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;,,C OOl^lC 












By benjamin THORPE, F.S.A., 










IhE only information we possess with regard to the 
manuscript, the entire contents of which are now first 
communicated to the Public, is, that it was one of many 
presented to the library of his cathedral by Leoiric, the 
first bishop of Exeter, under whom the see was transferred 
to that city from Crediton, of which he was the tenth 
bishop, in the year 1046. 

In the catalogue of Leofric's donations to his cathedral, 
copies of which still exist (one prefixed to the present 
manuscript, others to manuscripts once forming part of 
the collection, but now in the Bodleian Library, and tliat 
of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge), this volume is en- 
tered as, 1. m^jfcel enjhj-c hoc be jehpilcum Jtinjum on 
leoB-pij-an gepophc (one great English book o» various sub- 
jects, composed m versey. The handwriting and language 

' For copies of the catalt^ue see Wanley, pp. 279, 280, and Conybeare'a 
lUiutTationa, p. 199. 



of these lists prove them to be nearly coeval with the do- 
nation which they record, but from that period no men- 
tion of this unique and most interesting relic seems any- 
where to have been made till the days of Wauley, to 
whose catalogue of Anglo-Saxon manuscripts scholars 
were first indebted for their knowledge of its existence. 

Greatly as we are obliged to Wanley for his vast ser- 
vices to Anglo-Saxon literature, it cannot be denied that 
the information which he has imparted to us regarding 
the contents of this manuscript is both imperfect and in- 
accurate ; and, forming but a solitary item in a volumi- 
nous appendage to a work of great cost and magnitude',, 
tended bat little towards drawing this venerable monu- 
ment from the obscurity in which it hod Ifun for nearly 
seven centuries: nor was it till the year 1826, that the 
fact of its existence became generally known, through the 
analysis ^ven of it by the Rev. W. D. Conybeare, in the 
" Illustrations of Anglo-Saxon Poetry^," by bis late bro- 
ther, the Rev. J. J. Conybeare, which, though wanting in 
the completeness and accuracy that could result only 
from a careful perusal of every line in the manuscript, 
proved amply sufficient to excite the attention of scholars 
both at home and abroad. 

It was not long after the completion of their edition of 
Ciedmon, that The Society of Antiquaries, still ani- 
mated by the same generous spirit which had prompted 

■ Hickeeii TheBanma Ldngunrum Veterum Septentrionalium, 3 voll. fol., 
one of 'which conueta of H. Wanld Librornm Veterum Septentrionalium 

> IlluBtrations, p. 198. 


them to the republication of England's earliest poet, and 
most liberally seconded by the munificent aid afforded by 
their distinguished Vice-President, Hudson Gurney, Esq., 
resolved to impart to the lovers of our old language and 
literature the entire cootenta of the Exeter manuscript, 
with a modem English version from the pen. of the pre- 
sent editor'. 

This manuscript consists of a folio volume of moderate 
size, written on vellum in a fair and rather fine hand of 
the tenth century. Some leaves both at the beginning 
and the end, as well as in the body of the book, are want- 
ing, and at the end it has sustained serious damage by the 
action of a fluid on the ink, whereby much of the writing 
is rendered wholly illegible; but though fair and well 
written, it, nevertheless, abounds in instances of false or- 
thography and ignorance on the part of the scribe, to a 
greater degree than any other manuscript I have seen of 
Anglo-Saxon poetry, though these are in general far less 
correct than those of prose productions^. 

With respect to its contents, it cannot be denied that 
the first 106 pages of the Exeter Book, though interesting 
to the philologlBt, possess little attraction for any other 
class of readers. The pieces they cont^n are, no doubt, 

I An edition of Layamon's Cfaronicle, containing the te^t of both MSS,, 
with tnuiHlatioa, notes, &c., by Sir F. Madden, is also preparing for pub- 
lication under the auspices of the Society of Antiquaries. 

* Among ItB peculiaritiea may be noticed: fe-peah, for jyu-feah; Kpo, 
for ^a 1 hi-, for be- ; e,forn: and, in verbs, theSrd pers. sing., for thepl.; 
the omission of c in the 2nd pers. sing., as ^ehojbe)-, for ^eho^bejr; also 
an, for on, in pi. terminations. The termination e, for a, in the pi. of fem. 
substantiTes, may, however, be the work of a more recent corrupter. 


translations from the Latin ; but their subject is not of a 
nature to stimulate many to search after the originals, 
which, if discovered, would prove of little use in elu- 
cidating the obscurities, or correcting the errors of a 
version, in this and all similar cases yet known, too 
paraphrastic to admit of comparison. Of the other 

*' The Legend of Saint Guthlac " has much to recom- 
mend it. It is a metrical paraphrase of a curious old 
piece of biography, by Felix, a monk of Croyland Abbey, 
whose Vita S. Guthlaci is printed in the Acta Sanctorum 
Benedictorum, and of which an Anglo-Saxon version, 
written with great purity and simplicity, is to be found in - 
the Cottoaian MS. Vesp. D. xxi '. The latter part of this 
legend, containing the journey of Beccel, the friend and 
companion of Guthlac, to announce the death of the saint 
to his sister Pege, is expressed with great beauty of dic- 
tion, and is highly poetic. Such [»eces are, moreover, 
valuable as contributions to the stock of matter for a his- 
tory of our language and its literature. 

A still more poetic, and altogeth^' more interesting piece, 
is the noble paraphrase from the Latin, "The Phcenix." 
From the original at the foot of each page it will be seen 
how greatly its author has ampUfied the matter he had to 
work on, thereby rendering all comparison with the I^tin 
for critical purposes nearly out of the question. The ap- 
plication of the fable of the phcenix to the resurrection is 
exclusively the work of the Saxon paraphrast. 

I Aleu v. fragment in the VerccUi MS., fu). 133''. 



"The Legend of Sunt Juliana," beyond its philological 
value, which is considerable, has little to claim our atten- 

"Tlie Wanderer," unlike the majority of Anglo-Saxon 
metrical compositions, bears internal evidence of origi- 
nality. To judge from a text frequently very obscure 
and perhaps corrupt, it appears to be the luoent of an 
exiled follower for the death of his beloved friend and 
chief, and of his associates. It is deeply to be regretted 
that this piece (one of the few Anglo-Saxon productions 
not on a religions subject) should stand as it were iso- 
lated, apart from every historic or legendary notice, 
which, by contributing to its illustration, would infinitely 
iocrease its worth and interest. This composition, to- 
gether with a few others in the present volume', lead 
irresistibly to the snspicion, that of our historic and le- 
gendary lore a very considerahle portion has either irre- 
trievably perished, or, lost perhaps to the present genera- 
tion, may yet exist among the half-explored manuscript 
treasures of this and other countries^. Let us, however, 
cherish the hope that the spirit of liberal inquiry now 
in full activity on the continent of Europe, will, at no di- 
stant day, 6nd in England a home not less welcome than 
that which it enjoys among our Teutonic brethren abroad, 
and that it may succeed in ascertaioing, for the satisfac- 
tion of the literary world, what monuments of this de- 
scription, whether lay, or legend, or authentic history, yet 
lie buried under the accumulated dust of ages. 

' See pp. 306, 318, 377, 441, 473. 476. 

' More pftrticularly France, Belgium, and Italy. 


Of "The Scop or Scald's Tale", my' opinion will be 
foimd in the notes at the end of the volume. I regret that 
no data exist whereon to found a more satisfactory one ; 
the poem, though apparently an episode only of some 
lost epic, and wholly fictitious, being eminently calculated 
to excite, without gratiiyingf curiosity. 

" On the Various Fortunes of Men." — ^This piece bears 
the impress of originality, and is highly interesting as af- 
fording a few glimpses into the manners and habits of our 
forefathers, during a period when all oar knowledge con- 
cerning them, beyond such incidents as enter the pale of 
history, is extremely vague and scanty. 

The " Gnomic Verses " are, as their title imports, a 
string of proverbial sentences, many (^ them, it must be 
confessed, tmisms. These verses (not indeed exactly in 
their present form) are apparently of very remote anti- 
quity. Though perhaps assignable to the same class as 
the Sentences of Theognis, the Works and Days of Hesiod, 
&c., we cannot, I think, look for their prototype among 
the Greeks, but may rather assume that these umilur 
productions of the ancient world originated in a state of 
society common to every people at a certain period of 
civilization ; and though, in their present form, subsequent 
to the introduction of Christianity, it will not perhaps be 
wide of the mark to assign to them, in their origin^ state, 
a date anterior to the first migration of the Teutonic tribes 
to this island ; for, disguised as they are, they exhibit an 
almost' solitary relic of the most ancient kind of learning 

' I use the word almoti, becauBe a aimilar apecimen exists at the end of 



in use amongst us. Of a nearly similar class is a portion 
of the Eddaic Hiva-Mdl, which, as well as these Gnomic 
Veraes, is UDdoubtedly indebted to oral tradition for its 
preservation to the present day. The poem " On the 
Wonders of the Creation," immediately following, is ap- 
parently a later attempt at a somewhat similar style of 
composition. It is by no means free from obscurities. 

My endeavours to give aversion of the "Riming Poem" 
have failed. A translation of some of its easier portions 
will be found among the notes, where I have ventured an 
opinion as to one cause of the difficulties attending this 
extraordinary and to me unintelligible production. 

" The Panther," and "The Whale " affisrd very early 
specimens of a favourite species of poetry in the middle 
age — the moralizations, derived from the extravagant no- 
tions then prevalent with regard to natural objects, but 
more particularly to the animal creation. Like " The 
Phoenix," these are, no doubt, paraphrases from the 

"The Departed Soul's Address to the Body."— With 
respect to this also favourite topic of the middle age, see 
a note at the end of the volume. - 

With regard to " Deor the Scald's Complaint," "The 
Rxile's Complaint," " A Fragment^," and " The Ruin," 
we can only deplore our profound ignorance of the cir- 

the Mencdogy, beginning, Cymn^ rceal )uce healbau : see Fox's edit., p. 44, 
and Hickesii Theeanrns, torn. i. p. 207. 
' At p. 473. 


cumetaDCes under whicb they were written, aod of the 
persons, the places, and the events, to which they allude. 
Of the last-mentioned of these, although (like the fallen 
burgh which it so vividly and graphically describes) a 
ruin, enough remains to show that, in its entire state, it 
must have been one of the noblest productions of the An- 
glo-Saxon muse. Would it could be retrieved at the sa- 
crifice of the first 100 pages, or, that the hand of the de- 
stroyer had inflicted the whole work of destruction on the 
beginning only of the manuscript I 

Of the "Riddles" I regret to say that, from the ob- 
scurity naturally to be looked for in such compositions, 
arising partly from inadequate knowledge of the tongue, 
and partly from the manifest inaccuracies of the text, my 
translations, or rather attempts at translation, though the 
best I can offer, are frequently almost, and sometimes, I 
fear, quite, as unintelligible as the originals. Though 
they have baffled me, yet, as they will now be in the hands 
of the Public, a hope may reasonably be entertained, that 
one more competent will undertake their interpretation, 
and with a more favourable result. Of some I have 
deemed it advisable to give merely the Saxon text, unac- 
companied by an effort at translation. 

Collections of ^nigmata have been left us by Sympo- 
sius, Aldhelm, Beda, and others ; but these are, generally 
speaking, extremely short, and although they may occa- 
sionally have suggested a subject to our ' scop ' whereon 
to exercise his skill, yet are those in the present collection 
too essentially Anglo-Saxon to justify the belief that they 
are other than original productions. 


Those who are desirous of information on the subject of 
the runes of the Anglo-Saxons, beyond what may be ga- 
thered from the present volume, will be gratified by the 
perusal of a valuable paper by Mr. Kemble in the twenty- 
eighth volume of the Archeeologia, also of a small work, 
" Ueber Deutsche Runen, von Wilhelm Carl Grimm." 

Of the version accompanying the text I roust speak, as 
I think, with great diffidence. From first to last it has 
been my endeavour to make it literal, and, at the same 
time, readable. The first of these qualities (with the ex- 
ception of places where the conjectured reading has been 
translated, instead of that of the text) it will, I trust, be 
generally found to possess. With regard to the latter, 
the reader will feel no surprise on finding an unintelligible 
text accompanied by an equally unintelligible version'. 
That cases of this kind rather frequently occur, I much 
regret, but trust that the gentle reader will, on such occa- 
sions, in the spirit of mercy, kindly call to mind that his 
was no easy task who undertook, and exerted his utmost 
to produce, a translation of the Exbtbr Book. 

The text now communicated to the Public is from a 
transcript made by me at Exeter in the year 1832, where 
every accommodation and facility was most kindly afforded 
me, during the time I was engaged oo my task ; and I 
gladly avail myself, though late, of the first opportunity 

■ I uu Bware that ia some places different interpretatioDs will be found 
aasjgned to the same A. S. word ; but these cases are few, and not of a 
nature to influence the general eeuse of the version, to the prejudice of the 
Ba|^h reader ; while to the A. S. Fcholar the version is onlf of secondary 


that offers of expressing my thanks to the Right Reverend 
The Bishop of Exbtbb, for his courtesy in acceding to 
my wishes in the first instance ; also to the Venerable 
Aechdeacon Pott, Chancellor of the Church of Exeter, 
for his obliging promptitude in procuring the return of 
the manuscript, which on my arrival at Exeter was still 
tying at the British Museum, where a fac-simile transcript 
had been taken, now among the " Additional MSS.," No. 
9067. 154 f. 

During a considerable portion of my task' I gratefully 
acknowledge to have profited by the suggestions of my 
friend, John M. Kbhblb, Esq., from which the version 
has, in numerous instances, derived great advantage. Re- 
garding the opinion of Mr. Kemble on all subjects con- 
nected with the old language and literature of Teutonic 
Europe as of the highest value, I heartily regret that other 
imperative engagements prevented him from accompany- 
ing me to the end of my labour. 

To Messrs. Richard and John E. Taylor I have also to 
express my thanks for their promptness and care, while the 
volume was passing through their press ; as well as for 
the zeal evinced by them for the general advancement 
of the work. 

Immediately following the text will be found a few 
pages of illustrative notes, of which those on "The Scop 
or Scald's Tale " are for the most part extracted from the 
labours of German scholars, but more particularly of Btt- 

1 To the end of "The Legend of St. Juliana." 



miiller*. Wilh, C. Grimm*, Lappenbei^^, Leo*, and Suhm^. 
Fw the explanation of many poetical expressions I am 
much indebted to the notes of Dr. J. Grimm, appended to 
his edition of " Andreas und Elene^." 

By the Verbal Index', with which the volume termi- 
nates, it will be seen that a considerable addition has been 
made to our stock of Anglo-Saxon words, particularly of 
compounds; and I entertfun the fervent hope that no great 
length of time will elapse before that stock receives a 

■ Sc6peB Tidsidh. Sanger* Weitfahrt, &c., von Ludvig Ettmuller, ZQ- 
rich, 1839. In a nnall work under this ringular and certainly erroneous 
title, Ettmuller has contnbuted more than any other scholar to illuatrate 
the ethnogi^hy of " The Scop or Scald's Tale." The subetance of his 
labours viU bcr fonod in my notes. 

* Die Deutsche Heldensage, voa Wllhelm Orinun, OottingcD, 1829. 

' Recension der Leo'schen Sprachproben, in the Berliner Jahib. fOr 
Wissensch. Kritik for Augngt IS3S. A very excellent paper. 

' Altaachs. und Angelsachs. Sprachproben, von H. Leo, Halle, 1838. 

> Historie af Damnark &% de aldste 'Ilder til Aaret 803, red P. F. Suhm, 
Copenh., 1782. Or the same tnuialated, under the title, P. F. von 
Suhma Geschichte der Danen ins Teutsche flbertragen von F. D. Orater, 
Leipslg, 1803. 

' In 1834 I arranged and prepared for the press a collection of Anglo- 
Saxon poeina from the transcript of a MS. in the library of the Chapter 
at Vercelli, which was afterwards printed under my care, by authority of 
the Commissioners on the Public Records, as an appendix to an intended 
Report on Rymer's Foedera. Consisting of some of the most interesting 
relics of Anglo-Saxon poetry, its suppreseion, in consequence of the disso- 
lution of the Commission, is much to be regretted ; though from one of 
sever^ copies sent abroad as presents, Dr. J. Orimm reprinted at Caseel, 
in 1840, the two moat important pieces contained in it, with valuable an- 
notations, under the above-mentioned title. It is in the hope that the 
above-mentioned Report may one day see the light that I have constantly 
quoted its pages ia the present volume. 

7 Xhis index is limited to words raiety or now first occurring in A. S., to 
the exclurion of such as ttre already sufficiently explained ia the dictionaries. 


further increase ; when I trust that Mr. Kemble will be 
iiulot^ to complete his already ample collections, and 
give to the world that great desideratum, an Anglo-Saxon 
Dictionary suited to the present state of scholarship 
both, here and abroad. In the Althochdeutscher Sprach- 
Bchatz of Graff, now in course of publication, be has a 
praiseworthy example, and on the support of all Teutonic 
scholars throughout Europe he may confidently calculate. 




To Jeans Chriat 1 

To the Virgin Mary • 5 

On the Nativity 11 

On the same 17 

To the Trinity 24 

On the NatiTity 36 

On the Nativity and AtcenaioQ 38 

On the Ascenaon and tiie Honoving of HeU 32 

Hymn of Praise and Tbanfaigivtng .... 38 

Hynm in continuatiMi ctf Uie foregoing 43 

Poems on the Day of Judgment, I. — III 49 

On the Crncifi^on 67 

OntheDayof Judgment, I. II 74 

On the Cracifixion, &c 89 

Of Somla after Death, &c., 1. 11 93 

Poen, Moral and Religions 104 

The Legend of St. OntUac 107 

The Story of Hanamali, Mishael, and Azariah parajdirased 185 

ITie Phtenix 197 

The Legend of St. Juliana 342 

The Waatoer 286 

On the fotdowments and Porsuits of Men 293 

A FMber'a InstructioB to his Son 300 

ne Seafarer 806 

Motutory Ptiem 313 

The Scop or Scald's Tale 318 

On the Various Fortunes of Men 327 

Gnomic Verses, I. — III 33S 

On the Wonders of the Creation 346 

Riming Poem 352 

The lather 356 

Tie Whale 360 

A Fragment 365 

A Departed Sonl's Address to the Body, 1 367 

IL (fromtheVerceUiMS.). 374 

Deor the Scald's Complaint 877 

Riddles »80— 441 



The Exile's Complaint 441 

On the Day of Judgment 445 

A Supplication 452 

On the Reaoirection and the Harrowing of Hell 459 

Religions Poem 467 

AP^agment ..: 468 

The Lord's Prayer paraphrased 468 

Maxims .' 469 

ffiddles 470—473 

A Fragment 473 

The Rnin 476 

Biddies 479—500 

Notes : : 501 

Index of Persons 531 

Index of Countries and Folks 633 

Verbal Index 535 


A. and E. — Andreas and Elene. — Herausgegeben von Jacob Qrirom, Cas- 

sel, 1840. 
Bjo. Hald. — Lexicon Islandico-Latino-Danicum Biomonis Haldoisonii, &c., 

Havniffi, 1814. 
Graff. — Althochdentacher Sprachschatz, &c. Vol. I.— IV. Berlin, 1834 — 

Orimm's D. Heldens. — Die Deutsche Heldensage von WUhelm Orimm. 

Gottingen, 1829. - 
Qrimm's D. M. — Deutsche Mytholt^e toq Jacob Grimm, Gottingen, 

K.— J. M. Kemble. Esq. 
M. G. — Mmsogotfaic. 
Mhg. — Middle High German, from the middle of the 12tb to the middle 

of the 14th century. 
Ohg. — Old High German, from the 7th to the Uth century. 
O. N. — Old Norsk or Icelandic. 
O. S. — Old Saxon, the dialect of the Heliand, or of liower Saxony, of the 

9th century, 
V. P.— Veroelli Poetry. See Pref., p. xiii. n. «. 
Warton's H. E. P. — Warton's History of English Poetry, 3rd Edit. 3 vol. 

Ziemann. — Mittelhochdeutsches Worterbuch, von Adolf Ziemann, &c. 

Quedltnburg und Leipsig, 1836. 
~ or ~, placed over a vowel or m, indicates the elision of m, sa fji^e for 

pp^mme, heahjiu for heah^oun, &c. 



• • • • cjninje. [PoLSo] 

ISu eiqic fe peall-jran* 

!» iSa p;^mi iff. 

jnSpuppon CO jieojice- 

pel Jw jejuj-eB. 

^sec yji heafob j*!e- 

healle mse^jie- 

•J jerommje. 

pbe pealla]-- 

fline unbjuecne' 

)mh; ^eonb eop^ b[iK«ib] eall> 


punbpien to po]ilbe. 

Paltrier ealboji- 

jefpeoeula du ^aph peajio-qisjX' 

|»n fjlper J*opc- 

roSfseft jijoji-be(^c> 

^ pna jwjibec- 

peall p(S pealle. 

Qu If ^am peo|u:e ^jif* 

]>sec fe quefC;a came- 

t. MS. h«Hro«. 

• • • • long; 

Thoa art the wall^toae, 

that of old the vorkmen 

from their work rejected: 

well it thee beseemeth, 

that thou be head 

of the great hall, 

aod imite 

the Bpacioufl walla 

wftb a hat juncture, 

M' \i||fragil^iot, 

that, amoDg earth's dwellera, all 

with sight of eyes, 

may for ever wonder. 

Chief of glory I 

.manifest now througiG^ill 

tliine own work : ^^ . 

just, gloriously bright, 

and forthwith le^ve 

wall opposite waAi^ «. 

Now to the work is needful, 

that the Skilful come, 

13. SuppUtd from cODJecbu*. 




■] re cjnrnj i^lfa. 
■] )>onn« jebece. 
QQ sflbjioj-nab if • 
huf anbeji hjuipe' 
he )>8eE hrS jefcop- 
leomo lemenft' 
na rceal lif-fpea. 
)>oi)e pejt^Bn heap> 
pjia]>iim ahjiebban> 
eapme jipom e^faii- 
fpa he ope b^be. 
eala |7u jieccenb^ 
"J Jni juhe cjmnj- 
j^ ^ locan healbeS- 
hp one^eb ■ 

eabja up r^ey- 

o)>jium foiip;^Deb< 
plicij&n pil-plfej** 
jij: hif peojic ne beaj- 
hupu pe p}p ^ppe- 
^iq- popb n>jieca'S> 

• 31B«. 

^ne pe mon jefcop- 
]}sec he ne heee * 
. . . ceoj-e fppecan. 
ceappiIjiB ))inj* 
ye ye in capcejine- 
j-ittfi'S fO]^enbe. 
foutian pil-]t5> 
hpoDne Of hp-ppea. 
leohc ODtjnne- 
peop%e urpim mobe. 
CO munb-bopdn- 
•J iMec Cybpe jejift*. 

and the King himself, 

and t( then repair. 

Not decayed is 

the hooK under its roof. 

he the body created* 

limbs of clay. 

Now shall the Lord of life 

the abject band 

from foes deliver, 

the miserable from terror, 

as he oft did. 

Oh thou Ruler, 

and thou just King, 

who the locks • * 

life rereal'd, 

deny'd to others. 

We at least for need, 
these words speak, 

him who created man. 

that we in prison 

sit sorrowing, 

the sun's course, 

when us the Lord of life 

may light disclose, 

be to our mind, 

as a protector, 

and the weak understanding 

99. Vbtj doubt&I in MS. 



tipe bepmbe* 
jefao ope ^f yfjtie- 
)>e he to pnlbpe fojilec- 
Jn ^ heanlice. 
hpeoppm j-ceolban> 
Co ]>if enje lonb' 
eWe befcjjwbe- 

fffSe foiS fpjucdS- 

)>aet he abpebbe- 

]» FopliP^Feb P«r- 

l^niin-c^ pjia. 

peer peo jsemne ;eonj. 

nuej^S manej- leaf- 

^ he hun to mebep ^ec^x^. 

^sc fBBf ^epopben- 

bueao pejiej* ffi^* 

}nec Imjih beapnef jeb^b* 

bjt^ eacen feSftS. 

nsen^ efenlic ytaa- 

wp ne pYpaxi' 

in pojilbe jepeap'S- 

Jist bejol jKe]-- 
bpyhcner jeji^ae- 
eal popi jsej-dic- 
jjiunb-fceae jeoDb^-pjieot- 
^sji pijua j»la- 
yetLfiS lolihteb- 
lape lonjTDine- 
Jmjih hpey Fjiaman . 
)« aeji nnbe}! hoSmaii- 
biholen laejon- 

surround with hononr. 

Make us thus worAy^ 

whom he to gtoiy hxth admitted; 

those who humbly 

muBt return 

to thU narrow fand, 

depiir'd of country : 

therefore may say 

he who truth speabeth 
n that he rescued 

that which had been perverted, 

the race of men. 

Young was the damsel^ 

a maiden roid of sin, [choie. 
[8A] whom to himself he for a mother 

That came to pass, 

without man's woiunge, 

that, through child-bearing, 

the bride was increas'd. 
w Not any like to that, 

before nor after, 

in the world was, 

woman's desert : 

that was a secret 

mystery of the Lord, 

all a ghostly grace, 

earth's r^on it petraded } 

there many thinga 

became enlig^ten'd 
30 with longsome lore, 

through life's Author, 

which ere in darkness' 

had hidden liun, 

8. »T 

as. ThU wwd oonin also once in Beowulf, L 4911 ; pibentt jftpJU-htek} m 
botfrnan. Ur. KnaUa coitjecturci ita meaning to be velamen, imbe*. 



}>a 1% palbenb qwm^ 
]^J« fiedpba jehpaer- 
jiyoe jemicla^- 
'Sajia ]fe jeneahhe- 
nomao jryppenbej-- 
Jiuph hojircne hub- 
beji^an PIUS'S. 
6ala pbbe ^epbS- 
jia lue]\ufalem- 
cJne-jTola cjjr. 
cpifte]- bups-lonti- 
enjla ejiel-ftol. 
^ ]>a liae in |re- 
faule fo3]:eBjt:jia. 
funle jepeftaiS. 
jnilbpum bpemje. 
nae}:]\e pommej* tacn- 
ID ^am eapb-jeapbe. 
eapeb peopJreS' 
ac ^ ppina jehpjlc 
l»op abu^e^- 
ps^SiSo 1 jepmnef. 
bij-t CO jmlbpe pull- 
haljan h^hcep • 
jrpa ]>u jehaCeo eapc. 
pioh Du jylpa ]«■ 
jeonb Jwp pban jejxeafc. 
rpjlce jxobopep hpop. 
jiume ;eonb-plitan> 
^b healpt jehpone- 
hu )>ec heopone]- c^in;- 

the oracles of proph^ 
when the Powerful came> 
be who of every speech 
the course enlargeth, 
of those who adequately 
the Creator's name, 
through prudent nature 
will praise. 
O sight of peace I 
ID holy Jerusalem ! 

choicest of royal thrones t 
burgh-land of Christ I 
native seat, of angels 1 
and alone in thee 
the souls of the just 
ever rest 

in glories exulting. 
Never the sign of crime 
in that dwelling place 
: 90 shall be manifested, 
but from thee each sin 
shall ^ retire . 
of malediction and of strife : 
thoa art gloriously full 
of holy joy, 
as thou art caU'd. 
See now thyself 
over this wide creation, 
as also heaven's height, 
so widely look 'o'er, 
around each side, 
how thee hsaren'^ King 
in hit coarse seAeth* 
and himself cometh. 

7. MS. borw*. 

II. fMila! 

31. H3.1 



nimeK e^b m "pe- - 
rpa hit seji sejTim. 

pojibnm fsejbon- 
cj^Sbon cjufcer ^eb^b- 
cpvbon )>e to ypofjie- 
Imjija beelicafc. 
Nu If J«EC beajm c^en- 
^necneb co ffppa- 
peopcBm flb^ea- 
bpinjeS blifpfl Jw* 
benba oiilf|-e%> 
m)>ain jweSbe- 
ne^io .... 
• • )reqi|» conn. 

hu fe e^una fceal- 
ape jebiban :- 

taket^ in thee Am dwelling ; 
as it erst of yore, 
sagacious prophets 
witii words declar'd, 
Chriat's birth announc'd ; 
sud for thy comfort, 
best of ciUes ! 
' Now is that infant come, 
raia'd up for the overthrow, 
for afOiction of the Hebrews ; 
bringeth bliss to thee, 
looseneth (Ay bonds : 
hostilely subdned> 


how the miserable shall 
await mercy :■ 


6ala pipt pjun- 
jeonb pult^t^ ^l>yi°' 
pemne f:jieoticaj-t> 
opejY ealne folban fceac- 
fssf ^ spjie j-oob -bueBb. 
fe<^an h^jtbc«i- 
ajtece uf )nee jqiyne- 
]i»t )« op jiobejmm cpom* 
hu Jm eacnui^e- 

he»pnef {mjih jebyjibe. 
"J ^ne jebebj'cipe. 
Kfcep mon-pipui- 

O Delight of women 

Uiroughout the host of glory, 
90 damsel most noble 

over all earth's region, 

from what eardi-dwellera ever 

have heard say; 

relate to us the mystery, 

that from the skies came to thee, 

how thou increase 

ever didst receiye, 

through child-beariag, 

aad cohabitation, 
30 after human wise. 

14. Hen ■ leaf !■ obTicmlj wsating. 

«. T>nb-? we CHdm. p. 16, 1. 12. 



mob ife cnSej-' 
nepe j-oSlice- 
fpyicoe ;e]:iiiQiuai. 
in eejt-bajum- 

^»t 1Sn in jmibuji-jHpp* 
rpjlce befenje- 
ne pe ]>p^e pyp^e- 
femta ]/npfoa- 
Cop^I^ ID C)be> 
hajiu tpeop m ^e^ 
peojiClica jmnabe. 
nu t>u pulbpef Jrji;^- 
bopme jebspe' 
^ no jebpopiab peapfC- 
mse^hab fe nuda- 
fpa eal manna beajiQ- 
jopjum papa's' 
fpa epc pipa^- 
eeona^ co cpealme- 
cps% po eabje nu^. 
rjmle r^pep piU* 
pea mapiA* 

hp«e If ^eop punbpiiniS' 
)>e je papaB. 
:j jeoippenl)^. 
2eh)mm msena^- 
pnnu polmus- 
pomob hip bobtop- 
ppjcja^ jTuph F^pec. 
hu ic pKmnan-hab* 
munb inne jeheolb j efic- 
mobop jepeapIS meepe- 
meonibep puna- 

in mind kneweat not ; 

nor Boothlp we 

the like hare heard 

in days of yore 

erer to hat^ien, 

such as thou in special grace 

didst receive ; 

nor we that event 

may expect 
10 to take place in time ; 

but in thee faith 

estimable dwelt. 

Now thou the Glory ot majesty 

in t&y boBom barest, 

and was not injur'd 

thy pure yirpnity. 

iSo all children lA men 

in Borrows sow, 

80 again reap, 
90 bring forth to deatii. 

Spake the blessed maiden 

erer of triumph full, 

the holy Mary : 

' What is this wondering 

with which ;e gaze, 

and murmnrii^ 

in spirit grieve ? 

7%e son of Salem, 

bis daughter t^fo^ 
90 ask through curiosity, 

bow I mudenhood, 

my purity pieserv'd;i and eke 

became the great mother 

of the Creator's son ? 



fop)nn ^tet DUHnmm n 

K qufC onpiiah- 
m tnnibej'- 
byp}ie nuejan- 
^sc If enan fc^> 


f« Iteanjia bSb- 
bfhc If onpmjen* 
^KC tm Ueepu^ mot;- 

pepnm "j pijnim- 
a Ko pojiulbe jnpiS* 
in )>ain npltcait- 
eDjla bpeams' 
mib jvS-peb^- 

eala eapenbel> 
enjla beopht^- 
o)»|i mibbm-jeapb. 
moimiiin fmb«t>- 
•) yctSpejta- 
pmnaa leoma* 
cojiht ofep tanjlaf- 
^ nba sehpane. 
op j^lpim ]«• 
jymle inlihcef • ' 
n>a ]>u job op sobe- 
jeiqio aceniMb- 
pmQ po^an fteb^> 
ppejlepm palbpe* 


because to man ia not Uwt 

myBterf knowo, 

but Christ rereal'd, 

in David's 

dear kinswoouui, 

that the ma of Sre ia 

all tum'd avay, 

the curses averted, 

and is glorified 

the humbler sex ; 

hope is received^ 

that now blessing nULy^ 

to both in conunon, 

men and women, 

ever henceforth, 

in the exalted . 

joy of angela, 

with tA«ju8t Fatiier 

ever dwell.' 


of angels brightest, 

over mid-earth 

Bent to men, 

and just 

beam of the Bun> 

bright over the heavenly bodies.; 

thou each season, 

&om thee thyself, 

ever enlightenst. 

As thou Qod of Qod, 

ready begotten, 

of the just Father Son, 

in the glory of the firmament, 

7. pojipen^ebt 
80. The word Mjienbcl abo ocetm, «itb &« ngnificatioD otjubar, in the Olo*- 
ni7 of Hoyan-Mootin. 




batan anjmne- 

fpa pec na yoji )feap}.-um- 
ym ajea jepeopc- 
bibe% ^jji bylbo> 
)>iec |ni ])a beophcan uf ■ 
pmnan onj«nbe- 
■J fe rylp cyme. 
ytez 9u inleohte' 
^a ye lonje 1^- 
l^pofine be)>eahce- 
-j in yeoycpma heji- 
ftecoa jin-neahtej-. 
fynnum bi]»albiie> 
beojic bea^ fceabu* 
bjieojan jt:eolban. 
nu pe h^hc]nille* 
IueIo jfilfpiS' 
yajOi yxc fopb jfibej-- 
peojiotnim bpunjen* 
)>e on fpfm^ jMEf . 
pBbeji sbnihtr^um. 
efen-ece nub ^ob- 
■J nu ept -gayeajtS- 
flasfc ppena leaj-- 
]>Kt j-eo pemne jebeji- 
jeompum to jeoce. 
2ob psf mib af*> 
jei-cpen bucsn j-;^a> 
]-omob eapbebon- 
mibci; meocubej* beapn. 
■J je monaer* pinu- 
3e]ipnpfl on ^eobe- 
pe ftq* ^ODC nu^oii' 

without b^inning 

ever wast, 

ao thee nov in need 

thine own work 

BWaiteth with conatancy, 

that thou to us the bright 

sun sendest, 

and thyself comest, 

that thou mayest eoli^ten 

those, who long ago, 

with vapour cover'd, 

and in darkness here 

sat, in continual night, 

with sins o'erwhelm'd, 

death's daric shadow 

must endure. 

Now we hopeful 

in the salvation trust, 

through that Wobd at Ood, 

brought to multitudes, 

which in the be^nning was 

with the almighty Father, 

with Ood, coetemal, 

and ia now become 

flesh void ctf sina, 

that the damsel bare, 

for salvation to the sad. 

God was with us, 

seen without sins ; 

together dwelt 

the mighty Son of the Creator, 

and the son of man, 

in concord among people : 

we thanks may therefore 




rec^in jTje-bjiJlicne- 

rtmle bi jepyjihemn- 

yaj- ]>e he huie jylpie af • 

peoban polbe. 

eala jejta job- 

hn )ni ^leaplice- 

mib noman p^hce- 

nemneb pspe- 

emiDBDuliQl • 

fpa hic enjel jeqwfS. lo 

vpejT OD ebfiefc- 

(net ij* ejt; jepdic- 

pume bi jejiynom* 

DU If pobejia pe^b- 

job jj\pL mib nj-- 

fpa ^aet jomele sep^jui ■ 

ealpa cymnja cyninj- 

;] )>ooe clienan eac* 

pcepb folSlice' 

pi^bon copeapb' ao 

fpa j« nuejie in- 


jleap in jKjre. 

^oh-yjifia onpjtab* [lOa] 

ecej* alpalban. 

fe yxj & bpm^oib' 

lajia beb^ib> 

)>ain lon^e hif ■ 

hjbean hibep-cyme- 

fpa him jehateD ptef ■ m 

]?tett:e fUDu- 

meotubef rylpi- 

polbe sepelpan- 

l»lban nue^Sfl- 

rpi'lce spunbar eac- 

•ay to the Lord triumphant, 

ever with reason, 

for that he to hb himself 

would send. 

O of all spiriu Qod ! 

How wisely tbon, 

rijfhtly by name, 

wast nam'd 

Emanuel I 

as it the angel aaid, 

first in Hebrew, 

that is interpreted, ' grace,' 

by mysteries of runes. 

Now is the Guardian of the skies, 

QoA himself with us ; 

so as of old, in times remote, 

of all kings the King, 

and eke the pure 

priest truly they 

said was to come j 

no, of yore, the great 


wise in spirit, 

the majesty of God rereai'd, 

of the eternal Ruler. 

He was the law bringer, 

of doctrines leader, 

to those who had long his 

advent hoped for, 

as bad to them been promis'd, 

that the Son 

himself of the Creator 

would purify 

the race of earth ; 

BO also the abyss, 

IB. mmaf 

SS. }• addt 




p]» jefecan- 
na hie yopx tnej*- 
bibon ID benbum- 
hponne beajin jofaef • 
cpome CO ceajujimi- 
Fop^n cpsebon fpa* 
ftq-lum s^flaehte* 
DQ ya jflfA com* 
heofoaey heah-c^Dinj* 
bjunj U7 hslo-liF- 
pejupitQ ]«Be-l>eo]>um> 
pope pojicyaieBum* 
bitTtum bpjne eeftjuim. 
If j-eo boc jedoDj- 
eal nc ]« aoiun- 

* * opeji f^MjlFUm. 
hsspcof hyje ;eompe< 
faibeji . . . ^ behmban ■ 

• • . . . ej* nu tee. 
)>oime ]ni hetman c^jie- 
nuEiiQo {nip nude. 

ac Jm miltj-e on uf • 
jec;^ c^elioe. 
cjuft nejijenbe* 
pnlbjiey «e]?dm3- 
ne tec apTpjbe i^ji iq-. 
onpalb agan. 
pulbjief ^ef • 
)iRt ]rec peoji'iSien. 
peojioba pulbop-c^nioj- 
|>a )ni j^K^eef seji. 
honbum )nnum. 
yam heanmjTum. 
pimiqtrpibe |»p{S- 
mib palbenb jasbeji :■ 

through hifl a^rit'e power, 
leek in Au conrie. 
Now for this they calmly 
in bonds awuted, 
when tht Child of God 
Bhonld come to the afiKeted, 
therefore epake thns, 
those into torments east : 
• Now come thou thyself, 
high King of heaven, 
bring us a life of health, 
weary thralls 
worn out with weeping, 
with bitter bumii^ tears. 
The expiation is 
all in thy hand ^one 

captives sad in spirit. 

when tbou turu'st from hence, 

a multitude thus great. 

But do thou mercy npim us 

royally show, 

Baviour Christ 1 

Prince of glory 1 

let not the accursed onr na 

power possess ; 

grant us eternal jAy 

of Ay glory, 

that thee may worship, 

Glory-King of boats 1 

those whom thou wrou^teat erst 

with thy bands. 

Tlioa in the heavens 

for ever dweUest, 

witi) the omn^totont Fatho*.' 



€ala lojvph mm* 
iBcobef bea}ui* 

nuejian cynmj^* 
mi ya fpeobe pc«alC' 
fffijte jflbselan ■ 

SlieCSa ln ptn min a. 

Ic Inn^e eam- 
beope jebjiejzeb- 
borne bepeafub- 
fop'Sm )c po]fD }»}i jie* 
popbe luebbe- 
pbjia ropsa* 
"J j^-cpiba- 
heajimef jeh;^]teb* 
■J me hofp^fjqiecalS' 
tojin-pt^ibft fflla- 

jeoOQ jeomop-mob' 
job e^>e mi^> 
jduelao hy^e-yopgB' 
heoiiean nuDjve- 
a|:pefpan feajceaj3a»' 
6ala pemne jeoDj- 

}>p«c bemujinefi; 'Su* 
cleopiq^ ce^iQonbe* 

ne ic cnlpan in ^• 
mean Rn^ne*' 
sBj^ie oiqnmbfl> 


* Alas my Josepti, 
child of Jacob, 
kinsman of Darid, 
of t&4 great king, 

now thou sbalt from joj 

irrevocably BeparatC) 

renounce my love.'— 

' * I enddenly am 

deeply ofBicted, 

bereft of digni^ ; 

became for thw I many 

words hare 

of ample sorrows, 

and painful lamentaticms 

of evil heard ; 

Mid they speak to m« BOOmftilly 

angry words many, 

X tears shall 

shed, sad in mind ; 

Cod may easily 

heal the sorrow 

of my heart, 

comfort the distresMd' 

Alas yomig damsel, 

maiden Mary 1 '—^ 

* Why moumeBt thoUg 
cryest sorrowfully ? 

I QO fault in thee, 
any blame, 
have ever found. 




^ )>u ]>a pojii) jpiucejr. 
n>a Jm rylpa pe. 
lynna jehpylcjie- 
PJ16I1B jejiylleb- 
Ic to }:ela hebbe. 
J»ajj- bJTibrcJper- 
bealpa onfonjea- 
ha me; ic labijan- 
la)>an fppaece* 
o]»l»e irpape- 
Kn^e janban- 
p]ui]nim Co-pi]rejie* 
If jraet pibe cn^S- 
yax ic Of )ram &ojibtan> 
cemple bji^bcn«f. 
on{:enj pjieolicc- 
pemnan dieoe- 
pomma leafe- 
■J na s^pJTijsb ij-- 
]mjtb nac hyfltxy. 
me oapjiep bea;- 
j-ecje ae pp^e. 
PF IC po^S fpjuece> 
yoana pceal bauibep- 
bohcop ppelcao ■ 
ftauum apfcjppeb. 
jen ftpen^e ip. 
Inec ic mop^p hele. 
pc^Ie man-jTapa- 
la}> leoba jehpam- 
liRan pl>J>an. 
l^ukcoS in pilcum. 
pa peo psmne onppab- 

for perpetrated crimeH } 

and thou the words speakest, 

as tbon thyself 

with every sin 

and crime wert filled.' — 

I hare too many, 

from this birth 

iDJories receir'd. 

How may I aroid 

hostile speech, 

or answer 

any find 

against mj/ foes i 

It is widely known 

that I, {koh the bright 

temple of the Lord, 

receired joyfully 

a damsel pure, 

■podesB ; 

and all now is changed, 

through I know not what 

Neither me araileth, 

speech iu>r silence : 

if I truth should speak, 

then mvst David's 

daughter die, 

slain with stones. 

Tet is it harder 

that I crime conceal, 

t/ua la perjurer shall, 

hateful to every people, 

live afterwards, 

vile among notions.' — 

Then the damsel disclosed 

91. Tlie leit i* licra appatentlj conupt. 


ON THE NATivrry. 


■J |nij- peojibabe' 
SoiS ic j-ec^- 
tmph piDU meolnibef • 
jKjra ;eoc«nb- 
fwt IC ;en ne coon- 
l^njUi ^enuecfcipe. 
monnef opeji- 
lenjer on eoji'SaD- 
ac me eaben peap^- 
3e<Hijpe m jeapbum. 
)raec me ^abpiheL 
heofonef heaj-enjel' 
bffilo jebobabe* 
jx^be pofSlice. 

leonuui onlyhce- 
fceolbe ic liper }rp^. 
^ebepan beopbene pma< 
beapa eacen ;obef • 
cophtej- cip-]:r|iuma. 
DU ic hip tempel eam^ 
jeppemeb buean ptciie< 
in me fjiOfpe- 
jejx jeeapbobe. 
no )>u ealle fojUatC' 
pipe popj-ceape. 
pija ecne )>onc* 
nuepnm meotobe]- puna- 
^kc ic hip raobop jepetqilS' 
pnime fop's pe yeah- 
•J ya pebep qKbea< 
jwpolbcanb bi peDe> 


the true mystery, 

and thus spake : 

* Sooth I aay, 

by the Creator's Son, 

Saviour of souls, 

that I yet know not, 

through cohabitation 

man anywhere, 

any on earth ; 
10 but tV to me brfell, 

yonng at home, 

that me Gabriel, 

heaven's- archangel, 


said eootbly, 

that me heaven's spirit 

bad with hU ray illumin'd, 

that I life's- Glory should 

bear, a bright son, 
90 mighty child of God, 

of the bright Supreme. 

Now 1 bis ten^le am 

without guile become ; 

in me of comfort 
t ] hath the spirit dwdt. 

Now do tboa dismiss -idl 

painful sorrow, 

say eternal thanks 

to the gnat Son otiha Crotdr 
90 that I his mother have become, 

nathless a damsel sliU ; 

and thou art his fether call'd, 

worldly in estimation. 

10. Ao^ vtrSt ftm, n 

11. T. ciit-fiHuaan. . 

<.^o.H*ld. Swp.479.1T,uidBmtp.lI)7.ed.Ra»L 




fceolbe pitebom- 
in him j^tpim beon* 
roSe jepylleb. 
Gala ]>u po'Sa* 
J Jm pbfnma. 
ealjia cynmja c^inj- 
cjujT selmihc^- 
hu )>u leji pnqie- 
eallum jepopben- 
pojiolbe yjtpomum- 
nub ]niuie pulboji-pebep- 
cilb acenneb- 
)>ujih bif qieft ^ meahc 
nij- Kill; n{l' 
eojil mibeji Ijpce- 
|*ecj ]'eapo-)K>ncoI- 
to Jwer fpi^ ^loap. 
|w )nec iq«a^ ma^e- 
ajieccan nub p;^lice< 
bu ]>e jiobejia pei^- 
sec fpJmBa ^enom- 
him Co fpeo-beajme. 
ptec pej" }>ajiB Jnoja^ 
]re hep )>eoba c^n- 
jefpu^tn nub )»>leiua< 
see jrjiuman sepefC- 
jepopbeo iinbep .polcnum- 
l^ef opb-j^umfi* 
leohc "J pfjt^po- 
jebselbe bp yheUce- > 
■J him ptej* bom^ pifiaaib- 
-J J>a pipan abeab- 

ehould the prophecy 

in himself be 

truly fnlfilled.'— 

O thou true, 

and thou peaceful 

King of all kings, 

Christ almighty 1 

bow tliou wast of old 

become for aU 
10 fAff -world's muHitBdea 

with thy glorions Father, 

a begotten child, 

through his skill and might t 

77l«re is not any now 

man under heaven, 

mortal, cunning, 

to that degree sagacious, 

who that may lay 

to earth's uhalHtaDl8> 
90 rightly recount) 

how thee the Gn^ian Gf-th^niiea 

at the beginning- took' 

for hiB noble sob ; 

that was of those things' 

which here the race of dmb- 

leam'd among nataoBs, 

at the beginning Srsb 


that a vise Ood, 
M; Oi^^ttflife 

light and dailoieMj. 

parted divinely,- 

and his was pow«r of jd^meDt, 

and in this mse announced 

4. Here tlie poet tpttlka in idz omt penoa. . 



peopoba ealboji- 

Co piban peope* 

leobolixenbe jejou- 

lij^enbjia ^dpami 

]fe ui cneop^-j'um* 

cenbe peop'Sflii. 

"] ]« j-ona jelomp. 

)« hic fpa fceolb«> 

leoma leobtabe* w. 

leoba au^)mm< 

tojthe nub miishim< 

Be):t^ )wn Elba ht^onZ' 

fact Jni jTum psepe- 
nub ^uiDe o^an ):peau> 
Kp )n)ii ohfc ^yyef' 

pa eapc j-eo ft^B^* w 

^ )>af pban ^efveoft' 

oub )ii palbenbe- 

pophte}- ealle- 

pDp)>aD mp een^ }>»f hopfc- 

•» t^r li^e-cpaafe^. 

)>e I'm j^m-cyiLiiu^e- [ll'A] 

ppa be^mum- 

rpeoenle jej«]»B> 

com Da p3<qtcf jw^ib- 

meoEob moD-c^nnef • n- 

^ ^me milcfe>l»p> 


h]* If eaUmo^nsob^ 

fnst pe ]>m mebpaiiMi^ui* . 

/AtfChief of hoBtai 

' Let now therefore be* 

for eveTmor») 

brigbt-Bhining joy 

to every llring otie^ 

who in their generations 

diaH be bom.' 

And then fcMtbwith befell^ 

when it flO should^ 

that a beam abed light 

to the tribes of na^oo^ 

bright with stars. 

After the course of seaacHU'i 

Himself resolir'd, 

that thou, hu son, sboaUafrbe 


with thy BoleXord^ 

ere that aught (rf thift 

had erer happen'd. 

Thou art the wigdam, 

who this wide creation 

with the Powerful 

wrougbtest aU; 

therefore is not any so .wise, 

nor hi mind so pow«rftll> 

who may thy origio-. ' 

to the children of nun 

manifestly declare.; 

Come now. Lord of trpujipb. 

Creator of nwnkiaAi 

and thy kindnfM beiw 

propitious manifwt}- 

to UH all 'tis needfid,' ' 

that we thy maternal Idn 

17. axunraienf 

3). MS. nulj«r*- 




mofcan cunnaii' 

DU pe ajieccan ne majon- 

)nee p^Sfien-cfnii' 

pep ojnhce. 

fa ]>ijiie tmbt>an-;eajib' 

tnilbe jeblijyii- 

]>uph 'Sjnne hep-c^C' 

haelflcbe cpijr- 

"J t*^ jyibnan jeacu. 

|w m jeap-bi^m- 

pU lonje ep- 

bilocen fCobau- 

heojsna heah fpea< 

hat ontJUBD* 

3 npc ]>oiine jej^ce- 

Iniph Jan j^lfey jonj. 

eaiSmob Co eop|>aQ- 

ur If ]>uipa apna ^pf. 

hapk^ fe ap^jba- 

pulf cofcenceb- 

beop bsb-pma- 

bpyheen ]>m eopbe* 

pibe eoppecene- 

Jxet 'Sq palbenb tep' 

blobe jeboheef • 

)uec re bealopilla- 

h^eS heapblice* 

■J haa on luejx nimefS- 

Ofep urre nioba lujt:- 

pip]Kni pe nepjenb ]m- 

bibba^ jeopnlioe- 


Jfsec ya bpsebhce- 

may know, 

the right mystery. 

Now we cannot reckon 

thy paternal kin 

in any degree fax. 

Do thou thifl mid-«BTth 

kindly bless 

through thine advent, 

Saviom' Christ ! 

and the golden gates, 

that in days of old 

full long ete 

stood lock'd — 

high Lord of hearen 1 

bid open ; 

and ua then seek 

by thine own coming 

humble to earth, 

to us thy bene&te are needful. 

Hath the acconed 

wolf scatter'd, 

dark death. 

Lord, thy flock, 

widely dispers'd it, 

which thou, Lord, of old 

with (Ay blood boughtest ; 

which Uie Baleful 

cruelly oppresaetb, 

and takes into his bondage, 

against our needs' desire ; 

wherefore we thee our Preflerrer 

fervently pray, 

in our breast's thoughts, 

that thou speedily 

sa. baope ^^ttF-fcafs! 




heipe jej^iemme' 

pejijum yjieccau- 

psx je picef bona' 

lo helle ^unb* 

bean jebpeope- 

•J Jan honb-^epeopc- 

heele^ fcyppenb- 

mote ajuj-an- 

'] OIL jiyhc cuman ■ 

CO )>am upcuDban- n 

tepeiaa juce- 

)K)Daii uf BBji )>njih fyn-lujT' 

re rpeapca jwp;. 

p>pceah ■] ]»prylbe. 

ptEC pe cipef poii«' 

a batan enbe j-culon- 

ejun]>a bpeojan- 

bncan ]ni upc )>oii OfOjthcojX' 

ece bpyhteO' 

St Jiam leob-j-cei^>aii' a 

bfrjenbe job- 

helm a^ihtS' 

hpebban pille :• 

afibrd help 

to weary exiles, 

that the tormentor 

into hell's abyss 

degraded fall, 

and that thy hand-work. 

Creator of men ! 

may arise, 

and rightfully come 

to the sublime 

noble realm, 

whence us erst, through love of sio- 

tbe swart spirit 

drew and inveigled, 

that we of glory void, 

ever without end should 

miseries suffer, 

save thou us the more speedily, 

Lord eternal ! 

from the destroyer, 

living God ! 

Patron of all beings ! 

wilt deliver. 


Cala tm mapa- 
mibban-jeapbep • 
yeo clasDejxe. 
cpen 0|:ep eop)>an 

O thou Mary, 
of this mid-world 
the purest 
[12 a] woman upon earth, 

14. j^peealM, leduced by fal«« (lorieil 

94. meepa U , undoubtedlj, an error of the fcribe for mniiia. 

ST. Here a leaf of the MS. bu apparently been cut out. 




]>apa)>e jepupbe. 
CO pibari ]:eojie- 
hu )>ec inib ji^hce- 
ealle jieopb-bejienb- 
haca'S -} )-ec;a'S' 
hsele'S jeonb |:olbBn> 
b)ipe mobe- 
I'SBC )m bpyb j-ie- 
])sej- )-ele|-can- 
j-pejlcf b]iytcan> 
j-pylce )>a hyhfcan- 
on faeofonum eac- 
cjiij^ej- {jejnaj-. 
cpeJia'S ^ pinja^' 
\ner )>u j'le hlKf:bije> 
haljum meahcuni' 
pulbop-peojiubej- ■ 
■J pojilcunbpa' 
haba unbep beopnum- 
^ hel-pajia- 
|.~oji|>on )>u ptK ana- 
ealpa monna- 
je)»ohtejT ]>)iymlice. 
(jpijT-hycjenbe • 
)iset )>u ^inne ms^^hab- 
meotube bpohsej-- 
j-ealbej- bucao j^nura- 
nail ppylc ne q>om> 
sen I J ojiep- 
of:ep ealle men- 
bpyb bea^a hpoben . 
t>e )>abeophcan lac- 
ro ]ieo]:on-hame • 
hlurjie mobe- 

of those who have been 

throughout all ages : 

how thee -mth right 

all with speech eDdow'd 

name and eayj 

men orer earth, 

blithe of mood, 

that thou art bride 

of the most excellent 

Lord of hearen : 

80 also the highest 

in the heavens^ alao 

Christ's disciples 

say and sing, 

that thou lady art, 

with holy virtues, 

of the glory-hoBt 

and of mundane 

natures under tlie heavens, 

and of hell's inmates ; 

for that thou that alwie 

of all mankind 

nobly didst resolve, 

boldly devising, 

that thou thy maidenhood 

to the Lord wouldst bring, 

give without sins. 

None such came, 

any other, 

among all men, 

a bride with rings adorn'd, 

who the bright offering 

to the heavenly home, 

nith pure mind 

. MS. fnjia eje ju/ibe. /. jejtujibeii. 



poji^Stm hehr pjopej- }:^uma- 

hif heah-boban- 

hibep jepleojan. 

oj: hij- tnmgen-pjiymioe- 

•J ]>e meahta fpeb- 

fQube cySan- 

^aec )>u pinu bp^hmef • 

)nqih cltene jebj^ib- 

cennao jtieolbe- 

tnonnom co nulcj^- 

^ pe mapia pep's. 

epie mipeinme> 

a jeltealben. 

eac pe )»et; je|:pujnon- 

pm: jepyjui bi l>e. 

fOSpBft fsejbe- 

pim po^bojui- 

m ealb-ba^m* 


]>9ec be psejie jelsebeb- 

pmt he Iipef jeftrealb- 

in pam ecan ham* 

eal fceapobe- 

plae ]ra fpa pj^jt- 

pu^ jeonb )>eob-]anb> 

o)>)>iet he ^eptapobe* 

]wep ;ejra]relab psej-. 

te]>elic id-jod;- 

eal pasf jebnnben. 

beopan fince- 

bupu opouete- 

punbup-clommum l>eppi)>en 

penbe fpiiSe- 

eent afterwards ; [bade 

therefore the Lord of triumph 

his high messenger 

hither fly, 

from his majesty, 

and to thee Ms might's efficacy 

quickly make known, 

that thou the son of the Lord, 

in pure nativity, 

sbeuldest bring forth, 

in mercy to mankind, 

and thyself, Mary, still, 

equally undefiled 

ever preserve. 

Also we that have heard, 

what in old times of thee 

8iud truly 

a prophet, 

in ancient days, 


that he had been led 

where he life's dwelling-place, 

in that eternal home 

all beheld; 

look'd then thus the wise 

prophet o'er the region, 

till that he beheld 

where was placed 

a noble entrance : 

all was bound 

with precious metal, 

the door immense 

with wondrous bands begirt 

tum'd very • * 

14. 2elieal«aii. 

SB. Ji«ji? S4. The adverb ii apparently wanting. 




pxt snij elt>a- 

«e):pe meabce- 

I^a pej-clice- 


on ecneyye- 

o in hebba* 

o]>]>e ISsej" ceajreji-hlibej-- 

clufCop onluc&n. 

seji him jfibey enjel- [12 

|>u)ih jlfebne 3e)>ouc> 

])a pifan onpjiab. 

•J ]?8BC popS aq)**' 

ic ])e mae; j-ecjan' 

|»ffic foiS jepeaji'S' 

^gec ^f- jylbnan ;atu- 

^lecpime p)>e. 

job j^lf pile- 


jaebep telnuhnj> 

^ Jniph !>» (aepean locu- 

polban neopan- 

■} hio ]?6n sepe^ him- 

ece pconbeiS- 

pimle pin^alep- 

j-pa beclypeb- 

f Dsen^ o^ji- 

n^{>e ne^i^enb job> 

hy sepjie ma- 

epr onluce^- 

nu Jwec ip jepjlleb- 

^let pe pjioba ])a> 

mib eajum J'seji- 


s. ue IE obviouily wanting i 
10, sUepne (sleapne)? 

BO tliat any mortal 

might nerer 

such firm 


to all eternity 

aught raise, 

or of that city's gate 

unlock th' tnclosure, 

£.] ere to him God's angel, 

10 through Bkilful thought, 

the way disclos'd, 

and the word spake : 

' I to thee can say 

(what soothly happen'd) 

that these golden gates, 

yet on a time, 

God himself will, 

by his Bpirit'e power, 

make pure, 
30 tk' Almighty Father, 

and through the firm barriers 

earUi visit, 

and they then after him 

shall ever stand 

always constantly 

so closed, 

that no other, 

save tKe Sariour God 

them erermore 
3v shall agtdn open.' 

Now is that fulfill'd 

what the sage ttien 

there with eyes 

look'd on : 
ifter (Cf pe. 6. oplhchebbanf 




|m eajit ]?see peall-bop. 

)rujih t>e palbenb )^ea> 

Bsne on )>af eo))]>aa- 


^ epie j^a "pec ^emette- 

meaheum jehpobene- 

cdieiie -J ^ecopene. 

qujT eettmhcij- 

fpa He Kjxep him- 

enjla )>eoben- 

ejx onmiele- 

selcef I'lsjer- 

lio]>u-c«sBn bileac' 

bj.'e]' bpytca. 

K>pa uj- nu pi ape- 

]>e pe enjel J>e- 

3ober rpel-boba. 

jabpiel bjiohce- 

bupajraep bibba%> 


pxc Ba J>a )^):]ie> 

polcum cy1$e- 

)>uipe rJlfpe fiiDu- 

ji]>)ran pe mocam* 


ealle hyhcan. 

nn pe on psec beapn fopan ■ 

bpeoinim jrapia'S- 

3e)>m3a up nu. 

|>pi|Tum popbum- 

]>3ec he uf ne bete- 

lenj Ojnbce> 

in ]>ijTe beaS-bene- 

jebpolan bypan- 

Thou art that wall-door ; 

through thee the powerful Lord, 

once on to this earth 

proceeded ; 

and lo ! thas he found thee, 

adorn 'd with Tirtues, 

pure and chosen, 

Christ Almighty. 

Thus thee after him 

the Lord of angels 

aguu, without spot 

of any kind, 

with a key closed, 

the Lord of life. 

Manifest to ub now the honour 

that to thee the angel, 

God's messenger, 

Gabriel brought. 

At least this beseech vte 

dwellers on earth, 

that thoo the comfort 

make known to people, 

thine own son, 

that we may afterwards, 

with one accord 

all exnlt. 

Now we before that child 

gaze in our thoughts : 

intercede for us now 

with bold words, 

that be let us not 

any longer, 

in this vale of death, 

error obey, 

13. tit. with limb key*. 

on-fojuui f httpu, per tmiiin. 




ac pKt he UJ1C Tfifeft^e- 
111 )%bep-pice> 
(>8eji ye yofi^leayC' 
yip^An motaa- 
inini;iin in jnilbpe- 
nub peojioba job- 
eala ^u halja. 
heo)X)na bpyhceu- 
)>u mib pebep |>miie- 
jei.-j'pn ptepe. 
in )>am Ee)7elan liaui. 
nsej' senij f>a jiec> 
enjel jepopben- 
ne )>sef miclati' 
msejen- )>py mmep ■ 
nan 'Se in jiobepum ap- 
pice bepinjaS* 
Jjeobnep JipyiS-jej^ealb- 
tJ hi]- )>e;nuD;a. [13 a 
|>a )>u iepe)-c psepe> 
nub |H>ne ecau ppean. 
j-ylp feccenbe- 
)>ap pban jepceapc> 
bpabe bpyten-^unbaj-- 
bsem mc ip jemsene. 
beab jsept bleopai)T- 
pe J>e hselenb cpijT- 
)mpb ea'Smebu- 
ealle bibbaS- 
ptev )>u jehyjie- 
haepra irepne- 
)>inpa Dieb-]>iopa- 
nepjenbe job- 

but that be us convey 

into his Father's kingdom, 

where we sorrowlesa 

may after 

dwell in glory 

with the God of hosts. 

O thou holy 

Lord of heaven, 

thou with thy Father 

of old wast 


in that noble home. 

As jet was not any 

angel created, 

nor of that great 


any, who in the skies above, 

the realm might rule, 

the dwelling of the Lord 

and of his ministers ; 

when thou wast first, 

with tiie eternal Lord, 

thyself fixiug 

this wide creation, 

broad spacious grounds ; 

to you both it 'a common. 

Exalted, sheltering Spirit ! 

We thee, Saviour Christ, 

in lowliness 

all beseech, 

that thou bear 

the captives' voice, 

thy slaves'. 

Saviour God ! 

19. lunnaruiu stalio. 

so. niiDulena. 



hu pe jTob jefpencte* 
]niiih ujie rylfpa jepill' 
habbati pjuec-nuecjar- 
pepjan jsejtar- 
hetlen hel-fceal^a- 
heapbe jenyppab- 
jebnnben bealo-papum. 
If j-eo boc ^elonj- 
eall aec ]>e anum> 
ece bp^hten ■ 
bpeop-ceajupun belp. 
{net I'm hibep-cfme* 
afpeppe peaj-ceafCe- 
^ah pe pieh^ pi's f>ec- 
Jniph ppena lajT- 
jeppemeb bsebben. 
apa nu onbehcum- 
"J upfe ypmlra je]}enc- 
ha pe cealtpi^aS. 
c^pan mobe- 
hpeappa'S heaaUce. 
cym Du luele]n cynrn^- 
ne laCa eo lanje* 
up If lijra |»eapj:- 
}ner ]m up ahpebbe- 
■J np htelo-^epe- 
jwSpsepC pylle- 
(wee pe p]>^aii jwpiS- 
]>a pellan )>ui3- 
jymle moten- 
;e)>eon on |>eobe- 
Junne pillan :■ 

how we are afflicted, 

tfarough our own wills. 

Us exiles have, 

the accursed spirite, 

hateful hell fiends, 

cruelly coostrun'd, 

bound with corde perniciouH. 

The compensation 's long 

of thee alone. 

Lord eternal ! 

help the penitent, 

that thine advent 

comfort the desolate ; 

though we feuds against thcc, 

through lust of sins, 

have fram'd. 

Kty now thy servants, 

and on our miseries think, 

how we stumble, 


wander abject. 

Come now, king of men, 

tarry not too long, 

to us t/a/ grace U needful, 

that thou U9 deliver, 

and us saving grace, 

just one! give, 

that we henceforth 

those better things 

may evet follow, 

obey in the world, 

thy will. 

5. beclan (heeolan) hel-jceajaj! 19. (e MS. 

31. ge>eon occnn faeiesftei in the flame sense : p ic ^c je^-tinja jehpylcc 



Gala j-eo phn^e- [IS a.] 

peojilSmynba fuU- 

beah -j hab;- 

heopiiDcnnb )>p^e)-- 

bpabe jeblij'f ab - 

jeoab bpycen-ponjaj"' 

^a mib pyhce fculon. 

]»eo]ib-bejie nbe ■ 

e&pme eojvS-pafie- 

ealle msjene- lo 

bepjan healice. 

nu uf hielenb job> 

pBBjipejT: ODpjtab' 

f fe hme pican mocaii' 

fojij'on by beb-bpaete- 

bome jeppiSbe. 

f j-o?5]»jte. 

l-epaphinne]* ^nn- 

uppe mib enjiu- 

a bpemenbe- ao 

iina]>peocetibuin . 

}>pj'inmum pnja^- [13 i.] 

):ul heabce* 

bliiban pce):ne- 

psBjpe peop ■] neah* 

babbajr poljo^a- 

cy^jT raib cynmje. 

him )nec cpipc popjea);- 

]>39C by moran bi)- ffitpijTe' 

eajum bpucan- ao 

)-iinle pnjalej-- 


O tbe beauteouH, 

full uf dignity, 

higb and holy, 

heavenly Trinity, 

widely bless'd 

over the epacious world 

whom should juBtly alt 

with speech endued, 

poor dwellers upon eartb, 

with all might 

pnuae highly. 

Now hath tons the Saviour God 

faithful rereal'd, 

that we him may know ; 

therefore they streauouB, 

confirm'd in power, 

the just 

race of seraphim, 

above with angels, 

ever celebrating, 

in unwearying 

Dumbers sing, 

fiill highly, 

with loud voice, 

sweetly far and near : 

thejf have of services 

a choice with their King. 

Them Christ that gave, 

that they bis essence may 

with eyes enjoy: 

ever constantly 

these ornaments of heaven 



peop^ian palbenb> 
pibe -} pbe- 

jrjiean selmihcije)'- 
ODfyne peaji^- 
ecan bjiyhcnef • 
^ ymb )>eoben-fCol- 
jfjuD^^ jeojuie- 
fapylc h;^ nebft nae^t 
ufpim nepjenbe- 
flihce lacao- 
j:iu$-jeaj)bu in. 
lopaS leoflicne. 
•J ID leobee hmi' 
pA popt) qwJia^S. 
•J palbjua^S. 
KJwbie opb-ppumao' 
ea]]ui je]x%a)xa> 
hali; eapc ]ni bahj- 
beab-eujla hjiejp- 
roS raopef jqiea. 
pmle ]m bifc halt;- 
bii^eoa bpyhcen> 
a )nn bom puna's. 
eopKbc nub ielbu> 
in »lce tib- 
pibe jepeop|>ab* 
ya eapt peopoba job- 
piji^n )m jepylbeft:- 
jnlban -} pobopai*. 
pijenbpa Meo> 
jmlbpep ]woe|'- 
belm alpihca. 
pe }>e in heannejjum. 

I. peopttiBSI 

worship the Supreme 
wide and far, 
and with thdr wings 
the Lord Almighty's 
countenance protect, 
ih' eternal Lord's ; 
and around the throne 
press fervently, 
which of them nearest may 
about our Saviour 
sport in flight, 
in the courts of peace- 
TV? praise the beloved, 
and in light to him 
these words utter, 
and glorify 
the noble orifpn 
of all creatures : 
Holy art thou, holy. 
Lord of archangels, 
true Lord of triumph ; 
erer thou art holy. 
Lord of lords ; 
thy power for ever lastetb 
earthly with men, 
in every time, 
widely rever'd j 
thou art God of hosts, 
for that thou hast filled 
earth and heavens, 
Safeguard of warriors ! 
with thy glory. 
Patron of all beings ! 
be to tbee in the highest 

S. peaiAiatif 




ece hselo- 
•J in eoj»t>an lof- 
beojihe nub be<^iram. 
]ni jeblecfab leopi- 
]?e in bjij'hCDep nomaD> 
buje))um cpome- 
heanum to hp6)>pe> 
|>e in heah)>um pe- 
a bucon enbe- 
ece hejienif :- 

eternal health, 
and on earth pnuee, 
bright with men. 
lave thou blessed, 
who, in the Lord's name, 
with power comest, 
in comfort to the humUe; 
to thee in the hearens be, 
ever without end, 
eternal prtdse. 


€ala hpaet 

O what 

]?ffit ij- ppiecbc ppixL 
in pejia b]:e' 
]>ucte moD-c^nne]*- 
milbe fcyppenb. 
onpenj ler j^emnan- 
jrlffifc unpemme* 
■J (10 peper Fpija. 
pihc ne cu|>e- 
ne \nij\h £ieb ne cpom- 
jijopej- ajenb- 
monnej- opep motban> 
ac Jfoec yxy ma cpspt- 
)>on hit eop^-buenb- 
ealle cnlran- 
J»uph jepyne- 
hu he pobepa ]>pim> 

that is a wondrous change 

in the life of men, 

that of mankind 

the benign Creator 

receiv'd from a damBel 

flesh immaculate, 

and of man's love she 

nothing knew ; 

nor through ^eed came 

the Lord of triumph 

of man on earth, 

but that was greater craft 

than it earth's dwdlers 

all know, 

througb mystery, 

how he. Glory of the skies. 

. here mon than a line u wauling. 



heofona heah fuet.- 

helpe jejqiemebe- 

monnB cynne- 

^jih hif moboji hjiiF' [14 a.] 

folca nefijenb* 

hir FopypieiTe- 

jamum eo helpe- 

tneleS bospa jebpsm- 

bjiyhcen peopoba- lo 

pojijioii pe tune bom-hpate- 

bffibom "J popbum- 

hejijen holblice- 

t>Bec ij- healic jx»b. 

monna ^ehpylcnm' 

)>e jemynb hapa'S- 

|i8ec he f^mle oftojt- 

•J inlocajT* 

J ^eojmhcoft' 

job peop)>i5«. » 

he him J^seiie kfre> 

lean fopplbeB. 

j-e jehaljoba- 

luelenb J7l]»- 

epie in )>am e'Sle> 

paeji he kji ne qxnn- 

m h}^enbjia- 

kinbef pynne- 

}«p he seraehj- 

p)))>an eapbaS* so 

eatne piban }:eo)ih- 

punaS butan enbe :• Amen. 

the heavens' high Lord 

fram'd help 

to the race of men, 

through his mother's womb, 

and so forthcoming, 

Saviour of people 

hiB forgiveness, 

in help to men, 

dealeth each day, 

the Lord of hosts ; 

therefore we him strenuously, 

in deeds and wordi, 

praise fiuthfiilly. 

That is high counsel 

to every man 

that hath mind, 

that he ever, most often, 

and most inwardly, 

and most zealously, 

God worship, 

he him for that affection 

the reward will pay, 

the hallow'd 

Saviour himself, 

even in that coontry 

where he ere came not, 

in the joy 

of the land of the living ; 

where he happy 

afterwards shall dwell 

for evermore, 

rest without end. Amen. 



Nu Jm jeopnhce. 
mon fe maspa- 
mob-cjUEjit^ fcc- 
yaph j-epin j-ii;^tcpo. 
)>set |)u pot pite- 
hu y»t ^eeobe- 
]>a {-e slmihtija. 
acenneb peaplS- 
]mith cUenne bSb- 
p]>)>aD he mapian- 
mse^a peolman- 
mnppe meoplan- 
manb-healf -^eceof- 
ytet ]>8eji in hpitum- 
hpie;lnm jepepebe- 
enjiaj- ne olSeopbun. 
}ia fe sj^elin; cpom< 
beojin m beclem. 
boban psejion ^eafipe. 
J>a )mjih hleo)«)ji-cjnbe. 
hypbum cyiSbon- 
p^bon p^Sne jej^an. 
^mrze pinu ytepe- 
in mibban-jeapb- 
meocubef acenneb- 
in betleme> 

bpse^e in bocum ne qnfS- 
])eec hf in hpiCum ^seji- 
hpfe^lum oSypben- 
in )>& n^laa tib- 
jpa bie epfc bybon- 

Now do thou earneetly, 

in spiritual myeteries, 

thou great man, 

with mental skill seek, 

through wisdom of mind, 

that thou may'et truly know, 

how that came to pass, 

when the Almighty 

was bom, 
10 through state of purity, 

after that he Mary, 

of maidens choice> 

iUuBtrioas damsel, 

for mother chose, 

that there, in white 

robes clad, 

angels appear'd not, 

when the Prince came, 

the Chief in Bethlem ? 
90 Meissengers were ready, 

who through revelation 

to the shepherds announced, 

told real joy, 

that a son was, 

in mid-eartbj 

of the Creator bom, 

in Bethlem ; 

yet in books it saitb no^ 

that they there in white 
30 robes appear'd, 

in that glorious tide, 

as they did after. 



|>a re bpejo nuepa- 
to bethama- 
^eoben fipympej-t' 

jelaVabe leoj: peopab. 
bj Jwf lapeopef. 
(n fntm pil-bs^e- 
pojib ne ^ehyppboi)' 
h^]ia pnc-jiepui. 
fona ptepon jei^pe* 
bcleS nub hlapopb- 
CO )>ae}ie haljan bypj- 
pSBft him Cacoa ):ela' 
cipei* bjiytta- 
ODppab pulbpej- helm- 
sep]K}D up-jnje- 
Sn-cenneb frmD' 
ej:en-ece beajm> 
t^um jnebep. 
)nef ymb feopepn;* 
]re he Of pjlban t^* 
j:pom bea^ apiq'- 
bajena (umef • 
hxfbe Jja jejzjlleb- 
ppa lep bi|»pan fnn;on- 
pitjena pojib. 
jeonb popolb iniuu)< 
)niph hi]* {rpopn^a. 
)wp)a]* hepebon- 
lupeban leof^enbum- 
Iipe]- ajenb- 
pebep j^ium-fceajxa- 
he hmi pejpe ]«ef • 

[14 *.] 

when the great Prince, 

in Bethany, 

the majestic Lord, 

his band of disciples 

assembled, the dear company. 

They the Teacher's, 

(on that welcome day], 

words despised not, 

their benefactor's. 

Soon were ready 

men with Lord, 

for that holy town. 

There to them many signs 

the Lord of empire 

show'd, the Chief of glory, 

in oral mysteries, 

ere that ascended 

the one-begotten Son, 

the CO- eternal Child, 

to his own Father,— 

after he forty 

(that he ere from earth, 

from death arose,) 

number'd days 

had then fulfili'd, 

as ere of old bad sung 

the words of prophets, 

throughout the world, — 

through his passion. 

Sis disciples lauded, 

prus'd the dear 

Lord of life. 

Father of creations. 

He to them kindly therefore, 

1. MS. bpcja. 

91. lofe^nt we p. 31. 1. 31. 



lean ssfcep jea;:- 
7 pax pojib acpeei- 
palbenb enjla- 
;eFy]-eb fpSsn mihtij- 
CO j«beji pice- 
jejreoiS je on j^piSBe. 
iie).-pe ic }:poiia-bpeojtpe- 
ac IC lupin f-ymle- 
laejre pr5 eopic- 
■) eop meahc jiepc 
"J nub-pumje- 
apa to ealbpe. 
)nec eop ceppe ne briS- 
yajih ;ipe iiune> 
jobej" onpien 

to his lofr'd comradee, 

recompense after gave, 

and these words apake 

the Ruler of angels, 

the mighty Lord, hastening 

to Am Father's kingdom : 

R^oice ye in spirit, 

I will never from t/ou depart 

but I love ever 

will show towards you, 

and will give you night, 

and with j/ou stay 

for evermore, 

that from you shall nerer be, 

through my grace, 

God's countenance 

papa^ nu jeonb ealne- 
ypmenne ^uub- 
jeonb pibe pej^- 
peopebum cjSaK- 
bobia^ "J bpemaS- 
beophtne jeleapan- 
■J pulpia^- 

pole unbep pob^um- 
hpeoppaiS co heoponum. 
hep^ap bpeot^- 
j^liaiS ■] peojalS' 
poonbfcype Jqjsejxa^. 
pbbe papaS- 
on pepan manna- 
)iuph meahca ppeb* 
IC eop rmb-punije- 

go DOW over all 

the spacious earth, 

through the wide ways, 

announce to muUitiides, 

preach and proclaim 

bright belief, 

and baptize 

the people under the firmament, 

to heaven turn them, 

idols break, 

cast down and hold in hate, 

extinguish enmity, 

sow peace 

in the minds of men, 

by virtue of your powers : 

I will stay with you, 

IS. afi«. 16. Here two 01 


« obvioiuly wanlJDg. 91. MS. pi«. 




j»ji^ on f:jio|:|ie> 

•J eop FjuiSe heatbe- 

jTpenjSu |Ta)K>l-pqt)ie. 

on fcope jehpAfie. [15 a.] 

Da pe&p-S femnutja- 

rpej on IfjXe. 

hlab jeb^jieb' 

heofon-enjla |rj\eat:- 

peopub pbce jxyne- 

pulbpef ajiaj*' w 

cpomim on cojiilijie. 

cynmj upe ;epac> 

)nijih )»ef temple]- bpo|:- 

|«ep by co-j«5un- 

]» )>e leo)^]- ))» jen- 

lajT peapbebum> 

on (jam Jfinj-rcebe. 

^epiaj- jecopene- 

^efe^on bi on beabj^u- 

hlafopb pagan- » 

job-beapn op jpnobum- 

bun psej- jeomop j^pi- 

bat; see beopcan> 

byje mupnenbe- 

|»e]- ]>e bi j^a leopie- 

lenj ne moitun- 

jej-eon onbep fpejle. 

fonj £bo]nin ■ 

apaf uj^ncimbe- 

te^bn; bepebum- so 

lofebun bp-fpuman- 

leobce jepejun- 

^ Of ^Y baelen'be)-. 

beafelan bxce- 

still in comfort 

and m peace hold you, 

with Srm strength, 

in every place. 

Then was suddenly 

in the air a Bound 

loud beard j 

a band of heavenly angels, 

a company of beauteous aspect, 

messengera of glory, 

came in a body. 

Our King departed 

through ihe temple's roof; 

there they beheld, 

(those who had yet the bdoved's 

traces watched, 

in that meeting-place, 

the chosen disciples,) 

they saw on high 

the Lord ascending, 

the divine child fti>m earth ; 

their mind was sad, 

hot were they at heart, 

in spirit moumitig, 

because they one so dear 

longer might not 

see under the aky> 

Rfus'd a song 

the celestial messengers, 

prais'd the Prince, 

lauded Life's origin, 

in the li^t rejoiced, 

which from the Saviour's 

bead gleam 'd. 

, I. fCjiensKe, unlcu the word be someliine* iDdeoUnaUe. 




jepejoo by sl-beopbce. • 

enjlaj* tpejen> 

jae^e ymb f fpom-beajin. 

fjiaetpum bLcan- 

cyainja pulboju 

cleopebcm op heahlm* 

popbum pjuecbcum- 

op^ pepa meoju* 

beojihniB peopbe- 

hpffic biba% 5«- 


juman on bpeapfce- 

nu je ppeocuie jepeoS- 

poiSDe bpyhcen- 

on ppe;] papan- 

pjopep Sjenb. 

pile up heooan* 

eapb jepcijan. 

xpehaifi opb. 

mib |>ar enjla jebpyhc- 

ealpa polca ppuma- 

l»bep elrel-jcSU ^ 

They saw all-bright 

angels twiun 

fairly about that first born 

glittering resplendently, 

Glory of kings. 

From on high they cried, 

in wondrous words, 

orer the multitude of men, 

with clear Toice : 

* Why bide ye 


men about ? 

DOW ye see manifestly 

the true Lord 

into heaven going : 

the Lord of triumph 

will up from hence 

his habitation entsr, 

(Me Chief of Princes, 

with this train of angels. 

Creator of all people,) 

his Father's kingdom.' 


Pe mib {fyplice- 
Yueace piUaiS- 
opep heopona ^ehlibu. 
hlapo]ib pep^n- 

We with such 
a company will, 
over heaven's vaults, 
the Lord conduct 

• Thn poem evidently Umai a oontiDnatioD of the one preceding. 




Co ^pe beophcan byp;. 
nub yaf bb'San jebjiyc. 
6aljia fi;e-bea]uia> 

|w 56 heji ODjrajua*. 
"} in >7iOfpe jej-eolS- 
}:p«epu bbcan. 
pile eft ypa-peaih' 
eoplSan ms^Se< 
ryipi jerecan- 
pbe hepje. 
~f ySo jebeman- 
bseba jehpylce- 
)>iqia 'Se jejqiemebon- 
pole unbep pobepum. 
Da paef pulbpef peapb- 
polcna bi):enjun> 
heab-en;1a c^nui^- 
opep bpopap npp- 
balijpa helm> 
faybc pgef jenipab ■ 
blif m bup2uin> 
|nipb pmy beopnep cyme, 
jepec rse-hpemij- 
on pa fpi]ipaD hanb- 
ece eab-|^uina' 
^num pebep. 
jepican bun )>a jonjan* 
CO hiepufalem> 
heleS hJje-pojM- 
in fSa haljan bupj- 

[15 ».] 

to tbe bright city^ 

with thia joyous host — 

Of all the Bona of triumph 

the beet, 

and nobleet, 

whom ye here gaze on, 

and in comfort see, 

glittering resplendently, 

wilt yet again 

the tribe of earth 

seek himself, 

with ample train, 

and then judge 

each deed 

that have perform 'd 

the nations under heaven. 

Then was glory's Guardian 

taken in clouds, 

th' archangels' King, 

up on high, 

the Patron of the holy; 

joy was renewed, 

bliss in the cities, 

through the Chief's coming. 

Sat victorious, 

on the right hand, 

th' eternal Source of bliss, 

of hU own Father. 

Then went journeying 

to Jerusalem 

the noble-minded men, 

into the holy city, 

sad In spirit ; 




^nan by job nyhfc. 
ea;um rejun- 
byjiA pil-jijan. 

l«Bp p»r poper tpms. 

copne bitolben- 
pEBf feo tjieop lupi> 
hae sec heojicao. 
bpeSeji innan peoll- 
beo]tn bpeopc-j-ept. 
btbon ealle )teji. 
|»^nar J>iiympille. 
)>eobne)* jehaca* 
m )nejie cojibcan bypij- 
Cyn nibc fra-jen' 
]7a him yflf bibeab- 
rpejlej- ajenb. 
seji ])on up-jnje- 
ealle|- palbenb^ 
on heofona jeh^lb- 
bpiCe qwnuui- 
eopla eab-jiepin ■ 
enjlap co^eunef , 
fi»c \f pel cpeben- 
j-pa jeppiCu I'flcja'S. 
f bim el-beojibce> 
enjlaj- cujeanep- 
in ]>a baljaii cib- 
he^um cpoman- 
fiXan on Tpejle. 
))a psep pfmbla mSBft. 
jepojiben in pulbjie. 

whence they God lait 


saw with eyes, 

their Bene&ctor. 

There was the weeping circle 

o'erwhelm'd with anger ; 

tbdr true lore was 

hot at heart ; 

tiair spirit boit'd within, 

bum'd their breast's thoughts. 

There awuted all 

Am glorious followers 

their Lord's behests, 

in that bright city, 

yet ten nights, 

as had himself commanded 

the Lord of heaven. 

Ere ascended 

the Prince of all 

into heaven's vauU, 

came white 

angels towards 

men's Benefactor. 

That IB well spoken 

as the Scripturei say, 

that him all-bright 

angels towards, 

in that holy tide, 

in legions came, 

descending in the firmament. 

Then of feasts the greatest 

took place in gltvy. 

«. more cometly up-fcisni%n«. Sm Kemble's Btownlf, vol. ii, note on ver. 92. 
i. MS. h;wi«]i. sa x«)>lrdf 




pel ]»e jeb&jxna'S. 

Jwt eo )ne)ie blq-pe. 

twojihce sepepebe> 

in ^r [*eobner bajij. 

Jw^af cponun- 

peopub f^ax piyne. 

jej-ejon pil-cuman- 

on heah-j«:le- 

hec^nej- palbenb* 

j»lca peojih-jiejan- 

ppKCpum eatlef palbeiib< [16 

mibban- je^bef • 

*;) in»;en-]>pyminef . 

hapaS Du ye halja- 

helle bijieajnfci- 

ealk]- }«]- 2ap>lef • 

(w hi je^-bapim- 

in {nee ople^e- 

onjijrbee jTcalj- 

Nu pnb pipcumene- 

•} in cpic-pifle- 

jehynbe ;j jehseFce. 

m helle jjtunb. 

bttju^um bib»leb- 

beo)da cempan. 

ne meahtan pi^^-bp<^an' 


paepna pjppu- 

p^^an pulbpef c^mj- 

heopon-jMcef helm- 

bilbe jejrpemebe- 

pi^ hif ealb-peonbam- 

anef meabcom. 

^9^ he oj: haepCe ahlob- 

hu)>B iniEfte- 

OF fxonba bftuj- 

Well it befitteth, 

(hat to that blisB, 

brightly clad, 

into the Sovereign's dty, 

came his miniaters, 

a band in aspect beauteoui^ 

they saw Me lov'd OueKt 

on his throne, 

heaven's Ruler, 
10 Giver of life to oatiooB, 
a.] mliug in splendour all 

mid earth 

and majesty. 

Now hath the holy one 

bell bereft 

of all the tribute, 

that it in ancient days, 

into that den q/* death 

unjustly gotged. 
au Now are prevented, 

and in live sulphur 

humbled and bound, 

in hell's abyss, 

of honours reft, 

the devil's champions. 

The adversaries might not 

m battle prosper, 

in the hurlings of weapons, 

when the King of glory, 
» heaven's kingdom's Chief 

waged war, 

against his anaeut foes, 

with Ml sole might, 

where from captivity he drew 

of spoils the greatest, [forth 

from the foes' city, 




fulcef unpini- 

yipie ilcon )?;ieac- 

l>e je hep onfCapia^. 

pie nu jej^can- 

yapUk nepjenb- 

yefTn pep-rcol. 

jobef ^eu bcapn ■ 

Kp«P xufi-plejan. 

nu je jeajie ciinnon- 

hpsec 1*6 hla}:opt> if ■ 

fe (>ipie hepe IsebeiS. 

nu je jTiomlice- 

{ipeonbum co^eanep • 

^onjaS jlffiti-mobc. 

jeacu oncJnaS. 

pile into eop- 

eallej' palbenb- 

cjninj on ceajTpe- 

cop^pe ne lyclc 

pypn-peopca ppuma' 

folc jelfcban* 

■n hpeama bpeam- 

^ he on beoplum jenom- 

]niph hip ryifep rysop- 

)'ib pceal ^emeene ■ 
enjlu^ telbum- 
S pop's heonan- 
pej-an pibe-|»ph. 
p«p ij- setpomne- 
jobep ■] monna' 
jsepc-halij cpeop- 
lupu h|:ef hyht- 
■J eallep leohcep jepea. 
hp»c pe nti jehypban- 

people numberless, 

tliis same band 

which ye here look on. 

Now will 8eek 

of souls the Saviour 

the spirits' throne of grace, 

God's own child, 

after the martial play. 

Now ye well know 

who that Lord is, 

that this host leadetfa ; 

now do ye boldly, 

towards your friends, 

go glad of mood, 

your gates unclose ; 

will into you 

the Ruler of all, 

the King, into his city, 

with no little train, 

the Author of deeds of old, 

the people lead 

into joy of joys, 

whom he from the devilB took, 

through his own victory. 

Peace shall iu common, 

to angels and to men, 

from henceforth erermore 

to all ages be. 

A covenant is together 

of Glod and men, 

a spiritual holy compact 

of lore, life's solace, 

and of all light joy. 

Yes ! we now have heard. 



ba ]>stt; hteAa be^ui- 

^jib hij- hybeji-cyme' 

half ept fopsehf. 

jefpeobe ~j jeppeojiabe- 

folc imbep po1cDum> 

nuejie meocubej* pmu- 

^ Du monna jehp^lc- 

epic ^Dban heji puna^- [16 b.] 

jeceoj-an m^^ 

fpa helle hieD]>a' lo 

fpa heojxmei' DWri]>u- 

fpa ^ l«olice leohc- 

fpn $a la]ntD niht- 

fpa ^pnmey )>}uece- 

fpa pfiyyv^tB. ppsece- 

fpa nut) bjiyhten bjieaiU' 

fpa nub beojdum hjteam* 

fpa piee nub pjta]7nin- 

fpa pulboji nub apum> 

jya ffp j-pa beaS- « 

fpa turn leofjie bi^> 

CO jeppemmaone- 

Irenben (Jsepc ^ 5«r*^- 

poniaS in pojiulbe> 

pulbop jMBf iqe- 

frp^^rre Jjjiym. 

^onc bncan enbe :■ 

how that Saviour child, 

through his advent, 

restor'd lAe captive* 

freed and protected 

the people under the clouda, 

the great Son of Ike Creator ; 

to that now every man, 

while here he living dwelU, 

may choose 

either hell's disgraces, 

or heaven's glories ; 

eitlier the light light, 

or the hateful night ; 

either power of dignity, 

or the vengeance of the dariof;; 

either with the Lord joy, 

or with devils wail ; 

either torment with fiends, 

or glory with honours ; 

either life or death, 

as to him shall liefer be 

to act, 

while flesh and spirit 

dwell in the world : 

therefore be glory 

to the majesty of the Trinity, 

thanks without end. 



Daec If J>»j- p^p'Se. 

ftx pep-]>e.ot>e. 

fecjen bpybcne ))onc. 

boju^a -gehfylcpe- 

)« uf j-rtS ^ BBp. 

funle -^epfiemebe- 

)mjih inoDi^albjia> 

msejnit jep;^o. 

he uj- iec jiepe^' 

^ sehca fpeb- 

pelan ofep pib lonb> 

;j pebep li|>e. 

onbeji n>ejlef hieo. 

pinne "j mona- 

K]>elajr cub^- 

eallu fcinalS- 


hKlelnim on eoji^an- 

bpeoj-eiS beap "j pen- 

bnpiiSe pecca]?' 

to ].'eopli-nepe- 

ppa c^ne* 

lecaiS eopiS-pelan. 

)>te]- pe eallep pculon- 

j-ecjan )>onc i] lop- 

Jreobne nppi- 

^ hupu (reepe hnlo- 

^ he up to hyhee popjeap- 

{Sa he ^a j^ttn'Sa- 


KC hif up-pn^e* 

It is therefore fitting, 

that the aatioDB of meo 

Bay to the hotd thanks 

for every good 

which to UB late aUd ere 

he bath ever render'd, 

through of manifold 

miracles the mysteries. 

He US food gtveth, 
10 and in possessions happiness, 

wealth o'er the wide earth, 

and mild weather, 

under heaven's shelter. 

Sun and moon, 

noblest of stars, 

shine for all 

(heaven's candles,) 

men on earth ; 

dew and r^n &11, 
S) raise up abvindance 

for life's salvation, 

to th€ race of men, 

increase earth's riches; 

therefore we surely ought 

to give thanks and pruse 

to our Lord, 

and above all for the salvation 

which be in hope hath given us, 

when he the miseries 
» averted, 

at his ascension, 
SI. MS. If. 



)>e pe aji bjinjon- 
■} jejiinjabe. 
priS pebep fpffijue- 

cynin; aobopen- 

cpibe qx-onhpeajt]:- 

piolam to pbbe- 

re ^ a^ funjen- 

^jib ^jine h^e- 10 

nlbu to fojije- 

Ic free Of:eji eoji'San jepojihte* 

on IvKTie ^rajcealc yjim)wm lif^aii ■ 

punun m jepmne- 

■J fpasce bpeojan- [17«-] 

Feonbum to hjiof'op* 

par-leoS jalaa- 

^ to )>8^e ilcan fcealc> 


jTjimiun apeaUeo- m 

fwnan pit^ pjp. 

o): ]Mepe eop'San jreate* 

eft jefecao. 

)>ptet uf )nf fe a^telmj. 

J*pe je|:]ieinebe> 

}n he leSiDum on|:enj- 

•J lic-homan- 

moonej- mapi-tabpe- 

p|>|)an tneocobej- pinu- 

enjia e)>el- 30 


polbe peojioba job- 

fij- fe pilla biqwm- 

that we ere had auffisr'd ; 

and appeased 

for mankind, 

with Aw dear Father, 

the greatest fend ; 

the only-b^otten King 

the lay arerted, 

in peace to souls, **" 

which had ere been sung, 

in angry mood, 

for men's sorrow : 

' I thee wrooght on earth, 

on which thou shalt in miseriea 

in toil continue, 

and exile suffer, 

in solace to thy foes, 

the death song sing, 

and to the same shall 

agwn be tum'd, 

bursting with worms ; 

thence the penal fire 

from the earth shalt 

after seek.' 

Lo I for us this the noble one 

easily perform'd, 

when he limbs receiv'd, 

and body, 

for man's o£fopring, 

when the Creator's Son 

the land of angels 

would ascend, 

the God of hosts : 

for us the will him enter'd. 


9. fmrtHit 

IT. Sm Kemble't Glow, to Beow. toI, ii. voce leoV. 




beanura po helpe- 
on }>a faaljan eib> 
bi ]K)n jiebb Spjiasc- 
lob rpa he CU& . 
hejiebe helm pepa* 
haslenb lofebe- 
"J mib pb-luj3ui- 
pinu paHfcnbej'. 
):peo noman cenbe- 
•J bine pijel nembe- 
]>one lubea)*' 
onjiecan ne meahtan' 
yt ^eejie jobcuntaD- 
jaejrej- ftpen^u. 

peonbum on eojilran^ 
bypoe -J bejol . 
J>am )»e beopc jepic. 
hffipbon on hjiel^pe- 
heojican jTtenne- 
nolban bi )>a tojibtao- 
tacea oncnapau- 
}>e bun bep)j)an pjtemebe- 
f-jieo-beajiD jobej-^ 
mom; mij-lic- 
jeonb mibban-jeajib. 
fpa fe |:sela yu^el- 
flyjej- cunnobe- 
hpiluen^Ia eapb> 
up jejxibce- 

mobi; meabcum j-cjianj- 
}K)ne majian bam> 
bpilum he co eoji])an* 
ejic jejTTf'lbe. 

in help to the bumble^ 

at that holy tide ; 

of whom Am lay recited 

Job, as he well could, 

prius'd men's Protector, 

t/u Saviour lauded, 

and with congenial love, 

for the Fowerfnl's Son 

a noble name deviti'd, 

and a bird bim named, 

which the Jews 

might not understand, 

in the dirine 

strength of the spirit. 

That bird's flight was 

to his foes on earth 

bidden and secret, 

to tboae who a dark understanding 

had in their breasts, 

a stony heart : 

these would not tbe splendid 

signs acknowledge, 

that before them wrought 

the noble Child of God, 

many, various, 

throughout mid-earth. 

Thus tbe faithful bird 

his flight assay'd, 

now the abode of angels 

nought on high, 

proud, stj-ong in might, 

that noble home ; 

now be to earth 

again descended. 

90. conlr. fur jticnciic. 



2j»uib-fceat fobce- 

penbe ro fojpnibe- 

bi )>on re ptt^B yoa^. 

he piq* iipp-ha3:«i- 

enjla psSmum- 

in hij ^ miclan. 

meahca fpebe- 

beah •] faalij' 

opeji heopona I'pym. 

ne meahcan )ra lise]* fu^lej- 

fXybs jecnapan* 

pe |wr np-fciser. 

■^fsec |:}iemebon. 

■J f«c ne jel^pboi)' 

)>ce liF-ppnnuif 

in monnej- hip> 

ojreji nuepia )>p^- 

hali; fjiom bpnpui' 

ahapen jmjibe. 

{)a nj* jepeoji'Sabe- 

re l»ar poplb sejt»p- 

3ot>er jse|T-]Tinu- 

3 np pefe fvalhe- 

oppe nub en;tum> 

ece jraf^^r- 

^ eac moiu;Fealbe> 

mobef jTiyccjiu- 

jflonb j%]sn monna. 
fmnum poji^Iafw- 
pife fcnbeS- 
on bip mober ;«mynb 
)m]»b hip mujwf jsept- 

[17 ft.] 

throu^ the spirit's grace 

this lower r^on sought, 

to the world tum'd, 

of whom ihe prophet sang : 

* He was uprais'd, 

in angels' arms, 

into his great 

plenitude of power, " 

high and holy, 

abwe heaven's grandeur.' 

They might not tiiat bird's 

flight know, 

who of the ascension 

made denial, 

and betiev'd not, 

that life's Author, 

in form of man, 

above the hosts celestial, 

holy from earth 

was rius'd. 

Then ub honout'd 

he who this world created, 

God's spirit- Son, 

and gave us grace 

above with angels, 

seats eternal, 

and also manifold. 

wisdom of mind 

Bow'd and set 

in the minds of men. 

To one eloquence 

he wisely sendeth 

into his intellect, 

through his mouth's guest, 

31. poit^loce? 



dYUN OF Praise aKd thanksgiving^. 

tepele "yp&e. 
je msBj eal fela- 
pnjan -j recjan- 
yam W6 pxpXpa cpmyt' 
bifolen on j^jtlSe- 
Sum aae^ pn^it pel- 
hlube jrojie luele^m- 
heappan jtijijan- 
jleo-beam jjieCaQ- 
Sum mse; jobcunbe* 
peccan jij'l)^^ £* 
Sum mae; ji^e cunjltt- 
fecjan fibe gerceape- 
Sum msej j^ajiolice- 
pojib-cpibe ppican' 
Sumu pijer rp«b. 
pefeiS Kt pij>e. 
)>«i jap-jetjmm- 
ojreji fcilb-hpeaban- 
pceocenb fenbaiS- 
flacop jdan-^epeopc- 
Sum msej jzpomlice^ 
opep fealcne y£- 
pmb-pubu bp]pui> 
hpepan holm-}>pBece. 
Sum nuej heamie beam- 
rtteljne seftijan. 
Sum msej ftry-leb ppeopb^ 
pffipea jepypcan- 
Sum con ponja b^onj* 
pejaj- pibjielle. 
Spa pe palbenb up* 

noble understanding. 

He can all things abundantly 

sing and say, 

to whom the power of wisdom is 

in Boul committed : 

One can with fingers well, 

loud before men, 

the harp awake, 

the ' glee-beam ' ^reet : 

One can divine 

law rightly expound : 

One can of the stars course 

tell, the vast creation : 

One can cunningly 

verbal utterance write : 

To one success in battte 

he in war giveth, 

when the sbaft-shower, 

over the shield's defence, 

warriors send, 

flickering arrow-work ; 

One can boldly 

over the salt sea 

the vessel drive, 

move the waters' force : 

One can the tree, lofty 

steep ascend : 

One can a steeled sword, 

a weapon work : [fields. 

One knoweth the coarse of thw 

the spacious ways. 

Thus to us the Mighty, 

19. r. IjiCDBan. See Eemble'i Olouaiy to Bmv., v. i. p. 244. 
St. Perbapi akin ta O. N. flacka, psnuyor^ liupajan. 
94. Lit. th« A 



joh-beapn od jjiaobnin- 

njle he enpun amiiD- 
ealle jefyllao' 
jMjeer jTiyttjiu- 
py l»f hi Jielp jceype- 
yajtb hif anef cju^* 
fl^}i o^jie p^fS :• 

f A« dirine Child on etirtli 

hitt grace dispenseth j 

he will not to any single one 

pre all 

wisdom of Bpirit, 

lest him pride injure^ 

being through hie own craft, 

forth beyond othera. 


Duf job meabn;' 
jeopim nnhneapum' 
cyninj alpihca- 
cjuepnun peojilSa^- 
eop]>an cubbop' 
j^Ice eabjum blteb* 
feleS on Tpejie. 
pbbe piepe^' 
ece CO ealbpe> 
enjla "} monna* 
fft he hif peopc peop]iM< 
hi ^n fe jntja cpn^- 
f Suepen paepen- 
htebpe heopon-ninjcd* 
h^ice npp- 
juime "J monai 
hptet pnban ^* 
junm^ rpa fcjne- 
haxxm job rJlja- 

CIS a.-} 

Thus mighty God, 

by Am unaparing gifts. 

King of all creaturei, 

greatly honoureth 

earth's progeny ; 

BO to the blessed glory 

in hearen he givetii, 

peace establishetii, 

throughout all agea, 

to angels and to men : 

so he his work honoufeth, 

of which the prophet said, 

that were rais'd 

holy gems, 

the stars serene of heaven, 

up on high, 

sun and moon. 

What are those 

gems 80 sheen 

but God himself? 



he If re ftrtSperta. 

He is the righteous 

pinnan leoma- 

beam of the bud 

enjlii ^ eoj»«-j»Bimin- 

ge]>ele rciina. 

the noble brightnesB 

opeji nubban-jef^b. 

over mid- earth. 

mona luceS- 

The moon shineth. 

jBBjTlic cunjol. 

a spiritual Btar, 

n>a reo sober cipce. 

80 the church of Cfod, 

]mjih jepjimiinja. 

yaSej- ^ jiyhcef- 

10 of truth and right. 


brightly gleameth } 

rpa hir on bocum q>ij>. 

aa it saith in books. 

p|>)>an oj jjiunbum. 

when from earth 

job-beapn arcaj. 

the Child divine ascended, 

cyniDj ctenjia jehpeer- 

King of all puri^. 

)« j-eo cipce hep. 

then the church here 


of the faithful 

e^mJrre b£b. 

awaited persecutioD, 

unbeji hsejtenjia- 

under the heathen 

hypba jepealbu. 

10 pastors' sway. 

twep Ba jyn-j-cea^San- 

There the sinful 

yoyey ne jiembon- 

heeded not truth, 


the spirit's need. 

ac hi jober tempel- 

but they God's temple 

bjisecait ^ bieimbon- 

brake and bum'd, 

bloodshed wrought. 

peoban ^ {lylboa. 

hated and destroy'd ; 

hpae^jie ^jtS bicpom- 

yet came forth. 

trnjih 2ffircer jiepe. 

through the Spirit's grace, 

jober )»e5na blab- 

X the prosperity of God's scrrants 

«P»I> up-rci36. 

after the ascension 


of the eternal lord, 

bi ])oii j-alomon fonj- 

of whom Solomon sang. 

6. MS.hxe%. 

17. Lit. fiilfiUeri of the law. 




pebba geapo jnoetoj)* 
palbenb pep-}>eo&a- 

cu^S ]>8ec jepeop^SeS- 

)^ cyninj enjla- 

meocub meahcu ffiS- 

muoc jejTjlleS. 

jehleapeS hea-bune* lo 

hyllaj- '} cuoUaf • 

bepju'S nub hif piilbpe. 

po|)ulb al^feB- 

eall eoifS-buenb* [18 b.] 

(mjih ^ne eepe^aa r^U. 

Pasr re fojkma hlyp. 

pA he on penman aftaj- 

nueje'S unm»le> 

•J fteji meimifc bip- 

OD|:en2 bucan pjienum* w 

j( to Fpofpe jepeaji-C. 

eallu eoji'S-pajiu. 

y»f fe oj'ep jnell* 

beiqiner jebyjiba- 

|n he in binne jw]-' 

IQ cilbef hip* 

cl^nim bipunben< 

ealjia ppymm» Ypfia. 

Pfflf ]-e ]>pibba hijp* 

poboji-cynmser I^^r- " 

^ he on pobe ajta.^- 

jaebep Fpo^7le jiq^ 

pjef j^ peopSa rciell- 

■n bypjenne- 

|>a he ]>one beam oi-'jeap- 

polb'Sepne pfep:. 

Bon of David, 

wise of old in song, 

in the spirit's mystery, 

ruler of nations, 

and the words said : 

' That shall be known, 

that the King of augeU, 

the Creator great in might, 

a mount eball spring, 

leap the high downs, 

hills and knolls 

wreathe with his glory, 

ihe world redeem, 

all earth's inhabitants, 

through that noble spring.' 

The first leap was, 

when into the damsel he descend- 

the maid immacuhite, [ed, 

and there a human form 

without sins assum'd ; 

that was in comfort 

to all earth's dwellers* 

Was the second spring, 

the infant's birth, 

when in the bin he was, 

in a child's form, 

with clothes en wrapt, 

of all majesties the Majesty. 

The third leap was 

the Hearen-king's course, 

when on the cross he mounted, 

the Father's comfort Spirit, 

The fourth, spring was 

into the tomb, 

when he the tree resign'd, 

in the earth house fast. 



Ptep r^ PP^ hlyp. 

}>a he hell-pepeiiA* 

heap f^jibyjbe* 

iQ q«c-pifle. 

cyDinj mne jebonb- 

l»onba fope-jpjiecao- 

fyjmum teajum- 


pteji he jen l^eS^ 

m cajicefine. 

clommum je}»jiniab> 

j^nnu ^epseleb. 

ytey fe pexta hl^< 

hal^ej- h^F-hc-pUsa- 

^ he td heoponum MftK^- 

on hif ealb cy^te* 

]» ptef eujla Jriieae* 

on ^ haljan eib- 

hleahcjte bh)>e- 


jerapon jndbji^ h*^' 

le^hcja o]ib- 

e)ilef neoj'aii- 

beophtpa bolba. 

pa peajfS bojij-papu- 

eabpi ece jepea^ 

sel'ehDsej- pl^a- 

)>uf hep GO ^anbom- 

jobej' ecfl beajrn* 

ofeyi heab bleo)m- 

hlypu fT^lbe> 

mobi; s|xeji muQtum- 

jya ye men pculon' 

heopcan jehyjbum- 

bl^um ityllan- 

Of mmpie in raiejen- 

The fiflh leap was, 

when of hell's inmateB be 

humbled tAx multitude ; 

in quick sulphur 

bound their king, 

t&€ prince of fienda, 

with fiery fetters, 

the fierce of spirit, 

where he yet lieth 
10 in prison, 

fostened with bonds, 

bound with sins. 

The sixth leap was, 

the Holy's joyous solace, 

when he to heaven ascended, 

into his ancient home; 

then did the host of angels, 

at that holy tide, 

with laughter blithe, 
■a with joys become ; 

they saw ;A« .glorious Majesty, 

the Chief of princes, 

his country risit, 

his brighter dwellings. 

Then was to the happy 

inmates eternal joy, . 

the Prince's solace. 

Thos here on earth, 

God's eternal child 
30 over high steeps 

■prang by lei^, 

bold, from mount to mount ; 

so we men should, 

in our heart's thoughts, 

spring by leaps 

from virtue to rirtue. 



nuBpJmm eil;^. 

Strive after glory. 

f pe to ]>am hjhfoui* 

that we may to tiie highest 


•ummit rise. 


through boly works. 

Jrseji ir hyhc -J blif 

where is joy and bliaa. 

jelmnjeij fejii-peopub. 

an illoBtrionB band of ministers. 

If ur ^n n>i«»- 

Great is the need to ns, 

f pe nub beopcaa. 

that we with heart 

taelo i-ecen. 

Balvation seek. 

)wp pe mib jasfte. 

ID that we with spirit 

jcopiiB sel^FttB. 

[19 a.} fervently believe. 

|nee Iwc bielo-beajui- 

beonui up-^tije- 

may hence ascend 

mib ufr* Uc-honuui. 

with our bodies. 

bpsenbe job- 


jiopjion pe a pculoD- 

therefore we should ever 

ible luptaj-- 

idle lusts. 

pyn-punbe poppeoD. 

sin-wound despise^ 


and in the more excellent rejoice. 

liabba« pe up CO ppoppe 

IB bare for our comfort. 

pxbep OD pobepum- 

the Father ia the skies. 


be hip Spap t^man- 

He bie angels thence 

balij op heah«u. 

boly from above 

hibep onp^ibeiS- 

wiU hither send, 

Ja up sepcilbaj.. 

who us shall shield 

prtS rceJ>)^Dbpa. 

agfunst the enemies' 

enjlum eaphpapum. 

noxious quivers j 

fi l«p nobolban- 

lest the fiends 

panbe jepjpcen. 

so a wound inflict, 

^oa ppofat-bopa. 

when the accuser. 

lo pole ;obep- 

among God's folk. 

pqi'5 onpeobe^- 

sendeth forth, 

10. >«e( M. 

■a. txlum! 



Of hif bptejb-bojan- 

bitepne itjueh 

FojiJioD pe }:sejTe fculon ■ 

fymle pwjilice> 
peapbe healt>iui> 
]»y laej- pe atrjiep oj>b- 
biceji boiib-^elac- 
UDbep ban-locaii' 
peonba pep-peajiO' 
pier his pjiecne punb- 
blatapt beDiia> 
ucan up beopjan )». 
]>ent>en pe on eop'San* 
eapb peapbijen- 
utan up Co pnbep' 
ppflo)>a pilnian- 
bibban beapn ;ob^. . 
"] }>one bIriSan ^KpC' 
f he up jepcilfee- 
pi% pceal^an ptepnuni' 
la]>pa lyje-peappum- 
pe up lip popjeap. 
leomu lie "J ^sepC' 
pi huD lop pymle- 
Jruph populb populba- 
pulbop on heopnii :• 

from his drawn bow, 
the bitter shaft ; 
therefore we firmly uhould, 
aj|;ainst that audden shot, 

ever cautiously 

hold ward, 

lest the en venom 'd point 

enter in, 

the bitter shield-play, 
10 among men's bodies, 

of foes the audden artifice ; 

that ia a perilous wound, 

of sores most deadly : 

let us then ouraelves secure 

while we on earth 

a habitation hold } 

let ua from our Fatiier 

desire peace, 

pray the Son of God, 
90 and that kind spirit, 

that he shield us 

agunst the spoiler's weapons, 

the false snares of foes ; 

he who gave us life, 

limbs, body and spirit : 

ever to him be praise, 

throughout all ages, 

glory in heaven. 



Ne |>eapp him onbptebaa 
beojila rcjuelaj-. 
SDij on eoji'Sao- ' 
selba cynnej-- 
5Iioinj»a 5ap-Fa)W. 
jip hme job fcilbe]?' 
bupi^a bpyfateo' 
If }>ani borne neah- 
^ pe jelice fceolon- 
leanii bleoean- 
fpa pe pibe |:eojih- 
peojicu hlobun • 
jeonb pbne jjinnb- 
Uf fecja^ bee- 
Iiu aec lepefcan- 
eabmob aj-caj- 
m mibbao-jeapb- 
msejna jolb-hojib> 
in fsemnan pe^m- 
fpeo beajin ^abef- 
halij op heah^' 
hupu ic pene mS' 
•J eac onbptebe- 
bom iS^ pe]>pan- 
Sonn epc cymeS- 
enjla )>eoben- 
^ IC ne heolb ceala- 
^ me bselenb mm- 
on boGum bibeab> 

[19 40 

Need not dread 

the shafts of devils, 

any on earth, 

of the race of men, 

the armed course of foes, 

if him God shieldeth, 

Lord of rirtuea. 

// to the doom is near, 

so that we alike shall 

share in the rewards, 

as we for ever 

by works ^hall have deriv'd, 

o'er the wide world. 

Books ua tell 

how at first 

humble descended 

on mid -earth 

that treasury of might, 

into a damsel's womb, 

the noble Son of Qod, 

holy from on high. 

I at least expect, 

and eke dread, 

a doom the sterner, 

when again shall come 

the Lord of angeU, 

for that I held not well 

what me my Saviour 

in books commanded : 

SI. MS.heah)<u. 

24. MS. ftfjiB^juut. 



ic {>%)* byiojan fceal* 

jejieoD jyn-ppBBce- 

)>a!]- ]je IC foB talje- 

]wep mom; beoiS. 

on jemoc bebeb- 

fope oniyne- 

ecer bemaa - 

J»on . K' cpacsS- 

jehyjieS cymnj mse^lan- 

pobejm pjhtenb. 

j-ppecan pejw popb- 

|>am |)e him up m populbe- 

pace hypbon- 

Iwnban .^. t .'y- 

yj>afc ineahean* 

].7iojqie pnban- 

)>sp fceal pophc monij- 

on !?£ ponj-fcebe- 

pepij biban- 

hpKC him EBf.'Cep bffibum- 

bemao pille- 

ppa)>pa pita- 

I Bhall therefore terror 

see, vengeance for sin. 

From what I truly judge, 

many there shall be 

to tie meeting led, 

before the face 

of tAe eternal Judge : 

then the bold ah^ quake, 

shall hear the King harangue, 
10 the Ruler of the skies 

speak angry words 

to those who him ere in the world 

weakly obey'd ; 

while misery and need 

might easiest 

comfort find. 

There many a fearful one shall 

on that plain 

weary awMt [deeds, 

ao what he to him, according to his 

will judge 

of wrathful punishments. 

bi]> |-e .P' pcecen- the waiu shall have departed 

eopl^an ppsecpa> of earth's treasures. 

T\; pa-p loDje. Of old was long 

P- flobum bilocen- with water-floods eiiclos'd 

lip-pynna basl. the region of life's joys, 

."K. on jxilban- men's wealth on earth : 

]>ai Fpaecpe jrulon- so then shall their treasures 

bypnan on baele- ao burn on the pile, 

a, Perbapi jin-yytteee, eternal vengeance. s. MS. 1(eD»t(. 

SS. Theabience ofthe Tune ^,uid the want of conoesion in the>riue,praTB 

the loM of a couplet between 1. 93. and 93. (See note at the end of tlie Tcdume.) 



Uacjia j-M«eB. 

jtecen-peaba li;- 

jie)>e jTfu^B. 

jeonb pojiulb pibe- 

poDjaf hpeoj^lS- 

bupj-jrebe bepjtai'iS' 

bjionb htS oncyhce* 

seleS ealb-jerCjieon- 


jwjra jiKjiajt. 

f 3^<^ juman heolban- 

^enben bim on eo]t]raD> 

onmebla jtey- 

fopf>on ic leopjia jefapone' 

laqian pille- 

(rsee he ne ajtble- 

Xaqrep J>eapfe. 

ne on jylp jeote- 

|>enben job pille- 

f he hep m populbe- 

pomeb p]>ia]i- 
rapel in hce- 
m ))am jaft-hope- 
pcyle pimena jehpylc. 
on hip jeap-baju. 
jfiojiae b])>encan- 
f Of nulbe bicpom* 
meahca palbenb' 
EC flepepcan> 
^upb ]raer enjlep popb. 
In? nu eopoepfce. 
^aa epc cymeB. 
pe«e ^ pyhcpip- 
pobop briS onhpepeb. 

[20 a.] 

dusk shall crackle ; 

the Bmoke-red flame 

shall fiercely wander 

wide o'er the world : 

the pl^DB shall sink down, 

Me city-holds shall burst : 

the brand shall be kindled, 

old treasure shall consume 

to (greediest of guests !) 

what of old men held, 

while to them on earth 

w&s pride. 

Wherefore I each dear one 

will exhort, 

that he delay not 

kis spirit's need, 

nor in pride waste i7, 

whilst God willeth 
ao that be here in the world 

may dwell, 

together journey 

soul in body 

in the guest-house. 
. Each man should, 

in hie course of years, 

well consider, 

that to us came benignantly 

the Lord of might, 
30 at first, 

through the angel's word. 

Now will he be earnest 

when he again shall come 

stem and just. 

The firmament shall be shaken, 




•} pay nuclan semetu- 

Diibban -jeaji hey • 


))6n beojihc cyninj leana'S- 

]nef ))e hy on eoji)>an. 

eaitjum bsebum- 

hfbon leahcjium f£* 

Jwef hi loa%e pculon- 

jMp'S-pepije onjion- 

in jTji-baiSe. 

pselmum bip]iecene- 

ppalilic ^lean- 

fSa mKjna cyninj- 

on jemoc cymeS- 

J>pyiDina ina2fce ■ 

J>eo&-ejra bi'iS- 

hlub jehypeb- 

bi heofon-poman- 

cpaaenbjia cijiid- 

cejije peoca'S^ 

pjjie ODfyne- 

ecef beman- 

])a ]»e byjia peopcum. 

pace tjtupia^- 

■iStep hip tfBypeb- 

^^f& mapa- 

J>db j^iom Fpum-jepceape- 

jeppaejen pupbe. 

seppe on eopSan- 

|>t6p brtS sejhp^lcum- 


on }>a fnuban tib- 

leofpa nucle> 

)>6n eall }>eof bene jefceapc- 

and these great communities 

of middle earth 

ahall wmI, [requitej 

when the bright King ehall thetn 

for that they on earth 

in wicked deeds 

lir'd, with crimes stain'd ; 

therefore they iuust long 

life- weary receive, 

in the fire-bath, 

cover'd with flames, 

dire retribution. 

When the King of might 

into the meeting cometh, 

with greatest majesty, 

mighty terror shall be 

heard atoud 

through heaven's comers. 

XAe moumerB' cry 

sadly shall resound 

before the face 

of the eternal Judge ; 

those who in their works 

faintly truBt. 

There shall be shown 

terror greater 

than from the first creation 

had been heard of, 

ever on earth. 

There it shall be to every 

worker of sin, 

at that sudden time, 

much more desirable 

than all this frail creation, 

10. MS. pyjibabe. 

19. MS. cpanienbjia. i lupencripto. 

1. bipjkiseneor bip}io;ene? 


ON ': 

Jwp he hme fylpie- 

on ^am r^e-)»peate- 

bebyban maeje- 

\Qa hepja j^iuma* 

K^linja ojib- 

eallom beme%> 

leopum je la^am> 

lean tejXep pyhte- 

|»eoba ^ehpylcpe- 

ij- ur t'eajif micel- 

t pe Jiercej- plice. 

aip |>am jjiyjie-bpojao ■ 

on )raf jgepian Cib- 

jec^ne 1n]>encen- 

No If Jwn jelicorc. 

fps pe on laju-f:lobe- 

opep calb pieCep- 

ceolu li'San- 

jeonb pbnfl p£- 

pmb-henjepcum ■ 

plob-pubu pepjen ■ 

If }nec ppecne pcpeam- 

y%a opepmeeca- 

^ pe hep oohica'S ■ 

jeonb ))ap paean popuIb> 

pinb^e faohnap • 

opep beop jelab- 

jnej- pe bg)ohi»% ptponj- 

ep yon pe co lonbe- 

^ehben hsepbon- [20 £.] 

opep hpeone hp^cj- 

}(a np help bicpoin> 

^e up CO helo- 

h^ jeUebbe- 

jobep jBqT-punu. 

T oppepe fealbe- 


where he himeelf, 

in that triumphant band, 

may hide, 

when of hosts the Leader, 

of princes Chief, 

to all shall doom, 

both friends and foes, 

reward according to right 

to every people. 

10 Ub it much behovetb, 

that we the spirit's beauty, 
ere that grisly terror, 
in this barren time, 
earnestly bear in mind. 
Now is it to that likeBt 
as i/we on the liquid flood, 
over the cold water, 
in vessels journey, 
through a wide sea, 

90 on ocean-horGCB * 
the flood-wood traverse. 
That IB a perilous stream 
of boundless waves, 
on which here we are toss'd 
tlirough thiB weak world, 
windy seas, 
over a deep path. 
Hard was our condition, 
ere that we to land 

30 had sEul'd, 

over a troubled main, 
when to as help came, 
that uB to safety 
led in port, 
God's Spirit-son, 
and us grac« gave. 




^EeC pe oncnapan majun- 
opeji ceolej- bojtb- 
hpaeji pe pelan pceolon ■ 
jTinb-henjefCaf - 
ealbe ylS-meajtaf ■ 
ancpum ):septe- 
uCan up Co ^jie hj^- 
hybt fCat>elian- 
5a uy jepymbe- 
jiobejia palbeab- 
lialje on heah))E[- 
J>a he heofonum aj-caj :■ 

that we may know 
from the veaael's deck, 
where we must hiud 
our ocean-horse B, 
old coursers of the wave, 
with anchors foet. 
Let us in that port 
found our hope 
which to us hath assign'd 
10 the Sovereign of the skies 
holy on high, 
when he to heaven ascended. 

Donne mib |»j»e. 
j-e micla bte^- 
meahcan bjiyhcnep ■ 
set mibpe niht- 
msejne bihlseme^- 
pcijie jepceaj:ce- 
ppa opc {"cea^a psecne ■ 
|>eoF l>juftlice- 
t»e on ("yiTiie Jaepe^- 
on ppeapcjie niht- 
jx)]tjlea)'e heele'S- 
pemninja poppehiS- 
plepe jebunbne- 
eoplap unjeappe- 
yplep jensejirfS- 
ppa on p^ne beopj- 
pomob up cyme^- 


When with its coming, 

earth's habitants 

the great day, 

by the Lord's might, 

at midnight, 

shall strongly strike, 

the bright creaUon : 
90 (as oft with robbers' guile, 

the thief daringly, 

who in darkness goeth, 

in swart night, 

careless mortals 

suddenly surprizeth, 

bound in sleep 

men unprepar'd 

with evil assaultetii ;) 

so on Sion's hill 
30 together shall come up 

18. bihUmmeS 7 




nuejen-ixtlc nucel' 

meoeube jerjiype. 

beophe -J blij»e- 

him peop]»eS blwb ppen- 

JwDQe jzjiom feopepuni' 

irolban j-ceacuin> 

]>am yremej-Cnm- 

eo)i])aii jacey- 

en^laf eel-beophCfl' 

OD eyea bl^>a^- lo 

bj'man on bjiehcme- 

beoj:a% mibban-jeapb' 

bjiu)% unbejt hselelmm- 

hlyba^ eo)t>mne- 

epume -j tophte. 

prS niDjIa'jonj- 

nnja* "J irmjiaj-. 

j-u)>an ^ nop))aD' 

eafcan ^ percan. 

Ofeji ealle jej'Ce&FC. so 

pecca^ Of bea$e- 

bpyhe-^tumena beapn • 

eall monna cynD> 

CO meocabj-cflBfce. [21 a.] 

ejej'lic oj; )»«ipe ealban molban' 

faacaiS by opp-afcanban- 

pieome Of flnpe )>^ pejran- 

|Mep moD ma^ pjpjenbe ]:o]c- 

jeh^pan hyje jeomop- 

heapbe jefypeb- so 

ceapum qntmnbe- 

cpiqia jepyphcu- 

popbM %npbe. 

^ biS fope-tacna maijt- 

a mighty people vast, 

to the Lord faithful, 

bright aod blithe. 

To them shall reward be given. 

When from the four 

corners of the world, 

the outermost 

of earth's kingdom, 

angels all- bright 

shall together blow 

the trumpet suddenly, 

mid-earth shall quake, 

the land under men 

shall at the same time resound .- 

the stout and the illustnous 

towards the stars' course 

shall sing and sound, 

from south and north, 

from east and west, 

over all creation ; 

shall from death awake 

the sons of men, 

all mankind, 

to the Godhead; 

terrific from the old mould 

shall bid them up arise 

forthwith from that fost sleep ; 

there may the sorrowing people 

sad in mind be heard, 

sternly urged on, 

woefully bewailing 

their deeds when Unog, 

with fright afrdd. 

That of foretokens shall be greatest 

t. the «Bgeli. 

'. MS. healle. 



fajia Jie sep ot>|»e pV- 
Kpue jepupbe. 
monnum o^^ypeb- 
liaji jemen^be hearS ■ 
onhselo jelac- 
enjla ^ beojda- 
beojihcjta ^ blacpa- 
peojiJieiS beja cyme- 
hpicjia "} ]-j)eaj)Cjia- 
f}>a him If ham'jx:eapeii> 
enjlum j beof lu> 
]>6o femDtnja> 
on j-^ne beojij- 
pi))an eafCan- 
fuanan leoina- 
cymeS Of fcj'ppenbe- 
fcyiian leohtop- 
paa hic men maiden - 
mobum abycjan- 
beophCe blicao- 
)>on beapn jobef- 
{ruph heofiona jehleobn- 
hibep oiSyjw'S. 
cymeS punbopbc- 
cpntej- onfjn- 
(E]>el-cyiiiiijej' pUce. 
eafCan ppam pobepum- 
oir yepm ppete. 
pnum folce. 
bitep bealo)niUum> 
jebleob pnnbpum- 
eabjum -j eapmu. 

be bi% ]>am jobum- 
jUeb-mob on jephj^- 

of those which ere or unce 

have ever been 

to men display'd. 

There eball be mingled 

an unsound assemblage 

of angela and of devils, 

of bright and black ; 

of both shall be a coming, 

of white and swart : 
iQ so to them a home U shapen 


for angels and for devils. 

Then suddenly, 

on Sion's hill, 

from the south-east, 

a sun-beam 

shall from the Creator come, 

shining more brilliantly 

than men may it 
90 in mind conceive, 

brightly gleaming, 

when the Son of God, 

through the heavens' vaults,. 

hitherward shall appear, 

wonderful shall come 

Christ's countenance, 

the noble King's aspect, 

east from the firmament^ 

sweet in mind 
30 to his people, 

bitter to the baleful, 

wondrously colour'd ; 

to the bless'd and wretched 


He to the good shall be 

joyful in sight. 




plmj pynjTunhc- 
peojiube 1pam haljaD- 
on je]:ean fes^eji- 

InFpun -J lil?e. 

leofum monnum* 

to jreapianne- 

]»one fcynan pliCe. 

peSue nub jnllum- 

palbenber cyme- ' 


Jram Jre^him on mobe sji- 

pojibom -J peopcum. 

pel jecpembun- 

he biS yun y]Jam- 

e^eflic -J jjumlic- 

to jej-eoone- 

jVooejum monniuii- 

fram yxj\ nub pjienu citma'%- 

pop* poppophce- [21 6.] 

Jfflsc rase; picef eo peaporn^- 

]»am ]« hapffS pifne jejwht. 

^ j^ him eallonja- 

opiLr ne onbp«be^> 

pe pjp iSKpe onpyne- 

ejj-an ne peop^eS- 

pophc on pepiSe- 

Jkh he jrpean jephlS. 

ealpa jepceajxa- 

3peapbne pipaii' 

mib msejen-punbpum. 

mousum CO liinje- 

onb him on healpa jehpone. 

beo):on-e[i;ht fpeac- 

«i. peapnmgtf 

beauteous, winsome ; 
to the holy company, 

fair in delight, 
friendly and gracious, 

kind and gentle 

to hU dear people, 

to behold 

the beauteous aspect, 

mild with j^w'-will, 

the Sovereign's advent, 

the mighty King's, 

to those who him ere in nund, 

by words and works, 

well had pleas'd. 

He shall to the evil be, 

dreadful and grim 

to Bee, 

to sinful men, [crimes 

to those who thither come, with 
I ever fordone. [warning be 

That may of punishment for a 

to those who hare wise thought, 

that he entirely 

dread nothing : 

he before that countenance 

shall not with dread become 

fearful in soul, 

when he seeth the Lord 

of all creatures 
> coming present 

with mighty wonders 

in judgment to the many ; 

and on each side 

a band of heavenly angels 

33. MS. zehpoiw. 





jmb-uCan psiu'lS. 
elbeophtpa rcolu> 
hejijaf haligia. 
heapum jeDeahhe* 
bynefl beop jerc*"!*' 
"J p}]ie bji^hcne {wjie1S> 
pffilm-}:ypa m8e|*c- 
Ofep pibne aiunb. 
hlemmeS haca lej- 
heojzonaf bepjta'V- 
tpume -J eophce* 
fcuQjoI op-fa jieoj-a'S- 
Jjon peo]i)>eS pinne- 
fpeajtt jepenbeb. 
OD blobephip. 
yeo ISe beojihce {x^* 
opeji sep-popiilb. 
calba beaimum- 
CDona f fylf «• 
)>e sep mon-cynne' 
nifatef lyhee< 
mlrap jehpeoreB- 
^ |t:eoppan pwi pome- 
ftpebaS Of heojsne- 
}>uph ^ j^ponjan I^- 
j-topmum abeatae* 
pile selmifatij' 
nub bif enjla ^ebpyhc. 
nuejea-cyiiinja maotob- 
on jemoe cuman> 
yjipafXjft ]>«oben. 
biS ]>Kp hij' trfljoa eac' 
hpe|>-eab^ heap* 
halje faple* 

around him more, 
a legion of all-bri^t oneSf 
companiea of the holy, 
in bands abundant. 
7^ great creation shall reaoand, 
and before the Lord shall go 
of fires intense the greatest, 
orer the wide ground 
hot flame shall roar, 
the hearens burst, 
strong and bright, 
the stars shall fall. 
Then the sun shall be 
tum'd swart 
to hue of blood, 
vhich brightly shone 
orer the former world, 
for the sons of men. 
The moon the same, 
she who to mankind erst 
gave light by night, 
shall fall down, 
and the stars also 
shall from hearen be scatter'd 
through the strong tempest, 
beaten by storms. 
The Almighty will, 
with his train of angels, 
of mighty kings Creator, 
I to the meeting come, 
majestic Lord ! 

There of his followers shall also be 
a proudly happy band, 
holy souls. 

19. re r jiF»i 

k r. rapU. 



[22 o,] 

nub h;^a i^ean pajia^' 
(fob )»lca peajib* 
yaph espui ^jt^L- 
ecypSaa ma^Se' 

|)eop]w9 ^eonh phne jjioiib' 
lilab jeh^jieb- 
heofon-byman ftepi. 
"J OD feo)»>n healfa- 
TpaptS pinbaf* 
bUq>a^ l^ecenbe. 
beajifanns nuefce> 
pecGsS ^ poniaV* 
pojiiilb mib {tojune- 
jry'lla^ nub feopC' 
folban ^eyceofte- 
Donne heapb jebjiec 
falub unmKCe. 
rpap T rpi«lic- 
fpej-bynna Duejr:. 
selbam eje^Iic- 
eapeb peoji)>eS> 
)>seji msejen-peiije- 
monna c^nnef* 
pojmiim bpeojiptV- 
OD ptbne lej- 
)« )>{ep cpice meceS> 
cpelmenbe fyji- 
pime up fume ni)>ep- 
aelber iralle- 
t>an biS unepeo- 
)nee )>ep abamef • 
cyn cei^ena piU- 
cinj»e« jerapjab. 

theif with their Lord shall go. 

When the people's Guardian 

with dread of punishment 

the tribe of earth 

himself shall risit, 

shall through the wide grotind 

loud be heard 

the heavenly trumpet's voice, 

and on seven sides 

winda shall howl, 

crashing blow, 

(greatest of sounds t) 

shall a^tate and impur 

the world with stonn, 

with their breath shall fell 

the earth's creation. 

Then a hard cra^h 

loud, immense, 

heavy and violent^ 

greatest of roaring dins, 

dreadful to men, 

shall be sent forth. 

There the most accursed 

of the race of men 

shall in multitudes depart 

into wide flame ; 

who living shall there find 

destroying fires, 

some above some beneath, 

a glut of fire. 

Then shall be the faithless, 

that there (Adam's 

race of sorrows full) 

lament, afflicted 

so. pyllq! 

. MS. lejaitjaK, lee p. 60. 1. 1 




Dalef fojie l^lum> 

leobe ^eom]ie> 

ac ]:ojie ]>am msjraii' 

inE^en-eaj)f:e{rum ■ 

Don eall ^eo- 

on ejxn mine's* 

pon j:Jjiej- paelm- 

pibe Cofomne' 

re rpe^ea lij- 

fsef nub hyju pfcuni> 

eojil^aii nub hijie beop2*im< 

^ np-heofon> 

CojiliCne inib hij- tun^lum- 

ceon-le; j^mob- 

)»pyjnim bsjineK. 

)>peo eal on an* 

jjumme tojsebpe* 

5poima« jej-apjab* 

eal mibban-jeajib* 

on ya meepan ab :* 

not before a little 

people Bad ; 

but before the greatest 

dire afflictions* 

When all three 

equally shall seize 

pale fire's heat, 

widely together, 

the swart flame, 

the seas with their fishes, 

earth with her hills, 

and heaven abore, 

bright with its stars ; 

the hostile flame together 

vehem^tly ebaU bum 

three all in one, 

grimly together, 

shall mourn afflicted 

all mid-earth, 

at that awful time. 

Spa re PKP» 5*r«:- 
^unbaf jeoub-j-eceS- 
hi]>enbe lej* 
beah- jecunbjto • 
f^lleS on plb-ponj* 
yjfjief eg-an. 
pib-nuepe blserc* 
pojiulb mib-ealle- 
hac heopo-jifjie- 
hjieoj-a'% jeneahhe 


So the greedy guest 
shall earth pervade ; 
the destroying flame 
the high structures 
on earth's plain shall fell 
with fire's horror ; 
the wide-spreading blast, 
the whole world togetberi 
hot, all-devouring, 
a Shall &11 abundantiy. 




tobpocene bupj-peallaf • 
beoj^af jemelcaS- 
■J heah-cleopa- 
|>a fT& holme seji* 
pejTfl piS jdobu- 
jnlban j-cehbun- 
jtiS -J paeSfOijT- 

pseciie piDbenbum> 
]>oD pihea 2«hp^Ice* 
beojia "} pi;la- 
bea^k^ DimeS* 
|:sepe% EEjArep folban- 
(Tp-rpeapta lej. 
peallenbe pi^> [22 

jpa tep peeCep-jJeopan. 
jjobaj- apyrbe- 
^OQ on pyp-baiSe. ■ 
ppelaiS pS-pqxap. 
pinbej" jetpsejibe. 
pepij rpelee«. 
bypne)> piecep ppa peax> 
px\i bi^ punbjia nut* 
yaa hit aenij on mobe< 
rate^e a^ocan- 
hu Jwot jfifcim -} pe ptopm- 
•J peo pcponje lypc- 
bpecalS bpabe jepceiqa;. 
beopnap seta's- 
papa's panenbe. 
pepjum jTepnum- 
heane hyje jeompe- 
hpeopuin jebpeahte- 

in pieces broken, the rity-walls ; 

the hillB shall melt, 

and the high clif&, 

that against ocean erst, 

firm agunst floods, 

the earth had shielded, 

stem and sted&st, 

bulwarks against the wave, 

th' encircling water. 
10 Then each creature, 

beasts and fowls, 

the death-flame shall seize ; 

shall pass along the earth 

the fire-Bwart Same, 
^. ] a burning warrior } 

as of old the rivers, 

the floods he drove, 

so then in a fire-bath, 

the sea fishes shall be bum'd, 
96 cut off from ocean, 

each animal of the wave 

weary shall die ; 

water shall bum as wax; 

there shall more wonders be 

than in mind any 

may conceive : 

how the stun and the storm, 

and the strong blast 

shall break the brood creation j 
90 men shall wul, 

shall moaning weep 

with abject roices, 

humble, sad in mind, 

with penitence afflicted. 

4. MS. >u. 

6, rceltmD (jcjlOon) i 

S. jibDneiibum f 




Seo^S fpeajita le;. 
ypme on ):o}tt>onum. 
■J solb-j-iuecpe. 
3leba foprpeljft«. 
eali tep-jej^jieon- 
Daeji bi{S cipm -} ceajiu- 
-J qncjia jepio* 
jehjieop -J hlub pop- 
bi beofon-pomaii- 
eajimbc selba jebpeaj> 
)>oiutn cenij ne ma^' 
pii«n-b»bum fah> 
}:jii'S jepiDDaii' 
lej-bpyne lofiut- 
lonbej- opep> 
ac (jffiE fJp DimffB. 
^ujih fotban jehpteC' 
jjuej^rS jjumhce* 
jeojme afeceS- 
iiiDan ^ ueaii> 
eopSan ]-ceacaf ■ 
o))]7ec eall iafS^- 
selbej* l«oaia- 
populb-piblej- pom' 
pffibne fopbaepneb' 
Dm nubci; job> 
on ^ne mepan beop;- 
nub Pf m»ftHa- 
mfejen-Jip^tne cymeS. 
heo):on-eD3;bi cfmoj- 
halt; )%ine3- 
pulboplic ofajt pepebum. 
palbenbe job- 
onb hine Jmb-ucan- 
ee^Ubuja^ berajX' 

T/ie swart flame sball seeth 
on the fordone with Bin, 
and the gold omameDto 
gleedfl shall derour, 
all ancient treasure 
of the kings of earth. 
There shall be cry and care, 
and of the living strife, 
rue and loud lament 

10 through heaven's coiners, 
a sad band of men. 
Thence may not any one 
Btain'd with sinful deeds 
gain peace, 

the flame's heat escape 
anywhere ; 

hut the fire shall seize, 
everything on earUi, 
shall fiercely delve, 

ID eagerly seek, 

within and without, 
the tracts of earth, 
till that hath all 
the beam of fire 
stain of world-polhition 
with heat burned up. 
Then the mighty God, 
on that vast hill> 
with the greatest 

30 majesty shall come, 
heaven's angels' Bong 
holy shall shine, 
glorious o'er the hoata, 
the powerful God } 
and around him 
chiefs most excellent. 



Iialje hepe^peVaD' 

hlucjie bhcaS- 

eabi3 en^la jebpyhc- 


]:qphte beopa'S' 

pjie |:Kbe|i e^ran- 

pjifKin my sen^ punbop- 

hu bim pojiulb-mODiia- 

peo unclscne jecyob- 

ceajiuin j-opjenbe- u> 

heapbe onb)iebe> 

%aa jio halje jecynb' 

hgne -j heopja-beopfat' [23 o.] 

hfl^-enjla nuejen- 

pop ^jie ODfyne beofS. 

ejjvi apjphte- 

biba'S heopeaba- 

beophte jejx^ajxe- 

bpyhtnej' bomef ■ 

baja ejeflicajT- ao 

peop)>eS in popaIbe> 

^ pulbop-c^io;* 

Jmpli t>p;yin )>pea'S' 

^eoba jehpylce* 

hateS £jupui* 


op jx>lb-^Bpum- 

pole anpa jehpylc- 

cnman co gemote- 

moD-cyuDej- jehponC' so 

}>6q eall hpa^- 


onpehS )J»fce- 

peopJwS |:olb-pffijt:e- 

eapber Kt enbe. 

fceal ]fda aDpa ^ehp^lc- 

holy martial banda^ 

shall brightly Bhioe, 

a train of bleeaed aogeli : 

they inwardly 

tremble with fear, 

for terror of the Father ; 

therefore 'tis not any wonder, 

how of worldly men 

the impure race, 

•adly Borrowing, 

shall sorely dread, 

when the holy race, 

white and hearen-bright, 

th' archangel host, 

before that countenance ia 

with dread affiighted. 

Trembling await 

the bright creations 

the Lord's doom ; 

a day most terrible 

in the world shall be, 

when the Glory King, 

by his power shall punish 

every people, 

shall bid arise 

those with speech endow'd 

from their earth graves, 

each folk 

come to the meeting, 

every of mankind ; 

then all quickly 

Adam's kin 

shall flesh receive, 

shall be of their earth-rest, 

their dwelling at the end. 

Shall then each one, ' 




jx>iie qufCef cyme* 

epic apf rBn- 

teolSum onfOD' 

"J Iic-homaii' 

ebjeonj pepm- 

haptS eali on him- 

]rsf )ie he on folbao- 

iD fyjui-bajutn- 

jober ojjjw jalef. 

on hif jBejte jehlSb. 

jeajia jonprni. 

h^s^ 89t^bjie- 

bd lie "3 fsple. 

j-ceal on leohc caman- 

pnpa peojica pliee- 

■J pojiba jemjTib' 

T heojican jehyjb- 

FOjie heofona c^nrnj- 

Donne bi)> jeyceb- 

"^ jeebnipab* 

mon-c;^ fnijih meocnb- 

nucel apif-e^- 

bjiybc-folc CO borne- 

fi]>]>an bea^f benb> 

tole]^ lip-Fjiuma- 

lypt biS onbae{uieb. 

hpeo]«'S heofon-)-teop]iaa> 

hy^StS pibe- 

PFjie jlebe. 

jffifcar hpeopfa^S- 

oa ecne e^b- 

opene peojtyoS' 

ofiiji mibban-jeajib- 

monna bebe- 

before Christ's coming, 

living arise, 

members receive, 

and body, 

be again young, 

have in him all 

of that which he on earth, 

in former days, 

of good or evil, 

on his soul loaded, 

in course of yean ; 

have together 

both body and soul : 

into light shall come 

tAe image of his works, 

and memory of Am words, 

and kia heart's thoughts, 

before the heavens' King. 

Then shall be increas'd, 

and renew'd 

mankind by their Creator ; 

shall arise a great 

multitude to judgment, 

after the bond of death 

life's Author shall unbind. 

Air shall be bumed, 

heaven's stars shall fall, 

widely shall destroy 

the greedy fire ; 

souls shall depart 

to their eternal dwelling ; 

open shall be, 

over mid>earth, 

men's deeds. 

35. HS. li|:-fp<i>uiii. 




Ne majOD hojit> pepa- 
heojiean jejrahtaj-- 
fope palbenbe- 
pihce bemi]>an- 
ne j-inbon hi bnba bfpne. 
ac }wp bi* bpyhcne cuiS. 
on Iram miclan b»je* 
fau monna jehpylc- 
»p eapnobe* 
ecep lifej-- 
■J eall ^jpeapfa. 
fhixji oype p$' 
pophcun m populbe- 
oe bi^ yx]i pihc i^pholeii' 
monna jehyjba* 
ac fe miepa baj- 
hpe)>ep-loceDa hopb' 
heopcan jetrohcar- 
ealle secypeV- 
tep fceal 2e)>encan> 
. jwjrer jjeappe- 
fe^ jobe m^nrelt- 
bjun^an beopbme plice- 
}>oDne bpyne cop»1S. 
hac heopu %ifj}e' 
fan jehealboe pnb-' 
paple ptiS fyiiDum- 
pype pse>beinaD> 
Son po byman jrepen- 
■] ps beophca pejn- 
5 )«ec hace pyp. 
•] peo heS buju'5. 
D pe enjla (jpy- 

Men may not their cogitations, 

their heart's thoughts, 

before the Supreme, 

in aught conceal : 

deeds are not dark to him, 

but there shuU be known to the 

on that great day, [Lord, 

how every man 

shall ere have merited 
10 eternal life ; 

and all be present, 
that they early or late 

wrought in the world. 
[256.] There shall be naught conceai'd 
of men's cogitations, 
but the great day 

the mind's recesses, 
lAe heart's thoughts, 
shall all disclose. 
^ Kre should meditate 
on his soul's need, 
be who to God intendeth 
to bring a bright aspect, 
when the bunting provetb, 
hot, all- devouring, 
hoiv abstinent have been 
souls from sins, 
before the judge triumphant ; 
when the trumpet's voice, 
30 and the bright sign, 
and the hot fire, 
and the high chieftmns, 
and the angels' grandeur, 
and the pain of terror. 

. pejiati hD]\)>, j, (. b;ieo;r-lK)nt>, = Iitojiean je>ohi.aj, 1. 2. 




-) ye heapba baej. 
-} jeo hea pob- 
jiyhc ajtaepeb' 
picej' Co beacne- 
):oIc-bpyhe pepa- 
bifojian botma^- 
lupla 2ehpylce> 
]fapa pe p'S oJ>)ie sep. 
on lic-homao- 
leo)?um onjrenjeD- 
iSoti peopoba mej-C' 
pope palbenbe. 
ece T ebjeonj. 
■jpeapb ja&S- 
iieobe -J nj*e. 
bt noman jebacne> 
bepa% bpeojra hopb* 
pope beapn jobep- 
peopej- ppteCpe- 
pile paebep eahcaa* 
hu jejTinbe puna- 
{"aple bpinjen* 
op J^am eilile- 
|>e hi onbpboD* 
Son beoiS bealbe- 
^ )>e beophcne pliCe- 
meocube bpinjaS- 
bi^S hypa meaht -j jepea* 
ppriSe jepsebjlic- 
j-aplum to jielbe. 
pulbop-lean peopca> 
pel ip )>am Jfe momn- 
on )>a jpimmaa cib- 
jobe lician :- 

and the stem day, 

and the high rood, 

rais'd erect, 

in sign of sway, 

before t/t' asaemblage of men, 

Hhall proclaim, 

before every soul 

of those that ere or late, 

in body, 

membera receiv'd ; 

when of hosts the greatest 

before the Powerful, 

eternal and again young, 

shall present go, 

by force and need, 

call'd by name, 

shall bare their breasts' recesses 

before the Child of God, 

their life's treasures, 

the Father will observe 

how healthy Am sons 

bring their souls 

from that land 

in which they liv'd. 

Then wUl be bold 

they who a bright aspect 

to the Creator bring; 

their might and joy shall be 

very abundant, 

(or their souls' recompence, 

a glorious reward for their works. 

Well is it for those who may, 

at that awful hour, 

to God give pleasure. 

S3. Altered fVorarapla. Thept. tenniiMtioninefora,beingpreVKleDttbrougfa- 
oiit the MS., will not hereafter be noticed. 33, MS. mocuro. 



pap him rylpe jej-eo^- 

fopja maejTe> 

ryn-ja men> 


ne hi& him co ape. 

Jraec l>asp pope elljieofaum- 

urpep bpyhcnep p5b. 

'jpeapb jxonbe?. 

heacna beojihtap:- 

blobe beptemeb. to 

beofon-cjmn^ef ■ 

hlucpan bpeope- 

bifeon mib ppace- 

]»iec Ojrep pbe jefceaj-t- 

pcipe fcme^- 

pceabu becS bibypneb- (24 a.] 

fnep pe leobta beam- 

leobnm byphce'S- 

^m: peah Co. -^ 

CeoQum peop)>e%. » 

^bum CO {rpea- 

^am ]»e )>onc jobe- 

pom-pypcenbe - 

pica ne cujmn ■ 

yay ]w he on )>one haljan beam- 

Sfaonjen psep- 

pope mon-cynnep- 


}neji he leophce- 

hpep ceapobe- » 

There themselves shall see 

of aoiTows greatest, 

men stain'd with Bin, 

aad in bouI ; 

it shall not be to them io mercy, 

that there before Strang nations 

our Lord's rood 

present standeth, 

brightest of signs, 

with the blood bedev'd 

of heaven's King, 

with pure gore ; 

shall see with sweating, 

that o'er the wide creation 

it clearly shiaeth : 

shade shall be hidden, 

where the light beam 

to nations brighteneth : 

yet that to 

their harm shall be, 

a chastisement to oationa, 

to those who thiuiks to God, 

(workers of sin) 

knew iiot, 

for that he on the holy tree 

was hanged, 

for mankind's 

evil misdeeds, 

where he dearly 

sold his life, 

13. bijeotf? 




peahen mon-cynne- 

on {>ara hte^e- 

mib |>^ peop^- 

!» nS pom bybe- 

hip hc-homa- 

1eahc)ia pjiena- 

mib jiy upc alyfbe- 

[>»)■ he epr-lean pile- 

Jiuph eopnefce- 

eallep jenomum- id 

ISon po jieabe- 

p6b opep ealle- 

j-pejle j-cineiS. 

on JiEepe punnan jylb. 

on ]>a pojihtlice- 

ppeiium popbone- 

ppeapce pyn-pypcenb- 

poppim pbca'S- 

jepeolS him co bealpe- 

f him beCpc bicp<>' ao 

)«ep hy hit to jobe- 

onjiecan polban- 

"J eac ]>a ealban punbe- 

•J ]>a openan bo1j> 

on hypa bpyhcne jepeo^ ■ 


ppahim mib nsejlum ]>uph-bpipaii ■ 


l^a hpican honba- 

•J ]>a haljan pet- x 

•J oy hip fiban ppa pome- 

j-pat poplecan- 

|»Bep blob -J psercp. 

bum ffit-j-omne- 

ihe Lord, for mankind, 

on that day, 

mth that price, 

whone body 

no crime committed, 

wicked einbi, 

with which he ub redeem'd; 

for this he will a recompense 


surely take, 

when the red 

rood over all 

the heaven ahineth, 

in the sun's atead, 

on which fearfully 

the lost in crimes, 

dark workers of sin, 

Bball Rorrowfully look, 

shall see to their own harm, 

that 1^ had best become them, 

that they it to good pttrpose 

would have understood : 

and also the old wounds, 

and the open sores, 

on their Lord shall see, 

sad of soul ; 

how of him pierced with nuls 

the devisors of evil 

the white hands, 

and the holy feet, 

and from his side also 

the gore let out, 

where blood and water, 

both together. 

6. leahcop-j:! 

. >«t? 



vt bicpoman- 

pope eajna jej-Jh*. 

|uuuaa pojw piDcu> 

)ra he on pobe p«y- 

6all y\f mBjon ■ 

him jylfc jcfeon- 

]>ua open opjece- 

f be fojk »Iba tu):aii> 

ppen-j^emmetibjia • 

fela Jrpopabe- 

majuD leobs beapn- 

leohce ODcnapnO' 

hu fame lyjDebon> 

lea^e on s^poaca- 

h^j'pcun heapm-cpibuni' 

■J on hif hleop ]x>mob- 

hypa fpatl fpeoipbon- 

fppscon him ebpit- 

•J on })one eat^an ■ 

;]pkcaD fpa fome- 

hel-pij-e men- 

honbum flo^n- 

folmum apeahtum- 

T pyjtara eac- 

"J ^mb hif heapob- 

hesjibne jeb^bon- 

beaj )rypnenDe* 

blmbe on 3e)roncii] 

^frZ^ tJ jebpealbe- 

^f^un )ra bumban jej-ceajx. 

eop'San eal-jpene- 

■) up-pobop- 

fophce je|:elan- 

fTiean Jipopm^a- 

•j mib ceajtum cpifibiiii ■ 

^eah hi cpico ntepon- 

[24 4.] 

came out, 

before t/ie sight of eyes, 

running before men, 

when he was on the rood. 

All this may 

themselves see 

then plainly luanifest, 

that he for love of mortals, 

framers of crime, 

much Buffer'd ; 

the children of men may 

easily know 

how him belied 

t/ie false Id their thoughta, 

BcoS'd with maledictions, 

and OQ his face also 

their spittle spat ; 

spake to biro reproach, 

and on the blessed 

visage also, 

hell-prone men 

with their hands struck, 

with outstretched palms, 

and with fists eke, 

and about his head 

bent a hard 

thorny crown, 

blind in their thoughts, 

foolish and erring. 

They saw the dumb creation, 

the earth all-green, 

and heaven above, 

fearfully feel 

the Lord's sufferings, 

and sorrowfully they mourn 'd, 

though quick they were not, 




|>a pe hf[\tt fcyppenb- 
j-ce^an onj-'enjon ■ 
rynju faonbum- 
]-uime )>eap1S abpte^ceb- 
^eam aynypneb- 
]>a po peob jej-eah. 
in hiejiupalem. 
jobpebba cyjtr- 
I>iet asp ■5am haljao- 
huj'e )'ceolbe- 
CO peop))UD;a> 
peopub j'ceapian- 
upan call popbsepjT- 
pxt hiC on eop^au Isej- 
on cpam j-cyccum- 
)«ej- Cempler ["ejl- 
jmnbop-bleom jepophc- 
co plite JJBei' hupej-. 
rjlp j-lac on ca- 
ppylce bic peaxep ecj- 
pceapp ]>uph-pobe' 
fcipe bupj-Caii- 
mupap ■} ]Tanaj-- 
mon^e aepcep polban* 
T ]-eo eop'Se eac- 
ejpan mypbe- 
beopobe on beaphtine- 
•j ye bpaba j-8e- 
cySbe cpseftep meahC' 
] oj: clomme bpaec- 
up ypprnja. 
on eop}>aii pseilim- 
je on pcebe fcynum- 
pceoppan popleton- 

when their Creator 

the impious seiz'd, 

with sinful hands. 

T'he sua was exttnguish'd, 

with sufferings obscur'd. 

Then the people saw, 

in JeniBalem, 

of textures choicest, 

(that ere, to that holy 


in reverence, 

the multitude should behold,) 

from above all burst, 

so that on earth it lay 

in pieces twain ; 

the temple's veil itself, 

with wonder- colours wrought, 

for beauty of that bouse, 

in twain was rent, 

as if it a faulchion's edge 

sharp had pass'd through. 

Burst the bright 

walls, and stones 

many over earth, 

and the earth eke 

was mindful of that terror, 

trembled instantly ; 

and the broad sea 

show'd its power's might, 

and from durance brake 

angrily up, 

on to earth's bosom : 

yea, in their beauteous place 

the stars forsook 




hjpa fpn^Tie phce- 

on )>a jylfan tib. 

heofon hlnccpe onjeae- 

hpa hme healice* 

oojkhtne jerjietnebe- 

cuojol-pmmum • 

poji)>on he hij- boban j^nbe- 

p& pasf jebopeo asjieyt. 

jefceapca pap-cjiiinj. 

bpiee eac fcylbje men- lo 

X*r*3°° Co fo^Se- 

1* f^lpan bjEje. 

)re OQ l^popabe- 

]>eob-punbojk mice)' 

■Jtee eoplSe a^eaf ■ 

{ra h^e on Isepin- 

epe lif^enbe* 


^A ]»e heo asp piejTe ■ 

btjrenjen tuej:be- ao 

beobe bib^jebe- 

|>e bpyhfcnef bibob- 

heolbon on hpe]>pe- 

hell eac onjeat- 


palbenbe job- 
pa heo )> peopub ajeaj:. 
falojie Of ^am haean hpe)>pe- 
hyje peapiS monju blifcab- so 
l^plum ppje co-jlibene. [25 a. 
hpst eac r*e cyiSbe- 
bpa bine ^eyetee- 
on pbne jpunb- 

tbeir sweet aspect : 
at tbat same time, 
the clear heaven felt, 
who it on high, 
bright, bad adorn' d 
with Htarry gems j 
therefore its mesaengere it sent, 
when first was bom 
of creatures the bright King. 
Aye, also guilty men 
saw in sooth, 
on the same day 
on which he suffer'd, 
a mighty wonder great, 
that the earth gave up 
those who in her lay : 
living again 
stood up 

those whom ere she fast 
had enclos'd, 
had buried, dead, 
who the Lord's command 
had held in mind. 
Hell also understood, 
the sin-avenging, 
that the Creator was come, 
the powerful God ; 
when she the multitude gave up, 
the band from her hot bosom, 
the mind was bless'd of many 
.Jsouls, their sorrows pass'd away. 
Yea, eke the sea declar'd 
who had set it 
on the broad ground. 

. MS. bipen. 




ctji-meahcij c^Dinj- 
{x>ii))oa he bine cjiebne- 
hini on jean jyjiebe- 
|>on 2ob polbe- 
opep rine y^Se jan. 
eah-|Tpeam ne t>o|i]'Ce- 
hij- fpetax fOK- 
plobe bij'encan- 
■ge eac beainaj- onbuboa- 
hpa by nub blebum fceop- 
monje nale]* p«a> 
9a mihcij job- 
on bipa anoe jejraj' 
)>«p he eaii)»)>U' 
^epoiabe pope )reajtpe> 
laShcne bea^S- 
leobu to belpe. 
Da peap9 beam monij> 
blobijum ceapum- 
bipunnen unbep pobepum- 
peabe ^ )>icce. 
jTep peap? Co fpace- 
pat apecjan ne majmi' 
)>upb ppob jepit- 
hu pela I'a onpinbun- 
p& 2e]:e)an ne m^un- 
bpybcnej' )>popinja> 
beabe jepceapte- 
)>a }>e {e)>elajt: pinb' 
eopCan jecynba- 
■) heo)»ne|- cac- 
he ah- jecimbpo • 

the glorious mi^ty Kii^, 
therefore it itaelf passable 
towards hitn made ; 
when God would 
over its wave go, 
lh£ water-stream durat not 
his Lord's feet 
sink in the flood. 
Yea, the trees eke proclidm'd 
who had with branches shap'd 
many not few, [them, 

when mighty God 
on one of them ascended, 
where he pains 
endur'd for need 
of earth's inhabitants, 
a loathly death, 
in help to mortals. 
Then was many a tree 
with bloody tears 
Buffiis'd imder tfie hearens; 
red and thick 

their sap was turn'd to gore : 
so that may not say 
earth's habitants, 
through wise knowledge, 
how many then perceiv'd, 
which could not fee], 
the Lord's sufferings, 
I dead creatures. 

Those that noblest are 
of earthly natures, 
and of heaven eke 
the lofty structures, 

'f r- ijppebe {jeappo»te). 

7. MS. f/ieini. 

. MS. Dwjnin. 



eall pope ^am aiiu- 

anpoc 2^pei^'S- 

pijihc aFonjen- 

)>eah hi F^jiS-jepiC' 

Of bypa sefrelum* 

cm; ne cujien- 

penbon fpa }>eah punt>]tum- 

}« byjia palbenb- 

foji op lic-honuui> 

leobe ne cn)?an> 

mob-bliobe men- 

meocub oncnapan- 

phnCuoi heapbjian- 

f hi jrjiea ne]\ebe. 

[:]iam hell-cpale- 

hal^m meabcum> 

alpalba ;ob> 

f sec sepejxan- 

j»pe-|H>ncle men- 

fpom iqiuman pojiulbe- 

Jmph pir jepic 

pi^an bpyhtnef - 

halje h^e-jleape- 

hffile|nim fsjbon- 

o|X oalef sene- 

ymb f ffi{rele beajm- 

ISffiC fe eapcnan ftan- 

eallum j-ceolbe- 

CO hleo ;] m bpo^p- 

hKle)>a cynne- [25 £.] 

peop^an in populbe- 

pulbpej- ajenb- 

eabef opb-j:puma- 

Jntph |>a ie)>elan cpenn :■ 

all for tliat alone 

became sad, 

seiz'd with fear ; 

tbougb tbey mental wit, 

by tbeir natures 

knew not any, 

ween'd yet wondrously, 

when their Sovereign 

from body parted. 
10 The natioHB could not, 

men blind of mind, 

their Lord acknowledge, 

border than flints, 

that them the Lord had sav'd 

irom hell-torment, 

by Am holy powers, 

all-powerful God, 

what at the first ' 

sagacious men, 
ao from the world's be^j^nning, 

through wise understandiug, 

prophets of thx Lord, 

holy prudent-minded 

said to men, 

oft not once, 

about that noble child : 

that he a precious stone 

should to all, 

for refuge and for comfort 
30 to mankind, 

be in the world, 

the Lord of glory, 

Origin of happiness, 

through that noble woman. 



I?j«ef feaeli ye- 

)>e mib jepitxe n^le- 

jemunan ]>a mitban- 

meoCubej- lape- 

•} eal Sa eapfffSu- 

]fe he fojie eelbura ab|ieiQ- 

|:op^0D ))€ he polbe- 

|>Kt pe pulbjier eapb. 

m ecnejye- 

ajan mofcen- 

Spa ]>ain bi'5 jjiojine- 

on ^am jpimman beje- 

bomej- yar miclan- 

^am )>e bjiyhcnef fceal- 

bea'S ppenum jxijiben • 

bolj j-ceapian* 

punbe "J pjte- 

on pepipun fe|:an- 

jej-eo^S fopja mffifte. 

hu j^ ry^F* cymnj. 

mib fine lic-homan ■ 

lyfbe Of ppenum- 

}>ujih milbe mob. 

f hjf mofcun- 


tome lij^an- 

•J cipej- bbeb. 

ecne ajan- 

h^ )>%]' e^lef ]>onc- 

hyjia palbenbe- 

pita lie cu)>on> 

What thinketh he, 

who with understanding will not 

be mindful of the mild 

lore of the Creator, 

and all the paioB 

that he for men endur'd, 

because he would 

that we th' abode of glory 

for ever 
10 might possess ? 

So to them it shall be sad, 

on that grim day 

of the great doom, 

whom the Lord's death 

shall for their crimes for|do, 

to behold the scars, 

wounds and punishment, 

in their sad mind : 

they shall see of sorrows greatest, 
90 how them the King himself, 

with his body 

releas'd from sins, 

through benignant mind, 

that they might 

from evil deeds 

live exempt, 

and of glory fruit 

possess eternal. 

They, for this land, thanks 
30 to their Sovereign 

knew not; 
31. Fihce? 




p]j))>OD )neji to ceonum )»&' 
caceD je|%crS' 
opjeacu on jobe- 

^n cjujt j-ifceS ■ 
on hij- cyne-jTole- 
on heah-f«rle- 
heopm-nuepia job. 
pebej) Eelmihcij' 
polca jehpy1coin> 
pc^penb jxinenbe- 
fCju):erS bt je)>yjihcuni> 
eatl ffifXeji jiyhte* 
jiobepa }>albenb' 
^a beoS jej-omnab' 
on pa. Ypippaxi honb> 
)« cUenan folc- 
cpifce j^lfum. 
jecopeoe bi cyfCum* 
)>a aejk pnne cpibe- 
jeojine lurcu Iseftnin. 
OD hypa li):-bajum> 
Onb psen pom-fcea)ran. 
on 1*006 FJpran bsel. 
pope fcjppenbe- 
fcyjiebe peojiJwS- 
haceS hun ^epitan- 
on ]»a pinj-cjian honb- 
pjopa j-o^-cyninj- 
fyn|nil]ia peojiub* 
jwjL b^ apafabe. 
jwocafi -J beopa'S- [26 

pjjie fTiean pjihce- 
rpa pile rpa j«c. 
unrypjie folc- 
ajina ne penalS. 

therefore there to their harms 

fligns ahall see, [these 

manifest in God, 


%rheo Christ shall sit 

on his kingly throne, 

on his lofty seat^ 

Ctod of the heavenly powerii, 

Father almighty. 
Id to every people 

the Creator shining 

shall by their works adjudge, 

all according to right, 

the Sovereign of the skies. 

Then shall be assembled, 

on the right hand, 
the pare people, 

by Christ himself 
chosen by bands, 
90 who had before his word 
joyfully perform'd, 
in their life-days. 
And there the wicked 
into the worse part, 
before the Creator 
shall be separated ; 
shall bid depart, 
on the left hand, 
the just King of triumphs 
30 the band of sinful, 
there they detected 
a.] shall wail and tremble, 
before the Lord a&aid, 
as foul as goats, 
an impure folk, 
no mercies thetf expect. 




Don bi% JKjxa bom- 
fope jobe jreaben. 
fpa hi jepojihtun £jt- 
]raeji biiS on eobpim- 

|>peo tacen |^mob> 

^]- Jte hi hypa |>eobner pel- 

pojiburo -) peojicum- 

pillan heolboD- 

Tin ly repept- 

}rsc h^ fope leobum- 

leohee hhca];- 

bicebe ^ byphce. 

opep bupja jeyecu- 

hun onpcina'S- 


on ry^KP* jehpam- 

pinuan beophcpan- 

OJ>6p ip co-eacan- 

^jece fpa r-ome- 

f by hitn in pulbpe piton- 

palbenbep jiepe- 

■J finpeo?- 

ea;um ro pynne^ 

}>8ec hi on heopon-pice- 

hlucpa bpeamap- 

eabje mib en^lum- 

ajan momn- 

Don bi^ ]>pibbe' 

hu on yyytjiA bealo- 

'P S^r*!*?* peopub- 

jepih'S y«c popbone- 

When the doom of spirits shall be 

before God decided 

to the generations of men, 

as they ere wrought, 

there among the bless'd shall be 

easily seen 

three signs at once, 

for that they well their Lord's, 

by words and works, 

will ohseired : 

One is first, 

there manifest, 

that before people they 

with light shall shine, 

with glory and with brightness, 

over the cities' dwellings ; 

on them shall shine 

their former deeds, 

on each one, 

than the sun brighter. 

The second also is * 

manifest likewise, 

that they for them in glory know 

the grace of the Supreme, 

and shall see, 

to their eyes' delight, 

that they, in heaven's kingdom, 

pure joy a, 

happy with angels, 

may possess. 

Then shall be the third, 

how, in the calamity of darkness, 

that blessed company 

shall see that the foredone 

»2, opjece! 

30. MS. mocum. 




faji |>fiopian- 

jTima to fite- 

peallenboe li;- 

3 pyjuna yhte- 

bitpom cei^Jum- 

bypnenbpa fco]e> 

Of y»m him apeaxe^- 

pyDfum ^^F^^- 

^n hi ])Eec y]:el jej'eoS- 

tfBpe bpeojan- 

|>aee hy Jnijih milcj*- 

meocabej- %ea^BYon^ 

Bon hi )ff ^et^nop- 

jobe {wnciaiS- 

blaebef ~] bhjja- 

{w hy bu jej-eoiS. 

^ he hy jenepebe- 

j^OTa nrS-cpale. 

J eac Fopjeaj:- 

ece bpeamaj*- 

brS hira hel biloceu- 

beop>D-ptce ajiepeD' 

jpa fceal jeppixleb- 

)>ani )fe Ep pel heolbon- 

|>uph mob-lnfan- 

meocubei' pillan- 

Donne briS )>ain o)rpuni. 


pilla jepopben- 

majOQ peana eo jxiltk- 

jej-eon on him fe]{:um- 

j-jrnne jen<^e- 

aeol- eappoiSa- 

Kp jebenpa- 

)wep him ppxenbum. 

Bhall suffer pain, 

in punishment of sins, 

boilinj^ flame, 

and serpents' bite, 

with bitter jaws ; 

the shoal of thoie burning : 

from which to them sball wax 

winsome delight, 

when they that evil see 
■0 others suffering, 

that they through mercy 

of the Lord are saved. 

Then they the more fervently 

God shall thank, 

for their enjoyments and delights, 

when they see both, 

that he hath them preserv'd 

from evil torment, 

and M«m hath also given 
90 eternal joys } 

to them shall hell be lock'd, 

heaven's kingdom given. 

So shall be allotted [served, 

to those who ere have well ob- 

through their mind's love, 

the Creator's wiU, 

Then will to the others 


the disposiUon be : 
30 they may too many woes 

see in themselves, 

sins enough, 

dire afflictions, 

for their former deeds ; 

there to them sorrowing 




|-aji aSchfcS- 

)>Iioht )reob-bealu> {26 £■] 

on }>|ieo healfit- 

an ij- )>a}ta> 

^ by him jjiiapn to jiela- 

5jum helle ^. 

jeajio CO pice> 

■jpeapb j-eo^- 

on ]m hi &po fculoa- 

yjMC-jnnneabe- to 

pflepjSu bpeojan. 

)f6D If him o)>ep- 

e^fejm rpa fom«- 

fcylbjum CO fconbe. 

)>tee hi Iwji fcoma m^j-Ce- 

bpeoja^S p>pbone- 

on him bpyhcen ^eph'S- 

nalej- peapa j-um> 

pipen-bealu la'Shc- 

■3 f lell-beophte. 30 

eac fcef^iS- 

heopon-enjla bepe> 

•J hse1e]>a beapn. 

ealle eojilS-bnenb. 

•J acol beopol- 

tmpcne miejen-cpffiil:- 

mSn-pomma jehpone- 

ma;on )>uph )>a hc-homan* 

leahtpa fapeae- 

jej-eon on ffam pplu> » 

beoB J>a j^jan plaefc- 

fcanbum )?Qph-pa&en- 

j7a l>aec j-cipe jltej-- 

pain Bhall cleave, 

suffering, mortal ill, 

on three sides ; 

One of them is, 

that they too many miMries, 

hell's grim fire 

ready for punishment 

shall present see, 

in which they erer shall, 

vengeance suffering, 

curees endure. 

Then is to them the second 

misery also, 

in shame to the guilty, [tumely 

that tbey there the greatest con- 

foredone shall su£fer : 

in them the Lord shall see, 

not of few one 

loathly sinful evil : 

and that the all-bright 

band of heaven's angels 

eke shall heboid, 

and the sons of men, 

all earth's habitants, 

and the fell devil ; 

dark powerful craft, 

each blot of sin, 

they may through the body's 

pernicious vices 

see in the souls ; 

the sinful flesh shall be 

with scandals penetrated, 

as the clear glass, 

9. The uiubI orthograph}' for Bjib in thii MS. 

39. Ualicori-}:? 




)wec mon yp^p: Duej- 
call Irujth-pLtan. 
Bod briS ^ac }>)ubbe- 

cpi^nbe ce^o- 

f by on ^a cbeaan j-eo'8> 

hu hi po]ie 2ob-bfebum> 

^]abe blij-pu'S' 

)>K by unj-telje- 

»p fopho^iDun* 

CO bonne • 

^n bim bajBf Ia:|-cun- 

"J be hyjis peopcnm- 

pepenbe j^ji- 

^ bi Kji fpeobce. 

):pemebon unpyhc- 

jej-eoS hi ^ becpan^ 

bkebe fcnun- 

ne htS faun faypa ypm^u- 

an to pice- 

ac Jraps (^ppa- 

e»b eo popjum- 

)Her H by n>a pejjie jepeon. 

on fypn-bapun* 

3 jpa «nhce. 



iicep p;^ne. 

et^jep plffifo-boman- 

ibelne luj%- 

^Kp bi afcamobe> 

fconbum jebpeabce- 

fpidati on rpiman- 


m that men most easily may 

all see through. 

Then shall be the third 

sorrow to the miaerable, 

wailing care, 

that they in the pure shall see, 

how they for their good deeds 

gladly rejoice, 

which they unh^py 

ere neglected 

to do, 

when their days lasted, 

and fur their works 

sorely weeping, 

for that they ere readily 

perpetrated wrong ; 

they shall see the better 

in glory shining : 

nor shall to tiiem their misery be 

alone a torment, 

but of the others 

the happiness shall be as sorrows, 

for that they so fairly rejoice 

in their former days, 

and so exemplarUy 


the all-deceiring 

joys of body, 

of the slothful carcase 

the idle lust. 

There they abash'd, 

shamefully tormented, 

wander in giddiness, 

their ain-burthen. 

M. T. br,,J*r 




ppen-peopc bepalJ- 

on ^ ))a pole j-eo'S- 

P«epe him ]»oq betpe. 

)isec h^ l>ealo-btebe> [27 a.] 

selcef unpyhcej-- 

Sep jercomeben. 

py\ie anum men- 

eapjpa peopca- 

jobej- boban j-aejbon- 

pxt hi CO jypne pij^on- id 

pipen-beba on hun- 

ne msej )>uph )>kc ):lse)'C- 


on Jraejie jvple- 

hpsejrep him mon fO%- 

>e lyje raX**- 

on hme ]7l).'ne- 

)ron he )>a j-ynne bija;$. 

miej mon fpa }>eafa jelacai;an- 

leahtpa jehpylcne- ao 

^jrel unclffine- 

jip h« hit anum jepejS- 

•j nteni^ hihelan msej> 

on ^am heapban beetle- 

pom unbeceb- 

■SflBp hic p& peopub jej-eo*- 

eala ^p pe nu majon- 

ppa)>e ppene. 

jefeon on ujyum j^Iu- 

ffnna punbe- m 

nub hc-homaji> 

leahcpa jeh^bu> 

eajum unclsene- 


their wicked works, thei/ bear, 

on which the people look. 

Then were it for them better, 

that they for sinful deeds, 

for each unrighteousnew, 

had before felt shame 

before one man, 

for their evil worka. 

God's messengers said, 

that they too well knew 

wicked deeds in them. 

Through the flesh cannot 

the confessor see 

into the soul, 

whether to him a man sooth 

or falsehood say 

of himself, 

when they sins commit; 

yet can man heal 

every sin, 

unclean evil, 

if he it saith to one : 

and none may conceal, 

on that stern day, 

crime unrepair 'd, 

where it the multitudes shall se 

Alas that we now may 

hateful crimes 

see in our souls, 

wounds of sin, 

with the body's 

wicked cogitations ; 

with eyes, impure 

inward thoughts ! 

26. r. f eoimhaf. 

S9. lenlieoji-selifsnur 



ne )raec senij ma^- 
o|.puin sefW^aD- 
nub hu micle eliie- 
«^hpylc pille- 
Jrajih ealle lifc- 
lifref cilijan- 
FMjter fophclice- 

■J hine yylfxie l^jiean- 

■j f pom ffijtpan- 

punbe hielan- 

)rone lyfclan pyjijt;' 

pe hep lipfif jy- 

f be meeje fope ej^um- 



eSlef mib monnam- 

bpucan b^fmeple^. 

(wnban bu pomob- 

he -} jvpU' 

li|:jui moCe :■ 

That may not any 

to other say 

with how great coara^ 

every one will, 

thr^gh all knowledge, 

life cultirate, 

life fearfully ; 

henceforth endure, 

Biu-rust wash away, 

and himself chastise, 

and that former stain, 

that wound heal, 

the little term 

that of life is here ; 

that he may before the eyes 

of earth's inhabitants 

without shame, 

the world with men 

enjoy blamelessly, 

while both together, 

body and soul, 

may live. 


Na pe jxeolon jeopne. 

jleapbce Jnipb-j-eon. 

ujje hpajjep-copan- 

heopcan eau^um. 

mnan UDcyyve- 

pe Dub ffam o^pum ne m^mi- 


hyje-^ncep pep£* » 

Now we ought earnestly, 

and skilfully to see through 

our mind's coffer, 

with eyes of heart, 

our sin within : 

we may not, with the other 


ottr soul's thought. 




eaju )m]ih-plican> 

hpse^jt him ^;:el )>e job- 


f he on ]>a gunman cib> ^ 

jobe l]cie> 

)»on he ojrep peopuba jehpylc- 

pulbpe fCineB. [2? bJ] 

Of hip heah-petle- 

hlutpan le^e* to 

]>ffi]i he pope enjlam- 

'] pojie el^eobutn- 

CO Jiain eabjejVum. 

sBjtepc msHSle^- 

•J him rpsephce. 

pbbe jehaceSS. 

heofona heah-cynin;- 

haljan peojibe- 

pjieppei? he j:Be3pe' 

^ hi jrpi)* beobe$> ao 

haceS hy jeimobe- 

•J jepeuabe- 

on el^el |:apan> 

enjla bjieamep • 

■J ]>3ef CO piban peope- 

pillum neocan. 

Onpo'S nu nub p]keonbum> 

minep paebep juce- 

f eop pep 8Bp populbum. 

pynhce jeapo- m 

blseb mib blippum- 

beophc eSlep pliCe. 

hponne je |>a hp-pelan- 

mib ^am leopcum- 

j-papfl pp^l-bpeamap- 

with eyes, eee through, 

in any way ; 

whether evil or good 

dwell under it, 

so that at the dread time it 

may to God be pleasing, 

when he over each multitude 

shall with glory shine 

from hia lofty throne, 

with pure flame ; 

where he before angels, 

and before nations, 

to those most blessed, 

first shall speak, 

and to them kindly 

shall promise peace, 

the heavens' high Bang, 

with holy voice ; 

be shall ^rly comfort them, 

and peace to them announce, 

shall bid them, safe 

and blessed, 

go into the land 

of angels' joy, 

and it for evermore 

at will enjoy : 

' Receive now with my friends 

my Father's realm, 

that was for you ere worlds 

joyfully prepar'd, 

glory with delights, 

the luid's bright beauty, 

when ye those vital blessings, 

with the motit beloved, 

sweet heavenly joys, 



jereon mo]*ren* 
je Jw}- eapnebon- 
^je eapme men> 
poptilt>-]>eaji]:enbe • 
pillam onjzenpiii • 
on tuilbum reptn- 

may see. 
Ye this merited, 
when ye poor men, 
the world's needy, 
willingly receiv'd, 
with tender soul ; 

Son hy him Jrujih mmne nomftn- when they, in my name, 

ea^mobe co eop> 

ajma baebun. 

ySa ;e h^jia faolpon. * u 

] him hko^ jepon- 

fainjIteDbum hlaf. 

"] hju^l nacebum' 

:) )>a |>e on pipe. 

feoce lopin- 

spbon uDjx>|xe. 

able jebunbne- 

CO ^am ;e liolblice- 

hyje fra}>elabon- 

mib mobef m^e- so 

eall je ^ me b^bon- 

^n je hj* nub pbbum pihmn. 

^ hyjia fcfsn ep^ebon- 

fojiH on fjiofjie- 

l^T 7fi P^^ fceolon- 

lean nub leopim- 

lanje bpacan- 

Onjinne^ )»6d co ^am ;^|:lum- 


pojtbnm nueStan- 

humbly to you 

pray'd for compassion, 

theu ye helped them, 

and them shelter gave, 

bread to the hungry, 

and a garment to the naked ; 

and those that in pain 

lay sick, 

aufFer'd painfully, 

bound by disease, 

of them ye kindly 

sustain 'd the spirit, 

with love of mind ; 

all that ye did for me, 

when in peace ye sought tbem, 

and their souls strengthen'd 

ever in comfort j 

for this ye fairly shall 

reward with my beloved 

long enjoy.' 

Then will he begin to the evil, 


in words to speak. 

a brS on |ra f>jnp:]um honb. (who shall be on hie left hand) 

)niph ejj^n )>jiea. 
al^ba job. 

ne )rupp)ii hi ^n co nieotnibe 
tnilcpe 2^penan. 
5. MS. on^ensmn. 

through terror's pain, 
M' all-ruling QnA : 
they may not then at the Lord 
mercy expect, 
16. spitMiiiT Me p. 84, 1. 7. and p. AT, I. 34. 
C 2 




\ifef ne lijra. 

ac )>3ep leao cumaS> 

pepum bi jepyphtuni- 

pofiba -J bseba> 

jieopb-bepentmra - 

j-ceolon Jrone pyhcan boin- 

senne jeaepnan- 

ejfao pilne> [28 a.] 

bi^ ]>8ep j-eo miccle- 

tnilC]- Sji^pjieb- 10 

]jeob- buenbu* 

on y&m baeje- 

faej- Eelmibtijan. 


on ^ {rjiEete {X)lc> 

):ipene jxaele^- 

la|>um popbu- 

haceS hypa hyey pihc- 

■^peapb y^an- 

f he him ep popjeap- as 

jynjum ro j-aelu- 

onjinneiS pjlp cpeSan- 

fpa he CO anum j'ppece- 

-} hpse)>pe ealle rareneiS- 

ppen-pyDni; pole- 

ppea selmihcij. 

OpEGC ic jvec iiion- 

minum honbu- 

sepepc jepophce. 

■} ^e ^jiecpealbe. so 

op lame ic J>e \eo'pe jepette. 

jeap ic Se Lj^enbne jaspc- 

apobe J>e opep ealle jepceapce. 

jebj'be ic f )?u onyfn htepbept- 

maej-plice me jelicne- 

IS. Ill 

life nor favours ; 
but there shall retribution (."ome 
to men, according to their works, 
for words and deeds, 
to those with speech endow'd. 
T^ey shall the one 
rif^hteous doom suffer, 
of terror full ; 
there shall be the great 
mercy cut oflF 

from the dwellers among nations, 
ou that day 
of the Almighty, 
when he angrily 
on that impiouH people 
crimes shall charge, 
in hostile words, 

shall command their course of life 
present to flow, 
which he them ere had given, 
for happiness to sinners } 
shall begin himself to speak, 
as if to one he spake, 
and yet shall mean all 
the sinful people, 
the Lord almighty : 
* Lo I thee man, 
with my hands, 
first wrought, 

and to thee understanding gave,; 
of loam I form'd thy limbs, 
1 thee a living spirit gave, 
over all creatures honour'd thee : 
I did so that thou sbouldst have an 
a form like to myself: [aspect^ 
ihe ^ ratio. 



jeaj: ic )>e ettc meabca fpeb- 
pelaa ojxji pib-looba jehpylc* 
nyjTef ]>u pean nDijne bsel- 

SJlTjia |>8ec )ni ]»olian j-ceolbe. 

ya ymy pone ne pifrer- 

y&K'pe fpa fcienne- 

jefceapen haepbe* 

pynlicne ^epopht -} )>e. 


f ISu moftef pealbaD ■ 10 

pojiulbe jei^eajtuni' 

ISa ic )>e on {>a ja^pan- 

|»>lbaD jej-ecce. 

to neocenae- 

neojixna ponjef ■ 

beo|ibtne bl»b-pelan> 

bleom fciD«nbe> 

4a Jm lij»j" popb. 

Isfcan Dolbef • 

ac nun bibob bpeece- 30 

be J'lne]' bonan popbe- 

pecnum peoDbe- 

pup^wp h^bep. 

pce]>]>enbum pcea]>&n - 

^n |nnum j'cyppenbe- 

Nu ic iSa ealban pace- 


hu )>u sec sepepcan- 

yple jehojbep- 

ppeD-peopcum poplupe- 30 

^sec ic ))e to ppenum pealbe- 

))a ic ))e joba ppa pela- 

popjiepen baepbe- 

"] ^ 00 |>am eallum • 

I gave thee eke of powers aban- 
weal over eacb wide land : [daiice, 
thou knewest no portion of afflic- 
tion, [suffer ; 
of the darkness that tfaou hadst to 
thou for this wast not grateful. 
When I thee so fair 
had shapen, 

80 beauteous made, and to thee 
weal had given, 
that thou mightest rule 
o'er the world's creatures, 
then I thee on the fair 
earth set, 
to enjoy 
Paradise 'ri 

bright blooming riches, 
with colours shining : 
then thou the word of life 
wouldst nut fulfil, 
but my command didst break, 
through ^Af word of thy bane : 
a treacherous foe 
rather clid»t thou obey, 
a pernicious spoiler, 
than thy Creator. 
Xow the old story I 
let pass, 

how thou at first 
evilly didst devise, 
by sinful works didst lose 
what I to thee for comfort gave. 
When I to thee of good so much 
had given, 
and to thee, in all that. 

31. fptfumiie ot ipo[pe for fipemmJ 




eabef eo lyc^ 

mobe ^ubtS' 

jip Jm meahce jT)eb. 

epen-micle jobe- 

Bjan ne mojre- 

iSa }ni oj: )>aii ^epean. 

jrjiembe pujibe- 

jxonbu CO pillan- 

):eo[i apojipen- 

neojixna ponjer plite- 

nybe j-ceolbcf . 

a^iejiaD jeomoji-mob- 

jBBjra ejjel. 

eap5 -J unpSc- 

eatlum bib^leb- 

bujepum -J bpeamuni- 

-} ^ bibpi):en pupbe- 

on {?aj- peo|tj)an peopiilbe. 

)Mep Jm )K)lBbef p i)>])&n ■ 

msejeD- eap[:e]>u • 

micle jTUDbe> 

l^n T rpap jepm- 

] fpeapcne beai^- 

•J sepCep hiii-jonje- 

hpeofan pceolbef . 

bean in belle- 

belpenbpa leap. 

Oa mec on^on bjkeopaa- 

)>Bec mm honb-jepeopc- 

ou peonba jepealb- 

jrepan pceolbe> 

mon-cynnep cubbop- 

maQ-cpealm peon- 

j-ceolbe uncuSne- 

too little b^piaeea 
to tby mind seein'd, 
if tfaou of poven abundaoce 
[28 A.] equally great with God 
mightst Dot possess^ 
tben tbou to that delight 
becamest alien, 
at the will of foes 
far cast away, 
10 Paradise's beauty 
must by compiUeion, 
sad of mind resign, 
the land of spirits, 
wicked and sorrowful, 
depriv'd of all 
blessings and joye ; 
and then wast driven 
into thia dark world, 
where thou didut suffer afterwards 
hardiihips severe, 
for a long season, 
pain and heavy toil, 
and swart death ; 
and after My departure 
shouldest fall 
abased into hell, 
of helpers void. 
Then if began to rue me, 
that my baud-work 
into the power of fiends 
should go, 

the progeny of mankind 
sin-death see; 
should an unknown 

. MS. insoDj*. 




eapb cunnuto- 

majR in moboji' 

|>eah yxf hjjie ma^bea-hab- 

a^hpiej- onpalj- 

pe&jiiS ic Sna jebopeo- 

jx>lcum CO fpoppe- 

mec moQ polmum biponb' 

bi|>eahce mib )>e^paii p8ebum> 

"] mec pa on yeo\tjie alejbe- ii 

bijnuibeQiifl Dub poiinum cla)ntQi< 

hpeec ic f f op populbe je)»olabe- 

l^cel ]nihce ic leoba beapimm* 

be; on heapbum fcane- 

cilb s^onj on cpj'bbe- 

mib ^ ic Iw polbe qieabn ajyji- 

hae heile bealu- (juui> 

^aec ^ mojxe halij jxman ■ 

eab^ on {>am ecan hjx- vt 

|»p'Son ic ^sec eapfe^ ponn :• 

dwelling prove, 

punfiil fortune!. 

Then I myself enter'd, 

a son into hig mother, 

yet was her maidenhood 

of every one inviolate. 

I was born alone 

for comfort to mankind. 

They with hands inwrap'd me, 

decked me with thrifty weeds, 

and then in darkness laid me, 

in dusky clothes inwrap'd. 

Aye, that for the world I suffier'd ; 

little seem'd I to the mns of men, 

on the hard atone / lay, 

a young child in a crib, 

when I from' thee would death 

hell's hot misery : [remove, 

that thou mightest holy shine, 

blessed Id th' eternal life, 

thereforedid Ithat liardsbip suffer.' 


N«f me pop mobe- 
ac ic on majn-jeopriSe- 
fpmpa ;eej:nbe. 
ajdeaf hc-j-Sp- 
f ic ^ph )«• 
ptepe f e jelic- 
•J ya meahte. 
mmum jieopjian. 
mKj-plite jehc ■ 

' It was not fur pride, 
but I in manly youth 
miseries suffer 'd, 
disgraceful body pain, 
that I through that 
might be like unto thee, 
and thou mightest 
become to my 
fair aspect like, 




maoe bibseleb- 

"] ]X)pe mouaa lupm- 

mm ))popabe* 

heapob heapm-fleje' 

hleoji jejjolabe- 

o>-r -} laca- 

apleappa fpacl- 

op muSe onfen^- 

m£n -j^emmeDbpa - 

j-pylce hi me jeblenbon- 

bitxpe coromne- 

uiij-pecne bjiync- 

ecebej- -j jeallao ■ 

iSoQ ic fojie folce oof.'enj 

]:eoiiba jeni'Slan- 

|:yljbon me mib pjienuoi- 

fsblw De pohtun- 

•J mib j-peopum j-1ojud> 

ic JwBt pip pop 5e. 

fniph eaiSmebu> 

eall ;e]K}litbe- 

bofp "J beapb cpibe- 

y& bi bpeejne beaj- 

ymb mm heapob- 

beapbne jebyjbon- 

^eam bijijiyccoa- 

ye pEBf Of l^opnum jepojihc 

i$a IC pa:)' ahonjen> 

oil beanoe l>eam> 

pobe jefKjrnab- 

iSa bi picene. 

mib rpepe oj: minpe piban- 

)-pac uc-jocun> 

bpeop CO ):olban> 

from sin detach 'd ; 
and for lore of men 
Buffer'd my 

bead the baleful Btroke^ 
[29 a.] my face endur'd, 
oft and late, 

the spittle of the impiousj 
from the moutb receir'd 
of the eril'doera. 
10 So for me tbey mingled, 
bitterly together, 
an unaweet drink 
of vinegar and gall. 
Then I for mankind receiv'd 
the grudge of foea ; 
they foUow'd me with injuries, 
reck'd not of enmity, 
and with bcoui^b struck me. 
I that pain fur thee 
all BufCer'd, 

mockery and reproach. 
Then they a Bharp crown 
around my head, 
hard, bent, 

■with reproaches preas'd it, 
it of thorns was wrought. 
Then I waa bang'd 
on a high tree, 
to a rood faeten'd. 
Then they forthwith, 
with a spear, from my side 
the blood out- pour 'd, 
the gorr ti> earth, 




^tK ya oy. beoflef yaph ]nec> 


jenejieb pujibe- 

Sa ic pomma leap- 

pice Jrolabe- 

^1 eapfe)>u- 

oy^sc ic aiioe-}:opl«c- 

O): nuniim lic-homan- 

lifjenboe jaejt;. 

jefwS Qu J'8 feoph-boij. 

on nuDom i^lmnm- 

■J on pomm 17a fome> 
^ph |>a ic hunjabe. 
heajibe jejrseftnab- 
meahc h€p ^ ;e]-eoD> 
opjece Du jen* 
on miDjie f iban> 
bu )>Kji ptef fine|:en jiacu- 
unc ^enuene- 
ic onjieo; Jrin ptji )>nc )>u- 
morte ^erseli;. 
minec elwl-jucej-- 
eabi; neocan- 
"j pe oune beaSe^ 
beojie jebohte* 
f lonje lip- 
ase fni ou leohce ri|>^an. 
pliCTj pomma leaf • 
pnnian mofcep. 
La^ min pUefc-homa* 
in p>lban bijjiapn- 
ni^pe jehybeb- 

that thou, thereby, from /A« devil's 


might be Eav'd. 

Then I void of sins 

puniahmeiit endur'd, 

evil afiUctione, 

till that I uent forth, 

from my body, 

the living epirit. 

See DOW the deadly wounds, 

which they ere inflicted 

on my palms, 

and in my feet also, 

by which I hung, 

strongly fasten 'd; 

here mayst thou also see, 

yet now manifest 

in my side 

the gory wound. 

How uneven an account was 

to us in common 1 [there 

I receiv'd thy pun, that thou 

mighteHt blessed 

my native realm 

happy enjoy, 

and, by my death, for thee 

dearly bought 

that long life, 

that thou in light afterwards, 

beauteous, void of sins, 

migfatest abide. 

My body lay 

buried in earth, 

hidden beneath. 

:, meahce. 



ye ^ ntenjum jrob- 

in bjrjijenDe- 

^lec )m meahee beophce- 

uppe on pobejinm pefan- 

pice nub enjlum- 

].-ophpon poplece |>U' [29 ft.] 

Itp ^aec j^jyne- 

)>sec ic )w fop luyan- 

mib mine lic-hotnan. 

hesnum eo helpe* lo 

holb jecypce. 

pugibe ]>u ^f jc|ncleaf • 

})asc ]m palbenbe- 

Jvinpe alyjnejje. 

)>onc ne pi)Tej-. 

ne aj'cije ic nli. 

opihc bi ^am bicpan. 

bea^ inmiim- 

])e ic abpea; ptpe {re* 

BC |»pjielb me |>m fij:. so 

pay )w ic ifi )>e mtn. 

]niph populb-pice. 

peop^ jefe&lbe. 

^my liyey ic manije. 

)>e f>u mib leahcpum hajaj-r. 

ofj-l^en jynUce. 

}^l].-um Co fconbe. 

Fojihpan )>u ]>Eec fele-jepi^- 

)>»t ic me ypay on ]>e 

jehaljobe. so 

hCy to pynne. 

]niph ppen-lufcaj-- 

pile jynne. 

nnf^):pe bipnice. 

I^lper pillum- 

je ^ )K>ne lic-homan- 

(ichich none had iojur'd) 

ill the sepulchre, 

that thou mightest brightly, 

np in the skies, be 

with angels powerful. 

Why hast thou forsaken 

that beauteous life, 

that I for thee through lore, 

with my body, 

in help to th^ miserable 

kindly bought i 

Tbou wftst so witless, 

that thou to the Lord, 

for thy redemption, 

showedst no thanks. 

I ask not now 

aught for my bitter 


which for thee I suffier'd ; 

hut let thy life requite me, 

of which for thee I mine of yore, 

through worldly penalty, 

gave as price ; 

for that life I exhort thee, 

which tbou with vices bast 

slun sinfully, 

to thine own shame. 

Why didst thou the tabernacle, 

which I for my own in thee 

had hallow'd, 

a house for joy, 

through wicked luats, 

foul sin, 

impurely defile, 

with thitM own will ? 

Yea, thou the body. 




)»e ic alyfbe me- 

feoabxaa op peSme> 

-J ]n him pjiene pjibeab- 

ITjlb-pyjicenbe - 

px>Dbum jepembeffc. 

Fojihpoo SbeDje t>u mec hefigofi • 

on ]>iiijia honba jiobe> 

](aD lu hon^abe- 

hpsc me ^j- hea;it>]ia ^ynceS- 

no ij* j-psejipa miti mec- lo 

Jnnjia j^nna jM>b- 

)>e IC onpillu on • 

beom ^epeytnafo' 

JNjn feo dpeji y«y- 

]>e ic BBjt jeiTiQ- 

pillum miDum- 

)>a mec ]na peS fpi)>BjT- 

tec lieo|icsii jehjiB^- 

^ ic Jrec fjiom belle aceah' 

^p |m hic polbe j^lpa* » 

pfiffan jehealban. 

Ic pKf on pojiulbe jnebla- 

)nec 'Su pujibe pelij on heojronu. 

eajun ic psej- on eSle ]>inmD- 

^sec ]>u p<^be eab^ on minum. 

Da ■Bu ^j- eaUef' 

smjne ]>onC' 

)uniim neji^enbe- 

nyjyej- on mobe- 

bibeab ic eop. » 

ym: ^ehfiopoji mme- 

m populb-pice. [^0 a.} 

pel ajietcen. 

oy piaa sebirum f>e ic eop- 

that I for myself redeem'd 

from the grasp of fbei, 

and it then sin fwbade, 


shamefully did»t pollute. 

Why hast thou crucified me more 

on the cross of thy hands, 
than when of old I Buffer'd ? 
yea, this to me the harder seemeth. 
Now with me ia heavier 
the cross of thy tins, 
on which unwillingly I 
am fasten 'd, 
than the other ww, 
which I before ascended, 
with my own will, 
when me thy misery most 
rued at heart ; 

when from hell I drew thee, 
where thou thyself wouldst 
a^rwards abide. 
I in the world was poor, [rich, 
that thou in heaven mightst be 
miserable I was in thy country, 
that thou in mine mightest be 
Then thou for all this, [happy, 
any thanks 
to thy Saviour 
hadst not in mind. 
I bade you, 
that ye my brethren, 
in the world's realm 
well should cherish ; [y^u 

from the poBsessions, that I to 

r. heapbjie. 

lev Google 



on «oji«an jeaj:. 

capmjia bulpen- 
eajije jfi JreeC lK]-nin ■ 
]>eaji|nim poppypnboD* 
f hi unbeji eoi^um- 
Jffece moften- 

■] him sejhpsef o}Xu;on- 
^uph heapbne byje* 
faju^lef nacebum- lo 

mofef mece-leapim- 
])eah by him ]m{ih mmne Doman- 
pepje pouhale- 
paecaa bteban* 
bpyncej- jebpeahee. 
buju)>a leafe. 
]>upjTe jel>e5ebe. 
je him ]>pifce optajon. 
Sapje je ne robcon- 
ne him ypteyhc popb' « 

fpoppe 3e rppsecon. 
f by f>y Fpeopan bjje. 
mofae sei^enjen- 

eall ;e ^c me bybon to byn]>uin< 
heopon -cyninje - 
fiffifje jveoloDheapbeabpeojan- 
pite CO pibaD ealbpe- 
ppaec mib beojJum jejwluui. 
Dm |>ep opep ealle- 
ejeflicne qnbe^ so 

Yflf pijopa peapb- 
papep pulne- 
opep f pjBje pole- 
popS poplsete^i- 
cpi? Co ])apa pynpulpa- 

on the earth gave, 

that ye the poor should help : 

badly ye that perform'd. 

The needy ye forbade, 

that they under your 

Foof might 


and everything dented them, 

through cruel mind, 

Foment to the naked, 

food to the meatlesB ; 

though tbey, in my name, 

weary, sick,' 

for water pray'd, 

fur drink tormented, 

of good things void, 

with thirst oppress'd, 

ye harshly them denied. 

The aorrowful ye sought not, 

nor a kind word to them 

of comfort spake ye, 

that they thereby a gladder spirit 

might in mind receive : 

all that ye did in scorn to me, 

heaven's King ; 

therefore ye shall hardly suffer 

torment for evermore, 

exile with devils endure.' 

Then there over all, 

a dreadful utterance, 

the Lord of Victories himself, 

of affliction full, 

over the fated folk 

shall send forth, 

shall say to the bands 

. xefpegede? 

h Cfibe t 

lin«i above. 




P4>la fe)>an- 
jajia« DU apyjijbe. 
piUum bifc^ebe. 
en^la bpeamej*- 
on ece pp- 
pxc psef pacane- 

beofJe jejeajipab* 
•J ^jie beojican j-cole* 
hac ^ heopo ;]um- 
OD f je lijieoj'aD fceolan- 
ne majOD hi ^oa ^ehynaa- 
heopon-c^ninjef bibob* 
psebam bijiopene- 
|-ceolon jtaipe feallan- 
on 2punne jpunb* 
)ra sefi pt)> jobe punnon- 
biiS )>dn jucej* pe^b- 
peJTe '] meahtij' 
ypjie 1 e5en:ul- 
"^peajib ne nuej- 
on )>ijyum irolb-peje. 
|»onb ^ebiban :• 

of Btnful souU ; 

' Go, now accursed, 

wilfally cut off 

from angeJs' joy, 

into eternal fire, 

(that was fur Satan, 

and his aoaociatea also, 

for the devil, prepar'd, 

and that dark shoal), 
10 hot and intensely fierce, 

into which ye shall fall.' 

They may then not despise 

heaven's King's command, 

bereft of counsel : 

thetf shall fall rapidly 

into fhe grim abyss, 

who ere war'd with God. 

Then will Me kingdom's Guardian 

stem and mighty, p>e 

ao angry and terrible } 

present may not 

on this earth's way 

foe him await. 



Spape^ pje-mece. 

mib )>sepe fpriSpan bonb- 

f on ]»et beope btel. [30 b,"] 

beo|»l jepealla^. 

in rpeaptne lej. 

He shall sweep the victor sword 

with the right hand, 

so that into the deep gulph 

devils shall fall 

into swart flame, 




fjupulpa hejie- 
unbep folban fceat- 

on p|ia))]ia pic- 

pompuljia fcolu- 

pejije to fojiy^be- 

on pice huf- 

beaS-rele beopdej-. 

nalej- bpyhcn^ jemynb- 

pj^twin je|«ca8. 

j-ynne ne aj^junja'S- 

]>Kj\ hi leahCTium {£■ 

leje jebunbofl- 

rpylc ]>popia^> 

bi^ him fyo-pjiacu* 

ipeapb unbjpne. 

f If ece cpeahn, 

ne maej f haSe bsl- 

Of heoloS-cyiine- 

m jm-nibce- 

fynne )»pbse]uian> 

CO piban peope- 

pom op }>8ejie paple. 

ac ]Meji pe beopa pea%- 

bjteopje pebe^- 

2{)unbleap jieme'S- 

jsepca on ^eoytpe- 

sele^ hy mib ]>y ealban U^e- 

•J mib Jy ejpan pojipce. 

p[ia]>iim pyjimum- 

■] mib pica pela- 

pjiecnum peojih-jomum- 

polcum fcenbeiS. 

ptec pe majoD eahcan- 

the band of sinful, 
under earth's region, 
fated Bpirita, 
into Ike camp of foes, 
the ehoal of wicked, 
accursed to perditioo, 
into the house of torment, 
the dealh-hall of the devil. 
Not the Lord's remembrance . 
sliall they seek afterwards, 
shall not emei^ from sin, 
where they stain'd with crimes, 
bound in flame, 
shall suffer death ; 
shall be to them nn-vengeance 
present, manifest, 
that is etem^ death. 
That hot gulph may not, 
from the race of men, 
in all eternity, 
bum up sin, 
throughout all time, 
stain from the soul, - 
but there the deep pit 
feedeth the dreary, 
groundless holdeth 
the spirits in darkness, [flame, 
scorcheth them with its ancient 
and with the frost of terror, 
with fierce worms, 
and with torments many, 
- with rugged fatd guma 
affiicteth people; 
so that we may judge, 

)r eternal vengtane*. 

r. h«1(K. 

SO, MS. rin-nchce. 



-] on £n cpfl]raD- 
yaSe j-ecjan. 
^sec j-e faple peapb- 
hp«|' pifbSm. 
foplojien bebbe- 
}-e )>e □€ »e jieme*- 
hj>ae)>ep hif ^ir pe- 
e^m )>e eabij- 
^p he ece fceal> 
tefceji hin-^oage- 
luuDjaefC pei^i' 
De biropjaiS he- 
ffone CO fpemnuui- 
ponhybi; moii' 

ne he pihc« ha}:afi' 

hpeope on mobe- 

Jrsec bun hahj -ff^p:- 

lofije |>uph leahcpaj-. 

ou ^f benan cib- 

^Son mau-fceaSa- 

pope meocube >»phC' 

beopc on |>am borne psmbeS 

•J bea%e |»h. 

pommum apyj^eb* 

brtS j-e psep^loja. 

pjpep aj^Ueb. 

peopep tfnpJp^Se. 

ejpan ;ej>peab- 

^peapb jobe- 

poo f pbeeleap- 

hapiiS pepjer bleo- 

paceo tacen peopep. 

%n ppena beapn* 

cei^um jeocafS- 

SS. r. jripa. 

[31 a.] 

and erer declare^ 
soothly tiay, 
that the soul's guardian 
life's wisdom 
hath lost, 

who now heedeth not, 
whether his spirit be 
miserable or happy, 
where be shall for ever, 
after death, 
He careth not 
sin to perpetrate, 
thoughtless man ! 
nor hath ^| aught 
of grief in mind, 
that his holy spirit 
perish through sine, 
in this fading time. 
When the sinful apoiler, 
fearful before Au Creator, 
sad at the doom standeth, 
and with death foul, 
by crimes accursed, 
shall the faithless be, 
with fire fill'd, 
of life unworthy, 
with dread tormented, 
present to God ; 
I dusk and void of beauty 
shall have t&' accursed's hue, 
a false sign of life ; 
then the children of men 
tears shall shed, 

34. CMfiar' 



)wnDe yiey tib ne bi))* 

fynne cpijia^- 

ac by CO jiB boiS. 

jsejtnim helpe- 

'Sonne ^kj pman nele> 

peopuba palbenb- 

hu ]>& pom-fcealmn- 

hyjia ealb-jeftjieon. 

on ]hi openan tA> 

fape 2P«ten* 

ne bil" J>8ec ropja cib- 

leobum alyfeb- 

pac ]7Kp lascebSm* 

pnban moee> 

fe );« Du hif feope ny1§> 

hnslo jtTiynan. 

)>enben hep leo):a^' 

ne his )>8ep lenjuni jobum- 

jnopn dXffeb- 

ne nsen^ y^lum pel- 

ac )tep BejhpBBjiep- 

anpealbe jepyphc- 

■jpeapb pije?" 

|:op^n j-ceal oneecan. 

pe pe ajan pile- 

li;: cet meotube- 

]>enben him leobc "j jspt- 

fomob pepc peon. 

he hip jTiple phce- 

;eopne bijonje- 

on jobep pillan- 

•J ]>8ep peop&. 

popba "} beeba- 

when for that time shall not be ; 
shall their sins bewail ; 

but they too late shall do 

help to their souls, 

when that will not heed 

the Lord of Hosts, 

how the wicked doers 

their works of old, 

at that public time, 
10 sorely shall bewail. [rows 

That shall not he a time for sor- 

to nations granted, 

that healing there 

may find, 

he who now will not his soul's 

salvation earn, 

while he here liveth. 

There shall not be to any good 

affliction shown, 
w nor to any evil, joy ; 

but there each 

single deed 

present shall appear ; 

therefore must hasten, 

he who will hold 

life from his Creator, 

while to him light and soul 

are together fast : 

Let him his soul's beauty 
30 earnestly cultivate, 

after God's will, 

and there so become, 

in wurds and deeds, 



)>eDben him Jwof po^iulb- 
]%eabum )\:pi)>eDbe' 
{-cman moce- 
P be ne jrojileoj-e- 
OD {>af Ueoan rib- 
hij- bjieamej- bUeb- 
^ hif bsjeaa jiim- 
■J hij- peopcef pliCe- 
-} pulbpef lean- 
)fsecc« beojxinef cyiunj- 
OD f>a haljan nb- 
yoSpByt j-yle5- 
CO pjop- lean vim • 
^am )>e him on jKj-Cum- 
jeo]uie hyjia'S' 
^Q heofOQ-] bel' 
haelejm beapnum- 
ppa Feopum. 
jylbe peopt'e? ■ 
5punbap jT>elja«. 
jobep •jyacna- 
lacenbe lej- 
la^penbe men- 
{rpeaiS Jteob-pceajmn- 
■J DO )wnan lieta^> 
on jejrean jiapan- 
CO peopb-Depe* 
ac fe bpyne bmbefi' 
brS fxyrae hepe- 
fea^ pipena be^^U' 
ppecne me )>uice%- 
Jwc I'ap 3»rc-bepeDb. 
pman nella^- 

manners and tbougbts, 
while this world to him 
in BhadowB passing 
may shine, 
that be lose not 
in this fading time, 
his fruit of joy, 
and his days' number, 
and his work's beauty, 
and reward of glory, 
which heaven's King, 
at that holy tide, 
just, givetfa, 
a« glorious rewards 
to those who him in spirit 
fervently obey, 
when heaven and bell, 
with the sons of men, 
the souls of mortals, 
shall be aU'd, 

when th' abyss shall swallow 
the deuiers of God, 
bickering fliune 
hostile men 

shall chastise, arch-spoilera, 
and not thence let them 
go in joy 
to a refuge, 
but the fire shall bind, 
I shall bite 2A« fast multitude, [men. 
hostilely shall afOict the sons (tf 
Presumptuous to me it seems, 
that those bearing spirit 
will not heed. 

8. jcjuf enVum ! ' For nan valktih in a votN ihadow.' 

30. bit? 



men on inobe> 
)>dii man hyxc- 
him ]■€ palbenb co* 
ppace jefctte- 
]a}>um leobmn- 
ySa lip -J bea^- 
faplum fpeljaU- 
bi'S j-ufla hfif . 
open ';] oSeapeb* 
a15-lojum on jean- 
iSaec j'ceolon fyllan- 
ppen-jeojine men. 
fpeajitum j'aplu- 
pon jTnna pjiacu* 
j-cjlbijpa fcolu. 
aj-cypeb peopJ'e'S- 
heane pjiom halpim. 
on heapm-cpale- 
■&ep fceolan J^eopar- 
•J ]feob-j'cea)'an. 
leafe ] poplejene. 
hfxy ne penan ■ 
~f inSn-n>oj»an. 
mop]>op-lean feon> 
faeapb ^ heopo jpim- 
)>dn hel nunelS- 
pepleafpa peopub- 
•j hi palbenb jiejieiS. 
feonbum in ixipp^pb- 
j^ [jpopiaS- 
ealbop-bealu ejefhc- 
eapm hi'S pe Jw pile- 
ppenum jepjpcan. 
Jwc he pih ycyle- 


when any evil 

on them the Lord 
[31 &.] in rengeance may impose, 

on the hostile people. 

When life and death 

Boula shall gorge, 

shall the house of torments be 

open and shown 
10 towards the peijurera ; 

that shall fill 

sinful men 

with their swart souk : 

then, in punishment of sins, 

the shoal of guilty 

shall be separated, 

the base from the holy, 

in pernicious death : 

there shall thieves, 
90 and arch -spoilers, 

the false and fornicators, 

for life hope not ; 

and fake swearers 

the reward of crime shall see, 

hard, and intensely grim : 

then hell shall take 

the host of faithless, 

and the Lord shall gire them 

in perdition to iheir foes ; 
30 hate they shall suffier, 

vital ill terrific : 

miserable shall be he who will 

work by crimes, 

so that he a foe shall 

14. pjiacel 

, MS. mo^oji. 




Fpom hif fcfppeabe- 

apcypeb peoji'San* 

sec bom-bs^«> 

ro beaiSe nilvep.. 

imbeji helle cmo. 

In )>flee hate ffj\ • 

Sabeji bjef locan- 

)>aefi hy leomu [uecaS' 

CO binbenne- 

"j Co bserjineDne- 

•y to fpiDjenne- 

f-ynna Co piCe- 

^DDe bal^ ;v)T* 

belle bilace^- 

ino]i)>ep-bu|« nuept- 

)n]ph meahc ^obey- 


"J feoaba hepe> 

cymnjej- poptw. 

]-e bi^ cpealma nuejr- 

beofla 3 monna> 

f ly bpeamleaj- huj'- 

ixji sen^ ne meej- 

o{>eji lopan> 

calbao clomuni' 

hj bjuecon cynin^ej- pojib* 

beojihc boca bibob- 

Fop}>oD by abiban fceolon ■ 

m pD-iuhce> 

faji enbe leaf- 

pjien-bsbam }£■ 

j.-oji'S ]fpopian> 

■5a ]*e hej\ hojbuii' 

beo}»n-]itcej- ^^m- 

from his Creator 

be cut off 

at doomsday, 

to death beneath, 

aihoDg hell's race, 

ia the hot fire, 

under locks of flame : 

there they MetV limbs shallstretch, 

to be bound, 
i« and to be bum'd, 

and to be bcou^^, 

in punishment of sins. 

When the Holy Spirit 

hell shall lock, 

of death-houses greatest, 

through might of God, 

of fire full, 

and the host of fiends, 

at the King's word, 
30 that shall of plagues be greatest, 

of devils and of men. 

That is a joyless house, 

there not any may 

other loosen 

from the cold bonds : 

their King's word they brake, 

the Scriptures' bright behest, 

therefore they must abide, 

in eternal night, 
30 endless pain, 

stain'd with crimes, 

thenceforth suffer, 
■ they who here despis'd 

heaven's kingdom's glory. 

34. o>e;iue leojan 

S9. MS. rinnehre. 




p5a p& jecQjienan* 
pope qujT beju'S> 
beophce jqifBcpe- 
hypa bheb Ieoj:a^- 
sec bom-bieje ajan 
bpeam mib jobe- 
hpef liyey- 
J»a!f J?e alypeb bi)>- 
balijpa jehpam- 
on beo]:on-pice> 
^c ij* j-e e]rel- 
^ no jeenbab peop)>e{5* 
ac l^ep fymle popiS' 
j-ynna ]ea]-e. 
bpeam peapbia'S- 
bpyhcen lopa15- 
leopie lifej- peapb- 
leohtre bipunbne> 
fibbum bifpeSebe. 
fojipim bipepebe> 
bpeamum jebypbe- 
bpyhtiie jeljfbe. 
apo CO ealbpe> 
enjla jemaiiaii> 
bpuca'S mib blijTe- 
beophc nub Iij-pe- 
fpeojaS polcep peapb- 
jrsebep ealpa- 
jepealb hajiafS ~i healbeS 
halispa peopub- 
1S«p ij- enjla fon;- 
eabijpa blip- 
t>ap ij- peo bype. 
bpyhtnep onpien- 

When the choiien 

before Christ shall bear 

bright treasures, 

their fruit shall lire, 

they shall at doomsday have 

joy with God 
[32 a.'] of the soft life, 

which shall be allow'd 

to every of the holy, 
10 in heaven's kingdom : 

that is the land, 

which shall not be ended, 

hut there ever forth 


they shall joy poHsess, 

the Lord shall praise, 

life's dear Guardian, 

with light encircled, 

in peace inwrspt, 
30 from cares protected, 

by joys endear'd, 

to the liord f^thful ; 

for evermore 

angels' fellowship 

shall with bliss enjoy, 

bright with grace ; [kind, 

shall love the Guardian of man- 
Father of all ; 

power shall have and hold 

the host of holy. 

There is angels' song, 

bliss of the blessed, 

there is the dear 

face of the Lord, 




j-mman leohcpa- 
^]i If leopjia lu]ni> 
Vif butan enbe-bea^- 
jlab ^meaa peojiub. 
jiopilS butan ylbe- 
heofon-bujufta ^Jiym- 
bselu butan fajie- 
jijihe-izfiemnienbum ■ 
pcft butan jepinne* 
tMe; butan )>eo|t:jifi> 
beopbt blsebef piW- 
blij- butan fOfijum- 
|:|u^ jqieonbum bicpeon- 
fojiS butan ffifeftmn- 
jepe^ on rp^le. 
pb bncan ni)>e' 
baljam on jemon^e- 
ni]- )nBji bunjoji ne Jtipjt:' 
flap ne rpiqi l^eji- 
ne j-unnan bjiyne- 
ne cjle ne ceapo- 
ac 'pxji cynmjef 3iej». 
^)o bpucalS- 
eabi^a jebpyhc- 
peojiuba plite fc^ajl;. 
pulbjiej* nub bjiyhceii :• 

to all the happy 

than the sun brighter ; 

there of those dear ia love, 

life without final death, 

a glad host of men, 

youth without Age, 

glory of the heavenly train, 

health without pain, 

to the right doers ; 

rest without toil 

of the blessed ; 

day without darknea?, 

bright, of enjoyment full> 

bliss without sorrows, 

peace between friends, 

ever without jealousies, 

to the blessed in hearen> 

amity without envy, 

among the holy : 

there is nor hunger nor thirst, 

sleep nor grievous ail, 

DO sun's burning, 

no chill, no care, 

but there their King's grace 

ever enjoy 

the company of the blees'd, 

of hosts in aspect most beauteous, 

glory with their Lord. 

S4. MS. siep, after which ii i 




8e bi^S je):eana pejjiitjT- [32 A.] 

|K>nne hj- at j:iiymSe jemeta'S- 

6Djel "J feo eabje J^pl- 

oy^iefep hio {>af eoji)>aii pynne- 

|x>]ilfecefi p&j- Isnan bpeamaj'- 

"j hio pi|» {"am lice jebieUiS- 

iSoQ cpiS pe enjel- 

hapa^S ylbjiun hab> 

Xjiece'S jsBfC o|?ejine- 

abeobe^ h!f jobef EBjienbe. lo 

nu )fu moj-c pepao' 

^ibeji ]n] puibabefC- 

lonje -J jelome. 

ic |>ec Inban fceal- 

pejaj- pe pnbon pe)»e- 

"j jmlbpej' leohc- 

tofiht ontyneb- 

eapc nu nb-papa. 

CO ]>am haljan ham- 

]>Bep naeppe hpeop cyme's. ao 

ebep-jonj pope Jpm]?u. 

ac ptefi bi]> enjla bpeam- 

j-ib f jepBBbjnep. 

■5 papla p»pc. 

■J JiBep S CO peope- 

jepeon raorun. 

bp^man mib bp^hceo. 

I^a pe hip bomap bep- 

eepna'S on eopj^an- 

he him ece lean. so 

healbeS on heoponum- 

That shall of joys be greateet, 

when they at first shall meet, 

ike angel and the happy Bobl ; 

when it reaigns the joya of earth, 

forsakes these frail delights, 

and from the body it shall part. 

Then shall the angel speak, 

(shall have an elder form) 

one spirit greet the other, 

announce to it God's errand : 

* Now thou may' St go 

whither thou yeamedst 

long and often*; 

T shall lead thee ; 

the ways shall be pleasant to thee, 

and glory's light 

bright disclosed; 

thou art now a traveller 

to that holy home, 

where rue never cometh, 

a refuge from afflictions ; 

but there is joy of angels, 

peace and happiness, 

and souls' rest; 

and there for evermore 

may he glad, 

be joyful with the Lord, 

those who his judgments here 

fulfil on earth ; 

be for them reward eternal 

holdeth in heaven. 




|»«Ii ye fa^hrca ealjia. 

cynmja cyniDj. 
ceafqiS pealbe%* 
■Bbbc pnb Jw ;ecimbpn. 

ne )>am pojie ^}un)>am- 

pe yvjt iB-pimia'S. 

lip arppinxrfS. 

ac him hiS lenjC' 

hoj^l jeojujie bpuca^> lo 

"J jober nultTa' 

)>ibep foBjmjtTia. 

fapla mocun- 

cuman sejxep q>ealme' 

)m }>e leji cpijtey &• 

"y bij- lop }ue|ta'S< 

oixjipmoa't ]>a ap^jban jsefCaf • 

bijyta'B hmt pnlbjief psejre- 

hpitMp j-ceal Jwej- monner* w 

mob afnjan- 

ieji o^l^ ie)Xep< 

)iCHi he hif senne hep. 

jaejtr bijonje. 

f pe j^obe mote> 

pomma clseoe* 

m jepealb cuman • 

where the highest 

King of all kings 

o'er the citiei svayetb. 

Those are the structures, 

which (jhall not decay, 

nor, through sorrows, to them 

who dwell therein 

shall life &U, 

but shall to them be length, 

youth thei/ shall enjoy, 

and God's mercieu. 

Thither of the juat 

the souls may 

come after dea^i ; 

they who ere Christ's law 

teach and fulfil, 

and his praise exalt, 

shall overcome the cursed spirits, 

get for tbemaelTes in glory rest, 

thither shall of man 

the mind ascend, ^ 

sooner or later, 

when he here his own 

spirit cultivates, 

that he may into God's 

{clean of crimes) 

dominion come.* 

5. ne for du ? 




CDiMije pabon- 

jeonb mibbaD-jeajib- 

habaj- \iDbep heopnum 

}% ]>e iiDhalijjia. 

pim ajupa^- 

pe pKf pybc majuo- 

xt seshpylcum- 

anpa jefayiuui* 

pp pe ball; bebobu- 

bealbao pilla'S. 

mae; nu ynottop jama- 

jwle bjiucan- 

jobpa aba- 

pejef pillian . 
pojiulb If Snhjiejieb. 
cola]> qiifcei' lupi. 
pnban cojnnja. 
jeonb nubbau-jeapb' 
monje a|Ufene' 
n>a ^ 2^jm !(!• 
jobej- fpel-boban. 
pojibum rBe^bon- 
"J pajih picebSm. 
eal Snembon ■ 
rpa hit nu jonje*. 
ealba'S eop^n bbeb- 
te]>ela jehpylqie- 
■J op phce penba'5. 
psefCma jecynbu ■ 
bi|) peo pij^ie t^- 

[33 a.] Many there are, 

throufthoat mid-eartb, 

conditioDS under heaven, 

which arise from 

the Dumber of anholy ; 

we therefore rightly may 

from every 

one hear, 

if we the holy commandments 
ID will bold : 

now may the wise man 

enjoy prosperity, 

good times, 

and for his spirit hereafter 

desire its way. 

7%e world is agitated, 

cooleth love of Christ, 

temptations are, 

throughout mid-earth, 
3D many arisen, 

as that in days of yore 

God'H messengers 

in words stud, 

and through prophesy 

all declar'd, 

as it now goetb. 

Earth's produce age impairs 

of every nature, 

and from their beanty turns 
30 the kinds of fruits ; 

the later time is 



j-nba jehpylce)-- 
miKCjue m DisejDe> 
popjwn re mon ne Jveapf- 
to jMJTe populbe. 
pyppe jehycjan. 
f he uf p^jian- 
^pean bpinje, 
opeji ]n mljaf . 
^ pe nd bpeoja^S' 
Kjipon enbieO' 
ealle jefceafXe- 
% he jefeixe- 
on pex bnjuin- 
'Sa nu unbeji heo|xmum- 
habaf cenaaS- 
nude ■] mste- 
ir ]»er mibban-seapb- 
balnm jebsleb- 
bpyhcen fceapa^- 
fapffiji )>a eapbien- 
^ hif £ healbeo- 
jepihS he ]ia bomaf • 
bojpa 3ehi>ylc«. 
poman -j penban- 
Of populb-pj'hee. 
%a he jeferce- 
fujih hij- I7lj:er pSpb. 
he pela pnbeiS' 
pea beoS jecojiene- 
j-ome him ^mf habej-> 
hlij^n prllaS> 
pejan on pojibum- 
"J {n peopc ne boS- 
biB him eojiiS-pela- 
opep f ece Kp- 
bybta hyhfC- 

of erery seed 

in strength more limited ; 

therefore roan should not 

to this world's 

chance hU thoughts direct, 

that he to us fair 

joy may bring, 

above th' iniquities, 

which we now suffer, 

10 ere an end shall have 
all t/ie creatures, 
which He here placed 
in six days, 

which now under hearen 
conditions generate, 
great and mean. 
This mid-earth is 
into parte divided ; 
the Xjord beholdeth 

90 where those inhabit, 
who his law hold ; 
he seeth the decrees 
on each day 
wane and turn 
from worldly right, 
which he establish'd 
through his own word : 
He shall many find, 
few shall be chosen. 

30 Some their condition's . 
hme desire 
to bear in words, 
and these works do not, 
to them is earthly wealth, 
above th' eternal life, 
highest of hopes, 
pyppi lit.jncdi*. 




fe jehpylcum j-ceal^ [33 


jzjiembe jefeop}>ftn- 

poji)>on hf nfi hyppa^- 

halijjui mob' 

iSa pe him co beofoaV' 

hyje fca)>elia%- 

picoD f ye ele8. 

ece bibeS- 

ealpa Jiaepe menpi- 

}ie ;eoub imbban-'3e^b> 

bjiyhcne 'peoyutS- 

■y Jwf beojian ham. 

jnlnia^ bi jepj^ihcum. 

j-pa }»]■ |)ojiulb-jsj-t]ieon' 

on ]ia msejtai) 2^b< 

bimntab j>eop]>a%- 

iSon Jwc jejJpna'B. 

}ia Jw hmi jobef ^pi* 

hleona); opeji be^bum- 

by )>y hyhj'Can beo^> 

^ymme jejipeabe. 

Jnjyer liFq- 
]nijih bibobu bjtuca^- 
J )>»{- becjian ^jilS* 
pyjxa^S 5 penaji. 
f>u]b]ief hjcj^afl. 
Julia's aelmejjaa* 
eajmie ypeyjiafS- 
beo^ pfim-Diobe* 
pyhrjia 2e)t:peoDa> 
lapa^ mib lacum- . 
^a Jfe laej* a;an< 
bie^hpam bpfhtne peoyui^' 
he h^pa bsebe yeettpafS' 
1. hi xehpylcum jceolonf 
IT. bemiVenf MS. bimucatf. 

&.] they shall to erery 

inhabitant of earth 

become strange, 

because they now. afflict 

the mindB of the holy, 

those who on heaven 

fix their thought : 

they know that man 

eternal bideth 
10 of all the multitude^ 

that through mid-earth 

serve the Lord, 

and that dear home 

desire for their works : 

(so this world's treasures, 

in the greater good 

shall be hidden,) 

when that desire 

they over whose heads 
10 fear of God impeadeth ; 

these are with the highest 

grandeur afflicted } 

this life 

they by command enjoy, 

and for the better ever 

wish and hope, 

strive after glory, 

give alms, 

comfort the poor, 
w are liberal 

of just guns, 

love with gitbi 

those who less poeseas, 

daily serve the Lord; 

He will their deeds behold. 

. •1«0 for hffilett, for the take of the alliteration. 
ST. MS. bfcsats. a9. r. rpefruali. 




fume pa. jmniaS- 

OD pejxeimum- 

yecsS ~i jepttaS- 

fylizjia pillum- 

hamsj* on heolft^iU' 

hy ^Sasf heojnncvnban- 

bolbej- biba^- 

ofC him bjiojaa t»> i 

la^ne jebebeS • l . ' 

fe ]>e him hjref of-onn > i 

eapeS bun e^att hpilu> 

ibel }>tilbop« 

bjuejb-pir bona- 

hapi% be^ quejx-. 

eahceS SD-b&enbpa> 

pope bim enjUf fConb&'S. 

jeappe nub jsefta psepnum* 

bco|F hypa jeoca ^mynbse- 

healba% hah^a peopfa* 

yttxm hypa h^bc-nnb bpyhcen- 

f jinb ]>ft;ecoft»n cempan* s 

Jw fam c^nje JteopaS' 

pe nseppe )>a lean aleje%- 

J>B |>e hip lujan abpeojeS ;• 

Some who dwell 

in the wastes, 

who seek and occupy, 

with their own wilb, 

homes in caverns, 

these the heavenly 

dwelling-place await: 

oft to them dread 

hateful bringetb ' 

he who them life grudgeth, 

sometimes showeth them terror, 

sometimes vain giorjy 

the crafty murderer 

hath power of both, 

>A« persecnteth the kme^wellers : 

before them angek stand 

ready with spirits' weapons, 

tketf are of their safety mindful, 

thet/ preserve the life of /Ac holy, 

they know their hope with f AeLord. 

These are the proved cfaampioqs, 

who serve the King, 

who never wrongs of their rewards 

those who bear his love. 


CDapm pe nu nemnan. 

f up neah jepeapS. 

Jniph hal^e. 

hab jecj't>€b. [34 o.} 

S. MS. heofoncuuciini. 
18. seoccT 93. i.yeotitS, 

We DOW may name 
what was nigh to us 
through holy 
state made known, 

10. i>f:-au t 

S8. aleosettf 

11. MS. ejan. 
SI. r. abjieojat). 




hu pi^iilac hij-- 
iD jobef j>illan- 
mob jepehte> 
man eall jrojireah- 
eoji'Shc sej^elu' 
tipp semunbe- 
ham in heo}X)tium> 
Imn pxy hyhe co ^■ 
plj|>an hine inlyhce. 
I-e)w bper pej. 
jsejTum jeappaS- 
"j him jiepe pealbe- 
f he ana on^an^ 
beopj-j^Jwl bujftn. 
■] hi]- blieb jobe- 
)mph ea'Smebn- 
ealne sercalbe- 
^ne ]w he 6n jeoju^- 
b^an fceolbe- 
populbe pynonm- 
hme peapb biheolb. 
hal^ Of heoponum- 
fe ]net hlutcjie mob- 
m psy zxpxf job. 
jeopne tjiymebe- 
l^pier pe hypbon ofc- 
f pe ha^ pep- 
m Jw sepeptan. 
selbu jelupabe. 
ppecnepj^ pela- 
pypfC pjej- ppa-jieana- 
m jobej- bome- 
hponofl julSlace* 
on hip onbjiefcan* 

how Guthlac hia, 

after God's will, 

mind directed, 

all sin despis'd, 

earthly grandeur, 

contemplated on high 

a home in heaven ; 

for him was hope to that, 

when him had enlighten'd 
10 he who life's way 

to BouU prepareth, 

and to him grace had given 


ao that be alone resolv'd 

a mountain dwelling to inhabit, 

and hia life to God, 

in lowliness, 

all gave, 

which he in youth 
9) it is said had pasa'd 

in pleasures of the world. 

Him a guardian held, 

holy from heaven, 

who that pure mind, 

in the spirit's good, 

earnestly confirm'd. 

Yes ! we oft have heard, 

that the holy man, 

in his firet 
30 age, loved 

many vicious courses ; 

a time was nathless, 

in God's dispensation, 

when to Guthlac, 

into his understanding. 




enjcl fealbe- 
f hun fpeSitaben- 
jfntM lapaif ■ 
Tib jwef copeapb' 
hiiie rpejea ymb- 
peapbap pacebon- 
Ya jepu) t)j\iijoD> 
enjel bj\yhcne]'> 
■3 pe Scela ssejT. 
Nalsf h^ bun ^elice. 
lape bejion- 
in hif mobej- jem^b* 
monpim cibam- 
O^p him )>af eojipan- 
ealle j'aejbe- 
bene unbep lypce- 
-] )n Ionian job- 
hepebe on beojuinum* 
|>aep hali2{ia> 
rapla jepccaS. 
in pjop-pulbpe- 
bp^bcne]* bpeamaf- 
he bun bieba lean- 
jeopiie jielbeiS. 
^am )>e bij- pepe PIUS'S- 
Jric^an CO Jionce- 
■J hun jjap popnlb- 
nccop lastan- 
))on )>tee ece Itp- 
0)>ep bine pc^bce- 
]rRC be pcea^na jemoc- 
nibeep pohce- 
•j f>uph nefonje- 
panne tepcep pt^nlbe- 
rpa boB pjiasc-mtecjap. 
BJ, ftji earner t 

an angel gave, 

what in him still'd 

lust for sins. 

The time was at baud — 

about him two 

guardians watch 'd, 

who Btrife maintain'd, 

an angel of the Lord 

and the fell Bpirit. 
10 Not they to him like 

lore convey 'd, 

into his mind's memory, 

at many times : 

The one to him this earth 

all declar'd 

fading beneath Ihe eky, 

and the lasting good 

pniis'd in heaven, 

where of the holy 
ao the souls sit 

in triumphant glory 

of the Lord's joy. 

He to them their deeds' reward 

readily payetb, 

to them who will his grace 

vriih thanks accept, 

and for him this world 

leave more utterly, 

than the eternal life. 
30 The other him persuaded, 

that he a robbers' meeting 

by night should seek, 

and through villains 

strive after the world : 

so do wretches, 

33. r. tlihi)i«> MS. ne ^iiije. 




|>a }>e ne bunujina^- 

monnef )»ope> [34 b.] 

yay p« him to hont>a> 

bu}>e jelsebeiS- 

bucan hy }ry peafx- 

pseban mocan* 

Spa by bine cjiymebon- 

on Cpa bealfa- 

oypset Jiasf jepinnej-. 

peo)ioba bpyhcen- lo 

on l^ej- enjlej- bom- 

enbe ^ejteabce- 

peonb fxy jeplymeb. 

ril-Jfam Fpoppe jajr- 

in ju'Slacef- 

jeoce jeponabe. 

lu):abe bine -j laspbe* 

lenje hu jeopnop- 

f bim leo|:eban> 

lonbej* p^ne* au 

bolb on beophje> 

o}X: )>aep bpoja cpom- 

ejepbc ^ uncuS- 

«alb-peoaba niiS* 

peapo-cpsjpcum fpi]>. 

by bun pylp hypa onp^n ;^pbon' 

■] )«ep sep pela pecia jepaecon- 

)»onan piS cujon- 

pibe pa%- 

pulbpe byfcjpebe- so 


paep peo lonbep jTop- 

binu))en p>pe monuum- 

oltlisec meocub onppah- 

beopj on beappe- 

J>a pe bytla cpom. 

those wbo care not for 

the man'a soul, 

wbo to tbeir hands 

leadeth the spoil, 

but that they of the plunder 

may diapose. 

Thus tbey him ezhortcd, 

on two sides, 

till of die strife, 

the Lord of Hosts, 

after the angel's judgment, 

an end directed. 

The fiend was put to flight, 

after which tie spirit of comfort 

in Guthlac's 

aid continued, - 

lor'd him and advis'd 

(the longer the more welcome) 

that they should hinx allow 

the land's delight, 

a dwelling in /Ae. mountain. 

Oft there terror came 

dreadful and wonderoua, 

the malice of the old fiends, 

strong in gnilefiil arts, [shov'd, 

Tbey to himself their- aspect 

and there before had many seats 

thence had journey 'd [establiah-d ; 

a wide wandering) 

cut off &om glcny, 

fluttering in lur. 

That spot of land was 

hidden from men, 

till that Qod discloB'd 

the mountain in the giore, 

when the builder came. 




fe l>sji halijDe. 
ham Sptejibe* 
nalef ^y he jiembe- 
|>u|ih ;icpui^. 
beae]- hf-pelan* 
ac ]>tBC lonb ;obe- 
pe^e jcirpeolJObe- 
p)})>aQ peonb opejipoo- 
cpiffcej- cempa- 
be jecojrab peajiiS- 
m jem^bijjta- 

"Sajia ]>e nu jena- 

fmjih jffiftlicu- 

puoboji peop'Sia^- 

] hif p'lfbomej'. 

hhptn healba'S- 

f re hjilsa J'eop. 

elne je-eobe> 

)n he ana jefasc- 


%ej\ he bpybtnef Io|:* 

jieahte ^ piepbe- 

ofT ]mjih jieopbe abeab> 

}iani )>e )>pope]ia- 

^eapaf lapebonr 

jober »jienfao> ■ 

^ him sffifC ooppab* 

bj»f rnJtDptt* 

])3ee be biy bc-homan- 

p^na ]X»jipyiinbe- 

-} pojiulb-bhjja- 


•} jymbel-baja. 

who there a holy 

home rear'd up, 

not because he car'd, 

through covetonaneu, 

for the frail goods of life, 

bot that land to Ood 

would fiurlf 8et apart, 

when had orercome the fiends 

Christ's champion. 
10 He was tempted 

in the Umes 

of men remembering, 

of those who yet 

Aim for his spiritual 

miracles honour, 

and his wisdom's 

fame preserve, 

which the holy minister 

zealously cultivated, 
so when alone he sate 

in the secret place, 

where he the Lord's praise 

recited and exalted. 

Oft Ae through speech announced, 

to those who martyrs' 

habits lov'd, 

Gods errands, 

when to him the spirit rereal'd 

life's wisdom ; 
ao so that he to his body 

pleasures denied, 

and worldly joys, 

soft seats, 

and festive days, 

10. MS. seeo)-cat(. 

IS. hine Menu wanliog after fc. 




fp^lce eac ibelpa- 
eajena p^Dna- 
jiepelao jielphcef • 
him poer xo*>er esr*' 
majia in jemynbum- 
]wn be mennij-cum- 
{ijiyme Be}3»j\-|)once' 
Tpe^wa polbe- 

so also the rain 
pleaeureB of the eyes, 
[35 a.] of pompons garb. 

To bim was fear of God 
great in mind, 
when he of human 
grandear jealously 
would partake. 

Ijob psf pi'Slac- 
he m jiBfte bieji- 
beoFoncunbne hjhc- 
helu jej[isehce> 
ecan lipej*- 
faim pmy enjel neah- 
pele jrpeotu-peajib. 
t>am ]>e jreajia pim. 
meajic-lonb jefsec. 
t>eeji be monpim peap'S. 
bjpen on bp^ne. 
p|)))an bu>p2 jejrab- 
eab^ opecra. 
•J pijep heapb. 
j^ebe bine jeopne mib- 
jsepthcum psepoum. 
pon; blet]'abe. 


[35 a.] Good was Guthkc, 
ID he in spirit bare 

heavenly hope, 

was mindful of the blessing 

of eternal life. 

Him was the angel nigh, 

(a faithful loring guardian), 

him, who one of few 

the march-land occupied. 

There be to many was 

an example in Britain, 
x> after that the hill ascended 

the blessed champion ; 

and, bold in war, 

had hinus^/* girded zealously with 

ghostly weapons j 

bless'd the plain 

bim to asc-pCEBlle- 
wpeft apaspbe- 

for his refection place, 
first rear'd up 

T. Ej^ncef 19. MS. bpyjren 




cjiijtej- pobe- 

^p fe cempR opeppon ■ 

rpecnejja pela- 

f]iome pniibum monje- 

jobej- Jjjiopejia- 

pe]>Kj- jirtSlace. 

beojipyji^Sae bsl- 

bjiyhtne ceanaS- 

be him pje j-ealbe> 

;j pytcjiu cpsEft- 

munbbjjib meahm- 

^ menju cpom- 

feouba pep-fcycum • 


ne meahron hj aejMrce- 


ac CO piSlacef - 

Sqt« jebebbun- 


him pasf piltnini neah- 

enjel hme elne tjiymebe^ 

^ hj* bun yppe hpeopan- 
I^iecne fyjief pjlme. 
ftoban him on petie. 

CbriBt'e rood. 

There the champion orercame 

divers perils, 

by his bold words many, 

God'B martyr; 

we therefore Guthlac's 

precious lot 

to the Lord ascribe ; 

He him victory gave, 

and wisdom's craft, 

protection of his powers. 

Then a many came 

of foes with wiles, 

to raise up strife : 

they could not envy 


but to Guthlac's 

spirit led 

temptations many. 

To him support was uigb, 

the angel him with courage 

strengthen 'd, 
when they to him angrily cried ; 
audaciously with fire's heat 
stood in his path ; 

hpeappim cpebou- 
^ec he on y&m beopje. 
bjjuian jreolbe. 
"J bvf bc-homan- 
h Fprpeljao. 
^KC hi]* ea]i}:e|ru. 
eal jelumpe- 

said in turns, 

that he on that mountain 

should be burnt, 

and his body 

flame devour; 

that his trouble 

all would fall, 

4, fjM>m-)io;i«i)mt 

94. The Hue alliMTating with hjtMjipim c 
Menu unimpaired. 

5. fpoftjiet 
■ venting, though the Mnic 




mSb-ce^u mse^um. 
21): he monna bpeam- 

epe ne polbe- 
rylpi ^eyecaa- 
3 hif pbbe pjhc 
uab mon-cynne' 
majian cjiEe).-ce piUum. 
bepitijan IseCan> 
pjwece jnlle- 
Spa him yj\]'ab«> 
ye pop ealle rpp»c- 
feonba menju- 
no py fophcpa peep- 
5u«lacer jaspc- 
ac him job pealbe- 
ellen pij) |>am esj-an- 
Jieec Jwej- ealb-peonbep* 
pcylbijpa pcolu. 
pcome Jipopebon. 
peepon ceon-pmiSaf ■ 
Copnep pulle- 
cpiebon f hmi juiSlac- 
eac jobe pylpim- 
ea}i)x]>a msepc- 
ana je]^emebe> 
p|>]>aD he pop plence> 
on pepcenne- 
beopjap bpaece- 
ptep hy bibmjfl . 
eapme ^pacan- 
sepop mojtun- 
sepcep CmtepjuDi- 
tibum bpucaa- 

his Borrow, on his kindred, 

if he the joy of men, 

from that warfare, 

ag^n would not 

himself seek, 

and his right of kin, 

with mankind, 

willingly, with greater skill, 

let be administer'd ; 

ceasing his exile. 

So him provok'd 

he who spake for all 

tAe multitude of foea. 

Not the more fearful was 

the soul of Gutfalac, 

fur to him (jod had girm 

courage agunat that terror, 

so that the old enemy's 

Khoal of guilty 

suffer'd shame. 

The evil-doera were 

of anger full, 

said that to them Guthlac, 

and eke to Ood himself, 

the greatest troubles 

had alone occasion 'd, 

since that he for pride, 

in the waste, 

the mountain occupied, 

where a biding they, 

miserable apostates, 

might formerly, 

after torments, 

at times enjoy; 

39. beojijej' bjieace! 

SS. MS. mofCum. 



ySa hy Of papaai' 
pejije cpoman- 
|ie]Taii )tjoe--)>ftajuin> 
pope SeFejon. 
pwf him j-eo jelJiieb- 
^jifa 1^1 faec- 
fcob feo byjle ptop. 
bjijhme in ^em^tnun- 
jbel •} aemeii- 
ejwl-juehce jieop- 
bab bijtece- 
beejian h^bej*> 
CO ^D ealb-peoab^- 
oaban noman* 

n» hi nnjaier- 

fojijie bjieoja'S- 
ne mocun hi on eoji^an- 
eapbef bjincan- 
ne hy lypc jpcpelS in. 
tc h^ hko-lesfe- 
in cel^uuD c]n)>R%- 
q>eaimej- jnrca^- 
pillen )>nc him bjiyhcen- 
^ujih beafSef cpealm- 
CO hj^ia eapj:eSa- 
ne mojtrun h^ jirililace]-- 
jejTe ]x»|>J)an. 
ne )nijih juji-j-leje- 
pple jebffilan- 
frS lic-homan' 
•c by lije-feajipum- 
ahopin heafim-i-tapar- 
so. leomu-T 

when they from wanderings 

weary came, 

rested a space of time, 

in repose rejoiced, 

to them it was allow'd, 

for a little space. 

The secret spot stood 

(iu the Lord's memory] 

void and desolate, 
10 far from patrial rights, 

abode the visit 

of a better keeper, 

at which the ancient foes 

took umbrage, 

so they perpetual 

sorrow suffer : 

they might not on the earth 

enjoy a dwelling 

nor doth air lull tiiem in 
an its embraces ; 

but they shelterless 

lose their homes, 

in sorrows mourn, 

wish for deatii, 

desire that the Lord, 

through pang of death, 

to their troubles 

would grant im end. 

They might not Guthlac's 
30 spirit injure, 

nor through painful stroke 

his soul separate 

from the body, 

bnt they with lying arta 

rais'd up mischief, 

S5. pllUfft 





hleahcoji alejbon- 

ropje j-eopebon. 

)>a hi j^iSpa ojrepjraj- 

peapb on ponje- 

jxeolbon pjuec-mfecjar- 

of^iepan jnopnenbe- 

jpene beopjaf . 

lipa?)>pe by ^-jena- 

jobej- ^picsD' 

ji^feon fap-]tajmm. 

rpijw jehecon- 

f he bea])a jebal- 

bpeojan j-ceolbe- 

PF he leiij b!b«- 

la)>pan jemocej-- 

bpoane hy mib menjii- 

mapan cpome- 

pA'pe j.'op hif hjM- 

lyt pjpjebon. 

ju'Slac him onjean-lwiixobe' 

laughter lud aside, 
with sorrow sigh'd, [stronger 
when them bad oTercome a 
guardian in the plain. 
7^ exiles must 
grieving gtre up 
the green hills ; 
[36 a.] yet they still 

(deniers of Ood) 
10 Biud with pain, 

vehemently tbreaten'd, 
that he death 
should undergo, 
if he longer should await 
a more hostile meeting, 
when they with a many 
great should come, 
who for hie life 
car'd little. 

Guthlac them answer'd, 
qneS ]Ket hf ;ielpan ne )>opjxan. eud that they needed not to vaunt 
beebum yxS bpyhene)- meahcum . of deeds against the powers of the 
Lord ; [tbreaten'd, 

]>eah )>e ;e me besS jehacen- ' though that ye death to me have 
mec pile priS ]>am m]'um jenepjan-me wilt against that malice save 
fe ye eoppum nybum pealbeS- He who perforce overyouswayeth. 
There is one almighty God, 
who can easily shield me, 
he will protect my life. 
I to you will many 
truths say, 

may I this seat among yon, 
without troubles, 
press alone. 
I am not so destitute 

Sn ip selmihci; job. 

pe mec msej eaiSe jepcylban 

he mm peopj ppeo^alS- 

ic eop pela pille* 

pot»a jepecjan. 

msej IC Jfip petl on eop. 

butan e^peSum ■ 

ana jebpmjan ■ 

ne earn ic jpa pealoj. 

38. jejpinsanf 




n» ic eoy )x>pe-ftODbe- 

moDna peojiubej-' 

ac me maps bsel* 

in jobcaabuiii' 


puna's -J peaxe-S. 

fe me yja^ healbeS- 

ic me anum heji- 

ea'Se seeunbjie. 

buf ~j hleooaS me. 

on heo}»Dum pub. 

lajie selonje- 

mec lisej* lyr tpeoip- 

^aec me enjel tS- 

ealle jelsbeS- 

fpopeube fpeb* 

fpjteca 1 brefca- 

jepiea'S du apyjijbe. 


f)iom JnrjTun eajibe. 

(»e je heji on-rconbafl- 

)JeoS OD feop pe;- 

■c me fpi^ pille' 

W: jobe jejyjman. 

ne fceal mm ^jT mib eop- 

jebpolan bjteojao' 

ac mec bjiyhcnej- honb- 

monba^ mib miejoe' 

hep fceal mm pepau' 

eofilSIic e^el* 

nalep eope^ leu; :• 

(bo aa I stand before you) 

of a host of meo, 

but a iMge power in me, 

in divine 

spiritual mysteries, 

dwelleth and waxeth, 

which me as with a stay sustaineth. 

I for me here alone 

easily will build 
i> for me a house and resting place. 

In heaven's gift 

b instruction, 

I therefore little doubt, 

that to me the angel 

will bring all 

prosperous success, 

in words and deeds. 

Depart now ye accursed, 

in mind depraved, 

from this dwelling, 

in which here ye stand, 

flee far away ; 

I for myself will peace 

desire at God, 

ray soul shall not with you 

error endure, 

for the Lord's hand me 

with might protecteth ; 

here shall be my . 

earthly country, 

no longer ywtt'fl.' 

9. Lit. part, paTtion. 


Da ye&jcS bjieahtnn baefeo- 

Then a noUe was r^a'd ; 

beopj ymb j-coban- 

around the hill stood 

hpeappum ppeeo-mBecjar- 

by turns the exiles. 

poB up-aftaj. 

ceapFuljia apm- 

a cry of (Ac anxious ; 

cleopebon moDije' [S6£.] exclum'd many 

leaders of the foes. 

pjienum pilpon- 

in their crimes exulted, — 

opt pe ofeprejon. 

' Oft have we obaerr'd, 

be ytem tpeonum- 

10 between the seas, 

feoba )»eapar. 

the manners of nations, 

|)pffice mobijpa- 

the boldness of the proud. 

J>apa J>e in jelimpe. 

of those who in mischance 

life yeotixm- 

life possess'd : 

no ^Se opephyjbn- 

not the arrogance 

aner monnef. 

of any man, 

jeonb nubban-jeapb> 

thronghout mid-earth, 


have we found greater. 

«u JibbC jebacejT;. 

Thou that dost threaten. 

]isee «u ham on huf • 

90 that thou a home with ua 

jejan piJle- 

wilt occupy ; 

eapt «e jobej- ypmrnj- 

thou art God's poor one. 

bi hpon j-cealc ]>u hfjan- 

by what art thou to live. 

|>eah I'll lonb aje- 

though thou the land possess ? 

ne ))ec mon hibep- 

not thee here any one 

mope i»be?. 

beoB |)e hunjop ^ Jfupp;. 

to thee will hunger be and thirst 

heapbe jepinnan- 

X'F ^> jepitert- 

17a pilbe beop- 

30 like (A« wild beasts. 

15. jteforOe! 

16. Buiger? so. ujf— K. 

99. nut or: Ihou art poor 





ana ppom e)>eU 
nif )>£ec onjmD pihc- 
jej-pic Jurrer recler- 
ne mte; ^ec jellan jueb- 
moD jelsiiaii • 
t>dn |>eof menpi eall- 
pe )>e beofi holbe> 
jif ]7u Qj- hyjuiD pile- 

epc jej'ecaS- la 

nia|uu nuejne- 
^B ]>e mon ne ]>eap|:> 
honhum hjuBan- 
ne )nn hpa peallan- 
ftepoA yunbam' 
pe Inj' pic majan- 
fotum ajiy'lLui' 
pole mSjuceS- 
meapa Jrpeafcnm- 
-] mon-):ajiam- » 

beoS ^a jeboljne- 
)>a )>ec bpeot^'iR'S- 
cpeba^ ]rec ^ ceji^%- 
•] hjjia copn ppecaiS. 
cobejiaS ]>ec blobjnm laftnun- 
PF )>u u]te biban )>encejt:- 
pe ^ nifia jene^S- 
<Hijm Jw jenejtef pibiian. 
pqi 'pxji 'Su Fpeooba pene- 
jip 'Su |>iuef peopep pecce- so 
. Ijeapo psef ju'Slac- 
luDe jOb ppemebe* 
on onbppape- 
-) on elne rtponj- 

alone from home, 

that resolve is naught. 

Aetire front this seat> 

thee better counsel cannot 

any one advise, 

than all this multitude. 

We will be kind to thee, 

if thou us wilt hear, 

or thee unprepar'd 

again will ieek, 

with greater force, 

so that thee none shall need 

with hands to touch, 

nor thy carcase fell 

with weapons' wounds. 

We this dwelling can 

with our feet fell, 

/Ae folk will tread 1/ down, 

with troops of horses, 

and passing o'er of men : 

then will ther/ be exasperated 

who drive thee hence, 

will tread and tear thee, 

and their anger wreak, 

remove thee with bloody traces ; 

if thou to await us thinkeit, 

we will with hate assail thee. 

Resolve to deaire thy safety, 

go where thou hop'st for MendS} 

if for thy life thou reck.* 

Prepar'd was Guthlac, 

him God fram'd 

in answer 

and in courage strong ; 

ss. ceiksOt 

39. cp^mcbal — K. 





ne poab he jx>ii popbe^ 
ac hij- pi]»eji-bi»eocum. 

cu'Se him poS senoj- 

pib ij- |>er P«P*°" 

pjuec-j'ecla jiela- 

eajibaf ontuele- 

eajuDjia ^Kfti- 

pBbon pseji-lojan 

)>e )>a pic buja^- 

]>eab je }>& ealle- 


•} eop eac jepypce- 

pibop fsece. 

je hep aceo'S- 

iQ ](a copn-pptece- 

pjeleapie p.^- 

no ic eop fpeopb onjean* 

nub jeboljne honb* 

olSbepan Jrence- 

populbe pepen- 

ne pceal t'cf P°"5 jobe. 

^uph biob-jyce. 

^ebuen peopiSaD. 

ac ic minum qiifce. 

cpeman )>ence- 

leoppan lace- 

nu ic Jfip lonb ;ejTa;- 

pela jfi me eapba- 

])uph ibel popb- 

aboben habba^' 

mf min bpeopc-pepa- 

popfac ue peje. 

ac me jrpiiSe bealbeS- 

he for words fear'd not, 

but to hia adversaries 

aorrowfully sud ; 

{/u could to them truly enough) : 

' Wide is thiB waste, 

its exile- seats are many, 

unhealthy dwellings 

of miserable sprites ; 

they are faithless ones 
10 who these cots inhabit ; 

though ye them all 

should banish, 

and for yourselves also work 


ye here will derive, 

in that vengeance, 

an inglorious journey. 

Not I a sword agunst you, 

with wrathful hand, 
90 purpose to bear, 

or worldly weapon, 

nor shall this field to God^ 

through bloodshed, 

be cultivated ; 

but I my Saviour 

purpose to please 

with a dearer gift. 

Now I this land have enter'd, 

ye me many dwellings, 
30 through idle words, 

have offer'd : 

my mind is not 

afraid nor feeble, 

for me in peace holdeth, 

1 jonbofte ! 

. pi8a;i-jBce! 



0]:e]i monna c^- 

peojicmn pealbeS> 
nif me piht kc eop> 

ne je me la^ej- piht- 

jeboa mocun- 

ic eom bjiyhcnej' ]>eop- 

he mec ^jih en^eL 

Oft afjiej^ieS. 

pop^n mec lon^e ]>^- 

j^je j%alt>un- 

nn mec j-q>elcanb- 

h^be bibealbeS- 

ip DUD hyht nub job- 

ne ic me eoji'S-pelao* 

opibc pnne- 

ne me mib mobe- 

mider syime- 

ac me bo^jia jehpam- 

bjiyhceo fenbeS. 

ywph mounef htmb* 

nune ]>eappe- 

jpa mobjabe- 

je ytS mon^nm pstib- 

apjie^b peop'Bhce- 

puUtjief cempa- 

enjla nuejne- 

jepat; eal ^onan- 

ne pttf ye pyprc nucel- 
^bi prSlace- 
fofcpefaa ^btan> 

among mankind. 

He who o'er every power 

holds efficient sway : 

along of you to me 

is nothing dear, 

nor ye me hostile angfat 

can do: 

I am tAe Lord's semmt, 

he me through his aogel 
10 oft comfortetb, 

therefore me loog since 

ye little welcome, 

but sorrow have inflicted. 

Now me a spiritual 

shepherd guardeth ; 

my hope ia with Ood ; 

not for earth's wealth 

care I aught, 

nor for me earnestly 
at much desire, 

for to me each day 

the Lord sendeth, 

through hand of man, 

my need.* 

Thus Ae exulted 

who agfunst many stood, 

supported worthily 

{the glorious champion) 

hy angels' might. 
M Thence departed all 

the multitude of foes ; 

nor was the respite great, 

that they to Guthlac 

purpos'd to give. 

11. MS. >ar. 

19. Utgteat. 




^e j>«f on elne* 

"J on ea'Smebum- 

bab on beopjC' 

psej- him botlej- neob- 

]:oplec lonje ]>a|'- 

isBOjtii bjiesma- 

no he bine pi's monna' 

milcfe jebselbe- 

ac jejynta basb- 

j^pla ^ehpylqie- 

]iSn be to eo)ii!an< 

on ytaa anabe* 

hleoji onbylbe- 

him op heoponam peaji'S- 

onbpyjibeb bpeojr-reFa- 

bli'Se jiepce- 

Oft eahtabe> 

paef him enjel neah- 

hu Jujxe pojiuHbe- 

pynna )>o}ipt«> 

mib hif lic-homan- 

Itepapt bjiucan • 

no him ):o|ie ^fan- 

eafimjia ;fefTa* 

tjieop jecpeobe- 

ne he tib pojipteC- 

ytej- ye he pop hip bp^cne- 

bpeojan peeolbe- 

|>sec hme sepepte- 

ebie binoman. 

fbepa pluman* 

o)>]>e ptene mob- 

ppa pceal opetta* 

S in hip mobe- 

P7 *.] 

He had fortitude, 

and humility ; 

Ae remain'd in the mount ; 

he a dwelling needed, 

he had long forsaken thoae 

of transient joys. 

He himself serer'd not 

from kindness towards men, 

bat for the prosperity pray'd 

of every aonl, 

when he to earth, 

tn the desert, 

his face inclin'd. 

From heaven waa his 

mind stimulated, 

by the benignant Spirit. 

He oh meditated 

(him was the angel near) 

how this world's 

delights he might 

with his body 

least enjoy : 

not in him, for dread 

of the wretched sprites, 

did his faith doubt, 

nor did he the time defier 

of that which for bis Lord be 

had to undei^, 

lest him vigils 

of vigour might deprive, 

sleep's slumbers, 

or alug^sh mind. 

So shall a champion 

in his mind ever 



2ot>e compian- 

Oft on oaban- 

]>am ]>e eahran pile* 

pipla ^ehp^lqie- 

^ji be ^epelttn nuej- 

jymle by juSlac* 

in jobef pillsn- 

]:jiomne pmbon* 

Jwn jJyje jieope. 

^i^ nibca jenipn* 

neoj-an cpoman* 

)>a )>e onlisele- 

CBjihB]- |i^iebon- 

bpse^jie bun ^Kf ponjej-- 

pyn fpeSjiabe- 

polbun ^c bim to mobe* 

fope mon-Iupm- 

fopx jerohte. 

fsee he p]» euje- 

eft to ej'le- 

ne pBj- Jwec onjin jTylc 

iSoane hme enjel- 

on "paxa anabe* 

jeojtnafC ^ewe- 

"J bun j^fe ]-ealbe< 

|>3et hme ne meabce* 

meocuber pillan< 

fell's jeletcan- 

ac he on Jraej- lapeopcf ■ 

)>ae[ie jepnnabe- 

o]X pojibe bicpwS- 

hnjiu ytef bihofa'S- 

re 4Se bun bab; %tejT. 

figbt for God, 

and bis spirit bear 

oft in bate 

to bim who will peraecMte 

every soul, 

wherever he may meet with it. 

They Gutblac ever 

in God's will 

steadfast found, 
10 when in flight the crnel onea, 

throi^b the clouds of night, 

came to explore, — 

those who the unhealthy 

habitations watcb'd,— 

whether to him the plain'a 

delight abated ; 

they would that Ms mind, 

for love of man, 

care would seek, 
« that he would journey 

again to borne ; 

Bucb was not his des^, 

when bim the angel, 

in the desert, 

greeted most fervently, 

and him grace gare, 

that bim might not, 

in the Creator's will, 

longing obstruct ; 
30 but he in his teacher's 

covenant remiun'd, 

oft by word address' d. 

This t( at least behonth 

bim, whom the Holy Spirit 

4. eaheiui or ehciui t 



■J hij- peopc CpTnufS. 
la)>a% tune li)>um pojibum- 
jehaceS him li^ej* juejre* 
)>fec he ]>ffif lacc«opej-. 
l^um hfjie- . 
De IflCe bun ealb-jieonb- 

mob ppom hif meocub«- 
hu jt»al miD cuman. 
jfepr Co jeoce. 
nenme ic jobe j^Ue- 
h^fumne bije- 
]wC him heojtfcBD 26)>oac- 

direct«th williogly^ 

and hU work atrengtheneth, 

inriteth bim with gentle words, 

promisetb bun life's rest, 

that he hia guide'u 

inBtrnctions should obey, 

nor let the andent fiend 

turn t^ain 

his mind from hu Creator. 

' How shall come my 

soul unto salration 

unless I give to God 

a mind obedient, 

tiiat my heart's thoughts to him, 

[38 a.] 

«!» oYfe frtS- 
enbe jepeoji'Se- 
)Kec je mec tx) jninbpe* 
psejan motun- 
ne mnj nun Itc-homa- 
pi% yu-Y lenaa jepceap!- 
boa's jebffilan' 
ac he jebjieopan fceal- 
fpa ]>eoj- eopSe eall- 
]re ic hep onjTonbe- 
^eab jfl nunne pbefc-homan- 
jTjiej- pylme< 
Fopjpipen xpom-hybje. 
jijqian leje. 

awffs je mec tyf. ]n)jum pop- 
bum onpenbaC* 

14. alMf •pparently wintiDg. 
89. MS. flKjhomui. 

early or late 
be at on end, 
that ye me to glory 
may bear. 
My body may not 
from this frail creation 
by death be serer'd, 
but it shall fall, 
as all this earth, 
that I here stand on. 
Though ye my carcase, 
with fire's heat, 
assail, ye cruel-hearted, 
with devouring flame, 
never ye me ironi these words 
shall turn, 

II. fubfiet SS. beaVeT 




^t»D mec mm jepic ^ebejtt^- 
^eah ^ ;e hme ppum jnpj-Kceo ■ 
oe mooui je mme j-aple jpecan* 
M ^e on becjtati jebjunja'S- 
poji^San ic jebiban jnlle- 
^f }e me mm bji^heen beme^!* 
Dif me ^Y bea)>e|- fojij- 
4Se«h mm ban -j blSb- 
botu jepeoplwD ■ 
eop^n CO escan- lo 

nun fe eca &»!■ 
m jcfean pijieS. 
I«p he pejpan. 
boclej- bpuceiS' 
DirJnjxerbeopje] j-ed- 
meobumjie ne majw- 
^ h^ men buye- 
rs )>e id )>Tiopnjiim- 
^eobnef pillan • 

btejbpam bjieoje'S^ ao 

oe preal ye bfifheney ))eop- 
in hij* motv-j-epui- 
ma|ie jelnpan- 
eojijian eht-pelan- 
^nne hif anef jemec- 
^cc he bif lic-homan- 
labe bffibbe- 
Da pKf ejx: fpa seji- 
ealb-jKonba aiS- 
l^iAt oop^UeS* 30 

poS ot>ejme* 
l;^hpon leo^obe- 
^ne in lyft aftaj- 
ce^-jefca apm- 

while me mjr intellect attends ; 
though ye it sorely afflict, 
ye may not my Boul affect, [it ; 
but ye to a better world will bring 
therefore I will awut [judge : 
that which for me my Lord shall 
to me theref<»re ii of death nocare; 
though my bonea and blood 
both become 
to earth tm increase, 
my eternal part 
into joy etudi go, 
where it a fur 
mansion shall enjoy. 
This mountain-dwelling i» not 
meaner nor greater, 
when it a man inhabits, 
who in sufferings, 
for the Lord's sake, 
daily lireth ; 

nor shall the Lord's serrant, 
in his mind, 
more lore 
earth's riches, 
than his own conduct, 
that he his body's 
load may raise.' 
Then was sigaia as ere 
the old fiends' hate, 
their vengeance waken'd, 
one sound another 
a while resounded, 
then in air arose 
the anxious spirits' cry. 

9. ptJifWtmt—K., ID. I. inevnuin/ia. n. mils maul 

80. ony«ca«T 31. MS. jo(J. s*. MS. ceajisejcs, r, cmp-SKfCa. 




f^lfl cjufcef lop- 
ID juSlacep - 
jobum mobe- 
peox ~i pnasbe- 
'J hute peo]iub& jofa* 
fpeoiSabe on polban* 
jTft he peojia jehpjlc- 
healbelS in bielo- 
]hbp re *»yi^ JK]^- 

he pBej- ^ajia jnun- 
ne pon he septeji pojiiiltw- 
ac he in polbjie ahof • 
mobef p^nne- 
hpylc pesj- mapa twnne* 
pe an ojietca- 
ujjum cibum- 
cempa je cjil5e15. 
^tee hun cjujr yojie' 
populbhcpa mS- 
punbju jecjiSfae :• 

Ever Chriit's lore 

in Outhlac'e 

good mind 

waxed and dvelt, 

aud him the God of Hosts 

on earth protected, 

a§ he every bohI 

holdeth in safety, 

where the higher spirit 
ID diriveth in morals^ 

he was one of those ; 
[38 b.'] he strove not after the world, 

but he in glory rais'd 

his joy of mind, 

which was greater than 

be whom a hero, 

in our times, 

a champion, ye call, 

io that for him Christ 
to more worldly 

wonders manifested. 

J>e hine j-cilbe. 
priS fceiSJ'enpa. 
ejlum onpenjom- 
eajimpa jeefca> 
paepon hy jieope- 
CO ji»fanne. 
5'FI»" spapam. 
no job polbe> 
J.IBC peo rapl. 


He him shielded 
against the injurers' 
dire designs, 
the wretched sprites' ; 
they were fierce 
to rush 

with eager grasps. 
God would not, 
30 tliat the soul 



|wr r^ (.jiopabe. 

in lic-honuo* 

lyibe re<|wana- 

]nee by him nub bonbmn ■ 

Iqiinan moreeii- 

T t FprtS J»riS hj. 

J)y hue )>a bopui. 

on ^ hean lyp:< 

pealbon him mf»hce> 

opeji monna c^nn- 

^Kt he pojie eajnm- 

eall ]-ceapobe> 

unbep hali^pa- 

h^ba jepealbum- 

in my itj'Utjitiui • 

monna jebeepu- 

^pa ]>e hyjia lifef- 

^Q)ib luj-t bjiucaO' 

iblum »faeum> 

"J ofeji-plencum* 

jKjiehim jtelplicnm- 

fpa briS jeopifie petip' 

^ep jRBf ealbpq** 

ejra ne j-CypeB. 

no ))ep ]7a peonbBf • 

jejMon poppcoa- 

ac )nef bUebcf- hjisSe^ 

^bpocen hsepb<m> 

^ bun aljfeb p«f • 

l^le hpile- 

^Kt by hip Iic-homan* 

lenj ne moptan- 

pitum pselan- 

ne him pihc ^epcob- 

l^tep Jk by hmi co ceonan- 

MO modi ptun Bfaoiild suffer 
in the body, 
yet he allow'd, 
that they him with hands 
might toacfa, 

and that peace towards them 
should be observ'd. 
They him then nis'd 
into the high atr^ 
10 gave him might 

above the race of naeo, 
that he liefore hit eyes 
all might behold 
under holy 
guardians' power :— 

men's bearings, 
^ose who their li£e 
in pleasure pass, 

90 in vain poaseBsiuns, 
and in excessive pomps, 
proud garments : 
BO is the wont of youth, 
where of the elder 
fear checketh not. 
Not there the fiends 
needed to rejoice, 
for their sncceai quickly 
they had enjoyed, 

30 which was allow'd to them 
a little while, 
to that they his body 
longer might not 
with pains afflicrt, 
nor did him injure aught 
of what they to his hurt 




{wphtojeD liae]:bon- 
kebbun hme )>a of: Iffse- 
to )nm leopertan* 
eajibe on eojtiSan- 
pmc he ejx jej^a;- 
beopj on beajipe> 
botuiD jDojmeboa- 
menboD mujinenbe- 
^ax hf monoef bei^- 
ypetan oyey.]fmijfi- 
3 f-pa (leapfenblic- 
him Co eajipeifmn. 
ana cpoine- 
jij: hji him ne meahee- 
majian j^jium- 
jjlban jyjin-ppBsce. 
juiSlac recce- 
hjhc in heopraaj-. 
h»lu jecpeopbe- 
hfi^be |:eonba ):enj- 
jMOjie jebyjeb. 
psej- j-eo sepefCe- 
eajunpa xserca- 
cofCunj opepcamen. 
cempa punabe- 
bli)»6 on beopje. 
peer 1>T Weeb mib job- 
%uhce him on raobe- 
]«ec pe mon-cynnep- 
eabij piBpe- 
yepe hip anum hep- 
peope jeppeoBabe. 
bsec him peonbep honbi 
tec fam ycrae]-ean. 

had effected. 

TTiey led him then from air 

to the deareat 

dwelling upon earth, 

so tliat he agwn ascended 

ike moontain in the grore. 

7^ slayers groan'd, 

moaii'd mourning, 

that them a child of man 
10 had in tiieir torments orercome, 

and Bo needy, 

to their molestation, 
[39 a.'] alone had come, 

if they him might not, 

with greater ptuna, 

pay for his roluntary exile. 

Guthlac set 

his hope in heaven, 

in salvation trusted; 
30 he had from t/ie fields' grasp 

with life escap'd : 

was the first 

of the wretched spirits' 

temptation overcome : 

the champion remained 

blithe on the mount, 

his reward was with God ; 

seem'd to him in mind, 

that of mankind he 
30 were hless'd 

who here for hia own 

soul taketh care ; 

that him the fiend's hand, 

at the last 



onbe ne j-cobe- 
)>onDe bun pe bpyhcne]-- 
bom pij-abe. 
to ]>am DfbjTui- 
Dyb-jebale ■ 
J^ps^e hiin ^ j«na> 
Syjina jemyiibje- 
ebjiit j-pjieciuD- 
q\m]ni jfiheton- 
ropnum ceon-cpibutn> 
rpeop paif jecy)>eb- 
]netce ^^lace- 
jpb leanobe- 
elleii mib ajium- 
))ȣ he ana jepon- 
J>™ re pejija jBejT. 
popbum j-s^be- 
no pe ^ (mp ppiSe. 
j-pencan poppcan- 
paeji )iu ppomlice' 
irpeoDba lapum- 
bypan polbe- 
)>a )m bean -j eapm- 
on |nj- opl^e. 
KpejT cpome- 
5a )»u jehece- 
^«r Jjec hahj jbbjt- 
piS eappet^uiu- 
eaBe jej-cilbe- 
pop yarn uiypcel]-e- 
)« {>ec monnej- honb- 
iqtom lirnpe onj^oe- 
ef^lum abpyppbe- 
in yaLtn mK^-plite> 

end afSict not, 

wben him the Lord's 

doom should point 

tn the most near 

inevitable separation. 

Yet to bim BtiU. 

earnestly mindful, 

t/ietf spake reproach, 

affliction threaten'd, 
M) with angry insults ; 

the truth was manifested, 

that on Guthlac 

God bad bestow'd 

courage with honours, 

so that be alone won. 

To bim the sprite accura'd 

said in words : 

' We not thus rigorously thee 

might afiSict, 
90 if thou steadfastly 

the lore of Mends 

would' at have obey'd, 

when thou mean and poor, 

into this strife 

first camest, 

when thou didnt declare, 

that thee the Holy Spirit 

against afflictions 

easily would shield, 
30 from the aim, 

which thee the band of man 

from thy face 

nobly would cast. 

In a fair aspect 

7. s^pne! jpjnna, o/hmtmI— K. 
30. yxp, qu. an error for ^ip! 
SI. a couplet apparently wanimg. 




tnonje liFja'S- 
jylcum poppepeDe- 
nalej- jobe )>ija{S- 
ac hy bc-homan pope- 
lupan cpema^- 
pifca pyniium- 
fpa je peopSm^bu* 
in bolum bpeame- 
bpyhcne jielba^- g 

pela je pope moiinuni milraS- 
l»»j- pe je ID mobe jeh^cjaiS- 
nebeo1^eoppebfebabypne> [396.] 
|>eah[>ejeliy inbyjlejeppemine- 
pe Jvec m lyfC jelfebbun- 
opCujon }>e lonbep pynna- 

polbun ]>u )>e pylpa jepape- 
]»83c pe ]>ec foiS onpcaelbun ■ 
eallep ]ra J>»]' pire apuDne> 

pop]>OD ]tu hic onpenban ne 

Da pjep ajon^en- [meahtep- 

}r»t him job polbe- ai 

sepCep ]>popiDja- 

l>onc jejylban. 

^»c he mapcyphab- 

mobe jelupabe- 

pealbe him pnyccpu ■ 

on pepan jehyjbum- 

msejen-psepce jemi^b. 

he prU monjum pcob- 



paejhe him Co p>p;e- 

)»ffiC by jijeleape- 

}>one jpenan pon;- 

opjiepan pceolban- 

many live, 

given up to sins, 

good receive not, 

but they for the body's 

love delight 

in festive joys ; 

so ye reverence 

ill foolish joy 

pay to the Lord. 

Much ye before men conceal 

of tiiat which ye in mind devise ; 

your deeds sJiall not be bidden, 

though ye them in darkness per* 

We led thee into air, [petrate. 

withdrew from thee the land's de- 

would thou thyself should see 

that we truth on thee impos'd, 

for all this thou bast 8u£Fering 

because thou could'st not avert it/ 

Then it came to pass, 

that him Qod would, 

after sufferings, 

with thanks requite, 

/or that he martyrdom 

in his mind loved : 

he gave him wisdom 

in his breast's thoughts, 

a steadfast mind. 

He against many stood 

of the old fiends, 

strongly embolden'd : 

said to their sorrow, 

that they ingloriously 

the green plain 

should give up : 



je finb |:x>p|-cabene> 

on eop fcylb preS- 

ne cunnoD je bpylicen* 

bujujw bibban- 

De nub ealSmebum- 

ajie j-ecan- 

^eah )>e eop alypbe- 

lycle hpile- 

|rwc je nun onpealb> 

^ao moj-cen- 

ne je ^c je]>^lbu- 

|ncjftn polban- 

ac mec yjijunja- 


)nec ic Of lypce- 

lonba jecunbjiu- 

je|-eon meaface> 

psef me fpe^'^F Isolde- 

cojiht ODtyneb' 

^eah ic CojiD bpuje- 

fetxon me in ebpic> 

Jwet ic eaSe p>pbse)i ■ 

{lume pejulaf - 

^ pepe mob> 

;eonj{ia monna- 

in jobej' ceiTiplum- 

jKilban )»y jehyjipan- 

ha!ij)ia loj:* 

fohcun )>a fsempan- 

3 ^ Julian no- 

bemban aapceji bKbum- 

ne beoS )>a bj^ine fpa-]>eali ■ 

ic eop poS p))^n ■ 

j-ec^an pille- 

* Te are scatter'd, 

on you guilt aitteth ; 

ye to the Ixird cannot 

pray for happiness, 

nor humbly 

mercy seek : 

though that he allow'd you, 

a little while, 

that ye power of me 
10 might possess, 

not patiently ye that 

would accept, 

but me angrily 

led up, 

that I from Mr 

the structures of the lands 

might see. 

To me was hearen'g light 

bright disclos'd, 
30 though I affliction suffer'd 

ife said to me in reproach, 

that I readily prefer'd 

the lax rules, 

and the rough mind 

of young men. 

Ill Qod's temples 

ye would blame 

the praise of saints : 

t/e sought the worse, 
30 and the better judg'd not 

after their deeds ; 

yet shall they not be hidden. 

I then to you the sooth 

will say : 

91. lation I 

2J. sefurfyf 




50& rcop 3«^u«e. 

■J jumena bjiea- 

ne ma^un ]ra e)n:ep-ylb' 

m fsan sepefcan- 

bltebe jebepan. 

ac hy bliffiaiS- 

populbe pynnum- 

o^^tBt pincpa jum- 

jejartS in ya. jeojulSe' [40 a.] 

^c pe jBBjt tufa's. 10 

oTifja ~} tetpiyt- 

ylbjian habep- 

^ j«mece monije- 

jeonb mibban-^eapb. 

)>eopiai5 m ]>eapum- 

Jieobum ffsi^- 

pifbom pepaj- 

plencu popleoj^iS. 

I'l'SiSaii jeojuiSe %eKS- 

jaejT a):bh$- ao 

}?iec je ne j-cijiaiS- 

ac je jcylbijpa- 

jynne jecjaS- 

poj^pefcpa no- 

mob "} mon-Jieap- 

iDKpan pilla1$> 

jepeolS in ppenum- 

}:poppe ne penalS- 

)>aBc je ppBBC-p'Ba- 

pyjipe jebiben. ao 

ope je in jejTalum pConba'5' 

[>fflp cyme* j-ceop op heoponum- 

me ]>onne peiibeS- 

je up ic pe mon-pKj- 

6od createii youth, 
and joy of men ; 
the young generations may not 
at the first 
bear fruit, 
but they rejoice 
in the world's pleaBurea, 
till that number of years 
ent^retb into youth, 
when the spirit lovetii 
the aspect and substance 
of elder state, 
which many prudent, 
over mid-eartb, 
revere in conduct- 
To people manifest 
men wisdom, 
pride lay aside, 
when of youth goeth 
the spirit, fleeth away : 
that ye discern not, 
but ye the sinfuU' 
sins rehearse ; 
not of the just 
the mind and practice 
will ye magnify. 
Ye rejoice in crimes, 
not of comfort ween ye, 
therefore ye exile's 
lot abide ; 

oft among thieves ye stand, 
therefore comes punishment from 
but me sendeth [heaven ; 

be who 's to us man's way, 

19. Jtett? 

39. jKEf? 

34. uric or ur ijT n 

n-riBi = lij:-fes» 




re Ve lipa sehpaf. 
lenja pealbeV- 

bait; cempa- 

pttp j-e mapeype. 

)^om mon-cynnef ■ 

jTnnum apinbpab. 

jT»olbe he jTipej- )»a jen- 

bael abpeojan ■ 

^Seah ye bjiyheeii hi|-- 

{ntuin f>olbe< 

hpmc ytBK punbjia pi- 

moDDum )>ahee- 

ftee h« ma polbe- 

apjium onpenjum* 

eajune pejtaf- 

bjunan letoo- 

•J f hpss^jie jelomp. 

jue]' ]rsec jen mapa> 

^tec he mibbao-jeapb' 

rylja jepjhee- 

] hif ffaic ajeaT' 

on bonena honb' 

ahce beja jepealb- 

lipef •} bea^Sef - 

)ra he lufcum bpea;- 

ea^mob on eopfSan* 

ehtenbpa mi- 

pop)>oii If nu aphc> 

)>GeC pe spiejTjia- 

b»be bemen- 

j-ecjen bpyhcne lof ■ 

ealpa ]rapa bifena- 

J>e nf bee pope. 

^uph hif pimbpa jepeopc- 

pif-bom cy]wS :- 

he who of each'a life 
the len^h ordaineth.' 
So spake 

the holy champioi). 
The martyr was 
from mankind's 
HinB detach 'd, 
yet must he of pain 
a portion suffer, 
10 although his Lord 

his torments held ui controul. 
Yes ! that a wonder 
seem'd to men, 
that He would longer, 
with their dire attempts, 
the miserable sprites 
let touch him, 
and yet that so befell : 
that was even more, 
» that he mid-earth 
sought himself, 
and bis blood shed 
by murderers' hands : 
he of both had power, 
of life and death, 
when he spontaneously endur'd, 
humble on earth, 
the persecutors' malice ; 
therefore is it now commendable, 
30 that we of the pioua 
the deeds consider, 
say to the Xjord prutse, 
for all those examples, 
which to un, as books, 
through his wonders' works, 
hie wisdom manifest. 
11. r, peoMc. 


Qeo):u pKf mib ;u$lac> 

in jobcunbum- 

mse^ne jemeceb- 

micel If CO i^cjan> [40 I 

eall xftxji opbe> 

^tec he on elne ab])eaj- 

tone pope-jenjan- 

]:gebe)k SBlmihtij- 

pit onhelum ■ 

e&lbojL- jepinnum > 

j-ylpa jeretce. 

)nejt hif ]-apt peap^- 

clsene ^ jecorcab- 

cut ip pibe. 

jeonb mibban-jeapb. 

^ hip mob je^fah- 

in jobep piUan ■ 

CO [-ecjenne- 
Jfsep ]>e he pylpa abpea;- 
uiibep nrtS-^pca- 
neappum clominu* 
he )>a pSp pojij-eah- 
a Jnepe j-aple- 
pel ]'Kf munb-bopan- 
J>e )?KC monb jeheolb- 
J>KC him ne jecpeobe- 
cpeop in bpeopcum- 
ne him jnopiiunja. 
jKfte pcobun- 
ac j-e heapba hyje- 

Grace was with Guthlac 

in divine 

vigour found. 
.] Much is it to say, 

all from the beginning, 

what he courageouBly endur'd, 

whom, a forthgoer, 

the Almighty Father, 

against pernicious 
10 vital adversaries, 

himself had placed, 

where his soul became 

clean and pror'd. 

It is widely known, 

over mid- earth, 

that his mind throve 

in God's will : 

yet there io much 

to aay 
Qo of what he himself endur'd 

under the hostile spirits' 

griping clutches. 

He the pain despis'd 

of the soul ever, 

while in Uie Protector, 

who held him in hit care, 

that doubt«d not 

faith in his breast, 

uor did repinings 
30 hie spirit injure, 

but his steadfast mind 

7. fiiitB- jenzaii ? 



halij pnnabe> 
op^tec he p» byjpi. 
opepbiben lue):t>e- 
ypeta psefioD ]>eaple> 
^ejnaf ^jutnme- 
ealle hy ^m jreope- 
I^I jflhebeoD- 
no hjr bine Co bea%- 
beman mojroQ- 
fynoa hypba^' 
Bc feo pipul bSb- 
in Lc-boman- 
leofpan cibe> 
jeojine h^ onjeacon • 
p hjae job polbe- 
oejijan pi's ni}ram- 

beope beman- 
fpa bfiyhcen miej- 
ana aelmihaj- 
eabijjia jehpone- 
piS eaj)}.'e)nim- 
ea^ jepcilbaii' 
hpsErS|ie bine jebjiobcon- 
pjiaSe pnxc-mxcghy 
pulbpef cempan- 
bali^ huful-beajin- 
et hel-bojie. 
(weji ppenpuljia. 
peje jffijtaj-. 
lefceji Yyylt-cpaie- 
pecan onjinnafS- 
in-jonj Mpepc. 

holy continued, 

till that he the trouble 

had surmounted. 

TAe torments were intense, 

grim the ministers ; 

tbey all to his life 

destruction threaten'd : 

not they him to death 

might doom, 
10 the ministers of sin, 

for the soul awaited 

in his body 

a happier time : 

well tbey understood, 

that him God would 

preserve against their hate, 

and their vengeance 

sternly judge ; 

BO may the Lord, 
30 alone Almighty, 

each blessed one 

against afBictions 

easily shield. 

Tet they brought him, 

in wrathful mood, 

the hostile exiles, 

the glorious champion, 

the holy bousel child, 

to bell door, 
30 where of the wicked 

the fated spirits, 

after the pang of death, 

beg^ to seek 

entrance first, 

10. Lit. cuttodea n 




in 'p scale huy- 

Hi]>eji unbep ntej-faj- 

□eole jpunbaj-. 

by hine bpejbon- 

bubon ojileje' 

ejfan -J onban- 

aji lea) lice- 

):]iecne ppe. 

fpa bi'S j:eonba ^a.p- 

]>6n by j-o^jaepcpa- [41 a.] 

j-aple piLh'S- ii 

|-yDnuin bej-pican- 

~} i-eapo-cpsepcii. 

onjunnon jpom-heopte' 

jobej- opeccan- 

in pejran fpeacaii- 

rpijie jehetoii. 

ysBt be in ]K)ne jpiinniaii jp^pe- 

jonjan pceolbe. 

hpeoppan jehyneb- au 

CO hel'papum- 

"J ]raep in benbum- 

bpyne ))popian- 

polbun by jeceon- 

mib copn-cpibum. 

eapaie ajlcecan- 

in oppennypj-e- 

meuCubef cempan> 

bic ne meahce ppa- 

cpaebon ceappiUe> so 

cpijre laiSe- 

CO juiSlace> 

mib jpininypj'fi- 

ne eapr J»u jebe):e- 

ne bpyhcnef )>eop- 

eluene jecojTah- 

into tbat dire house, 

down under eartb's foundations, 

deptbs profound. 

They bim terrified, 

devlar'd war, 

terror and hate, 


a perilous journey. 

So is the wont of fiends, 

when they of the righteous 

the houIb will 

with sins seduce, 

and with cunning arts. 

7%<y reaolr'd, cruel- hearted, 

God's champion 

to afflict in mind, 

vehemently threaten'd, 

tbat he into that grim horror 

should go, 

pass condenin'd 

to hell's inhabitants, 

and there in bonds 

burning suffer : 

they would draw, 

with maledictions, 

(miserable wretches) 

into despair, 

the Lord's champion, 

but so it might not be. 

Said fill'd with care 

the foes of Christ 

to Guthlac, 

with fierceuesB : 

' Thou art not gentle, 

nor the Lord's servant 

thoroughly prov'd, 



ne ceinpa job- 

pojibum -J peopcuin- 

pel 3ecy|»et). 

halij in heojic&D ■ 

no ^ in belle jxealc- 

beope jebu|:an ■ 

nalef bpyhmej' leohc- 

habbsn tn heoponnm* 

beah-jetimb jiu - 

j^lb on jTcjle- 

p>|i)Hm )>u fynna eo f:els> 

jncDB jef-Tiemebe)'- 

in flsfc-homan- 

ye ye nn pillaiS- 

pomma jehpylcer- 

lean pojijielban* 

)>Kp p« la)>a|T Im^. 

in ^am jpimmei-can* 


him fe eabffi peji- 


juSlac tn jcejTe- 

mib jobej- maepie' 

bo's epen yy&- 

;i): eop bfi^hten cjuft- 

hfey leolie-|:]iuma- 

l^jan yfUe- 

peojiuba palbenb- 

Juec je hif pep-jenjan- 

in )>one la^n Iej> 

liEban motan- 

f If in jepealbuni' 

pulbo|i-cyni njef ■ 

pe eof jehynbe- 

nor a champion good, 

in words aod works 

well manifested, 

holy in heart : 

now inlo hell thou shalt 

deeply dive, 

not the Lord's light 

have in heaven, 

high structures, 

in ihe firmament a seat, 

for that thou sins too many 

and guiles hast perpetrated 

ill the body. 

We will thee now 

for every crime 

pay retribution, 

that to thee shall be most loth, 

in the grimmest 

ghostly strife.' 

Them the blessed man 


Guthlac, in spirit, 

with God's power : 

' Do even so, 

if you the Lord Christ, 

bright Source of life, 

will allow, 

of hosts the Ruler, 

that ye his recluse 

into the hostile flame 

may lead ; 

that in the power is 

of the Olory-King, 

who you condemn'd, 

c (for ytep) to agree with lean? 




"J in Iuef.t bibjiaj:- 
unbep neapone c)om> 
nejijenbe cpifC- 
eORi ic ea'Smob hij*- 

ic je)>apian fceal> 
sejhpep eallej-. 
hif aDne bom- 
•J hira jeojinlice. 
jwjT-jemynbum ■ 
pille ptbe-peph- 
pej-an unbep)>ybeb' 
b^pan bolblice> 
miDum baelenbe> 
)>eapum ■} jeftync^um- 
t bim ]ioDC)an> 
ealpa ];apa ppena- 
tw sob jepcop. 
enjlum tepepc. 
3 SOP'S- papu. 
^ ic blecp^e. 
blilSe mobe- 
lipep leohc-ppuman ■ 
■J bim \of pinje- 
fuph jebepie bom- 
baejep ^ nihcep. 
bepje in beopnim- 
heopon-picep peapb- 
]raec eop seppe ne hx&- 
upan a];^b> 
leohtej- lijTTira- 
f je lop moren. 
bpyhcne pecjan- 

[41 4.] 

and into durance drove, 

under a pincbini; bond, 

the Saviour Christ. 

I humble am his 


a patient servant ; 

I shall submit to, 

everywhere wholly, 

bis one doom, 

and to him zealously, 

in my spirit's thoughts, 

will ever 

be subjected, 

f^th fully obey 

my Saviour, 

in practices and thoughts, 

and him thank 

for all the gifts 

which God created, 

for angels first, 

and earth's inhabitants ; 

and I will bless 

with joyful mind 

life's bright Origin, 

and to him sing pr^se, 

with fitting judgment, 

by day and night, 

glorify in mtf heart 

heaven's kingdom's Guardian. 

That to you shall never be 

from above allow'd, 

iu the joys of light, 

that ye may pnuse 

say to the Lord ; 

f 8. r. heopcan. 



ac je bea^ (xeolon- 

peallenbe peaa- 

pope bepnjan- 

heap m helle> 

□alef hej\eDijje- 

ludje habbao- 

heo)x>n -c^injef • 

Ic ^ne beman* 

ID b^uin minum- 

pille |>eop]>iaQ' 

popbum "J bEebum> 

Inpan u life. 

n»a If lap -J iqi. 

CO fpopeabpe- 

rpjuece jelaebeb. 
^ )k ID hif peojicuiD- 
pillao |uej3ia%* 
fiDbon je p£p-lojaD* 
rpa je m ppjec-filSe- 
lotije hfboD. 
leje bifcencce- 
rpeajice befpiceoe- 
fpejle beDumeoe- 
bjieame bibpopeoe- 
bea'Ke bi|:oleDe> 
ppenum bijxtnpie- 
peopef oppenoD- 
]Ket je blmbnejje- 
boce pinboD- 
je |>a pse^ian sefceap:. 
ID jrjrpA-bajuiD- 
jajrlicne job-bpeam- 
jeapo poprejoD. 
|>aje piShojbuD- 

34. MS. pi«hos»uin. 

but ye shall in death 

burning tormeDt 

with veeping bewail, 

lameDt in hell, 

not the praise 

holy have 

of heaven's King. 

I the Judge, , 

in my days, 
10 will worahip. 

by words and deeds, 

will love in life.' , 

(So are lore and hojffmx 

to happy -^ 

speech conducted, 

by hiiD who in bis works 

willingly persevereth.) 

* Te are faith-breakers, 

thus ye in exile 
70 long hare lived, 

with flame for drink, 

dark, deluded, 

of heaven depriv'd, 

from joy cast down, 

to death consign'd, 

with sins surrounded, 

of life hopeless, 

that ye of your blindness 

might expiation find. 
30 Ye the fair creation, 

in days remote, 

spiritual joy divine, 

of old defom'd, 

wheu ye despis'd 

31. Lit. baving flune (erred to them Tor drink. 




hal;um bjiyhene- 

ne mOfTun ;e a punian- 

in p^n-bajum- 

ac mib fcome pc;^lbuin- 

fcopene pujibon- 

yo^ie oj.'enhy^bum- 

in ece j:yj»- 

$Kji je fceolon bjieojan- 

bea^S "5 fyjrjio- 

pop CO jjiban ealbpe- lo 

iieepjie je Jwj- pyppe ;«biba^S- 

-j ic jwc zelfpe- [42 a.] 

Ill li):-):jiuman- 

ecne onpealban* 

eal)ia jej-ceapCa- 

Jnec be mec ptji milcfii- 

3 maejen-rp^bum- 

niiS'Sa nejijenb- 

nKirjie pille- 

}>up)i ellen-peo]ic- ao 


^am ic lfln;fl> 

in lic-hoDian- 

^ in nuniun jaejte- 

jobe campobe- 

)>u|ih iiionij}:eaIbpa- 

ouesna jepjnu. 

po]i^n ic jeCpype- 

m ]>one t;opbt«jTan> 

Jjpynerre I^iy. » 

fe je)>eahcinju[ii- 

hapaS m houbum- 

heopon ^ eop1San> 

f je mec mib ni^- 

the holy Lord : 

ye might not for ever be 

in joyful days, 

but with tfour Bbaineful crimes 

were thrust, 

fur your pride, 

into eternal Sre ; 

where ye shall sn^r 

death and darkness, 

weeping for evermore ; 

never of this may ye await a change. 

And I that believe, 

in life's Origin, 

eternal Ruler 

of all creatures, 

that he me in bis mercies, 

and power, 

Saviour of men, 

never will 

through violence 


against which I long, 

in body 

and in my spirit, 

for Ood have fought, 

through manifold 

miracles' mysteries ; 

therefore I trust 

in the brightest 

glory of the Trinity, 

who by his counsels 

holdeth in Am power 

heaven and earth, 

that ye me with malice 

4. rcomu-? 

32. lit. bath ii 



topn-mobe ceon- 
iD cincepjii- 
mine myji^Span^ 

rpeajice pjeleaj^- 
eom ic folSlice- 
leobte jeleaptn. 
•J mib lapan bjiyhcnej*- 
pejpe jefyllet). 
in mmum feoph-locan- 
iqteojTuiii inbiiypbeb- 
CD Jram becjian hana- 
komnm mlyhceb- 
co ^am leopejTan. 
ecan eajibe- 
Ykji ij eJ»eHonb. 
pejep -J jefflalic. 
m pebep pulbpe> 
Sep eop aa!|:jie> 
pope nepjenbe- 
leobtef leoma. 
ne bfej* hybt> 
in jobef pice- 
a|ief»n peopI»eS- 
fOft ya opephyjbii- 
|ie eop in mob aj-caj- 
^ph ibel ^lp> 
eallej- to fpilSe- 
penbun je ^ polbun- 
f je pcyppen**- 
)x;eolban jelice ■ 
pefaa in pulbpe< 

never can 

wrathfiiUy draw 

into torments. 

My murdererti, 

and sinful destroyers 1 

swart, triumpbless ! 

I am soothly 

with bright belief, 

and with the Lord's love, 

fairly filled ; 

in my soul's coffer, 

in my breast, impel'd 

to that better home, 

with his beams lighted 

to that dearest 

eternal dwelling, 

where is a country 

fair and joyous, 

in the Father's glory, 

where to you never, 

before the Saviour, 

nor beam of light, 

nor joy of life, 

in Qod's realm, 

will be given, 

for the presumpUon, 

that in your mind arose, 

through vain arrogance, 

all too greatly. 

Ye hop'd and would, 


that ye to the Creator 

should like 

be in glory ; 




eop ]wep pypj- jelomp- 
{Sa eop je palbeob- 
pjia^e bifenctre- 
in p Yyeskj\te yaji- 
|nep eop piSSan pep- 
ab uieeleb- 
accpe jeblonben- 
)>uph beopne bom> 
bpeam ^itppeb- 
enjla jemana- 
ppa nu apapceal- 
pepan pibe peph- 
f 5« prepn^rre- 
bpyne-pylm btebben- 
nalep blecputi;a> 
ne Inippun je penan- 
pulbpe bijTypebe- 
f) je mec pynpuUe- 
mib peapo-cjiaepCum- 
unbep pcseb pconbe- 
pcupin tnoeaii' 
ne m b£l-bltepan- 
bpejboii on hmbep- 
in belle hup- 
|riep eof ip ham pceapen - 
ppeapc pn-nehce- 
pact! bucan enbe- 
jpim jsept-cpalu- 
(wep je jnopnenbe- 
bea^ pceolon bpeojan- 
•j ic bpeama pyn ■ 
a;an mib enjlum- 
in )>Suplican> 
pobepa pice- 

to you there worse befell, 

when you tbe Supreme 

wrathfuUy cast down, 

into the swart torment. 

where for you was afterwards 

a pile kindled, 

with venom blended, 

through stem doom, 

joy remor'd, 
to angels' conrerse. 

So now shall always 

be for evermore, 

that ye malediction, 

burning heat have, 

not blessings. 
[42 bJ] Ye may not hope, 

cut off from glory, 

that ye sinful, me, 

with cunning arts, 
» under shade ignominiously 

may thrust, 

nor into fire's blaze 

might backwfu^s drag, 

into hell's house, 

where for you a home is sbapen, 

swart in eternal night, 

strife without end, 

grim ghostly death, 

where ye waiting 
30 shall death endure, 

and I joy of joys 

possess with angels, 

in the lofty 

kingdom of the skies, 

IS. r. ftpinejjt or Fepijnejfe. 




^ep If pyhe cyninj- 
help -} heela- 
luele]>a cynne- 
bn^^i ^ bjiohca'S- 
& qiom bp^htnef £p. 
hali; Of heopmum ■ 
|-e yajih hleo]>oji abeab- 
DiaQcunbne eje- 
e^mum jsejTum- 
het epc h)ia^- 
oj: ^tun ppsG-ji^- 
polbjief cempMi- 
Iseban liin-balne- 
f [^lec^jra- 

on jejsan jrejibe- 

%a peapIS feoaba ^eat- 

Bcol fO]i iSam c^j-an- 

hype hpyhtnep ^ejfi- 
bag hlntejie f(^ . 
luB]:be ju^Ucej-- 
jK]x ID 2«pealbil- 
mobij munb-bopa- 
meabcum j'pebij- 
^jrpa J>^naf ■ 
}>pea-nieblum bonb- 
nyb onfetce- 
"} jeneahhe bibeab- 
Ne fy him banef bpyce- 
ne blobi; punb> 
licef liela> 

where is a righteouB King, 
help and salration 
to the race of meo, 
virtue and converse.' 
Then came the Lord'd messenger, 
holy from heaven, 
who through voice announc'd 
terror from above 
to the wretched sprites, 
bade tkem again forthwith 
the guUtlesB, 
from that exile, 
the champion of glory, 
lead whole of limb, 
that the dearest 
spirit prepar'd, 
in God's safeguard, 
into joy might go. 
Then was the band of fiends 
I chill with that terror : 
prondly spake 
the Lord's dear minister. 
Day brightly shone. 
Had Guthlac's 
soul in power 
his high protector, 
in might abounding ; 
he the ministers of darkness 
by compulsion bound, 
D force on them impos'd, [ed ; 

and them sufficiently command- 
' Let be on him no break of bone, 
nor bloody woimd, 
scar of body, 

ai, ojrejimeecuml 




frsej- |?e ^e him to bape- 
jebon mocan- 

ac je hine jej-unboe aj-eccaj*. 
yasp je biae ]-yl):De jeiioman- 
he jceal J>y ponje pealban- 
ne majon je him |»a pic j:op- 

ic eom fe bema- 
|-e mec bjiyhcen heht- 
rnube jej-ecjan- lo 

f je him j-apa jehpylc- 
honbu jehselbe- 
•J him heappume- 
on hip pylpep bom- 
pijijian ptepon- [43 o.] 

ne p;eal ic mine onpyn- 
fope eopepe- 
menju mi)mn- 
ic eom meotubep l>e5n' 
eom ic I'apa cpelja pim- ao 

J>6 he jecpeopej-ce ■ 
unbep monnep hip- 
mobe jelufabe- 
he mec oj: heoponum- 
hibep onj-enbe- 
jepeah Jwet je on eopiSan- 
pope seprcum- 
on hij- pep-jenjan. 
piCe lejbon- 

ip yax min hpo|>op' so 

mec hip bypju jehpeap- 
ic )»set jeppemme- 
|>Bep pe ppeonb punaS- 

iior of injury aught, 

from what ye to bis harm 

may hare done ; 

but do ye him place Bound 

there whence ye himself took :— 

he shall rule o'er the plain, 

ye may not prohibit him the 

dwellings ; 
I am the judge, 

whom the Lord hath commanded 
quickly to say, 
that ye each sore of bim 
with hands should heal, 
and to him obedient, 
at his own disposal 
be afterwards. 
I sbaU not my countenance 
before your 
multitude conceal ; 
I am the Lord's minister ; 
I of the Uvelre am one 
whom he most faithfully} 
under form of man, 
in his mind lov'd. 
He me from heaven 
bath hither aent ; 
he saw that ye on earth, 
for envy, 
on his recluse 
l^d torment. 
That is my brother, 
me his affliction griev'd; 
I will that effect, 
{where the friend dwelleth. 




OD tnejie focne- 

)>e ic )u pbbe piS hue. 

healban pillc' 

Da ic bif helpao moc- 

]» jemin onj^nn- 

0{X fceapia^- 

nu ic hij- jeneahhe- 

neopin pille- 

jeeal ic hip fojib -y hif peopc- 

in jefntnejje. i 

bpylitne lsboD> 

he hi]' bsebe coun :• 

in that sanctuary, 

towards whom I peace 

will preseire, 

now that I him may help,) 

that ye my countenance 

shall oft behold : 

now I him frequently 

will visit ; 

I shall his words and his works, 

in witness, 

bring to the Lord, 

he his deeds ehall know.' 

Ba p^ piSlacep' 
pert jebhjrab- 
plfjian bapcholomeup- 
aboben tue|:be. 
jobep 8e|ieabu- 
je^pe jT»bun- 
luepeap heapfume- 
^ fnep hal;an popb> 
lye opepleopbun- 
on;on !>» leopne priS- 
bpa^an bom-eabij- 
bpyhtnep cempa. 
to )>am onpillao* 
eop^Sao brole- 
hy fame bspon- 
•j lum bpyce beolbon- 
hopon hine honbu- 
■} him hp^e bupjun- 


Then was Guthlac's 

Hpirit gladden 'd, 

after Bartholomew 

had anuounc'd 

God's messages. 

Ready stood 

the thralla obedient, 
a who the aunt's words 

little transgress'd. 

Began then kia dear way 

to go, with power endow' d, 

the Lord's champion, 

to the wish'd-for 

spot of earth. 

They him bare, 

and him from hurt preserv'd, 

rais'd him with hands, 
9» and from fall secur'd bim. 




}>EC)ion bjpa jonjaf- 

unbeji jo&er esj-an- 

ymepe ■] 5e)-ej!te. 

P5e-hj»e«i5 cjw. 

bycla to J>am beopje- 

bine blecj-abon. 

monje maes-plic^'- . 

meajtum pojibu- 

cjieo'pijla cubboji- 

eacnum cj^bon- "> 

eabjef ejx-cyme- 

opC he bim Kte heolb- 

Y5a hj him hunsjiije- 

ymb bonb ]Ju;on> 

Sjuebum jipjie- 

jeoce jeFejoo- [43 6.] 

j^a ^t milbe mob- 

piS mon-cynnej'- 

bjieamu jebtetbe- 

bpyhcne peoybe- «> 

jenum him co jnlbeojium pyime 

p]>|?an he Jwif pojiiilb pjphojbe. 

pmolc psep pe pje-ponj- 

^ pele mpe- 

pezep pijla peojib- 

polbe jeblopen- 

jeacap jeap bubon- 

^u^lac mopce- 

eabi; onb onmob. 

eapbepbpucan. so 

pc6b pe jpena ponj- 

in jobep paepe. 

hsepbe pe heopbe- 

pe]>e Of heo|wnu cpom- 

Their ways were, 

uader fear of Qod, 

smooth and soft. 

Triumphant came 

the builder to the bill ; 

him bless 'd 

many species, 

in Btrenuous words. 

IVie tree-fowls' ofTapring 

by signs made known 

the blessed man's return : 

oft had he held them food, 

when they hungry his 

hand flew round, 

greedily voracious : 

M^ in the aid rejoiced. 

Thus that benignant spirit, 

from mankind's 

enjoyments Bunder'd, 

serv'd the Lord, [light, 

took to him in Me wild beasts de- 

after that he this world deapis'd. 

Serene was the glorious plain, 

and his dwelling new ; 

sweet Me birds' song, 

the earth flowery, 

cuckows announced the year. 

Guthlac might, 

happy and steadfast, 

the dwelling use. 

The green plain stood 

in Qod's safeguard ; 

the guardian had, 

who from heaven came. 

15. in^^su™ (spw^'s"")' 




jixonbaf apyjibe. 
hf^lc peer 1»5«PP«- 
piUa jepopben- 
in pejia li)»> 
|?apa ye ylbjian- 
uyfe jemunbe- 
o)>]>e pe j-elpe- 
]-i]>t>aD cu]>ea- 
hpsec pe jjijja punbpa. 
jepicao pnbon- 

ID ujyepa Ciba nm&n> 
fojt^n l>B6r tpeojan ne 
aeai; opeji eoii^ui. 
ffilba cynnef ■ 
ac rpilc ;ob pjpce*- 
jBejTa liper- 
CO ejiiunnalK. 
Jf^ hey pa tybjian mob- 
Jw Sejncneire- 
penbaii Jfujife- 
)»6d hj in 5qih]>e- 
jwl^r bpuca'S- 
|-pa j« ffilmihcija. 
ealle jej'cea).Te> 
lu]a% unbep lyjxe- 
ID lic-homan- 
moDoa meesSe- 
jeonb mibban-jeajib- 
pile fe palbenb- 
faec pe pifbom a- 
fDytepum jpeljen- 
f hir |t)« pope fir- 
oD hif pepena jylb- 
jsDje peop-Be- 

fA« fiends expel'd. 
What fairer will 
has been 
ID life of meD, 
of those our eldein 
bare commemorated, 
or we ourselves 
since have known ? 
Yes, of these wonders we 
10 are witnesses ; 

all these things happen'd 
in the period of our times, 
j?eapp- therefore of this needs not doubt 
any on earth 
of Me race of men j 
but so God worketb 
of vital souls 
to the strengthening, 

lest weak minds 
30 the testimony 

may pervert, 

when they in sight 
enjoy the truth. 

So the Almighty 

all the creation 

loveth under heaven, 

in body, 

the tribe of men, 

throughout mid-earth. 
30 The Supreme will, 

that we wisdom ever 

wisely imbibe ; 

that hiu truth before us, 

in his gifts' stead, 

be current, 
r. jemiinben (jemunbon). 




fia he uy co ajie- 
■] CO onbjiece- 

faplum pyoieiS- 

lij>e Lp-pejar- 

leohce jepsehre- 

nij- pset hujiu \s\-ay 

fasc f-eo lu>-u cyJwIS 

J>oii heo in monn«f 

mobe jecimbpeS- 

jsejTcuiibe jife. 

Spa he ju^lacej-- 

bajap -J beebe- 

)>ujib hi)' bom abuj:- 

psBj- ye jipunia faep:lic- 

peonbum 3n Snbaii* 

jej-eceb pi5 j^nnum- 

(neji he p)>)>an lye- 

pffipe jeponabe ■ 

ope hif popb 5obe. 

)niph eabmebu- 

up onpenbe- 

lee hif ben cumaii> 

in ]>a beophtan jej-ceapc 

)>oiicabe }«obne. 

]>aep ]>e he in )>popin5uni. 

biban mopee- 

hponne him beCjie lip* 

Jmph ;obep pillan- 

ajypen popbe. 

Spa pee]- piiSlacep. 

jsejt jeUebeb- 

enjla jae^Smum- 


[44 a.] 

which he to UB ia mercy, 
and for underetanding, 
gireth and sendeth ; 
for souls cleareth 
smooth paths of life, 
brif^htly defin'd: 
that is indeed not least 
what love manifesteth, 
when it in man's 
mind formeth 
spiritual grace. 
So he GuUilac's 
days and deeds, 
througb his power exalted. 
The holy man was &rm 
in hatred to the fiends, 
fix'd against sine, 
where he afterwards little 
wan'd in his covenant- 
Oft he his words to God 
sent up, 

let his prayer come 
into the bright creation, 
thank 'd the Supreme, 
for that he in sufierings 
might await, 

when to him a better life, 
through God's will, 
should be given. 
So was Guthlac's 
spirit led, 

in th' embrace of angels, 
into the firmament above ; 

S.i. t. elGrniillife 

:. Lit. the cliief, or prinw- 




|:ojie onjyne- 
ecej- beman- 
Isebbon leo]dice> 
him psef lean jej-ealb^ 
reel on rpejle- 
^|i he i^iole moc. 
spo Co ealbjie- 
eaj\bfaefe pefan- 
bli'Se biban- 
If him beapn jfibey- 
niilbe manb-bojia- 
meahnj bjiyhten- 
halij hyjibe- 
heo]X)n-|ucer peajib. 
^>a j-o^jseftpa- 
ptpla mocuD- 
in ecne jeajib* 
pobepa pice- 
fa ]w juej3ia$ hep- 
popbum ^ peopcum- 
l^e lonjfUDie- 
on hypa hpej- cib. 
eapnia^S on eop^ao- 
ecan hpej'- 
hamei' in heah)>il- 
f beo^ hupil-pejiap- 
cempan ^ecopene- 
qufCe leope- 
bepa% in bpeofCum- 
beophcne jeleapan- 
babpie hyhc- 
heopcan chene* 

before f A« iace 

of the eternal Judge 

they led Aim lovingly. 

To him reward was given, 

a seat in heaven, 

where he always may, 

for evermore, 

an inmate be, 

blithely abide : 

to him ig the Son of God 

a kind protector, 

the mighty Lord 

a holy shepherd, 

the Guardian of heaven's realm. 

So of the righteous 

may the souls 

into ^A' eternal home 


the kingdom of the skies, 

those who here obey, 

in words and works, 

the Glory- king's 

lasUng lore, 

in their life's time, 

they shall earn on earth 

eternal life, 

a home on high ; 

those are communicants, 

chosen champions, 

to Christ dear ; 

they in their breasts bear 

bright belief, 

holy hope, 

a clean heart ; 




peofilSialS )>albenb* 
habbs'S jnpie ;;et>ohc. 
pi)iie OD fopV-ye^- 
to |:aebe)t crSle> 
5ea]ipe> jaertef huf- 
-} mib jlettpnejye- 
jreonb opeji-feohcaS' 
T ppen-lufcaj*- 
pojibeju'S ID b|ieoj%am> 
^eojine bijonjaS- 
in jobef jnllan- 
fpencaiS hi jylfe- 
faple pjiartpaS' 
hsljuin jeby^bum- 
heojzon-c^Dinjep bibob- 
)!|ie[nina^ od polbao- 
pejren lupa^S- 
beojija^ him bealo-ni]*- 
■J jebebu recaS- 
j-pinca'S )>i% j^num- 
healba^ Yoi ■] pyhc- 
bim |>ffic ue bpeope'S- 
ie]:cep hin-jonje- 
'Son by hpeojt}:a9- 
in )>a baljan bujij> 
jonja* xesnunja. 
Co hiejiufalem- 
)>iEp hi to populbe* 
pyniium motnin- 
jobej" oniyne- 
jeojtne bibealban- 
pbbe -J jephife' 

thejf worship the All-powerful 

have wise -thought, 

basteoing on the onward way 

to their Father's home ; 

they prepare the spirit's house, 

and with prudence 

the fiend overcome, 

and sinful lusts 
[44 £.] abst^n from in their breasts, 
10 brotherly love 

diligently cultivate, 

after CKmI'b will ; 

mortify themselves, 

their souls adorn 

with holy meditations, 

the heavenly King's behest 

execute on earth, 

love fesUng, 

secure themselves from baleful 
» and prayers seek, [malice, 

strive against auiB, 

observe sooth and right. 

Them it shall not me, 

after departure beoce, 

when they pass 

into the holy city, 

go forthwith 

to Jerusalem, 

where they for ever 
30 may in joys 

God's countenance 

freely behold, 

peace and happiness. 

5. The bocly, irith fudng and penance, 
as. zfipMt' 

SO. MS. B 



fttej) beo fo^ piuia{S> 

ealne pibao }:eph- 
oa k|::2enbjta- 
lonbej- p^ne :■ 

where they shall truljr dwell, 

beauteous, glorious, 

to all eteruity, 

in the joy 

of the land of the living. 

Dsec i]* pibe cur%' 
pejia cneO[U]7um. 
polcum jeppieje' 
)nec t;e yjiymy& job- 
)>oae ej\ejcan- 
»lba cynnef - 
oj: )Kejte cbeiiertan> 
cymnj Klmihcij' 
polban jepojihce. 
Sa psEf fjiuma nipe- 
lelba cubpep* 
oaptid pynlic- 
p^ep -J ;efeahc- 
fKbep yiBy acenneb- 
abam sejiep:- 
)mph ejT jobep. 
on neojuina-ponj- 
ISteji hun nseojej' piep- 
pillan onpyo' 
ne pelan bjiopnuoj- 
ne hpep Ij^ie- 
ne Jicep hjtyjie- 


That ia widely known 

to the tribes of men, 

to natJODB manifest, 

that the God of origins 
10 the first 

of the race of men 

from the purest 

(the Almighty King) 

earth wrought. 

Then was the beginoing new 

of the progeny of men, 

the disposition pleasant, 

Mr and joyous. 

T^e father was brought forth, 
90 Adam, first, 

through grace of God, 

in Paradise, 

where to him was not any 

madness of desire, 

nor wealth's decay, 

nor loss of life, 

nor fall of body, 

. pfSu) punialS? 

3. MS. attlBne. 




ne bpeaiuej' bpy^ie- 
ne bea^ej- cyme- 
ac he on Iftaa laiibe> 
lifjan mojt«> 
ea]{ia leabirjia leaj-^ 
lonje neooiQ- 

)>ffip he n6 J>opp:e. 
bj:ej- ne brr*. 
ID ^am leohcan ham> 
)>ujih aelba cib- 
enbe jebibaD- 
ac sepcep yypjte- 
to ]>am ):s^peji:aii- 
heo}X)a-picei- ^efean- 
hpeoppao moj^an ■ 
leomu he fomnb- 
T hper S»I^- ^ 

T Jjsep p)>)>an a- 
in pu-bpeamum- 
CO piban |:eope- 
punian moj-cun- 
bp^hrae on jeph^- 
butan bea^ jwpS. 
healbon polbun. 
beophc ID bpeofcum- 
■J hip bebobu lepcan- 
tepian on eiSle* 
by to (ep ajrpeac- 
|>ffiC by palbeiibef ■ 
piUan Isepten- 
ac hip pif jenom- 
pypmep lapum- 

[45 a.] 

nor joy'a decline, 

nor coming of death, 

but he in that land 

might live, 

void of all sins, 

long enjoy ' 

Me new delights, 

where he needed not 

of life nor comforts, 

in that bright home, 

through time of age, 

an end await, 

but after a season 

to the fairest 

joy of hearen's realm 

might depart, 

]imt>9, body together, 

and life's spirit ; 

and there ever after, 

in delights eternal, 

to all ages, 

might continue, 

in tKeir Lord's presence, 

without death, Me/iceforth ; 

if they the Holy's word 

would have holden, 

bright, in their breasts, 

and his behests perform 'd, 

executed in the land. 

They too soon disd^o'd 

that they their Sov'reign's 

will should execute ; 

for bis wife toolc, 

dirough the worm's counsels. 

14. MS. pe;iejru). 




blebe popbobene- 
7 Of beame ahneop- 
fiernn bij^jiebDe^ 
opep pojib jobef . 
pulbop-cyniDjej- • 
] hjfie pepe j-ealbe- 
^ujib beojJef f«ajio- 
beati-bejienbe j^I. 
^nc {a pn-hipan- 
Co rpjlre jeceah- 
p)>)>ut re e)»el. 
n^enje peajiS- 
abame ^ euan- 
eapb-juca cyyt. 
beo)ihe o^bpoben. 
^ iiffia beapnum fpa^ 
eapepum mfteji' 
yn hy Sn udc^^o- 
fcomam fcnbenbe- 
jcofsae pupboO' 
on jepin-populb> 
peopcef on^lboD- 
beoppa ppena- 
^pb bea^f C)>ealin- 
^ by uDfii^ccpu- 
Kji jejrpemebon ■ 
^pe jyn-ppMce- 
p)r)>an j-ceolboii- 
mse^ -J msecjaf • 
niop)rpef onjylbon. 
Sob-piylbje jypn- 
]mph jajT-jebal- 
beoppa ppena* 
beaS m-5eJ»ponj. 

fAe forbidden produce, 

and from the tree nip'd off 

the fruit prohibited, 

against the word of Ood, 

of the Glory-king, 

and to ber busbond gave, 

through the devil's guile, 

the death-bearing fruit, 

which the consorts 

drew unto death. 

Then the land 

alien became 

to Adam and to Eve, 

the flower of habitations, 

bright, withdrawn, 

and to dieir children also, 

their future progeny. 

Ilien they into a strange country, 

in shame departing, 

were thrust, 

into a world of toil : 

they for their work aton'd, 

for their deep crimes, 

(through pang of death) 

which they unwisely 

before had perpetrated : 

that penalty of sin 

must afterwards, 

(tribe and kinsmen,) 

of deadly crime, must pay, 

the guilty towards God, severely, 

through death, 

their deep crimes. 

Death rush'd in 

8. MS. rsj^en. IS. rccB^cnTie! rcpiSen))e?— K. 




f ipa cjmie- 
l»onb juxabe- 
;«onb tmbban-je^ib* 
luenij; moana paef • 
Of )fam pje-tubjie- 
p)>]>an offie- 
jobej' pillan ftsej* jeojin- 
ne syno pife1$> 
)>fec he bibujan nu^e- 
fwoe biCpan bjiync> 
]>one eue ffjtn- 
abame jei^:- 
byjielabe bpyb ;;eon;> 
f him bam jej-cSb- 
m plan beojian hSni- 
beaiS piq»be. 
opep folb-buenb- 
|>eah ye pela pejie- 
}>ffi|i hi ^obef pillan* 
on mifhcum- 
monna jebih^um- 
fejxep j*ebe-^nju. 
]t»>pam }:jiemebc»- 
pime eji j-ume j*i%- 
fume in ujipa- 
xpCeji ttel-me^ice- 
nba jemynbum- 
j^o|i-lean ft^coo. 
Uf fecja^S bee. 
hu jirSIac peafiS- 
}>u|ih jobej* pillan • 
eobij on enjlfi' 
he him ece jeceaf- 
meahc -j munbbypb- 

8. ne %m pirottt 

to the race of meo, 

the fiend prerail'd 

over mid-earth : 

no man has been^ 

of that glorious oSaprin^* 

erer after, 

so mindful of Ood's vill, 

nor yet so directed, 

that he may escape 
10 the bitter drink, 
[45 b.) which Eve of old 

to Adam gave, 

the young bride serr'd 

that which them ruio'd both, 

in that dear home. 

Death prevail'd 

o'er earth's inhabitants, 

though many were 

holy spirits, 
» where they God's will, 

in the various 

atndes of men, 

from place to place 

journeying executed; 

some before, some after, 

some in the memory 

(according to reckoning) 

of our times, 

sought a glorious reward. 
3D To us books say 

how Guthlac became, 

through God's will, 

blessed in England : 

he chose to himself th' eternal 

power and protection ; 

S9. scrihVwot— K. 

33. MS. jxmx*. 



mtsj^ pujibon> 
tij- panbfia ^efoopc* 
pibe -J pbe- 
bfieme tejxeji buji^m- 
jeonb bpyCeD innan- 
ha he monje ojx- 
yajib meahc ^obej-. 
jehselbe hy;5e jeomfie* 
hepj]ta |>ica- 
|ie hme un|*o}Xe. 
able jebunbne- 
rsjije sepohcoo. 
lymle HiOFpe Jwji. 
lec JiaiD sobcf cempaa- 
jeappe jnmboo- 
helpe -J beelo' 
Dseni; hKleIra if - 
fwapeccan nueje- 
otftre ffim pite- 
ealjia |>a{ia jitinbiia- 
^ he in pojiulbe bej\> 
fmiih bjiyhtne]' jiej^- 
bujelmm gefpemebe :• 

great were 

his woodera' works, 

wide and far 

fam'd from town to towD> 

throughout Britain ; 

how he many oft, 

through might of Qod, 

beal'd, sad of soul, 

of heavy puns, 

who him, with grievous 

malady t^presa'd, 

sought sorrowful, 

ftom distant ways^ 

witb trembling mind ; 

they ever comfort there, 

with that God's champion, 

ready found, 

help and health. 

No man there is, 

that reckon may, 

or the number know 

of all the wonders 

that he in the woAd here, 

through the Lord's grace, 

nobly perform'd. 

Op; CO )>am picuQi- 
peopube cpomun- 
beofJa bea'SS-rate^en. 
bujujia bcf cypebe. 

Oft to those dwellings, 
in a band came 
a deadly power of devils, 
of happiness bereft. 




)rseji pe halja |»eop. 
elnej- anhjbij- 
eajib pea}ibabe- 
]raeji hy miflice* 
monjum peopboni' 
on ^am pej-cenne- 
poSe hopon- 
blubne he]te-ci]uii> 
hipej- binoeene* 
bjieamum bibpopeoe- 
bji^hcnej* cempa- 
jrpom polc-coja- 
feooba )rpeacam- 
priS]i»b ft::]\onjUce* 
nsBf feo )Tunb lam* 
eajimjia sasjTa. 
ne ]raec onbib lonj- 
ytec |mi ppohc-jituSaf ■ 
pop Shopun- 
hpeopan hjwSle^- 
hleo])pum bpu^bon^ 
hpihim pebeobe* 
|-pa pilbe beo]\< 
cipmboD on copiSpe. 
hpilum cypboD ejx- 
minne iiian-fcea]>an. 
on mennirc hip- 
bpeahcma nuejxe* 
hpilum bpi^bon ep:- 
ap^jbe pEep-lojan • 
on pyjimej" bleo. 
eapme abloman- 
atepe rpiopbon- 

in troops thronginj^, 
where the holy Bervant, 
in courage steadfast, 
his habitation held; 
there they a varied 
(in many tongues, 
in that waste,) 
cry rais'd, 
a loud war-shout, 

10 thetf of form bereft, 
[46 o.] of joys depriv'd. 

The Lord's soldier, 
the bold leader, 
the bands of foes 
strongly withstood. 
The moment was not slow 
of the wretched sprites, 
nor the respite long, 
till the criminals 

» rais'd a whoop, 
howl'd piteous! y, 
sounds utter' d ; 
now raging 
lilce wild beasts 
they in a body cried, 
now tum'd again, 
the base destroyers, 
into a human form, 
with greatest clamour, 

30 now ag^n changed 
the carsed false ones 
to a worm's hue, 
the miserable tools, 
venom spat. 

19. J>«eforo»(er ! 




yyrole hy ;irSlac> 
jeapooe pinboD. 

he 2e)>ylbam bab> 
^eah him j%onba hlo%> 
}:eojth-cpealin bube. 
)^piluin him CO honba- 
hunjpe je|>jieacab- 
pleaj jrujla cjn- 
^feji h^ ):«opb-iiepe- 
piCnbe funboD- 
"} hme peoji^bon- 
meajlum fcejoium- 
hpilum mennij'ce- 
Kfi&Y ea^Smebum- 
ej:C neOfebon- 

on ]»am jije-ponje- 
an: ^am hal^an ^eoyan- 
belpe ^emeccon ■ 
pepiSJ'ej- fjioppe. 
DEEiuj }»p^um psej-. 
Iwc he ffipj-c-m€b- 
■ ep: jiSabe. 
bean hyhca leaf* 
ac j% halja pep- 
aslba jehpylccf . 
^|ih ]>a ae|>e1an meahc* 
]« hme peorlije- 
fohcan on Seapjx- 
liieleS hyje jeomjie- 
hselbe buca> 
he ■] faple> 
^ben b^ef ]>ea]ib. 

They Guthlac ever 

ready fouad, 

in thought sagacious ; 

he patiently awaited, 

though to him the band of fiends 

death threaten' d. 

Sometimes to his band, 

by hunger forced, 

flew the race of binU, 

where they a refuge 

certain found, 

and him prais'd 

with powerful voices. 

Sometimes hum an 

messengers humbly 

Mm visited, 

and there those on journey bent, 

in the glorious plain, 

with that holy servant, 

found help, 

soul's comfort 

None indeed was, 

that he abash 'd 


depress'd, void of hopes, 

for the holy man 

of every mortal, 

(through that noble power) 

who, afflicted, him 

sought in need, 

men of spirit sad, 

heal'd both 

body and soul, 

while life's Guardian 

19. MS. ^eopon. 




unnan polbe- 
^c he bUebej' faeji- 
toucan [morce]- 
pojiulbe li|:ej' • 
p«r jepinner J>a. 
ypm))a pop «oji%ui- 
^jih o^b-^ebal' 
neah je)>jiunjen- 
pl'j'an he on pejTeDne< 
pic-eajib jeceaf- 
pFtynu jeap. 
pa pay Fpojqie jsej«. 
eabjum £-boban- 
u|an onpeabeb- 
hal^ 0|: heah)ru- 
hpe)>ep uman bopn> 
R}:ffeb OD fopiS-fiS- 
him fiepiiija- 
abl in-;epob- 
he on elne jyE-pesit- 
unjeblyjeb bab- 
beophcpa jebaca- 
bL)>e in bappun- 
ptey J>Rm ban-cofan* 
ffijxep nibC'Slome- 
neah jel^punjen- 
bpeojT-hopb 6nbopen- 
paef fe Wilia j»]T- 
fSy on fop^-p^- 
nolbe fffibep enjla^ 
ID )»ij7o ponpeljan. 
populbe hye- 

eternal, almighty, 

woitld grant 

that be exiiitence here 

might enjoy, 

worldly life. 

Was of his labour then, 

of afflictions, for earth 

tii£ final day, 

through inevitable separation, 
[46 b."] near at hand. 

II After he in the waste 

bad a dwelling choseo 

fifteen years, 

then was the spirit of ccnnfort 

to the blessed preacher 

sent from above, 

holy from heaven. 

His Bpirit bum'd within, 

bent on departare ; 
00 him suddenly 

disease invaded, 

he with courage still, 

with unchang'd hue awtuted 

the bright behests, 

blithe in Am dwelling-place : 

he was in body, 

after nightly gloom, 

sorely oppress'd. 

Ail heart enfeebled ; 
30 the kind spirit was 

eager for departure ; 

the Father of angels would not, 

in this unhappy 

worldly life. 

4. mofve it nipplied from conjecture. 



leahcjia leapie- 
kmj I7PJT ojMji )xeC' 
pmuaD leCon- 
^ bun OD peojicum hep- 
(n bij- bajeoa cib> 
bKbd jecpembe' 
elne nnplape- 
Sa ye nlmilmja' 
let hif honb cuman* 
^»|i fe halja ^eop- 
beopmob on bejie- 
boin'«abi2 hSb- 
h«^b T lij^e-jio]:. 
fafhc pief jenipab- 
blif in bjieojTu- 
ymy fe ban-copa- 
able onnleb- 
in beabum pejr- 
lic-bopb onlocen- 
leomu he}:ejflbon> 
papum jepobee* 
be f jx>B ;;ecneop- 
fxt hine elmihci;- 
npn negpabe* 
meotub pope milcpum- 
he hip raob-pepan- 
yiX )>am psep-hajan- 
ptepCe cjiymebe- 
peonba jeprnna- 
nsp he fophc pe-fieah- 
ne peo abl-)rpacu- 
enjle on mobe* 
ne beaS-jebal- 
ac him bpybcnep lop> 

him void of sins, 

a long space beyond that, 

let remun, 

who him by his worka here, 

in his days' time, 

by deeds, had pleas'd, 

by his active courage. 

When the Almighty 

let his hand come 

where the holy aervtuit, 

the beloved, in obscurity, 

the powerful, dwelt, 

firm and renown 'd, 

hope was renew' d, 

bliss, in hig breast: 

his body was 

with disease inflam'd, 

in bonds fast. 

Am ftame relax' d, 

hia limhs wax'd heavy, 

sorely afSicted ; 

he that truly knew, 

that him the Almighty 

from above had visited, 

the Lord in his mercies ; 

he his mind 

agunat the peril 

firmly strengtben'd 

of the fiends' hostilities ; 

yet was he not airaid, 

nor the disease's force 

oppressive to his soul, 

nor deathly separation, 

for the Lord's praise 

98. enjeT fjle.— K. 




bojin in bpeofCuni' 
bfonb-faac lu}.-u- 
fijoji-fiejr in fepai' 
feo hiin j-^ia ;eh]>^lc- 
fymle pojinJi'Sebfl. 
naej- hiiii rgjij-ceapu- 
on ^j* Isenan fcib- 
]Kah hij' lie ^ ^aejt- 
byjia j-om-pij'Ce- 
j-in-hipan til* 
beojie jebelei)- 
bajiq* ).'op'5-rcpibnn' 
nihc-helma jempu- 
jraej- neah j-eo cib- 
]»set he Fyjin-jepyphe. 
fyllan yceolbe- 
Jiujih beaSej- cyme' 
bomej- hleotao* 
epie )>ie)' ilcan )>e- 
ayye ylbpaa jr^n- 
jijiecne onpenjon- 
fpa him bifopan po{ihCon- 
|>a ffijtejTao- 
selba cynnef :• 

burn'd in his breast, 

brand-hot lore 

triumphant in his mind, 

which his every pain 

coiiatantly o'ercame. 

To him no anxious sorrow was 

at this fading time, 

though bis body and spirit 

their union 
10 (the two companions 
[47 a.] dear) should part. 

Daya pasa'd on, 

the darkness of the clouds of night: 

the time was near 

that be his former deeds 

should close, 

through death's coming, 

judgment share, 

even the same that 
K> our parents of old 

harsh received, 

as they before had wrought, 

the first 

of the race of men. 

Da piBj- pifSlace. 
on |>a ^eocjian cib. 
ma^jen jeme^ab- 
mob yyipe beapb- 
elnej' anhybij. 
ptey feo abl )>ea)il- 


Then was Gutiilac's 
(at that grievous time) 
strength impair'd, 
hit mind very firm, 
in courage steadfeat ; 
o the disease was violent. 



faac ;] heojio Jiuni' 
li]ie)«p iQuan yeoh 
bo|m ban-loca* 
b)i^)>ei] psef onjunnen- 
^ctre abame- 

sc jpnman po]uilbe- 
jMODb byjUabe- 
tejieyt )nejie ibe^e- 
■j heo ab&me* 
hype jpffifnm pejte- 
fi^^ fceiuxe- 
bttt(i|i baebe-pe^. 
far t-a bjpe rij»t»an. 
gumme onjnlbon- 
^ujih seji-sepyphc 
^tetee sem; ne p»f 

l^om i^umaD pV^San- 
mSa Sn molbao- 
^■ecce meahee lum> 
2ebeo]t;an '] bibujui- 
^me bleacan bjiyoc- 
beopau bea^p^ej'- 
ac him bupu TY^fA' 
on ya fli^nan tib- 
pna oncjneS' 
iD-joD^ ^eopena'S- 
ne nuej senij ^am- 
l^fce bipmjeD' 
peofke pi%]t»nbaii- 
jucpa oe heanpa- 
ac bine pRjei^ on- 

hot, and intensely fierce 

his heart was hot within, 

his body burned : 

the cup was prepar'd, 

which for Adam 

Eve brew'd, 

at the world's be^nin^. 

7^ fiend gare to drink 

first to the woman, 
10 and she to Adam, 

her own consort, 

afterwards pour'd out 

the bitter cup, 

for which the children since 

cruelly have paid 


for that deed of old ; 

eo that there was not any 

of the race of men, 
3D from the beginning siocc, 

no man on earUi> 

diat might himself 

secure, and avoid 

the livid drink 

of the deep deadly cup, 

but to him the door itself, 

at that baleful time, 

forthwith uncloseth, 

entrance openeth. 
w Not any may, 

with flesh invested, 

death withstand, 

high nor low, 

but he on him rushetb 

4. bjif pen ? 




fpa paer juBlace- 

enje aolioja- 

tet jiyhee }>a> 

Kpxfi iiibc-|-cuan ■ 

neah 2e)>j'be&- 

pija pail-siFju). 

bine punabe nub> 

an ombehc-ftejt)' 

rehine aejhpylce- 

baja neopibe. 

OnjaQ iSa beop-hybij- 

2lea]>-mob jon^an- 

CO Gobep cemple. 

(raeji he e)'el-boban> 

inne jnj-ee- [47 

JwDC leofei'Can- 

lapeop ^ecopenne- 

;] )« in-eobC' 

eabjam to fpjieece- 

polbe hypcnijaH' 

baljef la]ia> 

milbef ine|>el-c{>iba- 

fonbfi pK hif mon-bpybcen- 


bim ISkc in-jefreol- 

bepj »c heopcan- 

hyje-ropxe pajj. 

micle mob-ceajie- 

onjan )>a hip maju ):pi2naii> 

hu jepeap^S Jw )>uj'. 

pine-bpyhcen mm- 

jsebep ).-peonba hleo> 


neappe jenaejeb- 

ic nefpe )>e. 

witb greedy grasps. 

So was to GutbUc, 

the close recluse, 

regularly then, 

after shade of night, 

nearly associated 

the slaugbter-greedy warrior. 

With htm dwelt 

one disciple, 
10 who him on eat^ 

day visited: 

resolr'd then thoughtful, 

prudent, to go 

to God's temple, 

where be the land's apostle 
£.] knew to be within, 

the dearest 

chosen teacher; 

and then enter'd, 
10 for speech with the blessed ntou. 

He would hearken to 

the doctrines of the holy oiu, 

the kind one's discourses ; 

found then his master 

with sickness weary ; 

bim that struck 

beary at heart, 

sorrow he bare, 

great mental care : [ask : 

su he began then his companion to 

' How haet thou thus become, 

my friend and master, 

my father, refuge of hie friends, 

in soul afflicted, 

sorely aseiul'd ? 

I thee never. 




jemecce )m|- me^De- 

popba jepealban. 
ij* me on pene je^idic. 
^tec ]>e unCjiymnef • 
able jonjum* 
on Jnjje nJhjTan- 
nihc b^j'^abe. 
piji-bennum jej-obc- 
^a!C me fop^a i]-> 
hacoft; on hpej^pe* 
sp ^ liy^e mmoe- 
feji* aFpeppe- 

hu ]>eor able fcjle- 

Dtm ]>a fi% oncpiHS- 
pma ne meahce- 
cqioS up-^ei^on* 
pnj- him inbojen- 
baton baD-GO)>ti. 
bealb peopbabe> 
eabij on elne- 
icpir ajeap- 
ic piUe fecjan- 
p me i^ji jehjian- 
pwpc in-jepob. 
in iSi)^ jiomian iiiht> 
lic-hopb onleac- 
leomu hefepa^. 
f^nm jefohee- 
fceal J>jj- ptpeUhCf • 
pege )diefc-homa- 
frolb-iepne bi]>eahc> 

dearest lord, 

ill this guise before 

have found, thus feeble ; 

could'st thou in discourse 

words command ? 

To me from conjecture it aeeme, 

that thee infirmity, 

through fits of disease, 

in thid last 
10 night hath afflicted, 

sought thee with punful wounds : 

that is to me of sorrows 

hottest at heart, 

ere thou my mind, 

my soul shalt comfort. 

Knowest thou, beloved master, 

bow of this disease shall 

an end be set ? ' 

Him he then slowly address' d, 
aa he could not instantly 

his breath draw up, 

fixed in him was 

a bitter malady : 

boldly he spake, 

happy in courage 

answer gare : 

* I will say, 

that me pain haUi touch'd, 

suffieiing invaded, 
3D in this dusk night, 

my body relaxed ; 

my limbs wax heavy, 

sorely visited. 

This soul-house must, 

this fated fleshly covering, 

in iti earth-dwelling deck'd, 
H 2 




leamu-latnej- ^epacan- 

lejeji-bebbe pejv- 

punian pal-]uefee> 

pija nealaece^- 

unlaet lacej- 

ne biS )>Ber leii^a pnce. 


]»on j-eopin-niht:- 


f miD ):eojib heonan - 

on tfiije ealiceftan- 

enfee sepeceB- 

bsej fcpi^noe- 

}>on dojoji bee's. 

on molb-peje- 

min po)i'S-pqi])>en- 

ropS jerpeiSpab- 

^ ic fi]»)?an moc 

fope meotnbef cneopum 

meojiba hleocan- 

5'nSP* xeapena- 
^ ;obef lombep* 
in fiD-bpeamuni' 
p)»]7an apo- 
IMP'S polpatt* 
ij- nu pip ^Sibep- 
jaej-t pi>er jeopn. 
nu fu jeappe conpt- 
leoma Iip-jebal- 
Innj ip )riponbib- 
& paeppSp "J heap- 
jeonjum jeocop j^eja. 
jeompenbe hyje- 

wilii covering of clay, 

fast in its bed, 

remain in deadly rest. 

7%e warrior approacheth, 

not slow of duty ; 

evasion will not longer be of this 

soul -separation 

than seven nighta 

of space, 
10 to that my life hence, 

on this eighth 

passing day, 

its end will seek : 
[48 a.] then will be my day 

on earth's way 

forth departed, 

mj/ Borrow still'd, 

and I may after, 

before the knees of my Creator, 

share the rewards, 

the young gifts, 

and the Lamb of Ood, 

in joys eternal, 

ever after 

follow forth. 

Now is bent thither 

my soul yearning for its journey; 

now thou well perceivest 

mtf limbs' decease ; 

long is this tarrying 

of worldly life.* 

Then was wail and sighing 

to the young man, his spirit sad, 

his soul grieving, 

1. 12 and 13 ar« tranipoud in the tTanalBtion, 



yijfyaa he jeh^be. 
)>»c re halja yay- 
fop^yiper piy. 
he ytsf fxp-fpeUey- 

pipe hi]- mon-bpyhcne> 

mob-rojije pa^. 

bejnje set heojican> 

bjie^ jiman fpeajic 

hyje hjieop-ceaji^- 

^r pe [he] hij- hlajnpb jepeah- 

dlop-jnfne- 11 

he ymy oDluejiii- 

habban ne meahte- 

ac he baCe leC- 

copn )K>henbe- 

reajtaf jeocao- 

peallan pte^-tipopan- 

|>jpb ne meabte 

in per^um len;- 

feopj jehealban- a> 

beope jquec]>e- 

pGn him ^ebemeb psej- :- 

when he heard, 

that the holy man was 

on departure bent ; 

he for this sad discourse, 

for bis master, 

mental sorrow bare 

heavy at heart ; 

hit soul darken'd within, 

Ais mind waa sorrowful, 

for that he saw his lord 

on departure bent : 

he for this resignataim 

might not bare, 

but he let hot 

(trouble suffering) 

tears &11, 

wave^rt^ roll. 

Fate might not 

in the destui'd longer 

life preBerve, 

the dear treasure, 

than had to him been doom'd. 

Onjeat sejra halij ■ 
jeomop mobe)-' 
bpnfenbe hy^e 
onjan ^ bnjulia hleo- 
;beb-mob jobe leof - 
-^eon^pan pecan • 

T^e holy in soul felt, 

sad of mind, 

hia sinking spirit ; 

began then the refuge of the good, 

joyful, dear to Ood, 

to the youth to recount. 

10. be U added to c«inplBl« the w 

r. 3»ree. as. r. bjiujenbne. 




pine leopejran - 

pojibatn ne^ao* 

ne beo ))u unpoc- 

^eah ^eoy abl me- 

innan Eele> 

Dip me eapfeiSe. 

CO je])oh&nne- 

^eohney pillan* 

bpyhtnep inmep> 

ne ic pKy beaiSej* hapu- 

on ^p peocnan Cib- 

foji^e OD mobe- 

ne ic me bepe^blffiSe- 

belle pe^na- 

ppi^ onptCe- 

ne nue; pynue on me- 

pacnep ppum-beajm- 

pyjiene jej-cslan- 

licep leahtop- 

ac in li^e pceolon- 

popj-pyltniS poben- 


ppaec-pi^ pepan- 

pilna bipcijiebe- 

m ^am beaiS-]'ele> 

buju'Sa jehpylcpe. 

lufena •} lippa. 

mm |>tec leope beapn* 

ne beo ]ni on pepan to p 

ic eom pf*r p*r* 

up eapb niman- 
ebleanan jeojm' 
m ])am ecan jepean- 
sep - jepy pbtum - 
jepeon pjopa ppean- 

his dearest friend 

in words address ; 

' Be thou not sad, 

though me this disease 

burnetb within ; 

it is not hard for me 

to undergo 

the will of t/te Supreme, 

of my Lord, 
10 nor for death have I, 

at Uiis uck time, 

care in mind, 

noT do I myaelf for the band 

of hell'g ministers 

greatly afflict. 

May not sin to me 

the firstborn of fraud, 

or crime impute, 

rice of body ; 
[48 b.] but thej/ in flame must, 
ai in grierouB firea sodden, 

sorely wul, 

exile weep, 

from desires cut off, 

{in the death-hall,) 

from every good, 

love and kindness. 

My beloved child, 
oc- be thou not in mind too sad; 

30 I on my way am hastening, 

to take a dwelling-place on bi| 

desirous of reward, 

in that eternal joy, 

for nof former works,— 

to see the Lord of triumphs. 




min f rpxye heoftn- 

nif me p|tacu ne jepio- 

f ic pulbjiej- job. 

r«e rpejel-c^mns- 

Jwqi ir Jib T bbf. 

bompi^ri^ bjieam- 

bpjheen ^peiqib. 

yua K 2eo|me- 


in |«|- bpeoiijan cib- 

btebn q>eitibe> 

mobe^ nuepie- 

ic ya meojibe pat> 


leui nnbpilen. 

hali^ on heali^> 

ymji mm b;^hc mfaei- 

CO jepecenae- 

l-apnl pinbaS. 

Of 1iC'Face> 

CO yam Ionian jepean* 

m eab-pelan> 

nif |>er epel me- 

ne rap ne fojij. 

ic roe rylpUD pnt- 

Kftep beef bjiypa- 

lean onhpilen. 

^ ye pnlbop-maja- 

IK^iba jercdbe- 

fio): pfin-piBa- 

peq- hmi juefce neob- 


pobop |-pamobe' 

o|%ji nriS^a bequ- 

niht-jum fcjubon- 

My dear eon, 

to me it IB not exile nor affliction, 
that I t/te God of glory 
seek, the King of heaven, 
where is peace and bliss, 
joy of the exalted, 
the Lord present, 
whom I have earnestly, 
with ghostly mysteries, 
in this darksome tide, 
with deeds propitiated, 
with mind and strengUi. 
I the reward know 
to be bultless, 
a lasting recompense, 
holy on high ; 
there my hope thinketh 
to visit, 

mt/ soul tendeth 
from itt body 
to that lasting joy, 
into happiness. 
This land has not for me 
pain or sorrow ; 
I for myself know, 
after my body's fall, 
a lasting recompense.' 
Then the illustrious man 
ceased from words, 
the sage renown'd, 
he had need of rest, 
tired in spirit. 
Heaven floated 
over the sons of men, 
a term of nights had pass'd 
ID seab pelan. 




beopc opep buje]»um. 
f>a |-e b«^ bicpom- 
on (tarn ye li|:;enba- 
in lic-homan* 
ece lelmilit^- 
sepifc seiipemebe- 
bjiyhten mib bjieame- 
1S» he Of bea^e apa;-- 
onpealb op eoji'San- 
ui }>a eBfCoji-citi- 
ealjia ]»pymma Yfipa- 
tSjteaca tniertne- 
CO heo]:onu ehSf- 
%t be ppom belle arca;< 
ypa j« eabja pep- 
in Jfa 8e)?elan tib- 
on Jwne beophcan baej- 
blijfum hpemix- 
niilbe ■] jemecpejt;- 
maejen unfopce. 
elne ;esepibe> 
apap «a eopla pynn- 
heapb hjje pjoctop- 
j^a he bpajwfc meahce* 
me'Se pop ^am miclan byj^B' 
onjon ]>a hip mob jTa|jelian' 
leohce seleapan- 
lac SnfWjbe. 
bp^bcne to pillan- 

in jobep cemple. 
■J hipj^jneonjon- 
rpa l>am J»eobne jepi^. 


dark o'er maiikind, 

when the day came> 

on which the lAvrng, 

(in body) 

Eternal, Almighty, 

Au resurrection accomplish 'd, 

the Lord with joy, 

when he ftttm death arose, 

with power from earth, 
10 in the Easter-tide, 

He, Majesty of all majesties, 

a band innumerable 

to hearen nus'd, 

when he Awn bell ascended. 

So the blessed man, 

at that glorious time, 

on tbat bright day, 

in bliss exulting, 

mild and temperate, 
90 Am hard exertions 
:.] strenuously completed. 

Arose then the delight of men 

serere, of mind sagacious, 

as he quickest might, 

weary from his great afflictions : 

began then bis mind to confirm 

with bright lielief, 

made his oblation, 

deeply meditating, 
30 for his Lord's pleasure, 

on ghostly mysteries, 

in God's temple ; 

and to his servant began, 

as was to the master fitting, 

S. onjiMibet 



Imjih ^jref jieje- 

pih-Ypel bobi&D> 

recjan ft;ojt-cscnum. 

J hi]- fejan t::pymman ■ 

puobpu to pulhjie- 

in )>a plicejan jejx:ea).-c* 

CO e&b-pelan- 

fpa he seji ne )-i%> 

»{]ie CO ealbpe* 

oBpe fpylce. 

OD ^ l»Dan tib> 

lajie jeh^be- 

ne fpa beoplice- 

l^yhtnef jepyne. 

^phmeniuj'cne - 

uayS ajieccan- 

on pbum pe|:an- 

hun pKf r°)'P* jejfuhc. 

f hic upanctmbej-' 

enjlep paejie* 

Of fpejl'bfeamum- 

fpi))op micle- 

nuejen-lwyief po)ib> 

{•ODD KDje)* moiuiej- lap- 

pqia oj:e}i eop^tan- 

him f jninbpa nu^ 

leyepen )mhee- 

¥ fpylc fijyctpo-quep:- 

KDjef btele)ia hep> 

hpe^p peapbabe- 

bpyhca beiqtna- 

pRj- ]>ter beophc eall> 

popb ^ pifbom- 

*] ^Rf pepep pcihcunj- 

through (Ac Spirit's grace, 
the Gospel to preach, 
to say in words triumphant, 
and to confirm his mind, 
wonderously to glory, 
in the beauteous creation, 
to happiness. 

r smce. 

so as he nor ere c 

ever in life, 
in other Buch, 

in this fading time, 

doctrine heard, 

nor so deeply 

the mysteries of tAe Lord, 

through human 

mouth explain 'd, 

to hia ample mind j 

to him it seem'd more truly, 

that it a heavenly 
ao angel's were, 

from the ethereal joya, 

much rather, 

a divine minister's words, 

than the tore of any man, 

of mortals upon earth. 

That to him of wonders greatest 

seem'd to appear, 

that such power of wisdom 

any mortal's here 
30 breast could hold 

of the eons of men, 

80 deep were all 

the words and wisdom, 

and the man's foresight. 

18. ro^oji t 




mob -) DU^en-cpiefC- 
])e him meotub enjlit' 
J8ej«a ;eocenb- 
popjiejien tuepbe :■ 

mind and power, 

which to him the Lord of augelB, 

Saviour of souls 

had given. 


PaejiOD jceopepe ■8a. 
baja]- on jume- 
)>»)• j^ bjiyhcuef [("ejn] 
on ebie bab- 
able jebJrjab. 
fajium jefpenceb- 
ne he r°p;e V^' 
jeocopne yefaU' 
bjieojujue h^e- 
besS nealseccfl. 
Ytop jxal-jODjum. 
jrpon; -j hpeSe- 
fohce pipel-huf. 
com 1% yeofeSfi bs;- 
elbum ^peajib- 
ptey J>e him m-jeponc- 
hae heojican neah- 
hilbe fcujiuni' 
flacojt |dan-)>paca- 
peoph-bopb onleac' 
f-eapo>ci^um jejxihC' 
oDjon 'Sa piotcop hsele' 
ap onbehc-]>ejD' 
se)>elef neofan- 

[49 A.] 

Were then four 

pass'd forth 

days in numher, 

that the Lord's servant 

courageously awaited^ 

with disease oppress'd, 

sorely afDicted ; 

he bare not in sorrow 

Ail steadfost mind, 

for his soul's separation, 

a sad spirit. 

Death drew nigh, 

stept with iron strides, . * 

strong and fierce 

sought the soul-house. 

The seventh day came 

present to mortals 

since that into bim sank 

hot, near the heart, 

in hostile showerst 

the roving arrow's force, 

life's treasury uolock'd, 

visited with guileful keys. 

Went then the prudent ma 

hU disciple, early, 

the noble one to visit. 

8. ^esn not in tbt MS., bni added iram conjwture. 



CO Iram baljan ho|:fl. 

at that holy house : 

poob ]»a hlinjenbDe. 

found there reclining, 

pirne OD i»p«-p^. 

bent on departure. 

jBBjT halisne- 

the holy spirit. 

in jobej- temple - 

in God's temple, 

foben rap-p^lmum. 

vexed with painful burnings. 

F»r ]>» ptrtc cib. 

It was the aixtb hour. 

on mibne bfe;- 

at mid-day, 

pSBf hij- mon-bpyhtne- i« 

to fain lord it was 


Au final day. 

lec p^hce |»a. 

Rightly then. 

painfuUy assail'd 


with iueritable trials. 

appecen psel-pilum- 

with dartii of death afflicted, 

pis ne me&hce- 

the high <iftoul could not 

o]io1S np-jeceon- 

his breath draw up. 


Aia powerful speech. 

hleo)ro)i abebban. 

Am voice raise. 

Oii;oa «a hyje jeomop. n 

Be then sad in mind resolv'd. 

Fupie spetao. 

the departing one to greet. 

meSoe mob-jleebne- 

weary, yet glad in spirit; 

beeb hine ]mph niihca jT^penb. 

, besought bim by the Creator of 

5IF he hir popb-cpiba. 

if he his words [miracles. 

pealban meahce- 

could command, 

fpptece afaebban> 

Aw speech raise, [show. 

)>et him on fpellom jec^be- 

that he in discourses to bim would 

onppije popba jonpim. 

reveal in courae of words. 

hu be bir pipia tpupabe- » 

how he in bis moraU trusted. 

bpohtef on iSvpe bimmau able- 

bis life-course, in that bidden 


(epBon bine bca* onjwgbe. 

ere that him death sacrificed. 

him fe eab^a pep- 

To him the blessed mui 

ajeap ^rpape- 

gave answer. 

4. MS. unpeone. 

16. pliracne! MS. plone. 




leof mon leoputn- 

|>eab he lace meaface* 

eopl ellen-heapb' 

ojiepe jebjieban- 

mm ]>Bec rpsefe beapn- 

nij' Du rpijK peoji- 

)>am ytemeitan ■ 



))aec iSu )>a nyhfcan fcealc. lo 

in pojiulb-lijM. 

pojiba imnjut- 

iiK}.'jie leana bilopen- 

Upe jehypan- 

nohc louje 0|:ep )>ti*- 

kejT ealle pelU 

psepe 5 pmercype. 

popb j^a pie pppKCon- [50 a.] 

leopipc manna- 

Dtefpe ic lujian pbbe- ao 

Jfeoben sec ^oajife- 


beo l»u on jtS jeapu. 

p]>])an lie -J leomu- 

■j pey hfer jBejT. 


fompipe hjpa- 

Iniph peopj-sebal- 

jirjp aepcep ]>oo. x 

Iwc Jni jerecje. 

j-peofCop minpe. 

}Kepe leo)%]T&n- 

on lonjne peg- 

31. >eobnej H^pfet 

30. pep f 

the beloved man to the betored, 

though he but blowly could, 

the energetic man, 

draw breath : 

' My dear son, 

'tia now not very far 

to the utmost 

final day 

of inevitable separation, 

when thou the last ahalt, 

in worldly life, 

from my words 

(never of rewards depriv'd) 

instruction hear : 

Not long after thisj 

fulfil well all 

our covenant and friendship, 

the words that we have spoken, 

dearest of men ; 

never T thy love of my kin, 

for tht/ maBter's need, 

will permit 

to languish : 

be thou for journey ready, 

when body and limbs, 

and Uiis spirit of life 


their fellowship 

throogh death : 

go after this, 

that thou may'at nay 

to my sister 

the moat beloved, 

on a long way, 

as. Brpuitsof 
1. L 2. p. 173 aboold be read before tlu*. 



on ecne espb- 

1 hjpe eac jecyS- 

pt^bam minuni- 

f ic me pftjinabe- 

h^e ODf^ne* 

ealle f>jiage- 

in pojialb-b}»- 

PI»^(J ic pilnobe- 

^ce pic one eyt- 

m pnm ecan jej^an- 

on fpe;l-jni1b]ie> 

2«j'eou moj-cnD- 

j:ojie ODj^oe- 

ecef betn&n- 

leahcjia leape- 

)n^ fce&l lufu uncep* 

psepptejr pnmito- 

l^p pic pilna a,- 

in &epe beophcan bypi;- 

l^ucan moeun- 

eabej- nub enslum- 

Su bfpe eac p^ja- 

f heo |>if ban-pec- 

beop^e bipepce- 

lame biluce- 

be opj^ple- 

m fieoj'Cop-copRn- 

^p hie t^paje fceal> 

m fonb-ho]:e- 

n^^ puoian. 

Ba peap% inob-je]>aoc- 

nudum jebirjab* 

to the &ir joy, 

my departure 

to an eternal dwelling, 

and to her eke make known, 

in my words, 

tbat I myself denied 

her presence, 

at all times, 

in worldly life, 
10 for tbat I desir'd 

that we again each other 

in the eternal joy, 

in heavenly glory, 

might see, 

before the face 

of the eternal Judge, 


where our lore shall 

faitbfiil continue, 
90 where we our wishes ever, 

in the bright ci^, 

may enjoy, 

happiness with angels. 

Thou to her also say, 

that she this bone-case 

to the tomb commit, 

with clay inclose 

this souUess body 

in itt dark chamber ; 
30 there it shall a while, 

in ila earth-house 

after remain.' 

Then was the mind 

greatly moved. 

SS. MS. on rHfle. 




]>ujih ]>ej- peobney popb' 
pn he tebjie oDciieop> 
ffteaa feoidi-sebal- 
f luc yeop ne pwj'- 
anyja ^ opjTlice. 
eo bif pme-bpjhcne* 
popbum D»e^an> 
ic )>ec balp^e- 
h9elet>a 1eo}»ft' 
pimena cynnep • 
(rujih jaefca peapb. 
JiBBC J-u hyje-jvpse. 
heoptan muipe> 
jee)>e eopla p^- 
nif ]>e enbe jeop* 
)nef ]>e w on ^albpum- 
(Mipeces btebbe- 
ojK mec jeomop-pefa. 
jeh{>s semanobe. 
hac BBC heopean- 
hyje ^nopnenbe- 
uhcep neappe- 
■J IC nseppe J«. 
paebep ppopop tnin* 
izpi^nan boppte- 
j-ymle ic jeh^pbe- 
pSa heoponep jim. 
pjm-conbel pepa- 
pepc onb^lbe- 
l-pe^l-beopfae punne. 
pecl-jonjep piy 

[50 6.] 

with afflictioDi preaa'd, 

through his lord's words, 

of the disciple ; 

then at once he knew, 

tliat Am master's death 

was not far, 

biB final day. 

Then began he quickly 

to his friend and nuuter 

in words to speak : 

* I thee beseech, 

dearest of men, 

of baman race, 

by the Guardian of spirits, 

that thou the sorrow 

of my heart 

alleviate, delight (A mea ! 

Iliy end is not far off, 

from what by thy forebodings I 

hare underatood. 

Oft me my sad spirit, 

my soul, hath monish'd, 

hot at heart, 

my sorrowing mind, 

by night oppress'd, 

and I nerer thee, 

fother, my comfort^ 

durst question : 

I have always heard 

when heaven's gem, 

men's joyous candle, 

westward declin'd, 

the heaven-bright sun, 

hast'ning to setting. 



on Sfen-cib* 

Jr^n sec je]>eiibce> 
ic (iwr I'eobnef popb- 
ajjief unini^f ■ 
ofc neopenbef • 
tM^-poman bicpeoD- 
■) ^Bjie beo])CHQ iiihc- 
■ne|»el-cpibe nuecjef ■ 
■J on mojtpie fpa- 
oi^eac seomoii mob- 
pefTer rpp»<»- 
^leaper u» xeapbum- 
hapu ic pet ne pat- 
Kp |m me fpea itun> 
|nip]K>p cyiSe- 
|niph cpibe |nDne> 
hponan hif cjme pnbon :• 

at even- tide, 
with tJiee another 
minieter in council; 
I this lord's words. 
Mis unknown meskenger's, 
oft visitiDg thee, 
between t&e rush of day, 
and the dark night, 
thy friend's discourse, 
and so at mom, 
have heard, sad in mind, 
a spirit's speecli 
wifie, in the dwelling ; 
but yet I know not, 
ere thou me, my master, 
further declarest, 
through thy saying, 
whence hie coming is.' 

Da re cjSb^a pep- 

leojrum ieptep lonjpe hpile- 

]-pa he late meahte- 

elnef nnc^ij- 

ope)w jepealban- 

hpsec yn me pme min* 

popbum niejej^- 

fnpne jTujnep;. 

^f )»e IC Fnp}n]m sep- 

Bjrpe on ealbpe- 

1. HS.Ii«r«n. 

tlien the blessed man 

gave answer 

to his Mend, after long while, 

ss he slowly could 

(of strength devoid) 

Aw breath command : 

* Verily thou me, my friend, 

in words addrcssest, 

me departing askest, 

that of which 1 indeed before, 

ever in life, 

18. jy! 




»njuin ne polbe- 
monna ojieji molban- 
melba peoji'San* 
|>e5ne on ]>eobe. 
butan ]>e nu^- 
py Isef )>ee puiib|ieban' 
peji^ -J ibej^. 
•J on ^«iX 2utan> 
^lebbum nuenben- 
bi me lij^enbum* 
hujtu ic nolbe Y^\f- 
Impb jielp-cpibe 
jBBjrej- mine)'- 
FP^FP^ jeletcan- 
lie pebeji minef • 
iej:|ie jesepian- 
sebjlj sober- 
j-ymle me onpeDbe- 
pje-bpyhten mm- 
polca j:eoph-;iefa- 
p}')>an IC ):u|i)nim onjon 
OD Jwne mpceioin- 
anfelb bujan- 
jei^ - jemeajicef - 
pBjv hal^e- 
enjel upancunbne- 
]-e mec epna ;ehpam> 
meahcij meombef fejn- 
-] on mop^e eye- 
njoppqi; jej-ohce. 
■J me fujia jehpylc- 
jehtelbe hjje j^opje- 
';] me m hpe)»pe bileac 
pulbpef pi)-boba- 


would not to any 

man on earth 

be the narrator, 

any mortal in the nation, 

aave to thee now, 

test thereat should wonder 

men and women, [streets, 

and should pour it forth into the 

in tAeir talk mention it, 

during my life ; 

at least I would not myself, 

through vaunting speech, 

ray spirit 'a 

comfort hinder, 

nor of my Father 

ever suffer 

the anger, of n^ God. 

Always to me sent 

my glorious Lord, 

Giver of life to people, 

{after I had first begun 

in this second 

hermitage to dwell, 

a year's space) 

a holy spirit, 

an angel &om above, 

who me each evening, 

(a mighty minister of the Lord) 

and again at mom, 

glorious, sought, 

and my every paio 

heal'd, each mental sorrow, 

and in my breast enclos'd 

(Me messenger of glory) 

9. Lit. in wngi — (eh^mf 

10. no atlitetation with L 1 1. 




pifbomej- pej»- 

micle moDi^salbjian ■ 

y6n tenij mon- 

pice in L|:e heji- 

^ me alyf*b nif. 

CO jecyjienne ■ 

cpicjia sen jam- 

on palh-peje. 

ppa cynnej-- 

^ me ne meahce> 

monna seni^* 


hpaec he beajininja- 

on hyje hojhe- 

beojican jej'onciim ■ 

pj))>an he me pojie eapitn- 

onj-yne peap'S. 

a ic on mobe ma^- 

monna jehp^Icne- 

)>eobDef yupa-cyme- 

oB )iipie b»5. 

leopq-c monna- 

nu ic fop lujran }>inpe' 

1 S«Feprcype- 

Jfsec pit pypn mib unc- 

lon^e bejtan* 

nelle ic bec&n ]>e ■ 

eej^ie unpocne- 

K):cep ealbop-leje- 

me^oe mob-feocne- 

nunpe jepeop'San • 

foben fopj-pffilmum. 

a ic pbbe pi]" |>e. 

healban pille> 

<Ae gih of wisdom, 

by much more manifold 

than any man 

may Icnow here in life, 

which t^ in not allow'd me 

to make known 

to any living 

on earth's way, 

of the race of men ; 

so that from me might not 

any man 


what he secretly 

in his mind meditated, 

in Ais heart's thoughts, 

after that be before my eyes 

became liaible. 

Ever I in mind have hidden, 

from every man, 

the glorious coming of the angel, 

until this day, 

dearest of men I 

Now I for thy love, 

and for the fellowship, 

which we of old togedier 

long have evinced, 

I will not let thee 

ever sad, 

after my death, 

funt, sick in mind 


afflicted with caie-bumings ; 

ever I peace towards thee 

will hold. 




nu op bpe|>eji-locan- 

CO )>am ydptm jefean* 

yapei pinba'S> 

mp reo eib laeu- 

cybpa? J>ir ban-psec- 

jjieoc-hopb jnopnaiS' 

5«jT hine J7]'e^' 

on ecne jeajib- 

ur-rij>ef jeopn- 

on feltan sepecu. lo 

nu ic fpi'Se eom- 

peopce jepepjab- 

«a CO ]>am paje jej-^- 

heajielan onhylbe- 

hjpbe fa jena- 

ellen on rnnan- 

opo^S jTunbum Ceah- 

DiKjne mobij. 

him Of tnu^e cpoin> 

fpecca jTwcaj-c- ao 

fp^lce on jTimepei' cib- 

jTinca? on jropum. 

j-ca)>eluni pepx- 

pyiinum xyKeji ponjum^ 

pypca jeblopene- 


Ypa yssf Hainan pfep' 

onblonjne bsej- 

o)> sejren |:op{S ■ 

opo^ up-hliBben- 30 

)>a 1% se^la jlsem- [51 A.] 

j"ecl-jonj fohce- 

j-peapc nopB-pobop- 

pon unbep polcnum- 

populb mipce opep-ceah. 

Now, from my breaiitti' enclosure, 

to the true joy 

my soul tendeth, 

the time ib not slow ; 

Mm bone-case groweth weak, 

ihU dust-heap sorroweth, 

my soul hasteneth 

to an eternal mansion, 

desirous of tV« exit 

to better dwellings : 

now I greatly am 

with pain exhausted.' 

Then to the wall he sank, 

Ais bead inclin'd, 

yet retain'd 

hU strength within ; 

his breath fixim time to time he 

in power bold : [drew, 

from his mouth came 

of odours sweetest, 

such as in Hummer's tide 

fragrance send forth in places, 

fast in their stations, 

joyously o'er the plains, 

blown plants, 

honey-flowing } 

so was this holy mau's, 

the livelong day, 

until even forth, 

breath drawn up. 

When tiie noble gleam 

its setting sought, 

darken'd the northern Armament, 

dusk amid clouds, 

o'er veil'd the world with mist. 




(Tj-cjium bi|>eahce. 
^ponj nihc opep- 
cihc-loobei' ]:p%cpa> 
Sa cpotn leohta mn]-c> 
halij Of heojronum- 
hsebfie j-cman- 
beojihc opeji bupj-j-alu* 
bab j-e |>e j-ceolbe- 
eabij on elne- 
apjiecen pfcl-jrpselui)!- 
pulbpej- j-cima- 
syele ymb ae^lne- 

fcan fciji-pejieb- 
fcabu Ypeyjiebon- 
coljfei) unbep lyjxe. 

^b ^sk; halje huj-' 

heoponlic conbel- 

Fpotn S{:eii-jloine. 

oj^wc eafCan cpom- 

ofep beop-jelsb- 

bi^eb poina- 

pebep-caceii peapni' 

ajiaj- re pulbop-m^o- 

eatwj elnei* jem^nbij- 

rppasc Co hir onbeht-)»e5ne' 

copbc CO hij- rpeopum ^eppS' 

ab If ■p Jju pepe ■ 

^ )>a spenbu- 

eal bi|>eiice- 

opejTum l«be* 

rpaic ))e asp bibeab' 

lac CO leofpe- 

nu Of lice If- 

with darkuesB cover'd, 

when night clos'd over 

the cuUur'd land's adornmeiite ; 

then came of lights Me brighteet, 

holy from heaven, 

serenely shbiing, 

bright o'er the city-dwellings. 

Awaited he who must, 

happy in courage, 
10 his final day, 

barase'd with darts of death. 

j/ light of glory 

noble about the noble, 

the livelong night, 

shone brightly boH, 

the shadows disappear'd, 

dissolv'd amid thx air. 

The light gleam was 

around that holy house, 
90 the heavenly candle, 

from even-gloom, 

till from the east there came 

o'er the deep way, 

the rush of dawn, 

a warm weather-token. 

Arose the glorious man, 

happy, mindful of fortitude, 

spake to his disciple, [rade: 

th' illustrious tu his faithful com> 
30 'Time is that thou goest, 

and the errands 

all bear in mind ; 

with speed conduct, 

as I before commanded thee, 

the gift to my dear sister : 

now from its body is, 




job'bpeama jeojtn- 
5«rt rpi«e pip 
5Vhoj: J>a hij- honfaa- 
hufle jepeopbeb- 
ea^mob ]>y ie)>elan ^ple- 
]^]ce be hi]- eajan onrynbe- 
halje beivjibej' jimmaf - 
bifeah yh co heojnna juce- 
^bebmob eo jeofona leanum ■ 
1 ^* l"r 5®r^ ODfenbe- i 

peopcum plici^ne- 
in pulbpef bpea:* 

yearning for joys divine, 

mt/ spirit hastening rapidly.' 

Kais'd then his hands, 

with th' euchariet refresh'd, 

the humble, with the noble food, 

also he liis eyes unclos'd, 

his bead's holy gems, 

took'd then to heaven's realm, 

glad to the rewards of grace, 

and then his spirit sent, 

by its works beauteous, 

into the joy of glory. 

Da jwf ^{Shtcej-. 
jsej-c jetebeb- 
on up-p^e- 
enjlaf pepebon- 
CO )>am lonjan jepean. 
lie colobe- 
belipb unbep l^pce. 
ISa ^Eep leohea |'can> 
beama beophCajt- 
eal psec beacen paij-. 
ymb )>Eet halje buj'- 
heofonlic leoma- 
fpom polbaa up- 
fpylce f^en top. 
pyhc apsepeb. 



Then was Guthlac'a 
spirit led 
on upward way ; 
angels bare him 
to the lasting joy ; 
the corpse grew cold, 
remaining under lur. 
10 Then there shone of lights, 
of beams the brightest, 
all that beacon was, 
around the holy house, 
1 ] the heavenly ray, 
up from earth, 
like a fiery tower, 
rightly rear'd 

is. MS. pes- 

90, MS. iMihc ftfcan. 




oJS {lobejia hjio}:' 

pionan bec^hcpa' 
e)>el<tD]ijIa pliee> 
eojla yjteaXKf- 
r^e-IeoB funjoii' 

n«x p«r on iyF«e- 

jeh^eb unbeji heojronum- 
hali^pa bpeam- 
fjia f6 bujij-fCebe psej". 
bbfram jejiylleb. 
rpenun jtwncum- 

eabjer ypfe-pwl- 

enjla hleoSpej-. 

eal innanpeajib yaeji- 

ptef genliqw- 

7 pynj-iunpa- 

ySa bit in pojiulbe nueje- 

ftepi ajieccan- 

hu pe fcenc ^ j-e j^ej- 

heofonlic hleo^ji- 

■j re halja ponj. 

Sehyjieb ytej- 

beah-|>jiyin jobey' 

bjieahcem tepteji bpeahcme- 

beopobe )>sefc ealoiib> 

potb-poDj on}>ju>nj. 

Da ^^yphceb peaji'S- 

apelnef bilopen- 

jepac pa ofepAice- 

beopn iinbyb^- 

]>sec he bac 2e)t:^> 

pas5-benj«ix pjuec- 

iinto heaven's roof, 

seen beneath t&e sky, 

than the snn brif^hter, 

th£ aspect of the noble stars. 

Hoitte of angels 

a Bung of triumph sung, 

music was in the air 

heard under heaven, 

the melody of saJnts. 

So was Ms halntation 

filled with joys, 

with sweet odours, 

and heavenly wonders, 

the blessed'a dwelling-place, 

with angels' sound; 

all there within 

wan more excellent, 

and more pleasant, 

than it in the world may 

voice relate, 

how /Ae fragrance and the melody, 

heavenly sound, 

and the holy song 

were heard, 

high praise of Qod. 

Moment after moment 

trembled that island, 

rush'd towards the land. 

Then affrighted was 

the messenger, of course 'reft ; 

departed then most speedily 

the man, unheedful, 

so that he a boat ascended, 

the wave-horse urged j 

IT o»*h after cnuli. 

3S. MS. unhydij. 




pjeCeji-Jnrra ^jt- 

j-nel unbep fojtpim- 

rp^ bate jcan- 

blac oj»ji bupj^-jTilo- 

bjum-pubu ycynbe. 

leohc lube puf- 

lapi-meajij j-hjpebe. 

5ehliejt«b to hj^- 

|>iec ye bnjin-flota- 

ttpx}} pinb-plejan • lo 

fonb-lonb sefpeapn- 

jjionb PI'S jjieote- 

jnojin jop;e psej. 

hace aet heo)it:an> 

hyje jeomupnc' 

meiSne mob-fe}:an- 

ye l^fl hif mon-b]\5'hteti ■ 

hjie bilibene- 

lajt: )>ea|ibiaD> 

pifte pine leopne- » 

bun ^KY yopey hjunj. 

copne jemonabe- 

ceajop f^uat peol. 

bate bleoji-bjiopan- 

■J on hpe]>pe piej' 

micle mnb-ceajte- 

be pafte mxgeV j'ceolbe- 

lace jelieban* 

la« ipel CO ]o«. [52 i.] 

CpODi )7a Fjieo|U5-pejiiS. 30 

Jia feo pemne pej'* 

pulbpef pyn-nuej- 

be |>a p^b ne ma%- 

|ae;ej- |:op«-p«. 

1. MS. ^ifpa. 
19. Lit. vfiligium servare. 

/A« water courMer far'd 

quickly under his sorrowB, 

Me firmament sbone hot, 

pale o'er the city-dwellinga. 

Hasten'd the ocean- wood 

lifl^bt, hurrying; itt course, 

the water-horse sped rapidly, 

laden to the bitbe, 

so that the floater of the surge, 

after itt ocean-play, 

spum'd the sandy land, 

ground 'gunst the gravel. 

Sad sorrow bare, 

hot at heart, 

a mournful spirit, 

a weary mind, 

he who bia lord, 

from life departed, 

behind remaining 

kneWf Mt beloved fnend ; 

him of this a burst of weeping 

sadly reminded, 

tears roll'd in waves, 

hot cheek-drops, 

and in his breast he bare 

great mental care. 

He to the maiden must 

the gift convey, 

th' unwelcome tale too true. 

Came then with trembling soul 

to where the damsel waa, 

the noble kinswoman. 

He the event conceal'd not, 

the dying one'i? departure, 

IS. r. betib«anc. 
31. ftPpT 




fine Jveajifenbe- 
•J f popb acpeeS. 
Gllen bi)>fe]aj-c- 
flam f>e ojrojr jxeol- 
bjieojan bp^hcen-bealu- 
beope behycjBD- 
|>jioht ]reobeii-jebal- 
}>OQ feo )>)ia2 cyme's- 
pejien py]ib-jt»pum- 
Jraee pac pe pe j-ceal- 
ajTsetnan faji^-fep^- 
pac hif pDc-pejan. 
holbne bihelflboe- 
he fceal bean )>onaD' 
jeomop hpeopFan> 
]»ain biS ^omenej- pana. 
^ |ra eappeVa- 
oprojT fapeojeiS- 
on papjum j^jan- 
hupu ic ppifie ne l>eapp. 
hin-jiS beblehhan- 
If hla)»pb nun- 
beopna beafoop' 
~] bpo)wp ]>ia- 
fe j^lepra- 
bi ftBm tpeoDQin- 
^pa ]>e pe on enjle- 
mfjie jefpunen- 
Jnipb cilbep hab- 
jumena cjunep. 
CO sobep borne- 
pepijpa ppf^w. 

the death-song sang, 

needing Ats friend, 

and the word Bud : 

* Coura^ is beat 

for thoae who oftest must 

endure evil extreme, 

deeply bear in mind 

trouble, his lord's decease, 

when the season cometh 

woven by fate's decrees ; 

that knows he who shall 

piue sorrowing of soul, 

who knows his treasure giver 

Ms kind master, hidden in earth : 

he shall thence depress'd, 

sad, depart. 

To him shall mirth be lacking, 

who those afflictions 

oftest suffereth 

in his sorrowing spirit j 

I at least may not greatly 

laugh for his departure. 

My lord is, 

pride of men, 

and thy brother, 

the most excellent 

between the seas, 

of those whom we in England 

have ever heaid of 


through child's condition, 

of the race of men, 

to Ood's judgment, 

(staff of the weary) 




popultvbjieamu of - 
pine-mseja pyn. 
in pulbpef ]>ji^- 
jepicen ponja hleo- 
j>ica neofan- 
eajibe]- on up-pej- 
nu fe eoji^ii bed- 
ban-liuf abjtocen* 
bufi^m in innan- 
puna^ ftel-fixytX' 
•J pe pulbpep btel- 
op lic-psere- 
in leohc jobei'. 
pi^op-lean pobte- 
•j )>e pecjan hee- 
^ec jic a mopcen- 
in ^am ecan jepean- 
mib ^a pb-jebpyht. 
pomub eapb iiiman- 
peopca pulbop-lean- 
pillum neocsn- 
blsebep -j blipj'a- 
eoc )>e abeoban hec> 
pije-bpjhcen nun- 
)>a he p«p pl^f puf. 
|>iBC ]iu bip lic-homan- 
leopajt maej^a- 
eopSan bi^ahcC' 
nu )m Kbpe conpc- 
p^S-pec mmne< 
ic pceal papij-pepB. 
bean-mob hpeoppan- 
hj^e bpupenbne. 

from worldly joye, 

{Ais friends' deligbt) 

into glory's eplendoar 

departed, t/te plains' proteiAor, 

dwellings to visit, 

a habitattOD up on high. 

Now he, a part of earth, 

a broken bone-house, 

within his dwelling place, 

restcth in t/u bed of death, 

and the part of glory, 

from the body, 

in the light of God 

its reward hath sought ; 

and hs to thee bade say, 

that ye two ever may, 

in the eternal joy, 

with a kindred company, 

tt^tber habitation take, 

glorious reward of works, 

at will enjoy 

prosperity and bliss. 

Also bade me to thee announce 

my noble master, 

when he was on departure bent, 

that thou hia body, 

maiden most beloved, 

shouldst with earth bedeck. 

Now thou at once dost comprehend 

my joumej'. 

I sorrowing in soul shall, 

dejected go, 

my sinking spirit 

33. Here the upper part of (he leaf of the MS. it ent ofC 



bleo]rpebe halij- 

bpeaj taebam jeopii- 
bp^hceo hejiebe- 
pif in peopcum- 
"J pay fopb aqweS- 
meocnb all-pibta- 
)fu espt meahtum fptS. 
ni^f to nepjanne> 
i|- ^m noma in»pe> 
plin; ■J jjulboppep;- 
OfMp pep-^be. 
pnbon ]niie bomaj'- 
on beeba jehjum- 
poSe jefprBbe. 

eac I'me piUan- 
tn pf^ulb-ppebum. 
pyhce nub pKbe- 
pobepa palbeab- 
2«o(» aj- jeopne- 
28efCa fc^peDb. 

[53 a.] 

Then Azaiiah 
cried, holy ; 
tborongh-hot flame 
endur'd, ardent in deeds 
prais'd the Lord, 
wise in hu works, 
and tbeee words spake : 
* Lord of all creatures ! 
Thou in might art strong 
mortals to save, 
thy name is great, 
beauteous and glorious, 
throughout mankind ; 
thy judgments are, 
in every deed, 
true, potent, 
and triumphant j 
also thy fiats, 
in worldly events 
right with judgment. 
Ruler of the skies 1 
preserve us carefully, 
Creator of spirits ! 

1. Pun omit (These various readings are £n>m Cttdmon}. 
5. bpeas onat. 7. pep pommalea)-. 8. )». 

10. hpaec ya eapc. 11. nepjenae. 16. in daja j^ptun. 

17. ro«c -\. 

after 18. rpa )ra eac fflpa eapc C. adds, though incorrectly, there being 
no conespondii^ line to form the iJllteiatiTe couplet. 
19. r^boQ for eac. 21. -j jepume for mib pKbe. 

33. add nu after xeopne. 




~i t»uph hylfcw help- 

habj bpybteii- 

nu pe fee fop Ive^Fuin- 

3 pop |>pea-nybum- 

^ foji eaSmehum- 

apeua bibba)>- 

leje bilejbe. 

pe (jeep lipjeiibe> 

pophcon in populbe- 

eac J»on pom bybon- 

ylbpan ujje- 

in opephyjbu. 

ym bibobu bpucon. 


hab opepho^ebon- 

baljan Upep- 

pupbon pe toppecene- 

jeonb piboe jpunb- 

heapum cohpoppne* 

bylba leape- 

pKp upe bp jeonb- 

lonba pela- 

ppacu« ■} jeppBE^e. 


nu )m upc bepptece- 

m pay pyppepOui' 



in h»pt heopo jpimmep- 

pceolon pe paeji htepeajiA- 

and througb thi/ grace help us, 

boly Lord ! 

now we thee in necesBity 

and in oppresfdoa, 

and humbly, 

pray for thy mercies, 

with flame beset. 

We for this living 

wrought in tAe world ; 

also then did evil 

our forefatherfl, 

in their pride, 

brake thy commandnientii, 

while in their cities dwelling, 

the state despis'd 

of holy life. 

We are become acatter'd 

o'er the wide earth, 

diapers'd in bodies, 


has been our life, through 

many lands, 

vile and infamous 

to earth's inhabitants. 

Now thou us hast exil'd 

into this worst 

of earthly kings' 

oppressive bondage, 

into the captivity of the moat cruel, 

where we must the heathens' 

3. ]>peanm. 7. h^. 9. on. 10. bpte. 

11. urepylbpan. 13. pop. 

13. bpscoa bebobo, omit ym, for which r. Jnne. 14. pccesbum. 

17. fienbon. 20. bilbe. 31. if ufep. 

24. folca mane^m. 25. |>a uf ec bei^uecon. 26. co for in. 

27. Cod. Ex. c^mnjer- 28. rehcs. 29. on and zjumpa. 

30. 5 pe nu luepenpa. 




Jwf )>e ^anc pe- 

pejieba pultxqi cyniuj- 

f )m uf Jiaf pjiace ceobefc 

ne j:oplec ]i\i ujic Sna- 

ece bjuhcen - 

poji )>tun nulcpim- 

t>e free men hlija^- 

■J pji ]»am cpeopam* 

t>e }>u cijium jzaejT- 

mSa nepjenb- 

jeoumen] btej-bej-. 


3 CO tj-ace- 

;] lacobe* 

jtefta fcyppenb- 

)m huD ^ehece- 

)>uph hleo]>op-cpiba|-. 

)>ffiC )>u hypa j:pom-c^D' 

on jiT^-^japini* 

yean polbe- 

^et hic sepwp him> 

on c^ne-pjce> 

cenneb pupbe- 

fceb on eop]>an- 

{net {^unpime- 

hab CO hebban- 

rpa heopoD-jreoppan. 

buja^ bpabne hpeapffc- 

aS bpim-jdobaf* 

oppreasion [suffer. 
For this be thanks to thee, 
Glory-King of hosts ! [dain'cl. 
that thou to us tbie exile haxt ur- 
For&ake thou us not, 
eternal Lord 1 
for the mercies, 
which thee to man incline, 
and for the covenants, 
10 which thou in glories fast. 
Saviour of men ! 
[53 A.] hast talien] 

with Abraham, 

and with Isaac, 

and Jacob, 

Creator of spirits ! 

Thou to them didst promise, 

through revelations, 

that thou their offspring, 

in distant days, 

wouldest increase, 

that which after them, 

in the realm, 

should be brought fortli, 

increaa'd on earth, 

that as numberless 

their state to be rus'd 

as the stars of heaven 

encircle the broad orb, 

unto the ocean -floods. 

1. |ieop. Here the Cod. Ezon. ia defective, the top of the leaf having 
been cat off: the part vantiag is supplied from CKdmon. Ctedm. poluC, 
but the preceding fceolon requires here the alteration to the infinitive. 

8. bniSKS 7 1 7. add f after him. 1 8. cpibe. 19. Fpum. 

20. in. 22. fee. 23. on CDeojuj-pim. 

25. -] reomRnij;eo. 26. mwpepaepe. 27. hac Co bebbtmue. 

29. bebn^aS hp^|X. 30. oS f bpim-)«po. 




fpa pajio)>a p>nb- 
jQib j-ealc fmtep- 
y]>e jeonb eaji-jgiunb* 
]>Eec j^a uiipime' 
ymb piDCjia bpeapffc- 
peoji'San fceolbe- 
fj\ nu ^ ]::pum-j-piuece. 
)>eah J>e uj-eji fea lij^en- 
phceja ])iii6 popb-cpibaj-* 
^ %in pnlboji uj-* 
jecj^ quejx -j meahc- 
nu ]>ec calbea]-- 
~i eac fela polca- 
jefpejen babban- 
ptet ]m ana eiqit- 
ece bjtyhCen- 
fije-jiof j-erCenb. 
■J yai meocob. 
pulbpej" palbenb. 
;] populb-]'cea}.-ca. 
Spa ffl bal^a peji. 
hejijenfae psef 
meombef milcj^- 
■J bip mob-j^pan- 
jiebte Jmph peopbe. 
Da op pobepuDi pe^i^- 
enjel ael-beopbca' 
upon onpenbeb- 

as the shores' sand 

round Ihe salt water, 

the waves o'er ocean's ground, 

that BO numberless, 

after a course of years, 

it should become. 

Fulfil DOW that saying of old, 

though of us few live, 

realize thy words, 

and to us thy glory [might. 

manifest, thy wisdom and thy 

Now thee the Chaldeans, 

and also many people, 

have leam'd, 

that thou alone art 

Lord eternal. 

Arbiter of biumphs, 

and true Creator, 

Ruler of glory, 

and of worldly creatures.' 

Thus the holy man 

was prusing 

the Creator's mercy, 

and his mind's thoughts 

express'd by voice. 

Then from the firmament was 

an all-bright angel 

sent from above. 

1. JMBT pe-pipot!a fanb. 2. jeonb pealciie yx^. 

3. me ape ^p^betS. 4. f hijr unpuna. 5, in pmtpa popn. 

7. )>aoinit. 8, heopa for ^ ufep. 9. pume; -cpibe. 

10. on uf. 11. mihc. 12. f f for nu )>ec. 

13. eac omit. 

14. sefpisen habbafi. After 14. add )ia )« unbep heoFenom- hn^e 

18. i^peft mecob. 
27. telbeophc. 

• if- "• PSPptL fgixeab. 

. -] oif mihca |-peb. 2fi. psj 




pbte jcfne pep- 

in hif pul&o]t-homac. 

cpom hiiu {n to Bjie> 

"J CO ealboji-nepe- 

^njih lupan ^ ]niph lij-fe- 

re fione hj coj-cea}:- 

hulij -J faeoj»n-beophr. 

hacan fypej-. 

^ fc bicrjia bpyne- 

beojijan fceolbe- lo 

Foji (tbbj- enjler eje. 

tofpeop ] cofpenjtw. 

]>upli cjrriEef meaht> [54 a,"] 

lt|ef leoman • 

fpa hypa lice ne fcob- 

ac jnef in }>am opie- 

^ fe eDjel cpom ■ 

pinbij ^ P^juni- 

pebepe onlicujt:- 90 

^ on pimepef cib* 

fcnbelj peopJwS. 

bpopena bpeopui^- 

mib baejef bpile- 

re per ID pom ppe- 

p^ ):peaa meahnuu' 

baljum to helpe- 

a man of aspect beauteoua, 

in his garb of glory, 

came to them then in mercy, 

and for their life's salvation, 

through love and through grace, 

who the flame scatter'd 

(holy and bearen-bright) 

of the hot fire, 

so that the bitter burning 

should avoid, 

for the angel's dread, 

the piouB three. 

He swept away and scatter *d, 

through the Strong One's might, 

the beams of flame, 

so it their bodies injur'd not, 

but it was in the oven, 

when the angel came, 

windy and winsome, 

to the air moat like, 

when in summer's tide 

is sent 

a fall of drops, 

in the day's season. 

He was in the fire, 

by the Lord's power, 

for help to the holy men. 

3. on. 3. j-e him cpom to ppoppe. 4. feoph-, 

S. mi6; mib. 9-12. omit. 13. tofpenbe. 

14. pnpb )n fpiSan mihc. 15. leoma. 

16. f for nn ; ytej for fcob. After 1 6. sdd : opihc jeezlefa' ac he on 
andtn j-loh' fyji on peonb^' pop p^eu-btebum. 

17. paforac; on. Cod. Exou. hopie. 18. pep; becpom. 
30. jelicort. 21. add luc after pan. 23. bpeapun^. 

24. on for mib. After 24. add : peapmlic polcna j-cup' ypflc bit pebepa 

25. rp^ p«f on. 26. pp omit. 




peaji'S ye faaea b;- 

cobiufeD 7 CobptBj-ceb- 

|wep }>a bieb-hpatan* 

)>py nub je]K)Dcum- 

]%oben hejiebon- 

bsebon blecpinje- 

beapn in pojiulbe- 

ealle ^eyceafrx- 

ecce bpybcen- 

peobA faXbeub- 

fpa hi ppy cfteboa- 

mobu hopj-ce- 

])uph jenuene popb, 

Blecpje )>ec- 

bilpic pebep- 

populb-fceajxa pulbop- 

'J peopca jehp^lc- 

heojionaj' "j enjiaj-- 

■} hluttop psecep. 

1 eal niEejen. 

eopj'an jefceafCa- 

blecpje ]>ec ro^fsepc cyninj. 

pinne ■} monan. 

leohce leoman- 

lipjenbe job- 

hfebpe ■} hlucpe. 

•] heopon-bpeame- 

psejrem peop'Sian- 

j:ul oj!t ]>u pulbop-cyninj- 

Jmph lyjx l»cep:. 

The hot flame was 

dispers'd and quench'd, 

where the energetic men, 

the three, fervently 

pras'd the Ixtrd, 

pray'd him to bless 

the children in the world, 

all creation, 

the Lord eternU, 

Ruler of nations : 

Thus these three spake, 

in mind Bagacious, 

with united words : 

'Thee bless, 

benignant Father 1 

the glory of <Ay world-creations, 

and Iky every work, 

heavens and angels, 

and the clear water, 

and all the power 

of earth's creatures : 

Thee bless, just King i 

the sun, and the moon's 

bright beams, 

(living God !) 

serene and pure, 

and with heavenly joy 

earth's fruits endow. 

Full oft thou, glory-King ! 

through the air sendest. 

After 3. add : jeond fone ojen eobon- -j j-e engel mib- (zeopb-nejiijenbe. 
fe fap peojiSa p^r' annaniaf ' -} azapiaf ' '] miyael. 

3. mob'. 4. on. 6. blecjian ; bleCfUnse is faulty. 

7. beapD ifpaela. 8. call lanb-jerceafC. 

14. De blecfije. 16. -cpepca plite. 19. Prom this veise 

to the end the texts differ too widely for collation. 




leobum CO ppeme- 

milbne mojijeD-pen> 

rnon^ yceaX ppyaa- 

pypc onptecnan. 

eac Jion paba-beaj\pa]~- 

tanum tyttjia^ ■ 

cjiyma^ eop"5-peIan- 

hleoS ■] hluctjuiS' 

n»]cpe hlifan ab- 

meomb^ui mapftn- lo 

|K>tt be fiS monna beBpn> 

pJjiceB pel-btebnm- 

pif biS jT |>e con- 

onjytan )K>ne jeocenb- 

("e oj- eall joob- 

fylflf )?e pe babbafS- 

^nben pe beji beoS- 

•J up inilbe meotob^ 

m^ie jehace^- 

jtp pe jeeapnia'S' ao 

elae pillaS> 

Son pepan fceal- 

("uph ppean bjepe- [54 A.] 

fnnbop anpa jehpie)-- 

pipl op lice- 


Sttptap bepjeo- 

bypnenbe pyp- 

t beopht pomop- 

peapme pebep-baja]'- ao 

palbenb manna- 

ppean on pepiSe- 

ppetnepc eop%-pe1an> 

Jniph moni^e bob- 

mil be bpyhcen- 

•J ]»ec bse; -j oibc- 

for men*B prosperity, 

mild morning rain ; 

(then shall many 

a plant spring up, 

alao the forest groves 

with branches teem,) 

ivAicAeartb'B riches Btrengtheneth, 

fostereth, and purifieth. 

Never hath the Creator 

greater fame, than 

when he towards the sons of men 

worketh with benefits. 

Wise is be who can 

the Preserver understand, 

who to us all good 

giveth that we have, 

while we are here, 

and, a merciful Ood, to us 

more promieetb, 

if we If merit, 

fervently desire, 

when Bball go, 

tbrougb the Lord's behest, 

apart of every one 

the soul from body. 

And tbee, Lord God ! 

all BpiritB praise, 

burning fire, 

and bright summer, 

warm weather days, 

Ruler of men ! 

the Lord, in spirit. 

TTiou causest earth's riches, 

through many a form, 

benignant Lord ! 

and thee day and night. 




boiafxyt cyniDj* 

lux -J tenebpe- 
|)e yaf pep-)>eot>a> 
pe^bum healba'S- 
beop bpyhtne)* bibob> 
bpujon hi ^ lonje- 
•J pee cjufc cjninj. 
ceolaf peopiSian. 
psebep popjt: -J j-nap- 
folca palbenb- 
pmCep-bitep pebep- 
•J polcna ^enipu- 
•} yec liexeube' 
lijetca hepjen. 
blace bpeahtum bpace- 
bp^ten-pice]- peapb* 
bypne bpybcen- 
8 )nn bom fy. 
j5b ] jenje. 
)m Iwj- jeopnbce- 
pjpcej^ pulbop-cymns- 

powerful King 1 

praiee and love, 

light and darkness, 

that these nations 

hold in ward ; 

the Lord's awful command 

they obey, the lasting one. 

And thee, Christ King! 

ships adore. 

Father ! froat and snow. 

Ruler of nations I 

bitter winter weather, 

and the welkin-clouds, 

and thee the glittering 

lighbiings praise, 

pale swiftly darting, [realm ! 

thee, Guardian of the spacious 

beloved Lord ! 

ever be thy decree 

good and valid. 

Thou thus earnestly 

workest, Glory-King 1 

peej'cmum hepje> 
bletpen blebum* 
'] ^in blseb pefe- 
a fopfi ece- 
elmihc^ job- 
pepaS ;] peaxa^> 
ealle pep-l^eobe- 
lijija^ bi ]>am lifpim- 
)>e uf j% leopa cjain;- 

in their froits prtdse, 
bless in their leaves ; 
and be thy glory 
ever forth eternal. 
Almighty God r 
M Exist and wax 
all tribes of men, 
live by the blesBings 
that for us the beloved King, 

S3. Tiro lines or more an here wtndng. 

IT. i. ctheeartli. 



ece bjiyhten- 

BBji jej-ecce. 

j-mu beapou co bjuce- 

bjiemen bpyhceii' 

onb ]rec haija job- 

bea buna- 

jeonb nubban-je&iib' 

nulcpim bejijen* 

pe^eji folbe. 

"J jaeben-pice. 

pop^n palbenb )'cop- 

imbibe mopaf ■ 

lofe leaoi^- 

leofatep h^be- 

bletj^e ))ec j-o^fsejr cyninj 

jmy -J psecpa' 

hea hobnaf ■ 

halite bp^teii' 

bomlice beop peecep- 

-j bjifhcner bibob. 

jeojx>D-floba jehpylc- 

jeojine bihealbeS- 

]>on mepe-ftpeamaf • 

meocubep psfpum- 

ptete|i onpealca^- 

picon ealb jecynb- 

f aep jefcop. 

ece bpyhcen- 

laja-jjoba bijoiij. 

le<AMr hypbe> 

on )>am punia^- 


fiSe on pinbe- 

relbbcpa |:ela- 

[55 a.] 

th' eternal Lord, 

ere bestow'd, 

on his children for their use, 

gloriouB Lord ! 

And thee, holy God ! 

the high downs 

over mid-earth 

for thy mercies pnusc, 

Me fidr land, 

and paternal realm ; 

for that the Supreme created 

the woody mountains, 

with praise reward 

the Lord of light. 

BlesB thee, just King 1 

the seas and waters, 

the depths profound, 

the holy Lord, 

fervently the deep water : 

and the Lords command 

each ocean -flood 

strictly controuls, 

when the sea streams, 

through the Creator's ministers, 

the waters, onward roll. 

The old generatjons know, 

that erst created 

the Lord eternal 

the course of water-floods, 

the Lord of light, 

in which dwell, 

widely faring 

by journey in the ocean, 

wonderous creatures many :— 

7. MS. -jopb. 

. Lit. GiurdiBn. 

. Lit. chieftaiai. 




bleepen )>ec |>a ealle. 

ece bjijhcen. 

yajib )wuie pillan> 

pulboji]»|T c^nrnj' 

"i ]>ec ealle ^rPPX^S*' 

ece bjiyhcen- 

heanne hepjen- 

pil opc pa hluccoji lEeeejT- 

)>«eeji pynlico- 

to populb-hyhte* 

o).cIi):e cUeniiin- 

^ ur re cynins lejwp. 

monnum Co niil^^- 

•j CO mse;en-eacan • 

blecpien )>ec bilpic jxebep- 

pircaj- T pijlar- 

fela-meahcisne )«• 

eolle )>a )>e onfajiejia^S- 

hpeo psBjar- 

on ]ram bjiaban bpime* 

bjiemeo bpyhcen. 

bepjen halijne- 

■J beo]:on-pijlBf ■ 

)>a pe la<.-«nbfl- 

jeonb ly}t: pqutS- 

bletj-ien pec bp^hcen. 

beop ^ nyceo- 

meocub monoa beapn- 

milcj-um bepjen • 

"J ecDe job> 

ijjkahela cynn- 

bletpen pe Jime j-acepboj-- 

Y0lijf»p: cjninj. 

milbe mttri'epiq'- 

BlesB tbee tbese all, 

etcroal Lord I 

througb thy will, 

gloriotu King I 

And tbee all river- apriogs. 

Lord eternal! 

exalted, praise. 

Full oft thou lettest /or/A clear 

pleasant watera, 

for worldly joy, 

from the pure cliff, 

which for U8 our King created 

in kindneas towards men, 

and for Btrengtb'e increase. 

Blees thee, benignant Father ! 

fishes and birds, 

tbee, Much PowetfU t 

all those that laave on 

the rou^ wares, 

on tite broad ocean, 

edebrate the Lord, 

praise thee Holy, 

and the EqwIb of heaven, 

those which sporting 

journey through air. 

Bless thee. Lord I 

beasts and cattle, 

their Creator the sons ot men 

for hU mercies praise, 

and the eternal God 

the race of Israel. 

Bless thee thy priests, 

just King ! 

meek mass-priests. 

4, MS. pol^ojipefC. 




nuejme bjiyhten- 

-} June far- 

^ieoba byji&e- 

fpylce balijiia- 

hlnrcjte jvule* 

•} ece job. 

eaS mob-heopce. 

Nu ]>ec ananiaj-' 

"] azajuaj-- 

-} mij-ahel meotub- lo 

■mltpim hejijaiS- 

nu pe jeonje J^iy. 

job bleCpa^' 


pebep in beo)H>nuin* 

^ne ffriSan puiU' 

] ^one pjeftejran jrefe. 

j:op^on uf on|^nbe> 

j-ijojia palbenb' 

enjel to aiie- id 

re>e uj- beapj. 

jijji T peonbaj-. 

^ nub p^um beppeah- 

piS bpjrne bpojan, 

Bpeahcmupit bpuppin- 

ymb f hafce buf . 

lueSne leobe- 

)« ^nt onjeacon- 

jobef anbpican> 

^ hi ne meabtan- so 

ne meorob folbe- 

acpellan cn^hta £• 

ac bj cpift rcilbe- 

bpeapf )>a co healle. 

fpa he bpa}>o|T meahce> 

eopl acol-mob- [55 bJ] 

the great Lord, 

and these thine, 

Guardian of people ! 

also of the holy 

the pure souls, 

ynd, eternal God t 

the humble-hearted. 

Now thee Ananiah, 

and Azariah, 

and Mishael, hotd ! 

for thy mercies praise : 

now we young three 

bless God, 

the much powerful 

Father in heaven, 

the true Son, 

aiid the triumphant Spirit ; 

becauie to us hath sent 

the Lord of triumphs 

im angel in Am mercy, 

who hnth us secur'd against 

fire and foes, 

and with Am wings us cover'd 

BgaioBt the fire's dread,* 

Quickly surrounded 

that hot bouse 

the heathen people, 

when that perceiv'd 

the deniere of God, 

that they might not, 

(nor would the Liordpermit them] 

destroy the young men's law, 

but that them Christ shielded. 

Turn'd then to the hall, 

as be most quickly could, 

a chief in trembling mood. 




Jmsc he oj:ej\ hif ealbjie 5ejt»b ■ 

abeab )>a jrop ytejie bu^u^e- 

beop (epeDbe> 

hahjpa jehylb- 

hlyfC ytey ]raeji-inne- 

jjiom-hybij juma- 

Jraec ic jeape pijt*- 

pat ye iii. hBe):bon- 

)»eoba pifan- 

^eonje cniehrar- lo 

]:u]i j»fC-1u]:ari> 

jebunbea co baele- 

in bypnenbef ■ 

fyiiey leoman • 

nn ic )>aep mi. men- 

j^nbe eo yiSe- 

iialej- me j-ylja jejiSb- 

byeojiyaX nu ie]X«p heopfSe- 

nKDjum hac fce)>e'S- 

opne]- seleb- so 

ac bim ij- enjel inib> 

hafalS beophrne bl%b- 

n« nuej him bp^e |'ce)>)>an- 

plitijne pulbop-homan ■ 

Sa ]>aiD popbum iTeal;- 

bpejo calbea- 

jepac )>a ro Jnin bpyne jonjan* 

Hiihybij eopl- 

f he of.'ep ))ain abe ^efcob- 

her ]>a op )?aiii lije* ao 

lij^enbe beapn> 

nabocobonofpop - 

go that he opposite his BOTcreign 

announced then before the nobles 
the awful errand, 
the holies' preservation : 
(Liatecinj; was thereio 
the fiercehearted man) 
' That I well knew, 
that we had three 
leaders of the people, 
young striplings, 
for their souls* love, 
bound to the pile, 
in the burning 
fire's beam, 
now I four men there 
see at once ; 
I am devoid of counsel. 
TTteif now pass o'er the hearth, 
not one hurteth the hot 
oven's fire, 

for an angel is with them, 
he hath bright glory, 
the burning may not hurt his 
beauteous garb of glory.' 
When those words heard 
the Chaldeans' prince, 
went then to the fire 
the stubborn chieftain, 
so that against the pile he stood; 
bade then from the flame 
the living children, 

16. itjto CO jofe, CeediK. 

)7. nee inihi ipsi ralio «npp«ditat — nalef tat jel^a leo;etF, CnJm. 

33. Lit iwallowd. 

icvGooglc i 



neap sec-joDjan- 

ne j^hojobrai )nee fa hsljaD. 

pppaa hi hpsec-mobe> 


peopQ jehypboD- 

ac eoboD Of ]wn f^e- 

feoph aDpemtne- 

jnilbpe jeplieei^b' 

rpa t^pa jwebum ne j^ob- 

pFpe jleba- ii 

ac bt nub jaefc-luiwi' 

j^ne ;en>encton. 

•) 5en5e|»jToii. 

mbbvan jleope- 

in au>n-]>eapftf - 

^ph jx>pe-)K>ncaf ■ 

nearer to approach. 

That slighted not the holy onea, 

after they, bold in spirit, 

the world-king's 

words had heard, 

but from the fire went, 

in life uiiinjur'd, 

with glory beautified, 

so that their garmenta hurt not 

the greedy gleeds, 

but they with th^r bouIb' lore 

sin outwearied, 

and triuoiph'd, 

in mind sagacious, 

over man's practices ; 

through forethought 

from the fire escap'd. 




}>Bebbe ic 2e]:)iupien 
fee If peop heonan- 
eaj-t-baelum on- 
as)>elajT lonba- 
ppum jej-Tueje. 


I have heard tell, 
that there is far hence, 
90 in eastern parts, 
a land most noble, 
amongst men renown'd, 

Ett loeta inprintofiUx oriente remotut. 
Qua patet atemijanaa ceba poU, 




ni]* fe pslbao pseae* 
ojreji mibban-jeapb. 
monjum ^epejie* 
ac he ajiyppeb if* 
]7uj)h meocnbej- mcahe. 
iiiSii-):pemen bum • 
pliin; 1]- pe ponj eall- 
p^Dum jebliffab* 
nub )>ain {zs^pefCuni' 
polban ptencum- 
senbc ip ])8eC ijlonb- 
K)»e1e pe p^jihca- 
mobi; meafaeutn ppebij- 
pe ^ molban ^epetce- 
iS»p bi'S ope open- 
eabjum ro-jeanep- 
onhliben hleo)>jut fja- 
heopon-j^cep bupu* 
]wBt ip pynpum ponj- 
pealbap ^jiene* 
pame unbep pobejium- 
ne nuBj Jwep pen ne pnap. 
ne poppcep pnepc- 
ne pyjiep blwpt. 
ne hnjlep hp^- 
ne hpimep bp^e. 
ne punnan hsecu- 
ne pn calbu* 
ne peapm pebep> 
ne pincep-pcup- 

[56 a.] 

That tract of earth is not, 

over mid-earth, 

fellow to many 

peopled lands, 

but it is withdrawn, 

through tfix Creator's might, 

from wicked doeni. 

Beauteous is all the plain, 

with delights tdess'd, 

with the sweetest 

of earth's odoun : 

unique is that island, 

noble the Maker, 

lofty, in powers abounding, 

who the land founded. 

There is oft open, 

towards the happy, 

unclos'd, (delight of sounds !} 

heaven's kingdom's door. 

That is a pleasant plain, 

green wolds, 

spacious under heaven ; 

there may not nun noranow, 

nor rage of frost, 

nor fire'a blast, 

nor foil of haU, 

nor descent of rime, 

nor heat of sun, 

nor perpetual cold, 

nor warm weather, 

nor winter shower. 

iW» Amwk cettivos hiemitve propinqmu adortat, 
Sed qua lol vemofundU ab axe diem. 



pilice jep^baii' 
ac fe pon; j-eoma^- 
eabij ^ onj-uab- 
If Jraet ae^le lonb' 
blofcmnm jeblopen- 
beopjaf |>8e|i ne miuiCaf • 
fceape ne jtoDba'S* 
ne ft£n-cLi}3i. 
beah fabpaS- 
fpa heji nut) uj-- 
ne beie ne balu> 
ne bun-fcjiapi- 
bbi^ttf ne hlmcBf • 
ne ^{1 hleonaiS So- 
nnpne^liei* pbc* 
ac j-e K]>ela ):e1b* 
pjuba*! anbeji polcnam- 
pynnmn ^eblopen^ 
If ip tophce ionl)> 
cpeljiun be)\jiB> 
jxAbe peSm-juDief. 
n>a uj- sejrjieojun jleajw. 
pKjan ^jth infbom- 
oo jei^utiim c^ab- 
(lOD tenij }>apa beop^- 
fo heji beopbce mib Uf- 
b€» hlipa^- 

nnbeji heoj^m-ranjliim- 
fin^lce If re rije-ponj. 
fiin-beapo Incest • 

aught injure, 

but the plain resta 

happy and healthful. 

That noble land ia 

with blottsoma flower'd : 

nor hills nor mountains there 

stand steep, 

nor stony cliffc 

tower high, 

as here with us ; 

nor dells nor dales, 

nor mountain-cave a, 

risings nor hilly chuns ; 

nor thereon rests 

aught nnsmooth, 

but the noble field 

flourishes under the skies 

with delights blooming. 

That glorious land is 

higher by twelve 

fold of fathom measure, 

(as us the skilful have inform'd, 

sages, through wisdom, 

in writings show,) 

than any of those hills 

that brightly here with us 

tower high, 

under the stars of heaven. 

Serene is the glorious plain, 

the sunny bower glitters. 

99. MS. sefjieosum. 

- tt traetiu d^imdit igiertot, 

Hec tumulu* eretcit, nee cava valUt hiat i 
Sed MOitrot noiUei, qw^rumjuga oel 
Per bit tex tilnai eminet ilie loeut, 



piibu-holc p^nlic- 
pffiftmaj" ne b}ieo]-a^< 
beojihce blebe- 
ac ya beamaj- i- 
jpene )TODba%- 
Yfh him job bibeab- 
pinqiep -j j-umepej-. 
pubu bi^ jfihce- 
blebam jekonjen- 
QKjipe bjiofniaiS- 
leaf unbe|i Iyp%- 
ue bun bj )-ce)>eS' 
aype co ealbpe- 
eejt ^n ebpenben- 
populbe jepeopSe- 
fpa lu paecjiej- J^pym- 
ealne nubbaD-jeapb- 
mepe-jdob )?eahce- 
eopl^&n ymb-hpypfC- 
J« j-e xpeia ponj- 
ce^bpse)' onpinb* 
piB ^-j.-ape. 
jebealben ]-tob> 
bjieojia pceja- 

[56 b.] 


tAe woody holt, joyously ; 
the fruita fall not, 
the bright products, 
but the trees ever 
stand green, 

as them God hath commanded : 
in winter and in summer 
t/ie forest is alike 
hung with fruits, 
10 never fade 

the leaves in tur, 
uor will flame them injure, 
ever throughout ages, 
ere that an end 
to the world shall be. 
What time of old the water's maw 
all mid-earth, 
the »ea-dood deck'd 
the world's circumferenttJ, 
then the noble plain, 
in all ways secure, 
against the billowy course 
Btuod preserved, 
of the rough waves, 
happy, inviolate, 
through God's favour : 
it shall abide thus blooming, 
until the fire's coming, 
uf the Lord's doom ; 
n-heti the deatb-houaes, 
men's dark chambers, 
14. KCenbet 

Hie talis nemui ett, et ameiitu arbore naiiia 
l/ucut perpetuajrondii hanore viret, 

Ctm PluKlhonteitJiagrtutet ah ignibai axie. 

|>uph eft jobej-- 
bibe'S jja jeblopen- 
o'S bfelep cj^me. 
bpybcne]' bomep ■ 
)wD bea^-pseceb- 
bEele]>a heoljToji-copan 


nie locus Jlnmmts iniiiolatui ernt ; 

I cum diluvium mersissetjtnctiltus orbtnt, 

Dtvealioneat exnqteraoit aquat. 



onhliben yeojipaX- 

nif pKjn on ]>am lont>e> 

la% jeniSla- 

ae pop ne pjiacu> 

pra-cacen nan- 

ylbu ne ypmiSu- 

ne fe enja bea1{> 

ne Irper lyjie. 

oe lajvef cyme- 

ne Yjan ne picu- 

ne yKfi fjiBca- 

oepsble jepin- 

ne peUm oni'^n- 

ne fop2 ne plep' 

ne n»n lejep- 

ne piucep jepeopp. 

ne pebjia jebpejb- 

bjieoh nnbeji beo)X)num- 

IK pe faeajiba yofiyz- 

calbum cjle-jicelum- 

cnypefi seQi^ne- 

^3Cfi ne hsejl ne bjum- 

hjieopi^ CO pjlban- 

ne pinbij polcen- 

ne Jraeji psceji fealle)>> 

lypce sebyrjab. 

ac ^ji l^n-pcpeaniap- 

sball be open'd. 

There is not in that land 

hateful enmity, 

nor wail, nor vengeance) 

evil -token none, 

old age nor misery, 

nor the narrow death, 

nor loBS of life, 

nor coming of enemy, 

nor sin nor strife, 

nor painful exile, 

nor poor one's toil, 

nor desire of wealth, 

nor care nor sleep, 

nor grierouB sickness, 

nor winter's darts^ 

nor dread of tempests 

rough under beaven> 

nor the bard frost 

with cold chill icicles 

striketb any. 

There nor bail nor rime 

on the land descend, 

nor windy cloud, 

nor there water falls 

agitated in air, 

but there liquid-streams 

SI. MS. cnyfeb. 

NoK hue exangvet tnorbi, turn mgt 

Nee mort crudeltM, nee metus tuper adit, 
Nee leetut in^Rdum, nee opum aeeana eupido, 

Aut Mart, out ardent cadia oTnorefmw ; 
Luettu actrbtu abett, et egttta$ obiUa panmt, 

Et cura imaomjiea, et violenta famet ; 
Non ibi Umpettaa, nee viafurit horrida venti. 

Nee gelido terram rore pruina tegit ; 
Nuila super catnpos lendit sua vel&ra nubet, 

Nee cadit ex alio turbidut humor aqua. 




puabjifi ppwclice. 

pyllan on^ppiiisaS- 

pBgium irolb-pylmum. 

polban lecca)>' 

pseteji p^pimu- 

Of )>8ep puba nuble- 

)>a mon]>a jebpam- 

op Jwpe molban tyjij:- 

bpim-calb bpeca'S* 

beajio ealne jeonb-pajiaiS. 

|}})ajum Jjpjmlice. 

ip pteK J>eobnep jebob- 

ftx cpelp pijmm. 

f tipjaepte lonb- 


laju-plofearpynn ■ 

pinbon )» beappap- 


pLt^um p«]l;mfl- 

)>ep d5 Paula's 6- 

halje unbep heoponum- [57 

boltep j^setpe. 

no pealla* ]»»p on polban. 

pealpe bloptman- 

pubu-beama pbce- 

ac J»Bep ppfficlice- 

on ^ cpeopum pymle* 

cel^an jehlabene- 

opetc ebmpe- 

wonderously carious, 

wells spring forth, 

with ^T bubblings from earth ; 

o'er the soil glide 

pleasant waters, 

from the wood's midat ; 

there each month, 

from the turf of earth, 

sea-cold theif burst, 
10 oU the grore pervade 

at times abundantly. 

It is CKmI's behest, 

that twelve times 

the glorious land 

sports over 

the joy of water-floods. 

The groves are 

with produce hung, 

with beauteous fruits } 
an there wane not, 
a,] holy under heaven, 

the holt's decorati<ms, 

nor fall there on earth 

the follow blossoms, 

beauty of forest-trees, 

but there wonderously, 

on the trees ever, 

the laden branches, 

the renovated fruit. 

' so. MS. puniaK. 

Sedfona w medio ett, quem vivum nomine dieuM, 
Pertpiewu, knit, dttfciftuf vber aquU, 

Qui »emd entmpauper tintfula lempora memuM, 
Duodeeie$ imdis irrigmt omne nemtu; 

Hicgenut arboreum proeero stipite surfftnt, 
J\^ Uguura sob tnitia poma geriL 



in eaUe tib- 

on ))am Jioef-fODiSS' 

jjiene jroobft]'- 

jehjioben hyhclice- 

bal^ef meahcum- 

beophtafC beajipa- 

DO jebjiocen peop)wS- 

holc on hipe- 

]i«eji fe hal^a fcenc- 

punal' jeonb p;^-IoDb> 

^ onpenbeb ne bi'S> 

Kpjie CO ea]bjie> 

tep yon eobije- 

jTiob iTjm jepeojic 

fe hic on j:jiym]re sjxop :■ 

at all times, 
on the grassy plain, 
stand green, 
gloriously adorn'd, 
through the Holy's might, 
brightest of groves 1 
Not broken is 
the wood in aspect : 
there a holy fragrance 
10 rests o'er t\e pleawnt land ; 
that shall nqt be changed, 
for ever tbroughout ages, 
ere that shall end 
Ms wise work of yore 
he who it at first created. 

Done pnbu j>ea;iba)>. 
pnnbpum )«jep- 
pijel fejjjiu rcjmvz- 
ye If pemx bacen' 
^sep fe anhiija- 
eapb bihealbe]r. 
beopmob bpobtaS' 
naej^e hmi beajt fceJieiS. 
on ^am pill-ponje- 
)>enben populb jt»nbe^- 
fe fceal ]>epe funnan- 
p% bihealban- 


That wood inhabits 
wonderously fur, 
a fowl of pinions strong, 
that ia Phoenix bight j 
ao there the lonely bird 
its dwelling holds, 
its beloved haunt : 
never shall death destroy it 
in that pleasant plain, 
while the world stands. 
It is Bud the sun's 
course to observe, 

Bue nemtu, lios lueot avis incolit unica Phamx, 
Umea, sed vivU morte refecta sua ,- 




-) onjean-cuman- 
joi)er conbelle- 
^Uebum pmme- 
jeojine bepici;an- 
hponne up cyme- 
ie)>elajt: tuo^la- 
o):eji yH-iaejte- 
eftan lucan- 
jaebeji fyiin-jepeopc 
j^uet^m bUcan- 
cophc caceo jobef. 
cunjol beo)> ahybeb- 
jepic«n unbeji pa^mao- 
pejti-btelar on. 
bib^ab on btej-tieb- 
■] i^o beojice nihc- 
pon jepiceiS- 
^OTi pajmin jrponj- 
pujel |.-e]>pum ploiic> 
on pjijen-jTpeam- 
unbeji lyjx Ofiep lapi- 
loca^ jeojuifl- 
hponne up c^e- 
eajran jtiban> 
oj:ep pbne j^- 
fpejlep leoma- 
ppa f« e]>ela j-'usel- 
tee ]>am le-j^piiije' 
plicij pnpt puaa^> 
py lie - jrepamaf • 

and to meet 

God's candle, 

joyous g^n, 

carefully to watch 

when riseth up 

of stars the noblest 

over the billowy main, 

irom the east shining, 

the Father's work of old, 

glittering in arms, 

bright sign of God : 

wjhen the stars are hidden, 

retir'd under ocean, 

into the western parts, 

obscur'd at dawn, 

and the dark night 

murky departs, 

then, strong in course, 

the fowl, exulting in its plumes, 

into the mountain- stream, 

under sky over water, 

looks earnestly, 

when shaU come up, 

gliding from the east, 

over the spacious sea, 

heaven's beam. 

Thus the noble fowl 

at the fountain, 

beauteous, steadfast dwelleth, 

the welling streams : 

95. MS.jieoe. 

Paret, et obtequitur Phcebo memoranda aateilet. 

Hoe natura paretu mutuu habere dedit, 
Luiea cum primum turgent Aurora rubeacU, 

Cunt primum rosea sidera huxjvgat. 



^ji f-e cip-ea^a- 
tpelf p]>iun bine- 
bib^a'S in |ram bupnaii' 
Kjt pay beacnef c^e- 
jpejl- coDbelle* 
J jTinle fpa ojx. 
Of yatn pilptiuan- 
bjiim-calb beopje*- 
Kt ba'Sa jebpylcum ■ 
ppyaa bjne j-yljsie- 
Kpeeji funb-ple^an- 
beab-mob bepeS- 
OD heanoe beam- 
^nan y|>a)T mteg- 
on eap-pejuni' 
ftS bihealban- 
hponne ypei^ey eapuji- 
ofep bolm-f'juece- 
luebjie blice- 
leohcef leoma- 
loob beo% ^efnteepah- 
populb jepbcejab- 
p^)ran pulbfie]' Jim- 
ojrep jeofonej-sons- 
^unb jefcine]). 
jeonb mibban-jeajib' 
nuepofC CuDjla- 

there tbe glorious bird 
twelve times itself 
[57 b.} batbes in tbe brook, 

ere tbe beacon's coming, 
heaven's cuidle, 
and ever as oft 
of the grateful 
welling springs 
ocean-cold tastes. 
Id at every bath : 
then itself, 
after its watery play, 
proudly raises, 
on to a lofty tree, 
whence it may most easily, 
on the east ways, 
the time obBerve, 
when heaven's taper, 
over the watery main 
30 serenely shines, 
the beam of light, 
when land is adom'd, 
the world beautified, 
after glory's gem 
over ocean's course 
the ground illumes 
throughout mid-earth, 
greatest of stare ! 

IS. MS. pjuece. 

Ter qualer iltapitu immergit corpus in undo* 
Ter guater « vivo ffttryite Hhat aquam ,■ 

ToUitur, ae lummo comedU in arboris aUa 
VerUce, qua totum despicit una nemus .- 

El eonvena novas Phtdri nascentis ad ortus, 
J^pedtU radios etjubar exoriens t 




fona fpa feo pmne* 
pealce ]Tp«aiiuj'- 

j-pa re happa p^el. 
beojihc Of Jw6f beappef • 
beame jepiceili- 

jdyhte on l^jXe- 
fympX -J jTOje*. 
fpejle co-jeaDej-. 
^SSa hx6 fpa pejep* 
jnijler jebsBjiu. 
onbpypbeb bjieojr-reja- 
blijjum pem^' 
ppixleS poS^juepte- 
beojihean jieojibe* 
}>5a sjqie b^fl moDoer> 
hypbe onbep heoponu- 
p)>)ian heah c^in;- . 
pulbpej- p^jihta. 
pojtulb jta}>elobe- 
beofOD -J eojijian- 
bi^ Jwej- hleoBjiej" fP^- 
eallum yon^-cpaefCam- 
rpecjia -J pbcisjia- 
•j pynpimpa. 
pjieoca jebp^lcS- 
nfl majoD ^ bjieahcme- 
bfman n« bopnaj-- 

Soon as the iun 

(Ae Bait streams 

high over-towers, 

then the variegated fowl 

bright from the grove's 

tree departs, 

goes with pinions swift 

by flight in ur, 

warbles and sings 

10 towards heaven. 
Hen is so fiur 
the bird's bearing. 
Am spirit inspir'd) 
in blise exulting, 
it chants its song 
more wonderfully, 
with ita clear voice, 
than ever child of man 
heard nnder heaven, 

90 iince the high King, 
Creator of glory, 
founded the world, 
heaven and earth. 
Its voice's sound ia 
than all vocal munc 
sweeter and finer, 
and more delightful 
than every artifice : 
th&t sound may not equal 

30 trumpets nor horns, 

. MS. -heaner. 

Altme vbi Sot ptptilitfidgaUU Bmina porta, 
EtpriiHi emicuit twHtnit aura kvit, 

Jnanit iUa aacri moduhmina ftmdert oaiHiu, 
El mira luotm voce eiere not/am, 

Quam nee aedoitia row*, nee HbiapoeMt 
Mutica Ctfrrhaii tuntautare modit ; 




ne beappan hlfn- 

ne he1e)« pcepn. 

SBn^ef on eop]>an- 

ne opjanon-rpej- 

leojijier jejT"!- 

ne rf'^^r f^)^' 

oe kh^ VH'^ bjieama- 

^ bp^cen je^cop- 

jmnum eo ;lipe> 

m yof jfiompaa populb' 

jvlum jeblijjafa- 
o^^iec j-eo fnnne. 
on juB-pobop- 
jT^eb peop)Ki4!- 

beaj:be onbpyjbeB- 
hujT |»oncer jleap- 
^ )>pi]>a apcKc^- 
pe^pe [d^hc-hpace- 
pijol bi« jefpijeb. 
fymle he cpelf p^um- 
Ciba jemeapca^- 
bejef T Diheer* 
nm jebemeb if • 
beeper bijfiaid.- 
Jrct he )>Kp bpucan mot< 
5. hleo>pejr 


nor the borp'i ■onnd, 
nor v(Mce of men, 
aay on earth, 
nor organ's tone, 
song's melodf , 
nor swan's plumes, 
nor any of those sounds, 
that the Lord hath created 
for delight to men, 
10 in this sad world. 

So it singa and irarblea, 

happily bless' d, 

till that the sun, 

in the Bouth heaven, 

is sunk; 

it then is silent, 

and listrna, 

its head ruses 

bold, in thought sagacious, 

and thrice shakes 

its plumage, prompt for flight; 

then the bird is hush'd. 

Ever it twelve times 

the hours marks 

of day and night, 

as is ordain'd 

the grove's inhabitant, 

that it may there enjoy 

A. feVjte, (tc MS. 

Sed tteque ohr moriem imitari potte ptUetttr, 

Iftc CyOenam^fila eanora lyree, 
Pottqvam Phtdnu eqvoi m aperta refudit (Hyn^, 

Atque orbem totttm protuUf u»que meant, 
lUa ter alarvm repetUo verbere ^audit, 

Iffitifenanque c^Mt ler venerata likt, 
Atmie eadem eeient etiam duaimmal borai, 

ImiaTTabiUbu* noeU tHegue aonis s 
AntitUt MMorwd, luei omeranda tacerdot, 

Et tola artami eoneeia, Phmbe, -tuie / 




poDjef mib pillum* 
•J pelan neotaii> 

lonbej' jrpeerpa- 
oS |f«t he Jiuj^r&e- 

pubu-be&jipe)' peapb- 
pmtjia jebibej"- 
HSn bi^ jehefrjab- 

jomol ^eapum fjiob- 
jfiene eopiSan- 
a}:lyhC pij^' 
jiolban jeblopene- 

p^ juce> 


^ji no men bujaC- 

eapb ] e|>el- 

ygsji he ealbojibom oofeb^S- 


oj:eji pijla cynn- 

jejiunjen on |»«obe. 

•J J^jULje mib hitn- 

pepren peapbaiS- 

yda pa)'um jrjionj- 

pejt jepice^. 

pincpu jebJrjab- 

jileo^an Fe|>puni piel- 

pijlaj- l^nja^- 

the plain at will, 

and the weal partake 

of life and happiness, 

the land 'a treasures, 

till that it a thousand 

of this life, 

the wood-grove's guardian, 

winters abides ; 

then waxes dull 

the variegated of feathers, 

old, stricken in years, 

the green earth 

fleeth of birds, 

the flowery soil, 

and then seeks 

journeying a tract 

of middle earth, 

where men inhabit not^ 

a home and country, 

where it supremacy receives 


over the race of birds, 

iilostrious in the tribe, 

and a space with them 

the waste inhabits; 

then, strong in course, 

westward departs, 

stricken in years, 

flying, of pinions swift. 

77u birds throng 

IB. MS. jiene. 

Quapottquam vita Jam mtlkpertgerit anno$, 
Ac ri redetidernU tempora Umga gravem, 

Ut Ttpartl li^itumfatit verffentibut ovum, 
Auueii nemoria duice eubiUfugit ; 

Cumque renatcendi ttudio loea lancta rdiqmt, 
Tttnc petit hvnc orbem, mort n&t r*^iut tenrt. 



uciin-ymbe se)'elue- 

tejhpylc jnlle pefan> 

^n -J ]»eop. 

]>eobne i)ase|ium> 

o]>^c he jfiyecKS- 

j^papa \oub- 

coji'Spa mEej-i:«* 

him j-e clsEoa J>ap. 

oSfcui^ fceajiplice- 

^ he in fcabe peapbalS- la 

on frubu-beappe- 

pefte ft»pe- 

biholene -j bih^bbe- 

htelej'a iDonepim- 

&ep he heaiine beain> 

on hole-puba- 

punalS ~i peapba'S- 

pypcum pejtne ■ 

unbep heopin-hpofx- 

{mne haca,^ men' ao 

^mx on jiolban- 

oj: IwBf pijler noman- 

hapiS ptan cpeope fOpjte]:en> 

cip-meahc^ cymnj- [58 6.] 

tneocub mon-cynney- 

mine seppeje- 

ptet f6 Sna ij-. 

ealpa beama- 

on eoplS-peje. 

up laebenbpa- m 

around the noble one, 
each will be 
minister and servant 
to tKe great chief, 
till that it Beeka 
the Syrians' land, 
with train innumerable. 
The pure bird there 
drives them off rigorously, 
that it in shade may hold, 
in the wood-grove, 
a desert place, 
conceal'd and hidden 
from the crowd of men. 
There it a lofty tree, 
ill the holt-wood, 
holds and inhabits, 
by its roots fast, 
under heaven's roof, 
which men call 
Phoenix, on earth, 
from this bird's name. 
Hath granteii to that tree 
the all-powerful King, 
Lord of mankind, 
as I have leam'd, 
that it alone is, 
of all trees 
on earth's way 
upward soaring. 

Dhriffit in Syriam cebm Umgava vokUMs, 
Pkanicet nomen cut dedit ipta Vettut, 

Secretotque petil deierlaper avia Iveot, 
Hie vhi per laittu ailva remota iaiet i 

Turn legit aerio luUimem verHee pabnam. 
Qua gratum Phetmx ex ave twmen Aaiet, 




beojihcajT jeblopen- 
ne mse; him bicjiej* piht- 
j-cylbiim jTe^&ui. 
ac jercylbeb a- 
puna^ unjepjjibeb. 
J>enben pojiulb jtwobeS :• 

most biigbtly flourishing : 

may not it augfat of bitter 

wickedly injure, 

but, shielded ever, 

it Hhall continue iininipair'd, 

while the world stands. 

Bonne piiib lijeS- 
pebep bi5 jsejeji- 
hliicroji heoj;onej- pm- 
ball; j'ciiieiS. 
beo^ polcen copejen- 
precpa ^fype- 
jTille jTonbaS- 
bi)> jTopma jebpylc- 
afpe):eb unbep ("pejle- 
yupan bbce^S- 
pebep-conbel peajim- 
peopobit lybceB. 
■iSoii on jtam teljum- 
ctmbpan onjinneS- 
nejt jeappian ■ 
bi'S buu neob micel> 
^ he Jm ylbu . 
ojiefcum moce- 


When the wind is still, 
the weather is fair, 
clear heaven's gem, 

holy, Bbines, 

the cloudH are dispell'd, 
the bodies of waters 
stand still, 
when every storm is 
lull'd under heaven, 
from the south shines, 
nature's candle warm, 
to multitudes gives light,- 
then on the branches 

10 it to build begins, 
to prepare a nest. 
It has great iieed> 
that it age then 
most quickly may, 

In quam nuUa nocens attimam pemanpere pottit, 

Lvbricui aut serpens, out avit uUa rapax. 
Turn ventos clawlit peTtdentibus j^olat antHs, 

Ne violent Jiabris aera purpurewn ; 
Neu concreta noto ntibet per inania cteii 

Summaveat radios sou*, et oMf avi, 
Cmutmil inde sibi wu nidum, give sepwJcntm, 

Nam peril vt vivat, te tamen ipsa ereat. 



)>unh jepircej- pylm. 
penban co li|.'e- 
I»oji5 jeonjonjMD. 
|>unne freoji ~} neah- 

j-onina'S -j jaebjia^- 
fJT^ta pyDjntme* 
•J pubu-bleba- 
to ptun eapb-pxbe- 
s)>el-pcenca jehpone- 
p^ca pjnj'umpa' 
pe pulboji-cymuj- 
pebe\i pjiyni^a jehptej-- 
opep polban jepcup- 
ro inbpyhcu- 
»lba cynne- 
j^pecej- unbep ppejle- 
jwp he r^l|; biepe^. 
in ^ cpeop inDan> 
cophre ppiecpe- 
|raep pe pilba pujel- 
in )>am pepcenne- 
opep heanne beam- 
hup jetitubpetS^ 
phnj -J pjnpim. 

through force of knowledge, 

turn to life, 

a young soul receive. 

Then far and near 

the sweetest it 

collects and gathers, 

pleasant herbs, 

and forest leaves, 

to that dwelling-place, 

each fragrant odour 

of pleasant herbs, 

that the Glory-King, 

Father of every origin, 

over earth created, 

for the noble 

race of men, 

of sweet under heaven ; 

there itself bears 

into that tree 

bright treasures ; 

there the wild bird, 

in the waste, 

upon the lofty tree, 

a house constructs 

fair and pleasant, 

lepcej. H. MS, poUii. 

CoUigit kinc ntccoi et odores divite tiiva, 

Quos legit Assyrius, qtiot opuietUtu Arabs, 
Quo» out Pyfftntea gentes, atU Ittdia carpil, 

Aui tnolli generai terra SaboM tinu ; 
Cinnama dehinc, auratnque procul tpirantis an 

Congerit, et miuo balsama cum folio : 
Non caticB miOt, nee oknOa vimen acanthi. 

Nee thurii lacrimie guttaque pinguii abeit; 
Hit addit tenera* nardi ptibentit ariiias, 

Et todat mj/rr/ue vim, patuuxtt, tuam. 




■] jepicaS )«p. 
I7I): in )>iun folepC' 
■J ^b j^ceiS ucau- 
u )iara leap-j-ceabe- 
lic ^ jej^ie- 
on heal}:e ;ehpape> 
hal^um fcencu. 
-} ]»ain EejJelejTu. 
eopj^n blebum. 
pteS p)fey puf. 

on j-umepe|' clb ■ 
funne faacojT- 
opep {xeabu jcineiS- 
T jej-cei^ju bpeojeS- 
populb jeonb-plice^- 
}?6n jieopiSeS hij- 
huj' onliEeteb- 
J»ujih babop jTejel- 
pypca peapmiaiS- 
piU-fele ftymeS- 
ypera j^tteccuiu. 
poa on j-pole bJpnelS. 
}7uph yypey j^nj. 
f;u3el mib nejre- 
bffil biiS oneeieb. 
^n bpunb JjeceS- 
heope-bpeopjer huf- 
hpeoh onecre^- 

[59 o.] 

and dwells there, 

itself in that chamber, 

and Burrounds, 

in that leafy shade, 

body and winga, 

on either side, 

with holy odours, 

and with the noblest 

plants of earth ; — 

it sits on journey bent. 

When heaven's gem, 

at summer'H tide, 

the Bun moat hot, 

o'er the Bhade shines, 

and forms undergoes, 

o'er the world looks, 

then becomes its 

house heated, 

through the firmament serene; 

the herbs grow warm, 

the lov'd chamber steams 

with odours sweet; 

then with the heat burns, 

through the fire's grasp, 

bird with nest ; 

the pile is kindled, 

then the burning decks 

Ihe blood- stained 's house) 

fierce hurries. 

Protimtt itutrato eorptti mtUabile ttido, 
Vitalique ton membra quieta losal : 
Ore dehine tuecot manbris circma^ve mpraque 

Injieit, exequiu immoritura suit ; 
Tunc inter variot animam commendat odoret, 

Depotiti tanti nee timet iUa^dem. 
/rUerea corpus genitali tnorte pere^^Hwm 

^stuat, elfiammaoi parturit ipse color 1 



fealo lij peopma'S- 
"J |:enix byjineS- 
]r^-jeapum ppob- 

IfBDiie Iic-homaQ' 
Lp bi^S on p5e- 
pejej- peoph-hopb- 
))dn pisepc ^ ban • 
ab-1^ aeleiS. 

hpasjipe him ejT-cyme^S- 
ejxeji ):^p;~iueapce- 
peoph ebnipe- 
|i]>)>an Ira y|-lan> 
epc onpnna^' 
lepcep li2')»pKce. 
lacan eojsebepe- 
jecluDjne to cleopenne* 
^onne cbene bi^- 
beophctq-e nepra- 
baele ]X>p^unben> 
hea)>o-po}:ef hop- 
bjia bi'S acolab> 
ban-paec jebpocen • 
"J ye bp;^e rpeJ>pa1S. 
))da op p&m abe- 
eplef jebcnep- 
on )»epe apcan brS- 
epc j6meeeb> 
op )>a peaxe^ pypm> 

feeds (Ae yellow ilame, 

and the Phoenix bums, 

stricken with l)y-gone years ; 

then the fire devours 

the frail body, 

life is on its journey, 

the lated's spirit ; 

then flesh and bones 

the pile's flame bums ; 

yet to it returns, 

after a space, 

life renew 'd, 

When that the ashes 

again begin, 

after the flame's force, 

tn combine together, 

clinging to cleave, 

when is clean 

that brightest nest, 

by the fire pulveriz'd, 

the martial bird's abode, 

the corpse is cool'd, 

the bone-case broken, 

and the burning ceases ; 

then from the pile 

an apple's likeness 

is in tlie ashes 

found afterwards, 

from which waxes « worm 

JElherioque procut de lumine concipit igiiem, 
Flagrat et ambushim tolvitur in cinerem ; 

QvoM velut in maisam cineret in morte coaclos 
ConjUu, et effectum teminit irular habent : 

Mine animal primum »ine membris ferlur oriri, 
Sedfertur vermi liictetu esse color. 



punbjiu pexep. 

j-pylce he oj: ae^ejium- 


j-cip oj; fcylle- 

)>onne on j'ceabe feaxeS- 

f he sepefc biS- 

J-pylce eajme]- bjiib- 

piejep |:ii;el-cimbep ■ 

■Son [Tuplwp 5m- 

ppiba^ on pynnum- 

f he biiS ptejrnium jeliC' 

ealbum eajine- 

"J eepcep )>on- 

);e)>puin jefpsBCpab. 

fTylc he sec ppymSe psej-- 

beophc jeblopeti ■ 

]>on bpaeb peopfeS- 

eal ebnipe- 

epc acenneb' 

}-ynnum ap:inbpab- 

j-umef on hce- 

j-pa mon co -jleofne- 

eopSan picfCmaf- 

on haepf«rce. 

ham jelfebeiS- 

pifce pjnpioie- 

aep pincpep cyme 

on pypef nman. 


wonderously fair, 

as it from aii egg had been 

brought forth, 

pure froDi tAe shell. 

Then in the shade it waxee, 

so that first it iB 

as an eagle's young, 

a fiur young bird ; 

then further yet 
10 thrives joyfully, 

till it is like in form 

to an old eagle, 

and after that, 

with plnmes adorn *d, 

ae it was at first, 

bright-blooming ; 

then becomes large, 

all renew'd, 

born again, 
30 Bunder'd from sins. 

Like as in summer, 

when man for sustenance 

earth's fruits 

in harvest 

brings home, 
^.] pleasant food, 

ere winter's coming, 

at reaping time, 

9. S. xpilce h« Of Kse fKjte. 

Creverit immetigum svbifo cum tempore eerto, 
Sese ovi teretif coiUgil in speeiem ; 

Inde T^ormatUT qualisfuil atUe ^figura. 
El Pkctnix riqtHs pulluiai exuvii*, 

Ac velut offresles, cumjUo ad saxa lenenlur, 
Mutari timee jxipUione soUsrU. 



f} Uq- hi jiener j-cup- 
apjjtbe unbeji polcnum- 
^seji hi p|ia1$e meca^' 
fobop-J»eje jefeon- 
pSn poprt ■] ]Tiap. 
nub opeji-auB^e. 
eoplwD (>eccaS. 
oj:)>am pej-cmnm j-ceal* 
eopla eab-pelan. 
ejx alseban- 
)mph copnej- jecynb- 
)>e ep cleeoe bi$- 
fffib ODj^pen. 
jKtniie pinnan jlsni' 
OD lenccenne> 
lipef cacen pece?. 
popnlb-jefcpeon • 
|>aec )ra psftmaj- beo^S' 
^ph a^e ^ecysb. 
)X)lbui jipscpe- 
rpa pe pijel peop|>e'S. 
jomel xfceji jeapum^ 
jeonj ebnipe> 
pUepce bipon^en- 
no he pobbop JnjeS- 
mete on molban ■ 
nemne mele-beapej-- 
*«el jebj'pse- 

lest it the rain-shawer 

destroy under the clouds ; 

there they find support, 

joy of refection, 

when frost and snuw, 

with their predominance, 

earth deck 

with winter-weeds. 

From those fruits shall 

a man riches 

again bring forth, 

through the grain's nature, 

which is at first a pure 

seed sown, 

then the sun't< gleam 

in spring 

wakens the sign of life, 

the world's production, 

so that the fruits are, 

through their own kind> 


earth's treasures. 

Thus the bird becomes 

old after years, 

aiu^ young, renew'd, 

with flesh invested ; 

it food touches not, 

meat on earth, 

save it of honey-dew 

a portion tastes. 

10. r. Bopl. 

Non ilii cibtu ett mutro cotusestui in orbe. 
Nee cuiqwim impiumem paacere cura suhett, 

AmhroHot libat ct^etH neclare roret, 
Stellifero teneri qui etcidere polo ; 




j^ bpeoj-eS opc- 
sec roibbpe nibee- 
bi {>on j% mob^a hi]'- 
jieojih apebeS- 

ajenne eapb. 

which often falls 

at midnight, 

by which the lofty bird its 

life cberieheB, 

till that its uncient ■eats, 

its own dwelling, 

agtun it seeks. 

)>ounfl bi^ apeoxen- 
pypcum m jenionje- 
pujel pej^jtum beal- 
peo;ih bi% nipe> 
]>onne he op jjieote- 
hip lic-leo^u cjuepcij- 
ptec Kji li; popnom* 
pomna^ ppolep la|:e- 
peappu jejaebjiaiS- 
ban jebjiopnab- 
RpCep bRl-)*juece> 
^ ]>on jebjunjeB. 
ban '] yplan- 
abep lape- 
epc scpomns' 
•J )>3n ]»Bec peel-peap- 


When is grown up 

among the herbu, 
o the bird witii featheni proud, 

when life is new, 

young, full of enei^ies, 

then it from the duet 

ita body's members cunningly 

(that the flame ere consum'd) 

collects, the fire's leavings 

skilfully gathers, 

the perieh'd bones, 

after the fire's force, 
» and then brings 

bones and ashes, 

the pile's relics, 

again tc^ther, 

and then that dead-spoil 

Hot legit, hit aliiur mediis in odorHnu ales. 
Donee maturam proferat effigiem. 

Asl ubiprimawi txepU fiorem juveKta, 
Evolal adpatriasjam reditvra domos; 

ArUe tamen propria quieguid de eorpore rtitai, 
Otsaque vet cinerei exuviusgue mat, 



pyiitum biCelbe^S- 

J*a>e xeFpiecpeb. 

Sonne Sfjryeb btS- 

^enne eajib- 

efc CO j^can- 

^onne potum ymbpebV* 

clam biclyppe^- 

■J hij- cy)>|>a eye- 

rnn-beophr jepeCii- 

peceS on pynnu- 

eabij «))el-lonb- 

eall bi^ 3etiipab> [& 

)xoiih ~} fe)>eii-homa' 

rpa he sec fjtfaipe pas|-- 

)>s hine sepefC job- 

on ^one se^elan ponj- 

I^oji-jaejT: j^ete- 

he hif r^Ijxf ]rae]i* 

1^ jebjiinje'S- 

^ Kji bjionbej- p^lm ■ 

on beojih-jtebe- 

b»le ]x)p)>ylmbe- 

aj-can to-eacan- 

jran eat-jeabop- 

bebyji^e^ beabu-cpse^xij- 

ban -J yj-lan- 

on ]>ain ealonbe- 

biS him ebnipe- 

with herbs covers, 

neatly adorns : 

then il is impell'd ^ 

its own dwelling 

again to seek, 

then with tV« feet it graeps 

the fire's relics, 

with its c]aw& seizes, 

and its home agidn, 
ID its sun-bright seats, 

seeks joyfully, 

its happy native land. 
a."] All is renew'd, 

its life and feather- covering, 

as it was at (he beginning, 

when God it first, 

in that noble plain 

triumphant set. 

It there its own 
30 bones brings, 

which ere the fire's ragty 

on the mound, 

on the pile, had encompass 'd, 

the ashes also ; 

then alt together 

the martial bird buries, 

bones and ashes, 

in that island. 

To it is new ag^n 

. 8BJIUBCp«8! 

8. cUfumr 

Ungviae baliameo myrrhaqtie et thvn toluio 
Condit, et in formam conglobat ore pio ; 

QuoM peditms gettatu contendit toUt ad ortui, 
Inque ara retideru, prmit in ade ttwra. 

Mirandam xse praslat, prabetque videtoi, 
Tanttu avi deeor est, taatua aiMndat honor: 




J>aejie jiinnan rejii. 
Jfon rpejlej- leohc- 
Jim ma jlabojT- 
ojrep sapj-ecj up- 
ee^l-cunjla p^n- 
eaftan Iixe%. 
If re fujel pejep. 
j:oppeapb hipe- 
bleo bpyjbmn jaj- 
ytnb |>a bpeofC j:opan- 
If faim f heajiob- 
hinban ^pene- 
ppsetlice ppixleh- 
pupman jeblonben. 
^n ij- pe pmca- 
psejpe jebseleb- 
j-uDi bpun fum bajTi- 
inim blacum ;-plotCum- 
j'eapolice bej-eteb- 
pinboa J>a pjipu- 
hpic hinbanpeapb' 
■J pe halp jpene- 
nio^wpeapb "j upepeapb- 
•J f nebb lixeS- 

the Higii of BUn, 
when heaven's light, 
of gems most joyous, 
up over ocean, 
of noble stitre delight, 
Bhines ftvsm the east. 
The bird ia fair 
of hue in front, 
its colour changeable 
about the breast before. 
Its head ia 
green behind, 
curiously variegated, 
with scarlet blended ; 
then is the train 
beautifully divided, 
part brown part purple, 
part with paly spots 
cunningly atudded. 
The wings are 
hind ward white, 
and the neck green, 
downward and upward, 
and the beak glitters 
like glass or gem ; 

13. MS. ppixleC. 

Ptincipio mIot ett gwaUt tub lidere eali, 

ISitia quern croceo Pumea grana kgvnt, 
' Qualis ineatfoliu quafert agrette papaver, 

Cumpandit vettes Flora ndienie tola. 
Hoe humeri peetuigue decent velamine fulgmt, 

Hoc caput, hoc cervix, summaque terga nitent ; 
Caudaque porriffilur fuivo cUstenta vietallo, 

In ciffus maculu purpura mitla rubet. 
Ciarum inter pennas intigne est desuper, Irit 

Pingere eeu nubem detuper atta tokl, 
Albicat insigm» mitio vtridanle amaragdo, 

Elpuro coruu gemmea catpif hiat. 



jeajJaj" j-cyne- 

inoan ';] ucaii- 

If reo eaj-jebypb. 

rceajic -J hipe. 

ftane jelicajt:' 

jlabam pmme- 

)>0D m jolb-|:ace- 

]Tu)>a op]>onc£> 

bifeceb yeofiperS- 

If ymb |>one j-peojian • 

fpylce funnau hjunj- 

beaja beojihcap:- 

b|iejben |:^jiuni- 

I^isetlic If feo pomb neojmii- 

panbjiii pejeji- 

yap 1 j-cyne- 

If re rc^lb uyati' 

fpm^pum %eje^eb. 

opep t>8ej- pijlej- b»ec . 

pnbon )>a j'cancan- 

fcjllu bipeaxen- 

pealpt; potaf - 

j-e pijel ip on hipe. 

njhpsej- lenltc- 

onlico|r pean ■ 

pynnum ^epeaxen- 

the jaws comely 

within and without. 

The eye is 

Htrong, and in aspect 

to a stone most like, 

a sparkling gem, 

when in a golden vessel, 

by emiths' artiRce, 

it has been set. 

Around the neck it is 

like the sun's orb, 

brightest of rings ! 

with feathers variegated : 

elegant is the belly beneath, 

wonderously fair, 

bright and beauteous : 

the shield above is 

curiously compos'd, 

over the bird's back : 

the legs are 

with scales o'ergrown, 

^low the feet : 

the bird in aspect is 

in every way unique, 

most like unto a peacock, 

winsomely grown up. 

84. EBjhpiep? 

Ingentu octili, eredat geminoM kyacitUiot, 

Qtiorum de medio lucidajiamma micaL 
jEgvatur bOo capiti radiata corona, 

Phidt^ referent verticis alia decus. 
Crura tegunt aqutmuejlavo digtitieta meUtUo, 

Axt miffues roseo ptngit hanore color. 
Effigies inter pavonis mistafiguram 

Cemitur, etpietam Phagidit into- avem. 




)>BBj- jeppicu j-ecja*. 
nif he hmbejipeapb. 
ne hjje jaelra- 
fpap ne jyonptp- 
rpa pime pijlaj-- 
)ni ^ lace ]nifih 1^. 
laca^ }.i]>pum> 
ac he If jTiel "j rpi|x;> 
•J rpilw leohc- 
phtij -J pj-npim- 
pulbpe jemeajicab- 
ece If fe as]>elinj. 
fe ]>e him f eab ;e[:eS. 
Iron he jepice?- 
ponjaf fecan- 
hif ealbne eapb- 
Of InjTe el-el-eypf. 
folcnm aSeapeb. 
ntonju monna* 
jeonb mibban-^apb- 
]>dn fomna^S- 
fu)>an ~] nopfmi' 
etqran ^ pefcan- 
eopeb-ciefCum papa's- 
feoppan ^ nean- 
folca |>py)>uin> 
])seji hi fceapii^)- 

[60 A.] 

of which writing^ tell. 

It is not sln^^h, 

nor in habit wanton, 

heavy nor dull, 

as some birds, 

which slow through air 

on pinions sport; 

but it is prompt and swifi^ 

and very light, 

beautiful and pieaaing, 

gloriously mark'd. 

Eteraal is the noble Being, 

who that happiness to it ^vet. 

When it departs. 

Us plains to seek, 

its ancient dwelling, 

from this region of earth ; 

as the bird flies 

to people mmifested, 

to many men, 

over mid-earth, 

then they assemble, 

from south and north, 

&om east and west, 

go in banded hosts, 

from far and near, 

in crowds of people, 

where they may behold 

the Creator's grace 

19. MS. o6e«pe«. 

Magniei^m Urri* Arabum qua giffnitw alei 
Vix aquare poteH, lettfera, leuiitavitf 

Nan tamen esttarda, tU voiiicrt* qua corpore magna 
Ineesgtu piffrot per grave pondui kahaU ; 

Sed levit et vwx, n^ati plena deoore, 
Talit in atpt^u te tenet vaque hominvm. 




pBjpe on TfAta fujlfl- 
jpa hi see |:jiuinan j-etce- 
reojui jT>« cyomj. 
relhquta jecynb- 

opep Pijla cjn. 
Don punbjuaS- 
peju]- ojMji eopjmn- 
pliCe ^ psjnua- 
"J jepjucu cy)>aS> 
mmtbu DoeajiciaS- 
oo majuu-jtsuie- 
hponne fe baej "j j«) tfib. 
bjiyhcum ^eeape- 
fpsecpe flyhc-hpacej-. 
^Soo pijla cynn- 
on healjra jehpone* 
heapu ]^itijafi> 
pjafS pb-p^um- 
jvnje lopa'S- 
nuejia^ tQob^e> 
medium jieopbuiU' 
-\ fpa ^ne haljan- 
fajuoje becelba'S- 
plyhee on ifyre- 
]:eDiz bi]» on mibbum- 
)7fieatniin bi)>jiun;en* 

furly in that bird, 

as to it at first assign'd 

the true King of triumphs 

a nature more excelling, 

a fairer decoration, 

orer the race of birds. 

Then admire 

men on earth 

its aspect and its form, 
10 and in writings make known, 

with hands design 

in marble atone, 

when the day and the time 

to multitudes show 

Mesplendourof ^Ae flight- prompt. 

Then the race of birds, 

on every side, 

in bodies throng, 

descend on the ample ways, 
90 praise by song, 

and magnify the loity/owl 

with powerful voices, 

and thus the holy bird 

enclose around 

by flight in air : 

the Phoenix is in the midett, 

press'd by multitudes ; 

people behold, 

5. emit, tot pesejkjianl 

19. MS. iDMjim, with a dot under the 

10. MS. jepjiicu. 

1 1, MS. 2Bhpo|iB. 

(hnvenit ^gyptut tanti ad miracula vmu, 
Et raram volverent twrba laitUat otKau : 

Protintu exaeulpttnt taerato in marmorefamuan, 
Et timant Itiulo remove diemgue ttotto, 

ControAit in ccetvm tete genus omtu voiantum. 
Nee prada memor ttt tdla, nee uUa mtettis. 




puabjiil papa^- 
hu j-eo pil-;ei)pyhc. 
pilbne peop^ia'8- - 
popa Bepcep o)>]iu- 
cp£e|xu cy{>a{S> 
f jxiji cynin; mepaS- 
leo):ne leob-f^uman- 
Iseba^ nub pynnu' 
Ee)>elne to eajibe. 
o)))>aec j-e anhoja- 
oBpleojeS fejjpum )Tie]- 
^ him 5ej:yljau ne nuej- 
bpymenbpa jebpyhc 
^n bujuSa pya- 
Of J^rr* eop^ typF" 
el>el feceS:- 

with wonder gaze, 

how the devoted band 

the wild bird honour, 

flock after other, 

powerfully proct^m, 

and their king magr^ify, 

their beloved chief 

lead with delights, 

the noble to its dwelling, 

till that the recluse 

flies away, prompt of wing, 

so that it cannot follow 

the joying flock< 

Then the delight of excellence, 

from this earth'e turf, 

seeks its native land. 

Spa fe jepselija- 
BBfteji fpylt-hpde- 
hij- ealb cyi^Jje- 
efx jeiieoj^^S- 
pejpe polban- 
(.■ujelaj- cyppa?. 

[61 o.] 

So the blessed bird, 
after its time of death, 
its old country 
again visits, 
its feir earth. 
The birds return, 

1. MS. pepiBlf. 

Aliluum stipata ehoro volat ilia per aitum, 
Turbaque prosequitur muture Letapw; 

Sedposlqwam pari pervenit ad tetheris auras, 
Mox redit ista, tuis conditur ilia loeisg 

Al JortUTtatte sortis^liqve volucrem / 
Cut de te nasci prattilit ipse Dens, 



}.7)om )>S ^'S-fpecan • 

efC CO eapbe- 
])0D f« 8e]>eliii3 biS- 
ponj m ^eajibuni- 
job ana|>ac> 
crfniDj sliiiihcij- 
bu hij- jecynbe bi*- 
pip-babej- ]>e peper- 
^ De pat senij- 
moQiia cynnef ■ 
bocan meotob ma- 
hn ))a pipm J'YIl^ ■ 
pBjep pyjin jefceap. 
Jmb Jwp pijlef jebypb- 
)«p i^ eabja mot- 
eaptwp neocan- 
pylle rtpeama- 
pubu-holtum ID- 
pdiuan in poa^e- 
o}>[>sc pintpa bi%- 
^fenb upnen- 
}Sa him peop)>e'S- 
Mibe bpep. 
tune Sb }>ece^- 
^vph-sleb pyp- 
hpse)>pe epc cJme'JS. 
apeahc ppseclice- 
poobpuoi to bpe> 
popjion he bpuj~enbe' 
beaiS ne bipipja^- 

from the bold warrior bird, 

sad ia spirit, 

again to home. 

Then is the noble fowl 

young in its dwelling; 

God alone knows, 

King almighty, 

bow its sex in, 

female or male, 

that not any knows 

of the race of men, 

save the Lord only, 

how the ways are 


Me fair decree of old, 

concerning ib'a bird's birth. 

There may the blessed one 

its home enjoy, 

the welling streams 

in the woody holts, 

dwell in the plain, 

till that of winters are 

a thousand pass'd ; 

then to it is 

end of life, 

the pile it covers, 

thorough-kindled fire ; 

yet again it comes 

curiously rais'd, 

wonderously, to life ; 

therefore it sinking 

cares not for death. 

Feemina vel mat hoc, feu neutrum, seu tit utrumgve, 
Felix qua Veneris fadera nulla colil ; 

Mors ill* Venus rsl, wla est in mnrte volupta* i 
Ut potsit nasci, appetit usque mori. 




j-ajie jff}t-cfale- 
pe him fymle pac- 
aeptep lix-J^iace- 
lij: ebnipe- 
j.'eoph ae^cep pylle- 
^n Fpotnhce- 
Jmjih bpibbef hSb. 
jebjieabab peojilfe^- 
efC Of afcan- 
ebjeonj pepeS- 
unbeji rP^S^*! Weo- 
bi% him j^lf jehpteSeji- 
j-unu -J rp»r peben- 
^ pymle eac- 
epc yppe-peapfc). 
ealbpe laj%> 

popjeap him pe meahca- 
mon-cynnep ppuma* 
f he ppa ppaeclice- 
peopjisn pceolbe. 
epc |>sec lice- 
)Met he sep)>jn paej'- 
pe}>pum biponjen. 
]>eah hme pyp mme:- 

pjunful mortal pang, 

which erer to itself is cODBCiouBof, 

after the flame'a force, 

life again new, 

spirit after decay, 

when constantly, 

throagh state of youth, 

it is drawn 

again from ashes, 
10 again is young, 

under heaven's shelter, 

to itself is both 

son and tender father, 

and ever also 

again inheritor 

of its old reUcs. 

Hath granted it the mighty 

Author of mankind, 

that it 80 wonderfully 
30 should become 

again tliat same 

that it ere was, 

with feathers clad, 

though it the fire consume. 

Spa JiMt ece hp- 
eab^pa jehpylc- 
lepcep f^-ppKce- 


So that eternal life 
each blessed (me, 
after painful exile. 

Ipaa nbipTviet, nttu ett pater et nau haret, 
Nutrix ipaa rat, temper abmata s&i. 

n vitam ntortu adqHa bono. 




himself choosetb, 

^jib beopcne tieoS.>yhn.«riiioc. 

that he may the Lord's 

«P»I> seap-bajuin. 

(after a lapse of days) 

JfloFooa neotwi- 

gifts partake. 

on pn-bpeamu. 

in ererlaating joys. 


[61 b.} and ever after 

ponun in po}ialbe. 

in that world coatinue. 

peojica CO leane- 

hT«r F°Sler secynb. 

10 This bird's nature 


is much lilce 


to the chosen 


serrantsof ChriBt; 

beacnsS in bajijum- 

pointeth out to men, 

bn hi beojihcne jepean 

bow they bright joy. 

laiph pebep pJcu- 

through the Father's aid, 

on )»af Fpecnan cib. 

in this perilous time. 

bealba}> nnbeji beopoiiu 

may under heaven possess. 

■] him heanae bl»b< 

and exalted happiness, 

in piun npucan> 

» in the celf^tial 


country may gain. 

l»bb&)) pe jearcab. 

We have leam'd, 

f re elmibtija. 

that the Almighty 

pophce peji T pij:. 

wrought man and woman, 

fuph hir punbpa rpeb. 

through bis wonders' might 


and them then set 

on ]>one pelejran. 

in the choicest 

p4ban reenter. 

of earth's regions. 

yarn pjta. beajiO' 

whicfa the sons of men 

30 name Paradise, 

fwp hi n»njer pffif. 


Hben ecer pojib- 

while the Eternal's word. 

II. S'lieiTf 14- 

Lit. pointo ont in am- towui. 19. r. lu 

n. MS. x«r<»«. 

Bs. r. rcMCa. 




haljej- bleof»i>p-cpibe- 
healban polbati- 
on pa nipan ^efetJi- 
Jirep him ni|? jercob. 
ealfa-Feoubej- tejxjz- 
j-e hi aec jeb^b. 
beame|- blebe- 
Jraec hi bu fejun- 
eppel un]isebum> 
ofep ep; jobej-- 
bypjbon fojibobene- 
)>a}p bim hiccep peap'S. 
^in|ru aepteji »ce- 
T hypa cajrepu J7«- 
fajihc fynibeK 
piDu •) bohcjiii- 
popbon teonlice- 

cofrar i*>5e- 

Sjealb e|:cep jylte- 
bK|:bon jobej- yppe- 
biccjie bealo-j-opje- 
)>Bef )>a hype pj>)>an ■ 
jypiie onjulboD- 
|>e hi )>8ec jypl Jrepin ■ 
opep ecep popb- 
p>]i]foa by eBlep pyn- 
oj:^iepan j-ceolbon- 
]>upb nffibpan ni))> 
))a heo neappe bej-pac- 
ylbpan ujxe- 
m asp.bayii- 
|ruph pecne pep^S- 
f hi }:eop {wnan- 
m pOf- bea^bene- 

tAe Holy's revelation, 
they would hold 
in that new joy. 
There them hate o'erwhelm'd, 
t&e old fiend's envy, 
who to them proffer'd food, 
fruit of tAe tree, 
so that they both ate 
the apple thoughtlessly, 
I against Crod's pleasure, 
tasted the forbidden. 
There to them was Utter 
misery after eating, 
and to their children so, 
a painful repast 
to their sons and daughters. 
Thetf were harmfully 
• « « 

requited accor^ng to crime. 

TTiey had Ood'a anger, 

hitter bsleful sorrow, 

for which their children since 

dearly have paid, 

that they that fruit ate, 

against th' Eternal's word ; 

for they the land's delight, 

sad in spirit, 

ihust gire up, 

tlirough the serpent's envy, 

when it painfully deceiv'd 

our parents, 

in days of yore, 

through guileful spirit, 

so that they far froip thence, 

in this mortal dell, 

IS- Appumllf def^etlTe. 




bpohcalS fohton ■ 
roj»j}:nlj«m jejuni. 
liim peap'S ytille tip ■ 
heolfqie bihybeb> 
-} ye halja ponx- 
^jih j»onbef feajio- 
pepx bityneb- 
piotjia menju- 
oy^sx pulbop-cynm;- 
yaph hif hibep-c^e- 
balsam to-jeanej-- 
mon-cynnej' ^epBa- 
iae]7jia ppefpoib- 
"] fe anja faybc> 
efX ontjnbei- 

Bought a sojourn, 
seats more sorrowful. 
To them was the better life 
in darkness hidden, 
and tbe holy plain, 
through the fiend'e artifice, 
fast dos'd, 
for winters many, 
[62 o.] till that the Olory-King, 
10 tbyougb his advent, 
towards the holy, 
Joy of mankind, 
Comforter of, the weak, 
and our only hope, 
it again open'd. 

I]- J«jn jehcajx- 
^f ^ uf leojmepaj'- 
pt^bum j-ecffi^- 
■] ppiru cy^xS- 
frrrer J^er Sepep- 
|>0Q jqiob offfeye^- 
eapb -] e^l- 
"} jeealbab btiS* 
jepiceS pepij-mob. 
pincpum jebyj^ab. 
]>e[i he bolcef bleo- 
beah jemece'S- 
■n ]>am he jecuubpeiS- 
canum "j pyptum- 
^am te^lejxum' 


Such is then most tike 
(from what us doctors 
in words say, 
and writings show,) 

30 this bird's course, 

when sagacious it resigns 

home and country, 

and is old become, 

departs weary in spirit, 

with years oppress'd, 

to where it the bolt's shelter 

lofty finds, 

in which it builds, 

with twigs and plants 

» the noblest, 

IS. MS. jiMpDuia. 





eaptHpic nipe- 
nejt; on beappe- 
briS him neob micel* 
^ be peojih jeonj efX- 
ODfon moce> 
|tuph iijej- blejT- 
hf lejXep beii]>e. 
ebjeonj pej-an- 
1 hif ealb cJiSJni- 
pin-beopht jerecu- 
1*60811 moee> 

Ypa. Ba jnpe-jenjan- 
ytbjian ufT^- 
yaae plit3jan ponj- 
"J pulbpep r^l" 
leojJic on laj-ee. 
cujon lonjne ftS- 
in h^uniia honb- 
|>sefi him bettenbe- 
eajmie ajlaecan- 
ofC jepcoban. 
pnpon hpae^e moti;e> 
^A ]>e meocube- 
jeh^bon anbep heojronu' 
ha^m 'iSeapum- 
biebum bombcum- 
f him bjij'hcen peap^- 
heofona heah cpan^- 
holb on mobe- 
SseC If fe h^ beam- 
in )>am hal^e nu> 
pic peapbia'S- 

a new dwelling-place, 
in the grove a neat. 
To it there is much need, 
that, young, it spirit agun 
may recdre, 
through blast of flame, 
life after death, 
be agun young, 
and its old country, 
I ita Bun-bright seats, 
may seek, 
after the fire-bath. 
So those forenmners, 
oar parents, 

that beauteous plain, 
and seat of glory, 
lovely, behind, 
went a long journey, 
into the hand of harms, 
where them enemies, 
miserable wretches, 
oft oppress'd. 
Were yet many, 
who the Creator 
under heaven obey'd, 
with holy rites, 
with bounteous deeds, 
$o that to them the Lord was, 
heaven's high King, 
kind in spirit. 
That is the lofty tree, 
in which saints now 
their habitation hold. 

as. MS. F« jehrjiMm. 



]«ii him pihCfl ne nue;* 

ralb feonba nan* 

atjie fce^)raD- 

jacaef tacoe* 

on ya j^iecnan tab. 

^Kfi him nejT pJjicrfS. 

prtS m)n jehpam> 

btebnm bomlicnm* 

bji^htnef cempa* 

)/Sa he telmejytua- 

et]unmn bEsIelS- [i 

bt^e^ leapim. 

3 hmi bji^hcen jecJjiS. 

fsbep OD }.-ulcum' 

laslun lifef • 
leahtpi^ bpnpce]'- 
mqice m£n-tMebe- 
bealb^ meoeube]- £• 
bealb m bpeojrum* 

clsnu jehy^bum- 
"2 hif cneo bijeS* 
K^e Co eopfran- 
pljh^ y]Ja jehpylC' 
jjmnme pelcaj*- 
jlKbmob "gyjaieS' 
yiK he jobjia meefC- 
beba jeppeimne- 
^ua bi]* bji^hten fc^lb> 
m p^ jelipane- 
p^ojia jnlbenb- 
peqtnba jnl-pefa- 

where them may not in aught 

any old fiend 

with venom injm«, 

token of guile, 

in the hour of peril. 

There him a neat works 

against each enmity, 

by bounteous deeds, 

the Liord's champion, 
10 when he almii 
Z bJ] to the poor deals, 

to ike void of blessings, 

and the Lord to him calls, 

the Father to his aid, 

forth haatens, 

of this frail life 

the crimes blots out, 

the murky wicked deeds, 

holds the Creator's law 
an boldly in Am breast, 
and prayers seeks, 
with pure meditatjons, 
and his knee bows 
piously to earth, 
flees every evil, 
horrid sins, 
for dread of Qod 
joyful yearns, 

that he the greatest number of 
30 good deeds may execute : 
to him is the Lord a shield 
at every season, 
the Qiver of victories. 
Ruler of hosts. 

99, 84. r. riS°l>* ril-litpt' peoitobs palMnft. 




)>i|- ]>a pjpta pnb- 

paejxma blebe- 

)»a i-e pilba jmjel- 

fOmnaS unbep ]ye^\e- 

pbe ■] pi&e. ■ 

CO hij- pic-fTope- 

fraeji he puobpum |»ift' 

PI'S ni|;a jehpam- 

nejT jepypw*. 

8pa Du m )>atn picum> 

pillan ]:pemina%> 

niobe ^ nue^e- 

meocubej* cempan ■ 

mseji'Sa cilja^S- 

ymy him meopbe pile- 

ece ffilmihcij- 

eabje {.'opjilban- 

beo9 him op )>sm pypcutn- 

pic ;epca)relab> 

in pulbpej- bypij. 

peopca CO leane- 

|>sep ^ hi jeheolban- 

balje lape> 

hace set heopcaa- 

hije peaUfliibe> 

bsBjep "J nihcep. 

bpyhcen lupalS- 

leohce jeleapm- 

leopnfl ceoja'S- 

ojieji pojiulb-pelaii • 

ne hi)> hi pynne h^ht- 

f hy jnp heae lip- 

lonj jflpuni«n- 

^]- eab^ eopl- 

These are the plants, 
•tfte choice of frtuta, 
that the wild fowl 
gathers under heaven, 
&r and wide, 
to its dwelling-place, 
where it wonderously fast, 
^^ainst each enmity, 
works a neat. 

So now in their habitations 
Ms will promote, 
with mind and main, 
the Lord's champions, 
virtues cultivate, 
for which to them rewards trill 
the eternal Almighty, 
blessed, give. 

Shall be for them from those plaoti 
a habitation founded 
in glory's city^ 
in recompense ot their works, 
for that they held 
the holy lore 
fervently at heart, 
with ardent soul, 
day and ni^t ; 
love the Lord 
with bright belief, 
the Beloved choose 
ubove worldly wealth ; 
to them t' is no hope of joy, 
that they this tranwtory life 
long continue. 
jj man thus happy 

IT. eabje agreM with meoiibe, 1. 15. 

34, MS. eojtEin. 



ecan bjieame]-* 
heo]:oDa hame}*. 
mib heah-cynin;* 
eajuiffS OD elne* 
oy^KC enbe cj'meS- 
))6ii beaS nimeS* 
]Kepiiiim je^y^'S* 
ealbop anjia jebps^- 
1 m eoji^aD jat^m- 
piube j'enba^- 
faflam bmumeDe- 
Inne ]ic-homan* 
^Kfi hi loD;e hedH- 
a8 pyjief cyme- 
polban bt|reahte* 
ton monje beolS- 
on jemoc laaba^- 
jTjia Conner- 
pile }»beji enjla- 
jijojia ftrtS cymnj- 
reono)> jehejan- 
biiju^a bp^hceo- 
bemaa mib pyhte> 
ySa ffijufte- 
ealle 2erjieiama|>- 
meD on mtilbaD- 

beobffS bji^o enjia' 
b^man jtepae- 
opeii jibne jpuob- 
japla nejijenb- 
biS ]-e beopca beaiS- 
bpyhCDej- meabcum- 
3. beofonlicMi? 

eternal joy, 

a heavenly home, 

with the high King, 

earns with his zeal, 

till the end conieth 

of diurnal number, 

then death takes, 

blood-greedy warrior, 

by his darts expels, 
10 the life of every one, 

and into earth's bosom 
(63 o.] quickly sends, 

of souls depriv'd, 

the frail bodies, 

where they long shall be, 

till the fire's coming, 

with earth bedeck'd. 

When the mulUtude shall be 

into the meeting brought 
so of the race of men, 

will the Father of angels, 

just King of triumptu, 

a synod hold, 

the Lord of virtues 

judge with right, 

when their resurrection 

Bhall accomplish all 

men in earth, 

as the mighty King 
30 commands, the Lord of angels, 

by trumpet's voice, 

o'er the wide world. 

Saviour of souls, 

the dark death shall be, 

by the Lord's might, 
B. MS. se)>[i^>eb. 19. r. UeOeb. 



ySa ^eof pojinlb- 

ID pxnne b^juMfS- 
abe omeleb- 
peop^eS anjia ;eb|i;^lc- 
7, ', fxjphe on pe)\)>)K- 
^on |:^ bfuceS- 
Imie lonb-pelan- 
lij eal t»i5e«. 
eop^aa sehc-jeftpeoii- 
npplebe ^o^^* 
jiKpe pqtjTupeS. 
Sjuebi; rpeljeS. 
lonbej- ppaRTe- 
]>dn on leohc cymeS* 
album |>i|7-ef ■ 
in )n openan cib- 
jiwjep -J ;epeali3- 
pijlef cacen- 
)>rai anpalb eal* 
on byj^eDum- 
ban jejtebpa'S' 
leomu lie fomob- 

j.t)iie quftef cneo- 
cyninj (>pynJice. 
op hif heah-(»tle- 
bal;^ reined . 
pliCQ pulbpef Jim- 
pel bi]' ]>ain |>e moe. 
m ]>a jeompan cib> 
jobe lician :■ 

to the blessed ended. 

Nobly tAejf shail go, 

in bands press on, 

wben this world, 


shamefiiUy shall barn, 

vith fire soorch'd. 

Eadi ime shall become 

fearfnl in spirit, 
10 when fire feeds on 

the land's fnil wealth, 

flame denmn all 

earth's possessions, 

appled gold, 

eagerly grasps, 

greedy swallows 

the land's treasnres. 

Then comes into lig^t 

to men this 
9D (at that hour of disclosure) 

fair and joyful, 

bird's betokening ; 

when power all 

shall raise up 

iu the sepulchres, 

the bones gather, 

limbs, body together, 

and the flame's guest, 

before Christ's knee, 
30 the King with majesty, 

from his throne, 

to Ihe holy shall appear 

a beauteous gem of glory ; 

well shall it be for those who may, 

at that Bad time, 

to God be pleasing. 



Deep )« lic-homan- 
leahepa ckene- 
jonja'S jlsbmobe* 
percar hpeoppi«. 
in ban-pica- 
]>dD bpyne r»je'S' 
heah to heojnnu- 
bae biS monepmi- 
ejefbc Kleb- 
]WD anpa jehpjlc- 
ycXpejt je rjoms- 
p^l nub lice, 
jipo mnlb-^ajram- 
feceS nieombe)- bom- 
popht aja^eb' 
fyp bits onCihce- 
tdeS UDcyire> 
^sep )>a eafa^an beo%> 
BfCep pp«c-hpi]e* 
peopcnm bipoiQeD' 
^enum bKbum* 
^ser ]>a e)wlaii pnb- 
pyjita pynpime- 
mib ]« fe pilba Fujel- 

f hicfspinja. 
pjpe b^poelS. 

poprpe^ unbep runnan- 
•} he jylpi mib. 

[63 4.] 

There the bodies, 

clean of sins, 

joyful shall go, 

the spirits shall pass 

into their bodiea. 

When the burning rises 

high to heaven, 

hot shall be to many 

the dreadful fire : 

when erery one, 

both jnst and sinful, 

soul with body, 

from the mould-graree, 

seeks the Creator's doom, 

fearfully appal'd, 

the fire is on its course, 

bums men's rices ; 

there the bless'd shall be, 

after their space of exile, 

by their works encircled, 

their own deeds. 

Those are the noble 

pleasant herbs, 

with which the wild bird 

its own neat 

surrounds without, 

so that it suddenly 

with fire bums, 

under the sun kindles, 

and itself with it, 

and then, after the flame, 





n>a bifS an]ia jehpylc- 
flteyce bijxiujeD* 
pjia c^nef ■ 
Knlic "J ebjeon;- 
j-e )>e bif Sjnom heji- 
piUum jepypce^- 
f him pulboji'C^in;;- 
meahtij SBC ]>£ mas)>lfl- 
milbe jepeop]>e%- 
)>on hleo|>]ua'S- 
balje zteyvaf. 
fi^la foiSperte> 
fon; abebba^- 
clsene ^ jecopene- 
hejija^ cynmjei* fpjm- 
jxepi sejxep )Te|.-ne' 
j^jaB CO pttlbpc' 
plitaje jepjptab- 
nub b^jia psl-tMBbum- 
beoS ]>oD amepebe- 
moima jiepC^- 
beopbte abypbe- 
}>ujih bpjne Fyjiep" 
ne peneJiBBp rdi;. 
selba cynnep- 
^ ic IJje-popbu- 
leofi pomnije- 
ppice pffSS-cprepce. 
jehyjm^ picebom- 
lobep jiebbinja- 
)>up)i jepcep blseb- 
bpeopcum onbpyTibeb- 

life agiun rec^ves 


So Bball be every one 

with flesh invested 

of t^ race of men 

excellent and young again, 

who here for bia own 

willingly works, 

so that to him the King of glory, 

mighty, at that meeting, 

will be merciful, 

when shall speak 

holy upiiits, 

just souls, 

song shall raise, 

pure and choeen, 

shall praise their King's majesty, 

voice after voice, 

shall to glory mount, 

6weetly perfum'd 

with their good deeds. 

Shall then be prov'd 

the souls of men, 

brightly elaborated, 

through the fire's heat 

Let therefore no one think, 

of the race of men, 

that I in lying words 

songs collect, 

write io poetry : 

hear the wisdom 

of the Bongs of Job, 

through the spirit's gift 

in his breast inspir'd. 

so. i. e. perfumed with sweet-amelliiig plant 



bealb pet^babe- 
pulbjie jepeop^Sab- 
he f )>opb jecpaeS- 
Ic )nec ne piph^cje- 
heojican je})uncum. 
^n: ic m mmu nejte- 
ueo-beb ceope- 
hnle hpa pejuj- 
jepite hean )ionan' 
00 lonjae p$- 
Ume bitolben- 
jeomop jn-bieba- 
in speotef pelSm- 
*] ^oa aejXeji bei^'*'' 
|>aph bpyheney jiefe- 
rpa re pi^el pmx- 
peojih eboipe- 
Kftejt aquj-cc' 
i^an moCe- 

bfieamar nub bfiyhceii' 
]«|i j-eo beope fcolu* 
leo]aie lopaS> 
le yxY li)%]- ne innj- 
9fpe CO ealbpe- 
enbe jebiban ■ 
leohcej- -] lijya- 
|>eah mm lie fcyle- 
on molb-sepne- 
moljnab peoji]wi- 
ITpmiS CO pirlUn- 
rpa-^eah peopuba ;o&. 
E|xep n^lt-bpile- 
raple alj'fcrS- 
*] m pulbop apece^- 

bold Ae spake, 

witb glory bonour'd ; 

he these words snid : 

'I reject it not 

from mjf heart's thoughts, 

that I in my neat 

a death-bed choose, 

a weary human corae, 

depart abject thenoe, 

10 on a long journey, 
[64 o.] with clay cover'd, 

Bod for former deeds, 
into dust's bosom, 
and then after death, 
through the Lord's grace, 
as the bird Phcenix, 
a new life, 
after reEtirrection, 
may possess, 

ao joys with the Lord, 

where the dear assemblage 
praise the Beloved. 
I of that life may not 
to all eternity 
an end expect, 
of light and comforts. 
Although my body shall, 
in tht earth-house, 
become corrupted, 

» a prey to worms, 
yet the God of hosts, 
after the hour of death, 
will my soul redeem, 
and into glory raise ; 

4. Jobxxix. 18. 


me Jter pen n»Fpe. 
fojvbijifcelS in bpeojtnl. 
% ic in bji^o enjla- 
fOfiSfeaipiyae jejxan^ 
jpiefte bebbe. 
Duj- fjiSb puna- 
ID jr^n-bi^um- 
pebbabe jlei^>-inob- 
jobej- fpel-boba- 
^b hif ejuj'Te. 
m ece hj:- 
¥ pe )jy seopnop. 
oDjieCan meahceO' 
tip-jasft: tacen- 
]>KC f-e cophta pujd- 
)>uph bpyne beacoaiS- 
afcan -j ^Un- 
ealle jej-onma'K- 
sepep bj-bpyne. 
l«be^ p]>)>an- 
jnijel on foCu- 
CO jrpean jeapbum- 
pinnan to-jeanef • 
)nep hi p]>f>an j»p1li- 
puniaiS [nncpa pela- 
psej-tmum ^etupab- 
eaUef ebjionj- 
)>8ep sni; ne mse;- 
in Jmm leobj'cype- 
be]>^m hpopan> 


me therefore hope never, 
faila in my breast, 
which I in the Lord <rf angdt, 
(forward joy) 
firmly have.' 
Thus a wise man, 
in ancient days, 
■an^, of soul aagadouB, 
Ood'a prophet, 
10 about his resarrectioa 
into eternal life ; 
that we the better 
might understand 
the glorious token, 
that the bright bird, 
through its burning shows. 
Its bones' remnant, 
ashes and cinders, 
it all gathers, 
« after its body's buming, 
bears than then, 
tAe bird in its feet, 
to the Lord's courts, 
towards the sun, 
there it thenceforward 
continues winters many, 
in form renew'd, 
quite young again : 
there not any may, 
30 in that country, 
with loathly cries, 

n» nu «jxep bea^Se- 

9 now after death, 

S6. r. punaS. 
« tinea ate evidently wanting, though the HS. haa do hiatu*. 



j-omob ppiB^- 
fapla Toib lice* 
pespe jefjiecpeb. 

in eab-pelum • 
ge^um jrencum- 

ptnne lihce^S- 

plm; ojpeji peopetntm* 

ID pnlbpep bj)uj !• 

through the Lord's mighty 
tt^ether joumejr 
souls with body, 
fiurly adorned, 
(to that bird most like) 
into blessedness, 
with sweet odours, 
where the righteous 
son ^ves light, 
beauteous over multitudes, 
in glory's city. 

Doone jYt'Speiram- 
f^lum fcine%- 
beah opsp bjiop^- 
helenbe c]U]T> 
him folffkS' 
beojihce jebjtebabe. 
bhn*am hjienuje- 
in )iani jlaban bun' 
2»feaf jecojiene- 
ece Co ealbjie- 
^mp him ffie ne mii^* 
pah }»onb jemah- 
facne fce]>)>an- 
ac }>Kp hj^S a- 
leohte pejiebe- 
jpa r* pijel jMOix- 


[64 &.] When to just 
souls shines 
high over all 
the Saviour Christ, 
him follow 
beauteous birds, 
rapidly impel'd, 
blissfully exulting, 
90 in that glad home, 
chosen spirits, 
to all eternity. 
There them evil may not, 
foul hostile wickedoess, 
by guile iujure, 
but they there shall ever live, 
with light surrounded, 
as the bird Phoenix, 

14. Lit over rooft. 




in ]:peo]ni bji^hcoej-' 

plicije in pulbpe. 

peojic anjift jehpsef • 

beojihce bliceS- 

m |wa bli)ian h£m> 

pojie onj^ne- 

ecan bp^hcnef ■ 

pymle in fibbe- 

pmnan ;elice' 

]>aep ]-e beophEa be8;< 

bpojben punbpum- 

eojicnan-^ranu ■ 

eab^jia sehpam- 

hlija^S ojzep heapbe- 

beapelan lixa^- 

^p^me bijwahce- 

Seobnej- cyne-jolb- 

yoiftRltjM jebpone- 

j^llic jlenje^. 

leobte in life- 

(wp re lonja sepeii. 

ece "J ebjeonj- 

»}.-]ie ne rpeJjpaB. 

ac by in plice puniaS* 

pulbpe bieolben- 

pejpu Fpsetpu- 

mib jzaebep enjla- 

ue biS him on pam picum. 

p)bc CO jt>p;e- 

ppoht ne peftel' 

ne jepin-bajaf ■ 

bunjop ye haca' 

ne pe beapbe J'uppc. 

ypin^u ne f\bo- 

in the Lord's peace> 

beaoteoiu in glory. 

7^ works of every one 

shall brightly shine 

in that glad home, 

before the face 

of th' eternal Lord, 

ever in peace, 

like to the sun. 

There the bright crown, 

wonderously variegated 

with precious stones, 

of each blessed one 

rises o'er the head : 

their brows shall glitter, 

with majesty bedeck'd ; 

the Lord's regal gold 

each of the just 

shall, admirable, adorn, 

brightly in that life, 

where the lasting joy, 

eternal and ever young, 

never abates, 

but they shall in beauty dwell, 

with glory cover'd, 

fur ornaments, 

with the Father of angels. 

Is not to them in those dwelluigs 

aught for sorrow, 

crime nor poverty, 

nor days of trouble, 

the hot hunger, 

nor the hard thirst, 

misery nor age ; 



imn fc R)>ela cyniiij. 

Fopppe^ 2oba jehpylc- 

Jwp jBqra jebpyht. 

luelenb hep^alS. 

"J heoj»u-cyDiiije|'- 

meahce mffipjioS* 

pnjaiS meeabe lop> 

rpinjwS pb-sebpjhc 

fpeja ituejre. 

h»bpe jrmb )raec bal je ■ lo 

heah-pelb ^obej-. 

bh)>e blecpa'S' 

bjieja j-elejTan* 

eabje nub enjlum- 

ejren hleojipe jmp- 

pb p pe pyS job- 

T piytrpu-cjisBf*' 

•J pe )»onc 17- 

^ym-pccenbam ■ [65 a.] 

^eon^a s^na- » 

3oba sehpylcer- 

micel fuinueee* 

nuejnef ftpen^u- 

heah -j hah;. 

heofonaf pDbon ■ 

|W5pe jepylleb. 

pebep Klmihoj- 

ealfia )^ymina ^ym- 

^uier pulbjief- 

uppe nub enjlum- lo 

•J on eoji'San )x>mob- 

gefjieo^ra upc ^yiii))a fcyppenb- 

]m eapt pebep selmihtij- 

lu heannefye- 

heopana palbeob^ 

93. MS. 

to them the aoiie Kii^ 

gives every good : 

there tAe host of apirits 

praise the Saviour, 

and of heaven's King 

the power celebrate, 

aiiig to the Creator pruse : 

the kindred band resounds 

with loudest melody, 

sweetly around the holy 

throne of God ; 

blithely blesa 

the Lord moat excellent, 

the bleaa'd with angels, 

even thai wUh voice ; 

' Peace be to thee, true God, 

and power of wisdom, 

and to thee be thanks, 

sitting in majesty, 
for thy recent gifts 

of every good. 
Great, unmeasor'd, 

thy might's strength, 

high and holy : ' 

the heavens are 

fairly fiUed, 

Father almighfy ! 

Majesty of all majesties ! 

with thy glory, 

up with angela> 

and on earth also. [ginnings I 

Protect us, Creator of all be- 

thou art Father almighty, 

in the realm on high. 

Ruler of heaven.' 





pyhojrpemmeabe ■ 

manep fmejiebe' 

m )>eejie ouejian byjuj- 

cyno-]>pym cy^a'S- 

cq-epep lop fu^aS. 


fO'SfffifTjia jebjijhe. 

yam annm !]-• 

ece peopiSmjnb- 

fopS bucan enbe- 

Dsef hif fpfm^ tffppe- 

eabef onj^' 

}>eah he on eop^an hep* 

])uph cilbej- bSb. 

cenneb ptepe- 

in mibban-jeapb- 

hpie|>pe bij* meahca ]-peb. 

heah Ofep heo]:onum> 

hali2 punabe- 

bom iinbpyce< 

}wah he bea}>ef cpeahn- 

on pobe-cpeop. 

paepian j-ceolbe- 

]>eaplic pice- 

he t>y ])pibban b«je- 

SBftxfi licep hpjpe. 

hf efC onjiens* 

]mph pebep pilcum> 

j-pa jMDix beacna9> 

jeon; in jeapbum- 

job-beapnep meahc- 

|>oQ he oj: afcan^ 

ept onpaecne'S- 

10 bfej* li|:> 

Thus shall apeak 

the righteous doers, 

those proy'd agunat wickednest, 

in the great i^ty, 

the royal Majesty uhall proclum, 

sing their Sovereign's praise, 

in heaven, 

(the assembly of the jiwt) 

to whom alone is 
u eternal honour, 

forth without end. 
His origin never was, 
nor of Aia happiness b^inuing, 
though he here on earth, 
ui childhood's state, 
was brought forth 
on mid-earth, 
yet his powers' plenitude, 
high o'er the heavens, 
90 holy continued, 
his decree inviolate, 
though he death's pang, 
on the rood-tree 
had to suffer, 
torment intense. 
He the third day, 
after Ait body's fall, 
life agun receiv'd, 
through his Father's aid. 
so As the Phosnix shows, 
young iu Us dwelling, 
the divine Child's might, 
when it ft^m ashes 
agtdn rises 
into the life of lif^ 

94, MS. onpnciM^ 



leoinu je)>un2en> 
jT>a f6 hselenb uj-- 
helpe jepjiemebe- 
)>uph hij- licef jebal- 
b|: bucan enbe- 
n* r* P>5«1 j-pecum. 
hif pjrftu cu- 
■] pynpimfi- 

fx^pnva folb-yKyKtaxau- lo 

ydn afyyeb bi'S> 
^aec pobon l^a popb> 
rpa UJ- jepjucu recjaiS- 
hleojiop hahjjia- [65 £.] 

)>e him CO heoponum brS- 
CO }>am milbaa jobe- 
mob apyj-eb- 
m bpeama bpeam- 
|wji hi bpyhcae co jiej^- 
popba ■;} peojtca- w 

pynpinme pxnc- 
in ])a msjian ^efcdapr- 
meocube bpin^a'S. 
■ ID f leohce lif- 
jy him lof fjmle- 
Jmph populb populba- 
3 pnlbpej- blaeb- 
Sp ~} onpalb. 
m ]>am uphcan> 
pobepa juce. x 

he ly on pyhc cyniii^- 
•J maejen-Jjpymer. 
pulbpe bipunben.' 

with limbs complete, 

BO the Saviour for ua 

help ef^'ted, 

through his body's death, 

life without end. 

As the bird 

its two vingB 

with sweet and pleasant 

herb« filletb, 

with the fair fruits of earth, 

then is impel'd away, 

tliose are the words, 

which us the Scriptures tell, 

the Toice of saints, 

of whom to heaven is, 

to die benignant God, 

the spirit impel'd, 

into joy of joys, 

where to the Lord as a gift, 

of their words and works 

the pleasant odour 

into the great creation, 

they to the Creator bring, 

into that bright life. 

Be to him praise ever, 

through all ages, 

and plenitude of glory, 

honour imd power 

in the exalted 

kingdom of the skies. 

He is rightful King 

of middle earth, 

and of majesty 

with the glory encircled. 




in |>sejie plit^an byfuj. 
Da):&% uj- alyi^b- 
luci]* auctop- 
^ pe motuD heji- 

jSb-bfetium bejicCan- 
jaubia la celo. 
^p pe mofcim- 
maxima pe^nB. 
yecaa •] jerircan- 
j^ibup alci]'. 
hf^an in lijje. 
lucij- et pftcif • 
ajao eapbinja- 
alma letiCiee- 
bjiucan blfeb-baja- 
blanbem et micem- 
jej-eoQ pjopa |:p^ii- 
pne jnne- 
-J him lof pnjan. 
laube pepenne. 
eafaje mib enjlum- 
alleluia :• 

in that beauteous <Aty. 

Ub bath allow'd 

the Author of light, 

that we may here 


by good deeds obtain 

joyB in heaven, 

where we may 

the amplest realms 
10 seek, and sit 

on lofty seats, 

lire in the comfort 

of light and peace, 

posses B dwellings 

pleasant of joy, 

prosperous days enjoy, 

bland and mild 

the Lord of triumphs see 

witbont end, 
30 and to him sing praise, . 

with laud perpetual, 

happy with angels. 

Hallelujah ! 


y^ptet pe 'Ssee hypbon- 

hxle^S eahciao- 

beman bseb-hpace. 

ftx m bapim jelamp- 


|-e jeonb mibban-jeapb. 

Yes ! we that hare heard, 
that men persecuted, 
judges prompt of deed — 
that which in the days befell 
of Maximian, 
who throiigliout mid-earth, 




apleaf cynmj. 

eahtnyire nho|:> 

cpealbe cpipue men- 

ciiican fflbe- 

jew on 5l«er-pon5- 


ha]»en bilb-f^ama- 

halijpa blob. 


paej* hip pice bjiab. 

fib -J peop^lic. [Gt 

ojreji pep-^eobe- 

Ifcernft oj%|) ealne- 

y]imeime- jpunb • 

f»)ion »)xep bapjum. 

]7>a he biboden hsejrbe- 

ope hi ^piec^e juepbon- 
bsburo jebpoleoe- 
)a ^ bpyhtnej' £- 
peoboD Jmph pjien-qisepc- 
peoobpc^e piepbon- 
hofoa hsefwn-pelb- 
balje cpelrobon- 
bpeocun boc-quBpCje. 
btepnboD jecopene* 
2»pcon 2<>^r cempan- 
jape -J hje- 
pim paej" aehc-pehj. 
K|>ele}- c^niief - 
juce jepepa- 
poob-bupjum |>eolb- 
espb peajibabe' 
ojxajr j-ymle- 

impious king I 
riuB'd persecution, 
slew cbriBtiaD men, 
I he church o'erthrew, 
uhcd on the graeey plain, 
of those praising God, 
the heathen war-chief, 
of the holy the blood, 
of the right-doers. 
ID Hia realm was broad, 
a.] wide and fomous, 
orer mankind, 
almost over all 
the ample earth. 
Went from town to town, 
as he bad bidden, 
tyrannic ministers ; 
oft they rais'd violence, 
erring in deeds, 
» those who the Lord's law 
hated in their wickedness ; 
rais'd enmity, 
idolatry exalted, 
slew the holy, 
destroy'd the learned, 
burned the chosen, 
afflicted God's champions 
with dart and flame. 
There was a wealthy man 
X of noble race, 
a powerful count, 
who rul'd o'er the armed burghs, 
the land defended 
repeatedly ; 

6. MS. bsfijen^a. 

S6. MS. iMepMQ. 97. Lie gueu«<L 




m l^epe ceajrpe- 

commebia beolb- 

hopb - jejrpeon ■ 

OfC he has^n-pelb- 

opep popb jobef ■ 

peoh jejxjhce- 

neobe ^eneshhe- 

pSf hi Qoma ceoneb- 


hse):be ealbopboiu • lo 

micelne -j msepne* 

'Sa hif mob onjon- 

}:semnan lupan. 

hine fyppec bpsec> 


hio in ^tejx» hep- 

halje qieope- 

hojbe jeopne- 

f hipe masjS-hab. 

mana jehpylcej'- w 

j:ope cpijtef lujian. 

clfene jeheolbe. 

Da pSBj- j-io jaemne- 

inib hype psbep pillan- 

pelejum bipebbab- 

pypb ne ful ca\ie- 

ppeonb-pKbenne • 

hu beo j^\om-hojb« ■ 

jeon; on sBBpce. 

hipe psej- jobep ejca- ao 

mapa in jem^nbu- 

|>on call ^tet ma^fum-jejl^ealb. 

pe in pay sejielinjej-. 

sehrum punabe> 

in the <nty 

o^ Nicomedia kept 

his treasures. 

Oft he idols, 

agtunst God's word, 

temples, visited, 

for his need sufficiently : 

the nanie he bare was 

Heliseus ; 

he had command 

great and illustrious. 

Then his mind began 

to love a damsel, 

(him desire subdued) 

Juliana : 

she in spirit bare 

holy faith, 

earnestly resolv'd 

that she her miudenhood 

of every sin, 

for lore of Chrint, 

pure would hold. 

Then was the damsel, 

with her father's will, 

to the rich otie betroth'd. 

He knew not well her destiny, 

his friendship 

how she loath 'd, 

the young in her spirit. 

To her was awe of Ood 

in her mind greater 

than all the treasure 

that in that noble's 

possession dwelt. 

14. Lit. curimity hiiii brake. 

30. MS. ma ua. 




(a pser re pel's*- 

fwjie I>lF-5'^■w^■ 


jeojin OD mobe* 

f him mon jrjiomhcap;. 

pemiian jejypebe* 

bpyb CO bolbe- 

heo ]>aef beojinef lu)an- 

pejre priShojbe. 

(wah {>e jw)h- jep^ieon ■ 

unbeji hopb-locan. [66 

hyjifca fiDptm. 

sbce 0]::e|t eop)raii' 

heo |>sec ea) popfeah. 

T )raec popb acp»<%. 

on pepa menju- 

Ic )w mass jej-ecjan. 

pset: )ni ]>ec f^lfnie ne )>e^)x< 

rpijwp i^ncan- 

jij: ]»u jx>^iie 50b. 

lufBjT T selyFejT- 

•J hip lop juepejT. 

onjieeefc jsepta hleo- 

ic beo jeajio fona- 


pillan |nnef • 

n>ylce ic ]w fecje- 

jip |>u Eo fasmpan jobe* 

]7aph beopol-jielb' 

bebe bi]>eiicejT. 

bnc]^ hie^n-peoh- 

ne meabc )>u habban tnec* 

ne je^eatian- 

!« to sepnjan. 

Then was the wealthy one 

for the espouBals, 

the mail rich in gold, 

desirous in mind, 

that for him most promptly 

the damsel should be made ready, 

a bride in hit dwelling. 

She the chieftain's love 

firmly withstood, 
10 although A« riches 
1.] in Am coffers, 

jewels uimumber'd, 

upoD earth possesu'd : 

she all that despis'd, 

and these words said, 

among many people : 

' I to thee may say, 

that thou thyself needest not 

more afflict, 
«> if thou the true God 
loveet and belierest, 
and his praise exaltest, [spirita : 
comprehendeat the Shelter of 
I am forthwith ready 
for thy will. 

In like manner I to thee say, 
if thou in a worse god, 
through idolatry, 
30 dost indeed confide, 

promisest heathen o^rings, 
thou may'st not hare me, 
nor force me 
thee to espouse ; 

r. >«)»■. 




rap jejeiqip^. 

(mjih bs]Tne axU- 

heapbjui pita. 

twc ]ni mec oopeobe. 

pojiba JujTa. 

Da re «J>eImx feajcS. 


ppeo-tuebu pih. 

;ebypbe ]>ffipe feemnan popb. 

hec {!a ^efex^r^ia ■ 

pepenb jHielle- 

hpeob ;] hyje bhnb. 

hal^e }»bep. 

pecene tx> pune. 

peopb (Tp-lkfTs^- 
ppyan hf cojeebpe- 
japaj- hbenboD. 
hilbe ^pemmau ■ 
haeSne piepon hejen. 
170 nii peoce- 
ppeop -J &yvni ■ 
■8a peopbobe- 
picef h^pbe- 

piS |>8epe psemnaD jrsebep- 
}:pecne mobe* 
bajiaS bsebbenbe. 
me }nn bohtop ha]a1S- 
jejpeb oppyp«u 
heo me Sd an fi^^. 
^ heo msej-lupan. 
minpe ne jyme- 
}:peonb-p:ebenne ■ 
me lia jqiace'Su pub- 
is. By waj of aalutation. 
91. so beof d-reoe, damoniaciu. 

never tbou bo violent 

pain shalt prepare 

(through hasty anger) 

of bard torments, 

that tbou me shalt turn 

from these words.' 

Then was the noble 

with anger troubled, 

the statn'd with sinful deeds : 
10 Ae faeard the damsel's words ; 

bade then fetch 

Bwift messengers 

(cruel and blind of soul) 

the holy maiden's father 

quickly to council. 

3Vteir voices rose, 
after they together 
their weapons had inclin'd, 
the stout in war., 
ao Heathens were both, 
sick with sins, 
father- and son-in-law. 
Then spake 
the realm's guardian 
with the damsel's father 
in rugged mood, 
raising Am spear : 
' Me thy daughter hath 
shown indignities; 
30 she to me suth at once, 

that she for my conjugal love 

careth not, 

my friendship : 

to me these insults are 

19. T. fjijmman. 




on ■uob-fe|:aa> 
miej-ce peojice- 
f heo mec ppa tojme- 
ceele jejiahce. 
]:ojie liifj-um folce- 
faec me fpembne job- 
o)»{i )>a o]>jie- 
)« pe ffiji cu]>OD. 
pelum peoji^iaa- 
pojibu lopaa. 
OQ byje hejtjan. 
oppe hi nabban. 

rjwop septeji popbe. 
^sqie penman pebep- 
):ep1S-locan oofpeoD- 
ic f jerpepje. 
Jmpli foS-jobu. 
jpa ic iipe tet bim* 
SBfjie pnbe- 
o)>^ )>eoben set )«- 
)ime hylbu- 
pm-buppim in- 
Xif W popb pnb roJ>- 
monna leopafC. 
)« fni me ri^ajT. 
f IC bi ne rpapije. 
ac OD j-pilb jie}.-e> 
)>eoben mnpa* 
^ to jepealbe- 
bem ]>u hi CO bea|>«. 
PF )'^ jebafsn }>mce. 
fpa 60 hfe leer- 

4. r. gejieahce. 
30. MS. jejiealfe. 

the greatest trouble, 

that she to me thus angrily 

reproof bath utter'd, 

before thie folk ; 

bade me a strange God, 

above the others 

that we ere knev, 

with our wealth worship, 
10 by our words pnuae, 
[67 a.] in thought magnify, 

or her not have.' 

Darken'd then the violent, 

the f^ther-ia-law, after these 

the damsel's f^ber, [words, 

hu mind disclos'd : 

' I that swear, 

by the true gods, 

(so may I honour with them 
XI ever find, 

or, my lord, with tiiee, 

thy &vour, 

in our peaceful cities,) 

if these words be true, 

dearest of men, 

that thou to me sayeat, 

that I her will not spare, 

but to perdition give, 

illustrious lord, 
30 into thy power. 

Judge thou her to death, 

if it to thee seem good, 

or let her live, 

as to thee liefer be.' 

16. Lit hit totd'a coffer nnlock'd. 
93. fpa M error t&r oSKa t 




eobe pa j.'pomlice- 

aojuet) -) ype-Jipeojij- 

yppe jeboljen. 

Jwp he jlffih-mob- 

jeonje pijte. 

pic peapbiaii- 

he pa pojibe cpK^- 

^u eapC bohCoji min- 

j-eo bypejxe- 

") yeo xyetefTe- 

in j-efan muium- 

anje pop eop]>&D- 

minpa eajna leohc- 


pa oDjea^ bajs^T- 

^u)ih )nii opleju- 


ojrep pitena bom-. 


priSjTEcejT )»u CO rpij'e- 

j^ljrjie psebef- 

liuium bp^b-jumaii' 

j^ If becpa J>6n pS- 

fe|>elpa ):op eop|ran- 



he ij* Eo f[\e6nbe job- 

poplxm ir fier pypl^- 

JWBC >u twej- peper FF"xe- 

ece eab-lupan- 

au ne ):oplfete :- 

Went then promptly 

to speech with the daniHel, 

resolv'd and cross'd with ire, 

with anger irritated, 

to where he glad of mind 

knew the damsel 

to be abiding. 

He then said by word : 

' Thou art my dai^hter, 
10 the dearest, 

and the sweetest, 

in my soul 

my only one on earth, 

light of my eyes, 


thou ungraciously hast, 

through thy hostility, 


against wise men's judgment, 
ao taken thy course ; 

thou too stubbornly refusest, 

through thy eelf-will, 

thy bridegroom. 

He is better than thou, 

nobler before the world, 

more aboundiag 

in moiiey-treasurea : 

he as a friend is good ; 

therefore for this 'tis worth, 
30 that thou this man's love, 

eternal happiness, 

abandon not.' 




|>iui ]>a ]-eo eab;e< 

i^eap :jrpajie- 


hio CO jobe hie).'t>e. 

):peoot>-ji»ben ne 

Dseppe ic )»#e]- )>eobQe)'- 
|rafian piUe- 
nenuie he oue^ajob- 
jeojinoji bijonje. 
pSa he jen bybe- 
lujaje nub lacu- 
)>ODe ]w leohc jepx)p. 
heofon -j eoji^San- 
•} holma bi;onj. 
eobepa jmh-hyjfift:- 
ne tnte^ he ellef mec ■ 
bfunjan tv bolbe- 
he )>a bji^b-luj:an {xeal. 
to o)>e]i]ie- 
Eehc-jejrealbum ■ 
ibepe fecan- 
na|a{S he teni; heji- 
hype }>a ])u|)h ypjie. 
■jeap -Jry^pe- 
pebep {leonblice- 
nalej- ppmcpe onhehc 
ic )>sec jeppemme* 
jip nun peofth leopaS- 
jip f*!! unptebej'' 

[67 »•] 

Him then the bletisfd maid 

answer gare, 

Juliana ; 

she with Ood had 


firmly establioh'd : 

' I never with this Lord 

will con Bent to 


save he the God of might 

worship more zealously, 

than he yet hath done, 

love with offerings 

him who the light created, 

heaven and earth, 

and the seas' expanse, 

the circuit of all space : 

he may me not otherwise 

bring to his dwelling ; 

he conjugal affection must 

in another 

(with his treasures) 

woman seek, 

none hath he here.' 

To her in anger then 

answer gave 

her father hostilety, 

promia'd not ornaments : 

' I that will perform, — 

if my soul lireth, 

if thou from evil counsel 




-} |)u Fiiembu jobu- 

FOP'S bijonjej-e. 

~\ ]>a {TOfilaecejT' 

J>e uf leojrpan pnfe. 

)w ]>i]Tum folce- 

Co Fjieme j-conbaiS' 

]>£ec ]>u unjeapa- 

ealbpe jx^lbij- 

)mph beopa jpipe- 

beaj^e fpelcefc. 

jif }>u jefiapian nelc- 


mobjef jemanan ■ 

micel If f ongin- 

■] ]>pea-niebliC' 

)nnpe jelican> 

f \>u fophjcje. 

hlafopb upne. 

ftim |)a j"eo eabje- 

ajeaF ^jTape- 

jleap •} jobe leo):- 


ic }re CO j-oBe- 

("ecjan pille- 

bi me li).-^enbiie- 

nelle ic lyje ppemmau' 

nseppe ic me ODbpffibe- 

bomaj' )>iDe • 

ne me peopce j-mb. 


hilbe pomao ■ 

Jw ]m hfflpclice- 


CO me beocapt- 

ne )?u nasppe jebepc- 

ere cease not, 

and thou strange Gods 

still wilt worship, 

and those forsake, 

which to us are dearer, 

which for this folk's 

prosperity stand, — 

that thou forthwith, 

in life condemn'd, 
10 through gripe of beaflts, 

by death sbalt perish ; 

if thou wilt not permit 

my mediation, 

this lofty man's society. 

Great is the attempt, 

and afflictive 

of thy like, 

that thou despisest 

our lord.' 
so Him then the blessed maiden 

answer gave, 

prudent and dear to God, 

Juliana : 

' I to thee in sooth 

will say, 

while I live, 

(I will not lying perpetrate) 

never will I dread 

thy dooms, 
30 Qor are to me a trouble 

torment's terrors, 

war's alarms, 

which hastily thou, 

evil perpetrating, 

threaten'st me with ; 

nor shalt thou ever do. 



^ujih jebpolan ]>mne. 
|mec fu mec acj^ipe- 
jrjiom cjujTef \ofe- 
iSa pKf flllen-pot>- 
yjijie -J jie\>e- 
Fpecne ^ jrep-S-jjum- 
fsbep PI'S behceji- 
het hi ^& fpinjan- 
pij-le f^ieajan- 
picum pieman ■ 
•J J»sec popb acpseiS. 
onpenb ^c in ;epicce> 
-} ^a popb oncyp- 
)« ya anpnyccputD' 
wp Xeppjuece- 
)>a {m joba ujT^. 
pelb j;ophojberc. 
|>im ]-eo unpophce- 
ajeaf ^rpape- 
|iujih 5SB|T-jehy3b. 

niejgie ]m jelaepejT. 
f ic leapnpim- 
bumbum '] bea):u. 
beojrol-pelbum • 
japte jeniSlum. 
japul onhatC' 
|»am pyppejTum- 
picep ]>ejDuni. 
ac ic peop'Sije. 
pulbpef ealbop- 

•} fai anum co* 

etti bit>ence. 

])»c he munb-bopa. 

through thy error, 
that thou me avert 
from lore of Christ.' 
Then was fiercely raging, 
angry and sarage, 
rugged and fierce of soul, 
father with daughter : 
bade her then be scourged, 
with torment punish'd, 
10 with tortures mor'd, 
and the word said: 

* Turn thee to thy wits, 
and the worde diaclaini, 
that thou unwisely 

ere didst speak, 
when thou our gods' 
sacrifice didst despise.' 
Him the fearless damsel 
answer gave, 
90 through ghostly resolve, 

* Never shalt thou induce me, 
9 a.] that I to false 

dumb and deaf 

tribute promise, 
to the worst 
ministers of torment ; 
30 for I worship 

the Prince of glory, 
of mid-earth, 
and of majesty; 
and in him alone 
wholly confide, 
that he Protector 




mm jepeopjfe- 

helpenb -j heelenb. 

pi? hell-fcea|7um' 

hy y^ Imjih yppe- 


j-febej) ):temntu] Kge&y- 

on fieoiibajepealb- 


he in seprnjC' 

jelseban het. 

sejxep leobcef cyme- 

to hij- bom-retle- 

buju$ pa):abe- 

OD ^jie ptemnan plice- 

fxilc eal jeabop* 

hy ^a ye (eBehnj- 

sepej-c jpeete- 

hj^ie bpyb-jama. 

bb}ram popbum- 

min ye ppecepta- 

j-unnan fcmia- 


bpiec ]m jisem hapajv- 

jinpejTe jiepe- 

jeojuiS-habej- hl^- 

S'F t"' jobum uppum- 

jfn jecpemej-c. 

^ J>e Co J7a nulbam- 

muabbypb fecepc- 

ylbo tv halpim- 

beo% ye afaylbeb fjiam ■ 

ppa]je jepophcjia- 

pica unjum. 

jpimpa jypna- 

mine become, 

Helper and Saviour, 

against hell's ruGSana.' 

Her then angrily 


her father, the damsel, gave 

into her foes' power, 

to Heliaeus. 

He at early dawn 
10 bade her be led, 

after light'n coming, 

to his judgment-Beat. 

His followers with wonder gaz'd 

on the damsel's beauty, 

the folk altogether. 

Her then the chieftain 

first greeted, 

her bridegroom, 

with kind words : 
» ' My sweetest 

sun's brilliancy, 


yes, thou hast brigfatnesii, 

ample gifts, 

youth's flower. 

If thou our godij 

wilt yet propitiate, 

and at such mild ones 

wilt protection seek, 
30 life at the holy, 

from thee shall be averted 

forthwith, for thy deeds, 

the torments numberless 

of cruel engines, 

so. lit a^, duration of life. 




jip ))u onj-ecjan nelc 
ro)>um jieltium. 
IJim j-eo £e]>e]e msej. 
Tueppe J»u jeJipeacajT- 
|nnum beocum* 
ne pica )rs[- ]:eU- 
pjia«jia jejeappaj-c. 
)reec ic Jfeobpcype- 
^ne lupe- 
bucon ya pojilsete- 
]>a leaf inja- 
■J pulbjier 50b. 
onjyce jleaplice- 
jsejra fcyppenb. 
meorub mon-cynnej'- 
ID {raej- meahcum ymb- 
a bucaii enbe- 
ealle jefceajrca- 
%B pop Jiam f-olce- 
yjiecae mobe- 
beoc-pojibum pppsec- 
bealj hioe jyip«- 
"J pa penman heC' 
)niph niV-ppffice* 
nacobe J>ennan> 
"J nub fpeopum ppinjaD' 
fynna leafe. 
Xhio; ]>a ye hepe-pinc- 
hojp-popbum j-ppaec- 
Inp If ealbopbom- 

[68 A.] 

which for thee are prepar'd, 

if thou wilt not sacrifice 

to true divinities.' 

Him tlie noble maiden 

auBwer gave : 

' Never shall thou compel 

by thy threats, 

nor so many cruel 

torments shalt prepare 

that 1 thy 

fellowship will love ; 

unless thou forsake 

those leasiogs, 

i dol- worship p i n gs , 

and the God of glory 

wisely wilt know, 

Creator of spirits. 

Lord of mankind, 

in whose power are, 

ever without end, 

all creatures.' 

Then before the people, 

in rugged mood, 

in words of threatening spake, 

was much irritated, 

the people's lord, 

and the damsel bade, 

through hostile vengeance, 

nuked be stretched, 

and with whips scoui^{;ed, 

the sinless. 

Laugh'd then the warrior, 

in words of mockery spake : 

' This is chief command, 




uncjicf ;epmnef ■ 

on jrpuman jej-onjen . 

jen ic j.'eojief J>e. 

unnan pille- 

])eah J>u sep pela- 


poj\ba jej-pjiwce- 

onj-oce CO J'pij'e- 

I'Bsc fu roS-jobu- 

lupan po1be> 

{w }ia lean fceolan- 


pice bjiojan. 

ffipcejt peoji])an- 

butan ]>u sejt pi|) bi- 


3 him pooc-y^upe- 

se>-cej) leabcoji-qnbu* 

lac onj-ecje- 

fibbe jej-ecce. 

Ikc fa pace pejran ■ 

la^ leob-jepin. 

jif )ju lenj ojMp )>iv- 

Jiuph (nil bol-pillen. 

jebpolan Fyljej-c. 

]>oa ic n;^be |X»al- 

nij>a jebasbeb- 

on ]>epe jjummejTan- 

job-f cylb pjiecan . 

copne ceon-qjibe. 

]>e )ru CEelnifpim ■ 

pi)! (va j-elepcao* 

facan onpinae- 

■] )fa imlbefCan. 

in our warfare, 

asBum'd at the b^pnning : 

yet I life to thee 

will grant, 

though thou already many 


words hast apoken, 

hast refus'd tew stubbornly, 

that thou the true gods 

wouldst love ; 

retribution shall to thee 


horrors of puiiisfament, 

after be, 

unless thou ere with them 

be reconcil'd, 

and to them thankworthy, 

(after thy blasphemies,) 

^fts offer, 

peace establish. 

Let then contention rest, 

hateful strife. 

If thou longer after this, 

through thy foolish will, 

error followest, 

then I needs must, 

by her hate compel'd, 

on the fiercest adversary, 

impiety avenge, 

angry blasphemy, 

with which thou by insuhs, 

agunst the most excellent, 

bast reflolv'd to strive, 

and the mildest 

87. ni^«f 




Jiapa}^ men picen- 

)w ^r leobj-cype mib him. 

lonje bieobe- 

lum yaa ee)>ele mSb- 

napjjihc oncpeeS- 

oe ODbjuebe ic me- 


apyjijeb pom-fcealSa- 

ne Jimps pica bealo- 

hsbbe ic me CO hyhce- lo 

heojnn-jucej' peapb> 

mdbne mimb-bopan- 

maepia palbenb' 

\t mec jejxylb^. 

pilS jriDU pciulace- 

Of Jpompa 3jupe. 

^ jm to jobum eiobhaft' 

& finb 3ea{-ne* 

joba sehpjlcep. 

ible opj^opme- ao 


IN ^p pjteme mece^- 

ppa ffimj- 

poBe pbbe. 

)eah ^ pece eo him- 

):peonb-j\sebenne • 

he ne pnbeS )raep- 

biiju|>e mib beoplu- 

ic eo bpyhCDfi nun- 

mSb jta|»eh5e- » 

pe ofiep Duejna jebpylC' 

palbeS pibe peph ■ [69 o.] 

pulbpep ^enb- 

pjopa sehpyleep. 

f ip poS cynin;:- 

93. MS. mecec. 

vhom men know, [wires 

whom thifi people amcmg theiii- 

long have venerated.' 

Him ibaX noble spirit 

fearlewtly addreas'd : 

' I dread not 

thy dooms, 

cursed foul nifSan ! 

nor thy torments' bale : 

I have for my hope 

heaven's kingdom's Guardian, 

a mild Protector, 

of all powers Ruler ; 

be will shield me 

against thy delusion, 

from the gripe of foes, 

whom thou hast set up for gods : 

these are void 

of every good, 

vain, destitute, 

needless ; 

not there profit Gndeth 

any man, 

true peace ; 

although he seek from them 


he findeth not there 

virtue with devils. 

I in the Lord my 

spirit fix, 

who over every power 

swayeth through ages. 

Prince of glory, 

of every triumph ; 

He is the true King.' 

9S. add he after ye. 




f>a ^am jnlc-cojan • 

).7>acu{$lic )qihre> 

f he ne iueabre> 

mob oncyppan- 

jmrnnan fope-ponc- 

be bi feaxe ber- 

abon "J ahebbao* 

on beanne beam- 

(rseji j-eo pm-|-cieDe. 

rleje pfmyabe. 

pKe pn-2|umDie> 

pex aba ba^ej-- 

"J be tebpe hec- 

ejx Bfecraii- 


1 jebebau bibeab- 

CO capcejme- 

bype pffif cpijrej- lo}.-. 

in ireifS-locan- 

fxjre bipunben- 

milbe inob-refaa> 

msejen unbpice- 

$a p»]' mib clu)Tpe> 

capcejine]' bupu* 

behhben bonipa jepeojic- 

bal^ )>spuine- 

paepperc punabe- 

pymle heo pulbop-cyninj- 

bepebe er beoptan- 

beopon-picej- job- 

in ]>am nyb-clH):an> 


When to the chieftain 

tV seem'd heinous, 

that he could not 

Aer mind conrart, 

the damsel's resolution, 

be by the locks bade 

Aw be bang'd, and raia'd 

ou a high tree, 

where the Bunbright maiden 
stripes suffer 'd, 

fierce ceaseless enmity, 

six hours daily ; 

and he her forthwith hade 

again be taken down, 

(her hated foe) 

and to be led commanded 

to prison. 

To her waa praiae of Chiist 

in her soul's recess 
> fast intwin'd, 

in her mild spirit 

strength unbroken. 

Then was with lock 

the prifiou's door 

shut, the hammers' work ; 

the holy maid therein 

faithful continued ; 

ever she the Glory-King 

prus'd at heart, 
) heayen's kingdom's God, 

in that place of durance. 

31. -cljfui or 'cleoFan t 



nepjenb ppa- 

Iwoljirpe bihelmab- 
hyjie pser halij jsbjt. 

Sa cpom j-eramnja' 
in f hlm-jueceb- 
hnleSa jejnnna- 

ypjier ap>r- 

bffipbe enjlef hip- 

jleajt jyjin-jrapi. lo 


belle hteFClinj. 

CO ^pe haljaD j-pjiiec' 

hpec bjteojejT Jiu- 

jwo byjiefce. 

] feo peopJwfCe- 


bpyhcne ufj-um- 

% JKp bema hB|a1$- 

t« pyjipejran. ao 

P™ jejeappab- 

fap enbe leaf ■ 

jip W onj-ecjau oelt- 


;] hif jobil cpemau' 

pej- (lu Sn Spefte- 

rpa he )>ec uc heonan ■ 

laban hace> 

f Jm lac Iipa)>e- 

onfecje pjop-n^rpe- so 

Kji |>ec rpylc nime. [69 A.] 

beaS fope bujuSe- 

^y Ini Iwej- beman j-ceale- 

eab-hpciSij msj- 

yppe jebjjan. 

Fpwjti )>a jqiomlice. 

<Ae Preserver of men, 

with (larkoesB shrouded. 

To her the Holy Spirit was 

a constant companion. 

Then came suddenly, 

into that grated house, 

the foe of men> 

expert in evil, 

{he had an angel's form, 

the skill'd in snares, 

the foe of souls, 

«Ae thrall of hell), 

spake to the holy maid : 

' What suBerest thou, 

O dearest, 

and worthiest, 

for the King of glory, 

our Lord ! 

For thee this judge bath 

the worst 

torments prepar'd, 

pEun endless, 

if thou wilt not sacrifice, 

wisely reflecting, 

and his gods propitiate. 

Be tbon in haste, 

as he thee out from hence 

bids lead, 

that thou an ofTering quickly 

sacrifice, a noble victim, 

ere thee destruction seize, 

death for My virtue; 

whereby thou sbalt Uiis judge's 

(blessed maiden 1) 

anger avoid.' 

Aek'd then boldly. 




j-eo )w p)jihc ne pKf ■ 
cjiijTe jecpeme. 
bponan bif cyme paepe- 
hjjie ye pjaec-aaec^- 
ic eom enjel jobej** 
ufan pj^nbe. 
Jwjii jelJunjen- 
T CO fe fenfaeb. 
halij o): be&h])u- 
]}« pub heapbLcu- 
punbpum pBel-jpim- 
picu jeceohhab. 

hec )>e 30b beoban- 
be^n palbenbej'- 
)?Bet )>e bupje ]»• 
ISa pffip peo psemne* 
pop pam p8ep-f-pelle> 
eji'ao jeaclab' 
]« hype pe ajleca. 
pulbpep pi])ep-bpeca. 
popbum psejbe' 
onjan J>a paspcbce. 
pep's fta^eban- 
jeon; jponbopleap- 
eo cleopianiie> 
tc ]>ec beopna hleo- 
bibban piUe- 
ece selmiheij' 
])upb ]>aec se)>ete ^epceap- 
)>e )>u pfbbep enjla* 
sec ppuman peccejt- 
)>aec |)u me ne here- 

10. MS. heali]>u. 

3D. contr. for ^eacolab. 

Bhe who afraid was not, 

to Cbrist acceptable. 

Whence his coming were i 

To ber tbe exile 


* I am God's angel, 

journeying from abore, 

a minister illustrious, 

and to thee sent, 
lo holy ft^m heaven. 

For tbee are Btem, 

wonderously cruel, 

torments prepar'd, 

for mortal vengeance. 

God bade me to thee announce, 

the Son of the Supreme, 

thattbou thyself there&omEecun.' 

Then was the damael, 

for that crafty speech, 
30 with terror chill'd, 

which to her the wretch, 

Glory's adversary, 

Bud in words. 

Began then firmly 

her soul to settle, 

young, profound, 

lo cry: 

' I thee, refuge of mortals ! 

will beseech, 
30 Eternal Almighty 1 

by the noble creation, 

which thou. Father of angeU ! 

didst at the beginning set, 

that thou let me not 

IS. MS. pelspim. IT. add Jm atUrJiBcf 

26. ST. No R)i;teT«tion. 




op lope hpeoppan. 

)>m)ie eab-jijre- 

n>a me )>ef aji boba^. 

Fjiecne pcfi-rpell- 

)>e me pojie ftonbe^. 

rpa ic ^ bilpicoe. 

bibbaii pille- 

^s* ["a me jecy?e ■ 

cjnmjs pulbojt- 


hpaec ^r I^n it" 


In mec IspeS j^om ]re> 

on fteajicne p^. 

hjjie jrejni oncpsS- 

phcij op polcnum- 

pojib hleojrpabe. 

poji|»h ]wne fjiseci^aii. 

] pe|Te jehealb- 

o^lnec he hif pti-ptet;. 

pecje mib pjfate. 

ealne {ipom 0|ibe. 

hpMC hij- «)>elu J7n- 

ii pej- Jftepe ftemnsn. 

pep? jebhjjab- 


beo ^c beopol jenoni- 

turn rrom the praise 

of thy hlcGsed grace, [ceth 

as to me this meBsenger annonD- 

an impinug crafty speech, 

who before me staodeth. 

So I tbee Merciful 

will beseech, 

that to me thou manifest. 

Glory of kings 1 

Lord of majeety ! 

what this minister is, 

floating in air, 

who me urgeth from thee, 

on a rugged way.' 

Her a roice address'd 

sweet from tAe clouds, 

words utter'd : 

* Seize the specious one, 

and fast hold, 

till that he his journey 

rightly relate, 

all from the beginning, 

what his attributes are.' 

Then was the damsel's 

soul rejoiced, 

Ihe noble one's. 

She the devil took 

ealpa cyninja cyDmj> [70 a.] ' of all kings King, 
CO cpale pyllan* to betray to death. 

?a jen ic jecpBep^e- so Then yet I contriv'd, 

S6. r. -etoizjit. 

30 Lit. effected by craft. 

27. Here aleafofthe MS. IE wanting. 




f ye cempa onjon. 

palbeob punbian* 

peojiub co-j^on. 

|>Bet ]«ep blob "j pterep- 

batu «t-^abfie- 

eop]>an j-ohcun- 

iSa jen ic hejiobe- 

in hjje bij-peon- 

^xt he lohannej- bibeab- 

beafbe biheapan- 

■Ba j-e baija pep- 

Irope pif-Iupm ■ 

popbum jTyjibe- 

unpyhtpe as. 

eac ic jeUepbe. 

pmon {^apo-]n)ncum- 

f he j-acan onson- 

P')* t*^ ;6CopenRii> 

cjufcep J>ejnar' 

"J y& haljan pepaj'- 

hofpe jepahte- 

Jniph beopne jebpolan- 

j-aejbe hy bpyap ptepon. 

ne]»be ic neapo-hpejbC 

]>Kp ic iiepon bij^ac- 

f he acpellan hec- 

cpipxy Jtejnaj-. 

pecjiu]' '] paulu]'- 

pilanif eep on pobe ahenj- 

pobepa palbenb- 

meocub meahcijue. 

minum lapum- 

j-p^lce ic ejiaj'- 

eac jelsepbe- 

f he unj-nycpum- 

8. MS. birpeop. 

that the soldier resolr'd 

the Lord to wound, 

(the multitude look'd on) 

so that there blood and water, 

both tt^ther, 

sought tAe earth. 

Then yet I Herod 

in mind incited, 

that he commanded John's 

bead to be cut ofT, 

when the holy man 

that woman-love 

by words reprov'd, 

fhal unlawful marriage. 

Also I instructed 

8imon by nty arts, 

that be b^;an strive 

against the chosen 

ministers of Christ, 

and those holy men 

with contumely rep roach 'd, 

through profound error ; 

said they were sorcerers. 

I dar'd fay pressing guiles, 

that I Nero deceir'd, 

so that he bade slay 

Christ's servants, 

Peter and Paul. 

I^late ere bad hang'd on the rood 

the Ruler of the skies, 

the mighty Lord, 

through my devices. 

I in like manner Hegias 

also instigated, 

that be unwisely 

S5. >KCf MS. bijpeac. 



anbfieaj- bet. 

ahoD halijne- 

OD beaone beam. 

f heo]:^2an hij-> 

3»|T ODfenbe. 

in piUbjief plite* 

^j-ic p]ia]ijia fela- 

mib miDU bpo)>jiU' 


n>eaptrpa jytinS' 

)« ic afecjan ne insej> 

jiume ^eccat). 

nejejfiia pican* 

he^b]ia bece-]K>nca- 

him peo hal;e ODCpffi%> 

l-ujih jefter JieFe- 


ya pceale }niii)K>]i jeo- 

peonb mon-cynnef • 

P^F»* recsan. 

hpa ^ j^nbe to me* 

hyjie re ajbeca- 

f(^ht a}:oDse[i- 
Hiijier oppena. 
bpaee tnec mm pebep' 
on t«f fSpe CO Jw- 
bell-papena cymii;- 
hibeji oiifenbe- 
ojr^en^an li£m. 
re If yjla sehjwf 
in ^am spopn ho):e- 
Seofinfulpa ^n^d ic- 
ySo he upc renbeS- 
t pe roSperT*- 

II. MS. m/ensau. 

[70 4.] 

bade Andrew 
the holy to be crucified 
on a higb tree, 
so that from a gallows he hU 
soul ttent forth 
in glory's beauty, 
ThuB I many dire 
(witb my brothers) 
atrocities have perpetrated, 
swbrt sins, 
vrhicb I may not tell, 
fully relate, 
nor t/t£ number know 
of cruel enmities.' 
Him the holy maid addresa'd, 
through the Spirit's grace, 
Juliana : 

' Thou shalt further yet, 
foe of mankind, 
explain thy journey, 
who tbee hath sent to mc.' 
To her the wretch 
gave answer, 
seiz'd witb fear, 
of peace hopeless. 
* Yes ! me my father 
on this journey to tbee, 
the king of hell's inhabitants, 
hither hath sent, 
from that narrow home, 
who is for every evil, 
in that sad bouse, 
more zealous than I. 
When he us sendeth, 
that of the righteous we, 
83. MS. j-e. 




yaph mifjebpielb* 
mob oDc;^jijien - 
ahp^p):en fjiom halop- 
pe heoi hyje ^eompe* 
fO]\fate on fejiiSt»e. 
ne bi)) uj* fjiea milbe* 
e^eypil ealbop- 
jip pe Jflej* noht> 
jebou habba)'' 
ne bujijiaD pe pp'^an- 
yofi hi|* onfyne- 
opej) ^efejian* 
)>UD lie onpenbeS- 
jeonb pbne jpuob- 
]>ejoa; op ]>^p^am. 
haceS ]>pEece paepan- 
VF P^ semece ftn- 
on molb-peje- 
oype feop o]>)>e neah> 
pmbne peop)>en> 
f hi upc binben ■ 
•J m bsel-pylme- 
fuj-ia rpmjen. 
jip ro«|aejTiia. 
)>u|ih niyj)pelfan> 
mob ne oncyppeS- 
halijpa hyje- 
pe )>a heapbej-can' 
tJ I** pyppejTan. 
picu je^ha'S ■ 
]TOph rap-rl«^e- 
nu ^u }7lfa meahc- 
on yeyaa }>inum- 
]'o^ jecnapan- 

through Bedoction, 

the mind pervert, 

turn from Balration, 

we are Bad of mind, 

fearful in soul. 

To lu is no kind master, 

but a dreadful prince. 

If we of evil naught 

have done, 
10 then dare we not 

before his face 

anywhere go : 

then will he send, 

o'er the wide earth, 

hie ministers from darkness, 

bid tftem raise violence : 

if we are met 

on earth's way, 

or far or near 
30 are found, 

that they us bind, 

and in the fire's heat, 

in torments scourge. 

If of the righteous, 

through seduction, 

vie the mind pervert not, 

the thoughts of the holy, 

we the hardest, 

and the worst, 
30 torments suffer, 

through painful blows. 

Now thou thyself mightest, 

in thy thoughts, 

Boothly know, 

9C. MS. mot) neoh cy/ijietl. 



f ic ^J7% no])e p»f ■ 
nylse jebeebeb- 

^ ic ]>e j-ohce :• 

that I to this daring was 
by need compel'd ; 
from time to time tormented, 
that I thee Bhould seek.' 

pa jen feo balje onjon ■ 

h£le)>a sepmnan- 

ppohcej- pyjihtsii- 

pojifcnim jqiijnan. 

ITim-fynna pjiuman- 

^D me fupj'op j-cealc- 

fecjan j^la peonb. 

hu y<a roSfsefCum- 

Ifupb f^na fhbe- 

rpitiaji; fce)r]re. 

picite hiy.oa%eo. 

Dype j-e jreonb oncpse^. 

pjuecca pfejUeaj'- 

popbum mselbe- 

ic t>e eat> nuej- 

ypla jehpylcep- 


oiS enbe pip's- 

^pa Jw IC jej^iemebe. 

nalfEf pe£m finbon. 

fynaa punbum- 

Jwc )ju Jjy rpeocolicoji. 

rjlf jecnape- 

yst Jnp ip po? nalej- leap- 

ic Iraec penbe* 

19. eaK-mebel 


Ilien yet the holy maid resolv'd, 

the foe of raen> 

the worker of wickedness, 

with words to question, 

author of sins of yore : 
10 'Thou to me further shalt 

say, foe of souls I 

how thou the righteous, 

through lapse of sins, 

doest chiefly injure, 

by thy guile ensnar'd ? ' 

Her the fiend address'd ; 

the wretch defenceless 

in words spake : 

' I to thee humbly, 
an of every evil 

will the be^niog show, 

forth to the endj 

(thoHe that t have perpetrated 

are not few, 

with wounds of sin) ; 

that thou the more plainly 

thyself may know, 
[71 a.] that this is true, not false. 

I that ween'd, 

S4. T. f«a. 




•J picob cealbc' 

^ ic ]>e meabce- 
bucan eaji|:e))uin> 
unef cjuejxe- 
ahpyppin jzjioin baloji- 
]>sec ya beojion-cyDmje- 
p!6yoce pjop* FP**"' 
~\ to jwmpan ^ebuje- 
onfwjbe f^nna fpumaii- 
yuf ic j-oBpejTuin- 
)>uph mi]-lic bleo. 
mob oncyppe- 
)>sep ic bine pnbe- 
pep^ ft^ieban- 
CO jobe]' pillon ■ 
ic beo jeajio fona- 
f ic him mooijpealbe- 
mobej- jselran- 
on^ean bepe- 
jjumpa je]>oiica- 
bypnpa jebpilba. 
)>ii|\b jebpolemt pim* 
ic bim jefpece- 
]-ynna luj-caf 
miene moS-lujan- 
f he minum bjial'e- 
leahcpu jelenje- 
lapum h^jui'S> 
j-ynnum onsele- 
f be bjpnenbe j-Tiom- 
jebebe fpiceB- 
fcepeS jtponjbcc 

and for certain reckou'd 

in daring thought, 

that I tbee migbt, 

without difficulty, 

by my craft alone, 

turn from aalvation, 

that thou heaven's King [uaiphs, 

should deny, the Lord of tri- 

and to worse should bow, 
10 should sacrifice to the author of 

Thus of the righteous I, [sins. 

through various colouring, 

the mind pervert. 

Where I find him 

his soul confirming 

to God's will, 

I am straight prepar'd, 

so that to bim I manifold 

mind's extravagances 
90 present, 

dire thoughts, 

dark errors. 

Through number of seducere, 

I to him sweeten 

the delights of sins, 

vicious desires of mind, 

so that he quickly my 

(for sins ready) 

doctrines obeyetb. 
30 I him so greatly 

with sins inflame, 

that he burning from 

prayer sbriiiketb, 

steps forth vigorously ; 

. jreppeB? 



fta)>o]pejT ne msBj* 
pofie leahcjia lufan- 
lenje jepuaian. 
in ^ebeb-jTope. 
n>a ic biiojaii eo. 
laSne jekebe- 
yam !« IC lijref 0):-onD 
kohcef j«l«afaii. 
"J he lai^am pile* 
^jib mobef m^e* 
minum hypan- 
l^ne ):jiflmmat)- 
be ji^paa j-ceal- 
jobjia piDi-cj]-ca. 
jeajne bpeoj)]:an> 
Ji|: ic teoijne. 
jetneee mobijn«. 
mecobef cempan- 
pit )daD-}>juece> 
nele peoji ]H>Dan- 
biijaa irjiom beabupe* 
ac he bopb onjean. 
he|%S hyje pnoctop . 
halijoe pcylb. 
japtbc ju'S-peap - 
nele jobe ppican • 
ac he bealb m jebebe- 
bib-peeal jipetS. 
pejre on pe^Soo- 
ic j'ceal peofi ]>onan. 
heaa-mob hpeoppan- 
hfio)>pa bibseleb. 
m jleba jjiipe- 

rri A.i 

firm he may not, 

for love of ains, 

longer remain 

in the place of prayer. 

So I terror 

hateful bring 

to him to whom life I grudge, 

bright belief; 

and he my doctrines will, 

through thought of mind> 


sin perpetrate : 

he shall afterwards, 

of good blessings 

depriv'd, pass away. 

If I any 

man renown 'd 

find, unquailing, 

a soldier of the I<ord, 

against the arrow's force, 

who will not far &om thence 

retire ^m the cimtest, 

but he a buckler up 

raiseth, wise in soul, 

a holy shield, 

a ghostly armour, 

who will not God desert, 

but he bold in prayer 

maketh a stand, 

fast on foot, 

I must far ^m thence 

abash 'd depart, 

of good depriv'd ; 

in gripe of gleeda 

)9. Lit a biding-«Ult or place. 




jeh^u mtenan- 
yxc ic ne me^te- 
nue^ef que}:te- 
ju'Se priSjonjan- 
ac IC jeomop fceal- 
yecan oJ>ej»ne. 
unbeji cumbol-hajan* 
cempan j^mpan ■ 
]>e ic onbji^baii iiueje> 
beopmau nune- 
ajaelau eec 2u}>e- 
)?eab he jobep bp»c- 
oDjiDne jKfrlice- 
ic beo jeapo fona* 
f ic in-jebysb. 
eal jeonb-phce. 
hu jejaeprDab j^- 
l%p% mnanpeapb* 
piS-)reall jepophc- 
ic )>«]■ peallep jeat. 
oDCyne (>uph teonan* 
bi'JS fe cojip t>ypel- 
in-^on; jeopenab' 
foD ic sepeiT him- 
|mph eapjpape- 
in bpeojT-j^jao- 
biCpe je]?onca]-- 
])uph miflice- 
mobep piUan- 
]Kec bun pylpim. 
pelle |>ynce8' 
leahtpaj- to ppemman> 

m^ cares Inment, 

for that I might not, 

by dint of power, 

in my warfare prosper ; 

but I must sad 

seek another 

lees courageous, 

amid the camp, 

a worse soldier, 

^lom I may induce, 

with my learen, 

to be slow in the war. 

Though he aught of good 

may resolve in spirit, 

I am forthwith ready, 

that 1 his inward thoughts 

all scan through, 

how may be confirm'd 

Ms soul within, 

his bulwark wrought } 

I this rampart's gate 

unclose through wickedoesa. 

If the tower be pierced, 

an entrance open'd, 

then I at first to him, 

through my archery, 

send in, 

into his boeom, 

hitter thoughts, 

through various 

desires of mind ; 

so that to himself 

it seemeth better 

crimes to perpetrate 

4. Ul. contra ir 

20. T, pij-iteJ. 



beef lujraj-- 

ic beo lafieop j^P"' 

f be inoi]-))eapU' 

miniun lifje- 

acypjieb culSlice- 

f)u>iD cjiijrei' £• 

mob ^emyppeb' 

me Co jepealbe- 

m iTunii j-eft15. 

ic^p faple ma- 

jeopno|\ syme- 

ymb t«r soerter FoppfP^. 

)icii) ))e|- lic^oman- 

re))e OQ le^pe fceal- 

peojiiSan in populbe- 

yfjmx Co h]io]>op. 

tHplea in jiolban. 

Da pen feo pemne f ppiec- 

pija eapm-fceapen- 

unclffine jkj^- 

hu fu ^ se)>ybe. 

^jjtpa fcihcenb* 

on dsnpa ;emopj> 

fu pi5 qiijt» jeo. 

pKfilei^ jnume- 

1 jejnn cuje- 

iH^ber pi> haljii. 

)« pe^^S belle j-ealS- 

ni^p jebolfen- 

pope opephy;bum. 

eapb jepohcei". 

penbe ic |»8ec ya pj paepjia- 

j^ainst God's glory, 

body's lusts. 

I am a diligent instructor, 

that he in my 

evil habits lire, 

tiim'd manifestly 

from Cbnst's law, 

his mind seduc'd 

into my power, 

into the pit of sins. 

I for the soul's more, 

more earaestly care 

about the Hpirit's destruction, 

than for the body's, 

which in the gtave shall 

become yi the world 

to the wopa for prey, 

to earth committed.* 

Then yet the damsel spake : 

' Say, wretclfed creature ! 

spirit unclean ! 

how thou thyself aasociat'st, 

dispenser of darkness I 

in the company of the pure : 

thou against Christ of old 

feitfaless didst strive, 

and warfare lead, 

didst plot against the stunts. 

For thee was the pit of hell 

dug beneath, 

where thou, driven by force, 

for t^ pride, 

a dwelling soughtest. 

I ween'd that tliou tlie worse 



[72 «.] 

peop])an jxwolbe^ 

•J ]»y imbealbjia* 

]>e (re o).T pi'Sjlvb- 

^uph pulbop-cymiij- 

pillao fnnef . 

Dype p& re pepja. 


eapm ajlseca- 

^u me oepepC pija- 

hu ^ sebypjnj. 

Jiuph beop jehyjb- 

pupbe ]>ur PQ->pirC' 

opep eall yipi c^n- 

]Mec )>u mec yay ytBjte- 

):ecpuin jebunbc' 

SEsbpser oppijoe. 

]>u in ecne job' 

f>py Di-f lecen bne - 

)>mne jecpeopbej-. 

meocub mon-cynnef- 

fpa ic in minne pebep' 

hell-papana cynin;- 

hyhc ]-ta}>ebe* 

))dn ic beom on^enbeb- 

PI'S ]X)%|:ie)t:ain> 

^ ic in mSn-peopcum- 

mob oncyppe- 

h^e ppom halop> 

me hpilum bi)>- 

pjppjpneb l>uph pi)>ep-|Teall 

piUaii minef • 

h^bte)- sec haljum* 

fpa me bep jelamp- 

]op5 on nl>e- 

would'st be 

against the righteous, 

at such meeting, 

,and the lees bold, 

who thee oft withtttood, 

(through the Glory-Kiiig,) 

thy will.' 

To her then th« accura'd 


the miserable wretch : 

' Do thou to me first say 

how thou daring, 

tiirough deep thought, 

becam'st thus bold in Btrife, 

above all womankind, 

that thou me thus fast 

didet with fetters bind, 

wholly defenceless i 

Tbou in thy eternal God, 

sitting in majesty, 

hast trusted. 

Creator of mankind, 

as I in my father, 

king of hell's inhabitants, 

found my hope, 

when I am sent 

against the righteous, 

that I in wicked deeds 

may their mind seduce, 

their spirit, from salvation. 

Sometimes I am, 

through opposition, denied 

my wUl, 

my hope, with the holy tmet, 

as to me here befell 

sorrow in my journey : 




K )raee j^lp jecneop- 
CO lace mtclep. 
fceal nu lanje ofeji ]»)-■ 
jx:Jlb-pyjicenbe . 
pame ^opian- 
fOjifKHi ic Jwc halpje- 
}vjih ^y byhftan meaht. 
jioboji-cyninjcf Jiflfe- 
yti^ on jiobe-cjieo. 

ypjmef^ ealbo])- 
f jm milepje- 
me f>eap):»nbu- 
|iec unj-selij eall- 
M p>]ipeop)fe- 
^eah ic I>ec 5ei>yi>|"Ci3- 
^ |>iir bol-piUen- 
nl* jej-ohce- 
^ji ic fpi]>fl ine- 
^bcpe ttp- 
})p&;e ne jepenbe :■ 

I that myself perceive 

by much too late. 

Now shall / long after this, 

sin- working, 

shame endure ; 

therefore I thee beseech, 

through the Highest's might, 

the grace of heaven's King, 

who on the rood-tree 


the Prince of majesty, 

that thou pity 

me miserable, 

that all unbless'd 

/perish not, 

though I thee daring, 

and thus foolishly, 

journeying have sought, 

where I much 

preriously such 

a time expected not.' 

Da j-eo flax fc^e- 
iralbjier conbel' 
CO )>a ptep-lojan. 
popbum nuelbe. 
Du i^ealc -^beccan ■ 
yjwl-faffiba ma. 
bean helle jfBjv- 
«|i {ni heonan mote- 

Then the beauteous 

candle of glory 

to the false one 

in words spake : 

'Thou sbalt confess 

more evil deeds, 

vile spirit of bell ! 

ere thou may'at hence depart. 

hpset {m CO ceonan. [72 A.] . what thou for harm 




))uph-cojeii fasebbe* 
micelpa ni&n-peojica> 
manna tubjie- 
beopcum jebpilbum- 
hype I'lec beopol oncpsriS. 
Nu ic ]mbc jrfiype- 
yajih ymne hleo)K>p>cpibe- 
f ic nybe pceal- 
ni]^ ^ebaebeb. 
mob melbian ■ 
fpa ^a me beobep;- 
^ea-neb ]>oIian> 
If l>eor jTtaj ful i-ejionj. 
)>peat Djinuete- 
ic fceal ym^ jefapylc' 
(folian •} Inpan. 
OD ))niDe bom- 
pom-beba onppeon- 
Vy >c pibe-jrepj. 
|-pea)icpa jejypebe. 
ofC ic fpie opceah' 
ablenbe bealo-]>oncum- 
beopna flniiun- 
monna cynnep ■ 
mipc-helme pojibjuejb- 
|»uph accpep opb- 
eajna leoman- 
j-peapci3 pcupuni- 
J ic pimpa fee. 
yophftsec bealo-]'eappuui' 
pome in bpyne jenbe- 
in lijep locan- 
f hi lapta peapiS- 
n].art jepyne- 

hast accompli ah' d 

of great wicked deeds 

to tAe race of men, 

by dark enon.' 

Her the devil addrefis'd : 

* Now I it hear, 

through thy say big, 

that I must needs, 

by hate constraui'd, 

my mind dedare, 

as thou me commandest, 

compulsion suffler. 

This moment is too o'erwhdmii^, 

the chastiaemeot iminaue : 

I must CTerything 

suffer and permit, 

at thy doom, 

the crimes unveil, 

which I everywhere, 

dark, have machinated. 

Oft their sight have I withdrawn, 

blinded by baleful thoughts, 

men without number 

of the human race, 

with a mist-helm cover'd, 

through dart of venom, 

their eyes' light, 

with Bwart showers. 

And I of some the feet 

have broken by wicked snares, 

some into fire hare sent, 

into bonds of flame, 

so that of their traces was 

the last seen. 

9, nife? 




eac ic pime jeb;^be- 
f him ban-locau. 
blobe fpiopeban* 
f lu paejun^a. 
peojih aleton ■ 
)ni]ih aebpa pj'lm. 
pime OD ^-pipe- 
pnjibon on feg- 
psrjium bij^DCce. 
OD mepe-j^be* 
mmnm quejrtu. 
unbep peone jtpeam. 
pume ic pobe bifealb> 
^ tu h^pa bpeopje- 
on hean ;al;an> 
lip aletsn- 

pime ic lapum jeceah- 
to %efhte ppemebe* 
f hy }3epin^. 

beope bpuncne> 
K him byplabe- 
ppohc op p^e- 
)»ec bi in ]Vi-fele* 
|mpb ppeopb-jpipe. 
p&ple poplecan. 
op pbepc-homan. 
pseje pcynban- 
papum jepohce. 
pume {ra le punbe. 
bucan jobej* cacne. 

[73 a.} 

Also to some I 've done, 

that their carcases 

spouted with blood, 

so that they suddenly 

life let forth 

through their veins' fountain. 

Some on the billowy courise 

were on their way 

by the waters merged, 

into the ocean-flood, 

by my devices, 

under the raging stream. 

Some I 've to the cross contiign'd, 

that they sadly their, 

on the vile gallows, 

life resign'd. 

Some I by wiles have drawn, 

to strife prepar'd, 

that they suddenly 

old grudges 

have renew'd, 

drunken with beer i 

I to them pour'd 

discord from the cap, 

so that in (he social hall they, 

through gripe of sword, 

the aool let forth 

from the body, 

dying thetf hasteu'd forth, 

sought with wounds. 

Some whom I found 

without Qod's token, 



39. sobej- r. 

. 0. the CI 




]>eah ic bealUice. 
I^aiili nuj'bc cpealm- 
miDnm honbum* 
I'eajio-ltoacum flo%- 
IC af-ecjan ne msej- 
)>eab ic jej^ce- 
pimeji-lonpie tuej. 
eal ^ eajipej^u- 
^ ic «Bp ^ p]>. 
jejijiemebe co ):ac»e ■ 
pl'^an pipl'u piej'. 
poboji apsejieb. 
;] jiyiie euDjla- 
polbe sepejnuib. 
^ f>a ]:eopman men. 
abam ^ aeue. 
^am ic ealboji o%)>|tonS' 
] hy jelsepbe- 
f hi lufaa bpyfacoef. 
ece eab-jiejie- 
beojihme bolb-pelan. 
^ him bsem jepeap'S- 
ypm]>u CO ealbpe- 
■J hyjia eapepum )'pa- 
mipcajT man-peopca- 
bptec pceal ic mS piman ■ 
^fel enbe leap, 
ic eall jebaep- 
ppa]>e ppohcaj-- 
jeoob pep-]»eobe. 
|>a )« jepopbun. 
piban peope- 
ppom ppuman populbe. 

these I boldly, 

through various deaths, 

with my hands, 

by mtf devices slew, 

I may not say, 

though I sit 

a summer-loog day, 

all the miseries, 

which I first and last 

have in fraud perpetrated, 

since that first was 

tAe firmament uprear'd, 

and tAe stars' course, 

earth establish'd, 

and the first men, 

Adam and £re, 

from whom I life expel'd, 

and them incited, 

that they lore of the Lord, 

eternal bappineas, 


bright domestic happiness, 

so that to them both was 

misery for ever, 

and to their offspring also: — 

darkest of wicked deeds ! 

Why shall I more enumerate 

evil endless ? 

I have borne all 

hostile crimeH 

among mankind, 

those which hare happen'd, 

throughout ages, 

from the world's origin. 

1. >afoTji«&h? 

r. sejiujiAoD. 




ppa cynne' 

eofdum on eoji{»aD« 

ne ptej- nnij ^pa. 

f me Jnij- {Jjurte- 

fpa }m nu^. 

hali; mib boDbuiU' 

hjunan boji;Te> 

n»j- enij Jwe|- mobij. 

mon ofep eop)>&n. 

^jih balje ineafac< i<t 

iiei^'jaebejia lun- 

ne picjena. 

)>eah )re bi peojiuba ^oh- 

(Ki)^ije pulbjief cyninj' 

^pe unnuece' 

hpffi]rjie ic ;onj to tram* 

i^an moflM* 

D»f aeat; |>apa' 

^ mec )iuf bealblice- ao 

benbum bile^be- 

^jieuD fop|>jiycce> 

tpj) |ni nu)>a> 

)« nuclan meaht- 

mm opepj^%e)T. 

pBfCe ju)pj:eDje> 

^ me ):sebe}) fealbe> 

peoah mon-cynnef ■ 

^ he mec ):efian bee- 

)>eobeD op ])yft]iiim> aa 

J> ic |>e fceolbe. 

rynne j^tan- 

)nep mec jx^j bicpom- [73 b.} 

hepj honb-jepinn- 

to the race of mortals, 

to men on earth. 

Was not any of those 

that me thus daringly, 

as thou now, 

holy with thy faands, 

durst touch : 

waa not thus bold any 

man upon earthy 

through holy might, 

of the patriarchs none, 

nor of the prophets j 

though to tbem the God of hosts, 

the King of glory, bad reveai'd 

the spirit of wisdom, 

grace infinite, 

(yet I access to tbem 

might have,) 

was not any of them, 

that me thus boldly 

cbai^'d with bonds, 

with reproofs o'erwhelm'd, 

ere thou now 

my great power 

didst overcome, 

fost arrest, 

which me my father gave, 

foe of mankind, 

when he hade me go, 

my lord, from darkness, 

that I to thee should 

sweeten sin. 

There sorrow me befell, 

heavy hand-strife. 

81. MS. bennnm. 

94. MS. midam. 




ic bihlyhhim ne peupf- 
ej:Cep ffqi-ppaece- 
p^S-jaec )n]-ne. 
mapim in jemonje- 
|>oa ic mine jH^al- 
ape]:an piojin-ceapi;- 
jaful-jiffibeiiDe • 
in ](£ peoo;an hSm. 
Da fe jepe)^ hee. 
jealj-mob pima. 

of })S enjan ho):e> 
uc jelKbao. 
on b^je balije- 
Iue)>iium to fpjuece- 
Co hi J* bom-ferle- 
heo ]>tec beo)»I teah* 
bjieojrfi inbji^beb. 
benbnm fsej'Cue • 
hali; hee}>enne> 
ODjan ]>a hjteop-ceapij- 
friS-pBC feopan. 
]^ji cpaniaD. 
pypb panian* 
popbam mnlbe- 
ic )>ec halp^e- 
hlwpbije mm- 

fope jober fibbnni. 
^Kt )>n fup^p me- 
fjHaee^ ne p^ce- 
ebpic pop eopluin> 
)>on ]>u sep bybefC. 
)>a ^ o}:epj^i)>beit;> 

Laogb at I may not, 

after thu sore rerenge, 

this journey, 

among my comrades, 

when I sad-Borrowing shall 

render my 


in that sad home.' 

Then the count bade, 
10 the atrocious man, 


from that narrow bouse, 

be led oat, 

holy in mind, 

to speech mth the heathen, 

to his judgment-seat. 

She that deril drew, 

in breast inspir'd, 

fast in bonds, 
ao the holy one the heathen. 

Se then sad-sorrowing bqpn 

Am journey to bewail, 

his pun lament, 

his fate deplcH« j 

spake in words : 

' I thee implore, 

Lady mine, 


for God's peace, 
30 that thou further to me 

contumelies do not, 

reproach before men, 

than thou ere didst do, 

when thou didst overpower 

10. Lit. gallowi-minded. 




fone piocpertat) ■ 
nntwji hlm-jtnian* 
bel'pefiena cyniDj- 
m peonba byju;. 

hpiec ya mec ^peabej-' 
|>iqih j^ji-fleje- 
ic CO yope pac. 
f ic ffi|i ne fi^. 
enq ne metre- 
m popiilt>-]uce> 
pit- 1« sehe- 

oe )>peojib-timb]\an' 

DU^^ cyanej-- 

If OQ me fpeocul- 

^tes: Iw unrcamje. 

KibftB]- pujtbe- 

on fsp)>e ppiSb. 

Da bine feo ftemne foplee- 

K^:t^ }>jkEec-hpile> 

)>^jtpa oeoj-an- 

ui rpeajitne 2|iiuib. 

p^ila jepinna- 

on pita pojii7jib> 


mane]- melba. 

m^nm eo j'ecjan- 

piflep ]>e^uin- 

hu bim oo p^ jelomp :■ 

the most sagacious, 
under the prison roof, 
the king of bell's inhabitatits, 
in the fiends' city, 
that is our fintber, 
the lord of deadly Bin. 
Yes ! thou bast chastis'd me 
by painful stxoke ; 
I in flooth know, 
to that I ere nor since 

hare not any met, 

in the world's realm, 

like unto thee 

in daring thought, 

nor more untractable, 

of womankind. 

To me 'tis manifest, 

that thou unabash'd 

would'st be at every thing, 
30 in soul sagacious.' 

Then the damsel him dismiss'd, 

after his forced stay, 

darkness to visit, 

in the swart abyss, 

the foe of souls, 

in calamity of torments : 

be the better knew, 

th' announcer of wickedness, 

to his mates to say, 
30 the ministers of torment, 

bow it him on his journey befell. 

9. Lit. under the gTating*! shadow. 

5. MS. hij. 
85. r. ;ejinuaD. 



* jeopne aep. 
hejiebon on heah)nl. 
•J hif halij • 
ya^bon yaShce- 
f he njopa jehpsej-' 
opep ealle jej'ceajx* 
ana polbe. 
ecpa eab-jiej^. 
Da cpom eDjel jobef. 
jqisetpum blicaD ■ 
T t 0P coj-ceaj:. 
jejrpeobe ^ 2e]:peoSabe' 
focney clsene. 
leahtjia Ieaj%> 
^ ]K>De li; topetqip< 
heopo si):epne> 
]>ep j-eo halie fcofc- 
on ]>am mible jejiinb- 
)>et: ^taa pelijan psej-. 
jieopc CO )>olianne- 
)»ep he hic pop populbe 
penben meahce- 
fvbca f^num pah- 
hu he paphcapt- 
Jiuph Jfa p^pepcan 
picu meahce - 
peoph-cpale pnban- 
ysey ye peonb co IseC- 

[74 «.] 

prais'd ui the heavens, 
and his holy * 
8^d Boothly, 
that he of every victory, 
over all creation, 
alone had power, 
of eternal blessings. 
Then came God's angel, 
) glittering in arms, 
and the fire scatter'd, 
freed and protected 
thf pure of guile, 
the void of sins, 
and the flame cast aside, 
intensely raging, 
where the holy stood, 
chief of women, 
sound in the midst. 
That to the rich one was 
hard to suffer, 
where he it before the world 
might suppose to be. 
Sought foul with sins, 
how he most painfully, 
through the worst 
torments, might 
invent a death. 
The fiend was not too slow— 

1. Here l]i« MS. hM manifettly lort at leatt one leif. 
3. A word it hei« left out. as. p«nu) I 



fc hin« ^elseftbe. 

t>Eec he IsmeD-psec- 

bipyjican het- 


pijej- pomum- 

•] pubn-beamu' 

bolce bilenan. 

Daj^ [heapba]bibeab- 

f mon )wec lam-pet. 

Icabej- jejylbe. 

•J )ia onbeejinan hec- 

bael'ppa mmjr- 

ab oneloQ' 

re ptef ejhponan- 

ymb-bojien nub bponbum- 

btei hate peol- 

faec ))a ojrefhce- 

Jpjie jeboljen. 

leahe]ia leafe- 

ID ^Y leabef ■pylm- 

jvupD bucan fcylbiiui' 

)>a cofxeaben peap'S* 


leab pbe rppon;- 

has beopo PHie- 

lurief} pujibon acle- 

^pA pjp J»y juepe. 

^tep on |Uine p^bopD. 

^ph ]>aef ppej' puejT> 

PF 1 honb-feop)nti5' 

b»Snep bepjej". 

Sa jen j-eo halje jrSb. 

nnjqwinbe pltce- 

mq- hype ploh ne hpae;]' 

he bim instructed, 

that he an earthen TesBel 

should bid make, 

by wooderous art, 

to Bounds of vrar ; 

and with forest trees, 

with wood beset. 

Then the cruel one commanded, 

that they that earthen vessel 

with lead should fill, 

and then bode kindle 

a bale-fire vast, 

a pile inflame. 

It was on every side 

with brands surrounded ; 

the bath with heat boil'd. 

Bade then with utmost haste, 

with anger chaTd, 

the innocent 

into the lead's heat 

be thrust, the void of crimes. 

Then was scatter'd 

the flame, diaeolv'd 

the lead sprang widely, 

hot, fiercely ragiug. 

The men were horror-stricken, 

driven before its force. 

There were in number bum'd, 

through the fire's blast, 

five and seventy 

of the heathen band. 

Then yet the holy stood, 

in aspect andefil'd, 

was nor her hem nor garment. 

S. to the MQDd ofmidikt brtniroentsi 
S. beapba ii nqi^sd from conjecture. 




ne feax ne pel • 
pype jemieleb- 
ne tic ne leojni- 
heo in bje jrob- 
aejhpsf onpinb- 
p^be eallej* Jwdc- 
bpyhtna bpyhcne* 
)>a fe bema peaji^- 
hjieoh '} hyje-jpim- 
onjon hi]- hjuejl cepan* 
rpylce lie ^ennabe- 
•J jjujtrbicabe. 
I^be on jepicce- 
j-pa pilbe beoji- 
SpymeCabfl jeal^-mob- 
•j hij- jobu aelbe- 
pay )« fa;^ne meabtum- 
mse^e pi)>icoQban* 
pijef piUan- 
peep j-eo pulbjiej- nuej- 
anpaeb ^ unpiphc. 
eapo'Sa jemjmbij> 
bji;^htnej- pillan> 
^a pe bema bet> 
appebban j-opj-ceajiij- 
Irujih ppe<^b-bice- 
on hyje halje- 
heajbe bmeotaD> 
cpipte jecojiene ■ 
hiae pe cpealm ne ^ah- 
p]()mn he )>oiie pncan . 
|nip)>op cvipe :• 

[74 4.] 

nor locks nor skin, 

by the fire mark'd, 

nor body iior limbs : 

she in the flame stood 

wholly sound, 

sud thanks for all, 

to the Lord of lords. 

Then was Uie judge 

fierce and grim in soul; 

began his robe to tear, 

as if he grin'd 

and gnash'd, 

raged in mind ; 

as a wild beast, 

roar'd the atrocious one, 

and his gods blasphem'd, 

because that him with might, 

with mun, withstood 

a woman's will. 

The maid of glory was 

resolv'd and fearless, 

of her hardships mindful, 

of the Lord's will. 

Then the judge commanded, 

with care oppress'd, to slay 

by bite of Bwocd 

the holy one in spirit, 

to deprive of head 

the chosen by Christ : 

him her death profited not, 

when he the sequel 

further knew. 

ts. Me p. 374. ]. la 

sa r. >aL 




Da pea]iS fnepe lial;aii- 

hyhe -gemyab' 

"J («r mg^bnef- mob- 

Duclum ;eblijjab- 

pppsai heo jehyjibe- 

hsele^ eafataan. 


p fayjie enbe-pxf- 

op ^eym-bacsam- 

peopj^an fceolbe* 

lif alyfeb. 

bee }>a leahejia pil. 

clsene "] jecojiene- 

to cpale Isban- 

j-ynna leafe. 

Da cpom j^mninja- 

beau belle jaajx- 

beapm-leoS ajol* 

eapm *] onlieb' 

jKme beo np jebonb- 


•] mib picum jTonj- 

cleopabe )>a }X>p cop)>{ie. 

ceaji-;ealb]ia pill- 

Elba's nu nub jyjme. 

pax heo joba nyya- 

meahc fophojbe- 

■J mec rpiJ^jT- 


^ ic CO melban peaji^. 

Isca'S h^ la)>pa- 


Then was the holy damsel's 

hope renew' d, 

and the maiden's spirit 

mncfa delighted, 

when ehe had heard 

the men prosecuting 

treacherous counsel, 

that to her an end 

of days of trouble 
10 should be, 

life dissolr'd. 

Bade then he full of crimes 

the pure and chosen one 

to death be led, 

the sinless. 

Then came suddenly 

the vile spirit of hell, 

sang a harmful song, 

wretched and hapless, 
zo whom she ere had bound, 


and with pains chastia'd : 

cried then before th' assemblage, 

of dire enchantments full ; 

* Requite now with earnest, 

that she our gods' 

might hath despis'd, 

and me most 

hath humbled, 
so so that I became a traitor. 

Let her of hostile 

91. MS. •pfjetoae. 

ST. MS. F0iib02«. 



lean a bleocan* 
^jih -paipney fpap.- 
pjiecaf ealbne ill's' 
fjnne jefohce. 
K ^a j'opje jemou' 
ho ic benbum yxft- 
bifja unpini' 
on anpe mhr> 

jfel opmeecu- 

fa j-eo eabgs biyeah 

onjean ^amum- 


^byjibe heo beapm-jalau' 

hell« beopol' 

feoab mon-CTiinef • 

ODjoD pa. on flean j-ceacaU' 

pita Deoj-aii' 

•J )>ffit popb acp«iS- 

fa me popfopfacum ■ 

nu If pen micel' 

)>set heo mec ejx piUe^ 

eapmne jehyDan- 

;^um yjim)>nm. 

Ppa heo mec teji b^be. 

Da pwp jeltebeb. 

loob-meapce neah ■ 

•J CO {xepe ftope- 

)wBp hi jTeapc-pep]»e- 

]>uph cumbol-hece< 

cpellan ]>oheun' 

onjOD heo )>a kepao' 

■J CO lope CpymmaD' 

folc Of jjpenum' 

rewards partake, 
through we^wo'B track ; 
arenge yottr ancient grudge, 
ye with sin beset. 
I the sorrow bear in mind, 
how I, &st in bonds, 
afflictions numberlesfl, 
in one night, 
hardships, soffer'd, 
10 evil immenK.* 
[75 a.] Then the blessed maiden look'd 
towards the cruel one, 

the heard the harmful unj^g. 
The deril of hell, 
foe of mankind, 
began then in flight dqiart, 
torments to viut, 
and the words utter'd : 
' Wo is me niin'd j 
now is much expectation, 
that she again will me 
wretched humiliate, 
by evil miseries, 
as she me ere did.' 
Then was led 
near to the land-march, 
and to the place, 
where her the stem of eouI, 
through aignal hate, 
resolv'd to slay. 
Then began she to teach, 
and to pnuse exhort, 
the folk from sins, 

13. MS. lulianan. 




1 him FpoFjie ;ehec. 
yeg to palb|ie- 
■J ytec popb iepteS' 
jemana'S p^ena )^- 
•} pulbpef jTjiym. 
halisfia h^hr* 
heopon-enjla job* 
he If l»SBf p^^ie- 
f hine pep-)»eobe- 
^ eal enjla cynD- 
iip on pobejinm* 
bepjen heah mKjen^ 
]wBp ij- help jelonj. 
ece CO ealbpe* 
{■am ^ a;aa fceal- 
|3ip|f0D ic leop peopub' 
Inpan pille- 
f je eopep linj'- 

^ Isif hic pep-bhebum- 
pmbaf topeoppan- 
peal pceal )>y qiumpa. 
jTponj pi])]-conban- 
jTopma pcupum* 
leahcpa jehyjbam. 
jfi mib lupan pbbe* 
leohce jeleajan- 
CO yi bpjenban ■ 
jtane psS-hJjbe- 
rca}iol pajmiaS- 
:j nbbe mib eop> 
healbaV tee beopcan- 

and them comfort promU'd, 

the way to glory, 

and the words utter'd : [riors, 

' Remember the Delight of war- 

and Majesty of glory, 

Hope of the boly, 

heaven's angels' God. 

He is ^at worthy, 

that him mankind, 
10 and all the race of angels, 

up in the skies, 

praise, the high Power : 

there is help at hand, 

to all eternity, 

for those who it shall have ; 

therefore I, dear people, 

will exhort, 

the laws fulfilling, 

that ye your house 
30 make firm, 

lest it with sudden blasts 

the winds o'erthrow : 

the wall the firmer shall, 

strong, withstand 

the assaults of storms, 

the machinations of vices. 

Do ye with love of peace, 

with bright belief, 

on the liviug 
30 stone, firm in spirit, 

tfour foundation fix, 

in true faith, 

and peace with yourselves j 

hold in your heart 

90. r. jeftercuian. 

95. Lit ihoven. 




halje pane. 

]>uj)h mobej- m^e- 

]»5ii eop milt^ 3ie)»%. 

pebep Kimibeij. 

]>«p jfi ajun KC- 

mBepia jobe. 

nuefte ]>eiqi]»> 

«ixeji ropj-jtapim- [75 A.] 

|x>p]>oii je i^lfe DttOD' 

uc-jod; beonan. lo 

enbe hpef • 

pseplic me {nnce^. 

Jnec je piecceabe> 

pi^ heccenbpa. 

hilbe poman- 

peapbe healben. 

\y Isef eop pilKp-jsohcenb. 

pesej- Foppypnen. 

CO pulbpef byp5' 

bibba'S beapn ^obej-' a> 

f> me bpe^o enjla- 

meocub mon-cyimej'- 

milbe jepeop|>e< 

pjopa fellenb- 

pbb yy mib eopic. 

rymle p>S lujni. 

Da bype j^l j>«ap%' 

abebeb oy bee- 

CO )>am lanjan jejiean- 

Jmph jTeopb-j-leje- ao 

)>a )^ ]^n-rca]>a to- 

j-ape fceoh-mob. 

fcea]Kna ]rpeace- 


tAc boly myateriea, 

with intent of mind ; 

then to you will mercy give 

th' Almighty FkUier, 

where ye shall hare, at 

the God of all powen, 

the greatest need, 

after afflictioDs. 

For that ye younelres know not 

tfour exit hence, 

the end of life, 

prudent to me t< seems, 

that ye watchful 

agunst enemies' 

hostile alarms 

hold ward, [mg, 

leat tbey you, against ^ou figbt- 

the way prohibit 

to glory's dty. 

Pray the Child (A God, 

that to me the Prince of angds. 

Lord of mankind, 

be merciful, 

Girer of victories. 

Peace be with you, 

ever true love.' 

Then was her soul 

from the body led 

to the lasting joy, 

through stroke of sword. 

Then the miscreant by 

ship, perverse of mind, 

with hia hand of ruffians, 




eh-rtpeam fohce- 
leolc Ofsj) lapi-):lob> 
lonje hpile. 
on |-poti-jiabe> 
fpylc ealle popnom- 
") hine i;ylpie nub- 
«fi |>oii by CO lanbe. 
jeLben hsjrbon^ 
yapb )>eaplic ^jiSa- 
]>e}i -xxx- pffif - 
J yeapejie eac- 
peopef onfohce' 
Iraph psjej- i>ylm. 
fijena cynnef • 
beaoe nub hiapopb- 
bjio^ bibnleb- 
bfhca ]et^. 
helle jvhcon- 
ae )>oppcan )i& |re;naf • 
m )iani byjTpan bun* 
reo jeneac-fcolu- 
m {ram neolan ]'<:jiie|:e- 
CO ^m fpom-jajie- 
piceb]ia penan ■ 
^tec h^ in ptn-fele- 
opep beop-fele> 
be^p IfejOD ■ 
«pplebe jolb. 
Unjelice piep> 
Isbeb lop-pon^m- 
niicle ni»;ne> 

sought the ocean -stream, 

bounded o'er the water-flood 

a long while, 

on the Bwan-road. 

Death deatroy'd all 

the band of men, 

and himself with them, 

ere that they to land 

had steer'd, 
10 through Btern punbhment. 

There were thirty 

Bud also four 

of life bereft, 

through the wave's rage, 

of the race of men, 

hnmhle with lord, 

of good depriv'd, 


bell ihejf sought, 
ao The followers might not, 

in that dark home, 

the retiuner-band, 

in that den profound, 

from the chieftain 

their appointed 

money-g^ts expect, 

that, in the joyoua hall, they, 

on the beer-bench, 

rings should receive, 
30 appled gold. 

Unlike was 

led with Bongfl of praise 

the holy maiden's corse, 

with a great power, 

35. r. -j^rcMlbp. 

98. -j-ecle 1 




to molb-jjue|:e* 
|Mec hy hic jebjiohcon- 
bupjum in mnaa. 
fib folc micel. 
Jiseji jiSSan psej-. 
jeajia jonjum- 
jober lof bB).-en. 
{>jiyme micle* 
o]> J>i]-ne bseX' 
inib )>eobjnpe, 
I]' me ))eapF micel- 
]nec j-eo halje me- 
helpe je):jieinme- 
]wn me jebeela^. 
beojiajT ealpa- 
pbbe toflica^. 
pn-hipan tu. 
nude mob-lufran. 
nun fceal op lice- 
fB.'pal on |i^pet- 
nac ic Yy\pi hpibeji* 
eapbef uncjSJni. 
Of j-ceal ic ]>iiyura. 
jecan define • 
jonjan lu-bsebum- 
jeomoji hpeojipeS. 

c^m; bi]> jiepe- 
pjojia j^llenb- 
1*011 i^num fah- 

acle biba'S- 

hpffiC bim iG|Xep bsebum- 

[76 o.] 

to its mould-grave ; 

ao that they it brought 

within the towns, 

a great multitude. 

There was afterwards, 

in course of years, 

God's pruse rais'di 

with great pomp, 

until this day, 

with Aofy disdpline. 

To me it is much needful, 

that the saiot me 

help afford, 

when separate 

the dearest of all, 

their kinship sever 

the two consorts, 

their great spiritual lore ; 

from its body shall my 

soul on journey go, 

I myself kuow not whither: 

an uukuown land 

I shall from this, 

another, seek, 

accordiDff to n^ past works, 

go, for my deeds of old. 

Sad shall depart 

C, Y, and N. 

the King wilt be stem, 
the Giver of victories, 
when with sins stain'd 

E, W, and U 

trembling shall await, 

what to them, after their deeds, 



beman pille- 
lipejr CO leane- 

•f - f . beopi«. 
feoma^ pipj-ceiquj- 
nqi «al ;eiuoii> 
fynna punbe- 
}« ic p)r oype »p. 
jepoithte in populbc' 
f ic fopt^ j-ceal* 
cerium mtenan- 
!>«]- lo ctb eu laec. 
f ic jpel-baeba< 
aji jej^omebe' 
^nben j«jt; ~} lie 
jeabo)! p)>ebaii> 
onpinb OD eapbe' 
}Sa ajma bifieiqi}:* 
)>ec me j-eo halje. 
priS ^ne hyhfcan* 

mec Jtsef ]>eap]: inoDaf>> 
micel mobef fojij- 
bibbe ic monoa jebpone- 
jumeoa cynnef ■ 
fe Jnf jieb ppXBce- 
f be mec neobpil* 
bi Domao minum* 

^ meocub bibbe- 
f me heo|»na helm- 
belpe jef:iieimne- 
meahta palbenb- 
on ytau miclan baeje- 
pebep Fpofpe jBeir. 
m ^a Fpecnan nb* 

he will doom, 

in retribution for life. 

L, F flball tremble, 

shall linger sorrowful. 

All the pain / aball remember, 

the wounds of sin, 

wfaicb I early or late 

wrought in the world ; 

I that weeping shall, 
H> with tears bewail. 

// was a time too late, 

when I for evil deeds 

ere felt shame, 

while soul and body 

together journey 'd, 

sound on earth ; 

therefore / mercy need, 

that for me the saint, 

with the highest 
90 King should intercede ; 

me of this need admonishes, 

great mental sorrow. 

1 pray every man 

of human kind, 

who this lay may recite, 

that he me earnestly, 

by my name, 

fervently bear in mind, 

and the Creator pray, 
30 that me heaven's Chief 

help a^rd, 

the Ruler of powers, 

on the great day, 

the Father, the Spirit of comfort, 

at that perilous hour 



bsaba bemenb- 
•J pe t>eopa funu- 
J?dn j-eo J>jiynij'- 
)>jiy m -ptcenbe • 
in anneffe- 
telba. cynnC' 
. )>aph ]>a fcijian jej-ceBfC. 
rcpi]»5 bi jepyphtum- 

meopbe monna jehpam- 


f pe June onj^ne- 

tepe\in%K pyn ■ 

milbe jemecen. 

on ^a tauejian tib. Amen : 

{tfu Judge of deeds, 

and die dear Son, 

then the Trinity, 

sitting in majesty, 

in unity,) 

to thx race of men, 

through the bright creation. 

l^ey shall ordain, according to 

[his works, 
reward for every man. 
10 Grant us, God of might ! 
that we thy countenance, 
Joy of men ! 
mild may find, 
at that great hour. Amen. 


Ope him anhaja- [76 i.] 

ape jebi&e^- 

mecube|- milcj^- 

]>eah ))e he mob-ceaj\ij- 

jeonb laju-labe. 

lonje fceolbe. ao 

hpejian mib honbum- 

fapun-calbe pe- 

paban pjuec-lapcap* 

pypb bi^S pil-ajueb. 

Spa cpee^ eapb-jtapa- 

eap):e^ jem^nbij- 

ppa^pa psel-fleahca- 

* Oft t/ie lonely one 

experiences compassion, 

the Creator's kindness ; 

though be with sorrowing mind, 

o'er the watery way, 

must long 

agitate willi Ait hands 

the rime-cold sea, 

go in exile tracks ; 

Am fate is full decreed.' — 

So said a wanderer, 

of his hardships mindful, 

of hostile slaughters. 



pine-nueja hp^pe. 
Ofc ic fceolbe ana- 
nbtna jehpflce- 
mine ceajie cpi^an- 
nij* nu cpicjia nan- 
}e K liiin mob-fepui' 
miiuie bujijie- 
n^otule a[^e(^an- 
icto jw5e paC. 
^tbi^in eojile- 
inbpjhCeD )>eap' 
)»BC he hif }:ep'S-Iocan' 
bealboe hif hopb-cojan- 
h^e jpa he pille- 
ne masj pepij-mob> 
fj/pbe piSj-tonban* 
ne pe hpeo hyje- 
helpe jeppemman. 
popiSon boin-jeopDe> 
fajieopijne opt- 
in hjpa bpeo[T-copan' 
bmbaS pejxe' 
Jft tc mob-j-e}3ii- 
ounne pceolbe- 
0)X eapm-ceapij- 
oBIe bibaeleb- 
ipeo-nuejimi F^°P ' 
ftxepam ftelao' 
n^|>an 2ea{ta in- 
2o1b-pine mine, 
hpufan heolftpe bippah- 
J IC hean )>onan. 
pot) pintep-ceapij- 

' Am dear Mends' fall. — 
' Oh I most alone, 
each mom, 
mj care bewiul : 
there is now none living, 
to whom m^ thoughts 
I dare 
tell openly. 
1 in flooth know, 
that it is in man 
a noble quality, 
that he hia aoul'a coflfer 
fest bind, 
bold bis treasure. 
Strive as be will, 
the weary-minded cannot 
fate withstand, 
nor the rugged soul'd 
.help effect; 
even the ambitious 
a sad one oft 
in their breaat's coffer 
fast bind. 
So I my 
thonghts must, 
oft miaerable, 
from country separated, 
far &om my friends, 
in fetters bind, 
since that long ago 
my bounteouH patron 
earth's cavern cover'd, 
and I abject thence 
went, stricken with years, 

M. heatbe! 

21. bj:e is to be undentood. 




fohce j^Ie bjieopij. 

jincef bpjccan* 

hpseji ic ):eoji o]>)re neah- 

pnban roeahce- 

pone )>e in meobu-healle- 

mtDe pi]Te- 

o))]>e mec ].'jieoublea]'ne> 

flie}:pan polbe- 

petnan mib )>;^num- lo 

pac pe pe cunnaiS* 

fau pb))en hH • 


)>ani pe him Ip: hapa'S. 

leoppa jeholena^ 

papa? hme ppsc-tapc- 

nalej* punben jolb- 

pep'S-loca Fpeojiij- 

naliep polban blasb. [7? o-] 

jemon he j^le-pecjap. ao 

T yinc-peie- 

bu hine on jeoju^e- 

hip jolb-pine- 

penebe co pipce. 

pyn eal jebpeaj-- 

popJTon pac je J>e jceal- 

hip pme-bjiyhcnep. 

leofey lap-cpibum-' 

loDje pop)>olian> 

■Son fopj ^ plaep- so 

j-omob letjsebpe. 

eapmne anhojan* 

opt jebinba'S. 

)iince1S him on mobe- 

I. MS. pa^B. 

7. A woTd leem* wanliog. 

over the btUowy mass ; 
sad Bought the hall 
of some muoificent lord, 
where I for or near 
might find 

one who in the mead-hall 
my • • might know, 
or me friendless 
would comfort, 
allure wiUi pleasures. 
He knows who tries, 
how hapless is 
, care as a comrade 
to him who little has 
of faithful friends ; 
him ott exile's track awuts, 
not twisted gold ; 
a trembling body, 
not earth's riches : 
be remembers the hall-retaiaers, 
and receipt of treasure; 
how him in youth 
his bounteous patron 
train'd to the feast ; 
but pleaaure all has fall'n ; 
for he knows who must 
his dear lord's, 
his lov'd master's lessons 
long be depriv'd of, 
when sorrow and sleep 
at once together 
a poor solitary 
often bind, 
that seems to him in mind, 

3. LiL A dispenier irftTea*ure. 
8. MS. fjieonblMfe. 




|»ast he hij- mon-bpyhcen. 

clfppe -J cyiTc. 

-} on cneo lecje- 

hoDba ^ beapob- 

j^a he bpilum aep ■ 

m jeap-bajum- 

jief-jTolaj- bjieac- 

^Stm onpsecnefi ejr- 

pmeleaj* pima- 

jeph^ him bip>i)aD- 

pealpe pejaf- 

ba)>iaii bium-pijlaf ■ 

b|uebaa yeyph- 

bpeofan hjiun ^ piap- 

ha^e 3emen;^eb- 

|>dii beolS |>y hej:Q)utn- 

heojican beniie> 

fape »fc«n yytEfae- 

fopj br5 jenjpab. 

)>on maja jemynb> 

mob jeonb-bpeojife'S. 

^ewfS jlip-jrafum. 

jeojine jeonb-j-ceapalS- 

fcc^a jef-elbaa- 

[■punma'S ope on p^> 

ideoceabjia feji^- 

no pxji fela bpinseiS. 

cu^jui cpibe-pebba- 

ceiqio bi'S jeoipab- 

]>aiii ]>e penban pceal- 

f^ijfe jeneahbe- 

opeji pajwma jebmb' 

peiujDfl pepaD' 

popfroD ic jefrencan ae tUEej- 

that he his lord 

embraces and kissefl, 

and on his kuee lays 

hands and head, 

as when he ere at times, 

Id former daya, 

his gifts enjoy'd ; 

then wakea again 

the friendless mortal, 

sees before him 

fallow ways, 

ocean fowls bathing, 

spreading their wings, 

rime and enow descending 

with hail nringled } 

then are &e heavier 

his wounds of heart, 

punful after dreaming ; 

sorrow is renew'd, 

when his friends' remembrance 

through his mind passes ; 

uihen he greets with songs, 

earnestly surveys 

the scats of men, 

swims again away. 

7%e spirit of sca&rers, 

brings there not many 

known songs : 

but care is renew'd 

to him who must seild 

very abundantly 

over the billowy mass 

his weary spirit ; 

therefore I cannot think, 


as. ;rimS cfcf 




jeonb Y&Y populb. 
)x>p hpan mob-j^pan- 
tmnne jej^ieopce- 
jioa ic eopla lin- 
eal 5eonb-]>ence- 
bu hi pejkbce- 
plec o):jea]»)n> 
mobje maju-])e^ar- 
rpa !«]• mibban-seBjib- 
ealjia bc^pa jehpam- lo 

bpeope'S T pealle];- 
|X>ji|>on ne masj yeojipui pif- 
pep Gcp he a^e- 
pmcpa bsel in popnlb-pice- 
pita j-ceal 5e|jjlbij. [7? b.] 
ne j-ceal no Co haC-heopC- 
ne CO hpieb pypbe- 
ne CO pac pija- 
ne Co panhybij. 
ne CO pophc ne co psejen> an 
ne CO jieoh-jippe- 
ne nteppe jielpep co jeopn. 
89p he jeape cunne- 
beopn j'ceal jebiban- 
J>uu he beoc j-ppiceiS- 
o)>)?»c cbUen-jrepiS- 
cunne jeappe- 
hpibep hpe|)pa jehyjb- 
hpeoppan pille- 

ODjiecan pceal jleap hsele- so 
hu jieprhc bi1$- 

)ranne ealle )>ip]-e populbe pela- 
pejTe jtwnbe'iS. 
]-pa nu mij-fenbce- 

throughout this world, 

why my mind 

it saddens, 

when I the chieftains' life 

all consider ; 

how they suddenly 

their halls resign'd, 

the proud kinsmen. 

So this mid-earth 

every day 

declinee and falls ; 

therefore may not become wise 

a man, ere he has pass'd 

his Bhare of winters in the world. 

The sagacious must be patient, 

must not be too ardent, 

nor too hurrying of fortune, 

nor too faint a soldier, 

nor too reckless, 

nor too fearful, nor too elate, 

Dor too greedy of money, 

nor erer too vaunting, 

ere be be well experienced. 

A mui must wait, 

when he a promise utters, 

till that he, bold of spirit, 

well know 

to what his breast's tiioughts 

shall lead. [stand. 

The prudent man sbonld nnder- 

how ghastly it will be, 

when all this world's wealth 

shall stand waste, 

as now divera, 

13. MS. f eejiyan. 

19, MS.>aD hf*\i- 




jeonb )>]rne mjfaban-jeapb. 
pinbe bt]>aui]e> 
yeaUaj- ftoatokp. 
h]uin« bih/iojiene> 

ipj^e )» ebejiaj-. 

fopiaHS fi pm-j-alo. 

palbeab hcja«. 

bjwame bitrpopeae' 

bnpi)) eal jecjionj. 

plonc bi pealle- 

pime pi5 pijinom- 

pejiebe in j^jitJ-peje. 

jTimne pijel ojtbsep. 

o|X]i Iieaane holm- 


beaSe jebselbe- 

piDine bpeojuj-hleojt. 

m eop'5-jTpe]». 

eojd jeh^be. 

yl*e rpa Jnfn« eapb-^eapb- 

Klba pcyppenb- 

o)>^ bujij-pajia- 

bpeabtma lea]-e> 

ealb enCa ^epeojic- 

ibla fcobon- 

re Jim Jjijtib peal-fteal . 


■] }iy beopce hp. 

t>eope 5eonb-}jeoce«. 

FJiob ID pejijie. 

P»l-rl6ahca pojin 

over tbiB mid-earth, 

with wuid shaken 

vails stand, 

with rime bedeck'd : 

tottering the chambers, 

diaturb'd are the joyous halls, 

the powerful lie 

of joy bereft, 

the noble all have fall'n, 

the proud ones by the wall. 

Some hath war destroy'd, 

borne on their journey hence ; 

one the fowl hath borne away 

o'er the deep ocean ; 

one the hoar wolf 

by death hath separated ; 

one with gory countenance, 

in an earth-grave 

a man hath hidden. 

So o'erwhelm'd this world 

the Creator of men, 

till that of the inhabitants, 

in the briefest momeot, 

the old works of giants 

stood desolate. 

But he who this wali'd place 

wisely derie'd, 
and thifl dark life 
profoundly contemplates, 
wise in spirit, 
afar oft remembers 
Aw many battles, 
[ma;o- and these words utters: 

- - - ■ u — o- •"•" i».vDt nutuB utiers : 

hpajp cpom raeajij hpaj, cpom Where is horae, where is man ? 

*■ biposnef 
S3, lesjte OT Iterce t 

13. pixels ihipf 
SB, MS. beojince. 




hpEEj> cpom ma]?)>uin-;^> 
hpaeji qioin j-ymbla jerecu- 
Iipasp pnbon j-ele-bjieamap - 
eala beopht bune> 
eftla byjin-pija- 
eala \>eobney t>pym- 
hu peo ])pa5 jepac. 
jenap unbeji nihc-helm> 
fpa heo no psepe. 
SconbeiS nu on lapce- lo 

leopjie buju^ie- 

peal punbpu heah- [78 a.] 

P^m-licum pali- 
eoplaf pojinoman. 
apca J'pyjw- 
pffipen psel-j]):]iu ■ 
p^b yea meepe- 
•J pay ]-taB-h]eot>u- 
ITojimap cnyj-paiS. 
lipi'S-hjieopenbe> ao 

hpuj-e binbeiS- 
pmcpe)' pomB' 
]>on pon cyme^- 
nipeiS nihc-)'cua> 
nop}>an onpenbe^S- 
hpeo hae^I-jrajie- 
hce1c]>um on anban- 
eall ij- eap]:o{$lic- 
eoyipun pice- 

onpenbe^S pypba jej-ceajrC- so 
peopulb iinbep heojxjnu. 
hep bi15 feoh Irene- 
hep bi? FjieonS lEene- 
hep biiS mon Isene- 

where is the treasure-^rer ) 

where are the festive sittiags } 

where are the joyH of the hall ? 

Alas bright cup ! 

alas mail'd warrior ! 

alas chieftain's splendour 1 

how the time has paaa'd, 

has darken'd under veil of night, 

as if it had not been. 

Stands now behind 

the beloved warriors 

the wall of woaderous heij^t, 

with worm carcaBes foul. 

The men has swept away 

the spearmen's band, 

the slaughter-greedy weapon, 

and fate omnipotent; 

and these stone shelters 

storms dash, 

fierce- ruBbiog ; 

binds the earth 

the winter's violence ; 

then comes duHky, 

darkens, the shade of night, 

from the north sends 

the rough hail-shower, 

to men's grievance. 

Irksome is all 

the realm of earth, 

the fates' decrees change 

the world under heaven : 

here la wealth transient, 

here is a friend transient, 

here is man transient, 

ai. h;inj»n! 







hep biiS m«5 laene- 

eal Itj- eop)ran je)-eeal> 

ibel j)eoji)>eB. 

Spa cpse^ fnottop on mobc' 

jefffiC him funboji lec pune- 

nl bit* i-e)>e hij- qieope jebealbe]?- 

ne fceal nse|:pe hif eopn Copjcene 

beopn Of liip bpeopcum acyptai- 
uempe he tep ))a boce cunne- 
eopl nub ehie jefpemman- lo 
pel bi^ t>ain )>e him ape fece^S* 
fpoppe to |3ebep on heoponu- 
^p up eal peo pspcnunj jroobeiS 

here is a kiiiBman transient ; 

all this place of eftrth 

shall become desolate.' — 

So apake a sage in mind, 

sat apart in meditation. 

Good is be who holds his foith. 

Never his affliction too quickly 

a man from his breast make known> 
unless he ere the remedy can 
vigorously forward. [mercy, 

Well t^ is for him who seeketh 
comfort, at the Father in heaven, 
;>where all our fastness standetb. 


Fela briS on plban- 

P>P^ jepynpa. 

jeoDjjia jeofona. 

}» P& ^fc-hepenb- 

pe^% in jepicce. 

fpa hep peopvba job- 

meocub meahcum ppi'S- 

monnum dseleS. 

ryleS puabop-jiepe- 

fenhe^S pibe. 


J>apa iBjhpylc mor. 


bsel oo}£n' 

ne bi5 aenij ^tey- 

[78 *.] 

Many there are on earth, 

ever visible, 

early gifts, 

which those posseiising soul 

bear in iheir understanding, 

as here the God of hosts, 

the Lord in powers strong, 

dealeth them to men, 

giveth each separate gift, 

sendetb them widely, 

by his own power, 

of which each one may, 

of dwellers among people, 

a share receive. 

TTiere is not any so 




mon on molban- 
ne t>8ej- meb-n)ebi3' 
lytel hybij- 
ne ptey bec-hj'bi;. 
f hine i^ &p-;i|3> 
ealle]- bij'cjpse. 
mobej- qitejxa- 
o|>]>e lUKjen-bseba- 
fiy on jepicce- 
o|>t»e on popb-qnbum- 
])y iKf opmob yy- 
ealpa ^uija- 
)rapa ]>e he jepophce ■ 
in populb-life- 
jeofona jehpylcpe- 
nsejrpe job bemet- 
^ Knij ej-t- 
)«B]- eapm jepeop^- 
nsenij ejx pxy ypi^- 
|>uph j-nytcpu-qisep;. 
in )>eobe )>pyni' 

t.ijrer I'fcr- 

fopiS jercije*. 
])ffit him polca peiqib- 
}mph hi|- halite siepe- 
hibep onfenbe. 
pife jejjohtaf - 
■] populb'C]ue).ra)'- 
unbep ane[- meahC' 
ealle pplsete' 
]>y Isej- be fop j>lence. 
pulbop-jeopona pul> 
mon mobe j-piiS- 
Of jemete hj>eoji|:e- 
1 l>on yophycje. 


no man on earth, 

nor 80 profuse, 

Utde heedful, 

nor 80 Blow-minded, 

that him the bounteous Giver 

cut off entirely from 

energies of mind, 

or strenuous deeds, 

wise in hit understanding, 

or in verbal utterances ; 

lest he despondent be 

of all tbioga 

which he may have wrought 

in worldly life, 

of every gift. 

God never deemeth 

that any again 

shall be so abject ; 

nor any again so greatly 

(through power of wisdom, 

in the mass of people 

of this life) 

shall advance, 

that him the Guardian of people, 

through his holy grace, 

will iiither send 

wise thoughts, 

and worldly crafts, 

or under power of one 

will leave all ; 

lest he for pride, 

of bright endowments full, 

(a man prompt of spirit) 

from moderation turn, 

and then despise 




ac he jebsele^- 

)-e |>e ah bomef jepealb- 

jeonb l^ipie imbbaD-jeapb* 

leoba leopo~ejmpay' 


fnm heji ofep eop)>aD. 

Rhea onlth'S* 

pojmlb-sej-tjieoua- lu 

pun biiS ponfpebij' 

beajtb-jwl^ h«l«- 

briS hpas)»|xe jleap* 

mob^ cjuejxa> 

pun nu^en-j-Cpeiijo- 

pili)>0]i oiifeh^S- 

futn irpeobc biS- 

phtij OQ psjtmtim- 

pun bi)> po{S-bopa> 

jwbba JIFF*!*' * 

pun bi|> seapu-jijpbis- 

pim bi^ OD hnntolw- 


beqiB bjuepenb- 

pun by^e bi^- 

poiinUi-jucuin men- 

pnn bi'S pi^ej- heajib^ 

beabo-cpsjn; beojui. 

^teji bojtb j-Canati' [79 a.] 

puQ m nueile ms^* w 



fopS jehycjan. 

|neji pieena bi)r- 

pojin secp}Duie- 

pun mie; ppaethce* 

the humbler ; 

but He distributes, 

■vho has power of doom, 


over this mid-earth : — 

power of limbs to people 

inhabiting the land. 

One here on earth 

is solicitous for possession 

of worldly treasures. 

One is indigent, 

a luckless man, 

yet is skilful 

in the arts of mind. 

One main strength 

superior receives. 

One is lively, 

comely of stature. 

One is a poet 

qualified for song. 

One is eloquent. 

One is, in hunting, 

of ferocious 

beasts a chaser. 

One is dear 

to the worldly-potent man. 

One is stout in battle, 

a chief skilful in war, 

where the shield dashes. 

One may in council 

of sagadous men, 

on a nation's law 


where sages are 

many together. 

One may curiously 




peojic ahycjan- 

lieah-tmib|ia jehps|'> 

honb biS ;;elfepet>' 

pif 'J ^epealben> 

ypa biiS p^hcan pjhc- 

j*le ai-ettan- 

con he j'ibne pteceb- 

jaejre jcKejan- 

fip );ffiji-bpypu- 

jnim mib honbum msej- 

heappaD jpetan- 

ah he jleo-beamep- 

jeapo bpjjba bjT- 

j-um brS pynij- 

yam pybc pcytte- 

fuin leo&i jleap. 

pim on lonbe fnel- 

fc]?e rpebij- 

fum fealone piej- 

ftepnan (TeopeS- 

jT^eam-pabe con- 

peopubej' pifa- 

ofep pibne holm> 

|?Sn j-ae-pope- 

pielle ms^ne- 

apum bpe;^b&^- 

y?-bopbe neah- 

pim biS jynbiX' 

jTim reapo-qisefrcij- 

jolbe]- "J jimma- 

]wn him pimena peapb- 

hate's him co mep}ntm- 

maj'l'um penian- 

pim mac; piepen-Jipieje- 

tAe work devise 

of any high structures ; 

his band is learned, 

wiae and powerful, 

as to a Wright is fittii^, 

in the fixing of a hall : 

he can the spacious dwelUng 

firmly compact 

'gunst sudden falls. 
10 One with bands may 

the harp salute, 

he has in the 'glee-beam's' 

prompt ribrations skill. 

One is a runner : 

one a sure archer : 

one skill'd in songs : 

one on land swift, 

speedy of foot. 

One the dusky wave 
30 with the stem steers, 

the stream-road oan, 

the guider of a band 

o'er the wide deep, 

when bold seamen, 

prompt of strength, 

with oars draw 

the vessel near. 

One is discreet ; 

one skill'd cunningly 
30 in gold and gems, 

when him a prince of men 

bids, for bis grandeur, 

a jewel prepare. 

One may for weapons' clash, 


. MS. ahjifan. 37. Lit. the wivc-board. -bojiTi ! SB. Dan. sindig! 



pije CO nyCte- 

niob-ciue|Xij fmiS> 

moii^e jepjiemmaii' 

^5a he ^epyjicefS. 

CO pepa hilbe> 

helm oype hup-feax- 

o{%e he^u-byjinan- 

jnjuie mece- 

oBSe jtrylbej- poab- 

peyte xefej*"- '<> 

PIS' F»yse japer- 

pim biS aji)3e)T> 

^ selmej- jeojta- 

>eapfi jet^be. 

pim bi^S ^e^ jehpeojip. 

oa meobu-healle- 

pim briS meajiej- jleap- 

pic-que)xa pip. 

pom jep^tJOi'Qiob- 

papfS m je|>y1be> le 

^ he fon pceal. 

pim bomap con- 

Iwep bp^c-jumaii' 

jueb eafacia^. 

pun bi{S hpseb aeple- 

pim biB jepiecij- [79 A.] 

tee piD-|>eje. 

beop-hypbe 50b. 

pom biiS bylba cil- 

ham to habbanne- ao 

fum bi^ hepe-coja- 


pum bi}> polc-pica- 

fum bi)> nt J>eappe' 

10. jejeseB? U. jejybebl 16. 
SO. hcblMiine! 34. MS.] 

for OBe in war, 

a fikilfiil aroitb, 

many prepare ; 

when he works, 

for strife of men, 

hehnet or da^^r, 

or martial coraelet, 

faulchion bright, 

or the ebield's surface 

firmly compacts, 

against the arrow's flight. 

One is pious, 

and in alms diligent, 

in manners sociaL 

One is a tiiane hmiliar 

io the mead-ball. 

One in a horse is skill'd, 

wise in equestrian arts. 

One of mind subdued 

allows with patience 

what he then must. 

One dooms understands, 

where people 

counsel devise. 

One is expert at dice : 

one ia witty 

at wine -bibbing, 

a good beer-drinker. 

One is a builder good 

a bouse to raise. 

One is a general, 

a leader bold. 

One is a senator : 

one is, at need 

'• ficj-cpafCA. SS. Lit. ccTCTiaice ciutos. 
m btf ret Je«pj: fpirt- hydijpa ^%n, &c. 




[wjn nub hij- |>eobne- 
fum jej'ylb ha).-B'S- 

j-uin biiS pijel-bona- 
bafecej' cpsepcij- 
futn biS CO hojife hi>aec- 
jTim bi'S rpi^S-piel- 
hafalS feapolic- 
jomea jleo-bsebs* 
jife poji ;um-l»e5uu. 
leohc -J leo|>u-paC' 
pim his leo>-peiibe. 
haFalS m5b ^ popb. 
monnu je))pffiiie- 
fum hep jeojinlice- 
jsejTej' ]ieapFe> 
mobe bepmbe{>> 
^ him metubej- ejt:. 
ojxp eop^-pelan- 
ealne jeceofeS. 
]-um bi^ beop-mob- 
beoflej- jepmnec. 
his a pi:S jnpenum- 
in jefeohc jeapo- 
pim cjuept ha|:a'S- 
ajvc-D^a pela- 
mae; on Io]:-]x>i];uni- 
lifej- palbenb* 
hlube hepjan ■ 
bafa'S bealice- 
beopbte fcepie. 
pim bi? boca jleap- 
lapum leo}ai-fue|T> 

of the daring, 

a servant with hia lord. 

One has patience, 

a constant soul. 

One ifi a fowler, 

skilful with the hawk. 

One is bold on horseback : 

one is very strenuous, 

has a cunning 
10 play of merry deeds, 

a gift before men, 

light and pliable of limb. 

One is beloved, 

has mind and words 

agreeable to men. 

One here diligently 

his spirit's need 

in his mind wraps, 

and his Creator's favour, 
90 above earth's riches 

all, chooses. 

One is fond 

of the devil's warfore, 

is ever against sins 

ready in fight. 

One has skill 

in many church-duti^* 

can, in songs of pnuse, 

the Lord of life 
30 loudly glorify, 

has in high degree 

a brilliant voice. 

One is skill'd in books> 

in Bong-leaming firm. 

19. MS. ejx. 



fuin bi^ lij-c-henbi;> 
CO appicanne- 
Nij- nu Ofeji eo]iJ>an- 
KDt; monna- 
mobe peef cpKpcij- 
ne ])»]- ms^ea-eacen ■ 
f hi te^pe anum- 
ealle p&rfipen- 
^y ^aef hira pip pceSS^- 
o}>^ fope Jrtepe ni8ep{>e> 
mob ajtije- 
21): he ha|3}) anit- 
ojxip ealle mcD' 
ylice 3 pifbom- 
"J peopca blieb' 
ac lie miijenbce- 
monna cyiine- 
pelper irypeB- 
T hif jiefe bpyctaB. 
punum on cyjtum- 
nunum on cpseftum- 
fDmum on plice ■ 
romum on fi%e- 
fumum he j-yle^S monn£i> 
milbe heopcan- 
|>eap)»fcne se)>oht- 
[nm bi]r fteobne holb' 
rpa peopSbce. 
pibe tofapefi- 
t^yhten hif bujujw- 
a jnep bom a^e^ 
leoht-bsepe lop- 

One is cunning 
to write down 
verbal mysteries. 
Now there is not on earth 
any man 

with mind so cunouig, 
nor so powerful 
that they ever for one 
be all 
10 prepar'd, 

lest arrogance him injure, 
or, for that greatness, 
his pride should rise, 
if be alone have, 
over all men, 
beauty and wisdom, 
and fruit of works ; 
but He variously 
of the race of men 
90 corrects the pride, 
uid his gifts dispensed ; 
to one in dignities, 
to one in arts, 
to one in aspect, 
to one in war ; 
[80 a.] to one man be gives 
a tender heart, 
a well-order'd mind ; 
one to Am lord is faithful. 
30 Thus excellently 
widely disseminates 
the Lord bia bounty; 
ever therefore may power have, 
bright praise. 

18. He, i 

!. God, leep. 893,1. 19. 

39. MS. pimmun 




•J htf nulbe iii6b- 
monnum cyJieS :■ 

he who to UB life ^veth, 
luid his tender spirit 
ahoweth to men. 


Duj- iipob jaehep. 

ppeo-beapn Isepbe. 


maja cyjtum ealb- 

popbiS pijfaejtum- 

f lie pel Jninje- 

bo a {neCCe buje- i 

beaj I'm jepyphcu- 

job ]>e bij> lymle- 

5oba jehpylcef- 

jrpea ^ pilcum. 

peonb t>S o]Tjium> 

pjppin jepyjihca 

pene J'ec f? becjtan. 

efti elne yiy- 

a jjenben fu lij-^e. 

}:iebep ■] mobop- 

ppeo jni mib beopcan. 

ma;a jehpylcne. 

jip hiro ]7 meotub on lupn- 

pe]' ]m ]>inum ^Ibpum- 

apFsep; fymle- 

pejep pypbe- 

■j^e m fe\>^ Isee* 

Thus a wise bther 

Am dear son instructed, 

a man mse of mind, 

a parent old in excellencies, 

in words si^acions, 

so that he was much rerer'd : 

' Do ever what ia rirtuoue ; 

if thy deeds be virtuous, 

God to thee will ever be, 

in every good, 

a patron and support; 

a foe to others 

of worse deeds, 

accustom thyself to the better : 

perform boldly this, 

ever while thoa livest. 

Father and mother 

lore thou with heart, 

of tky kindred every one, 

if to tliem the Lord be dear. 

Be thou to thy parents 

ever dutiful, 

^r in word ; 

and in thy soul let 

6 juma seemi van ting after moO-i-tiDceoji. II. oea;et 36. ropDc! 


A father's instruction to his son. 

thy teachers, ' 

leope ID mobe- 

in thy mind, be dear, 

|)a Pix jeopnart. 

who thee niout diligently 

CO jobe Cpymmen. 

confirm in good." 

Faebep epr hif jiinu- 

The father again bis son. 

FJiob jejjiecte- 

wise, address 'd 


a second time : 

bealb elne Jjip. 

' Observe steadfastly this : 

naiFjie me ppene. 

never in foe. 

uen»FpeFpeonbe. lo 

never in friend. 

yinvm mseje- 

nor in thy kinsman. 

man ne je|>aFa- 

wickedness approve. 

yf lasj- )wc meocab oncimne- 

lest Iht/ Creator thee accuse, 

Jwc J-u It pommej- jepica. 

that thou art cognizant of crime ; 

he )m nub piCe jielbe^. 

he with punishment will requite 

ITjlce t»am o|»pmii. 

as he does others [tliee. 

raib eab-pelan. 

with feUcity.' 

Dpibban |t{>fl. 

A third time, 

{•OQc-jiioccoji juma- 

a man wise in thought, 

bpeorc-jehysbum- ao 

from his mind's cogitations. 

hir be^m iBejibe. 

his child instructed : 

Ne jsyuna pyjipa- 

' Hold not converse with a worse. 


throughout life. 

enju eahca- 

for any possessions ; 

u:)ni]>eatme jenim- 

but thou take to thee one 


for counsellor always 

rpeUa 3 Upa- 

in discourses and doctrines 


sagacious ; 

ry Jmb juce rpa hiC nueje. 

be t7 as to power as it may." 

Peopjjao nK- » 

w4 fourth time. 

pebep ep; liepbe. 

a father again instructed 

mob-Ieopie iiiajan. 

Am beloved child, 

IS he semunbe )«;• [80 6.] 

that be this should mind: 

Ne aj-pic jTiiifaop-pine. 

' Deceive not a particular friend. 

9. MS. neffie — nafjie mi)> FConM 

3? 11. nefinum? 

SB. pjpjan? 

S8. -hycjenlniBl 



ac a fymie jehealb- 

jiyhCum jepipnum' 

pffipn elne )>if ■ 

)nec pu nse).-jie pBcne peojiS- 

jqieonbe )>iniim. 

Fiixaii p]je- 

j::sebe]i ejx onjon- 

bpeojt-jeJwDcum ■ 

hif beajin hejiati' 

bjiuncen beojij )>e . 

~\ bolbj pojib- 

mSn on mobe- 

^ m mu)>e lyje- 

-} ibeye lujan- 
fop)>oii jxieal ffipifc-inob' 
Oft j'ifnan- 
fejje jepiCelS. 
in pijiej- \afsn- 
ppembjie meoplan> 
|>gep hrS a jnpena i^n' 
laShcpe jTOme- 
lonj nrS pi^ job- 
jeocenbe jielp- 
pej- |ju a jiebba pij-- 
pep PI'S pillan- 
popba hypbe. 
Siexcan pi]>e. 
fpxy epc onjon- 
Jniph bliSne ;eJ»ohc- 
hip beapn bepan- 
onpec jeopne- 
hpcet py job o|'|'e y^eU 
"J co}'ceab pimle- 

but em constantly regard Aim 

with right observances : 

perform duly this, 

that thou be never treacherous 

to thy friend.' 

^ fifth time, 

a father again began, 

from hu bosom- thoughts, 

hie child to teach : 
lu ' From dninkenness guard thyself, 

and foolish words, 

crime in t/a/ heart, 

and in t/^ mouth falsehood, 

anger and enry, 

and from woman's love ; 

because abased in mind shall 

often go, 

be who yields 

to love of woman, 
30 of o strange damsel : 

there is ever thought of sins, 

of loathly shame, 

long enmity with God, 

excesBive vaunt. 

Be thou ever wise of speech, 

guard, even against its will, 

thtf tongue.' 

j^ sixth time 

a d^iv father again b^(aQ, 
30 through kind thought, 

his son to teach ; 

' Perceive carefully 

what is good or evil, 

and them distinguish ever. 

9T, Lit keeper of wordi. 




j-ceappe mobe- 
in j^pan ]>iDum- 
Ipea pxc yelle jeceof ■ 
a ^ biS jebaeleb- 
jip |»e beah hyje ■ 
pona^ pifbom in. 
-J Jrapajxseape. 
Ijic ypler- 
faealb )>e elne pi% ■ 
jieopma |ni ]-ymle> 
m l^utam yepSe job. 
Seofepan pj>e- 
bif jiinu Isepbe- 
pebeji ppob juma. 
fsejbe fela jeoojum- 
j^lban footcoj) junta* 
rojijleaj- bbfj-a^- 
fpylce bol j^lbon. 
b|tyme{$ fofijpil- 
ymb hif popS-jefceafC- 
oepne he paeblre pite* 
p»p pypbe pceal' 
pippflBfT Iiscle- 
bpeofTum h^cjan- 
nalep bpeahcme hlub. 
eahtojjan pij^i. 
ealb psebep ODjon- 
iuf majo monian* 
milbjim popbum- 
leojma lape- 
laeji jebepe. 
pene )>ec in pipbom. 
peopuba pcjppenb. 
hajai pe to hyhte- 

with sliarp understanding, 

in thy mind, 

and forthee the betterever choose, 

it shall ever be allotted thee. 

If thy spirit be good, 

i/" wisdom therein dwell, 

and thou well know 

the sense of evil, 

withstand it boldly ; 

cheriBh thou ever 

good in thy soul.' 

j^ seventh time 

his son instructed 

a father, a wise man, 

said much to the youth : 

' Seldom a wise man 

secure exults, 

like as a fool seldom 

rejoices sorrowful 

about his future state. 

Unless he decide a quarrel, 

a man his words shall, 

a sagacious mortal, 

in his breast meditate, 

not with noise aloud.' 

jin eighth time 

an old father began 

his son to admonish, 

in kind words : 

* Learn lore, 

teach what is fitting, 

accustom thyself to wisdom, 

the Creator of hosts 

have to thee for hope. 

!. mr- 

SS. pep (lOpft ? 




hal^pa jemynb- 

T a ro« CO rJje. 

)>oii )m fecje hpseC. [81 a.] 

Njje)raD yi^- 

naejbe j-e ;omola- 

ea\h aSpita- 

j-sejbe ea>-o;ian pojin. 

Nif DU yela polca- 

^ fypn-sepjucu. 

bealban pille> id 

ac him hyje bpopiaf- 

ellen cola^- 

ibla^S )>eobj-cype- 

ne habbaS pibc ]»p f- 

]»eah hi poin b6n> 

offlp nieocubef bibob> 

nioni; j-ceal onjielban- 


ac laec )>iniie ]'ej:an bealban- 

j:Jjin-)Mp^-jeppicu. ao 

■J yjiean bomaf- 

J>a |>e hep on nwejSe jehpsejie- 

men foplxtap- 

)>on bun p^ p^lfam pyht. 

Teo)>aii p)>e- 

copQ-popjna pul. 

ealb epc ODjon- 

eapopan lEepan> 

pnyccpa bjiuce)>- so 

J»e jx>pe I'aple lupan- 

papna^ bun pommap' 

popba -J bieba- 

un j'epan pyiiile- 

T fOp FJieme'5. 

biiS bim jeopona sebpflc- 

f Ae memory of saints, 

and truth ever tell, 

when thou aught sayest.' 

^ ninth time 

the ancient one addresB'6, 

theoU sage 

said, to bis o£&pring much : 

'There are not now many folks, 

who the writings of old times 

will bold, 

but their minds corrupt, 

their ardour cools, 

disapline is n^lected, 

they care not angbt for it, 

though they ciime commit 

against the Lord's command ; 

many a one shall pay with 

torment of soul : 

but let thy mind obserre 

the scriptures of old times, 

and the Ix)rd's decrees, 

which here in the country erery- 

men suffer [where 

to decline, more 

than for tbemselres is right.' 

A tenth time, 

full of anxious cares, 

the old man again began 

his son to teach : 

* He wisdom uses, 

who, for hi* soul's love, 

guards himself ^m sins 

of words and deeds, 

in Am mind ever, 

and truth promotes ; 

to him each gift shall be 



jobe jeycefe. 

meahcum j-pebij- 

)>5n he mon flyh^ ■ 

;^fie ae Isec )k- 

tefpe jepealban • 

beah lu bpe|>pe- 

heojio popba ^unb^ 

yflme bepnican* 

ac him pajinaS ^• 

on jeheojicuni h;^e- i 

hcele fceal pifjzseji* 

■J jemeclic* 

mobej- j'DOttoji- 

jleap in jehjjbum- 

jeopn pifbomer. 

j^a he PI'S selba mw;- 

eabej* hleocan- 

□e beo ya no co treeleobe- 

De CO cpeo-fppiece. 

ne pe on mobe leec- ; 

men eo fjiacope^ 

ac beo leofpenbe- 

leohc on jefayjbuin* 

be]\ bjieo]T-co}:an- 

fpa )>u nun beapn jemyne- 

fliobe pebep-lape- 

■3 }ec a PI'S }.ipeiium jehealb :■ 

increaa'd by God ' 

in poirers abouuding, 

when he fleea from din. 

Let not anger thee 

ever overyoweT, 

high in thy breast, 

of hostile words the ground, 

with itt beat defile thee ; 

but guard himself therefrom, 

in hU courageous soul, 

shall a man wise 

and temperate, 

of mind sagacious, 

prudent in thoughts, 

desirous of wisdom ; 

eo that agunst age he may 

of happiness partake. 

Be thou not too prone to blame, 

□or too double-tongued, 

nor let Into thy mind 

men too profligate ; 

but be amiable, 

light in thy thoughts ; 

bare thy breasts' recess : — 

so thou, my son, remember 

wise paternal lore, [serve.' 

and thyself ever i^nst sins pre- 

i«. tetout 




Maej ic be me |^l]nini> [81 b.'] 

yaiS jieb ppecan- 

]-iJ>ar recjan- 

bu IC jefpinc-biQtun. 


opc Jfjiopabe- 

biCpe bpeofc-ceape. 

jebiben hiebbe- 

jecunaab in ceoIe> 

ceap'felba ye\&- lo 

acol y)>a ^epealc- 

^p mec Of:c bi;eac> 

Deapo nihc-paco- 

sec nacan jTej:nan> 

)>on he be clipum cnoffa^- 

calbe jejipmijen- 

psepon mine yec- 

popjre jebuuben- 

calbii cloinmu* 

(>»p ]>a ceape j-Mj:ebun . ao 

hac ymb heopean- 

hunjoji uuuui flat- 

mepe-pepjej" mob- 

{kbc j-e mon ne pac 

]>e him on folban- 

jzse^nofC limpeiS. 

fau ic eapm-ceapij- 

i)'-cealbne |-£- 

pintep punabe- 

pjueccan la]Tum. so 

I of myself can 

a tnte tale relate, 

my fortunes recount, 

how I, in days of toil, 

a time of hardsltip 

oft saffer'd, 

bitter breaat-cares 

hare endur'd, 

prov'd in the ship 

strange mishaps many. 

TTu fell rolling of the wavei 

has me there oft drench'd : 

an anxious night-watch, 

at the vessel's prow, 

when on the clifis it strikes, 

pierc'd with cold 

were my feet, 

bound with frost, 

with cold bonds. 

There cares sigh'd 

hot round my heart, 

hunger tore me within, 

the sea-woira rage. 

That the man knows not, 

to whom on land 

alt falls out most joyfully, 

how I miserable and sad, 

on the ice-cold sea 

a winter pass'd, 

with exile traces ; 

pme-mtejum bibpopen- 
13. -pacoir 

of dear kindred bereft, 
so. Here ■ line ii oniiltti 




bihonjeD hpim-^icelum* 

hjejl fcnimm yiex^- 

Jwji ic ne jehypbe- 

butan hlimmau )^> 

ir-calbne ptej- 

hpilij yljiete ponj- 

bybe ic ine Co jomene- 

;aiiet«f hleo^oji- 

•J hu-ilpan rpej- 

fope Ueahtoji pepa- lo 

msp jin^eobe- 

pojie mebo-bjunce- 

rcopmsf ^ffiji ]Tan-c1j{ni beoCan- 

)ieji him |Teajm oncpssS- 

pnl 0).-t f e^n b^eal' 

bung o'er with icicles, 

the hail in showers flew ; 

where I heard u ought 

save the sea roaring, 

the ice-cold wave. 

At times the swan's song 

I made to me for pastime, 

the ganet's cry, 

and the ' hu-ilpe's ' note ; 

for men's Uughter, 

the mew singing ; 

for mead-drinking, 

storms there the stone-cliffs beat ; 

there them the starling answer'd, 

icy of wings. 

Full oft the eagle screani'd, 

dewy of wings. 

nasmj hleo-mffija* 
peajreaFCi; pep^- 
pepan meahce- 
pp|)on him ;flly]:e^ 1^. 
re)>e ah lip-ej- p^n- 
jehiben m bup^- 
bealo-p]>a hpon ■ 
plonc ^ piD-jal- 
ha iG pepi; ope* 
m bpim-labe. 
biban yceolbe- 
nap nihc-]-cua- 
nop]?an piipbe- 
bpun fapupin bonb. 
hs^l peol on eop^n> 

no hospitable kinsman ; 

he a poor soul 

might go ; 

for he little believes, 

who has the joy of life 

experienced in cities, 

misfortunes few, 

elate and wine-flush'd, 

how I weary oft, 

in the ocean- way 

must bide : 

night's shadow darken' d, 

from the north it snow'd, 

frost bound the land, 

bail fell on the earth. 

4. MS. bUmman. 
17. Though Ihere is no hiatus in the MS., lome line* w 




copoa calbaft' 
p}[ipim cnyjjatj nQ. 
heoptan je^boif • 
^ ic hean jrpeamaf • [82 a.] 
{-ealc-y)fa jelac- 
yy\f. cunnije- 
mo&aiS mobe]* lujr- 
msela jehpjlce- 
}.-eji1S CO fepan ■ 

f IC ):eop heoiiaD- lo 

eajib ^eyece- 

pp]>on mj- J»a!j- mob-plonc- 
mon ojxp eoji)>aii> 
ne hij- ji):eiia ^y V^' 
ne m seoju)>e co )>Ef hpee* 
ne in bif bcebu co ^f beo|i- 
ne him hij- bjijhcen co yxy holb. 
f he a hi]' ]-te-]x>jie- 
I'Ojtje Dsbbe ■ 30 

CO hpon bine bpyhten- 
5ebon pille- 

ne bi)> him co heajipan byje- 
ne CO hjunj-]>eje' 
ne CO pipe pjn . 
lie CO po|iiilbe bybc- 
ne ymbe opthc ellej-- 
nefzie ymb j])a Repeal c- 
ac a hajxS lonjunje- 
fe ^ oil l^u pinbalS- ao 

beajipap blojTinum niina^S- 
bJl>»5 pejpia?. 
ponjap phcija^- 
pojiulb onecceiS' 
ealle )>a ^enionialS- 
4. h«ah-t 

coldest of grains ; 

therefore it oppresses now 

my heart's thoughts, 

that I the deep streams, 

the salt ware's sport, 

myself shall prove. [me 

[though my mind's desire exhorti 

at all times, 

my soul, to go, 

that I &r hence, 

of strangers 

the habitation seek ;) 

for there is not so elate of mind, 

antf man on earth, 

nor in his qualities so good, 

nor in youth so ardent, 

nor in his deeds so estimable, 

nor to him his Lord so hetiigtiant^ 

that he never on his sea-voyage 

fear entertains, 

as to what the Lord with bioi 

will do. 

He has to the harp no mind, 

nor to the receipt of rings, 

nor delight in woman, 

nor in the world joy, 

nor of aught else thinks, 

save of the rolling of the wavei; 

but ever weariness has 

he who on the deep ventures. 

The groves increase with flowera, 

towns appear fair, 

the plains seem beautiful, 

the world hastens on : 

all these admonish 

St, co-nimati ! 



mobef )ni)-ne> 

jrejian co jijw- 

Jiam )» j-pa )»enccB- 

on Flob-pejar-" 

peoji jepicaS. 

[ffico jeac mona'S- 

jeomjian jieojibe- 

pnjeB pimepef peajib' 

fojije beobeiS. 

biteep m bpeojr-hopb' id 

IteC fe beojin ne pae- 

epr eabij j-w^. 

hpsBC ^a fume bpe<^a^S. 

fe Jw pTtaec-laj'Ciii'. 

piboft lec^{$- 

P]i)>oD nfi miQ h^e hpeopfeS' 

<^ji h{ie^ji-locan • 

min inob-j-e]:a- 

nub mejie-flobe- 

Ofe^ fapaelef e^l- ao 

bpeojipe^S pibe- 

eoppau fceacaj-* 

c^eS efC CO me- 

5'H»e :j aiaebij. 

pelle'S sn-jiloja- 

bpece^S on piel-pej- 

bpe)>efi unpeajtnum- 

0|»)i holma ;eLa;a< 

Foji^n me baqian pnb- 

b]ijhcnef bpeamaf • so 

^a ^ij- beabe bj:- 

bene on loabe- 

ic jelyfze no- 

f hiQi eoji'S-pelan- 


3. jvplCBIlt 18. 

Mc prompt of mind 
to go on journey ; 
tbose who bo think, 
on the flood- ways, 
far to depart. 

80 also the cuckoo exhortd, 
with mournful voice, 
the summer's warden sings, 
sorrow announces 
bitter in its heart. 
The man knows it not, 
the favour' d mortal, 
what some endure, 
who their exile traces 
furthest set ; 

for now my thought wanders 
o'er my breast's recess ; 
my spirit, 
with the aea-flood, 
orer the whale's home, 
waaders wide, 
earth's re^ons 
come again to me ; 
eager and greedy 
yells the lone bird, 
urges on the whale-way 
natbless suddenly, 
orer ocean's flood : 
for to me more exciting are 
the Lord's joys, 
than this dead life, 
transient in the land. 
I believe not 
tbat its earthly wealth 
will stand for ever. 
ifC-T so. hpnl-r 




f imle f^eopa pim- 

J»inja jehpylce. 

se{i hif nbe je- 

co tpeoD feojtpeV- [82 £.] 

abl o})}>e jrlbo- 

pejum fjiompeafibatn* 
j.'eoph oiS^'pinje'S- 
poji^on {nee eojtla jehpam- 

lo): lifjenbjia* 
laj-c po]iba becjC' 
t he sepjpce- 
sep he onpej fcy'le* 
fpemman on polban- 
pi% ):eonba ni|>- 
beopum biebuin- 
beople to-jeaDei~* 
^(ec hine selba beajtii' 
ej-Tep hepjeii' ao 

^ hi)- to|: p))}>an> 
hf%e mib enjlum ■ 
apa Co ealbjie- 
ecati hyxy h\xb- 
bpeam mib bu3e)>uin> 
baja]* pnb jepicene- 
ealle onmeblan- 
eop)>a)i picep- 
niepon nu cyninjaj- 
ne cafepaj-. x 

ne 2olb-jie{an* 
j-ylce lu paepon- 
)ion ht msej-c mib hini- 
insp^ jeppetnebon- 
1 on bpyhcLcefCum ■ 
3- wjibic ci'^isc? 6. Lit. 

Ever either one 

of three things, 

ere it take place, 

will be doubtful ; — 

disease, or age, 

or hostile sword, 

from the fated to departure 

life will expel ; 

therefore that to every man 

of after-Bpeaking, 

praise animating, 

last words is best : 

that be work, 

(ere he must away) 

act on earth, 

against t/te hate of foes ; 

by estimable deeds, 

as^inst tit devil ; 

so that him the sons of men 

may after praise, 

and his fame thenceforth 

lire with angels 

for evermore, 

in the blessing of eternal hfe, 

joy with the good. 

Days are pass'd away, 

all the pomps 

of earth's kingdom ; 

kings are not now, 

nor emperors, 

nor gold-givers, 

such as were of yore, 

when they most among themselTca 

glories perform'd, 

and in most lordly 

(^dge-hate. S4. MS.blzti. 



borne )i):bon> 

jebjiojien if )>eo]' bujulS eal- 

hjieamaj- yinb jepicene. 

puiiiaS ]>a pacjian- 

"J |>aj- }iojiult> bealba)>> 

bpucaf ))uph bij^o- 

bUeb If ^ehnsejeb- 

eo)i]Hui mbji^beo- 

ealbaS -j feajia^- 

fpa nil moons jebpylc^ lo 

jeonb nubbui-jeajib' 

flbo him onfapeS- 

oDffD blaca^- 

jamel-):eax jQojina'S- 

pac hif lu-pinc' 

nl^hn^a beapii' 

eop)>an yop^epene- 

ne maej bim {•on fe plsfC-homa- 

}da bun 'p f^oji; lofR'S> 

ne fpeee f ojtfpeljan ■ u 

ne fap jeyelan- 

ne bonb onbpepan' 

ne mib b^je f>encan. 

{feab |)e ;jue|: fille> 

jolbe fcpajMi ■ 

biio)>op hif jebopenum- 

byps^i ^ beabu- 

ina]>muin mifbcu- 

f bme mib piUe- 

ne iruej Jnejie faple- so 

))e bi}* fynna pil- 

jolb CO jeoce- 

Foji sober ejran. 

]>dn be bic sep bybe%> 

|»enben he hep leofafi. 

power liv'd : 

fall'n is tbia ^lendour all, 

joya are pass'd away ; 

the weaker remain, 

and tbia world hold, 

enjoy in toil. 

Olory IB bumbled, 

the honours of earth 

wax old and eere : 

as now every mau 

throngbont mid-earth ; 

age comea on bim, 

Au face waxes pale ; 

hoary-lock'd he grieves, 

knows that his Menda of old, 

sons of noble ones, 

are to earth committed ; 

may not bis body then, 

when life escapes bim, 

nor sweets consume, 

nor pain feel, ^ 

nor a band move, 

nor with its mind think : 

thoi^h the grave will 

strew o'er with gold 

a brother his brother's, 

heap for the dead 

with various treasures, 

he will not that take with him. 

May not to the eoul 

that is full of sioB 

gold be for help, 

before God's terror, 

when he ere hides it, 

while be here lives. 

89. he ne« 




micel bij> j-e meocubef ejra- [6Sa. 
fofipoa hi j-eo molbe onc^peS- 
j^ jefcatrelabe ■ 
jTi)rfl jjiunbaj- 
eofi)>an fceacaf • 

'] up-iioboji- [ne onbfuebe))' 

bol bi^ je ^ him hif bpyhcea 
cyme^ him yo heaX an]nDjeb- 
eabi; bilS fe ))e ea)»mob leopip- 
cyme^ hi j-eo ap op heo)»num. 
meotub hitn p mob je{Ta)relaS- 
)X>p)'oa be in hi{' meahte ;«lype^ 
fciejian moa fceal ftponjum 
mobe- 13 

■} )wc on fca^tum healban- 
•J jepir pepum. 
pi)-um cl»ne> 
)-cyle moDna jehpylc- 
Bub jemece faeulban* 
pi^ leopie- 

•) pi{S^]nie- 9» 

* * bealo- 

])eah ]te be tune pille> 
):j'pef fuhte. 

.}Great is the dread of /Ae Creator, 

for the mould nhall them return : 

he establuh'd 

the rugged depth x, 

earth 'a regions, 
. and heaven above. [not. 

Foolish is be who his Lord dreads 

death cornea to him unsolicited : 

happy is he who humbly lives, 

to htm comes mercy from heaTcn ; 

the Creator hiu mind strengthens, 
■ because he in his might believes. 

^ man shall govern with strong 

and that with firmness hold, 

and certain towards men, 

in its ways pure. 

Eivery man ought 

moderation to preserve 

towards his friend, 

and towards his foe 

• * • 

though he will him 

of fire fuU, 

o)>)>e on baele- 


hif jepophcne pine. 

pypb bij? rpipe- 

meocub meahcijpa- 

ySa senjej- monne)- jehyjb. 

Uton ye hyc^an- 

or on the pile 


one become his friend. 

Fate is hard, 

the Creator mightier 

than any man's thought. 

Let us consider 

1. I nupect that a leaf ii here wandng, and that what followi ii the end of 
another poem. 

13. MS. nio%; lee p. 93S. 1. IT. 

19 — S4 Here thR text aeemx Teiydefeclire, though there i*uo hiatiuin the MS. 




bjwji pe ham a;;eii> 

■J |>6ii je{>eDcaD- 

hu pe Jnbeji cumen- 

3 pe ^D eac ciben* 

^ pe to inocea' 

in }ia ecan> 



in lupan tijiybtnef- 

fayhc ID faeoj:oDUin> 

{•Kj* 17 )>am haljan )ronC' 

f he ufic jepeopjjabe- 

pulbjiej- ealbop- 

ece bjiyhcen- 

in ealle rib. Km :• 

where we may have a home, 

and then think 

how we may thither come, 

and then also prepare ourselves, 

that we may go thereto, 

into the eternal 


where life depends 

on the Ijord'H love, 

joy in heaven j 

therefore be to the Holy thanks, 

that he ne hath honour'd, 

the Chief of glory, 

the Lord eternal, 

in all time. A'tn* •>. 


))pa;c me yjioh pica- 
on pyjtn-bajum- 
rae^be pnotcop ap- 
pinbop-punbpa pela. 
pojib-bopb onpeaph. ao 

pitman lapu* 
beopn bocajleap. 
boban eep'Cpibe- 
f ic poiShce- 
p)>)>an meahce- 
onjiran be }>am jealbpe- 
jobep ajeii beapn- [83 A.] 

pil-jepc on picum* 

1. MS. re. 

36. Lit. incHHtBtigii. 

List what to me a prudent s^e, 

in days of old, 

said, a wise messenger, 

rare wonders many, 

Am word-hoard disclos'd, 

with a sage's lore, 

a man skill'd in books, 

a preacher's word of old, 

that I truly 

might after 

comprehend, through that lore, 

God's own Child, 

a welcome guest among us, 

so. T. onpiiah. 

88. Lit. in our habitationi. 




-] )>one pacjian fpa j'oine- 

jcjflbum befcyjiebiie. 

on jefceab picon- 

(wec nMB5 ejhpylc mon- 

ea]>e 3e)>encan- 

ye\>e hine IseteS- 

on jiaj* Isenan nb- 

amypjtan bif jeniynbiim- 

mobcf saelfan . 

] on hii" ba^-pime- 

bpuceo CO pice. 

]^n moDije beoJS- 


plonce pij-j-mi)'^'. 

pin-bnpjum in- 

pcca|> sec jumble- 

[•o8-;ieb ppecaiS- 

popbum ppixla^- 

pican pinbia))' 

hpylc lej-c-fcebe. 

inne in pncebe- 

nub pepiim punije- 

Jwin pin hpece^S- 

beopnej- bpeo|T-|%}:an> 

bpeabCme jtijeiS. 

cipm on cop)»pe- 

cpibe-pcpal leta]?' 


j^a beo)> mob-)'e)3n> 

balum jebteleb- 

pnbon bpyhc-^uman. 


pun on o)MpbJjbo- 

Jjpjme iTiinje- 

8. pican for bejiitanf 
80. Lit. the ath <i. «. ipear) -plac 

and the weaker likewise, 
of shields depriv'd, 
with reason direct; 
so that may every man 
easily think, 
who himself lets, 
in this fading time, 
be by his thoughts seduced, 
&is mind's luxuries, 
10 and in his number of days 

But many are 

loTers of social converse, 

haughty warriors, 

in pleasant cides, 

they sit at the feast, 

tales recount, 

in words converse, 

strive to know 
90 who the battle-place, 

within the house, 

will with men abide i 

then wine wheta 

a man's breast-passions, 

suddenly rises 

clamour in the company, 

an outcry they send forth, 


So are dispositions 
so by parts distributed, 

people are 

unlike : 

one in overweening 

proudly presses forth, 

19. Lit ftufos. 
35. M8. bjieahccp. 



I^pince^ him m innaii* 
onjemete mab iuob> 
jinban CO moiuje ]kec- 
brS |>sc s]:])ODca- 
eal ;efylleb> 
feonbej- jiije-pilum- 
picea-j-eajipum • 
bjieoba^ be '] bselceS. 
bo5 hif fylpcf . 
fpi]>op nucle- 
oli ye yeHa mon- 
^ence^ ^ hij- pye- 
pel bpain ^nce> 
eal unpopcu]^- 
bijf )wef dpeji j-pice- 
Jroi he |)ffij- facnej'- 
pQtan fceapaS- 
ppence)} he ^ bleiice|'- 
pojiQ 2e)ience)>- 
fajr^e-ja^i lecefS- 
fCupuiD fceote)>> 
he pn fcylbe ne pat- 
j3eh]>e jejzpemebe- 
peoh hij- becjiaii- 
eopl pojie a3j:jTrum' 
hecetS mpit-plan. 
bpecan ]?one bnjij-peal- 
))e him bebeab meoCub- 
^t he Jjsee pij-fceal. 
pepjan pcealbe- 
yizep rymbel-plonc- 
feappum laaCeiS- 
pine jepaejeb. 
popb uc-papan* 
3. MS. unsemeCe. 


B wells wilbin him 

immensely his mad mood : 

too many are that. 

If that of gnidges be 

all fill'd, 

with a foe's flying-darts, 

with treacherous wiles, 

he terrifies and becomes angry, 

more by much 

than a better man ; 

thinlcB that bis wise 

seems to every one 

all undeprav'd. 

Another is so wily, 

that when he of treachery 

the sequel sees, 

he practises fraud and blenches, 

devises many 


his mind's dart lets forth, 

in vollies shoots ; 

he the shield knows not 

lets the shafts of treachery 
break the town wall, [ed, 

which his Creator to him intrust- 
so that he that fortress 
should defend. 
He sits with feasting proud, 
I,] guilefully lets, 

mov'd by wine, 
words go forth. 




ppftae jebjjimeb. 
sepejTum onseteb- 
ope|ihj^ba pul- 
ni)>um neapo-ppeDcum> 
□u ])u cunnan meahc- 
S'F }"" ^JT^cne. 

punian in picum- 
pice ^ be (wjpim. 
{leapum )x>iiiS-|'pelluin> 
J>aec f bil> peonbej- be^n- 
flgefce bipnjen. 
hajia^ ):)i8ece li);- 
Spuntvpij-ne 5«iT- 
5obe op-jreopmne- 
pulbop-cy nin je • 
Xeapo pypbij juma. 
T Jwc jyb Sppaec* 
fepe hine rJlpie- 
in {>afb)man cib- 
)>uph opeph^ba- 
ahejre^ heah-mobne. 
ye fceal faeaii pej'an- 
sejxep neob-jij'um- 
ni))ep jebijeb- 
punian picuin psfT- 
PTpmu bej^innjen. 
^ pwf 3®^P^ '"• 
in jobef pice- 
^ce mib en;lum- 
oj^phy^b aptig. 

1. tpijter 
16. MS. Of jwojitDoe. 

audaciously bunt forth, 

with pride inflated, 

with envy inflam'd, 

of overweening fall, 

with odious afflicting wiles. 

Now thou may'Bt be able, 

if tliou such 

a man meetest, 

dwelling among na, 
10 to know by these 

few intimations, 

tliat that a child is of the fiend 

with flesh invested, 

has a dissembling life, 

an earth-prone spirit, 

of Qod devoid, 

the Glory King ; 

what the prophet sang, 

a reverend man of yore, 
90 and that lay recited : — 

* He who himself, 

in this dire time, 

through presumption, 


haughty, raises, 

he shall be low, 

after his destin'd lot, 

netber bow'd, 

shall dwell in torments fast, 
30 with worms surrounded. 

It was in days of old, 

in God's kingdom, 

that with angels 

presumption rose ; 

fl. r. jemeee ; we p. Sll. t. S. 
ST. MS. neo r'^tfi- 




pib-msejte jejnn- 
pjiohc ftho]ati. 
he^bne he)ie-p])> 
heopon jnbleban ■ 
pjipapan hjjia Julian. 
^ hi to fpicfl ]K)hton- 


picDe bepypui- 

rpa hie fiyhc ue p»r> lo 

") ySn jei'ectan- 

on hjT>a yfivj^at feom- 

palbjief ypi-lonb- 

)nec hi.pije |»pjTob- 

l»bep jqium-j'ceai:ta. 

peajiS him j-eo feohxx to jpim. 

Donne btS ))am o)>]ium- 


je]>e heji on eop)>aD - 

eaSmob leojia'S* a> 

■] piiS jepbbpa jehpone- 

jimle bealbe^S- 

fjieobe on }:olce* 

"J hip jrpeonb Iu):a1$. 

Jieab ]>e he him abyljnejje- 

opc jeppemebe- [84 A.] 

piUum in fuppe populbe- 

pe mor pulbpep bjieam- 

m hahjpa hyhc- 

heonan ajtijan* 39 

on enjla eajib- 

ne hi^ para o]>jiu ppa. 

pe]>e on opejimebum- 

«^ijam basbum- 

they far-fam'd contest, 

crime, insti^ted, 

Htern warfare j 

heaven they polluted, 

deapis'd their superior ; 

then they treachery deria'd, 

and the Kinj^ of glory 

of his throne, 

the powerful, to bereave, 

na it was not right, 

and then to place 

in their own power 

Me joyous land of glory, 

so that them in war withstood 

the Father of first beingH : 

for them was the fight too grim. 

Then it for that other is 


he who here on earth 

hanible lives, 

and towards all his kindred 

ever holds 

peace among people, 

and his friend loves, 

(though thatheoffence against him 

oft have perpetrated j) 

willingly in this world ; 

he may into the delight of glory, 

into the joys of the holy, 

from hence ascend, 

into the abode of angels. 

Not so will it to the other be, 

who in pride, 

ill wicke<) deeds, 




leoj:a]r in leahcpuni - 

ne beaiS }>a lean jelic- 

mib pulbojt-cyiiinj- 

pice 1*6 be Jriffuni' 

jif ^u ea'Si]iobne> 

eopl ^emete- 

trejii on peobe- 

^Bm biiS pinle> 

SffljT jejaebejiab- 

jobef ajen beapn- i< 

pilpim in poplbe- 

yp me pe piceja ne leaj- 

pop)>on pe j'culon a h^cjenbe- 

hselo psebep. 

jetuunan in inobe> 

msela jehpylcum • 

^ne j-elepcan. 

pjo]ia palbeab. "Xmett :• 

lives, ia vices ; 

the rewards shall not be like, 

with the Glory-King.' 

Know from this, 

if thou a lowly 

person meet, 

a man in the people, 

to him will ever be 

a gather'd guest 

God's own Child, 

dear in life, 

if the prophet spake me not false : 

therefore we should ever, etudioos 

healthful counsel, 
in mind remember, 
at all times, 
the most excellent 
Ruler of victories. 



pib-pi5 maiSolabe- 
popb-hopb onleac- 
pe )>e infepc- 
mKp)>a opep eopjran ■ 
polca jeonb-pepbe. 
ope he plecce ;e)>ah> 
mynehcne ma])]>um' 
hme ppom mypjinjum- 
xpele onpocon. 

Wtdsitb spake, 
» his word-hoard unlock'd, 

who a vast many [had met with] 

wonders on earth, 

travel'd through many nations ; 

oft he had in hall receiv'd 

a memorable gift. 

Him from among the Myrgings 

nobles gave birth to. 

11. Lil. in tht world. 

91- A word it wanting afler ine/i:, probably metro. 



he mib enlhhilbe- 

laljie ):{)eo]m-pebban • 

jiopman ppe- 


hSm je]-ohce> 

eaftan op onjie- 


pjia|>ef pse]i-l(^an> 

oDjon ]>a j>opii fppecan. 

Fela ic moDna je}:ps^n- id 

meE^Jnim pealban- 

jxeal )>eoba jehpjlc- 

}ieapum b|^an- 

eojil sepCeji o]>j)um- 

eSle jueban- 

re ]« hif Jteoben-j-Col. 

jeJ>eon pile- 

^ajia ytey hpala- [85 a.] 

hpile ]'elajt;- 

;] alexanbiieaj-- ao 

ealjia jucofC- 

monna c^imef • 

•J he nuej'C je))ah. 

^pa pe ic ojxp pjiban • 

jejipaejen hsebbe- 

fficia peolb hununi- 

eopmanjuc jocum- 

becca baoinjum* 

bupjenbiim ppca- 

cafepe peolb cpeacum- 3D 

'] cselic poDum- 

bajena holm-pycuni' 

-J benben jlommum- 

piEca peolb fpxf\im- 

7. Here a poition seems waDting. 
16. t. -jrole. 

He with Ealhild, 
futhful peace-weaver, 
for the fint time, 
of tke Hicth-king 
sought the home 
east of Ongle, 
of Eormanric, 
the fierce faith-breaker ; 
began then much to speak : 
• Of many men I've heard 
ruling o'er tribes ; 
(Every prince should 
live according to usage, 
chief after other 
rule the country, 
he who in his throne 
desires to prosper.) 
Of these was Hwala 
while the best, 
and Alexandreas 
of all most powerful 
of the race of men, 
and he most prosper'd, 
of those which I on earth 
have heard of. 
^tla rul'd the Huns, 
Eormanric the Ooths, 
Becca the Banings, 
the Burgenda Gifica, 
CfBsar rul'd the Greeks, 
and Cielic the Fins, 
Hagena the Holmrycs, 
and Hen den the Glome, 
Witta rul'd the SwmfB, 

13. ^eobna. K. 

IB. hpala. K. MS. jmU. 




paba bslpnpim' 
meaca mj^tjinjum- 
meapcheal}: hunbinjuoi' 
)>eobpic peolb {rponcum' 
Jtyle ponbinjfi- 
bjieoca bponbmju- 
billing pejinuni- 
og^ne peolb eopum- 

):in i^lcpalbinj- 
fjiefDa cynne- 
I'tjehepe lenjejT. 
pe-benum peolb. 
bnee): hocinpmi' 
helm pulfiBju* 
palb poinjum- 
j-sefejkiS i^cjum- 
fpeom onjenbJ>eop« 
jxeafxhepe ^bpuit)' 
pceapa lonjbeapbfi- 
hCn haecpepum- 
•J holeu ppoj-nuni' 
bjim^ealb ymy hacen> 
he)ie-):^ena cyninj- 
oj^ peolb onjle- 
slepih benu' 
pe piej- )>apa manna- 
mobjapt ealjia* 
no hpie)?pe he opeji oppaii' 
eoplpc^pe }.7iemebe- 
ac oppa jeplos. 
spepc mouna- 
cniht pepenbe- 

Wada the Hslsings, 
Meaca tht Myrgingii, 
Mearchealf tiie Hundinge, 
Theodric rul'd the Franks, 
Thyle the Rondings, 
Breoca the Brondings, 
Billing the Werns, 
Osvine rul'd the Eows, 
and the Yta Gefwulf, 

10 Fin, Folcwald'H son, 
the race of Fresns, 
Sigehere loDgest 
rul'd the Sea-Danes> 
Hoflef the Hokings, 
Helm the WidfingB, 
Wald the WoingB, 
Wod the Thyrings, 
Sseferth the Sycgs, 
the Swedes Ongendtheow, 

90 Sceafthere the Imbere, 
Sceafa the Longbearda, 
Hun the Htetwers, 
and Holen the WroBns, 
Hringwald was nam'd 
thx Hcrefaras' king, 
Oila rul'd Ongle, 
Alewih the Danes, 
who of those men was 
haughtiest of all, 

30 yet not o'er Ofia he 
supremacy etfiected, 
for Offit won, 
eariiest of men, 
being a youth. 

Si. MS. hnnhsr j«;ium. 




cfn^-pStA maqr. 
tueni; epen-eatb him. 
«o|)Ifcipe m^un- 
mejice jemtejibe- 
priS m^jmju. 
bi |3pel-bojie. 
beolbott popfi p)>}>an ■ 


fapo^pulF -J hpoSjap* 

beolbon lenjejt;' 

pbbe aec-romoe* [85 b,") 


p)>^aD ttf foftfjaecon' 

piciDsa cynn- 

•J u^elber- 

ojit> p}pbijbftn< 

fophaojan nt heopoce* ao 

heaiSo-beapbna ^^' 

jTa te jeonb-i^pbe )xla. 

jqiembpa lonba- 

geonb pnne jpaob' 

sober T JjUef. 

Jwp ic cunnabe> 

coofle bibseleb- 

jjieo-ms^um ]:eop< 

poljabe j*ibe. 

fop)>oti ic nuc^ pnjan- so 

nUBDan pope mengo- 
ID meobu-heatlfi' 
bu me cyne-gobe' 

of kingdonu greatest, 

no one of like age with him 

dominion greater 

had in cmiteBt gain'd, 

with his single sword ; 

his marches ke enlai^ed 

towards the Myrgtng8> 

hj Pifel-dor. 

Continued thenceforth, 

Engles and Sweefs, 

aa Ofia it had won. 

Hrothwnlf and Hrothgar 

held very long 

peace together, 

the paternal cousins, 

after they had ezpel'd 

the race of Wikings, 

and Ingeld'a 

sword had bow'd, 

slaughter 'd at Heorot 

the host of Heathobeards. 

Thus I travera'd many 

f orrign lands, 

over the spacious earth, 

good and evil 

there I pror'd, 

from my oGbpring separated, 

from mjf dear kindred far, 

follow'd widely : 

therefore I can sing, 

and a tale relate, 

recount before the many 

in the mead-hall, 

how to me tA« noble of race 

I. folpibe, i. «. leai afallowtr ia the n 



cfjvam bohcen* were eminently kind. 

Ic |>«f mib btmum- I was with the Hans, 

•J nub hpeS-;oruni' and with the Hreth-Gothi, 

nub fpeom "j nub jemun- withf A^Swedesandwith/AeGfiiti, 

■J nub fu)^beniiDi' and with the Sonth-Dsnei : 

nub p«ilum ic pnj- -j dub psjuram -with the Wenls I wss and with Ike 

■J nub picmpi' and with the Wikinga, 

nub jef^uni ic pKf ^ nub pniebii< with the Gefths I was sod with 

the Wineds, 
^ mib %effiepan' and with the Qeffl^iant, 

nub enjium icpv]'*] nubfpnpii* wtthGngle8lw«8andwtdi8wK&, 
•y mib iHienuni • ii and with the MaeoB^ 

nub feazam ic pKj- ^ nub j^c^um- irith Saxona I was andwithSycgi, 
"] nub j-peojib-pepum' and with the Sweord-Wen, 

nub hjtonunt ic pKj- -j mUb with the Hrons I was and with 

beanum- the Danes, 

■J nub hea]x)-peamum' and with the Heatho-Reani, 

mib )i^puipnn ic p»f ■ with the ThyringB I was, 

•J mib ]rpopenbu- and with the Throwend% 

"J mib bujijenbum' and with the Bui^ends j 

|»aep ic beaj jejfah- there I a bracelet recfflr'd, 

me )raep ^Shepe jiopjeiq:- m me there Gnthfaere gars 
^Isebhcne ou4>)mm> « brilliant jewel, 

jxHijef to leane- for reward of song, 

naef f faene c;^iuii2- that was no slnggish kii^. 

mibFjiODCUicpaef ;}imb|:ii^pua> With the Franks I was and with 

the Frisians, 
■J nub |^umtmju> and with the Fromtiiigs, 

nub pnjomiciwei"} nub jloBuau- with /A« Ruga I was uidiritfa/V 

■J nub jium-palum- and with Me Rom-WeaUu; 

fp^lce ic peer ^'^ eattde- also I was in Italy, 

mib Klj:puie- with iGlfwine, 

fe htepbe mon-cynnej-- so who had of a// mankind, 

nune ;ef^je- to my knowledge. 




leohtej'ce honb< 

lopef CO pyjicenne* 

heojican uohneaperce- 

hjuiija jebslef > 

beojihtjut beftja- [86 a.] 

beajm eabprnef. 

Hib fejicinjtim ic pser* 

■J nub j^iun^um- 

nub qieacfi ic jwp "j mib pnnS- 

"J nub caj^e* lo 

fe J?e piD-bup2'<' 

jepealb ahce- 

piolane ^ pilna> 

^ pala fdcef ■ 

mib j-coceQ K jnej' "J mibpeohcnm ■ 

-J nub pcjube-pmnnm- 

nub bb-pidiipiTn ic pef ^ nub 

■J nub lonj-beajibam- 
mib harSnum "} mib hiele]>nm- 
"] nub htmbinpiiii' to 

nub i]-jiahelum ic p«^> 
^ nub ex-fyjuDjum- 
tnib ebpeum ^ mib lobeotn- 
•J mtb e^^Cum- 
nub moibum ic ftey *] mibpeppim 

•J nub mj^jinpim* 

^ mopbiDjum- 

•J onjeub m^]^mjam- 

■J mib amochuipun< 

mib eafc-^i^npim ic jnej' "j nub 

eolum> M 

■J nub iftum- 
"3 ibuounjum- 

the lighteBt hand 

pruse to effect, 

t&e amplest heart 

in the dutribution of rings ; 

of bright brareletB, 

the child of Eadwine. 

With the Serkings I was, 

and with the Seringa, 

with Greeks I was and with Viin^ 

and with Csesar, 

who o*er the joyous cities 

dominion held, 

Wiolane and Wilna, 

and o'er the Walish realm. 

With the Scots I waf^ and with 

the Ficts, 
and with the Scride-Flns; 
with the Lid-Wikings I ww and 

with the LeoDS, 
and with the Longbeards ; 
with Hfethns and mth Heleths, 
and with the Hundings, 
with the Israelitee I waa, 
and with the Ex>Syringa, 
with Hebrews and with Indians, 
and wi^ the Egyptians ; 
with the Medes I was and with 

the Persians, 
and with the Myrginga, 
and the Mofdings, 
and again with the Myr^ngs, 
and with the Amotiiings ; 
with the East-Thyrings I mis and 

with the EoIb, 
and with the lats, 
and IdumtngB, 

Y 2 




^ ic psef mib eojuiuuipice' 

ealle ]>Ti&;e> 

Jnep me jotena c^mn;. 

jobe tiohce* 

fe me beaj foji^fi&f- 

bupj-pajiena }.-paina. 

on )>am pex honb j>te)-< 

rroaecef jolbef. 

3«rcjjieb fceatta> 


^ne ic eabjilfe* 

on eebc j-ealbe- 

minutn hieo-bpyhene- 

(ra IC Co ham bicpom> 

leopim to leane- 

^f ])e he me lonb ]:opjeaj:< 

m&ej' jzEebep e]>el- 

Fpea mjjipnja. 

'] mejia ealbilb. 

o]«ime pjije^- 

bjiyhc-cpen &ujuj>e' 

bohcoji eabpmej*- 

hype loj: lenjbe- 

;eonb lonba jrela- 

^Soa ic be fonje- 

j-ecjan j-ceolbe- 

hpKp IC unbep J^ejl- 

j^lajT piffe- 

jolb-hpobene cpen- 

jiefe bp^ttian- [8 

ion. pit j-ciUm;. 

j^jian peojtbe- 

pop uncpum pije-bpy'hcne. 

ponj ahopan- 


and I was vith Elormanrio; 
all which time 

there to me the Gothic king 

was bonnteously kind, 

he me a bracelet gave, 

tke chieftain of Au citizens, 

on which six hundred were, 

of beaten gold, 

sceats scored, 

in HhiilingB reckon'd, 

which I to Eadgils 

in poBsession gare, 

mp patron- lord, 

when to tny home I came, 

in reqaital to my Mend, 

for that he me had given land, 

my father's home, 

the Myrgings' lord ; 

and to me then Ealhild 

another gare, 

the noble queen of chieftains, 

Eadwine's daughter : 

/ her praise extended 

over muiy lands, 

when I in song 

had to relate 

where I under heaven 

knew most bountifully 

a qneen with gold adom'd 

her grace dispense. 

When I and Shilling, 

with clear voice, 

'fore our victorious lord 

rais'd the song. 

o>rrin« •}>d. 




Uube bi heappan> 

|>dii moaije men' 

mobnm plooce- 

popbum fpjiecaD' 

)>a ^ pel cn)«ii. 

^ hi D»}:jie fon;- 

pellan ne bypboD- 

^nan tc ealne jeonb-hpeap}:* 

e)>el jotena' lo 

fobte ic a p^- 

Jmbc p»f mn-peopob- 


he^Scan fohce ic -j beabecaii> 

•J hepelu^p' 

emepcan phte ic t] fpiUim- 

oob eajT-;ocao- 

jipobae ^ jobne- 

jaebep uDpeoef* «> 

peccan fohte ic '3 beccan- 

feafolan ^ ^bpic* 

liea)>opic "J Yiyecua- 

hli)»6 -} iDc;eti|>eop- 

eabpioe fohce ic 'j elyan- 

Bjelmnnb ^ huajf^- 

-J pa ploncan jebpffat' 


pulj^epe fobce ic ^ p;^inliepe' 

pd ope )>tep pi; ne alsaj- 3o 

JroDoe hpseba hepe. 

heftpbom ppeopba- 

ymb pijxla pnbu- 

peppiD j-ceolbon- 

loud to the harp 

ottr lay resouaded, 

then many men, 

haughty of soal, 

Bpoke in words, 

(they who well knew,) 

that they never aong 

better had heard. 

Thence I travers'd all 

the country of the GothB. 

Of courseB I ever Bought 

the best,— 

Boch waa the household band 

of Eiarmaiiric. 

Hethca I sought and Beadeca, 

and the HerelingB ; 

Emerca I sought and Fridia, 

and the East Goth 

wise and good, 

Unwen's father; 

iSecca I Bought and Becca, 

Seafola and Theodric, 

Heatboric and Sifeca, 

Hlithe and Incgentheow ; 

Eadwine I sought and Elsa, 

j£^;elmund and Hungar, 

and the proud host 

of the Witb-MyrgtngB ; [here ; 

Wulfhere I sought and Wyrm- 

fuU oft war ceas'd not there, 

when the Hraeds' army, 

with hard swords, 

about Vistula's wood, 

had to defend 




«albDe e]>eI-|To]- 

Kclan leobuni' 

|uebfaepe fohce ic ") jtonbliape- 

jiumftam -y jfflbejM' 

pi]>ep;ielfe ] Fjieo)i^ic- 

pubjan "J hainan* 

ne psepon f ;ep)M. 

)>a ]-ffime]Tan> 

}>eah |>e ic h^ £ nibj%- 

Demnaa fceolbe. lo 

pil oyn Of ^uo heape- 

bpinenbe ]Jea;. 

jiellenbe ^tji- 

on jpome ]Kobe> 

ppseccan ^p |ieolt»n> 

punbnan jolbe- 

)>epiun "J (fffum* 

pubja ^ faama- 

jpa ic f rJmle onjxHib- 

on ]}Ecpe pepui^e- [87 <>•] 

)>ec fe tu^ leopqr- u 


j^ |>e hym job f^WJ- 

jumena pSne> 

to jehealbenne- 

|Knben he hep leojaS' 

1^ pcpijienbe- 

jefceaputn hpeop)»^< 

jleo-ioen jumena. 

jeoob jpunba peta* at 

Jieappe fecja^S- 

|wnc-popb )^peoa^- 

pmle pxS o^^e nop%* 

)-umne jemeeafi- 

jybba jleapne. 

jeopim nnhneapne. 

tliar ancient native seat 

agunat the folks of JStla. 

Bttdbere 1 Bought and Rondhoe, 

Rimutan and tiislhere, 

^itliei^eld ,and Freotheric, 

Wudga and Hama ; 

these were of comradeB 

not the wont, 

though I them ever bat 

should name. 

Full oft from that hand 

whining flew 

t/ke yelling shaft 

on the fierce natioa, 

where woald mrenge* 

the chiefi adorn'd with gold, 

their men and women, 

Wudga and Hama. 

Thus I that hare ever {bond, 

in that journeying, 

that he ia ever dearcat 

to the land's dwellen, 

to whom God gprea 

empire o'er mm 

to hold, 

while he here Krea. 

HiuB roving, 

with their lays go 

the ^eemen of men 

over many land a, 

their need expreaa, 

words of tfaanka utter* 

always south or north 

find one 

knowing ia songs, 

liberal of gifts. 



fe pe pojie bn;o^ pile* 
bom iquejtaii* 
eoplfcipe «epi«a> 
o)^e eal fcteceS* 
leohc "J lip pjmob- 
lof re jepfticeS. 
hapX nnbejt heoponfi. 
heab-jaejme bSm :• 

who before Aw nobles deBtres 
Am grandeur to esalt^ 
his dignity to show, 
till that all departs, 
light and life tt^ther. 
He who works praise 
has, under bearen, 
enbstantitd glory. 


Fnl ofZ pac yssoagaK- 
nub jobep meahtuin- 
)>iei%e yeji ■] yip- 
in pojinlb cenna'S. 
beapn nub jebypbom* 
T nub bleom ^jipa£- 
cem]it)> 3 tteea^> 
oypast peo tib c^me^* 
jsjkS jeiqi-pimnm- 
^aet ]ra ^eonjan lecnau- 
hjy B j Tan leo)Hi. 
jeloben peopJwS' 
Fejija* rpa -jfepa^- 
psebeji "J mobop- 
jiep* :j pejq«]>- 
2ob ana yas- 
hpechun peaxflUbT* 
pinCeji bjnajaS. 
jtunum f jejougeS- 

Full oft it happens^ 
10 through Ood's powers, 
that man and wife 
bring forth into the world 
a child by birth, 
and in colours deck U, 
diidpline and teach if, 
till that the time comet, 
paaseB, in course of yean, 
that the young Gmbs, 
the vital members, 
» be grown: 

carry then and lead it 
father and mother, 
gift and adorn it. 
God only knows 
what to it waxing 
winters will bring. 
To one it happens, 

i«. MS. minB> 1 eeca). 



[97 4.] 

JjBBC j-e ettbe-pXf- 

ea{i):e{$-tiuecpita • 

pealic peop^^- 

yceaX huie pulp etan- 

hSp bseS-jrapa- 

hiii-p)' ^OD mobop bimujineS- 

ne htS jffic monnef jepealb* 

fumoe j*ceal huojop ahi]fiiD- 

fumne jx;eal hpeoh }»pb|U|an' 

jumne fceal jap ajecan- ii 

fumne ;u1S abpeocao' 

yS fceal leomena leaf • 

]ij:ef neoCan- 

folmii Eec-peohcan- 

pim on fsHe hf> 

feono-beDQiun j'eoc- 

pip cpsDian- 

mupoan meotub-jefceapt:- 

mobe jebyrjab. 

pim fceal on holte- . 

op heah-beame- 

p]repleaf peallan* 

bi% on jiihte j-e-^reah- 

laceS on lypCe- 

oJiliEet lenjpe ne bilS- 

pefcem pubn-beamef • 

^oa he on pypc-puman- 

pje^S j^ncen-pep^. 

paple bipeapob- 

|:ealle]> on folban> 

]%op% bi)> on yipe- 

fum fceal on yepe- 

in youtbftU lUe^ 

that the end 

(to the unfortunate) 

is miserable. 

Him the wolf shall eat, 

the hoar traverser of the beatfa, 

his mother then shall Au death 

bemoum : 
floch is not within man's control. 
One shall hanger destroy ; 
one shall the cruel drive away ; 
one shall the spear lay prostrate; 
one war thall crush ; 
one diall void of light 
paBS Am life> 
with his hands gn^ ; 
one on foot his hk, 
sick -mtii sinew-wounds, 
his pain, bevrait, 
mourn the Lord's dispensation, 
in mind afflicted; 
one shall in the forest, 
from a high tree, 
wingless fall, 

shall natii'less be on flight, 
hover in air, 

till that he shall no longer be 
the wild tree's fruit, 
when he to the root 
shall sink with life exhausted, 
of soul bereft, 
shall fall on earth, 
his soul be on its joumejr. 
One shall on foot. 

n jef eale I 

S3. MS. hcBD beane. 




on feoji-feguy. 

□ybe ^onjui' 

■} hif neft bejian> 

cjieban nju^-la|t:' 


jcfiecne |»lban. 

ah he Feofunenbpa' 

lyc hjrjenbju- 

la^ bi^ aejhjnaji. 

j»pe hif ponrceapcii' 

pineleaf h»1e' 

]*tim fceal on ;eapU' 

{^jMi fuban. 

j-eomian seC jyf\te' 

o^y«c jupl-hojih. 

bao-coj3 blobij- 

ab}if>cen peof)]>e3- 

)>»p htm h|ie|3i mme^- 


fitted jvlfi^-ipab' 


nt^ej) he ^ faeae nuej. 

folmum bipepjan- 

la^m l^jx-fx^^n' 

bi)> hif hf fcracen' 

^ he pele leaf' 

peojief oppena- 

blac on beame' 

bibeS pypbe. 

bepejen fiel-miytx- 

biS him pepi; noma- 

pun on beele j-ceal' 

bjumbaf ]>eccan- 

jgietan jTiecne- 

on far wajrn, 

needs go, 

and bis proriaion bear, 

tread, with dewy track, 

of forei^en 

the unkind »oil, 

he has of entertainers 

few liring, 

is everywhere tmwelcome 

for his misfortunes, 

a friendless man. 

One shall on tAe cuir'd 

gallowE ride, 

be in death suspended, 

till that Aw body. 

Ail bloody carcase, 

shall be broken ; [take 

there &om him absll the raven 

his eyes, 

sallow of coat, shall tear 

Attn soulless, 

nor may he from that roguery 

with hands defend himself, 

from the hatefnl robber of the lur; 

his life id departed, 

and he skinlesa, 

hopeless of soul, 

pale on the tree, 

his fete awaits, 

corer'd with the mist of death : 

to him is an execrable name. 

One in the fire shall 

the brands deck, 

fiercely they shall c 

SS. fellear' 

SS. MS. >«Dun. 



Lp-jisjne miHinan- 
^Mji hi lip-jebal- 

jieab jw)>e jleb- 
peote^ meople- 
f-eo hyjie beapn ;eph£- 
bjtonbaf ^eccan- 
fumfi mece)* ec^- 
OD meobu-beoce* 
^})um ealo-pofao' 
ealbop 6pyfanj,eS- 
pefie pin-rabiuii' 
bi'S eji faif pojiba CO bfittb' 
pim fceal od beojie- 
|>uph byjielef hoiib< 
meobu-jal msecja' 
ySa he jemet ae con- 
jemeajiciut hij- mu|re- 
mobe yme- 
ac rceal pil equnlice- 
ealb)te hnnan ■ 
bpeo^an bpjhcen-beftlo> 
bjieamum bij-cyjieb' 
-J bine to pylp-cpale. 
j-ecjaf nemna'S' 
masoa^ nub ma]>e' 
meobu-jalej- jebpmc- 
pim j-ceal on jeoji^ie* 
nub jobef meahtu- 
hip eajifc^p^- 
ealne fO)ifpi't>*n* 
•J on ylbo epc- 
eabi; peoj))>an< 
punian pyo-^M^um* 

tAe death-degtia'd man; 

there to him death 

aball be sudden, 

red t/i« fierce gleed : 

the woman shall weep^ 

who her child sha)l see 

the bnmdfl declung. 

From one the foulchkm's edge, 

on the mead-bench, 
10 angry with ale, 

life shall expel, 

a wine-sated man ; 
[88a.] was ere in his words too hn^. 

One shall at beer, 

through the akinter's hand, 

a mead-mad man, 

when be discreetly cannot 

to bis mouth let bomids 

with bis nnderstandii^, 
n but shall full miserably 

lose hit life, 

suffer misery profound, 

from joys cat off, 

and him for a self-dertnyer 

men shall name, 

sball deplore with toooth 

the mead-mad 's drinkii^. 

One shall in yontb, 

with Ch>d'8 power, 
M his hard lot 

all bring to naiq^ht, 

and in age agidn 

be happy, 

continue in prosp'rooB days. 

1. UjpejtsieT 


30. MS. W|tf«p<^ 



•J pelan ^cjari' 
m^vmaf "j meobu-pil. 
nu^-bupje on- 

peopli jehealban- 
fpa mijjenlice- 
meahcij bjiyhtea. 
jeoab eop)>ao fceat. 
eallom bseleS- 

^ 2^]-ceapo healbeV- 
j-nmnin eab-pelau- 
famu eapfefA bsd> 
pimum jec^o^ slKb- 
pimum 'giijfe blsab- 
jepealbenne fq-pkjan- 
pimu p^p e^pe }%jce> 
tophelicne tfip- 
fumu ctejle cpsjcti- 
bleo-bojibcf ^juijb> 
pime bocepaLj*' 
peopJmS ptfjaefOe. 
jmuam piiiibop-2K>'e< 
^]\h jolb-]-iiu]>e> 
jeappab peop]^^- 
ful ope he jeh^be^S- 
j sAfjijte^ pel. 
bp^cen-c^njef b«^m' 
^ be him bpab )7la9. 
lonb CO le&ne- 
he hie on Inj-e ^joS* 
pun fcenl on heape> 
hnlejnim cpeman- 
bhjTian as h a o f yt- 

and wealth receive, 

treamrefl, uid meftd-cupi 

in his fomiljr, 

for which may uty man 

life preserve. 

Ilus vuionsly 

the mi^t; Lord> 

over earth's region, 

to all allota, 
10 diepensee and provides, 

and his creBturea holds ; 

to one prosperity, 

to one a lot of hardnhips, 

to one a joyous youth, 

to one success in war, 

stem battle-play j 

to one in casting or shooting 

bright glory ; 

to one skill at tables, 
90 cunning at tks n^ur'd board; 

some doctors 

wise become ; 

for one a wonderous skill 

in gold-smith's art 

is provided, 

full oft he decorates, 

and well adorns 

o powerful king's noUe, 

and be to him gives broad 
30 land in recompense ; 

he it joyfully rec^ves. 

One shall in company 

to men {^ve pleasure] 

at beer delight 

ff. MS. jopfc. 

H. xlKbe? 

17. tilV^ 



benc-pcteobum • 

)nej) bil) bjuDcenbjia- 
bpeam j-e imcla- 
fum fceal mib faeajipan- 
sffi hij- hlapopbef • 
}:ocum pecan- 
peoh t-Kjan. 
■] a pieUice. 

fnepe pjisejTan- [8 

lastan j'cjial lecan- 
jeapo j% |>e btetqwC- 
iie;l neome cenbe* 
bi^ him Deob micel' 
pim j-ceal pilboe pojel- 
ploncDH acemian- 
hea}»c on faonba* 
oji^me feo heopo fpealpe* 
pjupjm peopt'eiS. 
be]> he pyppl^ on- 
pebef) Yy& on peeepum- 
|:i|>pum bealne- 
lepe)* l^pc-jTipcne- 
l^lnm jteplnm* 
o)')Mec j-e ptelipca- 
paebum ^ biebum. 
hif KC-jiepan- 
eafSmob peopJwS- 
•j CO hajoirealbep • 
honba jelsepeb- 
Ypn. ppffitlice- 
peopob anep ;ob- 
jeonb mibban-jeapb- 
monna cpspcap - 
pceop •} pcjpebe- 

the bench-Bitters, 
where of drinken ia 
great joy. 

One shall with harp 
at bis lord's 
feet sit, 
money receive, 
and ever quickly, 
b."} with rapid flexions, 
10 a load sound send forth, 
ready be who dances, 

he has great need- 
One shall the wild bird, 
proud, tame, 
the hawk on his haod, 
till that the martial swallow 
becomes gentle : 
he puts varrels on, 

u feeds Mm thus in fetters, 
in his plumes exulting, 
teaches the swift in idr 
with Am little gaffles, 
till that the Welsh birdf 
in weeds and deeds, 
to his feeder 
becomes obedient, 
and to his trainer's 
hand instructed. 

w Thus wonderously 
the God of hosts 
over mid-earUi 
men's powers 
has created and idlotted. 



■J jefcea^o pejiebe- 

i^hp^lcu on eoppan- 

eopmen- cynnef • 

]»}i)>oii him na ealley ]x)nc> 

a^hpa yw^e. 

yaf l»e be jmji hif milcfu* 

nonnnm fcjupe^S :• 

and Aw decrees borne 

to every one on earth 

of humitn race ; [alt 

wherefore to him now thanks for 

let each aay, 

that which he in his mercies 

for men proridee. 


Fjajfi mec {jjiobum popbnm- 
ne Uec }>mne |:6p)S onhselne' 
bejol J>sec )>u beopojr cunne- ii 

nelle ic )ie mm byline jefecjan- 
jif )ru me )nnne hy^e-cptepe 

"} ^me heojican je^hcaf- 
jletqw men fceolon pebbn 

job fceal mon eepejT hejijan. 
pe^e psebflp npjine. [ceobe- 
poji^on )« he nf BBC fjtymjie je- 
bf -J benne piUan- 
be npc pile |»apa leana jemoman 
meocnb fceal m pulbpe< » 
mon pceal on eop)>an' 
jeonj ealbian' 
job Qf ece bi^- 
ne penbalS hme p^ba- 

ft. btbelaii, or 10. 


Declare to me in prudent words, 
let not thy unsound mind 
10 conceal what thou most deeply 

knowetit ; 
I will not'tell thee my secret lore, 
if thou from me thy knowledge 

and thy heart's thoughts : 
skilful men should in proverbs 

Ood before all must one praitie 
fervently^ our Father, [sign'd 
because he to us at the first as- 
life and feeble frill. 
■ He will remind us of those loans. 
7%c Creator shall abide in glory ; 
man shall dwell on earth ; 
the youDg grow old ; 
God is for ua eternal, 
fetes change him not, 




ne hine pihe bpece^< 

abl ne ylbo. [89 i 


oe jomela'S he u ^jTe< 

ac he ij- jen j^a he psf • 

Jwoben jej-ylbij. 

he wf jeJ>onc j^leiS. 

mij^eolicu tnot>- 

mon- jejteojibe • 

]»oph-cyDiia fcla- 

ymymep pbe- 

^lonb monij- 

eapbaf jiume- 

meocub afu^be- 

yon mon-cynne- 

eelmihcis job* 

epen-fela bcga- 

^eoba^ ^CB)**' 

}>m2 yc^ ;ehejan< 

IHJlob pl)> ffU>tHW> 

bi)> hypa )»pf jelic- 
hi a j-ace ]-ema^- 
pbhe jeliejia'S- 
)ra Kfi pOTpelse. 
apejen h abba's- 
jiseb fceal mib piyc^o- 
p^ht nub pipuD- 
til fceal nub cihiin> 
Cu beoS jenueccan- 
rcea) pif 1 p^. 
in pogiulb cennan- 
bea]m nub jebypM' 
beam fceal on et^^ian' 
leajnim lijian ■ 
lecHuu juoiuium- 
34. liFiinf 

nor doth aught afflict him, 
I.] diaease nor age, 


be grows not old in spirit, 

but he is still as he was, 

a patient Lord : 

he gives ua understaniUng, 

Tarious minds, 

human speech. 
10 Dirers tribes of mortals 

contiuns in i^ wide embrace 

many ok island. 

Spacious lands 

tke Creator estd>lish'd 

for mankind. 

Almighty God, 

a like many of both 

nations and manners. 

Counsel shall bold 
M the wise with the wise, 

their mind shall be alike, 

they shall erer strife appease, 

peace enjoin, 

which the unblesa'd ere 

have diaturb'd. 

Counsel shall i«with /Acpmdent, 

rigtit with the wise. 

7%«good shall AoUwith thegood. 

Two shall be mates. 
io Woman and man shall 

bring forth into the worid 

children by birth. 

A tree shall on earth 

with leaves flourish, 

with branches grow. 

95. iMRnn ipoftnt 




pif irea] fepan. 
ja^e rpeltan. 

^mb jebal ptcRO' 

mibban- jeaptM]' - 

meotub ana pat- 

hpBep fe qvealm cyraep- 

|re heon&D Of cyYpe jepiC8)>- 

nmbofi f celS )«• 

»ji at>l DimeS* 10 

pf -peoppe^ 00 r:olban j-pa pela- 

pjia c^nnej'- 

ne j-y ymy maja-eimbjiep. 

jemec 0{:e|i eopliao- 

pj: hi ne panije' 

pe )>af pojinlb teobe* 

bol bi)> fe ]« hif bjiyhten n 

2^ departing sliall go, 

fated die, 

and every day 

strive against separation 

from mid-earth. 

7%e Creator alone knows 

where the malady shall come, 

which hence from f Ac land departai 

He the children increases, 

ere diiiease takes them ; 

therefore are on earth so many 

of th^ race of men : [be 

there would not of the human race 

measare on earth, 

if them decreas'd not 

he who this world created, [not. 

Foolish is he who his Lord knows 

CO ymj- op: cfmeS beaiS un)>in;eb> so often cometh death miask'd. 
j-nocpe men juplil beop^a^- Prudent men take heed for their 

healbalS h;^ fo^ mib p^hre- m hold thrar sooth righteously, 
eabt; bilS j-e )>e m hip e^le je)>ihti>Hi4)py is he who in his country 
thrives ; [betray, 

ea^m j-e him hif ypfab jej-pica'S- miserable he whom his friends 
neppe pceal pe him hip nepc tte shall never * * whose 

apppmjeS- provision fidls. 

n^b pceal ]>p^e- Need shall have time, 

^ebunben bh^ pceal. [89 A.] Bound cheerfully shall be 

heopco blmb pceal- 
hif eajna ^han> 

the innocent. 

TAe blind of heart shall 

his eyes lose, [vi 

opa^n hip bim eophepe jepih}>e4aken shall be from them bright 
ne majon hi ne Conjla bepitum- they may not the heavenly bodies 

jp^-toplit-pDnnm ne monan- the heaven-bright sun or moon, 
S3. The verb Hemi wniting. 




pase him bi)* fip in hij- mobe- 

on 26 ]K>n he hic ana pac> 

ne pene^ f him {>ef eb-hpypp; 

palbenb him pxe pice ceofae- 

j% him mffij pyjipe jyllan* 
hselo op heopot>-jimme- 
jip he pftC heoptan clsene- 
lepnon Itecep behopaS' 
laejumpceal monjeonjiiemonnan' 
tpyman ^ t^hcan ]»ee he ceahi 

ofptBZ hme mon ^eemeboe bsebbe' 
j^lle hmi pipt T paebo- 19 

0)>)>ec hme mon on j^pitce alaabei 

ne ]-ceal hme mon cilb j^nj ne 

asp he hme ttcypaa mote* 
]r^ pceal on )>eobe ;e^n- 
JwbC he pej^ Jijupc-hycjenbe- 
ft^an fceal mon fcponjum mobe' 

ptopm ope holm ^ehpmpip- 
jeopen in ^immam p»lum- aa 
onpnnaiS spome pimbian* 
pealpe on-peopjian Co lonbe* 
bpse|>ep he pKpce ptonbe- 
peallap him pi^e healbalS- 
him bi)> pmb jeuuene- 
ppa bi)> fte pmilcc' 
]»5n hj pmb ne pece^S- 
ppa beo]> {reoba je^sepe- 
pSn hy jejxmjab habbaS- 
6. -simmura t 13. BlsCet 

that to him willbe pain in hiB mind, 
in as much that he alone knows it; 
he will not hope that its return 

may come ; 
the Supreme hath him that pu- 
nishment decreed, 
who may give him a change, 
health of eyes, 

if he know that hia heart be dean. 
^ lover requires a leech. 
■j4 young man one must teach, 
encourage and excite, that be 

may veil know, 
'till that he is render'd docile: 
give him food and garments, 
till that he be led forth wHh un- 
derstanding ; 
one must not, while a young 

child, upbraid him, 
ere he can know himself; 
he shall among people flourisfa, 
so that he be bold of spirit. 
'With strong mind shall a mu 

2%« sea oft bringa storm; 
the ocean, in rough seasons, 
strives fiercely to tend, 
dusky, to move to land ; 
yet it shall &st stand, 
bulwarks shall hold agwnst it, 
to them is the wind indifferent 
As the sea is calm, 
when wind excites it not, 
BO are people in concord, 
when they have settled differracea. 




jejitta^ him on ;ej*UDbum ]>ia- 

■J )>dQ nub jef^um hea]b^> 
ceofl mea jec^be pice- 
c^inj bi|> anpealbej' jet^jui' 
laS yepe lonber mona'S- 

Iflof j%]>e majie beobeS> 

pUpn jxeal tnib pIenco> 

|>pi)t» Dub cenum* 

fceolan ba jieceae- 

beabjie jrjiemman* lo 

eojtl fceal on eoj- ha^e- [90 a.} 

eojiob fceal ^etjiume jubao' 

paefte pejja j-tonbao- 

petnne sec hype bopban jepij^iS 

pib-jonjel pip jwpb jerppinje*. 
c^ by mon pommu bibb's* 
hsele% by hofpe nuenalS- 
ofc h^e hleop abpeote'S- 
fceoniunbe man p;eal in p:eabe 

yap in leohce jejufeS- ao 

faonb jx^eal beojHib in-pypcan- 
hopb in jrpeoDiim biban- 
jip-fcol 5^ieppeb jronban. 
bponne bine jatnan jebtelen* 
pfpe bi)> pe (ram jolbe onpehiS. 
juma friep on beah-j'ecle jeneah* 

lean fceal jip pe leo^an nellsS- 
(la )re up )>ap lipj'e ^eteobe :• 

1 1. Lit. on a hone'i ihouldor. 
IS. MS. abii«a>en. 

ait in sound condition, 

and then with their comrades 
Bold men have inborn sway. 
^ king is desirous of power. 
Hateful ia he who lays claim to 

dear he who proffers more. 
Pomp shall be with pride, 
the confident with the bold ; 
both shall quickly 
war promote. 

A chief shall ride on horseback ; 
a squadron shall ride in a body ; 
a band of foot stand fast. 
A damsel it beseems to be at her 

A ramblingwoman scatterswords, 
she is often charged with &ult8, 
a man thinks of her with con- 
oft her cheek smites. [tempt, 
A bashful man shall walk in the 

the pure is befitting the light. 
TAehead shall influence tAehand; 
the treasury awtut riches ; 
a present stand prepar'd, 
when men it bestow. 
Grasping is he who receives gold, 
a man to whom, in a high sta- 
tion, ts enough. [not lie) 
Recompense shall be (if we will 
to Him who us this favour has 

1 3, MS. pojiot). 
99. sefcpeonum? 

la. sejpjienjetft 



FopjT fceal ppeoj-an. 

Frost shall freeze ; 

fyp pubu melcan- 


earth bring forth ; 

If bpjcsian. 

ice break, 

pffiCep-belm p^an- 

the watery deep agitate, 

punbpu lucao- 

wonderously lock up ci(>ar. 

the herbs of earth. 

an jxeal inbinban- 

One BhaU unbind 

Kopi^r }:eC]ie. 

frost's fetters. 

fela-meahtnj job- 

10 the much mighty God 

pincep j-ceal jepeoppan- 

winter shall cast forth. 

pebeji ept cuman- 

fair weather again shall come, 

fumop ppejle-hae- 

summer with burning sky. 

piiib unjTilIe- 


beop beaba psej- 

deep the way of the dead. 

bypne biS lenjej^ holen. 

A secret shall be longest hidden 

fceal IB eele^- 

Shall among men 

rtij* jebieleb. 

the inheritance be divided 

beabep monnep- 

of a dead man. 

bom bij" pelapt. 

aa Power is most raccellent. 

cynin; j-ceal mib ceape. 

A king shall with cattle 

q>ene jebicjan. 

bay a queen. 

bunum ^ beajuin> 

with cups and bracelets. 

bu pceolon fepejr- 

both shall at first 

jeofum jSb pepan. 

in gifts be bounteous. 

ju* pceal in eople- 

War shall in an * eorl,' 

jnj sepeaxan. 

contest, grow. 

T pip set«on. 

and his wife flourish, 

lop mib hype leobum- 

beloved with her people, 

leohc-mob pepan- 

30 be of cheerful mind. 

pune healban- 

a secret hold ; 

4. bpwan? 5. -holm? 

18. r. rpojel- 01- rpesl-. 

la. m^ 

17. forhideKifortheukeofaltiteMtioti; MS. alcti. 




|inm-beopC beoD- 
meajium ^ maf»inum 
meobo-jisebenoe ■ 
pjji jepiS-mwjen- 
jyuile Kjhpeji. 
"Pei"*^ 36j3iecan- 

eo jzjiean honb- 
jucene jejuecan ■ 
1 him ]uab pican- 

bsem eeC-j'omne- 
fcip yceti jeneejlflb' 
fcj-lb jebunben. 
leohe linfeen bopb- 
leop ]>il-ciiina< 

^on jdota jronbeS- 
bi]r hif ceol comen ■ 
•J hyjie ceojil bo ham ■ 
ajen Eet-jeo|:a- 
^ faeo fame m}a^a]>- 
psej-ceS hif paju; hpiejl 
■J him rtl«]> psebe mpe. 
L^ bi OD lonbe- 
|>asf h]f lufu biebe^S. 

he shall be munificent 

in horaeB and geldings, 

in bestowing of mead, 

towards hU friends, 

ever everywhere ; 

the peasants Am 

shall earliest greet, 
[90 b.] fuU rent 

to thev^ lord's hand 
10 forUiwith present, 

and them consult, 

the mansion owners, 

both together. 

A ship shall be nail'd; 

a shield bound, 

the light linden board. 

Dear is the welcome guest 

to the Frisiui wife, 

when the vessel stands, 
90 his ship is come, 

and her husband to home, 

her own prorider, 

and she calls him in, 

washes his weedy garment, 

and to him gives new r^ment ; 

'tis pleasant on land to him 

whom his love awaits. [hold ; 

pif fceal yip pep pa-pe jehealban- Woman shall with man compact 

0|X hi mon pommum behli^< 
fela biH pejT-hJbi;pa. 
fela briS pyppec-jeopopa- 
]:peoS h^ ppembe monnan- 
J>6n pe o[wp peep jepitej*. 
bba bi)» lon^e on ppe- 

man often besets her with Am 
many are firm-minded, [vices ; 
many are inquisitive, 
strange mm court them, 
when the other far departs. 
TVie sailor is long on bis course, 

4. -meestnuf 
87. bib««f 

s. r. feojiman or feojime. 



a mon fceal pe-Jteab leope]- }>enaii 'always ought a man oath'leBS to 

expect hU friend, 
jebiban )fmy he jebseban ne m9^>to await what he caonot coatrol ; 
hponne him ejrc jebyjie peojfSe^ when it shall ague be proper, 
hS cyme's ;ip he hal leopa^- he will come home if he be living 

in health, 
nepie him holm jejryjie^- unless him the ocean tosses, 

mejie ha).'aS munbum- the sea has Aim in its clutches, 

me^ ejpan pyn- A maid is the delight of the eyes, 

ceap eabi; mon- A rich man his cattle, 

cynmj pic )>cn> a king his dwelling then, 

leobon cype^S- lo with his people shall giiard> 

))onne li)fan cyme's- when marinere come, 

pnba ^ psecpep n^rca^. wood and water use ; 

t>on him bi)> pic alypeb. then to them is a dwelling granted, 

mete bj^et* ^p he mapan (reapp- Meat he buys, if he needs more, 
Eep)>on he co me]>e peop)>e. ere he becomes too ^nt. [eata, 

feoc pe bi]> ^e eo j-elban leeeS- Sick will he he who too seldom 
)>eah bine mon on funnan leebe- though he be led into the son, 
ne moe; he be fy pebpe pej-an> he may not be in the open air, 
|>eah hic yy peapm on pimepa- though it be warm in summer ; 
opepcumen bi)> he sep he Scpele- he will he overcome ere he dies, 
2ip he nac hpa hme cpicne pebe- if he knows not who will feed 

him living. 
miejenmonjH^ealmibmecepeban.Strength a man must feed with 
mop]Kip nnbep eopf>an bepeolan- murder bury under earth, [meat, 
hmbep unbep hpupan- C91 <>■] down under ground, 
^ hit pophelun )>ence^- who seeks to conceal it; 

ne bi|> {raet jebepe bea)>. that is not a seemly death, 

)>onne hit jebypneb peopJieS. when it is kept secret, 
hean fceal jehnijan. The humble shall bow; 

ablije pjan- the diseas'd siak ; 

jijhc pojian- so justice accuse. 

6. Lit in haodi. 7. e^DB (eajena)! 18. MS. olfpeS. IS. r. neS. 

88, sa. Tfaeie linm have no ■llileratioQ. S9. MS. at>l sejigan. 
30. Ohg. Tdgjan, O.S. wrdgiaa ? 




jueb bi|' n^reoj-e- 

ypel unnyccojT- 

)>8ec unbsb nime^- 

j5b bif jenje. 

•} pil> job lenje- 

hyje ]-ceal jehealben- 

honb jepealben. 

feo fceal in eajan* 

piyttpo m bjieofCum- 

pteji biS pay monoef - 


mu^ 3«hpylc mete )>eaji]:> 

Duel fceoloD cabum jonjan- 

jolb xe]ure]»- 

on soman j-peojibe* 

felUc JTje-fcec^p- 

fine on cpene- 

job fcop jumnm- 

ja]! iu]>-pe]tain- 

pij CO-pi)>pe- 

pic fjteoptk healban* 

}x::^lb fceal cempan- 

yoeafc pea)»pe> 

fceal bpybe beaj- 

bee leopnepe- 

hofl hatjutn men- 

htetmum j^nne- 

poben pophce peop • 

pulbop-alpalba • 

pume pobejia]*' 

f tf pice 50b. 

Yy\f foB cjTiuij' 

pipla nepjenb. 

p op eal popjeap' 

Cuunsel is most useful ; 

evil most uBeleaa, 

that the unfortunate takes to. 

Good ia current 

and lasting before God. 

TAe mind shall be modesty 

the hand powerful ; 

sight shall be in the eyes, 

wisdom in f A« breast, 

where are man's 

mental thoughts. 

Every mouth requires meat; 

meals shall take place at times. 

Gold is fitting 

on a man's sword ; 

seemly a martial rest, 

jewels on a queen> 

a good poet for men, 

a weapon for enemies, 

war for oh adversary, 

a house to hold peace. 

A shield shall be for the soldier, 

a shaft for the robber; 

a ring shall be for the bridej 

books for the learner, 

housel for the holy man, 

for the heathens sins. 

Woden wrought idols, 

the Glorious Almighty 

Me spacious heavens, 

he ia a powerful God, 

the true King himself, 

Preserver of souls, 

he gave us all 

SB. eontr. for peohaj (jtoiaf). 




)nee ye on-li)^a)>> 
■] e|X sec )>am eobe- 
eallum }>ealbe%- 
monna cj^De> 
)wt If meocub fyl):a :■ 

oil which we Uve> 

and at the end ague 

shall rule all 

the race of meo ; 

that is the Creator himaelf. 

Bab fceal mon fecjati* 

pune piiicaD. 

leot* jepDjan. 

leofej- jeapnian- 

bom apeccan- la 

bsejej- oneecan- 

eil mon eilej'- 

"J comej- meapep- 

cu]?ep ■] jecoi-tep- 

-j calc-jionbep. 

nseni; pipa- 

CO pela jepCpyneS' 

pel mon pceal pme healban> 

on peja jehpylcum- 

ope mon pepeS- aa 

peop bi rune. [91 6.] 

^p him pat ppeonb. 


pineleap ponpseh; moo- 

jenime^ him pulpap eo ;epepau- 

pela-pecne beop. 

pul ope hme pe jepepa phte%. 

giype pceal pop jp^um- 

jpiep beabum men. 

hunjpe heopeS- so 

Counsel shall a man utter, 

runes write, 

songs ling} 

praise merit, 

judgment declare, 

by day hasten, 

a good man on n good 

and tame horse, 

known and tried, 

and round of hoof. 

No man 

gains too much. 

Well shall a man bold a friend, 

in every way. 

Oft a man goes 

far about, 

where he knows a friend to be 

void of reproach. 

A friendless unhappy man 

takes wolves for his comrades, 

a much crafty heaet, 

full oft the comrade tears him ) 

there shall de horror for thegnjone. 

The grave for the dead man 

hungry shall groan ; 




oalef f heafe bepinbeti* 
ne hupu psel pepeS* 
mojil^oji-cpealm nuecja- 
ac hic a m^ie piUe- 
ppaefa fceal punbm' 
l^iaca heajibiS men- 
bo^a jcetl fCjuele* 
fceal bam jeliC' 
moD Co jenueccan- 
ma]>]>uia o]>|ief peoji'S- 
jfilb mon fceal ppan- 

"J etc mmnn . 

fele fceal jtonban' 
f^lf «dbisn> 
licsenbe beam- 
laerept sjKipeS. 
cjieo fceolon bjuebaa* 
^ cjieop peazan- 
yio jeoab bilpicjia- 
bpeoft apipeS- 
pKjtleaf mon- 
^ ponhjbij. 
-J on^ecjieop- 
|»tef n« jjTneB job. 
yein fceop meoeub* 
!«]• )« FyjiD jepeapS- 
hec p)>]»an. 
fpa pyp^ pepui' 
pepa jehpylcu- 
pifhcu popb jepiraiS. 

not with howl winds round it, 

nor indeed death huuenta 

the gray wolf 

the mortality of men, 

bnt ever wishes it greater. 

A bandage ehall be/or the wound- 

^rile for a cruel man. [ed ; 

j4 bow shall have a shaft. 

Shall alike to each) 
10 coneort to consort, 

be the other's treasure, 

Qold a man shall give. 

Clod can impart 

wealth to the prosperous, 

and agun it take. 

A hall shall Btwid ; 

self grow old. 

A lying tree 

least grows. 
90 Trees shall spread ; 

and &ith increase, 

which through the gentles' 

bosom rises. 

ji fiuthless man, 

and perverse, 


and untrue, 

for him God careth not. 

Much hath the Lord created 
30 of that which was of old, 

bade it thereafter 

so forth to be. 

To every man 

wise words are fitting ; 

S. better yjinV. 

so. tpaOfuf 

39. MS, p»IU. 




jleomen jieb- 

-J juman fnjrcpo- 

fpa mom; beo)> meu 0)»ji eo|i]>an 

j7a beop mob-;e)>oncaf ■ 

ffilc bun hapaiS pmbop> 

fepia lon^aS' 

))onne * * 

yjr hey )ie him con leofw poiui* 

ojrj^e mib hoobum con> 

heappan jjiecan- lo 

hofAp bim hif 2l<P^ Ji^F^* 

pe him job I'eslbe' 

eapm bi)) fe))e j-ceal. 

ana liRan- 

pinelear punian- 

bnpt)? him pypb jeceob' 

betpe liim peepe ]Ket be bjiojxip 

bejen bi anef monnej'- 
eople ea|x>pan {wjuui- [92 a.] 
21): bi fceolban eopop onjinnan- 
d\>ye bejen bepan- ai 

bi]' Jwec i-bjj-bepbe beop- 
a j-cyle Jia pmcaj-. 
jepKban l8eban> 
•J bim sec-j-omne ]-pe]:Bii- 

Bong to the gleeman, 

and to a man wisdom. 

So many at there are men on earth, 

BO are the mind's thoughts ; 

each has to himself apart 

a desire of mind, 

when • * 

unless he knows many songs, 

or with bands can 

greet the harp, 

has bis gift of gleet 

which to him God hath giren. 

Miserable is he who must 

lire alone, 

friendless continue, 

fate has ordiun'd it to him ; 

better it were for bim tliat he had 

a brother, 
that they both of one man 
were the noble offspring, 
if tlieyhare to attack fAe wild boar, 
or both the bear, 
which is a ferocious beast : 
ever shall those men 
council hold, 
and together sleep. 

nxype hy mon co 
men CO mieSle* 

never them any one to 

tep by bealS cobaele. 

ere them death separate. 

19. eojilicef 

T. Here some words or liaei are evidently wanting. 
89. r. -liea;it]«. 84. sejieb pafouiJ 

S5-'S7. Here the want of context ahowB that some lines an 
37. mon po Mnni an erroneous repetition, MS, mEble. 




hy cpejen j-ceoloii' These two ahitll 

ocjde ^b pecan' at tables Bit, [glides away, 

]7eDbeD him h^a tojin cojbbe- while from them their sorrow 
l»ppecaii]npaseocjianjefceafee'forgettbe miserable world, 
babban him jomen on bojibe- have to them panttme on board. 
Idle is the hand, 
(long leisure nigh,) 
of the gamester ; 
but with the dice he throws 
10 seldom in the spacious ship, 
unless under sail he runs. 
Weary shall he be who rows 

againat the wind. 
Full oft one with threats ui^ee 
the slothful, so that he loses cou- 
drawB his oar on board. [rage. 
Craft shall be with falsehood, 
art witii things fitting. 
Therefore is the stone stolen. 

ible honb' 
semec lanje neah. 
csejJef monnej*. 
}>Du ceofeld peoppeS. 
j^lban in pbum ceole. 
nepie he unbep j^le ypne 
pepi; fceal pe yip ymbe pope)) 

jrul ope mon peapnu ah^- 

eappie ]>sec he elne (^opleofe* 

bpuja^ hif ap on bopbe- 

loc j-ceal mib IjTpe. 

bjt mtb jebepim* 

py peop^e^S ye jtan popi^Mlen. 

ope hy popbum copeoppaS. oft they by words o'erthrow, 

sep hf bacum cobpeben- so ere they 

jeapa if hptep ap£b. 
peapiS peh)K> pjpa cynue- 
Yifyan pip}rnm j-pealj- 
eop'Se abelej* blobe. 
mer (nee an-bs^e ni'S- 
Of )« pjioht-bpopan. 
pibe jeppponjon. 
micel mon selbum- 
monejum Jfeobu- 
bealo-blonben m)>- 

4. r. >spe. 18— SO- Hen the 

MS. to be verjr defectiTe. 

Enmity has been among mankind, 

since that first swallow'd 

earth Abel's blood ; 

that waa no one-day evil, 

from which sin-drops 

widely sprung, 

great evil to mankind, 

to many nations, 

pernicious hate. 

want of context and allileration Bhows the 
90. Lib bale-blended. 



flo; hij- bpo-jjfflj-ne. 
CAin ^ne cpealm nejiebC' 

p\ipxD f ece m^- 
seLbum fcob- 
fpa a)>ol pftpum- 
bjiujon psepna ;epiD> 
jnbe jeonb eop)>iui' 
ahc^obsn "j abyjibon* 
faeojio fli^nboe- 
^etqio jxeal pi^-bojib- 
jaji on ]-ceEi|»:e- 
ecj on yyeojibC' 
anb opb jp^ie* 
h^e lieajibu men* 
helm ]-ceal ceoum* 
•J S feey heanan iiyzn- 
liojib aDjinnofC :- 

[92 6.] 

Slew bis own brother 

Ciun, urged on death. 

Known was widel7> 

when that eternal evil 

mortals overwhehn'd, 

BO dire to men ; 

they endured the strife of arms 

widely throughout earth, 

deris'd and harden 'd 

the cleaving sword. 

Ready eball be the buckler^ 

head on the shaft, 

edge on the sword, 

and point on the spear, 

for the intrepid man. 

^ helmet shall be for the bold; 

and ever for the base iu soul 

treasure most bounded. 


pilt )ni pnf hiele. 
ppembne monnan. 
pijue po^bojian- 
poj\bum jjietan* 
Fpicjan pela-jeonpie- 
Jmb FopiS-jej-ceai^;. 
bibban J>e jej-ecje- 
fibpa jej^eajxa- 
cjtnjxa)* cynbehce. 
• cpic-hpejtenbe> 

Wilt thou, a ready wight, 
a stranger man, 
a wise orator, 
by words address, 
ask a traveller mncb 
about the vast creation, 
desire that he teU thee 
of wide-spread creatures' 
the kindly powers 

I . CoDtT. foT bjwttfojt j'pBjrne t 8. ojVoe t 

10. fliean^Del II. Lit wat^-boud. 



J>a t«e piinbpa jehpi. those that to each wonder 

punbjia pels- 

pejut cneopifpiin* 

ij* ]>ajia anpa jehpam ■ 

oji^eate eacm- 

yam yuph pipb6m- 

popnlb ealle con> 

behabban on hjie^e- 

b^c^eabe nu>n- n 

^c ;eajia in- 

Sbpep cjuepte- 

nub jjiebbingnm- 

punan opCppecan- 

juncaf jisb)»fee> 

cu]k)u piht ppjiecan- 

ptec i jzptcjenbe' 

jajia cfnney- 

■J recjen&e. 

jeajio-puna jeppoD' a 

a jem^b^e* 

nuejT moDoa pipton- 

]M>p]K>n fcyle apcian- 

fepe on elne leopiS- 

beop-h^bij mon- 

b^elpa jepceapta- 

be|>pit30 m jepicce. 

popb-hopbep cpsepe. 

jaefCDiao fep'S-fe|3in- 

|>eDcan popS ceala> ac 

ne fceal ymy a)ipeoean- 

1 . The want both of conDexion ii 
•otne Hum ue wonting in thia place. 
1 8. Thii line i> in eoDoexioD with I. St. 

through doom of Qod may bring 

wonders many 

to the tribes of men. 

There is to each of these 

a sign intelligent 

to Aim, who, through wisdom, 

can the world all 

in mind embrace, 

an inquiring man, 

what of yore, 

by art of long, 

with their lays, 

men oft related, 

sagacious persons ; 

they could rightly Bpeak, 

so that ever inquiring, 

of the race of men, 

and saying, 

of the web of mysteries 

ever mindful, 

most of alt men they knew ; 

therefore shall ask 

he who nobly lives, 

the meditative man, 

of the mysterious creations, 

write down in Am intellect 

the word- hoard's craft, 

fix it in his mind, 

think on justly ; 

it therefore should not irk 

the Mnte and of BUitention proret that 

97. MS, bejijittea. 




I>6jn mobijne. 

f he piflice- 

populb pil-jonje. 

leojina fiaf lajie- 

ic ]>e lunjpe fceal- 

meocubef mn;en-fpeb- 

majian jej-ecjan- 

Jwn pa hj;e cjiBj-nj- 

in hpe]>pe mse^e- 

mobe je^ipan- lo 

If t*u> meaht f»ji fpi]». 

nif f monnef jemeC' 


^sat be nueje in hpel^pe- 

hif he»h jepeopc- 

piplwp arptps*"- 

JjoQ him i^iea j^lle- 

to ODjiecaoDe- 

jobej- ajen bibob- [93 a.] 

ac pe fculon )>oncian. 9d 

)>eobne msejium^ 

apa ro ealbpe> 

|>K!p ))e uf fe eca c^inj> 

on jsej-ce plice- 

):ojijie]:an pille- 

f ye ea'Se majon' 

upcunb pice- 


pj: nj- on jrep^ jeneah- 

"] pe pilla{$ healban ■ so 

heofon-cjninjef bibob. 

jehyji nu Jwj- hepe-j^iel- 

^ ])UiDe hyje jepejma- 

hpeet i:pymt>e jefcop- 

fsebep slmihcij- 

heah hopber peapb. 

an energetic nun, 

that he wisely 

tht world perfect. 

Learn this lore : 

I shall to thee forthwith 

the Creator's power 

vast relate, 

then thou, of mind eagaciouB, 

in tfof breast it may, 

in tht/ mi»d, grasp, 

if thy power be very great. 

It ia not of man's limit, 

of those moving on earth, 

that in mind he may 

His lofty work 

further investigate, 

than the Lord enables him 

to understand, 

God's own command ; 

but we have to thank 

the great Lord, 

to all eternity, 

that us th' eternal King 

on our soul perception 

will bestow, 

that we may easily 

to the realm on high 


if in our soul we be not wanting, 

and we will keep 

heaven's King's behest. 

Hear now this noble lay, 

and thy mind confirm : 

Lo I at the beginning form'd 

the Almighty Father, 

the high Treasure-Ward, 




heojroQ ~i eop^San ■ 
pey pbne jjiunb* 
fpeoCule jefceajxe* 
}tt nit m fnun ]>peaiii. 
pujib )>eobaej- honb- 
heaj> "J hebba)>. 
^oe haljao bbeb- 
ptjx^n ealfpa Ceofanabe- 
yepe ceala cu]k- 
ae^hpylc pijt o)>]id- 
l^eolboQ eol bejum- 
ftijw fteim-b^b- 
j^a him fe pteopa bibeab> 
miffenlice jemecu- 
^jih pi miclan jemyDb- 
fpa hi Co pojiulbe- 
pkce }:oji)'-bejiaiS- 
bpyhcnej- bu^)>e' 
•J hif b»ba ]>ji^. 
lixenbe lop- 
in )ra Ionian nb- 
j:jiemma)r pejvbce- 
fjiean ece pojtb- 
m |>am jipam-fCole- 
^ lum fjiea fecce* 
bluteoji heofonef peajib- 
healba^ 2^^^°^* 
mepe jemsejie> 
meabc poji^cihV- 
heopOQ-conbelle • 
■J holoiar inib> 
Ia)>aS -J IwbeJ". 
lipej- i^enb* 
in hij* anef yaipm- 
ealle ^efceapta* 
4. t)lu world r 

heaven and earthy 

the aea'a wide abyssj 

/A« visible creation, - 

which now ia those afflictions, 

through the Loid'a hand, 

raise and lift 

the holy fruit ; 

for so Iiath associated 

he who well could 
10 each with other ; 

theif should all bear 

the firm behest, 

ae them the Director bade, 

their various modes, 

through the great mind : 

so they to the world 

beauty bring forth. 

through the Lord's goodoess, 

and his deeds' grandeur, 
30 bright praise, 

in long time ; 

they execute steadfastly 

the Lord's eternal word, 

in that pristine seat, 

which the Lord for them placed. 

Heaven's bright Guardian 

holdeth carefully 

the boundary of ocean, 

his might draweth forth 
30 heaven's candle, 

and witii it the seas 

calLeth and leadeth 

the Lord of life ; 

into hia single clasp 

all creatures; 
■ MS. hnlse. so. r. liHaftne. 



rpa bim pibe pejih- 
palboji jtonbe]*- 
ealjia bemena- 
|>ain ^^xfeftaU' 

"] ^if leohte beojibc- 
<^n)e'$ iDoppia ;eh{>i 

paban oj:e]i fsejaj-' 

punbp'S sejieppeb- 

^ mib leji-baeje- 

eajxan j-nope^- 

plicij T pyii]-ani. 

pepa cueojiifpi' 

lipjenbpa jehpani' 

leohe fop^-bejieS- 

bponba beophcoji;- 

^ htf bpncan moc. 

n^hpylc on «op]>&ii ■ 

ye him eapia jephS- 

pjojia yo^ eyDinj- 

pyllan polbe> 

jepiCe^S poa trnb )r^ pulbpe. 

on pejT jioboji. 

foji^ nuepe nnijol> 

papan on heape< 

o]>)ffec on tejxuae- 

[93 A.] 

BO through all time his 

glory Btandetli, 

of all judges 

the moat benerolent, 

who for us this life created. 

And this light brightness 

Cometh each morn, 

orer the misty hills, 

wading o'er the waves, 

wonderoualy appointed, 

and with early dawn, 

from the east cometh, 

fair and winsome, 

to the tribes of men ; 

to each one Uring 

beareth forth light, 

brightest of brands ! 

and it may enjoy 

each one on earth, 

to whom eyesight 

the just King of triumphs 

would gire. 

Departs then with its glory, 

into the western sky, 

forth the great star, 

in a body going, 

until at eve 

jappecjef jpunbaj- p«))e«- 
jlSm q-ep ci^- 
nihe leptep cjrmeS- 
bealbelS nyb-bibob- 
hidjan bpyhtnep- 

the depths of ocean traverses. 
Gloom calleth other ; 
night after cometh, 
holdeth the mandate 
of the holy Lord. 

19. r. j^eopetf. IG. MS. fopffbiejictt. 

9S. Here ii evidently (omettuDg Hinting, thongh the MS. hu no tiUtni. 



heo}»it-tojihe rp^l- 

fap jej\:ynbeS. 

ID ^ej-ceajx jobef • 

unbeji jxtlban peyni' 

pLjienbe cunsol- 

pop)ron Dsenij ppa* 

Jwej- fjiob leopiiS • 

}>fet hif nueje se-fppmje- 

)>uph hij- ffijne rpcb piceS- 

hu jeonb jponb psepeS ■ lo 

jolb-topht pinne> 

in }raec ponne jemp- 

unbep pfficjia je^pinj- 

o}>fre bpa y«f leobcef • 


bpucan mote- 

fi)>^aD heo ofsn hjtim hpeojijre'S- 

fojipon fpti t:eo|:enebe- 

yepe ceala cii))e- 

btB^ pi)> mhce- 30 

beop pi^ hean- 

lypc pi^ iaju-jrpeam- 

lonb pi]» pnje- 

flob PI'S jilobe- 

pre plS y]>um- 

ne pacta's ])aj- jepeopc 

ac he pel bealbe^- 

|tonbeS jnSlice< 

be]-t^y])eb pej-Ce- 

miclum meahc-locum- so 

in fram nuB;en-)>p^in- 

nub ^am yf ahefeb* 

heopon f eop]>e- 

beo* JJOD eat^e- 

}>a )itep in-puDia'S. 

1. I-. ri5«l. a- 

The heaTen-bright eanj 

clear, hasteneth, 

by God'B decree, 

under earth's hoBom, 

a journeying star ; 

for no mortal 

HO wise liveth, 

that may ita eource, 

throogh his own power know, 

how over earth rtdeth 

tAe gold-bright sun, 

into that dusk obscurity, 

under the throng of waters, 

or who that light, 

what habitants of earth, 

may enjoy, 

when he o'er ocean goeth ; 

for eo hath associated 

he who well could, 

day with night, 

deep with low, 

ur with water-stream, 

land with ware, 

flood with flood, 

flsh with billows. 

These works impair not, 

hut are well sustaia'd, 

stand stoutly, 

firmly erected, 

by vast powerful defences, 

in that grandeur, 

with which is rus'd 

heaven and earth : 

they shall be happy then, 

who there mhabit. 

picanf 87. hit 




[94 «.] 

bybclic If ^t faeop'S-pepub' 

)>set If faepja nuejr- 

eabijjia unjum* 

enjia f peat^. 

hf jej-eoti rymle. 

h^pa yylfjM cynuij. 

easum onptita1S> 

habbaS tesbpsef jenob- 

tuf hint pibce poD- 

))am ]>e pulbpep cynin;- lo 

jepeoj- in ppejle. 

him ip pymbel -j bpeam* 

ece unbp^len ■ 

eabjum to ppoppe- 

pop)H>n pcyle mon jebycjan- 

pxt he lueocube hype- 

se^hpylc selba beapna- 

poplffiCe ible lu|t3^- 

tsene hfCj- pynne- 

pinbije bim Co hj^'a bhf]-e. ao 

pophece • * 

hece-nifw jehpone- 

j-ijan tmb pynna pypuum- 

pepe bim to |>&m pelpan pice :• 

Joyful is that earthly company, 

that of boBta is greatest, 

blessed unnumber'd, 

bands of angels : 

they Bee ever 

their own Kiog, 

with eyes behold Attn, 

have of each thing abundance, 

nought to tiiem is lacking, 

to those who glory's King 

see in heaven ; 

their'o is feast and joy, 

ever, eternal, 

in solace to the bless'd ; 

therefore ought man to strive 

Am Creator to obey, 

every child of men 

to forsake vain lusts, 

foding joys of life, 

strive for the bliss of grace, 

lay aside • • 

every malignant enniity, 

decline from sinful crimes, 

go to the better realm. 


Me lipep onlab- 
pe )>ip leobc onppah ■ 
T f cophce jeceoh' 
nlbce onppah* 
jlffib psej' ic jhpum- 

1. MS. eojiti. 

jlenjflb hipum- k 

bbppa bleoum- 
blopcma hipum. 
Secjap mec pejon- 
fymbel ne ale^on- 

SI. A woid or two ^pamitlj wuitJnf. 



peoph-jiefe sepejon. 
|:pKCpeb>psjiim ■ 
pic Ofep }>onpim> 
pennan jon^in* 
lijje cub loDjum- 
leoma 2«conjum- 
^ psBf pEepcmum apeahc* 
pojilb oiifp]ieht* 
onbeji jiobejiu apeahc- 
|uei> msejDc opep-^eafac- 
pejrar jens&on- 
jepjrype mensboB- 
lijye leojboii' 
lofcnm jlenjbon- 
fqufeo jMjiab jiab- 
fajih jej-cab iDb|\ab> 
pKf on lajn-ft^eame lab. 
ptKji me leojni ne bi-^lab- 
iuejrbe ic heanne bSh- 
ne psej- me in healle jab- 
^tefc )>sep pof pojib jiSb* 
Ofc ^p )unc jebab- 
^ he m fele p^e- 
Jwjnu ^|>rhte- 
)>enben pxy ic nu^en- 
faopfce mec bepebon- 
bilbe jenepebon. 
I«xpe jwpebon- 
peonbon bipepebon- 
j-pa mec hyhc-pepi beolb' 
hf^e bpybc be]:eolb' 
fta)>ol ehtnun jt%alb< 

ftepe-;;onjum peolb. 

I^lce eop]>e oh 

ahce ic ealbop-jrol. 

jalbop-popbum ;oI> 

jomel pbbe ne oj: oU< 

ac piEf Z«r^r^ jeap- 

jeUenbe j'nep- 

punieobo p£p- 

pil-bec befcwp- 
N j-cealcar paepon ]Teappe< 

{■cyl pffif beappe- 

hlube hlynebc' 

bleo)>op bynebc' 

ffe^-fSb ppinpabc' 

rpi]>e ne mmpabe' 

bupj-pele beof obe> 

beopbc bbpabe- 

ellen eacnabe- 

eab bea(niabe> 
M fpeanm ppobabe- 

{.■pomum jobabC' 

mSb nuepiabe' 

mme psejnabe- 

epeop reljabe- 

iSp peljabe* 

bUeb bb)jabe- 

;olb jeappi^- 
pm bpeappabe> 
3D pnc peappabe- 
[94 A.]pb neappabe. 

Fpom ic ptep in ppsetpit 
ppeolic in jeacpum* 

■3. Appcreod;: 

I of 3e|»nrcf pe, for the mJm of rhythm and allitenidni, 
be the firet word of m conpovnd, pMublji inw8«>->^hci2< 




pej' nun bpeS bjiyhclic- 
b|iohca% hyhclic- 
}X)1baD ic |:jieo|>obe- 
polcu IC ]eo]>obe' 
IT}: yKY nun lonje- 
leobiun in-^emonje- 
ceala jehonje* 
QU mm hjie)>ej) if fapeoh- 
heop pjnim fceoh- 
nyb-b^^j^m neah* 
jepicelS Qihce]- in jJeah- 
pe 8EJI m baeje peer bype. 
fcpi]>^ nu beop peop- 
bponb-bopb ;eblopen< 
bpeofCum in popjpopen- 
flybcum co-|Jo|>en- 
jJah If ^eblopen- 
miclum in ^emynbe- 
mobep jecynbe- 
jpetefi unjpynbe- 
Spopn epen pjnbe. 
bealo puf bypneS- 
bittpe to-ypne8- 
pepij pinnet* 
pib-p'B ODjiDiie'S- 
j^p ne pnm^' 
fopjum cinnifi- 
blseb bif bluini^S' 
blijTe limia'S' 
lijru LnneS' 

luftum oe nnneS- [95 a.] 

^i«smap ppa hep jebpeofatS- 

bpihtfcype sebpeofaiS- 

hy hep men |%jtleora1S' 

leahcpaj- op; ;eceofaS< 

qieop J^iaj ip to cpaj- 

I'eo oncpume ;eiit^- 

fceapum eaeole mij^>ah- 

onb eal jTUDb jenaj- m 

ppa nu poplb peobeft' 

pypbe j^Dbe^- 

anb hetej- henceS- 

bfele}re j-cynbe^S. 

pen-cyn jepiceS- 

psel-jSp pliceS- 

plah mah pliCe]>- 

plan mon bpiceS- 

bnpj fOpj bicelS- 

balb alb ]>piee^- m 

ppfec pec ppi}^- 

ppa)> £S pnuce])- 

pui jpjnb pba^S- 

peqia peapo ;ltbe])- 

jjiom topn spsei^)'. 

2paepc hapaiS- 

|-eapo hpir polt^^- 

pumup-hae colafi- 

polb-pela pealle^- 

peonbpcipe pealleiS^ « 

eopiS-nuejen ealba))> 

elien cola^S- 

10. Id. Aan, ukewt 

4. Prababl; an error for leofdbe. 
IB. Initead of Fleam, for tlie take of the rime I 
IS. The rime requirei Moji, for which ajpe ii apparently a miitake. 
SS. For «eD«, to rime with pn ni« I 99. For Wiirtt I 

45, For fin-ejn? 4B. forhpewBI 



me yat pypb jepai}:. 

f ic 5J10JM sjuef . 

1 )we jjumme jpsej:. 

flean plasfce ne mnj. 

}>dn ):lan fajieb t>e^' 

ayb jjiapum nune]>- 

)>oa j-eo neah bec^el!- 

yeo me eiSlej- Snponn' 

3 mec hep heajibef on conn- lo 

^lonDe tic-homa li;efi> 

lima pyjim pjucel*- 

ac hua yen ne ;epi;«%' 

:j fa pijt: je|rj3e6. 

o]>)Mer beof fa ban an- 

« * • 

'] set nyhyvan nSn- 
D^Tie j-e neba can • 

balapun hep jehloune- 
ne bif fc hlipa abjiopun- 
xji faec eabi5 jefenceS- 
he bme )>e opcop jTenceS. 
byp;e^ him fa bicpan pynne- 
hoj^ CO faepe becpan pynne- 
jemon mopfa lifpe- 
hep pmbon nulrpa blijTe- 
hyfaclice m heopona pice- 
uton nG baljiim jelice- 
pcylbum bipcypebe. 
pcynban jenepebe- 
pommum bipepebe- 
pulbpe jenepebe- 
fsp mon-c^ moe- 
pop meoCube poc- 
I'o'Sne J)b jepeon- 
'} aa m jibbe jepean :■ 

[95 i.] 


MonjQ j^nbon- 

Many there are 

jconb mibban-jeapb- 

over mid-earUi, 

unpimn cjnn- 

numberless kinds. 

fe pe aefelu ne majon- 

whose natures we may not 

pyhc apeccan- 

40 rightly recount, 

ne pun pican- 

nor number know; 

fajp pibe jinb. 

so ample are, 

jeonb popl mnan- 

43. t. poplbf. 





pu^la -J beofia- 
polb- hpe jienbps - 
pojinaj* pib-fceope- 
]ya paeceji bibojeS- 
|>ifne beojihtan bofoi- 
bfiim jii^mecenbe> 
j-ealt-yjw sej-pinj. 
We bi fumum hypboU' 
ppseelice jecynb- 
pilbpa fecjui- 
ppum Fpea^nuepne' 
feop-lonbum on- 
eajib peapbian> 
e^lef Deotan> 
aepcep bfin-fcpaajnim ■ 
If Jraet beoji panbhep- 
bi Doman hacen> 
)>ffif )>e m)))« beapn ■ 
pinaerce pepaj-. 
on jeppimm c^))an- 
bi ]>am Snptapan. 
j-e ■]■ aeebpam ppeonb- 
buja'Sa ejmj. 
bucan bpacan anum- 
^am he in ealle cib- 
^ppa^ }eoifap- 
Jiuph ^jda jehpylc- 
)re he jeepiaii msej' 
%eec ip ppseclic beop- 
punbpum pcjme- 
hipa jehpjleer- 
yya helef pecjaS- 
jept-balje piman> 
^Eecce lopephep- 

of birds and beasta, 

eartb -enliven ing, 

the wide-created multitudcfl, 

aa the water encirdes 

this bright expanse, 

the roaring ocean, 

the Bait waves' swing. 

We hare beard of a certain 

curious kind 
10 of wild beasts tell; 

to its comrades a great lord, 

in distant lands 


a home enjoying 

among the mountain-caves ; 

that beast is Panther 

call'd by name, 

from what the sons of mortals, 

sagacious men, 
90 in writings show 

touching that lonely creature, 

which is to each a Mend, 

bounteous in benefits, 

save to the serpent only, 

to which he in all time 

hostile lives, 

by every evil 

that he can inflict. 

That is a curious beast, 
30 wonderously beauti&l^ 

of every hue, 

such men tell, 

persons of holy spirit, 

that Joseph's 

3. -jccapenet 

It. pepomr 

18. MS. Ik 



tunece juepe^ 

bleom bjiesbenbe- 

^^la beophirju jehp^lc- 
tsghyieY enlicjia. 
o^um lixcfi' 
bpj'hca beapnu- 
fpa ]wf beojiej- hip^ 
blffic bji^ba jehpsef ■ 
beopfatjia "J YvfDjiA- 
puobjium bxe^- 
fre ppsecliqia. 
lejhpj'lc o|*jium- 
xnhcjta ^en- 
■J pejejijia- 
|.']ueC|iuiii bbceti' 
jymle pelbqia- 
he hapa^ pioboji jecynb- 
nulbe jemetpejT- 
be ij- mon))p8ep8- 
luFjnini ^ leo).-t»l' 
nele b^f piht- 
nnjtun sesepnan- 
botan ]rain acco}i-j«ea]nui 
hif pyjin je^raii' 
)>e ic asp fope-jTojbe. 
I^tnle i^lle )Wjen. 
f6o pobbop JujeB. 
tepcep f>S jepeopbi!- 
juejre feceS- 
byjle ftope. 
unbep b^D-fcpafam ■ 
^Ssep pe Iwob-pija. 
{rpeo nihta pec- 

[96 o.] 

tunic was, 

of every tinge, 

in colours varying, 

of which each more bright, 

each more exquisite, 

than other shone 

to the sons of men. 

Thus this beast's hue, 

pale, of every change, 

brighter and Mrer, 

wonderously sbioes ; 

so that more curious 

than every other, 

yet more unique, 

and fairer, 

it exquisitely glistens, 

ever more excellent. 

He has a singular nature, 

mild, moderate ; 

be is gentle, 

kind and gracious ; 

he will not aught of harm 

to any perpetrate, 

save to th' envenom'd spoiler, 

hie enemy of old, 

which, I before related, 

ever is in slaughter joyful. 

When he food tastes, 

after the repast 

he seeks for rest, 

a secret place 

among the mountain-cavee ; 

there the noble creature 

a three nights' space 

S3. MS. esDum. 

33. MS. ^eotf-fi}«. Lit. bellalor publiciu. 




fpeye^ on j-j>ej;ote. 
fltepe jebief^ab- 
)>on ellen-poi:- 
yjifme jepeljab. 
on ]>ODe l^jutitian beej- 
pieome of plsepe. 
n>ej-hleo)>op cyme's' 
fd^a pynpimaj-fc- 
^ph Jiasf jnlbpef mu'8. 
»).tep }i»pe jwpie. 
ftenc nt-cymeS' 
©p Jam ponj-fcebe- 
pynjnimpa pteam- 
n»etcpa :j TPippa- 
ppSBcca jehpylcu- 
pypca blopcmuni' 
■] pubu-blebom- 
eallum se)%licpa> 
eop])an pjisecps> 
]idn op ceajxpau] • 
■J cjate-j-eoluin- 
a op bups-palum. 
beopn-]>peac monij- 
papal! polb-pe^um- 
poica )Tpy]>um- 
eopeb-cyjTum ■ 
opepCum jepyj-be- 
bape^-lacenbe ■ 
beop epne ppa pome- 
wpcep Jwpe jtepne- 
on {rone ftenc pajut^. 
Spa ip bpyhcen job- 
bpeama psebenb- 

is in slumber donnant, 

with aleep o'ercome. 

When the bold animat 

rises up, 

gloiiouslj endow 'd, 

on the third day, 

Buddenly from sleep, 

a 80 and comes, 

of voices sweetest, 
10 through the wild-beast's month ; 

after the voice 

an odour comes out 

from the plain, 

a steam more grateful, 

sweeter and stronger 

than every perfume, 

than blooms of plants, 

and forest leaves, 

nobler than all 
» earth's ornaments. 

When from cities, 

and royal seats, 

and from castle-halls, 

many a baud of nobles, 

on earth's ways journey, 

in bands of people, 

legionary troops, 

hurried with utmost haste, 

30 just so this beast, 

after the voice, 

in that odour goes. 

So is the Ziord God, 

Prince of joys, 

I. MS. tr»f^- 3* M8. sebie/skS. 9. MS. ieydi%S. la for /ilbeopcf f 




eallu ea^Smebum- 
o]>)iuin jefceajxum- 
bu;u{Sa jehpylqie. 
buCan bjiacan anum- 
atcjief opb-jqiviman- 
^sec ij* ye ealba peonb- 
)>one he jepelbe- 
in fupla jjiuab- 
T jej»cjiabe. 
f^num Ceapim- 
bi]>ealite ^pea-nybuia- 
1 fry ^lubban tweje- 
Of bi^le apSf- 
]nej- ^ he boa's yope ay- 
])peo mhc Jfolabe- 
Jreoben eajla- 
fijojia i^llenb. 
pKt psej- rpete-jrenc- 
plictj -) pynpim- 
jeonb populb ealle- 
p)>)faii eo I'am jTaecce- 
ptSftejve men' 
on faealfa jehponc' 
beapnm )rpun3on> 
jeonb ealne ymb-hp^p. 
eo]if>an j-ceacan- 
j-pa j-e j'noccpa -gecpteS. 
8cfl pauluf- 
niomj]:ealbe pnb' 
jeonb mibban-jeapb- 
job unjnjbe. 
J»e up CO jiepe bselel!' 
•J CO peopb-nepe- 
laebeji nlmihCQ' 

with all kindacEa 
to other creatures, 
to every thing of virtue, 
save to the serpent only, 
the origin of venom, 
that is the andent fiend, 
whom be bound 
in th' abjras of torments, 
and fetter'd 
10 with fiery ahackles, 

o'erwhelm'd by dire construnts, 
and the third day 
from darkness rose, 
after that be death for us 
three nights had suffer' d, 
the Lord of angels, 
Giver of victories. 
[96 £.] That was a sweet odour, 
beauteous and pleasant, 
90 through the world all, 
when to that fragrance, 
upright men, 
on every side, 
throng'd in bodies, 
o'er all the circuit 
of earth's region. 
As the sage said, 
Siunt l^ul. 
Manifold are, 
over mid-earth, 
goods abundant, 
which to us in gift distributes, 
and for life's preservation, 
the Almighty Father, 

S9. MS. moin; jeft]T>e. 




-J ye anja fa^hC' 
ealjia jej'ceaf.Ta* 
uppe je m)Tie- 
]«t If tejiele ftenc :- 

and the oDly Hope 

of ail creatures, 

botli high and lov : — 

That is a Doble fragrance. 


Nil ic pcre jen- 

fmh pyca cynn- 

j>dle foiS^ptefee- 

popbum c^]mui • 

|>uph mob-jem^nb- 

bi ]>ani Diiclan bpole* 

fe bi'S unpillu- 

oft jemeteb. 

fpecne -j ):epiS-^Mn- 


i»ypik jehp^lcnni' 

Jkuu If noma cenneb- 

f^JTtn-jTpeama jefloean* 

pafticocalon - 

If psey hip jebc- 

hpeofum frane- 

fpylce popie> 

bi jnebef ojrjie- 

fonb-beojipim ymb-fealb- 

fse-pypica tnaejT. 

fpa ^tBC pena)'' 


}>see hj on ealonb f-um* 

eajum phcea- 

14. Lit. to tlurae iportiag od tt 
S4. Lit. arundinetoniin 

Now ogiun I sinf^ 

about the fishes' kind ; 

I will in poetiy, 

by words, make known, 

through the understanding, 
IV concerning the great Whalb, 

which is unwillingly 

often met, 

cruel and fierce 

to seaforers; 

to every mortal, 

to which the name is given, 

to the ocean-floater, 


Like ia its aspect 
to to a rough stone, 

it, as it were, roves 

by the sea-shore, 

by sand-hills surrounded, 

of sea-aite greatest : 

80 that imagine 


that on some island they 

gaze with their eyes, 
billow*. 17. ppjen-? 




•J J>on jehjba*. 
CO ^am finlonbe- 

j-unbef sec eabe- 
•J ^oa ID Jrsec e^onb- 
ceolaf fConba'S- 
bi jra(>e pEfte- 
jTjieame bi}>uDbeD- 
IfSa jepicia^- 
jrpecnef ne peoa'S- 
OD )>a ealonbe- 
a\eb pecca'S- 
heah pyji ele^> 

hsele)' beoip on pyiinu* 


juefCe jelijTe- 

fSn jepele'B. 

pacnej- qisepeij. 

f him ^a }:epenb on- 

pej-ce j>unm)>> 

pic peajibia^- 

pebpej* on lujxe. 

^o femninja- 

OD fealcne ps^- 

mib ^ no)>e- 


japrecjej- jairc. 

jpunb jerece«. 

and then fasten 
the high-prow'd ships 
to that false land 
with anchor-ropes, 
settle their sea-horses 
at the sea'a end, 
and then on to that island 

bold of spirit : 
v» the veBsels stand 
fast by the shore, 
by the stream encircled : 
then encamp, 
weary in mind, 

the seafarers, 

{they of peril dream not) 

on that isluid; 

they waken flame, 

a high fire kindle; 
90 the men are joyful, 

the sad in spirit 
[97 a.] of rest desirous. 

When (eels 

the skill'd in g^ile, 

that on him the voyagers 

firmly rest, 

habitation hold, 

in the weather exulting, 

then suddenly 
30 into the salt wave, 

with the hark, 

down goes 

the ocean's gnest, 

seeks the abyss, 

. tfihfVtSI 

. O. N. gnoB. 




•J ySn in bea%-]-eIe> 
bjieoce bijaejteiS- 
fcipu nub rcealcu. 
8pa bvS fcmnh ^&f- 
beo]:la pifC' 
ptet bi bjiohtenbe. 
Iruph b^ne meabt- 
bujuSe ben'ica'S- 
^ on Ceofu cyhca|>' 
tilpa bteba- 
pemaS on piHan- 
f hj j>jia))e feceD> 
Fpoj.'pe to f:eonbum> 
of)>«c hy jaejte fisep. 
sec ])aiii peefi-lojan- 
pic jeceopilS' 
JfSn ]wec jecaapelS- 
oj: cpic-jTirle- 
flah-peonb jeniah- 
pmtXB ppa jehpylc' 
fasele^ c^nnef- 
on hij- hpinje bi|>- 
pepce jejMjeb. 
he him peop^-bona- 
)>uph fh)>en fetqio- 
pjijian peopJ»e5. 
ploncum '] beanu' 
]>e hi]* pillan hep* 
pp«Dum f:peinma^ ■ 
mib ]>am he jaepinja- 
heoIo]>-helme bi)>eaht- 
helle yece^' 
30 ba jeajTie- 
jpunbleapie pylm- 

and then, in the hall of death, 

to t/te flood commits 

ship with men. 

So is the way of phantoms, 

the guise of devils, 

that they by converse, 

through secret power, 

deceive the virtuous, 

and to prejudice excite 

of good deeds, 

them corrupt at pleasure, 

so that they seek support, 

comfort, from fiends, 

till that they fast there 

with the deceiver 

thtir habitation choose. 

When that knows, 

from quick torment, 

the impious archer-fiend, 

that any man 

of human race 

IB within his circle 

fast fixed, 

he to him a life-destroyer, 

through pernicious artifice, 

then becomes, 

to proud and humble, 

who his will here 

by Bins promote, 

with whom he suddenly, 

with warrior-helm bedeck 'd, 

hell seeks, 

(from good cut ofif,) 

groundless fire. 

3. jcp? 




untieji mifT-jIome- 
fpa j-e micla hpsel' 

eoplaf T ^meaju^-- 

he htifaX o^e jec^nb- 

pteCep-Jri]^ ploQC- 


^a hine on holme- 

hnDjop hfy^aS- 

^ ))ODe aslscan- 

asccf IJTtey. 

Donne j-e mejie-peajib 

mu* onc^flS- 

pibe pelepaf - 

cyme^ pynpim jteac- 

op hif uiuo)>e* 

)>te of>pe ^pb ]>one- 

jte-pj'ca cynn* 

ben>]cen peop-Sa)*. 

fpimmafi pinb-bpate- 

]wji fe jTCfca pcenC' 


hi )>8ep in-pipa^> 

unpape peopube- 

oyptec ye piba cea)J- 

jefylleb bi5. 

)>on pepinja' 

^be ^ hejie-hu)>e- 

blemmeV fco-jtebpe. 

jpimtne joman- 

fpa bi|> jumeua jehpiun< 

pe^ ofcopc hip* 


P7 i.] 

amid miBty gloom. 

So the great whale 

that einka 


men and ships. 

He has another property^ 

the water-rager proud, 

yet more cunning ; 

when him in the sea 

hunger afflicts, 

and the wretch 

lusts after food, 

then the ocean -ward 

his mouth opens, 

his wide lips, 

a pleasant odour conies 

from his inside, 

so that thereby other 

kinds of sea-fishes 

are decei?'d ; 

eager they swim to 

where the sweet odour 

cometh out : 

they there enter 

in heedless shoal, 

till that the wide jaw 


then suddenly 

around the prey 

together crash 

the grim guma. 

So is to every man 

who oftenest 


S, Liu wave-hoiMi. 

31. Ut. alacres in mare. 





on ])af iKnaii ctb- 

Lj: l)efc«apai5> 

liece'S hine ben>ican> 

^ujth fpecne ytxnc- 

leapne piUan- 

|>ffle he bi)> leahcpu fSh ■ 

pi? pulbop-cyninj- 

bim fe apyn^d onjean- 

BSfCep hin-p^* 

helle onCyne'S- 

^Qi ye leaflice- 

licef p^nne- 

oyeji ):epht-jejieahC' 

f-Tieme^n on unjUeb- 

pan ye pecna- 

in ^m pepxnne' 

jebpohc hapalS. 

bealpej* cp^fcij. 

EEC ))aai ebpylme- 

fa. l>e him oucleopaS- 

jylcum jehpobene- 

■] fep jeopne bij*- 

in hipa lifT-bajum- 

lapum hjrpbon ■ 

|wn he |>a jpimmaii- 

^oman bihlemme%> 

ief.Tep peoph-cpale. 

fxyte txi-jsebpe- 

helle hlin-bupu n&^on- 

hpypir ne j-pice- 

uc-pf uype. 

]>a ftep m-cuma£. 

)»on ma )>e )>a fij^a]'- 


in this transient time 
, hia life surveyB, 
lets himaeir be decetr'd 
through gweet odour> 
fallacious will : 
to that he ia foul with crimes 
against the King of glory. 
To him the accuraed one, 
after departure hence, 
bell shall open, 
who ^aciously 
the body's pleasure, 
over the soul's direction, 
in foolishness promoted. 
When tbe heeler 
into that fastness 
bath brought, 
(in evil crafty) 
to that burning heat, 
those who to him cleave, 
with sins beset, 
and ere zealously, 
in their life-days, 
hit doctrines obey'd, 
then he hia grim 
gums dashes, 
after the death-pang, 
fast together. 

Hell's latticed doors bare not 
return or escape, 
outlet ever, 
for those who enter, 
any more than the fishes, 
sporting in ocean. 

sa. >■ fe >ap t 



Of y«y bpielef jxn^e- 
bpeoppan mocan- 
f ap]>on If ealliDja- 

' from the whale'ii gnpe 
can turn : 
therefore is wholly, 

bjiyhcna bpyhcne- 
~] £ beojdum yi^yatX' 
fojibvaa ■} peopcum. 
^ pe pulbop-cyninj- 
jej'eon moton- 
ucon £ pbbe to bun* 
on )rft]- hpilnan cib- 
bfelu pecan- 
]>iec pe mib ppa leopte- 
in lope motu)- 
to jnban peope- 
pulbpep neotan :• 

to the Lord of lords, 
and devils aye renounce, 
in words and works, 
that we the Glory-king 
may see. 

Let us ever peace with faim, 
ID in this transitory tirae, 
salvatioa seek, 
that we with one so dear 
may in praise, 
to all eternity, 
glory enjoy. 


J>fpbe icpecjanjen- 
bi pumum jrujle* 

I hare yet heard teil 
of a certain bird, 

• * pejep. [98 a.] * • fair, 

}>ec popb |>e jecpa:^- ao tlie word that spake 

pulbpep ealbop. the Prince of glory : 

m fpa bpylce tfib. ' In whatever tide. 

9. H«r« a liDfl 
18. Here the wi 
dearly thowa tliAt k leaf 

both ii 
wanting ; i 

aatical conitruetlon, 

e latter part being merely the re- 
ligion! applicatint of what hai been related of the bird, if not the end of aonie 
other poem. 




fpa je nub ejieope fco me' 
on hyje hpeoppit- 
-J ;e hell-pjieaa- 
fpeajicpa jej^ncaS- 
n>a ic fytnle bo eop> 
mib pb-lupan- 
)>u]ih Diilbe mob> 
je beo% me jili^an- 
cophce nji-eatije- 
talabe -j pimbe* 
beoiibte jebpotroji- 
oa beapna |1^1- 
ueon j>e J>y jeopnop- 
;obe oliccan. 
ppene peo^an- 
}.7u)'e]' eapniao- 
buju'Se CO bpyhtne- 
)>ei)beD up bnj peine- 
psK ppa fe|>elne' 
eapb pica cypt- 
ID pulbpep pliee- 
punian motan. Finjt. 

that ye with faith to me 

turn in mind, 

and ye belt-crimes 

black eschew, 

so I erer to yon, 

with kindred lore, 

will forthwith turn, 

through mind benevolent. 

Te shall be then by me 
10 illustrious, glorious, 

counted and reckon *d, 

bright brethren, 

in place of children.' 

Let oa the more ferrently 

God propitiate, 

hate crimes, 

merit peace, 

happiness with the Lord, 

while day shines for us ; 
90 that we bo noble 

an abode, choice of dwellings, 

in glory's beauty 

may inhabit. 




hele^ sejhpylc. 
f he hif j-aple fiiS. 
YJif^ bepicije- 
ha |ftec htS beop1ic> 
J>5n j^ boa's cyme^- 
apinbpaii |?a pbbe- 
'^'pe aep fomub paepon- 
he "J j^ple- 
Ion; hcS fipyan • 
f pe jtej^ nimeiS- 
at jofee fflpiin> 
ppa pice ppa pulboji- 
ppa bun m pojiulbe sep. 
epie f eo]i'S-pec* 
eji jepojihte. 
Sceal pe jBBjt; cuman. 
jehjrum hpemij- 
p^mle fmb jw>j:on niht- 
paple pnbaD' 
- )K)ne lic-homaii' 
)w heo tep loDje paej- 
^eo hunt) pincjia' 
bucan sep pypce. 
ece bp^hceU' 
telmihci^ job' 
«ibe poplbs' 

93. That M, the Mul ihill « 
Iiiiodred jeui, unleu, &e. 

This it least behoves 

every man, 

that he his soul's course 

himself have in heed. 

How awful it will be, 

when death comes, 

the kinship sunders, 

tbose that were ere together, 

body and soul. 
10 Long will it then be, 

ere the spirit takes, 

from Ood himself, 

or punishment or glory, 

as for him ere in the world, 

just that earth-vessel 

may have wrought. 

The ghost shall come, 

anxiously moaning, 

always after seven nights, 
ao the soul, to find 

the body, 

that ere it long had quicken 'd, 

for three hundred years ; 

save ere shall work 

the Lord eternal. 

Almighty God, 

an end of the world. 

e every leventh night during a p«Tii>d of three 




cleopa^ ^DDe yy^ ceajipH- 

caiman jieopbe- 

f ppiceS jpualioe. 

|-e JiSyt: co )*am bufce- 

bpuju)>u bjieopja- 

CO bpoQ bpeabregt; |>u me. 

eoji^ao pytnef • 

eal yopfeopxayK- 

lamef jelicnef • 

lye |ni 5e^he«r co hpon- 

]»uipe raple pB. 

fi]7)>aii pujibe. 

pl'l'an heo op bc-homait- 

Isebeb ptejie* 

hpwe pire )m me pejija- 

bpttC (ni hujiu p^pnia jipl- 

lye jeI>ohter. 

hu ]>ir »r '""X htbep. 

^ )« jrujih enjel- 

upm Of pobepum- 

j-aple onfenbe- 

J»uj»h hif rylper honb. 

meoCub Eelmihin;- 

Of hif mEejen-}>)iyninie* 

T )>e J>a jebohce. 

blobe )iy haljan- 

■] [>u me )>y beapban- 

hun^e jebunbe- 

■] jehsepniaberc- 

belle pitu- 

eapbobe ic ]>e in innan- 

no ic )fe op meahce- 

phej-ce bipon^^en- 

Then sball call bo Bad, 

with cold voice, 

shall sternly speak 

tAe spirit to tbat dust ; 

' Gory dust ! 

why hast thou tortur'd nie ? 

foulness of earth ! 

t/uM art all rotting, 

likeness of clay ! 

Little thou thoughtest whither 

thy soul's journey 

after yould be, 

after it from ifa body 

were led. [curs'd J 

Why dost thou torture me, ac- 

Yea ! thou only food of worms, 

little didst think 

how this is long hither, 

and thee, through Ms ange), 

from above, from heaven, 

sent, a soul, 

titrough his own hand, 

the Lord Almighty, 

from his majesty, 

and thee then bou^t, 

with his holy blood ; 

and tliou me with the hard 

hunger didst bind, 

and didst hold captive, 

with hell-torments. 

I within tljee dwelt, 

I might not go from tiiee, 

with fiesh invested. 

4. re tAi from V«tc. MS. 5, hptEC 'ofuA Vn (ftpahtSu) bjieojicsa. V> 

8. fojijijtisft. V. lO. MS. yon., hpaB.V. ii. >ib; for jifi. V. 

91. e«pbirt>e. V., Ex. omit. S8. ne niMlice le >e OF-«umui. V. 



■J me ppen-lujtaj-. 

)nne jelfiunjOD' 

f me ^uhce ful 0|X:- 

jwc psejie f»|ucij> 

^ufenb pmC]ia- 

CO ^mum beoS-bsje- 

bpaec ic nncjiej- ;et»tej- iSh- 

ntf nu re en8e co ;ob- 

pspe ^ )w pijre ploDC- lo 

5 pmef peb. 

^jijmpul ]m oebejt;* 

•} IC oj:|')Tijt»b paej-- 

jobef Lc-homaO' 

jiejter bjiincef - 

)»j)^aa ]>u ne ha^obeyt- 

heji on L):e' 

^eoben ic ]>e m popalbe< 

puman j-ceolbe- 

ftet ^ pnpe ^]ih ptefC- w 

5 ^ph ppien-luftar- 

rrponje jerrypeb. 

•} jeptajielab J>uph mec- 

■J IC prep 5*J^ on 1**' 

ppom ;;obe penbeb- 

DKppe )m mec ppn heapbpa- 

helle pita- 

ne jeaepebeiT- 

^ph ^pa neoba lupc> [jxenta- 

pceiilc ^u nu hpiefipe mmpa ;e- 

pcome yjioyaa- m 

on ^am miclob bsje- 

and me thy §inful lasts 

to that to me tall oft it seem'd 

that it were thirty 

thousand winters 

to thy death-day. 

Yes 1 our parting I awaited 

iu tribulation; 

now is not the end too good. 

Wert thou in food luxurious, 

and with wine sated, 

in splendour thou didst need, 

and I was thirsty for 

God's body, 

spirit's drink ; 

for thou didst not bear in mind, 

here in life, 

while I thee, in the world, 

must inhabit, 

that thou wast through flesh, 

nnd through sinful lusts, 

strongly excited, 

and through me compos'd : 

and I was a spirit into thee 

sent Jrom God. 

Never thou me &om such hard 


wouldst hare sar'd 

through thy needs' lust ; 

thou shalt, nath'less, for my hap- 

shame endure, Qilaeis 

on that great day, 

16, H3. >Bii >u ^n ho;obe : the leading of the text ■■ Trom V. 
88. MS.jrponx; V. jcpui^e xejtjijae*. 

S«-SO. iifffike>ameiBi»TpKhe«Lp%iuii*h(lleficuDi-ne2enepeMn;* >u)i]i^iipk 
nieDft hijt:- rc«le «u minpa jBjyiiet. V. 8S. MS. sespfobc, 

2 B 




ySa monna cynn* 

fe ancenba' [09 a.} 

ealle jejaebjia'S- 

ne eajie ]>u nu )>oa leof^e- 

menQ co jemteccaa- 

ne mebeji ne jaebep- 

ne Dsen^m jepbbju- 

^5n j-e iTeajica hiiepn- 

p)))>fui ic ana oj: )>«• lo 


]ra]ih jwej- rylj:ef bODb> 

]>e ic R)i oDfenbeb ptef ■ 

ne majon )>ec nu heonan abon- 

h^yte )ra jieaban- 

ne jolb ne rylF<^- 

ne )>injia joba it£a> 

ac hep fcnlon abtban. 

ban bipeapob- 

bej-licen i-eonpum- m 

^ Jfec ^in fKpl pceal- 

mmu (iDjiillan- 

ofX ^ej-ecan- 

pemman mib popbum- 

fpa )m pophcept co nie> 

eapc )>u bomb ^ beaf- 

ne pmban ]>me bpeamap pihe- 

pceal ic )>e uihtep fe-)>eah. 

nybe jepecao- 

pyimum jepapjab- m 

^ ejtr pona ppom -Be- 

bpeoppan on hon-qufo> 

]>onn haleje mean* 

when the race of men 

the Only-b^otten one 

all shall gather. 

Thou art not now dearer 

to any liring, 

to any one M mate^ 

nor to mother nor to £kther, 

nor any of thy kindred, 

than the swart ravea, 

after that I alone from thee 

paas'd out, 

through the same One's hand 

through which I was ere sent in. 

May not now take thee -beuce 

the red ornaments, 

nor gold nor silver, 

nor any of thy goods, 

bat here tiaU aUde 

the bonea ber^ 

ton from the ainews ; 

and thee thy soal shall, 

agiunBt my will, 

oft seek, 

insult with wot6b, 

as thou hast wrought for me. 

Thou art dumb and deaf, 

thy joys are naught ; 

yet must I thee at night 

by compulsion visit, 

for thy sina afflicted, 

and agun soon from thee 

depart at cock-crowing, 

when holy men 

7. MS, meb^efi ; V. mebep. 
IT. ne^nQjie bjiybe bea;- na ^m ^ohi j>«U- b 

a ytija %HOV >« 8d in AttjK. 

icvGoogic r 



jobe bfjenbam- 

lof-fonj boiS- 

fecan )« hamftf • 

fte ]m me mp fcjufe* 

■J ]>a sjtleafan- 


■] ]>ec fculon molb-pyjun^* 

monije ceopaa- 

feoDOpum beplican- 

j-pe^Lce pihee> . lo 

lie j-inbon ^e iehca pibc- 

|>a |>u hflji tm rnolban* 

monnum eapbeit;. 

p)ji)>on ]re psepe pelle- 

l^i]ie nude* 

^n ]ie pepan ealle> 

eopjian fpebe- 

bucan ^u h^ jebselbe- 

bjiyhtne j^lpu- » 

)»ep ^ paptM tec ppanii-ceajrce 

o|>J>e jape on pte. 
o^)>e flop)iaii neae. 
tetej' nolobe' 

fedh bucan fn^tt^o- 

je on pepceime' 

pilbpa bec^a- 

^ ^jatameftx- 

)>sep ppa job polbe ■ m 

je t>eah fa yeepe pypm-ejww- 

Jwc pftipepw. 

to the living God 

chant i&eir hymn, 

must seek the home 

which thou didat ere assign me, 

and the unhonour'd 

dwelling-place ; 

and thee shall monld-worms 

many chew, 

from tfuf BtnewB tear, 

Awart creatures, 

ravenous and greedy. 

Thy poBsessiona are naught, 

which thou here on eartli 

didst to men exhibit; 

therefore for thee 'twere better 

by very mudi, 

than to tbee were all 

earth's riches, 

(unless thou hadst bestow'd them 

for t/te Lord himseif) 

that thou wert at the banning 

a bird, 
or a fish iu sea ; 
or, a beast of earth, 
food bad cultivated, 
traversing the field, 
a brute wiUiout understanding, 
yea, in the waste, 
af wild animals 
Hbt fiercest, 

there, as God might will it ; 
yea, though thou wert of worm 
the worst, [kinds 

9. rlitao rtplice. V. 
81. >tecr though both MSS. have )nEit. 

13. MS. jeahlw. V. Bhcs. 




)>on ya Sfpe on molban- [99 

mon jepupbe* 

o\>^ sfjie pilpihcfl- 

ODjx>n ]-ceolbe- 

)>dn ]ni fofi unc bu- 

OD&pypban j'cealc- 

on ]>am miclan biegB- 

)>5n ealluia monnd beoS- 

pnnbe onpjiijeiie- 

)>a )>e la populbe tSp- 

ppenpille men- 

yfpn jepophcoD- 

ySn pile bpybeen j-y]j:> 

beeba ^ehypao' 

tet ealjia moona jebpani' 

mupef jieopbe- 

puobe pi)>ep-)ean> 

ac hpec pile }>u )iKp. 

on bSm-bsei;e> 

b]tj>hcne fecjao- 

]>5n ne bilS naeai; eo {wf lycel 

on lime jepeaxen- 

f |>u ne jx^le pop «2bpytc> 

anpa on jninbpan- 

pyhc ajielban- 

|>omie jie]>e bi^- 

bpyheen tec borne- 

ac hpeec bo piC unc- 

poa he unc hafiafi- 


o]>jie pjie- 

jtmldn piC ^nne see-pomne- 

p)>))an bpucan* 

b."] than that thou ever upon earth 

didflt become man, 

or ever baptism 

Bhouldst receive, 

when thou for ub boUi 

must answer 

on the great day, 

when to all men shall be 

the sins expos' d, 

which ere on earth 

wicked men 

wrought in former days : 

then will the Lord himself 

hear the deeds 

from all men soever, 

by voice of mouth 

sins requite. 

But what wilt thou there, 

on doomsday, 

to the Lord say, 
hCwhen there shall be not any joint 
so little, 

growing on limb, 

for which thou sfaalt not, every 

one separately, 

just retribution pay, 

when shall be stem 

the Lord at judgment. 

But what shall we two do, 

when he hath us 

caused to be bom agun, 

a second time i 

shall we tbeo b^^ether 

afterwards partake 

9. Lit. vouudi, i. a. f jo-punM. 




n>A pa unc eji ycpife- 

fi]iena]> jruj- ^ fbej-c-hojib. 

8ceal ySa yepaa on pej. 

fecaa belle ^unb- 

nalef heopoD-bpeamaj'- 

basbtun sebpepeb. 

I^eB bup: Jffflji bie paef- 

ne nu^ bun ^|-paj\e> 

sn^e j-ecjan- lo 

ne |nej) ebfunge* 

sen;e ^ehacan- 

jaejre jeompum- 

jeoce oype }:po}7ie- 

bi^ ]>KC heapib cohliben- 

honba toleo}>obe- 

jea^af cojinene- 

joman tofhcene- 

feonpe beoiS aj^eae* 

fpeoiia bicopen- ao 

jub jieapia^- 

jiejw rfjamr- 

bjiimcaf hlo)»uin bpa- 

beoljqiej- )niji|-t^fl. 

briS feo eui^e tocojen- 

on efn healpe- 

bunkum to hpo^p- 

pop)>on beo oe mnj bopfhce- 

popbu ppixlaa- 

jrrS )KHie pepjan jEe]^- so 

jipep hacce fe pj^ini' 

^am ))a ^eajilaf beoS- [100 a.] 

lueble fceapppan- 

II, IS. abjifiie mnijnat llie^ are i 
16. MS. »^ilco>otie. V. toIi>obe. 
S3, 'bpmeatif 

of Bncb tnieeries 

as tbou to us hast ere OBsiga'd, 

thus will the body ein ? ' 

Then shall it go its way, 

seek hell's abyss, 

not heaven's joys, 

with ita deeds oppress'd. 

IVie dust shall lie where it was, 

it may not to him answer 

any say, 

nor there return 

any promise 

to the sad spirit, 

ud or comfort. 

The head shall be laid open, 

the hands disjointed, 

the jaws distended, 

the gums rent, 

the sinews shall be suck'd dry, 

the neck gnaw'd, 

the ribs shall tear 

fierce worms, 

shall drink in awarms the carcase, 

thirsty for corruption ; 

Uietongiie shall bedrawn asunder, 

into ten partH, 

to the hungry ones for food ; 

therefore it may not wisely 

in words converse 

with the accursed ghost. 

Oifer bight the worm, 

(whose jaws are 

than needle sharper) 

so. Lit chewed. 

91. jiftp, i. e. rapacioiu, greedy. 




re jenet»e^S co- 
njiejT ealfia* 
on flam eojiiH-fcpVfe- 
he y^ tuDjan eofc^h^- 

■J fa eajan ]>nph-eteS- 
ufon on f heapob- 
;] to ec-pelaa- 
o)>jium jepjmefi. 
pypmum CO pifce- 
)>0D bi|r ]>sec pejijC' 
be acolab. 
fneche lonje aep- 
pepebe mib p»bum> 
bi* J>on p^pmej- pepl- 
sc OB eoji)>an- 
)«c maej E^hpylcuin> 
men tx> jemynbuni' 
mob-f nocteppa :• 

that sets to^ 

first of all J 

in that eartb^aTero : 

he the tongne tears atiuider, 

and the teeth pierces, 

and the eyes eats thnragh, 

up in the head, 

and as for a feast, 

clears the way for otlier 

worms' repast. 

Then shall be the accursed 

carcase cool'd, 

that he loDg of old 

protected with garments ; 

then shall it be worm's meat, 

food in earUi. 

That may be to every 

man as a memorial, 

of mind s 

Donne bi'S hyhclicpe- 
)>Eee fio hahje fapl- 
psepefi Co Sa ):bep:e- 
jrpoppe hepunben- 
biS Jfaec tepenbe- 


(From the VerceUi MS.) 

90 Then it shall be more joyfiit, 
when the holy soul 
goes to the flesh, 
in comfort wiap'd : 
that errand shall be 

1. V. adds me afUr co. 6. So V. 

e. 7. and 6. 9. In the MS. ihtte Unei are 
oriet in V. 

Mz«n ^]tbiB«B. 
I have fofiowed tt 





pinbea on )%jib'Se> 

nub ;e]»ftD j-eceS- 

lurcnm "pat Imn-jKC' 

ftec hie seji lanje }>»;• 

>on )»a siqrar- 

jiohe popb fppecB^- 

piotcpe jijepeftti' 

^ ^f foSlice* 

|fODe lic-homaD- id 

lajmin jjiete^* 

pine leopefta- 

ah te jfjitaap jyc- 

jipjie spetal». 

on If ]nn jafT cutnen- 

jcwjlie seppsefcepob- 

oj: mmej- -pebvp pice- 

ajinm bepuo&en- 

eala mm bp;^hceii> 

)>ep ic' )« mO]Te> m 

nub me Isban- 

Jtec )>^ eojlftj'- 

ealle jefapoo' 

heo]X)na pulboji jT^'Ic* 

fjm ^ me aeji hep fqu|M' 

pej-cejT iSu on polban- 

T Sefj-lbept me. 

jobef hc-homaii' - 

jajwr bp^ncef 

yxepe ^u on pn^- so 

fealbefC me pibia jenihc- 

]K>p{San '%u ne ]>eappc pceaDuan' 

]>on j-ceabene beo))- 

4. Lit. tlie loent-Tenel. 
18. HSS. eapuBi. 


found in spirit. 

With joy sball it aeek, 

with delight, the body, 

that it long before had animated. 

Then the Bpirits 

good words shall speak, 

wise, glorious ; 

and thus truly 

the body 

gladly shall greet : 

' Deareet friend ! 

the worms poaaess tiiee yet, 

greedy greet thee ; 

now is thy spirit come, 

fairly adorn' d, 

from my Father's kingdom, 

with honours encircled. 

Ah, tny lord I 

that I might thee 

with me conduct, 

that we the angels 

all might see, 

hearen's glory such [vide i 

as thou for me here didst ere pro- 

thou didst fast on earth, 

and me didst fill 

with Ood'a body, 

spint's drink : 

thou wast in need, 

and gave me of desires fill ; 

therefore thou needst not be 

when shall be parted 

T. MS. rprecac. 

so. JlKC? 




the sisfiil 
and the just, 
OD the great day. 
For that thou garest me 
it need not rue thee 
here in life, 
for all 80 much 
aB thou me gavest, 
in the meeting' place 
ID of men and angels. 

Thou bowedat thyself before in«i, 
and rus'd me to joy etenial ; 
therefore it ever grieves me, 
dearest of men ! 

in my thought de^ly^ [flicUons, 
Inef |>e ic ^ on pyjYam hyn^u p&.that I know thee tobein these af- 

]ra fynpillan ■ 

■J pa po5jaej«an. 

on pam mnpan baeje- 

Jisef ]ni me jeape- 

ne iSe hjieopan feajiy- 

hep on hfe- 

eallef j^a m^clej'- 

]'pa ^u me j^albejt- 

on jemoc-ji^ebe. 

manna "j enjla- 

byjbejt: Bu J>e fOp hnleSum 

•} ahoye me on ecne bpewn. 

fop]ran me a huija^- 

leofOfC manna* 

1 hije he^be 

pypmu to pijre. 

ac ^ax polbe ;ob. 

)>ffit pa tcfpe ]m|- la^hc- 

lejep-beb cupe- ) 

polbe ic )>e {Son ("ecjan . 

)»Bsc ■Bu ne j-opjobe- 

poplSan pyt beo^ jejiebepobe- 

SBC jobep borne- 

mocpo pyc ponne see-fomne> 

pyS)>an bpucan. 

"J unc on heoponu- 

heah-]ma3eDe beon- 

ne {nippon yfc beon ceapie- 

»c cyme bpyheue|-. s 

ne }>Kpe anbppape- 

y)%1e habban* 

popje m peSpe. 

ac pjc pjlpe ma^on. 

a repast for worms ; 

hut God hath will'd it, 

that thou ever thus loathly 

a bed of rest should choose. 

But I to thee would say, 

that thou shouldst not sorrow, 

for we shall be gather'd 

at God's doom ; 

we may then ourselvea tc^;ether 

afterwards enjoy, 

and in heaven 

be high-exalted. 

We need not be uneasy 

at the Xjord's coming, 

nor, for our answer, 

evil have, 

care in mind; 

but we may, 

6. i. e. the lifB etem^. 
S5-37. motDnpycfonnetecromneime-fyK^anbiiucBa- i on heopmum, &c. t 



sec |rani botne pteji- 
bsebuni ^ilpan- 
hpylce eapnunja- 
uncpe ptejiOD. 
pBC ic ^»e )mi p«]te- 
on popnlb-juce- 

Mrrej- * * 

at the doom there, 

io our deeds exult ; 

Buch deserta 

ours bare been I 

I know that thou wast, 

in the world's kingdom, 

exalted nobly. 


Pelanb him be piipman- 
pfuecej- cunnabe. 
anhybij eojil' 
ea}i}X)]>a bj\e^- 
baejibe him co %eyippe' 
rouse -J lon^$. 
pincep-cealbe pjuece- 
peaa op: onjwnb. 
jil^lian hine ni'Shab on- 
nebe lejbe- 
j^ncjie j«ono-benbe- 
onj-yllan mon. 

DsBf opepeobe. 

Beabohil be- 
ne paej* hype bpoSpa bea^S. 
on jefaa rpa pap- 

8. Here a leaf hu been cut out 
19. Lit Sesible; Oer. icIiwBDk. 

Weland in biniBelf the worm 

of exile prov'd, 
the firm-soul'd chief 
hardships endur'd, 
had for bis company 
sorrow and weariness, 
winter-cold exile, 
aflSlction often sufler'd, 
when that on him Nitfahad 
constraint had laid, 
with a toogh sinew-band, 
th' unhappy man. 

That he surmounted, 

BO may / this. 
To Beadohild 

her brothers' death was not 
in mind so punfnl 

9. HS. bejinfiman. 




rpa hjpe rylfjie |nnj. 
)nec heo jeiqiduw- 
onjieteD hiefbe- 
^ heo eacen pwf • 
eppa ne meahce* 
yjtvftx jejTeDcaO' 
hu ymb f j-ceolbe. 
BfBf opepeobe- 

Pe Jiaec mse'Shilbe- 

pujibon ^UDbleiq-e> 

jeacer PJUS*' 

f hi feo fopj-lupj. 

]-|sep ealle binom. 
Dser ofejieobe- 
yiyjey fpa tmej. 

iE>eobjiic ahte> 

■JSjiinx pmcfSL- 

nuepinjB bnp;- 

f pffif mone^um cuiS. 
D«r oj:ep€obe- 
Jfirrer ppa mses. 

pe ^eapcoban. 


pylpeone -^e^ht' 

ahce pibe pole- 

joCena jucep- 

psec pec; monij- 
poppim jebunben - 
peaa on penan* 
pypcea jeneabhe' 
f )>oep cyne-jucep- 

as her own mischaoce* 

when she for certun 

had diBGorer'd 

that she was pregnant : 

never could she 

confidently think 

how aa to that it could be. 

That she Bnrmounted, 

BO may / this. 
10 That of Msethhild^ we 
many have heard : 
were unreasonable 
Geat's courtships J 
so that from him hapless lore 
all sleep took. 

That he surmounted, 

so may / this. 
Theodiic held, 
for thirty winters, 
ao MKrirgaburgh, 

that was to many known. 

That he surmounted, 

so may /this. 
We hare heard tell of 
wolf-like soul ; 
[100 £.] he possess'd the ample nations 
of the Goths' realm} 
that was a fierce king. 
30 Sate many a warrior 
with sorrows bound, 
calamity in expectation ; 
wish'd enough, 
that of that kingdom 

3. |«f 

IS. r. Mbw. 



opepcumen psejie. 
Dsf ofepeobe- 

8ire1S jxtpj-ceBjuj- 
fvluiii bibelflb- 
on fepan fpeopcerS* 

f yy enbele&j-- 
eajipo'Sit basL 
nuej )>dn ^e|>eiican • 
)( jeoob ^f pojiulb- 
pic^ bpyliteii- 
penbeiS jeneahhe' 
eople mouejum- 

piflicne bUeb- 
pimam peana bael' 
f ic bi me j^lpum- 
pec^OQ pille. 
f ic hpile pffip- 
heo-benia;a pcop' 
bpjhene bype- 
me pEBf beop noma- 
fthfce IC pela pincpa* 
)X>l2a% nine- 
bolbne hUfopb. 
o|r}>»c heoppenba nil' 
leoB-cpwpeij mon- 
lonb-pyhe 3e]»8h- 
f me eopla hleo- 
EBp jepealbe. 

Ssep 0|:epeotM- 

there were an end. 

That he surmounted, 

BO may / this. 
Sad-Borrowing he siu, 
of good bereft, 
in At* soul it darkens, 
seema to himself 
that is endless 
the portion of afflictions. 
Then may he think, 
that throughout this world 
the sagacious Lord 
alternates abundantly; 
to many a man 
he honour allots, 
assur'd prosperity ; 
to one a share of troubles : 
that I of myself 
wiU say, 

that I whilom was 
a scald of the * Heo-Denings,' 
dear to my lord, 
my name was Deor ; 
I had for many winters 
a good retainerahip, 
a kind lord, 

till that Heorrenda now, 
a man skill'd in song, 
the land-right receiv'd, 
which me the patron of men 
ere had given. 

That /surmounted, 

BO may I this. 


Leobom jf nunam- 

nTjlce him mon Kc jife- 

pillalS h;^ hine a|>«cjan. 

jip he on pjicat cymeS> 

nnjehc if fi]*- 

pulj: ij' on leje* 

K on o)K]ipe. 

fteyt I]- )uet c^lonb^ 

penne bipoppen- 

pnbon ptel-jieope- 

yejtaf ^»p on ije- 

pilla^ hy hme ^^ecjan- 

jif he on )>iiest cymett- 


If «r pnlper- 

ic minej- piblaj-rmn- 

penum bojobe- 

]>on hit psej- jien^ pebeji. 

"J ic jieo tujn jTBC. 
)>5n mec j% beabu-cafs- so 

bo^ni bilejbe- 
ytef me pyn co ]>on- 
psej* me bpR)fpe eac lafi- 
pnlp mm pul]:> 
pena me ]ime. 
feoce jebybon- 

|nne relb-cjmar. [101 a.] 

10 mupnenbe mob- 
nalej- mece hpx- 
jehyjiefC fa eab pacqi> x 

unce|me eajme hpelp- 
bijte^ folf CO puba- 
Jtefc mott ea}fe co)4iceS> 
}>tetEe n8e)7\e jepomnab psep- 
uncep jiebb jeabop ;• 


)>pyic If luele)>a ]>«p hopj-c> 
1 Kr h^je-qiBepcij- 
f ]>Kt nue^e apec^Bn. 
hpa mec on pB pji8ece> 
])on ic aptije ptjion;- 
pCunbS peye- 
pjHfmpi\ ^imie- 

What man is eo sagat^nfl, 
and of mind bo cnnoing, 
that that may say, 
who me on journey aenda, 
when I momit Htrong, 
sometimes fierce, 
proud, /thunder. 



I^Sum pjuecc' 
jxfie jeonb jrolban- 
)3>Ic-]^o biejine- 
jueceb jieapje- 
jiecar rti5a«. 
hafpe opeji hjtojzu' 
Um bilS on eoii)>aD> 
pwl-cpealm pejia- 
}>5n ic pubu hftejie* 
beaiipaf bleb-hpare- 
beftmaf ffUe- 
holme jehjiepeb* 
heaou meahcum. 
ppecan on ftt^- 
pibe fenbeb- 
hiebbe me on fap^cje- 
^ teji haba)' ppeah- 

Fterc 3 JBejtar- 
IY)mob on funbe- 
fa;^ hpa mec )*ecce- 
otvlM hu ic hanre- 
|»e )>e hlajT bepe :• 

at times wander, 

travel over earth, 

public structures bum, 

bouses rob ; 

the smoke mounts 

dusky o'er the roofs ; 

din is on earth, 

t/ie death-pang of men. 

Then 1 shake tAe wood, 

the leafy groves, 

fell the trees, 

with water cover'd, 

by mtf high powers, 

exiles wandering 

send afar. 

/ have OD my back 

thatwhich ere fA« persons cover'd 

of earth's inhabitants^ 

fleeh and spirits, 

together safely. 

Say wbo covers me, 

or how I am call'd 

who bear the load. 


)>|nluin ic jepice- 
]-pa ue pena]; men- 
imbep fpti jfipptec- 
eop]fan fecan- 
ptprecjfl]- jpunb. 

Sometimes I go^ 
as men think not, 
under the^ rush of waves, 
seeking the earth, 
the ocean's ground. 
ITu sea is impel'd. 

IS, fVtitet 




f&m jepealcen* 
hpsetinepe blunmeS' 
hlube ^immeS' 
jTjieama)' ytn\ni beaca{$* 
)Tunt>um peojip^' 
OD |t:eBlc fal«<^' 
jtxae ~i pnbe. 
pape -y pseje. 
)>dn ic pmnenbe- 
holm-miejne bifieKhC- 
hjiupm jt^jije. 
pbe fS-jpunbar- 
pinb-belme ne mtej* 
lojian sep mec Isa^- 
)-e ])e miD lacceop h\^- 
on p]^ ^ebpam- 
jiija ^oncol mop- 
hpa mec bpejbe- 
oj: bpimef pie)>mufn' 
t>dn j-tpeamaj- e]X> 
fcille peop^a^S' 
y]>a sel»p(epe. 
|>e mec aep ppujon :• 

foam roll'd ; 

the wtiale-mere resouikU, 

loud rages, 

streams beat the sbores, 

sometimes dash, 

on the * cliAi, 

with stone and sand, 

weed and wave : 

then I labouring, 
10 with the watery mun corer'd, 

the earth stir up, 

the wide sea-grouods. [not 

From the watery covering I may 

escape, ere me dismiss 

he who my guide is 

in every course. 

Say, man of thoogfat ! 

who me drew 

from ocean's bosom, 
ao when the streams again 

were still, 

the wares at rest, 

which me ere cover'd ? 


I^pilum mec mm )^a- [101 i.J Sometimes me my 

pefte jeneappa'5. 

penbeS ^Sa- 

unbep pnl-ponje- 

beapm bjiaban- 

-y on bib ppicerS- 

fest c 

then sends, 

amid the pleasant plain, 

my broad bosom, 

and on a bed diivea me. 

fis. MS. FTkuson. 

89. bet>? MS. Mbib. 


])jiaj:ai5 on jiyjTjiu. 
I^ymma puane- 
hsetjt; OD et^e> 
^ji me heopb pxxrS- 
hjiuj^ OD hpyc^e- 
nah ic hfjppe fegey- 
op ]iam ajlacC' 
ac ic e)Kl-ftol< 
hele))a hpejie- 
hojiD-palu f^ia'S- 
pepa pic-|Tebe- 
peaUftf beopa^- 
fceape opeji fti-piaim' 

Ifp: opeji loiibe> 

o]))raeC ic Of ei^e- 
ejaie j^ mec pipi)»- 
ye mec j>jUEbe on- 
sec j:puii]fceafi::e- 
fuji)>um lejbe- 
benbe ;] cloLmaie* 
f ic onbujan ne moc 
oj: }ne}- jepealbe- 
^ me je^Y taecne^' 
fapilom ic j-ceal wpm ■ 
[rcpeamaiO rctl^w>. 
^ CO fta]>e ti^an- 
plinc-jpi^ne |dob- 
paej pi^ peaUe> 
ponn ajiifeS- 

urges on iu darkness 

some affliction, 

hunts me into durance ; 

there hard eits 

the earth on my back. 

I have no return of way 

from that misery ; 

but I the habitation 

of men disturb, 

the pinnacled halle abtUte, 

men's dwelling-places, 

the walls tremble, 

steep o'er the pathways ; 

still seems 

the air o'er the land, 

and the water sUent, 

till that I &om durance 

rush up, 

just aa me directn 

he who a binding on me, 

at the beginning, 

first laid, 

with band and chain, 

that I may not deviate 

from the control of him, 

who to me points the ways. 

Sometimes I aball from abore 

the billows driTe, 

Btir Dp the streams, 

and to the shore impel 

the flint-gray flood. 

Foamy strives 

wave agfunst wall, 

dusk rises 

S9. repeamaj auf plied frc 

^. M8. Bclaca. 

a eoDJectuie. 

9. US. hjiepa. 
30. ^JTVO, agme 1 


384 ] 

bun opeji bype- 

bype beopc on lajt- 

eajie jeblonben- 

ot>ep pepeB. 

^nc hy jemiceaB- 

meap&Ionbe neah' 

h& bbnca)-. 

fiKj) brS blub pabu- 

bpim-pe}t» bjieahcni' 

biba% ptille. 

jt^alc ftan-hleo^u- 

jTjieam-jepinne J- . 


^on heab ;e)>jiin;' 

on cleojni cpybe{>- 

]nep biB ceole pen- 

pbj>pe psecce- 

jip bine pse bypeS- 

on ^a jpimman cib- 

^s^a pilne- 

Jwet he pcyle pice- 

bipopen peop^an- 

peope bipohun- 

psemi; pibaii- 

y])a hp^cpini- 

Jjsep bi* «;pa pum- 

lelbum jeypeb* 

]>apa ]>e tc b^iau pceal- 

ptpon; on ptrS-pej. 

bpa ;e]-ciIleS )raec> 

hpilum ic ^pb-psepe- 

f me on bsece pibeS> 

pon psej-paCU' 

pibe eofipinje- [102 

1. i.e. moontain-wiTe. 
H. pubu =: fUDb-jiutou, ihipt 

mountun o'er deep ; 

dark on its tracks 

in ocean, 

anotber goes, 

so tbat tbey meet, 

the land's limit near> 

the btgh shores. 

There the wood is loud, 

the ocean-guests' noise ; 
10 still remun 

the rocky cli& 

^m the watery strife, 

the crew's outcry. 

When the towering mass 

on the cV^B presses, 

there shall be hope for the vesselj 

in the fierce contest, 

if it the sea shall bear, 

at that terrific time, 
w of gueste full, 

so that it shall forthwith 

be borne away, 

though vitally assail'd, 

yet foamy ride 

on the waves' badis. 

There shall be some terror 

to men dinplay'd, 

whom I sbaU bear, 

strong on the nigged way : 
30 who shall still that i 

Sometimes I rush throu^, 

so that behind me rides 

the dark ware-vessel ; 
I.} widely I press od, 

9. eap-jebloaiw! 5. zemecaVf 


la^u-fcpeama pill- 
hpilum Iseee ejx:- 
plapan co-fonme> 
fc briS rpeja nueft> 
bjieahtma o)»ji bujipim- 
•J jebjwca blubart' 
]>on j-ceapp cymerS- 
fceo pi]> o)>Tium- 
ec5 jw5 ecje- 
eajipan jep^apce* 
puj- opeji polcu- 
pype ppseca^- 
blacaa lije- 
T jebpeco pepa'S- 
beopc opep bpeonciim- 
jebyne hiicle- 
papa^ peohfcenbe- 
peallan lietaiS> 
ppeapc pi mj^nbu ■ 
peap op bopme- 
psecan op pombe. 
pmnenbe papeS. 
aCol eopeb-)>peac- 
ejja arnje^S. 
nucfll inob-)>pea- 
monna epiae- 
bpo^an on bupjuni' 
|>dn blace pcocia'S' 
pcpi]>eDbe pan- 
pceappum psepnam. 
faol hira ne onbjuebe^. 
^& beaiS-ppepu . 
fpylte'S hpwj^e- 
2ip bim poS meocub- 

5. Lit over towns. 
IS. bjitohcnm (t>ii>'hEnoi] I 

of the water- Htreams full : 
sometimes again 7 let them 
disaolve together ; 
that of Bounds is greatest, 
of noises among men, 
and of crashes loudest. 
Then sharp shall come 
shoe agmnst other, 
edge against edge, 
to earth's creation, 
hurrying o'er people ; 
they with fire shall sire at, 
with pale fiame, 
and tfte crashes go 
dark over multitudea ; 
with great din, 
they shall go fighting, 
shall let faU, 
swart shall send, 
moisture from the bosom, 
liquid from the belly ; 
contending shall go 
the dire legion, 
dread shall arise, 
great mental torment, 
to the race of men, 
terror in their towns, 
when pale sball shoot 
passing phantoms 
with sharp weapons, 
the foolish will not dread 
the deadly spears, 
yet will he die, 
if on him the just Creator 

10, eoji)>an or eapman! 

19. jjicopejTim jenDeBf 87. bjii 


on jep^hcu- 
{ruph perjn u]sn> 
Of jefCune liete)S< 
rtjuele pleojau* 
papenbe flan' 
jMa f 5ebysa«- 
)>apa Jie jejiaeca'S* 
jiyne-jiejTMj- ptepen- 
ic far oplexer- 
op anjT:«Ua. 
)*Sn jepite- 
polcen-jebnart^ ■ 
faph Sej'jwec ]>jun;aQ. 
]>jiymme micle^ 
opep bypnan boftn- 
biepfceS hlube- 
heah bIo1S-;ecpob< 
ydn bm;e epC' 
unbep lyfcehelm- 
lonbe neap- 
■J me hpycj hlabe- 
)>»c ic habban pceal- 
meabcum jemanab. 
minef fpean- 
yp& K Jfpymjail jwop- 
(fpajum pinne- 
bpilfi unbep eop]>aD> 
hpilu y^ j-ceal- 
beah unbep-bnijan- 
b)>ilum bobn upan- 
ftpeamaj- jtfWfl- 
bpilu ftije up< 
polcn-Fape ppes«> 
pibe fepe- 
8. iisjn-jareer^ 


tbrougb nun from above, 

irom t/u wbtrlwind leto 

the arrow Ay, 

the InveOiag dart i 

few ihall /rom that esaqte 

of tbose wbom reacb 

t/ie rain-spirit's weapon. 

I of that calamity 

set the be^nning, 

then depart 

in the din of clouds^ 

boldly pressing onward 

with a great state, 

o'er the water's bosom ; 

knid bursts 

the high collection. 

Then /incline again, 

under ur'e covering, 

nearer to land, 

and on my back load 

what I am to hmn, 

by the powers admonisb'd 

of my master. 

So I a stately servaot, 

at times labour, 

sometimes under earth; 

sometimes the waves I must 

deep dive under ; 

sometimes the sea ftvm above, 

the streams, I agitate ; 

sometimes rise up, 

the clouds' course driv^ 

widely traverse, 

swift and vigorous. 

15. Lit. the boumt'i. 




rsja bpsec ic batce- [102 &.] S&y what I am call'd, 

oype bpa mec juejie> or who excites me, 

^on ic jiefCan oe mot. when I may not rest, 

oy^ fapa mec ftae^S^' or who atays me, 

{wnoe IC jtnlle beom t* when I am Btill 1 

Ic fceal ^pa^ bypij- 
)>epie nunmn- 
bpiDjau bse];Cflb> 
hypan jeojme- 
mm beb bjtecaii* 
bpeabtme cy^an- 
J)ac me haly-pp^'an. 
bbij»pb j-ealbe* 
ops mec fltep-pejujoe* 
]-ecj o'S^ meople- 
jjiecao eobe- 
ic hmi jjiom-heojitum. 
pmeeji-cealb onc|)e|>e- 
peapm bm. 
jebmibenne bsej. 
bpilum bejij^l}' 
fe-Jreah bip on )'oace- 
{•ejue mmum- 
meb-pifum men- 
me f ry'F® ]'*P* 
jnbc j)ite> 
'^ pojibum nifnon- 
fpeb me^e- 
rpel jerecjan :■ 

19. poapinelimu? 

ST. 88. MS. min oBjpeft. 

I shall a wbile busy, 

my eemuit, 

wiUi rings confin'd, 

sedulously obey, 
ID my bed break, 

with noise make knowDj 

tbat me a neck-band 

my lord has ^ven. 

Me oft sleep-weary 

nan or maid 

went to greet; 

J tbem, cmel-bearted oftw, 

winter-cold answer. 

7%e warm limb 
90 the bound collar 

sometimes eBciq>es from ; 

it is, however, grateful 

to my sen'ant, 

a half wise man, 

that me there 

something torments, 

and he to my words 

efiectually may 

a saying say. 

80. r. besj. 91. h«tijt»Xt 

39. jpebe or rpebnmt 




Ic eom anhaja- 
ifepne piinb- 
bille jebennab ■ 
beabo-peojica fxb- 
ecjum pepi;- 
Op: ic pij j-eo- 
j:fiecne feohtan- 
yiio^e ne pene ■ 
p mec jeoc cyme> 
tep ic mib slbuai ■ 
eal pojipujibe- 
Bc mec hnojjialS- 
hoDiejia lajie- 
heapb ec; heopo fceapp- 
^peopc rmij^a- 
bita% ui bup^- 
ic abiban fceal* 
l^>pan ^emotef* 
naefpe Isece-c^a- 
on }»lc-jt«be- 
pnban meahce- 
]>apa )ie nub yjn[iram- 
punbe ^eluelbe- 
ac me ecja bol;- 
eacen peop'Sa^- 
^ph bea^S-rleje- 
bapim -] nihcum :• 

I am o recluse, . 

with iron wounded, 

with fiuilchion scar'd, 

sated with works of war, 

of edges weary ; 

oft I battle see, 

perilous fight ; 

for comfort hope not, 

or that safety to me shall come 
10 from martial strife, 

ere I with generations 

shall all have perish'd } 

but tAey me shall strike 

with sword : 

the bard of edge, intensely sharp, 

hand-work of smiths, 

shall bite among people : 

I must awut 

the hostile meeting: 
» never the healing tribe, 

in the battle-place, 

might /find, 

who with plants 

mif wounds would heal, 

but to me the edges' sores 

become invreas'd, 

through deadly stroke, 

by day and night. 

14. See Wuton'i H. E. P. 3rd edit., I. p. hii. 
17. Lit in buTghi. 

16. r. hanb-Teope. 


Mec jefecte pj?. 
jijojia palbenb. 
quft to cotnpe- 
ofC K cpice bsepne> 
uDiumu cyii' 
eoji^ao ;ecenje> 
nietfl tmb iii)>e. 
jya ic him no hjuoe> 
)>da mec mm ^ea> 
feofacan haee)*. 
hpiliun ic monijiia- 
mob apec«> 
bpilum ic ):{te|:jie' 
pt ic sp puine on- 
jreojipan nnj>e- 
bi ]«]■ ):ela'S peah> 
n>ylce pay oIticj-- 
]Mmiie ic eft fa^jia- 
ojrep beop jebpea;- 
bpobca'S becan :■ 


Me has placed the true 
Ruler of yictories, 
ChriBt, in battle : 
oft 1 the living bum, 
^ a race innumerable, 

heavy on earth, 
oppress with enmity, 
yet I touch them not, 
when me my Lord 
10 commands to fight. 
SomeUmes of many I 
the mind exhilarate ; 
BOtnetimes I comfort 
[103 a.] thoae whom I ere war ag 
from very far, 
yet they feel it, 
as also this other, 
when I again, 
over Me deep abyss, 
ao their condition better. 

ftpiejl min jpija-iS. 
I'on ic hpoj-an tpebe- 
oppe {mpic buje- 
oype pabo bpejre. 
hjnlum mec ahebhft'S* 
opep htele]>a bjbt- 

B. jpa for f ra-^afa ! 
14. add )« after )iaT 

My garment sounds, 
when I tread the earth, 
or the villages inhabit, 
or the waters drive : 
sometimes me lift, 
over men's faabitations. 



hypj-Cfl miiie> 

^ ]>eor hea lyjx- 

■J mec t>dn pibe- 

polcna ]Tjienpi> 

opeji ]:olc bypeS- 


rpoja^S hlufae- 

•J |T>inpa^S. 

tophce jinjaS- 

]>dn ic jecenje ne beom- 

flobe ^ )»tbati' 

fepenbe jsejt: :- 

my trappings, 
and this high air ; 
and me then widely 
the clouds' Btreagtb 
over people bears } 
my ornaments 
sound loudly, 
and give melody, 
sweetly sing, 
10 then I am not heavy 
to flood or earth, 
a journeying guest. 

Ic }nijih mu|> j-ppece- 
monpun peo[it}um' 
pjiencum pmje- 
ppixle jeneabhe> 
hhibe cipme> 
bealbe mme pij'an- 
hleo)>pe ne mijre- 
ealb sejxn-pceop' 
eojtlum bpinje- 
bhjje m bupjum- 
^n IC bujenbyie. 
|-eepie jryjime- 
jrdle on picum- 
rite's nijenbe. 
j-aja hptec ic hatte- 

>a n» rcipe n'S*- 


I through mif mouth speak 
in many tongues, 
cunningly sing, 
converse abundantly 
with my head-voice ; 
loudly cry, 
hold OR my tones, 
u my sound conceal not : 
an old evening-bard, 
to men / bring 
happiness in their homes; 
when I them with flexible 
voice excite, 
still in their dwellings 
they ait • 
Say what I am called, 
who BO clearly *, 

IS. (ubint fDjtbum. 

30. hleo^oj)? 

SD. r. t«. 



hlnbe onbyjije- 
htBle)nim bobije* 
pil-comeiia jiela- 
po]>e mrnjie :• 

at Bight toneB 
loudly imitate, 
to men anaounce 
tMnga welcome muij, 
with my voice ? 

Mec OD Jtifpim bi^- 

Me, in these days, 

oeaone ojzjeapui- 

gave ap a» dead. 

pebeji T mobep. 

bther and mother. 


there wag yet no soul. 

ealbofi m mnan- lo 

no life within me ; 

then me began 

pel holb me- 

my kind friend 

jepebum Jwccan. 

wtih weeds to deck. 

heolb ] j:jieo]>obe- 

held and protected me. 

with clothing cover'd me 



yya, hi]ie ajeu beajm- 

as her own child. 

oJ?)«ec ic unbep jiceace. 

until I under the garment. 


(so were my decrees) 

mi^ephbam peap%> » 

with hostile ones became 

increas'd in spirit. 

mec reo ]:pi|>e msej. 

Me the kind woman 


fed then. 

o^nee ic apeox- 

until I grew up. 

pibbop meahce. 

and could further 

nK areraw- 

set my joumeyiogs. 


She had the less of her own 

jima :j bohqia. [103 i.] 

sons and daughters. 

W heon* *>?&«=■ 

because she so did. 

7. MS, ORMjum. 13 

MS.pecc«i. IS. rwroUee! 

19. r. mine. 19. Or: » w 

u it dMTeed me. aa. r. ma^. 


Neb pef nun on neappe- 
•J ic neofian pstpe- 
plobe nnbeji-plopen- 
ppjeD-jrpeamuRi • 
fpijw bepincen- 
^ OD j^nbe apox> 
u):an y]ni )>e&hc- 
anum jecenje- 
lijienbum puba- 
bee mine, 
hiepbe peoph cpico- 
^a ic op pfefmum cpom> 
bpimep "J beamep • 
on blacum hpiejl' 
fame ptepon hpice> 
hyppce mme. 
|ia mec Iipjenbe- 
lypC app-ahop- 
pinb op pSBje. 
p)>]>an pibe bsep- 
opep peolh-baJvO' 
paja hpset ic harce :• 


My fiice was in constraint, 

and I beneath with water, 

with the flood submerged, 

in the mountain-streams 

deeply sunk, 

and in the sea grew ap, 

above with billowa wash'd, 

heavy only 

to sailors in ships 
with my body. 

I had a living soul, 

when I from the clutches came 

of sea and ship. 

On a black garment, 

some were white 

of my trappings. 

Then me living 

air rais'd up, 

wind from the wave 
n afterwards bare tne far 

over the seal's baths. 

Say what I am catl'd. 

J>p«jl ip mm hapo-pa;- 

hyppte beophce- 

peabe ^ pcipe. 

on peape- 

IC bypje bpells. 

My garment is party-oolour'd, 

with bright ornament, 

red and clear, 

on my robe. 

I the foolish mislead. 


-} bole fapecte. 
o]>jium ftyjie- 
nytcpe fope- 
ic ^Y nopihc pat- 
p heo j^a jemsebbe' 
mobe bep:oleDe- 
bsbe jebpolene. 
beopa|> inuie> 
pon pifan jehpam ■ 

and t/te dull excite^ 
their imprudent ways 
to others direct 
a more useful course. 
1 thus notiiing know 
pS him Jraef Jreapef ■ 
pl^Jian heah bjuo^eS- 
hopba fteopaft- 
;if hi unpaebef • 
sp ne jerpic^ :■ 

Formn ic jrepe- 
]»lban flice- 
jpeue ponjaj-. 
t>enben ic gsej^ bepe- 
jip me peoph lofalS- 
pepte bmbe- 
fpeapee pealap- 
hpdum pellan men- 
hpdum ic beopum- 
bpmcan pelle- 
beopn Of boj-me* 
hpilom mec bpyb cpiebe^- 
pela-plonc jxicum. 
hpilum feoppan bpohc- 
pon-peax pale- 
bol-bpunc m^unen- 
beopcum mhtu- 
psece^ m psecpe. 
pypmffS hpilum- 
fsespe CO irype- 


On feet I go, 

the earth tear, 

the green fields, 

while a soul I bear. 
30 If my life perish, 

fast I bind 

the swart strangers ; 

sometimes to a better man, 

sometimes to beasts, 

/ give to drink 

the stream from my bosom ; 

sometimes me the bride treads, 

much proud, with her feet j 

sometimes, brought from far, 
30 the strange woman, dusk of hair, 

mores and impels me : 

the foolish serving maid, 

in dark nights, 

wets in water j 

sometimes wnrma 

well at the fire, 
id 30. Lit. Weltfa. 



me on perSme frtca^- 
hyje-;al an boob. 
hpyji)%S jeneahhe- 
Yptfe^ me jeonb i^peajicne- 
paja hpxe ic hacce- [104 a.} 
Jre ic lijgenbe. 
lonb jieap;e> 
J mfceji beape- 
bji^hcum Jwopije :■ 

me in her bosom stickB, 
wild-minded in her baod, 
turns me abundantly, 
glides over me, black. 
Say what I am caU'd, 
I who living 
rob the land, 
and after death 
multitudes serve. 

Ic ]%ah cupF qieban. 

X. psejion ealpa. 

VI. ;eb)io]'0]t' 

■J hypa rpeoreoji mib. 

haepbon peoji; cjnco. 

|»11 bon^ebon. 

rpeotol T sejyne. 

on reler jwexe. 

anjia jehpylcBr* 

ne pwj- hypa 86051 ^ p^f- 

ne Jibe J»y pippa. 

))eah bjr rpa fceolbon- 

peafe bi]u>pene. 

jiobjia peajibef • 

meahcum apeahee. 

mu)>um flicao* 

hafpe blebe* 

bpnjl MS jenipab. 

)>am |>e seji poji'S-c^mmie- 

ppjetpe leCon. 

hcjan on lapce- 

jepican lonb cpeban :■ 

I saw treading the turf 

(ten they were in all) 

six brethren, 

and tlieir sistera with them ; 

th^ had a Uviag eoul, 

the skins hung, 

manifest and visible, 

on the room's wall, 

of every one ; 

not to anyof them was it thewone, 

nor his side the sorer, 

though they so must, 

of garment bereft, 

by the Gnardian of the skies' 

powers awaken'd, 

with their mouths tear 

the vari^ated leaves. 

Clothing is renew'd 

for those who, already come fwtli, 

left their ornaments 

to lie in their track, 

departing the land to tread. 



Ic paej- peepeD'pija- 
nu mec p]onc ]?eceS- 
jeoDj hajojtealb-mon- 
jolbe ^ rjlfojie. 
poum pp-bojum- 
hpilum yepxf c^jja'S- 
bpilum IC CO hilbe- 
bIeo^« bonne- 
hpilAn pycj bypej'- 
mec ofep meajice* 
hpilum mejie-henjeji;- 

j:|uee|mDi beojihcne- 
hpihtm nuej^a fum- 
nunne jepylle'S- 
bopn betg-hjioben- 
hpilnm ic bojibum j-ceal- 
heajib beafobleaj-- 
behlyfreb bcjaQ- 
hpilam honjije- 
b^^jTom fpsecpeb- 
phtij on paje. 
Jisep pepaj- bpincaS- 
fjieobc jrypb-j'ceojip* 
fapilam polc-pijan> 
picje ye^aX- 
yon ic prnbe pceal- 
pmc-paj rpeljan. 
Of fumep bopme- 
hpilum ic jepeopbuni' 
pincap latiije' 


I was an armed warrior, 

now me proud covers 

the young serrtog man 

with gold and silver, 

with crooked wire bendinga; 

eometdmes men kiss me ; 

sometimes I to battle 

with voice Bummon 

the ready comrades ; 
10 sometimes the steed bears 

me o'er the boundary; 

Bometimefl the vessel 

conveys me o'er the floods, 

bright with ornaments ; 

sometimes a mmden 

fiUa my 

bosom, otte with rings adom'd ; 

sometimes / must on tables, 

hard, headless, 
10 solitary lie ; 

sometimes I hang, 

with ornaments adom'd, 

splendid on the wall, 

where men drink, 

a goodly war-vest ; 

sometimes warriors 

on horseback bear me} 

then with wind I must, 

resplendent, swell 
JO from some one's bosom ; 

sometimes I to feastings 

men invite. 

19. Lit. Me lea-hMM. 


plonce to pine- 
hpilum ppa)>)>um fceal- 
jtepae miiifie- 
|U)j)|%olen hjiebban- 
pieman j:eonb-pcea|ran* 
ppije hpaec-ic bacce :• 

proud otus, to wine ; 

sometimeB from enemies I shall, 

with my voice, 

the stolen rescue, 

make flee the hoatile spoiler. 

Find out what I am call'd. 

|>alp ip min hpiC- 
-J heapob pealo- 
pban J7a j-ome- 
YpifK ic eom on pej>e. 
beabo-pxpen bepe- 
me on bsce pcanba^- 
hep ppylce j-peon- 
leopum hlipa'S cu> 
eapan opep eajum- 
opbum ic fteppe- 
in 5penne jpsep- 
me bi* 5ypn pitob- 
jip mec onhasle- 
an onprnbeiS- 
pKl-Jpim pija. 
|>«p IC pic buje. 
bolb mib betqinum- 
■J ic bibe Jirep- 
nub jeoju'S-cnople- 
hponne j,aBjt cume- 
CO bupum nun'fi* 
bun bi)* bea^ picob- 
pop)>on ic pceal op eSle 
eapopan nune> 

10. MS. jpijT. 
33. MS. bloc. 

[104 b.] My neck is white, 

and my head duo, . 

HO also my sides ; 
10 swift I am of pace, 

a war -weapon bear, 

on my back stand 

hairs like to a smne'a ; 

^m my cheeks rise two 

ears over my eyes ; 

on points I step 

on to the green grsee : 

for me is a snare assign'd, 

if me unluckily 
30 one shall find, 

a cruel warrior, 

where I a bouse inhabit, 

a dwelling with my children, 

and I abide there, 

\nth my young progeny. 

When a guest comes 

to my doors, 

to them is death decreed ; 

therefore I must from home 

my children, 

13. r. httji jpylce jfjue. 

IS. to tfaem, i. e. to the children. 


fleame nejijtui- 

;■): he me ejx^ppeajtb > 

eallef peop^ffS- 

bine bejiaS bpeofC' 

ic hij' biban ne beaji- 

fiej'ef OQ ^epuman- 

nele^ juefa cea]e> 

ac ic jxreal |:]iomlice- 


^jih jre^ne beops> 

jTjurae pyjicim- 

ea]'e ic msj j:jieo]ia- 

feojih jenepjan. 

PF ic ras^-bupje moc- 

miDe jelteban- 

on bejolne pej- 

fuph bum )^el. 

nwej-e "J jefibbe- 

ic me p]>}>an ne ^ap):> 

pssl-hpelpej- p^- 

jnhe onptcan- 

jif fe iirS-jTea]>a> 

neappe fn;e' 

me on ff&'pe pece)*' 

ne to-fsle^ hi- 

on ]»am jejn-pa)»e. 


p^]ian ic Jmph hjllep- 

hpof jep«ce. 

-} Jraph hepc hjune- 

bilbe pilum- 


fatn pe ic tonje pleah :■ 

S, hi ne bepeK ? 
9S. MS. VTpe- 

timid, convey, 

save by flight; 

if he after me 

earnestly shall be 

them Me breast will not bear. 

I dare not await him 

fierce in my place, 

good counsel wills not that ; 

but I shall strenuously, 
10 with my feet, 

through a steep mountain, 

work a road. 

I can easily the frees' 

life save, 

if I my family may 


on a secret way, 

through a dim hole, 

my dear and kindred ones. 
30 I need not then myself 

for lAe slaughter-whelp's war&re 

aught afflict ; 

if the deadly foe, 

in the narrow way, 

seek my track, 

it will not well befall him 

in the counter path 

of hostile meeting, 

when I through the hiU'B 
30 summit reach, 

and vigorously touch, 

with shafts of war, 

my hateful foes, 

from whom I long had fled. 

6. MS. bi%»an. IB, r. bim. 

SI. MS. hjiino. 




0}t; ic fceal pi)> pieje pinnan- 

-J j>ij» pinbe peohcan* 

foroob priS }>£ jtecce' 

)»on ic pecan jepice. 

eoji)>aQ ytniin ]7eaht> 

me bi)) fe e]>el pjiembe* [105 a, 

IC beom rtpon; ))«ef jepinnef • 

jip ic ptille peo]i|>e- 

jij: me Jitep to-jwleB. 

hi beoS j^if^tan poa ic- lo 

;] mec pliceobe* 

pona pl^ma'S- 

pillaiS opfsp^an- 

)raet ic ppi^ian pceal- 

ic him f pojiptonbe- 

pp min peeope }>ota'S' 

•J mec pn]>ne. 

piS pcanap mocoii' 

pspee jehabban- 

pjuje bpset ic hacte :• ao 

Oft with the ware I muBt contend, 
and against the wind figfati 
against them together strive, 
when I go to visit 
t/te earth with billows corer'd: 
>J the laud is strange to me. 
I am strong in the strife, 
if I am sUU ; 
if it well befall me, 
they are more powerful than I, 
and tearing me, 
soon put me to flight. 
Thej/ will bear me away, 
that I shall protect them ; 
I hinder them from thal^ 
if my tail suffers, 
and me rigid, 

agunst the stones, th^ can 
last ret^n. 
Say what I am call'd. 


Ic eom munb-bopa- 
mmpe heopbe. 
eobop pipum pjepC. 
innan jepylleb- 
bsej-Cibum opt. 
ppiete ppejis-bpojan. 

lam the protector 

of my flock, 

an enclosure with wires firm, 

flll'd within 

with people's treasures. 

In. day-time oft 

/ Bpit dread of spears ; 


]-peb bi]> ]>y mape- 

jiylle inmpe- 

Fpeo Jwec bibealbe'S- 

hu me Of hyafa flea^a.'S ■ 

hylbe pibif • 

hpilum ic j^eapnuD- 

fpeljao onjiniie- 

bjiunum beBbo-psepnum> 

bitjimn opbum- 

«^in atci^-j-pejium- 

ij- mm mnaiS cil- 

pomb-bopb pliti;- 

ploncu beo)ie. 

men jemunan- 

^set me Jnijih mn^ fajttrS :• 


my Bpeed is the greater 
from my fbllness. 
My master beholda 
how from my belly fly 
the shafts of battle. 
Sometimes X with swart 
begin to swell, 
with brown, war-weapons, 
with bitter points, 
10 dire vttnom'd spears. 
My inside is good, 
my intestines comely, 
to the proud dear : 

what tbongb my mouth paasea. 

Ic eom ptmbejilicu pibc 
ne msej popb fppecan- 
nuelban piji monnum. 
|>eah IC mu)) babbe* 
pibe pombe. 
ic yBey on ceole* 
•J Dunef en^ler if* 

I am a wonderoos being, 
words I camiot speak, 
utter b^re men^ 
though I have a mouth, 
a wide belly, 
I was in a reesel, 
and of my progeny more. 



Ic reah -1 R f^ N • hjje 

heajrob beojihcne- [ploncne- 

ypiftne o|:ep fasl-ponj' 

n>i]>e ]?iiBe;an- 

hnjibe him on hpycje- 

ns^lebne jiab-P 't M P* 
pib-lajt: j:ejiebe- 
pyne rcponj on pabe- 

):op pse]* ))y beopbcpe- 

I saw a Sboh of spirit proud, 

bright of head, 

Bwift, o'er the ferUIe pliun, 

vigorousl}' running. 

He bad behind him 

a NoH bold in war, 

a oail'd rad-aobw 

he bore tar away, 

strong of course, in the chariot, 

a proud Cofoab : 

the course was the brighter. 

rpylcpa pl>-pet. 
]-i^a fapsec ic hacce :• 

the journey of such. 
Say what I am call'd. 

Ic eom punbeplicu pihc 

on jepin pceapen- 

|:jieau minum leop. 

]»5Pe Sejyrpe*'- [105 &.] 

bypne if min bIeo-|:as. 

fpylce beophc feomab. 

pip ymb ]»one psl-pm- v> 

^e me palbenb ^eap. 

I am a wonderful being, 

in strife fashion'd, 

to my master dear, 

fairly equip'd : 

ray corselet is party-colour'd, 

bright, seam'd as it were 

with wire about tlie death-geu, 

which me the Powerful gave, 

9. MS. jpijtnie. 7. r. • iXMP - and NGEW. 

10. r. blTKN- and COFAH. u. Here a line u wanting. 

60. pijw or f ipum t psl-spimman?, orii psl-sim aperiphranifor byiinet 



pij'a'S bpiliun- 

rylfum CO juce. 

^oa ic jinc peje- 

^jih hluceepne tuej. 

honb-peojic j-mi]>s- 

jolb ofep jeajibaj'. 

Oft ic jsejT-bejteob' 

cpelle comp-ptepni!. 

cjoinj mec jyjifeS- 

pnce 3 }.-eo1f]ie- 

3 mec on yeli peopJm'S. 

ne pyjineS po]ib lopep . 

pij-an nisene'S- 

mine ]»)]i inen;o. 

}>ep fay meobu bjimca'S- 

bealbe^ me on hea|>ope- 

hjnlum IscelS epK' 


on jejium jreacaa- 


op; ic o)?|mm yeob- 

jrpecne get bij- jqteonbe- 

jnh eom ic pibe. 

psepnum Kpyjijeb- 

ic me penan ne )>ea}i):- 

^seC me beapn pjisece- 

oa boaao peope- 

PF me 2]iompa hpylc- 

jal>e senKxeS- 

ne peop])e^ po msej-bupj- 

eapopan mmum- 
)>e IC ffipcep poc- 
Dym)>e ic hlafopbleaj-- 
hpeop>-an moce> 

who me at distant 
periode directs 
to power. 

Then I bear treasure, 
through t/te clear day, 
band-work of Emitbs, 
gold over men's houses. 
Oft I the living 
kill with Battle-weapons : 
10 the king me adorns 
with treasure and silrer, 
and me in his hall honours, 
denies nqt words of praise, 
my courses celebrates 
before the many, 
where they drink mead s 
holds me in restraint, 
sometimes again lets tne, 

of riding weary, 
» go at large, 

stout in wariare. 

Oft I have another injur'd 

wickedly with his friend. 

Hostile I am widely, 

with weapons warded off. 

I dare not hope, 

that a child avenge me , 

on the murderer's life, 

if me some foe 
o in war assail. 

The family will not be 


with my offspring, 

which I shall after hare begotten, 

unless I lordless 

may depart, 



jrjiom )>a healbenfae- 
]>e me hpiojaf jeaj:- 
me biS ja>pB ptcob^ 
ji]: ic ]:peao hyjie- 
jujre jrpemme- 
fpa ic jien bybe- 
minu }>eobne on }>onc- 
|>kc ic ]H)liaQ j'ceal- 
beajin - jefcpeona- 
ic jn{> bpybe ne moc- 
hsemeb habban- 
ac me ]>aef hyht-pl^an- 
^eno p^jme^- 
fe mec jeapo od- 
beabe lejbe. 
fop)>on ic bjiucan {xseal- 
on hajoj^ealbe' 
haele)^ jejrjieona- 
op: ic pipum bol- 
pij* abelje- 
pODie hjpe pillan> 
heo me pom-j-ppece^S- 
placed hype folmum- 
ppena]> mec popbum- 
nnjo^' jseleS. 
IC ne jyme ]>£]- compep- 

from the protector, 

who me rings gave. 

I am forthwith reproach'd, 

if I my master obey, 

■war promote, 

as I yet hare done, 

in gratitude to my master. 

That I BbaU lack 


with a bride I may not 

have intercouree, 

for me this solace 

yet denies 

he who on me fbrmeriy 

lud bonds ; 

therefore I shall enjoy, 

in celibacy 

men's treasures. 

Oft I foolish with ornaments 

a woman irritate, 

frustrate her will ; 

she me reviles, 

claps with her hands, 

defames me with her words, 

evil utters; 

I care not for tlie strife. 

96. Here a leaf of the MS. it evidently waating. 




neol ic jiepe- 

prone I go. 

:j be jjiunbe spffipe. 

and along the ground dig. 


an me a youth directs. 

haji-holcer pjonb- 

the hoar wood's foe j 

■J hlap>pb nun. 

fuid my master 


goes bent. 

peajio let {"Ceojicc' 

a guardian at my tail 

ppijal* on ponje. 

drives me on the field, 

pejeS mec ^ I>y«. 

jupef 5n rperiS niSn. 

sows on my track. 

ic rnyjnje ,:oj.«. 

I hasten forth. 

bjiun^en oj: beame- 

brought from a tree. 

bnniaen quejce. 

bound by craft. 

pesen on psejne. 

borne on a wain. 

baebbe punbjia jiela- 

I have wonders many,-^ 


to me going there is 

jjiene on healjie. 

green on one side. 

^ mm n«)e« ppeowl- 

rpeape on oJ»pe. 

30 black on the other. 

me Jmjih hpy<^ ppecen- 

Through my back driven. 

honja^ nnbep- 

hangs beneath 

Sn o|i]»onc pil. 

one curious dart. 

ol>ej> on heapbe. 

fast and forward 

)»alle]> on fiban ■ 

falls at mp side 

]t ic toyuta tejte- 

what with teeth I tear. 

PF me teala J>enal>- 

if me well serve 



90 he who is my master. 

4. swn;! 

18. jTi^pisel 

19. MS. beapme. 

90. fete&ahnst 


Ecromne q>om- 

Together came 

LX. monna. 

sbrty men 

CO pEe5-iTBe]w. 

to the wave-Bhore, 

plenum pibaa- 

on hones riding ; 

hffifbOD XI. 

they had eleven 


{the associates) 



nil. j-ceamaf- 

four white ones. 

ne meahcon majo-jiincaj-- 

These comrades could not 

ofep mepe j:eolan. 

10 pass o'er the sea. 

j*pa hi punbeboD' 

as they deeir'd, 

ac psBf flob CO beop- 

for the flood was too deep. 

acol JJ-a jelTiffiC. 

dire the billows' force. 

oppaf heS. 

the shores high, 

rcjiearaar rcjionje. 

the streams strong. 

Resolv'd then to mount 

on pfflsn pejiar- 

the men on a wain, 

:j hyjia pi<^ romob. 

and their horses together ; 

hloban unbep hpunje. 

thejf loaded amid the wave. 

}>a )>a hop]* o'Sbsep- 

90 which bore away the horaes. 

eh -J eopla]-- 

the steeds, and men 

BBfCum bealle- 

ann'd with spears. 

ofep piecpej- byhc- 

over the water's swell, 

pseju CO lanbe. 

the vnia to land ; 

j7a hine oxa ne eeah. 

so that no ox drew it, 

ne ej-na msejn. 

nor power of men. 

ne yaer: herijejt. 

nor fat stallion, 

neon jJobe jyom- 

nor Bwam it on the flood. 

ne be jpunbe pdb- 

nor on the ground waded 

TejTum unbep. 

ao under its guests. 

ne laju bpefbe. 

nor did the water drive ft. 

1. T. £t-Tvmne i^omon. 

7. fypb-r e. Oer. Scbimn 

10. jejMml 

«l. eoharT 


ne Of Iffce pleaj' 

n© utibeji-bcec eJube. 

bjiohce hpie^e. 

beojitiaj' {SBi^bujiDan- 

■J liyiWM|Binit>. 

Fjunn jVHHKaum* 

)iset hy fCopan up. 

on opepne- 

ellen-pofe. [106 A.] 

fepofof pseje. w 

T hypa picj jejiinb ;■ 

nor flew it on the air, 

nor turn 'd back, 

yet il brought 

the men over the bourne, 

and their horees with them, 

from the high shore, 

so that they step'd up 

on to the other, 

the bold 

men from /Ae wave, 

and th^ horses sound. 

Ajpf If min noma- 

eft onhpypj-^eb. 

ic eom ppsechc pibc> 

on jepin j-ceapeu ■ 

)>oii ic onbuje- 

"J me Of bofme )»peS- 

aeetpen on;a- 

IC beom eall ;eapo> 

yme ic me f feoph-bealo. 

l»op ajpape* 

pfrlian me ye palbenb- 

fe me {net pice jej-cop- 

leo)>o ]»>pl«ec0S- 

ic beo lenjpe )>on eep> 

o)f)>8et ic rpsece> 

fpilbe ^eblonben ■ 

eal felo accop- 

|nee ic sp ;eap' 

ne CO jonjeB p»f- 

1. oai 
18, MS. (EC jiBaon%i. 

Agof is my name 

transposed : 

I am a curious creature, 

form'd in strife. 

When I bend, 

and Irom my bosom comes 

an enveuom'd sting, 

I am all ready 

that I that deadly evil from me 

sweep afar. 

When the Powerful, 

who in me that eril created, 

m^ limbs permits, 

I am longer than before, 

until I spit, 

with destruction blended, 

all the fell venom, 

which I crafty before * 

Thus it will not go 

S. MS. onbep, 
39. Tbe verb here seenu wuitiiig'. 



jumena hpylcam- 

Kiiipim ea^e- 

yxc ic ^asji ymb-j-pjute ■ 

jip hine hpiiie'S* 

f me Of hjiij:© jdeoje^' 

Jnet ^ne man-bjunc* 

nu^ne jeceapa'S- 

full peji peytS' 

feojM jine- 

nelle ic unbuoben- 

eni^m hyjian- 

nym)re j^apo jwleb. 

fa;^ hpaec ic hacce :■ 


with any man 
soever easily, 
that I there spirt ahout, 
if him touches ~ 
what from my belly fltee, 
so that that deadly driok 
he violently buys, 
the cup inevitably, 
with his life. 
10 Unbound I will not 
any obey, 

except cunningly tied. 
Say what I am cali'd. 

Ic eom punbepkcu pihc- 
ppaefue mme fcepne- 
hpilum beopce j-pa hunb* 
hpilum blieee fpa jac- 
bpilum spjebe j^ ^op • 
hpilum pelle j^a hajroc 
hpdum ic onh^je. 
June haj-pan eapn- 
ju'S-pqlep hleofiop- 
hpilum ;hban peopbe- 
mu]>e jemaene- 
hpilum nuepej- fouj> 
Iwp IC jlabo firte- 

•X- mec nemnaC 

I am a wonderoas being, 
/change my voice, 
sometimes / bark as a dog, 
sometimes bleat as a goat, 
sometdmes cry as a goose, 
sometimes ydl as a hawk, 
sometimes I imitate 
the dusk eagle, 
t/te war-bird's cry, 
sometimes in a kite's voice 
with nu/ mouth / moan, 
sometimes / have the mew'a si 
where I joyful sit. 

G they name me, 
also A and R, 


nu ic haten eom- 
j-peocule beciia)> :■ 

O gives aid, 

Hand I. 
Nov I am call'd 
as those sue letters 
plainly indicate. 

Ic eom punbejibcu pihc* 
pipim on hyhee- 
neah-buenbi! n^- 

buji J- fitcen bpa • 
n;^)>e bonan anum- 
jti^ol nun If fceap* 
heah |tx>nbe ic on bebbe- 
Deo)>an pub tiat; hpae]i> 
nejfe^ hpilum> 
pjj cypcenu- 


ceoplef bohcop- 
mob-plonc meople> 
f heo on mec jpq'e^- 
jaeye^ mec on peobne 
10 peaja^S mm heajiob- 
fs^'sS mec on pejvea- 
felep fona- 
mme]- jemote)*- 
yepe mec neappaS- 
pip punben>tocc- 
psec bi% ]raec ea^e :■ 

[107 a.] 

Mec peonba pum* 
)»ope hepifpebe- 
popalb-ptpenja bmS- 
pteece p)>)>aD' 
bypbe on psetpe- 
b^be epc ]>onan- 
petce on pminan- 
^p ic Yfipe beleaj-- 
hepmn }>am ]>e ic hsefbe- 


Me Bome enemy 
cut off from life, 
30 of vorldly strength depriv'd me, 
afterwards wetted me, 
dip'd me io water, 
again took me thence, 
set me in the sun, 
there I was much depriv'd of 
the hurs which I had. 

35. j-eofe: 



beapb mec ]-i)>]?iui- 
fnafi yeaxey ecje- 
pnbjium bejjiunben- 
pnjpaf feolban ■ 
•J mec fujlef pjn. 
;eoDb j^eb-bjiopum- 
IP^jiebe jeneahhs' 
oj.'ep bfianne bjiejib- 
beam celje rpealj- 
rtpeaniej- baele. 
fCop fl|t: on mec- 
ftpBbe fpeiqic laj-c^ 
mec p)>^ ppah. 
beleS hleo-bopbum- 
hj'pe be))enebe* 
jtejiebe mec mib jolbe- 
fop|>OD me jlipebon- 
ppscclic peojic pmilm- 
pij»6 bipjnjen. 
nu )>a jejieno- 
"] re peaba celj- 
'J )>a pulboji-jejtealb- 
pibe masjie* 
bjiyhc-polca helm> 
nalef bol pice- 
■pf mm beapn pepa< 
bjiucan pillaiS' 
hf bwifS py jepinbpan. 
1 1-y psejaejrpan- 
Leoptum ]7y bpa;Cpan- 
1 W '>ft« bli^pan. 
pep^ Jjy ppobpan- 
babba)> fpeonba pf ma> 
rpserpa^ jepbbpa- 

^ cruel one me then 

cut with a knife's edge. 

Separately ground 

nty fingers the earth, 

and me foul swine, 

amid the bounteoue drops, 

sought out busily. 

Over tAx brown brim 

a tree-branch swallow'd 

part of the stream, 

came then on me, 

depuled black of track. 

Me Uien cover'd 

a man with skreens, 

conveniently serv'd me, 

adorn'd me with gold; 

for me delighted 

the curious works of Bmiths, 

with wire encircled ; 

now those ornaments, 

and the red purple, 

and glorious abodes, 

ample, great, 

a protector of nations, 

foolish / wot not. 

If me the sons of men 

will use, 

they will be the healthier, 

and the more victorious, 

with hearts the keener, 

and in mind the kinder, 

in soul tbe wiser, 

will have of friends the morc^ 

dear and near. 

4. jnlAan? 


. Lit. ihelter-boardi^ 



roh»a 1 jobpa. 
dlfia ■] jetjieopjia- 
]« IijTia c^ "J eab' 
efCom ^ca'S- 

lijyam bilecja^- 

"j hi lufan> 

pe)>miim peftx clfppaS- 

ITiije bp»e ic baece* 

iu)nim to nycte* lo 

□ama nun ij' nue|ie- 

hselejium jippe- [107 *•] 

1 habs j^If :. 

true and good, 

excellent and faithful, 

wbo tbeir renown and happiness 

kindly will increase, 

and them with honours 

freely load, 

and them with love 

in their embracee firmly clasp. 

Find out what I am call'd 

for use to men. 

My name is great, 

to men rapacious, 

and holy itself. 

Ic eom peopV pepum- 

pibe ]:unben • 

bjiunjen of beappum- 

"J oj: bup5-bleo))u. 

op benum ^ op bunum- 

ba^ep mec piesua- 

pe]>pe on bpCe. a 

pepebon nub bpCe. 

unbep bpopep hleo. 

bseleS mec p)>T^tai- 

bi4^ban m b^bene- 

nn ic eom bmbepe- 

■j pprnjepe. 

pona peoppepe> 

epne co eop]>an bpilum- 

ealbne ceopl. 

pona f onpmbe^. 3 

T. Thb liue i« defective 
11. beop;-bleD>uT 

I am precious to men, 
found far and wide, 
brought from groves, 
and from mountain -heights, 
from dells and from downs ; 
by day me bore 
wings in air, 
cunningly convey'd me 
under a roofs shelter ; 
men me afterwards 
bathed in a tub. 
Now I am a binder, 
and a scourger, 
soon a caster; 
I level to earth sometimes 
an old churl ; 
soon shall find 
perhaps tr 

it omitted after lu. 



fepe mec pehV on jean- 
J PI'S mfejen-)nfan- 
muipe jeniO]Te{S* 
}reet he fap^cje pceal- 
hjiuj-an j-ecan- 
■gif he unjuebef - 
B9J1 ne jerjiice^S. 
fCjienjo bijTolen. 
j-cjionj on i^pnce- 
maejene binumen- 
nab bir mober jepeaJb- 
fota ne }x>lnia* 
fpi^e bpKC ic hacce> 
]>e on eopl^an ]^* 
epiar binbe. 
bole »pCep byncum- 
be biejej- leohte :■ 

be wbo is bostile tovardfl me, 

and againBt my 

main force contendB, 

that on hit back he shall 

Beek the earth, 

if he from mischief 

ere desist not, 

of strength bereft, 

strong in speech, 

of power depriv'd [powt 

he shall tiave of his mind no 

of feet or hands. 

Find out what I am call'd, 

who on earth so 

bind men, 

the foolish after blows, 

by light of day. 

Bi]> p>lban t>»l- 
pejjie jejieppeb. 
mib ))y heapbepcan- 
T mib JiJ fceappejTan. 
-J mib yj jjijmmepcan. 
^mena jepepeona- 
coppen ppoppen. 
cjppeb Jjyppeb. 
bwiben punben. 
blieceb jraeceb. 

l%ere is of earth a pari 
furly adorn' d 
with the hardest, 
and with the sharpest, 
and with the fiercest 
of men's productions, 
cut, rusted, 
tum'd, dried, 
hound, wound, 
bleached, agitated. 

a. jeUKseB! 

14-1 T. Thaie lioei ara in tbe MS. detached firom the preceding put, bc^ 
with a capital, and appear altogethet u a Beparate riddle. 

84. TfoPf^'h ^e meaning of thia word u veiy doubtful : tee note at the end of 
the vol. 


Fpwcpeb jeaepeb. 

)»ojipan bebeb. 
CO bujium bpyhca> 
bjieam bt^ m innan- 
cpicjia pihta- 

|>apa ])© ieji li^enbe- 
loDjfl hpile- 
pilna bpucet. 
■J no pifi-j^ptcefS' 
■} ySn aepx]i bea)>e> 
faeman onjinne^. 
melban mij-lice> 
niicel If eo hji^anne. 
pifpej'Cum mean- 
hjisec peo pihc ff :• 


adorn 'd, equlp'd, 
brought from afar 
to the doors of people. 
7^ joy it is withia 
of lining beings, 
adorns and lengthens 
the tedious time 
of those who ere living 
their desires enjoy, 
10 and contradicts not ; 
and then after death 
begins to judge, 
to declare various things. 
Much has to consider 
the aagaciouB man 
what this thing is. 

Ic pibc jej-eah. 

bopoa abitpeonu- 

hnpe heban- bo 

\fpc-pet leohtbc [108 a.] 

LfCum jejiepjwb- 

hu)>e CO ^am ham> 

op Jiam he]ie-p)'e> 

polbe hyjie on )raejie byjuj. 

buji acmibjian- 

reapjnim afeCCan. 

jip hit ]-pa meaid». 

Da cpom punbojilicu pihe- 

I saw a creature 


between its boms 

bringing spoil, 

a light air-ressel, 

skilfully deris'd, . 

as spoil, to the village, 

from the highway. 

It would for itself in the town 

a bower construct, 

cnoningly establish, 

if it so might be. 

Then came a wonderful being 

19. hojuiu bicpeoaii t 

3S. MS. palbe. 



o|:eji peallef hjutf- 
feo If eallum cu9- 
eojilS-baflnbiim • 
abpebbe )>a ^a hu)>e* 
•J CO ham bebjuef:* 
ppeccan Ofeji piUao. 
jepai: hjpe pejT |>onan- 

)»ji^ onecce'S- 

buj-C ftOQC to heojnnum- 

beap |»ol on eoji]>an> 

mhc j^irS jepac- 

Dseni; j-i}>|>aD. 

pepa jepfte. 

)>aepe pihce pX :• 

over fA« wall's summit, 

which is known to all 

earth-dwellere : 

it rescued then the spoil, 

and to its home drove it, 

urging it against its will : 

thence it departed west, 

hostilely going ; 

it hastens on. 

Tfte dust stank to heaven, 

dew fell on earth, 

night departed forth : 

no one afterwards 

of men knew 

that being's course. 

Ic eom lej bjpj- 
lace mib pinbe. 
bepoitben mib pulbjie- 
pflbpe jejx)mnab. 
f uj- Fop«-pe3ej-. 
pypB jehyrsab- 
beapu blopenbe. 
b^pnenbe jleb- 
pul ope mec Z^PV^T' 
j-enbaiS leptep honbam- 
f mec pepar T pif- 
plonce cJjTaiS- 
^5a ic mec onhtebbe- 
■j hi onhn^a)* Co me. 

I am a busy flame, 

I play with tAe wind, 

Burroonded with ^ory, 

in air collected, 

rapid of departure, 

with fire occupied, 

a blooming grove, 

a burning gleed. 

Full oft me associates 

send from hand to hand, 

so that me men and women, 

proud, kiss, 

when I rmae myself, 

and they bend to me. 



momje nub imlcre- 

many with kindneas. 

fwep ic mooDum fcaal- 

where I ahall men's 

jean up-cyme. 

advancement increase. 





in variouB 

pifum jeplitejab. 

^ises beautified. 

ppfflccum jeppatpab. 

curiously adorn'd. 

Ic feah fellic 

I saw a strange 

[►IBS nnjan. 

10 thing sinpng ; 

OD juecebe piht yay- 

the creature waa in a house. 

pepum on jemonje- 

among people ; 

po h»j:be p»]-cum- 


wonderful ; 

mj-eppeapb piej-. 

downward was 

neb hype- 

its face. 

jst ^ polme. 

its feet and merabers 

pijele jelica. 

like to a bird's. 

no hpsejipe jdeojau ma-j- 

yet fly it cannot. 

ne pela jonjan. 

so nor go much. 

hp«]»pe fajw-jeopn. 

yet, diligent of foot. 

fpemman onjinnffB. 

resokea to proceed, 

jecopen qucFCum- 

chosen in its powers : 

it tuma much. 

Oft :) jelome. 

oft and A^quently, 

eopluDi on jemoDje- 

among men 

pii:eS tes fymble- 

sits at Me feast; 

psler bibett- 

awaits the time, 

hj)onn6KpheocpttFt:hype-[l08i.]when it its craft 

12. MS. on repnin on. 

13. r. j«r«em. 14. punbojilicner 

IS. MS. ni>eiipeajit(. 

IT. Lit hud!. 

as. aep is apparently an err< 

ir of the Mribe. 


cyjian moce- 

may make kno<ra 

pepura on ponje- 

amon^ men. 

ne heo ^rasji pibc )njeS- 

nor does it there eat aught 

]>»r |>e him tec bbn"** 

of that which at their merriment 

beopnar habba^S- 

men hare. 

beoji bomef jeojiD- 

Beloved, of away deBirous, 

hio bumb puna's- 

it continues dumb. 

bp8e)7[i6 hjjie ir on poce. 

yet in its foot there 'a 

laejep hieol»oii. 

a aweet voice, 

pynbcu poB-jiefu- 

10 a pleasant pft of song. 

ppaethc me |»mceB. 

Wonderous to me it seems, 

hu j-eo pibt maeje- 

how the thing can 

popbum lacan. 

sport with words. 

)>U}ib )»e neo)>an- 

through its foot beneath. 

Fjueepeb hypjrum. 

CuriouBly adom'd. 

hapaS hype on balj-e- 

it has on itti neck 

l^on hio bopb piqiat- 

wiUi bearing-rings accoutred) 

bpo]»op pine. 

its brethren, 

mse; mib me^ne- 

an male with female. 

imcel 1]- CO hycjenoe- 

Much has to consider 


a wise orator, 

hpsec Ijio] pihc pie :■ 

what the creature is. 


Ip ^p mibban-jeapb. 

This mid-earth is 



pipum ;ephcejab. 

guises beautified. 

curiously adom'd. 

pjium pellic. 

Ic peah peapo hpeoppan. 

I saw a curious thing going about, 

jpinban pi^ jpeote- 

30 grinding against the dust, 

8. on semoDsef 

S. MS.habbtt,. 

ao. mazVe or msjbneT 

29. rio U omitted in tbe MS. 



pellenbe pjian. 
luefbe j^Ilicu pihc- 
jyne ne folme* 
exie ne eupmai-. 
fceal on anum |»c- 
j«^o-ceap fyifon- 
jyipe fejian- 
ppan ojzep [xlb)^. 
hsejibe ]:elB pibba- 
miriS psej- on nubban- 
mon-c^ne njt- 
jKjie {nbbaji'pelaO' 
|:oIcfcipe bfieo^efi- 
pire rn-pije*. 
~i pepum pelbeS' 
^apil jeajia jebpam- 
^j- |>e piman bpucsS. 
juce ^ heane> 
pif-popba jleap. 
hpsc jTO pihr pe :■ 

going yelling} 

the wonderous thing had not 

sight nor hands, 

ahoulder nor anns> 

must on one foot 

the curiouB thing go atx>ut, 

rapidly move, 

go o'er the fields. 

It had many ribe, 

its month was in the middle : 

useful to mankind, 

in its course nutritive abundance 

it to people draws, 

food bears in, 

and to men pays 

tribute every year, 

of what people use, 

high and low. 

Explain, if thou canst, 

thou in wise words skill'd, 

what the thing is. 

pdit qwm ffijxep p^e. 

A thing came along the wave. 

pjueclicu li]>an- 

curious, siuHng, 

cymlic j^ ceole- 

comely, from a vessel, 

cleopobe CO lonbe- 

it call'd to land. 

hlmpibe hlube- 

loud sounded : 

hleahcop pap ^fpehc- 

ejennil on eapbe. 

terrific in the land : 

ecje paepon fceappe. 

its edges were sharp. 

9. MS. ftOn. 

IS. repel 13. bjiMBBf 

14. fCpXt 

9S. F«nel S7. MS.le«hwi>. 



jxej- hij- bece j|iim- [109 a.} 

hilbe CO pene- 

biteji beabo-peojica- 

bopb-peallaf spof:- 

heajib -} h]]>enbe- 

hece-puDe bonb- 

ytBibe reapo-cjisBixij. 

ymb hype rylfpe jerceaja:. 

If nun mobop- 

maa^lSa cynnej-- id 

ymy beopej-tan- 

f ij- bobcop min. 

eacen upbben- 

ppa {isec If selbnm cay- 

ppum on p))ce- 

f |*eo on jrolban fceal- 

on ealpa lonba ^ehpam- 

bffum j-conban ;• 

fierce wae its bate, 

in battle too bIov ; 

bitter in worlcs of war, 

buclclers it pierced, 

stern and desolating 

hatred it bonnd, 

said, shlll'd in guile, 

about its own nature : 

My mother is 

of womankind 

the dearest ; 

she is my daughter, 

magnified, ezcdted, 

as that is to mortals known, 

to men among people, 

so that she on earth shall, 

in every land whatever, 

in favour stand. 

Ic pihc ^efeab- 
m pepa buppim> 
feo (net |»oh pebe^- 
bapa^ pela Co]>a- 
nebb bij* hype set nytce- 
nijieppeapb ^onje^- 
hilfeS bolbbce- 
■J CO bam Cyh^. 
pEe]>e^ jeonb peallaj-- 
pjpce j-eceiS ffii- 
beo p& ):mbe%> 
]>a t»e pifi]-c ne bi|>. 

I saw a thing 
in the towns of men 
which feeds the cattle ; 
it has many teeth, 
has a face for use, 
downward goes, 
lays waste sedulously, 
and to home draws, 
paases over walla, 
herbs seeks ever, 
them it finds, 
those that are not fast ; 

8. reonneT 

4. Lit, boatd-welU. 



IseceS hio ]« plic^an- 
yyptnm peytx- 
fcille reonbati* 
on fCii])oI-ponje> 
beojihee blican- 
blopan -J 2popan :> 

it lets these beautify 

which are fast by the roots, 

Btand still 

on their station- field, 

brightly glisten, 

Uow and grow. 

Mec je pBBta ponj- 

punbjium H^eopij- 

Of bif inna)>e> 

sejujt cenbe> lo 

ne fOc ic mec bepojihcne- 

poUe fljpun* 

bsepom ^ajih heah-que{X:> 

h^e-]>oncum min- 

punbene me ne b«o% pejde* 

ne ic peapp ha].-u. 

ne }>uph {rjieaca 2e]>juecu- 

]>pgeb me ne hlimme{S> 

ne set me bjiutenbe- 

hjujil fqu|>eS. ao 

ne mec ohponan fceal- 

amaj- CDyjjsn- 

pypmaf mec ne Speepm- 

pj^iba cjiKjiCum' 

]>a ]>e jeolo ;ob-{>ebb> 

^eatpum ffueCpaiS- 

pile mec mon hpae]7jie {^}>eah' 

pibe 0|:eji eoji]>aa- 

hatan poji hiele)>S- 

Me the hamid field, 

wonderously frigid, 

from its womb 

first brought forth. 

I knew not that I was wrought 

with wool-fleeces, 

with hairs, by art profound, 

in my mind's thoughts. 

I hare no twined woof, 

nor have I a warp, 

nor through force of multitudes 

does the thread crackle to me ; 

nor at me snorting 

does the shuttle pass ; 

nor me shall anywhere 

the weaver's rod beat : 

nor do worms me weave, 

by the powers of nature, 

those which the yellow silk 

for garments produce : 

yet uath'lesB they will me, 

widely o'er earth 

call before men 

o Cndm. p. 947, 19. je (beun) ftej fjpvnm pccjc. 



hjhclic jepsebe- 

;leap-j>o]it>um pijT»jT. [109 i.] 
hpaec J>ir jepebu j^ j. 

a delightful Testment. 
Say in sooth utterancee, 
through skilful thoughts, 
wise in cunning words, 
what this vestment is. 

Ic piht ;efeah> 
on peje pepan- 
j-eo psej- ppsetlice- 
pnubpum jejieppeb- 
faeepbe peopepe. 
pec unbep pombe> 
"J ehtni]>e monn- 
h-p 'M • puf. 


hops. TAX s. 
upon on hp^^e. 
hsepbe tu p]>pu- 
•] Cpely 6f^;an> 
■] fiex heapbu- 
paja bp»c hio pepe* 
j5p jrlob-pexap. 
ne pSf f na inijul ana- 
ac )>sqi ptep 8^bpylcep< 
anpa jehcnep • 
hopj-ep •] monnep- 
hunbep -j pujlej'- 
"J eac piyej phte- 
^ pape jip ]>u conpC* 

I saw a creature 
on the way going, 
it was curiously, 
wonderfully, ^rniah'd j 
had four 

feet under its belly, 
, and an eighth man 

above on Ui back. 

Jt had two wings, 

and twelve eyes, 

and six heads. 

Say what it was. 

It went the watery ways ; 

it was not a bird only, 

but there was of every 

one a likeness, 

of horse and of man, 

of dog and of bird, 

and eke of woman's aspect. 

Thou art able, if thou knowest^ 


CO ^efecjanDe' 
f pe foB picBD- 
hu }nepe pihte* 

to nay, 

that we may truly know, 
bow that creatare'a 
natore 18. 

Ic Inpihc ;efeah> 
pomb yxY od hmban- 
)>|uj>um a^imCeo- 
peffi Foljabe. 
nuejen-jio):a man< 
■J nucel hse|:be- 
jej»|ieb ^]) hic feXbe- 
jiteah )>uph hif ei^e- 
ne j^j-lceS be j-Jmle- 
J>on jyllaa fceal- 
iDiia^ )>am o]>jia. 
ac him ept cyme^S ■ 
hot m bofme- 
blseb bi}> a)ue|ieb. 
he fUDU yfpce^- 
brS him rflpa jaeb^ :• 

I the creature saw, 
its belly was behind, 
with Uirongs swell'd iip ; 
a thane it follow'd, 
an illustriooB man, 
and had much 
borne where it foUow'd : 
it flew through hia eye. 
He dies not always 
when he must gire 
his inside to the other ; 
but to him again comes 
reparation in his bosom : 
his prosperity is exalted ; 
be a son begets, 
is to himself a father. 

Ic )>a pihte 3e]^ah> 
psepneb-c^nej* • 

jeojuS myppe jpfflbis. 
bim on japol jropleC- 
pepiS j:pi))enbe> 
peopep pelhui' 

I the creature saw 

of the male kind, 

a youth of pleasure greedy : 

for his use he let, 

his life saving, 

four fountuoa 



fcipe jtseocaO' 

on jefceap J» 

moD ma)ielabe- 

fepe me ^ejte^be feo piht. 

51J: hio sflbJjeB. 

buna fajuce^- 

pf he cobipfceS- 

binbe^ cpice :■ 

clearly apnng, 

into a vesBel pour. 

7%e man spake, 

vho to me Bud : The creature, 

if it escape, 

the hills will burst ; 

if it break in pieces, 

will bind the liviBg. 

Gepjutu j-ecja^* 
pKC yeo piht ry. 
mib mon-cynne- 
nudum tibum- 
n>eocol -J jeryne. 
pmbop-cpiejx hap'S 
mapan micle' 
^3d hit meo piCen- 
heo pile jet'ecsu' 
pmboji te^hpylcne- 
jepi&e'V epc jrepan on pej- 
ne hiS hto neeppe* 
nihe ytefi o}>pe- 
ac hio fceal pibe peph- 
ppeccan ]a,jte' 
hamle^ hpeopfan. 
no }ry heanpe In]>< 
ne haFaiS hio poc ne polU' 
ne 9e;:pe polban hpaii' 
ue eajena- 

[UO a. 


Writings say> 
10 that there is a creature 

with mankind, 


plun and visible ; 

it has special craft, 

greater by much 

than men know of : 

it will seek 
.] every one separately 

bearing life, 
ID departs again on its way : 

it is not ever 

there a second night, 

but it must always, 
' with exile's track, 

homeless wander, 

yet is not the viler. 

It has nor foot nor hand, 

nor earth ever touch'd, 

nor eyes, 

I. Abg. tcaph, O.S. sup. — jeotanf 
1 6. MS. mafuun. 

IS. MS. cidum. 


Dfl mviS bafa)>< 

ne )n{> monnom fpjuece- 

ne ^epie hai^S. 

ac jeppiCu jiecjaS. 
Jwec j-eo J7 eapmopt' 
ealjia pihta- 

cenneb pspe- 

ne haja'S faio paple ne peopb- 

ac hio p]>a]- ix%al> 

jeonb Jraj- punbop-popalb> 

jnbe bpeojan- 

ne faa}3]> hio blob ne ban* 

hpeejipe beapnuin peap'S- 

jeonb Jnjue mibban-^eapb- 

moDpun to Fpoppe* 

naeppe hio beofonum hpan- 

ne bo heUe mot> 

ac hio fceal pibe jieph- i 

pulbop- c^m jep ■ 

liqiotn lifjan* 

Ion; ij* to fecjanne- 

hu hjpe ealbop-jej-ceajrt- 

sejxep joDjeiS- 

poh p^ba jej'Ceapu- 

Jnst [ij-] ppndic ^m;- 

BO sefecjaime- 

foB ip i^hpyh:. 

})apa |>e ^b fay piht* a 

popbum becneS- 

ne bapaS heo seni; hm* 

leopa}? ejae fe-}?eah- 

^f ^ meje pepelan- 

3. M&JplUBC 

ST. u i« added iTom coojecture. 

either of the two, 
nor mouth has it, 
nor speedi with men, 
nor has it imderatanding ; 
but writingB say 
that it is poorest 
of all creatures, 
which, after thdr kinds, 
have been brought forth. 
10 It has nor soul nor life, 
but it fotes shall, 
through tbb wonder-worid, 
amply endure. 
It has no blood nor bones, 
yet has to children been, 
throughout this mid-earth, 
to many, a comfort. 
Heaven it nerer touch'd, 
nor to bell may go, 
t but it shall always 
in the King of glories' 
doctrines live. 
Long is to say, 
how its life 
afterwards goes, 
the tortuous decrees of fiite. 
That u a curioaa thing 
to ten of: 
true ia everything 
which, concerning this creature, 
we by words signify. 
It has not any limb, 
yet lives nevertheless. 
If thou canst riddles 

SI. MS. ejmage. 

33. MS. he lunug. 



jiecene jefecjan- 
j-ojrum pojtbum* 
faja hptet hio faarte :■ 

quickly tell, 

in true words, 

say what it ia call'd. 

Gee ij- fe j*eJTpenb. 
fe Jfaf eo]i)>an nu- 

■J Jiaj- poplb healbeiS- 

)uc ij* pe peccenb- 

■] on pyhc cyninj- 

ealjia aii}>alba* w 

eop)>an -j heoponer. 

healbe'S *] pealbeS' 

fpa he jmb ])ai' ucau hyeojiyeS- 

be mec ppietbce- [1 10 b.J 

pophce aic {:pyai}>e' 

]>a he ]npie ytnbbpyii):C- 

Kjiejt: j'Ctre. 

het mec paeccenbe* 

punian loiije- 

^£BC ic ne j-lepe. ao 

p^)>an xype- 

■} mec i-emmnja- 

j-lsep Of eiijonjej*. 

beo^ ea;an nun- 

0}:e]-tum betjoieb- 

|>i]-iie mibban-;eapb> 

meahn; bpyhten- 

mib hi]* onpalbe- 

K^hyaji jryjieB. 

fpa ic mib palbeDbej-> so 

Eternal is the Creator 

who this earth uow, 

with firm supports* 

and this world sustains : 

powerful is the RuLer> 

and rightful King, 

Sovereign of all, 

of earth and heaven ; 

He preserves and sways them, 

as he about encircles them. 

He me curiously 

wrought at tfte beginning, 

when he this orb 

first placed j 

bade me watching 

long continue, 

so that I should sleep not 

ever after ; 

but me suddenly 

sleep overcomes, 

my eyes are 

quickly clos'd. 

This mid-cartb 

the mighty Lord, 

with his power, 

everywhere directs ; 

so I, with the Supreme's 



fOpbe eitlae- 

^fne ^mbhp^jx ueaU' 

ic eom Co {>on bleaiS* 

]»» mec bealblice ms^- 

;ea)ia jonjenbe- 

jpima abjiejan* 

"J eopojie eom- 

ffi;hpsji ceDpa< 

]>on he jeboljen* 

bib-fteal jiepeS* 

De nue; mec of«jifpi);an- 


sen^ oj»p eo]\|>aii< 

Tifmpe ye ana job* 

fe )>ipie hean heoj»n- 

healbe}) •} pealbe];* 

ic eom on jrence- 

rtpen^pe ^5a picelf • 

oypa pore jy. 

on eoftpioi ty])}:. 

p^nlic peaxflS' 

le eom i^iuefepe ^5n beo- 

jKah }>e lilie j^> 

leop moD-c^nne* 

beo]ihc on blojmnan- 

ic eom betjie ySa heo- 

fP^lce ic n^bej* |^nc- 

nybe oyepYpi^' 

mib mmpe jyetneiye' 

rJmle jeshjwji. 

'J ic pilpe eom- 

^6d )iif ;:en jTeajitfl- 


wordj all 

this orb about 


I am 80 gently 

tbat me boldly may, 

ready going, 

a phantom draw along : 

and than a wild boar / am 

everywhere bolder, 
10 when he angry 

makes a stand. 

Me may not overpower 


any on earth. 

Bare God alone, 

who this high bearcn 

holds and ewaya. 

I am in odour 

stronger than incense, 
9D or t/u rose is, 

tvAt'cA on earth's turf 

pleasant grows ; 

I am more delicate tfaan it. 

Tbou^ that the. lily be 

dear to mankind, 

bright in its blossom, 

I am better than it. 

So I the nard's odour 

needs overpower 
so with my sweetness, 

ever eyerywhere j 

and I am fouler 

than this swart fen, 

that here Ul 

19. lit buuui-bMieit. 



abelsn jrince^* 
eal ic unbeji heojzonej'- 
hpeapjXe jiecce- 
]-pa me leof f»bep' 
Itejibe BSt j:|\ym^- 
]>KC ic p& nub jiyhce- 
p«ccan mojt«- 
|.icce 1 ^ynne- 

Kijhpsep healbe- 
hyppe ic eom heofone- 
hatep mec heah-cyauij< 
hif beajol )>iii2- 
bype bihe&lban • 
eac ic tinbep eop)>at)* 
eal fce^ije- 
pp4pa jsejra. 
ic eom tnicle ylbpa> 
|>6n ^bhpjpp; ^f • 
o)r|>« |>ef nubban-jesjib- 
meabee 3epmp)>an> 
^ ic pej-t^on ytBf' 
jeon; aceoneb* 
maepe Co monnam- 
}ii]ph nunpe mobop hpi); 
ic eom pejeppe- 
fjaecjnaa jolbef • 
Ireah hic mon apep^e • 
pipum utan- 
ic eom pyjiflicpe ))od- 
t»e)- pubu fula- 
o'S^ ]nf papa's- 

Bmells of filth. 
I all under heaven's 
circuit gorem, 
as my dear Father me 
taught at the be^aiog, 
that I them lawfully 
might goreni, 
thick and thin. 
Of everytiiing 
10 the likeness 

/ everywhere powera. 
Higher I am than heaven. 
Me the High King calls 
his secret thing, 
choicely preserv'd. 
Also I under earth 
all survey, 
[111 a.} the foul penal caverns 
of malignant sprites. 
90 I am by much older 
than this universe, 
or this mid-earth 
might be, 

and I was yesterday 
young brou^t forth, 
great to men, 

through my mother's womb. 
I am foirer 

than ornament of gold, 
though it be cover'd 
with wires without. 
I am viler than 
this rotten wood, 
or this weed. 

. M8..scrt4. 

ai. MS. (a-r- 


pe hep apoppen ■ 
b^e^ in eopJttD' 
eom ED;hp«ep bptebpc' 
■] pibjielpa- 
>on )>er ponj jpena- 
polm mec msej bipon* 

utao ea^- 

eallfl ^b-cl^pao' 

heapbjia jc eom -} calbpa^ 

Jjon fe heapba poprc- 

hjuin heopu jjumma- 

^5n he to hpufan c^meiS- 



leohcan leoman- 

leje hacpa* 

ic eom on ^oman ■ 

jena jTwepa- 

Jwn Jm beo-bpeab. 

blenbe mib huni^e- 

rpylce ic eom ppa)>pe> 

)>on p^miob j-j- 

heji on hfpptum- 

he^pe fconbe)'- 

ic mepan nu^* 


■} epn eCan- 

ealbiun ]>yppe' 

T ic jepsli; ms^. 

pymle lifjan- 

^eah ic step ne py* 

teppe eo peope- 

IC nuBj ppomlicop- 

pleojao ]>on p'nex- 


which here cast forth 

lie§ on the earth, 

/ tan everywhere brooder, 

and more spacious, 

tiian this green plain ; 

the hand may grasp me, 

and three fingers, 

easily about, 

clasp nu all around, 
lu Harder I am and colder 

than the bard &08t, 

bitter-cold rime, 

when to earth it comes j 

than Vnlcan's 



than flame, hotter. 

I am on the palate 

yet sweeter, 
30 than 1/ thou honey-comb 

blendedst with honey ; 

so also I am bitterer 

than wormwood is, 

which here in the hursts 

dusky stands. 

I can feast 

Qwre heartily, 

and also eat, 

than an old giant ; 
30 and I happy can 

always lire, 

though I partake not food 

Uirough all my' life. 

I can more stoutly 

fly than the rapid 
as. >yp/e! 




o)>^ eapn op^e hajwc- 

Kfpe meahre. 

nif zej:)^U|-< 

fe yppM pmb- 

)>tet jpa frpomlice mee;- 

jzepan ee^paep. 

me If rnsejl jTipcpa- 

fneljia ]»oti pejn-pypm. 

pope hpe]7pe> 

^oDje faptebpa> 
^ne pe pipel* 
popbS nenma'S' [1 1 

bepscp« ic eom nude- 
)>0D fe hapa j¥an> 
o]"]* wnljtel. 
leabep clymppe. 
kohtpe ic eom nucle- 
|)6n ^f Ijrla pypm* 
|>e hep on )Jonbe jfi^- 
pxrum bp^e> 
plmee ic eom heapbpa- 
)* K F^ bpiFel-. 
Of 'piypixa fVponjan* 
jT^le heapban- 
hnep^e ic eom mide* 
halfpe ]%]>pe. 
j-eo hep on pmbe. 
pBepeS on lypce. 
ic eop]>an eom. 
tejhpsep bpKbpe< 
1 pibjelpa. 
^ >er pons SPena. 
tc utcop eal' 
8. MS. jnelro.— je for toaJ 

or eagle or hawk 
ever could. 
It is not Zephyrus, 
the awift wind, 
that BO stoutl}r can 
go everywhere. 
Than me a anail is swifter, 
also quicker a rain-worm, 
and the fen-frt^ 
ID in its course more rapid. 
The son of muck is 
in its gait qiucker, 
which we beetle 
1 ft.] name in words. 

I am heaner by much 
than the hoar stone, 
or a huge mass 
of lead more lumpish. 
Ughter I am by much 
at than this little worm, 

which here on the river goes 
dry of feet. 

Than flint I 'm harder, 
which this fire drives 
from this Btrong 
bard steel. 

Softer I am by much 
than neck plumage, 
which here in the wind 
30 waves in air. 

Than the earth I am 
everywhere broader, 
and more spacious 
than this green plain. 
I all without 

II. MS. IC. XI. |lab«r 


pptetlice-;epe].-ei) ■ 
nif nnbeji me- 

pihe palb«)bjie> 

on poplb-lipe* 

ic eom uj.'Op* 

ealjia jepwajxa- 

yaf\a )>e pojihte. 

palbenb uj^- 

fe mec ana mi^- 

ecan meahnini- 

jejfeon Jiji^mme- 

f>iA ic onjuDnan ne fceaJ- 

majia ic eom -j jtrpenjiia- 

^8a fe micla hpsel- 

j^Jw jiqirecser- 

jpimb InhealbeB. 

fpeajitan jyne. 

ic eom YT^ype ))dn he- 

yyjiice ic eom od msjne- 

mmum Isejye* 

^on fe honb-pypm. 

fe^ luele)« bea]ui> 

fec^f feapo-]ioDcle- 

feaze belfft^- 

00 bapu ic m heapbe- 


pjiffifee ^epanbne' 

ac ic eom pbe calu- 

ne ic bpeaja ne bpuna- 

bpucan mofte- 

ac mec bercjpebc- 


curioiwly vovettf 

with wonder-craft. 

There is not under me 

any other 

creature more powerful 

in worldly life : 

I am abore 

all creatures 
10 which hath wrought 

our Supreme, 

who alone can me 

increase in powere, 

in glory to prosper, 

ao that I shall nut war on him. 

Greater Z am and stronger 

tiian the huge whale, 

wiach ocean's 

ground beholds 
M with his dark eye : 

I am more powerful than he. 

80 also I am in my 

strength leas 

than the earth-worm, 

whidi children of meo, 

crafty mortalS) 

with knife dig up, 

I have not on my head 

white locks, 
30 delicately wound, 

for I am widely bald ; 

nor brows nor lashes 

might I enjoy, 

for me deprir'd 

4. ojeni 



fcj'i^>ent> ealluni' 
nu me ppndice- 
peaxalS on heafbe- 
f me on jejtsylbjiii- 
j^inan mofcan- 
pd pjuetlice- 
punbDfl loccftf • 
majia ic eom -j faetejia- 
^OD anuBfteb ypin- 
heap; bellenbe> 
on boc-pCba. 
p^Doum lipbe- 

the Creator of all ; 
notr cnuiouBljr 
grow on my head, 
(so that on my shoulders 
they may shine, 
full curiously,) 
curled locks. 
Lai^er I am and &tter 
than a masted iwiae, 
10 a boar, roaring 
in the beach wood, 
duak grubbing, 
that joyfully liv'd, 
«o that he * * 

• ebttipu- 

ynt If mobboji- 

monijjia cr^na- 

|»er felej'Can. 

faf ]-peaj)Ceftan. 

jMBp beojiejtaui- 

]«Bj- ]» bjiyhca be^u- 

Ofep jxAban j-ceat- 

bo jefxan i^en^ 

ne majon pe hep m eop)>an 

opiht li).'jan> 

[112 &] 

that is the mother 

of many racea^ 

of the most excellent, 

of the Bwartest, 

of the dearest, 

which the cluldien of men, 

over earth's region, 

to their delight poBsess. 

We may not here on earth 

at all lire. 

14. Here a leaf of Ihe MS. U maDifc«tlf wantiiig, GODUining the end oi tl 
and the beginniDg of the following enignia. 


n^^ pe bpucen- 
|wer ya beapn boB^ 
]) If to jejiencanne. 
peaba jehpylcnm* 
pifpefCu pepuin> 
hpiee j-eo pibe j^ :■ 

unless we enjoy 
what those children do. 
That is to be thought on 
by every one of people, 
sagacioDB men, 
wh&t the creature is. 

Ic peab p^hce> 
ppoetlice tpa* 
uce plejan. 
fapic-loc anpeu;- 
plane unbeji psbniU' 

PF l«r peopcer rp**>P' 
pemne jiyllo- 
IC on jJecfce nus;> 
|raph pun-ji»far. 
pmcam fecjan- 
{am ]w bee ptan> 
bejfr tet-]xnone- 
nanian ^^lapihta- 
)>sep fceal nyb pepan- 

14. MS. jpeop. 

■} pe eopbea epc. 
anan bnan- 
Rcap tp^en> 
hiejelap jya pome- 
hpylc ]«p hopb-jaCep- 
cse^an cjitefte^ 
}>a damme onleac> 
)>e t>a psebellan* 
pifS p^e menn* 
hyje pepCe heolb- 
heoptan beppijenc' 
nu ip imb^pne* 
pepom ne pme* 
hu {n pihte mib up. 
bean-mobe Cpa- 
hatme pnbon :■ 



Icpae mbjiybene- 

Klfelom becquie- 

jieft in jeajibum- 

^am ye jjumma ne mffij- 

biinjop jt^iS'Sau- 

□e fe faaca ]>ujtjT- 

JIbo ne able. 

pf bim ^kcC' 

ej-ne ]>ena%' 

fe|>e ajan fceal. lo 

on )>am p^ptce- 

hjje pinbe- 

let: ham ymbsiS jncobe bun. 

pifte :j bbjxe. 

cnorlej- onjum- 

• cajie. 
jip fe ejTie bij" blajaqibe. 
hyjieS ffis. [112 *.] 

pjiean on |M>pe> 

ne yde p>phc pejiui' » 

b|io]>op o]^um- 
bim }>set bam j-ce^Seili- 
)»5n bj' ):jiom beajmie- 
bejen bpeopjaiS* 
anjie ma^aU' 
mobboji "J fpeoftoji. 
mon fe)>e pille- 
eype cjne-pojibum- 
bit fe cuma hacce* so 

eS|>a re epie- 
]» ic hep Jmb fpjuce ;. 

I know a noble 
(to men dear,) 
guest in dwellingH, 
whom may not the grim 
hunger injure 
nor the hot thirsty 

age nor d 

if him honestly 

his servant senre, 

who shall hare 

on the journey 

a sound mind : [him 

at home he sliall find appointed 

food and happiness, 

progeny numberless, 

[without] care. 

If the Berrant his lord 

ill obey, 

his master, on journey, 

will not be formidable 

brother to other, 

that will hurt them both, 

when they from the ItLp 

both depart 

of one kinswoman, 

hurrying away, 

mother and sister. 

Let the man wlio will 

make known in fitting words, 

how the guest is call'd 

or the servant, 

about whom I here speak. 

7. t. Kol. 

, -runone. is. Here a word, perhapt bucau, ii omitttd. 



bi pejier l^o- 
pjiesD nnbep f ceace ■ 
fopan If |>tjwl- 
htS jt3^ -J heajib> 
ftefae haja'S jpfane- 
|>onne j-e eyad- 

oj:ep cneo hepeS* 
pile ^kC cuJw hoi- 
mib bif han-^ellan* 
beapbe ^pecan- 
JteC he e}:e lanj sep- 
o).T jej^lbe :■ 

Ic on pincle ^eyjw^n. 
peax naC hprnc- 
^baa -J ^nmtai- 
(recene bebban- 
on ^asc ban leafe< 

bjiyb ^[lapobe- 
byje-plouc honbum- 
bpsejle ^ahre- 
^mbenbe ^in^- 
{•eobnef bohtop ;■ 

Pe|t ]%e tec pine- 
mib hif- pipom tpam* 
1 hif Cpe^en funo> 
•J bir fcp& bohtoji- 

n«>re 3«rp«>r»i>- 

^ hyjie pino cjjejen- 
yjteohco iqium-beapn. 
pebep psej- ]Mep-inne- 
^t^ia set>ebn2a- 

nub earn ^ nejA- 


^ man sat at wine 
with his two wires, 
and his sons twiun> 
and his two dauj^ters, 
own brothers and sisters^ 
30 and their sons twain, 
gentle 6refc-bom8. 
The father was themn 
of those yoatba 
with uncle and nephew. 

89, MS. >iimMnbe. 



eatpa psejion ppe • 
eojila -J ibeja- 
m-ptt«iibpa :• 


In all we 
mcD and 
sitting within. 


Mo«^ pqib fjuee. 

^ moth ate woids ; 

me )>et )mhce. 

to me that aeem'd 

ppstlicu pyjii). 

a curious hap. 

)». ic |i»c pimboji jeFluejn. 

when I that wonder heard. 

that the vorm had awallow'd 


some mall's sayiug. 

feop in Wrrjio. 

ig a thief in darhneea. 

fpfrnperme cpibe- 

lome noble speech. 


and the strong's * 

rtsl-jiert ne pusf 

77ui stealing guest was not 

pihreWjleappa. [113 

a.] in aught the wiser. 


who the vorda had swallow'd 

Ic s^nu^ foji lwle|>uni- 
hjuDjenbe ui- 
cojihcne bucan> 
tun^an cila- 

jeluele mec* 
helpenb jsejta-/ 
pyne ODpetan> 
peaban jolbej"- 

)>eah he hlube ptepne ne cipmbe> juman ^albop-cpibe- 
Itjionpim popbu< 31 jleqie be]nmcan- 

fmc f»p fecpim* h^pa faselo eo jjobe- 

fpijenbe epteV- j-pa fe fapin; jecpaeS :• 

16. MS. fell. 


Ic pac e^h-jaBj-cne- 
aone j-eanban- 
beapne bumban- 
re op bBBjej- rpiljeii- 
Jnijih 5ope)- Iionb' 
jijqtum lacum- 
hpilu moD |>a picum- 
fe ponna ^egn- 
fpeaiiC -J ralo-neb- 
j«nb^ oipfte' 
onbeji jomaD faun- 
jolbe byjijian- 

o]X: pilnia'S- 
cyninjaj- 3 qwoe^ 
ic f cfu nu jen- 
nemoaii ne pille' 
]>e him to nycte fpa- 
"J CO bu^lnun bo]>. 
^ re bumba hep. 
eopp unpita- 
jEji FoprpJjeS :• 

I know in its dwelling taat 

one standing, 

deaf, dumb, 

who by day often swallowa, 

through a crafty one's band, 

gifts greedily. 

Sometimea to the dwelUngs 

the dark servant, 

Bwart and sallow-fiiced, 

sends others 

under bis palate, 

than gold more predous, 

which nobles 

oft desire, 

kings and queens. 

I that kind now 

will not name, 

which so for its use, 

and for its state docs, 

that here the dumb 

senseless wolf 

first swallows it. 


p^ If on eop^- 
punbpum acenneb- 
bpyheum co n;^e. 
Of bumbum cpam. 
cophc aCyhceb- 
]>onfl on teon p^eS- 

5. jeaper? 

ji warrior is on earth, 
wonderouely bom, 
for use to people, 
from two dumb mies 
bright produced ; 
on whom bostilely wars 

82. MS. jrcfi rpiljetf- 




peonb bif peoDbe- 
j»ji-jTpanjne op;. 
fif hine pju^- 
he him pel hepe'S. 
JieopaJ" him jej»psejie. 
PP bim Jrejma'S. 
ms^e* -J nuecjaj*- 
mit> jemeCe jiyhce- 
jxba^ hme pejpe* 
he him fpemnm jtepeH- 
hfe on lij7um- 
leana^ ^Jtimme- 
)>e hme ploncne. 
peop]raii IseceS :• 

a foe with his foe. 
TTuMgh in strength excelling, oft 
a woman binds bim : 
he her well obeys, 
seires her with gentleness. 
If to him minister 
lasses and lads 
moderately and fittingly^ 
feed him kindly, 
10 he them with benefits will treat, 
with life in comforts. 
Harshly he repays 
him who him proud 
lets become. 


Ic peah ppndice* 
puhce peopep- 
pameb p]>ian. 
ppeajite ptcpan lajtftj'. 
ppa)ni ppi)>e blacu* 
ppipt p»p on pope, 
pujium Fpumjta- 
pleotjan li^pce- 
beap unbep y^- 
bpea; unpeille> 
pinoenbe pija> 
pe bun pffijap tEecne)>- 
opep pseceb jolb- 
peopep eallu :• 

I saw curious 

beings four, 
together journeying, 
[1 13 b.] swart were their footsteps, 
their track very black. 
30 Swift was in course, 

than the birds more rapid, 

flying in air ; 

dived under the waves, 

moved restlessly, 

the fighting warrior, 

who to them the ways shows 

over rich gold, 

to all four. 

9. MS. fee. 
«. r. rleojwi. 

91. r. jrjiomiu. 
SS. jes*rf 


in jieeceb feji^an. 
unbeji hjiof jTilei*- 
he&pbe tpejen' 
{ra pajioD jenamne ■ 
nflajipntn beDbum. 
pBfve co-jebpe- 
fajui o)>{imn psej-- 
an jetenje- 
pon-pih pale- 
feo peolb hypa- 

benbum |»rtpa :■ 

I Baw captives 

going into a house, 

under a mansion's roof, 

bold ones twain, 

who were held 

in pinching bonds, 


fast together, 

of whom to the other was 

one heavy, 

a dusky female stranger, 

who control'd of them 

both the course, 

than bonds iaster. 

Ic feah OD beappe- 
beam hLpian* 
tanam tophcne' 
ptec tpeop fasf on pynne' 
pubn peaxenbe- 
paeCep lune j eop]>e- 
pebban pt^e- 
o}>]neC he ppob bajum- 
on o]>pum peapS- 
beope jeboljobi 
bumb m benbum- 
Ppi|>en opep punba- 

I saw in a grove 

a tree towering, 

with branches splendid : 

that tree was in its joy, 

its wood growing, 

water and earth it 

bounteously fed, 

till that it, stricken in days, 

became in another 

miserable state 

deeply wounded, 

dumb in bonds, 

bound o'er its wounds. 

I. HS. juepmiaT- 



ponnam hypfcum- 
):ojiiui jfipfitBCpeh- 
nu be psecnum pKj- 
Jmph hip heapbej- msej- 
hilbe Jiepce- 
oj>pii p^eS. 
ope he an yjt ptpubon- 
hopb aet-jaebpe. 
hpaib psep "j unlseC' 
pe sepCepa- 

jip )'e seppa p£p j^i^^"^' 
nan in neapope- 
iie]>an mopce :- 

with Bad trappings 
in front adont'd : 
now it to the bold a way, 
through its head'i force, 
to another 
enemy opens. 

Oft they furiously deHolated, 
hard together ; 
rapid was and quick 
10 the second : 

if the former took tnght, 
none into ihe peril 
might venture. 

)^ype cpom janjan- 
fap he hie pirpe- 
pfconban in pm-pele- 
pCop peoppan to- 
hpop h«5peealb-mon- 
hop hip ajen hprojL 
bonbum up- 
panb unbep jypbelp- 
hype ptonbenpe- 
pa^f nae hpse> 
pophtw hip piUan- 
pajeban buta- 

3. FJiecnuro pes t 
7. hiont 
26. MS. onnecte. 


Jjejn onetcfi' 
pffi)' jrpajum nft' 
cillic epne- 
ceopobe bpae|>jie' 
kC pcunba jebpam- [114 a.] a 
ptponj lep ]>on hie o. 
o pepi; pK\- peopcep. 
hype peaxan onjon- 
unbep sypbelj-e. 
ptBC opc jobe men- 
pep^um ppeoja^- 
^ Dub peo bicja'S :■ 

DiKjenf 6. Lit. guMtofmr 

hMjiOf 16. MS.pue. 


Ic i-eafa in heall- 

I saw in a haU, 

Jwji heeled bjiuncon. 

where men were drinking, 

on jaee bepao. 

borne into the room. 

peopeji cynna- 

four kinds o/thhtgs : 

jijueclic pubu-cpeop- 

a cariouB foresUtree ; 

] punben jolb- 

and twisted gold. 

pnc j^apo-bunben- 

treasure cunningty bound ; 

■) peolfpep b«I. 

and of silTer a piece j 

and a crucifix 

jJBej- uf to jiobepum fip- 

10 of him who for us to heaven up 

hlKbjie juejibe- 

a ladder rear'd, 

»p he hel-papa- 

ere he of hell's inhabitants 

bnpj abjwece. 

the burgh burst open. 

ic jaer beamer ine^. 

I of this tree can, 

ea^ pop eoplum- 

easily before men, 

a!|»elo recjan. 

the nature say : 

twp pep him 1 ac. 

there was lime and oak. 


and the hard yew, 

■J je jrealpa holen- 

and the yellow alder; 

jzjiean pnboo ealle- 

X to their lord they all are 

nyt eec-jffibpe. 

useful together : 

naman habba'5 anne- 

they hare one name. 

pulp-heapeb tpeo- 

the wolf-head tree. 

f opt psepen abseb- 

which the weapon oft awaited 

hi]- mon-bpj'hcne- 

for its lord. 

ma^m in healle- 

an ornament in the hall. 

jolb-hilteb ppeopb. 

a gold-hilted sword. 

na me fiprer Jiebbep. 

Now me this riddle's 

onbppape Jpe- 

answer show. 

pe hine onmebe- 

popbum pecjan- 

in words to say 

ha pe pubu hatte ;■ 

how the wood is call'd. 

1. bCBllcT 

17. hliDbfotlin*?.— MS.Mc. 

19. O, N. sin or iflaii. 

S4. Bbfibt 


Jjseji ic ane jefesh- 
pumenbe piht- 
pibo benne jean- 
holt hpeopfeobe- 
hea]»>-2le[Dma fenj- 
beoppa bolja- 
ba]io}n]- pffijioD. 
peo Jraejie pibee> 
J pe pubu pe^pum- 
pepte jebunben- 
hype pota paep- 
bubpffipe o]>ep- 
ojwp bipjo bjieaj. 
leolc on lypCe- 
bpilum lonbe nesh- 
Cpeop psep jecenje- 
^m |>8eji copbc anptob- 
leapum bihonjen- 
ic lape jepeah- 
nunum htapopbe- 
)wp bsle^ bpuDcon- 
^a plan * 
on pleC bejian :■ 


I was therein, 

where I saw a 

creature striving 

against vide wounda, 

the wood traveraing ; 

of awordB receiT'd 

deep gashes: 

darts were 

an affliction to the creature, 
10 and the wood with eo^nea 


Of its feet was 

one stationary, 

the other su^'d toil, 

mounted in wr, 

sometimes nigh to land. 

The tree was beayy, 

on which bright it stood, 

hung with leaves, 
ao I saw the sword 

of my lord, 

where men were drinking, 

whose arrows • 

bearing into the room. 


Seop l^pe bypeS> This air bears 

l^e pihte- little creatures 

opep beop;-hleo)n. over the mountain brows ; 

^a pinb blace ppiSe- [114 &.] they are very bhu^, 

4, Jibe benntit 9. pea ? SS. Some liaei are here tppaieotly vuiting. 


yyeajOx |-aIo-pabe- 
ranjer pope, 
heapum ]:epa%- 
hlube cijima^' 
cpseba^ beajio-nnjTa]** 
hpilum bup2-palo> 
mYpi beajina- 
nemna^ hy j^lfe :■ 

Bwart, sallow-coated, 

aweet of song ; 

in awarmH they go, 

loudly cry j 

fAey tread the woody promontories, 

Bometioies the city-halla 

of the Bons of men. 

Name them younelres. 

Ic pac an-peee* 

jnhc on ponje- 
jube ne |»pe3' 
se )»1a jube^- 
ne plec^an miej- 
)mph fcijuie bse^- 
ne hie ycip ]xjie%> 
naca nKjIeb-bopb' 
nyc bi^ hpaejipe' 
h^e bjiyhcne- 
monejum tibum* 
haja'S hepjne jreopt. 
heapob lyCeL 
cunjao lanje. 
CffS nseni^e- 
irejuiej- twel- 
eoji^S-jpiBF paJieS- 
pntan ne fpelje)'- 
ne pibt ice)»- 


I saw with one foot> 
10 violence Buffering, 

a creature in the plain : 

far it goeB not, 

nor rides much, 

nor can it fly 

through the bright day, 

nor does a ship bear it, 

a boat, a nail'd resael ; 

yet it it useful 

to its master, 
90 many times , 

It baa a heary tail, 

a little head, 

a long tongue, 

not any tooth : 

a part of iron 

the earth-grave paces : 

liquid it Bwallows not, 

nor eatB it aught, 

19. doe* not alliterate witli SO. ; read therefore hyjie inon-bjijhciic, whieh al 
complelM the rbythm. 




}»]>jief ne pcysS- 
{.-epeiS opt fpa-]>eab* 
la^o-jdob on l^e- 
lipe ne jielpe^- 
Uajiojibef ;ipim- 
hypelS fpa-fteanti- 
)>eot>De pnuni* 
}>ji^ pnb in naman. 
pyhce pun-rtapij-' 
)>apa If pab pipum :■ 

food it craves not, 
yet bears it oft 
the water-Etream in air ; 
in life it boasts not, 
in its lord's gifts, 
yet it obeys 
its chief : 

in its name are three 
regular runic letters, 
10 of which RAO is the fourth. 

Ic peah in healle< 
hjunj jjlbenne- 
men pceapian- 
mobum jleape- 
j:epj>)mm ppobe- 
j:piJw-jT>eb« bseb- 
2ob nepjenbe- 
jsejTe jinum. 
fe]>e penbe pjujran- 
popb sejrep cpw^- 
hpinj on hypebe- 
hselenb nembe- 
eiU-fpemmen bpa ■ 
him CopfaCe m jem^nb- 
hij- bpyhtoef naman> 
bumba bpohce- 
:jin eajnajefih?. 
ji|: {xej' KJfelan ■ 
jolbflj' tacen> 


I saw in a hall 
a golden ring 
men beholding, 
of soul sagacious : 
for peaceful happiness pray'd 
the preserving God^ 
for his soul, 

he who tum'd it winding ; 
» words afterwards spake 
the ring in the family, 
naoi'd the Saviour 
of well-doers ; 
brightly into his mind 
his Lord's name 
the dumb one brought, 
and into his eyes' vision. 
If of this noble 
gold the token 

la fcopftt 

16. MS. rpi>ofpebe«. 



onjieean cu]>e. 
bjiyhc bol;bon> 
j-pa Jisej- beajef. 
benne qnebon- 
ne uue; ))»]ie bene- 
KDijef monnej*- 
jobej- eiUbop-bupj* 
pobepa ceafcjte- 
juebe fejw pille- 
hu ISs}- pjiseclicui- 
punba cpteben- 
hpuijej- to haelejmm. 
]>a he in healle jWf- 
pylceb ^ penbeh- 
ploncjia Folmum :• 

could underatand 

BO of this ring 
the wounds spake. 
May not (that prayer 
of any man 
God's royal burgh 
the spirit seek, 
10 the heavens' city. 

Let him divine who will 
bow of this curious 
ring to men 
[115 a.] the wounds spake, 
when in hall it was 
revolv'd and tum'd 
by the hands of men. 


Ic l^r Jiebb ppece bi n 
pil jeomojipfl. 
mmpe fylfpe p^- 
ic Jxec fec^an mxj,' 
bpeec ic fpm^t, jebab. 
p)>)>aD ic np-peox- 
mpej- oJ»]>e ealbef- 
no mS ])da nil. 
a ic pi^ ponn- 
minjia ppnop^* 

I of myself this lay recite 

full Badly, 

my own fortune ; 

I that may say, 

what miseries I've sustain'd, 

since I grew up, 

new or old, 

yet not more than now. 

Ever have 1 the penalty gain'd 

of my wanderings. 

3. qipwmtly corrupt, and without aa Bllilentiiig line.— ttjiyht-ool; b6nf 
7. unsef ^llobjie f IT. Lit of lA> proud. 80. miiuie /ylfcf f 




ejtejT min falaj^opb jepat- 

heonan oy leobum- 

opeji y]ia jelac- 

luepbe ic uht-ce^e' 

bpaep mm leob-ppuma* 

lonbef pKjie. 

Da ic me ).'eji&n ;epaC' 

polja^ fecED- 

jnneleaj- ppeecca- 

}X>ji miojie pea-)>eaji):e- 

onjunnon f )>nf monne)-' 

mi^af hycjan* 

]mph byjme je)>oht- 

f hy tobaelben unc- 

f pc jejnborc- 

in pojiulb-pice. 

lifboD la'Sbctqt' 

•J mec lonjabe- 

hee mec hlapopb mm- 

hepheajib nmian- 

ahte ic leo):pa lyt* 

on {npfum lonb-reefee- 

holbjia ]:jieonba- 

fofipoa If mm hyje jeomoji- 

)>a ic me pul ^enuecne- 

monnan pmbe- 


hyje-jeomopne ■ 

mob mijwnbnc' 

mojilraj) bycjenbne- 

bli])e jebaepo* 

pil ofC pit beoteban- 

)>tet unc ne jebfelbo' 

nemne bea^ ana- 

First my lord departed 

bence from his people, 

over the biUowe' play ; 

I bad nightly care, 

wbere my cbieftun 

in tbe world mis^bt be. 

Wben I departed jounteying, 

to seek my lord, 

a friendleBs exile, 

for my sad misery 

resolT'd this man 'a 

kinsmen to devise, 

tbfougb dark counsel, 

that they might part us ; 

that we most distant 

in the world's-reabu 

might live, most estranged, 

and it irk'd me. 

Promifi'd my lord, 

Herheard, me to take. 

I had dear ones few, 

in this country, 

kind friends } 

therefore is my spirit sad, 

when I to m^elf foil like 

a man found 


sad in soul, 

his mind concealing, 

death meditating, 

his bearing kind. 

Full oft we promised, 

that UB naught should part, 

save death alone 

B. Lit fbllowing, lettuuenhip. 

30. MS. hyetcDbe. 


THE exile's complaint. 


opibt elle)-. 

e)X If ]>»e oiib]K)p|:en> 

If na fpa bic no fsejie- 

jzpeonbfcipe unceji- 

fceal ic peoji ;<meah- 

minef )»la leojan- 

laeh'Su bjieojan* 

behc mec moo punian- 

OD puba beajtpe' 

unbeji ac-tpeO' lo 

in l»a eoji'S-fqwepe- 

ealb If I>ef eop^j-ele- 

eal ic com oj:-l<Hijab- 

finbon bena bimme- [1 15 b.'] 

buna np-he£' 

bitpe bupj-cunaf ■ 

bpepom bepeaxne- 

pic pynna leaf- 

ful ope mec hep pjia]>e bejeac- 

ppom-fiS j^ean* ao 

fpynb fmb on eojt]ran- 

leope bfjenbe* 

lejeji peqibiB'S- 

)>oiuie ic on ohtui- 

ana ;onje> 

nnbep ac-tpeo- 

jeonb ]>af eop'S-fcjiapi. 

fwp ic ptcan mot' 

fumop-lan^ne bsej. 

]nep ic pepan niKj- an 

mine pjiBec-pIiaf • 

eapf o}ra pela- 

foiipoa ic aeppe ne msej' 

)nepe mob-ceape' 

naught else : 

that is agfun changed, 

is now as it had not been 

our friendship. 

I must for enough 

for my much lov'dyHenrf 

enmities endure. 

They bid me dwell 

in the forest-groye, 

under Me oak tree, 

in the earth-carem. 

Old is this earth-hall, 

I am all wearied ; 

dim are the dells, 

the downs high, 

unpleasant the town-dwellings, 

with briars o'ergrown, 

the house joyless. [wbelm'd 

Full oft me here bearily o'er- 

mjf lord's departure. 

JUfy friends are in the earth ; 

the once dear living ones 

the grave inhabit. 

Then I ere dawn 

alone go 

mider the oak tree, 

among these earth-caves ; 

there I may sit 

the long summer day, 

there I can weep 

my exile-joumeyings, 

mxf many hardships ; 

for I may never 

from my mind's 

5. MS. fMl. 

ss. MS. ficcam. 



minjie jejieftan- 

ne eallej- pxf lonjaj^ej-- 

I>e mec on )>ij7u li}:e b^et 

a ycyle jeon; mon pefao- 
beajib-heopcan se)>oht- 
jT^lce habban |-ceal. 
bh)>e jebaepo- 
eac ^n bpeojT-ceape* 
rm-fopjoa jebpeaj. 
j^ sec him |7lj:u jetoiij- 
eal luf populbe pyD> 
j7 pil j>ibe pah. 
feojipej- |»}lc-lont>ef • 
)raec mm j:jieonb pceS- 
imbeji |t:an-li]r5e' 
ftopme behjimieb. 
pine peju; mob- 
pecjie bejJopea- 
on bpeoji-fele. 
bp«o;eS ye min pine* 
micle mob-ceajie. 
he jemon to oyr- 
pjuhcjian pic 
pa bi$ ]>am )>e fceal- 
Of hui;oJ>e. 
leojief abiban :■ 

7. TPJlct 

sorrow rest, 

nor from all the weariness 

which nte in this life hath over- 

Sver must a yoimj; man be 

Bad of mind ? 

Hard-hearted'8 thought 1 

shall such hare 

blithe looks, 

even when care of breast, 
10 constant aorrowsj he should en- 
let be of himself along [dure : 

all his worldly joy, 

be he full widely foe 

of the far country? 

There my friend sits, 

under a rocky shelter, 

whiten' d with the storm^ 

mtf friend weary in spirit — 

with water whelm 'd; 
30 in Ait drear hall, 

my friend endures 

great mental care, 

he too oft remembers 

a more joyous dwelling. 

Woe is to him who must 

(from weariness) 

his friend await. 

10. T.JOpsB. 

IS. >«pl 




Diet jelimpan pceal- 
]>ascte laju jiIopeK- 
ptob opeji folban- 
peojier brtS ere enbe- 
anpa jehpylcum> 
Oft mae; fe^ pile- 

poS je)>encan- 

hapi'S him ;e]nii;eb hibeji- 

]»eobeD uj^p- lo 

oo )>am msejran bsoje- 

mrejen-cynmja hyhjT. [116 o.] 

pile )>dD pojib»]inaii- 

bpejo mon-cynnep' 

lonb mib lije- 

Dip Jisec lyCulu pppfflc- 

a> jehejanne. 

hac bi% oneleb> 

)i]>^an p^ mme^- 

polban pceatap- ao 

bypaeube lij. 

beophcfl jepceapce- 

bi'JS eal ^p ;inna ^unb- 

jleba jepylleb. 

fiejijia bptinba' 

ppa nu jiixia'S- 

gwm-hybje juman- 

jyipe pcjiyna'S- 

h^a hlapopbe- 

That shall befall, 

Uiat water shall flow, 

flood, over earth ; 

life shall be at end 

to every one. 

Oft may he who will, 

in his own mind, 

Boothly think, 

that for him hath interceded here 

our Lord, 

on that greatest day, 

highest of mighty kings. 

Then will bum, 

the Lord of mankind 

Me land with flame. 

That is no little council 

to he held : 

heat shall be kindled 

after fire seizeth 

earth's regions, 

burning flame 

the bright creation, 

all tbi« spacious ground shall be 

fill'd with the glowing embers 

of Me fierce brands, 

which ferocious men 

now rule ; 

arrogantly they gain riches 

for their lord. 

IS. MS. anhsleb. 

i. the aeri). 




jehlaejef tnlja'S- 

o)>)>EeC hy beyyicaS- 

yftaia peajtbaf- 

]>aee bi nub py heape> 

helle I'eca'iS' 

jdeojaiS mib ]>am peonbum- 

hiin bi^ pyji on jean* 

bpoflic pifce- 

)>K]\ nxfjie bsej j-cioeS- 

leohce op iyjxe- lo 

ac a bilocen ftonbeiS. 

pf>>an J)»i- jBBjT^ej- jpypc 

a^iejKD peopJie-S- 

ii]:an bic if eujfi- 

•J bit If mnan hac> 

nij* ]>et betbc bolb' 

ac ]>teji ij- bjio^a bybjt:- 

ne nohc bjhtlic ham- 

ac |nep if belle jpunb- 

fajibc p'S-fsec* ao 

)*m I>e pbbe pil op:- 

eomselbeS nub hif mujie- 

ne coQ he )>a mipcan ^efceafC* 

bu hi butan enbe* 

ece ftonbe^. 

)>a ]>e ]«ei» pop bif f^onii- 

onfiejb peoplreS- 

^ IwD a to ealbpe* 

ojile; bpeo;e%- 

hpa If fon )>«f p>ji^;leap- 30 

oype }>ief pela cunne- 

^t lejrpe mseje beopoiia- 

heahjiu jepeccaa* 

fpa jeopne )?one ;obef bsel* 

9. L e. the dnila. e. ftpyjlic 

81. or peace. 34. r. heo. 

falsehood cnltivate, 

till that tbem deceive 

the guardiaDB of sinB, 

so that they with the multitude 

seek beU, 

flee with the fiends. 

Before them shall be fire, 

sad pimisbment : 

there day never shines 

bright from (ur, 

but ever it stands shut, 

Buice for the spirit's horror 

it hath been assign'd. 

Narrow it is above, 

and it within is hot ; 

that is no goodly dwelling, 

but there is of terrors deepest, 

not a joyous home, 

but there is hell's abysa, 

a punful journey 

to him who kin fiill oft 

betrayeth with his mouth : 

he knows not the dark creation, 

bow it witiiont end 

ever stands 

for him who for his sina 

shall be made sink therein, 

and then for evermore 

strife shall endure. 

But who is BO provident, 

or so much knows 

that Ac ever may heaven's 

glories relate, 

BO readily that God's portion, 

tor^O. S. dniouit 16. HS.UoK 
90. jrajie-sleaji t 89. LH. excelM. 



jfit he jeapo )-conbe^- 
clsenam heojitum- 
]>am ]>e yipie cpibe pillaS' 
onbjiseban |mf beopne> 
fceal i^ ba^ yeojipan- 
^«t pe )X)pfibejui'S- 
jajiena ^efapylce- 
l^eapar •) jejwbfcaf • 
ytet bi^ )>eaplic ;emoc- 
beapblic hejie-mtejeii- [116 6.] 
hoc bi)r acolob. . ii 

De bi{> |>oniie on Jiippe populbe- 
nym]fe pBCpep ppej. 

as it standi prepar'd 

for clean hearts, 

for those who this lay will 

dread thus solemn. 

The day shall be, 

Uiat we bear forth 

our every sin, 

habits and thoughts : 

that will be a vast meeting, 

an unhappy host. 

Heat shall be cool'd : 

then shall not be in this world 

save water's roar, 

ppcer epeU 

ne bi)' hep ban ne blob- 

ac j-ceal beapna jehpyic- 

mib bee -J nub ptq>le> 

leanep ppicjan- 

eallep ptej ]>e pe on eop)>an > 

«p jepeophtao' 

sober oJ»lw yplep- 

ne jnesg nsemj spype- 

mape jepeopj^an- 

the fishes home. 

Here shall be nor bones nor blood, 

but shall every child qfman, 

with body and with soul 

the reward partake 

of all that we on earth 

ere wrought, 

of good or evil. 

Not any horror may 

be greater 

KjXep populbe- 
•J ye bi^ pibe cuB- 
ne cytaj> hep eon^l* 
ac b)}' eyji pcsecen* 
eop)>an blebap . 
pop)N>n ic a pille. 
leobe kepan- 

after the world, 
and it is widely known. 
Here shall no star shine forth, 
but glory shall be departed, 
the joys of earth : 
therefore I ever will 
people teach. 

13. Here a line ii evidently wantiiig. 

18. Fiucsan leemi an emu for hleocv), or a rwb of timilar import governing 
the geoitiTe. 

33. A line i« wonting. 36. ss Dan. tiltel 




]>6et hi lof jobej'- 

hejijftn on beahjni- 

hyhnim co jnilbjie- 

lljrjen on 2eleaj:an- 

"J a lupan b{Lyhcnef ■ 

pTjican in )>if|-e pojiulbe- 

Kji ]>on j-e plonca btej. 

bobi^e )mph byman' 

bpyne-batne lej. 

^jun ojMip J>py- 10 

ne hiH nsBD jef eoplej- rip ■ 

lenj on fij-pim life- 

p|>]>an leohcej- peapb. 

ojxp ealne polban jraejiin- 

fTP oofenbeS- 

lixeS ly)*er nu^en- 

lej onecteS- 


blob-j^tfl peop)>eiS> 

monjum jemelbab- m 

nuejen-cyninjej' Jjpea- 

beofa^ eal beophce jefceafC- 

bponbaf lacaiS- 

on ^am beopan bseje- 

bJneS up-heo}X)a* 

J>5n pep^ -J pip- 

populb SlwCa'S- 

eop^n ypmjni- 

pec's J>&i on ece jepypht- 

pon biS secyjieb- so 

hpa unclffinnijje- 

lip alipbe. 

hi bi% lean jeapo- 

hyhc ysey 5 in heoponum- 

that they God's praise 

exalt in the heavens, 

in glory to tAe Highest ; 

lire in belief, 

and ever the Lord's love 

work in this world, 

ere that the awful day 

proclaim through trumpet 

the hot burning flame, 

terror o'er the multitude. 

The glory of no man shall be 

longer in this life, 

after that light's Guardian, 

over all earth's bosom, 

shall fire have sent. 

Gleam shaU the power of air, 

flame shall hasteo, 

pale-buming ; 

bloodshed shall be 

announced to many, 

the anger of the mighty King ; 

tremble shall all the bright crea- 

brands shall play [tion, 

on that awful day ; 

heaven above shall resound, 

when men and women 

the world resign, 

the miseries of earth ; 

then on eternity they shall look, 

then shall be made known 

who of uncleanness 

lived a life, 

to them reward shall be prepar'd. 

Joy was aye in heaven, 

9. MS. heah>u. 

3. bf hj-cuin 1 




p]>^aii uj^ji tuelenbej- pie|- 

nubban-jeajibei* meotrub- 

^ph p& mejttin jefcenjx- 

on pil-blacne beam - 

bunben psej-ce* 

ceajuan clom[ue> 

cjujT ealle pac- 

jobe basbe- 

DO ]Ke]- jilpan ^eapf- 

rynpiU j^pel- 

^ hype pe jTejl on jean - 

when OUT Saviour was, 

mid-earth's Creator, 

throughout the vast creation, 

on the foul-pale tree 

fast bound 

with dire bond. 

Christ kiiowetii all 

good deeds ; 

therefore may not vaunt 

the sinful soul, 

that to it is heaven toward. 

^n hejehyppeS pilo}X>[I17a.]when he full ofttradnceth 

halje lape- 

bpyjbeS on byymep- 

ne con he ))Def bpojan bsel- 

yjJej- -jjiec- 

lep htc bma on):eallffS< 

he )>8ec yda onpobeS> 

^Q ]-e psep cyme)'' 

jeonb mibban- jeapb ■ 

mooejum jecyJ^eS. 

holy lore, 

draweth it into derision, [terror, 

He knoweth not the portion of 

the Beoee of evil, 

ere it on him falls. 

He it then perceives, 

when the peril comes 

over mid-earth, 

to many shall make known, 

JraethebrSoQlisecpynj-qiepeopub-tbat he shall be in that sinister 

])dn he on ]>a i7i]>pan honb- 

j-pican mote- 

leahtpa alypeb. 

1^ (we sipence^- 

jvpe bim pmej- jkeb- 

pilna bpuce^> 

jilwR him fjmbel-jai. 

p]i ne bemupneS. 

hu hun tepceji piyye popnlbe. 

peop'San moire ;• 

worse separated, [band 

than vthen he on the right hand 

might retire, 

from sins redeem'd. 

Little that tfainketh 

he who glad with wine 

Au desires enjoys, 

aits with feasting wanton, 

Am lot bewuls not, 

how to him after this world 

it may be. 

19. MS. fxA. 

ai. MS. moBsesuin. 




pille )>on»e i:oj);ielbaii- 

^SBjZA b|iyhceii- 

pillum mytxp piBfie pyjibe- 

pulbpef ealbop> 

^am )re tuf j^nna nu- 

fape j6])ence)F. 


nucle bjieoje^- 

hi {>2ec ])dn jeleanaS- 

hfey palbenb* lo 

beofOQB h^be. 

tefce]i heonan p]f«- 

jotjiim bEebum- 

ymy ]>e he ]-pa jeomoji peaplS- 

j-aj)ij pop hif fyitDum> 

nfl fceal ye ro fsene beon- 

j-e]>e him pile bf-jan nub jobe- 

bjiucan J^ep bolbep. 

}>e upbeojihe psebep- ao 

jeajipa^ to-jeanej-- 


J»jbc ip pje-bpyheen. 

1*6 )>one pele pjueepeS- 

eimbpeS co]ihchce> 

CO pcuton ckene- 

pomma let^- 

ppa pe palbenb cpwrB. 

ealpa cjninja c^mnj. 

pop]>on cpicpa jehpylc- so 


bp^bcne h^e^S- 

Wjll then requite 

the Lord of flpirits 

willingly after death, 

/A« Prince of glory, 

him vbo of hb sins now 

with pain thinketfa, 

mental affliction 

great aufferetb ; 

him that then will repay 

the Lord of life, 

Guardian of heaven, 

after departure hence, 

with benefits; 

for that he was so sad, 

sorry for his sins. 

He must not be too inert, 

nor in these precepts too slow, 

who with God will live, 

enjoy the dwelling-place 

which the bright Father 

prepareth for vm, 

the Prince of spirits. 

That is the Lord of triumpb 

who this ball adometh, 

buildetb splendidly ; 

thither shall t/ie pure, 

the stainless, go, 

as the Powerful spake, 

of all hinga King. 

Therefore each living 

meditative man 

will the Lord obey. 

30. MS. sepjle. 




)>aj)a |>e pJe heopma> 

heahjni j,eYCijfin- 

hpse)?}ie ^9ec jejoD JO'S ■ 

]reah ^ hit ]*y ^eoee be]>eabt- 

kc mib lamfl> [11? £.j 

)>sec hic jxseal life onfon- 

]30pef sepcep ):ulbaa. 

):olc bi^ j^^""^"' 

abamef beajin- 

ealle eo fpjisce. lo 

beo^S ^onne jejKbpab. 

jaep: ■] baa-j^le. 

2ejx>!nnab to ])am p^- 

|-o]) )?sec pile cy^aii- 

}>on pe nr jemitcaiS- 

on ]>am mseitAn bK;e> 

juncaf set )>8epe jiobe- 

fec^a^ )>5n jtyhca pela^ 

«aiyyfl<x unbep heojxtnii jepeap^' 

hater •} cealbej-> aa 

sober o^^ Jfler- 

jeojine jeb^eB. 

heofon-cynm^ hjbrt- 

hiele]>a bebe- 

luejijie moQ fxf hlube- 

bopn a]»yee'8. 

ne b^man ablape^- 

Jiset ne ry reo beophte r^efn- 

opeji ealne mibban-jeapb' 

monnutn hluDpe^ so 

palbenb^r fopb- 

ponjaf beofia^- 

jajji ]>am aejienbe- 

Jisec be co ur eallum pat- 

who will heaven's 

heights aecend } 

yet that shall take place, 

though it with dust be cover'dj 

t^e body with clay, 

that it shall life receive, 

Boul after this earth ; 

maDkiod eball be aummon'd, 

the sons of Adam, 

all to t/te tribunal : 

then shall be gather'd 

soul and body, 

collected at that time : 

that will the truth make known, 

when we meet together, 

on that greatest day, 

men at the cross. 

Will say then many judgments, 

>all as (< under heaven took place, 

of hot and cold, 

of good or evil ; 

earnestly will hear 

of heaven-kings t/te Highest, 

men's deed£; 

never so loudly 

horn is wound, 

nor trumpet blown, 

that ihe clear voice be not, 

over all mid-ear tb, 

louder to men, 

the Powerful's words. 

The pliuos shall tremble 

for the message, 

which be to na all will announce. 

7. peajMi 

«4. MS. lueleU. 




oncpe)> nu Jiifne cpibe. 
]wc ic jej^ED ne nuej- 

shall echo now this saying : 
anuiifest shall become 
what I may not say 

p;^b unbep heoponum* 
ac htt ]>u]' s^hmpan fceal ■ 
leoba jehpylcum- 
opeji eall beojibc jej-ecu- 
byjmenbe h^- 
p)>]>aQ aepceji Jiam l^e- 
hf bi'S jejx^lab- 
pelan ah in pulbjte- 
fe DU pel J>ence^S :• 

fate under heaven ; 

but it thus ehall befall 

every people, 

over all the bright habitations, 

burning flame ; 

then, after the flame, 

life shall be confirmed, 

weal shall bare in glory 

he who now well thinketb. 


Aheipe nun ye halja bjt^hEen- 

)ni jefceope heopm '] eop}fan* 

■J punbop eall- 

mm pulbop-cynmj- 

Jjsep on jinbon> 

ece bjiyhcen- 

micel "} mani2):ealb- 

ic |>fl msepe job- ao 

mine faple bebeobe- 

•J mine)- j^lpef lie- 

■J min popb -J nun peopc- 

piCij bpyfaeen- 

"J eal min leo)>o- [118 a.] 

leohtep hyjibe. 

Help me, holy Lord ! [earth 

thou who didst create heaven and 

and all wonders, 

my glory- King 1 

which are therein. 

Lord eternal 1 

great and manifold ! 

I to thee, great God ! 

my Botil commend, 

and my own body, 

and my words and my works, 

sagacious Lord ! 

and all my members. 

Guardian of light ! 

3. Two or more line* are wanting. 

16. MS. junbop cjnms. 




mine j^epohtay- 
jecacna me> 
cunjla bypbe. 
Iwji relajT It- 
faple mrnpe- 

meotnbef pilhui- 
)nec ic )>e jejieo- 
|>mja jehpylce' 
"J OD me j-y1):um- 
jro^Sjaejt: cyninj- 
]ueb Spspe- 
jte^-lveoi: ne bet' 

00 fceftbe j-cej>|>an> 
}>eah ]>e ic rc^penbum- 
pulboji-c^nin je • 
paccop hypbe> 

picam bp^hme- 
^8a miD jiteb psepe ■ 

ti]^eiibe job- 
bicpe bealo-beebe' 
ic J>abot6 ^emon. 
cyninja puIbop> 
cuDie to jip ic mot- 
poppf ]ni me min j:pea> 
pepjT -J ont^ec 

1 5eJ»JIb T jemynb. 
J«iXa jehp^lcer- 

^p8 Jni me fojriaefe c^in;' 

j^nban pfMe- 

CO cimnuDje. 

nu |ni con)7 on mec- 

ppen-bseba }»la. 

):eopma mec bpe))pe' 

and my manifold 


Signify to me. 

Guardian of the stars ! 

where it be beat 

for my goul 

to observe 

mff Creator's will, 

that I may live to thee 
10 in everything, 

and in myself, 

juBt King ! 

counsel raise. 

Let no arch thief 

me in darkness injure, 

though that I mtf Creator, 

the King of glory, 

more fiUDtly have obey'd, 

the powerful Lord, 
90 thui it were wise in me. 

Grant me grace, 

linng God ! 

of mtf pernicious btdeful deeds : 

I of the penalty am mindful. 

Glory of kings I 

that / may come to thee, if I can- 
Give thou me, my Lord ! 

time and understanding, 

and patience, and mindfulness 
ao of everything, 

wbicb thou to me, just King ! 

wilt send 

in probation. 

Now thou knowest in me 

sinful deeds many, 

yet cherish me, 




yeah Jre ic ma fpemebe. 

Xjumjia jylca. 

J>on me job lypbe. 

htebbe ic }>6d ^eajifB- 

f IC J«ie re-}>eah. 

haljer heojMn-cJninjej-. 

hyibo jecilje- 

leojtenbam ba;uD\' 

hf tepxjt opftxaa* lo 

jefw T jerece- 

^aec me p)>))an ]>aeji. 

unne appejr job- 

ecan bjieamef • 

lif al^- 

yeah ye Itedicoji- 

betee bealo-biebe. 

yoa bibobu psejiou' 

haljan heo)»)D-m8ejaef-< 

hjraee ) hep ]»Ia |x>jijea):e- 

Lord ! for thy mercy, [more 

though that I har« perpetrated 

dread crimes 

than me Qod permitted : 

I have then need, 

fJiat I, nath'less, thy, 

holy King of heaven 1 

grace culticate, 

in my transient days. 

^ life after the other 

/ Bee and seek, 

that me afterwards there 

thf merciful Qod will grant, 

of everlasting joy ; 

life allow me, 

though / more elowly 

have repiur'd my baleful deeds, 

than were Ihe beheata 

of the holy heavenly Power. 

Tea 1 thou here gav'st me modi. 

jej*ecce minne hyhc on )>ec* ai 

pophte ]:ope-)K>nca|'' 

})«t hio fKffcbce' 

jTonbe jej-eaSelab* 

on{*t£p mmae hije- 

5»rca 50b c^inj. 

m jeapone p£b- [118 bJ] 

nu ic punb^e Co J>e. 

pebep mon-cynnej'* 

oj: I'luepopulbe- a» 

nn tc pat f ic fceal- 

pil un}:yp }3ca> 

jwopma me ]>dn> 

placed my hope in thee, 
my dread forethoughta^ 
that they faatiy 
stand confirm 'd. 
Imbue my mind, 
God, King of spirits ! 
with ready counsel. 
Now I hasten to thee. 
Father of mankind ! 
from this world ; 
now I know that I shall 

sustain me then. 

90. A line or more ii here evidently IraL 



p^ba palbenb- 
in ^ne palbop-bjiearo- 
-J mec jeleo|ian lfec> 
leojijia bpyheen- 
jeoca mme]- jsejtef • 
^a If jjiomjis Co |:ela* 
tsFejTum eaben. 
biebbe ic )>ODne> 
bC Fpean fjioppe* 

Ruler of deatinies 1 

in thy glorious joy, 

and let me depart ; 

Lord of the good ! 

Bare my soul, 

Wiien too many hostile ones 

enviously have aasail'd me, 

I have tiien 

in the Lord comfort ; 

]>eah "pe ic eep on Fy)ijt« I^- lo though that I ere Jn mtf time little 

eajmobe ajma* 
p>p]KC mec enjla]* {-e-^ah' 
jenmum on jmme nea-yeye- 
nepjenbe cymnj- 
meocub foji |>mjie milc[^' 
]>eah ^ ic mana fela- 

merited of mercies, 

yet let angels me 

into thy presence take^ 

Saviour King 1 

Lord 1 for thy mercy, 

though that I many crimes 

gefcep bosjium bybe- Q>eah. did from day to day, 

ne hec pa mec nseiipe beojx>l j-e- yet let thou the devil never me. 

]qn bm Leban- 
on la'Sne pfi- s 
y^ Itef hi on yoae p>pe-)>oiic- 
jefeoD motan- 
y^pehf him fylfu. 
j-ellao yabcen- 
enjlaf opephybije- 
pSa ecfl cfijt- 

thy limb, lead 

on a hateful journey, 

lest they in that presumption 

inay rejoice, 

for that they to tfaemselveB 

Beem'd better, 

the overweening angels, 

than Christ eternal : [belirf. 

jelu^on hy him tec ])am ;ele^:an ■ they deceiv'd themselves in that 

foppoD hy lonje j-culon- therefore shall they long, 

pepje pihca- beings accursed, 

p[uece ^rpopian, so exile suflfitr : 

j:oji]Tonb pa mec "j sejt:^ hun • protect thou me and puoidi tl 

poaoe jTopm cyme- When the storm comes 

m)"""i jKfCe onj^n* against my spirit, 

geoca ySa- save then, 

4. Lit. dear, belovwt. 
SB. HS. jevi onljr, inuaediately after whieb then i* a We in the leaC 




mihtij bpyhcen- - 

minpe faple- 

3ej:jieota hype "j jejieopma hy- 

):iebeji mon-cynne]'- 

hffibpe jeho^obe. 

h£l ece job- 

meocob meahcum yj>i]^- 

mm If nu |)a- 

j-efa rynnum jah- 

^ ic J-mb faple eom- lo 

feam p)>um pojibC' 

|>eah )>u me pela fealbe- 

apna on ^lyye eojipan- 

J>e ]'ie eallej* )>oiic- 

meopba -j milcj-a* 

))apa ]>u me fealbej^- 

no to|' eapninja- 

teiuje pwpon mib- 

h]ne))pe ic me eallef pxy- [1 19 a. 

ellen pylle- so 

habban -j hlyhhan- 

'} me hybcan Co- 

jrpsecpuui mec on popiS-pej. 

"J puobian- 

j-J-lp to )>am p]>e. 

]re ic aj'eccan j'ceal- 


^ me fXEC eal pp jobe. 

{wlian bJli]« mobe* 

nu ic jebunben eom. so 

fxyte m minum pep)re. 

hupu me ppea piCe^S- 

pume papa pynna- 

]ie ic me j-ylp ne conn- 

mighty Lord ! 
my Roul ; 

protect it and cherisb it, 
Fatber of mankind ! 
benignantly remember 'd ; 
save it, eternal Qod I 
Lord strong in might I 
Now is my 

miud Btiun'd with ains, 
and for my aoul I am, 
for its hostile courses fearful, 
though thou hast ^ren me many 
blessings on thia earth. 
To thee be thanks for alt 
the rewards and mercies 
which thou hast given me ; 
for this not merits 
any were in me; 
,] yet for all this I 
will courage 
have, and laugh, 
and exult, 

prepare myself for departure, 
and hasten 

myself to the journey, 
which I must undertake, 
my soul prepare, 
and all that 'fore God 
snfier with cheerful mind : 
now I am bound 
fast in my souL 

Surely in me will /A« Lord chastise 
some of the sins, 
which I myself cannot 

93. MS. ftpK fc;. 



<Hiji»»D jleaplice- 

jobe ic haebbe- 

aboljen bjiejo mon-c^nuej'' 

fojil^OD ic |>uf biccpe peap{S> 

^epiciiKb Fojjie] Jujje po[iulbe- 

jjA min jeQiyphco] psejion- 

micle pipe iiionnum> 

^C ic map[cyji]t)om. 

beopne abjieoje- 

oe eom ic berna ^leap. la 

pi{- fope peopube> 

]X)p)>on ic ]»aj- popb j^pece* 

jnij- on fep)>e- 

j^a me on j-Tiym'Se jelomp> 

fianipu Of en eop)>an- 

)raee ic S )>olabe- 

jeapa jehpylce- 

jobcf eallej-' 

)K>nc-niob eappojn- 

ma )>onoe on o)>pum- so 

ffjihco m ):o]ce> 

FOp}>on ic apji-eb eom- 

eapm oj: mini! e])]e> 

ne nu^ ]>&]' anboja- 

leob-pjnna leaf • 

lenj bpobcian- 

pmeleaf ppsecca- 

ij- him ppa'S meocub. 

jnopna'S on hij- ^eapji\fe- 

~} him eelce masle- 30 

readily understand. 

I have God 

anger'd. Lord of mankind, 

therefore was I thus bitterly 

chastis'd before this world, 

as my sinful works were, 

great before men } 

so that I martyrdom 

awful suffier. 

I am not a skilful judge, 

wise before the multitude, 

for I these words speak 

hastening on departure. 

So at t&e beginning me befell 

miseries on earth, 

that I ever lack'd, 

each year, 

all good; 

meditative of hardships 

more than in other things, 

fear among people : 

for I driven am 

poor from my country. 

The lone one may not this, 

of social joys depriv'd, 

longer suffer, 

the friendless exile : 

the Creator is with him wroth, 

he grieves in his youth, 

and them at all times, 

men pillefCaS- 
ycaS hif ypmjiu. 

men aid, 

augment his miseries. 

S. 6. MS. seji. B.;i...)>ora, AeoUierletterauGobliteT&tei]. 
11. pD|iulbaI IS. MS. ]q)iisce. 

IS. fOpB-jiest so. Here & line 01 mors is wanting. 




■J he |>ffit eal |K>laS. 
paji-cpibe fficja. 
•) hi biS a j%)3 jeomop- 
mob mopsen-j-eoc. 
ic hi me Cylju]-C' 
5 ymb rij> jYjisece. 
tonjunje pip- 
^ on li^u )>ence- 
nac nun * * 

and he all that SufFerSj 
t/u reproach of men, 
and his soul ia erer Bad, 
his mind at morn sick. 
I of myself most titijr 
say this lament, 
and of my jouroey speak 
with longing eager, 
and on the water think. 
Kaowa not my * • 

hi7 ic jebycje- 

bac OD jtepe- 

jdeoc on pipote- 

oah ic pela jolbe]-. 

ne faupu ymy ijieonbej'. 

ye me jeFylfCe. 

Co ]>am yrS-yaXx- 

nu ic me |^lf ne mse;- 

p>pe mmum pon-Kfanim' 

piUan abpeojan. 

yabu moc hun peaxaa- 

pypbe bibao • 


ic ]X>p rsele ne nuej- 

tenipie mon-cynnej-. 

mobe jelupan- 

eopl on eple- 

eala bpyteen nun- 

meahtij munb-bopa- 

]iEec ic eom mobe j'eoc. 

bitpe aboljen* 

If j-eo boc tec )>e. 

li. FpeonOej, i.e. sol^wJi 1- H- 

why I buy 
a boat on the eea, 
[1 19 &.] a reaael on the billow. 

I have not much of gold, 

not indeed of that friend^ 

which might support me 

for the journey ; 

now I myself may not, 

for my poverty, 

mtf will obey. 

I for calumny may not 
any of mankind 
in my mind love, 
man in the land. 
O my Lord ! 
mighty Protector ! 
that I in mind am sick, 
bitterly vex'd. 
The retribution is along 

10. Hare tlie MS. is eriden^y defective, 

13. flocan! 

30. MS. Mc, the Gnt letter oUilentad. 




jelonj tBpcep • • 

ic on leohce ne maej- 

butau eaji):o)miQ- 


feapceafc hsele> 

pilban • • ••••man- 

J>5n ic me to ppemjnun- 

j^ieobe hsepbe- 

cy^S ]>u jeep * * pasj-. 

a ceapu )7m)e> 

lujrena Co leane* 

of thee, after • • 

I in the light may not, 

without hardships, 

in any way, 

a poor mortal, 

the earth * * 

j-pa ic alipbe- 13 

nuj..-. • * bij>j>8ec. 

Iwnne mon him * yflf ne mas;- 

p^b oDpenbao- 

}>iec he ]>dn pel }>oh;e :■ 


Onjunnon bmi on ulxcan* 
ie]>elcunbe mm^- 
pi|-con ^mena jemoc> 
sel^ehnjef lie- 
eop'S-tepne bi)ieBbe. 
(x>lban pepija pif- 
popQ btmsenan- 
a}»elmjer bea'S- 
ane hpile^ 
jieone bepeocan- 
pKjT piej- acolab' 
heajib pep hm-pi^- 
hi^>S piepon mobje. 
I»e by »c |»am beojije- 
bh^ne p[n]ubon* 
cpom peo mujmenbe- 
mapia on bsej-jieb- 
hehc hy o]>|ie mib* 

Resolv'd ere dawn 

the noble women 

to prepare for journey : 
10 th' assemblage knew 

that the Noble's corse 

was in its earth-house cover'il : 

the weary women would 

with weeping bewtul 

the Noble's death 

a while, 

sadly deplore. 

His resting-place was chill j 

hard was his departure ; 
30 the men were haughty, 

whom they at the deserted 

sepulchre found. 

Came the mourning 

Mary at dawn, 

calls with her another 

S3, r. polbon. 93. behbne (beUbenum)? 




eojilef bohcoji ■ 

rohcon rajuju tu* 

pje-beajin jobef . 

senae in f eopS-spn* 

J>ffiji hi tep pifCon. 

f hme jehyhban* 

hieleS lubea. 

penban ]>«& he od Jvam heop^e- 

biban j-ceolbe. 

ana in ]>sejie ea]i:ep-iiiht-[120 c 

hupu J>[Bj- oj'ep Jiinj. ii 

pifCon l^a pipmenn- 

|>a hy on-pe; cypbon- 

ac ]Mep cpom on uhcan> 

an enjia )>peat:* 

bebaepbe heapa pyn- 

hselenbep bupj- 

open psep Jxec eop^apn- 

BBjwlinjej" he- 

onfenj j:eopef jtept. ao 

polb« beofobe. 

hlojan hel-papan> 

hajofcealb onpoc- 

mobi; pjiom molban> 

nae^en-pjifm apap- 

pjepepc -J pnoctop- 

ptejbe lohannip. 

hmleS fael-papfi. 

hlyhhenbe pppsec- 

mobi; to ^pe menjo- » 

ymb hip masje * • 

hiepbe me jehacen* 

hselenb upep> 

}>a he me on )>ipne piiS- 

penban polbe- 

(lEet; he me jepoh->- 

earl's daughter; 
sought the Bad two 
the victor Son of God 
alone in that eardt- house, 
where Uiey before knew 
that him had hidden 
the men of Judea : 
they ima^'d that he in the tomb 
would abide, 
,]alone in the Easter night; 
but another thing than this 
the women knew, 
when away they tum'dj 
for there came ere dawn 
a company of angels, 
surrounded the joy of bands 
the Saviour's tomb : 
open was that earth-bouse } 
t/te Noble's corse 
had receiv'd Ufe's spirit; 
earth trembled, 
laugh 'd hell's inmates; 
men awoke 
exulting from earth. 
Majesty arose 
triumphant and sagacious. 
John said, 

the man to hell's inhabitants 
laughing spake, 
boldly to the multitude, 
of his • • 

* Me hath commanded 
our Saviour, 

when he me on this joarney 
would send, 
that he me * 



mooaS eallef > 
folcef f-Tiunia* 
nu • * ■- - -f-ceacen> 
pene ic pil jyilpe- 
Tpitob... * * • 
to-bae;e bjij'hten pille- 
• • )%C8n- 

njfl-beajm jobej-. 
jr^j-be hine ]>a to pope ■ 
f^iea moB-cfnnef ■ 
polbe heojiona helin> 
belle peallaj*- 
Fopbjiecan -j popbyjan- 
)wpe bupje yjifm- 
onjinoan peapaa- 
pe^nijt ealpa cyninja- 
oe pohce he Co }nepe hilbe> 
ne he bypn-pijenb- 
eo pam bupj-jea)nun> 
Ixban oe polbe • 
ac f>a locu peollaii- 
clup:»p op ])a ceafCpum> 
cjmnj in ojrpab- 
eallep polcep ppuma- 
popiS ooetce- 
peopuba pulbop-peja- 
ppaeccan ^unjon- 
hp^lc h^a f ifjfi-heKfin- 
^epeoD mofce- 
abam -j abpaham- 
ipac *] lacob- 
moDis mobi; eopl- 

exfaorteth of all 
people the Prince 

To-day the Lord will 

• • seek, 

the victor Child of God.' 

Hasten'd then for journey 

the Lord of mankind ; 

heaven's chieftain would 

hell's walls 

break down and bow, 

that city's pride 

begin to spoils 

fiercest of all kings. 

He reck'd not, for that strife, 

of helm-bearing warriors, 

nor he mail'd champions 

to those city gates 

would lead ; 

for the locks fell, 

th' enclosure from that city. 

The King rode in, 

the Origin of all people 

haaten'd forth, 

Qlory-pver of hosts. 

7^ exiles throng'd, 

which of them that victor Child 

might see : 

Adam and Abraham, 

Isaac and Jacob> 

many a lofty earl, 




mojrej- ■] bauib- 


•J j-achaju^- 

hea-pebjia ]»!&• 

fpylce eac haele)>a jemot- 

picjena peopob. 

pipnonna jijieac- 

fela jzKmnena- 

ja>lcer unjum- 

jflj-eah ]» lohaonif • 

jije-beapn jobef • 

mib ^ cyne>}>pymme- 

cuman co belle- 

onjeac ^ jeomop-mob- 

sober ry'Fr r'*- 

jepeah he belle bujiu- 
basbpe fctnan* 
|ra ]>e lonje aejt- 
bilocen ytejiou' 
bi|>eahce nub 'pyyt:jie- 
fe J>ejn pep on pyime- 
abeab )ra bealbbce- 
bujij-papena ...ojib- 
mobij pope ^lepe menjo- 
■J Co hi]- aise;e j-pp»C' 
"] ^a pil-cuman- 
popbum 2pecce- 
Jje Jwp jK)nc pe. 
}>eobeD upep- 
^ |>a up • * 

{"ecan polbepc* 
nu pe on |>ip{-um benbuni' 
bib... * • 

)>on momje bmbeiS. 
ppsccan • * 

Mosea and David, 


and Zacbariah, 

patriarchs many : 
[120i.]BO also a company of men, 

a boet of prophets, 

a band of women, 

many damsels, 

people nuniberiesa. 
10 Saw then John 

the victor Child of God, 

with that kingly pomp, 

come to hell ; 

perceiv'd then the sad in mind 

God himaeirH journey : 

be saw hell's door 

serenely sbine, 

which lonf{ before 

had been lock'd, 
30 with darknesB deck'd : 

joyfiil was the thane. 

Announced then boldly to 

the city-dwellers' * 

exulUng before the multitude, 

and to hid kinsman spake, 

and then the welcome ^est 

in words greeted : 

' To thee for this be thanks, 

our Iiord 1 
30 that thou us * * 

would'st seek ; 

now we in these bonds 



* bi% pibe |iih. 

ne biS he no }>se]' neappe- 

anbep m^-loc J>»]-. 

bitjie jebunben- 

iinbeji bealu-clomnmin- 

y he J7y y* ne maeje- 

elleo habban- 

]>dD he hif hlapojibe)'- 

Jijlbo jelypeS- 

Jtec hme o;: ]»m benbum- 

bicjan piUe- 

jT>tt pe ealle to J>e. 


bjiyhten mm pe b^ia- 

ic ^jiea; pela- 

p)>]ian )m enb to me* 


)>a f>u me ^efealbefT' 

fpeopb J byjinan. 

helm ^ heo|U) jveojip- 

S ic fraec heolb mi jiec- 

^ )ni me jec^BbejT. 

c^ne-^^ma p^D- 

])Ke fu munb>bofia' 

mmurn psepe. 

6ala jabpihel- 

fau ])u eapc jleap "j pceapp. 

milbe ^ jemynbij- 

T mon-l>pffipe. 

pip on ]>mum jepiCCe* 

■] on }>mum popbe pnottop • [] 21a. 

]wee J»u jecj-Bbeft- 

]ra )>u ]>oae CD^bc co up ■ 

bpoheeft m bechlem< 

he shall not be thus closely 
under • • 

bitterly bound, 
under dire chains, 
that he therefore easily may not 
courage have, 
when he liia Lord's 
kindness believes, 
that he him from those bonds 
will buy. 
So we all in thee 
alone believe, 
my dear Lord ! 
I much have suffer'd 
since thou in to me 
didst come ; 
when Uiou me gavest 
sword and corselet, 
helm and martial vest, 
(I that still always hold) 
and thou to me declaredst, 
Joy of kingly glories 1 
that thou my Protector 
wouldest be. 
Ah Gabriel ! 

how thou art skilful and keen, 
mild and mindful, 
and gentle, 

wise in thy understanding, 
.]and in thy word sagacious : 
that thou didst manifest, 
when tbou the boy to ua 
broughtest in Bethlem. 




biban ye )>Eej- lon^e- 
j-eean oq jt>jipiiii' 
pbbe ofXyfte- 
pynnum -j penum- 
hponne pe popb jobei'. 
Jnijih hip j^lpec mu'B- 
pecjau hyjibe- 
eala mapia- 
hu J>u uj- mobijne. 
cyninj acenbejr- 
)>a pn ]>ec cilb to u)'- 
b|iohceft in bechlem- 
pe ]>3ef beopeabe- 
unbeji helle bopu- 
heapbe j-ceolbon. 
biban in benbum- 
bon[a] peopcep jefeah- 
fBspoa ujie ealfa-pDb[aj-]' 
[eallje on pynnitm* 
(>on by jehjTibon- 

ha pe bji 

* * ■ ••■n mupnenbe- 

m«5bap; upre- 

We for tbia wuted long, 

sate in sorrows : 

with peace deligbted 

joys and bopes, 

wben we God's word, 

through his own mouth, 

beard speak. 


how thou for us a noble 

King broughtest forth, 

when thou that Child to ua 

broughtest in Bethlem ; 

we for this trembling 

under hell's door, 

cruelly must 

awut in bonds. 

The slayer joy'd in Ais work, 

our old enemies were 

all in delights, 

wben they heard 

how we • • 

* • bpyhten job- 

* V!^- 
ealpa cynmja * 
* up • mon. 
mobje • * 
(teaseap • ...;eojo«e. 
pe }>uph Jippe mob. 
beppican up pylpe- 
pe ^a pynne popj^n. 
bepalS m upum bpeopcu. 

30 We through rapacious mind 
have deceiF'd ourselves, 
we the sin therefore 
bear in our breasts : 



CO bonan booba fCulon> 

eac to ujyum jxonbii* 

frjwojN) pilnian- 

eala hiepii]-alem> 

iQ lubeutn- 

hu |ni in )>iepe pcope- 

jnlle jepunabejT. 

ne mofCao ]>e ;;eoiit>-|:epan- 


ealle li).^ent>e> id 

y» }>e loj: pnja^> 

eala lojibane- 

IQ lubeum- 

hu ]>u in ftBjie fcope- 

jxille jepun&be]%> 

nalej- yu jeonb-plopan* 


moj-can by ^yoey paerpe|*> 

pynDum bpucan. 

Nu ic ]»e baipe- lu 

hselenb uj'efi' 

beope in jebyjijtum' 

Jfu eajic bjiyhcen qufC. 

))KC )m u]- ;emi]c]-ie> [121 £.] 

monna fc^ppenb- 

]>u |X)jie monna lu|an> 

]>iDpe moboj) bojrn- 


pje-bji^hcen 50b. 

nalef jiope ))uipe )>eapj:e- so 

)ieoba palbenb- 

ac fop ]>a milcjum- 

))e ]>u mon-cynne* 

op: atypbej^- 

at the slayer's band we must, 

even from our foes, 

desire peace. 

Ah Jerusalem, 

in Judea, 

how thou in that pbice 

tranquil didst remiun ! 

May not thee traverse 

earth's inhabitants, 

all liring, 

who to thee praise sing. 

Ah Jordan, 

in Judea, 

how thou in that place 

tranquil didst remain ! 

Thou flowest not among 

earth's inhabitants, 

they- might thy water 

gladly enjoy. 

Now I thee beseech, 

our Saviour ! 

deeply in tribulations, 

[thou art the Lord Christ,) 

that thou us pity. 

Creator of men I 

Thou for love of men, 

thy mother's bosom 

didst thyself seek, 

Lord God triumphant ! 

not for thy need, 

Ruler of nations ! 

but for the mercieB, 

which thou to mankind 

oft hast shown, 

16. -plopereT 

!S. 2c^y'rP''" (jelieofiiuin)! 




^n him paep ajte )>eap):> 

pa meafac pab-yon- 

eal ]:olca jej-ecu- 

jTJlce I>u meahc jejiiman- 

pice bpjhrxn- 

ftey pmb-jjiocu- 

j-elaj-c ealjia cjminja- 

j-pylce ic }>e half^e- 

helenb u)-efi- 

fope ^inum cilbhabe- 


■J );ope Jwpe punbe. 

peopuba bp[yhcen]. 

[■) fope] ]nnuiD tepifCe- 

s)>elmja pjn. 

-} yo]ie pmjie me 

• * •-■man nama- 

]>a ealle hell-papa- 
hepjaiS -} Io}:[ia«] ■ 

when to them was pity needfnl. 
Thou mighte&t embrace 
all abodes of nations, 
so also thou mightest number, 
powerful Lord ! 
the sea's Band-{^ins. 
Best nf all kings ! 
BO I thee beseech, 
our Saviour ! 
10 for thy childhood, 

of kings most excellent ! 
and for thy wounds, 
liord of hosts \ 
and for thy resurrection. 
Delight of the noble ! 
and for thy * * 

that all hell's inmates 
glorify and praise, 

|>e J>e ymh-jia>nbafi- 

f>a )>u )>e lete fictan- 

* * • honb. 

]>a |ni up on Jnpne ppaec-p^- 

peopoba bpyhten- 

Jmph jJinep ff^f&r jepealb. 

pecan polbepc- 

•j hiepupalem* 

in lubenm- 

pceal peo bupj nujia- 

biban epne fpa-]>eah- 

)>eoben leojia. 

]»inep epc-cymep- 

-} pop lopbanB' 

m lubeii- 

19. (mum punbuinf 

which around thee stand ; 

those whom thou let'st sit 

• * hand, 

when thou us in this exile^ 

Lord of hosts ! 

through thine own power 

wouldst seek. 

And Jerusalem, 

in Judea, 

shall that tnty now 

nath'lese await, 

beloved Lord ! 

thy return : 

and at for Jordan. 

in Judea, 

31. MS. )>ean. 




piB uDC in ]raejie bu/ittan- 

ba]>obaD sec-jiebpe' 

opejipujipe )>u mib fy psecpe> 

|>eojiiiba bpyhten- 

bli^ mobe> 

ealle bu{ij-pi^D- 

fpylce jit lohannif - 

in jojibane- 

nub ^ ]nillpihte- 

pejjie onbpypbon ■ i 

ealne )>ijiie nubban-^eajib- 

pe t«ej- jymle meotube (wnc :• 

ve two in that brook 

bathed togetlier ; [water, 

thou didst besprinkle with that 

Lord of hosts ! 

with kind spirit, 

all the city's inmates ; 

BO also thou and John, 

in Jordan, 

with baptism, 

happily excited 

all this mid-earth ; [thanks. 

be therefore ever to the Creator 


pel bi* I»am eople- 

Well shall it be to the mortal. 

pe bun on-mnan hapiiS- 

who within him hath 

pej^-hy^bij pep. [122 

o.] (o man severe of mind) 

pome beopcan. 

an ample heart, 

Jjaet him bi]> pip popolbe. 

that to him before/Ae world shall be 

peopiSmynba nisej^- 

of honours greatest. 

;j jx)p ujjum bpyhtne- 

and before our Lord 

boma felajT- 

90 of dignities moat excellent. 

epie fpa he mib ptetpe- 

Even as he with water 


the raging 

lej abpierce. 

flame quencheth, 

^xK he lenj ne msej. 

that it longer may not, 



bupjum j-Ceii^an- 

injure cities, 

ppa he nub BeIme]Tan- 

80 he with aims 

ealle cofcuyeS. 

shall repel 

r^na punbe- 

wounds of sins. 

papla lacna-8 :• 

M Am soul heal. 

30. japle? 

2h 2 



Saja me hpsec Jiseji peojiubej-- 

psejie eallej'- 

on ]:a]iaonej- j.-yjibe ■ 

]>a hy folc jobej-' 

]>u]ih ):eonb]'cipe> 


nac ic hit be pihce- 

butan ic peae )>uj-- 

]>8et: ]>BBji fqi€ob[a] pa5j>e- 

jej'cjpeb ]iime> i 

j'lex lmn[bpeb]a- 

jeajio hsebbenbpa' 

^ eal popna- 

Tell me what multitude there 

was altogether 

in Pharaoli's host, 

when they God's people, 

tlirougli enmity, 

resolr'd to follow. 

I know it not at all, 

but I believe thus : 

that there of chariots were 

distioguiaird by number 

six hundred 

bearing arms. 

That all destroy'd 

ppat-e pyjibe. 
in popiilb-pice ;. 

hostile fate, 

in the world's realm. 


* • pebep- 

y\i )>e on beopinum eapbajr. 

2epe[oji'Sab] pulbjiep bpeame- 

ff )>iDU peopcu haljab- 

noma mppt beapnum- a 

J)u eapc nepjenb pepa. 

cyme J>m pice pibe. 

•) )>in pffibpsepr pilla. 

ajuepeb unbep pobopej' hpope- 

eac jK)n on pumpe polban- 

j-yle up to-bseje. 

• • • Father, 

thou who in the heavens dwellest, 

honour'd in ^^joy of glory, 

be for thy works hallow'd 

thtf name by the children of men. 

Thou art PreserTer of men j 

come thy kingdom amply, 

and be thy steadfast will 

exalted under heaven's roof, 

as well as on the spacious earth. 

Give us to-day 

9. rejieoVft (]-cjiit[a)T 



bomfSeyCae hhsb- 
hlaj: ui*e)ine. 
helpenb pe/ia- 
^ne j-iDjalan - 
fo^SfWfC meocob* 
Be Iffic ufic cojtniDja- 
cn^jjan co j^irtSe. 
ac }>u uf ):peoboin jie}:> 
)X)lca palbenb- 
ppom ypla jehpani' 
a CO piban peope :■ 

firm prosperity, 

our bread, 

(Helper of men !) 

the everlasting, 

just Creator ! 

Let not temptations us 

strike too strongly, 

but do thou us freedom g^ve. 

Ruler of nations I 

from every evil, 


Oepeoh nu on fep^- 
■} to Fpojrjie je]>eoh. 
bpyhcne ]>inum- 
■) {nnne bom apteft ■ 
healb faopb-locan- 
hyje jaej-te bmb- 
mib mob-i-e|3n> 
momj bi]> uncu)>> 
ceojua^ hpilum- 
pacia]> popb-beoc- 
rpa )>eof populb pipe^S. 
j-cufium fcynb^- 
^ jej-ceap bpe<^e3S- 
an ip jeleaja. 
an hpjenbe- 

Rejoice now in life, 
and for comfort thrive 
in thy Lord, 
and thy dignity exalt, 
hold thy co£fer, 
desire bind fast 
[122 £.] with prudence ; 

a many is unknown 
ao of faithful comrades, 

sometimea i/ieif wax faint, 

their pronUBei foil. 

So this world goes, 

rapidly passes, 

and its destiny fulfils. 

There is one belief, 

one living ; 

8. MS. ;;)ieotii)n. 

21. MS. ceotiaV. 




an psebeji ece- 
an ip {xilcej' jrjtuiDa- 
je ("aj- }x>lbaii jefceop- 
buju^Se ■] bpeamaf ■ 
bom ]-iJ))jan peox- 
^ah )>eo)' Iffine jej-ceaj-T' 
loDje jCobe- 
heolftjie jehyheb- 
belme jebyjleb- 
bi^ahc pel Cjieopum- 
^yytjie ofejijaeSmeb- 
n^ ■■■inseonsap... 
mK^e^ mob'lipaCU' 
mib mon-cyniie- 
'Sep ^elicabe pi- 

there is one baptism, 
one eternid Father ; 
one Origin is of people, 
who this earth created, 
virtue and joys ; 
power then wax'd. 
Though this fr^l creation 
long stood 
in obscurity hidden, 
10 with covering conceal'd, 
bedeck 'd veil with trees, 
mth darkness embraced ; 

a maid ardent minded, 
with mankind ; 
there it then pleas'd 

m )>am hopb-pite- 
baljan jaepte. 
beopht on bp<>.- 
pe psep opb-ppuma- 
eallep le6hcep :■ 

in that casket, 
the Holy Ghost, 
bright in • 
« who was Origin 
of all light. 

Ic eom lie byj-ij- 
lace nub pmbe- 

I am a busybody, 

/ sport with the wind. 

• ■■bpe ;epomnab> 
fup popS-pejep. 

hastening away ; 


* • blopeD&e- 

b^neobe jleb- 
pil ofC mec jej'ij'iif 
fenbaS xpxp honbu- 
)>sep mec pejiap "j pi):> 
ploDce jecyjT"^* 
)>oo ic mec onhsebbe- 
fai onhmja'S eo me- 
mobje milcjTim- 
fpa ic monjuoi ]*ceal- 
yean up- cyme- 
eabijnejje :• 

by fire melted, 
* * blowing, 

burning embers. 
Full oft roe my comrades 
Bend from hand to hand, 
wbere me men and women 
proud kisa. 
When I raise myself, 
they bow down to me, 
10 lofty ones with compassion. 
So 1 to many shall 
increase the growth 
of happiness. 


Ic jxej- be pmbe- 
f£ pealle neab- 
Bee mepe-p^o|>e. 
miniim jepunabe- 
ppam-fTa^e jaej-t- 
fsa semj'paej'- 
monna cyane]*. 
]>sc Dunne )»ep- 
on aii-sebe- 
aQ mec uhtna jebpam' 
yB po bpune. 
lapi-]:aeSme beleolc- 
lyt ic penbe- 
^ ic tep oppe pS- 
sefrpe j-ceoibe- 
o|»p meobu. 

[123 o.] 

I was by the sand 

near the sea-shore, 

at the ocean's strand ; 

/ dwelt in my 

original station fost ; 

few there were 

of human kind 

that there, 

in the desert, 

my home beheld ; 

for me each early mom 

the brown ware 

in its watery bosom shut. 

Little I ween'd, 

that I, early or late, 

ever should 

over mead 




mu^eaf fpjiecaii- 
}>opbum pjuxlaD- 
'p If punbpe]* bBel. 
on Y^pOD yeajiohc- 
t>B fe fp^lc ne conu- 
hu mec feaxej- opb- 
-J j-eo rpil'pe honb. 
eonlej- m-je]>onc- 
-J ojib fotnob- 
(nnjum jejjyban- 
t>«ec ic pi}> ]>e fceolbe. 
foji unc anum Cpani- 
abeoban bealblice- 
ypa. hic beojuia ma- 
uncjie pojib-cpiba;-- 
pibboji ne msenben :- 

mouthless speak, 
iu words bold coDTeree. 
That is a piece of wonder 
curious in the mind [stand not, 
of those who such matter under- 
how me the knife's edge, 
and the right hand, 
man's sagacity, 
and edge together, 
10 purposely associate, 
that I to thee should, 
for us two alone, 
a verbal message 
boldly announce, 
so thai it more men^ 
our verbal sayings, 
further imagin'd not. 

Nu ic on-junbpan ye- 
]-ecjan pdle- 

* • cpeo-cynn- 
ic Cubpe apeox- 

* * • eal. 

j-ec... • • • 

]-ealce jTpea[maf] . 

pul opt ic on bacej- * • 

* • * rohte. 
)»a!p mec mon-bpybten mm- 


Now I apart to thee 
will say 
JO • * tree kind, 

I tenderly grew up, 

» w • 

of a strange land 

w « • 

salt streams. 
Full oft I in a boat's 
* * * sought, 
where me my master 

* * heah-hofu. * * high houses, 

eom nu hep curaen* so /am now hither come, 

6. MS. jeaxeW, 1». MS. cpan. 




on ceol')>ele- 
■j Bu cunnan j-cealc- 
Iiu jni ymb mob-Iu):an- 
minef fpeao- 
on hyse hycje- 
ic jehacan beaji- 
Jnec }m f>sep tijifsBytx- 
qieope pnbejr :■ 

oil a vessel's deck, 

and thou now ehalt know, 

how thou regarding the affection 

of my master 

mayst in mind devise. 

I dare promise, 

that thou there noble 

faith wilt find. 


y^yat Jiec J»&i bibban hec. 

1^ ))ifne beam a^oj:. lo 

Inec )>u jinc-hjioben- 

rylj: jemunbe. 

on jepit-locan. 

popb- IjeoCu nja • 

|>e jic on eeji-bajum. 

ope jefppeecon- 

)>enben jic mofCon- 

on meobu-bupjnm- 

eajib peajibi^an* 

an lonbbujan- 9a 

j^eonbf^pe fpemman- 

lune ftehyo abpap. 

Of p^e-^eabe- 

hehcnu j^lpa )«• 

lujmm liejian- 

|>«c Jm la^ bjiepbe- 

]ij>)an Jm jehypbe- [123 i.] 

on hb)*e}- opan. 

jalan jeomopne. 

jeac on beappe- so 

Tea, bade me then thee beseech, 

he who this beam inscrib'd, 

that thou, richly adorn'd one, 

shouldst thyself remember, 

in thy mind's recess, 

the promises, 

which ye two in early days 

oft spake, 

while ye might, 

in the mead-burghs, 

a dwelling hold, 

one land inhabit, 

friendship foster. 

Him feud drove away 

from the noble people. 

Himself now bids thee 

learn with alacrity, 

that thou the water urge, 

when thou hast heard, 

on the mountain's brow, 

sing the sad 

cuckoo in the grove. 

S5. MS. Isjuun. 




ne laec ]>u ^ec yi\>^an- 

lube jeleccan • 
lifjenbne monn- 
onjin mepe fecan- 
msepef epel- 
on-]-ice j-ae-nKcan> 
|ner )ru pi% heonan* 
opep mepe-labe. 
monnan pnbefC- 
l>iep j-e J'eoben if • 
|na on pnuiii. 
ne mte^ hun populbe> 
pilla in&}ia> 
on jem^nbu- 
Jraej- l>e he me fBejbe. 
^n mc jflunne- 
alpalbenb job- 

* ♦ * wc-pomne- 
p)>^ui inoeaD* 

pecjum -J jepjjum. 

* * ffiClebe bea^iq*- 
he jenoli hapa^- 
pffibanjo---' * * 

* * * flijteobe- 
e]»el healbc- 

pejpe polban> 

Let thou not then thee 
from the course dirert, 
the way impede, 
any living man. 
Resolve the sea to seek, 
the mew's country ; 
ply the sea-skiff, 
so that thou south hence, 
over the ocean way, 
10 a man shalt find ; 
there the chieftain is 
awaiting thee. 
May not in life to bim 
a greater deure be, 
in hJB mind, 

from what to me he said. 
Then may to you grant 
Almighty God, 

* * * together, 
30 then may, 

to his men and comrades, 

* * * bracelets. 
He has enough 

of rich * * 

country hold, 
fair land. 

* * ...■pa h8&le]?a- 
J>eah|»e hep mm p 

though here my 

nybe jebsabeb- 

nacan uc-a)>ponj. 

•} on yjia jonj pceolbe. 

ao by need constrain'd : 
the skiff urged out ; 
and on the billows' course must, 

13. beon )• proboblj wanting after pojiulbe. 
38. MS. 2«oni, though nearly obliterated. 



fajian on ploc-pej- 
foja-ppey jeojiii. 
men^an mepe-fcpeamaj-- 
nu j^ mon hajsS- 
pean o|:eppuuuen- 
nij- him piloa jitb* 
ne m«apa ne malSma- 
ne meobo-bpeama- 
aenjej- ofeji eop]>Hn- 
eopl- jep:jieona • 
Jwobnef bohcop- 
pf he ^m beneab- 
Ofep ealb jebeot- 
iDcep cp^a- 
jecype ic jee-fomne. 

• J,' JV • jeafaop. 


a]»e benemDan- 
]>sec he fra psepe> 
1 )» pme-cpeope- 
be him hf^enbum- 
Isejran po1be> 
|»e jic on Kp-bsgum- 
oj* jefppiecon :■ 

on the flood-way journey, 

glad of departure, 

ike sea-streams agitate. 

Now the man has 

affliction overcome, 

he hicks not what he desires, 

nor horses, nor geldings, 

nor joys of mead, 

nor anything on earth 

of Qoble treasures. 

Chieftain's daughter ! 

if he thee should lack, 

after the old promise 

of you two, 

I turn at once 

S emd R together, 

EA, W and M, 

by oath declare, 
that he the compact, 
and the friendly faith, 
while he liyes 
would fulBl, 
which ye in early days 
oft spake. 


PpKChc ly |?ej- peal-pran- 

pyjibe jebjisecon. 

bupj-jrebe bujtfcon- [124 a.] 

bjtopiaS enca jepeopc. 

hjiopKf pob jebpojiene- 

hpeopje tonjiaj-' 

h{iim jeac-toppaj' bepojien- 

bpim on bme- 

I'ceapbe fcup-beopje- 

ycopeae jebpopene- lo 

elbo nnbeji eocone- 

eop^S-jjiap hapaV. 

palbenb-pyjthcan • 

fX)jipeopone jeleopene- 

heapb-jjiipe bpuj-an- 

olS hunb CDea> 

fep-peoha jepican- 

opt par pas jebab. 

]i£^hap -J peabpah' 

pice xpceji o^pum- %t 

ofyconbeo unbep jt:oiimum. 

jreap jeap jebpeap. 

fonaS jiec * * 

* ■ ■ ■ 'num jeheapen ■ 

jiel on> 

Wonderous is this wall-stone, 

the fotes have broken it, 

have burst the burgh-place. 

Perishes the work of giants, 

the roots are falleo, 

the towers totteriog, 

the hoar gate-towers despoil' d, 

rime on the lime, 

shatter'd the battlements, 

riven, fallen, 

under the Eotnish race ; 

the earth-grave has 

its powerful workmen ; 

decay 'd, departed, 

the hard of gripe are fallen, 

to a hundred generations 

of people are pass'd away. 

Oft its wall withstood 

Rseghar and Read&h, 

chieftain after other, 

rising amid storms. 

Rapidly prone it fell ; 

yet wanes * * 

^mme jejjiunbe-- 
* * * 

j-can heo" * * 

7. faitimse (bjifmise}fI>ejio]:net s. ThU line iMmi defective. 
IS. ^Kf(%pKf)1 15. T. hjiufon. 1 

9. beojijRjt 
. r. jepiCMi. 


THE RUIN. 477 

op|>onc 8eji fcea>T."- 

* * * 

* * -.■lampinbumbeaj- 

mobmo---- * ne. 

nnprae jebpsejb. 

drew the awift, 

hprec-peb in hjiinjaj-- 

the bold of purpose in chwna. 

hfte-jioF jebonb. 

proud of spirit bound 

peaU-palan pipum. 

the aliens with wires, 

punbjiuin to-jEebjie. 

wonderously U^ther. 

beophc pasjion bupj-pseceb- 

bujin-j-ele mooije. 

10 many its princely balls, 

heah hopn-jeji^ieon- 

high its ateepled splendour. 

hepe-ppej micel- 

there was martial sound great, 

meobo-Iieall monij. 

many a mead-hall 

■PI- bpeamapull. 

full of human joys. 

oppxt pat onpenbe- 

until that changed 

pypb fw rp»J*- 

obdurate fate : 

cpunjon palo pibe- 

theif perish'd in wide slaughter. 

cpoman pol-bajaf 

Came pernicious days j 

fpyit eall ):opnoin- 

death destroy'd all 


» their renown'd warriors. 


Their fortress is become 

pepcen rtajrolaj-. 

waste foundations ; 

bpopnabe bupj-pceal. 

their burgh-place has perish'd ; 

becenb cpunjon - 

atoning bow'd 

hepjap CO hpuj-an- 

their bands to earth : 

fop)>on ]>ar hopu bpeopjia*- 

therefore these courts are dreary, 

■} ^r ceaj»p jeapu. 

and its purple arch 

cijelum fceabe^' 

with its tiles shades 

hpopc beajej- pop. 

the roost, proud of its diadem. 

hpypeponsjecponj. [!24A, 

,] 30 At its fall the plain shrank. 

jebpocen co beopjum. 

broken into mounds. 

|>aap lu beopn monis. 

There many a chief of old, 

jlseb-mob •] jolb-beophc- 

S. Lit. ring!. 7. 

-pealajf 10. beojin-f 

IT. paleCj.'BiB)' «>. 

r. ,epsr- "• purple, i.e. regal. 




jleoma ^efjtxrpeb- 
ylonc "J pin-jal- 

feah on j-^c on fylfoji- 
on feajio-jimmai'- 
on eab on eeht> 
OD eojican-]^n- 
on ]>af beophcan bupj- 
bjiaban picey. 
|-tan-hoj:u fcotian- 
jipeam haee peajtp- 
piban p^lme- 
peal eall bepenj- 
beophcan bofme- 
jraep )>a ba^ii psejion- 
hac on hpe}>jie. 
Jwet psep h^elic> 
lecon \tca jeotan- 

splendidly decorated, 

prood and wiUi wine elate, 

in warlike decorations sbone ; 

look'd on treasure, on silrer, 

on carious gema, 

on luxury, on wealth, 

OQ precious stone, 

on this bright burgh 

of a broad realm. 

TV stone courts stood — [them 

the stream with beat o'erthrew 

with its wide burning } 

the wall all encompass'd 

in its bright bosom. 

There the baths were 

hot on the breast : 

that was desolating ! 

Let then pour 

hate pCjieamap' 


ao hot streams, 

)>iee hpmj-mejie- 
hac-.- * * 

ba)>u peepon- 


^ ip c^ehc I'm;- 



Ope mec peyte bileac- 
jrpeolicu meople- 
ibef on eapce- 
hpilum up-aceah- 
|»lmum pnum- 
"J jzpean fealbe- 
holbum )>«obDe- 
fpa bio hacen ytey- 
j-ifijian me on hpe]»pe- 
heajxib jTicafcw- 
nio)>ao upfeajibme- 
on neapo jrejbe > 
jip Jwej- onbjienjan. 
ellen bohce. 
])e mec fpaXyebe- 
jrirlLan j^ieolbe- 
pupej- iiac hpast. 
jueb hfraee ic nuene :■ 


Me oft fast lock'd 
a goodly dauiael, 
a woman, in ber chest, 
sometimes drew me up 
with her hands, 
and to her master gare Tne, 
her kind lord, 
as she was commanded ; 
then in her bosom 
10 stucb my head, 

the lower part upward, 

in durance fix'd me. 

If the receiver's 

power sufficed, 

who me adorn' d, 

he Bbotild fill me 

with /know not what of rough. 

Guess what I mean. 


Ic eom beajib -j pceapp- 
in-jonjer r^on^- 
fofi'^'ppey fpom- 
|:ji«an QOfopcuiS- 
pabe nnbejt pambe. 
^ me pe; pylpa. 
pyhcne jepjne- 

I am hard and sharp, 
of entrance strong, 
of departure strenuous, 
to my master faithful. 
/ go under the belly, 
and for myself a way, 
direct /clear. 

. MS. Of. 



pine biS on 0).-e|Te- [125 a.] The man is in haste 

ye mec on^y^- who ui^ea me 

Kjxan-peapbne' lingering behind. 

bsele^ miit bpiejle- A man with his garment 

hpiliim uc-tyh^> sometimes draws me out 

oy hole harne- hot from a hole ; 

hpilum e):c-):ape'$ on- Bometimes retreats into 

neapo nac hpsp- a narrow space, I know not where, 

nybe]> nn)>e- violently compels 

jTiJ'epDe jw^' 10 the southern man. 

pija hp«e ic hacce :■ Say what 1 am call'd. 


Ope ic fec;a- Oft I shall 

I'ele-bpeame fceal- in the social joy of men 

pKjpe on)>eon- fairly flourish, 

|wn ic eom pop'S-bopen- when I am brought forth 

jlseb mib jolbe- shining with gold, 

f>eep juman bpinca^- where men are drinking. 

hpilum mec on copan. Sometimes me in a chamber 

c^ppe^S mujre- with his mouth kisses 

cilhc epne. so a good servant, 

jwep pie Cu beo)>- where we two are 

pte^Sme * * 

* * * 

* ■■■jpura>j«- 

pJpceiS hi|' pillan. works bia will 

* * * 

* * '--pulpe- 

])5n ic pop'S-cyme- when I come forth. 

13 MS.j-ec;an: we Vercelli Poetry, p. 6B. 1. 3310. (A. & E., p. 48. I. leJ6 ) 



ne 01865 >c f»y nu])an. I cannot therefore conceal 

* * * 

* « * 

pan pn leohte. dusk in the %ht 

rpylce eac bi«- 
p>na * * 

* * * 

* ■■•te jeeacnab- 
hpsec me to * * 

* * * 

* * ...leaj- jiinc- 
(fa nnc jepybe yxy :■ 


Icpeah -P-f-l. iBawWandl 

opeji pon; jajian- lo going over the plain, 

bejian .5 -M- bearing B, E: 

bsem yxy on jij/pe. both had on the journey 

hsebbenbef h^ht- a possessor's joy, 

• N-T-F- HandA; 

rpjlce J>jiyt)a biei. as also some bodies of men, 

■JJ-T-M- pandE, 

jejreah • f • 3 - F ■ rejoiced F and A, 

jdeah opeji . T- flew over EA, 

'^■^.l. s.»dP, 

rylpep ]«er jrolcej- :■ ao of the folk itself. 


Cpico paef ic iie qtte^ u 
cjiele ic epie fe-^eah- 
seji ic pBEf epc ic cpom- 
wjhpa mec peapiS- 
bajia'S mec on heat)pe- 
■J nun beafob j-cijiej?- 
bice's mec onbeejibc- ■ 
bjuceS mine piyaa- 
monnan ic ne bite- 
nfaipe he me bice* 
finban )>aita monije- 
]>em ec bita% :■ 

pihc> Living I was, I spake not aught, 
yet, nevertheless, I kill ; 
before I was, again I came ; 
every one robs me, 
has me in restraint, 
and my head shears, 
bites me secretly, 
breaks my ways. 
I bite no man, 
10 unless be bites me; 
there are many of those 
who bite me. 

Ic eoni mape- 
)>dii pef mibban-jeapb> 
Ifej^fl |>dn honb-p^m- 
leohcjie }>on mona> 
fpi|X:pe J>on funne- 
fsep me pnb ealle- 
plobaf on pwSmum- 
"j Jraf polban beapm> 
jpene ponjar- 
jpunbum ic hpiiie- 
helle unbep-hnije. 
beoponaf opep-rcije. 
pulbpep e}>el- 
pibe psBce- 
opep flujlaeapb- 
eop|«an jei^lle. 


I am greater 
than this mid-earthj 
[125 £.] less than an earth-wona^ 
l^hter than the mood, 
swifter than the sun ; 
the seas are all, 
the rirers, in my embrace, 
30 and this lap of earth, 
the green plains. 
7^ depths I touch, 
under hell descend, 
mount o'er the heavens, 
the abode of glory 
on all sides I reach, 
o'er the abode of angels; 
the earth I fill, 

S. 1i«Bl(pef lo. MS. nrmb'e. 

r. MS. miDbaii-. 


ealne mibban-jeajib- 
^ mepe-irpeamaf • 
pbe mib nie j-yipum. 
pxgA hpset ic hacce :■ 

all mid-earth, 
an<] M« Bea-strenmB, 
on all sides with myself. 
Say what I am call'd. 

Ic |>spihc jefeah. 
on pej pepaa- 
heo paep ppseclice- 
punbpum jejieppefe :• 

I saw the creature 
on the way going, 
it was curiously, 
wooderously, equip 'd. 

Punbop pe^'S on peje- 
pntep peap^S co bane :■ 

^ wonder was on the way, 
10 water was tum'd to poison. 


Pihc ip ppseclic 

|>am )>e hype pipan ne conn- 

pm^eiS {fuph fiban* 

T r® ppeopa poh- 

op)K>ncum jepophc* 

bapi^ eaxJe rua- 

pceapp on jepcylbpnm- 

^T jojxeapo jw- [126 o.] 

j-pa ppastlice. 

he peje pconbe- ao 

heah -j hleop-topht- 

hKle]mm CO nytte ;■ 

1. MS. ealbne. IS. MS. )iy|M. 

7%e thing is curious 

to those who its ways know^ not, 

1/ sings through its side, 

the neck is crooked, 

cunningly wrought; 

it has two shoulders, 

is sharp on the blade-hones; 

its form 

so curiously 

in your way stands, 

liigh and bright of countenance, 

for use to men. 

so. r^WAaC? 


Ic eom jiicej- sehc- 
jieabe bepsej:eb- 
jTiiS ~\ jteap. 
ponj-jrajiol psey lu-J 
pypta plite fcojihcpa- 
nu eom ppa))]ia lay- 
Fyper 1 Feole. 
fsejTre jeneappab- 
pipe jepeopjiab- 
pepe'S hpilum- 
}:o]i minum jpipe> 
jet>e jolb pije*. 
])5n IC y)>an fceal> 

I am the property of the great, 

with red ctoth'd, 

Htiffand lofty; 

mjf field-staUon was formerly 

than plants' aspect brighter ; 

now I am the leaving of foes, 

of fire and alau^ter, 

fast confin'd, 

by wire bound ; 

sometimes weeps 

for my gripe, 

he who bears gold, 

when I 

Ic pie}' 

* jeaj:- 

fpeofCop miln. 
jiebbe mec * 

my sister 
gave me birth 

* >-eopep ceah- ao * four drew, 

rpsBfe bpojjop- own brothers, 

Jrapa )>e on-pinbjian ^^bpylc- of whom each apart, 

baej-abu me- in the day time me 

l^ncan fealbe- gave to drink 

9. je(ij»eo)i«b (seppi>'*)r ^'■ 


]mjih pf]iel |>ea|Je- 
ic yaeh on lu/r- 
oJ>)>kC ic psej' ylbjia- 
"J \>«t iin-):oplet- 

p]>abe jnbboji- 
meajic-pa^f pftlap cjiseb- 
mojiaf peafibe' 
bunbeo unbep beame- 
beaj haepbe on healfe- 
pean on lajre- 
peopc Jipopabe- 
eap]:o^ bsel- 
opt mec ij^pn j'Cob- 
jape on pban> 
ic ppijabe- 
naeppe melbabe- 
monna enjd* 
jip me opb pcfepe ■ 
ejle psepon :• 

abundantly through a hole. 

I throve prosperously, 

until I was older, 

and then left, 

with a black guardian, 

joumey'd further ; 

t/te Welsh frontier paths /trod, 

the mountains traveni'd, 

bound under the breast, 

a ring had on my neck, 

affliction on my track, 

trouble /endur'd, 

a share of hardships. 

Me oft hati iron injur'd 

painfully in my side ; 

I kept silence, 

never spake 

to any man : 

they y 

s troublesome. 


Ic on pouge apeox- I on Me plain grew up, [forth, 

pimobe JJBsp mec pebbon. dwelt where they brought me 

hpufC "J heopon-plonc- [126 b.} in earth and heaven exulting. 

d^^tet me onhpyppbon- 

jeapum ppobne- 

]>a me jpome pupbon- 

op |raepe jecynbe- 

ye ic asp epic beheolb. 

onpenban mme pifan- 

pejebon mec op eapbe- 

until tum'd me, 

stricken in years, 

those who were hostile to me, 

from the nature, 

which I ere living possess'd, 

changed my habits, 

bare me from my dwelling, 

. >Dnr 

32, MS. jionohc 



jebyhoD j?iet ic j-ceolbe* 
pit? jej-ceape minji> 
OD bonan jnllan- 
bu^an hpiluin- 
nu eom miDej- jrpean- 
folme by 

did so tfaat I muBt, 

against my nature, 

to a murderer's will 

sometimes bow. 

Now / am with my master's 

hand * * * 

jij: hif alien beaj- 
o|>]>ep 8ej:Cep bome- 

• -Ian bsel- 

miqiJ'B jipemintm • 

pyp— * * 

* * * 
on peobe ucan* 

* * * 


eaxle jejypbe. 

* * * 
^ fpiopa j'mset> 
j-iban jrealpe- 

]»on mec heajw pijel- 
j-cin bercmeS- 
■J mec * * 

when me the glorious sun, 
bright, illumes, 
and me * * 

pejjie feojima^- 
cpKjxe on hsepce- 
cu-8 ij- pibe- 
]>KC ic JjjiijTa j-um- 
]«oj»r cptep^ ■ 

ao well nouriahes, 

and to the army bears nte, 
by craft, in captivity. 
It is widely known, 
that I, a bold one, 
with a thiefs craft. 



unbeji hjUE^-locan- 
hpiluiu eajmnja- 
l»)ji'Spe^ib bpece- 
)tec teji pprS hiejibe- 
pejuDjH frfioiO' 
be piy )>onan> 
penbeS Of )>aia picum- 
p^ j«{>e mrne- 
pipm cunne- 
pija hpeee ic bacce :• 

among wardrobes ; 
sometimes openly 
a land's fastoesB 
totally break, 
wbicb ere had peace. 
Suddenly resolute, 
he, hastening thence, 
turns from the camp, 
the warrior who knows 
my ways. 
Say what I am call'd. 

Ic piEf pemne jeonj' 
peax-bSji cpene- 
~j senhc junc- 
on ane tib- 
fleab mib pt^lum* 
"J on jdobe fpom- 
beaf unbep y)>e- 
beab mib pfcum- 
3 on folban jrop- 
befbe j:ep'S cpicu :■ 

I was a damsel young, 
a hoary-headed woman, 
and an excellent man, 
at one time. 
I Sew with the birds, 
and in the river swam, 
div'd under the wave, 
was dead with the fishes, 
and on earth stept, 
bad a living aoul. 

Ic j^ipcne jepeah- 
on fpal^e pepan- 

[127 a.] I saw a swift 

on the road going 

f. mha. 


Ic ane jepeah- 
ibepe ficcan :• 

I saw one 
woman aittiDg. 

8e mec |»bbe> 
jUDb-helm ^ahte- 
■5 mec y\>a ppujon- 
eojiptm jecenje- 

ojr ic flobe onjean ■ 
mu^ ontynbe- 
nu pile monna fum ■ 
mm plmfc ):pecan- 
feUey ne peccelS- 
p|>|>an he me oj: yihai 
feaxej- opbe- 
fayb ajiype'S- 

p}>)>an lie's- 

He who produced me, 

with a watery coreriDg deck'd me, 

and the waves conceal'd me, 

heavy on earth, 


oft towards the flood I 

my mouth open'd ; 

now will some man 

my flesh devour, 

for my skin he recks not, 

when he from my side, 

with knife's point, 

my hide tears, 

afterwards hums tne 

Ic eom ffijiehnjej-- 
sehc f pilla ;■ 

1 am a noble's 
property and will. 


Ic eom etielinjej-- 
I7jib-}unce|- je]:apa> 
irpean mmum leop- 

cpen mec hpilum- 
honb on-leje%- 
eojilej- bohfcop. 
)>eah hio se)>elu fy ■ 
heebbe me on boj-me- 
fme on beappe jepeox- 
bpilum ic on ploncu- 
picje pibe- 
hejijef on enbe- 
heapb If min cunje- 
op: IC f>o5-boiian- 
popb-leana j-um- 
ajype ajpCeji jiebbe- 
;(S6b ip mm pipe- 
-} ic jylpi palo- 
paja hpser ic hacce :■ 

I am a noble'e 


a soldier's fellow-traveller, 

to my master dear, 

a king's companion ; 

a queen on me sometimes, 


lays her hand ; 

an earl's daughter, 

though she be noble. 

/ have in my bosom 

what grew in the grove. 

Sometimes I on a proud 

hoTse ride, 

at the end of a troop. 

My tongue is hard. 

Oft I to /Ae poet 

a loan of words 

give for his verse. 

Good is my manner, 

and I myself excellent. 

Say what I am cali'd. 


Ic eom byieb-bpeojt- [127 *•] 1 1™ puiF-breasted, 

belceb-ppeopa. of neck ui6ated, 

heapob hasbbe- have a head, 

•J heane pceopc and a high tail, 

eajan f eapan ■ eyes and ears, 

•J aenne p(5or- and one foot, 

hpycj ^ heapb nebb- a back, and a hard nib, 



hneccan |reapne- 
"] fiban cpa- 
j^j on mibbiim> 
eapb 0].-ep telbS- 
ajlac bpeoje> 
^ji mec pejelS- 
j-e^ pubu hjiepe^- 
'] mec p:f>nbeQbe- 
ftjieamaf beatai^- 
hs^l ffl heapba- 

a high nape, 

and two sides, 

a Back in <A« middle, 

a dwelling over men; 

misery / suffer, 

where me bears 

he who the wood touches, 

and me standing 

streams beat, 

the hard hul 

and rime cover 

] jrealleS fnap. 
■} ic JwBt * 

and snow falls 

Fjiob p«]- 1 


1 }:pom-cy[na] • Wise y 

biben m bupjum* 
ji]»)>an bielef • 

dwelt in cities, 
after that fire's 

♦ * pepa- 

hpe bepunben> 
jTpe jepelpib. 
nu me pah pap.--- 
eopj'an bpojjop- 
j-e me sepefC peap'S. 
jumena to jyjuie. 

with life surrounded, 
wiUi fire purified. 
Now to me hostile * 
earth's brother, 
who to me was first 
of men as a snare. 

S. |M? 


ic pil ;eappe ^etuoti- 
bpa min }:jiom-c^nn- 
}:jiuinan ajaece- 
eall op eapbe. 
IC him ^fle ne moc- 
ac ic on bffiFC-nyb- 
hpilnm lijuejie- 
jube jeonb ponsar- 
bsebbe ic punba jrela- 
mibban- jeapbef ■ 
msejen uolytel- 
ac tc mi)>an pceal- 
monna jehpylcu- 
bejolpulne bSm- 
b^pan cpnpcep - 
priS-pnc mrnne- 
jiqa bpsec ic hacce :■ 

I full well remember, 
who my anceatry, 
my origin, Bcatter'd 
all from f A«tV home ; 
I may not him injure, 
but I Aim into captivity ■ 
sometimes drive, 
wide o'er the plains. 
I bare many wounds, 
in mid-earth 
no small power, 
but I must conceal 
from every man 
my dark power 
of precious craft, 
my journey. 
Say what I am call'd. 

An pihc ij-' 
punbpum acenneb- 
bpeoh -y pej)e. 
bapa% pyne jxponjne- 
jpimme ^ymecaS- 
;] be jpunbe ]:apa^- 
mobop If moni^a* 
mieppa pihta- 
ps^^ pepenbe- 
punba^ aeppe- 
neol ij- neapo-jpap- 
uEeni; ojipum mee;- 
plice T pipan- 



There is a creature 

wonderously brought forth, 
30 rugged and cruel ; 
a.J has a strong course, 

fiercely roars, 

and along the ground goes, 

is mother of many 

greater creatures ; 

speedily going, 

it ever urges forward ; 

low it is and hard of grasp ; 

no one to other may 
30 its aspect and nature 

19 Mb. acenneii. 



popbum jecylfaii- 
hu mi[-Uc bi^- 
nuejen Jvapa cynna- 
j-Tjin-FopiS-jej-ceajrc ■ 
fsebep ealle bepac- 
op •} enbe- 
I'pylce an ]'uiiu> 
msepe meoCubep beupii- 
t»uph * * 

by words make known, 
how various is 
tAe power of those kinds. 
The long-pass'd creation 
the Father all guards, 
beginning and end, 
ae also the only Son, 
great Child of the Creator, 

•J p hjhpre msB- . 

10 and the highest 

* * jep pee)- 

pliCi; ■] pynpim- 

* * ere was 

beauteous and winsome 

bil> peo mobop- 
msejene eacen- 
punbp^ [jejppej'eb- 
pipeum ^ehlaben- 
hopbum jehpoben* 
hEele|>uro b^e- 
nu^en fat's jeDUclab- 
meahc jej-peoclab- 
pUce bi^ jepeopliab. 
pulbop-nymnpim - 
pynpO pulbop-;in)m' 
ploncu jecenje- 
clfen-^eopn biB -] cyjtjj. 
quepCe eacen > 
hio bi)) eabjum teop- 
eapmunje tiepe- 
ppeohc pellic- 

10. What follows is apparently 

13. MS.inoWoii. 

The mother is 
in power great, 
wonderously auetiun'd, 
with provisions laden, 
with treasures adorn 'd, 
to men dear ; 
her power is augmented, 
her might manifested, 
her aspect is honour'd 
by glorious duties ; 
a winsome gent of glory, 
to the proud oppressive ; 
pure she is and bountiful, 
great in skill ; 
she to the rich is dear, 
to th£ poor benevolent, 
joyous, excellent, 
part of another enigmo. 

aa. or 89. pun^oji-J 


}:)iomma]T "} fpi^ft- 
Si>7iorc T jjiasbsoj-c. 
jpunb-bebb cjubej>- 
jXEf ye unbep lypre. 
IQobea pupbe> 
"J telba beapn - 
e^um fape* 
jT>a ^ pulbop-pifeB- 
pojilb-beajina masje- 
]ieah lie peplniin sleap> 

►DLES. 493 

most Btrenuous, and most strong, 

most rapacious, and most greedy, 

she treads the bed of earth, 

from what time she under heaven 

was led forth, 

and the children of men 

with eyes beheld. 

So that glorious woman, 

world- children's daughter, 

although in soul sagacious. 

mon-mobe pioccop. [128 £.} with human understaiiding wise 

menjo punbpa> in many wonders, 

hpa^an bilS heapbpa- than rock is harder, 

bsete)>um |:jiobpa- than men wiser, 

jeopim bi|7 jeapopa- in gifts is, 

pmmu beoppa> than gems, dearer, 

populbe pktija'S- the world beautifies, 

psepcmum c^bpelS- with fruits teems, 

ppene bpsepceS- crimes extinguishes, 

ope ucan bepeoppe'S . 
anpe )>ecene- 
ponbpum 5epbtejab- 
jeonb pep-f>eobe. 
f papal) - 

pepap oj:ep eofip&n ■ 
ytet majon micle> 
• * b)t*. 

pcanum beptpej^eb- 
pcopmum * * 

oft casts out 
from a house, 
wonderouBly adorn 'd, 
among people ; 
at that gaze 
men over earth, 
that may great 

with stones heap'd, 
with storms * "* 

10. 19. Here ■ lioe ii iranliDg. 



Nip mm fele rp*?** 
ne ic ]-f\pi hlub- 
ymb unc bjijhc f&tp- 
* » * 

ic eom fpi^tjia )>on he- 
]ijiajum Ymea^a- 
he ])}ieohcijpa> 
h^um IC me jiejre- 
he ]xeal ypnan pojilS' 
ic him m-punije- 
a |>ent>en ic lif^e> 
jif pic unc ^^^Ib^- 
me brS beaS pitob :• 

My comrade is not silent, 

nor I myself loud, 

for UB two the Lord asaign'd 

* * * 

a course together. 

I am swifter than he, 

at tJmee stronger, 

he is more enduring : 

while I rest 

he must run forth : 

I in him dwell, 

ever while I live, 

if we part, 

death is decreed to me. 

Pihc cpom jonjan- 
^p pepap pecon- 

mobe juoccpe* 

hepbe an e^e- 

•J eapan cpa. 


xu. bunb heapba- 

hpyc -J pombe. 

■J honba tpa- 

eapma]"] eaxle. 

anne ppeopan- 

•J pban cpa- 

paja hpeec ic hatte :• 

1. jel for ^eje\t 

[129 a.] 

A creature came walking 

where men sate, 
many in assembly, 
prudent-minded ; 
it had one eye, 
and two ears, 
and two feet, 
twelve hundred heads, 
a back and belly, 
and two bands, 
arms and shoulders, 
one neck, 
and two sides. 
Say what I am call'd. 



Ic j-eah jninbojibce pibc. 
pombe bKj:be nude' 
(Tiyjmm 5eJ>jiunpie. 
|»ejn potjabe- 

nuejn-rtjions ■) munb-jiop ■ 
micel me {nihce- 
joblic jum-jlfnc- 
2]iap on ]-ona- 
faeo]:onef cope- 
bleope on ea^e- 
^ancobe )>illum> 
bio polbe i«-])eab ■ 

I saw a wonderful creature, 
it bad a large belly, 
violentiy presa'd i 
a man f ollow'd, 

strong erf migbt and fatn'd of band. 
Great eeem'd to me 
the goodly man, 
grasp'd on it instantly, 
with heaven's tooth, 
10 blew in its eye : 
it bark'd, 
thanfc'd willingly ; 
it would, nath'lesu 

Ic peoK )Mefi ic * 


1 grew where I * 

and summer * 

ac ic up-lon; jrcb- 
Jweji ic * * 

but I upright stood, 
where I * * 

-J mine bjiojwji- 
bejen psejion heajibe- 
eajib p»r t*y peoji^pa- 
ye pic onjToban- 
h^reum fy hjppa- 

and my brothers 

both were hard. 

7^« land was the more worth 

on which we stood, 

with ornaments the nobler. 



paX Oft unc hole pjiujon ■ 
pubu-beama helm- 
poniiii nihcu- 
j-cilbon piS fcupum- 
unc jercop meocub- 
nu unc me{ian tpatn- 
majar unqte ■ 
j'culon xpxji cuman> 
eapb o{S}ipinjan- 
^jjian biio)>op :• 

Full oft UB the holt cover'd, 
the shelter of the forest trees, 
in the dusk nights, 
shielded us againEt showers : 
UB the Creator fonu'd. 
Now than ua two greater, 
our kinsmen 
shall come after, 
the land oppress, 
10 younger brothers. 

Cora ic jum-cynnej-- 

ao;a opep eop]>an ■ 

ip nun tuec ponn -j punbopli 

ic on puba jTonbe- 

bopbef on enbe- 

nif nun bpo]>op hep- 

ac ic j-ceal bpo]»opleaf . 

bopbef on enbe- 

jTa])ol peapbian- 

fCoban psfce' 

ne pac hpiep min bpo]>op- 

on pepa Eehcum> 

eop]>an pceaca* 

eapbian fceal> 

pe me sep be heal|:e- 

heah eapbabe- 

pic peepon jepome. 

j-eecce co ppemmanne- 

ne nseppe uncep ap^ep hij- 

[129 A.] 

I am of human kind 

singular on earth ; 

mjr back is dusk and wonderful ; 

on wood I stand 

at the table's end ; 

my brother is not here, 

but 1 shall brotherless, 

at the table's end, 

my station keep, 

stand fast. 

I know not where my brother 

m men's possessions, 

earth's regions, 

shall inhabit, 

who ere by my side, 

high, inhabited. 

We were united 

strife to promote ; 

never either of us 

11. In the MS. thii riddle is joined with the preceding. 
19. ne teems a repetition A'wn the word preceding. 

r. fconhan. 


ellea cjiSbe* 

fpa pit psejie beabpe- 

bejflD ne ou^im^an- 

hu mec iinpceajxa- 

mnan )-lica'$- 

pyjib^ mec be pombc' 

his courage manifested^ 
BO we to the war 
both presa'd not. 
Now me monsters 
tear within, 
injure me in the belly. 

" • ne mi^' 

let ^lam rp°|ie pnbe'S- 
fpeb ftpe ye — * 


Mi[ium mbetu)! mihi lupnp ab a;no eraetuji- 

Obcujijut a^nnp et capit uijvejia lupi- 

Dum fcajiem ec mijwpe uitn jlojuam ina^an> 

Dui lupi ftantep et ceptium ^ibiil[ancef] • 

nil. pebej* habebant cum fepcem ocuhf uibebaoe :• 

Min he^xib ij-- 
homepe jejnijten- 
peapo-pda punb> 
yyonjxa jieole. 
ope ic bepne- 
psx me on jean ptica'S> 
y5a IC hniean j-ceal- 
hjunjnm jj'jibeb- 
heajibe piiS heapbu- 
hmban {'ypel- 

S. r. on>iuin2Mi. 
13. MS. tjiibnl onljr. 

My head is 

with a hammer beaten, 
with war-dartB wounded, 
rub'd with a file. 
Oft I insnare 
lu what pricks against me, 
when I shall butt, 
with rings girded, 
cruelly against the cruel, 
pierced from behind, 

T. nu. 10. r. mill nttMcuji. 

-pileT 19. beuiineT 




]iaet nfiDef f[\eaii ■ 
mSb -p- fpeotiaiS. 
hpilum ic unbep baeC' 
bp^be nebbe> 
hypbe Jwj- hojibcf • 
|idii mm hla):ojib pile- 
laps l^icjan- 
)>a]ia ^he Of. Iijie bee- 
pel-cjiEe):[taiii] appecan 
pillu pail :■ 


shall drive forward 

what my master'a 
mind'8 bope will favour, 
in the middle of night. 
Sometimes I backwards 
[130 a.] draw my face, 

a keeper of the hoard, 
when my lord will 
the heritage remve 
10 of those whom he from life t 
by deadly cra^ be driven, 
through his will. 

Ppea min * 

My master ♦ 


bsj-pmie ^3b- 
beo...- * 

wise in number of days 

hpdC peeaIc-hh}>o. 
jnjan rceolbe- 
up in e|>el- 
hpilC epc jepac. 
ID beop-ba)u- 
duju)>e fecan- 
jrpon; on jrsepe. 
rcan-pODjaj- jpop- 
hpmiij-heapbe • 
hpilum hapaj-cSc' 
pjppc op peaxe. 
ic op pufum pab* 

II. cum lupplied from conjnctiue. 

sometimes the steep heights 

should mount, 

up in the country ; 

sometimes agun retir'd 

into the deep dells, 

seeking benefit, 

strong in step, 

the stony pliuna cut up, 

hard frozen ; 

sometimes / shook the hoar 

frost from my hair. 

I from the ready rode, 

97. MS. ftax. 




oIt|)a«: him |>oue jleap-jrol- 

tiUtbatthe * 

jinjpun bpo]H>p. 

my younger 

nun ajoabe. 

brotber posBeBs'd, 

•J mec oj: eajibe abji^. 

and me from home drove } 

p|))»an mecifepn- 

vhen me iron 


bpun beanabe- 

brown, wounded. 

blob uc ne com- 

blood came not out. 

beolfop Of hpeftie. 

gore from my breast, 

}>eah mec bespb biCe 

10 though me bard bit 

rn«-flcj rcyle. 

the Btiff-edge ateel. 

no ic ]» jnmbe bemeapn . 

1 bemoum'd not the time. 

ne pop punbe peop- 

nor for the wound wept, 

ne ppecan meahce> 

nor might avenge 

on pijan peope- 

on the warrior's Ufe, 

ponnpceapc mine- 

my misfortune ; 

ac ic ^lieca- [130 b.} but I miBersble 

ealle )>oli;e- 

all suffer 

f •■••bopbbiCon- 

nu le blace n^lje- 

w Now pale I swallow 

puba T piecpe. 

wood and water. 

* * bejaeSme. 

* * embrace. 

J^ mec onpealleB. 

what foils on me. 

upan («Bp ic ptonbe- 

from above wh«« I stand. 

«o..>- naebpteC' 

* /know not what. 

hsbbe anne poc- 

/have one foot. 

nu mm hopb papa*. 

now my treasure guards 

lu)?enbe peonb. 

a destroying foe, 

pejwseppibe baep- 

who ere bore afar 

pulpep jeblefan. 

* ♦ pombe. 

bepaben pope's- 

pceppefl on pti^ bopb- 
* * * 

* bKj-conbel. 

B. r. sinjpB. 

37. ftfilSt 




pmne * * 

flt^m plic»«- 

* * * 

« * * 


Ic eom mbpjheen. 

I am noble, 

-J eoplum cxfS- 

and to men known, 

-J pere« ojt- 

and reBt often 

jucum •) heanum- 

with high and lov. 

polcu seFjuBje. 

among people noted : 

j:epef8 pibe- 

/go far, 

•J me Fpemfaer leji- 

and to me Btrangers before 

10 friends stand. 

hijMntijut hyht. 

a hope more joyous. 

pf ic habban j-ceid- 

if I shall hare 

blseb in bupjum- 

prosperity in citieB, 

oflte beojihtne job- 

or bright good. 

nu piottpe men- 

Now prudent men 

nn^-ap: lupaf. 

most love 

mib-jnjt: mme> 

my society. 

ic mon^m pieal^ 

I to many ahall 

pirbom cy^aa- 

wisdom make known : 

no ^Kfi yojib rpiieca«. 

90 there words speak not 

senij ofqi eop'JSan. 

any on earth. 

}ieah nu selba beapn . 

though now the children of men. 


lajts.}- mine- 

my tracea 

n"J^ r«»«- 

ic n>^)»e hpilum- 

1 my track 

nune benu)>e. 

sometimes conceal 

monna jebpylcum :■ 

from every man. 


9. r^embel 11. hihi»ii%i>ar 



4. 9. fihbe ;;e]ilit^So Ormulnm, col. 392. Sof lare a^g^ ftM gerr- 
soUem bitacne))}! grifieas aihhjie. 

15. 26. sefet«n, proIia.bly an error for Jflfvci^an. 

34. 6. coim in A. S. does not, like the Oer. Zom, signify merely anger, 
but affiictitm, ladnesi, grief, as in this place, wluch therefore re- 
qoirea correction. 

S6. 6. ^ep-j'Col meana alco a gift, or rather the bratowing of a gift. See 
note on p. 289.1.7. 

47. 28. eaph-)»pu, rattier that, or ihooUng, than ^nw. See the some 
Tordatp. 266, 26. I had confounded it with eaph-fepe.-^dons 
fro, according to Lye, who probably found it in acme gloss or 

50. 8. To Mr. Kemble I ove the information that the runes here, and 
pp. 284 and 285, also those in the Vercelli Poetry, pp. 136 and 
137 (A. aud E., p. 88), fonn, when combined, the name of Cyne- 
wulf. Who this individual was, to whom we are indebted for 
the paraphrase of the Life of Jnliana and perhaps all the Vercelli 
poetry, is not known ; though among those bearing the name, 
whose memory has been transmitted to us, there is perhaps no 
one to whom the above-mentioned productions may with greater 
probability be ascribed than Kenulphus, who in 999 became 
abbot of PeterboTongh, and in 1006 succeeded Alfeagus in the 
see of Winchester. To him jEIfric dedicated his Life of St. 
Ethelwold, and of him Hugo Candidus speaks in warm terms of 



P. L 

praise :...." qvumto atudio libroa emendftverit non 

cat nostra pamtatu explicare. Concnirunt cotidie, tam ex lon- 
ginquu, quam et de prozimu teTrarain finlbus, epiacofu, clerid, 
et monachi, divitea et mediocrea, ad ejua maguterimn ; et ad 
ejus, at et qoondam SalomoniB, lapientiam andiendam ; donee, 
poat aim vim qnatnordeciiiinin, n^itnr magia qtum eligitur ad 
pontificitun ^intonientdB dritatis." In spite, faowerer, of tUs 
panegyric, Malmesbui; myt : " Wentaonm epiacopatnm Kennl- 
phus, Buighensia Abbas, nommiB nondinatiu fhertt, sed non ^a 
sacrilego ausu hetatur; ante dtioa annos bominem exuit." 

Orimm is inclined to aasign a higher antiquity to the Vercelli 
Poems, taking for granted the int^rity of the lines on vhich his 
■nniuBe is partly founded, bat which to me aeems very question- 
able. In the following lines (See pref. to A. and E., p. xi. note), 
hpsefipe pz fceolon - IJtlnm Tt^ccvm ■ leoi^popba bnl ' 
pippup peccan, etc. (V. P., p. 83. And. 1487-89.) 
be takea ^c to be the dual pronoun, but I believe it to be tJie 
adverb, and that for fceolon we should read jtxal on, pseal being 
the firat person singular governing peccan : the whole tbta be- 
comes clear, and all conjecture aa to the aense to be given to 
peccan superfluous. KemUe is disposed to give the anthordiip 
to Kenulphus the abbot and bishop, and to me probability seenu 
manifestly in favour of that supposition. 
60. 23. 1 nnheritatingly take the mne .y. (wAi) in this place, to repre- 
sent psn, a voM or carriage, both on account of the masc. arti- 
de re, and of the sense, which b at least u good as that afforded 
by supposing it, with Kemble, to stnnd for the fern. y€a, hope 
(Archnol. Vol. xxviii. p. 363.). 
— 25. Kemble (Arctueol. Vol. xxviii. p. 362. note) oonuders tliis an al- 
Inaion to the two (or four) aeas, within which the nortfaem na- 
tions supposed the world to be enclosed. I rather tbxak it is aa 
allnsion to the deluge. 
-.- 29. ^nne, tken or vim ; i. e. at the second destruction of the worid 

51. 1. blacjia fetceS — Kemble'i conjecture, bltsc pK]-cet;fceS, is extremely 
probable : in conformity with it I have rendered the line, which 
as given in the MS. affords no sense. 

62. 11. jebpeaj seems here synonymous with hloC, u in V. P., p. 48. 
1.84. (A. and E.,p. 2. 1.43.), whare it stands in apposition irith 
hlo45, viz. mfinpilpa blott* popbenpa %tbpies t also, eapmhc ylte 
Zebpies. V. P., p. 85. 1. 3108. (A. and £., p. 4S. 1. 1555.) 



P. L 

67. 13. Kemble vith prababilit? auggesta that bifeoii ia the partiriple of 
a compotmd from reon, colart, and that the line is merely a re- 
petitioD, in oUier words, of 1. 10, the original Latin of which is 
probably, languiHe ttiiloMteat. 

72. 2. An a^jectave cjiebe, of which this seems to be the accue., occurs 
not in any dictionary. 

74. 26. Tbt MS. baa to me, for which Kemble justly reads come, vacui. 
1 hare not met with com elsewhere in A. 8., but it is the O. N. 
toror. Das, torn, and Scottish toom, n^ty, votrf. 

78. 23. hepe is here, as in Oct., of the neat, gender. 

^ 31. flap; here seems used in the plural, perhaps for plsfc-homan. 

81. 21, 22. Read either f^l and moeon, oriotj read mib. 

83. 16. Kpun here and pp. 84. 7. and 87. 34., seems used in an opposite 

sense to the usual one, viz. perpttrare, perficere. 

84. 15. FpiBCe— See A. and £., p. 111. I had, with Grimm, supposed 

Fpiece might be the trae reading, hence my version impimu ; 
bat Huate is moat probably right, both here and in the Vero. 

85. 29. x^hosbef for jehojbep: ia a common corruption in this MS. 

— 31. I luve translated (as in almost every following case) the conjectural 
reading (j^eppunje). ppenum seems a repetition from the pre- 
ceding line. 

87. 21. So Ulphila: thatel akal sunns mans fila winnan, qaod debet 
filius hominis multum pali. Marc. viiL 31 . 

93. 17. ^r^e 2e}>Cp!]ejebe k Bpyncer jebpeahce, 1. 15. 

94. 34. eahean, Oer. achten, Ohg. ihton, 0. N. akU. 

95. 34. ceqi^ ? thou^ jeocan is, 1 believe, to be met with gorenung a 

dative ; yet Alfred's Beda, 2. 6, has jeac teapaf, and 1. 27. jeo- 

101. 11. bSm-eabij, lit. bUttedmtk. or higipji in powtr or attiority. 
102.21. ebep^jongi from ebop, teptM, ttptum, tecttmn see "Ancient 

Iaws and Inst, of England," Ethelb. 27. note. 

103. 9, 10. This psssage I do not undeivtand. May it be an error for 

* ♦ lenjjiu. pn-jeosu^ bpucaK i 

104. lliis poem is highly unintelligible. It is probably, like many others, 

a translation from a Latin original by one ill qualified for the 
task ; and this I aoapect to be a chief cause of the numerous 
obscurities attending aimilar productions in Anglo-Saxon. 

105. 23. bojop, O. N. dvgr, lemitna din nainralit. 

106. 17. bunncab — To this word I can assign no meaning. 

107. 13. bjue^-pir, O.N. bragd-via, dolotut, caUidiu; from bragd, techai. 



P. I. 

dohu, and via, wise : lo, bntan bTi»be ^ bucan bcppice, Adc. 
Laws sad Inst, of Engl. 
110. 39. pB]ni — See Oloss. to Beow., r. paS, nnd A. and E., p. 116. 

1 12. 15. FKle— See A. and E., p. 143. 

1 13. 13. F>Br)-r<=^C*>™> "''^ wiles, and so also, perhaps, p. 46. L 4. 

115. 4. pop, ifnitt, repote ; Oer. Ruhe, Ohg. rawa, mowa. 

— 6. ^u}th Ifcel fSBc — Kemble considers this line to refer to the pre- 

ceding sentence. 

— 11. bijwc — ^ITie signification of this word here seems quite iiRCon- 

cileable with that required in Edg. Can. Ixii. In the present 
instance it is the Oer. Besnch. 

116. 34. |%al6; — I am not aware of the existence of this word elsewhere, 

though its meaning is evidently the sune as feaj-ceafC. 

118. 4. pots, usually carmni,'but here apparently used for aonnd in general. 

— 13. Kemble considers jebmp here rather as ffood than bad chatee, or 

mtchimce; hut probably an antithesis is intended. 

119. 22. bpeobpian = bpeban, attferrei 

— 27. s«>K2<dti Bee A. and E., p. 148. 

120. 1. ponb, poet, or error for panbobe? Kemble takes it as the past 

tense of pmban, in the sense of to uMrve. panbian is usually 
followed by |H)p, and here we have ponb |:oii. 

121. 3. peopcum, though usufdlysigni^ing^Mtii/Wfy, iottAdr^!cii/f]r,apr«, 

moleste, seems here to bear the teaae I hare given it. 

— 11-13. I much doubt the sense of these lines. 

122. 12. anab, and p. 471. 1. 22. an-«b, Ger. Kniide, Ohg. ds6ti, a tU- 

aeri, golilude. I have not elsewhere met with this word. 
— ' 29-32, I much doubt the sense of these lines : fluman does not, to 
my knowledge, occur elsewhere. 

123. 12. neopan seemt here to bear the ugnification of the 0. N. sjoena. 

explorare, fpeattare. 

125. 2. I do not see to what hine refers, and doubt the accuracy of fop- 


— 15-17. The sense of these lines is to me donbtfU. 

126. 16. Kemble proposes on opecce, and, 1. 18. ^ec^tSeb, and, 1. 19. fmy 

him, &c. Who wu greater thmi he m bttttit, ia ow timtt, a 
champion illtutrioiu ; therefore, tic. 

127. 29. jebpocen from bpecan.— K. I have derived it from bpacan. 

128. 19. hwlu for hnle. — Substantives of this declension are not un&e- 

quently used indeclinably. 
~ 31. anum here and elsewhere seems used for Sjentun. 
130. 14. pe f«c in 1^ seleebbun. — This and what follows relates to the 



P. I. 

loBt portion of the poem, for which see Felix of Cro; laud, in 
Acta Sanct. Benedict. In the A. S. tnuuladoa of Felix, the 
puBoge Tuns thiu : Da RfCej) fan )« apejujeban jfiftAf hme 
jenamoQ '] hme fTim^on mid irenum rpipiun. -j ))a Rpcep ]>on 
hi hine Inbbon on fwa onjp^lican pSejium becinix )>b cealban 
fBca pmpe ly^. ^a J^reah be ealne nojiS-Ml hw^nef Xfflce 
be p£|>e )iam ppeajitejcan polcnum ymbfcalb rpitSLqia fieoj'rjia. 
Da S'feab he jp^jin^a tmmtece pejiob |MEpa apepi^ebpa %«[TSi 
him onjean cum&n. '] hi )ia jxmtt )>Kp co jximne St^abepotion, 
^ hi )>a pona ealle |>one hal^an pep j^lsbbon to f>am fpeapcaa 
CinCpeh-ftOfum belle feupu hi bine ^^''1*°'''^° (MS. Cot. Veep., 
D. 21.). Then after that the accursed spirits took kirn and 
scourged him vilh iron wh^i ; and then after thai they led him 
on their horrid wings between the cold regions of the air. T^en 
he MI0 all the noi^h part of heaven, as though he were enveloped in 
the blackest clouds of intense darknese. Then he saw suddenly a 
mtmberless host of the accursed spirits coming towards htm ; and- 
they then forthwith assemiled, and theg then forthwith led the 
holy man to the dark placet of torment ; they brought him to the 
door of hell. Here, baTiiig ebovn him all that was to be seen, 
and while maldng a feint to shove him in, they are suddenly 
interrupted by the apparition of Saint Bartholomew. 

132. 26. iSKpaD = mseprian ? 

133. 14. ma is apparently used for len^ for the sake of the alliteration. 

— 34. Kemble proposes to read ppe as a separate particle belonging 

to c^p^. I. 36. 
' 137. 29. yep-jfiajfi — See Cndm., p. 257. L S6. qu. &om pep = Ohg. wer, 
latibulum ? 

140. 25. Kemble proposes to read %6be adveibially, as agreeing better 
with the preceding lines. 

151 . 6. This digression, though in appearance a clumsy interpolation, is, 
nererthelesa, a portion of the poem, as ia evident from lines 29 
and 30, p. 154, where it is connected with the rest by the al- 
literating words pjop-lean fohtun, and pec^S. 

— 17. oBfCssl, institution, arrangement, from oorcellan, eonatituare. 

■ — 24. onrfn — This word I do not understand. The supposition that 
it is the Oer. Unsinn will not suit every case where it occuis. 
See p. 201. 1. 13. and 225. 1. 32. 
154. 22. {cbihjmm, connected perhaps with behc, signifying house, dwell- 
ing, domi, as in Judith : hehc b^e )>menne ' yatx hepe-pe)ian' 
heofob onppijran ' ^ hit co behSe * blobij Ktypoo, — et ittud (ca- 



P. L 

put) nn^tWKM domi oitendat. I have tlieiefare ventured to 
translate it abodei. 
154. 37. atUmevpe, redmii*f. cakulatiem i Id V. P., p. 50. 1. 230. (A. 
and E., p. 4. 1. 113.), «e have ctthaec, which Orimm renden 
ttmneraiUu, but which may be conatnied as a Bubetandre eyn- 
oaymoiu with cel-meaju;. Neither word seems to occur else- 

156. 22. bpejbaa occasionally gorems a dative. The literal sense of the 

passage seems, iiey drev forth tomds; i. e. uttertd. 

157. 16. e]X is apparently Tediindant, and inserted merely for liie sake of 

the alliteiation. 
— ■ 29. fsofhje, perfaapa a deriyatiTe from pifl, tonuMt. 
159. 37. psp-ha^a, from jap, dolmM, perienbtm I It caimot, like !in-ha^ 

s^niiy a person, as it gorcraa the gen. pi. feonba j^nima, L 

161. 4. bpjfen? perti^n bjiy^wn, the same asbpip, brevit, Scot, broae, 

Oer. Br« ; from bpipan, to brew, Ohg. biinwan, O. N. bni^a. 

— 13. bcbe-jnej, written also beabo-pi;; : Ohg. bahwuga, isiu. 

— 27. In V. P.. p. 126. 1. 1716, we have (probably an error for fliH- 

nan) on )« fhtSan tib, on which see Orimm'a note, A. and. B., 
p. 15S. 

— 32. peoph here seems to signify death. 

163. 31. Lc-hopb for lic-homa, used obviously for the sake of the metaphoc 

with ouleac. 

164. 1. leomn-lamq- je^acut—From the notion Uiat the body or limbs 

are formed of day. r^e^amn is a subet. frtim peccan, to dedt, 

— 22. lombep, so in the North, gloss, poeb lamboji mio. Of this ter- 

mination, which seems to render the nonn indeclinable, other 
instances src, halop, p. 262. 1. 3, &c., fslop, V. P., p. 1 14. 1. 765. 
and p. 118. 1. 1103, (A. and £., p. 62. 1. 383. and 67. 1. 551,) 
and, pertu^t, umbop. 

165. 12. The translation of onbKpu is quite conjectural, and from the 

167. 15. unh|nlen — ^This word I have not met with elsewhere ; its eigni- 
fication seems obviona bom hpilenbhc, tenformriiu, teH^mvUt. 

— S2. pecmi; — See A. and E., p. 113, also note on p. 274. 1. 8. 

— 33. rpamobe, formed qiparently from the past tense jytaa : I have 

not found it elsewhere. 

171. 24. nubca, mtnuvla. Marc. ri. 3. 

172. 5. The idiom pmt conjtnntly with mfn is worthy of notice. 



P, L 

174. 19. Literally bf tMeamtatioiu. 

175. 7. poma — See A. uid E., p. xxx. 

179. 3. I am very donbtfiil about tihc, and etufpect the integrity of the 
line ; it may pertups be the Ohg. zuht. 

— 15. pmn fcip-pejieb— rKemble takes the line to express the bright 

tnx^ of angels, snch as we read of at the death-bed of sunta ; 
and I incline to believe he is ri^t. 

— 24. poma — See A. and B.. p. xxx. 

162. 1. pscep-^^a— The translation eomner is quite conjectural. See 
A. and E., p. xxxT., and pp. 389. 27. 427. 31. In the latter 
place it is feminine, pmbef ^, Boet. xx. 

— 9. hsBjm — See A. and E., p. 110. 

— 21. hjun; — Signification very doubtful. See A. and E., p. 130. 

— 23. Beagop— Ferhaps a poetical formation analogous to lombep, p. 

164. 22. ; but why ia ; inserted ? ii it an ema for p ? 

183. 6. bp^heen here seemi a mere intensitive. 

184. The rest of the legend, which is void of interest, may be seen in 


185. 1. lum is an idiomatio redundancy. 

168> S. eap, mart, 'Islandis, lep-qv': Lye. jp-jeblonb, V. P., p. 66. 
1. €69. (A. and E., p. 12. 1. 383.) Of similar sigaificatioD 
are pmb-jeblonb, ^-jeblonb. See Qtimm, D. M., p. xxrii. 

192. 17. bp^n, wide, broad, ample, Ger. breit i 

196. 16. Here the text is manifestly corrupt. 

199. 13. hl«)>aj- ne hlincq^ — hl»p, a iill, eminemet, lota, as in the uamea 
of many English places : T^low, Ludlow, &c. Scot, law, as 
in Greenlaw, Harlaw, &c. Dan. ler, Idv. as Hadenler, Orav- 
lev, Ojeriev, &g, Iliis word ia analogous with Am, dornt, sig- 
nifying also a hill. 

And illcan lawe and illcan hill ' shall ni]>)>red beon and lag- 
hedd— Onrntfam, col. 235. 

All all swa somm )« lawe ias beh ' abufenn tipen eorpa~-Ib. 
col. 286. 
hlmc = O. N. hlickr, carvUoM ? 

206. 29. bpeahtzn, aonitus.Jragor. mason, unless a verb in the infinidTe 
is wanting, is here used in the sense of vaitnt, are equal to, are 
— 30. hopnar — hopn is here of the masc gen., at least in the plur., as in 
the " Batde of flnnesbuih," 1. 7, where EttmtOler'B alteration 
to heoppaf is quite wrong. See his Beowulf, p. 37. n. 40. 



P. L 
207. 6. pe^e Sound compared to awBiu' feathen, on Kccoimt of its 

^09. 21. *olvti, pahttt. ' 

212. 2. folejie, a tobtr, or uAere, a high chambtr, loUtrvtm, Oer. Boiler, 
Ol«. and O. S. soleri, BoUri, O. N. solar, Mhg. Bolre, French; 
BoUier, a nmmer apartmtiU; the/lat roof of a Aoaw, um m the 
eastern eovntriet ; an arbow. Thougfa in all the other dialects, 
this seems the only place where the word occurs in A. S. 
Chaucer uaea the word ; eee the Rere's Tale, t. 70 ; also War- 
ton's H. B. P., ii. p. 197. note ». edit. 1840. 

214. 8. fU2^-*="°^P — Oiinun, D. G. ii. p. 529, has pigd'C, ame$. 
whence I know not. I rather think it synonymoua with the 
preceding b)ub,(AtfyiMm$'o/ a bird, the material of the fitU-groKn 
bird : or perhaps it is umply bird, the mnbep being the same 
as in Ger. Frauenzimmer, Dan. Fmentimmer. 

218. 9. bpjgtium — O. N. brigdi, n. pi. flNftofto, mriatio. 

15. pnta~I have not met with tiiis word in any otber A. S. }K6k, 

nor am I aware of its existence in any kindred dialect : its 
meaning seems well expresaed by the IaI. eequela. 

219. 3. ea^-jeb^b — The latter put of this compound I do not nnder- 

226. 14. m bupjum — A very common phrase, signifying littte else than 
amongst ut, amongtt them, generally to be modified by the context. 

231. 23. tebesui — So faii ^eh., me)>el jeh. Bee A. and E., p. 101; 

Ohg. hagan, eonebntare, ordiaare: O.N. haga; or pertuqpe 
from the drciunstance of such meetings being origiaally hdd 
within an endoaure, or hedge. 

232. 14. cepplebe — A word of very duubtful ngnifioation, perhaps botaei, 

adorned teith boeiea reeemblimg appUa. Apalgi^ is explained 
by fij. Haldorsen, aepreta ubi ligiidei pomonon tartar tegtmt 
lerram. Orimm, conndering it a bhuder, would alter it to 
aeplebe, from seflian, comparan ; but this conjecture, eren if 
otherwise admisuble, is rendered worthleaa by the frequent 
occurrence of the word. See A. and £., p. 169. 

233. 16. ODCihce — See A. and £., p. 141. 

240. 6. cafepef lop, &c. — Here a word, pnh^ie fecjaS, seems wanting 
after pnjaS, in which case the anangement will be cs^pej- Itq; 
pujaB' pecjaS on fP^e. 

243. 14. }pmen-^uiib~-The first part of tfaia compound, a word of un- 
known signification, though foming many compounds, is dow 
qtparently a mere intensitiTe. Cf. Kemble's Oloaaary to Beow., 



p. L 

i. p. 246. F. MagnuMD, Lex. Myth., y. Jonnungrand, and 
Orimm, D. M., p. 83. 
244. 2G-29. The seme of time lines is to me very doabtfiil, and the trane- 
lation therefiire conjectural. 

— 32. ma^fmm-jepieBlb, gatophj/iaeimi -. analogoni compounds are 

pnlbop-j, sehc-;;. 
246. 19. fipemmaii. Nom. sing. (ipenima(f>iiynima), notinthe dictionariea. 
248. 16. onje^ (onseajw) = ime^ie, moJ«(/«, d^iatUer. 
252. 28. ya seema here almoat redundant, like the I^tin tibi, ribi. 

257. 6. hhn-|uec«ti— See A. and E.. p. 122. 

— 10. 2^n-rcafa^2jifn-f, seems to signify the same as the simple Jpys. 

258. 14. ^jaa^-fjmee — I do not know the meaning of ipus^ ; but see A. 

and E.. p. 145. 

— 26. gponboplesf — My translation of this vord is conjectural. 
362. 25. myppelfa from meppan, aedaeere ; O. S. menian. 

263. 1. not! bom (Ooth. nanjis) nepan (jene^an), audere, &c. Goth, ga- 

nanSjan, Ohg. kinendan, O. S. nathian. This is the termina- 
tion in such proper names as ByrhtnoS, WuUaoC, &c. I 
have not met with it elsewhere out of composition. See Ql. 
to Beow., T. ne^an. 

264. 21, 22. These genitireB seem governed by jBlran, 1. 2. 

— 28. jeleDje.prom/tf.fTcXo: O. S. gelang.portwctef, Miuvanu.jKira- 

265. 29. bib-fceal ^pan— « phrase signi^ing, ffive a biding'plaee, i, e. 

make a ttamd, 

266. 8. camboI-.hBSa — From combol, tiffmim mSitare, and haja, npta; 

therefore an endtuure under a btmiur, i. e. a cosip. 

— 20. Lye has pitt-fteal, rentttntia, but cites no authority. Ihe fol- 

lowing line, as veil as the context, seem to justify the correc- 
tion to fi2>fteal. 

— 26. eaph-j^Lpn— See note on p. 47. 1. 28. 

274. 8. peonij — Of the signification of this there can be no doubt ; ita 
etymon is very uncertain. See A. and E., p. 112. 

— 17. beopol, though here and elsewhere neater, has, nevertheless (1. 

20.), a majK. adj., h^wnne. Herein the A. S. resembles the 

modem German. 
375. 15. cunbep here seems used as an adjective in the eompatative. 
377. 27. ap^iLb usually signifies num^esled, ducMered; but would here 

seem derived from p»f, inqiettu, nuA. 

— 34. pliA in the Rushw. Oloss. is the pueb of the common text of the 




p. L 

379. 19. unbeb, Ooth. nnleda, jMuper. miwr. See A. and £., p. 94. 
S83. 32. jtooh, O, N. tkk, oblique, askev, peretne? 
283. 1 . di-i^eam— See A. tmd £., p. xxx. uid GL to Beow., t. jrpeam. 

^ IS. (oirobtw — I do not umdentand this vwrd. 

388. 15. jeholeiia 1 llie tranal&tion of theK words is oonjectnral : the 

— IS. pajitS 1 fint I have supposed sn enw for ^cholbpa. 

389. 7. pef-jKol = ma^|nmi — See Beow., 334-336 : fcol in this com< 

potmd not rigni^dng ledct, bat is from jreUan. 

— 24. jerelba — O. S. selda, tuaiuio. ktAitatio 7 

290. 26. coUen-fepK — A difficult word, hardly translatable in this place. 

See A. and B., p. 104. 
391. 5. hpfpij — The translation of this word is conjectural. 

— 6. popiidf — O. S. worrian, twbare, Ohg. wenen ? Here it is taken 

in a neuter sense. 
294. 3. meb-jpebis = O. S. med-gebo ? It seems here to be used in an 

un&TOUTsble sense ; lavith, extrmagant. 
296. 7. pKcefe is here of the masc. gen. 

— 12. Sleo-beam seems to be tiie generic term for a mnncal instni- 

— 27. ^-bopt) seems here to mean the shore. 

298. 4. {njr-jonjel, apparently the contrary to ptb-goTQel, p. 337. 1. 15. 
300. 17. penan, amc/owre, i. q. jejiunian ? O. S. wenian, En^ mm*. 
304. 2. to Yfffi — Apparently corrupt, but the sense is obvious. 
307. 16. bi^eal — Qu. an error for bQxlS, or bijfil? perh^Mthe latter 

from limilarity of sound. Or is bijeal really the 3rd p. sing. 

of bi^alan, and not btjnttf, as required by analogy ? I have 

not met witli the word elsewhere. 

— 22. ah seems here used as an amjliary verb. 

309. 36. bpeean eeeou used intransitiTely ; but the entire poem is ex- 

tremely corrupt. 

310. 10. »ftep>cpe)>Mibpa, apparently, lUtfrs «hi^ speoA for a mat t^rr 


— 11. h]:2enbpft--lQian teems here used for ffm/y, mrmote, RWM Is Aw. 

— 24, 26. Feihapa we should read, in scan hyej bltebe - bpeame, etc. 

— 29. n»pon no — A singular juxta-position : perhaps ne jynboa nu. 

311. 26. jebojienum — bpe|>ep is understood. 

— 29. f hue— The Terdon is quite conjectural. 

313. This " Mcmitory Poem " is unintelligiUe and incolierent, and appa- 
rently very corrupt. 

314.27. rcpal = 0. N. skrollt, itrepUta, itridor; Dan. Skxaal, a ery. 
Skreld, a cratk i 



p. L 

315. 1. fjaavaa, to neell : Bach Bcems, from the context, the meaning of 

this word. See p. 419. 1. 7. 
— ■ 20. tunbeji-hoc& — On. liookt of kindermo ; or from hinban, a tergoi 

316. 16, 17. These lines decide the doubt aitertaised b^ Oiimm ae to 

whether jobe in these pbiwea ngnifiea God, or good. See A. 
and B., p. 105. 

— 22. j-blien ia ccftainly not, as Orimm conjectorea, an error for flit ; 

bat rafiier the text in £. 656. (V. P., p. 128. 1. 1716.) re- 
qtaiCB correction. Its meaning seems to be, like bene, paitrng, 
fragile, fading . 

— 24. Ger. sich auflehnen. 

318. 19. Pib-fiS — This ia certainly the name (and a vttj appropriate one) 
bestowed on the ima^nary travelling minstrel by the author ot 
the poem. It has hitherto been usually taken as the regimen 
of maSoUbe (maSelobe) ; but does ma^elian ever occur as a 
tranulive verb ? In Beov. and the VerceOi Poetry, we have 
repeated instances of this verb preceded by a proper name, as 
in the piesent case, viz. Beoynlp maSelobe, ppoS^ap m., Pi^p 
m., HunpejiS m., Elene m., bat not one, I believe, where it is 
preceded or ft^wed by a regimen. W. Orimm is, I believe, the 
only one hitherto who has taken PtbptS as a proper name (D. 
Heldens., p. 375.). Similar characteristic appelladons are 
Qangleri, GangrfiSr, in the Edda, applied to Odin ; a king of 
tlie QuBoIanders is also mentioned in Tortm Hist. Norv. named 

— 36. m^ebcne— O.S.munilic, Ao)ior(fe«>, vem»rtw, mrniomd'/w. Ofag. 

■ 26, hine I suspect to be an eixor for bim, which is governed by ^om 
placed after its regimen, viz. from him to (among') the Myrgingt 
ttobles gprmg. This is the more probable, as at p. 321. 1. 37. 
he speaks of his off^iring (cnopl). A neaiiy similar construction 
occurs inBeow., 1.112. oK )>»C him ejt; oup6c' heab heal]:bene. 

- — mfp^n^ap — Ohg. Manrungft, M6Tusg& ; the inhabitants of the 
old Maurongania, or Nordalbingia. From the Oeogr, Rav. we 
have : " Qnarta ut hora noctis Nortmannorum est patria, qiue 
et Dsnia ab antiquiH, cujus ad frontem Albes vel patiia Albb, 
Manrungania certissime antiquis dicebatur, in qua patria Albis 
per moltos annas Francorum linea remorata est." By this 
Francormn lines, the Merdwings are undoubtedly meant. 

). 1. ealhilb — Ohg. Alahnt The daughter of Badwine (Audwin), king 
of the Longobards, and wife of Sadgils, king of tbe Myrgings : 



she went apparently, accompanied by the bard, on a mimon of 
peace to the court of Eonnanric, or Hermaniic. 
4. hpetS-cfnuQ— That u.luDgof theHreth-gothe.the Rdt!-gotHrof 
the O, N. vriters, thus called in contntdiatinction to the Ej- 
(or laland) Ootha. Their teiiitoty at one period comprued 
th« extensive tract of country between the Gnlf of {^Inland 
and the Vutula, or perhaps the Oder, together with the pre- 
sent Sweden, and even Jutland, till, by the inroads of other 
tribes, it became greatly diminished, and seems at length to 
have coiui«ted in little more than the country lying between 
the Vistula and the Oder, comprising the modem Pomerania. 
Tie etymon of HreS or R«it!S in thia compound seema very 

6. on^e — Anglia, the land of the Angles, lying between Jatland 

and the country of the Saxons, or modem duchy of Sleswig, 
which, on the migration of its inhabitants to England in 449, 
was, according to the Sax. Chr., rednced to a waste. 

7. eoTunBnp]&— Ermanric, king of the East-Ooths. For the story of 

this renowned conqueror, the Gothic Alexander, with all its 
anachnmiams and iaconsiatendee, the reader is rdeired to die 
Deutsche Heldeoaage of W. Qrinun, who has diligently col- 
lected from the Teutonio and Scandinavian sources the chief 
particulars relating to this celebrated hero of northern aaag. 
Bee also Muller's Sagabiblioth^ vol. ii., for an excellent abs- 
tract of the whole story. 

The reader vrill not have ^ed to notice the ^iparently in- 
conaisteut temis in which Brmanric is spoken of in this poem ; 
but it must be observed, that at p. 319. 1. 8. (where he ^peus 
as a fpaS pseji-loga), it is the author of " The Scop or Scald's 
Tale " who ^tplies to him the opprobrious epithet ; -wiult, at 
p. 324.1. 1. and p. 325. 1. 13. it is the scop himself, the sharer 
of Ermanric's bounty, who speaks. In the note p. 319 I have 
suggested that a portion of the poem (containing the account 
of the scop's introduction to the hall of the chieftain, befne 
whom he redtea the story of his wanderings,) may be lost ; in 
which case the words fp&fej ymp-lagiai augbt refer not to 
Ernumric, but to some person mentioned in the part wanting: 
but I am now inclined to regard the whole poem as originally 
an episode only of some lost epic ; a suppoeition which at once 
acconnts for the apparent abmptaess of its conmeDcenent, at 
well as for the otherwise inexplicable circumstance of its com- 



P. 1. 

poBitiDii in a tongue totally anconnected with its subject ; for 
to suppose it a translatioii from another Oemunic dialect, 
would be giving to the Anglo-Saxon credit for a Idnd of know- 
ledge hardly, I fear, in existence among our simple forefiitbers. 
319. 18. hpala, as required by the alliteration, for which the MS. has pala. 
Neither of this personage, nor of Alesandreas (1. 20.), can I 
ascertain anything ; for it cannot surely be Alexander of Ma- 
cedon that is meant. In the genealogies a Hwala is roentioned 
as gnmdson of Sceaf, the son of Noah, who can hardly be the 
person here alluded to '. See note by Mr. R. Taylor in War- 
ton's H. E. P., i. p. (95). 

— 36. Bcla is the A. S. for Attila ; Oer. Etzel. 

— 28. banmjum — Who these Banings were is extremely doubtful. 

Idppeaberg, adopting a reading of Pliny, " ex qnibus (insulis) 
ante Scythiam qnse appellatur BtaMomanna abesse did cunu, in 
qnam reiis tempore flnctibus electrum ejiciatur, Timseus prodi- 
dit," H. N. ir. 13., supposes them to be the inhabitants of the 
amber country ; but would not that be a part of Reid- Gothland? 
What ZeusB, however, adduces to show that this reading is 
vicious leems sufficiently conclusive to compel us to reject what 
otherwise appears a very plausible conjecture. 

— 29. bupjcnbum = Burgundiones : Of their king Oifica, or Gibico, 

mention is made in the Lex Burgnndiorum, Tit. 3. His name 
is sufficiently known in Teutonic song. From this poem it 
would appear that the Burgundlans were then seated in the 
north of Qennany, while in the old Latin poem, " De Prima 
Expeditione Attila" (edit. Fischer, v. 31.), Attila is made to 
get possession of a great treasure that had belonged to king 
Oibich in Worms. 

— 32. bajena holm-jiycum — This is the Norsk Havgn! or H6gni, the Ha- 

gen of the Lay of Ondrun, and not to be confounded with him 
of the Nibelungen. The Norsk writers make him to have been 
a petty king in Jutland. See his story in Snorra-Edda, edit. 
Rask, pp. 163, 164 ; also in Sazo, or in Suhm, or Grater's 
transl. i. p. 245. With regard to his territory, I am rather in- 
clined to assign to the word holm the Norsk signification (a 
small island} than the A. S. one (a sea), and to suppose it to 
consist of some of the islands lying off the coast of Jutland. 

— 33. henben ^ommum — Tlie Norsk HeStn (by the usual interchange 

I In what followg, the nunei o[ pcnoni and countriet either sufflciently known, or of 
which nothing: can be eai^aelured, will not be noticed. 
2 L 



P. L 

between f nnd nd), the wn of Hiairand or Hidrwud, a Nonre- 
gian prince, at first the friend of Hogni, though they afterwards 
stew each other in single combat, on account of HtUdr, Hogni's 
daughter, who by her incantations raised them every night to 
life, when they renewed their contest, which was to continue 
till Ragnaiokr, or the great darkness, when the heavenly bodies 
are to be extinguished. The Olomms are probably to be re- 
garded ai a tribe dwelling on the banks of the Olommen, a 
river rising in the mountains to the S.E. of Trondhjem. 

319. 34. pitca, &c. — Of Witta nothing is known. The fpKfar are per. 

haps the North-Sweven. Ptolemy caUs diem Sovhpoi oi'Ay- 
■yiXoi. They dwelt on the lower Elbe. 

320. I. paba, &C..— The Helsings, a Scandinavian people, have left meuM' 

rials of their ezittence in Helsingborg, oppomte Helsingor (El«- 
nore) ; Helsiogfors, Helsin^and. The last mentioned, over 
whidi Wada most probaUy held sway, lies in the N.E. of Swe- 
den, about Oefle. Wada is perhaps the one celebrated in Oudmn. 

— 3. meapchealp, &c. — ^Tbe Hundings, over whom Mearchealf ruled, 

were probably the people of Hundland, a district which the 
editors of the Copenh^en edition of Stemnnd's Edda (torn. ii. 
p. 86) are inclined to place in Jutland, in the diocese of Aal- 
borg, where many local names (Hundborg, Hnndslaud, &e.J 
still bear testimony of its ancient occupiers. Li^penberg sup- 
poses them to have dwelt near Biarmeland, or the country 
about the Dwina, in the White Sea, their name sometimes oc- 
curring in conjunction with that of the BianneUadera. 
. — 4. ^eobpic, &c. — Tbeodric, the son of Clovis. For his story, in con* 
nexion with Chochilagus, the Higelac of Beowulf, aee Gr^. 
Tnron., lib. lil. 

— 5. |)$le, Stc. — Of Thyte and his Rondings there aecms nothing ex- 

tant whereon to form a conjecture. 

— 6. bpeoca, &c. — Of Breoca (Breca, the snt of Beanstan) and his 

Brondings we find mention in Beow., 1007-1037. lliorkelin 
(Ind. ad Beow.) supposes the Brondings' land to be the Brand- 
ey mentioned in Helga-Qoida i., in which the editor of tiie Co- 
penhagen Edda recognises the present Branno, lying off the 
coast of Gotheborg, in Sweden. See Edda, torn. ii. p. 67. ». 44. 

— 7. bilhnj pepnum— These iKpnar are the Varioi, Verini (the Var- 

navi of Helmold), on the Elbe, whose name is already known 
to us in the " Leges Anghorum et Werinorum," Their eariier 
seat seems to have been in Mecklenburg. Tbe BiUings were 



P. I. 

an old noble Saxcm race. BeeLappenberg*! Gescb. t. Eng^d, 
i. p. 214. 
320. 8. ofpine, &c. — ^Tbe eopaj", orer whom Oswine rnled, are probably 
the people of tlie iele of Oeland in tbe Baltic, anciently called 
E^vland. Or they may be identical vitb tbe Obii of Petnu 
Patriciua (Exc. Legatt. ed. Bonn., p. 124) ; who, according to 
ZeusB, p. 152, were the same people as the Kofiavioi of Ptolemy, 
the Xav/Jot of Strabo, the Anones of Tacitue, the Cbaviones, 
or Chaibonee of Mamertinus (Panegyr. Vett. i. 5, 2. 7), They 
were seated in the nei^boorhood of the Swardonee (as the 
Hemli, according to Zeuss, were anciently called), on the east 
coast of the peninsula, about Kiel and Eutin. As Cbaviones, 
Chaibones, they (q>pear allied with the Heruli, in the irruption 
of the latter into Oanl (Mamot. 1. c.) ; as Obii CO^ioi), at tbe 
time of the Marcomsnic war, with the I^ngobardi in Fannonia 
(Pet. Patricius. L c). Of the Suardones, ATiones, Varini, &c., 
and their worship, see also l^icit. Oerm., 40 : Grater's Suhm, 
i. p. 103, Grimm D. M., p. 140. 

— 9. ycnm Senmlf — The ^rxj (eoc^) are the Jutes : <rf their king 

Gefwulf no mention occurs elsewhere. 

— 10. pn jrolcpalbm; — Of Fin, son of Folcwalda, the prince of tbe Fri- 

sians, see Beow., xvi. xvii., where his war with Heagest, his 
death, &c., fonn one of the most interesting portions of the 
poem. In the A. S. genealogies, a Fin appeare as the great- 
grandfather of Woden. 

— 13. fSB-benum — Most probably the laland-Danes, to distinguish them 

from those inhabiting the opposite territory of Skaane, or 
Scania. Sigehere may posMbly be identical with Sigar, a petty 
king in Seeland, and father of Signe, whoae love for Uagbarth, 
and its tragic cooeequences, form the subject of one of the most 
interesting and wide-spread tales of the old North. 

— 14. hnsBF hocin;(um— Hnief, the chief of the Hocings, fell in a battle 

against Fin, the Frisic chief. See Beow., 2132, and Battie of 
Finnesbnrh, The Hocings derive their name from Hoce, the 
father of Hildebnrh, the wife of Fin. Zeuss suggests their 
identity with the Cbanci, and «tea the following paseage from 
JEl. Spart. Did. Jul., c. i. : Ibi Caveliu, Cfemuuua populu, gui 
Albitn accolebaiU, enmpftUibui reatitit limuilltiariU ouxtVtu pro- 
mnciaUuBi. Ettmuller remarks that the 'I^b. Pent., instead of 
Ciauci or Caucht, read Had. 

— 15. helm )iul]rm^ro— The Wulfings or Ylfings ore the same race as 



P. L 

the Wolsungs, of which was the celebrated Signid FoMft-banm : 
of their king. Helm, nothing ii extant. 
320. 16. palb poinpun — A long Waldar in Skaane, oi Scania, ia men- 
tioDcd by Saxo, who may have ruled over a tribe called the 
Woings, or, from thor habitation on the coaat. Mere-Woings, 
as in Beow., 5837. The final ar in Waldar is merely the Norae 
tenniuation of the noDiinative. 

— 17. pob pypinjam — These were no doubt the North-lliuringians, 

who dwelt on the south bank of the Elbe, and were at a later 
period conquered by, and incorporated with, the Saxons. 

— 18. i^FepS I'^cjum — ^This chieftain is one of the heroes of the " Bat- 

tle of fWiesborh," where he thus spedcs of himself : p^efepJ! 
If min nama cpMiS be ' ic com jw^ena leob. Nodiing further 
occurs of him or his people. 

— 19. jpeom, &c. — Ongendtbeow, king of the Swedes, was slain in a 

battle against Higelac. See Beow., xl. xli. 

— SO. fceajxhepe ymbpum — Lappenberg in the Imbera recognises the 

people of the iele of Femem in the Baltic. They are per- 
haps a relic of the Amhrones, whose name, Suhm smmises, 
may yet exist in Amron, a small island in the German Ocean 
off the coast of Sleswig, and, perhaps, in Amedand, a part of 
the territory of Oldenburg. 

— 21. fce^ IcKQbei^mn— Hie Longohardi dwelt at that time on Uie 

banks of the Elbe. 

— 22. hun hncpejium — (Attuarii.) The Chatoarii of Straho. From 

these sprung the Batavi : " Omnium harum gentium nrtnte 
pracipui Batavi non multum ex ripa, sed insolam Rheni amnis 
colunt, Chattomm quondam popnlns, et aeditione domestics in 
eas sedes tranagressus, in quibus pars Romani imperii fierenb" 
Tac. Oer. xzix. See also Hist., iv. 12, 15. At a later period, 
the Chatuarii appear seated between the Rhine and the Maas. 
These were the people attacked by an expedition under Higelac 
(see Beow., 4703, &c.), in which he lost his life ; for the mrait 
of which discovery we are, it is said, indebted to Outzeu (in 
his dissertation, " Ueber das Angelsachsische Beownlb Ge- 
dicht," in the Kieler Blatter, 1816 ?), who identifies him with 
the Chochilagus of Gregory of Tours (iii. 3.), and Gest. Reg. 
Prancor., c. a. 515, dted by Zeues. See also Sohm, i. (Orater, 
i. p. 27-30), who remarks : " The Prankish historian Oregory 
of Tours, who wrote in 595, is the first of fiire^ writers, who, 
on this occasion of an expedition, makes mention of the Danes 



P. L 

by nsme." Suhm died in 1798; Thorkelin's Beovnlf ap- 
peared in 1815. For the name of Hud, tee Grimm, D. M., 
p. (zxii.) and 299 ; and Outzen, Olossarinm, p. 436. 

320. 23. lii^aa pjiofnum — Oatroaa and Westrosn in Pomerania ! Lap- 

penbei^ and EttmQller surmise that the Wnnns may be the 
Scandinavian race from whom the present RuBeiana derive their 
name, and who fint became known in the ninth century. See 
Zenu, p. 547-566. 
— > 25. hepe-^pena — Here-foia = Dan. HaUandeifar, from the Swedish 
province Harland, or Herland, now softened to Halland t 

— 26. oi^B peolb onste — ^This was Ofia (Ufib), the aon or nephew of 

Oaimtmd (Wennund) and ancestor of Higelac, fomed for his 
duel with the Saxon prince Hildebrand and bis comrade Swend, 
on an island in the Eider, near Rendaborg. llioug^ an Angle, 
Saxo makes him a Dane, influenced apparently by the Scandi- 
navian propensity of transferring to tlie North the traditions of 
the Teutons. 

— 97. Alewih is Ali (Ole, Oluf), the natural son of Fridleif. who was 

treacherously murdered by Starkodder, while in a bath, at the 
instigation of his brother Frode IV. Offa and Ati, though 
here brought into contact, are placed &r apart in Saio's cata- 
logue; but in points of chronology, I believe the poet to be 
more trustworthy than the historian. See also Beow., ii. p. 

321. 7. pit in this sense with a dative is not usual. 

— 8. pjrel-bop — Apparently the Eider so designated, its ancient name 

(Egidora, Agidota, Egdora, Egidur), of which Eider is merely 
a contraction, being, no doubt, en analogous compound of Agis 
(A. S. ege, O. N. ngir), terror, and dor, porta. The origin of 
this denomination is unknown. Thus p^el-c^, pFeI-jt:peam, 
horrid, frightfni, net, mtiream. O.N.fimbul: so fimbul-vetr, 
fimbul-)iul, &c. See Beow., i. p. 249, and ii. p. xxxiii., also 
Leo's Sprachproben, p. 75. 

— 10. rT»Fe — See note on p. 319. 1. 34. 

— 12. hpo|>[ni]F '] hjiot^p, Danish kings (Scyldings) end relotiTes ; 

Hrothgar was the founder of Heort, to relieve whom from the 
devastations of the Grendel was the purpose of Beowulf s vint 
to his court. 

— 17. jncmsa c^n— I am inclined to believe that by this name the 

Wicings or pirates are designated ; or they may be the in- 
habitants of Wic on t^e isle of Rngen. 



P. L 

321. 18. mjelb«r — Ingeld, nccordtng to Saxo, was the Bon and sncceesor 

of Frode V., king of DenmulE, or rather Leire, while here and 
in Beow. he appears as king of the Heathobardi, and foe to 
Hrothgar. See Beow., ii. p. xli. 

— 31. beajro-beapbna }ipfni — The Bardibellieonsiaid of Helmali. tltAfo 

IB B prefix denoting war, and may usually be rendered by the 
adjectiTe marlial, warlike, lliey were probably a kindred tribe 
to the I^ngobardi. 

322. 4. mib jeacum — These are the ravrot of Procop., one of Uie most 

powerful nations of Srandinaria (O. N. Oautas), and a differ- 
ent people from tlie TirSot. 

— 6. mib penlum, &c. — Theae are the penblaleob, of whom was Wolf- 

gar, Hrothgar's coast-gnard (Beow., 693, 4.). Wendlum Ib no 
doubt the correct reading. They are most probably a remnant 
of the Vandali. 

For the Wsms, see note on p. 320. 7. 

— 8. nub 2BF)'>''°' &°' — l^e OefSs are, no doubt, the Oepidv. The 

Wineda are the Vinedi or Wends. Under the name of Vind- 
land (A. S- Weonodland) was at one time comprised the whole 
coast-land from the Slie or Schlei, by Sleiwig, to die mouth of 
the Vistula. 

— 9. mib {e):fle2um — The inhabitants of the north of Sweden, whose 

name is itill pretenred in that of the town of Oefle I 

— 12. mib j-^cjum — See note on p. 320. 18. 

— 13. mib f^eopb-pepum — ^TheSuardonesof Tacitus, between the Trare 

and the Oder } Zeusa considers them and the later Hemli one 
and the Mune people. 

— 14. mib hponum — In these Hrons Ettmiiller is inclined to recognise 

the Qrannii, or Arochtranni (Arochi Bannii), of Jomandes, who, 
according to Zenss, were seated either in the south of Norway, 
or in the idands of the Belt. Lappenberg would identify them 
with the people of lUniad, in the N. W. of Sweden ; to which 
Ettmiiller objects that the people of B&nriki are the Ragnaricd 
of Jornandes, R&nrild being a contraction for lUgnarikL lliis 
objection is certainly not void of weight. The people of Rngen 
are called Rngiani and AoHi. SeeScdpea vidsidh, p. 21. Beo- 
wulf s grave was on Hrones nss. 
•» 15. mib heafKi-peamum — These Reamas are auppoaed by BttmOller 
to be the people of Raumaifki (now Romerige) to the N3. oi 
Christiania ; but from the paasage in Beow., 1032, I take them 
rather to be islanders, and that the gen. hea^-nemes ia there 



P. L 

gOTerned by the following word holm, aignifying not ttie deep 
tea, but ialand, and that we should therefore translate i when 
himself at morning tide, on Heathariem't isle, he bore up. 

322. 17. mib fpopenfaum— The Throwends. or Thronds, O.N. prandir ; 

the people of Trondhjem Rppttrently. 

— 20. jufShepe — (Onnther.) The QundahariuB of the Burgundian 

Laws, Tit. T. The Oundicar at Prosp. Aquit. ; by the regular 
change between nd and S. 

— 26. mib pn^pim — ^Theae Ettmiiller supposes to be the Rygir, or In- 

habitaats of Rogaland on the Bukkefiord in Norway. May 
they not be the inhabitants of Rugen } For the Glomms, see 
note on p. 319. 33. 

— 37. mtb pum-palnm — ^That is, the JIoRurn /orn^iiera -. the Oennanic 

nations called the aul^ecta of the Roman empire, perhaps with- 
out distanotion, Wealaa (sing. Wealh). Italy is even now by 
the Germans called Welschland. i. e. WtHueh land. 

— 28, 29. eacul, Italy — Klfjnne, Alboin, king of the Longobards. 

323. 7. mib repcw^um — ^The people of Serkland, or Saracens, whose 

name ia a corrupt deiiTatiiOD Axim Sfaaric, the east. 

— 8. mib repmjum — These Lappenherg coajectureB to have been the 

Seres, on the Caspian sea, noted for the production of silk. 

— 16. Bub jTcpibe-ponum — ^These, according to Jomandes and Proco- 

piua, seem to have inhabited the present Russian Lapland, and 
other tracks thereabouts, and even to have extended into the 
present Swedish Plnnland. 

— 17. mib hb'pcmjnm, &c. — The Lid-wicings are the Bretons. See 

Chr. Sajt., A" 885, where buCan hb-piccium (according to 
another MS. bb-pciiifgum) is rendered by Horeoce: absque 
Armoricano regno. And, A" 918, the words pitSan op hb-pic- 
cum, he renders by tie provincia qute Lydmcevm dieilur. The 
Saxon appellatioa has evidently been made ont of the British 
name for Armorlca, Uydaw. The two eorls mentioned in the 
Chronicle, though coming from the Lidwiccas, are described 
by Florence as " pagaui piratte, qui ferme ante xuc. annos de- 
reUcta Britannia Oallicaa partes adierant, de provincia que 
Lydiwiccum dicitur," &c. Their names too, Ohtor and Hroald, 
vouch for their Scandinarian origin. 

Ilie Leona are ibe Acvwiw, according to Ptolemy, the in- 
habitants of the middle of Scandinavia : the liothida of Jor- 
nandes. See Zeuss, pp. 503, 506. 

— 18. mib lonj-beapbum — ^The Longobairda. 



P. I. 

323. 20. mib hunbin^um— £ee note on p. 320. 3. 

— 39. mib amocbinsum — ^TheOthingiofJonumdeB? whom he describes 

as dnelUng in CAvea hewn out of the rocks. Suhm places them 
in Sweden, where tasaj sudi c&Tena still remain. 

— 31. Dub irrum — The Esthoniana ? 

— 32. ibaminjum — Peih^M a Lettish race. 

324. 9, 10. laterally m ihiUimg nrnmber; which mvf be eiUier a phrase in 

use at the period, signifying some peculiar way of reckoning 
money ; or may ugnify that the 600 sceats were noted in shil- 
lings on the bracelet. 

— 31. This form is more usual in O. N. than in A. S. Tlie rule is, thut 

where in other toiufitei a penonal pronoun is joined with aprvper 
mune by the conjunction ok (and), the ok i* in O.N. omitted, and 
the pronoun put in the dual or plural number, and the tame eate 
aa the pr^er name. Rasks Anrisn. till Itlandskan, Stockh. 
1823. p. 228. See Ciedm. p. 2S6. I. 6. and this volume p. 467. 
1. 7, for other instances. 

Of the scop Sldlling no mention seems to occur elsewhoe. 
He was probably the son of Skyl the harper, mentioned at 
p. 353. 1. 44. 

325. 16. hepelmj^ — The Hariinga of the OMman Heldenaage. v. 17. 

emepca '] j7iiblB=Embrica and Fritila. t. 21. Becca=Bikki 
of tiie Edda. v. 22. )>eobpic= Dietrich of Berne, v. 23. npeca 
=Sibeche. For these and the others see W. Orimm's Deutache 
Heldensage, p. 18. and ^Kunni. 
^ 28. pi)>-mypjinsa — The people iuhabiting a territory opposite to the 
Myrgings thus designated, but in what direction is unknown. 

326. 16. punbDBU jolbe — This is in apposition with yabg*. 3 hama, 1. 18. 

— 18. ham& — ^The slayer of Ennanric. He is celebrated ia Beow., v. 

2397, for having carried off the fiuned bpopnja mea (brfsfnga 
m^), tiie splendid ornament of PVeya. afterwards in the pos- 
session of Ennanric. See Orimm, D. M., p. 194; D. Heldena., 
p. 17-20, and Kemble's Beow., i. p. 261. 

— 28. sercei^iu like fOSp from jm^uas. 

327. 16. For cemian applied to human beinga, see p. 8S6. 11. 

— 20. So A. and B., p. 166. V. P.. p. 135. I. 2459. zetoben mabep 


328. 15. Rc-peohtan. The icteipretation la conjectural. 

329. 20. See Beow., i. p. 255.. and Warton H.E.F., i p. Ixxviii. edit. 

331. 20. See note on p. 107. 1. 13. 



P. L 

331. 26. lAfjib^ (jehp^beS or jeliiieobeS ?). I Buapect tliis to be the 

httberto nuMUig verb bom whence comes the participle jehpo- 
ben. The tnuuposilion is merely from ignorance of the copyist. 

— 38. bp^cen ia a word of frequent occurrence here and in CeedmoD. 

See note cm p. 192.1. 17. 

332. 9. The version is c<aijectiiral. jiiep=O.N. and Dan. anar. 

— 10. lltat Uecan is a blunder for hlobaa is rendered almost certain by 

the alliteration with ble^>e8 in the following line. 

— 19. p^pel, pi. poplar: L&t. Barb. Oirgillus, Mhg. Wirbel (Werbel), 

Pr. Vervellea— Lor^ff amumt qu' on patioit m pied d'un faucon 
pour l» retemir, et nr Uq}Kl itoient gravi» Vicitnon tt let armei 
dit leignevr d qui ^tparttnoit leJaucoH. — Roquefort. 

— 31. bealne — See A. and E., p. 126. 

— 22, 23, Ferht^ we should read l^-fpifC, and render the lines thus : 

Itapt noift m air from his liitU perch, ^'^jrelsperc^, so called 
from its forked sh^kc 7 

— 31. Of diis line I can make no sense. 
334. 19. See note on p. 231. 23. 

Uft. 9. uinbop=ciUi, and is nenter. It seems to be the O. Engl. Ympe, 
Uttp, signi^fing eldld, and of similar formation to lambop, halop, 
etc. In Beow. 92. the words nmbop pepenbe are manifestly the 
translation of the Latin ones adduced by Kemble in his Post- 
script, pp. iii, iv, viz. from Ethelwerd, lib. iii. 3 ; " Ipse Sctef 
vtUde mau puer;" from Qui. Meld. ii. 2. MS. Cant,, and 
Simeon of Durham : " appnlnu navi sine lemige ptunbu," &c. 
It occurs also at t. 2374, and in the same aenae. If the abore 
interpretation be admitted, the question rises — How will it affect 
the presamed antiquity of the poem of Beowulf ? 

Scott nses imp in the sense of cAitd ; 

My imps, though hardg, bold, and wHd, 

At hett befiti the mmmtttiM chiid. — Mannion, Canto I. 

The alteration at Beow, t. 92 and 743, of wesende to we- 
sendne, is in either case needless, for, even when joined with 
an accusative masculine, the former termination of the participle 
is peiiiapa more usual than the latter. 

— 10. aep abl ntmeti — ^Iliat is, more quickly than dieeate taJtei them off. 

336. 5. f^p, awAi/io — i«boD f hio fceolbe r«oppan hi on plbpa beojia 

be ; Boet., p. 190. peapp hioe on p^pmer he ; Cndm,, p. 31. 

337. 14. bopban — ^The weak form ia here observable, and denotes, I be- 

lieve, that the word is used in a secondBiY sense, like mu)tt. 



P. L 

tognifying the numlh of a river, from mut ; and papjna, p. 377. 9. 
Whether douub thus cbnnged preserre their original gender, the 
examples do not enable lu to decide. Qn. are the French 
broder and broderie. bom bopb, ihe table on which the Kork vat 
petfomted} In the present instance bopb seems to signify a 
work or embroideriitg board. 
33S. 21. Compare this line with the lawof FVode king of Denmark, men- 
tioned by Saxo ; wherein be insiBta, that the people of Ouderige 
shall marry like the Danes, and take no wiie, without having 
bought her, from the fiither or relations. 
~- 26> eopl is evidently used here in its prose signification as distin- 
guished from ceojil ; the latter being here (p. 339. 6.) poetically 
designated eobo]i-n]relii^. For the term eobofi, as the dwell- 
ing of a ' ceorl,' see " Ancient Laws and Institutes of Eng- 
land," Ethelb. zxvii. »ole. 

339. 2. ma})m=Mhg. Meidem, a horie, more usually a gtidhtgi thouj^ 

we find it explained by Hengst (stallion), pukdnu, ptdafridtu, 
caballw, WaUach (gelding). The fallowing from Ziemann 
enables us to judge oi its relative value : " Um a»e» meidem 
gibt KBnig Lddwig mtr 13 bia 15 p/d. mOnclmer pfauuffe, wOr- 
end ebi rot nit 32. 50 bis 60 ; nii tikenpfait mil 30 pfiad 
beidit wird." See p. 475. 1. 7. Grimm. D. O., iii. p. 325. 
Beow., i. p. 244. 

— 24. pa)u2=|npiht:, algomu, from p»p, alga. .£lfr, cited by Lye. 

340. 6. jvfj\aii usually has a dative. 

342. 12. The genitives rdej-, &c., after ooetKau, I cannot acconnt for. My 
interpretation is quite conjectural. 

— 15. calc-ponber — Interpretation oonjectuial; c«lc=ca£r. Olosa. ad 


— 2S. The gn^ one, i. e. the wolf (p. 343. 3.). For this epithet, see 

Kraka Mfl, p. 89. edit. Rafh. 

346. 2. nejiebe con hardly be correct ; it afibrds no sense, and has a syl- 
lable too many for the ihythm. 

S48. 34. phce, perception, intuition i Snch would seem to be its signifi- 
cation here ; though I have not elsewhere met vrith it in thst 

349. 8. ceopnabe and eeofenebe, p. 351. 16. The interptvtatioii is 
given solely from the context. 

352. RmiNo Pobic. This poem I do not understand, and am tiiere- 

fore unable to translate. 

It seems to me that the final words are in numerous instances 



P. L 

tdteml from their true orthognphf, for the puipose of forming 
a rime, and that it is by no means void of blunders. In fact, 
<mppnh, 1. 4, is manifestly wrong, being merely a repetition of 
die word in 1. 2, while a vord ia required which ahould rime 
with ^eceob. 

I subjoin an attempt ^t * version of a few veraes which are 
the least obscure : — 

352. 25. He gifted me with life, 

who this light unveil'd, 
and the bright creation 
widely displa/d. 
Glad I was in joya, 

— 30. in ornamented forma, 

in colours of deUghts, 
in hues of blogsoma. 
Men me regarded ; 
tht feast they fiul'd iiot, 

353. 1. in the vital gift rejoiced, 

iu fretted cups, 

in a dwelling on the plains, 

in young hopes. 

in pleasure with long 

— 7. llien was with fruits awaken'd 

the world * * 

— 11. OuestB went, 

in social converse minf^ed, 
pleasure lengthen' d. 
joyously embellish'd. 

— 17. Od the watery stream was a way, 

where the vessel glided near by me. 
I had a high condition ; 
in ball to me was no compeer, 
who there a proud word ntter'd. 
Oft there a man would wait, 
that he in Mjr court might see 

353. 34. for alu^mT 8k Bnw. 150. 333. I. wincr 3. pictf 

4. pteuBt 18. O.N.litIt n« error for Mb t 

10. ^e for gex*^- T'"" ^- ■"'' ^-i P' l^d. H- paftbal 



P. 1. 

353, 24. the weight of treasure. 
With thanea doughty, 
irbile I was powerful 
tie Taliant praia'd me, 
in battle Bav'd me, 
nobly bcNre me, 

— 30. from fbea protected m*. 

Tlins me joy'a gift held, 

— 33. a foimdati<m for my posaeasions placed, 

my atepa gorem'd. 
Aa it were the whole earth, 
I posaeaa'd the princely throne : 
in magic words I apake. 

— 43. My serranta were diligent, 

Skyl was tiy harper ; 
loud he aonnded, 
hie tonea echoed forth : 
the [dectrum resounded, 
Dor much ceas'd it : 
the cBsde-hall trembled ; 

— 50. bright it tower'd. 

In Tslour / increas'd, 

happiness bedcon'd tne. 

Chieftuna I fovour'd, 

to the brsTc / whs bounteous, 

my mind / etrengthen'd, 

mjfolloveri rqoiced, 

my tzee brunch'd, 

wtif glory flourish'd, 

in prosperity / exnlted. 

— 60. Gold / supplied, 

gems / cast around. 

8S8. S9. ze>jht;i! ST. Lit Mng. 

44. beippepet Skfl wu ■ppanntly the bther of jtiUiD^- 8n Ii>- 3S4. L 31. 
47. fpe^gl-jiit) (rsAtitt), perbipi Ihe umg h hxjtpe-Dic^, pl«(nm, or Olig. nuffl- 
pcin. 8«e Grinun. D. G., III. p. 488. fram Golli. nrigiAn, foplny nwic. 

j1. cId«? 93. piieotfaMt Sfl. jratsnaboDt 19. bXtOtl 

01. pmnM)' prajipabe, for peipp? 



P. L 

353. 64. BoM I was in ums, 

goodly in n^ garments, 

354. 1. my J07 was lordly, 

my condition jojoua : 
tht land / protected, 
to the foUu I sang : 
my life was long 
among people, 
with ^oriea heavy, 
well hung. 
Now my soul is ru^ed... 

— 18. plah 1]- jeblopen, the dart ia blown. Thia aeenu to allude to a 

dait blown from the mouth. See p. 362. 1. 19. where the devil 
ia called rlah-peonb, perh^M from hia shooting forth poisoned 
darta (wordaj from his month. 

360. 14. Forthedifierencebetweenfapo8andpapo8,8eeA.andE.,p. 101. 

— 18. pqtitocalon — Of thia extraordinary word I am unable to give any 


— 24. pyjiic, aruxdinetvim ; Oer. Rfihricht ; Obg. rotshi. 

361. 21. jieoni^—See A. and E., p. 112. 

362. 9. on teopi =: on anban ? So Gndm., p. 232. 1. 4, teonpullum on 

cefo, to tie hurt of the wicked ; where my translation ia wrong. 
Its etymon I know cot. 

— 19. See note on p. 354. 1. 18. 

— 31. heoloji-faelra aeems merely poetic for the simple helm. To make 

the devil a warrior is perfectly in keeping with the genius of 
A. S. poetry. That a helmet is meant, appears from Ciedm., 
p. 29. 1. S, hvleS-helm on heapofa ajecte, where my versioD 
needs correction. In the Heliand, the visions that appeared to 
the wife of Pilate are described as " helith-helme biheled," p. 
164. 20. It must, however, be remarked, that the Ohg. helot- 
helm ia defined latibvlitM. Kemble, in Gl. to Beow., renders 
hnleS-belm, galea larvata. 

363. 7. fijti traia f^, turbo, pneella : O. N. at Jiysjaprorvfre? 

367. Hiis was a favourite topic in the middle ages : the original of 

the present poem is a prose homily to be found in most of the 
MSS. (of which a Latin original no doubt exists). For the 
later poems on the same subject, see a highly interesting volume, 
"The Latin PoemB of Walter Mqiea," edited by Thomas Wright, 
Esq., for the Camden Society ; also ' Friihling^abe, von Th. 
O. V. Karajan,' Wien, 1839. 



P. L 

367. 18. 2eh)>um hpemij — Of ^^Ljiu I can Mf notiimg utiB&ctory: jud- 

ging from the context, I ima^e it to mtan fortumet {both good 
and bad), lot, Lat. vice*. (See A. and E., p. 97.) hpemis, 
crying, thmabtg, generally in exultation, diough not always, as 
in the present instance. See Warton, H. E. P., i. p. Ixxviii. 
edit. 1840. 

368. 2. calban peopbe-~So ifij, ^plicd to the Toioe, ia A. S. poetry. 

369. 26, 30. These lines seem very corrupt in both MSS. jercenCa in the 

text i^)peara evidently, from the Veroelli reading, to be an error 
for jei^ca. 

370. 17. The lines following in V. are apparently an interpolation. 

372. 21. liS, as in Ohg., iii both m and it; Kjhpflc (I. S3.) may therefbie 

stand as a neut. accoe. ; though pop, in this sense, usually go- 
verns a dat., and V. has sa^^'P^lc^u'^- 

373. 3. jrlterc-hopb here, and in V., is neuter. 

374. The second portion oi tins poem is not in the Exeter MS., and 

in the Vercelli MS., There alone it occurs, it is a fiagment 
wanting the end. 

376. 20. So ecne pvb ceoran ; b»l ceopm. See Ql. to Beor. 

377. 9. hun be pupman — hun be^be him, by the common transposition 

of the prepoutioQ, which in A. S. poetry is constantly made to 
follow its case. The wealc fonn pupma indicates qtparently 
diatitis the metaphoricalvonndiat is here intended; the mental 
gnawing and anguish attendant en an unhappy state of life. 
See note on p. 337. 14, and Rask's A. S. Oramm., f 74. 

— 19. In this, probably the older story, it is nud that Nitbhad merely 

bound him (Weland) with a thong, while the Edda, magnifying 
the evil, iofomiB us that he severed the tendons of his knees : 
"Sv& Tsr gjort, at skomar Toro nnar i kn^ botom (G&tum)." 
Thlt, as tales are wont to gain by bansmission, speaks stron^y 
in fevour of the greater antiquity of the Saxon over the Norsk 
version of Weland's mishap. 

— 21. Hie burthen of this poem I do not understand, nor why o|:epeo6e 

is made to govern the genitive. 

378. IS. ahte, i. e. Md, poaieattd, took refitge m (during his exile of 33 

years). Of Mteringa-burh, and Theodric's stay there during 30 
winters, nothing is elsewhere related. 

— 34. The version is conjectural ; a word seems wanting. 

379. 23. Of the scald Deor no mention is, I believe, elsewhere to be 

^ 27. Heorrenda is the H&rant celebrated in the poem of Kiitnin as the 



P. L 

Helt ftz TeneUnd ; of whoae aong it u related, that 
DA flich diu naht verendet und ez begunde tagen, 
Horant begunde Bmgen, dot dd U in dot A^m, 
yetmgeit aiie vogaU vm ttium nmn gtiange : 
die liute die dft aliefen die l&gea dA niht lacge. 

For more relative to this celebrated scald Bee Kutrun pastim, 

and Vf. Oiiinm's Heldens., p. 326-330. 

379. 29. lanb-iuht= naturalization, denizensbip. 

380. Riddle I. — Of this I can malce no senae, nor am I able to arrange 

the veraeB. 

381. G. hufM is here undoubtedly diuk, dark. 

382. 6. fCealc, contr. of jreabc (jrcflic) fteep, from p:}!, Oer. steil? 

383. 2. Jipymma pun — This interpretation of pp^ ia almoat conjectural, 

and countenanced only by HeL xr. iO. See Schmeller'e Oloaa. 

— 13. See Csdm., p. 125. 1. 14. 

384. 3. ea]ie — A very obacnre word. What Orinun aaya in A. and £., 

and D. M., p. zzrii., ia far from satiifactory. 

— II. Bee note on p. 382. 6. 

— 13. hi^s^'marcer — 0. S. hop, caterva; Oer. Haufe. So cumbol- 

3ehnap:er, Battle of Brunanbnrh, Warton H. £. P., i. p. Ixxvi. 
edit. 1840. 

— 15. cp^an, to crowd, preta. The past tenee of tbia verb occurs in B. 

of Bmnanb. cpeab cneap on plob. The printed texts read on- 
fioc, but I adopt the more correct various reading. Hence, kc 
^m hnb-cpoban, Cndm., p. 120. 31, mib hnb-;;ecpobe, V. P., 
p. 77. 1. 2440 (A. and E., p. 36. 1. 1221.). 
366. 35. fpiS-peopm^-fpom — This is a frequent transposition. So hojin- 
Pfc for hpon-pj-e, V. P., p. 56. 1. 744 (A. andE., p. 11. 1. 370.). 

389. 26. bfhc, dwelling, from buan : bovulary, in Cndm., p. 133. 1. 20, is 

390. 27. pteS mjenbe — Of this line, as alio of n^e, 1. 29., I can make no 

395. 9. 2ehle)>a, eomrade, one of a hloS. 

— 20, bihlj(>eb, deprivrd of comradet (^ehle|>an). 

400. Riddle XX. Here the runes are to be read backwards. Srohs 

hors (Aww). Nom=mon (man) Rad<Bgew=rU-wegB (yeagon, 
carriage). Cofah=bafoc (Juaek). 

— 19. pip — Ohs.ynxtA,obryzmn,jvodt>bradiettplendore. Oiaff, torn. i. 

col. 961. awmm vermictUatuin, vire, 

401. 17. heafiope, from hea)«pian, cohiberei See also p. 482. 5. 
403. Riddle XXI. By Una, no doubt, a plough is intended. 



P. L 
404. 19. hptmje— Can Hm be *a a4l}ectiTe from hfioD, viz. hpou^ O. N. 

407. 1. faaejrxS — See note on p. 4A7. 31. 

— 29. bepiffebe— So V. P., ealbpe bernfl^be. p. 79. 1. 2648 ; (A. and 

E., p. 39. I. 13S5. uidp. 131.) 
410. 24. rpojipen — Lye, ex Med. ex Quttd., has jefpeapp (jeffeopp), iprnma 

mttallontm, femigo ; whence I conjectured that j-poppen =nul«rf, 

but I now believe it to ugni^ rvbbed, as at p. 497. 18. rpopfen 

peole, mbhd with a file. 
417. 20. hpipl — Hence correct hpepl, p. 40. App. B. to Cooper's Report. 

which is evidently erroneona. 

— 25. job-pebb — Ohg. gota webbi, goigypitm, bytnu, pmjmra. O. S. 

godii-uuebbi. SeeOnff.v.Webb.andv. Wurm; and Schmeller, 

423. 7. KP^ma, larva, eaitit ; neither of which mgnificationB are here ap- 

plicable i or can it be larva in the iense of the larraof an insect, 
or a tpeetre } 

— 23. pjixyt = ppajTbc, dehcatva, Cott. 64., cited by Lye. 

424. 1. abelan, tK.oif.} aigni^ing probably ^fi. Lye has abelihc, nmo- 

«u, and abel-reaS, cloaca. 

— 30. For apep^e we should apparently read appije. 

— 34. papoS and ]:apoB are often confounded, and in V. P., p. 52. 1. 397. 

are compounded : pajiotS-papuB, the leeedy tlion, or octan than. 
See A. and E., p. 101. 

425. 26. meran, xMuxfaKw-tf, eptJari. Ohg. moejan ; m6e, cUmi. 

— S2. wcef beon — Apparently an idiomatic expreieion. 

— 35. pepnex — Ib this intended as an adjective agreeing with eapn and 

hafoc, or did the Anglo-Saxon find it in his Latin original, 
and, ignorant of its meaning, leave it as he found it ? 
433.21. eopp; O.N. erpr, AipM. Correct therefore C«im., p. 190.1.4. 
eopp-pepob, wolf-like koat, in appontion with heopn (hepe) 
pulpar, p. 189. 1. 7. 

438. Riddle LVII. This is unfinished, heafo-slem, 1. 6, is no donbt 

a metaphor for a sword, analogous with the O. N. eldr, logi, 
liomi, brandr. 

— 9. peo, rather pea — InV. P., p. 88. L 3317, for peop, I suq>ect we 

should read pea ; but see Orimm's note, A. and B., p. 137. 

— 15. leolc, evidently the past tense of a verb. See A. and E. 

439. 1. ralo-pabe— See Waiton, M. E. P., i. p. Izxviii. edit. 1840. 

— 2. pc^, an error far pope ? from pop, mmum, popnef, nuvttw : Lye, 

from Cott. 120. 



p. 1. 

445. According to thte po«m, the second destruction of the world is to 
be by water : see p. 447, 1. 12. 

— 17. ^ehe^ojoK — See note on p. 231. 1. 23. 
44a. 16. So Beow., 3846. bolb pter beclic. 

449. 12. The change of gender from the fern, h^e (1. 11.), agreeing with 
rapel (1. 10.), tothemasche (I- 12.), shows that a leaf is want- 

455. 7. The meaning of eaben here and at p. 13. 1. 10, is to me extremely 

— 19. Jim eeems to be both feminine and neuter; here it is plainly the 

latter : it forms both lima and limu in the plural. 

457. 31. puUeftaS; Ohg. fuUeistjan; O. S. fuUeetian, to aid,/avour, &c. 

458. 5. cyljuft — From an adjective cylij =cil, yoorf.jl^ apt. 

467. 7 . jTylce jiC lohanmr — For this idiom see note on p. 324. 1. 3 1 . 
469. 24. p:upum fcynbeS — This I do not understand, nor can I concur in 
what Schmeller (Ol. ad Hel.) says about ecor. 

473. 26. bpepui is generally applied to water. See Beow., 2833. 3804. 

— 28. opan — Tlie interpretation of this word is conjectural. 

474. 5. onjui — According to the MS. this is the be^nning of a new 


— 24. f«ban JO. . , . — Is this jmban (=f»C«b) jolbef ? 

475. 7. mafim— See note on p. 339. 1. 2. 

476. 9. j-ceapbe seems here used adjectively like punb. fcup-beopj is 

apparently so called from its use in sending forth showers of 
arrows and other missiles. 

477. 7. peall-palan— See note on p. 322. 1. 27. 

— 11. hopn-;^eft:peon — The same perhaps as hopn-fele, bopn-pnceb. 

The meaning of hopn in these compounds is not certain. My 
version of the line is conjectural. 
482. 5. heabpe— See note on p. 401. 1. 17. 

493. 8. pipefi — A very doubtful word : if correct, it would seem formed 

analogously with hunCaS, retaining the gender of its primitive. 

494. 7. fipeobcijt or rather pfiohcij, vigorous, patient of toil: synun. 

perhaps with ^pohEheapb ; -0. N. )>rtfttr, vigor, pattentia. See 
A. and £., p. 103. 

497. 18. rpopfen — See note on p. 410. 1. 24. 

498. 17. jrealc-hli|>D — See note on p. 383. 1. 6. 

500. 14. job is here of the masc. gender, but is probably an error of the 



Page 6. line Si, fir inne read nunoe. 

— 13. note '0. — 479. 17. read 455. 7 i fir Boot, read Boet. 

— 46. line 24, — brighter read bri^. 

— 139. — 16, — bjr him read by them. 

— 139. — 17, — pensevereth reorf persevere. 

— 169. — 15, — Jniphmennircne read puph mennifcne. 

— 184. — 31, — (traml.) a read in. 

— 204, — 30, — ftepamaj- read irpeamar. 

— 269. — 11, — yppiMj read fp^mey. 

— Sl4. — 34, — tPfJte read ppjme. 

— 354, — 22, — yfnbe read pjmbe. 

— 420. note ', — Ahg. read Ohg. 

— 424. line 18, — -fcpafit read -fcpaph 



^gelmunb, 335. 26. 
nlrpme, 322. 29. 
HCia, 319. 26, 326. 2. 
alepih, 320. 27. 
aleZBnbpear, 319. 20. 

beabeca, 325. IS. 
beabohilb, 377. 23. 
b«cca, 319.28, 329. 21. 
bilLnx. 320. 7. 
bpeoca, 320. 6. 

crIic, 319. 31. 
ciq«I)e,319.30, 323.10. 

eabjilr. 324. 11. 
eabprne, 323. 6, 324. 22, 

32S. 25. 
ealhUb.Sld. 1,324. 19. 

elpt, 325. 25. 
emepcd, 325. 17. 
eojtmanpic, 319. 7. 27, 

324. 1.325. 14,378. 


pa pilcpalbin^, 320. 10. 
Fjieo))e)uc, 326. 5. 
Fpibla, 325. 17. 


^eac, 378. 13. 
XeFpulp. 320. 9. 
■gvpcA, 319. 29. 
Sq-lhepe, 326. 4. 
juShepe, 322. 20. 


h^eoa, 319. 32. 
hama, 326. 6. 18. 
hea)K>pic, 325. 23. 
helm, 320. 15. 
henben, 319. 33. 
heoppenba, 379. 27. 
hejiheapb, 442. 20. 
heSca, 325. 15. 
hlilw, 325. 24. 
hnttj. 320. 14. 

holea, 320. 23. 
hpinspealb, 320. 24. 
hpoSjaji, 321. 12. 
hpoppulF, 321. 12. 
hun, 320. 22. 
hunjaji, 325. 26. 
bpala, 319. 18. 

incjeojieop, 325. 24. 
inselb, 321. 18. 

mRfthiUf, 378. 10. 
meaca, 320. 2. 
meapchealF, 330. 3. 

niBUb, 377. 17. 

opf&. 820. 26. 30. 32, 

321. 11. 
onjenbtwop, 320. 19. 
ofpine, 320. 8. 



p«bhe)ie, 326. 3. 
pvjliap, 476. 19. 
peahfah, 476. 19. 
ponbhepe, 326. 3. 
pumpam, 326. 4. 

jKftpS, 320. 18. 
rceafa. 320. 21. 
rceaj:th«pe, 320. 2 
j-cillinx. 324. 31. 
rcjl. 353. 44. 

reafola. 325. 22. 
recca, 325. 21. 
ppeca, 325. 23. 
pjehepe, 320. 12. 

paba, 320. 1. 
pala, 319. 18. 
palb, 320. 16. 

pelanb, 377. 9. 
pibpS, 318. 19. 
pitca, 319. 34. 
yipepffdb. 326. 5. 
j>ob, 320. 17. 
pubja, 326. 6. 18. 
pulphepe, 325. 29. 
p^mhepe, 325. 29. 

peobjue, 320. 4, 

22, 378. 18. 
|>fle, 320. 5. 



Maeaaf, 322. U. 
amochiD^ar, 323. 29. 

bauDjar, 319. 28. 
bponbin^ar, 320. G. 
bupseobaf, 319. £ 
322. 18. 

cjieacaf, 3)9. 30. 323. 

beane, 322. 14. 
beae, 320. 27. 

(r»-), 320. 13. 

(ru8-), 322. 5. 

earti-jocan, 325. 18. 
eart-pypinjar. 323. 30. 
eacul, 322. 28. 
ebpear, 323. 23. 
eSypCar, 323. 24. 
eiQle, 320. 26,321. 10, 
323. 10. 

eolaf, 323. 30. 
eocooq-, 476. 11. 
eopaj-, 320. 8. 
ex-rnunjar. 323. 22. 

PFel-bop, 321. 8. 
finnar, 319.31, 323.9. 
(rcpibe-), 328. 

Fpepiac^, 320. 11. 
Fponcar, 320. 4, 322. 

Fpumcinsar, 322. 25. 

F[iyn>r. 322. 24. 


jeacar, 322. 4. 
Xefflesar. 322. 9. 
XejrBar, 322. 8. 
jlommar. 319. 33,322. 

joran, 319. 27, 324. 3, 

325. 10, 378. 28. 

(eiqT-), 325. 18. 

(hpe«-). 319. 4, 

322. 3. 

bEeleJiar. 323. 19. 

hnlfinsar' 320. I. 
htecpepaj-, 320. 22. 
hEe«iia|-, 323. 19. 
heaSo-beapban, 321.21 . 
hea|>o-peamaf, 322. 15. 
beo-bemnsar, 379. 21. 
heopot, 321. 20. 
hejie-fapan, 320. 25. 
hepelinjar. 325. 16. 
hocinjaf, 320. 14. 
bolm-p;caf, 319. 32. 
bpKfatq-, 325. 31. 
hpetS-^ocan, 319. 4, 

322. 3. 
hponaj-, 322. 14. 
Lunar, 319. 26, 322. 2. 
hunbiD^ar, 320. 3, 323. 


ibuminsar, 323. 32. 
inbear. 323. 23. 
irjiahel^, 323. 21. 
irCBf. 323. 31. 

leonaf. 323. 17. 
libpicinjar, 323. 17. 
loDjbeapbaf, 320. S 
323. 18. 




nuepinjabu));, 378. 20. 
mofbiDjar, 323. 27. 
moibaj-, 323. 25. 
myjijinjar.aiS. 26,320. 

2, 321. 7. 323. 26. 

28. 324. 18. 
(jnS-), 325. 


ODjle, 320.26,321.10, 
322. 10. 

p«ohtB]-, 323. 15. 
pepraf, 323. 25. 

ponbinjHj-. 320. 5. 

puxar. 322. 26. 
pum-paUj-, 322. 27. 

l^-bene, 320. 13. 
rcoccaf. 323. IS. 
piube-pnnai', 323. 16. 
reax«, 322. 12. 
repcin^r> 323. 7, 
repinjar, 323. 8. 
ru«-ben«. 822. 5. 
n«Fe,319. 34,321. 10, 

322. 10. 
rpear, 320. 19. 322. 4. 
rpeopb-pepaj-, 322. 13 

piepnar, 320. 7, 322. 6. 
pala pice, 323. 14. 
palar,435. 11,485.7. 

(pum-). 322. 27. 

peall-palau, 477. 7. 

penlaf ^^^- ^■ 
pepnsr. 320. 7, 322. 6. 
pidD^a cyoD, 321. 17. 
jncinxar- 322. 7. 
plna, 323. 13. 
piaebar, 322. 8. 
piolane, 323. 13. 
(Fifrla yubu. 325. 33. 
pS-m^jmsar- 325. 2S. 
poiQ^ar- 320. 16. 
ppornar, 320. 23. 
palpn^ar, 320. 15. 

fmbpq-, 320. '. 
^r> 320. 9. 

Iipopeubar, 322. 17. 
JiJpmXar. 320. 17, 822. 

- (*aft:.), 323. 



Words beginning with the prefixes, a, mpxp, kc, be (bi), eb, fop, jajM, 
je, in, mib, mif, of, opep, on, ot, ro, un, up, pi6, p)>ep, pon, ^ph, are 
placed according to the initial letter of their roots. 


Abela, 424. 1. 
6b-l€i. 213. 9. 
abloma, 156. 33. 
te-boba, 15S. 16. 
eirbon, 83. IG. 
Kpen-^lom. 179. 21. 
SFen-rceop, 390. 21. 
sepian, 102. 29, 152. 

29, 327. 3. 
;e»pnan, 84. 7, 87. 24, 

168. 21, 176. 16. 

356. 28, 357. 23. 
(ejxan-peapb, 480. 3. 
«hr-;e)TeBlb. 249. 23. 
|iuph-Kleb, 223. 27. 
KleS, 338. 17. 
Mmen, 115. 9. 
semec, 342. 7. 
sepplebe, 232. 14, 283. 

Kfun;, 252. 9. 
Kr^, 404. 22. 
«r«-rc«f>«. 314. 20. 
»C-seoi:a, 339. 22. 
sc-stera, 332. 26. 
KCpen-mob, 343. 26. 
KC-jial, 112. 26. 
»C-peU, 374. 8. 
ecjpirt, 132. II. 

ie|wUbu2uC, 62. 36. 
afop, 133. 15, 
a^lac, 490. 5. 
a;^»ca, 136. 26. 
amar, 417. 22. 
anab, 122. 12, 123. 24. 
an-nb, 471. 22. 
anbcpif, 163. 26. 
anbleofen, 214. 22. 
anbpi]-, 267. S. 
anbppae, 356. 26. 
an-iplosa, 309. 25. 
anIuLSa, 203. 20, 286. 

anhoja,162.3.222. 10, 

288. 32. 
an-fcapa, 356. 21. 
ap-pfa, 294. 6. 
tift-jKKf, 409, 5. 
ato). 78. 25. 109. 9. 
accop-)-cea|ia, 357. 24. 
aiS-loja, 98. 10. 
a)>ol, 346. 6. 

bKbe-pe^, 161. 13. 
bRl-bleere. 142. 22. 
bielcan, 315. 8. 
biel-)ipec, 216. 19. 

bep-bea^, 414. 18. 
onbseplic, 482. 7. 
onbKpu, 165. 12. 
bieK, 476. 15. 
b£n-cofa, 158. 26, 159. 

16, 329. 16. 
b&n-co)>a, 163. 23. 
b&i-fsec, 173. 25, 178. 

5, 213. 23, 233. 5. 
bfin-hlir. 184. 8. 
ban-loca, 161.3, 271.2. 
abannan, 120. 12. 
ban-rele, 451. 12. 
bapi, 218. 17. 
beabu-cafa, 380. 20. 
bealbop, 276. 18. 
beapo-n«r» ^39. 5. 
belceb-j-peopa, 489. 24. 
beab, 5. 12. 
beo-bpeab, 425. 20. 
beop-hjpbe. 297. 28. 
beclic, 446. 16. 
beclicafC, 5. 7. 
onbib, 164. 30. 
bib-rteal, 265. 29, 423. 

jebihtf, 154. 22. 
bubF»)T. 438. 13. 
jebinb. 268. 1. 
inbinban, 336. 8. 
bl»re. 142. 22. 




Uttc. 48. 13. 

bleat, IGI. 24. 

bleaS, 423. 4. 

bleo-bopb, 331. 20. 

bleo-faj. 400. 18. 

bloncB, 405. 5. 

unxeblj^efa. 158. 23. 

boj. 337. 11. 

inbosen, 163. 22. 

bolb-pela, 272. 22. 

boaaan, 66. 6. 

bopciaa, 495. 11. 

bopbe, 337. 14. 

bopb-jelac, 48. 9. 

onbojieo, 158. 29. 

mbjiab, 353. 16. 

unbpeecen, 1. II. 

bptesb-pff, 107. 13. 

bpeaj, 427. 32. 

bpeahtm, 156. 29, 181. 
26, 195.25,206.29, 
25, 384. 9, 385. 5. 

bpeahcum, 192. 16. 

jebpec, 385. 6. 14. 

jebpebab, 237. 18. 

bpe^b. 260. 24. 

Sebpejb. 201. 17. 

bpe^ben, 219. 13. 

pitiep-bpeoca, 120. 2. 

bpeobmn, 315. 8. 

bpeobpian, 119. 22. 

bpib, 214. 7, 224. 7. 

bpijb. 357. 9. 

bpim-plob, 187. 30. 

bpim-pu^el, 289. 12. 

bpira-jiert, 384. 9. 

bpim-lab, 307. 27. 

bpim-pubu, 182. 5, 

oSbpoben, 153. 15. 

pifiep-bpoja, 35. 26. 

bpojben, 238. 11. 

bpoab-haC, 160. 2. 

bponb-hojib, 354. 15. 
bpo-nwr- 346. 1. 
bpua, 427. 32. 
bp^c^ian, 338. 4. 
bpjjb, 218. 9, 296.13. 
bpysbon, 449. 14. 
bpjten-cymnj, 331.28. 
bpyten-spimb, 22. 25. 
bpj«n-pfce, 192. 17. 
bp^en-{>oii2, 24. 6. 
bpyfen. 161.4. 
bune, 338. 23. 
bups-r»l, 179. 7. 
bupx-p:ebe, 476. 3. 
bupn-rele, 477. 10. 
bfht, 389. 26, 404. 23. 
jebylbeb, 130. 81. 
bylbo, 8. 5. 
byleb-bpeorc, 489. 23. 
byme, 206. 30. 
^e-ebbypbeb, 372. 30. 
byplian, 161. 8. 
^ebypman, 161. 6. 
bypn-jnga, 292. 5. 
bypn-pijeQb, 461. 19. 
abypbe, 234. 24. 


calc-ponb, 342. 15. 
calu, 427. 81. 
carepe, 240. 6, 310. 30 

319. 30. 
ceBFl, 77. 5, 363. 26. 
ceap-jealbop, 279. 24. 
cefip';;e|T, 125. 34. 
ceap-relb, 306. 10. 
cea|rep-b]ib, 20. 7. 
ceol.))elu, 473. 1. 
ci8, 338. 7. 
clam. 217. 8. 
clenjtin, 411. 6. 

clom, 134. 22, 138. 2. 
cluftnp, 20. 8, 256. 23. 
dympp, 426. 18. 
acol, 143. 20. 
coUen-pepC, 290. 26. 

361. 9. 
;ecpin;aii, 291. 9. 
jecpob, 386. 17. 
cpjban, 384. 15. 
culpa, II. 28. 
cumbol-h^a, 266. 8. 
cumbol-hece, 280. 30. 
OFepcuman, 379. 1. 
cpibe-sieb, 289. 28. 
cpbe-fcpal, 314. 27. 
cyle-jicel, 201. 20. 
pipcymea, 10. 13. 
cyne-jolb, 238. 17. 
cpie-^pn, 240. 5. 
cypcenu, 407. 16. 
cJ7^. 299. 22. 300. 7. 

322. 1. 
uncy«»u, 153. 18. 

b»b-rcua, 16. 22. 
bmj-peb poma, 179,24. 
btej-poma, 175. 7. 
bapeS-lacenbe, 358. 29. 
bapu, 144. 2. 
bea], 216. 10, 332. 21. 

404. 22. 
beatS-jieceb, 200. 30. 
beatS-pej. 161. 25. 
beopaK, 393. 9. 
faojobe. 380. 17. 
bojop-pfm. 231. 6. 
bol-bpunc, 393. 32. 
bol-pillen, 269. 17. 
bom-eabij, 145. 2.^. 
bpo^uD, 145. 23. 



Seb|iea2, 389. 19. 
b|)eoiicum, 385. 15. 
fapoflic, 446. 8. 
briohc, 171. 31. 
bpolicaS,53.28, 143.4, 

203.22,227.1, 389. 

bibpopeD. 139.24,291. 

8, 306. 31. 
b[iu2ut!u, 368. 5. 
bjij. 260. 23. 
bpjht-cpen, 324. 21. 
bp^hc-juma, 314. 31. 
bpybc-funienbe, 293. 6. 
bpyhcen-bealu, 183. 6, 

330. 22. 
bp^enbe, 222. 13. 
bujan. 322. 1, 324. 4. 
jeby^an, 128. 31, 197. 

7, 257. 35, 386. 6, 

420. 5. 
jebypit- 465- 22. 

eacen, 13. 20. 
eab, 380. 30. 
eaben, 13. 10. 
eab-pela. 169. 7.215. 10. 
e^-5ebypb, 219. 3. 
eahcen. 66. 20, 94. 34. 

123. 4. 
eahnan, 122. 17, 297. 

ealbop-bealu, 98. 31. 
edbop-leje, 177. 29. 
ealboji-sepeBfC, 421. 

eBlbop-jepm, 134. 10. 
ealo-pore, 330. 10. 
eapCDon-rrBn, 73. 27. 
«apbj»jT, 433. 1. 

eapb-rcapa, 286. 23. 
eapenbel, 7. 20. 
e^pe^t-meec^a, 328. 3. 
eapptS-peli;, 294. 1. 
eapjfapu, 47. 28, 266. 

eap-jpuBb, 188. 3. 
e^. 384. 3. 
eaphpipum, 47.28,266. 

eapm-fceopeD, 267. 20. 
eapa, 307. 16. 
eappe, 385. 10. 
«acole, 354. 39. 
easl-^er^ealla, 489. 2. 
onseaSe, 248. 16. 
ec^-hece, 310. 6. 
ebop-jon^. 102. 21. 
eh, 404. 21. 
eh-jTpeam, 283. 1. 
eleK, 106. 8. 
eUop-pif, 165.11, 430. 

eob, 463. 16. 
enbe-ixtep, 279.8,828. 

enc, 291. 24. 
eobep, 249. 17. 
eobop-»))«luij, 339. 6. 
eojrop, 344. 20, 423. 8. 
eoh, 337. II. 
e(ipcaii-jt»D, 478. 7. 
eopciiEm-p:an, 73. 27, 

238. 12. 
eopeb-ci«jr, 220. 25, 

358. 27. 
eopeb-msecg, 404. 6. 
eopmea-cfnn, 333. 3. 
eopp, 433. 21. 
eopS-sepD, 459. 22,460. 

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eopS-Fsec, 367. 15, 
aopt(-3pa|), 476. 12. 

jeepan, 174. 17, 
«)wl-boba, 162. 15. 


paca. 454. 32. 
Fffic, 354. 51. 
jrwjpian, 308. 32. 
jernlpan, 9. 33, 20. 19. 

490. 21. 
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Fiep-haja, 159. 27. 
fep-feapo, 48. 11. 
fsjp-rcjce, 48. 4. 113. 

faep-rpeU. 165. 4. 258. 

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fKrt-Jcmxel, 298. 4. 
ffflceb, 434. 27. 
fnem-pfm. 199. 21, 
papoB, 458. 13,471. 16. 
Fapo8'lac«Dbe. 361. 1ft. 

364. 34. 
faracocaloD, 360. 18. 
realo, 296. 19. 
realty, 116, 34. 
peapo, 364. 54. 
reax-hfip, 487. 13. 
pejan, 479. 12, 
pen-yce, 426. 9. 
peoh-jercoalb, 283. 25. 
sec-peohtan, 328. 15. 
peol, 497. 18. 
peopb-jiepu, 353. I. 
peoph-hopb, 213. 7. 
pep-blteb, 281. 21. 
je^ieopa, 413. 21. 
pe)>e-muiib, 397. 10. 
pe)>ep. 289. 13. 
{:e)>ep-boma, 317. 14. 

pfel-bop, 321. 8. 




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pecan. 360. 5. 
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rla^^c-bDrlb, 373. 3. 
Flah, 354. 18. 47, 362. 

plan-jepeoiic, 42. 21. 
plan-fipacu, 170. 25. 
Flan-piisec. 265. 20. 
fleah, 354. 12. 
flee, 437. 3. 4S8. 24. 
Fli2«-pil, 315. 6. 
Flinc, 1. 11. 
l^c-xii»S> 383. U. 
jejrlica, 357. 25. 
flocui, 402. 23. 
flob-imbu, 53. 21. 
Serloca, 360. 17. 
jloc-pe^, 475. 1. 
jd^fac.h|itK:, 221. 15. 
Sefos, I. 10. 
bifohcen, 384. 23. 
plc-ajenbe, 198. 4. 
p)lc-hp«|ienbe, 356, 2, 
polc-pel, 381. 3. 
polb-sepn, 45. 36, 163. 

|»lb-SpKF, 63. 27. 
Folb-p^lm, 202. 3. 
FolxaS. 379. 25. 
)Mpj:5n, 259. 18. 273. 

fopS-sefceajr, 346. 24. 
ppKpeapb, 236. 4. 
FpteCe, 84. 15. 
Fp«cn, 225.17,285.35. 
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fpeopij-fepS, 182. 30. 
jejrpeoSian, 110. 7. 
(peo|iu>peapb, 112. 15. 
];)ieo)m.pebbe, 319. 2. 

FPib-heD^ert, 404. 7. 
jcpisa. 26. 19. 
fpqfi. 3. 17, 378. 13. 
Fpompeapb, 310. 7. 
Fpum-jap, 283. 24. 
fujel-bona, 298. 5. 
P2^1-Cin>^P' !il4. 8. 
Fill. 331. 2. 
piU. 406. 8. 
pUleftan, 407. 1, 457. 

Fur-leo«, 39. 17,183. 1. 
ryl, 135. 7. 
Fylner, 368. 7. 
Fyp-beS, 61. 18, 228. 

pypb-pinc, 489. 3. 
fypb-rceopp, 395. 25. 

fJpn-jTpeam, 360. 17. 
F^jt:-meapc, 213. U. 
f^fc-jemeapc, 164. 9. 


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jaern, 53. 13. 
i^jvon, 243. 27. 
jfipA-jmbea, 274. 7. 
Ofcp-jan, 377. 21. 
Xanec, 307. 8. 
jap-pip, 49. 5. 
jap-jecpum, 42. 18. 
;eac. 146. 27. 309. 6. 
jeafl, 219. 1. 
3«^-mob,274. 10,278. 

jeap. 329. 12. 

jempu, 477. 27. 
Seapolice, 378. 2. 
je&pu-pypbi^ 295. 21. 
jearn. 255.18,362.33. 
jeac-cop, 476. 7. 
jeatS, 176. 8. 
j«hl>a, 174. 22. 
^ehtSu, 266. 1. 
Seh«um, 6. 27.367.18. 
bijenja. 207. 27. 
Senje, 147. 35. 
jeocop, 164. 33. 
SeoFon-Fl<5b. 193. 21. 
jeo;u, 216. 12. 225.5. 
jeonb-rppeot, 3. 27. 
Sepi-cjpe. 353. 12. 
jieF-jCol, 36. 6, 289. 7, 

337. 23. 
Sifep. 373. 81. 
pef\. 332. 23. 
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337. 23. 
SlKm, 215. 15,252.23. 
Sleap-fcol, 499. 1. 
jleo-beam, 42. 9, 296. 

Xliba, 406. 23. 
5lip.ft«f, 289. 22. 
2l6m. 350. 30. 
unjnjbe, 359. 30. 
Xob-rc^b, 254. 29. 
^obu, 247. 18, 250. 2. 

254. 9, 278. 16. 
Sob-peb, 70.8,417.25. 
Solb-pine, 287.31,288. 

bijoQj. 249. 16. 
jop. 433. 5. 
sop, 426. 11. 
5P«r-|»nj, 203. 2. 
^penman. 277. 11. 
2peoc-bopb, 178. 6. 
2pima, 423. 7. 




jpinbBU, 162. 12. 
2pin3-|>p»c, 258. 14. 
SftoDbopIeaj-, 258. 26. 
Sjiunb-fU)-, 316. 15. 
Xpnnblear- S78. 12. 
3{iuab-rc«ac, 3. 27. 
nnsri^be, 354. 2. 
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Xum-cjft, 265. 14. 
Sum-)>e;ii, 298. 11. 
^uft-bopb, 346. 11. 
jutf-Fjiec, 223. 1. 
SuS-jepin, 388. 10. 
SuC-peaF, 265. 26. 
Xjfl, 153. 8, 180. 5, 

226. 24. 
XjjiQ, 252. 34. 
Xypa-fWer. 257. 10. 

tuejl-Fapu, 292. 26. 
hemefa-lac, 429. 11. 
tuejin-Floca, 182. 9. 
tinS-rc^>a, 328. 6. 
biJop. 262. 3, 264. 6, 

268. 30. 
halr-hnix, 37. 3. 
halY-yjaft, 387. 12. 
han-selle, 431. 11. 
haro-nis, 392. 23. 
harn, 206. 4, 381. 6, 

394. 26,406. 21. 
hanns, 208. 10. 
heabfie, 482. 5. 
hrajnla, 31. 34, 176. 

14. 238. 15. 
heafob-sim, 81. 29, 886. 

heafob-rfne, 329. 19. 
heofob-^, 390. 17. 
hean, 349. 6. 

hean-rpebi;, 295. 1. 
heapb-jielis, 295. 12. 
heapm-jalitn, 280. 14. 
heapm-leo«, 279. 18. 
heapm-|TeF, 115.35. 
heiqipe, 207. 1. 
hea)io-;lem, 438. 6. 
healwpe, 401. 17, 482. 

heafo-rijel, 486. 17. 
heapu-bfpne, 297. 7. 
jehesaD. 334. 19, 44.5. 

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bibelmab, 257. 2. 
helm-bepenfa. 461. 18. 
heobi;, 299. 1. 
lieoFob-pm, 836. 6. 
beofon-conbel, 349. 30. 
heop>n-{>oma, 52. 16, 

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heoloS-c^, 94. 19. 
heoloK-heliu, 362. 31. 
heolrtop-c(^. 200. 31. 
heope-bpeopi^, 212. 28. 
heopo, 346. 10. 
heopS-pepub, 352. I. 
hepe-cipm, 156. 9. 
hepe-n«, 411. 24. 
hepo-rpej, 477. 12. 
hece-pun, 416. 6. 
heclen, 23. 5. 
hmbep-hoc, 315. 20. 
ahi)>aD, 328. 9. 
ahUban, 35. 34. 
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bihlnmaD, 54. 18. 
up>ahlRDitn. 316. 24. 
hl»p, 199. 13. 
hleo-bopb, 408. 14. 
^ehleob, 56. 23. 
Uea-bpfhcen, 324. 13. 
U«oiudi, 117, 10. 

hlaop-cophc. 463. 21. 
hleo-rceopp, 391. 15. 
hleo)m, 46. 30. 
Sehle|>a, 395. 9,499.30. 
hlib, 20. 7. 

^ehlib. 32. 25, 34. 20. 
EohLben, 373. 15. 
hliD, 437. 17. 
hlin-bupu, 364. 29. 
hhn-pasceb, 257. 6. 
him-rcua, 275. 2. 
hlinc, 199. 13, 384. 7. 
hli«, 473. 28. 
hIo«-5eqiob, 386. 17. 
behl^lwb, 395. 20. 
jehiiKjeb, 311. 7. 
Selma|T,384. 13,386. 12. 
unhneap, 323. S, 326. 

hnecca, 490. 1. 
ahiwop, 153. 2. 
hnoniaii, 388. 13. 
hoten, 437. 19. 
^eholen, 288. 15. 
bolm-nuejea, 382. 10. 
holm-|>pgec, 205. 19. 
homep, 368. 14. 
honb-p^m, 427. 24. 

482. 15. 
tuSp-jehnajT, 384. 13. 
hopb-FEec, 470. 17. 
lu^D^, 206. 30. 
hopD-)^l, 383. 10. 
IxTP-rPP^can, 11, 16. 
hoSma, 3. 32. 
hpfi, 2.5,119. 14,235. 

hp»2n-loca, 487. 1. 
hpeSep-loca, 65. 17. 
fapim-pcel, 307. 1. 
hpuuis-heapb, 496. 25. 
hiunj, 34. 5, 182. 21. 




hfiinjeDbe, 432. 16. 
hpmj-mepe, 478. 21. 
h|iia2-I>ese, 308. 24. 
hpijil, 417. 20. 
bpori. 436. 18. 
bil^open, 291. 4. 
tpojt. 477. 29. 
bpo{K)p,39. 16, 265.33, 

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hpun^ 404. 19. 
hpuceDbe, 417. 19. 
htt-dpe, 307. 9. 
hup-r«u, 297. 6. 
hufel, 103. 10. 
hupil-beapa, 135. 28. 
hupil-pep, 149. 28. 
hpel-mepe, 382. 2. 
hpgec-peb, 477. 5. 
hpeapfc, 32. 12. 
bpilen, 365. 10. 
unhfilen, 167. 15. 27. 
hficon. 354. 48. 
hpic-loRceb, 489. 7. 
fophp^feb, 3. 11. 
jehpJTic, 355. 2. 
ponh^ij, 95. 14. 
hjse-jap, 315. 21. 
b^t-pleja. 402. 12. 
lebfpban, 331. 3G. 
onhypjan, 391. 2, 406. 

h^lT&n, 69. 15. 
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ilan, 488. 17. 
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mbjiyhc, 311. 15. 

in&pfhreD, 287. I : 

430. 1, 500. 3. 
ubpj'hco, 311.8. 
inlocarr, 27. 18. 
ina-peopub, 325. 13. 
lupic-puu, 279. 7. 
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unleb, 279. 19. 
Itela. 143. 34. 
bdsenan, 277. 7. 
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Zelaju, 309. 28. 
1^^'Ifib, 286. 19. 
li^u-meapj;, 182. 7. 
lfim-F»C, 375. 4. 
lansiao, 376. 13. 
lanjaS, 444. 26. 
l^p-cpibe, 288. 28. 
onlean, 352. 25. 
leoFtal,57.4, 357.21. 
leofac-bnpe, 299. 34. 
leolc, 283. 2, 438. 15. 
beleolc, 471. 26. 
leomo-lBemena, 2. 6. 
leomU'Um, 164. 1. 
ojFepleopan, 145. 21. 
beleoran, 407. 35. 
leofa-cfiK'Fc, 295. 6. 
roleoSob, 373. 16. 
leo)>a-pM:, 298. 12. 
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up-bben, 416. 13. 

h^-fpatc. 224. 3. 
linben-bopb, 339. 16. 
lio|>u-ca»2e, 21. 13. 
Lfc-henbi;, 299. 1. 
locan, 2. 14. 
locn, 20. 21. 
alobea, 493. 5. 
^eloben, 327. 20. 
lombep, 164. 22. 
unlonb, 361. 3. 
lonb-pyht. 379. 29. 
jelon^ 281. 13. 
Df-lonjab, 443. 13. 
lonxaS, 123.9,377.14, 

444. 2. 26. 
lonjian, 442. 18. 
lonzpim. 149. 23. 
loc, 345. 16. 
IjFC-pec. 411.21. 
Ijpc-lacenbe, 110. 31. 

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lyrC-rceafn, 329. 24. 
lysnian, 69. 13. 
lyrpe. 345. 16. 
Ifcepi^- 243. 13. 


mEejen-fnre, 410. 2. 
msej-peobcn, 249. 9. 
comeelban, 446. 22. 
Semiecpa)t:, 168. 19. 
m»p. 307. 11, 474. 6. 
mt^u-timbep, 335. 13. 
mah, 354. 47. 
Semah, 337.24, 361. 19. 
man-bpeam, 477. 14. 
m&i'bpmc, 406. 6. 
mapm-jTfii, 221. 12. 
ma|>m, 339. 2, 475. 7. 
ataffata-^tfteaib. 344. 




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meapc-pnS, 465. 7. 
meaps. 291. 34. 
mesph. 119. 19, 297. 

17, 339. 2, 342. 13, 

475. 7. 
meb-jrpebij, 294. 3. 
meb-pir, 387. 24. 
mele-beB)', 215. 29. 
meobu-buph, 473. IB. 
meobu-pil, 331. 2. 
meobu-paiben, 339. 3. 
mepe-hen^^ej^, 395. 12. 
mepe-lat>. 474. 9, 
mepe-peapb, 363. 13. 
mepe-pepj, 306. 23. 
Rinepiiui, 234.22, 240.S. 
mefan, 425. 26. 
meS, 163. 3. 
me^l-hepjcnbe, 314. 

jemet>s&t>, 160. 27. 
nunpaD, 353. 48. 
mirt-helm, 270. 25. 
ini]>aii, 130. 10, 144. 

beim)iaD, 110. 33. 
mob-b^img, 450. 7. 
molb-npn, 235. 28. 
molb-spttf. 283. 13, 

284. 1. 
molb-hpepeabe, 348. 1 3 . 
molb-pej. 164. 15. 
monb, 134. 26. 
mon-bp^hten, 289. 1. 
monian, 337. 5. 
mon-pej, 132. 34. 
mon-|>eap, 132. 25. 
roopjen-feoc, 458. 4. 
mof, 92. 11, 118. 26. 
moS«e, 432. 4. 
munb-healr. 28. 14. 
bimucab, 106. 17. 

mynelic, 318. 26. 
mjrpcelr, 129. 30. 
amj^pan, 314. 8. 
jemyppeb, 267. 8. 
m^pdfe, 262. 25. 
m^pe, 419. 23. 


nn^an, 166. 2, 175. 26, 

304. 5. 
jenK^an, 54. 28, 119. 

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401. 30. 
nEe^l, 3^2. 12. 
n»jleb-bopb, 439. 17. 
ncer, 136. 2. 
S«iiie;tBD, 410. 3. 
a»can, 389. 7. 
napb, 433. 28. 
beneah. 475. 12. 
jeneahhe, 58. 4, 60. 30. 
neapo-bpej, 260. 24. 
neapo-2pq>, 491. 28. 
neajio-ppeac, 316. 5. 
neb, 355. 17. 
nejon, 166. 2. 
benemnan, 475. 18. 
neo-beb, 235. 7. 
neome, 332. IS. 
aefna. 407. 15, 436. 

jeneCan, 5. 13. 
nijan, 390. 27. 29. . 
nihc-jlom, 158. 27. 
mhC'heliii,]60. 13.292. 

luhc-plin, 167. 35. 
nibt-rcuB, 162. 5, 292. 

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nihc-paco, 306. 13. 
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m»-xjix. 134. 21. 
jeoiSla, 251. 26, 256. 

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niS-fceaJia, 397. 23. 
mfi-pep, 341. 19. 
bmocen, 156. 10. 
Do8, 263. 1,361. 31. 
Dyb-clafa, 256. 31. 
nyb-jebal, 129. 5. 
nyb-ppKc, 133. 17. 

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Df-oll, 353. 38. 
c^-onn. 107.10,265.7. 
ombiehc-hepa, 138. 5. 
oncyp-pSp, 361. 4. 
onbr^bao, 372. 6. 
oi^a, 405. 18. 
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on-opetcan, 321. 4. 
opFeopm, 255. 20. 
opjanoa, 207. 4. 

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opjeacu, 75. 3. 
oplej, 35. 18. 114. 3, 

129.24, 136.5,248. 

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ojtotS. 163. 21, 171. 17, 

172.4, 175.24. 178. 

oppennyr. 136. 27. 
Dppije, 268. 18. 
oppfp^u, 246. 29. 


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pvfian, 485. 8. 
pepnex, 425. 3S. 
p^be, 354. 22. 
p>ppfnbeb. 7. 7. 

p&b. 353. 22. 
pab-pesa, 400. 7. 
p»ceb, 296. 7. 
patbeUe. 429. 31. 
pwpnn, 139. 17, 149. 
20. 240. 24, 302. 3. 
pBphn;, 435. 1. 
pserpB. 193. 24. 
apeaLc, 353. 9. 
S«p«aht, 364. 13. 
pecceub, 2. 12. 
pe;pi-p^ni, 426. 8. 
p«;n-)>eof, 453. 14. 
peone, 459. 27. 
peovs, 167.32,274.8. 
peomj-mob, 361. 21. 
peocau, 75. 32, 330. 5. 
twpeocan, 459. 27. 
peo eu^u, 380. 19. 
perele, 421.34. 
apecan, 389. 12. 
pe^-hjfaij. 467. 15. 
oSpiban, 461. 24. 
ebpu;, 373. 11. 
up-pobop, 146. 34. 
pojian, 340. 30. 
ponb, 297. 9. 
pop, 439. 2. 
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pun-i«Ri:, 429. 17. 
pdn-|4^a, 167. 30. 
pup, 479. 17. 


jepyfae, 481. 8. 
pyae-^ep:, 386. 8. 
p^mS, 296. 14. 
pjpic, 360. 24. 

tHpec. 115. 11. 
r«epa, 364. 54. 
peb.aes. 11. 
aaf»%b. 446. 27. 
Servian, 123. 6. 
[te-meaph, 361. 5. 
remejt, 326. 8. 
j-sa-naca, 474. 7. 
r»ne, 122. 32. 
ffe-pypic, 360. 24. 
rnp, 458. 12. 
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ralo, 489. 21. 
pJo-neb, 433. 9. 
ndo-pab, 439. 1. 
ra^-pab, 329. 20. 
aronian, 172. 23. 
rap-rpell, 456. 6. 
rap-j^»r, 116. 10. 
r£p-ppiec. 224. 27. 
rapl-hopb, 329. 15. 
jefcab, 353. 16. 
popi-CBben, 131. 20. 
rceacan, 280. 17. 
fceamaf, 404. 8. 
^efceap, 326. 26, 420. 

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Serceapu. 421. 26,483. 

18, 486. 2. 
pceapb, 476. 9. 
fcebbun, 61. 6. 
fcencan, 161. 12. 
Xefcenca. 369. 30. 
fceo, 385. 8. 
rceoh, 354. 10. 

rceoh-mob, 282. 32. 
fceopp, 463. 20. 
rciUmg-pIin, 324. 10. 
I'cip-pepeb, 179. 15. 
rcob, 346. 5. 
jefcfib, 154. 14. 
rcobe, 129. 1. 
j-cobim, 134. 30. 
fcopea, 476. 10. 
fcpab, 353. 15. 
;cpal, 314.27. 332. la 
rcpeob, 468. 9. 
rcpi):e[i, 353. 15. 
fcubenbe, 153. 19. 
rcup-beopj, 476. 9. 
rcupum, 469. 24. 
rc^hce. 109. 30. 
rcylb, 219. 17. 
rcylb-hpeaban, 42. 19. 
jej^ypeb, 324.9,466.10. 
rcyCCfl. 296. 15. 
rcjrcelr, 20. 4. 
pjpe-rcjwelr, 20. 4. 
feapo-jim, 476. 5. 
reapo-pil, 497. 17. 
rec2«, 12. 23. 
resi, 70. 16. 
rejn, 216. 1. 
regn-bepenbe, 423. 13. 
Serelba, 289. 24,489.5. 
relb-cyme, 380. 27. 
rele, 494. 1 . 
f-ele-xej-cot, 90. 28. 
fcle-fec;, 288. 20. 
feman, 334. 22.«, 392. 21. 
reomian. 285.4,329.14. 
reoQO-ben, 328. 17. 
reona-benb, 377. 19. 
reorlij. 157. 29. 
3ere)>aD, 15. 26. 
pban, 354.53. 
pje-mew, 93. 24. 


|i;^e-fceopp, 341. 16. 
pgop-npeji, 257. 30. 
nnc-f^, 395. 29. 
pnc-jiepi, 183. 13. 
onpccan, 166. 15, 397. 

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ntS-Fpom, 157. 17. 
jenK-nuejeD, 339. 4. 
jerlean, 320. 32, 321. 

rU«, 384. 17. 
rliKen. 161.27, 268.12, 

316. 22, 362. 25. 
rLtS-hejib, 344. 22. 
rluma, 122. 31. 
rlupan, 385. 3. 
rnuete, 334. 8. 
pieajilice, 391. 16. 
rneotne, 358. 7. 
rneji, 332. 9, 353. 40. 
rnopau, 350. 12. 
I-Dub, 52. 32. 
jTiJpian, 182. 7. 
rnytnan, 403. 12. 
rocn, 145. I. 
onpshc, 283. IS. 
jv>lepe, 212. 2. 
ronb-jjioc, 466. 6. 
ronb-hof;, 173. 31. 
ronj-cfi»)t:, 206. 25, 
roDj-lujni, 378. 14, 
ropj.fCMf, 282. 8. 
ponrpebij, 295. U. 
rpeb-bpopft, 408. 6. 
rpel-boba, 236. 9. 
rpepe-bpoja, 398. 27. 
rploc, 218. 18. 
FOpe-fppeca, 46. 6. 
onrppehc, 353. 8. 
afppiDjaii, 335. 23. 
onrcael, 151. 17. 
Xeri;»Ian, 166. 18. 
rtnl-jiejt, 432. 13. 


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ZejttiiA, 132. 31. 
pal-Son5, 170. 17. 
rcon-hleoS, 292. 18, 

384. 11. 
iran-hbt, 444. 16. 
ftafiol-pong, 417. 4. 
jefceal, 293. 2. 
fCealc. 382. 6,384. 11, 

498. 17. 
piS-rtxall, 266. 20. 
ppep-rceall, 268. 32. 
freajm, 307. 14. 
jrebe-pons, 154. 23. 
rtejn-hjpb, 349. 12. 
cojrencaa, 16. 21. 
jreopa, 349. 13. 
jT^pan, 434. 10. 
oart£pan, 454. 25. 
fCi-pCe, 383. 13. 
rtitS-ecj, 499. 11. 
jTiK-pej, 384. 29. 
jrpeam-pfifa. 296. 21, 
irpeban. 58. 24. 
hejrp^fan, 35J. 29. 
^errun, 61. 27,386.3. 
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p^llan, 46. 35. 
Sertyllan, 40. 34, 45.9. 
arrJpFeb, 12. 27. 
pimrenbu, 386. 19. 
pmb-buenb, 5. 22, 14. 

pinb-helm, 382. 13, 

488. 4. 
funb-hen^ej-c, 53. 20, 

runb-hpvc, 363. 21. 
pmb-plesa, 182. 10, 

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pinb-pubu, 42. 24. 
afpvman, 183. 12. 


rpamian, 167. 33. 
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rpac-sepunfa, 89. 19. 
rpepoc, 358. 1. 
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jpesl-pfib, 353. 47. 
poprpelan, 233. 29. 
jerpeCpian, 164. 17. 
rrae, 12. 23. 
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SejTug, 356. 7. 
rpmpan, 206. 9, 207. 

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nn|>-)%opm, 386. 35. 
rpojan, 59. 10. 
n»l, 212. 23,216. 16. 
rponc, 377. 19. 
rponcen-FephtS, 328. 29. 
rpoiixop, 220. 4. 
rpon-pkb. 383. 4. 
rp«^Faa. 410. 24, 497. 

n>jlc-cpal, 135.22,224. 

rpjlc-tpil, 222. 18. 

235. 32. 
onryUe, 377. 20. 
onryn. 151.24,201.18, 

226. 32. 
SerJnc, 122. 9. 

c»Fel. 297.25, 331. 19. 

345. 2. 8. 
eel, 458. 24. 
ceet-meapc, 154. 27. 
csBre, 492. 28. 
caeca«,327. a. 15. 
can, 355. 17, 458. 23. 
Capup, 205. 18. 



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cealcpian, 23. 19. 
becelban, 217. 1, 221. 

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ceoaati, 327. n. 15. 
ceofaoian, 349. 8. 
ceofeman, 351. 18. 
jeeeoh. 352. 27. 
Fojtceon, 17. 14. 
ceon-cpibe, 129. 10, 

254. 30. 
ceon-l«5, 60. 14. 
W0D-pm», U4. 21. 
ceojiian, 469. 21. 
ceorel, 345. 9. 
ceopi, 362. 9. 
Cib-papa, 102. 18. 
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cillic, 480. 20. 
Cillice, 352. 28. 
cinneS, 354. 32. 
com, 74. 26, 342. 13. 
Seconj, 353. 6. 
copn, 34. 6, 129. 10. 


copn-mob, 141. 2. 
CopD-pp»c, 120. 16. 
tpaj, 354. 37. 
rpebe, 72. 2. 
cpeo-pi^, 146. 9. 
cpumnaS, 147. 18. 
jecpRpaii, 474. 2. 
popcylan, 17. 14. 
cjTaS, 447. 26. 

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460. 14. 


uLc-ceo^iu, 442. 4. 
ulcanur, 42S. 14. 
umbop, 335. 9. 
unpjp, 454. 32. 
upij, 307. 17. 
upij-lajT. 339. 4. 
uSsenje, 153. 12. 

pacep, 380. 30. 
m-^epaban, 163. 29. 
pnbe, 360. 22. 
bepiepeb, 484. 2. 
paej-beop,61. 21. 
ptej-bpopa, 165. 17. 
p»3-f»C. 384. 33. 
pej.heDje]^, 181. 34. 
pej-jcwS, 404. 3. 
pelan, 127. 34. 400. 20. 
pEeUhpelp, 397. 21. 
piel-pil, 171. 15. 
pEel-peaf. 216. 24. 
psl-perc, 164. 3. 184. 

pie]-jrp»l. 179. 11. 
ptepen-pi^a, 395. I. 
p»p, 353. 41, 
pfflpc, 163. 29. 
pKpnyr. 142. 13. 
ptecep-helm, 338. 5. 
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363. 7. 
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pap, 382. 8. 
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bipaune. 291. 2. 
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289. 32. 

pa|>u, 381. 14. 
p8)>um. 208. 26. 
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pefl. 417. 15. 
peman, 288. 10. 
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ebpeaben, 200. 14. 
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peoh, 341. 28. 
peolme, 28. 12. 
^epeopp, 201. 16. 
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pepeb, 179. 15. 
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peS. 102. 15. 
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pi;el.426. 13. 
pipeS, 493. 8. 
iD.pi^an, 415. 14. 
pri-h^r^, 478. 2. 
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pq,.jKeBl, 315. 30. 
pij-JjpilT, 268. 14. 
pil-bec. 353. 42. 
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pl-Xebpybc, 222. 2. 
7il'2etile)>a, 395. 9. 
pil-seft, 313. 28. 
pil-Sieim, 229. 34. 
pil-Sipi, 34. 4. 
onpilt, 145. 25. 


piU-peie, 212. 21. 
pl-n«, 2. 18. 29. 
pilrum, 318. 11. 
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pine-bpjhcen. 28S. 27. 
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pip, 424. 31. 
pip-boj, 395. 5. 
mi&.jiijT, 500. 17. 
on-pUnan, 20. 34. 
pltf, 171. 16. 
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polcea-sehm^, 386. 12. 
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pol-tmi. 477. 18. 
poma, 52. 18, 62. 10, 


5, 282. 15, 292. 22. 
ponb, 120. 1. 
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poe, 125. 31, 156. 8. 
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19, 346. 21, 489. 17. 
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po«-p>n5, 4. 1. 
PpsBc, 354. 51. 
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pptec-mncja, 258. 4. 
pjiSBb, 383. 20. 
PPMjTie, 406. 15. 
pp«n;, 332. 9. 423. 23, 

427. 30. 
Ppa£-p:giieF, 424. 18. 
pfiafu, 117. 7. 
ppejau, 383. 20. 
jepjiejeb, 381. 29. 
appeSian, 121. 27. 


p|i«8')TaS, 422. 6. 
ppohc, 238. 30. 
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ppobc-pmS, IS6. 19. 
ppoceabe, 428. 12. 
pup, 418. 13. 
pulbop-jeftaalb, 408. 

pulboji-homa, 189. 2, 

196. 24. 
puJbop-Djrtms, 492.22. 
pulf-heajreb, 437. 23. 
pupma,218. 14,377.9. 
bepapmao, 377. 9. 
pylpen, 378. 26. 
ebyfha, 364. 19. 
p^-conbel, 174. 31. 
j^-Ionb, 203. 10. 
pjlim-lic, 292. 13. 
pjjip, 105. 5, 336. 5. 
p^pel, 332. 19. 
jepfpcab, 234. 20. 

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tBjxxfi-ylb, 132. 3. 
Jlpec, 307. 6. 
Jpe-Jipeop5, 248. 3. 
^men-^usb, 30. 20. 
Jppmja, 131. 13. 
Jrc, 436. 7. 
J«aii, 484. 13. 
J«.bopt>, 296. 27. 
J«-japu, 200. 22. 
J«-meapli, 54. 5, 363. 

ytS-mepe, 204. 7. 

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tn]f))ah, 354. 39. 
a)«<^an, 380. 12. 
)>eDtuui, 253. 29. 
Jwon, 278. 30. 
je|>eon, 134. 16, 319. 

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)«ocan, 420. 2. 
pcfsna. 109. 26, 226. 8, 

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357. 28. 
Sefic^aa, 318. 24, 322. 

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{nnban, 431. 17. 23. 
J«iX-P»'>«', 250. 13. 
)>ija, 363. 7. 
Jure, 410. 2. 
firra, 182. 1. 
)nrpa, 182. 1. 
ppjKilian, 288. 29. 
»fSep-^ttc, 112. 7. 
SeppBC, 381. 26, 386. 

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fiiOC'hpH, 275. 22. 
)>papan, 383. I. 
fipea-mebl, 143. 29. 
B|ipeocaD, 152. 30, 347. 

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ppeohnj, 494. 7. 
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SelTunj, 351. 13, 384. 

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pri)ipyccui, 273. 22. 
pjiJIS, 220.27. 481. 15. 
Xeppyfan. 231. 9. 
)>pj«-2ep;ealb, 22. 19. 
j^iypum, 495. 3. 
)>peopj. 248. S. 

)>pea)ih-nmbe|i,275. 15. 
ppiran, 354. SO. 
Sef-yb, 297. 14. 
5ef.Jban, 267. 32, 472. 

5e).j3Mi, 355. 14. 

ropl^lman, 217. 23. 
jeJi^cS, 138. 16. 
iTpel-pomb, 490. 13. 
pjpji, 425. 29. 
pypjieti. 410. 25. 
a|>ycan, 451. 26.