavedra, M. 

de 427.7.1 

Bihg, M. John Milton and his timet. An histori- 
cal noTel 414.24 

Ring, The, of Amasis. Bulwer-Lytton, (£. ) B 493.9 

Biqubt k la houppe. Thackeray, A.I 1774.14 

178L19; 1785.3 
Bibb, The, of Iskander. Disraeli, B.... 442. 14.2; 1839.7.6 

BiSBH from the ranks. Alger, II., jr 1778.3 

BiTA : an autobiography. Aide, H 720.33 

Bitcbie, a. C, formerly Mrs. Mowatt. The clergy- 
man's wife and other sketches 1445.25 

— Fairy fingers 772.17 

— The fortune hunter 722.19 

ShdL Sau 
RiTCOiE, A. C, continued, 

— Mimic life. [Theatrical experienoes] 475.1 

— The mute linger 480.23 

— Twin ruses 475.13 

Ritchie, L. The romance of history. France. Loo- 
don. 3t 419J 

— Same. New York 1718.1 

Rival beauties. The. Pardoe, J 802.42 

Rival belles. The; or, life in Washington. JoDca, 

J. B 781.12 

Rival dreamers. The. Banim, J. (/« Johnson. 

(E.) B. Little classics) 1839.7.12 

Bival students. The 718.23 

BiVKRS of ice. A tale illustrative of Alpine adven- 
ture and glacier action. Ballantyne, B. M 1731.15 

B0A8T pig, A dissertation upon. Lamb, C. (/« 

Johnson, ( E. ) R. Little classics) 1839.7.5 

Rob of the bowl. [Maryland, Lord Baltimore, etc] 

Kennedy, J. P 736.3; 726.19 

RoBRoy. Scott, SirW 430.42 

460.1.4; 1470.L1; 1733.7; 1807.4 
Sf mi$» Scott. Sir W., ixHe. 

Robber, The. James, G. P. R. 474.21 

Robber, The. Opie, A. Works 802.1.1 

Bobbins, S. C. Binding the sheaves 724.22 

— Di»or8 outward 1765.15 

— Edged tools 724.23 

— Faithful and true 714.3 

— Girding on the armor 714.24 

— My new home .... .... .... .... .... .... ....• . . 480.39 

— Squire Downing's heirs 1449.28 

— Tony SUrr*s legacy 480.40 

— The village schoolmistress 800.67 

— Weighed in the balance 714.4 

Robert Ainsleigh. Braddon, M. E. 1717.5 

Robert Falconer. MacDonald, G 421.14 ; 1787.26 

Robert Fulton [the inventor of the steam-boat], 

an historical novel. Uauch, J. C 418.11 

Robert Graham. Hentz, C. L « 445.14 

Robert Greathouse. Swift, J. F 775.1 

Robert Morton. Bush, C. E 487.23 

BoBERT Seveme. Hammond, W. A 490.27 

Bobert's birthday present 1499.1 

RoBERTSox, M. M. The Inglises 1715.1 

— Janet's love and service 764.13 

RoBERT80!r Grat, pMeud. See Ratmoxo, R. W. 

R0BI.H Gray. Gibbon, C 1711.9 

R0BI.M Hood, The story of. Ileaton, W 1458. 10 

Kvu.— Sec Enuland, note. 

RoBix the runner 438.8 

RoBix Tremayne. A tale of the Marian persecution. 
[Protestants under Queen Mary in England.] 

Holt, E. S 1718.1 

RoBiHso.'T, B. Dolores 411.8 

BoBiHsox, E. Ca*sar Borgia. An historical romanee. 1778.1 
BoBiNSON, F. W. Anne Judge, spinster 411.17 

— As long as she lived 1730.10 

— A bridge of glass 731.18 

— Carry's confession 715.19 

— Christie's faith. London 1766.17 

— Same. New York 1445.1 

— For her sake 715.11 

— A girl's romance, and other tales 73148 

— Grandmother's money 4 11.11 

— Heads and hearts 1781.11 

— Her face was her fortune 1731.11 

— The house of Elmore 1731.C 

— LitUe Kate Kirby 1741.1 

— Mattie: a stray 711.1 

— Mr. Stewart's intentions 411.4 

— No church 710.57 

— No man's friend 411.9 

— Old Noll; or, the days of the Ironsides. A tale 

of Oliver Cromwell's times 1781.13 

— One and twenty 411.11 

— Owen : — a waif 730.13 

— Poor humanity 411.10 

— Second-cousin Sarah 1761.8 

— The secretary ; or, circumstantial evidenee 1781.11 

— Slaves of the ring 491.8 

8he]f numbers above 21 lO in the Notes are in the Bates Hall. 




Shrlf. Ho. 
RoMiiBOli, F. W., amiimued, 

— 8l«ni noccnity 732.25 

— Sweet Dineiova 1731.5 

— True to horMlf 731.2 

— Under the ipell 7 15.4 

— Wildfluwer 1731.7 

— A woman's ransom 782.3 

RoBiiiBox, J. MaoloToror's divorce 1779.11 

— Whit«friar»; or, the timet of Charles the seoond. 1420.10 

RoBiMuHp Mrs. M. U. Helen Er»kino 7GG.21 

RuBLfsoXt L. B. The house with spectacles 44.21 

RoBisiBoSf, Mary. Vancensa. 2v 420.10 

— Walslngham. 4t 420.3 

8hrlf. No. 
Robinson, Mary S. Brother series. A household 
story of the .\morican conflict. The brother 

soldiers 1508.3 

Forward with the flag 1800.37 

Tho great battle year 1508.6 

The work of the two groat captains 500.10 

RoBi.'VKON, T. A. L. (T.J.) (Td/oi.) The exiles .. 449.13 

— Fifteen years 76.5.16 

— Iloloise 440.14 

— Lifo'H discipline 449.12 

RoBi.HBoN, the younger. Cainpe, J. H 1448.13 

RoBi.^soN Crusoe. Do Foe, l> 744.5 

778.1.16,17; 1784.7; 1802.22 


TUt fkmous work of D» Fi>r, the flnt part appraring urixinally in I'ltf. hail bivn aiuirlpatitl in Its centra] iilra in l*>e. by llai>i>el>. in hia 
laaalaniiche 3faiMlarpiU' and in hb " Spaiilichc (|ulutana," In IOMl De Foe'i svcuud patt U nut al« ■>• piintttl with the lir»t ; anil a thiid part Mklum 
III later da.) a. 
The KniUah imttmHmt9 are ae followi : — 

■* Pliilip Quarllt, the EiiRltah Milliair." 

R l*uUoi-h'e •• IVter Wilkin* t ur, tb« flying lalanders." 

** The French eabiii b«iv." 

Marr>at'e " Maatrnnan Rraily " [;:».»: 8ri£.93. 

N. John's " The arctic Crawie ' [757. in]. 

BanaotyDc* » The dug Crutue ' £714^1]. 

Mayne RHd't " English family Riiblneon" L7l!l.Lt3. 

Mn. Farrar's *' Chilli's Ri^binsuu CruMc." 

Mr«. Traill's '^Tlte Canadian Crusoes." 

•• The rival Crusoe." 

.Mrs. Iltifland's " Young Crusoe." 

Buwcrun's "The Australian Cnisoet " [7.17.73. 

The Qannan imtimrtoma aie more iiunit-nms: The first German vertlon appeand In 17111, aiid in fuitr tears there were sixty dlflemit Imitations. TIm 

notable nt the earlier une« is ** Der Sciili-MiHche Kobinkon," 17:21. Ttie best i»r thv Inter ones is L. 8chua)M I's ** Die sngeoanntc IiiscI Feisrnbiirg," and 
J. R.Vryss's" SchweUerlsrhe K«>blii«on" C^^V ■*>&]. wliii-h Mp|M*an-d In 1M| 2, and « as continued b) II. Kurx In 1M2. Tlie ia*i is known In Knglk*ii aa 
** The Swiss Ikmily Ki>hiiiMni " [7:>i.lV: 74<I.*'>: 1V:'£1\ TM.W. 1777.V]. Canipe, In 177i<, songht tn Inculcate br the story a the«iry of natural wlucatlon In his 
■* HoMnson der janttere" [-JUiaf; 4i««.i:]. wiilch has In English the name uf "The new KitbiuMm Crusoe "[4K7U.2U: 4879.^]. and Caui|»es story «as added 
to ta In 1«« by J. A. C llildohrandt. 

fader the nante ot " Insrl Felsenburg" appeared similar stories by C- K. Andi4, in 178A: by K. I.appe. In IKSlt by .\. Oehlenschliger, in UOS 
C*l»aP]i and byTicck. In INSH; and utlters under the Utie of " tfhnpitcissinius," by J. Wagenseil. In 17A'i: by J. C. L. Ilagcn, in lsli>. and by F. C. 
Wcteer. la IfCSf. 

Mhris may be emnneiatetl: — J. K. Wvcel. "Robinson Crusoe, neu bearbettet." 177'.>. K. F. Ilrnkowlti, " Itoberl.'* 17m-l«i. ai.d " WestphUlsrlia 
■oMaMiii." I7W. F. U. ikiiilling, •• Die IrrKluge des I^beus," l»*t. ilaken, *• Die luqulrauer." IhlO. K. A. U. Voa EglotTsteln. " Der actM 
Hult«cinisrhe KubinMin." iKfJ. 

Hwrr arc various Diilrh imitations nanii-d In F. Mnllcr's " Bimki on America " ['.'IM.A, part II. p. .lU]. 

iiaintlm's '* l.a solitaire dv Juan Fernandec," known in Engltfh as " The real Kubhisou Crusoe " C7.'7>], prrtends to give the real lift of 
Aleiamlrt Kflkirk, |Mipiilariy sapposi<d to have been DeFor's original. 

The popularity ^tf itibinsun Crus^w can !»•• judged of fimn tin- fact Ihsl tlie III ItUh miisetini catalogue In IbTS showed 74 editions In English, and 36 In 
■Cfcf lauguages; and therv were lu its geucral caialoguc 4ti0 entries under De Fo*- and Uobinsou Crusoe. 

Shelf. No. 
RoBiJtffox Crusoe. In words of one syllable. Uodol- 

phin^M 500.26 

RoBi!iso!f CruiUN*, Thv rcul. iSaintino (J.) X. H. ... 737.8 
RuBlssux Cracii'V inunoy. [Finaiieiul viowa undvr 

a fictitious guioe.] U'elU, D. A 1700.24 

RoBlSfgusis, The. Biiwell, M. !«. 4.'i0.h3 

RuBto.M, W. John Kailtun 440. IJ 

KocBB, R. M. Tho ohildrvn c»f the abbey 7HU.h 

Rm'K, The, ahead. Yatvs, K 7'iO.€(i 

RociroHU. Umsted, L. D 7t»3.2 

KocKT hill and nil ling prairie. Nutting, J. K 448.7 

RuCKT uiiunUin series, Tho. Hef FoxiticK.C. A. 

RfiCKT mount tins, Orer thv. Rallantyue, R. M. .. .810.83.7 

RuDDA.f,J. T. John O'Brien 7:i8.l4 

RoDOT*s ideal. Juhnw>n, II. K 44.22 

KoPbr'a reality. Juhn^on, II. K 64.7 

Roddt's ruDiaiice. Juhiisun, II. K 17(.0. 1'J 

RoDBmcK lludiinn. Jaiut*s, ll.,jir 170.'>.(i 

RoOBBiCK Uandtim, The adventures uf. Sinollvtt, T. 

(«i.) 430.47; 1412.13 

RODIBT, M. L., furmrrly J#im Rrtvta. {Fadtttf.) 

Sea drift 1470.11 

— Wcaritborne 705. l(i 

Rob, A. S. The eloud on the heart 726.14 

^ How oonid he help it ? 72fi.lH 

— James Montjiiy 72(i. 17 

— Ukeaodanliko 170ti.l4 

— A fiiDg Ivok ahead 17n!4.4(i 

«- Looking ar«>and 77 '.'.12 

^ Renulatiiin 7'.t:>.l.'. 

— The star and the cloud 72*>. l:) 

— Time and tide; and The sacrifice 72t>.12 

— To loTO and to be lured, and Ttiu uinifter'fl Mory. 

hHW.-lx I7lii:.14 

Shelf. »n. 

Roe, E. P. Barriers burned away 171.'i.7 

— From jest to euniest •'! 1 . 1 1 

— Niar to nature'^ heart iKlMi. 12 

— Ofviiiug a chehtnut burr 17(j4.1 

— WhHt can nhe do ? 17.'i3.2 

KouEK ShiTican rotter, M»j., Lifvandadveuturviiof. 

Van TruM-dnle, P 427.1 

KoLAMi). iSVe Ciiaiilkma«;nk cyele of rotuanccn, The. 

KoLA!<i» Yorke. WimmI, E. 1' o()2.H; 710.(>'J 

UoLA.xiM). Henry, A. 2v lT'.m..*i 

KoLLi.xu st'inv, A. l>tidev:tnt, A. L. A. I> 47ti.23 

KoLLo at play. Abbott, J 440.28 

Roi.1.0 at itchiNil. Abbott. J 440.29 

Kui.i.oniwork. Abl>ott, J 440.30 

Koi.Lt» ill (leni'Ta. Ablxitt, J tt.'t'.i. 14 

KdLLu in Holland. Abbott, J G.'iO.l? 

Uoi.Lo ill l«<piidon. Abbott. J <'*.'rj..'> 

Kui.Lii in Naples. Abbott, J t>77.10 

i'ioi.L4i in Paris. Abbott. J G-Vj.8 

Kui.i.o in Koine. Abbott, J titiO.O 

Koi.Lo in Scotland. Abbott, J €77. 18 

RoLLo in .'''witicrland. .\bbott. J (i.'iO.O 

RoLi^ in tho wikkIs. Abbott, J 1420.28 

Rui.1.0 on thv Atlantic. Abbott, J G.'iO.I 

RoLLo on thv Rhine. Abb<itt, J C30.23 

Roi.1.0 wrivs. Thv. Set Aimorr, J. 
RoLi.o i<t<iry books, The. Stt .AnBurr, J. 

RuLi.o'ii corrvii|>oiidviice. Abbott, J 14^7.12 

KoLLu'h vxiK'riineiit*. Abbott, J 1 4*>7. 15 

Hoi.i.n's inuM'Uin. .Abb-tt. J ll(.7.1G 

Ktti.i.rtV ii>ur tti Kup |M'. Sfr Animrr, J. 

Koi.r niid Poly ut aunt .Merciful If rutacap>. Cherter, 

.<. (F ) 14.VJ.4 

Koi.r and P<ily at Pinkvillv. Ou-ilvr. S. (tL) U-VJ.J 

8helf niuubem above 21 lO in the Notei* are in tiio Uatoii Hall. 


Shelf. No. 

RoMAiN Emlbris. Malot, H. (H.) 1735.17 

Rom AiXBy Robert Dexter, p$eud. See Patsou, G. 

Rom AH baths. Sherwood, M. M. Works 452. 1.14 

Roman nights; or the tomb of the Soipioc. Verri, A. 809.11 
Roman traitor. The: or, the da js of Cioero, Cato and 
Catiline. A true tale of the repablie. Herbert, 

H. W 436.15 

RoMAXCB and humor of the rail. Smith, S 1735.3 

RoM AXCB and reality. Landon, L.B. 1503. 1 1 

RoMAHCB, The, of a piano i 450.7 

Romance, The, of a poor young man. Feuillet, 0. . . 803.12 
Romance, The, of an honest woman. Cherbulies, 

V 1777.12 

Romance, The, of Beanseineonrt. Warfield, C. A. . . 1445. 10 
Romance, The, of certain old clothes. James, R.,jr. 1774.21 
Romance, The, of history. England. Neele, H... 419.1 

419.2; 419.3; 419.9 

— France. Ritchie, L. 419.5; 1718.1 

— Italy. Macfarlane, C 419.6 

— Spain. Trueba y Cuseo, T. de 419.7 

Romance, A, of perfume land, or, tho tearoh Ibr 

CapL Jacob Cole. Clifford, F. S. 14€C7 

Romance, A, of real life. Howells, W. D. (/s 

Johnson, (B.) R. LitUe classics) 1839.7.4 

Romance of the charter oak: a picture of eol<mial 

times [in Connecticut]. Seton, W 79C5 

Romance, The, of the mummy. Qautier, T 494.18 

Romance, A, of the republic [American ciril war, 

etc] Child, L.M. 488.19 

Romance, The, of the reToluUon. Bunco, 418.21 

Romance, The, of war; or, the Uighiandert in Spain. 

Grant, J I80S.9 

Romantic Belinda. Tuthill, L. C 714.9 

Romantic incidents in the lires of naturalbts and 

travellers. Brightwell, C. L. 746.20 

Romantic tales. Craik, D. (M.) 730.4 

Romany Rye. [Gipdies.] Borrow, G 478.4; 802.22 

Rome. AbboU, J. Rollo in 669.9 

— Beste, J. R. Modern society in 504.11 

— I>eMiUe,J. The scTcn lulls 1713.4 

NOTE ON rom:k. 

AneUni HUtory. 

IXm cKNTrar b. o. 

/hVlM. — Trajcrtlict by Marlowe C-'^SSAS; 6806L5.2], Barton Booth, T. Nash, J. Reed, Prince Hoare, Oehe, WelehaenMnmer. SCanolU, Le I^mne da 
piKnan, Joddle, Scb5II, Wiedmann, and J. £. SehleseL Poem bj Oarcao. Opera< by Mctaitasio and Klein. 

Tlllra CKNTUBT B. C— MrUiU«io,**Romoloed Er>Uia'*CIUI9J*.4; 2775.1.7; 2775.4.10: 47S5.aJ; 477Sa.6.1S3. De to Mothea, ** Boorabu." tnflc^r. 
tnodatrd by H. Johnmn. Y. Monti, '* Aritfodemo " [9M9.2: 307.19 J; 477«S.S.l}, Mesdna, trafrdy. 

.VMMa PompiUtu. —Talc by Florian [9SSt3«3. Drama by Oailenberg. 

VllTH CKNTCBT B. a — Alannontel, " Afiftomine ** [SOSJ.U ; 4707.U3, traffedy. 

Horatii mnd CuriatU^ B. C ea». — W. Whitehead, •*The Roman father" [331.1.2; aM.1.14: 457Ba.55L9: 9Sn.AJ}. tngtdj, Ooncnia, ** Horace* 
C100Bl».1 : 2mUi 2; ^C0g.±3; 4708.1.7], and tranelations by C. Cotton, Mrs. C Fhillipa, and Sir W. Lower. Tra|cedy by Collin. 

HlSTOSICAL BBrEBCCCBB. — B. C. 79 f JOS. Mtfml ptriad. Livy CSl4 4; SV.19; MG.4: 3»:i5^} ; 4754.6; 4IC0.7] is the moil eoploos; hot FlulafCk'l 
I4TeaC511 6; 541J0.1: 547.11.1; 1530.1; 5008.1; 5000.5.1; 5009A1] of Ronmlns, Numa, and Poplicola, may be read in connection. It It therahae oTthcM 
authorities that has Riren rise to the Niebuhr controversy. There is a snmmary of this period in Philip Smith's ** AAcient history ** Cai5.10; ttI7 JD, ck. Wy 

Bum's " Runic and the Campafna " [2751 JQ is a nuMt elaborate surrey to establish the lexends of the regal period Iff physical geosraphj. TIm wamnm 
of the early history are ezamiued in chapter 2 of Ilemans's ** Historic and monumental Rome" [:!75Sl51}. 

YiTH GEXTUBT B. c — Stolberg. ^ Sen ins Tullius,** drama. 

^ntfiM.— J. H. Payne, "bnittts" [1:)57.8: l^S&S], tragedy. Alderi,"Bnito primo" [10M.3.S: 270B.I.1S: 2774.1.14: Tn4.Ui\ S773J.I3. traficdy. Tol- 
lairc, " Brutus " [4aH.&13, tragedy. Other English tragedies bj Lee, Duncombe, Downham, and Shirley (** Roman sacrifice "). 

Lwcreria.— Tragtdies by F. Ponsard, Arnault, Moiadn, C Hugo, and J. E. SchlegeU 

VTii OK?rrCBT B. c. — T. B. Macaulay. ** The battle of the Lake RegUlus" in his ** Lays of ancient Rome ** [3M.1S; 2758.4; 279BLaS], In 4K, pnei 
MctastaMO. " II trionfo di Qelia" [1019.2.4: 2775.1.7; 2775.4.10; 47GJU: 477taA133. Ryer, **8c(role," tragedy. 

C'eriol«iiH«, 491-488, etc — Dramas by Abcille; Calderon, **Las armas de la hennoeura" [4290.15.4]; Chapoton, Chatlgoy, Chcrrean, OoIUb, Desis, 
Dyk, Oodin, Hardy, Ia Uarpc, Mauger, Richer, Schink, Schlegel, Shakespeare, T. Sheridan, and Thomson. 

CtneimmmtM*, 460, etc — Tragedies by Arnault, Piodcnionti, and Weichselbaumer. 

Buratttu CvcUm. — Poem by T. B. Macaulay, in his ** Lays of ancient Rome " [.'ti4.U: 2758.4 ; 2759JR]. Opera by Arnault. 

rtrgimU, 449.— Poems by Chancer, ** The doctor's talr," in his " Canterbury UK's " [.112.11 : 319^.1; SIB.15; SlUt .VS^4.1; SiUSJ; 1314J; SSSBJD; 
2S37JS.S5; 23iai.l2.3; 2SBS.7 ; 4S04.1.1]; T. B. Macaulay, in his " Lays of ancient Rome" [.134.13; 2756.4; 2750.>i]; and Mrs. Gunning. 

Engbah tragedies by J. 8. Knowles, L. Osborne, Webster (1654), Dennis (17V0), Crisp (1754), Mrs. Brooke (1756), Bettciton (**BoinaB vin|lB,"aa 
alteration of Wrbstcr's). Bidlake (1800), and R. Jones. 

Italian tragedy by AlflerL 

Ficneli tragedies by Ia Uarpe, Mairet (MBS), Leclere (1045), Gampistron (UBS), Leblanc, Chabanon, and Doigni du Poncaao. 

Spanish tragedies by Juan de la Cueva and Montiano. 

German tragedies by Soden, Weichselbaumer; Leasing, **£miUa QalotU" [1019.1.2; 2804.8.2: 28B7.10L2; 4S48JJS], tranaferring th« slory to moden 
times; Pat2ke, Uusc^er, Ayrenhaff, Hcinrich, and Maltitx. 

Danish trage<iy by Leopold. 

Appiiu Ctaudiua. — There is an early English tragedy ** Appius and Yirginia." Drantas by Roebn-. Lohmann, and John MoncrieC 

HlSTOBlCA L mBPXKK^CES. — «. C. 508 lo Sia CeMMMveaft*. Uvy, Book f to 7 [814.4 : SW.IO; 9M.4 ; 29CS.51 ; 47544; 4990.7), and Fluiaxch's Lhca 
CM1.6: 54L10.1, 2; 547.11.1 ; 1530.1 ; 5008.1 ; 50U0A1 ; 5000.8.1,2] of FbpUcola. Corioianus, and Camillns. are HUl the most accessible of the andcfit airthaci- 
ties. Of the modems, Mommsen [275&J; 475L4] is scanty : but Xiebuhr [954ji>] and Arnold [958.2; 958.^ are copious. A general summary of the endrs 
Gommonircalth period wUI be f«Nind in Book I of Napoleon's ** Life of CBsar " [931.2: 4944.2; 4944^; 4M4.6]. MichaleC's ** Roman republic*' [838.5: 91t.4s 
919J] coTcrs this period and continues to the fi>unding of the Empire. 

IVtu CKNTirBT B. c. — Marmontel, » Dcnys, Ic Tjrran " [9)09.1.15 ; 4707.1 J], tragedy. Botta, ^ Camilk) ** [1B09T3, YeU taken, SBC, cpiie. 

JTamis CMrf<««, 360.— Dramas by J. P. QuincT. ** Lorteria** [345.L-t; MS.14] ; and Jaen de Marre. 

IIISTOBICAL mErXBCtCKS. — A. C. 340 fe 9M. A«Man tupnmmeg, me. Livy [814.4 ; 83U.19: 9ld.4; 2015.51 ; 4754.6; 409017] and PIttereh'a Lifs CMLfi; 
541.10.S: 547.11.2; 1530.1 ; 5008-1; 5O0OJu2; 5009JJ] of Pyrrhus m«y be compared with Mommsen and Arnold, as befbia. 


Pint Punie w«r, 254-94L — G. Flaubert, ** Salammb6,'* Hamilcar. Bogulawskr. '* Xanthippns,** poem. 

Jl^ulKs. — Tragedies by Crowne, Ilarard, Collin (German), Mclastasio (lulian), Jouj (French), and Dorat. 

5seeM Pu$Uc w«r, 21S-9BL — Petrarch. ** Africa," Latin poem. Legouvi, ^ Fsbins." tragedy. 

BmnHilol^ 5. 2tf , d. 18S. — Lorenxo de Zamora, Siege of Sagnntum, 218, epic Grabbe, ** Hannibal,'? play. H. G. Knight, ** Hannftal in BKkjBi*** 
drama; and others by Mariranx ; Flimin-Dkiot; Hnaehberg; Schadbey; Weichsdbanmcr, ** Scipio and Hannlhal " (Zama) ; Barkingham, ** Bdpto Atii- 
canos.-* Nichol," Hannibal" [2479.61], pl«y. 

StpkomUh*, Xumidia, il. £03 B. a— Tragedies h7 Alfleri tl048A2; 2774.23; 2775.6.1], Comellle [291.23; 2706X8]. Ephco, ChiUts. Grwnbcff. Bake. 
Hersch. Lre, LohensCein, Mairet, Marston (** The wonder of women "), Meiasner, PlOniike, Schadbey, Schmidt, Thomson, Trlssiao, and ROfler. 

IlD CKimniT B. C. — Sllreira, " Macabeo," Jerusalem, epic 

Clo Os tldtr, tM* cciuflr, d. \49. — Drama by Bodmer. 

Cmu* Graeekua, k. 154, d. 12L — Tragedies by J. 8. Knowles [1857.1.1], T. Monti, translated h7 EmI Russell, Ch6nttr, Mrs. L. 8. Maeeoid, Ictt, aBl 
Eari of Carytfort. 

Cornelia, the mother of the Gracchi, is the sub>eci of a tragedy by Madlle Barbier. 

Third Puuie w«r, 149-146. — Tragedies on the destruction of Cartliagr, by W. Watkins and Eari of Carysfort. 

NMmmmtina var, ISI B. C — Oerrantes, ** Nuniaiitia,* tragedy: and another by Ayala. 

/■yunJkiiM aw. 1±.>-1Q6 B. C. —Tragedies by N. Pfehantr^ and La Grange Chancel. 

Shelf numbers above 21 lO in the Kotes are in the Bates Hall. 


HlROnOAL Bimntcn. — v. C. fM l* Ml. i*imfe wn^ «re. Pnljrblaa it the prritrabl^ anthority, but Llry [814.4 1 SVI.1f t M14| SSSJl i 4734 Jit 
mmr] «U1 do in put. flupplemratcd by PluUrch'i Um IMIA-, 511.10; M7.n ; l.VD.I : MiM.1 : SOmji; SOOUJf} of Fablui Maxlinus, Puilut «Cinllluf. MftrrrU 
Iw, MarrtM Otto, and Flaiiiiniut, with NefUM [KH Iff] »n Hannibal. Miimmfra C^.W.S; 47.'M.4]. bnuk .1, chap. 11 and 12. la particularly itnmg on the Intrr- 
■•1 coadMon of Home at thU time: and Arnnld'a " ilittory tyf Rome " [90.13 : OKI .*:] it remarkably hi-]|iful on the M>coml Punic var, and Hannibal. 

InrKMTl-BT B.r.— La Cbapvll*'. " Caiullua," tragedy. Cumclllc," ifertotijt" [lUft;.9.:!: 9)»1.3.A. :;;ui*».2»: 47iM.lJ(]. in Spain, B.r. 72.traffpdyi 
■ad oth«rt by Baocroft, LDmntclI, and UicM-brrcht. 

JlrUa mmd JTonMr, RS. f tr. — Jouy, ** Mjlia " [9W7.0]. tfa2*<ly. Arnault, •• Mariu*," t.aicnly. C. Ia Rue, " Sylla," traff<ly . Otvay, *• Caiui Mariua " 
CaB&.10Lt]. Minf Ihr plot of Shakn|irarp't " Rtiinoo anil Juliet." tragedy. Dramas hf Collin, Laniey, and (i rabbe. 

fpmrtattu, 71^71. — Dramaa by Urchtribr, '* Kmo und Spartakiit"; and Saurin. 

CMUm. m B.r.-Trajrcdira bj Cr4billon. O. Crvly [.U.ldJ; 371.173. B. Jonaon [.-fiLS; 23M.r>; 90U7.4.4]. J. £. Rmde. Voltaire (tranfUied by Dr. 
nmacfclln). [ HVKtCTl, IVrxlas, KQmberfer. and Ca>ll. 

IL W. Herbert. »Tb« B >nian traitor" [i'MLU}. Ule. 

CMai.tM9««Mfer. Utira, kilNhimaeir. «Tn. c — Dramaa by Addlaon, DcMrhampt (trantlatcd by Onll). Metaataalo, "Catone In Ulica** [1049.S.1| 
07«l1.1; S77A.4.4: 476:i.H.!e; 4nVa4U%]; Baynoaard. '* Cahin dTiique ": Gottielic«lin. and fjamrr. 

C«v <it .VwrAarN ff wrap*. — Eckachlixrr. >* Owar in Deulachland," drama. MQHer vim Frieflberg. " Orgctorix," drama. Babo, ** Die ROmer In 
OcBtenland." drama. MQIler, •• Die Helvetier lu diara zeit " (Switzerland), draiiw. 

Firm triumHr^* (OMr, Ponipcy. CraMuai, IW B. v. — YolUiie. " JLc triunivlrat" [:AU.1&8; 4670 13; 4niit.l.ll3, tragedy. Crcbillon. " Le trlumvlrat ** 
Cra.4t 4n«.l.Sl].tracedy. 

Cte«w«nd/'Mip^y'«»w.JOB.a — LiiCNn.*'Fharuna"[KMJS: S.'«3.7J0: S»0.rLS7,SR: SKSA^; 4t1>4.1.13]. pucm (nmtinued in I^in by May. t<i death 
•f Caaar). tienrfr Chapman. ** Warm ot Piim|H>y and Caaar," tragedy. John Dover, " Ku man general*," tragedy; and anUiii'i byAmd. Comcille, 
•• tSmpir •• [MMIU.1 1 9ftPl 2.1 1 S7I»V2.4 ; 4708 1 .7], tragvdy. 

Beaaniont and Kletcher. " The falie one" [ZU(U; WOlfJL*}, Cf ear at Alexandria. Ii«s«-dy. 

Duke or Bucklngliani. " CieMr." trari<-dy. 

<:«Mrti/r#«i. 44 0. • . — Tiac«-dift by Shaki-ipcare; Alflcri, " Bruto fccnndo" [I0tr>.-|.2: 27r4.1.16: S774 1.14: 27743.^: 277.'(.6.1: 477VaAin]: Vnltalrp. 
*■ !<• mort de C4«ar " [M7it.l7: 'JM IK 4; 4(l7rtU'>: 47*^ 1 10: 47lUa.lAJt]: Crevin. •' I>i mort de CVaar " : Duke of Bnckinuhani, " Marvut Bruiui"; A. Hill. 
** Roman revenge " : Tiii>maa Mty, Eat] ot Stcrliiig, A. S. Conti, Uoilnier, I/e*king, Kurhi, Ct>liin, and Krkhufrn. 

I^nipatdl, " Younger Brulu*." p<teui. 

fwv m d trimmrtrtale (<h:faviut, Ant>ny, T^iiilim), 4.n h. <*. — R- Cumberland, *' The baiiiihntent of Ci>*eru," drama. C de Me«a. " IVimpciut,'* tragedy. 
BeBBOioiit nnil Fktrher. "The ratte one '* [:tW..-l: 2ai7.'t.4], tragv<ly. Caldrron, " Ki mavnr inoii«tru.i ]•>• xi-lo " [ti'.'rfi.l.VI J. play. 

ri0<yafra. — Trageiliet by Siiakekpeare." Antony and CliMpatra "; lli>nry Brmikf; Sir Cliarte* Sedler, " ifa'auty tiir c»niuen>r "; Dryilrn, " All for 
love" (Antony after Actinia) ; AllU-ri. " Cli^paira"; Corni'llle, " P.Mni-t'e." alternl by C. CiblM r at *' Ctt*ar in K;:^ |>t.'* and tranaiateil bv Mrp. Catiiarine 
FhllipeaiKl Minund Walli-r: MannoKtvl. " Cleiipitre"! Sodm, " Klnipatra*'( Tliomas .May: I>aniil; Jodilie. "Cle^T**-'*' raiitivr " ; J. C. de l^nni>y, 
Ltf*heiiNrin. Rriiaa, Ijl Caiprrneilf, Honi, Ktifxi'bne, AyttiiltiilT, thjuniet, and Slnie. £niile du Uirardln. Uarnier'* liagcdy vaa trantlai*^ by the 
CoameMiif Prmbnike. •• " Tra^i-^lie of Aninnlc." 1*40. 

Heniaua. " The lait ban<)nrt of .\ut.>nr and Cleiipatra." poem. 

Ai«>.— .\. Vrirk. " \^ niitli roiiiaua" [27.7.:a; 'MK^.i; 2tKU.O: 477giA.7'J]. or " R iman ni;;ht«" [;«)Ll.ll]. r.-pre4enting t'.\9 splrito of ecirbratcd ancient 
Bonant, wandering itrrr hiiiiiric •ilea. 

UlMT(>Klt-.%i. Brrr.BrN<:r.8. — ff. CM-'Slfo^O. FvrHgn and HrU rar$. Fur the early |iart i if the |m- rind riutaicli, in hit I.itee t.'II.A; Ml.h); M7 11| 
IMD.ti MKl; Jno.-'t; ."iU^.M] i.f the Uiatvlii, Mariun, Sylla. Lurullu«. Craatii*. ami S-rti>ritt*. with .Sallu«t m, •' The Jngnrtltiiie war " [&li 10; WU.t], ni-ikt-fl 
|h« chief •■•u.caof a tlwly. For t:te latter part. Plutarch a^ain in hit I.lvei [.*»41.i:; .'4I.1U; ;.4:.ll ; i:>D.I ; :i^ti 1 : nnv.:*; .VlRi.^] ut Cin-ri>, l'oni|ier, Cli-aar. 
CWolhe>«iunger, Brutut. and .\ntiniu«, mu«l Itr tu|tplvni«-iiti<il br Cin-nt'i timrcht-* tml letter* ;k!4.10: kIM:.': K44.V; *.±K.T.'Ji: 1V>3I; *Jir.:M:>. etc.]; by 
CaMr'»<«Coniineniarit>t "Ck24j:; icxill: 2-.i'J9iO; 4ti|'J.4; 4'JlU.H; t'JlUlu: 4!Qti.(;j; by 8ai:u>t, on tiw "Ct*nipl.ary of CatUliic ' [&P).IO( tSM.4]. and by ttue- 

In hit " i.tvet >if Ihr Cvtarn " [H44.N: IVU'Al), fir Juliut and Uclaviut. 

Monimten. MiclieUi. and Mcrivale are the chief inuilvm author it let. 

Bn aUo .Nap .|e nit *' Life .>r Cje«r ' [Ull 2; 4M4.-.': 4M4J$i 4M4.C} and Furavth't ** Lif • of Cicerti " [.7U: VtlAS}. 

Fhilip ^uith'i *' ADcivDt hittory " [UVi-lO ; 3217 J«)J £>▼«• • food lumuiary of tlilt period in hit 7th bojk. 

HoMuiift Ktnpirt, 

ACGrHTrB.B.c. .tl-A.ii. 14. Tieck.'-KaiterOctaTlanu«*'[l»I)ll.l: 2*M.l I], ilrama. Ben J.m« m, •• Tie p-^atter" [:12.».;; •'•llflt 2ni7.4.2}. where, 
(Mdliig III Ijinib. *' hr baa here rvrivcd the whole Court of Auguttut by a leainid tiM-li,"' Virgil, H>>rare. Oi id. Tibiillut, He . dranm W. A Ibvker. 
** (tallua " [u:>7 2t a»'<» 27], manner* and ru«t«tmp. tranalalrd by F. Mrtralte. Ule. M (}. Keim. •• Dmn and liir Sibilt." talr. Oirneiilr. •• ( '[ b«i :.'.«.! ; 
9ftl 2.1 : 2:^«;..'.1; 4:iM.l 7], drama. Ileridtry. *• Rome an tifcle d'Auguttr." Ule. Mft. J. B. Webb. ** l'onip.inia: or, tin- g>i«|Ml in Our t liiMiarlMild " 

*Mtmn«t a^^t«r of AHguatu; d. 11.4*. II.— Dramat by Kotiebiie. Alflvri, Canierer. and .*««'nera, Eni{li»h tran«l«lion by Nure; K. Ilranilmi, " Vmiitiaa 

TliiEBiri. A. II. 14-7.— Cbenirr, "Tibere." drama; and anotlier by J. C Hauch and MonUlvan. Ben Jonton. " tkjanut " C:a2^; 2.»i.i:: 'Jai7.4.t]. 
tnicrdy. (;<^rDer " T>beriiit uihI Pnltcarp." iliaina. 

GrrmmmirMB, d. IV. — Trani^liet by lii«cher, Arnault, Rieech, and Wurtleuburger. 

E|<ic by 1^ W. e«n Mrrken. 

CAiJUt'L*. :I7-4I. — Trag'-diet by J. Cmwne and Jeiniunn. 

CI. an •Its. 41-64. — Drainai liy K-il/ettue. an.l I«a (jrangt*, " t^aiiiui ct Vnrtiirinut.** Chriktiant. 

Mn. J. B. Weldi. •• l^ll••p••lda " [4.r>.7}. Clinttiant in Rtmie anil BrlUin. Ule. 

Afnfptmm. — Trac<dir« bjr Tlmnut Mar, Thonia* Urar iriagtiienl). ami Itniienalrin. Stmrnet. " Le i;'*<l>ateur.** tr«getly. 

ItruMtmi'^u. •> Trancly b\ iUiMne [l«C«i.4: 27ai .'!.'.': 2'<i'j.I.2; 47iKl.l]. and a lr«n«la!iMn by (>j[«*ll. 

NKBii. M-«l.- TragMlt*^ liy V- Kichlrri Braun; C. tSutik'iw: W. van den Nieuweiandi; J. Italdic. *■ The martyr ' [.112.12: -riA|..1; »V,4.9]i l^npr de 
Teita. " Rirfua Abraaada"; >. Ia-c; and l^isuuii-. " Kpirliaitlt tt Nrnm." 

M Viiirrranche. •• Cliieaiu" (i. (irey. '• Virgilia." 

J. W. Brown. ** Julia »r Bai»." tale. F. lliitTinaiin. trantlatcd by L. C. Saeip, " The Oreek maid at the court ol Xer<» " [447.22:. UW. AnoD., " Fa* n 
a# Icfturiua.* UW. W. W. Sioiy. " Ni-ro " [2:^.74J. dramatic iiocm. 

Jk'we. — Head Mania! for nianiicrt. 

OTHfi.W. - Curnelile. "Oihun " [9V1.2.6: 27tM.2.ii;. tragedy. 

VrrcLUim. <». — U. J. Wli>te-MeUille, " The gladiator* " L7.'A U( 7rd.l]. Rime aiHl Judsa. Ule. 

V»PAfii AH. ;u-f*J. — Alfleri, •• f MUvia " [I4»4a.-Ll ; 2774 1.11 ; 2774 2.-t; 277:> «'>.l], tiagi^y. 

For ihe taking of Jerutalrm by Tiiu». tee N«ite umlrr Jkwh. 

TiTta. 71Mil. — Corneille, "TUcct Wrtnicr"[27UiL2.»],diaiiia. Harlnc." Ber4nire" [|it:A.«: 27A1.TS; 2niU.I1: 47rM 1.1]. drama, an I atrantlaii.m hf 

Orway. De Brlloy, ** Tltu." Iragnly. Mciattaaio. •• La clnnenra di Tito" [l«iU.2.1: 277-*' i I: 'S7H.:'., I7«»n.I; 477Ui.i; 4], and a iraoalat by lirland. 

Blav a tragMly bv Jepheun. 

IVarni mmd thrrmUtmemm, 70. — Bulwer, " The lait dayi of P<imp* ii " [ VJO,'A: V.\'Z\', M-i '.'4:. tale. M. U FalrAi'id. " Ijui mgbl I'f P.ini|.< li [ : >.■;], 

poem. AUirrtfwne. " LaM dayt of Heiciilaneum [ 'tV-V]. |»N-m. T. Uaulicr, " .\rria Marnila. ' (iregtirit " Kiip'iori>in " [Ik:'JIi. :.'•;. (*i ruian p<Miu. 


T- (iray, " The enlal ' [49 H], make* the eruinion cotein^>rary with the pertocution of tlie Chritiiant under T^lut. 

T. B. Maeanhiy, " PMu|ieil " [Si 2U*. in Cambridge prize i^H-mt. 

UiWITiAit. Sl-w: — Maatingcr. *• The Roman actor " [ .&I.4.2: :'MJi 2], phiy. 

CaBI.T ClIBIvnA.sil. {3*9 mmdtr lAe difrrrmi wmfrrort. 1 — C. II>itiii. -• .Neither R-mie nor Juilra. " ta>. PirMrr. " Asatlioclrt." eontrmtt "f CTiH^ian 
and hralhrn.Ule. A. Ballydear and B«iwden. ** Valeria," tale. A Qiiiiit*>ii, " Aurvlia ' Jr^t at It 'iif. lair. iranil«t<«i by P F di- <i mniay ['«U I:.']. 
C1uteaiibrla»l."l4« martyr* "[1UIML7\ tlgyp*. Greece, Palettlne. Kmie, Naple*. tune uf Di «Ietiaii. Anon . "The cimd marlir" [t* KJ. iMinw. tale 

Shelf uiuubeni above 21 lO in the Notes are in the Bateti UalL 


J. X. LMTitt ** The BoouiB mutjnT ZIMUS), poem. E. Gtaarln, ^ Tbe Tktory of th« TaaqoMwd*' C4S.4: 710177], tale^ Mrs. KmnU tEa^tm m A\ ' 
edfait ttiefe«rle«iChriatUnniafcien"C«SO-AS]>Ml«- Mme. de La Onnxe. ** The Tettal ** [179^5]. tale. Emmm Leetie " GlMida." Atheu. etc tye. 

J. C. Hrywuod. diameUr tdlocj. *« HcrodiM " [USHJ}. Palntine : ** Antoniiu " [U'H.U Druids in Britain ; ** Selome "* [13»4: 4I0&23. 

Trajan. »-1 17. — J. G. Lockhart, " Valerius " [489.4], peraecution of Christians, talc. U. M. Didiinftin, ** The seed 6f the ehnreh " CITS&Jt]. tik. 

Hadrian, 117-US. — MHaatasio. *• Adriano in Siria " ClOtt.2.] ; S773l1.S: 277^4.1 : 47ti3Al ; 4n%ajLl^ pla7. ud a tmialarion i»j Joha Ooola; abo aa 
<qieva by Meyer. 

J. De MUle. ** Helena's h.iusehold " C14iU]. domestic life, tale. S. Pellieo. >* Ester d'Engaddi " C^TM-H], tiajpedr. IL Geifer. ** T^dia." Ahm.. 
^ iBaooe." sUre litb in Rome. tale. Mrs. A. M. Bright, *' Th« three Bemices " C7B&.£»]. tale. JuTenal's '* Satires " £834.13} SML^t; 2902.7.19: SUlU; 4MJ.B]. 
fbr manners. ' 

AfARCtTS AUKKUirs, Ml-lW. — J. A. FcMler, ^ Mark Atirel,** tale. G. Gat^ni* " The Boman exile " C«7a.2]. tale. 

Tor ciifroh in tub 8KU(>ni> crntctrt. — Leslie, ''Flavla" C178S.7], Mamas Anrelius, Poljcarp, etc. tale. Strauas. **I«a, or the htfdtm la 
Jordan " C4{i;8.uO. Ule. 

HlSTORlOAL RKTRRRNCES.— B. C. 31 to A. D. ISS. Bmtpirt. Taeit'is, " Annals " and ** Histury " [834.17; 87iai: 94UI.1-S; SMiL 11.1-4] OKlBiid tnm 
the closioc yi«r» .if Augustus to the death of Uomitian. Merivale thinks die ** History " more trustworthy than the " Annals." Snelonias, ia hie ** livcssf 
the Cmars "* V^M-, :9t8.17]. b consfdeied not always trustworthy. Plutarch's Uws [:^1X; Ml.lO; 347.11: 1S9.1: 50011: SfMJi: UQ0L8] of Galba awl Olh^ 
and Josephu»s" Antiquities ''C»M.S.l:2ai«l:SgK.2; 29iU.I-3: S»0.8.1.S: «S9I)l«] and ^ Jewish war " [MA.1 ; MS.2.S; 2»».l: 2396.2; SSMOJ;*: flORAlt 
CBIU.8] make up the essential authoriii««. 

The chief modem autharitr iu English is Merirale's ** Bomans under the empire " [945.12; 27A5.4], of which the last chapter is on the scncial 
tion of the empire at thi« time. Lccky's " History of morals " [973.2: AVIl.l] shows the moral cOrds of Christianity, and iciees aa aeeunnt of the ] 
tion of the diristians, while aftiither account of their relations to the empire can be found in Milman's ** History of Caristianity ** [lOSSul; asu.4: SU&S}. 
JjTes of Augu^us, Nero, Tnjan. and Hadrian, neceaaarily illnstrate the period. Gibbon begins his ** Dediue and fall " [tft-C; 9j«.lVt UOi.!; SSJ; 

47M.1; 47;M.5: 47J6.7] with Coinmodus, the last emperor of this epoch. De Quinccy's ** Casars " [88!^: 8894.4] is a curs.>ry sketeh of the liiw of im p 

down to Diocletian, touching on their less known doings; and aomething ot Interest will be found in the paper on the bartkarisn of the cniftf* ia De 
Quinc«y's ** Historical essays " [ftfcVIfi]. 

There is a summary of i\\U period in Book 8 of Philip Smith's ** Ancient history " [985.10; 2217 JO]. 

M AXIMIN, d. SBw — Drydrit, " Tyrannic love." drama. 

JuttiH Marttr. d. 167. — Poem by Dean Trench. 

Valkrlan. 133 'Mi. — T. Mooie, '* The eptcurran ** [73a6], worship of Isb in Egypt, tale. 

CllRlfn-lANS rKRBKrtTKit. (St- diftrtml tmperon,) — Newman, " CallisU " [710J9]. tale. Oorneille, '* Polyeode " [101L9.1; 9m.2.S; SnMu2.4; 
«08.1.7], in A. D. £iU, tia|ri>dy s and others by Philippi and Sir W. Lower. J. Wilson, ** Martyr of Carthage." Mrs. J. B. Webb, ** The maftyn of Car- 
thage" [3a).14], Origen, d. 25.1. tale. Quinton, "■ The money god " [1783.11]. tale. A. D. Crake. " fmilius," under Valerian. GuiUen de Castro. - 
Birlkara," Origen at Nicodemia. J. M. Neale. ** The fknn of Aptonga " [479.11], Sl Cyprian, tale. Dryden, ** Tyrannic lore," Maximin and SL ' 
tragedy. Anou., " The child martyr " [43tC16], under Seeerus. 

Zrnobia (ratm^rw, 28C-3t7a). — W. Warv-, ** Zeiiobia" [891.14; 894.10; WS.9]. Ule. T. L. Peacock, ** Palmyra," poem. Tragediaa by 
Crebilkin, A. .^Iiurphv, Metastasiu, D&riug. Stoekhauseii, and Hilton, " Siege wf Paliuyra.'* 

8. Schniitt, *' Zenobia," poem ; and a tale by Legroing de la Malssonueuve. 

ACTRKL1AN. 276-28:2. — W. Ware, " Aureiian " or " Probus " [808.10; 918.11]. Cnrisliaus in Borne, tale. H. H. Milman, ^ The marQrr of 
[3274^1 : 3;i2.6]. dranuu <:>skleron, '* £1 roagico prodigioeo" [429DlU.S), play. 

llu>TORi(-AL REKERENC»8.~a. D. 108 (o 28ft. Smpir*^ ctitimutd. The writers known as the Anxastan historians are the chief aowcc of oar 
knowledge, and D« Quiiicey bases his ** Caesars " [89X9; 6M.4] largvly upon them ; and Ravlinson, in his ** Manual of ancient history " [9(57.12; 19171 
ttf9a.ll], points out the dnaila Gibbon's ** Homau empire " [9Uil: 957.10; 193A.1 ; 275.'i.l ; 47.'>4.3; 4754.5; 4756 7], however, supplies the best aarradve. 

DtocLRnAN, 2»4-ai*. — N. M. Blackburn, ** The Theban legion" [1119JSi], tale, liudman, ** Diocletian," tragedy. Maadnger. ** Tlie riil^ 
martyr" C33CL4; 351X1; 357.14.1], Dorothea, 284, drama. 

' C4)X0TANTi> R 1 UR ORRAT, 306-337. — Tragedies by N. Lee and Philip Francis. £. Spencer, ** Constandne," tala. Zante, ** Inveocioa de la Civb." 
epic. Sneyd, "Cellene," t«lc. A. D. Crake, ** E«anos," Cliristiaas, tale. 

O. Meredith. ** Liciiiios" [L$K17]. p >em. Ellen Poluier. "Toe standard bearer.' 

Julian thr avostatr. 3SKW. — Aubrey de Tere, ** Julian 1^9 apostate." drama. L. F. Bungener, ** Julian," tale. Mr*. E. B. I^ea, ** PartlMaSa * 
[437.3], 390. tale. Drama by Kettenberg. 

VALXNTtNiAN. 391-375. — Beaumont and Fletcher, ** Valentinian " [3ril.2J; 2500^; VtK^Al, tragedy. 

CiiRUTiANS AT ALCJLANitRiA.— Mrs. J. B. Webb, ** Alypius of Tagaste" [500.28], tale. Mr*. Charles, ** Maid and Cleon," ale. Abbf Bayle, 
** Pearl uf Aolioch," 397, etc. Egypt, Syria, Palestine and Cou«antinople, tale. C Kingsley, ** Hypatia " [420.27 ; 481.11 : 484.13], murdered 415. tale. 

HltrrORlCAL RITKRCNCES.— a. D. 284 to :fitf, vktntka Empirt was divided, Ammianus Marreilinus isVJS] may b« fuUowed for a portion of the 
time: but Gibbon [9110: 9%7.I0; 1965.1 ; 2753.1 ; 47.>1JI; 4754J(; 4756.7], in chapU rs LI to 28, a ill suffice Uie g«-ueral r«ader. ConUantine the great and Jaliaa 
tne apostate are the ceutiai figures, and books regarding them may be consulted. 

HONiiRlU8, W9sum tmpirt^ 395-423. — Cardinal Wiseman, "The hidden gem " [2:>79.51], drama. 

CURISTIANS. — Mrs. Charles, "Conrjuering and to cuiiquer " [45.17; 1771.5; 1797.13], .*4 Jerome, Ule. Edvin Johnson, "The mouth of gotd" 
[134931] : Ciirj sostum, dramatic poem. Eumui Leslie, " Quadratus " [17(^.8], Ciirysostom, Ule. 

TUIC(>D«»H1U8, Katurn eat/trr, 402-450. — Massinger, ** The emperor of the East" [SSL4; 353.8.3; 357.14.3]; Gaudutn't poems fur loeal and soekd 
aspecU at this linic. and another tzagvdy by Lee. 

Ai.ARi« , 410. — E. Ever«.>tt, "* Dirge of Alaric." poem. Hemans, '* Alaric in Italy ' [.tfl.5: 347.2.1: 317.4.1; 1409.4; 2578.11.2; MM J], poem. 

Am LA, ViO-1. — Dramas by Corueillc. Kalrhberg, and Z. Werner. Poems by G. de Scud^rc ; Cliiabrera, " Gothiade " : and W. H. lietbeft. Tales by 
G. P. K. James [4(>1.24; 1803..^]: J. A. Fessler, ** Attlla's ouuxt " in the " Hvklenbuch." Anon., " Waltharius," a Latin poem of the teuth centary. See 
also the old German poems, " UildebrandacU," ** Walter of Aqnitaine," and ** Nibelungeulicd," where he is far less terrible than in the Ladn and Scan- 
dinaviati legrnds. 

G CN8RRIC, 4». — Tragedy, in Dutch, by C. Lescaille. Mra. Mercy Warren, ^ Sac-k of Bome," tragedy. 

Hkraouus, tmptrw •filu E—t, 6IU-641.— French poem by Gauthier d'Arras : Old German puem by Otto eon Frising. 

W. ColUn«, " Aiitooiua" [7J0.0U], tale. MeCastasio, "■ Exio ' [1049.2.1; 277.Vlj;; 2775 4.2; 4765^^1], drama. Cardinal Wiseman. ** FabioU" [80MS; 
809.18], d. 4U0, chorch of the catacombs, Ule. Anon., ** Martyr of the catacvimbi," tale. V. Rvdherg, •• The last Athenian " [473.19]. Counicas Uaha- 
Hahn, *' Eudozia," church ni the Basilicas, Turks and Greeks, etc. tale. J. C. Lannuy, *• Leo the great " (pope), tragedy* J- M- Lcavitt, ^^Aflraaiaa* 
[1348.19], tragedy. ^ 

HIHTORICAL RRrERRNcn. — A- D.t^to 476. wAea rAc Emtpir* feU, This is the period of Alaric, Attila and Genserie. and the general reader will tai 
enough in Gibbon's *' Roman ampUe" [053.6; 957.10; 1955.1; 2753.1; 473IJI: 4734.5; 4756.7], chapters 29 to 38, and in 3tilman's » I^tin CUriatiaaity ** 
[1115.1:3514.12]. ^ 

Lvcky says, '* There is much curious inf irmaiioii about the growth of Boman luxury in Pliny's * Natural history,* lib. xxzvl; and the movemcot «f 
decomposition has been latirly fully traced by Mommsea in his ' History of Rome' [2758^2; 47544]; by lK>lli-.iger in his ' First age of ChrlstianiKy' [5512.4]: 
by PrcMens^ in his ' ilistory of the early years of Christianity ' [115 17 ; 3524.5 ; 55:ftL6], aiid in the U^autiful closing chapters of Renao's ' Apoatka ' [IMIM; 
M74JI].'* There is an essay on the Flavian Cssars in £. A. Freeman's " Historical essays *' [1831.4.2; 2473.'ifi.2]. 

A summary of the periud of decline cuustitutrs Book 9 of Philip Smith's "■ Ancient history " [933.10; 2217 JO]: and in Merivale's ** Roman caapiie* 
[945.12; 2735.4]. chap. 33, tlicre is an catiinate of the aources of the history «^ the imperial period. See also in this eonnectiou Smith's ** DkCionaiy oC 
biography," uuder Tacitus. 

Later peiiods must be followed under Italy. 

Atui'ptitita, MaRiier*. He— Sev fUU list of authorities in the note in the Lower Hall Catalogue of history, etc ; but Smith's Dictionary will ordinarily 
anfUce. Gibbon's " R.>raan empire " [9A'i.6; 9'>7.10; 19ri5.1 ; 2733.1 : 4754.3; 4754 J; 4756.7], chap. 71, is devoted to the b>pography and munumento; and ttteia 
is a Bumuiaiy of the antii|uilies in Lord's " Old Roman world " [1957.1], compiled fh>m Dyer's " History of the cily " [2737.15]. 

Becker's " Gailu* " [9'>7.2 ; 2950J?] has a thread of fiction, but is a close study of manners. Ser also the illustrated papers on the old Bomana at hoae 
in llarrer's UHinthiy. 1872; and the article " Laureniium," based on Piiny's letters, in Lippincott's inagaxi*>e, Oct.. 187:L 

Shelf numbers above 21 lO in the Notes are in the Bates HalL 


1. ~ 8m the note In the LibmiT Bullftln, tuI.ii, p.SV{ but a fenenl martf nf thf •abj'^ mmy be r.wnfl In MrCiintnrk ami Sirctnjt't 
CydngHTilla. Miirra^y's Rinne icl'm a l^mMl eeneral wrvry. Rre an illuntraiMi |i«p«r in liittiMT* nio'itliU. toU. 10 ami r>, ami April, iw^!, ainl a rhapter 
tn CariHar'fl "OUl Rome and new luij" C3:A:.'/i»]. Canll-ial Witriiian's hiiti>ncal tale " Kiibii>:a" [mu It; mm H] caii^nl a Krmt iiirrt-av of inti-rmt 
OB the labject. 

Mr*. Jamrfon'n " itarrrd ami Irirrmlarr art" iAMU 4; 0:i74..'C!] will be a^rAil In lhi« onnnfi' nf ilic rarlv OtHftian art aiM antl>|niti<>t. 

Ilfinanii'fl " llKtoric ami niununienUl Ktniie" [:.7.'iU.Al] aiKWfri Tor niiirh invcAti^fatitin, aini •:i>«a whit lia« Im^ii ilnnr <if n-ct-nt y<-ani; am! K. A. 
FiMMian hai Mimmarirrd Ihr latrr ditmverlffl iu a paprr in Macmillan'i mat(iiiim>. IK74. 

r;«>Mrr«| Aiarorjr. He., mtdfrm aHtkfrititM.— UtMik V of Ra«liii»«iii • " Manual ut ancient histury " C'.t'>7.1'ii fiSc\.' -, d^;.] |] mapi uuf the aiibircr bceit fur 
a leadiT liit^mtlnit Iu inakr th** liirfory nf Uiini«*a mihjrtt fi*r xtuily. 

The ii«ite in thr I<t»wi>i Hall Catalogue uf hittorv trai*eii tUv ri*'* of the di«h<-riet in lh«* ltv*n-lary hiitorr il'i«n to Nifhiihr. who flr«: •.Iraint^l hia 
viewf in a k-dur^-. thrn piihli«hrd th<> llr<l edition of hit hUtory In I<<|1. hi* vii1arj(fd tilili n\ wi:h Miimwliat nii>il.rti-«l « i>-w* in Isj7 ['.Ol.*:]. « \\.W hi* \r* X\\tv% 
C'JW Sj< p-ibliiilir<l afler hit death from nuieii taken by hi« Mhtilart, briii;! Iii«> narratire dnwn lu a. I>. 47':, ami prr*ont hi« in in* inattiir<| virw«, b mi|i- yi\\ iiig 
a pafliddar rettv« uf the MKircv^ uf bin own hi*Mry. Willi {iiili«putub'r ivarning. Ii<> u-iitc*! a ■! iK^natMin. and a Imldiif** in piilii'ii{ d<iwii and bmldi X np, 
that liatr |>ridiK.*<'d much upp«MUion in partirular*, wliili' hi* Kt-'nrial rpHulln Kavo |io«*n m K>mm1 pirt At-it'idi'l. ilia tlii-<>rv •>! th«-e«iKiriiif ni i-a-lt mrrarivr 
ballatlt, upttii ahlch the Iat4-r Rmnan hlMnrlant ba«<il thrir a(.*r<>n'it<. wni flrnt bri>ii)(iit to tni-attvtit'Kin Kf Kn^-iali riradi rp Ny Dr. Ariii>lil. anil in hU 
MbarqiKiit hiM-iryC^VLS; AW't: UOl. I] h« luridly arranic*! Nub ihra niatcin!. whom h> n>v<-r.<iit:y !till tw-d: and In* im-l Ikh ijt it hi< mtrratup du«n to 
the ■enMid Ponle war, n. c .H. when lir dit**!. Arnold'* nvmpathif* wrre deinixrratic. Stv Ali«oii'« " MiMvilmifoui ■■•«a> « " C-^'»> ■*•: -iVWV.ln] 

TIk clearMt e\|h»«i|liin of Nirbnhr'* balloil thmry U |M>rhii|>* li> bi* found In Mara>i1iiv a pn-rufc to Si« " l^yi of anririii It •nii- " [.'^'t.M: I'TAil; 
STSBlS^]. It ha« brm n>iitnntfne«l by Dyer, in the Introdiii'tiiMi t<* hi« " lliah>ry of ilif city " [iTT lA] ami in hi« " Iii*iory of tin- kin^!* ' [ir'-;! I]. 

Ttirfv haa btwn In iihin* recent writer* a n-a<iioii in a t;ioater ur Iota defirr«* O-im Nu'huhr* irtini»eia»tic t ica*. Dv«-r. in liis " llmloiy uf the kii<}Ct ** 
(tfJCi). ItM. ha« ainietl tu prearnrr avlniirh an |Mi«*iMc uf the reerivi-d hl«t>iry. maiiitainiiii: thai riaKs;i-nill>n« by Ihr Miii-u-n: hi«toriaii« d^* u>4 intaliilatr 
the main uulllne uf truth, and ilefending 1/ivy, making; a tiantlation uf iilin thi- text of hi< iHiok, np>in wli v\\ in- Mrin^;* (ririi>al iii-|iiirit-#. I'yvr, in hi* 
** lll»t<iry of thi* kini*" [I7*»:!.l}, hai adi«itMtatii>n onlh«* CiMirri'ii of earlv Kotnan hi^tixr. and on Ih-* i ili'.nil ttidi-tifv* ••! tin ir cn^lililli'v ; ami Mii Urli-I, 
whu fiillown Nii-biihr nearlv, In anappvtidiK t<> hia " Itnuan c<nnnii mi wealth " i^ES^'S: '.•!'.■. 4: lii'i.*<V di«cii«4t < i,ii« f|iii « i m, wliiic in hi« intn^luotton he fnri'a 
ISr r in* uf thia critical dm ibt. Sec 2{«v!ey'a vditi >n of Livy, Clareiiduu pneaa verive ['Arj'..!], for iJUi-ft cuiu-l<i4i<«na, editi>r itMing a clear ex|Hiiittoa uf 
hIa di4M'iirf In th-* leK^nda. 

TIh' m-iM ret-enl hitluriea are (lemian. Mouunvn ['.T'M.:;: 47.M.4] followa Nii-bnhr with rnuriitn, ami conlinnea lite li i«t'i ry to the fatablivhUN-nl <if 
the nillllaiy nionarrhy, hut la haidly read to ad*aiitap> exc4-pt by thiiw auniewhat adtaiitn-tl in t n-i ' kn-iwlitl^i- of II •man liiatoiy. He i« rt-\ie«i'd in K. A. 
rrvruian'* *' Hirt-'iical raaaya " CIS:9i.4.S: 'iA'T*.:^^.'*^. MtniiniM-n thinkn tliere la mi authenlir hiUnry fill llaninbar* liini . 

Fiiri^iedrciine uf tiie ifpnblic, Itung'a hi»tiir> [:^>*>l.l] r\tend» flnnii the deatrucii<>n uf Ca<tuaxf t«i C*A-«ar'< ranip:ii|{iia io (iaul, and he glvee hia 

NerWale'e " lilatory nf the Roniana" [m'l.l:!: SiV..4} haa f.Mtt note ivferencea t<» hia au:h:>ritii'a. ami he bridge* the ipip between Arnold ami (SibbuB, 
B. t* HVtt A. I>. Mi. and hia l»t and :!ll vuluiiie«i'oviT the inlerral from ttir lliat tiiuinviialv Io tlic di-aili of CV-ar; ihe:^l biii-Kx the nairativf ti Auxnatua: 
the 4lh ami .!bch ^l Cbimliu*} Ihi* tl h to tin' de^truninu of JiTU«aleui, A. I* 70: ami the 7lh to (' •inni-'dn*, wh< if <i:bl>-»n'a " ll>iniaii eiii|>:ri- ' [U'i;'..6: UV.IH; 
lUkWVl : :;7.Vl.l; I7.%l.t: 4r*>l.*i; 47-'iA7] brgine A. I> W). roiiiin;; ilown tu A. U. ll:V, and Ua^iiitf tin* |ki|h-« in IcmiNnal |Miwvr. Hi-i-liya " Jtjiitan iiii|«rialiain" 
(HI7.l:f} If a rap'd renew uf the pr»^ne«« a'ld fall *tt the empire. 

On ilie Miltfar^ Atafury, bcakle tlie anvii-ni*. {"ulybiui. I.ivy, C»«ar,etr.. are(iibb<in*a flrat chapter; Kani»<-y'aarticl!*' Kverritna" inSinith'i Dlrlhniary; 
Hapoleua'a " Llei*r Craar ' lUll.:*; t.MI.S; t.Mt 'S; t'.>ll.«:j. ami thr Uvea »i other K nnan srmrala: and on liieir military enjiinevrini;. ura ViolM-lo-l>uc'« 
** Auiialeuf afortreaa" [.UkViM; :S>Vi.74]. The ariunni of Ji»Kphiiaon the aii-i{eol Ji-rn>Mloiii 1« inatruelive in thia n'4|Hvt. 

U^mrmtktiurjf «/ the fii$. — Tlie cUw ita«-U !• lite 4!ihjei-t iif a iii^lory by Dyer [lT:i7 ■]■'•]• !'*'>'>> re«*<irdiii.; Ita viciMitntli-a. without enterinx int^i thepoUtical 
CBOaea, iltiwa tulheeod of the nildilie agt**, wiiich ia an enlar||<-ni-nt o> the exeri lent and Tvry lhun>iiitn article, " Konia," b> the aaiiif author, in ^nllU^a 
Ihctluaary. Liyar make* Ko**1 tuc of tin- (fcrnian Jilatorlea of Itnne in Hi** inithllf a^^-a br Gie,:oru«iiiM [41^*1.;]. IVil, whirh iMifina aith the leicn uf 
Ilon-^aa and ihr eir|tp by Alaric in thr Acli century, aiid <-niU willi ih*- P'lth. and br I'a|iriiconl'. Kir. In chaplor i\ ol Conybeare ami iiow* in'a '* Lite uf St. 
Flaul" [11-19; Oilu.14] Ihrre ia a Ko<id accuunt of the city at Ihal tiim-, and in lluibner'a " Lifi* of Sutua \ " [.VkkiV'iJ. particula'ly m pan 6, ihrti- are 
•rrounta «if femlal Roineaud llijnie uf the Kcnaiitance under (tn'K'cy Xlll and Si&ttia V. Fur tiie middle a^e |terii^. ace a c-ba|pU>r in llryce'a " Uuly 
BtMoaa empire ' [tK^.ln]. 

JKapa »/ fJka r^fy. — Mei* niapa in Bum. Mertvale, Murray, and nther bouka. 

4*ei<lf#< r>iai^«rfi«Na, mmt jMeemie kilvnta. — For the |i«riiHl ii. c. 7.Vt bi a. n. 47's Mrrivaie'a " («i-nrra] hiatory " [lUM.!*; JTJQA';] ia perhapa the 
beA Lainl'a " Uld H-^man world' ^T.LV.l] la a tn-atiiieni by topic* and phaatii, and he rnnninaU-a autliontit-a at the vml of hia t-haiiti-ra. It<Nik S 
at hta " Anrieiit Mate* aad eiuplrvi " [0£ii&.17J la a cunipendiuui hiatory of Koiiie; and au ia liouk i of Uaaliiuun'a ** Manual uf ancit ni biituiy " £U'*7.1'.'| 

Bhelf. No. I Shelf. So. 

RoMJiRT!!. Tho, of Ridgcmnnt. Eu^tman, J. A 5U8.17 Roiiroc, T.* etrntinunL 

RoHOLA. [Floreoeu »imI &ivonan)la.] Lcwcm. M. K. — lUlian novrlMU. Vdl. ii-iv. 3v 427.8 

^ .. , •I'J'i.Ii; i30..».>; 1717.11; 17i;il.7 r-...,r*»#..- Vol II. XoTrN..fs,badtmi.|r4li ArlentI, l^lsi 

ROJIALD Morton; or, too flre-fblpl. KnigltoD, \S . i da To'to. II. Iilmni. a H..//iiii. n Mar liatrlh. A. tiii-n- 

nll liiliO 1 • lUoJa. I*. K-tniit. <i S<-ruiiiii. (i. H'l vio. (i Faraixitr". M. 

-, -- • 1 •- » ■•<.»......■ l,a«lfiiio-;-i ila I^"li, <i. < l». • '•- • I't'iio, A. f - 4tia*/nii. ill 

ROuKHToMK. MaequiilU, K. .S io4..i; i!l.>.2.1 N.i*. ■•••r n |.t..di. a F <i|<ai>Ar la. .M. |taiid<!i». K. Sa.i 

RuuKWiiiiu. Ainnworth, W. II l.iOi.'J . r.'Vi"'; ^ *'. »»•'••• V'''T'-^'; ]■•"'''!' V'V ^^v''\-''"'*: 

RouPER, G. Tho fux ut homo; and uthor talud 144 l.b 

.Vofe. ~ Firat printed tliree years ajtu under the title. " Talea 
and akalclics." 

C MaI<<|iiiii, S ni.vui-i-i. All •:•« mio !■ a'lf-KTv IV. Nu«i-.a 
I'f \\ ilt«Miv:oiii. .M. (:>l.>iolN>. .*». Itaifa^ii. (i Ibirtiri. A. 
(.'ai>ai>> hi. K- S>»av<>. (S V A.taii<-«i. I. Ma^aloiii. (' |^«| •ii, 
D M. .Munni. .\iii irv i;:ii 40. ii. Pailuvaui, L. C»aa»iialr, C. 
(«u#/i. I*. Uraniivn, R. <tir<ini. 

— Spaniah Dwvclii<t«. Vol. i 437.7 

t'tmtrta». — \it\ I. I>on Juan ManiH'l: Kl eomlr I«ueanor; 
Me<diiia. I). II. de- Tli<' life i>l l.a#aii !•■ ik T'«rnira l \,f. 

Rt»OBBTrLT, R. B. ProgroMire pettiooatj; or, 

ilrewcd to death 1770.3 

RoPU, II. A. Crunvton hoaie 41)0.1.') ... . _ .... 

Il..»« ..r .....I ll.».:i»..« 1-* \y 1-11 1' inan. M. : liuiinan li a larai hr; tVr»ant. » .sau^.-lra. .M. -i"-. 

mirica 01 lana. liainiltOD, l/. > lilJ.4 Him-nH-le ami C-inadii..'i Tiie pn-tpn-litl aunt; L'! aniaoli* 

RoHT O'Muro. [IrUh Itfo.] Lover, S 7<J'J. I; 171*2.10 I'berai. 

iCrtiA. Prt^weoM.. ,V«f. E. do 7i:i.4 Rohk and .Millie. Atkini.m, M. E 771.16 

RoKA Abbott itorit^. Srt PAHKRR, R. A 172'J..i Ko»k, Tho. and tht- lilv: h..w thov bi?cann« the etn- 

llunAMu^iu. Ed^wiirth, M 4i;h.5 blouji of Engliiiid' und France. A fairv talv. 

ROHAMII^D. llidinCf. M. J 41Kt.*24 ItlfwiLt Mr^ 1) * II'IJ 9 

RiiHAMu^u DAyton. Uardner, Mr*. II. C I'lOH. 1 \Xi^*^, Th.?, and the rin«. Thackrrav, W. .M .'HH.'J.l ; |.', 

RoSAHuifii Fane; or, tho prUouer* of St. JaimV*. i;„5<k. a, iii Jun.-. <Mi|.h.inl, M. (J)' \V.).17iii.ll; 177'J.lf. 

I^e, M. and C 440.'J Rom:, Tn,., ,.f .Ashur^t. Mnroh-CaldwHI, A. 4iU.l:»; 4:11.13 

Ro»A!f.«iA. lylj{eworth, M .Vi.lO.lh; 407.1. '2; iW^.^.X k„hk, Thi-, of Avmid.Uo. pArki-r. K. .M 4Hi».27 

Ku.a\!f^A: ofMinei in Ui>»ton. Lee, II. F 174'J.7 11,,^^. Th.\ -f l»ia«-nti!i. Z-ch..kko. ( I ) II. (!».). . 17.4. 4 

l(i«a^RT. The. SherwiM^d, M. M. Work^ 4:>2.1.;4 u„sk, TU... ..f .r.richn 7(i7.l7 

KuMuB, T. (lerinAn oovelUu. Vol. ii-iv. 3 t. .. 4H.2 R„sk, Tiif, ..f tho parn.niK'o. iJi-«-k.-. R 4hC.7 

foNtoMf'. ~ V-l. II INipular tradilxma br Nachtij^l am] KuSC, Ttic, thi>tk% nild i^httinr-itfk. E'I);(«Worth, M. 
iil'irri. Ill M'iM-n«. J. .i; Si-hilitr fj ('.> 4»i7.1.H- 10^.S.|0 

I.- m i*> putar lalra. IV. I'li-rk. ( J.i I*.. N<i«ri«;,(lniu, „ _, i %• 1 ^- r 1 l« f> ' I'n tu 

A. I-". N.t*rl.: Lniil. M. K. . .Nneia. RiJHK. Tiitn, and >»'<l. ."^ftiifonl, h. JI 4.>0.a9 

Shelf nuinlMsni ubove 21 lO In the Notes are iu the Uatoii Hall. 




Shelf No. 

Boss d'Albret; or, tronblons times. James, G. P. R. 

420.11; 463.9; 1805.31 

Rose Douglas 773.24 

Rose-garden, The. Peard, F. M 750.67 ; 789.26 

Rose in bloom. Aleott, L. M 1789.26 

Rose .Mather. Holmes. M.J ^?^'^ 

Rose Tarquand. liopkins, E 1730.7 

RosKUARY. Huntington, J. V 473.20 

Rosemary; a talo cf the firo of London [1666]. 

Fullerton, L'tdyi}. C. (L. G.).1428.10; 1428.15; 1766.6 
Roses, Wars of the. Set Emulaxd, note. 
RosiCRDCiAN, The. Craik, D. (M.) {In Johnson, 

(E.) R. Little classics) 1839.7.7 

RosiCRUCiAX*s, The, story. Randolph, P. B 1808.12 

RosiE and Hugh; or, lost and found. Nash, H. C. 1441.14 
RosiNE. [French revolution of 1789.] MeUille, 

J. (jr. «\. .... ..•• .•••■...■ •.•> .•••.. 14 lU.o; 14d.>. Id 

Ross. C. II. Hu»h monej 491.10 

— A London romance 710.65 

— The pretty widow 490.53 

— and Clarke, A. The story of a honeymoon .... 786.17 
RossETTi, C. G. Commonplace; and other stories . . 766.23 

Camtmt*. — Commnnft\%ct\ The loft Titian; JTirk; H«o; 
Tmniia'tf twins ; A ufe in\-««cnieiit ; Prut and eons; The vmve* 
of this U^ublciioiiic world. 

— Speaking likenesses. Boston 1738.2 

— 5amf. London 1429.7 

RoSTOPCHiXB, Madame, See S£gur, S. R., com/e««e de. 

Roth. E. Christ us judex 782.23 

RoTHEXFELS, E. von. Eloooorc 797.28 

RoTHERT, M. C. The wedding guests 774.5 

RoDA pass. The; or, Englishmen in the Highlands. 

Mackenxio, E 1443.16 

RovoE et noir. A tale of Baden-Baden. About, 

E. (F. V.) 1728.8 

RouQH and ready. Alger, H.^^r 716.5 

Rough boy's. A, story. Hosmer, M 500.42 

RouxD, W. M. F. (Rev. Peter Pennot.) Aohsah: a 

New England life-study 43.3 

Rou.MO about the Minster green: stories of the boys 

and girls who lired there. Moncrieff, R. If. .. .1788.39 

RousD the block. Ronton, J. B 494.21 

Round the moon. Verne, J ^ 53.36 

Round the world. Kingston, W. U. G 746.4 

RouNDHBARTS. Harris, M 784.2 

Rousseau, Jean Jacques. Eloisa. 2t 1448.1 

RowcROPT, C. The Australian Crosoes 737.7 

Rows, R. A child's corner book 1464.6 

— The lucky bag 1464.10 

— The tower on the Tor 1464.5 

Rowso.H, S. Charlotte Temple 789.19 

— Love and romance. Charlotte and Lucy Temple. 789.10 

RoxoBEL. Sherwood, M. M. 3v 4S8.17 

Roy, G. Generalship 1771.16 

Royal favourite, The story of the. Gore, C. G. F. . . 792.22 
Royal road to fortune. The. Miller, E. H 1479.8 

Royalist's, The» daughter and the rebels: or, the 
Dutch dominie of the Catskills. A talo of tho 

revolution. Murdock, D 1783.8 

RuBixi 773.10 

Ruby Duke. Potwin, U. K ; 437.24 

Ruby Gray's strategy. Stephens, A. S. (W.) 427.1€ 

Ruby's husband. Terhune, M. V 763.1S 

RuPFiAjr boy. The. Opie, A. Works 801.1.2 

RuPFixi, G. Carlino 495.24 

— Carlino and other stories 760.53 

C9$U0nt*. — Ckrtino ; A conte^mporary hobby : Sanrcmo re- 
risiifd : A dnigning arutocrat ; A deed of darkncM; A mod- 
tm celebrity. 

— Doctor Antonio. [Modern Italian polities.] 

Leipiig • 730 J 

— Some. New York 75C.8;^75«.I 

— Lavinia. Leipiig 720.54 

— Same. New York 495.13 

— Lorenso Benoni. Leipiig T30.2 

-^ Same. New York ^756^4 

— The Paragreens [in] Paris, Leipsig 720.71 

— Same. New York 7^6.12 

— A quiet nook in the Jura. Edinburgh 1445.11 

— Same, Leipzig 490.38 

— Vincenso 1800.21 

Xnte. — These norels are in good part well-drawa pietorea of 
Italian Ufe. 

Rurus and Rose. Alger, H.f^'r 436.21 

Rule of the monk. The; or, Rome in the nineteenth 

century. Garibaldi, G 713.2S 

Rumor. [.Musical novel.] Sheppard, E. S. ..••... 492.29 

RuHtoearth. Braddon, M. E 710.60 

Ru.f AWAY, The. By the author of " Mrs. Jeming- 

ham's journal " 1714.15 

RuiTAWAY, The. Wise, D 1768.10 

Ru.HA WAY match, The. Wood, B. P Jitl.l 

Ru.xKEL, W. M. Wontus 1727.14 

RuifxiNG the blockade; or, U. S. secret service ad- 
ventures. Thomes, W. H 1771.1 

Ru!i N I. iG the gauntlet. Yates, E. 473 14 

Ru.xnixG to waste. Baker, G.M 1764.4 

Rupert Godwin. Braddon, M. E 490.46; 1493.6 

Ruppius, 0. Two hemispheres 777.14 

Rural scenes 440.87 

Ruralitt. Talbot, M.E 449.16 

Rush, C. E. Robert Morton 487.13 

Rusk I. f, J. The king of the Golden rirer. (lit 

Johnson, (E.) R. Little classics) 1839.7.10 

Russell, U. R. My dolly 1499.11 

— Tom, scYcn years old .' 146S.7 

Russell, T. 0. Dick Massey: a tale of the Irish 

evictions 758.23 

Russell: a tale of the reign of Charles ii. (Lord 

Russell, beheaded 1683.] James, G. P. R 463.15 

720.20; 1S05.31 


There aiv Roaiian histoHeal noveli by Bulgarin, Srinyin, Sagotkin, and Manabki ; and tragcdiea and poems by A. Pnihkin, of 
art French and German trantlationa. 

XITU CKxnnrr. — Stamelhu, " Wladimir,** died 1015, the flrtt Chrittlan tOTereign of Russia, epie. 

XVth cc^rnntT. — Kheraskof, " Rossiada," overthrow of Tartan opprenioB, tale. 

XVIm rin<Tr«T.~ Baron von Roeen. " Ivan the terrible," died IS8T, poem. 

XVUtu ckxtuey. — Lope dc Vega, ** El gran dnque de MnsooTia,** Moscow, 1008, play. Zogoskin, " Georg MOoslaTsky," 1612, 

of vkidi tktn 

Mmtmppa (Ukraine). — Poem by Byron [SSl-SJI: S47 \Z% 14W IS; 'i'iSOft.'K]. 

XVIIlTii CKirruBT.— S. F. £. ileyer, ** Iwan," ITfiS. Ule. Muehlbach, ''The daughter of an empress" C^IS-II}, tale. OtpC E. SpciKflr,**1W 
prophet of the Caoeasus," or, " The fall of the Crimea ** [1802.14], 1780, tale. Sir A. Helps, " Ivan de Biron " [1757.4 : 1768.7}, court Ufe in tha middle of Ike 
ecntury. subsequent to the death of the Empress Anne. 1740, ule. Mrs. IloSand, " Csarina,** exile of Prince Meniikoff. 

Peter the frt^, 1680-1725. — Dramas by Weidmann, Kratter, and O'Keefe. La Harpe, ** M enzicuff" (Siberia), tragedy. 

AUxie Pttrvturk. h. IflSO, d. 1718. — Dramas by TirtiKh and Otto. 

Catherine lly 1768-1796. — Drama by Lentz-KQhne. 

Paut, 17»-1801. —Tale by T. Slundt. 

XIXth orntdbt. — 8. Milutinovitch. " Serbianka," Servian war of 1812, epic. Mickiewiez, «• Pan Tadensi," Lithurania, befbi* the War of UBS, 
poem. .M. T. Walworth. >* Delsplaine " [4iK.4 ], war with Persia, 1SK-3S, Ule. 

Lirx AMD MANXKKS. — K. Dctlef, " Bis In die steppe," translated as "aemence d'Orvflle" C7Xi.l8}. high life, tale. Pushkin. ** Marie" CMOILIf^ 
Ule, and " F.njcrnio Anieghin " C10SO.IS]. country life, poem. Xavier de Maistre. 'M^es prisonnirrs du Caucase" [10(37.9; 2077.4*!] and **La 
Sibirienne" [107.93, domevCic, tales. Tuncener, '* Fathers and sons" [144V 18], Ule, and French translations of his tale*, liice'^Une nichie de 
bomroes" and " £l4na." Mme. Cottin." Elisabeth, or the exiles of Siberia "[490.14; 178-1.14]. tale. B. Nareshnoi, "■ Borsak." 

nmf n^. — Puvnis by .Malczeski ( " Marya" ), Zaieski. and Ottuczynski; and novelt by Czaykowski. 

HiSTOBioAL Utn;BK?iCE8. — Gibb«in's " Ri>msn empire " [as.^6: &'? .10; 19&.V1 ; 275^1 ; 47.^4.3; 47543; 4756 7], chap. 5.\ traces the origin of the R«s- 
tian monarchv. The principal history by Karamsin is cpitumize<l in Alison's Essays [8633; 4555.10], while in the latter historian's *' Histoiy of Earape" 

Shelf numbers above 21 lO in the Kotes are in the Bates Hall. 


CMS.1 ) SSaeUOt n«jS5] thm b a dMcrfptUm of the RumUd armj. 8m aim lh« npcning ehapten oTKIngUkc'i " Crimcfto wmr " CWt.1 ; 1909.4} 3DOJ]: Mid 
A paprr un ** The tnulittoml piiliry uf RumIa," In the Atlantic muDthly, Nor., lA'iS. 

For Frtw the ipvai's time, VolUirv'i account of hi* ftruncle with CItarlei Xll of Sweden. In hit " llirtoiy of Charln xii " [2ftl9a..'iO: 4KSiJli 48t0iaJl 
If wril-knnwn. See ** Permnal ntrmniri of the II<iutr of Rdmanotr," in Ilarpcr't monthly, v<il. in. 

Madame SwrtcMne's " Lif* and Irtti^ " [L'lM.ll] give piiture* of cnirt life und«r l»*ul, Alexamler, and Xirhotai. On the emancipation of the aerh. 
>»aii k IM<«»nt"FreeRu<ala"C<lill2; «;4.16; MGU], ice a chapter in J. Ro« Browne'i " The land cif Ttmr ": lAC.S] ; papen in the Atlantic nmnthLr. July, 
IMUaodNov.. Itt;; aDdthepaperon"0elf-g»rrniroentinIiuHia."inMacmnian'tma{a4lne. Au;Cm IiK'.V On K.Kiia in the Eait, ice Fniuilv'a "Short 
' CUU^i i'>^-' ; *SC^i and the Atlantic munthlj, July, 1673. The lateil and beet account uf o»nteinpjrary RuMla it by Wallace C^ULML'J. 

Shelf. No. 

RrssiA!! romaoM. Ptuhkio, A. S 17H5.2 

Rura. QAnkoU, B.C 410.67; 43'). 1 

ROTB and her friondi 55.10.2 

RUTB Hall. Partoo, S. P 755.9 

Rvni llarlaod. Uamilton, W.J 1789.5 

Rore Iiuv«n. Maj, C. L 4U0.9 

Rurn MazwoH. Ulake, Ladsf — 1742.15 

RlTTH'staorifieo; or, Hfo on the Ilappahaunook. 

Pearaon, E. C 782.5 

RvrLSDOB. Harrii, M 507.20 

Rtbrbxt do Grace. llead» Mm* — . 2t 443.7 

RrDBEna, V. The last Athenian. [Ureoce, fourth 

oentarj] 473.19 

S.» A. O. Upi and downii of a bluo ooat boy 1809. 10 

&, K.O. iMlina 1712.1 

8., F. M. Footprints left on life's journey 1795.9 

Babadixo deuli Abikxti, J. NoTols. (/ft Rescue, 

T. lUlian norelintji) 427.8.2 

Sabbath sohttols. Lamb, M. J 438.9 

Sabbaths on the continent. Sberwoodi M. M. Wi)rks.452.1.U 
Sable oloud, The. [Southern life.] Adams, N.... 480.20 

SABR19A llackctt. Sajbrook, E. L. 417.20 

Sack, A, of gold. Jubnson, V. W 1763.14 

Sacri ru'B, The. Roe, A. S 72G.12 

Sackibtas'b, Tlie, household. Trollope, F. E 715.23 

Sad Ules and glad Ules. Mellen, G 489. 13 

Sadler, S. W. The last cruise of the Ariadne and 

what befell her pasMuger 1433.4 

— Perilous seas and how Oriana sailed them 14C(>.2<> 

— The ship of ice. A stranj^ostorjuf the polar seas. 14 19.16 

Sadlieb. M. a. Old and new 1769.23 

Safely married! Pike, M. 11 1781.3 

Kaob» R. F. Charette 52.7 

Bailor boy. The. Adams, W. T 713.3 

Saiuclair. Genlis, a. (F. D. de St. a.) do 449.20 

CfTmf H . von. I n oxtle .... ........ •••■ .. 775.5 

St. Auf^u^tine's Uddor. Nuble, A. Ij. 1727.17 

Br. Beetha's. Worboise, E. J 80t;.23 

Saibt Cecilia. Manij^ault, 797.23 

St. Clair flats. Woi^lson, C. F 1773.21 

St. Clair uf the i#les; or, the outlaws of Barra. 

Ilelue, E 1798.9 

St. Elmu. Wilson, A. J 497.10 

8t. Georf^ and St. Michael. MaoDonald, 0..53.15; 1799.9 

Saixt-Giluas. Kavanagh, J 454.9; 454.13 

St. Giles and St. James, History of. [Ix>udon low 

life.] Jerrold, iXouglas (W.) 417.5; 420.15 

Saint lluiipice. Sherwood, M. M. Works 452.1.14 

Sai^it James's; or, the court of Queen Anne. Ains- 

worth. W. H 410.6 

St. John, E. Bella. A ^torr of insane asylums . . . 1756.9 

St. John, P. B. The arctic Crusoe 757. 13 

St. John BLrrnR,J. A. Set Blttre, J. A.St. John. 

Saint Leger. Kimball, R. B 420.34 

SAlliT>MARa, Cisterne dn Courtiran, viromtfnsf de. 

(CoM/Mje !)<uk.) Mademoiselle Fifty millions. 412.25 

St. Martin's eve. Wood, E. P 430.76 

St. Martin's summer. [Musical life In Italy.] 

i>rewsier, a. ii. v\» ..•• .... •.*■ .... ...• .... niiu.4ii 

St. Michael's priory. Mudie,M. 2t 806.18 

Saint Nicholas, The book of. Paulding, J. K 797.13 

St. Olare's. Tabor. E 492.20 

St. Patrick's eve. lierer, C. ( J.) 490.75 ; 506. 13 

St. Philip's. Harri^ M 763. 16 

Saint Pierre, (J. II.) B. de. The Indian cottage. 

(/n Masterpieces of fiction) 1782.14 

— Paul and Virginia. [Mauritiun] 729.1 

— Stmt, ( /« MaHterpiecvfl of fictii*n) 1 782. 14 

Shelf. Xo. 

St. Ronan's well. Scott, 5ir W 460.1. 16 

460.20; 902.1.5; 1470.1.4; 1807.17 

5m edua SivypT, Sir W., note. 

St. Simon's niece. Benedict, F. L 1760.5 

St. Twel' mo; or, the cuneiform cycloiiediiit of Chat- 
tanooga. [A burletique of Wilson's St. Elmo.] 

Wvbb, C. H 1448.70 

St. Valontine's day. Scutt, iSir W 460. 1.21 

902.1.6; 1470. 1J> 

St. Winifred's. Farrar, F. W 773.6 

Saintinb, (J.) X. Boniface, called. ChriKiia; the 

queen i>f the Danul>e. A story of Montenegro. 802.44 
^- Daino Nature and her three daughters 737.21 

— Picciula. New York 478.11 

— Hame. Philadelphia 737.19 

.Vqr«. — Thl« rtory ■hova how • itmtt priat>nrr In Nmpolcon'i 
tinii- ci-iilrrd the iiit«>risU uf Jiia lifc lu a gru« ing d>>wt r, • lilcii 
h« tenderly carvd fur. 

— The Solitary of Juan Fernandez; or, the real 

Robinson Crtistn) 737.8 

Sala, G. A. Quite alone 482.8 

— The seven s«infl of inuinmon. Bunton 502.17 

— Same, Leipzig.... 710.71 

■ Sala.xder and the dragon. Shelt«>n, F. W 468.3 

Salathikl theiuimorui. [Wandering Jew.] Croly, 

G 1747.5 

Salem: a tale of the seventii'nth century. [Witch- 

I craft.] Cartliton, D. R 1765.11 

! Salkm chapyl. Uliphaut, M. (0. W.) 710.13 

Salkh witchcraft. 

S>tt.— J. NVal. " KirhH Drer " [MSB], talc. "Philip 
Kii|SJi«h'»t««irii|i-\i;jl.a]. tair II. W id rlM-rt. " Thr lair 

riinun" [17;;MJl.Uu-. K. T. llii>»«rar." •mi.iiu Mraduwt" 
177 : .«]. I). H. ('■»i;rt..ri. " Salriii. ' [ l^ J. lair. 
lilhP>KI( .%l. K>rKI:rMlli.— S«-«' ra.tii-«'> '• ili«ti»rT of 
Ni>« KiiKlaiHl 'C2'.'l: :;iH I: :::i'l j. 'i^,.:*\y, liar. 3 •••Hi*. 
tfirvut Ma»4ai'liu-rU« ' l£t:.-l; Jk'i:;..']: Au-lm't *' liirtury of 
3iaii>arliiiartt«" [rJl'T: Sl.%.'.vj.: a-id CaaiK.I • •• lli4<iiy «if 
tlte lultnl Siatri' [if.'l t; ^£.'1 «!]. rpriam. In Kil. Sral 
i««ii- d Ilia Intuii^. viiirli havi* •iiii-<> bmi girall^ rnUrfnl, 
I'w nig a piilnrr tif old nal« iii and a hi*liir\ o| ••titiiinq rr^ard-. 
n« wiirlu-raft i\\£\.\ . .M«iaJe*; Mi'* !■'>] Tina b<i»k waa 
rrvifwiti hy I/ii«ill, III tlir North Ainrtiran r*-virw. Jan., 
V*>^ al«<i in hii" Aiiii»iig nir lMH>ka"[l*ti'''.ly. 4'<iM.:Mj.«liii-h 
la*t i«, liowrvrTi rhirfly iiimn |li« fi-nrrBl aiihinl ••! «iti>li- 
ciatt: in whirh c<iiiiir«titi'>. arr l>rvky'acha|ilcr In hla** lllt> 
tiir>- of rati«'iia!i*ni " T I X'i!* ay 

S«^ Kwrvtta ai-fH-itra <il r«r]T l««ral hkatorr. In hi« Ora- 
tioiia [h;| 7i'; '.^S<::.'J.y ] ; K. 11. .Allrii'a tiiH*«it|iin til tlir In*, 
tiiricai fvii|rnci-« ill'.£'>.'; i.'>'*'.i.H'i. u|wm which lomc'i-liow 
haai^l hittraKnh."(iiM«C<>rr> lYlltrliitlvni taniia' ^r.tlA.:fl; 
1 iir«. ri] Al«< l)rak<*'a '* N-mha and eurnvra uf the Near Lng- 
laiid ruaat " [1631.1 : ilUAIi. 

Sallt Cavanagh. Kickham, C. J 758.23 

Sallt Williams, the mountain girl. Cheney. E. I>. 1725.6 
SalmagC!«i>i; or, the whim-whams and opiuiuns of 
Launcelut l^ang^tafT. E«|., and others. Ift 
serieii. Irving, William, Paulding, J. K.. and 
Irving. Washington 377.1.1; 438.32 

— 2dserie 438.31 

SALoricii. ihe Cherokee. Ilviiderson. J. S 17&8.13 

Salt water; or the sea lift* and adventures uf Nell 

D'Arcy, the midshipman. Kingstun, W. II. G. 4.'»4.30 

.Salt water bubbles. Sleeper, J. S 737.5 

Salt-water hick. Nowell, II. P. II 1459.23 

Saltri* with fire. Le Grange, II. M 47H.25 

Saltzman, C. G. Elements of morality 429.9 

SALvmi, S. Novella. {In Riim«k>, T. Italian 

novili«ts) 437.6.3 

Sam I«aw.«on*s Oldtown stories. [New England char- 
acter.] .St4>we, II. (K.) B 796.35; 796.36 

\0f. — Originally publialtnl und^r Ihr title " Uldtt>«n flro- 
aid'' »tiirl«r«. ' 


Shelf numbera above 21 lO in the Notes are In the Bates Uall. 




Shelf. No. 
Sam Shirk: a tale of tho wooda of Maine. Dere- 

reux^G.H 446.6 

Sam*s chance; and how he improred it. Alger, II., 

jr 42.1 

Sammt Stone's red apples. Goodwin, Mra. M. M. B. 1479.18 
Samuel Slick, Sajings and doings of. Ualibarton, 

T. C 489.2 

Samuels, A. F. Dick and Daisy series. 4 r 450.72 

Cm»ttntM.— Yo\,l. Adrift in the- vnrld. 11. FiKhtinff the 
battle. lU. Saved rrvui the vtreet. IV. Unuidfatlier Mlilj'i 

— Dick Travers abroad. Little cricket; or, Dick 

Travers in London 1716.14 

— - The lost tar; or, Dick Travers in Africa 1716.12 

>— - On the wave; or, Dick Travers aboard tho 

"Happy Jack" 1716.13 

Palm land; or, Dick Trarers in the Chagos 

islands 1716.11 

— The maideuhtK^d series. Daisy Travers 45.16 

Samuels, S. B. C. Tho :?pringdale stories. 6 r. . . . 450.47 

CuM/^fKit. — Vol. T. Adele. II. Eric III. Herbert. IV. 
Nettie's trial. V. Johnatune'a fann. VI. CitnitfieUen. 

Sanctuary, The: a story of the civil war [in 

America]. Nichols. G. W 784.23 

Sahd, George, pseud. Sw^udevant, A. L. A. D. 
Sand, Maarice, pgeud. See Dudevakt, (J. F.) M. 

• (A.) 
Sand-hills, The, of Jutland. Andersen, U. C.52.23 ; 485.19 
Sandeau, (L. S.) J. Seagull rock 1428.3; 1728.3 

— joint author. The cross of Berny. iSf€ Gibaboin, 

D. G. de 1754.11 

Sandoval; or, tho freemason. A Spanish tale. 

Llanos, L. 2v 443.9 

Sandt Wood's sepulchre. Miller, H. {In Johnson, 

(E.)K. Little classics) 1839.7.5 

Sanfobd, Mrs. D. P. See Sanfobd, £. B. 

Sanpobd, £. B. Frisk and his flock. London 1427.31 

— Same. New York 1427.21 

— A houseful of children 1424 1 

— Pussy Tip-toes* family. London 1424.10 

— Same. New York 1763.11 

— Rose, Tom, and Ned 450.59 

Sanfobd and Morton, History of. Day, T 799.22 

799.23; 799.24 

A'ore. — Thi< ha* been a popular book for nearly a centary. 
It !■ a ftdrj intended ii> teach rljiht modes of education and to 
•how the happlueaa of dutilul action. 

Sanpobd and Merton, The new hbtory of. Bunmnd, 

F.0 172.).12; 1725.19 

Sa.ns merci. Lawrence, G. A 710.51; 712.3 

Sansovino, F. Novels. {In Roscoe, T. Italian 

novelists) 427.8.3 

Santa Clans land. Douglas, A. M 1736. 16 

Santivalb, L. Novelle. (/a Roeooe, T. Italian 

norelists) 427.8.4 


. h. 5flB, d. <t82. — Dramas bv Voltaire rsn.l.S; 
.^ 4t»Ui63, Goethe riAH.!.!; lKW.1^; 2Ue.I..-a; 
42l<.*.IJt]. Hammer-PurKstall, O. II. .Mile«, Braun, and Miller. 

Pc^emt bv J. A. Shea ( *' Kudrkki " ), O. Meredith, U. 8. 
B«rc«f(ird (in Cambri<l](e prize poems), and others. 

*' Antar. ' a contemporary Bcdoueen romance, of which 
there is a modem translation bj Hamilton [41S.4]. 

Makamtt If, the strrnt^ h, RV. d. 1481. — Tmcedr br I>e la 
Notie. Juhnsim, *' Irene** [;B1.L2: 9U1j(L1 ; 2:t80.f 1 ; 4UM.L1I], 

Makomut PT^ h. UH, d. IflBl. — Dramas by Grimm and 

C Upham, ** Karmath,** Arabia, tale. 

Sabah Tttleb, pseud. See Keddib, H. 
Sabchedon: a legend of the great queen. [Semi- 
ramis, 13th century B. c] Melville, G. J. W. 

433.24; 730.86 
Sabda NAPA Lira, b. c. 880. 

Brion's *' Sardanapalus* 
4601.25; «n0.2.133, tragedy- 

C3Z1.6: S47.1.7: 1588.4; 1409.S.A: 

Sabgbnt, E. Peculiar. A tale of the great transi- 
tion. [Slavery, etc.] 783.16 

— editor. [Gem series. ] The emerald 1754.5 

Sargent, G. E. Havering hall. {In Mackarness, 

M. A., and others. The magnet stories) 746.16 

— Ilarloek Chase; or, among the Sussex ironworks. 1411.7 

Sargent, G. E., continued. 

— Mark Thoresby, or the eraogeliat amotig the 

Indiana. A narratire of the aeventeenth eeo- 

tury ■ 447,21 

— Nails driven home 608.20 

— Richard Hunne. A story of old London 458.2 

— Stories of old England 714.2S 

— The story of a pocket Bible 468.1 

— Willy and Lucy. (/» Broderip, F. P. Woo 

Maggie, etc.) 480.49 

Sargent, L. M. Temperance tales. 4 ▼ 440.83 

CVrnfcHfs. — Yol. L My mother's gold risKt wnd Dirk aad 
(TMid little Ritbin; I am afraid there is a God; AMCtarian 
thing; GroRy harbor; Right opposite. II. Frits Ilaxrils 
Johnny Hi*dire«, tlie bisicksniith ; ^$eed time and harrcst; Aa 
Irish heart. Ill A vord in season : Well enough Avr the vul- 
gar; Nancy Le Baron; Too fiut and too ftr. IV. Kit^Oraf- 
tun ; As a medicine. 

Sartoris, a. (K.) Medusa, and other tales 783.8 

— A week in a French conntry-honse 1443.7 

Satan ELLA. A story of Punehestown. MelviUe, 

G. J. W 437.26 

Satanstoe. [Westchester county. New York, mid- 
dle of the last oentnry.] Cooper, J. F. 780.23; 780.14 
Saunders, J. Abel Drake's wife 792.16 

— Bound to the wheel. London 1801.7 

— Same. New York 785. 13 

— Hirell 762.22 

— Israel Mort, overman. Leipiig 1779.12 

— Same. New York 1730.11 

— Same. Philadelphia 806.21 

— Martin Pole 492J0 

— The shadow in the house 1803.20 

— The shipowner's daughter 1489.4 

Saunders, K. Gideon's rock 1749.20 

— Gideon's rook and other tales 1734.7 

Confenrs.— Gideon's roek: Old B^khcw'ft 
Jack; Uncle Ned; The retired apothecary. 

IMuile; OcBtia 

— The haunted crust. {In, Johnson, (E.) R. LitUo 

classics) 1839.7.5 

— Tho haunted erost, etc 777.26 

CiMtent*. — The hannted cmst ; Joan Men 
flower girl; Old Matthew's puxxle; Gentle Ji 

• « • • • • i 

. 421.15 
. 1734.6 

— The high mills. Leipzig . 

— Same. Philadelphia 

— Joan Merry weather and other tales. Leipaig 

Confenff. — Joan Merry weather ; Tha hannted cnut; 
flower girl ; The watchman's story ; An old letter. 

— Same. London 1777.5 

Sauvaob, E. The little gipsy 737.11 

Sauveur, L. Chats with the little ones 1466.14 

Sauzadb, J. S. Garret Van Horn 803.26 

— Mark Gildersleeve 1723.10 

Savage, M. W. The bachelor of the Albany. Lon- 
don 1802.17 

— Same. New York 438.2 

— Reuben Medlicott ; or, the coming man 438.4 

— The woman of business 732.19 

Satage, 3fr*. W. T. Adaie Dubois 763.25 

~ Miramiohi 763.18 

A'atc— This work is the same as the preccdinf. bat with a 
changed title. 

Saved by the lifeboat. Ballantyne, R. M. 

810.83.8; 1778.1L4 
Saved from the sea; or, the loss of the "Viper," 

and the adventures of her crow in tho groat 

Sahara. Kingston, W. H. G 1721.13 

Saved from the street. Samuels, A. F. 450.72.3 

Savin, Una, pseud. See Hepworth, Mrs. G. H. 

Saving bank. The. Davys, G 450.24 

Saxons. See England, note. 

Sat and seal. Warner, S. and A. B 720.4 ; 774.8 

Satbrook, E. L. Sabrina Hackett 417.20 

Savings and doings of Samuel Slick. HalibartoD, 

T. C 489.2 

Scalp-hunters, The. Reid, M 717.10 

Scamp and I. A story of city by-ways. Meado, 

L. T 1411.1 

Scandal.. Bickford, J. T 416.12 


Shelf numbers above 21 lO in the Notes are in the Bates Hall. 



(Denmark, Norway, Swedes, Icrlahd.) 

BAmLT MtanfDBT. — M. Arnold, "BaldrrdMd" C'^^.U], po«m. Thomu Gray. •« Odn." Tejcnfr, ** Frith loTi Saca" C1S2R.11: 9f6L74HS9MS], 
(MilenMcblifer, ** Nord<>iii Qwler," or " Goda of the North " (eontbiim in oii« ronnrctrd vhoir Ihr Irfrrnda (rf* the lUldM). porm. KniilUh trantla- 
dtMt by BtivrlnR. 8norrv Sturleaon, " IlrinitkrlnKla," kinic* of Norway, down to 1177, poem, from irhivh I»n|tfi-llnw drrw hit **S«;(a of Kins Olaf" 
^1n.«:Si^M: UM9.S5i IIOH.13.2; 4«>7.«7]. po«m. E«ald,"Holf KraRv,'' bordrra offabuloot hititory, Ula. Oehlrntchiiirrr, "lUkon Jarl" [in Eajiiiah, 
WAA3}, irntb CMttuiy, •howing "pur* and piout Cliristlanity in itritie with Mra^ and pajcan cruelty," aavt TryxrveaMm. tal«. Ini:<>niann. *' llolitrr 
iMnak*," ninth century. I>enmark, poem. Oeblenachlixer, •• Olaf the Mint," died lai), Norway, trafcrdy. IVitter, ** Erllng " [IMLLt}, St. Olaf, tale, and 
*- Iltfuca or the North " C14B4.22]. 

In thli eooDOCtion, Mallet'a *' NoHhern aniiiiultlea " [8MIS7: B.t5naJt] and Thorpc-'a ** Ni>rthem rnytholi^Ky T1W7-I0; •'(*H.*'-17] may be conaulted. 

IrCLAKix. — 8Tcin8«>lvaann,**GiaHir Jarl,"1lr«trulrrfl, Ule. B. S. Infrmiann, " Battle for WalhalJa," but ci>nteit of the hralhen. tragrdy. ABon.» 
** Kormak " Ct74 J:r], poem. Anon., •* Olall the outlaw " C4iC.V I ]. tranilatr<l by O. W. Daarnt. O. vnn Horn, " Oriaf Tborlakten." 

XIlTO CKNTDBT. — InKetnann, *• Waldemar the Krrat and hi« nifii," Denmark, 11^7-11^1. rpin. 

XIIiTU rucrusr. — Injc«*maon. '* Waldemar [Seler] the rlctonoua," IJiU-Iitl, Dvnmarfc, tragody. 

X VTti rK«Tr«Y. — C. J. Boje. •• Erie Tli." dird 14*. traf^edy. 

tlrSTATCM Vara, 5«vrf«M. I'>:£{-iaU. — Dramaa by J. II. Kellgren. Henry Brooke, Tiron, Ia Ilarpe.and Kotzeboe; O. too I>alin, ^BryBiUa"; G. 
Xtaritt. ** UiMtariu Vaaa" C447.:f7]. tale. Diamond. " IIer«> of the North." 

r«ma by Olaf Celtiut; FraniLm. " Meeting at AlvMtra"; II. C. N«>rdenflirht, " Sweden dcliven^"; Ulaf ron Dalin, >*Sren«ka Frihetcn.* 

Z. Tiipeliua^ " Liberty " and " PriiieeM Vata," Ule^: .Mile, de la Force, *' (iu«Uvua Vmm" tale. 

Cltti xtv. 3trf4*m^ UV»-l.'i77. — Tra«ediet br B. run Befkow. K. Willkomm, and Aamua. 

r *• Mr^kf, h. UM, d. lOU. — Drama by Ilrilnrv. Tale by .<l. F. E. M«'ycr. 

CUABLCH IX, Swedtn, ll»>l-I<*>n. — P. Sparre. *■ I«att of the titfbo >ter«," tale. 

Gi'KTAvrN ADOLI'lirR. Irtll-lfttS. (.4«e Thirtg ^ur»' war In Note on German hiatory).— Talehy Z. Topelina C4r.V<^]. TiM-m bj E. 8k>Mdebraiid 
■* Outaviade." Tragedica by Schdiie (on hia death). Gche, Oehlenachllger, Gehr, F6ntcr, lUvcnaberg (** Guatav und Wallenatrin"). GabiU, and Bcakov. 

F. M. FranxAn, epie on OuataTua Adolphna in Germany. 

I>e F«ie. •* Memoirs •>f a caeaiier " [ftCt.'j.S]. 

llltTOBliJAL BKrKBKJtCKS. — Ilarte'fl [^SMLI] la the old Engllah life of Govtavua Adolphua of the laat century ; but Chapman*a [.MIL5] etnbiidiea later 
iMaarrhaa. la carefully written, and la the beat of the extended aceiiunta in Engl Uh. Ilollingn'ii C:tN!i.A] it • |i«i|Ni]ar ukrnitiTp; ami licyileureieh'a [LVfiXj 
ia wriKeii for yiKing tvadera. Arrhbiahup Trench makea the king tlieaubject of a lecture [494SM.IJ: and t'lerearenaart by J. sttirling C^'-l-l]: by Henna n 
MerlnUeonLaixenC£VB.I]i by Fuller in hia "IIi»Iyand pnrfane atatea" C'J09U-28: .'U4l.4t »HJ.:i'0; in the New nionUily magaziue. li«l, or no. WU of 
Llrlng age; and in Harper'a nii>nChlv.eol. 4:!, on GuatNvua and Wallenatein. 

UITKN CIIBIHTINA. Sw.Un, ICCV-ltUI. Tale by Z. Toprliua. Dramas by Zedlitz and Frank. 

I'llABl.U XII, iftttdrm, 1«97-17I.'«. — Tegii^r, "Axel." imem. Z. Tofieliua, *' Charles XII," tale. J. R. Planeh4, "Chariet XII " [1367 .CJ. drmma. F. 
OuAuanii, ■* Iron head."* Oelilenachlljer, " Axel mid Wallturg,** tragedy. Dramaa by Ti^pfer. Wechmar, Belani, ami Baclier. 

L. Storch. ** Der Frcibeuter " CUU<LV.13], aea aioiy, Baltic. Ule. 

**Ar«eil (iyllenaticma " [IT'.it.H.l]. ule. 
. FBRi>KBIi K IV, n^mmmrk^ lOUhlT:^. —J. J. S«>rterup. " Ilelteaangc." naral achleeementa, tale. 

ZVIIlTtI i-K.'VTl'BT. — M. B^'cr. " Strueiiaee," exrculed 1772, I>eiimark. drama. 

CIIBINTIAM VII, ntummrk, 17(I^17(»I. — Scribe, " Bvrtrand et IIM<hi " [l(i7i.<U: 2701.2.1], political conaplracy, play. 

UrBTAVr* III, Smd^m, 1771-17'J2. — Talea by Z-Tupeliufl, and C A. Kuliberg. 

Dranuw by Ilortt and Schloeobach. 

LirB A3<1» MANNItim.— 

OewHtfri. — Talea by liana Anderaen; H. Scharling, ** NAddedo par«mage.** conntrv life. W. Herbert, " Ilrdln." Ule. Anon ,** Von wd tha 
p. emini i>f EUin<ire," adventure in the Baltic, He, Ule. in Dublin univeraity magaiine, iHrtl. 

ffw«rfen. —Tales by Mlaa Bremer, Mlaa Carlen. Marie .^.tphie Schwarti, A- Blanche. G. II. Meltin, and Baronets Knorring. George Sand, ** Tht 

man " CV>7.11}. country llfr, Ule. Enautt. " Chriatine ' [ ItV.'l]. tale. 

F. F. Catlrii. " Night on the Bullsr lakr." Swfdi tilii»rglaiii«iu. ta'.i'. 

.v«rw«y.-ll. Stcflena, ''Dir Tier N.trwcgtr** [Kr.-i.Sf.l::], '• Walacth und IMth " [ Kr.".* IS.S-fi]. '* Malk.>lm ** [lirSSS ir-IO], He. J. A. Maiiland. 
" Raruri^." (ale. H. W. I*ier»m. ** (i racie'a mia*iiin," tah-. .N'uwU by llji'iinfun. "Arne" [411.11. 4I.M-]- " Thr fi»ii«r-matdi-n" [ll.Vti]. *• T)ir happy 
^•r" C4r.'J:.and"0«ind" [4r>.24]i M. C IIanM>n: T. Md;;i^>, ** Afraja" [ll.V:.]. tale. M'im MaitiiKau. •' Fvat* on the frud" [iiMIj. Ule. A. M. Poller, 
** The lei'luw <>f N<irway " [TW.I-H], ttrat half of the elghtivnih ivntiiry. tali*. 

B iVliir, "lArs" [ItMX.']. imitoral poem. B<»y«>*en. 'Miunnar" [ I ;•?.>. 1 1: and " A Noraeman'a pil|:rima;:r" C17MR:.M}. tales 

J. Lie. ** The pilot and hia » Ife " Cl«)l9]. R. M. BulUntj ne, " Eriiug the bold " :748.2U], .Norse wa-kin;;!, and " Cluuing the sun " [7:9^.1]. juvenile 

GrtnUmd.— lD,(cuiann, " Kannuk and Naja," ule. 

Shelf. No. , Shelf. No. 

St'AHLAifD, A. h*, formerly J^Bu Leonnrd, UcightJ St'Bd.<«BRRG-OuTTA fainilj. Chronicle* (»f the. [Luther 

aiiddopthi 7C-'>.9 ! anJ the ri*fortiiation.] ChnrloK, K 42G.13; 490..'i4 

— - Vanquiahetl 141)4.7 J SmooL liaya nt MuuDi IMeamiit. Murley , K 434.U 

8rAPeuuAT, The. Pomberton, Co/. — 478.'il | SiiiooL days at Kugby. Ilughef, T 434.8 

BCARLRT flower, The. KgaiJ, P. .... 1702.13 ' .v„,,._Thl. i-lctur. ..r «.h...l und.r Dr. Arnold may 

eCARLKT letter, The. [A tale of earij MaSHachusettM j h^ etmipanil ailh Maui. « • "I.iv and rofr.pijiitji-iicr of 

bi.ti.rj. J Ilawthoroe, N. 420.2) ; 4:>7.8 T" •• Am-id [..N 2; .w l"i A'*^A^^. i»i- i.-.j. 

P<-ARMLiKr roekn. Maine. E. .S. ••;•••••••;•••;• 1 ?!';!• U;. S« bool davn of Heulah UoinncT. Eaitinnn. J.' A... 500.74 

ScATiBRiiuoi, faiDiIj, The furtunen of the. Stnith. A. l..U2.2i j;^.„on,.-i iVu, club, Uambles and adventure, of oar. 

ScsxF.H 10 the practice of a >ew lurk furgcon. | |»tt\icB (1 C 54.8 

Dixon. K. a........ 428.2 ^.,n».„ ThV fo7hu-biiid«.* 'Buiwer-LTtt^in^^ 

8CRSiB» of clerical life. Lewvg, M. E 4I0.4.> t* ' . ■ ^ 10997 

ScRJiEB where the U'rapter ha* triumphed. Neule. K. 4bb.J0 School, A, of life. Ilowilt, A. M 7'JS.19 

SCB.YS with the huiiter and the trapper in manj S< iitM.LBur, The; and other tU.rie. by the Chrl^tmafl 

lands. AflaiDs, W . II. li. ■•••......... l4o4. 13 j g ^ni « . 500 I 9 

BcCPTKKB and crowof. Warner, S 17(33.17 

ScMBrKK. L. The artiift't married life ; being that of , >"'"■ - *^«"« •• " N'"' "'^ ■•"f«« ^r «>»♦ Chrlsimaa flr« - 

A. Dflrer *l«l*i Scnooi.BOThero, The. Moncrieff. R. II 439.22 

ScaiLLKR, (J. C.) F. Ton. Drama* and roiiiaiic«i... 47H 1 .<rnnouioT hon-ur. Adnin». II. C 74G.10 

«'e«tfrafi. — Til* mbli^rp: Tw»e,\\ ly»vr ami intrigor; IV- ,S'iliiuL« It A IT, II. K. The invlh «if Hiawatha; Le-; The gh.-1-aix.; The .|..rt..rd...u„r. j;,.|,.U ,.f tl.,. Ii,.iiai„t . . . .' 4K.-..I5 

— The j(ho»t-iie«*r R1R.I2 SfiiftuK-iiiiti., Thf. in Fr;ln'*<^ MacCVindi-II, K 714.4 

-— popular taleii. (/a Koaooe, T. Oernian norvliKtu). 41H.2.3 .<cllooi.ii.\sii:fi, The. and hi^ mm. \ idTy of the 

Bramii. H. Tlio llubenneistrr: a tale of the Ilava- Thiity vnim' wur. ( a4|iari, K. II 4<)n..*>8 

rian muantaiuK 1417.7 ■ ."nhooi.vamkk. The. uf Ahlmch. <K'rt<l. (I*. F.) W. SUO. 14 

Hlidf nuiiibeni above 21 lO iu the NoteM ure in the Bate8 Hall. 


Shelf. No. 
Bcboolmaster'8, The, itoriei for boji and girls. 

Eggleaton, E 1774.7 

Schwartz, M. S., comtinued. 

— The son of the organ-grinder 17463 

Schoolmates, The. Perrj, C. T 716.191 — Two family mothers iSL28 

Schooner Mary Ann, The. Abbott, J 460.78 ! — The wife of a vain man. [And A reminisoenee of 

ScHCBCKiSG, (C. B.) L. Fire and flame 1730.81 Krenznach] 431.18 

— Powder and gold. A storj of the Franco-Prussian ' Scixtillations. Heine, H 174^.€ 

war. [The Pack noreU] 1728.13 Scipios, Roman nights; or the tomb of the. Verri, A. 809.11 

Schwartz, M. S. Birth and education 43 1.8 ! Scissor-ori.'idbr, The. Oertel, (P. F.) W 806.14 

— Gerda; or, the children of work 1763.1* Scotland. Abbott, J. RoUo in 6<i.l8 

— Gold and name 43 1.6 

— Gnilt and innocence 431.11 

^ The right one 431.26 

— Scott. Sir W. Tales of a grandiather; being 

stories Uken from Scottish hidfcory 460.1.14-16 

460.11; 480.41 


niPCCrnrKT. — OMl«n*»"Pocm«~Cin3J<: nW.lO; 1¥I9.I4; &V9.'S7]. 

XlTii rEXTurr. — 8li«kMpe<ire, ** MaclMth." tnulitioiuU, tragedy. 

XIIITU CEXTUBY. — John Gait, " BatUe uf h/ugu" Uwen'a inrasion, 1383, epic. A. Canninsham, " Sir Michael Scott," tale. 

Wallack (txecuud 13X5). Mi«s Il.ilfurd. •* Fixht of Falkirk." 19S. poem. Briod lUrrj't " Sir WiUiam Watlace." heroic poem of th« 
tniy. W. Barrrmoiv, " Wallace " [IW.ll : 1.78^19: IIT* 22; 1S».«)]. drama. Pcrabo. " Valwi " [<. «. Wallace}, trafcdj. llemana. ** WalUre'i isvueatiM 
to Bruce" l^SlJi; .-^7.2.1: »I7.4 *; yjHiJl; £'>r9.Il.l]. poeni. Jane Porter. "The 8ciitti«U chi«(«" [7^.4: L9S.7: 1778Ji]. not accounted a auccfftd U|Wf »■ 
tatioo or national nianner*. tal4>. Joanna Baillie, ** William Wallace " [2A>I.,3 ; S3u4.9], poem. German draina* bj Erhard and AuHenberg. 

PocMi br E. Smirke in Cambridice prixe poem* [.IT-'i.fl)]. 

BliroF. {crowmed UOO, died \X£}). — Barb«>ur. ** Bruce.** poem of fourteenth centiirj. G. Agnnar, **The dajt of Bruce " [765.10}. tate. John Barrey. 
** Bruci^." epic Scotu " Ca»t!e I>aD|:vrous " i*TOA.H : SOLI.G: 1 470.1 J : 19I7.S'> : 3S79.1.47. 4$; 41(9.1.213. Black Doajclaa. ini6-7. tale, and ** TW lord of Cm 
lliM'lXA.^i Stt.1: XKi^i S^llS-. Xa.\3.6; »ri.Ll: lil^i.^^; 1:0.2.::; nSS.l; 2Si%»L75; 4179.1.10; 4.KI.1:: 45e9a. 17.53. U07. poem. 

ItaHnockhunt, 1314.— Poem bv C- .<an;r*ter in Cambrid;(e prite poem* [.^5 20]. 

XlVrn CENxraT. — Ballads of " Chevjr.Chave," *' Battle on the Border." He.. Ottrrbnme. 1.188. in Child's *' BaDads " Cl.tI6.IL73. 

XVtii CK3CTI-KT.— Scott. " The fair maid of Perth" [401.1.21 ; 802.1 6; 1I70.1..5; W>7.22; »79.1.42,*53, King David, 1402, tale. ♦•Tlie crows of floiy" 
[142S.5]. Hussite ref «nn. 14:». GalU ** Spaevife." James I. tale, dramatisetl br Thomas Dibden. Smollett, ** The regicide " [2576.5.13. Jamea I, Ur7, trajsedy. 
Min Tonge. " The caged lion " [710.12 ; 7»U3, the king. James I, imprisi>ncd in England. Eliiabcth Uelme, ** St. Clair of the ialca ** [1^18.93. Ifebtidca aoi 
James I. J. Grant, ** The captain of the guard ** [l^^-C]. Scotland under James II. and (lande.-s, 1440. etc 

Scott, " Ualidon hill " [:Q1.3: SK.1 ; S16.2.6: .Tig 21 ; 902.1.8; 1318^.^; 45fl0a.17.53. dramatic skiirh. 

J. GranU ''The yellow frigate" [1491.113. 1488w talc. 

XVITH OKNTIBT. — Joanna Baillie, "The faniilj legend" [2564.5; S.164.93, tragedy. J. Grant, "Jane Seton" [t8M.113. intrifM and ■ifcJMJiH , 
1537, under James \, and " Slary of Lorraine" [iaV4.14]. Lowlands, 1517. etc, tale. 

Flodd»H JlrUy Ljl.^ — 8ct4t."Marmion" [.'{12.1.2; S>l.1\i 310.1; 315.2.2; 336.9; 316.1X1: 336.14; 359.1.\3: 902.1.1; 1.115.10; LtlSA^; MS.:.!; HBHaJl; 
4179.L7 : 4564.17 ; 43i%)«.17.2]. poem. Robfrt Green. '* James the t«Hirth." tragedr- H- '^- Weber, " The battle of Fluddcn Seld," poem. Aytoon'a Layv. 

Scott. **The lady of the Iake"[ni-J.1.2; ."RM; .'C6.1; 3)^.2.1; 330.1; .13f;.LXl; .tK.H; SS9.13.4: 90S.11; 1318A3* 13&2.1: Um.2: 298^.73; 4nLU; 
4179.6; 4aH.17 ; 4Sa»a.l7..1 ; (l<!i3 6; <Vie»a.27 ; &-«luJ5]. "The lay of the last minstrel" [.".U.l «: SUJ); 336 1 ; 3«.2.1 ; 3W.1.\1 ; 336 14; 59.13.1 : 391114: fSLU; 
l3iS.S.l: L'C9.2.1; 2Sd»a.75; 4179.1.6: 4564.17; 4.yXii.l7.1: «%Vte54: a<M»a.643, poems, and** Auchindrane"[.-t:n.3; 3:SS.l; 902.1.8: 131AJS9; 417IL1J3X 

ScoCt. " The monastery " [4-yiJ8; 46r).1.9: 4«>.1i>; 1470.1.2; UW7.1U: 2579.1.1^ 19; 4169.1.9]. Si>uthem Midland Border^ 15 l»-UC8, tale. 

Aiiisworth, " Crichton." tale. J. White, ** The king of the ommins" [1367.4; 1378.13], James the fifth, play. 

G»^ne evtupirmcg, hVtl — O. P. R. Jain4.*s, " Oowrie " [19)1.11]. Scotland and France. 

R*fdrmmii«H. — Mrs. Oliphant, *' Magdalon llrpbum " [753.11], tale. Anon., ** The days of Knox," tale. C. E. Daria, ^ No doaa, no oown'* [' 
talo. Anon.. '*The dark year of Dundee " [787.14]. tale. See Note under Kefokm ation. 

Maet, QCICCN or SiH>T8. —J. Grant, '• Mary of Lorraine " [19M.14]. 1547, Mary as a child. Scott. " The abbot " [439.9; 460.1.10; 4«Ll4: ICULSt 
U07.ll : 2579. Lilt, :;l ; 4169.1.Ut], 15i>7, partly in continuation of ** Ttie monastetr." Mary's escape fhmi Lochleren, and Battle of Langside. Ayto«B, ** BoCh- 
vell "[-TM J; t&*77.123. down to Lochlcren. poem, with historical notes. J. Grant, **B>thwell" [1804.^]. Gait, ^ Southennan," tale. A. Daaiaa. ** Mary, 
queen of Scuts." Lope de Vega,*' La Carooa tragica." epic. O. J. Whyte- Melville "The qneen's Maries" [730343. the f>ur ladiea in waitlag. oaMcd 
Mary, Ule. Motherwell, ** Cnixtoun castle," poem. W. H. Ireland. ** I>avid Riazio," tale. Sophia Lee, " The recess," published in ITSt, and perbapa tha 
flbrerunrter of the modem historical norel. G. M. Reynolds. " Marie Stuart," in her ot^once, tale. • 

Dramas by Alfieri, Bith well's conspiracy; Banks. "The Albion queens" Cl:W0-I-6], Elisabeth and Maf7: Diamante fin Spanish) ; Jamca d 
P. A. Lebiun [4A77.7;}] ; St. John; Schiller [372.1 ; 818.11; 2889.6]. not stroikg in historical deliuration or in manners, translated by Fanny Kcmble and J. 
Mellish ; Swiobunte, a trilogy. consi«tlng of 1. " Chastelard," 2. " Bothweil," and 3. " Fotheringay ; " Spicas : KOsfter ; MiUler ; and DcTBrell. Tint. ** £Mi 
d'Orleans " [4629.28], in France, drama. 

XVIITU CEMXKT. — Scutt,"Rokeby" [331.3: 33Q.U 336.24; 3361.^2: 3«L14: .130.13.5: 3,9.16; 902.1.1; 1H8A4: L129.2.2: 133B.1; 4179.1.9; 4S«^17.4; 
4MBa.443. Just after Marston Moor. 1644, poem, and ''A lejcend of Montrose" [400.1.7; 1470.1J!; 18(17.6: S:i7«.1.15: 4I69.1.7> l«44-^% ciTil 
llocg, " Tales of the wars of Montrose " and " Brownie of Bodsbeck," corenanters. C M. Yonge, " Journal of the Lady Beatrix Graham.' 
the Marquis of Montrose, fictitious tale. B. Hutton, ** The fiery cross." Montrose, tale. ScoCt, " Old Mortality ** [400.1 Jt; 409.18: rJ»J8; l4nU.I; URJ; 
8S6Ba.75: 2579.1.9-11 ; 4169.1.); 45A4.173. 1479-90. caraliers and covenanters. Claverhouse and Burler. tale. Gait, " Ringan Gilbaice." down to the baMk of 
Killiectankie, aiid "The Scottish caralier" [1801.17], CUverhouse. and tne fight against William in. tales. R. PoUok, "Helen of the flea'" C-HETJlad 
other " Tales of the covenanters." Wilson, " Corenanter's marriage day." taie. Taif >urd. " Giencoe," Macdjnalds. Jan., 1689, tragedy. 

C. .Mackay, " Jaciibite songs and ballads of Scotbind. from ItN) to 1746 " [176.7]. W. E. Aytnun. " Lays of the Scottish caraliers ~ [; fBtt.43. 

Robert PoUok, " Tales of the corenanters," includes " Helen of the glen " [4*n'Jl], " Ralph (>mmell." and "The persecuted &mi]y." 

XVIIlTll CKXTTKT. — 170U. Scott. "The pirate" [MTt.l.U; 720J9; I47U.1.3: \i»n.U; 2579.1.24,25; 41i«.1.12]. North coast, wild mannera. 

ITtH. Scott. " The black dwarf" [401.1.5: «iD.18: 1470.1.1 ; 1807.6; 2:>79.1.9: 4li3.U^]. cuntpiracy of the Jacobitec Bonier life and scenety. 

1711. Scott, "The bride of Lammenooor " [460.1.7; 400.22: 147U.1.2; 1W7.7; £>;9.Lia, 14; 4169.1.7], dramatized by J. W. Galcrmft [Ul«J; lSt.Ui 
U8B.10: L188.17]. 

1715-liL OUprsf'Misr'sreMUeis.— Scott. "Rob Roy "[430.42: 4601.4: 1470.1.1; 173U; 1807.4: 2:;79.1.7. 8: 4169.1.4], contrajtBDighlaiidlil^aiMl thai af 
OUugow with that uf the north of England. Woidsworth, " Rob Roy's grave" [31L1; .159.12.3; 1319.7J; 1409.6; S5d2.M], poem. J. Grant, ** AdvcitHCa«f 
Bob Roy." tale. 

173S^1. Scott, " The heart of MM-Lothian" [430J«; 460 1.6; 1470.1.2; 1802.6; 1«T.8; 4169.1.6]. Edinburgh, Pocteoos riot 

1745. Tommg frttemder'* rcki/ioa. — Scott, " Waverley" [430.43; 4«»>.1.1: 401.25: 1470.1.1; 1473.1; 1803.8; 1807.1; SS79lU1-133. 8. OonMr,*'nt«id*a 
pulli ** [1400^0]. tale. A. M. Stewart, " The Limerick reteran " [1781.12], tale. 

17&V Scott. "The highland widow" [4a».l. SO; 902.1.6; 1470.1.5: lc07.:»>; S179.1.41; 4M9.1.203. 

1760-82. Scott, " Guy Mannering" [400 1.2; 4«l8; 4A0.34: rJO.37; 1470.1.1: 1783.7; 1S07.2; 2579.1.1,4; 4169.1.S3, SooOiern eOMt 

1765. Scott, " The two droren " [480.1 JO; 1470.1 J; 2579.1.41 ; 4179.1.iS>]. • 

ITtifi. Scott, "Re.liuuntlet"[4akM7; «)X19; 902.1.5; 147ai.4; 1S07.18; 2579.1.35,30; 4169.1.17], pendant to " Warerlcy,** not 10 hialorleal, bat m, ita^y 
of customs and manners ; last attempto of the Prfteiider's family. 

1798. Scott, "The antiquary "[4 A.34: 4'IO.lJSi 460.7: 46(tl2: 460.13; 460.£t; 1470.1.1; 1807.3: S579.L5,6; 4179.1.33, Arbroath abb^, 

JVors. — AH Scott's (miidem) norels are full of the rery best Sc<>tch character. 

B. D. Blackmor^, " The maid of Sker " [421.29], Glamorganshire rustics. 

SCOTCU cUAB^crr.B.— Gait's "Annals of the parish." 17a>-18IO. depicts the growth of a Sci>ttish rillage from a rural to a roai 
at the latter end of the last century; aitd hit " Lawrie Todd" [7887; 1506.18] shows his countrymen transferred to Anoeriea; while in hi* " Bogk 
W« hare the better class of Glasi^>w eniigniiu t» America, 1792. etc Anon.. " A life's lore." Glasgow. Gait and Picken paint lieat the akrevd 
country life. Gait's brst are " The Ayrshire legatees" [7**.i>]. "The prurort," "The stcam-boat" L7.Sltl;t]. "TJie entail" [7«R.113. "Tha laat < 

Shelf numbers above 2110 in the Notes are in the Bates HalL 



LAlrdc," and " Sir Andrew Wyllr " [788.1), with mliture of rx>ndon lifr. IIokk'* imtfI* show the LovUnd tnd theph^rd't life; tod tht huniMrr lilb 
la alao drawn In Etiiabrth Ilamiltun't " Thr cutlajtvn tif Girnbiiniio ' [7iW.I.1]. Novrls of A. Cunninithuin aiid Mim FrrrU-r. 

Mrt.J.>huiton«'« "Oau-Albin" C4-JI.I] and " Eiixab«th d« Bnicv " show llixhlaml lifv. Alau mw A. C. C'hanilK-r«, " Away on the nxwriand'* 

Moir. '' Man«ie Wa'irU." Ilcirn llaxl'>tt, " (i-nnair " [774 i*y Mrs. Craik [MiM Mul»rlO, " A ni»hV life " [ign.lO] ami » Thr head of (he family " 
C'CW.Xt; Jit* i:j. iiiklillr ela«w«. M. II. Tatem. *■ Gleimair." Mr T. D. I<audei'« no\eU. I.<K>kliart, " Ailuni Blair ' I7tltf.7 , 7'V.ii;. Duiiran. " Tale* nf lh« 
fleotllsh iiramntnr ' C7.S.-J0- " Hlin'lt>itii" [771 1^1] Gr<^r;:e Marl>»iiAi(i. *Tlie ixirtfut" C7<lir.: 7'4 l.'>:. wriMid nixhi: " haviil l.tjiinlinKl" [4'Ji'.llt 
TJ^JiJ. 8ri>tli>h 6rv«itle; ** K'>b>-rt Kalcmer" Ct:-"- 14: I7m:.:M\ a KrA-luiition fniii the «t>TiiC4t ^<^•t<'ll tli«ii->xr. aihI " M iN-lm' C17.V.>.;:1; 177:;.V). 

N--niiaii .MaclxiMl. ** The •tarliic" [I41L1L']. rliiirrii nmttcni. II. M:irtincAa. " K:la of (iarvvl'ivli " L7tU J.A], ««>sti>rn i*l»i>«l«. 

J>*hn Wilwin, " l.iKhti aiMl nhatl iwi i>t Sc.>iti*h lif.- " [ t7r.:i'. and " The trinU ol' .Mur;; iivt><l* t7 " C7.'i.i.r J. liiiiiiM** !ifr. 

Mra. Ollphant. " The laird of Norlaw" C'<»71i»: 1717.*t3. "Marparet Maitland" [7.i>.->7: 7.\:i.lL']. - Mfikl.iiKt, " *' llairv .Miiir." " Macilalen Ilrpbarn '* 
C7&1 11}. ** A'lain Ormeine tit M<i4«|rray " C7.Vi M] and " Thi> iiiiitiiter'a wifr " C<'1" ''l : 7'*t.riJ. rvii^iti<i< iiuivi-iiieitt. »e«t • f S«*<iflaiKl, IrCjl>. 

W. Cnamherc, *'Alkte (tilroy" [171*1.1.']. (ale. (t. W. M. ]l«-viioltl«. •' Kenm-tli." t«ie. Mary Uniiiton. '• l>i*ri|i:iiie' [I '411'.. 14}. tale. Anon.. '* TlM 
qolct heart' ['«KLI4], Ule. Mri. .Mackay, " Tlu* tamily at lleatlieiiiale ' [I'.V 7]. talc. S. K. WhKohcail. *• Daft Davit- ' [KkS .'C], >li>irt Ule*. 

John M. Wilfon, *' Talet nf (he hi>r«lrr» " [UtfiJ]. J. F. Ctiii|ib"ll; " P-i|iu ar tain nftlie \V«at ||i;(:iiand« ' [ ^7*» V) 11. Miller, '• Scenes and lefendt 
of the north uf ShMtlaiid" [<^L:!: ::'iiH.Ai3. See aU • CharK's Kefule's " Thrirtie Jii!in«t«Mif" C41.'i.7; UV^.A; 17 il.'.t] and .Mim .MiiliTh'4 "The hi-atl uf lh« 
fllinily " [iW.r.: Ml 17]. W. Black. " .\ printea* of Tiiule ' C17.'*l.l ; I7«;r(.ll], liiV in Il.bridox. tale. A. Sunt 1. * .Mi»f <) ma .M«giiariie" [4m» 4U], Ule. 
aira. PhilliiM. "The harbtiur bar" [179l.l«3. " Glen Llder " [lu«*<.l:0. tale. T. Jeaus, " The Tutniunbi); sliootitigs " [1^.11]. K. Mavkensie, ** The RuuA 
PM« '\ll4;f.l<]. llixhlaiid^-r*. 

/n ^AMry. — Pueint 4if Burns. Ferpi^on. Pringle, and Ix>yden. Motherwcl'i's '' Miii!itnl*y " [.-)4A..'i: :*'>73..'7]. Finlny. " 8e<i(tith ballads" [1M.in3. 
ficatt's » MinslrclsT uf the .Hrxttisu b«Md-r '^ [iai:!.l.l: 4l7'.*.l.l-4]. Allan Itanmy. " Tlie gci^tlt »hiplierd 'l'^>4.:>: 117'Ja.l.J.^]. riMie lifir. Ci>nxh. "Tha 
hi4lii«orTob«r-na-vii»lk-h ' [l.c:u. i; i'*H.:^J: iV.77.2l.'.::. M-euer>. Wonlaaurth, '-Tne »oli(ary rea|icr ' and " GU-ii-Aliiiain [; .-^JiU.lli.:;: l;U9.7.:t( 
1409C; r^.'V4]. J. C. Shairp. ** Kllnialiiie." d »*iiv4ic lIiK'liland lif-, p->ein. 

Macklin hit ufT the Scutch cuurticr of the U*t century in hi« Hir Pertinax Mac .Sycophant of Itis '■ Th.> man uf the wo:U" [3&l.l.llt 4179a.l^( 
4S7AbJU KJ, corned r. 

J. Ormiit, " Lrirrnds of the Black watrh " [4<l<l'.n, «tories of the exploits of thi fiiitr-Hf«>ud Iliithlamlers. 

II. Duncan, " Tales uf the Sc^>ttish p<-asantry " [7:..'i.:f)J. 

lllKT«»BI('.iL SI'.rtRKMorH. — /VM/ar hiafoMc* arr tliose of S^-ott. hi>th In the " Tale« of a :rrandrather" C44>-I--*-^>: 4i».n: 4^.11: 9n2.1.7| 
VrJL:^''y,i 4I1O I.:!!-^;: 4I7M.iI: &^';U.V.J and in the " Ili«l.>ry of Sk-otlantl" [.kX.4: '.sfj.! 7; ::t7.->.l>:]. The f .rnifr i< an abr.d.i'd liUUirr from Marhelh 
down. se!e«-tiii,| ptcture»iuc epi«4kd>'S and prMiiinrnt p-iints; tiie loxler ifives atteutiuii chiitly tu tur i-luiiJati tu i>f priut'iple«, but Pa!gta%« sajs that kavUi|[ 
achausied his plea«uiabta stores in the tale«. Sc>>tt thus riri>r<l his hi«li>ry. 

The Imt^t *md mmI flahvratr g^ntral history u tliat by Burtini [ \. l». Wt-IG^W. -iAJI.!; I<'ihU.I7t<<. I.V.'I.-:]. lie U a thurou;!! anii'|tiarian. but asa hla- 
lorian be pt w e s ses the niiNli-rn skeittienl vii>« re/inlin]; lite eaily unchronicled |ieri-»'ls. and ttniN t!ie i|j«ii uf truv tiiktm^ in .Matcoliit Cunnjurr's rri^n. 
I0*>7-9I. His narnilive of the 11 mian and uiir>-^>rii"<l a/i*s <if hi*atiirii Itelit-f is ample, llii tn-atinent t-i lh«- St. Coluiiibit iktiUmI nisy i>v c inlra^tid with tlia 
rererriit belief of 'M>mulenit>ert. in his " M >n«s.>f th.- \\\-»(" [ ^•11.4]. Sve als<i in thi« r«>iiiief:i-in tlic Duke ot Ar^L^lc's" loua' CU^iU.M]. Se« also l*aU 
gimve's **N<irinandy and Enjflaud " [:ill8 IJ. on t-ic b>-itinriinx of Sc-Ktish lii4:ory in Malc<iliirs time. 

There are three phases tu the earliest histo'-y uf SctHlaiid. First, a fuliicss uf ftibiilous tlctaii. Second, a confiiunding of the Picta ami .•Ht>ls. Ititrd, 
aaobacurity aUendinK everything like aiithciitin di-t.iil. The thini century in the <)»ian p«-ri kI. and the llteiaturv of that subject >ielda discussions luure 
•r Uas historical. 8ee Mcl'herson's Oiilaii [.!l.*t )<; niA.lO; I1119 14. £MU..'<4>; «Uil>.-.7: >;.'>7V H] and its diaSi-iUtlims. 

For the Norwegiaa Invasion, WA, sn> thf translation of the tiid S.ijta «>f Uaco in B ichauan's " The land of lx>rne " [t*ja.l7 ; '.'4iXH]. chapter 14. 

TlieliMig liilerval of the c i:iti'st with Kiijcland will be t<iuiid illustrated in Freeman's" UUtory of the Nurinan itiii'ioest in Lntflai.d " [Ul-Vl], and it 
fbrms the distinctlre feature uf BuTl>»n's third toluiiie C4>**'JI I]. For illuttratiuiisof thi- ik-iIikI of Waliaee and Biuce, see t lie mite umler sUt<t R-ibertson'a 
VwlUknuwB ** llisli>rj of iloittaiid " [ttl U.:i; £IU.t; i*>J4.:.': iV.d4>J. while it is iniri>«lu4.ed by a eursnrr examinatlou of aittet-eilent Si-u(ti»h history. Is eon- 
•fird !•• the n>isn«>f Mary, and down to James's vis at-cis^ioii to the Kiiglish throne in ItXti. Buckle says of Kolieitson that lie is still valuable berausa 
of his bruaii virws, and that he made woiidrrfiil use of the niaterial he had in his time. See the note under Mary. (|U«i-ii \ f Scuts, in the Catalogue of hlslurj. 
Mtaa Silricklanirs " Lites uf the iiueens" {SX\ 1^, will be f *und a c«mipaiiionahle rtimincntary. 

BUnh'iiie's Vl'ieen Anne. chap. ▼iiiLlJi*>-7; 4.U3 I], and Smyth's SA\i lecture In hit" Modern history " [KJ7.S: M.1..1: MlTi tlXXra; 2^4; 414:!.S| 
Cer.Si ilftKi.:!], are on the unitin in V^ueeii Anne's time, ami in Smyth will b«' f >uiid the general character! stirs <>f its liisUiry aul hiatiiriana. For the subse- 
quealrcbellion. aeeJeaac's'* Memoirs of the pretenders "[;K''J.S) I'J.o^.l], and fur that of 1713, s«-« the excellent acctmnt iu StaDhoi>«'s "History of Enilaud * 
IKLli 1MI.*I; '.>4JUaO. 

F'lr the manners, id which the traits are gime or )ust liiigoring. n-it'iing Is better than De-in Ramsay's h>>ik [ Kl^'i A; llKfT.l : :f4a.1.^]. 

For miuiatcaof the Scwttisii character, see Macaulay's third volume iM;.:;; 'Jtiil.l: VXAlx '^AXi; ^^\M; ii'i;5'.i'i] and Froudv's third e^Junie [9M.3{ 

Churfk AisiHTir. — The history of the church of Scotland Is closely cunneeteil with tliat of the state, but it can be distinctly traecd fir a general reelew, 
dwelling u|ion pruuiinent puiuta, iu Stanley's Ij«ctures l-'V^'-U]. or In fMrticular chapters of Button, and Iu MacCric'a " Stury uf the SkuttJsh church" 

iHsidlag tbe record Into epochs, we rifer for the edr/y r>(/iV ptri»d to Mimtaletntiert'* " M>mks of the Wi«i " [ *.'ill 4]. 

Fi>r th* Mt^trm>uimm^ lives tif K mix ; II rton'a 4th voluiiie; 'rhaHers In Fiuttde'a lli-ttiry C'*** •( '.'*.'>•''•]• and his essay on " Tlie InAoenea 
of tbe rer>r<iiatl -n on the Srottlsh chararter." in hi«"Sh-irt studies ' [HI.VI'V.I], In which he rubut* Bm-klr s rha|t«-r <hi thr .•ic itch [imj.l]. and In hit 
**lli4ory of ri«ili#aiion"[!N.'.l: fll2.'.': ;L''(U.I7]. S'e the n>ite under Kiririnatiitn. ami tin- Hal of autn'>ti'.:ra in Fislier s " Kironiiatiiiii" l.iM.'i..'>4. p. .'-iC^. 

For tie pe'l-^uf tlie fInrciMN/era. fr-iiu the Aral itant|iii;{ «:;ti ict enf ifi-eil tpiKni(»a4'y iu IH'M, to the retnlntitMi of V'M^. iKiM't lnMik, " Fiflv yeara* 
«nig«;le of the Scottish citrfnantera " [-.'In.*.*.*:, it a usefoi p ipular «kf..h. S<^ alsu Burnet's " (Iwn lime " ISAT^. iMit in]; ami Maenulav s lliatotv ^lPh'>..'i ItfK.1: :U<»L:(| AM:.n; iS.7.tij; a paper In Harpers muiithly, \i>l. 4li: and I'etfr's Bayiu s anicla in the C'uutemtHirary retiew, Wi. un the t^^vc- 
■oMers. Charles II. and Argyle. 

There is much In the Al tolumc of Buckle's '* History \*t civilixation " [VtJ.l ; I'MLC; '2Lrj.»^} •m tlte comliiinn ul Scotland from the Itth centuiy, and 
oa tht characteristics uf the Scottish tntellert. 

Shelf. No. 
Scott, »Vir \V. WarerW n<iveN, cnntinurH. 

XXIV ('s^tl** iNnifrr ua. tt'>>««a'y to the Waei-rli-y noeeli. 

X.\IV-.\XV'I I'sli • -I a 1: aiiilf4>.tir: In-m^ >i-ii<m tekni 
I xit >...|ii.ii hi*>>irt XXVll. lai>« of a gra.idUliii-i , tn-iiig 
■t-'rii-i taki n (■••m die NKmy ■>( FraiiLt 

Shelf. No. 

Bconi Mf»» *"• Lftine Allan ••■■• 1 1.*>1K *l'* 

Bcorr, Ijndy C L. Tne priJe of life TS'J.IJ 

^^* m rPwIrlV^Sli oo»tt •••• oooo • aooo •••• eo«o eeoo ae aeoo I ^ «* • !'> 

Scott, J. F. Urudder l)onc»' book of utatnp Rpei^cbeo. 1 17.'>.'21 

»curr, M. The cruiao of lUo Mhl-o T:l'».iy " _ »V.i/nr. rhiliitkliilii:*. .'. t 1170.1 

— Tom OInxlll'a l»g 7;J.i.l8 r..,,,/. - Vol l. \V.i.,f!,.e: li„v Mann.nng; The 

SCOTT, &tr W. l^arerlcjr ni>Tcls. linStoD. 'it r. .. 400.1 nuirv . i:-.b Itv. |4i>« •! mv la.MlKinl: Tnr iiiark d«B-f; 
_. , - t>.i| .M>'1a.ii) 11 I'tii ii'art ••! Mhl-I«o('iiaii i I In- Itn ..• 
< •afeo's. - % -d I. Vawlry. II. <Juy Msnn-fliig. III. „• U rrii.^.r; A '.^.e -I -.f Montr ••«•: l«:inliiH-: The 

TiMF ai>li|U«ry. n iCrti lti>v. \ -VII Tai>« "f mv laml. i-.....a.|. -v; Id,- adb •( 111 k.-i.i»ofh; Ti.- pi rat. ; 

' .. ^, '^•■ hlai-k «Uaff. it'} M .rtnlity VI. 1 Ii.-an Tli.- fvirt ii..-s .-f .NiiJ.- . IVi.fii of the p. ak ; i^iin ini l»iir. 

wf MkfoI^Kliian. \II Thr hmb- ol ljiiiiiiieriii>»ir; .\ I'Ve'-d ' ^^.,\ |V S( It ■« «• :. ll'^liCaiintU-l ; I'a. f Itiv 

of MontrtMC. VIII. Ivanhor IX. I'lir m-Mis-ii> v. X. rii<ailii« T. i ti'i.' T ir ia!i< mri. \V<i ••|.|>>. k. V. 

Thr abt*. . XI. Kriii<W.>r| I. XII Thf |'>«ati-. .Mil. I , ,i,,ri, . ,.f |...- 1 |, .ii^^li 1... lit: i.i d»'il'«. I ■•■(-■> 

foriuiieaof Nii-'. XIV. Preeril i>l tbe IVsk. XV. gui-iitin i|r .,. .. \\, i.n,- \| i',;^ .- . m n. r; 1 n tai«^t:^l ■ lain- 

U'.'V.V*** *^' **»*"»''■*•"•'• XVII It'iiKa-ilitlrt. I».l: Ih.-Ui d. J I-.. ."» -t V... .|.i r • .In* . -r ihr I m i.i«|.| 

X^ III. Tales ..f ll.r cr J—d^rs : I 'le hrti.i(.irt| TJh- tili«- ,,l |'. it . . V ii- t li-.i- -■« i ; f.i.ini K.ibiit o( |'*rn. Lattie 

bian XIX. Wiji*l»'.nrk. X.\. XXI. Ch'onir:. ■ ul tin Cm. li»M/iiou«, I .n- •u'l; •dau,;li:ir. 

ui'^jfe: XX Till- tiighiB' d wi-|.i* • 'I'lf !<• n iitii«i-i«: My 

•m.t Msrct .t s mirm. ; Tlir laiM-t!-!.^! ■■ .anib r ; r..r Ui-.l • _ .V jwr. Vol. IV, V. 'J V '^02. 1.5,6 

J vk XXI. M. \a.iD IDS itar or thr fj.r ma.d "t r>iih. ' 

XXII. Anne Iff («r|. rs.i-iit. X.KIII (*<miiiI lt>t*e't <•( i'a i>. <'iN/r<.'« — Mm- a* vol I. j of prri-t<iliiig 

Sbelf numbers above 21 lO in the NoteH arc in tlie llatcM Hall. 




Sbelf. No. 
Scott, Sir W., continued. 

— The abbot. Boston 460.14 

— Same, Leipzig 430.33 

^^ Same, Londoo 1^07.111 

— Anne of Geierstoin. Leipzig 7*20.881 

<— Same. London 1807. *23 

— The antiquary. Boston 460.7; 460.13; 460.23 

— Same. &Iiiibarijh. 3t 460 12 

— Same, Leipzig 430.34 ^ 

— Same. London 1807.3 1 

— The betrothed: a tale of the crnsaders. Lon- | 

don 1807.19! 

-'Same. Philadelphia 460.15 

•— The black dwarf and A legend of Montrose. 

London 1807.6 

— The black dwarf. [And] Old Mortality. Bob- 

ton 460 18 

— The bride of Lamtnermoor. Boston 1807.7 

— Same, London 460.22 

— Castle Dangerous, and The surgeon^s daughter. . . 1807.25 

— Count Robert of Paris 1807.24 

— The fair maid of Perth 1807.22 

~ The fortunes of NigeL BosttAi 460.21 

^— Same, Leipzig 1 2'K36 

— Same, London 1807.14 

— Same. Philadelphia 460.27 

— Guy Mannering. Boston 460.24 

— Same. Edinburgh 460.8 

— Same, I^eipzig 720.37 

— Same. London 1807.2 

—'Same. Philadelphia 1783.7 

— The heart of Mid-Lothian. Etlinburgh 1(>02.6 

— Same. Leipzig 430.36 

— Same, London 1807.8 

— The highland widow and My aunt Margaret's 

mirror 1807.26 

— Iranhoe. Leipzig 430.37 

— Same. London 1807.9 

— Same, New York 1809.31 

Scott, Sir W., continued. 

— Kenilworth. Boston 460.1C 

— Same. Leipzig 430.38 

— Same. I^mdon •...•...• ....1807.12 

— Same. Philadelphia 171^13 

— The monastery. Leipzig 430.39 

— Same. Edinburgh. 3t 460.50 

— Same. Loudon • .-•• ldO7.10 

— Old mortality. Leipzig 720.38 

— Same. London • • •• 1807.5 

— Peveril of the Peak. Boston 460.17 

— Same. Leipzig •...•... • 4}0.4i 

--^ Same. London • ..181)7. 15 

— The pirate. Leipzig 720.39 

— Same. London 1807. 13 

— Qucntin Durward. Leipzig 430.41 

— Same. London 1807. 16 

— Same. Philadelphia 470.1:1 

— KedganntleL Boston 400.19 

— Same. London 1M7.1S 

— Rob Iloy. Leipzig 430.42 

— Same. London 1S(I7.4 

-—Same. New York 1733.7 

— St. Ronan's well. Boston 460.30 

— Same. London IS07.17 

— Tales of a grandfather; being stories taken from 

the history of France 490.2 

— Talcs of a grandfather; being stories taken from 

Scottish histor?. Second series 480.41 

Third series 460.11 

Tales from French history 1808.1 

— The Ulisman: a tale of the enisadera 1807.20 

— Warerley. Boston 400.25 

Same. 2t 1473.1 

-—Same, Leipzig 430.43 

— Same. London 1807.1 

— Waverley anecdotes 470.26 

— Woodstock. Leipzig 720.76 

— Same. I/mdon • 1807.21 




Bonncveiri ** The Ufkdt of Seott" [CSfflJt] it a conrraimt kry to the ■fgnrry of Scott't novdt and poem*; and a Mmpto of Ihe 
they w«rc reoeiretl can be found in Jeffrey'* Escays C9CL63. Sec other references later under LtTCS. etc. 

Catmt Mctteri •/ Puria^ A. D. ItiOO. Thi« norpl is a general study of the times of the first cru«a<le, rather than a eloae eonvfpondeaee to Ike UsSaviaal 
events of that period. The scene is in and about Constant! nt>ple at the time vhen the anny of the crusaders had reached thai city on thcii way to the II* y 
Land. 8o far as the ereuts are historical, they can be cursorily surreyed in C>x's " The crusades " C^^UtC-S] ; btit for more extended study, m* e bm pben^^, • 
and Wuf Gibbon's •' R^mian empire" C95-t6: 997.10; l»U.l: STJ^l; 4751.3: 4751.5: 475rt.73 and MUman's " Latin Christianity " [1113.1; 3U4.1>; SIU}. 

The hHrttked, A. />. 1187, «rc A tale of the warfare on the Wcish border at the time when the third crusade was in eontemplatioa. and tlUits w«*t 
making to turn the warrinx propensities of the a^e aftainst the infidel. 8ci»tt himself says. ** Ttie war between the WeUh and th « Xoraian l««4s <if tSa 
marches is a peri<Hi when all freedom niijtht be taken with the strict truth of history without eneounterinff any welt-known fhet which miflit 
narrative improbable.'* The general Instories of EiiKland ctirering the reiicn of Uenry it will elucidate the historical bearinjt of the eventa. 

The roiMSMM, A. D. I im. This story of the third crusade, with the sceues in Palestine, contrasts stronf ly the characters of Richard 
Saladin. The personages are historical, but the action is rhiefiy fictitious. As fkr as the ereuts have a relation to history, ther can be eoonpaucd with the 
summaries refardinx the third crusatU in Gibbon's :iQth chapter i'X&A\ A57.10: 1W5.1; ST.VLl; 47.^4^!: 4754.5: 475C7]: in Hume's CSBll; 9613: 9nLl:MLI; 
l»;s.l: 4M(s8; V^S', 63I2.3; (LMVl']; Lingaid's [{¥H.2; 99.3; S42>2]and Knight'* England ['>t2. 1 ; S53:*.lt0 under tlie reign of Richard I ; thei 
in James's " IJfe of Richard Oriir-de-Lion " C&'CfJi; «fi7.7] ; and the narratire in Guizot's ** Ui>tofy uf Prance " [dlSI JU] during the time of Philip As 
who appears in " The talisnisn": but a more particular deiirteatiun of this rival t/f Richard can be fuund in James's noveU " Philip Ai^iisCva'' C*U; 
ITrLlO; 1501.8: 18avj9J. An account uf this crusade « ill be found in Palmer and Besant's *' Jerudaleni. the city of Herod and Saladin " C<K>*-l-t]. It 
of interest to compare Scott's delineation of Saladin with that of Leasing, in his ** Nathan the vise," a drama Cl>t&I.^; 1357.12; SS74 S}. 

/r«NAo«, A. £>. 1191. This rtorel. in some respects Scott's best, and his first attempt outsiile of Scottish history, introdnoea Cceur-de-Lhm in 
as a knight, and it is an interesting study of a period in Englisli historr, when the subjugated Saxons had not yet lort their charaderisdca wsdcf 
of the Normans. Ot'ier well-known characters are Friar Tuck. Robin flood. Isaac of York, a represenUtive of the Jews in England at this tioMw 
daughter Rebecca, the Jewish niaiden. 

Robin Hood appears iu Ivanhoe. and he is also a character in James's " Forest days " {i20.' : 4ft3 1 : ian> 15] The historical standing of thie 
mythical hero is explained in Pruf. Guild's introduction to vol. v of his '* English and Scottish ballads" CI316.<15: 4SS7J.5], also In tlse AUaotie 
Dec.. 183tf ; and in Thierry's Xonnan conquest C«I7.6 S: t*7&<;.3]. See also Tiuibs's " Abbeys, rasUi-s. etc." C'iS.-0.9j. 

Ci*MU T*^ngeTvut, A. />. 1.1^7. Tills r«o%-e! has its scenes in the time of Bruce of Scotland, and picture* the effii>rts of I^oid Doag1as^ ** Black 
one of Bruce's adherenU, to advance the Scottish attempts to wrest Scotland from the rule of Edward jf England. CuosideTable Ubetty ia 
historical events. 

Tke toni of the Mft, A. P. 1.T07-14. The hitforic interest of thi« poem [Kl J; 830.1 : .t«.2 .1; .'rK.1.^2; ft'W.ia.C; XtiAlx 9K.1.1; lSUt.\S: ISBXS^ 
SflAi.75: 4>'>4.I7: 4179.1.10; 4&%ia.l7Ji] centres in Unice and Bannorkbuni, which eoofiict is described in tite last cant>. Sc«itt's ^ Tales uf a 
C4fW.1.24-a;: 4t>i.n: 480.41: 902 I 7; 3ri77.V±>.2B; 4160.1.34-35: 4l7lill: 6;7i)aA*>] may be r«ad in connocti<m, aud other hii«i>rtes of Scotland. pvtienMf 
Burton's [4524.1.2], and histories of England covering the reign of Edward 1. Grace AguUar's ** The days uf Bruce" [70.1P] ia another Imaginative 
portrayal of thi« epoch. 

r»« /sir maid of frrtk, A. D. 1402. Time of King Robert HI of Scotland. Illustrates the wild medieval manners ; the wager of batdc be tawu Icndm 
of rival Highland clans; ami the haughty power i«f the Douglajt, b.^ide t?ie thnme. 

i^fpttiH Jtmrmrd. A. It. 1470. This noiel was the first of Scott's vrntures on a continental th*-mr, and it shows the period nf the decay of Hiiralry ia 
France, under L>»uis xi. who with Charles the bi»l-l 'if B.irgnnd.v U the l^ailing hero. The French king is depicted witii detestable rharacterislies: and his 
nature is cl<;sely analysed in Sc<:>tt's intntdurtion to the novel. Charles is painted somewliat rmsser than Kirk, in hih " Charles the b>l<l " C^H.I ; 4U*s2^ 
adniiu to be ton-; but s*-e E. A. Freeman's E«>ay«ri$lH.|i't; 2»75.'.2.|]. Guiuit's '■ ilintory ..f France* [31S1.W] will suffice fur the g«-neial reader cvneentiag 
the hi»torical bearings of thu n«ivel. For rompsri«on. Victor Hugo's ** The honclibaek of N44ie- Dante" [7lti U: 1421 10] affonle another atwly uf Loai/s 
character; and an aliugi-t!ier <Iifr«*rent kind of di-limation of thew times will \tv fiuMtl in Charlt-s Rradc's ** The rloister and the hearth " C73ULaf]. 

Shelf numbers above 2110 in the Notes are in the Bates Hall. 




4mm» •f Ot Un tt tn, A. D. 1474-77. The ■I017 tariM In III hlilorleal data on the nnkm of th* 8wl« wUl Loait n of Fmaet to drtet Chaitat th« htM, 
NMMof the Mme eharartcra appear as in " Quentin Dunrard." The noteliM hat turned the hiftoricai eveittt pretty frerly to hie own u*ee, and he wrola 
•f SviM aeenery vithout pereunal knowledge of it. The reader will follow events to hit tatirfartion In Zichukke's "lliitor) of Switaerland ** C917.S; 
flttJI} and I'mlsMit't ** Chronlele* " C1ili>1.2{ lOOLl; 2as»1.7]. hi>aklethe general hlitorletuf France. Soitt, in hit introduction, give* rlucidaiury ezpkiiia- 
llone «r the Vehnigeriehte, the fiimoui tribunal uf Westphalia, which makes a feature (»f tills norel, as it had before iu hit dramatic sketch <if " The liouaa 
of Aipen" (.ttl .1: Vtt.1.4: L1IIU.9; 4179.133, and in hit translation uf (kiethe't '* Qitets von Berlichlngen " ^KVi^i 002.1.4; 1 :i8..Ty3. 

Jtarmfea, A. />. \MX This p<iem C'llS-1.:!: SU.Ii .tiG. 1 : .t-»1.2.S : T^LS; .-dClLl; .-ttVII; .I'lOlVt; tt).M.I; I.IH.IO; lll!i.-l.:(; Lfc».S.l: ZMStJS; 41791.7; 
4SCl.I7| 4Mlal7.S3thovstheadveotures of a ilctitiout pcrs^tnage, but thcv aie given an hUtorirsI bearing as connected «lth the cautet t»t tlie battle <if 
VIodden Field, and wlih the battle iltelf, when the Earl of Surrey for llcnrj the rigtiih nf England dHeated King James iv tif $c«)tUnd. The English 
klstorlant, like Hume C'.<611: 9B±n; 9IKI.I: »«.1 ; 19&'i.l( V>16.8: 43:^5: (UlUt; Ml.VS], Linganl l*XA.i; »«IS: 34^:;}, and Fronde [tM.:;; I'UL.'V]. tundi 
•Imott wholly on the political aspects attending Flodden Field, and more dHails of the conflict must be sought in Burton's " IlistAiry of ScotiaDd " C4S:.'4.1] 
■Ml tcDirs *' Tales of a grandfather" C4«l.l.2l.9t( 41IO.II1 400.41; 9U'.M.7i iSH.yiS-X; 41d;i.l.:M-26: 4178.11; a79aJU]. There is an account of the iocalilj 
!• llovlCI's ** VIsiU to remarkable places " C8»L3]. 

n« UHg •ftht f«4r. 4. D, a&MK 15M). This poem [.tlS.1.2; .tll.t; SHI; .Yia.2Jt: .TK.1; S)8L3.I| .TK-M; .139.114: 902.1.1, 1.118 n..!; L1S9.2.I( »44.t| 
flni.75t 4179.1.A; 4170Ji; 4K4.17; fiSCLH; ftldUa.27; OiSOi.'.'S], perha|is tlie most popular of Scott't poems, drpictt Highland mannert and customsin cunirasl 
whh thnee itf tlie Lowlands; has its scene alxMit Loch Katrine, and turns in gottd part upon highland irruptioni into tlie lowlands, and a personal 
OonAkt «if the Scouish king with a highland leader. 

Tk» Uf t/tk» Imtt mIntrU, A. D. a&ota U.10. Thli poem [.1121.2; .tlLS; .¥ff.l: .TM.3 1; Sn.13.1: 3irt.l4; 3S0.1.XI: .139.14; WKLM; MH.n.l; L10.2 I; 
.75; 4179.1.6; 4M4.17: 4SnBa.l7.1 ; 6MBa..14; flM9a.<M3, told In cantos by a minstrel, depicti the mannert and cuttoiui of the ticoU'h and Euglith border, 
t particularly In warfkre. and with a mixture (»f 8ci>ttiBii p«ipular denionology. 

Tk» nMtaslvtT, A. P. LSXMS. At in " The lay of the last minstrel,** the sccnrry is laid at Melrose abbey ; ami in hit Intnidortion Hcott poliito out hit 
vMiatlons of the geography of the neighborhood. The ecclesiastical life of the abbey is, however, at a diflereiit stage, for iti eai>teiice it threatened, and 
the slofy turns upon the contrasts of two enthuiiasts, one catholic and the other refiimied, and u|N>n the rivalriei bi-twecn the vassals ttl the church and tJie 
lay barons. Tiie machinery of the plot is derived fiom the " White lady of Avenel," and presents a vi«w ot Scotiikh tuprrstitiuns. Public e«ents, though 
mat a part of its tale, are made to stupe its tleveiopment : and Burton's '* llitlory of Scotland" [4524.1.43 will aflbrd tlie hittorical cofumeatary, and a 
llheneta of Murray the regent can be found in Lodgr't '■ Portraiit " [8U.1 2; 24^1.11.23. 

Tk» •Ai<tf, 4 i>. IjCS. Thit novel, partly a ci>ntinuation uf the preceding, indudet the ImprltonruenI of Mary, queen of Scott, in Lochlevan eastk* heff 
aacape from it, and the battle of Langsidr, which decided her fiiture. 

JTeiufwsrfA. A. /> \S7S. This novel turns upon the death of Amy Robsart, the countess of I.<eic<>s(er, leaving the amblti<Mis earl more at liberty to gain 
Ihalhvor of Queen Elisabeth, with a possibility of sharing her throne; and it exempliflrs his flattery in the splendid rrct>|ic on accorded tt> the queen at his 
OaHla ui Kenilworth. Theie is an examination of Amy Robsart's rval career and a history of Kenllwurth by Adiard [iSttki 1 1 3. pointing out divergencies 
ftom Scoa's tale: but, except as a picture of the time, public events other than as stated, do not much concern the progrett of tlii« tlory. Betide the Queen 
and Leicester (tee Lodge's '• Portraits" [81.VIJI; 2451.11 4; 2M1.18Jand 8LS.1.2; 24*il.ll.:i: &'ill.Ul.L>3). the best known of the other historical personages repre- 
atnlad Is Kir Walter Raleigh at an earlier age than he appears on a diH^rent theatre in Klngtley't '* Sir Amyat Leigh " [4^.7 ; 4U).29. 4iM IU3. Tlic mytterioM 
alanicnt of the ttotr centres In Wayland Smith. 

ns/prfMNss^ .V^rsi, 4. />. led). The hero of this novel (besides Nigel himaelf. the lover) it Ileriot, the king's goldsmith, of Edinboro*. who 
aaeompanied James VI of Scotland to London, when ha became James I of England, and the tale was an attempt by Scott to in^rst a man wiihiMit iha 
eenveMlonal atuibutes of heroism, with importance in a story. See the accounts of Ileriot in chap, x of Fox Bourne's "English merchants" C4r*48.U3. 
Tlialale,hnwever, depicts the king in a masterly manner, and it is one uf Scott's nnist famous delineations. The leader who wishes to see how such a 
iDMaarch may be defrndrd, can compare Disraeli's " Character of James [H(I7.5JI; iOU7.133. In delineating Londim life of this period, Scott has shown hia 
flhmiliarlty wltii the dramatists of the |ieriod, particularly in the wild existence of Alsatia or Whilefrlars. The story is without much Itisturical bearing; 
b«l Kalgfit and the other general histories will throw light upon " Steenie." the Duke of Buckingham, and other historical characters a hich fignre in it. 

taleAy, 4. i>. MH. The scenes of this poem [.'UlJS: X«S.l: X^lA; .' XVIU-, .-i59 U3: .IW.lfl; 9U11.1; M18A4: 1£9.2.2: l.t9.1(SS«%ia.75| 417«.IJ| 
4M.I7 ; 43aBa.i7.43 are in Yoikshire. Just subsequent to the battle of Marstun Moi>r. and the character of iu personages depends largely upon tlie tronhlesoma 
uf the limes, and the events have no connection with the actual occurrences of the civil war, though typical Cavaliera and Roundiieails make up the 

1 1 bat they ara nut cunsidcccd in Soott's handling to have marked characteristics of the times, owing partly perhaps to >c 4i's want of synipathj with 
! pitrlians. in whose nature ha saw little of the poetical, which Klngsley daimi for them in his " Plays and puritans " [(Vl-fi; 4*i57.03. 

4 Ufmd mf M mdr9»r, A. D. l<M5-4it. The scene it near the Trosacht, and on the wrtt d mtt of .*V>ollaiid. The central hittoncal event of Ihit tale it tha 

■ of Lord Kllpitnt in Montiose't camp by Afdvolrlich, who fled to the Covetiantart. Montrote't career is traced fnnii his esra|ie to the Highlands, ia 
dlsfulse. to raise the Highlanders m King Charles's beliaif. and the story carries him through much of his year's tictorlims csrrvr. by aha-h he sought to 
Mva the English rojrsitsts by forcing the withdrawal to their own territory of the army which the (>u«enanlers liad lent the parliaiiie*itariaii*. The tragedy 
b •aiiveoed by the humors of Capt. Dal getty, a soldier of fortune. A contrast of characters it dia«n in Mimtruse and Argvie, or " .McCalluni More." tha 
C^enanieffs' leader, and skHehes of these heroes are in ledge's ** PortraHs ' [nU.1.4; 2431.11 1:; s.'»4l.l<(.2 and 8LV1 J; 2451.11.7]. The histotics! paiallels caa 
best be iwmA In Ctaiaudon't Rebellion [977.1; 2515.13 and iu Burton's ** illsiury of Scotland" [4521.1]. chap. 73. See also Contrnipoiary rvview. 1873, by 
l'^tl•r Bayae. 

ir«adhfedl, 4. D. UUS-fll. The scene of thit novel is mostly at the old royal l^lge of Wottdsiock (in what is now the dmnain of Bieithrmo. and the 
flaw eBtensIa from JuM after the battle ot Worcester, when Charles It as a fbgllive finda sht-lter there, to that lomiarch'p restoration. The mot-hinei v of tiic 
tale cumes from some witchcraft tricks played by a crafty myalist, « hlch are explained at length in the IntnKluiiion. The ini|iitnanl hisbt« it*al rharmclera 
•ra Crumweli and Charles 11, and tha public events of the peri«id can be sluilied in the genvial httlorii>s of Kniuhl [VC.l ; 'SMTtAn], liiinH' [ISil.l; VU.3; 
MLI; PM.I; IWtt.1; 451flJt; 4535.5; iU12Jl: A5I5.23. Lingard [tsM.:*; •W..H, 24:».23. and Clarendon's Ktliellimi Cf??.!; £''15.1]. Fuither slmlv lusy hr givea 
Iu tba biography of Cromeell by Carlyle [>^h9; 1579.2; 4V4>.1 : 4577 "3. and the more innidcnted un*- by Soufhry [.^K».1.I3, a:iil to the pap«-r on hi* character 
asamlrr by GuMvin Smith [1'JMH.l; 4M8JK3. The apt charactenialnnis ••fthis peri'Hl bv .Msraulav can be fi>uiMl in hia ■' lliat<iry oi Ensland" [!M.X: 
Ww3| UNII ; aSCLlM : VcfcLM ; 4'i27.i'0, and his essays on llallam, on Milton, and on llani|>den [ VMiill, 2 . 2»U1 .'• ; 4y* 3.1 . 2 ; 4V«.7 1 . 2}. Some cha|<ers 
la Massou's ** Lite of MlUon " [551.Ct SMJti 24I5J13 will be of use for further study. Croniaell ami the king are skrUhed rrs|iectively in lA-lgf s ** Por- 
mlti " [81.VI.5: 2iM.ll 7 and »15.1.<;; 2451. II. 93. 

Fur other iniaglnalivc drliiieatlons of this period, see Horaca Smith's ** Brambletye himse' [797.1; 797.2], James's '• Tlie cavalier " [464 123 and 
** Arvah Keli " C4^*3''>: 7WlU; 140^3; Amsworth's " Ovingdean grange " [72IL23 and ■* Bosc->b-l " [ Ii'Ih.;] ; Mri. Charle«-« - The DraHiMis and the IHi rnanis" 
[413.7 ; 4IR.U3 and ks sniiiel " tin both sides of tlie sea " [428 SO; 49i>.dl] : and Miss Yongv's " The pigeon pie " ^.VVIOJtl): 44U Ki}. See sIm) |»r Fot '■ > Memoirs 
•r a cavalier "[ni9.2i45:«;.S2: and "Lifie of colonel Jack" [4iUUa. 1.53. and for eonCemporary satirr Butler's "lludibra*' [:ill.l.}; 319 4.1.2; ^508; M0.9i 
•17.131 L-at.f . r-SO.Vli 25«U; 4aM.IJ3. 

^rvnril i/ i*s P^ml. A. 0. IMMU. This novel, which opens just after tha restorathm of Charle* 11. and extan^lt in its action over a score ol years. 
Dm otatrasCs <if society at that time, in the jovial cavalier (So itt imihougiit t-* Iran bv prvf«-rvfire t^i this side ofihe cnntesll a<>d tlie sulierer 

I, and the lierti and heroine of this tttry evince these l es pective sympathies. Ttie scene ii partly in Iterhyahire. partly in I>»ii«|un. aiHl for a while ia 
IW laleuf Maa, where the eouolsss <*f Derby Uail judicially exaenled a Manxman for siding with tiie pariiamentanans in the late rivil war. anil Is now 
fur this assuniption of feudal right. Tlie fkinoui " Popiih plot " of lg78-8(i comes incidenuily Inlti the thrrad ff the atory. which i« carried in una 
lotlic lifstfui olio, and presents a picture of lh<- di«Si>Iutec«Hirt of Charles II. Tlie grneral hutoiie* ett^rriiig hii reign give all the public ewnls. by 
wkh:h the p^oi Is sunownded, while the ** Diary " of IVpys [SC7J; 2541 Ji5j forms an inlereatnig coiiimeiilar>- i*n the inanucrs uf the dav. 

Old JWsfialifjr, 4. D. MTV-SD. This is a tale <>f the vest eo«intry Cotenanters and their ili-f-ats by and their * icti>ries uver the r>ial troops nnder Claver- 
htMoe. with the actions at Druniclog and Bolhwrll Bridge. It isa%i«id picture it llu pa*«i'-n« and niannersof the laivpartiet In pititirs ami rburrh, 
while the rrvtilBthMi of MM was impending. The fHendi «>f the Covenanters may elaiui Itial Ba fiur i-f Bori*-}. thi-ir leader, is drawn in darker e«ilor«. and 
Claverhfiuae with in«irs Indulgences, Uian the records warrant. Burtim'i " IIUt«irv of .H, iitland ' [i'l.'t 17]. chsii. 79, will gi«e snUk-lent xf the hisii-riral 
paralMi ami a ofcaleh of Claverhousa is given In LiMlge's " Portraits ' [815.1.<; 2I5M1.9]. The hiBt'iri'-s of ilie Cuvenantm necesoari.y civer many ol Ih e 
kialoric events. 

" UU Mortality," an aged religious wanderer, who cleans gravestones of th*lr nio«ar«. Is repre«entrd as furnishing the material of the sliiry. 
The characters uf the (Jovenanters are also drawn In Hogg s " llfuv nic of Bod«be>-k ' ; in Wi^^ni s " Covenanter s marriage da«. ttc. 

r*sp*rals. 4. J>. atsnl 17DD. Tills story has no historical basil: but is a pielnrr uf hfr in the (.>rkiieyt aiul no'lhi-rn parts uf Ht^iMlaiid. about the begla- 
;bf tbe last century, and isdevduprd largely thnnagh theaulh ir's iinaginatMii from obM.r> all-in uf what he sa« in Ihlsrrgl-in in Mil. 
ris bids Y lasisisiaissi'. A. It. mh^mt 170U. This is another pnvalc fkmlly story, plarced at about the same pcrmd as the last, but having no tifc ri i a 

Shelf Dumbers above 2110 in the Notes are in the Bates Halle 



rvMMft*Mf/,l. D.I7Q8L ThbihortitafyiiMtttdvaiffWliomtlM MtliorkAd luiowBtlbra pratotyp«,plaelBg tk« teddnli 
Border, at a period when tbm Jaeobkca were pIsDiiing a riaing , which did not take shape in rebeUioB, till a« portrayed in ** Rob Boy.** 

Mak Aey, 4. D. 1715. This novel contraaU the wild HiRhland life with that of the town (Olaigow), and ihowe the manwd inf aspioita of 
the outlawed Mctirritor, at the time of Che irat attempt to make head in rebellion for the Pretender. Beeide Bob Boy, moeh oi whooe hiMorie 
told in the long introduction, no actual charactew of thit era appear with any protninciice ; but the hiatorie name* of Argyle iUMl Mar were bone lyt 
opposInK commander* of the forces. The serioua Interest of the plot rests in Bob Boy and Diana Vernon; and the eomle in Bailie Kieol Janrit s 
Andrew Fairserriee. The erents of this rebellion are also somewhat Interwoven in James's " Henry Smeaton " CltllS}* 

The historic rendering of the events of these years can be followed in Scott's *' Tales of a grandfkther " C480.LS4-K; 4MLU ; 480.41 1 «tt LT ; 
SB; 4I0.1.94-3S: 4178.11 ; «5r9a.a&] ; in Stanhope's *' Uutofy of EngUnd " [9813; 19884; M»JOJ, chap. 6; in Jcaoe's *«M«iBoin of tba yialfJiii 
]|8Sl13; and in Burton's " History of Scotland." 16a8-1748 [4SS4Ak3. chap. U. 

Wordsworth's poem on ** Bob Boy's grave ** expresses the common estimation of the wild outlaw. 

Tht Asort •/ MM-LttJUmt, A. D. 1798^L This aorel, of which the seene is mostly in Edinborgh, with an cpisoda In I^ondoa, oftmu wttk tt 
Fwteotts mob, which lynched an ofllcer of that name for hanging smcg^ers. The story is otherwise a domestic one, with little depen 
•vents, but some well-known characters flgore in it, like John, Duke of Argyle, who is sketched in Lodge's ^ PottraitB " C8UJ J; fiSLlUOj; 
CaroUne, the wife of George II. who is portnyed in Mrs. Oliphaot's **8ketehee of the reign of George n** CWL4; 4SS7.S}. The palhctfe iaincst efa 
toochlng story is developed in the characters of Jennie and Efle Deans; its mysterious dameat lies in the personage known In the opening as Madgia Wad> 
Are: and ito grotesqueness la the Laird of DuaUkiedykcs. lu deseripciooa of the Edinboigh of a eenkury or more afo knd iaicrert to the localMea of the 

ir«MHsir. 4. D. 174S. ThispifltmeofthelifeaBdraaaaersof 8eotlaiid,atatimewhentheoldfeadalfeeUogandthe OoveMmters' ftoalislsB kad Ml 
vholly died out, though their equivalents had long since disappeared in the southern country, accompanies the hislorieal eveata of Iha lekaiUea «i te 
ehevaller Charles Edward, the baule of Preston Pane, the *^ race to Derby," and the Pretender's eouit la Bolyrood Castle, Bdiiriavgh. 

The cventa of a public nature which it corers can be studied in Stanhope's " History of England " [WU; IMK; 4SSS.4]. chap. Bl; ia Ma aepanto 
monograph **The fuity-flve" C9n.6]: in Burton's Scotland, 1088-1748 [iSdM^SJ], chap. 21, etc; in Jesse's ** Memoirs of the pntendera*' CVMs 198SJ1 
and lu Scott's ''Tales of a grandfather" [4000.34-38: 400.11; 48a41; HQOLLT; SS77^J»«; 4]0BLLS^a8; 4U8ai; 6S7Ba.U]. Alnswoith's 
old times " [1728.4] concerns the same period. 

Guf jranjMriny, A. D. 17JO-70. This tale gives the southern coast of Scotland and its manners In the last centuiy, with the life of i 
gypsies — Meg Merrllies being ^ the last, — and with the portrait of a devoted old fiunily tutor in Dominie Sampaoa. Quj Manaering him s elf haa baca 
said to greatly resemble Scott in the traits of a high-minded gentleman. 

M*dtmmHtUt^ A. D. 1770. This novel has less of historical interest than Waverley, to which it is in some sort a sequel, pertaining In the laat aMcaipl 
of the chevalmr Charles Edward, when an old man, to head a Jacobite riring In the north. The seene is laM In large part on both sides of BolwayFri^ 
and in the old town of Edinburgh, and the narrative derive* more perhaps from Scott's own remini s ce n ce s than any other of his uam 
sketches the history of the Pretender from the rebellion of 1743^18, where Waverley leaves him, till he comes again on the scene In this i 

r** eacif iiery, A. D. 1798. This picture of Scottish manners during the hMt ten years of the last century has little to cooaect U with pabUe 
except an episode of the alarm felt along the eoast through fear of a French invasion, the historical bearing of which may be read of ia Alisoa's " Uhlofy 
of Eun^pe" £943^1; &93J0; S3QSJ3]. and in Knight's " Fbpular history of England" [90.1; SSiS.10}. The chief charadtn of iatc 
Oldbuck, the Laird of Monkbams, and Edie Ochiltree, a Scottish mendicant of the privileged Bla*->Gown order. 

A. JbtMN** w«U, A. D. 1800. A tale of life at a Scottish watering-place la Scott's own day. 

Ckromtetea •/ tk« Cm$um f a N . This is a series cf short stories, published after Scott had dropped his incognito, and la the Introduetioa I 
•nC printed acknowledgment of his authorship of the Waver ^y novels, with soma details of their eomposition. The Chmaldes thcaudwn I 
ptefetury mirtter representing an imaginary editor, Mr. Ccufkangry. The two series of this name contained : — 

The highland widow (a. d. 1739). My aunt Marpu«l*s mirror (A. l>. 1788). 

The two drovers (A. Ik 17«S). The tapestried chamber (▲. D. 1780). 

The surgeon's daughta (A. D. I79IM0). The laird's Jock (A. D. 1000). 

Zivet oif Scott, etc 

The biography by his son-in-law, LockhartCffSJ; 585.15 :4S«8.M]. Is the principal and authoritative life, and the epitome by JcaUasoa flSSui] It a 
popular summary. Chamber*** C<MBa.2Z] Is also a briefer narrative. See also Irvlng's account of Abbotsford [377.1 J; 1988.113; the JBasaja by lVua«t 
(885.4 : 87S.3] ; by JefRvy [885.83; and the aceounta of Allibone and Thomas. 

Also see Masson's ** British novelists " [988.7] ; John Brown's ** Spare hours," second series [0B3.fl.9; 1408.88], for 8eott*» diversioBa with a pst chBd; 

*s *• OrstioBs" [S388L57]. for his address at the unveUing of a statue of Scott in Central Park, New York; lUustratcd papeaa la Oaipet^a aMMthIr, 
vols. S8. .'«i 43. and 44: Carlyle's Essays [883.7; 887.1.4; 880LL4; 8SK.3.4: 4577 A4]. for a review of Lockhart; Jerdan's '" Mea I have kaowa ** [U&f J; C 
B. Leslies •* Autobiographical recollections " [587.18]: Lodge's '^Pbrtraita" [815.1.8: S4S1.11.1S]; Maginn's '• Fraseriaa papers" [88402]; Hugh MiOv's 
"Abbotsford baronetcy," In his Essays [813.14; 8U.18]; an account of a visit to Srott in Moscheles's ** Bsocnt music" (4MaOI]; Forsythls **lfo«dsaal 
aovelist* " [0547.15] ; and Hewitt's ** Homes and haunU of the British poeta " [888.1 ; 4549JS]. 

The English magasincs, in 1871, had numerous articles on Scott, that year being the centenary of his birth. 

The M volume of the memoirs of Archibald Constable [3444 J8] wholly pertains to Scott and his relations with the Edinburgh puMlsher, i 
aeeoont of this connection Is given in Curwen*s ** History of booksellers " [2448.70]. The live* of Scott's eunteroporarics nece»ari|y throw 
his career, like Busaell'* life of Thomas Moore [582.3; 588.16; 4548.19]; the life of Irving [5147; S381.1: 2394.1]; the life of George.' 
S344.73]: Moore's life of Byron [585.3; 585.7; 585.13]; and Mis* Ferrier** ** BceoUcctions of Scott at home" la Temple bar, 1874. AlliboMli anUa tm 
letters of reminiscence* from Edward Everett and George Tickoor. 

Everett al*o gives nos. Li and 15 of his ** Mount Vernon papers " [898.7] to reminlsecaces of Scott 

Prindpal Shairp has a paper on the Homeric element in Soott'spocCry, in Good words, 1S75; and Fastlake notes the cAd «f the aovalaoa lbs revival 
of Bedi«val architecture in his •* Gothic revival " [4108J1]. 

light ea 

Shelf. No. 

Scottish earalier. The. An historieal romanoe. 

Qmnt, J 1804.17 

Scottish chiefs. The. Porter, J 789.4 ; 1506.7 ; 1778.5 

K0tm.— A tale of the days of Wallace, bat not coasUered a 
doae study of thoae times. 

Scottish tninister. The 800.44 

Scottish peasantry, Tales of the. Donean, H 725.20 

ScouBiNG, The, of the White florae. Uaghes, T. 

434.12; 1419.24 
Scout, The. [General Qreene in the Carolinas, rero- 

lutionarj war.] Simms, W. Q 790.24 

Scbopb; or, the lost library. A norel of New York 

and Uartford. Perkins, F. B 1762.3 

ScuDDKR, fl. E. Doings of the Bodloy family in 

town and eonntry 51.9 

— Dream ehildren 734.22 

— The dwellers in Fi re-sisters eonrt 1808.3 

ScuooKR, H. E., continued, 

— Seven little people and their fHends 724.2 

— Stories from my attie 716.21 

Sea and shore. Adams, W. T 1716.6 

Sea and shore. Warfield, C. A 1796.18 

ScAdriO. Rodney, M. L. 1479.11 

Sea king, The. A tale of the sea. Marryat, F.. .. 711.26 
Sea lions, The; or, the loet sealers [in the Soathem 

ooean]. Cooper, J. F 780.27; 780.19 

Sea stories. Putnam, Q. P T38.1.5 

Seaboard parish. The. MaoDonald, G 411.14 

Seabdrt eastle. Hope, C 1494.13 

Seaclipf. DeForest, J. W 506.15 

Seagull roek. Sandean, (L. S.) J 1418.1 ; 1718J 

Sealed packet, The. Trollope, T. A i87.1( 

Sealsfielo, Charles, jueud. Ste Postel, or Postl, C 

Seamer, M. The story of Queen Esther 1468.28 

Searle, January, pteud. See Phillips, G. S. 

Sbelf numbers above 2110 i|i U^ Notes are in the Bates Hall. 




Shcir. No. 

SiABi, E. H. Piotttret of the olden time 473.9 

8BAMDC and flretide (kiriet. Blum, O., and Wabl, L. 727.18 

Skasidb home, The. Graj, ilfr«. R 755.14 

Sba-kiub h(»me. The, and the gmaggler^i eave. 

Norrii,E. M 1775.10 

Ska-iidb ftorj, A. Tytler, C. a F 417.11 

Bbasov, a, at the White sniphar springs. WhitUe- 

Mj, K.L. 1728.7 

SBATBBsrt, F. p. The aiok doll and other atoriee . . . 732.8 
Sbaward, Sir B. Narrative of [hit] ahipwreok. 3 t. 429.2 

8bco!id-^m>I78I!i Sarah. Rohlnson, F. W 17G1.6 

Bbcobd to none. A military romanoe. Grant, J. . . 750.13 

8b(»bd wife» The. John, B. 1766.4 

SBCoxoTBooaars, Solomon, pieud. Set Kbnnbot, 

J. P. 
Bbcbet drawer. The. Bj the author of *' Alioe 

Middleton** 1724.7 

Bbcbbt, The, of loooeM. Baker, U. N. ( W.) 800.79 

Sbcrbt, The, of the bland. Verne, J 1796.4 

Bbcbbtabt, The; or, oiroumttantial OTidenee. Bob- 

tseon , ft ** . .... ..••.... ••.• ..•••■•••■* .••.jiioi.ii 

Bedab, a French boy's storj of. Kingslej, H 1717.11 

Sbdg WICK, 0. M. Tbo boj of Mount Khigi 467. 19 

— Clarence. Now York 436.12 

-^ Same. PhiladelphU. 2t 436.11 

— llome 729.14; 1427.27 

— Hope Leslie. [Earlj New England lifo.] 2 v. . . 436.13 

— The Linwoodi. [Rerulutionarj war.] (/a Mas- 

terpieces of fiction) 1782.14 

*^ IjiTe ana let IiTe. .....•••••.•••••••*.•.■••■.• i iJmks 

— A lore token for children 467.25 

— Married or single r 2t 436.3 

— Means and ends 450.6 

— A New England Ule 436.9 

^ The poor rich man, and the rich poor man 450.16 

— Bedwood 436.8 

f f^ 7«ari aso, and liicy are Mill read wiUi intrmC 

FcPOWicK, S. R. Alida 1760.13 

— Wslter Thomley. 506.16 

Bbdlby. II. Dangerfield's rest. [Ante-rebellion 

politics] 426.14 

Bbbb, The, bearing fruit. Mollat, A. S. 1469. 1 1 

Bbbd, The, growing. MoiTat, A. S 1469. 10 

Bm>, The, of the church. A tale of tbo days of 

Trajan. Dickinson, II. M 1788.33 

PBBn>Ti BR and harvest. Renter, F. 1731.9 

Bbik and find. Adams, W. T 784.9 

BbbbPLLKB, a. M., fvrmerly Miee Crane, Emily 

Chester 782.19 

— Opportunity 782.24 

— Beglnald Archer 794.15 

Bbbb and heard. Mayo, I. F 1715.4 

BsBB, The, and the unseen. Arthur, T. 8 1459.9 

Bbbb and unseen. Algatohie, p«ra// 44.2 

BioUB, S. R., fomUMMe de, formerly Madame Rot' 

tnpcMne, Fairy Ules for little folks 7 18.2 

— The Inn of the guardian angel 479.15 

Srlbct stories to please and profit. Taylor, J 7 IB. 16 

BcLRCT tales from the Geata Komanorum. etc 477.4 

B8LK(-rio!fS from Chambers's repository of instructive 

and amnsing stories 1425.8 

pcLr a t jore, v/. \im ir . ..■••..•••••••••..•■...*••. ii o. i 

BRLr-cu.iTBOL. Brunton, M 1504». 13 

BRLr-iiRTRKTioB. Blllii, R. S. 1762.9 

BBLr-nR.^iAL. Ilofland, U 759.24 

BBLr-oEJiiAL, and other tales, (/a Chambers, W. 

and B. Library for young people) 440.76*9 

CunffMto.— Salf-dcBlal; Jacopoi Tba camtllai Tb« IHIIa 


BsLF-DBTonoB . Campbell, H 432.21 

BBLV-JUSTiriCATiOB. Edgcworth, M 467.1.1; 468.8.1 

Bblt-madr. Welty, B.A 767.21 

Bblt-badb woman, A. Buckingham. E. .M 1741.12 

SBLr-BAiSED; or, from the depths. Southwortb, E. 

D. B. N 43.20 

BRLr-SACBiru'R. Oliphant, M. (0. W.) 7b2.9 

SKLr-SRRB, The 721.27 

Sei.liko Ijucky. Abbott, J 747.11.4 

Bebeia, the Christian 509.27 

Slwir. Ke. 
SBMi-ArrACHED couple, The. Eden, Hem. E. 405.16; 495.20 

SBBl-DKTACHRn house. The. Eden, Hon. E. 495.7 

Sbbimolb wab. See Unitbo States, note. 
Semiramis (thirteenth century, b. c). 

billon. _ 
Caklcnm, " t<a ntja dri aire ' L4<»"-UZi aiMi rivui-r. 

U. J. Wli> tcMvlviila, ■* tervhcdun " C4U3JH { 7JUAQ, Ul«. 

Sebbb and sensibility. Austen, J 750.20 

758.2; 758.4; 1506.21 
Sebtimbbtal journey, A, through France and Italy. 

Sterne, L 720.49; 908.10.3; 1803.13.3 

Septimius Fclton. [Time of Concord fight, 1775, 

etc] Hawthorne, N 505.24 

Sequel to the Old manor house 790.62 

Sebubabt Atkins. [.Seminolo wsr.] Donaldson, J. L. 757.19 
Seboeabt Dale, his daughter, and the orphan Mary. 

Sborwood, M. M. Works 452.1.9 

Series for the young. 24 t. in 8 65.10 

Serbi.hi, G. NoTvls. (/a Roscoe, T. Italian 

novelists) 427.8.3, The, of the period the greatest plague 

of life. Chamberlain, C, >r 484.18 

Servian legendry. 

H. Kapprr. " I>le 0««An|{e drr 8crh«n " r.V17.Snr Boy 
'* tterriao |Mi|Milar fMiHnr " (tt0.1 ( 43»Jf4]. basrd on a 
cttlkctuin by Vuk. TaUt, i. : Mr*. £. lii>binMn, *' 
•lii-di*r drr .Srrbrii" i.4tt(.17]. I«. A. Fraokl. " SrrI 
National lirdrr " iraA.'»\ Owrn .Menrdith, ** HiTtlait m 

R. Kapprr. " I>le 0««ln|{r drr 8crh«n " r.m7.Snr Bowrinc 

■"^ 43njH]. ba«^ on a iiativa 

I, " Vulk- 
' [-izn.^]. Owrn .Menrdith. ** HiTtlait iHtriiia.** 
W. (irrhaid.'*ihrbiiirtir VolkalWdcr und klrldruiiiirirehrn " 
[4£nL:.'1 JuhnKaich.lhcfcrrlaa. haaatragcdjroutbcdcsth 
uf Tiar I'rucb. 

Seton, W. Romance of the charter oak : a picture 

of ct>Ionial times (in Connecticut] 

Setob, «\ ., jr. Nat Gregory .... .•■••..•• .... .... 

Settlers, The: a tale of Virginia. Kingston, W. 

U. G 

Settlers, Tbo, in Canada. Marryat, F 

Sete!! birthdays. Knox, K 

Sevbb danghters. Douglas, A. M 

Seven hills. The [i. r. llome]. De MiUe, J 

Seven years' war. See Gkrbant, note, and Ubitbd 

States, note, as " Old French war." 
Seven little poiiple and their friends. Scndder, II. E. 
Seveb little sistvrs. The, who live on the round ball 

that floats in the air. Andrews, J 

Seven, The, poor travollen. Dickens, C. (J. II.) .. 

Seven sons. The, of mammon. Sala, G. A... 502. 17; 

Skvkn »torles. Fnllert<in, Lady G. C. (L. G.) 

Seven stories, with basement and attic. Mitchell, 


Seven years. Kavanagh, J 420.22 

Sevenoaks. a story of to-day. llolland, J. Q. . . . 

Sewall, F. Moody Mike 

Sewkll, E. M. After life. Sequel to < The journal 

of a home life.' Leipsig 490.20 

^ Same. I/ondon 425. 16 

— Amy Herbert. Leipsig 430.44 

— Same. NeW York 425.1 

— Clevehsll 426.6 

— The carl's daughter 426.3 

— The experience of life. Leipsig 1779.17 

— Snme. New York 424.3 

— Gertrude 1799.13 

— A glimpse of the world 493.3 

— Ivurs. 2 V 424.13 

— The journal of a home life. Leipsig 490.36 

"^ Same. liimdnn 435.13 

— Same. New York 436.13 

— Katharine Ash ton. 2v 424.8 

— Laneton parsonage 435.3 

— Margaret Perclval. [Life of the country gentry.] 

2v 426.14; 435.17 

— Ursnls. 2 V 434.3 

— Walter Loriiaer. And other tales 436. 10 

Contfrnf — Waltrr liiir inter ; Th» •mNcmi uf Ufr j Tk» lufl 

.W#. — MiiM i>f MIm iipvrirt *>riM ha** morr t» Irai In 
d<i Willi tlir rrliirtnui tKl* ••! Knf^iih lifr. aiid thry all ar« 

tilraaiiif drhiM-ationt of hamr iifr. vilh ila di%«nkk« *4 
iitrn-iC atid rtiararfra. 









; 454.1 



Shelf nambera above 21 lO In the l^oteH are in the Batee UalL 




Shelf. No. 

Sbtmour, Mary A. Cbristmaa holidftji at Cedar 

groro 717.15 

ScTMouR, Mary II. Reeompeow 1429.36 

Shabby genteel storj, A. Tbaokeraj, W. M 609.3 

720.42.7; 1799.1.4 

Shades of character. WoodrooSe, A 4.S9.20 

Shadow, The, in the house. Saunders, J 1803.20 

Shadow, The, of Ashlydyat. Wood, E. P.. . .492.23 ; 750.2 
Shadow, The, of Moloch moantain. Aostin, J. O. 413.20 

Shadow, The, of the sword. BaehanaQ, R. 1410.1 1 

Shadows on the snow: a Christmas story. Farjoon, 

B. L. 1410.7; 1410.10 

Shadowed perils. Avery, M. A 43.16 

Shadt side, The. Hubbell, M. S 417.16 

Sha kbr lovers. The. Thompson, D. P 1760.25 

Shakespeare, W. Lamb, C. and M. Tal