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Cjolliui of iC fttLact. 

Annual Report 

Project/Projekt, 1 999, was one of the featured pieces in Anna Linquist '99's show "Silence Between Thoughts: 
The Secret Language of Symbols" in the Ethel H. Blum Gallery. The exhibition included mixed acrylic and oil 
paintings, watercolor and ink on handmade and cold-pressed paper and high-fire clay sushi sets. Much of 
the art reflected Linquist's interdisciplinary study at COA in the areas of art and design, as well as Eastern 
Philosophy and culture. 

(LdLrect£ + vllCfab cctCjDfl 

report from the chairman of the Board 
of Trustees 

I have been a member of the Board of Trustees since 1 985. It has been a pleasure to watch the 
college steadily mature into the institution we all dreamed it could be; and it has been an honor to 
work with faculty, staff, students and trustees in achieving that success. This year was no excep- 

A great highlight for me was the college's steady progress toward completion of the Silver Anni- 
versary Endowment Campaign. We are on target to meet or exceed the $20 million goal by the 
end of this calendar year. 

Another milestone was the completion of the George B. Dorr Museum of Natural History. Incor- 
porating into this building the original headquarters building for Acadia National Park, commis- 
sioned by Mr. Dorr himself in 1 91 4, was a wonderful way to participate in the remarkable history 
of conservation efforts on Mount Desert Island. We were delighted to have Mrs. Vincent Astor, 
philanthropist, and George Page, author and creator of the PBS series "Nature", dedicate the 
museum for us. The museum's programs and exhibitions will continue to educate people of all 
ages about natural history, human ecology and conservation. 

An important initiative this year was the creation of an improved long-term plan for the campus. 
Throughout the year architects from the Geddes Demshak Architecture and Planning group, of 
Princeton and Baltimore, worked with the trustees, faculty, students and staff to complete a con- 
cept plan for our waterfront campus. The planning process will continue next year to complete 
the initial program design, cost estimates and a schedule for renovations, new construction and 
other improvements that will make the campus safer, more beautiful, more efficient to maintain, 
and more ecologically and environmentally responsible. 

I want to thank everyone in the community, both on campus and off, for the support they have 
given College of the Atlantic throughout the years. This support has manifested itself not only in 
financial gifts, but also in kind words, both public and private. Thanks to all of these gifts, the 
reputation of the college is growing, as is awareness that College of the 
Atlantic is a treasure for Mount Desert Island and for higher education. 

Clyde E. Shorey, Jr 

2000 1 

Report from the President 

This report celebrates the contribution of the arts to Human Ecology. Through coursework, studio 
projects and public outreach, our faculty and students in arts and design help solve environmental 
and social problems in creative, aesthetic ways. 

The strength of any college is its people. This year we welcomed Bonnie Tai, Ed.D. to be our 
second faculty member in Education and Teacher Certification; and Kathryn Frank, Ph.D. as a new 
faculty member in Cultural Anthropology. Outstanding additions to our administrative team 
include: lonathan Ehrlich, MBA, who strengthens our long-term planning as Director of Finance 
and Administration; Melissa Cook, who significantly improves day-to-day financial management 
as our new Controller; and Sarah Ketchum, who is already improving the quality and size of our 
applicant pool as our new Director of Admission. 

In September, we welcomed a great new Class of 2004, including eight Davis United World College 
Scholars from Albania, Belarus, China, Denmark, Ethiopia, Nepal (2) and Zimbabwe. Through 
this new program, any graduates of the ten United World Colleges who matriculate at Princeton 
University, Wellesley College, Middlebury College, Colby College or College of the Atlantic, receive 
full scholarships, thanks to the generosity of Shelby and Gale Davis. During the 28 th Commence- 
ment ceremony, 63 students received the B.A. in Human Ecology and two received the M. Phil, in 
Human Ecology. An honorary Master of Philosophy degree in Human Ecology was conferred on 
James Russell Wiggins, editor emeritus of the Washington Post, Ambassador to the United Nations 
under President Lyndon lohnson, and editor of the Ellsworth American. 

The college received important national press. The campus and research at Great Duck Island 
were featured on the Martha Stewart Living television show, resulting in numerous inquiries to the 
Admission Office. The Tcmplcton Guide included COA in "Colleges That Encourage Character 
Development." COA was the only college honored by the Eastern Regional Office of the U.S. 
Environmental Protection Agency in its 30 th Annual Environmental Awards with a citation paying 
special tribute to our students and alumni for their many contributions to environmental improve- 
ment. Time magazine featured our Summer Field Studies by the Sea Program in an insert on 
summer study opportunities for families. 

I want to thank everyone who helped the college financially this year. The annual fund success- 
fully raised $1,425,000 and the Silver Anniversary Endowment Capaign 
raised $5,306,667. Working funds in the endowment grew from 
$6, 1 58,649 at the beginning of the fiscal year to $8,581 ,210 on June 30, 

None of this would have been possible without a remarkable Board of 
Trustees, which this year grew even stronger through the addition of 
Mabel H. (Muffie) Cabot, Barbara Danielson, David and Valle Gooch 
and Daniel Pierce. I am deeply grateful to Chairman Ev Shorey and his 
wife, loan, and to all of the trustees and advisors who have led the 
college to these gains. 

Steven K. Katona 


Some Very Fine Arts 

Each spring the Ethel H. Blum Gallery 
presents a series of art exhibitions by 
seniors at College of the Atlantic. In the 
busy months and weeks leading up to 
commencement in June, the gallery 
becomes a blur of activity. Paintings and 
photographs are hung, sculptures 
installed, ceramics arranged in special 

"The creative arts form an essential part of an educa- 
tion in human ecology, representing an intuitive 
approach to ecology that provides a balance to more 
verbal and scientific methods. Moreover, the visual arts 
represent an alternative language for communicating 
the fullness of human experience through metaphor." 

JoAnne Carpenter 


Painting, History of Art and Architecture 

COA and island community members are routinely amazed by the level and quality of artwork- 
produced by the students. Out of the studios come oils, watercolors, pottery, artist books, 
mosaicwork and textile pieces; and photography issues forth from the dark room. 

The range of art created at COA derives, in part, from the wide assortment 
of course offerings, from "Life Drawing" to "Interactive Digital Montage." 
loAnne Carpenter and Ernie McMullen, longtime faculty members, and 
their colleague Doug Barkey, director of the Electronic Design Studio, often 
combine technique and theory in their classes. As students gain the skills of 
the artist, they have a context for their work. 

Together, these practicing artists have helped train their share of fine 
artists, among them, Catherine Drabkin '78 and David Vickery '89, both of 
whom have shown recently in prestigious New York galleries. COA alumni 
have also excelled in the field of photography, from Bill McDowell 'SO to 
Amy Toensing '93. 

And so last year, when Nikolai Fox, Taylor Mitchell, and ludith Lamb, all 
from the class of 2000, hung their one-person shows in the Blum Gallery, 
those of us who visited the exhibitions— faculty, staff, students, friends and 
family — had little doubt that these creative individuals were well on their 
way to becoming full-fledged artists — a fine (art) state of affairs. 

Nikolai Fox '00 hangs his senior show in 
the Ethel H. Blum Gallery. "Landscapes, 
Figures, Creatures" presented an array 
of oil paintings by this Philadelphia 
native who transferred to COA in 1 997. 


New Media Design 

As early 1993 College of the Atlantic students were 
producing interactive multimedia, graphic design and 
digital photography projects in the Digital Design Studio. 
Students were quick to recognize the power that digital 
creation and communication gave to their individual 
voices. A wide range of media projects have been pro- 
duced including CD-ROMS with interactive animated 
stories, interactive poems, an illustrated intertidal data- 
base and a three-dimensional virtual tour of the COA 
campus, as well as Internet sites such as Design Ecology, 
Forest Ecology, Sundogs - a novella, EdenQuest, photo- 
graphic journals and the Atlantic Humpback Catalogue. 

This image by Michelle Peake '99 was featured in an exhibition 
of photographs of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula in the Ethel H. 
Blum Gallery in May 1 999. A photographer since the eighth 
grade, Peake spent a winter in the Mayan village of Hocaba. 
Her photographs "represent the people of the community and 
explore their cultural identity." The exhibition was the culmina- 
tion of her interdisciplinary work in anthropology, photography 
and the Yucatan term. 

New media design and creative visual art provide a fertile 
ground for interdisciplinary and intermedia collaboration 
between students and faculty. The "Word and Image" 
course, with a writer and a photographer as instructors, 
combines photography, desktop publishing and writing. 
"Digital Image Studio", with a painter and digital photogra- 
pher as instructors, integrates material arts with digital art and digital photography. Crossing back 
and forth between concrete materials, such as paper, pastels, paint and pixels, stimulates creativity 
and helps students to experiment with different combinations of color, 
texture and shape. "The Eye and the Poet", taught by a photographer, 
digital artist and poet, integrates creative 
writing with typographic design, installation, 
performance art and digitally-created imag- 
ery. "Graphic Design for Activists" integrates 
political and social activism with sophisti- 
cated design techniques. The "Interactive 
Multimedia Studio" course places the entire 
j gamut of media at the disposal of the author 
I who combines video, animation and 

interactivity to create an array of projects 
from artworks to educa- 
tional programs. 

"Art is the voice of human ecology; it's the 
sound, it's the image, it's the creative 
vision that is concerned with the human 
condition. Art makes the invisible visible; 
it takes our concerns and dreams and lays 
them down on canvas, film, and across 
video screens, transforming ourselves and 
our communities, as we both create and 
examine the full spectrum of life and 

Douglas Barkey 


Computer Graphics Arts and Photography 

The process of multimedia 
production encourages a 

student to synthesize courses taken at the college. They 
must create content, then organize it and, finally, design a 
form for presentation. The multimedia author must inte- 
grate writing, visual design, sound design, research, 
information design and organizational skills. 


The Ethel H. Blum Gallery 

The Ethel H. Blum Art Gallery opened its doors to the 
public in the summer of 1993. That first season 
featured a trio of outstanding exhibitions: prints and 
drawings by the late William H. Drury. |r., a beloved 
member of the COA faculty; vvatercolors by Ethel H. 
Blum, including a Baha- 
mas picture borrowed from 
the Brooklyn Museum of 
Art; and impressionist oils 
and remarkable bird 
studies bv Carroll Tyson. 

"As director of the Blum 
Gallery, I am continually excited by 
the role that this modest yet lively art 
venue plays in the life of College of 
the Atlantic and the greater Mount 
Desert Island community. Here is a 
place where artlovers can gather to 
discuss animation art, the use of 
found materials in sculpture, the 
evolution of photography. 

Over the years I have come 
to feel a profound sense of pride 
when viewing the impressive work of 
the college's faculty, alumni and 
students. And the pleasures of 
curating special shows, such as the 
Gauguin or the John Marin or last 
year's marine art exhibition, are 
multiple. It is an honor to work with 
distinguished trustees and private 
collectors on a common goal: to 
expose visitors to a variety of engag- 
ing aesthetic experiences." 

Carl Little 


Ethel H. Blum Gallery 

Nearly one hundred shows 
later, the gallery continues 
to offer outstanding dis- 
plays to a growing audi- 
ence of art lovers, some of 
whom make their way 
from well beyond the state 
borders to view special 
exhibitions. The gallery 
has gained national 
attention through such 
shows as "Gauguin in 
Tahiti" and "Extinction 
Then and Now: Photo- 
graphs by Rosamond 

Purcell" (the latter's work was recently featured in The New Yorker and 
in her third book collaboration with natural history writer Stephen lay 

Ardrianna French and Arianne Fosdick get a 
closer look at a Gauguin watercolor in the 
Ethel H. Blum Gallery. 

Located on the second floor of the Gates Community Center, the gallery 
provides an excellent space for the display of artwork by students, 
faculty, alumni and visiting artists. The gallery has hosted a number of 

traveling exhibitions, including "Recollecting a Culture." a collection of East German photographs 

curated by |ohn Jacob '81 , director of the Photographic Resource Center at Boston University. 

Collaborations with local schools, museums and the Union of Maine Visual Artists strengthen ties 

with local communities and the greater Mount Desert Island region. 


The Blum Gallery presents about sixteen shows each year. Especially 
exciting ore the senior student exhibitions in the spring. Not only do 
these displays highlight the art courses at the college, they also serve to 
educate budding artists about the gallery system: installation, promotion, 
presentation. Opening receptions are popular social occasions where 
sculptors, animators, ceramicists, painters, weavers and others meet to 
talk about their ideas and passions. 

Russian Constructivist drawings; photographs of a Maine fishing village; 
marine art from private collections; paintings by young artists from the 
Ukraine; images of the Yucatan - the gallery is transformed from month 
to month and sometimes from week to week by an outstanding and 
culturally diverse array of artwork. With help from Friends of the Arts, 
the Blum will continue to serve many communities and engage the eyes 
and minds of its visitors. 

This watercolor by Paul Gaugin, L'Homme a 
la Hache, 1 891 , is from a private collection, 
featured in the exhibition "From Paradise to 
Eden: Gauguin in Tahiti" presented in the 
Ethel H. Blum Gallery. 

Nancy McCormick, Seascape, egg tempera on gessoed panel, 2000. 
From the exhibit "The Abstract Edge" at the Ethel H. Blum Gallery, June 


On Stage at COA 

In the 2001 edition of the Princeton Review's 
Best 331 Colleges, "theater is hot" is one of 
the views expressed by students at College 
of the Atlantic. Theater is hot, especially in 
the fall when adjunct faculty member Lucy 
Bell Sellers directs the annual Theatre 
Workshop production. 

Over the past fifteen-plus years students _, _. 

The Theatre Workshop, under the direction ot Lucy Bell bellers, 
have performed a range of works, from stages an elaborate production of James Lapine's and Stephen 

Shakespeare to "Godspell." Inspired by their Sondheim's "Sunday in the Park With George." 

experience in the workshop, they often go 

on to produce their own plays (including a remarkable mother/daughter production of " 'Night 
Mother" last year). All the performance arts at COA received an enormous boost with the addition 
of the Thomas S. Gates Community Center auditorium to the campus in I 993. 

"Acting gives you insight into other things in your 
life, and into other people. And the process of 
putting on a play is very much a human ecological 

Lucy Bell Sellers 

The college has also been fortunate to serve as host for the 
Shenandoah Shakespeare Express every fall for the past six 
years. Based in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, the SSE has 
performed in 44 states and six countries at venues that include 
the Elizabethan Theatre at the Folger Shakespeare Library in 
Washington, D.C. While at COA they offer a free workshop for 
students and Mount Desert Island community members. 

Theater at COA is a collaboration. In addition to director Sellers and her cast, many facultymem- 
bers provide help. Ernie McMullen and his art students have painted sets over the years while 
|ohn Cooper, music faculty member, has been called upon to arrange the music. Other faculty and 
staff take cameo roles, as in the recent staging of "Inherit the Wind" where several science profes- 
sors served as expert witnesses in the reenactment of the famous Monkey Trial. Alumni also chip 
in: Ann Bohrer '95 has made the costumes for several workshop plays in recent years and lackson 
Gillman '78, the self-described "Stand-Up Chameleon," has offered guidance on comic acting. 

Sellers has had extensive involvement in community theater since her first directing experience 
in 1961 at the Kangaru School in Kenya. For more than a dozen years she was drama teacher at 
the Germantown Friends School. She has also initiated and directed volunteer drama projects for 
senior citizens and others at various Philadelphia institutions. 

Sellers brings enormous energy and commitment to the stage. As a critic once put it, "Her unflag- 
ging ability to rally the would-be actor that lives within young scientists, social activists and local 
notables has resulted in sure-fire entertainments. ..appealing to the community at large." 




In luly 1994, College of the Atlantic welcomed Donald Davis to the Thomas S. Gates, Jr. Commu- 
nity Center stage to tell several of his humorous and poignant tales of growing up in the Appala- 
chian Mountains of North Carolina. Perform is a more accurate description of what this master 
storyteller did that evening, peopling the auditorium with men and women who seemed to live and 
breathe through his extraordinary voice. 

Davis' bravura performance led to the establishment of an annual storytelling event at the college. 

Every fall COA hosts a master teller and every fall the audience sits spellbound before the power of 

the story. Batt Burns, one of Ireland's most beloved storytellers, recounted and recited moving and 

humorous tales and poetry from his homeland, while Carmen Agra Deedy blended elements of her 

Cuban and Georgia backgrounds to delight her 

listeners. In a virtuoso performance, lay O'Callahan 

told "The Spirit of the Great Auk," a story inspired by 

the real-life odyssey of one man's four-month kayak 

journey following the path of the now-extinct bird. 

Brazilian-born mime and storyteller Antonio Rocha 

introduced the audience to the creatures of the 


These storytellers have arrived at College of the 

Atlantic through the excellent scouting of Sherry 

Geyelin, wife of college trustee Philip Geyelin, and a 

board member of the Washington (D.C.) Storytellers 

Theater. Each year, she attends the National 

Storytelling Association's festival in lonesborough, 

Tennessee, a gathering of 10,000 from across the 

nation, and listens and takes notes and reports back with a candidate. 

A storyteller in her own right, Mrs. Geyelin believes that storytelling is 

a great communicator in this age of high technology. 

Award-winning children's book author and 
illustrator Ashley Bryan of Little Cranberry 
Island has performed poems and stories at 
the college on several occasions, including 
the college's 24th commencement in 1996. 

Wishing to share its good fortune with the island community, the 

college makes arrangements for each visiting storyteller to perform at a local elementary school 
and at the Mount Desert High School. In this way students from kindergarten to 12th grade have 
been exposed to different cultures and to a very special art. 

The college has produced its own outstanding storytellers, from lackson Gillman '7S, a popular 
New England mime and storyteller, to Erik Torbeck '94 and Beth Nixon '99, puppeteers who are 
making significant names for themselves. They had the same revelation Donald Davis once experi- 
enced, which led him to his profession: "I discovered that in a story 1 could safely dream any 
dream, hope any hope, go anywhere I pleased anytime I pleased, fight any foe, win or lose, live or 



Music: The Universal Language 

In the early years of the college, students organized their own choral group and concerts, reflecting 
a level of interest that led to the appointments of music teachers Sally Lutyens, George Emlen and 
Flora Kuan, and to the 1988 arrival of faculty member lohn Cooper, the college's first full-time and 
current instructor of music and resident composer. 

"Music is an important vehicle of expression/ 
communication for humans. It is a universal 
language that allows an individual to express 
ideas and feelings that cannot be conveyed 
in any other way as articulately." 

John Cooper 



As a college of human ecology, COA offers its students a range 
and combination of possibilities rarely found elsewhere, part of 
what Cooper refers to as "the pluses of being a generalist." A 
distinguished tradition of projects in the performing arts has 
helped to deepen and broaden the concept of human ecology. 

Some of lohn Cooper's shining stars who all started out either 
in "Music Fundmentals" or took a tutorial in composition, have 
written and performed their own work. 

Diane Harrison '99, wrote the libretto and music, arranged and 

orchestrated and recorded her own opera, "The Visionary." 
the classic struggle between good and evil set in contem- 
porary times. The recording was made in the COA music 
studio and several of Harrison's classmates sang the 
various parts in the opera. 

Adam Posey '00, composed an album of songs, and re- 
corded them at the COA studio for his senior project. He 
played the guitar, base, drums and sang for the recording 
in digital multitrack format, which was later burned into a 

As part of a tutorial entitled "Digital Audio Recording". 
Caleb Davis 02 has engineered and mastered an album by 
"Podunk Varieant", three COA alumni who wrote and 
arranged the original songs for the recording. The album 
is in the process of being made into a CD in the COA music 
studio. He plans to record another album with his own 
band during an independent study in spring 2001. 

Anais Tomezsko '04 

The opera is a political tale exploring 




Students in guest faculty member Erma 
Colvin's "African Diaspora" class 
perform on the Gates Community 
Center stage during an end-of-term 
dance, drumming and singing revue. 
Among the dances and songs per- 
formed were a fanga from Nigeria, a 
lamba from Senegal, the yan valou 
from Haiti and a samba from Brazil. 

"Our students aren't called movers and shakers for nothing," states Susan Lerner, a founding 
faculty member who taught modern dance at College of the Atlantic throughout the I 970s. "From 
the outset, we considered human ecological learning to be an holistic practice, which meant 
addressing the body/mind schism. What better way to explore that issue than through dance?" 

In recent times, the college has had exceptional visiting dance professors, from lonathan Wolken, 
a co-founder of the "energy circus" Pilobolus, to Sara 
Yarborough-Smith. a one-time principal dancer with the Alvin 
Ailey Dance Company. 

"Science and dance have one major similarity: 
they're both tests of endurance." 

Shelly Phelan, M.D. 

Many different dance forms are explored at the college, among 

them, traditional African dance. Erma Colvin, who has spent 

years in Ghana studying dancing and drumming, incorporates cultural study with dance in her 

very popular classes. Two years ago, Shelly Phelan, a graduate of Harvard Medical School and a 

heart disease researcher at the Jackson Laboratory, taught jazz and modern dance. 

On a less formal level, students attend contradances throughout Hancock County, mixing with the 
greater Mount Desert Island community. International folk dancing is held every week on campus. 
Jennifer Kincaid '98 helped to organize a Middle Eastern ensemble that featured student, faculty 
and alumni belly dancers. Students have also taught dance in the community, most recently at the 
Mount Desert Island YMCA. 

David Lamon '91 , a founding member of the New England dance ensemble Motion Collective, 
views dance as a means for expressing knowledge. "As a student in an institution embracing 
human ecological education," he notes, "I came to realize that movement and dance are not just 
extraneous activity or fun entertainment: they are ways of understanding the world." 




Self Portrait by 
Paul Davis '00 

"Motion Study", by Max 

Forty to fifty students pass through a small COA darkroom each year taking introductory, advanced 
and specialized courses. Photography is a creative outlet for students who may be intimidated by 
other arts media, or who plan to participate in one of the international study terms abroad. Build- 
ing on the foundational courses, photography is a point of synthesis between environmental 
science, human studies and the arts at COA with courses such as "Biology through the Lens." 
"Understanding Culture through Photography" (taught in the Yucatan), "The Body" and "Contem- 
plative Photography." 

In 1997, the "Advanced Photography" course created Collaborative Portraits, a publication in which 
graduating seniors participate with a photographer to create a photograph of themselves. The 
book was published for graduation as a memory of the character and personality of each student. 
Five years later, this collaboration has become an annual tutorial course that culminates with an 
innovative publication. 

"Yucatan Three Generations," by Michelle Peake 

Untitled, by Scott Barden '00. 



Film and Video Production 

Working in the Visiting Artist's Studio, Nancy 
Andrews sets up a scene for her movie "Hedwig 
Page, Seaside Librarian." 

The need for a full time faculty member in filmaking 
became apparent after the popularity of courses 
taught by visiting faculty for many years. Last year 
COA was fortunate to recruit Nancy Andrews, 
award-winning filmaker, whose film "Hedwig Page. 
Seaside Librarian" is part of the permanent collec- 
tion of the Museum of Modern Art. Her classes 
include video production (documentary and video 
art) taught as a medium for artistic expression and 
social inquiry, animation studio classes and film 

In "Documentary Video Studio" students learn the 
basics of video production, including using a video camera, analog video editing, production 
planning, lighting, microphone use and interview techniques. They work on several documentary 
projects, both collaboratively and individually. Documentaries may take a stand, state an opinion 

or advocate a solution to a problem. 

"Video, film and animation are all potential 
forms for making personal art, as well as for 
making something that communicates on a 
didactic or rhetorical level to express a point of 
view. Making film and video projects provides 
powerful opportunities to examine aspects of the 
world and choose strategies to get across 
messages or to gain greater personal under- 

Nancy Andrews 


Performance Art and Video Production 

Adam Dau *01 landed an internship with Red 
Sky/Olive [ar Studios, an animation studio in 
Boston that specializes in stop-motion, eel 
(the classic animation technique used for 
cartoons - painting on clear plastic) and 
experimental animation. Adam is also 
learning to machine the metal skeletons that 
underlie the 3-D animated puppets. Red Sky/ 
Olive |ar encourages original ways of show- 
casing animation so interns learn how 
important critical thinking and problem- 
solving are to the creative process. 

Bekky Pollock '01 completed an internship with Maine Public Broadcasting Sytem in the produc- 
tion department working on a one-hour documentary about the Kennebec River. Her work in- 
cluded script research, interviewing, selecting appropriate archival footage for the piece and 
assisting in editing. 

Kelice Penney '00 and Dave Fass '01 each worked as interns in the New York studios of MTV 
working on a popular stop-motion animation show. They learned audio dubbing methods, light- 
ing techniques and worked in the "shoot rooms" (where all the animating takes place). As a result 
of her internship, Kelice Penney is now a full-time production assistant at MTV. 





o» ce 

"Seduced by Blue," a poem by Bridie 
Farmer '00 published in Edge of 
Eden, Spring/Fall 2000. 

Early in the college's history, the faculty decided that COA's 
writing teachers should be practicing writers. In retrospect, it 
was a novel but fortuitous prerequesite, for as professionals 
they daily encounter many of the same problems fledgling 
writers do. They can teach students to see the subtle inter- 
play of context, syntax and audience. 

COA's writing program has a number of original features. The 
classes are small, usually a maximum of 10 - 12 students. The goal of 
the writing courses is to show students what is involved in the process of 
writing: how to prewrite and how to rewrite, for what distinguishes a professional 
from a novice is the professional's commitment to rewriting extensively. 

Writing classes take many forms at COA. Essay, technical writing, argumentation and journalism 
serve those who write for reasons of accuracy. Creative writing, fictional writing, autobiography 
and poetry are all writing for its own sake. Over the years, the students have changed the curricu- 
lum by demanding more creative courses. Any creative class that is planned fills quickly; another is 
planned and that one fills as well. Many students' senior projects take some form of creative 
writing - books of poetry, novels, autobiography. 

The discipline of writing and the context of human ecology give students a broad base of knowledge 
that a poet must have. The primary issues dealt with by students offer fertile ground for creative 
writing. They are not restrained by curriculum and have the freedom to focus on their writing 

"At COA, we teach writing as process with 
considerable emphasis on revising. Only by 
revising can a writer shape the text to fit a 
particular audience and ensure that the syntax is 
both clear and graceful." 

Anne Kozak 


Writing and Literature 

As mentioned on page 7, "The Eye and the Poet" is a collabora- 
tive course taught by Bill Carpenter and Doug Barkey. The 
course uses a shared creative vision to create artifacts embody- 
ing both verbal and visual elements. Students are able to ex- 
pand their literary production beyond the printed page. The 
course is creative writing with an emphasis on the visual setting, 
teaching collaboration between poet and artist. 



Edge of Eden, A collaboration 

Untitled by Noah Krell/00, published 
in Winter/ Spring 2000 Edge of Eden. 



Students, faculty and staff at College 
of the Atlantic have collaborated on a 
literary/graphics journal going back 
many years. Once called Voices, this 
publication was newly christened 
Edge of Eden about six years ago. 
(Bar Harbor was once called the Town 
of Eden, and the college is located on 
Eden Street, hence the name, which 
also echoes the title of John 
Steinbeck's classic novel East of 

Published twice annually, Edge of Eden features poetry, fiction and non-fiction, plus photography 
and other artwork, by students, faculty and staff at COA. The editorship changes with each edi- 
tion. The format has ranged from an audio cassette tape to a poster to a booklet made from 
recycled materials. 

Edge of Eden is supported by Student Activities and the Publications Committee, with printing 
partly underwritten by Downeast Graphics and Printing. About 300 copies are produced for 
distribution around campus and at special events, such as graduation. There have been public 
readings in the Ethel H. Blum Gallery and the Blair Dining Hall to launch new issues. 

Put your words aside 
meaning of emotion 

put lull expression into the tones 
begins with soaring han 

ien meanings 
Souls danee and candles flicker 
the transparent colors caress 

ns are expressed in song 
lumped in sleep 

candles dim 
I walls and 
silvered floor the open windows 
let night breezes stir the dying 
ind chill my skin 

"Each edition of Edge of Eden gives students the invalu- 
able experience of professionally assembling a publica- 
tion while interacting with the community," notes Noah 
Krell '01, a photographer. He and his co-editors had a 
simple goal in producing their edition last year: "To 
show that everyone has an artistic side." 

Poem by Kirsten Hill, '00, 
published in Fall 1999/ 
Winter 2000 Edge of Eden 



Eco Art 

"Wu-Wu Figure," Tyvek and ink by Philip Heckscher, 
from "Scarecrows/Higher Elevations" at Beech 
Hill Farm, Summer 2000. 

Environmental art, also known as Eco Art, is an exciting new genre 
that provides a means of expressing concern for the health of eco- 
systems by focusing the viewer's attention on critical environmental 
issues. The genre includes works of art that use nature as a medium, 
thus inspiring caring for the natural world and exploring the human 
relationship to nature. 

Last fall, the college arts faculty initiated an inter-active environmen- 
tal arts experience called Eco Art. This project was a dynamic col- 
laboration of working environmental artists, college students, profes- 
sors, biologists, engineers and policy makers. The project began in 
cyberspace, on the college website ( where 
working environmental artists from across the United States posted 
photographs of their work. COA community members viewed the work and participated in an on- 
line dialogue with the artists. 

From this group of Eco Artists, students and faculty selected several individuals to come to cam- 
pus to work with them collaboratively in a one-week intensive charette. Together with scientists 
and policy makers, they created plans for a site-specific environmental art installation on the COA 
campus. This project gave students the opportunity to expand their concept of art, work directly 
with professional artists and expand COA's inter-disciplinary approach to art. 

"Ecoart has always been a part of COA, we just 
never called it that before. But meeting artists who 
have devoted themselves to exploring the relationship 
between culture and nature, who are such committed 
advocates for sustainibility, was an inspiration to us 

Susan Lerner 


Literature and Women's Studies 

"Dragon Fly," made from found materials, by Summer Field 
Studies Art and Nature Session, COA, from "Scarecrows/ 
Higher Elevations" at Beech Hill Farm, Summer 2000. Jackie 
McNeish (left) and Saer Huston (right), staff members of the 
Summer Field Studies, sit with students who constructed the 
fanciful creature. 



Eamon Katahdin Fitzgerald '99 

Lori Kretchmer '00 



Financial Operations Report 
FY 1 999-2000 


The total revenue and support for 
College of the Atlantic in all funds 
was $13,955,548. Expenses in all 
funds were $9,386,277. Excess 
support and revenue totaled 

Total revenue in the operating fund, 
including restricted and unrestricted 
gifts, was $8,453,343. Expenses 
were $8,474,119 with a shortfall of 
support and revenue in the amount 
of ($20,776). In addition, the college 
transferred funds from the Operating 
Fund to the Plant Fund for capital 
improvements, the purchase of 
equipment and payment of debt 
service, resulting in a net loss of 

The Plant Fund includes all buildings, 
equipment, computers, boats and 
other property owned and managed 
by the college. This year, assets 
valued at $406,553 were added to 
the fund. 

Tuition and fees $5,231 , 1 44 

Contributions - Annual Fund 1 ,228, 157 

Contributions - Restricted 156,257 

Endowment Income 196,820 

Government Grants 270,093 

Student Housing and Dining 554,624 

Summer Program 411,048 

Museum and Allied Whale 95,21 7 

Research and Projects 93, 1 76 

Indirect Cost Reimbursement and Other 89,774 

Beech Hill Farm 127,033 

Total Revenues $8,453,343 


Instruction and Student Activities $ 1 ,847,892 

Library 208,053 

Student Housing and Dining 429,502 

Summer Program 245,792 

Museum and Allied Whale 187,017 

Financial Aid 1,963,979 

General and Administration 840,238 

Payroll Taxes and Fringe Benefits 808,011 

Development 625,278 

Government Relations 54,831 

Admissions 339,422 

Buildings and Grounds 528,404 

Interest 106,356 

Grants, Research and Projects 138,843 

Beech Hill Farm 150,501 

Total Expenditures 8.474,119 

Excess Revenue (20,776) 

Capital Expenditures and Transfers (406,553) 

Deficit ($427,329) 



(3 1 FTS College oj the Atlantic gratefully acknowledges the college's many individual, 

corporate and foundation donors. Without your faithful support the unique anil 
innovative educational programs offered by the college would not be possible. 

Mr. and Mrs. lames P. Abeles 

Abercrombie & Kent Foundation 

Dr. and Mrs. Murray Abramsky 

Acadia Corporation 

Acadian whale Watcher 

Mrs. |anet lordan Additon 

Pr. and Mrs. Peter I. Adlei 

Pr. and Mrs. Donald Aitken 

Ms. Heather M. Albert-Knopp '99 

Ms. Bernadette Alie '8-4 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Allan. |r. 

Ms. ludith M. Allen 

Mrs. Lois L. Allen 

Seott and Pam Allen 

Ms. Eliza M. Allison 

Ms. Katharine Allsopp '81 

Mrs. Robert Amory. |r. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Anderson 

Pr. and Mrs. David E. Anderson 

Mrs. Piane H. Anderson 

Mr. and Mrs. I. K. Anderson 

Karen and lohn Anderson 

Ms. Wendy Anderson 

Mr. Robert O. Andres 

Ms. loan Prentice Andrews 


Mr. and Mrs. Evan Chandlee Archer 

Mr. Perek Armstrong 

Mrs. Grace W. Arnold 

Mrs. Vincent Astor 

The Vincent Astor Foundation 

Ms. D. Gay Atkinson 

Atlantic Oakes-by-the-Sea 

Atlantic Salmon of Maine 

Atwater Kent Foundation, Incorporated 

Ms. Lelania Prior Avila '92 

Ms. Amelia Grace Ayer '98 

Ms. lennifer L. Aylesworth '94 

Mary Dohna '80 and Wells Bacon 'SO 

Mr. David A. Bahn 

Ms. Carol |. Bakos 

Bangor Daily News 

Bangor Nature Club 

Ms. Tenia Bannick '86 

Bar Harbor Banking & Trust Company 

Bar Harbor Lobster Bakes 

Bar Harbor Motel 

Bar Harbor Savings & Loan Association 

Bar Harbor Whale Watch 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert O. Baratta 

Ms. Keri E. Barber '00 

Bernice Barbour Foundation 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Barkey 

Ms. lill Barlow-Kelley 

Mr. M.C. Barnard 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward I.. Barnes 

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Barrett 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward |. Bartley 

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred P. Barton 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Bass 

Ms. Betsy Dickinson Bates 

Mr. Richard C. Bates 

Mr. Ed Baum 

Bay Crest Elementary School 

Mr. H. B. Beach 

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer L. Beal, Sr. 

Elmer Beal. |r. and B. Allison Martin '88 

Drs. Terrie and Wesley Beamer 

Dr. Robert A. Beekman 

Ms. Lara A. Bekampis 

Mr. Herb Belkin 

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Benjamin II 

Mr. Roger Benoit 

Berry. Dunn, McNeil & Parker 

Mr. and Mrs. C. Graham Berwind. |r. 

Downeast Committee of Beta Sigma Phi 

Mr. and Mrs George Biderman 

Marilyn Scharf and |ohn Biderman '77 

Mr. Bill Bigham 

Ms. lanet Biondi '81 

Mrs. Edward Birkenmeier 

Ms. loanne Bishop 

Ms. Karen L. Black 

Ms. Nancy ). Black 

Mr. and Mrs. Randall |. Black 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward McC. Blair 

Mr. and Mrs. Francis I. Blair 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Blake 

Mr. Peter P. Blanchard III 

Mr. lerome Bley 

Ms. Cedar T Blomberg '93 

Ms. Edith Blomberg 

Estate of Robert E. Blum 

Nancy Manter and Eduardo Bohorquez 

Mr. Michael C. Boland '94 

Ms. Pamela L. Bolton 

Ms. Susan Bonney 

Ms. Rachel Booker 

Mrs. Charlotte T. Bordeaux 

Ms. Nancy Bordwine 

Ms. Marilyn C. Boyd 

Dr. and Mrs. lames L. Boyer 

Emily '90 and Dennis Bracale '88 

lulie and Bill Bracken 

Ms. Alice M. Brennan '99 

Ms. Virginia Brennan 

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie C. Brewer 

Ms. Megan L. Brewer 

Mr. Herbert D. Brewster 

Ms. Letitia Brewster 

Ms. Dianna Brochendorff 

Dr. and Mrs. H. Keith Brodie 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bromage 

Ms Shirley Brookhouse 

Ms. Betty |. Brown 

lill and Ken Brown 

Ms. Katherine A. Brown 

Ms. Marion Fuller Brown 

Mr. Willard W. Brown 

|an Binder 

Mrs. Paul P. Brunetti 

Sarah Kelly and lohn Bueche 

Ms. Pari Burke 

Ms. Carol H. Burkett 

Mr. George S. Burman 

Pr. Claude A. Burnett, |r. 

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Burns 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Burton II 

Mr. and Mrs. E. Farnham Butler 

Mr. Larry Button 

Mr. |ohn W. A. Buyers 

Rebecca Buyers-Basso '81 

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Cabot 

The Virginia Wellington Cabot 

Helen '80 and Roc Caivano 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Caja 
Mr. and Mrs. Pierenzo A. Calosso 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Calvert 
Ms. lulie Cameron '78 
Ms. Ann B. Camp 
Estate of Mrs. Frederic E. Camp 
Mr. William P. Carey 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Carp 
Mrs. lames M. Carpenter 
Ms. loAnne Carpenter 
Pr. William Carpenter 
Ms. lanelle Carroll '95 
Ms. Elizabeth Carter 
Mrs. Barbara S. Caruso 
Ms. Gail L. Caruso 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Catlett. |r. 
Ms. Pam Cavosie 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Cawley 
Michele and Agnese Cestone 

Ms. Mary S. Chaklos 
Mr. Erin B. Chalmers '00 
Ms. Geneva Chase '94 



Mr. and Mrs. George M. Cheston 

Ms. Sanae Chiba '94 

Ms. Cynthia Chisholm 'So 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chorba 

Mr. and Mrs. M. Harrison Clark. ]r. 

Mr. and Mrs. Roland Clement 

Ms. Pamela Cobb 'S3 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Cobb 

Ms. Sarah Louise Cochran DVM '78 

Mr. Millard F. Coffin 

Ms. Tammis Coffin '87 

Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Cohen 

Ms. Diana Cohn '85 

Mr. and Mrs. E. )udson Cole 

Ms. Sarah Cole '93 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas L. Coleman 

Mr. and Mrs. Francis I. G. Coleman 

Brenda Overstrom and Steven 

Mrs. D.E. Collins 
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Colson 
The Committee of 2000 
Ms. Kerianne Conlon 
Mr. Philip Constable 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Conway 
Mr. Robert S. Corey 
Corning Incorporated 
Dick Atlee and Sarah Corson 
Mr. and Mrs. Melville P. Cote 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cotter 
Country School 
Ms. Marylouise Cowan 
Jennifer'93 and Kevin Crandall '93 
Ms. Suzanne H. Crase 
Mr. Paul Crawshaw 
Ms. Sally Crock 
Ms. lanice Croskey 
H. King & Jean Cummings 

Charitable Trust 
Mr. and Mrs. Roderick H. Cushman 
Mr. and Mrs. George Daley. Jr. 
Mr and Mrs. Robert W. Daly 
Mr. |ohn Allen Dandy 
Ms. Barbara Danielson 
Mr. Dominick Darkangelo 
Ms. Carol L. Davis 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Davis 
Mrs. Gale L. Davis 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Staige Davis 
Mr. and Mrs. Joel P. Davis 
Ms N'orah D. Davis 
Mrs. Shelby C. Davis 
Mr. and Mrs. Shelby M. C. Davis 
Davis Conservation Foundation 
Shelby Cullom Davis Foundation 
Ms. Fran Day 
Dead River Company 
Dr. and Mrs. David C. Dean 

Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph H. Deetjen, |r. 

Mr. George C. Denby 

Dendroica Foundation 

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Detweiler 

Mrs. |ohn K. Devlin 

Ms. Beth Dewan 

Dick's Plumbing 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Dickey. |r. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. Eugene Dixon. Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Dixon 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Dole 

Mr. lohn F. Doyon 

Mr. Peter Drachman '93 

Mrs William H. Drury 

Ducktrap River Rish Farm 

Ms. Lucinda Nash Dudley 

Ms. Tamara Duff 

Mr. Larrv Duffy 

Mr. Peter Dulev '84 

Mr Paul Dumont 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Duncan 

Dr. Edward K. Dunham 

Dr. Sherry L.F. Dupere 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dworak 

Ms. Miriam Dyer 

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Eacho III 

The Eacho Family Foundation 

Ms. Lydia Eekman 

Mr. and Mrs. Watha J. Eddins. |r. 

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Eden 

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Eder 

Mr. George M. Ehrhardt, Jr. 

Ms. Anne Eipper 

Ms. Linda Elias 

Ms. Mary K. Eliot 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Elk 

lennifer Schroth '87 and 

lonathan Ellsworth '84 
Estate of Ilene F. Elowitch 
Mr. and Mrs. lohn |. Emery 
Ms. Carol B. Emmons 
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Emory 
Mrs. Amos Eno 
Mrs. Carol B. Stevens Eno 
Ms. Julie A. Erb '83 
Ergonomics Plus 
Eric and Liz Erickson 
Gordon Iver and Dorothy B. 

Erikson Fund 
Mr. Erich Eschmann 
Ms. Lynne Wommack Espy 
Mr. Richard Estes 
Ms. Deborah Evans '82 
Dr. and Mrs. William E. Evans 
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Factor 
Mr. and Mrs. loseph Fass 
Ms. Sally Faulkner '96 
Dr. and Mrs. Clifford Faull 

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Faust 

Ms. loan Feely 79 

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Feenstra 

Mr. and Mrs. Lyman B. Feero. |r. 

Mr. and Mrs. William Fenton 

Mr. Thomas Fernald 

Mr. Evan |. Few 

Mr. Glenn Fields 

Financial Institutions Service 

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Finn 
First National Bank of Bar Harbor 
Mr. Thomas Fisher '77 
Mr. and Mrs. William M.G. Fletcher 
Ms. Catherine Flosi 
Mrs. Patricia Q.. Foley 
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick D. Foote 
Ms. Margaret L. Ford 
Ms. Mary Forsmark 
Mrs. Theresa Fort 
Mr. and Mrs. lohn D. Foskett 
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Foulke. Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Foulke. Sr. 
Dr. and Mrs. Richard R. Fox 
Foxrun Travel 
Mrs. Ruth B. Fraley 
Mrs. Anne M. Franchetti 
Mr. and Mrs. W. West Frazier IV 
Ms. Susan E. Freed '80 
Ms. Helen Fremont 
Mr. Lijun Jia and Ms. Frances 

Mr. Kurt Frennd 
Mr. lames Frick '78 
Ms. Jessica Friedland '96 
Ms. Catherine L. Friedrich 
Dr. and Mrs. lames C. A. Fuchs 
Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Fuerst 
Ms. ludith Clark Fuller 
Ms. Barbara Funk 
Furbush-Roberts Printing Company 
Mr. David Furholmen 
Mr. Nicholas E. Fusco 
Dr. and Mrs Valentin Fuster 
Galyn's Galley 

Dr. and Mrs. lames L. Gamble. ]r 
Mr. Petr Gandalovic 
Garden Club of Mount Desert 
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Garnett 
Ms. Catherine T. Gast 
Mrs. Gerald E. Caull 
Lois M. Gauthier Charitable Trust 
Mr. and Mrs Olin Gentry 
Ms. Sarah M. Gentry '97 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. George 
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Gerald 
Mr. Matthew Gerald S3 
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Coster Gerard 



Ms. Nadine Gerdts 

Ms. Susan M. Getze 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Geyelin 

Mr. lackson Gillman '78 

lune Lacombe and Bill Ginn '74 

Mr. C. Giradle 

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Gladstone 

Ms. Hope Prury Goddard 

Ms. Megan T. Godfrey '77 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Goelet 

Mr. Paul M. Golas 

lill and Sheldon Goldthwait 

Mr. and Mrs. David Gooch 

Mr. and Mrs. lohn M. Good 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Goodman 

Mr. David H. Goodwillie 

Prof. Bruce Mazlish and Dr. 

Neva Goodwin 
Mr. and Mrs. Leon A. Gorman 
Nina '78 and lonathan Gormley '7S 
Dr. Robyn K. Goshorn 
Mr. and Mrs. Mark P. Gotchel 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Gotter 
Rev. lames M. Gower 
Mr. and Mrs. lohn P. Gower 
Mrs. Margaret F. Grace 
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph ]. Graff 
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Grantham. Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs. E. H. A. Grassi 
Mr. lohn P. Grasso. )r. 
Mr. C. Boyden Gray 
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Green 
Miss Eleanor Greenan 
Dr. Craig Greene 
Ms. Linda Gregory '89 
Ms. Barbara |. Gribbin 
Ms. Anna C. Gross 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul |. Grovvald 
Ms. Amy Guillan 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gumpert 
Mr. Stan Gurell 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Guthrie. |r. 
Ms. Linda A. Haberl 
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick |. Hagerty 
Ms. Patricia H. D. Hagge 
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore |. Hahn 
Ms. M. loan Hall 
Hallgate Infant School 
Mr. and Mrs. Francis E. Hamabe 
Mr. and Mrs. George B. E. Hambleton 
Mr. Samuel M. Hamill. |r. 
Stephen Sternbach and Lisa B. 

Hammer '9| 
Mr. and Mrs. lohn Michael Hancock 
Mr. and Mrs. Morris C. Hancock 
Col. and Mrs. George E. Handley, |r. 
Ms. Mary Todd Hardeman 
Ms. Charlene Hardin 

Ms. Cheryl Hardman 

Mr. Matthew Hare'84 

Mr. ludson A. Harmon 

Ms. Mary Harney'96 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Harris 

Mr. and Mrs. Shepard Harris 

Ms. Sonja Hartmann 

Mr. and Mrs. lohn S. C. Harvey III 

Ms. Christine Hashimoto 

Ms. Mary Grace Haslinger 

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Hathaway 

Ms. ludith Hawley 

Mr. lohn Hay 

Mr. and Mrs. loseph S. Hayes 

Atsuko Watabe '92 and Bruce Hazam '93 

Ms. Fran Heath 

Hebron Academy 6th Grade 

Ms. Mary Heffernon 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Heimbold 

Mr. and Mrs. lack Hemenway 

Mrs. Barbara B. Henry 

Kate Russell Henry and Eric Henry 

Ms. Theresa Heseltine 

Dr. Helen Hess 

Mr. and Mrs. lames Hesser 

Dr. |o Heth '7b 

Barbarina '88 and Aaron Heyerdahl 'S7 

Mrs. Henderson Heyward 

Highbrook Motel 

Mr. and Mrs. Horace A. Hildreth 

Mr. Louis Hill 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hinckley 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Hines 

Dr. and Mrs. Leonard F. Hirsh. |r. 

Mr. Reinold Hjerpe 

Dr. and Mrs. lohn P. Hoche 

Mr. and Mrs. Melville Hodder 

Gail and Tom Hodges 

Ms. Petra Hoepcke Lenz 

Ms. Kathleen Hogan '81 

Mr. and Mrs. George R. Hoguet 

Mr. William Hohensee '81 

Mr. and Mrs. lames Holley 

Lisa '80 and Bob Holley '79 

Ms. Cindy Hollowell 

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Holm 

Ms. Betsey Holtzmann 

Mr. and Mrs. Adrian S. Hooper 

Mr. lames R. Hooper 

Ms. Shoshana Hoose 

Mrs. Mark Hopkins 

Mrs. Robert Hopkins 

Ms. Kelly G. Horan 

Dr. and Mrs. William Horner 

Ms. Mary C. Horrigan 

Horton, McFarland & Veysey 

Estate of Mr. and Mrs. lohn Howard 

Mr. William Howell 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Huber 

Ms. Sherry I. Huber 

Mr. and Mrs. Reginald D. Hudson 

Ms. Marie L. Hughes 

Barbara and Peter Hunt 

Mr. George L. Hunt 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Huntington 

Huron Valley Girl Scout Troop 

Ms. Evelyn Mae Hurvvich '80 

Ms. Susan B. Inches '79 

Ms. |an Murphy Irvin 

Mr. and Mrs. Dooney Iselin 

Mr. Orton P. Jackson, ]r. 

Mr. and Mrs. lames P. lacob 

Mr. and Mrs. Denholm M. lacobs 

Ms. lamien Jacobs '86 

Dr. and Mrs. Paul V. lameson 

Mr. William lanes 

Ms. Donna H. leanloz 

Jeff Dobbs Productions 

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon W. lenks 

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall W. lenney 

Ms. Donna lohnson 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Johnson III 

Ms. Linda B. Jonas 

Jonesport Elementary School 

Ms. lean lordan 


Ms. Barbara H. loslin 

Ann Sewall and Ed Kaelber 

Laura Fisher and Michael B. Kaiser '85 

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Kales 

Mr. and Mrs. David H. Kane 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kates 

Susan Lerner and Steve Katona 

Mr. John M. Kauffmann 

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome A. Kaufman 

The Kedge 

Ms. Courtney G. Keep 

Mr. James Kellam '96 

Ms. Sarah E. Keller 

Mr. and Mrs. lohn F. Kelley 

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Kellogg 

Mr. and Mrs. lohn G. Kellogg 

Mr. and Mrs. lohn N. Kelly 

Mr. John L. Kemmerer III 

Kenduskeag Foundation 

Mr. and Mrs. Moorehead Kennedy 

Ms. Esther R. Kerkmann '83 

Mr. Craig Kesselheim '76 

Dr. Carl Ketchum 

Margaret Blanding and Arthur 

Kettle "84 
Mr. and Mrs. Kyung Kim 
Mr. Robert L. Kimball 
Ms. Elizabeth S. King 
Mr. and Mrs. E. Robert Kinney 
Ms. Karen V. Kirkwood 



Melanie Klein-Robenhaar 

Mr. Zackary R. Klyver 

Ms. Suzanne Knecht '86 

Ms. Barbara Knowles 

Knowles Associates 

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Koenig 

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Koffman 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Kogod 

Mr. lonathan Kohrman '84 

Ms. Anne M. Kozak 

Dr. Etta Kralovec 

Mr. and Mrs. Hal A. Kroeger 

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Kryvicky 

Margi and Philip Kunhardt '77 

Mr. Sergey Kupriyanov 

Ms. Anita Kurth 

Ms. Alice K. Kurtz 

Mr. and Mrs. leff Kurtzman 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kusserow 

Mr. lohn J. Kwiatkowski 

Mr. Randy Labbe 

Lake Montessori School 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Lancaster 

Dr. Danell Landes 

Mr. and Mrs. Gerrit Lansing 

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony A. Lapham 

Ms. Marjorie H. Lau '81 

Ms. Susan B. Lavenson 

Law Offices of Peter R. Roy. PA 

Mrs. Merloyd Ludington Lawrence 

Dr. and Mrs. David Lebwohl 

Mr. William H. Leckie 

Mrs. Paulus Leeser 

Mr. lohn K. Leigh III 

Gail and Richard Leiser 

Mr. and Mrs. Eli Lemcoe 

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Leonard 

Ms. Andrea Lepcio '79 

Mr. and Mrs. H. lerome Lerner 

Dr. Eugene A. Lesser '78 

Ms. Lee Anne Leverone 

Ms. Alice Levey '81 

Mr. Ira Levy 

Mrs. Francis A. Lewis 

Ms. Rosalind W. Lewis 

Mr. Mark L. Libby 

Mr. Norman M. Lichter 

Ms. Miriam Linder 

The Agnes M. Lindsay Trust 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lipkin 

Mrs. Eleanor Lippincott 

Dr. William D. Lippincott 

Mrs. Juliana Little 

Ms. Abigail Littlefield '83 

Ms. lanet A. Livas 

Mr. Parker B. Llewellyn 

Ms. Tamara D. Longfellow 

Mr. Gordon Longsworth '91 

Dr. and Mrs. Ralph C. Longsworth 

Mr. Paul Loranger 

Mr. and Mrs. George Lord 

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Lord II 

Ms. Eve Lucano 

Ms. Elizabeth Lundberg 

Mrs. Ronald T Lyman. Jr. 

Ms. Mayo Lynam 

Fred C. Lynam Fund 

Lynam Insurance Agency 

Mr. and Mrs. lohn Lynch 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Maass 

Mr. Robert I. MacDonald 

Machias Savings Bank 

Mr. and Mrs. F. Benjamin MacKinnon 

Mrs. Constance B. Madeira 

Ms. Elizabeth Madeira 

Ms. Janet Madeira 

Mrs. Louis C. Madeira 

Maffucci & Hubbard 

Mr. loseph Maher 

Meg and Miles Maiden '86 

Maine Campus Compact 

Maine Community Foundation. 

Maine Speakout Project 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Malakoff 
Ms. Casey Mallinckrodt 
Ms. Carol Manahan '77 
Ms. Isabel Mancinelli 
Ms. Ellen M. Manganaro 
Ms. Margaret C. Manter 
Ms. Nancy Manter 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Marder 
Ms. Joan Meyers and Ms. Norma Marin 
Marion Intermediate School 
Mr. and Mrs. Ian F. Marshall 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Marshall 
Mr. Robert M. Marshall '87 
Ms. Julie Massa '93 
Ms. Kathleen C. Massimini '82 
Mr. Finlay B. Matheson 
Ms. Margaret Matkovich 
Ms. Betsy A. MatOS 
Mr. Dan Maunz 
Prof. Ernst Mayr 
Mrs. Anne A. Mazlish 
Ms. Suzanne H. McKeown 
Mr. Francis H. McAdoo. Jr. 
Mrs. Woodrow McCalla 
Ms. Lucy McCarthy 
Mrs. C. Deering McCormick 
Chauncey & Marion Deering 

McCormick Foundation 
Mrs. Gertrude L. McCue 
McEachern & Hutchins 
Ms. Dencie McEnroe 
Ms. Alice McFadden 

Ms. Donna McFarland 
Mr. David E. McCiffert 
Mr. and Mrs. Clement E. 

Mrs. Donald G. McLean 
Ms. Deirdre McMenamin '94 
Ms. Katharine M. McMenamin 
Mr. Ernest McMullen 
Mr. and Mrs. lay McNally S4 
Mr. Donald K. McNeil 
Ms. Gabrian McPhail '97 
Mr. Clifton McPherson II! '84 
Ms. Jeanne McPherson 
C. Thomas C. McSwain Elementary 

Ms. Gaynell Meij 
Dr. and Mrs. Donald Meiklejohn 
Ms. Mindi Meltz '99 
Mr. Charles E. Merrill, Jr. 
Dr. and Mrs. Harry C. Meserve 
Mrs. Jean P. Messex 
Michael Mahan Graphics 
Mr. Kenneth I. Mike 
Ms. Jan Marie Miller 
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Miller 
Mrs. Natalie O. Miller 
Mrs. Paul L. Miller 
Mr. and Mrs. Gerrish H. Milliken 
Mr. Peter G. Milliken 
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Milliken 
Ms. Lisa Millman 
Ms. Libby Mills 
Mr. and Mrs. A. Fenner Milton 
Andrea Ried '90 and 

lonathan Minott '90 
Mira Monte Inn 
Mr. James Mittelberger 
Dr. and Mrs. Larry Mobraaten 
Ms. Dianne Moe 
Mr. Edward Monat '88 
Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Moon '90 
Mr. and Mrs. Sung Moon 
Ms. Andrea Moorhead 
Morang-Robinson Automobile 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Morgenstern 
Mrs. Ruth Morgenstern 
Mr. and Mrs. G. Marshall Moriarty 
Mrs. Lorraine B. Morong 
Mr. Brad N. Morris 
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Moss 
Mr. Patrick Mouwen 
Dr. Frank Moya 
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart C. Mudrak 
Ms. Anne M. Mulholland 
Mr. Stephen ]. Mullane '81 
Dr. and Mrs. James S. Murphy 
Dr. and Mrs. David D. Myers 


Ms. August A. Mylroie 

Mr. Michael Nardaccl 

Mi I rnesl W. Nash 

Mi and Mis. Benjamin R. Neilson 

Mrs. Harry R. Neilson. |r. 

Mi and Mrs. Wallace R. Neilson 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Neuman 

Never Enough Thyme 

Ms. Marianne New 

New Image Hair Salon 

Mr. and Mrs. lohn H. Newhall 

Mr. and Mrs. William V. P. Newlin 

Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Nicholas 

Nickerson & O'Day, Incorporated 

Karen and Barbara Niezgoda 

Mrs. Anne Corkran Nimick 

Mrs. Marie Nolf 

Ms. Caroline Norden 

Northeast Delta Dental 

Ms. lackie Norton 

Lisa '89 and Fid Norton 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Nowicki 

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert G. Noyes 

Mrs. Elisabeth Higgins Null 

Mr. and Mrs. ]. D. Nyhart 

Mr. and Mrs. L. Bevan O'Callaghan 

Ms. Theresa M. O'Donnell 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Oakley 

Mrs. lohn C. Olin 

Ms. Hope Clmstead 

Ms. Amy L. Olson 

Ms. Carol A. Oman 

Ms. Whitney Wing Oppersdorff 

Oracle Corporation 

Mr. and Mrs. Domenic Orrino 

Lynn and Willy Osborn 

Mr. Benoni Outerbridge '84 

Ms. Angela Owen 

Amb. and Mrs. Henry Owen 

Suzanne and limOwen 

Ms. Jennifer Paigen 

Drs. Beverly and Kenneth Paigen 

Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Eliot Paine 

Drs. ludith and Sean Palfrey 

Vallurv Palli 

Ms. Leslie Palumbo 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Paneyko 

Mr. Stephen Papazidis '78 

Chankyu Park 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Parrish 

Ms. Pamela Parvin '93 

Dr. and Mrs. Lewis E. Patrie 

Mr. Robert W. Patterson. |r. 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Paul 

Mr. and Mrs. Francis W. Peabody 

Mr. George L. Peabody 

Mrs. lohn I. Pearce 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pennington 

Ms I aith I . Perkins 

Ms. ludith S. Perkins 

Mrs. Sherman H. Perkins 

Ms. Terry E. Perlmutter 

Rabbi Shoshana M. Perry '83 

Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson E. Peters 

Dr. Christopher Petersen 

Ms. Helene L. Peterson 

Mr. Bruce A. Phillips '78 

Mrs. Barbara W. Piel 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Pierce 

Mr. and Mrs. lohn Pierrepont 

Dr. and Mrs. Richard N. Pierson 

Mrs. Patricia K. Pinkham 

Ms April Eiler and Mr. Palmer Pinney 

Ms. Patty Poe 

Ms. Frances L. Pollitt '77 

Ms. Mary S. Pollock 

Mr. Shawn Porter 

Mr. and Mrs. loseph Preston 

Preti. Flaherty. Beliveau & Pachios 

Dr. and Mrs. Steven Price 

Mr. and Mrs. Ben G. M. Priest 

Mr. Charles Provonchee 

Mr. and Mrs. Hector Prud'homme 

Mr. and Mrs. George C. Putnam 

Mr. and Mrs. George Putnam 

Mrs. Eben W. Pyne 

Mrs. Kate Davis Quesada 

Ms. Vanessa Quintilliani 

R. F. lordan & Son's Construction & 

R.|. Morin, Incorporated 
Mona L. and Louis Rabineau 
Ms. Cathy Ramsdell '78 
Randy Sprague Heating & Plumbing 

Amb. and Mrs. loseph Verner Reed 
Mr. and Mrs. lohn P. Reeves 
Mr. Morton Reich 
Ms. Sarah Beinecke Richardson 
Mr. and Mrs. Richarts 
Ms. Christine M. Ridenour '75 
Ms. Sarah Fraser Robbins 
Mr. and Mrs. Owen W. Roberts 
Ms. Susan Roberts 
Ms. Aileen B. Robertson 
Dr. and Mrs. Gordon Robinson 
Dr. and Mrs. Paul G. Rochmis 
Mr. and Mrs. David Rockefeller, |r. 
Mr. Laurance S. Rockefeller 
Nancy Anderson and Richard 

Dr. and Mrs. Steven C. Rockefeller 
Ms. Sydney R. Rockefeller 
David Rockefeller Fund. Incorporated 
Mr. Ronald D. Rogers 

Mr. Alain 1 1. Roos 

Mr. and Mrs. Clayton D. Rose 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel |. Rosenfeld 

Mrs, Frederic Rosengarten, |r. 

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Ross 

Mr. and Mrs. Max Rothal 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rothschild 

Mr. and Mrs. loseph Rothstein 

Ms. Valerie Rough 

Ms. (ennifer I. Rowe 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Roy 

Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Rubel 


Mr. and Mrs. lames W. Russell 

Ms. lane F. Ryan 

Mrs. Robert Ryle 

S.R. Tracy, Incorporated 

Ms. Debbie ). Sabanty 

Saint Francis School 

Ms. Yumiko Sakuma 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Salisbury 

Ms. Julia B. Saltz 

Mr. Daniel Sangeap '90 

Dr. Walter G. Sannita 

Ms. Beth A. Sargent 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Sargent III 

Ms. Pat Satterwhite 

Ms. Erin H. Saunders '85 

Victoria '80 and Steve Savage '77 

Mr. Charles W. Sawyer, lr. 

Ms. Robin Schachner 

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Schafer 

Ms. Margaret Scheid '85 

Mr. and Mrs. lohn Schimenti 

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Schlossberg 

Cynthia Livingston and Henry 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schmidt 
Roger Chagnon and Bodil 

Ms. Kirsten A. Schutz 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. Seabury 
Ms. Helen Sebastianelli 
Ms. lanet H. Segal 
Ms. Ellen Seh 
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Sellers 
Ms. Adele H. Seronde 
Mr. and Mrs. Roland Seymour 
Mr. and Mrs. Henry D. Sharpe. |r. 
Jane Tawney and Samuel Shaw 
Mr. and Mrs. Arlene Shechet 
Mrs. Warner F. M. Sheldon 
Ms. Clare F. Shepley 
Mr. Bruce Sherburne 
Sherman's Book and Stationery Store 
Mr. Patrick |. Shields 
Mr. Martin Shimko 
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde E. Shorey, |r. 




Mr. and Mrs. Winthrop A. Short 

Mr. Robert Shorten 

Dr. and Mrs. Charles L. Sidman 

Ms. Lois Sieman 

Ms. Joann Joellen Sigler '99 

Mrs. Leonard Silk 

Lilea '90 and Richard Simis '88 

Mr. Grant G. Simmons. |r. 

Mrs. lohn Farr Simmons 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Simon 

Mr. and Mrs. Wickham Skinner 

Ms. Susanne Slayton 

Ms. Sally L. Smith 

Ms. Harriet H. Soares 

Mr. and Mrs. ]erome Solovvay 

Ms. Elizabeth Somers 

Ms. Linda Sorter 

Mr. and Mrs. Roland Sosa 

Mrs. Samuel Spencer 

Dr. and Mrs. William A. Spencer 

Ms. Margery Stafford 

Mr. Michael Staggs '97 

Mr. Todd Stanley 

Mr. and Mrs. Edric Starbird 

State of Maine Treasury Department 

Mr. )ohn R. Steele 

Ms. Carole Stevens 

Mr. Peter R. Stevens 

Mr. William N. Stevens '84 

Ms. Martha Stewart 

Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Stewart 

Stewart Brecher Architects 

Mr. and Mrs. lohn S. Stillman 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stillman 

Ms. Marion Stocking 

Ms. Dorie S. Stolley '88 

Ms. Katja Stommei-Sterntaler Schule 

Mr. and Mrs. Allan Stone 

Mr. Gregory Stone '82 

Mr. Richard Stone 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Straus 

Mr. and Mrs. George Strawbridge. |r. 

Mr. and Mrs. William |. Strawbridge, |r. 

Ms. Sherry Streeter 

Dr. and Mrs. Sidney Strickland 

Ms. Marion Boulton Stroud 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Sullivan 

Ms. Edith B. Sullivan 

Mrs. Robert Suminsby 

Ms. lane E. Summer 

Ms. loan H. Swann 

Ms. Christine E. Swedell 

lean and Bill Sylvia 

Ms. Lisa Szarka '96 

Mrs. Mary Louise Tarlton 

Dr. Davis Taylor 

Mr. and Mrs. |on Taylor 

Ms. Pamela S. Tavlor 

Mrs. Samuel A. Taylor 

Ms. Barbara ). Tennent 

Ms. lean Tennent 

Ms. Ander Thebaud 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Thomas IV 

Beth and Steve Thomas 

Ms. Barbara N. Thompson 

Ms. Lynn Thompson 

Ms. Sherlyl Thomson 

Mr. and Mrs. lohn L. Thorndike 

Mr. and Mrs. William Thorndike. |r. 

Ms. Ellen Reid Thurman 

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy |. Tiernan 

Ms. Ann C. Tikkanen 

Mr. and Mrs. Granville Toogood 


Ms. Deborah P. Treleaven 

Prof. Robert L. Trivers 

Ms. Lynn M. Truman 

Ms. Daniele Tubiana-Petschek 

Ms. Elena V. Tuhy '90 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Tyson. |r. 

Mrs. Charles R. Tyson 

United Way of Androscoggin County 

University of California 

Mr. and Mrs. Hans P. Utsch 

Ms. Maurren E. Van Ackooy 

Ms. Katrina Van Dine '82 

Ms. Katrina Van Dusen 

Ms. Wendy L. Van Dyke 

Mr. and Mrs. Christiaan van Heerden 

Mr. and Mrs. C. |. VanDeWater 

Mr. Albert D. Vaneerde 

Ms. Bernadien M. Vermazen 

Ms. Tammi Verni 

Mr. lohn E. Viele 

Mr. Ivan Vining 

Ms. Ann M. Luther and Mr. Alan Vlach 

Mr. Thomas F. Volkmann '90 

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Voorhees 

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd H. Wade 

Mr. William Wade '76 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Wadsworth 

Dr. Karen E. Waldron 

Drs. Anna Balas and Sherwood 

Mr. Benjamin Walters '81 
Mr. and Mrs. Rodman Ward. |r. 
Ms. Sue Ward 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B. Wardner 
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Watson 
Ms. |anet C. Watson 
Mrs. Helen D. Weaver 
Ms. Deborah M. Webber 
Ms. loan Weber 
Mr. loerg Weber 
Ms. Katherine Weinstock '81 
Ms. Maria Weisenberg '81 

Mr. and Mrs. Dietrich Weismann 

Mr. and Mrs. lay Weldon 

Ms. Alice Wellman 

Ms. Elisabeth A. Wells 

Mr. David Wersan '79 

Ms. lulianne West 

West Frankfort Elementary School 

Westside Florist 

Ms. Deborah Wetterhall 

Ms. Sally S. Wetzel '78 

William P. Wharton Trust 

Ms. Katherine N. Wheeler 

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Whitehead 

Mr. Scott Wiegert 

Mr. lames Russell Wiggins 

Mr. Doss Wilhite 

Ms. Maureen H. Willey 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Williams 

Mrs. Edward P. Williams 

Ms. Marguerite V. Williams 

Ms. Susan Willis 

Mr. lohn Wilmerdirtg 

Ms. lane M. Winchell '82 

Wingspread Gallery 

Mr. and Mrs. Stefan S. Winkler 

Dr. and Mrs. George P. Winship. |r. 

Dr. Dennis M. Wint 

Ms. Betsy Wisch '83 

Mr. and Mrs. loseph Wishcamper 

Mr. David |. Witham 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Witt 

Ms. Kristina N. Wittrock 

Mr. and Mrs. Dick Woehr 

Ms. Susan G. Woehrlin '80 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Wood 

The Woodcock Foundation 

Mr. and Mrs. David Woodside 

Ms. Carol Woolman 

Mr. Jeff Wooster 

Mr. and Mrs. William Worthen 

Prof, and Mrs. W Howard Wriggins 

Dr. and Mrs. Charles K. Wright 

Mr. Bryan |on Wyatt '80 

Wyeth Endowment for American Art 

Ms. lingran Xiao 

Ms. Phyllis Young 

Mr. and Mrs. Roman Zabinski 

Ms. Holly Zak '9-4 

Ms. Lorraine Zelman 

Mr. Fred Zerega 

Mrs. lane S. Zirnkilton 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Zwirko 

Evelvn B. and Victor Zwirko 



Memorial Gifts 

/;; memory of Ethel It Khun 
Mr. Robert |. MacDonald 

In memory of Amos Eno 
Mr. William II. Leckie 

/» memory of Daniel II. Kane, \r. 

Mr. and Mrs. David H. Kane 

in memory of Robert Suminsby 

Abnaki Girl Scout Council 

Mrs. Margaret Bailey 

Mr. and Mrs. David Benson 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward McC. Blair, Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie C. Brewer 

Mr. Samuel Coplon 

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Fernald 

Mrs. Anne Stroud Hannum 

Ms. Sarah F. Hudson 

Mr. |ohn M. Kauffmann 


Dr. Steven Katona 

Dr. Richard Borden 
Academic Dean 

Ms. Fran Day 

Director of Development 

Mr. Jonathan Ehrlich 
Director of Finance and 

Ms. Melissa Cook 

Ms. Marcia Dworak 

Associate Dean of Academic Services 

Director. Thorndike Library 

Mr. Theodore Koffman 
Director of Government Relations 
and Summer Programs 

Mr. Carl Little 

Director of Public Affairs 

Ms. Sarah Ketchum 
Director of Admissions 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Kogod 

Mr. and Mrs. Grant G McCullagh 
Mid-Coast I-:. M.S. Council, 

Mt. Desert Elementary School 

Teacher's Association 
Northeastern Maine EMS Council, 

Mr. and Mrs. George Peckham 
Mona L. and Louis Rabineau 
Mr. and Mrs. lohn P. Reeves 
Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Smallidge 
Mrs. Samuel Spencer 
Mrs. Charlene \V. Stewart 
Mr. and Mrs. |o4in E. Suminsby 
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Wallace 

In memory of Charles R. Tyson, Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Stockton A. Andrews 
Bar Harbor Banking & Trust Company 
Mr. Fredric R. Bocceri 

Board of Trustees 

Clyde E. Shorey. Chairman 
lohn N. Kelly, Vice Chair 
Polly Morgenstern. Vice Chair 
Leslie C. Brewer, Treasurer 
Peter W. Moon "90. Secretary 
Anna Murphy, Assistant Secretary 

Edward McC. Blair 

Barbara Danielson 

Mabel H. Cabot 

Alice Eno 

lames M. Garnett. |r. 

Philip Geyelin 

David Gooch 

Valle Gooch 

lames M. Gower, Life Trustee 

George B.E. Hambleton 

Samuel M. Hamill, |r. 

Horace A. Hildreth, |r. 

Elizabeth D. Hodder 

Sherry F. Huber 

lohn M. Kauffmann 

Rosalind W. Lewis 

Susan Storey Lyman, Life Trustee 

Casey Mallinckrodt 

Charlene Marshall 

William V.P. Newlin 

Daniel Pierce 

Rochelle ). Pingree '79 

George Putnam 

Cathy Ramsdell 78 

lohn Reeves 

Maurine Rothschild 

Elizabeth Russell, Life Trustee 

Victoria Savage '80 

Henry D. Sharpe, Jr. 

Samuel Shaw 

Donald B. Straus 

Ann F.' Sullivan 

lohn Wimerding 

Mr. and Mrs. Morris Cheston, |r. 

Mr. Allen Cornell 

Mr. and Mrs. William P. Davis III 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dworak 

Mr. C. David Fassett 

Ms. Mary E. Kelley 

Mr. George F. Koch |r. 

Ms. Anne M. Kozak 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Lea 

Susan Lerner and Steve Katona 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald |. MacDonald 

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin R. Neilson 

Mr. and Mrs. lohn P. Reeves 

Mr. and Mrs. Bayard H. Roberts 

Mr. F. W. Roebling III 

Mr. Gerald C. Romig |r. 

Mrs. William G. Sayres 

Mrs. George F. Tyler Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Yoakum 

and the Blum Family 
Mrs. F. W. Zahn |r. 

Council of Advisors 

lohn 6. Biderman - 77 

H. Keith Brodie 

Marion Fuller Brown 

Shelby M.C. Davis 

William G. Foulke. |r. 

Neva Goodwin 

Polly Wheeler Guth 

Katherine Hazard 

Philip Kunhardt '77 

Suzanne Folds McCullagh 

David E. McGiffert 

Daniel Morgenstern 

Phyllis A.T. Moriarty 

William C. Osborne 

Henry Owen 

Keating Pepper 

Robert Rothschild 

Steve B. Savage '77 

Edwin Schlossberg 

Henry Schmelzer • 

Peter Sellers 

Theodore R. Sizer 

Thomas Stephens Thomas IV 

Marc S. Tucker 

Richard |. Warren 

Carol Wishcamper 



We dedicate this 2000 Annual Report to the memories 
of three trustees who passed away. 

CHARLES TYSON, LIFE TRUSTEE, died on July 27. Charlie joined the 
Board of Trustees in 1974. He was elected Life Trustee in 1989 and 
was awarded an honorary B.A. in Human Ecology at the 1990 
Commencement Ceremony. He and his wonderful wife, Barbara, 
were among the most loyal, enthusiastic and generous supporters 
that this college has ever had. They led the Phoenix Fund to help 
the college recover after the disastrous Kaelber Hall fire in 1983, and were also 
lead donors to the Thomas S. Gates, Jr. Community Center, which was completed 
in I 993. The main reading room in the Thorndike Library and the Tyson wing of 
the Blair-Tyson Dormitory are named for Charlie and Barbara. 

ROBERT SUMINSBY died on October 2. Bob joined the Board of 
Trustees in 1 985 and served as a member of the Finance, Audit and 
Buildings and Grounds Committees. His professional expertise as a 
realtor, real estate appraiser and consultant on land transactions 
guided the college in. important strategic decisions, including acqui- 
sition of Beech Hill Farm and the former Gardner property, now the 
Kathryn W. Davis Center for International and Regional Studies. Bob's contribu- 
tions to land conservation in the state of Maine through his work with the Maine 
Coast Heritage Trust, Land for Maine's Future and The Nature Conservancy will 
long be remembered. 

a ROBERT E. BLUM, LIFE TRUSTEE, died on October 22 at the age of 
100. Bob joined the Board of Trustees in 1973 and Was elected Life 
Trustee in 1 985. He was awarded an Honorary B.A. in Human 
Ecology in 1992. A thoroughly delightful human being— warm, 
wise, and full of good humor -- Bob and his wife of 63 years, artist 
Ethel Halsey Blum, who died in 1991 and for whom the college's art 
gallery is named, were among the most generous and devoted supporters of COA, 
as well as the communities in which they lived and worked. The family main- 
tained a summer residence on Mount Desert Island from 1936 until 1996. 

In keeping with COA's sustainable paper 
and wood purchasing initiative, the cover of 
this report is printed on Domtar's Sandpiper, 
which is 100% post-consumer recycled fiber;, 
the pages are Scheufelen's PhoeniXmotion, 
which is acid free and chlorine free.