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Full text of "The Clinical guide, or, Pocket-repertory for the treatment of acute and chronic diseases"

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rom Ttl» T»»AT»t«lfT Of 


By G. n. G. JAUR. 







OTE hVuK E'**4S5' "T A F E L 
pHnjiDELPUU : F. £. Bokbicke & A. J. Tapei^ 

Boston: Otib CLkFV.^Cbirago : C. S. Halkky. — Cincitmttti : Sniri 
WoR'rHmarati. — Detroit: E. A. hoDBH.^^Pitixhurfr ^ J. G. BACKorjt 
Son. — St Loui$: II- 0, G, LuYTies ; John JMtMsow. 

LoiTDOM ; Turner & Co., akd James Epfs. 

Entered, Meordliiff to Act ofOongreai, in tbe year 1S60, by 


In the Olerk^ Office of the District Conrt of the United Stites for tbe floathem IMstrict 
of New-York. 

.- •':.•": : : 

• • ••• ••• ! ! •••••• 

••••••.! ! 




The first edition of this valuable ** Pocket-Cc MPATnoK' 
has been long out of print. Dr. Jahr's third, improved and 
enlarged edition hi too valuable a work, not to be clothed 
also in the English language, in order to assist the many stu- 
dents who have embraced with heart and soul the glorious 
doctrines of Hahnemann ; but even the busy practitioner, to 
whom time is often too valuable to ponder over the larger 
works in the library at home, will find it a ready help by tlm 
nde of the patient As the ** New Remedies" have steadily 
progressed in the estimation of our colleagues, we have not 
only atlded them to the chapter of JNIateria Mcdica, but have 
•Ddeavored also to give to each its place among the different 
diseasog in alphabetical order. We feel oui'selves imdcr last- 
ing obligations to Prof HKwrKL, whose first edition of this 
work anderlies this volume, also to Professors Giteunsev and 
Race, of Philaddjfhia; Prof Wells, of New-York; Profs* 
Frankux and Helmuth, of St. Louis, and many others, for 
we have drawn on all sonrces to make this little volume as 
profitable as possible. May it guide the young physician to 
the selection of the true remedy; may it go on its mission to 
alleviate human sufferings, and my labor will be then amply 


Kx¥r.TaMC» Sept., 1869. 





This volame will be of great assistance to practitioners 
and stadents of medicine as well as to the general reader. 
Bj the assistance of the lately published works in Europe 
and 'America the symptomatology of each disease has been 
greatly enriched ; and the editor has taken special psdns to 
have the characteristics, or key-notes, of each remedy fully 
pointed out. The New Remedies have likewise received full 
consideration in the body of the text, wherever clinical facts 
have coincided with the provings. In short, no effort has 
been omitted to enhance the value of the ori^nal work by 
suitable additions from every proper source. 

Orders please address to the publishers 

yew- York, 


Although wo may justly presume, tbnt every physician, 

who intenrls to practice Hninoeoptttfiy, has already studied 

llnhncni.inii's Orp^arioti mid the principal works of our aehool, 

iill it may happen, that tins book will reach some, wlio have 

ioi I'ltjoycd such of)port unities ; and for tliose we will pre- 

lrjtj«c the tollowiu^ general remarks — to point out tothcnj the 

r^larting point, from whicli tliey Iiave to lake up their . studies. 

§ 1. Homteopathy ha.*^ been frequently called tlie sjx^rijio 

an of cure, an<l if we do not understand by specific remedies 

such, as can be given against certain diseases in every case 

and at any time, Homopopathy possesses a certain right to 

such a Dame, for although B))e lia^ not for each disease its 

specific always healing remedy, yet she has for every sin- 

g\e case its truly specilic remedy, whtch we can find ac- 

Mng to rules firmly establitthed and wluch cannot de- 

g L*. The rules are founded on the concordance of thespnp- 
tonis produced by tfio chosen remedy to those of tlie given 
of dijtcji^e ; but not only do the f/eneral pathognomonic 

id local Hyniptoms have to agree perfectly with the given 

tse, but also particularly must the jyeruUar character iatic 

rinptoms be found in the sjjhere of action of the remedy as 
" a.H in the disease, 

' J^^. But not only does the suflenng organ with its pathog* 
nomonic symptoms, but also the more remote (external, dis- 
ease-making) cause imd the individual cunntitution of the 
patient play a part in the selection of the remedy ; as there 
JO ♦' many, which by virtue of their jathogenetic qualitioa 
ponfi most exactly to the conRcquenccvs of certain ex- 
.,--,. J causes (as contusion, di.^ordercd stomach, overheating^ 

Ligup, mental emotions, catching cold, <fec.) or to jmrlicular 

ri*«, Kcxes, trades, modes of life, or some peculiar con- 


^ 4. In order to become accustomed to a ccrtfdn method, 
it would be advisable, to aim in every medical exannnatiou 

the following four pointa, and to a&certaio seriatim aa nearly 


1.) The snfieiinp: organ and the kind of morbid j 
iiifl to it. 

Mhieh bet'el it, with the pathognomic symptoms 

li.) The pathological, non-essential symptoms, but 
especially characterize the case in hand. 

<J,) The exteiTial cause, by influence of which the i 
was jTrnrlnced. 

4.) The morbid disposition of the patient according 
constitution, age, sex, mode of life or occupation, &c. 

^ 5, In order to find out the suitable remedy, it is n 
terial, in which order this examination was made, h 
ninsl be careful to consider every e{«sential feature 
case. Suppose we begin wilh the RufiVring organ .jii 
j>athological proces.s — -present in it, (ns inflammation, t 
paralysis) we will often find a great many renie<lies co 
the ease, which number will diminish as soon as we ei 
the non-essential, so called accidental symptoms, bnt 
disthiguish this case from all other*^. From thisHmallei 
we again select those remedies, which agree to the n 
C4inse of the case and the in<lividuni constitution of i 
tient> reducing thus the nimiber to two or three, \ 
select one as the remedy, covering the case. 

§ 6. Wemay however find casen, in which no single P 
covers all the symptoms according to their order, ina 
as one may snit the pathognomic symptonis, anoihe 
give us the individual uharacierislic symptoms, a thin 
cover the causial ones', without being in accord with ll 
Btitation of the patient. 

^ 7. The value of the accidental si/mptoms^ ha\*if 
quently very little in common with the pathognomic 
toms, has to be "vvell considered in acHie rfrg^^iw^, fur w< 
find, that a remedy, appearing for itself very little sui 
tlie pathological state and perhaps only found in the 
or fif^h rubric for this disease, may yet cure the dtseai 
by magic; on account of that accidental symptom, p 
in this individual case and also in the remedy. But 
remedies show the same accidental symptom, we woul 
tainly prefer that one, which also most perfectly eon 
the pathognomic symptoms. But of still higher valm 
even these accidental symptoms, in acute diseases is th 
Bidenition of the cvtemal dismse^yrodncing causes^ (ai 
heating, catching cold, poisoning, hi digestible or noxiou 
mechanical influences, anxiety, grief, anguish, fright, 
fiickness and other emotions). When such a diseai 



influence is clearly made out, we have to prefer 
rernedies covering sucli cause, to all othern and sc4eot 
frum them a^ain that (me renponding to the individual cha- 
racleriftlic ftvinptoms of the case. 

J 8. In all (edt'ouji chronic diseases the importance of all 
external disease-prod ndne; causes is of less impoitancp, 
thout^h not to be neglected, neither do wc oft»'n rtnd clearly 
expressed characteristic symptoms m the dii^r^ased organ, on 
which lo base the selection of the remedy. The only rational 
method, by which to deal with such cases, is, to find out not 
only the indiviilual constitution of the patient, and to wrilu 
out the whole history of the case from it!j very beginning, 
going back even to infancy ; but to choose then a remedy, cor- 
rei5ponding most jjerfectly lo the totalihf of the symptoniH 
seen in this history. In such an examination we must con- 
sider nothing trivial, althongh it may not show a clear rela- 
tion to the prenent disease. For example, a patient sullers 
from chronic gastritis, or froui h.'^morrlioids^ or from any 
other chronic disease and all our apparently well-selected 
remedies have failed to produce favorable results; it \u>uld 
then be imperative upon us to cunsider well tct^ry thintj ah- 
imrmal in the funetiorts of the organs of the patient. Alo- 
pecia, aiimentftof the eyes and ears, the state of the skin, of 
the respiratory or aVniominai organs, Jkc*, in fact, every thing 
must bi? conHidered, fur it may give U8 a clue to the remedy. 
Khpeeially former diseases, and the remedies, used for them, 
lead sometimes to the riglit selection ; al»o^ the .so-called 
individual morbid di«i>osition of the patient, as frequent 
rza, the sweat of the feel and axillse, com>tipatiou ^r di- 
icea ; temperament, character, state of the mind; chiJ. 
Ther diseases of the skin; in general, all tofideccies 
to i> slates of health, 

g ;>. 'k> out we have saiil of chrofiic diMast* in relation to 
tim€,i ill reference to the study of all pathological state% 
through which the patient may have passed during Iuk Iife» 
the jqimc holds good in relation to epi(/emic diseases, accord- 
iDg io fpaee. As in chronic diseases — the time i« the form, 
t«>d«T which the total morbid entity of an individual sJiows 
il--^ idemics show only their total entity on n;any 

ttiii i'^: a? it never happens, that we can see all 

nil person; but one person 8h(»WN one 

gi UMoups of the j^ymptoms, peruliiu* to 

th epidemic. Now ia BUeh epidemics, only tho4>o 

rtiL._:v uil halve the greatest power even agtiiimi siuglo 


ityTiiptofns wliicK pnrri**|KW4l by lb<* ct»m^iN*x of tlioir innni>> 
toiuN In the* ti>tn)ity of tlio (liw*a»t« ; mid it im therefore in siidi 
ca*i^ lb<* tiral dnlv uf a phynicmn, to collect from oiany f^olU 
tary c-txsvn a Aill picrurv of all niaitife«itation9 and «yn)|»toms 
l>eloni;lni? to ihi?* iliHt^aw, and to adjust to tbl'* piciim' a cor* 
^ oi' renu'dies, earn of which will SLCi mnsi 
case, in w hich it U also in accord with this 
iudi\idtL;l itt;uuU*ilationH. 

^ 10. li iirriv Ttot 1>e KUi>erfliionii, to rfiow a little nioro 
clearly, in • i«'9 ol Rvniptonis thrse main Test at ions, 

w liieh dclim } iw }H'cttliar and itpceilic to a ^iven ease, 

niunt l>« M)u^ht tor. Wi* all know, that this cannot he tho 
pitculiar kind of puin, (cutlinjf, slilcJiin^^ pressinir* «^o.,) nor 
the peculiar saU oj' the fHtin ; »» in most cascii the patient La 
hardly ahic to define lilriclly his ft^nistation and the placo 
where he feelw them ; and with few exceptiouft, (as ihe bnrning 
pain of arsenic^) tfie same Ken^^ationciare found aniotig a great 
many roniodies. Of more weight arc the circkinMtattc^^ and 
conditioNity by w hirh certain pains or ^niptoma make their 
aitpearance, as e. g« nl ni^ht, in the mornmg, after eating, in 
this or that pOMition of the body, during or after certain oo- 
cupatioufl, <tc. Of the same vaUio are altio the s«)-cftlled «<s- 
co«7>/ii/y/y*f/ pymjHonift, that i??, nilmeuts afipeaiing simnUa" 
neomily with the j«ain or tlio fever, or the oliil]^ the sweat, 
vomiting, i!itool, nannea, fnintini?, s]Mi»rn«s ifec. Where idl siidi 
circnmjitanccNare [>l:uijly foim<i \i\ tl»e ease of the disease, and 
in the corresponding remedy, wc may safely a»*<ert that good 
results will be proibiced by tlie jjpplication of the remedy. 

§ 11. Not always, however, does it happen in practice, that 
wc can tix at last our choice only on one remedy : it hf»j»pemi 
ratluT fa'qtiently, that !ifte.r a mo«t thorough investigation 
our clutici* nmuiins v:icillating between two or tliree reme- 
dies, of which oach correspond? to w part of the mo?«t Aveigbty 
iuil i edition. s ; btii none to the whole oi^ them, or two or thrco 
of them appear equally adapted to the case, without our being 
able to decide which ought to be ]>referablu. In Huch a case 
it woidd be advisable to prefer that remedy, which has thuji 
Ci,r done the niosl service in couibatting the disease. Such 
% remedy will then either help or alter Uie cjise bo far, that, 
aifter it(4 action has run its courne, or even during that lime 
another one will be uidicaied with mure certainty and given 
with better elfect* 

4 Iti. But in every ca*e it Is advifiabk, after having given 
the best selected remedy, to wait a certain tlaie according to 


the sfveriiy or mililiitv«!« of iho liwe, Wtbre we exchange a 
carefully chosen remedy for aiioiher. In very severe diseaaes, 
running its conrse quickly, as a clear cjise ol Asiatic cht)l«*rii, 
a remedy must show some cunitive action in an hour or two^ 
(or less) ; in severer forms the beginning of un uniendnieTit 
ought to show itself in tVoin six to twelve hours ; in less 
severe cases atler twelve to twenty-four hours; untl in chronic 
?s it may be retarded for four, eight or ten diiys. Under 

!h oircumsl^nces, the physician, after having made judi- 
ciously his choice, must always await patiently the action of 
the remedy, before he changes it for another ; and if the 
diaease has even not made any progress for the better in that 
lime, but only remained in 8tatu quo, without getting any 
worse ; this of itself alone is a sufficient indiciitiou, not to 
change the remedy, but to continue ilft fuither influence, at 
IflBAst for twice the time above given. Should, however, %\\n 
disease increase during that penod, and instead of ameliora- 
lion, more or le«s dangerous symptoms show themselves, then 
certainly we are justified in changing this retnedy for an- 
other, better suited to the present condition. 

§ IH, It happens however, sometimes, that even the best 
aeleeted remeay, from which we had a right to expect good 
ro- ■ odaoes in the beginning, instead of a perceptible 

nil n, a seeming aggravation, and new symptomM in 

the Htalo of the patient; and only after their disappearance 
:i more striking and quick amelioration sets in. In such a 
case it would certainly be most imprudent, to change the re- 
mcdy before a reasonable lime, and it becomes us to know, 
how to dintinguish between such a seeming, artitieial aggra- 
vation and a real progress of the disease. Such aggravations 
appear usoaily only with senhitive persons or with such, pos- 
nessing a particular idiosyncrasy, manifest in high suscepti* 
hility to the effects of certain remedies; frequently they are 
alio tlie naturaJ consequences of a dose, rather too large, of 
the given remedy. But if the remedy is tlie one truly indi* 
witcd, these new syniptoms will most plainly show themselves 
inside of that period, in which we have to wait for the action 
of the remedy. They appear also in most cases in the sphere 
of the aceidentat syrnptoni^, showing usually the chanu^ter 
ofii ' >r steadiness, viitteni though 1 hey may 

hi rx^T will perceive in them a Mintdta" 

IU'< . iiv- I lii _' nT «>nt, rendered evident in the sejv 

luiiin-, u!i<i tin u I •rtment of the patient. All thj' 

wilt only be seen iji cadea, in which the remedy tried WM I 


rcBDiriiidicatod. V \^- 

tsaiicl new mnptoi ^a- 

of tho i^cnods i«timntc<i m toniu i ili.s 

then more stroTijjly tixtnl in tlirir ii»;i! i .. m ;n. 

ither during thnr course nnd the whole Mule «»1 tho }mtieiU 

for the worse, I'here is then no time lor uAititiic^ bill 

Hthnut delay, a remedy more niiitAble to the prei^iiu fliHe 

to be employed. 
§ 14. However diflieult the wleelion ot' the Hj;ht roiiieUy 
lay appear to the beginner at the >«tan, yet that iliHhuUy 
small in eompttrisou with the qur*tio!i of the <U\*v find iUr* 
II of the remedy, — a fpiestion «l»oiit whirh tlu* b«»M 
?* of our school have not »« yot ix^n^hi'd n ditiiiil** 
lUMon. fhie ndvisew only utronir tim'turen, or at \\w 
^^ It the very |owo>«t ililutionn, — everv two or thrm* houi« 
firop or a j:jrain; otlieri* uw\ neeordm^^ to eir. - •**» 

le different dilutionM, in drop* or in |iifU, dry • ^M 

water, either in a <»ingle 4kme or repeated uvoiy tuir, mo, 
nrec, up to twenty-four hours. Othern^ iipun» n^een<l Ihr 
l>ovt' the thiilieth up lo the very hi^hewt dilnfiintH, (even t«» 
he Imnili'ed thoUBandth,) nnd aeieribu to them thc-ir nni'o and 
speedy enres. It is useless, to denennt liere on tlie dllVorent 
-theories, by which these Hiu'eei*8efi are ejcplaineil, mny it f»wf 
Hce to aay, that cures tan be made nilh any dilution, pro- 
■rided that the doses ai^ neither too ot\eti rrpcfiti'rl nor liKi 

§ 15. We do not mean to Bfty» that the tfe^/reif of dilntioh 

[a of no moment uhatever, for if we lake fro*"!! >enereal 

leers as an exanvple, we tind tl." * ' ' i •Hlution of Mereury 

have no effect whatever: the tJri»t^ fjei'Miid or 

M* third trituration of Mereury, »«ii4 •l*;^)! trriiin moiTiintf ttn<l 

evening, will erndieate thf^ di«<»flflf in n» U'fl^-t ten d»y«, Hut 

\t]t<n\ tin 'in niiv 

r, fi CVimiAbM 

up mhI 

ven, aa 1 i^ 

ueh cases are entire); 
►rr whnfpver. In 
, in tlio 
tenee that xlif ^aine !• 
m tlie remedy m, 


I©. In spite of lU the efforts made to ftn* 
It nicMlrft of acliMi between the high in ni, 

labor has fo hr been in viin, and Dobody run y^'ty • witlt 
Ev, wbeiber the fonner or the liiU«r of Ukim ar« 
or v«skcr. Indeed; It is jproWcnMfeilt if r t p m i wd 

.•fi ti.^, 



conous-sions remler the rciiiodies ^irungiT 
mg : for my own exporit?iice ha^ shown me, th 
nets variously on different persons. But we ic 
for an axiom and past all doulit* that iJ^e ha 
fo^md the limits up to which dilutioiis ran he a 
may he^ that the one^ who gives f(*r &tampL 
thousandth^ glues apotenceas numly curative^ M 
fisea the first or third ; we leave out, of cour^ 
tional caries, which require *»nly tlie !t»v <lilution! 

§ 17, Although in relation tu their abttofute «] 
reronce could fts yet he net up betweeit the^ 
dilutiouH : yet the difference in the mod^ of tb«i 
yet he made out. That excellent and ingenioi 
far. Herincr, has already drawn in several plac 
to such a difference, that, the higher dilutions 
dary effects^ \chat the lower have a^ primary 
Opium in large doses produces sleep, but in s 
higher dilutions sleeplessness; or Natrum>tnuriir 
dilutions thirst, in the higher dilutions, thirstless 

Should this be found true, as my expcrien 
that it >vi!l, it would be well to ponder over it 
which are rich on reciprocal actions; then 
vomica, opium in lower dilutioni* woiil<l be tj 
pathic to con9ti|iation, but in higher dilutic 
But even such a rule would have many ox 
known and succeasflil application of Nux-vom 
the highest dilutions and in the smallest dose 
so that for the moment it still remains an o 
be decided by further experience, 

§ 1^. But there is another, more esiseiitiul di 
whiclj I have already claimed attention (in \>>b' 
has since been duty fioknowledged by several of m 
Thin does not consist in the larger or smaller ef 
dilutions, i. e., not \n itn-strength or weakness, 
developmefii qf t?^e p&mliarities of the remedy^ 
haps by percu88ion, §o that, the higher w^e afl 
more clearly the special and peculiar chctra^k 
medy> Let us imagine one or more concentrio c 
figure of the next j>aragra]ih will ghow% wherMJ 
signifies a remedy in its different stages of diltifl 
to its distance from the centre. In the first dim 
in the innermost circle, where the radii still lie d 
Bunilar or related remedies, as Merc, Bell., Lacb 
great tnatiy symptoms in common ; Imt the tEio 






-,j tj 




gregg in the scale ot dilution, tlic more iliey 
their fffeet!* nmi every one ft])peai"s in it^ fxtrtici 
different or specijlc f^cullaritie» : bo that, when, for"* 
in a given cane of disease, where the choice lies b^tw 
or three fiifferent remedies, one as wdla^ tfie of hern 
in low dilutions. This never can be adrnitud with tl 
and hiffhfH dilutions^ as soon a^ the case sljowa 
marked syniptonis for only one ot these very hiniilar r 

§ 19. A knoun fart, which helps to corroborate t] 
of the qvidiiative dit^ereuce of the dihitions, \^ smoD| 
also the effei't oftnedicainents and pniaons in large, l 
or at any rate sufficient doses, to produce their noii 
neric effect. In such doses, all narcotics, as Bell 
Opium, Slramoniuni, act in a manner equally etui 
producing death by apoplexy or paralysis ; all drasti 
ducing vomiting or purging; the so-called acrid pail 
flr»mni:ttirin of tlte stomach and bravels, and at this | 



loirc8t> *tilritkin, where nil the radii lietog^ether as yet iu one 
paint, it is hnpo^^ihle to perceive any specific difference what- 
ever between the different effects of tlie single narcotics, 
<!niKtit*scir other related »ul»Ht;uieeK, than that the one already 
unfuldii its generic effect vsitli duses iimier a grain, while 
others need several grains of tho crude sabatancc to show the 
saoie or e<jaal effect. 

§ 20, All provings, made only hy crude substances, have 
given mm tar only general manifestations, as they are also 
found in every other maieria! of the same generic action, but 
hardly any special charactoriiities. Only to the Ilahneman- 
jnan proving^ with dilutions up to the thirtieth ore we iudebt- 
i»d r..r ii,.. niost characteristic symjitoins. We do not deny 
il; y, in order to get acquainted with the general 

geiu . H . ... ct of a medicament, to make provings with large 
uiidilutcMl doses: but to get at the strkthj differential f\nn]u 
Ijrr ^' •: ' \]ri„ j^ iron\ all othera, rehitrd to it, it will be 
ju' to make consiientiotis and careful provingi* 

will' ni(- nijj;(n r and highest dilutiouii. 

{J 2L By couiinned diluting and eoiicuasiog, remedies get 
tht .'ither sironeer nor weaker, but their iudkudual 

fh- Incitfnf ifiorr iitrofigty tutd mtJTf figotiinsltf dfi' 

r# 1 it 14 thia which ha.^ tor along time governed me 

in ice. r ufic in all cftses, in which on account of less 

c*y and characteristic symptoms, the choice vacil- 

lar II two or three similar remedies, tbrtt remedy 

wl s to ino the most indicated, but 1 give it in the 

U' -ns {] to lb). But where a case strictl^^ indicates 

On /, whose true characteri-^lic s\inptom8 (Key- 

ii« . id exa/'lly with the most characteristic aymp- 

U«f rase under treatment, I prefer and chooue with 

C' ^" f'i '1>«r ur highest dilutione : fori know, that 

esT' which we need, is only fully developed 

in ... i^ins, anil from them only can we expect 

tit and it i» really rcmarkaHe, what quick suc- 

^1;^!^ .III. I. Illinois tlic applijt'ation of <>/</y a single done. 

§ 22. Aly rule in refereutreto the size and repetition of the 
dose in: to dissolve iu all severe, acute cases, with or 
viiboni fcYer, m in acute inflammations, severe con^^dsions, 
frr. iirj r»r di:irrh<ra, furioUHrheumaliHm, from three 

to .1 Inndflt-r half lull of water, and to give ac- 

c<' sa of the disease every hoxir 

or - r.e Cholera every quarter to 

limlf <iu Loui> a t^;iri>pu^uiui vu<*t a table^spoouful), and ) 



have refi!(on to Iw [»f»rf^*rt1y ^ntHfif**! with ^n(*h a [>fT»rvfT««u 

qnelH ofr , 4»i«- 

XhH\ ;iit I nfM 1 ifivti eVL'ty twetn ir* (tf 

iKtMHsriij. I M-, two or tliive pollet» of ti iied di* 

Imioii dry on tiu* tou)jfue of the patient, or morning and OTf«. 
ninij ato:i'fipoonriil of thci mfnlicinc, prepared by tli»kilrBaj^ 
the pollota in a tumbler half lull of water. In truH*/ ehronie 
and Udious eases I ifive a dctae only every four ilays» each of 
three pellets eirh«'r dry on the tongue, or I prepiare a fHilutioa 
of them, a tea-wpnonful of it to be taken in the morning far a 
week, and then wait for the re^nlt eight to fourteen d;iys, 
or if amendmrnt occurs, ei'cn from three to five weeks, 

23, I prefer the pellets to the alcoholic dilutions, as it 

'rned to me, that the iUeoltol increases the action of th© 

'nirdieM on the nervous system; wluTean the pellet'^ aflcr 

tJie Alcohol has evaporated, have the same curative influence, 

without irritalintr the nervt*»«. For the jiatne reason I nerve 

dd Alcohol t^ the watery solution, in order to make it keep 

>ettrr, when it hrvs to be taken for a long time; but I prefer 

T I i^cveral |)o\vderH, eacli of which containing 

I I ts, in order that he may renew himself the 

I -very day or two. With such a procedure I hardly 

< 'litH nervousi irritation happening so easily to aeii- 

wilive pofMons even after llie smalle^Jt dose. 

§ 24. My reason for {giving the medicine only in tea^pooiK 

|] i\ij^(i% and for the email quantity of pellets, arijjes from the 

mvietion, that the right rtttiedy^ however small the doss 

lay iff, \vill »^how its beneficial etfect in the period^ indicated 

% VZ, and if this small done ha^ not <lone it by that time, a 

hiriiHT do»e would certainly not have done it better, but 

ralher au^^raTated the evil. My large experience ha» convin* 

cid ine, where »ueh a dose of a truly inrlieatcd remedy 

' 111^ in a ^iven time, yea where the disease in 

rather increased, no larger dose or more fro- 

u pi litJttn will aviul ; hut we have to examine anew, in 

h»r to Pieh»e» n remedy, more a[>propriate to the present 

ate of III 

^ 'i'v \\ jJready remarked in ^ 15. that there are 

*^, where nniMnive iJom*s are the mle, aiid we will ex* 
1 . iho reanoH of it. Keviewing all cases, which may 

li;iitpen in the conmioti run of tiruclice, it appears to me, tliat 
ihw exception in entiri?ly rnnited to the luimary syphilitio 
ulocr, prudt^oed by the chancre poison* For aU other kiii<b 



of ulcers, snbst.anlial alt.eniuons and affections oftlie sliiri 
(even condylomata, scirrlius and cari'lnom!!, when curable) 
pass away just as woll as purely dynamic affections under re- 
peated application of doseit, m iiidieated in § 22. and if it is 
tlie right remedy, still more speedily, even under the use of 
the very hii^hest dilutiont*. Why tlierefure this s^ilitary stand- 
ing exception of the efTeets of Mereury in primary t*yphilitio 
ulcers? Does Mercury only in low dilutioua produce its acliori, 
siinilar to syphilis, and ii it in the higher ones enanthiopathic? 
Or does the essence of a syphilitic ulcer consist in a living 
organic ftingosity (a vegetable or animal parasite) which 
Mercury does not cure or remove on horaoeopnthic princi- 
ples? but, being given in sufficiently large doses, destroys by 
its inherent power, so inimical to everything orgaufc this for- 
mation of the living organic cells? This at least is the only 
rational way, by which we might explain this solitary exce]>- 
tion to a general rule. But the same ought to be the case in 
cancer, in tavus and other diseases, where inimical tungosities 
and living parasites play such a great part., and yet the con- 
trary is the case. We leave the subject therefore undecided 
and unexplained. 

§ 26. There are again some chronic diseases, as certaiQ 
lipomata, some kinds of polypi and in general some local 
affections of little activity, or some tedious indispositions of 
the mcnt4U or emotional or other turtctions, where it is ab- 
solutely necessary for a cure, to wait for the action of the 
remedy, given either in one dose or for four to five days in 
quick succession, because some affections need more or less 
time for their retrogression and removal. Should we continue 
to give such a remedy daily for six or eight weeks, the orga- 
nism would then get accustomed to the remedy, no reaction 
will follow any more and the cure w\\\ be retarded, or these 
continued doses produce after a few days so many new symp- 
toms, that the physician will be forced to exchange it for a 
new one, before the lirst has had time, to act favorably; a 
procedure, which is certainly not the high-road to suceesa. 
Many a time have we seen one or several doses of a pei-fectly 
indicated rcnu'dy keep up its action for six or eight weeks 
and rtiTtkov4i prrmajitntly chronic diseases, especially tedious 
affections of the stomach, tumors, goitre, herpes, polypi, *fcc. 

§ 27. During tlie lime we await the action of one or of 
several doses of the well-selected remedy, given in quick suc- 
cession, we will either see some q(" the unavoidable accessory 
effects or the aggravations produced by it, which will com- 



monly appear ilurin:^ tbc first eight, ten, or fourteen djiys^ 
(jinil it w our itnpcnitive duty, to let them pass off, for they 
are certainly followed Viy an amelioration, continuing steaJily 
for wcck.s and months, without another remedy beinj; neces* 
sary), or, as it is sometimes the case, after a fewdosesa visihle, 
though temporary amendment takes place and toward* iho 
third and founh or fitYh week an apTs^ravation of the original 
ailment appears, and this is a sure si-j^n, that the reniedy, iu 
spite of its apparent similarity, was not the true one, and that 
we have to change it for another related to it. In such a case 
it would be a great mistake, to give the first remedy in re- 
newed or stronger dose^, 

§ 28. It may happen also sometiraeft, that in these chronic 
cases, during the time, that we await the action of the single 
dose, the amelioration suddenly stops, afler luiviug contiimtid 
steadily to the eighth or ninth week and the case seems to get 
worse again. Here irreparable injury might be done, if we 
should then give a new remedy or repeat the former one; for 
by letting tht'se ailments pass on for five, six or eight days, 
without doing anything, they disappear for themselves, to 
give room to a more lasting improvement, and this will pro- 
gress for months without ititiTruption. One of thu moat re- 
markable and instructive cases, 1 saw in the b(?gitiriing of my 
practice in 1828, was that of a patient, who had suffered from 
lierpes during eight years. One dose of Oalcarea sufficed to 
make the herpes disappear from the face and fore-arms in 
nlwut three weeks. However towards the eighth week some 
vesicles appeared again on the places formerly aflfected, in- 
crejusing so much by the third day, that I thought best to 
give another di)se of the Calcarea. But a severe aggravation 
followed, so that I changed tor another remedy in a week; 
and the case dragged its slow length along during nine months 
under difterent remedies. At last a dose of Arsenicum brought 
the patient back to that state in which I found him in the 
beginning and for which I had given Calcarea. Nothing re- 
mauied, but to try it again. I gave ^/^ in a single dose and 
the result was the same as before: a clear skin w:isseen after 
the third week, but followed by the appearance of new vesi- 
cles about the end of the ninth week. By that time I had 
been made actjuainted with the remarks of I>rs. Hering and 
Gersdoi ft', who li:id alreat^y observed those late aggravations 
of certain remedies and I concluded to do nothing. Before 
a week passed these vesicl<^ decrejised again, after ten days 
the patient was again perfectly dean and he has remained 

INTRO Dt^Cnoy. 


cured durini; the next twenty years, as I have seen him on 
several occasions during that tune. 

§ 29. Tljis case tea<rhes us also, that it is not advisable, after 
having awaited the action of a remedy and improvement has 
Bet in, to apply the same remedy, should a new ag<rr:ivatioii 
take place, ifencwcd favorable action of the same remedy 
we can only expect, after having given one or more inter- 
mediate remedies. An astute observer moreover readily 
perceives, that in most cases this renewed acrgravation (which 
IS not produced by the remedy) shows somewhat difterent 
symptoms; so that in fact a reptitition of the first remedy is 
not at all indicated, but for the the ensuring of a perfect cure 
we need a remedy correlated to that first used. In several 
articles of this book we shfill try to draw attention to reme- 
dies, wliich may advantasrr- • '-ly follow one anot!>er ; l>ut we 
ail vise the jjr.-K'titToner not to rely blindly on such expedient^ 
but to study every case for itself and the remedy suitable to 
t*aciy one, iis it may appear at difteront times. 

§ 30. Many practitioners have seen good elfects from the 
alternation v/corrdatcd ntfu'dtes^ as Bell, and More, in anjjina, 
Bry. and Rhus in typhoid fever, «fec. If we understand by 
alternation a procedure, in which the second remedy is cot 
applied, till the firnt one ceases to produce any further ame- 
lioration^ and if then we do not retum apain to the tir«t ro- 
medy. till the second one has done all the good expected from 
it ; and if we are then sure, that this first remedy is again in- 
dicated : then we perfectly agree to such alternatii^n, for 
cases may occur and do occur, i-n which such a cnurseof treat- 
ment is the very thing needed. But another mod« of alter- 
nation is frequently recommended; this is, to combine, aa it 
were, two remedies, by giving them alternate*! v in quick suc- 
cession, without allowing either one time enough for its action, 
either according to the severity of the case every one to three 
hours a dose, first one and then the other, or by alternately 
changing the remedies every twenty-four hours or in chronic 
cases evi^vy four to eight days. We will not and cannot deny, 
tliat such a practice may have done some good, but we do not 
■wish to recommend it to the beginner, partly because we havo 
no exjierience about it, partly because even those, who pursue 
this mode of treatment, could never give us any fixed rulea 
about their application. 

§ 3L The same objection, but in far higlser degree, is also 
valifl a^iainst the simnltaneoua <tp^ilication i>f two remedies^ 
of which each corresponds to a part of the syniptorns, but 


flfje to iheir totnlity. We have no right and do not 
ttd to hlame or erilirizc the old experienced practitioner 
iren tlie young physiciiin, for Irving such procedure, afl 
4om oi thouijfht and of action belons^ to every one. But 
pe name of personal liberty and true science we firmly 
tst, when some dictaturs of oiir school endeavor to bjiso 
I such experiments a rule and a bindintj law tor otliem : 
JTuo sttience can have nothing to do with such a lawless 
perfectly arbitrary procedure^ :i,^ it is impossible, to dfdiict 
i such treatment a rtxed rule, a€*cordin«j to which wc can 
er act. For who can tell beforehand, in what coinbi- 
is the actions of two simultaneoimly je^ven remedies will 
into the orpaniam, and whut will be the final resmlt ? 
defenders of the mixed doses have proposed, to make 
jln era of such remedies in their combination, as BtlL and 
C., but t)ns absurdity is too palpable, to be ever thought 
for such combination-provings would only lead us to an 
(te chaotic confusion ; the coin plex of symptoms thus re- 
p] would it be more comprehensive, as our polycliresta 
Ere, in which we may iind combinjitions and complications 
igh, If we only study them rightly? And where should it 
f for proAnngs could again and again be made by combi* 
l>n of three and even four remedies, without ever reaching 
ir& satisfactory result. 

t82. The old physician, or even every practitioner may 
lb his practice, as he pleases, and make exf^eriments, as he ■ 
^ea, but a teacher dare only reconnnend safe metliods, I 
li on firm principlee and rulos; he uiust insist, therefore, 
\in all catir.H only one rerfipdi/^ vhttrhf indirattnl^ be i/iven 
ll^e, the act ion oJ\chich cannot be stffely interruptady till 
jrc mre^ that no further curative effect can be torjtej^teti 
ths further continuance of its action, O ! how we 
that every stmlont wouhl jiwear abegiimce to this rule, 
has collected expeiience enough to enable him, to know 
nd when to try experiments. Oidy a master, but not 
pjirentice, dare to override fixed rules: for only the^at^ 
lows, what he does and how it is done. 
3. The rule, we have given to beginners, on amount of 
mplicity of the dose, w^e will enljirge to hold also the 
and its repetition. If the beginner wishes to be on the 
de, it will be to his advantage, to give only thesmiilles' 
(two to three pellets dry or three to aix pellets, dissolve 
ler, a lea-spoonful at a tune) of the middle dilutif 
,ve, fifteen, thirty) and not to repeat tho medicine, 




he is 8\ire by observation of its cflVct (§ 12), tlitit he Lag 
chosen the nght rf^medy, for the truth must never be furgol^ 
ten : thftt it h not the direct action of the remcthj, which 
fn'oduces the curc^ but the curative power ofnaiurey incited to 
reaction by the remedy. 

From this truth several axioras arise, which we would to 
commend for further observation. 

1) It is far better in nil doubtful cases, to give too weak a 
dose of a middle dilution, than too large Hd«>8e ofthe tinetuie 
or uf the hi^rhest dilutiuus, inasmuch us the «ii;?^takes, oom- 
inUted by giving Ido snnill a dose, may be easily rtH'tifit»<l, 
>\ hereas the mi«ukes of giving too Btroag a do8e can never be 
made guud again. 

i!) in all casus, where there is no direct indication to ex- 
change one ri'iuedy for another, n<»r for re|>etition uf the remedy, 
it 18 our duly, to ^ait, till we find an indication lor the one 
or the other. 

3) So long as the disease does not progress any fuilhcr, 
after the iipplication of the remedy, tlierc is not the least dan- 
ger in waititig, till new indicntions appear. 

4) So h»ng a!i the curative power uf nature, after having 
given our remedy, rcacta favorably on the disease, it is the 
duly of the physician to do nothing; for all that he couM do, 
would only more or les:;^ disturb the curative action of nature, 
and therefore, instead of improving, aggravate the case. 

b) Tliere is nothing more injurious to the patient, timn tho 
impatience of the ]»hy»ician and the constant change of reme- 
dies. Tiie quiet, attentively observing physician will fare 
better in chronic diseases with tWij or three remedies, in 
single doses and at long interval'*, and cure his patient more 
easily in a i^w months, than another with nixty remeiliea, 
given hourly or daily, could do in m many yeare* 

6) A plain, continually progressing improvement, although 
slow, is far ]ireferable to the uncertain hope of a very proble- 
niatical acceleration by prematmely chosen new remedies or 
by repeated doses, 

7) There are also cases, in which it is far better, to leave 
the disease to nature and its natural course, than to attack 
the ]>atienl continually ^vith large and repeated doses of badly 
selected remedies. 

8) In fact, our nde miut be: it soau. be oub xm, to do 



or TRB 



N. B. — ^Tbose headings in the following paragrfii>li« ^vhleh are printed 
in itaiieg. should be atndied flrsL; the general iiiforniaiiun which tJiey far- 
niab will be found more or leaa uaefiiJ in all pnrliciilar cnace> 

I. Gbxkbal Hf.\l4RKB. — See the Articles : 

A. ConstUuliou., age, sex and temperament \ criuses of dis- 
ease ; condifiojiS of aggravation ; conditioft^ ot improve- 
ment ; emotions ; cohh ; ^i/ppnssion of secretions and erup- 
tions J {njitritK ; iU tffects of hrat / ill cffeois of various kinds 
of nourishment ; tceakmiss of t/w stomarh ; dhca^^jf of drunk- 
ards ; ill effects of groTis-th ; poisoning, especially by alum, 
arsenic, valerian, prussic-aeid, lead ; abuse of cim^horui ; 
noxious V(tpor9 f iron; adipic poisfm ; iciityntoxieon ; erah- 
apple vinegar; poisonous honey; aVmse of iodine; ttbrise of 
coffee ; abuse of camphor ; abuse of f*hamoiniJe ; poi<uinirig 
by copper ; abu^e of magnesia; abuse of truTcurt/ ; opium ; 
narcotism ; phosphorus; noxious mushrooms; glanders; saf- 
fron; sal.-amniouiacum ; nitrate of silver ; abuse of salt; 
Barsaparilki ; hepar-snlphhria ; abuse of sulphur; mezereum ; 
cantharides; stramonium; poisonous sumach; abuse of to- 
bacco / abufto of tea ; alcohol ; tin, 

B. T)e.'i<lne8s of single parts ; swelling of viens ; aneurisms ; 
sanguitious congestions ; jdethora; anjemia ; harfiorrhage ; 
rushes of blood ; hijfitj/imations ; arthrocacc ; hydrarthrus ; 
arthritis ; arthralgia ; diseases of bones ; sprtsms ; paralysis ; 
contraction of the musck's ; polypi ; rachitis ; r/ieurmtfism / 
tnucQus derangement / paroxysms of pain y scurvy ; scrofi^v 
losis ; tuberculosis ; typical affeclionst ; dropsy. ^K 

C. Emaciation ; debility ; atrophy of scrofulous cliiidren ; 
deficient exhalation ; dread of motion ; cyanosis; chlorosis* 
eclampi^ia; epilepsy; adiposis; jaundice; catalepsy; dU 
eases of children / dread of air / marasmus seuilk ; n&rv<m 





debility ; f:\intmg ; apparent d^ath ; apoplexy ; asthenia : 
consumption ; awKwardnesa ; chorea ; hydi'opbobia ; worm- 
affections ; tremor. 

II. CuTAXEotTs AND ExTKEXAL DisKAsics. — See : 

A. Formication; acne; lepra; ej-uptions ; \anohi\ blood- 
blisters; petechim ; boils; eczouia; exantfi^inala ; herpetic 
entptions ; phagedenic blisters ; rash; zona;* itdiing ot ih« 
skin ; ichthyosis ; itch; Hchen ; measles; nettle-rash ; plague; 
pemphigiK^ ; purple-ra^h : ecthyma; rubeolaj ; scarlatina; 
varicella; rnj)ia ; impetigo; syphilis j varioloid. Tinea 
capatis; eruptions in t/ie fa^l mentagra; herpes prse- 

B. Excrescences; steatoraa; chilblains; fungiis artion- 
laris; moles; polypi; tubcreiilosis ; fungous eJccrescences 
(fungus hsematodea, Ac.) ; sycoma ; jti/cosifi ; warts. 

C. Abiiccssfg, gangrene ; glandular dlaeascs ; suppnra- 
tifiJis / tumors ; ulcers rhaijfadci ; indnnttiojts of the gkin / 
annsarca; stings of insecta ; </iif<;a«<?^ of bones; dlseasts of 
tiailif and panaritia; ccderaa; erynpdas; scnrvy; scrofu- 
lous \ affections \ i^i durations; injuries i^ sore skin, 

D. Cyanoi^is; chlorosis; bloody sweat ; jaundice; pitiriasis; 
erythema ; dropsy, 

IIL Morbid Sleep. — See: Night-mare; yawning; morbid 
sleep ; aUcpnr^eness ; sopor ; drtanis^ (see under morbid sleep,) 

tV, Fever. — Sec : Inflamnuitory fetters ; gastric (niucoiia 
and bilious fevers) ; yellow fever ; catarrhal (and rhemnatio 
fever); nervous fever (typhufs) ; plague; morbid sweat; fcbris 
anglica ; deficient warmth ; fever and ague ; dentition-fever 
(see under diseases of children) ; hectic fever. 

y. Mental Diseases. — See : Paroxysms ofanguish ; idiocy ; 
slirium; weak memory and mind; mentid; derangement ^ 
•motions; morbid emotions ; home-sickness; hypochondria; 
hysteria; nnhappylove; anthropophobia; diseases of drunk- 
•dfl ; mdancholy \ mania of suicide ; awkwardness. 

VI— VII- Diseases op the Head and Braix,— See : D • 

llrinm ; meningitis ; ooncussion of the brain; hvdroceplialus 
ilebility of the brain ; congestions of the bnun ; apoplexy 

VIII. External Head. — See: Open fontanelle; large 
head ; fulling off of the hair ; tinea capitis ; bones of Ui& 
skull ; plica polonica. 



IX. Di.sEASKs OP THB Eves. — Soo: Haemorrhogc from iha 
»yes ; ophtludmia ; ru?ming of (he tytA; cancLT of the ey<*fl; 
ilepliarophihalniiliR ; bleplmrospasinus; blfphaivplcj^Ji \paiHa 

in t/m eytiS', icotkness of the eye^ ; (hihI allerationa of virion) ; 
contraciioii of tbu lida ; ulceraUon of tlic t\vcs ; paleness of 
sight; stye; short'Sightethicsa ; pholopbolua; hemeralopia; 
lit rnbianni.s ; c:ilriract; glaucoma; nyctalopia; lihtula-lachry- 
mulis ; bluarcytilness ; lar-sightednt'sa. 

X. DiSKASES OP THE Eaks. — See: Deficient hearing \ eat- 
cessii>e irritation of heariny; oIoitIicpu; parotitis; otitb; 
herpes of the ear; otalgia \ puiypus of the ears. 

XL Diseases OF the Nose. — See: Anosmia^ excessive 
irritation of the saise of smell x bleeding of the nose ; snp- 
punUion of the nose; swelling of the nose; cancer of the nose ; 
polypus of the noae ; coryza. 

XII. Face. — See: Swellinir of the cheeks; eruption in the 
face\ comphxlo)i\ crywpelns of the fiice; //fo*ojt>a/^ia; tris- 
mus; mentagra; swelling ol' the lips. 

Xm, Teeth, — Seer Diseases of the garaa; toothache; den 
tition; (see under: Diseases of children.) 

XIV. Buccal Cavity. — See: Ranula ; hsemorrhage of the 
mouth; stonuicace; fetor of the mouth ; aphthae; ptyallsm; 
deficiency of speech ; diseases of the tongue. 

XY. TuEOAT ANH Fauces. — See: Angina faucium; angina 
tonsillaris; dysphagia; pharyngitis; cesophagitis. 

XVI. Taste and Appetitf- — See: Lo^» of avpetifr. ; met- 
la/*in; allerdtions of taste ; loss of tiuste ; canuie hunger; 
weaJcTiC^^s of t/te stomach ; (and ill ctfects of certain kinds of 

XVII. Gastric Deb angemekt. — ^See: HiKniatemesia ; cho- 
lera and cholerine; gastric <nnd bilious) (K'raugemeut ; </e- 
ranyemcnt of t/te stomach; hiccough; heartljurn and eruc- 

XVin. Diseases of the Stomach. — See : Gnstroententis; 
gastritis; gastromalacia ; cardialgia^ and pains in the stomach. 

XIX. HYrocnoNDRiA. — See: Hepatitis; induration of the 
liver; splenitiy; diaphragmitis. 

XX, ABDOjrEX A2^D Groin. — See: Distention of the abdo- 
men; abdominal congestions; enteritis; peritonitis; colic; ab- 
dominal tubercles; ascites; pot-bellied; ileus; tympanius.^ 
Hernia; bubo. 



XXL Stool AND Anfs. — See: H»niorrhjigo of the anus; 
itnliiTig of the anus; diarrhcea; cholera and cholerine; hromor 
rhoids; listula recti; |>rolnpau3 of the rectum; dysentery; 
constipation ; worm-affectloiis. 

XXn. Frink and Ueinaky DrFFincrLTiES,— Beo : Catarrh 
of tlie hl.adder ; cystitis; hitrnorrhoid-^ of the bhulder ; cys- 
tospnsmns ; cystoplegia ; polypu8 of the bliiddcr ; thickening 
of ihe bladder; urinary secretion; urinan/ difficulties ; nrl- 
nary iistuia: haemorrliagt? of the urethra; urothritis; gonor- 
rhoea; stricture; diabetes; retention of urine; nephiitis ; 
calculi renales; lithiasia. 

XXIII. Male Sexual Parts. — See: Balanorrhoea ; sexual 
instinct ; seirurtl power ; gonorrhflea ; hernia scrotalis ; orchitis ; 
induration oftlie testes; phimosis; prostatitic; herpes prw- 
putiaJis; sycosis; syphilis. 

XXIV. Femai^SexfalPari^ ant> Diskasks of Womei^. — 
See : Diseases of the ovaries ; hjemorrhage of the uterus ; 
metritis; cancer of ihe uterus ; disenscs of the ntcrua; pro- 
lapsus of the litems; herpes prffiputialis ; svvflling of the pa- 
dendum. — Menstrual dijffy'Mlt lea \ ainenia; chlorosis; leucor- 
rhcea ; sexual instinct ; sexual poxt^er ; pregnane^ • confine- 
vtent ; labor ; puerperal fever ; nuraing ; breasts and 

N. B. Diseases of rhildren, inCints at the bref^t and new- 
born infanta, (see under ; Difteitms nf children.) 

XXV. Trachea anti CouGn.— See; Cronp ; influenza; 
hoarseness (and aphonia) ; cough '^ catarrh\ catarrhal fever; 
hiryngitis; larjnigeal phthisis; whooping-cough; traelieitis ; 
tracheal phthisis; cafair/i. 

aXYl. Chest, Kk^piuation and Hkaet.— Sec: Asthma 
Wiiiandi et MiUari ; asthma spnsmodicum : asthma thy micum; 
angina pectoris ; congeisiiions of the chest ; inflammation of 
ihe chest; pleuritis ; pains in the chest ; hydrothorax ; orthop- 
ncEa paralytica; diseases of the heart (and palpitation of the 
heart); hiemorrhage of the lungs ; pneumonia; paralysis of 
ihe lungs ; pulmonary phtliisis. 

XXVII. Back, Small op the Back and l»5'Em, — See; 
Lumbago; nephritis; atrophia spinalis; spinilis; arthralgia; 
dist'ases of the bones ; spasms ; |>aralysis ; rhachitLs ; rheum- 
atism ; paroxysms of pain ; scrofulosis. 

XX Vm. 0ppEit ExTREMTriEs, — See: Deadness of single 


parts ; athroc^^ce ; hydrarthrus ; tumors ; arthritis ; chiragra ; 
arthralgia \ diseases of the bones; paralysis; contraction of 
muacles; rheumatism; paroxysms of pain; diseases of the 
nails (and panaritia. 

XXIX. Lower Extremtites. — See: Arthrocaoe; hydrar* 
thrus; arthrahfia\ tumors; ulcers; arihrttiii; coxagra ; 
gonitin; diseases of the bones ; paralysis; diseases of the 
naila; cedema; podagra; psoitis; o<intraction of mudcles ; ery* 
Hptlas; rhetimatism; paroxysms of pain; diseases of the 

N.B.— The fu]l names of llie reraedies recommended in this work, 
will be found at the end of the work* in the ^'^Charatteruttic Si/mptoma/^ 
hi the body of the work the abbrevmied names have been used. 







K. B. — The clanifleatloa or r«ii)edie« which i hftve ased in tfait KeperlAry ii 
the lame oa tbAt wbksb hat beea nsed m my Mana&l. The reoioiHi^ umler No. 1 
ftro Lhoae that bftre acquired authority both from our proving* and from experience 
at Ihe sick-bed ; the remediea iioder No. 2 are likewwe authoritative, but not ia 
the lAtne absolate sense ai those ander No. 1. The remedies under No. 3 have 
onlj been conArmed by single oaiet, or are filtnply indicated theoretically ; and 
the remediea marked with an interrogation-point (?), have never been itoed in 
jiractiQe, and are proposed upon a mere Iheoreiical saggettioo. 





scesses generally require the same remedies as external 
A proferenfe should be given : 

a) For acute abscesses, to: 1) bell. hep. mere. sal. 2) apia. 
ars. afia. hry. cepa. chain, hep. laeh. led. raez* phos, pula. 

b) for chronic abscesses, whetlier cold or occasioned by 
consjeslious, to: asa. ;inr. calc. enrb-v. con. hop. iod. laiir. lyo. 
mang. mere, mcrc-c. nitr-ac. pl)os|>h. sep. sil. stilplu 

Further: if tbere arises on any internal or exfenial part a 
painful^ red^ iftflafnc(7y^if^e/linffy whieh may point and tbmi a 
suppurating swelling, beM., or if this does not suceeed in 
twenty-four to forty-eight hours, hepar will often disperse 
the whole swelling and keep suppuration ofl'; but when once 
matter has formed, 3Itrt\ will bring on the diseliitrge of ihe 
pus and frequently iinish the case up, its chief indication being, 
that iFUppuration vntst have alreadj/ taktrt jtlac^. Should the 
open w^ound not heal under tlte ciuitinuation of Merc, give 
hep, or sUiL\^ which are the real specilies against all betiig- 
nant or malignant suppurations. If the abscess loojis erysi- 
pelatous: Apis. bell. M bluish, Lach. 

I 2, Particular indications. 

Aksen, for intolerable, bumiug pains during the t^yer^ or 
when the abscess threatens to become gangrenous, or is ac- 
companied by great debility. 

Aba: for abscesses discharging a colorless, serous pus; vio- 
lent pains on contact, and great sensitiveness of the adjoining 
pail 3. 

Bell. Pressure, burning and stinging in the abscess: cheesy 
and tlocculent pus. Is specially suitable for hepniie absccams^ 

Buy ON. the tunior ia either Vfiry red or very pale, with Leii- 
flivo pain. 

Mkz]:r, for abscesses of fibrosa parts or of tendons^ or for 
abscesses arising IVom abuse of Mercury, 




PiTLSAT. When tlie uLscess bleeds readily witli stinging or 
cutting puina, or when an itching, etinging or burning is ex- 
perieiu-ea in the surroumling parts ; cspCL-ially vfiricra 

Riirs. esppcially for abscesses of tho axUkfry or parotic 
glan^ls, when the swelling is puiuful to the touch or dischar- 
ges a blood f/ serous jms. 

Acne. ^ L the best remedies are generally 1) sulph. 2) bell, 
carb-v» hep. led.-n-jni;]. 3) ars. baryt. oalc. graph, knl. 
lach. natr. natr-m. niir-ac. pljos-ao. puis, sabin. selen. alic* 
4) agar, ant. aur. bry. chin. dig. dros. mere, plumb. 
fiabad. spong. 

^2. Particular indications. 

For a€fie disseminata { pimplea in the face of young people) : 

1) bell. carl>.v. hep. sulph. 2) ars, calc, bercli. led. n-vom, 
phoB-ftc, puis. 

For acne itnlurata (indurated pimples ; 1 ) carb-v. led, sulph* 

2) ars. bell. hep. nux-v. puis. 

For acnt miliari» (miliary pimples of young chlorotic girls'^ 
I ) calc. fiulph. 2) grajih.' hip. kali-nutr. natr-m. sabiiL 

For acne punctata (black pores) 1) sulph. 2) natr. nitr-ao 

3) droB. gra[)h, sabin. 4) aur, bry. calc, dig, natr-ra. 
plumb, sclen. 

For acne rosacea. (coppery»red ernption of the face) 1) carb- 
a. ti) OVA. krras, niez. riiiis. rutn. veratr. 3) calr. c:inn, carb-v. 
cicut. kalled- niir-ae. pho8. phos-ac. sil. thuj, 4) alum, aur- 
ni. cantli. caps, caust. clem. Inch, n-jugl. petr. plumb, 
sep. sulph. ^uljih^ac. 

For acne vernufotviis (comedones). 1) selen. 8ul]>h. 2) graph, 
natr. nitr.-ac. 3) bry, calc. dros. natr-m. sab. 4) aur. dig. 
plumb, sabad. 

For acne m the face of young plethoric people: 1) beU. 
carb-v. 2) hep. sulph. 

For acne of drunlards : 1) led. riwavt^. sulph. 2) ars. lach. 

For acne arising from se:tual abuse \ calc. phos-ac. sul|jh. 

ADIPOSIS : for adiposis (poIyBarcia) of young men and 
gins, observation and symptoms ]«oint to the following reme- 
died: I) calc. puis, Bulph. 2) ant. cai>a. ferr. 3) ars. barj't. 
lyc. 4) cupr. veratr. 

AGUSTIA: the jjrincipal remedies are: 1) bell. lyc. natr- 
tn, phos. puis, sii, 2) alum, arnm-m, aiiuc. calc hep. hyosc. 
kal. kreas. magn-m. nux-v. rhod. sec. sep. verat. 

^ 2» For loss of taste from purely neiTOUS causes, such as 

iXOOnOL. — AMBLTOn* . 


pnrjiklysig, the principal remedies are: bell, hyoso. lye. natr.- 
lu, n-V()iii. soji vemt. 

For a<;u8liri atlen^led with catarrh, coryza, <fec , we use : 
1) n.-vum. puis, sutph 2j uluin. csdo. hep. uatr.-m, rhod. 


^ 3. C{)iTi[*:irti dysocoia, ano:<mia, amblyopia, «fec. 

ALCi>Il(->L, Poisoning by; Aecordinjjj to llenng the prin 
cipal remt'di4i8 are : 1) niilk. *1) inueilatjiiiorm drinks, 3) cans- 
tic spiriti* of Amnioniiun^ (one drop in a tumbler lull of sujjar 
water, in tfasi»t)ontiil doses). Blavk'cojfcc is likewise usetal, 
as well as n.-i)i*m. in homcDopathic dosus. 

ALUiM, Poisoning by, and ill efibcii* of, abuse of. For poi- 
soning by large dt>se» : Ij sonp-mattr or *2) su gar- water >, wr)til 
vomiting sets in ; allerwards^y?^/^. or veratr. for the remaining 

AM0LYOPL\i weakness or morbid alteration of sight. 

g I weuknesjs of sight from mere dirn-sightedness to complete 
blindness may arise from so many uanye.s, and may be attend- 
*^d with so many ditferent morbid etates of the organism, 
.hat there is soiircely a remedy which i8 nt»t of advantage In 
the ireatmeiit of this affection I have, therefore, noted only 
the most eiiicacious remedies for amblyopia, furnishing par- 
ticular indications to serve as points of support, and to faeili- 
tale the selection of remedies for particular cases. 

The principal remedies for amblyopia are: 1) aur. bell, 
calc. canst, chin, cic cin. droa. hyosc. mere, natr.-m. n.- 
vom. phoa puis. ruta. sep, sU. sulph. veratr. 2) agar, 
cann. caps ciraicif. con, croc. dig. dulc. euphr. guaj. kaL 
lach. lachn. lye. magu. natr. niir.-a. op. plumb* rhiis. 
spi«| tait zinc 

I' or wnNi/opia^ sunnle weakness of sight. 1) anac, 
calc, caps. cin. croc, hyosc, lye. magn, puis. ruta. 
siilph. 2) cann. caust. cep. natr. natr.-m, phos. plumb. 

For amhlyopia arnaurotica (incipient amaurosis). 1) aur. 
bell, calc. caps, caust. chin. cic. con. droa. dulc. hyosc. 
njerc. natr. natr.-m. nitr.-ac. op. phosph, puis, rhus, flfc. 
eep, siL ^ulph. veratr, zinc. 2) agar. cin. dig. euph. gua;, 
kal, kal.-bi. Inch, lachn? lye. n.-inosch.? plumb, veratr.-vtr ? 

For complete amnurosis, provided it is not incurahle, the 
same remedies alioiild be used as for amblyopia amaurotira^ 
the remedy depending not so much upon the degree of weak* 
ness, as uj»on the totality of (he symptoms, Unlei^ secondary 
symptoms should require other remedies, we may ose; b^ 




eale* mere, phosph. sep, mdph, d^c. ibotigh any otiier r^ 
medy may be imed it* indicated by the ^'cneral symptoma. 

For trcthic amanrosis^ pnncipnlly; Bvll. caci. cnlc cia 
cimk'if. con. gt^ls. byosc. mere, nhr.-a. op. phus. eep. suipk. 

For torpid amavrosiA: Anr. caps, canat. chin* dros. 
dulc» iiair. nair.-m. op. pbos.-ac, pUiinb. bcc. v^ratr. 

§ "1. As rogurds exfemal atuses^ it' the weakness shoqld 
bave been caust^d by jine tcot'k : gi\x^ //t/Z. or* Jiatai or per- 
baps carb.-v. calc. gels, "lachn. and spigel* ; by old age : aur 
baryt. con, op. pbu«. sec* 

Atler Jtupjvrejtition of a hahitvul bloody du^chargc^ ^^ ba?mor- 
rhoids, nienstruution, <fec. ; bell. calc. lye. n,-vojn. pbo8. 
puk. sop. ^ulph. 

ASliiV Hupprts^ion of anexanthem'. bell, calc. canst* lach. 
lye. mere. sil. stram, sulph. i 

After arthritic tnetmtasis: ant. bell, mere, pids. rhn3, 
gpii^. sulpfi. 

fiy abuse nf Mercury or some other metallic substance: 
1) sulph, 2) hep. nitr.-a, sil. S) aur, bell. carb.-v. clxin. lach op, 

By r/ieumatic causes: 1) cact. cham, enphr. lye. mere, n^- 
Tonu puis. rhus^. spig. sulph. '1) caost. hep. lach. 

By debilitating causes, loss of animal fluids, sexual abuse: 

1) chin. cm. *2) anac. calc. natr. natr.-ra, n.-vom sulph. 3) phoB.- 
ac. sep. 

By srrofida : 1) bell. calc. chin, cin, dulc. raerc. sulph. 

2) aur. euphr. hep. n.-vurn. pids. 

By drinking : calc. chin. lach. n -vora. op. sulph. 

l^y suppreHsion of a suppuration or ttiucous diseharffe: 
chin, cuphr. hep. lye. puis, sil, Riilph. 

By catching cold in the head or in the et/es, 1) bell, dulc 
2) chmn. euphr. mere, n.-vom. puis, sulph. 

By external injuriejfy blows on the head^ violent concussions : 
1)31-0. 2.) con. euphr, rhus. ruta or Btapli. 

§ 3. As regards the affk(.tions, which may attend ambly- 
opia, the principal remedies are ; 

Uiiervous headache: aur.boll. bry. calc. hep. nitr.-a. n.-vom. 
nitr,-ac- phoK. puis, sep. sulph. tfec. 

If congestion of blood to the head : aur. bell, calc, chin, 
gels, hyosc. n,-vora. op. i)ho9, ftil. sulph, 4tc. 

h hearing and the ear is ejected: cic. glon. nitr.-a. petr. 
phos. puis. Ac, 



If fty ffa^fric ami ahdo7ninai nihnrnts : ant. calc. caps, cliin. 
cocc, \\v. iiativ-iri. ii.-vnm, jJios. puis, sulph. 

iri»}' ufa'hta dtranijetittftUi aiir, boll. cic. cacc. con, macn, 
nntr.-iii, n.-%oju. plut. phos. puis. rhus. Wip. siraiu. sulph, ^c 

li' hy /Kthionary amtjtluiftts: calc. cunu. hep. lach, Jyc, 
nni r. -m. pho8. sil. sulph. 

It by (liiteastis of the heart: aiir. cact. calc. cimn. dig. lach. 
phos. puis, sep 8i)ig. 

ir by spasm^ epilepsy : bell, cau&t. cic. ignat. hyosc. lacli. 
op, sil. Btram. sulph. 

g 4. as rci:;tir<lH syrnptom!^^ the remedy should be seleded 
in accordance with ihe tutiility thereoti both the syniptouia 
of the eye and those of the general ori^anisru. But as ii would 
beiinpo>sible, to enumerate tiiose symptoms without repe;iiirif» 
the pathogeuesis of every remedy indiealed, we uuisi eciiitent 
ourselves with furnisliing the fallowing p:irlieulnr indication's 
for the difterent remedies of the eyes, lenviiig to t)ie practi- 
tioner the business of supi*lying omissions and modifying our 
iiidicationB agreeably to the general 8ymptom8 of the i>atienU 

Aurum: for black spot s or scintillaiinns; hiilf-siglitedness, 
BO that things appear to be cut off liorizoulally ; tensive pain 
in the eyes \ sadden attack alter scarlatina and during child- 

BcLLADONNA : foT dllitttd OT insen»ihle j/upih; photopho- 
bia'^ spasmodic motion of the eyes and eyelids, induced by 
the light impinging upon the rcaina ; scintUlntlon or mist, 
bUifk itpots or points ihjhrt the ey^.s^ or spois of various colors 
or fiilver-cokued; hciutfulopid^ aa soon us the sun in ilown ; 
diplopia or the vbjectx apjHitr rt'd or inverted ; stitches in the 
eyes, or aching and disltitsivt ptiws extending to the orliits 
and iorehead ; red lace; — iit\er fiuppreesed sairlet eruption 
with cerebral ^yniptorns, 

Calcakea : tor mistiness of sight, gauze before the eyes, 
especially when rejiding, or al^er ealujg, with black motes 
belbre the eyes; trJctrcNte jdiotopht/dia^ with dazzling of the 
evcB by light j dihittd pttpiUi prcsssure or leeling of coldnef<a 
in the eyes. 

CAUbTictTif: for fiudden and frequent loss of sight, with sen- 
satioi>, as if a |>eHicle were stretched over the eyes; or dim- 
»iighleduess,a!jif looking through a cloth or mibt ; black threads 
or mists; ficintillalion.s; plh»tophobia. 

China : for weak sight, the patient sees oidy the outUnea 
of things Deal' hiin \ the letters look pale, art» surrounded by 



white bonlera, blurred ; ililutod and not very sensible papil«; 
dimness of i?urnc;i, us if the eyes were tilled wilh smoke; scin- 
lillntion» or black niutef; ; tlje eyes teel better after hleeping, 

Cicx'Ta: tvi:i{ywiit van hhirfff n/sij/ht, oi^ if by absence of 
mindf with vertit/o^ e<peeiaily when walking , the objects 
seem to toller and the ietteift to move^ when reading; diplo- 
pia; frequent oliHciiiation of 8iL:ht» alternatini; with hartbiess 
of hearing; blue margins around the eye8 ; photophobiji ; 
buniiDg u) the eyes ; aeliing pain.s in the orbits. 

Cimicifltga: aeliing pain in the centre of both eyeballs; 
black specks before the eye.**, diphjjiia. 

CiNA : for dimness of sight, when reading, going off by 
wiping tbc eyes ; dilated pupil ; pfiotophobia ; pressure in the 
eyes, as if sand h:ul got in,>e(i:dly \\ hen reailing. 

Droseha: for fretjnent vanishing of sight, espeeially when 
rea<iing, the letters look pale and i>hirred ; photophohia ; the 
eyes are dazzled by the light or by the glare of fire ; ihiy 
are very dry ; the nose is dry and stopped up, stitches in tlie 

GfiLSKMiNiTM : the eyes close on looking steadily at an ob- 
ject ; diplopia, when inclining the head tow^ards the shouMer, 
but vision single, when holding the erect; mist before 
the eyes; ditnness of sight; dilatation of the pupils; confusion 
ofsii;ht with heavy looking eyes; smoky appearance of the 
eyes; total blindness with dizziness; thirst for light \ aJler 
ftpoph^xy, congestion of the head. 

HyostVAMtrs: for dilated pupils; frequent spasms of the 
eyes and eyelids; f^quioting, diplopi:i, henierah>]>ia; illusion 
of sight, as if every tiling were red or larger, than it really is; 
aching, stupefying pains over eyes?. 

Laciinanthes : the sight is obscured ; while looking at any- 
thing tixedly, gray fixed rings are seen. BriHiant et/es, pupils 
murh enhtrffeil with red cheeks; when reading or writing, 
a small gray spot, as largo as a lentil, is running before 
the left eye ; in looking long at one spot or in moWng the 
head suddenly, it gets dark before the eyes. 

3lERcrKtiTS : for mistiness of sigiit ; frequent momentary 
loss of sight; blaek points; 8eintilhilii>ns ; l>lack motes ; ^>//r- 
tfxhnis * if moment arif Mindnes^; the letters seem to nn>ve 
M'lien reading ; (he eyes are very sensifirt to the Ihjht, or the 
fflrrre of fire ; cutting, stinging or aching pains in the eyes, 
especially when exerting the eyes, (dilate*!, or even insensible, 
or nnequal pupils.) 

NATRLii-iafiiAT. : for frequent obscuration of sight, espe* 



ciklly when stooping, walking, readinjr, writinnr ; dinisighl- 
edneas asiftliroui:^!! gauze or ffiitbers; the letters look bhirred , 
diplopia; liiilJ-siijlittHliiesa; frequent, spusaiodic clusing of the 
lids; Ircqiieul lachrymatioiu 

Nirx-voMicA : for seintillationg^ orbkck or gray points, or 
flashes; tfu e^/es are very se/iJtUi*:e fv lights es*peci;illy early ; 
\ ioleiit prcs^iu e in the eyes aflc-r Hisirig them ever m htlh*, rM 
fact ; dilatud pupils ; heaviuess and frequent clusing uf the 
eyelids; in consequence ofhiahitual ns0' ofitiloxirjitingdrinkH. 
' PuosPHORra: lor isodd-en /wr//xy#mji of nifcUdopia^ or »m^ 
matiuns as if things \cert corrr^rH tcUha grakj vril\ tbt? fveji 
arci very sensitive to the light </r jire da/xled hy hrijrlit liglit ; 

blackness, or black p<iim« or Ffiark* ; :i.^ • - ■- - -Tt the eye."*, 

urbits and forehead ; frequent IsKhryn liy in the 

'jpen air, and wheu ex{M?iied to the wma; ami seatual ox- 

Pulsatilla: for freqacot Tanii^fi^aDdobftCuration ofsin^ht 
\\\\.\\ paknfjii^ ff th0fac£%M\d dispoiition to Yornit; blinditfAa 
at twilight -'ition at if the eye» were bunda«^a'd; or 

mistiness <>\ ^^muaUcm ft* ififte dlrrm^MH of night fftirlfl 

he removed by wtjAng, pan" i the o(^<*n uir, nr i 

evening or early oh waking; t p;drn<*'*n of 

shining or flaHhing riao wn 
stitciies in the eyea^ wueti f! 
frequent and copious I'- 

air, when exposed to ^ -.. . ,.^ 


UuTA : for mutimtm €f Mighty with compIet« obi»curatiun 
at a diflianof ; tBttM^ ^«f^Uot4ni; achttiif »r iiorinjr pni»H In 
the eyes on ttan^ fh i f, pvticaUrij whwi rcmliiig, liudiryina- 
lion in the opea «r. 

Sw'Ia: tift dLiNiMAi of «j{%t, pi " ' when readint^ or 

urilirj^, <MiitnM«k«Mrp^«l«; *j k sptAit %*r ^irip*^ 

before the t-ye*; p toii fibijto » a>« day-time; aching paiua 
over the tt:\xr\ts^ 

SiLicKA ;' for fi i !■ ef aght, aa if looking throi 
coverii;/}(ir(ayi99ii^Mi^U!0fe nihfnh^i 
and bluired, vbcfeft^fibi^; 
evv* 1 nfi'ffiti^fJAft. dk*> Hr^i 

phtAopUith hi w 1 1 ii 

' ii|jf»n the retina ; 

ly in the open 

■jt.iiaciion of (he 

rti4' liTf. 

Milchea in thtf to^^ 

i:: fur mi 

le *ty«, _ , 
o/- si.fht as if l^ol^'^Sf 

f;. ,....■-.,. 

fM'ifk ftmOK '-'rjtftUitrd 

1 . vfl '^'^ 

Kight, e 

•pwwHj wiicB mdiog; ; 



the Ughl of the sun^ and when the weather is warm And mil- 
try ; the oyes arc dii/.zkNl l>y tlie light ; jtudthn j' s of 
iii/rtalnpii \, ftcifitilluliohs ixud white 8]>ots, or \\h< atlc 

fxiiiits or stiijics heibre iho oyi'S ; tiNiniig Imiiiin^ |);iiij» i\i the 
wnA and L-yi^a ; pruiuirt* lachryniution* essptciiilly In the open 
air ; or gre^tt drt/n€^f( <»/ the t*/t'S^ fspfcially in the room ; nn 
eiiiial or dilated or iust^iiaible pupiU ; atler 8iii»pre&aed cuta 
neons disease's. 

Vkr^vtrl M-AUJ. : forhem^ralopia; Bparks or black spots l»cv 
fore the eyts, innticularly on rising from the bed or from the 
chair; proftitfc Iw hrymalion inth liurning, cutting or feeling 
of dryness; diplopiii, pitotophobia, <fec. 

VKUAT.-vntii^E: dinine*i$ of sight; walking brings on blind- 
ness with fainting; diluted pnpiw ; diplopia; inn nenae circles 
of a gret'n color appear annind the candle, which, aa veiligo 
conies on, turn to reti, when cloiiing the eyes; vertigo; aft«r 
lo!>s 4.»f vital fluids. 

§ 5* The following remedies deserve particular consideration 
for particular symptoms. 

pALE-srGiiTEi>XE8« : Dros. jietrol. puis, ail* 

Things look bu'e: bcU. lyc. strain, stront. sulph. zinc. 

The eyes ake dazzlkd by bkight light: liaryt. calc. catJS, 
cic. dros. euphr. graph. Lul. mere, u.-voni. puis, jihos. sep. ail 

Nyctalopia: pbos, sil. sulph ; aeon, mere, con. nitr. u.-vora. 
phos, St ram. 

11k3ieralopia : bell, cbhiiu ? hyosc. mere. puis. Btrani ve« 

CoMTLETE, CONSTANT BLtKDNBSS : bell. calc. caai?chel.? 
cic ? con. ? dig. ? cuphr. ? gels. ? hyos*a ? natr.-ni ? op. ? phos. ? 
pul.? sec? sil. slnim. gulph. venitr.-vir,? 


gels, hep. |>etr, pho&-ac. jtlat. staph. 

Diplopia : bell. eic. da]>hne. dig. enphr. gels, hyosc. lye. 
natr.-ni. intr.-ac, oleaud. pub. sec. sirauL sulph. verat. veratr- 

Obscuratiox (vanishing^ of sight : agar. aur. bell. bry. 
eact. calc. caust. eic. cimicit. con. dros. ferr. graph. he|). hyo»c 
lye. mang. mere, natr.-m. niir.-ac. n.-vom. oleaud, phos, pidsa, 
sil. SuljylL 


auac. aur, bar. calc. canst, cliin. cniaixi. con. euphr. magu.-€, 
mei'o. natr, natr.-iu. phoa. sep. sil. 



Things look a3 tf at a distamcij: : anac. carb.-a. cic, natr.-m. 
n.-mosch, phos. staiu stram. sulph. 


«»amph. l»yoac, kali, n.voni. puis. spi^. veratr.-alb. and vir, 

Featuer-dl'st bepork thh eyes : calc. lye. natr. natr.-ra. 

Luminous appearances, scintillations: aur. bell bry. caiist. 
croc. hyoAC. kal. lyo. natr. natr.-ni. n.-voiu. puis. spig. zinc. 

Black axij i>akk spots befoue the eyes: ammoii .-hi. anac 
aur. bar. bi?ll. calc caust. chin, chinin. kaL mere, uatr.-m, niti\- 
ac. plioa. Sep. sil. 

Flyixq spots akd gauzes : aeon. agar. amiiL-m. bell. calc. 
cliiii. cun. mere, nitr.-ac. phos, sep, sil. stram. 

LuAiiNous viBKATioN's: aniHi, caust, chani. graph. 
(tauze or mist before THE EYES : btlL calc. caust. cbinin, 
croc. dros. ign. kreas. lye. mere. natr,-m, petr. phos. phos.-ac. 
rut. 80C, sep. sulpb. 

TuixSGd LOOK yellow: bell, canth. chin. cin. dig. mere, 

TnmGs LOOK gray: nitr.-a. n.-votn. phos. sil. stram. 
THiNeis LOOK LARGER THAN TUEY ARE : euphr. hyosc, oatT.- 
m. pho3. 

Things look green: dig. mere. phos. rut. sep. sulph, 
verat.-v, zinc, 

IIalf-sigutedness : aiir. calc, caust, lye. mur.-ao. natr.^m. 

Light colors ajjd appeauaitces before the eyes: anim. 
bell. bor. c:ilc. caniph. hyose kal. natr.-iu. n.-vom. puis. sil. 
spig. valer. 

Siiort-sightedxess: amm. calc. chin, con. cycl. euphr. 
byusc. luch. lyc. nitr,-a. petr. phus. phos.-a. puis. rut. Bulph. 
»ulph.-ac. tart, valer. cimicif. 

Things look smaller than they are : byoso. plat, stram. 
LoNG-siGHTELiNEss: calc. cofT COR. flros. hyosc. lyo. mopb. 
natr. natr-m. n.-vom. petr. bop. ail. sulph 

Dilated pupils.' aeon. bell. calc. caps, chin, cic. cin. cocc. 
eon. croc. cycl. gela. guaj. hep. hyose. ign. ipec. led. lyc. 
nitr.-ac. n.-vom. op. sec, spig. stjuill. staph, stram. vcralr. zinc. 
Contracted pupils: anac arn. ars. bell. cam]>h. chanL chel. 
chin. cic. cocc. dig. euphr. ign. led. mez. mur.'ac. phos. puis, 
rut, sep. »i\, squill, sulph. thuj, verat. y.iuc. 

Colors as op the ba^uvbow : bell. cic. kal. nitr. phos. pho&- 
ac. fitram, sulph. 


TtriNos LOOK RED : boll. con. croc dig. hep. hyosc ep%. 

stront. ftiilfih. verat.-vir. 

StiAOows BEFORE TitK BYES : peneji, 

HaU) OR Al'RKOLA KOrNti TllK LIGHT: 1) hrll. COCC pKoSU 

pills, rut. Bulph. 2) aluiu. citlc. cic. dig. t'upKr. nitr. sass. »cp. 
slaiin. staph, slroiit, 

l>isrosmox to squtnt: alum. bell, hvosr. puis. 

Bla<-^knks« of sKiHT. bliick colors before the eyes: bell, 
calc. chin, cuphr. kal. mȣ(n.-c. phos. 80|>. sil. slnim. 

Strifes bepoee tue kyes : nmm. bell. con. natr.-tXL' pals. 

Dimness of sight: unibr. aimn. anac. bur. bell. calc. can. 
cau^t. chin. con. croc, euphr. gcla. hep. ign. kreas. lacbn. lye. 
mere. phoa. puis. rut. eep. sil. sulph. 

Things LtX)K iicvkuted: Bell, 


lye. imtr. pi job. puis. 


chin, ilnph. dros. graph, byuse. lye. uatr.-ra. sen. tdl. stram. 

AMEXIA: Amennrrhtra \ Mfnoschtmif \ suppression of 
the mcfiMi^y and tht^ .-lilmetiiH irn.iiloiiial thereto: 

♦ L The bt.'*it remedies are : 1) AfteJop. ealo. caid. cimicif. 
helon. puis. sop. suli»h, 2) aeon, uletr bry. eon. diile gniph. 
kal. lye. ^ep. siL 3) amm, arn. ara. bar. bell, caust. chani. 
cocc. cupr. ferr. natr.-m. phoM. pod. \) ehiwa. iod mere, n.- 
moach. op. plat. rbod. sab. staph. 8tr Jin. vah'r. veratr. zinc. 

^ 2. A^fKNiA OF YorNG f.iuLs, that ift, luo long delay of the 
first raenses, requires prineipally: 

1) ealc. puis, sulph. ii) aeon. apis, caust. coco, graph, kal. 
uatr.-ni. petr. sep. veratr. 

Supirres»km of the menAes in consequence of a €old„ prin- 
cipally : 1) Caulopb. cimicif. gels. n.-nio8eh. puis, or 2) Bell, 
dulc. sep. sulph.— or if oc<-aj*io?ied by fii'ibt or sudden emo- 
tions — 1) Aeon. lyc, 2)Cutr. ojk vrratr, Ftrrf^ibh^ though not 
entirety suppressed tnettsts : Asch^p. calc. eaust. con. gra[>li. 
kal. lyc. uia^ni. uatr -m. phos, pul.s, sil, sulph. veratr. zinc, 

^ 3. For amenta of pkthoric indivtdiMls^ tisc: Aeon. bell. 
bry. gels, n.-vom. op, sabin. sulph, ; ftr d^hilitatcd or 
cachtctlr. individuals: Aletris, ars. chin, eiprlped* con. graph, 
helon. iod. Tia1r,-m. |)uls. |>olyg. sep, sulph. 

^ 4. rarticulai'iudicatious fortbe syniptomsoharacteriaing 



AcoNiTUM. Frequent conj^estions of blood to the head oi 
chftsr, wiili pnlphalion of the heart; aching, pnlsative or 
stitching piiitis iu llie head; redness of the face, full and harx^ 
pulse, fretjiit'nt fuvit with thirst, disposition to he angry, <fec,, 
IS piirtiL'iiIarly suiluble for young girls, who lead a sedentary 
life; froqiient epistaxis^ 

Aleti{Js par. : Cases of debility, arising from protracted 
illness, loss of fluids; deleelive nutrition, «&c. with constipa- 
tion, indigestion, night- Hweats and depression of spirits. 

Apis: In young girls, who are ooustantly eiigaged, yet do 
nothing right; congestion of the head and deliiiumj cede- 
matuus swelling of the lower cxtreniitit!S. 

ArocYN'tM : In young girls, with bloating of the abdomen 
ind extrt'tnities. 

AnsENKirM: Great debility, pale, livid coaiplexion with 
blue margins nuind the eyes; constant desire for sour things, 
colfoe or brandy ; gr<»at craving for sexual intercourse ; cor* 
rtjsive loueorrhcEa; frequent paroxysms of fiiinting* 

BavoNiA : Atneuorrhcea is :ittended with violent erethism 
of the circuhuinn ; fVeqnent eungeslion of bloud to the head 
or chest, witfi liletHliug of the nose or diy cough, coldness, 
frequent sliuddL^rings, which HOinciirnes alternate with a dry 
or Ifurning heat; constipation, belly-ache and co!ic. 

Calcaicea: Frequent rush t*f IiIo-mJ tu tl»e head; vertigo, 
burning pains in the fttrehead, or throbbing an<i aching pain 
ijT tlie head ; bnzzing in the ears; bclly-acJie with a feeling of 
fullness in the hypochondria and inability to wear tight clothes ; 
coUc^ with paiudowii the thighs, especially at llie tinve when 
the numseii ought to appear ; great languor, heaviness in the 
whole body, especially in the lower limbs; amenorrhoea 
Iroru working ir* water, with anasarca. 

Caclophyllum ; Ainenorrhcea, accompanied by spasmodic 
action or extreme atony ; spasmodic bcaring^down pains, 
with scanty flow, sympathetic cramps and spasms of neigh- 
bonng organs, as of the bladder, rectum or bowels, 

CacsticL'M : Hysteric pains, colic, pains in tlie loiua, ab- 
dominal spasms; yellowish coniplexiun. 

CisiiciFUGA; Leucorrhcea ; suppression of the menses 
froui cold ; pressive heavy headache, melancholy, palpita- 
tion, and other reflex syniptoms, with rJunimatie pains 
iu the limbs, and uterine cramps ; supjtression fj om men- 
tal emotions. 

China: Pale face witli blue margins round the eyes, head- 
ache, especially at night ; belly-ache, particularly after din- 


ner; bad fiigcslion ; pmanation, great debility with hinjrnor 
nnd hcfivinc'sa of tbo loutu* Umb*»; t»ltM-pli'».HiieH» or ruslloas 
sleep with anxious or r;Uii^uiij;r dreamn ; or abtloiniiuil ur 
puhnonury spiiatuH; ruali of blood to the head wiib pulaa* 
lions of the caroiidx ; iiytnpliomsuiia ; nei'Vou«ne*ia, great 
Bersitivenefts lo the b-ast noisr, dsr. 

CocciTLUs: Ilyj^teric abiiominal spasms at n timo, when tbo 
niensoa ought to a]»penr^ with [pressure tovvanis the chpul : 
oppreHsion, reitlessiiess, antjfuish, suduefts, nioatniig; prtMit 
debility, which does not even allow the patient to talk ; or 
disohargo of black blood in drt>p?s atteudt^d with great 
uervoii?* 4lislrt'»ri. 

CoxirM : Hysteric nnd ebl«>rotio syiiiptoniis, fiarcid and 
dry or hard or painful breasts , great nurvousiietwi^ involun- 
tary laughter aij*l weeping; great weakno** after iho leiist 
walk; anguish and saJneaa; abdominal spastns, distention 
of the ahdonn-n, stitching pain«, leucorrhcBii, Ac. 

CLTpftLTM : lliish of blood to the head with aching pain in 
the vertex; red liice and eyes; or pale face with blue mar- 
gins rountj the cyeA, or burning redness of the face with red 
eyes; typical pari ixysrns i>f the most violent cramps in the 
abdomen^ extending to the chest, with nausea and vom- 
iting; abdominal spasniij^ or twitching^ in the Umbn ^dth 
Bcretiming ; ])alpitation and s[)asnis of the heart. 

CvPitiPiiDiuM : Anienonhtra with hysteria, great nervous 
debility and mental despondency. 

Fkrbum: Great nervousness and debility, trembling of 
the limbs; emaciatioTj, great dis|H>sition to lie and sit; rush 
of blood to the head with throbbing [lain, roaiing, buzzing 
and prickling in the brain; pale, livid face with blue mar- 
gins round the eyes, pressure in the stomach and head; 
great la9.situde in the lower limb§ and other chlorotio 

GEt-sEMixuM : Sensation of beaA-incsa in the uterine re- 
gion with increase of the white leucorrhceal discharge, ach- 
ing across the sacrum, amcnorrhoia from cold. 

GossypruM: Amenorrhoea from torpid condition of the 
uterus in leuco-])hlegmatic temperaments. ? 

Ghaphites: The menses appear occasionally, but are pale 
and cease again shortly after ; especially when hemetic or 
erysipelatous cru]>tir»ns appear on the skin ; hysteric head- 
ache, nausea, pain in the chest, great debility ; colic and 
hysteric spasms, leucorrhoBa and sterility, haeinorrhoidal dis- 



Heloxias : General weari^esfl and laiiiynor; gloomiiieaa 
hni\ dulliiejis of mind, anifiinrrlKra iVom i^oiieral atoijy and 
atiji^miii mid inrpid cimtlition of iUq whole system, with dia* 
oi'dcied conditioi* of the dit^estive organs. 

lomifM : Frequent palpitittions of the iieart; pale face, 
soineainiea alteiimting with redness; loss of breath on as- 
cend in-r an endneiice ; in-eat nervousness, debility, especially 
in tfie lower limbs and other ehlorotic symptoms. 

KALi-CAFiB<:»N : Veiy efticaoions, particularly when attend- 
ed with difiicult breathin;/, palpitation of the heart; digpo- 
RitioM to erysipelatous eruptions, and paleness of the face, 
w hii:h sometimes al termite with pre^it redness. 

Lycopodiltm : Chlorotic symptoms; disposition to ead- 
ne8*i, melancholy and wee])irij]j ; hysteric headaehe ; sour 
vomiting and acidity in the moutli, swelling of the feet, pains 
in the bat-^c and loins, eoUe, laintiiitj lits; leucorrhcpa; Bwell- 
ing ami pressure in the umbilical region, and drawing or ten- 
sive p;iiu tlu'ouii;h tlje whule body; liver spots on the chest; 
gre;it desire for sweet thitigs. 

Mekcvkhs: Rush of Vdood to the head ; dry heat; orgasm 
of the circulation, leucorrhcea, tederajitous swellinij of tfie 
bands and feet or of the face ; pale lace and sickly cc^mplexion ; 
great languor and debility wiib trembling and rushes of blood 
after the least nxerliun : irritable mood ; sad, peevish and 

NAxauM ; Frequent headaebe ; hysteric or chlorotic ail- 
mems; disposition to mehmcholy with liKllessnese ; great de- 
biiity of body atid mind, with hcaviiietus in the limbs, and 
aversion to motion; disjKjBiiion to be angry and vehement; 
tiutteriiig of the heart ; costiveuess ; cutting pain in tireihra 
a/ter urination. 

Nrx-Moscu.: Suppression of the menses, with spaamd and 
other hysteric atTections ; disposition to sleep and fivint aw.ay, 
with gieat nert^ousness, debility, complete exhaustion aflcr 
the least exertion, paint in tiic loins ; frequent waterbrash ; 
titlul mood. 

(->piu:if : Suppression with congestion of blood to the head, 
whicli teels heavy ; redness and heat of the lace, sopor and 
couvuUive moiion.s. 

FnosPHoniTs : Menses too late or not appearing, tight feel- 
ing in the chest ^vith dry, tight cough, and spitting of blood, 
worf^tf beibre midnight, bloateduess below the eyea; vertigo. 

l*oLY<K>yu>i ; Warmth and a peculiar tingling sensation 


throughout the whole nystpm ; slij^ht nchinj; pain» hi iht hljit 
aii'l loins; a »enm of vvt'iL^ht anil it'nsioii in tli*? pelvjjt. 

Pi'XfiATiLLA : AmeiioiThcra, ("tpt'ciaUy from a cold or gvU 
ting wet or when attended vvith freiiueiit pamxysniH ofherui- 
crania with stitching pains extending to the face and teeth ; 
or aching nj^ins over the forehend, with pressure cm the vertex ; 
jKiJe coniplexion ; vertigo with buzzing in the ears ; stitching 
t«»othsiclie, tlie pains j>uddenly sliitUng from one Kide to the 
other, fre<|uent catarrh ; difficult breathing ; luss of breath 
and asthniM after the U-ast exerii<»n ; pal|>i:alion of tlie heart ; 
cold hands and feet, frequently alternating with tsudden heal ; 
lisposition to niucoua dian'ha:%i ; leiicorrhcpa ; pains in the 
pins ; oppreftHive v^eiglit ifi the abdomen ; colic with natiftea 
and vomiting; constant clnlliness with yawning, stretching 
and great languor, csfK^cially in the lower limbs; swelling ot 
the ieel ; espeeially suitable to females with blond hair, blue 
eyes» freckles on the face, mild di8jH>sition and dispositioo to 
Btidness and weeping. 

Sakixa: When the inennes, after flowing profusely at other 
times, cease, and are replaced by a thick, fmlid leucorrhcpii, 

SaN(Uiinauia : Abdominal jtain&; as if the menses wmdd 
appear; amenorrhoea with slight nausea, pahm in the loins 
extending througli the hypogastric and iliac-regions, as well 

down the tliighs ; suppression of menses, foilowed or pre- 
ceded by pulmonary disease, 

Ses^cio: Amenorrhcea from cold. Nervous irritjibtlity, 
^lasBitude ; wandering pains in the back and shoulders, with 
jeling of lassitude; sensatiou of a ball rising from the sto- 
mach into the throat. 

Sfci'iA : lianks with Puis, for amenorrhcBa with louuorrhfBn ; 
h is lurther indicated by frofpient jiaiH^xysms of hyKterio or 
nervous headachu ; toothache uitli excessive sensitiveness 
of the dental nerves; tielicate con&titution ; delicate and seii- 
tiilive skin; sallow complexion or dingy spots on the face; 
nervous debility and great disposition to sweat ; freqnent 
alternation of chilliness and ht'at ; disposition to melancholy 
and weeping, freipieut |>aroxysm8 ot catarrh ; exposure to 
wct^ pains in the limljs as if bruised ; frequent colic and paints 
in the small of the back. 

Sulphur ; Aching tensive pain in the head, espeeially from 
the occiput to the neck; or throbbing ])aina in the head 
with congestion of blood, heat, digging, shocks and whii&- 
wng noise to the brain; pale and sickly comijlexion, bhie 
margins roiuid the eyes and red spots on the clieoks ; pluip 



pies on the forehead and around the mouth ; immodtTato 
liiinger, voracity; general emrioiatlon ; snur niul burning 
eructatioiiy ; jjreasnrc, tcolinc: of repletion and liejiviiie.^s in 
tlie «t«.»niarh, liypo<*hondna and jilxhimen ; hxinrirrlinitial ,11^. 
position; slimy diarrhtea or constijxntioii witi) li;ird stools 
atid frequent infffeefnal uri^ins;; ahdnmiTial sjuisms; leucorr- 
luea; itcliinjjj ot* the sexual organs; iiysteric and clilorotic 
Bytnptoius ; the Httdis are liable to cjo to eieep ; asthma; 
pain;^ in the loins ; faintitig fits ; great disposition to take cold ; 
nervous debility ; t^neat laui^uor, es[»ecially in the lower litnbs, 
and great exhaustion alVei* talking; irritable mood; dispo- 
sition to be angry; or sad and nielaneholy, frequent weeping, 

Vkratiium-al. : AnientMTlni'a with nervous headache ; hys- 
teric at! ect ion «i ; pale livid faee; frequent nausea and vomit- 
ing ; cold hands, feet and nose ; great weakness with faint- 
ling turns ; sexual excitement, even njinphoniania and other 
forms ot' mania. 

g 5. See : MenMnuil dtffimlHe^^ chlorosU^ itc, 

ANEMIA. — The best remedies are : 1) Ars, cMn, hdon. 
hydraM. puis, squill, stnph. sulph. 2) Am. bell. bry. eal(\ 
^Citrb.-v. cm. con. firr. gr.iph. ign. kal. lach. lyo. mere, uatr, 
'natr.-m. n.-vom. plios. phos.-uc. rhus. sep. f^il. ver. 

If it arises from lorn of bhotf, or otht^r Jfulth^ give: 1) 
chiit. heion. n.-vom, sul[>h. or 2) cak. carb.-v. cin. hydrast* 
plios.-ac. Binph. Hulplu 

If eaused by t^t'olent aeut^ diseaftes^ use; calo. ejirb.-v. i>hin- 
hep. kal nalr, natr.-m. n.-vom. veratr. 

See : Chlokosis, Dkbilffy, Scrnvy, &c. 

ANASARCA —Principal remedies: I) Ars. hell. 2) Bry, 
chin. dig. dule. eupat. helou. hydrasl. mere, aulph* or perhaps 
,a|>is, cuniph, eonvulv. iris.-v. lact. lye. rhn«. sainV>. senec. hoI- 
nigr, for anasarca after cuianeons dist^ajfe^^ sueh as acarla^ 
tina^ meaales^ we give with great et!cct hell, atid ar^. in other 
cases the remt^dies have t<j be chosen in accordance with the 
symptoms. See; Jfrof/si/, 

ANEURISM : Best remedies, so far as known : 1) Carb,*v. 
lach. lye. 2) gujij. puis, sulnh. In Home eases may be requii"^ 
ed : 3) Cale. caui^t. graph, kal. 4) Ambr. arn. ars. aur.-m. fern 
natr.-m. zinc. 

Anruktsm by anastomosh yields to : Carb.-v. canat. lyeop, 
plat, thuj, 

ANGINA PECTORIS: Neuralgia pectoris «. cordis. One 
of the princijjal remedies seems to be Ilt-pnr^ after which give, 
2) Ara. cact ciniiciC cupr. lach. samb. veratr«-alb. and vir. 



B) Aeon, anr.bell. caust. di^. jihos. »pong., aiid (acoording to 
Harlniann), Ani;. ipi'C. tn<mcli. sep. 

As j'egurda tlic ]«iriictil:ir irjdit'iitions^ we refer tlie reader 
lo the remt'dit'!! Tnider AMhmtJ^ ninijcMtmiS of tfie c/usi^ 
itirff\}4%7tit*€ offtairh^ and dUeoJifi* <>/" M*- heart, 

ANGUISH^ parox y*fms of : Generally a mere Byniplom, 
tlioimh 8omt*tinies *«o prominent and distre«siii,i;, that it de- 
serveM a special trentinent. remedies; I ) Aeon, 
ars. aur. h\'\\, elunu. diir^ mere, n.-voin. jtuK verai, 2) Alirn*. 
anae. baryt. eurb.-n, carh.-v, cocc cupr. gnu^h. hyojse, igiu lye, 
nitr» nitr,-n. phos. Hms. sep. s}»ig. spong. aiilph. 

Partii*^tlnr indications ; 

Br &TMn/rAXF.or8 affections op thb chest: 1) Aeon. ara. 
anr. ipee. puK veratr. 2>Caet. c^de. bry. crirb,-v, dig. spiflf. 

Bv GASiTRTc OK ABPoiiiNAL AFFEmoNw : 1) Ar,t. eale» eupr. 
njjtr. 7i..w<7r«. puln. veratr. 2) Bell, chain, carb.-v. coco, lauroc. 
lye, natr.-m. stann. tluij. 

By AFFKCTioNs OF THE HEAJTT ,* 1) Acoft, OTS. our, ca^t. dig. 
pn!?. Hpiff. ppong, 2) Cham, cimicif, gels, lycop. nilr.-ac pho«» 
fiep. v«'rair.-vir. 

By Hypuj iioNDUiAsi.s : 1) Aeon, ars, calc. dig. heh. natn 
n.-vom. 2) /Esnit, alum, anne. bell, eaust, cliunv. eou, corn,-c. 
cvprip. •rraph. bell hep, i^n. iris^ lach, lepl. lye. mere moflcb. 
nilr.-ae, pod. puis, sep, sinini. 

By Hysteria: 1) -ieo«. eiV. coec. eon. eroe. eyprip. hyosa 
upi, nntfii-b. Ti.'Vom. 2) Ab'tr, bell. eule. canst, eaidop. coin.-ti 
ffth, hyosc. maf^n.-ni, nitr.-ac. n,-moseli, plioa, mL ncntet, veratr. 

By HvpEicKSTnEisiA of the buai>' ; Avoti. bell. hyQ$c, 
hichu. TutTc, n -vom. veratr, 


§ 1. Tbongh ETeiit^r.iIly a mere symptom, yet it ifi some- 
times a nuire dislike to certain kinds of nourishment, which 
can be treated with; 1) Ant, nrn. eaet, chelone, china, hep. 
mere, n.-vom. pnls. rhus*, ^sidph, taii. 2) Baryt, bry. cjde. 
cimiei . eyelam. «rel}*. gynmncl. lielun. hydras, iris. lob. natr.-m. 
Bep, sib 3) Ar.s, bfll. cantb. cic. couc. comoelad, coti, igti. lye. 
op. ]>lal, sang, thnj. verat. 

^ 2. For isnEpLvnENT anorexia, or for anorexia remainino; 
alter gastric atTeetions, we have- : 1} Ant. cnct. ehelon. eycl. 
gynmoebid. sul|»h. 2) Cbinn. iri'<. n.-vom. pnls. rhns. sep. sil. 

For anorexia a("c«)rn]>anicd ir/YA huttfftry nse : 1) Cact. chin, 
cimieit, eupai. hell, natr-jn. rhuH. •2)Tiry.cidc. ign. n.-vonu op. 
idb 3) A KB. baryt. dule, magn.-iu. sulfdi-ae. 

For anorexia accompanied with coiuplete hat/img offood^ 



g:ive: 1) Ipec pula. rbns. 2) China, i^. jugl, n.-vom. 3) Aeon, 
bell. cotnoelacL lach, lob. ninr.-ac. sep. 

^ 3. For PAKTiAL ANOREXIA, OF averslon to jxtftindar khnls 
of food, we have piiiidpallyj as (ov aversion to bn^'t: 1) Bell. 
chia. cofc. n-vom. 2) Cham, atann. aulph. — to britntlt/ : Ign.^- 
towine: Ign. Inch, mgt.-aus. mere, subad. — to waler : Bell 
chin. T1.-VOIU. stntrn. — to milk : Bell. brv. ciifc. carb.-v. ciii. ign 
Tiatr. pula. sep. sib sulph.— ^o ct*/f<ff .' Bell. bry. cham. chin. 
lye uiijrc. iiatr tiatr.-ni. n.-voin. uhus. — to driuhi (/tn^raMy : 

1) BelL canth. hyuse. n-vom. siram 2) Lach. nair.-m. — for 
aversion to rt/e hrewl : Lye. nuti-.-ni, n.-vom. pl»os,-ac. sulph, — 
to bretifi f/aieVfUli/ : Con. lye ii.-voin. phos.-ac. puis, — 
to huttf^r : Carb.-v. chiij, mere. — to fat and fat ihhigs; Bry. 
carb.-a. carb.-v. hell. hep. nati*.-iii. puis. — to nieat and broth: 

2) Ign. mere, mur.-ac niir.-ac. pula sil. «ulph. 2) Bell. calc. 
carb.-v. lye. rhus. sabatl. ^^h~tofish : Gra|)h. - to mgeiabks: 
Hell. inagn,-c. — to toarut bolM food : Culc graph, ign. lye. 
niagn.-c. sil. — to solid food : 1) Bry. staph, »ulph. 2) Ferr. 
mere. — for aversion to Hour things: Bell. coec. terr. sabail. 
8ul|jh. — to sweetii^ sKtiar^ <tc. : Ara caus. mere, nitr.-ac. phos^ 
8ul[>b, zine, — to saKy thinf^a: Graph, selen. 

^ 4. For f\irther indicatioua, see ; gastiic derangement; 
etoniach, derangement ol"; nausea, vomiting, <S;c. 

AN0S3I1A: The best remedies, are f Bell calc^ gek 
natr.-ni. w.-vom. plios?. puis, wanguin. Hep. »it sidpb. or Alum, 
aur. caps, canst, hep Tiyosc> ipec. kab lye. magii.-m. mez. 
iiitr.-ac. oleand. op. rhus veratr* 

For loss of smell fiorn paralysis of tJis olfa^torf/ nerves, 
we have priheipally: Bell, cauat. hyoac. lye nalr -m. n.-vom. 
op. plumb. Sep. 

For catatrhal anosmia : Alum. calc. gelw. nop. mez. natr.-m. 
n.-vom. puis, ganguin. sep. sil, snlph- Compare nasii is, catarrh, 
<fec. ; also ambIyop*ia; hearing, hardness of; and tlio causes 
and varieties of these nfiVctiona. 

ANTHRAX : When caused by infctiony the best remedy 
is: Ars., unless China, rbns, aiL or puis, should be indi* 
calcd. The malignant puMuh generally yields to 1) Aiu 
bell. sil. rhu3., or perhaps : Chin, hyosc. mur.-ac. uec. Sep, 
2) Anlhraein. apis, carb.-v. kreas. lach. 

The cornnnm arthrax or carbuncle, which is not caused by 
infection, generally requires, stl. or perhaps, cepa. hyosc lye. 
or niir.-ac. SometimeB araica. h given with good effect at 
the commencement^ after which n.-vom. completes the cure. 



There is a kind of carbviiiclc, which contjuns lice ; thi.i re 
quirc/^ Ar-%, nn»l fljiti. 

ANTllUOPOPIIOBIA— This ki»i<1 of mania is be»i tirau 
ed with : 1) Btiryt, hynnc. lye. niilr. ptiU. rhii«. 2)»c. 
nnr. bell. cic. con. cupr. led, seU'ri. slaim. 3) Amttu-m ailc 
mnng. natr-ni. uitr.-ac, plio?*. Mulph. 

See also : Mental deiungfrnerits and Morbid emotionfl. 

APHTH/E.— The brm reirHvlies are; Baptia. bor. hydr. 
m^re n.-v«>iii, sulph. 8ul|*h *-»(%, <fec. Sec: Stomacar^,. 

APOPLEXEA. — The best remedies are: 1) Aeon, am, 
baryt Ml, cocc gels. lach. lachn. n-vom. op, phos. puis.; and 
then 2) .^sc. ant. cact. chin, coff con. dig. gymnucl. hjouc, 
ipe<*^ laur. mere, n.-mosh. sang. tart. 

§2. For Aroi'LEXiA SAXGnxEA: 1) Arn, helL cact. lach, 
n.-von>. op., or elt^e 2) Aeon. ant. baryL. coff. £/>c<7. htfose 
mQrc, pulji. sangiiin. 

For Apoplexia ssnoaA ; Am. dig. ipec. mere, or bar. chin 
cocc* con. 

For Apoplexta nkbtosa: Am. bell. coff. gelfi. hyosc, 
lachn. stram. 2) Gamph. hmro. -i) Bar. coec ipee. phos. 

g 3. For the subsequent paralysis: 1) ,1^7*. bell eauiJt, coce, 
cupr. laoh. n.-vont. r/utji, siram. zine. or also 2) Ana^^. baryt. 
calc. con. rlule. laur. natr,-ni. phos, plumh. ruta sop. eil. 

For Hkmipleota, particuhirly : Alum, aruie. bell. ^mt^L 
cocc. gi*aph. kal. laeh. n.-vom. phos.-uc «nl]»h.-ac, 2) ^gc. 
arg.*n. arn. cliinin. hyosc. plumb, rhus. strani. 

§ 4. For Apoplexia of drunkards^ give: JLach, n.'Vom. op, 
or baryt, coft'. con. pule. 

For Apoplexia of old people : Baryt. or op. or con. dig. 
more. ifee. 

For Apoplexia from loff^ (*/ bloody or other debilitating 
causes : Chin ipec. or also carb.-v. coee. n.-ro/n. pnls. sep. 

For Apoplexia lV<»m otyerloit^fmf/ t/u* stomach: a fe«r table- 
spoons of l)lack coffee, or if this should be iniiuflieient : IptHJ. 
n.-vom. pulft. 

g 5. Particular indications, 

iEsouLUH — Severe vertigo, with reeling, like drunken 
men; vertiixo with n.nusea and dinmess of sight ; contused 
«tupor ; tlVickoess of speech ; great weakness with trembling. 

Aco\*n*LM : Meat of the head; pulsation of the carotids; 
skin more warm, than eoJd ; pulse full, hard, strong, even 
auppressed, but not in(ennitlenl ; especially when friirht or 
vexation were the of it in ploih«jne-apoplectic sulijects, 

A&NiOA : Full and strong pulse with paraiyua of the 



limbM^ (especially on. tJie left sirfe) ; loss of consciousness and 
BtiJ|»ethction, with slertorcjirs bi*calhin^ ; sijEjIiing, raiitteriiig, 
involimtary discharge of urine and tleces, &l\ 

Baryta: For parnfi/t:!^ *\f thf t(tnf)iii'^ or tlit? uf»per limbs, 
especiallv (i/i the rhjht side; the mdUth is drawn on one 
side; disturbed conwciousneas, with rhif dish f/e^ficvdation,^^ 
and inability to keep the body erect ; eoma^ restlessneaa, 
nioaninLi^and muttering; circurascribed redness of the cheeks; 
ia old afff, 

BELLADoN^fA .* Stupcfnction, loss of consciousness and^ 
speech, or convulsive movements of the limVis and muscles 
of the face; p.aralysis of the extremities, especially on the 
right side; the ntonth is drawn to one side ,* paralysis of the 
tuu'^ue; jnyrJisinus, difficuUy of sittallo^eintfy or entire ina- 
bility to swallow; (loss of siglit) ; dilated pupils; red pro- 
truded eyes; rtd bloated face * reaching with the hands to 
the eenitals. 

Cacti's l VenijTo from santniineous cont^estions to the head ; 
face bloated nod red with ptdsating pain in the head ; heat in 
the bead and flicc, cauMntr madness and horrible anxiety; 
pulsatinqr pain witli sensation of weight on the right side of 
the head; pressing pain in the forehead increased by bright 
light or loud noises, 

CoLX'UMs: Tlie paroxrsms are preceded or attended by 
vertigo, nause:i, convulKive mutitmsof the eyes; paralysis, 
es]>ecially of the lowtt littdm^ with insensibility, &c. 

Cuprum: In neri*otM ttpoph^y with convulsions, distortions 
of the face, and ]>alsy of speech, 

GELsraiivuM ; Headache with nausea; tightness of the 
brnin ; giddiness; tendency to stagger with injperfection of 
visiun ; vertigo unto falling; intense passive congestion to 
the head with nervous exhaustion. 

HYnscTAMiTs: Nervous apoplexy with somnolency; red- 
ness of the face ; paralysi;^ of thn a^iaophfuju^ and nutnb feel- 
ing of the hands; sudden falling down with a shriek, so|K)r. 

Ipecacuanha : In serous and nervous apoplexy with ver- 
tigo, lips hanging down, loss of speech, salivation and pa^ 
lalysis of the extremities. 

Laciiesis: Sttipefaction with loss of conscioiisnesa, with 
hhie face and convuhive tnoiH^mentSy or tremor of the ex- 
tremities ; or paralysis, especially of the left aide ; the pai*ox- 
ysms are preceded by frequent absence of min<l, or vertigo 
with rush of blood to the head ; blowing expiration ; al^or 
the use of liquors or mental emotions. 




IjAcriNANTHKfi; VcrtliTo with sensntion of licat in the chest 
ami rouiul I he heart; sensation as il'the vertex \vi4*e enlarged 
an«l driven upwards*; the head feels enlari^ed^ anif H|.ilit upen 
with a wedge from the outside to vvitliin j the- whule tace 
becomes yelhjw, Jbc. 

LAURixncRAsis : Palpitation of the heart ; scarcely p^rcep- 
tililc piil«e, cold moint skin, conviduona of the miutcloa oC 
the taee. 

Nux-voM : St»ipefaction, stertorous breathinjr and ptyn- 
lisni ; bleareyedness, dim eyes ; paraii/jih^ rApcciatly of tfte 
loujcr Itjjibif ; hangin<^ down ot" the lower jaw; tlie parox- 
i^*ms are preceded by vertigo with /iea4ae/ie and buzzing 
in tht ear, or naiLsea with urging to vonut. 

Opium: The paroxy<srns are prtMunled l)y dullness of ftense, 
vertigo and heaviness of the liead, buzzing in the ears and 
liardne>i8 -or hearing, staring look, »lt'eplessness anxious 
dreams or frtqtttM d*mri to steep ; tlie part>xy8in i» attended 
' y Manic rifjUUttj of th*:^ w/toh budy^ redne^^ bhniedtH\^s 
nd hciii of fJte fi'^e; the head i« l>ot an<l covered with 
sweat ; red eyes with dilated^ inaenfitbh pttjdh ,' «i/ow, sierto- 
otis hreitthiHfj ; convuhhc moveintnts and trembling of the 

t remit iem ; tuani at the mouth, etc. 

Pt LSATiLLv : For stui>el;icUun and loss of conscioueiness, 
bloated and bluuish red lace, loss of motion ; violent palpi- 
(atitm of tJii biart^ abnost cotnpitte aupprtsjtion of the pidse^ 
nid rattling breathing, 

tSANGUiNAiuA : Di^stension of the temporal veins; pain like 

flasli of liglitning in the back of the haid ; vertigo on 
fqnickty turning the head and looking upward; burning heat 
nnd redness of the tliee. 

Skpia: In men, addieted to <lriiiking and sexual excesses, 
with a disi)<)siti<»n to gout and hiemttnlioids. — Dizziness in 
Kvalking, with staggering; forgetfiilness ; cold feet; inter- 
|ji lilting pulse. 

In particular caaes tipis and glonoine will be indicated &ud 
[prove of great benelit. 

§ G, In apoplexy and convulnoNs: Bell, hyoftc. Inch. op. — 
follotced bg pitralgHia: 1) Arn. bell, n.-vom. stann. zinc. 
)Anac, eon. lach. — with paralysis of one side and eonvulKions 
of the other side : Bell, hich^ si ram. — followed l«y idiocy : HelL 

^ 7. For fmther indications see: Congestion of the head, 

>por, Hpasnis, ifcc. 

APPAUKNT DEATH, Asphyxia. § 1. Put a few pel- 
>tii of the specific re-medy on thfe tODj£U<e of the paUiiBUor 


administer iHe medicine by the rectum ; not oinittinjCf the re- 
quired niechaiiical means" of cure ; but xevkr rksori to 

If tfio asphyxia should have been caused by a hh*w^ fa/I,, 
&c., give Ar/fwn^ es|»ecially it' the patient has not bt'on bifd 
be lb re ; in the coutrarv case, or if the patient lost thucIi 
blood in cnn^eqnr^nce of the injury, give first China, (accord- 
ing: to Ilerinsf) and then Arnica* 

If arising from suffocation ; Ilerin*]: recommends for those 
"H'im tried to kill tbemRelves by susptiisioH : opium ;by hiha- 
lation of carbonic acid gas i Op. aeon. belL; and by droton- 
ing : Lache^ls. 

For asphyxia from congelatioji^ after the patient ha« been 
resusitated by the usual means, give for the rotnaiiiiDf; symp- 
toms: Ar». carh.'Cetj. or aeon, hry. 

For asphyxia by stroke of liffhtning^ ^\\e : n,-vom. The pa- 
tient should at tlie same time be placed in recently dtjsj soil, 
half sittinix, hidflyiujj, and should be covered with it all over, 
except his face, which is to be turned towards the stm, until 
the hvst ai2:ns of life hecotue apparent. 

For ai^phyxia of new-born infants, we use: Tart. op. chin, 
ami aeon, (accordini; to Ilenipei) 

Compare causes and coodilinns. 

AHTiniALGIA. § 1. Intending to say every thing we 
had to say on tl^e patholo.ifical character of the difieases un- 
der ^rheiiinnti^m^ f/'"^^ neuralfjia, «fec , we here point out 
more particularly the [larts to which the remedies have spe- 
ciHc curative rehilions. This knowlctl^'e is not required in 
every ca«e, but in many ciises it is, since two or thi'ee reme- 
dies may corrcspcuul to the general state of the patient* and 
one of them only to the part atlcctcd. 

§ 2, Remedies, given tor <7) aktiiralgia generally 1) ars, 
bell. bnj. caust. volch. ferr. kal. led. lye. many mtrc, natr.-m. 
n.-vom. phytol. puis* rhod. rhus-tox. rhua-vern. aep. strouU 
sidph. 2) ambr. amnu ant, apoc.-and. arn. anr. caps. carb,-v, 
coluc. dros. eupat. hell hep. petr. phos. rut. sas-s. sil, sjiig, 
stann. staph, sulpli. ac. thuj. zinc. 

b) for pains in the axillary joint: 1) boll, hry, r-alr, carb.-v. 
ferr. ign. kal* lye. mere, n*-vom. puis. rhm. sep. stafih. suljjh. 
thuj, zinc. 2) ambr. .am, caps, caust. cimici£ led. luitr.-m. petr. 
j)f»os. verat. 

c) In the elbow^oint: 1) arg. bell, hry, cale, caulopb. 
eau!jt. kal letL mere. rhua. sep. sulph. 2) ant. graph, lye mez, 
petr. phoa. pula. rhu»-veu. rata staph, verat. 



ff) h\ the WRIST JOINT : amm. nrs. hnj, culc. cmilopb. canst 
^raph. kaL nitr. rims. rula. sep. sulplj. li) alum, carlx-v. euplir, 
hell. lach. led. matig. mere. Datr.-ni. uitr.-ac pals. sab. stL 

t) In the n>T;Kn joints: 1) a^. ars. hry, culo. carb,-v, 
causL gnipli. Iit'p. lye. sep. spig» siilph. 2> aur. carb.-a, chain, 
chin. clem, coleh. cycl. hell. Jgn. kal liieh^ led. natr.-m, nitr. 
pt*tr. phos. puis, rhufl. rhus-v, «ab. sil. ppcmg. slaijli* 

§ 3, a) Vox pains in the nip and hip joints : 1) are. asclep.- 
tiib. btlL bry. caU\ t"urb.-v. caust. coloc. led. lye. mere* rAw<. 
sulph. 2) ant. cocc. fi'rr, hell ipec. kal. tne«. natr-m. nxotn, 
phfis. puh, rhod. sabad. sop. sil. i<tront. vcrat. 

h) In the KKEK and K nee-jot sts : acom asclep. -tub. boll, 
hry, cnh, canloph. cftuMt. r/u'n, lach, led, natr.-tn. n.-voni. petr. 
phoR. phytol. puis. r/n(ji, sep. sil. mtljih. 2>alunK nnac. ars. asa, 
earb.-v. coec. eon. ferr- graph, hell. hep. iod. kal. h/r. nuigii.-c, 
mere* nitr.-ac. rhod. ruta. spig. slanii. staph, stront. veratr. 

c) In the TARSAT.-J0i3rr8 : 1) ar^. bry. rma^L chin, lye, meixs, 
natr.-ni. n,-voin. phof*. puis. rul.a. sep. sulph. "1) ainbr. ara, carb.' 
a. dros. hep. igu. kal. kreas. led. natr. oleand. Bpig. staph, 

d) In the TOE-JOINTS : am eauj^t. chin, cimicif. kal led. 
sahin. sep. Bulph. zinc. *1) aur. calc. chain, con. ferr. lye. n.-voin, 
rhus. sil. 

g 4. a) For pains in the tpper arm: hiy.CiM^.c,ftrr,pfnjto!. 
sep. sulph. 2) ars. as:u bell chin. igu. nigl-aj*c. mez. nitr. piUa. 
Btann. val 

b) In the fore-arsi : a8clep.4ub. cof/r. carb.-v. rattM. lye, 
mere, n.-vom. phytol rhtt^. suss, ^p, stftph. sufph. *i) arg. 
carb.^i. chin. cun. dnlc. ferr. kal mez. nitr. nitr.-ac. pho8.'ac. 
rhiid. s]/ig. stront. tliuj. 

c) In the hands: 1) ai*clep.4nk bell bry, ralr. carb.-v, 
cimicif. Inch, lye, n.-voin. rlutd. srp, s^dph. *1) anihr. anac. aur. 
canst cham, chin. clem. coee. ferr. gniph. hep. hyonc. kal. 
mere, mez. natr. natr,*m. petr. phos. phytol rhus. &il ppig. 
spong anc. 

d) In the fingers : 1) aselep.-tnb. amra, carb.-^. graph, hep. 
lyc. n -vom. ithos. puis, rhtis sil f^ulph 2) ambr. amni.-m. calc. 
caust. cycl kal lach. mang. nuro. nntn-m. nitr.-ac. ]ietr. plios.- 
ac. phytol rln^d. sep, spig. Ftaph. sulph.-ac. thuj. veratr. 

§ 5. cr.) For pains in the tiiiuiis: 1) bry, cak: cauK»ph. chin, 
hep. mere. petr. phos.-ac. phytol. rhod. sep. i>il st.nnn. gufph. 
2) arn, bell caps, cxirb.-v, caust. cocc- coloc. graph, giiajao. 



Ivd, mez. natr.-m, ri.-vonu oleand, plat. rbu8. sase. spig. spoDg 

h\ III the legs: bell, hry, cal4*. causf» fen*, kal. lye. n.-vom. 
puis. ji^p. »iL Btsiph. *2) imae. asii, bor. con. gniph. ign, mero 
Inez, phos.-ac. rhud. rhus. stilph. 

r) In the Tim A : 1) asii. caU\]nQh v^erL\ r/?ez. phos. puis 
sabin. 2) agar ani, bell. cans. con. dulc. ign. kal. lye. maiig 
niur.-ao. phos.-ac. rliiiB. st*p. siL 

</) In tb^ CALVES : 1) uliini. ar». calu. r//tfw. con, graph, lyc. 
natr. nitr.-ac. puis. i*hns »€p^ hlH})h, sulph verat. 2) ant. bry. 
chin, culoc. euphr. ferr. ign. kail, mgt.-aus, natr.-ui. n.-vorn. sil. 
spig. stann. zinc. 

e) In the TENPO-ArnnxEs: 1) nnac. ant. caust. mur.-ac. 
natr. natr.-m. puis. rhus. t^taph su!|»h. zinc. 

§ 6. a) In the fekt : 1) am. bull, bnj, camph. caust, lyc 
puh, gep, mdph. 2) ars. aur, baryt. ferr. graph, hep. kal. natr.- 
iii. nitr.-ac n.-vom. rhusi-ven. rhod. rhus-tox. ruta. 

h) \i\ the HRKi^: 1} amin.-tii, ant. arn. caust. ffraph. \^, 
led. lyc. mgt *arc. natr. niir.-ac. puis. «ubiu- sep. siL liulph. 
2) caic, coloc. con. mere. petr. rhod. rhuj^ ftpong. 

c) In the DOR6A OF THE FKKT I I) calc. cauiph. carb-a. caust. 
lyc. mffVd, puU, spig. tluij. 2) anac. aaa. bry. eliin. colch. he|>- 
ign. led. mur-ac. natr. n.-vom rhus. s-'tsa. slnph. sufph, zinc. 

d) In thesoLT-is: 1) anibr, or^j/v?^ graph, mun-ac. phns. pbo8.<> 
he. puis, spig- stilph- 2) bell. bry. cale chin. cupr. igu ted. 
lyc. natr. rhus. mI. larax. zinc, 

«!) In the TOES : 1) am. asa. cmtM. (rrnph,sal)OKsiflp/t. thuj, 
2) agar. aur. carlt.-a. carb.-v. chin, cirnieif. kal led. lyc. mgt.- 
arc. mere, phns. phos.-ac. plat. sep. wl. staph. 

J^) In the Bio-TtiK: 1) arn.nva. asa. bry. calc. caust. cimieif. 
kal. plat, sabhu sil. sulph. zinc, 2) ambr. anini. amm.-m. aur. 
cocc. cycl. led. rngt^-aro. natr. puis. rhus. eass. sep. thuj. 

g 7« For further particulars see : arthritis, rheumatism ; 
neuralgia; pain, paroxysms of; coxagra ; gonitis, etc, 

ART1IUITI8. § 1. *The hest remedits are : 1} t/^^n. ant. 
beM. eal*^ caust, chin. cocc. ferr. n.-vom. phop. pho8-ac. puis 
rhod. sabln. sulph. 2) apoc,-,'indr. arn. colch. comoclad, daphn. 
men. mere. natr. phytol, sang, stjiph, tart. thuj. 3) alum, 
canth. chel. cic. con. dulc. stann. 4) cin, kal.-bi. ul.*ttD, ol.-jec 
ran. i*an.-sc. 

§ 2. Fur ACUTE arthritis: 1) aeon. apt}c -findr, bell, hry 
chin. hop. n.-vonj. puis. 2) ant. arn. ars. coec. ferr. krejis 
phytol. eulph.^ — with gaatric afl'ectiuua: ant. — with 8e%€r€ 
paina in hands and kntei : cocc. 



For CiTKoNic AKTnutns: 1) benr, onus. Icnlm. lach. «fl 
2) cuilc coloc, gunj. iod. mantj, pbf»s-fic. Hiori «;ih«. nulph. 

Far ERRATIC ARTnrtms: 1) am. niang. n.-ino»clh ti.-vom. 
puis. 2) asa. diiphiie, plmnb. vhoi], 

Fnr ARTiiRiTiH WITH swEtxiNG: 1) arn. rbin, cocc hep. 
rhus, sulpli. 2) ant. hyy cliinin. 

Fijr ARTFiRrns with h,«m«>urhoidal or MENarnrAL diffi- 
ctrLTiEs : Wrb. 

With uRrNAur DrFFiCFLTrKs : bprb. ojirith. sis!*, * 

§ .^. AuTHRrTic NODOSITIES require: \)r<thjyt*. rhnd. 2)ant. 
graph, led. TK-vnni ,1'') aixn. bry. carb -a, carb.-r. nitr. n -mosch. 
ran. sabin. stapb. 4) aur. dig. phos. sep. sil. zinc— ^t/i/w« : 

ARTHRrrTC coNTRACTioxs, are frequentlr relieved by : 
1) bry« canst, gfuaj. sulpb, 2) calc. coloc. rbus. sil, tbuj. 

§ 4. For llio precm-sory syir.proms of gout, the same romo- 
dies are generally to be used that we use for llie gout itself. 
The following remedies will generally answer : ant. bell. bry. 
n -vom. 

For RKTENT ARTriKrnc METASTASRS, the followincr ire ver) 
naefiil : aeon, bell n -vom. sass. sulph. — in most cases tbe at- 
ected or;^ri8 should bi» considered ; we i-efer the reader to 
theparaerraplis on : headncbe, opfitbabnia, Grn*5t He derangement, 
where the Kvuifhtom!* arising ftoni artbriiic caai$e6 will be 
found mentioned. 

§ 5, For the arthritic affbcttoxs of drfxkabdh, we 
nse : I) aeon, ecdc, n 'Vom. sulph. or 2) ars. chin. hep. iod, laeh 
led. puis. 

For the arthritis of persons who indnlge in rich living t 
ant. ealc. iod. puis, siilph. 

For tbnt of iierMons working in water: 1) calc. puis. rhus. 
Bass. Bulph, 2) ant. ars. dulo. n.-inoseh. 

§6. For particular indie.if inns see: rheumatic pains^ and 
compare: cauMs; pain„ parori/ftmAof; condf'/lofts; periods 
of th^ dnj: hithteni'e. of the ityenther^ nourhhrnrfity <Jbt^. 

ARTliROCACE.-^Tliis inflammation of the tei-minal ex- 
tremities of b<mc*s hns been most successfully treated with: 
1) coVc. phos.-ac ; 2) cic, phos. or perhaf»s with 3) calc. cocc. 
Iicp nil. siilp}). or 4) puis. rbus. zinc. 

AR8ENIC\ poisoning by; Tlie antidotes are: 1) noap' 
watsr, 2) albumen^ dissolved in water and useii as a drink. 
8) mgar-wtiter. 4) milk, 5) Msquufityde of iron; but Vjctler 
the hydrated-oxyd or pure iron-rust m sugar-water. Vinegar 

UB^eiSy oil is hurtful. 



After tile alarming svmptomii have been removed, we j»ive 
tpec. Af\c»r ip^c. we give chln*i^ fspecinlly Nvlien the patient 
is imtrtbl^.', lias :i reslk'KS kIlh'P and nii^hlly fubnle motions; 
or yi.*i.v>/»,, when the patient is wni^se in the day-time, parti- 
onlarly after sleoping, with cnnstipation or else with <iiar- 
rhcpic fliimy fito«jls or Verafr.^ if afler Ipoc. frequent nausea 
remains witli vomiting and heat, or chilliness over the whole 
body and j^^reat dehiljjy. 

For the ernptions wf the forehead, ophthalmia and headache 
caused by wearing hats, that have been worked with arsenic, 
the best remedies are: 1) cjirb-v. ferr. 2) chin. hep» 

The belt remedies for the ill effects of arsenic as a medicine, 
are: China ipfc. n.-vom, verat, 

ASt'ITES, The best remedice* are: 1) api^. apoe. can. ars. 
chin. hell. kal. mere, senecio. aniph. 2) asclep.-tub. aeon. bry. 
cepn, chim.-umb, colch. diilc. erig. euphorb. euptit -purp. iris, 
prun. Sep. 3) asa. dig. led. lye. puis, squill. 4) aletils? ampel? 
coloc. ? helon, ? 

Ascites fi-om the LOi^s of blood : from veneseciiona, <fec., 
yields to t'AiVirt, as by a miracle. 

In all other cases the flelertion of the remedy depends npon 
the exciting cause, and the pathological character of the 
•lisease, and the general symptoms of tlie reme<ly have to be 
carcfullv compared w^th the symptoms of the disease. 

remedy for Asthma Millari is in most cases sawbunts. In 
other c:ise9 we give : 1) aeon. are. ipec. lach. inosch, 2) ohin. 
ign. 3) ol. anim,*dippel. 

For the concealed Asthma Millari, the so-called Asthma 
Wigandi, we have principally: 1) Aeon. bell, ipec, asunb. 
2) ars. baryt, cham. chin. coff. cupr. laoh. ii.-vom. op. 3) chlor- 
ine, gels. iod. plinnb. 

For particular symptoms see: Asthma spamnodieum, 

ASTHMA SPASMODICUM, or penodicurti and Asthma 
generally: § 1. The remedies are: 1) Aeon. ait». ascl. -tub. 
bell, bry. camph. cupr. ferr. ipec. lobeL n-vom. phos. puis 
saTii\>. sangnin. sulph. 2) ambr. amm. ascl.-iuc. wscl.-Hyr, aur 
cact. calc. carb.-v. caidop. chutn, chin, cist.-c. cocc. dulc. gels 
lach. mo8ch op. pliyiol. tart, verat.-a. verat.-v. zinc. H) ant. 
bapt. cauHt. cuff, eupnt. eiiphorl». hyose. ign. kal. lye. mere, 
nitr.-ac. n,-mosch. rhus-gl. seji, sil. stann, stmin. 4) aloe, apis. 
benz. cepa. niillef. 

g 2. For asthma from Ookqestion of blood to ths 



1) Aeon. :iur. bcU. intTO. ii,-vorii, pbtis. 8)}ong. siilph. '2) 
ascleji,-syi'. calc. carU.-v. L'«j>r. Ilti-, jjels. puis. 

For a8thnm atlendt-il with mevstruai. iiiRE<;rLARiTiE8 ; 

1) B^ll. caiilop. cucc. citpr. itmvc, n.-vom. puis, suiplu U) Acoii. 
phog, Sep, 

For FLATULENT ASTHMA, (from iucfirceralioD of flatus III lite 
alxlonicn: Ij Carb.-ty. cham. Mn. ri.-vunu i>p. phuB. suJj»h. 
ziiir. 2) Ars, ascl^p.-iub. oajis. hep, nair, viTul, 

For astbiiiu iiltmiium oh pnnTosrM, (with aeciinmlation of\ 
mucus in the bronc!ii or lungs: li ^r«. biy, calc. chin. €nin\ 
did/*, ferr. graph lach. lob. phos. //w/l'i. senog, aep. stan, aulph* 
*1) Arum-tr. baryt bell camph. con. hrp. */x?c- n)erc. n.-voni* 
rhus-gL sanguin. sil. tarL jdnc 3) Pulmo.-vuip. sUpbium-laci- 

For the real asthma spasmodiccm, nervosum n, periodietim : 
1} Baptis. bell, trarf. cainpli. cocc. eupr. hyosc. ipec. loch, lobcl. 
nio.'ifh. w.-wow<. phos. sanib. strara. sulph. tart. zuic. 2) Ant, 
arn. bry. caulop. caust. terr, kal. lye. of). M*p. stan. 

The ibllowin|i reine*:lit/s arc the bent to control an attack of i 
astbina iinmctliatcl y : iVcqiieut BnielUng on the strong tincturo 
of Caniphur and I) Ipec. n.-vom. 2) Aeon, ara. cAct. clianu 
lobol. uiusch, op. sanib» tart. — 

To remove the asthmfitic deposition we use: 1> Ant, ars, 
cale. n.-vom. sulpli. i!) Aniui. carb.*v. caust. cupr. ferr. graph* 
kal lach. lye. phos. sil 

§3. For asthma from inhaled dust^ stoxk-di'st, as takes 
place among sculptors, stone-cutters, we employ: 1) Calc. hep. 
»il. sulph. 1) Ars. bell chin. ipec. n.-vom. phos. 

For asthma caused by the tapous of sulphitb, give 
Pah; by the vapor of copper or arsenic: 1) Hep. ipec. mere, 

2) Ars. cam ph. cupr. 

For asthma FROM a cold: 1) Aeon, bell bry. dulc. ipec. 
2) Ars. cham. chin, cistus. lobel 

For asifima caused by an emotion : Aeon. cham. coff. gels, 
ign. n,-vom. jkiIs. veraf r. 

If caused by a sltppressed catarrh : 1) Ars. ipec, n.-vom. 
2) Cam ph. carb,-v. chin lach. puis. samb. tart. 

§ 4. For Asthma of childuein we tind generally useful : 
1) Aeon. ars. bell cham. coff ipec. mosch. n.-mosch. n.-vom. 
op. samb. tart. 2) Camph. chin. cupr. iiep. ign. lach lye. phos, 
puis, stram. sulph. 

For asthma of uystkric women: 1) Aeon. apis. bell, caulop., 
cham, cofi'. ign. mosch. u.-mosch. n.*voni. puis, stiiim. 2) 
aur. caust. cou. cupr. ipec. lach. phos. stau. sulph., &o* 



For flstbmrt of orj> teoplk : 1) Am*, b.iryt, con. Inch. op. 

2) Aur. c';uiij>li, t'mi).*\\ L-aust, chin, snlpli. 3) Pulrao-valpis. 
§ 5. P;vriUMilrir inHiratioiiH: 

AiioxnuM: 1) For sensitive persons, young pletJiorio girls, 
Iwadinira scck'ntary life, or wht>n the paroxysms set in after 
the least eniolion \—*2) Dyspna?a with inability to take a long 
breathy accoin|>anicd with restlessness, beat antl sweat. 

3) SuffocffUce covgh at nitjhty witli barkins: and hoarse voice, 
spasmodic constriction of the throat and cheat; anxious, 
mtryf and diffittill hreftthiug with open month ; (jrtnt auffuhh, 
with inability to ntter a single word distinctly; 4) For asthnia 
of adults, eanse«l by lush o<* blood to the head, with vertigo, 
full and frec|nent pulse, coufrh and bloody expectoration, 

Arsenicum: Acute or vhnmie usthma, with difficult breath- 
ing, couifh and accnninlation of thick mucus in the cheat ; 
shortim^s of breathy part icuhirly after arae;U; oppression of 
the chest and want of breath on walking fast, on ascending 
an eminence or after any kind of exercise, even after laughing; 
constriction of the chest and fffn/nx^ with painful pressure on 
the lungs and in the pit of the stomach ; anguish and suffo- 
cative paroxysms, increased 1>y the warmth of the room ; snf- 
forative att4irki<y especially at night, or in the evening, when 
in bed, with panting and wheezing breathing with the mouth 
open, great anguish, as if the patient would die and cold 
sweat; the paroxysms abate, as soon as the patient begins to 
cough and thrown ofl' mucus or a tenacious viscid saliva in 
the shape of vesicles ; the paroxysms return in rough weather, 
in the cold open air, or when the temperature of the air chan- 
ges, and ihey may be caused by warm and tight clotties; 
the jmroxysmit art acrompmiied by grent debility^ or by par- 
oxysms of jiaiii :m<1 buruing in the chest. (In actitc asthma 
Ars. is frt^queuih suitable alier Ipee., unless it had been given 
at the coinmencemeni of the attack.) 

Asclepias-tub: Necessity to inspire hurriedly, followed by 
a sensation of oppression. Want of breath, often very great, 
jxtrticNhniy after eating and smoking ^ pricking or contracting 
pain in the region of the heart. 

Baptisia: Diflicnlty of breathing ; the lungs feel tight and 
compressed, cannot get a full breath ; constrictiun and ojv 
pression of the cliest ; sharp paijis in the chest, when talking 
a long breath ; awakes with great difficulty of breathnig, the 
lungs feel tight and compressefl, cotdd not get a full breath, 
relieved only by getting the face to the fresh air; most syinp- 
vymB of oppression are due to nervous depressionf 



BioXAiKvHiJA : Suitable for cliil4lTen and women of an ir 
table constiiiitioii and with dispofeitio?! to upasms; oppressi 
of the ch*:st (tnd loss of breath; tijiflituef* in the chest ani 
fitUchi'S under the sternum, with paroxysms of dry co\i»;h nt 
night, with raiarrh or moist cough, expoctoralion of luucus 
after a meal ; anxlnru su^hhig^ at times deep, at lirneft short 
and rapid, breathinjST with open month and Lfreat working a' 
the chest; constriction of the hm/ux^ with dani^er of suffuca 
eation on touchinc; the larynx and on turning the neok; un- 
e:usinesa and beating in the che«t, with palpitation of the 
lieurt ; asthmatic paroxysms with loss of eonsciousneaa ; re- 
laxation of the muscles and involuntary discharge of urine and 

Bryonia: DifficitU breathing and losfl of breath, partieu- 
larly at night and towards morning, with stitching colicky 
pains, urging to stool, inability to lie on the right side, preiu 
sure and tension in the ehest and contrnetivc sensation in cold 
air ; frequent cough with [)ain8 in the hypochondria, tickling 
in the larynx, vomiting and expertorntion. at first frothy, 
tlit-'U thick and viscid; increased ditliculty of breathing when 
(aHing or during any kind of escerche; the patient feels 
relieved after expectorating or on rising from a recumbent 
position ; in the evening, when in bed palpitation of thehe^rt; 
ancruish and throbbing in the temples, wilh difficult, anxiou;9 
and sighing breathing, with straining of the abdominal nni.'*- 
cles and mingled with deep inspirations or slow and deep M 
breathing during exertions ; frequent »titche^ in the chesty I 
especiidly during an insju ration and when cougliing, also 
during motion. <.Bry, is friqiiently suitable ailer ipec. in 
acute asthma. 

Cactus: Spasmodic cough with copious mucous expecto-' 
ration; dry cough, from tickling in thn throat; constriction 
in the chest, preventing free speech and hindering respiration ; 
painful sensation of constriction in the lower part of the chest, 
at* if Of cord vxts tightly hound m-oniA the false ribs with ol>- 
Pt ruction to the breathing; periodical uttuckn of mtJfWation^ 
wilh fainting, cold perspiration on the face and loss uf pulsi*; 
titixifity returning in the tcejiing: sanguineouB congestion 
in the cheat, preventing his lying down in bed; periodical^ 
ht itches in the hoart. 

CisTtrs-CAN. : Fueling, as if the it^ndjnpe had not 8pae€^ 
enmigh; in the evening, suon after lying down, a sensation, 
as if ants Were running through the whole body, then anx< 
ioua, difficult breathing ; is obliged to get up and open Ul? 





ulo^r, the Cvesh nir relieves Iiira ; inimcclL'itely on lyinoj 
vn again iIil'sc sonsfirionM return ; pirhdical attacks of 
ctsthma on Ij/ittt/ liorrn tf*lf/i iom( trhi'titUff. 

Ci'i'HiT>f : Siiiuible lurliiMrcn orhyMtMic I'ersunn, t*»pt*ciii]ly 
nftrr frii^lit, t-luv^rin, a c<vld ami betbre the apposiiJinw of llio 
iiv'iisi'«; \s'\X\\ sfxistnodic cunj^frt'ction of the f/ne^f, hiccough, 
difljcnlty of bri?nthiiig ami talking; hun^iedibreothhuj^ mt^r- 
torons and ni«*nninjr, with couvulsive straining^of tlie ahdnmi- 
nal innsles; dynpjKea^ especi:illy w lien walking and a&cen«lin^ 
Hu tMuirK'nc<^ uiih desire to Uike dt*cp br'suh ; »hvrt Hftd 
s/xtsnio(lic confjh with dyspncra, sufibtative fits and stridulous 
inspirations^ wljt-n attrnij-ting to take di^cp breath; nittling 
in tlie chest as <)t"niucn,s, expert riration of white and watery 
inncus; sensation rrf emptiness and taintness in the pit of the 
!^toi]iach, and painfidness of the j^it on touching it ; seetiiing of 
the blood with palj.itntion ; red faee, eovered with warm 
sweat; aggravation at the period of the menses. 

EtPAToturM-PKnFoLiATiM: Diffieuhy of breathing with 
anxious eniTntenmiee^ perspiration and sleepiness; paifdul irri- 
tation of the pulmonary organs, with [leal in iheefiest; great 
(lyspfir^a, nbliging the patient to lie with Ids bead andshonU 
ilei-s %'ery high; eougfi with flushed face, and tearful eyes — 
the patient supports the chest wiih his hnnds. 

Ferki'm: Violent orgasm of the blood, o/i;>rfmor* ^J/" f/i6 
chfKl with almost iniperceptible niovenieut i»f the chent on 
takirjg breath, and greatly dilated nostrils during an expiror 
tion ; dyspna'u. pariicularly at night or in the evening, in bed, 
in a recumbent position, with the Itead k»w of during rcKt 
generally, or fuun the least covcnng on the chest; the patient 
teels relieved alter being uncovered, or after raising tjie 
trunk, or from taking ever so Utile physical or mental exer- 
cise ; *wj(^b<v//iV^ /iVs in the evenii'g, ill bed, with warmtli of 
the neck and trunk, the Ilndis being euld at tlie same limej 
si^asnunlic constriction of the chest, aggravated by motion ; 
partixysnis of spiiAuiodic cough \\ith expectoration of tenaciouii 
and trauHparenl mucus; expectoration of blood ; uti:icks artvr 
iliidnigijt, diivhig patient out of bed. 

Gij:T.sKMtxt m: Cotistrictive pain arotind the lower part of 
he chest; short paroxysmal pain it> the sujurior part of the 
right bmg, on taking a long breath, with stitches Irom above 
downwards; sudden sensation of >utVo<alit)n, as in hysteria, 
respi ration almost inif>ercepiible; sighing respiration; heavy 
uitdlubored respiraiions* slow breaihing with rapid puke. 

Ipkcacuanba : Suitable to children and adults tor; dy»- 



pnoca, niathtly sniTocatlve fits; tipasmadic constriction of 
t«ry«a?, ran ling ofmufiiB in lliti client ; dry and shori cougK 
^ivjil arig\ii'»li and tear of do:irli, cries and ri'-sllt'sa running 
and fro; the f^tre w alterhatflif re>l and hot^ or fxtlt\ f*Vc 
and mmkfn; anxioiifl feHtnrcd; nausoa with cold - rhi 

forehead; the breathing is anxi<'U9, hurried an'l , oi 

8hort and a,s if tlirougli dust; tetanic riijidity »>t ti^i bud' 
with blneiiih redness of (lie fat^e. Ipec. is generally firsl itidl 
cated in paroxysms of acute asthma ; afterwards we give 
brv- or n.-vom, 

La^chesis : Worse after sleep; after eating; from niovin| 
the aruis and touching the throat ; C4UinDt lie, must sit uji^j 
bent forwards. 

LoBEUA-iNPLATA : Tij^litwesii of the chest and labonom 
breathing with disposition to keeji the month open to breathe 
opjjression of the cljest, causing a deep breath to be taken u 
relieve the pren^sive pain in the epiLra*tn\tni, inclination U 
^igh ; slight tickling, on takincr a long Vireath, under ibi 
lower part of the sternum; jMrnfjrj/jfnitil asthtntt; when de«| 
breathing, a sensation as if something had fallen out 
its placey going back otdy with gr^-at pain; constant dyi 
pepsia, aggravated by tlie slighei*t exertion and increased bi 
even the shortest exposiire t^cold, to an aHthnmiic paroxysm 
Beu-Hation of weaknei^B and pressure in the epigaHiriuui; rLsiiij 
from thence to the heart, with or without heart Imrn ; ye*'7i«^ 
as of a lump or qufiutity of mvcy-Sy and ai^o a hu^ 
pressure in thr larynx; j>am iii the Ibrehead from one temple 
to the other. ^ 

Nux*vomka: Short or slow or 8tridulou» breathing; anx^ 
ious oppression of the chest, especially at night, early in the 
morning and after eat'mg; spasmodic conatriciion, especially 
of the lower part of the chest, with loss of breath in walking 
or talking, or in cold air and after every exercise; orthopncca, 
and nightly sutfocative paroxysms, especially tfter tnidnighi, 
preceded by anxious dreams; short cough, willi dit!icult ex 
pecloration ; expectoration of biood; clotlies feel unpleasant 
to the chest and hj-pochondria; distension, aching pain an< 
anguish in llie region of ihebeai't and in the region of x\i^\ 
hy]>ochondria ; trnaiim and j^rtsnttr'e in the chest; rush of 
blood to the chest with orgasm of the blood, warmth, heat 
and jt.dpitntion ol the heart ; great anguish and distress of 
the whole body ; amelioration in the recumbent posture, or 
by turning to the other side, and by raising the trunk; slto 
by belching up a good deal of wind. 



pBOSPHORrs: Noisy and printing breathing, dyspnoMi; op- 
pressed breathing and oppression tjt'rhe chest, particularly in 
tho evening and nioruLng, and when siLlinifor during exercise; 
greai opi^resaive anxiety in the client: t*li-idulou8 inspirations 
in the evening, when tailing asleep; nightly auffocativt? parox- 
ysms, as if the lunga wt^e paralyzed ; ^pa^modie co/Mtrtftiofi 
of t/ie e/ic8t: short cough, with either salt, or swcctitih, or 
blood-streaked expeutoration ; stitching or pressure, heaviness*, 
fullness and tension in the cht-st ; corij^estion of blood to the 
chest with ascension of heat hi the throat, and palpitation of 
theheai-t; phthisicky disposition. 

Pulsatilla: Especially for children, after auppres^on of 
msh, aUo for hysteric persons, alter suppreasion of the men- 
ses or in consequence of cold, with hurritd^ shorty and 8uper- 
ticial or rattUng breathing; arrest of brt'athln(j cu* if from 
the vapors vf sulphur; oppression of the chest, loss of breath 
and suJfociUive Jits^ with anguish of death, palpitation of the 
heait and 8j>a?<rnodic constriction (jf the larynx and chest, par- 
ticularly at night and in the evening, in a horizoiital position ; 
the asthmatic distress iocreiwes by motion, by af*cension of 
eiuinences and by walking in the open air ; short, barking 
cough with asthma or eopioua expectoration of mucus and 
blood-streaked expectoration ; »pafimodit^ tension^ sen^tion 
of fiilbess and pressure in the chest with internal heat and or- 
giiAin of the blood; tslitclies in the chest an<] nides. 

SAMBUcrs: Especially for children, for: stridtdoH^ and hur- 
ried ffreathing; oppression of th« chest with pressure in the 
stonuich anil naiiKca; pressure un the chest as from a load 
with anguish and danger of Mi/Jfocation; dys|infpa when 
lying; Hightiy 8u[^octiiice paroxysms will) KjuAMmodic con- 
stiiclion of the eheKt, sudden starting fruni slee[j and scream- 
ing; great aiiguiiifi, trembhng of the whole body, swollen 
bhaish hand.** and feet, heat of the whole body; mucous rat- 
tling in the che^t and inability, to utter a single loud word; 
morbid sleep with the eyes and mouth half open; paroxysraa 
of suffocative cough with «cre:iJning, 

Sangiinaiua: Dry congli, awakening him from fileep, not 
ceasifig until he sat upright in bed and flatus was discharged 
upwards and downwards; chronic dryness of the throat, and 
Hcnjtation of swelling ui the larynx with expectoration of thick 
mucus; pain in the chest with periodic cougli ; pressing pain 
hi the region ot the heart; continued presjjure and heaviness 
in the whole of the upper part of the chest, with dilKculty ot 



Sulphur: For chronic futihma whh difficulty of brenthing 
and jminlcss oppriWiuii ofthc chf^i ; fref|U(/nt attacks of asthma 
in the day-time, even when walking in the optm air; asthma 
when talking; whcezin<r, triucou!! raillinc^, ronclins in th6 
chest, oppresai'd breathinj]f and wuffbc:itive ills, especially »t 
night ; fuUncss and 8ens;ition of wearineit-H m tlie chest ; pres- 
sure in the chest as from a load, after eating ever so little j 
burning in the chest with rush of blood and palpitation of the 
heart ; sulfixcativc cough vvitli spasmodic conj*trlction of the 
che.^t and urging to vumit ; difficult expectoration of wUiti*<h 
tuucua or cohious yelbnv t-xpectoration ; blnod-colored saliva; 
Hpdum^ in the vhrst with comi>res8ive sensation and pain in 
the sternum, bUieish red face, short breath and ituibiiity to 

§ 6. The following reme<liefl may likewise be empb>yed : 

Ambra : Suitable to children :ind scrofulous individuals, 
with short, oppressed breathing, pHroxy^ms ofspasmodic cough 
with expectoration of inucus, wlieezin|j in tue air-passagea, j 
pressure in the chest» «fec., ^q. 

Ammonium: For chronic aMhna^ especially when atfrftfffd 
With dijipo^ifioti to hf/tlmf/tortjiF, \vith shortness of breath, 
especiiilly wlien asceiidlng an eminence; oppressed breathing 
and palpitation of the heart nfier I he least exercise; conges- 
ti(ni of blood to the chest and feeling of heaviness in the 

AuRUM : Congestion of blood to the chest >Wth great op- 
pression, and desire to take deep breath, especially at nignt 
and when walking in the open an-; sifffhcattve fits with ajJOi- 
modi^ conMrk'tioH in the chest, violent ]>alpitation of the 
heart, bliieish red face and falling down without consciuua- 

Caloahea ; For chronic asthma with tight breathing and 
tension in the chest as if from rush of blood, relieved by raia- 
hig tlie shruilders; desire to take deep breath and sensatinn 
as if the breath remrtiued stopped between the scapuhc ; tho 
patient loses his breath hy merely stooping; he 18 suffering 
with dry cough, especiMUy frequent tow ards morning. 

Carbo-veg. For s/taatnodic Jl'ttft/ettf asfhff/a, aho for chro- 
nic asthma with disposition to ht/drothora,f^ npprcssion and 
tight breathing; fullness, accnmululion of mucus anil anxious 
compression of the chest, heavy and short breathiwg, espo- 
ciaUy when walking; ])re^4snre an<l sensntion o\' wearinefes in 
the chest, frequent attacks of spasmodic cough, ifcc, &c, 

Chauomili^; EspeciHlly suitable for children^ or l^or mif. 



facative ^fits, with short anxi«>us breatliing, siceUlng of the 
pit of the stomach and hypo<'hoHdna^ with nn easiness, 
screams jukI drawin:^ up nf the le'^s ; paroxysm of asthma after 
a fit of au<tor ur atler taking cold. 

China ; For diiliculty nf lircathiug and oppression with 
iii.'ibility to breathe with the head low ; wheezing during aa 
inspiration ; spasmodic cough an<l niL|;htly suffocative fits, a5 
ilMVoni too much nmcur* in the lliroat witli difficult expecto- 
ration of a dear and thick nincus; presnure in tlie chest as if 
from rush ol'Uoud, wirli violent palpitation of the heart; sud- 
den prostration, bloody ex]joctonition. 

CocciTLUs: Suitable to hysteric females^ or for rush of 
blood to the chest, with difficulty of breathiniij as if the 
throat were constricted ; raekin*^' crui^h u itii ojjprcssion of the 
chest, especially at nic^ht ; apasfnodic cofistrlction of the ch(M^ 
especially on 07ie side only ; pregsiire in the chest and orj^asm 
of tlie blood with anLriiitih aud palpitation of the hearty sen- 
Lution of languor and eni(>tine8» in the chdst, 

Ditlcamaua: For humid asthma^ or for acute asthma 
from a cold, 

Laciiksis ; Suitable to persons suffering with liydrothorax, 
or of a large, Moated^ lijuiphatk* appearance, shortncsn of 
breath after a meat, dtiring a walk and after exercising with 
the anns ; tight breathing, dyspntpa and oppression uf breath- 
ing, with afj'jraiHitlon after cat in<i * sitjfftK'atice^fit^t in a re- 
cnmbcnt postftrcy or when touching the neck ; spasmodic oon* 
etriction of the chest, oViUging one to rise from bed an<l to sit 
with the trunk bent forwards; alow and wheezing breathing , 
desire to take d^i-p breath, especially when sittbig. 

MoscuL^si Suitable to hysteric in<lividual8 and to children, 
or for oppression of the chest and suttbcative tits as if from 
the va])ors of Sulphur, commencing witli a desire to cough 
and getting wurse until the patient despairs of getting over 
the paroxynrus ; spasmodic conatnction of tlte larytix mid 
che^t, egpecialiy when feelinc^ cold. 

Oi'iuM : Congestion of blood to tht* chest, or pulmotiary 
spasraSj with deep, utertorotts^ rattluig breatljing ; tightnesi 
of breath and opprtssiim^ whh great aaguisli, Uglitness, and 
spasmodic ron^rrictirn of the chest ; snfforative fitit during 
^.V/^* like nightmare J suffocative congh\*\ih hUmh redneM 
of the face. 

SroNGiA: For pressure in the lajynx as from a plug; 
fohf'ziitg hreaihing^ or slow and deep l»reathlng, ati if from 
dubiiity; mucous rattling ; want of breath and sttffocativejiti 


Asrmux a^^aatojnccM, 


after every exercise, with weariness, rtish of blood to tb© 
chest and head, anguish and heat in the face ; al**) far fx«(h* 
iiyitie ayinptoms in consr^nau^r. of ffoitren 

Stannum: For asthwn rind ojtpr^uf.fion, esneciany in the 
evening or at nighty whc*n lyintjclown, also in clay-time dnrln^jf 
every exercise, and fre<]nently attended with anjjnish and d«i- 
sire to detach the clothes; opjtre^s^ion and nincons nittUng m 
the chest ; conrj^h with oapiouH tx}>r'.ctorfUion c»f viscid or lumpy, 
clear or watery, yellowish, salt or sweetish Tnuci(4t, 

Taktarvs: Especially snitable to of d fjeitjde, aho W chil- 
dren or for anxious opjiresi?i<jn, dijfficulf^ of breathing and 
shortness of hreath, with dei*ire to *<it erect; oppression and 
Bit ffocatit'e fits ^ especially in the evening or in the ujorning, in 
bed; mucus and rattlioLf in the ciieat ; siilfocative cou^h or 
congestion of blood toljie chefc^t^ and palpitation of the heart. 

\ KHATRUM : Suitable atler Vhin. ars. ipcr. cKpeciidly for 
miffocalive Iit8, even when sitting erect and durinif exercise; 
painfl in the side ; hollow cough ; cold sweat, or cold face anil 
cold lindja. 

ZiN(. uM : For tight breathing and oiypression, especially in 
the evening; shortness of breath afler eating, for accumulation 
of flatulence; iTUTease of asthma when the expectoi'ation 
etopR, decrease when it recoinmencefi. 

g 7. Ourturthercoosideration deaiTVes: In anxious breatii- 
iNa. 1) Aeon. bell. bry. kreas. 2) Ars, hep, i|)ec. pho«, 
plat, jfuls. spong» squill, stann. Pantixg miKATHivii : 1) Ani» 
bry. calad. ipec. nitn-a. pho^. »i1. strani. 2) iielL carl>.-a. ehani. 
cin. cupr. verat.^SaouT buratuing : 1) Aeon. arn. ar^^. bell. 
bry. carb.-v. ipec. sep. 2) Calc. chin. con. cupr. lach. plat. |iul8. 
Bil. — Slow-breatuing: 1) Bell. bry. faKr, op. 2) Camph< caps* 
con. cupr. hep. ign. ipec, n.-vum. spong. — LiHD, noisy : 
1) Cham. chin. cin. cocc. phos. sanib. stporig. ficpiiJL 2) Aeon. 
am. calc. hep. hyoac. ign. kal. natr.-ni. n.-vom. etrani, sutph. — 
WuittTi.rN'G: 1) Cupr, hep. lach. sanib. A^xf/ig, 2) Ambr. ars. 
cham. kal. phus, — Uattlixg: 1) Bell, chin, cupr. hep. lye. op, 
jmls. sulph. tart. 2) Anac. ars. cham. ein. hyosc. ipec, laeh, 
iaur. n.-vom. petr. stann. stram. — Sonnixa ; Aug. asa. calc, 
led. op. sec. — Stkrtorous: 1) Arn. lach, op. 2) Cham, hep. 
Iaur, natr.-m. — ^Qikk, iiiRiiiKii: 1) .4ro«. bell. /i?y. earli.-v 
cln enj^r. hep. lye, n.-vom. phos, ]mU. hq]\ ftul|»h. *2) Ar«, 
ch.ani. ip. natr. natr.-m. rhus. samb. setveg. sil. »[>on*r. stann. 
verat. — Weak, fkkble: 1) Boll, oleand. phos. -) Hep. lanr 
veratr.- Sigiukg: I) Bry. ii»ec. 2) Aeon. rocr. ign. op. sil, 
sec. »t ram. — Groaning: 1) Aeon. bell. Inch. 2) Ars, cupr 



mnr*-nc. squill. Deiip: 1) Bry, ipcc. op, 2) Ant, aur. cups, 
ciipr. l.'icli. ail. sL rain, — Irregitl\r; 1) Aeon. belL cupr. op. 
2) Cham. ciii. igu iotL hiitr led. puis. 

Oppression of the ciikst: 1) Arn* ara. belL chnra. con, 
crot:il. cltilc. graph. kre:is. lach. lye. nntiv-ncL n.-moacli. n.-vom, 
oleaiid. rhiis. Kop. staph, siilph. 2) Aeon. asnr. chin, ctipr. ij^n. 
ipt^c. phos. plat. puis. samb. sang, seneg. thnj — OnTHopNaiA : 

1) Aiu carb.-v. cupr. furr ipuc. k:il. laoh. n.-vom. phos. j)uls. 
sarnb. aep. sil. stann. anlph. 2) Amm. amm.-uu bry, calc. 
rjuist. chin. con» tilg. dros. gniph. liyosc. lt*d. nair-m. nitr. 
iiilr.-ac. »pig. H(\ni\L-- Sfifforafl/ti/ pits: 1) Aeon. ars. car>>.-v, 
chiiL hep. ip. hu*lu op. \mh. sainb. spig. spong. sulph. larL 
*2) Aur. baryu cainph chain, graph, lact. n.-voni, pliod. sec, 
vcratr. — Shout BRKATiriNO : 1) Aeon. amm. ani. uvb. bry. 
carb.-v. caui<t. ij>cc. lach. mere natr.-in. nitr.-ac. sep. sulph, *2) 
Ambr. bull chin con. lye. nalr. n.-niosch. phos.-ac. plat. pnls. 
sabad. sil. spig. zinc. ^IIeav v-BREATHiNG : 1) Ars. bell, iud 
krean. lach. phos, aulph, i2) Aliini. canijih. carb.-v. hyosc. kaL 
natr. - Stoppage of hueath: 1) Ars bry. calc. puis. sil. stann. 
sulph, 2) Anac. am. canst, chin, cncc^ g"'0- ^*^^' b'c- n.-niosch, 
n.-vQin. op. phos. plat, plumb, nita.gninb. saw*, stram. vcrntr.— 
IIoT-BitEATii: 1) Aeon. cham. *2) Ant. calc. natr.-ni, rhum. 
sabad. s<piill. snlph zinc. — Cold-kueath : 1) carb.-v. vcratr. 

2) chin, ranr.-ac. rhus.—^Sonr eme/lhif/ : Cluim. n.-vouj. — 
FuLfL; 1) Aur. carb.-v* ip. n.-vom suljih. 2) Aeon. arn. bry, 
tham. chin, cort* dale. mere, natr.-m. nitr.-ac. puis. scp. stram. 

§ 8. Finally, when tlic difficulty of breathing takes place 
mostly: Ix the KVENiNor 1) Aiagiaph. si ami. sulph. 2) BelL 
carb.-a. carU-v. chin. con. ferr. lach. nitirc. nair.-m. n.-voni. uep. 
verb. — AriKR bodily KXERciaE: Amm. ara. bor. — ArrE»« 
chagrin: J) Ign. staph. 2) Ars ran. — By kaisikg the akm ; 
1) Spig 2) Ant. cupr. led. snlplr^MoviNii the akm: Aug. 
canipli. led. f<i>ig. — Is ni":i>: 1) Carb.-a. con. graph, tart. *i) 
Ars. belt, cark-v. chin, terr lach. mere, natr.-ni. n.-voni. svp. 
Bpig. sulpb. verb. — By motion: 1) Ars. plios. stann. *2) Arn, 
bry. calc catm. caps. con. terr graph, ipec. led. lye. n.-vom. 
puKs. rhus. sep. spig. verat. — By stooping : Alum. amm. calc. 
siL— By eating: \) Con. dig. laur. sil .aiann. 2) Ars carb.-v. 
ferr. led. rhus —When ArrEit eating: 1) Puis, snlph. 2} 
Ars. carb.-a, chin. lach. n.-vom. phoa zinc — In the open ah: 
Ars. aur graph, lye. n.-vom. puis, sulph. — Morning : t) C'lrb.-a. 
con. phos. tart. 2) Bell, dig kal. n.-vom. seneg squill, sulph.— 
After KMojhiNs; 1) Cliam. ign. n.-vom, 2) Aeon. ars. coff! 
puis, venil. — By tolcuing the throat: 1) BelL 8].ong. 2) 



ir<Mi lach.^Bv TrRNivr, the mead: 1) Bell, sprng. 2) Hopi 
— *Vftku coffkk: BcIL — Fkom cold and cold aib; Ara, 
l»ry. ciirb.-v, potr, puk — From rou» huivkr: Tbuj. — ^Fwoji 
TiiK riiEssrns of the cLOTrirxu; 1) Bry. cair, hep. Ire. 
n,.vom, spi*^. sulpli. 2) AmiiL t-arb.-v. ciitiKt. c^»ft* kn^a*! lach. 
Mi!*s, Hpfing, — 1^,'tim MORTiKicATiox: 1) I«rii. Btaph, 2) Ara. 
ran.— By lauguino : Ara iMipr. lye. pliiiiik— After or prH* 
ixu RUN.vtxQ ou Qi icK WALKING : 1) Cuust. siL if) Arig. aur. 
bor, igii. ptils.— By lying: 1) LHjt. niir. phos. 2) Avf^. sasL 
call!, lu'p, lacli. n.-voin puln. sainb. ^ep. ftulpli. lart— Whkx ly- 
ing ox the back: Phos. ftil — WiiHN lying on tub sidr: 
C'urb^a. pint. puis, saba*! 9iil|»h; On tije miFFHRiNO bidk: 
Bor. calc, lyt% sulpli; On the left sidk: Spigt; On thb 
sorxD side: Stann. — Fuom lying low with tcik head: 
Cliin. hep. puis.— Wiien sowKTitiNG covkfis the MorT« : 
Lai'h —At night: 1) Arn. carb.-v. n.-vom. puis. *2) Calo. fcrr. 
jxraph. 8) Abiia amin. dij?. mere, sulph. — Duuing or aftkr 
snekzing: Dros, mtrc. siL suljih. — Fejom KiniNr. : Ornph. — • 
When resting: Fcrr. rhusk sil. — DntiNG slkkp: [,;irh. samb. 

siilph, During deglitition: Bel!. — DirutNt; the parox* 

ysms of pains: 1) Puis, 2) are. 41. — FiioM singing: Anim, 
Etiilph, — When sithng : Ahim. cbi^. dros. laeli. pbos. sarnb. 
Klnph. verat. — From talking: 1) Dros. stilph. 2) Bor, can ri. 
caust. kaL lye. rluis. spiar. strain. — Whkn standing: Sep.— 
When AscENnivG: 1) Merc, n.-vom. 2j Amm. ars. aur. baryt*. 
bor. calc. cupr. graph, hyosc. iod. led, nitr. niti\-a. sep, i^tann. 
zinc, — From ascending stairs: 1) ^leru. 2) Ainin. ars. bor, 
hyosc, led. nitr.-at* — DrniNG nEFKCATioN : Rliu.s — DrniNO 
OR BY drinking: Ahl bdl. n.-vom. thnj. vi-rat.— By 8traix- 
ing: 1) Rhus. 2) Calc. siilpli. — in the Warm room and from 
warm clothing: Ars. By hknmng rackwards: Cupr. 

§9. See: Congestions of blood to the chesty catarrh^ 
phthisic. c£*^. 

ASTHMA TIITMICUM: {Asthma of Kopp):Uemvdi\Qf^ • 
1) Aeon. bell. con. iptc^ mere, seneg. spong. tart, veratr. 2 
Anim, lach. phos. zinc, *>) Ainbr, nsa. aur. berb. cupr. 
ign, ferr. 

For precursory symptoms : Aeon. hep. ip€C, seneg. epong, 

For cou^h : Bell. con. hep. mere. Tcrntr. 

For Rvmptoms : Svc Asf/ttJia upaRinodierim. 

KlUbVlW OF CHILDHKN: The best remedies for 
atrophy of scrofulous children are; SuipL foUowtd by 



Ctdc. ; also, 1) Ar^. baryl belt chin, cin* n.-vora phoa. rhus, ar 
also, 2) Aloe. am. cham. hep, iod. lacli. inafrn. petr. )«ho8. puis. 

In moist, nfil too uomplieatcd cn^ea, it will be a«h isulile, to 
bei^in the treatment with a chise n,-vom.^ if conjtti/xiCian\9 
present ; or «rA, if diarrhma \s present. After the one or 
the other has done all that could be expected, %ve follow it 
with StdphuTy one or two doses in three or four weeks, wvA 
the little that yet remains, one or two doses Calc. given 
in six or eight weeks, will «uf!ice to remove^ 

Particular indientions. 

j35TiirsA-<^:YNAPiL'M : Tlic child throws up its milk soon 
nftir nursiuiT, tfyith f/ret/f /tnre^ ftmhh'jdy. then fidls asleep, as 
if from exhaustion, to awaken for a fresh stnpply. 

Aloks : The eliild parses sultstances lookinsr like jelly- 
cakes, sometimes small, at other times laritre; but theyndMeie 
together like concealed mucus ; they may be green-colored 
or transparent- 

Ak<;e^t.-^itr. : Dianhoea of green fetid mucus, passing off 
with much flatulency, 

AnsKMCi'M : Dry j)archment-like skin ; hollow eyes with 
blm* margins ; the food is ]>aB8ed or vomited u|t undifrestetl ; 
desire to drhtk frequently^ but Itttle ot a time ; greilt reptles?*- 
ness and to.ssing to and fro, CKpecially at ui^jjht ; ^hoil sleep, 
interrupted Viy utitrtiny and i^ottirtd^iottn ; a'dematouH swetU 
intr of the face, trreenish or hnnruitdi diarrhfeie «tooJ»^ with 
discharge of uudiirested food ; painful and offetiMt^e stooh ; 
pale and waxy look : \\earirief<>< with constant desire to lie 
down ; cold liands artd feet ; night sweats. 

Baryta : For tncdUnff of the cervical glands : frreat physi- 
cal debility, constant desire to nleep; bloated al)donicn and 
face; pot -bellied ne!>^8; yrcot laziness^ indisposition to wotk 
either with the mind or body; averMou to play; absence of 
niintl ; want of attenticn and weak memory* 

Bellaiion>*a : Frequent eolic, with involuntary gto<d ; 
whifiisical and obstinate / cough at night with mucous rat- 
tling; swelling of the eeiTi<*al plands; tb*^y do not sleep 
much, but are drowsy; haH'sleeping and hall-waking; aver* 
siou to exercise and open air; nen ouftne^ir* ; jnulicuiarly liu* 
j rceocious children with bhie eyes and fair lmn\ 

Bi Nzoic-Acin: The ttrinaiy odor tt< very strongly avt- 
m* itiai'til, 

Bi'.yonta; The food is thrown tip innntdiafeJy afXer ea^ 
Uii!. ju»d there is cunstijtation ; the li]»s are dry and pnrched 
the mouth is dry; aud the child wishcii to keep very still. 

ATnorRT OF cniLDttBar. 


C A I/J A RE A H^ . : Great emaciation te Uh ffoo^ ' 
wrinkled flicc; lar<;e open lonliinell«'8 ; ^i , , 

about thf ha*{ in large dro]»s, winch wots the piilow Irir 
arounii when the chi!*! is slce(»ing; enlar^cnienl aiul indura?, 
lion of the nieftenterie ghintls; great tlelnlity mjUi gmtti 
wearines-s after the least ext-rcise and frequently with |»nifti 
sweat ; frequent diarrhtpa or etit^f-llke itttmU; dry and tlrtbbyj 
skin; dry hair; frequent palpitalion of the hearty chiJJ&; 
pains in the small of the baek ; cough with rattling uf mucus 
m the chest ; extreme nen^oua 8enwliveue»i ; uvei'^iou to 

Chaaiomilla: The child rnuut be carried all the lime, for 
it is only then quiet. Diarrhcea ijjreeiK watery and lilimy, or 
like chopped eggs and spinach. Odor like decayed eggs; on© 
"heek reil, the other pale. 

China: Emaciation, especially of the hands and ftot; ab- 
domen distended with flatulency; voraH(m*nfjm ; ojlan^ive^ 
painh^s, undifft'sffd gfooU ; diarrhcP4i, e^specially at night 
with ciJpious, whitish, pa] jesoent stools; copious stct'4rt^*y es- 
pecially at night ; idleness and listleswness; hollow, pale or 

id lace ; stupefying, uurefreshiug sleep ; great <(ebiUty 
and ]iroslration. 

CtNA : The child pielts ilg nose very much ; is very rest* 

k; cries, is very unamtable ; pale face; totting tlit bed ^ 
gpcnt voraciousness. 

CoNiuM : Hardness and distention of the abdomen with 
frequent softr evacuations, 

Fekrum : Frequent vomiting of food ; stools undigested; 
redne.Hs of the ftice, 

GuArniTi'>>: The child has moist blotches on the fekiii, ex- 
uding a tniTispareiit glutinous fluid, 

HKi'Ait: The child hus a sour ameU, and white fetid evjt- 

loDT.VE : A brown color of the face, and copious ana par 
pescent stools. 

KnEASoi^E: Fetid evacuations and excoriation of the niu* 
cons surfaces generally. 

LivxjpoDiLM : Much commotion, rolling and rumbling in 
the abdomen. Aggravjition atlerfour P, M, and gets better 
at eight or nine in the evening, 

MAfiNEstA-<', : Green watery, very sou n smelling diarrhoea 
and great emaciation. 

Mjkrcu&ius : Much straLuing at etool^ which is slimy, ofl«n 



ly ; the cliild is never ao wull during d mp weather j 
enlarged gluiida ; iji^ht Hweats. 

Xatkum-mur. : Rapid emaciation of the throat and neck 
of the children; irritability; the children are very alow to 
h'arn to talk. 

Ni'x-vomtca: Yellowish, sallow complexion, bloated face; 
obstinate? consti|>ation; larf^e dilliciilt ntools, or alternate con- 
Btil)ation and dLvrrhcea; large* abdomen with flat alei ice ; no 
appetite or great hungtr, desire to eat with frequent vorrnt- 
ingof the ingesta; constant desire to lie down; Hleeplcssnesi) 
towards morning; aversion to open airj nervousiies^s, ill 

Olkandkb: The food passei off unclianged in a remarka- 
ble deejree and very easily and almost unconsciously. 

Petroleum ; Emaciation, with diarrhcea by day, and none 
at niiHfht. 

Pmosphorits : Snitable to youngj girls with blond hair, blue 
even, <lelicate skin, slender stature with cachectic conirh, di- 
arrhtEa; frequent exlianMiinj^ sweats; p-eat debility with 
orjrasm of the blood; ]>alpitation of the lii^art, or oppression 
of the chest after exercise, Copftftf^ shmh^ pouri/tt/ uteny 
like crater from a hydrfuit^ with t/nai f^^hauMhn, 

PiTosPHOR.-ACin : YellowiJ^h and very offl-nsive stoolg ; tht 
rhihl in ren/ ifMf^s,% foants nofhinff and lutre.^ foi* fiofhi/tf/. 

PoL»orMrLJ.UM : Emaciation; many stools daily, all of which 
are natural* Mftrnuuj diawrhma, 

PuLSAniXA : Diarrba?a worse at ni<»ht ; no stools alike, 
they are so changeable; for a time the child mews much 
better, then it ^ets worse a^ain without any appreciable cain*e. 
The %p]>exirftnce of the child chanties in this manner several 
times, the same day ; but it is usually wurne towards even- 
iiig^, and always seerns better in the open air. 

KiUTS-TOX. : Great debility with constant disposition to lie 
down, pale face, hard and distended abdurnen ; great thirst; 
*<liiny and bloody tliarrluea; great ai»}>eiite ; aggravation after 
miduigiit ; colic, diarrlitea and rcstlesisnefcts increases at that 

Stannltm: The child w always relieved in its abdominal 
fiufferings by preaaing hard upon the abdomen, leaning upon 

Staph YHAGRiA : Large abdomen, voracious and canine 
hunger; slow stool ; mocUlng of the ^tuhitiaxiUnri/ tind cervical 
fflarids; fi*equeui and coustaut attacka of catarrh, with ^curf 


ATRorirr of toe stixal uAcuow.^AWKWAiu>9rfln» 

ill Xhe tiosu'ih; nnheaUhy, roadily ulcerating skin; futul 
night-awealB ; fi cqiH-ut boils. 

SrLPHPit: The chilcl i'lcqiiciitlr awakens from sleep with 
screainhii: ; great vr»racity ; wishes to put in its moutli every 
tiling it sei'g; watches eagerly for every thing, ciip^ tum- 
blers, ve8seU of food ; ehiUl sweats easily ; swelling of the 
iuf^uinal glands, or of llicaxilhiry and cervical ghin<w; hard 
and diMiended abdomen ; mucons nittling iti the trachea ; 
fluent corvza ; fieqnent slimy diarrhcpa or obstinate c*»ni»li- 
pation ; stools ex»oriate the anna; prcasnre on the chest, 

fxilpitaiii^^m of the heart; pale colf»r of the skin with V>a<i 
ooks, deej^ und liollnweyes; stitches in the chest und sidtj, &u. 

Conipa'*e : Jfertic Fhrer, Phthisic ftrtti Srrof'tda, 

Palis. — The following; rorncdies are probahly the most useful : 
1) Ahini, n.-voni. sulph. ^) Calc. ear!».-v. canst, cocc. natr, 
ualr.-m. phos. phos.-ac. -^ ) Chin. ? laeh. ? rhus. ? sabad. ? sep. ? 
sil.? staph.? 

I have treated twenty-one eases of this disease, arising 
from onanism, acconi[)at!ied with hypochondria,de8pondencv, 
aversion to life. TIk* chfiract eristic unsti-adiiiess of the Unibfi 
and the pecnliar fi)rmication in the back, was present in ereiy 
case; and I gave in every case one dose ot nnxvom, */aoi 
billowing it act from two to three weeks; and then sulphur 
Vsni allowing it to act from four to five weeks. If implex- 
sant symploms remain, I resort to Calc, carb.-vcg. caust. 

I never saw any benefit from Chinn, nor from Staphya., but 
tJjcy may })rovc usctul in some cases. 

Atiujpftif, with pri\ftct pttrtihjHin i^f t/ie f otter fXfrtffffttei^ 
has so I'ar not shown itself very nnu-nsible to treatment, but 
when nhifit, docs not help, I would pri>pose: Nnx-iom. sulph. 
n.-vom. cnnsl. n.-voni. crilc. cnrb.-v cocc. phos. rhns-t., m this 
order ffitd alh^votlon^ hi a »ih(flr done and at tontj intiTViUs, 
We might study, also, Ferr kah natr.-m. n.-mosch. sec As 
in all i>ther chri^nic diseases, so is also in this disease constimt 
chonire of remedies exceedititrly hurtful. 

AWKWARDNESS —If a natnrnl defect, notbinsr can he 
doiM? for it ; if a mnrbi<l state, the following remedies may 
prove nsefnl : I>cll. caps. carb.-:u caust coloc. graph. kaL lye, 
natr.-m. petr, gcp. si I suljih. 

HACK, }imal!of f/ie, pt/hts hi f/u',- Genernlly a mere8ym|v 
tom, e^pecintly in tiles and uterine atl'ections. The principtd 
remedies ar^ : Ij Alum. armn. causL kaL kreas. lack, natr.-uu 



rU'Vom. puis, rhus, sep, sitlph. 2) Ambr. bnryt. bor. calc. dulo. 
graph, lye. natr. sil. verat 3) Am. carb.-a. ch.*ira cliin. coec 
ign. niai^n.-iiK mt'i'c n.*ino8ch. pbos. rut.n. s-abin spntiL;. zinc. 
^ BALANORRHCEAs. (fonorrhrm spuria. — If sypIiUitic or 
sycosic, the principal remoi^ii^s are : Mere, iiitr.-ac , or ihuj. — 
in n.11 other cases, the tbllovvinjx ^^'iU prove useful : I) N.-Vora. 
sep suljib. *i) Oliin, merr. rnrz. nltr.-ac. thiij. 

BLEPflAHOFHTUALMLV, hLpharltii: g 1, The beat 
reijunlics are: 1) Aroii, ant. ara, bdh calc. clmin chnu coco, 
con. eiipbr. gels, graph, hep. hyilnwt. iris, mp.rc. ii.-vom. pliy- 
toU piila. rhu^. apig. stirfa. sulph. veratr. 2) Alum. a»clep.-t» 
baryt.-c. bry. caust. comoclail. Jig. eupat.-p, ioj. kre:is. Jept. 
ly<% n:itr, natr.-rn, phf>s,.ac. serievr. sep. stapli. ihuJ. zitic. 

g *2, If the external surface of the lids* be inflamed: Aeon, 
bell. hep. sulph. 

If the INN kh: Aeon. ars. bell. hep. hy( iris. mere. 
n.-votn. phos- ]>ula. rhus, stieta. sulph. 

For inflanimation of the margins and MEiBoarrAN glands : 
Acofi. ara. bell calc. chain, euphr. hep. mere, n.-vom. puh. sep. 
stieta. sulph. 

For sTYFs: Puh. or stapk or nmm.-c calc fenv thnj. 

For inflammation of the rrPEB uds : 1) Ars. bry- cnle. 
canst, croc he[). pho». puis. rhus. sep. spig. st.iph sulph. 2) 
Baryt. bell. cham. chel. con. cycL ferr. lye. mere, sil. 

For inflamraation of the i.owek lips: 1) Ara bry. calc. 
dig, mere, natr.-in, ihus. rnfa, sencir. fiep. 2 J Alum. bell. canst, 

^ 3. For ACirrK BLEPnAKixis : Aeon, bell. eham. euphr* 
hep mere, n.-vom puis. 

For miioNic mj rnARiTTs: Ant. ars, calc. chin, enlpb. 

§ 4. Particnhir indtcaJinn>; : 

Aconiti;m : The eyelids are mroU^n., hard and r^irf, with 
heat, burnitiff and dn/ne^s ; or they are pale, sliining and 
swollen, with bvirning and tensive ]«aina; co])ious secretion of 
mucus in the eyes ;md noso ; extreme phofophubia ; fever, 
with great heat and thirst, Sec (After Aeon , are frequently 
givett : Jiell. hep or sulph 

ANniioNiLT.M : lied swelling of the lids, with gtim in the 
canthl ; photophobia and stitches in the eyes. 

Arsenicum : Infl.immatory redne*«is of the conjnnetivn 
with congestion of the vesHels; grenl drynes.-* of the li Ir, 
CHpeeially the edges, with spasmodic closing or nightly ag- 

Bi:i.i.Af>ON'NA : Swelling and redness of the Irds, with binn- 
ing und itching, oonstunt ugglutiuatiuu, bleeding on upeniug 



the eyes, rilaii at.ten<lc<l with amnion oftht iidd^ or with 
piiralytio wcaknfss of the lids. 

Calcarea: Cutft/iff, buniiiig or acute paing, ertp&rialljr 
ip/ttfti reftdinf/j^^hh red, hard and blij swelling, copiuas ik-cre-, 
tion of guin, and niujlilly ngLrlntiitatiui>; to Ue givni €9}»i»-^ 
cially when Sulphur doo8 not soeiu to relieve the patient. 

Chamoiilt.a : Great di-yness of the edgcft, or eW coptuus 
secretion of tmicii«i, with niijhtly agglutination, spasmoclio 
closing, or $rreat heaviness of Oie lids. 

China : Frfquent ortepinir on the inner surface of the lids, 
efipecially in the evening, with ]3irliryniati«>n. 

EirpHKASiA: UlofTation of the marjjins, with itehinof in the 
day-time, and agglutination at nighty with rednewi, swelling, 
photophobia and conrttant wijikin*^, eoryxa, lipadaeho, or heat 
about the head, (l^ Euphr, sliould bu inanflicicut, Nmyvom^ 
and puU. will complete the cure ) 

Hkpar : Inflammatory redness* of the lids*, with fd**erff(ii^ 
or nontujiit^e pain on ((Hiehing thrtn ; nljxhtly nj^gfntinjitioo, 
or spasmodic closing of the eyelids. (This rfniody is frtj- 
quently suitable after Aeon, or mere. ; after 7/cp,, Bell, is 
fi'equently suitable.) 

llYosrYAMUB : Spasmodic closing of the lids. 

MicRrcuirs: Hard lids as if cuntnieied, with swelling, 
difliculiy of openings the lids, onttinj^ pains, ulcers un the 
margin!*, pu.stules on the ccnijunc'iiva, ernst.s around the eye«, 
eversion of the li«ls ; stiichiu^ and buniint; pains^ itchincf, or 
when there ih no pain at all. ^^After J/crc, if insuflicieiit, 
Ht'p. is frequently suitable.) 

NuX'VOM. : Burning itching of the TniH, especially the mar- 
g-ins, or sore pain made worse by contact, airglntination of 
the lids, especially i-arly in the morning ; eye-gum bi the 
cant.hi; catarrh, hcudaclie, or heat in the head (Xav-vom^ 
18 iVequently suitable after I'Suphrama, if this should not sul- 
fice to remove tlie inl!atiiinatii*n.) 

Pulsatiixa: Inflannnatory redness of the conjunctiva or 
the margins, ecq»iuU8 ficcrction of nnicus ; trichiasie ; s(i/t^4i / 
nightly agglutination; tenj^ive or drawing pains. (Ph/m. fre- 
quently effects a cure, if JSupht or «w«-i»ot«. should not 

Rnus-Tox. : Stiffness of the eye-lids, as if paralysed, with 
burning itching. 

SiTLi'HrK : Inflammatory redness of the lids, with burning 
pains, secretion of inueus and eye-gum; ulceration of the mar- 
gins, pustules and ulcere around the eyea, dsc. (Acou. la 

BOtta— BONES, 


fireqiiently suitable before Suiphnry and after Sulph.^ Calc, b 
tVtfmteritly snhnble.) 

Vekatju M \ Excos-^ive (b yness of the lids, lachryitiation, 
difficulty of luoving the Utis, and great heat iu the interior 
of the cyeM. 

We advise also: when the conjunctiva of the lids isRouGH- 
KXKD and viLLots : Ar& bell, mere, snlph. — when covered 
with SMALL VKsicLBs I Baryt, bell. con. iiep. mere. rhus. sen. — 
for BLUKKEss: Ars. cocc, spig. — for iii.ooii'Rkdke8s : Merc. 

ISUlph. — for WEft-LlKE AI»PEAUANCK OF TH K UlXlOD-VKSSELs: ^4r^' 

beil ealc. con, euphr. htp, mere, pnla, rhus mtlph^—ibv 8W*KU;- 
ING : Aeon, aiu n.-von». rhu».«^M//>/i. — f^r uix-eration : Aeon. 
ars. calc, euplir. hep, r.uerc puis. Sep, sulpJj, — for ho&e-coh»k ; 
^occ. eupfir, mere, puis, hpii^, sulph — for lUiPNKss : Aeon, 
bell. coco. eon. euphr, j^raph, ht«p. mere f»uls. rku^, spig, 
9ulph, — for VARIC08E state: Pills. — for puffy Ar^KAKA^'CE : 
Aeon ars rhns, sul]»h. 

BLEPIIAKOPLEGLV.— Pt/rf//ysw of the ei/dhh. The 
best ri'iJiedii'S are : I) Bell, lutr.-ti. a^p sp>itj. strum, vcratr. 
zine. 2»Cale. ehnm. eoce. hyo^c. n.*vom. op. jilios, phnnb. rims. 
BLEniAKUSl'ASMUS.- Principal remedic%s: I) Bell, 
ehnm. eoce, liep. hyoHc. mere, natr.-n. Htapb. strani. sulph. 
2)ArH. i'oee. eon. rhn^. ruta. t^ep. ril. viol.-od. 

BOIL8.— Furuneles : 1) Arn. Ml. hop. /yc. phos. sulph. 
*2) Ahmi. ant. cale^ hannun. iris, laelj. led. mere, mnr.-ac. nitr.-ae. 
n -mosclL D.-vom. pho&-ac. pbytoL see. sep. sil. staph, tart. 

Large boils require ; 1) Hep. lye. nttr.-ac. sil. 2) Ilyose. 
natr. phoi?. phytol. tart. 3) Apis, erotal. lach. mere, 

Smaxl boils; 1 ) Arn. bell, sulph. 2jGi'at. magu.-c. natr.-m. 
n.-vom. zinc. 

If they mature slowly, give hep. ; if very much inflamed 
and painful, give belL or mere. 

If lart^e boils can be treated at the very commencement, 
Cal<\ sometimes eradieatee the disposition. 

If large boils threiilen to become earbnneulons, the best 
remedies are: l)Nux..-v, &il. 2) Ars. bell. 8) Caps, hyosc. lach. 
rhus. see. 4) Apig. ? erotal. ? bep. 

For the insFOsixiosf to boils, give: Lye. n.-vom. plios. 
jihyt. RJI. m\]>\h 

BONES, Diseases of. — Osteitis, exostosis^ caries, nrcrngts 
and other diseases. § L The best remedies are: Ang. asa, 
aur. belL calc. dulc. eupbarb. lye. mere mez. phoB. phytoL 



nitn- Bcp. sil. eulph. 2) Chin, hep. nitr.-ac. pho«,-iM*, rini«* 
runiex, staph, 

^ 2 Partictilar indit^ntions : 

Axoi"*»TiTitA : For ci/riV^^ pnrticMilnrly snitahle to pereons^ 
who liavu ilrudk luo much cuftW* or huve ft morbid desire for 
coftVc ; easily imtaU'il frora the h*iwt provocation. 

Asa. : For exvutogis^ caries and n^cronis, e»pecially of the 
cxtri'miiiefl, also for softening of the bones* 

AuRtm: Foi dtif^foitis and other disoases of tho bones in 
eoijpoquence of ab^tse of tm-rt'^try^ ^'Specially tor caries of th« 
nasal bones, with ozai^iia, dilfiising a iiK»st liorrid smell ; cariei 
ot' the cheek bones* and exoMf»*«is of the i^kull. 

liKLLADONNA '. For c^osfitsh <m the forehead with caries of 
the palate; also for curvature of the back. 

Caix'ahea : For curvature of thr spine and Jong bones / 
swelling of llie joints-; softening t)f the bonef*, when the foo- 
tjuielles rcniuin njjen too long and the wkull is very large; for 
exoalopis and caricB of the extrvniiiies; necrosis. 

China : Carles with profuse &ui«piiraiion. 

Dulcamara: Fur t-rontoftw with uleert* on the arm in con- 
Bcquenie of suppressed ilch. 

Flitohis-aciihtm : For swelling and carUs of the bones, 
especially when they are of a syphilitic nature. 


oponitM : For cxosdme^ osteitis and caries^ in «crofti- 
For exostosis^ caries, pains in the bones as if 

loas persons. 

br<tken, etc. 

MLiZKKJEvat: For exostosis on the extremities of scrofnlouH 
|iersnns, especially of the tibia, with the most violent nightly 
pains in the bones. 

()Lr.rM'.iEcoKiH: Specific for all kinds of scrofidons diseases 
of the bones, as arthrocace, sptna-ventowa, caries, &v, ; fistu- 
lot;s ulcers, with raised edges, easily bleeding, and diseharg- 
nig iehor of a nauseating stnetl. 

Piiosruoiu s : For exostosis of the skull, with tearuig- 
and boring pains, an«l swelling of the cinviele. 

riiosPHOKi-ACii't M : Esjieeialiy in the arthrocace of children, 
t>r whtn after external injury of the periosteuni tliere re- 
mains a feeling as though the bone were scraped with a knilb, 

PiiYToi-^KCA ; For diseases of the bones, espechilly of syphi- 
litic persons. 

PrLSATiiXA : For curvature of the epine, with open font a* 
nelles in children. 

KuMJo: ; For varies^ necrosis and other morbid aflTectiona 


of the boTiGsi, may tlioy arise from sypbilis, meroiiHu-ey- 
philis or sorofuln. 

RiiTA : For pains in the ho7i€s as if broken, and disease of 
thf periostciiin, iir even carieJi m co/tscfjumee of external in^ 
juricSy wiili ♦^rvHipolatous intinmmatioii of tlie parts. 

Sepia ; For evostosi.^ an<l ojiries of tht* extremities. 

SiLTHKA : Fur caries, exostosis, neerosis, delayed closing of 
the foat:inelles and for ahnost all diseases of tbe bones. Silicea 
and Calearea are tlie best remedies to begin witli in diseases 
of the bones ; fist utoua openings and discharge of thin piia 
and bony frajarmenls. 

Staphysaoria : A good remedy Tov pcpdarthroeac^e. 

Stilux«jia : For periostitis iind serofiiious diseases of the 

Sulphur : F'or cunyature^ softenincf, swelling, caries and 
other diseases. Snlph is suitable before Calcarea in the be- 
ginning of llie dineane. 

i 3. rt) For LvTERsrrnAL distentiok of the boxes : l^ Asa* 
lye. mere. sil. staph. 2) Calc. inez, phos. phofi.*ac. sulph* 3) Anr. 

b) Fr>r Necrosis: 1) Asa. calc. ail eulph. 2) Ars. pho«. 
sabin. sec. 

c) For OsTEms: 1) Merc. mez. sil staph sulph. 2) Asa, 
aur. ealc. chin. lye. nitr,-a. phos. phos.-ac. puis, 

(/) For Softening: 1) Asa. cale. mere. slL sulph. 2) Hep. 
lye, niez. nitr.^ac. phos. |>uls, nita. sep. staph. 

e) For SvvELTjNG ; 1) Asa. caic. lye. mere, phos.-ae. puis, sil, 
staph, svtlph. '2)Aur. clem, dapli.guaj. nitr.-ae. phos, v\\\m. niliv. 

f) For Caries: 1) A;«a. calc, lye. mere, phos.-ae. sil. sniph. 
2) AnjX- ars, aur. eon, fluor.-ac. hep. mez. nilr,-ac. rlius, rnta, 

ibin. syjonir. staph. 

g) For Fractures, to promote the re-union of hones : 
Asa. ealc. lye. nitr.-ac. ruta, sil, snlph., Symphytum officinale. 

h) For Cius'ATUEKs: I) Asa. cale, lye, mere. puis. rhus. sil. 
sulph. 2) Hell. hep. nitr.-ae. phos. sep. staph. 

i) For Scrofulous diseases op the bones ; I ) Calo. con. 
lye. mere, ol.-jec. phytol. sil. staph, stilling, sulph. 
2) Bell, rnmex. 

k) For Mercurial: Asa. auruni^ fluor.-ac. kal.-hydroj. mez, 
phos.-nc. pliytol. staph. 

/) For SYrniLiTic : Aur. fluor.-ac. kal.-hydroj. mere phos.- 
ae. phytol. 

^ 4. For diseases of the Skull : Aar. ealc. daphn. mora 
nitr.*ac phosi. phofi.-ac. puU siL 



b) Wlien the Fontaitelles renijiin open and the infaatt 
have large heads : Cali\ pul}<, siL anlpfu 

c) For tliseases of tlie Palatink Ixjiiea: Aur. mere, moK. sil. 

d) For diseases of the Sitqmaxillaky bones: Cist, mere aiL 
c) For dif;t;«i8(^ of the Nasal bones: Aur, calc. mere. 

f) For dii^eases of the Long bones : 1 ) Asa, calc. lye mere 
>li08.-ac. sil. sulph, 2) Clem, dttphii. guaj. nitr.-ac phoa. puis, 
rhus. rutnex. rut;i, blUlinir. 

ff) For diseases of the Joints : Calc pho8.-»c. staph, salph. 

§ 6. Reinedioa for Particiilar pains: 

a) Fur pains gencritlhj\ 1) Asa. chin. Irtclu mere phos. 
pho8.-ac. puis. nit. sabtii. sil. staph. "1) Ar^ iiur. calc. oooc. 
cupr. cycL ferr, kreas. lye, iiiang. mesc tuur.-ac. nitr.*ac. aepu 

h) Boring pains : Boll. calc. mere. puK Hep. sil spig* 

c) Bnrninff jxiins: jVs.i. carb.-v. phoM.-ftc. rhua. ruta. satpk. 

d) AcJuntj pxdns: l)Arg. hell, intpr. Kabui. staph. 12) Aur 
cycl. d.iph. ijttaj. hep. isxn. kal. mere. mez. oleand. ptila. rhus, 

e) Sensation, as if the flenh wa^ b^tften loose : Bry, dros. 
ign. kre:\s. inlr.-fic. n.-vom, rhus, stilph. thnj\ 

/) Bradntj und pulsatlotis: iVita. eale. lye. mere mez. nitr 

ibad. siK sulph. 

(f) Crfrpitifj pains: Chnm. phimb. rbus. sec, 

h) Gnawing and corrosive, j^ftins : Amm.-m. canth. con. 
dros. lye, mang. phos. phos.-ac. ruta, staph. 

i') Tearliiff pains : I ) Arg baryt. cnib.-v, chiij. kal. mere, 
sabin. spig. staph. 2) Acjar. aur bell, bry, eaust, cocc. cupr. 
lye. natr.-m. nitr. phos. plio.s.-ae, nit a, zinc 

k) Scrapinf/ and ravplng pains: Asa, chin, pals. rhua. 
sabad. spig. 

/) Cuttlnff pains: Anae. dig. sabad. 

m) Stitching pains: 1^ BelL calc. caust. con. dros, helL 
mere. puis. sass. sep. 2)Ars. as:i. aiir, chin, lach. raez. phcjs. ruUL 

n) Sore pains : Con. graph, hep. ign. mere, phoa-ac. 

o) Pain, as if broken : Cocc. cHpr, hep. magn.-m. natr.-m. 
puis. rata. samb. sep. verat. 

p) Jerking paiiis : Asa. calc. chin, coleh. lye natr.-m. puis, 

§ (>. See Mercurial disease, Rhuchitisy Scro/tda^ S^p/^i^ 
lis^ c6<'. 

BUONCniTIS, eatarrhas bronchialis,-^ 1. The best 
remedies are : 1) Aeon. bell. bry. ract. cham. dros. hep. mere, 
TL'Voni. pals, rhits. sanguin. sulpli. 2) Arn. ars. calc. raps. 
carb.-v. causL chin, ciu, dros, dulc. euphr. hepatic-tri. hyosc 



1^. ipec. hwh. phos. pbos.'ac. sep. sil. fsipig. sqnill. Rtann. slaph. 

ict. Hiilliiig, vcnitr. verb. 3) AscK-p.-svr. cup. liep, iod. kal. 
lact. 8nbad» ft(*neg. ^pi£:. fipong, tart. 4) B;iryt> cjinn. cun» 
eupat.-fir, ferr, lye. niaLrri.-c. m.uj;:^. imir. natr.-ru. petr. ftirain. 

§ 2 For ORDINARY c.vTAKRH, with li»jfhi cough ai*d fever; 
Cliiuri. mere, n.-vom. puis. rhiiM» alict, &iilph. 

For VIOLENT ANr> iiRY COUGH : 1 ) Bull. bry. chani. \gn, n.* 
vom. Biilph, 2) Aeon. caps. cin. dros. hep. lijosc. lach» lyo. 
mere, luitr.-m. plios. rliiiB. spong. 

For SPASMODIC coii!^h : BeJi bry. cnrb.-v. cin. dros. hep. 
hyosc. ipec. lob. mere, n.-voni. puis. «iilpb., cfec. 

For moist coiigli, with copious expectoration: I) Bry, 
earb.-v. dale, enphr. mere. puis, snlph. tart. 2) Calc-. caust. 
lye. sene^. .scp. sil. stnnn*, Ac. 

For CATARRH VTiTu H o A RIPENESS : 1) Chfun. dulc. mere, 
n.-vom. puts. rhys. snnib. snlph. 2) Ars. calc carb.-v. dros, 
mantr, uafr. pbos. tiirt. 

For FLUENT C0RY2A : Ars. dtilc, euphr. gels, ign, lach, mere, 
puis, stiet. m\\ih. 

For DRY cunvzA : 1) Biy. n.-vom. 2) Amra. calc. lach. 
suliih. 3) Bry. enrb.-v. canst, bep. ign. 

§ 3) For BRONCHITIS ACUTA I 1 ) .'Icort- hell, bry. cnrt, cbam. 
dros. geU. phos. spont^. 2) Are. lye. mere, n.-vom. pnls. squill, 
stilpb. 3) hi'pnt.? stic^.? 

For EPIDEMIC CATARRH or iXFLtJENZA : \) Acofi. ats. bell* 
catisf. ?mri\ u.-t'om. rhu8. 2) Arfi. T)ry. cani]>h. Mn, ipec> 
phos, puis, sabffd, seneg, sil. spig. sqnill, stict. verat. 3) Agar. 
chmn. con. hya»c. kal op. sulph. 

For sui'Fot ATivE CATARRH I Ars. C4irb.-v. cliin. ipec, lach. 
op. 2) Baryt. campb. graph, ptils. samb. tart. 

For CHRONIC CATARRH : 1) Carb.-v. sulph. 2) Ars. calc» 
canst, dulc. lach. mang. natr. phoa. sil. stann. 

Catnrrbal affections, consequent on ^neasles^ require : 

1) Bry. C<trh.-v. chain, clros, byosc. ign. n.-vom. sttcta, 

2) Aeon, bt'll. ctii, coff. dnlc^ sep. 

Calarrfial attef'tiims of old people : Baryt, carb.-v. con. 
hydrast. hyosc. kreas. lach. phos. rbu8. slann. stilph. 

Catarrhal affi*ciion» of ciiiluren: l)Acon. bell. eham. cin. 
ccff. drus. \^i\ftjtrr. sulph. — of ftCKoFULovsciiildren ; Belt calc. 
^-of very J\tt cfiihlrrii : Ipec. calc. 

§ 4. PariienlMr indicaliont*: 

AcoNiTUM : Burning fever, with full bounding pulse ; 
rough, hoarse voice ; painful sensitiveness of the affected 
partj with aggravation of the pain in breathing, coughing or 



tAlkine ; ixhurt dry r<iHfjh wiih rfjn»fiinf irrt(tifion n 

ful titillatiuii in the larvnx nnd limncfu; (»|)|m«'8vl«| \' 

with teii^iuii, soTi'fu'-^H or 8tit*'hfA hi (he rheM wtii'ti ( 

or breathin-i; violoiir^ ro.i'^li, hitlhiw ci>n>fli i\% lu . 

short aiiil |tfintin^ cou^h in tbv <l:iy-timc ; thir>n, sK k |*li'.^>- 


nil t< 

ihtiitt ; burnin:; iietul.'ii'hc. 

rcil f:i<M» :tn*l < y<^s ; or al«o, when X\\e cini^h i:*^ con\*uli*ivi* «ir 
h.'iokinjLi^, with s^-atity expectoration of whitish and blootly 
mucus, rifuT exjujNtiro to cohl west wimb. 

BicLLADoxNA : Dry cou<:rh with sore tliroat, rory«a, ffVt*r, in 
tilts aUfniooii mid eveiiitig, dry nntl hurniiiLT nkiti* tVt?qiii»ul »]»»- 
Aire for rokt ilrinks, withnut howt*vc*r ilriiikiiij,; mnfli ^ <»l>Hti- 
iiiwy and rruiUce in cliiMren with hiu'riml ri-§piration liuring 
Bleep; or when the tollowing symptoms occur: sjxtsnifHitc 
cough^ tohirh </«>«?* md allutc onf time to breathe ; rackint? 
cough, from iniolerabk' litillalion in the ihront, as if from 
diwt or from some other foniij^n bod y» or dry. short, iiollow, 
biirkins* cout^h ; the cotiijh i*ccurs at nijrlit,- or in rhe arttT- 
noon or evening when in ht*d, and even durinjr sk'»ip, comin-^ 
on n^'Xm allorthe |t>a»«t motion; brnised jMiin in the n;ipL» of 
th»t ni'ck wficM conLfhinsr, or hoadnchc as if the ttiri.»hc*ad 
wonld Hplit ; rhcimntic pains in the chest ; stitches in the 
Htcrnum or hypocliondrin; mucous rattlinuf in the chest; red 
fjU'U and h«M«la«hc ; lioarseiic^is and ithicum in the cliest, fre- 
quent »ne<'zinu:« especially at the teriiiination of a paroxysm. 

BttYuNu: Dry or moist cough, from titillation in the tliroat^ 
or when the fuUowini^ fivinptoms t^cciir : aput^tnoilic cttwjh^ 
ifuffoctilire. vowjh^ especially after miduiiLrht, or atler eatinj^ 
or drinkini;, \\ith tromituiff of the httjvMa ; cough with 
yeliuwish e^prcturalion or expicioratiuti of a dirty, reddish 
or bloorly mucu«; stitchis in the i^itU when eotiifhin(f ; or 
pains in the ohe^t and head as if those parts wouh^ split; 
great inclination to "^weat ; hoarseness, nuious rattling in, 
and painful ricHs of the larynx, incretised by 8m«»kirig. Atjf^ra- 
ration^ whrn entcrinff a warm room^ with asthmatic fedif^g. 

CAcnJ9-<iii, ; Uattlinji? of tnucns, continuing day and night, 
flalarrhal cough with nmcfi viscid expectoration ; oppression of 
breathing witli spasmodic cough and expeotiirati<m \}i mucuft. 

CiiA\ioMihLA: Aceumulatitju of len;iciou.H mucus bi the 
throaty with dry ctjugh, occasioned by ronstitnt tltlUttthm in 
thi iurt//(X and ehfi<t, vvorKc when talking; or cough inomiug 
or at night when in bed, or even during sleep, ?jonieiiuii'i* ac- 

mpanied by 8utT«»cativo fit#; scanty exjx'ctoitition of bitter 

ous ill the moiniug: : or when the uuujih was caused 




lagjrin, or when children arc attacker! by it in consequence 
of their cries; r>r for hoarsontsA with curyzti, dryness and 
barnincf in tlie throat, thirst; tlnvr lowunlfl evening; ill 
humor, incitumity, disposition to he angry and peevish. 

I^IiiRni RiL's: Jioufj/iTiess aiiri /ioars' rifx^s^ witlj hnrninff and 
titillation in the larynx; dispt»sition to sweat, hut the Rueat 
nlTording no relief; ai^gravat ion by the len«t draught of air, 
or when the foUowiiis^ syinptuEns occur; dry racking cough, 
especially in the evening or at nitdit, even during bleep, and 
occasioned hy titillation and a fet'ling of dryness in tlie bron- 
chi ; cou£i:h with atitchiiig pains hv the chest or with natisea^ 
bleeding of liie nose, (in the case of children) pains in the 
head and chest, as if these parts would split, expectoration 
of blood, fluent coryza^ hoarseness and mucous diarrhcea, 

Kux-voMicA. — Rough, dry and deep cough, occasioned by 
dryness of the larynx, with tension aTul pain in the larynx 
and bronchi ; hoai-seness am\ painful fueling of rawness in 
the throat; especially in the morning, or in the evening 
when in bed ; ac<'umnl:ition uY tenacious mucus in ihe 
throat, which the patient is not aV)le to (^etaeh ; dry coryza 
with dry mouth, hot nnd red cheeks, shivering or nlternute 
chills and heat ; constipation, painhU heaviness in the fore- 
head, ill huniur, irritated spirits, obstinacy, «S:e, ; or when the 
following symptoms are present: Convulsive, racking cotigh, 
occasioned by titillation in the throat, especially in the morn- 
ing, or at night when in bed, or af^er a meal^ or when occa- 
aioned by exerci:*e, tliinking or reading; oppression at ni-^fit, 
or headache as if the skull w^ould split ; contusive pain in 
the ei)igastrium and pain in the hypochondria when cough- 
ing ; or, for : cough with vomiting or with bleeding from the 
nose or mouth. 

Pulsatilla : HoarsenesR, aphonia ; stitches and soreness of 
the throat and palate ; coryza, with yellowish, greenish and 
fetid discharge ; moist cough, with pain in the chfst ; chilli- 
ness and absence of thirst ; or cough which is at first dry, 
then fuoist, mth profuse expectoration of a sjdt, Vjitler, yel- 
lowish or w^hitish, or even bloody mucus; or nicking cough, 
especially in the evening or at night in bed, worse when ly- 
ng; with nausea, vomiting, suffocative seiisation as if from 
the vapors of sulphur, an<l murous rattle ; painfidness of tlie 
abdomen, when couglung, as if hrtnsed, or painful shiM*ks in 
the arm, shoulder or back, or invohmtary emission of urine. 

Riius-ToxicoDENonox : Hoarseness and roughness, sore- 
of tlio throat, trequent aneezing, cousidei*ubIe mucus in 


ttlia no<*e without coryza, Inil wiih <1iffion]ty of biratbing or, 
li>r: Fb*»r! artil dry cough at trt<^lit, <)ic:LHio?t»*d by a titilUtion 
In t' III, \\ii>i rt'stl<->i*<n«*ss niul sliortnr^.-^ ot breath, 

e8p» ; he tneiiing niui Wfort' ini'Iiiitriit ; paintul nhocks 

in the h^xid mul ehi'fit, or ieiiftiun or Ptildies in llu^ chest : |>nin 
in lhf> ^tonmch or siilches in the Unnt* ; or when the c«nifjh 
^get«; worn? in the cold air, :ind 18 less in warinlh or durinj? 
motion ; or when the cough ei>mes on in the morning on 
waking, or in the evening, with bitter taste in the mouth, or 
vomiting of the ingfstii. 

Kcintx-cinsprs : It has a g|>ecific affinity for the larjmgcal 
and bronchiiil mucous mcmbnme; cough /rffju^.ntaNdconthiit' 
ouJt, t/ry, t^yrnrring h* Iftnfj p^irorysms ; greatly aggravated by 
any irregularity of respiration, such na an inspiration a little 
deeper, or by talking, or by inspiring a little colder air, or by 
pressure upon the trache:i in the region of the supra^stcrnal 
lowa^ rawru3^ and sorenrss iu the trarhea^ rj^teudlnff in M« 
lfronrht\ rMeJly /« t/te (rft^ tickling behind the sternum, pro- 
voking the cough; cough uih-s«* in thi« evening ; aft^r r»- 
iirlfif/, te/ten the hast tttr provohs in**rssitnt rough iag, 

SricTA-prLMoNARi.v : Excessive dryue<^» of the na«il m\u 
oouft-mombmne, which beoonie^ painful ; the Becretions are so 
quii'kly dried, tfiat they are di^«chargcd wit}i great effort in 
loi-ni*, {18 hard as sc^bn; the stdl palate feels like dried Icatlier, 
dcglulion painful ; aggravation in the evening and fore-part 
of the nignt^ the morning hours are nearly free from distress; 
dry and hicking cough from tickling in the larynx with op^ 
pren^ou id" the lun«,'s, canning a feeling of a hard mass cfu* 
lecled in them ; incfjtsttnt cough at nighty cannot aleep nor 
lie down with coinpanUim freedom from cough during 
thr dfiy-thnt, 

SuLPfiiTB : UoarsenesH, aphonia, roughness and scraping in 
the throat, accumulation of mucus in the bronchi, fluent co- 
ryyji, cough, soren€?*s in the cljcst, dulls, aggravation of the 
symptoms in dnm|i and cold weather; or for : dry, rackitJg 
cough, witli nausea, vomiting and sjjasmodic constriction of 
the cheRt, e?>pecially in the evening, or at night when lying, 
or in the morning, or atler a meal ; or for : Cough with co- 
pious expectoration of thick, whitiKh or yellowish matnin, 
i»«*mriiine8 only in the day time, with dry cough at night ; or 
nbstiiuitc, dry 'cough tiom titillation in the throat, stitches in 
I lie clieiit or head when coughing, stupefaction, obseuratioxi 
of slight ; feeling of fullness in the chest, oppression, mucous 
rattling, jtalpitatiou of the heart, and ^ifibcative fita 



^H I 5. Tlie f '^o\^ intr remedies may likemse be used : 

^B' Arnica : Dry or nioUt couirli, if excited by titillation in 

^H the 1.11-ny.v, especijilly in the niornino:, during sleep, unth 

^^ weeping :in<l cries, or when it attacks children after crying 

iii»u!h ; or fur moist cough, the patient beini; unable to throw 

off the loose nivieiis ; and when the foUowiuj* symptoms are 

present : Aehiiitj and cramj>y pain in the head, a« if the brain 

were slrunij tf>i(cther ; stitches in the chest ; pain in the 

Iloina an*i rhenmatic pains hi thcliTubs; frequent bleeding of 
the nose an»l mouth, or even Viloody expectoration. 
Aksknicum : Moist cough with diflieiilt expectoration and 
tenacious mucus in the laniyx and bronchi ; or for : (/ry, ritck- 
ing nought especially in the evening after lying down, or at 
nighty excited by drink or cold airj attended with dyspnoea, 
or even suffocative fiU^ especially in the evening in bed ; 
great languor, debility; hoarseness and coryza, with discharge 
of an acrid, corrosive mucus ; rheumatic headache, ^lith vio- 
lent pains; the symptoms are worse at night and afler 
a meal. 
Cau'area; Frequent attacks of obstinate hoar«eneBS ; ac- 
ciimulntion of tenacious mucus in the bronchi and larnyx ; 
dry, violent cough, with titillation as if from feather-dust in 
the throat, ciipecially in the evening, in bed, or at night, 
during .sleei) ; or moist cough, with mucous ratthng, or with 
a thick, yellowish, fetid expectoration ; pains and stitches in 
the side and chest ; great languor, and sadness on account of 
K one's ill health. 

B CAPsai'M : Hoarseness and dTy coug/ty which is wor»e in 

the evening and at night, sometimes attended with nausea, 
wan<lennir rheumatic pnin*i, and headache as if the skull would 
^L 8]«Ut ; pressure in the throat and ear ; stitches in the chest or 
^r back, or pressure on the bladder, with stitches in tliat 
region; coryza, with stoppage of the nose and titillation 
in the nostrils. 

Caubo.-vkg. : Obstinate hoarseness and roughness of voice, 
especial Iv in the morning or evening, made worse by con- 
etatit talking, or cold and damp weather ; or spantnodit" 
eongh^ either sovoral paroxysms in the day-time, or only in 
the evening ; or cough with itrofuse expectctration of green- 
ish mucus; rhemnatic pains in the chest or limbs; ulcerative 
pain, or seraiung and titillatiMU in the larynx. 

Causticum : 'Violent racking cough, especially at night, with 
pain in the throat and head ; hoarseness, roughness and fee- 
li'ncsa of the voice; fluent coryza with headache; feeble 



appetito, natifica and vomUiutj of the inijesta; rli 
pfiins in the limbs and facml boutft; cliiU durinj;? f- 
lion ; hefit at ni^ht. witli pnlpitaliriri of tlu^ lieari; gieui d*s 
l>ility at* the lowor limbis; ai:t;r:ivatiou of tht* HynijitoniH iii' 
t\w opon air ; involuntary emission of urine ilunni: rough. 

China : HoarstncHa, rough and deep Bound of tho voici\ 
owing to mucus udhorinc: in the larynx ; dry cough aa if 
from the vapors of sulphur; or spnsnmdic suFocativc couffh 
nt night, with bilious vomiting and <li(licult oxprrtoralion ai' 
> iscid or wliitish, and somftimes bloody mucus ; thi? cough is 
excited by laughing, talking, breathing, and even by eating 
or drinking. 

CiNA : Suitable to children, when tlie cough is tlry, or with 
Bcanty expectoration, with sudden atart'uig during sleep aii if 
in afi'right, want of breath, moaning, pale face or rough 
congb every evenings especially when the children are affect/- 
ed with worms ; or wTien fluent coryxa is present, with burn- 
ing heat in the nostrils, and violent, and painful sneeiing. 

DaosEKA : Hoarseness with deep sound of the voice : dry- 
ness, roughness an<l scraping in the larynx, with n- »- 
tion of yellowish, gray or greenish mucns ; dry, sj' 
racking cough, especially at night or in the evening w hcu in 
bed, frequently attemU'd with nausea or voudilng of the in- 
gesta, bleeding of the nose or itioiith ; paroxysms of stifTc 
tiun or cough, excited by laughing or weeping, emotiooV 
singing, tobacco-snioke, or <lriuking. 

ijuLCAMARA : Moist cough, especially after a cold, with 
hoaisenes-s or bloody expectoration ; or for panting, barkinj 
cough like whooping-cough, excited by a deep inspiration. 

EupriBASiA : Dry ctmgh with violent catarrh attacking the 
eyes ; cough which exist.-? only in tfie day-time, with dfficult^ 
expectoration, or tmly in the morning, with copious 
torfitirm and tight breathing. 

llYoscYAifus : Dry cough, worse at night and in a recum- 
bent posture, less wlien silting up; cough with titillation h 
the larynx or bronchi ; or spasmodic cough, with red face avi 
mucous rultljng. 

Ignatia : Dry and rough cough, Avith fluent coryxjv, hcnt 
ncrhe, feeble voice ; or shojt cough as if from feather-<luHt oj 
the vapors of sulphur ; the cough fmally becomes spasmodioi 
ei^pccially nuitable to patients^ who bad suffered much grief j 
or when the catarrhal synjptoinsget worse after a meal, aflei 
going to bed, and in the morning, after rising. 

Jfecacu AinaA : ^especially suitable to children when tbej 



almost «uffoc:\te in con«f mtcnce of the nnicii!*, \nth rattling 
ofnuicns; or tor «p:»Mim>ak', ^viffocitivc coti;^h, with bluish 
iaci* i\\\i] fspflsinoilir ncri»lity of tlie hrnly; rontrnciive 8<'n- 

ic»n find liiillatitm \n the Inryiix ; or ft*r dry ccni*;h, «tr 
DiiLih wUli soaiiiy ex}jc< tonrtimi of flat and nnj>lejisaiit niii- 
t'tis, \\\\\i nausea urnl Vfuniting of albuniiJious mucus, or with 
likH*<lin^ of ihc« nose rind nmuLJi. 

TjACIiesis : Catarrhal con^Ji and coryza, stinffing pains in 
the ht-ad, fiiitf neck antl diwlress in ilit« client; t'unslunt hnarsf- 
new*, with sensjition a^ if mntiis adhered to the throat; the 
roui^h comes on at nisrhtdnring slecp^ or in th*? evening when 
in ia»d, or aller alec'|\ and is cxcitud liy titillation in tho 
larynx, or by the least pressure on the lar) nx ; it is worse 
after eating, or when rising from a recumbent posture ; the 
roufrh is attended with pains in the throat, eyes, eaj-s and 

PnospnoHus ; HoarseneHs witli cough, fever, and appre- 
henfiion of death ; roughness or complete extinction of voice ; 
jiainful isensiiiveness of the lar>Tix ; dry cough from tickling 
m lite throaty with slitcheH in the larynx, and ftoriMioss in the 
ehr»l ; the cough U excited by laughing, drinking, loud read- 
ing, or walking in the oju-n air; or dry cough -with expecto- 
ration of viscid or bloody mucus. 

PiiosPHOKi-AciDUM : noai*seii es«, moist cough, from titilla- 
tion in the pit of the stomach or throat-pit ; the cough in dry- 
in the evening, and in the morning it is attended with a 
wliitish, or yellowii*h, or even purulent expectoration ; with 
aching pains in the chest. 

Skpia : Cough with cnpiou-s expectoration of pc.trid, or salt 
mucuH, of a yellowish, greenish color, or purulent, or even 
bloody, frequently only in tho morning, or evening, with mu- 
cous rattling, weakness and soreness in the chest; or for dry, 
Bpasnpdic coui^h, like whooping-cough, especially at night 
or in the evening in bed, with dyspnani, nausea and vonntjng 
of bile ; especially suitable to scrofulous persons, or persons 
{iffected with heiTjes, or herpes in the jomts. 

SiLicEA : Obstmate cough, wilh cojjions, transparent or 
purulent expectoration ; or racking cough, with sore throat 
j;iid cholic, or sutTncative cough at ni*2;ht. 

St^LiLLA : Chronic catarrh, with piofuse expectoration of a 
whieifh and viscid mucus j the expectoration is at times easy 
at others very hjtr<l. 

Stansitu : Copious expectoration of a yellowish or green- 
isb mucuji of a aueeiish or salt taste ; or dry, racking eough. 



especially in b^d from evenina; till mi*Ini;:ht, worse Iti tho 
njoruiiii^, atiil aorat'timea attcri«ied with tmuxea niid vomiting 
of tlie irigcsta. 

Staphysagria : Cough with expert ornlion of a yellowiMh, 
viscid, punilcnt mticu8, cftpecinlly at ni^ht, ulecrallve paio in 
thii chest, or oven bloody expectoration. 

Vkk \TurM : Holh>\v and deep cotitjh, a?! if proceedinoj fitN^p 
frotn the chest or nbdometi ; eolic, pf vflliBm, blui«!i fiioe, in- 
voluntary emission of urine, violent priin in the tide, dilBiMili 
bre.'ithing and ^re;U debility ; or stitrhes lowardst he abdtJ- 
minal rin^, as if hernia wouhl protrude. 

§ 6. The following remedies may be iDdieated in Dcrtaln 

CupRir^t : Severe spiismodic cough, with priffbesfl in th<> 
body, stoppage of the bn-ath and loss of rorificioUsneHS diirin 
the paroxysms; or vnmititig atliT the paroxysms and rattlin 
of mucus, wiili whistlintr breathing during the intermission 

Qalcm:,: Teething children; loose cough, rattling of Diti- 
cu» \ bowels move Ireqiient towards evening. 

Caeji.-v. : Kveningdutarseness ; burning under the »ter- 
mim ; in bad cases, coldness of skit^, pointed nose ; rattling 
of large bubliles ; dyspna'a; ct>ld knees in bed. 

CAt'ST, : Morning-hoarsuness ; when coughing, pain in the 
left hip ; involuntary discharge oi" urine. 

EuPAT.-rERF. : Rough, scraping cough ; violent congh^ 
with soreness in the chest; crmgb before and after measWa. 

Hkpak : Deep asthniutic or r/ry, ho<trse nrugh coufjh with 
nausea or with pain in the larynx, with sneezing or with fry- 
ing and 8<tbbin(f after the attacks^ and ici7A renewed cout^h 
after cfjert/ driuk. 

Hepatica-triloba : Pain and constriction of the righ 
chest; excessively annoying irritation of the fauces; «arj 
torattdn proftfst^ydlmt^ crtannj and extmnnfjfy swt^t ^ tic 
ling, itching and scraping sensation in tin* chesty aggravat 
by eating or inhaling dust. 

loDRTM : Cough excited by unbearable tickling in the re- 
spiratory organs, with wavy iiiepimiion during the parox- 
ysms; preceded by onxiuusnesa; great debility, malaise nnd 

Kau-carboniccm : Sometimes for spasmodic eongh \\\x\\ 
nausea and vomiting of mucus, especially when the cough 
conies on in the momhig (4, 5 o^efuck) or awaking at nigl 
from the sleep. (Frequently indicated aller Carb.-v^ or 
alternation with it,) 



LAcrrcA : Severe spasmodic congh, with vomiting after 
every paroxystii, and esjiet'itilly when QVQvy change of weather 
and tempcnitiire producen the cungh. 

Sabaiuixa: Coryza with duUneas in the head, pale coin- 

{>lexion, dull cough with vomiting or with expeclorntion ol 
>lood, piirtirulnrly when tying down; aggravation in the 
•ohl, at night and paitifularly towards evening. 

Senkga : Burning and litillatlon in the larynx and throat 
with danger of tiulTocaiion, wljen lying down. 

SpKiKLiA : The catarrh is acconipanied by severe tiains in 
tlie face, and neither bry, or n.-vom. have done anything, 

Taktakus: Cough with fpre/it ratUinff of muais in tfie 
res/firatm'y organs ; rencw^al of the paroxysms during fits of 
anger; nausea and vomiting of the ingesta with copious niii- 
cns; during the paroxysms sweat on lh« head, with liot 
moist iiands, 

^ 7. Compare : Catarrh^ Lan/rfgith^ Angina PeHon^s^ 
Pkuritks^ Pulmonary IVUhhU^ Aftthtn^^ Croupy Whooping- 
eourfh^ Infftienzn^ Vot/r/h^ Iloarticn/'^Sy ity\ 


§ 1. The best remedies Ibr sore nipph*s are: Arn. sulph. 
or calc. ehani. ign. niillef, puis. 

Arnica: When in the first daysof nurring the nipples only 
feel sore, as if bruised. 

Cajxar.-caru. : An ulcer appears on the nipple, discharg- 
ing pu», the patient in otherwise a subject for tins remedy, 

Chamomilla : The nip]ile» are nuich int^.imed and very 
tender. She can hardly en«lure tlie |>ain vi^ nursing. She 
feels irritable and cross, wilh irnj^atience. 

CASTOk-EQt'oRUM : III neglected cases, where the nifiple is 
nearly ulcerated off. It only hanga, as it were, by small 

Ckotok-tig. : Excruciating pain, every time the child 
draws at the nipple, the paui runs through to the scapula of 
that iside. 

GiiAPniTKS : Tlie nipple seems to liave little vesicles on it, 
at leajft it oozes out a thick glutinous fluid, which tbrms a 
crust, that is removed by Dursdng, when the same tbiniation 
again occurs, and so on, 

Ltcopodil'm : The nipple bleeds very much and is very sore. 

MKRCCRirs: The nipple feels raw and sure; she has sensi- 
tive gujns, sore teeth, etilargi'd cervical glniuls, <fec, 

Pui-SATiiXA : In mitd tcarfnl patietits, who weep at every 
Dursiugj tlte paiu from nursing olleo extendi into the chest, 


nncAerrs and nifples of vtomks. 

Into the neck, down the back, and oflen chjuiges front 
|'pla<'e lo plnre. 

Si:riA : The nip[>los crack very much acroM the crown ia 
variinis place"*; i\vv\t cvncV^a. 

Siucka: The nipple ulcM^mtes very easily and is very sore 
and tender. 

SuLPiit'R: After nnrsinij the nipplo smnrts and bnma very 
mticJi. It chaps barlly abuut the hiise :uu\ bleeds. 

For Inklammation of tiik hueast, (nmHlilis). — The best 
renjedies are: Bell hry. carb-a. eist.-e. graph, hep. Inch. 
merc.-Bol. p/tfus. pliytoL mLI. sul))h. veratr.-vir, 

AcciNFfE: Wiieu a chill in dry c<»hl air has been the excit- 
ing eaii&e, and a tnie Mnochal fever prevailH. 

Belladosxa : The breastn are s^^ollen and hard with stilch- 
injT and tearing pains; there are red Blreak.*^ running iike 
radii ft'orn a (M'ulral poir?! with ervKipelatuua redness: (ia fris 
quently suitable in aheniation >vith Hit) 

liuYoxiA : The bnasts have a slony heaviness in them ; 
they are hot, hard aiul painful, but not very red and tnrgid 
with milk; with tensive or siitcliiniy pain» in the swelling 
and burning heat on the outside^ Slie feelg dick on first sit- 
ting up in bed or in a chair, and 5.lill more sick on Mandiuij 
lip ; rough dry lips and cotiHiipation ; stools dry, looking as it 

CiSTtT8.-c, : Particularly indicaicd in scrcifulous gnbjects, 
when there i.s the greatest 8en.sibility to eold air, uiflnnimn^ 
tion and suppuration of the breast, with a sense of fullness in 
the eheitt. 

Grapiiite.s : In all, where there are ro many old eica- 
trieea from former ulcerations, that the ndlk can scareely 
flow. A high diluiion of this remedy will now ejiuseth^t milk 
to flow easily and vvanl oft' the inipending abscess. 

Hepar: When suppuration ^'eins inevitable, in Fpile ot 
Bry. Bell, or Mere., give a single dose higli, and await the re- 
8ult, either in resoluiion or in siijipuraiion. 

Lachksis : When the breast has a Wt//wA or purplitth ap- 
pearance, and she has chills at night and flnshen of heat l>y day. 

Mekci'il-sol* : Hard t?i\\elliifg of tlie l»reaHi with sore and 
raw gort of pain ; th«' milk is not good, and the babe refiises it 

PnosPTioKus: When Hepar. does not sttJp the ^u}tpurutivo 
process; the breasts sire idyntftiJ, JiMukms^ \\\i\\ hard an«l 
oalloas edges; or coHir|ualive gwenls and diarrhora with 
cough, ieveri^'b heat in the evening, eireuniscrihed redness oil 
the cheekd and other symptoms oi' hectic fever. 



Phytolacca : Particularly where the /uirdness is very ap' 
parent from the jiraL Seusitive iiful more or less painful j 
even after supjiuraUon has taken place these ehai-act eristics 

SiLiCEA : Mstulmiii ulcers with thin and watery, or thiak 
and ullensive dischiirg'e ; the substance nf the mamma §cem8 
to be discharged in the pus ; onti lube after another seems to 
ulcerate, and discharge into one common ulcer, often with 
^eal i*uin, or there may be several orifi(*es, one ihv each Irdie. 

Srij»BUR: Inflammation running in radii from the nipple. 
Profuse suppuration, with chillineas in the fore-part of the 
day and heat in the aftur-part. Some htemorrhoidal com- 

Vkhatrum-tieide: Serviceable in all cases, where these 
troubles are complicated with great arterial excitement. 

Fur the sensuiion of texsion in the breast are particularly 
indit*ato<i : Merc, n.-vom. sec. ^Q\t. 

% 3. For IN or RATION of the MAM3I2B AXD NODOSITIES in 

the brtfaats, ^ive : 1) Carb-a. con. sil. 2) Clem, coloc. p^raplu 
lye. more, nitr -ac. oL-jee. pboe. puis. sep. sidph. — if the di;*. 
ease should hare been euusud by a blow : Arn. carb -v, and 
con desert e a preference. 

For Cancer in tue mamm.e, the principal remedies are : 
1) Apis, ara aster, brum, calt^.-oxal. clem, hydraat. oxal. 
pl>yit»l. sil. or 2) Aur.-mm'. bell. con. hep.? kreas.? niti-.-ac. ? 
BCp, Sulph. 3) Carb.-a. graph, lach. 

For Atrophia mamm.« : Con. iod nitr,-ac. sass. 

remedies are : 1) Xyc. sass*. sep 2) Ant. calc. cfinn, n.-vom. 
op. peir. pho3. ruta. Sep. mL zinc. 3) Alum. ambr. amm. am, 
canth. cliin. luch. natr--m. nitr.-ac. n.-mosch. thuj. uva. — (7a/- 
varea uriuariH V 4) Alnus.-r. chimaph. coryd, erig, erjDg. 
eupat.-ar. imil purp. fras. goasyp. pod. 

§ 2. For Calcltll, me particularly indicated : Cann. Bass, 
uva. cala-urin. 

ForGuAVKL: Lye, sass. 1) Ant. cnlc phog. ruta. flil. zinc. 

§ H. Compare : Urhie^ morbid se4:Tetions of, and Urinary 

CA31P1I0R, ill effectsof. — ^For poisoning with large doaen: 
hltt<k coffee, until vomiting sets in ; afterwards Opium 30 in 
water, a teiHpoonful every hour 

CANCER AND SCIKUIIUS-§ L Beat remedies : I)Ar3. 
bell eon. n.-vom. phytol. sep. siL fiulph. 2} perhaps also : 
Aur. calc* carb.-a, chin. clem. ooloOt graph, lye merc^ ixitr.^a. 


pdt. «Uqik llii^ 8>0tl«id. ofUat^eJ lijOrMLf 
4 1 Pkrtkttkr reoMdics ftf« : 

For MsxfjijjkST CAmaoLi I) TML fkotL S) CsHi.^ 
Sttlpli. thttj. 

•For Opicc cascol : 1) Ahl cob. piiitol. «!. adpL 2) ^^h4L 
mar. belL cakv bepL lacli. mere Dttr.-4L nxaL srp. ctAplL. tlioj. 
For Scxuaaors i>m jlitioxs : 1) Sil S» BelL oUaL. 

pboiu ran. limi. upoitg. wiaak, 
SetrrboQs or cancerMM a fc attoa a in ooast^ueon oT oomtt^ 
or dioek, reqiirD : Coo. cr Sttfib^ or Arnica. 
w: CsDoer of the woittb, iMC, aod caaeer of the otli«r 

;a3«css of ma xria. — Xmtroem, la the onjy ratttnl y knciwn 
thb airectk>n. It is probabl«| bowervr, Uiat: 'l) Calo» 
A 2) An. hell b«p. Ije. sep^ Ae. ar« more sfimliG. 
Cahcsk 4)F Tirs seo&K — Pnodpal fcm«*dles: 1) Ars ^1. 
2) Aur ealc carl».<a. »e^p. 
; Cuucer and eruptiotta in ihe &oe. 
CxsvxM xxD sctftBinra or tux aroMAcu. -Tka beat r«^xii< 
an* : 1) Ars. harrt, fyc. B.*vom. /^hos, vim«l or C«io. ai]« 
•nlfih. :2) BelL btsin. cark-au, aiid r«g. knsit& bicit.^ 
CaacBB juro nrptjRAtioxs of tax rrxBoa : Camnoma «t 
1. The beat reinediea are: l)Carb.m. graph, krcas. 2)Ar8. 
aur belL dbm. cie. cleni. cooc. con. dule. iod. magn -m. iiit<nx 
oitr.-ae. wep, sil. aupb. thuj. 3) Apb. kal. Mbiu. 4; C^dc- 
lacb. natr -c. 
2t For IxDntATiox (Scmiuirs)of ibe uterus: l)Carl]L.«. 
Hmt, ml chiti. timgD.-m. aep^ ^titph. 3) Clein. cxico. oon. 
also, rhti5. phos. apk 
real C rTERi.^ — Graph, and kreaii. Uuve l«eon 

The 1 ^ remedius disserve coiisi<lenitii>ii : *J) 

.HL 3) Ars. belL chin. cUni. mere. Bcp. ed. 4) Lucli. staph. 
pho«. perhaps also, Calc. apis, thuja. 
For Phagedenic (not cauceniuti) tlceks of the nxurs 
and neck of the nteniij^ I have t*et?n good efit«u from: 
1) Nilr.-a. tliuj. 2) Ar«. WIl. chin. coce. nK'rcsep- 
g 8. Particular uulicat ions: 

AicHKBacTM : Terrible dartinc^s and lancinating*, whkli 
>«/ acrid corroding, burning discharges, Vbieb may 
or thick, brown or black, and extremely ojftf^skf^j in 
after midDight. 





Afbitm : TIjc womb is prolapsprl r*nd indnratetl ; ilie pain 
is like ttiat of a bruise, with ahootincT an*3 clrawlng. 

Bklladoxna t FrcrjiitTit lia'Tnorrlin)L;rNs of the iiterua; th4 
hlnad fcfh hot and Kks a iury dad S)i)fl/^ with presaiii;^ '*•- 
n firda the gt'iiital orijang, violent pidns in the sinull of the 
back nnd excessive ncrvonsness. 

Calc.-ca-RB : Pale leucophk'gmatic tempcramoiit; the ivvl 
feel as if she had oti cold damp 8ii>cking3; vertigo •♦n going 
ujKstairs ; tiie menses flow too often and too abundautly ; 
sore burning feeling in the internal genitals; acons^tant neh- 
ing in the vagina. 

Carb.-a. : Vinlent pressing in the loins, the small of the 
back and the thighs, during the menses, with nnsueeea'srul 
desire to eructate — wiili chilliness nnd yawning; great hnignor 
in the thighs before and dunnii the menses; after the ap- 
pearance of the menses she feels so tired, she can hardly 
Kpeak, accompanied by yawning and stretching; weak, empty 
feeling at the nit of the slomach, enchrcfic rtppedranre, 

Cr.KArATis: For softened seirrhus, with corrosive loucaiT- 
htra and lancinating pniti. 

Conii'm: Bturiiifg stitches, Piinging, nausea, vomiting and 
tad n ess ; the breasts are relaxed, except at the menstrual 
fluvv, when they often swell antl become f)ainful. The urine 
intermits in its flow ; vertigo, |>arlicularly on turning the 
head when lying in a prostrate position. 

Grapuites: Hot and painftd vagina; swelling of the 
lymphatic vessels arid tnncons tbllicleM; the neck of the uterus 
is hard and swollen, with taberctdoffs node-a and ^rtuUjfmcer 
exi'^reJicencM ; great weight in the abdomen on rining, with 
fainting sort of weaknesa and aggravation of the ])ains, de- 
laying menses, with aggravations of the pains sliortly before, 
and at the appearance of the menses; dis**hnr(fe of black, 
bimjyy fttid hlood ; stitches shooting through the abdomen 
as tar as t lie thighs ; hicming and fitif chin ff pains; consiipji- 
tion ; livid complexion; sad and anxious mood; constipation. 

lonirii. — - Uterine hfrrfmrrltafje offer et*cry stool^ with ctii- 
ting in the abdomen and ]iain8 in the loins and sniall of iho 
back; great weekness during the menses, particularly in 
going up-stairs; long lasting uterine hsemorrhage; dwindling 
and falling away of the mamma; aggravation from external 

KRHASon-^r : Shooting stitches in the vagina ; bnrnitig nnd 
swelling of the external and internal labia, profit.'<e di>charge 
of dark coagulated blood, or of a pungent bloody ichor, pre- 


GJ^XCKlt ASiJ sMlimjl'fi. 

'^led Ijy p:un iti the back: 'ion oft). * . 

lintinj? on riHitii; from ih«' :i]vvays i 

monsli'uril pfrk-tl; c* iiviil, Ji^pnmti ..ii .%i.l, irrit^t- 

IjIo; c:\u!ifl()wor excn . svretclicd crunplvxioti, great 

Hiliility, hl^rpIeftHiK'Ss. 

LxcHEsis : More pj\rricularly if the canccroiH afft'ction b© 
love)opf«i at tho oriticrvj f»fnod, or an a con^equoncc of thu 
"change of life. The pains increane more nivd mon\ until rv- 
licveVl l>y a profu*e di^^cliarcfo i»f l)lood ; violent pnins^ as if 
a knife were thnnst thrtntfjk the abdomen^ which haa to b« re- 
lieved from all pressure. 

Maon.-m. : Ljirge, dry, hard difficult stools^ which crumble 

%^ they come to pass lo the verge of the anus; let tin? action 

^f this remedy be continued a lon^ while, aOer the bowels 

►ccome regular and comfortable and the scirrhu^ will al»o 

liaappear ; uterine spacing, extending to the thighs and oo- 

isioning leucorrhcpa. 

Mercurilts. — ProhfVius r<tffin(P: The inguiual glands sym- 
pathize with the cancerous affoi'tiou» 

Nitric-acid: Tlie disease is liased on a syphilitic taint; 
the urine is vert/ offetmlve ; airgravntion after midnight; vio- 
lent cramp-like pains, us if the nbrlomen would bur^l, with 
constant eructations, violent )jressinj4, as if evpryihing would 
come out at the vulva, with j>ain in the small of the back^ 
through the hip-s down the thighs ; bovvela rather loose, with 
violent, cutting pain^ after an evacuation, lastitiu for hours. 

PiiosFiiORrH : In tall, slim females, w ilh sense of empti- 
nes8 in the abdruuen ; much heat up the back, and a narix>\v^ 
tough, dry stool, like a dog's; cutting pains through the ai>- 
domen, sometimes with vimiiting, very sleepy^ parliculai*ly 
after dinner; beklring up of an immense quantity of wind 
atler eating : fretpient and profuse hjemorrhages, iK>uring out 
freely and then ceasing for some hours or day*. 

Ski'IA : Lancinating pains from the uterus to the nmbilicus; 
putrid cxcoriuting discharcrf from the viigina ; a sense* of 
weif^ht and pressing doAvn, which causes her lo cwss her 
thighs lest the oi^an should escape; sensation of weij^ht in 
the anus, not relieved by an evacuation ; very cold feet and 
band», icy-cold ; great sense of weakness and enn»tiness at the 
[lit of the stomach ; vRllownessof tlie face, paiticularly acroaa 
the bridge of the ^/ose like a saddle; shootuig stitches \^*ith 
Imniing in the neck of the uterus. 

8nj<-EA: Di^ehargt'S of blood between the regular peiio 
Increased menses with repciited paroxysms of icy-coldnetis 

•ds. ^M 
ens ^^1 



'cr tlic* wliole bofly : attacks of melancholy; anpuiah in tlie 
ph of the stoinacli; fetidy brownish puruhnt ichorous letteorr* 
haea ; always ^rejit costivencss before and diiniig the tiieiiHL's; 
momentary atinck.-* of sudden blindtjesa. 

SuLPiitTR: Offensive, corrosive, idiorouR kucorrhcca; Ren- 
Hrilion cd' heat in the rrou n of the head ; cohlness of the fet-t 
or bitniin2j in the golcs itf the feet at nifjht ; flushes of heat 
which pass off in a perHpiniiion with fuintni'SH; the patient 
ferls remarkably weak and hnnsri'y at the pit of the stomarh 
from ehneu in the morning til) noon; she eannot wait f'T 
dhmer; liglit deep at night, awakens frecpienlly ; viol*>nt 
burning in this vagina with painful soreness duting sexual 

Thuja: Cauiijfotoer excre^cetteeit * bleeflin^r eaftily, having 
an offenmve pungent odor; warts, fig-warls and other excrei*- 
censes about the vulva or anun; ulcers in the internal surtace 
of the vulva with sore and sinartinrr feeling ; prei<aing and 
contractive pai»» in the vulva, when sitting; cramp-like pain 
in the vulva and perinfeuni, when rising from a seat; cramp- 
pain in the vulva, extending as far as the abdomen, 

§ 4. Compare : Menstrual dijfficiUtii'n^ Cancerous Ulcers 
and Indftratfons^ 

CANTHARIDES, jioisoning by.— The best remedy for 
large doses is; t^pirit,^ of ramphor^ in drop doses, on sugar, 
one drop every ten or fifteen minutes. Use mncilaginoua 
drinks and frictions* witii etunphor. For the ailments which 
frequently arise from the aVmso of Cantharidcs: Aeon, or 
Puis, are frerpiently suit aide. 

CAKDIALGIA, GASTHALGIA.— g 1 The best remedies 
are: l)Ars. ^e//. ^^, cr//f. earb.-v. eliam. chin. cocc. ign. Ie|v 
tand. lobel, n-vovK puis, fiartr/uin. »ttfph. 2) Jh'atn, carb.-a. 
caust. dioscor, graph, grat, gcK in's.-v. Inch, /t/c. magn.-c, 
nitr.-sp. phos. siL stan. stront. verat.-vir 3) ^?5cuK-hip. nmm. 
ant, cauloph. cimicif rotl' cohic. croc. cnpr. daphn. enphorb, 
;ran. ? kuL kreaa. nalr. natr,-m. n.-mo«ch, plumb, see mp, 

§ 2 In conset^uencG of cj?}otioffM, as anger, indigiiatltui, 
: Cham. o<jloe. or also, n.^vom. ntaph. 

For cardinlgiafrom abuse of ci^^istf: Cliam. cocc. ign. n.-vom. 

Frcm abuse of rhamomiie : l)N,-vom. pul«. or also, bell. ign. 

Frcm *<fatm fftnttricus : Bry. n.-vora. puis, or aUo, Ant, 
c'«r!>.-v. chin, euloc. 

For eardialgia of drtaikordif or in consequence of de- 
hfiurhts: Oarb^v. n.-vum. or in the chronic state : Culc lach. 

Fmm <AA;/;/y, Iom of animal Jttiids^ from nuramj^^ 
uig, nbu!«(d uf cut)jiLru«*j^ from the eflVcU of * 00lifiiicini!nl» 
A* . : Carli.-v. dun. c«>cc, ur also, n.-voiu. 

From otYf-tjeertion : Bry, — from k faU : Lycopt 

From eitft'hiiiff cold : Hry. coloc. n.-VMin, {iluinb. 

From %mtifiinj tott ttm*j j\tr fofxl : Ign. 

•From rcpeUc^i tt>fpfi<ftin : Ar» c.iust. snlph* 

§ 3 Canliiii^ia with fiANQiTiyKo^a oAsTRi/CTtoNB IH TtlB 
POfTTAL SYSTKM .' Carb.-v< or n..vom. 8ii1f*h. 

In ihe c;*se mF h}/»teric or Ay/>r' i; 

Calc. cucc i^^raU ign, mnsn-c. n.-vom. - :^ 

merutesi Cham. cocc. n.-vom. puis. — uheii ih^ tnentK'^ are^cH? 
Jtmhle: Cocc\ t)u1». — wlien too pro fuAe. : Calc. or lycop. 
^ For cardial gia from a^i^^e q/" iitehen $alt: Nitr.-^. or 

4. Particular irKlications : 

KLLADONN.1 : When ChamonuHa Roems to l>e indiented. 
but is ineffi'duul ; most fjenei*ally suitable to fcmak^s or ddi- 
cate individuals, especially when the following HvmptomR nr« 
present : gntvwint^ prcnsure, or spasmodic tennion, obligin** 
the patient to bend backwards, or to stop the breath, whtrn 
alleviates the ]»ain ; the pains are brought on by eating; the 
])ain i* m violent^ that (he puiivut loseJ^ his cotisHottifitei^s and 
faints away ; great thirst, with aggravation of the ]>ain» by 
drinking; slow and scanty stool ; t^leepless nights, 8<:imetimi?s 
a little sleep in the day-lime. 

Bktonia : Pressure in the pit of tlie Btomach t<^ from a 
Hone^ e^lieeially dtiriiig or iinmi'iliately alter a meal, N^ith son- 
Ration of .swelling in the region of the stomach ; or contrnc* 
live, piiu'liiiig;iiui cutting i>ains, abating by pre«5«ing upon tlie 
region of tlie stomach, or after several eructations; a^jf/ra- 
vafion of thf. pniiiit by motion^ or when walkings wifhffitc/tes 
in the r*f/i(>fi of the tttumarh on nitiki}ifj a fihe tttep ; enn&ti- 
pation, preHSure and comj^rcsxive Kensntion in the temples, 
forehead and occiput, an if the skull would burst; relief J8 
obtained by making preHKure on tlie head or temples. 

Cau'ajiea : Suitable to plethoric persons thai are apt 
to bleed fron\ the nose, or to females who menstruate pro- 
fusely, or tiiXvv J^eliadof I fid bad been given with but partial 
eflect ; it ia indicated by ; Prt-sMure in the siomaidi, comjirea- 
Bive, erampy psuiiM, tyv clfttchinfj s*tit<iftlov in fht rt*/ifjri of the 
ttomafh^ with anxiety ; aggrMVittiou of the ]»ninH at night, or 
a/ttr a tntal^ frtquentiy cotniliny of the ittytittii^ acridity 

id tmutiea ; pa'mful i^euAiti venues io the region of the stomai^ 




whvn pressing upon it; constipation and hmmnrrhntdal dta- 
//v/»/f, or chronic loosenesft of thfl bowels; [lulpiiaiion of the 
lll^•4li, ttc. 

CAK*m>-viJ:a. : After iVe/aj.-a had been given witli partitJ 
eflect, or when the tblJovring syujplfuns occur : Painful^ hurh- 
iiig lyre^mire^ with anffHjjih^ trenihling^ iind aggravation V>y 
contact^ also lit Tiigfitand a/t^r a meal, especially aft t^r taking 
ffatulcfU food; or spasmodic contractive pain, c<.mi pel ling 
the patient to bend double, wilh asthma una Mf^^crravalion i» 
a recnnjbenl posture ; fieartburn; naiLsea; loathing of food, 
even when merely tbia king of it; /ffA/uent Jlufulcnre^ with 
oppression of the chest mid conMipalion, 

Ciiamomilla: Distension of the epigastrinm and hypo- 
chondria, with pressure as from a stone ; opjjresMion, short 
and diflicnlt breathing; aiigravation of the pains after a meal, 
oral nighty with great a/tgutWi and reMit^ifsufAg ; decrease of 
the pains by beniling doi\bh:% iJiHfafitfineou8 relief by eojfee / 
and when the IbllowingsymploinR are })resent : IJeating pain 
in the vertex, at night, obliging one to get out of bed ; irri- 
tnble> peevish mood. Cham, is frcc|nenlly most suitable in 
gytemation with Coff, ; if it should be ineffectual^ give Hell* 

China: Dyspeptic weakness, with distenmim of and pain- 
^1(1 pressure in the re(/io?i of the tttotnach, ttftcr eathig or 
mtinking ever so UttU ; acidity, heartburn, julimy or Inlinu? 
'passagea ; the pains get worse during rest, abate during nuj- 
tion ; ]o8« of appetite, avei-sion to food and drink; IdlencHs; 
sleepiness ; hypochondriac moitd and inability to wvrl\ mjMi- 
eially after a meal; slow f tool ; yellow, livid complexion; 
arellow appi'arance of the w !iites. 

E CoccuLi s : After ]>art!al relief by N.-^orti, or Chamonh 
oymjiloms: Aching, contractive pairii* in the abdomen, pass* 
ing off alter discharge ot flatulence ; the colic returns after 
eating, with nauwea, water in the mouth nnd opprri^ion of 
the chest; hrird,delaying8tool ; ?7/, intractabfewood^ taciturn. 

IcNATiA : Afier partial relief by Pahatdla, Symptoms; 
Painful /frtsstf re as from a stone^ especially after ejiliug or 
at night, in the region of the pylorus; or Hetmation of Weak- 
ness or emptiness in the pit of the stomaclu with sensitive- 
ness to contact, and burning in the stomach ; hicc<»ngh; re- 
gurgitation of the ingesta; aversion to ford and drink, or to 
tobaeco; accumulation of mucus in the mouth, ttc, ; suitable 
to persoua who had been staning either from vvnnt (ir other 



Ktrx voM. : Contrmtive^ aching or rrampi/ pains^ with 
dutMnff or clawing Btnsntion in the stomacli ; the t)reHguro 
of the clothes on the I'piga^triiiiti tVcls unpleasant ; tnt pahnf 
are worse a/ler a rrictr/, after taking cfiffke^ at nijLjhi, «>r lo- 
wnrcls moniing, or ntifr riftiijcr; sensation as if n hand were 
tied round the chest, with pain extendincr to the biiek and 
kidneys ; the attack is attended w ith nausea, waiter in the 
niotith, lieartbum, or even voniitinrf o/ the inffesta ; Rour or 
foul taste in iht* rnouth ; Hatulent dii«tention «>t' tin- abdomen \ 
crmut f'pfitwrt , h am orrh ** id* il athneti t.t, hiji >or/iomlrittr, peevish^ 
qtutrrdsorne moody with rt/>efnert( dii<pogifio?t ; hemicrania^ 
or aching pains in the forehead, wish inahilily to work; pal- 
pitation "of the hearty with anguish. Nux-v, is trt^nerally 
Buitable at the commencement of every ca^e of cardialgia; 
Bometinie&, however^ an exaceHjation of tiie Hymptnms takes 
place alVer every dose of Nux. ; in such casus PhU, ign,^ or 
Cham, deserve a preference. If Nut-v, should be withont 
eflect, though apparently indicated, Cham, or Cucc. should 
be ti-ied. 

Pi*LSATnxA: Stitehinf; pains, worse when walking' or 
when making a wrong step; or <^iijupj/ paws, either before 
breakfa>t or nffer a nifal^ generally attended with nausea* or 
vni7iithtfj of the IngeMa ; ahsenre of thirst, except at the 
acme of the pains; beating in the epij^fastrium, with angnisli, 
or leugion and compression in the rci^juti of tlu' stomach; soft, 
or liquid stools; agrfratjation of thr pains itt the evening^ 
with chilhy which increase correspond iurfli/ with the pains f 
sour or bittei" taste of the mouth or food ; sad and whining 
mood ; bland tentper. 

Si LPHi'ii : PrcMure as from a stone^ particularly after eat' 
ing^ witii nausea, water in the mouth, or vorniiinjr ; also when 
the following symptoms are present : acidity^ heartburn^ fre^ 
qnent refpirgitntion of the ingfsta ; aversion to tat food, rye- 
bread, sour ihinirs or su<:^ar; dulhiess of the head, with ina- 
bility to think; the pressure of the clothes on the hypochon- 
dria is unpleasant, with distention of thost' parts: disposition 
t*» piles or accunmlation of mucus in the intestines; hypo- 
chondriac, whining mood, disposition to be vehement. 

g 5. AttG..>fiTK. : In the middle between the xyphoid carli- 
lag*' and llie navel a small spot, which is very sensitive lotlie 
sliirhlest pressure; from this sjjot a very severe pain spreads 
to the hyprtchondriac region, into tlie back, up the shoulders, 
even to the head ; gradually increasing in intensity and an 
'Ipradualiy leaving again. 



AnsRWtciTM : Burning pain, pit of the stomach sensitive to 
touch ; vomiting of ingest:!, aa soon as taken ; anguish, taint- 
ing ; facepah^ earthy. 

BiaMUTiiusi: Aching pain, with feeling of heaviness and 
indescribable malaise in the stfunach. 

CARno,-A. : After partial relief from carb.-v., hwning ach 
in f/ pain ^ acidity, heartburn, mucus In the stomach and con- 

CAU8Tict">f : Pressure, spaamnrlic contraction and griping 
in the stomach, as if clawed ; the hair stands on end as the 
] tains increase, acidity and mucus in the stomach. 

DioscoitKA : Frequent empty eructations ; constant dislreBB 
in the stomach, more in the afternoon and evening; severe 
cutting, tearing pains in the stomach and region of the gall- 
l>ludder; burning distress in the stomach with sharp, prick- 
ling pains in it imd faintncss. 

OuArntTEs : Crampy, spasmodic or clawing pains, or pres- 
sure with vomiting of tlie ingesta, 

Gratiola : Pri'ssurc in the stomach, especially after a meal, 
Avith nausea, ineffectual attempts at eructations, ooustipation 
and hyj>ochondriac mood. 

Iris-ver, : Burning distress in the epigastric region, not 
allayed by drinking cold water; colic like pains in the epi 
gastric region ; intense burning in the region of the pan- 
creas, distressing nausea and vomiting; vomiting of an ex- 
tremely sour fluid, 

Lachesis : Aching pains which diminish immediately afler 
a meal, but recommence again in a few houi-s, and are par- 
ticularly violent after a siesta; dyspeptic weakness, flatu- 
lence and constipation. 

Lkitaxdria : Constant distress in the lower part of the 
eitigastriuro and upptT portions of the nmbilical regions ; 
shfirp, cutting pains at intervals, in the same parts ; burning, 
aching sensation ifi the stomach, aggravated by drinking cold 
water; weak, sinking sensation in the pit of thc! stomach, 
great desire for stool, that cannot be retained one moment. 

liOBELiA-iNFL.: Nausea, paii», heat, oppression and exccBsive 
mieasiness; extreme nausea with profuse perspiralion ; /ec^ 
«"// ^f i^eakn^ss of the stomachy exfendtJiff thront/H the wh(/U 
ch^st ; feeling of pressure in the pit nf the stomach, as frou^ 
A plug ; violent painful constriction in the curtlia; tightness 
of tile epigastrium with acidity in the stomach. 

Lyi'ch'«u>ii:m : Compressive pains as if the stomach were 
pressed together from both aidea; less in the evcuing, but 



coming f^n n^n in the morning, espeeiaU^ in tho open air^ 

or atWr a nie»l 

Magnesia: Aeliing and contractive pains, witlj sour 

XrrR*-epiitrrri5 ; Aching, contractive pain from mating loo 
much Siilu fiillnes* in the stomach after a meal, Avith sonr i>r 
Blimy vomitin<j ; loss of appetite, hearlbuni, aeitlily. 

Pktrol : Pressing, drawing pain, anuHoratfji htj ktrpiii^ 
on eatitiff tometking conMantIt/ ; water-lira.<h ; feeling of 
fuMne«« in the pit of the stnmaeh and painful lo ilie tuuoh ; 
Hvcrslon to open air, don't like lomovo; better fro rn warmth 
Jiitrl warm air. 

pLrsiBu-M : The patient bends backwards during the spell, 
getjj better from hard exti-rnal pre»»upe upon the stomach ; 
afterwards yellow appeanince of the eyes, badly swelling 
feel and sweat of the ffet. 

$AKoiriXARfA : Soreness in the epigajitrinm. aggravated by 
eating; l>uruing in the stomach M'iih headache; jerking in 
the fltrmiach, aa from bumething alive; feeling of cmptineflS 
in the fitonmch, 

SiLicKA : Aching pain in the stomach, eftpccially after eat- 
ing or drinking rapidly, with muous in the stotxiiioh aud 

Staa'Xi*m : ObBtinate cardialgia, bitter ernctationa ; canine 
hunger ; diarrhcea, nausea, pale and sickly complexion. 

STArirvsAoniA : Aching and lennive pain in the stomach, 
at times worse, at others bettor after eating, especially bread, 
irith frequent nausea and constif>ation» 

Strontiana : Aching in the stomach, especially after a 
meal with a fulhiess in the abdomen. 

§ 6. For p*iin8 in the Mowach with great autjiii»h and op- 
pression in the pit and region of tlie stomnch : Amn\ ar», 
eoA*. carb.-vfg. rham, rhin, graph, guqj, hntr. /yr, uatr.-m, 
i.-fjow*. op. pidft. f*p*(l^ sfann, efram. sufph, th^tj, veratr.^ 
Vmfuhiess to contact, in the ]iit of the stonmch : 'i) Ars. 
l^tjyt. hry. cak: color. Ij/r. mere, riafr, vatr-m. n.-vom. f^os, 
til. ttpig. sftJjt/i. mrttfr 2) Camph, cann. e.olek, dig, ft^rr. kah 
hftgn.-c. r/Ktgn.-m, phos.-at\ phit, rhofh ^p. gtann,-^ /toring 
>aina : Amtn, arft cajm. f-arh,-an, natr. nifr. 0rp, — Burning 
"pains: 2) Ars. etim/ih. carh -vrg, cic* tfig. lach> n.'vom. ph(t^ph, 
ticp, itil. vf?/////< 2) 2»rv. dvlc, Jn/oit, letch, magv.-e. mrrc mrz, 
rnur.-ar, ?Hffr, natr -m. zim^. — Jl c/*/??// pains : ArH, haryt. ML 
hry. <!fMic. i'arh.'ati. carb.-vey, count, chotn. cic, dig, dvic. ftrr, 
tfraph, hip, letch, lye, mere, natr, neUr.'m, n^-fnosch. n.-vofH. 



phon, rhus, sep. siL atann. staph, sulpL — Ulcercttim pain: 
liiiryt, rann, corh.-v€(j, von, hell fnffn,-c. ntagn,-m. mere, 
rhus. Rfann, — Sirellinfi m the region of the Btainat'h : Atnm, 
anr. nde, coff\ ht'p. ii>ec. Itfc, Ttntr.fN, pt^tr, sulph.'^ Griping and 
clawing in iheslomaob: 1) Cak\ carb.-an, cmtsL rHat/7i.-arcL 
natr.-tn, n.-vom, phos. puU. sU 2) Atn. chin, coccttl graph, 
\sc, natr. idtr.-ac. peir. stann. st/lph. »\(lph.-ac,^ Fedhig of 
Coldness in the stomach and pit of the stomach: Alum. *tmm, 
Innyt. caps. chin, colch. con. Umr,natr.-ni. phos. rhtis.sulph. 
spontj. zimx — Beating pains : Hdl. carb.-veg. etc. dros. graphJ 
kill, kreos. lattr. li/c. mugn -rn. mere, mosch. murMic. rtatr.-m, 
n.*vom. puis. rhah. stp. sulph. tart, thftj. zinc. — Crampg paitis : 
»See § 1. — Cretpijfff pains: Almn. raast, colch, plat. puts, 
rhod, rhtts. — Gnawing pains : Alum. amm. amm^.m. ars, 
harifi. cede. carb.'Vcg. graph, hrp. htch, lye. mdr, jntr.-ac, 
phoifph. plat, pills, rhod. ntta. st7 stdph, — Tearing pains; 
Alum, amm. ars. hargt, carb.-an. cnpr, kreos. lye. mere, n.-tyom, 
ptds. ntta. Sep, stdph. — iStitching pains: 1) Arfi. bry. eaust. 
colrh. dig. lach. nitr. ac. rhus. sep. 2) Alum. amb. amm, 
baryt. calc. couth, carb.'an. chin, con. tm/ir. graph, ign. 
tnagn.-c. natr.-m. phosph. sfdph, — Feeling oj fullness : 
1) Chin> dig. kaL lach, lye. n.-jnaseh. n.-voni. jretr. phosph. 
%Aeon. am, asa. kah mere. mt^z. staph.- Sore pain : Alum, 
baryt. bry. eak. chin, colch. cwi^ hell. ign. kaL lach, magn.-^', 
mang. mosch, mtr^-ac. n.-vom. ran. sabad, sep. — Constric- 
tive., contractive pains; J) Amm. carbnin. carb.-veg. graph, 
magn.c. natr, nafr-m.. n,-rom. s^dpL 2) Alum. bctrasR, chin, 
ecfccid dig. gvaj. A:al lye. mere, natr.-m. 7iitr,-ac, pttK 
phosph. plumb, rhab. rhus. sep. fndph.-a/;. 

§ 7. When the pntiont gutters rspccially in the evening 
Calc. puis, *1) Carl».*v. lye. phos. gep. sulph.-ac, tlnijri. 
_ when pressed upcm ; 1) Ars. hry. lye. n,-vom. tdl, li) Ai-oti. 
aniin. calc. itfn. lach. natr-nu puis, sulph.— fi-om stepping: 
1) jRry. 2) Anac. baryt. hell puis, magn.nn. — from the 
tOPcJi: 1) ArsL baryt. nntr.-m. n.-vom. phos. sulph. 2> Bry. 
calc. con. cupr la<.'h. mere. natr. spip. — from motUm : Anp. 
bry. caa, cnpr.— from stooping; Alum. rhu», — irom eating : 
Aug. arn, cic con, sep. tart, verat.^ — during the siralhneing of 
the food: Baryt. nitr.-a. ^v\\,— after eating: 1) Ars. bell. chin. 
lach. ji.'Voni. puis. puli>h. 2) Bnryt. bry, carb.-v, elijini. eie. 
coloc. ferr, kal.-bi. petr. phos. plat. ail. — iniprovtfnenf from 
eating : Grn\ih. phos, sep.^ — fn»ni a false step : Bry. puis, 
rhus. — in thaopen air: hyc.n.-iom. — montings : l)Ars, bry. 
calo* natn-m. n.-vom, puis. 2) Chin. lyc» phos. staph, sulph.-- 


from nHifktnfi: 1) Calc. phoa, puk aep 2) Bell, bry— from 
'"{fikini/ f*offee : Cham, n.-vom, - amt'Iioraiion from rvffrt: 
n. — ami'lioration fr«>iii ciAd drinks : Phoa. — ainelioiutiun 

>m lytnff doien : Bell, bry, cale chain, caust* chiti. paraph. 
«tann. — <it u iff At: Arcf.-n, ara. caU*, carb.-v. cham. gi-aph. lye. 
n.-vom. phos. puis rh us, 8ulph. — amoliorutiou bi/ rest: Bry. 
^cham. — jiggravanon bif fri(fht: Cnrb.-v. — vA-hcn sitting: Hep. 
mU, ^uljth — :iirj4i:iv,itinn fVom njyeakittg: Caps, iiatr. n.-vom. 
— after diinkiiiij: IjKerr. n.-vom, 2) Aeon, kal. nitr.-flc rho<i 
«l. 8uli>h.-ac,— ariiclioratioM from the tearmth of the bed : 
Grnpb. lye. 

8 8, 1" he pains are relieved bi/ nwtion : Calc» chin.-— by 
tnoping: N.-vom. — by hfif'(f down: Bry, calc, rham. — by /y- 
I7>l7 on (hr back: Bry. — by Ifuuing barkicard : Bell. — by 
hendhtff dotrn: Art;.-n ars. bell. bry. chain, n -voiru —by «iV* 
thif/: Bry, — by raiiufj : Phon. — by entcftrtioTix : Bell. bry. 
dig. calc. con* coloc hich,— by lyomitiug : N.-vom.— by «c<rr- 
jtttl htQt : Ars. coloc. graplu lye phos. — hy prtasurt: Br^'. 

§ 0, Acoampnnied by vtrtigo: Lye. n.-vom. puk-A^a^ 
<7<^')!<^.* Bell. bry. lye, u.-vom. Sep.— reff;«•^f# f^/" face: Bell. 
w.'Vom.—pafmtsu of fact : Ars. chin. sep. — t/iintl : Ara. belJ. 
n.A'om.—(hiriifIc»Hfif9ff: Pals. — /lungrr: Chiti. ipi. n.-vom. — 
watfr-hranh : Bry. cocc. n.-vom. sil, — ucidUy : Bry. carb.-v, 
cluTi. rocc. n.-vum. phos. puis. — emHatious : Ai's, bell. bry. 
calo. cocc. lyC- n.-vom. puis. srp. gnlph.^ — hiccough : Sec, — 
tififtnea: Ans. bell bism, cocc, coloc, croc, lye nwt n.-mosdi. 
n.-vom. Sep, vomiting : Arcf.-n, ars. bry. calc. carb,-v. cocc. 
coloc. lye. mejc. n.-vom. phos, pJumb. puis, sec. sop. ail. — co>4- 
fitipittton : Ars. belL bry. calc coloc. ron. lye. mcE. n.-vom* 
plumb, puis. sec. 8u1(»1j. — dliurhmn : Ars calc. n.-vom. puis. 
—cold mcctit with nnguisli : An*, carb.-v. cocc. coloc. scp.-^ 
faivtiug : Ai*s. bell, 

g 10. Con^pare: Vomiting ; Stomach, weakness of; Colic; 
Condition ; Causes^ cl'c. 

CATAUACT ; The best rcm«*dies for catamct are : l) Cann, 
canst, con. magn.-o. phos. puis. f>\\. sul|ih. 2) Amm. baryt. bvll, 
c.nle. chel, dig. euphr. hep hyo.«ic lye. nitr.-ac* o]>. ruta. scneg. 
Hpitj. stram.— *for caturmi from injury by a blow, (cataracia 
traumatica) ; l)Con, 2) Amm, eiipbr. puis, ruin, 

(«r.\t.TcoitA» or blue or grc*en cataract, seems to require prin 
'jiprilly : phosphorus. 

For nETU'ij.ATKD cataract give; Cauftt. aiid plumb. 

CATAKKII, coinzA. 



§ I. Principal remetlies : 1) Amm. ar^. cepn. diam. dulc 
eupat. gels liep* l.ich, mtT/\ n.*voffi, ptd-a. rumex. Ran^iim. 
sticta. fiiilph. 2)-^Hc. hop. bell, cimirif. cuyihor. iirii. jpec 
lye nntr, s;unb- 3) Aturn. aiiac, bry. ca!c, earb.-v. cuuhI. ookj, 
g^raph. hydrast. natr.-in. nitr.-ao. senec. sop ail xiiie. 

§ 2. For the prkcltrsory symptoms, whuu the (levolopment 
fjf tho catarrh geenm to be ddiiyed, with rntarrhal affection 
of iho frontal cavitieSy eyes, «fec., use: Ij Amm. calc. lach. 
n.'fU}m. puis. 2) Caust, hep. natr.^m. 3) Ars bry. lye. 

For DRY coRY«A, QV Catarrhal obstmction of the nose, use* 
together with the above-mentioned remedies : Biy. cnlo. 
njivb -V. ign. lye nati% natr.-ra. nitr.-ac. n.-vom, phos, plat. sil. 

Obstruction of the nost in case of nkw-uoun infants, is 
generally relieved by Nux-voinica or Sanibncus* 

For FLUKNT CORYZA, bletiorrhcBa nasalis: l)Merc. puis, 
Bii(p(i 2) Ars. bell. cham. dulc, hep, ipee. lye. nitr.-ac, ail. 

§ 3, The best remedies for oituiN.vKY catarrh, are : Bell, 
eu|)at. hej). lach. mere, rutnex, sitcia. 2) Ars.dnlc. ipee* n,-vora. 
saiipfuirj. S)Cham. puis »ul]>h. 4) Atnm. bry. ebmeif cuphr. ign. 

VoT CATARRH WITH FicvRR : 1) Murc. D.-vom. 2) Aeon. ars. 
g«^ls. sabad. spijr. veral.-vir. 

For cHKoxic catarrh: Alum, anac. bapt. calc. carb,-T, 
canst, con. c;raph hydra.sL lye. natr. natr -m nitr.-iic, phytol, 
Sep. sil. zino. — and the remedies indicated for suppuratiou of 
the iio8e. 

For the inspostTioN to catai^rh, the bept remedies are : 
-/E*iculiH. (•ale ijrt'iph natr. puis. .sil. stict. sulph., and the re- 
medies indicated fur cold. 

§ 4. For the consequences of bjjppresskd catarrh, givf : 
Aeon, ars. belb bry. chin. cin. gels, n.-vom. puis, ganguin, 
sticta. sulph. 

If the h^ad be greatly affected, give : 1) Aeon, hdl, cham, 
chin, i-ia n.-t^om. sul|ih. -) Ars. cnrb.-v. lach. lye. puis. 

If the eyea should lie principuUy affected, give: I) Bell, 
cham, et/phi'. itrn. lach, n.-vom. puis, or 2) Ilep. njere* sulph. 

For asthmatic complaint^% use: 1) Ara. ipoc. lob. 2) Kry. 
n,-vom. sulj^h. 

For bronchitis: Acnn. bry. mere, n.-vom. puis. rhus. sulph. 

§ 6. Particular in<licatiot»H: 

^scrLUs HIP. : Severe fluent coryza ; burning in the nos- 
tril, raw feeling tlirouirhout the whole naK,aI e.ivity; dischargo 
of watery thin mueti:* I'rojii the nose; fijniiie.itiou in the nose ; 
buniiniif and stinging in tht* eyes ; laehrynirition, 

AMiioxiL'.\i : Stoppa(/€ of the nose, cspeHally at night ; 



swf>11ing and painful senHitivcncss of the nostrilji ; discharjBTA 
of blood from the nose on blowini? it. drifneM of iht* now * 
painftil eyes, lachiyraation ; epi&taxU ; dry tiiomh, eapecuUly 
at nig^lit, 

AftSEXK:ir«: Stopjiatre of the nose, with c<j pious diwhar^e 
of a watery mucu*» and burnliu^ in tlie nose, with soreness 
of the adjacent parts; sleeplens nit^ht ; bleedins* at the nose; 
hoarseness ; buzzing in the earn, headache with beating in 
the forehead and nausea ; relief by tenrmfh ; absence of 
thirst or desire to drink always, but little at a time. 

Bryonia : Sez^ere dry ciyrijza vdt\\ eat-arrh of tho frontal 
and maxillary cavities and severe tearing, drawing, twitch- 
injT and Rt itching pains in the affected parts, and when 
N.-vom. did not help. 

CiiAMOMiiXA : Principally suitable to children, or after 
Buppression of sweat ; with ulcerat*'d nostrils; chapped lips; 
great drowsiness • heaviness of the head with dullnerts ; chills 
with thirst; one cheek is red, the other pale; acrid mucus 
from the nostrils, (freqiteutly suitable l>efore or after Puis.) 

Cepa : Pnjfuse discharge of bland water from tM eyes 
and httrnhip cxvnriathig tcater from the nose ; terrible la- 
ryngeal cough, compelling the patient to grasp the larynx 
with his hands, for it seem^ that the congh would tear it. 

CiMK-iPUGA-RAtv: Dr}^ coryza with stinging seiisatitm in 
theei^ening ; flunit coryzaof whitish muriis during the day; 
abundant watery coryza with sneexing atid aching pain in the 
heiul and cyo-b:ils; great Aejii^itirftit^s to void tdr^ an if every 
inhnlation brtught the rt»ld :iir iit contact with the bnun. 
Severe ]uiinH in the face- with lassitude all over. 

PuLCAMAitA : 8top[>age of the nose with discharge, which 
is suppre.sst?d hv the h*a.>it contact ^vith cold air ; the 8yni]> 
touis are worse during rest nnd abrite during motion ; bleed- 
ing of the nose ; dryness of the m«mth without thirst; rough 
and voice, 

GEi-sEMimM : Watery dii*charge from tho nose; sneezing 
with dull headache ; tingling in the nose, bloody mucus dts*- 
charge ; hoansenciss ; soreness in the throat and chest ; severe 
cougn with a metallic sound, 8oniew4iat like croup; epit^^taxis. 

Uepar: In all cases of ordhiort/ ^^^^r/r/A, at\er partial re- 
lief bv Merc, or when the patient had been drugged with 
mercury ; generally when every breath of cold air causes a 
new attack of catarrh or headache ; or when the catarrh la 
Cuti fined to one nostril and the headache gets worse bj 
motion . 






ITvnnARTrs: Constant dischn»*iTo of tlnrk, wTiitP mncus 
froTu tilt* no^t* with profuse lachiyTnation ; stuffcMl up, smnrt- 
ini; scnsntion in posterior nnrr^^ witli flisflmrffp of thin, clear 
njucus; slijirp^ mv, ext^nriatinjnr ieelini^'in botli nans. 

Lacht-isis : Where Merc, or Hep. wore iThlirated, but did 
not suffice, or rxtremehf copious discharffc of wufert/ mucins ; 
swellinii of and soreness of the nares .itid lips ; places in tlie 
nostrils; Inchrymation; sneezing; or when the coryxa does 
not form itself fully, with ohstrnclion of the nose ; buzzing 
in tl^e eai-s ; lachryniation, headache, ill-hainor and entire 
inabiHty to think ; and especially when X.-vom. does not help* 

MERCifRTirs : Ordinary catarr^i, whether epidemic or not. 
Syniptorna : frequent sneezincf ; eopi(/n» di^i^harfje of tcatety 
saliva ; swelling, redness and soreness of the nose, \vith itch- 
ing and pain in the nasal bones on pressiuf^ ui)on tfieni ; ftitid 
»meU of the nnAnl mncn^ ; painful heaviness in the forehead ; 
iii<*ht-8weat 8, chills and feverish heat; great thirst; pains in 
the limbs; desire to be alone ; the symptoms are aggravated 
by warmth or cold. — (Compare: Hell. hep. and lach.). 

Nix-voMicA : Suppression of the caiarrlinl discharjr^e with 
stoppaife of the nose ; headache with heaviness in the fore* 
hearl or with stitcliiuE: or tearinof pains; hot face, es])eciallT 
in the evening, with burninc: redness of the checks ; rig-idity 
of the whole body ; vexed mood, vehement ; the catarrh is 
fluent in the morning, clrj^ in the evening or at night, with 
dry mouth, without much thirst ; leeling of dryness in the 
chest; constipation or hard stools; ov 8iinvlirine*nis stoppaffs 
of the nose and di.scharge of a burninff ui^d corrosioe niucu!\ 
for which Ars. did no good ; or when accompanied by severe 
pains in the face. — (Compare: Ars. bry. ipec. and lach.) 

PfiYTOLAOcA : Total ohstntrfion oft/ui fiase, when niling, so 
that one \a forced to breathe through the mouth; not relieved 
by blowing the nose; flow of mucus from one nostril, while 
the other is stopped ; mucus discharged with difficulty; con- 
tinual hawking. 

Pri^HATiLLA : Loss of appetite ; loss of taste and smell ; 
dUrhfirge of a yeUonjish^ yretmy (hirk and ft id rnucus ; 
swelling of the nose ; dischar<4e of blocid tVoni the nose on 
blowing it; ulceration of thi! nostrils; fix-quent sneezing; 
photopholiia ; rough voice ; dullncHs and heaviness oi the 
head, especLdly in the evening niid in a warm room, Avith ol>- 
struction of the nose; anu'Iionition in the open air; chills, 
especially in the evening, absence of thirst, whining mood. 

iFVequeully suitable after or before Cham). 


rATARKll - — CORtZA. 

RmiF X : 1) ill h>' M^l(^h«^ «•!>»:♦ l»y motitin ■ -'nx\ 

ty^S without nnvoxtprrial jii^jfiH rrf inlliuuni i rvj 

with priinliil irrilntion hi iifistinl :uul s»«ie«vfti,: , t«it*. «nn^ «i 
tbpnc>««; vinli'til rtn«r rajiiU siit't'jtitiLj' ; ll't'lni*' of tlryneaa 
posterior nrirc*^ ; otiiicrh <'X<'it(vl l»y licklinit i» the lhrt)ul-j»It 
niu\ nj^ijrnvatod hy t.h<? k?.i!«t <Mirrt»fit u!* :iir; hi»iii>^ciiessL 

SAXdi'iVARiA : Fhi'ul C(»r\z:i \n;h rreqnenl Miet'xiticr ; w 
Icry, ncri<1 coryx-i, inrikiiii^ ibu tiose sure ; c<i|>iaua vv;ileriiiif' 
of the ri^j^hl vyc; fluid coryzii nlternatincj with etoppa^rt* «>f 
the riose ; In^s of smell ; rawne^H in the tiiroal, poiu iu the 
bronst, couirh ami tinally <li:irrh<^a. 

Sticfa-im^l : Prcrntmitort/ itt/niptaTMi of catarrh; exteA- 
sire ftff^/ie/ift of tht* nnmil tniifUfU^ m^inbranen which becoriiea 
painful, Thi.* 8t«ereliori» dry so quickly, thjii they ar« di.v 
chari^ed with trrcat effort in iho fornj c>fsc»ab«; dc^hititiori'l 
pAintul from dryncM in the throat; aggravation nt night; 
incessant mjoezinej, burning in the eyes; dull frontal head- 
ache, with feeltn'jr of fiillncs't at the root of the nose. 

SuLt^trPR : Stoppajro and ureal dryness of the nos© or co- 
pious secnotion of a thick, yollnwish or pundent ravicas ; fiv- 
fjUL'nt snei'Ztni; ; dis<_*h:iri]je of blood from the nose on blow* 
intf it; loj*9 of smell ; *ioreness and ulceration of I ho noatrils, 
&C,— (Suitable afu»r Puis.) 

g 0. Of tho other remedies, the following desenre oon- 
ttderation ; 

Biii.LADnvNA : Af\er partial effect of Merc, or Hep., the 
sense of smell is at limes niore^ at others Ies3 keen than 
usual ; headache worse from motion ; dull pain in frontal 

EirpHRASiA : Copious discharge of whitish mueuji, with red 
eyes and lachrymation. 

ToNATiA : Catarrh of nervous persons, with frontal head- 
flchu and hysteric nervousness. 

Ipecacitaxha : Afler partial effect of Ars. mnd N,-vom.| 
for great debiUiy, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting. 

LyoopoDirM : Sfoppfiz/e of the nose at nifjht^ dull hond^. 
burning pain in the forehead, 

Natri'm : The catarrh returns every other day; it is excite 
ed by the least (Iriiuy'ht of air and does not yield' to sweatiuij. 

SAHRrcrs : Suitable to new-bom infiinla ; tljo nose is ob- 
fitructerl by a ten!K'inu<* thick mucus, with sudden starting 
from sleep, as if sutfocating, 

8 7. Compare: Cough, Catarrh, S«] i of the noM 

(uid especially : Mucous membraJieft, cli i tbew 



CATARRH, SUFFOCATIVE, Orthojm(m parahjtira, 

iysi4t pidmonutH. — The be^t runivdies are ; ij Ars 

,-tf, chin, ijH'C. Ifich. op. tart. "1) Aeon, bnryt, camph. treU 

ph. puli*. samb. S\ Am\ bell. bry. cIkhu. con dros. hep. 

'ot»c. i;4nnt mtft-arc. nierc. ii,-vo»ti. phos. sponj;. bulph. yei at. 

§ 2. For suffiJCHtive luitarrh with avcwmUation of muras 
in the bronchi,, give : 1) Ars, camph. chia. ipcc. tart., or li ) 
Carb.-veg. gnipij. puis, sarab. 

For APoPLuxtA PLTLMONrsc from conp^estion of blood to ihe 
bogs: 1) Acofx. bell. bry. chin, gels, ipec pho$. aamb. 2) Ars* 
aur. cbara. n.-vom. op. spong. sulph. 

For PARALYTIC ORTULtPNfEA, purely nervous or true pa- 
ralyus of the lun^js: 1) Bnryt* graph, hyosc, lach, n.-voia. 
op. 2) Ars. aur. carb.-v. chin, mgt.-are. 

§ 3. The best remedies for children, are : 1) Aeon, ipeo, 
Munb* tart. 2) Belt chain, hep. ign. mere, 8ulph. 

For OLD PKOPLE : 1) BaryU lach. op. *2.) Ars. aur* carb,-v. 
con. phos. verat. 

§ 4. Compare : Aathnuiy Congestion to t/u lungs^ Pneu- 

CATARRH OF THE BLADDER: The be«t remedieg, 
are : Coloc. dulc. lye. u.-vorn, puis, sulph., or also, li) Ant. 
apis, apocyn.-c. calc. carb.-v, chitnapiu con. erior. hauiam. hy- 
drast. kal- phos. stict. uva — after catching cold; Dulc, puis. 
cep. — with bleedinpj : namam, millet 

See Cystitis and I^*hurLi. 

CATALEPSY, N^yctoht/sh^ Somnambulism. 

% I. These diseases are essenlially related to each other. 
We include them in the saiue purajL^iapli, iu order to prive ihe 
reader a chance, in case he should not discover suitable reme- 
dies for one form, to study the remedies of the other. 

g 2, For CATALEPiir we use principiilly : 1> Cham. ipec. 
pljvt. strarn. 2) Acoti. bell. eic. hyuso. gels. lach. tnosch. 
verat. 3) Ana, camph, coloc. dros. igii. mere. op. petr. 

For 80M3f AMBULtiiftc ; 1) Bry. natr.-ra. ail. sulph. 2) Petr. 
phoft. rhab. 

For N^ATtTR iL CLAIRVOTANCB ; Phos. ; also : 1) Aeon, bry. 
cicat. hyosc. ma^i.-arc, 2) Agar, tiiosch. uatr.-m. »il. sulph 

( ' : tS/tftMtmt f KnuUion^t morbid^ ond J}reafrtJt, 

i ^ OF DISEASE. — A irreal many particular causes 

i .d in sipecinl pariigraphs. It may, \h*\v 

} J to the reader to review the principal 

oi dAAc.t»c uuder one hea^L a^ folIowA: 



ft) From fihtts^ of mefiicin^^ : (See the »lifferent tlru|j« ) 
I*) From Sexual ah HAe : 1) Caic. c/iitL n.-roiii. p/io^ -fU\ i»#7. 

stitph. stifpU. *2) Am. a;irt^, carh.-V€fj. con. mfrc. mtff 

«<?/i. 3) At/fir, am. <un. eon. ktU, natr, prir. phoa, ptdd. 

t huj. m-iCompmo : Dkbility. ) 

!•) From ffit/hhtff: Aftt, ant, hell, talc, atrh.'veff. ceuuti, 

nttr.-w. thus, ea^ap, stjh aiiljj/i. — Cornjjrire: Cold) 

d) Inliiihitioii of noxhnis iHtpats : (Sue Vapoii».) 

e) It' from eonfjdntion : \\ Aeon. am. bry. tutrh.-t^i^. lar/i 
nitr.-ac. puts. sulph.-m\ 2) Afptr. camph. colch, peir. phoB^ 
»tdph. — Comp;iie: Apparkxt i>KATa.) 

i) If from beiiit/ /t*:ah'd : 1) Avon. ant. hell, hfy, camph, 
carh.'veg. siL % Caps. ktd. natr^-m. n-v>oni. op, thuj, fffno.--- 
Compare : Ukat, ill kffkcts of.) 

g) From ifiearinem in walking: Am. hry.aann. chin, eoffi 
ferr, rhus, thuj, veratr. — (Compare . Wob^ oitt-) 

b) From \\o\e[\l coniMiSAion o/ (luf body ; I) Arn» hry, eie* 
con, splg, *2) Acon^ deli, cak. cin. hep, iga, n»-vom, phm.^no, 
rhtfjt. rttta, »ulpb. 

i) From riding in a carriage^ swinging^ or some other 
paagive motion : 1) Am. coi^\ jntr. milpfi. 2) Colch, ferr 
fi,-moaeh,sep. #//. 3) Borasf^ carb.-veg. cokh. croc, graph, hi§K 
ign. kaf. natr. nafr.'m. pho». /tluf. sf/en. staph. 

k) From mrnUd fxerfion ; 1) Bell cak. la<^h. n^om, pith, 
snlph, iJ) Anar. am, attr. ro(y\ f*oirh. ign. bfc. mitr.-m, okimd. 
plat, nabad. 0ep.Jtil. — (Compare : Worjt oL'TJ 

1) From r.motvmn : \) Acjm. ML brg. vham. coff, ciAoc. 
hi/08, ign, lach. mere, n.-vom. op. phoM, phoJt.-af*. plat> p^iU, 
staph, stram. veratr, 2) Ars. aur. cale. cnuMf. cocc. cuff, li/c. 
natr.-jn. nitr.-a^. n.-mosch. rhitn. »ep. sulph.—i^^ci EMorioxg ) 

n\) From hurtful food or drink, —(See: Stomacu, ^'Kak- 


n) From poiftonous thingif or animals. — See: Poisoxi^ro) 
o) From utings tif insects. — (See: Stixgs of insetts.) 
p) From phgitiral earertions: I) Ai^on. am, brg. cole, cfkin, 

cocc, coff. mere. rhu^. »ii vemtr. li) Ahun, cann. Igc, ftair,'fn. 

n-vom. rata, ttajtin. «</7/>/i,— (Compare : Worst out.) 

q) Yvom derangement o/ the Homach : I) Ant. arn. ipee^ 

n.'Voni. puU, *2) Aeon, ars brg. curb.-rttg. c/tin. coff. fwp. ign, 

tiatr. staph. 3)CVf/r, carb.-vtg. cham. hep.natr. juUr.-tn. phos, 

scp. sil. sulph. veratr. 

r) From watrhing : 1) Carb.-veg. coce. n.-vom. put$, 

2) Amb. brg. r/tl/i. Ijtec. natr. natr.-m. pho^.-ac, ruta, 8<Mn, 

Hkn. 8€p.—(Coin\yMii: Wobn out.) 



i) From getting wei hy rain^ €te, : I) Cole. dule. puis, 
ttulph. 2) Ars, carh,'ticg, n.-fnoaeh, rhiiA, saMap, 3) Ars* beU, 
bortije, hry, canst, coU'K he/K lye, phon. «e/A— (See : Cold.) 

I) P'ruiii intttjtlcation : 1) Ant. carL-vey. coff. n.-vom. sidph, 
|2) litU. bry. calc, chin. did*:\ natr. nUrMic, phos. pko8,-ac, 
rhu$, — (Coinp.'ire : Dkunkakds, dlseasks of, and Worn out ) 

a) From lo«s of animal JiaUls^ blood-letting^ <Bc, : 1) Calc, 
earb.-vey. cAin, cin, lack, n,-votn. phos.-ac. sulph, veratr. 
^) Ars. con. /hr. iyn. ka}, mere, natr, natr.-m. phos. puU^ 
Sep, »ii. J*piy. »quill. «taph. — (CompJire : Dkbilitt.) 

v) For ailnKMits of habitual drunkards: 1) Ars. bdL cole, 
chin, coff. hell, hyos. tavh. nterc. iiatr. n.-vom, op. puis. mdph. 
ti) Ayctr. ant. cark-vey. cocc. ign. led, lye. natr.-m. n.-monch. 
ira/». r/iod, rhun, ruta. aelen, iU, sply, stram, vercUr, — (See ; 
1>«l'xkards, dissases of.) 

w) From onitnum : 1) N'.-vom. sidph, 2) Calc. carb,-i>eff. 

I chin. cocc. con. natr.'fn. n,'momh, phos, phos.-ac, staph, 
8) Anae. ant* cin, dulc, kal. lye, mere. petr. phos, puis. itep. 
bH. 9pig, staph, — (See : DKBiLrry, Atropht of tile spinal 
KAftRow, Skxi-al instinct, Ac.) 
x) From f^eat of the mn : 1) Ant. belL campL hyos. nafr, 
puis. 2) Aeon, agar, hry. euphr. Inch, sekn, sulpfi. vaL — 
(See: Hkat.) 
y) From stone'dust : 1) Cole, sil *I)Zyc, natr, puis, rulph* 
z) From su/^yression o/ hahitual secretions or eruptions: 
1) Ae.on^ btlL bry, calc, chin. lye. n.-vom. pids. sulplu % Ars* 
carb.-vtg. eaust. cham, dub\ graph, kal. lye. phos, phos^-ac. 
rhus. srp. sil stram, 8) Aml>. arnni. ant. am. aur, baryt. rin, 
eoon- eupT. ftrr, hep. hyos. ir/n^ ipec. mere, mttr.-ac. natr. 

I natr.-m. nitr.-ac. n.'moscL ran, smeg. tpong.—iSee: Secbk- 
I z a) From a cokl : I) Ac^m^ ^ham, coff, dulc. m^c n.-vom» 
pttls. stdph. *2) Ars. hfU, bnj. carb.-veg. hyos. ipec, phos. rhus. 
mU spig. »t) €alc. c/iin. coloc. con. graph, hep. lye nutng, 
ttatr.-m. nitr.-ac. n-mosch, sand), sep, veratr. — (Sec: Cold.) 
^_ s b) Fnira injuries: \)Arn. cic. con. hep, lack, ptds. rhus, 
^^Mfdp/*.<u\ 2) AevJi. umm, bry. calc caust. cham. euphr. 
^^ta/r.*ri<*. n,-vom. phos. ruta. sil. staph, sulph. zinc. 3) Alum., 
^B</^. borax, carb.-veg. dtdc. tod. ftetr. siL — (Se<?: Injuriks.) 
^^ BC) From washing and working in tcater : 1) Calc. n.- 
match^puls, sa4mp. sulph. '1) Amm. ant, bell. €arb.*veg. dulc* 
^HneTcv niir.'OC. rhus, sep. Mpig, — (See : Cold,) 
|H E d) Fnjtn suppression of fsvtr and agttd, — (See 




CHAMOlfllLE, ILL BTFEcre or.— Tlie best rcm€<di« are 
1) Aroti. cacc, coff, ign. n.-vom. puU, 2) Alttm, borax. camph» 

AcoKTnrif : Fever with heat, and tearing or drawing paina, 
les» during moiion. 

Coccru s: Hysteric abdominal apasmfl, either recent or old 
on eg aj^gravated, 

Coffka: Violent pains or feverish heat with great nerrous- 
ness and excessive sensitiveucaa, 

Li N ATI A : Violent rrninps and convulsions, or soreoesji in 
the folds, PtiU. having proved ineffectual for the latter 

Nux-voM. : Old ailments are made worse, or cardialgiA sot 
in ; Coffta being ineffectual. 

Pulsatilla : Nausea with vomiting or diarrhcDa, or aore^ 
ness in the folds of infanta. 


This refers merely to the rheumatic pains in the chest, as 
the other pains are Rpecially treated <->f under Ahtiula» Ax* 

MONIA, 4&C. 

Principal remedies : 1) Acon^ am. bry. chin, n.-vonu pitU / 
or, 2) Ars, bell, caust. carb,-v, chatn. colch, lacK fnerc. phot. 
siUph, verat. 

Falsk PLKirRjRT (Pneumonia notha) require Arti. or some- 
times Bry.^ or even Acon.y if the patient should be very 
restless and feverixsh. 

If a metastasis of the rheumatism to the heart threaten to 
take place, Ucring advises to give Lach,^ after which Caust^ 
and CarlK-veg. may be exhibited. 

See: Rheumatism and Pain, paroxysms of; also: CAtrs^s, 
Periods of the day, Conuitions. 

CHILBLAINS. The best remedies* are: l)Agar, bell, 
petr. phos. puis, sulph., or, 2) Ani. carb.-a. carb.-v. ehani. 
chin, hyosc lya mgt.-aust. pbos<*ac. rhu& snlph.-ao« ^) 
Aloes, cepa. 

For iftjtamed MlblainSy give: Ars, <^ham. lye* nitr,-«c 
pnla. sulph. 

For blvey red and swollen chilblains : Am. bell. kal. pula» 

For very paiv/'ul ofus- 1) Hep. *2) Arn. nitr.-ac, petr. phoifw- 
Jic puis. sep. 

CHILDREN, Diseases of, Morbi neonatorum. 

I. Many diseases of childreD having been mentioned ia 




Other articles, we here content ourselves with mentioning the 
acute or otherwise most iinportrmt diseases under one bead, 

g 2. AsTHMTATic AiTACKs»>f jiitantfi, with spasms^ danger of 
snffocation and hluish face yield : to IjMctw, ; if ocrnrring dur- 
ing sleep, with screania, dry and huaky cough and anxiety ; 
to tkimb. ; if the speils seems to be excited by some nhnor- 
tnal condition of the heart : to Lfturoc, or Mottch,, and in 
cases of tall slim chi]<lren : to Phos. 

Sec : Asthma Milkiri and ThyTnicurru 

Hardness and distent inn of the hi/jHfchondria and pit of 
the titmnach, with shortness of breath, loss of breath, angiiisli 
and restlessness, tossint^ about, screams, drawing up of the 
legs, (liver grown) yields : to Cham, 

§ 3. For OPHTHALMIA NEONATORUM the bcst remedies are ; 
1) Aeon. cham. dulc. mere. 2) Bell bry. calc n.-vom. puis, 
rhua. Rulphur. thuj.^ — ^See : OphthalmicL 

** 4. Bur CEPHAL^MATOMA, (bloody tumor of the head,) 
tail inikntH, give : 1 ) Arn. rhus. '2) Merc. siL 
6 For irEEKiA : Ann cham, n.-vom. enlph. vcrat. — for 
ombilicaV hemia : N.-vom. or Sulph. — for inguinal : Aur. cham» 
n,-vonu flulph, veratr. These remedies should be given one 
at a time and at Ions intervals. 

Particular indications : 

Aconttk: Constant fever; uneasiness and distress ; the parts 
arc vtrry tender to the totich. 

BoKAX : The child cannot bear a downward motion ; is very 
nerroufl ; cries day and nijL»:ht. 

Caixarea : Leucophlegmatic temperament with large open 
^tanelles; the child may have two or three hernias. 

CiiAJtfOMiLLA : (*on.stant diarrhoea; the child is fretful and 
ktn to be carHed about, 

ClNA : Very rcfttlen** .sleep* 

Lycopodicm : Much croaking; rattling and commotion in 
the abdomen i colic and crying ; red sand in the urine ; 
#<rreaming m ben urinating. Always worse after 4 P, M, 

Nrx-voMicA: Colic; draws up its feet and then ihnislij 
;h«n down again ; tionstipation ; hcmia looks Vjlue. 

8lMi iiA : Frequent eolie relieved by the discharge of oCfen- 
||phr<» fliitu}* ; ten<l»jrnc.\ii about the hemiid tumor; vomits much 
milk ailcr nursing. 

g 6. For induration of ths nipples : Chain. — for swellinff 
<^ M£ lii4ie brmst : 1) Am. chara. 2) Bell. bry. 3) Hep. sil, 

§ 7. DiAiuuKBA of infanu 6x>m acidity in the printj&-vije 




with colic and ftcreams ; tenesmus and sour smell of tb© vrhole 
Ijod y, in spiU' of the t^rt^alest cleanlinosa, yields : to Rhdb, 

If insufiieient, or if the colic is very violent, Chftm, de- 
sA'Vt'fl a prutt'r«»nce, if the child ahould bo very red, and 
JirU. [f the face be pale. 

AiWESirrw : Much exhaustion and rapid emaciation; iin 
ge^ted, offensive and painful stools immediately atter lakl 

Bryoniji: Diarrhfpa from hot weather— or Carbo.-veg. if 
Bry. does not cure under these circumstances, 

CffAifOMTLLJL : Watery or greenish stools, like eggs beaten 
np ; the child must he carried; is feverish and cross; the 
stools have the odor of rotten esfgs, and are excoriating. 

Crot.-tig. : Colic and diarrhea immediately after nursing, 
the stool escapes suddenly, as if with an expulsive spasm. 

DrLCAMARA : Every cool chancje of weather excites the 
diarrh<i»a, also exposure in cohl, dump places, 

GRApniTEs ; Soft, dark, half-diu^t'Stea, veiy offensive stoo! 
followed by ti^reat, but transient prostration; sour stools," 
excoriating the external anus. 

Mrhc.-sol. : Much pain before the stool, great relief i 
tiiediately after. Stoob frothy, Rlimy, bloody or dark gre 
with much straining ; the child's thighs and Ieg« are 
and clammy, particularly at nit;ht. 

N.-Moscii. : Diarrha^a with indomitable dispodtion 
sleep ; stools offensive and copioua 

Nrx*-voM ; Alternate constipation and diarrhcpa. In 
gc^tible food has becm the cause of the diarrhcea ; freqae 
small arid painful slooln, worse towards morning. 

Opii'M : Diarrhopa from fright. 

Por>4>PHyLLi:M : Painful diarrhcea "mth grinding of teetl 
morning diarrhoea, green and watery, or the stools are qaii 
natural, only too frequent ; protaj)sus-anL 

Skn\'a: Dark colored water, with cutting p^ns; btit 
severe than those of Jalap, with flatulency. 

Ski'Ia : An altuust constant oozing from the bowelt. 

SrLPHiR: The dischages are slimy, for the most part 
brown, green or white, and often marked with slijji -» 

of blood; much redness around the anus and t\ .1 

between the thighs. 

Bcsi<le8 the above-mentioned remedies, the following may 
be recommended : Aeon. ant. arg.-n. calc. chin- coloc, ferr. 
hepi ipec iacL magn.'C. phaa-ac puis, rhua vefat. 




^ 8. Fevers generally require: Aeon, chain, coff!, or Bell, 
bor. i^. mere n.-vom., or Gek lept. podoph. 

AcoNiTUM ; Great heat with thii*8t, especially when sleep- 
lesanesd h present, or the sleep is restless and the patient 
frequently atarta ap from sleep, with anguish, cries, des- 

■ poodency. 
Chamomtlla : Bnmine^ heat and redness of the skin with 
freonent desire to drink ; great restleesness, especially at 

I night, with tossing about, anxiety, moaning ; red face and 
cheeks, eitpedally only one cheek ; hot sweat about the head', 
even in the hairs j short anxious breathing, raucous rattling ; 
short, dry and panting cough, and convulsive twitcliings of 
the limbs. 
CoFTEA : The fever is not very violent, but the nerves are 
irritated, with sleeplessness, restless sleep, and frequent sud- 
den starting and waking from sleep ; fretful mood, alter- 
nately merry and whining. 
§ 9. For the spontaneous umfisq of children, give first: 
Merc, then Bell, or alternately. 
If these remedies should be insufficent, give : Rhu8.-tor., 
and then according to the symptoms : Calc, or Coloc, or one 
of the remedie-s mentioned under Coxagra or Coxarthrocace, 

I§ 10, For the rash of ixfants a few doses of Aeon, are 
IfcneraJly sufficient j if not, give : Cham., or then Sulph., if 
§ 11. For the oAfrrRic dipficttlttes and oolic of infants, 
give ; l)BelI. chum. ipec. mere, n.-vom. podoph. puis. 2) Bar.-c. 
calc^ hyosc iris.- v. k-pt. lye. magn.-c. rhab. Rulph. 
For acidity of the stomach with jtmtr ^mmiiing and sour 
diftrrhcea: l>Bell. cham, rhab., or 2) Calc. magn.-c. n.-vora. 
For chronic dyspepsia of children, or for weakness of the 
stomach with great ten«lency to be disturbed by the least 
itidl^crtition, give : Bar.-c. calc. ipeo . mere, n.-vom. puis* 

rarticniar Indications': 

AxsEsnccu : The fuod passes undigested, the stools are 
oflbnsive; much crying during and after nursing, or aa soon 
I K the child begins to take food ; emaciation, 
^ft BAinrr.-o: Useful in colic of dwartish children, those it ho 

^1 Bkyo.via : The child has to be kept very still, in order tc 
^virHrve its colic and other sutTeriugs ; the stools are diirk, dry 
and hard, aa if burnt. 



CiiiXA : CoHc rom^s on at n cert n In hnur every afternoon. 

Cixa: The child w aUvays cross ntui truublfsome, when 
;iw:ike. It h seldom null and quiet, whether sleeping or 

luNATiA : Wlien tbo trouble seems to arise on accoont of 
grief of the iiiniber or nnr*c. 

Ipecac : Sickness of the stomach. 

Iris.-v. : C*>nsTaiil nausea and vomiting of an eartreroelj 
sour fluid ; vomitirviLc of the foot] an hour after meats* 

Jalapp\- The child \^ good aU day^ but screams and is 
restleiiit all ui^Im . 

MA<3y.-c ; Colicky paina, relieved by green liquid stools. 

Ntfx-v. : Colic with constipation, caused by the stimulating 
food, taken bv its mother or nurne, 

Ponopti. : 5lnrning colic, causing an absolute retnkclion of 
the abdominal muHcleg. 

RiiEusi, : Much colic with very sour stools. 

Senna ; The child turns blue during its cries, caused by 
incarcerated flatus. 

Stannum: The child'» colic is relieved by pressing firmly 
upon its abdomen When it is crying with colic, relief is at 
once obtained by carrying it with it* abdomen resting up\ 
tht point of the nurst^K tt/muhUrs. 

S^rAPiiYsAORiA : Pains caused by a fit of clmgrin or mdispo» 
sition of the riurwe. 

VKRATRirM: Terrible colio with coldness of the foreliead 
very cold ftet with ex*lic. 

^ 12 Jaundice : Of new-born infants generally yields to 
Merc , or if this be insufficient, to China. 

^ 13. Retention- ok lhixe; Yields to Camph^or to a few 
do<ie8 of Aeon, or Puis. 

g 14. CoNVLri^io.vs OF iNFAJfTs : Require: H Belt, cham, 
cin. coflf. gcljv ign. ipec. mere, op, verat.-vir, '2) Aeon apis, 
canst, cupr. laih. liL-tig. n.-vom. stann. sulph. 3)LaGhn*? 
scuteli? zirla. ? 

AcoNFTE : The febrile excitement is very great ; hot, dry 
skin* anxiety, anguisli. 

Ai*is : Shrieking ; boring the head into the pillow ; in 
flamniatory aflfVciiuns of the brain. 

AitSKNicuM : The child, lies as if dead : pale, but warm ; 
is breathk'ss for some time ; finally it tvvi*i8 its mouth first to 
one side then to the other ; a violent jei k appeitrs to ps 
through the Mhoic l>ody, and rcspi ration aiul con ^ 
gradually return. The spasms return at longer ui 





mtervalft, unlenB relieved by this remedy — ^antll death oloses 
the e^ene. 

Bklladoxna : The paroxysms terminate or alternate with 
coma ; or the children suddenly wake up as if in affright, 
with wild, anxious and staling looks ; dilated pupils ; tetanic 
rigidity and icy coldness of the whole body, with burning 
hcut in the hands and forehead ; tlie children wet their beds 

Cai,c-c. : The anterior fontanel remains wide open ; jflan- 
dular Awellings round the neck; teething process is either 
yerj slow or else too rapid ; great perspiration about the 
head ; hard, siwollen abdomen ; often indicated after Bell. ; 
acrofuloug diathesis. 

Camphor : Tlie spasms result from suppressed catarrh, 
either of the bead or chest ; anjemic subjects. 

Cxvsncvu : Convulsive motions of the upper part of the 
y with feverish heat and coldness of the hands and feet. 
vulsive motions of the extremities in the evening, when 
child is sleeping, with disturbed eyes, and icy coldness 
of the body, 

CiiAMOMiiXA : For convnlsions of the extremities T\ith in- 
Toluntary motions of the head, afterwards coma with half 
opirncd c'ves arid loss of consciousness; redness of one cheek 
and paleness of the other ; sigliiug and frequent desire to 
drink ; the nurse may have had a fit of anger, causing the 
convulsions in the child. 

icuTA-viR : Viulcnt shocks through the head, arms and 
which cause them to jerk suddenly . Spamiodlc rigidity 
of (M body — either opisthotonos or emprosthotonos. The 
idiild seems well and in great spirits, when suddenly it bc- 
conries rigid,— then relaxation sets in, with much prostration. 
CtVA ; The children are affected with worms, or wet their 
Ved^ frequently, with spasms in the chest, convulsions of the 
extremities, hard and distended abdomen, frequent itching 
f ihr nose, dry cough resembling whooping cough, S&c. 
CorrSA ; Suitable to feeble children ; the attack is brought 
on by excejwive laughing or playing ; the child Ls very exei- 
labh? and weakly, and is frequently attacked with convulsion* 
fliithout any secondary symptoms. 

Cl pf:t:M-Ac^r. : The spasms result from retrocession of the 
mption in scarlet fever. 
llYOSciAKUs : Every muscle in the body is coDVulsed with 

mg at the mouth. 
laHAtXA ; The spasms return at the same hour every day j 


cansaoBSf. diskjisbs of. 

Bcrcaming and \iolent tremblinor all over, Bingle parU seem 
to he convaisc'd, the TnuftcIe*i'or ftinjz'le limbs. 

Ipecacuanha : Bet weeu the paroxysms the c)iiUlr*^n suffer 
with ahorlTiess of breath, nausea, voniitinij and diarrhoMt, 
with frequent spasmodic stretehing of the limbs. 

Kreasot: The convukion occui*8 from the swelling of a 
gum over a tooth, which is not quite throug:h. 

Lacuesis: The spasms come on during sleep. 

Mkkcurits : Hardness and distention of the abdomen, friy 
qnent eructations mid jityalism, or heat, sweat, and great de- 
liility after the spasms— spasms from suppressed salivatiim. 

Nirx,-V0M; : The S[)afim8 are the result of indigestion ; 

Opium : The spasms oecnr from fright, screaming before 
and during the spasm; trembling of the whole body; stretch- 
ing of the extremities ; coma ; distention of the abdomen ; 
constipation and retention of urine. 

Siucka: SpaKms, which retuni at the change of the moon. 

Sta^t^um : Renewal of convulsions with the cutting of 
every tooth ; also, in consequence of worms. 

Stjiamoxium; Conp^estion of the head ; heat all over tho 
body ; red face ; profuse urine ; deen snoring sleep, 

Sulphur: When other remedies fail; atler suppression of 
eruptiivng; morning diaxThoea; during the emptive stage <^ 
^ scarlatina. 

YsEATfi.-ALB : Cold sweat on the forehead during or aft«r 
the sps^m. 

Vkiiatr.-vir. : Irritative fever with cerebral congestion, 
producing convulsions. 

ZtNCUM; During dentition to anaemic children, 

§ 15. SwKLLiNGOFTUE HEAD. — Scc I § 4. CcphaliBmatoma. 

I 16. IIypkrtropiiy of the brain : 1) Calc. 2j Merc, siL 
— the bones of the head do not close, (the fontaneilea re- 
main open too long): 1) Oah\ 2) Puis. sil. sniph. 

g 17. muscular DEnn-iTY ov lypAXTs, in consequence of 
which they have great diflieulty in learning to walk, yields 
to I I) Bell. oalc. canst, sil. snlph, ur, 2) Piims-sUveatriii. 

§ 18. The best remedies for aciditt or diakruoea, are; 
1) Cham, rhab. 2) Bell, calc. sulph. 

g 19. For AspuYxiA or ap[>arent death of new-born in^ints; 
the best remedy, together with the necessary external ma- 
nipulations, is one grain of (artar-emetic to eight oudcob of 



wat«r, either as an injeetton or id drop doses, a few drops 
erery fifteen minntes. 

If nocliarige slmuM take place in half an hour, give Opium, 
if the ftice of ihe infaul ^h(nild be lilne; or China^ if pale. 

irihelnfajit should show M^n^of lifi% give Aconite^ in case 
.the face wa* blue or red; and China^ if pnlo. 

g 20. Sleeplessskss op infants yields to Coffea^ pro- 
vidt^d the nurse does not drink ci^flTce ; in thiti case give 
Opium; also, when eoff. j»rove» intflcctual or the infantas 
fsice is red. Sticta has also frequently firodueed sleep* 

Sleeplessness with colic or screams yields to Cham., Jalap, 
or Hhab, 

For sleeplessness with restlessness and feverish heat, give 

For sleeplessness after weaning, with constant cries for 
hours or even days, give Bellad. 

I 21. For HICCOUGH, give : Aeon, n.-vom puis. 

I 22. For the cries of kew-bofn ixtants, when without 
any perreptiUe^e^ give : BelL or Cham. 

If the child crtes on account of hesAdache or earache, give 
first: CAawi., or then BdL, provided Cham, was not sufficient. 

For^ with the legs, drawn up and red face, give ; 
Cham., or Bell , if the face is pale. If attended with sour 
diarrhofic stool and tenesmus, give : Rhab. If these remedies 
remain without effoct, try : Borax. Jalap, Ijiec; or Senna. 

The aVnise of Chaniomilla by the nurse or infant will be 
aniidoted by Borax, ign., or pula. 

If the cliildren arc very restless, with sleeplessness and 
fever-heat. Aeon, or coff. are indicated. 

g 2iJ. For APHTHJE oB THRVSH, the following remedies find 
ftpplieation : 

Arsekictbi : The aphth® assume a livid or bloeish appear- 
•nee^ with great weakness and diarrhfcx 

Borax : The child frequently lets go the nipple, showitii? 
iigDa of pain in the mouih from nursing; the urine «fri«IU 
fike cat's urine and is very acrid; the child fbeis fiighlfucd 
Ijxmi ft downward mutiou. 

Bbyoni.!: The mouth id annaually dry with thirst; dry 
lifie, rough and cracking; the child does nut like to lake Ij "' 1 
of tlie Dreast; bat when odc4j its mouth is mointeni'I, it 
draw* well 

MxftC.-»oiL : Much KAlivation, and more than i- 
ill the mouth, lutlatnmaiion in the whole buc< 
ttloert upon the guma. 



STAFursAOEU : Spongy gams and the aphthous 
bleed easily. 

SuLpmrifc ; The child does not take iu usual long sleep ; it 
awakcB often. 

SuLPHi/RiOACin: Th«r mouth sippcars very juimful, and the 
child is very we:ik ; ecdiymnsca. 


prtiventij iiithiits from brt-alhin^, while nursing, the best re- 
medy is : y.-vom, or Stimlf. ; or, VfMm,y U^ the stoppage be ^^ 
atlciided with discharge oJ* water iVoui the no»e ; or CVirAi^^H 
rf^., if the dJHtross h^ wori»e in the eveuiug^ of DtUcan^^^^ 
if worse in the open air 

§ '25. For sTnTERixG tlie best reniodics, are: Bell, ruphr. 
mere, sulph., puilable mechanical exercise btnnjf insiitutvd at 
the tKime lime. Natr.^m, Mill help, when children are Wa*o 
to Icnm to talk, 

§ 26. For CONSTIPATION of new-bom infimts^ give : Bry. it,- 
vom. op. If these remedies shouKl be insufticiunt^ give : Alum, 
lyo. sulph. ver:it. 

§ 27. For SORENESS, INTERTRIGO, the best remedy b Cham^ 
provided the nurse does not use chamomile^tea; in tills cane, 
give : Bor. ign. or puis. 

If CAawi. should prove insufficient, give Bor. or carb.-veg., 
or Merc, if the skm of the infant should be vellowinh and 
the parts raw, or if the soreness extends beliind the e:irs. 

It all these remedies should prove ineffectual, Sulph. will 
be found URcfid, or Sil.^ if Sulph. is not sufficient. Catiat^ 
graph, lye. sep, have likewise been rccommendcil. 

§ 2S. The best remedies, mcidentnl to okn-htion, are; 
1) Aeon, bell. bor. calc cham. coft'. ign, mere, sulph, 2) Apis, 
•^rs. cin. ferr» ii>ec. kreaa lyc, magn.-c. magti.-m. n.-vom. podoph. 
sil sLann. 

For SLEP-PLESSNES8, give : Coff. or : Aeon. bor. cham. sUcUj 

For fever: l)Acon. cham. cofL n.vom. 2) Bell, hau 
gels. eil. 

For UIESTIJESSNES8 aud n€rv<mme99: Coff., or: Aeon. bell. 
bor, cham. 

For constipation: Alnm, bry. magn.-m. n.-vom. sulph. 

For DiARKucKA : 1) More, eulph. 2) Ars. calc, cham. coffi 
ferr. ipcc» magn,-c. podoph. 

For DRY AND sPASMomc cocQn I Cham. cin. n.-rom. 

For SPASMS AND cokvulsionb: Bell. cham. do. ign. 2) Cab. 
itann. sulph. mc 







For SLOW DKjmnoN : Sulph* and chIc, to aid the work of 

lit ijr<r\ 

'. Compare: Atrop/iy^ Aftffina^ JSclampsia^ JtachiUs, 

, :U'i^ict€a^ Scro/aliiy iJbc. 

CUIUiVGRA.^The l)L'sit remedies, are: 1) Agn, ant. bry. 
CftusL cocc. graph, led- lye. n.-voni. rhod. siilph. 2) Aur. calc 
carb -V. di^. lach. phoi*. riU. sabin. sep. siJ, zinc. 

For further particulars, see : Arlhritk, 

CLILOHOSlS.^The best remedies, are: \)Ciik. puis. Sep. 
9ulph, 'D Amrn,-e. ars carb.-v» chin, con, ferr, helon. natr.-iit. 
/Viojf. plutnb, 3) Crolul dig. graj>h. hell. igti. kal. u -vurn sjiig. 
hlaph, valer, 4/ Anil.rac.caiisi. i»hos.-ac. sabin, sarrac. senecio. 
auiplh-atr. sane. 6) Ant.-cr. cyclain. ipec. 

For iUrlher purlicuhirs, see: Jfen-sfruat <7!fficulite8^ Amenia, 

CHOLKUA AND CUOLERINE.—The best remedieH, 
: 1) Ars earnith. cupr. ipcc. sec. verati\ 2) Bell, eatith. 
b -V. eliaui chiu. cie. coloe. dulc. hyosc. iris. -v. lach. laur, 
n.-vom. op. pho8.-ac. podoph. puis. 

§ 2. spokADic ceoLERA, during the Bumtner heat, give : 
Arfl* Cham. chin, culoc. dia«cor. dulc, euphorb,-cor. gnaphaL 
i|MM.\ ins. mere* poiiopfi, veratr^ 

For ASIATIC OR EPiDEiuc cholcra : I) Ars, eaniph. ipec. 

veratr, *i) Carb.-v. ctiyr. sec, 3j Bell, canth. chara. cic. kal.-hy- 

droc. jiitropfi,-c\ lauruc. mera n.-voni. phoa. phoflw-ao. 4) 

5;0xvgtru2ed water. 

^ f'or cuoLKRiKKor for diarrhcBa during the cholera: 1) Ars. 

Ipec. pho!i.-ac padoph. aec. vtrat. 3} Cupr. phoa. 

A tpecieft of cholera ariniiig from chagrin or atiffer^ 
TOqnirea: I) Cham. 2) Coloc,, if anger and chagrin were 

8 3. For ARPiiYcnc cholkra, (the pulse hardly to be felt) : 
1) Ars*. C4*mph. verat. 2)Carb.-v. kaL-hydnxyan. 8WVcoii. 

For ci/(inotic chtUnt: 1) Camph. verat, 2) Carp .-v* kal- 
bydruc. Bee. B) Ars, ipec. I:iur. op. 

Wlien ditirrhceti prevails: I) Verat. 2) Ara. 3) Ipec. sec. 
4) CTtpr, jritr p!io*i. pho&'ac. 5) Carb.^v. cham, dulc. ferr. 

prevails ; I) Ipec 2) Iris, verat. 3) Ars. 
Vhen Ppapnis prevail ; 1) Camph. 2) Cupr. verat. 3) Ijjoc, 
4)Cliam. coloc, iauroc. op. 
i 4. For MuiyleitUtnrtttH, without trne ebolera, (ciiOLBBCMilS.).! 
For dijiititlty i/f brtathing and opprtttttiun of tl^ ch^si 
l)Clvb.-v, '2,) AcoQ. chill, ti.-vum. Bulpn. 3) Bdl. bry. ibos. 



For abdominal itpasm» and ealic : I) Cham, veral. 2) 
Cam ph. coloc, li) Ars. cupr. n,-voni, op. 

For diatrhma: l)VfoU 2) Ipec, 8)Ars, phos. phofl.-acv 
4) Carb.-v. chatn. culoc, crot,-iig. cupr. ferr. mere, sulph. 

For vomiting: 1) Ipcc 2) Verut, 3) Ara. carb.-Vi iruL 
n.-vom* I abac. 

For fever: IV Aeon. 2) Bell. 

For ftJir ami anxiety : 1 ) Ars^ verat. 2) Aeon, calc ign. 
3)Carb.-v. ipec. lach. op. 

For tjantric dijfficultits ; losa of appetite, nausea, Jbe, : I) 

X* c venit. 2)lgu. mere. n.-voiii. pula. 3) Bell, hry, carb.-v, 
i& sulpli. 

For headache : 1) Camph. 2) Bell, veratr. 3) Bry. hyoao* 
ign. n -vom. 

For malaise and debility: l)Cliin. 2) Ars, carb.-v. ferr. 
verat. 3>I|^). ipec. n.-voni. 

For vertif/o : I ) Camph. 2) BelL 3 ) Ilyosc. lacb. n.-vom. op. 

For spasms in t/ie calves qf the legs: l)Ciipr. 2) CampL 
rerat. y)Coloc, 

% 5. For the consequence of chc^a^ tlie following reme- 
died have been recommended : Aeon, bell. V>ry. canth. carb.-v, 
chin, hyoBc. op» phoa.-ac. rhus. stram, sulph. 

If the ctrebrai syMem is involved : Bell, lacb, op,, or Aoon, 
hyosc, St ram. 

For inftammntory affections: Aoon. veraL-vir. 

For gastric and abdominal affections : Bell, bry, carb.-v* 
mere. rhus. sulpli. 

For nausea i Carb.-v. n.-vom. lach. 

For pulmonary affeetiotis: 1) Aeon. bell, bry, carb,-T, 
rhu«. sulph. 2) Ar^.-uilr. eic. 

For gertenU debility : China. 

For debility of the intestinal canal/ Phos. siilph. 

For typhoid affections : 1) Hyoiio, 2) Bry. rhns, 8) BapL 
beil. wub-v, cocc, lachn op, pho§.-ac. stram, 

S th Particular indications : 

AK8EJ»icuir : Violent pains in the stomach, with threat an* 

fninU and burninc^ in the epigaRtrium as if from a hot coal 
urning^ unquenchable tbirst, obliging one to drink frequently, 
but little at a time ; constant nausea, diarrlima and vifM^ti 
vomifing of watery, bilious or slimy, ^n'Penish, bri>wni*h or 
blackish subi»tances; vomiting and diarrlKB.a come on Hg2ua 
alter drinking ever so little ; lipii and tongue an dry, btacJi^ 
ish and crat^ked .* the puticnt is unable t«i ^k*«'|i, t<mHi.s about, 
moons, is apprehensive; of approaching d«>ath ; sudduo pro» 



tration ; hippocratic countenance, bollow cheekn. pdinterl nose, 
hollow and dim eyes; small, feeble, intormittenl or tremu- 
lous pulne ; tonic spasms in the fingers and toes ; icy coldne»t 
^f th^ nkin^ and clammy/ 

•Cawthor: At the (•ommeneement of the disease, wKen 
there is neither thirst, tior vomiting or diarrliOB.'i ; sudden 
profit rai ton with wandering looks and holluw eyes; hlnci-^h 
apftearance and icy coldness of the face and knnds^ aim 
coldniss of fhi* body ; disconsolate anguish, with tear of sut- 
fiicaiion ; the halt-atnpeHed and insennible patient utters 
hoar»e cries and moans, Anthout compbiinirig of any thing ni 
particular; but, if ai*ked, he complains of bttrtiinff puitut in 
t/ic stomach and throaty with cramps in the c:ilv(»3 and other 
muscles, and utters loudcrii^a when one toucheM liie pit of the 
stomach. — Carap/tor is seldom suitable when vumiting, diarr- 
hoea and thirst have already set in, but it should never be 
given except 'w^cn the fidlowint? symptoms are present: ley 
coldfuss and blneness of (he llmbs^ fare and even tonfftie^ 
with tonic and painful cramps in the extremities and calves, 
didlneM of sefise, momiinff^ tetanus^ and trismus. ^ 

CrpitCM : Vomiting: atul diarrhcBa, rofumlsiuna of the ex- 
^gmiries, especially of the fincjers and tofs, sometimes with 
Tollintc of the eyeballs, great restlessness and coldtiess of the 
promment parts of the face ; aching piufis in the pit of the 
BtamAch, getting worse by contact; sjxistnodic colic/cy pairis 
%oUho^t t*omitinff^ or vomiting preceded by spasmodic con- 
striction of the chest, arresting the brenthing, or vomiting 
attended with violent pressure in the epigastrium; audible 
roiling, along the cBsnphagUH, of the liquid which oue swallows. 

Ipkcacuanua : QuaUiu-shness in the stomach, chills pro- 
Oefding from the stomach or bowels, or cuhl face and cxtre- 
mitTi'*! ; frhen the counting is a prominf^nt symptom^ or alter* 
n; ' watvry diarrhcBa accompanied by colic ; or yetlow- 

iti I without vomiting, but with cratnps in the calves, 

fin. t toes; Ipcc, is generally indicated by Vumitiiig or 

dta I ; -la at the cnmraencement of the di.seti»c, or when the 
p«ti<;nt isi otherwise improving. 

For a violent attack, Ip^. is of no use. (Nor for a mode- 
nie attack. Aconite is the sole and real specific for every 
Tani'ty or form of choler:i. Hbmpbl.) 

SacALB coBVCTUM : "^riie vomttiug is over, but the stools are 
Upt • -• '^'>Tous, or there are still pains in the extn-mities ; or 
fc eic, brownish or flocculcnt and colorless stools 

Wiui euudea prostratioDy ioy colducas of the extretrntien, 



clean tongui? or thinly eoftted wilh wlihe iiMU*n< ; lii. » % u iia. 
lions aro preceded by vertigo^ antinisli, ciaiiips in liie calvea, 
nifultUnj^r 111 the abdomen, and nausea. 

Veratrum : Principfil remedy, when there are viol^nl 
evncualions upwards ivnd downwards ; icy coldness of the 
body, great debiiity and cramiis in the e:dvo», vundting, 
copious, watery, inodorous stools mixed wilh white liorks, 
pale face without any color, bine margins around the evejs 
death ty an rfui*ih in the features, cold tonirue and breaili ; 
great oppressive in the chest, ^vin^ the patient 
a de>ire to eseape from hh bed ; violent c»>lic, eHpocially 
around the umbilicus, as if the abdomen would be lorno^>eti, 
the abdomen is sensitive to coniuct, with drawing and cramp« 
in the fingers, wrinkled &kiu in the pjdms of the baud, reten- 
tion of urine. 

^ 6. Belladonna : For typhoid symptoms, coma with 
halt-opened eyes or distorted eyes, grating o^ the teeth imd 
distortion of the mouth, or great restlessness, desire to escape, 
stitcbei* in the side or burumg pains in the abdomen; bum- 
Lig heat and redness of the taee, and desire for cold drinks; 
accelerated pulse, which is more or less full, but not hard. 

CANTnAius: The urinary passages are principally involved, 
with violent burning iu the liypogaelriuui, rumbling in the 
abdomen, blomiy stools wilh ienesinus, heat in the abdomea, 
great restlessness, cerebral KyinpLoms, 

Cauijo-veg, : Incipient pajalysis with tomjtiHd collapse of 
pulse, or with congestion ot' blood to the che?st and head after 
cesi^aifui of the gpuMnm, di.iriha?a and vomiting, with oppre^ 
eion of the chest and coma; the cheeks are red aod covered 
with clammy sweat. 

Chamomilla : At the commencement of the disease, or in 
the precursory stage, cspeelally when the Ibllowiiigsymptoma 
occur: ThiMongue is eoatcd witli a yi^Ilowish mucus, colic 
in the umbilietd regitm, |*res*mre from the region nf the sto» 
mach to the heart, great anguish, cramp in the calves, watery 
diarrhcea and sour vomiting, 

China : LienttTla, vofniting of the inye^ta, painful oppres- 
sion in the abdomen, after eating ever so httle, with oppres- 
sion ol the chest and eructations affording relief; loss of ap- 
petite with scnsiition of repletion j hyppocratic countenance; 
proNtnitioii unto fainting. 

CiCLTA : IJttle diarrhcpa, but the vomititig ftlt<tmates wilh 
violent, tonie H|>a8m» of the mtiKcles of tiie chent and distor- 
tioa of the eyes ; or comji, with the eyes ball' open ; heavy 






hrv»lhmg^ congefition of lilood to the head Ri»d chest, voralting 
or diarrhteiu 

CoLOCYXTiirs ; Vomiting, first of the ingcata^ aflerwai'da 
of gi'een substances, with violent colic, rttention of urine, 
cramps in the calvea, frequent diarrhoeic stools, whiuh» with 
every new evacuation, become more culorlesa and watery 

Dulcamara: A species of cholera from taking cold drinks 
with vomiting of the liquid, and of bilioua, green or slimy and 
yellowish substances, frequent greenish btools, painful abdo- 
men, with burning and retraction of the region of the siu- 
ntjuih, great debility, collapsed pulse, cold extremities, burn- 
ing tiiirst, great dullness of sense. 

IlvittiCYAiius: Typhoid symptoms, after the vonnting, diar- 
rhcea and culdiie^a had ceased, with dullness of sense, wander- 
ing looks, red and hot face ; MeU. having i>roved useless. 

Ijacuksis: For typhoid symptoms, if MeU., hyoscyam, or 
opium prove inefficient, 

JLaubockbasits : Hheumatic paina in the extremities, hard- 
Dcas of heanng, cloudiness of the brain, distortion of features, 
ind sensation of constriction in the throat when swallowing. 

Nux-vomica: Scanty diarrho'ic stools, hxki frequent urf/inff 
and iiUk or nu discharge ; cardialgia, great debility, anguish 
in the pit of the stomach, aching pain in the occiput, and 
ittteniul rather than external chilliness. 

Opirii : Fi>r stupor and coma which yield neither to Ilyos- 
eyam. nor lirltad. ; these symptoms sometimes occur when 
the real cholera symptotns have already ceased. 

PiiosPHORLs : Diiirrbo'a atti'ijdtd by violent thirst, rum- 
bling in the :ib<h>in«.'n and debility; the diarrhcea occurs during 
or ttfler ih«* cholera. 

PuoM ' id: Diarrhrpa M-ith pale face, dullneffs of the 

beiid^ M ^ue so that the finger udheres to it, nnnbUng 

in the ab«h*ui.n, and green-whitish, watery and slimy stoola, 

ilh dimit»i«hcd secretion of uiine. 


1 The bcjit remedies for these ailments, are: 1) ^r«. 
mri. htli. raif-, frrr, ipfn:, h^cK tncrc.puU, veratr, ; or 2) Vape, 
Mr&-9. Wnu ua(r,'7ii, sep, su/p/i, 

ApjncA : For rheumatic pains, bea^nness, languor and 
brained \ma in the extremities, drawing in the bones, sensi- 
^QUMi of ail the organs of sense, aggravation of the pains 
hf flkOlion, talking and noise. 

AaBKUCTM : UTcem on the extremities, dropsy or sdoma oi 
Utkt fiefft, aliort ooagb and dyspncea. 



BiiTj.Atnixw : Congestion of blood to t)ie head, with heat 
in ilie Ihcts \i\i\m in the head, face and teeth ; or ft>r jaun- 
dice, when Merc, is insuflicit*nt. 

Calcahea : Ileadache, otalgia, toothache, pain in the 
limbs^ e.specially when these syinpioms are occasioned in con- 
flcqnence of the suppression of fever and ague by large dosefl 
of Qinnini'» and Ptth. prove insufficient. 

FeitRirM ; For a?deniA of the feet. 

IpECActJANUA: Six pills in water, a tablespoonftil three 
litiies a day, generally removes most of the sytnptonii. 

Laohesis: For fever and ai^'^ue which had been suppressed 
by large doses of Quinine; I'als, is inefficient, 

MERCLTKriTS : For jaundice or other affections of tlie liver. 

Pulsatilla : Otalgia, toothache, headache, pains in the 
limbs, ailcr stipprcssion of fever and ague. 

VERATiirM : Coldnefis of the body and limbs, with cold 
sweat, constipation or diarrhoBa. 

g 2. For the consequences of suppressed fover and ague, give: 

1) When the fever is actually 8uppres!*cd: Am, ara, helL 
cnlc. carb,-v, cin. ferr, ipec^ Uirh. wi^vv. puis. BtUph, 

2) When the fever still continues: 1) Ipee,^ and then : 2)Ar9. 
carb.-iK lack, puts,; or, but less frequently: Z) Arn. ctn. 
vemtr, ; or, finally : 4) CV/c, hdl, men*, AulpK 

For further details, see ; Intermittent fkveh, IlEpATiTia, 
LrBNTTis, and the other diseases arising froin abuse of China, 

COFFEE, ILL EFFECTS OF —The best remedies are I) Cfiam, 
cocc, ign. and n.-vom. 2) I3elL canth. carb.-ueg. caust. hep, 
ipec, If/c. mere, puh, rhua, suiph. 

Particular indications: 

CuAMOMiLLA : Ilcadache and toothache ; extreme sensi- 
tiveness to pain, with crying ; jyaifix in the stomnrh, abating 
a little after taking coffee ; violent eolic, great oppression ia 
the pit of the stomach, with hard pain, 

CoccuLUS : Debility and sweat after every exercise, trem- 
bling of the limbs, sudden starting up dunng sleep as if in 
atfright ; Hushes of heat ; toothache when eating ; sensation 
of emptiness in the head; coUc ; great sadness and anguish; 
aggnivation of the symptoms in the open air, during motion^ 
when eating or driuking. during sleep, or by tobacco-smoke, 

IciNATiA : Headache, as from a nail in the brain, or as if 
the forehead were ])res8ed asunder, or for beating in the head, 
vihivh Ih relitit'ed bf/ stoop in g ; debility; sensation of empti- 
nees in the pit of the stomach ; spasmodic colic ; painfulneas 




or going to sleep of the limba ; fit fill mood ; at times gay, at 
others sad. 

Nux-roMTCA : Sleeplessness, palpitation of the heart, ex- 
treme nervousness, heniicrania, or sensation as if a nail were 
driven into the brain, with aggravation of tlie pains on stoop- 
tng or when M*alkin*^, also in the open air ; toothache, colio 
airgravated by cofteo ; extreme sensitiveness to the open air; 
lively and choleric temper. 

For other affections, we refer the reader to the diseases of 
the special organs. 

The chronic ailments arising from the abuse of coffee, are 
frerjucntly relieved by Mere, or Stdph.^ provided Cham^ 
A^ttx-rom. or Ifjn. are not sufficient. 

COLCIIICUM, ILL EFFKCTs OF. — Give: Coec n,'tH>m, puU* 

COLD, ILL EFKE<rre of a. 

$ L Priueipal remedies: i) Aeon, c/intn, rtrff^> duh, mere 
n,^om, puis, sulph, ''l)Ar8. belL bry, cffHK-veff. ht/os, ipec, phog, 
M spiff Z)(Jatc.Ghin, color., con. graph, hep^ lye mang, 
'.-m, nitr.-ae. n.-mosr/i. ttamb. sep. veratr. 

§ 2. For acute pains occasioned by a culd, give: Aeon. 
ars. bell, cham, coff. m^rc. n.-tumi, puis, mmb, ^pi^* — If k^ 
acute: J}ttlc, chin. ipei\ n.-mfjsch. 

Obstinate^ chronic ailments require, beside the above reme- 
dies; Vale, carb.'Veg. graph, hep. lye, mang. nalr.-m. nitr.-ac. 
phos, Sep, sil. sulph. 

g B. For colds from exprtsure to wet, or getting wet to 
skin, pve : 1) Cal*^, dulc. pfils. sulph. 2) Ars. carb,-i^tg, 

ntoscJi. rh7{9. sassap, ^)Ars. bdL bry. cauM.cokh. hep.lyc^ 

\o^ph. Sep. 

For a cold occasioned by bathing: l)Ant cnlc carb,'Veg, 
sulph. 2) Ars. bell, cau^t. iiitr. ae. rhtts. sassap, sip. sulph. 

By washing and \\ orWii^ in culd wafer : 1) Cole, n.-mosch. 
sasjtap. suJph. 2 ) Amm. atU. bell, carb.-veg. dulc, mere* 
.-oc. rhus. sep. spig, 

*ofnse stffeals : Acon, cole carb,-veg. chin, dulc. mere* 
\ rhtis. sep, 

X\y the htnd getting ire4:: Aeon, baryt. beU, led, puis. sep. 

By xlicJeeC getting wet: 1) Cupr, nitr.-ac. puis, sep. sil. 2) 
Chnm, mere. nntr. rhus. 

By tailing cold on the stofnach in consequence of eating 
lee, fruit, acid»t, &c. t Ars, earb.-tjeg. puis. 

jj 4« For suppression of steeat or Home other sec etion by 
a ©old, give : 1 ) Bry. ipec, 2) Acoru ars. curb.-veg. cham, dule^ 
pids, rhus. sulpk. 



For Muppretiion of cor^za b j a co\d i Aeon, art, ooAi ekbL 
lack. n,*vofn. pitU. auiph. 

For derangement of the mefiaes by a cold : Aeon, hdL dula 
C(mIc* chin, puis, aep, sit. sulph. 

See : ** ^Suppression of ^tecreCions,** 

^ 5. For TiiK DISPOSITION TO TAKB ooLD, I recommend: 
1) BeU. cah, carO -veff. eoff, duk\ nitr.-ttc. tu-vonu pfU«. rAw«. 
ail. 2) Aeon, haryt bora^\ graph, ht/us. ign. lye, magn, m, 
mere, natr. natr,-m. petr, plios. sep. spig. tulph,^ giving ibo 
8j>ei'itic remedy at long imcrvuls. 

Tills remark applies lo sensitiveness to tpind, foeather^ 
draught u/air, w^trmth and cold. It' one is efl'ected by every 
little cold air^ take: Bry, cole. carb,-veg. cfianu mere, rhus* 

If cold weather is generally hurtful, take: Ars, baryt. bdL 
cole, camph. rjtp«. cttuM. cocc. dtdc. hell^ n.^mosch. n^-vom. 
rhtid. rhus, aabnd. 

For greut 8t?nsitivene« to wnd: Carb.-veg. cham. lach. lye 

To draughts of air : Aeon, anae, belL cole, ckam, chifh sU, 

To cool evening-air : Amtn. earb-veg, mere* nitr*^ae, sulph. 

To rough weather : Jhy. rhod, siL 

To damp nitti cold weather : Amnu boraw. cole. carb,-^eg, 
dtdc, lach. rhod, rhas. reratr. 

To change's of weather : Calc carb^-veg, dulc lack, mere 
thus, sil. sal ph. veratr. 

If the weather clmtii^e Irom cold to warm : Carb-veg. tack. 
sulpK are preferable ; if from warm to cold : J/uk. mere 
rhua. or veratr. 

Coinj». §§ 5 and 6 of the article : *' Conditions," 

§ 6. CtJd^ in s}wing^ generally require : Carb.-veg. lack, 
rhu^. veratr. 

In summer : BeU. bry. carb.-veg. dulc,^ and if there shonid 
be thunder and lightnirii,' : Bry. rhod. sep. eiL 

Cold in autumn: I) I>tdc* mere, rhu^. veratr, 2) Oak. bry. 

In winter : I) Aeon. beU. bry. dulc. rhod. rhus, 2) Cham, 
ipec, jL-rom. sidph. veratr. - in dry and cold weather : 
Aeon. beU. bry. cham. ipee. n -vorn. suJph, / in wet and cold 
weather: Du/e. rftod, rhus. veratr. 

Compare: gg 4 and 7 in the article: " CoNBrrtoNS." 

g 7. Pariicuiur indications ; 

AcoKiTLTM : Ttiothache, prosopalgia or other kinds of netft- 



ralgia with headache, congetttion of blooil to the head, buai- 
zing in the ears, stifVneHH of th« oxtreiuitii^s, fever-heal, toss- 
ing about, anxiety, <&<!. 

Antmoxium: Headache, or gastric symptoms, loss of ap- 
petite, Hansen, &c. 

Arn'tca : Pains in the limbs, rhentnatic or gastric eymptoma. 

Arsexkx'm: Asthmatic orixastrie affectiouB, with cardialiifia* 

Belladonna : Ht^udaciie, diinnes-* uf ei^ht, Mure throat, 

^tfic symptoiTja, coryzu, feverish ht^at, <S50. 

Bkyonia ; Spa'^niodic cough with nausea; pains in the 
liraba, diarrh(B:L, &c. 

Calcarka: Obstinate pains in th<? limljs, aorirravated by 
every change in the weather, or working in the waler. 

CAEa-vE<i. : Ilullow, obstinate coni^h, with vomiting, aalh- 
matic affections; nairiR in the chest, &o. 

Chamomilla: Ilinidache, toothache, otalgia or other kinds 
of pninlul neuralgia, restlessness, disposition to get angry, 
feverish heat,, moist congh, paintiil coEc and diarrhtta, *fcc. 
(especially suitable to children.) 

Coccvhvs: Gantric symptoms. 

CoFPKA : Headache or other nervous pains, with whining 
mood, toothaclic. sore throat, gastric symjitoms, moist cough, 
painless diarrhcBa, pains in the limbs, or fever. 

ITepar: Ophihalmia or toothache, or obstinate pains in 
the ]inii>s. 

IpKriAcuAN-nA : Gastric symptoms, nansea, spasmodic cough 
with vomiting, asthmatic atfcctions, <fcc. 

MEROCttitrs : Paina in the lifubs, sore throat, sore eyes, 
toothache, otalgia, painful diarrhoea, or even dyHcntric stools, 

Nux-voMicA : Fever, dry coryzn, stoppage o{^ the nos^s 
dry cotigh, toiistipation^ or dysenteric stools, or slimy, painful 
diMirhtea witl» tiMii'snitis and scanty evacuations. 

Puosriioiii-ACiiJUM : llhenraatic pains, or cough, excited 
by the least cold weather. 

Pulsatilla : Fluent cor^'za, moist cough, otalgia, fever, 
diiirrhoia, <fec., especially suitable to pregnant females, 

RriL'S.-T03L : Toothache or pains in tht» limbs. 

SiLiCBA : Obstinate pains in the Hmbs, worse when the 
weather changes. 

SuLPurR: Obstinate pains in the limbs; oolic ; slimy di- 
arrl)a?a; profuse coryza; sore eyes; dimness of sight, otalgia, 
toothuche, &g, 

§ H, Com p. : HeaDACHS, otalgia, tooth ACHJB, RHEVUATSBMf 



COLIC KSiTKBJtLOlA, ABtioMtXAL sPASVa. — ^PFmcipal pcnie- 
dies : 1 ) Bell . i-oloc dioscor, uitw^v, n.-vom. nntloph. puli 
2) Aeon* «iacul.-hip, aletr. ars. carb. v. cham. chm, coci% coffl 
hyoacj, i^. lye, mere, plios. »ec^ «ulph, 8 > Agn, alum, ant, arn. 
calc* canlopk cniist. ciinici£ colch, eollins. ciipr. ferr. gela. 
ipec. kill, Inoh, lept, niagii.-in. natr natr.-m. nitr.-aa n.-mosch. 
op. plat. rhab. riit, seueg. stann. vcratr. jdnc 

§2. For Kj.ATiTi.EXT colic: \) BrU. bry, cole, carb^-v* 
chum. chin. coce. eoloc. dioscor. n^-vom. pboa. puis. giilpb», or 
2) Aga alciri?*. culeh. ferr. geK gtiaplial. graph. lyc. ragt.-arc. 
natr. natr-m. uilr.-ac. n.-mosch. voratr. ziriCw 

For iS'PLAM3iATORY COLIC : 1) Aeon. bt^U» bry, byosc mere., 
or 2) Ars. bry. chain, lacb. n.-Tom. pak sttlplu (Compare: 

For ii.fiMoitimoinAL colic: ^scnl. ars. carb.-T. caUina. 
coloc, laeh. n.-vnm. jHidoph. puis, siilph. 

For sPASMODir roLic: \) BdL eham. coco, cotoe^ hyoso,i 
ipcc. magri. mjign.-m, n.-vom. puis. 2) Ars. cupr. ferr. geh 
helon. kal. I.'tch. }>lios. etann. sulpb. 

For NKCHALftiA ixKLiAc.\ : All*. raagn.-c. n.-vom. 

For wciRM colic: 1) Merc. 2) Cin, fiidph. 3) Cic. ferr. fil? 
u.-mosch. ml. sabud. 

For diflTereiit abdominal p:iins, compare : Cardia^iOy M^ 
ptUitin, Nephrtt/giiK diseasea of the uUrns, «0c, 

8^3. In relation to the kxt£Isnal causes : 

For lead-*xUie: Ar.-*. n.-vom. op. podoph,^ or Alum, beli plaL 

For colic from derfirtrfemenl of the ^totnach^ (eoliea ga* 
trica :) l)BclL n-vom. puis. 2) Aeon. ars. hry. carb.-v, chiri* 
curt*, hep. sulph. tart. Compare: gastric derangement. 

For colic from chttfp-in or (Wffer : Cham, coloc, or sulph 

From Pome kind of injury^ blow or strai/t: I) An. l>ry, 
rhiia. 2) Carb.-v. laeh. 

From calchififf cold: Cham. chin, coloc. mere. n.-vora,— 
by a bath: N,-vom. — from exposure to iret and cold: Puis. 

§ 4. For the colic of infants: 1) Cham. n.-ni«Hch. rhaK, 
or 2) Aeon, bell, calc caust. cic, coff. siL itapb. 3) Bor. dii, 
ipec. jal. scnn. 

Colic of hypochondriaeg : iEsci *letr. calo. chin. colliiM. 
grat. natr. natr.-»t sijum, 

Coiica hysterica: l)Cocc, ign. puis, magu.-ra, D.-moiicli,: 
n.-vom. stann. valor., or 2) Ara bell. bry. cauloph gels, strain. 

CoUca meuHtnialis : Bell, cham. carb.*v. cocc coff. ti.-iroi]i. 
jfds. aec. Auiph. zinc, &a 




Colic of prefjnant or fyhig in fcmalen: Am. bell. bry. 
cfaam. hyoHtv lad), n.-vom. puis. aep. %'eratr. 

S h. Particular indrcntiona: 

Bkli^adonna : Pinching and drawinj^ iw if every thing 
voiUfI fiill out V>eIo\v, with asrt^ravatioti diinnj^ motion ; pod- 
shapml profusion of tiie colon, with abatemt-nt of the pains 
on bending double or makinc:^ pres*«ure; or duichinff pains 
in the abdomen, or spasmodic const riction of the abdomt»n 
with burning and pressure in the small of the back» and over 
the pubis ; especially when the flullovvnnsf Hym]itnm3 are pre- 
sent : Thin, purulent stooh, or conpestiori nf blriod to the 
bead, with redness of the face, Rwclling of the veina of the 
head, and such violent pains that the patient becomes deli- 
rious. (At\er Bell, Merc, is sometimes suitable. ) 

CoLOLYNTU rs : lu most cases, especially for: Violent, 
cuttings constrictive or apaxmodic pains, with pinchini;, and 
gripinc^; or cutting as if with knives; great sensitiveness and 
bruised feeling of the alxbimen ; the pains are attended \\\x\\ 
cramps in the calves, or chills and tearing in tlie lower limbs; 
alsit for great anguish^ tossing alumt on account of the pain ; 
no gtool, or else diarrha?a and vomiting of bile, wliich recom- 
mences after the patient takes ever so little food j the pains 
art relieved by coifee. (It is supposed by some, but doubted 
by many that coffee should be given ahernately with colo- 
eynth, lo control the aggravation produced by tlie colo- 
cynth; this aggravation is a natural development of the dis* 
ease, not an aggravation; after Colucy nth, give Cansticujn 
for the remaining symptoms,) 

Nux-voMicA : Obstinate constipation^ hard *!tool ; pressure 
in the abdomen as from a stone, with nmiblingand sensation 
of intei-nal heat; pinching, drawing, contractive or compres- 
give pains; pressure in the pit of the stomach, with distention 
of the abdomen and «ensitiveneB.s to contact ; distention ana 
fnUness, especially in the hypochondria, with unpleasant sen- 
sation produced by the pressure of the clothes ; cold hands 
and feet during the paroxysms, or even stupefaction unto loss 
of consiMousness ; cutting and flatulence deep in the abdo 
men ; sharp and hard pressure over the bladder and re^'tuin^ 
as if the flatulence would |»ress out by force, obliging the 
patient to bend double ; aggravation by walking ; relief by 
rest, sitting or lying ; violent pains in the snudl of the back 
and loins, and violent headache. 

PuLSATiLUi : Stinging pains ; beating in the pit of the 
ston[iacb ; restloasness, oeaviness and iullnegs or the abdo 



tourliint^ it; ruinblini^ lieai in the ab*l- i-iti«r mixiny; ' 

flinching, OMltinLf, an< I tcnrinc^, c*pi»ei:ii^N m lue opi**aMriuiii 
with asfcjravat inn hy contact; jycniTal ht*at with ssveliin^ u 
the vt'inx of the IiiduU and farchcad ; the cloihi'S ]m h 

the* hypoclioiidria ; f/ie fming art iciirnr by ttittunj 
or in I he fffnirtf/, with /'/ii7/j», increasinir with l\u* i»un* ; ii- 
Uet* by walkitig ; brained pain in iht* loin8 when risini^; n;iti- 
ftoa ; diarrhtea; paJ^ /*tf^ with biiMj margins around the 
eyes; aching and tcrisive pain in the heail 

^ *i. AcoNiTTTw: Colic, involvinu the bladder, with viulon^i 
crmtip pttijut, rontraction of the hypui^astrium in the r^*!?ii>n 
of the bhtd'k'r; ecm«?tant btit inctiVctnal urcrinfr to urinate; 
great iten*itivfn4^Sit u/ the abfiomen ; paints in the loins as if 
bruised ; great an^fiiiBh, rest lea-^n ess, tossing about. 

Arsexu'CM : Great pain with anxiety in the ab^iomen; 
violent cntting, or fipaaniodic, drawing, tearing or gnawinj^ 
painH, fretpiently attended with inJolnrahle bumin^^ or witfe 
tetilingof c<jldiiess in the abdonn^n ; the pnins set in especially] 
at niffhty or alVer €<Uiny and drinkintf ; nausea, or watery 
and bilious vomiting ; constipaiiuu or diarrbcea ; thirat, ehilJ^ 
aiul great dtbiUty. 

Carbo-%'ei}. : Fullness and distention of the abdomen a« if 
it would split, with runnbling, iucjirc^rated flatulence, pinch- 
ing, difficult breathing, rising of air; congestion of blood to 
the head, with aching pain ; slow artiofi of the bowels ; heat 
in tlie abdotuen, especially about the head ; the pains set h 
even after the slightest meal. 

Chamomilla: l^aaring^ drateing pains, with great uneasi- 
neas obliging one to run to and fro; sensation a^ if the bowel 
were drawn up in a ball, or a« if the whole abdomen wei 
empty ; loathing, bitter vomiting or bUio\is diarrhcta ; pain 
in the loins as if bruised ; incurcerated Jtattdcnee^ with an- 
guish, tension, jrremurf and ftUhiefs in the pit of the stomach 
and hypochon/lria, or with pressure towards the abdominal 
ring; blue ninrginH around the eyes; altei^nate redness and ffab 
iiesaof the ta«e ; tlie pains appear at uight, or in the morning^ 
at sunrise, or aj\er a fnenl. (Puis, is frequently suitable 
after C/tam ) 

Ciii:na : TiftniMnntic distention of the abdomen, with full- 
nesis, pressure as fmni a hard body, or spasmodic, constrictive 
pains, witii incarceration of tlatulence and pressure towardtj 
the hypochoitdria ; the pains appear at nighty or aflect per- 
•ot)S debilitated by sweating, depletiooa or other cauaea. 



CoocuLUs: Spasmoflic constriction of the liypogastrium, 

ith nausejk, ilifficult breathing, copious flatulence, fullness 

id distention of tlie stomach and epif^striuin, tl-eling of 
fmtitinesa in thoabdomun; tearing and bnrning in the bowels^ 
witli Citrnpressive »eti»atiim in tbo stomach ; nausea, consti- 
pation ; great anguish, nervousnesf?, tendency to start. 

CoFFKA : Jbjxcejidvf pains^ anguish and pressure in the opi* 
gfwstrinni, great nervouiincs», restlessness, cries, grating of the 
teeth, convulsions, coldness of the limbs, muanitig, sufiToca- 
tive fits. 

Hyoscyamus : Spasmodic and cutting pains, vomiting, 
cries, headache, iiard and sensitive abdomen. 

loNATiA : Nightly colic ; splenetic stitches ; incnrrernted 
flatulence, with difficulty of parsing them ; relief by passing 
the flatulence ; fuHnci*s and dis«tention of the hypochondria; 
especially snitable to delicate females. 

Lycopodium : E3s<:e^sive a^:cttmulatio7i of Jftttitience, espe- 
cially after a meal, with pressure in the stomach and e|iigas- 
triuin ; fiiiliiess and distention of the abdomen and pit of the 
stomach ; constipation, or scanty hard stools. 

MfiRCL'Rius : Violent contractive pains, with hardness and 
distention of the abdomen, especially around the umbilicus ; 
or tensive, burning or stinging pains; hiccough, canine hun- 
ger, aversion to sweet things; nausea and ptyalism ; frequent 
urging to stool ; or slimy diarrboea ; aggravation of the pains 
at night, especially after midnight ; chill, with warm ana red 
cheeks ; great sensitiveness of the abdomen to contact ; great 

PeosPuoBUS : Flatulent colic, deep in the abdomen, worse 
when tying. 

SficAiJE : In men : Colic with pain in the small of the back ; 
tearing in the thighs; eructations and vomiting; or, in women 
at the time of the menses; burning pain in the right side of 
the abdomen ; constipation and cholera-pains in the abdomen ; 
or tearing colic, pale face, c^ild extremities, small and feeble 
pulse, cold sweat. 

Sitlphur: Ila^morrhoidal colic, after ineffectual use oi 
Citrho-veg. and N',-vom. ; also for Vjilious colic, if Cham, or 
(Johe. should prove ineffectiml ; or ior flatulent colic, if not re- 
Jeved by Cham, Voce, N'a^-v. or Carb,-vty,; or ioT worm-colic^ 
if not entirely removed by Merv. or Cina. 

§ 7. Give more es]>ectally : 

a) For great dUterUion: Aeon am. airs, bell, bry, carb-mg, 
cham. chin, oaccul, dig, graph, h^os. eW. k<tl, lack* magn.'^u 



inerc, mur.'ac, natr. nntr,-m, n.-^notich, n.-vontk phon. rh^i4, gep 
8ii. — Ftir piiina froui flatulence: ^e//^ caic ettrl.-v, cmi0t, rAm 
ehiitin, coti^ graph, h-p, i{pi. i/tef*, iod. kuL lye. natr, -fit. nitr 
fti(r,-aL\ n.-ntosi:/i. n.'t^otn. phos, phoi.-ac. puh. *//. /fulph, 
vcratr. — For imrtlucM of the abdomen : Anac. calc. cam. 
carb'V. grapfK liiarpt^jiK n-mmrlt. ^^ir. pho^. jUumb, jil,-^l*ur 
exce^xe^ifulertce: Agar, cant/h curh-a- carb-v. cavM. rhin, 
graph, hdL kal. Igc. mang, uierc, nitr-ttc. oleand, pAos, pltinib. 

b) For bonng pains : Cin. coloc. sen. sep, tar. — For htrn- 
ing m the abdomen ; Acc^n. ars. beli. catUh, cnrb'V, c/ianK 
cnust. loch, n-vom. Jthos, pho-8-€U% sec. sep, sU, r^mfr.— For 
aching pains: £elL cnrb-u. caiist, calc, loch, uatr-m. n^om. 
pho8. Sep. mtljth — For sensitivenesg of the ahdonifn : Aeon, 
atnb. canth, ctirlhv, chatn. colitr. graph hep. hyos. larh. Igc, fj- 
vom, pfth, »ulph, (her, thuj, veratr. — For bearitig-^Jown pains : 
JJeU. dtdc, lach. plat — For puing with prensure from vjithin 
outitards : Asa, bell. herb. con. lye, //rttn. sulph, tulph-ac, 
tine, — For feelinr^ of heat in the abdMmcn : Bell, canfh. carb-v, 
mez.pho9. sit. — For feeliiip^ of holloieneft,^ or emptiness : Artt, 
cocrnl. coloc. hep. iiifjh, niur-ac. phos, puis. sep. eiann. — For 
feeling of coldness in the abdomen : .j^th. ars. calc. chin. 
helL kid. kreos. magn-arct. men. oleand. pctr. phos. plvtnb, 
ml. sec. sep* For ht^iiUn^^ puis* ttw pains : Cann. caps, cin, 
kal. lach. lye. scp. stdph-ac. tart — Yor pinching pains: ^e^. 
caic. carb'i\ cAin. lye. mere, tntr-ac. n-vom, siL sijlph, — For 
Bpasmodic, rr<Tm/>y, piping, constrictive paina: Anac. OMa, 
beU. calc. carb-v. cham. chin, chinin. coccuL coloc. hep, iptC 
iod. lye. magn-m. natr-ni. n-vom. plat /mis. thvj. — For pains 
which obHge to bend double : Bov, cede, carb-v, cdac, lye, 
sulph. — For gnawing pains : Canth, oleand. rat, sen, — tor 
tearing pains: Ars, bry. chani. ign. kal lach. lye. magn-m, 
sec, sulph. — For catting pains: Ars. calc. coloc. am. lye, 
mere, ttatr-m. nitr-ac. n-voni. petr. phos. sec. nil. spang, aulph. 
veratr* — For stitching pains: Hell. calc. caust. cham, cAin» 
con. lach mere. natr. nitr-ac. n-vom. sep. sulph. — For shocks 
in the abdomen : Anac, am^ cann, cmi. croc. nitr. oleand, 
plat. — For pains as if sore and raw : Am. ars, asar: beff, 
cak. cantli, carb-v. cokh. can. hep, hyos. ipec. kal n-vom. phos, 

c) For evening-exacerbalions : Amb. atnm, ant. am. beU. 
bov. bry. calc. caust. chiji. con. dulc. hep. ign. kal lach. Uttir. 
lyc.magn-c. magn-m. mang. mere. mes. nitr-cw. phos.phtt.ptUs, 
rm^. Thus. sen. sep. stront. sulph. sulph-ac. vol. mnc—For pttint 


ire exoiu^n oj iiie coal emning air: Carh-veg, mere. — 
l^'or p:iii»s which arc nggmvaletl or ixritcd hj cujitact : Aeon, 
am. rtnt. hrll. cttrb-v. cupr, hifon. lye. rn*rc. tiilr-ac, n-vom. 
ptu/fih pa/s, stilph. veratr.~liy motion : Attar, helL bry, cttnn, 
dig t/rttph. kreoH, ipec. mayn^uM. mere, natr-m. n-wm, t/ter, 

— Ai^jjfrMvaiiuii afttT a meal : Ars, vatb-v. c/uim, chin, coloc. 
ffraph. ioiL kal. lye. mayn-c. natr, 7iatr-m,nitr-iic. n-vorn.jilws. 
ptdti, rhm, atp, 8il sulph. zinc. — For 7dghtly pains: Aeon. 
am, ars. bar. bry. cak. c/uim. chin, graph, hrp. magn,-m* 
mere. pctr. phon. puis, rhas scp. sil. sulph, — Aggravation 
by drinking: Ars, n-wom. sulph. — Anielioration by exter- 
nal ictirfnth : Alum, a mm. ar.^. canth. natr. sil. 

d) For pains witli great anguiah aud restlessness; Ars, 
carb-v. cham. lyr. me)T. wioxrA. n.vofn. phos. puis. rhus. Bcp, 
«(ic. Hulph, sulph'oc. xifrat, — With chilliness: Ars, colcA./h*r. 
kal. mayn-r. juer^\ pti/ji, — With pains in the chest : JieU, 
caj^. carb-v, lach, lye, n-vom. phos. plunib^ sulph, — With 
pains in ihf* ^ujall of the back : Alunt. amm. bar. calc, canst, 
ehani. knl. kreos, mngn-jn. ?iatr-m, n-vom. phos. sulph, — 
V^\\]\ diarrhoea : Ars. eh am. colve. mere. phos. pids. rhab 
sulph, tart. — With cowitlpation : Alum.btlL bry. calc, carb- 
V. lye, natr-m. n-vom. op^ jdumb. sep. sulph, — With nant^ea 
or vomiting: Ant. ar-t, con. i]>cc. natr-m, n-vom, tart, vtrat.; 

— With eructations : Bell, bry, hep. Inch. 

§ 8. Fur jiaiiis affecting principally the epigastrium i 1) 
Am. caast. chatti, chin. co<^cul. ign, lye. n-vom. puis. 2) Aeo7h 
amm. ant, bell, calad. rale, cnnth. cheL cin. coloc. caL magn- 
arct. mere phos. plumb, rhns. staph, sulph. 

The nmhilical region : 1) BeU. bry. coloe. ehi?t. ipee. kreos. 
phos-ac. plumb, thus, sulph. veratr. 2) Aeon, amtn-m. anae, 
cin. citn, ign, n-moseh, n-vom. plat. rhab. sep. sulph-a^. verb. 

The abdomen: 1) Amb. bell. bry. carb^, caast. chin, yc, 
sep. 2) Am calc. caps, coccul, coloc, ign, kal* mere, n^vom. 
phos. sil, spig. thuj. 

The sidcj; : 1) Am. asar. bry. carb-n, chin. ign. suJph,zinc. 
2) Btli calc. caust. cocc. led. lyc> natr. natr-m. n-vom.^ rhus. 
staph, tar. thuj. 

The ab<loniinal ring and inguinal region : 1) Aur. coceul. 
ign. lye, magn-arct,n-JJom. sulph, sulph-ac. 2) Alum, Alum-m, 
cole, vhtwt.eltm. coloc. mag n-aunt. rhus. sil. spig. thttj. veratr* 

The nbdomen generally : 1) Aeon. ars. bell, varb-v. chain, 
chin, cucetd. coloc. coff. hyos. ign, lye* mere, n-vom. phos, 
pulH, t&j, tulph, 2) Ayn, cUum, ant. artu calc caitst^ colch. 



tMpr.ferr. tpec. kal loch, ma^n-m, natr, nafr^m, nitr-ctc. it* 
tnosr/t. op, J dot, rhttb. rut. atn, stann. vrratr, zinc, 


ArpEA RANGE OK HIE FACE. Tf Moi-allv ft tut*re symptoin, 

yet the changes in the con i frequently point to the 

proper roniec^y, 

§ I. a) For pale fooe^ give : 1) An^ hry, calc^ rarb-veg, 
chin, ftt-r. ipec lacA» phciph. puU. 9ejK spiff, sfeutn, tart, re- 
rafr. *^)Aii4m. arri, campK cin, AcU, nUr-aa n-mo9ch^pho$-at, 
rhus. samb. sec, 

b) lied fiwe: 1) Aeon. ars. bfJl chanu chiru eocc^ik hep* 
ht/os, iffn, tod, mere, n-mosrh, op. rhfu. stratn, sulph, 2) Chifi. 
auic, hyoM. kicli. puU. 9(piiU. (art, veratr. 

c) Palenc&i of one, and redness of the other cheek : Aeon, 
colitc. iffn. H'Vam, veratr, 

d) lied cheeks ; 1) Aeon, cnpx, cham, chiiufcrr. lye fnere, 
n-vom. phosph. puis, stann. suJph, 2) ^rt/. cann. dross, dufc 
iod, hd. Hram, 

c) CiVfi/w/jfrrAe^/ redoes*^ of the cheeks: 1) Acoft. Mn. 
lye, phusph. 2) liry. rak\ dros. duk. iod, kill, krcos, loch, led, 
jmls, samh. srp. stann » strum, sxdph, 

i) FrtHpieut tdtrration of color, nt iimea red, at others 
pale; 1) Acan, hclL cham, cin, croc. vjn. n-vom, phosph, plat. 
jnds. vcrair. 2) Alum, aur, caps, carb-ttn, chin. /err, ffrapK 
hyos, mnijn<. sptrj, squdL sulph.-ac, 

g} Jitue-Ted face: 1) Actm. ting, cham. cupr, lack, puU, 
2) Ars. aur, bell. bry. cam ph. con. liep. hyos, iyn. ipec niercu 

mb, spong, reratr, 

h) Bluuk color; 1) Ars, bell. hyos. op, verair. 2) Aeon. 

iff. aur. bry. cumph. dn. can. cupr* hep* lack, lye, samb. 
sponf/. staph, turt. 

i) brown-red color : 1) Bry. hyos, iod, niir-ac, op, stp, staph, 

ram. sulph. t) Carb.-vey. kreos. puis, sec, 

k) Salhw, iivtd colur: 1; Ars. thin, /err. ipec lye, mere, 
n^'POm, 2) Jiry. rarb.-vey. croc, kreos, n*Ur,'9n. nitr,HUU 
plntsph, samb. sep, «/. 

1) Gray color : Carb-vey. kreos, lack, laur. 

in) Grtitnish color : Ar^. carb^-veg, veratr, 

§ 2) As retifK-cts partml colorg, ^ye : 

a) For ltlu4 maryins rountl the eycg; 1) Ars. chin, ipec, lyc^ 
n,'Vom„ phos.-nc, thus, hcc, utaph, veratr, 2) An<iv, cocctd, cupr, 
/err, fup. ign. phoeph. scp. sulph. ~ yellow margiiia: Niir^^ko^ 
PL*vom. spiff. — ffrcenish: Ar%> veratr , 



b) Foi l;.Mii. I-. around the noRe : ytMowish-looVing i JVi/of,* 
V iiepia. — for t/tMoto saddle acroM* llu* dieoks aud nose; iScp 
— lor yolloiv iiust' and mouih : Num,-u. acp» — tor ydlow 

c) For hliii^Kh. nioulli : Cin, c apt', f err stann. 

d) For spots iti \\w face : \) Ars. /err, rJitut. attitude sil, 2) 
Ctilc. cftHf.-an, coirh. lye, natr. sttmb. su//i*h, veratr, 

e) Blue sprits: ]) Ferr^ 'I) Cin. citfrr. stunn, 

f) lW/(?tr spots : 1) Colch, /er, natr. sep, 2) CausLnitr- 
ac, n.-vom. 

g) Hf'd spots .• Cair, lye. rhus. mhad. samb, sil. stdph, 

h) Bltttk points: 1) I/ros, (fraph. fiatr. ni(r,<tc. seltn. 
ttdph. 2) UclL bry, €<ilt:. diy, hep, ntUr,'m, ftabad. sabin. 

i) Skinifiy tat^e, as iVoni i\i\ i 1} Jluff/i.-c, natr. 'tn, plumb, 
select, t!) Jiry. chitt, mere, r/ius, slram. 

% '^, As respects other symptoms oi'the face, give: 

a) F\»r AUftktn face 1) Ars. chin. lacli. n.-vom. sec sep. 
Ktatm, verntr, '2) Anac- cam ph. cio. coloc. cupr. droa, furr. 
lye. pliosph. i>ho8.-ae. staph, sulph. 

b) For hiinken eyes^ hollow looks: 1) Aiu catnph. chiu. 
ierr, lach. pliosph. pUo8.-ac. SfC. staph. 8ulph. veratr. 2) 
Anac. tie. coloc. cupr. cyd. dros. iod, kal, iiitn-aa oleand* 
pulii. S|K)ni;. RUnn. 

c) Vox* pointed itoxe^ collapse of features : Ars. chin. n.-vom» 
plioa.-:ic. rhuM. staph, veratr. 

d) For /uj^nH:rafif i'tice : 1) Ars. chin, phosph. pbi>8.-ac. ace 
veratr. 2) Caiith. carl) -vcfi:, cupr, n.-voni. 

e) For tf//fAc/fcatnrc9: 1) Ars. c;unph. chiu. op. phos.-ac. 
rhuji. sj/ig. stram. verair. 2) B^IL cauth, caust. obam. coleh. 
grapii. hdl. lye. olcand. *tec. 

f) For Moated face : 1) Aeon. ars. bry, chiun. chin. hyos. 
n^-voni. op. pbosph. puis. Bamb, spon«r. «tram. sulph, 2) Arn, 
ars*. bell, lerr, boll, ipec. kal. lach. rhus. flop, ail, spig. staim, 

p) For bloatcdness around tlie eyes : Ars. ferr. phogph, 
puis, vhixh,— under the eyes: 1) Ars. chin, n.-vom. phosph. 
veratr 2) Brv. calc. wep. — in the region of the glabella : 
Kal,— around the nose : Oulc. 

I*) For sickly looks : 1) Cbin. n.-vom. pbospb. sulph, 2) 
Ciii. clem. lach. j»uls. 

\) Fur icrlnkh:^: Calc. lye, sep. stram. — for wrinkles of the 
furthtad: 1) Cham. hell, lyc, aep. strara. sulplt. 2j AmuL 
bry. graph, n.-vom. rhab, rhus. 

k) For dUtQTUd fealurea ; 1) Aj^ belL caust. cbam. gr»pb 





CONCUSSION, Ac— coNurnoxs^ Aa 

liyos. ign. ipec. lach. n.-vom, op, sec stram. veralr, 2) Aug. 
camph. cir. c<»fciil ciipr. hyas. lye. mere pLat. puis. rhus. «u. 
spiles »pong. s<juill. 

§ 4. For furtber details, see : ERtrprioxs ix the face, 

TUB X08S, &C. 

COXCUSSIOX OP THE BRAIK.— The best remedies 

for ctM-ehral affections prudncytl by concussion, fall» blow on 
the head, <fco., are: 1) Anu and cic ; or, 2) Dign. ign. laur. 
pc'tr. mere. (Sf*o Lvji mris.) 


g 1. There are practitioners who select a remedy princi- 
pally with relVroiice tt> tht^ oxternal cuudilionft of the symp* 
touia, flueh aa: tlie time of day when they appear, the side 
of the body, head, chest, «fec., when> they appear, Acv This 
is evidt'iitly going too far, though it cannot be denied, that 
the^e external eor>ditions have a general value in mai»y caaea, 
and facilitate the selection of a remedy, provided the practi- 
tioner is otherw'ise thoronjihly acquainted with the es^^ential 
pointfl of our Mati'Ha Mudica. To Hchot a remedy with re- 
ference to these external conditions exclusively, might prove 
of great dutrimint to the |>atient. 

^ 2. As regards the time o/rlat/^ give : 

a) When the pains occur or exacerbate principally in the 
tvettinff*. 1) Atnb. amin. amra.-m. arn, ara, bell. bry. calc, 
caps, canst, colch. du!c. euplir. hell. hyoa. lach. laur.'mang. 
rnerc. uitr. nitr.-ac. phos, puis, ran.-seo* sep. sulph.-ao, thuj, 
sdnc 2) Ant. asa. borax. carb.-aiL carb.-veg. cham. chin, 
cocc. con. croc, graph, guaj. hep, ign. kal. laur. led. lye 
magn.-c,, mez. natr. natr.-m. n.-vom. petr. phos.>ac 
plat. rhod. rhus. seneg. Bil. &tann. 8ta]ih. etrotit. sulph. tart. 

h) AVlien in the evening, in bed, after lyii»g down, or gene- 
rally />f;/b;'<? ffiidnighi: 1 ) Ars. bry. calc. carb.-veg. graph, 
hep. lyc. mere, phospli. pul*!. rhus. sclen. aep. *2) Alum, amin.- 
rri. am. aur. eul:id. carb.-an. caunt. chin. cocc. dulc ign. ipec 
kul. lach. led. niagn.-c. magn.-uL natr. natr.-rn. n.-vom, phos.- 
ac. niu. 3;i8?iap. ail, stront. sulph, aulph.-ac. tart, thuj, verair, 

c) When at m't/ht : 1) Aeon. am. ara. bell, calc cap*. 
chutu. chin. ciu. colch. con. droa. didc, fcrr, graph, hep. hy<»H. 
ign. iiiagn.-c. inagn,-m. mang, mere, natr.-m, nitr.-aCv phoaph, 
puis. rhus. sep. ail. stapli. Ktront. sulph. thuj. 2) Ant. aur. 
baryt. bry, camph, caun. canth. carb.-an. carb.-veg, oaost. coff! 
croo. cupr, hell iod< kal. kreos. hch, led. lya nuigiL-Aret. 



mei* natr, n.-vom. plumb, ran. rbab, sabail samb, sec* Belen. 
spig. *!ulph.-ac. tart, thuj. 

d) When during sleep: 1) Alum. ara. bdl bry. cham. hep. 
lacb. mere, mosch. uitr. nilr.-ac. puis, sanib. sil. stram. sulph. 
2> Aeon. anac. arn. baryt. borax, calc canst, chin. cin. con. 
dulc grnjih. hyos, igri. kal. led. lye, m^ign.-arct. mur.*ac» natr. 
ttatr.-m. n.-vom. op. pLospb, phoa,-ac, rhab, rhua. ruta, stanu. 

c) When after midinght, or early on waJcing: Alum. nmb. 
amra.-in. ars, bell. bry. calc, carb»-veg. caust, con. graph, hep. 
kal, Jach. lye. nitr.-ao. n.-vooL op. petr. phosph, sep. suIjjIl 
2) Amni. aiu. arn. aur. culc. cann, caiilh, cjips. t'arb.*an. chin. 
c!roc'. dros. ferr. ign. mang. mt*ra natr. natr. -m, nitr. phos.-ac. 
plat, ran. rhod. rhu8. sabud. satnb. »iL stpilll. staph, sulph.-ao. 
thuj. vcratr* 

f ) When early in tlie morning: 1) Amb. amm. amm.-m. 
ant ars. bry. cale. carb,-veg. cin. croc, dros. guaj. ign. tiatr. 
natr.-m. niir. nitr.-ac n,-vom. phosph. rhus. equill, sulph. 
veratr. 2) Aeon, ahira. anac. ant. aur. oarb.-an. cofT. con. 
hep, kal. bich, lye magn.-arfl. magn.-auf^t. pctr. phos.-ac. plat, 
puis, sabin. scp. sil. staph, sulph, tart. thui. 

g) When in tht forcnoony or after breakfast : 1) Carb.-veg. 
natr, n.atr.-m. n -niosch. sep. *J) Amm. anac. ars. bry. calc. 
cauat. cham. con. dig. graph, guaj. hep. kal magn, nitr. nitr.- 
ic. n,-vom, pho3, phos.-ac. riius. sabad. sassap. sil, staph, 
sulph.-ac. val. \-eratr. 

h) When in the afternoon^ iifter dinner: U Alum, aaa, 
bell. lye. nitr. nitr.-ac. n,-vom. phosph. puis. sil. thuj. zinc. *1) 
Amm. anim,-m, ant. borax, eale. canlh. eie. eoloe. eon. graph, 
igit mosch. mur.-ac. natr. natr.-m, sassap, selen. val. 

i) When the 8ymj»toin» are worse (tf(er sleep : Anac. cala 
carb.-veg. cocc. con. graph, laeh. atnnn. staph, sulph. thuj. 

g 3. As regards the period of digestion, give : a) When the 

mutoms which exist before breakfast are mitigated by the 
tt'erudast : liaryt. culc. graph, hep. igu. iod, n.-vom, petr. 
plat. rhus. sep, staph, sulph, 

b) ^\Tien settuig ni or increasing after hreahfasl : Amm.- 
m. bry, calo. carb.-veg. caust. cham. con. graph, kal. Ijirh, 
n.itr. nfltr..ra. nitr. nitr.-ac. u.-vom. phosph. rhus. sep. sulph. 
thuj zinc. 

c) When the symptoms which exist before a meal, are less 
tring or after a meal : 1) Amb. calc. cann, ferr. ign. io<L 
ih. natr. ]>hosph, sabad. stront. zinc. 2) Alum. an/b. amvc 

baryt. caps, cldn. graph. laur. puis. rhus. sep. spig. suiph. 



d) When the pnin* come on tehU^ eating : 1) Anim. haryt* 
carlt.-an, carh.-vt*^, voqq, cp-nph. Iiep. knl. Iyt\ iiitr.- 
rtiv plioaph. puis. 8cp. 2) Arnli. am. borax, c^nlc cauat. cham. 
cic. cnii. tna^'n.-m. n.-vom. p!io9,-ao. sil. «nlph. verntr. 

v) Whon the pains come on or p:i't worse after eating: 

1) Anim. anac. aix bry, calc, cnrb.-vcg. catist chin. con. kal. 

plach. lye. natr, natr.-ni, nitr.-ac m-vom. phosph. sep. sU 

'"Bnlph. xinc. 2) Amm.'Tn. ant, borax, earn. -an, clnira. oin 

roc. hep. i;jn, natr, pctr. phos.^aa puis. ran. squill, stann. 

8ulph.-nc. tliuj. 

t ) When the pains are caused by drinking: 1) Ars.T»ell. 
canih. carU-veg. chin. coco. I'err. natr. natr.-ni. n.*voni. rhus. 
«il. veratr. 2) Actm. ant. am. baryt, bry. canst, cin, coloc. 
con. bolL hep. hyos. ijj^. lach. nitr.-ac. phosph. piios.-ac 
pals. Sen. MJ. stnini- sulph. 8ul{>h.-ac. 

^) W hen the jjuins are caused or a^ijra^ated by sm^yktng : 

1) Ainb. cale. ign. ipec. Iach.n.-Yon\. ]ihos, puis sponi;. staph. 

2) Aeon. alum, anac, ant. am. bry. carb.-an. chin. cic. clem. 
ct»cc eu|>lir. magn.-arct, natr, nalr.-m. petr. rula. selea. aulpli. 

hi Compare under " Stomach, wearxbss of," the various 
kind of nouriHhtnent. 
§ 4. Aft re^artls sefuons and pm<Hh of the moon, give: 

a) F(»r |)ains which get ufor»e or emne on again insftring: 
1) carb.-veu;. lack rhus. veratr. 2) Aiub, aur. belL calc, lye 
natr.-ni, puis. 

b) In mmnter: 1) bell. bry. carb.-veg. dmlc. 2) Lye, natr, 
puis. rhod. sib 

c) In autumn : 1) Calc. colcb. dulc. lach. mere. petr. rhod. 
rhus, veratr. 2j Anr. liry. chin. 

d) In whiter: I ) Aeon. bell. bry. carb.-veg. cbani. colob. 
dulc. ipec, n.-vom. petr rhiie. sulpb. veratr. 2} Amni. aur. 
camph. mere. natr.*m. n -mosch. plioa, puis. rhod. sep. 

o) At a ch^fnge of the moon : 1) AUnn. calc s-ibad. sil. 2) 
Amm. canst, cupr. dulc. p*aph. lyo. natr. aep. sulph. thuj. 

1*) At Pif^w-mton : 1) Alum. amm. calc. caust. cupr. lye 
iabad sep. nil. 

g) Ax full-moon: Alum, calc. graph, natr. sabad. Bibspong. 

h) At inrreaM of moon: 1) Alum dale. thuj. 

§ o. As regards the infliienee of air and whid^ ?rive — 

a) For ihe piiins cuiseJ by stiltnj weather: 1) Bry. rhod 
sep. tfil. 2} g. caust. lach. mere. mitr. aatr^-m. ultr^ 
ao. iL-vom. petr. phos. 



b) By storm}/ and windy weather : 1) Bry* rbod. sil. 2) 
Carb,-ve^. cMil Inch. lye. nnir,-ac. a.-moscb. n.-yotii. phos 
puis, rbod. sil. veratr 

c) By ichnlft : 1) Carb.-vcg. cbam. lacb. lye. sulpb. 2) 
Aeon. ara. aur. bell. cbin. con. graph, mur.-ac. n.-vom. pboa. 
plat, puis. Sep. thuj. 

d) By N**rth-winds : Aeon, canst, hep. n.-vom. sep. sil. 

e) By Eantwind: 1) Aeon, bry, carb.-veg. hep. siJ. 2) 
Cau5t. n -vom, 

f ) By SoitfA'wind: Bry. carb.-veg. rhod. sit 

g) By Wcst'toind: Calc. carb.-veg. dulc. lach. rhod, rhiis, 

b) By a draught of air : 1) Aeon* anac. bfll. calc. ch.ini. 
chiu. ail sulph, 1) Caps, canst, graph, bcp, ign. kal. natr. 
n.-voin, rhasi sclen. sop. 

i ) By cool ev*min(f-air : 1) Aram, carb.-veg. mere, nitr.-ac. 
guljili. 2) Borax, mcz. n.-niosch, plat. 

k) By open air and during a walk : 1) Amm. calc, carb,- 
an. canst, chain, cocc. coil* con. cal. lye. natr. n.-mosch. n,- 
voni, sil. strain, tiulph. 2) Alum- bry. camph, carb.-veg. chin, 
ferr, guaj. hep. ipec. lach. led. maga-aust. mere, natr.-ra. 
nttr.-nc. petr, puis, rhus. selen. epig. sulph»-ae. thuj\ val. 

1) By confinement in aroorni 1) Alum. asa. croc. magn,. 
arct, mag-n.-o. magn.-ui. rt.-voin. phos. puis, rhus, sabin. 2) 
Aeon. atnb. anac. ant. asar. baryt. graph, hell. hep. ipec lye, 
mez. rnosoh. nutr.-m. op. plat, sassap. seneg. aep, spong. 
fiiront. thnj. 

§ f». A« regards cold and dampnr^a^ give : 

a) For the pains caused by cold weather: 1) Ars. b:iryt. 
bell. calc. cainph caps, caust. cocc. dulc. hell, u.-nioseh, n.- 
vom. rhod. rhus. salmd. 2) Aeon. amm. anac. aur, borax. 
cr\rb.-an. carb.-veg coich. hep. hyos. ign. kal. lach. lye. man g, 
mere. mez. moscli. phoiq>h. phoa.-ao, sep. siL spig, 
strnnt. sulpli. suiph-ae. thuj. 

h) By cold air : 1) Bry. calc. carb.*veg. mere. rhus. 
veratr. 2) Ars. aur. camph. caps, caust. cocc. colch. dulc. 
hell. lye. n.-inosch. phos. rhod. sep. strunt. 3; Aeon. amm. 
belU carb.-aii. hen. Kal. lach. mang. mcz. mosch. nitr.-ac. n.- 
vom. plio8.-ae. Rabad. spig. stront nulph. 

c) By a limb becoming cold: Bell. eham. hell, hep, pids. 
rliusi. sep. sil. 

dj By uneovcrinff a part : 1) Ai^^, anr. cocc. con. hep, kal. 
mere, mosch, n.-vom* rhus. eamb. sqiiill. sil, etront. *2)Ani, bry. 



eamph. caust. cic, clem, coleh, con. dulc. graph, hyoi. m&gii« 
c. am^n.-m. nntr. natr.-m. n.-mosch. plio», nabacL «ep. ^Uiph. 

e) By cold aud damp wcailuT: I) Amin, calc. carb.-\i-|^, 
dulc. lacb. mere, n.-monch. rhotl. rims, verair. 2) Borax, 
oarb.-au. chin, colch. lye nuiiig. nitr^-ac. puis, riita. sas&ap 
Bep- spig. sulph. 

i) By exposure to f^t: 1> Ars. calo, colch. dulc n -mosch. 
pnh, rbus. sassap. sep. 2) Bell, bry, hep, ipec lach. ly«, 
phosph. sulph. 

g) By workinfj in the water^ or by washing : Amm, nnt, 
bell. ca!c. carb.-veg, clem. mere, nitr.-ac. n.^iiosch. phos. puis. 
rhiis. sasj^ip. sep, ftiilpb. 

h) By every cfiaugc qf the tceather: 1) Cale. carb.-r. diilc. 
lach. mere, rhus, tiih «u!pli. vtratr. 2) Graph, maiig. mtr.-ac 
n.-vom. phos. puis. rhu<L 

§ 7. As rcj^ard.s icurfntM^ give : 

a) For paius caused by a change of t*^mperature : Ara. 
carb.-vcg, dulc. u.-voiil jihos pul8. ran, rhus. sulph. Teratr. 

b) By warmth general Jy : Anih. ars. aur. cam ph. cann. 
carb.-vcg. dro-s. iud. led. natr.-m, nitr.-ac. phos. puis. rha«. 
Bee. seneg. thuj. 

c) By warm air or warm weather: Ant. bry. carb -reg, 
core, colch, iod. Inclu lye. puis, sulph. 

d) By the warmth ot' ihc btd : 1) Ara. bell carb.-veg, eharo. 
dros. gra]jh. led. lye. mere. puis, rliun. sabin. sulph. veratr. 
2) Amb. calc. eaust. cucc. graph. kaL led. lye. phus. phu8.-aa 
Bpong, thuj. 

e) By a warm Move in the room ; Aeon. agn. aliim. anaa 
ant. aru, cin. colch. croc. iod. natr.-m. op, phos. plat, pula, 
Babin. spong. sulph. thuj. 

f ) By the action of the sun: Agar. ant. bell. bry. camph. 
euphorb. graph, lach. natr. puis, aelcn. flulpli, vah 

g) By wrapjiing a part up in warm dothof: Aeon, borax, 
bry. calc. igu. lye. magn.-arct. phos. puis. spig. sulph. thaj. 

g 8. As regards mechanical jyrfssrtre^ give : 

a) For the pains caused hy presf^ure u|>on theo/fecftfff part: 
1) Agar. anac. barvl. bry. cin. hep. kal lach. lye. magn.-c. 
mere. plat. sil. 2) Ant. arg. bell. calc. caiui. caps. Ciirb.-veg. 
gu.ij. Tuagti.-m-mez. mur.^ac. natr. natr.-ni* nitr.-ac. n.-vom* 
oleand, plujfi.-ac. ruta. sep. val. zinc. 

b) By i\w pressvre of the clothes: 1) Brj% calc. carb.-veg, 
oaust. con. hich. lye. mere, n.-vom. puis. s|>ong. *i) Caps. hup. 
nitr.-aa sassap. sep, stann. suiph. voL 



W mere contart: \) Ang. bell. bry. cnps. cham. chin. 

eocc. colcli cupr. hep. liyos. lye. n.-voin. puis. ran. gabiii, 

»p. «pic;. etaplu 8ul]>h trift. 'i) Ac»jii, aii.-tc. arn. cjunpli. eanu. 

irb.-vcg. canat. cuphorb* grapli. krcoa. h*^ll. lach. mngn,-c. 

matxn.-iri, mez. natr.-m. nilr.-ac. pho8.-ac, rbus, nil. atram* 

Bulnh. veratr. 

n) By kaninff \\\\\\ the part on something r Arn. bell. 
carb.-v. chin. cmi. [ipp. kal. nitn-ac. pula. rhab. rhua. sep. sih 
sulph. stnpli. ihuj. verat.r 

e) By f/raspinff with the bands: Amm. calc. carb,-veg, 
caiisU cham. chin, led. Jyc. natr. natr.-tn. nitr.-ao. plaL pula. 
si I. 

§ 9. As regards the diffi*rcnt positions of the hoffi/, give : 

a) For the pains Ciiused by ramng one's »ef/: 1) Ai'on. 
arn, ara. bell. biy» cocc. ign. iiair» natr -m. n.-vom. puis. rbus. 
sulph. . 2) Cham chin, nm, lye op. vcratr. 

b) By raising one*s.selt" from a recumbent prtsture: Aeon, 
bell. l>ry, earb -veg. natist. chnni, eocc, con. diile. graph, guaj. 
hep. ign. lach. natr.-ru. nitr.-ac n.-vom. oleand. petr. sep. sil. 

^K val. vcratr. 

^m c) By rising from a seat : Bell. bry. caps, carb.-veg. canst. 
^m chin. con. ferr. lye. matig. nair.-nu nitr.-ac phosph. puift, 
^Hrbus. rnta. pil. Htapli. stilpli. tart. tbuj. veratr. 
^^^K b) lly jsfrclchinf/ the affeeted part: Alum. bry. calc. carb.- 
^^^Bb' carb.-veg. cauat. chin, cou. hep. kal. mang, rtita. 8ep. 
^m Bulph tliuj. 

^m e) By Mooping'* 1) Aeon, alum, baryt. bell. bry. calc 

graph, hep. n.-voin, petr. pula. sep. fi])ig. thuj. val. 2) Amin. 

|aninj.-m. arn, eic. coee. ipec. kal. lach. lye. mero. natr. natr.- 
ni. plnwph. rhns. sulph. 
f) By standinij'. Agar, amm.-m. aur. bry. caps. cau«t. cocc. 
eon. mang, petr. phoii.-ac. plat, puis, sabad. scp. sib stnnn. 
aulph. val. veratr. 
g) By sitting: I) Agar. amb. ars. as-a. haryt. caps. cin. 
ferr. guaj. lach. magii-c. magn.-m. natr. plat, pid.s. ruta. 
sep. *2) Aeon. alum. anae. eausl. chin. dulc. enphorlK graph. 
lye. mere. nair. -m. op. pho8.-ac. rbod. rhus. sulpb. 8uiph,-ac* 
tart. val. vtrarr. 
h) By rest: 1) Agar. asa. aur, caps. cnn. dros. dulc 
euphorb. ferr. lach. puis. rhod. rhus. 8,*4n»b. snijjh. 
val. 2) Amm, amm.-rn. chin, coloc, kab kreos. lye. uiagn.- 
c magn.-in. moseh. ruta. sabad. **il sinnn, 

i) By lying: 1) Amb. a.s.t. caps dro8, moseh. iiatr.-m. puis. 
rhu& autnb. sep. verba:^. 2) Alum. aaa. aur. carb,-veg. 




elitn. con. dale euphorb, ferr. lya mnr.-iie. n&tr. rhod. rata 
Bil. val. 

k) Hy tk re-Ufsb^nt posture: Aeon. amm. atnTn.*Tn. ar» 
caiist. uli:ii«. chill, uuloc. cupr. igiK iuagn.-iu, mere, u.-voni, 
pbusj. jMils rh««. at*]*, sil. 

J) By /yi/i/7 OH one sitk: Aeon, ara, bvy, calc. cnrh.-an. cin* 
ferr, graph. lit*p. ign. ksL lyo. notr. pbos. puis, diusi. aabad. 
ell. oiuuu. Hulph. 

m) By lying ou the rlffht iide: Amm.-ni. aur. bomx. 
cauat. kal. luagn.-in. tnerc. n.-vom. puis. 8pong. stann. 

n) By lying on the i<!jX side ; Aeon, amrn, colch* kal. lye. 
nair. nalr.-ni. phos. ptjln. »ep. sil. sulph. thnj. 

o) Lyin)^ ou the painless nide is more p.iinrul than lying 
on tho aflV'cicd side : Arnb. :ini, bry. wile, cwusil. cnam. 
coloc. ign. kal. m.agn.-aust. puU, rhns. «:p. si.-inii, 

p) By chanfjlng one's j^Kisition ; Caps, oarb.-vc^, oausL 
con. hioli. nitr.-ac. phos, pnls. ran. 

§ 10. As regards motUm^ give : 

u) For the pains caiiHed by motion generally: 1) Am. 
bell. bry. colch. dig, gruph, hell. ipec. led. nmgn.-att5t> mere 
natr.-m. n.-votn. phosw ran, spig. sijuiil. istapli. 

b) By moving the ajffh:ttil part : Arn. bell, bry. CApa, 
d\:xn\. chin. ferr. cocc. gi»aj» led. mere, niex, n.-TOiiL puis, 
rhua. Bpig> staph, thuj. { 

c) By raisin ff the affected part: Am, bell. bry. cbin. 
con, li.Tr. gniph, kiiL le«l. natr. puis. rhns. sil. 

d) Xiy turniHff or benJing the part: Ainm.-ra. am. belL 
bry. calc. chin, cic. hep. ign. kal. lye. natr. natr.-m. n.-vonu 
pul*. rhu^ stjp. sil. spig. spong, stann, 

e) By ridintj in a carnage, ^winging, or other passive mo- 
tions: I J Ar*. cocc. i»etr. suljih, *2) Coich. ferr. n.-mo8ch. ftep, 
eil. 3) Borax, carb.-veg. culch. croci. graph, hep. ign, kaL 
natr natr.-ra. nhos. plat selen. staph. 

f) By icalkintj: Ani. bell. bry. calc carb.-veg. chin. 
colcb. con. dig. graph, hell. hep. led. mere, nalr.-m. nitr.-ac, 
n.-vom. Battsap. 8ep. «ciuill. Hiaph. snlph. snlph.-ac. veratr. 

g) Hy running t»r waJking iiiai: Arn. ara. anr. bry. c:Uc 
cansjt. ign. kal natr.-m. n,-vom. rhus. seneg. sep. sil Btilph. 

h) By riding on horseback : Ars. n.atr.-m, sep. snlph.-ac. 

i) By ascemiing an eminence : Aeon. alnm. ar*. aur. ba- 
ryt. bry. calo. ojiun, mere, n.-vom. pctr. rhua, aejx gpig. 
Spong. slaun. Bulph thuj. 

§11. M regards fatiguing, con<^i$sive tuotiona, give : 

a) For pains caused or aggravated by concmslon generaO^* 



hry. cic. con. hep. ign. n.-vom, pho8.-ac» rims. rula. 

b) L5y stepping : Ant arn. bell hry. cilc. canst, cliin. con. 
gnipli. maj^ii.-m. mere, nutr. uutr.-ia. uitr.-ac, n,-vom. phoa 
i:m. rhus. sep. sil, spig» siilfih'. 

c) By making a tJUse attpi Arn, bry. do* con. ])uls. rims, 

<l) By bodily exertiofu : Aeon. arn. ars. bry. cnlc. chin, cocc, 
cott! lye. mere, natr.-ni. rlius. ruta. sil. sulfifi. venitr. 

tf) By manual labor: Atam.-iii. more, unti-.-ni, niir.-ac, eil. 

f) By iauffhinff'. Ai*8. btll. b«->rax. carb.-veg. chin, dntfi, 
kal. lacli, mang. phos. stanii. 

g) By coughing'. Aeon. ani. ars, belt. bry. calc. carb.-vegf, 
drt)8. hep. ipec, natr.-m. n.-vom» pbos. puis. sep. eulph. 

h) By sneezing I Aeon, arani.-m. am. ar3. bell, borax, bry, 
carb.-vfg, eliiij. ein. lye. mere. nicz. mosch. n.-vunL puis, rbua, 
Babad. sep. slL 8t>'e- 

i) By blowing one's nose : Am. bry. calc. causL mere, 
natr.-Tii. n.-voni, sep. spig. siilph. 

k) By siftging : Anini. druM, hep. stann. suTph, 

1) By talking: 1) Anae. arn ars. belt. eale. carh..veg. 

>cr. ign. natr. iiatr.'m. n,-voni. plios. rims, sil. stann. sulpn. 
I) Aeon. ahmi. atnb. amm. aur, cann. chin. dule. ferr. kal* 
niagn. c. magfi.m, p)io8.-ac. plat, puis, rlius, 8<jlen. sU, vo- 

§ 12. As regards the influence of emotions and sensual 
imprcsswwi^ give : 

a) Fur jwiiiis caused or aggravated by emcytions : 1) Aeon, 
bell. bry. calc. ehnm. culue. ign. laeb. lye. nntr.-m. n.-vom. 
phos. ])hos.-ae. puis, staph, i) Ars. aur. caust. eocc. coflT. 
Iiyos. nitr.-ac. n. mos^ctu op, plat. rhus. e^ep. strum, sulph. 

b) By solitude t Ars. coii. dros. mot phoa. sil. strnni. 

v) By company: 1) Baryt. hyos. lyc. natr. puis. rhus. 2) 
Amb. earb.-an, carb.-veg. con. raagn -c. nair. peir. phoa. 
plumb. Mop. Mtann. stiam. sulph. 

d) By nmnXnX ext-rtiouj^ : 1) Bell. calc. ign. lach. natr.-m. 
ii.-vum. pain. B»'p sulph. li) Amb. anae. arn. ars. aur, borax 
coif. \yc, natr. alcana, sabad- selen. sil. staph. 

e) hy refuting: \) Agn. aur. calc- ein. coer. con. graph 
lyc. nair.-m. n.-vom, phok puis, sil 2) Asa bell borax, bry 



earb.-Teg. ainsl. chin. coflT. dulc« ign. kiU. n»tr. oleand. rbod 
rutA. sabad. 8ul[ih, sulph.-ac. verb. 

f ) B^ icrih'itff : 1) Asa. Jiur c:ili% ctn, ign. kal. milr.-in, aop. 
Bil. dnc. 2) liur»ix, bry, cMun. t'urb.-veg, rliin. rot'o graph, 
hep. lye. coci'ul. nalr. il-vuiii. oleand. ran. rhtid. rhus. ruta, 
siiblii. spong. Aulpl). sulph.-otj. 

g) By hriiffU liijht ; 1) Aeon. bull. calr. colch. con. graph. 
hyoa. lye. mere. phas. stniiu. 1) Am. iira. bry. cliuriL chin, 
coif euphr. hell hep. igo. u:itr. n.-voiu, phoa.-ac. pulai rhos. 
»t'p. ail. 8plg. sal ph. 

h) By noise^ ic. ; 1) Aeon, arn. bell. cak\ chain, ooff. coo. 
lye, nair. n* vom. plat. sep. spig. 2) Ang. a»r, bry. carb.-an. 
chin, cok-h. igii. niniig. p<'tr. phos. phcifi.-ac. puis. &il. rinc. 

i) By strong odors: I) Aeon. anr. belL eham. chin. eoff. 
^€olch. graph, lye. n.-vora. plio«. 2) Baryt. con, hep. ign.kaL 
pho9--ao. selen- sep. sil. 

g 14. Coini>are AMnLTOPiA, OruTiiALMiA, AcorsTtA, 
Hkapachk, Toothache, Fever, Slekp, Morbid Causks, &c. 

conditions are, of course, the contrary of the conditions ot 
[Aggravation ; all we have to do, tht»refare, is to point out the 
principal conditions of improvement in one series. 

For paina which are relieved by leaniftf/ against flomethingf 
give: BelK carh -veg. kal. mere, n-voni. rhii.-*. suph. 

^y pressure upon the part; 1) Amm. amm.-m. con. magn^ 
m. mang. mur.-ac. natr ]»ho8,-ac. slami. 2) Aluin. anac. ars. 
anr. bry. coco, dulc gmph. kal. phos. puis, rhus sulph.-ac. 

Uy (Jihikitiff of iht' pain : Camph, 

\\y rt^timf the part upon soiufthing : Aluin. amm. hep, 
n,-vom. phos. puis. rata, ntaplh bulph. 

hy cotdact: Ij Asa calc. mang men. mur.-Ac« plumb. 2) 
Anac. bry. caUKt. iiatr.-m. phos. siilph. ihuj. 

By motion (ace: aggravation by rest.) 

By riding in a carriag<* i Graph, nitr.-ac. 

By staying in the open air. (See : aggravation in the 

By iDoUcing : 1^ Anmi, arara.-m. ars, dulc. ferr, magn.-c. 
lagn.-m. mosich. plat. pub. rhus. sep. val. 2) Agar. alum, 
amb. ars. aur. caps, coil lye mere, mur.-ac nitr. aabad. samb, 
fit an n. sulph. veratr. 

By iojf«€ .* Ars. diam. coloc. 

By external coldnass: (See: aggravation by warmlH.) 

By change ot tHfuiiion : Ars. chain, igu. phus.-ac, pula, val. 

By lyin^ : Alum. am. ara. bry. canlh. carb.-aa. cupr, lya 



roagn.-c. m©rc. natr.*nL niir.-ac. n.-mosoh. n.-TQiiL aabad. spig 
apofij;. stapli. fttrarn. veratr. 

Uy a teewnbenf posture : Bry. calc. carb.-an. ign. kal, Ijrc 
fi.-vuni. puU. siaiui. Hul(>h. 

By lyiut; on (?/*« sid^ : Am. are. n.-vom, phos* «cp. 

By lying on the tfffecltd side : Arab. ani. bry, calc canst, 
clinm. coloc. ign. kal. rnagii.-aust. puis. rbua. sep. stauo. 

By r<^^r; (8ic: a«;j^ra.vatioa by motion.) 

By %lcep : Cahvl. chiu. colch. n.-vom. pliosph. puRselen. sep. 

hy sitting I Aeon, anac. bry. cjirb.-aii. c;irb.-veg. cv»ff. 
rofch. mang. mere. Dalr.-m, n.-voni. petr. ptias. phos.-ac. ihus. 
sqtiilL staph, ihuj. 

By sufisMfie : Con. phit. stram. stroDt. 

By frCandifif/: Are. bell. calc. cocc. colch. graph, ipec. mera 
raan-ac. phos. pimnb. 

Bv stayin^x '*" ^^'^ room, (See : aggravation in the open air. 

CONFINEMENT.— The principal remedies— tor the dis- 
enstis of lying-ill tenialcs arc* : 

For Excessive or too long ajter-pains : I ) am , chanu coff. 
or 2)calc. n.-vora. sulph, puis. — for Miuv-feveb : I) aeon. coff. 
or 2) aru. bell bry. rhus.— for want of milk: 1) calc caust* 
puis, or 2) agn. a-sa. btlL bry. chatii. chin. colf. dulc, mere, 
plioa-ac rhus. sec. sulph. — for suppui&sed skcretiox of 
MILK : aeon, bell. bry. cham. coff mere. ptih. rhiis. sulph.— 
tor GALACTORRiicEA and the coiiseqneucea of weaning : bell 
brv. calc. chin. con. phoa puis. 

For PoT-BKLLiEBN'Kss of lying4n women : 1) Sep* *J) coloc. 

For CoNvt'Lsioxs, eclampi^y. «fcc. : I) Cyd. liyosc, iffn, plat, 
2) Aeon, arj^.-n. bell. bry. canth, canst, ciulooh. cham. chin, 
eicut. chnicif cocc* coff. cypriped. cup. (/els, hell ipcc. lacli. 
luchn. laur. mere, n.-mosch. n.-vom. op. phos. puis. see. sca- 
tel. Htram. ver.-vir. jsinc. zixia, (Compare spiisms,) 

For iJiAEHiicEA : Ant. dulc. hyosc. rliab. (o. diarrhcDa.) 

For the emotions (mania): 1) Bcl!.jt>/</^ puU. sulph. u«ra<. 
zinc. 2)Ciinicit'. cyprified? sculel ? verat.-vir. 

For FALLING OFF OF THE HAIR I C'lhr. h/c, natf.'fn, snlp't. 

For PUERPKEAL FEVEtt: 1) Acon. 6tf//. bty, cham. n.-vom. 
rAf*«. verat.-vir, 2) Coff. coloc. liyoac. ip. mere. puis, verat.* 
alb. (com p. puerperal fever ) 

For CoiJc I 1 ) Bry, cham. 2) Am. htU, diose. hyoac. iriij, 
lach. n.-vom. pniltiph. puis, s^'p. verat. 

For SLEEPLFssNEss I Cuff. stict. 

For UiCLULiTi'; 1) Cala kaL 2) Chin, irnlph. 3) a.-voQL 
pho8.-ao. verat. 



For SWEATING : 1) Aeon. bry. 2) Chin, sulph. verat. 
For sipritEssioN of the LocniA : Aletr. cauloph. itimlcill 
colijc. hyoisC. n.*vom, plat, see. rinc. 


bry, cak. croc, eriff. hep, phU, puis. rhus. sec. senec. tril, 


BiiiSAST: Icrr. phell, siL ^ 

For coNSTiPATcoy : Bry, n,-vom, op. plat. (c. conalipatioii.) 
For PHLEGMASIA AijiA noLENs : 1) Ahi. bdl. hamum. rhu^. 

2) Aeon, ati^, cak, cimicif. iod* lach. n.-voui, puis. siJ. sulph. 


For BORE nipples: 1) Arn, sulph, 2) Calo. cham. ij^n. pula. 


brv, vj\»i, livfloiK more. phos. phylol. ail. (c. mastitis.) 

COXGEiSTIOKS. SANGUtNEOus. — Principal reniedics— : 
1) Aeon. urn. bell. bry. f*wt, cliin. ferr. gels. hyo8c, lacbn, 
uiLTC- n*-Yom, op. pbott, puis. riL siilph, 2) Alum amtu. asa, 
aur. calc. larb-v. ciuiicil. colT. graph, hep. iris, kal, Icpt. lye, 
lycjpiw. niosch. natr, nair..m. nitr.*ac. phylol. pluiub. po- 
aoph. rhiis. sang, sep, spoug. slrani. 8ulph.-ac, tliiij. verat.- 
alb. veratr.-vir. 

For particulars see: congestions of the abdomen, cbcst^ 
hottd, Ac. 

CoNGiiSTioNs OF THE ABDOMEN: the best remedies arc: 
1) N.-vom. and sulphur. 2) Ars. cact. caps, earb.-v. collina. 
k'jjt. jKjdopli. or also 3) Aloe. bell. bry. ebam. gels, helon, 
mertJ. puis, rliu.**, venitr. 

AitsKNicuK: frequent, scanty, slimy or watery stools with 
great debility. 

Nux- vomica: suitable to por.sons, who lead a sedentary 
life and are eu;raj»i'd in intellectual pursuits, dec, especially tor 
const ipathft, hard stools, pains in the loins, ;i» if the hips and 
back were broken and powerless; hard and tight abdomen. 

Capsicum: suitable to phlej^matit% lazy, eUnn»y and ^ensb 
live jicople, especially when small, watei> or s*liniy stools ai'e 
frequently present 

Caiib *VEG. : flatulence, slow^ action of the bowels, bad di- 
gestion and loss of apjietlte. 

CoLLiNsoNiA : fhituK nee and nnublinijr in the stomach and 
IxAvels ; cuuAiipuium ; slugginh stool with distention of the 
abdotiien : loose |>apv8cent dinrrlupa with nausea. 

LKprAsmtiA ; eoiiKtant dull burning distre>s in the cpi- 
gaatrio ood hypochondriac regions ; profuat^ Uadc^ mictu 



te?f stool with great distress in the region of the liver, ■ 

iMiiiirig to the gpiiie ; uniic very <l;irk. ■ 

r'oLMipiiVLLrM: fullnt'sjs, wiih pain mid soreness in Uio 

h^Tftochoiidriuc re^on ; conge«rjon of t!ie portal syateiii j hot 

iPaUry tr^wHudoiis with prostration. 

ScLPuuji: ior most o-a^e^, even in the most stuhbom onen 
pedAUjr to hypc»chon<lriac perdOOM, juid after tJ.-vom. 
See: Jlt^tm^jrehntjU, 

€k»e<iamoK» my tue cuest. — Principal reraedies : Acoti, 
R WB. cftcC cJiiii. ciniiciC ireU. tflou. mere, u.-voin. iibiwi* 

soltili. venit.-vir. 
: Vioknit D 

tsmrii: Yioknit pressure with palpitation of th<a hearty] 
aogtikb, short and dry cough, disturbing xVi 
and thirst. 
Gmt aopiijOi with palpitation of t!ie hearty op- 
riVKffis oi siifibcalion with 
COMUicted, (ailing down without 

villi lictttiiig in 
ift «ven fifli in lli« ' 
eaugh, dttftttrbiiig liMf^ 



of the he.irl ; rusli of blood to the head nnd chest and eon 
Btant puUiiting; ritnl beating pain in iboso orj^ii*, 

Mi4r*:l' litis: AiixJous upprossiori «r>d lieuvy breathin«5^^ 
with dojtire In lake dei-p brtMiih ; beat and buniiug iii th 
cbcst, pjilpiiaiiou of tlie heart and cough with bloody expeo- 

Nux-vosi. Heat and burning in tlie chest, especially at, 
night, with tossing about* anxiety^ slecpl«.?ssnes*j or tensive 
uroi^iure^ as from a wcitrht, especially in the op^n air, with 
tkuuvy breathing and unpleasant pressure of the clothes upon 
the chest. 

Phosphorus. Oppression and heaviness tension an 
feeling of fuLIncss of the cheat ; palpitation of the heart, an- 
gui-tb, and sensation of heat rising tu the throat. 

Saxoltixakia. Burning and pressing in the breast, espe- 
cially in the region of the heart, with ditHculty of breathing; 
)>alpttation of the heart ; with great weakness ; short, aoca« 
lerated, constrained breathing. 

SroNoiA. Org:tsni of the blood in the chest afler the 
least exurtion, with dyspuoea, anguish, nausea and Muting 

Sltij»hur: Or^aj^m of the blood in the chest with malais 
fainting, trembling of the arniM, patpitiition of tlie heart | 
heavinoMg, liilhieas and pressure iu il»e che*it, as from a weigbtf 
pariieularly when coughing; oppressed breathing, especially ^ 
at night, when lying. 

VKRATBVii'Viit: Sensation as of a heavy load on the chest; 
anxious oppression of the chest; constant <hill burning pain 
in the region of the heart ; oppression o( the cheat with uauseakj 

Compare : Asthma. 

Congestion of thb head ; congestions at caput. 

6 1. Principal remedies: I) Aeon. arn. bell, bry, cact. 
cimicif. eoff. gels glon. lachn. mere, n.-vom. op. puis. rhus. 
verat.-alb. verat.-vir. 2) Cham. chin. dulc. hamam, hedeoma. 
ign. siL sulph. 3) Aur. cann. graph* sang, siiia. 

g 2. Personu, who are ^osd of spiiuts should take: 1) 
N.-voni. lach, or puis, or 2) Ars. op. calc. sulph. — persons 
leading a sedentary life, require aeon, or n.-vom. — Girls, at 
the age oj' pubesceuou : Aeon. bell, or puis, ^ Children 
during OENrtTiopf : Aeon. cham. coff. gels. 

For congelation from great joy^ give otjff. or op., from 
fri'jhi or fear, opi im ; from eh*kjU ti/jz/ericham. or perhaps bry. 
or n.-vom. a.iui jWtm sHjfjjran!i*'.*i anger, iguat. 

For congestion Irom a J'dl^ blow or moUni 



give: Am. oic. mera; from dedilitaUng losses : Chin ealo. 

sulph. nux. or verat. — from the least cold: Dale. — from 
lilting hejivy weights, or from injuries: Rhus, or cala — 
congeation fronj constipation: bry. n.-vom. op. mere. puis. 

The disposition to oongcstiona of the head requires : Calo. 
hep, sil. sulph. 

§ 3, Particular indications : 

AcoNiTUM : Beatirjij; and fullness in the head ; frequent 
vertigo, especially when stooping ; sensation, an i£ the head 
svijuld B]jlit, especially over the eyes, worse when stooping or,' 
eoUL(hing ; sciiitillalioua and darkness before the eyes; buz- 
zing in the earii ; frecjuent tiiiiitiog turns, palpitations, tte, 
or violent burning pain^ in the head, espeuially in the forehead, 
with red and bloated face, red eyes, paroxysms of rage or of 
being beside one's se If. (Ailer Aeon* bell, is frequently suitaVile.) 

AttNR'A: heat in the head with cliilJiness of the remainder 
of the body; dull pressure in the brain, or burning, beatings 
buzzing in the ears :md vertigo, obsiuratiou of sight, espe- 
cially when rising from a recumbent position. 

AscLiiPiAS-sviiiAi A. A feeling, as if home shai^p instrument 
was thrust through iVom one tenijile to the other, with feeble 
pulse and cold skin ; headache with vertigo oceurriiig after 
suppressed perspiration or li'oin retention of eflete matters in 
tlie system. 

At" RUM: heat of the head, roanng noise in the head, 
fiery sparks before the eyes, worse after mental exertions ; 
fearfid and longing for death. 

Belladonna. Violent pressure in the forehead, or beating, 
burning and slitehiug pain in one side of the head; aggrava- 
tion when walking, or during mtttion, when stooping, or by the 
least noise or light, with red and U<»atcd face, red eyes, eciu- 
tillaliona, darkness before the eyes, buzzing in the ears, 
dt[>topia, disposition to i*.leep; or for dull aeijing painj*, deep 
in the brain, with pule sickly coniplexion, loss of eonseiousness, 
delirium and muttering ; or the pain appears aller a meal, 
with langucjr, somnolence, painful stiffness of the nape of the 
neek, heavy tongue and other apopleclio symptoms. 

Bryonia : Painful compressive seiisatiou in both sides of 
the head, or as if everything would fall out at the ibrehead 
when stooping; nose bieedB without relief, biu*ning eyes, 
lachrymaticm, constipation. 

Cactus, Vertigo from simguhieous ccuigestions to the head, 
face bloated ami red with pulsating pain in the head; heat 
in the head and face, causiug horrible anxiety ; pulsating 





pnm,wi!li scnwlion of weight in the nghi ^4e of the head, to 
severe, as 10 make hirn cry out; heavy pain oa the vertex, 
<Iimtrit8he«1 by preMiirc, Imt inc^e:^^ed by uilkin*^ or a atron^ 
light ; Mtroag pulHatiotis in the temples, aa if the skull woula 

CiMiciFi:oA. Ileaviiiess and duHness of the head; severe 
|Kiin in the head, particularly in the forehead over the rigl 
eye, and extending to the temple and vertex with fullni 
heat and ihrolihingf, with a senjation, as if the top of 
head would fly ofl*; the brain feels conipressed. 

CorrtiE : Lively temper ; cerebral excitement, sleeplen* 
heaviness of the head, iuL-reastid congestion, when talking 
^hinin*^ and red eyes. 

Gki^eminum : Ileadaeheextendingfromtheocciput to theos 
frontis; heaviness ot" hea-l with dullness of mind. dimne*^s ef 
d^ht and vertigo; svvininiinfr sftisation in the head; douhlt^ 
vii*ion .ami greMt si-nsiiiveneHs to all sounds; veriigo on rapid 
movemi'nt; dating deniiliou children become drowsy, coma- 
tose and ccuivulmve. 

Gloxoink: l*uins aacend from below upwards, aggrava- 
tion of the pains in the head by motion, fainting ; very quick 
pnUe, as loni; as the henlaeht; husls; vertigo, dull headaclie, 
feeling of fullness in forelu^ad and vertex, runli of blood to the 
head, consiunt puls^;iiion and beating in the liead ; scintilla* 
tions before the eyes or black spots ; buzEtjig,- ringing in the 
ears during the head.'irhe. 

Lachnanthes: Dix/Jness in the head with ^enaatioR of 
heat in ilie eheH and around the heart; dull headache over 
the whole hearl ; ftensntion as if the vertex was enlarii;ed and 
driven upward* ; hendnche, pressing the eyes outward, the 
head f».'eU enlari.'ed and a.H if ^plit Mpen with a wetlge from 
the oui?iide to Nnitliin; the body h very cold, impossible to 
gel wa»'ni, bttrninir of the head, like fire, 

MKRcrnn a: Fullness in the head, as if the forehcnd wnui 
tplit or aft if the heud were bandnged, or when the symptoi 
are worse at night, with burning, tearing and stitehii 
iiains : the pfitient sweat;* readily and profusely i^Ls frequei 
ly *uital>!e atler bell, or opium.) 

Nux-voMTCA : Nervou.Hne\*s and ]»ainful ^sensitiveness of th4 
brain when walking or moving tfie head ; pressure in xU* 
templeft, remnining uneh;u»ged when lying or raising one"* 
self; dim eyes with tle^re to elose lliem without beiii j _ 
ablv to bleejt; great he,H\iness of the heud, es|)ec5aily whcl^ 
Diuving the eyei*» with sensation, when thiukiug, as if tt* 




head would split ; agcx^vJition of the symptoms in the morn- 
insr, iti tlie opt*ri air, or afler a niijah and espCL-ially after t^k* 
iiig eulTei\ 

Opium : Violent con^restion, with tearinE: pain; pressure in 
the fureliead from within outward; throbbing in the leniples; 
wandering look; thirst; dry mouth, »our eructations, nausea 
or vomiting. 

Ft)L;sATtLLA ; Exhausting pain on one side of the head; or 
the pain commences in the oceiput, thence to the root of tf»e 
nose, (►r vice versa ; relief by tying a cloth round the head, 
or by pressure, or walking; aggravation by sitting; heavi- 
ness of the head ; y>ale face with vertigo ; whining mood ; 
shivering, anguish, phlegmatic temperament, &c. 

Rhus-tox. : The congestion is accompanied by burning, 
throbbing pains, with fullness in the head, aching or creej> 
iiig, vacillating sensation in tlie brain ; the pjiins appear 
after eating. 

Yeratkum : Shocks with pressure, or pains on one fiide^ or 
sensation as if the brain were dashed to pieces ; or contrac- 
tive pain with astringent aenaaiioii in the throat ; painful 
stiffness of the najie of the neck; copious secretion of watery 
urine, nnnaea, vomiting, &c. 

Particular remedies for headache are : 

a) When there is much vcrti(fo or dimness: 1) Aeon, 
am. belh bry, oalc. caust* cic. cou. laeh. natr.-m. nitr.-ac. n.- 
rom. phos. puis. rhus. sep. sil sulph. 2) Arum, baryt. 
l>ruc, carm. carb.-an. cham. chin, coccul. dig. hep. ign. kal 
laur. lye fielr. phos.-ac* spig. stnim. sulph.-ac. tart, veratr 

h) When the vertigo is so bad that one falls doif^n: \) 
Boll, coccul. jmls, rhus. sil. tJ) Aeon. chin. cic. con. graph. 
Jach. phos.-ac, rhus. sulph. zinc— that one falls /bnc^/rt/; 1) 
Cic. grnph. sil. 2)Cu|ir. magn,-c. magn,-m. mang. natr.-m. 
phos,-ac. rhus. sabin.sassap. sulph. — Backward: l)Chin. phoa - 
ac. 2) Kal. rhod. sassap. — Sideways: 1) Con. sulph* 2) 
Aeon. laeh. sil zinc— To the Ir/C side: 1) Lach. zinc 2) 
Dros. mcz. ii.-niosch. sil. — ^To the rig/U : Aoon. ferr. 8abad« 

c) When there is much fwat in the head : 1) Aeon. am. 
bell. bry. carb.-veg. chin. lach. nierc. mUr. natr.-m. nitr.- 
ac sep. tiih sulph. 

d) When the head feels too full: 1) Aeon, bell, bry, 
caps. ehin. daph. graph, mere, phosph, sil. sulph. 2) 

fViDin. carb.-veg, dim. cuff. petr. 8pong. sulph -ac. 

e) When it feels hearty: 1) Arn. ars» bell. bry. calo. 




Cftrb,-Teg. chin, mere, natr.^m. n.-rom. pnla. rhua. »ep. sfl* 
tt^TL Biilph. 2) Aeon, auurt. amm.-m. tmmph. carb.-an. cliam. 
con. dulc- hell kal lach. laur. lye. niugn.-o. magn.-m, n.-mo8ch. 
oleaod. op. petr. phos, plumh. »itkph. 

g 4. a) When the head feels dttU: 1) Anaa bell calc 
carb.-veg chin. hell. raag7i.-au»t mere, natr.-m. n,-vora, op. 
p«tr. phu8,-ac. rhiis. sep. nil staph, sulph. 2) Aeon. ars. bell. 
earb.*an. cic. coccuK terr. grarih. hell ign. kal magn.-o. nair. 
Ii,-tno«oh. phos. puis, spicj. staph, stram. thiij. zinc. 

b) VVhen it feoU cloudy ^ with conlUdon of the senses, i&o.: 
1) Acou. agar. bell, bry, cic. hell. hyos. lanr. nalr.-m. op, 
strain, veratr. 2) Calc. cann, caib.-veg. C4iu8t. cham. cooeuL 
coTi. kal magn.-m. n.-voin. phos.-ac. puis. rhab. rhua. sil. 

c) When stupffUdi 1) Am. bell, hell hyos, laur. n.-vora. 
op. phos. pho8.-ac, ])lut. rhtis. Rtrani. veratr. 2) Ai-s.'bry. 
calc^ eamph. cic. con. cupr. laur. natr.-m, D«*mosch. puU. rhab. 
sabad. sabin. stann. staph, sulph. verb. 

d) When there ia Uwi o/ consei<nifine9S : 1) Am. bell hyos, 
n.-vom. op. phoa-ac. plat. rhus. stram. veratr. 2) Baryt. 
cam ph. cic, cupr. hell, kal. mur.«ac. natr.-m. n.-moich. pbosph. 

$ 5. See: JIkadachx, Afopleit, Congestiojt, Ac 

CONSTIPATION. * § I. Thij* is a mere symptom, the 
cure of which requires a remedy correajmnding to the totality 
of the syniptonid characterizing the morbid *«tate. Princifjal 
remedies: 1) -iKscul-hip. bi'y, eale, chelon. collin. hydr'ani, iris. 
lacb. lye. natr.-rn. n.-vom, op. jAumb. pudoph^ sep. sil. staph, 
sulph, Vt^atr, 2) Aleir. alum. bapt. bell cann. canth. cai*b.-v. 
caust. chirnap. ciuiicil eon. evoiiym. gels, graph, hedeom. kal 
kread. mere mitchel nitr.-ac phos. plat, puis. sass. etaniL aulph.* 
ac. zinc, 

8 2. To obtain immediate r€Urf\ give : 1 ) jEsc. bry. n,* 
vom. podoph. op. or, 2) Cann. collius. hydrast. lach. mgt,-arc. 
mere. plat. puis, sulph. 

For habitual constipation, costlvenesa, give ; biy. coltc* 
oaust. con. graph, lach. lye. sep* sulph. 

g 3. Constipation of persons who lead a ncdentary f(/it 
requires: 1) bry. n.-vom. sulph. 2) lye. op. plat, 

Coustipation o{ drunkards : Calc. lach. n.-vom. op. sulph. 

Constipation resulting from the adiis6 of cathartics or set- 
ting in c^/ftr diarrhoa: n.vom, op. 2) ant. lach. ruta. 

Constipation of old people^ or alternating with dia 
I) Ant. op. phos. 2) Bry. lach, rhus. rata. 




Couatipation of preffnant femaies: 1) N.-vom. op. scp. 2) 

luin. hvy\ lye. — and o^lyiuf/ in ilnnalfti : Ant. bty. n.-vom. 

Constipation of infants at the l^reast: 1) Bjy, n,*vom. op. 
2) Aluin, lye. siilpb, venit. 

Consln»ation brouj^ht on by travelling in a carriage : 1) 
Plat. 2) Alum, nig-t.-arc. op. 

Constipation fiom poisoning with lead: Alum^ op» plat. 

§ 4. For constipation witii ineffectual urging : 1) Cap^ 
con. lach, lye, raerc. n.-vom, »op. siilph. 2) Arn. bell. calc. 
carb.-v. canst, cocc. graph, ign kal. natr. natr.-in. nitr.-:i» 
puis, sil staph, verat. zinc, 3) -^Esc.-hip. hydrast. phjtol. 

Constipation withottt the least desire, as from inactivity of 
the bowels: 1) Alum. cbin. hep. kaL natr.-m. n.-votn. staph, 
thuj. veratr. 2) Aoae. am. bry. carb.-v. cocc. graph, ign. 
lye. magn.-ni. natr. n.-mosch. op. petr. rhod. ruta. sep. biL 
8ulj)h. 8) Collins, gels, hydrast. pod. 

When the ffx*:e3 ore very hard : 1) Amm. ant. bry. cah 
carb.-v. con. giiaj. lach, niagn.-ra, op. phnnb. sep, sil. sfiilph, 
2) Alnm, carb.-a, canst. kaL lye magn -c. nigt.-arc. vitrc. n,- 
fom. petr. rhus. ruta spong. staph. Bulph.-ae, thuj, 3j .^Esc- 

Wh€»n lumpy ^ like sheep's dung: 1) Alum, magn.-m. mere, 
op. sep. sil, sulpli. 2) Amm, baryl. carb.-a. canst, graph. kaL 
laeh. inung. n.-vom. petr. plumb, statin sulph.-ac. thuj. verb. 

When too large: 1) liry, cak, kid, mgt.-arc. n-vom. 2) 
Anr, graph, ign. magn.-m. mere, stann, 8ulph,.ac. thuj. verat. 

When loo thin : Canst, graph, hyosc, mere, mwr.-cic natr 
puis. st'p. staph. 

W^ben too scanty: 1) Alum. am. cak, graph, lye. magn,-ra, 
fiatr. D.-vora. sep. gil. sulph, 2) Ara. baryt. chin. lach» 
at a. stann. staph, zinc. 

§ 5, Particular indications : 

.^EscuLTTS-iiiP. Constant urging to stool ; ineffectnal ef- 
forts to stool ; difficult hard fitool, followed by burnhig and 
constriction of the rectum; very hard and dry stool, followed 
by colicky p.iins in umbilicus and severe cutting pains in 
ano ; stooh very large, bard and difficult with feelijig oi' pro- 
lapsus ani; desire of a passage from the bowels without 
result; excessive dryness of the rectum, with feeling of 
lieat; worse when getting up after sitting. 

Alumina: The rectum is inactive \ bowels move only by 




Btraitiing the abdomtnni muscles; stool* i-ery hanl, knotty and 
uity ; ailmc'iirs from luiid 
.Mil -Ml' a : ll:in\ hUhvIh ; crninbrmj; to piree* when i*v*ioitat- 
n-qui ring great rtVortii lo t*x|»<.*l th fin, fitlIowe<l by hij 1 8t«jt«!. 

Baptisia: Cuiisii|):uioii with torpor of thv Jiver and 

liRYo.YiA : EspoririUy in summer, suitable to ppr^ons, wlio 
are (li»jH)Het| lo rheumaiisni, or wht^ri the conHiipaiiuii 
causiMi by tliMordorrd «tnmai.'h, witli disprisitiun to fctl chilly, 
ooiigvsiion of blood to the ht-ad, headacdie ; irrimble mood, 
dl'«f)OMtio[i to be angry; tjiciturn; generally Buitid>le to 
vtdicmint persons, 

Calc.-cauh: Hard, large, partlilly tiTidig<»fitefl stools ; after 
stool fV**liiig of faintiiess; ooxiiig of tlnitl from th« rectum, 
Bint^tliiig like herring-brine; restless sleep towards morning, 

Cai^sicl'm: After drinking urging to stoul, but only slime 
ia paskied ; feeling of heat in the abdomen. 

CoLLixsoNiA : Constipation with a good deal of Oatidonee; 
nlii^jgish stool, with distention of the abdomen, heat and itch- 
io'j «d the anus ; habitual cisiiveness. 

Hydrastis : Cfmsfipation stands alone without any other 
'nt or is itself tlie cause of all other existing ailments. 

iRis-vEttsicoLOtt: Constipation succeeded by thin, watery 

Lacuesis : Oh'<tinnt€ const i^xition^ with pressure m the 
stomal h anil uiurtVctual altem|»tH at eructations. 

MKitcuKirs: The constipation is accompanied witli bad 
ta^ie in the mouth, painliit gums, but no loss of appetitCi 
(give Staph., if Merc, should not suflice.) 

Natb.'Mub: Obstinate coniKtipauon, when all action of 
the >>owel8 seems lost, 

Nt'r-voiitiGA: Suitable to hypochondriac and haeraorrhoi- 
dal persons ; the eonstifiation was caused by eating too much 
or by dernnging the stomach, Ac. Symptoms : lof^s of appe- 
tite, nau'^ca, distention of the abdomen, with presi»\ire and 
heavine^; heat, especially in the face; congestion of blood 
to the head, headache; in.'ibility to work; disturbed HJeep, 
oppression, eardialgia, ill-humor ; souafum as If tfte anus 
tRcrf. dosed or ?utrrowtT than usmtl^ ^nih frequent inelTectuaJ 

OpiirM : Sensation, as if f lie anus were closief 
any great urging; beating and sensalitui of he 
abdomen ; cardialgia, dry mouth, lomt of aiipetit^j, coi 
of blood to the head, headache, red &ce, «c. 

avm^fis m 





LACCA : CoiiStipatton of long stand ini^; continual 
ntion to go to siool ; hardslOf^ls; burning (1t!>tress in 
nmbilical rej^ion; wind piloses the liowfU constantly, 
of a very fetid nature; pain in the umbilical region with 
deaire for stool. 

PL.VTINA : The patient is only a1>le to pass bniall lumps 
with tene^^inuB and crcepincj at tlic anna after every evacua- 
tion ; chill with isensation of weakness in the abdomen ; con- 
strictive pain in the abdomen with pressure, pain in the 

luach and ineffectual attempts at eructation. 

FLifMBLM : Stoola consistinj^ of small, hard balls; constrio 
fpud drawing n]> of the anus ; fretpient violent cuUc ; 
,ff in of the tthdomen^ in the region of iht ttat'tL 

PoDOPiiTLLUSi : ConsiipMtion with lioadache and flatulence; 
hard and dry feece**, voided with difliculty ; alternation of 
constipation and dmrrha?a ; hard stuol, coated with yellovv, 
tenacious mucus. Morning agijravation of all the intestinal 
Byniploms, weakness and soreness of tbe back. 

Pl'lsatilla: Suitable for constipation produced by de- 
rangement of the stomach in consequence of eating too much 
fat; cJiilUness, peevish and tacittirn. 

Sillkxium : Stool so hardand impacted, that it has to he re- 
moved by mechanical aid ; the ^ces coutain threads of tkcal 
matter like hair. 

Sepia : Suitable to females or to rheumatic individuals, or 
when Bulph, and n.-vom. are insufiioient; unsuccesstui urgitig 
to Biool, \^ ith sensation in the rectum, a« of a lump haviftg 
lodged in it. 

BcLPUVtt : Habitual costiveness, especially suitable after 
aLpTOtn.i to hypochondriac and liiemorrhoidal ficrsons ; /re- 
iut intjf*ectuai urrfing to stool, with iiicarcerntion of 
Ice, maJaitie, dibtentioD of the abdomen, inability to 
per|i>mi any mental labor 

§ 6. Should these remedies not prove sufficient, select a 
retnedy in acf'Cfrdance with the general state of the patient* 


folio winyj classification of remedies ugrceabiy to eon 
•iiMMjiiM, sex, 3fec , is, of eudrse imj»crfect, and immy remo- 
uivs which have been urnitied in the various paraijruphs, may 
have to be liiipplied after a little more obmTvatioii. Never- 
thtdeiM, an inleinj^eut phybiciun will liiul the attempied clas- 
~^ ktiou of ^•nice. were it only Vo cuidirm the selection of 
mtcdy^ or to aecide him iu tlivor of one remedy among 
leveral doubtful 



g 2, Premising all this, we will give the preference, m 

res|>ect8 fr//f and nex : 

a) For the «<^r/<' sex, to r 1) Aeon. alum. aur. brr. canlh. 
carb.-veg. cliin. clem, coftl coloc. dig euj»horb. graph, ig 
kjiL niagn.-arci, mr»gn.-ra. mere, n.iir. natr -in. nitr.-ju.\ n -von 
op* phos. rbufi. sil. sinpli. sniph. Kiiic. 2) Agar, ahiin. ana 
ant, art*, baryi. caps, carb.-an. eatisi, coloc. con, hop, lach. Iy< 
mosch. mur.-ae, par. petr. pho8.-ac. plumb, puis, seneg. stann, 
eulplh-ac. tliuj. veralr. 

b) For the fetnate ftcx, to: 1) Aeon. anib. amm,-m. asa. 
bell, chain, chni. cic. con. croc. hyos. ign. magn.-c. niagn.*m. 
mnach. n.^mosch. plat. puis. rhns. sabin. scp. utaim. val. 2) 
Alum, amm, arn, borax, calc. caust cocc. lerr, gnipli. heli 
nep. knl. lye. mere, n -vom. phosph. ruta. sabad. sec, spij 
strum, sulph. thiij. veratr. zinc. 

c) For children : 1) Aeon, boll bry. c>alc. cham. coffl hep. 
Ign. ipec. !yc. mere. n. mosch. rhab. sil. sulph 2) Antb. aia. 
aur. baryl. borax, bry. canth. chin. cin. aros, hep. magn.-c, 
n.-vora. puis. rhus. ruta. spong. siann. staph, sulph .-ac. veratr. 

d) For yomig people: Aeon. boll. bry. lack and roan|y 

e> For old poof»le : Atnb. aur baryt. con, op, see* 
g 3. Asi re^|»ect8 ro;<^/i>^//<(*/i: 

a) For bland personu of Afjc fibre, to : Bell. calc. caps, chi 
clem. con. coceul. dig. graph- hyoa lach. lye. mere, rhus, salfl 

b) For dark«m%plcjcionedy with rigid fibre : Aeon, iinac. 
ani. ai^. bry. kal. oatr.-m. nitr-oo. n.-vom. plaL puis, sep, 
staph, sulph. 

c) For bilious individuals: 1) Aeon. bry. cham. chin, coo- 
cul, mere^ n -voni. puU. 2) Ant. ars, asa. afiar. canu. coloc 
daphn. dig, ign ipee. lach, sec, staph, sulph. tart. 

d) For nerrottj! persons: 1) Aeon, b.aryt. bell, chin, con. 
eupr. ign. luagn.-arct. njerc, natr n*.-vom. phos, plat, puis. sil. 
»tunn. sulpK val. viol.-ml 2) Alum. ars. carb.-veg. ch:itn, dig. 
graph, hcji. hyon^ laiir. lye natr.-ra. n,-mosch. pha8.-ac, rhu*. 
aabin. sep. titram. leucr. 

e) For plethoric individnala. See Plethora. 

f) Fur lymphitic individuals: 1) Bell. calc. carb.-veg» 
chin. lye. mere. niUr.-ni. nit.-ae. phos. puis. ncp. sil. sulph. 2) 
Arniu, arn, ars, baryt. dulc, ferr. graph, kal, petr. rhu.**. ihuj, 

g) For bli/alcil^ spongy persioiis: Amm. auU ars, assL bciL 



cupr. ferr. helL knl. laclu mere. puis. rhus. seneg. 

Bplg. 8lll{»ll. 

h) Fur dfnder individuals: Arub. n.-voni, phoa. aep. 

i) For thin^ kan suhjec'ts: 1) Aiub. are. bry. chin, graph, 
lach. mere, natr.-m. n.-vom. stann. sulph, 2) Aut. baryt, 
chain, ciem. cupr. ferr. ign. ipec. lye. Dierc. nitr.-ac. phoa. 
plumb, pulft. sec. sil. staph, veralr. 

k) For/«/, large persons : Ant. bell, calc. caps, eupr. ferr. 
graph lye. pub. sulph. 

1) For weakly^ cachectic individuals: 1) Ara. c^Ic. chin, 
natr.-m. n -voui. phos.-ac. sulph. yemtr. 2) Ar& carb.-veg. 
Inch. mere. phos. sec. sep, <fec. 

^ 4. As respects tem/^rament and di^osUion: 

a) For cfAtAerif.\ vehement individuals : Aeon, ars. aur. bry. 
carb.-veg. cau8t. hep. kal. lye. raagn.-aust. natr.-m, nitr.-ac. 
n.-vom. phos. plat. sep. sulph. 

b) For bland dispottitions : Amb. beD, calad. cic. coccuL 

•ign. Ivc, raagn.-arcL puis. sil. sulph. 
c) Vov phlegnuttk individuals: BelL caps, chin* lack mere. 
liatr. natr.-m. mez puis, seneg. 

d) For liiKly di^ipositions : x\coa arg. eham. nitr.-ac n.-vom. 

©) For melancholy per.%ons: Aoon. aur. bell. bry. oala 

■ chin, graph, ign. lye. natr.-m. plat. puis. rhos. stram. sulph. 

f j For setisitu^e fieople : Ars. ant e^c, canth. ooff. oon* 
cupr. isrn. lach. Ivc. n -v<»m. pho& nlat. sabad, 

The princt|*:il remedies for tbisaftVction, which is generally 
miiected with rheumatic or arthritic ailments, are i 1) Amm, 
im.>m. caust. coloe. graph. laeh. natr. natr.-m. puis, rhus, 
rp. iujph. 2) Baryt. earb.-an. carb.-veg. con. lye. n.-vom. 
Sec : Goirr aud Riieciutish. 


For fMjidouing \* ith large doees, lleriug recommends : 1) 

dbtimciJ, either wiih or without water ; '2) Sugar, or Sugar- 

?r ; 3) Milk ; 4) Mucilaginous drinks ; 5) Iron filings dis- 

in vinegar, and raixod with gum- water, 
to suliscqueni dynamic affections require : 1) Hep. D.-vom.; 

2) Aur. Wll. chin. coce. dulc. ipec. mere. 
* 1 The principal remedies, which, indeed, do not 

ire, but palliate the palii, are : 1) Ant. cala sep. ail. 
1^^ \ 1. eArb,-ftn. ign, petr, lye. nitr.^ao. sulph. 



2. a) Ffir boHng pains, gave : Borax, cnuat. iiair. phok" 
i) For /^wriiiV* f/paiiis: C:ilc igii nmgri.-arct petr. pbos.-ac» 

fdL Bulph. 
c) For aching paiiis : Ant. graph, biy, phos. Sep. 


d) YoT injlammation : I^yc. scp 

ۥ) For tearing pains : Dry. iya inagn.-m. natr. aep. siL 

i ) For gtitehing pains : Ant bry. calc. lye. natr. natr.-m. 
rluis, sep. siL siilj»h. thiij. 

g) For r>i7m gcnenilly : Bry. calc. lye, a-vom. phos. rhus. 
nep, sU. Bulph. 

h) For sorenesi: Amb. graph, ign. lye. inBgn.-arct. n,-voni. 
rhu6. sep. 

§ 3. See : Sitrsr, inihtration, thickening op the. 

CORNEA, diseaseK of i1il\— Principal remediis: 1) Calc. 
cann. con. eanlir. puis, sulph. 2) Are. aiir. chel. chin, can, 
hep. kal*bi, lack magn.c. mere. natr. nitr.-ac. ruta. 8tneg. aep. 
BiL spig. 

Fur Specks give : 1) Calc. cann- cauat euphr hep. hydr 
nitr, ac. sen eg. sil 2) Ars. cin. kal.-bi. ruta. sep* spig« su^th 
8) Aur. carb,-a. con. pula*nut. 

For Ui.cEEs and Cicatrices : 1) Sulph. hep. aU. 2) Am 
calc. kid.-bi. lach. mere. natr. 

For 1^*Terygion : Chrom. lach. op. phinib. 

For Obscpration op thk coiiNKA : I) Cak. eantk c^u&L 

»br. magn.-a puis, eulph. 2) CheL chin, hydmat. oitr.<AOL 


For Fungus ikkmatodeb: 1) BeYL calc. lye. sep* eiL 2) 
Carb.-a. sulph. thiij. 

For Staphyloma : Apis. cede, euphr. lye. sulph. 

Compare also : opht/uUmia, 

COUGH, tussis 

§ 1. Cough being, generally speakings a mere symptOTttJ 
it seems imjwssiblc, to ftimish pieciise instructionft tor the 
treatment of every species of cough. Nevertheless, it ni.iy 
not bo snperfluoua to mention the jirincipal remedies for 
cough, provided the practitioner Beleets his reme<Jy in ao 
cordnnce a\ ith the general 8ynipt*»ms (»f the patient 

Taken in this w?nse, the pi-incipal remedies for cough are; 
1) Aeon. aral. asclep, ars, bolL bry. calc earb. v hep. ipec. 
lob. lye. lyeopus o.-vnm, phos. ]juK mm. sang. svp. btann. 
Btict. Biilpli. *i) Ceras. chnm. chin, cimicitl cin. con» dn»s. dulc 
eupat. geb, gnaph. ham. helon. hep. hyosc. ign. kal. lach, led. 
leptau. rhu8 all, spong. ii) ^£8c,-h. apoc. anx caps. 






comoclad. dioscor. euplir. op. plios.-ac, pod. ph^tol. squili. 
stann. staph, verat. verb. 

§ 2. Ityf CATARRHAL corGii r 1) Aeon, boll. ftry. eaci. 
cham. ciiiiic. mere, n,-vnm, puis. r\\\x», stilph, 2) Am, aiu 
calc, caps, canst cliiri. citi, dros, dtilo. euphr liydr:ist. byose, 
ii^u, ipec. laeb. phofl. pljos,-ac, sep. siL spig. sqiiilK aiutiu, 
Rtfiph. stict. verat. verb. 

For cough accoinpaiiiod with vomiting or nactsea, give: 

1) Jiry, carb.'V. dros. ftMT. hep. ipeu. n.-vora. puis, galph. 2) 
^sc.-ii calc. clan, krcas. IojjL liatr.-ui. sep. sil 3} Lach. 
pho8.-aL'. rhu8. Rabrul. tart, veratr. 

For NERVOUS AND SPASMODIC cough : 1") Bry. carb.-T. cin. 
/-ryosc |/jff\ n.-voni. puis. rum. 2) Anibr, bell cuj>r. dros. 
ferr* hep. mgt.-aro. mere. 8ulj>h. 3) Aeon, cnic. chiu. cun. 
ign. lod. kal. kreas. laet. iiatr.-n). nitr.-ac. sop, sil. 

aram.belt. bry, calc. cham. coff. hep. hyvsc, ign. iris. ipec. lach. 
lachu. n.-voni, pGtr. p/io$. rf(?u. .tanr/, /»ejw.npoug. sulph. 2) Ant. 
ara, ars* eacL carb.-v. caust. chin, cin, cupr. dfos. iod, krcas. 
lye, i7iere, niir.-SLV' n.-mnsvU. plat puis. rhua. seneg, spig.squUl. 
Btann, staph. 3) ^sit.-hip. a8clep.-tub, cact» ciujiijiil cist. 
gyrunocl jugl laehn, stict. zizia. 

chin. iod. lyt\ p/ios. pnls. .seneg Sep. sil. fitjuill stann. sulph, 

2) Xcon. ahim. anac. apoc.-c, aram. dro8, dulc. eryng. euphat.- 
p. ferr. kaL lept. mere, ualr.-m. phos.-ac. ruia. senec, spong. 
8ta|ih. stiet, thuj. veratr. 3) Apclep.-syr, eryng. collius. eopatv- 
perf hepat. liydrust. 

For rough, iuoBo iu the <iay4ime^ dry at nigfUz Ara. calc 
cham. graph. n,-vom, puis, sabad. ail suljrh. 

For cough, with expecti^ratkin €/?i/t/ in the morning i 1) 
Alurn. amm. bry. calc. carb -veg ferr. hep rungu -c, luaiig. 
natr.-m. phos. puis. »ep. squill. 8ulj4i.-aa 2) Bell kal. led. lye. 
luur.-acv natr. nitr,-ac, phng.-nc, eil. 

Expectoration only in (he erenim/: 1) Am. cin. graph, 2) 
Calc. kal lye inur.-ac. nitr. n.voui, phas. ruta, »ep, Btantl. 

Expeetoratiou only at niyht : BetL calc, caust. hep, led. lyo. 

When it is impoasible to throw off the detached irubstances 
Anvb. arn. caust. kal. 8Cp. 

§ 4, a) For blvvdy expect uraliim : 1) Aeon, ani, bry 
call?* ferr, i|jee. lye. » phot*, buiph. 2) Ars. hell. chin, 
con. croc, dros dulc. hep. byos. laur. led. mere nitr. rhua 
sabin. liec. tiep. sill, squill, liulph.-ac. 




b) For bloofi -streaked expectoration, or niticus mixed u>it^ 
blood: 1) Ars, hry. chin. lerr. phos. Rabin. Bep. 2) Acoo 
aril, bell, borax, iod. ipec. laiir, lye. mag^n.-o. op. sulpb.-au 

c) For pumlent expectoration : 1) Gala carb-veg, chin, 
Cfni, kal. lye natr. nitr. pbos, sop. sil staph, sulph. 2> Aj-a 
bell, carb.-an. dros. ferr. hep. mere, nitr, ac. pno9» ac puis. 
rliij.«*. stann, 

d) For jeUy-iike expectoration, or resembling boiled stareh^ 
<fec. : Arjj^. baryt chin. dig. terr. lanr. 

e) I^rothy expeclomtion: Ara ferr. op. phos pnls. sec. ail. 

f) ^iCf/iM expectoration : Ars. bry. calc chin, lye. phoft. 

Snla. statm. sulph. *2) Amm. arg. baryt. bell. C4irb.-veg. cin, 
ulc. iod. kreos. lach. magn.-m. nitr.-ac. n -mosch. rata, stapb. 

g) Ihtid expectoration: 1) Calc. natr. sil. Bulpb. 2) ArsL 
con. graph, gnaj. lye. magn.-ni. nitr.-ac. phofi. sep. atann. 

h) Watery expectoration, or of thin inncus: Arg. carb.- 
veg. chani. chin. fcrr. graph, lach. lye. magu -a mere Btaun 
sill ph. 

i) Tenacious expectoration: 1) Ant. ai's. bell. bov. carb.- 
veg. seneg. sil. 2) Alura, anac. cann. ebam. chin, dula lerr. 
iod. kal magn.-c- magn.-m, lach. mere. mex. pho8w-ac. rhua. 
epong. idnc 

§ 5, a) l'e//o?^ expectoration : 1) Bry. calc. carb.-veg. 
droa kreos. ]jhoa puis, atann. sta]>h. ihuj. 2) Aeon, anim.-ni 
ara. lye. mang. tnerc. natr. nitr.-ac. rata. sep. spong. 

b) (? my expectoration : 1) Amb- ars. lye sep. 2) Adhc 
arg. chin, kreos. lach. magn.-m. n.-vom. thuj. 

e) Greenish expectoration: 1) Ara. carb.-veg. magu.-a 
yc. puis, stann. 2) Borax, colch, led. mang. natr. phoa. sil, 

d) Rtd<Ji9h, not bloody expectoration : Bry. squilL 

e) Blfjekish expectoration: Chin lye. n.-vom. rhus. 

f ) WfdtiHh expectoration : 1) Arg. carb.-veg. kreoa lya 
phoa. sep. sulpb. 2) Aeon. amnL-m. carb,-an. chin. ein. cupr, 
ferr. rbus. sil 

§ C, a) For hitter exfiectoration r V) Ars. chain, mero. 
n.-vom. puis, 2) Am. bry. eantk dros. nitr.-ac. sep. 

b) Font expectoration: Ani. bell carb.-veg, chain, con. 
cupr. feiT. puis. sep. stann. 

e) -Sc/?^ e.\pectoration: 1) Ara. lye. natr. phos. puis. sep. 
2) Alum. amb. baryt. cole. chin. drua. graph. magn.-c. maga.. 
m. mere, n.-vom. samb. sil. aulph. 



rl) Sour expectoration: 1} Calc, n.-vom. phos. 2) Bell. 
chnm. chin, hep. kal. uiagn.-m. plumb, puis, sulph. 
. e) Musty expectoration : Borax. 

f) For expectoration tasting like old catarrhal mucus: 
BeU, puis, sulph. 

g) For moeetish expectoration : Calc. phos. 2) Krcos. 
kal. lach, magn.-c. n.-vora. puis. Bamb. squill, stann. BuJph» 

l») For expectoration tasting like /(/6t/fx*t>: Puis, 
i) For expectonition having an offensive taste : 1) Ara. 
drus*. mere. pul". 2) Calc tV^rr. ipec. lach. natr.-ra. sep. 
k) For other kinds of taste, compare Tastk^ 
S 7. a) For RACKIXG, EXHAUSTING couoH : 1) Ats, h^W. 

lach, lob. -inf. mere, n-vom, pula. Htann. sulph. 2) Auac\ 
carb-v. gyninocL hyo&a ign. lye. roI. 3) Cau^t. chin. con. 
cupr, gmph. tper, kal, phos. ram, rhus. squill. 

b) Fur sirpFOCATivK cough; 1) Arunu chin. cin. cupr. 
droa. ipec. op. ail. 2) bry, carb-v. con. hep. n-vu»u. puis. sep. 
fulpk 8) Ars. carina, cauat. cham. lach. mgt-arc. n>mosch, 
samb. tart. 

c) For iiOARSK DEEP COUGH : 1) carb-v. cin. hep. ign mere, 
n-vom. fltann. sHcta. 2) aeon. ambr. apocai's, carb-a. cauflt. 
kreas. lye. nitr-ac. phytol. samb. verat. verb. 

d) For HOLLOW BARKING COUGH : 1) Acon. bell. bry. dros. 
hep, nitr-a, spong. staph. 2) caust. cin. ign. kreas. pho«* 
samb. Bpig. 

c) For pAJTriNG wheezing cough : 1) cin. droa, 2) bell* 
carb-v. con. cupr, dulc. hyosc. ipec. phos. puis. rum. spou^. 
verat 3) Acon. ambr. aruni. chin, kreas. lye. rhu8» 

1^ For TrxiLLATiNG COUGH : 1) Acon. ars. ciiam. dros. 
iod. ipec. lach. natr-m. n-vora. phos, phytol. puis. rum. sep, 
staph. 2) iViiun. bell carb-a. caust. cimicif. con. eryng. gels, 
ham. nitr. siL spong. elaim. verat. 

g) For CROWING COUGH : i) Chin. cin. dros. dulc. samb. 
spnng, 2) Acon. hep. 

h) For SPASMODIC COUGH : 1) beU. hry. carb-v. chin. dros. 
hyo9<*. ipec n-vom. puis, 2) Ambr. eomoclad. cupr, ferr. hep. 
mgt-arc. mere, sulpli. 3) Acon. calc. chin, oon, ign. iod. kal. 
kreas, natr-m. sep. sil. verat. 

i) For SHORT HACKING COUGH : 1 ) Aoon. ars. coflT. lach. 
mere, iiatr-m. n-vom. sulph, 2) Alum, bry, caust. chin* 
eupat. graph, ham. hep. ign. kreas. lyt\ nitr-a. phytoL pod. 
puis. rhus. $€p. spong, sijuill. stann, 8ulph-ac» 

k) For cough, as if from the vapors of sulphub or fi-oia 



JtnOier tlu^t in the throat : 1] Ara, chin. ign. puis, 2) Amm. 
cdi% cin, teucr. 

g 8. a) For eough coming on ix teie kvestwg, give : 1) 
Ars. cjilc, caps, carb-a. carihv. dtos. hep. krea». mere, iiair-m. 
nitr-ac. fM*tr. puis, stajui. 2) Amtu. cham« con. eupat-p. kal. 
liu'h lye 

\i) At xianr in bep : 1) Acoru amm. arsw baryt, heU, oalc. 
caps* chani. cimiciti dros, eryug graph, hycmc, kal. rrwrc. 
natr-ni. ti-vonh petr. /?t*^. r«//«» san(f. scp. sil. stivta. 2) Aiiac, 
arn. cnrl»-a. carb-v. caust. chin. coce. coff. cok'h. CMjmoclad, 
hep. ip, kreas. It/c. msxt-arc. magn-m. phos. ruta. sulph. verb, 
3) eiipat-pertl lachn. rumex, sym. 

c) is THE mokning: Alum, ars. hry, cole, caust, ch&iru 
chin, dros, toil. kal. lachn, lye. natr-tn. n-vottL plios. )>h^'t. 
puis. rhus. ml. «ulph. 

d) After a meal: Ars. beli. bry. calc. carb-v. china, /<fiT. 
hep. Utcli, ti-vom. phos. pula. sang. isil. staph > sulph. 

e) Atler drinking : Aeon. ars. bry. chin. drus. hep, lach, 
pi I OS. squill. 

f ) In the OPEX AIR : 1) Ars. nitr. pho«. sulph. sulph-ac. 2) 
Alum. ii>ee. mgt-arc rhus, 8i»neg. 

g) In the cuLD, in cold AJrt, and ader taking a oo/c/ drtn^ : 
Antm-m. ars, caust ciniiorf. hop. ipec, phos. sil, squill, t) 
oarb-v. dulc. tiiir-acv sabad. sen. 

h) During exercisk: I) Ars. bry. cliin. dro3.lerr.laeh. 
n-vom. plios, fiil. stann. 2) Hep. natr-m. 

i) When, LAUGiiiXi;, talk-ing. sixgin<j, reading (motions 
of the chest) : Ciniicif. chin, comoclad. lach. n-votn. phos^ pul$, 
Kt:mn. 2) Anac. baryt. eaust, dro8. inaug. mere, mur-ac 
natr-m. ml. 3)^ hepat.-niyric. 

k) When lying, going off again when raising one's »elf 
or riMJng from a aeat : 1) I/yosc. mez pfds. rhuB.sabad. sulph. 
2) Con. ipec. uitr-ac. phos. sep. sil. — When /y*;i<^ on the back: 
, Anuu-nu kal-bi. natr-m. phos, — DUBiNa eLEEP : Ars. calc 
icham. lach. 

8 9. aj For congh, affecting the hb.u5, and causing 
pam in trie head: 1) ^f/?. 6?^. calc. oaust* nalr-ra. n-eom. 
rum. sang. ie^\\\\}\i. *1) Alum. ambr. aunc. caps, carb-v. hep. 
lach- lye. mere. phos. sep. squill. ?J) Asclep-tub. 

b) The face gio^ red and ulue during the paroxysms: 
Aeon. bell, citu cou. cupr. i]Ki\ kal. n-vom. op. sil. 

c) With PAINS IN thkturoat: 1) Avon, carb-v. hep, kal. 
L uatr-iu. n-vom. phos, spong. 2) Ars. oalc. oaust chin 



ly«. nitr aa phytoL 3) Arum, asclep-syr., and tab. bapt. cact. 
cimicitlc. cist, eryng, hydi\ 

d) Producing nausea and vomiting: 1) Bry. carl>-v. dras^ 
ferr. hep. «p€C. lob. n-vom, puh, sulph. 2) Calc. chia. kal. 
kreas, iiatr-m. sep. ail. vcrat, 3) Iscb. plios-ac. pod. rhus. 
sabad. tart. 

<j) With pain in the region of the stomach ami htiTochon- 
DTiiA : I) Bry. dros. lach. n-vom, phos. 2) atiibr. aninL ars. 
hep. lye nitr-iic. sep. sulph. 

f ) With prcs'^nrc ttirough the ajidominal bing, as if 
HERNIA would protrude : 1) mgt-arc n-vom. sulph, 2) coce, 
iiatr-m. sil. verat. 

g) With PRKssiTEB ON THK BLADDER, and caasiDg the urine 
to Hpirt out : 1) Caust. «a/r-?/<. phos s</i**//. verat. zinc. 2) 
Atit. caps, colch. kreas. puis, stafjh. sulph. 

b) Ailectiiig the cHiiST: 1) Acoji. heW. bry Aye. phos, pnU, 
fiulph, 2) Ainrru arri» ara. bor. ciilc. carb-v. caust. dros. kal. 
mang, mere, iiitr, nitr-ac. petr. sep. tiqiiill. 


cupr. ij}ec. oj*. sil. tart, 2) aeon, bell carl>a. carb*v. cic, con. 
hep, kreas. laeh. mgUarc. natr-m» n-iuo^cb. n-vom. pidi, sang. . 
6cp. fill, squill. 

k) With STITCBES in the side: Aeon, bry, phos, squiU, 
sulph. 2) ambr. chin, verat. 

1) When tlie pamxysmH arouse the emotions, as anger, 
&c.: 1) asar. bell. 2) am. chain, tart. — With crylnyi am. 
bell. cin. hep. 2) sarnb. tart. 

§ 10. Compare: AMma^ croup, antfma pectoris, pleuri- 
tis^ whoopiHf/-i:ou</h^ influenza^ broachitU^ laryngitU^ pneu- 
tnoniit^ phthmSt pulmonalls^ ihc, 

CitAMi* IN THK calves: Although a mere symptom, yet it 
is sometimes 80 distiessing, that it requires a special treatment. 
Principal rtitieilies, are: 1) chiun, c///?r. rhus. sulph. vei'at. 
2 \ (Mile campli. caust. eoloc. euphr. lye. natr. nitr-ac. sec. sep. 
siL 3) alunu amhr. anac. chin. con. ferr. graph, igo. mgt* 
aua n-vom. plujH, puis, spig. giann. staph. 

CROUP. Angina niembranacea. 

g 1. The beat remedies are : Aeon, »pon^, h^. in "^Ul^r^ 
a tablespoon fill every hour or hiJf hour. 

AcoNrrK: Duriffg the iufianimatory [>eriod, should be con- 
tinued as long as the tbllowiuLX symptoms are present: great 
nervous atid vascular exoitemeut, bnniiug heat with thirst, 
dry aud »hort cottyh^ ahort a/id hurried^ but not yet whee»» 
iug ur savvying respiration* Cough and hud breathing dur^ 



ififf esrpirntion, but not during uis]nrtttion. .Erfrt/ esyrinUion 
etidn With a hoitr&e hcwkhig cuitfjh ; the child is in ngooy, 
iiiipaliivnt, throws itMclf about, 

fcjpoNiiiA. The above syiiiptoras are less, but the charao- 
terwtic syTiiptoms of croup remain, or these symptoms exii»t 
from the coinmeiiremenl : rmnjh^ cnnoin^ in- barkinfj cough, 
or dry cough, ^ith diflifult expectoration of scanty mucus ; 
*/ow, l<yH(f^ nrhfczing and fmwittf/ breatliing, or ituffoeafine 
fits with inability lo bre^itlie, except w ith the head bent 
bMckw%'irds. The cou^^h soumls like a saw dnveti through a 
pine lioard, eadi cougli corresponding to a thrust ot the saw; 
Buwing sountl aliio during remission ; worse in the evcuing. 

IIicrAR. The cough has become legs after Six>ngia, bm the 
air-passages remains clogged ; or the croup ^ynlptom8 are 
attended with rattUug of fttucuH from the commencement^ 
the cmiifh umoht^ with little difficulty ofbreathingajid slight 
nervous or vascular excitement ; the rattling choking cough 
geta' worse, particularly in the moruiug pait of the night ; 
after exposure to cold west witul. 

6 2, Other remedies are: 
, Bkllaponna : if the cough is hoarse, causing the face to 
flush and the eyes to becouie red. 

Brosune : Spasm of the hrn/ftx ; miffocatim couffh ; 
hoftrt^fy ichhtliutj^ cruupf/ i<vti/nl with (friat (^ffWt ; raltting 
whffzing ; ga»pinfj^ ivtjMiitil by rfiipirittion ; hettt of tJie 
face; Jornuttion of a fahe mt^mhranc in the larynx and 
trachea; much rattlmg in the larynx, when coughing. (AAer^ 

IoDiN£: Pains in the chest and lar>mx, tlie child grappa 
these parts with \m hands, Palcuess and coldness of the 
face in very fleshy children ; the voice has a deep, hoarae, 
rough sound- (After Hepar,) 

Kai,.-biciirom. : Croup with expectoration of tough^ 
stringy miieu^^ inflamed fauces; hoarseness; worse morning; 

Lacii£813 : This remedy has cured lar advanced and ap*^ 
paretitly hopeless cases, indicated especially by vcrg tfhtrts^ 
ing agyraimtion after aktp^ as if tht K'hUd were di/ing / 
commencing paralysis of the lungs. 

pHOSPiioitrs : When a hoarseness remains after croup with 
tendency to relapse ; condjinalion with bronchitis. 

Taktarus-em, : There is a sound, as it*a large quantity of 
mticus were in the brouchical tubes, but none is ex peel o rated.. 
Appitrrnt danger of Sftjfot'atitm ; rmraly tic ijitate of the iQBgBJ 
me ould, bluish, covered w ith cold pempiratiocu 



S 3. For tho norr.R axd nAPtcrKOCoraH, which some- 
times sets iu a few days previniis to the attack of croup, 
give; chain, chin, ciinicif. cm, droe. hyof*c. n.-vom, venitr. 

For cRoirp WITH a^hha mtllabi : Samb. niosch. or lob. 

hi desperate cartes pfive: 1) Mfjsch. phos. 2) Cham, cupr, 
lach, 3) Brom, iod, kal -hi. kaolin. 4) Apis, 


rcmainint; after croup, give: 1) Hep. phoa. 2) Am, belh 
carb.-v. (iros. rum. stilling. 

For the DISPOSITION to croup: Lycopod, or Phosphorus 
has been reconuneuded. 

Cyaxosts. Uiffifalis is said to have cured this disease. 
Xflr/tcf^iif has been recouimcnded. It is incurable, when do- 
pvnding Uf>on an organic affection of the heart j Laurocera- 
sit^ ought to be tried* 

Fur symptomatic cyanosis^ not depending upon organic 
affection (as in cholera), are recommended ; 1) Aeon, cam ph. 
carb,-v. cupr. dig. lach. op. veratr. 2) Am. ars, aur, bell, 
mere, natr.-ni. n.-voui. jihos puis. rhup. samb. sec sil. spong. 

Cysthls, iTillanniration of the bladder : 

The be^t remedies are: I) Aeon, cmn\iU.f^ann. canth dig. 
n.-vom. }iuh. or 2) calc. cauloph. ehimaph. collins. erig. 
eupat.-p. gab gels, graph, hydrast, hyosc, kal. lye mez. polyg. 
senec. sep. sulph. 3) Apis. arn. ars. verat.-v, 

Acoxiti'm: violent fever with thirst, fi'equent and violent 
urging to urinate, with no discharge or onlv a few drops of 
diiik, red and tiirljid or hhmltf urine; pamfulnesa of the 
region of the bladder^ Avhen touching it, with increaae of the 
pains during micturition. (After Aeon, give Cann. 

Heixaihjnna : raj>id siukiug of strength, the region of iho 
bladder is very sensitive to the touch ; the urine hot and 
fiery red ; clear at first, but soon becoming turbid on stand- 
ing and depositing a copious, slimy, bright-red, bran-liko 

CAMnioRA: when the disease is caused by abuse of Can* 
thariiles, in whatever shape thc^' may have been UHe<l ; or 
frrr complete suppression of urme, slow and thin stream, 
burning m the urethi-a and bladder. 

Cannabis: frequeuily after Aconite, for complete an ]>pr«»». 
sion of urine, or fur urging tt> tiriuate, cMpecially at night 
with burning pstin, or drops of bloody urine; gouorrhoeal 

Ca>'tuaiuxp£:3 : vomiting and nausea; great tlilrst, but 


drinking or even the sight of water inoreftfies the pain ; ft©* 

qticnt small pulse ; violent tenesmus and burning in the 
bhi«ld<.»r; viok'nls but ineftVctiial urging to unnaie, with 
dMjvdischarge ofa saturated dark urine, stinging and burning 
pains in the region of the blatlder, before and after micturi- 
tion or cutting painn from the kidneys to the bladder ; the 
abdomen is distended and painful to contaei, especially iu 
the region of the bladder. 

CiiiMAPiiTLA : copious discharge of clear Uinpid urine ; 
frequent and profuse urination ; urging to urinate after void- 
ing urine ; pressing fidlness in the region of the bladder. It 
CitttACii mucous ,^€dimtnt to diaaj* war from fhe vrine. 

Digitalis: the neck of the bladder is principally affected 
with retention of urine and constrictive pain in the bladder, 
or fffquont and painful urging to urinate^ with discharge of 
a few tlrop-s of dark-rod and turlud urine. 

DuLc^MAUA : for chronic affections of the bladder^ constant 
urging to urinate^ painful pressing down in the region of the 
bladtler and urethra; drop discharge of urine with mucous 
sediment or mixed with bloody lum|)6. (After dulc, kaL 
or jphos, is sometimes suitable.) 

Eiugekon: dysuria in teething children; the children 
cry on voiding tirine, the calls for which are frequent ; in- 
creased secret iim of urine, having a very strong odor; vesi- 
cal irritation from calculi. 

Muptttitriutii'purpttreujfii constant desire to pass wilter 
aceornpariiod by a cutting, aching pain in the bladder; most 
excruciating smarting and burning in the urethra upon void- 
ing th« urine ; passes a few drops at a time and la obliged to 
make the effurt y^^ry otlen. 

Kau-carb. : violent cutting and tearing in the bladder^ 
neck of the bladder and urethra; less urine and fiery, with 
a good deal of ineffectual urging. 

Nltx-vom. : frequent urging to urinate with violent pain 
during and after micturition, which is very scanty; burning 
pain in the urellini, bladder and kidneys ; contractive jiain 
lu the urethra after urinating ; is suitable to patients who tiae 
a gr-eat deal of spirits, and who suffer with luemorrhoids. 

PiiosPHonrs: retention of urine as if there were an ob- 
stacle in the urethra with pain in the abdomeri when the l:ist 
drops are discharged ; contractive pain in the bladder, or 
fititches from the neck of the bladder to the anus. 

PoLYGONUM-p. : painful cutting and feeling of strangulation 
at the neck of the bhidder, while urinating, lasting % loQ^^ 



time after; pains in the bladder; frequent and profuse din- 
charge of clear, white or straw-colored urine, 

PiiLSATiLLA : the urging to urinate U attended by aching, 
burning nnd cutting pains in the region of the bladder ; hi^at 
and redness of the re gion and sometimes complete suppression 
of urine ; or scanty painful disL'harge of sliray mine, or of 
bloody ui-ine with purulent sedimunt. 

StrLPiiUR: in obstinate cases, the urine is mixed wnthmncuB 
or blood, burning/ in (he urethra after micturition. (After 
Bul]»h., cahv is frequently sTiitable, especially when the dis- 
ease h caiiaed by suppression of haemorrhoids ; if the bumii g 
pains do not yield to calc, give ars. or carbo.-veg. 

See: //(etnaturia, urinary di^icultie^^ ischuria^ nephritis 
and ntphralffiii. 

CYSTOPLEGLA: Principal remedies: ars. dulc. lach. or 
ac<->n. bell. cic. hyosc. lauroc. mgt-aus. 

For paralysis of the bladder itself: Ars. helL laiir. 

For paralysis of the neck of the bladder; 1) Ara- dulc, 
hyosc. 2) Aeon, bell- oic. hell. lach. laur. mgt.-aua 

CYSTOSPASM: the best remedies are: Asa» caps. dcnL 
phos-ac. puis- sass. sep. ter 

DEADNES8 of single parts, a mere symptom, which in 
conjunction with other symptoms, frequently points to : 1) 
Calc. chel. con* lye. n -vom. plios. puis- rhns. sec- sulph- 2) 
Ant, mere- natr.-m. sit stanu. thuj. zinc., dfcc. 

DEBILITY, asthenia'. 

$ 1, In many cases a mere symptom, which disappears 
t\ith the general disease. Sometimes, however, it arises 
from losses of animal fluids, sexual excesses and violent 
acute diseases and requires special treatment. Principal re- 
medies are: I) Ai'S. c*iYh.-y.chin, ipec, ii,-vonu \s\\os, phos.-<Tc, 
staph, sulph, veratr. 11) Aeon, alet-lar. aral. amm. arn. baryt. 
calc. camph. caust. chulon. cocc. cornus. ferr, graph, helon. 
hydr. kal lach, lye. mere, natr. natr.-m. nitr.-ac. oleand. rhus. 
rum. sang. sec. sep. sil. 3) Anac. arg.-n. bar.-m, bapt. caim. 
canih. ceraa. cham. cirnicif con. corydal, eupr. dig. dulc 
eupat.-pcr. fluor.-ac. fras. gels, liyosc. kreas. lept. Tycopua. 
magn.*m. niosch. mur.-ac. petr. |>lat. »tann. zinc>. 

§ 2. For debility from loss of animal flutds give: 
china \ and if this should be insufficient: I) Calc. carb.-v. 
tin. lach. ti.-irotiL phos.'Oc salph, verat. 2) Kitr.-ac sulph. 
nc, gel en. 

g 3, For debility from a kxu al kxcrs-^es without onanism 
give china / chronic debility reqidres : 1 ) €ak\ ceraa. helon 



n.-vom. phos.-ac. bU. staph, sulph. or 2) Anac. arn. carb.-v, 
con. mere, natr.-in, phoa. sep. 

Caijcxkex is mdicated, when an embrace causes languor, 
trembling of the exlremitiea, weariness, pain in the head. 

Staphvsagria : When the patient worriea about Ins ail- 
ments, and is affected with asthma after an embrace, and 
with liypocliondriac mood. 

SEi^ENiirM : eaay exhaustion ; inability to perform any kind 
of labor, either mental or physical; sexual desire^ with de- 
bility and relaxation of the organs; losa of prostatic juice. 

§ 4. Onanism generally reqnires : u.-vom,, then sulph. 
and calc, provided phos.-ac. and staph, are not sufficient ; 
frequently we give with success: carb.-v, cin. cocc. con, 
natr.-m. n.-mosch. phos. China is of little use, as the chief 
cau^ is here not loss of animal fluids, but rather neiTous 

To eradicate the vice, give sulph, calc. or 2) chin, coca 
mere. phos. 3) Ant. carb,-v. major, plat. puis. 

^ 6. For exhaustion and dt-bility from ovkeworking tub 
BODY : Aeon. arn. ars, biy. eak. chin. cocc. coff. mere rhuft. 
sil. verat. From NiGHT-WATcniNG : Carb.-v. cocc n.-vom. 

£ula. From studying too habd and overworking the mind : 
k'll calc, ?t7-cA. n.'Vom, puis, sulph. From sKnENTASY 
nABiTS : N^-vom. sulph, 

§ 6. For debility in consequence of acutk disbasss : 1) 
Cmn. hep. si!, verat. 2) Calc. kal. natn-m. phos,-ac» sulph. 
3) Alet.-far. bapt. cornu.s. fnuser. gels, hydr, mitchel. 

For debility from blood-letting: chin, phos.-ac sulph.-ac. 

For debility from growing too fast: phos.-ac 

For OLD people : Aur, baryt, chin. con. op. 
7, For HYSTERIC DEBILITY. See : hysteria. 

'>KiiiLrTY, nervous; or excessive nervou.s excitement. § 1. 
Princij>al remedies are: I) Aeon, chara. chin, cimicif. coff 
curiius, helou. k-pt. lycopus, m^t.-arc. n.-vom. puis. sang. 2) 
ASar. bapt. hep. ign. uitr.-ac. teuer, valer. verat,. 

§ 2. If causetl by gtudy^ toatchlnq or a sakiUary life, give 
1) N.-vom, sulph. 12) Calc. carb.-v. chelon, cocc. iris, lach. 
nigt.-arc. puis. 

If caused by abuse of cqffhe r Cham* iffn, mere, n.-vom, 

If by ahuse o/mercwy: Carb.-v. cham. hep, nitr.-ac. ptdfl 

U hy nurcotlv^: Cham, coff mere, n.-vom. 

If by aduse of mM or spirits: Aeon. belL coffl D,*Tom. 
puis, sulph. 



§ 3, Syinptoniaiic iiKlicalions : 

AcoNiTUM : Suitable to y<>uiig peopki (cspocully young 
girU) wliou plctborit; arifl le;nliii«4 u st^Jeutury lili^, ur tor ex- 
treme 8cnsitiveMe.*<9 to pain, s?k'L'])It'.HsrK'.yis, tu.ssinij about, ex- 
treme sensitiveness ofsji^btaini hearing, red chetks^ tendency 
of blood to the head, pa/pKnUon oftkt' hearty Ao. 

CuAMOMiLLA I SensiLiveTicss to ]Kun, disposition to fidnt 
^'hen sufferinu: ever so little; <Jisconsohite, ttissiug about, 
moaning ivnd lamenting j irritable, cjnarrelaome -mood, al- 
lernate paleness and reduess; or one clieek^ja/c; and void, the 
other warm and rw/, <feo, 

China : Great debility with trembling, aversion to physical 
or mental labur; excessive Jieryow^ sensitiveness ; sensitive- 
nesa to draughts of air, sleeplessness trom thotights crowding 
npoa one's mind, or remaining awake late at night ; heavy 
dreams* causing anxiety even after waking, disposition to 
sweat, hypoc^hondriac mood. 

CoFFKA : SleeiilesHness, mental excitement, ill-humor, or 
excesMive mirtbluJneBS and liveliness \ extreme sensitiveness 
to pain. 

Nux-VOM- : Irritable, nervous sensitiveness of all the organs 
of sense, tendency to start, anguish, diepr^sition to lie down, 
aversion to open air and exercise, peevinh mood, vehement, 
disposed to be angry. 

Pulsatilla : Corresponds to the symptoms of Kux, but 
more suitable to females or people of bland di-^position. 

Magn.-arct. : Nervousness, trembling, distention of the 
abdomen, anguish, nervous debilitv, 


g 1. Principal remedies: 1) Bell, canih. caust. hyos. lach, 
mere n.-voiu. puis, sil. stram. 2) Aeon. alum. amm. ant. ars, 
aur» calc* cham. cio. cocc. con. cupr. dros. igu. ka!. laur. lya 
mere, n.-vom, op, rhus. 

§ 2. If caused by inflammation, give : Aeon, boll c^nth. 
cham. ign. mere, n.-vom. puis. ; and the other remedies indi- 
CHted fur sare throat 

If caused by spasms of the fauces: 1) Bell, canth hyofi. 
lach. strain. 2) Alum. ars. cic. coccul. con. ign. laur. lyo. 
mere. n,.vom. op. veratr. 

If caused by paralysis of the muscles: 1) Caust. con. graph, 
lach, sil, 2) Ars. bell, carb.-vcg. cocc, cupr. hyos. ipec, kal. 
laur. ? n.-mosch. ? n.-vom. ? op. plumb puis. V rbus. ? 

§ 8. See : Puakvngttis, Spasms, Pakalysia, <feo, 

DELIKIUM. § 1. It is a mere symptom, thoagh of 



great importance iu selecting a remedy. For delirium with- 
out fever, or mania, see : Mental derangement; delirium with 
fever or violent cerebral irrilalion requires: 1) Bell. caet. 
hyosc. lat'hn. op. stnim. verat.*a. verat,-%Tr. 2) Acon*aur. bri/ 
cupr. lach. lytv n.-voin. phos. sulph. 3) Arn. arisi. bapL ealo. 
catitli, clmm. einiicitl cm. cypriped. gela. ign. kal. pocL puis. 
rhuH. sanj?, aec. siKjng. zizea. 
§ 2, Particular indiciitions ; 

a) For ANxioiTs, KRuanTrL or rRiGHTEmyo delirium : 1) 
Aeon, bell, hyt'sc. opium, puis, gil, stntm. 2) Anac. bapt. 
cale. cimicif. cypriped. hep. lachn. n.-vom. phus. pod, verat 

b) With PANCiBs: I) Bell. 8tram,8ulpb. 2) Cham, gels, 
byosc. op. sep. sil. spong, 3; graph. 

c) With DEsiRK TO ESCAPE, jumping up from bed: I) BelL 
Xity, 2) Aeon, coloc op. 

d) LoQUAaou-8 DELtniuM : 1) BelL rhus. stram, verat. 2) 
Cact lach op. 

e) With vistONS, phantasmata, ^,i I) BtU, hyoso. op. 
fltram. 2) Ars. cact. n.-vom, pule* sulph . 3) Calc. c^amph. 
carb.-v- dros. hell. hep. nitr.-.HC. plat, »ang. veratr. 

f ) Mkrky DELiiULTM : 1) Bell. 2) Aeon. op. sulph. veraL 
7.1 zoa. 

g) Muttering DSLiBtcrM: 1) Bell, hyosc^ stram. ^) n.- 

\\) With nxrsiON of space : Bell. bry. lach. verat. 
i) Religious deliiuum : 1) Bell. puis, stram. verat. 2) 
Aur. croc. lach. sulph. 

k) With scBKAMs: Plant, puis, stram. verat. -vir. 

1) With TALKXIiG ABOUT DliAD PEOPI-K: Belh D.-VOm. Op. 2) 

Ars. canth hep. 

m) 8 An wifjxiNG delirium : Aeon. bell. puis. 

ti) FuRmuND DEURitru : Aeon, bell oimicif. op. plumb* 

I 3. Compare; i^fcutff, niental dwamfftmmU morbid 
sleep and drf*twH. 

DIABETES, Diabetes meIUtu«. Principal remedios: 1) 
pfw9.-iic. 2) Coloc, 8) Carb -v. chimaph, lach. mere, milpb. 
4) Arg- aur. cupnt.-pur. helon. meph. mur.-ac natr.-m. lulr- 
acv phos. 6) Amm. amm.-m. bar.-m. cjirb.-a. con. magn.-c, 
Phos,-ac. is especially indicated by the discharge of milky 

CVimpare : Secretion of urine^ urinary difficultiest eftMOffH 
of iht kkhni\f», 

DIAPlUiAGMniS : The following remedies have beeo 



JeornicaTly recommended ; Aeon, ambr, ars, cann cham. 

>fft. culch. droa, laur. Ij/c. n.-mosch. n.-vom, phoa. puis* Sep. 
spig, verat. 

DIARUHCEA. g 1. Principal reTncdies are: 1) Ars, 
cA/jm, chin, duic, fcrr. ipec. mere, ^nds. rhab. sec. sulph. V€*rat 
2) AnL bry. calc. caps, coloc. cra^-f. fi.-votn. phoa. p/w^.-ac 
rhua. 3) Am. bell. berb. carb.-v. cupr. graph, hep. hyosc 
JacI). ma£in, nlLr.-ac. n.-mosch. petr. scp 4) iEsc.-h. alnus. 
apoc, asclep. chim. collin. gnaph. ham. hel. hydr. im. jwgl 
Irpt. \}hy io\. poiL rhiis.'V. rutn, 

§ 2. Painlf.83 diarrhcea; Ferr. veratr, or, Ascl.-s, caiiL 
cliin, cinn. (hdc. gels. ipcc. pctr. phos nee, Pidpli.. 

Difivrhcra wiTii colic ; Apoc.-a. ars, bry. cact. cham, Col- 
lins, coloc. bep. mere, nitr.-ac. pula. rhab. rbus. sulphur, <!b<3. 

With VOMITING : Apoc.-a. apoc,-c. arn. asch-s, bell bry. 
calc. cliani. cnhtr. collin. chin. crot. diUe^ ouphorb. ferr. gnaph, 
iper, iris. pod. puis. (Sec cholera,) 

With tenesmus: Aff, caps. hep. ipec, lach, more, n.-vom, 
rhab. rhus. sulph. 2) iEsc.-h. eupat,-pcr. gels. 

Wifh discharge of vKDmYSTED pood, lienteria: I) Chin, 
/err, iris, okand. 2) Ars. bry. caic. chafn, dulc. men phoa 
phos.-ac. pliyt, pod. sec. 3) Ant. arn. asar, bor. con. nitr.-ac. 
n.-vom. rhab. rfuis. sang. sil. sulph. 

Colliquative diarriuea : Ar9, chin.iptc. verat or, 2) Arn. 
calc. dulc. euvon. cuphorb. feiT. fraser. gnaph. mere. p^tr. 
phoif. phos.-ac, pod. sec. 

For BiLiors, slijit piarrhcea : See gastric derangement. 

For CHROMc diarrh<ka : Aln. amuel. apoc^-. hupt. c<dc. 
chin, cist, collins. ferr, ffrdph. hep. lach. lept. nitr.-ac. petr. 
phos. phos.-ac. pod. sep. sulph. 

Fur DisrosmoN to diarrucba give: Cafc. graph, kreaa. 
natr.-m. fii/r.-ac. phos. svlph. 

§ 8. Diarrhoea in conskquexck of an exaxtuem, requires; 
Ars. chin. mere. pho9.-ac, puis, sulph, 

From VIOLENT EwonoNs, /r//;Ar, 4vi/<^/^f 71 j'oy.' 1) Ant, coff, 
op. vcrat. 2) Aeon. |)uls. From dejiressing emotions: Igu. 
phos.-ac. From cha<;:nji or anger : coloc, «^ 

From DERANGED BTOiLAcn, nr irregtdor living : Ant. coff. 
ipec. puis, n.-vom. From revtlHtig: carb.-veg. n.-vom. From 
drinkhtg milk: Bry. sulph. or, Ivc. nalr. sep. From ihe us© 
iyi acidti or fruits: Ar8. tarh, puis, or, china ? rhod. ? 

From abuse of catuar'hcs or calosjicl: Hfp. or, carb.-v. 
chin. mtr,-ac, From abuHe of magnesia : Puis, rhab. Froio 


abuse ofrhaharh: Cham. mere. puis, or, coloa n.-vora. From 
jihu»e oH of fn<iCo : Cham. puis. 

DianlicBJi FROM a cold. 1) Bell. bry. cham, dula mere, 
n.-uu>sch. verat. or, 2) Cau8t. chin, natr. ii.-vom. op. puis, 
sill ph. From a cold in summer^fiill or winter : Ars. nulc or, 
bry, mere. From a cold iirink : Ars, carb.-v. n.-masch, pula. 

§ 4. Diarrhcea of old pkople: Ars. bry. phos. sec. 

OfcniLDRKN: Ant, cham, terr. hyosc. ipec. jalap* magn. 
ruLTc. n -mosch. rhab, sulph. suiph.-ac. 

I>urinjT fiKNTTTiow : Are. calo. cb&m. cofil ferr. ipeo. nuigQ. 
mere, aulpb. 

Of ENFEEBLED FEEsoNs I ChiQ. feiT. n.-mo8cK phoa. phos.- 
uc ?w?c. 2) Bapt. 

Of PKKGNANT FEMALES : 1) Ant, dulc, hyo»c lyc petr, 96p^ 
flulph. 2) Alum, cham. rhin. n.-vouL puis, verat, 

Of LYING IN females: Aiil. diilc. liyosc- rliab, 

OfcoNsuMPTivK PKBS0N8 : Calc. chin. ferr. hep. phos. 

Of SCROFULOUS PERflONs: 1) Calc. diilc. lyc, st-p. bil solph. 
2) Ars. baryt. chiii 

g 5» Particular inflicalions. aconitk: after checked per- 
B])iration ; frequent, sc4iiity and loose stools whh tenesmufl. 

.^tT. Li &-uir. : Stools pai:»csccnt, mushy, white or natural in 
color, accompanied with severe lumbar and sacral pains, weak- 
ness, tenesmus, and very unpleasant aensations in the reclum 
and anus. Chronic diarrhaa. 

Agaric. -M. : The diarrhceic Btoola are accompanied with 
abundance of flatulency, with painful drawing in of the ab- 
domen; the itching* burning and red places of the skin fade 
away, as the diarrhoea improves. 

Aloes : Dfffictdtt/ to rrtain the face4^ on account of sub- 
paralysis of the sphincter-atu : diarrh(ra consisting of light-co* 
iored, eemi'liquid fa?ces, preceded and accompanied by much 
furgUng and flatulence in abd(^men ; rnotTtinff tliarrhr^a ; the 
Tectum seems full of fluid, which feels heavy, as W it would 
fall out. 

Alumina : Diarrhcea with tenesmus ; she has to strsuji at 
Pluol in order to n.iss water. 

AivnM.-cR. : Di;irrh<Ea at night and early in the tnoming, 
with white tonj^ue, loss of appetite, eructations and nausea, 
watery diarrhcea contJiining hard lumps. 

Arsknict^ : Watery or sltmy^ whitish, greenish or bt^%en- 
ith evacuations, especially at nighty after midnight and to- 
wards morning, or after eating or drinking; with colic, bum- 
ing or tearing pains in the abdomen ; vMmt thirst ; loss of 



appetite with natisea or vomiting ; catJiaustmif diarrhtsa can- 
taining undif/ested food ; very offe^i^it'e ditirrhoeu / emacia- 
tiun» debility ; MleL'p>k*ssncsA, anguij^h at night ; distention of 
the abdomen, cold lirnbs^ pale face with sunken cheeks; hol- 
low eyes and blue margins around the same ; peculiar and 
distressing restlessness ; tenesmus with painful constriction 
above the anus^ extending to the loins ; painful rawness of 
the surface around the anus j diarrhcea inconj^equcnce of severe 
external burns ; diarrhcea aifter chilling the stomach by taking 
cold substances, 

Aka-fcetida : Watery lifjiiid stools of the most disgttsting 
smelly also the same iu infants and cliildren. 

AscLEPiAS-TUR . FluiJ, painful stools of a very strong 
smell or like spoiled eggs with the sensation as if the boweS 
would come out ; bbck clammy stools with yellow spots, tike 
fat| attended with a feeling as if a stream of fire passed 
through the abdomen. 

Baptisia : adi/nfimic diarrftcea. Stools dark, offensive, 
mucous and even bloody. 

Bklladonna : In voluntary diarrhoea; the diarrhoeic stool is 
followed by frequent urging, no more stool being passed ; 
flushed face, red eyes; throbbing carotids, &c. 

Bkvonia : In summer, especially when the diarrhcBa was 
caused by cold drinks, or by anger and chagrin, and chain, 
proved insufficient ; burning diarrhcea ; lips dry and parched ; 
thirst: nausea after eating; nttusea on motion. 

Cactus : Bilious diarrhtpa, the stools always preceded by 
pain ; morning diarrhcea of very loose fpeccs, preceded by 
great pi in ; sensation of great weight in the anus and a strong 
desire to pass a great quantity, however nothing passes; 
pricking in the anus, as of sharp pins, ceasing on slight fric- 

Cai^area : Frequently after sulphur for chronic diarrhota, 
suitable to scrofulous children with debility, emaciati<m, pale 
face an<l great appetite; much crawling and itching, like 
ascarides in the anus; does not sleep towards morning; 
yellow, offensive stools ; food passes undigested. 

Capsicum : SUmy diarrhaea, with tenesmus and burning at 
the anus ; the burning is confined to the lower part of tl»e 
roctum, with throbbing and a sense of excoriation, and pain in 
the back contimdng after the stool, 

Chamomilla: Hot diarrlu»ic stool, sraelUng like rotten 
eggs and excoriating the mius ; water)', bilious or slimy diar. 
rhcea of yellowish, whitish or greenish color, ulmuat Uke 



Stirred egg^ ; discharge of undigested food ; painless^ 
teaten/ diarrhcsa^ a mijcturti of fieces and kiulmis; niffktJy 
diarr/icua with colicy causing her lo bend double ; rumbling 
in the abdomen; loss of appetite, thimt, coated tongue; tear- 
ing or cutting pain in the bowels^ fullness in the pit of the 
stomachy distended abdomen; frequent eructations witKj 
nausea and biliouji vomiting; bitter mouth; quarrelsome, ob- 
streperous disposition and in children screams, resttessneKH, 
toasmg about,, constant desire to be carried, 4&c. 

Cmif A : Diarrhoea of yellow watery stoolg, undigested and 
with much flatulence ; copiou«, watery, browtiwh etool)^ 
mixed with undigested food, especially at night and after a 
meal ; with violent aching, constrictive or spasmodic colic or 
no pain at all ; sen^tiou of distention in ttie abdomen, not 
relieved by eructations or dejections ; great weakness in the 
abdomen; rumbling, eructations, btirning pruns about the 
anus; loss of appetite, thirst and comjilote prostration. 

CoLocYNTH ; Bilious or watery diarrhcea, with violent, 
spasmodic colicky pains ; th^ pain is relieved by the eini^ 
cnafions^ is very sharp, doubles the patient up, is accompauied 
with outcries jmd often "w-ith slight nausea; the pains are 
/kir'wry^m'f/ and more of a neuralgic than inflammatory cha- 
racten Aggnivaiion ailer eating or drinking, and the diar-« 
rha>a is lVe<pieiitly caused by an^er or chagrin. 

CoRNUs-ciRciNATA : Dark and bilious stools, wit 1 
and tenesmus; genend debility and nervous exci ; 

chilliness followed by flushes of heat and sweat. 

CuoT.-TirtL. : iSttddtnly grushiny out of watery mtbstfin^s / 
stools resembling gray neurine and marked by the occurrence 
of great debility ; intermittent diarrha?a with great and sud- 
den debility ; vomiting and purging, as soon as the patieni 
drinks the least qu?iiitity. 

CiTPBtiM : Violent di-irrhcea with cramps in the stomaclij 
and chest ; ineflicctual desire to urinate. 

Digitalis; Violftnt diarrhoea of ash-colored stools with very 
slow pulse. 

VvTLCAMAKk I Diarrhoea attended with prostration of 
streuyth ; the color of the slijny stools frequently alternates^ 
between green, white and yellow, and the desire to evacu:it( 
is attended with nause.a, or where the attack is the result **f 
chili; niyhily evacuations, with colic, especially in the um> 
bilical region, lo;*s of appetite, thirst ; nani»ea or real vomit' 
ingj pale face, hmguor, restlessiiess. 

EuPATOBiUM-pjsa. : Profuse, bilious, watery stoola wtih 



natiivea and severe colic^ prostration and relaxation ; tenesmus 
with small discharsi^es of loose stools; morning diarrhoea. 

Fetirum: NhjMy diaiTha?a, or jxficT cat mr/ and drinking ; 
eaay painless stooly, discharge of watery substances mixed 
with unditresled food ; pule face ; emaciation, distended ab- 
domen^ without flatulence ; thirst ; canine hunger alternating 
with loss of ap|>etiie, cardialgia ; spasniodiu pains in the back 
and anus. 

Ferr.-acet. ; Frequent diarrhfleic Btools, corroding the 
anuf?, the face being fiery red, 

OKLSKMiNusf : Diarrhcpa caused by fright^ excitement or 
anothn^ especially with impressible nervouft people ; periodi- 
cal pains in the abdomen, with yellow diarrhcea coming on iu 
the evening ; bowels loose, but great difficulty to discharge 

Grjlphitis : Diarrhcea with varices and a smarting, soro 
feeUng after the stool, when wiping ; stools made up of half 
digested subt^tances and of insupportable fcptor; the stools 
are followed by great ^ but transient prostration, 

Gratiola : Green and frothy evacuations; yellow watery 
diarrbwa with painful^ copious and frequent stools, preceded 
by rumblings and cuttings in the abdomen, and nausea ; the 
pain is not relieved by the stool, but is by the escape of fla- 

Hyosciami7S: Diarrhcea with involuntary jerks of the mus- 
cles, immediately before, during, or immediately after the 
stool; involuntary stools, mthout pain ; patient passes them 
unnotic^^d in the bed ; yellow watery diarrhoea. 

Ipkcacitanha : Watery or slimy diarrhoea, of a birious, 
whitish or greenish color with nausea, vomiting of yellowish, 
whitish or greenish mucus ; tearing or cutting colic with 
screams (in children), tossing about; accumulation of mucus 
in the mouth; distention ol the abdomen, debility with con- 
stant desire to be lying down ; pale tace with blue margins 
round the eyes ; chilliness: ill and vehement humor. 

Iris-ver. : Diarrhoea with burning in the rectum and anus 
after a passage; periodical night diarrhosa, attended with 
pain and two or three free discharges before morning ; con- 
stant uneasiness and grinding iii the bowels ; a mushy pas- 
sage once or twice a day with fetid discharges of wind of a 
coppery smell, attended occasionally with aii involuntary es- 
cape of fluid, soiling the shirt and sometimes a passage of 
aey bdoiis matter, together with fltdd mucoid faeces of an of- 




fensive, ptitrid and coppery odor, periodica] spells of diarrlwBa, 
always at night about two or tbret* o'clock; severe liendach 

Lacuksjs : DiiiTThaiB,ti\wiiy&to</rseajYersU*'pmg^ with frothy 
urine; stools of mixed blood and slime 

Laubockrasus : Green nmcous diarrhoea with pecuiiar mf- 
focating spells about the heart. 

Lkptakdria : Profuse, watery stools, /ollotced by severe 
cutting pail »8 in the small inloRtines; after exposure to W(et 
damp weather ; chronic diarrhoea from chronic irritation of 
the mucoun membrane or from hepatic derangement ; diar- 
rhoea of debility ; camp diarrhcea ; pm/uite^ UacJ^ papesctnt^ 
t<ir4ikc^ very fatid sioole, generally in the €{ftemoon and 

Hergurius : Watery, slimy, frothy or bilious or bloody 
stools, esjjecially at night, of a greeniijh, whitish or yellowiA 
color; the stools look hke stirred eggs; frequent tenesmus, 
bunjinp;, itching and soreness of the anus ; freauent colic ; 
morning diarrhosa, composed mostly of slime and Ibcal mat- 
ter, %\iih tefieumfts hefitrt and during the stool ; diarrhoe 
preceded by a fiunt sickiflh ]>Hin in the abdomen, entirdy 
liei^fd Ity stool ; stools of plain rt'd mucus ; pundent dian'ht 
wilh chill between and flaeihing heat during the stools ; woi 
in the evening, 

Nux-moschata: Diarrh«ea of teething infants, attended 
ind^nnitabk disposition to sleep ; very oflensive and copio 
discharges; chrotiie diarrhoea from pregnancy, with unn 
ulnggish flow of ideas; diarrhoea with fainting, 

Nitx-vomica: Freqnent, scanty evacuations of watery, 
slimy, whitish or greenish substances with colic and tenesmus; 
always alter previous use of quack medicines. 

Phosphorus ; Watery diarrhoea) ptrtiring attay at 
a hydrant^ with great sense of weakness in the abdomen an 
general debility ; perhaps chronic diarrhcea with gradual loss 
of strength. 

Phob.-actd : White, gray diarrhcea ; watery or slimy diar- 
rhcra with dtsoliarge of uncligeated substances or involuntary 
stools; involuntary diarrhoea, with sensation as if wind were 
about to escape ; pulse 8oft, grt*at depression of mind. 

PoDoPHYuA'M : Yellow and dark gn-een diarrhoea, frequent- 
ly :> iofl by prolapsus ani; the stools for the t t 
tnt>. /Wr/*o<.«w/i, the pains in the abdomen and o 
worsr iluriugan eiuitviation and continue (tfter; dark yiiiluw 
stools of the odrn' of carrion ; constricting paina Mriib ttal r^ 
traction of the abdominal walls. 



PuxsATiLLA : Slimy, bilious or watery diarrhaea of a wliit- 
ish^ yellowish or greenish color, or changeable color ; pnpes* 
cent Btools or liquid fetid stools with soreness of the anus ; 
watery dirarha^a only or nsnalfy at nighty sometimes uncon- 
Btdously evacuated ; pains ht^firre the evacuations, with much 
rambling of the bowels; no thirst; a bad tasle in the mouih, 
nothing tastes good, dinagreeable eructations or slimy and 
bitter vomiting; colic, especially at night. 

Ramju. : Sinir (ft(trTh<xa„ with cutting and colicky pains 
aboot the navel; liquid, slimy stools, as if fermented, with 
pale face, ptyalism, colic, frequent urging and tenesmus ; or 
copious Btool.s with vomiting and great delfility ; or in cliildren 
when the diarrhcea is accompanied with screams and restless- 
ness, the children toss about and draw up their legs ; paina 
are worse at once from uncovering an ami or leg* 

Rhus.-toi. : Diarrhoea, especiaJly at nighty with tearing in 
the limbs, headache and colic, worse after eating and dritik- 
ing; stools are a mixture of blood and slime with red and 

frellow rnucns and atlraifur thin ; frothy, thiD, yellow, odor- 
ess, painless and involuntary stools, as from paralysis of the 

RuMEix : Diarrhoea in the morning with cough from tick- 
ling in the throai-pit ; profuse, offensive, thin and watery 
stools; evacuations painless; nausea on movement in the 
night, preceding the evacuations, moutb dry, tongue coated 

Secalr : Painful tliarrhoea with great prostration / putrid, 
fetid and colliquative diarrhcea; painless evacuations with de- 
bility ; watery, yellowish or stools, which are dis* 
charged rapidly with great Jorce and even involuntarily / 
discharge of undigested food ; colic, esi)ecially at night; 
slime on the tongue ; pappy taste ; frequent rumbling, flatu- 
lence and fullness of tl^e abdomen. 

Sulphur: Diarrhma in th€ morning^ driving him out o^ 
bedy haviug hanUy time to sane hitnself from Mug soile 
frequent evacuations, especially at night, with colic, tenets* 
mus, distention of the abdomen, heavy breatliing, chilliness 
and debility ; slimy or watery, frothy or putrid stools, 
whitish or greenish ; discharged of undigested, sour or bloody 
substances; the diarrhoju sets in ai^ain after the least cold; 
red mucus with fever, loss of appetite and cuf^w^jDai/i* trt 
the boweU ; stuols of mixed blood, nmcus and pus, the blood 
is likely to be in streaks ; frothy feculent stools with much 
flatuleQce and tenesmus. 



SuLPHUR.-AciD : Diarrhoea with great debility, sensation 
tremor all over, without any treiublitig ; the j^tools ju'e llku 
chopped mucus saftVon yeUaw and stringy, frothy with burn- 
ing in the rectum. 

Vera-Trum: Exhausting' diarrhoea; weakness after every 

{>a&sage, with cold sweat on tiie forehead and all ov^r 
urn ; painlejtHy browniHh or greenish, watery or papt»8eent 
diarrhoDa \rith much rumbling, ft-eUng of coldneft3 in the ab- 
domen, and more or less disposition to dibilitv; io summer 
season with vomiting, coming on suddenly at night, generally 
§ 7. In general n8€ : 

a) For BLOODY stools: 1) Ars. canth. chin, dtdc ipea mere, 
n -vom. puis, rhus, sec. sep. nulph, 2) Aru. asiir. bry. calc. 
caps, carb.-v. cham, dros. ferr. hept kreas. lye Ditr.-ae. phoa. 
eii. su]p!i.-ac. 

b) !• or PAPESCENT : 1) Ant. chin. lach. phos.-ctc. puis* rhab. 
rhod. rhu8, siL sulph, 2) Bell. calc. cin. mez. natr. phos. 

c) For PLTKULKfTT : 1) Am. canth. lach. mere. eil. sulph. 2) 
BelL calc. kal. puis. sep. 

d) For PirxRiD : \) Am. ara. bry. carb.-v. chin, n.-mosch. 
n.-vom. puis, s^dph. 2) Coco, graph, ijjee. nitr.-ac^ sec. sep. 

e) Flooulent: I) Ar& verat. 2) Ipec. 

f) BiLiorji : 1) Cham. chin. mere. phos. pod, sulph. 2) 
Apoc, ars. cin. collina. coloc. conn. dulc. cupat, gels, ipec. iiia. 
bapt, n..vom. veratr. (Compare green and yellow. 

g) Like STIRRED OR CHOPPED EGGS : 1) Cham. mere. puis, 
rhus. 9uipK 2) Lacb. n..mo8ch. sulph .-ac. viola, 'tr. 3) Ipea 

h) Ykllow : 1) Ai*8. chin. cocc. duk, ipec. petr, rhus, 2) 
Asclep. calc. chum, cist, cotoc, gels. iris. lept. mere. pod. polyg. 
3) lach. magn. sec. sulph. 

i) Gray, ash-colokku: 1) Calc dig. mere, plioB.-ac. sec. 2) 
Caul. lob. rhus.-ven. pod. 

k) Ghken : 1) Vhmn. mere. phos. puh. aec 9%dph. 2) 
Ars. asclep, calc. codd. dulc. hydr. ipec. iris. pod. polyg. sep* 

1) F-ecal; Ars. hry. calc, cliam, cin. raerc. mur.-ac. phos. 
phos -ac. rhab. sulph. 

m) Soun sMJiLLiNG : 1) Calc. graph, hep. magn.-a rhab. 
sulph. 2) Cham. natr. sep. 

n) Acid, cohuodikq: I) Ars. cham. china, ferr. mere. u. 
Torn. puis, sulph. verat. 2) Ant. dulc. graph, igo. kaL lach 



feiT. gels, graph, iris. lach. lye. mgt.-arc. natr. naU.-m. nitr.-aa 
n.-inosch. yAuju. phyt. runi, naugu- verat, »uc. 

If ariiving Irora the use ofFLATTLENT pood, give: 1) Chin, 
2) Bry. cepa. lye. pelr. 3) Aloe, calc, kal, inillefoL puis, 
sen. veraU 

If afler TAKING A DBiNK ; 1) N.-Tom. 2) Cbin. ooccx ferr, 

After using pobk or fat : 1) Chin, colch. puis. 2) Carb.*v. 
colch, natr.^rn. 

In particular, give: 

F<»r COPIOUS flatulknce: .^Idc>>h, agar, carh.-v, chin, cist 
collijia. earn, gels, gnaphal. graph, kal lach. lye. nitr,-ac. n.- 
vom. phc»8. phos,-ac. plumh. sangu. staph, sulph. For distre§s 
PROM platitlknck; Apoe. aaclep. cap§. carb.-v. chin, chinin. 
inch. n,*mon.'h. n,-vom. pho8. puis, snlph. For incabckbatkd 
rtntulerice ; Curb.-a. carb.-v. cau8t. cepa. c/iin.cistus. eon. graph, 
hep, iod. ktth lach. lye. natr. nalr,-m. nitr, nitr.-ae, n.-vom, 
phos. ail. sulph. For paine, occurring earlt in the morxing : 
Alum, asa, uaryt. cact. carb.-a. eaust. eham. gnaphal. mgu-j 
are. natr.-m. niir^ae. n.-vom. phos. For bumjiunq : A^ 
ant. am. bry. cact. canth. carb.-v. cauloph. caust. chin. coni( 
ek<l, gels, hell. ign. iriH. lye. natr.-m. n.-vom. phos. ph)t. phoe.- 
ae. pulu. Kiati. aep. sulph. verat. 

For cx>piau8 dischabge of flatulence : .^sc.h. agar^ 
cantli. earb.-a, carb.-v. eaust chin. cist. colIins. corn, gel 
gnaphal graph, hell. kal. lye. mang merc^ uitr.-ac. oleain 
phos, plumb, sang, verat. 

For iNODoRops flati^lknce: Amb. bell comoclad. c*rb.-v. 
lyo. For fktid flatulence : Am. ars. asa. e4ilc. carb.-v, chh 
com. graph, iris. jugl. phytol. plumb, puis. sang. siL sulpl 
Foix SMELLING FLATULENCE : Am. ars. carb.-v. corn, ign. iris, 
oleand. puis, enlph. For flatulence smelling like rotten 
eggs: Arn. coff. sulph. tart, teucr. For warm, nr mid fla- 
tulence: Carb.-v. chin. Uot flatulence; Aeon, cham, 
phos. staph, anc. Cold: Con. Smelling lies garlic: 
Agar, asa. moseh. phos. Smelung boub : Anu calc. eham. 
graph, hep, magtL-c. mere. natr. natr.-m. rhab. s»^]>. sulph. 
Noisy flatulence : Caunt, lach. mere, squill teuer. aonc 

DKEAD OF AIK, extreme sensitiveness to the open air: 
Though generally a mere syrnptnm, yet it p»ointR nrincipally 
to the following remedies : 1) Calc. carb -a. e4iubt. t^ain. cocc 
coff. ign. kal. mei. natr. n.-vom. petr. puis. rhus. sil. lij Ainm. 
belL bry. chin. con. giwj* hep. lye. mgt.-aua. mere. mosciL mtr * 



n,-Tnaftch. pboa. flop, spig, sulph. sulpb.-ac, 3) Are. chu 
. ipec. lach. phos -3c. rut. stapK. thuj. 
DROPSY': g L The best remedies are: 1) Apis, apoc- 
e, ars. chin, colc/i, dig. dtU*\ hell. iris. kal. led. lye. mere, sulph. 
2) Asclep, brt/. camph. canth. chiinaph. cotwoIlk ferr. fluor.-ac. 
lach. lact. phos, prun. rbus. sarab. sol.-nigr. squill. S) Am- 
pelop, ant. anr. baryt. carb,-v, cbeL con. erig. hyosc, lept, 
i.-gl. 9abn<l. sabin, tereb> tart. verat.-vir. 
2, Dropsy iii consequence of suppekssion of exanthb- 
MATA : 1) AptA. apoc.-c, ars. a«clep. dig. h^iU. rhus, BuJph. 2) 
Aiir. bry. colch. dulc. laeh. mere verat,-vir. 

From SUPPRESSION of intermittent fevebs : Ars. ohimaph. 
dule. /<rrr. raerc sol .-nig. sulph. 

From LOSS of blood or animal fluicla: Chin, firr* he]on» 
lye. mere, sulph. apoc.-c. 

Dropsy of dbunkakds : Ars. chin. helL led. n.-yom. rhos. 

Dropiiy from abuse of mebcuhy : Chin. dulc. bell, pbytol. 

I S. From diseases o/t/ie lfvtir or spleen^ : Aur. chimaph, 
chm, fluor-ac. iris. lach. lept. lye. mere. 

From CATuHiNa cold : Apis, apoe. ars. dulc. tart. 
From iRRHGCLAiimr of the meksks i Apis, ars, helon 
From DtseA«;ER op the heart ; 1) Apis. ars. aur. bry, 
cact, earb.-v. dig. fluor.-ao. helL /ye. squill, tereb. 2} Cannab. 
§ 4 Particular indications: 

Apis : In nearly all cases of dropsy, especially anasarca, 
ascites, dropsy of ihe che>it and pericardium. 

Apoctxdm-c. : Non-inflamin.itory dron^y, having a rheu- 
matic or cont'ejitive origin ; liydrocephaluA, abdominal drop- 
frora hobnail liver, although it acts best in dropsie.s, when 
i« no organic derangement to impede its action ; a.<*cite8, 
kfcn and oedema of the feet, succeeding typhus; post 
latinal dro|>fiy ; whenever this remedy is succesaful, the 
V.iM'omos moist, belbre the urinary secretions becorno 

M : Anosftrea, ascites and o&dema of the lower ex 

remitien, tnore cMpecLdly when the skin, and particularly the 

look Uvi<l. pale and greenish ; great debility and prostnir 

lion; tongue dry and red; thireit very great ; asthma with 

iptoms of suffocation when lying on the back ; cold ox 

~Ujei« tearing pains in the bac]^ smAll of the back and 





AscLEPiAS-sTiUACA i postscarlatinal dropsy / dropsy ari8iD|_ 
from suppressed jwrBpiration or some forms of renal dijfeas6,\ 

Bryonia : Anasarca and cedcraa of the feet, especblly 
when the swelling increases in the day-time and decreases in 
the evening. 

CAcnrs 1 CEdema of the hands^ especially ths left ; oedema 
of th*? lower extremities, the skin is shining and pressure with 
the iingera leaves an iuipresslon for a long time, occurring in 
dieeasee of the hciut. 

Camphoba : Ajiasarca with red urine and thick sediment. 

Cantqaris: Dropsy from atony of the urinary organs withi 
ischuria, tenesmus of the neck of the bladder, pain& in the 
limbs, chronic coryza, &o 

CHiMAFntLA : Anasarca and ascites following intermittents ; 
it produces copious discharge of clear limpid urine; frequent 
and profuse urination and oauaei mucaits sediment to duap^ 
pear/roffi the urine. 

China : Anasarca and ascites, especially in old people^ 
Suitable for organic atFections of the liver and spleen^ although 
fcrr. and ars, concur in this case. 

CoNvoLViTLUS : CE<iema^ dropsy with constipation, diet 
in the abdomen and debility. 

DniiTAUs: Ascites, aniisarca, hydrothorax, when there are 
orgfinic affections of the heart and a hurried pulse. 

EuPATouTLTM-PURPrR. : Diabetes insipidus; albuminuria^ 
dropsy due to re n:il disease with severe dyspnoea and oedema 
of the whole body and extreioities. 

Helledouus : Anasarca, ascites, hydrothorax, &c., acute 
dropsy, especiiilly for : great debihty, vapor, feverish symp* 
toms stitching pains in the limbs, diarrhma, guppresdon of 
nrine, &g. 

Hklonias: Anasarca -with general debility, albuminuria 
and an atonic condition of the generative organs, such as chlo- 
rosis, amenorrhoDa, dropsy troin uterine haemorrhage. 

Ittis-v^EB. : Ascites and anasarca of hepatic origin, 

Kao : Ascites, dropsy of old people. 

Lactuca : ^Vnasarca with great swelling of the feet, abdoinea" 
and eyelids. 

Lkdum : Dropsy with pain in the hmbs and dry skin. 

Leptandiiia : j^\jcitea and anasarca from obstruction of the 
circulation in the poi'tal system. 

Lyco PODIUM : Dropsy from hypertrophy of the heart. 

MsBOUBius : Ascites, hydrothorax, acute or chi'oaic 
^arca, sometimes accompanied yf\\^ aife^tiot^s gf the UveTi 




prcsHion of th<? ' teral heat and sweat, constant fihoit 

ami lackint^ c<> jjmIi, <S:c. 

PiiosrnoRrs; L)ru]»-y, cederaa of ihe Lands, feet and fiicse. 

PiiUNtts : Ascites and drojmy. 

Riit'8, sambucus and sohinum-iiicrrum : Anasarca. 

g 5. Compare: Anasarca^ ascites, hydroihoraac^ hydro- 
cephrtlnx^ hyarO'^ehy ttc. 

DKORSY OF THE JOINTS, hydiarthrus : Is frequently 
curtail by sulphur, or, by: Ant. ara. bry- calo. iod. kal. lye 
pills, rhus. sil. sulph. 

DKUNK^UiDS, DISEASES OF, and ill-effects ofgpirits 

§ L The best remedies are; 1) Aoon. ant. ars. bell. calo. 
carb.-v. chin. cuff. hyoa. lach. raerc. natr. n.-vora. op, puis. 
stram. siilph. 2) Agar. am. coeuuL dig. ign. led lye. natr.-m. 
D.-niosch. ran rlnxi. rhus. rut. selen, sil. spig. vcratr. zinc. 

§ 2. For inUtxit^ation itself, the best remedies are said to 
Aeon, belL cotT op. 

For the comequeHces of revtUinff at night, and of intoxi- 
cation, give: 1) Ant. cjirb,-v. coff. n,-vom. sulph. ; or, 1) 
Bell. bry. calc. chin. dulc. natr. nitr.-ac. phos, phos.-ac, rhuft. 

For the ckrotuc consequences oi drinking: Ars. bell. calc. 
chin. coff. hell. hy>- hich. mere, natr. n.-vom. puis. Bulph, 

For ddirium irr^nen* : Ars. bell, calc oofL dig. hyos. n.- 
vom, op. 81 ram. 

For the disposition to drink : Ars. calc lach. mere sulph. 
eolnh -ac. 

^ 3, As regards symjitoms, give: 

AooNm'M: Wht-n drinking wine is followed hj; ftj^erish 
hetstt tendiMRV of blood to the head, red ikee and eyes, and 
even loss of reason. 

A>TiM05tjrii : Gas^tric afflictions in consequence ofrevel- 
Kng, naoMia, loathing, loss of appetite, ^c, Cai'b.-veg. being 

AsaK^netDr: Mental derangement, anguish which drives 
one to and fro^ fear of thieves, gbostt^, and solitude, with do- 
sire to hide one's-self, trembling of the limV)?, Jti*. 

Bklijidonna: Loss of ria.son, delirium, visions of mice, 
rai*, Stc.^ red and bloated fnce, tongue coated, aversion to 
lii<f*!, ««le»'plessnes.s, stamnicnng spieeh with connlant «niile, 
dr - in the throat, with difficult deglutition, violent 

tl: fxyemt* of violent fevt*r, d'c. 

CAi>«:.M-n\ : l^i'TiiiiTii. \ "-•-;:■• *■+' Iwm, murder, rats and mioei 

bk^il tjur Mi-.aiL b 




Cars. -TEG. : Acfiing or throbbing pain in the bead^ in cc n» 
Bcquence of a debauch, relief in the open air; nausea without 
desire to vomit ; liquid, thin stools. 

China : DebiHty of drunkards, eapccially when dropsy is 
setting in. 

Cofpka: Great excitement of feeling, especially in chil- 
dren )» with excessive inirthfulnesft, sUepkssue^s^ nausea and 
even vomiting ; or headaclre after intoxication, with ftensatiun 
as if a nail were sticking in the brain, Nux-vom. being insul- 
ficient, Coffea has likewise removed the trembling of the 
hands of drunkards. 

Hy*o5<^tamus : Epileptic convulsions in conBeqoence of 
drinking; .sleeplessness with constant toH.sing about ; doliiiurn 
M'ith visions as if persecuted, and witli desire to etjcape ; 
tremor of the limbs, <fec. 

Lacoesis: Debility and tremor of the handsi espedally 
when tlie patient finds it hard to correct hini8elfl 

Mkrcuiuis: Debility of drunkards who abuse coffee. Nur« 
V. and Sulph. having proved fruilleRS. 

NATurM : Debility and dyspepsia of drunkards. 

Nux-voMiCA : Hemicrania after intoxication, with sensation 
as if a nail had bocn driven into the brain ; aggravation in the 
ffjien air, by walking, motion, thinking and stooping ; nausea 
wit h desire to vomit and straining ; constipation^ or else 
itTiall, slimy stools, with tenesmus ; vertigo ; red eyes, with 
gum in the canthi ; photophobia ; hacking cough, &c. ; or, 
in confirmed drunkards: lor tendency of blood to the head, 
eloudiness or loss of consciousness, deUrium, frightful visionn, 
and desire to escape ; great anxiety driving tlie patient to and 
fro ; sometimes with cold and datnp hands, feet and tace ; 
nau.sea, waterbrash^ vomiting of food or hitler stfl>8taftces ; 
sleejilessness or half sleep, with sudden starlings a^ if in af- 
ftighl ; anxious dreams; constipation, or else diarrhooic, 
scanty stools ; tremor of the limbs, debility, Ac. Suitable to 
drunkards who indulge in abuse of coffee, 

Oprtm ; Comatose sleep with stertorous breathing, or 
anxious delirium, with visions of mice and scorpions, Ac. ; 
fear, desire to escape, or dreams from M-hich the patient 
wakes as soon as he is »poken to with a loud voice; constipa- 
tion, troidileaome breathing, general sweat, epileptic convul- 
sions and spasms; trembling of th€ extremities, lock-jaw, 
twitching of the muscles of the face and mouth, staring look ; 
dark-red face, Ac. 

Pulsatilla: Derangement of the stomach, cloudmesa 



h^nviiiess in tbe forehead, relief in the opeL air; nausea, 
cepccmlly after eating or drinking ; Bmtr eructafi&JiB, coated 
tongue, 4fec. ; especially wlien the ^nne was siilphiirated. 

Straiionium: Suitable to babituol drunkards; anguish 
driving one to and fro; taciturn; wandering look, fear, de- 
rire to escape; epileptic convulsions; rage; reo?, hot^ and 
bloated face ; visions, illusions of fact, (such as, that tbe 
half of the body is cut off, <fcc) 

Si'XpnuB: Trembling, dropsical and other affectiotis of 
drunkards, especially when they indulge in abuse of coffee. 

DYSENTERY ; bloody flux, 

§ 1. Aeon. lEsc^ aloe. arn. ara. bapt baraam. iris, mere* 
rhua. mtlph. 2) Bry. carb.-v. chani. cbin. cist^ collins. eoloc. 
ipec. n.-vom, pulsw rhus.-gl 3) Bel), caps, colch. corn, dios- 
eor. dulc. gels, geran. gnaphal. gran, hep hydras, kreas. lacb. 
nitr-ac. d. musch. sang, senog. staph, trill, verat.-vir. 

§ 2. AcoNrrE : For dysentery, when the days are warm 
and the nights cool ; rheumatic pains in the head, nape of tlie 
neck and shoulders, or violent chills, heat and thirst. (If 
aconite does not suffice, give: Cham. mere, nux.-v. or, puis. 

.^IscrLus-H. : Dysentery caused by bremorrhoidal irntation 
and confined to the r*.^etuju. 

Aloes: Aggravation by acids; shooting or boring pains in 
tbe region of the navel increased by jonre^mire ; the lower part 
of the abdomen swollen and sensitive to pressure, the dis- 
tention and movements in the abdomen are more in the Uft 
gid^ and along the track of the colirn, increased after food ; 
fitiniing xchiUt at «/oo/ / frequent stools of bloody water; 
wioi^fd (enesnifig / great repugnance to free aii*, which not- 

ihKtanding ameliorates the suffering ■ hunger dujing the 

(fjl ; cutting and pinching pains in the rectum and loins ; 
icavinefe, weariness and numbness in the thiglis; with the 
ftoola e«<ape large quantities of Eatus ; when urinating urging 
» stool. 

Abxica : Natmea with constant sense of fullness and Mktiety 

the stomach, hard swelling in the r/*;/*^ side of the abdomen, 
with pain as if cutting into a wound» when touched^ relieved 
by escape of flatus ; jmtrid and slimy taate and ernHatixmn : 
md rumbling in the bowel;*, as if empty ; stools of blood and 
•s; fjJTfiinh'e Jlaiulence^ like bad eggs; tenesmus of the 

Ick of the bladder with fruitless urging lo urinate; putrid 
breaUi i v\n\\ of the bsick and front of thighs. 

AnAJCKictTii : Stools smelling like old toul ulcers: greenish 
urttie; otioky perspirationa ; great restUsmesi and tomng 



about in bed; pnins relipved by ©xtcrnal heat; despair of 
Hfo ; sensation as irthcaMonu-n would burst, before the stool ,* 
sensation of contraction just above the anus, at the stool ; 
baniJng: in the rectum and trembling in all the limbs, after 
the fttool ^ tene^mn^ with burning in the rectunti and anus ; 
liice sunken, pale and iVatures distorted ; great exhaustion 
after each stool, pain relieved after the evacuation ; red aiid 
blue spots on the skiri ; fcetid uiiue. 

Bafttsta. : Violent colicky pains In the hy])oga8tric region 
before the stool, the stools are mucus and blood, brown coat- 
ing of I he ton^'ue, great tenesmus ; adynamic dysentery with 
acrid fajcal dischartxes, which are frequent, small and offea- 
sive; ulcerative inflammation of the bowels. 

Beixadonna: Sensibility of the abdomen to external pres- 
sure, the sense of i^orcness being t7e(^/> in the abdomen; con- 
stant pressing to the anus and genitals, as if everything would 
be pushed otit; pains of a constricting character, relieved by 
bending forward; thirsty belching, vomiting; starting in 
Bleep ; delii-iuni. 

Bktonia: Frequently after aeon,, especially during hot 
summer and from taking cold drinks ; every motion prodacea 

CAin"nARts: bnrnivg like fire in (he amis^ after the stool ; 
drynee8 of the lips and thirst during the pain; vesicles and 
canker in the mouth and throat ; collapse, small pulse, oold- 
ness of hands and feet. 

Capsicl^m : Thirst after every stool, and shuddering after 
drinking; stool after drinking: taste like putrid water; tene»- 
nnia of the bladder; drawing pains in tJie barky which with 
the (enesnuta are continued ofttr the stool,, which connists of 
thin adhe.sivc slime, mixed with black blood, with twisting 
pains about the navel 

Carho-veg. : When Ars. is insufficient to remove the putrid 
symptoms, when the patient's breath is cold, and he com- 
plains of burning pains. (If the stools continue putrid, give: 

CHAMOMnxA : After Aeon ; when there are great bent, 
thirst, rheumatic pains in the head and great restlesisness. 

China : Dysentery in marshy districts with intermittent 
symptoms or when ai-s. and carb.-veg, are insufficient, to re- 
move the putrid symptoms ; discharges of a terrible cadaver- 
ous smell, worse at night, of a cho<-olate color. 

ClSTUS : chronic dysenteric tliarrho^a ? 

CoLCUiGUM : cramps in the calves of the legs, protaptuM 



constriction of the cesophagus ; great swelling of the 
er part of the abdomen ; frequent Bbuddcrings down tho 
back ; discharges white^ jelly-like or bloody mucus. 

CoLOCT>"TH : Fruitless efforts to vomit ; weakness, p:il«> 
nesa and prostration after the stool / severe cutting and 
uqueezing pains, accompanied by retching and bending the 
body forwanlj relieved by pressure, by coffee, and the relief 
ia followed by iinmediate disposition to st{>ol ; cold hands 
with warm feet. Mostly indlcati'd in the first stwje ; fulineKs 
and pressure in the abdomen, tympanitic distention, chills 
proceeding from the abdomen, white-coated tungue, 

CoBKtJS-ciR. : Dysentery with abdominal pains, before^ 
dtiring and after stool^ with great debility and biliousness; 
ulceration of the mucous membrane of the rectum. 

DioscoRiiA : Patient is at the onset seized with violent, 
catting, lancinating pains id the bowels, eliciting shrieks from 
the patient; dysentery ^I'ith spasmodic pains in the bowels^ 
with unii^rually severe tenesmus / steady twisting pains in the 

Erigerox : Stools small, streaked witli blood, accompanied 
with tormina ; burning in the bowels and rectum ; hard 
lumps of faeces mixed with the discharges ; urination painful 
or suppressed. 

ILukiAMKLis : W/ien the amount of blood in the stools is 
tmiutual in quantity^ amounting to an mutual hmnKtrrhaye ; 
it is generally dark, in small clots or patches scattered through 

Ipecacuanha: Suitable for fall-dyscntenes (bilious dyseu* 
»riefl) with violent tenesmus and colic ; bilioitn stools, after- 
wards bloody mucus ; worse in the evening. 

Ibib-ter. : Dysentery, when the patient is cold, skin blue, 

vomTtinc: with prostration of strength ; bilious dyaenlory with 

.igrr ins m the umbilical region and ioud rumbling in 

LAciJEisrsi Cadaverous smelling stools; during the stool 
burning in the anus ; cramp-like pain in abdomen ; abdomen 
very iiot ; coldness, thirst ; tongue red and cracked at its 
jjoint, or black and bloody. 

■jL Mi^i^iJiuK A : Excoriating discharges ; cuttings in the lower 

'yail of the abdomen, at night ; the abdomen is externally 

c*)ld to the touch ; cutting stitch in the lower abdomen, from 

right to left and aggravated by walking; fnycal, putrid t;iste 

in th« mouth; nausea, with vertigo, obscured vision and 

of heal; offenaive perspiration ; the pains aie increased 



before the slool, and during the stool with violent tenesmus, 
the p^Jifts are rather incr&jJied after a ^tool and sonnjtiiiiL's 
then extend to the back ; during the stoal hot sweat on the 
forehead, which soon becomet* t^oUl and sticky; frcaui'iit 
diijcharge of pure blood or bloody greeu mucus like stirred 
egjTg ; screams during stool (in children). 

Merc.-corr. : Cold (kve and hands with small and feeble 
pulse ; all the pains, but esjiecially iliose of the rectum arc 
ai^gravated by motion j fainiiugs, weaknc8s and shuddering; 
the limbs as if bruised and trembling; abdomen tense, fiard 
and sensitive to pressure^ eapecially about t)»e navel ; astrin- 
gent metallic ta^te ; severe }Miins in the rertum^ which con- 
tinue after the discharge ; the fruitless urgeney to stool in- 
creases the pains ; evacuations very oflensive, suppressiot^ of 
secretion of urine ; retention of urine, 

N1TH.-AC. : Constant pre^^sing in the rectum without any 
stool, or the patient evacuates mere mucus, after which the 
tenesmus continuei<» followed by headache, dryness of the 
throat, violent thirst, intermittent pulse. 

Ntrx-voM. : Stools small, frequent, with violent tenesmua ; 
pressing pains in the loins and upper pai*tofthe sacral region, 
with mnmtion as \f broken ; the pains and tenesmus ceaae 
with the stool. 

Plumbum : Severe tenesmus; frequent and almost fruitless 
efforts to htool ; cutting pains witli violent outcries ; retrac- 
tion of (he obdomen f constriction and retraction of the anus, 

Unl's-Tox. : Xoctnmal exacerbations in the later stages ; 
constant tenesnius and \irging to stool with nausea and the 
passing of but little bloody water. 

Sinj»HUR : DifTicult breathing, bloodstrenked mtu^ou^ stools / 
frequent urging' to stool, violent lene^ttmis, eftpeciaily at 
niffht, prolapsus ani at night ; cutting pains, while urging at 
stool, from ]jrcssure on the abdomen or bending tlie body- 
backwards, rt'lievcd by the applicatir)n (*f dry heat; tdce- 
ration of the mw.^ou^ membrane of t/ie intestli^es, 

^ 3, Compare also : Diarrhoea, 

EARS, IIkkpes of thk. 

§ ] . The her/>e^ or scurfs on or behind the ears, require 
principally: 1) Graph, hep. mere oleand. petr, sninh.; or, '2) 
Ant. bar)l. calc cic. kid. lach. lye. mez. phos. puis. sep. siL 

^ 2. Give more particularly : 

For eruption 7iear or on the ears : 1} Baryt calc cic, eulph, 
2) Ant. kal jietr. phos, puis. sep. sil. 



Aur. carb.-veg. graph, hep. 


For j M| i )yfteA in d the ears : B.aryt.*calc. graph, hep. lyo, 
mez. o^uiarputfi. sep. staph. 

For fcurfy erupiiaii : Graph, hep. Inch, lye. puis, staph. 

For mrentss: Graph, k'nl. lach. mere. pelr. sulph. 

For humor : Calc. graph, lye. olearjd. petr. 

For xdctrattd eruption: 1) Amia carb.-v, mere. puis, mta 
spong. 2) Ahim. kal. slann. 

For itching of the parts ; Amm. anae. baryt. lyo. puis, 


For mceUing of the ears: Anac. calc. kal. lyc. mere. puis. 

For fetid smell of the ears 

§ 3. Compare: Ervptions, Herpes, Scaldhead, Omtitis, 


Principal remedies: 1) Am. bry. oon. lach. n.-rom. rhiis. 
rut. siilph-ac. 2) Ars. berb. calo* cham. chin, dulc. ferr. laur. 
par. plumb, see. stilph. 

li' c:iuse<i by injurlesy give: I) Arn. 2* Bry. eon, rhus, 
rut- sulph.-ac. 

Sritiguineous spots or petechiw^ such as oocur in putrid 
tynjius renuire: Ars. bry. rhua. 

r or morbus mcujitlmu9 Werlkofii^ the principal remedy is 
Ury. Bfsitlea, we may have to use in complicated cases : 
Led. phos. sil. si ram. 

The cadaverous spots of old people, require principally : 
1) Con. *2) Ars. bar. lach. op. 


J'riucipal remedies: 1) Aeon. bell. dulc. mere. phos. 2) 
oAr*- aur. carb.-v. clem. con. petr. rlma, sniph. 
•* For eczema with/ever, give : 1) Aeon. bell, dulc 2) Petr. 

Chronic eczema requires : Clem, dtilc mere, petr, phosph. 

MercMTial ecsema : 1) Chin. hep. su ^*K 2) Aeon. bell. 

^cs<>ma solare (cjiused by the action of the suu) : I) Aeon. 
bolL cxmiph. ; or, 2) Clem. hyos. 



'• ' MOW* eczema: Carb.-v. con. rims zinc. 
: EarrnoNs, Exantiiesiata, IIeupeh. 
\TION. — Though a mure symptom, yet it points 
io: \) Ant cale. china, graph. Iyci»p. natr -ni, strum. 

z) Amhr. barvt. bryoo. cliain. clem. coccuL ciipr* 



IfeiT. gli«j. ign. iod. ipecac, laches. nitr,-8c. n.-TOin. petr. phoft 
pho«.-ae. plumb, puis. secaL silic. "veratr, 

Compjire : Atrophy, Phthisis, Marasmus, &c. 

EMOTIONS, iix EFFKcre of. 

§1. Principal remedies : 1) Aeon. aur. bclL bnr. chain, 
con, coloc. hyos. ign. lach. mere. D^-voni. op. pbos. pbos.-ac, 

fibt puis, staph, veratr. 2) Arfi. calc. caust. coccul. cupr» 
yc. natr.-m. rhus. scp. stram. siilph. 

§ 2. For the consequences o\ angrti$h^ fright, ftar^ give; 
1) Aeon. ign. op. pula* 2) BelL wiust. coff. hyos. lach. n.- 
vorn, Bumb. veralr. 

Of excessive^oy : 1) Coff. op. puk 2) Aeon, canst, croc. 

Of ffrief: 1) Ign. phos.-ac. staph. 2) Ars. coloc. graph, 
hyos, lacb. lye, n.-voni. veratr. 

Of /iom€'sickti€.^ : 1) Caps. mere. pho8.-ac. 2) Aur. carb.- 
an. caust. staph , 

Of unhapf)y love : 1) Hyos. ign- pbos.-ac. 2) Atir. catist. 
coff. hell, n.-vom, staph, 

O^jealotisy : 1) Hyos. 2) Ign« lack n.-vom. pho8.-«c* 

Oi mordjication^ inn^tUs: 1) Bell, coloc, ign. pJat. puU. 
staph. 2) Aur. eham. nntr.-m. j^ho^.-ac. seneg. 

0\^ chagrin and confraJktton : 1) Aeon, bry, cham. ooloe. 
Ign. n.-vom. plat, staph. 2) Ars, bell. coft. phos. puis — And 
when aeeoiTipjiuied with iadigtiatutfi : Coloc, staph. 

Ot vwlrnt anger: Aeon, bry, eliam. n.-vom. phoa. 

§ 8, Paitieular iudieations. 

AroNirrM : Headaelte, feyerish, tendency of the 
blood tu t]ie head, nnd ecmstant fear, especially in ehildren ; 
or when OfJinm Imd not been given at the onset for fright. 

TJelladokn.v : Loss of conseiouKness, or constant anxiety 
with fear, weeping, bowling, and malice (in cliildren) ; also 
when Aeon, and Op. bad proved insufficient for tljc conse- 
quences of fi'iirbt. 

Bkyonia ; Cldlliness and shuddering over the whole body, 
great tendency to vehement anger, loss of a[^petite, naus^ea, 
vomiting and bilious state in coneequeuee of anger. 

Capsktum : For sleeplessness caused by home-sickness, with 
heat and rudneKS of the cheeks. 

Chamomilla: For the following consequences of anger : 
Bitter taste in the mouth, nausea, di^sposilion to i<tart and 
vomiting of bilious matter; cfttthu/ roffr^ ; diarrhoea ; ^^re-ff- 
sure in iht sluiitach and jtit of the &(tnna*'h ; headjielie; fever 
with heat, thirst, red Dace and eyes^ anguish and restlessness; 



fntinfli<;e; cough; palpitation of the heait; shortness of 
►reath ; asthma; siiffocativt* fits; or, in children, convulsions 
and asthma, or derant^t-nient of the stomach in consequence 
of eating and drinking after anger. 

CoFFKA : Nervous exdtt*ment tn consttjuenee of great joy, 
with trembling, dtspufiiiiun to faint, cspetially in tl'iuules luid 
ebildren ; or if thtj patient took chamomiJe-iea inimediuioly 
after a fit of anger. 

CoLocYWTHis : When the consequences of cfuigrin or 
mvrtijicution are: Spiisniodic-rolic, cramp in the calviM, 
nansea, bitter toste with vomiting, BJeppIessness, &.q> 

Hkpar: Wlien children, alter a fit of anger, wcrp con- 
stantly without one being able to quiet them, and Bellad. did 
not help. 

HyoscYAsn-s: In consequence of fear : Stupefaction and 
upttthy; inability to swallow, convulsions, sudden Htarting 
or involuntary laugliing during sleep, de«ire to es<*apc, ^feo^ 
And, when, in consequence of nnhappy love, the patient 
fe«?l8 jealous, runs about restlessly, &q. 

loNATiA : For the consequences of /r/^A^ inortificatlon^ 
f^hutjrirt^ ffriefy especially after losing a friend, relative, or. 
the ronsequence^ of unhapffy lore^ or for ; deep, gnawiijgj 
irresiittible grief^ vomiting, gastric eymjiiom*!, headuehcv ver- 
tigo, jmle face, or even convulsions or epilepsy, esfiecinlly in 
c^iildren, in consequence of fright or fear. 

Mkkcitrics: Recent or inveterate eonscquencea of /tjv//^^ 
or m&rtiftcadofi, alw hmttt-shkness^ and for : great «ngujsh, 
trembling t;nd ref^tles^snesf*, bidden starting frcnn sleep, r»rj;isin 
of the blood on making the least effort, eleeplesKness, inability 
to bear tht* wanath of the bed; great nervous^ness, quaneb 
•ome mood ; the patient complains of every body and even 
<Ǥ own family ; desire to escape, conatant shivering, night- 

KtTt-TOitf. : For the conscquenocs of anger, with general 
chilliness, and when Brj-onia proved iuHuflicient, or if tho 
paiietil had taken chnmomile-tea directly after tlie lit ofantrer, 
or hail eaten or drank any thing else, and if Cliainom. had 
not removed the ill eftects entirely. 

Orii M : To >>c us«'d immediately af\er a paroxysm o^ Joy 
t.tTjfnr^ ***]>rrially for: Pains in the tbrehead, ptnpefjutir>n or 
Ujm of cfyn«ciouBn<'ss, hesit and sweat about tb<* In-iid, witb 
rii)dn(*«ii of the rrst of the body, tendency of blood to tho 
l»«»!id, ermiaJittns or »4nur vomiting, great, heavinrj's 
Ao abdomen; diarrhcea, or involuntary stools; preii-nio 



on the chest and difficulty of brcntliing ; ffnnth\(f Jifs^ parom- 
ymn of spasm or evtMi rpfUpj^j^ ; trembling, cries or sopor 
with stertorous bre:ithing ; ^[lasinodic riiiitlity vt' the wbuJo 
body, iiitenjjil heat with coldness of the body, euld ^weat, <fec, 

PnosPHOBic-ACiD : For the coni!i'C|m,'nfe8 o'i cUep ffri^\ un- 
happy/ love^ homes ickneas^ or in all cases where Ij^ut. is not 
eufficieii^ espL'cially wJien the p:nient in lacituru, dull, li^t- 
lea**; when the hair tails o»it or turuwgniy ; hectic I'evtr with 
prol'use swciit in the morning; eontttaut desire to sleep, &c. 

Pkatina: When an ffer or in ortifiration is tullowcd by : In- 
difference, alternate tiadness iind laughter; pride with ct>ti- 
tempt of oihera ; great anguish smd dread ot death ; in leniaks, 
the urinary passages are nivolved 

Pulsatilla : Diariiiani with lieat in the abdomen and cold 
limbs, in conscqticnce oi'/ear; or for the consequences oianger^ 
in persons of a bhtnd disposition ; or when the patient look 
ch:unoniile4ea directly after the anger; and when ChaiiL wa« 
not sufficient, 

l>AMKiici:s : When fright or fear occasion : Coldness of the 
whole body, trembling, convulsive twitchinga; oppression of 
the chest ; sopor with stertorous breathing ; Opium was not 

STAPiiYSAfJHtA : For the oonaequehces of angcr^ especijdly 
for: Indignation and ill-hnmor, the patient pushes violently 
away from hioi what is ncsur IVini ; ill-hunior, reRtlessne«i, 
fear ; — or when dtep grkf occasions : sadness witli dispo* 
fiilion to take every thing in bad part, great dread ui' the 
future, sleep in daytime, and nleeplessnesfl at night ; tailing 
off of the hiiir; feeble and faint voice; hy]>ochoiKlrinc mood, 

VkkativI M : When fright or fear occa-sioued ; diarrhcea, or 
invulutitiiry evacualiuns Irom the boweW, with coldness of the 
whole abdomen. 

§ 4. Give more paiticularly : 

u) Vm'juHtnlict : ChauL niercchin. — for convulaioiis ; BelL 
chauL jgn. hyoek op. samb — fur fetmnc spa^f/nt : BelL op. igu. 
^I'ur epileplii! attacks; Ign. op. (belL lach. cautit.j^lbr great 
dehitUy with trembling: ^Icrc. op. phus.-ac. vernln— lur/ali«^ 
i/if/ fttjf : Coif. «»p. veratr. — for ^*jjua^WK>t^/'o pains : Coloc. — for 
ftcrrituit excitenu-nt : Aeon, cotf^magn.-arct. mere, u.-vom. — for 
Vitarnilar orgaHUi ; Aeon. colf. mere. 

li) When there \>^ ft(*er: Aeon. bry. cham. x\,-s'om.— vhtlU 
and ithuiiderifif/ : iJry. mere, pulti. — aJdftens of the body: 
Op. puis. samb. veratr, — he^ and rcdnens of the cheeiift* 



Caps. ign. aoon, — nightstotaU : Mer<\ pbos -ac. — hectic fever: 
Ign. phos-^ac. staph. 

c) For sieejylesmess : Aeon. coff. mere, capa. coloc. staph. — 
Supor: Op. samb. (pho^.-nu, staph,) 

d) For melaf^choly and mdmss: Anr, ign» plat, 
tftiipb. — for constant wepping and lametiHng : IJelK hep. — for 
con!4tant crU^: Bell, op.— constant anxiety and/^r.' Aeon. 
bull. cham. mere. plat, staph. — mental derangement: Bull, 
hvos. lach. op. stram. veratr. — tHrfZ/Terd/R^, d(d£ness^ apathy : 
Ilell. hy<is. phos.-ac. — constant itulignattoni Coloc. staph, 

e) Lm8S o\' coriscioi^gness and stupefaction : Bell. hyos. nux- 
v» op. — tendency ofht<^od to the head, and headache: Aeon. 
bell. coff. ign. n.-vom. o\\^-f(iUing f>^*ot' the hair, or when the 
hair turns gray : Phos-ac. staph. 

t) Loss of appetite, nansea, vomiting: Bry. cham. coloc. 
ign. n.-vom, op, puis. — bilitnis ailments: Aeon, bry. chnnu 
coIoc« ign. n.-vom. — ^pains in the stomach: Chain, nnx-v. 
puis. — colic and diarrncea .* Cham. puis, veratr. — involuntary 
itooU: Op. veratT. 

g) Pains in th*; chesty asthma^ &c. : Anr. bell, cham, n.-vom. 
op.tiamb. — yiolt^nl pa/pi tat ion of the Aeart : Aeon. cham. hep. 
op. pnk 

Compare : Emotions, morbid, Mental der.vngement, Me 

L.VN'CnOLT, &c. 


§ 1. Havin/r mentioned the remedies, wdiich require to be 
us«fd for thf different varieties of mental diseases, in the arti- 
cles on: Mental iiERANOEatKNT. Clairvoya.xci:, Hyuiwjimio- 
FiA^ Wear memory, Hy'pochoxdkia, Imbixtlity, Melan- 
cholia, dfce„ it remains for us now to exhibit in otie scric's iho 
remedies which are proposed for the various sjTnploma that 
characterize mental diseases. 

The principal remedies forthofle diseases are: 1) Aur. bell, 
liyos. ign. lach. lye op, phoa. pho8.-ac. plat. puis. srp. Btnitn. 
vei'atr. 2) Aeon. anae. are. calc. cann. canst, cham. coccnl. con. 
graph, hell. mere. natr. natr.-m, n.-vom. up. i has. *al. sulph. 3) 
Ant, baryt, bry. cann. canth. chin, cin^ coff. cupr. hep. rhua. 
ulaitn. staph. 

Use more particularly : 

a) F'lr i/7.,/i/j«A, anxiety : 1) Ars. j)uk veratr. 2) Aeon, am* 
bell, br rb.-v. cham. grnph, i^^n lye. mere. n.-vom. phos. 

rbtt*. h^i...., -|'._:- «|»ong. sulpfi, — Fur fe<ir and apprehensions: 
Aeon. anac. ar». baryt. bell. bry. calc. caust. eie. coceul. graph. 
befi.byoa. laoh. mere D.-voni. op. sulph-ac. veratr. — For ufietui 



ne«8 as if from a bad conscience: Alum. amm. ars. anr. carb»- 
vcg. c-aust. cin, coccal. con, cyd. dig, ferr. graph. hjMS. more- 
n.-vom. jmla. wl. stram. snlph. venitr. — For awar/efi/ driving 
one from one place to another: Acon.ara,aur, bell. bry. canth. 
cnrb.-%'. coloc. cupir. dros. graph, hyos. mere. ii.-vom, op. plat» 
piiU. 8€p. »spig. staph, stram. vemtr. 

h) For vexed mood: 1) Ars. calc. causL cham, ign. kal lya 
mere. nitr,-ac. n.-vom. phos. puis, sep, eulph. 2) Aooh. altim. 
aiir belL bry. chin. con. graph, hep. Inch. natr. natr-m. petr. 
phos phos.-ftc. plat, sil sta])h. zinc. — ^For irritabie vexed mood : 
1 } Ars. bry. earb.-v. canst, con. wxv r.-m nitr.-ac phoa. puis. staple 
siilph. "1) Arn. anr.bell. chani. chin.coccul. hep. ign. lye. mere, 
natr. petr. pho8,-ac. plat. st'p. ''pig. — y*)V disposition to be 
fittijrxj ; 1 ) Anr, bry. curb-v, cham. canst, hep. nitr. -ac. n.-vora. 
phos. snlph. 2) Am. ars. caps. chin. croc, graph, lye. magn.* 
auHt. natr. natr.-m. petr. prp. sil. 

c) For mtspu'iun and dihtrn>l : 1) Baryt. canst, cic. byos. 
lye. puis. iM Anae. ant, anr. bell. cham. dros. hdL lacli. mere,' 
op rnta. aiilph.-ac,— For anthropophohkt : 1) Amb. baryt, hyosii, 
natr. puis rhns. 2) Bell. cic. cun. cnpr. lye. selen. 

d) For iiernms excitement : 1) Aeon. arn. aur. bell, calc, 
cham. coff. magn.-arct. mere. |>hos, val. 2) Asar. bry, carb.-veg, 
fhin, ferr. hi']>. hyos. lye. oat r.-m. 8t»p siilph. teucr. veratr, — 
For great tendency to Btart : Aeon, bell borax, calc. carb.-v€g. 
ciiust. cham. coccni. c^on. natr,-m. petr. jihos. sil. sulph. 

0) For malkc: 1) Anae. bel!. hyos. laeh. lye. n.-vom. stram, 
veratr. *1) Ars. Cfips. cnpr. natr. nair.-m, petr. phos. plat.ficc. — 
For dispositiim to swear: Anac. veratr. — Disposition to kiU 
somebody: Ars. chin, hep, h\A\. stram, ^For disposition to 
commit acts of violence : 1) BelL hyos. stram. vtrair 2) Anac, 
ars. baryt. chin, eoccul. tinpr. hep. lach, lye. raoseh.natr. n.-vom. 
plat.— For vmdtctive mood : Agar. anac. aur. lach. — For artful 
disposition: Cnpr. lach. n -vnnu 

1) For bold, andaeiouR disposition : 1) Ign, magD.-arot. op, 
2) Aeon. agar. mere, snlph. 

g) For ohjsfinarj/, head-strongne*»s: Bell, calc, ign. kal lyo 
nitr.-ac. n.-vom. sil sulph. — For quan'ehome mood: 1) Ars. 
(•a})S. chin. ign. lach. mere. natr,-m. veratr. 1) Arn. aur. 
hell, caust. cham. hyos. lach, lye. raosch. n -vom. petr. sep. 

h) For abundance of fancies and^fixed ideas: 1) Bell, coc- 
cnl ign. pho».-ac, sabad.^ ram. sulph, 2) Aeon. amb. cic. hell, 
hyos. lye. mere, n.-vom. op. phos. plat. puis. rhus. eec sil val 
Veratr, — For hypochondriac ideas and apprehensions: 1) 



Calc. cliin, njitr. n.-vom, siilpb, 2) Anae. aur. con. grat. 
lach, moach. iiatr-m. phas. phos.-ac. scp. staph. 3) Ar^. 
canst, chia graph, hell. hep. lyc. nitr.-ac. n,*mo8ch. petr. pul«, 
rhua. vrtl. 

i) For 9eno}fj( mood : Alum. aur. bell canst, cham. euphorb. 
helL hyos. ii,^n lod. mere, n.-mosoh. n.-vom. pbos,-ac. puis, spii*^ 
itann. — For KiJenf^ tjifiturn mood : Aur. bell. caps, oaust, chain 
enj>horl). hell. hy»is. iixn. ipec. lyu ti.-vom. pbos.-ac plat. puln. 
statin. — For want ofdisporiition to talk : 1) Aiiih. bell, bry. igu. 
lach. n.-vom. phos.-ac. puLs. atann. 1) Ahim. ealo, cbm. coloc 
cyol. ht»ll. ri'jir.-m. plat, sniph. 

k) For indiJfWi'nce^ apathy, listlessness : 1) Ars. bdl. calc. 
igu. ]>hos. phos,-nc. puis, sop, sil. staph. 2) Arn. cham, cliiu, 
coccul. con. mere, nritr.-m. nitr.-ac, plat, 

I) For vthcnient^ fiJ^O'Hf uiond : 1) Bry. carb.-veg, caust. hep. 
lyc. iiatr.-m. u.-voin. scp. *1) Anac aur, dros. kal lack mosoh. 
uitr.-ac petr. phos. plat, sulph. 

ni) Fin- ffreedj/ desire to possess a thing: 1) Ars. bry. pula 
2) Calc. lyc. si'p. 

n) For moaning, weeping;, lamenting: Aeon. ars. Viell. bry. 
calc.cham. cin. coff graph, hyos. ign. lyc. natr.-m. n -vom. plal 
puis. st'p. Btram. sulph. veratr. 

o) For merry mood, singing, whistling, dancing, ijfcc. 1) Boll. 
coflT, croc, lach. lyc. natr.-m. op. phit stram. veratr. 2) Aur. 
cann. carb.-an. cic hyos, natr. &])ong. zinc. 

p) For despondency and despair : Aeon. aur. calc. oaust, 
con, graph, ign, lach. lyc. mere. natr. natr.-m nitr*-ac. puis, 
rims. Sep, sil. fitann. sulph. veratr ^For hcing tired of Ufa: 
Anib. rtrnm. ars. aur. bell. chin. lach. natr, natr.-m. nitr,-ac, 
phoj*. plat rhus 9<»p. sil fltaph. sulph. sulph. -ac thuj - For de- 
sire of suicide: 1) Ars. aur, n.-vom, puis. 2) Alum, ant bell. 
carl>veg. chin. dros. hep. liyos. mez. rhus. sec. sep. spig. 
stram. tart. 

q) For illusions of fannjv 1) Bell, stram. 2) Anac lach. 
natr.-m. op. puis. sil. sulph. 3) Aeon, ai's bry. calc. canth, C4irb,- 
veg. cham. dulc. hell, liep. kal. magn.-m. mere, natr. nitr.-ac. 
n^-vom, phos. plat. 

r) For religious mania : 1) Bell, hyos, lach. ptils. stram 
sulph. 2) Ai-8. aur. croc, lyc, selen, 

p) For blandy tender turn of mind: Cocctil croc. ign. lyc. 
magn.-arct. mosch. puis. sil. 

t) For pride^ vmiity, Ac. 1) Lyc, plat, sti'nm. veratr. 2) 
Alum. arn. chin, cupr, hyos. ipec. latrh. par. pho;*. 

u) For 8adfiesSy melancholy, &c. : 1) Ars. aur. belL ign 


DmtRms.— ETisTAxrs. 

lach. puis. 8ulph. 2) Aeon. bry. caJc. caii^U cham. coccni. con, 
graph, hell, byos lye. mere, nair.-ra. n,-vom.petr» plat, rbii«. 
iep. siL staph itram. sulph. vcratr. 

V) Fur <iwortm.< disposition: 1) Ant. hyoa. veratr. *J) Graph, 
ii^n. lach. lye, mere, tiatr.-m. n.-voiu. plat puis, sil.strani. — For 
ia^civiousJi^j^ : 1) Canth. hyo». phos. stram^ vei*atr, 2) Chin. 
Jach, lye. mere, natr.-m, n.^mo^clL n,-voni. phit, puis, 

w) For manioy crazintjis^ S^c, : 1 ) Acnr». bell. caJo. hyos* 
lach, n.-vom. op. plat atram. veratr, '2) Ajj^ar, anac* ant. arn, 
ars, cnnri, o^inlli. eatist. cic. eoccul. coloc. con, croc. t!upr. dig, 
ilufc ign lye. mere, iiatr. n.-mosch. oleand. par, phos, pltinib. 

J nils. ih»8, see. sep. sil. sulph, zino. — For raye: 1) Bell, canth. 
lyos, lye, strain, venitr. 2) Agiir. ars, camph. cann. cot*ciiL 
croc, ciipr. ladi. mtrc. pimnb. »t'C. 

x) ¥ at fitful njood : 1) Aeon. alum, bell croc. ferr. ign. 
plut. stram. sulph.-ac. zinc. 2) Aur. cana eaps. crjrb.-an. cauHt. 
dun. coeeul. cycl.ferr. graph, hyus. kal. lye. ma^j.-arcl. natr- 

* Sep. val. 

§. 3. Compare : Weak Memory, Mejttal dkttasgejtent. 
Clairvoyance, Hydrophobia, Hypochondria, Mklancuo- 
LI A, Ac. 

ENTERITIS, inflummation of the bowels: Give first a few 
^u^eM of Aeon, to rcHliice the inflammation, after which Lach. 

'U, or mure, will complete curt?. 

lii more complicated caaca, uae : 1 ) Apis. ars. bry. hyosc. 
n.-vom. *2) Ant, canth, eham. chin, coloc. ipea nitr.^ac. oxal, 
pula rbna. si'c. squill, sulph. 

We have to consider also; 

AVI I en the DiapuraiIM is also affected : aron. An/, cham. 
lyn^ — when the PKurroNruM suflV'iii: aeon brll. bry. lye. mere, 
— when the C^crst is c.spcci.illy afffcle^l (TypHLms) : bell 
lach. rhns . — i\iT iiitlannnation of the Colon: bell. mure. — 
whiMi MoinrFKATioN thrt'ntens : ai-s. for fup^rfleial e/yaipO' 
/'/f4^r/.ii intiaiumation : ocort, bell, tn^c. 

Compare : Fevers^ Inflitmmatory^ Gastritis, Cholera, Colw^ 


§ I. Principal remedies: 1) Aeon. am. belL bry. ctnn. croc. 
•nuia n.-vom. puis. rhus. sulph. 2) Amb. c^un. carb.*v. cin. ferr, 
gran kro*is. led. j^aliia sec. sep. siU, ifcc. 

For hivnu/rr/uif/c iVom the nose : ) ) Aeon, chin, 2) Am. bell, 
chin. mere. puln. rhu*. seC. 

§ 2. If caused by tendency of blood to the head, giye: 1) 
Aooa. bell. chin. croo» oon. : or, 2) Alum. cham. graph, rhuft. 



If occurring during a cold: Ars. or Pula. 

In affecting chiklif n who Imve wonnit : Cin. or Merc. 

For feraalt's who Tnerislntofe 8f:a}i(iJi/ : Puis, or Sec. or. Sep. 
— If tlie menses be too profuse^ give : Aeon. calc. croc sabin. 
— With fjfficnnrrhcea: Bry. ptils. or sep. 

For dehilitated persons, in consequence of loss of blood, 
&c, : 1) Chin, or sec. ; or, 2) Carb-v. cin, ferr. 

If in consequence of being stimulaCed hy spirits: N*»vom., 
or Aeon. bell, bry. 

If caused by bodily eacertions: RhuB. arn., or, Bry. calc' 
puis. BulpU. 

Episiaxis after a blow^ eofttusioriy requires : Arn. 
a. For the dUpmition to epistaxis, give : Culc. carb-y. 
eep. sil. or aulph. 

Compare : 1L«morrhagk8, Congestions of tub IIeai>, 


ERGOTISM, Uafu.vnia. — li* caused by the use of spurred 
rye: Solfin.-nigr. is a epecitic— Besides, we may require: 
Aeon. bell. coLh. hyos. op, p(at, strum, rhus ; or, especially 
when iraiigrcne sets in : Ars. chin, euphorb. sil. 

EKUrriONS, CUTANEOUS.— The size of this work 
only allows ns to offer a condensed series of the principal 
symptoms, tliough it will be found sufficient to answer all or- 
dinaiy demands. 

Give for ; 

a) Itching eruptions: Agar, ant, ars. hry, canst, ckam, 
cletn, kal. lack, mere, mez, nitr,-axj, olmnd. ran, rhus, sep, 
itaph, sidph* veratr. — Biting: Amm.^n. bry. calc, cauU, 
tuph. lark, led, lye. mez, natr.-n\. oleand. phos. ac. puU. ran,- 
St., mdph. Jiuming : Ambr. ars. b(Jl. bry. ca/^^. curb -v. causf.. 
con, hep. kreos, lye. mere. mez. ran. rUus. sil. staph, gidph. 
violAr. Stiugifig-itching : Aeon, ars. bar. bell, bry. clem, 
con, dros. hep, led. mere, nitr.-ac. ptds. ran. rhus. sep. sulph. 

b) Painless eruptions : Amb. ML hyos, lye, strain . sulph. 
— Painfid: Ant. arn. bt/J. chin, clem, cupr, dale. hep. lye, 
magn.'tn. phos.'Oc, puis, scp. siL veratr. — Teanng !^v\k pain- 
ful : Calc. lye, viez, sep, sil. staph, sulph, — 2hmve and pain- 
ful ; Ar?i. bar* canst, con, phos, puis. rhus. sulph. — Painful as 
if sore or vlcerated: Alum, amm.'m, arg, aur, bry, calc 
canst, cic. colch. dros. graph, hep, kal many. mere, wa/r.-w 
nitr.-ac. jietr, phos. phos.-ac. ptils. rhus, sep, sil. staph, mdph 
veratr* tine, 

c) JSlue-colored emptious : Ara, bdL can, L/< A. r oti. rhus 

z^:;>.- ^-., ^ 



— TVanitparmt: Cin. mere. ran. — Yellowish: Agar, ar9» 
cie, tuph. kreos. mere. natr. nitr.-at*. ^ep, — Purplt~calo7'f{f: 
A^con. bell. — liose-colorf.d : Aluiri, rmtr.'phos, »il, — tSearlet* 
colored: Amtn, ars, bfU. cro(\ €\t}>h. hyo$, mere. phos. — 
JIlacki$h : Ars, hfU, Itry. ia<'h. rhtts, »ee. siL — Whitish : 
Agar, «r8. bry. ipec. phos, sulph, thtij, val. zidc, — With whiU 
tips: Ant puis. tart. 

d) Readili/ bleeding: Calc. dulc. mere, snlph. — Blood^iS' 
fers: Ars. >)ry. rmtr-m, sec. sulph. — Gattgrtnous: Are, bell. 
CJirnpb, earb.-v. lach, inur.-ac, ran sabin. sec. sil. — J\tr%defU : 
Ai*8. cic. clem. dulc. hep. lyc. magn.-m. mere. petr. rbua sep. 
slajih. tart. zinc. — Humid: Bov. calc. carb.-v, cic, clem, 
graph, hep. kal. kreoe. mere, nitr.-ac. petr* rhug. sel. staph. 
viol.4r. — Spreading: Ars. bon calc. caust. chain, clem, con, 
graph, hep. kal. magn.-c. mere natn nitr-ac. petr. rhiis. sep. 
nil. fvquttl. staph, snlph. viol,-tr. — AS<-ur/y: Alum. ant. ars. bar. 
bell. bov. calc. carb,-a. chel. cic^ clem, coloc. con. dulc. graph, 
hell. hep. kal. lyc. merc.natr.-m, oleand.pula ran. rhua. eaasap. 
8cp. BJl. staph, sulpli. viol.-tr, — Ihy : Bar. bov. calc. carb.*v, 
cq[>r dulc. led. mang.-c, mere. mez. petr. phoa. sassap. sep* 
siL staph, veratr. viol.-tr. zinc. 

e) Peeling off: Aeon. amm. amm.-m bell. clem, cupr, led. 
mere, mez, phos. sep. sil. staph. — JScalg : Agar, amm^-m, aur* 
cic. clom. diile. led. magD.c. mere oleand. phos. sulph. — 
Homy: Ant. graph, ran. — Cracked: Alum. calc. chain, 
cycl. hep. lai'h, mere. petr. puis. rhus. sanKip. Mcp. sulph. 

f) Fine eruptions, with a^/i7/f /TTrtiVi .* Bry. carb.-v. graph, 
hep. mere. pliD.'^.'.'ic. sulph. — Grit-shiiped : Grnph. licp, natr.- 
m- — MiUet-shaped : Agar. ars. led. val. — Clviftered: Agar, 
calc. ran. rhus. veratr. — ^r/we-shaped : Ars. graph, mere. pula. 
rhus. sil. snlph. — 6rra/?e'Hhaped; Calc. rhus. staph, verati. — 
Conflttenti Agar, eic. hyos. pho«.-ac, tart. val. 

g) P/m/>^-slu»ped : Actm. ant. ars. bell bry. caust. cham. 
diUc, graph, hell. hep. kal. mere, natr.-m. nitr.-ac. oleand. phos. 
pho8.-ac. puis. rhus. sa^sap. sep.spong. staph, sulph. tart.lhuj. — 

Veslc^dar: Amm.-m. ant, ar». bell. bry. canth. caust. cluii. 
clem, graph hep, kal. lach. phos, ran. ran.-sc. rhus. sulph. — 
Pojyuhrr: Alum. ant. calc. caust. dulc. gi*aph. hep. laeli. lyc. 
mi'Z. natr.-m. puis. rhus. sep. sil. staph, veratr. — Pitsttdorttt : 
Ant. arn. ars. bt'll. hyos. mere. Dilr.-ac. puis. rhus. lil. staph, 
sulph. tart. 

h) Eruptions which only appear on covered parUt: Led* 
tliuj,— On haijy parts : KjU. lyc. mere, natr.-m, mtr.>ac. phos** 
Rc rhus. 




§2, Compare: Blood-blisters, Variola. Herpes, Ma- 
fTL.K, Hash, Erittjons in tiif: pack, ScALDUEArn Measles, 


EHUFnOXS IX THE FACE, Hbrpes, Spoi^, Ulcers. 

§ I. Principal remedies: J) Ars aur. baryt. calc. carb.-v. 
cic. dulc, prraph. hep. led. lye. magn.-ra. natr.-ra. nili\-ac. 
pli()s,-ac* rhus. sep. sulph, 2) Ainm. atit bov. bry. caust. 
con. krcos. lach. sivssap. sil. staph, veratr. 

§ 2 As reg-ards simple mac^ilm and phnpUs^ give: 

a) ¥ or freckles {e^ylielkles): ^yura. ant. oaIt\ dtilc. graph 
lye. miir.-ac. puis. 8e]». siilpb, 

b) ¥ or acne : 1) Ars. bell. calc. carb.-v. hep, lach. sulph. 
2) Aur. canii. c^inth. c.arb, -an. caust, cic. kreoB. led. natr. nitr.- 
ac. n.-vom. phos-ac. puis. Hms. ruta. sep. veratr. 

c) For acme situplex in young people, and especially high- 
livers: 1) Bell hep. led. n -vom. eulpii. 2) Ars. calc. carb.-v, 
lacfi. n voni. phns -ac. puis. 

d ) ¥tyrucm' of drunkurd.^ : Kreos. led. n,-v.^ — An*, lach. puis. 

e) For acne rosacea: 1) Ars. c;irb.-an. kreos. rhus. ruta, 
veratr. 2) Aur. calc. quwh, c^iDth. carb.-v. caust. cic. led, 
lach, sep, 

1") Acns ptinctata (black pores, comedonesi : I) Graph, 
natr. nitr.-ae. selen. sulph. 2) Bell, bry. calc. dig. dro8. hep. 
natr.-m. subin. 

§ 3. As regards herpes in the face, give: 

a; Fur i7fi/}fitifjo facialis (humid scurf in the face): 1) 
Calc. graph, sulph. 2) Ars. cic. lye. rhus. sep, 

b) ¥ur crui(tu lactea: 1) Rhus. 2> Calc. siilpb, 8) Ars. 
baryt. cic. graph, lye mere. 8.^«4sap. (Vinl.-tr. ? ? ?) 

c) For srrofiUous (eruption from teethhig): 1) Merc, sulph 
2) Calc, graph, rhus, sep. 

d) For herpes farfuraceus ; 1) Ars. bry* cic. sulph, 2) 
Ar>;»c. mere. thuj. 

e) For lujttts or impeiiffa roden9y or herpee exedin^ icrofn' 
haua: 1) Ars. bell, hep, mere. sep. sil. staph, sulpb. 2) Cic. 
graph, natr.-m, nitr -ac. 

f) Lupii^^ «if the wing of the nose^ herpes extdens idiopa- 
thicue: 1) St.aph. 2) Ars.? aur ? calc? sep,? sil,? sulph. ? 

g) Psvriafiijt facialis : 1) Calc, grap)h, lye. sep. sulph, 

h) Vleerated carn&nt of the mouth: I) Amm. belL calc. 
caust, graph, he]), ign. kreua. nierc. natr.-m. siL 2) Ant. ai'n. ? 
nalr, nitr.-ae. phos. sep. sulpb. veratr. 

i) Mentaifra ihcrjte* of the chin): 1) Ant. eio. graph, sulph, 
2) Carb.-v. ? clem. ? duJc. ? kreos. ? mtrc. ? sassai, ? sep, ? 



Iv) Crmta serplffinosa: 1) Ars. cic, graph, mere sasaap. 
2) Calc» bum. lye. rlius. (Viol.-tr, ?) 

§ 4. As regards tjfrcrs of the/ave and //^.*, give : 

a) For cimccrous ulcers: 1) Ars. belK sLl. sulph, 2) Clem, 
con. hep. mere. •^) llydr. myric. phytol. 

b) Scrofulous ulcers: 1) Bell. hep. mere, sep* siL staph, 
sulph. 2)Uic. ? graph,? iiatr.^ni. ?, ? sulph.-ac ? 

§ 5. And la8tl y, give, as a general rule : 

a) For (tTHptlons on the JWtficad: Ant, bell, caust. hep. 
kreos. led. natr.-m. ])hos. phos.-ac. rhus. aep sil. staph, sulph, 

b) On the tempha: Alum, ant, belJ, carb.-v. caust. lye. 
mur.-ac. natr,-m. sulph, thnj. 

c) Around the eye^: Ars. con. hep. mere, staph, sulph. 

d) In the eyehroics: Caust. kal. natr.-ni. aelen, staph. 

e) On the checks: Ant, bell, calc, eausl. kreoa, lach natr, 
nalr.-m. phos. rhus, sep. ail, staph, veratr, 

f) On the noise: Alum. aur. carb.-an. carb-v. caust. graph. 
mere. natr. natr,-nn nitr-ftc. phos.-ac. sep, sil. sulph. 

g) Around the nose: Ant. caust. natr. rhus. sep. sil. sulph. 
h) On jHottth and lips : Arsi. bry. calc. caust. kreos. natr.* 

in. n.-vom. rhn??. sep. sil. staj^i. sulph. 

i) In the corner of the mouth : Ant. amm. am. bell calc. 
canst. gra])b. Itep, ign. kreos, mere, natr, natr*-m. nitr.-ac, 
phos. sep. Bulplh veratr. 

kj On the ckin : Ant. bell, caust. con. graph, hep. kal. kreos, 
lye. mere, natr.-m. rhus. sep. ail. sulph. veratr. 

g 6. CMinpare: Eki 11 loxs, Herphs, Macule, Ulcehs, Ac 


Pi'iiu'ii>al remeilies : 1) Are. bov. calc, clem. con. dulc. graph, 
iris. lye. mere- n.-jugl oleand. rhus. sass. sep. sil, sulph. 2) 
alnus.-r. aral. bry, carb.-v. caust. cic. cist, comocl. fluor-ac.liep, 
jugL kreos. led. lob. natr. natr.-m. petr. phytol. ran. staph, zuic. 

§. 2. Use more ]>artienlarly: 

a) For HKRrics phtact^koldes or mxliaris; 1) Aeon. boll, 
rhus. sil. suljjh. 2) Ars. bov. calc. comaclad. chim. euphorb« 
lye. mere. rhuR.-veiL sep. 

b) For HKHPES exedens b, phaf/aflomiats, hitpeiiffo rod^nn^ 
lupus; 1) Ars. graph, hydr. phyt. rhus. sil sulph. 2) Alum, 
calc. cic. clem, eon. mere. sep. 

c) For herpes furfuraeeus^ pUyriaris: 1) Ars. bry, calc. 
kreos. sil sulph. 2) Dule. graph, lye. nnph. sep. sulph. 3) 
Afiae. fie. lacb, led. mere, nair.-m. phyt. stilling, thuj. 4) Clem, 
oleaml. phos. 

d) For /itrpca cntstaccus^ iMPEnao: 1) Calc. lyc. sulph. 



2) Almift. con. graj^h. jugl. rhiiB. 3) Arg, do. dtila lach. 
Tiiero. s»up. 

a) For herpes circinnatus : 1) Cist clem. sep. 2) Ctmiocl. 
ni:Lgn.-c. mezer. iiatr. uatr.-m. phytoJ. rhus.-vetu S) Ciilc ? 
CiiUst. ? 8iilph»? 

f ) Fc»r heq^^'.s sgimmosm^ psobiasis : 1) Ars. clem, dnlc, 
led. raagn.-c. rnerc phoa rhus. sep. sulph. 2) Apoc-o. calc. 
caust. frniph. lye. niii*li. 3) Phyt. ? 

g) YoY jrsoriasU hivet*'raia: 1) Grapb. lye. sep. sulph, 
"2) Calr, hep. more. puis, rhiis. wl. 

ii) For LICHEN : 1. Coce. ?eorydul. ? dale. ? li) Aeon. ? bry. ? 
cic. ? lye ? raur.-ac* ? siilpb. ? 3) Iml. hop. culc, phos. sulph.-iod, 
§ 3. As regards rttihjcctive syniptmns, give: 

a) For burniiif/ of the herpes: 1) Ars. carb.-v. caust. mere, 
rhua. sulph. 2) Calc. hep, lye. puis. uep. staph. 

b) Itching: 1) Ar& calc, ciiust. elem, mere, rhus, sep, 
§ulph. 2) Bov. con. graph, nitr.-ac, oleand. rati. sil. staph. 

o) Stinging or tearing : Cale. clein. lye. mere. nitr,-ac. 
puis. rhuR. sep. kiL aulpli. 

g 4. Give more parlieularly ; 

a) For TKLLowtsu, bkown ykllow herpes; Lye. mere, 
natr. sop. 

l>) For RED : Cic. clem. dulc. Ivc. magn.-c mere. »tiipb. 

e) For WHITE : Ars. bry. grapfk. lye, zinc. 

I 5 a) Impktigo, humid herpes: I) Calc. dulc. graph, 
kreos. lye. racrc. rhus. sep, 2) Ahiiis. alum. bov. earb.-v. 
canst, iria. jiif^lans. phoa,-ae. staph, sulph, 

b) Di;y HKiiPKs: 1) Dule led. mere, phoe. sep, sU. veratr. 
2) Baryt, bov, calc, clem, comoclad. kreos. phos.-ac. staph, 

c) ScppuTtATrNG : 1 ) Cic, clem- mere, rhus sop. 2) Dulc. 
lye. natr. sulph. 

d) For READILY HLKKDiNO : Ats. carb.-v. lye. mere. phoa. 
phos -ac. sil. fiulph, 

I 6. For LOCAL HBRPSS see : Eruptions on the fa(^ lips^ 
chir, pudendum^ <fec. 


g L Principal remedies: 1. Aeon, a/>id. ftc/i. graph, lath, 
mere, puis, rhu^i. 2) Arn. ars. bry. calc. camph. canth, carb- 
a. cham. clem, comoelad. euphorb hep. nitr.-iH", phos, plumb. 
rhu8.-ven. nil liulph, zixen. Ji) Alnus. and, auim. oarb.-v. ehiu. 
croc, gymnoci, by dr. hyosc. iod kal. lye. sep, stram. thuj. 

g 2. For siMp'jLB BEYdiKELAfi ; Acou. b^ll. gels. hep. lack 



For ERTSTPKTJis FUGAX : 1) Bill. rli»8, 2) Grnpli. fmlM. 

For PMLEGMUN0U8 KRTsiPiOJ^s : 1) Apts bell, crnipit Itcp* 
mere. puis. rhiJ^, verat,-vir. 2) Aeon. calc. chiu. k:ih i)c, 
nilr.-ac. phos. »\\\\\\\, thuj. 

For scAKLKT f'OLouED : l) Atnni. hell, hyusc. mere, jd/ioj. 
2) Aeon. ars. bry. croc. Inuh. strum, siilph. 

Foi* vKsicrLAR erysipelas: \) Rhus. 2) Comoclad. eu- 
phorb, graph, liydr. 3) Apis. ars. bell liep. lacfi. 

For zoxA : 1) Cist. mez. rku8. 2) Ars. ffraph. jiuh. 3) 
Merc. phyt. siL siilpb, 

I 3) ForsKfONiJAitY ERY8TPRLAS,with cpdrmatous swellings: 
1. Apiss. rhus. 2) Ars. thin, kal. niirc. siilph. 

For iiEUPi-mc Ein'siPELAS. with large ulcfratod giirfaccs: 
1) Cleuj, rhus, 2) Ars. graph, iris. mere. sil. sulph. 

For GANGRENOUS : 1) >lr«. carb.-Vt 2) B\;IL vamph, chm, 
kch. sabin. sec. 

§ 4. Compare stceUtng, gangrene^ erysipelas of the /ac€^ 
Bona^ scarlatifnt. 

Erysipelas FACtti : Principal remedies: T) Apis. b<?ll. 
kcb. rhifs. 2) Chrini. coniothid. graph, hep. puis, rhua.-ven. 
Biilph. 8) Aeon, camph. cauih. carb,.a. carb--v. cupr. euphorb, 
gels. hydr. Rep. strain, verat.-vir. 

Api8 : Swelling on the side of the face and tetnple«,whiltt;]i 
or inclining to a delicate pink color ; piiffiiies!* of the eyelids, 
l)itinff and stinging of the skin ; alsa in many cases, where 
bell. 18 insuflicient or in persons snflVring frequently from it, 
and especially in women nm\ children. 

Belladonna : For delirium, 8t itching beadaclie, fiirious look, 
violent thirst, dry tongue, j>arclu"d lip» and other symptoms, 
pointing to an approaching metastasis to the brain ; when on 
the right siile^ smooth and sinning. 

CoMOCLAi>L\ : Burning on iace and eyes, worse towards 
evening ; excessive swelling of the face with tormenting itch- 
ing and swelling ; corrosive itching of the head ; dizziness an< 
heaviness of the head, with shooting pains, relieved by movt^ 

Laohksis : From the first, or when the cerebral affection 
did not yicM to Bell ; bloated red face, attended with heat^ 
headache aird ccJdncss of the extremities; one-sided tens^e 
hcaduchcs, ex-tending from occiput to eyes, with vomiting, 
vertigo, ten ihcncy to faint and numbness. — after lach. hep. or 
mere, are sometinies indicated. 

Rhus : For vesicular ei^sipelas, or erysipelas of the scalp, 
generally a speciiic. 



Compare : Erysipelas and awelling of the cheeksp 
Ekyturiasis. — Aeon, given to the mother, is a specific 

Exanthemata, acute: § 1. The principal remedies for 
acute exanthemata (variola, morbilli, rubeola, scarlatina, 
parple-nish :) are : 1) Aeon* bfll, bry. coff, gels. mere, phosw 
puis. 8ulph. 2) Arum. ars. aiiuu. bapt baryt. chin, cimiclt* 
nell hydr. laeh. rhus. sarrac. stram. verat.-vin 

L2. For the periods — inflammatory fever, give : 1 ) Aeon, 
verat.-vir. 2) Bell. bry. coff. and in general^ the rerae- 
ies indicated for inflammatory lever, 
S 3. iVs regards the eruption itself, give 
For itACULJK : Aeon. amm. bell. bry. phoa. puis. 
For HA&B. : Aeon. bry. gels. ipec. rhus. valer. 
For SUPPURATING ERUPTIONS ; I Bell. mere, rhns, 2) Ant. 

cimicif. hydr. puis, sarrac. sulph. tart. 3) Hyosc. 
For UANGJ1ENOU8 : 1> Ars. carb.-v. 2) Bell, hyosc kch. 
rhns. sec. eil. 

For ititYsiPELATOus : 1) Bell. rhus. 2) Apis. amm. euphorb. 
loa. 8) Camp. cimici£ carb.A, graph. 

requires: 1) Ars. bry, cimicif phoa. puis, stram. sulph, 2) Bell, 
oaust. cupr. hell. op. pho».-ac. 

If the eunpre&sion be attended with metastasis to the brahi: 
1) BeU, helL stram. 2) Am. ars, uho».-ac. puis. 

If succeeded by dktresA of brtathing and pain in the chest: 
brr. phos. sulph. 

§5. Sv V AFFECTIONS require : 

a) Vat4Xi riotu : Bry. cact. carb -v. dros. dulc hyosc. 

ign. o.-vom. Ui\'k »vep. stict. 

h) AiTcv\\ous of the ear and sense of hearing: Bell, oarb.-v. 
c* lyn, men. mere, nitr.-ac plios. puis sulph. 

rfictii : Chin. mere. puis, sulph. verat. 
d} Dropsy: 1) Apis. ars. dig. heil. 2) Apoc^. am. belL 
seoeg. sulph. 
6. CtJUipare: Variola, meashs,, scarlatina^ Ac, 
;XCEESCENCKS, FUNGOUS.— Principal remedies: 
1) At* i:arb.-an. rark-veg. pbos. sep. sil. sulph. 2) Ant. bell. 
laJci dem. cou. krt- os. lach. lye. mere nitr.-}ic» staphs 3) N.-vom.? 
p^-ir.? rhus ? Aabin.? tart.? thuj.? 

Yoffuugtts ho'/uatodes : 1) Ars. carb.-;m. phos. sil. 2) Carb.- 
veg. Ijich, lye. mere, nilrac. Bulpli. Z) Calc. ? clem.? kreu8. ? 
iL-vom. y rhus.? sabin ? sep.? htaph. ? tart.? thuj. ? Thu 
priiKapAl remedies are : Caic. and phos. at long intenrala. 


BXEIiCtSE, &C. — EYES, Ac. 

FoT fit liff US tneduliarig: 1) Bell carb.-an. pho9.thuj. 2)SiI.? 
fiulph. ? 

For /ufi(/us artirf/Joi*um : 1) Aiit. kreo8, lach. eiK 2) Ars. 
iod. Ive. phos. staph. 3) Clem? pcir.? rhus? sabin.? 8al|ili.? 

EXERCISE, DIIEAD OR— A mere spnptom which, iti 
cotijuaction with othtvr syniptuins, generally pomt« to: 1) Aim, 
belh chin. lach. natr. na'tr-in. n.-vom. sulph. tart, 2) Acoii, 
calad. cap*?, chel. duic. hell, hyosc. ign. iod. mere. mez. miir-acv 
rut. thuj. 

EXHALATIOX, DEFICIENT—A symptom which, with 
the other H^>TiiptoTiis that exist with it, generally points to: 

1) Aeon. bell. calc. cham. chin, coldi. dulc graph, kal. led. 
lye. ii.-inoAeh. phos. sen. eil. stilph. 2) Amm. am- ars. c^tmu 
caust. cofF. hep. hyosc, iod. ipec. lach. inagn.-c. mur.-ac natr. 
nitr.-ac. phos.-ac. plat, piilu, rhus. sabad. sec. sep. staph, verb, 

EYES, CONTRACTION OF.— Pnncipal remedies: 

1) Agar.? 2) AdI. am. canth. croc, crotal. squill. — See 


§ 1. For true neuralgic pains, give: 1) Bell. chin, byoee, 
Bpis. 2) Asar. caust. guaj. hep, |jar. phos.-ac. plumb, thuj. 

g 2. As regards \\\ii j)nu<8^ with or withovit inflamuiation, 

a) For sensation as if the eyeballa were too larffe: Bell. 
epig. — Asar. cauat guaj. hop. hyos. natr. natr.-iii. op. par. 
pho.s.-ac pliiinb. sen. tar. thuj. 

b) For pains which increase by contact: Bell. chin. hell. 
hep. sulph. — By motion : Arn. ars. boll bry. calc. chara, chin, 
hep. led. mag.-aust. natr.-ni. n.-vom. j'hos. ran. spig. sulph.^ — 
yor boring ymins: Bia calc. hep. kal. natr-m spig. thuj — - 
Burning pains: Acou. ars. a.*>iar. bell bry. calc. carb.-v. coloc. 
croc, crotal. euphorb. lach. lye. magn.-m. mere, n.-vom, phns. 
|»ho8.-ac. rhus. sep, spoug. sulph. — Aggravation by htming th^ 
vyu: Aeon. bry. caps. cupr. lye. v.-nom. pulj*. rhus. sep. siJ. 
fpig- — For aching pains: Arn. bar. bell. bry. calc, carb.-v. 
canst, chin. cin. cupr, gra|th. ign. lach. lye. mere, nitr-ac. 
u.-vom. ob-an, puis, rhus. rut. sabad, sep spig. staph, sulph. 
vei-atr. zinc. — ^Sensation as of a thread being drattn through 
the eyes: Bry. ign. lach. luur.-ac.par. plat, vnlcr. — Sensation as 
oCn/nreign body (farid or dvttt): Aeon. bell. hry. calc carb.-v, 
chin. cin. con. graph, ign. mere, uatr.-m. nitr,-ac. phos. puis. 
spig. Ktilph. !s\ilph.-ac. thuj, — Prtniihig-dowri pains: Aur. cam 
hell, oleand, par. pula^Pressure from toithin mcttecurd: Aooi 




aaar. bell, hry. cann. canth. caiist. con. dros. gnaj, ign. led, 
magn.-arcL n.-vom. par. puk ran. rhus. Bpig. val.^S^*7fA€« 
from wiihhi outward: Calc. oocc dros. natr. sil. sulpli. — 
Pressure from tcithout inward: Agar, aiiac aur. bi«. chin. 
phos.*ae. spijr. zinc- — Stitches from without inward: Am. bell, 
phos^^ — Ftdinjj of coldness in the eyes : Alum. amm. berb. calc 
con. kal. lye, magn,-arct. par. jilat. — Beating pains: Aeon, am 
bell. bry. calc, (cliam. cocc.) ign. magn.-aiiist. (pho8.) petr. — 
Pinching pains: Croc, nttr.-ac. — Bone-pains in the c4ivitieji: 
Aur. hep mere, natr.-m, nilr.-ac, ])ho9. phos,-ac. rhus. staph, 
sulph.^ — Tearing pjiins: Ars.'belL bry. (eham. chin, uolcb. con ) 
kal. led. lye. niagn.-c. (mere.) n.-vom. (i>uls.) sen, siL siilph. 
zinc. — Scraping i^mn^: Ars. lye. pnl«L rhns. — Cutting m the 
eyes: Bell. calc. canth coloc. kaL lye. mere, mur.-ac. puis, 
rhus. spig. siilph. veratr. — Pains as if 9or6 or excoriated: 
Alum, iirn, bar. bry. carb.-v. croc, eupbr. iod. kal. lye. 
magn.-aust. natr.-m. nitr.-a<5. n.-vom. phos. sep. wl. staph. 
Bulpb. — Feeling of heaviness in the eyes: Bell. calc. natr. 
plat. sep. — Tension m the eyes: Aeon. aur. calc. lud. lye. 
natr.-m. phos. sulph.-ac.^ — Stitching pains: Ars. bell, bry* 
calc. coloc. con. dig. euphr. graph, hep, lye, mere, iiitr.-ac. 
phos. puis, sen. 8ei». sptg, thuj. val. veratr. — Feeling as if 
l^ruisea: Arn. bry. chin. cupr. hep. lye. n.-vom. rhus, stilph, 

For further details, see: Paik, paooxtsmb of, and Condi- 

EYES, SLTPPITRATION OF.-Remedies: 1) Canst, 
enpbr. krcos. nitr.-ac. *2) Bell. bry. graph. 
Compare : Ophthalmia. 


§ L Principal remedies: l) Calc. hep. graph. kaL lye. 
nitr.-ac. phos -ac. siL snlph. *2) Aur. bar.-c. carb.-v. caust. chin, 
kal. magn. mere, natr.-m. sep. staph, zinc. 

^ 2. Fulling off of tlie hair atler severe acute diseases^ re- 
quires; 1) Lye. hep fill. ; or, 2) Calc. carb.-v. natr.-m. phos. ae. 
and snlph.-'To IgingAn females give : Calc. lye natr.-m. sulpli. 

If caused by loss of animal Jimd.% (depletion, excesses, Ac.) 
give: Chin, i'err; and if caused by frequent sweats, give: 

If caused by long grief, give : Phos.-ac or staph. ; or, Canst. 
graph, ign. lach, 

II* cau.sed by nervous or hysteric headache, give: 1) Hep, 
nitr.-ac. 2) Ant calc. ul. Bulph. ; or, 3) Aur. phos. sep. 



If cAUsed by ahuse of Merci*r}/^ give : Hep. or carb.-v, ; an^ 
if hy abme of Cfitna, give; Betl, or hep. 

g 3. As regards the condition of the si^alp and /uiir, gire 
for sensitivenfss of the sca/p : Ciilc. bur.-o. carb-v. chiu, ht'jx 
Dfttr.-ia sil. Bill ph. 

For violent itchinff of tlic *m/p, especially if in consequence 
of old suppressed erupt ionit^ give ; Graph, kal. lye, siL sulpb* 

For scutes on the hojid : Cjdc. graph, uiagn. staph. 

For the disposition of the hair to turn ^ray, give: Graph, 
lye. pho!i-aa 8uli*h.-iio. 

For great dryness of the hair : Cale. kal. phos.-ac. 

When the hair ia frequently covered with viscid 
Chin. mere. 

g 4. Moreover, — a) When tlie hair falls off on the 9ide9 
of the head: 1) Grapk plios. 1!) Kal,? zinc? 

b) On the sinciput: Are. natr,-m. phos. 

c) On the vertex : Baryt. graph, lye. sen. zinc. 

d) On the occiput: l)'Carb..v. phos. sLl. 2) Petr,? 

e) On the ternpi*:^: Calc. kal. lyo. natr.-m. 

f ) For some places getting b<M: 1) Canth. pho& 2) lod. 

g) Behind the ears: Phos. 

I 5 . For falling off of the hair on other parts of the body : 
s) In the eyebrows; Agar. bell, cuust. kal. 

b) WJiiskers: Calc. graph. !iatr,-m. 

c) Moustaches : Kal natr.-m. plumb. 

d) On the rnofts veneris: Natr. natr.-ra, rhus. 
§ 6. Compare: Scjlldhkaxi, Kails, IicaiNQ of tbb si 

FEBRIS IIELODES, Sudor axglicus.— Hahnemann re- 
Qommends Samb. — The best remedies in my own praclicse 
hiive proved to be Aeon, and Dry. ; the former oometimea 
breaks the disease in a few houns. 


principal remedies are; 1) Acoft. ars. bell, bry, caot. caust, 
cham. chin, dale. (fels. mere, n.-vom. puis, rhiia, 8tict. stUph. 
2) arum. am. asclep* bapt. camph. ooff. ipec. phos. sabad* sau^. 
sil. spig. squill, stann, verat, 

§ 2, For violent aciitk fevkk: I) Aeon. bell. bry. eacL 
cbam. gek ; 2) Ars. caff, eupat. ign. mere, ptila. rhua. squill 

If the fever ahould be light, or if it o^o/^ use ; J ) Chin, 
dulo. n.-vonL pula. rhus ; 2) Am. ipec. pbofli Beneg. veraU 



For pRorusK sweats without relief: 1) Biy, chin. mere, 
ftuljph, ; 2)CucL ? fupat.? verat-vir. ? 

For vioijEXT PAINS: 1} Aeon. ara. cham. co£ ign. ; *2) Gels, 
ni<^rc. pul.<^. giilph. 

§ 3, For CATARBUAL ailiiioDts after fever : 1} Sulph. phos. 
scneg. stAiiiL stict. ; 2) Ars. bry. dulc. eiipat, mere. puis, senc^c^ 
Bii. HqivUL 

Ftjr RUKUMATic APFBCTioNs: 1) cimicifcact.cau8t.chin, 
geU. iria. sil. sulph. ; 2) Hep. lach. phytoL vcral.*vir, 

§ 4. Compare : BronchiiU^ liheuniatmn, Sore Throat and 
the different t'evert^, &c. 


1, Principal remedies: 1) Aeon, bapt, bell. bry. ehani. 
p. corn, ipec. iris. lept. mere, n.-vom. jmhI. pulsu ; 2) Ant. 
aselep. e»ct. eiinicil'. coloc. dijy. gels. hel. hydr. rhus. sqiiill. 
tart* verat, ; 3) iipoe.-and, eapat.-per, gran. ? hedeom. ? phy- 
toL? triost ? sulph. 

8 2, As regards the Tarietiea of fever, gi^'e: 

When the liASTKic symptom are predominant: 1) Ipec. iria. 
n.-vom- pod. puis. ; 2 ) Ant. bry. coloc. com. dig. eiipat. gels. 
rhus. sulph. tart, verat. ; 3) Bell, caet, cimicif helon. daphn, 

Wh^i the lULioi^s symptoms: I) Aeon. bry. cham. chin* 
coecv corn. ina. lept. n.-vom. pod, puis, ; 2) Ars. colocv. «upat. 
danh. dig tjran.? ipec. jugl. sulph. 

When the Kucors symptoms: 1) Bell. chin, dig, mere pnla, 
riiUM ; 2) Alii cham. cm* dulc. ijhic. n,-vom. rhab. spig, sulph. 

When WORM symptoms: 1) Cic. cin, mere^ sil, &pig. sulph.; 
Apoc.-and. aeon. dig. euphorb. hyose, gels, n.-vom sabad 
in. St ram. teucr, val. 

3. According to the character of these fevers, give ; 
Vhcn inflammatory: Bell, bry. cact. cham. gels, mere, 

fmh, t.irt, verat.-vir. ; aeon, is only indicated when bilious 
Iiympt4)ms are present, never by purely gastric symptoms, 

\V hen the character of the lever in typhoiu : (lebritii ga^tri- 
m nrrvoKa:) 1) bell. bry. core, rhus, verat,; 2) Ars. bapt, 
r4irb,*v. chin. com. hyosc, iris, lept, 

WItea rvTRiis Qse: Ars. bajjt, carb.-v. chin, gels, mere* 
.•ae. phos.-ac. rhuM. sulph. sulph.-ac. 

4, As re»%pectM causes, give: 
i> For QAF5TRIC fever, anting from indifje»tton : 1) Ipi'c 

pals.; 2) Ant, bry. n.-^om. sulph. tnru 

h) From cha^in <jr anrjtr : cliam. coloc. ; 2) Aeon, bry 


chin. n,-vora sttinh. If the patient had tised much 
mile-tea, give puis. 

c) From « cM: Aeon. bell. bry. cham. ipec mere n.-voni. 
pills, sulph, 

(\) From 8w,allowi?ig coldwaier^ ice or acids: 1) Ara. puis,] 
2) tiatr.*m* sulph, sulph-ac. lach. 

§ 5. rju'ticular iinlicationR: 

Acoxttk: When bilions symptoms prevail, snch as: Yel- 
low coating on the teniae, bitter taste In ihe mouth and of 
food and dnnk, except Mater; burning thii-st; bitter erucu*- 
tions» bitter, greenisii or slimy vomiting, (vomiting of asc.i- 
Hde^) ; distention of the hypochondria; paint'ulness of the 
region of the liver, with stitches and pressure ; mupprtASfd 
stool, or small frequent stools, ^^nlh tenesmus; re</, scant*/ 
urine ; </rv /ttat^ with full frequent pulse, sleepleftanes^i and 
Tv- ' -; moaning, quarrelBome^ vehement dispudtluu. 

(C Bry. cham,) 

i>ELLAiJONN-A: The tongue is coated yellowish or whiu*, 
thick coating ; aversion to drink and food, sour t.*iste of ihe 
mouth and rye-breud ; vomiting of sour, bitter or slimy sril 
stances; slimy duirrhoea ; dry heat, especially about the heaL^ 
with thirst, alternating with chills ; anguish, restlessness, sus- 
picious or whimsical mood, violent headache as if every thing 
woiald fall out at the forehead ; dry mouth ; difficult degiu* 
litioii ; sopor in the day-lime, sleepless nights, &>c. (Cum- 
pare : Cham and mere.) 

Bryoxia : Dry, brownish-yellow tongue : putrid fmiell 
from the mouth ; bitter ta«te, especially after sleeping^ or 
pappy, insipid or foul taste ; great desire Ibr wine, sour drinkj 
or cotfee, with aversion to solid food; nausea, accumulatii 
of mucus in the stomach, frequent desire to vomit, or re 
vomiting of bile, especially after drinking ; stitches in the 
head, in the pat of the stomach or side, in the extremities, 
©specially when coughing or walking ; pressure and lensioti 
in the pit of the stomach, especially after eating; consiipa- 
tion; watery, cJear or yellowsh urine, with yellowish sedi- 
ment; violent heat, vvitli burning thirst, or chillincs« and 
shuddering over the whole body, with redness (and heat) of 
the face; vehement disposition ; great debility ; dullness of 
the head with vertigo, <fec (Compare: Acun, cha»u, nux- 

Ciiamomilla: Red and chapped or yellowish-coated tonguo; 
bitter t^iste of the mouth and food; fetid smell from the 
mouth ; loss of appetite^ nausea, or bitter or sour eructatli >ns 



and voraiting ; great anguish, tension and pressure in the re- 
gion of the stomach, hypochondria, and especially in the pit 
of the stomach ; flatuler»t colic with tearing pains and dii>ten- 
tion of the abdoraen ; constipation, or diarrhceic, greenish 
stools, or sour diarrhcBic stools mixnd with faecal matter and 
i»uicii8 resembling ntirred eggs; yellowish urine with tlocca* 
lent sediment ; hemicrania ; pains in the limbs ; great nervous- 
ness with restlessness and moaning, or vehement disposition; 
asthma; heat, especially of the face and eyes, with red cheeks 
(sometimes only on one cheek), or heat mixed wnth shivering 
and the hair standing on end; sleeplessness with restlessness, 
or restless sleep with anxious dreams, staning, <&c. (Com- 
pare: Aeon, bell nux-v, puis.) 

CocxjtTLUS : Yellows-coated tongue ; loathing of food ; dry 
mouth, with or without thirst ; fetid eructations and desire to 
vomit ; painful fullness of the stomachy with dlflicult breath- 
ing ; constipaiion, or soft stools with burning at the anus ; 
great debihty, with sweat on taking the least exercise ; head- 
ache, especially in the forehead, with vertigo, <fec. (This 
remedy is frequently suitable after abuse of Chamomile.) 

Ipkcacuanha : Yellow-coating on tlie tongue, with dry 
mouth ; loathing of food (especially gre^isy things), with de- 
sire to vomit J fetid odor from the mouth ; bitter taste in 
the mouth, and of food ; nausea, with regurgitation of the 
ingesta, and vomiting of undigested food ; pressure and pain- 
ful fullness in the pit of the stomach ; colic ; diarrhoBic, yel- 
lowish stools, or fetid, putrid stools; pale, yellowish color of 
the skin; headache, especially in the forehead; febrile heat^ 
with thirst or shiverings, (Compare; Nux-v. and ptils.) 

Mkrcurius : Moist tongue, coated wdiite or yellowish ; dry 
and burning lips, nauseous, foul or bitter taste ; nausea, with 
de?^ire to vomit, or vomiting of mucus and bitter substances; 
pahifulness ol" the hypochondria, pit of the stomach, or around 
the umbilicus, espeeially at night, with anguish and rcstics;*- 
neSA; sleepy in tlie day-time, iGakeful at ntf/ht ; peevish, 
irritable mood; cliills alternating with heat ; Imming thirsty 
gometimes with aver.^iou to beverage, it c. (Compare: Bell) 

Nux-voM.: Dry and wlnte, or yellowish-coated tongue, 
especLiUy towards the root ; burning thirst, with burning in 
tho throat ; bitter or foul taste^ bitter eructations, constant 
nun«»ca, especially in the open air ; desire to vomit, or vomit- 
ing of uudigested food ; card ialgia with aching pain; pain- 
ful [>res8ure and tension in the whole region of the stomach 
and h^-pochondria ; spasmodic colic, with pinching and rum- 




HHtiii in the ambilica! rerpon ; constiprition, whh frequent but 
iTic'fll'ctual urging to stool, or with snuill, diarrho-ic, slimy or 
wati*ry Btools; iicliing piiin in the forehead, with vertigo; 
angry, vehement, ]»eevish, hypochondiiac mood ; great de- 
bility and langnor; red and hot, or yellowish and U\*id fiice; 
hent, mixed with chills or shuddering; bruised feeling in the 
litnbH; aggravation of the symptom!! toward:* monnng, &c 
(Compare: Aeon. hry. eham. i]>ec. and puis.) 

PuLSATirLA : Whitish niueous eoating on the tongue; flal» 
papny or bitter taste, esneeially after swallowing; eructations 
la*<ling of the food vrhien one had nist eaten, or bitter ernc- 
tations; avei'sion to food, espeeially to fat and meat, with 
desire for ^wnr or {Spirituous drinks ; ; rcgurjita- 
lion of the ingesta; nausea, great desire to vomit ; vomiting 
of plimy and whitish, bitter and greenii^h substances, or sour 
8ub?*tanee8; vomiting of undigested food; pressure in the 
pit of the stomach, with difficult breathing; const i[>at ion, or 
diarrlia?ic, white, jilimy, or biliou!^ or greenish stools ; or stixils 
reaembling stirred eggs; hemicrania ; frequent chills with 
absence of thirst; or dry heat and thirst ; alternate pal<? and 
red face, or one cheek is red and the other pale ; sad mood, 
with whining, moaning and reatlcMness. (Compare: Cham, 
ipec. and nux-vom.) 

^ 6, We may likewise use : 

ANTTMoxn'M : in consequence of indigestion, with loss of 
appetite, loathing of food, nausea and desire to vomit; the 
ailments not having yielded to ipcc. or puis, 

BAmsiA: Weak and iremuloua ft-ehng; pulse quick 
and soft ; internal and external hr-ai with thii*st ; henaache an' 
tendency to delirium ; tongue yellowish brown in the centre 
and red at the edges ; constipation, alternating with diarrhtea; 
Joss of appetite and great thirst ; urine high-colored. 

CoLOCVNTHi Bilious fever, \yith cardialgia, spasmodic colic 
and diarrhoDic stools, which come on again eating ever 
BO little, cramps in the calves, &c. ; Cham. bry. n.-vorn. or 
puis, were unable to effect a change. 

C0RNU8 : Flushes of heat and coldness in alternation ; dull 
headache, with aching pains in the eye-balls; rumbling of 
wind in the bowels; stitches in the chest and under th© 
scapula ; sense of debility and fatigue : nausea, aversion to 
meat and bread, loss of njjpetite, gn|»ing pains in the bowels j 
dark, green, thin and verv oflensive stools, with copioiM 
emi^^sioti of very offunsive rfatus. 

DtoiTA us: Nausea early on rising; bitter taste in 



:t »- 


a r~ - 
Mi r- 

ttir ■-.. 
Lffr. ■ 

? ]T.(] r 
P »Di^p'~ 

1^: -h^r 
rne *J>- '■ 
r»uh ;— 

i with.-- 

' ' i' H V . 




§ 1. Principal remedies: Arg calc, cMn. cocc, ipoc. pUos. 
pho9.-ac. sil. siilph. ; aJso, Bell, con, cupr. d\g. hell. ign. ioiL 
kaI. Inch. I7C. mere. n,-Tom. puis. eep. Btann. staph. vemLr. 

§ 2. For slow nervnna fever^ give : Ara. chin. oocc. mere, 
raosch. n--vom. pbos.-ac. Htaph. vumtr. 

Hectic fevers attemled with lociil chronic inflainnialiona, 
snppiu'alioijs, ^cc, require the remedies which correspund to 
the respective organic affectiuns, priucipiiliy : 1) Ars. calc. 
chin. cocc. ipec. phos. ail. sulph. ; or, 2) BelL ctinlh. hep. Inch. 
lye. mere. puis. 

Hectic fevers caused by emotiofis, long (frief^ ?ionieaickne^$f 
ftcy require ; Phos.-ac. staph. ; or, Ign, lach, mere, and even 
Ars graph. 

If caused by debilitating loss of animal fluids, by depletion, 
sexual excesses, «fca, give; 1) Cliin. n.-vom. pho8.-ac. sulph. ; 
or, 2) Calc. cin. lach. staph, ifcc. 

If coming a^ter severe acftte diseaftes, such as typhus^ 
cholera, <i)r., give : 1) Cocc. hell, hyoa pho8.-ao. ; or, 2) Ars. 
chin, veratr. 

Hectic fevers may likewise result from dyscrasia (scrofula, 
syphilis, &c,), or from abuse of medicinal sul»stance8, or from 
slow poisoning, in which case give the antidotes indicated 
under these respective heads. 

§ 3. Particular indications. 

Absenicum: Great emaciation, \^dth debility and palpita- 
tion of the ; night-sweats, with hot and dry ekiu in the 
day-time; thirsty obliging one to drink frequently, but Uttlo 
at one time ; resllesa sleep, un refreshing, disturbi-d by sudden 
Starting ; constant desire to lie duwn ; irritable and strange 
mood; loss of appetite, with weak digestion, &c. 

Calcakka : Constant heat with little thirst, or frequent 
paroxysms of flushes of heat, with anguisii and palpitation of 
the heart-, or constant shuddering, especially in the evening, 
with red cheeks; blithering, dry skm ; emaciation, debility 
with listlessness ; loss of a^tpetite; paroxysms of angnisli, in 
the evening ; dry and short c^ugh ; great desire to be magne- 
tized ; great prostration after talking ; sweat breaking out 
easily; great apprehensions about one*s health; slow, weak 
digestion, night-sweats, «fec. 

China : I'ale complexion and sunken cheeks and eyes; 
great liatlessness ; dry and flaccid skin ; sleeplessness, or rest- 



leas deep, unrefreshing, with anxious dreams; loss of appetite, 
with desire for daiiilioa; or great hunger, even voracious, 
with weak digestion; ill-humor, malaise, distended abdomen , 
and other ailmenta after eating; frequent sweats, especially 
at night ; frequent diarrhtBio stools^ even with discharge of 
undigested food, 

CoccuLrs : Great debility and trembling after the least 
exertion ; frequent flushes of heat, especially in the face ; blue 
margins around the eyes; dry mouth ; loss of appetite; op- 
pression of the chest, with orgasm of the blood, and anguish, 
great sadfu^s ; sudden stajting from sleep, and anxious 
dreams; frequent nausea; sweat easily breaks out during 
motion ; bhmd temper. 

Ipecacuanha : Dry and extremely troublesome heat, espe- 
cially in the evening, with thirst ; ffreat restlessness, burning in 
the palms of the hands and night sweats; parchment-like 
skin ; desire for dainties only ; very listless ; out of breath 
alter the least motion, &c» 

Phospiiorlts : Diy cough, with short and oppressed breath- 
ing; chiUiness towards evening, followed by dry heat; de- 
bilitatitiff diarr/uea ; exhausting ciatnmy niffhtsweaU ; ema- 
ciation, debility, &c. 

Piiospuoitic-AriD: Sad, oppressed mood; taciturn^ listless ; 
the hair turns gray ; febrile heat in the evening, with anjj^uish 
and accelerated pulse ; debilitating sweats in the morning, Jk^ 

SiLTcKA : Pale, livid complexion, dry, short cough ; emacia- 
tion ; loss of a^ipetite ; shortness of breath ; debility, espe- 
cially in the jomts; febrile heat in the evening or mornuig, 

SiTLpnun: Febrile heat, especially towards evening, vith 
sharply rircumscriVjed rednena of the cheeks (especially the 
Jeft. cheek); dry skin, with thii'st: thin, pale face; dry op 
diarrhoeic and shmy stools ; short, oppreaaed breathing ; pnl- 
pitaiion of the heart; sweat towards morning ; debility, tired 
feeling in the limbs» with heaviness, dry cough, «fec. 

Compare : Pulmonary phthisis, Labyngeal piiTHiais, 


FEVEllS, INFLAMMATORY, Synocha, Stnochus, Slc. 

§ L The principal remedies for inflannniitory fevers, or 
acute fevei-s with local inflammations, are : 1 ) Aeon, bell bry. 
hyos. mere. n.*vom. phos. puis. rhus. 2) Ars cann. cham. kal, 
lye. nitr. sulph. vcratr. 3) Chin, chinin. coecid. coloc. cuff, 
hep. ipec. lach, mez. natr-m. nitr--aa op* phos. sec aep. 




2, For Simple synochal fenern tee fjtst: 1) Aeon. 2) 

Bell, bry. 3) Ars. chum. hyua. mtTc. puis. rhns. siilph, 

Ifthpy iissunic a typhokl character^ with symptoms of core- 
bnd irritation, the folluwint;: remedies are required: 1) Bell 
bry. by OS, op. rhus; or^ *i) Cham. coccuL n.-vom. phos.-ac 
strain., and others. 

See: Tvphus, also: Trpiirs pctridus. 

§ 3. If these* fevers shouhi be attended by symptoms of 
meningitis^ pleurisy y pitcurnonia, xvAtn^i pnins in the stomach, 
enter it i^^ Sc., aciit^ cutaneous erupt ion.% vontitinff^ duirrhtpn^ 
cfee., give the remedies indicated under these respective heads. 

In t^very local infltimmation, no matter what organ i« 
affected^ Aconite is tlie jiriiicipal remedy when the fever is 
viok'nt, with thirht, dry, bnroing Jicat, and a hard (full or not 
full) pulse; Aeon, should be continned until the inflammatory is subdued* Very sensitive persons sorautimes require 
the alternate use of Coffea and Aeon. 

§ 5. Particular indications. 

AroNiTi M : Btirni/t(j heat^ sometimes preceded by chills or 
sliuddeting ; burning thirst ; dry and burnirifj si in ; bloated, 
Aof and red face, or red spots on the cheeks ; or redness of 
face which alternates with palenesSr especially when the pa- 
tient raises himself; red, inflamed and painful eyes; slee|>- 
lessness ; restlessness, agonizitig tossing abmit^ somctitncs 
attended with anguish, dread of death, screams ; ftill and 
hard or nuhdutd pnlse; violent stitching, or aching and beat- 
ing pain in the head; vertigo on raising the head; nightly 
delinum ; dry lips and month ; clean and moist tongue ; hur- 
ried, stuttering speech ; dark-red urine ; oppression of th 
chest, with short, anxious, liurried breathing; stitches in the 
chest or sides ; sliort cougli ; palpitittion of the heart ; pains 
in the limbs. (Compare: Bell. l«ry. cham.) 

BKLrja>ON^NA : Internal and external heat, with e/ar^rcd 
fa^e and eye^'t ; burning thii*fit, with aversion to drink, or 
constant desire to <h*ink withfMit ability to do so ; moist (and 
dam my) skin ; sleepiness in (he dag4iwe^ ttt 
flight ; or restless sleep with sudden stetrting^ twitching <i< 
the limbs, loss of eonsciousncsH^ muilei ing, gnisping at flocks, 
or screams and convulsions, or fnriimnd delirium, frightful 
visions, desire lo e.scape from bed ; obstinate and malicious ; 
hot h^ad / violent headache, especially in the forcheiid, as if 
everything would issue through the forehead ; dilated p^f pi U ; 
ftirious and wandering look ; phtttophobia ; dry month and 
lips; ulcerated corn^» of th^ mouth; humed and indistinct 



speech ; sore throat with difficulty of swiillowifi!/ ; congh, 
M'ith headache aod redness of the face; seimty, yellow urine; 
etitching pains in the limbs; red spots on the ukin. (Com- 
pare : Aeon. cham. mere.) 

Bryonia : Great heat or chill, with chatteringr of teeth, either 
one or the other symptom, attended with rednejts and h^at of 
the head n.m\ J'ace / uightsweat, especially lowardf* morninjr ; 
utKiuenchable thirst, soraetimcs followed by voniitin*^ j drow- 
jsiness, with sudden starting, screams atul delirium, as soou 
as the patient closes hia eyes; dclirhtni day and vitjht ; irrila- 
Vile mood, or apprehennions on account of his illuejis, dread 
of death ; taciturn; rosilesn, toi*sin£r ahout^ j^asping at Hoicks; 
f/^reat iind general dcbiiify ; hard, full and hurried pulse; stu- 
pefying headavhe, with vertigo on raising the head ; dulh)e«s 
of hfurmg and sight; dry lips; presMiire in the pit of the 
stoniacl) ; constipation ; dry cough* with pain in the pit of 
the stomach ; stitches in the chest or side ; tearing or stitch- 
ing pains in the limbs. (Corapare: Acou. bell. cham. nux- 

CiiAMOMiLLA. : Internal and external heat, sometimes pre- 
ceded by chill ; or heat in the face and eyes, with red cheeks 
or only one cheek being red ; burning thirist, with burning 
from the month to tlio stomach ; sleeplessness, with restless- 
ness and tossing about ; or sleep with anxious dreams and 
sudden staitint;; great restlessness and anguish; hernierania; 
vertigo on raiding the head, Avith darkness or srintillaliona 
before the eyes and fainting turns ; red and cracked tongue ; 
bitfer taste in the mouth and of the food ; sour or bitter 
ernctatious and vomiting ; anfpihh^ tension and pressurw iu 
the region of the *ttomach and hypocliondria ; colic and diar- 
rhoea; hot, burning urine; tearing in the limits, face and 
head; fetid breath; distress of breathing, and orthopncea. 
(Compare: Aeon, bell, nux-vom.) 

MEKCUErrs : Chilis alternating with heat, red skin ; burn' 
inff thirHt^ sometimes with aversion to di hik ; freouent full 
pulse, stitehuig and aching pains in the head; red, bloated 
Ihr.e ; vertigo on raising oneN-self; dry and burning liits; 
moist tongue or coated while or yellowish; painful sensitive- 
ness in the region of the hypochondria, epigastrium and um- 
bilicus ; great anguisli, tossing about, sleeplessness ; sleepy 
in the day-time; peevish and disposed to be vehement. 
vCnmpure: Belb) 

Ni'x-voM. : Heat, especially in the face, f:ometiniej» mixed 
^'ith shuddering; dry and burning skin; hard, frequeut 



pilJii6; great dvbilitjr and faiating turns ; ancni^hj with palpt* 
tatiou of the heart ;iD(l dread uf dculh ; extreme nervoiii^- 
neas ; fik*t.'ple8HUfM» or comatose slt*i;[» ; head.iche worse on 
stooping; vertigo worse on stooping; hot, rf*/ face, gome 
Uniefi accoiii pained with chilliness of the body ; dull, dim, 
red eyea; dry and w/titc tongue; thii-st, with burning in ihp 
throat; aching pain in iljeMtomueh and region of the stomach , 
constipation; bruij^cd feeling in the Iiinb»; vtihemcnt irrita* 
bh.« mood- (Compare: Bry and chaQL> 
$ 6. Of other remedies use; 

Arsenicum: For burning heat at nighty with burning in 
tho veins » 8lee[)U'Ssnefts with great rest lesanciMi and tosi^ing 
about ; angui^h^ with despair nnd dread of death; great de- 
hiii(y and necesiiity to lie down» 

China: Heat, dry mouth, parched and burning Hps, red 
facts delinTmi, chill ;i« soon as the patient uncovers himself 
ever so little ; debility and pain« in the limbs, 

CoFKKA : Suitable to diildreu : for ijreat restlessneas^ tose- 
bg about, nervousncHs, scream?*, wcepnig. 

IIyosl YAJIU8 : Violent delirium, sleeplessness from nervous 
excitement, Bubsultus tcndlnuni, grasping at flocks ; red and 
hot tacu ; red^ staring and sparkling eyes. 

LYuoromiM : Circumscribed redness of the cbeeks^ cere- 
bral irritation, debility, dry and red tongue; constipation; 
ill hunufr at\er sleepntg ; sercan)}«, headstrongncss and grum- 

Pllsatilla : Dry heat at night, especially in the fiice, with 
)ic?at and redness of one check ; delirium ; whining mood ; 
no thirst, or else unquenchable thimt ; tongue covered with 
wliitc? niueus ; painfulness ai the pit of the stomach ; bitter 
lii«<te; diarrhaMe, slimy stools, 

UinTs,-T, : Great heat, anguijih, dry skin, stupefying headache, 
delirium, with desire to escape ; red, buninig face ; red dry 
and ruugh tongue ; debility ; grasping at tloels. 

SiLpiii'u; Frequently useful for the ailments remaining 
after the use of Aeon, bell or bry. 

Compare: Gastiuc fever, Biuors fkvkk, ITia-rio fkter, 
IVpHfs, and all the local inflammations. 

FKVER PUKIU'KUAL.— The best reuiedieh are: 1) 
Ae<tn, bell. bry. clwim. cimieif cofll coloc. n.-voin. rhus ; or, 
2) Xnu ars. hyoHC. ipec. lach. lann mere, plat* puis, sec, stram 
verat.-alb. vemt.-vir, 

A(;0NiTJ£ : Violent fkixat with dry and burning heat ; vip> 


lent bumiBg thirst and desire for cold diinks; red and hot 
fivc^, fthort breath, difficult and sigliiiig brt^athing ; distended 
abduiueii aiid sensitive to coutaot; periodical cutting pains 
tlimngh ttje whole ab<lomen ; scanty, bleeding and fetid 
loeliia: after Aeon, use bell or bry. 

Arsenicum : Burning, throbbing, hmcinating pain», burn- 
ing like fire; gi'cat restlessnetis and anguish, with tear of 
death; she is sure she will die; thirst for Irecjuent sips of 
water, a little at a time. Cold water aggravates her symp- 
toms. She wants more covering— want* to be wrapped U]i. Distended abdomen, with stitching and dig- 
ging pains ; thejiainsare sudden — coming on quickly and ceas- 
ing as qtiickly alter continuing a longer or sljortcr time j rioknt 
»jxtsmodic colic^ as if the parts were dasprxl with etuws^ or 
painfid pressing downwards towards the sexual organs; th& 
abdomen is sensitive to contact ; chills in some parts, heat in 
otliers, 3r else burning heat, especially alnmt the face and 
head, with red face and eyes; aching in the forehead, with 
throbbing of the carotids; dry mouth, with red tongue and 
thiri*t ; difficnlt deglutition, with spasm of the fauces; i^leep- 
lessnesa, with tossing about, or sopor, with furibnnd delirium, 
or other cerebral symptoms; the lochia are scanty, watery 
and slimy, or offensive, or entirely suppressed ; metrorrhagia, 
with coagulated fetid blood; involuntary flow of urine; the 
breasts are swuilen and inflamed, or flaccid and without milk; 
constipation, or dlarrlioeic, slimy stools : (if Bell, be insuffi- 
cient, try HyoscO 

Brtonia : Distended abdomen, sensitive to contact and 
motion ; the least niothn ag^avates her sufferings ; her head 
avhes as if it xDuukl split open; sitting up (as if in bed) 
causes nausea and iainthig; consti}»ation, the stuols being 
hard and dry, as if burnt ; violent lever, with buniiiig iieat 
of the whole .nbd«»mcn ; burning tliirst, with desire for cold 
drinks; ii-ritable, vehement or apprehensive dread of the 

Calc-carr : Leucophlegmatic condition ; the feci feel cold 
and damp, the head and upper part of the body are in pro- 
luse perspiration ; conjitant achhiff in (he vagind^ stitches in 
the neck of the uterus, menses have always been tou profuse 
and return too often and too soon. 

Cantharis: The nrinaiy syniptora-« arc? of iIjp i/r»»iiifs! im- 
portance in determining the selection of tliif 

Ciiamomiixa: The breasts are flacvid ♦ih 

motagtaais of the milk to the abdominal 4 ah 



diarrhoea ; rather Roanty lochia ; distended abdomen, sensi- 
tive to contact; colic-like labor-pains; ifcncral heat, with red 
face and great thiral ; great inipalience ; she can hardly re- 
strain herself to treat people with civility. Urine abundant 
and lii^ht colored ; especially indicated when the fever w:is 
caused by anger or by a cold. 

CiMTCiFUOA : Suppression of the lochia from a cold or men- 
tal emotion, with severe paroxysmal pains in the abdomen ; 
eohl chills and prickly sensation in the mamnne. 

CoocLTLrs : Paralytic pain in the back and paralysis of the 
lower extremities; sensation as of sharp Btones in the abdo- 
men on motion ; head and face hot, feet cold ; metallic taste ; 
shivering over the mamma*. 

CoLocYNTn : Tlie dist-ase is caused by vi<»lent chagrin ; 
severe colicky pains, causing her to bend double, \nth great 
restlesanesii ; ft*eling in the wliole al»domen as if the mte«(- 
tines were being Kqueeztd between stones; delinum, alieniat- 
ing with sopor; hut head, red face, glistening eyes, <lry heat ; 
hard, full aiid hurried pitlse. 

HvosciAMirs: The disoaso is developed by emotional disu 
turba«ces; f^pasmodic si/mp(omSy jerks of the extremities, 
face and eyt^lids, «fcc ; typhoid state, with delirium; patient 
throwing off the bcd-clolhes, wishing to be naked. 

Lacuesis: She cannot bear any pressure, not even of the 
clothes, upon the uterine region ; sensatiim lus if tlic paina 
were ju^centling toM-nrds the chest; exacerbation a/tet every 
sleeps whether day or night. 

Ni'x-vomica: Sttdden suppressioo of the loehia ; feeling of 
heaviness and linrning in the sexual organs and alKb>men, or 
else the lochia are too profuse, with violent pains in the small 
of the back ; ischuria and burning when yrinating ; consti- 
jtalion; nausea, desire to vomit, or actual vomiting; red &ce; 
rheumatic or spasmodic pains in tlie thighs and legs, with 
foing to sleep of these parts; dullness of* the head, or beat- 
_ ig and pressure in the head, with vertigo; obscuration of 
flight, ringing in the ears and tainting turus. 

Pi.ATiifA: Painful pressuri' in the region of the mons vene- 
ris and genital organs ; volupttntu.H timjUnff in the vulva and 
abdomen ; profuse discharge of tliick black blood: constipa^ 

Riius-Tox. : Worse at nigfit^ especially after midnight ; 
restlessness; she cannot lie still, but must change her posi- 
tion, nhreh aifords a few moments' relief; slow fever, dry 
tongue ; powerleflsness of the lower limbs ; she can hardly 



draw thetii up ; the white lochia again assume a bloody tinge, 
Mith dischar^rt* of clots of blood. 

Skcale : tStnmff tendtnn/ to jiutrr^rcnce ; discbarge of thin 
black blood, a kind of sanies, with tingling iu the legs aud 
great debility. ' 

Compare: Peritomlis, Metritis, Typhus, Diseases of Lying- 
in Femak'8, 


§ 1. Prinei|»al rt'Oiodies: 1) Apia, ars. chin, ettpat.-fkigri 
ipec. lach. lob. /ia(r,-m, n,-vom. puU. rhu«. su!|)h. verat. '1) 
Acfvn. ant, artt>, bell, lyry, C(d(\ cap^. card.-v, cham, 
cm, f err, gels, lept op. pod. tarL 3) Alet.-fiir. apoc. canth. 
cocc. coflT. corn, drrjs. hep. hydr» hyoso. lyc. men. mere. niez. 
n.-mosci). mimd, sanib. ittp. stapli. tiiuj. valer. 4) ang. cact. 
ccras. cJiel, cirnicif. chimaph* cypn dig, hull. kal. lam* pbod. 
tamx. verat .-vir. 

§ 2. a) For marsh-intennittefit fevers: 1) Ars. chin. ip€0 
2) Arn. carb.-veg. cin. fcrr. natr -m rhus, veratr. 

b) For fovers prevailing in damp and cold seasonfi : CaJc. 
carb.-v«'g. chin. lach. n.-ino8ch. puis, rhus. snlph. veratr- 

c) For fevers prevailing in Hprlnff and summer^ or in the 
warm seasons generally: 1) Ai-a. bell, calc, caps, cin. ipoc, 
laeb. Bul]»h« veratr. 2) Aut. bry. earb.-veg. nati'.^m, n.-vura. 
puis, tbnj. 

d) Forthe^/a//-intermittent: Bry. chin, n.-vom. rhus. veratr 
c) For tmufnoHaged intennitlent rcver.% by large doses of 

Quinine: 1) Arn. ars. bt»lL ferr, jpec. lach. puis, veratr. 2) 
Calc. caps. c^rU-vcg. cm. mere, natr.-m. n.-mosch, n.-vom, scp 

§ 3. a) For fevers with simple type: 1) Am ars. bell, bry 
carb.'Veg. ehJn, cin, hyos. ign. ipec. natr.-ni. n -voni. puis, rims, 
sulpb* veratr. 2) Aeon. ant. calc. caps. cham. cocc. coff. droa 
ferr. hep. men. mere, mez, n,-mosch, op. sabad. samb. sep. 
staph, thuj val. 

b) For fevers with double type : Ars. bell. chin. dulo. graph. 
n,*moscli. puis. rhus. strani. 

c) For (po)tidhin levers: 1) Aeon. ars. bell. bry. caps. 
carb.-vcg. chin. cic. ign. ipec. lach. lye. natr-ra. n.-voju. mils 
rhus. stram. sulph. vcnitr, 2) Alum, cact. caic. eon. oiad. 
graph, petr. sabad. veratr, 

d) For tertian fevers : 1) Ars. bell, bry. canth. carb.-veg. 
chin, ipec. n.-vom. p\ds, rhus, 2) Ant. am. calo. caps, cbaui. 



cic. droa. dulc, lach. lye. mez. natr.-nL n.-mosch. n.*vom. rhus. 
sabjid. stnph. veratr, 

c) For quartan fevers: 1) Ars. puis, veratr. 2) Aeon. ara. 
carb.»vcg. clem. hyoa. ign. iud. lye. n.-mo8cb. puis, sabad. 

f) For fevers that cume on evenly fortnight : Ara, 

c) Every year : Ars. caib.-veg. lach* 

I 4. As regiirds the period when tb« fever sets in, give: 

a) For eycJtm^.fevers : 1) Arn. ari*. bell bry.carb.-veg. 
liu'h, nitr.-ac, puis. rbus. sulph. 2) Aeon, alum.calo. carb.-an. 
carb.-veg» diiic graph, ign. ipeo. led. lye, mere, n.-vom. petr* 
sabad. Sep. stnpb. 

b) For ;l/^/i^feve^s: ) Bell, carb.-veg. cbam. rnero. n -vom. 
rliua. veratr. 2) Anim-m. ara Laryt. borax, calc. e-npa. carb.- 
an. CJiust, hull. lup. nitr-ac. phospb. puis, gep. ^quilL gtaph. 
8tram. sulpb. thuj. 

c) For mornwff-fevern : Am. belt bry. calc. cham, lach. 
natr.-ni. n.-voni. sabad. stapb. veralr. 2) Ars. carb.-veg. cbin. 
con. graph, guaj. bep. lye. mere, uitr.-ac. sep. sil. flpig. spong. 
sulph. sine. 

§ 5. As regards the rebxtion of the stage^^ cpve : 

a) For fevers where the chiU and coldness prevail eitber 
entirely or partially: 1) Bry. c^iiith. caps. cbin. n.-voiu. pulg, 
sabari veratr. 2)'Coff. diad, hyos. ipec, petr. phosph, ruta. 

b) When there is only chtU and heat^ but no sweat ; 1) Am. 
ars, bell. bry. carb.-veg. chain dtilc ign. ipcc, nitr.-ac. n,-voni. 
rhus. fiulpli. 2) Aeon. caps. earU-an, hell, lye, mere, pboapb. 
phoB.-Ho. puis, sabad. sep, bpig. sulph. tart. val. 

c) When there Is only e/iiUintss and sweaty but no heat: 
1) Caust. magn.-aust. puis, rhus. veratr. 2) Aram.*m. ars, bry. 
carb.-ani, lye. sabad. sulph. thuj, 

d) For mere /icat^ with little or no chill and sweat : 1) Aeon. 
bell. bry. ipec. n.-vom. sabad. sil. val. veratr. 2j Ars. calc. 
coif, coloc. dulc. lach. lye. op. phosph. puis, stapb. sulph. 

e) For heat and ^^iteat without chill: 1 ) Ara. eaj>a. carb.-veg. 
cbam, coff. led, n -vom, op. phos]>h. rhus, siraui. 2) Aeon* 
amm-m. bell. bry. carb.-an. obuj, cin. hell hep. ign, ipec. puis. 
saba«?. sj.>ig. staph, tait. val. veratr. 

f) When the sweat prevails : 1) Bell. bry. calc, chin, liep. 
mere, rhits, sanib. sep. sulph. veratr. 2) Aeon, ars, carb^veg. 
grapli. natr-m. pul^. 

g) When t'A»7/, /i^at and swent exist in the same degree: 
1) Aeon. ars. belL bry. caps. cham. graph, ign. ipec rhus. sabad. 



ppoijg, rnratr. 2) Chin, cin, hell. hep. lye. magn.-aast. nitr.- 

ao. ii.'VOiTL phosph. puis, sabiri. staph, aulph. 
§6. As regards the sncvession of the sxfmptonu^ give : 
a) When the chill comes first, then the heat : 1) Aeon. am. 

belL uin. hep. natr.-m. n.-vom. puis. rhus. Ppig. siilph, 2) Bry. 

c;ip8. carb.-veg. chin. dros. hyos. ign. ipec. iiatr.-m. nitr, potr. 

pho5ij)h. phos.-ac sabad. veratr* 
h) When the heat cornea first, then the chill : 1) Brj calc. 

caps, n.-vom. sulph, 2) Bell lye. puis, sep, staph. 

c) When heat nwd chiUlnem alternate: 1) Ara, bry. calo/ 
eViin. mere, n.-vom. 2) Aaar. baryt. bell coco. lye. natr.-m. 
phosph. pho8.-ac. sabad. u\. spig. sulph. veratr. 

d) When heat and chilliness exist *fmM^/rt«€OM^/y.' l)Acon, 
ars. bell. calc. cham. hell. ign. mere, n.-vom. puis, rhiis, sep. 
2) Anac. asar, bry. chin, ijiec. lye. nitr,-ae, oleand. rhab. sabad. 
s]»ig. 8ulph. M^YdXT^^Extei'Tial heitf^ internal chili: Aeon. ai-s. 
bell. cale. coff ign. In<li. lye. men. nitr, n.-vom* phosph. sep. 
Bill. sfjuiD. snlph. — J;iY€T?i«/ ^«'ti/, exterual chill: Am, liry. 
chin, hell, mere, moseh. pho8.-aa puis, rhus. sabad. spoug. 
Btann, veratr. 

e) Sweat and chill coming on shnnltaneously : 1 ) Lye. piiK 
Rabad. sulph. 2) Ara. calc. led. n,-vora. ihuj. — Sweat after 
the chilly no heat: 1) Carb.-an. canst, lyo. rhua. thiij. veratr. 
2) Bry. caps. lye. magn. aust. sabad. 

f ) Sweat and heat together : 1) Bell, caps. cham. bep. n.- 
vom. op. rhus. 2) Aeon. bry. chin. cin. hell. ign. ipec. mere, 
jfliopph. sabad. spig, staph, val. veratr. 

g) Sweat after the heat: 1) Ars. cham. ign. ipec rhus. 
veratr. 2) Bry. carb.-veg. ehm, cin, coif, graph, hep. lyo. 
nitr.-ac. op puis spong. st.aph. sulph. 

§ 7. As regards the thirsty give: 

a) For thirst before the paroitysm: Arn. chin, pids, — 
During the chill: 1) Aeon. bry. caps. C4\rb.-veg. cham. cin. 
ign. natr.-m. n.-vom. rhua veratr. 2) Ant, arn. ars. ealc. chin, 
hep. i|»ec. kal. natr. sulph. — Aj^er the chill or before the h^iU: 
Ars. chin, dros puis, thuj. 

b) Thirst and heat togeth^ : I) Aeon, bell. bry. calc. cham. 
hep. hyo.s. lach. mere, natr.-m. rhus. se(\ sulph. 2) Cajjs, chin, 
n. vom. puis. sil. val. veratr. — No thirst during the heat: 1) 
Ars, camph. caps, earb.-veg, chel. chin, hell. ign. ipec. men, 
mere, n.-mosch. siabad. 2) Bell. lach. n,-vom. puU. rhus.sanib, 
Bep. B]iig. sulph. veratr. 

c) Th'ir At after t lie heat : Amm.-m. chin, n.-vom. op. puis, 
tart. — ^I'hirst during siccat : Ara. cliam. chin. hep. mere. natr. 


natn-m* puis. rhus. stram.verur,— Thirst (^fter the stOitU: Lye 
n.-voni. sabad. 
§ 8. As regards secondaiy M/mptoms, give : 
a) For pains in the limb^: Ars. chin. hell. ign. Datr.-m. n,- 
voni. rhod, rhua. veratr. — J^ov great dehility: Ars. chic, ferr, 
hyo9. bch. lye mere, natr.-m. n.-vom. phos.-aa rhns, — For 
cMz/f^/ea/ symptoms: Ars, cliin, ferr, hell, strani, — Ftvr sopor 
or drowsiiRss: Bt'll. carb,-veg. hell. hyos. lach. op. puis. rhuA. 
tnrt. — For great nervous and mental excitemetvt : Acoti. ars. 
liell. brj'. t^hain. coff ign. lye, n.-vom. puis. — For temlency of 
if/ood to the head (with vertigo, delirium, slnpor, &c.): Aeon, 
hell, bry. cain])h. carb.-veg. eoloc. hyosJacli. n.-voin. up. puis, 
rhus. strum, val. — Violent headache : Am. ars. bell, chin, igu* 
hu-h, lye. niez. iiatr.-m. lu-vuiii. phos, puis. rhod. rlius. sep, 
spig. — Gaf<tric ftymjjtoms: Ant. ars, nsa. bfll, bry. chiun. ehiii. 
dig. ign. ipec. natr.-m. n.-vutii. puis, etram. sulph. tart. — Diaf' 
rhaa: Ani. ar8. cham. chin, eoloc. ipcc. phos, phos.'ac. puis, 
rhu8. veratr. — Constipation : Ars. bry. calc. lye. natr.-m. n.- 
vom. veratr.— Xmr complahit: Ars. chin. mere, n.-vom. — 
Affections of th- <^}^c€n : Ars, c4Ui. cham, cbin. mez, n.-vom. 
— Catarrhal f^rnpfofns (cough J &.€.): Aeon, bell bry. chin, 
con. hep. kreoti. lac l». mere, n.-vom. puis, rhtis, sabad. spig. 
Butph. — Op^yrcxsion of the chest, and distre»8 of breathing: 
Aeon. nnt. arn. am bry. chin, ferr, hep. ipec laoh. n.-vom, 
plios. puis. Sep. Bulph. 

And when these secondary symptoms set in principally 
hi'fore the paroitysm^ give: 1) Am. ars. earb.-v. chin, ipec, 
natr. m. [luls. rhus, 2J Bell. calc. cin. hep. ign. n.-voai. pbua. 
spong, sul|ih. 

If dttrini/ tht chill: 1) Ars, bry, cn\}9,. chin. hep. ign. natr,« 
ni. n.-vom. puis, rhus, veratr. U) Arn. calc. carb.-v. cin, hell, 
ipec. Inch. mere, mez, n.-moseh. sabad, sep. 

If duri/H/ the heat: 1) Aeon. ars. bell, carb.-v. cham. 
ign. natr-m. n.-vom. oj). puis. rhu6. 2) Bry. calc. caik*. chin. 
coiT. dro8. hyoB. ipec, lach. mere. op. phoa.-ac. sep. sil. sulpli. 

If during the sweat : Aeon. ai*8. bry. cham. lach. mere. natr. 
n.-vom. op. T»ho8. puis. rhus. sep. sulph. veratr. zinc. 

If after tne paroxysm is over: Are. bry. earb.-v. cic, oofll 
ign. l.'ich. lye. n.-vun». plumb, puis. rhus. i^abad. sil, 

§ 9. As regards the^w^^ (a very imperfect indication m 
fever and ague) give : 

a) For intermittent pulse: Ars. chin. dig. lach. mere, natr.- 
m. nitr.-ac. n.-vom. op, pho8.-ac. sec. — For apparently want^ 




ing imperceptihtt pnlse : Aeon, ars. carb.-T. con. cnpr. byoa. 
op. ftec. sil. St mm. tart, vcratr. — Hard pulse: Aoon. bell. bry. 
canth. hyoft. iod. n.-\'om. phos, plumb, ptram. sulph — Small 
pulse : Aeon. ars. bell campb. canth. clem. cupr. ibg. liyos. 
Inch. laur. mere, n.-vom. op. ptios. plumb, sec. sil. stram. 
veratr, — Slote pulse: Bell camph. cbiu. con. cupr. dig. laur. 
mere- op. phog, plumb, puis, rhod. rhus, ft:imb. sec. veratr. ^- 
Jltim'ed pulse: Aeon. ars. bell bry. coloc. hyos. iod. mere. 
pbo«, puis, sec, sil spong. sulph. — Irregular pulse : Aeon. aiit. 
ars, bi-y. cbin. dic^. nep. kal lach. mere, iiatr.-m. nitr.-ac. phos.- 
nc. rhua. sec. spig. stra»n. val— i*^'// pulse; Aeon, bell bry. 
campb. coloc. ferr. hyos. lach. n.-vom, op. phos. puis. samb. sec. 
sep. sf>oi g. stmm. sulpb. Ifvrt—So/t pulse: Carb.v, cbiu. 
cupr. iod. plumb, stram. venvtr. — Tremulous pulse: Ars. cic. 
con. nuTc. rhus. spig strum, 

§ 10, Symptomatic indications. 

Arskniclm: Chill and heat set in simultaneously, or alter- 
nate U'ilh each other, or internal chilliness and externa! heat, 
or vic^ versa ; also, burning beat, as if boilinj^ water were 
flowing through the veins ; no sweat, or sweat long after the 
heat and e<:perially at the commencement of sleep ; or liffle 
heat atid chiUinesSy and when the chill is accom])anifd with: 
pains in the limbs, anguish, inieasincss, flushes of heat when 
talking or stirring evur so little; oppression of the chent, 

fmlmonary spasms, headache, &c. ; during the heat: Rest* 
ei^ne^, pressure in tlie for**head, vertigo or even deliritmi ; 
daring tlie sweat: buxjting in the ears ; after or during the 
fever, generally: great dthility^ vertigo, painfulness of the 
liver or spleen ; nausea, disposition to vomit, tu<.dtnt paltm in 
thf MfomacA ; ulcerated coiners of the mouth, bitter mouth, 
tremViling, great anguish in the prtecordial region, lameness 
of thf extremities, or violeiU fKiins; tendency to dropsy* 
(Compare: Chin. ferr. ipec. veratr.) 

CtuNA : Nausea, canine bnnger, lieadacbe, angufsb, palpita- 
tion of the heart or other ailment previous to the paroxysm; 
7%i>if, gtueraUy hr/ore or <rjter ihf: thiUmtd hmt^ or during 
ihe tweat^ or during the whole of the pnn»xysm, or during 
tbe apyrexia; chtll alternatintj with heat, or the heat sets in 
long after the chill; uo thirsty tendrnnj t*f Mood to ihr hrud^ 
beadach**, pale face during the chill, dry and burning moiitli 
and V\\is. rfdfiic4 iix\^ canine hunger during tbf heat; gr«»at 
d i ring or after the paroxysm; uneftfry ttUr.n^ ntUmn 

^' ' * drowsy after a meal, paius in tbe bver and 



Bplecn, bilious or dropfiicai symptoms, painfulneas or swell- 
ing of ihc liver and spleen, Ac, 

Igxatia : Thirst ofjly daring the chill ; chill moderated by 
external heat ; extcrnul heat with ])arii:il hi ternal shudder* 
inff ; nmiBeii rind vomiting; pale color of the skin and pains 
in the back during the chill ; no thirsty hoadiichc, verligo, 
dkiWviwm^ pidefact^ or ebe alternately />«//' and red, or only 
fne cheek red» during the heat ; headache, pain in the pit of 
the Ftoniach ; gn-at languur, deep Rlecp, with stertorous 
Itroathing, after or during ihc fever; eruption on the lips and 
in the corners of the nioutli, nettle-rajsh, <S:c. 

Ipecacuanha: Afuch cliilliness with little heat, or much 
heat and little chilltnesH; the chill is incrcsised by external 
lie;it ; no thirsit or but little diiriug the chill, violent thirst 
during the heat; previous to or between the paroxysms: 
nausen, vonnting and other gastric symptom^^ wnth clean or 
coatcil tongue and oi>pression of the chest. — Even if Ipec. 
slumhl not be exactly indicated, yet it is very apt to effect a 
favoralile change, so that Arn. chin. ign. uux-vom,, or Ars. 
carb,-veg.^ or cin. will complete the cure. 

Lachesis: Chills ai\er a meal or in the afternoon, with 
violent ]>ains in the lindis and pleuritic stitches, oppression of 
the chest and convulsive motions; mohnt headfche during 
the heat ; delirimn, burning t!jirst, re<l ihce, restlessness, in- 
ternal (^hud<krings during the heat» livid complexion, debility, 
prostration bftwven the jiaroxysms, Aeafy enpecitdly at night / 
pweat after the heat, the fever \s easily excited by eating sour 

Natri M-MirRiATicuM: Constant chilliness; heat, with stupe- 
faction, obscuration of flight, vertigo, red face; violent head- 
ache dvning the heat, bone pains, yellowish comjilcxion, de- 
bility, ulcerated cornent of the puwth^ thiryt during the chill 
and especially during the heat; d^y tongue ; painful sensi* 
tiveness of the pit of the stomach to contact; bitter taBte 
and no appetite. 

Nux-vomica: Great debility from the commencement, then 
cbill and heat ; or heat first, then chill; or external heat and 
and internal chilh or vice versa; constant desire to be covered, 
even during the heat and sweat ; during the chill, the skin, 
hands, Jeet and tace are blue ; cold, ov pleuritic stitches, 
Btitches in the abdomen, pains in the back and small of tJjo 
biick, t>r drawing in the limbM; during the heat: headache, 
biizxing in the ears, distress in the chest, h^al about the head 
and face, red cheeks and thirst during the chill and Leatj 



gastric or bilious symptomR, vertigo, anguish and constipa- 
tioo. Is frcqii«'ntly suitable alter Ipec. (Compare : Ars. bry, 
chill, itjn. and puis. 

Pl i-SATiLLA : No thirst duriDt,' the ferer^ or thifBt only dur- 
ing the heat; or chill aiul heat simuhaneously, i^nth tliii-st; 
agjrravation in the aJlernoon and evening; headache, anguish 
and oppression during the chill ; during the heat : red and 
bloated face; sweat in the fare, shuddering as soon as the 
patient recovers himself, or only rvd chcekK; or, between the 
paroxysms : gastric or bilious symptoras^ bitter mouth, slimy, 
bilious or sour voniiting, diarrhcea or const ij>alion, oppression 
of the chest, moist cough or headache. Is frequent I v suita- 
ble after Lnchesis, or when the fever comes on again after 
oveil<*adlng the stomach ever so little, (Compare: Cin. ign. 
nux-v.T or Atit. and chani.) 

Kiius-Tox ; Chill and heat together, the paroxysms gene- 
rally in the evening or at night, sweat after midnight or 
towards morning; during the eh ill: pains in the limbs, head- 
nclie, vertigo, toothache; during or between the prvroxysms: 
convulsive twitching of the limbs, nettle-rash, colic, diarrlia?« 
and gastric affections; jaundice, fileeplessne^ and tossing 
about, thirst at night, j>alpitation of the heart with anguish 
and pressure in the pit of the stomach, (Compare : Ars. ign. 
nux-v, puis.) 

g 11. Moreover, wo require to nse : 

Acoxitum: For violent heat and chilJ ; heat, especially 
abctut the head and face, with red cheeks; anguish, paljata- 
tion of the heart, pleuritic stitches ; whining, lanicnling mood, 
ill humor, or sadness, despondency, dread of death. 

A^TTMOxiuM : Little thirst, coated tongue, bitter taste in 
the mouth, cructaiionH, nauseji, loathing, vomiting and other 
gastric ailments, colic, tension and pressure in the region of 
the stomach, constipation ur diarrlKea. 

Arnica: Chill in the evening; thirst, even before the chill ; 
bone-pains before the attack ; during the fever: constant de- 
sire to change one's position ; apathy; pains in the stomach, 
no appetite, aversion to meat during the apyrexia : yellow 
color of the skiu, bitter taste in the mouth, li^itlessuess. Suit- 
able after Ij^ec. 

BEi-tjki»ONNA : Violent headache, with stupefaction ; mucli 
beat and slight chill, or vice versa ; Kotue parts are cold, others 
warni; heat with red face and throbbing of the carotids; no 
thirst, or else a good deal; irritable, whining mood. 

Bryonia : Coldness, prevails^ chiU^ with red cheeks, heat 



abont the hcn<l» nrid yawninsy; or tho kent prevaiU^ with nub* 
BeqneiU chilliness, or jiUniritic sLitchos; /irmlfirMt ftiicl vertigo 
dnring the heiLt (or before the vW\\\)^ Cfiated longnc i \nili*v 
taste, aversion to food, iiauKea, desire to vomit, or vomiliog; 
a good deal of thirsty constipation or diarrhtBJi, 

CA.LCAJIEA : Heat in the taee^ then cldll ; »»r lieat in the race 
with cold hands; or alternate chill and heat; or external ''liill 
with internal heat ; vertigo ; he-avinessof the head and limbs; 
Btrete.hing, pains in the small of the back, resth'ssnesm. 

CAPSicru: TJiirst during the chill, or during the whoto 
fever; chill, then burnini^ heat; much tnucuji in the mouthy 
throat and fttmnach ; di.'iir}»a?a, with HJiniy and burning eva^ 
cuations ; ill humor, antnilsh nnd 8tupef;ictioni increasing with 
the chill; cliills heij^in in the back, 

Cakbo-vecj, : Chill in the evening; or at night ; thirsty only 
during the cliill ; copious sweat with subsequent chill ; rheu- 
injitic |)ain in the teeth and limbs before or during the fever; 
vertigo, nausea, and red face during the heat. 

Chamomili^a : Pressure in the pit of the stomach, hot sweat 
on the forehead ; despair, to?^sing about, or bilious vomiting, 
diarrhcEu and colic : thintf, heat and swent ])rev;dling. 

Cina: Votriiting and caidne hunger before, dunng or after 
the paroxysms ; tliir.Ht only during the chill or heat ; pale 
face during the whole <if the paroxysms; frequent tickling in 
the nose ; dilated jmpils ; emaciation, 

Fekrcm : Chill, with thirst and headaclic, orgasm of the 
blood, swelling of the cutaneous veins ; tendency of the blood 
to the head ; aMienia of the tace, enpecially around the eyes; 
vomiting of the iugc-jta ; short breath, tlelulity* 

Opicm : Sleep during the heat and even chill; stertoroua 
bi*eathing with the mouth open ; convulsive twitchinga; warm 
gweat ; Huppression of the secretiona Suitable to old peoplti 
and child rcTL 

Vkratrum : External chill and cold eweat, or internal heat 
with dark-red urine, dellriutn and red face; or chill with 
nausea, vertigo, pains in the small of the back and back; or 
chill, alternating with heat ; constipation ; or vomiting, M'ilh 
diarrha'a ; thirst during the chill and heat. 

§ 1-. Consider moreover : 

Caniicaris: When the urinary passages are involved^ 

CoccuLUs; Nervousness, spasmodic symptoms, cardialgia, 

Coffka : Very sensitive and nervous, even with mild fever; 
beat with tUirat, red fja^oe, lively mood ; sweat with thirst, soft 


fltools or diArrhoM ; oolic» with shuddering^ raftleBBneflBi loas- 

Dbossea : Violefit chiUines^ with cold face ; icy-cold hands 

And feift; OAYuea, bilions vomiiing; hejidacfie, sposmodio 

co^h ddrinii the heat; gnstric symptoms durii^^ the npyrtvvia. 

Hkpas ; Fe%'«?r. wiih coryti, coutrh, <lisi rrs,s in iht' chv»l ; 

orehiil with thii^t, preceded by bitter ta'^ic, io!U»wcil hy \wt\X 

' fleepi. 

HYoscTASfTs: ChilU or heat, coun;h at night, or even 
^tlrptic attackjL 

Mkxyanthes : Chill, shudderinnx. chilliness in tho uhdnnicn. 
JLouarsiUi^ : Heut and chill ; hc:ii, with uniruiHh and thirst. ; 
cr orfttki itwtat, with palpitation nf the heart 
SZnSfM : ChiU, coldness, espec inlly of thtt liuudii antl 
or ▼iolent heat ; great (Aintt ; headache ; pale I'ucf ; pain- 
•wellin^ and hardness of the spleen ; debility, ieniti- 
t<veiie«8 to c^jld air. 

Nt*x*M0sciiATA : Little thirst during the heat ; deHrt to 

white tonafue ; rattlin-^ bloudy expectoration- 
8abai>illa : Chill, with little ihirst!^ or no thir>4i ; dry, ^kih- 
ic cough ; tearing pains in the bones during tbo chill ; 
delirium, sleep, stretching during the heat. 

^AiCBcrcrs : Sweat, or great lieal. without thirst. 
Skpia : Chill with thirst, paina in the limbs, icy-cold hand^ 
' feet, deadnesB of the hngers. 
^TAPHTSAGRiA I Fcver in the evenbig, with chill, scorbutic 
>tion« and nocturnal heat. 
_ ScLPerR : Fever from suppressed itch, with chills every 
cveoiug, heat and sweat towards morning ; fever with palju- 
tation nf the heart; violent thirst, even before the chill. 

Tm'JAi Chill, with cold trembling, externally and inter* 
mdly, with or without thirst ; then sweat without previous 


Vxuatixs : No chill, but greiit heat and thirst, and dull- 

of the head. 
8 13. Consider moreover : 

.jVpismel: Pure uncomplicated intermittcnts ; paroxymns 
well marked; chill, heat an«i sweat; quotitlian tVnerK, with- 
out aiiy di*w?a»e in liver or spkvn; intermittent fev^er, eomtfttf 
on •« the aftctnoony the chill commencing in the front of the 
d*e«t or in the knees; nervous excitability with re»tlein»ne«* ; 
licaria : j»lefple»snejvH in the apyrexia, 
^RAXA.DiADKMA : InUrmUtctit, with ffastricismus ; I 
»tiiea nausea, incliiiaUon to vomit, aootuaUes w *hi: . . ^^^, 



dyapeplic Bymptoms, urine dark-colored, liver and Bpleen 
ewollen and e!ilargt*d ; after a while, ascites, loss of strength. 
Laziness, imiahility, or more freqaeDily ye%^ apathy ; chiClA 
pyrevaft'fit^ tetth thirst/ tendency to WmorrliRg^i}, like in 

CAtTUR-QR. : Qtfofidian/evers^ appearinff at (he same hour 
every day ; Revere fliillineHs, not relieved by covering: burn- 
ing beat, witli sbortnesH ot* breatli and restlessness, lasting.' a 
lon<; while, followed by copious perspiration ; coUlnesft, fol- 
lowed by burning heat, itith f/re<tt dysyma^a^ fhir«l, violent 
pain in the head, coma, stupefaction, insensibility, terminat- 
ing in inextinguishable thirst and very profuse perspiralion. 

CoRNus-FL. : Miasntatic fevers ; paroxysm preceded for 
days by aleepiness ; sluggish flow of ideiis ; headache of a 
heavy, dull character ; nausea, vomiting, luss of appetite, 
bilious or watery diarrhcca ; cA«7/, with cold clammy skin : 
nausea and voniiiing and violent pains in the bowels ; fever^ 
with violent headache ; hot^bt^t moijtt skin ,* stupor, cerebral 
fullness ; pulse quick and hard, confuHion of intellect ; apy 
reariii ; debility, gastric irritability ; painfnl diarrhoea. 

EuPATORiUM PERF. : The paroxysm generally commences 
in the tnominy ; thirst, Bcveral hours after the chill, which 
continues during the ehill and heat ; vomiting at the conclu- 
sion of the chill; jmins in the bones early in the morning be- 
fore the chill ; headache, backache and thirst during the chill; 
flusiied tare and dty hot skin during the fever; fever accom- 
panied with sleep and moaning, and followed by sltf/ht /->cr- 
s/a'ration / great weakness and j^rostration during the fever, 
with fuintness from motion ; little or no sweat at any time 
duriny the disease. 

Gelsemintm : Simple, uncomplicated inteiTnit tents, espe- 
cially fresh cases ; severe chill, intense burning fever, great 
resttessless, sertsitiveness to light and sounds mental anxiety or 
agitation, delirium, sleeplessness; evrious senjiafiofi- of fall - 
ing ; swimming from giddiness; partial blindness or deaf- 
ness ; absence of yastrir or hrpatic symptoms. 

Hydrastis : Quotidian fever, with considerable gastric dift- 
turbance ; jaundice and general cachectic condition. 

Leptandra : Considerable prostration ; loss of appetite ; 
heavily coated brown toni^ue ; bitter taste in the nioutn ; con- 
slijiation or diarrhcea, with dark fetid stools ; jaundice ; yel- 
low, saturated urine. 

LoiiELiA-iNF. : Quotidian, with more or less longdaating 
shuddering towards the middle of the day^ followed by sweat 



and heat, which lasts until next morning; shaliing chill \nth 
thii'^t, thon heat with thirst and sweat ; the coldness is in- 
creased after drinking ; the s\veat bcg^ins with the heat or 
ui\er the heat has continued for some time. 

Podophyllum : Quotidian, tertian and quartan fevers, when 
the liepatic, intestinal and gastric symptoms correspond 
(After Pod. use Are, china or nux-vom.^ 

Veratr.-vik. : Is often of great use m the hot stage, when 
the action is intense and the vascular system is strongly ex- 

FE\^ER, YELLOW, fohris flava : We know- of one case 
cured by Crotalus. Try: Aro, arg.-mtr* ars. bell, bry, carb.-v. 
lach. mere. 2) Aeon. amm. eupat.-p. gels. rhus. verat.-vir. 
8) Apoc.-and. chin. ipec. n.-vora. In the beginning: Aeon, 
belL bry. gels. v^raC-vir. For ^iack vomit: Ars. For usual 
vomiting: Ipec. iris. 

FISH-POISON, IcHTYOToxicoN. — For poisoning with mus- 
cles, " Herring *' recommends powdered charcoal with mo- 
lasses or sugar-water; afterwards smell of camphor, and 
drink black coffee. 

For poisoning with Ji.ih, take powdered charcoal mixed 
with brandy ; if this, and hlnf'k cofiVe^ shotild not be sufficient^ 
drink sugar- water, very sweet. * If this should not help, drink 
a quantity of haif vinegar and water, 

U this poisoning should be followed by scarlet redness on 
the skin, with swelling of the face and hands^ sore throat,^., 
take BelL or cap. 

FISTULA LACHKYIVIALIS.— Principal remedies: 1) 
Bell, calc- ehel. puis. ruta. 2) Bry. natr. natr.-m. petr. phoapb. 
sil- staim. staph, sulph. 

Compare : Ulcers and Opthalmta. 

FISTULA RECTL— Give: Calo. caust. siL and Bulph. 
Compare : Ulcers, fistuxous. 

FISTUL2V URINARIA.— Give : Ars. calc. carb.-ao. «il, 
Compare: Ulcers, Gonorriicea, an dURtNART difficulties. 

ING OF.-Give: Calc. or sil. sulph. 

FORMICATION, — Generally arising from pai*alysigof the 
nerves, which ramify through the affected part. Princi[>al 
remedies: 1) Barvt, carb.-veg. rhodod. secal. sulph, 2) Aur. 



borax, lycop, magnes-ra, natr. phos.-aCv platiJi. sabad. staplk 

3) Cann. lauroo. nmr.*ac. pJiusph. rhus. bUic, tmc. 

FUNGUS ARTICULORUIVL— Principal rerat- Hios for tbit 
deposit in tho cellular tissue, are : 1 ) Ant. eil. 2) Ars, con. 
krcos. iod. lach. lye. petr. phospli. staph, sulph. 

GANGRENE. —§ 1. Principal remedies: 1) Ars. cshin. 
lack sil. 2j A^ia. bell euph* hell, plumb, sabin. sec. sqiiill* 
8) Aeon. con. mere. ran. sulph. sulph.-ac tart, 

§ 2. For humid ^ancrrene I Chin. helL pqnill. 

Jlot gangrene : 1) Sabin. sec. 2) Ars. bell, mur.-ac. 

CoU gangrene: 1) Are. asa. chin. sf|nill. nee. 2) Bell. con. 
eupb. lach. mere, plumb, ran. sil. sulph, fiulph.-ac. tart, 

fe 3. Gafigrtina senilis : 1) Sec. 2) Chin. con. plumb. 

§4. Ganifrenotu^ or black variola, requires : 1) Ars. carb.-v. 
2) Bell. hyos. lach. rhu8. sec. sil, ; or, 3) Ant. mur.-ac. sep. 

Gangrenous blisters: 1) Ars. bell, camph. lacb. ran, sabin. 
BCc. 2) Aeon, carb.-v, mur.-nc. phos. 

Carbuncks: 1) Ars. bell siL 2) Caps, hyos, rhtis, 8e< 
tart. (Compare: Antmuaic.) 

GASTRITIS. — § 1. Principal remedies: l) Aam. ara 
ML bry, chel. hyose. ipec n -vom. puis, verat. ; or, 2) Ant. 
cantb. euph. ran. stram. 3) ^jsc-h. asa. bar) t. bar.-m. caniph. 
cann. colch. coloc. cupr. dig. bed. hell. bydr. iria. laur. mez. 
nitr. phos. pod. sabad. sec. squill, tereb. 

^ 2. Particular indioal long : 

AcoxTTrj[ : Iiiilaijmijktory fever with great pain ; the dis- 
ease is caused by taking cold or by tiking a cofd drink while 
healed ; slitch-like» burning and pressing pain in the pit of 
the stomach, with anguish and fear of dejith, 

iEscirLVs^n : Sub-acute gastritis; the burning aching dis- 
tress in the stomach is almost unendurable, making him feel 
weak and faint ; retching and violent vomiting. 

Antimonifm : Caused by derangement of the stomachy 
with frequent vomiting, the tongue Ih coated with white or 
yellow mucus, great thirst at night; belching, 'svith taste of 
food; total loss uf ap]i>elite. 

AftSEMci'M : Frequently m alternation with Aeon., eftpe- 
cially when the disea^so is caused by a cold in the stomach, 
by eating ice, &e.,or with sadden prostrfttion^jyule liyppocra- 
tic face, cold extremities, «fee,, verat. being insuflicient. 

Belladonna: Ccrebntl symptoraa; dullness; loss of ooi^ 
Bciousijess; delirium. Hyoac. being fruitleaa, 



BnroNTA r Frequently after Aeon, or Ippc, e^specially wbtn 
caused l»y taking: a cold drink while hontod. 

EupuuKiiiA'COB.: Vomiting, arising from fright, over-jn- 
dnlgence in ices, frnits, with sinking, anxious fl't-ling at the 
ston'inch ; fainttiess, slow and weak pulsi*, coul skin, cool feot 
and hands; cold sweat on the body and extremities; &|»asin8 
of the legs and feel. 

Hydrastis: Dull aehing pain in the Rtomftch, eaiigin^ a 
very fainlish feeling ; a goneness in the epigastric region ; 
acidity^ constipation, 

Hyosctamus : Dropsical or cerebral symptoms, apathy, losst 
of conscionsness or delirium ; the patient is insenmble to the 
danger of ber situation. 

Ipecacuanha : A good deal of vomiting with violem pains ; 
the diijeasu is caused by derangement of the stomach or by 
taking a cold drink, Ac4>n. being insufficient. 

Ibis^ver. : Rising of very sour water; i/reat burninff r/*>* 
tress in the epignstric region, not allayed by drinking ctjld 
water; intense burning in the region of the pnncreas ; severe 
and profuse vomiting; vomiting with much pain in the 

Ndx-vomica; The same causes as under Ipec. — aeon. biy. 
are., or Ipec. being insuffieient. 

Phosphouls: Cuttintj hurninff pains in the stomach ; ^reat 
heat of the body with cold extremities ; frequent shudderlngs; 
sinking of the reactive power; convtilKiOnfl. 

Podophyllum : Unusually severe vomiting, the ejecta con- 
sisting of bile aud blood j distressing nausea; belching of Ao J 
Jiatiis^ which is very sour. 

Pulsatilla : Caused by gastric impurities, or by eating 
ice. Ars. and ipec. being insufficient. 

SAXGUtfCAJiiA : Burning, jerking in the stomach, as if some- 
thing alive, with headache, unquenchable thirst; vomiihig 
and prostration ; vomiting of bitter greenish fluid. 

Skpia : Abdomen bloated; congestion and heat of the 
head; headache; tongue coated withfjiit luntre ; oflen 8ore 
and covered with Httle blisters on the ed'xes and tip ; sour 
fiuiell from the niouth itnd likewise uf the urme, which is clear 
like water, or palc-ycllowinh ; cou&tant drowsines.^; ati.tvous 
dre.'ims iui<l greut tever heat ; e^peciaUy hi children, from 
taking cx»Id when the weather changes. 

VEiiAiRuw ; E,vces8ive col dn eta of the extremities, sudden 
prostration, pale and hyppoeralic face. 



§ 3. Coinpare : Inflammatory Fevers, Cholera, Gcutric 
Derangement y Weak Stomnch and Cardialgia, 


^ 1. Principal remedies; 1) Aeon. anL am. ars. belh hrj, 
cliam. rocc. iper. mi^rc. n,-vuin. pulB. 2) Caps, carb-vetj. chin, 
eoff. eoloc. dig. hep. rh.ib. rhiia. §qaill. tart, veratr. 3) Asa. 
asiir. bf rb. ? calc. cann. cic. cin, colch. con. cupr. daph. dros. 
ivr[i, hitih. lyo. ma^n.-m. natr. natr.-ra. nitr,-ao. petr. phua, 
rhab. sec. st?p. sJl. slann. siilph.-ac. tarax. 

§ '2. For ucitlity, sour ernetatiunSy ttc. : 1) N.-vom. puis, 
robin, sulph,; or, 2) Bell. calc. caps, carb.-veg. cliam. chin, 
con. phosph. se\\ staph, sulph. -ac. 

For bilioun slate, (bitter taste, eructations or vomiting) : 1) 
Ac'on. bry. chain, chin, cocc. mere. n,-vom* puis. sep. verai*. 
'2) Ant, ars. aaa. asar. cann, coloc. daph. dig, gran.? iga ipec 
hich. .sec. staph, sulph. tart. 

For pitiiitous symptoms, Avith mucous coating of tbo 

mgue, slimy taste and vomiting) : 1) Bell, caps, chin. ipec. 
lerc. 11,-vom. puis, siulph. vcratr. ; or, 2) Ars. carb.-veg. cham. 
cin. dulc, petr. rliab. rhus, spig. 

For i^abttrrfil symptoms (spoiled taste, nausea, loss of appe- 
tite) : 1) Ipec. n.-vom. puis.; or, 2) Ant. am. ars, bell. biy. 
carb.-veg. cham. coff. hep. mere tart, verat. 

§ 8. For gastric complainta of children: 1) Bell, cham* 
ipec. mere, n.-vom. puis. ; or, 2) Bar-c. calc. hyos. lye. magn. 
c. sulph. 

For gastric symptoms occasioned by derangements of tb© 
stomach: 1) Ant, am. ipec. n.-vom. puis. ; or, 2} Aeon. iwa. 
bry, carb.-v. chin. coflT. hep, sulph. tart,, Ace, 

By abuse of spirits: 1) Carb.-veg. n.-vom.; 2) Ant. coflt 
ipec. puis,— By abuse of coffee: 1) Cocc. ign. n,-vonu 2) 
Cham. mere. puis. rhus. sulph. ; of tobacco: Cocc, ipec. meiHL 
n.-vom. puis staph. ; of aHds : 1) Aeon. ars. carb.-veg, hep.; 
or, 2) Laoh. nntr.-m. sulph. sulph.-ac. 

By abu-se of cAamojnilt: Puis., or nux-v. ; of rhubarb : 
PuU. ; of tticrcurg: Carb.*veg, chin. hep. or sulph. 

By getting heated: Bry. or sil, ; by a cold: Ars. bell, cham. 
coco. diilc ipec, ; by ice, fruity c&e. : Ars. puis, carb.-veg. 

By external injurica, such as : a blow upon the stomach, or 
by strainingy <0<l', .* 1) Arn. bry. rhus. ; or, 2) Puis, nita. 

By nervous excitement, excesnive watching or studying, So, ; 
^1) Arn. n.-votn. puis, sulph. 2) Carb.-veg. coca ipec. veratr, ; 
*, 3) Calc. lach. ? 



By los9 of animal fluids, nursing, vomiting, abuse of cathar- 
tics: 1) Chin, curb.-veg. ruUu 2) Calc. lach, n,-vora. sulph. 

By erf lotions^ anger, chagrin, grief, <fec. : 1} Chara. coloc. 
2) Aeon. bry. t-hin. n.-vom. puis. 

Compare: Lnuigestiox, Causes, &c. 

Particubir symptomatic indications: 

Acunittm: Yellow coating on the tongnf\ bitter taate in 
the mouth and of food and drink, except water ; excessive 
nausea; bitter eructations ; violent but ineffectual urging to 
vomit, or bitt^^r, greenish or sHm^ vomiting ; distention and 
awellintr of the hypochondna, witli painful sensitiveness of 
the region of the liver; no stool, or small, frequent stools, 
with teoesmus ; beating or stitching pain in the head, worse 
w hen talking. 

Antimonium : Indigestion, with the following symptoms: 
Frequent hiccough, loss of appetite, loathing, tongue coated 
or covered w ith blistcra» dry mouth ; or else : aecunuilatioa 
of saliva or mucus in the mouth ; thirst, at night ; nausea, 
desire to vomit, increased by dnnking \Wne; eructatiofis 
smelling and tasting of tM ingexta., or w^ith a fetid smell; 
Tomiting of the ingesta or of slimy and bilious substances; 
pninfulness of the stomach to the touch, with pmnful feeling 
of fullness ; colic and frequent flatulence ; diarrhcea or consti- 
pation ; dull headache, worse when smoking or going up- 
stairs. (i\iler Ant., Bry. is sometimes suitable,) 

AuNiCA : Gastric symptoms occasioned by external injuries, 
watchijig^ mental exertions, ifec. ; generally for : Great ner- 
vousness, with dry or yellow-coated tongue ; putrid, bitter or 
suur taste; bad smell from the mouth; desire for acids; aver- 
sion to smoking ; eructations tasting of putrid eggs ; urging 
to vomit : flatulent distention, especially after a meal ; heavi- 
ncHs of the whole body ; giving way of the knees; vertigo, 
dullness of the head, aching pain with heat in the brain, and 
stupefaction. (After Arn., are sometimes suitable Nux-v. 
5m d cham.) 

AnsENiruH: Acrid, bitter eructations; dry tongue, with 
violent thirst and desire to drink frequently, but httle at a 
time ; salt or bitter taste, nausea, vomiting of the ingesta, or 
of bilious, brownish or greenish substances ; colic, or burn- 
ing pains in the stomnch and abdomen, with chilliness and 
angiii>jli, or violent, burnhig pressure at a sm.-ill spot in the 
iit«miach ; great sensitiveness of the region of the stomach to 
contart ; great debility, desire to lie duwn ; no pIooI, or else 
watery, greenish, brownish or yellowish diarrhrea^ Avith teues- 



mus; the vomiting or diarrbcpa come;* on again after drink* 
ing and after every mntioii oC the !>ody. 

Belladonna : Whitish, yellowiish, or thickly-coated tongue j 
aversion to drink and food ; sour taste of rye-bread ; vomit- 
ing of food or of 8our, bitter or eliniy substances ; Bomctimea 
with constant nausea, dry njoiith or thirst ; headache, in the 
ginciput, as if every thin^ would fall out at the forehead, 
■with throbbing of the temporal arteries; no stool, or sUiny 

Bryonia : Especially in summer and hot and damp weather; 
for : dry tongue, coated white or yellow, and covered with 
blisters; thirst day and nit^ht, with sensation of dryness in 
the mouth and throat ; putrid smell troni the mouth ; bitter 
taste, especially on waking, or pnppy, flat, foul taste; aver- 
sion to solid tbod, with dt'sire for wine, acids or coffee; fre- 
quent, inetfectual attempts at vouuting ; or else, bilious vom- 
iting, especially after drinkinij ; tension and fullness in the 
region of the stomach, especially after eating ; constipation ; 
dullne>!s of tlio head, with vertigo, or burning, oppressive or 
distensive pnin in the head, worse after drinking ; chilliness 
and shuddering. 

CiiAMoMH.LA : Red and cracked tongue, or coated yellow ; 
bitter taste in the mouth, and of food ; fetid odor from the 
month ; loss of appetite, nausea, or eructations and greenish, 
bitter or sour vomiting ; great and oppressive anxiety, ten- 
sion and pressure in the pit of the stomach, hypochondria 
and epigastrium ; constipation, or greenish, diarrha'ic stools; 
or sour diarrhcca, or discharge of fhecid matter and mucnSj 
resendjllng stirred tygs in aj>pcarance ; restless sleep, with 
tossifig about and frecjuont waking; pain and fullness in the 
head; hot and red face ; red aiul burninir cycg ; sensitive, 
suspicious temper. (If the patient shotUd liave made exces- 
sive use of chamomile-tea, giv« Gocc. and puis.) 

CoociTLUs: Yellow-coated tongue, loathing of food; dry 
mouth with or without thirst ; fetid eructatiouM, nausea and 
dcsiio to vomit, especially when talking, after sleeping, when 
eating, or during motion, particularly riding in a carriage ; 
painful fullness in the region of the stomach, with laborod 
breathing ; constipation, or soft stools, with burning at the 
anuA ; debility, with sweat during the least exercise ; aching 
in the forehead, with vertigo. 

Ipi-xacuanha : Clean tongue, or thickly coated with a yel 
lowish mucus, dry mouth ; loathing of food, es]>ecially fat food, 
with desire to vomit ; violent, iueftectual straining, or else 



vomiting of tbe ingesta or of slimy snhstances, easy, but with 
great force ; fetid smell from the mouth, bitter taste in the 
month and of food ; violent pains, pressure and fullness in the 
region of the stomach ; colic and diarrhoeic stools of yellow- 
ish color, or fetid, putrid sinell ; chilliness or shuddering over 
the whole body ; pale, yellowish complexion ; aching in the 
forehead, or sensation as if all the bones of the skull were 
broken ; sometimes nettle rash. 

MERCiTRnrs : Moist tongue, or coated white or yellowish ; 
dry, burning lips, offensive, fuul and bitter taste ; nausea, 
desire to vomit, or bilious, mucous vomiting ; painful sensi- 
tiveness of the epigastrium and abdomen, especially at night, 
with anguish and restlessness; drowsy in the day-time, sleep- 
lessness at night ; sometimes aversion to drink. (Is fre- 
quently snitable after Bell.) 

Nux-voM : Dry and wliite tongue, or yellowish towards the 
root ; no thirst, or else burning thirst, with henrtbiim ; accu- 
mulation of albuminous mucus or of water in the mouth, bit- 
ter or foul taste in the mouth, or else the fnod tastes flat; 
bitttr eructations, constant nausea, especially in the open air; 
desire to vomit, or vomiting of the ingesta; cardialgia; pain- 
ful pressure and tension in the epigastrium and hypochondria; 
constipation, -with frequent but ineffectual urging to stool; or 
emails diarrhoeic, slimy or watery stools ; dullness of the head, 
ivith vertigo; heaviness, especially in the occiput; ringing 
in the ears, rheumatic pains in the teeth and limbs ; worn-out 
feeling, inability to think; restless, quarrelsome, vehement 
disposition ; hot and red, or yellowish and sallow face. (After 
Nnx-v., cham. is frequently suitable ) 

PirriiATiiXA : Tongue coated with whitish mucus; foul, 
l>appy or bitter taste, especially after swallowing ; bitter taste 
nf food, es|>cciaIJy of bread ; bitter, sour or putrid eructa- 
tions, or tasting of the ingesta; aversion to food, especially- 
warm (boiled food), also to fat and meat, Avith desire for acids 
or spirits; acidity in the stomach; excessive mucus in the 
stomach; regurgitation of t/te ingesta: excessive nausea, 
desire to vomit, especially after eating and dnnking, or with 
evening exacerbations ; vomiting of food, or mucus, or bitter 
and sour vomiting (especially at idght); hard, distended ab- 
domen, with flatnlenee, rumbling; slow stool, or slimy and 
bilious diarrhopa ; henucrflnia, tearing or darting ; chilliness, 
with languor and drawing through the whole body; ill hu- 
mor : taciturn, vehement without reason, especially when the 
iatients are habitually of a bland and obliging disposition. 



8 5* Use likewise : 

Oapsicxm: Suitable to phlegmatic, chirasy intlividunls^ or 
to suspicious persona who tnke every thing in baU p;irt» with 
mucous evacuations^ heartburn, burning in the stomach and 
at the anus during every stool. 

Carbo-veg. : No appetite, malaise, or even romiling of 
food, after the least meal, frequenily with acidity in the stij- 
mach ; pains in the stomach when pressing on the pit j ^eat 
sensitiveness to cold, or hot, dry or damp weather; beavuieKS 
and dullness-s of the Iwixtl, with debility. 

Cbika : No appetite, loathing of food and drinks as if one 
had eaten enough ; frequent eructations, or regurgitation and 
vomiting of the ingesta ; paintul distended abdomen, with 

Sressure around the umbilicus ; frequent discharge of fetid 
atnlence ; Uenteria ; chilliness and sbudrlcnng after drinking. 

Coffea: Gastric aymptoma accompanied by great nervou!*- 
ness and by sleeplessness. 

CoLOCTNTHis : Cardiiilgia, vomiting or diarrhoBa after eat- 
ing ever so little; spMsmodie colic ; cramp in the calves, : Nausea, especially on waking in the morning. 
Tilth bitter taste in the mouth ; thirst, vomiting of mucus ; 
diarrhoea and debility* 

Hgpar : Aching in the stomach, with nausea, eructations, 
desire to vomit, with slimy, bilious or sour vomiting and 
heartburn ; colic and constipation ; or else diarrbceic^ slimy 

Rhubarb : Pappy taste, aversion to solid food or coffee ; 
nansea, with colic, or dianlicDic, smtr stooh^ or slimy and 
brownish stools. 

Rnus-Tox, : Gastric symptoms, especially at night, with 
colic, aching pain in the stomach, dry and bitter mouth, nau- 
sea and desire to vomit. 

Squills; Gastric symptoms accompanied by pleuritic 
stitches, Aeon and bry. being insufficient. 

Tartarus : Constant nausea, with desire to vomit ; great 
anxiety, or \nolent ineffectual urging to vomit; or else, sbmy 
vomiting and diarrhoea. 

Veratrum : Dry tongue, or else coated yellowish or brow-n- 
ish, bilious vomiting and diarrhcBa, debility, fainting fits aftt»r 

§ 6. Compare: Loss op appetitk, Malacla, Coati 
ToxGUE, VoMrriNQ^ Heartburn ; Stomach, dkrangkmjcnt 
OF ; Colic, Dlarrucea, Gastric fsvbrs, Aq. 



GASTRO-ENTERITTS.— For the tieatmeut, tr refer the 
reader to Gastritis and Enteritis, 

GLANDS, disb:a8es of. 

§ 1. Principal remedies: 1) Amm, aur, bar.-o. bell, cala 
carl).-veg-. cliam, cist. con. dulc. hep. lyc, mere, nitr.-uc. sil. 
Bpoiig. sttiph. sulpli. 2) Ahini. hov. caiitK. car b.-an. graph, 
io<l. kal. manor, ol.-jeo. phiinb. phj'tol. sabiri. 

§ 2. Particular iud if ations: 

A.MMoNiLTM<'AUB. ; Swclliiig of the cervical glands, with 
itching eruptions of the fiici? und body. 

AuuiTM : Swelling and supi)iiration of the inguinal glands iu 
conneqiience of syphilis, or abuse of mercury. 

Baryta : Swelling, inflammation and induration of the cer- 
vic;il glnnda, especially when there is dry scurf on the lnvui 
and iu tiie face. 

Belladonna: Inflammatory swelling of the glands and 
lytn]jhatic vesselB, forming red and shining strings or cord-s 
with lumps; heat of the aftectcd parl^ ttmsive and stitching 
puins; also for swelling, suppuration ar iiuliiratiou of the in- 
guinal or cervical ghnuls, ana for cold aweUings. AtVer Bell, 
are frequenfly suitable : Dulc. hep. mere, rhus-t. ; or Calc 
niix-v. and sulph. 

Bkvon JA : Swelling of the cutaneous glaiids, forniing srcall, 
hard knots under the skin. 

Caixauea : Swelling and induration of the submaxillary, 
axillary and inguinal glands, al.«50 of the cervical, parotid and 
facial glands, especially when there is otorrhceaand hard hear- 
ing. Also for cold swelUnffs and swellitigs of the mesenteric 
glands. Oalc, is heqtieatly suitable after sulph. 

Carb -VEO, : Induration of the axillary glands, and lumps 
in the breasts. 

CiiAMOMiLUk: Inflammatory and painful swelling of the 
submaxillary and cervical glands, and for induration of the 
mammoj of new-born infants. 

CiSTUH : Sweliing and suppuration of the submaxillary 
glands, with caries of the jaws: 

DiTLCAMARA : Cold Swelling, also for inflammation and in- 
duration of the inguinal and cervical glatids, with tensive 
pain. Dulc. is frequently indicated after Bell, or mere. 

GitAPHiTJK: Scrofulous swelling of the cervical glands* 

Hepar: Suppuration of the axillary and inguinal glands, 
espedally when much mercury had been Ubed. 




loDttTM : Scrofulous or arlhrilic induratloQ of tbe Inguinal, 
cervicJil or axillary glands, 

MERcuurrs : Cola swt'Ilmgs, inflammaiion, swelling or siip- 
puraiioa of the submaxillary, axillary, irjfiimtial or parntid 
glands, especially in scrofulous or syphilitic individuals. 
After Merc, are frequently suitable: Dale. bell, hep., or 

NlTRtc-Ac. : Inflammatory swelling or suppuration of the 
inguinal or axillary glands, especiiiUy after abusa of mercury, 
or in syphilitic subjects. 

NtJX-voM. : Inflammation of the lymphatic vessels, with heat 
and shining redness, hardness and painfubiess. Nux.-v. is 
frequently "suitable after Bell. 

Silicea: Scrofulous induration and awelling of the cervical, 
parotiii, axillary and inguinal glands, with or without Inflam- 

Spongia: Sorofuloua swelling and induration of the cervi- 
cal glaudH. 

SuLPiitTR : Swelling, induration and suppuration of the in- 
guinal, axillary and fiubinaxillary glandsi, also of the cervical 
and even cutaneous glands, either from scrofula or in couse- 
qtience of some cutaneous disease, auch as scarlatina, &o., or 
from abuse of mercury.* 

§ 2. Give more ]iarticularly : 

a) For i/ifhtinniator}j swellings: 1) BelL mere* phosph. siL 
2) Aeon, baryt. eamph. chain, grapli. hep» iiitr.-ac. n.-vora* 
puis, staph, sulph. thuj. 3) Arn. carb.-an* oarb.-v. lye. rlius. 

b) Co/r/ swellings; I) Ars, bell, calc, cocc. con. mere. 2) 
Asa dulc. hich. 

e) Hai*d swellings: Baryt. bry. o:ilc. con. phosph. puis. rhua. 

a) Painfid swellings : Aur. bell, carb.-aii. chin. iod. puis, 
sil. sulph. 

e) PaitUess swellings : Calo. con. dulc. phoa-ac. aep. sulpb. 

§ 3. Also : 

a) For mppuratinff glands ; Bell caic. cist. hep. mere, nitr,- 
ac. sil. sulph Aur laeh. sep. ' 

b) Utrerated ghkiiA^x Ars. phosph. sil. Bell. con. hep. lach* 
sulph. tlmj. 

c> Indtiratrd glands : Baryt bell. calc. carb.-an, dera. ooi 

• Rhu*-tai, 

18 A most importatit remedy fur gkadolar ■vrelUngi.— » 



graph, lye, siilph. Carb -veg. cham. chin. magn.-nL rhus. 

§ 4. Compare : Inflammation, Swjcllings, Strpptnuiro^, 
Ulcers, &c. 

GLANDERS, POISON OF.— Tbo best remedies, accord- 
ing to Hiring, are: 1) Ars. phos.-ao. 2) Calc. siilpli. 

GOITRE, STRUMA. — Principal remedies: 1) lod, spong. 
2) Anib. arnni. calc. canst, hep. lye. natr, natr.-m. spong. 
staph ; and i>erhap3, 8) Garb. -an. con. dig. kal. magn,-o. mere 
pctr. phos,-ac, plat. sil. sulph. 

GONITIS, ixPLASfMATioff OF THE KNEE. — For lymphatlo 
or H(.rof(dmai swelling of the knee : Calc. or sulpb. ; or, 2) 
Am. ars. ferr. iod. lyc. sil. 

Arthritic swelling requires : Am. bry. chin, cocc. lyc. n.- 
vorn. sulph. 

For ^suppuration : I) Merc. sil. ; or, 2) Bell. bop. sulpb. 

For seroitff effusion ( hydrurthrus) : 1) Sulph. ; or, 2) Calc. 
iod. raerc. hil. ; or, 3j Cuii. dii^. 

For irhlk awelHng, (or phleffmasia alba dolens) : 1) Bry. 
lyc. 2) Ant. ars. puis. rhua. sabin. sulpL 3) BelL calc, cbin. 
iod. mere. rhus. sep. sib 

See: Artuthtis, Suppuration, Tumou, De^psy, Scbofula, 

GONORRHCE A : § 1 . The chief remedy thrmigh aU r/w 
st'fjes h and remains Cammbis-aat.^ not in water, but every 
(lay (morning or evening) three pellets, dry, on the tongue. 
This will produce a favorable change In a few <iay9» without 
the intervention of any other renieily, pramded tfte patient 
kcrptt perfectly quiet and abstains totally from all heatings 
drin/cSy and from coitfis. 

§ 2. If Cannabis <loes not stiffice, and a remnant remains 
after a couple jf weeks, use Merc-sol, 3, or sulph., or alter- 
nate the two remedies, till a perfect cure is established. Givo 

Terr, for greenish or puriform dl«*obarge, and sulph. for 

•rous, uhitish, painless <Htidmrge. 

Canthahides: Are indicated by violent inflammation, sup- 
pression of urine, priapism, painful erections, &c. 

Aconite and Gelsemixltm are sometimes excelletit for vio- 
lent pains, 

§ 3. The best remedy for secondary ooNORRnosA is 
Cannabia, tjiven strictly as already mentioned; but, when it 
had been mismanaged with large dosoa of copaiva or cubeba, 



and cann, sliould not suffice, then give snlph. or mere, ; or, 
8) Astilep.-syr, cap*, ferr. ham. hydr. n;iii>ra, nitr.-ac. ii,-vom. 
pij}'tol, sop. tliuj. Caps, b indicated by a whitish, thick dis- 
charpje, like cream, with bumiiig during' rniciuntion ; it'caps. 
fihoold be insuffirient, give Ferr. or n.-vom. For Htricltirt^^ 
give: 1) Clem. hydr. peir. sulph. 2) Dig, dnlc, puis, rhus, 

FlgwarU require: 1) nitr.-ac. tbuj. ; or, 2) Cinnub. hydr. ; 
Merc, and snlpli someiinies elfcot a eure» 

Fur t/oHon'/uiu and chancre conibined, give Merc, hydr. 

g 4. The following reniediea have likewise been recom- 
mended: Agn. oon. cop. cub. dnle. hep. led. lye, merc--cor. 
nioz. petr. sabin. aelen. Agnus is suitable when the sexual 
instinct has become extinct or greatly dimini-shed, and when 
there is a whitish serous gleet, wittiont pain. 

Other indications are ; 

V or sci^ere inflammatory ^ympioms : 1) Cann. 2) Cantb. 
mere, merc.-cor. 3) Cinn. sulph. 

For i/ell()t/?ish'ffrcen dhchiiTge: 1) Cann. 2) Merc, merc.- 
cor. 3) Ciim. fluor.-ac. 

For difficult urination: 1) Cann. canth, 2) Big. mere. 

^tr. sulph. 

For miVAy discharge: 1) Cann. 2) Caps. ferr. n.-voui* 

6. For the conscqnences or meta^Jtaaes : 
.) For tfditfutlmia-ffon; 1) Aeon. 2) Puis. 3) nitr.-ac. 
gnlph. thnj. 4} Ars. hep. mere^sol. merc.-cor, 

2) For orchitis: 1) Aur. mere ptds. 2) Agn. brom. nitr^ 
ac, rhod, 3) Clem n.-ioni. tusAd. 4) Ham. verat.-v. 

3) For rheumatism: 1) Clem. daph. 2) Seas 8ii]ph. 3) 
lyc. tbuj, 

4\ Foifitricturcs: 1) Clem. 2) Cami. ; perhaps, also: 3) 
Arg,*iiit. petr, rhua. sulph. 

5> For pro jftatit is : 1) Cann. nitn-ao. puis. tbuj. 2) Pho& 
sclen. sulph. 


The beM remedy h P/ias.-uc,, not only for the pains in tho 
Undis, but also for the bodily and mental languor of whiuh 
BO many young people complain when growing too fast. 


§ L Pruicipal remedies: Amm. amm.-m. bell. bor. carb.*v* 
chill, hep. Pierc. mur.-uc. nalr.-m. nitr.-ac. n.vom. phos,-Jic 
Thu± staph, ^ulpk 2) Ars, baryt. ealc. caps, c^irb,.*. cauMi. 



oimicif. rlulc e«pat.-ar. graph ♦ hydr, kal. kreas. myr.-ccr. phoa. 
'phytol, puis nitii. scp. siilph.-ac, thnj. 


Bdl. cctic. eaust. cham. chin, cimiiiK cial. gniph. hytir, hep* 
mere, n.-vom. phos.-Mc. sep. staph, sulpli, li) Amm. amm.-ni. 
baryt bor. myr.-cer, Ti:itr-tn. nitr.-aa phog. gil. 

For the liability to bi.kei>: An*. c:ilc. mrh.-v. cist* tnere, 
natr,-m. nilr.-.ic. ^ho9. phoi.-ac. «U. staph, sulph. 

For ABSCfzssKS AND FISTLTL.E : Calc. sil. staph, sulph.; or, 
CauBt. lye. ? natr.-in- petr. ? canth.? 

For ri*KSHY ExceEscE^XES : 8ta]>h- thiij. 

For UTLCERATION of the jc^nna: Alum, calc, carb.-%\ kal. lya 
mere, nair.-m. sil staph, sulph, sulph.-ac. 

For LoosENKSs OF THE TKKTH : 1 ) cqIc. carb.-v, cist mere, 
ph<i8, phos^-ac, *1) Ant. imtr. rhug. sep. 

For 8€ori8UTic affections; 1) Caps, corft.-w, mere, natr.-ni. 
iiitr.-aa staph, sulph. *) Am. amm.-m. ara. biy. caust. dulc 
hydr. kal, kreas. miir.-ac. phyt. scp. &a 

§ 3. For MERcruaiAL t^yriiptonis: Carb.-r. chin. ; or, hep. 
hydr. nitr.-ac. phytirl. staph. Ill effkcts of salt require : 
Carb.-v. or nitr.-sp. Persona who lead :i sedentary Hfe, and 
are corpulent and p/ikffmutic^ require: 1) Caps. 2) Bell, 
calc. mere, sulph. ; thin and Hoely persons, n-vom. carb.-v. 
chin, natr.-m. 

H^MATEMESIS,— Principal remedies: 1) Acan. am. 
i»act. erig. ferr. haniam. hyose. ipec, n,-vom, jfhos. pang. 2) 
Atnm. bell. bry. canth. carb,-v. canst, chin, eryng". hich. lyco- 
pns. lye. meas. nntr.-m. plumb, puis. rum. sec. sulpli. verat. 3) 
Millet", aloe, verat.-vir. 

Use especially : 

For wJurifSy or bndses on the stomach : Am. arg. hara. 
ipec. AHer fright: N.-vom. neon. From cold on the stch 
mctch : Puis. hyos. From other gaMric aUmeyUs : Ars. hyos, 
ipec. natr.m. n-vom. phos. aang. From affections of the 
spleen: Ars. n.-vom. phos. From affcHions of f.h€ lirer: 
Ara, hyos. n.-Vom. Wuh redncM of (he f ice : Bell, caet* 
hyos. With ptdf., dhtortad face : Ars. cnrb.-v. ipec. nalr.-m. 
n-vom. fieo. With simultaneous hiach titooU : Ars. belK ham. 
ipea natr.-m. n.-vom. rum. With small^ wtuk pul^e: Ara 
carb.-v, ipec. sec. With /iard^ full pulse : N-Vom-ac-ou 

HiEMORRHOroS.— Principal remedies: 

j 1. X) Aeon, a^c.'h. ant. ars. bell. calo. cape, carb.-v 


cham. coHins, dimcor. ign. ham. liydr, tnar.-ac. nitr.<«A. n.- 
}oifU ]yhoe<-nc. pod. puis, »ulph. thnj. 2) Aloe, ani' i -o, 

im.-m, anac. berb, ? cau8l> clicl. f chin* coloc. <_ ph. 

Teal. lach. Icpt. lob. piftr. phytol. potyg. rhua sang, syp, tril. 

§ 2, Wo have also to consider : 

For ANOMALiKS of the hitinorrhoidal difficuUks nnd ail- 
iTiontfi in consequence of the suppreMion of a habitual hav 
inorrhoidal flow : 1) N.-voni. Biuph. 2) (3alc. carb.-v, pub. 
3) Alot\ apiR. 

For the ir-tMonniiAGES: 1) Aeon, alum bell, enln* carb.-v. 
cham. collitis. grai»h, barn, ipec* lept, phos, puis* Bep. ; or, 2) 
^s<3 -h, chin, sulph, 3) Amm. ant. cap^i. cascar, erig, ferr. 
mure, millet' ninr. ac. nitr,-ac. n -vom, trill. 

For H.«MORKHoiDAL DISPOSITION: 1 ) N.-vom. sulpk 2) 
-^"ic.-h. calt\ cnrb.-v. canst, graph, hich, petr. <fec. 


cliam. ign. puis. 2) Are. mur.-ac. n,-vom. sulph. 

F(jr LAUGE SWELLING : Bell- caps, kal, miir,-ac. pho8.-ac, 

For PROTRUsioir of the h.^morriioitml knobs: CaIo» 
nitr.-ac« sulph. thuj. Like a pad round tM antu: Calc. 
ranr,-ac. n.-vom. ; or, ie»c -hip. aloes. coUins, 

For GREAT PAiNFULNESs: 1) Bill. cuk. graph, mnr.-ao, 
p4Bon-off. sulph. 2) Aloe«» apis. ars. 

For ITLCERATION : Ign. puLt. phytol, p€Eon-off, 


For BTRAKGitLATioN : Bell. iffn. tK-vom. sep. lob. 

For BUENixG of the knobs; Ars, caps, carb..v. ign. nitr^ 
ac, n.-voni. sulph. 

For itcuing: Ars. cavb.-v. ign, n.-vom. 

For stinging: Carb.-v if/n. mur -ac. natr.-m. n.-vom» sulph. 

For M^MOREUoiPAL COLIC : Carb.-v. coloc. lach, tk-vom, 
puis. 9ulph. 

For Mccous H^MORUHOEDS : 1) ^{ic,-h, ant, raps, carb^-n. 
ptds, sulph. 2) Bor. ign, lacb, mere. 3) Graph, pkos, n.- 

g 3. Particular indications: 

AcoNTTirM: Bleeding piles, with stitches and pressure in 
the anus, feelitiij of repletion in tlie abdomen, with tension, 
pressure and colii-ky pains; pains in the small of tl^jB baok|aa 
if the back of the os-sacrum were broken. 

Antimonium : Copious secretion of a light-yellow mucns^ 
with burning, creeping, itching or even snuirting at the anua 
(Is frequently soitable in aliernation with Puis.) 





Arsenicum : Burning discharge of blood, with burning and 
stitching pain.s in the tumors ; heat and restlessness, burning 
in all the veins, or great debility. (Is frequently suitable in 
alternation with Carb.-veg,) 

Belladonna : Bleeding piles, with violent paing in the 
email of the back, as if the back would break. (If Bell 
ehould not be sufficient, give Hep.) 

Calcakea : After Sulph*, if this should be insufficient, or 
if it should have been abused; for frequent bleediug of the 
piles, or for suppression of habitual bleeding. 

CAPsinrM : The tumors are very hirge, with discharge of 
blood or bloody mucus from tlie rectum, burning pains at the 
anus ; painAd drawing in the sinall of the back and back ; 

CARBo-VT^Cf. : Large bluish tumors, with stitching pains in 
the gimall of the back, stiffness of the back, burning and tear- 
ing in the limbs; cunstipation, with burning stuols and ilis- 
charge of blood ; frequent tendency of the bloud to the head, 
bleeding of the nose^ flatulence, slow action of the bowels, 
<fec., also fur copious and burning discharge of mucus from 
the rectum. 

CtiAMOMtrxA : Flowing piles, with compressive pains in the 
abdomen, frequent urging to stool, occasional buming and 
corrosive diarrhocic stools ; tearing pains in. the Hmall of tlia 
back, especially at night ; or painful and ulcerated rhag!ide« 
of the anus. 

Ignatia : Violent stitches in the rectum, itching and creejv 
ing at the anuH» copious discharge of blood, prolapsus recti 
during stool, or sore, contractive pain uf the rectum, with 
frequent, ineffectual stools and discharges of blood-streaked 

MumATic-AC, : The hanmorrhoidal tumors are inflamed, 
swollen, bluish, with swelling of the anus, sore paJns, violent 
stitches and great sensitivenesH to contact. 

Ni'x- vomica: Blind and flowing, or irregular piles, eaf«e- 
cially suitable t«:» jtersons who lead a sedentary life or uhc loo 
much coffee or spirits ; also suitable to pregnant females or 
pei-sons afl'ectcd with worms, <fcc,; generally for: stitolitui:, 
burning or itching of the anus; stitches and shocks in the 
pmall of the back, with bruised pain^ so that the parietit is 
unable to raise himself; J'ref/uent cotiMiixifion trif/i inrjfrrtual 
urginy to stool, and with sensation as if the atms were rLjHt^d 
ar CQfUftrirtefl ; frequent tendency of the blood to the head 
or abdomen, with (iistention of the epigastrium and hypo. 



chondria ; hoavine?* of the hcjid, inability to iTiink, v<!titigo ; 
ischuria, 8n|vprt*Mion of urine; discharge of blood and muctts 
fi-om tlie anus, 

SuLPiirK: If Xnx should be insufficient, espeoially for al- 
ttMmato constipation and discharges af blood-streaked mucus; 
feelincf of snrcnpss nt the anua, with itchinc: and stitches ; fre- 
cjni'nt tendency of the l>k>od to the head ; palpitation of the 
heart; the vascular system is easily excited, throbhinij;' in the 
whole abdomen, with anguish and oppression, after the lea^t 
emotion ; weak digestion ; dysuria ; bleeding, buniiufr and 
fri»quent protrusion of the hieinorrhoidal tumors. (Sulph. is 
best given in alternation with Nux-v ; these two remedies in 
alternation are sufficient in must cases to effect a cure.) 

§ 4. ^sciTLUs-niP. : Constnction, protriisitm, fullness, ach- 
ing, dryness, itching, prickings tenesmus; pains in the reo- 
tum and anu.i, also in the back ; severe fullness and hearinff] 
thfcn, ttith constipation ,* feeling in the rectum as though,] 
folds of the mucus membrane obstructed the passage^ and 
if, were the effort continued, the rectum would protrude 
appearance of hftmorrhoi«ls, like ground-nuts, of a purple 
color, very painful, and with a sensation of bunitng; aching 
pain and lame feeling in the back. 

Cactus: Constipation as from ha^morrhoidal congestion ; 
swollen varices outsirle the anus, causitig great pain ; great 
itching of the anus, which causes him to rub the part veri 
often ; pricking in the anus, as from sharp pins, which ceasca' 
on fllight fi iction ; copious fwmiof^hage from the anus, which 
soon ceases. 

CoLLiNsoNiA : Constipation, with a good deal of flatulence ; 
chronic constipation ; pains in the epigastrium ; congestions 
of the pelvic viscera ; small tumors protrude from the anu« ; 
obstinate hicmorrhoids. 

DrscoBEA : Biack, dry, hard, lumpy stool, followed by pro- 
laj)sus; hjTniorrhoidal tumors of livid color are prolapsed, 
with great pain :md distress in them. 

Erioekon : ilard, lumpy sto(»ls ; feeling in the anus as if it 
were torn ; burning in the margin of the anus ; bfeedin^ piU^s. 

Hamamklis; Painfvl oftd bltedirtf^ piles / burning sor< 
ness ; fulln e»s and at times rawness of the anus; weakness oi 
weariness in the back, as if it would break of!'; tumid ha- 
morrhoidal veins, bluish in color, the whole anus encircied 
with a red erythematous halo; constipation; severe frontal 
headache : restless niglite ; pricking piuuK in the region of ll»e 
heart? pricking pains along the course of the veins? 



LoBKLiA-TfTP, : Copious lijemoiThoiilal discharge; debility ; 
BeTisaiion of tightness in the epiigastrium aiid acidity of the 
stoniadi ; sense of weakness and oppression at the epigas- 
trium, with oppression €U the breast; discharge of black 
blood after stool. 

PjEONIa-ofkic. : Painful ulcer at the anus, with exudation 
of a f<Etid moisture ; haintorrhoids, with Sasures in the anus ; 
intolerable pains when going to stool and sometimes after- 

PoDOPiiTLLUM : Concrestion of the portal circle ; diseases' 
of the spleen \ congtipation and diarrhflea ; hard stooK coaled 
with yellow tenacious mucus ; prolapsua-ani ; bleeding and 
noU'hleeding piles. 

Polygonum ; Copious stools, followed by a smarting sen- 
sation of the anus ; straining at stool, with mucous, jeily-Uke 

§ 5. See : Co/ic, Constipation^ Congestion of the Abdo- 


Principal remedies: 1) N.*vom. puis, sulph. ; or, 2) Aeon, 
ars. bur. calc. carU-v. graph, lach. mere, sabad. 3) Alnus. 
Compare: Catarrh oftbe Bladdkb, Cystitis and Ubi- 



g 1. Princijjul remedies: I) Chin, ^) Am. hum. phos, 
sabin, 3; Aeon, bell, ealc. croc, crig, ferr. ipec. mere. miUef. 
Tiitr,.ac. n.-voin. puis. sang. sep. snlpk trill, 4) Alnus. ant. 
apoC'C.-ars. eann. caps, carb.-a, carb.-v. ceras. cimieif ehanu 
Collins, cnpr. dros. erecht. gal. gelst. geran. graph, hell, hyosc, 
iod. ins. kal. iach. led. lye. lycopus. nitr. plumb, puis, rhiis. 
sec senec. sil. stram. sulph. -ac. verat-vir. zinc. 

§ 2. For ACTIVE hiemurrhages of young plethoric sub- 
jects : 1) Aeon. bell. 2) Croc. ferr. hyose. puis. 3) Arn. ealc. 
cham. chin, erecht. erig. gels geran. ipec kal. lye. lyeopus. 
mere, nitr.-ac. n.-vom. phos. rhus. sab. sang, senec. sep. stram. 
sulph. trilJ. verat.-vir, 

Passivk hsemorrhagea of persons who have been weaki m <1 
by depletions and loss of anirnal fluid.'*, require: 1) China. 
2) Ars. earb.-v. ferr. gal. ham. hell. ipec. iris. led. mgt.-au«, 
mere. phos. rhujj, see. 

§ 3. For BARK RED, VRX0U8 hremorrhages : 1) Cham, croc 
*^ ham. hell. iris, n.-vom. puis, sep. 2) Amm. aut. arn. huh. 
mBgn.-c. nitr.-ac. n.-mosch. phos -ac. sulph. 



For BRiGTiT RKD, AKTEBiAL hffimorrbAg© ! 1) Aeon. bell, 
dnlc. erechi. hyosc. f^abia. *2) Arn. ealc. carb.-v, ferr. gels. 
iprc. led. Ivcop. nigt.-aus. mere. phoa. rhu«. sang, sec seaec 

§ 4. If the blood be BRowK : 1) Bry, carb.-Y. 2) Caia 
con. pul«, rhu8. 

For ACRID blood: 1) Cantb. kal nitr. siL 2) Amnu iz^ 
carb. kal. rhus. sulph. sulph-ac. niux 

CoAOtTLATED blood I 1) Bell. cham. plat. rbus. 2) Anu 
cliin, croc. ferr. byosc. ign. ipec. mere, nitr.'ac. ti.-vom, pboe^ 
ac. Babin. sec. sep. stram, ' 

Fhtto blood : 1) Hell. brjr. carb.-a, sabin. 2) Caust. oUam. 
chin. croc. ign. kal. mere. phos. plat. sec. sil. sulph. 

Tenacious, vicious blood : Croc. cupr. magn.-c. secv 

§ 6. Compare: Mamort^hage from the respective orffa$i. 


See Haemorrhoids. If caused by injuries of the anua or 
rectum, give : Aeon. arn. chin. croc. phoa. sulph. sulph.-ac 


Principal remedies : 1) BelL carb.-v. chain, n.-vom. 2) Am. 
calc* crot. euphr. rut. seneg. 

Jitoody 9it>€at : Bell. calc. n.-vora. ¥^ene^, 

EcchymoaU : 1) Arn. bell, calc. n.*vom. sen eg. 2) Cham. 
crot. pUimb. rut. 

TYSIS, § 1. Pi ineijial remedies: \) Acun. arik. ars, dan. 
ferr, ipec. ham. millef. nitr.-ac. phos. }»ub. sanff. sulph. trill, 
2) BelL cact. carb.-v. dros. dulc. eiig, geriuj, hyosct ign. n,- 
vom. op. rims. 3) Amni. bry. cocc. coff. colling, con. croc 
cupr. kal- kreas. lach. led. lye. mere. phos.-ac. sep. sulpb.- 
ac. 4) Hcpat.-tr. lycopus. senec. veraL-vir. 

§ 2. For spittinrf of blood (4ia?moptysi8) : 1) Aeoti* am. 
bell- bry. carb.-v. chin. didc. Aam. lach. mere, nitr.-ac, puis. 
rhu». sil. staph, sulph. 2) Anim. ar&. con. cupr. kaL led. lye, 
Sep. snlph.-ac. 

For REAL HjBMobrhage, loss of large quantities of blood, 
give; 1^ Acofi. am. bell, carb.-v, cAm. dulc. ^;*>rr. hyosc. ipec, 
n -vom. op, pho8. j>ul8, rhus, 2) Ars. croc, ign, led. millef. 
Bulph. sulpli.-ac. y) Vactiat, 

In severe ccwi%y, with imminent danger, give : Aeon. cbm« 
ipec op. 





1) Carb.-v. chin. 2) Ars. coif 

flulph., alternately, at 




Prnmntive remeiiles : Ars. n.-vom 
long intervals, otie <1ose only, 

§ 3. With onanists: Carb.-v. c/wn. fcrr, n.-vora. 

With phthisical jyatients : 1) Aeon, am. ara. clmm. chin, 
droa fi'rr. lach. miUf'f. phos, puis, sulpk aulph*-ac. sep. staun, 
2) Erig. 

When THE MENSES ARE STOPPED: 1) Pula. 2) Aeon. heU. 
bry. con, ferr. sep. sulph. senec. 3) Ars. millef. phos. 

With LYiNG-iN WOMEN: AcoH. am. chin. hyosa ipec, puis, 
sulph. tiill. 

Wliori the FLOW of hemorrhoids Lb stopped : Carb.-v* led, 
lye, n.'i^om. phog, teitlph. colli ns. 

After BirvEiiE exertions : Aeon. am. ferr. puis. rhus. 

After GREAT LOSS OF BLOOD ; Ars. chin, ferr. 

With DRLTNKARDs: 1) N.-vom. op. 2) Ars. hyosc 

§ 4. Particular indications : 

Aconhtm: The paroxysm is preceded by: Orgasnius san- 
puinis in the chist, with tcelinij t.if tulhiess and buniiiitr pain; 
palpilntiori of the heait, anguish, restlfssness, aggrav.^lion on 
lyintr down ; pale face, expre^sinti of anguish in tlie counte- 
nance : eopious discharge of blood from time to time, even 
when coufrhing but very little. (After Aeon, are sometimes 
suitable : Ars. and \pvv.) 

Arnica : Tfie haemorrhage is caused by mechanical injury, 
fall, blow on the breast or baek; or for : slight expectoration 
of black and coagulated blood, with heavy breathing, stitfti- 
ing, burning and contraction in the ehe!*t, palpitation of the 
Jieart, great heat in the abdomen, and iainting fits ; or for : 
discharge of bright-red, frothy bhuxl, mixed with mucus and 
coagulated lumps ; tickling under the sternum ; stitching in 
the head and bruised pain in the region of the ril>s when 
coughing. (In traumatic luemorrhage it nniy sometimeii be 
iieceBsary to give a doHc of Aeon, previous to Ahl) 

Ab&BNicum : If Aconite be insufnctent, and for: Great an- 
guish with paljjitation of the heart, sleeplessness, diy, burn- 
ing heiit and restlessnesB, driving one out of bed ; also after 
Chin, am. ferr. in violent htemorrhages ; or, after Hyoscyain. 
in the blood-spitting of dnmkards. After Ars. are sometimes 
suitable: Ipec. nux-v* sulph., especially in chronic liaemor- 


Belladonna : Constant tickliiig in the throaty with de^re 



to rough and aggravation of the lifemon-hngi* by conghing ; 
sensrition as if iJie chest were filled with hiood, with aching 
or HtitcKing pains whit!h are n):i<lt* worsu by niotif»n. 

Carbo-vkii. : Viok'nt, bunuiii^ jiairis in the chest, evtn afler 
the haemorrhage ; in ireneral suitable to persons who are very 
sensitive to changes of weather, or who suffer with mercurial 

China: Bloody expectoration during violent cough which 
was first hollow, dry and painful, with taste of blood in the 
mouth; alternate shiverings and flushes of heat ; great de- 
bility with constant desire to lie down; fi-equent sweats; 
trembling, obscuration of sight or dullne&s of the head. Or, 
afler great loss of blooil, the patient being pale and cold, 
with fainting fits and convulsive twiicliing of the hands and 
facial muMcles. (After Chin, are frequently suitable, espe- 
ciallv for the last-mention cd symptoms, FeiT. or am., also 


DrixAMARA : Constant titjllation in the larynx, with desire 
to cough; expectoration of bright^red blood, with aggrava- 
tion during rest; the hteniorrhnge is caused by a cold or a 
loose cough whieii had existed for f^ome time previous. 

Fekrum : Scanty expectornlion of pure briglii-red blood 
dunng a slight paroxysm of cough, with ]>ains between the 
BCrtpuIffl; heavy breiith. espeeinlly at niglii ; inability to sit; 
relief by motion, but freniiotit desire to lie down, and great 
debility alter talking, (is i*nitable to thin persouK, of yellow- 
ish color of the skin, and whose sleep is frequently disturbed; 
also after China, in Hcverc cases.) 

Hyostyamus: The distluirge of blood is preceded by a 
dry cough, especially at tiight, oblioring the patient to get up; 
frequent sudden starling fr'un sleep; also suitable to drun- 
kards, particularly if Op. and nux-vom. should nut be «u(" 
cient. (In such a case, Ars. is sunictiuies suiiable after Hy 
cyamus ) 

Ignatia : For debility afler the arrest of the haemorrhage^ 
with disposition to be vehement and vexed. 

Ipecacuanha : If after Aeon., there remain : Taste of blood 
in the mouth, frequ<*nt hacking with expectoriilion of blood- 
streaked mucus; nausea and debility; also after the incom- 
plete action of Ars., the paroxysm recurring, 

Ni'x-voM.: After Ipee. or Ars. jjind, in drunkards, after 
Op.) for: Tickling in the chest, with cough distres^iing the 
head ; agix^nvation towards morning, enpeeially in persona of 
a lively and choleiic temperament j or when the haemorrhage 





ifl occasioned hy suppression of the h«raorrhoidal flax» by a 
fit of anger or by a cold. (In the hitter cajk.- Sdph. is iVe- 
queiitly suitsihle after Nux-vom. ; Ilyos. and Ars. are espe- 
cially siiilaiile to drunkards.) 

Opium: Suitable to jiersons who are addicted to drinkirig, 
in severe cases; or Tor: discharge of a tliick, frothy blood; 
the cougli is aggravated by swalb>wing ; oppression or heavy 
breathing and angui!*h ; burning at the heart, tremor of tlie 
arms and feeble voice; anxiouiJ sleep with sudden starting ; 
coldness, especially of the extremities!, or heat, especially in 
the chest or other parts of the trunk. (After Op., Nnx-v. is 
frequently suitable.) 

PuusATiLLA : In obstinate cases, discharge of black and 
coagulated blood ; anguish and shuddering, especially at 
night : debility ; pains, especially in the lo^s er part of the 
chest ; qtjahinHhness or empty feeling in the pit of the sto- 
mach ; suitable to timorous, j»hlegmatic and readily-weeping 
individuals : or for ha?morrhage8 from suppression of the 
mfenses. (In this case Cocc. is sometimes suitable,) 

Kiius-Tox: Bright-red blood, aggravati<*n oC the symptoms 
from cliagrin or the least emotion ; disposition to be augJ'y, 
unexsy and limirl mood; tickling in the chest. 

Sulfhlr; Frequently suitable after Nux, to persons affected 
with piles, or ailer Ars. to prevent relapses. 

§ 6. Cactus : Pneumorrhagia, accompanied each time 
with convulBive cough and expectoration of several pounds 
of blood; difficulty of breathing; continued (»|tpre8sion and 
uneasiness, as if the ehest was constricted with an ii-on band 
and could not dilate itself fur normal respiratiim ; sanguinary 
congestion in the* chest, which prevents him lying down in 

CoLLHTsoNTA ; Hsemoptisifl, caused by portal congestion or 
iac affections, 

HAMA^mxTs: Labored respiration; when attempting to 
me the reeunibent position breathing beromes almost im- 
posKible ; tickling cough, vith a taste of blood on waking; 
h»mopti^is, with a taste of sulphur in the month and dull 
frontal headaehe ; the l»!ood discharged iaptirc vtnou» Hvoily 
eoming into tht mo'uth xcitAout nntclt vffort, 

§6. ^&\ Hthinorrhaijes, Pn^inionia^ Pulmomity Phthisis^ 

medies : Arn, bell chin, dros* feiT. kreas. led. lye. 




ami Menorrharfia. 

§ 1. For mr/rorr/ifj«7ta or menorrh.igia pfive: \\ Am.hdL 
bry. mulitph, chain, chin, cltmain. croc. tn*jtT,ferr, hel< 
hyo»c^ Uiunam. ijw?/?, ]>lal, pnh. sab sec. sv|», trlU, 2) Aci 
iileir. calc. caib,-a. ciinicif. erecht. it^u, mau'iu-m. Dair.-iti. n. 
voiu, phijft. 8!\ng. eenec. sil. sulpli. vcrat. 3) Apoc. :i«n?lfp.-t. 
bapt. caun. gvls. iod. rat. ruia. 4) Apis, hcdfoui. irig, mxWvX. 
phyiol, plumb, rhas. 5) Arg.-nit. geran. lycopus. u.siUa^.* 

§ 2. For ACTiTE hiemorrhago in plethoric persona, ^Ive: 

1) Aeon. hrU, bry. calc. chain. /Vrr. n -vom.p^af. sab. sulph. 

2) Am. croc, hyosc, icfn. ipec, pho.s. sil. vcrat. H) Trill. 
For PASSIVE ha?niorrhnge in dcbilited cachectic mibjects: 

1) Chin, cixrc pub. sec. scji. sulph, 2) Carl>.-v- n.-vom. ipec 
phos. ruta. ? v**rat 3) Alctr. cauloph. ciniieif. ustil.-raad* 

For MENORRHAGIA, or profuse mcnstruridoti : Aeon. btli. 
bry. calc. cham. ijjn. ipc.<^^ ma^n.-m. natr.-m. n.-vom. pho<*. 
j^ai, sec. scp, siL sulph. verat, 2) Amnion. -c. arg.-nit, cimiMC 
cocc. colling. cn>c. digit, erig. lerr. gels, hyosc. iod. kreas. 
lye. trill, nstil.-niad. 

For hiBuiorrhage during prkgnancy, or after confine- 
ment or a miscauriagk : 1) Jlell, cham. croc, /err, pl4it nahih. 

2) Am. l)ry, chin, cinnain. hyosc. ipec. 3) Cocc, kal. lye. 
mere, n.-mosch. n.-vom. otr. plumb, puis. sec. 8ep. 4) Alctr, 
cauloph. crisrer. nstil-maa. 

HtemorrhagTfs at the <*mTiCAi> age, require : 1) Puis. 2) 
Bell. lach. S) Plat. sec. sep. laur. 4) Apoc.-can. ? caJe.-c. 
trill. U8til..tnnd. 

§ 3. Particular indications: 

AcoNiTK : In active htcnionhage, with fear of death and 
much excitability ; she cannot sit up, even in her bed ; mhe 
seems so giddy, she falls over. 

Aletris.'FAR : General debility ; loss of tone in the mu^ 
cnlar system ; passive haemorrhages from that condition of 
the uterus, wldch predisposes to nicnorrhngia and abortion. 

Api.s.-mel. : uterine hemorrhage with heaviness in 
the abdomen ; faintness; great unea-sineKs and yawning; red 
sfiots, like bee-stings, upon the skin, and sensation as if Ktung 
by bees, in the abdomen and in different parts of the body. 

Arnica : In cases from a fall, a hhock to the system, <»r a 
concussion; blood bright-red or mixed with clots; nausea in 
the pit of the stomach ; warmth about the head and the ex 




tremities cool, especially in pregnant women, provided cinara, 
has been inefFeetual. 

Belladonna: The blood is neither bright nor dark; vio- 
lent ut'hing and tensive pains in tbo alKlouien ; coni^lrictive 
or (llstensivti sensation ; painful pressure over the st^xual 
orgruns^ as if all would escape the vulva, or pain in the back, 
as if it would break ; ilie blood sometimes lias a bad Kniell ; 
a flow occurs at times between the jjcriods ; darkneHH before 
the eyes; groaninir, yawning, jerkings of the anuaj couvub 
8ive clenching of the thurabs, 

Bryonia: Hemorrhage of dark-red blood, with pain in 
the flniall of the back and headache as if it would split ; dry 
mouth and lips ; nausea and faintness on sitting up ni bed. 

Calcarea-c. : She has* always menstruated too otlen, too 
much and too long ; it seeniii difficult for her to 8top men- 
struating; lencopk'graatic constitution; cold damp feet; 
ewelling at the pit of the atomarh like a smtcer bottom up • 
vertigo on stooping, worse on rising again or on going up- 
stairs; climaxis. 

Canthabis : Uterine haemon'bage, with great irritation in 
the neck of the bladder ; urinating often, smarting, cutting 
and burning in pas?jing only a ihw drops. 

Cauxopoyllum : Passive haioiorduige, an oozing from Hie 
lax uterine vessels after premature delivery ; protracted 
lochia ; threatening abortion, and with spasmodic bearing 
down pains ; tremulous weakness of the whole system. 

Chamomilla: Discharge of dark-red or black, fetid bloud. 
with lumps ; the discharge taking place by tits and start* ; 
with labor-like pains in the abdomen j freqttent discharge of 
coltjrle,HH urifte ; Irrascibillty. 

China : Paroxysmal discharges of blood with spasmodic 
pains in the uteruis; colic, frequent urgii>g to urinate, and 
painful tension in the addomen ; suitable to persons who have 
lost much blood ; even in severe cases, with heavinee» of the 
head, vertigo, vanishing of the senses, sopor, fainting fits, 
oold extremities, pale and bliush face and hands, with con- 
vulsive jerks across the abdomen, 

CiMirTFUGA: Menorrhagia, when the flow is profuse, but 
Timre of a passive character, dark, coagulated and accom|»a- 
uied with heavy pressing down, labor-like pains, nervouhneHS, 
hysteric spasms, &c. 

CiXNAMONL M : Suitable to pregnant or lying-in women, 
after straining, niiHsiug a step or some uther exertion. 

Crocus : JBlack, glutincms, lumpy blood ; bounding and 



ttirnin^ in th^ abdomen^ as if xomrthhi^ alim ; jellowtdt, 
Bullnw rnmplexion ; debilUy, with vMTtigo, <lrin <ry08, liuiititi^J 
turns, Patlnes?* and grt\it anxiety and r€jstle«sncss ; trorsejVoi 
dif/kt(.^t motion ; yellowish eartliy color of the Ikco. 

ERriiKROx ; Huyrnorrhage, with vioU*nt irritation ^f the 
rectum and bhidder; ha?tiiorrhaire from ihe womb and ' ' 
abortion, witli profuse Jiajinorrljage and dysuria; i, 
before and afler labor. 

Fkruum : Copious discharge of partly fluid, and partly 
bbick and coagulated blood, with p.-iins In the loins and tabor- 
like eolic; violent vascular exeitement, with headache, vertigo, 
glowing red face, tul! and hard pulse, 

IIamamelts : Passive haBmorrhage, with aneemia. 

HYosciAMrs: Hiemorrliage after accouchement, miscarriage, 
or at any time, when tliere are general spasnin of the whoio 
body, interrupted by jerka or by twitching^ of single lliubs; 
the bright-red blood continuing to flow all the time. 

LiNATiA : Hajniorrhage after the abuse of Cham. ; heavy 
eighing and sobbing, with empty feding at th^pit of the st<K 
much ; great de8ix>ndency. 

I ODIUM : Uterine haetnorrlmge occurring at every stool, 
with cutting in the abdomen, pains in the loins and small of 
ihe back. 

Ipecaccanita : Constant flow of bright-red bloody with 
cutting about the umbilicus, or nausea and constant desire to 
lie down ; violent pressure over the uterus and rectum, with 
f;huddering and ehillineftS, heat about the head and debility; 
the flow is continuous and th*? patient ga^ps for breath / after 
child-birth or the taking away of tlie placenta. 

Krkasot : Black bloud, in large quantities, and of an offen- 
sive smell ; climaxis. 

Lacu csis : Pain in the right ovarian region, incrcAsing 
moie and more, tintil relieved by a discharge of blood ; 

Nux-voMtCA : Metrorrhagia as a precursor of the critical 
a^T^, also after parturition, particuLiily if there be coD$tipu- 
tion or frequent calls to small and painful stools. 

Phosphorl'S : After diflicult labor; between the monthly 
periods or during pregnancy ; particularly in tall and slim 
persons ; weak and empty feeling across the abdomen ; con- 
stipation ; much belcliing after eating. 

P1.AT1NA : Metrurrhagia of dark, thick blood, with p^n in 
the small uf the back, which penetrates into both gruiuai, with 
erceaaive si^niiitivetietts of the genital orgaua ; flooding, with 



BetiSAtion as if the body were yromlng larger in emry 
direction ; great sexual excitement, in pre^ant IbmaleH. 

Pulsatilla : Tlie hasmorrhage ceases fur a short time and 
tlieii recommences with rcrloubled force; the blood being 
black, mixed with coagulated lumps : labor-like pains ; suita- 
ble to pregnant females and those at the critical age, or after 
pariurition, or when the placenta adherea 

Phytolacca : Metrorrhagia, menses too copious and too 

Sabina : After parturition or miscarriage, with black, dark, 
lumpy blood ; pains in the abdomen and loins, like labor- 
pains ; great debility or rheumatic pains in the extremities 
or head, 

Skcalk: Passive hjemorrhage of very fetid blood ; sallow 
face; genera! debility, insensiljllity and feverish pulse. Pas- 
sive haemorrhage in feeble, cachectio persons, particularly 
when the weakness was not claused by previous loss of blood j 
flooding worse from the slightest motion ; convulsive jerk- 
ings ; general coldness. 

Skpia : Chronic metrorrhagia, excited from the least cause ; 
yellow spots on the face and on the bridge of the nose ; icy- 
cold paroxysms ; icy-cold feet and flushes of heat ; painful 
setvso of emi*diiess at the pit of the stomach ; fetid urine, 
with a sedimtiiit, as il'clay were burned at the bottom of tho 
vnRsel ; couBtipatiun. 

Sulphur : Chronic htemorrhage ; she seems to get almost 
well, when it occurs again and again, day after day, for 
weeks ; she is weak ; has weak and tainting spells, flushes of 
heat, heat on the top of the head and cold feet ; sleep very 
light, often gets awake ; feels very weak in the morning ; 
gets hungry spells, when she cannot wait for her food, espe- 
cially for her dinner. 

Trillium : Active uterine hsBmorrhage ; especially dtmng 
or after parturition or miscarriage, 

HEADACHE, cki-iialalgia. 

§ L Sometimes symptomatic, but in many cases idiopa- 
thic^ or constituting the most prominent symptom in tho 
group. Principal remedies arc : 1) Ant. bell. bry. calo. cafjs. 
chnm. r/iifi, rimiclf. cc»fi! colnc. gds, ign. laeh, mere, th^orn. 
p7iti> rhua. sang. scp. sil. sulph. verat.-a. veratr.-vir. zizia. 2) 
j^ilse.-gL ffisc.-hip. am, ars, asclep. aur. bapt. cauloph. carb.-v. 
cin. colliub. corn, cocc, dulc. ham. hell, hep, ipeo, iris, lept, 
lob. lyc. op. plat, stict B) Amm. ainm.-m. apoc asar, clem* 



oon» diosc. eng. eryng. fern graph, guaj. gyinntcl. hydr. 
hyosc. jugl kill. |j4cb. moscli. imir.-rn. nupU, |)€tr. phytoL 

§ 2. Aa regards the pal luilogical varieties, give : for 
ARTiiKiTic Iieaclaohe: 1) lJi?ll bry. caloc.lgn, ipec ij.-vom, 
Sep. spiff, verat. 2) Am, ars. aiir. caps, causl. cin. mga. 
nitr.-ac. peti'. phoa. puis. 6uhiii» zinc. 

For headache froiii congestion of blood to the head : 1> 
Aeon. arn. hell. l/ry. cad. caU\ carb.-v. coflT. ffeU» mere lach. 
n.-vom. op. pho8. puis, rhus. veratr^-alb, verat.-vir. 2) Cham, 
chin, cimicif ciu. cocc\ dulc. hep. ign. nilr-ac. sep. s\l sulph, 
3) AJum. anitn-c. ci»d. liam. bed. lacfi, led. sang, aizix 

For GASTiiic iikada€hk: 1) jEsc. -gl aeon. am. ars. aaar^ 
bell, bry. calc, caps, caust. coloc. corn. ign. iris. Uich. Jepi 
n.-tmm. puis, sang, sep, 8ulph. vei'at. 2) Berb. ? carb.-v. cocc, 
eupat-per, n.-raosch. ; and if coxsTirATioN should bo the 
principal cause ; Bry. coff. coUins- hydr. n.-vom. op., or v 

For HYSTERIC HKADAcnE : 1) Aur, cocc, hell, hop. t^n, i>i 
magn.-c. mgn.-in. niosch. nitr.-ac. phos> pkit, sep. Rtict, vaJer, 
verat. 2) Caps. cbam. lach. rhus. ruta. 

For CATAKRiiAL HEADACHE: 1) Acofi, belL bry. cAom, chin. 
geh, mere, n.-vom. sulph, 2) Ai's. carb.-v, caul, oitnicif cin, 
ign, lach, lye. myrica -cer. puis. 

For NERvors headache, megrim : 1) Aeon, ars, bcH, calc 
canloph, chin, coloc. iris, puk. san//, sep, stiet. 2| Bry\ciips. 
ign. ipec. n.-vom. rhua. verat. 3) Arn. cbam. cic, coff, liep, 
nitr,-ac. op. petr. sib sulph. thitj^ 4) Agar, asar. causit. eon. 
gels. gra[)h- liclon. hyosc. niang. mosch. natr.-ra. pljos^ plai, 
Babiu. spiff, zinc. 5) Ascl.syr. cimicif. gels. 

For RUEiMATic HEADACHE : 1) Acou. bry. chitm. cliin. c^i* 
cif. lye. mere, nitr.-ac. n.-vora. puis. sep. spig. stict siilph. 2) 
Bell. ign. pbos. 3) canst, lach. led. magn.-m. 

§ 3. For the headache to which fkmai^ks arc lii^ 
Aeon, ars, bell. bry. calc chin, oauloph. ciraicif. cocc. l ■ . 
dulc, helon lach. magn.-m. n.-vom. puis. plat, ftpig. verat. 

For NERvoiTS, {5ENsiTi;\'E persoDS : Aeon. cham. chin» coff, 
gels. ign. iris. ipec. sjng. verat. 

For CHILDREN : Aeon. bell. caps. cbam. coff. ign. ipec. geU 

I 4. As regards external causes, give for headaelie-i 
from excessive study ing, rje^jrtton^ <0c. ; I) n.'Vom, sulph. 2) 
Aur. calc. lach. natV. natr.-ni. puis. sil. 3) Aiiac. graph, lye. 
magn.-c. nigt-arc. pbos. 

For /i^adaches from emotio'ns^ as from grief; Ign. phos.- 



Bt.iph. From cbngrm or anger: Cham, n.-vom. ; or, 2) 
Coioc, lye. nia»in*-e, natr.-m. jiotr, f>hos plrtt rims, staph. 

From htytt^ or ffetilnff orerheatttl : I) Aoon. bell, bry. carb^ 
V. ffhm. 2) Amm l>ar\ t, r^n!l^ ra|is. ij;n. i|»ec. sil. 

¥\'oin (fbuse of {*offir : Cliani. igii. n.-vom. 2) Bell, caust 
corr. hop, lye, mere. puis. 

From thf influence of nutalUc ftuhstanres^ give s^ifph. as 
the prineip;il romcrly ; or, ifprinripnlly from llie infliM'nce of 
r<t^>per^ give hcpar ; or, if from abuse of mercury^ give: 1) 
Cjirb.-v, ehin- puis. 2) Aur. h<'p. nitr.-ac. siilph. 

From longtcatchintj : 1} Coco, n.-vom. puis. 2) Bry. calc. 
cliin. stilpli. 

Fiom nifjhtly revfUhig or ahuxe of spirits: 1) Carb -v. n.- 
A^orn. 2) Ant. ars. bell, bry, calc.V/u'?». coff. iptc. nilr.-ac 
pliMS. puis, rhua, sulpli. 

From sjnokinff or abuse of 9nuff: Acon. ant. ign. 

From cold : 1) Acoa, belL bry. ckam, dale, n.-vom. 2) 
Ant. chin, eoloc. pulj^. 

From draught of air : Aeon, bell chin, coloc. n.-vom. 

From bathing: Ant. calc. puis. 

FiO[n a cold drink: 1) Aeon. bell. 2) Arg, natr. puis. 

From bad weather : Bry. carb.-v. n.-vom. ; or rhotl. rhus. 

From external injuries^ Mows an tJte head, concussions of 
the hrffin .' 1) Arn, eic. 2) Merc. petr. rhna. 

¥rom straining : 1) Calc. rhua 2) Arabr. am. bry. natr. 
pho9.-aa sil. 

Compare: Causes. 

§ 5. Particular intlications .* 

A(;oniti"m; Violent^ ^tupefying^ compressive^ or contractive 

pains, especially over the root of the nose : great heaviness 

ami fi'elin^c of fullness in the f«n-eheafl aritl temjiles, as if the 

hea<l w«>uld burst : burning pain^i through the brain^av drair* 

tug pains in one side of the head ; headaehc, ^nth buzzing in 

the ears and eoryza, or with desire to vomit ; rooaninjr, la- 

nenting, dread^of doatli, excessive sensitiveness to noi^ne or 

notion ; pale and cohl, or else red and bloated fa ce^ uith red 

ff/fji ; strontr, full and quick, or small and even intermittent 

nilse; aensiUion as if ihe hair were pnlled, or as if a ludl 

were risini,' into the brain, Hpnatlint; sieoolncsa; atrj-'ravatidn 

by motion, when talking, raising one's self and drinking \ re- 

"lef in the open air. (Atler Aeon, are tiequently suitable: 

ML bry. or cham.) 

Am'iMONTt'M ; When, in oousequence of derungement ot 


the stomachy indigestion, cold, or suppressed eruption, the 
following syTnpt«'tTK«< rnjike their n]>peaniTicc ; pnin in the fare- 
lieud, as if it woul<l l>ienk, or boriiipc, crampy, dull, (and tear- 
ing) jMiins, especially in the forehead, temples or vcrtc^jc ; 
a<rgrjivation on going up-stuirs ; relief in the open air; fall- 
ins; off of the hair; nausea, loathing, loss of appetite, enic- 
iftliona, desire to vomit. (This medicine is trequently suita- 
ble after Puis.) 

Belladoxna : Great and violent aching paine^ or 
pains as if the head vottld split^ or as if every thing would 
issue through the forrhtad or one side / paln^ over the eyes 
and nose, or semi^latei al, drawinn;, tearing or stitching pains; 
wavering shocks and nndulations in the head^ as of wnteTf 
with sensation as if the nkull were too thin ; violent throb- 
bing of the temporal arteiies, and swelling of the veins of 
the heiid ; the hea«lache sets in every aflemoon and lasts un- 
til morning ; it gets worse by motion, especially by moving 
the eyes, or by ascending an eminence, by contact, in the 
open air, or in a draught of air, or at night in the warm bed ; 
Bell, is purticulaily suitable when the headache is accompa- 
nic<l by t'ertir/o^ stupefaction, red and bloated fajce, red cye^ ; 
excessive aeiisitiveness to noiJ^e^ lights shock or contact ; \W 
humor ; moaning, desire to rcuinin in bed, buzzing in the ears, 
oViscuration of sight. (^Vller Bell, are fi'equently suitable: 
Hep. mere, or plat,) 

Buyonia: Distensive pressure or compressive sensation in 
the head, with feeling of fullness aw ii' every thing would 
issue through the frehead; beating, jerking or drawing 
pains and atitrhes in the heady especially on one side, or froio 
the orbital bones to the temple ; burning pain in the forehead, 
or heat in the head ; headache, \\ iih vomiting, nausea and 
desire to He down ; the headache sets in every day after din- 
ner, or early in the moniing on w^aking and first opening one's 
eyes; aggravation by walking, stooping, and by contact^ 
vehement, quarrelsome disposition ; frequent chills. AIUt 
Bry. are frequently suitable : Khus-t. or Xux vom. 

Calcakea: Stupefying, aching, beating or hammering 

I)ain.s, or hemicrania, with nausea, eructations and de^iire to 
ie down ; or boring in the forcliead as if the head would 
STtlit. ; heat or feeling of coldness in tlie head ; cloudiness and 
uuUness of the head as if in a vice ; the headache sets bi 
every n»orning on waking; aggravation by mental labor, 
Bj)iritfi, bodily exertions, motion, stooping, chagrin, &c. ; 
mlliu^ ofi* of the hair. (Calc. is particukrly suitable atier 




)h. or nitr.-ac. After Calc are frequently suital^le Lya 
nitr.-ac. or «il. 

Capsicum ; Semi-lateral, atitching and aching pains, with 
nausea, vomiting and weak meraoryj or pains as if the skull 
would split ; the pains get worse by moving the head or eye*;, 
Ijy walking, in the open air and in cold ; especially suitable 
to phletrmatic, indolent persons of suspiciouH disposition, or 
to ht-adatrong, clumsy people, afraid of exercise or the open 
air, with frtvjueut chills, especially after drinking* 

CtiAMOiiiLLA : Suitable to children and to persona who are 
driven to desj>air by the least pain ; for tearing and jerking 
in one side of the head (down to the jaws) ; Htitching heavi- 
ness or painful beating in the head; one cheek is red, the 
other pale ; hot sweat about tho head, even tfie hair; bloated 
face, painful e3'^es ; catarrhal state of the throat or bronchi, 
or bitter, foul taste in the mouth, <fcc. {Cham, is f$uitab1e 
after Aeon, or coff. ; afler Cham, are frequently suitable; 
Bell, and puis. 

CniNA : Suitable to persons who are sensitive to pain, espe- 
cially for: aching pain^ at night that prevent hleep, or pier- 
cing, jerking pains in the forehead as if the contents would 
issue through it ; boring in the vertex, with conttisive pain 
in the brain ; or jerking, tearing, and sensation as if the sdcuU 
would split ; aggravation by contact, reflection, conversation, 
open air, motion, dtaught» of air and wind; the hairy scalp 
and the hair are very sensitive to contact ; or suitable to per- 
Bons of a peevish, dijssatifified disposition; or to obstinate, 
:^di»obedicnt chihlrrn that are fund of dainties, of pale com- 
plexion, with flashes of heat and redncKS, loquacity and rest- 
Ieftsneft« at night. (Is suitable alter Cuff, and caps.) 

CoFFEA : Pain (^Jt if <^f nail wp&re drii^*^n into the heady or 
as if the brain wore torn or bruised; sensiuveness to noise* 
iinusic^ and to pain, which appears intolcra>»lc, with despair, 
|«<.*reams, weepuig, restlessness and great anguish, chilliness, 
aversion to the open air ; especially suitable to persons who 
do not use coffee, or to persons who take a niouientary <li*- 
like to coffee, though they are otherwise fond of it ; the 
lieadache is caused by thinking, chagrin, a cold, <fec.. (Is 
frequently suitable afler Aeon, or cham ; or before Igii. nux- 
v. or pub.) 

CoLOfri'NTiiis : Violent semi-lateral, tearing, drawing pains, 
or cramjry ju'hing pains, with nausea and vouiitinoj; comjtres- 
sive sensation in the foreheud, worse when *itoopuig or lying 
on the back j the headache sets in every a1\crnooi» or evening, 



with prc?at angniali and resUcRSDe^s, obliging one to leave lb© 
bed ; violent pain^ extoning cries from iJjo patieni ; frweaC 
jffnt'Ilini^ like urine ; copicua watery urine during the pama, 
or scanty, fetid urine between llic paroxysms. 

Tonatia: Aching pair^s over the nose; teorsc or better tehen 
i^toopinff^ or jerking or beating, presksing a* lyfA^/xrrf^irwi/r/ 
tn^tify or boring stitches deep in the brain ;. tearing in the 
forehead, and sensation as if a nail had been driven Into the 
brain, with nausea, obscuration of sight, photophobia pale 
faee, copious and watery urine ; monieniary dtstappearanee 
of the pains by a change of position ; they come on again 
after eating, in the evening after lying dow n, or early al\er 
rising; aggravation by eoflVe, brandy, tobacco and strong 
odors; tendency to srari, fitful mood, taciturn and sad. (U 
frofpiciuly suit:d»le nfier Chum, puis, or nux-voin. 

ilEitcrRii'M; Feeling of fullnesa as if tlie skull would split, 
or as if the head were tied up with a bandage ; tmrif*(j ^hwrxx- 
ing or stitrhinff and lioriug piiins, or semi-lateral tearing 
down to theteeili find neek, witii stttthf,s in th€ tars ; violent 
aggravation at night, bt/ tht ipamith of (he bed, also bv con- 
tact, hot and cold things ; constant night-sweat, bat without 

Nux-TOMtCA : Pain as from a nail driven into the brain, or 
stilehing pains with nausea and sour vomiting ; stitches and 
pressure m one side of the heail, worse towards morning, 
driving the patient out of his senses; excessive sensitiveness 
of the brain to molion and walking; heaviness of the hcad^ 
especially when moving the eyes, thirikit»g, with sensatiofi as 
if tht^ skull tpould {Split ; whizzing in the head, with vertigo, 
or with shocks when walking; rotttusive pain in the brain ; 
headache every ntorning on waking^ after eatinffy in the open 
air, when stooping, or during motion, even when merely 
moving the eyes; "the pains come on again aflor drinking 
coffee^ with aversion to coffee; pale, worn-out look ; constipa- 
tion, with tendency of the blood to the head; irritable, veW 
ment dinposition, or lively fiauguine temper, &c, (Compare 
Br>\ chara. coff. ign. and puis >) 

1*1 LSATiLLA : Tearing pains, worse towards evening; or 
benting stitches, early after rising and in the evening after 
lying down ; semi-lateral tearing pains, shocks and stitches, with 
veriigo, destire to vomit ; heaviness in the liead ; obscuration 
of sight ; photophobia; whizzing, tearing, darting or jerking 
in the cJirs; paleface^ whining nioo'h loss of appetite, «o 
thirsty chill, anguij^h, paroxysms of bleeding at l)jc noso 




palpitation of the heart ; ap^gravatton iu the evening, also 
(hiring reM^ and espociiilly when dttinii:; relief in iho open 
air, decrease of the hcad/iclie by pressing or bandaging the 
head ; bland temper, or else cold and phlegmatic. 

Knus-Tox. : Tearinc:, stitching p:uns, extending to the ears, 
root of the nose, malar bones and jaws, with painfnlness of 
the teeth find giinis; burning or beating pains; fullness and 
oppressive htaviutfHS of the Ijead ; headaehe iniinediately afler 
a meal; desire to be quiet and lie down ; the pains are i*x- 
ciled again by the least chagrin, or by walking in the ojM-n 
air; waverutij of the brain wften stqy^HHtj^ and crctping in 
(he head, (Lh frequently suitable after Bryonia.) 

Sef'Ia ; Stitching and boring pains, extorting cries from the 
patient, with nannea and vomiting ; headache every morning; 
semi-lateral tearing and drawing in the head ; pressure and 
drawing in the occiput; photophobia, with inability to ujicn 
one^s eyes; constipation ; sexual desire ; aversion to food ; 
tendency of the blood to the head, with heaviness and eon* 
fusion ; pressure over the eyes, when looking at bright day- 
light : feeling of coldness about the head 

SiLicEA : Bearing pains, with lieat and tendency of the 
blood to the head ; headache every morning or afternoon ; 
aggravation by mental labor, talking or stooping ; pains at 
night from the nape of tlie neck to the vertex ; sensation as 
il' the head w^ould t^filit, and nss if the brain would issue through 
the fur-ehead and eyes ; semi-lateral stitching or tearing pains, 
cxtenrling to the nose and face ; tumors on the head ; fre- 
quent sweat aliout the hend ; great sensitiveness of the scalp; 
falling off of the hair. (Is frequently suitable afler Hep, or 

Sulphur : Fullness, pressure and heaviness of the head, 
especially forehead ; or pressure as it' the head woidd split ; 
tearing, stitching, drawing or jerking pains, especially 07i one 
side / or beating and painful bubbling in the head, with heat 
and tendency of the blood to the head ; roaring in the head ; 
acliing pain over the eyes, obliging one to knit one's brow 
or to .lose one's eyes ; or headache, with ditu sight, inability 
to tliink, nausea and desire to vomit ; headache every week, 
or every morning or night ; or in the evening in bed, or idU'r 
a meal : aggravation by thinking, in the open air, by walking ; 
great sensitiveness of the scalp to contact ; falling off of tlie 

Vkrateum : Maddening paina ; eemi-lateral beating with 
pressure or coDstriction in the brain, with constriction of the 




throat ; sensalion as if the bmin were brnincd ; pains in the 
gtoruach ; paJiirul rigidity of the ii.if»e u( the neck ; copioua 
[discharge of clear urine ; iiausta, vomiting, ^c, ; pri'al d<h 
l>iUty> even unto fainting, with great mahise on raismg ono'^ 
self from a recumbent pu&ture ; chiniiiess and cold »we^t 
o\er the whole body; thirat ; diarrhoeic fttools, or else con- 
titipation, with tendency of blood to the head, 

§ 6. Besides, we may uso ; 

Arnica : For pains over on© eye with greenish vomiting ; 
crampy compression in the forehead, as if the brain were 
conitjressed and indurated ; beat in the head, with coldness 
of the rest of the body. 

Arsej^icum: : Serai lateral, beating painn^ with nausea, bux- 
zing in the ears, Ac, periodically, especially after a mtal, or 
in the morning, or at ni^ht^ or in the evening, in feed, with 
weeping and nu)Mning ; the pains someiimes become mad- 
dening; paiufiiUiess of the scalp ; cold applications relieve 
the pain. 

AtTRUM : Bruised pains, especially early in the momiDg, ar 
during mental labor, su that the ideas frequently become con* 
fused ; roaring in the liead, in hysleiic females. 

Carb.-veg. : Aching or beating pains over the eyes, or in 
the whole head, commencing at the nape of the neck; the 
pains set in especially in the evening or after a meal, with 
tendency of the blood to the head, and heat in the head. 

China : Tearing, drawing or oppressive pains, as from a 
load on the head, worse in the open air and when reading or 
thinking, with coryza. 

CocxnjLUs : Headache, with feeling of emptiness in the 
head, or with bilious vomiting, 

Di'LCAMARA : Opple^sive, btti|iefying pain in the forehead, 
with stoppage of the nose ; or boring or burning in the fore- 
head, with digging in the brain ; aggravatiun during motio]i» 
even when txdking, witli heaviness in the head. 

II EPA R : Pain as from a nail in the bruin ; violent boring 
in the head, or nij^htly pains as if t!ie ibrehead would be 
pulled out, with painful tumors un the head. 

IPECAcuANirA : Headache, with nausea ; sensation exti-nd- 
ing to the tongue as if the brain were bruised j vomiting or 
desire to vomit. 

Lycopodrm: Headache, with disposition to faint and great 
restlessness ; or tearing headache, esjjecially in the alternoon 
or at night ; pains extending to the eyes and nose, even teeth, 
with desire to lie down. 





Opiru; Tendency of blood to the head, with constipation, 
violvnt, tearing pains, or tensive pressure through the whole 
brain, "with beating or great heaviness in the head j unsteady 
look, thirst, diy month, suur eruetaiions, desire to vomii, &c. 

P1.ATINA: Violent, crampy pains, especially over the niot 
of the nose, with heat and redness of the I'aee, retell essn ess, 
whining mood, roaring in the head as of water, with cole]. 
nes8 in the ears, eyes and one side of the face; scintillatious, 
illusions of sight, objects appearing f>nm!ler than they really 
are. (I8 frequently suital>le after Bell.) 

§ 7. Use more particularly : 

^scuLus-GLABRA : Severe vertigo, with reeling like intoxi- 
cated ; vertigo, with nausea; vertigo, with dimness of sight ; 
fullness and heaviness of the head, contusion of ideas ; lliick- 
jiess of speech ; loathing of food ; sensation of fidlnesa in the 

^scrLUS-HiP, : Feeling as if a board were on the head ; 
confusion of the head and giddiness ; dull pains in the bead, 
Lere and there, chiefly in the right ttraple niid occiput, fol- 
lowed by dull stitches in the forehead and letl temple; a 
sensation of fuUness and pressure rather than acute pain ; 
suitable to catarrhal, bilious, gastric and ha?mon lioidiU head- 

Aranea-diad. : When the headache comes at regular hours: 
fliinmering before the eyes; dizziness in the head, which 
obliges the patient to lie down ; on nsing, a leeling as if the 
head and hands were bloated and swollen. 

AbCLKPiAS-ftYR. : Nervous headaches, which are followed 
by profuse diuresis; dull and stupid lechng in the head; 
sensation as if some sharp instrument v^as thru»t through 
from one temple to the other, with feeble pulse and cold 
skin ; headache after tnfppresiied pfrKynration 

CAcn^s-GB. : Congestive headaches; pressing pain in t!ie 
head, as if a great weight lay on tlie vertex ; lieufhiche, N\ilh 
prostration and weariness; excessive pain in the head, with 
Buch anxiety that he cannot Btay in bed. It aflecls more the 
riglit side of the head ; continued and tormenting pulsations 
in tl)e head. 

CiMiciproA : Dullness of the head and pain in thc^ forehead 
and occiput ; wlten gi ing up>-staii's, a fensntion as if the lop 
of the head would tiy off; aching pain in the Iiead, jarlieu* 
larly in the occiput, expericiK c(i <.nly wliile in-<Ioors, 
by the open air — incieij?-ing during the aliernoon and *piiie 
flevere in the evenmg ; brain ftek t<H) laryeJW die cranium / 



dull pains in the occipital re^on, with shooting pains down 
the buck nf tho neck ; severe pain in the eye-balls extending 
into the forehead, find increii'-vd by the tilightcst movement 
of the head and eye-bnlls* 

CoRNtrs-ctii, : Dull heavy pain in the whole hend: with 
drovvhines^; the lii^adaclie increased by walking, >■ 
or sltakin^ tlie head ; m)ue oJ\ft(Unfjt8 of the hrmj, I 

h\j a ropiotfs Hnol ; dull heavy scnjuitions in the head ; j^ho^t^ 
ing, achincT and thn>!>bing pnins in the head ; sense of full- 
ness and pressure in the head, preventing sound 5>leep. 

ErPATOiirrM-PEu. : Periodical htadacJie ; pain in the oeri- 
put after lying, with j«ensati<,>n of a grejit weight in the 
part, requiring the hands to liil it \ headache better in the, aggravated when tirtft going into the open air, relieved 
by conversation ; throbbing headache ; darting pain through 
the teniplcH, with sensation of blood rushing aero^i the head; 
soreness ami beating in the back part of the head. 

Gki^eminum : Great heaviness of tlit? head, slightly relieved 
by shaking the head ; dull, stupefying pressure in the head, 
most frequently in the forehead and temples j dimncsa of 
Bight and vertigo ; exerueialing headache, accompanied by 
slight nausea; dry mouth, coated tongue, bitter taste; suun- 
ming sensation in the head ; head felt very light, with vertigo; 
a settled, dull, dragging headache, mainly in the occijmt, 
mastoid and upjier cervical region, extending to the shoulders, 
relieved when sitting, by reclining the head and slu»uldera 
on a high pillow ; nctvoiis hendacites^ comnieucing in the cer- 
vical ]>ortiuii of the spinal column, and spreading ihenee over 
the whole head. 

Gi.onoine: Congestion of the brain ; throbbing, pnlsatuig 

J>ain from lielow upwards, with fullness and feeling of en- 
argenient in the head ; it feels like the motion of weaves in 
the brain ; congestion of the eyes; ringing in the ears; paU 
pitatio!! of the hetirt. 

IiELONTAS ; Pain in the forehead, as if a band about an 
inch wide were drawn across from temple; feeling of full- 
ness in the head, with vertigo; pain in the oeciput, with 
pulsative pain in tlie vertex, increased by stooping, attenUed 
Mith vertigo; great activity of the salivary glands. 

Iris -VKKS. : Pains in the forehead and right aide of the head, 
aggrjivated h^ i*est and on first movinjo^ the head, but re- 
lieved by contumal motii»n, accompntiied by lownessof apirita, 
nautiea. and even vomiting ; skh headac/ieSy of a gastric ot 



lie oriffin ; violent, etupid or Btiinning headache, with 
Ihtial neuralgia, 

LACrtNANTHES : Dullm'f^B and giddi]>cBs of the liend, with 
sensation of heat in the diest and aromid ilie heart; flcnsa- 
tion as if the Tcrtex were enlai'cred and was driven nmvards; 
th€ headfteh enlftrf/cd^ aiula^ (f split ojten with a weaffe fioni 
the outside to mt)nn ; t}ie body is very cold, impossible to 
get warm ; yellovi' fare; the hea(l burns like lire, accompanied 
with nitich thirst ; painful tearing in the forehead and teni- 
ph*s down the cheeks. 

LEPTAXDHAr Bilious kemJarhes ; constant, dull, frontal 
heudaehe, with dizziness while walking, accompanied by con- 
stipation, fuiTed tontrue, bitter taste, indigestion, yellow 
mine, languor and depression of spirits, 

LoBKiJA-iNF, : Dtill heavy pain around the forehead from 
one temple to the other, on a line immediately above the 
€ye-brow s ; pains throngb the head in sudden shocks; out- 
ward pressing in both tenipics ; continual periodlatl headanho 
in the afternoon, increasing until midnight, every third 
attack being alternately more or less violent. 

Phttolacca : Headaches of syphiUlic patients ; doll, 
heavy headache in the forehead ; sharj^.^hooting pains in the 
right temple ; hea*lache ihrnugh the whnle bead of a dull 
pressiing character, with vertigo and impairment of vision, 

SANriUiNAUiA : 3lif/rone or sick headache ; the attacks oc- 
cur paroxysmally ; the pains begin in the morning, increase 
during the day and laf*t till evening ; the head seems to feel 
as if it would burst, or as if the eyes wf»idd be pressed out, 
or the pains are digging, attended with sudden piercing, 
throbbing lancinatioim thr^nigb the bniin, involving the fore- 
head and t<»pof the bead in part ievilar, and being mosst severe 
on the right side, followed by cliills, nausea, vomiting of food 
or bile, furcing the patient to lie down and preserve the 
greatest quiet, a« every motion aggravates the suffering, 
which are only relieved by sleep; congestions of the bead; 
w^iih distention of the lemjioral veins. 

SrifTA-prL. : Dull sensation in the head, with tiharp, dart- 
ing pnins through the vertex, side of the face and lower jaw , 
dull, hejivy preegure in tlie forehead and at the root of the 
no?Jr ; dartitig pain in the tempmal region. 

TiiKi:imoN: Very severe headache, with nausea and vomit- 
ing, like .Kea'sieA^neftff, ainl with tihaking chilis : i!twi*.itroJi-e : 
hejulac'he in the beginning of every motion, cannot bear the 
least noise ; throbbing frontal headache or behind the cye«. 



, extending in the occiput ; heavinosa of the hcad» aa if she 
I liad Bomcthing else upon it. 
§ 8. Use more particularly : 

u) For prc^ginff pains cm i^* the nhiU wotttd t^it: V) Bell, 
hry. cliin, natr.-m* n.>voin. puis, acp, sil. snlph. 2) Aeon, 
ainm. ant. luiryt, calc. caps, canst, graph, m.ngn.arct. mortv 
niez, natr. plat, phos, phna-ac. rhus 8j)ig. spong. staph, stront. 

b) For uchiny pains : 1) Auac. am. bell. calc. carb • 
veg. chin, coccul, ign. kul. lye, natr.-rn, n.-vom. phospb. acp 
fltaun. ftulph. 2) Aeon, ars. asa. aur, bry. caust. chain, cic. 
dig, dulc, ferr. ipec. laeh. mez. natr, pctr. plat. 

c) For tensive pains: 1) Arn. asa, bell, caust. lye. n.-vooL 
puis. fiil. stront. suli>h. *2) Ar*^. cann. carb.-an. carb.-veg. c!eni. 
graph, niagn.-arct, mosch, natr. natr. -ni nitr pKrtr. spig. stann. 
lart. vcratr. 

d) For crampy^ pinching, spasmodic pains : 1) Aeon. am. 
calc. carb.-veg. coloc. ign, pho8.-ac. plat, stram. 2) Amb. 
ang. chin, colch. mez, mosch.n.-mosch. n.-vom. petr. sep. stann. 

c) Tor cofnpr€s$ive pains: 1) Am. bry. carb.-vcg, chin, 
cocc, helL lye, men, mosch. natr.-m. n.-mosch. phos.-ac. plat. 
Bil. spig. staph, tart 2) Acou. alum, anac, calc. canst, cic. 
con. dulc graph, magn.-arct. nitr.-ac. oleaud. sep, staph. 

r) For constrictive^ contractive pains: I) Anne, asa carb.- 
veg, chin. core, grapli. hiur. mere nntr-m. nitr. pelr. phosph. 
plat puis. 2) Aeon, caniph, caim, hyos. ipec. lach. mosch. 
petr. pljo8.-ae. stann. sulph- ac. val. vcratr, 

g) For pain as if tied it/j leith a l/amla^e or surronndfd 
with a tight band : CycL iod. laur. mere, nitr.-ac sasBap, 
stann. Hulpb. 

§ 9. a) For horiftg\ diggincr-np pains: 1) Calc. dulc. hep. 
puis. Sep, 2) Amm. amm,-m. \ell. coec ign. laur. magii.-c 
mere. nic/. phovi.-ac, plat, sabin. spig. stann. staph, jsinc 

b) For heciting^ hanrmei'ing, pulhative fiains : 1 ) Aeon. nr?*. 
bell. C4ilc. carb.-veg. ferr. ign» krcoa laeh. natr.-in, pliosph, 
puis. Sep. sil. stram. sulph, 2) Boriix. bry. eham. cocc. dros, 
euphr. kal. laur. led. niang, nitr.-ac. op. oleand. pctr. plaU 
sabad. seneg. sq\iill. 

c) For pain as IC a "a// ox ping were driven Into the brain : 
1) Aeon, am. hep, ign. mngn.-arct. n.-vom. plat, sulpb.-ac. 2) 
Awi. carb.-veg. cocc. coH". dulc hell, kreus. natr.-ni. olcand. 
rhus. thnj, 

d) Fur teartiiy or drawing pains: 1) Arn, ais* beU, csalc. 


I. <v>n. ipn^. lach. mere, natr,-m. nitr.-ac* n.-vom. puis, sep, 
fcil, !<iulph. 2) Amb. anr. biy. caps, carb.-an, carb.-veg. cham. 
Hair. phnsplL spig, 8taph. 

v) ^Stitc/ihi^ pains: 1) Aeon. bcU. bry, canth, canst con. 
ifjTu mere, natr. petr. puis, rhiis. sep, sil. stann. stilph. 2) 
Ahim. arn* as;i, calc, chel. chin, lach. laur. magn.-c. natr.-m. 
Ji,-vom. selen. staph. 

f ) Sore or ttkerative pains : 1) Amm. ara. carb.-veg. caust. 
|ehin. ign. Ivc. magn.-c mez. natr.-m. n -rom. pbosph. sep. 

ftnlph. zinc. 2) Aeon, borax, kreos. lach. magn.-arcL niang. 
t^loand. rhns. sabad, sabin. stront. 

g) Pain as if bruised^ torn or dashed to pieces: 1) Atir, 
bell, camph. chin. con. hell ign. n.-vom |>uls. veratr. 2) Ahim. 

irri.-in. are. carb.-an. canst, coflt con. enphr. hep. ipec. mere. 
inr,-»c. phosph. phosph,-ac, rhus. sep. stann, sulph. zinc. 

h) Darting^ jerkiJig pains: 1) Anib. am. bell. calc. chin. 
ign. kal. magn-aust. nitr.-ac. puis. sep. sil. 2} Anac. caust. 
graph, lye. n.-vorn. pctr. phosph. phos.-ac. plumb, sulph. 

§"10, a) Ffding of coldnem in the head or on the vertex; 
1> IJelb caIc. phosph. sep. siilph. veratr. 2) Aeon. arn. dulc. 

b) Burning in the head : 1) Aeon. bell. bry. eug. mere. 

,-Tom. phosph. sabad. sep. 2) Amm. arc. arn. carb.-veg. 
Ilpt. coce. diilc graph, bell. kaL 
«ulph.-ar. veratr. 

mor.-ao phofi.-ac. rhus. spig 

c) Urmring^ buzzing in the head : 1) Aur. calc. graph. I.ich. 
>lat. puis, staph. »olph. zinc. 2) Aeon baryt. carb.-veg. caust, 

f!oi:c. dulc. graph, bell kal. phos.*ac. rhus. spig. stanD« 
•tilph.-ac. veratr. 

d) SensatioD as if the brain were loo»e^ moving^ falling 
agiurist the skull : 1) Aeon. belt. chin. sep. flulph. 2) Ac(»n. ars. 
i>aryt. bry. calc carb.-an. cic. coff. kal, lye. magn.-s, phos,-ac 
plut. puis rhus. »pig. 

t?) Wavering (swashing) in the head, as of water: 1) dell, 
-V itr af^a, .lur, curb,-an. hep. hyos. lach. magn.-m. ii.-vom. 


r^sation as of something alive: 1) Am. colch. 
i.-auBt. plat. puis, rbus, 12) Atu)n, bnryt. 
.c. cupr, petr. phosph. phos.-ac. sil. sulpli. 
-r> a» if a ball were rising into the head: Aeon 
11 jb. sep. 

•D as if a cttrrefit (tfair were passing through 
h€adt or a^ if uiitd uere blowing upon one : Anr. colcb. 
puis, sabin. sue 






§ 11. n) For pains from above fhnrfiWfrrris^ pi 
etitcHcit from above clown wards; I) C;irh,»v<*g. r:iu«U' 
magn.-arctt puis, sulph. 2) AinK cin* con. cupr. mm;- 
niti%-ac n.-voni. ph(»s,-iir. plat. rUn^. ^P^^' Rpong. tart, %erji! 

b) Pains frciin bfltyti? upwards: I) Bell, causU cJiutn. 
Plios.*nc, rhus, sep, hil staph. 

v) From tcilhin outwnras : 1 ) Asa. bell, bry, cnlc. cUin. pjoi 
diilc, mere. nirz. j)bosph. rims. sep. sil. spig. 8j>ong. stani 
8ulph. val. 2) Aeon. alnm. carb.-veg. dros, ign. lach. ly< 
ma^n.-arct. magn.-ui. mur.-ac. natr. natr.-m. n.-mosoh. n.-voi 
pho8.-ac. rbod. sabad. sanib. staph, verb. 

d) From withottt imcanh : 1) Atiac. arn. calc. cantb. lai 
plat. 2) Coccml. dulo. bell. ign. plumb. &abiu. spig. gUrni 
stapb. sulpluae. 

c*) Pabift ^euted at a miaU 8}*ots : 1) Aeon. bry. lye. 
And), anac. dulc. \^\\q,. fon\ graph, hep. laur, led. mosch. 
nioHch. plat sop. s]iig. eqnilh staph. 

f ) External pains in the integuments of the skull : Ij 
Aenn. am. bell. ealc. eliin. lye, mere. mez. n-vom, rhtis* st«f>l 
2) Alum, earb.-veg. enust [rrai>h. guaj. hep, nitr.-ac, pbocipl 
puis, rula, eep. spig, sulpli thuj. veratr. 

§ 12. v) Forehead BLX\i\ sinciput ^re pnuoipally affcctcdj 

1 ) Aeon. amm. ars, bell. cale. ehin. cocc. dufe. ign, kreos. ly<^ 
natr.-m. n.-mosob. n.voni. phosph, plat, sabad. starm. huI[' 

2) Alum, arn. eaps. carb.-veg. ferr. fiep. ipee laeh, magn 
magn.-m. mere. mez. natr. nitr.-ae. puis, t^pig. thuj. 

b) The temporal region: 1> Bell. eale. natr.-m. plat 
Aeon. alum. anac. eliin. kal. kreos. magn.H3. magu. n-moscl 
petr. puis sabin i^ulj>li.-ac. 

c) The side.^ of the head: 1) Acx>n, bry. natr.-m. pbos.^ 
2> Asa. enntli. ginph. guaj. kab l:tur. lye, mugn.-arei, magit 
aust. mngn,-e. tnagn -ni. numg. plat, puis. Mtlph. thuj. vevatl 

d) Semi-luttrtd p,iiii&: 1) Ars. enle. ehin. cic coloc ig 
m^re. n.-vf»m. puL<. f^ep. '2) Agar. ahmi. amm -m. anac. asj 
ein. diile. kal. mniig. mez. mur -ae. phosph. pho8.-ae. plat, sabac 
8abiu. ?*assaj». spig staph. suI[ilL-ac, verb, 

e) Left side: Ant ai-n. asa. asar, e.ile. ehiu, colch. colo 
dro-s. hu'h. mere. mez. nitr,-ae. n.-mosch. rbod. seleii. »iL spij 
sulph. ?.ine. 

f) Jlight side: Aeon. sdum. eale. caust. dros. ferr. bei 
ign, I3H!. mo.<ieh. plutnb. ruta. sabad. sabin. sil. 

g) Vertex and itj^j^cr hend: 1} Agn, eale. eanst. con, Ui 
lye. nitr.-ac. phosph. spig. 2) Aeon. amb. anac. carb.-azi. 



cupr, natr. natr.-m. u.-nioech. pho?ph, »ep. siL staph, swlj-li. 

li) OcciptU: i) Aeon, calc, carb.-veg. ign. kal, intr,-ac petr, 
rhua. si^p, sulph. 2) Amb, cark-an. colch. magn.-m. mez. 
moBch. natr. n.-vom. sil. thnj. 

g 13. a) The ef/es are involved, or the pains extend to the 
eyes: 1) Aeon, baryt. bell, bry, calc, coccuL hep. Inch, natr. 
uatr.-m. n.-vom. puis, aelen. sep. t>\L 2) Ars, borax, carb.- 
vc£». canst c'ic. ign. kreos. nitr. pho^plu pho!».-ac. 6poDJ,^ 

b) Tlie rtffion of the tars is principally affected, or Oie 
pains extend to the ears : 1) Cantli. lye mere* mosch. mur.-ac. 

mli. rhuR. ^\i\K sulph. 2) Anac, ahim. arn, borax, ealc. caps. 
Con. ign. natr. nutr.-m. nitr. plio^pb. 

^) Tlie pains are seated over tht root ofth^nose^ or extend 
doMTi to tne noee : 1) Aeon, liep. n.-vom. phosph. rhua. 2) 
Ar», ign. laeh. lye, mere, ntez. mosch. slann. 

d) They affect ihv:face: 1) Aeon, hep, rhns. sil, 2) Anib. 
bry. calc, cArb.-vcg. cin. dros. graph, krcns, lach. natr.-m. 
nitr n.-vom. petr. phosph. spong. sulph. thuj. 

e) They cause heat and redness of the lace: Aeon. belL 
ign. lach. natr.-ra. n.-vom. phosph. plat, sil. ^ulph. 

n They extend to the teeth: 1} Lach. lye. puis. rhus. sep. 
2) talc, carb.-veg. canst, ign, kreos. magn.-e. mere, sulph. 

g) The nape of the neck is involved, or the pains extend 
[to the nnjK? of the neck: Baryt. bell, car U-veg. canst, con. 
jgraph. kaJ. lye. puis, sabirt. 

S H, a) The pain.s attiick the imderstmiding and impede 
' ' : Aeon, jiiub imr, bell bry. calc, carb.-an. canst, cocc, 
. lach. niagn.-c, natr. n.-vom. op. pclr. pbu^ph. puis. 
tLuii. ^\\, Hulph. 

bi They cause vtrtigo or dixrincss: 1) Aeon. bell. bry. 
rale, carb.-an. caust. lach. n.-vom. phogph. jmle. 2) Anac. 
!bin. cooc, con. hell, magn.-m. nnir.-ac, nalr. nntr.-m. nitr -aa 
•hn«. fcp, 

c) JJimntM or weakness of sight : Aeon. ai*n. bell, calc* 
|cliam. cic. hyog, ign. n.-vrmi. puis sil 8tr:im. 

d) lioarintj in the ears; Aeon. ars. borax, cijin, n.-vonj 
rhns. i$taph. thuj, 

») Ana^Jfea or vomiting : I) Amm. arn. hell, bry, carb.-veg. 
coloc, ipet:. lach. nitr.-ac n.-vouu puis. sep. gulph. 2) Alum, 
cak. cliin. cocc. con. duic. igii. kal. magn.-e. nair,-m, pho»ph 
They Migt one to lie down: 1) Bry. calc. con. n.*vom 



phos.-ac. mih, rhas. selcn< sep. 2) Alum amm. ftn»c. beTI. 
graph* knU Tnagii,-m. natr.-m. nitr.-ao. oloand, 0[i, petr. " 
8t:inn. snlph. 

g 15. a) The pains occnr principally ^n fA* «T««fV^ ; 
Alum, rarb.-an. carb -vecj. laur. lyc- inagn.<Mnagn,>m. pho!ii| 
puis, sulph. 2) Cojoc. hep. mere, mur.^ac. nitr. mtr.-ac. 
vom. petr» rhus. 8ep. ail. val. 

b) .'!< Wif^A^ Qi- tVi Mf' evening in bed: I) Bell chin, h^ 
lach. lye. pub. sil. Bulph, 2j Alum. ara. magn.-c. mere Dal 
nitr.-ac. op., sepia. 

e) In the mornino: on waking: 1) Bry. calc, kal, lye. nati>_ 
m. n.-vom, sulph. 'A) Baryt. boll. cham. chin. coff. con. h< 
ign. ipec. lach. mai;n.-c. mngn.-m. nitr.-ac. phosph. puis, thi 

d) In the niorni }i ff ^cucvaUy : 1) Bry. calc. caust, cl 
hep. kal. lach. lye. natr.-m. n.-vom* petr. phosph, phos. 
8ep. sil. sulph. 2) Amm. amm.-m. ara. aur. oaryt. bell, 
an. con, ioJ, lye. luagn.-c. inagn^-m. mur.-ac natr. nitr.- 
n.-moach. puis. thuj. 

e) A/(er a meal: 1) AmiE. ars. bry. carb.-an. carb.-i 
n.-vom. phosph. puis. rhus. aulph. 2) Alum. am. baryt. 
canth. canst, chin, cin, con. coff. graph, ign. kaL lach. Ij 
maprn,-c. magn.-m. natr. nitr. niir,-nc. puis 

f ) In coti8u*juonce of mental tabor (reading, writing, thii 
ing, Jkc.) : 1 ) Calc. chin, natr n.-vom. puis. mI. 2) Arn. ai 
carb.-veg. canst, cin. cocc. coff ign. lye, natr.-m. petr. phosj 

BOp. Sulpll. 

g) Worse in the open air, better in a room : 1) Calc. cau 
chin. coff. con. rhus. spig. 8ulph. 2) Bell. ferr. hell. b< 
magn.'art't. magn. mere, mur.^c n.-voui. petr. pule, stti] 
flulph. )?u]ph.-ac. 

h) Worj^e in a room, better in the open air : 1) Alum. 
arn. aanr, bov. mrign.-c. magn-ra* phosph. pula. 
2} Aeon, ant, arn. hell. sep. sulph, 

§ Id. Compare: Congestions of the HitAt>, Patna, pj 
OXY8JIS OF, Causes, Conditions, &c, 

HEAD, LAROE, of CiiiLnREN. -Tlie best remedies 
(his iiffefnon and the retarded cloriiugof the foutanellea, 
Calc. 8iL sulph. (See: Scrofula.) 

HEAD, MORH1D coNDmoNs of, in consequence of men 
exertions. Piineipal remedies: 1) N.-vom, sulph.; or, 
Aur. calc. colch. laeh. moseh, natr. natr.-m. pule, ail; or, 
Amm. amb. bell. cham. cic. dig. iod. laur. led, nitr. n,-m< 
phoaph. 6€p. spong. Biilpb.-ac. val. zinc. 


BlLABmCi^ Ac 

wyien BTieexing or inupiriug, witli a load eclio in the 

Orapli. e III Jill. -puip. 

When um rigut sidb ia affected : Cak, n.-vom. con. pula. 
gds. laclirL 

For OLD PBOPLB : Am. petr. 

For eoBOFiTLous patlenta: Cak* iod. lyo. rbus^Ten. 


By AfJGRAVATioN from motion: bell. D.-vora, pbos. ; in lh« 
ojmi air : Calc. con. ; when sneezing : Puis, j from ardait 
jipirits : Phoa, 

liy AMELIORATION from streotinff : Calc. ; by craning 
ftose : Mnng. mere. ; iti clmr^ dry toeafher: Phoa puis. 

55 3. Particular symptomntic indications : 

Belladojtna : Tendency of blood to the head^ with bnxiiiig 
in the ears, scitiiillations, prcssinj^ pain in the Ibrehead from 
within outwards, especially in young, plethoric, large indtvi> 
duals ; also in scrofulous subjects, with a fine delicate skin, 
red and white cheeka ; alao, after ajwplexy, meuingilis, 
typhus, <fec. 

Calc akea : Deafness as if the ears were closed ; freqnent 
btizzing, rolHnp: or ringing, singing and musical sounds iu the 
ears; or frequent beating and heat in the ears ; constant dry- 
neu of the ears, or purulent discharge ; aching pain in the 
forehead, do. 

CAiTSTicrM : Sensation as if the ears were stopped up, with 
buzzing arid roaring in tlie head ; loud reut^rberation ofsou$id$ 
m\d of o7ie^6 Q\rn ictrtd^ in the ears; otorrha?a, rheumatic 
pains in the ears and extremities ; extreme sensitiveuciis to 
cold win lis, t^c. 

GRAniTTEs: Gr€at dn/fif^i^s m the ears, or purulent dis- 
charge; hard henring, which sometimes ceases while ridinc 
in a carriage; singing, whizzing and ringing, or buzzing aim 
thundering reports in the ears, especially at night, or sensa- 
tion as it air were penetrating into the eustachian tube; 
herpes and crusts around the ears and on other parts of tbo 

llToscTAMUSt Hard hearing as if stupeiied> especially after 
apoplexy, if IhU proves inefleetual. 

Lacii£8Is: J)ry cars, with hard and pale, or while and 
pfil>j»y cerumen ; painful beating, cracking or whimng, roll* 
ing and drutumiug in the ears, with reverberatiun of the 
sounds; soreness and crusts around the ears, Ac. (FreqoenUy 
Kuitable alter Cavs(-) 

Ledum : The ears feel ae if closed, with whizzing in iha 

"^^^H**' *V^ 

HEARING, dbc. 


in ; dtillncas and stupefaction of the head on the affected 
mde, f«'<»linf^ of stitfnri's in the sculp, and after siippressiun of 
otnrrhcDJi or of c<»ryza or catarrh of the eyes. 

Lycopodutm : Ko!irin<]j and whizzino; in the ears, or crack- 
ing na of air-vesicles; sensation as if hot blood were tending 

iwards the Gal's; bumid gcurf in the region of the ear, or 
>n I he ears. 

MKRornirs : Stoppage of the ears, discontinaing when swal- 
lowing or blowing one^s nose; loud reverberation of all the 
Bounds in the ear; ringing, bnsfizing and whizzing, especially 
in the evening, or puniient otorrhoea, with ulceration of the 
ears; rlienmntic painsi in the ears or head, or in the teeth; 
ffreat teifdcHCt/ to »w€at^ cC'c. 

Max«axitm : Frequent otalgia, with tearirfi^ and stitching 
extenditig to the tympanum; nIctTative pain in the ears; 
whizzing and rushing in the ears, especially after stooping ; 
report^ when swallowing or blowing one^s noee ; hard hear- 
ing as if the oar were stopped np, the ear opening when 
l»h>wing one's nose ; the dealhess increases or decreases aC' 
cording as the weather is fair or bad. 

NiTRj-AciDOf • Dry ears, or discharge of cerumen ; stop- 
Kigc of the ears, with roaring, beating and detonations; fre- 
qnont toothache, with ficorbutic affection of the gums ; 
stitches in the teeth and ears. 

Opilm : Suitable after apoplexy* or to patients who are 
Hable to epileptic fits; or in alternation with Hell or I/t/osc, 

pKTUOLJErM : Painful dryness of the inner ear, or discharge 
of blood and pus; ringing, or rumbling and roaring in the 
ears; her^ies or soreness on or near the ears; frequent tooth- 
;he, with swollen cheek ; bleeding of the gums, pressing 

* IS in the occiput, from within outwards, 5;c. (It is fr**- 

lently suitable after Nitr-^tc.) 

PiiosprioKus: Plard hearing, especially deep to the human 

nee, with loud reverberation of the sounds, especially wor<ift, 

the ears, extending to the inner head ; tenrk-ncy of blood 

the ears, with beating and throbbing ; dry feeling, or dis- 
large of cerumen. 

Pulsatilla : Hard, black or liquid <'ernnien, with dis- 
charge; stitching pains in the eai*8, or discharge of pus or 
blood ; the ears are stopped, with roaring and whizzing, or 
beating, nmrniurings, ringing or chirping ; especially unliable 
to pet^ons of a bland disptisition, or to females win) are lia- 
ble to leucorrhcea and other iiregularitiea of the urinary sya- 



SiucKA : Discharge of cerumen ; atoppage, pasfdn^r nff wiih 
a report, or when blowing the nose; tieathefef*, < (o 

the Iiuman voice, also withoat naine in the ears, ^ itii 

ringing, gurgling anil fluttering ; the deafness in worse when 
the moon changes, especially at full or new moon ; deafne£^ 
alternating with extreme seusitiveneas of hearing; eroata 
behind the eara. 

Sctlpmur: Deafness, especially to the human voice; fre- 
(juent stoi)page of the ears, especially when eating or blow- 
ing one's nose ; also on one side only ; murmuring or onda- 
lating sensation in the ears as if caufted by water, or wbizztng 
and roaring • tendency of blood to the head ; diflpoiitlon to 
coryza or other blennorrhojaSj discharge of the ears, A;c, 

g 4. Bci^ides we may use : 

Cactits : Pulsations in the ears, continuing day and tiight ; 
noise in the ear, like the ruiming of a river, continuing all 
night; diminiRhed bearing from the buzzing in the ears; 
very painful otitis from checked perspiration. 

KiTpATomuM-iTKP- : Reports in the ears, feeling as though 
tbcy were full ; crackling in the ears, like the burning of 
birch-bark, aggravated upon swallowing anything ; squeaking 
sound in the eai*8. 

Gelsiiminum : Rushing and roaring in the ears ; sudden 
and temporary loss of hearing; the pains which ascend from 
the back to the occiput oilen affect the ears; digging id the 
right ear; stitches; pain behind both ears. 

Hydrastis : Roaring in the eai's, like cog-wheels, from 
debility or from catarrh ot the inner ear ; oton'ho&a af thick 

LAcnNAXTOEs: Singing in the ears; cracking in the rig^ht 
ear, followed by a sensation as if it would dis<.iharge som^ 
thing; tearing and tingling in both ears; crawling m tKi^ 
ear, relieved by boring, but immediately returning ; crawlrnj^ 
in the right ear, while eating ; sensation as of cold in tke 
external ear. 

Riius-VEN. : Deafheas; vesicular inflammation of the can, 
exuding a yellow, watery senim ; itching behind left ear. 

Sakguinakia : Buniing in the ears, with redness of th« 
cheeks ; otalgia, with headache ; singing in tlie ears^ with 
vertigo ; painful .sensitiveness to sudden soundd ; hummuig in 
the ears, with determination of blood. 

§ 5. Use more particularly, for roaring and iphissdngvi 
tlie cars : 1) Aeon. arn. hell. cact. caunL chin. con. gels, ffriq^ 
hydr. lye. mere nitr.^ao. n-'Vom. pelr, pitla, ecp. sulph. i) 



Alum, amb. ainm. anac. baryt. bor. bry. oalc. caib-r. cham. 
croc. bop. kaL lacfi. iv>ti\-m, np. phos, plat, spig. ther. rhod. 

Hnzzhid and »urnng : Arum. bell, eaust. con. graph, 
byosr. iod, natr,-m. puis, sulpli. 

Thnnflering^ rimibUuff : Amin.-m. eale, caust. graph, plat, 

Flutterinffy as if ol a bird: Aur. bclb calc. oaut»t. graph* 
petr, pulw. sil, sf»ig. Bulph. 

liififfing and stnffintj in the ears : 1) Bell, ealc. ca«8t. chin 
graph, kal. lachih lye. men. natr.-m. n.-vora. puis. song. 2) 
Amm. baryt. bor. cheL con. petr siL sulph. 

Hacking, when chewing or moving (he jaw: Baryt. calc. 
eupat.-purp. graph, kal. lachn. men. natr.-ni. nitr.-ac. pctr. 

Cracking and detonatiofis in the ears : Graph, kal. numg, 
natr. sil. staph, zinc. 

Hinging^ a^ ofbdU : Ambr. calc. con. led. natr.-m. 8tl. 


sill ph. 

For sensation of stoppage : 1) Bry. con* lye. roang. mere 
pub. sil. tjpig. 2) Calc. caust. graph, kal. iod. lach men. 
iiJtr.-ac. pelr. sep. sn![^lj. 

For Bensation as if closkd dt sOMFrnrNO in front : 1) 
Calc. nitr.-ac, sulph. *2) Aeon. ant. carb.-v. cliiu. cucc. hyoso. 
led. m«^n. phos, spig. 

For occasional alternation, with great SBXsmyiCNiSBB 
OF mkaring: Aur. bell. calc. cofF. lye. sep. spig. 

§ 7. Compare: Exctssloe irritation of the senBe of hear- 
ing ^ hwtnorrhage from tJ*e ears^ certwiefi^ otorrhcea, otalgia, 
and useful ijidications may also be found by analogy under 

HEARING, EXCEssirK ihritation of— Pnneipal remedies: 

1) Am. aur. bell. bry. coff. laeh. lye. natr. phos.-ac. sep. spig. 

2) Aeon. calc. cham, chin. con. graph, mere. n.-vom. petr. 
pbosph. puis, sulph. 

For sensitiveness to noise^ give: 1) Aeon, bell bry. cham. 
coff ign. lye. n.-vom. 2) Ang. am. borai, calc. eolch. con. ipec. 
natr. phos,.ac. plat. puis. sep. spig. 

To music : 1) Bry. natr. phos.-ac. sep. 2) Aeon, amb. cbnni. 
lyc- n,-vom. phosph. puis. 

Comp. : Nervous ikritation', Debiijtt, &c. 

KEARTBirRN, eructations, iiegubgitation^, Ac. 

§ L Principal remedies : 1) Am. bry. ealc. carb.-veg. con. 
igiL lyc. mere, natr.-m. n.-vom. phos. rhus. sep. sulph. veratr, 
2) Amm. arn. carb.-an. caust. cocc graph, natr. eil. 6tuph 



tart val. 3) Alum, nmh. imt. bdl, cann. cinth. capsL cliin. 
cin, croc. cyd. flros, grnj>h. kjil. inci. i^ilr. nitr.-nc f»etr, nuu 
rboil. aal>a(l, ^o^ssap. stun, siilph.-iic tlnij. 4 ) /E-t^ijip. ilinsf. hy\. 

§ 2, YoT frt'ffue.nt rhr'nf/ nf aii\ ijive: I \ Arn, b«*n. bry. 
carb.-vpfj. cnust, or»cc. am. liep. kal. lach. iiktc. nntr. nalr.-m. 
n -vom, phnsph. puis, rlius. rata. sop. staph, sulph. vpi-atr. -) 
Alum. nnib. amm.-in. ant. t!alo. carb.-uih chin, dulc graph, iiin, 
\yc. mun-nc. petr, nabad. wiHsap. sil. upong. liUmn $ulpb.'d4', 
ihuj. val. verb. 3) ^^.-liip. bipt. caul, eup -perf. hyd, iriM, j«i<i 

Painful entrtattofi^ require: Coccul. ii.-vom. pelr. pho§ph. 
»abad. sep. Infjfh'tunl ^rrffinfj to eriictale : Atab. carb.-aa 
caust. cocc. con. graph, hyoa. igu. kal, rnagn.-ai*ct. twagn,-c 
n.-vom. f>hos. plumb, puis, rhus sulph. zinc 

Eructatioiift tatiting <»!' the iftfjtsta: Afnb, aronu ant carb.« 
an. carb.-vcof. cauat. chin. c««n. lyc, natr.-m. phosph. puis, wl 

§ 3. RegnrffUation of food : 1) Arn. bry. caib.-veg,gT«pli. 
n -vom. phosph. puis, saesap. sulph. sulph -ac. tart, H) Ant. 
bell, c.ilc. can. con. dres. hep, ign. lyc. more. natr,-tiu plumb 
staph, veratr. zinc^ 

Regurgitation of nndiffested food: 1) Bry. chaxiL con.igfn. 
lach. phoHph. 2) Amm.-m. camph. magn.-m tpcz. sulph. 

§ 4. Sour eructations or regurgitation: Calc. cbaiii. chin, 
lyc. n.vo*n. phosph. sulph. '2) Amm.~ara. bell. cau8t ferr. 
graph, ign. ipec. kal. natr.-m. phos.-ac. puU, sassap. stimiL 
thuj. vcr.atr. 3) Hydr. iris, phytol, robin, pod. 

JPi/roi(t8, heartburn; 1) Amm. calc. chin. can. crac. lyc. 
natr.-m. n.-vom. sulph. 2) Caps. carb.-an. carb.-veg, e&u^t 
dulc- graph, hop. ign iod. kal. mere nitr.-ac» phospb. puli 
Biabad. Hep, sil staph. suJph.-ac. 3) Iris. pod. 

Waferhrash : 1) Ars. calc. carb,.vcg. lyc. natr.-m. nitr.-ac. 
n.-voni. phosph, sop. sulph. 2) Baryt. bell, canst, cupr. dtm. 
graph, hep. ipec. led. natr. petr. rhus. sabad. ul st4iph, veratr 

§ 5, Compare : Gastric DJERAKGEHBKTy Wrak Stomach, 
Derangemknt of the Stomach, &c 

heart, diseases op : 

§ 1, The l>cst remedies are : 1) Aeon, ars, aur. bdL ft^ 
carb.-v. camicif collins. glonoin. hthn, lauroe.o3tal./>/i<>*, ptik 
*P^ff 2J Arn. benz. cann. cau»t. kal.-bi. lach. naja.-tr. gpan^ 
cJ) Aml>. apis. asa. con, cupr. kreaa. mang. natr, iiatr,-ni. il- 
moHch. rhus. sep. sulpk venit-vir. 

g 2. For CARDITIS, use: 1) Aeon, bry, cart. pals. 2) 
Cann, canst, cimicif, glon, lacii. 3) Apb. arn. bi>.ni, i-avc. 
crotaL dig. natr.-m. spig. verat.-vir. 



For fexDOCARDTTis m particular: 1) Aeon. cann. 2) Ars. 
bism. bry. cooc. dig. glon. splg. 3 J Apis, ciattst. crotul gelft, 
lach. natr.-m, puis. 

For PERiCAKDiTis: 1) Ars. bell cann. coleb. crotal, glon» 

2) ApLs. lob.-inC ? vAcL cimicif. ti'ill. ? vcrat-vir. ? 

For EXUDATTON8 in the pericardium : Apis ars. cann. crot. 
dig. glon. hmroc. 

For RHisUiMATic AFFECTIONS of the hoait : Aeon. ars. aiir, 
hry, eact. calc. cimicif, caust. cok'h. dig. lach. phog. ^«/rf Bl>Jg. 


For VALVULAR AFFECTIONS : AuF. bism. cann. collins. crotal. 
dig. lauroc. rhns. 8pig. 

For AJNKURtSMA : 1 j Aspar\ cann. carb.-v. graph. pid9. spiff, 
verat, 2) Aur. ojiic. canst, graph, guaj. lach. lye rhaa, 3) 
Ambr. am. ars. ferr. natr.-m! seine. 4) Cact. 

For HYPERTROPnT : 1) Aeon, aspar. bism. graph, lye, puis, 
gpig. verat. 2) Ars. brom. iod. kal.-bi. /calm. phos. sponur, 

3) Cact, 

For POLYPI : 1) Lach. 2) Calc. ? staph. ? 3 \ Brom. ? 

§ 3. For PAi-prrAHoN : 1) Aeon. aur. cact calc, chin. cocc. 
firr. gels. iod. lye. mere, nair.-ni. petr. pho» pula. 3ej>. splg, 
sulph. 2) AUini. ars, asar. bell. bry. caust. cimicif. coff <?«»|- 
lina. ign. kal. la(;h, ly conns, n.-vom. phos.-ac. pod. rnta. Bang. 
thuj, verat. 3) Berb. cnara. dig. n.-mosch. op. scutol. verat. - 

For the moat common cases, without known cause : Aeon. 
ars. sulph. 

For palpitation from jil^thora or rush of blood: 1) Acon^ 
octet, n.-vouL belL 2) Aur. coif. dig. gels, lach, op. phos, 

In the case of nervotis or hysteric pei'sons : Asa, cham, 
cocc. cotf, ign, lach. lit -tigr. n,-niosch, n.-vom. puis, verat. 

After emotimis : Aeon, cham, coff. ign. n.-vom. op, puis, 
verat.; after cArt;/nt« .* Aeon. cham. ign. n.-vom. ; atXcr fright : 
Op, or cofiC ; alter sudden jug : Aeon, coflf ; after greatyWir 
or angui.fdt^ Verat.; after dchilitatii^g loss of Jluidn : 1) 
Chin.; 2) N.-vom. phos. sulph.; with onaniMs: Ferr. ; after 
suppression of eruptions or old idcers, d;c.: Ars. caust. lach, 

g 4. For PALPITATIONS, especially emnings : Carb.-a. caust. 
lye. natr. nitr. nitr.-.ic. petr. phitn. aej). sulph. ; after cxcHit*tiA 
if the mind: Tgn. staph. ; of the bodg : Atnni- ; from motitm : 
Graph. natrum-uL phoa^ staph, ^eratr. ; alter eating : I) Lye. ; 



2) Camph. carb.-a. carb.-v.; 3) Calc* ig^i. hep. autr.^m. nitr.- 
ac. n. voin. puis. sep. sil milph, thuj. ; nuyrftinga: 1) Kal. ; :?) 
Carb.-a, ign. n.-voiii phos. ; frmn every emotion: 1) I^ 
*1) Xiir.-ac, pho«. ; from singing in the thurch : C: 
from lying on (he bat*k : Ar?<. nitr. ; from fytng on the 5i< 
Buryt . Hfitr. nfltr-m. n.-vom. puis. ; rrf>m tufisic r CarK^a, sta) 
at night: 1) Calc. phos. puis.; 2) Ars. ign. lil.-tigr. lye. n: 
imlr.-m. uitr. nitr.-ac. siJ, sulnh. ; at the fncnMntal perit 
1) Cupr. ; 2) Alum. ign. iod, nitr.-ac, phoa. rhus. sil. spi 
when •^it(it\g : Aug. earb -v. dig. magn -ra, natr. phos* t\\\ 
sit. spig. ; ai\er speaking : Puis.; when ascrnding : 1) Nitr- 
ac. mdph. ihuj. ; 2) Verat. ; after stool: Cau^t. ta.rr. ; when 
ascending stairs : Sulph. ; after drinking : Con. ; with grtat 
anguish : Ars. verat. ; with violent ormnpy pains in U/t 
ovary : Kaia,-tr. 

§ 5. W'hi^n the beats of the heart intermit: I) Chinf kal 
lil.-tigr. natr.-m, sep. ; 2) Aeon, ars, bry. ehinin, dig. hep, 
lach. nair.'in. op. phos.-ac. sulph. ; when not in harmony 
mith thepuhe: Aeon. arn. caiui. dig. kaJ. natr.-ni. op. phos- 
nc, ; irregidar: 1) Ars. natr.-m- spig. ; 2) Alum. aru. aur, 
!nur. sabiu. riiic. ; tremuloiAs: 1) Ars. calc. oatr.-in. spig. ; 2) 
Cic. cocc, kal lach. phos. rhus. staph. 

g 6. Compare : Congestions of the chest. Emotions^ IHt- 
tkora^ <tc. 

HEATED, ILL EFFEcra of getting, in consequence of ex- 
ertions, exposure to the heat of the aun, Ac. 

§ 1. The best remedies are: 1) Aeon. ant. bell, bry, camph. 
carh.-veg. riI. ; or, Op. thuj. zinc. 

§ 2. Particular indicatiojia: 

AcoNiTUM : For the consequences of a stroke of the nm^ 
or of excessive heat of the stuve, especially when the patient 
had been sleeping in the sun or near the hot stove. 

ANTTMoNitrM : One is unable to bear tlie heat of the sun, 
or is exhausted by doing the least work in the sun, witli 
night-sweat, constant desire to sleep, gastric s^vmptoms, 4:c., 
and in general, if Bry on. should not he sufficieal to remove 
these symptoms. 

Bkllaivoxna : Aconite being insufficient, and eFpecially for; 
hciiduche, with feeling of fiilhu'ss and sensation as if every 
tiling would issue through the forehead ; worse when stoop- 
ing, "moving, or by the" least emotion; great anguiiih and 
restlessness^ rage, or great irritation of the cerebral Derva 



I or great fearfulnesa, tendency to start, and dread of the thingfl 
firound ar ntar one ; disposition to weep and scream. 
\ Bryonia : Painful feeling of fullness in the head ; loss of 
^ppi'tite ; or loathing^ vomiting and diIi^rha^•l ; milk is indi- 
gf>tible ; mobility and trembling ; the pressure of the clothes 
pn the hypochondria is troublesome ; vehement dispoaitioQt 
fitfi of auger ; dread of the future. 
CAMpnoR : Aeon, or BelL being insufficient to remove tbe 
clTects of heat. 

CarrO'VKG. : Every exposure to heat causes headache, or 

beavineBS, pulsative pains and pressure over the eyes; pain 

in the eyes, whenever the patient endeavors to look at a thing. 

SiLicEA : The heat causes nausea or other gastric ailments, 

for whirh Ant. and Bry. are insufficient. 

§ 3. For the wmriness which one often experiences in 
heavy sultry weather, give : I) Bry. carb.-veg. n.-vom. rbod. 
siL ; or, 2) Caust. lacli. natr. natr.-m. nitr.-ac. petr. phosph. 
§ 4. Compare : Seasons and Weather, Wobn out, Db 


KE3IERAL0PIA. — Tbe best remedies for this kind of 
blindness, whit-h commences at twilight, are: 1) Bell, veratr,; 
or, 2) Merc. hyos. puis, stram. 

See : Ambliopia, for particular indications* 

]^- For poisoning with large doses: 1) Vinegar diluted with 
^mteater, or citric cund / 2) Mucilaginous drinks and the like, 
^Bbr injectiofis, 

^m For secondary ailments and tbe consequences of medicnndl 
^■ftbuHe of Hepar, give: 1) Bell. ; or, 2) Cham* sil. 3) Alum, 
Hgn. graph. 


^ § 1, The best remedies for the cure of hernia, are: 1) 
^tAiiiTn.-m. aur. cocc. lyo. magn.-c. n.-vom. sil. 8ulpb.-ac. veratr. 
^^2) CbanL clem, magn.-arct, nitr.-aa rbua. sil. sulph. 

Hernia of little Midren^ occasioned by constant screaming, 
^■requires : Aur. cocc. n.-vom. nitr.-ac. or veratr. 
^P § 2. Jncarctration of hernia is generally cured, without 
" ciperution, by : 1) Aeon, n.-vom. oprsulph. ; or, 2) Ars. b^U, 
lach. veratr, 

AcoyiTi'M: Violent injktmmation of the parts, with bumr 
ing pains in the abdomen as from hot coal, ejttreme senaiiive- 
to contact, nausea, biUery bilious vomiting^ angtuah md 

266 nKPATiTis. 

cold sweat ; in most caAes relief ia obtained by one d<Mie» 
which may be followcii by a second dose in one liour ; but if 
no relief sets in atlcr the third duse, give Sulphur. (See 

Nrx-voM. : The swelling is leas painful or senaitive to con- 
tact, and the vomiting is less violent, bnt there is great difli- 
cully of breathing; the incarceration is catiHed by a cold, ex- 
posure to heat, by a fit of anger or by <*hagrin, or also by irre- 
gular living, <fec. (May be ret>eatccl every two bonrH. ) 

Opium : If no relief ia obtained after the secon<i dose of 
Nux, or if the following symptoms occur from the commence^ 
iTK^nt: Red face; distended, hard abdomen; putrid erucla* 
tions or vomiting of faBcal matter. (^Repeat every ^eeo 
minutes until relieved.) 

If the vomiting should be attended by cold sweat and cold- 
ness of the extremiticR, Veratr. deserves a preference ; and 
if no improvement takes place after the second dose, give 

SuLPHUn : If Aconite remains without effect, o/*if the 
bilious vomiting shoiihi change to sour. If, after ginng the 
Sulphur, the patient should go to sleep, do not disturb him 
for some hours at least. 

If gangrenous symptoms should set in, give Lacb. j or, 
Ars. if Lach. should not suffice. 

HEPATrnS ; inflammation of the livzb. 

§ 1. Principal remedies : 1) Aeon. ML bry. chara. chin. 
Inch, mere, Ji.-vovi. puis, sulph. 2) Aur. catc,*chal. euphorb»- 

►r. kaL kpt. lye. magn,-ni. natr. natr-m. nitr-ao. 3) Alum* 

ibr. amm. cann. canth. hydr myr,-cer, ii.-mosch. phyt* pod. 
verat.-vir. 4) Cic. dig. magn.-m. 

§ 2. AciTTE HEPATITIS requires: 1) Aeon. 2) Bell. ftry. 
mere, n.-vonu 3) Cham, chin, lach. lye, puis, sulph, 4) Ai*s. 
cocc. phos. podoph. h) Lcpt. phyt. 

§ 3. Particular iiulicatinns: 

AcoNrrE: Violent inflammatory fever^ with stitches in the 
region of the liver; intolerable pains; icterus present or 
not ; moaning, tossing about, anguish and dread of death. 

Beixadonna: Aching puins^ extending to the chest and 
shoulder; distention in the pit of the stotnach; tension in the 
region of the stomach : laliored and anxious brparhing ; iM 
leant touch on the t/dffifHfn'um produre>s ea?cr" yains ^ 

vomiting ; a high degree of Jiensibility and ^ ijns to 




the head ; ohscurHtion of 8ic*ht; vertigo, with fainting, buro- 
io^lhirst, anxious tossing about and 8let'plessn(.^8S. 

Bryoxia : Auliinj^r pahia, with ttm'?ion in the liypocbondria, 
yellow-coated tongue ; tiiolcnt (rppremhu of the chest ; with 
hurried anxious brealhinEr, consiipation, :if;iiravaUoQ o^ the 
paiiift by motion; yellowish face; great thirst. 

CiiAMOMiLLA : Didl, aching pains, not a gtjravated cither Iaj 
j^essiire or motion or brent king ; pressure in the storaiicli ; 
tension in the hypoehondria ; oppression of the chest; t/tl- 
h'W color of the akin ; yellow-coated tongue; bitter taste in 
the mouth ; paroxysms of anguish, 

Chelidonium : Crampy pain in the inner angle of the right 
shoulder-hhide; shcw)ting pjiin from the liver into the back; 
pressive pain in ttie back part of the head, towards the lell 
car; pressure in the eye-ball:?; bitter taste in the mouth; 
nausea ; palpitation of the heart, with very quick and irre- 
gular pulsation and without abnormal fu^und ; coni^tipation. 

China: Suits more the residues of the inflammation, espe- 
cially the swelling and hardness of tiie region of the liver, 
with intensive disturbances of the digestive organs* ; head- 
ache^ bitter taste, yellow-coated tongue, yellow color of the 
skin, dubitity, aggravation at night or alter eatings sensitive- 
ness to external 4-old. 

Lachesis: ^IkiVQ. or Bell, being insufficient, or alternately 
with either, suitable to drunkards; formation of abscesses. 

Leptandra: Yellow-coaled tongue ; constant nausea^ with 
vomiting of bile; shooting or aching pains in the region of 
the liver ; loss of appetite ; urine of a browniHh color, or, at 
any rate, very dark; pain in transverse colon; dizziness; 
diirk^ al/7iost blacJc stools : hot, aching pains in the liver, with 
chilliness along the spine ; sharp, cutting pains near the gall- 
bladder; great bummg distress in the back part of the liver 
mnd in the spine. 

Mkecurrs: The regio hepatica is very sensitive to the 
touch, to inspiration, coughing, <fco. ; aching pains, which do 
not allow one to lie on the riglit side; bitter taste ; loss of 
appetite ; umpienchable thirst for cold drinks; severe chills, 
alternating with burning fever; nightly exacerbations ; great 
rcRtlesgness : very yellow color of the skin and ev^s. (Atler 
Mere, Lnch, is tVcijuently suitable.) 

Nix-vomica: Stitches or benting pains, with exce«i*ive 
senailivenet^a of the reejion of the liver to contact; bitlei' and 
sour taste; desire to vomit or vomiting; pressure in the 
hypochondria and region of the stomach, with filtort breath; 


Hi:iCFfiS PUETnTLOSUSf «&c. 

thirst, re<5 urine, hea<lftche, vertig'o and fiaroxysms of an- 
guish. (After Xux, Siiljih, is freqtieTilly swilablf.) 

Phosphor. : Icttrus in the very hiffhent defjree ; the powers 
of life ebbing away with the severe intlurnrnaiion of the liver; 
typlioid symptoms predominating; fatly liver. 

Pbytolacga : Digging pains in the right hypochondrinm, 
preventing motion. 

PoDOPHYLLrM: Feeling of fullnesfl and stitches in the 
right hypochondrium; twisting pains, with sensation of heat 
ill the region of the liver. 

PuLSAxriXA: Frequent attacks of anguish, especially at 
night, with diarrha?a ; greenish and slimy stools ; desire to 
vomit ; bitter taste in the mouth, yellow-coated tongue ; 
oppressed chest; tension in the hypochondria and pressure 
in the stomach ; thirstlessness, 

SiTLpHLTu: Frequently after N.-vom, especially when the 
stitching pains continue, or when the abovo-raentioncd reme- 
dies are ineffectual or produce only a partial improvement. 

§ 4. The beat remedies for chronic affections of the liver, 
are : 1) N.*vom. sulph. 2) Aur. bell. lach. lye, magn.^Tn. 
natr. 3) Alum. ambr. calc. chin. sil. 4) CheL ign. iod. laur. 
ien. 6) Eupat.-per. hydr, iris, lept, pod. sang. 

For SWELLING or induration of the liver: 1) Ars, oa/< 
chin. con. difj. ferr. niagn.-m. n.-t^om. sil. sulpha 2) Caps,^ 
graj)h. lye. mere, n.atr.-m. n»-mopcli. ]>u!h, 

I' or ARSCESSE8 IN THE LIVER : llejK kal. lach. mere, sil 

For affections of the liver from mismanaged or 

PRKSSED FEVER AND ACFE '. 1) N.-VOHl. SUlph. 2) Calc. CapS.' 

lach. natr.-m* puis. 3) Natr. sulph. 

For BfLious CALCULI ill the liver : Calc, hep* lach. podoph. 
eil. sulph. 

ITERPES PUSTUT.OStrS, EcTHTitA.— Not to be con- 

founded with n//>fr/, the primitive form of ecthyma being 
puittulov^^ that of rupia ve»ir,rular ; the ecthyma-pustulea, af ! 
iheir biise, are more inflamed, harder and more firmly seated 
than in rupia. (See ; Kupia, Rhypia.) 

However, nipia and ecthyma being closely related to each 
other, e.xternally at least, the same remedies will probably do 
for either eruption. Ecthyma seems to require more parti* 
cuurly; Ars. mere rhus, sulph.; or, Borax, cham. staph. 

See : Rufia and He&pbs. 




§ L For true herpes proBputiaUa (spots on the prepuce) ; 
Aur» hep. nitr,-ac. Besides: Dulc, sep. sufph. 

Itching of the pudendum requires : 1) Calc. carb.'V, con. 
kal. !yc. nalr.-m. sep. siL sniph. 2) Amm. graph, kreos. 
mag:n.'C. nitr.-ac. staph. 3) Calad.-sop^. 

Itching and herjyes of the scrotum: 1) Dulc. petr. natr.-m. 
lutr.-ac. sulph, 2) Amb. coccuL rhod. thuj. 

Itching and huuior of the anus: 1) Merc, nitr.«ac< 86p* 
sulph. thiij. 2) Bar. calc. zinc. 

See: Herpes, Vagina, swelling of. Phimosis, Ac 


I 1. Principal remedies; 1) Ars. cale. cic. clem. dulc. led. 
lye mere, sep, siilpli. 2) Bry. caust. graph, inur.-ac. uitr,-ac. 
oleand. fwtr. phos. rhus, thuj. 3) Aur. ? cupr. ? inagii.HJ. 
Badsap. ? zinc. ? 

8 2. For psoriasis tV(/tf«f?7i>: Calc. eic. lyc.- mere, sulph. 

raoriims inoetercUa : 1) Clem, sulph. 2) Calc. mere. petr. 
rhus. sep. 

"Pson^a syphilitwa : Merc; or, if much Mercury Bhotild 
have been used: 1) Clem, passap. BuJph. 2) Lye. n.-jugl 
iiitr,-ac thuj. 3) Ci'st,-can. eiipat,-pert* phytol. 

§ 3« Psoriasis laht'UiSy w\ih cracked, uli-erated lips I 1) 
Merc, natr.-m. 2) Caic. graph, mez. nitr.-ac. phos. i*ep- sil. 

Psoriasis /acifl/»«; 1) Calc. sulph. 2) Graph, lye. sep. 3) 
Cic. led, mere, oleand* 

Psoriasis /?r//m a r/.? ; Bulph.-ac, xinc. 2) Aur. calc 
grajjk hep. mere. pelr. sassap. sil. sulph. 

P»oria.sL« serotalis : Petr. nitr.-ao. thuj. 

§.4, See: Herpes. 


Generally a mere symptom, though sometimes very trou- 
blesome, and then pointH*g to the fallowing remedies: I) 
Aeon, amm.-m, bell. bry. cupr. hyos, ign, magn -ni. n.-mosch. 
n.-vom. puis, strara. sulph, 2) Agar, ars. baryt, bornx. cale. 
carb.-v. cocc. coff. cupr. graph, lach, led. lyc. mere, mur.-ac 
natr.-m. nitr.^c rata, sep. ail, spong. staph, veratr. 3) Gels. 

HOARSENESS^ Rauckdo, Aphonia. 

g 1. PrindpaJ remedies: I) Carb.-v. dros. maiig. plicML 


sponge 2) Boll biy. caps, caust. chnm. dulc. bep. mere, natr, 
n.-vom. petr. puis. rhus. sanib. sil. sulpb. 3) Arab* calts. clan, 
graph, nair.-rn, sonefc- stann, vcratr. 

S 2. Catarrfnil hoarseness requires; 1) Cham carb.-v. 
dulc mere, n.-voiii. puis. rhus. sjimb. suiph.; or, 2| Bell. oal< 
caps, dros, hep, niang:, natr. jplios. tail. 

Vhronic hoarseness i 1) Carb.-v. causU hep. mang. petr 
phos, sil. sulph. ; or, 2) Dros. dulc. rhus. 

Aphonia (loss of voice) ; Ant. bell, caust. mere. phoa. sulpb. 

§ 3. Hoarsenes.s in consequence of measles: Bell. br)-. 
carb.-v cham. dros. dulc. sulpb. 

In consequence of croup: 1) Hep. phos.; or, 2) BelL 
carb.-v. dros. 

Of brojtehial catarrh: Carb.-v. canst. droB. mang. phos. 
rhns. sil. sulph. 

Of a cukl: BelL carb.-v. dulc. sulpb. ; and if aggravated 
by every retni-n of cold and damp weatlier: Carb.-v. and 

§ 4. As regards affections of the voicc^ give : 

a) For rnonotojwus soimd of voice, without modulation : 
Dros. irraph, spong. stram, 

b) For high, line, shrill voice: Bell. cupr. stann. stram. 

c) IlolloiCy dull voice, as if from the grave: 1) BclL caust, 
dros. phos. samb. spoug. veratr. 2) Camph. carb.-v. hep. ipec. 
Btann. veratr. 

d) For croaMng voice: Aeon. cin. nita. 

e) Crowing voice: Cupr. stram. 

f ) Xoss of voice: 1) Baryt, bell, carb.-veg. caust. phos. 2) 
Ant. dros, hep. lach. mere, natr.-m. plat. puis, spong. sulph, 

g) Nasal voice : 1) Aur. bell. lach. lye. mera phos.-3c. 
2) Alum. bry. staph. 

b) R^uffhy hoarse voice: 1) Carb.-v. dros. mang* phos. apong. 
2) Bell bry. caps, eaust, cham. dole. hep. mere. natr. n.-vom, 
petr. puis, rhus, samb. sil. sulph. 3) Amb, calc chin. grHpli. 
nalr.-m. seneg. stann. veratr. 

i) I^eehk^ low voice : 1) Ant. canth. caust hep. sec. veratr, 
2) Bell, carb.-v. chin. lye. op, spong staph. 

k) Deep bass-voice: 1) Chin. dros. sulph. 2) Anac. iod 
laur. par. 

1) J nsonorous \oice: Ang, dros, spong. 

m) Falattto voice, not pure : 1) Caust. graph, mere spi>i 
2) Baryt. camjb. chin. croc, nitr.-ac. n.-mosck sabad. 





rn) Voice that ^ivcs out : Dros. spong. 
o) HiMinff voice: Caust, pbos. 
g 5. Compare: Bronchial Catabbh, Cough, Sfebce 

HOME-SICKXESS, Nostaloli. 

PHncipal reinedlea : 1) Caps. mere, phos.-ac. ; or, 2) Aur. 
carb.-an. ign. 

Capsicum : Red checks, weepmg aod sleepleesness. 

Mkrcukits: Anguish, trembling and restlessness, espe- 
cially at niirht. sleeplessnpsg ; vexed mood, causing one to 
complain of every body; desire to escape, &c. 

Phosphori-acidum : Taciturn ; dull mood, hectio fever, 
with drowsuiess and moruing-sweat. 


According to Hering, the principal remedy is Camph., hj 
ol^tion and as a Uniment ', then drink btctck coffee or tea^ 
hot as yott can hear it. 


§ 1. Piincipal remedies: 1) Calc. chin. cin. iod, lye, petr. 
phos. sil. spig. fcitaph. Bulph. veratr, 2) Con. graph, hep. kal. 
'.-m. n,-voin. sabad. sep. 3) Bry. coccul. hyoa. lach, 
-m. mere, rhua, sqnilL 

The desire to eat much, gluttonous, requires: 1) 

Tin, cin. lyc. mere. petr. staph. 2) C:dc. natr.-m. sil. sulph. 
TenilT. 3) Collins, eiipnt.-pen. gels. pod. 

Il* ihU hunger sliould set in during recovery after violent 
aCQte di^eiises, after <JebiUiating loss of animal fluids or blood, 
or after other debilitating cauaes, give: 1) Chin, veratr. ; or, 
2) Calc. natr.'ifL ml snlph. 

§ 3. Sadden hunger, inducing fainting unless satisfied, 
requires: 1) Calc, chin. cin. hyos, mere, subad. sil. spig, 2) 
Con. magn,-m. natr,-m. n -vom. petr. sep. 

When the food is readily throwTi up again : 1) Bry, n.*vora., 
pbr*f(, puU. sil. sulph, 2) Calc. cin. hyos, lye. natr.-m. 

Wbe*n passed undifjeMed t\s^ soon as taken into the stomach : 
I; ('bin* hhos. veratr. 2) Bry. calc, con. mere, sulph. 

§ 4. u skftecxxn^ pregnant fentaUB : Con. maga.>m. tmUv 
tn. n.-vont petr. sep. pod. 

If iierixjns who wo affected with worm»: Hyos. mero. 
■mbad. sU* epig. 



g 5. Compare : Wkak Stoiiacb, Gabtrio Dkras 


§ 1. Principal remedies: 1) Aeon* apia, npoc-can. bell 
ffcrcUt'-mr. 2) nrj. hclL sulph. 8) Am. ars. cin. con. dig 
hyos. lach. luern. op. strata. 4) An.-vul cidc-o. caJc.-phos. 
cupr. arg.-nitr. zinc. 

For HYDRocja»HAXU8 ACUTUS : 1) AcoD, apis. belL calc. 2) 
Apoc-can. bry. glon. belL sulpk tart zinc, veratr.-vir. 

For CHRONIC : Ai-s. helL sulph. 

g 2. Particular indications : 

Aconite i In the iirut lever stage where there ia vory active 
inflammation, with much heat, restlessness and distree^ 

Apis : The child sereama out very sharply in its sleep, espe- 
cially after suppression of erysipelas, nettlerash, scarlatma; 
profuse sweat on the head of a ranskdike odor; squinting; 
grating of teeth ; trembling of the limbs; in'egular, slow pid^. 

Apocynum-can. : Heaviness of the head ; coma, with stupid 
drowsiness ; involuntary motions of the extremities. 

Belladonna: AJmoHt ct^nslant moaning; the child re- 
mains in a drowsy, sleepy state ; starting and jumping. 

Bryonia : Aeon, and IJell being insuflieient ; or fur : face 
red, almost brown-red ; the eyes roll abota in their sockets, at 
times closed, at others wide ofien ; dry hpg ; dry, yellow, 
brown-coated tongne ; more or less constant motion of t/te 
jaieSy as if chewing something / distended abdomen ; con- 
stipation ; scanty urine, or burning while passing it; quick 
moaning breathing; dry, hot skin over the whole body; 
tliirat, with hasty swallowing of the liquid. 

Calc--c. and rnos. : During teething; fontanelles wide 
open; rachitic scrofulous diathesis. 

CupRi'M : After catarrhal and exanthematio fevers ; diffi- 
cult dentition. 

Hkllkbokus : Moderate fever ; feeble, not very qnick, stift 
and irregular pulse; labored breathing, oecjisinnaliy with 
deep sighs ; complete apathy ; inabHity to raise one*s 9tlf 
alone ; the patient frequently moves his treudjling hand to 
the head ; constant relapsing of the head on raising the trunk ; 
frequent rnhhing of the nowe ; the eyes are half opened, uith 
the pupils turned sideways or upwards, and convulsive move* 
ments of the lips; dilated pupils; wrinkled forehead and 
covered with cold sweat ; no desire for anything but drittk, 
swallowing it greedily and in large quantities, and moving 





mouth constantly a» if chewing, both before and after 
drinking ; easily nngry, striking abuut, unwilling to have Jinyi 
body near him, and. iret ting the more aiigry the more kindly 
he Ls spoken to ; pale and Tjloafed tiiee ; stupor ; starting fre- 
quently, with screiiina and howling; the nostrila become dirty 
and dry ; dropping of the lovrer jaw ; scanty, dark urine, 
with sediment like coffee grounds. 

Sixpour: In cases where suppression of an erraption has 
preceded the disease ; or the ehihi does not get well on ac- 
count of some eonstitutionjil dyscnisia. 

I 3. We may use besides: 

AitsEXicuH ■ Great depression of the vital powers, emacia- 
lion, and a very wjixy, pale look ; thirst for water, ooly a 
little taken at a time, but very ot\en. 

Artemesia : In the stage of exudation after the futile use 
of Bell- hell, and cin«, with convulsions on the right side and 
paralysis on the left side ; coma j greenish diarrh<Ea ; face 
pale and oldish looking ; body cold ail over, 

Ahgentum-nitr. : According to Grauvogl, in the last stage. 
He gives it in the l^ixth dilution, e\ery two hours, and at ilic 
nne time, Calc, phos., second trit., mght and moruing. 

DiorTALis ; Pulse very slow, or irregular, wliiie evacua- 
tions and bilious vomiting ; second stage : the power of vision 
entirely gone, with dilated pupils, great restlessness, 

FKKitL'M-At'ETictJM ; In weakly ana-inlc children, 

Hru«ciA]itL's: Deiiiium, with jerking of the Und)8; watery 
dt&rrhoja; red tace; wild staring look and tfirobbing of the 

IjpjUERcrmrs: Scorbutic gums; B,iiivatiou ; swelling of the 
J^mdt ; slimy or clay-colored stools, especially of children, 
wbo roffer from worais, 

OnrM : This remedy is of great value when cholera infan- 
tum threatens to terminate in this disease. 

ZiNn*M * The child cannot keep its feet still ; particularly 
'uidieatrd in dropsies following scarlet fevers. 

HYnitorEfHAirtni : A secondary brain affection, the result 
of ijerv<»us exliaustion and anaemia of the brain, canned hy 
debilitating dlarrlia*:i8 and loss uf blood, with small and rajnd 
pulfe and cold Mate ol the body (a s<jit of typhoid cotulitiuu 
of the brjiin) requires: 1) Calc jjios, sulph, zinc 2) Carlhg 
r. china, kal.-c. mere, D.*vum, phos.-ac. puis, scill. sep. alb vera 

HlTDROrHOBIA,— Dr. Hering advises finit to applj brnj 

At a diittance, aiid to continue Uxis proceeding until cbiUfl (tet 

1*2» J 



tn» after, wliich the application of heat is to be renewed thfi# 
or four timet a day, iin^I the wound is healt»d without leav- 
ing a cicatrix with diacoloriition. 

At the siiine time the patient is to lake a doae of BelL or 
Lach., as oftc^n a.** the wound becomes woiiio, or a dose of 
llydrophobiii, and tlm treatment h lo be continued until the 
wound is perfectly healed. 

If, after the lapse of seven or eight days^ ft little vesjcle 
Bhould show itself under the tonjriie, accompanied with febrile 
motions, it should be opened with a pointed knife, and the 
niouth should !)e rinsed with salt-water. 

If the raife should have actually broken out without any- 
thing leaving been done tor it previously, give : BelL orlach., 
or canth., hyoscyam, and mere, or stram. veratr,-aJb. veratr-- 
vir. apoc. 

(See : Mental DERA^NamcENT and PnARTNGmH,) 

nypROPIIOBIA, SPURIOUS, Dreau of Water, Syrap- 

tomatic hydrophobia. 

This disease requires: Amni. calc.nitr.-ac.8as8ap,sep. sidpk 
The followinc remedies may likewise be considered, though 

I have no evidence of their curative powers in this di»eaije: 

1) X,-raosch. puis. 2) Auim. aut. bell, carb.-veg. dula mere 

rhus. Bj>ig., tte. 

HYDROTIIORAX.— Principal remedies: 1) Am,-c. arei 

bry, carb.-v. dig. helh kal. Inch, mere, spig. j or, 2) Anr. cala 
duk\ lye. sen. squill, slaiin. 3) Apoc, -can. asclep. sang. 

For symptoms, see: Asthma ; Pneumonia; Pulmonary 
Phthisis; Heakt, disea-ses op; Catarrh; suffocative, 4fec. 

HYPEROITIS, inflammation op the palate. — Piiiicipal 
remedies: 1) Baryt. bur>ni. bell calc lach. mere. n.-voiii. ; 
or, 2) Aeon, aur, chin, coff, sil. 

Inflammation of tie vclum^ requires : Aeon, bell* coffi mere 

luflammation (jif i\\v: palate : 1) Calc. chin, n.-vom, ; or, 2) 
IJar»-c. bar.-ni, lach. mere. ; or, 3) Aur. bell, sil 

Vkcratkm or ct/ruy? of tf »e palate: J) Aur. lach. mere, sil.; 
or, 2) Haryt. calc, &q, (See: Bones, diseases of.) 

If caused by abu»e of mercury^ give : 1 ^ Aur. lach, ; or, 2) 
Betl. bar,-m. caU\ sil, ic. (Con)pare : Sore Thsoat, Sro- 



§ 1. The p'incipal remedies for this condition of the mind 




: 1) NuX'V. aiid iben Sulph, ; or, 2) Gate, and ihen Chin. 
and Niir. ; or, 3) Anne. aur. con. grat, lach. mosch. uatr.-nL 
|>lio8. plios.-ac. eep. ptitjih. 

If caused hj sexual abuse, 1os« of finimal fluids, or otbei 
debilitating causes, give: I) Calc. chin, nux.-v. and Bulph, ; 
or, 2) Anac con. natr.-m. plios.-atv. eep. and staph. 

If caused by the deran^renient of the abduiniiial functions, 
sedentary mode of life, Ac, give : 1) Nux-v. and aulph. ; or, 
2) Aur. calc. lach. natr. and siJ. 

§ 2. Symptomatic indications, a.H far as possible, 

Oalcarea : Lowness of spirits, with rlisposiiion to weep; 
paroxysms of anguish, with orc^asmns, snnguinis, palpitation 
of the heart ; shocks in the region of the heart ; despair 
about one's health ; apprehensions of illness, misfortune, in- 
fectious diseases, insanity, &c, ; dread of di-ath ; excessive 
sensitiveness of all the organs of sense ; mahiise, aversion to 
work, inability to think or to perform any mental labor, <fcc. 
(Compare: Sulphur.) 

China : Languor ; mental dallness ; or excessive sensitive- 
ness of all the organs of sense; mental distress; discourage- 
ment f Jhk^d idea that he is tmhappy and persecuted by 
enemies; headnche, or boring pain in the vertex ; weak di- 
gestion, with distention of the abdomen, ill-humor, indolence 
after eating; sleeplessness on account of ideas crowding ujkju 
his mind, or restless, unrefresliing sleeji, with anxiotis drtams^ 
tormenting the patient eveii offer he tcakcs^ gjte. 

Natrum : Lowness of spirits, weeping and lamenting on 
account of the future ; desire to ht aione ; avei'siun to life ; 
ill-humor; disj OKition to vehemence; inability to perform 
any mental work ; headache ; want of appetite, feeble diges- 
tion, ill-humor, and a nmiiber of bodily and mental ailnienl<i 
alter a meal, and after the least irregularity, &c. 

Nrx-voM. : Ill-humor, doj^poiulency, ai^erslon to Hfiy Ji^^pi)- 
sition to veJiemence : iihlis]>osiiion to work, or to perform 
any mental labor; liiliufiu' of llie mind atler the least mental 
exertion ; unrefresliing sleej^ af/f/raf^afio?i oftht tli&tress in th^ 
morning * dullness of tlie head, with achng pains, or sensa- 
tion as if a pin were sticking in the briitn ; aver*<ion to the 
open air, constant denire to He doirn^ with great exhaustii^n 
atUn* walking ; painfulness ami dihtention in tlie region (»f 
;he hy]>ochondria, epigastrium and the pit of the stomach; 
constipation, slow action of the bowels, hremorrhoidal dis- 
jjotiition, &.C. (Sulph. is frequently suitable aller Nux.) 

SpLPHUR : Lowness of spirits, painful anxiety of inind ; 


Bolicitude on account of onc^s affairs, healthy flalvation ; fixed 
ideas ; paroxysms of anxiety, witli impatience, restleasne**, 
Volieinent disposition ; bodth/ and mentttl ifidok'nce ; absence 
of mind, irresoluteneas ; dullness of the hoad^ with inability to 
perfonn any menial labor; tjxhauslion atVer the least menlid 
exertion ; headache, cBpeeially on the vertex ; iuUness and 
pressure in the jat and rt?gion of the stomach ; constijtation^ 
£sBmorrboidaI (ii!jj>o6ltion ; disposition to feel very uahappy, 
&c, (Calc. is frequently suitable after SulpL) 
§ 3, Use moreover; 

Anacaedrtm : For sadness, desire to be alone ; dread of 
the future, despondency, fear of approaching death* Ac 

AimrM: Great restlcHsncss, dreaa of death, whijung mood, 
painfully anxious stale of the mind; iuul/ilUy to r^ect, vnih 
headache after making the least mental exertiou^ aa if the 
brain were dashed to pieces, &c. 

CoNiUM : Listlessness, dread of company and death at tb© 
game time, ifec. 

Gratiola : Peevish, capricious, constipation, oppreission of 
the stomach, after a meal, &c. 

Lachksis : Uneasy about one's health ; idea that one ia 
bated by one's own family j inability to perform any mental 
or physical lalK»r, <fec. 

Moschur: The patient complains without knowing ivhat 
ails him, with anguish, palpitation, <tc. 

NATKrM-&ii;R. : When l^ati'. i» insufficienti though it seems 
to be indicated. 

Fmosphouus : Sadness, alternating with mirth and laughter ; 
uneasy about one's health ; paroxysms of anguish, w*heii 
alone, or in stormy weather, with timorons disposition, &c, 

PHOsruoia-Acm. : Dread of tlje future, broodijig over one'a 
condition, (acitnrt\^ dtc. 

Sepia : Anxious a boutone's health, feels indifferent even 
to his own family; aversion to one's own aftaira; despond- 
ing, weary uf lile, 

Stapiitsagiiia : Listless, sad, dreaming of the future ; sad 
di^treHHing thoughts ahovl one's i&tess ; aversion to meniul 
or physical labor ; iaabUlty to think^ etc, 

§ 4. Cnmpnre ; JNIental Deua>'0£M£nt ; JUKLAiicMOLT^ 
Hystbkla, Emotions, mo&bio. 

HY5TERLV. §1. Principal remedies: l>Agn. a«r. bell, 
calc, caust. cic coco. con. grat. ign. tach. muj^ch. n.*mo»ch. 
D,-vom. pho8. plat. puis. sep. sil, stram. sulph. veratr. 2> 





ffin anac, apis, ars, asa. asclep.-t. brj, cacU. ceraa cham. 
chin, cimimf. cam. cyprip. caulopli. gels. iotl. nair.-in. nilr.-ao. 
stann. staph, strara. vtil. viol.-oci 3) Eryng. eupat.-ar. lied 
inytic .polycr. scutel. senec. stict. thcrid-cur. verat.-vir. 

2. aj F'or general CONVULSIONS : I) BeU. cic. cocii, iff n, 

ipec. mosch, strani, vemt.-alb. verat.-vir. 2) Aur. cham. gds. 

Htann. 3} Bry. calc. eaiist. coff. con. cupr. m:igti.-c, magn.-tiL 

plat. puis. sec. aep. sulph. 4) Cauloph. veratr.-vir. 

b) For AFFJstmoNS of titb mind and atouuiD bmotioks: 

1) Aur. calc. con, ign. n,-mo9cb n.-vora. pbos. plat, snlph. 
*2) Anac. aaa. cauHt, grat, sep. sil. stilph. viol.-od. «i) Cact. 
gels. seDco. 

cj For HKADACHK : 1) Aur. i(/n, iris. plat, mostb. sep* 2) 
Bell. cocc. hep. inagn.*c. magn.-m. val. vurat. 3) Bry. iiitr.- 
ac. pbos. 4) Alet.-f. cact. gels. theritL-cur. 

d) For SPASMS IN THE THROAT ', CoFK lyc. mago.-m, plumb, 
sulph. 2) Asa. caust. gels, senec. 

e) For GASTRIC affections ; 1) Ign. 2) Cluun, cocc* 
magn.-c. n.-votn. 

f) For ABDOMINAL aPASifs : I) Ign. 2) cocc ipea n.-vom. 
3) 34agD.-m, mosch. stann. valer. 4) Ara bell, sli-am. siiJph. 

g) For VESICAL SPASMS : Aaa. puis. sep. 

h) For MENSTRUAL AND UTERINE difKcnltlGS: 1) CoCC. IgR. 

2) Cic. con. magn.-m. n.-vom, puis. 3) Hyose. natr.-m. plat 
sep. staon. 4) Alet.C cact, ciuloph. seiiec. venil,-vir. 

iy For spasms in the chest and diffirHUy of breath in(/: 
1) Ign. n.-vom. inosch. 2) Aeon. ars. bell. coff. n,-aiosch. 
puis, stram. 3) Aur. con, cupr. ipec phoa atann. 

§ 3, Particular indications : 

Aconite : Vertigo on rising from a recumbent position ; 
she dreads too much activity about her j constant headache; 
great and distressing fear of death. 

ALffTBis-FAR. : Vertigo, with vomiting ; slecpinciw and 
stupefaction ; flatulency ; colic in epigastrium ; prematui'e 
and profuse menses. 

Anacardhjm : Great forgetfulness ; lose of memory j uses 
profoiie language. 

Arwenicuu : Real hysterical asthma at ©very little ex- 
citement ; worse the latter part oi" the night. 

AsAFtETiDA : Much trouble about the oisopliagus ; sensa. 
tion of pres-ture, or as if a l)«>dy or lump were ascending in 
the ofaophagua, obliging fretjuent degluiitton to keep it down ; 
Boreuess ia the CBSopUagus, preceded by burning. 



AtmrM: Fine eruption on the lips, or faw and forehead 
thoughti of sitMdty with palpitation of the heart, 

Bella dox^ta : HuBh of blood to the bead daring spasmo-' 
die attacks, with redness of the face and eyes. 

CAcnT:s-oR. : Sadneas, taciturnity and irresistible inclina- 
tion to weep; love of solitude; fear of death; congcstiv- 
headache; constriction in the uterine region; very painiill 
menstruation with great pros^tration. 

CisiiciFiTGA : Restlessness and sleeplessnesB ; nervous head- 
aches, particularly in the tbreheail ami eye-balls^ from within 
outwanls; anienorrlioea and retarded menstruation. 

Cal'Lopiiylll'M : McNStruai and uterine <'/>''^'7'5y / hyM6-*\ 
rival conVuhioh^^ connected with dysmfnorrfif^L 

CocoiTLUs: Choking constriction in tlie''ui>i)er part of tlie 
Jliuces, with difiiculty in breathing an<l dis(»o8itio« to conghj^ 
retarded menses, wbich finally appear, with great weakness* 
aud nauHea, even to faiutnes3, 

CoxifTM ; VertiifO in a recumbent position ; globos hyste- 
ricus ; the breasts swell, become hard and painful before the 
menses, when the liysterical symptoms increase. 

Gklsohkum: epilepsy; hysteried convul&ionv! 
with fipivsms of the glottis; excessive irritability of body andj 
nnnd, with vascular excitement ; ^emi-stupor, with hinguof 
and physical proistration ; nen'ons headaeljes^ commencing ia] 
the cervical |>ortion of the spinal column and spreading thencf 
over the whole head ; liemicranla ; dysmoQorrhoaa of a uea* 
ralgic or spasmodic eharacter. 

lG^f A'HA : An;i:uish, with shrieking for help, with miffoc^nting 
constriction of the tliroat; difficult deglutition; emptin< 
at the pit of the stomach, with frequent sighing and great 
despondency; mental symptoms change very oiteu, cheer- 
fnhie^s, with great despondency. 

Laciiksls : Sensation as if a lump were rising in tlie throat, 
which litWH not particularly incommode her, but m^ > " h 

unplefisant, but she cannot bear the lest pressure i, / 

about her thioat, or even about her chest, stomach or abdo- 
men ; aggra\*atiou after sleep. 

LvcoroDiUM : Sensntion of satiety and of fullne&s np to 
the throat ; much flatulency, particularly iu tiie lell hypo* 
chondiiuni; red sand in the urine; urine pale. especiiUy 
during the niglit. 

JMosciiL's: Violent, long-continued, inveterate scolding 
until she falls down in a swoon ; great anguish, as if sli«1 
would die ; freqvent faifding ; constrictior^ <^' th^ che^L 



ATRiTM-MiTR. : Delaying and dtcrtasing menses ; som- 
nambnlisTiius ; a conslant desire for salt; aversion to bread; 
reiiefjrovi pefspiration . 

Kux-Moscii. : Mental sjTnptotns change frequently and 

■ Eiiddeuly ; excessive tc^mU'iicy to laughter ; enormous dis- 
tension after a meal; vkarious leucorrhcea instead of ihe 

Phosphorus : Increase of sexttcU deHre ; ffreat' sense of 

weakness in the abdomen \ eructations of wind after eating. 

Platjna: Self-exaltation and contempt for others; strange 

■ titillating 8enA;ition, extt-ndin^ from the penital organs up- 
M'ard8 into tlio iibdomen ; spasms, with wild shriekfi ; mensea 
in exce^H, dark and thick ; chillinesR predominates ; ameliora- 
lion in the open air. 

PoLYiiONi'M'PCNCT. : Slight Vertigo, with sennation in ex- 
tremities as of a galvanic t^hock parsing through them ; con- 
stant desire to urinate; waitnth and a peculiar sensation of 
tingling throughout the whole system ; anienorrhfea, 

PrLSATiiLA : The forms of her symptoms are very chango- 

SE>rEcio : Lowness of spirits, sleeplessness, sensation as if 
a ball were rising from the stomach in the throat, with dis- 
position to relieve it by swallowing ; amenorrhoca and di»- 

Ski^ia : Paroxysms of something tW'isiing about in her 
stomath and rising tow\ard the throat ; her tongue becomes 
Btitf and she is speechlens and rigid like a statue; painful 
sensation of emptiness in the pit of the stomach; puttid 
urine ; icy-cold hund:^ mid feet ; sudden Ihiniing, with pro- 
fuse sweats and undisturbed coDseiousness, without being 
able to speak of stir. 

Sulphur : She comes out of her spasms feeling very happy, 
and every thing seema beautiful to her. Copious discharge 
of colorless urine at the teriuination of her spasms. 

TuKRinioN: Hysterical affections during puberty and in 
cHmacteric years ; headache of the wnrsl kind ; wjuit of sclf- 
contidence; vertigo and nausea increa<ied to vomiting; the 
least noise increases the headache; anxiety about the heart; 
violent stitches high up in the chest 

Valeriana: Sensation as if something warm were rij«ing 
from her stomach, arresting her breathing, with tickling deep 
in the throat and cfiughing. 

Viola-odorata : Much weeping without knowing why ; 



dlRrew tn the cYu<flt ; difficulty in brmlhtiig ; vnxivty ind 
pt|mtotiot} of the heart 

VwuTRrM rinrPF,: Congi-stive dfsmeoorrhopA ; 
li3r«iencal spaMni^ in plethoric pinions. 

ZtNCOK : Incewant and powerftil fig^tty feeling m tbe feet 
or lower extrcmitifr« ; she must move them constantly. 

ICUTH VOSIS. Prifuapal remedies : 1) Cleni. hep. plumb. 
thiij« 2) Alum. AuU coloc. graph* aabad* scp. siL sulpb* H) 
Aaun. cic. dulc Ucii. rnQ.-ac rhua. 

KTTEIiUS, jAVivoics: Aeon, jdone will often remore the 
whole ili»fa«e, or merr,^ provIdcKi the jmiienl had not limited 
it prc*vioiisly, in which caAo ehina sliotiM be ^iven. Chin, 
may Ukewijke be given aliernutely with mere, hi olintinaM 
uajteA, when iiioru. or chin, are insufflciont, hep. sulph. or lach. 
shuuld be tried, either aloue or in alternation with inirc. 

For jaundice caused hy a Jit of cAa(rrm or <T/iyiT, give: 
Chain, n.-vom. or lach. enlph. or aeon bry ign. natr-ui. For 
jftandicv from abu9e ofchina^ give: Mere, or bell, calc o* 
rora. From obusc of nirn\ : Chin. hep. lach. tiuljAi. Frotn 
O^MM of rtibarb; Chatn. mere, In eomplicfftio*^ ffith W/- 
ifonw; Cardutts-mar. n.-voin. jwdoph. If e.anscd by taking 
cold in consequence of ^i/r/<fert c/umfftJt oj'tn/i/" ' Dulfr 

n.-voin. eh am. By itnproj^r food and ovtrl ' '14 it^ 

mai*h: Puis, ant.-cr. bry. carb.-v. cham. natr.-c. n.-\oin. If 
being attended with tnueh Jlulitknec : Curb.-v, oham. chin. 
ign.Tyc n,-vom. plumb. 

Try inoreovtir : Ars. calc. earb.-v. corn. dig. gels. hdoa. 
hydr. iept. u.*vom. pod. sang.^ or nitr.-ac. paU. rhus. 

ILEUS, mis^ere. The characteristic syuiptom of thia affeo- 
lion is : VomiUtt^ of f meal ituUttt ami ttrine^ 

If caused hy intussusception of tfn* itt(€Jitinr.s^ ^vet Lob. 
op, plumb, thuj. or eocc, f n,-vom. ? pod. Y Bulph. ? If c»used 
by inJlitmnuUiot}^ or by »ome inttTnal mctUhtfj^ give ; Bry 
nulph, ; or, if fever should be present ; Aeon, or bvlL Lieh. 
mere in.ay be required, (See; EtitentiA and Heniia.) 

LMBECILITY, IDIOCY. Principal remedies are: Bell 
hell. hyotiC. lach. op. Bulph.^ or anac. cruc. n.^oiosch. (See: 
Ktrwtions^ morbid,) 


§ I. Principal remedies: 1) Ara. calc. graph, rhtw. snlpli. 
2) Bell bov. cic. clem, c' ' ' 

ddc. lye. mere, »ep* sUqih. 





3) Alnu8.-rub, alum, baryt. con. kreas. lach. natr.-m. nitr.-ao. 
oleaiid. sass. 4) Ainm. carb.rv. caust. hep. jugL phoa. phoB.* 
ac. ran 8il. 

2. For iMFETiaa scabida : 1) Dulc* 2) Graph* lye. siilph, 
'or IKF, FuuiFLUKNsr l)Calc. rhus. sulph. 2) Cai'b,-v, 
cic. con. graph, lye. sep. si). 3) Nitr.-ac. staph. 

For IMP. ROD ENS : 1) Ars. graph, rhus. sulph. 2) Calc, 
carb.-v. dc con. hep. mere. aep. aU. staph. 3) Bell. uatr*-ni. 

For IMP. FiGtJKATA : Art. calc. clem, dulo. graph, hep* rhus. 

For IKP. spajisa: Cic. lach. sulph. 

I 3. For SCURFS abound tiis eyks : 1) Are. hep. mtrc, 
uulph, 2) Calc. oleand. petr. sil. stiiph, 

For SCURFS ABOUND THE MOUTH I Afs. culc. ffTapk, kreas. 
rhns. sep. sil, staph. 

For SCURFS ON THE NIPPLES: Ars. cham. hep. graph, Ivc, 

PrintijK'il remedies: 1) Aeon. aiii. caps. chin, ^uaj, larh. natr. 
natr.-TiL n -voni. sep, 2) Ahim. baryt. bell. bry. cliell. cocc, 
dole. hell. it^n. iod, mez. mur.-ac. op. puis, ruta, tart, tliuj. 

Indolence \\\i\i heiwme^s^TQ^iinn : 1) Natr, natr.-in. phu.*jih. 
ataniK 2) Asa. calc. chin. dig. ign. kal. mez. nitr.-ac phos.- 
ac, rhab. sec. sep. tiil, apong. 


8 1. Principal remedies: 1) Bell, earb.-an. carb.-veg, con, 
lach. rhus. eep. sil epong. sulph. 2) Agu. alum, baryt, bov. 
bry. can. cham. clem. dulc. iud. kal magn.-m. phosph. plumb, 
ran. staph. 3) Arn. calc chin, graph, lach. lye. petr. pho.s.- 
ac. puU squill. 

g 2. Lijlammatory indurations (after inflammations) ; Ij 
Bell* carb.-veg. chin- clem. lach. magn.-m. rhus. sep. sulph, 
2) Agn, arn. baryt. bov, bry. calc, cham. con. dale. grapL 
lod, lye. puis, sep. sil. staph. 

Sciirhoufi indurations : Bell, carb.-an. carb -veg. cham. clem, 
oon. magn. magn.*m. n.-vom. pLosph. sep. sil. staph, sulph. 

§ 3, Compare : Glands, dibkases or, and Cancjeb. 

INDURATION OF THE SKIN, Callosities, &g. 

Principal remedies : 1) Ai's, clem, graph, rhus. sep, 2) 
Ant. ohin. dole. lach. ran slL 



Hard coIlf:Miities rcquiro : 1) Ant. graphs ran. sep. aiL 2) 
Diilf. lacli. rims, sulph, thuj. 

Jlorny incliiniti*>rifl; Ant. graph, ran. snlph. 

When tlie hard pUcr.n of skin become deUu^hed : I) Graph, 
nalr. sep. *2) Auiin. ant. burax. clem. ran. sil. sulph. 

INFLAMMATION.— § 1. The principal specific for in- 
tUunmation is Aconite, though this is not the only remedy. 
Aconite is principally indicated by fever, bard and accelerated 
I pulse, dry nkin, &c- ; in short, by the so-called sthenic Lnflam- 
tnuiious of the old school. 

§ *2, Sulphur is the principal remedy for chronic inflam- 
iii:itions, though only remedial when indicated by the totality 
i) ■ ihe svniptoms. 

See: Inflammatoey Fbtexs. 


§ I. Principal remt?die3: 1) Aeon. arg. bell, canst, mere. 
n.-voni. 2) Arn. bry. camph. chin, ipec, phos^nh. puis, aabad. 
sen. »iL Bpig. squill, veratr. 3) Ccpa. gels. 8tiot.-p. 

8 2. AtioNiTiTM : luflaininalory symptoms^ j»li«uritic Rlitohes 
ana irtflamniaiion of the chest ; or for dr^, violent and rack 
ing cough^ with or without oppression, stitches in the chest 
or Bides ; abo for rheumatic sy inptoms, with bronchial catarrh 
and sore tiiroat. 

Arsenicum : Rheiim.itlc headache with violent pains, fluent 
coryza :iiid discharge of corrosive mucus; or Wni Great dt* 
bility, with aggravation at night or aftur a meal ; sp^i^modio! 
cough, with desire to vomit, or with vomiting and expectora-j 
tion of watery mucus ; running of the eyes ; inflamed eye*,] 
with ulcers on the cornea and excessive photopb*»bia. (Fur^ 
Uiis last symptom, Ikll or Lach. is sometimes iiiditated ) 

Belladonna: Spusinodic cough, or excessive aggnivationj 
of the headache by talking, bright liglii, walking or othet 
motions ; or when the meningeal membranes are invoIvedJ 
with burning heat, restlessness, delirium .and convulsions. 

Caustuji M : Rheumatic pidns in the limbs, n?id chills^ ag- 
gravation by motion ; pains in the malar bones and jaws 
dry, violent cough, worse at night, with heat of the M'hoh 
l»ody ; sen8ati>n in the chest as if raw and cxcori.^ited ; oou 
stipation. loss of appetite and nausea, or even vomiting 
tlie ingesta. 

Mebcubius: HAeumatir pains in the head^faxie, ^or*f teeth 
and extrejuities, with sore Uiroat ; pleuritic stitcheft, infl ux 


raation of the chest, with dry, violent, racking, unceasinj^ 
coii^h» not nllowinu: the piithnit to utter a sint^le word; dry 
or Jtuent corr^n ; irofjtient ljleedi»nf nt the nose ; constipation 
or mncous or bilhtm diarrhcsa / cbiU or licat, \^nth profuse 


Nitx-vomtca: Rough and holTnw cotirj^h, Avith mncons rat- 
tling or thick expootoration ; violent head}u?he aslfthe brain 
were bmised; heaviness of the head, vertigo, paiiia in the 
loins, constipation, loss of ajipetite, nmisea and desire t*j 
vomit ; thirst ; sleeplessness or restless sleep, with imxioua 
dreams; stitches or pain in the chest as if raw. 

§ 3, Use henides: 

AiJxirA : Inflammatory symptoms with spnrions pleurisy, 
rheumatic pains in the lirnbii, crampy headache or bleeding 
at the nose, and hspmoptysis. 

Bkyoxia : Ilheumatic pains in the limbs and chest, not 
allowini; one to move. 

CAiiPHORA : Catarrhal asthma with excessive accumulation 
of mucus in the bronchi, suffocative fits, and dry and cold 

CiiiKA.: Debility after the inflaemES, with loss of appetite 
and hent without tlurst. 

Ipecacuanha: Paroxysms of cou^h, accompanied by vio- 
li*nt iirj^ifijf to vomit and vomiting of mucus. 

PnosPuoKus : The bronchial and Iar)^ngeal aiTection is so 
intense that the voice becomes altered iVoui the pain, and 
speech is almost imp(»s*<iblf. 

PuLHATiLLA : Couijh day and night, especially when lying, 
with nuicous distress in the bowels, and diari^hcea. 

SABAt>ii,LA : Fluent coryza, dullness of the head, g^ray- 
dintfv color of the skin, dull cousch, with vomitifig orspittirti; 
of blood, especially when tying domi; aggravation of the* 
«ytn|itoms in the cold, also towards noon, and still n)ore 
Umards evening; red spots in the face or on the chest. 

Skn^^a: Constant tickling and burning in tlic larynx aod 
throat, with danger of suffocation when lying. 

SiLiCEA : For catarrhal disposition leil after an attach of 

SnifiBLiA : Influenza accompanied by prosopalgia. 

Squilla: Moist cough from the commeucement, wjlu xjiu- 
cous expectoration. 

Stannum : Cough dry at firs^t, then moist, with copious 
expectoration, or when the inliuenza threatens to assume a 
phthijucky character. 


vsriAJExzjL — nrsECTs^ 

Veratrdm : Infiacnca acoompaiiied with Epnptonui of 
sporndic cholei*a, witb few catarrhal HTzuptoms, but great 
^Compare; Catarrh, BROKcniAL Catarrh, Cocgb, 

g 4 Cei'a : Fluent coryza, wilb copious lachrymatioD am 
aggravation in the open air. 

Cimicifuga: Rheumalic-catarrbal attacka, with painA in 
the limbs, head, face, eye-balls ; chilJiness j heat and tlueut 
watery coryza ; stuffed condition of the nostJils, with gieat 
sensitiveness to cold air, as if the base of the brain were bid 
bare and every inhalation of the brain brought the cold air 
in contact with it. 

EurATORiUM-PEKFOL. : Flowing coryza ; sueexing ; hoarse- 
ness, with ronghiiews in tlie voice; hacking cough in the evts 
ning, with soreness in the chest ; resilessnew* ; pains and ach- 
ing in the limbs; the jmtient is constantti/ chattging his poii* 
tion^ althoutjh the pat 71 fi ure. not aggratraied by repom. 

Gklseminum : Catarrhal fever, with sneezing, watery 
coryza, soreness of the throat and cough, with rawne&s in 
the chest; severe cougli, with (in chUdj'euJ a metallic eound, 
somewhat like croup. 

Phytolacca ; Influenta, ynih derangcraent of the digea- 
live organs ; thin, watery discharge from the nose, w hich in- 
creased until the nose became stuffed; inability to breathe 
through the nostril8; difficulty of swallowing. 

Sanouinaria : Intense irritation of the nasal raucous mem- 
brane; sinuU in the nose like roasted onions ; fluid coryia, 
with frequent sneezing; influenza, wit?i rawness in the throat, 
pain in ilie breast, congh, and fiwiUy dlarrho^i j loiii* of 

8ticta-pcx. ; Excessive dryness of the nasal rauoons mem- 
brane, which becoTnes painful ; soil palate, feels like dried 
leather, with painful deglutition; exacerbation in the latter 
part of the day and Ibrepart of the night, f/te mutyihig hours 
are nearly /ree /yum distress ,' mc.aH^'.ini cough during the 
whole night, dry and hacking from tickling in the larynx, 
with oppression in the chest ; incessant sneezing, with a feel- 
ing of fullness in the right side of the forehead, extendin*^ 
down to tlie root of the nose, with tingling in the right side 
of the nose. 

INSECTS, STINGS OF : Aeon, am, bell., or mere., generally 
procure prompt relief. 
If the sting should happen on a^very aensitive place, oatdi* 




Tngfercr and inflammation, let the patient smell of Camplior, 
and give Acnn. sluaild cmnph, be touod insuliicieiit. 

If tlip tonf/i/e 1)0 Ptiinj^ by a hvo^ s;\\o A;rm. and then Ani., 
and if no rulief should hv ohUnimd^ ^ive Bell., in water, aud 
afterwards? M<Tctir)% if the Bell, should cease to act. 

For stiu^ in the et/e^ give Aeon, and Aru. alternately ; 
Aeon, for one hoar, and let the Arnica act from three tafour 

INSENSIBILITY to external physical iupressions. — 
If this condition fthould exist during ilhiess to such an extent 
that no remedy seems to effect the patient, give : 1 ) Carb.-v. 
laur. oleand. op. phos.-ac. 2) Anac. bell, camph. carb.>a. 
hyosc. lach. strain, siilph. 

lODItni, ILL EFFE(rrs of: For poisoning with larfje doges, 
give: I) *SVarcA, mixed with water. 2) Wfieat flour, 3) 
Mueilagin mut dri/i ka. 

For secondary affectiatuity or drug, symptoms, give Bell., 
then Phos ; or Ara. chin. coflT. hep. spong. sulph. 

IRON, ILL EFFEcrrs op. Principal remedies : 1) Chin. hep. 
puis. 2) Atd. ara. bell. ipec. mere, yerat. 


§ 1. Principal remedies : 1) Bell. bry. calc. colch. coloc. 
hep. mere. pul». rhus. sulph. ; or, 2) Ant» arg. am. ars. ai*a. 
Aur. eanth. oham. dig. graph, kreas. lach. lye. n.-vom. sep. 

g 2. Genuine coxalgfa seems to. require: 1) Bry. calc. 
caust. led. rhus. ; 2) Ant. bell, colch, coloc. lach. mere n.- 
vom. puis. Sep. .sulph. 

Nervous coxalgia (ischias) : 1) Puis. 2) Am. bell coloo. 
lye. rhus. Be p. 

Coxarthrocace : Coloc. phos.-iic. ; or, Calc. hep. sil. sulph. 

Zuxatio or claudicatio spontanea (involuntary limping) : 
Merc, and Bell., alternately, every ^ew days a dode ; or, CsUc* 
coloc. lye. puis. rhus. sulph. zinc. 

I 3. See: Coxarturocace, Gout, Nkubalgia, Rheuma- 
tism, Paix, Paroxysms of, &c. 

ISClIURLi. — Spasmodic ischuria requires; 1) K.-vom. 
op. puis. ; or, *2) Aur. canth. con. dig. hyoB* lach. rhus. verair. 
Compare: Urinary Difficulties. 



For Ufhiiria paraJyticn, tfivo : Are. dule. byos., Ac. 
See: ITrtxauy DrFFioLrLTiK^s. 

rrcu* scABiEa. 

§ 1, Princi|ial remedies : 1) Merc, and sulpH. ; or» 2^ 
Carb.'Veg. canst, clem, hop Inch. Ire. rhus, «ep. v©r»ir, 
S> Dnlc natr ph(is,-ac squill. 

§ 2. For dr}f itch, pve Merc. an<l Siilph, altertmtclr c^pff 
four, six or eiiclit days, until nn improvement takrti p!:icc, or 
the symptoms elianj::^ ; thc^f new symntomsi ^L'tierallv iinli- 
Cfile : C;irU.-vejx. or Hep , pro\ idc<l ii is llie dry itch, or tntiM., 
if fi few pust'ilc^ shouUl li:\ve saporveiied. The syraplor 
which remain after Curb -v eg. or Ilep. fjeqaently yield 
Sep. or Veratr. 

§ .'J. For pustulous Itch give first Sulph. and L?o. alter- 
nately as above. If the itcb should become drier, give Carb.* 
vejT. or Merc. Give Canst, once a day, if Sulph, or Lye, 
retnuin withnnt efiect K Caust should not produce a ch.'in^je 
in two or three days, give a do^e of Mercary every forty- 
eiffht houi*s. 

If ulcers should form, give Clem, or Rhns-t. ; if tho pus- 
tules fthouid change to large vesicles of a yellowash or bluish 
color, give Lueh. 

§ 4. Itch mismanagred by Sulphur-ointment^ requires Merc. 
or Canst. ; or, Cale. dulc. nitr.ftc. puU. selen. sep. If mi;*- 
manajied by the8nl|>hiir and MrTi^utiaUilntnient, cjive: Chin* 
nnd Canst, alternately, and then the above-mentioned reme- 

The so-calted bakers* itch requires: I) Sulph. lyo. ; or, 2) 
Calc. dulc. rhns, and graph. 

§ 5. Other eruptions are easily confoiinded with the itoj 
Impetigo, eczema, <fec., exactly resembling the iteh^ may 
gradually develof^ed by unclcinlinesa, vermin; and the only 
dillerence between these eruptions and the itch is, that the 
acarus, this tmly true i»aihoguomonic oharacteristio of tlie 
ilch, in wanting in the firmer. 

For acarou8 ileh, Sulph, is undoubtedly the principal 
cific, though it seems by no means impossible that CaiM 
merc.^ «fec., might cause such an altei'ation in the cutaneoi 
exhalations as would lead to the destruction of the ncani! 
which I regard as the cause, uol the effect, of the itch, I 
know of a young man who contracted an eruption in conscv 
qiienoe of having slept in an unclean bed on a journey^ aod 
who removed it by a wash of tobacco-juice and vinegar. 



This acarous itch admits of a mere fxternjil treatment, 
with the .Sulphiir-ointiricnt, without exposing th^ patient to 
the danger ot contracting secondary diseasts. Of course I 
do not Vthh to be understood as if I would sanction tl»o 
treatment, by extern:d applications, of the various ituh-like 
eruptions where the acarus is not present. These are the 
eruptions to whieh llalirvemann's psora-doctrine should be 
applied, and the suppression of whicli, by salves and washes, 
will induce the various secondary affections entimerated by 
Hahnemann and Auienrielh. 

The proper way, therefore, would be ti> distingish, 1) Sen- 
hits ararostt^ which can be treated externally without danger, 
provided the acartis ia the cause, not the eftect of the disease; 

1) Siiabies Im^wtiglnosa^ rt^:matk'ay d^c , dynamic diseases 
requiring a purely iniernal treatnieiit. 

As regards symptoms, I rec<mimend for eruptions seated 
in the folds of joints, and especially in the liands and between 
the fingere, if characterized by itehintj : 

a) Generally: 1) Sulph. 2) Carb.-veg. canst, mere, eejen, 
sep, sulph. 3) Ant. ars. lach. veratr. 4) Coloo. dule. eu]ir. 
kreos. mang. phos,-ac. squill, tart, zinc, 

b) For eruptions readily bleeding : 1) Mere. 2 ) Calc. dulc. 

<i) Dry and rash-like eruptions: 1) Carb.-veg. mere sop. 
. Bulph. 2) Cale. eaust. cujjr. tlule. led. veralr, 
d) //wm/t/ eruptions ; 1) Carb.-veg. graph, lye. sulph. 2) 
Canst, clem, kreas. scp. stapii. 

e> Pustulom eruptions: \) Oaust. kreas. mere. sep. sulph, 

2) Ant. squill. 

I 6. See Eruptions and HEurEs.* 

rrcniNG of the anus— Aconite is an excellent 
remedy, especially if the skin be intlamed ; we may likewise 
try: Merc, nitr.-ac. sepia, sulph. thuj.; and: Baryt. calc. 
zmc. at long intervals. See : lliiRPEs, IxcuiiiG of tuk bkin, 
H-EMORRHoii«, Worm affkctions. 

ITCHING OF THE SKIN, risuRms, rRrRWo simplkx. 

§ I. This itching may depend upon a variety of causes, 

of which the principal are; \) a simjde irritation oi the 

• An <'xc^llt'nt mentis of n'nioviog invpU'rnt* itch.i* *' ' '■ - ■' tc 
Irf'iilmeiil. I know of ^ ciu*f« tl)»t Und l««*cn tnuUJ li* i r 

A whole yf^wr. litr« ODd in turopc, wilbont tlic It-aat av;. .y 

yielded ooirtpklely to hydrunnthic tririitiiicut (ktBraiiicboruugb) m tJUe 
ftbort «pii«« of liv« weeks. — Jiemptl. 



skin, by, ifcc, 2) A so-called humor charaoterked l>y 

a very fine vesicular eruption. 

§ 2. For mmjiU itehinff^ in the eTening while undressifig, 
or alYer havini^ got warm in bed, or by exercise^ give : 1) 
Brv. a-voiiK op. puis, rhug, biI, sulph. 2) Cnccul oleand 

"the actid humor about the anus, sexual organs, Ac, i pru- 
rigo) requires: 1) Calc. mere, nitr.-ac. sep. sulph. 2) Carb,- 
veg. con. natr.-m. siL 3) Alum. amb. amm. baryt. caust. 
coccul. graph, lyr. phojtjth. rhuB thuj. 

3. For ilrhing oj (he antut^ give: 1) Alum. amm« eald' 
carb.-veg. eaust. lye. nitr.-ac, sep* sulph. 2) Baryt. kaL; 
plioHph. sil. tluij. xinc. 

Iiching of the »t'totum; 1) Nitr.-ao. potr. sulph. 2) Amb. 
carb.*veg. caust. coccul. graph, lye. thuj. 

Itching of the pudendum : 1) Crdc. carb.*veg. con. natr.- 
HL ccp. sjK «ulph. 2) Alum. amb. amm. mere, nitr.-ac. rhus. 


54. Compare : Hkrpics of tub sexual obgajn-s and anus, 


LABOR. § 1. The best remedies to facilitate labor, or 
to remove dynamic difficulties, ai'e : IJ Cham. coff. n.-mosch. 
n.-voin, op. puU. sec. 2) Acod. belL calc. 8) Caol macrot. 
gossip, gel^. 

§ 2. Spasmodic pains require; 1) Coff. n.-vom- 2) Bell. 

cham. n.-mtjsch. puis. 

Coi^FEA : For violent pains, driving the patient to despair; 
if Coiica should not help, give Aconite. 

Nrx-voMiCA: l*funs widmnt actual labor, with constant 
urging to go to stool or to uHuale. If n.-vom. should not 
Buffice, give: 1) Cham, or bell.; or, 2) N.-mosch, or pulsL 

§ S. Weak ok l^EFlc1E^•T pains require : Bell, chain, gels. 
kal natr.-in, n,-vom. op. puis, ruta, sec. sep. 

Beixai>on>'a : The pains come on sudi^^^tily and diKappeai 
after a time, as 8ud<lenly as they came; spai*modic conlrae-" 
tions of the neck, which is liot, drv and tender; throbbing 
hL-adache, with great scnsihilJty to light and noise. 

CiKLSEMiNiM : Cutting in the abdomen, from before back 
wards and upwards, rendering the labor-pains useless. 

Ii'KiAGUAKHA : Coftiffant ?i(tu»€a ; the pains are distrcsfiinj 
by renson of a sharp cutting aliout the navel, which darii 
oir towards the uterus, hinaering the proper action ot ihe 

Kali-c. : The pains begin in the back, and instead of 
ing round in front pass oflf down the buttocks, or they 

P^j™- -i^j^-.^. 




eharji and cutting across the lumbar re^oD, arresting con- 

Nath.-mfti. : Very sad and foreboding, so much so that 
labor j^oes on very slowly, from feeble pains, 

NuxTOincA ; Every pain causes an inclination to go to 
stool or to urinate; every pain causes /aintinff^ and thus in- 
terrupts the progress of liibor ; retarded and painiiil labor 
in women used to sedentary life or to high living. 

Opium: Tlic pains have been suppressed from fear or fright. 
She is in a soporous state, with red face and eyes and sterto- 
rous breathing; twitching and jf^rking muscles. 

Pir^SATiLLA : Iriacti\ity of the uterus ; the pains excite 
palpitations, suffocation and fainting spells, unless the doors 
and wiiidowf^ are wide open. 

Sec'ale : For weak cachectic women, or m women weak- 
ened from VL'nous hiemorrhages, no matter whether spasmo* 
die pains or no pains are present. 

§ 4. If the PLACE^TTA should not be expelled readily, or 
should adhere to the uterus, give: Ihth, or sec. K tula. 
should not be sufficient, or it* there should be tendency of 
blood to the head, red face, glistening eyes, dryness of the 
skin and vagina, great anguish and restlessness* Bell, is the 
best remedy. 

§ 6. Violent and long-lasttng after-pains require: 
1) Arn. charu. coff. 2) Calc u.-vom. puis, xanthox-fr. 

Ciiamomtlla: Pains very distressing; she can hardly bear 
them ; slie isinilated and ili-uatnred. Dark lochial discharge. 

CoFFEA : Sleeplessness ; the at\er-pains are distressing and 
she feels them very acutely. 

CirpKUM-AC. : Terrible cram py pains ; pains which produce 
cramps in the extremities. 

Nux-vo.H, : Aching pains ; every pain causes an inclination 
o to stool. 

6, CoNVt^LsiONS or Spasms duiing labor, require: 1) 
Gels, hyosc. ign. 2) Bell. cham« dc. cupr. lack op. puis. 
St ram. jsinc 

Aconite: When in their incipicncy there id a hot, dry 
akin, thiret, restlessness, fear of death. 

Argknt-nitk. : Constant motion from the time she comes 
out of one spasm till she goes into another ; the spasms ar© 
vif^lent and are preceded by a sensation of expansion of th© 
whole body. 

Aknica : The pulse is fidl and strong, and during every 
pain the blood rushes violently to the &oe and head ; symp^ 


^^ cran 






tmns of parahfxis of thtt If/t siile ; loss of consdoQBOesB j 
involuntary discharge of stool and urine. 

Belladonna : Convulsive niovemenls in the limbs nnd 
musclfs of tlie fiice; paralysis o/the ri^jfU side of the tongtit ^ 
difficult deglutition ; renewal of tlie fits at every pain ; more 
or lesa tossing between the spaams, or tleep Bleep, with gri- 
maces, or starts and cries, with feartiil visions. 

CicuTA : Strange coulortioiia of tlie upper part of the body 
and liinba during the paroxysms, with bhie face 2k\v\ frtipient 
inUmipti<m» of brvalkmg for afcxa mom^nU- 

CupHtrM : Sjiasins, complicated with violent romiting ; 
opisthotonos with every jiaroxysm, with spreading out of 
the limbs and opening of the mouth. 

Gblseminum: Premonitory symptoms: The head fceli 
very large ; the spasms oecur as the first symptom of the oa 
uteri being unchaut^ed, or perhaps rigid. 

Hyosctamus: Bluish color of the face, and twitchings 
jactitations in every muscle of the body. 

loKATrA : Deep sighing and sobbings with a strange com- 
pressed feeling of the brain. 

Lachesis: Violent convulsions in the lower limbs, -witfi 
coldness of the feet j stretching backwards of the body and 
crying out. 

Oprtm: Sopor, with stertorous respiration; incohoretit 
wandering and convulsive rigidity of the body, with redoi 
swelling and heat of the f:ice. 

Pulsatilla : The countenance is cold, clammy and pale; 
loss of consciousness and of motion ; stertorous breathing 
and full pulse. 

Stramoxiitm: Frightened aj^pearance before and afler the 
convulsions commence ; sardonic grin ; stammering, or loi 
of speech; loss of consciousness and sensibility; irighlft 
visions; laughter; singing; attempts to escape. 

Verat.-vlr. : Great activity of the arterial system; 
vulsions or mania. 


Bklladonna: OffenKive lochia, feeling hot to the parts; 
delirium and frightful visions. 

CnAMoanLLA : Sti|tprc-s8ion of the bchia, followed by diar- 
rhcea, colic, toothaclic, irritability. 

CoFFEA : Tlie discharge is too profuse, with an exilted 
nervous sensibility. 

Cajibo.-ajl : Lochia too long-continued, thin, ofTensive, ex- 
ooii^ting, with Dumbness in the limbs. 




Kreasotb : Vijry olfenBivo lochia, almost ceasing and ex- 
coriatiriLi ; then it freyheua up and agaiu ahiiust disappears, to 
(K'shen np uiioe Tiiure. 

Platina : A little di^^charge remains, but it is black and 
dotted; great teiiderjiuss of the genital organs. 

PuLSATiiXA : The nnlk has disappeared trurn the breasts; 
the scanty lochial discharge is uiilky, 

Skpia : OlTensive, feiid, excoriating lochia, wiih little 
sharp-shouting pains in the region of the neck of the uterus. 

$ H. LvjiuutLs OF TiiE SEXUAL PARTS in consuquence of 
painful labor, require Arnica, bathing the parts with ten 
drops in eight ounces of water 

P\ir METRoRKHAGiA, use: 1 ) Cfoc. plat, iij BelL chara. 
ferr. sabiu, Cotnpai'e : Mttrorrkagku 

See, also : Conji/temcnt, 

LAGOPHTAMIOS, paralysis of the ey&lids. Prin- 
cipal remedies : 1) Bell, nitr.-ac. scp. spig strum, verat. zinc^ 
2) Calc. chain, cocc. hyosc. n,-vom. op, pnls. plumb, rhua. 

laryngitis' and LAPvYNGEAL PlITHLSIS. Prin- 
cipal remedies: 1) Aeon, carb.-v. canst, ihos. hep. io(L phos. 
gpong. 2) Arg. ars. brom. lach. n.-vom. nang. 3) Arg.-n. 
bell canth. kreas, mere, sanib. tart, verat. 4) Bry, calc. 
chara. cist, ervng. ipee. led, mang. nitr. nitr.-ac. seneg. stann. 
stilling. 5) ^sc.-h. ? ampel. ? rum. ? 

For ANGINA LARYNGEA : 1) A*'on, bell hep. phoB. «pODg. 

2) Ars. carb.-v. cham. droB, iod. ipec. mere, seneg. tail. 
For PHTHISIS LAKYNGKA ; 1) Ar«. eale. caib.-v, canst, cist* 

iod. fihos, f^ulph. 2.) Arg» hej>, kreas, mang. nitr.-ac. epong. 

3) Arg,-n. dros. dnlc. kal.-bi. Inch. led. seneg. sib 

For trijEKATTON OF THE lAiiYNX : 1) Ars. cah, carb.-vrg. 
phos. 2) Caust. dros. hep. krcjis, nitr.-ac apong. 3) Ar^. 
arg.-n. iod. kal-bi. led. mang. sulpb. 

For jtrfachfTH^ teachers^ and generally for people wbo use 
their voice continually: 1) (Jah, T) Arg, lach. 

S«'e : Jlourstness^ Cough^ UronchitUy I'racheitU^ I^ha- 

LASSITUDE, or dthUityfrom bodily or tnesditU^trtionA^ 
aiithcnia. §1. Principal remedies: 1) Arj*. carb,-v. cAm. ipcc. 
fi.-iYjTi. phos. p/tvif^-ac, Btapb. trulp/t. verat 2) Aeon. amrn. 
arn. baryt. calc. caniph. canst, cocc, ten*, graph, kab lai^h. lyc» 
mere. natr. natr.-tn. nitr.-ac. oleand. rhus, sec, sep. sil. 3) 
.^\jQuc. arg.-n. bar.-.* . eui.n eantli. cbarn^ cou. cupr. dig, dulc. 



fliior.-ac. hyoBo, krea^. magn.-m. mosch. mur.-ac petr. pLit 
fltann zinc. 

g 2. For DKBiuTT from great loss of FLun>s, tho chjcf 
remc^dy Ls China, 2 ) Calc. carh -t^ cin. lach. n.-vom, pho^^^K, 

Bulph, verat, 3) nitr.-ac. sulph.-ac. 

f 3. For DEBILITY from sexital excessks, but withotit 
OTjaniam : 1) China, 2) Calc, n,-vom. phos.-ae, sil. staph, 
eulph. 3) Anac, am. C4irb.-v. con. mere, natn^iii- ]ihos. sep, 

Calcarea : Great debility, tremor of the legs, lassitude and 
headache after every coitus. 

Staphjfs, : Asthmatic paroxysm with hypochondria after' 

$ 4. The consequences of onanism require n.-Tom., fol- 
lowed by sulph. and calc. ; should phos.-ac and staph, not 
suffice, Carb.-v cin. cocc, con. natr,-m. n.-raosch. phtts. are 
also recominended. China is not indicated, as tho disease is 
not caused by loss of fluids^ but by nervous deran*rement. 
To eradicate the tendency to this vice, give : 1) Sidph. calc, 
2) Chin, cocc. mere. phos. 3) Ant. carb.-v. major, plat, puis, 

g 5. If worn out by bodily exertions: Aeon, ant, arA. 
bry, cftlc. chin, cocc- coflF. mere. rhus. sLl. verat. If by /r^ 
qnetU icatching : Carb.-v. cocc. n -vom. puis. By excessive^ 
study: Bell. calc. lack. ti,-voin. puis, aulph. By sedentary 
habits : N.-vom. sulph. 

g 6, For debility after severe acvte diseases^ give: 1) 
Chin. hep. siL verat, 2) Calc. kal. natr.-m. phos.-ae. sulph. 
If the patient lost much blood by venesections: Chin, phos.- 
ac. sulph.-ac. For young people, who grow too fast : Phos.-ac. 
For debility of old people: Aur. haryt. chin. con. op. 


LAOGIITER^ spasmodic, hysteric. Principal remedies: 
1) Aur. calc. con. iV/n. 2) Alum, bell, caust. croc, cupr. pho^ 
zinc. 3j Anac. asa. cic. hyose. natr,-m. n.-mosch, plat, stram. 

For risus sardonicus^ frequently a dangerous symptom tJi 
severe cerebral affections, are proposed : Kan.-sc. zinc-ox. 

LEAD, ill effects of ^1. Poinoning with large doses r<y 

3uires: 1) Sulphate of maf/nejiia^ dhso\\ed in water, us a 
rink. 2) Suljihate of potash. 3) Soup water. 4) Albumint. 
6) Milk- 6) Mucilaginous d links or injections. 

§ 2. The subsequent dynamic ailments require: All 
bell. n,-vom. op. plat. These remedieB likewise remove 
drug-aymptoms occasioned by lead. 




LEPRA, Htring recommends ; Alnra. ars. carb,-a. carb- 
V, ca'ist. comoclad. graph, natr. pctr. phos. sep. sii, sulph. 
For the s|K)ts and tumors of leprous iiatients, give : Alum. 
natr. eil 

LEUCORRHCEA, fluor-alrus, TrniTBS, 

\ 1 This nffection depends upon an inflammatory irrita- 
tion of the vaginal mucous meral>rane, or upon some more 
deep-seated affectiun of the uterus. In the former case, even 
if tne disease should be very obstinate and raalisjnant, the 
following remedies should be principally used: 1) Cnlc. mere. 
pitU, sep. Niili>h. 2) iEi*c.4iip. aletr. alum. amb. anim. catil. 
cimicif earb.-a. earb.-v. chin. coco. con. graph, ham. hel, kal 
kreaa. lyo. magii -c. magn.-m. phos. phyt. pod. ruta. s:il>in. 
senec. sil. staiin. trill, zinc. 3) Aeon. agn. aselep.-inr. b:i|*t. bov. 
cann. caust ehiitiaph, dros» eupat,-piirp. hep. hydr, iris. iod. 
lach. ray lie, nitr, nc. n.-vom. petr, phos.-ac. rh.u3,-gl. sdph.-ac. 

^2. As regards symptoms, give: 

a) For BMjisH : Arabra. 

For BLOODY Mrcrs : I) Baryt. calc, carb,-v. canloph. coco. 
con. pupat.-purp. ham, by dr. kreas. nabul. nitr.-ac. pod. pula.- 
nut. pod. senec, sep. sulph.-ac. 2) Caotb. chin, murex. zinc. 

For tiitnwN: Amni.-UL cocc. nitr.-ac. 

For Tuicni: 1) Ars. bor. carb.*v« con. magn.-m. natr. na^.- 
m puis. pod. Sep. 2) Caul, murex. 

TniN, watery; Alum, amm. carb.-a. carb.-v. euphorb. 
graph, raagn.-c. magn.-m. pw/^. sil sulph. 

l^iTRiTLENT : Chin. cq*:c. con, ign. mere nitr.-ac, sep. 

ALmiMixocs: Amm,-m. bor. bov. mez. nalml. /»*;/r. />/a/. 

Ykllow: Ara. carb.-a. carb.-v. chain, hedeom. kal. kreas. 
ly<\ natr. phos.-ao. sabizi. sep, atana. ^alph. 2) XIydr»? 
BCtiec. ? 

Green: Carb.-v. lach. mere, natr.-m. nitr.-ac aep. 

Milky : Amm. calc, carb.-v. con. lye, phos. puis, sabin* eep. 
sil. sulph.-ac. 

Slimy: Ambr. amm. cah. carb.-v. chin. con. lach. magn.-c, 
mere, mez, natr. natr.-m. nitr.-ac. phos. puis. sasa. sep. stann, 
tart, thuj. zinc, 

FjiTiD : 1) Caps, kreas. natr. nitr.-ac. n,-vom, sabin. eep. 
2) Aral.? bapt.? rhuj^gL ? trill. ? 

b) For BuaxiN'G: Alum. arum. calc. oArb.-a. con. hedeom, 
kreas, puis, sulph.-ac. 

SMAitTiNG, itciiing: CoJc Cham. con. ferr. lach. mere 
pho8. Bep. sil. 8 ilph. 



CoRROsivis, ACRID : Alum, amm, are, bor. "bovist rttr0. 
cJiuTti con, A<y>. hftleoni, ii^n. kreas, mrrc. nair-tfk, mir,-ac^ 
t\ym\>h. pJui8» puh, mn. ruta. sep. siL sulph. su]ph,-ac. 

c) For leiU'onlia*a pRiic-KDiXG Tns wkxses: AJuni. haryt. 
cafe, chill, graph kreas. Inch. pbos. puis. Bop. eiilph. riiic. 


Irtch. puis. zinc. After the. menses : Alum. culc. graph. krca.«. 
nitr.^ac. />Ao«.-ffc. puis, rut. sil. sulph. Between tlie menses; 
Cak. con. 

d) For ]eiioorrh<Ba accompanied with abivomixai. spasvi 
or COLIC : Canst., cocc, droB, ign, lya maffn^c magn,-m, puis. 
aep, sil. iulph. linc. 

Witlj PAINS IN THE SMALL OF THE BACK : BaryU caust. oon, 
g:raph, nafr.'tn. kreas. a?8C.-hip. carbol.-ac. 

With GUEAT DKBnjTY ! 1) Baryt. cAin» kreaa, Hann. 2) 
Ah'fr.-far. bapt. hdon. Ijydr. 

With headache: Natr.^m. 

With YELLOW coMrLE.xioN I Chju. ferr. naXr^-wi^ «cp. 

With PAJ.K face: Are. cede, graph, kreas /yc. fiafr.-wi, 
puis. Sep, 

g 3. Compare Amenia and Tnen^trucd irregviariUt*. 


§ 1. For lice cm the head and other parts of tlie bo lr» 
the best remedy is cleanliness and regular habits. If lico 
should have formril, use: 

For lire on (Me head: Frequent washing with vinegar, 
mixed with pait of a solution of one spoonful of tobaeco- 
iiiicc in a tuniblurfnl of water, or snuff in place of the juice. 
If the scalp should not be sound, or if the children are very 
smnll, it is best to use the vinegar without tobucco.jniee. 
The same mode of washing should be adopted for Ijoe on 
other partii of the body. 

Tobaotut'juice in likewise the best remedy for //f?c <j/'f^? 
grxunl orfjdits^ eitlu-r in the shape of a wash of equal pans 
of tobacco-juice and vinegar, or of an ointment made ot'snut!' 
and lard. If the use of tobacco should indute unplt-ascittt 
BVinptoms diarrhcea, vomiting, Ac., Puis, will remove thein 
very speedily. 

IC the lici^' should have got into one's clothes^ those hare 
to be heated iji an oven ; nothing else will clean them. 

52. Spontaneous generation ^( lice iu the skin or in botU 
tumors ou the skin, requires : 1) Ars. chin, staph. ; or^ U) 

u<msN, — LrruiASTs. 


Merc. Biilph.; or, 3) Lach, ? magn.-arot-t oleond. ? sabad.? 
These remediefi deserve confirmation. 

LICIIEX,— Pnncipa! remedies: Aeon* bry. cic. cocc. dala 
Jyc. Tutnvac. nntr.-m. snlpli. 

Lichen simplex: 1) Coccul. dulc. 2) Aeon. bry. puis. 

Lichen agrlns ; Cic, lye. mur,-ac. siilph. 

Lichen siroftdus : Cic, cauet. cham. mere, sulph, — Graph, 

Try likewise : Agar. amm. ars. calc, carb.-veg. con. phos?.- 
ac, staph, stront. 

LIENTTIS, Splenitis, and other j^ectiona of the spleen. 
Prhioipal rc*mcdies: 1) A^. arn. bry. caps, chin, ign* n.-voni. 
Bulph. ; nr. 2) Acoil ferr. iod. mez. ? 

Acule licnitis requires principally: China. ; also. Aeon, art. 
ara. bry. n.-vom. Aeon, when there is iiiflamraatory fever« 

Auxica: China beintjf insulKcient, especially for aching, 
Ptttchini? pains arresting the breathing, or for typhoid giymj> 
toius, with huiguor^ listlessness, dullness of sense ; the patient 
does not think that he is very sick, 

AnfeENiniTM ; Frequent bloody diarrhocic stools, with bnrn- 
ins*, great debihty ; or when the disease assumes an intenuit- 
tent character, and China ie» insufficient. 

Bryonia: The swelling continuing aft'^r giving China, 
Ars, or Nux-v., with stitching pains in the region of the 
spleen during motion. 

CmxA : After Aeon., or even firom the commencement, for 
aching, lititching pains, or when the disease lias an iniermit- 
tent character. 

Ntx-voMicAt After Chin, or Ars., the swelling and the 
aching pain in the stomach continuing, and the general state 
of ihe patient being the same. 

For couMlpation^ swiUinf/ and induration of fAtJ spkc^t^ 
give : Ars, caps. chin. ign. Sfutpb. ; or, lod. mejs. ? 

LITinASLS, Gkatel. 

§ L Principal remedies: 1) Lye, sassap. 2) Ant, ca1<% 
cann. n,-vom. petr. phosph. ruta. sep. sil. zinc. 3) Alum, ainb, 
amn». arn. canth. chin. lach. natr.-m. nitr.-ac. n.-iuoi^eh. thuj, 

g 2. For fifone in the bladder: Cann. sassap. uva, 

¥ov ffruvel:" 1) Lyo. sassap. 2} Ant, calc. phosph. rut^ 
sil, zinc. 

§ 3. See SucRimoN of Uaiim and TJhixabt difficultdcs. 




LOCK-JAW, Trismus. — A mere symptom, thoTigh indi 

eating priucipally: 1) Camph. hyosc igr. vcralr. 2) Lach. 
mere. plat. sil. 3) Aeon* ang. camph. hydroc caL Uur. mero 
moscL n.-vom. plumb, phosph. 

moved by; 1) Aur, hyosc. igu. phos.-ac, staph, H) Lach. 
pals, eulph. 

Mtkmcholy^ weeping, religioas mania: Aur. puis, sulpb. 
Jealousy: Hyo8. lac^ n.-?ora. 
Grief: Ign., or, Phos.-ac. »taph. 
Mtctic fever : Phos.-ac. staph., or, PuJa. 

LUMBAGO. — ^Principal remedies : Bry, nux*v. puis, rhus.^ 
eulijh. — See Rhkimati8M, Pains li* thbsmall of xas bacse^j 
ana Pains in the back. 


Principal remedies : 1) Calo. daph. graph, kal. ; and 2) 
Ilep. nitr.-ac. sil. sulph. 

I have so far cured every case of lupia with one dose of 
Calcarea 30, allowing it to act seven or eight weeks. The 
swelling gi-nerally coniinencea to diminish in the 4th to the 
7 th week- 

For St^fotoma the principal remedy seems to be Bar.Hx 

For Ganglia: Sil., or sometimes, Amm. or Phoa. , 

MACULE, EriiELm^ PrKprnA, *&c^ 

§ 1» Principal remedies : 1 ) Bry. lye. natr. phosph. st'p. 
BUJpfa. 2) Alum. ant. ars. calc, carb.-veg. con. gr.-^ph, hyos* 
lacn. mere, n.-vom. nitr.-ac. olcand. sabad. staph. sulph.-:ic 

§ 2. For Ephelides (freckles): 1) Lye, pliosph. sulph, 
verat. 2) Amnu ant. calc. dulc. grapli natr, nitr.-ac puis. 

Hfipatic spots: I) Lye: mere, sep. sulph. 2) Ant, 
c^'b,-veg. con. dtilc. hyos. laeh, natr. n.-vom. phosph. 

I**urfuraceous spots (ptyriasia): Ai's alum. bry. lye p)io6ph« 
sep, ; and when these spots are st^ated on the head or along 
the border of the hair scalp": Ars. and alum, or Cala graph, 
clean d. staph. 

Spots of pregnant females yield to : Sep. or con. 

Motes { to \ Carb.-veg. sulph. 2) Cnlc. graph, siilph.-aci 

g 3. JUut-red spots require : Bell, phosj^h. 

Jilooily Bi>ot8: 1) Ars. bry. rhus. 2) Hyos. led- phosph. 
flee sulph.-ac. (See PffFECHiA.) 

Brotot}rTed: 1) Nitr.-ac. phosph. 2) Caon. 



1) Con. 2) Am. 
2) Croo. €uphorb. 

2) Alum* pliogpli. 

Telhu) : Am. ferr, petr. phosph. Hulph. 

Greenish,* Aru. con. sep* ^ 

Coppar-colortd : Ars. carb.-an. kreaa.uiez. rhus. rnta. veratr. 

Hid: 1) Carb.-veg. lye, mere, nit r.-ac. phosph, scp. 2) 
Arn. con. kal. sulph, suJph.-ac. If growing pale m the cold : 

Spots as if by canhtsion^ 9hock^ bioto: (See FETBGHiaB.) 

J<t:arlei: I) Ainm. btU. mere, phosph. 
hyo8. sulph, 

Vio/^t : Phos. veratr. 

Biavk: Ars. Inch, rhna. sec. 

Wfue-eolt^red: Cuccui. sep. 

W/iite: si'cg 4, 

§ 4. White kprou^ ipots: 1) Ars. sil. 
eep. 6it)ph 

Most-colored : Natr, phosph. sil. 

SyphilUk (copper-colorod, v-iolot): Merc, nitr.-aa 


MAGNESIA, n.L EFraCTS OF.— The principal anti- 
dotes of tbifl medicine when given in too large quaniiiies, 
are: Ars. cham. coft'. coloe n.-vmn. puis. rh.ib. 

AusENicrJi : For violent^ Ijiiniing pains, worse at night 
ami compelling one to k-iive the l»cd. 

Chaicomiij.a : Violent colic with or without diarrhcea* 

CoFFEA : Sleeplessness and nervons excitement. 

CoLocYNTH ; Excessive epasraodic pains, eonstipallcn or 
slow stool. 

Nux-voM, : Obstinnte constipation, or constipation with 
colic, Colocynth having proved uieffectual. 

PcLSAnLLA : Spa-^niodic eoh"c with lencorrhoea, or watery 
diarrhoea with colic, after Khubnrb had been tried wiUiuut 

lUirRAnB: Watrry, sour di.inhccn, with colic and tencsnjus. 

MALiVCIA, dobire fur strange or exceptional things. 

a) De.Hire for bier: Aeon, canst. coccoL mere, natr. n.-voni. 
1 etrol puis, fiulph. For brandy : Ais. chiniu hepar. n.-vi»m. 
tipi, selen. sepia, snlph, Wine : Acun. bry. calc. cicut. hepar* 
l.iches. Bcpin. staph. Milph, Spirits generally : Ilepai*. pulp, 
siilph. sulph.-uc. 2Ufr*shitifj ihiugs : Caust coccul. pLot^ph 
phos.-ac. jmls. rhab. sabin. \aler. Cvffte: August, ars. nur 
urvou. carb.-veg. coiiL Milk : Ars, bovititw mere rhus. sabud 
liiio. staph. 




I h) J^i: Nax-v. nitr-ac Herrinff^: Nitr.-ac. vowitT 

SmnktH? thitij^s: Cmist. : Helleb m:icj»>cs.-carb, sufph. 
I Yf(ffiahU.i: Alutu. injignes.-c. OtfMrrs: Laches. C*i/^unu 
\h<irs: Ant. veratr, Sourkrout : Cirb.-an, cham. Flour: 
' 8.ibad. Warm food : CycL iVrr. lye. Bread: Ars. bell. 

natr natr.-m. pwU. Liquids: Bry. ftrr mere, staph. snlp?n 

c) Bitter thinrrs: Dig. n.itr.-rn. Srtlt tbin^: Cirb-ve*:. 
canst. conL rnepind. venitr Sour tbin^ : Ant. am. .ir§. Itor. 
bryon* cbarn, hepar. ignat. kiili. pbnspli. puis, sepia, squi'l 
fitrnm sulph. verativ Sweety dainties : Anim. barrt. ebina. 
ipecac, kali. lyc^. magnea.-m, natr. rbab. rha.s. siiba^L Biil|h. 
Juicy tbinics: Fho8.*a<j. .Fruit: Alum- ignat. magnes.-c 
8ulpb,-ac. veratr. 

d) Dc^sire for cl^iy^ chalk, lime : Nitr.-ac. nux-v. For cAor- 
coal: Cicut. con. 

Comp. : Gastric dkrangkmknt, Wkak btomacu, ^ke. 

MAMM-^. AND NIPPLES. § L The beat remedies 
for sore nipples aj*e: 1) Am. sulph. 2) Calc. cham. crot,-tig. 
graph, igii. lye. mere pula. sop. sil. 

Cn.vMOMTLLA U Suitable for inflamed or ulcerated nipples, 
provided the patient had not previously used it to excess, in 
I which case, Ign. or puis,, or, perhaps, Merc, and sil. are Uie 
'be^t remedie^^. 

For SIMPLE soREXEss usc Am. ; and if this should not be 
sufficient. Sulph. or calc. hcl. 

Afterwards we may require : Caust. graph, lye. mere, n.- 
Tom. aep. sil. 

8 2. For MASTITIS G^ive: 1) Bell. bry. carb.-a. cist, f^raph, 
hell. hep. laeh. mere. plioB. ;?//7/^ sil. sniph. vcrat.-vir. 

Bklladoxxa : The l»renst9 are »wollen and hard, with 
stitching and tearing pains, and erysipelatous redness riidiat- 
ing from a central pnnit, {acta well in alternation with Bry.) 

BuYoNiA : The bre.ists are h:ird, riijid, turpc^cent, with 
tensive or stitchbig pains on the swelling, and burning heat 
on the outside, especially \v\nm there are febrile motion**,, vascular irrilntinn; why feels sick on fir^t sitting up in 
bed or in a chatr, and still more sick on standing up ; cotisti- 
pation, Ftools dry, looking as if burnt; f«»r large quan- 
tities of water ; as prophylactio on the 2d to the -ith day it 
controls th^i flow of titi^k. 

CAtn'us: Parlicul.irly indicated in scrofulous subjects, 
when there ia the greatest seuaibility to cold air ; luflamitia* 

MA27IA OF StnclDB. 


tion ancl suppuration of the breast, with a aense of fuUoess in 
the chest. 

Graphites: In all c.iscr, whore there are so man j old scars 
from firmer ulcerations iliat tlie milk cannot flow. 

Hepar: When suppuration has set in, in spite of Bell, 
bry., <fec. 

Lachesis : When the breast has a bluish or purplish ap- 
pearance, and she haa chills at night and fiushes of heat in 

MERCt'Kirs : Hard swelling of the hreast, with sore or raw 
pain; the baby refuses the milk, which h not good; other 
mereurial symptoms. 

Phosphokcs: Inflammation of the maminje, threatening 
ulceration, with stiichine^ or cnttincj pain ; hectic fever and 
night sweats ; Jhttdous ulcers with blat appearance and hard 
and callous edges. 

Phytolacca. : The hardness ia very apparent from the firsts 
the l>reast is sensitive and more or less painful. 

Sii.icEA : Particularly in fistulous tdcers, the disohargo 
heini^ thin and watery, or thick and offensive ; symptoms of 
hectic fever. 

Stn.PHiTK : Inflammation running in radii from the nipple ; 
profuse suppuration, with chilliness in the fore-part ot the day 
and heat in the after-part. 

Verat.-vir. : Complication of all these troubles, with great 
arterial excitement. 

§ 3. The principal remedies for rNDtruATiox and lumps 
of the breasts, are: I) Carb.-a. cist, con, phyt. siL *1) Clern. 
coloc. erraph. lye. mere, nitr.-ac. ol.-jec. phos. puis. sep. sulph. 
If caused by a blow or shock, give: Am. carb.-a, con. 

For the iensation of extension in the breast, give : Merc, 
n.-vom. pcc. scp. 

Canckr of THE Mamm-e requires: 1) Apia. ars. aster.-rub. 
cknn. hydr. oxaf, phyt, sil. 2) Bell. con. graph, hep? kreai. 
nitr.-ac. sep. sulph. 

Athophia M amm^ requires : Con. iod. nitr.-ac, saaa. 

MANIA OF SUICIDE. — Principal remediea : I) Ar*. 
aiir. H.'Vom. puis. 2) Alurn. amb. amm. bell. lach. nitr.-ac. 
plat. se|)u 3) Ant carb,-v. chin. dros. hep. hyosc. mez. rims, 
^ec, spig. stram. tart 

For divpoKition to hang or choke one's self: Ars. ; to rlroNvn 
(me's ^elf; Bell, dros. hyosc. puis. sec. ; to shoot one*8 self: 
AnL cai'b.-v. 



Wbeo accompanied with great dbkad of dbatr : Aeon 
alum. chiD. nitr.-ao. plat. rhus. When the mania is caused 
by eixxessive angukh or fear : 1) Aur. n.-vom. pals. 2) B^IL 
caust. chui. dros, hep, plat. rhus. apong. staph. When by 
SABNBSS, itKLANCHOLT, «Ec. : 1) Aur. laoh. 2) Carb.-v- bei>. 
plat, ruta, ftpong, sulph. sulpk-ftc When by uKSPAnt : Amo. 
carb.-v. hyosc. lach. nutr. aep. 2) Cact eup.-purp. lub, 

MARASMUS SENILIS.— Principal remedies: Baryt. con. 
op. phos. aec. 

PURPURA SENILIS i 1) Con. 2) Ars. bry. rhus. aecu 
8a1ph«-ac. 3) Lach, ? op, ? bary t. 

IVIEASLES, MORBILLL § 1. Principal remediea : I) 

Aeon. gels. pnls. 2) BelL bry ckin. phos. snlph. verat.-vir, 

§ 2, To tacllitate the eruption and to abbreviate the pre- 
ciirjsory 8tagi% give : Aeon, geU. pids,^ or veraL-vir. ; or even 
Coffea, should the patieuu be yery restless, sleepless, beside 
themselves, or toss about. 

Photophobia is frequently relieved by Bell., if Aeon, and 
puis, .should not be sufficient; also, Phos. sulph. 

Tlie coucn sometimes requires a dose of Coff. hep., or 
Sticta after Aeon, ; real pulmonary catarrh, or inflammation 
of the chest, sometimes requires Bry. 

§ 8. If the irruption should iiecede, give; Bry, phos. 
pub.; or, 2 1 Ai-s bull, t-aust. hell, sulph. 

The CEREBRAL symptoms require : 1) Bell. gels, stram. ; or, 
2) Ars. hell, puis, VL-rat-vir. 

The ptTLMoxAitY symptoms: Bry. phos, sulph. 

Ttpuoid, PLaiiiB symptoms : 1) Phos. pids. sidph. 2) Ars. 
bapt. c:irb.-v. mur *ac phos.*ac. sulph.-ac. 

g 4, For the sbqi-l^ of measles, give : Bry. carb.-v. chum* 
chin. droa. dulc. enphr. hyosa ign. n.-mosch, rhua. sep, strain, 

The CATARBUAL AFFECTIONS, such as cough, hoarseness, 
sore» ifcc.. require: Bry. carb.-v. churn, con. dros. duhu 
hyoHC. ign. n.-voin, sep.stict. .suljih. ; for dry and hollow cough: 
AfianthTis, chani. vru. n.-vom, 8iict. ; for spasmodic: 1) I&Il 
ciu. hyosc. ; 2) C:irb.-v, dros. ; 3) Canth. cupr. dig. ipoc niMU 
snng ; for dry short cough : Cotf. 

The MUCOUS diaruii<£IC stools require : Chin, mere, puis, 

UiiTis AND OTORRnojA : 1) Puis. 2) Carb.-r. S) Cact 
aolch. lye. men. nierc. nilr.-ac. sulph. 

mtkmm morbilll 





moaning and 

pABoirns yields to Aro. or rhas., and the white raah to 


5. Particular indic4ition9 : 

AcoNTTB : Vertigo ; red and painful eyes, mth photopho* 
bia ; coryza, sore throat, with hoarsenesa and dry, hollow 
hacking cough ; stitches in the i^iides and chei^t ; sli»eple3»- 
ness, or little sleep, with vivicl dreams and sudden starting ; 
dry heat all over, with red and hot face, or hloated face ; 
bleeding at Uie nose ; frequent urging to urinate ; vuniiting, 
«>r colic, with diarrhcea. 

Apis ; Confluent eruption and oedematcma steeUinff of the 
Akin ; greatly inflamed eyes ; crou]»y cough ; violent cough, 
similar to hooping-cough ; catarrh of tlie bowels, with diar- 
rhoea; prostration, muttering and delirium. 

Belladonna : Swelling oi the parotid glands, with ptyal- 
ism ; sore throaty with difficult d*?fflutition and painful slitfhcs 
when swallowing; hoarseness and dry cough^ which fatif/ues 
the ehe^t^ with oppression and stiffocritive fits; dry hu:it. with 
violent aching in the forehead, delirium and cmvulsivo 
twitching of the limbs ; violent ikirst ; jmguisii an«l reetk'ss- 
ness, with nervouanesa and sleeplessness; 

Bryonia : The eruption does notfuUy develop itself it ap- 
pears pale, and there is much dyspncea ; rheumatic pains m 
the limbs, with dry cough and stitches in the chest, when 
breathing or coughing. 

Geuseminu3i: Chilliness, watery discharge from the nose, 
hoarseness, with feeling of soreness in the throat ami chest, 
rawness of tlie chest, with cough ; specijkally indicated 
during Che eruptive stage. 

PuospHORUs: Violent and very exhanstiny couyh ; dry 
cough, with desire to vomit or vomiting; typhoid symptimtit^ 
with loss of consciousness ; watery diarrba?a ; tongue coated 
with dirty thick mucus; black lips ; debility; complication, 
with bronchitis- 

Pulsatilla : In almost every stage of the disca-sc^ and in 
most cases, even with putrid and typhoid symptoms, or lor 
slow and tardy appearance of the eruption; mflanimation 
of the inner ami outer ear, witfi or without dis<^harge; dry 
mouth, without thirst ; short and dry cough ; stitches in the 
chest ; chronic loose cough after measles. 

Stramonium; Deliriuui, with fright tul visions of rats, mice, 
^c. ; desire to hide one's self; spasmodic symptoms in the 
pharynx and difliculty of swallowing. 



StrLPfrm : The eruption fails to make its appcamnce and 

the i'atarrlml symptomfii become coiitimjallv worse nnd won*©; 
uj)Uthalniifi, with suanty eruption, or violent otal^in., witl 
pvirnlcTit discharge; hardness ot* hearing; tearitiir jmd Wat 
inir in the head; pain in the limbs and iamtme^ ; or wbei 
typhoid symptoms arc present, with moist cough and ptirit- 
h»nt discharge, 

Vkratkitm-viride: During the febrile gtapre, esp' 
pubnonary congestion is to be feared, with dy*i»ii(»' i u 

ami piiitis in tlie cheat; convtdsions prec^dinff tfit outbrtak 
of thtu erupt tofu 

S 6. Api)ly moreover: 

Arskmcltm : black meaMrs ; or, retrocession of the erap^ 
tion ; Hallow complexion, with blue or greenisli-brown sLripe^s; 
crtists aroimd the month; bloated face, pale and red; bnni- 
ing, beating pains in the eyes, with photophobia ; typhoid 
symptoms; vomit in ir; diarrhoea; great sinking of glrength ; 
all vvors^e abotii niidniijht. 

China; Vii>lent colic, with unquenchable thirst; abdo^J 
minal aihnents, with frequent stools; emaciation; pale lacei 
debility and no fever. 

Campiiok : When there is mnch coldness and btueaess ol 
the skin ; the face is pale ; the child does not wish to be 
covered; ihe eruption does not appear; also, in different 
after complaints, especially painfull and difficult mictarition. 

DcLCAMARA : Retrocession of the eruption from exposure 
to damp cold air. 

EirpiiiiAgtA: Streaming of hot, burning tears from the 
eyes, with great photophobia; pivifuse running fTX>m the 
no^e, without burning ; cough only dnrirjg the day. 

Ipkcacltakiia: Much nausea; jvhort, hurried breathing; 
iticessant and moaf violent c</nffh tcith every bititth ; gastric 
symptoms, with violent fever. 

Kaij-wciiuom.: Flowing of water from the eyes, with_ 
biirning, when opening thern ; pustules on the cornea ; sliteln? ' 
in the left ear, extending into neck atifl bead ; watery dis- 
charges from tlie nose, with great sensitiveness and ulecrar 
tion <»f the nostrils ; loud rattling cough^ with stringy expeo»j 

Mkrcitiul:s: The glands of the throat are much swollen^ 
\\\\\\ iljrticulty of swallowing; slimy stools, siteaked wit* 

STn;rA*i't:i* : incessant dry or spasmodic conyh, wor«e in 
the evemiig and during the nighty with oppressiou of the 


lungs and the foeling of a hard mass collected there ; sleep- 

§ 7. Compare: L^mmalory ^everg^ Mcantheniata^ 
Huheola^ Scarlatina. 


§ 1. Principal remedies: 1) Ars, aur, bell, igu, lach, pttlsi 
sulph. ; or, 2) Culc. canst, cocc. con. graph, hell, hyoa, lye. 
mere, natr.-nr n.-vorn. pctr ail. stram. veratr. 

For Hack melancholy: 1) Ars. aur. lach. n.-vom. ; or, 2) 
Ant. anac. calc. grapli. mere, sulph. 

For silent melancholy: 1) Cocc. hell ign. lye. phos.-ac. 
pula. sil. veratr. ; or, 2) Con. petr pulplu^ <fco. 

For religious melancholy : Aiir. belL lach. lye. pnU. eulph. 

§ 2. ParticTilar indioationa: 

ARSENicrw: Periodical attacks of a/n/^w/*/! ^n^ rcitlessne^^ 
restless movinj? ahoui, inability to remain quiei in Ix'd or to 
sit Rtill ; the an<jiiish sets in at niu^lit, or in the evenin£:r at 
twilight; 'lispositioato weep : fixed idea that one has offeridcil 
every bddy, or cannot lead a happy life; ftftr, with dispnsi- 
tion to kill one*s self, or exccHsive fear of death / oppressive 
and com])rcssive 8en»ation iu the pit of the stomachy hot and 
red face, &o. 

AunrM : Violent precordial angtiish, weeping, praying, 
palpitation of the heart, aversion to life, desire to kill one*3 
self; disposition to despair of one'« self and of the respect 
of others, and to consider every thing from the worst s^iile ; 
inability to perfomi menial labor, even the least; frrmicnt 
buzzing in the ears and headache ; bruised pjiin of the brain 
after every mental labor; atfcctions of the liver, <fec. 

Belladonna : Great anguiah, e«q)ecinlly at the a[)proach of 
persona; disjwsition to attack people, followed by tears of 
repentance; or re?^t less, gloomy and whining moods*, with and indiilereuce ; amorous paroxysms; spasms in 
the throat and urinary passjiges ; exrited sexual iii^liijcl,«j;c. 

luNATiA : Tariturn, sinring look; griff indiffcrenreXo every 
thing • anguish, palpitation of the hejirt ; disposition to cry ;^ 
desire to be alone ; di'bility ; lrt*quent nighing ; callow, aiinken' 
fee ; falling off of the hair, <l'c. 

LACitEi^is: Anguish and restU-RsneBS, indneing the patient 
to go out into the open lur ; low Buirita, with longing to give 
one's geJf nj> to grief, to despair oi one'ft salvation; tieqiienl 
Blghing ; followed by relief, ic, 

l*L LMATiLLA : Great tendency to start; angulsli, with desire 

J I': f. 'u- evenint: ■• i 

- . H -]»;tir of 8al\ Aj- 

i^itioti to wocp^ or io ait »ttii witli loickd 

^, with apprehension abnnt onc'f falf, 
tiion ; disposition to sit 8til! nml liitIeaB» 

ly, or to (l(*«uiiir anU escApe; fear, anguish, whining mood, 

|»niying tuui coiiiplaiuing of impioiw llioughls that cwwti 

UfKin uiie ; pjiW face ; (/rtat iUtUjtttn^M^ iltc, 
g 3. See: Mknt^t '•' •" - ^ vtrnt, finonoxs, kosbid* 

JIoiiK-8icsms; Hti al% 

JtEMOKY, WEAK, ixabij-itt to thwk, 

LI. Principal remedied : Aur. am. calc. carb--T«*g. ehiti 
mere. nair. iiair.-m n.-vom. puU. rhus. ail. staph, folph* 

I 2. If caused by dthUitating toss of animal Jtuids^fp^n'^ 
Chin, nux-vom. and 8ulph. (Compare: Dkiiihty.) 

If caused by fo^^tssivc studying v^xxA mnttftl Uil^ar, gire: 1) 
K.-vom. and sulph. ; or, 2) Aur. calo. lach. imtr. natr^rm. 
pn\n, flil. 

i Compare: LASsrriTDE.) 
f cJiused by external injurif9^ as II blow, &l] on the hca*l, 
A^;., give: Aru. ; or, ptirfiaps, Cic. mere rhua. 

If by ahtjsti of spirits: Nux-v.; or, Calc Ucb. op. mere. 
pub. 8ulph, 

Compare: Drc^kards, diseases of. 

If caufjed by viokrU emotions^ friifht^ 9^^/^ cingcr^ <tc I) 
Aeon, staph. ; or, 2) Pho8.-ac. op., &c 

Comparer Emations. 

If caused by expuHure to wtt or dampn^t^ give - 1) Garb.- 
vep. rh U8, veratr. ; or, 2) Calc, puis, sil. 

If by cofigestion of blood to the head : Chin, mere rtitt^ 

g 3. Use morcnvcr: 

For genenil morbid staU of the head r 1) Anr, bell. calc. 
Iiyos. laeh. lye. Ut-vom. up. phos.-ac. puis. sep. stram. sulplu 
'erair. 2) Acotu anac. causl. chin, coi-cul, hclL hep. igii. 
mere, nfitr. natr. m. phosph, plat. rhus. sil. suph. 

For wt'xtk metnory : 1) Anac. hell. hyos. hicii, lye. natr.-m, 
:Ii.-mo!*eh. rhus. staph, sulpli. 2) Alum. bry. calc. con. cyd 
raph. boll hep, oleand. p^tr. sil. stram. vei^tr. adoc 



For loss o/niemory : Anac. bell. bry. oon* hep, hyos. natr- 
m. op* petr. puis, sil. stram. veratr. 

For difficult compt'chemion : Amb, calc. con. cycl. hell. ign. 
lye* mere, ualr. natr.-m, n.-mo»ch. oleand. op. phos.-ac. rbus. 
sep. staph, stram. tbtij. 

For shw flow of ideas: Alam. amin. anr, calc. carb -vi'g 
liyos. lach. lye. natr.-m. n,-mosch. D.-vora. op. petr. phos.-ao, 
rhus sep sW, stapb. 

For /<?«« of ideas : Alum, anira. caust. hell. hyos. lach. natr* 
natr.-m. uitr.-ac. oleand, staph, thuj. veratr. 

For dttUne^s of sense,, idiocy^ dbc: Alum. belL calc. hell, 
hyos. natr. natr.-m. oleand. op. pbos.-ao. sep. staph strani. 

§ 4. Coin p. t Mental deeakgkmbnt; Emotions, morbid ; 
Hjeadacu£, <S;c. 


g 1. These two affections have been arranged onder one 
head, because ihuir symptoms are almost alike. 

Tlie best remedy for meuingilia is i^c//.^ wliich is sometimea 
to be preceded by Aeon. In some ea^es we have to give: 
ii) Bry. gela. liyosc. op. stram. sulph. ; or, 3) jEsc.-gl. camph. 
canlh. eimieif. cin, cocc, cupr. dig. hell. hich. laclm. mere, 
tart, vei-air.-vir., but e8]>ecially Apis. gloo. 

§ 2. Meningitis of ciiildekn reqyires : Aeon, bell ciu. hell, 
lat-h. mere, or Apis. glon. 

Meningitis caused by a stroke of the sun : Am. belh 
gels, sculel. venit.-vir., or, Camph. glon. lach. therid. 

Meningitis from 8up]»ressian of ERVStPEi.AS, or some otiier 
eruption^ such as scarlatinn, rei:juires; 1) Bell, rhus, li) Apis 
lacfi. mere, phos. ; and if caused by suppkessiok of oxoa- 
BU<EA, give Puis or fiulph. 

If caused by congelation, or a mere cold in the head, give i 
Aeon, bry., or, Ars. hyosc. 

If meninptis tlireatens to pass into hydrocephalus, give; 
1) Bell. bry. hell. 2) Apis. arn. apoc.-can. dig. cin, con. hyosc 
op. strain, verat.-vir. (See Hydrocephalus.) 

§ 3. Particular indications; 

Aconitum: Inflammatory fever, delirium, violent burning 
pains through the whole brain, espccinlly in the forehead ; 
red and bloated face, red eyes, Ac. ; full of anxiety and fear 
of death. 

Apia : Especially after suppression of erysipelas, urticarial 
Bcarlatiua, i&c. 



Armca : "Wlien the disorder results from a coiwiission. 

liEU.AtioNKA : rk*nng with ih^* head into the piilotp : 
0tth'citeS9 to light and noise ; or,for violenl burning and ^rtel 
ing pains irt the head ; red, sparkling eyes, with luiJ 
ivd and bloaie*! face ; sopor, with distorted and h 1 

eyes; heat in the heady with violent tlirobbing ot 
lids; swelling of the veins of the head; loss of < 
nehs and speech^ or muttering, violent delirium ; convuiai 
luovenienis of il>e lindis; spasmotljc constriction of the throat,' 
with diflieull deglulition and other hydrophobic symptoms; 
voniiting ; involuntary dificharge of urine and faeces.. 

UnvoNiA : Chills, livid-red laee, heat about the head, grej 
thirst; constaut sopor, with delirium; sudden stai ting fr«:»m' 
sleep, screams and cold sweat on the forehead [ burnirig and 
aching pains in the head or stitches shooting through the 
liniin; more or less constant uiotion of the jaws, as if chew- 
ing something; cousripatiori. 

CiNA : Vomiting, with clean tonffve, or discharge of worms 
by the mouth or rectum ; milky-tchite uHnt ; the child \a 
cross and peevJKh. 

Gelseminum : Intense and ovcrwlieliuing congestion of th< 
brnin in children during the period of dentition ; coup d< 
hiAvW ; excruciating headache, with nausea, giddmcss and 

Gloxoine : sunstroke ; throbbing headache, aggravated 
by shaking the head, and attended with great quickness of 
}»ulse ; headnclie ast-ending from bdow uptrarda and Jroith 
within o^ititarda, with feeUng as if the brain were swellinj 
or getting lao large; redness of the eyes, with eor^uees of 
the gh)be of the eyt^s. 

HYOftciAMi's: Stupor, loss of consoioutncss, delirium, the 
patient talking of his domestic fiffjurs ; singing, muttering, 
smiling* grasping at flocks, sudden starting ; watery diar- 
rhoea ; red f!ici\ with staring look. 

Laciinantuks: Fever, with cirrwnstTibed rednetfit of tht 
cheeks and briUiant eyes ; restlessness, wakefuhiesH, whining 
on account of liendache; sensation as if the vertex werr 
enlarged and driven upwards; y^ry neck, 

OpiirM : LetMorffy, stertorous breathing, with tho eyes hall- 
elosed and stnpeJucliun alter waking ; frequent vonnting ; 
CuUifilete listlt'KsnehS and dullness of setose ; tiie patient not 
desiring nor complaining of any thing. 

tyrjiAMONiCM : The sleep is ahuost natural, with twitch* 
"Jg of the limbs, moauing, tossing about, absence of inind 



nfler Wfikinjaj; or Btnring^ look; slow and shy retroatitJf?, or 
desire to escape, with 8c*reains ; frightful visi^iUi / J'everisb 
beat, rod face and moist skin. 

VuRATRuiT'ViiL : Suii^troke ; fullness, weii^ht or distention 
of the head; giddiness*, intense headache, with fullness and 
ihrobhiDg of the arteries, soineliines with slupefaction ; in- 
creased sensitiveness to Bound, with buzzing, roaring, &c, ; 
double, partial, luminous, painful, dim or otherwise disordered 
vision ; nausea and vomiting ; tingling and numbness in the 
limbs J mental confusion; loss of memory; convulsions of, 
paralysis of motion. 

§ 4. Apply moreover: 

Camphoka : Alter sun-stroke, with convulsions, pulling the 
head sideways; lo«is of consciousness ; delirium ; constricting 
pain in the occiput and over the bridge of the nose. 

Carbo-vkg. : Congestion of the bnuii from over-heated 
rooms, with spasmodic constriction, nausea and pressure 
over the eyes ; feeling of coryza. 

CiTPRUM : After a sudden sup])ression of erysipelas, or with 

great loss of strength, convulsions in the extremities, loss of 

consciousness ; heavy moaning-breathing, quick pidse, which 

cannot be counted anymore. Jle biU^ in the glass, when 


PtjLSATim^ : When the inflammation was caused by sup- 
pression of an otorrlioja, or any other discharge. 



§ \. Principal remedies: 1) Bell. bry. calc. coce. coff. 
graph, ign. n -vom. j>hos. plat. pub. sec. sep. sulph, veratr. 
*1) Aeon. amm. uinm -m, carb -veg. caust. cupr. kal. kreas. 
laeli. lye, magn,-c. magn.-m. mere, natr-m. u.-juosch. petr. 
sii. zinc. 3) JJaryl. borax, eham, eheU con. pho8.-ftc. fiabiu. 
Btram. inbac. 

Particular indications : 

Belladonna : Colic before the menses, with great languor, 
loss of appetite and obscuratiotj of sight; ov the menses are 
accomi»auied by sweat on the che^^t at night, frequent yawn- 
ing, chills, colic: pra^cordial anguish, burning thirst, pains in 
the loins and spasmodic pains in the back; pressing dawn \\\ 
the abdomen, as if the contents would push throtigh the 
Be:xual parts, with heaviness as from a stone; the linib^ go to 
Bleep wiule sitting, with pressure on tlie rectum ; tendency 
of the blood to the chest and head, with beatmg paius^ heal 


mocsnnria i>nrF]icvt.Tt3Ba, 

iboot the hm^ red snd bloated &C6; aidialile to jwmgt 

itoliaHc ftubJecU. 

BmTONiA : Tendency of the blood to the chetl or beadi 
Miih short cough add frequently bleeding ; lenoorriicea, Hxf^w* 
matic paioa it) the limbs ; aching or baminfi? p«in iu the sto- 
mach ; pressure and fullness in the epigasthutn ; chilliness or 
uent shuddering; constipation. 

'AIjOABKA : Tendency of the blood to the head^ with stupe- 
on and vertigo ; or tearing, boring headache^ made worw 
by an emotion or by a clmnge of weather ; leueoffAdM, colic^ 
iiaan in the back and spasmodic pains in the email of the 
back ; violent colicky pains ; loss of appetite ; aathmatio ail- 
ments; toothache, nause*, or yoniiting. 

Cbamomilla : Violent colic after profuse and premature 
mcnse*, with great son si tiv en ess of the abdomen to contact, 
lis if the inner parts were ulcerated ; pains in the f:mall of 
the Imck ajid abdominal spasms of the worst kind, with cliar- 
rhiiiit% LTcfnish or whitinh »tnu!s ; nausea, etructations, dedre 
to vii i u'-CL>aied tongue, and bitter taste in the mouth ; 

especi able when the blood is of a dark color, dotty, 

and when thc^re are fainting fits with thirst, cold limbs, pale 
and worn-out appearance. 

CoctTLUs: Premature monHea, with abdominal spasms, or 
feeble metises, with leucorrhcea between the menses, or ilis* 
charge of a tew drops uf blacky coagulated blood, with ach* 
ing cx)licky pains, Hatukuce, nausea unto Ikiniing, lamiiii,' 
weakness, oifprcsHon and spagras of the chests, angni?ih anS 
convulsive motions of the extremities; or reddish leucc»rrha«a 
in the place of the menses, mixed with purulent and blood- 

reaked serum. 

CoFFEA : Excessively painful and violent paroTcysms of 
oolic, with excessive discharge of blood, profuse n f 

nmcuH, voluptuous itching and exceisisivc sexual c\ 

GRAPiirrKS: The menses are too scjinty and bhuii, ilie 
blood beirjg thick and black or watery an<i pale ; colk' auJ 
abd<miiti(il t<paitrnjt, he:id:iclie, nausea, pains in the chest, 
bronehiul catarrh or eoryjta ; irroat debility, rheumatic pain* 
in the liinbi* ; a'demaious swelling of the feet and lege ; herp^i 
or toothache with swellitig of the cheeks. 

Ignatia : Premature and [jrotuse menses, with thick, clotty 
blood ; spasmodic colic ; painful heaviness in the head, pho» 
tophobia, atiguLs»h, palpitation of the heart and great debilit/ 
unto fainting. 

Nux- vomica; IVeffiature^ profuse and longdasting 




preceded by drawing pnins in the nape of the Declc ; or for : 
uterine spasrns with acliinir pain in trie hypogastnum down 
to the thitrlis; nausea witii tUiiitinLC, fspeeially in the morn- 
ing; hinguor, chill, Hietiniatic pains in tiie limlij*; pains in ihe 
uniall of the back as il'bniisvd ; consMpation, witJi inL'tlectuiil 
urging ; frequent pressure on the bladder, without result ; 
sensation as li the abdomen would bur^t; tendency of the 
bluod to the head, with vertiixo and headache ; irritable, quar 
Isome mood, or restless and beside her^ef/, 
pHospuoaus: Scanty menses, preceded by leueorrhcea, 
vhining mood, colicky pains and cutting as if with knives, 
voiniting of bile, mucus and food: or the menses delay at 
fir8t, and then appear so much more profusely and last so 
ueh longer, accompanied with great debility, blue margins 
round the eyes, emaciation and restlessness ; or stitching 
eadache, bruised pain in the limbs, pal[>itation of the heart, 
pitting of blood, ctiills, and swelling ot the gums or cheek. 

Platina: The menses are too pro/use and last too long, or 

hey nppear too early, with discharge of black and shmy 

lo»id ; leucorrhopa before and after the menses ; spasmodic 

"iV, with painful pressure over the sexual parts ; frequent 

ggirc to urinate; constipation or hard stools; colic ; loss of 

lite : frequent paroxysms of vertigo or anguish, with 

sness and wee)>ing; discharge of" black and thick blood; 

lleeplesA nights; sliort breath and suspicious mood, 

I*ULSATimi : iJeltiying menses with discharge of black and 
roagidated «»r pale and watery blood ; or for: colic, abdo- 
miiat spasms, pains in the liver, cardialgia, pains in the small 
\t the back, nausea, desire to vomit, or sour and slimy vom- 
Mfiff / megrim; veitigo; chilliness^ with paleface; a good 
leal of urging on the rectum and bladder; leuchorrhcsa / 
rhining moo^ or anguish ; sadness and melancholy. 
SsctALE: The menses are too scanty or last too long, with 
, or cutting colicky l>uins ; c^Ad extremities ; paleface; 
a ; great debility ; small and almost suppressed 

Skpia : Profuse or not very scanty menses, with leucor- 
rba^a, Kpasniodjc colic and pressure over the sexual organs, 
":i<-h*% riL'^'ll^y of th«' liinbji, toothftcho and melancholy, 
lature and profuse menses, or scanty menses, 
i pale blood; or when the mcnseii are pre- 
l, accomjmnicd or succeeded by: co/icly /Miins^ aodo- 
tpasr/ts^ tieadacht^ (endtncy of tht blood to tht hiad, 
ig at tht fw$e^pauu in tfm gtnuU oft/ui hack ; great 



re<tlf8»iicics iind iini^^uWi ; iociilm<'!io : heartburn ; cardbJfijw, 
ttcKiiig tif the |milin«1uni ntid ! >ca; astUmaUc oom^ 

g 2. A^»|>lv inortHiver: 

Au'MiN.v: *rhf mviiHt'ii dclAv. but finallv ni.mni l>oinfirtoo 
piilr and tQO &«:mty ; diiiin!;; lier rn^os'- ntitt If 

li-is4iH'ntly pans^d duy atid tiight ; atlcr ti;. .. '> •** 

tuiuKted in l)ody and mind. 

A u MON ir M'OA UB» : Premature aod nbtindiua mh u.-^^ j ■ 
ceded by pripincr, colic and want of np|»eitte; or th<* Ji^- 
charge w blacki^ii^ in clotJ*, and passes i>tr wUb pain in ll*.* 
abdomen ; onusiipniion, pulenesw of the taoe. 

Ai.KTiti^KAii, ; Colic in the hypo-iitstnnin ; pressure in the 
region of tlic uterus ; labor-like pjiins at the litne of ibc 
uKMises ; weight in the uterine regimi ; premature and pro- 
fuse niensn^M. 

As*LXKi*iAH-RVR : Neuralgic typo; i- >f;^ bearing 

down, laboi-liko pains, aceoujpanied Willi «s diitcbari^' 

of urine. 

Aris-MEu: Congt»tive type j violent, JAbor-like, Viearitisl 
d(«svn pain!<, followed hy dii^ehnrge of scsaiity, dark, bloody 
mucuai; stimjlny fHtit^ in the ovaries ^ tcauiy dark uritte; 
wax colort!(l ftkiii. 

Ukomink: Violent contractive BpasmH during t}i« meiiMf^ 
lasting from »ix to twelve hourts leaving the p«yt4 tofiS 

^©iiUHsion of large quantities of Hatus during iV: '' 

light pain in tlie abdurnen ; fji^mhniitotts 
^'bard swelling in the ov:uian regicui ; blue-eyt"i j- 

CACTiiS'<iK. : Tt-niblu iminH in paiuxysms durin 
^on, mostly in the evening; the scanty ' m iwu 

lying down. 

Cantiiaris : Menihranons dyBniciiorrhtt:i, with the pecu- 
liar dysuria of this rt-niedy. 

Cailopiiyli.i M : Sens:Uion as if the uterus were congested, 
with fnlhiess, heaviness arui tensi«m in the hy|»iVnstnr rerzion; 
Hp:u*modio pain* in the uterng, broad li is 

portions of the hypogastric region, witii . i if** 

of the neighboring orgtuis, ha of tbe bladder, rectum or 

CiirrciFrGA : Jl/ttrufnatic, ftturahjic- and cofKjrtitivr <fy^ 
fwf/iorr/ift'a, with hvKloiical convulsions, /";/brr A/" i^'^- ".<*■■* ; 
^"keiiducln*, with severe pains in the eye-balls, incn of 

Mdighteett niovenicni, during the t/ietiMs : aching u i , /r/s^ 

MTere pain bi the back » down the tbiglm and 1:101-11 tlie 





hips, with heavy pressins; down, labor-like pain, weeping 
mood, nervousnesJi, hysteric spasms, cramps, tonlernc^ss of the 
hypogastric region, scanty flow of coajriilait^d hlood or 'pro- 
fuse Sow ; bettoeen the metueis^ debiJity, nervoua cretbisiti, 
neuralgic pains, tendency to prohipsns, 

Collosoma: Dysmenorrhoea, with /tcpjnorrhordff^ conMi* 
pcLt ion and dyspepsia ; pruritus pudeiidoruiu; prolapsus or 
retroversiouj caused by the constipation. 

Gki^eminum: Sick headache, preceding: every menstnial 
period, attended by profuse vomiting and bearing-down pains 
in the ab<lomen ; HpaJimodlc and neurahile dysnienorrhcea. 

Kreasot* : Ditlii'iilty td" hearifig, heturc aud during the 
menses, with buzzing and Immminpf in the head. Tlie menses 
are too frequent and too |)rtduse, succet'ded by an acrid-smell- 
ing bloody ichor, with curi-osive itcliing and biting of iho 
parts, with more or less pain doring the flow, but much 
aggravated ailer it has ceased. 

SlERCcriaus: Before the menses: dry beat and rush of 
blood to the head; during tfie tnenses : anxit'ty, red tongue, 
with dark sjjols, saltish tante, scorbutic giims, teeth feel 
sharp; breath of a mercurial odor and salivation. 

Phytolacca : Very ijjunful menstruiUion in apparently 
barren females; menstruation too copious and too frequent. 

SAScriNARiA : Dyiimenorrlitt'a ; the pain rises in the hea I 
from the nape of the neek, and Anally in the toreliead, as if 
the eyes wpuld be pressed out ; scanty n)enstruation. 

Thuja : Terribly distre«>ing pain in the teft ovarian nnd 
iliac regions, with scanty flow ; nhe has to lie down the suf- 
fering is so great, 

XAJ«iTnoxYLL M«FRAX. ; Appearance of the in^nses too soon ; 
profitsii menses^ with viokfit pains ; it is more especially in- 
dicated in females of spare habit, nervous temperumi^nt 
and delicate organization. 

8 3. Use mtire particularly : 

When the pains occur in young girls who have not ykt 
MENSTRUATKiJ at a pcrioj, wheu the menses ought to app ar 
1) Puis, s-ulph. li) Caust. cocc, graph, kah natr.-m. sep» sulph. 

For PREMATURE menscs t IJ Anun. bry, e<dt\ curh-v. kah 
kreas. natr.-m. n.-vom. p/tos, piat, nabin. si'p. sil. sulph, 8ul|»h.- 
ac, *J) Amb. amm.-m. cham, citu cove, con. croc, ign. ipec, 
rhufl, rata. sec. 3) Alet.-far. sent^g. sang. 

Delaying menses : 1) Caust. con, cupr. dulc. graph, iod. 
kaL lye, magu.-c. natr.-m. pkos, puis. sep. sil. sidph. i) Dros. 
hep. iuch. 3) Cimicif. senec aaug, mitchel ? xu 




Too STTonx : Am. h&ryt* dulc- graph, lach. natr.-fn phos. 
puU. fiulpb. 

Too LUNG : Chin. cocc. cnpr. iffn, ipec, kreas. Ijrc natr. n^ 
Zfom*phos. plat. puis, sahin. sec* sulpb.-AC 

Too scanty: 1) Alum, aniin. cact.-gr, carh,-^* canst, 
f^ip/i. kal. Inch. magiK-c. natr.-m, pi</*. sil, siilph. *1) Co 
dulc. (err. lye mere. pho8. rula. sabad. sass, Rep. staph, siiu 
Too PKOFUSE! 1) Aeon. ars. bcU. caU\ carb.-v. chin. f*-i 
ip€c, uatr.-m. ri.-vom. /;/io«. plat, nabin. sec. sil, Btrain, sulpl 
ac. 2) Bry, cJiam, mu cocc. hyosc. iffn, lye, Dierc. nitj-. 
I'lUa. samb sep, Bulph. 3) Aletris, cimicii'- aeuec. tiill. phj 

When the menses are aliout to cease, at titb cmiTM 
period: 1) Lach. puis. 2) Canst, cocc. con. graph, kal. 
natr,-rn- nit a. st^j). siilph. 3) Hdon. trill. iistU.-tnad, 

§ 4. Whtii the menses are too pale, too watery: 1) 
Bell. calc. carb.'V, cocc- ferr. yraph. lye, nitr.-ac. plat. puU. 
Buljili. 2) Ars. chill, con. hell. kaL natr.-m. u.-vom. phus, 
phnnb. eep. spig. 

Bkown blood: Bry. calc. curb.-v. rims. 
Thick blood; 1) Croce. cupr, plat sulph. 2) Am. 
niosch, puts. 

Dark, black blood: 1) BdL bry cham. croc, n.-vom, polf. 
suljili. 2) Ainm. act. kreas. lacb. magn.-c nitr,-ac, j>ep. 3) 
C iniicif. uslil.-niad. 

BkKjUtred blood: Bell, calc, carb,-v. dulc. ferr. hy< 
ipec. uitr.-ac. B.abin. sulph. 

LvMPY, coAGVLATicD BLOOD: Amm. bdL cham. diin. 
ferr. hyo»c. igu. mngn.-c. ra»gii.-m, nitr.-ac plat. | - 8. rh 
sabiii' i^trnni. 2) Cimicir. ustil.-niad. 

Corrosive blood : Amm. carb.-v. kal. nalr, nitr. 

Fetid blood : Bell. bry. carb.-a. carb.-v. i auat. chanu croc, 
kal. kreas. phos. s.abin. sil. 

§ 6. When the menses are attended with ookg^sticic of 
BLoui» TO THK H tcAD, VERTiiJO : 1) CausL lod, mefu phos. 
ver.1t. 2) Ai'g.-iiitr. eimieif. hyosc. 

Wiih headache: 1) Bell carb.-v. lyc. natr,-m. il-v lu, jk^/x 
fiiilph. 2) Calc. cupr. yrupfi. hyosc, magn,-c. mag -m, pbus, 
vernt. sang. 

With AFKEcnoN OF THE BYES: CaJc magiu-c. mere. 
bil. sulph. 

With bwollsn coESKf: Graph, phos. sep. 



Willi TooTHACiiK: 1) Baryt. calc. carb.-v. kal. maga.-o, eep. 
2) Alum, gnijih. nutr.-in. |ihi»8. sulr>h.-»c. 

With yjiL"9KA AND vomiting: Ij Amm,-m, carb.-v, ctipr, 
lye. iK-voni. puis. vcr:it. 2) Caps, hyosc. mago.-o phoa. sulph. 

With COLIC oE ABDOMINAL SPASMS; Hell. calc. clmm, oooo, 
coff. con. rupr, ffraph, natr.-ra. n.-vom. phoa ^\a.lpuU» sec 
Sep. sulpli, xanthoxyl? astiiag-mad. 

Willi DiARRHosA : 1) grapli. sil. verat. 2) Alum 
amm. caust. kreas. n»agn.-c. 3) Bry. 

With DISTRESS OP BEBATBiKG : Cocc. graph, ipeo. lacb. 
puis. aep. 

With PALPITATION OP THE HEART : 1) Alum. copr. ign. iod. 
nitr.-ac. phos. sep. spong. 2) Cituicif. croc. dig. 


amtri.-m. calc caust. graph, kal. lach. inagn.-c. magD.-m, u.- 
vom. phos. plat sup. *2) Ilaraam. hclon. senec. 

With PAINS m THE LIMBS : Bry. graph, sep. verat. 

With spasms: 1) Aeon. bclL caust, cham. cocccoff. cupr. 
graph, igii. phos. plat. pub. 2) Bry. chhi. con. magu,-m. nalr.-' 
ra. n.-vom. scp. 

With great debility, languob, PAi^rnxo: 1) Caust graph. 
ign, ningii -c. n-voin. puis. sep. 2) Calc. cocc» trill. 

With derungeuient of the mental or emotivk sphbrb; 
Acou. coff. chain, hyosc. natr.-m. strain, verat. 

§ 6. When the distress sets in shortly beforf: the appear* 
auce of the menses: 1) Haryt. calc. carli.*v. chan^. coec. oupr. 
lach. lye* mere. phos. puis. sep. sulph. verat. 2) Amm, asar, 
con. dulc. natr.-ru. phos.-!JC. plat. sil. 

When DrRiNO the menses: 1) Amm. amm.-m. calc, carb.- 
V. cham. con. graph, hyosc. kal. krca.s. Inch, jihos. puis. sep. 
•J) Altim, ars, bor. bry. chin, oocc cofV. ign. lye. magn.-c. 
niMgn.-m. mere. natr.-m. n.-vom. plat. sil. sulnh. verat- zinc. 

When AFi'KK the menses: 1) Bor. graph, krcaa. lye, natr.- 
itK n.-voin. phos. -AC, plat, rata, stram. 2) AIuhl are. calc. 
con inagn.-i'. phos, sep. sil. 

g 7. Comi»are : Uterus^ dutnses of ^ hoEtnorrhag^ from 
the iftcrnsy CoH^y AmefiiOy Lcucorrhcea^ 

MENTAL DERANGOIENT, insanity, mania, ragk, &c 

g 1. Princijial remedies: 1) Aeon. bell, calc hyos. lach. 
n.-voni, op. phu. stram. venitr. 2) Anae. am. ars. oanlh. cupr. 
lye. puis. sil. sulph. 3) Agar, ant cann. caust, cio. coccuh 
<'on. coloc. cri»e. dig. dulc. igii. mere. Datr. c.-tnoBcb. oleaiid. 
par. phos. plumb, nma. sea sep. zinc! 



§ *2, If caiise<l by depressiug t-motions^ such &»: ^U/, 

morti/irafioH, rhnf/rin, anger^ ttc,^ trive: ]) Ign. phoa.-ac 
Btii)»h. ; or, 2) Bell. byoa. n.-vom. plat., &>c. 

Sec : Emotions. 

If by exrt\^Hce studi/, use: 1) Lach, plat, Btram. 2) N.- 

mh op, sulph ; or, 3) BclK hyos. veratr, 

Coiiiliare : iMssitude by mental labor. 

If connected with religious fancies, g'ive: 1) Boll. ) 
lat'h. puis* Btrani, sulpli. veratr. j or, 2) Ara aiir. ci*ov , 

For delirium tremens: 1) N.-vora. op. 2"^ Ars, bell ; or, 
3) Bell. calc. hyos. laeh. stram.; or, perhaps, Pids. mercsulph. 

Compare : jyninkarcUy disease of. 

Mental derangement oi femaks^ if caused by irregularity 
of the sexual fiinction, requires: 1) Aeon. bell. plaL puis* 
Btram. veratr. ; or, 2) Cu]>r lach. racrc. sulpli. 

Compare : Menstrual irrc(jHlnrUi€4y Sexual instifi4^ itc 

g 3. Symptomatic indit^ations : 

AcoNTTUM ; Fear and presentiment of appronc/nn^ death 
desire to escape from home or from one's bed; gloomy^ tot^i- 
turn / paroxyanii^ of anguish and convulsions ; foA/ sweatt ; 
tendency of the Mood to the chest and head ; palpitation of 
the heart and oppressive anxiety ; delirium, the patient w 
in£T and laughing alternately, <feo. 

Beljjldoxna : Great anfruish, -wnth restlessneas and appj 
hcTKsions ; the patient becomes uncouuciouji in such a man 
that he knows his family only by hearing them talk; frig 
fid visions of ghosln^ devils, soldiers, war, oxen^ with de 
to escape or hide himself; distrustful, dit^dent mood, 
quarrelsome, or desire to Bpit, beut^ hite^ to tear every thin; 
or to tear out his te^th ; Kcreams, howls, <fcc, Conversati 
witii dead jjeople; dread of death ; deaire to be alone, av 
»ion to talk, taciturn; ill-hmuur, disposed to be vehrjnei 
and peevish, or mtmning and ^riiymg ; foolish gt^ficuhttiorts 
wild eyes ; with tixvd^Jun'ons look / bloated face ; great de- 
sire to look at the sun or fire ; froth and tbain at the month ; 
stuttering speech; b^trning thirsty or aversion to drin/Cy tcith 
difficult dtglutitioft ; sudden starting, twitching; trcmblitig of 
ihf. ejbtremities, especially the hundx ; slee|»le8S, resilea.% Jbc 

Cai.carea : Delirium, talking of murder, lire, rats a 
mice; or tor; ill-will, obstinacy, illdunnorj tacitura rn 
trembling of the limbs, ttc, 

Hyoscv AMI'S: iiage, alternating mth epileptic «^ 
aleeplesB, delirious, loquacious ; anguish i^id te^M^i cspeci 





at night, with dread of being hetrnycd or poiBoned; desire 
to e^scaj^e ; visions of dead porwotis , JtaloHHf/ ; ruge, with 
desire to beat and kill ; fooiin/i ffestlrmlutions ; dflinum, 
talking about his affairs, tnmhllng of tht: limbf*^ <£r. 

Lai iiEsis: Zoyi/a<^m«^, jumping nipirlly tVoni one suhject 
toftuolhtr; ecntacy, nnlo erjing ; distrust, svispidun ; jech 
loitsy^ pride, presentiment of death ; ffouht of aalvafion^ «^r% 

Kix-voM. : Anguish and restlessness, with desire to leave 
one's house and wander about tlie fields; loss of conseious- 
ness, delirium, frightful viMons, irratinnal acts nnd *peeeltes; 
pale and bloated or red and hot Jlice ; tendency of the blood 
to the head, stnttering, frembiinff of the Umbs ; dull an^l 
hetmy heitd^ fullness and indolence of the body; pressure, 
heaviness and pressing in the pit of tlve stomach, in the re- 
gion of the stomaeh and hypoehondria; desire to vomit^ 
vomiting of bile and food; constipation or watery diarrlKea; 
sleeplessuess, witli sudden starting, <fec. 

Opium : Coma, los,s of conseiousuess ; rage, with strange 
or fixed fancies, the patient imagines thiit he is outside of his 
own body ; friglitful visions of mice, scorpions, <fee., convul" 
sire muttons and trembling; anguish, rage, inabiliiy to goto 
sleep, with bh>ated and flatulent aVidnmen ; tendency of the 
blood to the hearl, witli red tace, Jbc. 

Plaitna : Deliriinn, talking of pai?t things, singing, laugh- 
ing, wee]>ing, dancing, ni:iking fiices and gestures ; ob:>tinate, 
or irritable and <|uarcels«>me, with desire to reprc*ach others 
with their tanks ; drApisinff others and thinking much of 
one*s aeif ; excessive sexual excitement; constipation; «/»• 
guinh^ with pai[jitation of the heart arid fear of death ; 
frightful visions, with fear, fixed ideas, the patient fancies that 
every body he sees is a demon, <fec. 

Stramonium: Stupeiiiction, with great anxiety and resl- 
les8nesfi» or loss of i^oiisciou^^ness^ »o that he no longer recog- 
nizes his own family ; fixed idea8, the patient imagines that 
hi8 body is broken, &e. ; deUrmm^ with frightful visiou.% 
fear^ desire to escape, nr praying, the patient looking devout 
anil exhihitbkg religious attitutles; or very laquaviousy hi>ei- 
viuus, or nssnming all sorts of manners, an important look, 
convei-sing with sjuriis. dancing, laiiLthing, beating about, or 
riilieulnus gesturei*, allernjiting with ex|»reShion8 of sadncHi 
and nielanchuly ; or indofiatohle rttgt\ with d*'sire to bite, 
>»l>it, cut down ami kill ; desire for tight af<d cimijxrtn/^ aggra- 
vation when alone and in tlie dark, and at the period ot tlie 



fall-eqnitlox ; red and bloated fact^ with an msipiJ fiiendlj 
look, «fcc. 

Vkratkum : Awpiiish and restlessHPSs, fear iind tendency 
to start ; deHpondency ; rery tacit urn, swearing and cnr^ing 
on every occasion ; desire to rej>roach others with tlieir faults; 
loss of coiisriousneH!*, with sinking;, whisstlinfr, langhitig, laAcu 
vious thoughts, desire to wander about out of (looi*ii ; iiTa* 
tional and prond ideas; disposition to assert that he is Buffer- 
ing with imaginary aihueniu ; religious delirium^ <fcc» 

§ 4. Of other remedies, use: 

Anacardiltm : For stong disposition to laugh at serioaa 
things, and to be serious in the presence of things that are 
really ludicrous; constant contradiction with oneS self; want 
of moral and religious sentiment, even with disposition to 
swear and curse ; fixed idea that he is possessed of the 
devil, Ac. 

Armca : Foolish tnirth, with great levity of manners, wan- 
ton and malicious, heatiatrong. quarrel ■«ome, <fcc. 

ARSENicirM: Excessive anguish and irresolutcnesa ; ftarof 
ffhosts, t/iievt'^ and Aolitude^ with desire to hide oriels self j 
aversion to convers:\tion, with desire to censure. 

CANTrrAiiis: liage, with screaniK, boating and howling; 
the paroxysms come on again at the sight of water, or it' 
water should get into his throat ; ffreat sexual txciUmtnt^ 
nnd exvitement of the parts ; great thirat, avermon to diink, 
with difficult deglutition^ &c. 

Cipkum: Deficient moral force; fixed idea that one is 
doing some imaginary work ; singing, or malicious and peevit 
disposition ; wild^ and inflamed ei/cjf during/ the p//Y>a;y#m#j 
weeping and anguish, or ludicrous gestures and detdre 
hide himself; mceat aj^cr the paroxysms^ <Jtc, 

LvcoPoDiUM ; Kage, attended with desire to blame otbers^ 
and arrogant manners. 

PnsATiLLA : The patient is quiet, with folded arms, he 
muaiiH, savs that nothing ails hiui, is stupctied, deli nous at 
night, with frighthd visions, fear, desire to hide himselti «tc 

SiLicKv ! Fixed ideas, for instance : the patient count* 
pins, is afraid of them, collects them from every part of 
room; taciturn, listless; anguish, aversion to work; ug^jt 
tuition n\ full moon. 

Sulphur: Fixed idea that he possesses beautiful things 
and an abundance of every ihing, with confusion of ideas, 
audi as: mistaking a hat for a bonnet ^ old rags for beautiftil 
olothes, <&c. 






§ 5. Use more particularly : 

a) For inenlai dt?raiigomentj with anxiety, fear, fn'ffhtful 
visions and thoughts : 1) Boll. hyos. op. Btram. 2) Ars. ciilc. 
cupr, h'c. n.-vom. op. sulph. verutr. 3) Cact. tell. xaut. 

b) For rt^Mlessnes.^^ obliging one to leave the Louse or bed, 
and wander about : I) BelL hyos. n.-vom. op. strani. veratr. 
2) Aeon. ars. bry. canth. coloc. cupr. 

c) For praying, bes^ging, moaning, weeping : 1) Ars. bell, 
mere. puis, fttrara. 2) Aeon. igu. moach. nalr -m. sulph. 

d) For religions lyrayifiy, kneeling and other religious aets; 
1) Bell. hyos. lach. puis, stram. sulpU. verair. 2) Artj. aur. 
croc. ly(3. selen. 

e) For diiiposition to curse^ swear^ quarrel, Ac,: 1) Anac, 
bell, hyos, lye. stram. veratr. 2) Aeon* ars, cupr, natr.-m, 

f ) For rage^ acta of violence, biting, spitting, tearing, 
beating: 1) Bell, canth. hyos. lye. stram. vuratr. 2) Agar, 
ars. camph, eann. eoccul. croe. cupr. laeh. mere, phimb. sec 

g) For mania as if possessed of the devil : Anne. hyos. 

h) For illusiom of fancy ^ vmoj*s, seeing of ghosts, <fe«. : 1) 
Belt stram. 2) Anac. lacn. natr.*in. op puis. 8il. sulph. 

i) For erroneouH fancies, Jixed idem^ti:c.: I) Bull, cuccnl. 
ign. pho8,-ae. subad. strMtu. sulph, 2) Aeon. anib. cic. ht*ll 
hyos. lye. mere, n.-vom. op, phos, plat, puis. rhus. see, sil, val. 

k) For f alee representations^ such as: that one is sick, 3tc. i 
Boll, veratr. 

I) For crazy nnrthfuhiem^ singing, whistling, dancing, war- 
bling, iS^o. : 1) BelL eoff. eroc natr. op. stram, vcratn 2) 
Aur. eann, cic. hyos phosph. phos.-ac. plat, 

m) For ludicrous gestures and aets; 1) BelL hyos. mere 
Btrain. 2) Cic. eupr, n.-niost-h. 

n) For gejificuhtlng all the time: 1) BelL hyos. moseh, 
«trnm. 2) Ars. cie. n.-mosch. puis. sop. veratr. 

o) For performing all sorts of crazy aefions, as if one wero 
very busy: 1) BelL mere, stram. 2) Camph. cupr. op. sec. 
sulph. veratr. 

p> For loquacity: 1) Bell. hyos. stram. 2) Aeon, ars, 
eamph, n-vo?n. n.-niosch. laeh laehn. 

q) For /twmu*f/«^r!speuehes and acts: 1) Hyos. phos. 6tram« 
veratr, 2) BelL n.-mosch, 

r) For amorous craziness : 1) Ant. hyos. veratr. 2) Aur, 
ign. pho8.-ac, 

§ ti. See : Emotiozts, mobbid, and comp. : Melaitcholy, 



ftnd &U tho9e ik>dilt ailments with whicli deranged persona 
are apt to be affucied. 

^MERCURY, nx effects of: 

§ 1. Poisoimig witli corrosive sublimate, requirefl, (accord- 
ing to Uering: l) Albumen^ dissolved in water, s^a sl drLiik; 
li) suffar-water ; S) milk ; 4) sfarchy mxxQd with water, or 
bookbiiider'g paste. Albumen luid swjar-waler aro the prin* 
cipal remedies, which timy be used in alternation. 

§ 2. Secoudary uffcetioik/i require the usual antidotes for 
the drug-symptoms of Mercury, the principal of which is : 
Hejmr^ in water, a teaspoonful night and monnng; fspe- 
cially tor: headache at niuht, fallintj off of the /uiir^ iMtirt/tti^ 
fiQdeg on the head ; inflamed, red eyes, with paintul ai-nsilivi 
ness of llie nose when pressini^ upon it; scurfs around the' 
mouth ; ptyalisni and ulcerated gums / »wellinj^ of the ton- 
sils and cervit?al jjlands ; swelling and ulceration of ihe in- 
guinal and axillary glands; diarrhieic stools with tenesmus ; 
inrtanunation of the skin, and dixposition to xdctrale^ c0c. 

Alter Hep. give lielL or nitr,-ac. If symptoms renuiiu 
after Kitr,-ae. give a dose of Sulphur for one or two weeks; 
after Sulphur, Calc* does good service. 

The ill etfects of Mereiiry and Sulphur together, require: 
BelL pyl>t., or even Mercurius, 

8^ 3. As reganl.s fiymptnms and chronic aifections, give: 

For afteetion of the mouth and gams^ ptyalism^ t€c, : 1) 
Carh,-veg. dulc, hep. nitr.-ac, staph, sulph. ; or, 2) Chin, iod. 

For sore throat : 1 ) BelL carb.-veg. hep. lach. staph, sulph, ; 
or, *2) Arg. lye. nitr.-ac- thuj. 

For nervous debility : 1) Chin. hep. lach. ; or, 2) Carb.- 
veg» nitr,-ac. 

S'or nervous excitement: Carb.-veg. oham. hep. nitr.-ac. 

For exfyessive «ermtiveness to changes in weatlier, to coUl, 
&c. ; Carb,-veg. chifi. 

For rheumatic pains: 1) Carb.-veg. chin. dale, guaj hep. 
lach. jdios.-.ic. sassap. puis, sulph. ; or, 2) Aru. bell. caJc. ohnuu 

For affections of the ftone*, exijstoses^ cartes^ itc: I) Aur. 
phos.-ac. ; or, *2) Asa. cale. dulc lach. lye. niir.-ac* sil. sulph. 

For aUVctious ot'ffiandst buboen^ die. : Auj-, carb.-veg. dulc. 
iutr.-ac. ail. 




For ulcers : Aur. bell. caTb.-veg. bejf, lach. nitr.-aa sass. 
ell. snlph. thoj. 

For dropsical symptoms: Chia. dulc. bell. Bulpb. 

§ 4. See: MBiicuKiAL ailments under: Heajoagiib, Oph- 
TUALKiA, Toothache, Colic, Diarkikba, <fec. 

METRITIS. Principal remedies: 1) Aeon, bell cham. 
coff. mere, n^-vom. 2) Bry. cact. canth, cfuiloph. chin, enp.nt.- 
piirp. bedeom. ign. lacb. plat, puis, rhus. sec. 3) Apis. 

AcoyiTK: Violenl fever^ cppeciaJly wben tbe disease was 
?d by fright during confinement or during menstruation ; 
I,r5ii»id pulse ; hot^dry skin; intense thirst; gljartj-sbootinj} 
in the whole abdomen, which is very tender to the 
touch ; great restlessness ; fear of death and predi(;ting even 
the hour of death. 

Belladonna: Wlien the occurs during confinc- 
fnent, with suppreMiofi of the lovhia or adh<^Mun nf the pl(t^ 
centa J or heaviness, drawing and pressure in the hypf»ga.i- 
irium, a^ if every thing would j^ass through the vagina, with' 
burning stitrhen, [niin in the small of the back, as if bniirted 
or broken ; stitching pains in the hip-joint, not allowing the 
parts to be touched or moved ; or clutching pains, rw (f the 
hands were dav^ing with the naiU ; involuntary fluw of urine ; 
furious delirium ; throbbing headache, with thrnlibing of tho 
carotids ; drowsy dozing, with starlings and inability tu go 
to i»leep, 

Bhyonia: The least motion aggravates her suffering; Hit- 
ting up causes nausea and lainting; stitch-like pains, 

CANTHAurnitS : Constant puiidul urL^ing and tenesinns of 
the bladder; in worst cases, wlien tlie patientH fie unconscious, 
with their arms stielched out ahmg the side of tlie body, hi- 
terrupted by sudden starting u}», screaming, throwing about 
the arms, and even convul^ionB; all digus of erosious and 
tdc^ration of internal organs. 

Ciiamomilla: After confi^nement, when the diactiae is caused 
by a fit of chagrin or anger, with copious secretion of the lochisi^ 
and discharge of black, clotty blood. If abuse of Chamtv 
mile should have contributed to the development of the dis- 
ease, give: Aeon. ign. u.-vom. puis. 

CuFFEA : The di-sease is cauKed by a sudden joy ; she is in 
a state of ecstacy and is very sensitive to contact, 

IIyosciamus: Especially it* the inflanuuaiion be developed 
by emotional disturbances ; spagmodio s^^mptomsi jerks of 



the oxtremiti^a, face and eye-lids ; in cases which ffttl Into 
a ty|>hoid state, with dvPirium, the |uitient throws off the 
bed clothes, she wishes to he nuked* 

loDiUM : Acute piiin in the mainrnw, developed by the me- 
tritifl ; the mMramfe also get very sore ; low, cachectic st^te 
of the syptem, with feeble puJae. 

Lacuesis : Slie cannot i/ear any pressure^ not even of the 
clothes, upon the utenne region , »he wislies frequently l<» 
lifl them, not that the abdomen is so very lendt-r, but that 
the clothes cause an uneasiness; sensation as i/ l/w pai/iA 
Ware ascemfitiff tottartls th^ ch^t ; metritis dunng the criti- 
cal a^e ; aggravation alter sleep ; amelioration of the pains 
by a flowof blo<:»d from the vagina; skin alternntely bunihig 
h»>t and cool ; abdomen dibteuded ; lochial discharge thin 
and ichorous. 

Mkhcltrius : Stitching, aching or boring pains in the uterus, 
with liule heat, but frequent sweats and chills, moist tongue, 
with intense thirst ; aggravation thrnugliout the nights 

Nux-voMicA : Violent aching in the hypogastriuni, aggra- 
vated by pressure and contiict; violent pains in the loins; 
constipntiun or hard stools; retention of urine, dysitria or 
ischuna ; swelling of the os tincoe, with contusive pains and 
stitcties in the abdomen ; frequent desire to urinate, with 
scalding and burning pain; aggnivniion towards morning. 

Platina : Particularly after continement, if there bu fst- 
cessive vernal t^fcitemeut / painful presj^ure in the re^iitui *if 
the nions vcnet'is and the genital organs; profuse disi-harge 
of thick black blood ; constipation, the stools adhetiiig lo 
the anus and rectum. 

Secale : When there is a strong ttndenry to pfftrescericf ; 
the infliuunialiou seems to be caused l>y suhprcssion of the 
lochia or menses ; discharge of thin, blnck blood, a kind of 
sanies, with tingling in the legs and great debility. 

Sepia : Buniing, shooting or stitching pains in the neck of 
the uterus ; a constant ecnsie of prettsiiig in the vaginii, slw 
feels that she must croHii her limbs to jtrerent a jtrofnnticm : 
painful slilfhess in the uterine region ; sense of weight in the 
anus; putrid urine, depositing a clay-like eediineni, which is 
diHicult to remove ; icy coldness of the feet ; great sense of 
enijituiess in the pit of the stomach* 

»ee : Pueqjcral fever and diseases of uterus. 

MEZ£R£UM,il] effects of. Principal remedies : Bry. mi«r& 




Brtonta : The joints are principftnjr aflTectcd ; in which 
case it shoold Ik* iriveii in aliernation with Rhiis-tox. 

MERcrRii's: Wlicn iho bones or tht? parts of the inner 
mouth are affected. 

MISCARRIAGE, AB0BTU8. §1. Principal reracdies: 1) 
Bell. cak*. carh.-v. cliaui. croc. &rr. ipcc. iya n.-vom. sahiju 
sec. Sep. sil. sulph. zinc, 2) Apis. asar. brt/. cann. canth, chin, 
cycl. hyosc. n.-ju^l. n.-moscb. phunb, ptils. rut. wmg. millcf. 
3) Alet.-tar. ast-l.-ina caiilopb. ciniicitl erig. gels, lied, lieloii. 
lept. phyt, pod. ustil-mad. 

§ 2. For the disposition to miscarriage, give : 1) Calc 
caih -V. ft?rr. lyc. sabad. sep. sulph, zinc. 2) A*iar, cann, cocc, 
kreas. n.-mosch. plumb, puis. ruia. sil. All women prone to 
abortion ought to take Sepia snd zinc. 

CAtx?ARKA: Suitable to ^jiethorw persons, with profuse and 
prenauture raensesi, disposition to leiicorrhcea, painful nipples, 
tendency of the blood to the head, colic, pains in tlie loins, 
Tarices of the sexual ort^'ans. 

Cakbo.-veg, : Pale, or premature and profuse menses, with 
varices of the sexual opjjaris; frequent headache^ paina in the 
loins, aVidotninal spasms, <fec. 

FEnni'M: Suitable to chlorotic females, wHth lenehnrrlicea, 
wlien the menses are suppressed ; or to picihnric females, 
with great vascular action, red Jace, full aftd strong pulse, 
premature and profuse menses. 

LYcopni»iuM: The meiisea are too profuse and last too long, 
with itt.'hing, burning, and varices of the st'xual ore;ana; dry- 
ness of tlie vagina, disposition to mt'lanchdly, with sadness 
and weeping ; leueorrhocji, frequent headache and pains in 
thci loins, fainting Hts, &l\ 

Sajuna : Suitable to plethoric persons, w ith profuse and 
too long menses ; the miscarriage generally takes place in 
the ihirti month of ]>regnancy, 

Skpia: Leucorrhopa, with soreness, eruption and itching of 
the sexual }>artw; scanty or premature menses, with weeping, 
melancholy, hertd.nehe and toothache; frequent attacks of 
iiiegrim; feeble constitutinn ; tender and s'>ns]tive skin ; gray 
<*olor of the skin, with brownish or yellowish spots in the face; 
sJender waist, nervous debility, disposition to sweat ; frequent 
oolic, disposition to catarrh. 

SuLPUirR : I*i'emature and profust^ or scanty and delaying 
menses, with leucorrhoca, itching, burning and strreness of 
the parts; eruption or herpea on the «kin ; hiemonlmidal dis- 



positioTi ; diRposiiioij to catarrh or other hlennorrheeas ; nerV" 
ous debility, with lo<« of appt* liu* ; great languor, i^sjiecJally 
in the lower Hinbs ; fretuK'iit headache, with teiidfucy of the 
blood to the hvad, «fec, 

Coraj>:ire : AMENonRiiosA and Bysmexokuhcba. 

§ 3, The prccur$<jry or first svmfitonis of niiacarriflge, in-" 
-^dicate: 1) Arn. bell. bry. cham. hyosc. ipec. n.-voin. saJtliu 
sec. 2) Carm* cliin.cin, cocc n-mosch. plat, puis, rhiis. ruta* 

Aknica : Is indicated, if labor-pains set in in consequence 
of a sliock, motion, or «orae other external injury, with llie 
dificharge of blood or serous mucus. 

Belladonna : For violent aching or tensive pains through 
the whole body, with sensation of constriction tir distention, 
piiinfi in the loins .is if broken, bearing-down and cuiigo^tion 
to the orirans, with or without di&ch.arge of blood. 

Bryonia : Viol«nt painn, with obstinate constipation, ten- 
dency of the blood to the In ad, dry mouth and thii-st. parti- 
cularly if Nux-vom. should have been ineifectual against thi<s 

CiJAMoMiLi^: Violent cutting pains from the lob«j to the 
abdomen, with frequent desire to urinate or go t<> ' ' T- 
charge of blood from the vagina, with discharge ui ; 

heaviness in the whole abdomen, frequent yawning, chiiU and 
shuddering ; great reatlessneas and convulsive motions of the 

nYOsciAjrrs t Alternately donie and tofuc sjiasins, with 
loss of consciousness and discharge of a bright-red blood, 
especially during the spa-^niodic itaroxysms. 

Ipkc'acuanha: For spa^^ms with consciousness, especially 
when accomi»anied with cutting pains around the umbirtrus, 
with pressure towards the sexunl organs, and with diM-h:irg« 
of blood. If Ipec, sliould be insuflicient, Plat., or even Oinai, 
is frequently indicated. 

N rx-voM. : Obsiin.ite constipation, with congestion of blood 
to the womb, especially suitable to patients who have in- 
dulged in stimulating drinks, such as; wine, coflce, Ac. 

Sabina : The jirecursory symptoms of iniHoarriage aet in 
in the first period of pregnancy ; or at any other period when 
pre.Hsing and drawing pains from the loins to the pudendum 
are preMctit ; discharge of blood from the vagina ; relaxed and 
soli abdonien ; con^^tant urging to stool with diarrba?a, or 
desire to vondt. or vomiting, even of th^ingesta; fever, with 
shivering and heat, 

Sscalk: Suitable to enfeebled and cachectic females, with 





1 1 


poBiiion to passive hiemorrliage, spasmovlic affections, An,, 
or when llie uterus is in a stafe of atony, or affooiLHl with 
ors^anic diseases, 

§ 4 Consider moreovrr : 

Aletris-fab. : Habitual tendency to abortion, not (3 epend- 
iner upon sj^^hilis or other causes iiuiependent of the ri«pro- 
ductive organs ; weight in the uterine regioD^ tendency to 
prohipsus uti-ri. 

Apis: Slinging pains in one or the other ovarian region, 
more and more frequently, till labor-pains are produced ; 
sometimes flowing, and finally abortion ; abseiTcc of thiriit 
and seanty urine; const ii)aiioiL 

Caulopfiyixitm : Abortion, with little or no flooding; 
habitual abortion from uterine debility ; menstrual irre^ju- 
larities, occurring subsequent to and coiisequeul upon miH- 
carriage ; severe pains m the back and lunis, thrpatening 

CiMiciFUGA : Cold eh ill 8 and prickling sensattous m the 
breasts; habitual abortion. 

Erigkrox: Abortion, with profuse hoemorrhage, diarrha'a 
and dysuria, 

IVIercubu's : Ileemorrhage, with swelling of the external 
organs of generation. 

Ntrx-MoscHATA : Suitable to hysterieal females, who arc 
disposed to fainting spells ; patients are cliilly and eaich cold 
very easily 

Qpiuit : After severe fi*ight, with wild spasmodic labor- 
pnins in the latter months of pregnancy. 

PrLSA'ntXA : When the dihcharge is arrested for a Jitth* 
while, then returns with redoubled violence ; she pafises black 
blood, with labor-like, pains. 

Riii-s: Wlien the p:Uicnt has been \vTenched or straiDed, 
Iter pains at lirst are worst at night, she is very restless and 
must ujove frequently to fiml relief, 

Skpia : Especially in the »th and 7th month of pregnancy, 
with inclination to fainting, rush of blooij to the chest, head 
an<l uterus; varices; the motions of the fcetus are hardly to 
be felt. 

UsTiLAOO-MADis: Passivc haemorrhage after miscarriage^ 
the biood comes frequently away in lumps ; flooding more 
ai* less for days and weeks. 

I 6. For the cojtsRgLTKNCKS op MiscAiwtiAGB, such as Me* 
trorrhagia, Meirins, «S:o,, see these heads. 

The remaining weailnkss op tuk back aiid the liiubs, with 


1I0LB8. — ^mrcous dbbangsusnt. 

continual sweating and dry cough, are best removed by Kail 

The remaLning floouiko requirefl mostly : Bell* erig. ipec 
plat, sabin. cliani. lyc. sec. trilL a5tU,-mad. 

MOLES, N-fivi. — Principal remedies : 1 \ Calc. carb*-vcgf." 
Bulplu 2 ) Graph, sulph.-ac. 3) Caust, ? lye. ? nitr.-ac. ? petr. ? ? plat, ? ail, ? thuj/r* 

IMITCOUS DEKANGEIHENT, diseases of the mucous 

memlirane. § L Principal remedies: 1) Ahim. ars bt^lL 
bry. calc. capSw carb.-vtg. caust. chin, duk*. hep. lye. mere, 
mez. n.-voiii. phosph. puis* rhus. seiieg. slaiin, sulph. 2) 
Aeon, anini.-in, ant. borax, carb.-an. cham. tlig. dros. euphr. 
graph, hyos. ign. kal. magrj.-c, natr.-m, nitr.-ac^ plumb* sep, 
ail. spig. spong. staph, sulph.-ac. 3) Cann. eanth. cin. cocc, 
coIcIl guaj. iod. lach. m:ign.-m. uatr. petr. ihuj. zinc. 

§ '2. Use more particularly: 

a) For iujfainjuntiijH of the mucous membranes, without, 
or only with serous setTt^tiou : 1) Acou. ars* bry. cann. canih. 
mere niez. n.vom* phosph. sil. spotig. aulph, 2\ Burax. 
cham. dros, hyoa igii. ipec. kreas, pctr. puis. scp. Hpiilt stapl 

h) Foi* chronic htettnorrhceas and incrca*;ed but not inf)uuv 
matury srcidion : 1) Calc. caps. chin. dulc. enphr. mere, natr 
m, phosph. puis, seneg. scp. staruu tiufph. 2) Alum ais, 
borax, eanth. earh.-ini. carb.-vcg. canst, ch.irn. dig. dros. gmpi 
hep. hyoH. ign. lyc. niagn.-c. mcz. nitr.-ae, n,*vi>m. petr. rbus.i 
sil. spig, staph, sulph.-nc. 

c) For dhoi'ffiui hat ions of the mucous mend>mnes (thick, 
cuing, ititei-stiUMl distention, «tc.) : 1) Calc. caust. cun. dnir. 
mere. nu-z. iiatr.-m. petr. phusph. pul& sil. sulph. 2> Alum, 
ars. bell, curb.-veg. diiu- euphr. graph, lyc. seneg. sep. stann. 

d) For ufreratton: 1) Ars. asa. bell calc. carb. veg. caus^t, 
mere, nitr.-ac. phosi>h. puis. sil. sulph. *2) Aur, canth chin, 
con. dros. dulc. hep. kreas. lacb, lyc. petr. rhus. staph, thtij. 

g 3, As regards the nature of the secretions, giro : 

a) For bhnnhj (blood-streaked, or with sipeck?* of blotid): 

1) Acou. ars. bell. chin. ferr. iod. mere, n.-vom. puis sep. sib 

2) Baryt. canth. carh.-veg* caust. eocc. dro.«». kreas. lyc. nair - 
m. nitr.-iic. phosph. saliin, 8ulph. snlph,-ac- thnj. zinc. 

b) Yor (/tick i/itfciis: 1) Alum, uniiu.-ni, baryt. calc. caib.- 
veg, magn.-m. natr. nair. ni» pho8ph. puk si), stann* staph, 
sulph. 2) Aeon. alum. ars. borax, kreas. ruta. spong. 



0) Thin m?iE<*uJ, watery : 1) Ars. carb.-vog, chnm. Efrapli, 
Inch, magn.-m. mere, puis, rlnis. Bulph. *1) Amin* ivinnh-ni. 
carb.-ftn. chin, magu.-arct. mez, raur-ac, n.-vom.sep. m\, squill. 

d) P undent: 1) Ars. asa. bell. calc. carb.-veg. caust. niere. 
nitr.-nc. phosph. puis. sil. sulph, 2) Anr. cann. canth. chin. 
c5on. flros, duli^. ho]). kal. krcas. lach, magn.-m. natr. plios,-uc. 
rims. spp. stann- stapfi. xinc. 

e) Alhuminons : AiTiin,-m, borax- mez. petr, plat* JcUfj- 
life*', or like boiled slarcli: Art?, hdl. lam*, rims, i^abiii, selon. 
MiUcy : 1) CaU*. puis. siL 2) Carb,-vcg. con. Tt'iT. lyc. phosph. 
sabiii. sep. sill ph. -aa 

f ) Tenacious^ vincid : 1) Ars. hoi!, cann. cham. cist. hep. 
mere. mez. phosph. phog.-aa sanib, seiieL'' ^tann. 8uli»h. 2) 
Alum. bora.ic, ratb -an. carb.-veg. caust. kal. plat, en'p, spong. 
Fibrinous: Alurn, sfiu'g, X?/?/?/>y, flot'culeut : Agar, ainb. 
kal. kreas. inagn.-c. mere. phos|jh. sabad. sabin. scp. sil. sal|)li. 
thuj. Indurated^ in hard pieces: Bry. con. natr. |>hof*ph. sep. 
Bil. Bulph. 

g) Corrasive^ VLcndL I 1) Alum. amm. amm.-m. ars. borax, 
mere. natr. m. phosph. puis. sep. sil. sulph. 2) Carb.-veg, 
chum, ft'rr. igu. kreas. mcz. nitr.-ac. ruta. sulph.-ac 

§ 4. As regards color^ give : 

a) For hlne-cfAored : Amb. ars. cupr, 

b) Brownish: Amra.-m. ars. bell, borax, carb.-v, nitr.-ac. 
mi I ph. 

c^ Fleiih^rtlorrd : Alum. co<'c. krcas. mere nitr.-ac. sabin. 

a) Yellow: 1) Ant. lu'll. bry. calc. carb.-veg. krcaa. lyc. 
natr. nitr.-ac, n.*vom. phosph. pufa. sep. siL stann. sulph, 1) 
Aeon. ahnn. ars. cann. caotb. cham. cic. graph, hep, kal. natr.- 
m. sabin. «elen, stann. staph, timj. 

e) Gra}/-(*olofed : 1) Anib. arg. ars. lyc. Sep. sil. thuj. 2) 
Anac. carb.-an. caiist. chin, kreas. lach, tnaj^n.-m. mere, 

f) Greenish: l)Carb,-veg. dros. led. lyc, inagn.-c. mere, 
phosph. ]>uJs. stann. siuljih, 2) Ars. ferr. krejis. natr. sep. thuj. 

g) W/iitish: 1) Asar. bell, calc. colch. mere, phosph. puis, 
sil 2) Carb.-veg. con. ferr. lyc. j>hf>sph. sep. sulph -ac. 

§ 6. As regards color or fa^ste^ give; 

a) For l)ad secretions (bad-smeJling or foul-tasling) ; 1) 
Ars. calc. led. mere. natr. puln. tfcp. stann. sulph. 2) Anr. 
bell. con. dros. ferr. graph, guaj. hep. ipec. lnch» raagn.-m, 
natr,-m. nitr.-ac. n.-vom, phos,-ac anbin. 

b) For fouly putrid smell or ta^te: 1 ) Ar»<. calc. hep. mere, 
natr. puis sil, stann. sulph. 2) Bell. con. cupr. terr. graph 
kreas. mur,-ac. nitr.-ac. sep. 



o) For metnllie taste: Ca]c. cupr, ipec. n,-vom. rlins, 

d) F«ir salt ta«te : 1) Ars. baryt.. graph, lya nfttr. petr. 
plifigph. puis. sep. KiL 2) Ca1c% curU.-veg. chm. ilroa. graph. 
r]ni»^. s:tit)1). sLntJii. sulpb. zLiic 

e) For «ownWi taste or »mell: 1) Cftlc chin, graph, hep. 
kal. magn.-in. mere. natr. natr.-m. u.-vom. phosph. plumb. 
piilH. fti'p. sulph. 

f ) For mnntij ta8te or gmoll : Borax, carb.-veg, 

g) For mwW or laate aw of old catarrhd tnucu»: Bell, igu, 
n*-\om, pliohph, ])uK Aiilph, 

h) Foi' sntetUh taste: Asar. caU% dig. kreas, laeb. magu.- 
c. more ii.-voin. phosph. plumb, puis. Kaiiib. ntaiiu, sulph, 

§ 6. Compare Colwh (expeLHoiatioii), Whites, Suppuiix- 
noxs, &c. 

>[rSCLES, CoNTKAcnow, Indukation op : See Contrac- 
tioti^ C0O. 

MUSHROOM, NOXTOrS, ill effects of. For poison- 
ing: 1) Powdered charcoal mijced in water ; 2) Smelling of 
gpiritus-nifrUlulcis. For the secondary diseases : 1) Coff. 
pub. 2) Aeon. n.>vora. 

MYELITIS. — The princijpal remedy for cdl acitte canes is 
DtilcamanL, to be precedea by Aconite^ on account of the 

If Dulc. ftUoulJ fiiil, select: 1) Bell. bry. coccul. n.-vom. 
rbuH. : or, 2) Ars. cale. canst, dig. ign. puis, vcratr. 

In a ca**e of chronie intlamniation of the upper portion of 
the spinal marrow, with apparently incipient softening, and 
paraly?*ia and atropliy of one fUTn, I have used Caust. and 
fttaphysagria wilh great benetit, also Dulc. and lacb. 

MYOPIA. — Principal remedies : 1) Amm. anac carb.-veg* 
cofu nitr.*ao. petr. phosph. ])bos.-ac. puis, sulph. 

For niyo|>ia in consequence of ophthalmia : Puis- and sulph* 

For niyijpia from aljuse of mcrcufy : 1) Carb.-veg. nitr.-ac; 
sulph.; or, 2) Pnlw. 

Myopia in consequence of typhus or debilitating loss of 
animal 6uxdis, retpjires: Phos,-ac, 

NAILS, DISEASES OP. §1. Principal remedies: I) Graph, 
sil. sulph. 2) Alum, ant. ars. calc> caust. con. hep, lack 
inngn.-anst. niei*c. natr.-m. uitr.^c. a.-vom. puis. ran. sabad. 
8ejJ. squill. 

g 2. Fov paftufitia (m inflammataon of the skin, tuodou^ 



and their sheathe, or of the perioateum,) M&e: 1) Sil. Bulph. 
2) Hep. Inch. 3) Ahim. calc. kal. mere, Jiilr.-ac. pelr. puis. 

If these ulcers ehould have been occasioned hj a jwli/ittr 
or the />^^^ of a pin, use i I) Nilr.-ac. »il. 2> Hep, lach. pelr. 
sal ph. 

For onychia^ a panaritium under the nail, Hep. is ahnost 
Rpteifie, HtVer which Lnrli, n<'ts well ; anrl, if ulcurution &houtil 
have »et in, 4SiUeea or ?;ijiph. 

In phlecnionons int!amnintion between the skin and iho 
gheatlis of the tendons, it is well to give first Sni|)h.» and if 
this 8hovild not prevent !in]»pur:ition, Hep., which somutimes 
opens the ahseess in a few hours, 

Intlnmniation nf the teridinaus sheathe and synovial mem- 
branes fiTHt require Suljih., then Silic, if no change should 
take phiee in twenty-ftmr hourH, 

If the /ten'osfeum ?houhl Ijave been involved, Sil is the 
principal remedy; otherwise try Cale. or sulph. in alternation 
with Sil. 

§ 3. Use more partieularly : 

a) For luvakinsx, peeling-off and splitting of the njiils : 1) 
Graph. mIL sqtiill. sulph. *2) Alum, mere. Bep. For t/ncken- 
tjuj, curfftivt\ runghnetis of the nails, use: 1) Graph, sabad. 
sil. 8ulph. 2) Alum. cale. mere. sep. For ffrowing into the 
Jftmh: 1) Graph. n)iign.-anst. sulph. 2) Kal. sil. Fov/uih'fiff' 
off: Ant. ars. hell. mere, sfjuilh Hce. s»ep. thuj. For haticf- 
nailJt: 1) Natr.-m. rims, sulph. 2) Calc. lye. mere, sabad. 


b) For pmnfiihfess and senaitivenesa : 1) Caust. graph. 
magn.^auBt. n.-vum. sep. ill. 2) Amm.-ni, natr.-m. puis. rhus. 

c) For dUcolor>d \mih I Ant. ars. graph, mur.-ac. nitr.-ac. 
Sep. Ktilph. For blut-volorul : Aur. ehel, chin dig. lye. natr.- 
m. n,-vom. .sil. For sj^offrd: \) Nitr.-ae. 8il. 2) Alum, ara. 
nHtr.-m. sulph. Fo^ ytihtc-cohred : 1) Arnb, can. scp. *2) 
Chin. mere. nitr.-aa n.-voni, sil, »pig* For tc/tUe epots: 
Xitr.-ac. sil. 

NARCOTISM, ILL KFFECTa or karcotic substances. 

Poisoiiinfir with large dosCij requires: 1) Large quantities 
oi Mack coffee ; 2) Viuejjar iitixea witii water. 

'i'he remaining aihnents yiebl to: J) Jieil. earb.-vcg. cham. 
coft* laeh, mere. n.*vom. op. puU, *1) Amm. ars. caust. gi'aph. 
hyos. ipeo. lye. natr.-m. rhuii bcp. bulph. kal. 



Compare: Druxkaeds, piseases of: OrniM, and the 
other narcotic BubMl^nccs mentioned in this work. 

KEPIIRITIS, NKPBRALGiA, ftud Other nflfecuotia of iho 


Principal remedies: 1) Bell. can. cantb. n,-vom- puis. 2) 
Afon. nlufn. herb colch. hep. lye* sass. 3) Canl. chiraaph. 
(lollins. eoryd. erig. eup.-purp. eryng. gek. geran. phyt. polyg. 
8tMM*e. trill. 

AcoKiTE : Synochal fever ; necretioti of urine diminiflhed ^ 
mictttrition more frequent, and liifficult or pninful ; urine 
more sarnrated or mixed with blood; couseqtience of expo- 
sure to cold. 

HKiXAnnxKA : Stitching pains in the kii^nevR, extending 
along the ureter a? far as the bladder, \nth pcnodioal aggra- 
vivtinn, great angubh and colicky pain;^. (If Bell, docs not 
Buiiice, try Hen.) 

Cannabis: Drawing pains from the kidneys to the pobtc 
bones, wirh anguish and malaise, 

Cantiiaris: Stitching, tearing and cutting pains, with 
painful discharge of only a few droi>s of urine, or with com- 
picte suppression of uiine, or when the urine is rnixi?d with 

CiiiMAPiiiLA : Cojiioufl discharge of clear limpid urinej 
frequent aiul profuse urination ; urging to urinate a Ult vol" 
ing urine ; pressing tullness in the region of the bladder; — 
it causes mucous scdiuicTits to disappear from the urine. 

EmiiKKON : Sliarp, stalibing p.nins in the region of the le 
kidnev, llie pains miming from left to right; dull aching di 
iresf* in the lower dorsal region ; urine first eupfiressfd, ih 
increased ; urging to urinate, with emission of only a fe 
drt»pft of burning urine; discharge of mucus with tiring; 
dxfKima of tedhing chihlrtm 

EuPATORirM-PURPLTKErsi: Deep, dull, aching pains in the 
kidneys; smarting and burning in the bladder and urethra; 
ptiin excruciating when passing urine ; constant desire to 
pjiHs urine, although bhe passes only a few dropti at a time; 
numbness of the legs. 

Ui£par: Dull pains in the kidneys; tbo stitching parox^^- 
mal pains run nown to the bladuer and lower ertri'miil* s ; 
pale urine, with floccnltnt, muddy*\yhite eediment; blood 
comes only with the hist drops; suppurating fever, chillis, 
alternaluig witli burning ht\tt. 

Mk&cuiuc8 : Diuiiuished secretion of urine, with constant 



desire to paw? urine • urine Rfiturated, dark-brown, mixed with 
blood, ^ilh dirty while sediment 

Nux-voMTCA : When the disease was caused by suppression 
of piles, or abupe uf aIcoh«>lic drinks, praducinji? cougeHtion 
of blood to the abdomen, wilh tension, distension or prossuru 
in the region of tbe kidueya. 

PuiJiAniXA : Wlien the disease is aecompaniod by amenor* 
ihcBft or seanty menses, in females of a delicate coiiHtitution, 
and blaud phleirmatic disposition, or when tiie urine is bloody 
and depositH a purulent sediuient. 

Skne€io : Bloody urine; urging to urinate, tenesmus of 
the bladder; slight pains in the regitm of the kidneys, nau- 
sea, attendant on renal derangement and renal eolic. 

Terkhintihna : Scanty secretion of dark, (oceasionally) 
bloody uriiie ; oedema all over ; diarrhoea j brgnelml catarrh, 
with expectoration of much mucus, 

NEPHKmS ALBUMIXOSA. BRiGirr's iiirkahtc of tub 
KiONKi's. — Prineipai remedies: 1) Apis, aro. eanth. eoleh. 
eoloc. dig. geran. helon. hell, merc.-eor. nitr.'HC phos. Hee, 
hulph. tereb. 2) Bry, ealc. chin. con. ferr. krea«. lye. niest 
puis,* sabin. 3) Kali.-c, kal.-hydroiod. rhiis. ^iJ 
Cauloph. chimapli. eupat -purp. hehm. phytol* 1 

Compare: Cystitis, Urinary Difticuhiea, Uretrorrliagia, 
Retention of Urine and Secretion of Urine, 

KETFLERASII, urticaria, — Principal remedies: 1) 
ApU. eulc, canst, thtk. hep, lye. rhits. 2) Aeon. ant. tti's. 
bell. bry. earb.-v. clem, con. cop. ign. kreas. mcz. natr-m. n.- 
vom. petr. puis. sep. sulph. urt. verat. 

AcuTK NKTTLKRAsii rcqiiircs : 1) Aeon. apis. bry. dulc, 
rhtis. urt. Chronic: 1) Calc. lye, 2) Ars. c«irb.-v. cmmL 
petr. rhus. suljih, urt. 

For URTICARIA PORCELLANKA (essera) ; give: Cop. puis. 

NIGHTMAUE, incubus, — Principal remedies: 1) Jroft. 
r}.-vom. op, puis, aulph, *2) Aloe. nmm. bry. con. bep. phos. 
ruta, eil. valer. 3) Alum, cinnab. gunj. natr, natr.-ni., «ta 

AcoxiTK : To children and femafes, for: feverish heat, 
thirst, pjilpitaiion, orgasmus sanguinis, oppression of Uio 
chcKt, anguish and restltssnesr*. 

Nux-voMicA : The paroxysTus are caused by beer, gpirita, 
copious meals, sedentary life, ifec. 

Upii'M; Severe paroxysms, wilh suppressed breathing, half- 
opened eyes, open mouth, stertorous breathing, rattling, aiUM 


cold TO tkm fiieei tvt&ebix]^ aim <.>jar«t> 

|«T>etBocloiisof tl litie^Ae. 

FtLKATCULA : dii-nomns ynbatkiat : mziooi ad dreun^ 
iritb wMrpb^', l«ing^ «iii fiM*^ tack with the arm olretcbed 
tiMi bMi, ur vitH thm faimk Uid crMs-viae oo l)ie ft1»- 
and Uie £wt <lniini np; or, for di^emms about hhck 

dvTlJPBUS : lietii^ onnefreslitiig tleepi, with acbing or beat- 
In die beMl, dnams abom f re, the amift aUretelied 
tbe head, tlie ejnes aomctiiiMS Imlf open. 

NITRATE OF SILVER, roiaoxnrG utth. 

Fun swallow large quautilieft of salt ymUr^ then n«citi» 
giocviis drinka 


I Iloow of une case that was greatly benefitted bj Sal(>h. 
calc, aL, piven in tlii» order. Tlie phvaiciau was induced to 
this seleciioo of remedies by the scrofulous eoiistitutioti of 
the child and hi^ parentsi, 'this is anoiher proof that ihe r<v 
medie* oiiffht not to be »elecled with reference to out pulbo- 
logical V I, but ill accordance with the geueral state 

and coi! »jf ibf patJeoU 

NOSE. srprrRATioN of. — Fetid, mfl:immatory ulceration 
of the Sihneiderian membnine, Oufna. 

^ 1. Principal remedies: Alum, amm, asa. aur* bry. calc. 
carb.-v- canst, eon. graph, kal. Inch. lye. magn.-c. aiagn.-m. 
mere. n»tr. nitf.-ac. puU. ?i!, siilph. thuj. 

g 2. For t7/n>/iic titoppape ut the nose: 1 ) B^J^ calc, caii 
con* grftph, nutr. nUtr.-ni. niir.-nc. plios. hil. sulph. 2) Atum^ 
arab, ftnac, aiit, aur. carb.-an. carb.-v. kaL lach, lye. magn.H*. 
magn.-ni. mur.-ac, n.-vom. petr. puis. rhod. ©ep. spig, siapli. 

For ukeratkm, rhtiffod^s and scurfs of the nostrils : Alum, 
aat. borax, calc. dc, graph, lach, lye. mere nilr.-ae, puis, 

For purulent discharge, or oicena in the narrower sense: 

1) Aur. mere. ; or, 2) Alum. asa. calo. da con* lach, puk 

For syphilitic ozoena, Merc, is the principal remedy ; if 
Merc, should have been abused by the patient, give: 1) Anr« 

2) Awi. hep. lach. uitr.-ac* eulph, ibuj, 

§ 8. Cuaipure: Ko&£, &WKLLt^-Q of, Catabub* dbc. 



NOSE, SWELLTXG OF, and iNiaAMMATioN or thk v 


g 1. Principal remedit^a : Am. arik asa* aur. bell. bry. 
calc. hep. mere, natr.-in, phos, puis. sej*. sulph. jsinc. 

I 2. If caused by a l/loto^ contusiun^/atl^ c^c, Arn* islhe 
best remedy. 

If by abitse of Mercury, give : Asa, aur. bell, hep* lach. ? 


If by hard drinking: \) Ar& calc* puis, suljih. ; or, 2) 
Bell. !iep. lacli. mere. 

To siYo/uloinf patients give : 1) Aaa. aur. calc. hep, mero. 
puis 8ulj>li.; or, 2) Cry. lach. phoa. 

g 3. For red nml painful nwellinfj: of the nose, give: I) 
Bell. hep. niurc. ; or, 2) Alum, bry, calc. phns. rhus. sulph. 

If the tip be red, give: (Jarb.-aiu nltr.-uc rhus. 

^ff/ spots require: Phoa.-ac. sil. 

Copper-rcd:t€s.j : 1) Ars. carb -an. verulr. 2) Calc; cann. 
carb,-v. krcas. ruez. rlius. ruta, 

§ 4. When the swelling is accouipaiiied hy blafk pores : 
1) Graph, natr, selen. aiilph, 2) Bry, calc. iiatr.'m. aabiu. 

When by scurf on the tip: I) Carb.-v, nalr.-iu. sep. »il. 2) 
Carb.rin. nitr -ac. 

Whei' by old \cartH : Cau?it 

§ 5. Cuiiipare : NosK, suppuration op, Caxceb of the 
Nose, Eiu ptions in the Face, Catarrh, Ac 

NURSING, Lactation. 

§ 1, Principal remedicH for the ailments incident to nurs- 
ing : 1) Bell. calc. chani. mere. puis, sep, sil. 2) Aeon, bry. 
carb,-v. chin. con. duJc. kab n..vom. phos. phos.-ae. rhal*. rhus* 
Btapli. zinc. 3) Ars. borax, carb -au. cin*. grajth. ign, ipeo, 
laeh. lye. natr-ni. sjinib. stann. 

g 2. For deficiency of milk: 1) Agn. calc. canst, dule, 
pulg. rhus. zinc. 2) Aeon, belL bry. chain, ehin. cocc. iud. 
mere, n.-mosch. sep. sulfjh. 

If the deficiency be caused by want of vital action (in the 
breasts of the organisms geuertdly), give : Calc. caust. pals. 

the Bccretion of milk should be prevented by an exce-fts 
vikd action in the breawMts, with tension^ redness and 
tfirobbmg in these parts» and if considerable milk fever 
should be present, give: l)Acon, bry. cham,; or, 2) BeJl. mere. 

Lumps or tiod(s in the breaau^, require: 1) Dulc^ or, 2) 
Agn. belL cham. rhus, 



If the deficiency of milk depend upon some unknown catiw\ 
and no panicalar remedy be indicated, try: I) Dulc. 2) 
Affn. calc. zinc. 

§ 3, MlUc-fener^ if medical interference should be at 
necessary, requires: Aeon, or Coff,, alone or alternately. 

If these reinedies be insufficient, try : BelL bry. ; or, rhos. 

Am. is sometimes usetnl, especially when, in consequence 
of hard labor, the Rexual parts have been injured, 

§ 4. For retrocession of t)ie milk^ give: I) BcU. bry. dula 
puis. *J.) Aeon. calt. cham. coflf. meix*. rbus. sulpha 

If this ntroi^ression should be caused by vioi^nt ^mottoM, 
give : 1) Bry. cham. coff. 2) Aeon. belL 

If by a eold: 1) lielL chain, dulc. puis. ; or, 2) Aeon, mere 

A metantasis to the abdominal organs, requires: Bell. bry. 
puis, rims 

Tlje chronic conftequc'ncos of the retrogression of ihe milk» 
require: Rliuft4, ; or, Cfilc. dulr. laeh. mere." puis, sulph, 

g 5. ISwL thin milk, or if the infant refuses to takw 
give the mother : 1 ) Cham. cin. mere sil. 2) Borax, carb.< 
aiK Incli. n.-vouL puis rhab. {^anib. 

Borax : The ntilk coa«j;ulates readily: if Borax be insuffi- 
cieiii, jjive Lauh. 

Stuc£A : The child throws up after nursing and reAisesthfl 

g 6. Puis, is the best remedy to arrest the secretion 
milk ailer weniilng the child, or to prevent the secondary 
ailments of weanint^. Bell. bry. calc. are likewise useful- 

(ralactorrhma requires Calc, especially when the breasts 
are turgid with milk. Try moreover: Bell borax, bry. rhua ; 
or, Chin. con. pbos. puis, stram. 

§ 7. Compare: Mamm^. 


Principal remedies for sudden paroxysms of blindneM 
the day-time: 1) Aeon. mere. sil. sulph. 2) Con. nitr. XL 
vom. phos. stram. 

Com pare : A m blyopi a. 

CEDE]\rA OF THE FEET.— Principal remedies, provided 
no organic diseases are present : Ars. chin, ferr, Ital. lye 
mere, phos. puis, rhus-t. sulph. 

If caused by loJt$ of blood, give China, or Ars. and ferr. 

K caused by ahme of Vhina, give: Ferr. or Ars., or, pei^ 
haps, Puis, Bul[tb. 








(ESOPHAGITIS.— Principal rotTicdif^s: 1) Ari), ars, bell. 
cocc. mere, moz, rhus. )i) AstL carb.-v. tuttburb. Uuxr. siibad. 

Compare: Sore Throat, DaGLUTrnoN, Difficult Pha- 
ryngitis, Ac 

OPHTnAOIIA.-§ 1. Principal remcHlies: 1) Aooil ara, 
bell. cale. cham. euphras. hepar, ignat. mere. n,-vom puis. 
Biilpli. *2) Ant. arn. bryon. canst, ehiiia. coloc. cliicit. diila 
ferr. graph. Iiyopc. laclieit. nitr.-ac. petrol, rlius. sepia. t<pigeL 
yu!ph.-ac. veratr, 3) Alum. aur. baryt. Imrax, rniumb. c^iitli» 
clem. coni. led. lycop. natr.-m, phospli. silic. sta]tb. thuj. 

g 2. For acrfte opbthalmla the first remedy iJ* Aeon. : after 
which a doso of Bell, is generally 8uffieieiit lo cure the di^ 
ease. The followinrr remedies can likewise be used ; 1 ) Cham, 
d«ilc. euphr. iijn. mere, n.-vom. puis. 2) Ant. am. bor. canth. 
lach. nTtr.-ac. spijr. milph.-ac. veratr, 

Chnmic ophihalmia requires, beside tlie above-mentioned 
remedies, Sulphur, and : 1) Alum. ars. bor. cale, euj*hr. hep. 
lach- lye. nitr.-ac. spii;. phosph. sil. ihuj. 2) Ant. bar. cau8t. 
chin. coL dij:;, dulc. ferr. graph, hyos. petr. rbu8, sep. veratr. 

§ 3. As regards the pathological character of ophthalmia, 
jfive for arthritic ophthilmia: 1) Aeon. bell. eol. »i»ig. 2) 
Ars, cham, dig, hep. nierc. n.-vora, rhus, 3) Berb. colcbi led, 

Comp. : A KTirRlTir AILMENTS, 

For ctttinrhal ophthalmia ; 1 ) Aeon. ars. bell. cham. etiphr. 
hep. ign. n.-vom. puis. 2) Dig. euph. mere, sulph. 

Hheumatic: V) Aeon. bell. bry. cham. euphr. ign. mere, 
n.-vom. pmls. rhus. sulph. veratr, 2) Bell. led. lye. spig. 

Svroffdoun : 1) Ars. belb cale. dulc. hep. ign. m*'rc. n.-vom. 
puis. rhus. sulph. 2) Caust. chin. ferr. graph. }>etr. sep. 3) 
,Aur. bar. cann. cham. con. dig. euphr. iod. lye, niagQ.-c. 

jSt/pht'lific : 1) IVIere. nitr.-ae. thnj. 2) Aur. ? lye. ? phosph. ? 

Gonorrhcealf in eunsequenee ot'suppres^sed gonorrhcea : 1) 
Aeon, puis, 2) Nitr.-ac. mere. thuj. nulph. 

Purulent ophtliabnia of ne\v-l>urn infants: 1) Aeon, bell, 
cham. eujihr. merc> siUph. 2) Cale. dulc. puis. rhus. 3) Bor. 
bry. n.-vu(ii. 

ContatjfoutL^ tf^/?^*^ ophthalmia : 1) Aeon.? bell.? ealc. ? 
euphr. ? mere V nitr.-ac, ? sulph, ? 2) Phus ? Btaph. V thuj.? 

jScorbutie; Amm. auim.-m. ? cauat.? carb.-veg. ? mere? 



mviT,*ao. ? staph. ? f^tilph. ? 2) Canth. ? cist ? hep. ? naU-.-iiu? 
nitr.-ac ? n.-vimi. ? 

I 4. As ro^'finU external eausc*^ give fi»r ojihthnlmb 
enured by a rold: Aeon, ai*a. bell, calc chain. duJc. lit'p. tu* 
voiu, ptUn. 8ul(>)i. 

By nxterual iitjurlcJi: 1) Aeon, arn. calc ail. sulph. 2) 
Euyhr. nitr.-ac. petr. puis. rut. sulj^h.-ao. 

iiy straininff the eyes in doing line work ; Bell, caxb.-vcg. 
rut. spig. 

By abuse of Mercury: 1) Bell. hep. nitr.-ac. pals, sulph. 
2) liulc. chin, lach, lye. staph, thuj. 

After exanthema (ineask'S, scarlatina, small-pox) : BclL bry. 
cham. hep. hyos. mere, nitr.-ac. puis. rhus. sulph. 

After fiuppression of eruption^ generally : Alum, ars, cjirb.- 
V. c^iusl. grii])h. laeh. natr.-m. sel. gep, »ulpb. xinc 

§ 5. Syinptomaiie intlieations: 

AroMTE: For aeute Dpluhjilrnia, efpeeially if the fnllowiii 
symptom^i sliotild be preHeul : Jut! ei/i'Ji, with Jark reUnes.^ • 
the vessels; inlukTabh^, biirrnng, Btiteliiiig or at'hing pali 
especially when nioving the eyea ; phtttophnhnt ; c»»pio 
IttchrijTuation ami ble»i'eyt*dness, or great dryness ol llic eyi*- 
lids. (After Aeon, are frequently suitable : Ant. bell, or heji » 

Arskxicum: For burni}ig pains «8 from hot eoal ; or u<'h- 
ing and stitchin*j pains, aggravated by light or motion of ila: 
eyes ; violent pnhis, obliging one to lie <luwn, or intnleral^i 
pains, with anguish, obliging the patient to ri«e from bed; 
congested eyes; corrosive laehryni;ition, nightly agglutina- 
tion ; pliotophiibifl ; /tpec/cs and ulc^r^ *.m (he corttetj. 

Belladonna : Vivid redness of the sclerotica, burning ami 
corrosive luelirymation, or great dryness of the eyes, with 
painful sensitiveness to the light ; aching pains around ifie 
eyes, or deep in the eyes, or stitching pains in the eyes an ' 
head ; aggravation by moving the eyes ; dilatjition nf tJi 
pupils; violent catarrh, with eou^h ; or violent / 
trifh vrrtipo, t^tuprjuctioii^ sparks or black spots !• 
eyes; or ohsciiiation ot night, or specks and uirers on I he 
corrien, Ac. (Bell, is freijueutly suitable after Aeon. hep. vt 
mere ) 

CALCAnKA: Violent aching or stinging pains, with itehing; 
ur burning and cutting pains iiguravated by leading or can- 
dle light; redness of the selcrotiea, huhrymation, eo^freA'jf and 
ulcers on the cotnea t phi/tuphohut ^ ini.siinesj* uf sight or as 
if spots were hovering before the eyes, f^ptciaU}/ ir/un tt^intf 
tht eyfs. (Calc. is frequently suitable aiter Sulph. or Dulc.) 






Chamomilla : Red eye?» ^ilh aching pains when moving 
them or t^liaking the head ; or stinginit, aching or burning 
pains, as if heat were rushing out of the eyes; red and 
swollen eye-lids, with copious st-cretion of mucus and nightly 
agglutination ; great dryness of the eyes. Tlie paina are in- 
tolerable, (fee. 

Euphrasia : Aching paiti in the eyes, redness of the sclero- 
tica: inflammation of the cornea, with vcsiclea, or specks and 
nlcers on the cornea ; cnpkms serretiim of mueas and ttarn : 
swelling of the eye-lids ; frequent desire to wink; raah around 
the eyes, or coryza and headache ; j^kofophobki^ flickering of 
the light 

Hepar-s. : Redness of the eyes and eye-lids, with soreness 
when touched ; spasmodic closing of the eye-lids ; difficulty 
of moving the eye«; pholophobia, esi>eciully iu the evening; 
the sight is at times dim anrl obscured, at others clear; prts- 
sure in the eye-ball, as if it would start out of the head ; 
specks and ulcers on the eoi^ea and pimples around the eyes 
and eye-lids; copious lachrynuition, nightly agglutination. 
(Hep. is frequently suitable after Bell, and Merc) 

Ignatia : The eyes are not so much red aa painful, with 
sensation as if sand in the eyes ; copious lachrymation, espe- 
cially trom the hght of the sun ; nightly agglutination ; pho- 
tophobin ; mistiness of sight; fluent coryza or headache. 

MERCiniius : Cttttinff pains or pressure as if from sand in 
the eyes, especially after using the eye^^ or in t]ie evfuitig 
and in bed; or tearing, itching and stinging, especially in tlie 
open air; copious lachrymation, especially in the evening; 
excessive 8ensitivt.''tiehS of the eyes to the glare of fire or lo 
light; vesicles and pimj»Ies on the sclerotica; ulcers on the 
cornea; pustules and scurfs around the eyes and on the mar- 
gins of the lids ; mistiness of sight ; the inflammation is 
brought on again by the least cold. (Merc is frequently 
suitable alter Bell) 

Nux-voM : The canthiare redder than the eyes; ecchymo- 
sis and softening of the sclerotica ; burning pains and pres- 
sure in the eyes aa if from sand ; Jachrvmation ; photo|^hobia, 
especially in the moming; nightly agglutination; the in- 
flammation is attended with nightly headache ; catarrh, with 
stoppage of the nose; aggnivation in the morning on wak- 
ing, or after a meal, or in the evening in bed. 

Pu liiATiLLA : Pressiure as if from saml, or tearing^ Hlitch- 
fw^, cutting and boring pains itt the eyes; redness of the 
eyes and eye-lids, with copious secretion of mucus ; cojnous 


? l|.-TUBt.? 

I I. A» rvt^ariis tgHnuii taM»$»^ pv^ for ophthnlmb 
^Mumd Wj a ooli/.' Amnl mriL belt tmo^ chftm. dalc» l»e|i^ o.* 
pulL aiUph. 
6v latoTM} h^mri^: 1) Aooo. sm* caik, aL snlpb. 2) 
itjBikr. aHr.-«€. petr* pola. rmt 6Qtpti,-«o. 
By «rrttlpui^ tbe ey«« in dobg 6ih» work : BelL carb.-T€g. 

lly «^Mfeof Hereanr: 1) BcD. hep. mtr.-ao, pub. ralplt. 
S> D«te. dun. lack Ivii staph, thuj. 

AtWr «Bai>k(A<9«M ( tnc«slc«^ ^.arlnttna, small-pox) : Bdl bi^. 

brp- bycMk mere iiitr.-«c. pals, rhiis. sulpb. 
Aft^r mif ^irmM on qf^rMfsttcns genemtly : Aliim, ftr&, cark- 
r. eftitft. cmfjb- Ijtrfj ftair -ro. ed. »ep. sulph. zincL 
§6- ^ ; aiimH: 

AcoM . ftlhahittn, ocprrblly if t!ic f-«T!ATrliig 

,*ympu%Dt.t9Ki Tx-wiii : -^oi 

tlie veanels; ii»lf, burp i _ , cm-S 

t$|M*dj|!]y wh«i itiovmg the i*yet*; j ^a ; copiouii 

ittchrymatiim and blearfvetlnesa, or grc ,. ,.^ ... ss ol th«' cy^- 
lUiai (Aft<*r Aeon, nre iri'^uently siiitahlt* : Ant, bdl, or hqi I 
^.\i-=t v,< I ^. ].',^j. f/ftntiny ptiitts as from hot etml ; or ach» 
ing paiiiK, ajjgmvaletl by Ujrht or motion of tlits 

eyt?i , \i'uriii J iifiH, oblit^iug mie to lie down, or intolcniUltf| 
|ttins« with ui>icui*^h, obliging the patient to riw^ t'ntm btnl ;] 
congested eyes; eorroHive laihryrnaiion, nightly n^rglutiua-j 
tioii ; pliotophubia; ^j^cks and lUctrrs o« tht cornftt, 

IJklladosna : VtviiJ rednetidof the Kek-rotica, burning andl 
corrosive hichrymation, or great dryne8& of the eyes ^^'ithtj 
painful 8cnsitivene»» to the light ; aching pains around ihd] 
ryes, or deep in the eyes^ or slilrlnng pains in the eve* riT»fl^ 
head; sigirravation by tnoving the eyee; dilatatiri 
pupils; violriiT t-nTnrrh, with rough; or violent / 
triM Vfj rks or blaek spo* Uii 

even; <ii _ ', f»r itpetks and ^ ixhi 

Donien, &^. (Hel). is trcH^nently suitable after Acod, bepw 
tnerc ) 

CAt,CAi:iCA : Violent aehing or ringing pains»mth iiehinj 
or burning and eullintr i'mi- '^rrivftted by rev'"' •• eau 
die light; redne^ of tiu i, hiehrymali< imi 

w/trm on the comra ; p/nj^-'j.ui..,',,t ; niislinf- 
tf aputu ivere hovering before tlie eyes, crpt /\ 

tAe eyri. (Calc. is frequently i^uitablc aller ouj^m, or juiuicd 

C^j;.>iEn:::L^ I--. '^^: 


, **--i-*_ .1." V .'"7 ^ liM :*-ru I—i --'Irr .*• • . -^ i.: .::^ 

ZJii U^*^ , . ... 

•■-ii*^ ' -•^'-''-'^- *'".=j-?T:r .:;.'. •: -..: r •- --- - •-...- l.TT. •.. - 
#y ni^-ui'i: '-'-''' 'T-^- -■■• " ■-■-' "'-^ -^;*--"-- :: "i-r r'::..:.^ 
it^ ^srr. i* fc' '"■*'^ --" ^- -''-■-'-- i^ =^:--^ •■:■.* . . - >■ 
K^^ jt -:^ -:r-:;i.:. b^ r r in.;:.. ^:--- r: ■--:■: ::■ ;. 

Za *7-3i.: V-.:.:.. ^-i -7-1:^. -i. l ^: - i^;- .-.: ,.,. 

topf^obia : r=:K^^=^ :: ^e^- '--■ ::~^ r r.- :^- :, 

the eve*^ *^Kr-iilT tnr: -r.V.;- r/^ . ,.*. r :r. :>•: o :- ♦ ^ 
and iD >>fi; ''-^r teainLi'. :ui:i.i' ki-i ?:iir--r j. i-si-via.'.v v. : , 
open air: ccpi'i-ut Iv/L-TT^ii:-. trR-v:a.:T -j. ;:.o o^:;:^^, 

Hgbt; Teaci€* and purij'e* on ir.r soIer.-Tiv-a; -.iloors on :: o 
ooinea; pfi*t>jU* arid «c::r> aroTn^d tlje eyv> a::,i on tho r.::»r. 
giDS of the lid?: misin.-r* 01 avrhi : ihi- iuriamm.uiv^n is 
broaght on a^in bj the Jeast told. i.Meiw is I'nquoiuiv 
soita6le after Bell.j 

Kix-voii : The cant?ii are red-ltr than lijo oyos; ooohyn^^. 
Bia and softening of the Jklc-rotica : Imniin;: Vains ;ni»1 jiros. 
sore in the eyes as if from saud : laihrymatit.n ; }»hoiophol»i:», 
especiallj in the morning; nightly agglmination ; iho \\\\ 
flammation is attended with nightly hca^laoht- : oaiarrli, \\\\\x 
stoppage of the noPe ; aggravatii»n' in the numiinLr imi ^ak- 
in^ or after a meal, or in the cvi'ning in Ih'«I. 

PloaATiLLA: Pressure as if from 'siind, or ttarhtt/, tififr/i. 
In^, cutting and boring pains in the eyos; rodnoss of iho 
eyes and eye-lids, with copious bocri'iion'of iuucun ; vu^,i\,un 



iac/irymofion^ rspecially in the cokl nir, wind, and wl^en f*x- 
poae(l U) I hi? light of duy ; great dryne.KS of tht* fve lida, 
eftpccially in the evening; burning and corrosiire hicliryinii- 
tion ; nightly aprKlutination ; cedematotui swdliug of tht cy^ 
Ikh or ai'ouiul the eyes ; |ihoti»phubia, with stitchfs in thr 
eyes ; ap^gra\ lUiun tou nrdn eveninL^. (Puis, is hiiiiable at tJie 
caniTnencenjent of scrofylous ophlUalmia, previ*ajd to Ft-rr ; 
or after Aeon, in rhounialic ophthalmia.) 

yuLPHun: Pressure as if from sand, or itching and burn- 
ing in the eyes and eye-hds, with aggravation on moving the 
eyes or exposing them to the light of the sun ; redness of 
the eyes and eye-lids; inflammation of the iris, with distorted 
pupil; dimness of the cornea as if covered with dust, or 
specks^ veniclea and ulcers on the cornea ; pui?tules, ulcers andi 
Bcurfs around the eyes and on the lid^ ; lachrytuation, e^^pe* 
eially in the open air ; or dryness of the eyes, especially in 
the room; photoj>hohia, with closing of the hds ; mistiness 
of HJght, seinlillutions, *&€, (Sulph. is frequently suitabl 
after Aeon., or Merc, and Puis. ; after Sulph., Calc» is mosi 

g 6. Try moreover : 

Antimonium : For red eye-lids, with eye-gum in tlie cainthi, 
photophobia and stinging pains. 

AuNicA : l>itTK'ult ami painful motion of the eye^lids and 
eyes, as if excoriated ; dilaied pupils, senffltiveness to light; 
red and swollen eye-lids :md eyes. 

Bbyoma ; Red eyes, with burning pains and pressure, 
if from sand, with aggravaliun in the evening or at nighty 
swollen eye-lids, with puins in the head, when opening ihi 
eyes. (Bry. Is frequently suitable aller Puis., in rheumatii 

Causticum: Swelling and ulceration of the oye-lid», with 
nightly agglutination ; pie88ure or burning pains in thecyrs. 

CniXA : Aggruvntiun towards evening, w ith pre-ssuro as if 
from sand in the eyes; pljotopliobia ; frontal headache; hot 
and red, or dim and taint eyes, ua if tiUed with smok<} in the 

CoLOcT>'Tnis : Violent bnrning and cutting, extending far 
back in the head and nose, with great anguish and reallefc*' 

Digitalis : Redness of the eyes and conjunctiva; slitobes 
through llie eyes; lachrymatiou, increased by light and cold; 
photophobia; obstruction and dr^^esa of the nose. 



Dulcamara : Achinsf pain when reading ; dimness of alght^ 
scintilladofis, ae^^gravation by rest* ^ 

FEHRt*M : T\\c oyea become weak and moist after uang 
them ever so little ; or they becume red, with burning paina 
and styes. 

GiiAPnrrEs: Ulcers on the coraea, photophobia, swollen 
lids, agglutination. 

Lacubsis : Dry eyes, photophobia, lancinations, dimness of 

NiTRT-ACiDrM: Pressure and stitches in the eyes; lachry- 
mation, especially when reading ; yellow rings aronnd the 
eyes ; specks on the cornea ; swelling of the eye-lida and 
supiMi ration of tfie eyes.* 

Petroleum : Bnrning, stitching or pressure over the root 
of the nose, and swelling of the nose, with di)5charge of pus. 

Riirs-Tox. : Bry. being insufficient, with burning and 
dtittjhiog and copious lacbrymiition, nightly agglutination 
and erysipelatous swelling of the eye-lids, with photophobia. 

Sepia : Photophobia, catarrh, nightly agglutination, pus- 
tules on the eye-ball ; aching pains. 

Spigelia : Aching, stitching or boring pains, penetrating 
into the orbits and head, with sensation as if the eye-balls 
were too large ; excruciating pains. 

SuLi*uLiRis-AC.: Burning pains, with pihotophobia, lachry- 
matioD, especially when reading ; difficulty of opening the 

Veratrttm : Tearing pains, with violent headache, photo- 
phobia, heat and feeling of drynesi* in the eyes. 

§ 7. Try moreover : 

.^scuLUS-nip. : Burning in the internal canthi; burning 
and stinging deep in the orbit ; weight and heat in the eyes; 

CisTus-CAN. : Scrofulous ophthalmia ; pressure above the 

I eyes ; spasmodic piercing pain in the eyes, with headache ; 
^itehe» in the eyes. 
( CoMocLADiA : Edges of the eye-lids inflamed and red ; 
DOMJunctiva and sclerotica red, with great intolerance to light ; 
violent pain, extending from the posterior portion of the 
jight eye through the head to the occipital protuberance, 
(fith great soreness of the eye-ball ; profuse lachrymation, 
^»d Bcnsa,tion as ii* the eye was niuch larger than usual j eyea 
dull and glassy, the vessels congested, the eye-lids red, swol- 

*Speoifio«Uy auitahlc for lypUUitiQ pphtb&lmiou — HempeL 



len, and below the inferior tarsikt oartilasre the fsioe is very 
mucli puffcMl out ; eye-balls worse on moving ihuin. 

Ekyngium : Smarting, burning sensntion, witli heaivr Jich- 
ing pain, produced by strong light ; sijuinting on exposure 
to a strong light ; tearing, burning pains in the eyt*« ; great 
miolenuice of light, congestion of Mdezc dca, watery or |rari- 
form discharge. 

EiTPATORiirM-PBRF.: Sofeiiesi of the eye-balls, in ■>> 

of light, redness of the margin of the lids, with i* 

scpretion from the meibomian glanda; laohryraaliou. 

Gki.seminiim : Fullness and congestion of the lids; diplo- 
pia, when inclining the head towards the shoulder* hut visi< 
single, when holding the head erect; dryness of the eye*] 
soreness, with sensitiveness to light, and lachrymation ; eyes 
much inflamed and weak, ^nth great flow of tears. 

Hamaueus: ConjuDcllTitis from external cauhcs and bums, 

Hydrastis: Mucous membrane of the eye-lids much con- 
gested; discharge of large quantities of thick white mucoas; 
Txrofuse lachrymation ; eye-hds glued together, smarting and 
bui-ning of the eyes and lids. 

Iri{>-vers. ; Redness of the conjunctiva ; the eyeii ftol doll, 
with pain over left superciliary ridge ; severe pjiin in internal 
caTkthus, with effusion of tears; eyes sunken, with blueness 
of the eyes. 

Leptandra: Eyes smart and ache; eye-lids agglutinated i 
profuse secretion of tears ; lids and balln feel cofustricted, 

Phytolacca : Painful presM^ure on the upjier part8 of both 
eyes and forehead; bunnng and smarting sensiuion in the 
eyes, with great flow of tears; sandy fckUng in the eye*; 
reddish-blue swelUng of the eye-lids, worse on the left side 
and in the morning; agglutination of the eye-lidi* duiijig the 
night; lachrymation, relieved in the open air; photophobia; 
vertigo, with dinniess of vision. It is eminently indicated 
in rheumatic, catarrhal, scrofulous, niercurial and even syphi- 
litic ophthalmia ; it is recouimcndod for granular Uda and 
tisitula lachrymalis, 

Rhus-ven. : Eyes closed from the great swelling of the 
cellular tissue arouiul them ; profuse lachrymation ; <.M>nMaut 
dull aching pains in the eye-balls ; smarting and burning of 
the eyes. 

Sanqitixakia : Catarrhal ophthalmia, grantilar lids and 
even ulcers of the cornea, 

SnoTA-FuL. : Burning iu the ^ye-lids, witl^ sorwiefB of the 



"b«11 on closing the Vuh or turning the eye». Variolous and 
niorbilous o|)lnh;iltiiift. 

§ 8. Use nioj-e parik'ulaHy t 

a) For evening exacerbadvu : Arnm, anim.-m. Mar, hell. 
caU'. carb.-a. canst, cuphr. hyos. Iftcfi. lye. iiit'ic. luitr.-m. nitr.- 
ac. phoa. puis, sen, sulph.-ac. Night exacerbation : Aoon. 
arn. ars, cha!i». chin. croc, ciiiihr. ht'p, liyo«. ign. k:il. lye. 
mere, natr.-tn, niir.-ac. n.-vom. sep. siaph. »ulpli. Moruing 
exacerbation : Aeon, amm.-m. calc. cui'K-v, cuphr rriapli. i^^i. 
nntr.-rn. nitr. nitr.-ac. ii,-voni. pctr. pbosph. plios.-ac «ep- siL 
sulph. swlph.-ac. Exacwrljation after eating : Bry. calc. caust. 
lye. rintr.-tn. n.-voni. p)lioj*. ]»t[ls. spp. sil. sulj*h. 

b) For congestion of the vessels: Aeon. nr». bell. ign. lach. 
mere. phos.-a(*, spig. aulph. Interstitial distentiofi of tht 
sclerotica: BelL Ben. sulph. En^ption around the tye,% ac- 
companying t)i(? iutlammiuion : Bfll. enplir nifrc. nitr.«ac. 
Ben. sep spon^'. staph, sulfih. thuj. Jitoorh/ /ipafM mul s\s't^a.i : 
Arn. bell. calc. carb -w clium. croul. n -voru. plumb, rut. sen. 
Suppuration : licll. bry, canst, eopbr, gr.ipli, liep. kreais, mere, 
nilr.-ac. puis, sul|»h. 7\ritching nl'lhe lids: Bell, eulc, cai*b.-v. 
caust. croc, kreaa tyc. n,-vom. sulph. Worse in the open air: 
Aeon, amm -m. bell bry. calc. caust. lye. mere. natr,-iji nitr. 
ac. n -vom. phos. puis. rut. sen. sep. sib stjiph. sulph. sulph.-ao. 
thuj. Yellow color of the sclerotica: Aeon. ant. ars bcH. 
chani. chin. dig. ign. mere, n.-voiii. pliosph. puis, sulph. 
tSti/ffi: Con ferr. grajih. puis. rhua. een. sep. staph sulph, 
^Swelling of the affected parts: Aeon. bell. bry. calc. cham. 
dig. enphr. guaj. ign. mere, n.-vom. puis. rhu8» sen. Sep. 8ulph» 
thuj. Ophthalmia with ulcers on the cornea: Ar«. calc. 
euphr. hep. lach, mere. siL sulph. Heat and burnitig of tho 
eyes: Aeon. ara. bell. bry. calc. carb.^v. croc, euphr, lach. lye. 
mere, n.-vom. plios, sep, sulph. Itching of the eyes: Alum, 
bar. bell. bry. calc. caust. ign. mere, natr.-m. n.-vom. puis. mI, 
sulph. **?^ja^m of the eyes : Bell, chain, croc. hep. hyos. mere. 
imlr.-m. rut sil. staph. Photophobia : Aeon, amm. amm,-m, 
fire, bar bell. bry. calc. rham. croc. euj)lir. graph, iiep, liyos. 
ign. lye. mere. n.-vt>m. phos. rims. stl. splg. sulpii. BUpharO" 
pUgia: Bell, nitr.-ae. sep. spig. veratr. Ectrtpiuoi: iJelj. 
mere. Closi/tg of the lids: Ars. liell. elmni cruc liej). hyos, 
mere, nntr.-m. iillr. ac. pli08. rhu!>. sep, hljipli. sulph. JirdvuAS 
of the parts : Aeon. ant. arn. ars. bell. hvy. calc. cl»aiii. cliiii. 
euphr. graph, ign. lach, mere, nitr.-ac. n. -vom. phos. puis. sep. 
sil.Bpig. spotig. sult^h. Sensation &s of nund in tha ^es: 
Bfeli. bry. calc, carb,-v. chin. ferr. graph, hyos, ign, mtfrc 



Ditr.-ac. phosph. puis. sulpU. sulplL-ac. H'Uo around (he light 
Alam. bolL calc. dig', phus. pul^. rut. scp. isUpli. sulph. JlUt 
norrhwa: Bell. di^. euphr. graph, mere. puis. sen. sulpl 
Zfachrymtitioii : Aeon, alurn. am. ars. belL bry. calc. 
enphr. graph, hep ign. lach. lye. natr,-m. niir.-ac. d.-vom 
petr. phos. puis. rhua. rut. sil. spig. staph, sulph. thuj. Dry- 
ness: Aeon. ars. bar. bry. lyc. n.-vom. puis, staph, suljth. 
vcratr. Varicose sxodiings : Carb.-v. puis, Confrartiou vj' 
the lids: Agar. ant. am. cauth. croc. Indurations : L$ry- 
8pig. staph, thuj. Niriktly <iffglfttin^tion: Ars. alum, bar, 
bell, bry, calc. carb-v. caust. chara. croc. dig. euphr. gra}*h. 
hep. igu. lyc. mere. natr,-m. n.-vom. phos, puis, rhus. ruia. 
Sk?[i. sil spig. staph, sulph. thuj. 

c) The vjhole eye beiog atfccted: Aeon. am. bell ealc. 
caust. chain, croc. dig. euphr. hep. ign. lyc. mere, natr.-»«. 
u.-vom. })hoa. puis. thus. sep. spig. sulph. The conjunctica: 
Ac(fu. ars. belL dig. euphr. mere. puis, sulph. ¥or paimt in 
the orhits: Bell. calc. chin. hyos. plat, spig- The cornea being 
paiticularly diseased: Ars. bell, calo, chia, euphr. hep. lach. 
mere iiitr. ac. rut. sen.i?ep. siL spig, 8ul[»h. The Ud^i : Aeuu. 
aut. am. ars. bell. bry. cale. caust, chara. croc. dig. graph 
hep. lye. mere, intr.-ac. n.-vom. puh*. rhus. sep. spig, sulpl 
The canihl heinff principally affected : Ahun. aur. bell, bry, 
cale. earb -V. eaust. euphr. natr.-m. n.*vom. jihos, puis, sep. mI. 
staph. sulj»h. ihuj. The external eanthus : Bar, bry. calc* 
hep. ign. natr.-m. u.-vom. sep. sulph. Inner cant hus : AlumJ 
aur, bell. bry. ealc, carb,-v. oaufit. euphr. n.-vom. petr. pbo<a. 
jiuls. rut, sil. staph, .sulph. 

§ 9. Compare : H jsmorrhage from the etb^, RtrNXTxa-j 


OPIUM AND LAUDANUM, ill ks-feci^ of. 

The best remedy for poisoning with large doeea, is: 1> 
Black Coffee ; or, 2) Vinegar. If consciousness should bAVe 
returned, Ji few do.scs of Ipec. will be found very useful. U* 
any ailments should remain ailer Ipec, give N.-vom. mere. 
or bell. The la.'*t-mentioncd remedies are excellent untidotea 
against the drug-sv niploms occasioned by the medicinal abase 
of Opium. 

ORCHITIS, Oscheocele^ nimnatoede^ Sarcocele^ cfcc. / in- 
flammaiioD and swelling of the testes. 


34 1 

I L Principal remedies: 1) Am. aur. clem. nitr.*ac. puis. 
2; Ai-s. con. hurnam, lya mere. Datr* n.-vom. phyt. rhod. ajjong, 
staph. ver:it.-vir. zinc. 

§ 2 Orchitis caused by contusion, ahockt hlovB^ re^uirea: 
1) Arn. Jianiam. pula* 2) Con. zinc. 

By snpprt^ssion of GONORRiiosA : 1) Merc, puis, 2) Agn. 
aur. broni, rlcm. iiitr.-ac. phyt. rhod. harnam. 

By meta.^t:\sis of parotitis : Merc, ii.-voni. puis. 

§ 3. Erysipelatous ORcnirLs, as afleota chiraney-sweepB, 
requires Ars. or Merc. 

§ 4, Chronic induration of thk testes (sarcoccle) : 
frequently yiehia to : Agn. arg. aur. baryt,-m. dem. con. graph* 
lye. rliod. sulph. 

Ili^matocde : Sec the remedies for contusion. 

Hydrocele: Graph, puis. sil. rhod. sulph. sulpL-ac. Scro- 
fulous persons recjuire SiI. 

Oscheoiteley or hernia scrotalis, has been treated most suo- 
cessfuJly with Magn.-m. and n.-vom, 

OTALGIA, PAIN8 IN thb ears. 

§ 1. Principal remedies: 1) Bell. cbam. mere. puis, sulph. ; 
or, 2) Am. chin. dulc. hep. n.-vom. plat, spig. ; or, 3) Ant. 
bo]*ax. bry. calc. magn.-c. phos.-ac. 

Injlammatory otalgia requires: 1) Bell, mera n-vom, 
puU. ; or, 2) Borax, bry calc. magn.-c. 

liheitmatie otalgia: 1) Bell mere. puis. ; or, 2) Arn. chin, 
hep D.-voin,, &c. 

Otalgia caused by a cold or by sudden suppression of gome 
eecretion, requires: 1) Cham. chin, dulc; or, 2) Merc. pulSi 
or sulph. 3) Cact. lachn. telU 

8 2. Parlicular indieatioiia: 

Bklladonna : Stitches in and behind the ears; digging 
aud boi iug pains, tearing and stitches extending to the throat, 
with ringing, buzzing and roaring in the ears ; extreme »en- 
silivcness to noise ; pairtftd slat*-' of the head and eyes, ali<o 
with pliotophobia ; red and hot face ; tendency of tlie blood 
to the head, 

Chamomilla : Lancinations^ or tensive and drawinjx pains 
extending to the lobe of the ear; dry ears jis if stopperj up- 
great seiiMlivenesiS to, especially to music ; exces*;ive 
sensitiveness to pain; suspicious, ilhhumor, and disposition 
to get angry without sufficient cause. 

Mercurius : Stitching^ deep-seated pains, or tearing, ex- 
tending to the cheeks and teeth, with chiliy feeling in the 



ectn f the pains are aggravated in bed / or gpastnodic pains, 
with inflaininalory redness of the tara ; dLscharge of c*^u- 
mcn ; profuse 8wi*at, affording? no relief 

Pl'lsaitlla : Darting, teariDg pains, as if soTnethina toautd 
penetrate through the fftrn / the outer ear is red^ hot und 
tusolkn / or stitf liiug and tearing pains affecting the whole 
side of ilic head, and almost depriving the patient of his 
reason ; i?ui table to chilly individuals disposea to orj\ and 
eepecially to females. 

SiTLPHUK : Drawing, tearing or stitching pains extending 
to the head and throat; burning heat through the cars; ex- 
treme sensitiveness to noise» the patient being nauseated by 
the slightest muaieiil somuls; especially suitable to persons 
that are subject to catarrh or tendency of the blood to i}ie 

g 3, Use likewise : 

AaNicA; In the case of sensitive, nerrous individuals, wben 
the pain is brought on again by the least cause, with pressure 
and stitches in and behind the ears ; tearing, internal heat 
and great sensitiveness to noise. 

CtiiNA : The tearing pains are felt more externally, ai 
aggravated by contaety with redness of the car, stitching 
the car and ringing ol" the cars. (Is frequently suitable after 

DrLCAMABA : The pains are aggravated at night, daring 
rest, with natiaea. 

IIkt^ak: Frequently afler BelL, when this remedy is in- 
Bufticient, and the patient complains of stitches in the ears, 
when blowing the nose, and of beating, throbbing and roaring- 

NuxvoMicA : Suitable to personsof a lively, choleric dis- 
position, for: (earing, stitching pains^ extorting cries, or ex- 
tending to tlie forehead and temples, with tearing in the 
facial bones; aggravation iu the morning, or in the evening 
in bed. 

Platina : Violent crampy pains, shocks, rumbling and de- 
tonations in the ears, which feel cold, numb, and as if d< 
with creeping, extending to the face. 

SiMGELJA : Painful acTiing, as if a large nail were sticking' 
in the car ; Aviih aching and tearing pains in the facial bones. 

§ 4* Use likewise : 

Cactus : Pulsations in the cars, continuing day and Qigbtj_ 
noise iu the ear. like tiie running of the river, continuing 
night ; diniintHlted hearing frum the buzzing in the 
Tery painfid otitis, from checked perspiraiion. 



Ertngitjm : Burning, tearing pain, as if they were being 
torn from their location. 

GBLSKJkriNtrM : Rushing and roarinij in the ears ; sadden 
and temporary loss of heaiing; digging in the right ear; 
stitrhea, pains behind both ears. 

IItdkastis : Roaring in tlie ears, like cog-wheels, 

LACtiNANTHEs : Singing before the left ear; cracking in the 
right ear, followed by a motion as if it would dLseharge 
something; tearing and tingling in both ears; brawling in 
the ear, relieved by boring, but immediately returning ; it 
feels then as if something had closed the ear j senaatian as 
if cold in the external ear. 

Phytolacca : Shooting pain in the right ear ; pain in both 
ears, worse in the right one ; irritation of the eustachian 
tubes; a sense of ol>8tniction in the left eustachian ttihe, 
with a rushing sound in the ear of tlie same side, and a feel- 
ing as if the hearing were dull, while at the same time it is 
sensitive to the most minute soundf? ; increased sense of hear- 
ing, with pain in the forehead ; shooting pains in the cars 
when swallowing. 

Sanguinakia^ Bnrning of the ears, with redness of the 
cheeks ; earache, with headache ; sinffing in the ears, with 
vertigo ; painful sensitiveness to sudden sounds. 

S 5. Use more pfirtieulnrly : 

For THRoBBrNG pains in the ears: 1) Aeon. calc. magn,-m. 
natr. nitr.-ac. phos. sep. sil. stdph, 2) Bell, caustw chani. chin. 
graph, kal. puis. rhns. 

For TEARING pains: t) Am. bell, calc cham, colch* con, 
cryng. m^rc. n.-voni, puis, zinc. 2) Aeon, alum, ambr. capa. 
kal, lye. spig. sulph. 

For pfihiit^ as if the eab would bs torn out : Bell, eryng. 
mere. puis. 

For STITCHING PxrNs: \) Am, bdl. calc. cham. con. dros. 
kal. mere, nitr.-ac. n.-vom, />t^/#. sulph. 2) Alum, baryt. canth. 
canst, chin. ign. magn.-m. men. nalr. natr.m, nitr, phosL-ac. 
plumb, ran. sa^ss. sil. spig. staph, zinc. 

For STITCHES TnnouGH THE ear: 1) Con. kal. aiL spong, 
2) Alum. ainuL-m. mang. natr. 3) Geis. phytol. sang. 

For CRAMP Y, DRAGGHfo PAINS : 1) BeU, cham. dros. mere, 
n.-vom. plat. puis, sulph. 2) Ambr arn. didc. mur.-ac. n.- 
mosch. plios. sabad. spig. spong. stram, thuj. 

J\ 6. Compare: rrosupalgiay lltadachey Pain^ Taoth' 





§ 1. For aetiie internal otitis, Puis, is in most cases n Hpe» 
cific remedy. J^elL deserves a prelerence when the lirain is 
affected, with great anguish, vomiting, coldness of the ex- 
tremities, delirium, «fec. 

For the subsequent ailments which do not yield to Bell, or 
Puis,, try : 1) Merc, n.vom. aulph. 2) Borax, bry. eact, calc 
chfun. hcp^ lye. magn.-c. phos, nil tellur. 

§ 2. For chronic internal otitis, see : Otorrhcsa. 

% 3* For EXTERNAi. Otitis, Puis, is likewise the chief rc5- 
medy. 2) BelL bor. cact. ciilc. mngn,-c. mere. rhus. »iL sulph. 

If the ears should be swollen, try: 1) Bor mere, pnh, 
rhit^, sil. 2) Calc. kaL lye. nitr.-at% Sep. '6) Ciatus. tellur. 

If ULCERATED I Mcrc, puh. ruta. spong. tellur. 

If ITCHING : Aitira. pula. vhus. sulph. tellur, 

§ 4. Compare: Otatyia^ HcrjKS on t/ie Ear^ OtorrAcia, 

OTOKRHCEA. §1. Principal remedies: 1) Calc. /yc, 
mere. puis, sulph, 2) Bapt. carb.-v. cauat, con. graph, hyd. 
lach. uitr,-ac> petr. phyt. sil. S) Ahim. anao. asa. aur. carb.- 
a, cliam. cist, colch. gels. gran. kal. men. natr.-m. phos. senec. 
4) Ars. elaps. hep. tellur. 

§2. Discharge of ckrumen requires: 1) Coo. mere. 2> 
Kal. lye. natr.-m. nitr.-ac. puis. 3) Amm.-m. anac. phos. 

Catarrhal or mucous otorrhcra: 1) Merc, puis, snlph. 
2) Bell. calc. carb.-v. hep. lye, natr.^m. phos, 3) Gels. hydr. 

PuKUUiKT otorrh<ea: 1) Bell. hep. mere. pu-s. siJ. 2) 
Asa. calc* canst. lach. mtr.M-ic, petr. 3) Amm, aur. bor, carU.- 
v. cist, kal lye. uatr.-m. 4.) Bapt. 

ScROFiTi.ous otorrhcea, with ulceration of the concha; 1) 
Calc. graph, hep. hydr. lye. mere. ph}^. puis. ,tfdph. 

Bloody discharge; hEemorrhagia auricularis : 1) Mercs, 
puis. 2) BliJ. calc. cist. con. graph, lach. lye. nitr.-ac, rhus. 
sep. sil. sulph. 

g 3. Oi^TiNATE otorrhcea, aflcr acute otitis^ requires: 
Merc, puis, sulph. 

Otorrhcea in consequence of some acute exa^^thema, sueh 
as scarlatina, measles, small-pox, requires : Bell, colch, hep. 
li/f\ men. mere, or carb.-v, 

If caused by abuse of mercury: Aur, asa. hep. nitr.-ftCi 
phyt. sil. sulph » And if caries should already be preeent: 
Aur. ttitr*-ac. sil. 

If oattsed by abuse of sulphur : Puis, or mere. 




8 4. To remove the consequences of a sufprbsskd olor- 
rbcB.i, give: 1) BelK mere. puis. 2) Bry. dulc. n.-vom. 

It this j«iippre8s»c>n slioulfl befoHowt'd byswKLuxo of Tub 
CERVICAL oil PAROTID GLANDS, ^ive : Bull. mere. puis. 

It* hy HKADAciJK oit FEVER : Bell brv,; and if the discharge 
should have lieen arrested hy :i cold, give: Dulc. or mere. 

If orchitis sliould set in : Merc. puis. ; or, Aur. n.-vom, 

§ 6. Dischnrge of DISEASED CERUMEN requires: Amm.-iiL 
calc. con. Inch, mere, petr, selen, »ep. siL thuj. 

Red CERUMEN, like blood: Con. 

Cenmien, lire pap : Lach. 

§ 6, Compare : Hearing, deficient ; Otulgiay Otitis^ ttc, 

OVARIES, DISEASES OP. g 1, Principal remedies: 1) 
Apia. bry. con. 2) Bell. cact. cimicif, liamam. lack mere 
3) Chin. dulc. hedeom. plat sabiii. 4) Aeon. ambr. ant. ars, 
canlh. phyt. pod. staph, usdlag.-mad 

Dr. Hering saw good efleets from Lack, and then Plat.^ in 
a case of induratiou and suppuration of an ovar}^ 

For Hydrops ovauh are recommended; Apis, dulc. sabin. 

Acute ovaritis requires: IJ Apis. bry. cimicif. ti) Canth, 
coloc. con. hep. ign, lach. mere plat. puis. 

Chronic ovaritis^ with painfulness of the ovaries : Apiy. 
bry. coloc. elem. hcileom. iod. phyt, sabin. Sep. staph, thuj. 

§ 2. Particular indications: 

Ambra : Stitches in the ovarian region when drawing in 
the abdomen or pressing upon it; disefiMrge of hlui^h-white 
menses from the vagina ; burning, smarting, itchiiig and titil- 
lation of the vulva and urethra during urination. 

Apis : Stinging pains in the ovaries ; aggravation after 
coitus; enlargement of the right ovary and pain in the iott 
pectoral region, with cough ; swelling, with stinging pains 
from sexual intercourse during the monthly period. 

Belladonna ; Enlargement of the right ovary with pres- 
sure downwards, as if every thing would be forced out of 
the vulva. 

Bryonia : Stitching pains in the ovarius on taking a deep 
inspiration ; aggravation by pre^^sure or motion. 

Cactus-gb^: Pulsating pains in the uterus and ovarian re^ 
£jion, like an intenial tumor suppurating, the pain extends to 
the thighs and becomes insupportable, then ii ceanes c(mi- 
pletely and occurs at the s.ime time on the next day, and so 
on for many successive days. 

CuLNTBARioEs : Stitches, arresting the breathing, or violent 



pinrhing pains^ with liearing down towardn the getiitalfl ; 

great biirtiing paiJis in the ovariati reairm ; constant ur^ijig 
an<l straiijing to urinate, with p-iinfu) <iist4iurge of only a fevr 
drops of viriae, which aomelimes h bloody, af\er suppressed 

CoLorYyrn : Intense boring or tensive pain in the orary, 
canning her to draw up double, with great restlessness. 

CoNiuM : Induration and enlargement of the ovary, at- 
tended with nausea, AHimiting, enietations of wind ; landnjii^ 
ing pains; acrid, white and sHniy leuuorrbcBa; labor-like 
contractions; pains in the iliac region. 

Graphites : Inflararaation, aggravated by every cold shi 
takes or from getting the feet damp ; delaying menJ5<»8 ; moi 
ing sickness during the menses-, obstinate constipation of 
large knotty fseces, with varices; itching blotches here audi 
there over her pei*iSon, oozing a glutinous fluid. " 

Lachesis : Especially in cases where the k/t ovarj/ w^an 
first affected, with tendency towards the right ; worse aflt^r 
sleeping ; the p;iin is otlen relieved by a discharge of blood 
from the vagina. If pus has already formed, Lachesis niny 
be the most appropriate remedy to promote its escape ex- 

Hamamklis: Ovarian affections, accompanied wnth swelling 
and tenderness. 

Platina : Sexual passion altogether too strong ; burning 
paroxysmal pains in ovaries, w ith stitche?» in the forehead. 

Staphysagria : In many c.ises, particularly where the 
mind has been dwelling too much on sexual objects. 

Thtja : In eases where the left ovary is more piirticnlarl^ 
affrcted ; the sufferings are much increased at every mrru 
Btrual period, they even become almost intolerable ; the pail 
extends all through the lefl iliac region into the groin, am 
sometimes in the left leg; the pain is frequentlv excited by 
"Walking or riding, and becomes so severe that ahe has to lio 

Zrsc : In chronic cases ; boring pains in the left ovary, 
causing her to press on the part continually ; the pains en* 
tirely relieved during the menstrual flow, and return with 
the same violence after their expiration. 


S L Principal remedies: I) Aeon, am. ars. bry, chai 
chin. coff. hep. ign. mere, n.-vom. puis, rhas, verir. '2) B< 
caps, cole coloo. coo. kal. magn.-o. mos. ]ibospb. ruta. 



spig. stann. staph, thiij, vaL verb. 3) Agn. alum. anac. anU 
arg. asa. asnr. aur. baryt. calc canth, caust, cncc. ferr. graph, 
hyo.s, led. Tnagn.-aust. natr. natr,-m, phosph» rliod. sabiD. fias- 
sap. spOTig. slront, Hulpli. zinc. 

§ 2. Pjiins af irritabf^^ ftervoits persons, rtfquire: 1) Aeon. 
aiB. bry. cham. ciiin. coSl hepi. igu, mero. n.-vorn. val. veralr. 
♦2) Asar, aur, canth. cocc. ferr. niagti,-arot, phospk pals. rhua. 
ail. jitiiph. 

If affeciiag rheumatic indt^ndnal!*, give : 1) Aoon. ara bell, 
bry. chaui. mere, n.-vom. phoRph. puis, rhus, 2) Ant. ar«. 
c'lrb.-veg. canst chin, colcli, ferr. ign. lach. lye. rbod. ruta, 
sn8*ap. Sep. snlph. tliiij. vt^ralr. 

It* arthritic: 1) Aeon, bell bry. oolch. kal. mere, phoeph. 
rhuil. rhu5. sabin. sjjong. staph, 2) Agn, ai'g, baryt, calc. 
canst, chin. cocc. ferr. graph, n.-vom. puis, sassap, sep. etanii. 
Bulph. thiij. 

If persons who have n»ed much mercuiy: 1) Am. carb.- 
veg. cham. cliin. hep. puis. 2) Arg. bell. dule. calc* gunj. 
lach. lye. mez, phos.-ao. sassap. sulph. 

If persons who have indulged in the excessive use of coffee: 
I) Cham <*oft' ign. n.-vom. 2) BelL canth. canst, cocc. hep 
in err. puis, flnlph, 

\f pkihoric individuals: 1 > Aeon. am. bell. ferr. hyoa mere. 
Tiatr in. n.-vom. puis.* 2) Aur. bry. calc chin. lye. nitr.-ac, 
phosnh. Sep Bulph. 

§ o. Symplcunattc indications: 

AcoxTTiM : Intohrabk pains, cgpecially at nighty fttltohing 
or ttimlibing; fovt-r-hcat, mghing, lamenting, inconHulrdjU*, 
anguish, or with dread of d*.'ath ; thirst, red ch^ek^^ snmll and 
hurried pulse, great senniliveness of the whole nervous Fiys- 
tem, especially of the rtrgans of sight and hearing; sleeplet**- 
ness. with tossing about, 

Aiixica: Creeping in the affected part«, with rcMlessnesw, 
obliging one to move them constantly ; aggravation by the 
leai*t exertion, and even by the lea^t noise. 

AiiSENicUM : Tiie pains aro Viuming or t<?aring, setting in 
principally at night or during sleep, or driving the patient l4> 
ili'^ipair ; attended with great anguish, debility, obliging one 
to lie down ; irrtcrmissiou ; feeling of coldness in the affected 
pa?i; aggravaiion ciuring rest, after working, or in the eve- 
ning, in bed, or alter eating; relief by external wamith. 

i^ELLAnoNMA : Si itching, burning ' pains, aggravated by 
niutinn, light or poi«e, aUo by the lesist eoncu^sion, or even 
fcy tlie stepping of other people in the roomi the paroxysms 



set in every day, afternoon, and last until raidnicjlit; nggra- 
vation by a draught of air, warnilU of tbe bed, <fcc. 

Bryonia: Actiinu, or dra \Wng and tcarini^, or stitcbing 
pnins, or as if uii ulcer were under tbe akin ; aj^jgiavation by 
moving tbe body, ndlef by moving tbe affected part; irrtt^ 
ble, vehement dispos tion ; disposition to rheumatism. ^, 

Chamomilla: Jerking, tearing, and beating pa in 8, with 
sensation of rigidity in the affected paiis ; excessive sensi- 
ti^'ene88 to pain ; extreme debility, even unto fainting, after 
tbe first paroxysm of pain; bloated face, or one cheek is pale, 
tbe other red; hot sweat about the bead, even in tbe hairs, 
with restlessness, cries, weeping, and irritable, quarrelsome 

CnrNA : Extreme sensitiveness of tlie skin ; aggravation by 
the least tonoli ; sensation of rigidity and laming weakness 
in the affected parts, attended with aching pains, ill-bim>or, 
disf^itislied temfier, sensual disposition, fjale face, ^^-itlj fre- 
quent fluslies and w^armth, very kHjuncious or restless at 
night. (Ciiina is frequently very useful after Coffea.) 

CoFFEA : Intolerable pams, whining mood, tbe patient w 
beside himself, with restless tossing about, cries and grent 
anguish ; shuddering in the open air;- excessive sensiiiveness 
(jf all the organs of sense, and especially sight; cannot bear 
the least noise. (AtYer Coff. are frequently suitable: Nux- 
voMi, ign» chin., or puis, 

Hepak: Pains as if sore, or fi*om subcutaneous nlceratioD» 
aggT'avated by contact ; fainting tum when the least parox- 
yst[i of puin occurs, especially in the evening, 

loNATiA : Tearing pjiiijs or pressure from within outwards^ 
or stitching boring; pale facet watery urine; momentary re- 
lief by changing one's position ; the pains come on again af\er 
eating, in the evcninjo: af\er lying down, or early after rising; 
changeable mood with tendency to start ; or sad, tAciturn 
mood; bland, sensitive temjier. 

Mebci'rius : Suitable to perflions that are disposed lo rheti- 
mati&m, with night-sweats, tearing and stitching jiains; aggra- 
vation at night; feciing of coldnens in the affected partn, de- 
bility and orgasmus sangtiiids on making the least exertion ; 
jiule face, or Pushes on the face, or red spots on the cheeks. 

Xux-voancA: Suitable to persons who are addicted to the 
use of spirits or cofft?e, of u lively choleric temper and red 
face J or suitable to people \^ ho lead a sedentary lift* ; for driiw- 
»g or jerking pains setting in in tbe morning, in bed, after 



••ating, or in the evening, aggravaled by open and cold air, 
ren<ling or meditating, 

PuLSATitXA : Tearing, or stitching and heating painj*. only 
un one side, worse atler retlrinfj in f/ie eucninff^ or early in 
the morning, also during rest and when sitting; rcliet* in ihe 
open air; suitable to teinalci^ and intlivi^juala of a bland, timid 
and qniet temper, with pale complexion and disposition to 
fuel chilly. 

RhuS'Tox.; Creeping and burning pains, or drawing-stiteh- 
ing; or pains as if from subcutaneuus ulceration; aggnivn- 
tion during rest and in the upi^n uir ; relief by motion and 
warmth ; quiet disposition, dispositioQ to melancholy and 
sadness, or paroxj'sma of anguish. 

Vkrateum : Violent paiuH indu<?ing ddirium and frenzy 
for a short time; or pains with debility, even unto fainting; 
cold mrtat^ general coldness of the l^ody, wilh ihirst; aggr;i- 
vntion in bed, and at night, or towards morning ; relief on 
rining and walking. 

§ 4 Use more particularly : 

a) When there is : great nervous and muscular excitcmen!, 
with feverish heat, red cheeks, <fec. : I) Aeon, chain, dun. coftt 
Izn. mere. vaL 2) Am. arsi. belL bry. canth. n.-vorn. pala 

b) Wlien great t/e^i'/iVy, chilliness and coldness: 1) Ara, 
veratr. 2) Arn. chin hep. mere, n.-vom. puis. 

c) When the affected pnrts become very Mm, tmaciated: 
1) Canst, st^nph, 2) Ars. carb,-veg. graph, led nuz. natr.-m. 

d) When they sweat readily: Bell. csJc. chnm, chin, graph, 
mere n;itr,-m. n.-vom. jihosph. puis, rbod. sep. snlj>h. 

§ 6. a) For sensation as if the aftoeted part would be stretch- 
ed^ erdarf/edt widened: Belh bry. eurb.-vrg, chin. dulc. liyos. 
ign. lanr. mere, n.-vom. oleand. op puis. rhus. sep. spig. staph, 

b) For painful tension in the affected part: 1) Asa. bell, 
bty. caust. lye. natr,-m. n.-vom. puis, stront. sulph. 2) Arg. 
am. ars. aur. calc. coloc. con. kal. man;n.-m. mang. mere, inez, 
mosck nitr,-ac. phosph. plat. rhod. rhus. eep. stann. vetatr. 

c) For feeling of /uUnens : 1) Aeon. arn. bell. bry. carb.- 
veg. chin. mere, moseh. phnsph. rhus. siL «ul[ih. *1) AmuL 
aumi.-m. asa. calc. caps, cliani. coff. con. gru]>lL hell kal. lye, 
magn.'C. nair, uatr -iix u.voni. j>etr. ptilai sep. spoug, 

a) For sensatioQ as if every thing woiJd issu^ through the 




afftcitd part (forwards, wpwarda, or downwards) : V) Aeon 
bell. bry. caust. cham. cbin. coce. kal. hick lye. niagn.-arct» 
rnagn.-m. moscb. natr. n.-vorn. plat. puis. sep. sil. sulpb. »ulpb.- 
ac. -) AliinK arririi. anitn.-m. aur. ciilc* cann. coir, croc 
magri.-c. phusph. p)io*i.-ac. Kpii;. spong. staph. 8tront. ibuj. 

e) As if the psirt would JJt/ to pieerji : 1) BclL bry. oale, 
canst, con. iirn. hu-h, iHerc. ratr,-m. pnlg. sep. 8il. epi^. sulph. 
2) Aeon, ainni. nr»t. biiryt. caps, carb.-.m, carb.-ven;. chin, con, 
graph. Uep. kal. inajrn.-arct. mere, nvez, natr. n.-vom. oleand. 
petr, phosph* ran, s:il*in. sponij. staph, thuj. 

§ 6. a) Vov coinj^essim pains, as if in a vice: Alum. bell, 
core. bell. ign. ipec magn.-c. mo»cb. Dalr.-m. u.-vom. piat. 
spig. spong. Bulph. sn!ph.-ac, 

b) Sensation as if the part were tied np with a hcmd: 
Anae. aur, bell, eliin. con, graph, ign. mere, natr.-m, nitr.-:;c 
n.-votn. phosph. plat. puis, tsassap. sulph. 

e) Sensation as if the clothes were too tight^ as if tliey 
pressed upon the affueled part: 1) Bry. ealc. ciub.-veg. caiist, 
krea8. lach. lye. mere, n.-vom. enlph. 2) Amm. caps, carb.- 
an, nitr.-ac. puis sassap. sep. sil. spong. stann, 

d) For sensation of heaviness in the affected part : 1 ) 
Acou. bell. calc. carb.-veg. chin, magn.-aret. mere, natr.-m. 
ii.-vom phosph. puis, rbiis. sep sil. atann. sulph. 2) Alum, 
annn. amrn.-m. arn. ars. baryt. bry. carb.-an. chara. con. dale, 
krens. Inrh. lye. nuign.-c, niagn.-rn. niur.-ae. natr. n.-niosch. 
op. pet, plumb, sabad. sabin. spig. sp.^ng. staph, thuj. veralr. 

§ 7. For uchintj pains ; I) Ai^n. belt. ealc. carb.-veg. canst, 
chin, cnpr ign lye. n,-voni. phosph. sep. stann, staph, sulph. 
zinc. 2) Afon. ahinu anib. amm.-m. anac. ars. aur. earb.-ap, 
cocc. cnpr. ign. magn.-arct. mere. natr. natr,-m. phos.-Ac, plat, 
rata, sassap, veratr. 

b) Pressure aa if a plug or nail had been driven in: 1) 
Am hep. ign, n.-vom. oleand. plat. rnta. sulph .-ac. 2) Aeon. 
anac, ant. asa, carb.-veg. coce. cofl* dulc. Iiell lye. magn.-arct. 
uatr.-m. rhns. rnta. spig. spong. sul}»h. thuj. 

c) Boring pains: 1) Bell, calc dule. hep, mere, n.atr.-ni. 
puis, ran.-sc. sep, spig, 2) Aeon, agn anU arg. aur. carb.-it4i. 
cnrb.-veg. canst, cin, cocc. hell, ign kal. laur, magn.-c, niagn.- 
in, mere, moscli. rhod. sil. stann. staph, thuj. sdnc. 

^) ^^9ffi"!l pjiina: 1) Amm.-m. urn. bell. cin. dulc. nian^, 
M.'inoseli, rhod. sep. spig, stann. 2) Aeon asa. bry. ca]<x 
earb.-an. cin. coce. con. kal. niagn.-m, natr. nalr-m. nitr.«iMV 
phosph. phos.-ae. plat. rhod. rhus. ruta, seneg. sulph. vaL 



e) Sensation as if a ball were ascending in, or adhering to 
certain parts- Aeon. itrn. lacli. nntivni. plumb, sej>. rjI. 

§ 8, n) For coiutrictivt^ seasutiou in the iifFccied parts: 
1) Alum. anac. bell, cliin, graph, ij^ri. natr.-m. nitr.-ai-. n.-vom. 
plat, plimib. pnU» rhus. sul[)h. 2) Aeon, aur. C4ile. caulb. 
cocc. con. die. dros ipec. lye mnst'h. u.niosch. pliosph. phos,- 
ac. sassnp, sep, stann, siilph. sulph.-ac. thuj. verntr. 

b) Griping^ [/rtrfffW!/^ cUiwint?: 1) Cale, carb.-an. carb.- 
veg. caust, ign. tK*vom, jihosp. puis, sll. siilph. 2) Arnm. bcIL 
coloc. graph, hep, Jyc, magn.-m. mere, natr. natr,-m» stann. 

c) Dragfiinrf pains: 1) Am^ bell, calc, mere, n.-vom, puis, 
rhus. siilph. 2) Amb. ars. cham. colch, mez. nalr. natr.-m, 
nitr.-ac. phoFph. plat. rhab. scp. staph veratr. 

d) Sensation as if the part were too shorty or contracted: 
Y) Amm. amm.-m. Iciryt. caust. coloc, con, <;rHph. lach. natr. 
natr.-m. pho.sf>h, puis, rhufi. aep, sulph. 2) Alum. arn. asa. 
bell bry. carb.-an. lye. mai^n.-c. magn.-m, mere. mez. nitr.-ao, 
n.-vom. oleand. phos.-ac. plat. rhod. genei^. stann. siront. jdnc. 

e) Crampf/^ s^yasmodu' pains: 1) Amb, calc carb.-veg. 
coloc. i^n. oleand. phos.-ac. plat. 2) Aeon, anac. ang. arn. 
ara. bell, carb.-an, canst, chin. cin. cocc. con. prnph. kaj. lye. 
magti.-c. maern,-m. mex natr. natr.-m. n.-vom, phosph. puis, 
rhod, sep. stann. staph, mil ph. 

i' ) P\>r actual cramp: 1) Anac, ang. bclL calc. cAUst. cin. 
coloc. graph, lye. mere. plat. rhus. aep. 2) Agar. amb. ars. 
TLA'A. camph. eanii. cocc. con, dale. ign. kal, magn, arct. mez* 
nitr.-ac, n.-vom. petr. phosph. sec spig. stann. sulph. ihtij. 

g) For coulraetiofi of the parts: 1) Calc. cauMt. coloc, 
graph gnaj. lye. njerc. rhiiB. sec. sil. 2) Anac. c.arb,-an, caps, 
chin. cic. cin. ferr. hyoa. lach. mere, o.-vom. op. phosph. plat. 
6ol,-nig. stram. tart. 

g 9, a) For hetiumbing pains, with feeling of wujnhness in 
the affected pai'ts: 1) Aeon, bry, cham, cocc. eon. lye. n.-vom, 
oleand plat. puis. rhus. sulf>h. 2) Amm. anac. ars. aaa. bell, 
calc, carb.-an, cauat. chin. bell. hyos. ign. mere, mosch. op. 
pho.sph. phos.'ac. sec. sep. strara, 

b) ¥uv laming pains: 1) Aur. caps, carb.-veg. cham. chin, 
cin. cocc. c<tlch, n. vom, puis. rhus. sabad, sabin. staph 2) 
Aeon* bell. bry. can&tt. ign, magn.*arct. natr.-m. phosph. rhod 
>il. veratr. 

c) Pains aa if hruised: 1) Am. chin. cooc. hep. ign. natr, 
DAtr.-in. n,-vom. puis, rhus^ ruta. sep. sulph. veratr. 2j Arg, 



aur. liry. calc. campK carb.-veg. caust. con, liros. ferr. mafirn. 
C. ma.£]f«.-ro. mere. tiitr..Ac. phos|»h, nil. sL*inn. ihuj, 

d) Sensation as if the flesh were beaten loose o\t the bont's: 
Bry, canth. ign. led. mere, mosch. natr.-m. uitr.-HC u.-voiii. 
rhiis. staph, sulph. thuj. 

c) Sensation o^ conttmon^ blow^ <fcc. .* 1) Arn. cic. cin. con 
droa. lach- oleand. plat, puis, riita. 2) Aeon. alum, junm 
cnnst. ign. kal. natr. «atr.-m. n.-mosoh. phoaph. plumb, rhtts. 

f) Pain as {{strained or sprained: 1) Am. bry. calc* cunst. 
iirn. natr-m. petr. phosph. pnls. rhod. rhas. siiliih. 2) Amb. 
atnin. ciirb.-veg. graph, lack nitr. n.^vom. ruta. sep. epig* 
Btaiin. ihuj. 

§ 10. a) For tearing pains: 1) Aeon, am, belL bry. caust. 
chin. ign. kal. lye. mere, n.-voni. puis. rhod. rhns. ail. stront. 
siiljth. zinc. 2) Alum, amb, arg, calc. caps. c.irb.-veg. ferr. 
led. natr. natr.-m. nitr. phosph. phos.-ac. sassap. aep. ibuj, 

b) Cittting pains: 1) Belh calc. canth, coloc, dros. kal. lye 
mere. natr. pho.s.-ac. rhus sil. snlph.-ac. 2) Alum, canst, chin, 
con. dulc. graph, hyos, ign. mur.*ac. nitr.-ac. n.-vom. pho&ph. 
puis. Sep. spig. gtaph. eulph. 

e) 5^/f/7im«7 pains : 1) Aeon, asa. bell. bry. calc. canth. 
chin. gnaj. ign. mere, nitr.-ac. phosph. puis. rhu& sep. 8pig. 
staph, sulph. thtij. 2) Anim, amra.-m. ara. ai"S. eaust. coco, 
colch. con, dros. graf>h. hell. kal. magn.<^ magn.-m. natr.-m. 
n.*vom. s,^bad. aasaap. m\, spong. snlph.-ac. verb. 

d) Shocks OY jerks : 1) Amb. calc, cic. colch. igti. magn*- 
arct. n.-mosch. n.-vom, phosph. plat, puis .sep. &il. spig. stann. 
gnlph. sulph.-ae. 2) Anac. am. ars. belL eaun. cham. lye. 
magn.-c, mez. ])etr. rhus. spong, tart. 

e) Tititchinff ^ jerking ^\n\\^'. l)ABa calc. canst chin. colch, 
cnpr. graph, ign. kal. natr.-m, nitr.-ac. n.-vom. pule. rhus. sil, 
sulph. 2) Alum. anac. aur. bell, bry. cin. clem. con. graphs 
lye. magn.-aust. mere. pho8.-ac. Rep. «pig. stann, val. 

g 11. a) Gwff?er«/7, corrosive, wjrapmg pains: Alum. ai*9. 
asa« baryt. bell. calc. canth. eaust, cham. con. cupr. droa. 
kal. kreas. laeh. lye. mang. natr.-m. phosph. pho8.-aa plat. 
piiln, ran. sc. rhus. ruta. sabad. spig. staph. 

b) Tangling in the parts: 1> Aeon. am. bell. caps, ohin, 
colch, kill. phot?.-ao, plat. puis. sec. sep. solaii.-nig. Rpig sulph 
2) Alum, ars causl. croc, euphr. ign. magn.-aust mere; ualr, 
Datr.-m. n.-vom. sabakd. zinc. 



c) Creeping : Alunt am. anr, bell. calc. kal. tiitr.*ac. n.- 
▼om. rhod. rhuH, sec. «ep. fitaph. sulph. Omj. 

d) Going to sleep of the pnrtu : 1) Cfilc. cjirb.*ftn. carb -veg. 
chin, cocc, croc, prapri. kal. Ivc. mere. petr. phos.-aa pula. 
rhiis. sc'p. sil sulph. 2) AitiL. a.rg. b»ir\ t. caps. cham. con. 
fruaj. hyos. icii, ma^n,-arct. inagTi.-aust, magn.-m, natr.-ou 
ri-vom. phosph. rhod. strain, sulph, thuj. veratr. 

e) Sensation as if iHnd were Mowing on the parts, or as if 
a current of air Mere passing through : Aur. colch. graph. 
tna«^i.>an8t. oleund. puU. rhiis. 8abLn. 8pig, stnmi. zinc. 

f ) Feeling of coldness in the part^: Are. calc, camph. carb.- 
veg. chin, colch. dr€»s. ipec. laur. lye. magn.-aust. mere, Micz. 
natr. natr-tn. nitr. n,-vom. phospli. phos.-ac. »cp. sulph. vcrat. 

g 12. a) For bumituj pains; 1) Aeon. ars. bell. bry. canth. 
carb.-veg. caust. eitphorb. graph, mere, n.-vom. pho>*|ih. phos- 
ac. rhu8. sabad. sep, stann. sulph. 2) Arn. calc. eliin, kah 
lach. lye. mez. petr. plumb, rhod. rata, sabiu. &il. vcratr. 

b) Beating^ throbbing, pukative, hammering painn: 1) 
Aeon. arara.-ra. ar«. bell caic. carb.-veg. eham. eooc. ferr. ign. 
kal. Tnagn,-aust. nalr.-m. phosph. puis. sep. ssiLstjlph. tart. 2) 
Alinn, asa. bry. cann. caps, kreas. laeh. lye magu.-c, magn.> 
m. nitr.-ae. petr. rhod rhua. riita. sabad. strain, veratr. 

c) Pains as from imbctUaneou^ ulceration: 1) Amni*-m. 
bry. cAUBi. kal. Inch, phosph. puis, ran. rhus. sil. 2j Caniu 
cauMt. eham. cic. cjraph. ign. niang. mere. mur.-a<3. watr.-ni. 
nitn-ac. phosph. ihuj. zinc. 

d) Pain m \f burtit: Baryt. bell biy, eamt. hyofl. ign. kch. 
magn--m. n.-vom. phosph, ]»uls, sep. 8ulph,-ac. 

e) Sore and smarting pain : 1) Arg. canth, eic. graph, hep, 
ign. mez. n.-vom, plat. sen. ^niph -ac. zinc. 2) Alum. arn. 
bry. cjilc. eaust. cin knt. kreas. lye. mere, natr.-m, nitr.-ac* 
phnsph. pulfl, ran, rhus sil, staim. staph, sulph, 

^13. a) For pains striking, from above downwards: 
Aeon, agar, baryt, bell, bry. canth. caps, carb.-veg. caust. chin* 
cin. ferr, graph, kal. kreaa. lye. magn.-arct. nmgn.*a»iit. nu^ro, 
natr. natr -m. nitr.-ac. n -vom. photi.-ac* puis, sabin. ea^sap. 
sep. smlph. val. veratr. zinc. 

b) From hclow uptcards : Aeon, alum, anac, am, ar*. bell, 
cale. carb.-veg, eau»t. eham. chin, eoleh. eon. dule, euphr. 
magn.-arct. magn.-e. mere, natr, natr -m, nitr,-ac, n.-vom. pub. 
rhud. samb. sep. spong. stront. «ulph. thuj, val. 

c) From within oiHwards : 1) Arg. asa. bell, bry, chin, con 
rhu». spig. spoDg. btauB. sulph. val. 2) Aeon, aluiu. calc 



dros. dulc, ign* lye. magn.-arct. ma^.-aost. mere. mes. raur. 
at', natrnritf'.-rn, n.-som. phosph,phos.-ac. sabad. scp. sil. stnph* 

d) Fifun wkhoift *nwards : 1) Anuc. arn. cule. canth ign. 
kfiU pht, spitr siapli. zinc, 2) Bi-IL calc. cann, f:iust» coco, 
dulc. hell. laur. me*, nitr.-ac. oleand. plumb, rlma sabin. 

0} For semilateral pains: 1) Alum, a«a, calc. cocc coloc 

oleaim. plios.-ac. plat. puis, saasap. apig- staph, sulpli.-aa verb* 
2) Agar. amb. anac. nrg.ars. catith. carb.-veg, caujst. chin, dc. 
cin. guaj. ign. lacb. mere, niur.-ac. phosph. rbua. sabad. sassap. 
8tanii. zinc. 

T) Pain«, felt crcfss-ioise, right shotilder, left foot, &c. : 
Agar, calc niaiig. iiitr.rao. eil. vaL 

g) Leftside: I) Calc. chin, coloc, lach. mere, petr, phosph. 
snlph. 2) Arn. asa. asar. colch, cupr. graph, hep. lye, mcz. 
nitr.-ac. phosph rhod. scp. spig. Buiph.-ac. thuj. 

h) Mifjht side: 1) Amm. amni.^m. canth. caust. sabad. 
siront. zinc. *1) Agar. alum, calc dros. ign. lye. mosoh. ruta. 

i) Erratic pains: Am. chin, djiph. n.-mosch, pula. rbod. 
sulph. 2) Ars. asa. bdl, con. ign. iud. mang. sabni. sasaap. 
s«»c, Sep. val, zinc. 

g H. See: CoxDmoNs, Causes, Rheumatism, Gout, ijbc 

PARALYSIS.—! 1- Pnncipal remedies: 1) Caust. cooc 
fi.'Vom, rhus. 2y Am. baryt. bt4l bry. dulc. ferr. lach. led. lya 
oleand. ruta. sil slann. Hulph. zinc. 3) M^.-gi, caul, guls 
hodeom. niyr. ]>hyt. s,'ing, xaotbox. 

§ 2. a) For hemiplegia: 1) CatisL cocc, lach. n*-vom. 2) 
Arg.-n. bell, graph, plumb. 3) Alum. auac. <wv». chin. hyoiL 
kal. phoe.-ac. rhn^, stann. staph, sulph.-ac. 

For LEi-T giDKD hemiplegia: Am. ars. bell, caust rhns. 

For hemiplegia of thk right side; Ar^. bell c^nisL rhui, 

h) In ^'onsequenoe of coJfvxrLsioNa: liArs. caust. cupr. 
sec sulph. 2) JJell. cocc. laur, n.-vom. 3) Cic, hyosc. plumb. 
rhus.^l. stanu, stram. 

c) If caused by KtiEtrMATiSM : 1) Am, baryt. caul, caust. 
cliin. ferr. gela. ruta. tart. 2) Bry. cocc. lye. sulph. 

d) In consequence of cmotions : Arn. natr. inur. ataDo. 

e) After bo oily kxeutions : Arn. rhus, 

f) In drunkards: N.-vom. 

g) In coDseqaeoce of j>£BiLiTATtHa tsrLXTKXCBa, sejcuiil ex- 



iy oTiania: 1) Chin, far, natr.-m. aiilph. 2) Cocc. n.- 
vorn. phos rhiis. 

h) lu consequence of apoplexy: 1) Am. anac. baryt. eausU 
cupr. n-vom. plumb, sec, 2) Lach. stann. straui. stinc. 3) 
Anacard. bell, op. oooa 

i) In conueqiience of CATCHT?fG toLD: Am, canst, colch. 
dulc. mere. rhus. Of damp cold : Cau*<t, rhiia. Of severe 
cold: Caust. Of suppression of perspiration : Colch. 

k) After tNTERMiTTENT fkv:ers : Am. ai-s. natr.-m. n.-vom. 

]) After TTPHoiD FKVERs I Cocc cupr. rhus, satpb. 

in) If caiiMeri by 8i:ppression or uetbocf^sion of an erup- 
tion : Caust. dulc hep, sulph. 

n) In consequence of spinal AypEcnoNs: Aluminum* 
am. are. phos. 

o) Caused by poisoning by absenicuk : Chin, feir, graph, 
hep n -voni. 

p) By POISONING BY lbad: Cnpr. op. plat. 

?) By mercury: Hep, nitr.-ac. Btapb. stram. sutph. 
3. a) Paralysis op the eyb-llds, require ; 1 ) Sep, spig, 
Terai. 2) Bell, nilr.-ac. stram. ziuc. 3) Cocc, op, plumb, 

bl Paralysis of the facial iniscLBS : BifU, caust, cocc. 
graph, n -vom. op, 


cocc. cupr. gels. lach. sil. 2) Ars. ? bell.? ipcc ? kal.? laur.? 
n.-mosch. ? plumb ? puis, ? strara. ? 

<^) Of the TONGUE AND ORGANS OF SPEECH: 1) Am. ars. 
haryt. bell, caust. coce. dulc. hep. hyosc. lach, 2) Aeon. g$ls* 
hydroc. op. stram. 3) Cupr. ac.-muriat. plumb. 

e) Of the ErTREMmES of the body, upjjer and lower: 
.SS^c. am. ars. colch, dulc. mere, n.-vom. rhns. 3) Gels. sang. 

f) Of the UPPER EXTREMrriEs: 1) ^sc.-hip. arn.calc. cauht. 
chin. cocc. colch, dulc. mere, n.-votn. rhus. sep. tart. 2) 
Acuu. bell. bry. lye. nitr. verat. Right side : Am. n.-vonL 
rhus. Left: X.-vom. rhns. 

Of the HANns : 1 ) Ars. causL ferr. rhus, ruta, sil 2) 
Amb, cupr. natr.-m. 

Of the FiNGKRs: 1) Calc. sec. sil 2) Arab. cnpr. natr.-m. 

g) Of the LOWER EXTREMITIES: ^sc.-gl. alutn. am. bell, 
bry. caul. chin. <^o<v. colch. dulc. gcU. kal, mere natr.-m, w.- 
tw>m. phot, plumb, rhns. sec. sulpb. verat. alb. and vir. 
Right: Plumb, rhus. Left: Arn. 

h) Of the FEFT : Ars. chin, oleand. plumb,- 



i) Of the Bi<Ai>DER : Are. bell, canth. dulc hyos. lacH. lyo. 
natr.-m. op. cact. gols. 

k) Of the RECTUM a:nt> spuiwcrKR-Aia : Canst, coloc. hjos. 
lye. op. rrit. zitic, sulph, 

§ 3. For paralysis of the motor ant> sensory nertbs: 
Aiu bell. camt. ign. n,-vora. rhns. Of ihe sexsoet nerves 
alone: Plumb, si). Of the motor nerves alone: Gels. 

PARALYSIS OF THE LUNGS, Orthopncea paralytica^ 

Fuffocntire catarrh. 

§ L Principal remedies; 1) Ara. carb.-v. chiu. gels. ipec» 
Inch. op. tiirt. 2) Aeon, baryt. campb, graph, piils. samb. 
3) Aur. bell, bry, cliam. con. droa. hep. byos, ign. nigl.-Jirc, 
mere, n.-voni. pbus. spong. sulph. verat. 

§ 2. If of a cATAKROAL nature, or cansecl by exftessive 
aacumulalioTi of mucus in the bronchi, give : 1) Ar», can»ph. 
chin. ipec. t:irt. 2) Carb.-v. dros. gels, graph, hep. mere. phog. 
pnls. sumb. spong. aulph. verat. 

If of a CONGESTIVE nature, caused by congestion of blood 
to the lungH [npoplfxia pfdmonalu) : 1) Aeon. bell. bry. chin. 
gels. ipec. jt>AoiJ. sauib. '2) Ars. aur. chani, n.-vom. op. spong. 

Purely nervous paralysis requires: 1) Baryt. graph, hyos, 
laoh. n,-vom. op. 2) Ars. aur. carb.-v. chin, nigt.-are. 

§ 3. To CHILDREN givc : 1) Aeon. gels. ipec. samb. tart. 
2) Bell, cham, hep. ign. mere, sulph. 

2) To OLD people : 1) Baryt. lach* op, 2) Ara. aor. carb. 
v. chiu. rtui. phog. verat 

§ 4, See: Aathrtft^ Congestions of the Chesty Bronchitis^ 
Coitgh^ Pneumoiiia^ <!^C, 

PAROTITIS. The best remedy for acute parotitis is J/rrc. 
in moat eases a sperific, though Aur. is sometimes indiealed, 

Erysipelatous inflamm:itiou, or metastasis to the bmin, with 
disappe.ariiuce of the spelling, stupor and delirium^ require 
Bell., or hyosc,^ if bell, should not be sufficient, 

In CISC Merc, should have been previously abused, or in 
case it should not be sufficient, or the swelliiie: should cotn- 
mencc to harden, with hectic ferer^ «fec., Cm'h.-veg. is indi- 
cated. This remedy Is generally indicated when tlic patient 
is very hoarse and there is a metastasis to the stomueh. 

If CarU-veg. is insuflicient, Coce. will be found servioeablew 

In obstitmte cases consider: 1) Kal.. rhus. 2) Amm. aur, 
calc. cham. con. 

Compare : Sore throat. 



PE3fPITTGUS. — Both chronic nnrl acute pemphigus re- 
quire : 1) BolK thilc. rhuf*. sep. *i) Canth. hq». ran. 
- Compare vc!?icnlar erysipelas, wiiit']i 18 s»> imu'h like pern- 
phijrus that the i>ume remedies may perhaps be employe J fur 

We have no written evidence of the treatment of this div 
ease ; neverlhek'ss, the remedies whitth have been recom* 
mended by Ilahnfmann, for phagedenic blisters, or the &c»- 
called Fressblnscn, (p^preaditig and corrosive blisters), may be 
tried for ponipliolix, thoMjrh these blisters seem to be of the 
class of ecthyma rather than ponipholix. 

PERITONITIS.— Principal remedies: 1) Aeon, bell bry, 
cham* ; or, 2) Coif, coloc. hyos. n.-vom. rhua. 

Comp. : Enteritis, Metritis, Puerpkral Fkvkk, Imtkb- 


PETECHIA, Morbus macuxosus. 

Petechia} which occur in tj'phus putrid tis, require: Are. 
bry. rlnis. 

3Iorbtis macwlosus Werlhofil yielded in ray practice to Bry* 
in every instance. 

We may tr)% moreover : Am. bell berk hyos. lach. led. 
n.-voni. ]>hos. rut. sec. sil. stram, sulplu-ac, 

PHARYNGITIS, ^-ith inflammfttion of the velum and 

Principal remedies: 1) Aeon. alum. bell, cnntk hyos. laeh- 
merc. n*-vom puis, stram. ; or, 2) Ars. ealc. du!c. ign, veratr. 

For Hittrple^ luieomplicatcd infiammation, give : Aeon bell. 
canth. lach. mere. 

Inflammation with spasmodic constriction of the fauces, 
requires : 1) Hcil. hyos. lach. stram. veratr. ; or, 2) Alum. ars. 
cic. cooc, ign. laiir. lye. mere, n.-vom. op. 

For sensation as of a foreign body in the throat, give: 1) 
Ars. ign. mere, n.-vom. puis ; or, 2) Bell. lach. sulph. 

If the inflammation sliouM extend to the velum, give: 
Aeon. belL e<»ff. mere, u.-vom* 

Inflammation of the uvula requires in most cases ; 1) Bell, 
coff. mere, n.-vom, ; or, 2) Calc. seiieg. sulph. 

Compare: Soke Throat. 


A kind of spreading^ ulcerated blisters on the buttocks, feet, 
heels, toes, hands aiid lingers, always UolaUd^ and distin* 


FBiMoai& — ^rncrropHOBiA. 

guish^d from pompholix by tbo absence of tfmsp mncoaa 
dfrangomet»ts of the sftnninch, inlestinal ranal, or other funo- 
tionjil derangf^nents, which .ire generully sniil to !u.'conipfitiy 
portifiholix. Principal remedies: l)Chiiin. praph poir, «iL 
2) Ars. bor. calc. caust. clem. hep. kal. magn,-c. mere. natr. 
iiitr.-ac. rhua.-t. 8op. ftquill. sulph, 

PtllMOSIS, parapliimosis and inflammation of the prepuce. 
If catiBod by syphilis, give Mercurius^ or Nitr.-ac sep. ihuj* 
Phimosia with f/onorrhueu^ renuiros: Cunn, mere, snlpn. 

Phimosis from friction or <ome other mec)u*uiiea] cause, re* 
quires Arn.,anJ ifinflamniation should be present»g:ive Aeon., 
tnen Arn.. and if Arn. shouhl not be sufficient, try Hhiis.-^t. 
or Euphrasia. 

If eijusfd by uncUarUinesSt Acoii. or Merc, or Sulph. will 
be found sufficient. 

If by chemical or poismious subfttaucea, *fec., give: Aeon, 
bell. bry. earaph, 

Supffuration requires Mere, or Caps, or Hep., and sulxse- 
quent indnrotwns : Lacri. or Sulph. or Sep. 

For threatening ganffreney crive: Ars. or Lach. or Canth. 

To lUtk children^ give: Aeon, or Merc, or Calc. Hud 

requires: 1) according to -flcriw/7^ vomiting as speedily na 
pns:4ible; if necetisaiy^ excite it by tobacco or mustaid; 2) 
black coffee, in large quantities; 3) wetter mixed with com- 
mon M*njneiiia. Oil and fat things are hurtftil, milk Ukewij»e. 

If symptoms remain use: 1) N.-vom. 2) Alum. bell, sulph. 

PnOTOPHOBIA. --Principal remedies r 1) Bell, eon, 
euphr. ign. puis, staph, vcratr. *1) Aeon. ars. calc. bep. mere, 
n.-vom. phosph. ilnis. sulph. veralr, 

Bklladunna: Halo of various colors aroand tb© flame; 
red spots, mist or darkness before the eyes, diplopia and de» 
ert'use of sight. 

CiXA : Suitable to scrofulous children, that wet their beds 
frecjuently, and to onanists. 

CoNirM ; Pale redness of the eye-ball, with congested ves- 
sels of the conjunctiva, suitable to 8crofnlou.s subject** 

KL'ruRASiA: Headache, the light of the candle seeming to 
be dark and to flicker. 

Ignatia : Pressure in the eyes» with ladirymauon, and wttl^ 
out any other perceptible symptoms. 

PtnAATTLLA : Brii^bt ciri'le around the camlle'light, with 
dimness of sight as if through mist, or as if through sorne- 
tbing that can be rubbed off; diplopia, or obBcuration of 

Staphtsaoria : Blat^kiiess or scintillations before one's 
eyes, or flames, especially at night, or balos around the can- 
dle-light ; with dimness of sight. 

VERATiiUii: Black mates or sparks before the eyes, with 

Compare : Ophthalmia and Amblyopia. 

PLAGUE, ORIENTAL, — The best remedies seera to be ; 1) 
Ars, belL carb.-veg. chin. rhus. 2) Cry. hep. lach. sil. sulpb. 

PLETnORA. — Such a thing as too much blood does not 
exist, and the symptoms which seemed to point to an excels 
of blood, frequently yiehl m by magic to: I) Aeon, hdh fcrr. 
hyos. mere, n.-vom. phos. pul«. snlph. 2) Arn. anr. bry. cnlc% 
chin. croc. dig. graph, lye. natr.-m. nitr. nitr,-ac. rhns. sep, 
Btrara, thuj., to be chosen in every case according to the 

PLEURinS, PLEURISY. — The principal remedy is 
Aeon., a few pellets in water, a tablcf^fioonful every two or 
three honrs. After Aeon., if the improvement should not 
continue, give Bry., as above ; and if sensitiveness to the 
weather shoidd still remain, give Sulphur after Bry. Com- 
pUoated cases may require: Chin. kal. lach, n.-vom. scjuill.; 
and perhaps: Arn. gran. ? 

Compare : Pneumoxia and the other Affections of the 

PLICA POLONICA.— Tlie principal remedies seem to b© 
Vinca. borax, lye. natr,-m, 

PNEUMONIA. § 1. Pnncipal remedies: 1) ^coti. bry. 
cann. chin, geU.pho9. rhm sqiiilh sulph. vcrat.^vir, 2) Bt.^lh 
lach merc< puis, soneg. 3) Ars, asclep. bapt. cact. canth. 
larhn, nitr. n,-vom. op. phos.-ac. sabud. »ang. sep. tarL verai.- 

I 2, The principal remedy in the first stage is j4con.,a(\er 
which i?n/. may be given, to be continued until ih^ breath- 
ing is easier and the expectoration lookft belter. 

H aiXevhij, weakness of the ehent^ op[»rcabion and cough 
•bould remain, give Phos. or Sulph,, <ir Ciiin. hicb. lye. siL 

^ &. If HJCPATiZATiox should already exist, before a phy- 



«cian is called in. Aeon, and bry, may still be of great tiso, 
bat the principal remedy is Sulph,^ a lew pellets in a luinbler 
tiill of water, ;i tal>]c8puonfnl every three hoiira. 

If symptoms of suppuration clearly sshow themselves. ;^ive : 
1) Ladi phos, 2) Bell, siilph. Or when expectoration is 
tardy and the lungs full of pus : Carb,-v. seneg, mere. 

For irrilammation of the iiight lung, with bilious symp- 
toms, Tart, is frequently very serviceable, 

§ 4. For ASTHKNTC PNEUMOxiA, {pneumonia notha)^ as we 
Bee it in old people, with danger of paralysis of the lungt 
At^ort. is likewise the principal remedy, after which, if anolht 
paroxysm should set m, Merc, should be given. 

JidL should be given after Merc, if a spasmodic conslrio-^ 
tiun of the chest, with dry, hacking cough, should remalD^i 
Cham, if the breathing continue wheeling* After 
N.-vom. is frequently suitable. 

Should no change take place after Merc, give JJrw., espe-'' 
dally if the breathing be anxious and hurried, or Verat,-aJh.^ 
if the extremities are cold^ with constrictions of the chest 
and great anxiety, or Ars, if the patient continues to sink, 
with suffocative paroxysms. 

g 6. Tvpuoir* pneumonia first requires 0/?., then some- 
timi'S Am. or rhus. 

If no change should occur after these remedies, give Verat, 
or Ars. ; if the debility and rattling increase, Bry. and Rhu.s.-t., 
Ipec. and Ars,, or Ars. and Verat. alternately, are very fre- 
quently uselul. Should the improvement not continue, cive 
i<ulpfi,, and then again one of the former remedies, which 
seemed to be mof^t beneticial. 

Bkd-8c»kes, csyiecially '\\gan^eno%i8^rt<\mTe Chin, and ars 

For oBsctRATioK OF SIGHT givc BclK, and if the strength 
shduld continue to fail, give Natr,-m, 

g 6. If 8}Tnj)toms of incipient phthisis slioidd set in aflei 
pneumonia, or if the intlamniation should threaten lo beconn 
ehronit*^ or if the existence of TunEJici.ES should have to bo 
suspected, give Sulph. ; or, 2) Amm. lach. lyc, phos. ; or, B) 
Ar8. aur. ealc. hep. kaL nitr. nitr.-ac. ol.-jec. stann. sulph. ntt- 

If PCEULENT KXPEtToKATiON should reiuaiu after pneumo- 
nin : 1 ) Chin, terr, hep. lach. lyc. mere, snlph, 2) Dros, dale, 
taur. led. puis, If) Bell.? hyose. ? phos-ao. ? 

g 7. Particular indications: 

AcoNn^: In the initiatory »tage^ with the following symp- 
l<tni»: chill of more or less severity, general feeling of ma- 
biMj sense of oppression of the cbest; more or less diffi- 



ciilty of breathing, which is shortened nnJ accelerated ; fine 
>titilimL;: pains in the chest ; soiifie of fuHncss in the chest ; 
phtiri dry cough ; soreness in the che*t like excioiation ; lieat 
in the chest ; cutaneous conf^estioii, hot pei-spiration, pulne 
full, hanJ and quick; disinclination to all niovemerits; in the 
aiifjoml staffe : cough after drinking; cough excites* jiain in 
the larynx, relieved by lying on the back, aggravated by 
lying on either side; cough, with stitching painn in the chest, 
with thin f rot hi/ expectoratiofi^ or biood'Str&fJced ; oppression 
and acceleration of the respiration; sense of weanne.*is and 
exhaustion of the che^^t ; burning shooting or burning press- 
ing pains in ihe chest, with painfullness to external pressure. 
(Bry. tbllows well after Aeon.) 

Belladonna : In the initiatory stage, when the symptoms 
of h]/per(wmta of the brain are present. 

Bryonia: Anxiety ftom oppressed respiration; pressure 
on the niiildle or lower part of the sternum ; a bruised feel- 
ing in the chest; the short dry cough is somewhat looser; 
expectoration not yet free, though more copious ; it is yellow 
and thii-k, or niixed with blood ; all the suflerings are in- 
creased by motion; especially indicated when the pleura or 
the bronchial mucous surface are also attacked with stabbing 
pains through the chest ; incUnation to lie perfectly stiU. 

Iodine: { Crotfpotm pneumonia) : Anxiety and oppression 
of the cht-'St, with burning, tearing or stabbirjg paint* ; sensa- 
tion when breathing as if something resisted the expant*ion 
of the chest ; cough, with dyspnoea and blood-streaked ex- 

Kalmiyproiod. : If BelL is insufficient for the congestion 
of the brain ; ako in secondary croupous pneumonia during 
the course o\' a bronchitis, when Pbos. did not suffice ; accord- 
ing to Kat^ka, cU the beginning^ when the disoase localizes 

Phosphor.: (Catarrhal pntutmmia): Dryness of the air- 
pa^aages ; sense of excoriation in the upper part of the chest ; 
dry, hard cough ; congh atter drinks; sense of pressure, Uke 
a weighty in the upper part of the chest ; stitching pains 
when eonghing, moving and breathing; bruised soreness, 
especially to ilie touch ; loose cough without expectoration, 
with sensation of rawness of the chest ; cough with white 
expectoration, difticult to detach ; tine bloody streaks in the 
iijucinis expectoration; the breath is very short after each 
cough ; anxiety and heaviness of the chest, as if it were 
pressed together with obstructed respiration. Tfie Btronge^ 



the prenaknce of the br&Jichial element the enrlitr its admin- 
iMrtAtlon mat/ be caUtd for^ white just the reverse is trw: in 
the pleuritir variety. In the pulmonary variety^ where ilje 
hcpatiziition of the affected lunt; i^ extensive, it is indicuied 
in the lulter part of the period of the deposit and t^i^ tariff 
part ff that of absorption. (Sulphur is frequently indicated 
al\er Phoa. 

SuLPHirR: Sudden dry couj^h, as if the lung would be turn 
out, with increased pain in the head; loose cough, withsen^i- 
tion of excoriation and pressure on the chest and thick niu- 
.<ious expectoration, also with rattling in the trachea and 
hoarseness ; expectoration of greenish masjues of sweet taste ,' 
offensive breath ; the greatest dyspnoea ; oppressed brejilhing 
when speaking ; obstructed breathing in sleep, she must be 
waked to prevent suffueation ; anxiety and weakness of the 
chest ; severe shooting pains through the chest ; copious 
Bweuting from the least exertion. It is mostly indicated in 
the stage of hepatization xrith threutenirtfj suppuration^ but 
only in ai^es free from complications with other diseases, 
where it accomplishes tft*t absorption of tli€ infiltration. 

TAiiTARUs-EUETicus: ParoxysDis of c^ugh, with suffocative 
arrest of breathing; rattling, hollow cough; cough, with 
heat and moist hands, sweat about the forehead, anxious op- 
liression of the chest, with rising of heat, reaching as &r as 
the heart ; dyspn<Ba, with desire to cough and a quantity of 
rattling mucus in the chesty or cedeina puhuonum ; impend- 
ing paralysis of the lungs; cyanosis. 

g 8. Use moreover. 

Auxica: If the disease be caused by some external injury, 

Arsenicum : Fetid or dingy-green expectoration, pointing 
ta approaching gangrene, Chin, or Laoh, being insufficient; 
burning and heat in the chest; jiale face, cold extremities; 

Cachis-gr. : Oppression of respiration, pricking pains, acute 
intense cough ; sanguinolent sputa ; hard, quick vibrating 
pulse ; fuL'ling of conHtriction in the chest, preventing free 
»j>eech ; pliarp wandering pains in the chest, especially m the 
scapular region. 

Cannahis : Difficult, greenish expectoration, with delirium 
duniig the fever nnd vomiting ot greenish bilious matter; 
frequent, liard, teasing couijh, soraetirues even incessant, with 
dulliiesjs on percus.sion. Mostly indicated late in the third 
Stagey or tor complication with diicases of the heart or the 
larger vessels. 






Capstcum : Bi'oncho-pneumonia in pb'cgmatic, indolent oi* 
suspicions perHOns. 

C-vfin -VKo : In the (hinl 'ftage ; rattling in che«t; cough 
br sfHtlls; browiiiMh expectoration; MiiisK tUre mul lip«; 
tVel coM ; pult^e smalf, weak ; sopor; drlirinm 

CiiKiJi><>xiiTjkr : Rhjht iddr, ; bilious syinptonis ; pain nndiT 
riglit shoulder-hladt^ ; great atid cpiJte irregitliir palpi tat ic3n 
of the heart. 

CiriNA: If the patient had lost much blood, either by de- 
pletion or hajnion hai^e, or bilious symptoms, or symptoms of 
incipient gangrene being present. 

GELSKMr.viTM: Only itidi(%ated in the fortning or conrfesttve 
sit^ge^ where it iireaks up the disease, by produeing free per- 
spiration, especially if it was caused by cold air acting on tlie 

Glokoixe : CoUateral cedema of the parts of the lungn not 
attacked with pneumonia, hitidering the retufnlng of the 
blood from the brain and thus producing poisoning by car- 
bonic-acid and apo|>lex3^ Extreme dy>*p!Hea, fierous and 
ftininy sjiuta, cyanu>*is, with fullness of uU the veiiia of iho 
neek and head ; enma. 

Lachesis : E>*p<ei:il[y successful in removing deposits re- 
sulting from intlnmniatious in htngs already tNraded bij fr^ 
berdfn^ or froTn those intlamniations of low gvnAi} wJdcli are 
not unfrequently developed in the progress of other dinea-srs; 
cough, with tickling in lite larynx, chest and epigastrium ; 
the expectorated mucus is round and gray, or sticky and 
yellow, or watery, almost never at night, an<i accouvpanied 
by coryza. Cough aftrr evcrg sleep ; suftbcatif»n and shorl- 
uesa of breath from the cough ; frothy ex|>cotonition, mixed 
with blood. Copious per5i»irati(m, which relieves. 

Lachnanthes : Cough, worse in bed» preventing sleep ; 
siitctjcs following one another in quick succes^on, while at 
rest and when nioving ; hot anil oppressed feeling in ihe 
chest and heart, will* dizziness; aimatural hrightness tf the 
egejt^ trith red ^Jtushed face ; tgphoid jnteuTmmia, 

Lycopodiltm : Circumscribed redness of face; sweat wiih- 
ouf relief ;^/<i/i*/<A?<J jnotion of nostrils; cro^netift after get- 
ting awake, 

Meiu'URIcs : Pnetinionia and brtutchitis, especially when 
the patients are disposed to bleiiorHKca, or wlieii the patients 
have a profuse expecrtiration of viscid, bloody mucus; bili» 
uus pneumoiiia, with diarrhoea^ 



Nux-voMiCA. : Bmucliial symptoms being present, or when 
the patients are ad^licted to drinking or suffer with piles; 
gastric symptoms predominate. 

Pulsatilla : Pneumonia after mcjisles, or in consequence 
of an obstinate bronchial cataiTh or suppressed menses. 

RniTS-Tox. : Typhoid tpneMmonia^ with torpor and apathy, 
neither cough nor sputa being present. 

SAXGi:iNARrA : In the Mrd stage, with red or gray he]>a« 
tizatinn, and purulent infiltration of the pulmonary part-n- 
chyinn. Extreme dy8pna?a ; short, accelerated, constrained 
breatliing ; tenacious rust-colored sputa, expectorated ^vilh 
dithculty ; patient lies on the back ; no pains, or burning 
stitching pams ; pulse quick and small ; face and extremities 
rather cold, or hands and feet burning hot, with circuni- 
8cribed redness and burning of the cheeks, espedaHy ia the 

Sf'iLLA : Pnenmonin, attended with gastric eymptmns^ or 
after it had been treated l>y bleeding. Cliin* being iusuflicient; 
or when a profuse eicpectoratioti of mucus was present Irorii 
the beirinnmg. 

Veuatrltm-viride ; Oppression of the chest, with natisea 
and vomiting, relieved by profuse perspiration. It is indi- 
cated in the incipient stage of engorgement j sinking, faint 
feeling in pit of stomach ; regularly intermittent pulse, 

§ 9. We may also consider: 

If the patient is in danger to s^trffocate in his Mood: Aoon» 
squill. ; for great dyspnoea in the first stage ; Tart. ; for co/i- 
ffCittums tn the brain: Atropin. bell glou. lachn. ; for stiteh- 
iiifJ^pietfTlHc ftftiNS : Arn. bry. ; for cerebral symptoms : H^\L 
Irry. hyosc. ; for copious mueoua ejepeHoration at the htyin- 
fiinr/: Squill.; ihr Irrain .ft/mptoma from rt^orjttion of pus : 
1) Uhus, 2) Lnch. sulph. ; for perfect hepatization: Ara, 
hicl), plios. tart, sulph, (nitr.-ac.) ; for piriform softening of 
thf f%nidatfon : Cnrb.-r. mere. rhus. seneg, sul[»h.; for quoti' 
dian /lertie femr: Sulpb. (puis.); ihr miJiariof/a prodroma: 
Ars. hyo.s,,; for red miliaria : Bry.; i'or ichitt : 
Ars. ; for ntf/iectfjd^ dravan^nt casts: Ars. bell. bry. carb.-v. 
chin, con. lye. nitr-ac. phos, sep. hII. sulph.; ior copioiis purif 
form esP2>cct oration: Ars. b*JL lye. phos. ; for ichorous Z 
Carb.-v. con. sef). sil. ; for threatening /jrtrrt/y*/>» of the tunffn : 
Gels, phoft, tart, ; fvr threafeniny yanffrene : Ai-s, carb,-v, 

§ 10, Comp.: Congestions of the Chest, Fieuriti^^ A$U^ 
ma, SrotichUis^ Caug\ Phthiais^ *tc. 





Fnncipa] remedies : 1) Aeon, sulph. 2) Arn. ars. hrj. calc, 
6abm Hiilph. 3) Amb. amnu asa. coccuL kal. led.siL tbuj.adnc. 
See: GocT. 

POISON, ADIPIC-^This dreadful poison soraetimea de- 
velops itself in badly kept Baiisages or oilier pork. Accord- 
ing to Herutff^ a beverage composed of equal portions uf 
vinegar and water, to be taken in large quantities, is the best 
antidote. It may likewise be employed as a wash or gargle. 

Instead of vinegar lemon juice may be employed ; and, if 
th*' patient should desire, these acids may bo used allcrnately 
with sugar, black coffee^ or fresh black tea. 

If the dryness of the throat should continue after using 
these renieuies, iind if even slimy injection should not pro- 
cure an evacuation Irom the bowels, give Bry., and eoutmue 
it as long as the symptoms continue to be unfavorable. 

The ailments which remain alter Bry., sometimes yield to 
Phos.-ac. ; and, if paralysis or consumjjtion should set in, 
give Ars. or kreas, 


1. We refer the reader to Dr. Hering^'s treatise on 

^owon.^," from which the principal items contained in this 
work about poisons au<i their antidotcn have betMj borrowed, 

§ *2. In treating a case of poisoning, tM'o things are re- 
qun*ed ; 1) Removal of the exoiting raujie ; and, 2) Trtat- 
ment of the (Hse>t«e or^rasioned by the poUonmg^ 

This treatment is to be conducted in every case agreeable 
to the principles of the new scliool. 

The removal of the poisonous substances should be effected 
by the simplest and most iimocent mt^thod, cither with the 
finger, or, If this should be impossible, ?is in the case of pr«i- 
sons that had be**n swallowi-d, we rocoriimend the tbllovving 
mean?* t^uggc-sted by Hahnemaim and J/erhiff: 

1) Exeile v^ftniting or stool by the simjtlest means, copious 
administration of tepid t^ater^ irrittitlnf/ thefaurea by means 
of a feather or something similar; plaeing on the t*mgue a 
pinch of salt, snnff or mustard : or, if neitlit'r of these means 
fehiiuld be sufficient, restart to injeftions of tobarco-^ntfke. 

-) Ketttridize the poison l»y means of: T\\q white ofanefjg^ 
vini'fffir, or lefnott^juice, coffte^ vainjjhvr, milk^ oil, soap, mit- 
cilaitinotfA driftkn, (ta, trita\ ^tnjar ; or, in liume cases : am- 
monlacal yas^ iron-rust^ charcoal^ kitchen-^aU^ ep^om-aalt^ 



sieeet-almond oily spiritus-mtr.-dulc.^ potash^ boiled stare) 

g 3. ParticMilar rndicatinni;: 

Whitk op an jj.i;, dissdlvt'd in a snffidcTil quantity of 
water, and used m a drink, e>*f»ocirilly for: Metallic sijbslaiic^ 
such as c}uick8ilver, corrosive sublimate, vei'dif»Ti*, tin, lead, 
and sulphuric-acid ; when the patit*rit couiphdns of violent 
pains in the stomach or abdomen, with teuestiius, or diaiThcca 
and pains at the anus. 

ViNKGAU: AuiidoteB poiBoning with alkaline substances; 
but is hurtful In cnj^es of poisonins: with mineral acidn, corro- 
fiivc vccctahic substances, Arsenic, and a large quantity of 
Kilts. In many cases it removes the ill effects of A*ifn%(t^ 
Opiitviy nctir.ofir ^tbstariccs^ poisonous mvs^trovws^ hdiadott- 
?/f/, rytrhonk'-aciil f/as^ hrpar-^ulphiirtSy poistmoits muscles 
and /txA, and even of ifdipiv-aciJ. The vinegar may be drank 
or administered by the rectum, alternately with mucilagin- 
nu8 substances. The vinegar should be as pure as poiisible. 
Crab-vitiegar jp, of itself, poisonous. 

CoFFEu: Sirotifj black coffee^ the beans being little roasted, 
and drauk as hot :i8 possible. Indispensable tor a large num- 
ber of poisons, especially wlien causing drowsiness^ intrtxira- 
(ion^ lo»8 of eonscionsness^ or mental denrtif/etftcnt, delirium, 
etc., in general antidoting narcotic? suhstances, such as: 
Opium^ nvX'Vom.^ beUadtmna^ var*^o(ic rnu^hroonis^ polsort- 
otts smnaehy hitter aimomh^ pnissic-arid and all those sub- 
stances <u>uiaining it, lit/L, coht't/ntJi^ valer,yri'*:H(a and eham^ 
In case of poisoning with Antimony^ Phofiphor, aiul Phos- 
phfjrie-acid^ coffee is no less indispensable. 

Camphor: Principal antidote of idl vegetable substanceSf 
especially such as have a coiTosive effect, or when vomiting 
and diarrhma^ pcde facty add extrertiilies and Ivm of coti^rU 
wisfieffs are [uesent. Camphor is a sjiecilic remedy for the 
ill effects of poisoning insects, especially cantharide^^ whe- 
ther administered internally or externally. Likeniftie for the 
effects of so-called leonn-niedieineSy tuhixccdy bitter ulnumdf^ 
and other fruits containinir pn'ufOiic-acid. It is likewise usi'- 
fill fur the secondary Affections remaining after jioisoning 
with aeidii^ salts, ftujah^ pdiosphon^Sy pnisonous mushrooms, 
&e., after the poisonous substjmcc itself had been removed 
from the stomach by nieans of vonjiting, 4fec 

M11.K : Less useful than is supposed- To procure an arti 
ficial covering or envelop for the p<iison, mucii:»irinous sub- 
Blancea are to be preferred, Mtt milk (or cream) is suiublc 






in all cases where oU is, and hurtful where oil is, CnnlleJ 
or eoiir milk is suitable or not suitable in all cases where 
TinejjHr is or is not. 

OuvK OIL ; Less useful than is believed. It is of no use in 
ca«efl of metallic poisoning, and even hurtful in cases of poi- 
BoniniT with Arsenic It is very bad for the ill effects of 
Canthar. This remark a|)pliea to poisoning witli any othtv 
insect, or if the poison should have got into one's eye. Oil 
may be used to lacilitatc the extraction of insects from tlie 
ear in case they should have got into it. Oil is nmst suilablo 
for poisoning with corrosive aci<ls, sucli as: nitric-acid., sul- 
phuric-acid^ c£r. It is sometimes useful in cases of poisoning 
with alkalies, to he administfred alternately with vinegar, 
and in cases of poisoning \\ ith mushrooms. 

MrriLAGiN'ors snisTAxrEs, drinks, or injections of mucila- 
ginous substances, should be resorted to in cases of poisoning 
with alkalies, especially when administered alternately with 

SoAP» common castHe soap^ dissolved in four times its bulk 
•of hot water, and drunk, is one of the best remedies in many 
cases of poisoning. It may be drank by the cupful, — a cup- 
ful eveiT two, three or four minutes, in all cases where' the 
white of an egg is indiealc-d but does not produce sutHcicnt 
rulief Soap is ])articularly useful in all cases of j>oisoning 
witli metallic substances, esjiecially ^4r^rt;j»>, Itady d*(*. Likc>. 
wise for poisoning with corrosive acids, such as: tSulp/ntric-' 
acid, nitric a4^id^ cfcc,, with alum, corrosive wffttuble sub- 
stances^ castitr oily tbc Soap is hurtfid in cases of poisoning 
with alkalii's, such as: Zf/e, nitrate of aitrer, potash, sodci, 
okt/Tn'tfirfari^ ammornmn-mnriaticutny (Sahniac) tf m»/to/iiM/^ 
carhofHcum^ caustic or burnt time^ harytcs^ cCr. 

SiTGAR, or sugar-water, one of the best remedies in many 
eases. In case of poisoning with mineral acids or aUctdies^ it 
is best to resort at once to the specific antidote, though sugar 
is not hurtfid. In case of poisoning with metallic ftuhstances^ 
various kinds ot* painty cenUffris^ copper, sidphate of coppv.r^ 
alum, <Bc., sugar is preferable to every other remedy, iind 
not till the patient has been relieved by the sugar, adminlsiL'r 
the wliittf of (in egy or soa|>water alternately with sugar. 
Sugar is likeM'ise an excellent antidote in cases of poisoning 
with arsenic^ orcorrosii*e vegetable siU>stanc€n, 

§ 4. Of I he other antidotes use: 

AiiMtiNiACAL GAS : For cUcofiol^ bitter almondSipntasuyaeid, 

IuoS'Rvst: For ar^&iicn 


Epsom-sAlLts: For alhilhte poisons. 
Charcoal: Yor foul jUh^fmil meat^ poisonous mtuthrooms^ 
poisoning muscles^ d:c, 

KrrcflEN-SALT: For nitrate oftsilvtr iind poisonoits wounds. 
Magnesia : For acitU. 


Potash : For acids. 

Starch: For iodine. 

Spirits of nitre : For alkaline poisons and animal sub- 

Tea : For adlpic-acid and poisonous honey* 

Wine : For noxiovs mtpors and poi^onou^ musfiroonu. 

§ 5. The fjrst thiui^ wu have to do, in Iri'ating ft ujise of 
]»i i?*oning, h to remove the poison by vomiting, and then to 
udiMuiister suitable anlidotes. 

If we should not be able to asecrtain what kind of poison 
bud been swallowed, we should first adtninister the white of 
an CLCg ; <nid, if there sihuuld be stupetliction, coffee. 

If we should knovs' that the poison is: 

a) A metallic substance, we have to give: fii*8t the TrAi'fr 
o/ttn effff^ siiffar-icater^ soap-water, and afterwards, for the 
leniaining ailments: Sulph., which is a real antidote to 
1! Rials. 

b) if acids and corrosive syibiifani'c.% give: 1) Soap-wat^r ; 
ti) Mfff/nesia^ dissolved in water; 3) Chalk-water ; i) Jika- 
//Vjt or 2^otash (Essolved in water, lakintr a labli'spoitnful ad 
long as the vomiting eontinnea. Afterwards nnirihiginons 
drinks, and altei-uately Coff, and Op. as bouiooopathic anti- 

As regards the remaining ailments, give Puis, for sulphurio- 
ncid ; IJiy, for muriatic-acid ; Aeon, for the other acidn, and 
Gj^pecially cralvajjple vinegiir. If tho akin should have been 
corroded by jioinonB, apply soaji-watcr, or a watery solution 
of Caust.; . nd if corrosive subslancea Bhouhi have got into 
ihe eyes, ai>ply inceet-atmond oily or J'rfah nttsalt-hiUter. 

c) For aikffline suhntanve^ : Ij Vinvijar ond watrr^ ia 
large qwanlitics; "I) Xemonjuice^ or acidt* from other fruits, 
ililuted with much water; '6) Sour milk ; 4) MitvUitginmu 
drinks^ or injections. Yiiwyar is hurtful itt cases of poi^on- 
ing with Barytes; but epsom-salt dissolved in water, reudera 
good service; afterwards: Camph , or Nitr.-spir. The se- 
condary effects of poisoning with potash, require: Cuff., or 
t'ai b.-v. ; aud those of poisoning with spiiitti of AmmaDiJ4 




d) For llio inlifilation of noxious Vifpors: hprlnklo the 
patient willi vint'i/ar a/id tcatfT, or let him inlmle the tsapoTB 
of a solution of vhhtre ; al\*.'rvvrtrd8, atler the rfturu of con- 
sciousness, give btark coffee^ or a few do^nA of Op. or BelL 

(See: Vapokh.) 

e) For vegettibh poisons: 1) Camphor^ by olfaction, or 
Foineliines a drop of tlie spirits of camphor on sugar; 2) 
Jilack coffee or vinegar^ especially for narcotic vei^etnble 
juices, The best antidotes for corrosivo vegetable juices, are 
8oa]>-water and milk. 

f) For animal poisons: See the «nprle poisons, such lui: 
Canthariihs^ acUinc poison, stings of itiHeHs^fish poisoti^ 

poisonous /ionff/, ttc. For toad puuon^ or similar poisons, 
if they shonkl have got into the stnm:icli. give powdered 
charcoal, stirred up with oil or milk ; or let the prilient smell 
of the sweet spirits of nitre, if hud nymplonis hhould sei in, 
and afterward give Ars, If a poison of this kind slumhl 
have got into tiie eye, give Aeon. 

§ 6. As regards the v^ounds or bitesi inflicted V»y poison- 
ous animalii, JltTthg proposes tlie following mode of treat- 
ment; For tlie hitts of poi^unous fierpent,% mad dogs, or 
other poisonouH animals, apply /leat at a distancey for which 
purpose anything n^ay be U8ed which la handy at tlie time : 
a red-bot iron, incandescent piece of coal, or even a bnrrnng 
cigar; htOd thi» ^b near as possible without burning the gkin. 
Tht* heat should be kcjtt np uniformly, and should be con- 
centrated upon the wc»und exehisively. The edges of the 
wound should be covered over with oil ovfat^ and this shonld 
be repeated as often as the skin gets dry. If no oil or I'nt 
can be had, use sonp^ or even ealiva. Wipe off carefully 
every thing which is discharged from the wound. Continue 
the anpliration of heat until the patient feels chilly and 
Btretcnea hiniBelf; if thi.s should take place ton speedily, con- 
tinue to apply the heat for about an hour, or until the cUVcts 
of the poison connncnce to diHaj>pcar, 

§ 7. At the ?!Mme time administer internal remedies. In 
tike ease of a serpent's bite, give the patient a swallow of 
salt-water from tune to lime, or a pinch of salt or powder, or 
n \'ew [►leeeA of garlic. 

If, nevertheless, dangerous sjTnptoma should set in, give a 
taliU, spoonful of wine or brandy every two or three minutes; 
continne this until the symptoms abate, and repeat the brandy 
at every return of a paroxysm. 

If the otitcliing pains should increase in violence, and be 



felt nearer the heart ; if tlie wound, at the same time, shotilit 
lie bluish, cht^ckorrd like marble and SH'ollon, with vorr]ittn^, 
verti^jo and <iiarrli(enT give Ais, 80, and another dose in half 
an hour, if the symptoms should continue to get worse, or 
only in throe hours, if tlioy sliunld roniain unclmnjjjed ; if an 
improvement should si^t in afUr the first di>8t', do not repeat 
the medicine until the symptums get worse airain* 

If Ara,, even if ri']ieated, slunild have no effi-et, give Betl. 
In some cases Senei^a may be tried. The chronic sequeW of 
the bite of a serpent require: PhuH.-ae. and Mere. 

§ 8. If the bite should have been inflicted by a mad dog^ 
apply Aiiat at a distafice, as above, and for the remaining 
treatment, see IlYDKoruoBiA. 

If the bite should proceed from a man or animal whteh is 
not nind, but /Hriotis^ give Hydrophobin ; which is recora- 
mended by lit ring. 

g 9. Wounds which have become poisonous in cotise- 
nuence of decayed animal matter or pus having got into 
tnem, require Ars. 

To guard against unpleasant eonsequences in ease wc should 
have to touch decayed aninud 8iibstanee.% p»»iBorions wormd« 
or ulcers, or men and animals infected witli contagious di^J- 
eases, we should hold otir hand>J for ten or fitieen minnte-s 
near as strong a beat as can be bonie, and afterwards wash 
them with soap. The use of Cldore in sudj cases is well 

POLYPI — Principal remedies: 1) Cole, lye. sang, staph. 
2) Cor. kal.-bi. mere, nitr ac. pthos. phos.-ac» puis, sii. thuj. 
H) Ambr. ant. ars, aur. graph, hep. niez. pelr. sop, anlpL 
Bulj»h.-ac. teucr. 4) Hydr. 


FiBRoirs GKOwTiis require; 1) Calc. stapli, 2) Ars, hydr. 
lye petr. phoa. sep. sil. aulph. teucr. thuj. 

Sakcomatous GKOWTIIS : I) Calc. staph, thuj. 2) Lye. 
nieie. nitr.-ac. ])hu8. 

Gjunuloits gkowths: 1) Nltr.-ac thuj. 2) Calc. lye. 

Spongy gkowths : I) Calc. staph, 2) Lya mera nitr.^ac. 
pho8. sep. sil. snlph» 

It should not be forgotten, that, if we wish to treat polypi 
sncceHsfully we shoidd allow a dose of the appropmte re- 
medy to net six or eight weeks 

Polypus of the Bulddbb : Id regard to tlda disease, we 




»!^8 tTie record of only one case, treritod siu'ces«?fii!ly with 
Calc. Perhaps we luight try : Staph,, or Con. mere. phos. 
pii]8. sih thiij. 

Poi.TPiTs OF THE Eau: Try, Bule. mere, staph. 

PoLYPi:s OF THE Nose — Principal remerly: Puis. (4 do^ea 
Aj t'vory four days a dose, theti a dose Ca/c, w^hose action 
t?!)ouhi remain unilisturbed for six to eight weeks, or longer, 
and if this does not help, Sang. 

Tfucrlum is of Utile use- Try: Ilydr. kal-bi phos. sep. 
siK Hlnph. 

PoLYPPS OF THE UTERUS OR VAonfA I Try 1) Colc. lyc 
iiitr.-nc. plat. puis. 2) Aur. con. mere. mez. pelr. phos. phos.- 
na sll attaph. fhftj. For granular vegetations, condylomata : 
T/i'fJ. nitr-ae. staph, calc. lyc. mere. tart. 

POT-ISELLIED — If the patients hecAUdrcn: see atrophy 
of scrofnioiis cliihlien. 

If yoHfiff ffirL% at the age of pubescence : Lach. 

If old ftNtaks^ or females who have borne many clTddren, 
give : 1) Sepia ; or, 2j Bell. calc. ? chin. ? n.-vom. ? plat. ? 


§ I. Principal remedies — for the morbid states incident 
to pregnancy : 

a) For cont*tihion8 and ajxssms : \) Hell. cham. eio. hyosn, 
ign. 2) Cncc. ipec. mosch. plat, stram. verat.-alb. 3) Arg,- 
n. arn. canlh, caiist. cupr. geU. hell. lach. laur. n.-vom. op. sec. 
verat.-t'ir. zinc 

b) For afTt'clions of the kmotivk sphere: 1> Bell, puls. 
2) Aeon. cupr. gels. lach. mere. plat, stram. verat.*alb. 

c) F«)r ueapachk: 1) Bell bry. oocc, fi,-vom, plat, puis, 
verat. 2) Aeon. calc. magn.-c. sep. sulph. 3) Eryng» gel.s. 
hclon. iris, lai-hn. stict. 

d J For the ykllow or brown spots in the face : Con. feiT. 
niir.*ae. sep. 

e> For toothache: 1) Magn.-c n.-mosch. n.-vom. puh, 
*2) Ahnn. belL calc. hyosc. rhns. staph. 

f ) For bulimy: Magn.-m. natr,-m. n,-vorn, petr. sep. 

g) For AFFKCTioxs OF THE STOMACH, such OS nauscH, Vom- 
iting : 1) Con. ipec. n.-vom. puis. 2) Aeon. ars. ferr, krca-s. 
huh. magn.-m. natr.-m, n.-mosch. petr. phos. sep, suljih. verat. 
H) ^Hc -hip. aletr.-far. caul, cimicif gi'ls. 

I») Fur coi.ic: 1) Arn. bry. rjiam. n.-vom, puis. s^. 2) 
Bi41. hyosc. hu'h verat. 3} Collins, diosc. ins, k-pt, 
i) For oossTiBATioN ; 1) Brf/. n.-vom, 2} Alum, Agar 



oholicl. cliin. ^rapli. fyc. natr.-m. op. plumb pub. rutan. sabi 
8tp, fiulpli. zinc. 3) Collins, hydr. pudoph. 

k) For DiARRHCKA : 1) AikX, phoa. sup. sulph, 2) Ars, cham. 
dulo. hyosc. lach. laiir. lye. mere, n.-mosch. op. petr. p1io6>-ac. 
piil». rlicum. rhus, verat. 

I) For iscnuRiA and pYSirjitA: 1) Cocc. pho«»-ac. puis. 2) 
Con. n.-rom. §ulph. 

m) For VARICES : 1 ) Hamam. lye, 2) Carb.-T» paK 

PRESBYOPIA.— Principal remedies: 1) Calc. dros. Sep, 
Fil. sulph. 2) Cai'b.-au. coff. con. hyoac. lye meph. natr. 
natr,.m, ptitr. 

See: Amhli/opia* 

PROLAPSITS 0¥ TIIE RECTUM.— Eryng. bamam. ign. 
Ti.-vonu mere, pliyt. pod. siilpb. ; :iiid puihaps 10 remove tho 
dispositidij to this affection: Ars. cak\ lye. ruta. sep. 

Pr<.>lape;im o^ tbc reel um in children, requires : Ign. n.-voin, 

medies so far as known; Aur. bell, ciniicif. n.-vom. sep.; or 
pi^rliaps: iEso. a.!etr. calc. gran.? ham. h don, kreaa. mere. 
n.-nn)seh. 8lann. 

Prolajisus uf the tterus requires: Aur. bell. calc. cimicif* 
hi*lon. Ti.-vom. sep. f^tann. 

Of the vacixa: Kreaa. mere, n.-vom. 

Reeent ptolapsiis, of about a forlniirht's duration, yield to 
one dnfte of n.*voni. 30, in 24 bonis, provided the patient re- 
ntains quiet in bed for 24 bour«. 


^ 1. Prineipal remedies: 1) Aeon, bell, cau>»t, color, con. 
hep lye. mere. mcz. n.-vom. pbo^ph. plat. Pjiig. staph. ; or, 2) 
Bry. calc. caps, criin, lye. pulR. rlins. sil, gtann. sulph. thnj. 
veratr ; or, 3) Aetata, aur. am. ai*s. ant. bar.-c. cham. cutf. 
kal kal.-ebl ? inaj^n. ? niagn,-m. ? phyt. sang. 

g 2. Iiijfarutfiatitry pro^opnlgia requires: 1) Aeon, nnu 
T>ry. pbospb. staph, sulph. ; or, 2) Bar.^o, bell. Inch. niert!« 
plat. thuj. veratn 

Jihe^miafie: 1) Aeon, eaust. chin, mere. mez. ]ibns]>h. pulsi, 
Hpig. fiulph, thuj. ; or, 2) Arn. bry. hep. lath, magn. n.<vom. 
veratr. 3^ Cimicit! gels, 

Arthrittf*: Canst, roloe, mere. n.*vom. rims, spig., &Cw 

Nervous: 1) Spig. 2) Bt-IL caps lye. plat apig. magD.* 
arct. ; or, 8) Hyos. beh. magn. ti.-vom., c^c. 





If caused by abuse of Mercury : Aur. carb.-vcg. chin, hep. 

See : Mercurial affections. 

g 3. Prosopalgia of plethoric persons is frequently re- 
moved by: 1) Aeon, bell; or, 2) Calc chin. lach. phosph. 

Of nervous persons, by : Bell. lach. lye plat, spig* 

§4, Symptomatic indications: 

AcoNiTCM : Red and hot lace, with pain on <me side^ creep- 
ing, or as from an ulcer; swelling of the cheek or jaws; 
J'fver-heat; thii'st; violent pains, with restlessness and an- 
guish, &c. 

Dkllabontia : The pain follows the course of the infra- 
orbital nerve, and is easily excited by frielion ; or for tearing, 
Htiifhinjf pains in the bones, jaws or malar bones; in many 
t' rirridit y itf the nape of the neck ; spasms of the eye- 
lid?*; convulsive twitching of the facia! muscles and distor- 
tion of the mouth ; bot and red face, &c. 

Cal'sticum : Tensive or beating pains in the facial bones, 
especially under the eyes, with a sort of lameness of the 
ficial inuKrles, or drawing pains in the jaws, so that the i>a- 
tient is unable to open Ids jaws; rheumatic pains in the liinba^ 
bnzziiig tn the ears, &c, 

CoLfx-YNTHis: Tearing and stitching pains, affecting prin- 
cipally the left side of the iace, and extending to the head, 
temples, nose, ear and teeth, with swelling of the liice, aggra- 
vation bt/ tonehlnf} the parts efjer so slightly^ tjbc. 

Coyiirw: The pains set in at night; tearing or stitching, 

Hepar: Pains in the malar bones^ woi-se when touching 
the parts, extending to the ears and temples. 

LvcopomuM : Pains commencing with a feeling of coldness, 
especially in tlie rigfit side of the face, worse at night or in 
the evening. 

MERcniius : Teaiing or stitching pains, affecting one whole 
si<le of the head, from the temple to the teeth, worse at nif/ht 
in the warm b^d, with ptyalism, L'lclirymalii'O, sweat in ihc 
face or about the head, sleej^lej^sriess, <fec. 

Mezereum • Spasmodic, stUjtelying pains affecting the left 
malar bono, and extemling to the eye, temple, car, teeth 
throat and shoulder, worse after taking anything warm, or 
on coming out of the open air and entering a room. 

Ntrx-voM. : Tearing and drawing pains extending to the 
inner ear, with swelling of the cheeks ; red fare or cheeky (or 
one Qfdy) on yellowish tinge, especially around the nose and 



month ; creefnug in tht> face with twitching of the muscles; 
asT'^ravation by rat'utfil labor, wiue, cuffue, Ac. 

PiiospHortus : Tearing pains, especially on the lefl side^ 
with itching and tension of the skin of the face ; Bwellhitr 
and pah*nc«5i* of the face ; aggravation by moving iht* ticiiil 
niuselt's wlien eating, talking, ^fec, or, by the slightest t<»uoh ; 
pnins fmni the jaws to the root of the nose or the inner ear; 
congestion of blood to the head, with vertigo ; bussing in the 
c:ii f», &c. 

Pr-ATINA : Tingling pains, with feeling of coldness and 
numbness in the affented si<le; or for cramp-pain arid tensive 
pressure in the malar bones ; aggravation in tho evening and 
(lunng rest ; whining mood ; red face, thirst, «Skc. 

Spigelia : Jerking tearing, Intrning and pressure in the 
malar bones; violent pains, not allowing either to touch or 
move the |*art, with shining swelling of the affected side, ur 
wiih aitgnish (if heart and great restlessness. 

Staphysagria : Aching, beating pains from the teeth to 
the eye, or stitching, burning, drawing, cutting or tearing 
pains, with sensation of swelling in the affected side, spasmo- 
dic weeping, cold Imnds and cold sweat in the ikce. 

§ 5. Use more particularly: 

a) For dUUnaU'e pains: Bt3ll. ign. phos, plat. «pig» 

b) Burning pains: Bell. cham. coloc. graplu ign, pbos, 
phos.-ac. rhus, samb. spig. veratr. 

c) Aching pains : Bell, cliin. mez. rhus. par, spig, stann. 

<1) Crasnpy pains : Mez. nitr.-ac. par. plat, stann. thuj, 

e) Beating : Aeon. bell. mere. plat, staph. 

f) Twgli/tg: Nux,-vom. plat. 

g) Tearmg : Ahmi. carb.-v. chin, coloc. con, hep. ]yc 
mere, ritr,-ac. n,-vom. phos. rhus, sptg. staph. 

h) VutHfig : 1) Bell, staph. 'J) Calc. coloc. rhusL 

i) Stitching : Alum. ars. lell. eoloc. con. graph, lye, mere. 
rhus. Ril. staph, sulph. 

*c) Jhisivc: Aur. baryt. canst, coloc. hep. par. phos, rhua 

h Pains with feeling of numbness iu the affected parti £ 
JMez. plat, 

m) JJiggiftg pains: Coloc. plat. 

n) Z^rttwing pains: Ars. carb.-v, hep. kal, rhus. sil. stann. 

o) Jerking frains: Chin, n -vonu phoa. spig, thuj. 

§ 0. For pains worse : 

a) By contact : Actaja. chin. dros. hep. phos, apig. 



b) By fwo^iof?, talking, chewing: Acti^a. bell, bry. calc. 
mez. ?iatr.-ni. nitr.-ac. d.-voui phus. spig. staph, 

c) For pains on one side only : Aeon, actsa. bell, coloo. 
c5on. droa. mez, natr,-m. n.-voni. phos. plat. puis. spig. slaiin. 

d) Pains on the te/t aide: 1) Coloa graph, lach* staph, 
sulph. *2) Aron. rale, con nitr.-ac. n.-vom* spig. verat, 

e) Hifflit *>idvi Bell. bry. con. rhiis. apig. 

f) Worse in the eveninf/ : 1) Bell, con, lach. mez. nitr.-ac. 
phos. plat. puis. 2) Aeon. bry. cak\ coloc. kal. ihus. aiann. 

g) Nighdy puins: 1) Aeon. con. raerc. riitr.*uc. sil. 2) Bell, 
brv, calc. cin dtos. kal. lach. niez. natr.-m. phos. puis. rhus. 
spi^% staph, thuj. 

h) Worse alter eating: 1) Bry, calo. con, kal. natr.-m. n.- 
voni. phos. si!. 2) Kitr,-ac. puis. rhua. 

§ 7. Soe: Hbadacuie, Tootuacilk, Pain, pa&oxysms oF| 
Causes, CoxxjITIons, ko, 


Thp pnncii)al remedies, so far, are: Puis, and Thuj. We 
may likewise try: Agn. aur. cann. canth. ? io*l. mere* spong.? 

If caused by ffonorrhoBa, give, above all: Puis, and Th'uj». 


Resort to : 1) Spirits of ammonia^ which the patient 
should smell of, or dissolve a fevv drops in a tumblerful of 
water, and give it iJi tea.spooiiful doses; 2) JilacA' cojfVe by 
the mouth and recturn; 3) Vapors of mn^gar or Camphor, 

Subsequent serondary ailments require: Cofl". ipec, nux.-v. 

The same mode of treatment applies to poinoiiing with 
bitter almouch or Luurocerasus, 


Principal remedies: Aeon, bry. n. vom. puis. rhus. staph. 
See: Rheumatism and Pain, pakoxysiis of. 
¥orsuppurutiofh,&QQ\ ABscEsa and Inflamjilatoby Tumojc. 


Principal remedies: Bell. calc. cantlu cole, diilo. eiiphorb. 
liep. iod. luck mere, nitr.-ac, op sulph. 2) Alum. amb. ant. 
arg, baryt. bry. canst, cham. chin. drus. graph, hell. 
tgn ipec. lye. natr,-m. puis, soneg. Bep. staph. Btram. suJph.- 
ac ?(^atr. 




If caased by abuse of Mercury ^ give; BeU. diin. dulc. hep 
lod. ladi. mtr.-iic. op. sulpb. 
Se«: Stomacack. 

rUI.MOXAUY PHTHISIS, § I. Pnncipal remedies: 
1) Cak. hpp kaL bjc. phog. puis, spong. sUmn. snlph, 2) 
Am. chin dros /err. tod. lack. nilr. nilr.-ac stp, hI, 3) Bry. 
rarb^v. con. dulc. kreas. laur. led. mere, nair.-m. phos -ac 
\) Amm. amm -m. am. brlL dig. giini. liyose, n.-mosdi. n^ 
vnin, fAitmb, Mimh. seneg. itiric. 5) AruK asclcp. cimicii'. ham. 
ht'K lycciptiA. lob. pKyt. satiff. senec. stict. suUitig. irilL 

rininsiS FLOUn)A, in consequence of violent and 

badly trc'uled pneumonia or of violent pncumorrhaffiA, re- 

uires: 1 1 Lyc» ham. 2) Ferr. hep. lacb. mere. sulpTt iriU. 

> Dro8. dulc. laur. led. puis. 

SirppuuATioN OF THK LuNQS, in consequouce of mercurial 
abuHo requires: 1) Carb.-v. guaj. hep. lach. nitrxic. pbrl- 
suli»h. 2) Caic. ? chin. ? dulc. ? lye. ? nil ? 


rrmiiftia of Stone-cutteiis: 1) Calc. hep. lye* sil. 2) 

Lach. ? Bulph. * , 

§ 2. For TUBKRCULOPB PBTniBiR, try: 1) Hep. in alterna- 
tion with Spongia, 2) Calo* kal It/c. phoi. puis, mtann, 9u//tfi, 
3) Ars. brom. carb.-v. iod. kreas, lach. mere, nitr.-ac. samb. 
scp sU, 4) Amm. am. bell, bn/, dros. dulc. hyosc ualr. 
nntr.-ra, nitr. n.-mosch. 

In tlie FIRST .STACK, the tubercles being Rtill crude^ or com- 
mencing to inflame and soften, give : 1) Hep phos. «pvnff. 
Bulph, 2) Amm. c^ilc. carb,-v. lye. nitr.-ac. ti) Aeon. lU'ii. 
ars. bell. dulc. ferr, hyosc. kal. mere. nitr. stann. sulph.-ac. 

In the SECOND stage, with purulent expectoration, give: 
1) Calc. hep. kal, sil. spoug. 2) Bry. lye, phoa. puU. scp. 
sidph. 3J Carb,-v. chin. con. dros. ferr, lach* mere, natr. nitr. 
nitr.-ac. pho.«<.-ac. rhus. stann. 4) Dulc. guaj. hep, laun samb. 
zinc, 6) Cimicif. 

PHTifisis mucosa, see Bknorrhma Ptdmomim^ with eopi- 
ou» expccturaUon iA* tuberculous mucus, requires; 1) Dtdc^ 
hep. lach. njcrc. .Heueg. stip. stann. sttlph. 2) Ara c4Uc. carb.- 
V. chin. crot. dig. lye. />Att^. puis. eil. jtinc. 

§ U. Symptotnatic indications: 

AcoinruM: Frequent congchlion of blood to the chen> 
with 8hort cough, liannopty^is* and di«{>ositiou to pneumonia. 

Ammonium : Slimy and bloody expictoration, w^ith violent 
oppression of the chcHt and short breathing. 

AnaKNicuM ; Utter prostration ; dyspncea; exhausting disr- 





, mtermittent chills, fever and sweatB; thrush in the 

Bklladoxna : Suitable tn scrofulous children, with cough 
at night, shortness of hreatliing siiid mucous rattling, or suit- 
ahle to you II a: girls at tlie age of pubescence, (Afler Bell. 
suitR Hep. lacn. pbos or ail.) 

Bkyonia : For many cfuses in the second stage, in alterna- 
tion Avith Puis. (From 14 to 14 days.) 

Calcarea: One of the priueipal remedies in the second 
htage afler Sulph. or Nitr.-ac. refuse to act; or, ei*en in iIju 
firiBt stasre, suitable to pblethoric youtig people that are 
affected with coiigestioua of blood, epistaxis, <i;e. ; also Vt 
young girls with profuse and too frequent menstruation. 
(Alter Ojdc lye. or ail., or nitr.-ac. is tVeqiiently snitfible.; 

Cahb--vkg. : Violent, spasmodic cough, at times dry atid 
paiuful, at others purulent, slimy and mixed with tubereiiloiia 
substances; purulent and oftVnsive sputa; hoarseness; eool 
skin; great prostration ; liypoeraiic thee, 

China : Suitable to patients that have frequently been 
attacked wiih pneumorrhagia, or Inive been weakened by 
bleeding. (After Chin. Ferr. is fretjuenily siiitable.) 

Gl&tlClPl'GAt In those intereurnng congestions mid inflani* 
mations from exposure, with a dry, harrassiiig cough; acts 
also benelicially in nigiit'Sweats and diarrhuja, 

l)ito8KRA: For severe cough of young people with expec- 
toration of bloody pus and severe jiairm in the cliest. 

Dulcamara : Great disposition to tsike cold or when the 
disease originates in frequent colds. 

FiiBRUM : When the disease occurred in consequence of 
pneumonia, or a neglected catarrh, and is attended hy heavy 
breathing and vondting of food or li«uteria. (In this l;itter 
case Chij). is iudieated.) 

ILvJiAif ELig : Tickling cough, with a tfiste of blood on 
waking; passive venous htemorrhugts from the pnhnonary 
mucous membnmes ; cough and hieuioptysis, with a tasie of 
sidphnr in the mouth, and ilidi, frontal headache. 

Hkpab : Suitiible to children or scrofulous young people 
in the tirst stage of the disease, frequently after Bell., or 
alternately with Merc, or Sib ; the patients ure chilled in the 
open air, perspire freely after the least exertion^ with burning 
rf^duess of the cheeks, and heat and dryness of the prdins ot 
the hands; spuJUJUoJic cough, in (jaroxywujs, with litillation 
in the lar\Tix and eOorts of vomiting or bronchiivl cataiTh, 
(from chililhood up,) with loud rattling of mucus. 



Iodtitm: Chronic hnarneTiPss, with ion of quanti 
ties of tough i>hlt?e:in in the larjnx, with the sensation as U 
ftomethiiicf has to bo got lid of by hawking or couirhing ^3 
tou*?h» sirinp^y expectoration, someliines streaked with blood^i 
with stitches in the clavicular rei^ion, Jiaemoptoe, (AlteiwJ 
iintdy with Hep. or ars. ur sulph.) Mor}>id hunger 800D 
at\.er ealin£,% and yet loss of flesh ; niomingr sweat, 

IvALi-CAjtu. : Excellent for incipient t?r developed phthUiJf^ 
c*«pecially after Nitr.-ac. or sil., or when the chlhlrcn look 
bloated over the eyes and between the eye-brtiws; the seat 
of the hoarseness and of the chronic catarrh ia more in the 
ti-achea ; albuminous sputa, with small pu^globules. Exces- 
sive cough, with nausea and vomiting, etiptcially in the morn- 
iniT hours, with constrictive pains in the chest and t!»roat,< 
redness of the face and sweat over the whole body, Chrorda^ 
coryza, induraiion and flwelliug of the glands of the niMik, 
paleness of the face, frequent bleeding from the nose, red 
cheeks in the eveuinji, loss of appetite, with fullness ant" 
liloatcduess of the abdomen; easily frightened; a slight 
touch of the feet causes the patient to jerk them up in 
rtiTiiirlit; nursing mothers. 

Lachesis: Atler or altei-nately with Bell, hep, sil. ; cough 
worse alter sleep, fever wors<i in the atlernoon. 

LvcopoDirM : For hectic tever, with cough and purulent ex- 
pectoration in conseqiienc? of violent or neglected pneumonia, 
or for incipi* nr or even fully developed tuberculous plithi^i^;' 
bloody or punih nt expectorntion ; worse from four to eight 
in the atlcrnrion ; ui'j;ht-sweats. 

Natii-mur. : For congestions to the head, with hectic flush 
of tlie cheeks and general maluLse after the least exertion ; 
sleepy by day and restless at night; chronic coryza, with 
total loss of taste ami smell, 

Nrruic-Aun : At tlie cnnimcncement of the dispase, before; 
nsiucf Kal., stiitable to p<*r:<oiis of brown hair, yellowij^li com- 
plexion and disposed to dtanhcipa ; th.:st early in the morning, 

Oleum-,iec.-aselli : When the calarrh of the respirat i>ry 
organs is complicated ^^-ith cither aitections, as of the glnjids, 
the hones, or with cutaneous disease's, as tinea, impetigo, «Src. 

PiiospnoftL's: Suitable to thin, blond, slender individiuils, 
or to children and delicate girb, with dry, short cough, short 
brcjiih, striking thinuesa, bluated appea-ranee under the eyes, 
dispoHitinn to diari'htea and sweat ; aggmvalion of the cougb 
bv speaking and deep breathing ; the albuminous and bloocU^ 
BtVuaked «puta are difiicidt to expectorate, with h^iuoptoe in 




cnnsequence of tho exertion to detach them, and leaving 
lifter the cough severe dyspnoea and shiirt lireathinjof; fre- 
quent fluslies of heat, maiaiHc and debility, especially in the 
knee-joints, during' the evening ; loss of Btrenj^th, rapid 
emaciation and palenens of the skm, (Suitable after Bell, 
or alternately with Lye. or gil.J 

PULSATILLA : Very effective m the supparativo stage, esjje-* 
cially with young, chlorotic girls, 

Sambucus: The disease is accompanied by profuse, colli- 
quative sweats or frequent paroxysms of asthma. (Fre- 
quently suitable after or in alternation with Ars.) 

Sanguinaria: Incipient phthisis; chronic dryness in the 
throat and sensation of swelling in the larynx and expectora- 
tion of thick nmcus ; congh, witli coryza, then diarrlicsa ; 
tormenting cotigJi, with expecloration and circmnscnbed 
redness of the cheeks ; a hot. burning streannng ifi the riglit 
breast, beginning nnder the right arm and clavicle and draw- 
ing itM'lf downward;^ towards the liver; acute stitches in the 
region of the nipples ; pressure and heaviii*\<s iti the whole 
of the upper part of the chest, with ditllcuhy of breathing. 
Senecio-aur. : Incipient phthisis^altcnded with troublesome 
cough, the result of obHtructed menstruation ; increased 
8€€retion from the bronchi * looBe mucous cough ; rattling m 
the chest : labored respiration. 
^m Silicea: Com})lication, with induration of the gland?* and 

^H affections of the bones ; tuberculous deposits in the skin, 
^H showing themselves as iumpy, immovable tumors, firmly ad- 
^m. hereut to the skin; nightly paroxysms of cough, with litilla- 
^^ tion in the ihssa above the sternum and purulent expectora- 
L tion ; especially after Lye. |)hos. hep. or calc. ; night sweats ; 

^K pale, waxy appeainnce of the skin, 

^P Stanni'm : This remedy is not indicated by a decidedly 

f purulent expectoration, but more than any otlier remedy by 

^^ mucous expectoration in the tii^t stage of consumption^ or 
^H when a neglected catarrh threatens to p;iss off into phthisis ; 
^K profuse expectoration, mostly of a sweetish taste ; profuse 
^^^Ltftight sweats. 

^^K Sl'Lphitb : Continual symptoms of scrofulosis on the skin, 
r ahowiug itself as acne, impetigo, pityriasis, chronic ecxema, 

^_ or in ulceration; stitching pains m the clavicular regions; 
^H aggravation of the cough by motion, gtoo)rmg,or by any liglit 
^" exercise, with dyspnasa and palpitnlton of the lieart ; evemng 
fever; night sweats; niglitly paroxysms of eougli, with dry- 
ness and titiiLition in the throat ; for pulmonary suppuration 



ftfter violent pneumonia^ also for tuberculous phtliisis in th« 
second stages, even for incipient tuberctilosis ; provided tbe 
inflimiraatoiy sjTnptoms hud l)eeii rerooved by other reme- 
dies, (t»uch as Aeon, phos.,) aad a dose is allowed to act for 
Bcverfil weeks. 

Thkrii>ion-ouk. : In the beginning of the disease ; night 
•cough ; violent stitcher high up in the chest, beneath the Ic^l 
phoulder, perccivt'd even up in the throat ; great inclination 
to sigh; anxiety about tiie heart; alow pulse, with vertigo; 
uy sweat at night, with fainlneas and vertigo. (Follows 
well aller C'ldc. and lye.) 

TmLLirM?: Ilhumoptysis ; inri[tient stages of phthisic, 
with bloody expectoration; even in the more advanced 8ta«;es, 
with cn]»iou8 piinilent expectoration, hectic fever, troubic- 
eomc conuh, 

5, We would recommend also: 

or COPIOUS SWEATING : Ai"s. chin, phos, 8il. calc iod. 

dihit. s'lj, to ^iij. dist. water, morning and 
Ais. bry. hep. n.-vom. natr.-m. sep 

samb. and phos.-ac., iuti'mally, and sponging with a solution 

of Acid-pho8, 


For the kyspepsia 

For PAINFUL dlarrh<ea: Cham. ip. puis. verat«. mere. rhua. 
For colieky pains : Coloc. nitr,-ac. op. rheura» 

For pAii^Lcss DiARiiucKA: Ars. phos. calo.-a chin. ferr. 

For TENESMUS : Ars, snlph. mere hep. rhus. ; in aggravated 
c.'ises: iSIerc.'Cor. 

For liLooiiv stools: Ars. chin. mere. puis, sep, sulph. 

For BLOODY KXPECTOKATioN ; Acon. bell. bry. am. ferr* 
ipeo. phos. trilK, when fever is present at the same time ; if 
not, give: Cliin. hainam. phos.-ac, sulph.-ac. ; in severe csaeif 
try ; Phos. sec. or ergtU in. 

For PLEURITIC PAINS : Am, bry. sulph. 

For ocDEMA OF THE LowKK jDCTBfiMO lES : Chin. dig. oolclu 

g 6. It may be proper here to repeat, tliat the remedy 
must bo well chosen, otherwise it might produce a danger- 
ous irritation and even inflannTiation of crude tubercles, 
The medicine should not be repeated, unless we are sure that 
it is the proper remedy, and tiiat tlie first dose haa ceased to 

§ 7. Compare: Auhma^ Congestions o/ t/ie Cf^est^ Broi^ 
diiiuf, Cougn^ Pmumoniay <&c. 



PURPLE RASH — Principal reinctlies; 1) Aoon. coif. 2) 
BvIL m\\fU 

If ilie liisca.'^e slionlrl be complicated willi scarlatina^ give 
sulph. ; if with iiiefisles, J5rv. 

See : Inflammittary Ftvers and Micanthtms^ Atid compare : 
Variola^ Jiash^ Measles^ Scarlatina. 

RAN UH A. —Principal remedies: Calc. mere. thuj. ; per 
hapR, also, Ambr. 

RASH, Miliaiia.— Principal remedies : Aeon. ars. bell. bry. 
cham. ipec, puis, sulph. 

If the breaking out should be accompanied with fff^at 
angnuh, give Ars. 

Lyjxg-in -women require pniicipally : Bry. or ipec. ; and 
for cif JLI>REN : Aeon. boll. bry. cham. ipec. 

If sudtlen retrocession or slow development of the erup 
tioij should be folloue»l by asthmatic complaints, gastrio 
Bvmptoms and fainting- turns^ give Ipec. 
" 3Iiii'aria cUha requires principally : 1) Ara. bry. 2) Bell. 

See : Purple and Scarkt Mash. 

RETENTION OF URINE, Ischihiia: Spasmodic Isciiu- 
i:iA : 1) N.'Vom. op. puis. *2) Aur. cfinlh. con. dig. hyosc, 
luL*b, rbus. verat. i) Eiipat.-purp. gaL gels. myr. pod. senec. 
Compare : XTrinary difficulties. 

For iNFAifMATORY iscuuRiA : Acou. CAu. cauth. enpat.- 
jMirj* gels, n.-vom. puis. (See Cystitis.) 

For PAUALYTic isriRTRiA : Ars. apoc-can. dulc* hyosc. 
Compare : Vrinmy difftcultiu, 

RHACHITIS, Rickets. ^ I. Principal remedtee : 1) Asa. 
bell. cede. hfr. nierc. pub. sil. staph. Hulph, 2) Meas, nitr.-ac. 
petr. phos. phos.-ae. rhus. therid-cur. 

For cuRVATiTRE of the spine: Bell, c<//c. fnds. sil. stdph. 

For curvature of the long bones and SWKIXING of tub 
joints: Asa. calc. sil. 8uli»h. 

For too LARGE SIZE oi' thc head, the fontanellefi remaining 
open; Calc. puis. sil. 

8 2. Particular indications : 

BAKYTA-cAFtB. : Will be fouud suitable to many cases in 
dwarfish children and in lhos*e of imperfect development. 

Phosp«obic-acid: Pale, sickly look; ^reat debility; pain- 
less diarrhoea, tottering gait. 



RrTA-fJKAVKOLENsr Tnttovin^ |]fnit« a» if ibc thigh* 
wcMk nnd then* is much pnin in thi-m fni walking, 

STArifYSAGK'iA : Wlieii the teeth tiirii hl.ick anil crut]ibU% 
with the ]irorjress of tfve disenst'. in little fragmentSL 

Sec : i^.ToJ'ula and lJiHea»cJS of Jionts. 

RHAGADKS. § 1, Principal remedies: 1) k\\xm, ctUn, 
liep. hy<^r. lye. mere, pt'tr, puis. r7i,i«. sep. sulph, 2) Axn. 
aur. cham. cycl lach. niagn. iiatr.-m. iiitr.-ac, 8as8. siL aiua. 

8 2. RHAGADES OF THE HANDS, from workin- in 
water: 1) Calc. hep. scp. sulph. 2j Ahim. ant* cham. luerc. 
rliuji. 8a88. 

Chapping ix cold wkatiier: Petr. sulph. 

8 3. ILEMOutciioihAL rhaya^le!* at the aims : Agn. am. chatn. 
graph, hydr. "1) Hep. rhus. sass. sulph. 

UhagaUes of the lips: Arn. ars. capa. cham« ign. mera 
natr.'Mi. puis, sulph. 

or the AL.« NASI : Merc. ml. ; of the prepuce: Aru. mere. 
«iop. ftil, snlph thiij, 

§4. Deep bleedi:ng rhngades require : 1) Cham. mere. 
ml 2) Calc. <xniph. luelu iiitr.-aa petr. »tay>h, sulph. 

The piineipnl remedy for syphilitic hhagapes of the hand« 
or betuern the toes, b 3Iero. ; if t.)ie patient shon hi have had 
much Mere., trive : Aiir. earb.-v. hich. iiitn-nc. sass. sep, stilph.; 
iievertlieless. Mere. Mill be found in di.^pen sable, provided llio 
rhagades arc not exclusively racreuriah 

Compare : Ulcrrs^ Suppurations^ Soreness of the Skin. 


§ 1. Principal remedies: 1) Aeon. am. ar«, IhsIL bry. 
ccruloph. ehani. chniei/. geh. mere, n.^vom. plu»s. phyt. pul^, 
rhns. sang* sulph, 2) Ant. apoc. aselep. carlf.-v, causl c/<t- 
vmph, eliin. col'^h. coloc. ferr. liep. ign. kal.-bi. lack lye. n.- 
moBch. rlnni rh\is-gL rum. rata. sasB. sep. stict. vcrat.-alh. 
verat.-vir. 3) JRf^c.Ai, a!n. cact, eamph. ealc. ciinn. cnnth, 
eollins. cnpr. euphr, eupat.-pnrp. ham. kreas niagn.-c. mez. 
nitr.-ac, polyg. ran. spig. scjnill. stann. tart valer. 4) Cocc. 
dale, erig iris. led. le|tt. Iriost. 

§ 2. Fi»r Ai'in'K rheumatism; Jron. ant. anu ars. .isclcpt 
fnli. 6>"y. eunh eliam. chhi, thnif.if. cohh. dulc. ign. meiv. a«* 
vum. puis, rliod. rhns, verttt -vir. 

For cmtuMc rheumatitim; Can^l. chimaph. dera. hep. 
lach, lye. |*ln>8. phyt. fiulpb, verat.-alb. 2) Dry. dulc. ign. 
maru a.^ozu. puk. rbus. Btilllng. thiij. 





Rheumatism and s^TELLfNO op joixto; Aeon. ant. apoc.-a. 
am. ars. asclop.-l, hell bn/^ chin, catch, clem, ham^ hep. Ivc. 
mniiij. mere. iK-vom. rliod, rliun. sulpli. ver;tt,-vir, 

Hheumatfem uiih f:t.:KVATURK and stiffness of theaf- 
FECTKi) paut: 1 ) Ant. bry, cattut, gunj. lac/i. Hutph. L') Ainni,- 
in, colne. ^rraph. lye. niitr-ni. n.-vouu iluia st-p, 

Rheuniatisiii, with paralysis: 1) Ani.chm. ihrr. rhtts nita. 
2) Citi. coec. hell, pliiirtb. 8*:i8s, staph. 

Erratic iui£Lmatic paixs: 1) Bj'y. n.-moach. n.-vom. /?«/*. 
2) Am. ars. asa. bt?ll. daphn, mang. phinib. rhud, Eiabin. sass. 
8c*p, sulph. valer. 

55 3. KhtMimatism in conseqnonce nT exposure to cold in 
winter: 1) Ars. 6ry-n,-voni. 2) Carb.-v, coleh, niti'.-ac. plion. 
puis. 8ulph.-ae. 

Pains Cuming on after taking thk lf. \st colp, Teqaire : 
Aeon. am. bry. calc. dulc. mere. phoH,-ac. sulph. 

If caused by AnrsE of mekcitey: 1) Carb,-v. chin, ffvaj. 
lye. sass. sulplu 2) Arg. am. bell. calc. cham. liep, Uieh inoz. 
plios.-nc. pnU rhod. valer. 

Inconsequence of badly-tbeated gonocrhcba; 1) CUm> 
sass. t/iuj, 2) Daphii. lye. sulph. 

If by being m wateu, or by exposure to damp and wet 
weather: l\ Calc. n.-muscht puia. rhus. sep. 2) Bell. 
bor. bry. carb -v. caust. colch. dnlc. hep. Ivc. sulph. 

If eau.«5ed by bad wkatfjer, j^ve: 1) Calc. dulc. n.-nio.'*<'h* 
rfiod, rhu^, vt^rat, 2) Anim. ant. carb.-a. curb.-v. iach. lye, 
mang. mere, iiitr-ao. puis. sep. spit.', stroiit. sulph. 

If by EVERY CHANGE OF weathicr ; Jirt/, cale. carb.-u^ dulc. 
graph. Iach. mang. mere, n.-mouch. phoa. rhod. rhu«. «//. 
sulph. verat. 

g 4. 8ymptomatic indications: 

AcoNiTUM : Tearing or stitching pains, pressing like a 
weight or as if bruised ; shooting drawing pain«, less when 
sitting, with aggra%%itioti in the et^ening and at night ; loud 
outcries and complaints, with weeping, tears and despairing 
anxiety; intolerance of noise, even of inuRic; intense briglit- 
red and shining fiwelling oi' the afleeted ]tart, and excei^-sive 
Bensitivencps to contaet and motion ; af/gravatio/t or return 
of the pains by wine or othar heating catKstJi, also by enu»- 
tiona ; nigh fever, with dry heat; i/irtsnant thintt ; redness 
of cheeks, or alternation of redness and pah-ne^R of the la<!e 

Arnica : TrritabiUty of the mind ^ ]>ains a.s if >*piaiiied or 
contused ; feeling of lameness and tingling in the afiecttnl 
parts, or hard, bluuh-^ed^ or ^liining Bwciling ; violent pabia lu 



the affoclefl parts, vnlh sensation as if restiii/j upon soinething 
vcTv liai d ; figgravulion evening and yiight and by itioving 
the* jif1Vi'ie<l imris. (Am. is suitable after or before Chin, 
ars. (err. rhus ) 

Bkjxajionna : StiU'hing htrninff pai»8, woi-se at night and 
by inatiuii; swellinc^of the affected part, with Bhininir, widL-ty- 
epreading, erysipelatous redness ; violent fever, with l-hroiv 
bing of the carotid arteries ; congestion of blood to the head, 
red face and eyes. (Suitable after Aeon, chani. mere. pnJsj 

Bkyonta : Di>5position snbdned or easily excited to anger; 
tensive or teariny ptiin.% with stitches in the aifected part 
often its it u moved, or pains, which have no certain locAlit 
and affect the muscles rather than the bones ; shooting pain 
as if the flesh were loose on the bones; red and shining, or 
pale and tensive swelling or Btiffiicsjs of the affected part; 
aggravation in iht evening and before muhiiyfU and daring 
the least motion; general sweat or chilliness and slinddering, 
or fever heat, with headache, bilious or gastric 8ym[)ionis; 
thirsty with occasional cttUs for large draughts of coltf dnnA%<. 

Chamomiula; Drawing pains, worse at night or in bed; 
relieved by external warmth; disposition to constant move- 
ment of the affected part, which ih numb and partiaUg f>*tr^i- 
Igtie ; drawing jerks in the bones and tendons; pains in the 
periostemn, uith ]>aral}'tic weakness; sensation of paralynis 
in the parts, after the cessation of the pains; rigid senfiatiuii 
nud as if bruised in the joints, witli cracking when moving ; 
exacerbation in the evening and before midnight,' fever, 
with burning heat in the affected part, preceded by shudder- 
ing; hot sweat about the ht-ad, even in the hair ; great rest- 
lessness, tossing aboot, or chill; desire to be in bed. (Suit- 
able after or before Bell puis, or ign.) 

MKKcrRirs: Stitching, burning or tearing pains, worse in 
t\thf and damp weather^ in bed, at night or toward morning ; 
pains in the bones, as it" broken ; in the joints, as if sprained; 
accompanied hy profuse perspiration, (often gour or offensive 
smelling), which gives no rehef tt> the pains; (Bdema oftht 
ajftrted parts, especially of tl»e feet or ankles ; swelling of 
the joints, large, pale or slightly red and puffy in appearance, 
c»r cedcmatous ; especially to cases of syphilitic origin or 
complication, affecting the joints, bones or periosteum. (Fre- 
quently suitable after Bell. bry. chin. dulc. lach,) 

Nix-voAHfA : Especially ap|*ropriate to attacks of the largn 
til varies of the loinif and the large joints ; tensive, jerking or 
p uJling pains, with pale, tensive swelling, especially in lb© 






bficlc, loins, chest or joints; numbness or lameness of tho 
atiected musolca, with spasnjs or twitchings of the musolea ; 
aversion to the open air and greut sensitiveness to cold ; 
gjistrie symptoms; cotistipation ; shuddering, with treiublincf 
ond aggravation of the s^'niptoms ; worse a/ier midnight 
and nu^ming ; disposition sad, despjiiriuf^, silent or angry ; 
cxresnive senHltiUttj to all extei^ial impressions^ the slightest 
jarring^ or concussion is insupportable, (Rarely suitable in 
the bei^inning, but after Aeon. am. chani. ign.) 

PirLSATiLLA : Drawing, tearing or jerking pains, worse ai 
nighty or in the evening in bed ; also by the warmth of the 
room or by attempting to change a position which the patient 
bad been in tor a long time, or pains tc/dch shift rapidly 
from on**, joint to another; sensation of numbness or lame- 
ness in the affected parts^ or stitches and feeling of coldness 
at every cliange of weather: relief by uncovering the part 
or in the open air ; pale face and chills, increasing with the 
pains; aggravation in the evtninfj and beftre midnif/ht / 
frequently caused ^►y currt^nts and jets of damp air or by ex- 
posure to rain or to protracted wet weather. (Suitable after 
Cham. ign. or arn.) 

Rhits-tox. : Tearing, burning or tensive pains, or pains as 
if sprained, witli sensation of lameness and creeping in the 
aifecti'd parts ; tearing pains, with sense of dull numbness 
alter motion ; paralytic pains in the joints ; rigidity, or red 
and shining swelling of the joints, with stitches when touch- 
ed; aggravation af^er midnight and morning, during rest 
and in bad weather. (Suitable afler Am. or bry.) 

SAKGriNARiA: Inflammatory swelling of all the joints* 
with redness and spasmodic pains in the affected parts. 

§ 5. Us*' likewise: 

Antimonhjm-cbud, : Drawing, shooting and tensive pains ; 
shortening of the muscles and tendons^ with bending of the 
limbs ; aggravation 6y UHirm air and heat of the sun; appro- 
priate to chronic cases and to rheumatic mflammation ol mus- 
cular tissue, especially of the bireps flexor mthiti, 

Arsenicum : Protracted ca^es, with nocturnal ngirravations 
of the pains, great emaciation and profuse sweatings from 
exhausted vital force ; pains iohich are felt during shep ; 
drawing, tearing paine, especially in the limbs, with inability 
to lie on the affected side and relief by motion of the affected 

Jalcarea-carb. : Almost specific for cases contracted by 
rking in the water or a long continuance in it. 



Caitsticum: Affections of llie ii^amenfs antl t(*7idnn3y an^ 
also the periosteum^ with little or no dit^locafion an*l paf^ 
Bwelling, if any; shooting jhiins in the joints after inking,] 
cold, rtiiertd bt/ wanjtth and in bed ; shortcniinfj ai t^ndom 
and rigidity and flexion of joints; great sensibility to col< 
open air and currents of wind, which aggravate the pain; tha 
patient is averse to lying uncovered ; evening ag^rat'ottona, 

China : Suitable to weak and emaciated subjects, with in- 
clination to excessive perspiration ; the parts about the joints 
are swollen and excessively aenrnttve to the touch ,* the immn 
are worse at night and accompanied by a sensation of weak-j 
uess in the affected parts, which are restless and disposed to 
constant movement, which relieves ; great excitability of the 
whole nervous system. 

CoLCHicuM : Paroxynms of tearing, Btitching or drawing 
pain in the affected part through to the bone ; lameness or 
the affected part; tearing in wann weather^ with stitches in the 
limbs when the weather is cold : aggravation from ei^enmg 
till tnomiftg, sometimes intolerable in the evening; nightly 
heat, with thirst ; uenouFness; yellow spots in the face; losa 
iff appetite, vnili loathing of the smell rather than the taste 
of the food ; diminished, dark-brown urine. 

DuiXAMAKA : DiK]>o8ition angry, impatient, morose, aggra- 
tion in the evening and at nighty and during rest ; dull 
shootings or shooting drawing pains, with little lever, mostly 
eauKed by cold damp air. 

Feruum: For rheumatic lameness of the shoulder. 

Hkpab: It is related to cases of mercurial rheumatism, es- 
pecially in scrofulous subjects; tearing and f^liooling pains 
in the limbs and joints, with ajrgravation at night, espi^Mally 
during a nocturnal chill. Excessive nervous excitability. 

Ignatia : Pitinft, aa if contused or sprained or sensation, as 
if the tie^h were looae on the bone^ in consequence of blows, 
the ]>niiis arc worse at night, diminished by a change of 
position ; pains which appear while lying on the side, disap 
pcar when lying on the back; great sensibility to currents of 
air ; aggravation a/femoonj evening and itjler miduigKl^ , 
alteration of disposition at short intervals. i 

Lac'UKsis: Chronic rheumatism in alternation with Hepar ; 
lacerating, jerking and sprained-like j»ains; stinging or laccv 
rating in tlie knees; stiffness and curvature of the »iffecl«d 
parts; aggravation in the open <?tV, during damp weather, 
after sUeping^ from exertion and in the evening. 

Lkdum : liheumatio pains ^x^l attack the feet and ihesi. 




and HpWftrd.9 * presslnfytearincr pains In jfiints am! muscles: 
imrnlylic j»jiins in all the jolfits ; at niglil iii l»o«i, while mov- 
itj£; tfte body ; the warmtk of the htd mtdthe f*^il-coi^*inng are 
unhcariiblf ; pnius agi^uvatud hy W'ttiaft^ in the eveninff a fid 
b^orf. itiidniffht ; pains cbanjje tht'ir location quickly, accom- 
panied with little or no 8welliri«2^. 

LvcopomuM : In rhtHiinatiHrn o( the Jinfier-JoirUs and espo- 
cially in chronic cases; drawing and teurinrf pains, worse at 
night and during rest; painful ri<;jidity of the niusrles and 
joints, with Bensation of numbness ni the atleoted part* 
(:suit!ible after rhus., calc, n.-mosch. pub.) 

Nl*x-mosciiata: Wandcrin<?, aching or drawing pains, 
worse during rent, or in the open cold air, caused by pro- 
tracted wet weather. 

Phosphorus: Tearing, drawing and tensive pains, setting 
in when taking the lea«t cold, with headache, vertigo, op- 
pression of the chest, 

RiJoDaDEXPRoN : The pains are worse during rest*, excited 
by storms and rough, damp and windy weather; tearing, 
drawing and Bhooting pains without redness or swelling, 
worne on change of weather. 

Ruta: Rheumatic lameness of the i/>ri>^ or tttraal joint , 
pains as from a blow, fiiU or as if rrushed, aggravated by 
touch, bending the body or the aflVctcd jointw, and relieved 
by continual motion; sense of want of power or partial 

Sabina : Drawing pains in the long hones of the upper and 
lower extremities. extL-nding to the joints where they are 
most severe, worse in a room and better in the open air, 
]>aralytic paina in the joints afler exertion, especially in 
rheumaiism of t)ie ritftafarso-phahtng^al yAi\\ of the great 
toe, with great 8W£'Jling, bright, shining red, intenne sensi- 
bility io touch and motion, worse at night; high fever. 

Sepia: Tension in different lindia, an if the tendons wero 
too short ; drawing tearing from below upwards, in the arms 
and legs, only in repose, with great weuKness ; ee^»»ation of 
tlir pains durintr powerful movement and walking in the 
open air; aggravations evenings <tnd tii'jhtA, local warmth 
relieves the ]>ain ; great sensibility to cold air, especially to 
tlie north wind ; suitable to persons of u nlender form, jtar- 
ticularly to femalcK with a delicate skin and complexion* 

SuLPHTR : Erratic pains with or without sweHing, the 
result of taking cold, especinlly from cold dampness or from 
working in water / pains with loss of power and nuinbuess 




of the parts affected ; pains like a sprain j tension as if from 
Bhoitcniijg of the tendan**, especially in the tendons of tbe 
feet after a short walk; heat relieve.9 and raid aggravates the 
pain / sensibility to wind nnd open air and to a change of 
weather J dread of washing. 

TriuJA : Tearing and Vioating pains, as from subcutaneous 
alteration, with coldness and feeliner of numbness in the 
afll^cled parts, worse during rest and in bed ; r/ieumati,sm 
from goiiorrhve<il poisoning j teaiing pains in the ntrA\ 
preventing its turning; pain over the neck, shoulders iinil 
spine with stiffness of the neck; boring, teanng pains in the 
loins, extending to the hip. Aggravation mostly alWruoon, 
evening and night ; warmth reUeves and cold aggravates the 

ViEKATRUM- ALBUM : The molmce ofifie pains causes deli- 
riittn ; pahis in the limbs likn bruises and pressure, intolerant 
of the heat of the bed, but relieved by riiiing and walking 
about ; they are renewed by damp cold weather ; stiffaess 
of the limbs in the forenoOD and while standing. 

\ 6. Try moreover : 

Apocynx"m-and. : Cramps in the feet, probably in the 
muscles and tendons; great pain in the joint of the big too, 
heat in the right leg and knee ; tingling nains in the toet ; 
pain and stiffness in back of head and necK; dull heavy pain 
m the chest, while breathing; rheumatic headaches. 

CiMiciFL-QA : Rheumatism affecting the belly ofth^ niuaeU ; 
burning, cramping, stitching pains in the niusehs of the 
body ; inflammatory rheumatic fever with intoxicated feeling 
of the head^ severe pains in the eye balls, extending into the 
forehead and increased by the slighteM moveinent of the 
head or eyeballs; dull pains in the occipital regions, with 
shooting pains down the back of the neck; fece-ache and 
toothache ; phurodyrtia and rheumatism o/thr tnuschs of the 
chest ; articular rheumatism of llie lower extremities with 
nmch swelling and heat of the affected parts. 

Caulophyixum: erratic shifting pains; arti*nUar r) 
tis^n affecting the smaller joints^ especially suitrtble to 
females ; rlieuniatic and neuralgic headaches ; severe pain in 
the finger-joints, they look red and are very stift^ closing the 
hand is painful. 

GKt-SKMiNiTM; liheumatic ?ieuralgia ; myalgia; dull 
aching pains in the baok^ particularly in lumbar and sacral 
region ; deei>-seatcd, dull aching pains in upper and lower 
extremities and joints generally; rheumatic pains in the 



npper and lower extremities, induced by cold, and attended 
with loss of motion, 

RHrs-vKNENATA : Aggravation "before rain ; stiffness of 
the joints in the morning, relieved by exercise; rheumatism 
of the tarsal and mHataraal joints^ especially the ankle 
joints; aggraviUion by rest and mental labor; uncovering 
mitigates the itching and burning ; crick in Uie ««c^ and 
I henmatie p^iins between the shonldcrs ; stiff back ; constant 
dull pains in the cervical, dorsal and himljar regions; draw- 
ing painft in the slioulders and elbow joints, worse during 
motion ; constant aching in the hands and tingera with stiff- 
ness; dull draidng pain« in the knees, ankles, feet and toes, 
tihicTA-PULM. : Sharp darting pains in nivper and lower ex- 
Irt^mities; dull headache with darling pains through vertex, 
side of the iace and lower jaw; swelling and stiffness of the 

VKRATRUM-viRrDE: Inflammatory rheumatism ttith gaB- 
trie cowplicatiofis ; constant aching pains in the back of the 
n^ck and shoulderH; hmibago. 

I 7. Rheumatlssc of the heart; requires: 
Aconite: In (fu beginning of most inflammatiouB with 
fibnniyua deposits, if there be flill, hard, quick pulse, great 
heat of the skin, tliirst, anxiety, restlessness, loud complain- 
ings sharp shootings in the region of the heart. 

Arbenk'um: For the latter stages, where there is great 
prostration of strength, cold damp suHace or cold and sticky 
perspiration; rapid emaciation; restlessness; great oppres- 
si(jn of the respiration, burning pains in the region of the 
heart ; pulse small, rapid and feeble ; worse when lying on 
the back', and at night, especially after midnight. 

BnYffNiA: In the tirst stage, when the fever is acute, with 
great thirst for cold drinks, hard and quirk pulse, the shoots 
ings in the heart greatly aggravated by the least motion and 
the respiration nmch embarrassed by a sense o^ pressing in 
the viidiUe of the sternum, 

Cacits : Acute carditis, with slight cyanosis of the face, 
oppression of the breathing, dry cough, pricking pain at tho 
heart, impossihility of lying on the left side; pulse q\iick, 
throbbing, tense and hard ; .lente painful stitclies in the heart 
as to cause him to trecp and to cry out loiHllt/, with ob- 
struction oi' the respiration ; dry convulsive cough ; the heai t 
beats with great foree and irregularity ; constrietion in the 
region of tlie heart and epigastrium, as if the heart tttre 
grasped and compressed^ as by a hand of iron; incsreased 



by muscular exertion, especially by reading aloud or load 
talking. All the rheumatic paina go from a6ove down- 

CiSfTcrrrGA : Intense anxiety about the heart, with pain to 
the lert tjhoulder, exten<iing dawn the left arm inth the 
senBatton, jw if hound to the side. 

LiVCHTists : Rheumatism of the pericfirdium and endaear* 
dium ; weight in the ehest with anxiety; spasmodic pain in 
the heart, causinaj palpitation ; constriction of the heart ; 
shortness ofbreatii at every motion, expecialh/ of the handi, 
with great weariness; inability to lie down on account of a_ 
BuflTocnling sen^^e of fullness in the chest, with the necessit; 
o{ rtmnvhifj all prea^tnre from the neck and t*A^^f, and jxasj 
intc ^i* breath, and when relieved of this, tfie patient lies o 
the left sid*! with the head raised hicjh ; anxiety, poleneas' 
of face, restlessness, excessiv^e pers|ii ration. 

Pn^ATiiXA: In persons of mild and tfcnlle diAposition, 
complainiu!]: of shootings in the region of the heart, or heavy 
pressure andbnriupn:; palpitation increased by slight mental 
emotion or l>y speakiufi:, with anxiety; intolerance of the 
pressure of the clothes^ which the patient constantly endea- 
vors to remove ; darkening of tlie vision ; aggravaticm by 
lying on the left, side. 

Phosphorus: Pressure, as if a great weight were lying on 
the middle of the stemum; great pressure in the upper part 
of the chest; cotvj:h excited by drinking; excoriation of the 
chest, when coughing; cough wakes him constantly at night, 
exciting great pain in the chest; cannot lie on tht! baek; 
dyspnoea with inability to exert himself; palpitation of the 

KusfKx: Burning, stinging pains in the whole of the left 
side of the chest, muddcidy when taking a deep inspiration, 
wliile in the act of lying down at night ; sharp shooting 
pains in the left chest. 

Spigema: Excessive imtabiUty of the heart; the violent 
or imdulatory palpitation not synchronous \^ith the beat o'C 
the pulse ; sharp shooting pains ; short and oppressed respi- 
ration with great anxiety. 

SroNGiAr fibrinous deposits upon the valves; sense of 
suffocntion, accompanied by violent loud cough, anxietv and 
diftif^ult respiration; violent and rapid action of the heart 
witfi loud blounng sound, as of a bellows; sudden [laroxysm 
of suffocation with violent palpitation, arousing the patient 
irom his sleep. 



VERATBirM-vni!i>E: Prickling pains in the region of tlie 
heait ; constant burning distress in tlie cardiac region ; flut- 
tering Hcnsatiun and palpitation on taking the loam exercise J 
palpitation witli dyj*pn<Ba; cardiac oppi tension with passive 

§ 8. Coinp. : Oaut^ paroxysms qf pain^ condUi(yfi9^ 
causes^ weather, Ac, 


§ 1, Names have caused an immense confusion in the de- 
partment uf cutaneous diseases Samud Plvmbt\ Schcenlein 
and others, confound rt/pin and ect/it/mn • I{f\hra applies the 
name rnpia only to syphilitic herpes with pynnnidal cr'usts ; 
liateman^ who distinguishes R, simplex and R. proeminens^ 
understan<ls by it an eruption very similar to ecthyma with 
which other authors have either confounded rupia, or wfio, 
in its higher fonns, have classed it with the corroding and 
spreading ulcers. According to Bateman, the j)nmitive form 
of rupia is vesicuhir, never pustulous, as that of ecthyma, 
though it is very difficult to diHtinguifih these eruptions from 
each otht!i% when more developed, except perhaps by the 
fact that the crusts of rupia are broader and less firmly ad- 
hering than those of ecthyma, //e^ra'^ rupia is the syphilitic 
form with conical scurfs, and is the same as Bateman^s rupia 
proeminens; whereas Bateman^s rupia 8im|ilex is identical 
with the Bo-caltcd phagedenic blister of Hahnemann and a 
kind uf pliMgedenic ulcer* of older writers. 

§ 2. According to these dii^tinctions, we propose for rnpia^ 
or rupia (JSchcenhin)^ one or more of the following remefUes, 
or of those which have been indicated for ecthyma. 

b) For rtfpia simpkor {BiUeman\ (the ulcus phagedem*cum 
of sruno authors, or the bulla phagedenica of Hahnemann : 
1) Ars. chani. graph, petr. sil. 2) Borax* calo. clem. hep. 
natn nitr.-ac. rhus. sep. squill, staph. 

c) For the rupia of Ihhra (rupia svphilitica or rupia 
proeminens of Bateman) MercurluA. l^fiis is not alwayB 
sufficient; in one easel had to give: Alum, nitr,-ac. clern. 
thuj. sassap., then Sulph., and lastly anuther dosc of JMerc, 
which efiected a permanent and lliorough cure. 

§ 3. See: Herpes, Ulcers, Hjhipes, pustulosus, and 

KUBEOL/E — This disease is intermediate between scar- 
;.ina and measles, the symptomfi of the mucous membranes 




being like those of scarlatina and the eruption itself resem- 
bling measles. 

The priiK'ipal remedies are : Aeon. bell, n.-vom. puJg. 

See: Exanihkmata, Mkaslks and Scarlatina. 

RUNNTNG OF THE EYES— BlennorrhcBa oculorm 

jPrincJpal remedies : 1) Dig. euphr. graph, pu Is.sen. 2) 
Alnm. amm. calc. canst, chin, euphr. gnaj. hep. lye. nitr.-ac 
8il. apig. Bulph. thuj. 

For frequent ia^krt/maiion^ give: 1) Aeon. bell. calc. 
euphr. kreas. puis. nit. sil. epig. staph, sulph. 2) Alum. ars. 
bry, dig, graph. hc?p. ign. kal luch. lyc. mere, natr.-m. n -vom. 
phos. pho8-ao. rhu8. spong. staph, thuj. 

Bleareyedness^ Uppituao: 1) Aeon, eciphr. mere. puis. 2) 
Rhna epig. 3) Grau.? par.? 


Complained of by plethoric, debilitated, hypochondriac or 
nervous individuals; the principal rcniudifs are: 1) Aeon, 
aur. calc. hep. kal. krcas» lyc. phos. sen sulph. *1) Amb. 
amm. am. bell, bry, oarb.-v, caust. croc. chin. lerr. ioil. natr»- 
m. n.-vom. op. petr. pho8,-ac. rhus, eamb. sassap. aen. »iL 
stann. thuj. 

Rush of blood of plethoric individuals requires; 1) Aeon, 
aur. belL calc. lyc. phos. sep. sulph, 2) Arn, hry, chin* ferr. 
natr.-m. n.-vom. rfius. thuj. 

Of nervous, very irritable individuals: 1) Aeon. arn» belL 
chin* n.-vom. 2) Amb. aur. calc. ferr. lyc petr. aamb, 


The beat antidote^ according to Hering is hlaeh tofftt^ to 
be drank until vomiting sets m, and for the eecondary dis- 
eases; Opufm. 

Chronic secondary affections require ; Aeon, belL plat, 

SAL-AMMOKIAC and NITRE, poi.soning wfth. 
7epid water with unseal ted butter, to be drank until vomit, 
ing sets in ; afterwards mucilaginous diink.s in large quantity^ 
Secondary mlrnenta require: Nitr.-ap. coff, u.^vora. 


Princijial remedy: Kitri.-sp, After this; Ara, carb.-v. lya 
mere, n.-vom. puis. 



SASSAPARILLA, ill effects of, 
Hering recomTnends Bell, or 3Ierc, ; we may try more- 
ovwr : Amm. cham. lyo. salph. 

SCARLATINA, A^crtr/^-^Fetr^r; §1, The princi pa] remedy 
is BelLy unless we should have to give.: 2) Aeon, amnk apis. 
ars. baryt. camph. carb.-v. lack nierG./>/io«. sulpb. 2) Coffl 
con. ipec- phos.-ac. rhua. 3) iVi'ura. asclep. gels, myric. phyt. 
sang, scutal. vera(.-vir, 

g 2 ) For the fever in the pRBajRaoBT stage, give aeon., 
if bell should not he eiiflieient. 

The SORE THROAT requires next to BelL^ baryt. cala mere, 

Gangrenous sork throat: 1) Amm. ars. carh.-v. 2) 
aroriL lach. sulph. phyt. 

The VOMITING requires aeon, or ars., if bell should not stop 
it ; for the tenestnus and ischurui give con., and for Uxe pui/- 
iiONART BPASMs: ipec, provided bell, is insufficient. 

^ 3, For RETROCESSION of the eruption the best remedies 
are: bry. phos. phos.-ac. sulpb. — If cerebral symptoms with 
coma should have st^t in, give op. ; or hdl.y if tlie patient 
should start as soon as he closes bis eyes. 

For the parotitis, which scmetinies sets in after the 
disease, give; beJl. co/c. earb,.v kal. phos. sil. rhus. or mere. 

§ 4. The iJROPsicAL fiyniptoms after scarlatina, require : 
apU. am. ars. bell. dig. hdL phos.-ac. seneg. 2) Asclep. syr. 

Hydrocepoalits: apis, apocyc. can. am. belL bell. pho8.-ac. 

Hydrothorax : 1) Arg. belL seneg. 2) Ai-n. digit. 

Ascites: Apis, dig, hell. 

Anasarca : Ars. hell, or bar.-m. 

I ft. Parotitis or otorrhosa in consequence of scarlatina, 
requires — : belL hep. puis. 2) Colch. lye. men. mere, uitr.- 
ac. ; or if caries of the oesicula auiium should have set in: 
aur. calc. natr.-ni. sil. 

§ 6. The pnncipal remedies for scarlet-rasit are; Aeon, 
and eoff, : or sulph. and bell, if* the former should not be 

For a combin.ltion of flCARLATTNAANDSCARLKr-RASH, Ihtk. 
has proved efficient. 

§ 7. Paiticulnr indications. 

Aconitl'M: Freqtient colic, with bilious vomiting; violent 
fever, ^nth dn^ieat ; trequent, full and hurried pulse; con- 
gestion of bliMni to the head, with bloated face, vertigo and 



stupefaction, or (k^lirium ; or drow&iness with sudden starting 
from sleep; dry, sliurt, painlul eough ; bluediiig of the no»e 
ur spitting of blood; .iDgina iiiuciuiii. 

Bkli.aijoxna : Violent intlaiiiiimiion of the throat and tor»- , 
wis, with stitching pains and »pa8!iiodic eon traction ; iinibtlit 
to swallow liquids, which fre*^ueiitly return by the nostriU 
suffocative sensation on touching the pharynx or ttirnin^ ibtj 
head j violent thirst, with or without dread of water ; in- 
flamed and painful tyes, with photophobia; violent pres^ui'e 
in the forehead, as if the eyes would be preissed out, or tear- 
ing and stitching in the head ; vertigo with obseuraliop of 
sight; red and dry tongue; sleeplessness, with nervousness; 
frightful vimons on cliisuig the eyes ; sudden starting from 
aleep and junij»ing up. 

MKitcuRius: Inflammation and swelling of the tonsils, 
ptyalisnif ulcers in the mouth, swelling of the inguinal glatidis, 

PnobritoKus : Dry and hard tongue and lips, which are 
covered with blackii^h crusts; loss of speech an*l htttriny^ 
difficult deglutition; hiability to retain the urine; /ailing ojf 
of the hair, 

Rmus-tox, : When the eruption bt^comes vesicular, with 
sopor, sudden starting frota sleep, restlessness, ischuria and 
great thirst. 

Suu»HUK : Cerebral affection not yielding to BeU,^ with 
Sopor, sudden starting, distortion of the eyes ; eonstiint dtj- 
lirium, blonied and shining-red face; stopped nose; dry, 
cracked, red tongue, covered with a browniish mucus ; thirst 
and difficulty of b wallowing. 

g 9. Try moreover. 

AuANTius; Violent vomiting; severe headache, dlzziuess 
and piholophobia; rapid timall pulse; nmttering delirium; 
limd €ruptiO}\, more profuse on forehead and tace; torpid 
state, • 

Ammon.-c. : Hard swtUing of the rii/ht parotid Oftd lym- 
jihatic glands of the neck ; putrid 8ore throat. 

Apis : When there are much heat, redness and irritation 
of the skin, great restlessness and nervous agitation, seuisi- 
tivencbs of the entire surface of the body, an oedeniatous and 
erysipelatous appearance around the ulcers in the lbroat» 
frequent and painful urination; retlness, heat and burning of 
the tongue, disturbed sleep and thirst; post scarlatinal 
dro]ii4y; scarlatina typhosa, the whole nervous system ifl 
under the paral}aing mfluenoe of the poison. 





ARFM-TRiPBYixrM : Malignant srarlatiim wilh great sore 
feeling in the mouth, redtiess ol* tlie tongnc, elevated pnpillaB, 
cia**l<c<l comers of the mouth and lips; stnpiiiirre of the nose 
without much coryza: urine verj' al»un<hv(it nud pale, 8ul>* 
nifixilliu y crliJU'ls swolltn ; eruption all over the hody, with 
much itching and nstlessneKS ; gtitfiiess of the neek. 

CArcAREA : A perfect specific for the lliroai affections, 
parotitis and swellings around the neek. espeelally when the 
eruption is already fading ; a]>o fur the a0ectiou« of the diest, 
even when a tendency to paralysis prevails. 

GKt^EMiJfLM: Intinse fever with nervous erethism in tfm 
beffhrninif ; asthenic lornifl of scarlet fever. 

HvosriAMUs: Acute hiflanimatory affertion of tlie hrain ; 
convulsions with jerking of the linihw; hurning of the skin, 
when laying the hand cm any part of the hody^ wit!i ciiinahar 
redness ; quiet sleep with laughing expression (»f countenanue 
or Kiiifocating snoring during inspiration; absurd delirium; 
sleeplessness from nervous excitability wilh convulsions and 
ehutUIcring. as if from fright; 8trabi8mu«; burning dryness 
of the tongue and lips witli inabiUly to epeak clistinetly ; 
dryness of the throat wilh tldititj oonstnction of the throat, 
preventing swallowing. 

Lachesis : Threatening gangrene or destructive deoompo- 
ftitirai of both fluids and solids; cool HMrfave, covered wilh 
cold perspiiiilion ; tor/Ad ptripfteral circulation ; passive 
haemorrhages of dark fluid blood ; mcdling of the cdluhr 
tiasue threatening gangrene, es]iecially about tlie throat ; in- 
ahiiity to think, with great weakness of memory; heaviness 
of the head, the pains are deep in the bniin and aggravated 
by external pressure; throbbing pjiin, wilh beating from 
every motion, causing nausea and effortt* to vomit, with piun- 
ful holing in the vertex. 

IMekC'IOD.: After I^aehesiw, loss of voice, hoarsen ess, can 
only lisp; fi\iices bluish-red. ulcerated. 

OpiiM : Cctnvnlsions^ deliiium ; soporous condition with 
Buoi'iiig ; not relieved by Bell 

pHYroiJkt'CA: Angina scarlatinosa, witi) high fever, no 
eruption, nose arid uj»per lip much excoriated by au acrid 
tli^chnrgc, slight deliriuni, great prostration. 

SiiiAJioNHjM : Violent eonvulsiony, especially excited by 
being touched or at the siglit of bright shiuing things, with 
}*pa>modic jerkings of the limbs, paralytic trembling of the 
Aims and hatids, es|iecial]y of tlic right, with which he con. 
ftiiiJitly reaches into the air and attempts to grasp some im- 



aginary object; restlessness with itching of the skiu ; rasl 
a i'Oj)|iery red color, tlry and hot skin; coma Mhh rattlii 
r«^MTiiration and bloody froth at the mouth ; rapid aliernttiio 
of laiighine^, crying and singing; stupidity ; terrified ravin«^ 
or mild loquacious delirium : sinsation of weakness aii J uri 
pleasant lightness of the head ; great dryness of the throatj 
conipclling frequent drinking and moistening of the mouth 
gwrllintr of the tongue, so that it hangs from the mouthy 
paralysis of the tongue. 

VKRATRCTM-TiRrDK : For the febrile stage of scarlatina m 
plex and anginosa; intense arterial ejscitement with cerebi 
congestion or irritation of the spinal centres; it ia also usefii 
in certain sequela? of scarlatina, as acute rhoumaiisn 
dropsy^ when febrile symptoms arc present. 

g 10. If COMA follows after the vomiting during the first 
stage: 1) Dulo. sol.-nigr. 2) Bry. op. sulph. 

When the patients are red all ovtr^ like a boiled lobsterj 
sulph., (sometimeH with Aeon. interp<ilated), followed, 
conling to circumstances by : baryt. cak\ pula 

When the eruption decreases: Seneg, or calo. (wIm 
throat troubles are present. 

For SWELLING OF niK PARoTis givc : calc , when tlu 
swelling is on the Hght side^ with irritability in the mornini 
and desire for hard-builcd eggs; KaL-carh., when the rei 
lessnesa appears between 2 — 3 oV^lock in the morning, in 
the swelling is also worse on the right m\e. 

See : Jhka/Uhems^ Mysipelas^ I^urple ras/i^ sort tMoat, 


g 1. Principal remedies : 1) Ars. asa. baryt. bell. calc. ch 
con, hep. iod. lye, mere. rhiLH. sil. sulph, 2) Aur.-mur, carb^ 
mi, carb.-\\ cist. dulc. graph, lach. kreas. pin. staph* 
Amb, amra, aur. bnr.-nL bry. chin, cocc. ferr, ign. magn,- 
Inez. inur,-ae.Tiatr. nativm. nitr,-ac. n,-vom. plius. petr^puh 
ran, rhab. sep, veratr. 

§ 2. At the commencement of the disease, when lh4 
chiklron liave great dipctdhj in kartttng to tc^ik^ give : Bell 
cale, siJ, 8ul[»h,, and perhaps in some eases : Ars! chin, cii 
ferr. lyc. magn. pin. puis. rhab. sep. 

In the second period, when the glands are affected : 1 
Barj't. belh calc, cist. con. dulc. hepjyc. mere, niir.-ac. pho* 
vhus, sil. Rtnph. sulph. 2) Ar». bry, carb.-an. clem, grapl 
kal natr. n.-vom. puis. 

The cutaneous ({ffections (erKptions, herpes, ulrcrs, Se.^ 




require : I) Aur. barvt. calo. cist cU*m. con. dulc. liep. lyc 
mere, mur.-ac. rliua. sil, sulph. 2) Canth. kal. mez. uitr.-ac. 
ol.-jec. petr. ranimc. 

Affections of the banes: 1) Aur. cato. cist. lyc. mere phos. 
phoa.-ac. puis, sil. Bulph. 2) Absl btjll hep. mez, nitr.-ac rhiia, 
rula. sep. staph. 

Sro/ulous enlfirgementofxhe ahtlomen of children : Sulph. ; 
tiien Calc. ; or: Ars. baryt. b«ll. chiu. cin. lyc. n.-voin. puis, 

§ 3, Particylnr indications, which, however, must neccs- 
surily be iiiconipJete on account of the great variety of the 
symptoms : 

Aimjenicum: Atrophij^ emaciation, swelHiii:: u^ the cervical 
ghmds, and hard, distended abdomen ; bloated tace ; diar- 
rhoea; debility, with constant desire to lie down; }>nif' and 
bloated; herpes, scurfy eruptions and uh^ers ; nphthaltiiia j 
ficuris on the hairy »calp; eaneerous affect iotjs, »fec. 

Asa: Exostosis, caries ; curvature of the bouea; glandular 
swellings; otorrha?a ; ophthalmia; vdcers of the nose, or 
nasitis with swelling, <fcc. 

Baryta : Afropbi/ ; swelling and induration of the cervical 
glands; bloated body and face, with distended abdomen; 
physical and mental debility; dry scurfs on the head; in- 
flammation of tlie eyes and eyelids; herpes in the face; fro- 
quent sore throat ; great disposition to take cold, <fec. 

Belladonna: Hard, swollen and tilcerated glands: mus- 
cular debility, with difliculty of learning to wall;; photo* 
phobia; inflammation of the eyes and eyelids; covigh with 
mucous rattling; otorrhtca; emaciation and atrophy ; ulcers; 
inflammatory swelling of the nose; swelling of the lips; fre- 
quent bleeding of the nose ; cancerous affect ions* ; yWtwr//rTf 
bloated; frequent sore throat with swelling; asthmatic 
affections; distended and hard abdomen ; inability to retain 
tlje unm* ; dispoHiiion to wet one'« bed; premature develop- 
ment of the ujiud; blue eyes and bhjnd hair. 

Caluarka: Large head with open Ibntancllee^ curvature 
of the back and vertebrm, or other rhachitic affevtlons ; 
herpes^ scaldhead, crusts in the face ; hard or 8Up[turating 
glandular swellings; ulcers, exostoses or CRriea; hard and 
enlarged abdomen, with swelling of the mesenteric glands; 
cmaciatiou and voracious appetite; thin an<l wrinkled fnce, 
with dim eyes; dry and flaccid skin; difliculty nf learning to 
walk; difficult dentitiuu ; ophthahida, }fh'ii<)pl»obia ami 
blephttrophthidmitifii otorrbcBa^ t^l swdling of the tiom; 



swelling of the upper lip; frequent blee*3mg of the n< 
pctie find bloated; constipation or frequent diarrhoea, 

CiNAt Wonn-affections, pale tace, emaciation, w>rac%0*** 
apj^.tife ; inability to rettiin the urine. 

Conium: Constipniion atul invlurationof theglnn<i« ; Herpes; 
ophlliultiii:i; phuiu|ihoi)iii ; Irequent blennorriicea from ih* 
lungs; dry cough ; astJnna; ennreroiis aft'eetions, <fec. 

ilKPAn: Pule Jiml hlimtcd, with indnr:uiun and 8nppur&* 
tion uf tlie glands; atrophy; scahlhi-ad ; herpes; ophthrib 
mill ; otorrhoea ; fiwelliug of the nose or upper lip; cancerous 
ulcers ; (iisjiOhition to phifLrnitjnous tioiQ throat, catarrh or 
hruiichitis : disposition of the skin to ulcerate, &c. (Suitable 
before or alter: Bell, siljaeh. mere. 

lomuM ; Emaciation; swelling and induration of the glands, 
the whole of the lymphatic system being involved; rhachitio. 
afleetions ; intlainmation of the eyes and eyelids ; otitis and 
otorrhtea; swelling of the mesenteric glands; frequent 
ciUjirrli, bronchial catarrh, &c. 

Lycopodicm: Swelling and suppuration of the glands; dis- 
position to catarrh, broijcliitis, &c. ; iuflanimatiou, cui'vatur© 
and other affections of buncs ; atruphy; herpes and ulcers; 
scabs on I he hairy scalp; ophthahnia; otitis and otorrhoea ; 
pale and bloated; frequent sore throat ; obstinate constipiv- 
tiun, itc* (Frequently suitable after CW.) 

MKucuRiuti: Disturbed reproduction, with bodily and 
mental weakness; disposition to take eold» to sweat, catarrh, 
bronchial catarrh, d:c. ; pale and bloated; ewelling and sup- 
puration ot* the glands; r bach i tic affections; exostoses; cur- 
vature, caries and other allV'ctions of bones ; eruptions and 
corrosive herpes with crusts; tinea capitis; crusts in the 
face; ophthalmia; blepharoplithalmitis; otitis; otorrhcea ; 
frequent Nore tlnoat; slimy dinrrha^a, t^c. (Is frequently 
suitable after or before: Beli. dulc. iod, rhus -t. 

Unus-Tux : Swelling ot' the glands; sculdhead, herpes in 
the face, and (»ther cruptinns dittcharging pus or fonning 
crusts; emaciatiun ; haid and distended ahdomen ; frequent 
catarri) ; ophthalmia; otorrhoea; frequent dianh(£4i, &c. 
(Frequently suilahle after Merc.) 

fciiLicEA : Swelhng and suppuration of the glands; exostoses, 
curvature, caiies, and otiier diseases oi the Ikhics ; pale and 
bloated: cancerous afleetions; disi>osition of the skin lu ul- 
cerate; swelling of the nose or upper lip; scabs on the hairj 
sculp; c»ti»nh<£a, ^c>. (Is frequently suitable after: LyOi 
hep. or suJpb.) 




SuT^PHUR : In almost every case, at the comtnenccment of 
the ireatmoiit, especially when the patient coraplaiua of 
eruptions, herpes, swdltfiffy siij/jyurafioJi or idcerufiori^ of 
glands ; disposition to take eoKi, or to dmrrho'a with colie, 
Of to con^ti/talioti^ s^so to cuiixrrh and other biennorrhcea^ / 
disposition to sweat easily and profusely; morbid rcprodiio- 
tioTi ; spongy and flald)y tiesli ; physical and mental debility; 
difli<uilty of learnini^ to walk ; iritiainmation of the eyes and 
eyelids ; otorrhoea ; pale and bloated, &c. (Suitable aller 
Bell, mere. iod. rhii8,-t,, <fcc.) 
§ 5. Other remedies. 

Alxus-ruria : Enlargement of the fiubmaxillary glands ; 
strumous enlargement of the tonsils; obstinate impetigo and 
porriiro ; chronic diarrhoja. 

Chimaphila : Ulcers of an indolent and flabby character. 
CoFtNiis-ciiiciN. : Scrofulous ophthalmia; herpes of the 
eyelids ; ulcerations of the tongue, gums and mouth gene- 
rally ; chronic diarrha?a- 

CoRiDALis-FOKM. ! Scrofiilous cutancoufl diseases, especi- 
ally when accompanied with feeble digetitioa and poverty of 

Hydrastis : Ophthalmia and otorrhoea scrofulosa ; scir- 
rhua and cancer of the breast in women of scrofulous consti- 
tution ; ozasna ; cancer of the nose ; indolent or irritable ul- 
cers of the legs. 

iRis.-v'fiKB. : Scrofulous affections and skin diseases ; in- 
flamed eyelids. 

Kall-bicitrom. : Scrofulous ulcers and skin diseases, 
KiTx-jCGLANs : Especially for skin dis^eases and glandular 

Mezerkcm : constant excoriations of the nose and of the 

Phytolacca : Glandular affections and skin diseases, e«- 
pi*c'\a,]\y tinea capitis ; granular lids; ozama. 

PsouiNiTM: For nearly the same symptoms as sulphur. 
RiMEX : Chronic cutaneous eruptions : glandular crdarge- 
ments, foul and indolent ulcers. 

TnKJtir)ioN : Rachitis^ scrofulous diseases of the bones; 
either alternately with Lycopod. or follows well after Calc 
and Lycop. have been used. 

§ 6. Com\y,\rQ I Atrophy ; (jlaudular affiHions; diseases 
of tht bone* ; rhadiitU ; ophtfuxlinia ; otorrhcea ; h^tpes f 
ulcers, €^. 



SCURYY: — ^Principal remedie« for gc^rbiitic affect ioni 
1) amtn. nmra»-ra. tncrc. rnur.-nc. n^vom. staph, sulph. 2) 
Art*, canth. carb.-a, caust. cist. hop. natr,-ra. nitr.-iic, phos. eep 
Bulph.-ac» 3) Alnus. agave, gcrau. gal. hydr. mm. phyu 

See : Gums, diseases of the, and ulcers. 

SEASICKNESS: Principal remedies: 1) Sulph. 2) Ar* 
coc. petr. 3) colch. ferr, n.-moseh, sep. sil. tab* iher. 

For ailmcnia, oecasioiied by riding is a caruiagb, give : 
1) cocc. Sep. 2) Bor. hep. ign. cyii. n.-mosch, petr. selen. sil 

For naiisGA and vomiting, caused by swLMGixa : cocc 

SECRETIONS, suppri^siok of; eruptions, BLSssmot^ 


§ 1, The principal remediea for the ailments arising from 
this cause, are : 1) Aeon. beU, bry. caU*. chin. lye. o.-vom, 

fjuls. fiulfih. 1^) Ars. carb.-v. canst, cham. dulc. graph. kaL 
yc. plioa]>h. pnos.-ae. rhus. sep. siJ. strara. 3) Arab, amm. 
ant. arn. aur. baryt. cin. cocc. cupr. terr. Iiep, hyos. igu. ipec. 
mere, nmr -ac. natr. natr,*m. nitr.-ao. n.-mosch. ran. seneg. 
spong. venitr. zinc. 
§ 2, Give mure particularly : 

a) After suppresgion of entptions smd herpea : I) Bell 
bry. dulc. graph, liep. ipec. i»hos.-ac. puis, sulph. 2) Aeon, 
amb. ars. carb.veg. caust. chain, lach. lye. tuerc^ natr. ii- 
moseh. phos. rims, sassnp, sep. sil. staph, ihuj. 

b) SupprcHsion of /icemorr/iage or abandoning habitual d«' 
pletions: Aeon. bell. chin. ferr. n.-vom. puis, sulph. 2^ Am. 
aur. bry. calc. carb.veg. graph, hyos. lye. natr.-m. mtr. ac 
phoapli. ran. rhus. seneg. sep. siL spong. stram. 

c) Suppression of ulcers and purulent discharges: 1) Bell, 
hep. lach. sil, sulph. 2) Ars. carb.-veg. lye mere, natr.-iiL 
phoB.-.ic. rhus. sep. staph. 

d) Suppression of piles: 1) Aeon. calc. carb.*veg. n.-vom. 
puis, sulph. '2) Aiub. amm. ant. ara. bell. caps, eaust. chin, 
coloe^ graph, ign. kal. lach. mur.-ac. njir.-ac. petr. rhus. sep. ail. 

e) Suppression of lochia: 1) Coloc. hyos. n.-vora. pint. rhus. 
sec. veratr. zinc. 2) Bell. bry. con. dulc. puis. sep. suljdi. 

f) Suppression of milk : \) Bell. bry. dulc. puis. 2) Aeon, 
calc. chain, coif, mere rhus. sulph. 

g) Suppression of mcnst>s : 1) Aeon, bry. con. dulc. c' 
kal. lye. puis. sep. sil. sulph. 2) Amm. ara. baryt. bell 
oaust. cham. chrn. cooc cupr. terr. iod. mere. Datr.>m 







moflch. op. plat, phosph. rhod. sabb. staph, fltram, val. veratr, 

h) Suppression of catarrh or some other hlennorrhcca: 1) 
Acoti. ars, bell. bry. calc. chin. cin. n.-vom. pols. sulph. 2) 
Amb. amm. carb.-vcg. con. iliilc. graph, ipt-c, kal. lye. natr.- 
ni. iiitr,-ac. n.-niosch. phosph. rhod. saiiib* siilph. 

i) Suppression of^ sweat: 1) BelL bry. cham, chin. duJr. 
lach. fill, sulph. 2) Acou. ars. calc. graph, lye. mere, n.-mosch, 
n.-vom. op. phosph. puis, rhus. sep, 

k) Sappression of /oot-m€€iit : 1) Cupr. iiitr.-ao. puis. sep. 
siL 2) Cham. mere. natr. rhna 

§ 3. Compare : Ekitpttons, Piles, Nursing, Confink- 
KEJ«T, AatEXiA, Catarrh, Cold, &c, 

SEXUAL INSTINCT, MORBro cofTDmoNs of tiik, 

§ h Tho remedies which affect the sexnal fnnclions prin- 
cipally, are: 1) Camh,, chin. con. lye. mere nntr. natr,- 
m. nilr-ac- n.-vom. phosph, plat puis, sulcn. staph, thuj. vc 
ratr. 2) Arn. ars. bclJ. calc. caun. rarb.-veg. clom. coif ^raph. 
hep. hyos. kal lach, rnagn.-arct. rnagn.-c. nioscli, nmr.-nc. n.- 
mosch. op, pho8.-ac. plumb, rhus. ruta, sabin. sep. sil. Btram. 
Bulph. zinc. 

§ 2. For the male box: I) Arti. cann. caiith. mere, nitr.- 
ac. natr. tiatr.-ra. n.-vom. phos|ih.- phus.-ac. puis, ttulph. lliuj. 
2) Agn. amb. ars. carb.-verr caust. chin, clera. graph, hep. 
ign. lye. petr. rhus. sep, staph. 

For tVte Jemale: 1) Amb. bell. con. croc, fcrr. graph, hyos, 
ign. kreas. raosch. n.-mosch. n.-vom. plat. puis, sabin. sec. sep. 
sulph. thuj. 2) Aeon. alum. asa. aur calc. carb.-veg. cliam. 
chin, coceul. kal. lye. raagn.-m natr.-m. nilr -ac. rhus. staph. 

§ 3. For excessive sexual excitement: 1) Canth. chbi. 
magn.-arct. n.-vom. phosph. plat. puln. veratr. 2) Ant aur, 
calc. c.^nn. graph, hyos. ign. laeh. lyc. mere, mosch. natr. 
nalr.-m. op. saVjin, ail. .'^tram. 

Sati/riasis : 1) Canth. mere. natr,-m. n.-vom. sulph. 2) 
Hyo*. phos. strara. veratr. 

Nymphomania: 1) Hyoa. phoa, stram. veratr. 2) Bell, 
canth. mere, natr.-m. n.-vom. pul«. snlph. 

Erections from phy.sical oxeitement, even />rta/Jt*m.* 1) 
Canth. coloc. graph, natr. natr.-ni. nitr.-ac. n.-vom. phosph. 
plat. pub. rhuii. sil. 2) Cann. ign, kul. nmgu.-arct. op. phus.- 
ac. plat, staph, thuj. 

I. Disposition to . nantstn: 1) Calc. n.-vom, sulph. ; or, 



2)'Cbin- coccul. mere. Datr.-m. phospli. ; or, B) Act, carb. 
vcrj. plat. puis. 

For the conaeqaenceg of this vice, give: Cbin. n.-vora* 
pbos,-ac. or staph., especially when they 8ePtn to be of an 
iiL'iite nature, and resulting from excessive rather than loog- 
fontinuetl abuse. 

Slow, clironic aihnent% require : Calc n.-vom. sulph., &t 
loug intervals. Some coses require: I) Cocc. mercphosph ; 
or, *1) Ant, carb-vej;. |^>lat. puis. 

§ 5. For excessive nncfnrnal emissions, ^Yei l)Chin. 
p]>oR.-ac. selen, sulph. 2) Carb.-veg. caust* con. kab lyc» 
nitr.-ac. v,-voiii. petr. phos. puis. aep. 8) Bell. calc. graplu 
mere, stann. 

If caused by onttnism or sexual abuse, give: 1) Chin 
phos.-ac. sulph. *2) X.-vom. phosph. puis. sep. 

For tUscharge of prostatic juice^ give : Calc. hep. phos.-ac 
Bcp sil. sulpli. 2) Agn. anao. uatr. nitr.-ao. puis, selen, stapli. 

SEXUAL POWER, pkbtuty of. ! 

§ 1. rrinoiyial remedies: 1) A<u\. bar\"t. calnd, calc. catin. 
con. gra])}i. ign, Ivf. nioficli. mur.-ac. natr-m. selen. sulph, 2) 
Ant. caniph. canst, chin. kal. nitr -ac n.-mosrh. phosph, sep. 

§ 2. Irnpott'iicy of males: 1) Barj't. calad. calc. can. con. 
lye, mopch. ninr.-ac. natr.-m. selen. sulph. 2) Agn. ant, 
eamph. caust. chin, graph, hyos. lach. niagn.-aust. n.-mo«ch. 
petr, sep. 

§ 3. Stenlfty: 1) Borax, calc. cann. mere. pho«pb. 2) 
Anmi. catist. con. graph, natr-m. sulph, sulph.-ac. ; or, 8) 
Agn. cic. croc, diilc. ferr. hyos. mere, natr, plat. ruta. 

Com pare: Menstrual Diffioultiks and ^fiftcxHRiAait 

§ 4, If an embrace causes unplefisant feelings : 1) Agar, 
rale, kal Hcp 2) Alum, bov. car>>.-veg, cbin. graph, mere. 
natr. n.-vom. phos.-ac. puis, selen. staph. 

§ 5, Com])are : DEmuTY, Lassih de; and, under CxtrsBd' 
E.\rE.HSEs, Onanism, <fec. ~ 

CuLottosis, Jaundice, Macul.*k, EjtvsipEt.AS, &c. 

SKIN, .soRK, rNHKALTTiT, — Thc princijial remedies for t 
diKpusition of the skin to uleernte when the least wound is 
inflicted ii[)on it, are : 1) Cham. hep. lach. petr. ail, sulph, 2) 
Alum, buryt. bonur. calc. graph, lye. mang, ni^r .-ip Mapb, 




§ 1. The principul remedies for exostoses are: Aur. daph. 
raerc. mez. phospli, phos.-ac. 

» Mercurial exostoses require: Aur. daph, phosph, phos,-nc. 
Syphilitic : Aur. mere. moz. 
§ 2. Large liead of scrofiiloiis eliildren, with retarded 

» closing of the fontanel] i*», require : 'Calc. pub. siL 
§ S. See : Bonks, diseases of. 


§ \. Prindpjil remedies for this state, though generally a 
mere syrnptorn : I) Ars. bry. calc. chain, chin. coif. hc]>, kal. 
mere. phos. puis, rhua sep. si!, sulph. 2) Aeon. Ir'II. borax, 
carb.-v. canst, eon. graph, hyos ign, kreas. laeh. lyc. inagn.-c, 
niagn»-m. iiair. natr.m. nitr-ac. n.-vom. op. thuj. 3) Amb, 
ATniT). anmi -?n. aur. barjt. camph. cann. carVi,-an- coec. dulc. 

■ipec. led. magn.-arct. nioseh. phos.-ae plat, rhod eabin. samb. 
Bassap spODg. pitaph. snl|ih.-ac. veratr. 
§ 2. Ui»e more particularly for: 

a> j€«a?fa«» Bleep : 1) Cocc. diilc. graph, lyc. magn.-c. nntr.- 
m. phos. spong. veratr. 2) Aeon. ars. bell. ferr. hep. kal, petr. 

b) Sfuffjied sleep: 1) Bell. bry. cnmph. chnm, con. eroc* 
^graph. hvp'. k'd. n.-mo)?ch. op. phos. pul«, sec 2) Calc. uarb.- 

cic. byo9. ign. lach. magn.-arct. magn.-c nitr. n,-voirL plat. 
Bpig. Hulpli, tail, veratr. 

c) Bcep^ heavy: 1) Bell. ign. n. mosch. op, strain, tart, 2) 

(^Inni. lint. ars. con. croc, ciipr. hyos. led. magn.-arct. phos. 
phos.-ao. |»uls. sec. sep. veratr. 
d) i//7/»/, like slumber: 1) Ars. cham. graph, ign. n.-vonu 
op. petr. sulph. 2) Calc. coff. kal. lach. lye. nitr. pubs. sil. 
e) Comatose ; 1) Bell. bry. campb. croc. hell, n.-mosch. op. 
sec. strani. tart veratr. 2) Am. ca|>8. carb.-v. coloc. eon. 
hyos. lacli. led. magn.-arct. mosch. phos. phos.-ac. puis. rhus. 

f) Short^Yi'iih early waking: 1) Ars. canst, dulc. kal. mere. 
latr. nitr.-ac. n.-vom, se]). hII, 2) Anr. borax, bry. calc. chin. 

)ff. croc, graph- lyc. magn.-arct. mt^r.-ac. sulph.-ac. 

g) Too hng^ waking late: 1 ) Calc. canst, graph, inagn.-m. 
i.-vom. phofl. sep. sulph. 2) Alum, ant, con. hep, kal. lach, 
lagn.-arct. mere, natr, uatr.-m. j)hos.-ac. puis. sec. sil, stann. 

li) liamnQy with many fancies: 1) Acoii. calc. carb.-v 




g^'aph. kal. lye. natr. natr.-m. n. vom. petr. puis. sil. snilfth 
xinc. 2) Carb.-an, chin, con. hell, jgn, nitr. nitr.-ac. op. sep. 

i) With inany dreams: 1) Alum. bell. bry. calc. chin. con. 
kal. kreas. lye, nin*?ii.-c. nitr.-ac. n.-von». phoa, pho8.-at\ piik. 
sil. siilph. 2) Atom, aiTim.-!n. am. bry. caniph. carb.-v. cham. 
coloc. ferr. graph, hep. ign. ma^n.-arct. inagn.-m, mere, inejt 
natr. natr.-ni. rhus. sep. si>OTig. sta])h. 

k) Not refreshing : 1) Ahmj. bry. chin, con. ,^r]kph. hep. 
l^rens. lye. op. phosph. sep. sulph. 2) Amb, baryt. liell, calci 
cjtnn. caps, carb.-an. carb.-v. caugt cic. ign lach. magn.-m. 
natr.-ni. nilr.-ac. ]*etr. snl>ad. ail, squill, staph, thuj. 

I) liestkss^ tossi/tg about : 1) Anib. ars. bar)!, calc. chin. 
kal. lye. pho8, Hms, sabad. sabin, sil. sulph, 2^ Anim.-m. aur. 
bt^ll. bry. cham. cuff, colch. coloc, dig, dulc. ferr. graph hep. 
hyo8. ign. ipoo. led. magn.'C. mere mur.-ac, natr. natr,-m. nitr. 
nilr.-ac n -voni. pctr. pho8,-ac. puis. samb. sassap. sec. seneg. 
Bpig, s<piill. sta|»)i. strum, tart llinj. 

m) ffitenifpffd by frequent waking: 1) Bell calc. graph. 
hep, kal. lach. lye. mere. nitr,-ac, n,-vom.phos. puis. sep. sulph 
2) Amb. ara. earb.'an, earb.-v, canst, cflin, ign. magn.-arct. 
olennd. rhus. sil. staph. 

§ S. When the patient, stretc/ies his arms above hU heai 
during sleep: Chin, nitr.-ac, n.-vom. plat. ptil^. rhab. sulph. 
veratr. When laying them tinder his head: Aeon. cocc. 
m.ign.-aust. }>lioa. phos.-ac, plat. lart. When on his btHy: 
JVIagn. plat, puis, 

VO When drawing np his le(fs : Carb.-v. plat, pala. stram. 
When o/f/z/V/r/ them : Cham. magn. puis. When stretching 
them: Plat, stann. When bending th4i. htees: Amb. in^go* 
viol -od 

c) When bendinff tht head forwards: Aeon. phos. puis 
When sidf-trays: Cin. spong. When bending it backwardt: 
Bell. chin, hell hep. n.-vom. rhab. 

d) When lying on his ^^ac^r generally ; 1) Bry. n.-vom. pidii 
rhus, 2) Aeon. ant. aur. calc. chiii. cic. coloc. dig. di*o8. ferr. 
ign. lye. magn.-arct. plat, sulph, 

e) When he is unable to lie on the hft side: Kal. lyc* natr. 
phos. sil. Not on the right : Aur. mere. j)ul^ Not on the 
back: Aeon. alum, baryt. causi. eoleh. mere, natr, magn.-m. 
D.*vom. phos. spig. sulph. When he is only able to sit in bed : 
Aeon. ara. ehin,\in. hep. lye. niagn.-au8t. phos. puis. rbas. 
eabin. «[«ig. ^ulph. tart* 

§ 4, a) Fory>t///i//i//</rf/i>w^, causing anxiety: 1) Aeon, 
am. belL calc. caust. chin, graph, kal. lye magn.-c n.-vom* 



phos. pul«. rhu8. gil. siilph. 2> Anac, ars. aur. Lry. carb.-v, 
hep. i^'ii, kreaa nia^n.-in. nu'rc, iiatr,-m. nitr.-ac. rhus. sep, 
ram* f*ulph.-ac. fhuj, veratr. zii)c. 

b) For t^exatious dreams: Biy, canst cham, chin. magn. 
arct. magn -c, natr. natr.-m. nitr.-ac, ii.-vom. phos. rhab. sop. 

c) Affreea^e, merry dreams : Alum, ars. aiir. cauat. magth- 
c. magn,-m. mere natr, nilr,-ac. n.-vom. op, phoa, pho5.-ao 

lat. piilB, sep. staph. Kulph, 

d) Disgusting dreams about dirt, vermin, dbease, puB, ^o : 
1) Mur,-ac. n -vora phos. 2) Amm, anac- kreas. magn.-m. 
Dntr.-m, puis, sulph. zinc. 

e) Dreains* with fixed ideas, dreaming about one and the 
me objt'ct : Aeon, ign, puis, stann, 

f) Dreams which continue after waking: 1) Chin, graph. 
phos. sil. sulph. 2) Amm. bry. calc. cauet igti. lach. led. 


.jf0 Xas^vioiig^ amorous dreams; 1) Graph. lach. natr. natr .- 

Mi.-vora. op. siL staph. 2) Ant. canlh. chin. coh>c. con, ign. 
al. lye. mere, nitr.-ac. oleand. phog» pho8.-ac. puis. »ep, spig. 
tann. thuj. 

hi Dreams vrh\ch fofi(pic the head, about scientific things, 

c. : 1) Bry graph, igu. lach. magn.-arct. magn.-au8t. n.-vom. 
phos. puis. 2) Acoii. alum. anac. arn. aur. bell. calc. carb.- 
an. rarb.-v. chatu. chin, uatr.-m. op. phos.'ac. sabin. stann. 
Rulph. Kinc. 

i) Vivid dreams; 1) Anac. calc. cocc, lye. natr. natr.-m. 
peir, ]>hos puis, rlius. sil. stann. snlph. 2) Aeon. agar. am. 
bell. hr\\ carb.-an. earb.-v. chain, cic. coff. con. drosL graph, 
laur. lye. magn.-arct. mere, mur.-ae. n.-vom. phos.-ac. spig. 
staph. Strang 

k) Ji^?it*?ytt/ dreams: I) Calc, graph, kal. lye. natr. natr.- 
m. n.-vom. f>p. petr. sep. sil snip!). 2) Aeon, baryt. carb.-an. 
carb.-v. cham. chin, con, hell, ign. nitr. nitr.-ac. j)uls. s{>ong. 

1) Dreams about the common affairs of the day^ and other 
indifferent things: 1) Bry, graph, lach. pul.s. rhus. siL 2^ 
Anac. belL cic. cin. croc. kal. lye. magn.-c. mere, natr.-m. n.- 
vom. pf»os.-ac, sassap. staph. sti]|*h. 

m) Confused dreams: 1) Chin. cic. croc, lye. natr. pul». 
titann. val. 2) Aeon. ahim. haryt. bry. oann. caust. hell. 
uiagn.-au8t. magn. phos. sil. 

n) Dreams bi a waking &tate : Aeon, arn, bry, cham. hep. 
ii,n. magn.'Arct. mere, n.-vom. op. petr. rhab. ^cp. u\. etraiii. 



§ 5. a) Drcfims about thieves and r<tltl»cn* : 1 ^ ^luf^o -c 
tiierc. uatr. ml. 2) Alum. aur. l>ell. infiijn.-m. pefr. plios. vp- 
ratr zinc. About <///**wfj, ^/emow/r, cCr. ; Alum, carb.-v. itfii. 
kal. lach. mai^n.-c. natr. op, sassap. sep, sp^g sil. 8ult>b. About 
dc'f'nnft f»er8ous» burials* &>c. : 1) Anac. ars» calc. kal. maen.- 
c p)ios|»h. phos.-ac. tbnj. 2) Amni. am. aur. hr\\ cnnu. con. 
graph maj?n.-m. nitr.-ao. n.-vnin op, phos.-ac plat» 8ul|>h.*ac, 

b) Dreams about misfortunes, adverse cirruinataiioeH, ch*- 

•in, <lanj:^er, *i:c. : Anac. am. ara, chin, f^raph. iod. kreaa. 
n.-voni- phos. puis. About diseases: Amrn. anac Viorat 
rale. con. kal. nitr. n.-vom. sil About quarrels^ di*^utes: 
Alum, am, baryt. bry. cah:. eaust, chara. hep* kal. magn^'. 
mere, n.-vom. plios. phos.-nc, puis, stann staph. About war, 
bloodshed: Amm -m, ferr. hep. mere. plat. spon^. tbuj. rerb. 
About murder : Amm,-m. calc. carb,-an, guaj. ign. kal. natr.- 
m. phos. petr. sib staph. 

cl About animals, dogfs, cats, <fec. : 1) Am. puis. 2) Amm. 
amm.-m. bell, r^ale. hyos. lye. mere. n.Aom. sil. sulph. «uluh.. 
ac. About iierpenis: Alum. kal. sib About vermin^ ttc: 
Anim. ars. eale. hell, mur.^ac, n.-vom, phosu 

d) About water and dani^er of water : Alum, amm.-m. ar». 
dicr. eraph. itrn. kal riiuLrii, -c. mas^n.-m. mere, iiitr. sib Fire 
and dant^tTof lire : Almu. anac, ars. cale. hep krea.s, macni.-c. 
nia«rn.-uL natr. iiatr-m. pboa rbod. rhua. spier- <^]»^ "i h, 

g *\ a) Wlien ihe patient moans a good deid du \*'. 

1) Canst, eliam. ehin. cin. ig". laeh. lye. nitr.-ac n -voiu. jhub. 

2) Am. ars. aur. bry. hyos ipec. magn.-e. mere, tmir.-ae, nair.- 
m, op. pho.s. piios-ae. rhab. sniph. veratr. 

b) When he starts a good deal : 1) Arg. bell. diam. graph. 
hyos. kal. Inch, lyc. tnere. nitr.-ac. n,-voiu, op, petr. pals, sninb. 
sec. Bil. sulph. 2) Arn. bry. ea!c. carK^an. caust. chin. cupr. 
dro.s, hep. ign, magn.-arct. inagn.-c. natr. natr.-m, phos. rhui. 
8ep. veratr, zinc. 

c) For 8(reft7/(S during sleep: 1) Bell. bry. ehani. hep. puis, 
rhab. rhus, sil. sulph, zinc. 2) Arn, aur. borax, calc caps. 
earb.-nn. canst, coec, croo, grapli. hep. lye. magn.^o. magn^-m. 
natr. sep. staphs tart* 

d) Tidkiny during sleep: 1) Ars. baryt. calo. cbam. ign. 
n-voni. pids. sib sulph. eimc. 2) Arn. calc. graph, kal. lyc. 
luagn.c. mejc. natr.-m. phoa phos.-ac. plumb, rhab. rbiu. 
sabin. f^epj. spong, Ntann. tart thuj. 

e) Weephif/ during sleep : 1) Cham. ign. kal. natr.-tn, nitr.. 
ac. n.'Vom. puis. 2) Calc. carb,-an. caust. kal. lyc magiL«iirct 
magn.-c. phoa. puis, sib 




Wlien the patient unarU a good deal daring fdeep: 
I) BeJl cjiriipb. carl).-v* o)>. rlius. sU. strani. 2) Calc* rap 
chara, cliin. tiros, dulc. Iiyos. ign, mur. uc. nitr,-iic. puis, rhal 
sulpli . 

b) When the eyes are only half elowd or ontiroly open : 
Bell. cap8» chin, coloc. hell, ign. ipcc. op. phoa.-ac. sarnb^ 
stnun, stilph. 

c) Sleeping with the mouth open : Clinm. dulc, ign. nragn.- 
arct, magn.-aust. mere, op* rhiis Hainb. For chetciiig and 
Bwallcncing during sleep: Bry. ealc. igii. 

d) For distorting one's features, fiuivering of the lips, dis- 
tortion of the eyes, and other coiivulHive motions during 
sleep: Bell bry. chain, chin, cocc. hell, hyos, ign. ipec op. 
phos.-ac. puis. rhab. rhus. sandj. veratr. 

§ 8. Compare : Slekplessness and Sopor. 


§ 1. Generally a mere symptom, though in some cases 
the principal complaint of the parient, arising from an exci»ss 
of irritation or stimulation. The princijiai remedies for 
uleeplesauess generally are : 

§ 2. 1) Aeon. ars. bell. bry. ealc. carb.-v. chin. eoif. con. 
graph, hep. hyoa, ign. kal. laclV lye. mere, niitr. nsitr.-m, ii.- 
vom. phos. puis, sep. sil. sulph. *ij Alum. anac. camph. oau'^t. 
cin. cocc. ipcc. led. mairn.-arct. mngn,-r. rnagn.-m. moNch. 
nitr.-ac. op. phos.-ac. plat, rhus* ma]«h. milph.-ae. ihuj. veratr. 

§ 3. If 8ieeple.ssne?<»f» be the only or [unncipal symptom, 
give: Aeon, bell, coftV hyos. ign. mosch. n -vom. op. ptjis. 

Particular indications: 

Aconite: For sleeplesBnesa caused by anxiety or alarming 
events* by fear, friirht, Ac. 

Beixadonnai Tlie patient is sleejjy, but is unable to sleep ; 
■with great anguish, restlessness, frightful visions, dread of 
things which are near him, i&e , or when Xhv pjitient is really 
sleepy in the morning or evening, btvt no sleep followa. 

CoFFEA : Sleeplessness caused hy joy ^ or an ngreeable sur- 
piise; or soitablc tor the sleej>Ies8ncs8 of children, or fia* 
sleeplessness caused by long watching ; also suitable to per- 
sons that have indtdged in excessive use of coffee. 

Hyoscyawijs : Sleeplessness iiom nervuiis excitement, es|ie- 
cially after violent diseases, or suitable to irritable and ©iii*ily 
excited individuals. 

Ign ATI A : Skeplessneas caused by grief, care, sadi^ese anx- 
iotiB thoughts and depresfiing emotions. 


MoRCHUS : Sleeplessness from nervous excitement, without 
ary other ailment ; suitable lo hysteric or hjpochoodmc in- 

Nux voM : Sleepleasnesfl caused by excessive thtnking. 
leadirtg, *fec » unii! late at night, or when caused by abuse of 
coflec, or when all sons of ideas crowd upon the p€r«oo*8J 

OriCTMi Sleeplessness after emotions, such os fear^ /Hffht^ 
<^c. / or when the patient is troubled with visions of gho$U,j 
strange figures, tfeu., or suitable to old people, 

PiTLSATiLLA: Suitable to individuals that have eaten too 
much at supper ; or when the glecpIessDesfl is attended with 
orgasmiis sanguinis, congestion of blood to lite bead; beal^j 
causing auxitMy, &c. 

§ 4. For the sleeplessness of children, with cries, colitky 
piuns, restless -tossing about, Ac, the best remedies are : 1> 
Acun, bell, chaui. coflf. jalap, rhab. ; or, 2) Borax, cin, ipea 

AcoNiTUM and Coffea : For great restlessness and feverish 

Belladonna : The child cries for days and hours without 
any perceptible cause, 

Chamomilla : Deserves a preference w hen the child com* 
plains of sleeplessness, with headache and otalgia. 

Jalappa : Suitable for colic and diarrhoea. 

RuuBAUB : Suitable for trequent urging to stool, with teni 
mus and colic. 

§ 5. Use moreover: 

a) For sleeplcKsness caused by pains which set in in the 
evening or at night: 1) Ars. bry. calc carb,-an, carb,-v- chin. 
hep. lye. n.-vunu pho^. puis. rims. sep. sulph. 2) Am. bell. 
caust, cocc. graph. kaU mere, phos.-ac. thuj. 

b) If caused by Jiervuu^ness^ mental excitement : 1 ) Calc. 
chin. coff. hep. lach. lye. mosch. n.-vom. plat. puis. sep. 2) 
Borax, bry. canst, cocc. con. graph, hyos. kal. magn-arct. 
phus.-ac. rhus, sil. spong. staph, sulpb. 

c) If caused by niglitly restlessness, agitation of the bloody 
licat, <X;c. : 1) Aeon. bell. bry. calc, carb.-v, cin, graph, kal. 
l;ich. lye. mere, n.-vom. phos. puis. rhab. senu. sep, sil. 2)' 
Alum. amb. ars aur. carb.-an. canst, chin. con. magn.-o. 
itiagn.-m. natr.-m. nitr.-ac. op. rhus. sec. thuj. 

d) If caused by pains: 1) Aeon. alum. aur. bell, cham^.! 
chin, coff. hep. laob. lye. luagn -c mere. mtr.<ac puis. liiL solph.! 



Amm. ars. calo. earb.-y, magn.-m. mur.-ac. natr.-m. phoa. 
'Thus. Sep. 

e) If by cold feet: Amm.-m. bry, carb.^v. kal. mtr.-ac, petr. 
fphos. sulph. zinc. 

g 6. a) If the sleeplessness occur principally before mid- 
night: 1) Akim. ars. bry. ciilc, caLb.-v, chin, catu graph, lach. 
lye. mere. miir. natr.-m, n.-voia. pbos. puis. rhus. sep. siL 
sulph. *2) Aiiac. am. bell, borax, carb.-fui. caust. hep. igii. 
kal. led. mag^n.-c. magn.-m. mur.-uc. natr. natr.-m. nitr.-ao. 
op. phos.-ac. plat, sassap. spig. staph, sulph. -ac. thuj, 

»b) If the patient wake soon after midnight, and be unable 
to go to sleep again : 1) Ars, caps. cofT hep. nitr.-ac n,-vora. 
ail. 2) Aur. bry. cann. caust. dulc. graph, lach. magn.-c, 
natr. phoR.-:ic. sep. sulph. -ac. 
c) Remaining awake for hours at night, and not being 
able to go to sleep again ; 1) Natr.-m. phos. sep. siL sulph. 
U) Ars, aur. bell calc. caust. dulc. graph, raagn.-c. mere. 

Imur.-ac. natr. n.-vom. puis, sassap. 8ulj>h.-ac. 
d) Sleeplessness the whole night: 1) Ars. chin, ciu. coff 
con. hyos. map:n--c. raosch, n,-vom. op. rtius. siK sulph. 2) 
Amm. aur. bell, camph. carb.-v. cham. clem, coloc. dulc» 
graph, hep. kreait. mere, natn-ra. nitr.-ac. op. phoa sea spig. 
BqnjII. sfinng. snlpli. siilph.-ac. thuj. 
e) Great drowsimisay but no sleep : 1) Bell, cham, lach. op. 
phos. sep. 2) Ars. bry. calc, carb-v. caust. chin, cletn. coco. 

Icon. hep. kal. magn.-aust. mere natr. natr.-m. n.-vom. pho8,-au. 
eulph. tliiij. 
§ 7. For further particulars, see : " SYMPTOiLEN-CoBEic" 
§ 1. Thongh only a symptom, yet it is of great impor- 
tance in tlie selection of a remedy^ and generally points to : 
1) Arn. ars. aur. carb.-veg. mere. puis. sep. sulph. 2) Bell. 
bry. cham. chin. dulc. hyos. nitr.-ac. n.-vom. petr. rhus. gil. 
sljuni. 3) Aeon, atnb, anac. coff. graph, ipec. ppig. 
^^ I 2. If affecting y<^ung girh at the age of pubescence, 
W Aurum is gener.illy suitable; or, Bell. hyos. puis, sep. 

If pore^ived only in the morning, try: Aro. bell, n.-vom. 
^ sil. sulph. 

^B If after it meal: Cham, n.-vom. sulpk 
^« If iu the ei^ening and at night: Puis, or Sulph. 

If caused by ubtMe uf Mercury: Aur. carb.-veg. lacb, 
^- Bulph, ; or, Am. bell. hep. 




OF.— Principal reijiedies: 1) Aur. bell calc. graph, lye magu.- 
arct. n.-vom. j>liospli. sep. sulph. 2> Aeon, chaiiu'cliln. coE 
hep. puis. 

For groat sensitiDe^iess^ give: 1) Aur, bell coii.grjiph. hep. 
lye. phosph. phos.-ac. plumb sil sulph. 2) Aeon, baryi. diuui. 
coff*. con. kal n.-voiiL sep. 

For iUimon^ of ame/Iy such as of had eggs^ putrid guh- 
»tanc68y decayed e/i€es^^ mamire, or generally for bad tmd 
/e^i(/ smell, give : Aur. bell calc niagn.'aret. men. rnvrtt. 
nitr.-ac. n.-vom- j>ho8ph. Fur ^niell as of cJtxxlk or clajf, 
Calc. magn.-arct. As o£ herrings: Agn, bell As of piiclP 
or tar : Ars. con. As of sour things : Aluia. As of M 
eo/yza; Graph, are. sulph. As of i*tot"tf^*W< things: Aur. A» 
of Sulphur^ or barning s-ponge^ or gitfipowdcr: Anac, j»'«. 
eulc. graph, n.-vom. A« of burnt or burniHg subataiicea 
Anaa aur, graph, n.-vom. fiulph. 


We may try: \^ Calc. 2) Ant. ars. baryt. carb.-veg. n«- 
voni, puk. sulph., «fcc.* 

SOPOR, Somnolence, Cataphora, Coma, Coma vtaiL, 
Letuargy, &q. 

% 1. These various states being all characterized by a dis- 
position to sleep between the regular houre of sleep, wc will 
comprehend them imUer the same head, and iirst indicate the 
general reineiiies for this eoiidilion. They are: 1) Ant. bell, 
l»iT. calc. carb,-veg. con. oroc. lach. n.-voni. op, phojiph pho8.- 
ac. puis, rhus. sep, snlfih. tart, 2) Aeon, arn. a 
ciiniph. carb.-nn. caust, chin. cin. coloc. graph, hell hep. ka 
faur. niagn.-arct. mere, niosoh. natr. naU-.-in, sabad. sanib 
sil stram. veratr. 3) Amin. aninh-m. cann. dig. ferr. magn 
c. raagn.-m. mere. nitr,-ac. petr. 

§ 2. Give: a) for common droiraitwss in the day-time: 
1) Bell calc. carb. veg chin. con. graph, hep. kal lach. mere 
natr. natr.-ni. n -vom. phospli, sulph. 2^ Anim. amm,-m. annc, 
bry. cann. caust. chani. cin. dig. ferr. magn.-c. magn.-m. tiilrw 
ac* puis, sabad. sep. sil straru zinc. 

bj For drowsiness o/ter rising in the morning, or in the 
/oreoomi: 1) Ant. calc, carb.-veg. graph, hep. natr, natr-Tn*j 
ti. Vom» phosph. phos.-ac. sep. gulph. 2) Caust. con. magn, 
^rct. niagn.-m, mere. puis. rmis. sil spig. Bulph.-.ic. tart. xUtc7 

c) Drowsiness after dinner^ or in the afternoon : \) Chirj. 

^ AUo Kreatotum- — Hcmptf^ 



gnipli. lach. n.-vom. pliosph. rhns suiDh, 2) Aeon. agnr. 
amm anae. ban I. caib.-vfiX ^^lin, rmc Kal nalr. nalr.^ni. n.- 
mnsch |«lins.*ju', |mLs. ruta- nil. staph. 

d) Eariy in the evening : 1) Ars, bc41. calc. con. erne. kal. 
Jach n.-vom. phos.-ac. puis, sil, siilph. 2) Aiiiin-rn. auac. am. 
ciiu cycl nalr.. niir.-ac. phcmjih. rhus. nita. sop, ihuj, 

o) Fur cxccHi^we ttkepint^, drunk with 8leq»: Bell. bry. 
cninph. carb.-veg. cotf. con. croc, magn-arct. n.-ni08uh. op. 
pbofiph. phos.-a(». puln, tart. 

8 3. a) tSo/Jor, or constant somiiolenco, tr^ncrally rerjuires: 
1) li«ll. crVic, lach. n,-mo8th. n.-vom. op, puis, lart veratr. 2> 
Ant, arn. ars. baryt, bry. canipli. chani. cocc con. croc. cujn*. 
hell. hep. hyos. laur. led. magn.-arct. mere, phosph. phos.-ac. 
plumb, rhus. sand), sec. st'p. Htrain. 

b) Coma sctinnolentum, catapho-ra^ rams: 1) Bell, leil. n.- 
mo»ch. op. n.-mosch, 2) Ant. baryt. canipb. carb.-veg. chain, 
con. croc. hep. lanr. nia>{ii.-arct. d.-voui. phusph. pbos.-ou^. 
phiinb. fiula. Rt*('. Ktranj. tart. vxM'atr. 

c) Cojita vfffil^ atfrifpnocoma,, typhomania : 1) Ars. bell, 
cham. cocc. hfp. hyon. lach. n.-voni. op. 2) Aeon. anac. anu 

Pbry. itrn. laur nuiirn.-ai'ct. |>ho8ph HjMiH^. sulph, vtralr. 
U) Letlt€trtpj, htharyns^ rcttnms, with fever aud delirium : 
1) Iklh Licli. op. giram. 2) Aot bry, chara. carb,-veg. mere, 
plumb, fHils. taK, 

§ 4. Particular indications : 

AcoNFTK : Stupid ilrowsines*, hot head, dilated pupils, 
cold hands and feet, feeble, quick pulse, or feeble and slow. — 

■ //ci/i/W. 
Baryta: Stupid sleep, with restlcssncFs, tno.aningand mut- 
tering, insensible pufiiln, ffehle and quick pulae. 

Belladonna: Deep or loui; sleep, with imniobility, stub- 
suit U8 tcndiniim, pale and cold face, cold hands, Prnall and 
cjuick pulse, moanmsr, convulaive nuylions and twitchings of 
the hmba, iS?c. ; hunofpr ; furious look on waking; V)un»ing 
heat and (Irynetm of tbe mouth after the paioxysm. (Suil:i- 
ble before or aiVer Lach., or aller Op.) 

Chamomilla: Suitable to childriMi, for great refitleasiiesH, 
to«»iiiug abfuit; sudden *itarting from hIccii ; jactitatioti of ihe 
limbs ; iih*irttiewi of breath, fe%eri>h heat and redue.Hi*, at tiniea 
on one, at timej* on the other cheek ; screams, colic^ greenbh 
dinrrlire.%, tfcc 

Lachksts: Long sleep, or alternaiiMn of sopor .ind sleep- 
lessness ; or. deep sleep, with grinding of teeth, treniuloui 
and intemdtiing or completely auppriissed pulse. 



Kux-voM.: Deep sleep, witii siidden starting, si^yhtng, load 
Bjionnpi Meareyecl, dimness of siglit, depression of the lower 
jaw, ptyjilisni, «fea 

Opium: Dcej) 8)eep. with open and distorted e^'es; red :ind 
bloated fnce, depres'^iun of the lower j.iw, loss of consei'Mi'*- 
nes« ; beuvy, slow and iritenniitiuE^ breathing; slow or com- 
pletely suppressed |ml8e ; compulsive motions of all iJie ex- 
tremities, facijil museles and corners of the mouth, <fec 

Pt'LBATiLLA : Constftnt drowsiness, loss of consciousness,^^ 
delirium, bent and restlesMiess, tossing about, involunlary^^^ 
motions of the mouth, hands ajid fingers, Slq. (Suitable after^ 
Cliara. or. Tart.) 

Ct>mpare : Sleep, Apoplexy, Typhus, MsNiNGrns, Sbq. 

SORE SKIN, Intertrigo. 

Principal remedies: 1) Cham. chin, graph, ign. lye* puK 
sep, sulph. 2) Aeon. arn. bell, cak\ carb.-v. canst, hep. matig. 
mere, olcand. petr. phos. phos--ac. rnla. aulph.*ac. 

Soreness of fiflf firoi/m. persons in the summer geason, is 
fre'|uently cured by: Arn. carb.*v, ii.-vom. lye. Bulph. 

lit'd-sorcs require: Arn. rarb,-v. chin, plumb. sulph,-ac^ 

Soreness of the tfip^ilcs: 1) Arn. sulph. ; or, 2) Calc. cauiit, 
cham. graph, lye. n.-vom. sep. 

Sfireness of e/iikfreji : 1) Aeon. cham. lye. sulph. ; or* *2} 
Cliin. graph, ign. mere. puis. ruta. sep. If chmnmomiie-tta 
had previously been used iu quantities, give; Ign. or Pula. 

SORE THROAT, Angena faucium. 

I L Principal remedies; 1) Aeon. beU. cham. loch. 
mere, n -vom. puis. *2) Baryt. bry. caps. chin. cic. coecuL 
coff dulcign. rhus. sabad. sop. sulpli. veratr., 8) Alum. jimm. 
ars. cale. e^inth. carb,-v. gran.? kreas. ? lye. mang. nilr.-ac 
n.-mo8ch. seneg, staph, thuj. 

g 2. Comnion sore throatwithout fever, as occurs frequent- 
ly after a cold, rrenerally yields to : 1) Bell mere. 2) Cham. 
n.-vom puis, sulph. 

Acute angina requires: 1) ^4co?ji/tf when there is fever; 
aAer which may be given : 2) Bell. bry. eliam. colli ign. more, 
n-vom. puis. rhus. ; or, ^) Ars. baryt. canth. caps. chin, dulo, 
hep, lach, mang. staph. 

Chronic or habitual angina requires: 1) Alum, baryt. ealc 
carb,-v, hep. lacb. lye. sep, sulph, 2) Bell. chin. mang. uatr^ 
m. Tiitr,-ac, u.-vom. sabad. seneg. staph. thuj« 

§3. As regards varieties, give for HmpU catarrhal or 



lie angina: I) Bell. cham. mere, n.-vom. puis. Bulpli. 
2) Aeon carb.-v. caps. dulc. Iiop. rhns. seneg. 

Phler/mofious angina, with iiiHaimnatiou and swelling of 
the affected parts, requires: 1) Acuii. bell, liep, igii, mere. 
n.-vom. salph. ; or, 2) Alum, baryt, calc. cantlu c«ff. hich* 
eep. thuj. , 

I For poh/pus or membranous inflammation of the fauces, 
prescribe: Alnm. bell. chin. hep. mere. puis, spong. ; and 
Aeon, when there is fever. 
For croup, (see ; Croup.) 
Gangrenous angina indicates: 1) Aram. ars. laeh. ; or, 2) 
Con. enjihorb. krea.s. mere, siilph. 
■j 4. As rc^rard-s extertud canses^ give : 
^p) For angina after acute exanthemata, such as, scarlatina^ 
Itieoiki^ variola^ dtt\ : Ars. bar.-c. bell, carb.-v. ign. mere, 

b) A<\er ahtse of Mercury: Arc. bolL carb.-v. hep. lach. 
lye, staph, sulph. 

Ic) Alter a cold: Bar.-c. bell. bry. cham. cofF. dulc. ign. 
lach. mere, n.-vom. puis, sulph. 
d) In consequence of si/p/iilia : 1) Merc. nitr,-ac. thuj. ; or, 
2) Carb.-v. lach. phos. 
e) In consequence f)f lominds or injuries by foreign bodie^ 
spliuterg, <fec » which h:ive got into the throat: 1) Aeon, bell, 
cham. cic. ign. or mere; or, 2) Carb.-v. con. nitr-ac. puis, 
1^ 5. Symptomatic indications: 
Belladonna : For almost every kind of angina, especialh 
when the following symptoms .are present : S(tre jxiinSy scrap*^ 
inf/y sensatino of thicknens, burning or stinging in the throat, 
especially during det;hu.itiou ; pains which extend into the 

iears; contraction Si\n\ sjm^'imodie coiutrktion of (h£. fouce^y 
with constant desire to swallow, or else diflicult, almost im- 
possible deglutition ; absence of thirst or else violent thii-st, 
witli aversion to drink, or with inability to drink, because 
the liquid returns by the nostrils; vivid, tVoqtifutly yellowish 
redness of the affected parts, without swelling; or swelling 
and inflammatory redne.Hs of the velum jyalat i, uvula or ton- 
ftilfl, even with suppuration ; rapidly spreading ulcers; profuse 
accumulation oi viscid, whitish mucus in the throat, uu>uth, 
and on the tongue; }»tyaliKm; Kwelling of tlie muscles and 
cervical gland«; violent fever, with hut, red and bloated 
lace ; violent acliing pain in the forehead ; whining mood 


an<l ob'^tiiiApy. (Com[)arc* Mercury, which la sornt 
iWcixivi] hi'^nvv nm\ aOor J^rJL) 

CnNMoMFLLv: Suitiilile lo cliiMren, or. when the fliscn^o 
fwcrisioned by su(*|M*l•^><!<>n <»r ii)lfrru(>lion of the< 
mHion; or for: flwelliu^ of the pjirolkl or sulniui ~ 
jjflaiids, or lon.ViIs; Htitcbiiii^, Imrning pains, or smisatif 
II foreiqn body were siickint^ in the ibroat ; dark retlnes^; 
the affected parts; inability to swallow solids, espvcia 
when lyifig; thirst, with dry mouth and ihixjai ; ti^Jding 
the Utjynjc^ with eoiigb ; roughness, hoai'se voiee ; fer^r 
wardj* eveniiiiT, with alternation of heal and chiUine^ ; tctj 
cheeks, or ordy t^me check red ; great reatleasaess, tossiiijr 
abotn, crying, nioaninr*. 

Lachesis: JhU. and Merc, being mf^aflSctent, for: sore 
pain, bumin;^ and dry throat, at one spot or all over n» far 
as the cars, larynx, ton^xne, nose, gura^ with goffoeaiivo 
breathing, ptyali^sm, *fcc\; swellinfij^ rpdnoss and swelling of 
the tonsils and veluni; constant de-ire to swallow, with 
spasms in the throat, or with sensation as if a lump wer^ 
sticking in the throat; aversion to drink, the liquid fre 
ly returning by the nose; ai^firavatiun in the atlei 
morning, or after gleepinir, also by contact ; relief by eiiie^ 

MKHcrnu*H: Frequently in aUernation with /irZ/,, foi 
>nivlcnt stitches iu the tliroat and tonsils, e-^pecially «i*h« 
gwallowinjx, tlie stitches extending totlie parotid gland-*, vA 
anil subiri.'ixiihiry glands ; burning in the throat, with soi 
ness»; swelling, and intense inflammatory rednc*ss of t)ie affe* 
ed parts ; elongation of the uvula; constant dcdre 
swallnw, with sensation as of a lump in the thr •■» • 
ought to be 8wallowe<l down; dlfficnlt drghtlition, 
US regards diinks which frequently return by th«L* noai 
bad tJLste in the niuutli ; phjaiUm ; sweHing of the gm" 
tongue ; suppuration of the tonsils, ur slowly spreading 
cer?* \n the throat ; aggravation ai nighty or m tlie e^i»nin| 
or in the open air and when talking; chill towarfi.t 45Vtmn\ 
or alternation of cbillineHS and heat; sweat, without relii 
rlieumatic, teaiing or drawing pains in the head and Dape 
Uie neck. 

Xux-voM. : Frequently after Chtm.^ or suitalde to thl 
bilious and choleric individuals, or persons of a saui 
lenn)erament, i-sjierially for: Ht^raping and sore pain il 
thmnt, pjirticularly whin nwallovving or taking an inspij ^ 
pai>\ Unrhitj cntpfi/ fhi/lutitloh^ as if the i>haryn\ >h 
Iractcd, or as ii' a phig were sticking in the thrc^nt: 


SOftE THROAT. 415 

extending to the inner ears, e«pmally when swallowing; 
swelling of the uvula<» palate and tonsils ; or gen*ia(i.on of 
aweUwf/^ with stitchos and proa^^ure ; dry cough, vnih head- 
ache and pains in the hypoohoitdria when coughing; small 
fetid uU^ers in the niuiilh and throat. 

Pi^LSAiiLLA : Snitable to females and persons of a bland 
and phlegmatic t<*mper, for: bluish redness of the throat, 
tontdls or uvula, with sensation of swelling in these parts, nr 
sensation of a lump in the throat; scrapings s<3rene88 a»jd 
dryness in the throat, without thirst ; stitches hi the throat, 
especially between the acts of deglutition, with pressure 
and tension during empty deglutition, c//t7/ towarffs eee/ioi^^ 
with increase of soreness; varicose swelling of the cerviral 
Veins; accumulation of tenacious mucus on the atTected 

t$ 6. Give moreover : 

AroMTi M : For violent fever, with dry heat, red cheel^'^, 
rt^sth^s^ness, despair ; dark redness of tht' aff»'Cted parts with