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Full text of "Codex exoniensis. A collection of Anglo-Saxon poetry, from a manuscript in the library of the dean and chapter of Exeter, with an English translation, notes, and indexes"

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By benjamin THORPE, F.S.A., 




SEP 2 4 194t 





IHE only information we possess with regard to the 
manuscript, the entire contents of which are now first 
communicated to the Public, is, that it was one of many 
presented to the library of his cathedral by Leofric, the 
first bishop of Exeter, under whom the see was transferred 
to that city from Crediton, of which he was the tenth 
bishop, in the year 1046. 

In the catalogue of Leofric's donations to his cathedral, 
copies of which still exist (one prefixed to the present 
manuscript, others to manuscripts once forming part of 
the collection, but now in the Bodleian Library, and that 
of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge), this volume is en- 
tered as, I. mycel enjlij-c boo be jehpilcum j^mjum on 
lee's -pijran jepopht {one great English book on various sub- 
jects , composed in verse)^. The handwriting and language 

' For copies of the catalogue see Wanley, pp. 279, 280, and Conybeare's 
Illustrations, p. 199. 



of these lists prove them to be nearly coeval with the do- 
nation which they record, but from that period no men- 
tion of this unique and most interesting relic seems any- 
where to have been made till the days of Wanley, to 
whose catalogue of Anglo-Saxon manuscripts scholars 
were first indebted for their knowledge of its existence. 

Greatly as we are obliged to Wanley for his vast ser- 
vices to Anglo-Saxon literature, it cannot be denied that 
the information which he has imparted to us regarding 
the contents of this manuscript is both imperfect and in- 
accurate ; and, forming but a solitary item in a volumi- 
nous appendage to a work of great cost and magnitude^, 
tended but little towards drawing this venerable monu- 
ment from the obscurity in which it had lain for nearly 
seven centuries: nor was it till the year 1826, that the 
fact of its existence became generally known, through the 
analysis given of it by the Rev. W. D. Conybeare, in the 
" Illustrations of Anglo-Saxon Poetry 2," by his late bro- 
ther, the Rev. J. J. Conybeare, which, though wanting in 
the completeness and accuracy that could result only 
from a careful perusal of every line in the manuscript, 
proved amply sufficient to excite the attention of scholars 
both at home and abroad. 

It was not long after the completion of their edition of 
Caedmon, that The Society of Antiquaries, still ani- 
mated by the same generous spirit which had prompted 

• Hickesii Thesaurus Linguarum Veterum Septentrionalium, 3 voll. foL, 
one of which consists of H. Wanlei Librorum Veterum Septentrionalium 

2 Illustrations, p. 198. 


them to the republication of England's earliest poet, and 
most liberally seconded by the munificent aid afforded by 
their distinguished Vice-President, Hudson Gurney, Esq., 
resolved to impart to the lovers of our old language and 
literature the entire contents of the Exeter manuscript, 
with a modern English version from the pen of the pre- 
sent editor ^ 

This manuscript consists of a folio volume of moderate 
size, written on vellum in a fair and rather fine hand of 
the tenth century. Some leaves both at the beginning 
and the end, as well as in the body of the book, are want- 
ing, and at the end it has sustained serious damage by the 
action of a fluid on the ink, whereby much of the writing 
is rendered wholly illegible ; but though fair and well 
written, it, nevertheless, abounds in instances of false or- 
thography and ignorance on the part of the scribe, to a 
greater degree than any other manuscript I have seen of 
Anglo-Saxon poetry, though these are in general far less 
correct than those of prose productions 2. 

With respect to its contents, it cannot be denied that 
the first 106 pages of the Exeter Book, though interesting 
to the philologist, possess little attraction for any other 
class of readers. The pieces they contain are, no doubt, 

' An edition of Layamon's Chronicle, containing the text of both MSS., 
with translation, notes, &c., by Sir F. Madden, is also preparing for pub- 
lication under the auspices of the Society of Antiquaries. 

2 Among its peculiarities may be noticed : f e-})eah, for f pa-]?eah ; apo, 
for apa ; bi-, for be- ; e, for 8& : and, in verbs, the 3rd pers. sing., for the pi. ; 
the omission of t in the 2nd pers. sing., as jehojbej-, for jehojbej-t; also 
an, for on, in pi. terminations. The termination e, for a, in the pi. of fem. 
substantives, may, however, be the work of a more recent corrupter. 



translations from the Latin ; but their subject is not of a 
nature to stimulate many to search after the originals, 
which, if discovered, would prove of little use in elu- 
cidating the obscurities, or correcting the errors of a 
version, in this and all similar cases yet known, too 
paraphrastic to admit of comparison. Of the other 

" The Legend of Saint Guthlac " has much to recom- 
mend it. It is a metrical paraphrase of a curious old 
piece of biography, by Felix, a monk of Croyland Abbey, 
whose Vita S. Guthlaci is printed in the Acta Sanctorum 
Benedictorum, and of which an Anglo-Saxon version, 
written with great purity and simplicity, is to be found in 
the Cottonian MS. Vesp. D. xxi^ The latter part of this 
legend, containing the journey of Beccel, the friend and 
companion of Guthlac, to announce the death of the saint 
to his sister Pege, is expressed with great beauty of dic- 
tion, and is highly poetic. Such pieces are, moreover, 
valuable as contributions to the stock of matter for a his- 
tory of our language and its literature. 

A still more poetic, and altogether more interesting piece, 
is the noble paraphrase from the Latin, "The Phcenix." 
From the original at the foot of each page it will be seen 
how greatly its author has amplified the matter he had to 
work on, thereby rendering all comparison with the Jjatin 
for critical purposes nearly out of the question. The ap- 
plication of the fable of the phcenix to the resurrection is 
exclusively the work of the Saxon paraphrast. 

' Also a fragment in the Vercelli MS., fol. 133''. 


" The Legend of Saint Juliana," beyond its philological 
value, which is considerable, has little to claim our atten- 

"The Wanderer," unlike the majority of Anglo-Saxon 
metrical compositions, bears internal evidence of origi- 
nality. To judge from a text frequently very obscure 
and perhaps corrupt, it appears to be the lament of an 
exiled follower for the death of his beloved friend and 
chief, and of his associates. It is deeply to be regretted 
that this piece (one of the few Anglo-Saxon productions 
not on a religious subject) should stand as it were iso- 
lated, apart from every historic or legendary notice, 
which, by contributing to its illustration, would infinitely 
increase its worth and interest. This composition, to- 
gether with a few others in the present volume', lead 
irresistibly to the suspicion, that of our historic and le- 
gendary lore a very considerable portion has either irre- 
trievably perished, or, lost perhaps to the present genera- 
tion, may yet exist among the half-explored manuscript 
treasures of this and other countries 2. Let us, however, 
cherish the hope that the spirit of liberal inquiry now 
in full activity on the continent of Europe, will, at no di- 
stant day, find in England a home not less welcome than 
that which it enjoys among our Teutonic brethren abroad, 
and that it may succeed in ascertaining, for the satisfac- 
tion of the literary world, what monuments of this de- 
scription, whether lay, or legend, or authentic history, yet 
lie buried under the accumulated dust of ages. 

» See pp. 306, 318, 377, 441, 473, 476. 

* More particularly France, Belgium, and Italy. 


Of "The Scop or Scald's Tale" my opinion will be 
found in the notes at the end of the volume. I regret that 
no data exist whereon to found a more satisfactory one ; 
the poem, though apparently an episode only of some 
lost epic, and wholly fictitious, being eminently calculated 
to excite, without gratifying, curiosity. 

" On the Various Fortunes of Men." — This piece bears 
the impress of originality, and is highly interesting as af- 
fording a few glimpses into the manners and habits of our 
forefathers, during a period when all our knowledge con- 
cerning them, beyond such incidents as enter the pale of 
history, is extremely vague and scanty. 

The "Gnomic Verses" are, as their title imports, a 
string of proverbial sentences, many of them, it must be 
confessed, truisms. These verses (not indeed exactly in 
their present form) are apparently of very remote anti- 
quity. Though perhaps assignable to the same class as 
the Sentences of Theognis, the Works and Days of Hesiod, 
&c., we cannot, I think, look for their prototype among 
the Greeks, but may rather assume that these similar 
productions of the ancient world originated in a state of 
society common to every people at a certain period of 
civilization ; and though, in their present form, subsequent 
to the introduction of Christianity, it will not perhaps be 
wide of the mark to assign to them, in their original state, 
a date anterior to the first migration of the Teutonic tribes 
to this island ; for, disguised as they are, they exhibit an 
almost ' solitary relic of the most ancient kind of learning 

' I use the word almost, because a similar specimen exists at the end of 


in use amongst us. Of a nearly similar class is a portion 
of the Eddaic Hava-^Mal, which, as well as these Gnomic 
Verses, is undoubtedly indebted to oral tradition for its 
preservation to the present day. The poem " On the 
Wonders of the Creation," immediately following, is ap- 
parently a later attempt at a somewhat similar style of 
composition. It is by no means free from obscurities. 

My endeavours to give a version of the "Riming Poem" 
have failed. A translation of some of its easier portions 
will be found among the notes, where I have ventured an 
opinion as to one cause of the difficulties attending this 
extraordinary and to me unintelligible production. 

" The Panther," and "The Whale " afford very early 
specimens of a favourite species of poetry in the middle 
age — the moralizations, derived from the extravagant no- 
tions then prevalent with regard to natural objects, but 
more particularly to the animal creation. Like *' The 
Phoenix," these are, no doubt, paraphrases from the 

"The Departed Soul's Address to the Body."— With 
respect to this also favourite topic of the middle age, see 
a note at the end of the volume. 

With regard to " Deor the Scald's Complaint," "The 
Exile's Complaint," "A Fragment^," and "The Ruin," 
we can only deplore our profound ignorance of the cir- 

the Menology, beginning, Cymnj j-ceal pice healban : see Fox's edit., p. 44, 
and Hickesii Thesaurus, torn. i. p. 207. 
> At p. 473. 


cumstances under which they were written, and of the 
persons, the places, and the events, to which they allude. 
Of the last-mentioned of these, although (like the fallen 
burgh which it so vividly and graphically describes) a 
ruin, enough remains to show that, in its entire state, it 
must have been one of the noblest productions of the An- 
glo-Saxon muse. Would it could be retrieved at the sa- 
crifice of the first 100 pages, or, that the hand of the de- 
stroyer had inflicted the whole work of destruction on the 
beginning only of the manuscript ! 

Of the " Riddles" I regret to say that, from the ob- 
scurity naturally to be looked for in such compositions, 
arising partly from inadequate knowledge of the tongue, 
and partly from the manifest inaccuracies of the text, my 
translations, or rather attempts at translation, though the 
best I can offer, are frequently almost, and sometimes, I 
fear, quite, as unintelligible as the originals. Though 
they have baffled me, yet, as they will now be in the hands 
of the Public, a hope may reasonably be entertained, that 
one more competent will undertake their interpretation, 
and with a more favourable result. Of some I have 
deemed it advisable to give merely the Saxon text, unac- 
companied by an eflfort at translation. 

Collections of ^Enigmata have been left us by Sympo- 
sius, Aldhelm, Beda, and others ; but these are, generally 
speaking, extremely short, and although they may occa- 
sionally have suggested a subject to our * scop ' whereon 
to exercise his skill, yet are those in the present collection 
too essentially Anglo-Saxon to justify the belief that they 
are other than original productions. 


Those who are desirous of information on the subject of 
the runes of the Anglo-Saxons, beyond what may be ga- 
thered from the present volume, will be gratified by the 
perusal of a valuable paper by Mr. Kemble in the twenty- 
eighth volume of the Archseologia, also of a small work, 
" Ueber Deutsche Runen, von Wilhelm Carl Grimm." 

Of the version accompanying the text I must speak, as 
I think, with great diffidence. From first to last it has 
been my endeavour to make it literal, and, at the same 
time, readable. The first of these qualities (with the ex- 
ception of places where the conjectured reading has been 
translated, instead of that of the text) it will, I trust, be 
generally found to possess. With regard to the latter, 
the reader will feel no surprise on finding an unintelligible 
text accompanied by an equally unintelligible version ^ 
That cases of this kind rather frequently occur, I much 
regret, but trust that the gentle reader will, on such occa- 
sions, in the spirit of mercy, kindly call to mind that his 
was no easy task who undertook, and exerted his utmost 
to produce, a translation of the Exeter Book. 

The text now communicated to the Public is from a 
transcript made by me at Exeter in the year 1832, where 
every accommodation and facility was most kindly afforded 
me, during the time I was engaged on my task ; and I 
gladly avail myself, though late, of the first opportunity 

' I am aware that in some places diiFerent interpretations will be found 
assigned to the same A. S. word ; but these cases are few, and not of a 
nature to influence the general sense of the version, to the prejudice of the 
English reader ; while to the A. S. scholar the version is only of secondary- 


that offers of expressing my thanks to the Right Reverend 
The Bishop of Exeter, for his courtesy in acceding to 
my wishes in the first instance ; also to the Venerable 
Archdeacon Pott, Chancellor of the Church of Exeter, 
for his obliging promptitude in procuring the return of 
the manuscript, which on my arrival at Exeter was still 
lying at the British Museum, where a fac-simile transcript 
had been taken, now among the " Additional MSS.," No. 
9067. 154 f. 

During a considerable portion of my task^ I gratefully 
acknowledge to have profited by the suggestions of my 
friend, John M. Kemble, Esq., from which the version 
has, in numerous instances, derived great advantage. Re- 
garding the opinion of Mr. Kemble on all subjects con- 
nected with the old language and literature of Teutonic 
Europe as of the highest value, I heartily regret that other 
imperative engagements prevented him from accompany- 
ing me to the end of my labour. 

To Messrs. Richard and John E. Taylor I have also to 
express my thanks for their promptness and care, while the 
volume was passing through their press ; as well as for 
the zeal evinced by them for the general advancement 
of the work. 

Immediately following the text will be found a few 
pages of illustrative notes, of which those on * ' The Scop 
or Scald's Tale " are for the most part extracted from the 
labours of German scholars, but more particularly of Ett- 

1 To the end of " The Legend of St. Juliana." 


raiiller^ Wilh. C. Grimm^, Lappenberg"^, Leo*, and Suhm-^. 
For the explanation of many poetical expressions I am 
much indebted to the notes of Dr. J. Grimm, appended to 
his edition of " Andreas und Elene^." 

By the Verbal Index', with which the volume termi- 
nates, it will be seen that a considerable addition has been 
made to our stock of Anglo-Saxon words, particularly of 
compounds ; and 1 entertain the fervent hope that no great 
length of time will elapse before that stock receives a 

* Scopes vidsidh. Sangers Weitfahrt, &c., von Ludwig Ettmiiller, Zu- 
rich, 1839. In a small work under this singular and certainly erroneous 
title, Ettmiiller has contributed more than any other scholar to illustrate 
the ethnography of " The Scop or Scald's Tale." The substance of his 
labours will be found in my notes. 

^ Die Deutsche Heldensage, von Wilhelm Grimm, Gottingen, 1829. 
■'' Recension der Leo'schen Sprachproben, in the Berliner Jahrb. fiir 
Wissensch. Kritik for August 1838. A very excellent paper. 

* Altsachs. und Angelsachs. Sprachproben, von H. Leo, Halle, 1838. 

* Historic af Danmark fra de aeldste Tider til Aaret 803, ved P. F. Suhm, 
Copenh., 1782. Or the same translated, imder the title, P. F. von 
Suhms Geschichte der Danen ins Teutsche iibertragen von F. D. Grater, 
Leipsig, 1803. 

^ In 1834 I arranged and prepared for the press a collection of Anglo- 
Saxon poems from the transcript of a MS. in the library of the Chapter 
at Vercelli, which was afterwards printed under my care, by authority of 
the Commissioners on the Public Records, as an appendix to an intended 
Report on Rymer's Fcedera. Consisting of some of the most interesting 
relics of Anglo-Saxon poetry, its suppression, in consequence of the disso- 
lution of the Commission, is much to be regretted ; though from one of 
several copies sent abroad as presents. Dr. J. Grimm reprinted at Cassel, 
in 1840, the two most important pieces contained in it, with valuable an- 
notations, under the above-mentioned title. It is in the hope that the 
above-mentioned Report may one day see the light that I have constantly 
quoted its pages in the present volume. 

■^ This index is limited to words rarely or now first occurring in A. S., to 
the exclusion of such as are already sufficiently explained in the dictionaries. 


further increase ; when I trust that Mr. Kemble will be 
induced to complete his already ample collections, and 
give to the world that great desideratum, an Anglo-Saxon 
Dictionary suited to the present state of scholarship 
both here and abroad. In the Althochdeutscher Sprach- 
schatz of Graff, now in course of publication, he has a 
praiseworthy example, and on the support of all Teutonic 
scholars throughout Europe he may confidently calculate. 

B. T. 



To Jesus Christ 1 

To the Virgin Mary 5 

On the Nativity 11 

On the same 17 

To the Trinity 24 

On the Nativity 26 

On the Nativity and Ascension 28 

On the Ascension and the Harrowing of Hell 32 

Hymn of Praise and Thanksgiving 38 

Hymn in continuation of the foregoing 43 

Poems on the Day of Judgment, I. — III 49 

On the Crucifixion 67 

On the Day of Judgment, I, II 74 

On the Crucifixion, &c 87 

Of Souls after Death, &c., I. II 93 

Poem, Moral and Religious 104 

The Legend of St. Guthlac = . . . 107 

The Story of Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah paraphrased 185 

The Phoenix 197 

The Legend of St. Juliana 242 

'^ The Wanderer 286 

On the Endowments and Pursuits of Men 293 

A Father's Instruction to his Son 300 

^ The Seafarer 306 

Monitory Poem 313 

The Scop or Scald's Tale (t^.i^^^ 318 

On the Various Fortunes of Men 327 

Gnomic Verses, I. — III 333 

On the "Wonders of the Creation 346 

Riming Poem 352 

The Panther 355 

The Whale 360 

A Fragment 365 

A Departed Soul's Address to the Body, 1 367 

II. (from the VercelU MS.) . 374 

^ Deor the Scald's Complaint 377 

Riddles 380—441 


V The Exile's Complaint 441 

On the Day of Judgment 445 

A Supplication 452 

On the Resurrection and the Harrowing of Hell 459 

Religious Poem 467 

A Fragment 468 

The Lord's Prayer paraphrased . « 468 

Maxims 469 

Riddles 470—473 

•J A Fragment 473 

V The Ruin 476 

Riddles 479—500 

Notes 501 

Index of Persons 531 

Index of Countries and Folks 533 

Verbal Index 535 


A. and E. — Andreas and Elene. — Herausgegeben von Jacob Grimm, Cas- 

sel, 1840. 
Bjo. Hald. — Lexicon Islandico-Latino-Danicum Biomonis Haldorsonii, &c., 

Havniae, 1814. 
Graff. — Althochdeutscher Sprachschatz, &c. Vol. I.— IV. Berlin, 1834 — 

Grimm's D. Heldens. — Die Deutsche Heldensage von Wilhelm Grimm, 

Gottingen, 1829. 
Grimm's D. M. — Deutsche Mythologie von Jacob Grimm, Gottingen, 

K.— J. M. Kemble, Esq. 
M. G. — Moesogothic. 
Mhg. — Middle High German, from the middle of the 12th to the middle 

of the 14th century. 
Ohg. — Old High German, from the 7th to the 11th century. 
O. N. — Old Norsk or Icelandic. 
O. S. — Old Saxon, the dialect of the Heliand, or of Lower Saxony, of the 

9th century. 
V. P. — VerceUi Poetry. See Pref., p. xiii. n. ^. 
Warton's H. E. P. — Warton's History of English Poetry, 3rd Edit. 3 vol. 

Ziemann. — Mittelhochdeutsches Worterbuch, von Adolf Ziemann, &c. 

Quedlinburg und Leipsig, 1838. 
~ or "", placed over a vowel or m, indicates the elision of m, as {jpyme for 

J)pymme, heahj>u for heah)?um, &c. 


* * * * cyninje. [Fol. 8 a] 

"Su eajit fe peall-jcan. 

\>e "Sa pyjihtan lu. 

pi^puppon CO peojice. 

pel ]>e jepij-e^. 

J^aefc ]>\i heapob piC' 

healle m3epp.e. 

a Sepomnise. 

j'lbe peallap. 

paepte ^epoje* lo 

plint unbjiaecne. 

|>aefc jeonb COP'S- b[uenb] eall- 

eajna jepih^^e. 

punbpien to poplbe. 

Pulbjiep ealbop. 

jej-peocula nu ]7uph peajio-cjiaepc 

|7in j'ylpep peopc* 

po^paepfc pijoji-beojihc. 

■3 pona pojilaec^ 

peall pi^ pealle. 

nu ij" ]7am peojice )>eapp- 

|>8ec pe cpaeptja cume- 


* * * * king; 

Thou art the wall-stone, 

that of old the workmen 

from their work rejected : 

well it thee beseemeth, 

that thou be head 

of the great hall, 

and unite 

Me spacious walls 

with a fast juncture, 

th' unfragile flint, 

that, among earth's dwellers, all 

with sight of eyes, 

may for ever wonder. 

Chief of glory ! 

•manifest now through skill 

thine own work : 

just, gloriously bright, 

and forthwith leave 

wall opposite wall. 

Now to the work is needful, 

that the Skilful come. 

6. MS. heapotf. 

12. Supplied from conjecture. 


:j j-e cynmj j-ylfa- 
'J ]7onne jebece. 
nu jebjiofnab ij-. 
hit]' unbeji hjiope. 
he J7aec hra jef cop • 
leomo laemena. 
nu fceal hf-yjiea. 
)?one pejijan heap. 
ppa]?um ahpebban. 
eapme pjiom ejfaii. 
j'pa he opt bybe- 
eala }?u peccenb- 
■;) J^u jiiht cynmj. 
pe )>e locan healbe^- 
hp oncyneb. 

eabja up pijep. 

o)jpum poppypneb. 
pbcijan pil-]'i]7ep. 
pp hip peopc ne beaj- 
hupu pe pop J?eappe. 
]7ap popb j'ppeca'S. 
* .... ^la'S. 
)?one ]>e mon jepcop- 
J)aec he ne hece * 
. . . ceope pppecan- 
ceappulpa l^inj. 
J?e pe in capcepne. 
picca'S popjenbe. 
punnan pil-pi^- 
hponne up hp-ppea. 
leohc oncyne. 
people uppum mobe. 
CO munb-bopan. 
'J ]>fet cybpe jepict • 

and the King himself, 
and it then repair. 
Now decayed is 
the house under its roof, 
he the body created, 
limbs of clay. 
Now shall the Lord of life 
the abject band 
from foes deliver, 
10 the miserable from terror, 
as he oft did. 
Oh thou Ruler, 
and thou just King, 
who the locks * * 

life reveal'd, 

deny'd to others. 

20 We at least for need, 
these words speak, 

* W * Hr 

him who created man. 

that we in prison 
sit sorrowing, 
the sun's course, 
30 when us the Lord of life 
may light disclose, 
be to our mind, 
as a protector, 
and the weak understanding 

6. leemenu? 

12. MS. >a. 

29. Very doubtful in MS. 



cijie bepmbe. 

jebo upc )?aej' pyji^e. 

]>e he to pulbpe pofilec^ 

]>a ])e heanlice' 

hpeoppan pceolban. 

CO \nY enje lonb • 

eiSle bepcyjiebe. 

poji]7on pecjan maej. 

peiSe PC'S j'ppice^. 

I^aet he ahpebbe- 

]>a pojihpyppeb paej-. 

pjium-cyn pipa« 

ysey peo paemne jeonj* 

maejiS manep leap. 

)?e he him co mebeji jeceap, 

]>set paep jepopben- 

butan pejiep ppiju. 

]fsst |?uj\h beajinep jebyjib. 

bjiyb eacen peap^. 

naenij epenhc J?am. 

aeji ne pi]7)?aii. 

m pojilbe jepeajiiS. 

pipep jeajmunj. 

J^aefc bejol paep- 

bpyhtnep jejiyiie. 

eal jiopu ^aepchc- 

jjiunb-pceac jeonb-pppeot 

)?aeji pipna pela* 

peaji'S inhhceb. 

la]ie lonjpume. 

|?ujih hpep pjiumaTj . 

\>e aeji unbejx hodman • 

biholen laejoii' 

3. -p"! 

32. This word occurs also once in Beowulf, 1. 4911 ; fiibento jpejra^'haele]) m 
hoSman. Mr. Kemble conjectures its meaning to be velamen, nubes. 


surround with honour. 
Make us thus worthy, 
whom he to glory hath admitted, 
those who humbly 
must return 
to this narrow land, 
depriv'd of country : 
therefore may say 
he who truth speaketh 
that he rescued 
that which had been perverted, 
the race of men. 
Young was the damsel, 
a maiden void of sin, [chose. 
[8 b'] whom to himself he for a mother 
That came to pass, 
without man's wooings, 
that, through child-bearing, 
the bride was increas'd. 
Not any like to that, 
before nor after, 
in the world was, 
woman's desert : 
that was a secret 
mystery of the Lord, 
all a ghostly grace, 
earth's region it pervaded ; 
there many things 
became enlighten 'd 
with longsome lore, 
through life's Author, 
which ere in darkness 
had hidden lain, 




\>a ye palbenb cpom* 
yepe peojiba jehpaep • 
pyne jemicla^. 
•Sajia ])e jeneahhe- 
iioman pcyppenbep • 
J?ujih hoppcne hab. 
hejijan piUa^. 
Gala pibbe jepih^. 
fca hiejiupalem. 
cyne-pcola cyjt' 
cjiijtej- bujij-lonb. 
enjla eJ?el-ptol. 
;3 J>a ane in }?e. 
paule po^jiaeptjia. 
j'lmle jejiepca'S. 
pulbjium hjiemje. 
naepjie pommep cacn- 
m )jain eapb-jeajibe- 
eapeb peop]?e^. 
ac J7e ppina jehpylC' 
feop abuje^. 
paepj^o ■;) jepinnep. 
bij't CO pulbpe pull' 
haljan hyhcej'' 
ppa \>u jehacen eapt. 
j'loh nu pylpa ]?e. 
jeonb "pa-Y piban jepceapc. 
j^ylce pobopep hpop. 
pume jeonb-phcan. 
ymb healpa jehpone. 
hu ^ec heoponep cyninj. 
j'l^e jepece^. 
J pylp cyme^. 

the oracles of prophets, 
when the Powerful came, 
he who of every speech 
the course enlargeth, 
of those who adequately 
the Creator's name, 
through prudent nature 
will praise. 
O sight of peace ! 

10 holy Jerusalem ! 

choicest of royal thrones ! 
burgh-land of Christ ! 
native seat of angels ! 
and alone in thee 
the souls of the just 
ever rest 

in glories exulting. 
Never the sign of crime 
in that dwelling place 

20 shall be manifested, 
but from thee each sin 
shall far retire 
of malediction and of strife 
thou art gloriously full 
of holy joy, 
as thou art call'd. 
See now thyself 
over this wide creation, 
as also heaven's height, 

30 widely look o'er, 
around each side, 
how thee heaven's King 
in his course seeketh, 
and himself cometh. 

MS. bofone. 

li. raulal 

SI. MS. healja. 



nime^ eapb in ]?e. 
yya. hic aep jejryjin. 
picjan pifjraefce. 
pojibum j-aejbon. 
cy^bon cjiipcep jebyjxb^ 
cpaebon ]>e to pjioppe. 
bup^a bedicapt. 
Nu ip )?set beapn cymen. 
apaecneb to pyppe* 
peopcum ebpea- 
bpinje^ blippe j^e- 
benba onlyj-e'S- 
ni]7um jene'Sbe. 
neapo .... 
* * J?eappe conn, 

hu pe eapma pceaL 
ape jebiban :• 

[9 a] 

taketh in thee his dwelling ; 
as it erst of yore, 
sagacious prophets 
with words declar'd, 
Christ's birth announc'd ; 
said for thy comfort, 
best of cities ! 
' Now is that infant come, 
rais'd up for the overthrow, 
for affliction of the Hebrews 
bringeth bliss to thee, 
looseneth thy bonds : 
hostilely subdued. 

how the miserable shall 
await mercy :• 


6ala pipa pynn- 
jeonb pulbpep J^pym. 
paemne ppeolicapt- 
opep ealne polban pceat- 
]>sey ]7e aeppe punb-buenb. 
pecjan hypbon- 
apece up )?{Bt jepyne- 
]faet ye op pobepum cpom- 
hu ]>n eacnunje- 
aeppe onpenje. 
beapnep J>uph jebypbe. 
;;) ]>one jebebpcipe- 
septep mon-pipan. 

O Delight of women 

throughout the host of glory, 

damsel most noble 

over all earth's region, 

from what earth-dwellers ever 

have heard say ; 

relate to us the mystery, 

that from the skies came to thee, 

how thou increase 

(Bver didst receive, 

through child-bearing, 

and cohabitation, 

after human wise. 

14. Here a leaf is obviouily wanting. 

22. j-ant)-? see Caedm. p. 16, 1. 12. 


mob ne cu^ej-- 
ne pe j-o^lice. 
j-pylcne jeppujnan. 
m aeji-bajum. 
jepjie jelimpan. 
J^aefc '5u in pimbuji-jiej^. 
jT^ylce bepenje. 
ne pe J^aejie pyjibe. 
pen an Jjuppon. 
topeapb in cibe. 
hujiu cpeop in ]>e- 
peoji^licu punabe. 
Bu J?u pulbpep J>pym. 
bopne jebaejie- 
3 no jebpopnab peap"?. 
maej^hab pe micla* 
fpa eal manna beapn. 
popjum papaiS. 
j-pa epfc pipa^. 
cenna^ Co cpealme- 
cpaeiS pio eabje maej* 
jymle pi^opep pull, 
pea mapia* 

hpaefc ip \>eoy punbpunj. 
\>e je papia^. 
'J jeompenbe. 
jehj^um maenad, 
punu poUmaB' 
pomob hip bohtop. 
ppicja^ ]7uph pyppec. 
hu 10 paemnan-hab' 
munb inne jeheolb ^ eac- 
mobop jepeapiS maepe- 
meocubep puna. 

in mind knewest not ; 

nor soothly we 

the like have heard 

in days of yore 

ever to happen, 

such as thou in special grace 

didst receive : 

nor we that event 

may expect 
10 to take place in time ; 

but in thee faith 

estimable dwelt. 

Now thou the Glory of majesty 

in thi/ bosom barest, 

and was not injur'd 

thy pure virginity. 

So all children of men 

in sorrows sow, 

so again reap, 
20 bring forth to death. 

Spake the blessed maiden 

ever of triumph full, 

the holy Mary : 

* What is this wondering 

with which ye gaze, 

and murmuring, 

in spirit grieve ? 

The son of Salem, 

his daughter also, 
30 ask through curiosity, 

how I maidenhood, 

my purity preserv'd, and eke 

became the great mother 

of the Creator's son ? 

I. mobe? 



j:oji)?an |7aet monnum nij-. 

cu^ jejiyne. 

ac cjiiffc onppiah. 

m bauibej-. 

byjipe maejan. 

J?8efc If euan j'cylb. 

eal jrojipynbeb. 

paepj^a apoppen. 

3 jepulbjiab If • 

fe heanpa hab. 

hyhfc 1]' onpanjen. 

J^aec nu blefcfunj mot* 

baem jemaene. 

pejium ^ pifum. 

a to populbe p op^ • 

in )?am uplican. 

enjla bpeame. 

mib foiS-paebep. [ 9-^ ] 

fymle punian. 

eala eapenbel. 20 

enjla beophtapc. 

opeji mibban-jeapb. 

monnum penbeb. 

"3 j'o^paepta. 

punnan leoma* 

tophfc opep fcunjlap. 

)?u tiba jehpane. 

op pylpum j^e. 

pymle inlihcep. 

ppa ]?u 50b op ^obe. 

jeapo acenneb. 

prniu j'o)>an paebep. 

ppe^lep m pulbpe. 


because to man is not that 

mystery known, 

but Christ reveal' d, 

in David's 

dear kinswoman, 

that the sin of Eve is 

all turn'd away, 

the curses averted, 

and is glorified 

the humbler sex ; 

hope is received, 

that now blessing may, 

to both in common, 

men and women, 

ever henceforth, 

in the exalted 

joy of angels, 

with the just Father 

ever dwell.' 

O ray, 

of angels brightest, 

over mid-earth 

sent to men, 

and just 

beam of the sun, 

bright over the heavenly bodies ; 

thou each season, 

from thee thyself, 

ever enlightenst. 

As thou God of God, 

ready begotten, 

of the just Father Son, 

in the glory of the firmament. 

7. pojipenfeeb? 
20. The word eajienbel also occurs, with the signification oijubar, in the Glos- 
sary of Moyen-Moutier. 



butan anjmne- 
8ej:pe psepe- 

j'pa ]?ec nu j:op Jjeapfum- 
]7in ajen j^epeopc* 
bibe^ Jjuph bylbo- 
]?aet: J?u ]7a beophcan up. 
punnan onpenbe- 
■3 )7e pylp cyme. 
|?aec iSu mleohte. 
]?a J?e lonje aep. 
Jjpopme be)7eahte. 
3 in j7eoptpum hep. 
paeton pin-neahcep. 
pynnum bipealbne- 
beopc bea)7ep pceabu- 
bpeojan pceolban. 
nu pe hyhcpuUe. 
haelo jelypa^. 
)7uph ]?aec popb jobep. 
peojiobum bpunjen. 
J>e on ppymiSe paep. 
paebep aelmihtijum. 
epen-ece mib 50b. 
3 nu ept^jepeap^. 
plaepc pipena leaj'. 
]?aefc peo paemne jebaep. 
jeompum Co jeoce. 
50b paep mib up. 
jej'epen bucan pynnu- 
j'omob eapbebon. 
mihtij meotubep beapn. 
3 pe monnep punu. 
jej^paepe on J?eobe. 
pe ]?aep )?onc majon. 

without beginning 

ever wast, 

so thee now in need 

thine own work 

awaiteth with constancy, 

that thou to us the bright 

sun sendest, 

and thyself comest, 

that thou mayest enlighten 
10 those, who long ago, 

with vapour cover'd, 

and in darkness here 

gat, in continual night, 

with sins o'erwhelm'd, 

death's dark shadow 

must endure. 

Now we hopeful 

in the salvation trust, 

through that Word of God, 
20 brought to multitudes, 

which in the beginning was 

with the almighty Father, 

with God, coeternal, 

and is now become 

flesh void of sins, 

that the damsel bare, 

for salvation to the sad. 

God was with us, 

seen without sins ; 
30 together dwelt 

the mighty Son of the Creator, 

and the son of man, 

in concord among people : 

we thanks may therefore 

8. J'u yy\f& ? 


fecjan pje-bjiyhcne- 

fymle bi jepyphcum. 

J?aef ]fe he hme jylj:ne U]'< 

fenban polbe. 

eala ^aej-ta 50b. 

hu ]>u jleaplice- 

mib noman pyhte. 

nemneb paepe. 


ppa hit enjel jecpae^^ 

aepepc on ebpepc* 

Jjaec ip ept jepeht. 

jiume bi jepynuiti' 

nu ip pobepa peapb- 

50b pylpa mib up- 

ppa ]>adt 50m ele jepypn^ 

ealpa cyiim^a cymnj. 

•3 )7one claenan eac- 

pacepb po'Shce. 

paejbon copeapb- 

ppa pe maepe lu. 


^leap m jaepte- 

5ob-]7pym onppah^ [10a] 

ecep alpalban. 

pe paep ae bpmjenb. 

lapa laebenb. 

)7am lonje hip* 

hyhtan hibep-cyme. 

ppa him jehaten paep. 

]78ecte puim« 

meotubep pylpa* 

polbe jepaelpian* 

polban maej^e- 

jpylce jpunbaj" eac. 



say to the Lord triumphant, 

ever with reason, 

for that he to us himself 

would send. 

O of all spirits God ! 

How wisely thou, 

rightly by name, 

wast nam'd 

Emanuel ! 

as it the angel said, 

first in Hebrew, 

that is interpreted, ^ grace,' 

by mysteries of runes. 

Now is the Guardian of the skies, 

God himself with us ; 

so as of old, in times remote, 

of all kings the King, 

and eke the pure 

priest truly thei/ 

said tf;a5 to come ; 

so, of yore, the great 


wise in spirit, 

the majesty of God reveal'd, 

of the eternal Ruler. 

He was the law bringer, 

of doctrines leader, 

to those who had long his 

advent hoped for, 

as had to them been promis'd, 

that the Son 

himself of the Creator 

would purify 

the race of earth ; 

so also the abyss. 

13. puna? 

28. >e add? 



jaej-cej' maejne. 

p)?e jepecan. 

nu hie Yoyte l^ssy- 

bibon m benhum- 

hponne beapn jobef • 

cpome CO ceapijum. 

j:o]i]?on cpaebon ppa* 

puplum jepleehce. 

nu ]7u pylpa cum. 

heoponep heah-cyninj. lo 

bjiinj up haelo-lip. 

pejujum piCe-)?eopum. 

pope popcyraenum. 

bifcpum bpyne ceajium, 

ip peo bofc jelonj. 

eal aec ]>e anum> 

* * opeji )7eajipum. 
haeptap hyje jeompe. 
hibeji . . .]>e behmban . 

* * . . . ej' nu laec. 20 
)?onne ]m heonan cyppe. 
maenijo J?uj' micle. 

ac ]?u milcpe on up- 

jecy^ cynelice- 

cjiipc nepjenbe. 

pulbpep aej;elinj. 

ne laefc apypjbe opep up. 

onpalb ajan. 

laep up ecne jepean. 

pulbpep )?mep. 30 

]>xt ]>ec peopiSien. 

peopoba pulbop-cynmj. 

)?a ]>\i jepojihtep aep. 

honbum ]7inum. 

\>\x in heannippum. 

punapt pibe pep^. 

mib palbenb ysebeji > 

through his spirit's power, 
seek in his course. 
Now for this they calmly 
in bonds awaited, 
when the Child of God 
should come to the afSicted, 
therefore spake thus, 
those into torments cast : 
' Now come thou thyself, 
high King of heaven, 
bring us a life of health, 
weary thralls 
worn out with weeping, 
with bitter burning tears. 
The expiation is 
all in thy hand alone 

captives sad in spirit. 

when thou turn'st from hence, 

a multitude thus great. 

But do thou mercy upon us 

royally show. 

Saviour Christ ! 

Prince of glory ! 

let not the accursed over us 

power possess ; 

grant us eternal joy 

of thy glory, 

that thee may worship. 

Glory- King of hosts ! 

those whom thou wroughtest erst 

with thy hands. 

Thou in the heavens 

for ever dwellest, 

witb the omnipotent Father.' 




Gala loj'eph mm. 

lacobej- beajin. 

maej bambej-- 

maejian cynmjej-. 

nu ]>u. jrpeobe fcealt- 

j:aef fee jebaelan • 

alaefcan lujian mine. 

Ic lunjjie earn. 

beope jebpejieb. 

bome bejieafob. 

fop^on ic popn poji ]7e. 

popbe haebbe. 

pbjia fopja. 

3 fap-cpiba. 

heapmef jehypeb . 

■3 me hof p-]'ppeca^ . [ 10 -6 ] 

topn-popba pela- 

ic teapaf pceal. 

jeotan jeomop-mob- 

50b ea]?e maej. 20 

jehaelan hyje-popje. 

heoptan manpe. 

appeppan peapceaptne. 

€ala psemne jeonj. 

msej^S mapia. 

J^paeC bemupnepc "Su. 

cleopapc ceapi^enbe. 

ne ic culpan m }7e. 

mean aenijne. 

aeppe onpunbe. so 

* Alas my Joseph, 
child of Jacob, 
kinsman of David, 
of the great king, 

now thou shalt from joy 
irrevocably separate, 
renounce my love.' — 

* I suddenly am 
deeply afflicted,' 
bereft of dignity ; 
because for thee I many 
words have 

of ample sorrows, 

and painful lamentations 

of evil heard 5 

and they speak to me scornfully 

angry words many. 

I tears shall 

shed, sad in mind ; 

God may easily 

heal the sorrow 

of my heart, 

comfort the distressed. 

Alas young damsel, 

maiden Mary ! * — 

* Why mournest thou, 
cryest sorrowfully ? 

I no fault in thee, 
any blame, 
have ever found. 

12. pojiba? 



porama jepojihcjia' 
^ ]7u ]>a, pojib ppjiicej'C- 
ppa Jju jylpa pie- 
jynna jehpylcpe- 
pijiena jepylleb. 
Ic to pela haebbe. 
j^aep bypbpcypep. 
bealpa onponjen- 
hu maej ic labijan* 
lajjan pppaece. 
oJ?|?e ;]fpajie. 
aenije pmban- 
ppa]7uin co-pi]?epev 
ip |7aec pibe cu^- 
J^aefc ic op )>am cojihfcan. 
fcemple bpyhtnep. 
onpenj pjieoLcc*. 
paemnan claene- 
pomma leape- 
;3 nu jehpyppeb ip- 
J?uph nafc hpylcep. 
me nap)7ep beaj- 
pecje ne ppi^e- 
pp ic po^ ppjiaece. 
j7onne jceal bauibep. 
bohtop ppelcan. 
ptanum apcyppeb. 
^en pfcpenjpe ip. 
]7aec ic mopjjop hele. 
pcyle man-j-papa. 
la)> leoba jehpam- 
lipjan pi]7]?an- 
ppaco^ m polcum. 
pa ]'eo paemne onppah- 

for perpetrated crimes j 

and thou the words speakest, 

as thou thyself 

with every sin 

and crime wert filled.' — 

I have too many, 

from this birth 

injuries receiv'd. 

How may I avoid 
10 hostile speech, 

or answer 

any find 

against mi/ foes ? 

It is widely known 

that I, from the bright 

temple of the Lord, 

received joyfully 

a damsel pure, 

20 and all now is changed, 

through I know not what. 

Neither me availeth, 

speech nor silence : 

if I truth should speak, 

then must David's 

daughter die, 

slain with stones. 

Yet is it harder 

that I crime conceal, 
30 Ma? /a perjurer shall, 

hateful to every people, 

live afterwards, 

vile among nations.'- — 

Then the damsel disclosed 

21. The text is here apparently corrupt. 




^ \>uy peojibabe. 

So^ ic fecje. 

|7ujih funu meofcubej'. 

jaefta jeocenb. 

Jjset ic jen ne conn. 

}7uph jemaecfcipe. 

monnej' opep. 

aenjep on eoji^an. 

ac me eaben peajiiS. lo 

jeonjpe m ^eapbum. 

|?8ec me jabpiheL 

heoponep heaj-enjel- 

haelo jebobabe. 

j-aejbe po^bce. 

}?aec me JT'ejlep jaept- 

leoman onlyhte^ 

pceolbe ic lipep ]?pym. 

jebepan beophcne punU' 

beapn eacen ^obep. 20 

bojihcep fciji-ppuma. 

nu ic hip tempel eam^ 

jeppemeb bucah pacne. 

m me ppoppe. 

jaepc jeeajibobe. [11a] 

nu ]>u. ealle poplaec 

pape popj-ceape. 

paja ecne J^onc^ 

maepum meotobep puna- 

J^aet ic hip mobop jepeap^S. 30 

psemne pop^ pe Ipeah' 

•3 ]7U paebep cpeberi. 

populbcunb bi pene- 

the true mystery^ 

and thus spake : 

* Sooth I say, 

by the Creator's Son, 

Saviour of souls, 

that I yet know not, 

through cohabitation 

man anywhere, 

any on earth ; 

but it to me befell, 

young at home, 

that me Gabriel, 

heaven'» archangel, 


said soothly, 

that me heaven's spirit 

had with his ray illumin'd, 

that I life's Glory should 

bear, a bright son, 

mighty child of God, 

of the bright Supreme. 

■Now I his temple am . ^ 

without guile become ; 

in me of comfort 

hath the spirit dwelt. . -^l -- - 

Now do thou dismiss all 

painful sorrow> 

say eternal thanks 

to the great Son oithe Creator 

that I his mother have become, 

nathless a damsel still ; 

and thou art his father call'd, 

worldly in estimation. 

10, Audid verSr Jess, eveniet. Bjo. Hald. See p.479. 17, and Boet.p. 197. ed.Rawl. 
21. r. ciji-jrnuman. 



fceolbe pitebom^ 

m him j'yljrum beon. 

j'O^e jepylleb. 

6ala Jju fcSa* 

^ J?u fibfuma. 

ealjia cyninja cyninj^ 

cpifc aelmihtij. 

hu )Ju aeji paejie. 

eallum jepojiben. 

pojiulbe J?pymmum. 

mib Jjinne pulboji-faebep. 

cilb acenneb- 

}7uph hip cpaepc 3 meaht. 

nip aeni5 nti. 

eopl unbeji lypfce. 

pecj peapo-]7oncol. 

to ]?aep ppi^e jleap. 

);e j^aefc apecjan maeje. 


apeccan mib pyhfce. 

hu J»e pobepa peapb. 

aefc ppym^e jenom. 

him fco ppeo-beajine. 

)?aefc paep J^apa J^mja. 

)?e heji ]7eoba cynn • 

jeppujnen mib polcum* 

sec ppuman aepejfc. 

jepojiben unbep polcnum- 

)?8efc pitij 50b. 

lipep opb-ppuma. 

leoht; "3 ]?ypfcpo. 

jebaelbe bpyhthce- 

•] him paep bomep jepealb. 

J J^a pipan abeab. 

should ^Ae prophecy 

in himself be 

truly fulfilled.'— 

O thou true, 

and thou peaceful 

King of all kings, 

Christ almighty ! 

how thou wast of old 

become for all 
10 the world's multitudes 

with thy glorious Father, 

a begotten child, 

through his skill and might ! 

There is not any now 

man under heaven, 

mortal, cunning, 

to that degree sagacious, 

who that may say 

to earth's inhabitants, 
20 rightly recount, 

how thee the Guardian of the skies 

at the beginning took 

for his noble son ; 

that was of those things 

which here the race of men 

learn'd among nations, 

at the beginning first 

^o Aavehappen'dunder the clouds, 

that a wise God, 
30 Origin of life 

light and darkness, 

parted divinely, 

and his was power of judgment, 

and in this wise announced 

4. Here the poet speaks in his own person. 




peojioba ealbop. 

nu pe jepojiben jiojij^a. 

to piban peojie. 

leohc-lixenbe jepea^ 

lipjenbpa jehpam. 

\>e m cneopippum. 

cenbe peop^en. 

^ )>a pona jelomp. 

];a hic ppa pceolbe. 

leoma leohcabe. 

leoba maejl^um. 

tophc mib tunjlum. 

aeptep )7on tiba bijonj. 

pylpa pette. 

|?aefc |7u punu paepe. 


mib );inne enjan ppean. 

aep ]7on oht ]?ij'pep. 

aeppe jepupbe. 

J7U eapt peo pnyttpO' 

J?e ]7ap piban jepceapfc. 

mib }?i palbenbe. 

pophcep ealle. 

pop]7on nip senij ])aep hoppc* 

ne ]7aep hyje-cpsepfcij. 

]>e J?in ppom-cyn maeje. [11^] 

pipa beapnura. 

ppeotule jejel^an. 

cum nu pijopep peapb. 

meotob mon-cynnep. so 

^ )?ine milcj-e hep. 

appaept ype. 

uj' ip eallum neob. 

I^aet pe }7in mebpen-cynnv 


the Chief of hosts ; 
* Let now therefore be, 
for evermore, 
bright- shining joy- 
to every living one, 
who in their generations 
shall be born/ 
And then forthwith befell, 
when it so should, 
that a beam shed light 
to the tribes of nations, 
bright with stars. 
After the course of seasons : 
Himself resolv'd, 
that thou, his son, shouldst be 
with thy sole Lord, 
ere that aught of this 
had ever happen'd. 
Thou art the wisdom, 
who this wide creation 
with the Powerful 
wroughtest all ; 
therefore is not any so wise, 
nor in mind so powerful, 
who may thy origin 
to the children of men 
manifestly declare. 
Come now. Lord of triumph. 
Creator of mankind, 
and thy kindness here 
propitious manifest j 
to us all 'tis needful, 
that we thy maternal kin 

1 7. ajan or ajen 'i 

26. FJiiun-cyn? 

31. MS. miljtje. 



motan cunnan. 

jiyhc jejiyno • 

nu pe ajieccan ne majon. 

pdet paebjien-ci^nn. 

fieji opihte. 

\m )>ij'ne mibban-jeajib. 

mil be jeblifj'a. 

Jjuph "Sinne heji-cyme. 

haelenbe cjiifC- 

"D J'^ jylbnan jeatu . 

J?e m jeap-bajum- 

j:ul lonje aeji. 

bilocen j-toban- 

heopona heah pjiea- 

hat onCynan- 

3 upc J?onne jepece. 

]7U]ih }7in pylpej* 50115. 

ea^mob to eoji]?an. 

Uf If ]?inpa apna jjeajip. 

hapaS pe apyjijba^ 

pulj: toptenceb. 

beop baeb-pcua- 

bpyhten ]nn eopbe. 

pibe toppecene. 

)?aet "Su palbenb aeji. 

blobe jebohtep. 

J^aet pe bealopulla- 

hyne'S heapblice. 

■] him on haept nime^- 

opep uppe nioba lupt- 

pop]7on pe nepjenb |?e. 

bibba^ jeopiihce* 

bpeopt-jehyjbum • 

]>det )7u hpaebhee. 

may know, 

the right mystery. 

Now we cannot reckon 

thy paternal kin 

in any degree far. 

Do thou this mid-earth 

kindly bless 

through thine advent, 

Saviour Christ ! 
10 and the golden gates, 
. that in days of old 

full long ere 
- stood lock'd — 

high Lord of heaven,! 

bid open ; 

and us then seek 

by thine own coming 

humble to earth, 

to us thy benefits are needful. 
20 Hath the accursed 

wolf scatter'd, 

dark death. 

Lord, thy flock, 

widely dispers'd it, 

which thou. Lord, of old 

with thi/ blood bough test ; 

which the Baleful 

cruelly oppresseth, 

and takes into his bondage, 
30 against our needs' desire ; 

wherefore we thee our Preserver 

fervently pray, 

in our breast's thoughts, 

that thou speedily 

22. beopc beaS-fcujra? 



helpe jepjiemme- 

pejijum pjieccaii. 

J?aBt: fe picej- bona* 

in helle jjiunb. 

hean jebpeoj-e- 

^ ]>in honb-jepeopc* 

haelej^a pcyppenb. 

mote apijan- 

■;) on jiyht cuman. 

CO Jjam upcunban- lo 

ae))elan pice- 

}>onan up aep )?uph pyn-lupt. 

pe ppeapca jaepc- 

popceah ■;) popcylbe. 

)>aet pe tipep pone. 

a bucan enbe pculon. 

epm]7u bpeojan- 

butan ]>u upic j7on opopclicop. 

ece bpyhcen. 

aet |7am leob-pcea]?an. ao 

lip^enbe job- 

helm alpihta- 

hpebban pille :• 

afford help 

to weary exiles, 

that the tormentor 

into hell's abyss 

degraded fall, 

and that thy hand-work. 

Creator of men ! 

may arise, 

and rightfully come 

to the sublime 

noble realm, 

whence us erst, through love of sin . 

the swart spirit 

drew and inveigled, 

that we of glory void, 

ever without end should 

miseries suffer, 

save thou us the more speedily, 

Lord eternal ! 

from the destroyer, 

living God ! 

Patron of all beings ! 

wilt deliver. 


6ala ]?u maepa. 
pec claenepte. 
open opep eopj^an 

O thou Mary, 
of this mid- world 
the purest 
[12 a] woman upon earth, 

14. jrojicealbe, seduced by false stories? 

24. maejia is, undoubtedly, an error of the scribe for mapia. 

27. Here a leaf of the MS. has apparently been cut out. 




)?ajia ]>e jepujibe. 
to piban yieojie' 
hu yec mib pyhte- 
ealle jieojib-bejieiib. 
haca^ ^ j-ecja'S. 
haeleiS jeonb j:olban. 
bli)>e mobe. 
J^aec ]>u bjiyb pe. 
Jjaej' pelej'Can. 
j'pejlej' bjiyccan. 
fpylce )7a hyhptan- 
on heofonum eac- 
cpij-cej' ]7e5naf . 
cpe]7a'S •) jmjaiS. 
J^aet ]7u ]'ie hlaejibije- 
haljum meahcura. 
^ pojilcunbpa- 
haba unbep heofonum. 
3 hel-pajia- 
j:op]>on }7u |)aec ana- 
ealjia monna. 
jej^ohtept |?)iymlice. 
\>ast )>u |7inne m8e3;"Shab. 
meotube bjiohsej-. 
jealbej' bucan pynnuiii' 
nan ppylc ne cpora. 
aenij oj^ep- 
opeji ealle men- 
bjiyb bea^a hyioben. 
]>e \>a beophcan lac. 
CO heopon-hame. 
hlucjie mobe. 

of those who have been 

throughout all ages : 

how thee with right 

all with speech endow'd 

name and say, 

men over earth, 

blithe of mood, 

that thou art bride 

of the most excellent 
10 Lord of heaven : 

so also the highest 

in the heavens, also 

Christ's disciples 

say and sing, 

that thou lady art, 

with holy virtues, 

of the glory-host 

and of mundane 

natures under the heavens, 
20 and of hell's inmates ; 

for that thou that alone 

of all mankind 

nobly didst resolve, 

boldly devising, 

that thou thy maidenhood 

to the Lord wouldst bring, 

give without sins. 

None such came, 

any other, 
30 among all men, 

a bride with rings adorn'd, 

who the bright offering 

to the heavenly home, 

M'ith pure mind 

1 . MS. ynjiH eje pupbe. I. jepujifeen. 



pj?}?an j'enbe. 

foji^on hehc J'ljojie]' }:jiuina. 

hij* heah-boban. 

hibep jejrleojan. 

oj: hi]' mse^en-j^jiymme. 

3 ]?e meahta jpeb. 

j-nube cyiSan. 

Jjaec ]?u j'unu bjiyhfcnej-. 

]7ujih claene jebypb. 

cennan j'ceolbe- lo 

monnum to niilCj'e. 

3 ]>e mapia pojilS. 

epne unpemme. 

a jehealben. 

eac pe ]>aet jejijiujnon . 

]?aet jepypn bi J^e • 

fo^fsej'C paejbe. 

pum po^-bopa- 

in ealb-bajuiri' 

epaiap. 20 

]?aec he paepe jelaebeb • 

l^aefc he hpep jeptealb. 

in ]?am ecan ham. 

eal pceapobe. 

plafc J?a ppa pij-paej-t- 

pifcja jeonb j^eob-lanb. 

o]?)?aet he jeptapobe. 

))aeji jej-caj^elab paep. 

gejjehc m-jonj. 

eal paep jebunben. 30 

beopan pince- 

bupu opmaece- 

punbup-clommum beppij?en 

penbe ppi^e. 

sent afterwards ; [bade 

therefore the Lord of triumph 

his high messenger 

hither fly, 

from his majesty, 

and to thee his might's eflficacy 

quickly make known, 

that thou the son of the Lord, 

in pure nativity, 

shouldest bring forth, 

in mercy to mankind, 

and thyself, Mary, still, 

equally undefiled 

ever preserve. 

Also we that have heard, 

what in old times of thee 

said truly 

a prophet, 

in ancient days, 


that he had been led 

where he life's dwelling-place, 

in that eternal home 

all beheld ; 

look'd then thus the wise 

prophet o'er the region, 

till that he beheld 

where was placed 

a noble entrance : 

all was bound 

with precious metal, 

the door immense 

with wondrous bands begirt 

turn'd very * * 

14. jehealban. 22. Jaep? 34. The adverb is apparently wanting. 




J?aec aenij elba- 

sefjie meahce- 

fpa paejchce. 

j:opie- j*cy CCelf aj" • 

on ecnefj-e- 

o in hebba- 

o]>]>e "Saef ceaj-cep-hlibej 

cluj'Coji onlucan- 

aepi him jobej- enjeL 

|7U]ih jlsebne jej^onc* 

)?a pijan onppah. 

3 )?aec pojib acpae^- 

ic J7e maej pecjan. 

|?aet poiS jepeap^. 

I^aet ^aj- jylbnan jacu. 

jiec pume j'lj^e- 

job pylp pile. 

jaeptep maejne. 


paebeji aelnuhcij. 

•) )mph ]>a, paej-tan locu- 

polban neopan. 

•^ hio Tphn aepceji him. 

ece pconbe^- 

j'lmle jmjalej-. 

j-pa beclypeb. 

^ naenij oj^eji- 

nymjje nejijenb 30b. 

hy aeppe ma. 

epC onluce^. 

nu ]?aec ip jepylleb. 

\>xt pe pjioba \>&' 

mib eajum J^aep. 


2. ne is obviously wanting after aejrjte 
JO. 3laBpne (jleapne) ? 

SO that any mortal 

might never 

such firm 


to all eternity 

aught raise, 

or of that city's gate 

unlock M' inclosure, 
[12 b.'\ ere to him God's angelj 
10 through skilful thought, 

the way disclos'd, 

and the word spake : 

' I to thee can say 

(what soothly happen'd) 

that these golden gates, 

yet on a time, 

God himself will, 

by his spirit's power, 

make pure, 
20 th' Almighty Father, 

and through the firm barriers 

earth visit, 

and they then after hira 

shall ever stand 

always constantly 

so closed, 

that no other, 

save the Saviour God 

them evermore 
30 shall again open.' 

Now is that fulfill'd 

what the sage then 

there with eyes 

look'd on : 

6. opiht hebban ? 



|?u eapt ]7aefc peall-bop. 

Jjujxh ]7e palbenb pjiea- 

aene on j^af eoji]7an. 


-} eyne j-pa ^ec jemetce. 

meahcum jehjiobene. 

claene "^ jecopene- 

cjiij't selmihtij. 

ppa ^e aej:tep him. 

enjla |?eoben. 

epc unmaele. 

aelcep J^injep. 

lio]?u-caejan bileac. 

lij:ej' bjiycfca. 

lopa up nil ]>a apie- 

jje pe enjel )?e. 

jobej" ppel-boba. 

jabjiiel bpohte- 

hujiu |7aep bibba^- 


J?aec iSu J7a pjiopjie- 

polcum cyiSe. 

J?iujie pylpjie punu. 

pi]7]7an pe mocam. 


ealle hyhcan. 

nu pe on ]7aefc beapin popan. 

bjieojdim jcajiia^' 

5e]7in3a up nu- 

|?pi]'Cum popbum- 

baec he up ne laete. 

lenj opihce. 

m ]?ippe beaS-bene. 

jebpolan hypan- 

Thou art that wall- door ; 

through thee the powerful Lord, 

once on to this earth 

proceeded ; 

and lo ! thus he found thee, 

adorn'd with virtues, 

pure and chosen, 

Christ Almighty. 

Thus thee after him 
10 the Lord of angels 

again, without spot 

of any kind, 

with a key closed, 

the Lord of life. 

Manifest to us now the honour 

that to thee the angel, 

God's messenger, 

Gabriel brought. 

At least this beseech we 
20 dwellers on earth, 

that thou the comfort 

make known to people, 

thine own son, 

that we may afterwards, 

with one accord 

all exult. 

Now we before that child 

gaze in our thoughts : 

intercede for us now 
30 with bold words, 

that he let us not 

any longer, 

in this vale of death, 

error obey. 

13. lit. with limb keys. 

27. i. e. on-jrojian -f beajin, per tmesin. 



ac J;aec he uj-ic "^ejiejv^e- 

m j-'sebep-pice- 

J?aep^ pe popjleape^ 

j'i]?|7an inocan. 

punijan in pulbjie* 

mib peojioba 30b • 

eala ]>\i hal^a. 

heopona bjiyhten. 

]?u mib psebeji ]7inne. 

^epyjin paejie- 

epen-pej'enbe • 

in ]?ani ae]?elan ham. 

naej' aenij ]?a jiec 

enjel jepojiben • 

ne l^aep miclan- 

maejen-j^jiymmep • 

nan ^e m jiobepum up. 

pice bepicija^ • 

J^eobnep j^jiyS-jej'tealb. 

■3 hij' j^ejnunja. [13 «.] 

J7a ]>\i aejiepfc psejie- 

mib Jjone ecan pjiean. 

jylp j-ectenbe- 

J?ap piban jepceapc. 

bjiabe bpyten-jpunbaj'. 

baem mc ip jemaene. 

heah jaejc hleopaejc 

pe ]>e haelenb cjiipc. 

J?ujih eaiSmebu. 

ealle bibba^- 

]?aec ]>u jehyjie. 

haepca pcepne. 

J^iiipa nieb-|?iopa' 

nejijenbe 50b. 

but that he us convey 

into his Father's kingdom, 

where we sorrowless 

may after 

dwell in glory 

with the God of hosts. 

O thou holy 

Lord of heaven, 

thou with thy Father 
10 of old wast 


in that noble home. 

As yet was not any 

angel created, 

nor of that great 


any, who in the skies above, 

the realm might rule, 

the dwelling of the Lord 
20 and of his ministers ; 

when thou wast first, 

with the eternal Lord, 

thyself fixing 

this wide creation, 

broad spacious grounds ; 

to you both it 's common. 

Exalted, sheltering Spirit ! 

We thee, Saviour Christ, 

in lowliness 
30 all beseech, 

that thou hear 

the captives' voice, 

thy slaves'. 

Saviour God ! 

19. turmarum static. 

20. ministeria. 



hu pe jmb jej'pencCe. 
J?ujih upe jylfpa jepill- 
habba^ ppaec-maecjap. 
pepjan jaepcaj- 
heclen hel-pcea|?a. 
heapbe jenyppab. 
jebunben bealo-papum • 
ij' peo boc jelonj. 
eall Eefc |7e anum. . 
ece bpyhcen. 
hpeop-ceapijum help. 
I^aec pin hibep-cyme. 
appeppe peaj'ceapte- 
J?eah pe p8eh|70 pi^ J^ec- 
|7uph pipena lupfc- 
jeppemeb hsebben. 
apa nu onbehtum. 
'^ uppe ypm]7a 5e|7enC' 
hu pe cealtpija'S. 
tybpan mobe. 
hpeappia^ heanhce. 
cym nu haele]?a cyninj. 
ne lata to lanje. 
up ip lippa )7eapp. 
Jjset ]?u up ahpebbe. 
^ up haelo-jiepe- 
po^paept pylle. 
]>set pe pi|?j7an pojiiS. 
J?a pellan J^mj. 
jymle moten. 
jejjeon on ]?eobe. 
|7inne piUan :• 

how we are afflicted, 

through our own wills. 
Us exiles have, 

the accursed spirits, 

hateful hell fiends, 

cruelly constraint, 

bound with cords pernicious. 

The compensation 's long 

of thee alone. 
10 Lord eternal ! 

help the penitent, 

that thine advent 

comfort the desolate ; 

though we feuds against thee, 

through lust of sins, 

have fram'd. 

Pity now thy servants, 

and on our miseries think, 

how we stumble, 
20 feeble-minded, 

wander abject. 

Come now, king of men, 

tarry not too long, 

to us thi/ grace is needful, 

that thou us deliver, 

and us saving grace, 

just one ! give, 

that we henceforth 

those better things 
30 may ever follow , 

obey in the world, 

thy will. 

5. hetlan (hetolan) hel-jcea])aj- ? 19, Je MS. 

31. jejeon occurs hereafter in the same sense: j> ic l^e ijel'eo-J'inja jehpylce. 



Gala ]*eo plici^e- [13 a.] 

peoji'Smynba pulL 

heah ^ halij' 

heopuncunb Jjjiynej'. 

bjiabe jeblijjab- 

jeonb bjiycen-ponjaf. 

]>SL mib jiyhce pculon* 


eajime eoji^-pajie. 

ealle maejene- lo 

hepjan heahce. 

nu up haelenb jpb- 

paejipaepc onpjiah- 

^ pe hine pitan mocan- 

po]i]?on hy baeb-hpaece- 

borne jeppi^be. 

f po%aejre. 

pepaphmnep cynn- 

uppe mib enjlu' 

a bpemenbe- 20 

iina)?peoCenbum • 

J7pymmum pin^aiS. [13 /6.] 

pul heahce • 

hluban pcejine- 

paejjie peop 'j neah. 

habbaj) poljoj^a- 

cyjt mib cyninje. 

him ]>det cpipt popjeap. 

\>Bst hy mofan hij' aecpij'Ce. 

ea^mii bpucan- 30 

junle pmjalep. 

j-pejle jehypi'te. 

O the beauteous, 

full of dignity, 

high and holy, 

heavenly Trinity, 

widely bless'd 

over the spacious world 

whom should justly all 

with speech endued, 

poor dwellers upon earth, 

with all might 

praise highly. 

Now hath to us the Saviour God 

faithful reveal' d, 

that we him may know ; 

therefore they strenuous, 

confirm'd in power, 

the just 

race of seraphim, 

above with angels, 

ever celebrating, 

in unwearying 

numbers sing, 

full highly, 

with loud voice, 

sweetly far and near : 

thei/ have of services 

a choice with their King. 

Them Christ that gave, 

that they his essence may 

with eyes enjoy : 

ever constantly 

these ornaments of heaven 

32. rpeglej? 



peop^ian palbenb. 

pibe "^ pbe- 

3 mib hypa j:i]7jium. 

fjiesLii aelmihcijej- • 

onpyne peaji^. 

ecan bjiyhtnep • 

'J ymb l^eoben-j'Col- 

Jjjiinja^ jeojine- 

hpylc hyjia nehj't maeje- 

uppum nepjenbe. 

plihce lacan. 

ppi^-jeajibu m. 

lopiaiS leoplicne. 

^ m leohte him- 

]?a pojib cpe]7a^- 

^ pulbjiia^. 

aej^elne ojib-ppuman- 

ealjia jepceapca- 

halij eapt \>u halij. 

heah-enjla bjiejo- 

poiS pijojiep ppea. 

pimle J?u bipfc halij- 

bpiyhcna bpyhten. 

a ]?in bom puna^. 

eojiiSlic mib aelbii- 

m aelce cib. 

pibe jepeopj^ab. 

]?u eapc peojioba 50b. 

pop]7on ]7u jepylbepc. 

polban ■;) jiobopaj". 

pijenbpa hleo- 

pulbpej- ];mep- 

helm alpihca. 

pie ]>e 111 heannejjum- 

worship the Supreme 

wide and far, 

and with their wings 

the Lord Almighty's 

countenance protect, 

th' eternal Lord's ; 

and around the throne 

press fervently, 

which of them nearest may 
10 about our Saviour 

sport in flight, 

in the courts of peace. 

The?/ praise the beloved, 

and in light to him 

these words utter, 

and glorify 

the noble origin 

cf all creatures : 

Holy art thou, holy, 
20 Lord of archangels, 

true Lord of triumph ; 

ever thou art holy. 

Lord of lords ; 

thy power for ever lasteth 

earthly with men, 

in every time, 

widely rever'd ; 

thou art God of hosts, 

for that thou hast filled 
30 earth and heavens, 

Safeguard of warriors 1 

with thy glory. 

Patron of all beings ! 

be to thee in the highest 

1 . peojiCiaS ? 

5. jeapbiatJ? 



ece haelo^ 
^ in eopl^an lo]:- 
beophc mib beojinum. 
]7u jebletpab leopa- 
pe in bjiyhcnej' noman • 
bujej^um cpome- 
heanum to hjio)?jie. 
\>e in heah|?um pe- 
a bucan enbe. 
ece hejienif :• 


eternal health, 

and on earth praise, 

bright with men. 

Live thou blessed, 

who, in the Lord's name, 

with power comest, 

in comfort to the humble ; 

to thee in the heavens be, 

ever vtdthout end, 

eternal praise. 


Gala hpaet * 

O what * 

* Hf * 

* * * 

]?aec ij- pjiaeclic pjiixl. 

that is a wondrous change 

m pejia lipe. 

in the life of men. 

J^ajcce mon-cynnep . 

that of mankind 

milbe pcyppenb. 

the benign Creator 

onpenj aet paemnan' 

receiv'd from a damsel 

plaepc unpemme. 

flesh immaculate, 

a j'lo y^?^y FPija- 

and of man's love she 

piht ne cu]7e. 

ao nothing knew ; 

ne |7uph paeb ne cpom. 

nor through deed came 

pijojiej- ajenb. 

the Lord of triumph 

monnej' opeji molban- 

of man on earth. 

ac ]>set paep ma cjiaept- 

but that was greater craft 

]?6n hic eoji^-buenb. 

than it earth's dwellers 

ealle cuj^an. 

all know. 

]?ujih jepyne. 

through mystery. 

hu he fiobejia J?jiim. 

how he. Glory of the skies. 

1 1 . here more than a line is wanting. 

20. MS. niht. 



heo}:oiia heah }:j\ea. 

helpe jefjiemebe- 

monna cynne. 

]?ujih hi]' mobop hpip. [14 a.] 

3 j'pa }:o]i^ jonjenbe. 

folca nepjenb. 

hif jiopjipnepj-e. 

jumum to helpe- 

baele^ ^o^pa jehpam- 

bpyhten peopoba- lo 

fopj^on pe hme bom-hpate. 

baebum ^ popbum- 

hepjen holbhce. 

]>aet; ip heahc paeb. 

monna jehpylcum. 

]7e jemynb hapa'S. 

J78ec he jymle optopfc. 

^ inlocapc 

^ jeopnhcojfc. 

job peopjjije- 20 

he him J^aepe hjje . 

lean popjilbe^. 

pe jehaljoba* 

haelenb pylpa. 

epne m ]jam e^le. 

}7aep he aep ne cpom- 

in lipjenbpa. 

lonbep pynne. 

J7aep he jepaehj- 

pi]?)7an eapba^. 30 

ealne piban peoph- 

puna^ buCan enbe :• Amen. 

the heavens' high Lord 

fram'd help 

to the race of men, 

through his mother's womb, 

and so forthcoming. 

Saviour of people 

his forgiveness, 

in help to men, 

dealeth each day, 

the Lord of hosts ; 

therefore we him strenuously, 

in deeds and words, 

praise faithfully. 

That is high counsel 

to every man 

that hath mind, 

that he ever, most often, 

and most inwardly, 

and most zealously, 

God worship, 

he him for that affection 

the reward will pay, 

the hallow'd 

Saviour himself, 

even in that country 

where he ere came not, 

in the joy 

of the land of the living ; 

where he happy 

afterwards shall dwell 

for evermore, 

rest without end. Amen. 



Nu ]>a jeojinlice. 
mon j'e maejia. 
mob-cjiaej:Ce pec- 
]?ujih jefan j"nyctpo« 
J>aet ]>u yo^ piCe. 
hu ]?aec jeeobe. 
]>& J'e selmihtija- 
acenneb peaji'S- 
J7uph claenne hab- 
j'i);]>an he majiian. 
maej^a peolman • 
maepjie meoplan. 
mimb-healp jeceap^ 
J7aec ]78eji m hpitum. 
hpaejlum jepejiebe- 
enjlaj' ne o^eopbun- 
Jja pe aej^elmj cpom. 
beopn in betlem. 
boban paejion jeappe. 
J?a )?ujih hleo]?op-cpibe • 
hyjibum cySbon- 
paejbon po^ne jepean. 
)?8ecce punu paepe. 
m mibban-jeapb- 
meotubep acenneb. 
in becleme. 

hpae]?jie in bocum ne cpi^. 
J^aet hy in hpicum ]7aeji. 
hjiae^lum o^ypben- 
m pa. aej^elan ciij^ 
ppa hie epfc bybon- 

Now do thou earnestly, 

in spiritual mysteries, 

thou great man, 

with mental skill seek, 

through wisdom of mind, 

that thou may'st truly know, 

how that came to pass, 

when the Almighty 

was born, 
10 through state of purity, 

after that he Mary, 

of maidens choice, 

illustrious damsel, 

for mother chose, 

that there, in white 

robes clad, 

angels appear'd not, 

when the Prince came, 

the Chief in Bethlem ? 
20 Messengers were ready, 

who through revelation 

to the shepherds announced, 

told real joy, 

that a son was, 

in mid-earth, 

of the Creator born, 

in Bethlem; 

yet in books it saith not, 

that they there in white 
30 robes appear'd, 

in that glorious tide, 

as they did after. 



]?a ]'e bjiejo maejia. 

fco bechama. 

J^eoben ]7jiymj:aej'C. [14 Z>.] 

hip J^ejna jebjiyhc 

jela^abe leoj; peojiub. 

hy J^aep lapeopej'- 

on l^am pil-baeje- 

pojib ne jehyppbon. 

hypa pmc-pepan. 

pona paejion jeajipe. •• lo 

ha?le^ mib hlapopb. 

to )?aepe haljan byjij. 

]>se\i him tacna pela. 

cipep bjiyfcta. 

onpjiah pulbjiej* helm. 

pojib-jejiynum • 

aep|?on up-ptije- 

an-cenneb punu. 

epen-ece beajin. 

ajnum paebeji. 20 

}7aep ymb peopejitij. 

]7e he op polban aep. 

pjiom bea^e ajvap. 

bajena jiimep- 

haepbe ]?a jepylleb. 

ppa aep. bipoyian punjon. 

pitjena pojib. 

jeonb pojiulb innan. 

]?upih hip J^jiopinja. 

J^epiaj' hepebon- 30 

lupebun leoppenbum- 

hpep ajenb- 

paebeji pjium-pceapca. 

he him paejpe )?aep. 

when the great Prince, 

in Bethany, 

the majestic Lord, 

his band of disciples 

assembled, the dear company. 

They the Teacher's, 

(on that welcome day), 

words despised not, 

their benefactor's. 

Soon were ready 

men with Lord, 

for that holy town. 

There to them many signs 

the Lord of empire 

show'd, the Chief of glory, 

in oral mysteries, 

ere that ascended 

the one-begotten Son, 

the co-eternal Child, 

to his own Father, — 

after he forty 

(that he ere from earth, 

from death arose,) 

number'd days 

had then fulfiU'd, 

as ere of old had sung 

the words of prophets, 

throughout the world, — 

through his passion. 

His disciples lauded, 

prais'd the dear 

Lord of life. 

Father of creations. 

He to them kindly therefore. 

1, MS. bpe^a. 

31. lofedun? see p. 31. 1. 31. 




leoj:um jejil^um- 
lean sejiteji jeap. 
■;) )7aec popib acpae^. 
palbenb enjla. 
jepyj-eb pjiea mihtij. 
Co jiaebeji pice- 
jepeoiS je on pejiiS^e. 
naeppe ic pjiom-hpeopjre. 
ac ic lupan pymle- 
laepce yrS eopic. 
3 eop meahc jiepe- 
■J mib-punije. 
apa CO ealbjie. 
J^aec eop aeppe ne bii5- 
|)u]ih jipe mine, 
jobep onpien 

to Ms lov'd comrades, 

recompense after gave, 

and these words spake 

the Ruler of angels, 

the mighty Lord, hastening 

to his Father's kingdom : 

Rejoice ye in spirit, 

I will never from t/ou depart 

but I love ever 

will show towards you, 

and will give you might, 

and with i/ou stay 

for evermore, 

that from you shall never be, 

through my grace, 

God's countenance 

* * * 

fapa^ nu jeonb ealne- 
ypmenne jpunb- 
jeonb pibe pejap. 
peopebum cy*Sa^. 
bobia^ ■] bpema^. 
beophcne jeleapan. 
^ pulpia^. 

pole unbep pobepum. 
hpeoppa^ Co heoponum- 
hepjap bpeoca))' 
pylla^ 3 peoja^- 
peonbpcype bpaepca'S. 
pibbe papa^- 
on pepan manna • 
|7uph meahca ppeb- 
ic eop mib-punije. 

go now over all 

the spacious earth, 

through the wide ways, 

announce to multitudes, 

preach and proclaim 

bright belief, 

and baptize 

the people under the firmament, 

to heaven turn them, 

idols break, 

cast down and hold in hate, 

extinguish enmity, 

sow peace 

in the minds of men, 

by virtue of j/our powers : 

I will stay with i/ou. 

13. MS. apo. 16. Here two or more lines are obviously wanting. 31. MS. pite. 




yo]YS on j:j\oj:jie. 

■;) eop fjii^e healbe- 

j'Cpenj^u fcaj^ol-jiaej'tpe. 

on ftope jehpajie. [15 a.] 

Da peaji^ pemhinja. 

fpej on lyj:te. 

hlub jehyjieb. 

heopon-enjla ]>]ieat. 

peopub plice pcyne. 

pulbjiep ajiap. 

cpomun on coji'Sjie. 

cyninj upe jepac- 

)7uph j^aep temple]' hpop. 

]?aej\ hy to-pepin- 

J^a ]>e leopep \>a. jen- 

lapfc peapbebum. 

on |7am j^inj-pCebe- 

l^ejnap jecojiene- 

jej'ejon hi on heah|?u- 

hlapojib ftijan. 

job-beajin oj; jjiunbum^ 

him paep jeomoji pepa. 

hat aet heojitan. 

hyje mupnenbe. 

J?aep \>e hi ppa leopne- 

lenj ne moptun- 

jepeon unbeji ppejle. 

ponj ahopun • 

apap upancunbe- 

aej^elmj hepebum- 

lopebun lip-ppuman. 

leohte jepejun- 

]>e op jjaep haelenbep. 

heapelan lixte- 


still in comfort 

and in peace hold you, 

with firm strength, 

in every place. 

Then was suddenly 

in the air a sound 

loud heard j 

a band of heavenly angels, 

a company of beauteous aspect, 

messengers of glory, 

came in a body. 

Our King departed 

through the temple's roof; 

there they beheld, 

(those who had yet the beloved's 

traces watched, 

in that meeting-place, 

the chosen disciples,) 

they saw on high 

the Lord ascending, 

the divine child from earth ; 

their mind was sad, 

hot were they at heart, 

in spirit mourning, 

because they one so dear 

longer might not 

see under the sky. 

Rais'd a song 

the celestial messengers, 

prais'd the Prince, 

lauded Life's origin, 

in the light rejoiced, 

which from the Saviour's 

head gleam'd. 

3, /. jtpenj^e, unless the word be sometimes indeclinable. 



jefejon hy ael-beophce- 

enjiaj' Cpejen- 

jiaejjie ymb f fpum-beajin. 

j-paecpum blican- 

cyninja pulboji. 

cleopebon op heahj^u. 

pojibuni pjiaeclicum. 

opep pepa menju. 

beophtan peopbe^ 

hpaet biba^ je- 


juman on hpeappfce- 

nu je ppeocule jepeo^- 

po^ne bpyhcen. 

on ppejl papan. 

pijopej' ajenb. 

pile up heonan. 

eapb jepcijan. 

aej^elinja opb. 

mib ]?ap enjla jebpyhc- 

ealpa polca ppuma^ 

paebep eJjel-jtoU :• 

T/iei/ saw all-bright 

angels twain 

fairly about that first born 

glittering resplendently, 

Glory of kings. 

From on high they cried, 

in wondrous words, 

over the multitude of men, 

with clear voice : 

10 ' Why bide ye 
men about ? 
now ye see manifestly 
the true Lord 
into heaven going : 
the Lord of triumph 
will up from hence 
his habitation enter, 
{the Chief of Princes, 

20 with this train of angels. 
Creator of all people,) 
his Father's kingdom.' 


pe mib ]7yplice. 
)>peate piUa^. 
opep heopona jehlibu' 
hlapopb pepjan. 

We with such 
a company will, 
over heaven's vaults, 
the Lord conduct 

• This poem evidently forms a continuation of the one preceding. 




to )?aejie beojihcan bypj. 

mib l^aj' bli^an jebjiyc. 

Galjia j-ije-beajina- 

J?aec j-elej-te. 

:) aej^lejce. [15 b.] 

]>e je hep onj-Capia^. 

■;) in };po}:pe jej-eo^- 

}:paecpu blican^ 

pile epc ppa-)7eah. 

eoji^an maej^e- 


pihe hepje- 

^ ]>dn jebeman. 

baeba jehpylce- 

l^apa ^e jeppemebon • 

pole unbep pobepum. 

Da j>3sy pulbpep peapb. 

polcnii bipenjun • 

heah-enjla cyninj. 

opep hpopap upp. 

halijpa helm. 

hyhc paep jenipab- 

blip in bupjurn- 

]7uph J7aej- beopnep cyme. 

jepaec pije-hpemij- 

on ]?a j'pi]>pan hanb • 

ece eab-ppuma- 

ajnum paebep. 

jepican him ]?a jonjan. 

Co hiepuj'alem. 

haele^ hyje-pope- 

in ^a haljan bupj- 



to the bright city, 

with this joyous host — 

Of all the sons of triumph 

the best, 

and noblest, 

whom ye here gaze on, 

and in comfort see, 

glittering resplendently, 

will yet again 

the tribe of earth 

seek himself, 

with ample train, 

and then judge 

each deed 

that have performed 

the nations under heaven. 

Then was glory's Guardian 

taken in clouds, 

th' archangels' King, 

up on high, 

the Patron of the holy ; 

joy was renewed, 

bliss in the cities^ 

through the Chief's coming. 

Sat victorious, 

on the right hand, 

th' eternal Source of bliss, 

of his own Father. 

Then went journeying 

to Jerusalem 

the noble-minded men, 

into the holy city, 

sad in spirit ; 

18. bijranjen? 

20. Lit. over rooja. 



|)onan hy job nyhjr- 
up-j'Cijenbe • 
eajum j'ejun. 
hypa pil-jipan. 
J78ep paej' popef hjunj. 
copne bitolben. 
paef peo fcpeop lupu^ 
hac set heoptan. 
hpeiSep innan peoU- 
beopn bpeopc-pepa. 
bibon ealle J?aep, 
|7e5nap ]7pympulle. 
I^eobnej- jehaca^ 
in l^aepe cojihcan bypij' 
cyn mhc J^a-jeo. 
ppa him ]ylp bibeab. 
ppejlej" ajenb. 
aep ]?on up-pcije^ 
eallej- palbenb. 
on heopona jehylb. 
I hpice cponian. 
eopla eab-jiepan- 
enjlap cojeunep. 
Daec !]• pel cpeben^ 
jpa jeppicu j-ecjaiS • 
■p him sel-beophce- 
enjlaj- cojeanep. 
in ]?a haljan cib. 
heapum cpoman- 
pijan on j-pejle. 
pa paep pymbla meepc. 
jepopben m pulbpe. 

whence they God last 


saw with eyes, 

their Benefactor. 

There was the weeping circle 

o'erwhelm'd with anger; 

their true love was 

hot at heart ; 

their spirit boil'd within, 
10 burn'd their breast's thoughts. 

There awaited all 

Aw glorious followers 

their Lord's behests, 

in that bright city, 

yet ten nights, 

as had himself commanded 

the Lord of heaven. 

Ere ascended 

the Prince of all 
90 into heaven's vault, 

came white 

angels towards 

men's Benefactor. 

That is well spoken 

as the Scriptures say, 

that him all-bright 

angels towards, 

in that holy tide, 

in legions came, 
30 descending in the firmament. 

Then of feasts the greatest 

took place in glory. 

2. more correctly up-j-ti jenbne. See Kemble's Beowulf, vol. ii, note on ver. 92. 

9. MS. hj\et«;i. 20. jehlyd? 



pel J>aec jebajrena^. 

J?aet CO ]jaejie blij-fc 

beojihce jepejiebe. 

in yaey j^eobnep bupj. 

j^ejnap cpoman- 

peopub plice pcyne^ 

jepejon pil-cuman- 

on heah-pecle- 

heoponej' palbenb. 

polca peoph-jiepan. 

ppaecpum eallep palbenb. [16 


■3 maejen-l^pymniep. % 

hapa^ nu pe halja. 

helle bipeapob. 

eallep ];aep japolep- 

\>e hi jeap-bajum. 

in }?aet; opleje- 

unpyhte ppealj. 

Nu pmb popcumene- 

'2 in cpic-puple- 

jehynbe ';} jehaepte. 

m helle jpunb. 

bujuj^uni bibaeleb- 

beopla cempan, 

ne meahcan pij^ep-bpojan. 

pije ppopan. 

paepna pyppu- 

pi)7|jan pulbpep cyninj. 

heopon-picej' helm. 

hilbe jeppemebe. 

pi)7 hij- ealb-peonbum. 

anep meahtum. 

]7aep he op haepfce ahlob. 

huj^a maepce. 

op peonba bypij- 

Well it befitteth, 

that to that bliss, 

briglitly clad, 

into the Sovereign's city, 

came his ministers, 

a band in aspect beg,uteou8, 

the?/ saw the lov'd Guest 

on his throne, 

heaven's Ruler, 
10 Giver of life to nations, 
«.] ruling in splendour all 

mid earth 

and majesty. 

Now hath the holy otie 

hell bereft 

of all the tribute, 

that it in ancient days, 

into that den 0/ death 

unjustly gorged. 
20 Now are prevented, 

and in live sulphur 

humbled and bound, 

in hell's abyss, 

of honours reft, 

the devil's champions. 

The adversaries might not 

in battle prosper, 

in the hurlings of weapons, 

when the King of glory, 
30 heaven's kingdom's Chief 

waged war, 

against his ancient foes, 

with his sole might, 

where from captivity he drew 

of spoils the greatest, [forth 

from the foes' city, 



j:olcej' unpim- 

Jjij-ne ilcan j^peac- 

]>e je hep onj-rapia'S. 

pile nu jepecan. 

papla nepjenb- 

jaej'Ca pej:-j'tol- 

jobef a^eii beapn- 

aepcep ju^-plejan. 

nu je jeape cunnon. 

hpaet ]*e hlapopb ij-. 

pe j^ij-ne hepe laebe^. 

nu je pporalice. 

ppeonbum cojeanej*. . 

^onja^ jlaeb-mobe. 

jeacu oncyna^- 

pile mco eop- 

eallep palbenb. 

cynmj on ceaj'Cpe. 

cop^pe ne lycle- 

pypn-peopca ppuma- 

pole jelaeban- 

in bpeama bpeam- 

"Se he on beoplum jenom- 

]?uph hip jylpej- pyjop. 

pb j'ceal ;rem8ene- 

enjlii'] selbum- 

a pop^ heonan- 

pefan pibe-peph. 

paep 1]' aeCfomne- 

jobej' J monna- 

jaej'C-halij cpeop- 

lupu lifej' hyht. 

•3 eallej' leohcep jejrea. 

Jipaet pe nu jehypban- 

people numberless, 

this same band 

which ye here look on. 

Now will seek 

of souls the Saviour 

the spirits' throne of grace, 

God's own child, 

after the martial play. 

Now ye well know 
10 who that Lord is, 

that this host leadeth ; 

now do ye boldly, 

towards your friends, 

go glad of mood, 

1/our gates unclose ; 

will into you 

the Ruler of all, 

the King, into his city, 

with no little train, 
20 the Author of deeds of old, 

the people lead 

into joy of joys, 

whom he from the devils took, 

through his own victory. 

Peace shall in common, 

to angels and to men, 

from henceforth evermore 

to all ages be. 

A covenant is together 
30 of God and men, 

a spiritual holy compact 

of love, life's solace, 

and of all light joy. 
y*6 Yes ! we now have heard. 

32. hijre? 



hu )?8et haelu beajin. 

]?ujih hi]' hybeji-cyme- 

halj' ej:c jiojijeaj:. 

jeppeobe ^ -^eyjieo^^abe- 

folc unbeji polcnum- 

maejie meocubej* pmu. 

"p nu mouna jehpylc- 

epic ]7enban heji puna's. [16 A.] 

jeceopan mot- 

ppa helle hienj?u. ]0 

ppa heoponep maep]?u. 

ppa f leohce leohc 

ppa ^a la]7an nihc- 

jpa ]7jiymmep ]?paece« 

ppa J7jiypcjia ppiaece- 

ppa mib bjiyhcen bjieam. 

j-pa mib beoplum hjieam- 

ppa pice mib pjia]7um. 

ppa pulboji mib ajmm. 

ppa ITp ]-pa bea^. 20 

j-pa him leopjie biiS. 

CO jeppemmanne. 

)>enben }:laepc ^ ^aej'tr. 

punia^ m populbe. 

pulbop ]?8ep aje- 

Jjpynyppe |?jiym. 

]?onc bucan enbe :• 

how that Saviour child, 

through his advent, 

restor'd the captive, 

freed and protected 

the people under the clouds, 

the great Son of the Creator ; 

so that now every man, 

while here he living dwells, 

may choose 

either hell's disgraces, 

or heaven's glories ; 

either the light light, 

or the hateful night ; 

either power of dignity, 

or the vengeance of the daring ; 

either with the Lord joy, 

or with devils wail ; 

either torment with fiends, 

or glory with honours ; 

either life or death, 

as to him shall liefer be 

to act, 

while flesh and spirit 

dwell in the world : 

therefore be glory 

to the majesty of the Trinity, 

thanks without end. 

3. healj-haeft ? 

8. MS. piinat;. 



Daet If ]>ssY pyjx'Se. 
fte pe]i-]?eobe- 
pecjen bjiyhcne ]7onc. 
buju^a jehpylcjie. 
]>e up ]'i^ •] aeji. 
fimle jeppemebe. 
J>ujih monijpealbpa- 
maejna jejiyno. 
he u]' sec jiepe^* 
3 aehfca ppeb- 
pelan opeji pib lonb. 
"3 pebep lij?e- 
unbep ppejlep hleo. 
punne ^ mona* 
ae|>elapc tunjla* 
eallu j'cma^ • 
heopon-conbelle • 
haelejjum on eoji^an. 
bjieope^ beap "] jien- 
buju^e pecca]?. 
to peojih-nejie. 
pijia cynne. 
leca^ eop^-pelan. 
\>3&Y pe eallep pculon- 
pecjan |?onc 3 lop. 
Jjeobne upjni. 
^ ^ hujiu ]>sejie haelo- 

\>e he up Co hyhce pojijeap- 
^a he ]>a. yjim^u- 
aec hip up-pCije- 

It is therefore fitthig, 

that the nations of men 

say to the Lord thanks 

for every good 

which to us late and ere 

he hath ever render'd, 

through of manifold 

miracles the mysteries. 

He us food giveth, 
10 and in possessions happiness, 

wealth o'er the wide earth, 

and mild weather, 

under heaven's shelter. 

Sun and moon, 

noblest of stars, 

shine for all 

(heaven's candles,) 

men on earth ; 

dew and rain fall, 
ao raise up abundance 

for life's salvation, 

to tfie race of men, 

increase earth's riches ; 

therefore we surely ought 

to give thanks and praise 

to our Lord, 

and above all for the salvation 

which he in hope hath given us, 

when he the miseries 
30 averted, 

at his ascension, 

SI. MS. ij. 




]>e pe aeji bjaujon- 

|?eob-buenbum • 

yrS paebeji j-paej-ne. 

j:aehj7a maepce. 

cyninj anbopen- 

cpibe epc-onhpeajip. 

paulum to pibbe. 

pe ]>e aep punjen- 

J?ujih Yjine hyje. 

aelbu to popije. 

Ic ]7ec opep eoji^an jepojihte. 

on ]?ae]ie ]?upcealt ypim]>um lipjan 

punian in jepmne^ 

;) ppaece bpeojan- [17«'] 

peonbum to hpo]7oji. 

pup-leo^ jalan. 

■J to J>aepe ilcan pcealfc. 


pypmuni apeallen. 

J70nan pitep pyji- 

op ]7aepe eoji^an pcealt. 

ept jepecan. 

y^ysdt up J?ip j-e sejjelinj. 

y^jie jepjiemebe. 

"pa, he leoraum onpenj • 

^ Iic-homan- 

monnep maju-tubjie. 

]'ij?)7an meotobej' punu. 

enjla epel- 


polbe peojioba job. 

up pe pilla bicpom. 



that we ere had suffer'd j 

and appeased 

for mankind, 

with his dear Father, 

the greatest feud ; 

the only-begotten King 

the lay averted, 

in peace to souls, 

which had ere been sung, 

in angry mood, 

for men's sorrow : 

* I thee wrought on earth, 

on which thou shalt in miseries 

in toil continue, [live, 

and exile suffer, 

in solace to thi/ foes, 

the death song sing, 

and to the same shalt 

again be turn'd, 

bursting with worms ; 

thence the penal fire 

from the earth shalt 

after seek.' 

Lo ! for us this the noble owe 

easily performed, 

when he limbs receiv'd, 

and body, 

for man's offspring, 

when the Creator's Son 

the land of angels 

would ascend, 

the God of hosts : 

for us the will him enter'd. 

9. pse]- add? 
18. eoj\tfan, scil. 

1 7. See Kemble's Gloss, to Beow. vol. ii. voce leotf. 



heanum to helpe- 
on ]>a. haljan tib- A 
l^'bi |?on jiebb apjiaec- 
lob j'pa he cu^e. 
hejiebe helm pepa- 
haelenb lopebe- 
^ mib ]ib-lupan. 
j'unu palbenbej- 
fjieo noman cenbe- 
■;] hine pujel nembe- 
]7one lubeap- 
onjiecan ne meahcan. 
m Sa?jie jobcunban. 
jaejtep pcpenj^u. 
paej- ]?aej- pu^lej- plyhc 
peon bum on eop]7an. 
bypne ■j bejoJ. 
)7am ]>e beopc jepit^ 
hsepbon on hpej^pe- 
heojican jtaenne. 
nolban hi J?a cojihcan. 
fcacen oncnapan- 
]>e him bepojian ppemebe- 
pjieo-beajin jobep. 
moiijj miplic- 
jeonb mibban-jeajib. 
ppa je paela pujel- 
ply^ep cunnobe. 
hpilu enjla eapb . 
up jejohce- 

mobij meahtum j'tjianj* 
]7one mapan ham- 
hpilum h^ to eojipan- 
epc jejcyl be- 

in help to the humble, 

at that holy tide ; 

of whom his lay recited 

Job, as he well could, 

prais'd men's Protector, 

the Saviour lauded, 

and with congenial love, 

for the Powerf Ill's Son 

a noble name devis'd, 
10 and a bird him named, 

which the Jews 

might not understand, 

in the divine 

strength of the spirit. 

That bird's flight was 

to his foes on earth 

hidden and secret, 

to those who a dark understanding 

had in their breasts, 
20 a stony heart : 

these would not the splendid 

signs acknowledge, 

that before them wrought 

the noble Child of God, 

many, various, 

throughout mid-earth. 

Thus the faithful bird 

his flight assay 'd, 

now the abode of angels 
30 sought on high, 

proud, strong in might, 

that noble home j 

now he to earth 

again descended. 

8. funa! 

20. contr. for jtaenenc. 

22, r. cacnu orcacna. 



jjiunb-fceac j-ohce- 
pen be to pojiulbe- 
bi J?on je pifcja ponj. 
he paep upp-hapen- 
enjla pse^mum. 
in hip ]?a miclan* 
meahta ppebe. 
heah ■]) hahj. 

opep heopona |?pym. lo 

ne meahcan ];a J^aep pujlej*. 
plyhc jecnapan. 
|>e ]7aep up-ptijep. [17*0 

■^j'aec ppemebon. 
^ ]>dst ne jelypbon • 
fee hp-ppuma. 
in monnej' hip. 
opep maejna J'pym. 
hahj ppom hpupan. 
ahapen pupbe.^ 
1 Da up jepeop^abe. 
pe )?ap poplb jepcop- 
jobep jaept-punu. 
^ up jiepe pealbe. 
uppe mib enjlum. 
ece pcajjela]"- 
^ eac monijpealbe • 
mobep pnycfcpu. 
peop ^ petce. 
jeonb pepan monna. 
pumum popb-la|7e. 
pipe penbe^' 
on hip mobep jemynb. 
)juph hip muj^ep jaepc- 


through the spirit's grace 

this lower region sought, 

to the world turn'd, 

of whom the prophet sang : 

^ He was uprais'd, 

in angels' arms, 

into his great 

plenitude of power, 

high and holy, 

above heaven's grandeur.' 

They might not that bird's 

flight know, 

who of the ascension 

made denial, 

and believ'd not, 

that life's Author, 

in form of man, 

above the hosts celestial, 

holy from earth 

was rais'd. 

Then us honour'd 

he who this world created, 

God's spirit-Son, 

and gave us grace 

above with angels, 

seats eternal, 

and also manifold 

wisdom of mind 

sow'd and set 

in the minds of men. 

To one eloquence 

he wisely sendeth 

into his intellect, 

through his mouth's guest. 

31. pojib-lace? 

34. i. e. the tongue. 



sej^ele ^pet. 
ye mae^ eal j:ela. 
pnjan 3 fecjan- 
J7atn bi^ fnyccjiu cjiaej'C. 
bipolen on jiep^e- 
Sum maej pinjjni pel • 
hlube pojie haelejjum- 
heajipan jtijijan. 
jleo-beam jpetan. 
Sum maej jobcunbe. 
jieccan jiyhce ae. 
Sum maej pyne tunjla- 
fecjan pbe jefceapc^ 
Sum maej j-eajiobce. 
pojib-cpibe pjiican. 
Sumu pi^ep ppeb. 
jiepe^ aec juj^e. 
)7on jajx-jecpum* 
opep pcilb-hpeaban« 
pceotenb penba^. 
placop plan-jepeopc^ 
Sum maej ppomhce. 
opeji pealcne pae. 
punb-pubu bpipan. 
hpepan holm-]7paece. 
Sum maej heanne beam, 
ptaeljne jepcijan. 
Sum maej pcyleb ppeopb- 
paepen jepypcan. 
Sum con ponja bijon^- 
pejap pibjielle. 
Spa ]'e palbenb up. 

noble understanding. 

He can all things abundantly 

sing and say, 

to whom the power of wisdom is 

in soul committed : 

One can with fingers well, 

loud before men, 

the harp awake, 

the ' glee- beam' greet : 
10 One can divine 

law rightly expound : 

One can of the stars course 

tell, the vast creation : 

One can cunningly 

verbal utterance write : 

To one success in battle 

he in war giveth, 

when the shaft-shower, 

over the shield's defence, 
20 warriors send, 

flickering arrow-work : 

One can boldly 

over the salt sea 

Me vessel drive, -^ liA-v^M) 

move the waters' force : 

One can the tree, lofty 

steep ascend : 

One can a steeled sword, 

a weapon work : [fields, 

30 One knoweth the course of the 

the spacious ways. 

Thus to us the Mighty, 

19. r. hjieotJan. See Kemble's Glossary to Beow., v. i. p. 244. 
21. Perhaps akin to O. N. flacka, /Jcrwa^ori, dispalaru 
24. Lit. the sea-wood. 


job-beajin on jpunbum. 
hif jiepe bjiycca^. 
nyle he aenjum anum • 
ealle jej-yllan. 
jaej'Cef }'nyCCjiu. 
J7y laej- hi jielp fce)?]?e. 
j^ujih hi J- anep cjiaejic. 
Ofeji o]?jie poji^ :• 

the divine Child on earth 

his grace dispenseth ; 

he will not to any single one 

give all 

wisdom of spirit, 

lest him pride injure, 

being through his own craft, 

forth beyond others. 


Duf 50b meahcij. [18 a.] 

jeopum unhneapum. 10 

cyninj alpihca- 
cpaepcum peoji^a]?. 
eopl^an tubbop. 
ppylce eabjum blaeb' 
pele^ on ppejle- 
pibbe paepe]?. 
ece fco ealbpe. 

enila T monna«^^ dl'^ 

I ppa he hip peopc peopJ7a^. 
bi ]7on pe picja cpaeiS. 20 

^ ahaepen paepen. 
halje jimmap. 
haebpe heopon-cunjol. 
healice upp- 
punne ^ mona. 
hpaet pmban Jja- 
jimmaj' j'pa peyne. 
bufcon 50b jylpa. 

Thus mighty God, 

by his unsparing gifts. 

King of all creatures, 

greatly honoureth 

earth's progeny ; 

so to the blessed glory 

in heaven he giveth, 

peace establisheth, 

throughout all ages, 

to angels and to men : 

so he his work honoureth, 

of which the prophet said, 

that were rais'd 

holy gems, 

the stars serene of heaven, 

up on high, 

sun and moon. 

What are those 

gems so sheen 

but God himself ? 

6. MS. hi. 


he !]• ]*e j'o^jiaejta' 
j-unnan leoma. 
enjlu";) eoji^-papum* 
8e]?ele jxima- 
oj:eji mibban-jeajib. 
mona lixe^» 
jaejdic cunjol- 
j-pa jeo jobej' cijice. 
pujih jepomninja. 
j'oiSej' "J pyhcep. 
beophce blice^. 
j'pa hic on bocum cpij?. 
j'iJ>J>an oj: jjiunbum. 
job-beajin apcaj. 
cynmj claenpa jehpaep^ 
]>a peo cijice hep' 
eahcny]-]'e bab. 
unbeji hae)7enjia- 
hyjiba jepealbu. 
]>dsji "Sa pyn-pcea^an • 
po]>ep ne jiembon- 
jaej'Cep )7eappe. 
ac hi jobep tempel. 
bpaecan ^ bsepnbon. 
blob-jyce pophtan- 
peoban ^ pylbon. 
hp8e]?pe pop's bicpom. 
Jjuph jaeptej' Jiepe- 
jobep I'ejna blaeb- 
aepcep up-ptije. 
ecan bpyhtnej"-^ 
Tbi J'on palomon ponj. 

He is the righteous 

beam of the sun 

to angels and earth-dwellers, 

the noble brightness 

over mid earth. 

The moon shineth, 

a spiritual star, 

so the church of God, 

through congregations 
10 of truth and right, 

brightly gleameth ; 

as it saith in books, 

when from earth 

the Child divine ascended. 

King of all purity, 
then the church here 
of the faithful 
awaited persecution, 
under the heathen 
20 pastors' sway. 
There the sinful 
heeded not truth, 
the spirit's need, 
but they God's temple 
brake and burn'd, 
bloodshed wrought, 
hated and destroy'd ; 
yet came forth, 
through the Spirit's grace, 
30 the prosperity of God's servants, 
after the ascension 
of the eternal Lord, 
of whom Solomon sang. 

6. MS. hx«b. 
30. MS. blae«. 

1 7. Lit. fulfillers of the law. 


funu bam];ef ■ 
jiebba jeajio j'noccoji. 
palbenb peji-)?eoba. 
3 f popb acpae^. 
cuiS )7aet jepeoji^eiS. 
^ce cyninj enjla. 
meotub meahcuppi^. 
munt jepcylle^. 
jehleapeS hea-bune. 
hyllap ^ cnollap. 
bepjii^ mib hip pulbjie. 
populb alype^. 
eall eop^-buenb- [li 

J?uph ]7one aej^elan ptyll. 
Paep pe pojima hlyp • 
J^a he on paemnan apcaj. 
maejeiS unmaele- 
^ Jjaep mennipc hip. 
onpenj bucan pipenum. 
f to ppoppe jepeap^ . 
eallu eop^-papu. 
paej- pe oj^ep pciell. 
beapnep jebyjiba- 
J?a he in bmne paep* 
in cilbep hip. 
claj^um bipunben. 
ealpa J^pymma J^pym. 
yaey pe )>pibba hlyp. 
pobop-cyninjep paep. 
J?a he on pobe apcaj. 
paebep ppoppe jaepc. 
PfEj* pe peop^a ptiell- 
m bypjenne. 
y-d he ]7one beam opjeap- 
polb-aepne paefc. 

son of David, 

wise of old in song, 

in the spirit's mystery, 

ruler of nations, 

and the words said : 

* That shall be known, 

that the King of angels, 

the Creator great in might, 

a mount shall spring, 
10 leap the high downs, 

hills and knolls 

wreathe with his glory, 

the world redeem, 
bJ] all earth's inhabitants, 

through that noble spring.* 

The first leap was, 

when into the damsel he descend- 

the maid immaculate, [ed, 

and there a human form 
20 without sins assum'd ; 

that was in comfort 

to all earth's dwellers. 

Was the second spring, 

the infant's birth, 

when in the bin he was, 

in a child's form, 

with clothes enwrapt, 

of all majesties the Majesty. 

The third leap was 
30 the Heaven-king's course, 

when on the cross he mounted, 

the Father's comfort Spirit. 

The fourth spring was 

into the tomb, 

when he the tree resign 'd, 

in the earth house fast. 


ysey ye j:ij:ca hlyp. 
]?a he hell-pejiena. 
heap j-'opbyjbe. 
m cpic-pij'le. 
cynmj inne jebonb- 
jreonba pope-jppecan. 
pypnum ceajum. 
]7aep he jen hje^. 
m capcepne. 
clommum jepaej-tnab. 
pynnu jepaeleb. 
Paep pe pexta hlyp. 
hahjep hyhc-pleja. 
]>a. he CO heoponum aptaj. 
on hip ealb cy^^e. 
J?a paep enjla j^peat. 
on )7a haljan cib. 
hleahcpe bhj^e. 
pynnu jepopben* 
jepapon pulbpep )7pym. 
8e]7ehnja opb. 
e])lep neopan. 
beophcpa bolba. 
pa peap^ bupj-papu. 
eab^u ece jepea. 
aej^ehnjep plez a* I 
f^ ]>up hep on jpunbum. 
jobep ece beapn- 
opep heah hleo)?u. 
mobij aepfcep muntum- 
ppa pe men pculon. 
heopcan jehyjbum. 
hlypum ptyllan. 
op maejne m maejen* 

The fifth leap was, 

when of hell's inmates he 

humbled the multitude j 

in quick sulphur 

bound their king, 

the prince of fiends, 

with fiery fetters, 

the fierce of spirit, 

where he yet lieth 
10 in prison, 

fastened with bonds, 

bound with sins. 

The sixth leap was, 

the Holy's joyous solace, 

when he to heaven ascended, 

into his ancient home ; 

then did the host of angels, 

at that holy tide, 

with laughter blithe, 
20 with joys become ; 

they saw the glorious Majesty, 

the Chief of princes, 

his country visit, 

his brighter dwellings. 

Then was to the happy 

inmates eternal joy, 

the Prince's solace. 

Thus here on earth, 

God's eternal child 
30 over high steeps 

sprang by leaps, 

bold, from mount to mount j 

so we men should, 

in our heart's thoughts, 

spring by leaps 

from virtue to virtue. 


maejij^um tiljan- 

strive after glory. 

^ pe Co |7am hyhj-can. 

that we may to the highest 

hjiope jeffcijan. 

summit rise. 

halju peojicu- 

through holy works, 

J?aeji If hyhc '^ blip. 

where is joy and bliss. 

jej^unjen j^ejn-peojiub. 

an illustrious band of ministers. 

Ip up J^eapp micel. 

Great is the need to us. 

^ pe mib heojitan. 

that we with heart 

haelo pecen. 

salvation seek. 

J?aep pe mib jsepte. 


that we with spirit 

jeojine jelypa^. [19 a.] 

fervently believe. 

);aet )>aec haelo-beapn- 

that that Child of salvation 

heonan up-ptaje. 

may hence ascend 

mib uppe lic-homan. 

with our bodies. 

lipjenbe gob- \ 

the living God : 

pop]?on pe a pculon- 

therefore we should ever 

ible lupcaj'. 

idle lusts. 

pyn-punbe poppeon. 

sin-wound despise. 

•3 )7aep jellpan jepeon. 

and in the more excellent rejoice. 

babba'S pe up co ppoppe. 


have for our comfort. 

paebep on pobepuin. 

the Father in the skies. 



he hip apap ]7onan. 

He his angels thence 

hahj op heah^u- 

holy from above 

hibep onpenbe^. 

will hither send. 

J>a up jej'cilba)?. 

who us shall shield 

pi^ pcej?]7enbpa- 

against the enemies* 

enjlum eaphpajium. 

noxious quivers ; 

]>i laej' unholban. 

lest the fiends 

pun be jepypcen. 


a wound inflict, 

)?on ppohfc-bopa- 

when the accuser. 

in pole jobep. 

among God's folk. 

pop's onpenbe^' 

sendeth forth, 

10. J>aec? 20. pe 

t seems 

redundant. 24. MS. heahfJu. 

28. ejlum? 


oy. hi]- bpaejb-bojan • 
bicepne j-tjiael. 
}:oji)7on pe yaeyte j-culon ■ 
yrS J;ain jrseji-j'cyce* 
j-ymle paephce. 
peajibe healban- 
]>y laep pe at cpep oph- 
biceji bopib-jelac. 
unbeji ban-locan. 
peonba paeji-peajio- 
J?aec bi'S pjiecne punb- 
blacapfc benna* 
utan up beojijan ]?a. 
J?enben pe on eoji^an- 
eajxb peajibijen- 
ucan up to paebep^ 
p}ieo)>a pilnian. 
bibban beapn jobep. 
-) ]7one bli^an jaept. 
^ he up jepcilbe • 
pi^ pceaj?an paepnum. 
la)?]ia lyje-jeappum. 
pe up hp popjeap. 
leomu he -) 7;aept. 
pi him lop pyrale- 
|>uph populb pojiulba- 
pulboji on heopnu :• 

from his drawn bow, 

the bitter shaft ; 

therefore we firmly should, 

against that sudden shot, 

ever cautiously 

hold ward, 

lest the envenom'd point 

enter in, 

the bitter shield-play, 
10 among men's bodies, 

of foes the sudden artifice ; 
that is a perilous wound, 
of sores most deadly : 
let us then ourselves secure 
while we on earth 
a habitation hold ; 
let us from our Father 
desire peace, 
pray the Son of God, 
20 and that kind spirit, 
that he shield us 
against the spoiler's weapons, 
the false snares of foes ; 
he who gave us life, 
limbs, body and spirit : 
ever to him be praise, 
throughout all ages, 
glory in heaven. 



Ne ]7eapj: him onhpaeban- 
beo}:la j'tjiaelaj*. 
aeni^ on eoji^an- 
aelba cynnej'- 
jjiompa jajx-fajie. 
^ly. hme 30b j-cilbe}?. 
bu^u^a bjiyhcen. 
yiy l*^^^ borne neah- 
f pe jelice pceolon- 
leanu hleocan • 10 

ppa pe pibe peoph. 
peopcu hlobun • 
jeonb pibne jpunb- 
up pecja'S bee. 
hu aec aepepcan- 
eabmob aptaj- [19 Z».] 

in mibban-jeapb. 
mae^na jolb-hopb- 
m paemnan pae^m- 
ppeo beapn jobep. 20 

halij op heah]7U. 
hupii ic pene me. 
^ eac onbpaebe. 
bom ^y pej^pan- 
^onn epc cyme^. 
enjla )?eoben. 
]>e ic ne heolb teal a. 
f me haelenb min. 
on bocum bibeab. 

Need not dread 

the shafts of devils, 

any on earth, 

of the race of men, 

the armed course of foes, 

if him God shieldeth. 

Lord of virtues. 

It to the doom is near, 

so that we alike shall 

share in the rewards, 

as we for ever 

by works shall have deriv'd, 

o'er the wide world. 

Books us tell 

how at first 

humble descended 

on mid-earth 

that treasury of might, 

into a damsel's womb, 

the noble Son of God, 

holy from on high. 

I at least expect, 

and eke dread, 

a doom the sterner, 

when again shall come 

the Lord of angels, 

for that I held not well 

what me my Saviour 

in books commanded : 

21. MS. heahju. 

24. MS. bypejipan. 



ic l^aej" bjiojan j^ceal. 

jej-eon j-yn-ppaece- 

)?8ej" ]>e ic yo^ talje. 

I^aeji monij beoS- 

on jemoc laebeb. 

pope onjyne. 

ecep beman.^ 

)7on . h. • cpaca^- 

jehyjie^ cyninj mae^lan- 

jiobejia pyhtenb. 

j'pjiecan pe]>e pojib- 

]7ani ]>e hini aep in populbe- 

pace hypbon. 

)>enban .;^. t .'J^- 

yj?apc meahcan. 

ppopjie pmban. 

J^aep jceal pophc monij. 

on |>a ponj-pcebe • 

pep 15 biban. 

hpaec him aepceji baebum- 

beman pille. 

pjia|?jia pica* 

■* * * 

hip ye -P- pcaecen. 
eojijjan pjiaecpa. 
Jl* V^r lonje. 

p. plobum bilocen. 

lip-pynna bael. 
"£?. on polban. 
ipon ppsecpe pculon. 
bypnan on baele. 

I shall therefore terror 

see, vengeance for sin. 

From what I truly judge, 

many there shall be 

to the meeting led, 

before the face 

of the eternal Judge : 

then the bold shall quake, 

shall hear the King harangue, 

the Ruler of the skies 

speak angry words 

to those who him ere in the world 

weakly obey'd j 

while misery and need 

might easiest 

comfort find. 

There many a fearful one shall 

on that plain 

weary await [deeds, 

what he to him, according to his 

will judge 

of wrathful punishments. 

the wain shall have departed 
of earth's treasures. 
Of old was long 

with water-floods enclos'd 

the region of life's joys, 

men's wealth on earth : 

so then shall their treasures 

30 burn on the pile, 

2. Perhaps j-in-pjiaece, eternal vengeance. 5. MS. Irebat?. 

22. The absence of the rune Jv^ , and the want of connexion in the sense, prove 
the loss of a couplet between 1. 22. and 23. (See note at the end of the volume.) 



blacjia yetted' 

jiecen-jieaba lij. 

jie]7e j'C]ii]?e^. 

jeonb pojiulb pibe- 

ponjaj- hpeopa^. 

bupj-pcebe beppcaiS- 

bponb bi^ oncyhce. 

aele^ ealb-jepcjieon . 


^aejca jipjiaj-c 

^ jeo juman heolban- 

]7enben him on eop]7an. 

onniebla paej* 

poji|>on ic leopjia jehpone 

laepan piUe- 

]?8et he ne ajaele. 

jaepCej' j^eajipe. 

ne on jylp jeote- 

]7enben 30b pille. 

f he heji m pojiulbe. 

punian mote. 

j'omeb pi)7ian. 

papel in hce- 

in |7am japc-hope. 

pcyle jumena jehpylc- 

on hip jeap-baju. 

jeopne bi]>encan. 

f up railbe bicpom. 

meahca palbenb. 

aefc aejiepCan. [20 a. 

)?u]\h J>aep enjlep popb. 

bi^ nu eopnepte. 

)76n ept cyme^. 

pe^e ■;) pyhcpip. 

pobop bi^ onhpepeb. 

dusk shall crackle : 

the smoke-red flame 

shall fiercely wander 

wide o'er the world : 

the plains shall sink down, 

the city-holds shall burst : 

the brand shall be kindled, 

old treasure shall consume 

10 (greediest of guests !) 

what of old men held, 

while to them on earth 

was pride. 

Wherefore I each dear one 

will exhort, 

that he delay not 

his spirit's need, 

nor in pride waste ity 

whilst God willeth 
20 that he here in the world 

may dwell, 

together journey 

soul in body 

in the guest-house. 

Each man should, 

in his course of years, 

well consider, 

that to us came benignantly 

the Lord of might, 
] 30 at first, 

through the angel's word. 

Now will he be earnest 

when he again shall come 

stern and just. 

The firmament shall be shaken, 
blac jifBjcetteK. — K. 
K 2 




3 ]?af miclan jemetu. 



\fon beojiht cyninj leana^. 

]>s&Y ]>e hy on eojxj^an. 

eapjum baebum- 

lij:bon leahcjium j:a- 

]7aej' hi lonje j'culon. 

jieji^-pepije onfon. 

Ill j:yji-ba^e. lo 

paelmum bipjiecene- 

ppa)^lic •])lean. 

\>on maejna cyiiinj- 

on jemoc cynie^. 

Jjpymma maepce. 

j^eob-ejpa bi^. 

hlub jehyjieb- 

bi heopon-poman • 

cpanenbpa cipm- 

cepje jieoca^. 20 

pojie onjyne. 

ecep beman. 

I^a ]>e hyjia peopcum- 

pace tjiupia^. 

"Saep bi]7 o'Sypeb. 

ejpa map a. 

]?on ppom ppum-jej'ceape- 

jeppaejen pupbe. 

seppe on eop^an- 

|?aep bi^ aejhpylcum • 30 


on J?a pnuban tib- 

leofpa micle. 

\>on eall Jjeop laene jepceapc 

10. MS. fyj\ bafce. 

19. MS. cpaniente;ia. i superscr 

and these great communities 

of middle earth 

shall wail, [requite, 

when the bright King shall them 

for that they on earth 

in wicked deeds 

liv'd, with crimes stain'd ; 

therefore they must long 

life-weary receive, 

in the fire-bath, 

cover'd with flames, 

dire retribution. 

When the King of might 

into the meeting cometh, 

with greatest majesty, 

mighty terror shall be 

heard aloud 

through heaven's corners. 

The mourners' cry 

sadly shall resound 

before the face 

of the eternal Judge ; 

those who in their works 

faintly trust. 

There shall be shown 

terror greater 

than from the first creation 

had been heard of, 

ever on earth. 

There it shall be to every 

worker of sin, 

at that sudden time, 

much more desirable 

than all this frail creation, 

11. bipjiijene or bipjiojene? 




J>aeji he hme ]7l]:ne. 
on J>am jije-j^peate • 
behyban maeje. 
]f6n hep^a fpuma. 
ael^elinja ojib. 
eallum heme's- 
leoj:um je la'Sum- 
lean aej:cep jiyhce- 
]7eoba jehpylcjie. 
ip II]' J^eajij: micel. 
f ye jaejTep plite. 
aeji ]?am jjiyyie-bpojan • 
on pa,]' jaepnan cib- 
jeopne bil?encen . \ 
VNu ip ]7on jelicoj'C- 
ppa pe on lajii-plobe . 
opep calb paetep. 
ceolu li^an • 
jeonb pibne pse- 
punb-hen jepcum • 
plob-pubu pepjen- 
ip J^aec ppecne pCpeam- 
y^a opepmaeca. 
\fe pe hep onlaca^- 
jeonb |>ap paean populb. 
pmbje holmap' 
opep beop jelab- 
paej' j'e bpohta^ jtponj- 
aep ]7on pe Co lonbe. 
jeliben haepbon- [20 b.] 
opep hpeone hpycj- 
pa up help bicpom. 
]7aeC up Co haelo. 
hy]7e jelaebbe- 
jobep jaepc-punu. 
■] u]" Jiepe jealbe. 

where he himself, 

in that triumphant band, 

may hide, 

when of hosts the Leader, 

of princes Chief, 

to all shall doom, 

both friends and foes, 

reward according to right 

to every people. 
10 Us it much behoveth, 

that we the spirit's beauty, 

ere that grisly terror, 

in this barren time, 

earnestly bear in mind. 

Now is it to that likest 

as if we on the liquid flood, 

over the cold water, 

in vessels journey, 

through a wide sea, 
20 on ocean-horses 

the flood-wood traverse. 

That is a perilous stream 

of boundless waves, 

on which here we are toss'd 

through this weak world, 

windy seas, 

over a deep path. 

Hard was our condition, 

ere that we to land 
30 had sail'd, 

over a troubled main, 

when to us help came, 

that us to safety 

led in port, 

God's Spirit-son, 

and us grace gave. 



]78efc pe oiicnapan majun- 

opep ceolej- bojib. 

hpaeji pe paelan pceolon. 


ealbe yiS-meayiap. 

ancjium j:aepte. 

utan up to l^aejie hySe- 

hyhfc ptaj^elian. 

^a up jepiymbe. 

jiobejia palbenb* 

halje on heahj^G' 

);a he heoponum aptaj ;♦ | 

that we may know 
from the vessel's deck, 
where we must bind 
our ocean-horses, 
old coursers of the wave, 
with anchors fast. 
Let us in that port 
found our hope 
which to us hath assign'd 
10 the Sovereign of the skies 
holy on high, 
when he to heaven ascended. 

Donne mib pejie* 
je micla baej- 
meahtan bpyhtnep. 
aet mibpe mhc- 
maejne bihlaeme^- 
jcijie jepceapce. 
ppa ofC pcea^a paecne- 
J7e9p ]?pipclice. 
\e on ]?y]xpe paejie^. 
on j-peajicpie niht. 
pojijleape haele^. 
j'emninja poppeh^ • 
j'laepe jebunbne- 
eojilap unjeapipe- 
ppa on pyne beopj* 
porno b up cymei5. 


When with its coming, 

earth's habitants 

the great day, 

by the Lord's might, 

at midnight, 

shall strongly strike, 

the bright creation : 
20 (as oft with robbers* guile, 

the thief daringly, 

who in darkness goeth, 

in swart night, 

careless mortals 

suddenly surprizeth, 

bound in sleep 

men unprepar'd 

with evil assaulteth ;) 

so on Sion's hill 
30 together shall come up 

18. bihUtnmetf? 




maejen-jiolc micel. 
meocube jecjiype- 
beophfc ^ hlipe- 
him peop)7e^ blaeb jifen- 
]?onne j:jiom feopepum • 
j:olban jceacum. 
]?am ycemepCum. 
eop]7an picej-- 
enjlaj' ael-beojihce- 
on ej:en blapa^. 
byman on bpehcme. 
beojia^ mibban-jeajib. 
hjiuje unbeji haele]7uni. 
hlybaiS fcopomne- 
tjiume ^ fcojihfce. 
piiS tunjla ^onj. 
j'lnja^ ^ j-pinjia]?' 
pu]?an •;) nop|?an. 

eaj'can ^ pejtan. 

opep ealle jej-ceapc 

pecca^ op bea^e. 

bpyhc-j^umena beapn. 

eall monna cynn- 

Co meotubj'ceapfce. [21 «. ] 

ejej'lic op ]7aepe ealban molban- 

haca^ hy upp-aj'canban- 

j-neome op plaepe \>y paeptan. 

]?aep mon maej popjenbe pole- 

jehypan hyje jeomop* 

heapbe ^epypeb- so 

ceapum cpi]?enbe« 

cpicpa jepyphtu. 

pophte apaepbe* 

f bi^ pope-cacna maept- 


a mighty people vast, 

to the Lord faithful, 

bright and blithe. 

To them shall reward be given. 

When from the four 

corners of the world, 

the outermost 

of earth's kingdom, 

angels all-bright 

shall together blow 

the trumpet suddenly, 

mid-earth shall quake, . * 

the land under men 

shall at the same time resound : 

the stout and the illustrious 

towards the stars' course 

shall sing and sound, 

from south and north, 

from east and west, 

over all creation ; 

shall from death awake 

the sons of men, 

all mankind, 

to the Godhead; 

terrific from the old mould 

shall bid them up arise 

forthwith from that fast sleep ; 

there may the sorrowing people 

sad in mind be heard, 

sternly urged on, 

woefully bewailing 

their deeds when living, 

with fright afraid. 

That of foretokens shall be greatest 

15. i. e. the angels. 

20. MS. healle. 



J^ajia ]>e aejx o]>]>e p^^ 
aejijie jepupbe. 
monnum oj^ypeb. 
|7ap jemenjbe bee's. 
onhaelo jelac- 
enjla ";) beopla- 
beophtjia ^ blacjia- 
peoji|>e^ beja cyme- 
hpicjia "3 jpeapcjia- 
jpa hini ip ham pceapeii' 
enjlum 3 beoplii. 
J^on jemnmja- 
on jyne beojij* 
pu)7an eaj'tan- 
punnan leoma* 
cyme^ op pcyppenbe. 
jcynan leohcop- 
]>6n hic men majjen- 
mobum ahycjan. 
beophce blican. 
J>6n beapn jobej-. 
)7uph heopona jehleobu- 
hibep oSype^- 
cyme^ punboplic. 
cpij'tej' onj-yn. 
ffij^el-cyiimjej' plite- 
eapcan ppam pobepuni' 
on jepan ppete. 
pmum polce. 
bicep bealopullum. 
jebleob pmibpum- 
eabjum ^ eapmu- 

he bi"S )?am jobuni- 
jlaeb-mob on jejihj^e- 

of those which ere or since 
have ever been 
to men display'd. 
There shall be mingled 
«w unsound assemblage 
of angels and of devils, 
of bright and black 5 
of both shall be a coming, 
of white and swart : 

10 so to them a home is shapen 

for angels and for devils. 
Then suddenly, 
on Sion's hill, 
from the south-east, 
a sun-beam 

shall from the Creator come, 
shining more brilliantly 
than men may it 

20 in mind conceive, 
brightly gleaming, 
when the Son of God, 
through the heavens' vaults, 
hitherward shall appear, 
wonderful shall come 
Christ's countenance, 
the noble King's aspect, 
east from the firmament, 
sweet in mind 

30 to his people, 

bitter to the baleful, 

wondrously colour'd ; 

to the bless'd and wretched 


He to the good shall be 

joyful in sight. 




pliCij pynj-umlic- 
peojiube l^am haljau. 
on jejiean jiaejeji- 
ppeonb ■] leopcael. 
> luj:]'um ■;) lij^e. 
leoj:um monnuni- 
CO j'ceapianne. 
J>one pcynan plice- 
pe^iie mib piUum- 
palbenbep cyme, 
maejen-cyninjep • 
)7am \e him on mobe aep- 
popbum ^ peojicum. 
pel jecpembun. 
he bi^ ]7am yplum* 
ejejlic •^ jjiimhc- 
to jepeonne- 
pynnejum moiinum. 
]7am ]?aep mib pipenii cuma^. 
pop's poppojxhce- [21 Z>.] 20 
Jjaec maej picep co peajininja- 
]>am ]?e hapaS pipne jej^oht. 
^ pe him eallunja. 
opihc ne onbjxaebeS' 
pe pop ^aejie onpyne. 
ejj'an ne peopj^eS- 
pojihc on pepSe. 
)?on he ppean jepihS. 
ealpa jepceapca- 
^peapbne papan- 30 

mib maejen-punbpum- 
monjum co J^in^e- 
onb him on healpa jehpone* 
heopon-enjla ]?peac. 

beauteous, winsome ; 

to the holy company, 

fair in delight, 

friendly and gracious, 

kind and gentle 

to his dear people, 

to behold 

the beauteous aspect, 

mild with ^ooc?- will, 

the Sovereign's advent, 

the mighty King's, 

to those who him ere in mind, 

by words and works, 

well had pleas'd. 

He shall to the evil be, 

dreadful and grim 

to see, 

to sinful men, [crimes 

to those who thither come, with 

ever fordone. [warning he 

That may of punishment for a 

to those who have wise thought, 

that he entirely 

dread nothing : 

he before that countenance 

shall not with dread become 

fearful in soul, 

when he seeth the Lord 

of all creatures 

coming present 

with mighty wonders 

in judgment to the many ; 

and on each side 

a band of heavenly angels 

21. peafininge? 

33. MS. jehpojie. 



ymb-utan papa's* 
aelbeoplitjia jcolu' 
hejijaj' halijpa- 
heapum jeneahhe. 
byne^ beop jejceajt. 
^ pope bpyhcne paepe^. 
paelm-pypa maejc- 
opep pibne jpunb. 
hlemme^ haca lej- 
heoponap bepjta^* 
cpume 'J cophte- 
cunjol op-hpeopaiS. 
]>on peopj^e^ punne- 
ppeajic jepenbeb. , 
on blobep hip« 
pec ^e beophce pcan« 
opep aep-populb. 
aelba beapnum^ 
ODona ^ pylpe* 
|>e aep mon-cynne. 
nihcep lyhce. 
m]>ep jehpeope^. 
•J pceoppan ppa pome- 
ptpeba^ op heopone. 
J7uph ^a pcponjan lypt« 
jtopmum abeacne. 
pje aelraihcij- 
mib hip enjla jebpyhc- 
maejen-cyninja meocob- 
on jemoc cuman* 
]?pympaept )>eoben. 
bi^ ]?aep hip J^ejna eac* 
hpe)>-eabi5 heap- 
halje j-aple. 

around him move, 

a legion of all-bright ones, 

companies of the holy, 

in bands abundant. 

The great creation shall resound, 

and before the Lord shall go 

of fires intense the greatest, 

over the wide ground 

hot flame shall roar, 
10 the heavens burst, 

strong and bright, 

the stars shall fall. 

Then the sun shall be 

turn'd swart 

to hue of blood, 

which brightly shone 

over the former world, 

for the sons of men. 

The moon the same, 
ao she who to mankind erst 

gave light by night, 

shall fall down, 

and the stars also 

shall from heaven be scatter'd 

through the strong tempest, 

beaten by storms. 
The Almighty will, 

with his train of angels, 

of mighty kings Creator, 
30 to the meeting come, 

majestic Lord ! 

There of his followers shall also be 

a proudly happy band, 

holy souls. 

19. j-e ryljraJ 

34. r. j-apla. 



mib hvpa yjiean }:ajia1$« 

)>on polca peajib- 

J^uph ejjan )jpea. 

eoji^an roaejSe. 

j-ylpa jej'ece^. 

peojiJ?eiS jeonb pibne jjimib- 

hlub jehyjieb- 

heopon-byman jrepn- 

^ on peopon healpa- 

jpojaiS pinbaj-' lo 

blapa^ bpecenbe. 

beajihcma maepce- 

peccaiS •] poma^. 

pojiulb mib pcojime. 

pylla^ mib peojie- [22 a.] 

polban jej'ceapte. 

Donne heapb jebpec- 

hlub Cnmaete- 

ppap 3 ppi^bc^ 

jT^ej-bynna maepc- 20 

aelbum ejephc' 

eapeb peopJ>e^. 

]><Bji maejen-pepje. 

monna cynnep. 

pojinum hpeoppaiS. 

on pibne lej. 

]7a )?aep cpice mece^. 

cpehnenbe pyp« 

pume up pume ui]>ep. 

aelbep pulle- 30 

yda biiS uncpeo- 

l^aec J;aep abaraep. 

cyn ceapena pull. 

cpi]?eiS jejapjab. 

so. jFylle? 

thei/ with their Lord shall go. 

When the people's Guardian 

with dread of punishment 

the tribe of earth 

himself shall visit, 

shall through the wide ground 

loud be heard 

the heavenly trumpet's voice, 

and on seven sides 

winds shall howl, 

crashing blow, 

(greatest of sounds !) 

shall agitate and impair 

the world with storm, 

with their breath shall fell 

the earth's creation. 

Then a hard crash 

loud, immense, 

heavy and violent, 

greatest of roaring dins, 

dreadful to men, 

shall be sent forth. 

There the most accursed 

of the race of men 

shall in multitudes depart 

into wide flame ; 

who living shall there find 

destroying fires, 

some above some beneath, 

a glut of fire. 

Then shall be the faithless, 

that there (Adam's 

race of sorrows full) 

lament, afflicted 


MS. je/aji^aS, see p. 60. 1. 18. 



nalef jzojie lyclum. 

leobe ^eomjie- 

ac \:o]\e J?am maejcan- 

maejen-eapjiel^uin • 

Don eall |7jieo. 

on ej:en nime^. 

pon j^yjiej' paelm^ 

pibe Copomne- 

pe j-peapca I15. 

paep mib hypa pipcuni. 

eopl^an mib hipe beopjum. 

3 iip-heopon' 

tophcne raib hip Cunjlum- 

teon-lej pomob- 

)7pyJ?um baepne^. 

]7peo eal on an. 

jpimme cojaebpe- 

jpopna^ jej-apjab. 

eal mibban-jeapb. 

on }?a maepan tib :• 

not before a little 

people sad; 

but before the greatest 

dire afflictions. 

When all three 

equally shall seize 

pale fire's heat, 

widely together, 

the swart flame, 
10 the seas with their fishes, 

earth with her hills, 

and heaven above, 

bright with its stars ; 

the hostile flame together 

vehemently shall burn 

three all in one, 

grimly together, 

shall mourn afflicted 

all mid-earth, 
20 at that awful time. 

Spa j'e jippa jaej-c. 
jpunbap jeonb-peceS. 
hi)>enbe lej. 
heah-jetimbpo • 
pylle^ on polb-ponj. 
pyjiep ejj-an. 
pib-maepe blaept. 
populb mib-ealle. 
hac heopo-jippe- 
hpeoja^ jeneahhe 


So the greedy guest 
shall earth pervade ; 
the destroying flame 
the high structures 
on earth's plain shall fell 
with fire's horror ; 
the wide-spreading blast, 
the whole world together, 
hot, all-devouring. 
30 Shall fall abundantly. 




tobjiocene bupj-peallaj-. 
beojijaj- jemelca^. 
3 heah-cleojiu. 
]>a. pi^ holme aeji. 
yaeyte yrS plobu. 
j:olban pcehbun. 

]'ta]7elaj- pi^ pseje- 

paeCjie pinbenbum. 

I^on pihca jehpylce- 

beopa ■^ pujla. 

bea'S-lej nirae^. 

paejie^ aepCep polban- 

fyji-ppeapca lej. 

peallenbe pi^a- [ 22 Z>. ] 

]pa aeji paeceji-pleopan. 

plobaj" ajzyjbe- 

}>6n on pyji-ba'Se- 

j-pela^ j-ae-pipcaj'. 

punbep jetpaepbe. 2c 

pae^-beopa jehpylc^ 

pepij ppelce^- 

byjinej? paeceji ppa peax- 

j^aep bi^ punbpa ina« 

)7oii hic aanij on mobe. 

maeje a)?encan« 

hu Jjaec jejcun -j pe jtojim- 

•] ]-eo j'Cjionje lypfc. 

bjieca^ bjiabe jej'ceapc. 

beojinap jpeta^ • 3( 

pepaiS panenbe. 

pep^um ptepnuni' 

heane hyje jeompe. 

hjieopum jebpeahce- 

in pieces broken, the city- walls; 

the hills shall melt, 

and the high cliffs, 

that against ocean erst, 

firm against floods, 

the earth had shielded, 

stern and stedfast, 

bulwarks against the wave, 

th' encircling water. 

Then each creature, 

beasts and fowls, 

the death-flame shall seize ; 

shall pass along the earth 

the fire-swart flame, 

a burning warrior; 

as of old the rivers, 

the floods he drove, 

so then in a fire-bath, 

the sea fishes shall be burn'd, 

cut off from ocean, 

each animal of the wave 

weary shall die ; 

water shall burn as wax ; 

there shall more wonders be 

than in mind any 

may conceive : 

how the stun and the storm, 

and the strong blast 

shall break the broad creation ; 

men shall wail, 

shall moaning weep 

with abject voices, 

humble, sad in mind, 

with penitence afflicted. 

4. MS. >u. 

6. j-celbun (j-cyl&on) i 

9. j;?innenbuin 1 



Sedpe^ j'peapca lej. 
fynne on }:ojibonum. 
^ jolb-jrjiaetpe. 
jleba jiojijpelja^ • 
eall aeji-jejtjieon. 
Daeji bi^ cijim "^ ceajiu- 
■^ cpicjia jepm. 
jehjieop ■;) hlub pop* 
bi heopon-poman. 
eapmhc aelba jebpeaj. 
J?onan aenij ne maej. 
fijien-baebum pah- 
ppi^ jepmnan* 
lej-bpyne lopian- 
lonbep opeji. 
ac }78et; pyji nimeiS. 
|7uph polban jehpaet- 
jjiaepe^ jpimliee. 
jeopne apece^. 
mnan "] uCan- 
eoji^an pceatap- 
o)>)?8efc eall hapa^- 
aelbep leoma- 
populb-piblep pom. 
paelme popbaepneb- 
Don mihcij job. 
on ]7one uiaepan beojij- 
mib ]7y maepcan. 
maejen-j^jiymme cymcS. 
heopon-enjla cynmj' 
halij pcme^. 
pulbojilic opep pejiebum. 
palbenbe job. 
onb hme ymb-ucan. 
ae]?el-bu3U^ betapc- 

The swart flame shall seetli 

on the fordone with sin, 

and the gold ornaments 

gleeds shall devour, 

all ancient treasure 

of the kings of earth. 

There shall be cry and care, 

and of the living strife, 

rue and loud lament 
10 through heaven's corners, 

a sad band of men. 

Thence may not any one 

stain'd with sinful deeds 

gain peace, 

the flame's heat escape 

anywhere ; 

but the fire shall seize, 

everything on earth, 

shall fiercely delve, 
20 eagerly seek, 

within and without, 

the tracts of earth, 

till that hath all 

the beam of fire 

stain of world-pollution 

with heat burned up. 

Then the mighty God, 

on that vast hill, 

with the greatest 
30 majesty shall come, 

heaven's angels' King 

holy shall shine, 

glorious o'er the hosts, 

the powerful God ; 

and around him 

chiefs most excellent. 



halje hepe-pe^an. 

hlucjie blica^- 

eabij enjla jebjiyhc. 


fojihce beopa^' 

}:ope j:aebeyi ejfan- 

j:oji]7{)n nij' aenij putibop. 

hu hiin pojiulb-monna. 

yeo unclaene jecynb. 

ceapum popjenbe- lo 

heapbe onb]iebe» 

"Son pio halje jecynb- 

hpit ^ heopon-beophc. [23 «.] 

heaj-enjla maejen- 

pop ^aepe onpyne beo^^ 

ejj'an apyphce- 

biba^ beopienbe. 

beophce jepceapte- 

bpyhcnep bomep. 

baja ejephcaj'C 20 

peop)?e^ m populbe. 

)?on pulbop-cyninj. 

J?uph ]?pym l^peaiS. 

]7eoba jehpylce. 

hateS apipan. 

peopb-bepenbe • 

op polb-jpapum. 

pole anpa jehpylc^ 

cuman to jemoce- 

mon-cynnep jehpone. 30 

)>6n eall hpatie- 

abamep cynn- 

onpehS plaepce. 

peopjje^ polb-paej'fce- 

eapbep aet enbe. 

pceal ]?6n anpa jehpylc^ 

holy martial bands, 

shall brightly shine, 

a train of blessed angels : 

thei/ inwardly 

tremble with fear, 

for terror of the Father ; 

therefore 'tis not any wonder, 

how of worldly men 

the impure race, 

sadly sorrowing, 

shall sorely dread, 

when the holy race, 

white and heaven-bright, 

th' archangel host, 

before that countenance is 

with dread affrighted. 

Trembling await 

the bright creations 

the Lord's doom ; 

a day most terrible 

in the world shall be, 

when the Glory King, 

by his power shall punish 

every people, 

shall bid arise 

those with speech endow'd 

from their earth graves, 

each folk 

come to the meeting, 

every of mankind ; 

then all quickly 

Adam's kin 

shall flesh receive, 

shall be of their earth»rest, 

their dwelling at the end. 

Shall then each one. 



fope cjiijcej' cyme- 

epic apfj'an- 

leo^um onjion- 

'J lic-homan. 

ebjeonj pej'an. 

hafa^ eall on him. 

]?aej' J?e he on jiolban- 

in jrypn-bajuni' 

jobep o]>^e jalej'- 

on hip ^aepte jehlob. 

jeajia ^onjum. 

hapa^ aecjaebjie. 

bu ITc ^ paple. 

pceal on leohc cuman- 

]'in]ia peojica phte* 

^ popba jemynb. 

^ heojitan jehyjb- 

pojie heopona cyninj. 

Donne bi)? jeyceb- 

T jeebnipab' 

mon-cyn ]7ujih meotub. 

micel afii]*e^' 

bpyhc-polc to borne. 

]-i]?)?an bea)?ep benb- 

colepe^ hp-pjiuma. 

lypfc bi'S onbaepneb. 

hjieoj'a^ heopon-pceoppan. 

hy);a^ pibe. 

jipjie jlebe. 

jaeptaj' hpeoppa^- 

on ecne eajib. 

opene peopj^a^. 

opep mibban-jeapb. 

monna baebe- 

before Christ's coming, 

living arise, 

members receive, 

and body, 

be again young, 

have in him all 

of that which he on earth, 

in former days, 

of good or evil, 

10 on his soul loaded, 
in course of years ; 
have together 
both body and soul : 
into light shall come 
the image of his works, 
and memory of his words, 
and his heart's thoughts, 
before the heavens' King. 
Then shall be increas'd, 

20 and renew'd 

mankind by their Creator ; 
shall arise a great 
multitude to judgment, 
after the bond of death 
life's Author shall unbind. 
Air shall be burned, 
heaven's stars shall fall, 
widely shall destroy 
the greedy fire ; 

30 souls shall depart 

to their eternal dwelling; 
open shall be, 
over mid-earth, 
men's deeds. 

.25. MS. lif-jrpuman. 



Ne majon hojib pejia. 

heoptan jej^ohcaj*- 

pope palbenbe. 

pihce bemi]7an. 

ne pnbon hi baeba byjine 

ac ]>se]i bi^ bjiyhtne cu^. 

on |?am miclan baeje^ 

hu monna jehpylc* 

aep eapnobe. 

ecep hyey- 

•;) eall '^peapb. 

f hi aep o]>]>e pi^- 

pophcun in populbe- 

ne bi^ )>aep pihc popholen. 

monna jehyjba- 

ac ]'e maejia baej- 

hpeJ?ep-locena hopb* 

heopcan jejjohcap^ 

ealle aecype^. 

aep j'ceal jej^encan • 

jaeptep |)eappe- 

pe|7e jobe mynce^. 

bpinjan beophcne plice^ 

J>onne bpyne cojxa^- 

hac heopu ^ippe- 

hu jehealbne jmb- 

paple pi^ pynnum. 

pope pije-beman. 

"Son jio byman pcepeu- 

^ ye beophca pejn- 

■3 ]7aec hare pyp- 

3 peo hea buju^- 

■^ pe enjla j^py. 

1 pe ejpan ]7jiea- 

Men may not their cogitations, 

their heart's thoughts, 

before the Supreme, 

in aught conceal : 

deeds are not dark to him, 

but there shall be known to the 

on that great day, [Lord, 

how every man 

shall ere have merited 
10 eternal life ; 

and all be present, 

that they early or late 

wrought in the world. 
[23,6.] There shall be naught conceal'd 

of men's cogitations, 

but the great day 

the mind's recesses, 

the heart's thoughts, 

shall all disclose. 
20 Ere should meditate 

on his soul's need, 

he who to God intendeth 

to bring a bright aspect, 

when the burning proveth, 

hot, all-devouring, 

how abstinent have been 

souls from sins, 

before the judge triumphant ; 

when the trumpet's voice, 
30 and the bright sign, 

and the hot fire, 

and the high chieftains, 

and the angels' grandeur, 

and the pain of terror, 

1. pejias? hopb, i. e. bjieojt-hojib, = heojatan je)>ohr,aj, 1. 2. 




■] j'e heajiba baej. 
3 jeo hea pob. 
jiyhc ajiaepeb. 
picej- to beacne. 
j:olc-bpyhc pepa- 
bijrojian bonna^. 
japla jehpylce. 
)?ajia ]>e p^ o]f]fe aeji- 
on lic-homan. 
leo]7um onpenjen. 
^6n peopoba maept. 
pope palbenbe. 
ece •;} ebjeonj. 
■;jpeapb jae^* 
neobe ^ nybe- 
bi noman jehacne- 
bepa^ bpeopca hopb. 
pope beapn ^obej-. 
peopep ppaetpe. 
pile paebep eahcau' 
hu jej'unbe puna, 
paple bpinjen- 
op l^am e^le. 
]?e hi onlipbon. 
^on beo^ bealbe. 
}?a ]7e beophcne plite- 
nieotube bpinja^. 
bi^ hypa meahc ^ sepea' 
ppii5e jepaelijlic. 
japlum CO jielbe- 
pulbop-lean peopca^ 
pel 1]' |>ani ]>e mocun. 
on ]>a jpimman Cib. 
jobe lician :• 

and the stern day, 

and the high rood, 

rais'd erect, 

in sign of sway, 

before th' assemblage of men, 

shall proclaim, 

before every soul 

of those that ere or late, 

in body, 

members receiv'd ; 

when of hosts the greatest 

before the Powerful, 

eternal and again young, 

shall present go, 

by force and need, 

call'd by name, 

shall bare their breasts' recesses 

before the Child of God, 

their life's treasures, 

the Father will observe 

how healthy his sons 

bring their souls 

from that land 

in which they liv'd. 

Then will be bold 

they who a bright aspect 

to the Creator bring; 

their might and joy shall be 

very abundant, 

for their souls' recompence, 

a glorious reward for their works. 

Well is it for those who may, 

at that awful hour, 

to God give pleasure. 

22. Altered from j-apla. The pi. termination in e for a, being prevalent through- 
out the MS., will not hereafter be noticed. 32. MS. mocum. 



\'^ paeji him jylpe jej'eo^' 
j'Ojija maejce. 
Yyn-jia. men- 
ne bi^ hmi to ape. 
I^aet l^aeji pope elljjeobum. 
ujjep bpyhcnep pob- 
';3peapb j-conbe^. 
beacna beophcapc. 
blobe bepcemeb. lo 

hlucpan bpeope- 
bipeon mib ppate. 
]>det opep pibe jepceapc- 
pcipe pcmeS- 

pceabu beo^ bibypneb- [24 «.] 
|)aep pe leohca beam- 
leobum byphce^- 
J^aet: |jeah Co- 

ceonum peop|>e^- 20 

peobum Co ]7pea- 
)?am ]fe )7onc jobe- 
pica ne cuj^un- 

There themselves shall see 

of sorrows greatest, 

men stam'd with sin, 

sad in soul ; 

it shall not be to them in mercy, 

that there before strange nations 

our Lord's rood 

present standeth, 

brightest of signs, 

with the blood bedew'd 

of heaven's King, 

with pure gore ; 

shall see with sweating, 

that o'er the wide creation 

it clearly shineth : 

shade shall be hidden, 

where the light beam 

to nations brighteneth : 

yet that to 

their harm shall be, 

a chastisement to nations, 

to those who thanks to God, 

(workers of sin) 

knew not, 

j;aep ^e he on ]7one haljan beam- for that he on the holy tree 

ahonjen paep- 
pope mon-cynnep- 
|7£ep he leoplice- 
lipep ceapobe- 

was hanged, 
for mankind's 
evil misdeeds, 
where he dearly 
sold his life. 

13. hiYeoHl 

23. pom-pyi\cendum? 

24. pihce? 



]7eoben mon-cynne. 

on ]?am baeje- 

mih ]>y people- 

j>e no pom bybe. 

hip lic-homa. 

leahtpa pijiena. 

mib \>y upic alypbe- 

]?ae]' he epc-lean pile* 

)?uph eojinepce- 

eallep jenomian- - 

"Son j'lo jieabe- 

jiob opeji ealle- 

ppejle pcme^- 

on )>ae]ie punnan jylb- 

on J?a pophthce. 

pipenum poyibone- 

ppeapce j-yn-pyjicenb. 

pojijum phca^- 

jejeo^ him Co bealpe- 

f him betpc bicpo. 

}?8eji hy hic to jobe- 

onpetan polban- 

■;) eac ]>a, ealban punbe. 

■3 ]7a openan bolj- 

on hypia bjiyhcne jejeo^' 


jpahim mib naejlum )?u|\h-bjupan 


]>a. hpican honba* 

•3 ]>& haljan pet- 30 

•] op hip piban ppa pome. 

j-pat popletan- 

[;aepi blob •] paetep- 

butu aet-jomne. 


the Lord, for mankind, 

on that day, 

with that price, 

whose body 

no crime committed, 

wicked sins, 

with which he us redeem'd ; 

for this he will a recompense 


surely take, 

when the red 

rood over all 

the heaven shineth, 

in the sun's stead, 

on which fearfully 

the lost in crimes, 

dark workers of sin, 

shall sorrowfully look, 

shall see to their own harm, 

that it had best become them, 

that they it to good purpose 

would have understood : 

and also the old wounds, 

and the open sores, 

on their Lord shall see, 

sad of soul ; 

how of him pierced with nails 

the devisors of evil 

the white hands, 

and the holy feet, 

and from his side also 

the gore let out, 

where blood and water, 

both together. 

6. leahcop-f? 

21. ]>setl 



uc bicpoman. 
fope eajna jejyh^. 
pmuan }:ope pincu- 
J?a he on jiobe paej*- 
6all Jjip majon- 
him j'ylpe jej-eon- 
}?on open opjece- 
f he pop aelba lupan- 
pipen-ppemmenbpa • 
pela )7popabe- lo 

oiiajun leoba beapn- 
leohce oncnapan. 
hu hme lyjnebon. 
leape on je|?oncu- 
hyppcun heapm-cpibum^ 
;] on hip hleop pomob. 
hypa ppacl ppeopbon. 
pppaecon him ebpit- 
;3 on J?one eabjan- 
^phfcan ppa pome- 20 

hel-pupe men. 
honbum plojun- 
polmum apeahcum- 
^ pypcum eac. 
^ ymb hip heapob. 
heapbne jebijbon- 
beaj ]7ypnenne. 
blinbe on 5e]7oncum. [24 A.] 
bypje •;) jebpealbe- 
jepejun ]>a. bumban jej-ceapc- 
eop^an eal-jpene- 31 

"3 up-pobop- 
pophce jepelan. 
ppean J^popinja- 
•3 mib ceapum cpi^bun- 
^eah hi cpico naepon. 

came out, 

before the sight of eyes, 

running before men, 

when he was on the rood. 

All this may 

themselves see 

then plainly manifest, 

that he for love of mortals, 

framers of crime, -^ 

much suffer'd ; ^^^^ | ' V^ 

the children of men may 

easily know 

how him belied 

the false in their thoughts, 

scoff'd with maledictions, 

and on his face also 

their spittle spat ; 

spake to him reproach, 

and on the blessed 

visage also, 

hell-prone men 

with their hands struck, 

with outstretched palms, 

and with fists eke, 

and about his head 

bent a hard 

thorny crown, 

blind in their thoughts, 

foolish and erring. 

Thei/ saw the dumb creation, 

the earth all-green, 

and heaven above, 

fearfully feel 

the Lord's sufferings, 

and sorrowfully thei/ mourn'd, 

though quick they were not. 



J^a ]>e hypa j'cyppenb. 
jcea|7an onjienjon- 
jynju honbuni. 
j'unne peap'S abpaej-ceb- 
J>peam a|?pypmeb. 
J>a j'lo J?eob jepeah. 
m hiepupalem. 
jobpebba cyjt- 
]?aefc aep ^am haljan. 
huj-e pceolbe- 
CO peopjjunja^ 
peopub pceapian. 
upan eall popbaepjC' 
]>set hit on eojij^an Isej. 
on Cpam jcyccum. 
]>d&y templej' )'ejl. 
punbop-bleom jepophc 
CO plice ysey hupej-. 
pylp plat on cu- 
ppylce hic jeaxep ecj- 
pceapp |7uph-pobe- 
pcipe bupjCan- 
mupaj' '3) jcanaj'- 
monje aepcep polban- 
';} yeo eop^e eaC' 
ejpan mypbe. 
beopobe on beaphcme. 
^ ye bpaba pse. 
cy^be cpaepCej' meaht. 
3 op clomme bpaec- 
up yppmja. 
on eopj^an pae^m- 
je on jcebe pcynum- 
jceojijian poplecon^ 

when their Creator 

the impious seiz'd, 

with sinful hands. 

The sun was extinguish 'd, 

with sufferings obscur'd. 

Then the people saw, 

in Jerusalem, 

of textures choicest, 

(that ere, to that holy 
10 house 

in reverence, 

the multitude should behold,) 

from above all burst, 

so that on earth it lay 

in pieces twain ; 

the temple's veil itself, 

with wonder-colours wrought, 

for beauty of that house, 

in twain was rent, 
ao as if it a faulchion*s edge 

sharp had pass'd through. 

Burst the bright 

walls, and stones 

many over earth, 

and the earth eke 

was mindful of that terror, 

trembled instantly j 

and the broad sea 

show'd its power's might, 
30 and from durance brake 

angrily up, 

on to earth's bosom : 

yea, in their beauteous place 

the stars forsook 

26. niynbe? — K. 



hyjia j'paej-ne plice- 

on ]7a ]yl}:an cib. 

heoj:on hluccpe onjeac 

hpa hme healice. 

cophcne jecpemebe- 

cunjol-pmmum • 

j:op]?on he hij' bo ban j-enbe^ 

J>a paef jebopen sepepc 

jepceapta pcip-cynmj. 

bpoefc eac pcylbje men» lo 

jepejon Co jo^e- 

|?y pylpan baeje- 

|?e on J^popabe- 

]?eob-punbop micel. 

fee eop^e ajeap- 

J?a hype on laejun- 

ej:C hpjenbe. 


J^a ]7e heo aep paejce- 

bipenjen haepbe- 20 

beabe bibypjebe- 

]>e bpyhcnep bibob- 

heolbon on hpe};pe- 

hell eac onjeat- 

pcylb-ppeccenbe • 

f ye j'cyppenb cpo- 

palbenbe 50b. 

]?a heo f peopub ajeaj:. 

hloj^e op ^am hacan hpejjpe- 

hyje peap'S monju bhjjab- 30 

paplum fopje co-jhbene- [25 a 

hpaec eac pae cy^be- 

hpa hine jejecce. 

on pibne jpunb- 

their sweet aspect : 
at that same time, 
the clear heaven felt, 
who it on high, 
bright, had adom'd 
with starry gems ; 
therefore its messengers it sent, 
when first was born 
of creatures the bright King. 
Aye, also guilty men 
saw in sooth, 
on the same day 
on which he suffer'd, 
a mighty wonder great, 
that the earth gave up 
those who in her lay : 
living again 
stood up 

those whom ere she fast 
had enclos'd, 
had buried, dead, 
who the Lord's command 
had held in mind. 
Hell also understood, 
the sin-avenging, 
that the Creator was come, 
the powerful God ; 
when she the multitude gave up, 
the band from her hot bosom, 
the mind was bless'd of many 
.] souls, their sorrows pass'd away. 
Yea, eke the sea declar'd 
who had set it 
on the broad ground. 

20. MS. bipen. 



Ciji-meahtij cynmj- 

};op|?on he hine Cpebne- 

hull onjean jypebe. 

]fdn 30b polbe* 

Of ep pne y^e jan • 

eah-jCjieam ne bojij'Ce- 

hij* fpean yet- 

flobe bij'encan- 

je eac beaniaj' onbubon- 

hpa hy mib blebum jceop. 

mon^e nalej* pea. 

^a mihnj job- 

on hipa anne jejcaj. 

|?aep he eappe)7u. 

3e)?olabe pope |?eappe- 


la^licne bea^. 

leobu Co helpe. 

Da peap^ beam monij' 

blobijum teapum- 

bipunnen unbep pobepum- 

peabe 3 J^icce- 

j-aep peap^ to ppace- 

|?aec apecjan ne majun- 


J7uph ppob jepic 

hu pela ]>a. onpunbun • 

]>d jepelan ne majun. 

bpyhcnej' J^popinja- 

beabe ^epceapce • 

]?a ]?e 8e]7elapc pinb- 

eopSan jecynba- 

•J heoponej' eac* 

heah-jecimbpo • 

the glorious mighty King, 
therefore it itself passable 
towards him made ; 

when God would 

over its wave go, 

the water-stream durst not 

his Lord's feet 

sink in the flood. 

Yea, the trees eke proclaim'd 
10 who had with branches shap'd 

many not few, [them, 

when mighty God 

on one of them ascended, 

where he pains 

endur'd for need 

of earth's inhabitants, 

a loathly death, 

in help to mortals. 

Then was many a tree 
20 with bloody tears 

suffus'd under the heavens ; 

red and thick 

their sap was turn'd to gore : 

so that may not say 

earth's habitants, 

through wise knowledge, 

how many then perceiv'd, 

which could not feel, 

the Lord's sufferings, 
30 dead creatures. 

Those that noblest are 

of earthly natures, 

and of heaven eke 

the lofty structures. 

3. r. jyj^pebe (jeajipobe). 

7. MS. fjieam. 

24. MS. majum. 



eall }:o]ie J?am aim- 

unjioc jepeaji^. 

jiojiht ajjonjen. 

J?eah hi pep^-jepit- 

op hyjia aejjelum. 

aenij ne cuj^en- 

penbon ppa ]7eah punhjium- 

]>a hypa palbenb. 

poji op lic-homan. 

leobe ne cuj^an. 

mob-blinbe men. 

meoCub oncnapan- 

plintum heapbjian- 

^ hi ppea nejiebe- 

pjiam hell-cpale- 

haljum nieahcum- 

alpalba job- 

^ aec aepepcan. 

pojie-)>oncle men- 

ppom ppuman pojiulbe- 

jjujih pip jepiC. 

piCjan bpyhcnep- 

halje hije-jleape. 

haele]7um j'aejbon- 

opt nalej' aene. 

ymb ^ ae)?ele beajin- 

"Saec je eajicnan pcan. 

eallum pceolbe. 

Co hleo •;) to hjio]?ep. 

haelej^a cynne- [25 Z>.] 

peop^an in pojiulbe- 

pulbpep ajenb. 

eabep ojib-pjiuma- 

]7up^h |>a se]?elan cperin :• 

all for that alone 

became sad, 

seiz'd with fear ; 

though they mental wit, 

by their natures 

knew not any, 

ween'd yet wondrously, 

when their Sovereign 

from body parted. 
10 The nations could not, 

men blind of mind, 

their Lord acknowledge, 

harder than flints, 

that them the Lord had sav'd 

from hell-torment, 

by his holy powers, 

all-powerful God, 

what at ^Ae- first 

sagacious men, 
20 from the world's beginning, 

through wise understanding, 

prophets of the Lord, 

holy prudent-minded 

said to men, 

oft not once, 

about that noble child : 

that he a precious stone 

should to all, 

for refuge and for comfort 
30 to mankind, 

be in the world, 

the Lord of glory. 

Origin of happiness, 

through that noble woman. 



]>e mib jepicce nyle. 

jemunan ]>a, milban- 

meocubej* lape^ 

■;j eal "Sa eappe^u- 

J>e he jiojie aelbura abjieaj. 

j:op|7on pe he polbe. 

J?aet pe pulbpep eapb. 

m ecnejje- 

ajan mopcen. 

Spa ]>am bi^ jpoyine. 

on )>am jpimman baeje. 

bomej- ]7aep miclan. 

J^am |?e bpyhfcnej- jceaL 

bea^ pipenum popbeu. 

bolj pceapian^ 

pun be "3 pice. 

on pepijum pepan. 

jejeo^ yojv^a. maepce. 

hu pe pylpa cyninj. 

mib j'lne hc-homan. 

lypbe op pipenum. 

)7uph milbe mob. 

f hy mopcun- 


come bpjan. 

•] cipep blaeb. 

ecne ajan* 

hy J^aep etilej- ]?onc> 

hypa palbenbe. 

pica lie cujjon. 


What thinketh he, 

who with understanding will not 

be mindful of the mild 

lore of the Creator, 

and all the pains 

that he for men endur'd, 

because he would 

that we th' abode of glory 

for ever 
10 might possess ? 

So to them it shall be sad, 

on that grim day 

of the great doom, 

whom the Lord's death 

shall for their crimes foredo, 

to behold the scars, 

wounds and punishment, 

in their sad mind : 

thei/ shall see of sorrows greatest, 
20 how them the King himself, 

with his body 

releas'd from sins, 

through benignant mind, 

that they might 

from evil deeds 

live exempt, 

and of glory fruit 

possess eternal. 

They, for this land, thanks 
30 to their Sovereign 

knew not ; 

31. filite? 



}:o]i]?on ]?ae]i Co ceonum jja- 

Cacen jej-eo^- 

opjeacu on jobe. 


)?6ri cjiij'C j-ice^. 

on hij* cyne-j'cole- 

on heah-j'ecie. 

heofon-maejna job • 

faebeji aelmihtij. 

folca jehpylcuni. lo 

j'cyppenb jcinenbe^ 

fcpipe^ bi jepyjihtuni' 

call 8&p:eji jiyhce- 

pobejia palbenb. 

]?6n beo^ jepomnab. 

on )?a j-pil^pan honb. 

]>a. claenan jrolc- 

cpij'fce jylpum. 

jecojiene bi cyj'Cum. 

}7a aeji j'lnne cpibe- 20 

jeopne lupCu laejtun • 

on hyjia hp-bajum- 

Onb |?aeji pom-pcea]?an. 

on )>one pypj'an bael. 

pope pcyppenbe- 

j-cypebe peop]?a^. 

hace^ him jepican- 

on |7a pinpCpan honb- 

pijopa jo^-cyninj. 

pynpulpa peopub- 30 

J?ae]i hy apapabe- 

peoca^ -J beopia'5. [26 «.] 

pope ppean pophte. 

ipa pule j'pa jaet' 

unpyppe pole. 

apna ne pena^- 

therefore there to their harms 

signs shall see, [these 

manifest in God, 


when Christ shall sit 

on his kingly throne, 

on his lofty seat, 

God of the heavenly powers. 

Father almighty, 

to every people 

the Creator shining 

shall by their works adjudge, 

all according to right, 

the Sovereign of the skies. 

Then shall be assembled, 

on the right hand, 

the pure people, 

by Christ himself 

chosen by bands, 

who had before his word 

joyfully perform'd, 

in their life-days. 

And there the wicked 

into the worse part, 

before the Creator 

shall be separated ; 

shall bid depart, 

on the left hand, 

the just King of triumphs 

the band of sinful, 

there they detected 

shall wail and tremble, 

before the Lord afraid, 

as foul as goats, 

an impure folk, 

no mercies they expect. 



Don bi^ 5*J'ca bom- 

jiojiB jobe jxeaben- 

pepa cneojiijyum. 

YP& hi jepojihcun aeji- 

]7ae]i bi^ on eabjum- 

e^ jej-yne- 

]7jieo tacen pomob- 

]?aej* ]?e hi hypa j^eobnep pel. 

popbum ^ peopcum. 

pillan heolbon. 

Kn ip aepepc. 

opjeace J^oep* 

Jjaec hy pope leobum. 

leohce blica]?- 

blaebe ^ byphte. 

opep bupja jepecu • 

him onjcina^. 


on pylppa jehpam- 

punnan beophcpan- 

Oj^ep ij* to-eacan. 

•;j5ece ppa pome. 

^ hy him in pulbpe piton^ 

palbenbep jiepe. 

•;] onjeo'S. 

eajum fco pynne. 

J^aefc hi on heopon-pice • 

hluCpu bpeamap. 

eabje mib enjlum- 

ajan motun. 

Don bi^ Jjpibbe- 

hu on J?ypcpa bealo- 

^ jepaehje peopub- 

jepihiS ]>aec popbone. 

When the doom of spirits shall be 

before God decided 

to the generations of men, 

as they ere wrought, 

there among the bless'd shall be 

easily seen 

three signs at once, 

for that they well their Lord's, 

by words and works, 
10 will observed : 

One is first, 

there manifest, 

that before people they 

with light shall shine, 

with glory and with brightness, 

over the cities' dwellings ; 

on them shall shine 

their former deeds, 

on each one, 
20 than the sun brighter. 

The second also is 

manifest likewise, 

that they for them in glory know 

the grace of the Supreme, 

and shall see, 

to their eyes' delight, 

that they, in heaven's kingdom, 

pure joys, 

happy with angels, 
30 may possess. 

Then shall be the third, 

how, in the calamity of darkness, 

that blessed company 

shall see that the foredone 

22. ojijete? 

30. MS. motum. 


faji )?]iopian. 
fynna to pite- 
peallenbne lij. 
•3 pyjima plice. 
bicpum ceaplum. 
bypnenbjia jcole- 
op ]?am him apeaxe^. 
. pynpum jepea- 

J?dn hi ]?aet ypel jej-eo^. 
o^pe bjieojan. 
)>8ec hy l^ujih milcpe- 
meotubep jenaepon* 
Don hi ]?y jeojinoji. 
jobe Jjoncia^' 
blaebep ^ bhppa. 
J7e hy bu jepeoiS. 
^ he hy jenepebe- 
ppom ni^-cpale. 
^ eac popjeap- 
ece bpeamap- 
bi^ him hel bilocen. 
heopon-pice ajiepen- 
ppa pceal jeppixleb- 
)7am \q aep pel heolbon- 
]7uph mob-lupan. 
meotubep piUan- 
\lk)^ Donne bi^ }?am oj^pum. 
pilla jepopben. 
majon peana to pela- 
jepeon on him pelpum- 
pynne jenoje. 
sep jebenpa* 
]?aep him popjenbum. 

shall suffer pain, 

in punishment of sins, 

boiling flame, 

and serpents' bite, 

with bitter jaws ; 

the shoal of those burning : 

from which to them shall wax 

winsome delight, 

when they that evil see 
10 others suffering, 

that they through mercy 

of the Lord are saved. 

Then they the more fervently 

God shall thank, 

for their enjoyments and delights, 

when they see both, 

that he hath them preserv'd 

from evil torment, 

and them hath also given 
20 eternal joys ; 

to them shall hell be lock'd, 

heaven's kingdom given. 

So shall be allotted [served, 

to those who ere have well ob- 

through their mind's love, 

the Creator's will. 

Then will to the others 


the disposition be : 
30 they may too many woes 

see in themselves, 

sins enough, 

dire afflictions, 

for their former deeds ; 

there to them sorrowing 



I^pohc l^eob-bealu- 
on ]7peo healjia- 
an ij' ]7apa. 

^ hy him yjim]7a Co }:ela- 
jjiim helle pyji. 
jeapo CO pice- 
•;jpeapb j-eo^- 
on ]>a hi apo jculon • 
ppaec-pmnenbe • 
paepj^u bpeojan- 
]7on ip him o]?ep. 
eappej^u j-pa j-ome- 
j'cylbjum Co pconbe. 
J?aec hi |?sep jcoma maejre. 
\-\_"7Y bpeoja^ fopbone* 

on him bpyhcen jej'ih^. 
nalej' peapa fum- 
jiipen-bealu laiShc. 
3 ^ aell-beophce- 
eac j'ceapia^' 
heopon-enjla hepe- 
"3 hselej^a beapn. 
ealle eop^-buenb- 
•]) acol beofol- 
mipcne maejen-cpaepc. 
man-pomma jehpone. 
majon ]7uph ]>a. hc-homan 
leahcpa pipene- 
jejeon on j>am j-aplu^ 
beo^ ]>a, pynjan jUasyc- 
j'canbum ]7uph-paben. 
j'pa ]>aec fcipe jlaep. 

pain shall cleave, 
[26 Z».] suffering, mortal ill, 

on three sides : 

One of them is, 

that they too many miseries, 

hell's grim fire 

ready for punishment 

shall present see, 

in which they ever shall, 
10 vengeance suffering, 

curses endure. 

Then is to them the second 

misery also, 

in shame to the guilty, [tumely 

that they there the greatest con- 

foredone shall suffer : 

in them the Lord shall see, 

not of few one 

loathly sinful evil : 
20 and that the all-bright 

band of heaven's angels 

eke shall behold, 

and the sons of men, 

all earth's habitants, 

and the fell devil ; 

dark powerful craft, 

each blot of sin, 

they may through the body's 

pernicious vices 
30 see in the souls ; 

the sinful flesh shall be 

M'ith scandals penetrated, 

as the clear glass. 

9. The usual orthography for apa in this MS. 

29. leahtoji-j:? 




|>8et mon y]?ae]'t: maej. 
eall ]7iijih-plican. 
{X^HDon bi^ )>aec ]>jiibbe. 
J^eajipenbum fopj- 
cpi]?enbe ceajio. 
^ hy on }7a claenan j-eo^. 
hu hi fojie job-baebum. 
jlabe blijyia^. 
J^a hy unj'aelje^ 
aeji jiojihojbun. 
CO bonne. 

|?6n him bajaj' lasj'tun- 
■3 be hypa peopcum. 
pepenbe jap. 
•p hi aep j:peohce. 
jzpemebon unpyhc 
jejeo^ hi )?a betpan. 
blaebe pcman. 
ne biiS him hypa ypm'Su. 
an Co pice- 20 

ac ]?apa o}?eppa. 
eab CO popjum- 
\>seY l^e hy jpa paejpe jepeon. 
on pypn-bajum. 
•3 ppa aenhce. 
hcej' pynne. 
eapjej- plaepc-homan- 
ibelne lupc. 30 

]7aep hi apcamobe- 
pconbum jebpeahce- 
ppicia^ on ppiman. 

so that men most easily may 

all see through. 

Then shall be the third 

sorrow to the miserable, 

wailing care, 

that they in the pure shall see, 

how they for their good deeds 

gladly rejoice, 

which they unhappy 

ere neglected 

to do, 

when their days lasted, 

and for their works 

sorely weeping, 

for that they ere readily 

perpetrated wrong : 

they shall see the better 

in glorj^ shining : 

nor shall to them their misery be 

alone a torment, 

but of the others 

the happiness shall be as sorrows, 

for that they so fairly rejoice 

in their former days, 

and so exemplarily 


the all-deceiving 

joys of body, 

of the slothful carcase 

the idle lust. 

There they abash'd, 

shamefully tormented, 

wander in giddiness, 

their sin-burthen. 

34. r. byjijjene. 



j:ipen-peopc bejia^. 
on f J?a folc feo^- 
paejie him j^on betjie- 
|?aet hy bealo-baebe. [27 a.] 
aelcej- unpyhcej-- 
aep jej-comeben • 
pope anum men- 
eapjjia peojica^ 
jobej" boban j'aejbon. 
)?aec hi Co jypne pij'Con- lo 

pijien-baeba on him. 
ne maej J^ujih j^aec plaej-c- 
ye pcjiipc jepeon- 
on J?aejie japle- 
hpaej^eji him mon po^. 
]>e ly^e pajaiS. 
on hme pylpne* 
]>on he J>a ]*ynne bijaeiS- 
moej mon ppa j^eah jelacnijan- 
leahcpa jehpylcne- ao 

ypel unclaene. 
jip he hic anum jepej^. 
"3 naenij bihelan maej. 
on ]7am heap ban baeje. 
pom unbeceb. 
"Saep hiC }?a peopub jepeo^- 
^^\^ eala ]7aep pe nu majon- 
ppa)?e pipene- 
jepeon on ujpum j'aplu. 
pynna punbe. so 

mib hc-homan- 
leahcpa jehyjbu- 
eajum unclaene. 

their wicked works, thej/ bear, 

on which the people look. 

Then were it for them better, 

that they for sinful deeds, 

for each unrighteousness, 

had before felt shame 

before one man, 

for their evil works. 

God's messengers said, 

that they too well knew 

wicked deeds in them. 

Through the flesh cannot 

the confessor see 

into the soul, 

whether to him a man sooth 

or falsehood say 

of himself, 

when they sins commit; 

yet can man heal 

every sin, 

unclean evil, 

if he it saith to one : 

and none may conceal, 

on that stern day, 

crime unrepair'd, 

where it the multitudes shall see. 

Alas that we now may 

hateful crimes 

see in our souls, 

wounds of sin, 

with the body's 

wicked cogitations; 

with eyes, impure 

inward thoughts ! 

26. r. peojiu^aj-. 


32. leahcoji-gehyjtiu? 



ne \net aenij maej. 

o})jium jej'ecjan. 

nub hu micle eliie- 

aejhpylc pille. 

I^iijih ealle lijt. 

lipej' cilijan. 

peojiej' j:o]ihchce. 

foji^ a^olian. 

jyn-jiuj't |>pean. 

3 hiiie jylpne |?pean • 

'J ^ pom aepjian. 

punbe haelan. 

)?one lytlan pyjipt. 

]>e hep lipep py. 

f he maeje pope eajuni' 



e^lep mib monnum- 

bpucan bypmepleap- 

l^enban bu jomob. 

lie ^ paple- 

lipjan raoce :• 


That may not any 

to other say ». 

with how great courage 

every one will, 

through all knowledge, 

life cultivate, 

life fearfully ; 
henceforth endure, 
sin -rust wash away, 
and himself chastise, 
and that former stain^ 
that wound heal, 
the little term 
that of life is here ; 
that he may before the eyes 
of earth's inhabitants 
without shame, 
the world with men 
enjoy blamelessly, 
while both together, 
body and soul, 
may live. 

v.'^V? Nu pe pceolon jeopne. 
jleaplice ]7uph-peon- 
upj-e hpej^ep-copan. 
heopcan ea^^um- 
innan uncyjce^ 

pe mib ]?am ©"Spurn ne majun. 
heapob-jimmum • 
hy5e-|?oncep pep^* a 


Now we ought earnestly, 

and skilfully to see through 

our mind's coffer, 

with eyes of heart, 

our sin within : 

we may not, with the other 


our soul's thought, 



eaju ]?uph-plican • 
aenjej^inja. «• 
hpsej^eji him ypel |?e job. 
unbep punije. 
^ he on \>a. jjiimman cib- 
jobe hcie. 

)?on he ofeji peopuba jehpylc- 
pulbpe pcme^ • [27 b.'\ 

op hip heah-petle. 
hlucjian leje- lo 

J;aeji he pojie enjlum- 
■] pojie elj^eobum. . 
CO ]?am eabjepcum. 
ajjiej'C mae^leiS. 
■] him ppsej-hce. 
pibbe jehaceiS- 
heopona heah-cynmj- 
haljan jieojibe- 
pjieppe^ he paejjie. 
^ hi pjii)? beobe^. 20 

hace^ hy jepunbe- 
'^ jepenabe. 
on e\>el papan. 
enjla bpeamep- 
^ ]>aey Co piban peojie- 
pillum neocan. 
\^M4- Onpo^ nu mib pjieonbum- 
mmep paebep pice. 
f eop paep aep populbum- 
pynhce jeajio. 30 

blaeb mib bhppuni. 
beojihc e^lep phce. 
hponne je ]?a hp-pelan • 
mib J?am leopcum. 
ppape ppejl-bpeamap. 

with eyes, see through, 

in any way ; 

whether evil or good 

dwell under it, 

so that at the dread time it 

may to God be pleasing, 

when he over each multitude 

shall with glory shine 

from his lofty throne, 

with pure flame ; 

where he before angels, 

and before nations, 

to those most blessed, 

first shall speak, 

and to them kindly 

shall promise peace, 

the heavens' high King, 

with holy voice ; 

he shall fairly comfort them, 

and peace to them announce, 

shall bid them, safe 

and blessed, 

go into the land 

of angels' joy, 

and it for evermore 

at will enjoy : 

' Receive now with mi/ friends 

my Father's realm, 

that was for you ere worlds 

joyfully prepar'd, 

glory with delights, 

the land's bright beauty, 

when ye those vital blessings, 

with the most beloved, 

sweet heavenly joys. 

14, MS. maeble». 

S2. beojihcne? 

S4. r. leojrej-tum. 



jejeon moften- 
je yaey eajinebon. 
f>a je eajime men. 
piUum onpenjun. 
on milbum pepan- 

may see. 
Ye this merited, 
when ye poor men, 
the world's needy, 
willingly receiv'd, 
with tender soul ; 

|V^* ^dn hy him J^ujih mmne noman- when they, in my name. 



eaiSmobe Co eop« 
ajma baebun. 
]?on je hyyia hulpon. 
■} him hleo^ ^epon- 
hinjjienbum hlaj:- 
•;) hjiaejl nacebum- 
^ )?a ]7e on pajie. 
jeoce la^un. 
aepbon unpopce- 
able jebunbne- 
CO ]?am je holblice- 
hyje pCa|?elabon- 
mib mobep myne. 
eall je ^ me bybon. 
^dn je hy mib pibbum pohcun 
•;j hypa pepan Cjiymebon. 
poji^ on pjiopjie. 
]78ep je paejpe pceolon- 
lean mib leopum- 
lanje bpucan- 

Onpnne^ ]>6n Co ]7am yplum- 
pojibum mae^lan- 
^\ G^ )>e him bi^ on |>a pynpCjian honb 
]>uj\h ejpan ]7]iea. 
alpalba job- 

ne ]7ujipon hi j^dn co meocube. 
milcpe jepenan- 
S. MS. onjrenjum. 

humbly to you 
pray'd for compassion, 
then ye helped them, 
and them shelter gave, 
bread to the hungry, 
and a garment to the naked ; 
and those that in pain 
lay sick, 

suifer'd painfully, 
bound by disease, 
of them ye kindly 
sustain'd the spirit, 
with love of mind ; 
all that ye did for me, 
when in peace ye sought them, 
and their souls strengthen'd 
ever in comfort ; 
for this ye fairly shall 
reward with mi/ beloved 
long enjoy.' 

Then will he begin to the evil, 

in words to speak, 
(who shall be on his left hand) 
through terror's pain, 
th' all-ruling God : 
they may not then at the Lord 
mercy expect, 
16. aepnbon? see p. 84, 1. 7. and p. 87, 1. 24. 
G 2 




lijref ne bfj-a- 

ac ]>ae]i lean cuma^. 

pepum bi jepyphcum- 

popba ^ baeba- 


jceolon ]7one pyhcan bom- 

aenne jesepnan^ 

ejpan pulne. [28 «.] 

V)'^ bi^ l^aep peo miccle. 

milcp apyppeb. lo 


on ]?am baeje- 

|?aep aelmihcijan- 

]>6n he yppinja* 

on f pjiaece polc^ 

pipene pcaeleiS- 

la|?um popbu- 

hace^ hypa bpep pihc 

";]peapb y^an- 

^ he him aep popjeap- 20 

pynjum to j-aelu- 

onjinneiS jylp cpe^an. 

jpa he CO anum ppjiece. 

^ hpaej^pe ealle maeneiS. 

pipen-pynnij polc' 

ppea aelmihciT- 

J^paec ic \>ec nion- 

minum honbu. 
^2,fe^ aepepc jepophce- 

1 t^e "^jiec pealbe- so 

op lame ic ^e \eope jej'ecce. 

jeap ic iSe lip-jenbne jaepC- 

apobe ]>e opep ealle jejceapce- 

jebybe ic ^ ]7U onpyn haepbepc. 

maej-plice me jelicne- 

life nor favours ; 

but there shall retribution come 

to men, according to their works, 

for words and deeds, 

to those with speech endow'd. 

TTiet/ shall the one 

righteous doom suffer, 

of terror full ; 

there shall be the great 

mercy cut off 

from the dwellers among nations, 

on that day 

of the Almighty, 

when he angrily 

on that impious people 

crimes shall charge, 

in hostile words, 

shall command their course of life 

present to flow, 

which he them ere had given, 

for happiness to sinners ; 

shall begin himself to speak, 

as if to one he spake, 

and yet shall mean all 

the sinful people, 

the Lord almighty : 

* Lo I thee man, 

with my hands, 

first wrought, 

and to thee understanding gave ; 

of loam I form'd thy limbs, 

I thee a living spirit gave, 

over all creatures honour'd thee : 

I did so that thou shouldst have an 

a form like to myself: [aspect. 

18. pihc =r ratio. 



jeaj: ic |7e eac meahca j-peb- 
pelan oj:eji pib-lonba jehpylc. 
nyjjej' J7u pean aenijne bseL 

^yjrjia J^aec ]?u J^olian pceolbe. 
}7u ]>dsy }?onc ne pij'jej-. 
J?a ic ]?e ppa pcienne. 
jej'ceapen h£e}:be. 
pynlicne jepojihc ^ j^e- 
pelan poji^yjien. 

^ ^u moj'tej- pealban. lo 

pojiulbe 5e]ceaj:Cura. 
"Sa ic ]>e on ]>a. j:ae3jian • 
}:olban jej-ecte- 
v'Jf^'co neocenne- 
neo|xxna ponjep. 
beophcne blaeb-pelan- 
bleom pcinenbe. 
"Sa \>u li}:ep popb. 
laepcan nolbep. 

ac mm bibob bpaece- 20 

be J?inep bonan pojibe- 
jraecnum peonbe. 
pu}i)?op hyjibep. 
pce]?j7enbum pcea]7an. 
\>6n ]?inum j'cyppenbe- 
Nu ic ^a ealban jiace- 
hu J?u aet sejiej-tan- 
yple jeho^be]-. 

pipen-peojicum pojilujie. 30 

\f2at ic ]?e Co pijienum pealbe- 
]>a. ic ]>e joba ppa pela- 
popjiepen haepbe- 
^o "D I'® on ]?am eallum- 

I gave thee eke of powers abun- 
weal over each wide land : [dance, 
thou knewest no portion of afflic- 
tion, [suffer ; 
of the darkness that thou hadst to 
thou for this wast not grateful. 
When I thee so fair 
had shapen, 

so beauteous made, and to thee 
weal had given, 
that thou mightest rule 
o'er the world's creatures, 
then I thee on the fair 
earth set, 
to enjoy 

bright blooming riches, 
with colours shining: 
then thou the word of life 
wouldst not fulfil, 
but my command didst break, 
through the word of thy bane : 
a treacherous foe 
rather didst thou obey, 
a pernicious spoiler, 
than thy Creator. 
Now the old story I 
let pass, 

how thou at first 
evilly didst devise, 
by sinful works didst lose 
what I to thee for comfort gave. 
When I to thee of good so much 
had given, 
and to thee, in all that, 

SI. fjiCffiiinje or fpofpe for fipenum? 



eabef co lyc- 
mobe ]>uhce- 
51 j: |?u meahce j'peb. 
epen-micle jobe. [28 b.'] 

ajan ne rnofte- 
•^a y\i oj: J?an jefean- 
jrjiembe pujibe- 
jreonbu to pillan- 
peop apojipen- 

neopxna ponjep plice- 10 

nybe pceolbep- 
ajiepan jeomoji-mob. 
jsejTa ej^el- 
eajij •;) unpoc- 
eallum bibgeleb- 
bujej^um '^ bjieamum- 
■;) )?a bibpijien pujibe. 
• on J7ap )?eoj cjian peojiulbe- 
J7aej\ pu jjolabej' pi|7)?an. 
y^\^ maejen-eapjiejju. ao 

micle pcunbe- 
j-aji :) j'paja jepm- 
•] ppeajicne bea^- 
■;) «pce]i hm-jonje- 
hjxeopan pceolbej'. 
hean m helle- 
helpenbpa lea]\ 
DtL mec onjon hjieopan* 
)>aec mm honb-jepeopC" 
on peonba jepealb. 30 

pepan pceolbe- 
mon-cynnep cubbop. 
man-cpealm peon, 
pceolbe uncu^ne. 

too little happiness 

to thy mind seem'd, 

if thou of powers abundance 

equally great with God 

mightst not possess, 

then thou to that delight 

becaraest alien, 

at the will of foes 

far cast away, 

Paradise's beauty 

must by compulsion, 

sad of mind resign, 

the land of spirits, 

wicked and sorrowful, 

depriv'd of all 

blessings and joys ; 

and then wast driven 

into this dark world, 

where thou didst suffer afterwards 

hardships severe, 

for a long season, 

pain and heavy toil, 

and swart death ; 

and after thj/ departure 

shouldest fall 

abased into hell, 

of helpers void. 

Then it began to rue me, 

that my hand-work 

into the power of fiends 

should gOf 

the progeny of mankind 

sin-death see; 

should an unknown 

S. r. meahtra. 

S4. MS. injonje. 



eajib cunnian- 
fajie p|?a.]-. 
)7a ic rylj: Sej'taj. 
maja in moboji- 
|>eah psef hyjie maejben-hab. 
jl^l* aBjhpaej- onpalj- 

peajiiS ic ana jebop-en • 
polcum to ppojzjie- 
mec mon polmum biponb- 
bi]?eahce mib ]7eaji}:an paebum- 
J mec ]>a, on ]7eoprjie alejbe. u 
bipunbenne mib ponnum claj^um. 
hpaec ic f poji pojiulbe jejjolabe. 
lycel ]?uht:e ic leoba beapnum- 
laej on heajibum pcane. 
cilb jeonj on cjiybbe. 
mib \>y ic ]7e polbe cpealra apyp- 
hac belle bealu- Qian. 

)?aet |Ju mopce halij pcman- 
eabij on J>am ecan lipe. 20 

popiSon ic J?aefc eappe)?e ponn :• 

dwelling prove, 

painful fortunes. 

Then I myself enter'd, 

a son into his mother, 

yet was her maidenhood 

of every one inviolate. 

I was born alone 

for comfort to mankind. 

They with hands inwrap'd me, 

decked 7ne with thrifty weeds, 

and then in darkness laid me, 

in dusky clothes inwrap'd. 

Aye, that for the world I suffer'd ; 

little seem'd I to the sons of men, 

on the hard stone / lay, 

a young child in a crib, 

when I from thee would death 

hell's hot misery : [remove, 

that thou mightest holy shine, 

blessed in th' eternal life, 

therefore did I that hardship suffer.' 


Naep me pop mobe- 
ac ic on maju-jeoju^e- 
ypm]7u jeaepnbe- 
apleap hc-pap^ 
^ ic ]7uph Yd- 
paepe \>e jelic- 
■3 ]7u meahte- 
minum peopj^an- 
maej-phce jehc- 

* It was not for pride, 
but I in manly youth 
miseries suffer'd, 
disgraceful body pain, 
that I through that 
might be like unto thee, 
and thou mightest 
become to my 
fair aspect like. 



mane bibaeleb- 

■;j pojie monna lup,n. 

mill l^jiopabe- 

heapob heapm-j'leje. 

hleoji jeJ?olabe. [29 a.] 

ope -J lata. 

ajileafpa j'pacl- 

Of mu^e onpenj- 


j'pylce hi me jeblenbon- lo 

biccjie coj'omne. 

unj'pecne bjiync* 

ecebej' ";] jeallan • 

"Son ic pojie polce onjrenj 

peonba jeni^lan- 

pyljbon me mib pipenum- 

paehl^e ne jiohcun- 

■^ mib ppeopum plojun- 

ic ]?aec paji pop ^e. 

]7uph ea^mebu- 20 

eall 3e|;olabe« 

hopp "3 heapb cpibe- 

)>a hi hpaej'iie beaj- 

ymb mill heapob- 

heapbne jebyjbon- 

J7peam bij^pyccon. 

pe paep op |;opniim jepojiht- 

"Sa ic paej- ahonjen^ 

on heanne beam- 

pobe jepaepcnab. 30 

iSa hi picene- 

mib ppepe op mmpe piban- 

]pac uc-jocun. 

bpeop Co polban. 

from sin detach'd ; 

and for love of men 

suffer'd my 

head the baleful stroke, 

mi/ face endur'd, 

oft and late, 

the spittle of the impious, 

from the mouth receiv'd 

of the evil-doers. 

So for me they mingled, 

bitterly together, 

an un sweet drink 

of vinegar and gall. 

Then I for mankind receiv'd 

the grudge of foes j 

they follow'd me with injuries, 

reck'd not of enmity, 

and with scourges struck me. 

I that pain for thee 


all suffer'd, 

mockery and reproach. 

Then they a sharp crown 

around my head, 

hard, bent, 

vdth reproaches press'd it, 

it of thorns was wrought. 

Then I was liang'd 

on a high tree, 

to a rood fasten'd. 

Then they forthwith, 

with a spear, from my side 

the blood out-pour'd, 

t?ie goro to earth. 

6. late? 



]>ast \>u oy. beo}:lej' Jjujih ]7aec. 


jenepeb pujibe. 

^a ic pomma leap. 

pice J^olabe- 

ypel eappe)7u- 

oj^J'aec ic anne-pofilec. 

op mmura lic-homan- 

lipjenbne ^aept- 

jepeo^ nil J?a peojxh-bolj. 

]?e jepjiemebon aeji. 

on minum polmum- 

■] on poCum j-pa pome. 

J>uph \>a ic honjabe. 

heapbe ^epaeptnab. 

meaht hep eac jepeon. 

ojijete nu jen- 

on minpe piban. 


hu J^aeji paep unepen jiacu- 

unc jemaene- 

ic onpenj ]?in paji |>aec pu* 

mopce jej-aelij. 

minep e)>el-jiicej'. 

eabi^ neocan. 

^ }7e mine bea"Se. 

beojie jebohce. 

f lonje lip- 

]?aec J;u on leohce pi]7|?an. 

plicij pomma leap. 

punian mopfcep. 

Lsej mm plaepc-homa- 

m polban bijpapen. 

ni]?jie jehybeb- 

that thou, thereby, from the devil's 


might be sav'd. 

Then I void of sins 

punishment endur'd, 

evil afflictions, 

till that I sent forth, 

from my body, 

the living spirit. 
10 See now the deadly wounds, 

which they ere inflicted 

on my palms, 

and in my feet also, 

by which I hung, 

strongly fas ten 'd ; 

here mayst thou also see, 

yet now manifest 

in my side 

the gory wound. 
20 How uneven an account was 

to us in common ! [there 

I receiv'd thy pain, that thou 

mightest blessed 

my native realm 

happy enjoy, 

and, by my death, for thee 

dearly bought 

that long life, 

that thou in light afterwards, 
30 beauteous, void of sins, 

mightest abide. 

My body lay 

buried in earth, 

hidden beneath. 

16. r. meahte. 




j-e ^e naenjum jcob- 
m bypjenne- 
]>aec ]>u meahce beojihce- 
uppe on pobejium pej-an. 
pice mib enjlum. 
ll^^ j:o]ihpon jroplece ]?u. [29 i6.] 
lip J^aec pcyne- 
J)aec ic \>e pop lupan- 
mib mine lic-homan. 
heanum to helpe- 
holb jecypce. 
pupbe \>\i j^aep jepicleap. 
)?aec ]>\i palbenbe. 
■J>inpe alyjnejje- 
J>oiic ne pippej"' 
ne ajcije ic nu- 
opiht bi ]jam bicpan. 

■ bea^e minum. 
J>e ic abpeaj pope J^e. 

. ac poppelb me )>in lip. 
Jjaep \>e ic lu ]?e mm. 
J?uph populb-pice. 
peop^ jepealbe. 

■ ^aej' lipep ic manije- 
]>e \>n mib leahcpum hapapt. 

W^^ • "frlejen pynhce. 
pylpum to pconbe. 

■ Fophpan ]>\x ]>dst pele-jepcoc 
J>aet ic me ppaep on )>e 

■ jehaljobe. 
hup CO pynne. 

• ]7uph pipen-lupcap. 
pule pynne- 
unpyppe bijmiCe- 
pylpep piUum- 
je }?u jjone lic-homan- 



(which none had hijur'd) 

in the sepulchre, 

that thou mightest brightly, 

up in the skies, be 

with angels powerful. 

Why hast thou forsaken 

that beauteous life, 

that I for thee through love, 

with my body, 

in help to the miserable 

kindly bought ? 

Thou wast so witless, 

that thou to the Lord, 

for thy redemption, 

showedst no thanks. 

I ask not now 

aught for my bitter 


which for thee I suffer'd ; 

but let thy life requite me, 

of which for thee I mine of yore, 

through worldly penalty, 

gave as price ; 

for that life I exhort thee, 

which thou with vices hast 

slain sinfully, 

to thine own shame. 

Why didst thou the tabernacle, 

which I for my own in thee 

had hallow'd, 

a house for joy, 

through wicked lusts, 

foul sin, 

impurely defile, 

with thine own will ? 

Yea, thou the body. 



J>e ic alyj'be me. 

• }:eonbum oj: yse^me' 

■3 \>SL him fipene pojibeab. 

• j-cylb-pyjicenbC' 
fconbum jepembeffc. 

• Fojihpon ahenje ]>u mec hej.-3op. 

on )?mpa honba pobe. 

• )>6n m honj^abe. 

hpaec me J?eop heajibjxa ]?yriceiS • 
\U?^ nu ip ppaejipa mib mec* 10 

J^mjia pynna jiob- 
J?e ic unpiUu on • 
beom jepaepcnab. 
]?on peo o]7eji paep. 
J?e ic seji jepcaj- 
pillum mmum. 
)?a mec |?m pea ppi];apt. 
aec heopCan jehjieap- 
)>a ic ]7ec pjiom helle aceah- 
pa&ji ]7u hic polbe pylpa. 20 

pip|?an jehealban. 
Ic paep on populbe paebla- 
|?aec ^u pujibe pelij on heoponu 
eajim ic paep on eSle J^mum. 
}?aec \>u popibe eabij on mmum. 
Da ^u J^aep eallep. 
aenijne |7onc- 
• |?mum nepjenbe. 
nyppej' on mobe- 
.^^bibeab ic eop. 30 

J7aec jebjioj^op mme 
m pojiulb-pice. 
pel ajieccen. 
op )>am aehtrum j^e ic eop 

[30 a.] 

that I for myself redeem'd 

from the grasp of foes, 

and it then sin forbade, 


shamefully didst pollute. 

Why hast thou crucified me more 

on the cross of thy hands, 
than when of old I suiFer'd ? 
yes, this to me the harder seeraeth. 
Now with me is heavier 
the cross of thy sins, 
on which unwillingly I 
am fasten'd, 
than the other was, 
which I before ascended, 
with my own will, 
when me thy misery most 
rued at heart j 

when from hell I drew thee, 
where thou thyself wouldst 
afterwards abide. 
I in the world was poor, [rich, 
that thou in heaven mightst be 
miserable I was in thy country, 
that thou in mine mightest be 
Then thou for all this, [happy, 
any thanks 
to thy Saviour 
hadst not in mind. 
I bade you, 
that i/e my brethren, 
in the world's realm 
well should cherish ; [you 

from the possessions, that I to 

9. r. heajibjie. 

10. r. jpae/ijie. 



on eojiSaii jeaj:. 

eajimpa hulpen. 

eajije ^e |7aec laejTun. 

I^eapfum pojipyjinbon • 

■p hi unbeji eopjium- 

Jjaece mofCen- 


3 him aejhpaef ojitujon* 

)7ujih heapbne hyje- 

hjiaejlep nacebuni. lo 

niopej" mece-leaj'um- 

]?eah hy him |7uph ramne noman> 

pepje ponhale. 

paecan baeban- 

bpyncep jebjieahce. 

bujuj^a leape. 

]7ujij-ce jej^ejebe. 

je him )?pij'Ce opmjon. 

Sajije je ne pohcon- 

ne him j-paejlic popb. 20 

}:]ioppe je jppaecon. 

^ hy ]7y ppeopan hyje- 

mobe jefenjen. 

eall je )?aec me bybon to hyn);um. 

heojion-cyninje • 

J7aej* je pceolon heapbe abpeojan . 

piCe CO piban ealbpe. 

ppaec mib beoplum jej^ohan. 

Don \>3e]\ oyeji ealle. 

ejephcne cpibe. 30 

j-ylp piSopa peapb. 

papep pulne. 

opep -p paeje pole. 

pop^ poplaete^. 

cpi^ CO |?apa pynpulpa. 

on the earth gave, 

that ye the poor should help : 

badly ye that perform'd. 

The needy ye forbade, 

that they under your 

roof might 


and everything denied them, 

through cruel mind, 

raiment to the naked, 

food to the meatless ; 

though they, in my name, 

weary, sick, 

for water pray'd, 

for drink tormented, 

of good things void, 

with thirst oppress'd, 

ye harshly them denied. 

The sorrowful ye sought not, 

nor a kind word to them 

of comfort spake ye, 

that they thereby a gladder spirit 

might in mind receive : 

all that ye did in scorn to me, 

heaven's King ; 

therefore ye shall hardly suffer 

torment for evermore, 

exile with devils endure.' 

Then there over all, 

a dreadful utterance, 

the Lord of Victories himself, 

of affliction full, 

over the fated folk 

shall send forth, 

shall say to the bands 

17. jejjiegede? 

32, fulne agrees with cjifee two lines above. 



j-apla }:e)?an. 

pajia^ nu apypjbe. 

pillum bijxyjiebe. 

eujla bjieamej:. 

on ece jriji. 

past paej' pacane- 

^ hip jej-ij^um mib. 

beople jejeappab. 

^ ]7aepe beojican jcole- 

hac ■;] heopo ^Jiini. 

on ^ je hpeopan pceolan- 

ne niajon hi |7on jehynan- 

heopon-cynmjep bibob- 

jiaebum bipopene- 

j'ceolon jia|?e peallan^ 

on jpimne jjiunb- 

]7a aep pi]? jobe punnon- 

bi^ |7on jucej- peajib. 

jie]7e "J meahcij. 

ypjie •:) ejeppul. 

"Ijpeapb ne msej. 

on jjipj'um polb-peje. 

peonb jebiban :• 

of sinful souls : 

' Go, now accursed, 

wilfully cut off 

from angels' joy, 

into eternal fire, 

(that was for Satan, 

and his associates also, 

for the devil, prepar'd, 

and that dark shoal), 
10 hot and intensely fierce, 

into which ye shall fall.' 

They may then not despise 

heaven's King's command, 

bereft of counsel : 

thej/ shall fall rapidly 

into the grim abyss, 

who ere war'd with God. 

Then will ^Ae kingdom's Guardian 

stern and mighty, [be 

20 angry and terrible ; 

present may not 

on this earth's way 

foe him await. 



i -^ SpapetS pije-mece- 

mib ]7aepe ppi^pan honb. 
f on ]?aec beope bael. [30 A.] 
beofol jepeallalS. 
in ppeaptne lej' 

He shall sweep the victor sword 

with the right hand, 

so that into the deep gulph 

devils shall fall 

into swart flame. 

25. MS. j-pijian. 



jynjruljia hepe« 
iinbeji folban fceafc' 

on ppa|?pa pic- 

pompulpa pcolu- 

pejije to pojipypbe. 

on pice hup. 

bea^-pele beopolep. 

nalep bjiyhcnep jemynb. 

pi]7)>an jej'ecaiS. 

pynne ne appjiinja^- 

l^aeji hi leahcjium pa- 

leje jebunbne- 

ppylc ]7jiopia^- 

bi'S him jyn-pjiacu. 

•jpeajib unbypne- 

■p 1]' ece cpealm. 

ne maej f hace bael. 

op heolo^-cynne. 

in pin-nihce- 

pynne popbaepnan- 

CO piban peope- 

pom op J7aepe paple. 

ac ]78ep pe beopa peaS. 

bpeopje pebe^. 

jpunbleap jieme^. 

jaejca on J^eopcpe- 

aele^ hy mib ]>y ealban hje- 

•3 mib ]>y ejpan poppte. 

ppa]?um pypmutn- 

~i mib pica pela. 

ppecnum peoph-jomum. 

polcum pcenbeiS. 

]78ec pe majon eahcan- 

the band of sinful, 

under earth's region, 

fated spirits, 

into the camp of foes, 

the shoal of wicked, 

accursed to perdition, 

into the house of torment, 

the death-hall of the devil. 

Not the Lord's remembrance 
10 shall thej/ seek afterwards, 

shall not emerge from sin, 

where they stain'd with crimes, 

bound in flame, 

shall suffer death ; 

shall be to them sin-vengeance 

present, manifest, 

that is eternal death. 

That hot gulph may not, 

from the race of men, 
ao in all eternity, 

burn up sin, 

throughout all time, 

stain from the soul, 

but there the deep pit 

feedeth the dreary, 

groundless holdeth 

the spirits in darkness, [flame, 

scorcheth them with its ancient 

and with the frost of terror, 
30 with fierce worms, 

and with torments many, 

with rugged fatal gums 

afflicteth people; 

so that we may judge, 

15. or eternal vengeance. 19. r. haeletJ. 20. MS, rin-nehee. 



"3 on an cpej?an. 

fo^e fecjan- 

jjaec ]'e j-aple peajib- 

lijzep pij'boin. 

pojilojien haebbe. 

j'e ]>e nu ne jiemelS. 

hpae)?ep hip jaejr pie- 

eajim |)e eabjj- 

]7aep he ece pceal. 

aepcejx hin-jonje^ 

hampaepc pej-an- 

ne bipopja^ he. 

pynne Co ppemman' 

ponhybij mon. 

ne he pihce hapa^. 

hpeope on mobe- 

]?aec him hahj jaepc- 

loj'ije ]7uj\h leahcpap- 

on J?ap laenan cib- 

^on mau-]'cea^a- 

pojie meocube pojihc- 

beopc on )?am borne pcanbe^' 

•J beaiSe pah- 

pommum apyjijeb- 

bi^ pe paep-loja. 

pyjiep apylleb. 

peopep unpyji^e. 

ejpan jej^jieab- ^ 

■;]peapb jobe- 

pon ^ phceleap. 30 

hapa^ peps^p bleo« 

pacen cacen peojiep. 

^on pijvena beapn- 

teapum jeoca'S- [31 a.] 


and ever declare, 

soothly say, 

that the soul's guardian 

life's wisdom 

hath lost, 

who now heedeth not, 

whether his spirit be 

miserable or happy, 

where he shall for ever, 

after death, 


He careth not 

sin to perpetrate, 

thoughtless man ! ^ 

nor hath he aught 

of grief in mind, 

that his holy spirit 

perish through sins, 

in this fading time. 

When the sinful spoiler, 

fearful before his Creator, 

sad at the doom standeth, 

and with death foul, 

by crimes accursed, 

shall the faithless be, 

with fire fill'd, 

of life unworthy, 

with dread tormented, 

present to God ; 

dusk and void of beauty 

shall have fh' accursed's hue, 

a false sign of life ; 

then the children of men 

tears shall shed, 

33. r. f i]>a. 

34. tea/iaj-l 



j7onne J^aef tib ne bij?' 

j-ynne cpij^a^. 

ac hy CO yrS bo^. 

jaej'Cum helpe- 

^onne j^aej' jiinan nele. 

peopuba palbenb. 

hu J>a pom-pcea|?an. 

hypa ealb-jej-cpeon. 

on J?a openan tib- 

pape jpecen. 

ne bij? J?aec popja tib. 

leobum alypeb. 

J^aec J)aep laecebom- 

pnban n)p&e« 

pe l^e nu hip peope nyle- 

haelo ptpynan. 

]7enben hep leopa^- 

ne bi^ J>aep aenjum jobum* 

jnopn aecypeb. 

ne naeuju yplum pel. 

ac J^aep aejhpaejjep. 

anpealbe jepyphc- 

•;3peapb pije^. 

pop^on j'ceal onectan- 

pe ]?e ajan pile. 

lip aec meotube. 

J?enben him leohc ^ ^aept. 

pomob paejt peon- 

he hip paple pi ice • 

jeopne bijonje. 

on jobep pillan. 

*3 J^aep people- 

popba •] baeba- 

when for that time shall not be ; 
shall their sins bewail ; 

but they too late shall do 

help to their souls, 

when that will not heed 

the Lord of Hosts, 

how the wicked doers 

their works of old, 

at that public time, 
10 sorely shall bewail. [rows 

That shall not be a time for sor- 

to nations granted, 

that healing there 

may find, 

he who now will not his soul's 

salvation earn, 

while he here liveth. 

There shall not be to any good 

aflfliction shown, 
20 nor to any evil, joy ; 

but there each 

single deed 

present shall appear ; 

therefore must hasten, 

he who will hold 

life from his Creator, 

while to him light and soul 

are together fast : 

Let him his soul's beauty 
30 earnestly cultivate, 

after God's will, 

and there so become, 

in words and deeds. 

*3. aerypeS? 

28. r. jraejte. 



}>eapa •;] 5e)7onca. 
]?enben him ]?eo]' pojiulb. 
jx'eabum j'cjiij^enbe. 
jcman mote, 
p he ne jiopleofe- 
on pay laenan cib- 
hi]' bjieamej- blaeb. 
3 hij' bajena pim • 
^ hif peopcej- phte. 
•] pulbpep lean- 
J^aecce heoponep cyninj. 
on ]7a haljan cib. 
j'O^aejc jyle^. 
CO j'ljoji-leanum. 
J?am J?e him on jaepcum. 
jeojine hypa^. 
T: — J'on heopon ^ hel- 
i^ haelej?a beajinum. 
pjxa peopum. 
pylbe peojijje^. 
jpunbap j'pelja'S. 
jobej' ■;) paean, 
lacenbe lej. 
la'Spenbe men- 
]7pea'S ]7eob-pcea]?an • 
'J no )>onan laeca^- 
on jepean pajian* 
CO peojih-nejie. 
ac je bpyne bmbe^- 
bi^ paepcne hejie. 
peo^ pipena beapn. 
ppeciie me ]?ince^- 
)78ec ]>a.]' jaejc-bepenb. 
pman nella'S- 

manners and thoughts, 
while this world to him 

in shadows passing 

may shine, 

that he lose not 

in this fading time, 

his fruit of joy, 

and his days' number, 

and his work's beauty, 
10 and reward of glory, 

which heaven's King, 

at that holy tide, 

just, giveth, 

as glorious rewards 

to those who him in spirit 

fervently obey, 

when heaven and hell, 

with the sons of men, 

the souls of mortals, 
20 shall be fiU'd, 

when th' abyss shall swallow 

the deiiiers of God, 

bickering flame 

hostile men 

shall chastise, arch-spoilers, 

and not thence let them 

go in joy 

to a refuge, 

but the fire shall bind, 
30 shall bite Me fast multitude, [men. 

hostilely shall aflflict the sons of 

Presumptuous to me it seems, 

that those bearing spirit 

will not heed. 

S. j-cpijient)um ? ' For man walketh in a vain shadow.' 

30. bic? 



men on mobe. 
]?on man hpaec 
him ]'e palbenb Co- 
ppace jejecce- 
la|7um leobum. 
)7on lip 3 bea^- 
paplum j-peljaiS. 
bi^ jujla hup- 
open -J o^eapeb- 
a^-lojum onjean- 
^aec pceolon pyllan. 
pipen-jeojine men- 
ppeapcum paplu- 
J?on pynna ppacu* 
pcylbijpa jcolu' 
apcypeb peopjje^. 
heane ppom haljum- 
on heapm-cpale- 
^aep pceolan J?eopaj' 
^ ]?eob-pcea)>an • 
leaje 'j poplejene- 
hpep ne penan- 
'^ man-ppopan. 
mop]7op-lean peon- 
heapb •;) heopo jpmi- 
]?on hel nime^' 
paepleaj'pa peopub- 
^ hi palbenb jiepe^* 
peonbum in poppypb. 
pa ]?popia^- 
ealbop-bealu ejejlic 
eapm bi^ pe ]>e pile- 
pipenum jepypcan- 
]>^st he pah pcyle- 

(men in mind) 

when any evil 

on them the Lord 
[31 Z>.] in vengeance may impose, 

on the hostile people. 

When life and death 

souls shall gorge, 

shall the house of torments be 

open and shown 
10 towards the perjurers ; 

that shall fill 

sinful men 

with their swart souls : 

then, in punishment of sins, 

the shoal of guilty 

shall be separated, 

the base from the holy, 

in pernicious death : 

there shall thieves, 
20 and arch-spoilers, 

the false and fornicators, 

for life hope not ; 

and false swearers 

the reward of crime shall see, 

hard, and intensely grim : 

then hell shall take 

the host of faithless, 

and the Lord shall give them 

in perdition to their foes ; 
30 hate thei/ shall suflFer, 

vital ill terrific : 

miserable shall be he who will 

work by crimes, 

so that he a foe shall 

14. ppace? 

24. MS. mojjop. 



fjiom hij' j'cyppenbe. 

ajcyjieb peoji^an. 

sec bom-baeje- 

to bea^e ni|?eji. 

unbejx helle cmn. 

in ]>iBt hace j:yp. 

unbeji lijej' locan. 

I^aeji hy leomu jiaeca^. 

CO binbenne. 

^ Co baepnenne- 

"3 Co jT^mjenne. 

j'ynna Co piCe. 

"Sonne halij jaej-c 

helle biluce^. 

mopJ?e[i-huj-a maejc- 

J?aph meahc jobep. 

pypep pulle- 

■;) peonba hepe- 

cyninjep popbe- 

pe bi]? cpealma maepc. 

beopla 3 monna- 

^ ip bpeamleaj* huj-- 

iSaep aenij ne maej- 

o|7ep loj'ian- 

calban clomum. 

by bpaecon cynm^ej' popb. 

beojihc boca bibob. 

pop]?on by abiban pceolon. 

m jin-nihce. 

pap en be leap. 

fipen-baebum pa* 

pop's J>popian. 

"Sa ]?e bep bojbun- 

heopon-picep j^pym. 

from his Creator 

be cut off 

at doomsday, 

to death beneath, 

among hell's race, 

in the hot fire, 

under locks of flame : 

there they their limbs shall stretch, 

to be bound, 
10 and to be burn'd, 

and to be scourged, 

in punishment of sins. 

When the Holy Spirit 

hell shall lock, 

of death-houses greatest, 

through might of God, 

of fire full, 

and the host of fiends, 

at the King's word, 
20 that shall of plagues be greatest, 

of devils and of men. 

That is a joyless house, 

there not any may 

other loosen 

from the cold bonds : 

their King's word they brake, 

the Scriptures' bright behest, 

therefore they must abide, 

in eternal night, 
30 endless pain, 

stain'd with crimes, 

thenceforth suffer, 

they who here despis'd 

heaven's kingdom's glory. 

24. o)ie]ine leoj-an? 

29. MS, j-innehre. 

H 2 



]fon J?a jecojienan- 

j:ojae cjiifC hejiarS- 

beophce j:paecpe. 

hyjia blaeb leo}:a^- 

aec bom-baeje ajan. 

bpeam nub jobe- 

li|7ej- lij:ej-. [32 a.] 

]>XY }?e alypeb bi)?. 

halijjia jehpam- 

on heopon-pice. lo 

•Saec ip j-e e)?el. 

J?e no jeenbab peojiJ>e'Si 

ac J^aeji pymle fOfi^. 

pynna leaj'e. 

bjieam peapbia'S- 

bpyhcen lopa^. 

leopie lipep peajib- 

leohte bipunbne. 

j'lbbum bifpe^ebe. 

fojijum bipejiebe. 

bjieamum ^ebyjxbe. 

bjiyhcne jelypbe. 

apo CO ealbjie- 

enjla jenianan- 

bjiuca^ mib blipj-e- 

beophc mib lijpe. 

jijieoja^ polcej' peajib- 

j:8ebe|i ealjia^ 

jepealb hapa^ T healbe^. 

hahjpa peopub. 

•Saep ip enjla ponj- 

eabijpa blip- 

|>aep ij- peo bype. 

bjiyhtnep onpien- 



When the chosen 
before Christ shall bear 
bright treasures, 
their fruit shall live, 
they shall at doomsday have 
joy with God 
of the soft life, 
which shall be allow'd 
to every of the holy, 
in heaven's kingdom : 
that is the land, 
which shall not be ended, 
but there ever forth 

thei/ shall joy possess, 
the Lord shall praise, 
life's dear Guardian, 
with light encircled, 
in peace inwrapt, 
from cares protected, 
by joys endear'd, 
to the Lord faithful ; 
for evermore 
angels' fellowship 
shall with bliss enjoy, 
bright with grace ; [kind, 

shall love the Guardian of man- 
Father of all ; 
power shall have and hold 
the host of holy. 
There is angels' song, 
bliss of the blessed, 
there is the dear 
face of the Lord, 

33. MS, >sej-. 



eallu ]7am jej-aeljum- 
funnan leohcj\a. 
•Sagp ij- leojzpa lupu. 
\iy butan enbe-bea'Se. 
jlaeb jumena peopub. 
jioju-S bucan ylbe- 
heofon-buju^a };jiym' 
haelu butan j-ajie- 
pyhc-j:pemmenbum . 
paefC bucan jepinne- 
baej bucan J^eopcjiu. 
beophc blaebej' j:ull. 
blip bucan pojijum. 
ppi^ ppeonbum bicpeon- 
pop^ buCan aepepCum. 
jepaelju on ppejle. 
pib buCan ni]?e. 
haljum on jemonje- 
nip ]>ss]\ hunjop ne ]?uppC. 
plsep ne ppap lejep. 
ne punnan bpyne* 
ne cyle ne ceapo* 
ae J?aep cyninjej' jiepe- 
apo bpuca^. 
eabijpa jebpyhc. 
peopuba plice pcynapc- 
pulbpep mib bpyhcen :• 

to all the happy 

than the sun brighter; 

there of those dear is love, 

life without final death, 

a glad host of men, 

youth without age, 

glory of the heavenly train, 

health without pain, 

to the right doers ; 
10 rest without toil 

of the blessed ; 

day without darkness, 

bright, of enjoyment full, 

bliss without sorrows, 

peace between friends, 

ever without jealousies, 

to the blessed in heaven, 

amity without envy, 

among the holy : 
20 there is nor hunger nor thirst, 

sleep nor grievous ail, 

no sun's burning, 

no chill, no care, 

but there their King's grace 

ever enjoy 

the company of the bless'd, 

of hosts in aspect most beauteous, 

glory with their Lord. 

24. MS. 2ief , after which is an erasure. 





8e bi^ jejieana paejjiajc. [32 /».] 

J>onne hy aec jijiym^e jemeca^. 

enjel ■;) j-eo eabje j-apl. 

ojijiefej? hio j^aj' eop)7an pynne- 

}:o]alaete'S J^aj- laenan bpeaniaj*. 

"] hio yi\> ]7am lice jebaele^. 

^on cpi^ j-e enjel- 

hajiaiS ylbjian hab- 

jpece^ 5*J'^ o]7e]ine. 

abeobeiS hi jobep aejienbe 

nu |?u mojt pejian. 

]?ibeji |7u j:unbabefC. 

lonje ^ jelome. 

ic ]>ec laeban fceaL 

pejaj' pe pinbon pej^e. 

^ pulbjiej' leohc. 

cofihc oncyneb. 

eajic nu cib-pajia- 

Co l^am haljan ham. 

pse]\ naeppe hpeop cyme^- 

ebep-jonj pope ypm]7u. 

ac |>gep bi)) enjla bpeara- 

pib :] jepaehsnep. 

•J papla paepc- 

^ J^aep a co peope- 

jepeon mocun. 

bpyman mib bpyhten- 

]7a ]>e hip bomap hep- 

aepna'S on eop)?an. 

he him ece lean. 

healbe^ on heoponum. 


That shall of joys be greatest, 

when they at first shall meet, 

the angel and the happy soul ; 

when it resigns the joys of earth, 

forsakes these frail delights, 

and from the body it shall part. 

Then shall the angel speak, 

(shall have an elder form) 

one spirit greet the other, 

announce to it God's errand : 

* Now thou may'st go 

whither thou yearnedst 

long and often ; 

I shall lead the6 ; 

the ways shall be pleasant to thee, 

and glory's light 

bright disclosed ; 

thou art now a traveller 

to that holy home, 

where rue never cometh, 

a refuge from afflictions ; 

but there is joy of angels, 

peace and happiness, 

and souls' rest ; 

and there for evermore 

may be glad, 

be joyful with the Lord, 

those who his judgments here 

fulfil on earth ; 

he for them reward eternal 

holdeth in heaven. 

26. MS. inocuni. 



)?aep j-e hyhfta ealpa. 

cynmja cyninj. 

ceaj-cjiu pealbcS. 

"Saefc pnb ]>a. jecimbjiu- 

\>e nu fcybjiia'S. 

ne ^am jrojie ypm)?um. 

]>e J?ajji in-punia^. 

lij: aj-ppmje^. 

ac him bi^ lenje. 

hup el jeojujje bjiucaiS • lo 

■] ^obep milcj-a^ 

J^ibeji fo^aeffcpa. 

fapla mofcun- 

cuman septep cpealme* 

)>a ]7e aeji cjiiptep ae- 

laepa^ "3 laepfca^- 

^ hij' lop jiaejia^. 

opejipinna^ }>a apyjijban jaeptap 

bijyfca^ hitn pulbjiej- jiaepte- 

hpibeji pceal j^aep monnep. 20 

mob aptijan. 

seji o]>]>e aeptep. 

J?on he hip aenne hep. 

^aept bi^onje. 

^ pe ^obe mote. 

pomma claene- 

in jepealb cum an* 

where the highest 

King of all kings 

o'er the cities swayeth. 

Those are the structures, 

which shall not decay, 

nor, through sorrows, to them 

who dwell therein 

shall life fail, 

but shall to them be length, 

youth thei/ shall enjoy, 

and God's mercies. 

Thither of the just 

the souls may 

come after death j 

they who ere Christ's law 

teach and fulfil, 

and his praise exalt, 

shall overcome the cursed spirits, 

get for themselves in glory rest, 

thither shall of man 

the mind ascend, 

sooner or later, 

when he here his own 

spirit cultivates, 

that he may into God's 

(clean of crimes) 

dominion come.' 

5. ne for nu ? 

20. >ibeji? 

23. ajenne? 




QDonje pnbon. 

jeonb mibban-jeajib- 

habaj" iinbeji heoponum- 

)?a \>e unhalijpa^ 

pim ajiij-a^. 

pe ]>3Ry pyhc majun- 

a?)T ae-^hpylcum. 

anpa jehyjian. 

jij: pe halij bebobu. 

healban pilla^. 

maej nu pnoccoji juma. 

paele bpucan. 

jobjia fciba. 

3 hip jaepce poji^^ 

pejep pillian- 

pojiulb ip onhjiepeb. 

cola]? cjiiptep lupu. 

jinban coptinja- 

jeonb mibbau-jeapb. 

monje apipene. 

ppa f jeapu m^ 

jobep ppel-boban • 

popbum paejbon. 

•3 (7uph picebom. 

eal anembon- 

ppa hiC nu jonje^- 

ealba^ eop]?an blaeb. 

8e)?ela jehpylcpe- 

3 op plice penba^- 

paej'fcma ^ecynbu • 

\)i\> peo pi]?pe cib- 

[33 a.] Many Mere are, 

throughout raid-earth, 

conditions under heaven, 

which arise from 

the number of unholy ; 

we therefore rightly may 

from every 

one hear, 

if we the holy commandments 
10 will hold : 

now may the wise man 

enjoy prosperity, 

good times, 

and for his spirit hereafter 

desire its way. 

The world is agitated, 

cooleth love of Christ, 

temptations are, 

throughout mid^earth, 
20 many arisen, 

as that in days of yore 

God's messengers 

in words said, 

and through prophesy 

all declar'd, 

as it now goeth. 

Earth's produce age impairs 

of every nature, 

and from their beauty turns 
30 the kinds of fruits ; 

the later time is 

5. jiime? 



j-aeba jehpylcef • 

maecpae m maejne. 

}:op)7on ye mon ne ]?eapp. 

CO |?ij*fe populbe. 

pyppe jehyc^an. 

f he uf paejjian . 

jepean bjiinje- 

opeji J>a nij^ap' 

ye ye nu bpeoja^. 

ae]i]?on enbien- 

ealle jepceajjce- 

•Se he jej-etce. 

on pex bajum. 

"Sa nu unbeji heojionum- 

habaj' cennaS. 

micle -} maete- 

ly ]>ey mibban-jeajib. 

balum jebaeleb. 

bjiyhcen fceapa^. 

hpaeji ]>a. eajibien^ 

"pe hip ae healben. 

jepih^ he ]>a bomap^ 

bojpa jehpylce- 

ponian 'j penban- 

op populb-pyhce- 

^a he jepecce- 

J^uph hip pylpep popb. 

he pela pinbe'S. 

pea beo^ jecojiene. 

pume him ]>3sy habep. 

hhpan piUa^. 

pejan on pojibum- 

^ |?a peojic ne bo's. 

bi^ hini eopi^-pela. 

opep f ece lip. 

hyhta hyhpc 

of every seed 

in strength more limited ; 

therefore man should not 

to this world's 

chance his thoughts direct, 

that he to us fair 

joy may bring, 

above th' iniquities, 

which we now suffer, 

10 ere an end shall have 
all the creatures, 
which He here placed 
in six days, 

which now under heaven 
conditions generate, 
great and mean. 
This mid-earth is 
into parts divided ; 
the Lord beholdeth 

20 where those inhabit, 
who his law hold ; 
he seeth the decrees 
on each day 
wane and turn 
from worldly right, 
which he establish 'd 
through his own word : 
He shall many find, 
few shall be chosen. 

30 Some their condition's 
fame desire 
to bear in words, 
and these works do not, 
to them is earthly wealth, 
above th' eternal life, 
highest of hopes. 
pyjip, lit, jactus. 



fe jehpylcum j*ceal. [33 


jrjiembe jepeopl^an- 

}:op]7on hy nu hyppaiS. 

halijjia mob. 

^a ]?e him Co heopom''. 

hyje pta]7eba^. 

piton f pe eleiS. 

ece bibe^. 

ealpa J^aepe menju- 

\>e jeoub mibban-jeapb* 

bpyhcne |?eopia^. 

•;j J?aep beopan ham. 

pilnia^ bi jepyphcum. 

]'pa )?ap populb-jepcpeon. 

on }7a maejian job. 

bimutab peop)>a^. 

•Son ]>dst jejypna'S. 

]>a ]>e him jobep ejpa. 

hleona]? opep heapbum- 

hy ]>y hyhptan beo^. 

J^pymme jej^peabe. 

J^ippep hpej'. 

J^uph bibobu bpuca^. 

3 )?aep betpan pop^. 

pypca^ 3 pena)?. 

pulbpep hyena's. 

ipella^ aelmej'pan. 

eapme ppeppaiS. 

beo^ pum-mobe- 

pyhcpa jeptpeona. 

lupia^ mib lacum. 

pa J^e laep ajun. 

baejhpam bpyhfcne j^eopia]?. 

he hypa baebe pceapa'S. 

1. hi jehpylcum jceolon? 8. 

17. bemitJen? MS. bimucatJ. 

bJ] they shall to every 
inhabitant of earth 

become strange, 

because they now afflict 

the minds of the holy, 

those who on heaven 

fix their thought : 

they know that man 

eternal bideth 
10 of all the multitude, 

that through mid-earth 

serve the Lord, 

and that dear home 

desire for their works : 

(so this world's treasures, 

in the greater good 

shall be hidden,) 

when that desire 

they over whose heads 
20 fear of God impendeth ; 

these are with the highest 

grandeur afflicted ; 

this life 

they by command enjoy, 

and for the better ever 

wish and hope, 

strive after glory, 

give alms, 

comfort the poor, 
30 are liberal 

of just gains, 

love with gifts 

those who less possess, 

daily serve the Lord; 

He will their deeds behold. 

ele8 for haeleS, for the sake of the alliteration. 
27. MS. byejat^. 29. r. jrpefjiiaA. 



j'ume ]>a. punia^. 
on pejcennum- 
feca^ •;) jej-icta^- 
jylppa pillumr 
. hamaj* on heolj-fcpum. 
hy ^aej- heoj-oncunban. 
bolbej- biba^. 
opt him bjiojan fco- 
la^ne jelaebe'S- 

pe ]>e him hpej- op-onn. lo 

eape^ him ejpan hpilu. 
ibel pulbop- 
bjiaejb-pi]* bona- 
hapa^ beja cpiaept- 
eahte^ an-buenbjia^ 
pojie him enjlaj- pconbaiS. 
jeapipe mib ^aepca paepnum. 
beoj? hyjia jeoca jemynbje. 
healba^ hahjjia peoj\h. 
picon hypa hyht mib bjiyhten. 
^ pinb ]7a jecopcan cempan* 21 
\>a. ]?am cyninje ]?eopa^« 
pe naepjie Jja lean aleje^. 
J>a )?e hip lupan abpeo5e"S :• 

Some who dwell 

in the wastes, 

who seek and occupy, 

with their own wills, 

homes in caverns, 

these the heavenly 

dwelling-place await: 

oft to them dread 

hateful bringeth 

he who them life grudgeth, 

sometimes showeth them terror, 

sometimes vain glory, 

the crafty murderer 

hath power of both, 

he persecuteth the lone-dwellers : 

before them angels stand 

ready with spirits' weapons, 

they are of their safety mindful, 

they preserve the life of the holy, 

^Aey knowtheir hope with ^Ae Lord. 

These are the proved champions, 

who serve the King, 

who never wrongs of their rewards 

those who bear his love. 


CCajun pe nu nemnan- 
^ up neah jepeap^. 
Jjuph halijne. 
hab jecyjjeb* 

6. MS. heofoncunbum. 

[34 a.] 

18. jeoce! 

22. r. JeopiatJ. 

We now may name 
what was nigh to us 
through holy 
state made known, 

10. of-an? 

23. aleojetJ? 

11. MS. ej-an. 
24. r. atojieojatJ. 



hu juiSlac hij'. 
in jobej- pillan. 
mob jepehte- 
. man eall jropj-eah. 
eop^lic ae)?elu. 
upp jemunbe. 
ham m heoponum^ 
him ydey hyhc Co |?a- 
j'i|?]7an hme mlyhce^ 
yeye hyey pe^. 
jaepCum jeajipaiS. 
•3 him jiepe jealbe* 
f he ana onjan. 
beop5-pe]?el bujan- 
3 hip blaeb jobe. 
|?uph ea^mebu. 
ealne jepealbe. 
"Sone ]>e he on jeojuiSe- 
bijan j'ceolbe. 
populbe pynnum- 
hme peapb biheolb^ 
hahj op heoponum- 
j-e J^aec hluttpe mob* 
m ]?aep jaeptep 56b. 
jeopne cjiymebe^ 
)^paec pe hypbon opt;. 
^ pe halja pep. 
in ]ja aepepcan. 
aelbu jelupabe- 
ppecneppa pel a- 
pyppc paep ppa-)?eana. 
m jobep bome. 
hponne ju^lace. 
on hip onbjietan. 

how Guthlac his, 

after God's will, 

mind directed, 

all sin despis'd, 

earthly grandeur, 

contemplated on high 

a home in heaven j 

for him was hope to that, 

when him had enlighten'd 
10 he who life's way 

to souls prepareth, 

and to him grace had given 

angelical j 

so that he alone resolv'd 

a mountain dwelling to inhabit, 

and his life to God, 

in lowliness, 

all gave, 

which he in youth 
20 it is said had pass'd 

in pleasures of the world. 

Him a guardian held, 

holy from heaven, 

who that pure mind, 

in the spirit's good, 

earnestly confirm'd. 

Yes ! we oft have heard, 

that the holy man, 

in his first 
30 age, loved 

many vicious courses ; 

a time was nathless, 

in God's dispensation, 

when to Guthlac, 

into his understanding, 

22. MS. peaji». 



enjel j-ealbe^ 
f him fpeiSjiaberi' 
jynna lujcaj'. 
Tib yaey copeajib. 
hme tpejen ymb- 
peapbaj' pacebon. 
J?a jepin bjiujon. 
enjel bjiyhcnej'^ 
^ pe acela jaej'C. 
Nalaep hy him jelice- 
lajie baejion- 
m hip mobej* jemyrib- 
monjum cibum. 
0]7ep him )7ap eop]>an. 
ealle paejbe. 
laene unbeji lypce- 
■]) ]>a lonjan 30b. 
hejiebe on heoponum- 
l^aeji hahjpa- 
papla jepicca^' 
m pijoji-pulbpC' 
bpyhcnep bjieamap- 
he him baeba lean- 
jeojine pelbe'S. 
|7am ]>e hip jiepe pillaiS. 
J^icjan CO }>once. 
'J him |?ap pojiulb. 
uccoji laetan. 
}jon ]>det ece lip« 
0\>eji hine pcyhce. 
]?aec he pceaiSena jemoc- 
mhcep pohte. 
^ ]?upih nej^inje. 
punne aepceji pojmlbe. 
ppa bo^ pjiaec-maecjap. 
22. bpeame]-? 

an angel gave, 

what in him still'd 

lust for sins. 

The time was at hand — 

about him two 

guardians watch'd, 

who strife maintained, 

an angel of the Lord 

and the fell spirit. 
10 Not they to him like 

lore convey'd, 

into his mind's memory, 

at many times : 

The one to him this earth 

all declar'd 

fading beneath the sky, 

and the lasting good 

prais'd in heaven, 

where of the holy 
20 the souls sit 

in triumphant glory 

of the Lord's joy. 

He to them their deeds' reward 

readily payeth, 

to them who will his grace 

with thanks accept, 

and for him this world 

leave more utterly, 

than tlie eternal life. 
30 The other him persuaded, 

that he a robbers' meeting 

by night should seek, 

and through villains , 

strive after the world : 

so do wretches, 

33. r. nilJinje, MS. ne ))inje. 



]>a, ]>e ne bimujina^. 

raonnef peojie- [34 A.] 

I^aej' ]>e him co honba- 

hu|>e jelaebe^- 

bucan hy py peajre. 

pseban mocan. 

Spa hy hme cpymebon. 

on cpa healpa- 

o]7]?aeC ]>XY jepinnep- 

peopoba bpyhcen- lo 

on pssy enjlep bom- 

enbe ^epeahte. 

j:eonb paep jeplymeb. 

pj7]?am ppoppe jaej'C- 

m ju^lacep. 

jeoce jepunabe. 

lupabe hine ■] laepbe- 

lenje hu jeopnop. 

^ him leopeban. 

lonbep pynne. 20 

bolb on beophje. 

oyt ]?aep bpoja cpom- 

ejeplic ^ uncu^- 

ealb-peonba niiS. 

peapo-cpaeptum ppij?* 

hy him pylp hypa onpyn ypbon. 

-) l^aep aep pela j*eda jepaecon. 

I^onan pi^ cujoii' 

pibe pa^e- 

pulbpe byj'cypebe. 30 


paep peo lonbep jTop. 

bimi|?en pope monnum. 

o]?]>8ec meotub onppah- 

beopj on beappe. 

)?a ]'e bycla cpom- 

those who care not for 

the man's soul, 

who to their hands 

leadeth the spoil, 

but that they of the plunder 

may dispose. 

Thus they him exhorted, 

on two sides, 

till of the strife, 

the Lord of Hosts, 

after the angel's judgment, 

an end directed. 

The fiend was put to flight, 

after which the spirit of comfort 

in Guthlac's 

aid continued, 

lov'd him and advis'd 

{the longer the more welcome) 

that thei/ should him allow 

the land's delight, 

a dwelling in the mountain. 

Oft there terror came 

dreadful and wonderous, 

the malice of the old fiends, 

strong in guileful arts, [show'd. 

They to himself their aspect 

and there before had many seats 

thence had journey 'd[establish'd j 

a wide wandering, 

cut off from glory, 

fluttering in air. 

That spot of land was 

hidden from men, 

till that God disclos'd 

the mountain in the grove, 

when the builder came. 



j-e l^aeji halijne. 

ham apaejibe. 

nalej- \>y he jiembe. 

J>ujxh jicj'unja. 

laenej* hf-pelan- 

ac Jjaec lonb jobe- 

paejpe jejijieol^obe. 

fi}7|?an peonb oj:eppon. 

cjiiftej' cempa. 

he jecopcab peap^. 

in jemynbijjia. 

monna tibuin. 

^apa ]>e nu jena- 

l^uph jasjchcu. 

punbop peop"Sia^- 

'^ hip pipbomej'. 

hhpan healba^- 

^ pe halja |?eop. 

elne je-eobe. 

]?a he ana jepaet* 

byjle ptope. 

•Saep he bpyhcnep lop. 

peahce 3) paepbe. 

opt |?uph peopbe abeab. 

J^am ]>e j^popepa. 

J?eapap lupebon- 

^obep aepenbo- 

]?a him jaej-t onppah. 

hpep pnyttpu. 

)7aet he hip hc-homan. 

pynna poppypnbe. 

■] populb-bhpj-a' 

pepcpa petla. 

3 pymbel-baja. 



who there a holy 

home rear'd up, 

not because he car'd, 

through covetousness, 

for the frail goods of life, 

but that land to God 

would fairly set apart, 

when had overcome the fiends 

Christ's champion. 

He was tempted 

in the times 

of men remembering, 

of those who yet 

him for his spiritual 

miracles honour, 

and his wisdom's 

fame preserve, 

which the holy minister 

zealously cultivated, 

when alone he sate 

in the secret place, 

where he the Lord's praise 

recited and exalted. 

Oft he through speech announced, 

to those who martyrs' 

habits lov'd, 

Gods errands, 

when to him the spirit reveal'd 

life's wisdom ; 

so that he to his body 

pleasures denied, 

and worldly joys, 

soft seats, 

and festive days. 

10. MS. jecoj-catJ. 

13. hine seems wanting after J>e. 



fpylce eac ibeljia* 
eajena pynna- 
jiejielan jielplicej"- 
him paef jobej* ejpa. 
mapa m jemynbum. 
)?on he mennij'cum. 
I^pyme aepCeji-j^once- 
l^ejan polbe. 

so also the vain 
pleasures of the eyes, 
[35 o.] of pompous garb. 

To him was fear of God 
great in mind, 
when he of human 
grandeur jealously 
would partake. 


Dob paep juiSlac. [35 o.] 

he m jaepte baep« lo 

heoponcunbne hyhc 

haelu jejiaehce. 

ecan bjrep. 

him paep enjel neah. 

paele pjieo^u-peajib. 

]?am Jje peajia pum^ 

meajic-lonb jepaec- 

]?8eji he monjum peaji'S. 

bypen on bpycene. 

j'i]?]7an biopj jej'Cah. 20 

eabij opecca. 

jyjiebe hiiie jeopne mib^ 
jaeptlicum paepnum^ 

ponj blecpabe- 

* * * 

him to set-pfcaelle. 
aejiej'C ajiaep be- 


Good was Guthlac, 

he in spirit bare 

heavenly hope, 

was mindful of the blessing 

of eternal life. 

Him was the angel nigh, 

(a faithful loving guardian), 

him, who one of few 

the march-land occupied. 

There he to many was 

an example in Britain, 

after that the hill ascended 

the blessed champion ; 

and, bold in war, 

had him5e(f girded zealously with 

ghostly weapons ; 

bless'd the plain 

for his refection place, 
first rear'd up 

7. aej:)>once? 19. MS. bpyj-tene. 25. Here some lines are wanting. 



cjiiytey jiobe- 

J^aefi j-e cempa ojreppon • 

pjiecnejja j:ela- 

pporae pujibum monje- 

jobef ]?jiopepa. 

pe |>aep ju^lace- 

beop.pyji'Sne bael. 

bjiyhcne cennaS- 

he him pije pealbe* 

^ j-nyccjiu cjiaeft. 

munbbypb meahta- 

J?on menju cpom. 

peouba paeji-pcycum. 

paeh^e jiaejiaii • 

ne meahcon hy aepej'te- 

an-pojilaetan • 

ac Co ju^lacep. 

^apte jelaebbun. 

pjiaj-unja pela- 

him paep pulcum neah- 

enjel hine elne fcjiymebe. 

]?on hy him yjijie hpeopan. 
pjiecne pJTiep pylrae. 

ptoban him on pe^e- 

* * * * 

hpeappmii cpaebou' 
]?aefc he on \>a,ra beojije- 
byjinan pceolbe. 
•;j hip lic-homan. 
J^aec hip ea]ipe]?u. 
eal jelumpe. 


Christ's rood. 

There the champion overcame 

divers perils, 

by his bold words many, 

God's martyr ; 

we therefore Guthlac's 

precious lot 

to the Lord ascribe ; 

He him victory gave, 

and wisdom's craft, 

protection of his powers. 

Then a many came 

of foes with wiles, 

to raise up strife : 

they could not envy 


but to Guthlac's 

spirit led 

temptations many. 

To him support was nigh, 

the angel him with courage 

strengthen 'd, 
when they to him angrily cried ; 
audaciously with fire's heat 
stood in his path ; 
* * * * 

said in turns, 

that he on that mountain 

should be burnt, 

and his body 

flame devour; 

that his trouble 

all would fall. 

4. jTjTom-poji'oiim ? 5. fjiojejie? 

24. The line alliterating with hpeapfum cpsebon is wanting, though the sense 
seems unimpaired. 




raob-ceajiu raaejum. 
jij: he monna bjieam- 
oj: ]>am ojileje- 
ej:t lie polbe- 
fylpa jejecan. 
"^ hiy fibbe jiyht. 
mib mon-cynne- 
majian cjiaej:ce pillum- 
bepitijan laeCan- 
pjiaece pCille- 
Spa him ypj-abe. 
pe poji ealle pppaec. 
peonba menju^ 
no ]?y pojihcjia paep. 
juiSlacep jaejc 
ac him 30b pealbe. 
ellen pi|? J)am ejpan. 
]?aec ]>dsy ealb-peonbep. 
jxylbijpa pcolu- 
jcome Jjjiopebon. 
paejion ceon-j-mi^ap. 
copnej' pulle. 
cpaebon f him ju^lac- 
eac jobe jylpum. 
eappej^a maept- 
ana jepjiemebe. 
pjjj^an he poji plence. 
on peptenne. 
beopjap bjiaece- 
|78eji hy bibmje. 
eapme "[jjacan- 
aejioji moptun. 
aepteji tmcejijum. 
cibum bpucan • 

his sorrow, on his kindred, 
if he the joy of men, 
from that warfare, 
again would not 
himself seek, 
and his right of kin, 
with mankind, 
willingly, with greater skill, 
let be administer'd j 

10 ceasing his exile. 
So him provok'd 
he who spake for all 
the multitude of foes. 
Not the more fearful was 
the soul of Guthlac, 
for to him God had given 
courage against that terror, 
so that the old enemy's 
shoal of guilty 

20 suffer'd shame. 
The evil-doers were 
of anger full, 

said that to them Guthlac, 
and eke to God himself, 
the greatest troubles 
had alone occasion'd, 
since that he for pride, 
in the waste, 
the mountain occupied, 

30 where a biding they, 
miserable apostates, 
might formerly, 
after torments, 
at times enjoy; 

29. beorijej- bpeace ? 

32. MS. moj-tutn. 



j7on hy oj: paj^um- 
pepje cpoman. 
pepcan pyne-l^pajum- 
pope jepejon • 
paep him j-eo jelypeb- 
)7uph lytel paec. 
j'tob peo byjle pcop. 
bpyhcne in jemynbum. 
ibel '^ aemen. 
e]?el-piehce peop- 
bab bij'aece. 
becpan hypbep. 
CO )?on ealb-peonbaj'' 
onban noman. 
jpa hi pinjalej"- 
j'opje bpeoja^. 
ne motun hi on eop)jan. 
eapbep bpucan. 
ne hy lypc j-pepe^ in. 
leoma-paejcum . 
ac hy hleo-Ieape. 
hama )?olia^. 
in ceapum cpi)?a^. 
cpealmep pij'caiS. 
pillen j^aet him bpyhcen- 
]?uph bea^ep cpealm. 
CO hypa eappeiSa- 
enbe jepyine. 
ne mopCun hy ju^lacep. 
jaepce pce]7]?an. 
ne puph pap-jieje. 
paple jebaelan- 
pi^ lic-homan. 
ac hy lije-peappum- 
ahopun heapm-pcapap. 
20. leomu-? 

when they from wanderings 

weary came, 

rested a space of time, 

in repose rejoiced, 

to them it was allow'd, 

for a little space. 

The secret spot stood 

(in the Lord's memory) 

void and desolate, 
10 far from patrial rights, 

abode the visit 

of a better keeper, 

at which the ancient foes 

took umbrage, 

so they perpetual 

sorrow suffer : 

they might not on the earth 

enjoy a dwelling 

nor doth air lull them in 
20 its embraces ; 

but they shelterless 

lose their homes, 

in sorrows mourn, 

wish for death, 

desire that the Lord, 

through pang of death, 

to their troubles 

would grant an end. 

They might not Guthlac's 
30 spirit injure, 

nor through painful stroke 

his soul separate 

from the body, 

but they with lying arts 

rais'd up mischief, 

25. pilla«? 
I 2 




hleahcop alejbou- 

pojije j'eopebon. 

}>a hi j'pi^pa opejifCaj. 

peapb on ponje. 

j'ceolboii pjiaec-maecjaj". 

opjiepan jnopnenbe- 

jpene beopjap- 

hp8ej7jie hy j^a-jena. [36 «.] 

jobep ■;]pacan. 

j-ae^bon paji-pcapuni- 

ppi)?e jehecon- 

f he bea|?a jebal* 

bjieojan j-ceolbe- 

jip he lenj bibe- 

laj'pan jemotej'. 

hponne hy mib menju- 

majian cpome. 

]?a j;e pop hip lipe. 

lyt popjebon. 

ju'Slac him onjeaii-j^injobe 

laughter laid aside, 
with sorrow sigh'd, [stronger 

when them had overcome a 
guardian in the plain. 
The exiles must 
grieving give up 
the green hills ; 
yet they still 
(deniers of God) 
said M'ith pain, 
vehemently threaten 'd, 
that he death 
should undergo, 
if he longer should await 
a more hostile meeting, 
when they with a many 
great should come, 
who for his life 
car'd little. 

Guthlac them answer'd, 
cpae^ ]?8et hy jielpan ne )?oppcan. said that they needed not to vaunt 
baebum pi^ bpyhtnej- meahcum. of deeds against the powers of the 

Lord ; [threaten'd, 

J^eah J>e je me bea^ jehacen . * though that ye death to me have 
mec pile pi^ J>am nijjum jenepjan-me will against that malice save 
pe ]>e eoppum nybum pealbeiS- He who perforce overyouswayeth. 

There is one almighty God, 
who can easily shield me, 
he will protect my life. 
I to you will many 
30 truths say, 

may I this seat among you, 
without troubles, 
press alone. 
I am not so destitute 
SS. jejijiiugan? 


an ip selmihcij job. 

]'e mec maej ea^e jepcylban 

he mm peopj ppeoj^a^S. 

ic eop pela piUe. 

po]>a jejecjan. 

maej ic J?ip jecl on eop. 

bucan eappe^um. 

ana jebpmjan . 

ne eam ic ppa pealoj. 



j'pa ic eop pojie-j-conbe- 

monna peojiuhej-. 

ac me majia bael. 

in jobcunbum. 

jaej't-jepynum • 

puna^ J peaxe^. 

j'e me pjia)?e healbeiS^ 

ic me anum hep. 

ea'Se jetimbjie. 

hup "^ hleona^ me- 

on heoponum pmb* 

lape jelonje. 

mec |jaep lyC tpeoj?. 

\>SRt me enjel Co. 

ealle jelaebe^. 

ppopenbe ppeb. 

ppjieca ^ baeba. 

jepifca'S nu apyjijbe. 


pjiom J7ip]um eapbe. 

J7e je hep on-j'Conba^ • 

pleo^ on peop pej- 

ic me ppi^ pille. 

sec jobe jejypnan • 

ne pceal min jaej'C mib eop. 

jebpolan bpeojan- 

ac mec bpyhcnej* honb. 

munba'S mib maejne. 

hep pceal mm pepan. 

eop'Slic ejjel. 

nalej- eopep lenj :• 

(so as I stand before you) 

of a host of men, 

but a large power in me, 

in divine 

spiritual mysteries, 

dwelleth and waxeth, 

which me as with a stay sustaineth. 

I for me here alone 

easily will build 
10 for me a house and resting place. 

In heaven's gift 

is instruction, 
I therefore little doubt, 
that to me the angel 
will bring all 
prosperous success, 
in words and deeds. 
Depart now ye accursed, 
in mind depraved, 
20 from this dwelling, 
in which here ye stand, 
flee far away ; 
I for myself will peace 
desire at God, 
my soul shall not with you 
error endure, 
for the Lord's hand me 
with might protecteth ; 
here shall be my 
30 earthly country, 
no longer your's.' 

3. Lit. part, portion. 




Da peaji^ bjieahcm ha&pen • 

beojij ymb jroban. 

hpeappum pjiaec-maecjaj-. 

poiS up-apcaj. 

ceappuljia cipim. 

cleopebon monije- [36 Z».] 

peonba pope-ppjiecan- 

pipenum julpon. 

opt pe opepj'ejon. 

be paeni cpeonum- 

J?eoba )>eapap. 

J^paece mobijpa' 

J^apa ]>e m jelimpe. 

lipe peolbon. 

no ^e opephyjbu' 

anep nionnep. 

jeonb mibban-jeapb . 

mapan punbon • 

^u ]?aec jebacej'C- 

l>aet ^u ham on hup. 

jejan pille. 

eapt ^e jobej- ypminj. 

bi hpon pcealc ]>\i lipjan* 

)?eah ]>u lonb aje- 

ne ]?ec mon hibep. 

mope pebe^. 

beo^ jje hunjop "^ )>uppt. 

heapbe jepinnan- 

jip J>u jepitepc 

ppa pilbe beop- 


Then a noise was rais'd ; 

around the hill stood 

by turns the exiles, 

a sound ascended, 

a cry of the anxious ; 

exclaim 'd many 

leaders of the foes, 

in their crimes exulted, — 

' Oft have we observ'd, 

between the seas, 

the manners of nations, 

the boldness of the proud, 

of those who in mischance 

life possess'd ; 

not the arrogance 

of any man, 

throughout mid- earth, 

have we found greater. 

Thou that dost threaten, 

that thou a home with us 

wilt occupy ; 

thou art God's poor one, 

by what art thou to live, 

though thou the land possess ? 

not thee here any one 

with nourishment will feed : 

to thee will hunger be and thirst 

hard adversaries. 

If thou withdrawest, 

like ^Ae wild beasts. 

15. pefor^e? 16. seiiigej-? 

22. (Vii? or: thou art poor in good. 

20. uj?— K. 



ana j:jiom ej^ele 

nij' |>aec onjmn pihfc. 

jej'pic ]?ijjei' j-eclej'. 

ne msej ]>ec j-ellan jiaeb. 

mon jelaepan. 

)>on l^eoj- menju ealL 

pe ]7e beo^ holbe. 

jip ]7U up hyjian pile 

oip\>e ]>ec unjeajiO' 

epc jej'ecaiS. lo 

mapan maejne- 

)?aec J?e mon ne J^eapp. 

honbum hpinan. 

ne ]>m hpa peallan. 

paepna punbum. 

pe ]7ap pic majun. 

pocum apyllan* 

pole m^pice^. 

meapa J^peatum. 

^ mon-papum- 20 

beo'S ]fa. jeboljne. 

)>a ]>ec bpeobpia^' 

tpeba^ ]>ec ";) cepja^. 

•3 hypa topn ppeca^- 

tobepa^ ])ec blobjum lapcum- 

pp ]?u upe biban j^encepc 

pe ]>ec ni)?a jenseja^. 

onpn )7e jenepep pilnian. 

pap l^aep ^u pjieonba pene. 

pp iSu ]7mep peopep pecce. 30 

Ireapo paep ^uiSlac- 

lime 50b ppemebe. 

on onbppape^ 

~} on elne pcponj. 

alone from home, 

that resolve is naught. 

Retire from this seat, 

thee better counsel cannot 

any one advise, 

than all this multitude. 

We will be kind to thee, 

if thou us wilt hear, 

or thee unprepar'd 

again will seek, 

with greater force, 

so that thee none shall need 

with hands to touch, 

nor thy carcase fell 

with weapons' wounds. 

We this dwelling can 

with our feet fell, 

the folk will tread it down, 

with troops of horses, 

and passing o'er of men : 

then will thei/ be exasperated 

who drive thee hence, 

will tread and tear thee, 

and their anger wreak, 

remove thee with bloody traces ; 

if thou to await us thinkest, 

we will with hate assail thee. 

Resolve to desire thi/ safety, 

go where thou hop'st for friends, 

if for thy life thou reck.' 

Prepar'd was Guthlac, 

him God fram'd 

in answer 

and in courage strong ; 

23. cejiatf? 

27. myel 

32. cjiymefee? — K. 



ne ponb he pop pojibe- 

ac hij- pi)?eji-bjieocuna. 

popje zeyseibe. 

cxtSe him po^ jenoj. 

pib ip )?ej' pepcen- 

pjiaec-j'ecla pela* 

eapbap onhaele. 

eapmpa jaejTa- 

pinbon paep-lojan. 

J^e ]7a pic bujati. [37 a.] 

)?eah je J^a ealle. 


•3 eop eac ^epypce. 

pibop jaece- 

je hep aceoiS' 

in )>a copn-ppaece. 

pijeleapne pi's- 

no ic eop j'peopb onjean^ 

mib jeboljne honb. 

o^bepan )?ence- 

populbe paepen- 

ne pceal j^ep ponj jobe- 

J?uph blob-jyce- 

jebuen peop^an. 

ac ic minnm cpijxe- 

cpeman ]?ence- 

leoppan lace- 

nu ic )>ip lonb jepcaj. 

pela je me eapba- 

]?uph ibel popb. 

aboben habba^- 

nip mm bpeopc-pepa- 

popht ne paeje. 

ac me ppi^e healbe^. 


he for words fear'd not, 

but to his adversaries 

sorrowfully said ; 

{he could to them truly enough) 

* Wide is this waste, 

its exile- seats are many, 

unhealthy dwellings 

of miserable sprites ; 

thei/ are faithless ones 

who these cots inhabit ; 

though ye them all 

should banish, 

and for yourselves also work 


ye here will derive, 

in that vengeance, 

an inglorious journey. 

Not I a sword against you, 

with wrathful hand, 

purpose to bear, 

or worldly weapon, 

nor shall this field to God, 

through bloodshed, 

be cultivated ; 

but I my Saviour 

purpose to please 

with a dearer gift. 

Now I this land have enter'd, 

ye me many dwellings, 

through idle words, 

have offer'd : 

my mind is not 

afraid nor feeble, 

for me in peace holdeth. 

1 jonbobel 

5. MS. ji?5. 

14. pitJeji-j-ace ? 



ojieji monna cyn. 

j"e ]?e maejna jehpaef • 

peopcum pealbe^. 

nip me pihc aec eop- 

leopep jelonj. 

ne je rae laj?ep pihc^ 

jebon niocun. 

ic eom bjiyhtnep ]?eop. 

he mec ];uph enjeL 

ope appepjie^. 

pop^on mec lonje ]>3dy 


pojije pealbun. 
nu mec j'apelcunb. 
hypbe bihealbe^. 
ip min hyhfc mib job- 
ne ic me eoji^-pelan* 
opihc jinne. 
ne me mib mobe. 
miclep jypne. 
ac me bojpa jehpam. 
bpyhcen j'enbeiS- 
J7uph monnep honb. 
mme )7eappe. 
ppa mobjabe. 
]'e pi^ monjum ptob- 
apjie'Seb peoji^lice. 
pulbpep cempa- 
enjia maejne. 
jepat eal J^onan. 
peonba menju^ ^ 
ne paej' pe pyjipt miceL 
J;e hi ju^Iace. 
popjiepan ]7ohcan. 

among mankind^ 

He who o'er every power 

liolds efl&cient sway : 

along of you to me 

is nothing dear, 

nor ye me hostile aught 

can do : 

I am the Lord's servant, 

he me through his angel 
10 oft comforteth, 

therefore me long since 

2/e little welcome, 

but sorrow have inflicted. 

Now me a spiritual 

shepherd guardeth ; 

my hope is with God ; 

not for eartli's wealth 

care I aught, 

nor for me earnestly 
20 much desire, 

for to me each day 

the Lord sendeth, 

through hand of man, 

my need.' 

Thus he exulted 

who against many stood, 

supported worthily 

{the glorious champion) 

by angels' might. 
30 Thence departed all 

the multitude of foes ; 

nor was the respite great, 

that they to Guthlac 

purpos'd to give. 

11. MS. >ar. 

12. Lit. greet. 




))e paef on elne. 

^ on ea^mebum. 

bab on beojije- 

paej' him boclej* neob. 

}:ojilet lonje ]>&]'• 

laenjia bjieama. 

no he hine pi^ monna^ 

milcpe jebaelbe. 

ac jepynca baeb^ 

papla jehpylcjie. 

)?on he to eop^an. 

on ]?ani anabe. 

hleop onhylbe- [37 b.'] 

him op heoponum peap^. 

onbjiypbeb bjieopt-pepa* 

bh^e jaepce. 

opt eahtabe- 

paep him enjel neah- 

hu I^ij'pe pojiulbe- 

pynna J^oppce. 20 

mib hip hc-homan. 

laepapc bjiucan. 

no him pope ejpan. 

eajimjia jaepfca- 

tjieop jecpeobe- 

ne he cib pojipaefc* 

\>3sy ]>e he poji hip bpyhtne. 

bjieojan pceolbe. 

)jaec hine aepepce. 

elne binoman- 30 

plaepa pluman- 

o]?];e paene mob. 

ppa pceal opecca* 

a m hip mobe. 

He had fortitude, 

and humility ; 

he remain'd in the mount ; 

he a dwelling needed, 

he had long forsaken those 

of transient joys. 

He himself sever'd not 

from kindness towards men, 

but for the prosperity pray'd 

of every soul, 

when he to earth, 

in the desert, 

his face inclin'd. 

From heaven was his 

mind stimulated, 

by the benignant Spirit. 

lie oft meditated 

(him was the angel near) 

how this world's 

delights he might 

with his body 

least enjoy : 

not in him, for dread 

of the wretched sprites, 

did his faith doubt, 

nor did he the time defer 

of that which for his Lord he 

had to undergo, 

lest him vigils 

of vigour might deprive, 

sleep's slumbers, 

or sluggish mind. 

So shall a champion 

in his mind ever 

31. j-laepes! 



jobe compian. 

"3 hi]' jaej'fc bejian. 

oj:fc on onban. 

)?am ]?e eahcan pile. 

papla jehpylcjie. 

l^aepi he jepaelan maej. 

pymle hy juiSlac- 

m jobep piUan. 

ppomne punbon. 

]7oa plyje peope- 

)7uph nihca ^enipu. 

neopan cpoman. 

J^a ]>e onhaele. 

eajibap pepebon • 

hpaej^epe him psey ponjep. 

pyn ppe^jiabe. 

polbun ]?aec him Co mobe. 

pojie mon-lupan- 

}?aBC he ii]> Cuje. 

ept CO ej?le. 

lie paej' )>aec onjm j'pylc- 

"Sonne hine enjel- 

on )?am anabe. 

jeojinapC jpecce. 

^ him jiepe pealbe. 

]?aec hine ne meahce. 

meocubep pillan- 

lonja^ jeleccan. 

ac he on ]>sey lajieopep- 

paejie jepunabe. 

ope popbe bicpae^' 

hupu l?aep bihopa^. 

pe ^e him halij jaepc 

fight for God, 

and his spirit bear 

oft in hate 

to him who will persecute 

every soul, 

wherever he may meet with it. 

They Guthlac ever 

in God's will 

steadfast found, 
10 when in flight the cruel ones, 

through the clouds of night, 

came to explore, — 

those who the unhealthy 

habitations watch'd, — 

whether to him the plain's 

delight abated ; 

thej/ would that his mind, 

for love of man, 

care would seek, 
5M) that he would journey 

again to home ; 

such was not his design, 

when him the angel, 

in the desert, 

greeted most fervently, 

and him grace gave, 

that him might not, 

in the Creator's will, 

longing obstruct ; 
30 but he in his teacher's 

covenant remain'd, 

oft by word address'd. 

This it at least behoveth 

him, whom the Holy Spirit 

4. eahtian or ehtian ? 



pija^ on piUan. 

"3 hif peojic tpyma'S. 

laJja'S hine lij?um pojibum- 

jehace^ him lijrej' jiaepce* 

J^aec he J?aej' lacceopep- 

lapum hyjie- 

ne lete him ealb-}:eonb. 

epc oncyppan- 

mob ppom hip meotube* 

hu pceal mm cuman- 

jaepc to jeoce- 

nemne ic jobe pylle^ 

hyppumne hije. 

J^aefc him heoptan jej^onc^ 

directeth willingly, 
and his work strengtheneth, 
inviteth him with gentle words, 
promiseth him life's rest, 
that he his guide's 
instructions should obey, 
nor let the ancient fiend 
turn again 

his mind from his Creator. 
10 * How shall come my 
soul unto salvation 
unless I give to God 
a mind obedient, 
that my heart's thoughts to him. 

aep oYfe pi^. [38 a.] 

en be jepeop'Se* 20 

\dSit je mec fco punbpe- 
paejan mocun. 
ne maej mm lic-homa^ 
piiS J>aj' Isenan jepceapt. 
bea^ jebaelan. 
ac he jebpeopan pceal. 
ppa }?eop eop^e eall- 
176 ic hep onjtonbe. 
•Seah ^e mmne plaepc-homan. 
pypep pylme. so 

F^'PSPiP'^" jpom-hybje. 
3ippan leje. 

naeppe je mec op )?ippum pop- 
bum onpenba^. 

14. a leaf apparently wanting. 
29. MS. jrlsejhoman. 

early or late 
be at an end, 
that ye me to glory 
may bear. 
My body may not 
from this frail creation 
by death be sever'd, 
but it shall fall, 
as all this earth, 
that I here stand on. 
Though ye my carcase, 
with fire's heat, 
assail, ye cruel-hearted, 
with devouring flame, 
never ye me from these words 
shall turn. 

21. pultpe? 

25. bea«e? 



]7enban mec min jepic jelaefce^' 

)>eah ]>e je hine j'apum j:opfaecen. 

ne mocan je mine j'aple jpetan- 

ac je on beCjian jebjimja'S. 

foji^an ic jebiban pille. 

\>s&Y l^e me mm bjayhcen beme^. 

nij' me }>aej* beaj^ej- j'opj- 

iSeah mm ban -j blob- 

bufcu jepeojij^en • 

eop]7an to eacan. lo 

mm ye eca baeL 

m jepean j:ape"S. 

I^aep he paejpan. 

boclef bjiuce^- 

nif I'lj'jej' beojijej' peel. 

meobumjie ne majia. 

pon hiC men buje- 

j'e ]>e in Jjpopinjuni' 

l^eobnej' pillan • 

baejhpam bpeoje^- 20 

ne pceal pe bjiyhcnep j^eop- 

m hip mob-pepan. 

mape jelupian- 

eop]7an aeht-pelan. 

)jonne hip anep jemec- 

l^aec he hi]- hc-homan . 

labe haebbe. 

Da paep epc ppa aep. 

ealb-peonba m^. 

pjiohc onpylle^. 30 

po^ o]?epne- 

lyt-hpon leo'Sobe. 

]7onne in lypc aptaj. 

ceaji-jepta cijim. 

2. fopj-aecen ? — K. 16. r. 

30. onpeceb? Si. MS. j-of^. 

while me my intellect attends ; 

though ye it sorely afflict, 

ye may not my soul affect, [it; 

but ye to a better world will bring 

therefore I will await [judge : 

that which for me my Lord shall 

to me therefore is of death no care ; 

though my bones and blood 

both become 

to earth an increase, 

my eternal part 

into joy shall go, 

where it a fair 

mansion shall enjoy. 

This mountain-dwelling is not 

meaner nor greater, 

when it a man inhabits, 

who in suiFerings, 

for the Lord's sake, 

daily liveth ; 

nor shall the Lord's servant, 

in his mind, 

more love 

earth's riches, 

than his own conduct, 

that he his body's 

load may raise.' 

Then was again as ere 

the old fiends' hate, 

their vengeance waken'd, 

one sound another 

a while resounded, 

then in air arose 

the anxious spirits' cry. 

meoteumpa. 17. hineman? 

84. MS. ceapjej-ta, r. ceap-jsej'ta. 



j'ymle cjiij'Cej' lo}:- 

m ju^lacej'- 

jobum mobe. 

peox ^ punabe. 

■J hme peojiuba 30b. 

j:jieo^abe on jiolban- 

j'pa he peopa jehpylc^ 

healbe^ in haelO' 

J>aeji pe hypa jaept* 

]>jh^ m J^eapum. 

he paep J^eapa pum- 

ne pon he aeptep populbe- 

ac he in pulbpe ahop. 

mobep pyniie. 

hpylc paej' mapa ]7onne. 

pe an ojiecca- 

uppum cibum. 

cempa je cy^e^- 

]7aet him cpipfc pope* 

populbhcpa ma. 

punbpa jecySbe :• 

Ever Christ's love 
in Guthlac's 
good mind 
waxed and dwelt, 
and him the God of Hosts 
on earth protected, 
as he every soul 
holdeth in safety, 
where the higher spirit 
10 thriveth in morals, 
he was one of those ; 
[38 Z>.] he strove not after the world, 
but he in glory rais'd 
his joy of mind, 
which was greater than 
he whom a hero, 
in our times, 
a champion, ye call, 
so that for him Christ 
20 more worldly 

wonders manifested. 


y^e hine pcilbe. 
ftS pce^)7enpa. 
ejlum onpenjom. 
eapmpa jaepta. 
paepon hy peope. 
to paepanne. 
pppu jpapum. 
no 50b polbe. 
\faet peo papl. 

He hira shielded 

against the injurers' 

dire designs, 

the wretched sprites' : 

they were fierce 

to rush 

with eager grasps. 

God would not, 

that the soul 

9, >ajia >e?— K. 

11. r. )>aiia. — K. 



J>aej' ]*aji ]7}iopabe. 

in lic-homan. 

lyfbe j-e-j^eana. 

J^aet hy him mib honbum. 

hjiman moj-cen. 

;] f yjitS pi-S hy. 

■^eyjieolpab paejie. 

y^y hme ]>a. hopun. 

on ]>a. hean lyft- 

j'ealbon him meahce. 

opep. monna cynn- 

]>set he pojie eajum- 

eall pceapobe. 

imbepi hahjpa' 

hyjvba jepealbum. 

in mynpCejium- 

monna jebaejiu- 

]?apa ]>e hyjia hpep. 

J7ujih luj'C bjiucan. 

iblum aehtum. 

^ opeji-plencum. 

pejielum jielphcum. 

fpa bi^ jeoju'Se )?eap' 

J^aeji ]?8ej' ealbjiep. 

ejpa ne j'Cyjie^. 

no J?eji ]>-d peonbap. 

^epeon ]7oppton. 

ac )?aep blaebej* hjia'Se. 

jebpocen haepbon. 

]7e him alypeb paep' 

lycle hpile- 

)78ec hy hip hc-homan- 

lenj ne mopcan. 

picum paelan- 

ne him pihfc jepcob. 

J?aep ]>e hy him Co ceonan ■ 

so much pain should suffer 

in the body, 

yet he allow'd, 

that they him with hands 

might touch, 

and that peace towards them 

should be observ'd. 

They him then rais'd 

into the high air, 
10 gave him might 

above the race of men, 

that he before his eyes 

all might behold 

under holy 

guardians' power : — 

in monasteries, 

men's bearings, 

those who their life 

in pleasure pass, 
20 in vain possessions, 

and in excessive pomps, 

proud garments : 

so is the wont of youth, 

where of the elder 

fear checketh not. 

Not there the fiends 

needed to rejoice, 

for their success quickly 

they had enjoyed, 
30 which was allow'd to them 

a little while, 

so that they his body 

longer might not 

with pains afflict, 

nor did him injure aught 

of what they to his hurt 



J^uphtojen hae}:bon. 

laebbun hine )>a oj: lyjrte. 

Co ]?am leojiefCan. 

eajibe on eoji^an. 

)7aec he ej:c jej-caj. 

beopj on beappe. 

bonan jnojinebon- 

raaenbon mujinenbe. 

J^aet by monnej- beajin- 

J^jieam ojiejij^unje- lo 

■3 fpa )?eapj:enbhc. 

him CO eap}:e^um* 

ana cpome. [39 a.] 

pj: hy him ne meahce^ 

majian pajium- 

jylban jyjin-pjiaece. 

ju^lac pecce. 

by he m heoponap- 

haelu jecpeopbe- 

haepbe peonba penj. 20 

peojie ^ebyjeb. 

paej' peo aepiepce. 

eajimpa jaepca. 

copcunj opejicumen. 

cempa punabe- 

bhj?e on beopje- 

paep hi]' blaeb mib 50b. 

^ubce him on mobe- 

|7aec pe mon-cynnep. 

eabij paepe- so 

]'e]?e hip anum hep- 

peope jeppeo^abe* 

)?aec him peonbej' honb. 

aec J?am ycmejcan- 

had eflfected. 

They led him then from air 

to the dearest 

dwelling upon earth, 

so that he again ascended 

the mountain in the grove. 

The slayers groan'd, 

moan'd mourning, 

that them a child of man 

had in their torments overcome, 

and so needy, 

to their molestation, 

alone had come, 

if they him might not, 

with greater pains, 

pay for his voluntary exile. 

Guthlac set 

his hope in heaven, 

in salvation trusted; 

he had from the fiends' grasp 

with life escap'd : 

was the first 

of the wretched spirits' 

temptation overcome : 

the champion remained 

blithe on the mount, 

his reward was with God ; 

seem'd to him in mind, 

that of mankind he 

were bless'd 

who here for his own 

soul taketh care ; 

that him the fiend's hand, 

at the last 

9. MS. J»ae. 



eiibe ne j'cobe. 

)?onne him j-e bpyhcnef • 

bom pij-abe- 

to J?am nyhjcan • 

nyb-jebale • 

J)pae|?pe him )?a jena^ 


ebpic jpjiecan. 

epm|;u jehecon- 

cojinum Ceon-cpibum« 

tpeop yaey jecyjjeb- 

]7aecte ju^lace- 

50b leanobe. 

elleii mib ajium* 

l^aet he ana jepon- 

y^im pe pepja ^aejc 

popbum paBjbe- 

no pe )>e J?u]- ppi^e. 

JT^encan |;oppcaii- 

J^aeji ]7U ppomhce. 

ppeonba lapum- 

hypan polbe. 

]>a. |?u hean 3 eapm- 

on ]?ip opleje. 

aejiepc cpome- 

"Sa ]>\i jehece- 

YiBt ]>ec hahj jaejr. 

piS eappe|?um- 

ea^e jej'cilbe- 

pop j^am mypcelje. 

J>e }?ec monnej" honb- 

ppora )?injie onpyne- 

ae]7elum ahpyppbc; 

m "pam maej-phce- 

end afflict not, 

when him the Lord's 

doom shoukl point 

to the most near 

inevitable separation. 

Yet to him still, -»- 

earnestly mindful, ' 

fhet/ spake reproach, 

affliction threaten'd, 
W) with angry insults : 

the truth was manifested, 

that on Guthlac 

God had bestow'd 

courage with honours, 

so that he alone won. 

To liim the sprite accurs'd 

said in words : 

* We not thus rigorously thee 

might afflict, 
20 if thou steadfastly 

the lore of friends 

would'st have obey'd, 

when thou mean and poor, 

into this strife 

first camest, 

when thou didst declare, 

that thee the Holy Spirit 

against afflictions 

easily would shield, 
30 from the aim, 

which thee the hand of man 

from thy face 

nobly would cast. 

In a fair aspect 

7- sypne? jjiynna, of snares'! — K. 
20, yjzji, qii. an error for 31^? 
31. a couplet apparently wanting. 

8. r. jpjiaecon. 


11. t:j\eopfi ! 
MS. beam. 



monje lij-^ja^- 

jylcum pojijiepene. 

nalej' jobe j^ija^S- 

ac hy lic-homan fope- 

lujran cpema^- 

pijta pynnum. 

fpa je peoji^raynbu. 

m bolum bpeame. 

bpyhcne jielba^- 9 

yelsL je pojie monuum mij^a^- 

|?aej' J)e je in raobe jehycja^ • 

nebeo^eopjiebaebabyjine. [39Z>.] 

|?eah ]>e je hy in byjle jepjiemme- 

pe ]7ec in lypc jelaibbun- 

opcujon pe lonbej- pynna. 

polbun ]7u )?e pylpa jepape* 
J>aec pe j^ec po^ onjcaelbun. 
eallej- ]>u ps&y pice apunne^ 

pop]?on J?u hic onpenban ne 

Da paep ajonjen- [raeahtej'- 

}>aec him 50b polbe- 21 

aepcep J^popmja- 

)>onc jejylban- 

))8et he mapcyphab- 

mobe jelupabe. 

pealbe him pnyCCpu- 

on pepan jehyjbum- 

maejen-paepce jemynb. 

he pit) monjum pcob- 

ealb-peonba- 30 

elne jebylbeb. 

paejbe him co popje- 

]>set hy j-ijeleape-, 

]?one jpenan ponj* 

opjiepan jceolban- 

many live, 

given up to sins, 

good receive not, 

but they for the body's 

love delight 

in festive joys ; 

so ye reverence 

in foolish joy 

pay to the Lord. 

Much ye before men conceal 

of that which ye in mind devise ; 

your deeds shall not be hidden, 

though ye them in darkness per- 

We led thee into air, [petrate. 

withdrew from thee the land's de- 

would thou thyself should see 

that we truth on thee impos'd, 

for all this thou hast suffering 

because thou could'st not avert it.' 

Then it came to pass, 

that him God would, 

after sufferings, 

with thanks requite, 

for that he martyrdom 

in his mind loved : 

he gave him wisdom 

in his breast's thoughts, 

a steadfast mind. 

He against many stood 

of the old fiends, 

strongly embolden'd : 

said to their sorrow, 

that they ingloriously 

the green plain 

should give up : 



je j'lnb pojij'cabene. 

on eop fcylb jice'S- 

ne cunnon je bpyhcen- 

bujuj^e bibban. 

ne mib ea^mebum. 

ajie j-ecan- 

J)eah J?e eop alypbe* 

lytle hpile. 

|?aet je min onpealb • 

ajan mojcen- 

ne je |7aec jej^ylbu- 

J^icjan polban- 

ac mec yppmja- 

up-jelaebbon • 

]7aec ic op lypce- 

lonba jecimbpu- 

jepeon meahce- 

paep me ppejlej* leohc. 

copht ontyneb. 

)7eah ic copn bpuje. 

petcon me m ebpic- 

|7aec ic ea^e popbaep- 

pume pejulap. 

•^ pe|7e mob- 

jeonjpa monna- 

in jobej' cemplum. 

polban ]?y jehyppan. 

halijjia lop. 

pohcun ]7a paempan- 

3 pa, pellan no- 

bemban aepcep baebum- 

ne beoiS \>a, bypne ppa-j^eaii- 

ic eop )'o^ piJ?|;on- 

j'ecjan piUe- 

' Ye are scattered, 

on you guilt sitteth ; 

ye to the Lord cannot 

pray for happiness, 

nor humbly 

mercy seek : 

though that he allow'd you, 

a little while, 

that ye power of me 
10 might possess, 

not patiently ye that 

would accept, 

but me angrily 

led up, 

that I from air 

the structures of the lands 

might see. 

To me was heaven's light 

bright disclos'd, 
20 though I affliction suffer'd 

1/e said to me in reproach, 

that I readily prefer'd 

the lax rules, 

and the rough mind 

of young men. 

In God's temples 

ye would blame 

the praise of saints : 

1/e sought the worse, 
30 and the better judg'd not 

after their deeds ; 

yet shall they not be hidden. 

I then to you the sooth 

will say : 

21. jaetooii? 

27. je for Jy? 

K 2 



job ]-cop jeoju'Se. 

•;) jumena bjiea- 

ne majun pSL aejitep-ylb- 

in ]7am aepeftan- 

blaebe jebepan- 

ac hy blijjiaiS. 

populbe pynnum. 

o^^aec pincpa pim. 

jejae'S in ]>a. jeoju^e. [40 a.] 

]>'eet ye jaepC lujia^- lo 

onjyn ■;) aeCpij'C. 

ylbpan habep- 

^e jemece monije- 

jeonb mibban-jeapb. 

I^eopia^ m j^eapum- 

l^eobum ypa]?- 

pipbora pepaj-- 

plencu popleopa^- 

pi^^an jeoju^e jea^- 

jaepc aplih^. 20 

]}<et je ne jcijia^- 

ac 56 jxylbijjia. 

pynne j-ecjalS- 

poj^paejTjia no* 

mob ^ mon-]7eap- 

maepan pilla^- 

jepeoiS in pijienum- 

ppoppe ne pena'S. 

)>aec je ppaec-pi^a' 

pyjipe jebiben. 30 

opt je in jejralum j'Conba"S. 

j?aep cyme^ jceop op heoponum- 

me ]7onne penbe^. 

]'e u]' ic pe mon-pae;^. 

God created youth, 

and joy of men ; 

the young generations may not 

at the first 

bear fruit, 

but they rejoice 

in the world's pleasures, 

till that number of years 

entereth into youth, 

when the spirit loveth 

the aspect and substance 

of elder state, 

which many prudent, 

over mid-earth, 

revere in conduct. 

To people manifest 

men wisdom, 

pride lay aside, 

when of youth goeth 

the spirit, fleeth away : 

that ye discern not, 

but ye the sinfuls' 

sins rehearse ; 

not of the just 

the mind and practice 

will ye magnify. 

Ye rejoice in crimes, 

not of comfort ween ye, 

therefore ye exile's 

lot abide ; 

oft among thieves ye stand, 

therefore comes punishment from 

but me sendeth [heaven ; 

he who 's to us man's way. 

19, 23e«; 

23. I'aer? 

34. ujic or ur ij? mon-pre?; := lif-pe^' 



lenju pealbe^. 

Spa hleo]?pabe. 

halij cempa- 

paep pe m ijicype- 

ppom mon-cynnep. 

pynnum apunbpab. 

j'ceolbe he j-ajiej* ]?a jen- 

bael abpeojan. 

•Seah ]>e bjiyhcen hi]'. lo 

picum polbe. 

hpaec ]>det punbpa pu- 

monnum ]?uhce. 

]>set he ma polbe- 

appum onpenjum. 

eajime jaepcaj'. 

hjiman lecon- 

■;] ^ hpae]7jie jelomp. 

paep \>det jen mapa. 

]?aec he mibban-jeajib- 20 

pylpa jepohce. 

•] hij' jpac ajeac- 

on bonena honb- 

ahce beja jepealb- 

lipej- •^ bea^ep. 

]>a, he luj'Cum bpeaj. 

ea^mob on eoyi^an. 

ehcenbjia ni^. 

pop|7on 1]' nu aj\lic. 

]>set pe sepsepcpa. 30 

baebe bemen- 

jecjen bpyhcne lop- 

ealpa l^ajia bipena- 

]>e uj* bee pojie- 

|7ujih hip punbjia jepeopc- 

pijboni cypaiS :• 


he who of each's life 

the length ordaineth.' 

So spake 

the holy champion. 

The martyr was 

from mankind's 

sins detach'd, 

yet must he of pain 

a portion suffer, 

although his Lord 

his torments held in controul. 

Yes ! that a wonder 

seem'd to men, 

that He would longer, 

with their dire attempts, 

the miserable sprites 

let touch hir/if 

and yet that so befell : 

that was even more, 

that he mid- earth 

sought himself, 

and his blood shed 

by murderers' hands : 

he of both had power, 

of life and death, 

when he spontaneously endur'd, 

humble on earth, 

the persecutors' malice ; 

therefore is it now commendable, 

that we of the pious 

the deeds consider, 
, say to the Lord praise, 

for all those examples, 

which to us, as books, 

through his wonders' works, 

his wisdom manifest, 
r. peolde. 



h ^iO Geopu paef mib juiSlaC' 
m jobcunbum. 
maejne jemereb- 
micel If to fecjan- [40 A.] 

call aepcep opbe- 
]7aec he on elue abpeaj. 
^one jiojie-jenjan . 
jiaebeji aelmihcij- 
PI'S onhselum- 

ealbop-jepinnum- lo 

jylpa jej-ecce. 
)?sep hip j-apl peapS- 
claene 'j jecojrab- 
cu^ ip pibe- 
jeonb mibban-jeapb. 
•^ hi]' mob 5e|>ah- 
m jobep piUan- 
ip ]7aep jen pela- 
CO jecjenne- 

jjaej- ]>e he pylpa abpeaj- 20 

uubep niS-jypca- 
neappum clommu- 
he ]>a jap pojijeah- 
a l^aejie paple- 
pel ]>sey munb-bopan- 
]>e J?aec monb jeheolb- 
|78ec him ne jecpeobe- 
qieop in bpeopCum- 
ne him jnopnunja- 
jaepte pcobun- 30 

ac je heapba hyje- 

Grace was with Guthlac 

in divine 

vigour found. 

Much is it to say, 

all from the beginning, 

what he courageously endur'd, 

whom, a forthgoer, 

the Almighty Fatlier, 

against pernicious 

vital adversaries, 

himself had placed, 

where his soul became 

clean and prov'd. 

It is widely known, 

over mid-earth, 

that his mind throve 

in God's will : 

yet there is much 

to say 

of what he himself endur'd 

under the hostile spirits' 

griping clutches. 

He the pain despis'd 

of the soul ever, 

while in the Protector, 

who held him in his care, 

that doubted not 

faith in his breast, 

nor did repinings 

his spirit injure, 

but his steadfast mind 

7. yopS-jcn jau ? 

'25. h;>ile? 

26. ]>c pa'i 



halij punabe. 
o|?|7aec he ]>a. byj^u. 
0}:ejibiben haepbe- 
J?jiea paepon )?ea]ile. 
J^ejnaj- jpimme. 
ealle hy |>ani peope- 
pyl jehehcon- 
no hy hine to bea^e^ 
beman mopcon. 
j'ynna hypbaj'. 
ac peo japul bab- 
m hc-homan. 
leoppan tibe- 
jeopne hy onjeacon- 
^ hyne job polbe. 
nepjan yrS ni]7um. 
^ hypa nyb-ppaece. 
beope beraan. 
ppa bpyhcen moej. 
ana aelmihcij. 
eabijpa jehpone. 
pi^ eappe|7um- 
eaiS jepcilban- 
hpae^pe hme jebpohcon ■ 
ppa^e ppaec-maecjaj-- 
pulbpep cempan- 
hahj hupul-beapn. 
aeC hel-bope- 
)?aep pipenpulpa- 
paeje jaepta]-. 
aepcep ppylc-cpale. 
pecan onjinna^- 
in-jonj aepepc 

holy continued, 

till that he the trouble 

had surmounted. 

The torments were intense, 

grim the ministers ; 

they all to his life 

destruction threaten'd : 

not they him to death 

might doom, 
10 the ministers of sin, 

for the soul awaited 

in his body 

a happier time : 

well they understood, 

that him God would 

preserve against their hate, 

and their vengeance 

sternly judge ; 

so may the Lord, 
20 alone Almighty, 

each blessed one 

against afflictions 

easily shield. 

Yet thei/ brought him, 

in wrathful mood, 

the hostile exiles, 

the glorious champion, 

the holy housel child, 

to hell door, 
30 where of the wicked 

the fated spirits, 

after the pang of death, 

begin to seek 

entrance first. 

8. MS. beaS. 

10. Lit. custodes peccatonim. 



m ^ atule huj-- 

iji]?ep unbeji naefj^j*. 

neole jpunbaj*. 

hy hine bpejbon. 

bubon ojileje. 

ejjan ^ onban- 


jijiecne yojie- 

j'pa bi^ jieonba ]?eap. 

)>on hy f0^j:aefGjia- [41 a.] 

japle pilla^. n 

pynnuin beppican. 

"3 peajio-cjiaepCu. 

onjunnon jponi-heopce- 

jobej" ojieccan. 

in jepan jpencan- 

jpi]?e jehecoU' 

l^aec he in ]>one jpiniman jpype- 

jonjan pceolbe- 

hpeoppan jehyneb- 20 

Co hel-papum- 

^ )?aep in ben bum- 

bpyne j^jiopian. 

polbun hy jeceon- 

mib cojin-cpibum- 

eajinie ajlaecan. 

in oppennyj'pe- 

meoCubep cenipan- 

hit ne meahce jpa- 

cpaebon ceappulle- so 

cpipce la^e. 

CO juSlace. 

mib jpimnypje- 

ne eapc |?u jebepe^ 

ne bpyhcnep |?eop. 

claene jecopcab. 

into that dire house, 

down under earth's foundations, 

depths profound. 

They him terrified, 

declar'd war, 

terror and hate, 


a perilous journey. 

So is the wont of fiends, 

when they of the righteous 

the souls will 

with sins seduce, 

and with cunning arts. 

They resolv'd, cruel-hearted, 

God's champion 

to afflict in mind, 

vehemently threateu'd, 

that he into that grim horror 

should go, 

pass condemn'd 

to hell's inhabitants, 

and there in bonds 

burning suffer : 

they would draw, 

with maledictions, 

(miserable wretches) 

into despair, 

the Lord's champion, 

but so it might not be. 

Said fill'd with care 

the foes of Christ 

to Guthlac, 

with fierceness : 

* Thou art not gentle, 

nor the Lord's servant 

thoroughly prov'd, 



ne cempa 36b. 

pojibum ^ peojicum- 

pel jecyj^eb- 

halij 111 heopcan. 

nu ]?u in helle jcealc- 

beope jebujian • 

nalep bpyhcnej' leohc- 

habban in heofonum. 


j-elb on j-pejle- 

pop|?on ]f\i pynna Co pela- 

pacna jeppemebep- 

m plaejc-homan- 

pe ]>e nu pillaS- 

pom ma jehpylcep. 

lean popjielban. 

]>seji ]>e IsLpayc bi^^ 

in ^am jpimmej'tan. 


him pe eabja pep. 

■;) j*papobe • 

ju^lac m jaej'Ce. 

mib jobep maejue- 

boiS epen j'pa- 

jif eop bpyhcen cjuj'C- 

lipep leohc-ppuma. 

lypan pylle- 

peopuba palbenb. 

Jjaec 56 hip pep-jenjan- 

in |7one la^an lej- 

laeban mocan. 

■^ !]• in jepealbum. 

pulbop-cyni njej' • 

pe eop jehynbe. 

nor a champion good, 

in words and works 

well manifested, 

holy in heart : 

now into hell thou shalt 

deeply dive, 

not the Lord's light 

have in heaven, 

high structures, 
10 in the firmament a seat, 

for that thou sins too many 

and guiles hast perpetrated 

in the body. 

We M'ill thee now 

for every crime 

pay retribution, 

that to thee shall be most loth, 

in the grimmest 

ghostly strife.' 
20 Them the blessed man 


Guthlac, in spirit, 

with God's power : 

' Do even so, 

if you the Lord Christ, 

bright Source of life, 

will allow, 

of hosts the Ruler, 

that ye his recluse 
30 into the hostile flame 

may lead; 

that ill the power is 

of the Glory -King, 

who you condemn 'd, 

17. Jjaec (for J'aeji) to agree with lean? 



^ in haej-'C bibjia};. 
unbep neapone clom- 
nejijenbe cjiijC- 
eoin ic ea^mob hij-- 
]?eop sej^ylbij. 
ic jej^apian j'ceal- 
aejhpaeji eallej-- 
hip anne bom^ 
-} him jeopnhce. 
jaejc-jemynbum • 
piUe pibe-pejih^ 
pepan unbepj^ybeb. 
hypan holbhce. 
mmum haelenbe. 
J^eapum '^ jej^ync^um- 
3 hitn J?oncian. 
ealpa )7apa jipena- 
J7e job jepcop. 
enjlum aepepfc. 
3 eop^-papu. 
■] ic blecpije. 
bh^e mobe. 
lipep leohc-ppuman^ 
•;) him lop pinje. 
]7uph jebepne bom. 
baejep ■;) nihtep. 
hepje m heoptum- 
heopon-picep peapb- 
);8ec eop aeppe ne bi^' 
upan alypeb. 
leohcep lijpum. 
f je lop niocen- 
bpyhcne pecjan- 

and into durance drove, 

under a pinching bond, 

the Saviour Christ. 

I humble am his 


a patient servant ; 

I shall submit to, 

everywhere wholly, 

his one doom, 
10 and to him zealously, 

in my spirit's thoughts, 
[41 Z>.] will ever 

be subjected, 

faithfully obey 

my Saviour, 

in practices and thoughts, 

and him thank 

for all the gifts 

which God created, 
20 for angels first, 

and earth's inhabitants ; 

and I will bless 

with joyful mind 

life's bright Origin, 

and to him sing praise, 

with fitting judgment, 

by day and night, 

glorify in mi/ heart 

heaven's kingdom's Guardian. 
30 That to you shall never be 

from above allow'd, 

in the joys of light, 

that ye may praise 

say to the Lord ; 

7. MS. jcaal. 

16. 3e);eahcum? 

28. r. lieojitan. 



ac je bea^e j-ceolon. 
peallenbe pean^ 
pope bepinjan- 
heap in helle- 
nalej- hejienijje- 
halje habban. 
heopon-cynmjej' • 
Q \^ Ic Jjone beman • 

m bajum minum. 
pille peoji]7ian. 
popbum ^ baebum- 
lupian in lipe- 
ppa 1]- lap ^ aji- 
CO jpopenbpe. 
ppjiaece jelaebeb. 
|7a ]7e in hip peojicura. 
pillan jiaepna^- 
pmbon je paep-lojan- 
ppa je 111 ppaec-pi^e. 
lonje hpbon. 
leje bipcencce. 
ppeajice beppicene- 
j'pejle benumene. 
bpeame bibjiopene- 
bea^e bipolene- 
pijienum biponjne. 
peopep oppenan. 
]?aec je bhnbneppe. 
bote punbon. 
je \di paejpan jepceapc 
ill pypn-bajum- 
japdicne job-bpeam. 
jeapo poppejon. 
]7a je pi^hojbun- 

but ye shall in death 

burning torment 

with weeping bewail, 

lament in hell, 

not the praise 

holy have 

of heaven's King. 

I the Judge, 

in my days, 
10 will worship, 

by words and deeds, 

will love in life.' 

(So are lore and honour 

to happy 

speech conducted, 

by him who in his works 

willingly persevereth.) 

' Ye are faith-breakers, 

thus ye in exile 
20 long have lived, 

with flame for drink, 

dark, deluded, 

of heaven depriv'd, 

from joy cast down, 

to death consign'd, 

with sins surrounded, 

of life hopeless, 

that ye of your blindness 

might expiation find. 
30 Ye the fair creation, 

in days remote, 

spiritual joy divine, 

of old defam'd, 

when ye despis'd 

4. heajre 1 
34. MS. jiShostoum. 

21. Lit. having flame served to them for drink. 



haljum bjiyhcne. 

ne moj'Cun je a punian- 

in pyn-bajum. 

ac mib jxome pcylbum. 

j'copene pujibon- 

fope opejihyjbum. 

in ece pyji- 

iSaeji je j'ceolon bpeojan- 

bea^ •]) l^yjTjio. 

pop CO piban ealbjie- lo 

uaeppe je J^aej' pyppe jebiba^. 

^ ic J?aec jelype. [42 a.] 

in lip-pjiuman. 

ecne onpealban- 

ealjia jej-ceapca- 

|?aec he mec pop milcj-u- 

3 maejen-ppebum . 

ni^^a nepjenb. 

naeppe pille- 

)7uph ellen-peopc^ 20 


)?am ic lonje- 

in lic-homan- 

^ in minuin jaepce- 

jobe campobe- 

]?uph monijpealbpa. 

maejna jepynu- 

pop^on IC jecpype- 

m Jjone cophcepcan* 

J?pyn eppe j^py- 30 

pe jej^eahcinjum . 

hapa^ m honbum. 

heopon ";] eop^an. 

■f je mec mib nij^u. 

the holy Lord : 

ye might not for ever be 

in joyful days, 

but with your shameful crimes 

were thrust, 

for your pride, 

into eternal fire ; 

where ye shall suffer 

death and darkness, 

weeping for evermore ; 

never of this may ye await a change. 

And I that believe, 

in life's Origin, 

eternal Ruler 

of all creatures, 

that he me in his mercies, 

and power. 

Saviour of men, 

never will 

through violence 


against which I long, 

in body 

and in my spirit, 

for God have fought, 

through manifold 

miracles* mysteries ; 

therefore I trust 

in the brightest 

glory of the Trinity, 

who by his counsels 

holdeth in his power 

heaven and earth, 

that ye me with malice 

4. rconiu- 

S2. lit. hath ill hands. 


14 1 

naefjie mocan. 
copn-mobe ceon- 
m cmcepju- 
mine myp^jian- 
^ man-j'cea]7an. 
j'peajxce j'ljeleaj'e- 
eom ic j'O^lice. 
leohce jeleajian • 
•3 mib lufan bjiyhcnej-. 
fsejpe ^epylleb. 
m minum peojih-locan 
bpeoj'Cum inbjiypbeb. 
CO j^am becpan ham. 
leomum mlyhceb- 
CO )?am leoj:ej'Can. 
ecau eajibe- 
|>8ep ij' e)>el-lonb. 
}:asj,e]v ^ jejiealic. 
in yaebeji pulbjie- 
"Saeji eop naejijie- 
fope nepjenbc' 
leohcej* leoma. 
ne lijiej- hyhc- 
in 5obef pice, 
ajiejien peop]?eS. 
}:op )?a opephyjbu. 
J7e eop in mob ajcaj. 
]7uph ibel jylp- 
eallep co j'pi^e. 
penbun je ^ polbun. 
^ 5© pcyppenbe. 
pceolban jelice. 
pejan in pulbpe- 

never can 

wrath fully draw 

into torments. 

My murderers, 

and sinful destroyers ! 

swart, triumphless ! 

I am soothly 

with bright belief, 

and with the Lord's love, 
10 fairly filled ; 

in my soul's coffer, 

in my breast, impel'd 

to that better home, 

with /lis beams lighted 

to that dearest 

eternal dwelling, 

where is a country 

fair and joyous, 

in the Father's glory, 
20 where to you never, 

before the Saviour, 

nor beam of light, 

nor joy of life, 

in God's realm, 

will be given, 

for the presumption, 

that in your mind arose, 

through vain arrogance, 

all too greatly. 
30 Ye hop'd and would, 


that ye to the Creator 

should like 

be in glory ; 

so. MS. polbum. 



eop ]78eji pypf jelomp • 

"Sa eop pe palbenb. 

ppa^e bipencte. 

in ■p ppeapce pupl. 

]7aep eop j'l^^an paep. 

ab inaeleb. 

attpe jeblonben- 

j?u]ih beopne bom- 

bpeam apyppeb. 

enjla jemana- lo 

ppa nu apa pceal- 

pe]-an pibe peph- 

f ^e paepnypj-e. 

bpyne-pylm haebben- 

nalep blecj'unja. 

ne |7uppun je penan- [42 Z».] 

pulbpe bijcypebe. 

^ je mec pynpulle- 

mib j'eapo-cpaepcum. 

unbep pcaeb j-conbe- 20 

pcupan mo tan. 

ne m bsel-blaej-an- 

bpejbon on hmbeji. 

m belle hup. 

)7aep eop ip ham jeeapen. 

ppeapc pm-nehce. 

pacu bucan enbe- 

5pmi jaejt-cpalu . 

I^aep je jnopnenbe. 

bea^ j'ceolon bpeojan- so 

•] ic bpeama pyn • 

ajan mib enjlum- 

in ]?a uplican. 

pobepa pice- 

to you there worse befell, 

when you the Supreme 

wrathfully cast down, 

into the swart torment, 

where for you was afterwards 

a pile kindled, 

with venom blended, 

through stern doom, 

joy remov'd, 

angels' converse. 

So now shall always 

be for evermore, 

that ye malediction, 

burning heat have, 

not blessings. 

Ye may not hope, 

cut off from glory, 

that ye sinful, me, 

with cunning arts, 

under shade ignominiously 

may thrust, 

nor into fire's blaze 

might backwards drag, 

into hell's house, 

where for you a home is shapen, 

swart in eternal night, 

strife without end, 

grim ghostly death, 

where ye wailing 

shall death endure, 

and I joy of joys 

possess with angels, 

in the lofty 

kingdom of the skies. 

13. r. pepineyje or pejiijnejjre. 



j?aeji ij- pyht cyninj. 
help ^ haelu. 
haele]7a cynne. 
buju^ ^ bpohca^- 
^a cpom bpyhcnej- aji- 
halij op heoponum- 
ye l>uph hleo}>oji abeab. 
upancunbne eje. 
eajimum jaapcum- 
hec epc hfia^e- 
op ]?am pj\aec-]'i^e. 
pulbpej' cempan- 
laeban lim-halne- 
f pe leopejta* 
jaept ^e^eappab. 
in jobep paepe. 
on jepean pepbe- 
^a peap^ peonba ]7peac. 
acol pop "Sam ejjan. 
opep maecja pppaec' 
bype bpyhtnep ]>ej,n- 
baej hluttpe pcan. 
haepbe ju^lacep- 
jaepc in jepealbu. 
mobij munb-bopa. 
meahcum ppebij- 
)?eoptpa J^ejnap- 
)7pea-nieblum bonb- 
nyb onpecte- 
-} jeneahhe bibeab- 
Ne py him banej- bpyce- 
ne blobij punb- 
hcep laela. 

where is a righteous King, 
help and salvation 
to the race of men, 
virtue and converse.* 
Then came the Lord's messenger, 
holy from heaven, 
who through voice announe'd 
terror from above 
to the wretched sprites, 
10 bade them again forthwith 
the guiltless, 
from that exile, 
the champion of glory, 

lead whole of limb, 

that the dearest 
spirit prepar'd, 

in God's safeguard, 

into joy might go. 

Then was the band of fiends 
20 chill with that terror : 

proudly spake 

the Lord's dear minister. 

Day brightly shone. 

Had Guthlac's 

soul in power 

his high protector, 

in might abounding ; 

he the ministers of darkness 

by compulsion bound, 
30 force 071 them impos'd, [ed : 

and them sufficiently command- 

^ Let be on him no break of bone, 

nor bloody wound, 

scar of body, 

21. ojrepinettum 1 



ne laj^ej- pihc 

|7aej' ]fe je him Co bajie- 

jebon moran. 

ac je hine ^ej-unbne aj-eccaj>. 

]>se\i je hine jyljzne jenornan. 

he j'ceal }7y ponje pealban. 

ne majon je him pa. pic pop- 

ic eom pe bema- 
pe mec bpyhcen hehc- 
pnube jej'ecjan. lo 

^ je him papa jehpylc- 
honbu jehaelbe- 
^ him heappume. 
on hip pylpep bom- 
pi)7|?an paepon. [43 «.] 

ne pceal ic mine onpyn. 
pope eopepe- 
menju mi|>an. 
ic eom meoCubep j^ejn • 
eom ic ]7apa cpelpa pum- 20 

]>e he jecpeopej'Ce. 
unbep monnep hip. 
mobe jelupabe- 
he mec op heoponum. 
hibep onpenbe. 
jej-eah ]?aet; je on eop^an • 
pope aeppciim. 
on hip pep-jenjan- 
pice lejbon- 

ip J^aec mm bpo)?oji. 30 

mec hip byj^u jehpeap. 
ic )?aec jeppemme- 
]?8ep pe ppeonb punaS- 

nor of injury aught, 

from what ye to his harm 

may have done ; 

but do ye him place sound 

there whence ye himself took : — 

he shall rule o'er the plain, 

ye may not prohibit him the 

dwellings ; 
I am the judge, 

whom the Lord hath commanded 
quickly to say, 
that ye each sore of him 
with hands should heal, 
and to him obedient, 
at his own disposal 
be afterwards. 
I shall not my countenance 
before your 
multitude conceal ; 
I am the Lord's minister ; 
I of the twelve am one 
whom he most faithfully, 
under form of man, 
in his mind lov'd. 
He me from heaven 
hath hither sent ; 
he saw that ye on earth, 
for envy, 
on his recluse 
laid torment. 
That is my brother, 
me his affliction griev'd j 
I will that effect, 
(where the friend dwelleth, 

27. MS. sBjrcum. 



on )7aejie j'ocnC' 

]>e ic \>a, j-ibbe pi^S hme. 

healban piUe. 

nu ic hij: helpan moc- 

f je mm onpynn- 

opc j'ceapia'S- 

nu ic hij* jeneahhe. 

neoj'an pille« 

pceal ic hif pojib j hip peopc. 

m jepicnej'j'e' 

bpyhcne Ifebon* 

he hip baebe conn :• 

in that sanctuary, 

towards whom I peace 

will preserve, 

now that I him may help,) 

that ye my countenance 

shall oft behold : 

now I him frequently 

will visit ; 

I shall his words and his works, 

in witness, 

bring to the Lord, 

he his deeds shall know.' 

Da paep ju^lacep. 
jaej-t jeblippab. 
pi]?]7an bajicholomeup' 
aboben haepbe- 
jobep aeyienbu- 
jeappe pcobun. 
haepcap heappume. 
]7a l?aep haljan popb. 
lye opepleopbun- 
onjon ]>& leopne pi^. 
bpajan bom-eabij. 
bpyhcnep cempa^ 
CO yaxn onpiUan. 
eop'San baele. 
hy hine baepon- 
^ him bpyce heolbon. 
hopon hine honbu- 
"^ him hpype bupjun^ 


Then was Guthlac's 

spirit gladden 'd, 

after Bartholomew 

had announc'd 

God's messages. 

Ready stood 

the thralls obedient, 
20 who the saint's words 

little transgress'd. 

Began then his dear way 

to go, with power endow'd, 

the Lord's champion, 

to the wish'd-for 

spot of earth. 

They him bare, 

and him froai hurt preserv'd, 

rais'd him with hands, 
30 and from fall secur'd him. 



paejion hypa jonjaj-. 

unbep 5obej* ejfan. 

j'me]7e ^ jej'epce- 

pje-hjie^ij cyo- 

bycla CO J?am beopje. 

hine blecj'abon. 

monje maej-plicaj*- 

meajlum pojibu- 

tjieo-pujla cubbop. 

cacnum cySbon- lo 

eabjej- efC-cyme. 

opc he him aece heolb. 

]?on hy him hunjpije. 

ymb honb jilujon. 

jjiaebmn jifpe- 

jeoce jepejon- [43 Z».] 

j*pa ])dst milbe mob- 

pi^ mon-cynnep. 

bpeamu jebaelbe- 

bpyhcne j^eopbe. 20 

jenom him co pilbeopum pynnC' 

ji)?|7an he j^ap populb pojihojbe. 

pmolc paep pe pije-ponj. 

■3 pele nipe^ 

paejep pujla peopb. 

polbe jeblopen. 

jeacap jeap bubon- 

ju^lac mopce. 

eabij onb onmob. 

eapbej- bpucan- 30 

pcob pe 3pena ponj. 

in jobep paepe. 

haepbe pe heopbe- 

pe)7e op heoponu cpom. 

Their ways were, 

under fear of God, 

smooth and soft. 

Triumphant came 

the builder to the hill j 

him bless 'd 

many species, 

in strenuous words. 

The tree-fowls* offspring 

by signs made known 

the blessed man's return : 

oft had he held them food, 

when they hungry his 

hand flew round, 

greedily voracious : 

thei/ in the aid rejoiced. 

Thus that benignant spirit, 

from mankind's 

enjoyments sunder'd, 

serv'd the Lord, [light, 

took to him in the wild beasts de- 

after that he this world despis'd. 

Serene was the glorious plain, 

and his dwelling new ; 

sweet the birds' song, 

the earth flowery, 

cuckows announced the year. 

Guthlac might, 

happy and steadfast, 

the dwelling use. 

The green plain stood 

in God's safeguard; 

the guardian had, 

who from heaven came. 

15. xJiaebjum (jjiaeteijum) ? 



j:eonbaj- ajiyjibe. 
hpylc paej' jraejejipa- 
pilla jepopbeii. 
in pepa lipe. 
J?apa ]>e ylbjian. 
ufpe jemunbe. 
o]>\>e pe pelfe- 
ji]?]?an cu]?en. 
hpaec pe )?ip]*a punbpa. 
jepican pmbon. 
eall ]7ap je-eobon- 
111 uj'j-epa ciba timan. 
}:opJ?on ]7aep cpeojan ne 
aenij opeji eoji^an. 
aelba cynnep. 
ac ppilc job pyjice^' 
jaej'ta lipep. 
to tjiumna]?e. 
J?y laep )?a fcybjian mob. 
)7a jepiCneppe- 
penbaii ]7uppe. 
J?on hy in jephj^e- 
poj?ep bjiuca^' 
ppa pe aelmihcija- 
ealle jepceapce. 
lupa^ unbep lypte- 
in lie- h Oman- 
monna maej^e- 
jeonb mibban-jeajib- 
pile pe palbenb. 
l?aec pe pijbom a- 
pnyctjium ppeljen- 
f hip j'oiS pope up. 
on hi]' jiepena jylb- 
jenje people. 

the fiends expel'd. 

What fairer will 

has been 

in life of men, 

of those our elders 

have commemorated, 

or we ourselves 

since have known ? 

Yes, of these wonders we 
10 are witnesses ; 

all these things happen'd 

in the period of our times, 
jjeapp. therefore of this needs not doubt 

any on earth 

of the race of men ; 

but so God worketh 

of vital souls 

to the strengthening, 

lest weak minds 
20 the testimony 

may pervert, 

when they in sight 

enjoy the truth. 

So the Almighty 

all the creation 

loveth under heaven, 

in body, 

the tribe of men, 

throughout mid-earth, 
30 The Supreme will, 

that we wisdom ever 

wisely imbibe ; 

that his truth before us, 

in his gifts' stead, 

be current, 
r. jemunben (^erauntoon). 
L 2 




■Sa he u]' to ape- 

"J CO onbjiece. 

j-yle^ "J j-enbe^. 

faplum jiynieiS. 

li]7e hy-yeiay. 

leohce jep-aehce- 

nij' ]7aec hujiu laej'aj'C- 

]?aec j-eo luyu cy]?e^. 

}?on heo in nionnej'- 

mobe jecimbpe^' 

jaej'Ccunbe ^ipe. [44 «.] 

Spa he ju^lacej'. 

bajaj' •;) baebe. 

)?ujih hij" bom aho}:. 

paej' pe ppuma paepchc- 

peonbum on onban- 

jepereb pi^ pynnura. 

I^aeji he ji|?]?an lye- 

paepe jeponabe- 

ope hi]- popb jobe. 20 

J?uph eabmebu. 

up onpenbe- 

lee hi]' ben cuman • 

m )?a beophcan jej-ceapt. 

]7oncabe ]?eobne. 

]7asp ]7e he in ^jpopinjum. 

biban mopce- 

hponne him becpe lip« 

]?uph jobe]- pillan • 

ajypen popbe. so 

Spa pae]- ju^lace]-- 

5ae]'C jelaebeb- 

enjla pae^mum. 

m up-pobop. 

which he to us in mercy, 

and for understanding, 

giveth and sendeth ; 

for souls cleareth 

smooth paths of life, 

brightly defin'd: 

that is indeed not least 

what love manifesteth, 

when it in man's 

mind formeth 

spiritual grace. 

So he Guthlac's 

days and deeds, 

through his power exalted. 

The holy man was firm 

in hatred to the fiends, 

fix'd against sins, 

where he afterwards little 

wan'd in his covenant. 

Oft he his words to God 


sent up, 

let his prayer come 

into ^^e bright creation, 

thank 'd the Supreme, 

for that he in sufferings 

might await, 

when to him a better life, 

through God's will, 

should be given. 

So was Guthlac's 

spirit led, 

in th* embrace of angels, 

into the firmament above j 

5. I. e. eternal life 

15. Lit. the chief, or prince. 



}:ojie onjyne. 
ecef beman. 
laebbon leo}:lice. 
him paej' lean jej-ealb. 
j'ecl on j'pejle. 
I^aeji he jymle moC- 
apo CO ealbpe. 
eajibpaej'C pej-an . 
bli^e biban. 
ij' him beajin jobep. 
milbe munb-bojia- 
meahcij bjiyhten. 
halij hyjibe. 
heopon-jiicep peapb. 
Spa j'o^paej'Cpa. 
papla motun. 
in ecne jeajib. 
pobepa pice« 
}?a ]>e paepna^ hep. 
pojibum ^ peopcum. 
pulboji-cyninjej' • 
lajie lonjpume. 
on hypa lipep cib- 
eajimaiS on eop^an- 
ecan lipep. 
hamep m heah]?u. 
f beo^ hupul-pepap. 
cempan jecopene- 
cpipte leope- 
bepa^ in bpeoptum. 
beophcne jeleapan. 
halijne hyhc. 
heopran claene- 

before the face 

of the eternal Judge 

thei/ led him lovingly. 

To him reward was given, 

a seat in heaven, 

where he always may, 

for evermore, 

an inmate be, 

blithely abide : 
10 to him is the Son of God 

a kind protector, 

the mighty Lord 

a holy shepherd, 

the Guardian of heaven's realm. 

So of the righteous 

may the souls 

into th' eternal home 


the kingdom of the skies, 
20 those who here obey, 

in words and works, 

the Glory-king's 

lasting lore, 

in their life's time, 

theT/ shall earn on earth 

eternal life, 

a home on high ; 

those are communicants, 

chosen champions, 
30 to Christ dear ; 

thei/ in their breasts bear 

bright belief, 

holy hope, 

a clean heart ; 

28. lit. housel-men. 



peop^ia^ palbenh. 
habba'S pij'iie ;5e|7obt. 
yuyne on poji^-pej* 
to paebeji eiSle* 
jeappe}? jaepcej- huj*. 
^ mib jleapneppe. 
peonb opeji-]:eohca'S. 
■J pipen-lupta]'- 
pojibejia^ m bjieoj'Cum. 
jeojine bijonja^. 
m jobep piUan. 
ppenca^ hi pylpe- 
j'aple ppaetpa^ . 
haljum jehy^bum. 
heojion-cyninjep bibob. 
}:pemma^ on polban. 
paepcen lupia^. 
beopjaiS him bealo-ni]?- 
3 jebebu pecaS. 
j'pinca^ PI'S pynnum. 
healba^ PC'S -j jiyhc. 
him )>aec ne bjieope^. 
aepceji hm-jonje. 
•Son by hpeoppa^. 
in ]>a. haljan bupj. - 
jonja-S je^nunja. 
CO hiepujalem. 
J^aeji hi CO pojiulbe- 
pynnum mocun. 
jobep onpyne. 
jeopne bihealban. 
j'lbbe ■^ jepih^e. 

fhei/ worship the All-powerful 

have wise thought, 

hastening on the onward way 

to their Father's home ; 

they prepare the spirit's house, 

and with prudence 

the fiend overcome, 

and sinful lusts 
[44 b."] abstain from in their breasts, 
10 brotherly love 

diligently cultivate, 

after God's will; 

mortify themselves, 

their souls adorn 

with holy meditations, 

the heavenly King's behest 

execute on earth, 

love fasting, 

secure themselves from baleful 
20 and prayers seek, [malice, 

strive against sins, 

observe sooth and right. 

Them it shall not rue, 

after departure hence, 

when they pass 

into the holy city, 

go forthwith 

to Jerusalem, 

where they for ever 
30 may in joys 

God's countenance 

freely behold, 

peace and happiness. 

5. The body, with fasting and penance. 
3S. gcj-aeltte? 

30. MS. motjum. 



|?aeji heo j'oiS puualS. 
plitij pulbojipaefC. 
ealne piban j:ejih. 
on lipjenbjia. 
lonbep pynne :• 

where they shall truly dwell, 

beauteous, glorious, 

to all eternity, 

in the joy 

of the land of the living. 

Daec ip pibe cu^. 
pejia cneopippum- 
polcum jeppae^B' 
]?aec ce ppymj^a job. 
Jjone aejiepcan. 
selba cynnep. 
op J^aepe claenepcan- 
cynmj aelmihcij. 
polban jepophce. 
Da paej' ppuraa nipe- 
aelba cubpep- 
onpfcael pynlic. 
paejep ^ jepealic. 
paebep paep acenneb. 
abam aepepc- 
)?uph ept jobep. 
on neopxna-ponj. 
"Saep him naenjep paej' 
piUan onpyn. 
ne pelan bpopnunj. 
ne lipep lyjie. 
ne licep hpype- 


That is widely known 

to the tribes of men, 

to nations manifest, 

that the God of origins 
10 the first 

of the race of men 

from the purest 

{the Almighty King) 

earth wrought. 

Then was the beginning new 

of the progeny of men, 

the disposition pleasant, 

fair and joyous. 

The father was brought forth, 
20 Adam, first, 

through grace of God, 

in Paradise, 

where to him was not any 

madness of desire, 

nor wealth's decay, 

nor loss of life, 

nor fall of body, 

1. pS^an puniatS? 

3. MS. ealbne. 



ne bpeaiuej- bpyjie- 
ne bea^ej' cyme, 
ac he on J?am lanbe. 
lipjan moj'Ce. 
ealpa leahcjia lea]', 
lonje neocan. 
nippa jepeana. 
J^aep he no ]?opj:ce. 
lijrej' ne lipj-a- 
m |7am leohcan ham. 
]?u}ih aelba cib. 
enbe jebiban. 
ac aepceji yyjiyte- 
Co ]?am }:ae5pej'Can • 
heojion-picej- jejiean- 
hpeojipan mopcan- 
leomu he j'omub- 
1 liFep jaept. 
■3 ]>a3]i j-i)j)7an a- 
in jin-bpeamum- 
CO piban jzeojie- 
punian mojtun. 
bjiyhcne on jejih"Se. 
bucan bea"Se poji(5 . 
pp hy haljep pojib- 
healban polbun. 
beojihc m bpeoj'Cum. 
3 hip bebobu laej'Can- 
aepnan on e^le- 
hy CO aeji a|7peac. 
|?aec hy palbenbep- 
piUan laepcen. 
ac hip pip jenoni • 
pypmep lajmni- 

nor joy's decline, 

nor coming of death, 

but he in that land 

might live, 

void of all sins, 

long enjoy 

the new delights, 
[45 a.] where he needed not 

of life nor comforts, 
10 in that bright home, 

through time of age, 

a7i end await, 

but after a season 

to the fairest 

joy of heaven's realm 

might depart, 

limbs, body together, 

and life's spirit ; 

and there ever after, 
20 in delights eternal, 

to all ages, 

might continue, 

in their Lord's presence, 

without death, theiiceforth ; 

if they the Holy's word 

would have holden, 

bright, in their breasts, 

and his behests perform'd, 

executed in the land. 
30 They too soon disdain'd 

that they their Sov'reign's 

will should execute ; 

for his wife took, 

through the worm's counsels, 

11. r. aeltie citoe. 

14. MS. jraejiejtan. 



blebe jiojibobene. 
"3 oj: beame ahneop- 
paej'tm bipejiebne- 
opeyi popb jobep. 
;] hype pepe j-ealbe- 
|)uph beoplep peapo- 
bea'S-bepenbe ^ypl* 
]>set "Sa j'ln-hipan. 
to j'pylce jeceah. 
pi)?]7an pe e|7el. 
u^jenje peap^. 
abame ■;) euan- 
eapb-jiica cypc 
beopht o^bpoben- 
T hypa beapnum ppa> 
eapepum ajpcep- 
J>a by on uncy^^u- 
pcomum pcubenbe. 
pcopene pupbon. 
on jepm-populb- 
peopcep on^ulbon. 
beoppa pipena. 
)>uph bea'Sep cpealm. 
lf>e by unpnyccpu. 
aep jeppemebon- 
\>seifie pyn-ppaece. 
pi]7]7an pceolbon. 
maej^ t) maecjap- 
mopj'pe]" onjylbon. 
job-pcylbje jypn. 
]7uph jaj-c-jebal. 
beoppa pipena- 
bea^ m-jej^ponj. 

the forbidden produce, 

and from the tree nip'd off 

the fruit prohibited, 

against the word of God, 

of the Glory-king, 

and to her husband gave, 

through the devil's guile, 

the death- bearing fruit, 

which the consorts 
10 drew unto death. 

Then the land 

alien became 

to Adam and to Eve, 

the flower of habitations, 

bright, withdrawn, 

and to their children also, 

their future progeny. 

Then they into a strange country, 

in shame departing, 
20 were thrust, 

into a world of toil : 

they for their work aton'd, 

for their deep crimes, 

(through pang of death) 

which they unwisely 

before had perpetrated : 

that penalty of sin 

must afterwards, 

(tribe and kinsmen,) 
30 of deadly crime, must pay, 

the guilty towards God, severely, 

through death, 

Meir deep crimes. 

Death rush'd in 

3. MS. jaejcen. 

19. fceabeube? j-cfiitJen^e? — K. 

30. r. ongylban. 



pp.3, cynne. 

to the race of men. 

jieonb pixabe. 

the fiend prevail'd 

jeonb mibban-jeajib. 

over mid-earth : 

naenij monna paej-. 

no man has been, 

oj: J?am pje-tubpe- 

of that glorious offspring. 

j'lpl^an aeppe- 

ever after, 

jobef piUan }7aef jeojin. 

so mindful of God's will, 

ne jynn pipe^- 

nor yet so directed, 

l^asc he bibujan maeje- 

that he may escape 

);one bitpan bpync. 

10 the bitter drink, 

)?one eue pyjin- 

[45 Z>.] which Eve of old 

abame jea}:. 

to Adam gave. 

byjielabe bpyb jeonj- 

the young bride serv'd 

^ him bam jepcob- 

that which them ruin'd both. 

m ]7am beojian ham» 

in that dear home. 

beaiS jiicpabe. 

Death prevail'd 

opeji polb-buenb. 

o'er earth's inhabitants. 

Jjeah ]>e j:ela paejie. 

though many were 


holy spirits. 

]?aeji hi jobep pillan. 

20 where they God's will. 

on miphcum- 

in the various 

monna jebih^^um. 

abodes of men. 

aepceji jtebe-ponju- 

from place to place 

ptopum pjiemebon. 

journeying executed ; 

pume aeji jume pi^. 

some before, some after. 

pume m uppa- 

some in the memory 

aeptep cael-meapce. 

(according to reckoning) 

tiba jemynbum. 

of our times. 

pijop-lean pohcun. 

sought a glorious reward. 

Up pecja'S bee. 

30 To us books say 

hu ju-Slac peap'S. 

how Guthlac became. 

]?uph jobep pillan. 

through God's will. 

eabij on enjle. 

blessed in England : 

he him ece jeceap. 

he chose to himself th' eternal 

meahc ^ munbbypb. 

power and protection ; 

8. ne ^en pifob? 

22. jej-ihtJum? — K. 23. MS, ponja. 



maejre pujibon. 
hij- punhjia jepeojic- 
pibe •] pibe. 

bpeme aepceji bupjum. 
jeonb bpyceu mnan. 
hu he monje ope- 
]?u]ih meahc jobep. 
^ehaelbe hy^e jeorape- 
hepijjia pita. 
]>e hiue unpopce. 
able jebunbne. 
papje jepohcun. 
op pi^-pejum. 
pymle ppoppe Jjaep. 
aec ]7am jobej' cempan. 
jeappe punbon. 
helpe J haelo. 
naenij haelej^a !]■• 
]>e apeccan maeje^ 
o]>]>e pim pite. 
ealpa ]?apa punbpa- 
J?e he in populbe hep' 
]7uph bpyhcnej' pepe. 
bu5e]7uin jeppemebe :• 

great were 

his wonders' works, 

wide and far 

fain'd from town to town, 

throughout Britain ; 

how he many oft, 

through might of God, 

heal'd, sad of soul, 

of heavy pains, 
10 who him, with grievous 

malady oppress 'd, 

sought sorrowful, 

from distant ways, 

with trembling mind ; 

they ever comfort there, 

with that God's champion, 

ready found, 

help and health. 

No man there is, 
20 that reckon may, 

or the number know 

of all the wonders 

that he in the world here, 

through the Lord's grace, 

nobly perform'd. 


Ope CO ]7am picum- 
peopube cpomun. 
beopla bea^-maejen. 
bu5u]7a bepcypebe- 

Oft to those dwellings, 
in a band came 
a deadly power of devils, 
of happiness bereft. 

IS. jib-pejum? 



hlojnim J^pinjan- 

in troops thronging, 

l^aeji ye halja J^eop' 

where the holy servant. 

elnef anhybij. 

in courage steadfast. 

eajib peapbabe- 

his habitation held ; 

J>aep hy miplice- 

there they a varied 

monjuin peopbum. 

(in many tongues. 

on J7am pejxenne- 

in that waste,) 

po^e hopun. 

cry rais'd. 

hlubne hepe-cijim. 

a loud war-shout, 

hipep binocene- 

10 thej/ of form bereft. 

bpeamum bibpopene- 

[46 a.] of joys depriv'd. 

bpyhjniep cempa- 

The Lord's soldier. 

ppotn polc-toja- 

the bold leader, 

peonba Jjpeacum. 

the bands of foes 

pi^pcob ptponjlice. 

strongly withstood. 

naep peo jrunb lam- 

The moment was not slow 

eapmpa jaepca* 

of the wretched sprites. 

ne )?aec onbib lonj- 

nor the respite long. 

yxr }?a ppohc-pmi^ap. 

till the criminals 

pop ahopun- 

20 rais'd a whoop. 

hpeopun hpeiSleape* 

howl'd piteously, 

hleo|?pura bpujbon- 

sounds utter'd ; 

hpiluni pebenbe. 

now raging 

ppa pilbe beop. 

like wild beasts 

cipmbon on cop^jie- 

they in a body cried. 

hpilum cypbon epc. 

now tum'd again. 

mmne man-pcea]7an. 

the base destroyers. 

on mennipc hip- 

into a human form. 

bpeahcma niaepte. 

with greatest clamour. 

hpilum bpujbon epc- 

30 now again changed 

apypjbe paep-lojan- 

the cursed false ones 

on pypmep bleo. 

to a worm's hue. 

eapme abloman- 

the miserable tools. 

actpe ppiopbon. 

venom spat. 

19. )>aet: for o)>J>aBC ? 

27. msne? 33. anbloman? 



fymle by juSlac- 
jeajione pmbon- 
jHMicej- jleapne- 
he jej^ylbum bab- 
]76ah bun peonba blo^* 
feojih-q>ealin bube. 
I^pilum bun zx> bonba* 
hunjjie jej^eacab- 
pleaj pu^la cyn- 
Jraeji by ]»ojib-uejie- 
picube pinbon. 
'J bine peop^Sebon. 
mea^lum jxepmm- 
bpilum niennipce- 
ajiap ea^mebum- 
ejic neoj-ebon- 
J Jweji ir<S-FJ}ome- 
on ]7am pje-ponje- 
aec l^am bal^an ]?eopan> 
belpe -j^emevcou' 
peji^ep jrjiopjie. 
naenij fO]i]7um paep. 
yaev be aepipc-mob- 
ejx p^abe- 
bean bybca leap - 
ac pe bal^a pep- 
aelba jebpylcep • 
\fuj\h J^a ae|^lan meabc 
|?e bine peopbje- 
pobcun on iSeappe- 
baele^ I'lyS® jeompe- 
baelbe butni- 
lie •} paple> 
]?enben bjrep peapb- 


Tbey Gutblac ever 

ready found, 

in tbougbt sagacious ; 

he patiently awaited, 

though to him the band of fiends 

death threatened. 

Sometimes to his hand, 

by hunger forced, 

flew the race of birds, 

where they a refuge 

certain found, 

and him prais'd 

with powerful voices. 

Sometimes human 

messengers humbly 

him visited, 

and there those on journey bent, 

in the glorious plain, 

with that holy servant, 

found help, 

soul's comfort. 

None indeed was, 

that he abash'd 


depress 'd, void of hopes, 

for the holy man 

of every mortal, 

(through that noble power) 

who, afflicted, him 

sought in need, 

men of spirit sad, 

beal'd both 

body and soul, 

while life's Guardian 

2. MS. xeajiene. 

19. MS. >eoj><ni. 



ece aelraihcij. 

eternal, almighty. 

unnan polbe- 

would grant 

]7aet he blaebej- heji- 

that he existence here 

bjxucan [moj^e]- 

might enjoy. 

pojiulbe hyef' 

worldly life. 

paej- jepinnej- psi' 

Was of his labour then. 

yjimj^a poji eop^an. 

of afflictions, for earth 


the final day. 

J^ujih nyb-jebal. 

through inevitable separation. 

neah jej^jiunjen. 

[46 A.] near at hand. 

pi)7j7an he on pejxenne- 

11 After he in the waste 

pic-eajib jeceap. 

had a dwelling chosen 

pjrtynu ^eap. 

fifteen years. 

"pa, paep ppo}:jie jaepc. 

then was the spirit of comfort 

eabjum se-boban. 

to the blessed preacher 

upan onpenbeb. 

sent from above, 

habj op heah}>u. 

holy from heaven. 

hpe]?ep mnan bopn. 

His spirit burn'd within. 

apyj-eb on popiS-p^- 

bent on departure ; 

him paepinja. 

20 hiin suddenly 

abl m-jepob. 

disease invaded. 

he on elne ppa-]7eah. 

he with courage still. 

unjeblyjeb bab. 

with unchang'd hue awaited 

beophtpa jehata- 

the bright behests. 

bb);e in bupjum. 

blithe in his dwelling-place : 

paej' l^am ban-copan. 

he was in body. 

aepcep niht-jlome- 

after nightly gloom. 

neah jej^punjen- 

sorely oppress'd. 

bpeopc-hopb onbopen- 

his heart enfeebled ; 

paep pe bhj^a jaejt;. 

30 the kind spirit was 

pup on pop^-pej. 

eager for departure ; 

nolbe paebep enjla- 

the Father of angels would not, 

in l^ippe ponpaeljan. 

in this unhappy 

populbe hpe. 

worldly life. 

4. moj^e is supplied from conjecture. 



leahcjia leajne- 

lonj pypfC ofeji J;aec. 

punian lecon. 

J?e him on peopcum hep. 

on hip bajena cib* 

baebu jecpembe- 

elne unplape- 

^a pe aelmihcija. 

lee hip honb cuman. 

J>aep pe halja |?eop. 

beopmob on bejle- 

bom-eabij bab. 

heapb ^ hyje-pop. 

hyhc paep jenipab- 

bhp in bpeojTu. 

paep pe ban-copa- 

able onaeleb- 

m benbum paejt- 

Iic-hopb onlocen. 

leomu hepejebon- 

pajium jepohce. 

he f ]o^ ;5ecneop. 

J7aec hine aelmihcij. 

upan neopabe. 

meocub pope milcpxim. 

he hip mob-pepan. 

^rS J?am paep-hajan- 

paepte cpymebe- 

peonba jepmna- 

naep he pop he pe-j^eah- 

ne peo abl-)?pacu. 

enjle on mobe. 

ne bea^-jebal. 

ac him bpyhcnep lop- 

him void of sins, 

a long space beyond that, 

let remain, 

who him by his works here, 

in his days' time, 

by deeds, had pleas'd, 

by his active courage. 

When the Almighty 

let his hand come 
10 where the holy servant, 

the beloved, in obscurity, 

the powerful, dwelt, 

firm and renowned, 

hope was renew'd, 

bliss, in /its breast : 

his body was 

with disease inflam'd, 

in bonds fast, 

his frame relax'd, 
20 his limbs wax'd heavy, 

sorely afflicted ; 

he that truly knew, 

that him the Almighty 

from above had visited, 

the Lord in his mercies ; 

he his mind 

against the peril 

firmly strengthen 'd 

of the fiends' hostilities ; 
30 yet was he not afraid, 

nor the disease's force 

oppressive to his soid, 

nor deathly separation, 

for the Lord's praise 

3. r. laecan. 

8 MS. baelmihcija. 

32. enje? ejle. — K. 



bojin in bjieojcum. 
bjionb-hac lupi^ 
j'ljofi-jiaejr in j-ejran. 
j-eo him j-ajia jehpylc 
fymle }:op]'pi^ebe. 
naef hiin fojij-ceajiu- 
on ]?aj* laenan fcib- 
Jjeah hif lie 'j ^aej't- 
hyjia jom-pipte. 
pn-hipan cu- 
beojie jebaeleb. 
bajap poji^-jcjnbun. 
niht-helma jenipu* 
ydey neah peo cib- 
]>dat he pypn-jepyphc- 
pyllan pceolbe. 
]7ujih bea^ep cyme- 
bomej- hleocan. 
epne Jjaej- ilcan l^e* 
uj'j'e ylbpan pyjin- 
ppecne onpenjon. 
j'pa hini bipopan pojihton 
}?a aejiejcan. 
aelba cynnep :• 

burn'd in his breast, 

brand-hot love 

triumphant in his mind, 

which his every pain 

constantly o'ercame. 

To him no anxious sorrow wa^ 

at this fading time, 

though his body and spirit 

their union 
10 (the two companions 
[47 a.] dear) should part. 

Days pass'd on, 

the darkness of Me clouds of night : 

the time was near 

that he his former deeds 

should close, 

through death's coming, 

judgment share, 

even the same that 
20 our parents of old 

harsh received, 

as they before had wrought, 

the first 

of the race of men. 


f)a paep ju^lace- 
on ]7a jeocpan Cib. 
maejen jeme^jab- 
mob ppil>e heapb. 
elnep anhybij. 
paep peo abl j^eapl. 


Then was Guthlac's 
(at that grievous time) 
strength impair'd, 
his mind very firm, 
in courage steadfast ; 
the disease was violent. 

11. jetoaelbon? 



hafc ■^ heojio jpim • 

hot, and intensely fierce 

hjie]7ep mnan peol. 

his heart was hot within, 

bojin ban-loca- 

his body burned : 

bjiy]?en paej- onjunnen. 

the cup was prepar'd. 

]7aecte abame. 

which for Adam 

eue jebyjimbe. 

Eve brew'd. 

aec pjiuman pojiulbe. 

at the world's beginning. 

j:eonb byplabe- 

The fiend gave to drink 

aejiejc j^aepe ibepe • 

first to the woman, 

■3 heo abame. 

10 and she to Adam, 

hyjie jpsepiim pejie- 

her own consort. 

pi|?]?an jcencte- 

afterwards pour'd out 

bictoji baebe-pe^- 

the bitter cup, 

paep ]>a, bype pij^j^an. 

for which the children since 

jjiimme onjulbon. 

cruelly have paid 


the tax. 

]?uph aep-jepyphc 

for that deed of old ; 

Jjaetce senij ne paej- 

so that there was not any 

fypa cynnep. 

of the race of men. 

ppom ppuman pi^^an- 

20 from the beginning since. 

mon on molban- 

no man on earth. 

Jjaecce meahte him- 

that might himself 

jebeopjan ■] bibujan- 

secure, and avoid 

]7one bleatan bpync' 

the livid drink 

beopan bea^-pejep. 

of the deep deadly cup, 

ac him bupu pylpa- 

but to him the door itself. 

on |?a pli^nan Cib- 

at that baleful time. 

pona ontyne^- 

forthwith uncloseth. 

m-jonj jeopenaiS. 

entrance openeth. 

ne maej aenij |7am. 

30 Not any may. 

plaepce biponjen. 

with flesh invested, 

peope pi^ptonban. 

death withstand. 

picpa ne heanpa- 

high nor low. 

ac hine paej-e^ on. 

but he on him rusheth 

4. bjiypen ? 

6. Lit. harmed. 26. r. j-ylj: 



pj:jium jpapum- 

]'pa paej- ju^lace- 

enje anhoja- 

8ec pyhce J>a- 

aej:cej\ nihc-j'cuan. 

neah ^ej^ybeb. 

pi^a pael-jifjie. 

hine punabe mib. 

an ombeht-J^ejn. 

]'e hine aejhpylce. lo 

baja neoj-abe. 

Onjan 'Sa beop-hybij. 

jleap-mob jonjan. 

CO Gobep cemple. 

j^aeji he ej^el-boban- 

mne pipfce. [47 Z».] 

j7one leojiejcan- 

lapeop jecojienne. 

3 ]7a in-eobe. 

eabjum co ppjiaece- 20 

polbe hypcnijan- 

haljej- lapa^ 

milbep me]?el-cpiba- 

jionbe |?a hip mon-bpyhten- 

abl-pepijne • 

him 'Saec m-jepeol* 

hepij aec heopcan. 

hyje-popje pae^. 

micle mob-ceape. 

onjan ]>a. hip maju ppijnan- 30 

hu jepeap^ pe ]7up. 

pine- bpyh ten mm. 

paebep ppeonba hleo- 


neappe jenaejeb. 

ic naeppe ];e. 

with greedy grasps. 

So was to Guthlac, 

the close recluse, 

regularly then, 

after shade of night, 

nearly associated 

the slaughter-greedy warrior. 

With him dwelt 

one disciple, 

who him on each 

day visited : 

resolv'd then thoughtful, 

prudent, to go 

to God's temple, 

where he the land's apostle 

knew to be within, 

the dearest 

chosen teacher ; 

and then enter'd, 

for speech with the blessed mati. 

He would hearken to 

the doctrines of the holy one, 

the kind one's discourses j 

found then his master 

with sickness weary ; 

him that struck 

heavy at heart, 

sorrow he bare, 

great mental care : [ask : 

he began then his companion to 

* How hast thou thus become, 

my friend and master, 

mi/ father, refuge of his friends, 

in soul afflicted, 

sorely assail'd ? 

I thee never. 



J?eoben leopej'Ca. 
J»yjJicne asp., 
jemecce j^uj- me^nc 
meahc ]>u me'Sel-cpibum. 
pofiba jepealban. 
ly me on pene jej^uhc- 
]>set ]>e uncpymnep. 
able jonjum. 
on J^ipje nyhj'tan- 
nihc bypjabe. 
j'aji-bennum jejoht. 
)?aiC me j-ojijna ly- 
hacopc on hpe]?jie. 
aep J7u hyje mmne^ 
pep's appeppe- 
paj'C J7U ppeo-bpyhten. 
hu J?eop able pcyle- 
enbe gepectan. 
J>im ]>a PI'S oncpae'S. 
pona ne meahce. 
opo^ up-jeteon. 
paej' him inbojen- 
biccop ban-co]7a« 
bealb peopbabe- 
eabij on eine- 
^cpip ajeap. 
ic piUe pecjan^ 
f me pap jehpan • 
paepc m-jepob- 
in iSij'j-e ponnan nihc. 
lic-hopb onleac- 
leomu hepejia^. 
papum jej'ohce- 
]'ceal ]>iY japel-hup. 
paeje plaepc-homa. 
polb-aepne bi];eaht- 

dearest lord, 

in this guise before 

have found, thus feeble ; 

could'st thou in discourse 

words command ? 

To me from conjecture it seems, 

that thee infirmity, 

through fits of disease, 

in this last 
10 night hath afflicted, 

sought thee with painful wounds 

that is to me of sorrows 

hottest at heart, 

ere thou my mind, 

my soul shalt comfort. 

Knowest thou, beloved master, 

how of this disease shall 

an end be set ? ' 

Him he then slowly address'd, 
20 he could not instantly 

his breath draw up, 

fixed in him was 

a bitter malady : 

boldly he spake, 

happy in courage 

answer gave : 

' I will say, 

that me pain hath touch'd, 

suffering invaded, 
30 in this dusk night, 

7nj/ body relaxed ; 

mi/ limbs wax heavy, 

sorely visited. 

This soul-house must, 

this fated fleshly covering, 

in its earth-dwelling deck'd, 
M 2 



leomu-lamej- jej^acan • 
lejeji-bebbe jraej'C- 
punian pael- jiaejre • 
pija nealaeceiS. 
unlaet lacej*. 
ne bi'S J^aep lenjpa jpice 
])on j-eopon-nihc. 
pyppc-^emeapcej- • 
^ min peoph heonan • 
on l^ipj'e eahcejjan. 
en be jej'ece^. 
basj pcjiijjenoe. 
|;on dojoji beck- 
on molb-peje. 
mm poji^-]'cpi)?en. 

3 ic j'ij>)>an moc^ 

pope meotubej* cneopum 

meojiba hleocan • 

^mjpa ^eapena. 

■;) jobep lombep. 

m pm-bpeamum- 

piJ?J>an apo- 

popIS poljian. 

ij' nu pu]' Sibep. 


nu |7u jeappe conpc 

leema lip-jebal- 

lonj ip ]7ip onbib. 


"Sa paep pop ^ heap- 

jeonjiira jeocop pepa. 

jeompenbe hyje. 

with covering of clay, 

fast in its bed, 

remain in deadly rest. 

The warrior approacheth, 

not slow of duty ; 

evasion will not longer be of this 

soul -separation 

than seven nights 

of space, 
10 so that my life hence, 

on this eighth 

passing day, 

its end will seek : 
[48 a.] then will be my day 

on earth's way 

forth departed, 
my sorrow still'd, 
and I may after, 
before the knees of mi/ Creator, 
20 share the rewards, 
the young gifts, 
and the Lamb of God, 
in joys eternal, 
ever after 
follow forth. 
Now is bent thither 
mi/ soul yearning for its journey; 
now thou well perceivest 
mi/ limbs' decease ; 
30 long is this tarrying 
of worldly life.' 
Then was wail and sighing 
to the young man, his spirit sad, 
his soul grieving, 

1. 12 and 13 are transposed in the translation. 



jiJ>J?an he jehyjibe- 

J^aec je halja pasj-. 

fojv6-ri]>eY j:ui'. 

he ]fdeY j-aeji-jpellej-. 

j:o]ie hij- mon-bjiyhcne. 

mob-j'ojije pae^- 

hepje sec heoptan. 

hjie];eji inn an fpeapc 

hyje hjieop-ceapij. 

)>aef J>e [he] hip hlapopb ^ejeah 

ellop-pupne. ii 

he J?ae]' onbaejiu- 

habban ne meahce- 

ac he hate lee- 

cojin ]7oheiibe. 

ceajiap jeocan. 

peallan pEej-bjiopan- 

pypb ne meahce 

m pae;i^utn lenj. 

jzeojij jehealban. 

beojie pjiaetpe. 

]>dn him jebemeb poep :• 


when he heard, 

that the holy man was 

on departure bent ; 

he for this sad discourse, 

for his master, 

mental sorrow bare 

heavy at heart j 

his soul darken'd within, 

his mind was sorrowful, 

for that he saw his lord 

on departure bent : 

he for this resignation 

might not have, 

but he let hot 

(trouble suflfering) 

tears fall, 

wave-drops roll. 

Fate might not 

in the destin'd longer 

life preserve, 

the dear treasure, 

than had to him been doom'd. 

Onjeat jaepta halij. 
jeomop mobej*. 
bpupenbe hyje 
onjan ]>& bujujja hleo« 
jlaeb-mob jobe leop. 
:^eonjjian pecan. 


The holy in soul felt, 

sad of mind, 

his sinking spirit ; 

began then the refuge of the good, 

joyful, dear to God, 

to the youth to recount. 

10. he is added to complete the sense. 23. r. jserce. 25. r. bpujrenbne. 



pine leofej'Can. 

pojibum nejan. 

ne beo \>u unjioc 

^eah peoy abl me- 

mnan aele- 

nip me eappeSe* 

CO jej^olianne- 

j^eobnej- pillan. 

bjiyhcnep minej". 

ne ic J?aep bea^ep hapu 

on J?ap jeocnan tib. 

popje on mobe- 

ne ic me hejie-hlo^e* 

helle J^ejna. 

j'pi^e onpitce- 

ne mae^ pynne on me- 

pacnej- pjmm-beajin. 

pyjiene jejcaelan. 

licej- leahcoji. 

ac in lije pceolon. 

pojij-pylmu poben. 

jaji-paman • 

pjiaec-j-i^ pepan. 

pilna bij'cipebe. 

in J?am beaiS-jele- 

bujuiSa jehpylcpe- 

lupena ^ lipja- 

mm |78ec leope beapn- 

ne beo )?u on pepan Co 

ic eom yipey pi]' 

up eapb niman. 

ebleanan jeopn. 

m ]7am ecan jepean. 


jejeon j'ljopa ppean- 

his dearest friend 

in words address ; 

' Be thou not sad, 

though me this disease 

burneth within ; 

it is not hard for me 

to undergo 

the will of the Supreme, 

of my Lord, 
10 nor for death have I, 

at this sick time, 

care in mind, 

nor do I myself for the band 

of hell's ministers 

greatly afflict. 

May not sin to me 

the firstborn of fraud, 

or crime impute, 

vice of body ; 
[48 Z».] but they in flame must, 
21 in grievous fires sodden, 

sorely wail, 

exile weep, 

from desires cut off, 

(in the death-hall,) 

from every good, 

love and kindness. 

My beloved child, 
peoc- be thou not in mind too sad; 

30 I on mi/ way am hastening, 

to take a dwelling-place on high, 

desirous of reward, 

in that eternal joy, 

for my former works, — 

to see the Lord of triumphs. 
1 1 . jeocan ? 



mm f j-paej-e beajm. 

nij' me pjiacu ne jepm- 

■p ic pulbjiej" 30b. 

pece ppejel-cynmj . 

|>aep ij' pib ^ blip. 

bompaepcjia bpeam. 

bpyhcen "jpeapb. 

I^ara ic jeopne. 

jaej't-jejiyimm • 

m ]7ap bpeopjan cib. 

baebu cpembe. 

mobe ■;] maejne. 

ic }7a meopbe pac 


lean unhpilen. 

halij on heah)?u. 

J^aep mm hyhc myne^- 

CO jepecenne. 

j-apul punba^. 

op lic-pafce. 

Co ]?am Ionian jepean. 

m eab-pelan. 

nip ]7ep ej^el me- 

ne pap ne pojij- 

ic me pylpum pac 

aepcep licej- hpype. 

lean unbpilen • 

"Sa pe pulboji-maja' 

popba jepcilbe. 

jiop jiun-pica- 

paep him jiaepce neob. 

jieonij-mobum • 

jioboji ppamobe- 

opeji ni^^a beajm- 

mhc-pim pcjiibon. 

My dear son, 

to me it is not exile nor affliction, 
that I the God of glory 
seek, the King of heaven, 
where is peace and bliss, 
joy of the exalted, 
the Lord present, 
whom I have earnestly, 
with ghostly mysteries, 
in this darksome tide, 
with deeds propitiated, 
with mind and strength. 
I the reward know 
to be faultless, 
a lasting recompense, 
holy on high ; 
there my hope thinketh 
to visit, 

my soul tendeth 
from its body 
to that lasting joy, 
into happiness. 
This land has not for me 
pain or sorrow; 
I for myself know, 
after mi/ body's fall, 
a lasting recompense.' 
Then the illustrious man 
ceased from words, 
the sage renown'd, 
he had need of rest, 
tired in spirit. 
Heaven floated 
over the sons of men, 
a term of nights had pass'd 
22. MS. m jeafe pelan. 





beojic oj:ep bu3e|;um- 

)?a j'e baej bicpom. 

on ]7am j-e lijijenba- 

m lic-homan. 

ece aelmihtij- 

aejiifC jejipemebe. 

bjiyhcen mib bpeame- 

^a he oj: bea^e ajiaf • 

onpealb oj: eopiSan. 

in )7a eaj'Cop-tib. lo 

ealjia |?pyrama J?pym- 

^jieaca maej'Cne- 

Co heoponu ah5}:- 

^a he pjtom helle ajtaj- 

jpa ]"e eabja pep. 

in J>a aej^elan cib. 

on |7one beophcan baej. 

bhjjum hpemij. 

milbe ^ jemecpaej'fc. 

msejen unj'opce- 20 

elne jeaepnbe- [49 a.] 

apap "Sa eopla pynn- 

heapb hyje pnoccop- 

j^a he hpa]?opc meahte- 

me^e pop ^am miclan byj-ju- 

onjon J?a hip mob pcaj^ehan- 

leohce jeleapan. 

lac onpaejbe- 


bpyhtne Co piUan. so 


in 5obep cemple. 

■] hip j^e^ne onjon- 

jpa J^am ]?eobne ^ejiaj'- 

dark o'er mankind, 

when the day came, 

on which the Living, 

(in body) 

Eternal, Ahnighty, 

his resurrection accomplish 'd, 

the Lord with joy, 

when he from death arose, 

with power from earth, 

in the Easter-tide, 

He, Majesty of all majesties, 

a band innumerable 

to heaven rais'd, 

when he from hell ascended. 

So the blessed man, 

at that glorious time, 

on that bright day, 

in bliss exulting, 

mild and temperate, 

his hard exertions 

strenuously completed. 

Arose then the delight of men 

severe, of mind sagacious, 

as he quickest might, 

weary from his great afflictions ; 

began then his mind to confirm 

with bright belief, 

made his oblation, 

deeply meditating, 

for his Lord's pleasure, 

on ghostly mysteries, 

in God's temple ; 

and to his servant began, 

as was to the master fitting. 

9. onjealbe ? 



job-jpel bobian. 

jecjan j'ljop-cacnum. 

^ hij' j'ej:an Cjiymman • 

punbjiu to pulhpe. 

in \>a plicejan ^eyce-dyt- 

CO eab-pelan- 

ppa he aeji ne jiti. 

aepjie Co ealbpe- 

o^jie j-pylce. 

on ]?ap laenan cib. 

lape jehypbe. 

ne ppa beoplice- 

bjiyhcnej' jejtyne. 

I^uphmennipcne • 

niu^ ajieccan. 

on pibuni pepan- 

him paep poj^jia jel^uhc 

^ hifc upancunbep. 

enjlep paejie- 

op ppejl-bpeamum. 

ppi]7op micle. 

maejen-j^ejnep popb- 

|?onn aenjej' monnep lap- 

pepa opep eop^an* 

hini •p punbpa maepc 

^ej'cpen Jjuhce- 

^ ppylc pnyccpo-cpaepc 

aenjep haelej?a hep. 

hpe]7ep peapbabe. 

bpyhca beapna. 

paep ]>sey beophc eall- 

popb "J pipboni. 

3 ]?8Bj- pepep pcihcunj- 

through the Spirit's grace, 

the Gospel to preach, 

to say in words triumphant, 

and to confirm his mind, 

wonderously to glory, 

in the beauteous creation, 

to happiness, 

so as he nor ere nor since, 

ever in life, 
10 other such, 

in this fading time, 

doctrine heard, 

nor so deeply 

the mysteries of the Lord, 

through human 

mouth explain'd, 

to his ample mind ; 

to him it seem'd more truly, 

that it a heavenly 
20 angel's were, 

from the ethereal joys, 

much rather, 

a divine minister's words, 

than the lore of any man, 

of mortals upon earth. 

That to him of wonders greatest 

seem'd to appear, 

that such power of wisdom 

any mortal's here 
30 breast could hold 

of the sons of men, 

so deep were all 

the words and wisdom, 

and the man's foresight. 

3. cacen, lit. sign. 

18. fojjoji ? 



mob •;) mas^en-cjxdeyt' 
]>e him meocub enjla- 
jaej'Ca jeocenb- 
fojijiejien haejibe :• 

mind and power, 

which to him the Lord of angels, 

Saviour of souls 

had given. 

Paejion peopejie "Sa. 
bajaj' on pnne- 
]>seY j-e bpyhtnej' [j^ejn] 
on elne bab. 
able jebyj'jab. 
fapum jefpenceb. 
ne he fopje pae^* 
jeocojine pejian. 
bjieojujne hyje^ 
bea^ nealaecce. 
J cop pcal-jonjum^ 
pfcponj "3 hpe"Se. 
pohce J apel-hu]*. 
com pe peope^a baej- 
aelbum "^peap^b. 
]?aep )>e hmi m-jeponc* 
hafc heopcan neah. 
hilbe pcupum. 
placop plan-J>pacu. 
peoph-hopb onleac- 
peapo- caelum jepoht^ 
onjon ^a jnioccop haele 
ap onbehc-J^ejn. 
aej^elep neopan- 


Were then four 
pass'd forth 
days in number, 
that the Lord's servant 
courageously awaited, 

10 with disease oppress'd, 
sorely afflicted ; 
he bare not in sorrow 
his steadfast mind, 
for his soul's separation, 
a sad spirit. 
Death drew nigh, 
stept with iron strides, 
[49 Z».] strong and fierce 

sought the soul-house. 

20 The seventh day came 
present to mortals 
since that into him sank 
hot, near the heart, 
in hostile showers, 
the roving arrow's force, 
life's treasury unlock'd, 
visited with guileful keys. 
Went then the prudent man, 
his disciple, early, 

30 the noble one to visit. 

8. I'ejn not in the MS., but added from conjecture. 

24. MS. jcujaun. 



CO J^ain haljan hofc 

jzonb |7a hlinjenbne. 

jiujne on fop^-ji]?. 

fjiean unpemne. 

jaej'C halijne. 

m jobef temple. 

j'oben j-aji-pylmum. 

ysey pa j-ihj'te tib. 

on mibne baej. 

fsey hi]- mon-bjiyhcne- lo 


aefc pyhce f^a^ 

neajipum jenaejeb. 


apjiecen pael-pilum- 

plo ne meahte. 

ojio^ up-jeteon. 


hleo]?op ahebban. 

Onjon 'Sa hyje jeomop' 20 

fpeopis :3 pep^-pepij. 

j:u]'ne jpetan- 

me^ne mob-jleebne. 

baeb hine ]7uph mihca jcyppenb- 

51}: he hip popb-cpiba- 

pealban meahce. 

jppaece ahebban. 

]?aet him on ppellum jecy^be- 

onppi^e popba jonjuni. 

hu he hip pijna cpupabe- 30 

bpohtep on "Ssepe bimman able. 

aep^on hine bea^ onpaejbe. 
him je eabja ye\i' 
ajeap ^jpape- 

4. MS. unpenne. 

at that holy house : 

found there reclining, 

bent on departure, 

his blameless master, 

the holy spirit, 

in God's temple, 

vexed with painful burnings. 

It was the sixth hour, 

at mid-day, 

to his lord it was 

his final day. 

Rightly then, 

painfully assail'd 

with inevitable trials, 

with darts of death afflicted, 

the high of soul could not 

his breath draw up, 

his powerful speech, 

his voice raise. 

He then sad in mind resolv'd, 

trembling and soul-weary, 

the departing one to greet, 

weary, i/et glad in spirit ; 

besought him by the Creator of 

if he his words [miracles, 

could command, 

his speech raise, [show, 

that he in discourses to him would 

reveal in course of words, 

how he in his morals trusted, 

his life-course, in that hidden 

ere that him death sacrificed. 
To him the blessed man 
gave answer, 

16. plonc ne? MS. plonc. 



leoj: mon leopiim. 

J^eah he late meahce- 

eopl ellen-heajib. 

ope)?e jebjieban. 

min )?aec jpaeje beajin- 

ni]- nu j'pil^e peop« 

]7am ycemej'tan- 



I^aec ^u ]?a nyhj^tan jcealc 

in populb-life. 

pojaba mmjia- 

naeppe leana biloperi' 

lajie jehypan. 

nohc lonje oj:ep J7ip- 

laepc ealle pell. 

paepe ;] pinepcypc 

pojib J;a pit pppaecon. [50 

leoyayt manna. 

naeppe ic lupan pibbe- 

]7eoben Eec j^eapjie. 

]?ine pojilaece. 


beo ]>n on pi^ jeapu. 

pi]7)7an he t) leorau. 

3 ]>ey hpep ^aepC. 


jompipc hypa. 

puph peopj-jebal. 

pyp aeptep )?on. 

]7aec ]7u ^epec^e. 

ppeo]'top minpe. 

]7aepe leopejcan. 

on lonjne pej- 

21. Jeobnej >eapj:e? 
30. pen? 

the beloved man to Ihe beloved, 

though he but slowly could, 

the energetic man, 

draw breath : 

' My dear son, 

'tis now not very far 

to the utmost 

final day 

of inevitable separation, 
10 when thou the last shalt, 

in worldly life, 
from my words 

(never of rewards depriv'd) 
instruction hear : 
Not long after this, 
fulfil well all 

our covenant and friendship, 
a.] the words that we have spoken, 
dearest of men j 
20 never I thi/ love of mt/ kin, 
for thy master's need, 
will permit 
to languish : 

be thou for journey ready, 
when body and limbs, 
and this spirit of life 

their fellowship 
through death : 
30 go after this, 

that thou may'st say 
to my sister 
the most beloved, 
oil a long way, 

23. aj-panian? 
34. 1. 2. p. 173 should be read before this. 



to |?am jraejpan jejzean* 

]:oji^-]'i^ ramne. 

on ecne eajib. 

•] hype eac jecyS- 

pojibum minum- 

f ic me papnabe- 

hype onj-yne. 

ealle l^paje- 

in populb-hpe- 

pop^y ic pilnobe. 

)7aet pic unc ey.t- 

in ];am ecan jejiean- 

on jTJejl-pulbpe. 

jej-eon mojTun. 

pope onpyne- 

ecej* beman. 

leahcpa leaj-e. 

]?aep pceal lupu uncep. 

paeppaej'C punian- 

paep pic pilna a- 

in "Saepe beophtan bypij- 

bpucan mocun. 

eabej' mib enjlum* 

^u hype eac paja. 

f heo ]>iY ban-paec 

beopje bipa3pce. 

lame biluce. 

lie oppaple. 

in peof top-copan . 

paep hic l^paje j'ceaL 

in poub-hope. 

]'i]?]?an punian. 

Da peapiS mob-5e];anc. 

miclum jebij'jab. 

to the fair joy, 

my departure 

to an eternal dwelling, 

and to her eke make known, 

in my words, 

that I myself denied 

her presence, 

at all times, 

in worldly life, 
10 for that I desir'd 

that we again each other 

in the eternal joy, 

in heavenly glory, 

might see, 

before the face 

of the eternal Judge, 


where our love shall 

faithful continue, 
20 where we our wishes ever, 

in the bright city, 

may enjoy, 

happiness with angels. 

Thou to her also say, 

that she this bone-case 

to the tomb commit, 

with clay inclose 

this soulless body 

in its dark chamber ; 
30 there it shall a while, 

in its earth-house 

after remain.' 

Then was the mind 

greatly moved, 

28. MS. on raple. 



}7]ieam }:o]i]?jiycceb • 

Jjuph ]>dey ]7eobnej' popb- 


J?a he aebpe oncneop- 

j-Tjean jieojih-jebal- 

f hic peop ne paej'* 


onjon ]>a, opopclice- 

Co hip pine-bjiyhcne. 

popbum mae^lan- lo 

ic J?ec haljnje. 

haele]?a leopoj't. 

jumena cynnep. 

|7uph ^aepta peapb. 

|?aec \>u hyje-popjC' 

heopcan mmpe- 

5ee];e eojxla pyn* 

nip ]>e enbe peop- 

]7se]* ]>e ic on jalbjium* 

onjieten haebbe- 20 

opt mec jeomoji-pepa. 

jehjja jemanobe. 

hac sec heojican- 

hyje jnojinenbe. [50 Z».] 

nihcep neappe- 

-} ic nseppe ]7e. 

paebeji ppopoji min. 

pjiijnan boppce. 

pymle ic jehypbe- 

]7on heoponep 51m • 30 

pyn-conbel pepa- 

pepC onhylbe- 

j-pejl-beojihc junne- 

jecl-sonjej- puj-. 

with afflictions press'd, 

through his lord's words, 

of the disciple ; 

then at once he knew, 

that his master's death 

was not far, 

his final day. 

Then began he quickly 

to his friend and master 

in words to speak : 

* I thee beseech, 

dearest of men, 

of human race, 

by the Guardian of spirits, 

that thou the sorrow 

of my heart 

alleviate, delight of men ! 

Thy end is not far off, 

from what by thi/ forebodings I 

have understood. 

Oft me mi/ sad spirit, 

mt/ soul, hath monish'd, 

hot at heart, 

mi/ sorrowing mind, 

by night oppress'd, 

and I never thee, 

father, my comfort, 

durst question : 

I have always heard 

when heaven's gem, 

men's joyous candle, 

westward declin'd, 

the heaven-bright sun, 

hast'ning to setting. 

22. 5eh]ju? 



on aepen-fcib. 
o]7epne mib J^ec- 
J^ejn aet jej^euhce. 
ic l^aej' ]?eobne]- popb- 
ajiej* uncu}?ef . 
ofC neoj'enbej-. 
baej-poman bicpeon. 
~j ]?8ejie beojican nihc 
mej^el-cpibe maecjep. 
3 on mopjne ppa^ 
onjeafc jeomoii mob. 
jaeptep jpjiaece. 
jleapep m jeapbum- 
hujiu ic jiec ne pat;, 
aeji J)u me pjiea mm. 
puji]70ji cy^e. 
puyih cpibe J^inne. 
hponan hij* cyme jnnbon :. 

at even- tide, 
with thee another 
minister in council ; 
I this lord's words, 
this miknown messenger's, 
oft visiting thee, 
between the rush of day, 
and the dark night, 
thp friend's discourse, 
10 and so at morn, 

have heard, sad in mind, 
a spirit's speecli 
wise, in the dwelling ; 
but yet I know not, 
ere thou me, my master, 
further declarest, 
through thy saying, 
whence his coming is/ 

Da pe eabja pep. 

ajeap :3ppape. 

leopum aepcep lonjpe hpile- 

ppa he lace meahce. 

elnej- uncy^ij. 

ope]7e jepealban. 

hpaet ]>u me pme mm. 

pop bum naejejC 

fuj'ne ppiijnejc 

|)8ej- ]>e ic pup]?um aeji. 

aeppe on ealbpe. 


Then the blessed man 
20 gave answer 

to his friend, after long while, 

as he slowly could 

(of strength devoid) 

his breath command : 

* Verily thou me, my friend, 

in words addressest, 

me departing askest, 

that of which I indeed before, 

ever in life. 

1. MS. haejren. 

18. ry 




aenjum ne polbe- 

monna ojieji molban. 

nielba peop^an. 

Jjejne on j^eobe. 

bucan ]fe nu^a- 

\>y laej' ]?aec punbjieban. 

pepaj* -J ibepa. 

3 on jea^ jucan- 

pebbum maenben- 

bi me lijzjenbum. 

hujiu ic nolbe pylp- 

}>upli jielp-cpibe 

jaepcej' mine]-. 

ppoppe jelettan. 

ne paebep mmep. 

aeppe jeaepnan- 

aebylj jobep. 

pymle me onpenbe. 

pije-bpyhcen mm- 

polca peoph-jiepa* 20 

pi]?)7an ic puji}7um onjon. 

on ]?one aepcepan. 

anpelb bujan^ 

jeap - jemeapcep • 

jaepc halijne. 

enjel upancunbne- 

j-e mec epna jehpam. 

meahcij meocubep ]>e^n- 

'-\ on mopjne epc 

pijoppaepc jepohce. [51a.] 

3 me ]*apa jehpylc- 31 

jehaelbe hyje jopje- 

•3 me m hpej^pe bileac* 

pulbpep pil-boba- 

would not to any 

man on earth 

be the narrator, 

any mortal in the nation, 

save to thee now, 

lest thereat should wonder 

men and women, [streets, 

and should pour it forth into the 

in their talk mention it, 

during my life ; 

at least I would not myself, 

through vaunting speech, 

my spirit's 

comfort hinder, 

nor of my Father 

ever suffer 

the anger, of my God. 

Always to me sent 

my glorious Lord, 

Giver of life to people, 

(after I had first begun 

in this second 

hermitage to dwell, 

a year's space) 

a holy spirit, 

an angel from above, 

who me each evening, 

(a mighty minister of the Lord) 

and again at morn, 

glorious, sought, 

and my every pain 

heal'd, each mental sorrow, 

and in my breast enclos'd 

{the messenger of glory) 

9. Lit. in songs — jeh)>um? 

10. no alliteration with 1. II. 



pifbomef jiepe. 

micle monijpealbjian • 

pon aenij mon- 

piCe in li}:e heji. 

J?e me alyjzeb nif • 

CO jecyj^erme- 

cpicpa aenjum. 

on jzolb-peje- 

pipa cynnep. 

f me ne meahce- 

monna aenij- 


hpaec he beajinmja- 

on hyje hojbe- 

heopcan jej^oncum^ 

pi|7]?an he me pope eajum. 

onjyne peap^. 

a ic on mobe ma^. 

monna jehpylcne- 

|?eobnep |?]iym-cyme. 

o^ Jjipne baej- 

leopapc monna- 

nu ic pop lupan |?mpe. 

1 Sepeppcype. 

]?aec pic pypn mib unc- 

lonje Isej'Can. 

nelle ic laecan }7e. 

seppe unpocne. 

aeptep ealbop-leje- 

me^ne mob-peocne- 

mmpe jepeop^an. 

poben popj-paehnum- 

a ic pibbe pi|; ]7e. 

healban pille. 

the gift of wisdom, 

by much more manifold 

than any man 

may know here in life, 

which it is not allow'd me 

to make known 

to any living 

on earth's way, 

of the race of men ; 
10 so that from me might not 
^ ■ any man 


what he secretly 

in his mind meditated, 

in his heart's thoughts, 

after that he before my eyes 

became visible. 

Ever I in mind have hidden, 

from every man, 
20 the glorious coming of the angel, 

until this day, 

dearest of men ! 

Now I for thy love, 

and for the fellowship, 

which we of old together 

long have evinced, 

I will not let thee 

ever sad, 

after my death, 
30 faint, sick in mind 


afflicted with care- burnings j 

ever I peace towards thee 

will hold. 

4. MS. lifer- 




nu op hjie]7eji-locau • 

CO )7am j'o]?an jejiean • 

j-apel }:unba^. 

ni]' j-eo tih lacu. 

cybjia^ ];ij' ban-paec- 

3]ieot-hopb jnopna^- 

jaej'C hme fyj-e^- 

on ecne jeajib- 

uc-j'i)>ej' jeopn • 

on j-ellan jej-ecu. 

nu ic j'pi^e eom. 

peoj\ce jepepjab. 

^a CO J^am paje jepaj^ 

liea}:elan onhylbe- 

hyjibe ]>a, jena- 

ellen on innan^ 

Olio's jcunbum Ceah- 

nisejne mobij. 

him oj: mu^e cpom- 

ppecca ppecajc. 

ppylce on pumepej' Cib. 

j'Cinca^ on jCopnm- 

]CaJ>elum paejce. 

pynnum aepcep ponjum- 

pyjica jeblopene- 


)'pa ]?aej' haljan paej-- 

onblonjne baej. 

o]? a3fen pop^. 

ojiot) up-hlaeben- 30 

]>a pe aejjela jlaem- [51 /».] 

jecl-jonj johce. 

jpeajic nop^-pobop. 

pon unbep polcnum- 

populb mijCe opep-ceah* 

35. r. 


Now, from mi/ breasts' enclosure, 
to the true joy 
my soul tendeth, 
the thne is not slow ; 
this bone-case groweth weak, 
this dust-heap sorroweth, 
mi/ soul hasteneth 
to an eternal mansion, 
desirous of its exit 
to better dwellings : 
now I greatly am 
with pain exhausted.' 
Then to the wall he sank, 
his head inclin'd, 
yet retain'd 
his strength within ; 
his breath from time to time he 
in power bold ; [drew, 

from his mouth came 
of odours sweetest, 
such as in summer's tide 
fragrance send forth in places, 
fast in their stations, 
joyously o'er the plains, 
blown plants, 
honey-flowing ; 
so M'as this holy man's, 
the livelong day, 
until even forth, 
breath drawn up. 
When the noble gleam 
its setting sought, 
darken'd the northern firmament, 
dusk amid clouds, 
o'er veil'd the world with mist, 



l^yjcjiuni bi)?eahce. 

I^jionj nihc ojreji. 

cihc-lonbej- jrpaecpa- 

"Sa cpom leohca maepc. 

hali^ oj: heoponum. 

haebpe j-cman. 

beophc opeji bujij-j-alu- 

bab ]'e \>e j-ceolbC' 

eabij on elne^ 


apjiecen pael-jtjiaelum. 

pulbjiep jcitna. 

ae|?ele ymb 8e|jelne. 

^lonje nihc- 

j'can j'ciji-pejieb- 

pcabu ppe]7pebon- 

colypeb unbep lypce. 

paep pe leohca jlaem- 

ymb ]?aec halje hup. 

heoponlic conbel- 

ppom aepen-jlome. 

oJ'J'aec eaptan cpom- 

opeji beop-jelab. 

baejpeb poma- 

pebeji-cacen peajim. 

ajiaj' pe pulbop-majo. 

eabij elnep jemynbij. 

jppaec CO hi]- onbehc-j^e^ne. 

cophc CO hi]- cpeopum 5e]i|?e 

cib ip ^ \>u pepe. 

^ ]?a sejienbu- 

eal bij^ence- 

opejCum laebe. 

]*pa ic pe aep bibeab. 

lac Co leoppe- 

nu op lice ip. 

with darkness cover' d, 

when night clos'd over 

the cultur'd land's adornments ; 

then came of lights the brightest, 

holy from heaven, 

serenely shining, 

bright o'er the city-dwellings. 

Awaited he who must, 

happy in courage, 
10 his final day, 

harass 'd with darts of death. 

^ light of glory- 
noble about the noble, 

the livelong night, 

shone brightly soft, 

the shadows disappear'd, 

dissolv'd amid the air. 

The light gleam was 

around that holy house, 
20 the heavenly candle, 

from even-gloom, 

till from the east there came 

o'er the deep way, 

the rush of dawn, 

a warm weather-token. 

Arose the glorious man, 

happy, mindful of fortitude, 

spake to his disciple, [rade: 

th' illustrious to his faithful com- 
30 'Time is that thou goest, 

and the errands 

all bear in mind ; 

with speed conduct, 

as I before commanded thee, 

the gift to my dear sister : 

now from its body is, 
N 2 



job-bjieama jeopn^ 
jaej'C j'pi«e fuj'. 
TCho}: ]>a. hij- honba- 
hu]*le ^ejieojibeb- 
ea^inob ]7y ae]7elan 5y]:le. 
jpylce he hij' eajan oncynbe- 
halje heapbej- 31m maj-. 
bij'eah j^a Co heojiona pice- 
^laebraob Co jeopona leanum- 
■J ]?a hip ^sejT onj'enbe- 
peopcum phci^ne. 
m pulbpep bpea:« 

yearning for joys divine, 

my spirit hastening rapidly.' 

Rais'd then his hands, 

with th' eucharist refresh 'd, 

the humble, with the noble food, 

also he his eyes unclos'd, 

his head's holy gems, 

look'd then to heaven's realm, 

glad to the rewards of grace, 

and then his spirit sent, 

by its works beauteous, 

into the joy of glory. 

Da paep ju^lacej-. 
jaej-c jelaebeb- 
on up-peje. 
enjlaj' pepebon- 
co]7am lonjan jepean- 
lie colobe. 
belipb unbep lypce. 
•5a l^aep leohca jean, 
beama beophcapt. 
eal J;aec beacen paep. 
ymb |>8ec halje huj*. 
heoponlic leoma- 
ppom polban up. 
ppylce pypen cop. 
pyhc apaepeb. 


Then was Guthlac's 
spirit led 
on upward way ; 
angels bare him 
to the lasting joy ; 
the corpse grew cold, 
remaining under air. 
20 Then there shone of lights, 
of beams the brightest, 
all that beacon was, 
around the holy house, 
[52 «.] the heavenly ray, 
up from earth, 
like a fiery tower, 
rightly rear'd 

IS. MS. pes- 

19. belijren? 

20. MS. leoht ajran. 



o^ pobejia hjioj:. 
jej'epen unbep j'pejle. 
j'unnan beophtjia- 
aej^el-tunjla plite. 
enjla j^peataj-- 
j-ije-leo^ j-unjon- 
j-pej fsey on lyj:te. 
jehyjieb unbep heoponum. 
halijpa bpeam. 
jpa pe bupj-pcebe paej-- 
blipfum jepylleb- 
ppetum pcencum. 
1 J'pesl-punbpum. 
. eabjej' yppe-pcoL 
enjla hleo^pej'. 
eal innanpeapb ]jaep. 
paej- aenlicpa. 
^ pynpumjia. 

]>on hit m pojiulbe maeje- 
pcepn apeccan. 
hu ye pcenc ^ ]*e j'pej- 
heoponlic hleoj^op. 
"J pe halja j'onj- 
jehypeb paej-. 
heah-]7pym jobej-. 
bpeahcem aepcep bpeahcnie- 
beopobe ]?aec ealonb. 
polb-ponj on)?ponj. 
Da apyphceb peap^. 
ap elnej' bilopen. 
jepac pa, opej-clice- 
beopn unhybij- 
]>Bet he bac jeptaj. 
paej-henjej'C ppsec* 

unto heaven's roof, 

seen beneath the sky, 

than the sun brighter, 

the aspect of the noble stars. 

Hosts of angels 

a song of triumph sung, 

music was in the air 

heard under heaven, 

the melody of saints. 
10 So vras his habitation 

filled with joys, 

with sweet odours, 

and heavenly wonders, 

the blessed's dwelling-place, 

with angels' sound ; 

all there within 

was more excellent, 

and more pleasant, 

than it in the world may 
20 voice relate, 

how the fragrance and the melody, 

heavenly sound, 

and the holy song 

were heard, 

high praise of God. 

Moment after moment 

trembled that island, 

rush'd towards the land. 

Then affrighted was 
30 the messenger, of courage 'reft ; 

departed then most speedily 

the man, unheedful, 

so that he a boat ascended, 

the wave-horse urged ; 

26. or crash after crash. 

32, MS. uuhyt5i3. 



paetep-J?iffa yoji' 

fnel unbep fojijum. 

j'pejl hace j'can- 

blac oj:e]i buji^-j-alo' 

bpim-pubu fcynbe. 

leoht labe puf • 

laju-meapj j-nypebe- 

jehlaepceb co hySe. 

]>2et pe haepn-plota. 

aepCep j'unb-plejan. lo 

j'onb-lonb jeppeapn- 

jponb pi^ 5peote. 

jnopn j-opje pae^. 

hate sec heopcan- 

hyje jeomupne. 

me^ne mob-pepan. 

pe ]7e hip mon-bpyhten. 

lipe bilibenC' 

laps peapbian- 

pipte pine leopne. 20 

him ]?aep popej- hpmj. 

copne jemonabe. 

ceajop y^um peol. 

hate hleop-bpopan- 

■;) on hpe)7pe paej- 

micle mob-ceape. 

he ]?aepe maeje^ j-ceolbe. 

lace jelaeban. 

la^ ppel Co po-S. [52 Z».] 

Cpom ]?a ppeopij-pep^. so 

J^a peo paemne paej'. 

pulbpep pyn-msBj- 

he J?a pypb ne ma's. 

paejej* pop^-pi^- 

1. MS. ])irpa. 
19. Lit. vestigium servare. 

t/ie water courser far'd 

quickly under his sorrows, 

the firmament shone hot, 

pale o'er the city-dwellings. 

Hasten'd the ocean-wood 

light, hurrying its course, 

the water-horse sped rapidly, 

laden to the hithe, 

so that the floater of the surge, 

after its ocean-play, 

spurn'd the sandy land, 

ground 'gainst the gravel. 

Sad sorrow bare, 

hot at heart, 

a mournful spirit, 

a weary mind, 

he who his lord, 

from life departed, 

behind remaining 

knew, his beloved friend ; 

him of this a burst of weeping 

sadly reminded, 

tears roU'd in waves, 

hot cheek-drops, 

and in his breast he bare 

great mental care. 

He to the maiden must 

the gift convey, 

th' unwelcome tale too true. 

Came then with trembling soul 

to where the damsel was, 

the noble kinswoman. 

He the event conceal'd not, 

the dying one's departure, 

18. r. belibenne. 
31, jjaep? 



j:uf-leo^ ajol. 
pine }>eapj:enbe. 
3 f popb acpae^. 
Gllen bi|? pelapc 
\>a.m \>e opcopc jxeal- 
bpeojan bjiyhcen-bealu. 
beope behycjan. 
)7jiohfc J^eoben-jebaL 
j^on j'eo l^paj cyme's, 
pepen pypb-pCapum- 
|?aec pac pe J^e j-ceal- 
aj'paeman j'apij-pefi'S. 
pac hip pinc-jiepan. 
holbne bihelebne- 
he j'ceal bean )7onan. 
jeomop hpeoppan. 
)?am bi^ jomenep pana* 
iSe |?a eappe^a. 
opcopfc bpeoje^. 
on j'apjum pepan- 
hupu ic j'pi^e ne ]7eapp- 
hni-pi^ behlehhan. 
1]' hlapopb mm- 
beopna bealbop- 
^ bpo|?op J?in- 
je pelej'ta- 
bi paem cpeonum. 
J?apa ];e pe on enjle. 
aeppe jeppunen. 
^uph cilbep hab. 
jumena cynnep. 
CO jobep borne, 
pepijpa ppa}?u. 

the death-song sang, 

needijig his friend, 

and the word said : 

' Courage is best 

for those who oftest must 

endure evil extreme, 

deeply bear in mind 

trouble, his lord's decease, 

when the season cometh 
10 woven by fate's decrees ; 

that knows he who shall 

pine sorrowing of soul, 

who knows his treasure giver 

his kind master, hidden in earth 

he shall thence depress'd, 

sad, depart. 

To him shall mirth be lacking, 

who those afflictions 

oflest suffereth 
20 in his sorrowing spirit; 

I at least may not greatly 

laugh for his departure. 

My lord is, 

pride of men, 

and thy brother, 

the most excellent 

between the seas, 

of those whom we in England 

have ever heard of 
30 born, 

through child's condition, 

of the race of men, 

to God's judgment, 
(staff of the weary) 

27. i. e. betpeonum j-sem. 



pojiulb-bjieamu op. 
pine-maeja pyn • 
m pulbpej' |7jiym. 
jepicen ponja hleo- 
pica neojan. 
eapbep on up-pej- 
nu pe eop^an ba&l- 
ban-hu]- abpocen* 
bupjum m mnan. 
puna^ pael-paej'ce. 
•3 pe pulbpep bael* 
op hc-paece- 
in leohc jobej'. 
]i^oji-lean pohte- 
•;) ]>e pecjan hec- 
l^aec pc a mopcen. 
m ]7am ecan jepean- 
mib ]7a pib-jebpyhc- 
jomub eapb uiman. 
peopca pulbop-lean- 
pillum neotan. 
blaebep 'j blipj'a- 
eac ]>e abeoban hec. 
j'lje-bpyhcen niin. 
|?a he paep j'lj^ep puj-. 
)?aec pu hij- lic-homan. 
leopajt maej^a' 
eop^an bi^eahce. 
nu ]>u aebpe conpfc. 
pi^-paec minne- 
ic pceal japij-pepiS. 
hean-niob hpeoppan- 
hyje bpupenbne. 

from worldly joys, 

(his friends' delight) 

into glory's splendour 

departed, the plains' protector, 

dwellings to visit, 

a habitation up on high. 

Now he, a part of earth, 

a broken bone-house, 

within his dwelling place, 

resteth in the bed of death, 

and the part of glory, 

from the body, 

in the light of God 

its reward hath sought ; 

and he to thee bade say, 

that ye two ever may, 

in the eternal joy, 

with a kindred company, 

together habitation take, 

glorious reward of works, 

at will enjoy 

prosperity and bliss. 

Also bade me to thee announce 

my noble master, 

when he was on departure bent, 

that thou his body, 

maiden most beloved, 

shouldst with earth bedeck. 

Now thou at once dost comprehend 

my journey. 

1 sorrowing in soul shall, 

dejected go, 

mi/ sinking spirit 

4. MS. pun ja. 33. Here the upper part of the leaf of the MS. is cut off. 



y^im |?a azajTiaj'. [53 a.] 

in-jel^oncum • 

hleo|?jiebe hali^- 

l^uph-hacne lij. 

bpeaj baebum jeopu- 

bjiyhcen hejiebe- 

pij' in peojicum- 

J |?a]' popb acpae^. 

meocub all-pihca. 

]?u eapfc meahtum j'pi^- lo 

n])?ap to nejijanne. 

ip |7m noma maepe. 

plicij ■]) pulboppaepc- 

opep pep-)>eobe. 

pmbon ]7ine bomaj'^ 

on baeba jehpam- 

po^e jej'piiSbe. 

■3 SeriSepaej'fce. 

eac |;ine pill an. 

in populb-ppebum. 20 

pyhce mib paebe- 

pobepa palbenb. 

jeoca up jeopnc' 

jaepca j'cyppenb. 

Then Azariah 
cried, holy ; 
thorough-hot flame 
endur'd, ardent in deeds 
prais'd the Lord, 
wise in his works, 
and these words spake : 
* Lord of all creatures ! 
Thou in might art strong 
mortals to save, 
thy name is great, 
beauteous and glorious, 
throughout mankind ; 
thy judgments are, 
in every deed, 
true, potent, 
and triumphant j 
also thy fiats, 
in worldly events 
right with judgment. 
Ruler of the skies ! 
preserve us carefully, 
Creator of spirits ! 

1. pun omit (These various readings are from Caedmon). 
5. bpeaj omit. 7. pep pommaleaf. 8. pa. 

10. hpsec pu eapfc. 11. nepjenne. 16. m daja jehpam. 

17. ro6e -}. 

after 18. j-pa pu eac pylpa eapt C. adds, though incorrectly, there being 
no corresponding line to form the alliterative couplet. 
19. pynhon for eac. 21. 3 jepume for mib paebe. 

23. add nu after jeopne. 



•^ |7ujih hylbo help. 

and through thi/ grace help us, 

hali^ hjiyhten. 

holy Lord ! 

nu pe ]>ec foji ]7ea]i}:um' 

now we thee in necessity 

3 pop ]7jiea-nybum. 

and in oppression, 

^ poji ea^mebum. 

and humbly, 

apena bibba]>. 

pray for thi/ mercies. 

leje bilejbe. 

with flame beset. 

pe ]7aep lipjenbe. 

We for this living 

pophcon in populbe- 

wrought in the world ; 

eac l?on pom bybon- 

10 also then did evil 

ylbpan uppe. 

our forefathers. 

in opephyjbu. 

in their pride. 

]nn bibobu bpaecon. 

brake thy commandments, 


tvhile in their cities dwelling, 

hab opephojeboii. 

the state despis'd 

lialjan lipep. 

of holy life. 

pupboii pe coppecene- 

We are become scatter'd 

jeonb pibne jpunb- 

o'er the wide earth. 

heapum tohpoppne. 

dispersed in bodies. 

hylba leape- 

20 favourless 

ydSY upe lip jeonb- 

has been our life, through 

lonba pela« 

many lands. 

ppacu« :i Zeyns&ie. 

vile and infamous 


to earth's inhabitants. 

nu ]>v\ upic beppaece. 

Now thou us hast exil'd 

in )?a]- pyppej'fcan. 

into this worst 


of earthly kings' 


oppressive bondage. 

in haepfc heopo jpimmep. 

into the captivity of the most cruel. 

jxeolon pe ]78ep haej^enpa 

30 where we must the heathens' 

3. Jjpeaum. 7. 
11. uj'ep ylbpan. 
13. hpsecon bebobo, omil 
17. fienbon. 
24. polca manejum. 
27. Cod. Ex. cyninjej-. 
30. T pe nu hsebenpa. 

lije. 9. on. 10. bybe. 

12. pp. 
fc J)m, for which r. fine. 14. j-ittenbum. 
20. hilbe. 21. ij- uj-ep. 

25. pa uj- ec beppaecon. 26. co for m. 
28. sehca. 29. on and jpimpa. 




)?jiea-nyb [j^olian- 

]>3ey Ye j^anc j'le- 

pepeba pulboji cyninj. 

f J'u uj- ]?aj- pp.ace teobej-c 

ne j:ojileC J/u ujic ana. 

ece bpihfcen. 

}:oji ]7ani milcpum. 

]?e |?ec men hlija^- 

■;] poji J^ani tpeopum- 

]>e J7u tijium paepc. 

ni'Sa nepjenb. 

jenumen] haepbej-. [53 Z».] 

CO abpahame- 

^ CO ipace. 

^ lacobe. 

jaepCa j'cyppenb- 

]7u him jehece- 

|7ujih hleoj7op-cpibaj-. 

]?aec |?u hypa pjiom-cynn. 

on pyjin-bajum- 20 

yean polbe. 

)?aec hic sepcep him^ 

on cyne-jiyce- 

cenneb pujibe- 

yceb on eop]?an. 

I^aec ppa unjiime- 

hab Co hebban- 

]'pa heopon-pceoppan- 

buja^ bjiabne hpeappc 

o^ bjiim-plobap* 30 

oppression [suffer. 

For this be thanks to thee, 

Glory- King of hosts ! [dain'd. 

that thou to us this exile hast or- 

Forsake thou us not, 

eternal Lord ! 

for the mercies, 

which thee to man incline, 

and for the covenants, 

which thou in glories fast. 

Saviour of men ! 

hast taken] 

with Abraham, 

and with Isaac, 

and Jacob, 

Creator of spirits ! 

Thou to them didst promise, 

through revelations, 

that thou their offspring, 

in distant days, 

wouldest increase, 

that which after them, 

in the realm, 

should be brought forth, 

increas'd on earth, 

that as numberless 

their state to be rais'd 

as the stars of heaven 

encircle the broad orb, 

unto the ocean-floods. 

1. J)eop. Here the Cod. Exon. is defective, the top of the leaf having 
been cut off: the part wanting is supplied from Csedmon. Caedm. fiolia'5, 
but the preceding j'ceolon requires here the alteration to the infinitive. 

8. hnijaS ? 17. add •^ after him. 18. cpibe. 19. jrpura. 

20. in. 22. ■pee. 23. on cneopij-j-um. 

25. ■] j-eo ma2nijeo. 26. raacpe paepe. 27. hac Co hebbanne. 

29. bebujaS hpypjrc. 30. oS f bpim-papo. 



j"pa pajioj^a j'onb. 
ymb fealc paeceji- 
y]?e jeonb eaji-j'jiunb. 
]?aet j-pa unpime. 
ymb pintjia hpeajipc* 
peoji^an pceolbe- 
pyl nu l^a ppum-pppsece. 
J?eah ]>e ujeji pea lifjen^ 
pliceja ]>me pojib-cpibaj*. 
3 'Sin pulboji up. 
jecy^ cpsepc •;} meahc. 
nu |7ec calbeap. 
^ eac pela polca. 
jepjiejen habban- 
]>det ]>u ana eajiC' 
ece bjiyhten. 
pije-jiop peccenb. 
■;) jo15 meocob- 
pulbjiep palbenb- 
^ pojiulb-]'ceapca. 
Spa pe halja pep- 
hepjenbe paep. 
meotubep milfcj'e- 
■3 hip mob-pepan. 
jiehce jjuph peojibe. 
Da op jiobejium peajilS. 
enjel ael-beojihta. 
upon onpenbeb. 

as the shores' sand 

round l/ie salt water, 

the waves o'er ocean's ground, 

that so numberless, 

after a course of years, 

it should become. 

Fulfil now that saying of old, 

though of us few live, 

realize thy words, 

and to us thy glory [might. 

manifest, thi/ wisdom and thj/ 

Now thee the Chaldeans, 

and also many people, 

have learn'd, 

that thou alone art 

Lord eternal. 

Arbiter of triumphs, 

and true Creator, 

Ruler of glory, 

and of worldly creatures.' 

Thus the holy man 

was praising 

the Creator's mercy, 

and his mind's thoughts 

express'd by voice. 

Then from the firmament was 

an all-bright angel 

sent from above. 

1. psej- fse-jrapo'Sa j-anb. 2. jeonb j-ealtne paej. 

3. me ape jpynbe^. 4. f hif unpima. 5. m pintpa popn. 

7. pa omit. 8. heopa for pe uj-ep. 9. pinne; -cpibe. 

10. on uf . 11. miht. 12. ^ ^ fornu pec. 

13. eac omit. 

14. jeppi^en habbatS. After 14. add pa pe unbep heofenum- hsepene 

15. -}f. 17. pjopa j-etfceub. 18. j-o^fseft metob. 
24. ^ hij- mihta jpeb. 26. paep. 27. selbeophfc. 



plice j'cyne peji- 
m hij' pulboji-homan. 
cpom hini ]7a to ajie- 
■;) CO ealboji-nepe. 
j?ujih lupau ^ ]7upli lijye 
pe |7one I13 tojceap. 
halij •^ heopon-beophc- 
hacan pyjiej*. 
^ j-e biccpa bpyne- 
beojxjan jceolbe. 
po]i J?aep enjlep eje. 
aepaejtum ]?]iim. 
coppeop ^ coj'penjbe. 
]>uph j'pi^ep meahc. 
lijep leoman' 
j'pa hyjia lice ne pcob- 
ac paep in j^am opne- 
|;a pe enjel cpom* 
pmbij ^ pynpum. 
pebepe onlicupC. 
J)ori on j'umejiep tib* 
penbeb peoji]?e^. 
bpopena bpeopunj. 
mib baejep hpile- 
pe paep m }>am pipe- 
poji ppean meahtum. 
haljum to helpe- 

a man of aspect beauteous, 
in his garb of glory, 
came to them then in mercy, 
and for their life's salvation, 
through love and through grace, 
who the flame scattered 
(holy and heaven-bright) 
of the hot fire, 
so that the bitter burning 
10 should avoid, 

for the angel's dread, 
the pious three. 
lie swept away and scatter'd, 
[54 a.'] through the Strong One's might, 
the beams of flame, 
so it their bodies injur 'd not, 
but it was in the oven, 
when the angel came, 
windy and winsome, 
20 to the air most like, 
when in summer's tide 
is sent 

a fall of drops, 
in the day's season. 
He was in the fire, 
by the Lord's power, 
for help to the holy men. 

2. on. 3. fe him cpom to ppoppe. 4. peoph-. 

5. mib; mib. 9-12. omit. 13. toj-penbe. 

14. puph pa j-pi^an miht. 15. leoma. 

16. f for ]-pa; psej- for j-cob. After 16. add: opiht jee^leb' ac he on 
andan ploh' fyp on jreonbaf pop pypen-baebum. 

17. paforac; on. Cod. Exon. hopne. 18. pi3ep ; becpom. 
20. jehcopt. 21. add hit after pon. 23. bpeapunj. 

24. on for mib. After 24. add : peapmhc polcna pcup* ppylc bitS pebepa 

25. ppylc paep on. 26. pop omit. 



peaji^ j-e haca I15. 

Cobjiij:en "j tobpaejceb. 

}78ep ];a baeb-hpacan. 

pjiy mib jej^oncum. 

}>eoben hejiebon. 

bsebon blecj'unje- 

beajin 111 pojiulbe- 

ealle jej-ceajice. 

ecne bjiyhcen- 

J>eoba palbenb. 

ppa hi Jjpy cpaebon. 

mobu hoppce- 

\>\i]ih. jemaene popb. 

Blecpije ]>eC' 

bilpit paebeji. 

pojiulb-pceapta pulboji- 

^ peopca jehpylc' 

heoj:onaj' "^ enjlap- 

■3 hluccoja paeCep. 

•3 eal maejen. 

eojij^an jepceafCa^ 

blefcj'ije ]>ec po^paej-c cyninj. 

j'unne "^ monan. 

leohce leoman- 

lipjenbe 50b. 

haebjie -) hlutjie* 

3 heopon-bjieame. 

paeptem peop'Sian* 

pul opt ]>u pulboji-cynmj. 

jjujih lypc laecejt. 


The hot flame was 
dispers'd and quench 'd, 
where the energetic wiew, 
the three, fervently 
prais'd the Lord, 
pray'd him to bless 
the children in the world, 
all creation, 
the Lord eternal, 
Ruler of nations : 
Thus these three spake, 
> in mind sagacious, 
with united words : 
' Thee bless, 
benignant Father ! 
the glory of thj/ world-creations, 
and thi/ every work, 
heavens and angels, 
and the clear water, 
and all the power 
of earth's creatures : 
Thee bless, just King ! 
the sun, and the moon's 
bright beams, 
(living God !) 
serene and pure, 
and with heavenly joy 
earth's fruits endow. 
Full oft thou, glory- King ! 
through the air sendest. 

After 3, add : jeond pone ofen eobon* 3 fe engel mib' feoph-nepijenbe. 
re psep feopSa psef annaniaj- •] azapiaj- 3 mij-ael. 

3. mob-. 4, on. 6. bletj-ian ; bletfunje is faulty. 

7. beapn ij-paela. 8. call lanb-jej-ceajrc. 

14. De bletfije. 16. -cpsepca phte. 19. From this verse 

to the end the texts differ too widely for collation. 



leobum CO jrjieme. 

milbne mojvjen-jien. 

monij j'ceal ]'i|?j7an. 

pypc onpaecnan- 

eac J>on pubu-beajipaj- . 

tanuiu cybpa'S. 

cpyma^ eoji^-pelan. 

hleoiS ■;) hluttpa^- 

naeppe hlipan ah- 

meocub j^an mapan. lo 

|70ii he pi^ monna beapu. 

pyjice'S pel-baebum . 

pip bi^ pe J>e con • 

onjycan |?one jeocenb- 

pe up eall 500 b. 

j-yle'S ]?e pe habba'S- 

J^enben pe hej\ beo^' 

^ up milbe meoCob- 

majie ^ehace^. 

pp pe jeeapniaiS' 20 

elne pilla^. 

"Son pepan pceal- 

|;ujih ppean hseje. [54 /».] 

punboji anpa jehpaep. 

papl op hce- 

3 ]?ec 50b bpyhcen • 

jaej'tap hepjen- 

bypnenbe pyji- 

-j beojvht pumop- 

peapnie pebep-bajaj'. 30 

palbenb manna- 

ppean on peji^e- 

ppemept eop'S-pelan- 

]7uph monijne hab- 

milbe bpyhten- 

3 ]>ec baej ^ nihfc- 

for men's prosperity, 

mild morning rain ; 

(then shall many 

a plant spring up, 

also the forest groves 

with branches teem,) 

w;/«cAearth's riches strengtheneth, 

fostereth, and purifieth. 

Never hath the Creator 

greater fame, than 

when he towards the sons of men 

worketh with benefits. 

Wise is he who can 

the Preserver understand, 

who to us all good 

giveth that we have, 

while we are here, 

and, a merciful God, to us 

more promiseth, 

if we it merit, 

fervently desire, 

when shall go, 

through the Lord's behest, 

apart of every one 

the soul from body. 

And thee. Lord God ! 

all spirits praise, 

burning fire, 

and bright summer, 

warm weather days. 

Ruler of men ! 

the Lord, in spirit. 

Thoii causest earth's riches, 

through many a form, 

benignant Lord ! 

and thee day and night. 



bomjraej'C cyninj. 
lojiijen ^ lipjen- 
lux ^ Cenebjie- 
\>e ]>a,Y pep-j7eoba. 
peapbura healba^. 
beop bpyhcnej" bibob. 
bjiujon hi ■p lonje. 
•^ ]>ec cpij'C cyninj. 
ceolap peoji^ian- 
faebeji poppt ^ pnap- 
yolca palbenb- 
pinceji-biteji pebep. 
^ polcna jenipu- 
3 ]>ec liexeiibe. 
hjetca hepjen^ 
blace bpeahcum bpate^ 
bpycen-picep peapb- 
bypne bpyhcen* 
a ]?in bom py. 
56b :) jen^e. 
]7U paep jeopnlice. 
pypcepc pulbop-cyninj- 


powerful King ! 
praise and love, 
light and darkness, 
that these nations 
hold in ward ; 
the Lord's awful command 
they obey, the lasting o?ie. 
And thee, Christ King! 
"^^jj^-^^^pk adore, 

10 Father ! frost and snow, 
Ruler of nations ! 
bitter winter weather, 
and the welkin-clouds, 
and thee the glittering 
lightnings praise, 
pale swiftly darting, 
theej Guardian of the 
beloved Lord ! 
ever be thy decree 

20 good and valid. 
Thou thus earnestly 
workest. Glory- King ! 

[realm ! 

paej'Craum hepje. 
blecpien blebum- 
■;) ];m blaeb pepe. 
a pop^ ece. 
aelmihcij job- 
pepa^ ■;] peaxa^* 
ealle pep-j^eobe- 
lipjaiS bi |?am lippum- 
]?e up pe leopa cynmj. 


in their fruits praise, 

bless in their leaves j 

and be thy glory 

ever forth eternal. 

Almighty God ! 

Exist and wax 

all tribes of men, 

live by the blessings 

that for us the beloved King, 

2. r. lufijen. 
22. Two lines or more are here wanting. 

17. i. e. the earth. 



ece bjiyhten. 

pnu beapnu to bpice- 

bperaen bpyhcen. 

onb J7ec halja job- 

hea buna- 

jeonb mibban-jeapb. 

milcj'um hepjen. 

paejep polbe- 

■;) }:8ebep-pice . lo 

pop^on palbenb j'cop- 

pubije niopap- 

lope leanije" 

leohtej" hypbe- 

blecpje \>ec jo^paej'C cyiiinj- 

j-aep ^ paecpa- 

hea holma]'- 

halijne bpyhcen- 

bomlice beop paecep. 

^ bpyhcnej- bibob. ao 

jeopon-ploba jehpylc- 

jeopne bihealbe^- 

]7on mepe-]'tpeama]'. 

meocubej' paeppum- 

paetep onpealca^. 

piCon ealb jecynb- 

f aep jej-cop. 

ece bpyhten. 

laju-ploba bijonj. 

leohcej' hypbe- 30 

on ]7am punia^' 


j'l^e on I'unbe. [55 «.] 

pelblicjia pela. 

th' eternal Lord, 

ere bestow'd, 

on his children for their use, 

glorious Lord ! 

And thee, holy God ! 

the high downs 

over mid- earth 

for thi/ mercies praise, 

the fair land, 

and paternal realm ; 

for that the Supreme created 

the woody mountains, 

with praise reward 

the Lord of light. 

Bless thee, just King ! 

the seas and waters, 

the depths profound, 

the holy Lord, 

fervently the deep watei* : 

and the Lords command 

each ocean-flood 

strictly controuls, 

when the sea streams, 

through the Creator's ministers, 

the waters, onward roll. 

The old generations know, 

that erst created 

the Lord eternal 

the course of water-floods, 

the Lord of light, 

in which dwell, 

widely faring 

by journey in the ocean, 

wonderous creatures many : — 

7. MS. -jejib. 

14. Lit. Guardian. 

24. Lit. chieftains. 



blecj'ien J>ec }?a ealle* 

ece bjiyhcen. 

J?uph |?inne pillan. 

pulboppaej'C cynmj. 

;5 |?ec ealle se-j-ppynje- 

ece bpyhcen- 

heanne hepjen. 

};ul ope ]?u hluctop laecejT- 

paetep pynlico- 

to populb-hyhce- 

oy clij:e damnum- 

^ up pe cyniiij ;5e]cop- 

monnum to miltpe. 

^ to maej^en-eacan • 

bletpien ]>ec bilpit paebep. 

pij-cap T pujlap. 

pela-iiieahtijne J^e. 

ealle J>a |?e onhjiepa^* 

hpeo paejaj'- 

on ]7am bpaban bpinie. 

bpemen bpyhten. 

hepjen halijne. 

•] beopon-pujlaj". 

\>a, ]>e lacenbe- 

jeonb lypt papaiS. 

bletjien \>ec bpyhten- 

beop 'J nyten. 

meotub monna beapn- 

jniltpum hepjen. 

'J ecne job- 

ippahela cynn- 

bletpien \>e ]fme pacepboj*. 

po^poejt cj'ninj- 

milbe maepjepaj'- 

Bless thee these all, 

eternal Lord ! 

through thy will, 

glorious King ! 

And thee all river-springs, 

Lord eternal ! 

exalted, praise. 

Full oft thou lettest /or/A clear 

pleasant waters, 
10 for worldly joy, 

from the pure cliff, 

which for us our King created 

in kindness towards men, 

and for strength's increase. 

Bless thee, benignant Father ! 

fishes and birds, 

thee. Much Powerful ! 

all those that move on 

the rough waves, 
20 on the broad ocean, 

celebrate the Lord, 

praise thee Holy, 

and the fowls of heaven, 

those which sporting 

journey through air. 

Bless thee. Lord ! 

beasts and cattle, 

their Creator the sons of men 

for his mercies praise, 
30 and the eternal God 

the race of Israel. 

Bless thee thy priests, 

just King ! 

meek mass-priests. 

4. MS. polbopjr^j-r. 

r. heahne. 



mjejme hpyhcen. 

~} pine ]?aj'. 

^eoba hyjibe- 

j'pylce halijpa- 

hlucfcjie ]-aule. 

•;} ece job- 


Nil J>ec anaiua}*. 

3 azajiiaf • 

•J mij-ahel meocub- lo 

milc]"um hepja^- 

nu pe jeonje Jjpy. 

job blecpia^. 


}:aebep in heoj:onuin. 

|7one po^an jninu. 

•;) Jjone pijepaej'tan jaej'C 

pop]7on uj' onpenbe- 

pijopa palbenb' 

enjel Co a|ie. 20 

pe]7e uj' beajij* 

pyji :| peonbap- 

;) mib pi]7pum beppeah- 

pi^ bpyne bpojan. 

Bjieahcmum hpuppun- 

ytnb ^ hate huj*. 

hae^ne leobe- 

]?a ]>set onjeacon- 

jobep anbj'acan. 

^ hi ne meahcan. 30 

ne meocob polbe- 

acpellan cnyhca se- 

ac by cpipc jcilbe- 

hpeapp |?a Co healle- 

]'pa he bpaJ>opc meabce- 

eopl acol-mob. [55 Z».] 

the great Lord, 

and these thine, 

Guardian of people ! 

also of the holy 

the pure souls, 

and, eternal God ! 

the humble-hearted. 

Now thee Ananiah, 

and Azariah, 

and Mishael, Lord ! 

for thi/ mercies praise : 

now we young three 

bless God, 

the much powerful 

Father in heaven, 

the true Son, 

and the triumphant Spirit ; 

because to us hath sent 

the Lord of triumphs 
an angel in his mercy, 

who hath us secur'd against 
fire and foes, 

and with hix wings its cover'd 

against the fire's dread.' 

Quickly surrounded 

that hot house 

the heathen people, 

when that perceiv'd 

the deniers of God, 

that they might not, 

(nor would the Ijovd permit them) 

destroy the young men's law, 

but that them Christ shielded. 

Turn'd then to the hall, 

as he most quickly could, 

a chief in trembling mood, 
o 2 



]>3st he ojieji hij- ealbjie jej-tob- 

abeab |?a fop j^aepe bu^u^C' 

beop aejienbe- 

hahjjia jehylb. 

hlyjc paej' |7aep-inne- 

jpom-hybij juma- 

|?aec ic jeape pijre^ 

)?aec pe iii. haepbon- 

)7eoba pipan • 

jeonje cniehcaj'. lo 

pop jaept-lupan- 

jebunben co baele- 

in bypnenbej*- 

pypej" leonian- 

nu ic l^aep iiii. men. 

pen be co pi^e. 

nalep me pylpa jepab. 

lipeoppa^ nu aepcep heop^e* 

naenjum hac peeped- 

opnej' aeleb. 20 

ac him 1]- enjel mib- 

hapa^ beophcne blaeb. 

ne msej lum bpyne jcejjj^an- 

phcijne pulbop-homan • 

iSa ]7am popbum j'pealj' 

bpejo calbea- 

jepac ]>SL CO j^am bpyne jonjan • 

anhybij eopL 

f he opep ]?am abe jej-cob- 

hec J)a op |>am hje* 30 

hpjenbe beapii' 

n aboco bonojjop • 

so that he opposite his sovereign 

announced then before the nobles 
the awful errand, 
the holies' preservation : 
(Listening was therein 
the fiercehearted man) 
' That I well knew, 
that we had three 
leaders of the people, 
young striplings, 
for their souls' love, 
bound to the pile, 
in the burning 
lire's beam, 
now I four men there 
see at once ; 
I am devoid of counsel. 
2^hei/ now pass o'er the hearth, 
not one hurteth the hot 
oven's fire, 

for an angel is with them, 
he hath bright glory, 
the burning may not hurt his 
beauteous garb of glory.* 
When those words heard 
the Chaldeans' prince, 
went then to the fire 
the stubborn chieftain, 
so that against the pile he stood ; 
bade then from the flame 
the living children, 

16. jej'co to jo^e, Ccedm. 

17. nee mihi ipsi ratio snppeditat — nalej me felfa leojeS, Ccedm. 
25. Lit. swallow d. 



neap aefc-jonjan^ 

ne j-ophojobon )7aec J7a haljan- 

p|?)7an hi hpset-mobe. 


peopn ^ehyjibon. 

ac eobon op J^am pype. 

peoph unpemme. 

pulbpe jeplitejab. 

ppa hypa paebum ne jcob- 

pppe jleba. i 

ac hi raib jaepc-lupan- 

pynne jeppenccon • 

1 jepijepaepcon. 

mobum jleape- 

in mon-)?eapap. 

|7uph pope -|?on cap. 

FXP je^yS^on :. 

nearer to approach. 

That slighted not the holy ones, 

after they, bold in spirit, 

the world-king's 

words had heard, 

but from the fire went, 

in life uninjur'd, 

with glory beautified, 

so that their garments hurt not 

the greedy gleeds, 

but they with their souls' love 

sin outwearied, 

and triumph'd, 

in mind sagacious, 

over man's practices ; 

through forethought 

from the fire escap'd. 




I^aebbe ic jeppujnen. 
fte i]' peop heonan. 
eajc-baelum on. 
se]7elajT lonba. 
pipum seppaeje. 



I have heard tell, 
that there is far hence, 
in eastern parts, 
a land most noble, 
amongst men renown 'd. 

5. r. pojit). 

Sst locus in primofelix oriente remotus, 
Qua patet ceterni janua celsa poll, 



ni]' je jiolban j-ceac- 

ojieji mibban-jeapb- 

monjum jejiejxe. 

jiolc-ajenbjia. [56 a.] 

ac he ajiyjipeb ij*. 

];uj\h meocubef meahc 

man- fjie m en bu m • 

plitij ij' je ponj eall' 

pynnum jeblipjab* 

mib ]>am paejjiepcuni. lo 

polban jcencum- 

aenlic ij- j^aec ijlonb. 

se]>e\e ye pyjihca- 

mobij meahcum j-pebij. 

pe ]?a molban jej-ecce- 

iSaep bi^ o}-t open- 

eabjum co-jeanej-. 

onhliben hleo)>pa pyn. 

heopon-piicej' bupu* 

]7aec ij' pynpum ponj. 20 

pealbaj* jjiene. 

pume unbep jiobejiuni- 

ne maej j^aep pen ne jnap- 

ne poppcej- pnaej-fc. 

ne pypep blaepc- 

ne haejlej- hpype^ 

ne h]iimep bpype- 

ne j'unnan haetu- 

ne pm calbu. 

ne peapm pebep. 30 

ne pmcep-pcup. 

That tract of earth is not, 

over mid- earth, 

fellow to many 

peopled lands, 

but it is withdrawn, 

through the Creator's might, 

from wicked doers. 

Beauteous is all the plain, 

with delights bless'd, 

with the sweetest 

of earth's odours : 

unique is that island, 

noble the Maker, 

lofty, in powers abounding, 

who the land founded. 

There is oft open, 

towards the happy, 

unclos'd, (delight of sounds !) 

heaven's kingdom's door. 

That is a pleasant plain, 

green wolds, 

spacious under heaven ; 

there may not rain nor snow, 

nor rage of frost, 

nor fire's blast, 

nor fall of hail, 

nor descent of rime, 

nor heat of sun, 

nor perpetual cold, 

nor warm weather, 

nor winter shower. 

24. MS. fnsejrc. 

iVec tanien ccstivos hiemisve propinquus adortiis, 
Sed qua sol vei'iio fundit ab axe diem. 



pilice jepypban. 
ac je ponj yeomai^- 
eabij ^ onjunb. 
ij' |?aec ae]?ele lonb- 
blojcmum jeblopen- 
beopjaj- ]?aeji ne muncap • 
j'Ceape ne jtonba^. 
ne fCan-clij-'u • 
heah hlipaiS- 
fpa heji mib uj-. 
ne bene ne balu- 
ne bun-pcpapu- 
hlaepaj' ne hlincaj'- 
ne J^aeji hleona^ oo- 
unpme^ep pihc- 
ac pe ae)7ela pelb- 
ppiba^ unbep polcnum- 
pynnum jeblopen. 
ip ^ Cojihte lonb- 
cpelpum hejipa- 
polbe pae^m-pimej*. 
ppa up jeppeojun jleape- 
pitjau |?uph pipbom- 
on jepjiicum cyj^ab- 
]?on aenij ]?apa beopja- 
]>e heji beojihce mib up. 
hea hlipia^. 

unbejx heopon-cunjlum. 
jmylce ip pe j-ije-ponj. 
j'un-beapo lixe^. 



aught injure, 

but the plain rests 

happy and healthful. 

That noble land is 

with blossoms flower'd : 

nor hills nor mountains there 

stand steep, 

nor stony cliffs 

tower high, 

as here with us ; 

nor dells nor dales, 

nor mountain-caves, 

risings nor hilly chains j 

nor thereon rests 

aught unsmooth, 

but the noble field 

flourishes under the skies 

with delights blooming. 

That glorious land is 

higher by twelve 

fold of fathom measure, 

(as us the skilful have inform'd, 

sages, through wisdom, 

in writings show,) 

than any of those hills 

that brightly here with us 

tower high, 

under the stars of heaven. 

Serene is the glorious plain, 

the sunny bower glitters. 

21. jrealbe ? 

22. MS. gejrjieojum. 

Illic planicies tractus diffundit apertos, 
Nee tumulus crescit, nee cava vallis Mat ; 

Sed nostras monies, quorum jug a celsa putantur. 
Per his sex ulnas eminet ille locus. 



pubu-holc pynlic- 
pasj'Cmaj' ne bpeojaiS. 
beojihce blebe. 
ac ]fa. beamap a* 
5j\ene jTonba"S. 
jpa him job bibeab- 
pmcpej* ^ jnimepep- 
pubu bi^ jelice. 
blebum jehonjen. 
naeppe bjiojnia^- 
leap unbeji lypce- 
ne him hj pcej^e^. 
teppe Co ealbpe- 
aeji )?on ebpeubeii- 
pojiulbe jepeopSe. 
j'pa lu paerjiep }?pym. 
eahie mibban-jeajib- 
mejie-plob j^eahce- 
eojijjau ymb-hpyppc- 
)>a je ae|>ela ponj. 
aejhpaep onj'unb. 
pi^ jrS-pape. 
jehealben j'tob- 
hpeojia paeja- 
eabij unpemme- 
]7uph epc jobej'- 
bibe^ j-pa jeblopen. 
o^ baelej- cyme, 
bjiyhtnep bomep. 
]7on bea^-paeceb- 
h3ele];a heolj'Coji-copan 

the woody holt, joyously ; 

the fruits fall not, 

the bright products, 

but the trees ever 

stand green, 

as them God hath commanded : 

in winter and in summer 

the forest is alike 

hung with fruits, 
10 never fade 
[56 /».] the leaves in air, 

nor will flame them injure, 

ever throughout ages, 

ere that an end 

to the world shall be. 

What time of old the water's mass 

all mid-earth, 

the sea-flood deck'd 

the world's circumference, 
20 then the noble plain, 

in all ways secure, 

against the billowy course 

stood preserved, 

of the rough waves, 

happy, inviolate, 

through God's favour : 

it shall abide thus blooming, 

until the fire's coming, 

of the Lord's doom ; 
30 when the death-houses. 

men's dark chambers, 
14. sec enbe? 
Hie solis nemus est, et consitus arbore multa 

Lixcus perpetuce frondis honore viret. 
Cum Phaethonteis jlagrassel ah ignibus axis, 

Ille locus jiammis inviolatus erat ; 
Et cum diluvium mersisset jluctihus orbem, 
Deucalioneas exsuperavU aquas. 



onhliben peoji]?a^. 

Ill]' l^seji on J^am loube- 

la^ jeni^la- 

ne pop ne ppacu. 

pea-cacen nan- 

ylbu ne ypni^u- 

ne pe enja bea^- 

ne lipej- lype- 

ne la]?ej- cyme- 

ne pynn ne pacu* 

ne j'ap pjiacu- 

ne paeble jepin • 

ne pelan onjyn. 

ne yojv^ ne plaep. 

ne ppap lejeji. 

ne pmcep jepeopp. 

ne pebjia jebjiejb. 

hjieoh unbeji heopomim- 

ne j-e heapba pojijc- 

calbura cyle-jicelum. 

cnype^ aenijne- 

]?aep ne haejl ne hjiim. 

hpeopa'S to polban- 

ne pinbij polcen- 

ne l^aeji paecep peallep- 

lypce ^ebyj-jab. 

ac ]?aep laju-pcpeamaj-. 

shall be open'd. 

There is not in that land 

hateful enmity, 

nor wail, nor vengeance, 

evil-token none, 

old age nor misery, 

nor the narrow death, 

nor loss of life, 

nor coming of enemy, 

10 nor sin nor strife, 
nor painful exile, 
nor poor one's toil, 
nor desire of wealth, 
nor care nor sleep, 
nor grievous sickness, 
nor winter's darts, 
nor dread of tempests 
rough under heaven^ 
nor the hard frost 

20 with cold chill icicles 
striketh any. 
There nor hail nor rime 
on the land descend, 
nor windy cloud, 
nor there water falls 
agitated in air, 
but there liquid- sti'eams 

21. MS. cnyj-eb. 

Non ktic exangues morbi, non cegra senectus, 

Nee mors crudelis, nee metus asper adit. 
Nee scelus infandum, nee opum vesana eupido, 

Aut Mars, aut ardens ccedis amore furor ; 
Luctus aeerbus abest, et egestas obsita pannis, 

Et eurce insomties, et violenta fames ; 
Non ibi tempestas, nee visfurit horrida venti, 

Nee gelido terram rore pruina tegit ; 
Nulla super campos tendit sua vellera nubes, 

Nee cadit ex alto turbidus humor aquoe. 



punbjiu pjiseclice. 

pyllan onjppinja^. 

f-aejjium polb-pylmum. 

polban leccaj?. 

paeceji pynpumu. 

op ]?aep puba iiiible. 

]?a mon|7a jehpam • 

op J^aejie molban cyjip* 

bjiim-calb bpeca^. 

beajio ealne jeonb-pajia^- lo 

l^pajum l^pymlice. 

ip )7aec ]7eobnep jebob. 

^te cpelp pi]7um. 

^ tippaepce lonb- 


laju-ploba-pynn • 

jmbon ]7a beappaj*- 

blebu jehonjene- 

plicijum paejcmu. 

}>aep no pania^ ©• 20 

halje unbeji heoponum^ [57 «.] 

holcep ppaetpe. 

ne pealla^ )?aeji on polban- 

pealpe blojcman. 

pubu-beama plice- 

ac l^aeji pjiaeclice. 

on )?a cpeopuni j'ymle. 

teljan jehlabene. 

opecc ebnipe. 

wonderously curious, 

wells spring forth, 

with fair bubblings from earth ; 

o'er the soil glide 

pleasant waters, 

from the wood's midst ; 

there each month, 

from the turf of earth, 

sea-cold thei/ burst, 

all the grove pervade 

at times abundantly. 

It is God's behest, 

that twelve times 

the glorious land 

sports over 

the joy of water-floods. 

The groves are 

with produce hung, 

with beauteous fruits ; 

there wane not, 

holy under heaven, 

the holt's decorations, 

nor fall there on earth 

the fallow blossoms, 

beauty of forest-trees, 

but there wonderously, 

on the trees ever, 

the laden branches, 

the renovated fruit. 

20. MS. puniatf. 

Sedfons in medio est, quern vivum nomine dicunt, 
Perspicuus, lenis, dulcibus uber aquis, 

Qui semel erumpens per singula tempera mensum, 
Duodecies undis irrigat omne nemus: 

Hie genus arhoreum procero stipite surgens, 
Nan lapsura solo mitia poma gerit. 



in ealle cib. 

on j^am jjiaej'-ponje. 

jjiene jconba]?. 

jehjioben hyhclice. 

halijej' meahcum. 

beojihcajc beajipa- 

no jebjtocen peop)?e^. 

hole on hipe- 

)>aeji ]'e halja pcenc- 

puna]? jeonb pyn-lonb. 

^ onpenbeb ne biiS. 

aepjie Co ealbpe. 

aeji |?on enbije- 

ppob pyjin jepeojic. 

je hiC on ppym]7e Jfcop :• 


at all times, 

on the grassy plain, 

stand green, 

gloriously adprn'd, 

through the Holy's might, 

brightest of groves ! 

Not broken is 

the wood in aspect : 

there a holy fragrance 

rests o'er the pleasant land ; 

that shall not be changed, 

for ever throughout ages, 

ere that shall end 

his wise work of yore 

he who it at first created. 


Done pubu peapba]>. 
punbpum paejep- 
pu^el pe];pu j'Cponj. 
je ip penix hacen- 
J73ep pe anha^a* 
eapb bihealbe]?. 
beopmob bpohca^. 
naeppe him bea]? pcej^e^. 
on )?am pill-ponje- 
J>enben populb jconbej?- 
j'e jceal ]?ae}ie junnan- 
pi^ bihealban. 

That wood inhabits 
wonderously fair, 
a fowl of pinions strong, 
that is Phoenix bight j 
there the lonely bird 
its dwelling holds, 
its beloved haunt : 
never shall death destroy it 
in that pleasant plain, 
while the world stands. 
It is said the sun's 
course to observe. 

Hoc nemus, hos lucos avis iticolit unica PJioeniXy 
Unica, sed vivit morle rcfecta sua ; 



•3 onjean-cuman . 
jobej" conbelle- 
jlaebum jimine- 
jeojine bepicijan- 
hponne up cyme- 
aej^elajt Cunjla. 
oj:eji jrS-mejie' 
efCan lixan> 
}:aebeji pyim-jepeojic^ 
j:jiaetpum blican. 
copht tacen jobep- 
tunjol beo]? ahybeb. 
jepiten unbeji pa|?eman. 
pejC-baelaj' on- 
bibejlab on baej-jxeb. 
"3 peo beopce nihc. 
pon jepice^. 
)?on pajjum ptponj- 
piijel pe]7puin plonc- 
on pijijen-pcjieam. 
unbep lypt opep laju. 
loca^ jeopne. 
hponne up cyme, 
eaptan jKban. 
opep pibne yae- 
j'pejlep leoma' 
ppa ye 8e]?ela pujeL 
aet Jjam ae-pppmje. 
plicij paepc puna^. 

and to meet 

God's candle, 

joyous gem, 

carefully to watch 

when riseth up 

of stars the noblest 

over the billowy main, 

from the east shining, 

the Father's work of old, 
10 glittering in arms, 

bright sign of God : 

when the stars are hidden, 

retir'd under ocean, 

into the western parts, 

obscur'd at dawn, 

and the dark night 

murky departs, 

then, strong in course, 

the fowl, exulting in its plumes, 
20 into the mountain • stream, 

under sky over water, 

looks earnestly, 

when shall come up, 

gliding from the east, 

over the spacious sea, 

heaven's beam. 

Thus the noble fowl 

at the fountain, 

beauteous, steadfast dwelleth, 
30 the welling streams : 

25. MS.jitfne. 

Paret, et ohsequitur Phcebo memoranda saielles. 

Hoc natura parens munus habere dedit, 
Lutea cum primum surgens Aurora ruhescit, 

Cum primum rosea sidera lucefugat, 



l^aeji j'e ciji-eabja- 
tpely. ]i]?um hine- 
biba)7a^ in ]?ain bupnan- 
aeji ]7aef beacnej- cyme, 
'J jymle j-pa ope. 
op ]?am piljunian. 
bjiim-calb beopje^. 
sec ba^a jehpylcum. 
pi|?)?an hme pylpue. 
aepcep punb-ple;;^an. 
heah-mob hepe^- 
on heanne beam. 
]7onan yj^apt msej. 
on eapc-pejum. 
Yv6 bihealban. 
hponne J'pejlep Capuji- 
opeji hobn-]?p8ece. 
haebpe blice. 
leohcep leoma. 
lonb beo^ jepjiaetpab- 
pojiulb jeplitejab. 
pi|>|?an pulbpej" 51m. 
opeji jeopone)' ^on^. 
^jiunb jepcme]?- 
^eonb mibban-jeajib. 
maejiopfc tunjla. 

there the glorious bird 
twelve times itself 
[57 A.] bathes in the brook, 

ere the beacon's coming, 
heaven's candle, 
and ever as oft 
of the grateful 
welling springs 
ocean-cold tastes, 
10 at every bath : 
then itself, 
after its watery play, 
proudly raises, 
on to a lofty tree, 
whence it may most easily, 
on the east ways, 
the time observe, 
when heaven's taper, 
over the watery main 
20 serenely shines, 
the beam of light, 
whe7i land is adorn'd, 
the world beautified, 
after glory's gem 
over ocean's course 
the ground illumes 
throughout mid- earth, 
greatest of stars ! 

14. r. healine. 

19. MS. pjisece. 

Ter quater ilia pias immergit corpus in undas, 
Ter quater e vivo gurgite libat aquam ; 

Tollitur, ac summo consedit in arboris altce 
Vertice, quae totum despicit una nemus : 

Et conversa novos Plicebi nascentis ad ortus, 
Flxpectat radios etjubar exoriens : 



j'ona j'pa j-eo jninne. 
]-ealce j'tpeamaj'. 
hea oj:e]i-hli}:a^- 
jpa fe hajpa j^ujel- 
beojihc op ]>dSY beappep. 
beame jepice^. 
pape^ pe)?puni j-nelL 
plyhce on lypte- 
]-pinj-a^ 3 pinje^. 
j'pejle co-jeanej'- 
^on bi^ j'pa paejep. 
piijlej' jebaepu- 
onbjiypbeb bpeopc-j-epa- 
blippum pemij- 
ppixle^ po^-cpaepce. 
beojihcan peopbe^ 
]>on aeppe bype monnep- 
hypbe unbep heoponu- 
pi]>)7an heah cyninj. 
pulbpep pyjihta- 
pojiulb pca]7elobe. 
heopon ^ eop]?an. 
bi|? ]?aep hleo^jiej' ppej- 
eallum jonj-cjiaeptum^ 
j-pecpa ^ plici^jia* 
3 pynpumpa- 
pjienca jehpylcu- 
ne majoii ]7a bpeahtiue- 
by man ne hojinap. 


Soon as the sun 

the salt streams 

high over-towers, 

then the variegated fowl 

bright from the grove's 

tree departs, 

goes with pinions swift 

by flight in air, 

warbles and sings 

10 towards heaven. 
Then is so fair 
the bird's bearing, 
his spirit inspir'd, 
in bliss exulting, 
it chants its song 
more wonderfully, 
with its clear voice, 
than ever child of man 
heard under heaven, 

20 since the high King, 
Creator of glory, 
founded the world, 
heaven and earth. 
Its voice's sound is 
than all vocal music 
sweeter and finer, 
and more delightful 
than every artifice ; 
that sound may not equal 

30 trumpets nor horns, 
MS. -heanej-. 

Atque tibi Sol pepulit fulgentis limina portcB, 
Et primi emicuit luminis aura levis, 

Incipit ilia sacri niodulamina fimdere canius, 
Et mira lucem voce ciere novam, 

Qtmm nee aedonia voces, nee tibia possit 
Musica Cyn-hceis assimulare modis ; 



ne heajipan hlyii- 
ne haelej^a jcepn- 
aenjej' on eoji]?ari. 
ne opjanon-j'pej- 
leo|>jie]' jej-pm. 
ne j'panej' j:e^pe. 
ne aenij }>ajia bjieama^ 
\>e bjiyhcen jepcop. 
jumum CO jlipe- 
in J7ap jeomjian pojiulb 
pnje^ ]pa ^ j-pinja^- 
j-aelum jeblijpab. 
o]?]7aec ]'eo junne. 
on pu^-jiobop. 
paejeb peopj^e^. 
|?on jpia^ he. 
1 hlyj-C leye^- 
heifbe onbjiyjbe^. 
]?pi]-c jjoncej- jleap. 
■;3 J?pipa apcaece^. 
pe|7pe jilyhc-hpace. 
pujol bi^ ^eppijeb. 
jymle he Cpelp ]n]?um. 
ciba jemeapca'S- 
baejej" ^ nihcep. 
ppa jebemeb ip- 
beappep bijenja- 
J>aet he J^aep bpucan moc 

5. hleo])]icj? 

nor the harp's sound, 

nor voice of men, 

any on earth, 

nor organ's tone, 

song's melody, 

nor SM'an's pkimes, 

nor any of those sounds, 

that the Lord hath created 

for delight to men, 
10 in this sad world. 

So it sings and warbles, 

happily bless'd, 
[58 «.] till that the sun, 

in the south heaven, 

is sunk ; 

it then is silent, 

and listens, 

its head raises 

bold, in thought sagacious, 
20 and thrice shakes 

its plumage, prompt for flight ; 

then the bird is hush'd. 

Ever it twelve times 

the hours marks 

of day and night, 

as is ordain'd 

the grove's inhabitant, 

that it may there enjoy 

6. jretSjie, sic MS. 

Sed neque olor moriens imitari posse putetur, 

Nee CylleiKsee Jila canora lyrce. 
Postquam Phoebus equos in aperta refudit Olympi, 

Atque orbem totum protidit usque means. 
Ilia ter alarum repetito verbere plaudit, 

Igniferumque caput ter venerata silet, 
Atque eadem celeres etiam discriminat horas, 

Innarrabilibus node dieque sonis ; 
Antistes nemorum, luci veneranda sacerdos, 

Et sola arcanis conscia, Phoebe, tuts ; 



ponjej' mib pillum- 

-) pelan neotan- 

hyey ~\ lijj'a. 

lonbej- }:paecpa- 

o^ j^aec he J^uj-enbe- 

]?irrej- hpej'. 

pubu-beajipej" peajib. 

pintpa jebibe)?. 

"Son bi^ jehepjab. 


jomol jeapum ppob- 

jpene eop^an. 

aplyh^ fujla. 

polban jeblopene. 

^ |>onne jejece^- 

piiSe pice. 

mibban-jeapbej- • 

l^aep no men buja^' 

eapb "J ejjel- 

);aeji he ealbopbom onpeh^- 


opep pujla cynn. 

jej^unjen on ];eobe. 

^ j^paje mib him. 

pepcen peapba^. 

|>on paj^um ptponj. 

pej't jepite^. 

pintpu jebypjab. 

pleojan pej?pum pnel. 

pujlap l^pinja^. 

the plain at will, 
and the weal partake 
of life and happiness, 
the land's treasures, 
till that it a thousand 
of this life, 

the wood-grove's guardian, 
winters abides ; 
then waxes dull 

10 the variegated of feathers, 
old, stricken in years, 
the green earth 
fleeth of birds, 
the flowery soil, 
and then seeks 
journeying a tract 
of middle earth, 
where men inhabit not, 
a home and country, 

20 where it supremacy receives 
over the race of birds, 
illustrious in the tribe, 
and a space with them 
the waste inhabits; 
then, strong in course, 
westward departs, 
stricken in years, 
flying, of pinions swift. 

30 The birds throng 


12. MS. jiene, 

QucB postquam vitcBJam mille peregerit annos, 
Ac si reddiderint tenipora longa graveniy 

Ut reparet lapsum fatis vergentibus cBVuniy 
Assueti nemoris dulce cubilefugit ; 

Cumquc renascendi studio loca sancta reliquif, 
Tunc petit hunc orbem, mors ubi regna tenet. 



ucan-ymbe aej^elne. 

fiejhpylc piUe pej-an. 

J^e^n -^ |?eop. 

J?eobne inaejiuni' 

o]7]7aet he jej-eca^. 

j'yjipajia lonb- 

cop"S]ia maepce. 

him pe claena j^aep. 

oSpcupe^ pceapphce^ 

■^ he in pcabe peapba^' 

on pubu-beappe. 

pepce pcope^ 

biholene "] bihybbe. 

haelej^a monejum- 

^aep he heanne beam* 

on holc-puba" 

puna^ 3 peapba^. 

pyptum paepcne- 

iinbep heopun-hpope. 

J?one haca^ men. 

penix on polban. 

op ]>3SY fujlep noman. 

hapa^ ]?am cpeope popjiepen. 

tip-meahtij cyninj. [58 /».] 

meocub mon-cynnep- 

mine jeppaeje- 

jjaec pe ana ij- 

ealpa beama. 

on eop'S-peje. 

up laebenbpa. so 


around the noble owe, 
each will be 
minister and servant 
to the great chief, 
till that it seeks 
the Syrians' land, 
with train innumerable. 
The pure bird there 
drives them off rigorously, 
that it in shade may hold, 
in the wood-grove, 
a desert place, 
conceal'd and hidden 
from the crowd of men. 
There it a lofty tree, 
in the holt-wood, 
holds and inhabits, 
by its roots fast, 
under heaven's roof, 
which men call 
Phoenix, on earth, 
from this bird's name. 
Hath granted to that tree 
the all-powerful King, 
Lord of mankind, 
as I have learn'd, 
that it alone is, 
of all trees 
on earth's way 
upward soaring, 

Dirigit in Syriani celeres longceva volatiut, 
Phoeniccs nomen cui dedit ipsa Venus, 

Secretosque petit deserta per avia lucos. 
Hie ubi per salttis silva remota latet ; 

Turn legit aerio sublimem vertice palmam, 
Quce gratum Phoenix ex ave nomen habet, 



beojihtaj'C jeblopen- 
ne maej him bicjiej" pihc- 
fcylbum j'ce^^an- 
ac jefcylbeb a. 
puna^ unjepypbeb. 
|?enben pojiulb pconbe^ :• 

most brightly flourishing : 

may not it aught of bitter 

wickedly injure, 

but, shielded ever, 

it shall continue unimpair'd, 

while the world stands. 

Donne pmb lijeS- 
pebeji bi^ paejeji. 
hluccop heoponep pm- 
halij pcineiS. 
beo^ polcen copejen- 
paecjia }>jiy]?e- 
pcille fConba^- 
bi)? pcojima jehpylc. 
aj*pe}:eb unbep rpejle- 
puj^an blice^. 
pebeji-conbel peapm- 
peopobu lyhce^. 
"Son on ]?am celjum. 
timbpan onjnmeS- 
nej'C jeappian. 
bi^ him neob micel- 
^ he J7a ylbu. 
opejtum moce- 


When the wind is still, 
the weather is fair, 
clear heaven's gem, 

10 holy, shines, 

the clouds are dispell'd, 
the bodies of waters 
stand still, 
when every storm is 
lull'd under heaven, 
from the south shines, 
nature's candle warm, 
to multitudes gives light,- 
then on the branches 

20 it to build begins, 
to prepare a nest. 
It has great need, 
that it age then 
most quickly may. 

In quam nulla nocens animans perrumpere possit, 

Lubricus aut serpens, aut avis ulla rapax. 
Turn ventos clatidit pendentibus ^ohts antris, 

Ne violent Jlabris aera purpureum ; 
Neu concreta noto nubes per inania cceli 

Summoveat radios solis, et obsit avi, 
Construit inde sibi seu nidum, sive sepulcrum, 

Nam perit ut vivat, se tamen ipsa creat. 



)?ujih jepiccej' pylm. 
penban Co lipe- 
peopj jeonj onpon. 
j7onne peoji ^ neah. 
J?a j'petejcan • 
pomna^ ^ jaebpa^. 
pypca pynpume- 
•^ pubu-bleba- 
CO \>a,m eapb-]'Cebe. 
ae]?el-pcenca jehpone. 
pyjica pynjumpa. 
]7e pulbop-cyniuj. 
paebep ppymiSa jehpaej- 
opep polban jej'cop. 
CO inbpyhcu. 
aelba cynne. 
j-pecep unbep j-pejle. 
}?£Ep he jylp biepe^. 
m f cpeop mnan- 
cophce ppaecpe. 
]?aep je pilba pujel- 
in |?am pepcenne- 
opep heanne beam- 
huj' jeCirnbpe^ • 
pliCij 3 pynj'um. 


through force of knowledge, 

turn to life, 

a young soul receive. 

Then far and near 

the sweetest it 

collects and gathers, 

pleasant herbs, 

and forest leaves, 

to that dwelling-place, 

each fragrant odour 

of pleasant herbs, 

that the Glory-King, 

Father of every origin, 

over earth created, 

for the noble 

race of men, 

of sweet under heaven ; 

there itself bears 

into that tree 

bright treasures ; 

there the wild bird, 

in the waste, 

upon the lofty tree, 

a house constructs 

fair and pleasant. 

13. MS. ^epaer- 

14. MS. polan. 

18. r. bepeX. 

Colligit hinc succos et odores divite silva, 
^ ^ Quos legit Assyrius, quos opuleutus Arabs, 

Quos aut Pygmcece gentes, aut India car-pit, 

Aut molli generat terra Sahcca sinu ; 
Cinnama dehinc, auramqiie procul spirantis amomi 

Congerit, et misto halsama cum folio : 
Non casicE mitis, nee olentis vimen acanthi. 

Nee thuris lacrimce guttaque pinguis obese ; 
His addit teneras nardi pubentis aristas, 

Et social myrrhce vim, panacea, tuam. 

p 2 



^ jepica^ J'^P* 
fylj: in ]>am jolepe. 
■] ymb yete^ ucan. 
in )7ani leap-jceabe- 
lie ^ yepTfxe' 
on healye jehpape- 
haljum jcencu. 
■3 ]7ain ae|?elejt:u. 
eop]7an blebum- 
]"icei5 ]'i]?ej' pup- 
J^onppe^lep 51111. 
on puuiejiej- cib. 
puiine hacopc- 
opeji jceabu jcine'S. 
^ jejceapu bpeojeS- 
pojiulb jeonb-plice^ 
|?on peoji^e^ hi]-- 
hup onhseceb. 
)?u]ih haboji jpejel- 
pypca peapmia^. 
pill-pele j'CymeS. 
j-pecu ppaeccum. 
]?on on jpole bypne^ 
)7uph pypej' penj. 
pujel mib nepce. 
bael bi^ onaeleb. 
|?on bjionb J^ece^^ 
heope-bjieojijep hup- 
hpeoh onecte^. 

and dwells there, 
itself in that chamber, 
and surrounds, 
in that leafy shade, 
body and wings, 
on either side, 
with holy odours, 
and with the noblest 
plants of earth : — 
10 it sits on journey bent. 
When heaven's gem, 
at summer's tide, 
[59 ff.] the sun most hot, 

o'er the shade shines, 
and forms undergoes, 
o'er the world looks, 
then becomes its 
house heated, 

through the firmament serene ; 
20 the herbs grow warm, 
the lov'd chamber steams 
with odours sweet j 
then with the heat burns, 
through the fire's grasp, 
bird with nest; 
the pile is kindled, 
then the burning decks 
the blood-stained's house, 

fierce hurries, 

28. r. heojio-. 

Proiinus instrato corpus mutahile nido, 

Vitalique toro membra quieta local : 
Ore dehinc succos membris circiimque supraque 

Injicit, exequiis immoritura suis ; 
Tunc inter varios animam commendat odores, 

Depositi tanti nee timet illajidem. 
Jnterea corpus genitali morte perempttim 

^siu4Xt, etfiammam parturit ipse color ; 



yealo lij j:eo|iiiia^. 
■^ fenix byjine^- 
fyjin-jeapiim pjiob. 
]?on j:yp J^ijeiS. 
laenne lic-homan. 
lij: bi^ oil yrSe' 
f^Z^T Feoph-hojib. 
)?on plaejc ";) ban- 
ab-lej aele^- 

hpae]7]ie him epC-cyme^- 
aepteji fypjc-meajice- 
peojih ebnipe. 
j'i)?]7an ]?a yjlan. 
e}:c onjmna^. 
seyteji lij-J^jiaece. 
lucan tojaebepe. 
jeclunjne to cleopenne. 
)>onne claene bi^. 
beojihcapc nepta- 
baele popjjiunben- 
hea]?o-popep hoj;. 
h]ia bi^ acolab. 
ban-jzaec jebpocen • 
■;3 j'e bpyne ppejjjia^. 
J?on op |7am abe- 
aeplep jelicnep. 
on )7aepe apcan bi^^ 
epc jemeteb. 
op )7a peaxe^ pypm* 

feeds the yeUow flame, 

and the Phoenix burns, 

stricken with by-gone years ; 

then the fire devours 

the frail body, 

life is on its journey, 

the fated's spirit ; 

then flesh and bones 

the pile's flame burns ; 
10 yet to it returns, 

after a space, 

life renew'd. 

When that the ashes 

again begin, 

after the flame's force, 

to combine together, 

clinging to cleave, 

when is clean 

that brightest nest, 
20 by the fire pulveriz'd, 

the martial bird's abode, 

the corpse is cool'd, 

the bone-case broken, 

and the burning ceases ; 

then from the pile 

an apple's likeness 

is in the ashes 

found afterwards, 

from which waxes a worm 

jEtherioque procul de lumine concipit ignem, 
Flagrat et ambustum solvitur in cinerem ; 

Quos velut in massam cineres in morte coactos 
Conjlat, et effectum seminis instar hahenl : 

Hinc animal primum sine memhris fertur oriri, 
Sedfertur vermi lacteus esse color. 



punbjiu yaejeji- 

jpylce he oy. aejejium- 


jciji oj: j'cylle. 

]?onne on jceabe peaxe^ 

f he aejiepr biiS- 

j-pylce eajinej' bjiib. 

paejep pujel-cimbep- 

^on }:up}70]a jm- 

ppiba^ on pynnum. 

f he bi^ paejrmum jelic 

ealbum eajxne. 

3 aej:cefi ]7on . 

pe}7pum jeppaetpab- 

ppylc he aec ppymSe paep 

beojihc jeblopen • 

]7on bpaeb peopj^e^. 

eal ebnipe. 

epc acenneb- 

jynnuni apunbjiab- 

jumep on hce- 

jpa mon to 'ijleopne- 

eop^an pajptmap^ 

on haejipepce- 

ham jelaebe^. 

pij'Ce pynpunie- 

aep pmcpej' cyme- 

on pypej* ciman- 


[59 Z..] 

wonderously fair, 

as it from an egg had been 

brought forth, 

pure from the shell. 

Then in the shade it waxes, 

so that first it is 

as an eagle's young, 

« fair young bird ; 

then further yet 

thrives joyfully, 

till it is like in form 

to an old eagle, 

and after that, 

with plumes adorn'd, 

as it was at first, 

bright- blooming ; 

then becomes large, 

all renew'd, 

born again, 

sunder'd from sins. 

Like as in summer, 

when man for sustenance 

earth's fruits 

in harvest 

brings home, 

pleasant food, 

ere winter's coming, 

at reaping time. 

2. 3. jpilce he oj: aeje faejxe. uc-alaebeb? 

21. r. jumepej. 

Creverit immensum subito cum tempore certo, 
Sese ovi teretis colligit in speciem ; 

Inde reformntur qualisfuit antejigura, 
Et Phoenix ruptis pullulat exuviis, 

Ac velut agrestes, cumfilo ad saxa tenentur, 
Mutari tine(B papilione solent. 



\>y Issy hi penej' j'cup. 
apyjibe unbeji polcnum- 
]>se]i hi ppa^e meta^- 
foboji-Jjeje jejieon- 
J?on j:opjC ^ j-nap- 
mib opep-maejne- 
eo]i)7an |;ecca^. 
pincep-jepaebum • 
o}:J>am paepcmum pceal- 
eopla eab-pelan. 
epc alaeban. 
]>uph copnej' jecynb. 
]>e aep claene bi^. 
jaeb onj'apen. 
)?onne punnan jlaem- 
on lenccenne" 
hpej- Cacen pece^. 
populb-jeptpeon • 
J?aet ]^a paeptmap beoiS^ 
Jjuph ajne jecynb- 
polban ppaecpe. 
ppa j'e pujel peop|?e'S- 
jomel aepcep jeapum- 
jeonj ebnipe. 
plaepce biponjen. 
no he pobbop j^ije^^ 
mete on molban- 
nemne mele-beapej'- 
bael ^ebypje. 

lest it the rain-shower 
destroy under the clouds ; 
there they find support, 
joy of refection, 
when frost and snow, 
with their predominance, 
earth deck 
with winter- weeds. 
From those fruits shall 

10 a man riches 

again bring forth, 

through the grain's nature, 

which is at first a pure 

seed sown, 

then the sun's gleam 

in spring 

wakens the sign of life, 

the world's production, 

so that the fruits are, 

20 through their own kind, 
earth's treasures. 
Thus the bird becomes 
old after years, 
atid young, renew 'd, 
with flesh invested ; 
it food touches not, 
meat on earth, 
save it of honey-dew 

30 a portion tastes, 

10. r. eojil. 

Non illi cibtis est nostra concessus in orlte, 
Nee cuiquam implumem pascere cura suhest, 

Ambrosios libat coelesti nectare rores, 
Stellifero teneri qui cecidere polo ; 



j-e bpeojeS o}:C- 
aet raibbjie nihte- 
bi }?on je mobja hij' 
peojih aj:ebeS' 
oJ> l^aec pypn jejefcu. 
a^enne eajib- 
epc jef ece^ :• 

which often falls 

at midnight, 

by which the lofty bird its 

life cherishes, 

till that its ancient seats, 

its own dwelling, 

again it seeks. 


ponne bi^ apeaxen. 
pyjicum in jemonje. 
fujel pel^jium beal. 
j:eoph bi^ nipe. 
jeonj jeopona }:ul. 
J)onne he of jpeoce- 
hip lic-leo]7u cjiaepcij. 
]>aet sep lij pojinom- 
jomna^ jpolep lape. 
peajipu jejaebjiaiS. 
ban jebjiopnab- 
sepcepi bael-)?]i8ece. 
•3 \on jebjiinje^' 
ban ^ yplan. 
abep lape- 
ept aetpomne. 
3 j;on )?aec pael-jieap- 


When is grown up 

among the herbs, 

the bird with feathers proud, 

when life is new, 

young, full of energies, 

then it from the dust 

its body's members cunningly 

(that the flame ere consum'd) 

collects, the fire's leavings 

skilfully gathers, 

the perish'd bones, 

after the fire's force, 

and then brings 

bones and ashes, 

the pile's relics, 

again together, 

and then that dead-spoil 

Hos legit, his alitur mediis in odoribus ales, 
Donee maturam proferat effigiem. 

Ast ubi prinupva ccepit jiorere juventa, 
Evolat ad patrias jam reditura domos: 

Ante tamen propria quicquid dc corpore restat, 
Ossaqtie vel cineres exuviasque suas, 



pyjicum bitelbe^. 
y3e^]\e jeppaecpeb- 
"Sonne ajiyjeb biiS • 
ajenne eajib. 
ejic to fecan- 
|?onne pofcum yml]}:ehS- 
}:yjief lape- 
clam biclyppe^. 
'-j hiy cy]>]>\i ey.t' 
jun-beophc jej-ecii. 
jeceiS on pynnu. 
eabij eJ;el-lonb- 
eall bi'S jenipab. 
peojih ■;) }:e]7ep~homa. 
fpa he aefc yjiyrtipe paej-. 
]?a hine aepepc job- 
on ]7one aej^elan ponj. 
j'ljoji-jiaept jecte- 
he hip pylpep |?aep. 
ban jebpinje^- 
]>a. aep bponbej- pylni' 
on beoph-pcebe- 
baele pop]7ylmbe. 
apcan co-eacan. 
|7on eal-jeabop- 
bebypje^ beabu-cpaepcij- 
ban "^ yplan- 
on l^am ealonbe- 
bi^ him ebnipe- 

[60 a.] 


with herbs covers, 

neatly adorns : 

then it is impell'd 

its own dwelling 

again to seek, 

then with its feet it grasps 

the fire's relics, 

with its claws seizes, 

and its home again, 

its sun-bright seats, 

seeks joyfully, 

its happy native land. 

All is renew'd, 

its life and feather- cove ring, 

as it was at the beginning, 

when God it first, 

in that noble plain 

triumphant set. 

It there its own 

bones brings, 

which ere the fire's rage, 

on the mound, 

on the pile, had encompass'd, 

the ashes also ; 

then all together 

the martial bird buries, 

bones and ashes, 

in that island. 

To it is new again 

2. jepjisetpab' ? 

8. clapuin ? 

Unguine balsameo myrrhaqice et thure soluto 
Condit, et informant conglohat ore pio ; 

Quam pedibus gestans contendit soils ad ortus, 
Inque ara residens, ponit in cede sacra. 

Mirandam sese prcestat, prcehetqtie videnti, 
Tantus avi decor est, tantus abundat honor: 



]7aejie j'unnan jejn- 
]7on J'pejlej' leohc 
Jim ma jlaboj-fc. 
oj:eja ^apj-ecj up. 
aej^el-cunjla pyn. 
eaj'Can lixe^. 
I J' je jiujel pae^eji. 
poppeayib hipe- 
bleo bjiyjbuni paj. 
ymb ]7a bjieopc popan. 
ip him f heapob. 
hinban jpene- 
ppaeclice ppixleb- 
pupman jeblonben- 
]?on ip pe pmta. 
paejjie jebaeleb- 
pum bpun pum bapu- 
j'um blacum jplotcum. 
j-eajiohce bepeceb. 
pinbon )?a pij^jiu. 
hpit hinbanpeapb. 
^ pe halp jpene. 
nio]7opea]ib ^ upepeapb* 
^ f nebb lixe^. 
ppa ^laep o]>]>e 51m • 

the sign of sun, 
when heaven's light, 
of gems most joyous, 
up over ocean, 
of noble stars delight, 
shines from the east. 
The bird is fair 
of hue in front, 
^V* colour changeable 

10 about the breast before. 
Its head is 
green behind, 
curiously variegated, 
with scarlet blended ; 
then is the train 
beautifully divided, 
part brown part purple, 
part with paly spots 
cunningly studded. 

20 The wings are 
hind ward white, 
and the neck green, 
downward and upward, 
and the beak glitters 
like glass or gem ; 

13. MS. ppixleff. 

Principio color est qualis sub sidere coeli, 

Mitia quern croceo Punica grana legunt, 
Qualis inestfoliis qucefert agreste papaver, 

Cum pandit vestes Flora rubente solo. 
Hoc humeri pectusque decens velamine fulgent. 

Hoc caput, hoc cervix, summaque terga niient ; 
Caudaque porrigitur fulvo distenta metallo. 

In cujus maculis purpura mista rubet. 
Clarum inter pennas insigne est desuper, Iris 

Pingere ceu nubem desuper alta solet, 
Albicat insignis misto viridatite smaragdo, 

Et puro cornu gemmea cuspis Mat. 



jeaplaj- jxyne- 

mnan ^ iican. 

ij* j'eo eaj-jebyjib. 

fceajic J hiye- 

j'fcane jelicaj-c- 

jlabum pmme. 

}>on in jolb-pate. 

)tni]?a op]7oncu. 

bij-eceb peoji]?e^. 

1]* ymb ]7one j'peopan- 

j'pylce punnan hpinj- 

beaja beojihcapc- 

bjiejben pe^jium- 

ppaeclic 1]' peo pomb neo]?an. 

punbpu paejeji. 

]-cij\ :) pcyne. 

ip ]'e pcylb upan- 

ppaecpum jepejeb. 

opep |?aep pujlep baec- 

jinbon ]>a. j-cancan- 

j'cyllu bipeaxen- 

pealpe pocap- 

ye pujel ip on hipe- 

ae^hpae]- aenlic* 

oulicopc pean- 

pynnum jepeaxen- 


t/ie jaws comely 

within and without. 

The eye is 

strong, and in aspect 

to a stone most like, 

a sparkling gem, 

when in a golden vessel, 

by smiths' artifice, 

ii has been set. 

Around the neck it is 

like the sun's orb, 

brightest of rings ! 

with feathers variegated : 

elegant is the belly beneath, 

wonderously fair, 

bright and beauteous : 

the shield above is 

curiously compos'd, 

over the bird's back : 

the legs are 

with scales o'ergrown, 

fallow the feet : 

the bird in aspect is 

in every way unique, 

most like unto a peacock, 

winsomely grown up. 

24. aejhpaep? 

Ingetites oculi, credas geminos hyacinthos, 
Quorum de medio luddajlamma micat. 
uEquatur toto capiti radiata corona, 
\^^ PhcebcBi referens verticis alta decus. 

Crura tegunt squamcBjlavo distincta metallo, 

Ast ungues roseo pingit honore color. 
Effigies inter pavonis mistafiguram 

Cernitur, et pictam Phasidis inter avem. 



j^aej- jepjiitu j-ecja^. 

nij- he hinbejipeapb. 

ne hyje jaelj-a- [60 />.] 

j'paji ne j-ponjoji- 

ppa fume jiujlap. 

|7a ]>e lace J?uph lyjzc. 

laca^ p]7pum. 

ac he !]• pnel ^ ppifc 

■;j J^pij^e leoht- 

phtij ^ pynpum- lo 

pulbpe jemeapcab. 

ece ip pe aej^ehnj. 

pe ]>e him ^ eab jepeiS* 

j>on he jepiceiS- 

ponjap pecan. 

hip ealbne eapb- 

op J'ljpe ej^el-typp. 

j'pa je pujel pleoje^. 

polcum o^eapeb. 

monju monna- ao 

jeonb mibban-jeapb. 

ydn pomna^- 

pu)>an "3 nopj^an* 

eaptan •] pepcan- 

eopeb-ciejtum pajia^' 

peopjian '^ nean. 

polca );py]?um. 

I^aeji hi pceapia]?. 

jcyppenbep jiepe- 

of which writings tell. 

It is not sluggish, 

nor in habit wanton, 

heavy nor dull, 

as some birds, 

which slow through air 

on pinions sport; 

but it is prompt and swift, 

and very light, 

beautiful and pleasing, 

gloriously mark'd. 

Eternal is the noble Being, 

who that happiness to it gives. 

When it departs, 

lis plains to seek, 

its ancient dwelling, 

from this region of earth j 

as the bird flies 

to people manifested, 

to many men, 

over mid-earth, 

then thei/ assemble, 

from south and north, 

from east and west, 

go in banded hosts, 

from far and near, 

in crowds of people, 

where they may behold 

the Creator's grace 

19. MS. oHeapeiS. 

Magniciem terris Arabum qucB gignitur ales 
Vix ceqicare potest, seufera, seu sit avis ; 

Non tamen est tarda, ut volucres quce corpore magno 
Incesstis pigros per grave pondus habent ; 

Sed levis et velox, regali plena decore, 
Talis in aspectu se tenet usque hominum. 



jraejpe on }?am pujle- 
j'pa hi sec jrjiuman j-ecce- 
j'ljojia j'o^ cynmj. 
j'ellicpan jecynb- 
j-'paecpe jiaejpan- 
opeji j-ujla cyn. 
Don punbjiiaS. 
pepaj' opep eopj^an- 
pliCe "J paepcma- 
1 jeppicu cy}?a«. 
munbu meajicia^. 
on majim-ptane- 
hponne pe baej ^ peo Cib- 
bpyhcum jeeape- 
ppaecpe plyhc-hpacej*. 
iSon pujla cynn- 
on healpa jehpone- 
heapu J^pmja^. 
jija^ j'lb-pejum. 
ponje lopia^- 
maejia^ mobijne. 
meajlum peojibum- 
3 ppa )>one haljan- 
hjinije becelba^. 
plyhce on lypce- 
penix bi]? on mibbum^ 
]7peacum bij^jiunjen* 
l^eoba plita^- 

fairly in that bird, 

as to it at first assign'd 

the true King of triumphs 

a nature more excelling, 

a fairer decoration, 

over the race of birds. 

Then admire 

men on earth 

its aspect and its form, 

and in writings make known, 

with hands design 

in marble stone, 

when the day and the time 

to multitudes show 

/Ae splendour of Me flight-prompt. 

Then the race of birds, 

on every side, 

in bodies throng, 

descend on the ample ways, 

praise by song, 

and magnify the lofty fowl 

with powerful voices, 

and thus the holy bird 

enclose around 

by flight in air : 

the Phoenix is in the midst, 

press'd by multitudes ; 

people behold, 

5. cont. for pTPjepjian? 

12. MS. meajim, with a dot under the e. 

10. MS. jepjiicu. 

17. MS. jehpojie. 

Convenit ^gyjttus tanti ad miracula visus, 
Et raram volucrem turba salutat ovans : 

Protinus exsculpunt sacrato in marmore formam, 
Et signant titulo remque diemque novo. 

Contrahit in ccetum sese genus omne volantum. 
Nee prccdce memor est ullu, nee ulla metus. 



punbpu papia'S- 
hu jeo pil-jebpyhc 
pilbne peopl^ia'b- 
pojin aepceji o]?]m- 
cjisepcu cy|?a^- 
^ poji cyninj niaejia^- 
leopne leob-ppuman. 
laeba^ mib pynnu. 
aej^elne co eapbe- 
o]7)?aec pe anhoja- 
o^leojeb pej^pum jnel. 
^ him jepyljan ne maej- 
bpymenbfia jebjiyhc 
]?on buju^a pyn. 
op )?i]'pe eojij^an cyjip. 
ej7el peceiS:* 

with wonder gaze, 

how the devoted band 

the wild bird honour, 

flock after other, 

powerfully proclaim, 

and their king magnify, 

their beloved chief 

lead with delights, 

the noble to its dwelling, 

till that the recluse 

flies away, prompt of wing, 

so that it cannot follow 

the joying flock. 

Then the delight of excellence, 

from this earth's turf, 

seeks its native land. 


Spa pe jej-aelija. 
aepcep ppylc-hpile- 
hip ealb cyiS|>e. 
epc jeneopa^. 
paejpe polban^ 
pujelaj' cyppa^. 

[61 a.] So the blessed bird, 

after its time of death, 
its old country 
20 again visits, 
its fair earth. 
The birds return. 

1. MS. pepatJ. 

Alituum stipata choro volat ilia per altutn, 
Turbaque prosequitur munere Iceta pio; 

Sed postquam puri pervenit ad cBtheris auras, 
Mox redit ista, suis conditur ilia locis ; 

At fortunatcB sortisjilique volucrem ! 
Cui de se nasci prcestitit ipse Dens. 



}:jiom )>a juiS-ppecan- 
eft CO eapbe- 
]?on j'e aej^elinj bi^- 
jionj 111 jeapbum. 
job ana pac- 
cynjnj aelmihcij- 
hu hi]- jecynbe bi^. 
pijz-habej' J^e pepej-. 
^ ne pac aenij. 
monna cynnep. 
bucan meotob ana. 
hu pa, pipan jmb • 
paejep pypn jepceap. 
ymb ]?aep pujlep jebypb- 
]7aep pe eabja mot- 
eapbep neocan- 
pylle ptpeama- 
pubu-holcum in. 
punian in ponje- 
o]7j?aec pincpa bi^. 
|?upenb upnen. 
Jjon him peopjje^. 
en be hpep- 
hme ab ]?eceiS. 
|7uph-8eleb pyp. 
hpae]7pe ept cyme^. 
apeahc ppaechce- 
punbpum to hpe. 
pop)?on he bpujenbe. 
bea^ ne bij'opja^- 

from the bold warrior bird, 

sad in spirit, 

again to home. 

Then is the noble fotvl 

young in its dwelling ; 

God alone knows. 

King almighty, 

how its sex is, 

female or male, 
10 that not any knows 

of the race of men, 

save the Lord only, 

how the ways are 


the fair decree of old, 

concerning this bird's birth. 

There may the blessed one 

its home enjoy, 

the welling streams 
20 in the woody holts, 

dwell in the plain, 

till that of winters are 

a thousand pass'd ; 

then to it is 

end of life, 

the pile it covers, 

thorough-kindled fire ; 

yet again it comes 

curiously rais'd, 
30 wonderously, to life ; 

therefore it sinking 

cares not for death. 

Fcemina vel mas hcec, seu neutrum, seu sit uti'umque^ 
Felix quce Veneris foedera nulla colit ; 

Mors illi Venus est, sola est in mnrte voluptas ; 
Ut possit nasci, appetit usqu£ mori. 



j-ajie fpylc-cpale. 
\>e him fymle pac- 
aejiceji lij-j^jiaece. 
lij: ebnipe. 
}:eoph ssfteji pylle. 
]7on pjiomlice- 
)?ujih bjiibbep hab. 
jebjieabab peop]?e"S. 
epc op apcan- 
ebjeonj pepeS. 
unbep ppejlep hleo. 
bi^ him pelp jehpae^eji. 
punu -J ppaep paebep. 
J pymle eac- 
epc yppe-peapb. 
ealbjie lape- 

popjeap him pe meahca- 
mon-cynnep ppuma- 
f he ppa ppaedice- 
peop]?an pceolbe- 
epfc ]7aec ilce^ 
]?aefc he aep)>on paej*. 
pe]7jium biponjen. 
peah hme pyji mme:- 

painful mortal pang, 

which ever to itself is conscious of, 

after the flame's force, 

life again new, 

spirit after decay, 

when constantly, 

through state of youth, 

it is drawn 

again from ashes, 
10 again is young, 

under heaven's shelter, 

to itself is both 

son and tender father, 

and ever also 

again inheritor 

of its old relics. 

Hath granted it the mighty 

Author of mankind, 

that it so wonderfully 
20 should become 

again that same 

that it ere was, 

with feathers clad, 

though it the fire consume. 


Spa J>aet; ece lip. 
eabijpa jehpylc. 
aeptep pap-ppsece. 

So that eternal life 
each blessed owe, 
after painful exile. 

Ipsa sibi proles, suus est pater et suns hceres, 

Nutrix ipsa sui, semper alumna sibi. 
Ipsa quidem, sed non eadem, quia et ipsa, nee ipsa, est, 

j^ternam vitam mortis adepta bono. 



j-ylj: jeceoj-e^. 

]7uph beojicne bea^. 

f he bjiyhcnej- moc. 

asfteji jeaji-bajum- 

jeofona neotan. 

on pn-bpeamu- 

^ p);]7an a- [61 Z».] 

punian m pojiulbe- 

peojica CO leane. 

J^ifpef pujlej- jecynb. lo 

pela jelicef • 

bi l^am jecopnu. 

cpijcej' l^ejnu. 

beacna^ m bujijum. 

hu hi beojihcne jepean- 

J?uph paebep pulcu. 

on jjap fjiecnan cib. 

healbaj? unbep heoponu- 

•3 him heanne blaeb. 

in ]7am uplican. 20 

e^le jepcjiynaj?' 

habba); pe ^eaj'cab • 

^ j'e aelmihtija. 

pophce pep "^ pip. 

Jmph hip punbpa ppeb. 

•3 hi J?a jej-efcce. 

on Jjone jelejcan. 

polban pceacep. 

J>one pipa beapn. 

nemna^ neopxna-ponj^ 30 

]7aep hi naenjep paep- 

eabep onpyn. 

})enben ecep popb. 

himself chooseth, 

through dark death, 

that he may^ the Lord's 

(after a lapse of days) 

gifts partake, 

in everlasting joys, 

and ever after 

in that world continue, 

in recompense of works. 

This bird's nature 

is much like 

to the chosen 

servants of Christ j 

pointeth out to men, 

how they bright joy, 

through the Father's aid, 

in this perilous time, 

may under heaven possess, 

and exalted happiness, 

in the celestial 

country may gain. 

We have learn'd, 

that the Almighty 

wrought man and woman, 

through his wonders* might, 

and them then set 

in the choicest 

of earth's regions, 

which the sons of men 

name Paradise, 

where to them was not any 

lack of happiness, 

while the Eternal's word. 

11. jelic ij? 
22. MS. jeaj-cafi. 

14. Lit. points out in our towns. 19. r. heahne. 

28. r. j-ceaca. 



haljej' hleoJ?op-cpibe. 
healban polban- 
on J;a nipan jepean- 
f»aB]i him ni|) jepcob- 
ealb-jreonbej- aepej'C- 
j-e hi aec jebeab. 
beamep blebe. 
pBet hi bu J^ejun. 
aeppel unpaebum. 
opeji ejt jobef. 
bypjbon fojibobene. 
]7aeji hini bicteji peap^- 
yjim|?u ae}:cep aece. 
•;j hypa eapepu ppa. 
japhc pymbel. 
]*unu •;] bohtpu. 
popbon fceonhce. 

CO )7ap i^je. 

^jealb aepcep jyltc 
haejibon jobep yppe- 
bitcpe bealo-popje- 
\>deY )?a bype ]ij)]7an. 
jypne onjulbon. 
]>e hi |?aec jypl J^ejun- 
oj:ep ecep popb. 
popl^on by e^lep pyn. 
oj.*5iepan jceolbon- 
J^uph naebpan ni]?. 
\>a. heo neappe beppac* 
ylbpan uppe- 
in aep-baju- 
jjuph paecne pep's- 
^ hi peep ))onan- 
m J^apbea^-bene- 
17. r. pujibon. 

the Holy's revelation, 
thei/ would hold 
in that new joy. 
There them hate o'erwhelm'd, 
ihe old fiend's envy, 
who to them profifer'd food, 
fruit of the tree, 
so that they both ate 
the apple thoughtlessly, 
10 against God's pleasure, 
tasted the forbidden. 
There to them was bitter 
misery after eating, 
and to their children so, 
a painful repast 
to their sons and daughters. 

They were harmfully 

* * * 

requited according to crime. 
20 They had God's anger, 

bitter baleful sorrow, 

for which their children since 

dearly have paid, 

that they that fruit ate, 

against th' Eternal's word ; 

for they the land's delight, 

sad in spirit, 

must give up, 

through the serpent's envy, 
30 when it painfully deceiv'd 

our parents, 

in days of yore, 

through guileful spirit, 

so that they far from thence, 

in this mortal dell, 

IS. Apparently defective. 



bjiohtaiS fohcoii- 
j'Ojijjiuljian jej-etu. 
him peap^ j-elle lij:. 
heolj'fcpe bihybeb. 
"3 j'e halja ponj. 
}?uph peonbej' peapo- 
paepte bicyneb- 
pmtpa menju- 
oJj)?aet; pulbop-cyninj. 
J?uph hip hibep-cynie- 
haljuni to-jeane]'. 
mon-cynnep ^epea^ 
me]7j\a pjieppenb. 
~j ye anja hyhc 
epc oncynbe:' 

[62 a.] 

sought a sojourn, 

seats more sorrowful. 

To them was the better hfe 

in darkness hidden, 

and the holy plain, 

through the fiend's artifice, 

fast clos'd, 

for winters many, 

till that the Glory- King, 

through his advent, 

towards the holy, 

Joy of mankind. 

Comforter of the weak, 

and our only hope, 

it again open'd. 

Ip ]?on jelicapc 
)7aep ]>e up leopnepap- 
popbum pecja^. 
"3 ppicu cy]7a^. 
)7ippep pu^lep jepaep. 
)?on ppob op-jiepe^. 
eapb •;] ej^el. 
■] jeealbab bi'S. 
jepice^ pepij-mob- 
pintpum jebyj'jab. 
];aep he holcep hleo- 
heah jemece^. 
in ]?am he jetimbpe^- 
Canum ^ pypCum- 
]7am 8e|?ele]cum. 

11. MS. CO heanej-. 


Such is then most like 

(from what us doctors 

in words say, 

and writings show,) 
20 this bird's course, 

when sagacious it resigns 

home and country, 

and is old become, 

departs weary in spirit, 

with years oppress 'd, 

to where it the holt's shelter 

lofty finds, 

in which it builds, 

with twigs and plants 
30 the noblest, 

17. lajieopaj-? 18. MS. peojibum. 

Q 2 



eapb-pic nipe- 

nej'C on beajipe. 

fox's him neob miceL 

^ he jreojih jeonj eyt- 

onfon moce. 

)?ujih hjej' blaej't. 

hj: aej:teji bea)?e. 

ebjeonj pejan- 

3 hip ealb cyiSj^u- 

fun-beophc jepecu. 

pecan mote. 

aepteji pyji-baiSe- 

ppa "Sa pojie-jenjan- 

ylbjian uppe- 

anpojileton . 

J^one phtijan ponj. 

3 pulbpep petl. 

leophc on lajce- 

tujon lonjne pi's. 

m heapmpa honb- 

J^aeji him hectenbe. ajlaecan- 

ope jepcoban. 

psepon hpaejjjie monje. 

]>a. ]7e meocube. 

jehyjibun unbep heoponu- 

haljum ^eapura. 

baebum bomhcum* 

f him bjiyhcen peaji'S. 

heopona heah cyninj- 

holb on mobe. 

■Saec ip pe hea beam. 

m }7am haljs;e nu- 

pic peajibia^. 

a new dwelling-place, 

in the grove a nest. 

To it there is much need, 

that, young, it spirit again 

may receive, 

through blast of flame, 

life after death, 

be again young, 

and its old country, 
10 its sun-bright seats, 

may seek, 

after the fire-bath. 

So those forerunners, 

our parents, 


that beauteous plain, 

and seat of glory, 

lovely, behind, 

went a long journey, 
20 into the hand of harms, 

where them enemies, 

miserable wretches, 

oft oppress'd. 

Were yet many, 

who the Creator 

under heaven obey'd, 

with holy rites, 

with bounteous deeds, 
so that to them the Lord was, 
30 heaven's high King, 
kind in spirit. 
That is the lofty tree, 
in which saints now 
their habitation hold. 

26. MS. pe jehyptoun. 



)?aeji him pihte ne maej. 

ealb j:eonba nan. 

atjie jce]?)?an. 

pacnej' cacne. 

on pa. jzpecnan cib. 

J>aejx him nej-c pypceiS. 

PI'S ni]?a jehpam. 

baebum bomhcum- 

bjiyhcnep cempa- 

j7on he aelmeppan. lo 

eajimum baele^. [62 A.] 

bujej^a leapim. 

•J him bpyhcen jecyj^. 

paebeji on }:ulcum. 

pop^ onecce^* 

laenan lipep. 

leahcjiap bpaepce]?- 

mijice man-baebe. 

healbeiS meocubej- ae. 

bealb in bjieoptum. 20 

3 jebebu pece^. 

claenu jehyjbum. 

3 hip cneo bije^. 

ae]?ele to eoji^^an. 

plyh'S ypla jehpylc. 

jpimme jielcaj-. 


jlaebmob jyjine^. 

)?aec he jobjia maept. 

baeba jepjiemme. 30 

J?am bij? bjiyhcen j*cylb. 

in pi]?a jehpane. 

pijojia palbenb. 

peopuba pil-jiepa. 

where them may not in aught 

any old fiend 

with venom injure, 

token of guile, 

in the hour of peril. 

There him a nest works 

against each enmity, 

by bounteous deeds, 

the Lord's champion, 

when he alms 

to the poor deals, 

to the void of blessings, 

and the Lord to him calls, 

the Father to his aid, 

forth hastens, 

of this frail life 

the crimes blots out, 

the murky wicked deeds, 

holds the Creator's law 

boldly in his breast, 

and prayers seeks, 

with pure meditations, 

and his knee bows 

piously to earth, 

flees every evil, 

horrid sins, 

for dread of God 

joyful yearns, 

that he the greatest number of 

good deeds may execute : 

to him is the Lord a shield 

at every season, 

the Giver of victories. 

Ruler of hosts. 

33, 34. r. jijojia pil-giepa* peojiuba j»al»enb. 



J?ij' j?a pypca jinh- 

paefCma blebe- 

J>a pe pilba pujel- 

pomna^ unbep ppejle- 

pibe ■;] pibe. 

Co hip pic-pcope. 

]78eji he punbpum pajjc- 

pi^ ni|?a jehpani. 

nepc jepyjice^. 

Spa nu in |?am picum. 

pillan pjiemma^. 

mobe •;) maejne. 

meocubep cempan. 

maep^a cilja^- 

)7aep him meopbe pile. 

ece aelmihcij' 

eabje popjilban . 

beo^ him op j^am pyjicum- 

pic jepcajjelab- 

m pulbpep bypij. 

peopca to leane. 

J>8ep ]>e hi jeheolban- 

halje lape. 

hate aet heoptan. 

hije peallenbe. 

baejep ■;) nihtep. 

bpyhten lupiaiS- 

leohte jeleapan- 

leopne ceopa^. 

opep populb-pelan- 

ne hi\> hi pynne hyht. 

^ hy )>ip laene hp- 

lonj jepunien. 

)?u]- eabij eopl' 

These are the plants, 

the choice of fruits, 

that the wild fowl 

gathers under heaven, 

far and wide, 

to its dwelling-place, 

where it wonderously fast, 

against each enmity, 

works a nest. 
10 So now in their habitations 

his will promote, 

with mind and main, 

the Lord's champions, 

virtues cultivate, 

for which to them rewards will 

the eternal Almighty, 

blessed, give. 

Shall be for them from those plants 

a habitation founded 
20 in glory's city, 

in recompense of their works, 

for that they held 

the holy lore 

fervently at heart, 

with ardent soul, 

day and night j 

love the Lord 

with bright belief, 

the Beloved choose 
30 above worldly wealth j 

to them t' is no hope of joy, 

that they this transitory life 

long continue. 

^ man thus happy 

17. eabje agrees with meojibe, 1. IS. 

24. MS. eofican. 



ecan bjieamej-. 
heofona hamej*. 
mib heah-cyninj. 
eajmaiS on elne. 
o}>|78ec en be cymcS. 
}?on bea^ nime'S. 
pija pael-jippe. 
paepnum je|7]iy|7e^. 
ealbop anpa jehpaep. 
^ m eoji]?an pae^m. 
pnube penba^« 
paplum bmumene. 
laene lic-homan. 
]fss\i hi lonje beo^. 
o^ pyjvep cyme* 
polban bi}?eahte. 
"Son monje beo^. 
on jemoc laeba]?. 
pypa cynnep. 
pile paebeji enjla. 
pijojia ]'o^ cyninj. 
peono]? jehejan. 
buju^a bpyhcen. 
beman mib pyhte. 
j7on aepij'Ce. 
ealle jepjiemma)?. 
men on raolban- 
ppa je mihcija cyninj. 
beobe^ bpejo enjla. 
by man pCepne- 
opep pibne jpunb- 
papla nepjenb. 
biiS pe beojica bea'S- 
bpyhcnej' meahcum» 
2. heojponlican ? 

eternal joy, 

a heavenly home, 

with the high King, 

earns with his zeal, 

till the end cometh 

of diurnal nmnber, 

then death takes, 

blood-greedy warrior, 

by his darts expels, 
10 the life of every one, 

and into earth's bosom 
[63 a.] quickly sends, 

of souls depriv'd, 

the frail bodies, 

where they long shall be, 

till the fire's coming, 

with earth bedeck'd. 

When the multitude shall be 

into the meeting brought 
20 of the race of men, 

will the Father of angels, 

just King of triumphs, 

a synod hold, 

the Lord of virtues 

judge with right, 

when their resurrection 

shall accomplish all 

men in earth, 

as the mighty King 
30 commands, the Lord of angels, 

by trumpet's voice, 

o'er the wide world. 

Saviour of souls, 

the dark death shall be, 

by the Lord's might, 
9. MS. jej'jiyfeb. 19. r. Isebeb. 



eabjum jeenbab. 
ae^ele hyeojiya.^- 
J^peacum jjjiinja^- 
]>dn ]>eoY populb. 
in j'come byjineiS. 
abe onaeleb. 
peopl^e^ anjia jehpylc. 
pophc on pep]7|?e. 
Jjon pyp bpice^. 
laene lonb-pelan. 
I15 eal J^ije^. 
eopj^an aehc-jej'tpeon* 
aepplebe jolb- 
pppe fopjpipeiS. 
5paebi5 ppel^eiS. 
lonbej" ppaecpe. 
)?on on leohc cyme^' 
aelbum ]?ipfef. 
m J^a openan cib* 
¥^Z^]^ 3 Sepeali^. 
fujlej' fcacen. 
]?on anpalb eal. 
on bJTijenum- 
ban jejaebpa^S. 
leomu lie j-omob. 
1 li^ep ^aepfc. 
pope cpiftep cneo- 
cyninj ]?pymlice. 
op hij- heah-fecle. 
halju j'cineiS- 
pliCij pulbpef Jim- 
pel hip )?am ]7e mot- 
in ]>a, jeompan cib. 
jobe Lcian :• 

to the blessed ended. 

Nobly they shall go, 

in bands press on, 

when this world, 


shamefully shall burn, 

with fire scorch'd. 

Each one shall become 

fearful in spirit, 
10 when fire feeds on 

the land's frail wealth, 

flame devours all 

earth's possessions, 

appled gold, 

eagerly grasps, 

greedy swallows 

the land's treasures. 

Then comes into light 

to men this 
20 (at that hour of disclosure) 

fair and joyful, 

bird's betokening ; 

when power all 

shall raise up 

in the sepulchres, 

the bones gather, 

limbs, body together, 

and the flame's guest, 

before Christ's knee, 
30 the King with majesty, 

from his throne, 

to the holy shall appear 

a beauteous gem of glory j 

well shall it be for those who may, 

at that sad time, 

to God be pleasing. 




Daep \>a, lic-homan. 
leahcjia claene. 
jonja'S jlaebmobe. 
jaej-caf hpeojijiaiS. 
in ban-patu. 
J?on bjiyne fCije^. 
heah fco heoponu. 
hac bi^ monejum. 
ejej-lic aeleb. 
}7on anpa ^ehpylc- 
j-o^aej-t je j-ynnij' 
papel mib lice^ 
fpo molb-jjiajium. 
pece^ meotubej' bom- 
j:ojihc afaejieb. 
j:J7i bi^ oncihce. 
aele^ uncypce. 
]?8eji ]>a eabjan beo^' 
aepteji ppsec-hpile. 
peopcum biponjen. 
ajenum baebum. 
]?aec ]>a. aej^elan pinb. 
pypca pynpume. 
mib ]ja pe pilba pujel. 
hip pylpep nepc. 
bipefce^ ucan. 
f hic paepinja- 
pype bypne^. 
popppele^ unbep punnan 
^ he pylpa mib. 
^ J7on aeptep hje- 

[63 b.] 


There the bodies, 

clean of sins, 

joyful shall go, 

the spirits shall pass 

into their bodies. 

When the burning rises 

high to heaven, 

hot shall be to many 

the dreadful fire : 

when every one, 

both just and sinful, 

soul with body, 

from the mould-graves, 

seeks the Creator's doom, 

fearfully appal'd, 

the fire is on its course, 

burns men's vices ; 

there the bless'd shall be, 

after their space of exile, 

by their works encircled, 

their own deeds. 

Those are the noble 

pleasant herbs, 

with which the wild bird 

its own nest 

surrounds without, 

so that it suddenly 

with fire burns, 

under the sun kindles, 

and itself with it, 

and then, after the flame, 

16. oil cihce? 



liy ejrfc onpehiS. 


fpa biiS anjia jehpylc. 

ylaeyce bipoujen. 

fijia cynnep- 

aenlic "^ ebjeonj. 

fe ]je hip ajnum heji- 

pillum jepyjice^. 

f him pulboji-cynin;;^. 

meahtij aec )?a mae]?le. lo 

milbe 5epeoji]?e^. 

)>on hleo|7jiia^. 

halje jaepcap. 

papla po^paepce. 

ponj ahebba^' 

claene "^j jecojiene. 

hejija^ cyninjep ]?fiym. 

pcepn aepcep j'Cepne. 

j-cijaiS CO pulbpe. 

phcije jepypcab • 20 

mib hyjia pel-baebutn- 

beo^ }>on amejiebe. 

monna jaepcap- 

beophte abypbe. 

jjujih bjiyne pypep. 

ne pene |>aep aenij. 

aelba cynnep. 

^ ic lyje-pojibu* 

leo^ pomnije- 

pjiite poiS-cjiaepce« 30 

jehyjia'S picebom. 

lobep pebbmja. 

Jjujih jaeptep blaeb. 

bjieoj'Cum onbpyjibeb- 

life again receives 


So shall be every one 

with flesh invested 

of the race of men 

excellent and young again, 

who here for his own 

willingly works, 

so that to him the King of glory, 

mighty, at that meeting, 

will be merciful, 

when shall speak 

holy spirits, 

just souls, 

song shall raise, 

pure and chosen, 

shall praise their King's majesty, 

voice after voice, 

shall to glory mount, 

sweetly perfum'd 

with their good deeds. 

Shall then be prov'd 

the souls of men, 

brightly elaborated, 

through the fire's heat. 

Let therefore no one think, 

of the race of men, 

that I in lying words 

songs collect, 

write in poetry : 

hear the wisdom 

of the songs of Job, 

through the spirit's gift 

in his breast inspir'd. 

20. i. e. perfumed with sweet-smelling plants. 

24. abyrfee? 


bealb jieopbabe^ 

bold he spake. 

pulbpe ^epeoji^ab. 

with glory honour'd ; 

he f popb jecpae'S. 

he these words said : 

Ic Jjaec ne pophycje. 

* I reject it not 

heojican jej^oncum- 

from my heart's thoughts. 

]7aet; ic m minu nejte- 

that I in my nest 

neo-beb ceope- 

a death-bed choose. 

haele hpia pejiij. 

a weary human corse. 

jepice hean J?onan. 

depart abject thence, 

on lonjne j'l^. 

10 on a long journey, 

lame bicolben. 

[64 a.] with clay cover' d, 

jeomop 5u-baeba« 

sad for former deeds. 

in jjieocep pae^m- 

into dust's bosom. 

^ ]7on aepceji beaj?e. 

and then after death. 

]?uj\h bjiyhcnep jiepe- 

through the Lord's grace. 

j'pa pe pujel penix- 

as the bird Phoenix, 

peojih ebnipe. 

a new life. 

aeptejx aejiipce. 

after resurrection. 

ajan mote. 

may possess. 

bjieamap mib bjiyhfcen- 

20 joys with the Lord, 

]7aep peo beopie pcolu- 

where the dear assemblage 

leopne lopia^- 

praise the Beloved. 

ic ]7aep lipep ne maej. 

I of that life may not 

aeppe co ealbpe- 

to all eternity 

enbe jebiban. 

an end expect. 

leohcep 3 lippa- 

of light and comforts. 

]>eah mm he jxylc 

Although my body shall, 

on molb-aejine. 

in the earth-house. 

molpnab peoji]7an. 

become corrupted, 

pypimu to pyllan. 

30 a prey to worms, 

]7a-|?eah peojiuba job- 

yet the God of hosts, 

aepteji ppylt-hpile. 

after the hour of death. 

j-aple alype^. 

will my soul redeem. 

3 in piilbop apece^. 

and into glory raise 5 

4. Job xxix. 18. 

7. nea-? 12. r. jeo-. 




me J^aej- pen naefjie. 
j:ojibijij*ce^ m bjieopfcu. 
^e ic in bjiejo enjla. 
jroji^peajibne jepean* 
faepte haebbe. 
Dup pjiob juma^ 
in jzyiin-bajum. 
pebbabe jleap-mob. 
jobep ppel-boba. 
ymb hip aejiipfce. 
in ece lip- 
^ pe J?y jeojinoji. 
onjietan meahfcen. 
Cip-paepfc fcacen. 
]7aec pe cojihca pujel- 
j^uph bjiyne beacna^. 
bana lape* 
apcan •] yplan- 
ealle jepomnalS. 
aepceji lij-bpyne- 
laebe)? pi]7}>an. 
pujel on potu. 
Co pjiean jeajibum. 
punnan fco-jeanep. 
);aeji hi pi}7)?an pop's, 
punia^ pmfcpa pela- 
paejtmum jenipab- 
eallep ebjionj. 
Jjsejx aenij ne maej. 
in ]?am leobjcype. 
lae]7]?um hpopan- 
* * * 



me therefore hope never, 

fails in my breast, 

which I in the Lord of angels, 

(forward joy) 

firmly have.' 

Thus a wise man, 

in ancient days, 

sang, of soul sagacious, 

God's prophet, 

about his resurrection 

into eternal life ; 

that we the better 

might understand 

the glorious token, 

that the bright bird, 

through its burning shows. 

Its bones* remnant, 

ashes and cinders, 

it all gathers, 

after its body's burning, 

bears them then, 

the bird in its feet, 

to the Lord's courts, 

towards the sun, 

there it thenceforward 

continues winters many, 

in form renew'd, 

quite young again : 

there not any may, 

in that country, 

with loathly cries. 

ppa nu aepcep bea'Se. 

So now after death. 

25* r. he. 

26. r. punatf. 

31. Here some lines are evidently wanting, though the MS. has no hiatus. 



]?ujih bjiyhtnej' mihc- 
j-omob j-i)>iaj?. 
fapla mib lice- 
jiaejjie jejijiaecpeb. 
pi^\e jelicajt. 
m eab-pelum. 
8e]?elum fCencum^ 
l^aep. yeo poj^jraepte- 
funne bhce'S- 
plicij opeji peopebutn. 
m pulbpej' byjiij :• 

through the Lord's might, 

together journey 

souls with body, 

fairly adorned, 

(to that bird most like) 

into blessedness, 

with sweet odours, 

where the righteous 

sun gives light, 

beauteous over multitudes, 

in glory's city. 

Donne j-o'Spaepcum. 
paplum pcme^. 
heah opeji hjiopap. 
haelenbe cjujt. 
him poljiaiS. 
pujlap j'cyne. 
beojihte jebpebabe. 
blij'jnim hjiemije^ 
m j>am jlaban ham> 
jaepcap jecojiene- 
ece fco ealbjie. 
J?aep him yple ne maej. 
pah peonb jemah^ 
pacne pce]?J>an. 
ac }?aep lipjaiS a- 
leohte pejiebe. 
ppa pe pujel penix. 


[64 b.] When to just 
souls shines 
high over all 
the Saviour Christ, 
him follow 
beauteous birds, 
rapidly impel'd, 
blissfully exulting, 
20 in that glad home, 
chosen spirits, 
to all eternity. 
There them evil may not, 
foul hostile wickedness, 
by guile injure, 
but they there shall ever live, 
with light surrounded, 
as the bird Phoenix, 

14. Lit. over roofs. 



m j:jieoJ>u bjiyhcnej-- 

plicije 111 pulbjie. 

peojic anpa jehpaej-. 

beojihce blice^. 

in |?am bli]7an ham. 

pope onpyne. 

ecan bpyhcnep. 

jymle in pibbe- 

punnan jelice- 

J^aep pe beophca beaj. 

bpojben punbpum. 

eopcnan-pcanu . 

eabijpa jehpam. 

lilipa'S opep heapbe. 

heapelan lixa^. 

]?pyrae bi|?eahce. 

"Seobnep cyne-jolb. 

po^pseptpa jehpone. 

j-ellic jlenjelS. 

leohce m lipe- 

]?aep pe lonja ^epea- 

ece ^ ebjeonj. 

aeppe ne ppe]?pa^. 

ac by in plice punia^. 

pulbpe bicolben. 

paejpu ppaetpu. 

mib paebep enjla- 

ne bi^ him on ]7am picum. 

piht CO j'opje. 

ppohc ne pej^el. 

ne jepin-bajap- 

hunjop pe hata- 

ne pe heapbe ]?uppt. 

ypm)?u ne ylbo- 

in the Lord's peace, 

beauteous in glory. 

The works of every one 

shall brightly shine 

in that glad home, 

before the face 

of th' eternal Lord, 

ever in peace, 

like to the sun. 
10 There the bright crown, 

wonderously variegated 

with precious stones, 

of each blessed one 

rises o'er the head : 

their brows shall glitter, 

with majesty bedeck'd ; 

the Lord's regal gold 

each of the just 

shall, admirable, adorn, 
20 brightly in that life, 

where the lasting joy, 

eternal and ever young, 

never abates, 

but they shall in beauty dwell, 

with glory cover'd, 

fair ornaments, 

with the Father of angels. 

Is not to them in those dwellings 

aught for sorrow, 
30 crime nor poverty, 

nor days of trouble, 

the hot hunger, 

nor the hard thirst, 

misery nor age ; 

5. MS. bli]>am. 




him j-e aej^ela cyninj. 

jrojijipe^ joba jehpylc- 

)?aeji jaej-ca jebjiyhc- 

haelenb hepja'S. 

3 heopon-cynmjep. 

meahce iiiEejipiaiS. 

pinja^ mecube loj:- 

fpinpa^ pib-jebpyhc. 

ppeja maepce. 

haebpe ymb |?aec halje- 

heah-pelb jobep. 

blijje bletpia^. 

bjie^u pelepcan- 

eabje mib enjlum. 

epen hleoj^pe ]7up. 

pib pi Ipe j'o'S 30b. 

■;] pnytcjiu-cpaept. 

'J ]?e ]foac YY' 

]>pym-jntcenbum • [65 «.] 

^eonjjia ^ypena- 

joba jehpylcep. 

micel unmaece. 

maejnep pCjienj^u- 

heah ^ halij. 

heoponap pinbon. 

paejpe jepylleb. 

paebeji aelmihcij- 

ealjia j^jiymma J;pym. 

)?iiiep pulbpep. 

uppe mib enjlum. 

"3 on eoji^an j-omob- 

jeppeoj^a upic ppymj^a pcyppenb. 

J?u eajic paebep aelmihcij. 

in heanneppe- 

heopuna palbenb- 

23. MS. 



to them the noble King 

gives every good : 

there the host of spirits 

praise the Saviour, 

and of heaven's King 

the power celebrate, 

sing to the Creator praise : 

the kindred band resounds 

with loudest melody, 

sweetly around the holy 

throne of God ; 

blithely bless 

the Lord most excellent, 

the bless'd with angels, 

even thus with voice : 

* Peace be to thee, true God, 

and power of wisdom, 

and to thee be thanks, 

sitting in majesty, 

for tht/ recent gifts 

of every good. 

Great, unmeasur'd, 

thy might's strength, 

high and holy : 

the heavens are 

fairly filled. 

Father almighty ! 

Majesty of all majesties ! 

with thy glory, 

up with angels, 

and on earth also. [ginnings ! 

Protect us, Creator of all be- 

thou art Father almighty, 

in the realm on high. 

Ruler of heaven.' 



^uj' peojibia^' 

jiyhc-j:jiemmenbe • 

manef amejaebe* 

in J^aejie maejian byjiij. 

cyne-]7]iyin cy)?a^. 

caj-ejiej- loj: jinja^. 

on j-pejle. 

j-oiSjiaefCjia jebjiyhc. 

J?am anum ij-. 

ece peoji^mynb^ 

jrojiiS bucan enbe- 

naef hij* yjiyva^ aejrpe* 

eabej' onjyn. 

]>eah he on eop)>an heji. 

J>uj\h cilbej' hab. 

cenneb paejie- 

in mibban-jeajib. 

hpaejjjie hif meahca j'peb- 

heah opeji heoponum- 

halij punabC' 

bom unbjiyce. 

jjeah he bea|7e]- cpeahn* 

on pobe-cjieop' 

jiaej:nan jceolbe* 

J>eajihc pice. 

he )7y Jjjiibban baeje. 

aepfcep beep hjiyjie. 

lip epfc onpenj. 

Jnijih paebeji pulfcum. 

ppa penix beacnaiS- 

jeon^ in jeajibum. 

job-beajinep meahc 

pon he op aj'can. 

ept onpaecne^- 

in hpep hp- 

Thus shall speak 

the righteous doers, 

those prov'd against wickedness, 

in the great city, 

the royal Majesty shall proclaim, 

sing their Sovereign's praise, 

in heaven, 

{the assembly of the just) 

to whom alone is 
10 eternal honour, 
forth without end. 
His origin never was, 
nor of his happiness beginning, 
though he here on earth, 
in childhood's state, 
was brought forth 
on mid-earth, 
yet his powers' plenitude, 
high o'er the heavens, 
20 holy continued, 
his decree inviolate, 
though he death's pang, 
on the rood-tree 
had to suflfer, 
torment intense. 
He the third day, 
after his body's fall, 
life again receiv'd, 
through his Father's aid. 
30 As the Phoenix shows, 
young in its dwelling, 
the divine Child's might, 
when it from ashes 
again rises 
into the life of life. 

34. MS. onpsecne^. 


leomu je^^unjeii' 

with limbs complete, 

fpa j-e haelenb u]-. 

so the Saviour for us 

helpe jepjiemebe. 

help effected, 

J?ujih hif licej' jebal. 

through his body's death, 

hf bucan enbe- 

life without end. 

j'pa ]-e piijel j-peCum. 

As the bird 

hij- pi]?}iu Cu- 

its two wings 

•IJ pynj'umu. 

with sweet and pleasant 

pyjicum jepylle^. 

herbs filleth. 

faejpum polb-paej'Cmum • 

10 with the fair fruits of earth, 

)?on apyj-eb bi^- 

then' is impel'd away, 

J7aec pinbon \>a. pojib- 

those are the words. 

j'pa up jeppicu j-ecja^. 

which us the Scriptures tell, 

hleo|?op hahjjia. [65 

Z».] the voice of saints. 

]>e him to heoponum bi^' 

of whom to heaven is. 

Co )7am milban jobe' 

to the benignant God, 

mob apypeb. 

the spirit impel'd. 

m bjieama bjieam- 

into joy of joys, 

)?8ep hi bjiyhcne Co jiepe- 

where to the Lord as a gift. 

popba ^ peopca. 

20 of their words and works 

pynpumne pCenc- 

the pleasant odour 

m ]?a maepan jepceapc. 

into the great creation. 

meocube bpinja^^ 

thei/ to the Creator bring, 

in f leohce hp. 

into that bright life. 

py him lop pymle- 

Be to him praise ever. 

]?uph populb populba- 

through all ages. 

■^ pulbpep blaeb- 

and plenitude of glory. 

ap '^ onpalb. 

honour and power 

m |7am uphcan- 

in the exalted 

pobepa pice- 

30 kingdom of the skies. 

he ip on pyhc cyniuj- 

He is rightful King 

mibban-jeapbep • 

of middle earth. 

"3 maejen-j^pymep. 

and of majesty 

pulbpe bipunben- 

with the glory encircled. 

S. MS. elpe. 




in j^aepe plicijan bypij. 
J^apa'S uj' alypeb. 
lucip auccop. 
^ pe motun hep. 

job-bsebum bejiecan- 
jaubia in celo- 
J?aep pe mocun. 
maxima pejna- 
pecan ■;) jepitcan. 
pebibup alcip. 
lipjan m lipje. 
lucip et pacij'. 
ajan eapbinja- 
alma leciciaS' 
bpucan bla&b-baja. 
blanbem ec micem- 
jej-eon pijopa ppean- 
pme pine. 
■;) him lop pmjan. 
laube pepenne- 
eabje mib enjlum* 
alleluia :. 

in that beauteous city. 

Us hath allow'd 

the Author of light, 

that we may here 


by good deeds obtain 

joys in heaven, 

where we may 

the amplest realms 
10 seek, and sit 

on lofty seats, 

live in the comfort 

of light and peace, 

possess dwellings 

pleasant of joy, 

prosperous days enjoy, 

bland and mild 

the Lord of triumphs see 

without end, 
20 and to him sing praise, 

with laud perpetual, 

happy with angels. 

Hallelujah ! 



)^paec pe "Ssec hypbon. 

haele^ eahtian- 

beman baeb-hpace- 

^fce m bajum jelamp. 


pe jeonb mibban-jeapb. 


Yes ! we that have heard, 
that men persecuted, 
judges prompt of deed — 
that which in the days befell 
of Maximian, 
who throughout mid-earth. 



apleaj- cyninj. 

eahcnyj'j-e ahop. 

cpealhe cpijtne men. 

cijican }:ylbe. 

jeac on ^psej-ponj- 

job-hejijenbjia • 

hae]?en hilb-ppuma' 

halijjia blob. 


paej- hip pice bpab. lo 

ptb ■;) peop^lic. [66 a.] 

opep pep-]>eobe. 

lytejna opep ealne- 

ypmenne-jpunb • 

pojion sepcep bupjum. 

]'pa he biboden haepbe. 

jjejnap )7py^pulle. 

opc hi |?paece paepbon* 

baebum jebpolene- 

J?a \>e bpyhtnej- se. 

peobon ]7uph pipen-cpaepc 

peonbpcype paepbon. 

hopon hae|?en-5ielb. 

halje cpelmbon. 

bpeocun boc-cpaeptje- 

baepnbon ^ecopene. 

jaepton jobej* cempan. 

jape :j hje. 

pum fsey aeht-pehj. 

ae|7elej' cynnej. 

pice jepepa- 

ponb-bupjum peolb- 

eapb peapbabe. 

optapt pymle. 



impious king ! 

rais'd persecution, 

slew christian men, 

the church o'erthrew, 

shed on the grassy plain, 

of those praising God, 

the heathen war-chief, 

of the holy the blood, 

of the right- doers. 

His realm was broad, 

wide and famous, 

over mankind, 

almost over all 

the ample earth. 

Went from town to towHj 

as he had bidden, 

tyrannic ministers j 

oft they rais'd violence, 

erring in deeds, 

those who the Lord's law 

hated in their wickedness j 

rais'd enmity, 

idolatry exalted, 

slew the holy, 

destroy'd the learned, 

burned the chosen, 

afflicted God's champions 

with dart and flame. 

There was a wealthy man 

of noble race, 

a powerful count, 

tuho rul'd o'er the armed burghs, 

the land defended 

repeatedly ; 

6. MS. hepjenba. 18. MS. of. 26. MS. baejibon. 27. Lit. guested. 

B 2 



in l^aejie ceajCjie- 

commebia heolb. 


oyt he hae|7en-5ielb. 

opeji pojib jobej". 

peoh jejohce. 

neobe jeneahhe. 

paef hi noma cenneb. 


haejrbe ealbojiboni- 

micelne •;) maejine* 

"Sa hip mob onjon- 

paemnan lupian. 

hine pyppec bjiaec- 


hio in jaepce baeji. 

halje trjieope- 

hojbe jeojine- 

^ hijie maej^-hab. 

man a jehpylcej-. 

pope cjupcej' lupan^ 

claene jeheolbe. 

Da paep pio paemne- 

mib hyjie paebeji pillan- 

pelejum bipebbab. 

pyjib ne pul cupe. 

pp eon b-paebenn e • 

hu heo ppom-hojbe- 

jeonj on jaejte* 

hipe paep jobep ejpa. 

mapa m jemynbu. 

|7on eall )?aec maJ^J^um-jepCealb 

]>e in ]?3e]' aej^ehnjej'. 

aehcum punabe- 



in the city 

o/Nicomedia kept 

his treasures. 

Oft he idols, 

against God's word, 

temples, visited, 

for his need sufficiently : 

the name he bare was 

Heliseus ; 

he had command 

great and illustrious. 

Then his mind began 

to love a damsel, ^ 

(him desire subdued) 

Juliana : 

she in spirit bare 

holy faith, 

earnestly resolv'd 

that she her maidenhood 

of every sin, 

for love of Christ, 

pure would hold. 

Then was the damsel, 

with her father's will, 

to the rich owe betroth'd. 

lie knew not well her destiny, 

his friendship 

how she loath'd, 

the young in her spirit. 

To her was awe of God 

in her mind greater 

than all the treasure 

that in that noble's 

possession dwelt. 

14. Lit. curiosity him brake. 

20. MS. ma ua. 



|?a paej" je pelija. 

]>as\xe pip-jipfcii. 

jolb-j'pebij juma- 

jeojin on mobe- 

f lum mon ppoinlicajc^ 

paemnan jejypebe- 

bjiyb CO bolbe. 

heo |7aej' beojinep lupan- 

ydsyte pi^hojbe- 

]?eah J?e peoh-jejcjieon • lo 

unbeji hopb-locan- [66 6.] 

hypj'Ca unpim. 

aehce opep eop]?an. 

heo |?aec eal poppeah- 

;3 ]>dst popb acpae^- 

on pepa menju. 

Ic ]>e maej jepecjan. 

J^aec )?u J7ec pylpne ne jjeappc 

]pi)7op j-pencan. 

jip ]7u po'Sne 30b. 20 

lupapc -J jelypepc 

3 hip lop paepepc. 

onjietepc jaej'Ca hleo- 

ic beo jeapo pona- 


pillan )?inej'. 

ppylce ic }>e pecje- 

pp \>u CO paempan jobe. 

J>uph beopol-jielb. 

baebe bi)?encepc- 30 

haecp^ hae]7en-peoh. 

ne meahc ]>u habban niec- 

ne jejjpeacian. 

]>e CO jejinjan. 

Then was the wealthy one 

for the espousals, 

the man rich in gold, 

desirous in mind, 

that for him most promptly 

the damsel should be made ready, 

a bride in his dwelling. 

She the chieftain's love 

firmly withstood, 

although he riches 

in his coffers, 

jewels unnumber'd, 

upon earth possess'd : 

she all that despis'd, 

and these words said, 

among many people : 

* I to thee may say, 

that thou thyself needest not 

more afflict, 

if thou the true God 

lovest and believest, 

and his praise exaltest, [spirits : 

comprehendest the Shelter of 

I am forthwith ready 


for thy will. 

In like manner I to thee say, 

if thou in a worse god, 

through idolatry, 

dost indeed confide, 

promisest heathen offerings, 

thou may'st not have me, 

nor force me 

thee to espouse j 

2. r. Jiaejia. 

31. r. haetj't;. 

34. r. je/ini^an. 



naej-'jie ];u yaey jpi^lic- 

j-aji jejeapparc 

J>uph hsej-tne HI'S. 

heapbjia pita- 

J?aec J>u mec onpenbe. 

popba l^ij'ja. 

Da je aepelin;^ peaj\^. 

yppe jeboljen. 

pjien-baebu pah- 

jehyjibe J^aejie paemnan popb 

hec ISa jepecijan- 

};ejienb pnelle- 

hjieoh ^ hyje blinb- 

halijjie jiaebeji. 
pecene Co pune- 
peopb up-aj'taj. 
j'i)?]7an hy cojaebpe- 
japap hlaenbon. 
hilbe l^pemman • 
hae'Sne paepon bejeii' 
jynnu peoce. 
ppeop 'J a]7uin. 
^a peopbobe. 
picep hypbe- 

yr6 l^aepe paemnan paebep- 
ppecne niobe. 
bail's haebbenbe. 
me ]>m bohcop hapa^. 
jeypeb oppypiSu 
heo me on an paja^. 
^ heo maej-lupan. 
mmpe ne jyme^ 
ppeonb-paebenne • 
me ]?a ppace^u pmb- 

never thou so violent 

pain shalt prepare 

(through hasty anger) 

of hard torments, 

that thou me shalt turn 

from these words.' 

Then was the noble 

with anger troubled, 

the stain'd with sinful deeds : 
■ 10 he heard the damsel's words ; 

bade then fetch 

swift messengers 

(cruel and blind of soul) 

the holy maiden's father 

quickly to council. 

Their voices rose, 
after they together 

their weapons had inclin'd, 
the stout in war. 
20 Heathens were both, 
sick with sins, 
father- and son-in-law. 
Then spake 
the realm's guardian 
with the damsel's father 
in rugged mood, 
raising his spear : 
' Me thy daughter hath 
shown indignities; 
30 she to me saith at once, 

that she for my conjugal love 

careth not, 

mi/ friendship : 

to me these insults are 

18. By way of salutation. 

21. so tteofol-feoc, daemoniacus. 

19. r. |)jiymmaii. 



on mob-j-e):an. 
uiaej'ce peopce- 
f heo mec jpa Cojine. 
Cifile jejiahte. 
yojie |7i]yum jrolce. 
hec me j:pembne job- 
oyep. ]}& o|7pe- 
]fe ye aep cu|?on. 
pelum peojij^ian. 
pojibu lopian. 
on hyje hepjan. 
o]>^e hi nabban. 
jej-peajic ]>a. j-piiS-pep^ • 
jpeop aepceji popbe- 
J?aepe paemnan paebeji. 
pep^-locan onppeon- 
ic f ^eppepje. 
]?uph j'o^-jobu- 
jpa ic ape aec hrni- 
aepjie pmbe- 
o]?]7e ]7eoben set ]>e- 
\>me hylbu- 
pin-bupjum m- 
jip ]>aY POP^ I'lnb j-oj?. 
monna leopapc- 
]>e Jju me pajajt- 
^ ic hi ne j-papije. 
ac on j-pilb jiepe- 
l^eoben maepa« 
]>e to jepealbe. 
bem J;u hi to bea|?e. 
jip ]7e jebapen )7ince. 
]"pa Co hpe leet- 
]'pa Ipe leoppe py. 

in mind 

the greatest trouble, 

that she to me thus angrily 

reproof hath utter'd, 

before this folk ; 

bade me a strange God, 

above the others 

that we ere knew, 

with our wealth worship, 
10 by our words praise, 
[67 a.] in thought magnify, 

or her not have.' 

Darken'd then the violent, 

the father-in-law, after these 

the damsel's father, [words, 

his mind disclos'd : 

* I that swear, 

by the true gods, 

(so may I honour with them 
20 ever find, 

or, my lord, with thee, 

thy favour, 

in our peaceful cities,) 

if these words be true, 

dearest of men, 

that thou to me sayest, 

that I her will not spare, 

but to perdition give, 

illustrious lord, 
30 into thy power. 

Judge thou her to death, 

if it to thee seem good, 

or let her live, 

as to thee liefer be.' 

4. r. jejieahte. 
30. MS, jejealb. 

16. Lit. his soul's coffer unlock d. 
33. Ypa. an error for obtJe ? 



eobe J^a j-jiomlice- 

paemnan co j-pjiaece- 

anjiaeb j ype-j^peopj- 

ypjie jeboljen • 

]>aeji he jlaeb-mob- 

jeonje pifte. 

pic peapbian- 

he \>a, pojibe cpae^- 

"Su eapc bohtoji mm. 

peo bypejte- 

^ yeo fpecepce. 

m jepan mmum- 

anje pop eopj^an- 

mmpa eajna leohc- 


]?u onjeaj^e hapajt- 

)?uph J>m opleju. 


opep pitena bom- 

pipan jeponjen. 

pi^jaecej-c ]>u co I'pij^e- 

pylppe paebep. 

|?inum bpyb-juman- 

pe ip becpa ]>on J)u. 

aej^elpa pop eopj^an- 


peoh- jejtp eon a • 

he ip to ppeonbe 50b. 

pop)?on ip ]7aep pyp]?e- 

)?aeC ]>u Ydey pepep ppi^e. 

ece eab-lupan. 

an ne poplaete :• 

Went then promptly 

to speech with the damsel, 

resolv'd and cross'd with ire, 

with anger irritated, 

to where he glad of mind 

knew the Idaxasel ^. 

to be abiding. 

He then said by word : 

* Thou art my daughter, 
10 the dearest, 

and the sweetest, 

in my soul 

mi/ only one on earth, 

light of my eyes, 


thou ungraciously hast, 

through thy hostility, 


against wise men's judgment, 
2() taken thi/ course ; 

thou too stubbornly refusest, 

through thy self-will, 

thy bridegroom. 

He is better than thou, 

nobler before the world, 

more abounding 

in money-treasures : 

he as a friend is good ; 

therefore for this 'tis worth, 
30 that thou this man's love, 

eternal happiness, 

abandon not.' 




J^ini |7a ]-eo eabje. 

ajeaj: 'ijj-pajie.. 


hio Co ^obe haej-be. 


ydeyte jejcaj^elab. 

naepjie ic "pfey ^eobney- 

J?apan piUe- 


iiemne he maejnajob. lo 

jeojinoji bijonje- 

]7on he jen bybe- 

lupije mib lacu' 

|7one ]?e leohc jepcop^ [67 A.] 

heopon 3 eoji^an- 

■J hohna bijonj. 

eobejia ymb-hpyppc- 

ne maej he ellep mec« 

bjunjan co bolbe- 

he ]>a bjiyb-lupan j'ceal. 20 

CO o|?epjie. 

aehc-jepcealbum • 

ibeje jecan- 

napa^ he aenij heji- 

hype )?a ]?ujih yppe. 

ajeap aj'pajie. 

paebep peonbhce- 

nalej' pjiaecpe onhehc. 

ic J?aec jeppemme. 

jip mill peoph leopa^- 30 

^ip |?u unjiffibep- 

Him then the blessed maid 

answer gave, 

Juliana ; 

she with God had 


firmly establish'd : 

* I never with this Lord 

will consent to 


save he the God of might 

worship more zealously, 

than he yet hath done, 

love with offerings 

him who the light created, 

heaven and earth, 

and the seas' expanse, 

the circuit of all space : 

he may me not otherwise 

bring to his dwelling ; 

he conjugal affection must 

in another 

(with his treasures) 

woman seek, 

none hath he here.' 

To her in anger then 

answer gave 

her father hostilely, 

promis'd not ornaments : 

' I that will perform, — 

if my soul liveth, 

if thou from evil counsel 

24. r. a-iiigc. 



£eji ne jej'picej'C 

~} ]>u ]:pembu jobu. 

yo]\^ bijonjejc 

^ ]7a jiojilaecejx. 

]>e ny leoppan jinb. 

]?e )7i]'jum }:olce- 

Co }:peme j'tonba^. 

J^aec |?u unjeapa. 

ealbjie j'cylbij. 

Jjujih beojia ^pipe- 

bea|?e j'pelcej'C. 

jij: ]7u 5e)?a}:ian nelc- 


mobjej' jemanan- 

micel ij- f onjin. 

'J ]?pea-nieblic. 

J?inpe pelican . 

f |?u fophycje. 

hla}:opb upne. 

J)im |7a j-eo eabje. 

ajeaj: ajpape. 

jleap "]) jobe leop- 


ic ]>e CO j'O^e. 

j-ecjan piUe. 

bi me lip^enbpe. 

nelle ic lyje ):peinmaii. 

naeppe ic me onbpaebe. 

bomap }>me. 

ne me peopce jinb. 

pice-bpojan • 

hilbe poman» 

)7e \>n haej'Chce^ 

maii-ppemmenbe • 

CO me beocapc 

ne \>u naeppe jebejc. 

ere cease not, 

and thou strange Gods 

still wilt worship, 

and those forsake, 

which to us are dearer, 

which for this folk's 

prosperity stand, — 

that thou forthwith, 

in life condemn'd, 
10 through gripe of beasts, 

by death shalt perish ; 

if thou wilt not permit 

mi/ mediation, 

this lofty man's society. 

Great is the attempt, 

and afflictive 

of thy like, 

that thou despisest 

our lord.' 
20 Him then the blessed maiden 

answer gave, 

prudent and dear to God, 

Juliana : 

' I to thee in sooth 

will say, 

while I live, 

(I will not lying perpetrate) 

never will I dread 

thy dooms, 
30 nor are to me a trouble 

torment's terrors, 

war's alarms, 

which hastily thou, . 

evil perpetrating, 

threaten'st me with ; 

nor shalt thou ever do. 



)7uph jebpolan ]>iniie. 
j^aec ]>\i mec acyjipe. 
}:jioin cpijCej- loj:e. 
^a paef elleu-pob^ 
yjipe ^ iie|7e. 
}:pecne •] jiep^-jpim- 
}:aebeji pi^ behcep. 
hec hi pa. ppinjan. 
jujle j^peajan. 
picum paejan. 
^ |?8ec popb acpae^. 
onpenb )?ec in jepicte- 
"3 ]>& popb oncyp • 
|?e J7U unjnyttpum. 
aep jepppaece- 
})a Jju joba upja- 
jielb j-'ophojbejc. 
I^im ]'eo unj:ophce. 
ajea}: •;)j'pape- 
Imph jaejr-jehyjb. 

naeppe J?u jelaepejr. 
^ ic leajinjum- 
bumbum 3 bea]:u- 
beoj:ol-5ielbum • 
jaepte jeni^lum. 
japul onhace- 
]?am pyppejCum . 
picep l^ejiium. 
ac ic peop^ije. 
pulbpej' ealbop- 
mibban-jeapbej" • 
■;) niaejen-l^pymep. 
■3 hi anum co- 
eal bi|?ence. 
)>8ec he munb-bopa. 

[68 a.] 


through thy error, 
that thou me avert 
from love of Christ.' 
Then was fiercely raging-, 
angry and savage, 
rugged and fierce of soul, 
father with daughter : 
bade her then be scourged, 
with torment punish 'd, 
with tortures mov'd, 
and the word said : 

* Turn thee to thi/ wits, 
and the words disclaim, 
that thou unwisely 

ere didst speak, 
when thou our gods' 
sacrifice didst despise.' 
Him the fearless damsel 
answer gave, 
through ghostly resolve, 
Juliana : 

* Never shalt thou induce me, 
that I to false 

dumb and deaf 

tribute promise, 
to the worst 
ministers of torment j 
for I worship 
the Prince of glory, 
of mid-earth, 
and of majesty ; 
and in him alone 
wholly confide, 
that he Protector 



min jepeopl^e. 
helpenb 3 haelenb. 
i^ hell-j'ceaj^um. 
hy ]7a Jjujih yppe- 
};aebeji }:aeiiinan ajea}.'- 
on jieouba ^epealb* 
he m sepinje- 
jelaeban hec 
aepcep leohtej' cyme' 
CO hi]- bom-j-ecle- 
buju^ papabe- 
on ]7aejie paemnan phce- 
pole eal jeabop' 
hy J?a pe ae^ehnj- 
aepej-c jpecce. 
hype bpyb-juma- 
bh)7um popbum. 
mill je ]'pecejt;a- 
punnan pcima« 

hpaec )ju jlaem hapapc 
jinpaepce jiepe- 
jeoju^-habep blaeb- 
jip |7U jobum uppum- 
jen jecpemej-c- 
^ ]?e Co j'pa milbum- 
munbbypb pecepc- 
ylbo Co haljum. 
beo^ ]7e ahylbeb ppani- 
ppa]?e jepophcpa. 
pica unpim' 
jpimpa sypna. 

mine become. 

Helper and Saviour, 

against hell's ruffians/ 

Her then angrily 


her father, the damsel, gave 

into her foes* power, 

to Heliseus. 

He at early dawn 
10 bade her be led, 

after light's coming, 

to his judgment-seat. 

His followers with wonder gaz'd 

on the damsel's beauty, 

the folk altogether. 

Her then the chieftain 

first greeted, 

her bridegroom, 

with kind words : 
20 ' My sweetest 

sun's brilliancy, 


yes, thou hast brightness, 

ample gifts, 

youth's flower. 

If thou our gods 

wilt yet propitiate, 

and at such mild ones 

wilt protection seek, 
30 life at the holy, 

from thee shall be averted 

forthwith, for thi/ deeds, 

the torments numberless 

of cruel engines, 

30. Lit. age, duration of life. 



J?e ]>e jejeajipab j-mb. 
^ly )?u onjecjan nelc- 
j'ojjum jielbum. 
J^ira j-eo ae]7ele maej. 
ajeaf 3]pape. 
naej:pe |?u jej^jieacajr- 
J?inum beotum. 
ne pica |7sep ):ela. 
ppa^pa jejeappajT. 
]?9et: ic |)eobpcype' 
)7inne lupie. 
bucon )?u poplaece. 
|?a leapinja. 
peoh-peop^mja • 
^ pulbjiep job . 
onjyCe jleaplice. 
jaejta pcyppenb- 
meotub mon-cynnep. 
in J>ae]- meahcum pmb. 
a biicaii enbe. 
ealle jepceapca- 
•Sa pop J?am polce. 
ppecne mobe- 
beoc-popbum pppaec- 
bealj hme ppi)?e. 
^ ]>a. paemnan hec. 
)7uph ni^-ppaece- 
nacobe J>ennan. 
■;} mib j'peopum j'pinjan 
pynria leape. 
S'hloj ]>a. pe hepe-pinc- 
hopp-popbum jppaec. 
]?ip ij' ealbopbom. 

[68 Z..] 

which for thee are prepar'd, 

if thou wilt not sacrifice 

to true divinities.' 

Him the noble maiden 

answer gave : 

* Never shalt thou compel 

by thy threats, 

nor so many cruel 

torments shalt prepare 

that I thy 

fellowship will love ; 

unless thou forsake 

those leasings, 


and the God of glory 

wisely wilt know. 

Creator of spirits. 

Lord of mankind, 

in whose power are, 

ever without end, 

all creatures.' 

Then before the people, 

in rugged mood, 

in words of threatening spake, 

was much irritated, 

the people's lord, 

and the damsel bade, 

through hostile vengeance, 

naked be stretched, 

and with whips scourged, 

the sinless. 

Laugh'd then the warrior, 

in words of mockery spake : 

' This is chief command. 

29. r. |eman. 



uncpef jepmnej*. 

on }:jiuman jej-onjen. 

jen ic j:eopej- J^e- 

unnan pille* 

}7eah ]>u aep pela- 


popba jepppaece- 

onpoce CO jpij^e. 

I^aec ]7u po^-johu- 

lupian polbe- 

J)e pa. lean pceolan. 


pice bjiojan- 

aepceji peop|?an. 

butan ]>u aep pi)> hi. 


■]) hmi |?onc-pyp]?e. 

aepcep leahcoji-cpibu- 

lac onpecje. 

pibbe jej'etce- 

laec )>a pace pejran . 

laiS leob-jepm- 

5ip |?u len^ opep piy- 

]?uph |7m bol-piUen. 

jebpolan pyljejc 

]7on ic nybe ]'ceal- 

ni|7a jebaebeb- 

on ]?aepe jj^immejxan . 

job-pcylb ppecan. 

copne ceon-cpibe- 

]>e ]>u Caelnipjum. 

pi]7 ]>a ]-elej'Can. 

paean onjunne. 

•3 )?a milbeptan. 

in our warfare, 

assum'd at the beginning : 

yet I life to thee 

will grant, 

though thou already many 


words hast spoken, 

hast refus'd too stubbornly, 

that thou the true gods 
10 wouldst love ; 

retribution shall to thee 


horrors of punishment, 

after be, 

unless thou ere with them 

be reconcil'd, 

and to them thankworthy, 

(after thy blasphemies,) 

gifts offer, 
20 peace establish. 

Let then contention rest, 

hateful strife. 

If thou longer after this, 

through thy foolish will, 

error foUowest, 

then I needs must, 

by her hate compel'd, 

on the fiercest adversary, 

impiety avenge, 
30 angry blasphemy, 

with which thou by insults, 

against the most excellent, 

hast resolv'd to strive, 

and the mildest 

24. r. J'lnne bol-pillan. 

27. m>e? 




\>ci]\a }?e men picen- 

]>e ]fey leobjcype raib hira 

lonje bieobe- 

hitn J?aec ae|?ele mob- 

unj:ojihc oncpae^- 

ne onbpaebe ic me. 

bo ma]' ]?me- 

apypjeb pom-pcea^a. 

ne )?mjia pita bealo- 

haebbe ic me Co hyhce' 

heopon-jiicej* peapb. 

milbne munb-bopan • 

maejna palbenb- 

je mec jej'cylbeiS. 

pi^ Jjinu pcmlace. 

op jpompa 5pipe. 

]>e ]>u to jobum CiohhapC' 

^a pmb jeapne. 

joba jehpylcep. 

ible oppeojune- 2c 


ne \fseji ppeme mece^. 

pipa senij- 

]o^e pibbe- 

]>eah ]>e pece to hmi- 


he ne pmbe^ t'sep- 

bujul^e mib beoplu- 

ic CO bpyhcne min- 

mob pcaj^elije. 3< 

pe opep maejna jehpylc. 

palbe^ pibe peph • [69 a.] 

pulbpep ajenb. 

jijopa jehpylcej'. 

^ ip po^ cynmj:- 

22. MS. meter. 

whom men know, [selves 

whom this people among theni- 

long have venerated.' 

Him that noble spirit 

fearlessly address'd : 

* I dread not 

thy dooms, 

cursed foul ruffian ! 

nor thy torments' bale : 

I have for my hope 

heaven's kingdom's Guardian, 

a mild Protector, 

of all powers Ruler ; 

he will shield me 

against thy delusion, 

from the gripe of foes, 

whom thou hast set up for gods : 

these are void 

of every good, 

vain, destitute, 

needless ; 

not there profit findeth 

any man, 

true peace ; 

although he seek from them 


he findeth not there 

virtue with devils. 

I in the Lord my 

spirit fix, 

who over every power 

swayeth through ages, 

Prince of glory, 

of every triumph ; k 

He is the true King.' 1 

25. add he after jie. 




Da J7am j-olc-tojan. 

}:j\acu^lic ]7uhce. 

•p he ne meahce- 

mob oncyjipan. 

}:aemnan j:ojie-)?onc. 

he bi peaxe hec. 

ahon •;) ahebban- 

on heanne beam- 

J?aeji feo pin-fciene. 

j-leje Jjjiopabe. 

face jin-jpimme. 

j'lex ciba baejej'. 

•;j he aebpe hec 

eyt aj-eccan. 


^ jelaeban bibeab. 

CO cajicejirie. 

hyjie psef cjiijrej- lo}.*' 

m }:ejiiS-locan • 

paepce bipunben^ 

milbe mob-pe}:an. 

maejen unbpice- 

•Sa ysey mib clupcjie. 

capcejmep bujiu* 

behhben honipa jepeojic- 

hahj ]?aepinne. 

paeppaej'C punabe- 

pymle heo pulboji-cynmj. 

hepebe aec heoptan- 

heopon-picep job- 

m ]?am nyb-clapan- 

When to the chieftain 

it seem'd heinous, 

that he could not 

her mind convert, 

the damsel's resolution, 

he by the locks bade 

her be hang'd, and rais'd 

on a high tree, 

where the sun bright maiden 
10 stripes suffer'd, 

fierce ceaseless enmity, 

six hours daily ; 

and he her forthwith bade 

again be taken down, 

(her hated foe) 

and to be led commanded 

to prison. 

To her was praise of Christ 

in her soul's recess 
20 fast intwin'd, 

in her mild spirit 

strength unbroken. 

Then was with lock 

the prison's door 

shut, the hammers' work ; 

the holy maid therein 

faithful continued ; 

ever she the Glory- King 

prais'd at heart, 
30 heaven's kingdom's God, 

in that place of durance. 

SI. -cly jran or -cleojran ? 



nep^enb ppa. 

heoljtjie bihelmab. 

hyjie paef halij ^aejr- 

rmjal ^ep^. 

Sa cpom j'emninja. 

Ill f hlin-jiaeceb- 

ha3le^a jepmna- 

ypelej' ^jpij-. 

haepbe enjlep hip. 

jleap jypii-j-tapa. 


helle haeptlmj. 

CO |?aejie haljan j'ppaeC' 

hpaec bpeojepc ]7U- 

peo bypepte' 

•;) j'eo peop]?epCe' 

pulboji-cyninje • 

bjiyhtne uppum- 

"Se f>ep bema hapa"S. 

I^a pyppepcan- 

pifcu jejeajipab. 

j'ap en be leap. 

jip )7U oiijecjan nelt. 


') hi]' jobii cpeman • 

pej' \>u on 6pepte« 

j'pa he ]>ec ufc heonan. 

laeban hate. 

f ]fu lac hjiaj^e. 

onjecje jijop-tippe- 

aep ]7ec j'pylc iiime- [6'9 Z>.] 

bea^ pojie buju^e. 

]>y ]>u ]>3&Y beman j-cealc. 

eab-hpe^ij maej. 

yppe ^ebyjan. 

ppagjn }?a ppomlice. 



the Preserver of men, 

with darkness shrouded. 

To her the Holy Spirit was 

« constant companion. 

Then came suddenly, 

into that grated house, 

the foe of men, 

expert in evil, 

[he had ati angel's form, 

the skill'd in snares, 

the foe of souls, 

the thrall of hell), 

spake to the holy maid : 

' What sufFerest thou, 

O dearest, 

and worthiest, 

for the King of glory, 

our Lord ! 

For thee this judge hath 

the worst 

torments prepar'd, 

pain endless, 

if thou wilt not sacrifice, 

wisely reflecting, 

and his gods propitiate. 

Be thou in haste, 

as he thee out from hence 

bids lead, 

that thou an off'ering quickly 

sacrifice, a nohle victim, 

ere thee destruction seize, 

death for thi/ virtue ; 

whereby thou shalt this judge's 

(blessed maiden !) 

anger avoid.' 

Ask'd then boldly. 




j-eo ]>e yo]\ht ne paej'« 

cpijte jecpemC' 

hponan hip cyme paepe- 

hype pe ppaec-maecja- 


ic eom enjel jobej-. 

upan pij?enbe. 

I^ejn jej^unjen. 

"3 to |7e penbeb. 

hahj op heah)?u. 

J>e pinb heajibhcu. 

punbpum pael-jpim^ 

picu jeceohhab. 

CO jpinj-ppaece. 

hec pe job beoban- 

beapn palbenbej-. 

]>set ]>e bupje J^a- 

^a paep peo paemne- 

pop ];am paep-ppelle. 

ejj-an jeaclab. 

pe hype pe ajlaeca- 

pulbpep pi|?e]i-bpeca. 

popbum paejbe. 

onjan J;a paejchce- 

pep^ jca]7ehan. 

jeonj jponbopleaj*. 

CO cleopianne. 

ic ]>ec beopiia hleo. 

bibban pille. 

ece aelmihcij. 

]7uph )?8ec aej?ele jepceap. 

]7e ]7u paebep enjla. 

aec ppuman peccejc 

}?aec j?u me ne laece^ 

10. MS. heahfu. 

20. contr. for jeacolato. 

she who afraid was not, 

to Christ acceptable. 

Whence his coming were ? 

To her the exile 

replied : 

* I am God's angel, 

journeying from above, 

a minister illustrious, 

and to thee sent, 
10 holy from heaven. 

For thee are stern, 

wonderously cruel, 

torments prepar'd, 

for mortal vengeance. 

God bade me to thee announce, 

the Son of the Supreme, 

that thou thyself therefrom secure.* 

Then was the damsel, 

for that crafty speech, 
20 with terror chill'd, 

which to her the wretch, 

Glory's adversary, 

said in words. 

Began then firmly 

her soul to settle, 

young, profound, 

to cry : 

' I thee, refuge of mortalsS ! 

will beseech, 
30 Eternal Almighty ! 

by the noble creation, 

which thou. Father of angels ! 

didst at the beginning set, 

that thou let me not 

12. MS. peljjiim. 17. add ]>u after pier? 

26. 27. No alliteration. 




oj: lojre hpeoppan- 

)?inpe eab-jijze. 

j'pa me j^ej' aji boba^. 

pjiecne jiaeji-jpelL 

]>e me pope pconbe^. 

j'pa ic ]>e bilpicne. 

bibban pille- 

|?aec };u me jecy^e • 

cyninja pulboji. 

J7jiyme]' hyjibe- 

hpaet ]7e]- ]>e^n py. 


pe mec laepe^ pjiom ]7e. 

on j-ceapcne pej. 

hype jcepn oncpae^- 

plicij op polcnum. 

pojib hleo]>pabe- 

poppoh |7one ppaecjan. 

;] paepte jehealb. 

o]?}>aet he hip piiS-paec. 

pecje mib pyhce- 

ealne ppom opbe. 

hpaec hip aej^elu pyn. 

iSa psep ]?aepe paemnan. 

pep's jebhpj'ab- 


heo J?aec beopol jenom- 

turn from the praise 

of thy blessed grace, [ceth 

as to me this messenger announ- 

an impious crafty speech, 

who before me standeth. 

So I thee Merciful 

will beseech, 

that to me thou manifest, 

Glory of kings ! 
10 Lord of majesty ! 

what this minister is, 

floating in air, 

who me urgeth from thee, 

on a rugged way.' 

Her a voice address'd 

sweet from the clouds, 

words utter'd : 

* Seize the specious one, 

and fast hold, 
20 till that he his journey 

rightly relate, 

all from the beginning, 

what his attributes are.' 

Then was the damsel's 

soul rejoiced, 

the noble one's. 

She the devil took 

ealpa cyninja cyninj. [70 a.] ' of all kings King, 

CO cpale jyllan. 

iSa jen ic jecpaepce- 

26. r. -eabijjie. 

.'JO Lit. effected by crafl. 

to betray to death. 
30 Then yet I contriv'd, 

27. Here a leaf of the MS. is wanting. 

s 2 



^ j*e cempa 0113011 • 

palbenb punbian. 

peojiub to-j'ejon. 

]>set Jjaeji blob ^ paeteji- 

bucu aet-jagbjie- 

eo]i]7an j-ohtun. 

•Sa jen ic hejiobe. 

m hyje bij'peon. 

I^aec he lohannep bibeab- 

heapbe biheapan. 

Sa pe halja pep- 

Jjaepe pip-lupan • 

pop bum ptyjibe* 

impyhcpe aj. 

eac ic jelaepbe. 

pimon peapo-j7oncum« 

^ he paean onjon. 

pi]? ]7a jecopenan. 

cpij'Cep J^ejnap- 

^ ]>a. haljan pepaj*. 

hoppe jepahte. 

]?uph beopne jebpolan • 

j'aejbe hy bpyap paepon- 

nej^be ic neapo-bpe^bi". 

I^aep ic iiepon bijpac. 

^ he acpellan hec- 

cpi]-cep l^ejnap. 

peep up ^ pauluj- 

pilatup aep on pobe ahen^. 

pobepa palbenb- 

meocub meahcijne- 

mmum lapum. 

ppylce ic ejiaj'- 

eac jelaepbe- 

^ he unjnycpum. 

8. MS. bij-peop. 

that the soldier resolv'd 

the Lord to wound, 

{the multitude look'd on) 

so that there blood and water, 

both together, 

sought the earth. 

Then yet I Herod 

in mind incited, 

that he commanded John's 
10 head to be cut off, 

when the holy man 

that woman-love 

by words reprov'd, 

that unlawful marriage. 

Also 1 instructed 

Simon by mi/ arts, 

that he began strive 

against the chosen 

ministers of Christ, 
•20 and those holy men 

with contumely reproach'd, 

through profound error ; 

said they were sorcerers. 

I dar'd by pressing guiles, 

that I Nero deceiv'd, 

so that he bade slay 

Christ's servants, 

Peter and Paul. 

Pilate ere had hang'd on the rood 
30 the Ruler of the skies, 

the mighty Lord, 

through my devices. 

I in like manner Hegias 

also instigated, 

that he unwisely 

25. ]>setl MS. bij-peac. "^ 



anbpeaj' hec. 

ahon halijne. 

on heanne beam- 

f he oy jaljan hi]'- 

jaej'C onj-enbe. 

m pulbpej- plite- 

]>uy ic pjiaj^pa j:ela. 

mih minu b)\oJ>]iu. 

bealpa jepjiemebe- 

ppeajicjia pynna- lo 

J?e ic apecjan ne maej" 

piume apeccan. 

ne jejiim pican- 

heajibjia hete-]7onca. 

him peo halje oncpae'5. 

)?ujih jaej'tep jiepe- 


]7u j'cealc pupJ?oji jen. 

peonb mon-cynnep. 

pij'-paet j-ecjan. 20 

hpa \>ec penbe to me- 

hype pe ajlaeca^ 

ajeap tJjT^F^' 

pojiht aponjen. 

p]ii]7ep opipena* 

hpaefc mec min paebep- 

on |7ap pope to ]?e. 

hell-papena cyninj. 

hibep onjenbe. 

op |7a enjan ham. 30 

pe ij- ypla ^ehpaej-. 

m ]?am jpopn hope. [70 Z>.] 

jeopnpulpa J^on ic* 

]7on he upic penbe^- 

•p pe poSpaej'Cpa- 

11. MS. aj-cn^an. 

bade Andrew 
the holy to be crucified 
on a high tree, 
so that from a gallows he his 
soul sent forth 
in glory's beauty. 
Thus I many dire 
(with my brothers) 
atrocities have perpetrated, 
swart sins, 

which I may not tell, 
fully relate, 
nor the number know 
of cruel enmities.' 
Him the holy maid address'd, 
through the Spirit's grace, 
Juliana : 

' Thou shalt further yet, 
foe of mankind, 
explain thj/ journey, 
who thee hath sent to me.* 
To her the wretch 
gave answer, 
seiz'd with fear, 
of peace hopeless. 
' Yes 1 me my father 
on this journey to thee, 
the king of hell's inhabitants, 
hither hath sent, 
from that narrow home, 
who is for every evil, 
in that sad house, 
more zealous than I. 
When he us sendeth, 
that of the righteous we, 
35. MS. j-e. 



)>uph mij-^ebpielb . 
mob oncyppen- 
ahpypj:en ppom haloji- 
pe beo^ hyje jeompe. 
pophte on pep^J^e* 
lie bi)? up ppea nulbe« 
e^eppul ealbop. 
jip pe yplep nohc 
jeboii habba)?. 
ne buppan pe ]i]7]7aii- 
j:op hip onpyne. 
opep jepepan. 
J>on he onpenbe^. 
jeonb pibne jpunb. 
}7e5nap op ]7y]t:puni. 
hace^ J?paece paepan- 
jip pe jemece jin- 
on molb-peje. 
op]>e peop oy]>e neah. 
puubne peopj^en- 
^ hi upic bmben. 
^ in bael-pylme- 
juplu j'pinjen- 
jip j'oSpaepcpa- 
|;uph myppelpan- 
mob ne oncyppe^- 
hahjpa hyje. 
pe ]>a, heapbepcan. 
t) J'^ pyppejtan • 
pifcu 3e]?oha"S. 
j?uph j'ap-j'leje- 
nu ]7U jylpa meahc 
on pepan )?inum. 
yorS jecnapan. 

through seduction, 

the mind pervert, 

turn from salvation, 

we are sad of mind, 

fearful in soul. 

To us is no kind master, 

but a dreadful prince. 

If we of evil naught 

have done, 
10 then dare we not 

before his face 

anywhere go : 

then will he send, 

o'er the wide earth, 

his ministers from darkness, 

bid them raise violence : 

if we are met 

on eartli's way, 

or far or near 
20 are found, 

that they us bind, 

and in the fire's heat, 

in torments scourge. 

If of the righteous, 

through seduction, 

we the mind pervert not, 

the thoughts of the holy, 

we the hardest, 

and the worst, 
3« torments suffer, 

through painful blows. 

Now thou thyself mightest, 

in thy thoughts, 

soothly know, 


26. MS. mob neob cyjijie*. 



f ic l^ijye no];e paej-. 
nybe jebaebeb. 
I^jiaj-maeluui jej^jieab. 
f ic ]>e johte :• 

that I to this daring was 
by need compel'd ; 
from time to time tormented, 
that I thee should seek.' 

pa jen j'eo halje onjon. 

haelej;a jepmnan. 

ppohtej' pyjihcan- 

pojibum jijiijnan- 

pyjin-pynna pjmman. 

]?u me puji]?op j'cealc- 

jeejan papla }:eonb. 

hu |7U j'o^paeptum. 

|?u]ih pynna phbe- 

]-pi|?a]'C j-ce]7]7e. 

}:acne bi}:on5en. 

J^ype pe peonb oncpaeiS. 

pjiaecca paejileaj*. 

pop bum maelbe. 

ic \>e eab maej. 

ypla jehpylcep. 

op jecy^e. 

o^ enbe pop^> 

J?apa J>e ic jeppemebe. 

nalaej' peam j'mbon. 

pynna pun bum* 

|7ajc ]>u }?y j'peocohcop" 

j'ylp jeenape. 

]?aec ]>!]' 1]' ]o^ nalej' leap. 

ic ]>set penbe- 


Then yet the holy maid resolv'd, 

the foe of men, 

the worker of wickedness, 

with words to question, 

author of sins of yore : 
10 * Thou to me further shalt 

say, foe of souls ! 

how thou the righteous, 

through lapse of sins, 

doest chiefly injure, 

by thy guile ensnar'd ? * 

Her the fiend address'd : 

the wretch defenceless 

in words spake : 

* I to thee humbly, 
20 of every evil 

will the beginning show, 

forth to the end, 

(those that I have perpetrated 

are not few, 

with wounds of sin) ; 

that thou the more plainly 

thyself may know, 
[71 «.] that this is true, not false. 

I that ween'd. 

19. ea^-met)e? 

24. r. j:ea. 



^ picob cealbe- 
|?pi]te jej^oncje. 
f ic }>e meahce- 
bucan eajij:e];uin. 
anej' cjiaej:t:e. 
ahpyppan }:jiom haloji. 
})aec ]>u heopon-cyninje. 
pi^joce I'ljopa pjiean. 
■j CO jaempan jebuje. 
onj'aejbe jynna fpuman- 
j;up ic j-o^jiaejtum. 
J;uph mijiic bleo. 
mob oncyppe- 
}>aep ic hine pnbe- 
pep^ j-taj^elian. 
CO jobej- pillan. 
ic beo ^eapo pona- 
f ic hmi monijpealbe. 
mobej- ^aeljan. 
onjean bepe- 
jpimpa jej^onca. 
bypnpa jebpilba- 
]?uph jebpolena pim- 
ic him jeppece. 
j-ynna lu]'Cap- 
maene mob-lupan- 
f he mmum hpaj^e- 
leahcpu jelenje- 
lapum hypaiS. 
ic hme ]fseY YV^V^' 
jynnum onaele- 
f he bypnenbe ppom- 
jebebe jpice^* 
jTepeS j'CponjUce- 

and for certain reckon 'd 

in daring thought, 

that I thee might, 

without diflBculty, 

by my craft alone, 

turn from salvation, 

that thou heaven's King [umphs, 

should deny, the Lord of tri- 

and to worse should bow, 
10 should sacrifice to the author of 

Thus of the righteous I, [sins. 

through various colouring, 

the mind pervert. 

Where I find him 

his soul confirming 

to God's will, 

I am straight prepar'd, 

so tliat to him I manifold 

mind's extravagances 
20 present, 

dire thoughts, 

dark errors. 

Through number of seducers, 

I to him sweeten 

the delights of sins, 

vicious desires of mind, 

so that he quickly my 

(for sins ready) 

doctrines obeyeth. 
30 I him so greatly 

with sins inflame, 

that he burning from 

prayer shrinketh, 

steps forth vigorously : 

34. jteppeS? 




]raj?ol}:ae]C ne iiiaej. 

}:o]ie leahtjia lu):an. 

lenje jepunian. 

in jebeb-j-cope. 

jpa ic bpojah Co- 

la^ne jelsebe* 

|7ani J?e ic hpef o}:-onn. 

leohtej' jeleapan- 

^ he lajium pile. 

)?ujih mobej' myne. 

minum hypan. 

jynne pjiemman. 

he pi)7]?an jceal- 

jobjia jum-cyjca. 

jeapne hpeojipan- 

31}; ic seni^ne. 


jemece mobijne. 

meCobej" cempan- 

pi^ plan-|7]iaece. 

nele peop |7onan. 

bujan ppom beabupe- 

ac he bopb oni^ean. 

hepe^ hf^e pnoccop. 

hahjne pcylb- 

jaejrhc ju^-peap- 

nele ^obe j-pican. 

ac he bealb in jebebe- 

bib-pceal ^ipe^S. 

paepce on peiSan- so 

ic jceal peep |;onan. 

hean-raob hpeoppan. 

hpo);pa bibaeleb- 

111 jleba 5]iipe. [71 /-'•l 


firm he may not, 

for love of sins, 

longer remain 

in the place of prayer. 

So I terror 

hateful bring 

to him to whom life I grudge, 

bright belief; 

and he my doctrines will, 

through thought of mind, 


sin perpetrate : 

he shall afterwards, 

of good blessings 

depriv'd, pass away. 

If I any 

man renown 'd 

find, unquailing, 

a soldier of the Lord, 

against the arrow's force, 

who will not far from thence 

retire from the contest, 

but he a buckler up 

raiseth, wise in soul, 

a holy shield, 

a ghostly armour, 

ivho will not God desert, 

but he bold in prayer 

maketh a stand, 

fast on foot, 

I must far from thence 

abash'd depart, 

of good depriv'd ; 

in gripe of gleeds 

29. Lit. a biding-stall or place. 



jehiSu maenan- 
J^aec ic ne meahce. 
maejnej" cjiaejice. 
ju^e pi'Sjonjan- 
ac ic jeoraop jceaL 
j'ecan oj^ejine* 
ellenleaf jian • 
unbep cumbol-hajan. 
cempan jaempan- 
]>e ic onbjiypban masje- 
beopmau mine- 
ajaelan aec juj^e- 
l^eah he jobep hpaec- 
onjinne jaejclice. 
ic beo ^eapo fona. 
f ic m-jehyjb. 
eal jeonb-pliCe. 
hu jejiaej'Cnab jy. 
yeyi^ innanpeajib- 
pi^-]teall jepophc- 
ic ]>XY peallej' jeac- 
oncyne ]7uph teonan- 
biiS je copp )>ypel. 
in-jonj jeopenab. 
]>6n ic aepej'C him- 
|7uph eap^pajie- 
in bpeopc-pepan. 
bicpe jej^oncap* 
|7uph miplice. 
mobep pillan. 
J?aec him jylpum- 
j-elle l^ynceS. 
leahcpap to ppemman- 

my cares lament, 

for that I might not, 

by dint of power, 

in mi/ warfare prosper ; 

but I must sad 

seek another 

less courageous, 

amid the camp, 

a worse soldier, 
10 whom I may induce, 

with my leaven, 

to be slow in the war. 

Though he aught of good 

may resolve in spirit, 

I am forthwith ready, 

that I his inward thoughts 

all scan through, 

how may be confirm'd 

his soul within, 
20 his bulwark wrought ? 

I this rampart's gate 

unclose through wickedness. 

If the tower be pierced, 

an entrance open'd, 

then I at first to him, 

through mi/ archery, 

send in, 

into his bosom, 

bitter thoughts, 
30 through various 

desires of mind ; 

so that to himself 

it seemeth better 

crimes to perpetrate 

4. Lit. contra ire. 

9. MS. ]-aenjian. 

20. r. pi j-]-teal. 



oj:ep loj: jobej- 
licej' lujra]'- 
ic beo lapeop jeojin- 
f he mon-Jjeapu. 
minum lipje. 
acyjijieb cu^licc 
j-'jiom cjiij'Cej' ae» 
mob jemypiieb. 
me Co Repeal be- 
in pynna jea^- 
ic ]>ie\ie paple ma. 
jeopnop ^yme. 
ymb j^aej' jaej-tej' poppyjib- 
}>on J^aej' lic-homan- 
Ye\>e on lejpe pceal. 
peoplSan m pojiulbe- 
pyjime to h}ioJ>op. 
bijiolen m polban. 
Da pen jeo jiaemne jppaec. 
j'aja eapm-pceapen- 
unclaene jaej'C 
hu ]?u ]>ec jej^ybe. 
|7y]-tpa jTihcenb. 
on claenpa jemonj. 
]>u. pi^ cpijce jeo. 
paepleap punne- 
^ jepm cu^e. 
hojbep pi]? halju- 
]>e peap^ helle j'ea'S. 
nij;ep jebolpen- 
]?aep ]?u nyb-byj-ij. 
pope opephyjbum. 
eapb jepohcep. 
penbe ic J?aec ]>\x ]>y paepjia- 

against God's glory, 

body's lusts. 

I am a diligent instructor, 

that he in my 

evil habits live, 

turn'd manifestly 

from Christ's law, 

his mind seduc'd 

into my povi^er, 
10 into the pit of sins. 

I for the soul's more, 

more earnestly care 

about the spirit's destruction, 

than for the body's, 

which in the grave shall 

become in the world 

to the worm for prey, 

to earth committed.* 

Then yet the damsel spake : 
20 ' Say, wretched creature ! 

spirit unclean ! 

how thou thyself associat'st, 

dispenser of darkness ! 

in the company of the pure : 

thou against Christ of old 

faithless didst strive, 

and warfare lead, 

didst plot against the saints. 

For thee was the pit of hell 
30 dug beneath, 

where thou, driven by force, 

for thi/ pride, 

a dwelling soughtest. 

I ween'd that thou the worse 

4. man-J'eapum ' 



peopj^an j'ceolbe. 

pi^ fo^faej'Cum. [72 a.] 

j-pylcep jemocej'. 

^ J>y unheal bjia. 

^e ]>e op!:: pi^jcob- 

]7uph pulboji-cyniii^. 

piUan ]?inep. 

y^yjie pa. pe pepja- 


eapm ajlaeca- lo 

]7U me aepej'C paja- 

hu )?u ^ebyppcij. 

J;uph beop ^ehyjb. 

pupbe |7U]- pi5-l?pipc. 

opep eall pipa cyn. 

"pxt ]7u mec ]?uj* paejte. 

pecpuni jebunbe. 

aejhpaep oppijne. 

J?u m ecne job. 

Jjpym-j'iccenbne. 20 

J7inne jetpeopbep. 

meocub raon-cynnep- 

ppa ic in mmne paebep. 

hell-papana cyninj. 

hyhc jcaj^elie- 

})on ic beom onj*enbeb. 

pi^ j'oSpaej'Cum. 

^ ic in man-peopcum. 

mob oncyppe. 

hyje ppom halop. 30 

me hpilutn bij?. 

poppypneb ]7uph pi]?ep-]'teall' 

pillan mmep' 

hyhtep set haljum. 

j'pa me hep jelamp- 

j'op5 on pij^e. 

would'st he 

against the righteous, 

at such meeting, 

and the less hold, 

who thee oft withstood, 

(through the Glory- King,) 

thy will.' 

To her then the accurs'd 


the miserable wretch :. 

* Z)o thou to me first say 

how thou daring, 

through deep thought, 

becam'st thus bold in strife, 

above all womankind, 

that thou me thus fast 

didst with fetters bind, 

wholly defenceless ? 

Thou in thy eternal God, 

sitting in majesty, 

hast trusted. 

Creator of mankind, 

as I in my father, 

king of hell's inhabitants, 

found my hope, 

when I am sent 

against the righteous, 

that I in wicked deeds 

may their mind seduce, 

their spirit, from salvation. 

Sometimes I am, 

through opposition, denied 

my will, 

my hope, with the holy oneSj 

as to me here befell 

sorrow in m?/ journey : 



ic pdRt jylj: jecneop. 

CO lace miclej'. 

j'ceal nu lanje opep ]>!]'• 


j'came j^popian- 

j:oji|7on ic ])ec halj-ije- 

J?ujih psey byhptan meahfc. 

poboji-cynmjep jiejie. 

j'ej?e on jiobe-cjieo. 


I^pymep ealboji- 

f ]>u milcj'ije- 

me |7eappenbu. 

)?aec unj-aelij eall. 

ne po]ipeop]?e. 

I^eah ic )7ec jebypj'Cij. 

■]) |7up bol-pillen. 

j'i]7e jej-ohce. 

I^aepi ic ppi)?e me. 

I^yplicjie a3ji. 

I^pa^e ne jepenbe :• 

I that myself perceive 

by much too late. 

Now shall / long after this, 


shame endure ; 

therefore I thee beseech, 

through the Highest's might, 

the grace of heaven's King, 

who on the rood-tree 
10 suffer'd, 

the Prince of majesty, 

that thou pity 

me miserable, 

that all unbless'd 

/perish not, 

though I thee daring, 

and thus foolishly, 

journeying have sought, 

where I much 
20 previously such 

a time expected not.' 


Da peo plice jcyne^ 
pulbpep conbel. 
CO ]?a paep-lojan • 
popbum maelbe. 
Du pcealc ^beccan- 
ypel-baeba ma- 
hean helle jaepc- 
aep \>u heonan moce. 
hpaec j?u Co ceonan- 

[72 /..] 

Then the beauteous 

candle of glory 

to the false one 

in words spake : 

' Thou shalt confess 

more evil deeds, 

vile spirit of hell ! 

ere thou may'st hence depart, 

what thou for harm 



J^ujih-tojen haebbe- 
micelpa man-peojica. 
manna tubpe- 
beojicum jebpilbum- 
hyjie J^aec beopol oncpae^. 
Nu ic ]?aec jehype • 
Jjuph |>inne hleoj^oji-cpibe- 
f ic nybe pceal. 
ni]?a jebaebeb. 
mob melbian. 
ppa ]>\i me beobejT. 
J?jiea-neb |?olian. 
ip ]>eoY ]>\iai pul pCjionj. 
Jjjieac opimaece- 
ic pceal l^mja jehpylc. 
]?olian 3 l^apian. 
on l^mne bom- 
pora-baeba onppeon- 
\>y ic pibe-pepj. 
ppeajicpa jepypebe- 
ope ic j'yne opceah- 
ablenbe bealo-J»oncum. 
beojma unpim- 
monna cynnep- 
mijc-helme pojxbjiaejb. 
Jjupih atcpej- ojib. 
eajna leoman- 
ppeapicu jcujium« 
"J ic pumjia pec- 
popbjiaec bealo-peappum- 
pume m bjiyne penbe^ 
in lijep locan- 
■p hi lapca peapi^. 
j'lj^apc jepyne. 

hast accomplish'd 

of great wicked deeds 

to the race of men, 

by dark errors.' 

Her the devil address'd : 

' Now I it hear, 

through thy saying, 

that I must needs, 

by hate constrained, 
10 mi/ mind declare, 

as thou me commandest, 

compulsion suffer. 

This moment is too o'erwhelming, 

the chastisement immense : 

I must everything 

suffer and permit, 

at thy doom, 

the crimes unveil, 

which I everywhere, 
20 dark, have machinated. 

Oft their sight have I withdrawn, 

blinded by baleful thoughts, 

men without number 

of the human race, 

with a mist-helm cover'd, 

through dart of venom, 

their eyes' light, 

with swart showers. 

And I of some the feet 
30 have broken by wicked snares, 

some into fire have sent, 

into bonds of flame, 

so that of their traces was 

the last seen. 

9. nij)e? 

19. >e? 

21. MS. ope J'yne. 



eac ic jTime ^ebybe- 
f him ban-locan. 
blobe jpiopeban- 
f hi }:aejiin;;^a. 
}:eoph aleton. 
\>i\ph aebjia pylni- 
j'ume on yiS-pajie- 
pupbon on pej. 
paecjium bijencce- 
on raejie-plobe . 
minum qiaepCu. 
unbeji peone ptpeam. 
pume ic pobe bipealh* 
f hi hypa bpeopje. 
on hean jaljan- 
hp alecan. 

j'ume ic lapum jeteah- 
CO jephce ppemebe^ 
^ hy paepinja- 
ealb-sep]?oncan • 
beope bpuncne- 
ic him byplabe. 
ppoht op peje. 
)7aec hi m pin-jele- 
]?uph ppeopb-jpipe. 
paple poplecan- 
op plaej'c-horaan. 
paeje pcynban- 
]-apum jepohce. 
pume ]7a ic [lunbe. 
bucan jobep cacne- 

[73 a.] 

Also to some I 've done, 

that their carcases 

spouted with blood, 

so that they suddenly 

life let forth 

through their veins' fountain. 

Some on the billowy course 

were on their way 

by the waters merged, 

into the ocean-flood, 

by my devices, 

under the raging stream. 

Some I 've to the cross consign 'd, 

that they sadly their, 

on the vile gallows, 

life resign'd. 

Some I by wiles have drawn, 

to strife prepar'd, 

that they suddenly 

old grudges 

have renew'd, 

drunken with beer ; 

I to them pour'd 

discord from the cup, 

so that in the social hall they, 

through gripe of sword, 

the soul let forth 

from the body, 

dying they hasten'd /orM, 

sought with wounds. 

Some whom I found 

without God's token, 



22. MS. bjiucne. 

32. gofce/ cacn ; i. e. the cross. 



J^eah ic bealblice- 

j?uph mijlic cpealm. 

mmuni honbum^ 

]'eajio-]7oncuin floj- 

ic afecjan ne maej- 

l^eah ic jej-icce. 

j'umeji-lonjne baej. 

eal ]?a eapi}:e}7u. 

]>e ic aeji •] j*i)?. 

jejijiemebe Co }:aciie. 

j'i];)?an j:uji))u paej'. 

poboji ajieejieb. 

■;) pyne Cunjla- 

j:olbe jepaej'cnab- 

•3 )>a }:eofiman men. 

abam •^ aeue. 

]7am ic ealbop o^j^ponj. 

■;) hy jelaejibe. 

f hi lujian bjiyhcnep. 

ece eab-pej-'e- 


beophtne bolb-pelan. 

f him bsem jepeapiS- 

yjim)ju CO ealbjie. 

■3 hypa eapepum j-pa- 

mipcapc man-peopca. 

hpaec pceal ic ma piman. 

ypel enbe leap. 

ic ealljebaeji. 

pjiaj^e ppohcaj". 

jeonb pep-]7eobe. 

\>a. ]>e jepopbmi. 

piban peojie. 

ppom ppuman pojiulbe. 

these I boldly, 

through various deaths, 

with my hands, 

by mi/ devices slew. 

I may not say, 

though I sit 

a summer-long day, 

all the miseries, 

which I first and last 
10 have in fraud perpetrated, 

since that first was 

the firmament uprear'd, 

and the stars' course, 

earth establish'd, 

and the first men,. 

Adam and Eve, 

from whom I life expel'd, 

and them incited, 

that they love of the Lord, 
20 eternal happiness, 


bright domestic happiness, 

so that to them both was 

misery for ever, 

and to their offspring also : — 

darkest of wicked deeds ! 

Why shall I more enumerate 

evil endless ? 

I have borne all 
30 hostile crimes 

among mankind, 

those which have happen'd, 

throughout ages, 

from the world's origin. 

1. J>a for j'eah? 

29. ealle baeji ? 

32. r. j;epujit)on. 



pjia cynne. 

eoplum oil eopi]7an. 

ne psej- aenij j^apa- 

f me ]?uj' J;pi]-ce. 

]*pa ]>u nu]7a. 

halij mib honbum. 

hpman bo\iyte- 

naej- aenij J?aej' mobij. 

mou opeji eojijjan- 

J>uph halje meahc- 

heah-j:aebejia naii- 

ne picjena. 

peah j?e hi peopuba 30b. 

onppije pulbpej* cyninj. 

pij'bomep jaejT. 

jiejie unmaece- 

hpae|)pe ic 50113 to )>am. 

a^an mopce- 

naep aeni^ |7apa. 

^ mec }?up bealblice. 

beiibum bilejbe- 

J?peam popppycce- 

sep |7U nu]7a- 

}?a miclan meahfc- 

min opepj'pi^bej'C 

paej'ce poppenje. 

]>e me paebep pealbe- 

peonb mon-cynnej-. 

]?a he mec pepan hec 

)?eoben op }>yptpiim- 30 

^ ic ]>e pceolbe. 

j-yniie ppecan . 

]7aep mec pop^ bicpom- [73 Z».] 

hepi5 honb-jepmn- 


to the race of mortals, 

to men on earth. 

Was not any of those 

that me thus daringly, 

as thou now, 

holy with th^ hands, 

durst touch : 

was not thus bold any 

man upon earth, 

through holy might, 

of the patriarchs none, 

nor of the prophets ; 

though to them the God of hosts, 

the King of glory, had reveal'd 

the spirit of wisdom, 

grace infinite, 

(yet I access to them 

might have,) 

was not any of them, 

that me thus boldly 

charg'd with bonds, 

with reproofs o'erwhelm'd, 

ere thou now 

my great power 

didst overcome, 

fast arrest, 

which me my father gave, 

foe of mankind, 

when he bade me go, 

my lord, from darkness, 

that I to thee should 

sweeten sin. 

There sorrow me befell, 

heavy hand-strife. 

21. MS, bennum. 

24. MS. miclam. 



ic bihlyhhan ne }?eaj\j:. 
aejiceji j'aji-ppaece. 
fi'S-j:aec ]?i]'ne- 
majum in jemonje^ 
\>6n ic mine jxeal. 
ajiejian jnojin-ceajiij. 
in ]?a jieonjan ham. 
Da j'e 5epe}:a hec 
jealj-mob juma. 

oj: )?a enjan hope, 
uc jelaeban- 
on hyje halije- 
haej?num co fpjiaece. 
fco hij' bom-]'ecle. 
heo ]?aec beofol ceah^ 
bjieojtru mbpyjibeb. 
benbum jiasfcne. 
halij haejjenne. 
onjan J?a hjieop-ceapij- 
jiiS-paec j*eopan. 
jaji cpanian. 
pyjib panian> 
pojibum maelbe' 
ic J?ec halpije- 
hl8ej:bi5e mm. 

|:ojie jobep jibbum. 
}?aec ]?u }:uji)?uji me. 
):iiace]7u ne pyjice* 
ebpic j:ofi eojilum. 
])on ]?u seji bybepfc. 
|7a J>u 0}:ejippi]7bepc. 

Laugh at I may not, 

after this sore revenge, 

this journey, 

among mi/ comrades, 

when I sad-sorrowing shall 

render my 


in that sad home.* 

Then the count bade, 
10 the atrocious man, 


from that narrow house, 

be led out, 

holy in mind, 

to speech with the heathen, 

to his judgment-seat. 

She that devil drew, 

in breast inspir'd, 

fast in bonds, 
20 the holy one the heathen. 

He then sad- sorrowing began 

his journey to bewail, 

his pain lament, 

his fate deplore j 

spake in words : 

' I thee implore. 

Lady mine, 


for God's peace, 
30 that thou further to me 

contumelies do not, 

reproach before men, 

than thou ere didst do, 

when thou didst overpower 

10. Lit. gallows-minded. 



]?one j'notpej'Can • 

unbep hhn-j'cuan. 

hel-pepena cyninj. 

in j:eonba byjiij. 

■p 1]' }:aebejiu]'eji. 

mopjjpej' ma,n-y]\ea.' 

hpaefc ]>n mec J^peabep. 

|?ujih jaji-j'leje. 

ic CO j'o]?e pafc. 

f ic aep ne j'l^. 

aenij ne mecte. 

m pojiulb-jiice- 

pij> |?e jelic. 

J'pijtpan jej^ohce]-. 

ne J^peoph-cimbpan. 

maejj^a cynnep. 

!]• on me jpeotul- 

]?aec ]?u unpcamjC' 

sejhpaej' pup be. 

on pe]i]?e pjiob. 

Da hine jeo paemne poplec- 

aeptep |7paec-hpile. 

I^yjcjia neopan- 

in ppeajicne jpunb- 

papla jepinna- 

on pica pojipyjib. 

pij'Ce he ]>i jeappop- 

manep melba- 

majum Co jecjan- 

juplej" l^ejnum. 

hu him on pi^e jelomp :• 

the most sagacious, 
under the prison roof, 

the king of hell's inhabitants, 

in the fiends' city, 

that is our father, 

the lord of deadly sin. 

Yes ! thou hast chastis'd me 

by painful stroke ; 

I in sooth know, 
10 that I ere nor since 

have not any met, 

in the world's realm, 

like unto thee 

in daring thought, 

nor more untractable, ^ 

of womankind. 

To me 'tis manifest, 

that thou unabash'd 

would'st be at every thing, 
20 in soul sagacious.' 

Then the damsel him dismiss'd, 

after his forced stay, 

darkness to visit, 

in the swart abyss, 

the foe of souls, 

in calamity of torments : 

he the better knew, 

th' announcer of wickedness, 

to his mates to say, 
30 the ministers of torment, 

how it him on his journey befell. 

2. Lit. under the grating's shadow. 
15. Lit. nor of Grosser stuff. 

5. MS. hij-. 
25. r. jepinnan. 

T 2 




* jeojine aeji- 

hejiebon on heah]?u- 

•3 hij' halij * 

j'aejbon jo^lice- 

f he pjopa jehpaej". 

ofeji ealle jej-ceajrc. 

ana polbe. 

ecpa eab-jiejia. 

Da cpom enjel jobep. 

j:jiaecpum blican. 

"3 ^ FyP topceaj:. 
jejrjieobe "] jejipeoSabe. 
facnep claene. 
leahcpa leape. 
•3 )7one I13 copeapp. 
heopo jijjepne. 
)>aeji peo halie jtob. 
maejj^a bealbop- 
on ]?am mible jej'unb- 
jjaec )7am pelijan paep. 
peopc CO l^olianne. 
);aep he hic pop populbe. 
penben meahce. 
pohce pynnum pah« 
hu he japhcaj'C 
puph J7a pyppepcan 
pitu meahce. 
peoph-cpale pmban- 
paej" je peonb Co laec- 

« « * 

[74 «.] 

prais'd in the heavens, 
and his holy * 
said soothly, 
that he of every victory, 
over all creation, 
alone had power, 
of eternal blessings. 
Then came God's angel, 
10 glittering in arms, 
and the fire scatter'd, 
freed and protected 
the pure of guile, 
the void of sins, 
and the flame cast aside, 
intensely raging, 
where the holy stood, 
chief of women, 
sound in the midst. 
20 That to the rich one was 
hard to suffer, 

where he it before the world 
might suppose to be. 
Sought foul with sins, 
how he most painfully, 
through the worst 
torments, might 
invent a death. 
The fiend was not too slow — 

1. Here the MS. has manifestly lost at least one leaf. 
3. A word is here left out. 23. penan ? 



fe hine jelaepbe. 

J^aet he laemeu-paec- 

bipyjican hec. 


pijej- poinum. 

T pubu-beamu. 

holce bilaenaii. 

Da j-e [heajiba]bibeab- 

f mon J^aec Iam-j:aec. 

leabep jejiylbe- 

"3 ]?a onbaepnan hec- 

bael-fipa maept. 

ab onaelan. 

pe paep aejhponan. 

ymb-bojien mib bponbum- 

bae^ hace peol- 

hec ]?a opephce. 

yjijie jeboljen. 

leahtpa leape. 

in J>aep leabep pylm. 

pcupan butan pcylbum. 

|>a copceaben peayi^. 

lij tiolypeb. 

leab pibe jpponj. 

hat heopo jippe. 

hasle'S pujibon acle^ 

apapab popi ]>y paej"e. 

]?aeji on jimie pojibopn. 

|?uph Jjaep pipe]' pnaej'C 

pip ■]) hunb-j'eopoiicij. 

hae^nej' hepjej'. 

Da jen peo halje pcob* 

unjepembe phte. 

naep hype ploh ne hpaejL 

he him instructed, 

that he an earthen vessel 

should bid make, 

by wonderous art, 

to sounds of war ; 

and with forest trees, 

with wood beset. 

Then the cruel one commanded, 

that they that earthen vessel 
10 with lead should fill, 

and then bade kindle 

a bale-fire vast, 

a pile inflame. 

It was on every side 

with brands surrounded ; 

the bath with heat boil'd. 

Bade then with utmost haste, 

with anger chaf'd, 

the innocent 
20 into the lead's heat 

be thrust, the void of crimes. 

Then was scatter'd 

the flame, dissolv'd 

the lead sprang widely, 

hot, fiercely raging. 

The men were horror-stricken, 

driven before its force. 

There were in number burn'd, 

through the fire's blast, 
30 five and seventy 

of the heathen band. 

Then yet the holy stood, 

in aspect undefil'd, 

was nor her hem nor garment. 

5. to the sound of warlike instruments ? 
8. hea]it>a is supplied from conjecture. 

7. bilecgan? 
26. MS. seleV. 



ne j:eax ne yel- 
j;yjie jeniaeleb. 
ne Kc ne leo)>u- 
heo in lije j'Cob. 
aejhpaej' onj-unb- 
j-aejbe eallej* ]>onc- 
bpyhtna bpyhcne- 
"pa je bema peapiS. 
hpeoh •;) hyje-jjiira- 
onjon hip hpaejl cepan- 
ppylce he jpennabe- 
tJ Spircbicabe- 
pebbe on jepicte. 
jT^a pilbe beop. 
jpymecabe jealj-mob. 
^ hij- jobu caelbe. 
)?aej' ]?e hyne meahcum. 
maejne pi]?jronban. 
pipe]' pillan. 
psep peo pulbpej' maej. 
anpaeb ^ unpophc. 
eapcSa jemynbij- 
bpyhtnej- pillan* 
|)a je bema het. 
appebban j'opj-ceapij. 
}?uph j-peopb-bice- 
on hyje halje. 
heapbe bineocan. 
cpij'Ce jecopene. 
hme ye cpealm ne J?eah. 
pi]?)jan he J^one pmcan. 
pup)7op cu]7e :• 

nor locks nor skin, 
by the fire mark'd, 
nor body nor limbs : 
she in the flame stood 
wholly sound, 
said thanks for all, 
[74 b.] to the Lord of lords. 
Then was the judge 
fierce and grim in soul; 

10 began his robe to tear, 
as if he grin'd 
and gnash'd, 
raged in mind : 
as a wild beast, 
roar'd the atrocious one, 
and his gods blasphem'd, 
because that him with might, 
with main, withstood 
a woman's will. 

20 The maid of glory was 
resolv'd and fearless, 
of her hardships mindful, 
of the Lord's will. 
Then the judge commanded, 
with care oppress'd, to slay 
by bite of sword 
the holy otie in spirit, 
to deprive of head 
the chosen by Christ : 

30 him her death profited not, 
when he the sequel 
further knew. 

15. see p. 274. 1. 10. 

30. r. ])ah. 




Da peajiS j^aejie haljaii. 

hyhc jenipab. 

-] ]>3ey maejbnei' mob. 

miclum jeblij-j'ab. 

j-ij7]7an heo jehyjibe- 

haele^ eahcian- 


f hyjie enbe-fcaef- 

oj: jepm-bajum. 

peopj^an pceolbe. lo 

lij: alypeb. 

hec Jja leahcpa puL 

claene 'j jecojiene. 

CO cpale laeban. 

pynna leaj'e. 

Da cpom pemninja- 

hean helle ^aepfc. 

heajim-leo^ ajol. 

eapm ^ unlaeb. 

Jjone heo sejx jebonb. 20 


■;) mib picum J'ponj. 

cleopabe ]>a pop cop]?pe. 

ceap-jealbpa pull. 

jylba^ nu mib jypne- 

J?aec heo joba uppa. 

meahc pophojbe. 

•J mec ppij^apc- 

jennnpabe • 

^ ic CO melban peapiS. 30 

laeca^ hy la}?pa. 

Then was the holy damseVs 

hope renew'd, 

and the maiden's spirit 

much delighted, 

when she had heard* 

the men prosecuting 

treacherous counsel, 

that to her an end 

of days of trouble 

should be, 

life dissolv'd. 

Bade then he full of crimes 

the pure and chosen one 

to death be led, 

the sinless. 

Then came suddenly 

the vile spirit of hell, 

sang a harmful song, 

wretched and hapless, 

whom she ere had bound, 


and with pains chastis'd : 

cried then before th' assemblage, 

of dire enchantments full : 

* Requite now with earnest, 

that she our gods' 

might hath despis'd, 

and me most 

hath humbled, 

so that I became a traitor. 

Let her of hostile 

21. MS. apyjetone. 

27. MS. j(:oj\bojb. 



leana hieocan. 

J?uph paepnej" fpoji. 

pjieca'S ealbne ni^. 

j'ynne jepohce- 

ic ]7a j'oji^e jemon • 

hu ic ben bum paejt- 

bifja unpim. 

on anjie nihc 

eajij:e]?a bpeaj. 

yj:el ojimaecu. lo 

)>a j-eo eabje bij-eah. [75 a.] 

onjean jpamum. 


jehypbe heo heapm-jalan. 

belle beoj:ol. 

j:eonb mon-cynnej*. 

onjon J>a on plean pceacan. 

pica neopan. 

■;) ]?aec popb acpae^. 

pa me poppophcum. 20 

nu ij" pen niicel- 

J^aec heo mec epc piUe. 

eajamne jehynan- 

yplum ypm|?um. 

ppa heo mec sep by be. 

Da paej' jelaebeb. 

lonb-meapce neah- 

•3 to ]?8epe J cope. 

]7aep hi pteapc-pep]?e. 

)?uph cumbol-hece. 30 

cpellan ];ohcun. 

onjon heo ]?a laepan. 

■3 Co lope cpymman. 

pole op pipenum. 

rewards partake, 

through weapon's track ; 

avenge your ancient grudge, 

ye with sin beset. 

I the sorrow bear in mind, 

how I, fast in bonds, 

afflictions numberless, 

in one night, 

hardships, suffer'd, 

evil immense.' 

Then the blessed maiden look'd 

towards the cruel one, 


she heard the harmful singing. 

The devil of hell, 

foe of mankind, 

began then in flight depart, 

torments to visit, 

and the words utter'd : 

' Wo is me ruin'd ; 

now is much expectation, 

that she again will me 

wretched humiliate, 

by evil miseries, 

as she me ere did.' 

Then was led 

near to the land-march, 

and to the place, 

where her the stern of soul, 

through signal hate, 

resolv'd to slay. 

Then began she to teach, 

and to praise exhort, 

the folk from sins. 

13. MS. mlianan. 



T him f jioj:pe jehec 
pej CO pulbpe- 
^ J^aec pojib acpae^. 
jemuna'S pijena pyu- 
•;) pulbpep l^pym. 
hahjpa hyht. 
heopon-enjla 50b. 
he ip ]?aej- pyp^e- 
f hme pep-Jjeobe* 
J eal enjla cynn. 
up on pobepum. 
hepjen heah maejen. 
]?aep ip help jelonj. 
ece fco ealbpe. 
]>am ]>e ajan pceal- 
popJ?on ic leop peopub- 
laepan piUe. 
ae-ppemmenbe • 
f je eopep huj-^ 

];y laep hic pep-blaebuni. 
pmbap Copeojipan. 
peal pceal ]>y cpumpa. 
j'Cponj piJjj'Conban. 
j'copma j'cupum. 
leahcpa jehyjbum. 
je mib lupan j-ibbe. 
leohce jeleapan- 
CO ]?a hpjenban. 
pcane j-ciiS-hyjbe. 
]'Ca)?ol paepcnia^. 
j'o^e Cpeope. 
^ j'lbbe mib eop. 
liealba^ aec heopcari' 

and them comfort promis'd, 

the way to glory, 

and the words utter'd : [riors, 

* Remember the Delight of war- 

and Majesty of glory, 

Hope of the holy, 

heaven's angels' God. 

He is that worthy, 

that him mankind, 
10 and all the race of angels, 

up in the skies, 

praise, the high Power : 

there is help at hand, 

to all eternity, 

for those who it shall have ; 

therefore I, dear people, 

will exhort, 

the laws fulfilling, 

that ye your house 
20 make firm, 

lest it with sudden blasts 

the winds o'erthrow : 

the wall the firmer shall, 

strong, withstand 

the assaults of storms, ''^v 

the machinations of vices. 

Do ye with love of peace, 

with bright belief, 

on the living 
30 stone, firm in spirit, 

t/our foundation fix, 

in true faith, 

and peace with yourselves ; 

hold in i/our heart 

20. r. jejpaejtnian 

25. Lit. showers. 



halje jiune- 

)7ujih mobej- myne. 

J?on eop milcje jiefe^- 

j:aebep aelmihcij. 

\>3sji je ajun aec- 

maejna jobe- 

maejre j^eajife- 

aej:tep j'opj-j'tapum. [75 ,6.] 

}:oji]?oii je jylfe necon- 

uc-jonj heonan' lo 

enbe li}:ef . 

paeplic me J?ince^. 

]?sec je paeccenbe. 

pi^ hectenbjia. 

hilbe pomaii' 

peapbe healben- 

py laep eop pij^ep-peohcenb* 

pejep pojipyjinen- 

CO pulbjxej' bypij. 

bibba^ beajin jobep. 20 

^ me bpejo enjla- 

meocub mon-cynnep' 

milbe jepeopl^e. 

pijopa j'ellenb. 

pibb py mib eopic. 

j'ymle po^ lupu. 

Da hype papl peapS- 

alaebeb op lice- 

to )?am lanjan jepean- 

l^ujih j'peopb-jleje. 30 

\>a. ye jyn-pcaj^a co- 

jcipe pceoh-mob. 

pcea)?ena J^peace. 


the holy mysteries, 

with intent of mind ; 

then to you will mercy give 

th' Almighty Father, 

where ye shall have, at 

the God of all powers, 

the greatest need, 

after afflictions. 

For that ye yourselves know not 

your exit hence, 

the end of life, 

prudent to me it seems, 

that ye watchful 

against enemies' 

hostile alarms 

hold ward, [ing, 

lest they you, against yoM fight- 

the way prohibit 

to glory's city. 

Pray the Child of God, 

that to me the Prince of angels. 

Lord of mankind, 

be merciful. 

Giver of victories. 

Peace be with you, 

ever true love.' 

Then was her soul 

from the body led 

to the lasting joy, 

through stroke of sword. 

Then the miscreant by 

ship, perverse of mind, 

with his band of ruffians, 


9. r. nycon. 



eh-j'Cjieam j'ohce. 
leolc 0}:eji la5u-}:lob. 
lonje hpile. 
on jpon-pabe. 
j'pylc ealle jropnom- 
j'ecja hlo|?e. 
■3 hme j-ylpne mib- 
aep ]>on hy fco lanbe. 
jeliben haepbon- 
|?uph l^eaplic Jjjiea- 
l^aeji .XXX. paep- 
3 peopepe eac- 
peopep onpohce- 
Jjuph paejep pylm • 
pijena cynnep- 
heane mib hlapopb- 
hjio]?]\a bibaeleb. 
hyhfca leape. 
helle pohcon. 
ne J?ojipcan ]?a j^ejnap. 
m )7am J^ypcjian ham. 
peo jeneat-pcolu. 
Ill }?am neolan pcjiaepe. 
CO j?ain pjium-jape. 
picebpa penan. 
]7aet hy in pin-pele- 
opeji beoji-j'ele. 
beajap j^ejon. 
aepplebe jolb. 
Unjehce paep. 
laebeb lop-ponjum- 
he hahjpe. 
micle maejne. 

sought the ocean-stream, 

bounded o'er the water-flood 

a long while, 

on the swan-road. 

Death destroy'd all 

the band of men, 

and himself with them, 

ere that they to land 

had steer'd, 
10 through stern punishment. 

There were thirty 

and also four 

of life bereft, 

through the wave's rage, 

of the race of men, 

humble with lord, 

of good depriv'd, 


hell thei/ sought. 
20 The followers might not, 

in that dark home, 

the retainer- band, 

in that den profound, 

from the chieftain 

their appointed 

money-gifts expect, 

that, in the joyous hall, they, 

on the beer-bench, 

rings should receive, 
30 appled gold. 

Unlike was 

led with songs of praise 

the holy maiden's corse, 

with a great power. 

25. r. -jejcealta. 

28. -jrecle ? 



CO molb-5jiae}:e. 

I^aec hy hit jebpohcon. 

bujijum m innan* 

Jib }:olc micel. 

]?aep j'i^i5an paej-. 

jeapa jonjuni- 

jobej' loj: hapen. 

]?jiyme micle. 

o]> |7i]ne baej. 

mib j^eobj'cipe. lo 

Ij' me l^eapp micel. 

]7aec jeo halje me. [76 «.] 

helpe jejrpemme. 

]7on me jebaela^. 

beopaj'C ealpa- 

pbbe tojlica^. 

jm-hipan fcu. 

micle mob-lupan. 

mm pceal op lice- 

papul on j'l^-paefc. 

nac ic jylpa hpibeji. 

eajibej' uncy^|ju. 

op jceal ic )?ipj'ura. 

jecan oj^epne. 

aeji-jepyjihcum • 

jonjan m-baebum. 

jeomop hpeoppe^. 

cynmj bi)? pej^e. 
j'ljopa pyllenb. 
]?on pynnum pah« 

acle biba^. 

hpaec him aepcep baebum- 


to its mould-grave ; 

so that they it brought 

within the towns, 

a great multitude. 

There was afterwards, 

in course of years, 

God's praise rais'd, 

with great pomp, 

until this day, 

with holi/ discipline. 

To me it is much needful, 

that the saint me 

help afford, 

when separate 

the dearest of all, 

their kinship sever 

the two consorts, 

their great spiritual love ; 

from its body shall my 

soul on journey go, 

I myself know not whither : 

an unknown land 

I shall from this, 

another, seek, 

according to mj/ past works, 

go, for mi/ deeds of old. 

Sad shall depart 

C, Y, and N. 

the King will be stern, 
the Giver of victories, 
when with sins stain'd 

E, W, and U 

trembling shall await, 

what to them, after their deeds, 



beman pille. 
li}:ej' CO leane- 

* L * X * beojza^' 
j'eoma^ j-ojij-ceajiij. 
y&p. eal jemon. 
j'ynna punbe. 
]>e ic j'l]? o|?J?e aeji. 
jepophce in populbe* 
f ic popij pceal- 
ceajium maenan^ 
paej* an cib Co laec- 
f ic ypel-baeba* 
aeji jepcomebe. 
I^enben ^aejc •;] he* 
jeaboji pij?eban. 
onpunb on eajibe^ 
}?on ajina bi)?eajip« 
paec me jeo halje. 
pi^ )?one hyhjcan. 
cynmj jej^injije. 
niec ]>ssY j>eap}: raona]?. 
micel mobep j'opj. 
bibbe ic monna jehpone. 
jumena cynnej'. 
]>e piy jieb pjiaece. 
f he mec neobpul- 
bi noman minum. 
jemyne mobij- 
•3 meocub bibbe. 
f me heopona helm, 
helpe jepjiemme. 
meahca palbenb- 
on )?am miclan baeje* 
paebeji ppoppe jaejc 
m ]?a ppecnan Cib- 

he will doom, 

in retribution for life. 

L, F shall tremble, 

shall linger sorrowful. 

All the pain / shall remember, 

the wounds of sin, 

which I early or late 

wrought in the world ; 

I that weeping shall, 
10 with tears bewail. 

It was a time too late, 

when I for evil deeds 

ere felt shame, 

while soul and body 

together journey'd, 

sound on earth ; 

therefore / mercy need, 

that for me the saint, 

with the highest 
20 King should intercede j 

me of this need admonishes, 

great mental sorrow. 

I pray every man 

of human kind, 

who this lay may recite, 

that he me earnestly, 

by my name, 

fervently bear in mind, 

and the Creator pray, 
30 that me heaven's Chief 

help afford, 

the Ruler of powers, 

on the great day, 

the Father, the Spirit of comfort, 

at that perilous hour 



baeba bemenb- 

'^ ye beojia junU' 

]7on j'eo )?pyni]'. 

J>jiym-pccenbe • 

in annejye. 

aelba cynne- 

]7uph ]?a fcijian jejceafc. 

fcpife^ bi jepyjihtum. 

meojibe monna jehpam • 

pojijip up maejna 50b. 

^ pe J)me onjyne- 

ae)?elinja pyn. 

milbe jemecen- 

on J^a maepan tib. Amen 

{the Judge of deeds, 

and the dear Son, 

then the Trinity, 

sitting in majesty, 

in unity,) 

to the race of men, 

through the bright creation. 

Thej/ shall ordain, according to 

[his works, 
reward for every man. 
Grant us, God of might ! 
that we thy countenance, 
Joy of men ! 
mild may find, 
at that great hour. Amen. 


Opt him anhaja. 
ajie jebibeiS. 
mecubep milcpe. 
J?eah ]7e he mob-ceajuj. 
jeonb laju-labe. 
lonje pceolbe. 
hjiejian mib honbura- 
hjiim-calbe pae. 
paban pjiaec-lapcaj'- 
pyjib bi^ pul-ajiaeb. 
Spa cpae^ eapb-pcapa- 
eajipe]?a jemynbij. 
pjia]?pa pael-pleahca. 

[76 b.'] ' Oft the lonely one 

experiences compassion, 
the Creator's kindness ; 
though he with sorrowing mind, 
o'er the watery way, 
20 must long 

agitate with his hands 

the rime-cold sea, 

go in exile tracks j 

his fate is full decreed.' — 

So said a wanderer, 

of his hardships mindful, 

of hostile slaughters. 



pine-maeja hjiyjie. 

Oj:C ic jceolbe ana. 

uhcna jehpylce. 

mine ceape cpij^an* 

nij' nu cpicjia nan- 

pe ic him mob-pepan- 

mmne bujijie. 

j'peofcule apecjan- 

ic Co po^e pac 

f bi^ m eojile. 

inbjiyhfcen J^eap. 

J^aet he hip pep^-locan. 

paejte bmbe- 

healbne hip hopb-copan. 

hycje ppa he piUe. 

ne maej pepij-mob. --^ 

pypbe pi^ptonban. '^ .P 

ne j-e hjieo hyje. ^ „ 

helpe jeppemman. i/'f^^*^^ 

pop^on bom-jeopne- 

bpeopijne opt. 

m hypa bpeopc-copan • 

bmba^ paepce. 

ppa ic mob-]'epan. 

mmne pceolbe. 

ope eapm-ceapij. 

eiSle bibaeleb. 

ppeo-maajum peop. 

petepum paelan. 

pi]7j?an jeapa lu- 

jolb-pine mine- 

hpupan heolpCpe bippah- 

"5 ic hean |?onan • 

pob pintep-ceapij. 

his dear friends' fall. — 

' Oft I must alone, 

each morn, 

my care bewail : 

there is now none living, 

to whom my thoughts 

I dare 

tell openly. 

I in sooth know, 
10 that it is in man 

a noble quality, 

that he his soul's coffer 

fast bind, 

hold his treasure. 

Strive as he will, 

the weary-minded cannot 

fate withstand, 

nor the rugged soul'd 

help effect ; 
20 even the ambitious 

a sad one oft 

in their breast's coffer 

fast bind. 

So I my 

thoughts must, 

oft miserable, 

from country separated, 

far from my friends, 

in fetters bind, 
30 since that long ago 

my bounteous patron 

earth's cavern cover'd, 

and I abject thence 

went, stricken with years. 

7 M.>**->».'-'Mt- Cf«*A 


14. healoe? 

21. hyje is to be understood. 

31. MS. mine. 





oj:ep pa))ema jebiiib. 

j'ohce j'ele bjieopij. 

]-incef bpyCfcan. 

hpaep ic peop o]>]>e neah- 

pnban meahce- 

]7one ]?e in meobu-healle. 

mine yiyye* 

dpl^e mec }:peonblea]'ne. 

fpepjian polbe- 

peman mib pynnum- 

pac pe ]>e cunna^- 

hu ]-li]7en bi^. 

j-ojij CO jepepan. 

)7ani ]>e him lye hapa^- 

leoppa jeholena. 

pajia^ hine ppaec-lapc 

nalep punben jolb- 

pep'S-loca ppeopij. 

nalaep polban blajb- 

jemon he pele-pecjap- 

'3 Jinc-j^eje. 

hu hine on jeoju^e. 

hij' jolb-pine. 

penebe co pipce* 

pyn eal jebjieap* 

pop|>on pac pe ]>e jceal- 

hip pine-bpyhcnep. 

leopep lap-cpibmn. ^ 

lonje pop|7ohan. 

^on popj -J jlaep- 

j'omob aecjaebpe- 

eapmne anhojan- 

opc jebinba^. 

l^mceiS him on mobe* 

1. MS. paj'ena. 

7. A word seems wanting. 

over the billowy mass ; 

sad sought the hall 

of some munificent lord, 

where I far or near 

might find 

one who in the mead-hall 

my * * might know, 

or me friendless 

would comfort, 
10 aUure with pleasures. 

He knows who tries, 

how hapless is 

cure as a comrade 

to him who little has 

of faithful friends ; 

him an exile's track awaits, 

not twisted gold ; 

a trembling body, 
[77 «•] not earth's riches : 

20 he remembers the hall-retainers, 

and receipt of treasure; 

how him in youth 

his bounteous patron 

train'd to the feast ; 

but pleasure all has fall'ii ; 

for he knows who must 

his dear lord's, 
^ his lov'd mdster's lessons 

long be depriv'd of, 
30 when sorrow and sleep 

at once together 

a poor solitary 

often bind, 

that seems to him in mind, 

3. Lit. a dispenser of treasure. 
8. MS. fjieonbleaje. 



}?8et he hi]- mon-bpyhteii. 

clyppe 3 cyjje. 

^ on cneo lecje. 

honba •J hea}:ob. 

j'pa he hpilum aep. 

m jeaji-bajum. 

3;iej:-]tolaf bjieac. 

"Son onpaecne^ epc. 

pineleaj' juma^ 

jeph^ him bijiojian- 

}:ealpe pejaj-. 

ba|7ian bpim-pujla]-. 

bjiaeban pej>pa- 

hjieoj-an hpim ^ j'liap. 

hajle jemen^eb. 

|7on beoiS |?y hepijpan- 

heopcan benne. 

j'ape aeptejx j-psepne- 

pop3 bi'S jenipab. 

\ox\. maja jemynb. 

mob jeonb-hpeoppe'S- 

3pece^ jhp-pcapum. 

jeopne jeonb-j'ceapa'S. 

pecja jepelban- 

j'pimma^ opt on pej- 

pleocenbpa pep^. 

no J?aep pela bpmjeiS- 

cuiSpa cpibe-jiebba- 

ceapo bi'S jenipab- 

|?am l^e jenban jceaL 

j-pi]7e jeneahhe- 

opep pa|jema jebinb- 

pepijne j-epan- 

pop]7on ic jej^encan ne maej' 




that he his lord 

embraces and kisses, 

and on his knee lays 

hands and head, 

as when he ere at times, 

in former days, 

his gifts enjoy 'd ; 

then wakes again 

the friendless mortal, 

sees before him 

fallow ways, 

ocean fowls bathing, 

spreading their wings, 

rime and snow descending . 

with hail mingled ; 

then are the heavier 

his wounds of heart, 

painful after dreaming j 

sorrow is renew' d, 

when his friends' remembrance 

through his mind passes ; 

when he greets with songs, 

earnestly surveys 

the seats of men, 

swims again away. 

The spirit of seafarers, 

brings there not many 

known songs : 

hut care is renew'd 

to him who must send 

very abundantly 

over the billowy mass 

his weary spirit ; 

therefore I cannot think. 

7. -j-colej-: 

18. MS. jpaej-ne. 

25. jpimtf ejrt? 



jeonb ]?a]' populb- 
j:oji hpan mob-j-efaii' 
minne jejpeojice. 
J>on ic eojila hy- 
eal jeonb-Jjence^ 
hu hi jiaeplice. 
flee ojijeajion. 
mobje maju-J^ejnap. 
j'pa J7ep mibban-jeapb- 
ealpa bojjia jehpara- lo 

bjieope^ -^ }:ealle];. 
. . ^ ]:oji|)on ne maej peop]?an pi]'- 
tj * f l*'^ peji aep. he a;^e. 
^'^ ^^f ' pinCpa bael m pojiulb-pice- 
r s ^^ pica j'ceal jej^ylbi^. [77 A.] 

ne pceal no co hac-heojit- 
ne CO hpaeb pypbe- 
ne to pac pija- 
ne to panhybij. 
ne to pojiht ne to paejen. 20 
ne to yeoh-j^ifjie- 
ne nseppe pelpep to jeopn- 
aeji he jeapie cunne. 
beojin pceal jebiban. 
]?ou he beot jpjiice^. 
o]7)?aet coUen-peji'S. 
cunne jeappe. 
hpibep hpe)7j\a jehyjb- 
hpeoppan pille. 

onjietan pceal jleap hsele- 30 
hu jflejthc bi^. 

}?onne ealle J^ipje populbe pela^ 
pej'te ptonbe'S- 
j'pa nu mippenhce. 

throughout this world, 

why my mind 

it saddens, 

when I the chieftains' life 

all consider ; 

how they suddenly 

their halls resign'd, 

the proud kinsmen. 

So this mid-earth 

every day 

declines and falls ; 

therefore may not become wise 

a man, ere he has pass'd 

his share of winters in the world. 

The sagacious must be patient, 

must not be too ardent, 

nor too hurrying of fortune, 

nor too faint a soldier, 

nor too reckless, 

nor too fearful, nor too elate, 

nor too greedy of money, 

nor ever too vaunting, 

ere he be well experienced. 

^ man must wait, 

when he a promise utters, 

till that he, bold of spirit, 

well know 

to what his breast's thoughts 

shall lead. [stand, 

The prudent man should under- 

how ghastly it will be, 

when all this world's wealth 

shall stand waste, 

as now divers. 

12. MS. peaji])an. 

17. jjojibe' 

19. MS. J>an hybij. 



jeonb "piyne mibban-jeajib 
pmbe bipaune. 
peallaj' j'tonba|>. 
hjiime bihjiojiene* 
hpy^je )?a ebepiap' 
popia^ J^a pin-palo. 
palbenb licja^. 
bjieame bibpojiene^ 
bujuj? eal jecponj. 
plonc bi pealle. 
j'ume pij pojinom- 
pepebe m yojvS-ye^e- 
jumne pujel oj^bsep. 
opep heanne holm, 
j'umne j'e hapa pulp- 
bea'Se jebselbe. 
pumne bpeopij-hleop . 
in eop^-pcpaepe* 
eopl jehybbe. 
yj^be j'pa J?ipne eapb-jeapb 
aelba pcyppenb- 
o]7]7sefc bupj-papa. 
bpeahfcma leaj-e. 
ealb enca jepeopc • 
iblu pcobon. 
pe ]?on )>i]'ne peal-j'Ceal- 
pipe ^el^ohce- 
•;) J>i]' beopce lip. 
beope jeonb-j^ence'S. 
ppob in pep}>e. 
peop opt jemon. 
pael-pleahca popn. 
^ |?ap popb acpi^. 

over this mid-earth, 

with wind shaken 

walls stand, 

with rime bedeck'd : 

tottering the chambers, 

disturb'd are the joyous halls, 

the powerful lie 

of joy bereft, 

the noble all have fall'n, 
10 the proud ones by the wall. 

Some hath war destroy'd, 

borne on their journey hence ; 

one the fowl hath borne away 

o'er the deep ocean ; 

one the hoar wolf 

by death hath separated j 

one with gory countenance, 

in a7i earth-grave 

a man hath hidden. 
20 So o'erwhelm'd this world 

the Creator of men, 

till that of the inhabitants, 

in the briefest moment, 

the old works of giants 

stood desolate. 

But he who this wall'd place 

wisely devis'd, 

and this dark life 

profoundly contemplates, 
30 wise in spirit, 

afar oft remembers 

his many battles, 
[majo. and these words utters : 

hpaep cpom meapj hpaep cpom Where is horse, where is man ? 

2. bipojne? 
23. leasee or laej-ce ? 

13. j:u2el= ship? 
28. MS. beojince. 

u 2 



hpseji cponi ma]?})um-5yj:a. 

hpaeji cpom jymbla jepecu- 

hp£Bji finbon jele-bjieamap- 

eala beophc bune. 

eala byjin-pija. 

eala J^eobnej' ]?pyni. 

hu peo l^paj jepac- 

jenap unbep nihc-helm- 

ppa heo no paejie. 

8conbe^ nu on lapte- lo 

leoppe bujujje. 

peal punbjiu heah- [78 a.] 

pyjim-licum pah. 

eoplaj' pojmoman. 

aj-ca I'pyt'e. 

paepen pael-jippu. 

pypb ]-eo msepe. 

^ ]?ap ]Can-hleo)7U • 

j'Copmap cnyppa^. 

hpi^-hpeopenbe. 20 

hpupe bmbe^. 

pincpep poma. 

]>6n pon cyme^- 

nipe^ niht-jcua- 

nop]7an onpenbe^. 

hpeo haejl-pape^ 

haelej^um on anban. 

eall ip eappo^liC' 

eop)>an pice. 

onpenbe"S pypba jepceapt- 30 

peopulb unbep heoponu. 

hep biiS peoh laene- 

hep bi'S ppeonb Isene- 

hep bi^ mon laene. 

where is t/ie treasure-giver ? 

where are the festive sittings ? 

where are the joys of the hall ? 

Alas bright cup ! 

alas mail'd warrior ! 

alas chieftain's splendour ! 

how the time has pass'd, 

has darken 'd under veil of night, 

as if it had not been. 

Stands now behind 

the beloved warriors 

the wall of wonderous height, 

with worm carcases foul. 

The men has swept away 

the spearmen's band, 

the slaughter-greedy weapon, 

a7id fate omnipotent; 

and these stone shelters 

storms dash, 

fierce- rushing ; 

binds the earth 

the winter's violence ; 

then comes dusky, 

darkens, the shade of night, 

from the north sends 

the rough hail-shower, 

to men's grievance. 

Irksome is all 

the realm of earth, 

the fates' decrees change 

the world under heaven : 

here is wealth transient, 

here is a friend transient, 

here is man transient. 

20. hjie«-? 

21. lijiuj-an? 



heji bi^ wia&S la^ne- 

eal ]>iY eop]?an jejceal. 

ibel peop]7e^. 

Spa cpae^ j'noccop on niobe. 

jej-aec hira punboji aec pune- 

cil hip Ye]>e hij- tpeope jehealbe]?. 

ne pceal naeppe hip copn cojiycene. 

beojin op hip bjieoj'Cum acyj?an. 
nem)je he ajji \>a. bote cunne. 
eopl mib elne jeppemnian. lo 
pel bi^ J?am \>e him ape jece^. 
ppopjie Co paebeji on heoponu. 
]?8eji uj' eal j'eo paejrnunj pconbe'S ; 

here is a kinsman transient ; 

all this place of earth 

shall become desolate.' — 

So spake a sage in mind, 

sat apart in meditation. 

Good is he who holds his faith. 

Never his affliction too quickly 

a man from his breast make known, 
unless he ere the remedy can 
vigorously forward. [mercy. 

Well it is for him who seeketh 
comfort, at the Father in heaven, 
•where all our fastness standeth. 


Fela bi^ on polban • 

pop« sepynpa. 

jeonjjia jeopona. 

]>a. pa jaej'C-bepenb. 

pe^a^ in jepitce- 

ppa hep peopuba job. 

meocub meahcum j'pi^' 20 

monnum daele^^ 

jyleS punbop-jiepe. 

penbe^ pibe. 

ajne ppebe- 

]7apa sejhpylc moc 

bpy ht-pumenbpa • 

bael onpon. 

ne bi^ senij pxy- [78 /».] 

Many there are on earth, 

ever visible, 

early gifts, 

which those possessing soul 

bear in their understanding, 

as here the God of hosts, 

the Lord in powers strong, 

dealeth them to men, 

giveth each separate gift, 

sendeth them widely, 

by his own power, 

of which each one may, 

of dwellers among people, 

a share receive. 

There is not any so 



mon on molbaii- 

ne l^aej' meb-j-pebij. 

Jytel hybij. 

ne ]?se]' laec-hybij. 

f hine je aji-jijia* 

eallej' bijcyjije- 

mobej- cpaejica. 

o|?)7e msejen-baeba. 

pij' on jepicce^ 

oJ?|7e on popb-cpibum. 

\>y laep opmob py. 

ealpa Jjinja- 

);ajia ]7e he jepophce- 

m populb-bpe. 

jeopona jehpylcpe. 

naeppe job beme^^ 

^ aenij epfc. 

J^aep eapm jepeop^e- 

naenij epc }>aej' ]*pi}?e. 

)>uph jnyccpu-cpaept. 

m ]7eobe }?pym. 

]7ipj-e]- hpep. 

pop« jepcije^. 

)?8ec him polca peajib- 

|7uph hi)' halije pepe- 

hibep onpenbe. 

pipe jej^ohcaj". 

3 populb-cpaeptap* 

unbep ane]" meahc- 

ealle poplaece. 

]>y laej- he pop plence* 

pulbop-jeopona pul- 

mon mobe ppi^* 

op jemete hpeojipe- 

^ ]?on pophycje. 




no man on earth, 

nor so profuse, 

little heedful, 

nor so slow-minded, 

that him the bounteous Giver 

cut off entirely from 

energies of mind, 

or strenuous deeds, 

wise in his understanding, 

or in verbal utterances ; 

lest he despondent be 

of all things 

which he may have wrought 

in worldly life, 

of every gift. 

God never deemeth 

that any again 

shall be so abject ; 

nor any again so greatly 

(through power of wisdom, 

in the mass of people 

of this life) 

shall advance, 

that him the Guardian of people, 

through his holy grace, 

will hither send 

wise thoughts, 

and worldly crafts, 

or under power of one 

will leave all ; 

lest he for pride, 

of bright endowments full, 

(a man prompt of spirit) 

from moderation turn, 

and then despise 




ac he jebaele^. 

fe \>e ah bomef jepealb- 


jeonb )?ipie mibban-jeapb. 

leoba leo|?o-c]aae|:Caj-. 


j'um heji oj:ep eo]i]?an. 

aehfca onhhiS. 

pojiulb-jej'Cjieona. lo 

j'um bi^ ponj-pebij- 

heajib-paehj haele. 

bi^ hpaej^pe ^leap- 

mobep cjiaefca- 

j'um msejen-jtpenjo. 

}:up)?oji onpehiS. 

j'um fjieohc bi^. 

phcij on pseptmum- 

jnim bi]? po^-bopia. 

jiebba jippaepfc. 20 

pum bi]? jeajiu-pyjibij. 

pum bij? on huncoj^e- 


beopia bjiaepenb. 

pum byjie biiS. 

pojiulb-jxicum men. 

pum bi^ P156]' heajib. 

beabo-cjiaepcij beojin. 

J?aep bo Jib ptuna^. [79 a.] 

j'uni m mae'Sle msej- 30 



poji^ jehyc^an. 

)?8epi pifcena hip' 

popn sefcjomne. 

j'um maej ppaechce- 

the humbler ; 

but He distributes, 

who has power of doom, 


over this mid- earth : — 

power of limbs to people 

inhabiting the land. 

One here on earth 

is solicitous for possession 

of worldly treasures. 

One is indigent, 

a luckless man, 

yet is skilful 

in the arts of mind. 

One main strength 

superior receives. 

One is lively, 

comely of stature. 

One is a poet 

qualified for song. 

One is eloquent. 

One is, in hunting, 

of ferocious 

beasts a chaser. 

One is dear 

to the worldly-potent man. 

One is stout in battle, 

a chief skilful in war, 

where the shield dashes. 

One may in council 

of sagacious men, 

on a nation's law 


where sages are 

many together. 

One may curiously 



peopc ahycjan- 

heah-cimbjia jehpaej*. 

honb bi^ jelaepeb. 

yiy tl jepealben. 

]pa bi^ pyphcan pyhc 

jele aj'ecfcan. 

con he pibne paeceb* 

paejte jepejan. 

yi\> paep-bpypu. 

pum mib honbum maej- 

heappan jpetan- 

ah he jleo-beamep. 

jeapo bpyjba hjt- 

pum bi^ pynij. 

pum jiyhc j'cycce • 

pum leo^a jleap- 

pum on lonbe pnel- 

pe]?e ppebij. 

jum pealoiie paej- 

j'Cepnan j-teope^- 

pCpeam-pabe con- 

peojmbej' pija- 

opeji pibne holm. 

J>on j'ae-jiope- 

pnelle maejne. 

apuni bpejba^' 

yiS-bopbe neah- 

pum bi^ jynbi^' 

pum peapo-cpaepcijw 

jolbep ^ jimma. 

}?on him jumena peajxb- 

hace^ him Co maejij^um- 

maj>)>um penian- 

jnim maej paepen-J^paeje- 

the work devise 

of any high structures ; 

his hand is learned, 

wise and powerful, 

as to a MTight is fitting, 

in the fixing of a hall : 

he can the spacious dwelling 

firmly compact 

'gainst sudden falls. 
10 One with hands may 

the harp salute, 

he has in the ' glee-beam's ' 

prompt vibrations skill. 

One is a runner : 

one a sure archer : 

one skill'd in songs ; 

one on land swift, 

speedy of foot. 

One the dusky wave 
20 with the stem steers, 

the stream-road cons, 

the guider of a band 

o'er the wide deep, 

when bold seamen, 

prompt of strength, 

with oars draw 

the vessel near. 

One is discreet : 

one skill'd cunningly 
30 in gold and gems, 

when him a prince of men 

bids, for his grandeur, 

a jewel prepare. 

One may for weapons' clash. 

1. MS. ahyggan. 

n. Lit. the wave-board. -bojit) ? 28. Dan. siiidig? 



pije Co nytce- 

mob-cpaejzCij j'mib- 

monije jejijiemman. 

J>ou he jepyjice^. 

CO pep a hilbe. 

helm o]>]>e hup-peax- 

o^^ev heaj?u-byjinan • 

jcipne mece- 

o^iSe j'cylbep ponb* 

paej'Ce jepejan. lo 

pi« plyje ^ajiep. 

jum bi^ appaepc. 

"3 aehnej- jeopn. 

|7eapu jejjybe. 

j'um bi^ l^ejn jehpeopp. 

on meobu-healle. 

]um bi^ meapej- jleap- 

pic-cpaepca pip. 

]-um jepealben-mob. 

J^apaiS m jej^ylbe- 20 

•^ he ]?on jceal' 

pum bomap con. 

]>se]\ bpyhc-juman- 

paeb eahcia^' 

pum biiS hpaeb caeple- 

pum bi-S jepiccij. [79 b.] 

aec pm-|?eje. 

beop-hypbe job. 

]'um bi^ bylba cil- 

ham CO habbanne. so 

]-um bi^ hepe-coja. 

pypb-pij-a ppo 

pum bi)) polc-pica- 

pum bi]? aec j^eajipe- 

for use in war, 

a skilful smith, 

many prepare ; 

when he works, 

for strife of men, 

helmet or dagger, 

or martial corselet, 

faulchion bright, 

or the shield's surface 

firmly compacts, 

against the arrow's flight. 

One is pious, 

and in alms diligent, 

in manners social. 

One is a thane familiar 

in the mead-hall. 

One in a horse is skill'd, 

wise in equestrian arts. 

One of mind subdued ' 

allows with patience 

what he then must. 

One dooms understands, 

where people 

counsel devise. 

One is expert at dice : 

one is witty 

at wine-bibbing, 

a good beer-drinker. 

One is a builder good 

a house to raise. 

One is a general, 

a leader bold. 

One is a senator : 

one is, at need 

10. jcfejeti? 14. jejjybet)? 18. r. picj-cpifij:t;a. 28. Lit. cerevisiae custos. 
30. hebbanne ? 34. MS. juni bij) aec feapj: Jj^irc' hydijpa fejn, &c. 



pejn imb hij- j^eobne. 
jum jej^ylb haj:a^. 
j:aBjr-5on3el peji^. 
j'um biiS pujel-bona. 
haj:ece]- cjiaejicij. 
j-um bi^ Co hopj-e hpaec 
fum bi^ fpi^-j-nel. 
haj:a^ j-eajiolic- 
jomen jleo-baeba- 
jife foji 5um-]7e5nu. 
leohc ^ leo]?u-pac. 
juni bi^ leO}:penbe. 
haj:a^ mob ^ pojib. 
monnu jej^paejie- 
juni hep jeopnlice- 
jaej'Cej- ]7eap}:e. 
mobe bepinbej>. 
^ him mecubej' ept. 
oyejv eopiS-pelan- 
ealne jeceope^. 
j'um bi^ beoji-mob. 
beojilej' jepmnej". 
bi^ a pi^ }:i]ienum. 
in jepeohc jeajio- 
jura cjiaefC hajia^- 
cipc-nycfca jiela^ 
maej on lop-jonjura* 
hpep palbenb' 
hlube hepjan- 
haj:a^ healice- 
beophce ptefne- 
j'um hrS boca jleap. 
lapum leo^u-ysep:- 

of the daring, 

a servant with his lord. 

One has patience, 

a constant soul. 

One is a fowler, 

skilful with the hawk. 

One is bold on horseback 

one is very strenuous, 

has a cunning 
10 play of merry deeds, 

a gift before men, 

light and pliable of limb. 

One is beloved, 

has mind and words 

agreeable to men. 

One here diligently 

his spirit's need 

in his mind wraps, 

and his Creator's favour, 
20 above earth's riches 

all, chooses. 

One is fond 

of the devil's warfare, 

is ever against sins 

ready in fight. 

One has skill 

in many church-duties, 

can, in songs of praise, 

the Lord of life 
30 loudly glorify, 

has in high degree 

a brilliant voice. 

One is skill'd in books, 

in song-learning firm. 

19. MS. ej:c. 



j-um bij> lijc-heiibij. 
CO apjiicanne. 
Nij- nu opep eopj^an- 
aenij monna- 
mobe \>3SY cpaeptij- 
lie ]>sey maejen-eacen . 
]> hi aepjie auum. 
ealle peop]?en. 
jejeajipabe • 
]>y laej' him jilp j'ce^^e- 
oJ>)?e pope J?aepe maep|>e. 
mob aj'Cije- 
jip he hapa]? ana. 
opeji ealle men. 
plite ■^ pij'bom. 
3 peopca blaeb. 
ac he mippenlice. 
monna cynne. 
jielpep ptyjie^. 
^ hip jiepe bpycta^. 
pumum on cyptum. 
pummn on cpsepfcum- 
j'umum on plice. 
pumum on pije- 
pumum he pyle^ monna- 
milbe heojican. 
]7eappaej"Cne jej^ohfc- 
pum bi]? ]7eobne holb- 
j'pa peop^hce. 
pibe toj'ape'S. 
bpyhcen hij* bujuj^e- 
a ]?aep bom aje. 
leohc-baepe lop. 

One is cunning 
to write down 
verbal mysteries. 
Now there is not on earth 
any man 

with mind so cunning, 
nor so powerful 
that they ever for one 
be all 
10 prepar'd, 

lest arrogance him injure, 
or, for that greatness, 
his pride should rise, 
if he alone have, 
over all men, 
beauty and wisdom, 
and fruit of works ; 
but He variously 
of the race of men 
20 corrects the pride, 

and his gifts dispenses : 
to one in dignities, 
to one in arts, 
to one in aspect, 
to one in war ; 
[80 a.] to one man he gives 
a tender heart, 
a well-order'd mind j 
one to his lord is faithful. 
30 Thus excellently 
widely disseminates 
the Lord his bounty ; 
ever therefore may power have, 
bright praise, 

18. He, i. e. God, sec p. 293, I. 


22. MS. j-iimmum. 


]'e uj- J>i]' hj: iieye'S. 
•]) hi]' milbe mob. 
monnum cy]?e^ :• 

he who to us life giveth, 
and his tender spirit 
showeth to men. 


}:jieo-beapn laepbe. 


maja cyj'Cum ealb. 

popbu pijpsej'Cum. 

f he pel Jjunje. 

bo a );aecte buje. 

beaj J)m jepyphfcu. 

job )?e bi}; jymle. 

joba jehpylcej'. 

jrjiea 3 pulcum. 

peonb ]>a, o)>pum. 

pyjipan jepyphta 

pene ]>ec ]>y becjian. 

epn elne j^ip' 

a ]7enben ]?u lij^je. 

paebeji 'j mobop- 

ppeo \>n mib heopcan • 

maja jehpylcne. 

313: him py meocub on lupau 

pej* ]?u J;inum ylbpum^ 

appaej'C pymle- 

paejep pypbe. 

3 ye in pepiSe laec 

Thus a wise father 

A/* dear son instructed, 

a mail wise of mind, 

a parent old in excellencies, 

in words sagacious, 

so that he was much rever'd : 
10 * Do ever what is virtuous ; 

if thy deeds be virtuous, 

God to thee will ever be, 

in every good, 

a patron and support ; 

a foe to others 

of worse deeds, 

accustom thyself to the better 

perform boldly this, 

ever while thou livest. 
20 Father and mother 

love thou with heart, 

of thy kindred every one, 

if to them the Lord be dear. 

Be thou to thy parents 

ever dutiful, 

fair in word ; 

and in thy soul let 

6 3uma seems wanting after moto-jnoccoji. 11. beaje? 26. jojibe? 



]>me lajieopaj'. 
leo}:e in mobe. 
]?a J)ec jeojinaj'C. 
to jobe Cpymmen. 
Faebeji efC hij- junii- 
yjiob jejpecce- 

healb elne ]>!]'• 

naefpe me ppene. 

lie naej:jie }:jieonbe. lo 

)?inum maeje. 

man ne jej^apa- 

J?y laej' }?ec meotub oncunne- 

l^aet J>u j-y pommej' jepica- 

he ]7e mib pite jielbeS- 

jpylce ]7am oj^jium. 

raib eab-pelan. 

Dp lb ban py|^e. 

]7onc-pnottop jiima. 

bpeopc-jehyjbum • 20 

hip beapn laepbe. 

Ne jepuna pypj'a- 

piban peope. 

aenju eahca- 

ac )?u ]>e anne jenim- 

CO jej'ppecan pymlc' 

ppella ■;) lapa. 


py ymb pice j'pa hit maeje. 

Feop]?an j-ij^e. 30 

paebep apt laepbe. 

mob-leopne majan- 

^ he jemunbe ]?ip. [80 6.] 

Ne aj'pic ]'unbop-pine. 

9. MS. nej:jie — nsej: j\e mib j:eon>)e 
22. pypj-an? 

thy teachers, 

in thi/ mind, be dear, 

who thee most diligently 

confirm in good.' 

The father again his son, 

wise, address'd 

a second time : 

* Observe steadfastly this : 

never in foe, 

never in friend, 

nor in thy kinsman, 

wickedness approve, 

lest thj/ Creator thee accuse, 

that thou art cognizant of crime ; 

he with punishment will requite 

as he does others [thee, 

with felicity.' 

A third time, 

a man wise in thought, 

from his mind's cogitations, 

his child instructed : 

' Hold not converse with a worse, 

throughout life, 

for any possessions ; 

but thou take to thee one 

for counsellor always 

in discourses and doctrines 

sagacious ; 

be it as to power as it may.' 

u4 fourth time, 

a father again instructed 

his beloved child, 

that he this should mind : 

' Deceive not a particular friend, 

? 11. ne J'lnum? 

28. -bycjentone? 


ac a j-ymle jehealb- 

pyhtum jepijnum. 

jiaejin elne )?])'• 

]fiBt )>u naejrjie j:8ecne peop^. 

pjieonbe J>iniim. 

Fij-'Caii pj^e. 

paebep efC onjoii. 

bjieoj't-jel^oncum • 

hij- beapn laejaan. 

bjiuncen beojij ]7e. lo 

■3 bollij pojib. 

man on mobe. 

3 in mu|7e lyje- 

yppe ■^ aejiejce. 

~} ibej-e luj-'an. 

fojijjon jceal aepij'C-mob- 

o}:c j'i)>ian. 

je]7e jepice^. 

in pipep lupan* 

pj\embpe meoplan. 20 

l^aeji bi^ a pipena pen- 

la^licjie jcome. 

lonj ni^ piiS 50b' * 

jeocenbe jielp- 

pej' )?u a jiebba pij-- 

paep pi^ pillan. 

popba hypbe. 

Siexcan j'i]?e. 

jpaep epc onjon. 

]7uph bhSne jej^oht- 30 

hip beapn laepan- 

onpec jeopne. 

hpaec py 50b o]>]>e ypel- 

•3 copceab pimle. 

but ever constantly regard him 

with right observances : 

perform duly this, 

that thou be never treacherous 

to thy friend.' 

^ fifth time, 

a father again began, 

from his bosom-thoughts, 

his child to teach : 

'From drunkenness guard thyself, 

and foolish words, 

crime in thi/ heart, 

and in thy mouth falsehood, 

anger and envy, 

and from woman's love ; 

because abased in mind shall 

often go, 

he who yields 

to love of woman, 

of a strange damsel : 

there is ever thought of sins, 

of loathly shame, 

long enmity with God, 

excessive vaunt. 

Be thou ever wise of speech, 

guard, even against its will, 

thi/ tongue.' 

A sixth time 

a dear father again began, 

through kind thought, 

his son to teach : 

' Perceive carefully 

what is good or evil, 

and them distinguish ever. 

27. Lit. keeper of words. 


fceajipe mobe- 
in ]*ej:an J>inum. 
■] J?e a ]>set j-elle jeceoj-. 
a \>e bi^ jebaeleb. 
jij: ]>e beah hyje. 
puna^ pij'bom m. 
'J ]7u pafC jeape. 
:jpc yplep. 
healb ]>e elne pi^. 
peojima ]ni jymle. 
m |?inum pep'Se 30b. 
8eope]7an ]'i]?e. 
hip ]unu laejibe. 
paebep ppob juma* 
paejbe pela jeonjum • 
j'elban pnottoji juma* 
j'ojijleap blipj'a^. 
jpylce bol pelbon. 
bjiyme^ popjpul. 
ymb hip poji^-jejceapc 
nepne he paehj^e piCe^ 
paeji pyjibe pceal- 
pippaej'C haele. 
bjxeopcum hycjan* 
nalep bjieahtme hlub. 
6ahto]7an pij'e. 
ealb paebep onjon. 
hip majo monian. 
milbum pojibum* 
leopna lajie- 
laeji jebepe- 
pene ]>ec in pipbom. 
peojiuba j'cyppenb. 
hapa ]>e Co hyhce- 


with sharp understanding, 

in thy mind, 

and for thee the better ever choose, 

it shall ever be allotted thee. 

If thy spirit be good, 

2/ wisdom therein dwell, 

and thou well know 

the sense of evil, 

withstand it boldly j 

cherish thou ever 

good in thy soul.' 

A seventh time 

his son instructed 

a father, a wise man, 

said much to the youth : 

' Seldom a wise man 

secure exults, 

like as a fool seldom 

rejoices sorrowful 

about his future state. 

Unless he decide a quarrel, 

a man his words shall, 

a sagacious mortal, 

in his breast meditate, 

not with noise aloud.' 

An eighth time 

an old father began 

his son to admonish, 

in kind words : 

* Learn lore, 

teach what is fitting, 

accustom thyself to wisdom, 

the Creator of hosts 

have to thee for hope, 

7. MS. j-uj-. 

15. MS. jeo jum. 

22. pep pop^) ? 


halijjia jemynb. 

"3 a jo^ CO jyje- 

}7on j?u fecje hpaec. [81 «.] 

Nijej^an yipe- 

naejbe j'e jomola- 

ealb u^pica. 

j-aejbe eajropan popn. 

Nip nu pela polca^ 

fte pyjm-jepjiicu. 

healban pille* lo 

ac him hyje bpopna^. 

ellen cola^- 

ibla^ );eobpcype. 

ne habba^ pihc pop ^. 

|7eah hi pom bon. 

opep meocubej- bibob. 

monij pceal onjielban- 


ac laec J^inne j'epan healban- 

py jm-popiS -jeppicu • 20 

^ ppean bomap- 

J?a ]>e hep on maej^e jehpaepe. 

men poplaeta)?. 

j'piJ?op apijan. 

]>6n him jy jylpum pyhc. 

TeoJ^an j'lj^e. 

copn-j'opjna pul. 

ealb epc onjon- 

eapopan laepan- 

pnytcpa bpuce]?. so 

\>e pope japle lupan- 

papna^ him pommap. 

popba 3 baeba- 

on pepan pymle- 

*D ]'o]7 ppeme^. 

bi^ him jeopona jehpylc* 

the memory of saints, 

and truth ever tell, 

when thou aught sayest.' 

^ ninth time 

the ancient one address'd, 

the old sage 

said, to his offspring much : 

* There are not now many folks, 

who the writings of old times 

will hold, 

but their minds corrupt, 

their ardour cools, 

discipline is neglected, 

they care not aught for it, 

though they crime commit 

against the Lord's command ; 

many a one shall pay with 

torment of soul : 

but let thy mind observe 

the scriptures of old times, 

and the Lord's decrees, 

which here in the country every- 

men suffer [where 

to decline, more 

than for themselves is right.' 

^ tenth time, 

full of anxious cares, 

the old man again began 

his son to teach : 

' lie wisdom uses, 

who, for his soul's love, 

guards himself from sins 

of words and deeds, 

in his mind ever, 

and truth promotes j 

to him each gift shall be 



jobe jeyceb. 
meahcum j-pebij. 
]?on he mon }:lyh^« 
yppe ne laec ]>e. 
aej:jie jepealbau- 
heah in hjiej^pe- 
heojio popba jpunb. 
pylme bepmican. 
ac him pajina^ f- 
on jeheojicuui hyje- 
haele j-ceal pipfaepc. 

mobep jnottop. 

jleap m jehyjbuin. 

jeopn pipbomep- 

ppa he pi"S aelba maej- 

eabep hleocaii' 

ne beo ]>u no Co caelenbC' 

ne to cpeo-j'ppaece. 

ne )7e on mobe laec. 

men to j:j\aco)>e • 

ac beo leofpenbe. 

leoht on jehyjbum- 

beji bjieoj't-copan- 

ppa )?u mm beajin jemyne- 

fjiobe paebeji-lape ■ 

•3 J7ec a pi^ }:ijienum jehealb : 

increased by God 

in powers abounding, 

when he flees from sin. 

Let not anger thee 

ever overpower, 

high in thi/ breast, 

of hostile words the ground, 

with its heat defile thee ; 

but guard himself therefrom, 
10 in his courageous soul, 

shall a man wise 

and temperate, 

of mind sagacious, 

prudent in thoughts, 

desirous of wisdom ; 

so that against age he may 

of happiness partake. 

Be thou not too prone to blame, 

nor too double-tongued, 
20 nor let into thy mind 

men too profligate ; 

but be amiable, 

light in thi/ thoughts ; 

bare thi/ breasts' recess : — 

so thou, my son, remember 

wise paternal lore, [serve.* 

and thyself ever against sins pre- 

3. r. man. 

9. papnian? 

16. aeltou? 



Maej ic be me ]'yl):um. [81 Z».] 

j-o^ jieb ppecan. 

pj^af fecjan. 

hu ic jej'pmc-bajum. 


oj:C )?popabe. 

bicjie bjieopt-ceape. 

jebiben haebbe- 

jecunnab in ceole- 

ceaji-pelba jjela. lo 

acol y];a jepealc- 

J^aeji mec ofC bijeac. 

neajio nihc-paco. 

set nacan pcejinan- 

]?on he be chjiurn cnojjaiS. 

calbe jej^jiunjen- 

paepon mine yet- 

fojij'Ce jebunben. 

calbu clommu. 

]?ae]i ]7a ceajie peojiebun • 

hac ymb heojican- 

hunjoji innan jlat. 

mepe-pejijep mob. 

]>se'c pe mon ne pac 

"pe him on polban* 

paejnopc hmpe^. 

hu ic eajim-ceapij. 

i]'-cealbne pae- 

pincep punabe. 

pjiaeccan lapcum- 30 

* * * 

pme-maejura bibjiojien. 

13. .pacol? 


I of myself can 

n true tale relate, 

mj/ fortunes recount, 

how I, in days of toil, 

a time of hardship 

oft suffer'd, 

bitter breast- cares 

have endur'd, 

prov'd in the ship 

strange mishaps many. 

The fell rolling of the waves 

has me there oft drench 'd : 

an anxious night-watch, 

at the vessel's prow, 

when on the cliffs it strikes, 

pierc'd with cold 

were my feet, 

bound with frost, 

with cold bonds. 

There cares sigh'd 

hot round mi/ heart, 

hunger tore me within, 

the sea- wolf's rage. 

That the man knows not, 

to whom on land 

all falls out most joyfully, 

how I miserable and sad, 

on the ice-cold sea 

a winter pass'd, 

with exile traces ; 

* * * 

of dear kindred bereft, 
so. Here a line is omitted. 



bihon jen hjiim-jicelum • 

hsejl jxujium j^leaj. 

Jjaep ic ne jehyjibe- 

butan hlimmau yae- 

if-calbne psej^ 

hpilu ylfece j'onj. 

bybe ic me co jomene- 

janetej- hleo]7op. 

^ hu-ilpan J'pej. 

fojie hleahtop pejia- 

msep pmjenbe. 

}:ope mebo-bpmce. 

jTojimap ]?aeji jcan-clipu beocan 

J^seji him pteajm oncpae^. 

ij-ij pe]7ejia. 

pul o}:c f eapn bi^eal- 

upij }:e];jia. 


hung o'er with icicles, 

the hail in showers flew ; 

where I heard nought 

save the sea roaring, 

the ice-cold wave. 

At times the swan's song 

I made to me for pastime, 

the ganet's cry, 

and the * hu-ilpe's ' note ; 

for men's laughter, 

the mew singing ; 

for mead-drinking, 

storms there the stone- cliffs beat ; 

there them the starling answer'd, 

icy of wings. 

Full oft the eagle scream'd, 

dewy of wings. 

naenij hleo-masja. 
jjeapceaptij pep's. 
pepan meahce- 
popjjon him jelype^ lye- 
]'e pe ah lipep pyn. 
jebiben m bupju- 
bealo-pijja hpon- 
plonc ■;) pm-jal. 
hu ic pepij ope- 
m bpim-labe- 
biban pceolbe- 
nap nihfc-pcua- 
nopj^an j-nipbe- 
hpim hpupan bonb. 
haejl peol on eop)?an. 

4. MS. hliniman. 
17. Though there is no hiatus 

no hospitable kinsman; 

he a poor soul 
20 might go ; 

for he little believes, 

who has the joy of life 

experienced in cities, 

misfortunes few, 

elate and wine-flush'd, 

how I weary oft, 

in the ocean-way 

must bide : 

night's shadow darken'd, 
30 from the north it snow'd, 

frost bound the land, 

hail fell on the earth, 

in the MS., some lines are evidently wanting. 
X 2 



copna calbajt. 

j:oji]7on cnyjya^ nu- 

heojican jel^ohcaj* 

^ ic hean j'cpeamaj- [82 a.] 

]-ealc-y]?a jelac^ 

jylj: cunnije. 

mona^ mobej* lufC 

masla jehpylce. 

ye]\^ CO yejidxi' 

f ic j:eoji heonan- lo 


eajib jejece. 

}:6ji]?on nij' J^aej- mob-plonc. 

mon o}:ep eoja]?an. 

ne hij' jijiena j^ae)' 50b. 

ne in jeojujje to j^aej- hpaec 

ne in hip baebu co ]?aej* beoji. 

ne him hif bpyhcen co ^xy holb 

•p he a hip pae-pope- 

jopje naebbe. 

CO hpon hme bjiyhcen- 

jebon pille. 

ne bi)? hira Co heajipan hyje 

ne CO hjimj-j^eje. 

ne CO pipe pyn^ 

ne CO pojiulbe hyhc- 

ne ymbe opihc ellej-- 

nepne ymb y)?a jepealc^ 

ac a hapa^ lonjunje. 

pe ]>e on laju punba^. 

beapipaj' blojcmum nima^- 

ponjap phcija^. 
pojiulb onecccS. 
ealle j^a jemonialS. 
4. heali-? 


coldest of grains j 

therefore it oppresses now 

my heart's thoughts, 

that I the deep streams, 

the salt wave's sport, 

myself shall prove. [_me 

{though my mind's desire exhorts 

at all times, 

my soul, to go, 

that I far hence, 

of strangers 

the habitation seek ;) 

for there is not so elate of mind, 

any man on earth, 

nor in his qualities so good, 

nor in youth so ardent, 

nor in his deeds so estimable, 

nor to him his Lord so benignant, 

that he never on his sea-voyage 

fear entertains, 

as to what the Lord with him 

will do. 

He has to the harp no mind, 

nor to the receipt of rings, 

nor delight in woman, 

nor in the world joy, 

nor of aught else thinks, 

save of the rolling of the waves ; 

but ever weariness has 

he who on the deep ventures. 

The groves increase with flowers, 

towns appear fair, 

the plains seem beautiful, 

the world hastens on : 

all these admonish 

31. ro-nimaS? 




mobej- }:u]-ne. 

}:epan co j]]?e. 

]?am ]>e ypa. j^ence^. 

on j-'lob-pejaj'. 

feoji jepicaS. 

j'pylce jeac mona^. 

jeompan peopbe- 

jnnje? pumepej' peapb- 

popje beobeiS. 

bictep in bpeopt-hopb. 

]>det ye beopn ne pac* 

ept eabi^ pecj- 

hpaec ]7a pume bpeojaiS. 

J?e ]?a ppaec-laj'Caj'. 

pibopc lec3a"S. 

pop]7on nu mm hyje hpeoppe^. 

opep hpe]7ep-locan . 

mm mob-pepa' 

mib mepe-plobe. 

opep hpaelep e]fel' 20 

hpeoppeiS pibe- 

eop]?an pceacap. 

cyme^ epc co me. 

S'FPe :) spaebij. 

jielle^ an-ploja. 

hpece^ on pael-pej. 

hpej?ep unpeapnum' 

opep holma jelaju- 

pop]7on me hacpan pinb- 

bpyhcnep bpeamaj*- 30 

];on J7ip beabe lip. 

laene on lonbe- 

ic ^elype no- 

f him eop^-pelan. 

ece pconbe^. 

5. jepican ? 12. ejc 

the prompt of mind 

to go on journey ; 

those who so think, 

on the flood- ways, 

far to depart. 

So also the cuckoo exhorts, 

with mournful voice, 

the summer's warden sings, 

sorrow announces 

bitter in its heart. 

The man knows it not, 

the favour'd mortal, 

what some endure, 

who their exile traces 

furthest set ; 

for now my thought wanders 

o'er wy breast's recess ; 

my spirit, 

with the sea-flood, 

over the whale's home, 

wanders wide, 

earth's regions 

come again to me : 

eager and greedy 

yells the lone bird, 

urges on the whale-way 

nathless suddenly, 

over ocean's flood : 

for to me more exciting are 

the Lord's joys, 

than this dead life, 

transient in the land. 

I believe not 

that its earthly wealth 

will stand for ever. 

26. hfsel-l 



jimle Jjjieopa j'um* 

J^mja jehpylce. 

aep hij' cibe je. 

CO Cpeon peojij^e^. [82 Z».] 

abl op^e ylbo- 

o]>]>e ecj-hete. 

jiaejum jzjiorapeapbum • 

):eoj\h oSj^pmje^. 

}:oji}7on ]?aec eojila jehpam. 

aej:ceji-cpe]7enbpa' lo 

lo}: lipjenbpa. 

laj-c popba becj'fc. 

^ he jepypce. 

aep he onpej pcyle- 

ppemman on polban- 

yvS peonba m]>- 

beopum baebum. 

beoj:le co-jeanej-. 

]>SRt hme aelba beapn. 

aeptep hepjeii- 20 

"^ hi]- lop ]i]?|7an. 

bpje mib enjlum. 

apa to ealbjie. 

ecan hpep blaeb. 

bpeam mib bujej^ura- 

bajap pinb jepicene. 

ealle onmeblan. 

eopj^an picep. 

naepon nu cyninjap. 

ne capepaj'. 30 

ne jolb-jiepan- 

pylce lu paepon. 

}?on hi maej-c mib him- 

maep)?a jeppemebon- 

^ on bpyhdicejcum. 

3. aejt hit ribije ? 6. Lit. 

Ever either one 
of three things, 
ere it take place, 
will be doubtful ; — 
disease, or age, 
or hostile sword, 
from the fated to departure 
life will expel ; 
therefore that to every man 
of after-speaking, 
praise animating, 
last words is best : 
that he work, 
(ere he must away) 
act on earth, 
against the hate of foes ; 
by estimable deeds, 
against the devil ; 
so that him the sons of men 
may after praise, 
and his fame thenceforth 
live with angels 
for evermore, 

in the blessing of eternal life, 
joy with the good. 
Days are pass'd away, 
all the pomps 
of earth's kingdom ; 
kings are not now, 
nor emperors, 
nor gold-givers, 
such as were of yore, 
when they most among themselves 
glories perform'd, 
and in most lordly 
edge-hate. 24. MS. blaeft. 



borne lij:bon- 

jebpopen ij- j^eoj' buju^ eal . 
bjieamaj' pnb ^epicene- 
punia^ pa pacpan. 
'J ]>&.]' pojiulb healba]?. 
bjiuca^ )7uph bij'jo. 
blaeb ip jehnaejeb. 
eop)?an mbpyhco- 
ealba^ ^ peapa^. 
ppa nu monna jehpylc- lo 

jeonb mibban-jeapb. 
ylbo him onpapeS. 
onpyn blaca^. 
5omel-peax jnopna'S. 
pat: hip lu-pme^ 
aejjehnja beapn- 
eop)?an popjiepene. 
ne maej hira ]?on je plaej'c-homa- 
)?on him f feopj lopa^. 
ne ppece popppeljan. 20 

ne pap jepelan. 
ne honb onhpepan. 
ne mib hyje |?encan. 
J7eah J?e jpaep pille- 
jolbe jxpejan. 
bpo)7op hip jebopenum- 
bypjan be beabu. 
maj>mum mij-hcu- 
^ hme mib pille- 
ne maej ]?aepe japle. 30 

\>e bi|7 pynna pul- 
jolb Co jeoce. 
pop jobep e^pan. 
Jjon he hic aep hybeiS. 
]?enben he hep leopa^. 
15. finaj-? 

power liv'd : 

fall'n is this splendour all, 

joys are pass'd away j 

the weaker remain, 

and this world hold, 

enjoy in toil. 

Glory is humbled, 

the honours of earth 

wax old and sere : 

as now every man 

throughout mid-earth ; 

age comes on him, 

his face waxes pale ; 

hoary-lock'd he grieves, 

knows that his friends of old, 

sons of noble 07ieSy 

are to earth committed ; 

may not his body then, 

when life escapes him, 

nor sweets consume, 

nor pain feel, 

nor a hand move, 

nor with its mind think : 

though the grave will 

strew o'er with gold 

a brother his brother's, 

heap for the dead 

with various treasures, 

he will not that take with him. 

May not to the soul 

that is full of sins 

gold be for help, 

before God's terror, 

when he ere hides it, 

while he here lives. 

29. he ne ? 



micel bij? je ineocubej- e^ya.- [83a 
popjjon hi feo niolbe oncyjijie^. 
]'e jejraj^elabe. 
Yti\)e jpunbaj- 
eoji]7an j'ceacaj'. 

•J up-pobop. [ne oiibpaebej? 

bol bij? fe J>e him hij' bjiyhcen 
cyme^ hira j'e bea^ unjjinjeb- 
eabij bi^ j*e ]^e ea|7mob leopa]?. 
cyme^ hi j-eo aji op heoponuin. 
meotub hini ^ mob jeftaj^elaS • 
):op)>on he in hij- meahce jelype^ 
j'Ciejian mou j'ceal j-cjionjum 
mobe* 13 

•;] J?aec on jraj^ehim healban. 
1 jepij- pepum. 
pijum claene. 
j'cyle monna jehpylc- 
mib jemece healban- 
pi]? leo}:ne- 
-) pi^ la|?ne. 20 

* * bealo- 
)?eah |>e he hme piUe- 

jiypep pulne. 

# * * 

oJ7j?e on baele- 


hij" jepophcne pine- 

pypb bi]? jpipe- 

meotub meahcijpa. 

)>on aenjej- monnep jehyjb. 

Ucon pe hycjan. so 

.] Great is the dread of the Creator, 

for the mould shall them return : 

he establish'd 

the rugged depths, 

earth's regions, 
• and heaven above. [not. 

Foolish is he who his Lord dreads 

death comes to him unsolicited : 

happy is he who humbly lives, 

to him comes mercy from heaven ; 

the Creator his mind strengthens, 
. because he in his might believes. 

^ man shall govern with strong 

and that with firmness hold, 

and certain towards men, 

in its ways pure. 

Every man ought 

moderation to preserve 

towards his friend, 

and towards his foe 

* * * 

though he will him 

of fire full, 

* * ^ 

or on the pile 


one become his friend. 

Fate is hard, 

the Creator mightier 

than any man's thought. 

Let us consider 

1. 1 suspect that a leaf is here wanting, and that what follows is the end of 
another poem. 

13. MS. mob; see p. 936. 1. 17. 

19 — 24 Here the text seems very defective, though there is no hiatus in the MS. 



hpaeji pe ham ajeu. 

^ ];on jejjencan. 

hu pe J^ibep cumen. 

"3 pe |7oii eac cilien • 

•p pe Co mocen- 

m ]?a ecan. 

eabijnejpe • 

]78ep ip hp ^elonj. 

m lupan bpyhtnej"« 

hyhc in heoponum- 

J?aej' py j?ain haljan j^oiic- 

^ he uj'ic jepeopj^abe. 

pulbpep ealbop. 

ece bpyhcen- 

m ealle cib. 'Kin :• 


where we may have a home, 

and then think 

how we may thither come, 

and then also prepare ourselves, 

that we may go thereto, 

into the eternal 


Avhere life depends 

on the Lord's love, 

joy in heaven j 

therefore be to the Holy thanks, 

that he us hath honour'd, 

the Chief of glory, 

the Lord eternal, 

in all time. 


J^pajfc me ppob pica, 
on pypn-bajum. 
paejbe pnoccop ap. 
punbop-punbpa pela- 
popb-hopb onpeaph- 
pieman lapu. 
beopn boca jleap- 
boban aep-cpibe. 
^ 10 poSlice. 
j'i)>]7an meahte- 
onjitan be Jjam jealbpe 
jobep ajeii beajm- 
pil-jej't on picum- 


[8.-3 /..] 

List what to me a prudent sage, 

in days of old, 

said, a wise messenger, 

rare wonders many, 

his word-hoard disclos'd, 

with a sage's lore, 

a man skill'd in books, 

a preacher's word of old, 

that I truly 

might after 

comprehend, through that lore, 

God's own Child, 

a welcome guest among us. 

1. MS. re. 
26. Lit. incantation. 

20. r. onpjiah. 

28. Lit. in our habitations 



•;j ]>one pacpan j'pa j'ome. 

j'cylbum bejcypebne. 

on jefceab picon. 

]78ec maej aejhpylc mon- 

ea]?e jej^encan. 

Ye]>e hine laece^. 

on )^ap laenan tib. 

amyppan hip jemynbiim. 

mobej' jaelpan. 

^ on hij- baej-pime. 

bpucen Co pice. 

]?on moiiije beoS- 


plonce pi5-pmi}?aj'. 

pm-bupjum in- 

jitca]? aec pymble- 

]0^-jieb ppeca^- 

popbum ppixla^. 

pican punbia)?- 

hpylc aej'c-jTebe- 

inne in paecebe- 

mib pepum punije. 

J>on pin hpece^. 

beopnej' bpeojc-pepan. 

bpeahtrme jCijeiS. 

cipm on cop]7pe. 

cpibe-pcpal leca]?- 


ppa beo]? mob-pepan. 

balum jebaeleb. 

pmbon bpyhc-juman- 

unjelice • 

j'um on opephyjbO' 

J^pyme J^pinje* 

and the weaker likewise, 
of shields depriv'd, 
with reason direct; 
so that may every man 
easily think, 
who himself lets, 
in this fading time, 
be by his thoughts seduced, 
his mind's luxuries, 
10 and in his number of days 

But many are 

lovers of social converse, 

haughty warriors, 

in pleasant cities, 

they sit at the feast, 

tales recount, 

in words converse, 

strive to know 
20 who the battle-place, 

within the house, 

will with men abide ? 

then wine whets 

a man's breast-passions, 

suddenly rises 

clamour in the company, 

U7i outcry thei/ send forth, 


So are dispositions 
30 by parts distributed, 

people are 

unlike : 

one in overweening 

proudly presses forth, 

3. pican for bepitan ? 
20. Lit. the ash (i. e. spear) -place. 

13. Lit. praisers. 
25. MS. bpeahrem. 



)?pince^ him in mnan- 
unjemece mab mob- 
jinban co monije J^aec- 
bi^ )?3ec seyiponca,' 
eal 5e}:ylleb. 
feonbej' flije-pilum- 
}:acen-jeajipum • 
bjieoba^ he ^ bselce^. 
boi5 hij" jylj^ej'. 
]'piJ?o]i micle. 
]?on je j-ella mon. 
|?ence^ •^ hij- pije. 
pel hpam ]?ince- 
eal un}:ojicul;. 
bi]? ]>ssY oJ?eji ppiee. 
J^on he |?aep jiacnej'- 
pncan pceapa^. 
ppence]? he ■^ blence}?. 
popn jejjence]?. 
hy^e-jap lece^. 
pcujium pceocej?. 
he ]?a pcylbe ne pac 
paBh]?e ^eppemebe- 
peoh hij' betpau. 
eopl pope aeppcum- 
laeCe"S inpic-plan. 
bpecan |?one bupj-peal- 
]7e hitn bebeab meocub- 
|?aet he ]>8et pij-pceal- 
pepjan j'cealbe. 
pice]? pymbel-plonc- 
peappum laece^. 
pine jepaejeb. 
popb uc-papan. 
2. MS. unjemebe. 

swells within him 

immensely his mad mood : 

too many are that. 

If that of grudges be 

all fiU'd, 

with a foe's flying-darts, 

with treacherous wiles, 

he terrifies and becomes angry, 

10 more by much 

than a better man ; 

thinks that his wise 

seems to every one 

all undeprav'd. 

Another is so wily, 

that when he of treachery 

the sequel sees, 

he practises fraud and blenches, 

devises many 
2<) stratagems, 

his mind's dart lets forth, 

in voUies shoots ; 

he the shield knows not 

lets the shafts of treachery 
break the town wall, [ed, 

which his Creator to hun intrust- 
30 that he that fortress 
should defend. 
He sits with feasting proud, 
[84 a.] guilefully lets, 
mov'd by wine, 
words go forth, 
4. >a;t, i.e. mob. 8. belsetJ (byljC)? 



J?jiae}:Ce J^jainjan. 
Jjpyme jebypmeb- 
aefaej'Cum onaeleb. 
ojiejihyjba yul- 
ni\fum neapo-ppencum- 
nu ]>\i cuniian meahc 
jij: |?u )>yj'licne- 
\>ej,n jemiccepc- 
punian in picum- 
pite ]>e be ]7ippum. 
peapum pop^-j-pellum- 
l^aec f bij? peonbep beapn« 
plaejce biponjen. 
hapaiS ppoece lip- 
5punb-puj-ne jaejr. 
jobe op-peopmne. 
pulbop-cynmje • 
J>aec pe picja J'onj. 
jeapo pypbij juma- 
3 ]net ;5yb appaec* 
yepe hme pylpne- 
in ]7a plipnan cib. 
J;uph opephyjba- 
ahepe^ heah-mobne. 
pe pceal hean pej'an* 
aeptep neob-]i]7um . 
ni|7ep jebijeb. 
punian picum paept- 
pyprau be]?punjen. 

in 5obep pice. 
fte mib enjlum. 
opephyjb apcaj. 

1. J^jiifte? 
16. MS. Of jjeojimne. 

audaciously burst forth, 

with pride inflated, 

with envy inflam'd, 

of overweening full, 

with odious afflicting wiles. 

Now thou may'st be able, 

if thou such 

a man meetest, 

dwelling among us, 
10 to know by these 

few intimations, 

that that a child is of the fiend 

with flesh invested, 

has a dissembling life, 

an earth-prone spirit, 

of God devoid, 

the Glory King ; 

what the prophet sang, 

a reverend man of yore, 
20 and that lay recited : — 

* He who himself, 

in this dire time, 

through presumption, 


haughty, raises, 

he shall be low, 

after his destin'd lot, 

nether bow'd, 

shall dwell in torments fast, 
30 with worms surrounded. 

It was in days of old, 

in God's kingdom, 

that with angels 

presumption rose ; 

8. r. jemete ; see p. 318. 1. 6. 
27. MS. neo ji)>um. 



pib-maejie jepni- 

pjioht alioj:an. 

heajibne hejie-j-i)?. 

heo}:on pibleban- 

jiojipapan hypa jellan • 

\>ci hi CO ppice |;ohcon. 

3 j^pym-cyninj. 


picne bepypan- 

ppa Inc pyhc ne psep. lo 

■3 ]7on jej-ectan. 

on hypa pylppa born. 

pulbjiep pyn-lonb. 

]7aec hi pije poppcob- 

paebep ppum-j'ceapca. 

peap^ him j-eo peohre to jpun. 

Donne bi^ ]7am o|?]ium. 


pejje hep on eop]?an • 

ea^niob leopa^^ 20 

-J yrS jepibbpa jehpone- 

j'lmle healbe^- 

pjieobe on polce- 

■3 hip ppeonb liipa^ • 

]?eah \>e he him abyljnejye- 

ope jeppemebe. [84 b.] 

pillum in j?i]pe populbe- 

pe mot pulbjiej- bjieani. 

m hahjjia hyht. 

heonan aptijan. 30 

on enjla eajib- 

ne bi|7 ]7am oJ>pu j'pa« 

Ye\>e on opepmebum. 

eapjum baebum- 

thei/ far-fam'd contest, 

crime, instigated, 

stern warfare ; 

heaven they polluted, 

despis'd their superior ; 

then they treachery devis'd, 

and the King of glory 

of his throne, 

the powerful, to bereave, 

as it was not right, 

and then to place 

in their own power 

the joyous land of glory, 

so that them in war withstood 

the Father of first beings : 

for them was the fight too grim. 

Then it for that other is 


he who here on earth 

humble lives, 

and towards all his kindred 

ever holds 

peace among people, 

and his friend loves, 

(though that he offence against him 

eft have perpetrated ;) 

willingly in this world; 

he may into the delight of glory, 

into the joys of the holy, 

from hence ascend, 

into the abode of angels. 

Not so will it to the other be, 

who in pride, 

in wicked deeds, 

4. MS. pib IjBtoan. 



leojiaj? m leahcjium. 

ne beo^ Jja lean jelic* 

mib pulboji-cyninj. 

pite )?e be j^ijjum . 

jip ]?u ea^mobne- 

eojil jemece. 

I^ejn on )>eobe« 

l^am bi^ fimle- 

jaej-c jejaebejiab. 

jobej- ajen beajin. 

piljum in poplbe- 

jip me pe piceja ne leaj- 

pop|?on pe jculon a hycjenbe. 

haelo paebep. 

jeniunan m mobe. 

maela jehpylcum- 

]?one pelepcan. 

pijopa palbenb. S'men :• 

lives, in vices ; 

the rewards shall not be like, 

with the Glory-King.' 

Know from this, 

if thou a lowly 

person meet, 

a man in the people, 

to him will ever be 

a gather'd guest 

God's own Child, 

dear in life, 

if the prophet spake me not false : 

therefore we should ever, studious 

healthful counsel, 

in mind remember, 

at all times, 

the most excellent 

Ruler of victories. Amen. 



ptb-piS ma^olabe. 
popb-hopb onleac^ 
pe ]7e maepc- 
maep)?a opep eopjjan. 
polca jeonb-pepbe. 
opt he plecce jej^ah* 
mynelicne ma]>)?um. 
hme ppom mypjinjum. 
8e]7ele onpocon- 

Widsith spake, 

his word-hoard unlock'd, 

who a vast many [had met with] 

wonders on earth, 

travel'd through many nations ; 

oft he had in hall receiv'd 

a memorable gift. 

Him from among the Myrgings 

nobles gave birth to. 

11. Lit. in the world. 

21. A word is wanting after maej-t, probably metcc. 



he mib ealhhilbe- 

}:8elpe }:jieo|7u-pebban- 

}:opman p}>e. 


ham jej'ohte- 

eaj'tan oj: onjle- 


ppa|?ej' paejx-lojan. 

onjon ]?a popn jppecan. 

Fela ic monna ^epyiaejn. lo 

maej]?um pealban. 

pceal l^eoba jehpylc- 

}?eapum hjijan. 

eopl aepceji o)>jium. 

e^le jiaeban. 

je ]?e hi]- Jjeoben-ptol. 

jej^eon pile- 

l^apa paej- hpala^ [85 a.] 

hpile pelapc 

•3 alexanbpeap • 20 

ealjia picopc- 

monna cynnep- 

■3 he maejt jej^ah- 

)japa ]>e ic opeji polban • 

^epjiaejen haebbe- 

aecla peolb hunum- 

eojimanjiic jotum- 

becca banmjum. 

bupjenbum jipica- 

capepe peolb cpeacum- 30 

■J caelic pmnuni. 

hajena holm-pycum. 

■;) henben jlommum- 

picta peolb ppaepum- 

He with Ealhild, 

faithful peace-weaver, 

for the first time, 

of the Hreth-king 

sought the home 

east of Ongle, 

of Eormanric, 

the fierce faith-breaker ; 

began then much to speak : 

* Of many men I've heard 

ruling o'er tribes ; 

(Every prince should 

live according to usage, 

chief after other 

rule the country, 

he who in his throne 

desires to prosper.) 

Of these was Hwala 

a while the best, 

and Alexandreas 

of all most powerful 

of the race of men, 

and he most prosper'd, 

of those which I on earth 

have heard of. 

^tla rul'd the Huns, 

Eormanric the Goths, 

Becca the Banings, 

the Burgends Gifica, 

Caesar rul'd the Greeks, 

and Cteiic the Fins, 

Hagena the Holmrycs, 

and Henden the Glonis, 

Witta rul'd the Swaefs, 

7. Here a portion seems wanting. 
16. r. -jtole. 

12. jieobna. K. 

18. hpala. K. MS. pala. 



paba haelj'injum. 
meaca mypjinjum. 
meapchealj: hunbinjum. 
];eobjiic peolb jrjioncmn. 
]7yle ponbmju. 
bjieoca bponbmju. 
billing pejinum. 
oj'pme peolb eopum- 
■]) ycum jeppulp- 
pin polcpalbinj. 
ppepna cynne. 
jijehejie lenjejr. 
pjB-benum peolb • 
hnsep hocmjum- 
helm pulpmju- 
palb poinjum. 
pob l^ypmju. 
j-aepep^ pycjum- 
ppeom onjenbj^eop- 
j'ceapthejie ymbpuni' 
j'ceapa lonjbeapbu. 
hCn haecpepum- 
•3 holen ppopnum- 
hpmjpealb paep hacen • 
hejie-papena cyninj. 
oppa peolb onjle. 
alepih benu. 
pe paep J?apa manna- 
mobjajt ealpa. 
no hpae]?pe he opeji oppan • 
eopljcype ppemebe- 
aepepc mouna- 
cm he pej'enbe- 

Wada the Haelsings, 
Meaca the Myrgings, 
Mearchealf the Hundings, 
Theodric rul'd the Franks, 
Thyle the Rondings, 
Breoca the Brondings, 
Billing the Werns, 
Oswine rul'd the Eows, 
and the Yts Gefwulf, 

10 Fin, Folcwald's son, 
the race of Fresns, 
Sigehere longest 
rul'd the Sea-Danes, 
Hnaef the Hokings, 
Helm the Wulfings, 
Wald the Woings, 
Wod the Thyrings, 
Saeferth the Sycgs, 
the Swedes Ongendtheow, 

») Sceafthere the Imbers, 
Sceafa the Longbeards, 
Hun the Haetwers, 
and Holen the Wrosns, 
Hringwald was nam'd 
the Herefaras' king, 
Offa rul'd Ongle, 
Alewih the Danes, 
who of those men was 
haughtiest of all, 

30 yet not o'er Offa he 
supremacy effected, 
for Offa won, 
earliest of men, 
being a youth, 

22. MS. hunhaet pejium. 



cyne-jiica masjc. 

naenij e}:en-ealb hira- 

eoplj-cipe majian. 


ane j-peopbe- 

niepce jemaephe- 

pi« mypjinju. 

bi pipel-bope- 

heolbon popiS pij?]7an. 

enjle •] j^aepe- lo 

ppa hic oppa jej-loj. 

hpo|?pulp •;) hpo^jap. 

heolbon lenjepc- 

pibbe aec-pomne. [85 />.] 

j'uhcop-poebpan . 

pi|7}?an by popppaecon- 

picinja cynn. 

^ injelbep. 

opb popbijban- 

popheopan aet heopote. 20 

hea^o-beapbna ]7pym. 

ppa ic jeonb-pepbe pela. 

ppembpa lonba. 

jeonb jmne jpunb. 

jobep 3 yplep. 

J>aep ic cunnabe. 

cnople bibaeleb. 

ppeo-maejum peop- 

poljabe pibe- 

pop|?on ic maej pinjan- 30 

^ pecjan jpell- 

maenan pope menjo. 

m meobu-healle. 

hu me cyne-jobe. 

of kingdoms greatest, 

no one of like age with him 

dominion greater 

had in contest gain'd, 

with his single sword ; 

his marches he enlarged 

towards the Myrgings, 

by Fifel-dor. 

Continued thenceforth, 

Engles and Swaefs, 

as OfFa it had won. 

Hrothwulf and Hrothgar 

held very long 

peace together, 

the paternal cousins, 

after they had expel'd 

the race of Wikings, 

and Ingeld's 

sword had bow'd, 

slaughter'd at Heorot 

the host of Heathobeards. 

Thus I travers'd many 

foreign lands, 

over the spacious earth, 

good and evil 

there I prov'd, 

from mi/ ofiFspring separated, 

from my dear kindred far, 

foUow'd widely : 

therefore I can sing, 

and a tale relate, 

recount before the many 

in the mead-hall, 

how to me the noble of race 

29. foljobe, 1. e. was a follower in the suite of some patron. 




cyffcum bohCen» 

Ic fssy mib hunum. 

^ mib hpe^-jotum- 

niib fpeom ') mib jeacum* 

■] mib j-u]?-benum' 

mib penlum ic ysey t) ™i^ paejin 

^ mib picinju. 

mib 5ej:]?um ic paep 3 mib pmebu- 

■;) mib jepplejum. 

mib enjlum ic paej* ^ mib ppaejiu- 

■;) mib aeiienum. 11 

mib peaxum ic paep "j mib pycjum- 

"J mib ppeopb-pepum. 

mib hjionum ic paep 3 mib 

■;j mib hea)>o-peamum. 
mib J^yjimjum ic paep. 
3 mib }>jiopenbu« 
■3 mib bujijenbum. 
]>aeji ic beaj jej^ah. 
me )7aeji ju^hepe popjeap. 20 
jlaeblicne ma)>J?um. 
ponjep to leane^ 
naep f ysene cyninj. 
mib pponcu ic ysey 3 mib ppypum. 

•;j mib ppumCinju- 

mib pujum ic paep -^ mib jlommu. 

~} mib pum-palum. 

j'pylce ic paep on eacule^ 

mib aelppine. 

pe haepbe mon-cynnep. 30 

mme jeppaeje. 

were eminently kind. 
I was with the Huns, 
and with the Hreth-Goths, 
with the Swedes andwith the Geats, 
and with the South-Danes : 
■with Me Wenls I was and with the 

and with the Wikings, 
with the Gefths I was and with 

the Wineds, 
and with the Geflflegians, 
with Engles I was and with S waefs, 
and with the -^nens, 
with Saxons I was andwith Sycgs, 
and with the Sweord-Wers, 
with the Hrons I was and with 

the Danes, 
and with the Heatho-Reams, 
with the Thyrings I was, 
and with the Throwends, 
and with the Burgends ; 
there I a bracelet receiv'd, 
me there Guthhere gave 
a brilliant jewel, 
for reward of song, 
that was no sluggish king. 
With the Franks I was and with 

the Frisians, 
and with the Frumtings, 
with the Rugs I was and with the 

and with the Rum-Wealhs ; 
also I was in Italy, 
with iE If wine, 
who had of all mankind, 
to my knowledge, 

THE SCOP OR scald's TALE. 


leohcejce honb. 

loj:ej' CO pyjicenne- 

heojitan unhneapejte- 

hjimja jebalej'. 

beojihcpa beaja. [86 o.] 

beajm eabpmef . 

Mib pejtcinjum ic paep* 

^ mib pepmjum* 

mib cjieacu ic paep "3 mib pnnu. 

^ mib capejie- 10 

]'e ]>e pin-bupja. 

jepealb ahce. 

piolane ^ pilna- 

■3 pala piicej*. 

the lightest hand 

praise to effect, 

the amplest heart 

in the distribution of rings ; 

of bright bracelets, 

the child of Eadwine. 

With the Serkings I was, 

and with the Serings, 

with Greeks I was and with Fins, 

and with Caesar, 

who o'er the joyous cities 

dominion held, 

Wiolane and Wilna, 

and o'er the Walish realm, 
mibpcoctuicpsep^ mib peohcum. With the Scots I was, and with 

the Picts, 
•3 mib pcpibe-pnnum. and with the Scride-Fins; 

mib lib-picmjum ic paep ^ mib with the Lid-Wikings I was and 

•3 mib lonj-beajibum* 
mib haeiSnum ^ mib haelej^um- 
*] mib hunbinjum. ao 

mib ippahelum ic paep* 
'^ mib ex-j'yjiinjum* 
mib ebjieum "] mib inbeum. 
'^ mib ejyptum' 

with the Leons, 
and with the Longbeards ; 
with Haethns and with Haeleths, 
and with the Hundings, 
with the Israelites I was, 
and with the Ex-Syrings, 
with Hebrews and with Indians, 
and with the Egyptians ; 
mib moibum ic paep •] mib pepj-um* with the Medes I was and with 

the Persians, 
^ mib mypjmjum. and with the Myrgings, 

3 mopbinjum. and the Mofdings, 

•] on^enb mypjmjum. and again with the Myrgings, 

-} mib amochmjum. and with the Amothings j 

mib eapc-]7ypin5um ic paep ^ mib with the East-Thyrings I was and 

eolum. 30 with the Eols, 

^ mib ipcum. and with the Ists, 

■3 ibummjum- and Idumings, 

Y 2 



•J ic yssy nub eojimanjiice- 

ealle J'jiaje. 

J>aep me jotena cynmj. 

jobe bohte. 

j'e me beaj popjeaj:- 

bupj-pajiena j:jiuma. 

on ]7am pex hunb paej-. 

Ymsetey jolbej-. 

jej-cypeb fceacta. 

j'ciUmj-pime. lo 

J>one ic eabjilpe- 

on aehc j-ealbe. 

mmum hleo-bpyhcne. 

J?a ic Co ham bicpom- 

leoj:um Co leane- 

paey }^e he me lonb jiopjeap- 

minep jiaebeji ej^el. 

yjiea. myjipnja- 

^ me ]>a, ealhilb. 

oj^ejine jrojijeaj:. 20 

bjiyhc-cpen bujujje' 

bohcoji eabpmep. 

hype lop lenjbe- 

jeonb lonba pela« 

"Son ic be ponje^ 

pecjan pceolbe- 

hpaep ic unbep'ppejl' 

pelaj'C pippe. 

jolb-hjiobene cpen. 

pepe bpyCCian. [86 A.] 

"Son pic j'cillmj. 31 

pcijian jieopbe- 

pop uncpum pije-bpyhcne* 

ponj ahopan> 

and I was with Eormanric ; 

all which time 

there to me the Gothic king 

was bounteously kind, 

he me a bracelet gave, 

the chieftain of his citizens, 

on which six hundred were, 

of beaten gold, 

sceats scored, 

in shillings reckon'd, 

which I to Eadgils 

in possession gave, 

my patron-lord, 

when to my home I came, 

in requital to my friend, 

for that he me had given land, 

my father's home, 

the Myrgings' lord ; 

and to me then Ealhild 

another gave, 

the noble queen of chieftains, 

Eadwine's daughter : 

/ her praise extended 

over many lands, 

when I in song 

had to relate 

where I under heaven 

knew most bountifully 

a queen with gold adorn'd 

her grace dispense. 

When I and Skilling, 

with clear voice, 

'fore our victorious lord 

rais'd the song. 

-20. i. ft. of ejine e]>e\. 



hlube bi heappan. 

hleojjop j'pinj'abe. 

|?on monije men- 

mobum plonce- 

popbum j-ppecan. 

pa, ]>e pel cuj^an. 

f hi naej:pe fonj. 

jellan ne hypbon. 

"Sonan ic ealne jeonb-hpeapp 

ej?el jocena- 

police ic a pi]?a. 

]>& peleptan. 

\>2et paep mn-peopub. 


he^can j'ohce ic 3 beabecan. 

"J hepelinjap. 

eraepcan pohte ic ^ ppiblan- 

onb eajc-jocan. 

ppobne ^ jobne. 

pebep unpeiiep. 

peccan johte ic ';} beccan* 

peapolan •] )?eobpic. 

heajjopic •;) pipecan- 

hiipe '^ incjenj^eop- 

eabpine johce ic ;3 elpan. 

aejelmunb ^ iiunjap. 

■3 J?a ploncan jebpyhc. 


pulphepe pohce ic "3 pypmhepe 

pul ofc |7sep pij ne alaej- 3 

j7onne lipaeba hepe. 

heapbum ppeopbu. 

ymb pipcla pubu. 

pepjan j'ceolbon. 

loud to the harp 

our lay resounded, 

then many men, 

haughty of soul, 

spoke in words, 

(they who well knew,) 

that they never song 

better had heard. 

Thence I travers'd all 
10 the country of the Goths. 

Of courses I ever sought 

the best, — 

such was the household band 

of Earmanric. 

Hethca I sought and Beadeca, 

and the Herelings ; 

Emerca I sought and Fridla, 

and the East Goth 

wise and good, 
20 Unwen's father; 

Secca I sought and Becca, 

Seafola and Theodric, 

Heathoric and Sifeca, 

Hlithe and Incgentheow ; 

Eadwine I sought and Elsa, 

^gelmund and Hungar, 

and the proud host 

of the With-Myrgings ; [here 

Wulfhere I sought and Wyrm- 

full oft war ceas'd not there, 

when the Hraeds' army, 

with hard swords, 

about Vistula's wood, 

had to defend 

5. r. jpjiaecon. 

^ XA^W^JZ--^^ *^ ' ^ 



ealbne ejjel-j'col. 

aeclan leobum- 

jiaebhepe fohte ic 3 ponbhepe^ 

puiiycan ^ jij'lhejie. 

pi^^F5i§^^ 1 j:peo]?epiC' 

pubjan ■^ haman* 

ne paepon f jej'il^a. 

J7a jaemepcan- 

]7eah ]>e ic hy a nihpt. 

nemnan pceolbe. 10 

pul ope op ]?am heape* 

hpinenbe pleaj^ 

jiellenbe jap- 

on jpome }?eobe- 

ppaeccan J?aep peolban- 

punbnan jolbe. 

pepum ■;) ptpum- 

pubja ^ hama* 

j-pa ic f pymle onponb. 

on ]7aepe pepinje- [87 «•] 

]?aec je bi]? leopajt;. 21 


pe ]>e hym 50b pyle^. 

Turaena pice- 

fco jehealbenne- 

J^enben he hep leopa^* 

ppa pcpi|?enbe. 

jepceapum hpeoppa^. 

jleo-men jumena. 

jeonb jpunba pela^ 30 

}?eappe j^ecja^* 

)>onc-popb pppecaj?. 

pimle pu^ oJ?)7e nopS. 

pumne jemeta^. 

jybba jleapne- 

jeopuni unhneapne- 

their ancient native seat 

against the folks of ^tla. 

Raedhere I sought and Rondhere, 

Rumstan and Gislhere, 

Withergield and Freotheric, 

Wudga and Hama ; 

these were of comrades 

not the worst, 

though I them ever last 

should name. 

Full oft from that band 

whining flew 

the yelling shaft 

on the fierce nation, 

where would avenge, 

the chiefs adorn 'd with gold, 

their men and women, 

Wudga and Hama. 

Thus I that have ever found, 

in that journeying, 

that he is ever dearest 

to the land's dwellers, 

to whom God gives 

empire o'er men 

to hold, 

while he here lives. 

Thus roving, 

with their lays go 

the gleemen of men 

over many lands, 

their need express, 

words of thanks utter, 

always south or north 

find one 

knowing in songs, 

liberal of gifts. 



fe )>e pojie bujuj^e pile, 
bom ajiaejian. 
eoplfcipe aej:nan. 
oJ?]?aet eal j-caece^. 
leohfc ^ hf j'Qniob. 
loj: fe jepyjice^. 
hapa^ unbeji heoponu. 
heah-jiaeptne bom :• 

who before his nobles desires 
his grandeur to exalt, 
his dignity to show, 
till that all departs, 
light and life together. 
He who works praise 
has, under heaven, 
substantial glory. 


Ful opfc J?aet jejonje^. 
mib jobef meahcum. 
Jjaette peji ^ pif. 
m populb cennaiS. 
beapn mib jebypbum. 
^ mib bleom ^yjipa^. 
fcemiaj? ^ caeca]? • 
o)j]?aet ]*eo cib cymeiS. 
^ejaeiS jeap-jiimum* 
J7aec )?a jeonjan leomu. 
hpfaepcan leo|>u. 
jeloben peopj^a^. 
pepja^ ppa ";) fella's, 
paebeji ^ moboji. 
5iepa« ^ siejipa];. 
job ana pat. 
hpaec him peaxenbv. 
pmteji bpmja^. 
pimum f jejonje^. 

Full oft it happens, 
10 through God's powers, 
that man and wife 
bring forth into the world 
a child by birth, 
and in colours deck it, 
discipline and teach it, 
till that the time comes, 
passes, in course of years, 
that the young limbs, 
the vital members, 
20 be grown : 

carry then and lead it 
father and mother, 
gift and adorn it. 
God only knows 
what to it waxing 
winters will bring. 
To one it happens. 

15. MS. teiinaj) -j taecaj. 



on jeoju^-peope. 

]?aec ]-e enbe-j-cas}:- 

eap):e^- maecjum • 

pealic peopJ>e^. 

jceal hine pul}: etaii- 

haji hae^-]'Capa. 

hm-pj? |?on mobop bimujine^' 

ne bi^ rpylc monnep jepealb- 

j'umne pceal hunjoji ahi)>an. 

j-umne pceal hpeoh jiopbjiipan. 

pumne jceal jap ajecan- u 

jumne ju^ abpeocan. 

yu pceal leomena leap • 

lipep neocan- [87 A.] 

polmu aec-peohcan. 

pum on pe^e lip. 

peono-bennum jeoc. 

pap cpanian- 

mupnan meocub-jepceapc 

mobe jebyj'jab. ao 

pum pceal on holte. 

op heab-bearae. 

pi]?eplea]' peallan. 

bi^ on phhce je-j^eah. 

lace^ on lypce. 

o}?]?3BC lenjpe ne bi^. 

pepcem pubu-beamep. 

]?on he on pypc-puman. 

pije^ pponcen-pep^. 

j-aple bipeapob- 30 

pealle]? on polban. 

peop^ bi]? on p\>e' 

pum pceal on peJjC' 

in youthful life, 

that the end 

(to the unfortunate) 

is miserable. 

Him the wolf shall eat, 

the hoar traverser of the heath, 

his mother then shall his death 

bemourn : 
such is not within man's control. 
One shall hunger destroy ; 
one shall the cruel drive away ; 
one shall the spear lay prostrate ; 
one war shall crush ; 
one shall void of light 
pass his life, 
with his hands grope ; 
one on foot his life, 
sick with sinew- wounds, 
his pain, bewail, 
mourn the Lord's dispensation, 
in mind afflicted ; 
one shall in the forest, 
from a high tree, 
wingless fall, 

shall nath'less be on flight, 
hover in air, 

till that he shall no longer be 
the wild tree's fruit, 
when he to the root 
shall sink with life exhausted, 
of soul bereft, 
shall fall on earth, 
his soul be on its journey. 
One shall on foot. 

8. on jepealt) ! 

22. MS. heaii beane. 



on feop-pejaj'. 

nybe jonjan. 

^ hif nejc bepan. 

cjieban ujii^-laj'C^ 


pjiecne j:olban. 

ah he peojimenbpa- 

lyC hjijenbpa. 

laiS hi\> aejhpaep. 

jiojie hif ponjceaptu. lo 

pineleaj' haele- 

pum jxeal on jeapu- 

jaljan piban. ,, 

feomian aet ppylce* 

oj^l^aec ]-apl-hojib. 

ban-coj:a blobij. 

abjiocen peopj^eiS- 

J>aep hnn hpepn nime|?. 


phceiS palpij-pab. 20 


no)?eji he ]>y pacne maej. 

polrauni bipepjan. 

la]7um lypt-pcea)?an. 

bij? hip hp pcaecen • 

^ he pele leap. 

peojxep oppena. 

blac on beanie- 

bibe^ pyjibe. 

bepejen pael-mipte- 30 

biiS him pejiij noma. 

pum on baele jceal. 

bponbap |>eccan. 

ppecan pjiecne- 

on far ways, 

needs go, 

and his provision bear, 

tread, with dewy track, 

of foreigners 

the unkind soil, 

he has of entertainers 

few living, 

is everywhere unwelcome 

for his misfortunes, 

a friendless man. 

One shall on the curv'd 

gallows ride, 

be in death suspended, 

till that his body, 

his bloody carcase, • 

shall be broken : [take 

there from him shall the raven 

his eyes, 

sallow of coat, shall tear 

him soulless, 

nor may he from that roguery 

with hands defend himself, 

from the hateful robber of the air j 

his life is departed, 

and he skinless, 

hopeless of soul, 

pale on the tree, 

his fate awaits, 

cover'd with the mist of death ; 

to him is an execrable name. 

One in the fire shall 

the brands deck, 

fiercely they shall consume 

26. jrelleaj? 

30. bejjjiijcnj 

S3. MS. jiencan. 



liji-jraejne monnan* 
]7aej\ hi lip-jebal • 
lunjpe peop^e^. 
jieab jie]7e jleb. 
peote^ meople^ 
yeo hype beapn jejihiS. 
bponhaj- l^eccaii' 
pumu mecep ecj. 
on meobu-bence. 
yppum ealo-popaii' 
ealbop oJjJ'pinje'S. 
pepe pin-pabum. 
bi^ aep hip popba co hpaeb. 
pum pceal on beope. 
]7uph bypelep honb. 
meobu-jal maecja^ 
)>on he jemec ne con. 
jemeapcian hip mu]>e. 
mobe pme- 

ac pceal pul eapinhce« 
ealbpe hnnan- 
bpeojan bpyhcen-bealo- 
bpeamum bipcypeb. 
'J hine Co jylp-cpale. 
jecjap nemna^. 
maenad mib mu]7e. 
meobu-jalej' jebpinc- 
pim jceal on jeojul^e. 
mib 5obep meahtu. 
hip eappo^-pi]?' 
ealne popppilban* 
3 on ylbo epc 
eabij peop]?an. 
punian pyn-bajum. 

the death-destin'd man ; 

there to him death 

shall be sudden, 

red the fierce gleed : 

the woman shall weep, 

who her child shall see 

the brands decking. 

From one the faulchion's edge, 

on the mead-bench, 
10 angry with ale, 

life shall expel, 

a wine-sated man ; 
[88a.] was ere in his words too hasty. 

One shall at beer, 

through the skinker's hand, 

a mead-mad man, 

when he discreetly cannot 

to his mouth set bounds 

with his understanding, 
20 but shall full miserably 

lose his life, 

suffer misery profound, 

from joys cut oflF, 

and him for a self-destroyer 

men shall name, 

shall deplore with mouth 

the mead-mad's drinking. 

One shall in youth, 

with God's power, 
30 his hard lot 

all bring to naught, 

and in age again 

be happy, 

continue in prosp'rous days. 

1. hffxjtne'i 

17. jemece? 

so. MS. eapjrop*^-, 



3 pelan jjicjan. 
ma)?ina]' ^ meobu-}:ul. 
msej-bupje on. 
]fa&Y ]>^ senij ppa inaeje. 
jreojih jehealban. 
fpa mij'j*enhce. 
raeahtij bpyhten. 
jeonb eoji]?an j'ceac 
eallum baele^. 
j'cyjie)? •:! j'C]iij:e«. 
■;) jejceapo healbeiS. 
pumum eab-pelau. 
]'umu eajij:ej>a bael. 
jnimum jeojoj^e jlaeb. 
j'umum 5u]?e blseb- 
jepealbenne pij-plejan- 
pumu pyjip o\>]fe pcyce- 
cophclicne tup- 
pumu taejile cpaej:c. 
bleo-bopbep jebpejb. 
j'ume bocepap. 
peop)7a^ pij'paej'Ce. 
pumum punbop-jiepe- 
]?uph 5olb-pmi]?e. 
jeappab peopj^cS- 
pul opt he jehypbe^. 
1 sehypj'te^ pel. 
bpycen-cyninjep beopn- 
^ he him bpab pyle^. 
lonb to leane. 
he hit on lupt J^ijelS- 
j'um pceal on heape. 
haelej^utn cpeman. 
bhjyian aet beope- 

and wealth receive, 

treasures, and mead-cup, 

in his family, 

for which may any man 

life preserve. 

Thus variously 

the mighty Lord, 

over earth's region, 

to all allots, 
10 dispenses and provides, 

and his creatures holds : 

to one prosperity, 

to one a lot of hardships, 

to one a joyous youth, 

to one success in war, 

stern battle-play ; 

to one in casting or shooting 

bright glory ; 

to one skill at tables, 
20 cunning at the colour' d board 3 

some doctors 

wise become ; 

for one a wonderous skill 

in gold-smith's art 

is provided, 

full oft he decorates, 

and well adorns 

a powerful king's noble, 

and he to him gives broad 
30 land in recompense ; 

he it joyfully receives. 

One shall in company 

to men give pleasure, 

at beer delight 

5. MS. joph. 

14. jlsebe? 

17. pyppe? 



benc-pctenbum • 

]>seji bij? bjiincenbpa* 

bjieam j-e micla. 

j*um j-ceal niib heajipan* 

aefc hij' hlapojibej'. 

jiocum pctan. 

j:eoh J^icjan- 

"2 a fnelbce. 

j-nejie ppaejcan. [88 ,6.] 

laecan jcpal lecan. lo 

jeapo fe ];e hleape^. 

naejl neome cenbe- 

bij> hini neob miceL 

j'um j'ceal pilbne fujel- 

ploncne atemian* 

heajioc on honba- 

o]?]7aec peo heopo ppealpe • 

pynpum peop]?e^. 

bep he pyjiplap on • 

yebe\> ppa on jrecepum^ 20 

p)?pum bealne. 

lepej? lyfC-ppipcne. 

lyclum pejilum. 

oJ?)7£ec pe paehpca- 

psebum ■;) baebum. 

hip aec-jiepan • 

ea^mob peopj^eiS. 

•3 CO hajopcealbep' 

honba jelaepeb* 

]y& ppaeriice. 30 

peopob anep job- 

jeonb mibban-jeapb. 

monna cpaeptap. 

fceop ■;] pcypebe. 

the bench-sitters, 

where of drinkers is 

great joy. 

One shall with harp 

at his lord's 

feet sit, 

money receive, 

and ever quickly, 

with rapid flexions, 

a loud sound send forth, 

ready he who dances, 

he has great need. 

One shall the wild bird, 

proud, tame, 

the hawk on his hand, 

till that the martial swallow 

becomes gentle : 

he puts varvels on, 

feeds him thus in fetters, 

in his plumes exulting, 

teaches the swift in air 

with his little gaffles, 

till that the Welsh bird, 

in weeds and deeds, 

to his feeder 

becomes obedient, 

and to his trainer's 

hand instructed. 

Thus wonderously 

the God of hosts 

over mid-earth 

men's powers 

has created and allotted. 

10. hlut)an? 

22. laejie^! 



•3 jej'ceapo jiejiebe- 

aejhpylcu on eop]?an • 

eojimen- cyiinej' • 

poji)?on him nu eallej' ]Jonc« 

aejhpa pecjC' 

]?ae]' ]>e he jioji hip milcju. 

monnum pcjiipe^ :• 

and his decrees borne 

to every one on earth 

of human race ; [all 

wherefore to him now thanks for 

let each say, 

that which he in his mercies 

for men provides. 


Fjiije mec jrpobum popbum. 
ne laec ]7inne pep5 onhaelne- 
bejol )?aec J»u beopopc cunne- 


nelle ic ]>e mm bypne jepecjan. 
jip \>\i me )7inne hyje-cpaepc 

^ \>me heopcan jej^ohcap- 
jleape men pceolon jiebbu 

ppixlan • 
job pceal mon aepepc hepjan. 
paejpe paebep upepne- [ceobe« 
pop)>on ]>e he up aet ppymj?e je- 
Iip ^ laenne pillan. 
he upic pile )?apa lean a jemonian 
meotub pceal in pulbpe. 20 

mon pceal on eop]?an. 
jeonj ealbian. 
50b up ece bi)?' 
ne penba^ hme pypba- 

9. bihelan, or 10, 


Declare to me in prudent words, 
let not thy unsound mind 
conceal what thou most deeply 

knowest ; 
I will not tell thee my secret lore, 
if thou from me thy knowledge 

and thy heart's thoughts : 
skilful men should in proverbs 

God before all must one praise 
fervently, our Father, [sign'd 
because he to us at the first as- 
life and feeble will. 
He will remind us of those loans. 
The Creator shall abide in glory j 
man shall dwell on earth ; 
the young grow old j 
God is for us eternal, 
fates change him not, 
bexlian or bi^lian ? 



lie hme pihc bpece]?- 
abl lie ylbo. 
aelmihtijne • 

lie jomela^ he in jsej-ce 
ac he 1]' jen jpa he paej'. 
)?eoben jej^ylbij. 
he lip jej^onc pyle^. 
mippenbcu mob. 
peoph-cynna pela- 
paej?mej? pibe- 
ejloiib monij. 
eajibap pume. 
meocub ajiaejibe. 
pop mon-cynne. 
aelmihcij job. 
epen-pela beja. 
)7eoba ^ )7eapa. 
Jjinj pceal jehejan. 
pjiob pi|? ppobne. 
hip hypa pejiiS jehc- 
hi a pace pema)?. 
j'lbbe jelaepa'S. 
]>A a;ji ponpaelje. 
apejen habbaiS. 
paeb pceal niib j'nyccpo- 
jiyhc mib pipum. 
til pceal mib Cilum. 
tu beo^ jemaeccan. 
pceal pip T pep. 
in pojiulb cennan. 
beajaii mib jebypbu. 
beam j'ceal on eoji^an. 
leapnim li|?an. 
leomu jnopnian. 
34. lipan? 

[89 a.] 



nor doth aught afflict him, 

disease nor age, 

Almighty : 

he grows not old in spirit, 

but he is still as he was, 

a patient Lord : 

he gives us understanding, 

various minds, 

human speech. 

Divers tribes of mortals 

contains in its wide embrace 

many an island. 

Spacious lands 

the Creator establish 'd 

for mankind. 

Almighty God, 

a like many of both 

nations and manners. 

Counsel shall hold 

the wise with the wise, 

their mind shall be alike, 

they shall ever strife appease, 

peace enjoin, 

which the unbless'd ere 

have disturb'd. 

Counsel shall Z»e with the prudent, 

right with the wise. 

The good shall hold with the good. 

Two shall be mates. 

Woman and man shall 

bring forth into the world 

children by birth. 

A tree shall on earth 

with leaves flourish, 

with branches grow. 

35. leomu jjiopan? 



yuy fceal fepan. 

paeje j-pelcan. 

3 bojjia jehpam- 

ymb jebal paean. 

mibban-jeapbej' • 

meotub ana pac. 

hpaep pe cpealm cyme]?. 

]>e heonan op cy]?J?e j^eyitep- 

umbop yce^ j^a- 

sep abl nime^. lo 

)7y peopl^e^ on polban ppa pela. 

pipa cynnep. 

ne j*y J^aep maju-cmibpep. 

jemec opep eop]>an. 

jip hi ne panije. 

pe ]>a,Y populb teobe- 

bol hip pe \>e hip bpyhcen nac. 

The departing shall go, 

fated die, 

and every day 

strive against separation 

from mid-earth. 

The Creator alone knows 

vi'here the malady shall come, 

which hence from ^Aeland departs : 

lie the children increases, 

ere disease takes them ; 

therefore are on earth so many 

of the race of men : [be 

there would not of the human race 

measure on earth, 

if them decreas'd not 

he who this world created, [not, 

Foolish is he who his Lord knows 

to ]?aep opt cyrae^ bea^ unj^mjeb. so often cometh death unask'd. 
pnotjie men paplu beopja^. Prudent men take heed for their 

healba^S hypa po^ mib pyhte- 20 hold their sooth righteously, 
eabij bi'S ]'e j^e in hip ej^le jejjih^. Happy is he who in his country 

thrives ; [betray, 

eapm pe him hip ppynb jeppica^. miserable he whom his friends 

neppe pceal pe him hip nept 

afppmje^ . 
nyb pceal J^paje. 
jebunben bli)?e pceal. [89 Z».] 
heopte blinb pceal. 
hip eajna ]?olian. 

lie shall never * * whose 

provision fails. 
Need shall have time. 
Bound cheerfully shall be 
the innocent. 

The blind of heart shall 
his eyes lose, [vision, 

optijen bi]? hira tophtpe 5epih]7e. taken shall be from them bright 
ne majon hi ne tunjlu bepitian. they may not the heavenly bodies 

ppejl-topht-punnan ne monan. the heaven-bright sun or moon, 
23. The verb seems wanting. 



)?aec him bi}? jap in hij- mobe. 

on je ]7on he hiC ana pac 

ne peneiS ^ him ]?aep eb-hpyppc 

palbenb him ]?aet pite ceobe* 

pe him maej pyppe pyllan. 
haelo op heopob-pmnie. 
pp he pac heopcan claene* 
lepmon laecep behopa^. 
laepanpceal mon ^eonjne monnan 
cp^man ^ cyhcan ]?aec he ceala 

o]7]?aec hme raon acemebne haebbe 
pylle him pipt "} paebo- 12 

o]7)»aec hme mon on jepicce alaebe 

ne j'ceal hme mon cilb jeonj ne 

aep he hme acyj^an moce. 
]>y pceal on J^eobe jej^eon- 
\>3Si: he pej'e J^pipC-hycjenbe. 
pcypan pceal mon pcponjum mobe 

pfcopm opc holm jebpinje]?. 
jeopen in jpimmum paelum- 20 
onjinna^ jpome punbian. 
pealpe on-peoppan Co lonbe- 
hp8e]?ep he paejce pconbe. 
peallap him pi]?pe healbaiS. 
him bij? pmb jemaene. 
ppa bi]7 pae pmilce. 
]>6n hy pmb ne pece^- 
ppa beoj? ]7eoba jejjpaepe. 
)?on hy jel^mjab habbaS. 
6. -jimmum ? 13. alaece? 

that to him will be pam in his mind, 
in as much that he alone knows it j 
he will not hope that its return 

may come ; 
the Supreme hath him that pu- 
nishment decreed, 
who may give him a change, 
health of eyes, 

if he know that his heart be clean. 
y4 lover requires a leech. 
•^ young man one must teach, 
encourage and excite, that he 

may well know, 
•till that he is render 'd docile : 
give him food and garments, 
•till that he be led forth with un- 
derstanding ; 
one must not, while a young 

child, upbraid him, 
ere he can know himself : 
he shall among people flourish, 
so that he be bold of spirit. 
•With strong mind shall a man 
The sea oft brings storm j 
the ocean, in rough seasons, 
strives fiercely to tend, 
dusky, to move to land ; 
yet it shall fast stand, 
bulwarks shall hold against it, 
to them is the wind indifferent. 
As the sea is calm, 
when wind excites it not, 
so are people in concord, 
when they have settled differences, 

22. r. on-jrajian. 23, j-confeeti' ? 



jej'itca^ him on jej-unbum ]fm- 

tJ J?on mib jepl^um healbaj?. 
cene men jecynbe jiice. 
cynmj bij? anpealbej- jeojin- 
la^ j-ej^e lonbej- mona^. 

leop yepe mape beobe^. 

J?pym j-ceal mib plenco. 

j7]U]te mib cenum. 

j'ceolun bu jiecene. 

beabpe fpemman. lo 

eojil j'ceal on eoj' boje. [90 a.] 

eojiob fceal jefcpume jiiban. 

j:aejce fe)?a fConban- 

paemne aec hyjie bojiban jejiij-e^ 

pib-jonjel pip pojib jeppjiinje^. 
opc hy mon pommu bibb's, 
haele^ by hoppe maenad, 
ope bype bleop abpeoce^- 
pceomianbe man pceal in j'ceabe 

bpeoppan . 
j'Cip in leobce jepipe^. 20 

honb pceal beopob in-pypcan. 
bopb in pcpeonum biban- 
jip-pcol jejieppeb jtonban. 
bponne bine juman jebselen- 
jippe bij? j'e J?am jolbe onpebiS. 
juma pasy on heab-jecle jeneab. 

lean pceal jip pe leojan nellaiS' 
]?a \>e up pa.]' lipje jeceobe :• 

1 1. Lit. on a horse's shoulder. 
18. MS. abjieoJ>e?<. 

sit in sound condition, 

and then with their comrades 
Bold men have inborn svv^y. 
A king is desirous of power. 
Hateful is be who lays claim to 

dear he who proffers more. 
Pomp shall be with pride, 
the confident with the bold j 
both shall quickly 
war promote. 

A chief shall ride on horseback ; 
a squadron shall ride in a body j 
a band of foot stand fast. 
• A damsel it beseems to be at her 
A rambling woman scatters words, 
she is often charged with faults, 
a man thinks of her with con- 
oft her cheek smites. [tempt, 
A bashful man shall walk in the 

shade ; 
the pure is befitting the light. 
7%ehead shall influence Me hand; 
the treasury await riches ; 
a present stand prepar'd, 
when men it bestow. 
Grasping is he who receives gold, 
a man to whom, in a high sta- 
tion, is enough. [not lie) 
Recompense shall be (if we will 
to Him who us this favour has 

15. jej-pjienxeS? 

1 2. MS. pojiofe. 
22. je/cjieonum? 




Fojifc fceal fpeoj-an. 
fyp pubu melcan. 
eop];e jpopan. 
1]' bpycjian. 
paeceji-helm pejan* 
punbjiu lucan. 
eop]7an ci];ap. 
an pceal inbinban- 
fojiptep pecjie- 
pela-meahcij job. 
pinteji fceal jepeoppan. 
pebeji eyt cuman. 
fumop ppejle-hac. 
punb unpCille. 
beop beaba psej' 
bypne bi^ lenjejt holen* 
fceal in eele^. 
yppe jebaeleb. 
beabep monnep • 
bom hip pelapt. 
cyninj pceal mib ceape. 
cpene jebicjan- 
bunum "]) beajum- 
bu pceolon aepepc- 
jeopum job pepan. 
ju^ pceal in eople- 
pij jepeaxan. 
a pip je^eon. 
lop mib hype leobum^ 
leoht-mob pej*an. 
pune healban. 

4. bpecan? 5. -holm? 

13. r. j-pe^el- or jpejl-. 
17. for haeletf, for the sake of alliteration ; MS. aeleb. 


Frost shall freeze ; 

fire wood consume ; 

earth bring forth ; 

ice break, 

the watery deep agitate, 

wonderously lock up 

the herbs of earth. 

One shall unbind 

frost's fetters, 
10 the much mighty God 

winter shall cast forth, 

fair weather again shall come, 

summer with burning sky. 

TTie sea is unstill ; 

deep the way of the dead. 

A secret shall be longest hidden. 

Shall among men 

the inheritance be divided 

of a dead man. 
20 Power is most excellent. 

A king shall with cattle 

buy a queen, 

with cups and bracelets, 

both shall at first 

in gifts be bounteous. 

War shall in an * eorl,* 

contest, grow, 

and his wife flourish, 

beloved with her people, 
30 be of cheerful mind, 

a secret hold ; 

8. unbinfean? 9. jzecjiu? 

15. pes? 



jiura-heojit beon- 

meajium 'j ma)?inum. 

meobo-jisebenne • 

foji jep^-maejen. 

jymle aejhpaeji. 

eoboji-aB]7elin5e • 

aejiejc jejjiefcan. 

pojiman pulle. [90 bJ] 

CO pjiean honb. 

picene jejiaecan • lo 

^ him jiaeb pican- 


baem aeC-j'omne- 

j'Cip fceal jenaejleb. 

pcylb jebunben. 

leohc Imben bopb. 

leoj: pil-cuma. 

Fjxypan pijie. 

]?on plota ptonbe^' 

bij? hip ceol cumen. 20 

'J hyjie ceojil Co ham- 

ajen sec-jeopa. 

■;) heo hine inla^a]?. 

paej-ce^ hip papij hpsejl. 

^ him pyle]? paebe nipe. 

h]? hi on lonbe. 

J^aep hip lupu bsebe^« 

pip pceal yi]> peji paepe jehealban- 

ope hi mon pommum behh^. 

pela bi^ paepc-hybijpa. so 

pela bi^ pyjipec-jeojinpa. 

ppeo^ hy pj\embe monnan- 

]7on ]'e oj^eja peoji jepiCe]?. 

hba bi|? lonje on pij^e- 

he shall be munificent 

in horses and geldings, 

in bestowing of mead, 

towards his friends, 

ever everywhere : 

the peasants him 

shall earliest greet, 

full rent 

to their lord's hand 

forthwith present, 

and them consult, 

the mansion owners, 

both together. 

A ship shall be nail'd j 

a shield bound, 

the light linden board. 

Dear is the welcome guest 

to the Frisian wife, 

when the vessel stands, 

his ship is come, 

and her husband to home, 

her own provider, 

and she calls him in, 

washes his weedy garment, 

and to him gives new raiment ; 

'tis pleasant on land to him 

whom his love awaits. [hold j 

Woman shall with man compact 

man often besets her with his 

many are firm -minded, [vices; 

many are inquisitive, 

strange men court them, 

when the other far departs. 

The sailor is long on his course, 

4. -maejumi 
27. bitoa«? 

8. r. feofiman or j:eo|ime. 

z 2 

22. lit. food-giver. 
29. belief? 



a mon f ceal f e-j^eah leofej- penan 

jebiban "psey he jebaeban ne maej 
hponne him ejic jebype people, 
ha cyme^ jij: he hal leojra^- 

nejrne him holm jej'Cype^. 

mejie hajraS munbum. 

maej^ ejj-an pyn- 

ceap eabij mon. 

cynmj pic ]7cn. 

leobon cype^- lo 

J?onne h)?an cyme^. 

puba ~) paecpep nycca^ • 

)?on him bi]? pic alypeb- 

mece byje}? jip he mapan j^eapp- 

aep|7on he to mepe peop]7e- 

peoc pe bij> J>e to pel ban lece^- 

]7eah hme mon on punnan laebe- 

ne msej he be ]?y pebpe pepan- 

J?eah hic py peapm on pumepa- 

opepcumen hi\> he aep he acpele. 

jip he nac hpa hme cpicne pebe. 

maejen monj'ceal mib mece peban 
mopl^op unbep eop]7an bepeolan- 
hmbep unbep hpupan- [91 a.] 
}7e hic pophelan ]>ence^- 
ne bij? )?aec jebepe bea)?- 
|;onne hit jebypneb peop]?e^. 
hean pceal jehnijan- 
ablije pijan- 
jiyhc pojian- so 

always ought a man nath'less to 

expect his friend, 
to await what he cannot control; 
when it shall again be proper, 
he will come home if he be living 

in health, 
unless him the ocean tosses, 
the sea has him in its clutches. 
A maid is the delight of the eyes. 
A rich man his cattle, 
a king his dwelling then, 
with his people shall guard, 
when mariners come, 
wood and water use ; 
then to them is a dwelling granted. 
Meat he buys, if he needs more, 
ere he becomes too faint, [eats. 
Sick will he be who too seldom 
though he be led into the sun, 
he may not be in the open air, 
though it be warm in summer ; 
he will be overcome ere he dies, 
if he knows not who will feed 

him living. 
• Strength a man must feed with 
murder bury under earth, [meat, 
down under ground, 
who seeks to conceal it ; 
that is not a seemly death, 
when it is kept secret. 
The humble shall bow ; 
the diseas'd sink ; 
justice accuse. 

6. Lit. in hands. 7. e^na (eajena) ? 18. MS. alyjpeK. 

28, 29. These lines have no alliteration. 29. MSJ. at>] jejijan. 
30. Ohg. rogjan, O.S. wrogian ? 

16. r. etety. 



paeb bi|? nyctojC. 

yj:el unnyccoj'C- 

]>sst unlaeb nime^* 

jfib bi|? ^enje. 

1 pil> 50b lenje. 

hyje j'ceal jehealben. 

honb jepealben. 

j'eo ]"ceal m eajan. 

j'nyccjio in bpieojCum* 

]?ae]i bi^ j^aej- monnej-. 

mob-jej'oncaj' . 

mu)?a jehpylc mece |?eaji}:. 

mael fceolon cibum jonjan. 

jolb ^ejiij-e]?. 

on juman j-peojibe. 

j'ellic pje-fceojip . 

pnc on cpene. 

50b j'cop jumum. 

jaji ni]?-pejium. 

pij to-pijjpe. 

pic pjieo|?a healban. 

pcylb pceal cerapan- 

fceapc peapepe. 

pceal bpybe beaj. 

bee leopnepe^ 

hupl haljum men- 

haej^num pynne- 

poben pophce peop- 


jiume pobepap. 

f ip pice job. 

pylp po'S cyninj. 

papla nepjenb- 

pe uj- eal popjeap. 

Counsel is most useful ; 

evil most useless, 

that the unfortunate takes to. 

Good is current 

and lasting before God. 

The mind shall be modest, 

the hand powerful 5 

sight shall be in the eyes, 

wisdom in the breast, 
10 where are man's 

mental thoughts. 

Every mouth requires meat; 

meals shall take place at times. 

Gold is fitting 

on a man's sword ; 

seemly a martial vest, 

jewels on a queen, 

a good poet for men, 

a weapon for enemies, 
20 war for an adversary, 

a house to hold peace. 

^ shield shall be for the soldier, 

a shaft for the robber ; 

a ring shall be for the bride, 

books for the learner, 

housel for the holy man, 

for the heathens sins. 

Woden wrought idols, 

the Glorious Almighty 
30 the spacious heavens, 

he is a powerful God, 

the true King himself. 

Preserver of souls, 

he gave us all 

88. contr. for peohaj- (peojaj-). 



)?aet pe on-lij-'jaj?- 
^ eyt aec ]>am enbe- 
eallum pealbe'S. 
monna cynne. 
J>aec If meocub pylpa :• 

on which we live, 

and at the end again 

shall rule all 

the race of men ; 

that is the Creator himself. 


Raeb jceal mon jecjan- 

jiune ppican. 

leo}? jejmjan. 

leopep jeajinian. 

bom ajieccan. 

baejej- oneccan- 

cil mon Cilep. 

;5 tomep meajiep. 

cu}7e]* 3 jecoj'tej-. 

•] calc-ponbep' 

naenij pijia- 

Co }:ela jej'fcjiyneiS^ 

pel mon jceal pme healban 

on peja jehpylcum. 

ope mon pepeiS. 

peop bi tune. [J)l 6.] 

J^aeji him pafc pjieonb- 


pineleap ponpaebj mon. 

jenime^ him pulpap fco jepepan 

pela-paecne beoji. 

pul opt: hine pe jepepa jliteiS. 

jjiyjie pceal poji jpejjum- 

jpaep beabum men. 

hunjpe heope^. so 



Counsel shall a man utter, 

runes write, 

songs sing, 

praise merit, 

judgment declare, 

by day hasten, 

a good man on a good 

and tame horse, 

known and tried, 

and round of hoof. 

No man 

gains too much. 

Well shall a man hold a friend, 

in every way. 

Oft a man goes 

far about, 

where he knows a friend to be 

void of reproach. 

A friendless unhappy man 

takes Avolves for his comrades, 

a much crafty beast, 

full oft the comrade tears him j 

there shall be horror for the gray owe. 

The grave for the dead man 

hungry shall groan ; 

9. r. lojrej-. 



nalef f heape bepmbe^. 
ne hufiu pael pepe^. 
pulp pe jpaeja. 
mop]?oji-cpealm maecja^ 
ac hit a majie pille. 
pjiaeb pceal punben. 
ppacu heapbu men. 
bo^a j'ceal jcjisele. 
pceal bam jelic- 
mon to jemaeccan- 
ma]7]7um ojjpep peop^. 
jolb moil j'ceal jipan. 
maej job pyllan- 
eabjmii aehte- 
•3 ept mman. 
pele pceal ptonban- 
pylp ealbian- 
licjenbe beam- 
laepej't jpope^S. 
tjieo pceolon bjiaeban- 
3 tjieop peaxan. 
pio jeonb bilpitjia. 
bpeopt apije^. 
paepleap mon. 
■3 ponhybij. 
aetjien-mob • 
•;) unjetjieop. 
]?aep ne jyme^ 50b. 
pela pceop meotub. 
J?aep ]>e pyjin jepeap^- 
het pi|?]7an. 
ppa pojiiS pepan- 
pejia jehpylcu. 
pij'Lcu popb jejiipa^- 



not with howl winds round it, 
nor indeed death laments 
the gray wolf 
the mortality of men, 
but ever wishes it greater. 
A bandage shall be for the wound- 
exile for a cruel man. [ed j 
A bow shall have a shaft. 
Shall alike to each, 
consort to consort, 
be the other's treasure. 
Gold a man shall give. 
God can impart 
wealth to the prosperous, 
and again it take. 
A hall shall stand ; 
self grow old. 
^ lying tree 
least grows. 
Trees shall spread ; 
and faith increase, 
which through the gentles' 
bosom rises. 
^ faithless man, 
and perverse, 
and untrue, 

for him God careth not. 
Much hath the Lord created 
of that which was of old, 
bade it thereafter 
so forth to be. 
To every man 
wise words are fitting j 

6. better pjioe^. 

20. cjieopu? 

S3. MS. paejia. 



jieomen jieb- 

3 ^uman j-nyttrjio- 

j-pa monij beoj; men oj:eji eopj^an 

yy'd beoj? mob-jel^oncaj'. 

aelc him haj:a^ punboji. 

fepan lonja^' 

j7onne * * 

J)y laej' J?e him con leo)>a pojin^ 

o]?j7e mib honbum con. 

heajipan jjietan. lo 

hapa]? him hip jhpep jiepe- 

]>e him job pealbe. 

eapm bij? je|?e pceaL 

ana hpjan- 

pineleap punian. 

hapa]7 him pyjib jeceob- 

becpe him paepe J^aec he bjio)?o]i 

bejen hi anej- monnej-. 
eojile eapopan paepan. [92 a.] 
jip hi pceolban eopop onpnnan. 
o]>]>e bejen bejian- 21 

bi]? )?8ec ph)?-hejibe beoji- 
a pcyle |7a jimcap. 
jejiaeban laeban. 
3 him aec-j'omne j-pepan. 

song to the gleeman, 
and to a man wisdom. 
. So many a* Mere are men on earth, 
so are the mind's thoughts ; 
each has to himself apart 
a desire of mind, 
when * * 

unless he knows many songs, 
or with hands can 
greet the harp, 
has his gift of glee, 
which to him God hath given. 
Miserable is he who must 
live alone, 
friendless continue, 
fate has ordain'd it to him ; 
better it were for him that he had 

a brother, 
that they both of one man 
were the noble offspring, 
if they have to attack Me wild boar, 
or both the bear, 
which is a ferocious beast : 
ever shall those men 
council hold, 
and together sleep, ' 

* * * 

naeppe by mon co * 

mon to mae^le- 

* * * 

aep hy beaiS cobaele. 

* * * 

never them any one to * 

* * * 

ere them death separate. 

7. Here some words or lines are evidently wanting. 19. eojilice? 

22. r. -heajibe. 24. jejiaeb pseban ? 

25-27. Here the want of context shows that some lines are omitted. 
27. mon CO seems an erroneous repetition. MS. maeble. 



hy cpejen jceolou. 

csefle ymb jictan. 

I^enben him hyjia tojm tojlibe- 

j:ojijietan }?apa jeocjian jejceajice 

habbau him jpmen on bojibe. 

ible honb- 

aemec lauje neah. 

caejilej- monnej-- 

)7on teojelu peojipeS. 

felban in jibum ceole- lo 

nej:ne he unbejx jejle ypne. 

pepij j'ceal je pi)? pin be jiope)?. 

pul ope mon peajinu cih^' 

eapjne J^aet he elne pojileo)'e» 

bjiujaiS hij' aji on bopibe^ 

lot pceal mib lyj'pe. 

hj't mib ^ebepum^ 

]?y peoji]7e^ ye jfcan popptolen. 

These two shall 

at tables sit, [glides away, 

while from them their sorrow 

•forget the miserable world, 

have to them pastime on board. 

Idle is the hand, 

(long leisure nigh,) 

of the gamester ; 

but with the dice he throws 

seldom in the spacious ship, 

unless under sail he runs. 

Weary shall he be who rows 

against the wind. 
Full oft one with threats urges 
the slothful, so that he loses cou- 
draws his oar on board. [rage. 
Craft shall be with falsehood, 
art with things fitting. 
Therefore is the stone stolen. 

opfc hy popbum copeoppa'S. 
aep hy bacum cobpeben. 

oft they by words o'erthrow, 
20 ere they 

jeapa ip hpaep apaeb. 
peap^ paeh]70 pypa cynne- 
pi]j|?an pupj?um j'pealj. 
eop^e abelep blobe. 
naep J^aet an-baeje niiS. 
op ]?a pjiohc-bpopan. 
pibe jej'ppunjon. 
micel mon aelbum. 
monejum ^jeobu. 
bealo-blonben ni|?. 


Enmity has been among mankind, 

since that first swallow'd 

earth Abel's blood ; 

that was no one-day evil, 

from which sin-drops 

widely sprung, 

great evil to mankind, 

to many nations, 

pernicious hate. 

4. r. yacpe. 18 — 20. Here the want of context and alliteration shows the 

MS. to be very defective. 28. r. man. SO. Lit. bale-blended. 



floj hif bpo-j-paej-ne. 

cam Jjone cpealm nejiebe. 

cu]? paej- pibe- 

]'])?|7an ^ ece ni^- 

aelbum pcob- 

ppa a]7ol papuni- 

bpujon paepna jepm- 

pibe jeonb eopj^au. 

ahojoban ^ ahyjiboii' 

heopo pli|?enbne. lo 

jeapo pceal ju^-bopb. 

jap on jceapce^ 

ecj on ppeopbe. 

anb opb j'pepe- 

hyje heapbu men. 

helm j'ceal cenum. 

■;) a )7aej- heanan hyje. [92 A.] 

hopb unjmnopt :• 

Slew his own brother 

Cain, urged on death. 

Known was widely, 

when that eternal evil 

mortals overwhelm'd, 

so dire to men ; 

the]/ endured the strife of arms 

widely throughout earth, 

devis'd and harden'd 

the cleaving sword. 

Ready shall be the buckler, 

head on the shaft, 

edge on the sword, 

and point on the spear, 

for the intrepid man. 

^ helmet shall be for the bold ; 

and ever for the base in soul 

treasure most bounded. 


pUt \>\\ fuj- haele- 
ppembne monnan- 
pipne po^-bopan. 
popbum jpetan. 
ppicjan pela-jeonjne. 
ymb pop^-jej'ceapc 
bibban J^e jej-ecje. 
jibpa jepceapca. 
cpaepcaj' cynbelice. 

Wilt thou, a ready wight, 
20 a stranger man, 
a wise orator, 
by words address, 
ask a traveller much 
about the vast creation, 
desire that he tell thee 
of wide-spread creatures' 
the kindly powers 

1. Contr. for bjiotJoji j-paej-ne ? 2. nybtje? C. acolpepum? 

10. j-Ucenbne ? 11. Lit. war-board. 23. -jonjenbne? 



]>a ])e punbjia jehpa- 

* * * 

those that to each wonder 

•f? ^ ^ 

|7ujih bom jobej- bjiinje. 
punbpa pela- 
pejia cneopipj'um. 
ip }>apa anpa jehpani • 
ojijeaCe Cacen. 
J?am |7uph pipbom. 
pojiulb ealle con- 
behabban on h]ie)?]ie. 
hycjenbe mon- 
]7aec jeapa lu. 
jhpep cjiaepte. 
mib jiebbinjum. 
juman opt ppecan* 
pincap jiaebpaejte- 
cu);on jiihc ppjiecan- 
}>aet a ppicjenbe- 
pjia cynnej'. 
^ pecjenbe. 
peajio-jiuna jeppon. 
a jemynbje* 
maepc monna pipcon • 
poj\]7on pcyle apcian. 
pe]?e on elne leopa^. 
beop-hybij mon- 
byjelpa jej-ceapta- 
bepjiican in jepicce. 
poj\b-hojibep cpeept* 
paejtnian pepiS-pepan. 
]7encan popiS ceala- 
ne pceal )?aep aj^jieocan' 

through doom of God may bring 

wonders many 

to the tribes of men. 

There is to each of these 

a sign intelligent 

to him, who, through wisdom, 

can the world all 

in mind embrace, 

an inquiring man, 

what of yore, 

by art of song, 

with their lays, 

men oft related, 

sagacious persons ; 

they could rightly speak, 

so that ever inquiring, 

of the race of men, 

and saying, 

of the web of mysteries 

ever mindful, 

most of all men they knew j 

therefore shall ask 

he who nobly lives, 

the meditative man, 

of the mysterious creations, 

write down in his intellect 

the word- hoard's craft, 

fix it in his mind, 

think on justly ; 

it therefore should not irk 

]. The want both of connexion in the sense and of alliteration proves that 
some lines are wanting in this place. 

18. This line is in connexion with 1. 22. 27. MS. bepptten. 



Jjejn mobijne. 

^ he piplice. 

pojiulb j-'ul-jonje. 

leojina pay lape • 

ic ]>e lunjjie j'ceal. 

meotuhep maejen-j'peb. 

mapan jepecjan. 

J?on J?u hyje cpaejicij- 

in hjie)?pe niaeje. 

mobe jejpipan. lo 

ij' pm nieahc poji Yfi]>' 

nip ^ monnej* jemec- 


]>aet he maeje in hpej?pe. 

hip heah jepeopc- 

pup^op ajpypjen. 

]7on him ppea pylle^ 

Co onpecanne. 

jobep ajen bibob- [93 a.] 

ac pe pculon ]7oncian> 20 

J?eobne maepum. 

apa CO ealbpe. 

J)aep j?e up pe eca cyninj. 

on jaej'ce phce- 

popjiepan pille. 

f pe ea^e majon. 

upcunb pic^. 


jip uj- on pep^e jeneah^ 

■;] pe pilla^ healban. 30 

heopon-cyninjep bibob. 

jehyp nu ]?ip hepe-j-pel- 

•;) )?inne hyje jepaepcna- 

hpaec ppym]?e jepcop. 

paebep aehnihcij. 

heah hopbej- peapb. 

an energetic man, 

that he wisely 

the world perfect. 

Learn this lore : 

I shall to thee forthwith 

the Creator's power 

vast relate, 

then thou, of mind sagacious, 

in thi/ breast it may, 

in thi/ mind, grasp, 

if thy power be very great. 

It is not of man's limit, 

of those moving on earth, 

that in mind he may 

His lofty work 

further investigate, 

than the Lord enables him 

to understand, 

God's own command j 

but we have to thank 

the great Lord, 

to all eternity, 

that us th' et*rnal King 

on our soul perception 

will bestow, 

that we may easily 

to the realm on high 


if in our soul we be not wanting, 

and we will keep 

heaven's King's behest. 

Hear now this noble lay, 

and thy mind confirm : 

Lo ! at the beginning form'd 

the Almighty Father, 

the high Treasure- Ward, 



heojron ^ eoji^an. 
j-aej' fibne jjiunb- 
fpeocule jej'ceapce. 
}7a nu in ]?am J?jieam. 
)?ujih J^eobnej- honb- 
heaj? ^ hebba]?. 
j>one haljan blaeb. 
j:o]i)7on ealfpa teofanabe. 
fe]7e ceala cu|7e« 
aejhpylc pi)> o]?jiu. 
pceolbon eal bejian. 
pti)?e pfcepi-byjib. 
j-pa him pe j-ceojia bibeab. 
mippenlice jemecu- 
jjujih ]>a. miclan jemynb. 
ppa hi to populbe. 
phfce pojij7-bejia'S. 
bpyhcnep bujujje. 
^ hip baeba ]7py. 
hxenbe lop- 
m J^a Ionian tib. 
pjiemma]? paepchce- 
ppiean ece popib- 
in |7am pjium-ptole- 
]>e him pjiea pecce. 
hlutcop heoponep peapb. 
healba^ jeopne- 
mejie jemaejie. 
meahc pop^-cih^. 
heopon-conbelle . 
'J holmap mib- 
laj>a^ ^ laebejj. 
hpep ajenb. 
in hip anep pae]?m. 
ealle jepceapta. 
4. this world? 

heaven and earth, 

the sea's wide abyss, 

the visible creation, 

'which now in those afflictions, 

through the Lord's hand, 

raise and lift 

the holy fruit ; 

for so hath associated 

he who well could 
10 each with other ; 

thei/ should all bear 

the firm behest, 

as them the Director bade, 

their various modes, 

through the great mind : 

so they to the world 

beauty bring forth, 

through the Lord's goodness, 

and his deeds' grandeur, 
20 bright praise, 

in long time ; 

thei/ execute steadfastly 

the Lord's eternal word, 

in that pristine seat, 

which the Lord for them placed. 

Heaven's bright Guardian 

holdeth carefully 

the boundary of ocean, 

his might draweth forth 
30 heaven's candle, 

and with it the seas 

calleth and leadeth 

the Lord of life ; 

into his single clasp 

all creatures j 
7. MS. halje. 20. r. lixenbne. 


fpa him pibe yejih- 

pulboji j'tonbej?. 

ealjia bemena. 

]>am jebepej'Can. 

]>e uj- ]7ij- hp jepcop. 

■;) )?ip leohce beojihfc. 

cyrae^ mojijna jehpa. 

opeji inipt-hleo]7u. 

paban opeji paejaj^- 

punbjiu jejieppeb. lo 

■] mib aeji-baeje. 

eapcan pnopeS. 

phtij •] pynpum^ 

pena cneopippu- 

lipjenbjia jehpam. [93 5.] 

leohc poji^-bepe^. 

bjionba beophcojc 

■;) hip bjiucan mot^ 

aejhpylc on eop]7an- 

J^e him eajna jepih^- 20 

pijopa po^ cyninj. 

j-yllan polbe- 

jepiteiS }?on mib J?y pulbpe- 

on pepc jiobop. 

poji^ maepe cunjol. 

papan on heape. 

o)?]78efc on aepenne. 

* * uc 

jappecjep jpunbaj- paej?e^. 

^lom o|7ep cij'S. 30 

niht aeptep cyme^- 

healbe^ nyb-bibob. 

haljan bpyhcnej-. 

so through all time his 

glory standeth, 

of all judges 

the most benevolent, 

who for us this life created. 

And this light brightness 

Cometh each morn, 

over the misty hills, 

wading o'er the waves, 

wonderously appointed, 

and with early dawn, 

from the east cometh, 

fair and winsome, 

to the tribes of men ; 

to each one living 

beareth forth light, 

brightest of brands ! 

and it may enjoy 

each one on earth, 

to whom eyesight 

the just King of triumphs 

would give. 

Departs then with its glory, 

into the western sky, 

forth the great star, 

in a body going, 

until at eve 

* # * 

the depths of ocean traverses. 
Gloom calleth other; 
night after cometh, 
holdeth the mandate 
of the holy Lord. 

12. r. j-neopetf. 16. MS. jrojitSbiejieS. 

28. Here is evidently something wanting, though the MS. has no hiatus. 



heo}:on-tojiht; fpejl- 

j'ciji jej-cynbe^. 

in jej'ceajic ^obej-. 

unbeji }:olban f:ae]7m. 

j:apenbe cunjoL 

j:oj\j7on nsenij pipa. 

]7aej" fjiob leojia^ • 

)>aec hi J' maeje ae-fpjimje. 

J)ujih hif sejne j'peb pice^. 

hu jeonb jjiunb paejie^. lo 

jolb-tophc j'unne- 

m ]>ddt ponne jenip. 

unbep paetjia ^ej^pinj. 

o]f]>e hpa ]>XY leohcep. 


bpucan mote- 

fi]?)?an heo opeji bjiim hpeojipe^. 

pop]7on ppa teopenebe" 

je})e teala cuj^e. 

baej pi]? nihce- 20 

beop pi^ hean. 

lypc pi^ laju-ptpeam • 

lonb pi]? paeje. 

plob pi^ plobe. 

pipe pi^ yj^um- 

ne pacia^ J?a]- jepeopc- 

ac he pel healbe'S- 

ptonbe^ pCitilice. 

bej'fcpyjjeb paejte. 

miclum meahc-locum. 30 

m }>am maejen-j^pym- 

mib ]?ain py ahepeb • 

heopon ^ eop)7e. 

beo^ ]7on eabje- 

|ja ]7aep in-punia^- 

1. r. fijel. 9. 

7%e heaven-bright sun, 

clear, hasteneth, 

by God's decree, 

under earth's bosom, 

a journeying star ; 

for no mortal 

so wise liveth, 

that may its source, 

through his own power know, 

how over earth rideth 

the gold-bright sun, 

into that dusk obscurity, 

under the throng of waters, 

or who that light, 

what habitants of earth, 

may enjoy, 

when he o'er ocean goeth ; 

for so hath associated 

he who well could, 

day with night, 

deep with low, 

air with water-stream, 

land with wave, 

flood with flood, 

fish with billows. 

These works impair not, 

but are well sustain 'd, 

stand stoutly, 

firmly erected, 

by vast powerful defences, 

in that grandeur, 

with which is rais'd 

heaven and earth : 

thei/ shall be happy then, 

who there inhabit. 

pitan? 27. hi? 



hyhtbc ly |?aet heop^-pepub. 

]>sst If hejija maej'C 

eabijjia unjiim. 

enjla j^peataf. 

hy jejeo^ j-yrale. 

hyjia rylfjia cynmj. 

eajum onplica^. 

habbaS aejhpaef jenoh. 

nif hira pihce pon. [94 «.] 


J^am ]7e pulbjiep cynmj- 

jepeo); m j-pe^le- 

him ip pymbel ^ bpeam • 

ece unhpylen- 

eabjum co ppoppe- 

pojij^on pcyle mon jehycjan* 

]7aec he meocube hype- 

aejhpylc aelba beapna- 

jioplaece ible lupcap. 

laene bpej- pynne- 

punbije him co hppa bbpje. 20 

poplaece * * 

hece-nij?a jehpone. 

j-ijan mib jynna jiypimm • 

fepe him co ]?am pelpan pice :• 

Joyful is that earthly company, 

that of hosts is greatest, 

blessed unnumber'd, 

bands of angels : 

they see ever 

their own King, 

with eyes behold him, 

have of each thing abundance, 

nought to them is lacking, 

to those who glory's King 

see in heaven ; 

their's is feast and joy, 

ever, eternal, 

in solace to the bless'd ; 

therefore ought man to strive 

his Creator to obey, 

every child of men 

to forsake vain lusts, 

fading joys of life, 

strive for the bliss of grace, 

lay aside * * 

every malignant enmity, 

decline from sinful crimes, 

go to the better realm. 


Me lipep onlah. 
pe ]?ip leohc onppah. 
^ f cophce jeceoh. 
cillice onppah • 
jlaeb paej' ic jlipum. 

jlenjeb hipum- 
bhjja bleoum. 
blopcma hipum. 
Secjap mec pejon. 
pymbel ne alejon- 

1. MS. eojife'. 

21. A word or two apparently wanting. 



jreojth-jiefe jejrejon. 
pjiaefcpeb-paejum • 
pic opeji ponjum. 
pennan jonjum- 
lijye mib lonjuni- 
leoma jetonjum. 
]>a. paep pgepcmum apeahc 
pojilh onj'pjiehc. 
unbeji pobejiu apeahc- 
paeb maejne opeji-J^eahc 
jiej'Cap jenjbon. 
jejij'cype menjbon* 
hpj'e lenjbon. 
lujCum jlenjbon. 
j'C]ai}:en pcjiab jlab. 
J)ujih jej'cab mbpab. 
paep on laju-pcpeame lab. 
Jjfep me leo]?u ne bi-jlab- 
haejrbe ic heanne hab- 
ne paep me m healle jab- 
|;aefc ]>bs]i pop popb pab- 
opt J^aep pmc jebab. 
^ he m pele j'seje. 
J^ejnu jej^yhte. 
]7enben paej- ic maejen. 
hoppce mec hepebon- 
hilbe jenepebon- 
jiaejpe pepebon. 
peonbon bipepebon. 
j'pa mec hyhc-pepu heolb. 
hyje bpyhc bepeolb. 
]'t;a]7ol aehcum ptealb. 

pcepe-j^onjum peolb. 

ppylce eop]7e ol- 

ahce ic ealbop-jtoL 

jalbop-popbum jol- 

jomel pibbe ne op oil. 

ac paep jepejc jeap. 

jellenbe pnep. 40 

punienbo paep. 

pil-bec bepcaep. 
10 j'cealcaj- paepon j'ceappe. 

pcyl paep heappe. 

hlube hlynebe. 

hleo)7op bynebe. 

ppejl-p^b ppinpabe» 

j^pil^e ne mmj'abe. 

bupj-pele beopobe. 

beophc hlipabe. 49 

ellen eacnabe. 

eab beacnabe. 
so ppeaum ppobabe. 

ppomum jobabe. 

mob maejnabe. 

mine paajnabe- 

tpeop celjabe- 

cip peljabe. 

blaeb blij'j*abe. 

jolb jeappabe. fe» 

51m hpeajipabe. 
30 pmc peappabe. 
[94Z>.]pib neappabe. 

Fpom ic paej' in ppaetpiv 
fpeolic m jeacpum. 

1 2. Apparently acoutraction of jeyejij-cype, for the sake of rhythm and alliteration. 
26. msejen seems to be the first word of a compomid, possibly msB3en"-J7yhtij. 
65. MS. m in. 

2 A 



paef mm bjiea bjiyhtlic* 
bfiohca^ hyhcliC' 
j:olhan ic fjieoj^obe^ 
j:olcu ic leo]7obe- 
lif paej- mm lonje- 
leobmn m-jemonje- 
cipu jeconje. 
ceala jehonje. 
nu mm hpe|7eji ij' hpeoh. 
heop p)?um jceoh« 
nyb-byj^um neah" 
jepice^ nihtej- m }:leah. 
j'e aeji m baeje paep bype. 
pcpijje^ nu beop peop. 
bponb-hopb jeblopen. 
bpeopCum in popjpopen. 
plyhcum co-plopen. 
plah !]• jeblopen. 
miclum m jemynbe^ 
mobep jecynbe. 
jpece^ unjpynbe. 
jpopn epen pynbe. 
bealo pup bypne^- 
biccpe co-ypne^. 
pepij pmne^i 
pib-ji^ onjmne^. 
pap ne pmnij?. 
popjum cmni^. 
blaeb hip blinni^. 
blippe linna^. 
li]Cu linne"5. 

lupcum ne cmne^. [95 «.] 

bpeamap ppa hep jebpeoj-a^S. 

bpihcj'cype jehpeoj'a^ • 

hp hep men pepleopa^- 

leahcpap ope 5eceopa"8. 

tpeop l^paj ij* CO tpaj. 

jeo uncpume jenaj. 

jreapum eacole mijj^ah. 

onb eal jTunb jenaj. 40 

10 ppa nu poplb penbe]?. 

pypbe j'enbe)?. 

anb hetep hence^. 

haele]?e jxynbe^. 

pen-cyn jepiccS. 

pael-jap j-hce^. 

plah mah phtej?. 

plan mon hpice^. 

bupj j'ojij bice^. 

balb alb J?pice}>. so 

20 ppaec paec ppiJ^alS- 

ppa)? a^ j'mice)>' 

pin jpynb jiba^- 

paecpa peapo jlibej>- 

jpom copn jpaepe}?. 

jpaepc hapa^. 

jeapo hpic pola)?. 

jumup-hac colaiS. 

polb-pela pealleiS. 

peonbj'cipe pealle^. 6o 

30 eop^-maejen ealba}?. 

ellen cola^- 

4. Probably an error for leojzofce. 10. Isl. skau, askew? 

12. Instead of fleam, for the sake of the rime? 

13. The rime requires toeoji, for which ^yjie is apparently a mistake. 
28. For cenS, to rime with pnnitJ? 29. For blintJ? 

45. Forpin-cyn? 48. for hj>ereb ? 



me ]7aet pyjib jepae}:. 

•3 ^ehpyjic jiopjeaj:. 

f ic 5]ioj:e jjias}:. 

;] )?aec jjiimme jpaep. 

j:lean plaej'ce ne maej. 

|?on }:lan hjieb bae^. 

nyb jpapum nimej?. 

pon j-eo neah becyme^. 

yeo me e^lef onjionn^ 

■] mee heji heajibep on c6nn« 10 

|7onne lic-homa lije^. 

lima pypm fpitej?. 

EC him pen ne jepije^. 

1 ]?a pipt ze]>y^e^. 

o|7|7aec beoj; )?a ban an. 

•;j aefc nyhj'tan nan- 
nej:ne pe neba tan. 

balapun hep jehlotene. 
lie bij? pe hhj-a abpopen- 
asji )>aet eabij jej^ence^. 
he hine J>e opcop ppence^- 
bypje^ him ^a bicpan pynne- 
hojaj? CO |>aepe becpan pynne 
jemon mop]?a hppe. 
hep j'lnbon milcpa bhj-j-e. 
hyhdice m heopona pice, 
ucon nu haljum jehce- 
]*cylbum bipcypebe. 
pcynban jenepebe. 
pommum bipepebe- 
pulbpe jenepebe. 
J^aep mon-cyn mofc. 
pop meotube poc 
j'o'Sne 50b jej'eon. 
^ aa in pibbe jepean 


[95 b.] 


Monje pmbon. 

Many there are 

jeonb mibban-jeapb. 

over mid-earth. 

unpimu cynn- 

numberless kinds, 

\>e pe ae)7elu ne majon- 

whose natures we may not 

pyhc apeccan. 

40 rightly recount, 

ne pim pican- 

nor number know; 

|?aep pibe jinb. 

so ample are. 

jeonb popl innan. 

throughout the world, 

43. r. pojxltoe. 

2 A 2 



fujla ^ beopa. 
polb-hjiepenbjia • 
pojinaj- pib-fceope. 
j'pa paecep bibuje^. 
J7ipne beophcan bojm. 
bpim jpymetenbe- 
pealc-y)ja ^ej-pinj. 
We bi pumum hypbon- 
ppsetlice jecynb. 
pilbpa pecjan • 
pipum ppea-maepne- 
peop-lonbum on- 
eapb peapbian- 
e^lej- neocan. 
aeptep bun-pcpaepum. 
ip )?aec beop panbhep. 
bi noman hacen> 
J?8ep ]>e nip^a. beapii' 
pij'paepte pepaj*. 
on jeppicum cyj^aii^ 
bi ]?am anj*fcapan. 
pe ip aethpam ppeonb. 
buju^a ej-tij. 
butan bpacan anum- 
J?am he in ealle Cib. 
•])ppa^ leopa]?. 
];uph yj:la jehpylc. 
]?e he jeaepnan maej. 
"Saet ip ppaechc beop. 
punbpum pcyne^ 
hipa jehpylcep. 
ppa haele^ pecjaS. 
jaej'C-halje juman. 
)?aecce loj-ephep. 

of birds and beasts, 


the wide-created multitudes, 

as the water encircles 

this bright expanse, 

the roaring ocean, 

the salt waves' swing. 

We have heard of a certain 

curious kind 
10 of wild beasts tell; 

to its comrades a great lord, 

in distant lands 


a home enjoying 

among the mountain-caves ; 

that beast is Panther 

call'd by name, 

from what the sons of mortals, 

sagacious men, 
20 in writings show 

touching that lonely creature, 

which is to each a friend, 

bounteous in benefits, 

save to the serpent only, 

to which he in all time 

hostile lives, 

by every evil 

that he can inflict. 

That is a curious beast, 
30 wonderously beautiful, 

of every hue, 

such men tell, 

persons of holy spirit, 

that Joseph's 

3. -j-ceapene? 

9. r. jecynbe. 

11. jiepum! 

18. MS. beapb. 




cunece paejie. 

telja jehpylcej'. 

bleom bjaejbenbe- 

|?ajia beojihcjia jehpylc- 

aejhpaef senlicpa- 

ojjjium lixce. 

bpyhca beapnu- 

ppa ]?aep beopep hip. 

blaec bjiijba jehpaej-. 

beojihfcjia ^ pcynpa- 

punbjium lixe^. 

^re pjiaetlicjia- 

aejhpylc oj^pum- 

aenlicpa jien • 

1 paejeppa. 

pjiaetpum bliceiS- 

pymle pellicpa- 

he hapa^ punbop jecynb 

milbe jemetpaejc. 

he ip mon|?paej\e. 

luppum ^ leoptael. [96 a.] 

nele laj^ej- pihc- 

senium jesepnan- 

bufcan ]?am accop-]'cea)?an • 

hip pypn jepUtan. 

}?e ic aep pope-j-aejbe. 

pymle pylle paejen- 

]?on pobbojx J'ljeS- 

aepcep ^a. jepeopbu- 

jiaej'Ce pece^ • 3( 

byjle ptope- 

unbep bun-pcpapum . 

^aej\ j-e j^eob-pija- 

|>peo nihca paec- 


tunic was, 

of every tinge, 

in colours varying, 

of which each more bright, 

each more exquisite, 

than other shone 

to the sons of men. 

Thus this beast's hue, 

pale, of every change, 

brighter and fairer, 

wonderously shines ; 

so that more curious 

than every other, 

yet more unique, 

and fairer j 

it exquisitely glistens, 

ever more excellent. 

He has a singular nature, 

mild, moderate ; 

he is gentle, 

kind and gracious ; 

he will not aught of harm 

to any perpetrate, 

save to th' envenom'd spoiler, 

his enemy of old, 

which, I before related, 

ever is in slaughter joyful. 

When he food tastes, 

after the repast 

he seeks for rest, 

a secret place 

among the mountain-caves ; 

there the noble creature 

a three nights' space 

23. MS. aejnum. 

33. MS. jjeotJ-pija. Lit. bellator publicHS. 



fpejieS on yye\:ote' 
j'laepe jebiej-gab. 
J>on ellen-po}:- 
]7pyme jepeljab. 
on l^one |?piibban baej. 
j-neome oj: jlaepe. 
fpej-hleoj^op cymeiS. 
poj^a pynjumaj'C 
J>ujih )?aej' pilbpej- mu'S- 
sej-'tep J?aepe ptepne. 
pfcenc uc-cymeS. 
op }?am ponj-j-cebe^ 
pynj'umpa j'team. 
ppectpa 'J ppij^pa. 
ppaecca jehpylcu- 
pypca blopcmum. 
■] pubu-blebum. 
eallum ae)>elicpa. 
eop]?an ppaecpa- 
]7on op ceaj'tpmn. 
■;) cyne-jtolum. 
3 op bupj-paluni. 
beopn-^peac monij. 
papa^ polb-pe^um. 
polca )7pyJ?um. 
opej'Cum jepyj'be- 
beop epne j^pa pomC' 
aepcep ]?aepe jcepne. 
on J?one pcenc papa^. 
Spa ij' bpyhcen job- 
bpeama paebenb. 


is in slumber dormant, 

with sleep o'ercome. 

When the bold animal 

rises up, 

gloriously endow'd, 

on the third day, 

suddenly from sleep, 

a sound comes, 

of voices sweetest, 

through the wild-beast's mouth j 

after the voice 

a7i odour comes out 

from the plain, 

a steam more grateful, 

sweeter and stronger 

than every perfume, 

than blooms of plants, 

and forest leaves, 

nobler than all 

earth's ornaments. 

When from cities, 

and royal seats, 

and from castle-halls, 

many a band of nobles, 

on earth's ways journey, 

in bands of people, 

legionary troops, 

hurried with utmost haste, 


just so this beast, 

after the voice, 

in that odour goes. 

So is the Lord God, 

Prince of joys. 

1. MS. jpifeS. 2. MS. jebiej-jaC. 5. MS. jepeljaS. 10. for jiltoeojiej- ? 



eallu ea^mebuiii. 

o)7jium jei'ceaptum. 

buju^a jehpylcpe. 

butan bjiacan anum. 

SLttjxey opb-}:puman. 

|?aec 1]' j-e ealba peonb- 

|?one he jej-aelbe. 

m fupla 3jiunb. 

^ jepetjiabe. 

pyjinum Ceajiim. lo 

bi|?eaht;e ]?pea-nybura. 

3 l^y l^pi^^an baeje- 

oj: bijle ajiaj'. 

J^aep )7e he beaiS pojie uj'. 

J^jieo niht J?olabe. 

]7eoben enjla. 

j'ljopa pellenb. 

]fset paef ppece-ptenc- [96 Z».] 

phtij ■;} pynpum- 

jeonb populb ealle. 20 

pi|7j7an Co ]7am ppaecce. 

po^paspte men. 

on healpa jehpone. 

heapum J^jiunjon- 

jeonb ealne ymb-hpyppc 

eoji]7an pceacan. 

ppa pe j-nofccpa jecpae^. 

8cs paulup- 

monijpealbe pinb. 

jeonb mibban-jeapb* 30 

50b unjnybe. 

]>e up CO pepe basle^. 

^ CO peoph-nepe. 

paebep aelmihcij- 

with all kindness 

to other creatures, 

to every thing of virtue, 

save to the serpent only, 

the origin of venom, 

that is the ancient fiend, 

vrhom he bound 

in th' abyss of torments, 

and fetter'd 

vi'ith fiery shackles, 

o'erwhelm'd by dire constraints, 

and the third day 

from darkness rose, 

after that he death for us 

three nights had suffer'd, 

the Lord of angels. 

Giver of victories. 

That was a sweet odour, 

beauteous and pleasant, 

through the world all, 

when to that fragrance, 

upright men, 

on every side, 

throng'd in bodies, 

o'er all the circuit 

of earth's region. 

As the sage said. 

Saint Paul. 

Manifold are, 

over mid-earth, 

goods abundant, 

which to us in gift distributes, 

and for life's preservation, 

the Almighty Father, 

21. MS. j-picce. 

29. MS. moinj jealtoe. 

81. unjne^e? 



■J j-e anja hyht. 
ealpa jej'ceajica* 
uppe je ni|7pe. 
J^aefc 1]^ aepele jfcenc :• 

and the only Hope 

of all creatures, 

both high and low : — 

That is a noble fi*agrance. 


Nu ic fitce jen- 

ymb pjca cynn. 

pille po^cji8e}.-te. 

popbum cy|?an. 

J>uph mob-jemynb- 

b] )7am miclan hpale- 

pe biiS unpillu. 

opt jemeceb. 

ppecne ^ pep^-jpmi- 


n]|?J>a jehpylcum- 

]7am ip noma cenneb- 

pypn-j'Cpeama jeplofcan • 


ip )?8ep hip jelic. 

hpeopum jrane. 

j-pylce popie. 

bi paebep oppe. 

ponb-beopjum ymb-jealb. 

pse-pypica maejc- 

j'pa J?aec pena]?- 


J?8ec hy on ealonb jiini- 

eajum pliten. 

14. Lit. to those sporting on the hillows.- 
24. Lit. arundinetorum marinorum maximum 

Now again I sing 

about the fishes' kind ; 

I will in poetry, 

by words, make known, 

through the understanding, 

concerning the great Whale, 

which is unwillingly 

often met, 

cruel and fierce 

to seafarers ; 

to every mortal, 

to which the name is given, 

to the ocean-floater, 


Like is its aspect 

to a rough stone, 

it, as it were, roves 

by the sea- shore, 

by sand-hills surrounded, 

of sea- aits greatest : 

so that imagine 


that on some island they 

gaze with their eyes, 

17. fip^en-? 



■3 J>on jehybaS' 
heah-ftejin-j'cipu • 
CO ]?am unlonbc' 
j-efclal? fae-meajiaj-. 
j'unbep .aec enbe- 
^ pon m |>aet ejlonb. 
ceolaj' ]Xonba^« 
bi jra|;e paejce- 
j'tpeame bipunben. 
]fon jepicia^- 
pjiecnep ne pena'S- 
on J>a ealonbe- 
aeleb pecca^- 
heah py|i aele^. 
haele)? beo]7 on pynnu. 
jiaepce jehpce. 
ydn jepele^. 
pacnep cpae}:ci5. 
^ him |7a };epenb on- 
j:aejre puma]?, 
pic peapbiaiS. 
pebjiej' on lujce- 
]7on pemninja- 
on pealcne psej* 
mib J7a iioJ>e. 
jajij-ecjep jaej'C 
jjiunb jepece^. 

and then fasten 

Me high-prow'd ships 

to that false land 

with anchor-ropes, 

settle their sea-horses 

at the sea*s end, 

and then on to that island 


bold of spirit : 

10 the vessels stand 
fast by the shore, 
by the stream encircled : 
then encamp, 
weary in mind, 
the seafarers, 
{thei/ of peril dream not) 
on that island j 
thei/ waken flame, 
a high fire kindle ; 

20 the men are joyful, 
the sad in spirit 
[97 «.] of rest desirous. 
When feels 
the skill'd in guile, 
that on him the voyagers 
firmly rest, 
habitation hold, 
in the weather exulting, 
then suddenly 

30 into the salt wave, 
with the bark, 
down goes 
the ocean's guest, 
seeks the abyss. 

1, jehy«aS? 

31. O. N. giic». 



■] J7on m bea^-j'ele. 
bpence bipaejre^. 
fcipu mib j'cealcu. 
Spa bi^ fcinna j?eap. 
beo]:la pipe- 
l^aec hi bpohcenbe. 
)?ujih byjine meahc. 
buju^e bej-pica^. 
■;) on Ceoj'u cyhta}?- 
Clip a baeba- 
pemalS on pillan. 
^ hy ppa)?e pecen. 
ppoppe CO peonbum. 
o]?|7aec by paejce iSaeji- 
aec )7am paep-lojan . 
pic jeceopa^. 
J)on l^aec ;^ecnape^. 
op cpic-j'uple- 
plah-peonb jemah* 
)7aecce pipa jehpylc- 
haelej^a cynnep^ 
on bip hpinje bij?. 
psej'Ce ^epejeb. 
he him peopj-bona- 
|;uph ph|>en peapo. 
pi))Jjan peop|?e^. 
ploncum "3 heanu. 
\>e hi]' piUan hep. 
pipenum ppemma^' 
mib )>am he paepinja. 
heolo]7-helme bij^eahc. 
belle pece^. 
joba jeapne. 
jpunbleapne pylm. 

and then, in the hall of death, 

to the flood commits 

ship with men. 

So is the way of phantoms, 

the guise of devils, 

that they by converse, 

through secret power, 

deceive the virtuous, 

and to prejudice excite 
10 of good deeds, 

thei7i corrupt at pleasure, 

so that they seek support, 

comfort, from fiends, 

till that they fast there 

with the deceiver 

their habitation choose. 

When that knows, 

from quick torment, 

the impious archer-fiend, 
20 that any man 

of human race 

is within his circle 

fast fixed, 

he to him a life-destroyer, 

through pernicious artifice, 

then becomes, 

to proud and humble, 

who his will here 

by sins promote, 
30 with whom he suddenly, 

with warrior-helm bedeck 'd, 

hell seeks, 

(from good cut off,) 

groundless fire. 

3. fCipS 

6. r. ^pohcIenbe. 



unbeji mij'C-jlome • 

j'pa j^e micla hpael- 

yepe bijence^. 


eoplaj' •;) y^-meapaj-. 

he hapa^ oj^jie jecynb- 

paecep-]7ij'a plonc* 

ppaeclicjian jten • 

}7on hme on holme- 

hunjop byj-ja^. 

■;) J^one ajlaecan- 

sefcep lyytep. 

Donne pe mepe-peapb- 

muiS oncyne^. 

pibe pelejiap- 

cyme^ pynj-um j'tenc. 

op hip mno];e. 

fte o}>pe ]?ujih }>one. 

pae-pij'ca cynn- 

bejpicen peop^aj?. 

ppimma^ punb-hpace- 

J?8eji pe ppeca pcenc* 

ut-jepita^ • 

hi yseji m-papa^. 

unpapie peojiube- [97 Z>.] 

opjjaec pe piba ceapl. 

jepylleb biiS- 

J>on paepinja- 

ymbe |?a hejae-hu|?e. 

hlemmeS co-jaebpe. 

jpimme joman- 

]-pa biJ7 jumena jehpam- 

pe]?e opcojc hij-. 




amid misty gloom. 

So the great whale 

that sinks 


men and ships. 

He has another property, 

the water-rager proud, 

yet more cunning : 

when him in the sea 

hunger afflicts, 

and the wretch 

lusts after food, 

then the ocean -ward 

his mouth opens, 

his wide lips, 

a pleasant odour comes 

from his inside, 

so that thereby other 

kinds of sea-fishes 

are deceiv'd ; 

eager they swim to 

where the sweet odour 

cometh out : 

they there enter 

in heedless shoal, 

till that the wide jaw 

is filled : 

then suddenly 

around the prey 

together crash 

the grim gums. 

So is to every man 

who oftenest 


5. Lit. wave-horses. 

21. Lit. alacres in mare. 



on J^aj' laenan cib. 

lij: bej'ceapa^' 

laece^ hme bej-pican. 

J?ujih yyetne ytenC' 

leapne pillan • 

jjaeC he bi]? leahcpu ):ah« 

piiS pulboji-cyninj. 

him pe apypjba onjean- 

aepfcep hin-pi|?e. 

helle oncyne^- 

}7anii )?e leajlice- 

licep pynne- 

opep pephc-jejieahc. 

ppemebon on unpaeb. 

Tpon je paecna. 

in ]?am paepcenne- 

jebpoht hapa'S. 

bealpej' cpaepcij. 

aec )?am ebpylme- 

]>a, \>e him oncleopia^. 

jylcum jehpobene. 

^ aep jeopne hip- 

in hipa hp-bajum- 

lapum hypbon. 

\fon he pa jpimman. 

joman bihlemme^- 

aepcep peoph-cpale. 

paepce co-jaebpe' 

helle hlin-bupu najon- 

hpyppfc ne ppice. 

uc-pij? aeppe. 

J)a l^aep in-cumaiS. 

])on ma ]>e ]>a. pipcap- 


in this transient time 

his life surveys, 

lets himself be deceiv'd 

through sweet odour, 

fallacious will : 

so that he is foul with crimes 

against the King of glory. 

To him the accursed one, 

after departure hence, 
10 hell shall open, 

who fallaciously 

the body's pleasure, 

over the soul's direction, 

in foolishness promoted. 

When the beguiler 

into that fastness 

hath brought, 

(in evil crafty) 

to that burning heat, 
20 those who to him cleave, 

with sins beset, 

and ere zealously, 

in their life-days, 

his doctrines obey'd, 

then he his grim 

gums dashes, 

after the death-pang, 

fast together. 

Hell's latticed doors have not 
30 return or escape, 

outlet ever, 

for those who enter, 

any more than the fishes, 

sporting in ocean. 


19. haec-jiylme ? 

32. J^a j-e jjaeji? 



oy. J^aef hpaelej- yen-^e- 
hpeojipan mocan- 
pojij^on ij' ealliiija. 

* * * 

bjiyhcna bjiyhcne- 
^ a beoflum piiSj-ace. 
pojabura ";) peojicum- 
f pe pulboji-cyninj. 
jepeon moCon- 
ucon a pibbe to him- 
on ]>&y hpilnan Cib. 
haelu pecan. 
]>dst pe mib ppa leopne. 
in lope moCan. 
to piban peojie. 
pulbjiep neotan :• 

from the whale's gripe 
can turn : 

therefore is wholly, 

* * * 

to the Lord of lords, 
and devils aye renounce, 
in words and works, 
that we the Glory-king 
may see. 

Let us ever peace with him, 
10 in this transitory time, 
salvation seek, 
that we with one so dear 
may in praise, 
to all eternity, 
glory enjoy. 

I^ypbe ic j-ecjan jen- 
bi pumum pujle. 


I have yet heard tell 
of a certain bird, 

* * Fssjep • 

)>aet popb l^e jecpaj^- 
pulbpep ealbop. 
m ppa hpylce tub- 

[98 a.] * * fair, 

20 the word that spake 
the Prince of glory : 
* In whatever tide, 

3. Here a line or more is wanting. 

18. Here the want of connexion, both in sense and grammatical construction, 
clearly shows that a leaf or more is wanting ; the latter part being merely the re- 
ligious application of wiiat has been related of the bird, if not the end of some 
other poem. 



j'pa je mib cjieope to me- 
on hyje hpeopjia^^ 
^ je hell-pijiena^ 
j'peapcjia jej-pica^- 
j"pa ic pymle co eop. 
mib pib-lupan- 
j'ona jecyjijie. 
pujih mil be mob. 
je beo^ me jij^j^an. 
cophce nji-eabje- 
calabe ^ pimbe' 
beophce 5ebpo|70]i. 
on beapna pcael. 
uton pe Jjyjeopnop. 
jobe oliccan. 
pipene peojan. 
p}iij?ep eapnian. 
buju^e CO bpyhcne- 
|>enben up baej jcme- 
}7get j-pa aej^elne- 
eajib pica cypt. 
m pulbpep plice. 
punian motan. Finit. 

that ye with faith to me 

turn in mind, 

and ye hell-crimes 

black eschew, 

so I ever to you, 

with kindred love, 

will forthwith turn, 

through mind benevolent. 

Ye shall be then by me 
10 illustrious, glorious, 

counted and reckon'd, 

bright brethren, 

in place of children/ 

Let us the more fervently 

God propitiate, 

hate crimes, 

merit peace, 

happiness with the Lord, 

while day shines for us ; 
20 that we so noble 

an abode, choice of dwellings, 

in glory's beauty 

may inhabit. 





J)ujiu l^aej'behopa^. 

haele|?a sejhpylc. 

f he hij' japle p^. 

]ylj:a bepicije. 

hu |?aet bi^ beoplic- 

J?oii j-e bea^ cyme^. 

aj'unbpalS J?a jibbe. 

J>a ]>e aep j-omub paejion. 

he ■;) japle. 

lonj biiS ]'i]>J?an . 

f pe jaepc nime^. 

sec jobe jylpum • 

j"pa pite ppa pulbop. 

]'pa him in pojiulbe aeji. 

epne ^ eopiiS-paec 

aeji jepojihce. 

8ceal pe jaejc cuman. 

5eh]?um hjiemij- 

pynile ymb jeopon nihc* 

paple pinban. 

]7one hc-homan. 

}7e heo aep lonje paej- 

|?pieo hunb pincjia. 

bucan aeji pyjice. 

ece bjiyhteii. 

aelmihcij job. 

enbe poplbe. 

This it least behoves 

every man, 

that he his soul's course 

himself have in heed. 

How awful it will be, 

when death comes, 

the kinship sunders, 

those that were ere together, 

body and soul. 

Long will it then be, 

ere the spirit takes, 

from God himself, 

or punishment or glory, 

as jpr him ere in the world, 

just that earth- vessel 

may have wrought. 

The ghost shall come, 

anxiously moaning, 

always after seven nights, 

the soul, to find 

the body, 

that ere it long had quicken 'd, 

for three hundred years ; 

save ere shall work 

the Lord eternal. 

Almighty God, 

an end of the world. 

23. That is, the soul shall come every seventh night during a period of three 
hundred years, unless, &c. 



cleopa^ ]?onne jpa ceajipil- 

calban peopbe^ 

j'pjiiceS jjiiralice- 

]'e ^aejt Co J?am bujTe- 

bjiu^uj^u bjieojija- 

CO hpon bpeahcej't ]>u me- 

eoji)?an pylnej-. 

eal jioppeopnaft- 

lamep jelicnep- 

lyC ]7U jej^ohcef fco hpon. 

]?injie paple pi^' 

pi]7)7an pujibe. 

pi);))an heo op lic-homan. 

laebeb pa?jie. 

hpaec pite ]>u me pepja. 

hpaec ]7U hupu pypma jipl- 

lyC jejjohtep. 

hu "piy ip lonj hibep- 

^ )?e J7uph enjel. 

upan op pobepuni' 

japle onpenbe- 

]?uph hi]- pylpep honb- 

meotub aehnihcij. 

op hip maejen-J^pymme. 

3 J?e \>a. jebohce. 

blobe ]?y haljan • 

■J )7u me ]?y heapban. 

hunjpe jebunbe. 

^ jehaepcnabepc. 

belle picu' 

eapbobe ic ]>e in innan. 

no ic ]7e op raeahce. 

plaejce bipon;5en. 

Then shall call so sad, 

with cold voice, 

shall sternly speak 

the spirit to that dust : 

* Gory dust ! 

why hast thou tortur'd me ? . 

foulness of earth ! 

thoti art all rotting, 

likeness of clay ! 
10 Little thou thoughtest whither 

thy soul's journey 

after would be, 

after it from its body 

were led. [curs'd ? 

Why dost thou torture me, ac- 

Yes ! thou only food of worms, 

little didst think 

how this is long hither, 

and thee, through his angel, 
20 from above, from heaven, 
• sent, a soul, 

through his own hand, 

the Lord Almighty, 

from his majesty, 

and thee then bought, 

with his holy blood ; 

and thou me with the hard 

hunger didst bind, 

and didst hold captive, 
30 with hell-torments. 

I within thee dwelt, 

I might not go from thee, 

with flesh invested. 

4. j-e add from Verc. MS. 5. hpgec bpuh 9u (ftjiuhSu) bjieop.eja. V". 

8. fop; ij-nab. V. 10. MS, jon., hpan. V. 11. J^inj for jiS. V. 

31. cajibo"r>e. V., Ex. omit. 32. ne meahte ic fe ojr-cuman. V. 



;3 me fijien-luj'Caj'- 

]?ine jej^jiunjon. 

f me |;uhce j:ul oft- 

)?aec paepe )>]iit:ij. 

I^uj-enb pmcpa. 

Co ]?mum bea^-baeje- 

hpaec ic uncpej- jebalep bab- 


nip nu pe en be co 50b. 

paejie J?u ]?e pijre plonc. 

•3 pinep paeb. 

j?jiympul ]>u nebepc 

3 ic op]?yjij'teb paej-. 

jobej* lic-homan. 

jaejtep bjiincej'. 

popJ?an \>u ne hojobejt. 

hep on lipe. 

}?enben ic ]>e m pojmlbe- 

punian pceolbe. 

)?aec ]>\i paepe )?uph plaej'C' 

■3 )7uph pipen-luptap. 

j-cponje jepcypeb. 

-} 3epta)>elab }>uph mec. 

•3 ic paep jaept on \>e- 

ppom ^obe penbeb. 

naeppe pu mec ppa heapbpa- 

helle pica- 

ne jenepebej'C 

|?uph Jjinpa neoba lujc [jcenca- 

j'cealc pu nu hpae]7pe mmpa ^e- 

pcome }>popian- 31 

on )>am miclan baeje- 


and me thy sinful lusts 


so that to me full oft it seem'd 

that it were thirty 

thousand winters 

to thy death-day. 

Yes ! our parting I awaited 

in tribulation; 

now is not the end too good. 

Wert thou in food luxurious, 

and with wine sated, 

in splendour thou didst need, 

and I was thirsty for 

God's body, 

spirit's drink ; 

for thou didst not bear in mind, 

here in life, 

while I thee, in the world, 

must inhabit, 

that thou wast through flesh, 

and through sinful lusts, 

strongly excited, 

and through me compos 'd ; 

and I was a spirit into thee 

sent from God. 

Never thou me from such hard 


wouldst have sav'd 

through thy needs' lust ; 

thou shalt, nath'less, for my hap- 

shame endure, [piness 

on that great day. 

16. MS. )>aep J»u ]>on hojobe : the reading of the text is from V. 
22. MS. jcponj ; V. jtpanje jej-rji) neb. 

26-30. naefjie Jume mib rpa heapbum* helle pitiim* ne yenepebejf Jujih )>in]ia 
nieba luj-f j-cealc tJu mmpa jej-ynta. V. 28. MS. jeajipobe. 

2 B 



)?on monna cynn- 

ye ancenba^ [99 a.] 

ealle jejaehjia'S. 

ne eajic |?u nu ]?on leojipe. 

naenju li}:5enbjia. 

menn to jemaeccan- 

ne mebeji ne paebep. 

ne naenjuni jej-ibbjia- 

J?on j'e J7?eapfca hpej;n« 

ji]?|7an ic ana oj: J^e- lo 


J?uph J>aef rylfej' honb- 

J7e ic aeji onj-enbeb paej-. 

ne majon |?ec nu heonan abon- 

hyjij'te ]?a peaban • 

ne jolb ne j'yl}:o]i. 

ne ]7inpa ^oba nan • 

ac hep fculon abiban. 

ban bipeaj:ob. 

berliten j'eonpum. 20 

^ J>ec |)in j-apl fceal. 

mmu unpiUan. 

ope jepecan. 

pemman mib pojibum. 

ppa ]?u pojihcejc co nie^ 

eajic J?u bumb "iJ beap. 

ne jinban |7ine bjieamap piht^ 

j'ceal ic Jje nihcep je-J^eah. 

nybe jepecan- 

pynnum jepajijab. 30 

"3 ept pona ppom ^e. 

hpeojipan on hon-cjieb. 

)7onn haleje menn. 

when the race of men 

the Only-begotten one 

all shall gather. 

Thou art not now dearer 

to any living, 

to owy one as mate, 

nor to mother nor to father, 

nor any of thi/ kindred, 

than the swart raven, 

after that I alone from thee 

pass'd out, 

through the same One's hand 

through which I was ere sent in. 

May not now take thee hence 

the red ornaments, 

nor gold nor silver, 

nor any of thy goods, 

but here shall abide 

the bones bereft, 

torn from the sinews ; 

and thee thy soul shiill, 

against my will, 

oft seek, 

insult with words, 

as thou hast wrought for me. 

Thou art dumb and deaf, 

thy joys are naught ; 

yet must I thee at night 

by compulsion visit, 

for thi/ sins afflicted, 

and again soon from thee 

depart at cock-crowing, 

when holy men 

7. MS. mebfeej\ ; V. meioeja. 
17. ne ))inj\e bjiybe beaj* ne ^in ^olftpela* ne nan ];ajia joba* >e fSn lu ahtejc. 

V. add. 



jobe li}.*5enbum. 

loji-j'onj boiS. 

jecan J?a hamaj-. 

|?e ]7u me aeji j'cjiipe. 

^ J>a ajileajan. 


3 )7ec j'culon molb-pypmaj' 

monije ceopan« 

j'eonopum bejiitan* 

j-peajiCe pihce. 

JiKPe :i SPaebje. 

ne pmbon ]?me aehta pihc. 

pa ]7u heji on molban- 

monnum eapbepc 

pojijjon pe paepe pelle. 

fpi]?e micle. 

}>on |7e paejian ealle. 

eopj?an ppebe. 

butan J>u hy jebaelbe. 

bjiyhcne pylfu- 

J^ap J?u pupbe aet j:punifcea}:ce 

o}?)?e ppc on pai. 
o]?])e eopj^an neat* 
aefcep tiolobe- 
peoh butan pnyttpo. 
je on peptenne. 
pilbpa beopa. 
^ jpimmejte. 

I^aep ppa job polbe. 3( 

je ]7eah J?u paepe pypm-cynna- 
psst pyppepte. 


to the living God 

chant their hymn, 

must seek the home 

which thou didst ere assign me, 

and the unhonour'd 

dwelling-place j 

and thee shall mould-worms 

many chew, 

from thy sinews tear, 

fiwart creatures, 

ravenous and greedy. 

Thy possessions are naught, 

which thou here on earth 

didst to men exhibit; 

therefore for thee Hwere better 

by very much, 

than to thee were all 

earth's riches, 

(unless thou hadst bestow'd them 

for the Lord himself) 

that thou wert at the beginning 

a bird, 
or a fish in sea ; 
or, a beast of earth, 
food had cultivated, 
traversing the field, 
a brute without understanding, 
yea, in the waste, 
of wild animals 
the fiercest, 

there, as God might will it ; 
yea, though thou wert of worm 
the worst, [kinds 

9._j-lican j-ajilice. V. 
2i. J>aec? though both MSS. have J>aejt. 

2 B 2 

12. MS. jeahjje. V. aehca. 



]fon pu aejijie on molban. [99 Z».] 

mon jepupbe. 

oJjJ>e aej:jxe pulpihce- 

onj:on jceolbe- 

J>on ]?u jroji unc bu- 

onbpyjiban jcealc 

on |;am miclan baeje. 

}7on eallum monnu beo^. 

punbe onpjiijene. 

J7a ]7e m pojiulbe sep. lo 

j:ipenj:ulle men. 

fyjin jepophton. 

J>on pile bjiyhcen jylf • 

baeba jehyjian. 

aec ealpa monna jehpam. 

mu]7ep fieojibe- 

punbe pi)?eji-lean. 

ac hpaet pile ]?u |?aep. 

on bom-baeje. 

bjiyhcne pecjan. 20 

pon ne bi^ naenij to J^aep lytel li^ 

on lime jepeaxen- 

^ J)u ne fcyle pop aejhpylc- 

anpa on punbpan. 

pyhc ajielban. 

]7onne pepe bi^. 

bpyhcen aec bo me. 

ac hpaefc bo pic unc. 

);on he unc hapaS. 

jeebbypbeb. 30 

o]7pe j'lj'e- 

pculon pic]7onne aec-ponine. 

p)?j7an bpucan- 

than that thou ever upon earth 
didst become man, 
or ever baptism 
should st receive, 
vehen thou for us both 
must answer 
on the great day, 
when to all men shall be 
the sins expos'd, 
which ere on earth 
wicked men 

wrought in former days : 
then will the Lord himself 
hear the deeds 
from all men soever, 
by voice of mouth 
sins requite. 

But what wilt thou there, 
on doomsday, 
to the Lord say, 
■when there shall be not any joint 

so little, 
growing on limb, 
for which thou shalt not, every 
one separately, 
just retribution pay, 
when shall be stern 
the Lord at judgment. 
But what shall we two do, 
when he hath us 
caused to be born again, 
« second time ? 
shall we then together 
afterwards partake 

9. Lit. wounds, i. e. j*yn-punba. 

17. -leaman? 



j'pylcjia yjim]?a. 

Yp'd ]>\i unc aep fcpijre. 

j:ijiena|? J7uj' f flaej-c-hopb. 

Sceal ]?on jrejian on pej. 

j'ecan helle jjiunb. 

n alej' heopon - bjieamaf • 

baebiim jebjiejieb- 

lije^ buj-fc l^aep hic paep. 

ne maej him "^ppajie. 

aenije pecjan. 

lie l^aep ebjiinje. 

senje jehacan- 

jaepce jeompum. 

jeoce o]>]>e pjiopjie- 

bi]? I^aec heapob cohliben. 

honba coleo)?obe. 

jeaplap cojmene. 

joman toplitene* 

peonpe beo^ apojeiie- 

ppeopa bicopen- 

jiib peapia^. 

pej?e pyjimap- 

bpuncaiS hlo)?um hjia. 

heolppep l^upptje. 

biiS peo cunje tocojen. 

on fcyn healpe- 

hunjjiutn Co hjioj^op. 

poji|7on heo ne raaej hopplice. 

popbu ppixlan* 

pi^ pone pepjan ^aepc- sc 

jipep hacce pe pypm. 

pam pa jeaplap beo"S. [100 a.] 

naeble pceapppan- 


of such miseries 
as thou to us hast ere assign'd, 
thus will the body sin ? ' 
Then shall it go its way, 
seek hell's abyss, 
not heaven's joys, 
with ita deeds oppress'd. 
The dust shall lie where it was, 
it may not to him answer 
any say, 
nor there return 
any promise 
to the sad spirit, 
aid or comfort. 
-The head shall be laid open, 
the hands disjointed, 
the jaws distended, 
the gums rent, 

the sinews shall be suck'd </ry, 
the neck gnaw'd, 
the ribs shall tear 
fierce worms, 

shall drink in swarms the carcase, 
thirsty for corruption ; 
the tongue shall be drawn asunder, 
into ten parts, 
to the hungry ones for food ; 
therefore it may not wisely 
in words converse 
with the accursed ghost. 
Gifer hight the worm, 
(whose jaws are 
than needle sharper) 

11, 12, ebjiyne aenijne? ITiey are not in V. 

16. MS. cohleojjotee. V. coli>obe. 
23. *j\inca«? 

20. Lit. chewed. 

31. jijrep, i. e. rapacious, greedy. 



aepeft; ealpa. 
on ]7am eop'S-jcpaej-'e. 
he ]7a Cunjan cofcyh^. 
■3 J>a Co|?af l^ujih-j-myh^. 
3 ]?a eajan )?ujih-eteS. 
upon on ^ heapob. 
■;) Co sec-pelan. 
o]7jiuni jejiyme^. 
pyjimum Co pijce. 
J?on bi}? ]?aec pepje. 
lie acolab. 
J7aec he lonje aep. 
pepebe mib paebum* 
bi^ j7on pypmej- pepl. 
aec on eop)>an. 
}>aec maej sejhpylcum. 
men Co jemynbum- 
mob-pnoCCeppa :• 

that sets to, 
first of all, 
in that earth-cavern : 
he the tongue tears asunder, 
and the teeth pierces, 
and the eyes eats through, 
up in the head, 
and as for a feast, 
clears the way for other 
10 worms* repast. 

Then shall be the accursed 
carcase cool'd, 
that he long of old 
protected with garments j 
then shall it be worm's meat, 
food in earth. 
That may be to every 
man as a memorial, 
of mind sagacious. 


Donne biiS hyhclicpe. 
)?aec pio hahje ]'apl. 
paepe^ Co ^a plaejce- 
pjioppe bepunben- 
biiS J>aec aepenbe^ 


(From the Vercelli MS.) 

20 Then it shall be more joyful, 
when the holy soul 
goes to the flesh, 
in comfort wrap'd : 
that errand shall be 

1. V. adds me after CO. 6. So V. ; MS. eaxan J)uphitetJ. 

6. 7. and 8. 9. In the MS. these lines are transposed. I have followed the 
order in V. 




}:unhen on jiejih^c 

mib jejiean j-eceiS- 

luj'tum ]>xt lam-j:aet. 

]?aet: hie aep lanje paej. 

Jjofi J?a jaj^tap. 

jobe popb ppjieca^. 

pnoccjie pijepaej'Ce. 

^ ]?up po^hce. 

|7one hc-homan. lo 

lupCum jpecae]?. 

Pine leopepta. 

ah ^e pyjimap gyt. 

PFpe jjieca]?. 

nu ip |?m jape cumen- 

paejpe jeppaetepob- 

op mmep paebep pice. 

ap.uin bepunben. 

eala ram bjiyhten. 

J?aeji ic ]?e mopte. 20 

mib me laeban. 

J?aet; pyc enjlap- 

ealle jepapon- 

heopona pulboji ppylc^ 

j'pa iSu me aeji heji pcjiipe. 

paej'tejt: ^u on polban. 

T ^epylbept me. 

jobep hc-homan. 

japcep bpyncep. 

paepe ^Su on paeble. 30 

pealbept me pilna jemhc 

pop^an "Su ne j^eappfc pceamian* 

]?on pceabene beo)?. 

4. Lit. the loam-vessel. 
18. MSS. eaputn. 


found in spirit. 

With joy shall it seek, 

with delight, the body, 

that it long before had animated. 

Then the spirits 

good words shall speak, 

wise, glorious 5 

and thus truly 

the body 

gladly shall greet : 

' Dearest friend ! 

the worms possess thee yet, 

greedy greet thee ; 

now is thy spirit come, 

fairly adorn 'd, 

from my Father's kingdom, 

with honours encircled. 

Ah, my lord ! 

that I might thee 

with me conduct, 

that we the angels 

all might see, 

heaven's glory such [vide : 

as thou for me here didst ere pro- 

thou didst fast on earth, 

and me didst fill 

with God's body, 

spirit's drink : 

thou wast in need, 

and gave me of desires fill j 

therefore thou needst not be 

when shall be parted 

7. MS. j-pj\ecatr. 
20. J>aer? 



J?a j'ynjiullan • 

^ ]f& fo^j:ae]'Can. 

on pam nisepan baeje* 

JjcBj' ^u me jeajie. 

ne "Se hpeopan |?eaji}:. 

heji on lij:e. 

eallef jpa myclej'- 

jpa ^u me pealbejt. 

on jemoc-jtebe. 

manna ";) enjla- 

by^bepc ^u ]>e j:op haele^um - 

3 ahoj:e me on ecne bpeam^ 

}:op]?an me a lanja)?- 

leopojt manna • 

on mmum luje heapbe. 

the sinful 

and the just, 

on the great day. 

For that thou gavest me 

it need not rue thee 

here in life, 

for all so much 

as thou me gavest, 

in the meeting-place 

of men and angels. 

Thou bowedst thyself before men, 

and rais'd me to joy eternal ; 

therefore it ever grieves me, 

dearest of men ! 

in my thought deeply, [flictions. 

Jjaep ]7e ic \>e on jjyjj'um hyn^u pac-that I know thee to be in these af- 

pypmu CO pipce. 

ac J>aiC polbe 50b. 

Jjaec }?u aepjie J>u]' la^hc- 

lejep-beb cupe- ao 

polbe ic J>e ^on pecjan • 

J?aec ^u ne popjobe- 

):op^an pyc beo^ jejaebepobe- 

sec 5obep bome. 

mocon pyc ]>onne aet-jomne^ 

j'yS]?an bpucan- 

■3 unc on heoponu. 

heah-J^unjene beon. 

ne )7upfon pyc beon ceapie* 

aec cyme bpyhcnej-. 30 

ne ]?8epe anbppape^ 

ypele habban* 

popje m pe'Spe. 

ac pyc pylpe ma^on. 

a repast for worms j 

but God hath will'd it, 

that thou ever thus loathly 

a bed of rest should choose. 

But I to thee would say, 

that thou shouldst not sorrow, 

for we shall be gather'd 

at God's doom ; 

we may then ourselves together 

afterwards enjoy, 

and in heaven 

be high-exalted. 

We need not be uneasy 

at the Lord's coming, 

nor, for our answer, 

evil have, 

care in mind ; 

but we may, 

6. i. e. the life eternal. 
25-27. mocon pyc fonne aetrfomne unc* jy8J>an bpucan* "j on hepjronum, &c. ? 



sec |?ain borne ]?aep. 
baebuni ajilpan. 
hpylce eajinunja. 
uncjie paepon. 
Pac ic ]>det J>u paepe- 
on pojiulb-pice. 
jel^unjen |?pymlice. 
j^yj'j'ej' * * 

* * * 

* * * 

at the doom there, 

in our deeds exult j 

such deserts 

ours have been ! 

I know that thou wast, 

in the world's kingdom, 

exalted nobly. 


Pelanb him be pupman. 
ppaecep cunnabe- lo 

anhybij eopl. 
eappo]>a bpeaj. 
haepbe him to je}i|7)7e. 
j'opje ^ lonja^. 
pincep-cealbe ppaece- 
pean opfc onj:onb. 
jip)7an hine ni^hab on. 
nebe lejbe- 
jponepe peono-benbe- 
onpyllan mon. 20 

Daep opepeobe. 

]7ippep ppa maej. 

ne paep hype bpo^pa beaiS* 
on pepan ppa pap. 

8. Here a leaf has been cut out. 
1 9. Lit. flexible ; Ger. schwank. 

Weland in himself the worm 
of exile prov'd, 
the firm-soul'd chief 
hardships endur'd, 
had for his company 
sorrow and weariness, 
winter- cold exile, 
affliction often suffer'd, 
when that on him Nithhad 
constraint had laid, 
with a tough sinew- band, 
th' unhappy man. 

That he surmounted, 

so may / this. 
To Beadohild 

her brothers' death was not 
in mind so painful 

9. MS. bepujiman. 



]'pa hype pylj:j\e j^mj. 
)?aec heo jeajiolice. 
onjiecen haepbe- 
^ heo eacen paej- • 
aepjie ne meahce- 
]7pij'te jej^encan- 
hu ymb f j'ceolbe. 

Dee J' opejieobe. 

|?i]jef fpa niaej. 
ye ]7aec mae^hilbe- 
monje jej-'jiujnon. 
pupbon ^punbleaje. 
jeacep ppi^e- 
^ hi peo popj-lupu. 
plaep ealle binom. 

Daep opepeobe. 

)>ippep ]'pa maej. 
Deobpic ahce. 
"SpiCij pintpa. 
maepinja bupj* 
^ paep monejum cu^. 

Daep opepeobe- 

]7ippep ppa mae^. 
Pe jeapcoban. 
pylpenne 5e]>ohfc« 
ahce pibe pole 
jotena picep. 
f paep spina cyninj. 
pset pecj monij. 
popjum jebunben • 
pean on penan* 
pypcce jeneahhe* 
^ )?aep cyne-picep. 


[100 A.] 


as her own mischance, 

when she for certain 

had discover'd 

that she was pregnant : 

never could she 

confidently think 

how as to that it could be. 

That she surmounted, 

so may / this. 
That of Maethhilde we 
many have heard : 
were unreasonable 
Geat's courtships, 
so that from him hapless love 
all sleep took. 

That he surmounted, 

so may / this. 
Theodric held, 
for thirty winters, 
that was to many known. 

That he surmounted, 

so may / this. 
We have heard tell of 
wolf-like soul j 

he possess'd the ample nations 
of the Goths* realm ; 
that was a fierce king. 
Sate many a warrior 
with sorrows bound, 
calamity in expectation ; 
wish'd enough, 
that of that kingdom 

2. >ai 

14. MS. hi. 

15. r. ealne. 



ofepcumen paejte. 
Daef opejieobe. 

Site^ fojxj-ceapij. 

jaelum bibaeleb. 

on fejran ppeojiceiS. 

pylpum J?mce^. 

^ ]'y enbeleaj'- 

eappo^a bael. 

maej ]7on jej^encan . 

^ jeonb l^ap populb- 

picij bpyhten. 

penbe^ jeneahhe- 

eople monejum- 

ape jej'ceapa'S- 

piplicne blaeb. 

puiiium peana bael- 

f ic bi me jylpum- 

pecjan pille. 

^ ic hpile paep. 

heo-benmja pcop • 

bpyhcne bype. 

me paep beop noma. 

ahte ic pela pintpa. 

polja^ tilne. 

holbne hlapopb- 

o|?]?aec heoppenba nu. 

leo^-cpseptij mon. 

lonb-pyhfc jej^ah. 

f me eopla hleo. 

aep jepealbe. 

Daep opepeobe- 
]7ijpep ppa maej :• 

there were an end. 

That he surmounted, 
so may /this. 

Sad-sorrowing he sits, 

of good bereft, 

in his soul it darkens, 

seems to himself 

that is endless 

the portion of afflictions, 
io Then may he think, 

that throughout this world 

the sagacious Lord 

alternates abundantly j 

to many a man 

he honour allots, 

assur'd prosperity ; 

to one a share of troubles : 

that I of myself 

will say, 
20 that I whilom was 

a scald of the ' Heo-Denings,* 

dear to my lord, 

my name was Deor j 

I had for many winters 

a good retainership, 

a kind lord, 

till that Heorrenda now, 

a man skill'd in song, 

the land-right receiv'd, 
30 which me the patron of men 

ere had given. 

That /surmounted, 
so may /this. 



Leobum if mmura^ 

]-pylce him mon lac ^ij-'c 

piUa^ hy hme al^ecjan. 

ji): he on }?jieac cyme^- 

unjehc ij' uj-. 

pulj: ij' on leje- 

ic on oj^ejijie. 

jraej-fc ij- J^aec ejlonb. 

penne bipoppen. 

j'lnbon pael-peope. 

pepap )>aep on ije. 

pilla^ hy hine aj^ecjan. 

jip he on Jjjieac cyme^. 


ip up pulpep. 

ic mine]' piblajtum- 

penum bojobe- 

}>on hic paep penij pebeji. 


3 ic peo fcuju paec. 
]?on mec pe beabu-capa 
bojum bilejbe. 
paep me pyn Co }?on. 
paep me hpaej^pe eac laiS 
pulp mm pulp* 
pena me )?ine. 
peoce jebybon. 
J7ine pelb-cymap. 
niupnenbe mob- 
nalep mece lijt;e' 
jehyjiejt Jju eab pacep. 
uncepne eapne hpelp. 
bipe^ pulp Co puba. 
)?aec mon eaj^e cojhceiS. 
]>aecce naeppe jepomnab paej 
uncep jiebb jeabop :• 


[101 a.} 

J^pylc ip haele];a j^aej- hopj'c. 
1 J'aep hyje-cpaepci^. 
^ ]7aec maeje apecjan. 
hpa mec on pi^ ppaece- 
J>on ic aj'Cije pcponj. 
pCunbu pe]>e. 
Jjpympul ]mnie- 


What man is so sagacious, 
and of mind so cunning, 
that that may say, 
who me on journey sends, 
40 when I mount strong, 
sometimes fierce, 
proud, /thunder. 



Jjjiajum pjiaece. 
jiejie jeonb folban. 
}:olc-j-alo baejine. 
paeceb peapje. 
pecaj' fCija^. 
hafpe oj:eji hjxopu. 
him bi^ on eojij^an. 
pael-cpealm pepa. 
]?on ic pubu hpejie. 
beappap bleb-hpace- 
beamap pylle. 
holme jehpepeb. 
heanu meahcum. 
ppecaii on paj?e. 
pibe penbeb- 
haebbe me on hpycje. 
f aep habap ppeah. 
plaepc '3 jaepcap* 
pomob on punbe. 
paja hpa mec J?ecce. 
o]>^e hu ic hatte. 
\>e ]>e hlaept bepe :• 

at times wander, 

travel over earth, 

public structures burn, 

houses rob j 

the smoke mounts 

dusky o'er the roofs ; 

din is on earth, 

the death-pang of men. 

Then I shake the wood, 

the leafy groves, 

fell the trees, 

with water cover'd, 

by my high powers, 

exiles wandering 

send afar. 

/ have on my back 

that which ere ^Ae persons cover'd 

of earth's inhabitants, 

flesh and spirits, 

together safely. 

Say who covers me, 

or how I am call'd 

who bear the load. 


J^pilum ic jepite- 
]"pa ne pena]? men. 
unbep y]?a jej^paec^ 
eoppan pecan • 
japj-ec^ej' jpunb. 
ppen bi]? jeppe^eb. 

Sometimes I go, 
as men think not, 
under the rush of waves, 
seeking the earth, 
the ocean's ground. 
The sea is impel'd. 

15. j-enbe5 

29. r. jeojron. 



ji^m jepealcen- 
hpael-mejie hlimme^- 
hlube jjiimmeS. 
j-cpeamaj' ]'ta]?u beaca^- 
ffcunbum peoppa]?. 
on pcealc hleoj^a* 
ptane •;] ponbe. 
pape ^ paeje. 
|>on ic pinnenbe- 
holm-moBjne bi)?eaht. 
hpupan pcypje. 
pibe pae-jpunbap* 
punb-helrae ne maej. 
loj'ian aep mec laece- 
pe ]>e mm latceop biS. 
on pi]7a jehpam. 
j-aja ]7oncol mon- 
hpa mec bpejbe. 
op bpimep pae]?mum. 
J>on ptpeamap ept. 
j'CiUe peop]?a^. 
y)?a jejjpaepe. 
)?e mec aep ppujon :• 


foam roU'd ; 

the whale-mere resounds, 

loud rages, 

streams beat the shores, 

sometimes dash, 

on the * cliflFs, 

with stone and sand, 

weed and wave : 

then I labouring, 

with the watery main cover'd, 

the earth stir up, 

the wide sea-grounds. [not 

From the watery covering I may 

escape, ere me dismiss 

he who my guide is 

in every course. 

Say, man of thought ! 

who me drew 

from ocean's bosom, 

when the streams again 

were still, 

the waves at rest, 

which me ere cover'd ? 


)>pilum mec mm ppea- [101 b,} Sometimes me my master 

paepte jeneappa'S. fast constrains, 

penbeb ]7on. then sends, 

unbep pael-ponje. amid the pleasant plain, 

beapm bpaban. mi/ broad bosom, 

"3 on bib ppiceiS. and on a bed drives ;«e. 

23. MS. j:nu30n. 

27. MS. ral. 

29. beb? MS. onbiio. 



l^jiafaiS on J^yfCjiu. 
J?pymma j*umne. 
haefcj-c on enje. 
J?aeji me heojib pce^. 
hpuj-e on hjiycje- 
nah ic hpyjij:t; pejej*. 
oj: |?ani ajlace. 
ac ic eJ;el-ftol. 
haele]7a hjiejie. 
hojin-j-alu pajia^. 
pepa pic-pfcebe. 
peallaj' beopia^. 
fceape opeji jti-pitum- 
j'tille |?ynce^. 
lyfC opeji lonbe. 

o]?)78et ic op enje. 
epne ppa mec pipa]?. 
pe mec pjiaebe on. 
aet ppumpceapce- 
puji]7um lejbe. 
benbe ^ clomme. 
f ic onbujan ne moc. 
op j?aep jepealbe. 
J>e me pejap caecne^. 
hpilum ic pceal upan- 
y]7a ppejan. 
[pCjieamaj-] jrypjan. 
3 to ptaj^e |?ypan. 
plmt-jpaejne plob. 
pamij pmnelS. 
paej PI'S pealle. 
ponn ajiipeiS- 

urges on in darkness 

some affliction, 

hunts me into durance ; 

there hard sits 

the earth on my back. 

I have no return of way 

from that misery ; 

but I the habitation 

of men disturb, 
10 the pinnacled halls shake, 

men's dwelling-places, 

the walls tremble, 

steep o'er the pathways ; 

still seems 

the air o'er the land, 

and the water silent, 

till that I from durance 

rush up, 

just as me directs 
20 he who a binding on me, 

at the beginning, 

first laid, 

with band and chain, 

that I may not deviate 

from the control of him, 

who to me points the ways. 

Sometimes I shall from above 

the billows drive, 

stir up the streams, 
30 and to the shore impel 

the flint-gray flood. 

Foamy strives 

wave against wall, 

dusk rises 

4. r. heapb. 7. MS. ajlaca. 

29. j^tfieamaj" supplied from conjecture. 

9. MS. hjiejia. 
so. )^yp&n, agere ? 



bun ojreji bype- 

hyjie beojic on laft- 

eajie ^eblonben. 

o]?ep fejie^' 

J^aet hy jeraicta^^ 

meajic-lonbe neah^ 

hea hlincaj'. 

)7aeji bi^ hlub pubu* 

bjiim-pej-ta bjieahtm. 

biba^ j-cille. 

jtealc j'Can-hleo)?u. 



)jon heah jel^pmj. 

on cleojni cpybe}?. 

|?aep bi^ ceole pen- 

pli)?pe paecce* 

pp hme pae bype^- 

on }?a jpunman cib. 

jaejta pulne« 

J>aec he pcyle pice- 

bipopen peop)>an. 

peope bipohten. 

paemij piban- 

y]?a hpycjum. 

)?aep bi^ ejj'a pum- 

aelbum jeypeb* 

)japa ]>e ic hyjian pceal. 

pcponj on pci^-pej. 

hpa jejrilleS ]>Bet' 

hpilum ic Jmph-paej*e. 

■p me on baece pibe^« 

pon paej-pacu- 

pibe coj^pinje. [102 «.] 



mountain o'er deep ; 

dark on its track, 

in ocean, 

another goes, 

so that they meet, 

the land's limit near, 

the high shores. 

There the wood is loud, 

the ocean-guests' noise ; 

still remain 

the rocky cliffs 

from the watery strife, 

the crew's outcry. 

When the towering mass 

on the cliffs presses, 

there shall be hope for the vessel, 

in the fierce contest, 

if it the sea shall bear, 

at that terrific time, 

of guests full, 

so that it shall forthwith 

be borne away, 

though vitally assail'd, 

7/et foamy ride 

on the waves' backs. 

There shall be some terror 

to men display' d, 

whom I shall hear, 

strong on the rugged way : 

who shall still that ? 

Sometimes I rush through, 

so that behind me rides 

the dark wave-vessel j 

widely I press on, 

1. i. e. mountain- wave. 

8. pubu = j'unb-|)Ubu, ship ? 

3. eap-3eblonbe ? 5. ^emecaS? 

21. jiicene? 



laju-j'tjieama jiull- 
hpilum laece ej:c. 
jlupan to-j'omne. 
je bi^ T?^Z^ maej'C. 
bjieahcma ofeji bujijum. 
^ jebjieca hlubaj-t- 
pon j-ceajip cyme^- 
fceo pi|> o|7jiuin« 

eajipan ^epceapce. 
puj- opep polcu. 
pype ppaeca^. 
blacan hje* 
"D jebpecu pepa^- 
beopc opep bpeonCum- 
jebyne micle- 
papa^ peohcenbe. 
peallan laeca^. 
j'peapc pumpenbu. 
j'eap op bopme. 
paecan op pombe. 
pinnenbe pape^. 
atol eopeb-]7peaC' 
ejpa aj'Cije'S. 
micel mob-]?pea. 
monna cynne- 
bpojan on bupjum- 
]?on blace pcotialS* 
pcpi]?enbe pcin. 
pceappum paepnum- 
bol him ne onbpaebe^' 
"Sa bea^-ppepu. 
ppylte^ hpaelj'pe. 
jip hini poiS meocub. 

5. Lit. over towns. 
15. tojieohrum (fepyhcum)? 

of the water-streams full : 

sometimes again /let them 

dissolve together; 

that of sounds is greatest, 

of noises among men, 

and of crashes loudest. 

Then sharp shall come 

shoe against other, 

edge against edge, 
10 to earth's creation, 

hurrying o'er people ; 

they with fire shall sweat, 

with pale flame, 

and the crashes go 

dark over multitudes ; 

with great din, 

they shall go fighting, 

shall let fall, 

swart shall send, 
20 moisture from the bosom, 

liquid from the belly ; 

contending shall go 

the dire legion, 

dread shall arise, 

great mental torment, 

to the race of men, 

terror in theii' towns, 

when pale shall shoot 

passing phantoms 
30 with sharp weapons, 

the foolish will not dread 

the deadly spears, 

yet will he die, 

if on him the just Creator 

Id. eojxj'an or eajiman? 
19. j-peajic/um jenfeeto? 
2 c 

27. bjTOja? 



on jepyhcu. 
)ju]ih pejn U}:an- 
oj: jejCune laece^^ 
j'Cpaele jJeojan. 
}:aj\enbe plan, 
fea f jebyja^- 
)>ajia )je jepaeca^. 
pyne-jieftej' paepen- 
ic I?aef oplejej". 
o]i anj-telle. 
J?on jepifce. 
polcen-jehnapce . 
Jjuph 5eJ;j\aec J^jimjan- 
J^jiymme micle- 
ofeji byjinan boj'm- 
biepj'fce'S hlube- 
heah hlo^-^ecpob. 
\fon hnije epc 
unbep lypce helin< 
lonbe neap. 
"3 me hpycj hlabe. 
]>det ic habban pceal. 
meahcum jemanab- 
minep pjiean. 
ppa ic )7pympul ))eop. 
J^pajum pinne. 
hpilu unbeji eop}?an. 
hpilu y]>& pceal. 
heah iinbep-hnijan. 
hpilum holm upan- 
ptjieama]' pfcypje. 
hpilu ptije up . 
polcn-pajie ppeje- 
pibe pejiC' 
ppipt "3 ]'pi)>-peopm. 

8. pejn-jajce)-? 


through rain from above, 

from the whirlwind lets 

the arrow fly, 

the travelling dart : 

few shall /rom that escape 

of those whom reach 

the rain-spirit's weapon. 

I of that calamity 
10 set the beginning, 

then depart 

in the din of clouds, 

boldly pressing onward 

with a great state, 

o'er the water's bosom j 

loud bursts 

the high collection. 

Then / incline again, 

under air's covering, 
20 nearer to land, 

and on my bac^ load 

what I am to have, 

by the powers admonish'd 

of my master. 

So I a stately servant, 

at times labour, 

sometimes under earth j 

sometimes the waves I must 

deep dive under ; 
30 sometimes the sea from above, 

the streams, I agitate ; 

sometimes rise up, 

the clouds' course drive, 

widely traverse, 

swift and vigorous. 

15. Lit. the bourne's. 22. liebban? 



j-aja hpaec ic hacce. [102 /».] 
o]f]>e hpa mec jiaepe- 
l^on ic peptan ne moc 
o]>]>e hpa mec jtae^Jje. 
J»onne ic pCiUe beom :• 

Say what I am call'd, 
or who excites me, 
when I may not rest, 
or who stays me, 
when I am still ? 

Ic pceal Jjjiaj byjij. 
J^ejne mmum. 
hpmjan haepceb. 
hypan jeopnc' 
mm beb bpecan. 
bjieahcme cy)?an. 
)?aefc me hal]*-ppi)?an ■ 
hlapojib pealbe. 
opt mec jlaep-pepijne" 
j'ecj o^]?e meople* 
jjietan eobe. 
ic him jjiom-heojicmn- 
pmteji-cealb oncpej^e* 
peapm lim- 
jebunbenne baej. 
hpilum bejipte^. 
pe-J?eah bi]? on ]?once- 
J^ejne mmum. 
meb-pipum men. 
me f pylpe J^aeji. 
piht pifce. 
~i popbum mtnoH' 
ppeb maeje- 
ppel jepec^an :• 

1 9. pftajime limu ? 

27. S8. MS. min onjrpeb. 


I shall a while busy, 

ray servant, 

with rings confin'd, 

sedulously obey, 
10 my bed break, 

with noise make known, 

that me a neck-band 

my lord has given. 

Me oft sleep -weary 

man or maid 

went to greet ; 

I them, cruel-hearted ones, 

winter-cold answer. 

The warm limb 
20 the bound collar 

sometimes escapes from j 

it is, however, grateful 

to my servant, 

a half wise man, 

that me there 

something torments, 

and he to my words 

eflFectually may 

a saying say. 

20. r. beaj. 

28. rpebe or jpebum? 

2 C 2 

21. be;ij-ca«? 




Ic eom anhaja. 
ij'ejine punb- 
biUe jebennab. 
beabo-peojica paeb- 
ecjum pejiij- 
opt ic pij peo- 
ppecne peohtan- 
ppopjie ne pene. 
f mec jeoc cyme, 
aeji ic mib aelbum. 
eal pojipujibe. 
ac mec hnoppia'S. 
homejia lape. 
heajib ecj heojio pceajip. 
^people pmij>a. 
bica^ in bupju. 
ic abiban pceaL 
la)?j\an jemocej*. 
naeppe laece-cynri' 
on polc-pcebe. 
pnban meahce. 
)7apa ]>e mib pyjicum. 
punbe jehaelbe. 
ac me ecja bolj. 
eacen peoji^a'S. 
}7ujih bea^-pleje. 
bajum ^ nihtum :• 

I am a recluse, 

with iron woimded, 

with faulchion scar'd, 

sated with works of war, 

of edges weary ; 

oft I battle see, 

perilous fight ; 

for comfort hope not, 

or that safety to me shall come 
10 from martial strife, 

ere I with generations 

shall all have perish'd ; 

but they me shall strike 

with sword : 

the hard of edge, intensely sharp, 

hand-work of smiths, 

shall bite among people : 

I must await 

the hostile meeting : 
20 never the healing tribe, 

in the battle-place, 

might /find, 

who with plants 

my wounds would heal, 

but to me the edges' sores 

become increas'd, 

through deadly stroke, 

by day and night. 

14. See Warton's H. E. P. 3rd edit., I. p. Ixix. 
17. Lit. in burghs. 

16. r. hanb-peojic. 




Mec jef ette \o^ . 
pjojia palbenb. 
cpift Co compe. 
oyt ic cpice baejine. 
unpimu cyn. 
eoji)7an jetenje^ 
naete mib ni]?e. 
j^a ic him no hjiine- 
J?on mec mm pjiea. 
jieohcan hate]?, 
hpilum ic monijpa. 
mob apece. 
hpilum ic ppeppe^ 
]?a ic aep pinne on. 
peoppan ppi]?e. 
hi J?aep pela^ ]?eah- 
ppylce ]7aep oJ?pep. 
]?onne ic epc hypa- 
opep beop jebjieaj- 
bpohca^ becan :• 


Me has placed the true 
Ruler of victories, 
Christ, in battle : 
oft I the living burn, 
a race innumerable, 
heavy on earth, 
oppress with enmity, 
yet I touch them not, 
when me my Lord 
10 commands to fight. 
Sometimes of many I 
the mind exhilarate ; 
sometimes I comfort 
[103 a.] those whom I ere war against, 
from very far, 
yet they feel it, 
as also this other, 
when I again, 
over the deep abyss, 
20 their condition better. 


J^paejl mm j-pijaiS- 
)7on ic hpujan Cpebe- 
oype ]?a pic buje. 
oY^e pabo bpepe. 
hpilum mec ahebba^- 
opep haele]7a byhc- 

My garment sounds, 
when I tread the earth, 
or the villages inhabit, 
or the waters drive : 
sometimes me lift, 
over men's habitations. 

8. ]-pa for j-pa-feah ? 
14. add ]>e after Jva? 

13. r. j:jiej:jii3e. 
21. j-pojaS? 



hyjij'te mine- 
^ feo]' hea lyj-'C* 
■3 mec J?on pibe. 
polcna ptpenju. 
opep j:olc bypeiS. 
jrpaetpe mine- 
fpojaiS hlube- 
3 ppinpia^- 
cophce j'lnja^. 
]>6n ic jecenje ne beom. 
plobe -J polban. 
fepenbe jaejt :• 


my trappings, 
and this high air ; 
and me then widely 
the clouds' strength 
over people bears ; 
my ornaments 
sound loudly, 
and give melody, 
sweetly sing, 
then I am not heavy 
to flood or earth, 
« journeying guest. 



Ic J>uph muj? jppece- 
monjum peopbum- 
ppencum I'mje* 
ppixle jeneahhe- 
hlube cipme. 
healbe mme pipan- 
hleo]7pe ne mi]7e. 
ealb aej:en-pceop. 
eoplum bpmje. 
blippe m bupjum. 
)7on ic bujenbpe. 
jcepne ptypme. 
pciUe on picum- 
piceiS nijenbe* 
yaja hpaec ic liatte. 
)>a jpa pcijie nije- 

I through my mouth speak 

in many tongues, 

cunningly sing, 

converse abundantly 

with mt/ head- voice ; 

loudly cry, 

hold on my tones, 

mi/ sound conceal not ; 

an old evening-bard, 

to men / bring 

happiness in their homes j 

when I them with flexible 

voice excite, 

still in their dwellings 

they sit * 

Say what I am called, 

who so clearly *, 

16. subint. j?ojibum. 

20. hIeo))oji? 

29. r. ]>e. 



j'ceapenb pij-an. 
hlube onhyjije. 
haele|7um bobije. 
pil-cumena pela- 
yo]>e minjie :• 

at sight tones 
loudly imitate, 
to men announce 
things welcome many, 
with my voice ? 


Mec on J^if j-um baju. 

beabne ofjeapun. 

paebep ^ mobep. 

ne paep me peoph )?a jen • 

ealbop m mnan- 

]?a mec onjon. 

pel holb me. 

jepebum |7eccan. 

heolb ^ ppeojjobe- 

hleo-pceoppe ppah. 


ppa hipe ajen beapn. 

oJ>)>aec ic unbep pceace- 

j'pa mm jepceapu paepon . 

unjej'ibbum peap^. 20 

eacen jaejte. 

mec j*eo ppi]?e maej- 

pebbe pi|7J?an. 

oJ?]7aec ic apeox. 

pibbop meahce. 

jij^ap ajectan. 

heo haepbe j'paejpa ]>y Isep. 

puna 3 bohcpa. [103 -6.] 

]7y heo ppa bybe :• 


Me, in these days, 

gave up as dead, 

father and mother, 

there was yet no soul, 

no life within me : 

then me began 

my kind friend 

with weeds to deck, 

held and protected me, 

with clothing cover'd me 


as her own child, 

until I under the garment, 

(so were my decrees) 

with hostile ones became 

increas'd in spirit. 

Me the kind woman 

fed then, 

until I grew up, 

and could further 

set mi/ journeyings. 

She had the less of her own 

sons and daughters, 

because she so did. 

7. MS. oj:3eaj:um. 
19. r. mine. 

13. MS. peccan. 
19. Or : so was it decreed me. 

16. feajiolice? 
22. r. raae3^. 



Neb paej" mm on neajipe. 

^ ic nedpan paecpe. 

ylobe unbep-plopen. 

pip jen-pcpeamura • 

Ypipe bepuncen. 

"3 on punbe apox^ 

upan y]>u J^eahc 

anum jecenje- 

lijjenbum puba« 

lice mine. 

haepbe peoph cpico- 

)>a ic op pae^mum cpom. 

bpimej' ■] beamep. 

on blacum hpaejl-. 

pume paepon hpice- 

hyppce mine. 

P& mec hp-jenbe. 

lypt upp-ahop. 

pmb op paeje. 

pi);)7an pibe baep. 

opep peolh-ba]?o. 

paja hpaec ic hacce :• 


My face was in constraint, 

and I beneath with water, 

with the flood submerged, 

in the mountain- streams 

deeply sunk, 

and in the sea grew up, 

above with billows wash'd, 

heavy only 

to sailors in ships 
10 with my body. 

I had a living soul, 

when I from the clutches caiue 

of sea and ship. 

On a black garment, 

some were white 

of my trappings. 

Then me living 

air rais'd up, 

wind from the wave 
20 afterwards bare me far 

over the seal's baths. 

Say what I am call'd. 


J^paejl ip mm haj'o-paj. 

hypj'Ce beophte. 

peabe ^ pcipe- 

on peape. 

ic byj-je bpelle. 

My garment is party-colour'd, 

with bright ornament, 

red and clear, 

on my robe. 

I the foolish mislead. 

S. MS. unbeji flojieri. 



"^ bole hpecte. 
oj^pum jcype- 
nytcjie pope, 
ic ]?aep nopihc pac- 
f heo ppa i^emaebbe. 
mobe bepColene- 
baebe jebpolene- 
beopa]? mine, 
pon pipan jehpam. 

and the dull excite, 
their imprudent ways 
to others direct 
a more useful course. 
I thus nothing know 
pa him )7aep ]7eapep. 
ji)?j7an heah bpmje^. 
hopba beopapc. 
pp hi unpaebep. 
aep ne jej-picaj? :. 

Fofcum ic pepe. 
polban pliCe. 
jpene ponjaj-. 
J?enben ic jaepc bepe. 
jip me peoph loja^ . 
paepce bmbe. 
ppeapce pealap. 
hpilum pellan men. 
hpilum ic beopum. 
bpincan j-elle. 
beopn op bopme. 
hpilum mec bpyb cpiebeiS- 
pela-plonc pocum- 
hpilum peoppan bpohc. 
pon-peax pale, 
pe^e^ ^ })y«. 
bol-bpunc mennen- 
beopcum nihcu. 
paetcS in paecpe- 
pypme^ hpilum- 
paecpe co pype. 



On feet I go, 

the earth tear, 

the green fields, 

while a soul I bear. 
20 If my life perish, •" 

fast I bind 

the swart strangers ; 

sometimes to a better man, 

sometimes to beasts, 

/ give to drink 

the stream from mi/ bosom j 

sometimes me the bride treads, 

much proud, with her feet ', 

sometimes, brought from far, 
30 the strange woman, dusk of hair, 

moves and impels me : 

the foolish serving maid, 

in dark nights, 

wets in water j 

sometimes warms 

well at the fire, 
aud so. Lit. Welsh. 



me on paeiSme jcica)?. 
hyje-jal an honb- 
hpyjxpe^ jeneahhe. 
Ypiye^ me jeonb j-peapcne- 
j-aja hpaec ic hacce- [104 a.] 
]>e ic lijrjenbe. 
lonb peapje. 
■] aeptep bea]?e. 
bpyhcum J^eopije ;■ 

me in her bosom sticks, 
wild-minded in her hand, 
turns me abundantly, 
glides over me, black. 
Say what I am call'd, 
I who living 
rob the land, 
and after death 
multitudes serve. 

Ic j'eah cupp cpeban. 

X. paepon ealpa« 

VI. jebpoj^op. 

^ hyjia j'peojcop mib. 

haepbon peopj cpico' 

pell honjebon* 

ppeocol ■] jepyne- 

on pelep paeje- 

anpa jehpylcej*. 

ne paep hypa aenjC ]>y pypj* 

ne pibe ]>y pappa- 

];eah hy ppa pceolbon- 

peape bipopene. 

pobpa peapbep. 

meahcum apeahce. 

mu)>um plican- 

happe blebe- 

hpaejl bi^ jenipab. 

)7am ]7e aep pop^-cymenC' 

ppaecpe lecon. 

licjan on lapte- 

jepican lonb cpeban :• 


10 I saw treading the turf 

(ten thej/ were in all) 

six brethren, 

and their sisters with them -, 

they had a living soul, 

the skins hung, 

manifest and visible, 

on the room's wall, 

of every one ; 

not to anyof them was it the worse, 
20 nor his side the sorer, 

though they so must, 

of garment bereft, 

by the Guardian of the skies' 

powers awaken'd, 

with their mouths tear 

the variegated leaves. 

Clothing is renew'd 

for those who, already come forth, 

left their ornaments 
30 to lie in their track, 

departing the land to tread. 



Ic paej' paepen-pija. 
nu mec plonc J?ece5. 
jeonj hajoj'Cealb-mon. 
jolbe •;) pylpojie. 
poura pip-bojum- 
hpilum pepap cyjj-a^- 
hpilum ic CO hilbe. 
hleo]7pe bonne. 
pil-3ehle]?an . 
hpilum pycj hype]?, 
mec opep meapce. 
hpilum mepe-henjejT • 
pepe^ opep plobaj-. 
ppaecpum beophcne- 
hpilum maejiSa pum- 
mmne jepylle^. 
bopm beaj-hpoben- 
hpilum ic bop bum pceal- 
heapb heapobleap. 
behlyjjeb licjan- 
hpilum honjije. 
hypptnim ppaefcpeb. 
plitij on paje- 
J?aep pepaj* bpmca^. 
ppeolic pypb-j'ceopp. 
hpilum polc-pijan. 
pic^e peja^. 
]?oii ic pinbe pceal. 
pinc-paj ppeljan. 
op pumiej* bopme. 
hpilum ic jepeopbum. 
pmcaj- la^ije. 


I was an armed warrior, 

now me proud covers 

the young serving man 

with gold and silver, 

with crooked wire bendings ; 

sometimes men kiss me ; 

sometimes I to battle 

with voice summon 

the ready comrades ; 
10 sometimes the steed bears 

me o'er the boundary 3 

sometimes the vessel 

conveys me o'er the floods, 

bright with ornaments ; 

sometimes a maiden 

fills my 

bosom, one with rings adorn'd ; 

sometimes / must on tables, 

hard, headless, 
20 solitary lie ; 

sometimes I hang, 

with ornaments adorn'd, 

splendid on the wall, 

where men drink, 

a goodly war- vest ; 

sometimes warriors 

on horseback bear me-y 

then with wind I must, 

resplendent, swell 
30 from some one^s bosom j 

sometimes I tc feastings 

men invite, 

12. Lit. the sea-horse. 



plonce to pine- 
hpilum ppa)?j7uin pceal- 
j'Cepne mmjie. 
popptolen hpebban. 
plyman peonb-pceaj^an. 
ppije hpaec ic hacce :• 

proud ones, to wine ; 

sometimes from enemies I shall, 

with my voice, 

the stolen rescue, 

make flee the hostile spoiler. 

Find out what I am call'd. 

J^alp ip min hpic- 
^ heapob pealo. 
piban j-pa pome- 
ppipc ic eom on pej^e. 
beabo-paepen bepe- 
me on baece pcanba^^ 
hep ppylce ppeon- 
leopum hlipia^ cu- 
eapan opep eajum^ 
opbum ic pceppe. 
in jpenne jpaep* 
me bi^ sypn picob- 
jip mec onhaele^ 
an onpmbe^. 
pael-jpim pija- 
)7aep ic pic buje- 
bolb mib beapnum. 
3 ic bibe )7aep. 
mib jeoju'S-cnople ■ 
hponne jaepfc cume. 
to bupum minu' 
him bij? bea^ picob- 
popj7on ic pceal op e^le 
eapopan mine. 

10. MS. jipij-c. 
23. MS. blob. 


[104 Z>.] My neck is white, 
and my head dun, 
so also my sides ; 

10 swift I am of pace, 
a Avar- weapon bear, 
on my back stand 
hairs like to a swine's ; 
from m,y cheeks rise two 
ears over my eyes ; 
on points I step 
on to the green grass : 
for me is a snare assigned, 
if me unluckily 

20 one shall find, 
a cruel warrior, 
where I a house inhabit, 
a dwelling with m.y children, 
and I abide there, 
with my young progeny. 
When a guest conies 
to my doors, 

to them is death decreed j 
therefore I must from home 

30 my children, 

13. r. haep jpylce j-pyne. 

28. to them, i. e. to the children. 



jiojihc-mob jiepjan • 

fleam e nepjan* 

jij: he me aejzCejipeajib . 

eallej* peop}?e^. 

hme bejia^ bjieojt. 

ic hij- biban ne beap., 

pe]>ep on jejiiiman. 

nele f paeb ceale. 

ac ic fceal pjiomlice. 


|?uph j'Ceapne beopj' 

j-tpaece pypcan- 

eaj>e ic maej ppeopa. 

peoph jenepjan. 

jip ic maej-bupje moc- 

mme jelaeban- 

on bejolne pej. 

Jjuph bum )?ypel. 

j^aepe ^ jepibbe. 

ic me pi)7j?an ne j^eapp* 

pael-hpelpej- pi^. 

pihc onpictan^ 

jip pe ni^-pcea|7a. 

neappe pti^e. 

me on ppa]?e pece]?. 

ne to-paeleJ> hi. 

on ]?am jejn-paj^e- 


pi]?Jjan ic }juph hyllep. 

hpop ^epaece- 

•3 Jjuph hepc hpme. 

hilbe pilum. 


|?am \>e ic lonje pleah :• 

5. hi ne bepeC ? 
23. MS. jifpe. 

timidj convey, 

save by JBight j 

if he after me 

earnestly shall be 

them the breast will not bear. 

I dare not await him 

fierce in mj/ place, 

good counsel wills not that j 

but I shall strenuously, 
10 with my feet, 

through a steep mountain, 

work a road. 

I can easily the frees' 

life save, 

if I my family may 


on a secret way, 

through a dim hole, 

mj/ dear and kindred ones. 
20 I need not then myself 

for the slaughter- whelp's warfare 

aught afflict ; 

if the deadly foe, 

in the narrow way, 

seek my track, 

it will not well befall him 

in the counter path 

of hostile meeting, 

when I through the hill's 
30 summit reach, 

and vigorously touch, 

with shafts of war, 

my hateful foes, 

from whom I long had fled. 

6. MS. bibban. 
31. MS. hjimo. 

18. r. bim. 




Ope ic fceal yi]> paeje pmnan • 

•^ pij> pmhe peohcan. 

j'omob pi^ J?a j'aecce. 

)?cu ic pecan jepice^ 

eopJ?an yj^um )?eahc. 

me hip pe e])el ppembe^ [105 a 

ic beom j tjionj ]78ep jepinnej-- 

jip ic pcille peojij^e. 

jip me ]7aep co-j-aele^. 

hi beo^ ppi]7pan ]7on ic. lo 

^ mec j'licenbe- 

pona plyma^ • 

pilla^ o)?pep3an. 

J?aefc ic ppi|?ian j-'ceal. 

ic him ^ pojiptonbe- 

jip mm pteojic |7ola^. 

^ mec pci]?ne. 

piS pcanap mocon. 

paepte jehabbari' 

pjxije hpaec ic hatte :• 20 

Oft with the wave I must contend, 
and against the wind fight, 
against them together strive, 
when I go to visit 
the earth with billows cover'd : 
.J the land is strange to me. 
I am strong in the strife, 
if I am still ; 
if it well befall me, 
they are more powerful than I, 
and tearing me, 
soon put me to flight. 
Thei/ will bear me away, 
that I shall protect them ; 
I hinder them from that, 
if my tail suffers, 
and me rigid, 

against the stones, they can 
fast retain. 
Sav what I am call'd. 


Ic eom munb-bopa* 
mmjie heojibe. 
eobofi pijium paej-c. 
innan jepylleb. 
bpyhc-jej'tpeona • 
baej-fcibum opfc. 
j'paece ppepe-bpojan. 


I am the protector 

of my flock, 

an enclosure with wires firm, 

fiU'd within 

with people's treasures. 

In day-time oft 

/ spit dread of spears j 

20. MS. hsBcce, 



j'peb bi|; )>y mape- 

fylle minpe- 

fjieo J»aec biheaibe^. 

hu me oj: hjiipe fleoja^* 

hylbe pilap. 

hpilum ic fpeajicum- 

jpeljan onjinne. 

bpunum beabo-paepnum. 

bicpuni opbum. 

ejlum atcop-ppepum • 

ip mm innaiS cil. 

pomb-hopb pliti^' 

ploncu beope- 

men jemunan^ 

J^aeC me J?uph mu]? pape^ 

my speed is the greater 

from my fullness. 

My master beholds 

how from my belly fly 

the shafts of battle. 

Sometimes I with swart 

begin to swell, 

with brown, war -weapons, 

with bitter points, 

dire venom'd spears. 

My inside is good, 

my intestines comely, 

to the proud dear : 

men remember 

what through my mouth passes. 

Ic eom punbeplicu piht- 
ne maej popb j'ppecan. 
maelban pop monnum. 
J^eah ic mu]? haebbe^ 
pibe pombe« 
ic paep on ceole. 
"3 mmep cnoplep ma. 


I am a wonderous being, 
words I cannot speak, 
utter before men, 
though I have a mouth, 
20 a wide belly. 
I was in a vessel, 
and of my progeny more. 




Ic j-eah • i IV r N • hyje 

heapob beojihfcne. [ploncne- 

yyiytne opeji j'ael-ponj. 

]'pi|7e Jjjiaejan- 

haepbe him on hfiycje. 

hilbe|;py)je- rT^f^. 

naejlebne jiab- r A rl P- 
pib-laj'C ):efiebe. 
pyne ptjionj on jiabe. 

yoji paep ]>y beojihcjie. 

* * * 

j'pylcjia Yi\>-}:3et' 
j'aja hpaec ic hatce :• 

I saw a Sroh of spirit proud, 

bright of head, 

swift, o'er the fertile plain, 

vigorously running. 

lie had behind him 

a NoM bold in war, 

a nail'd rad-agew 

he bore far away, 

strong of course, in the chariot, 

a proud Cofoah : 

the course was the brighter, 

* * * 

the journey of such. 
Say what I am call'd. 


Ic eom punbeplicu piht. 
on ^epm pceapen- 
]:pean mmum leoj:. 
jiaejpe^ejyppeb. [105 6.] 

byjxne ij- mm hleo-ya^' 
ppylce beopht peomab. 
pip ymb )?one pael-^im- 20 

]?e me palbenb ^eap. 

I am a wonderful being, 

in strife fashion 'd, 

to my master dear, 

fairly equip'd : 

my corselet is party-colour*d, 

bright, seam'd as it were 

with wire about the death-gem, 

which me the Powerful gave. 

S. MS. j-jirrne. 7. r. • iXMP ' and NGEW. 

10. r. Ir^M'KN- and COFAH. 11. Here a line is wanting. 

20. pijie or pipum ? pael-jpimman ?, or is pael- jjm a periphrasis for bypne ? 



je me pibjalum- 

pi]-a^ hpilum. 

jylpum Co pice- 

\>dn ic jinc peje- 

)?ujih hluctepne baej- 

honb-peopc jmij^a- 

jolb opep jeapbaj'. 

opt: ic jaepc-bejienb. 

cpelle comp-paepnu. 

cynmj mec jyjipe'S. 

pmce ^ peolppe. 

^ mec on pele peopj^a^. 

ne pypneS pofib lopep. 

pipan maene^. 

mme poji menjo. 

}?aep hy meobu bpmca^" 

healbe^ me on heajjope. 

hpilum laeteiS epc 


on jepum pceacan- 


opt ic oj^jium j'cob. 

pjiecne aet hip ppeonbe- 

pah eom ic pibe- 

paepnum apyjijeb- 

ic me penan ne J^eapp. 

]7aec me beapn ppaece- 

on bonan peope- 

jip me jpompa hpylc- 

jujje jenaeje'S- 

ne peop|?e^ pio maej-bup^- 


eapopan minum. 

]>e ic aepcep poc^ 

nym|?e ic hlapopbleaj-^ 

hpeoppan mote. 

who me at distant 

periods directs 

to power. 

Then I bear treasure, 

through the clear day, 

hand- work of smiths, 

gold over men's houses. 

Oft I the living 

kill with battle -weapons : 
10 the king me adorns 

with treasure and silver, 

and me in hit hall honours, 

denies not words of praise, 

my courses celebrates 

before the many, 

where they drink mead : 

holds me in restraint, 

sometimes again lets me, 

of riding weary, 
20 go at large, 

stout in warfare. 

Oft I have another injur'd 

wickedly with his friend. 

Hostile I am widely, 

with weapons warded off. 

I dare not hope, 

that a child avenge me 

on the murderer's life, 

if me some foe 
30 in war assail. 

The family will not be 


with my offspring, 

which I shall after have begotten, 

unless I lordless 

may depart, 
2 D 



pjiom J?a healbenbe. 
]>e me hjimja]- jeaj:- 
me bi^ j-'oji'S picob. 
■py. ic pjiean hyjae- 
3uJ?e jipemme. 
}"pa ic jien bybe- 
mmu |?eobne on |?onC' 
jjaec ic Jjolian j-ceal- 
ic pi I? bjaybe ne mot- 
haemeb habban- 
ac me j^aep hyhc-plejan- 
jeno pyjine^. 
pe mec jeajio on. 
benbe lejbe. 
pop)?on ic bjiucan pceal- 
on hajoj'tealbe. 
haele];a jepcpeona- 
opt ic pipura bol. 
pipe abelje- 
pome hype pillan. 
heo me pom-jpjiece^' 
ploce^ hype polmum- 
pipenaj? mec popbum* 
unjob jaele^- 
ic ne 5yme J^aej- compep 
* * * 

from the protector, 

who me rings gave. 

I am forthwith reproach'd, 

if I mi/ master obey, 

war promote, 

as I yet have done, 

in gratitude to my master. 

That I shall lack 

10 with a bride I may not 

have intercourse, 

for me this solace 

yet denies 

he who on me formerly 

laid bonds ; 

therefore I shall enjoy, 

in celibacy 

men's treasures. 

Oft I foolish with ornaments 
20 a woman irritate, 

frustrate her will ; 

she me reviles, 

claps with her hands, 

defames me with her words, 

evil utters ; 

I care not for the strife. 

25. Lit. sings. 

26. Here a leaf of the MS. is evidently wanting. 




Neb ij* min ni|jejipea]ib. 

neol ic yejie- 

3 be jpunbe jjiaepe- 

jeonje yya me pij-a^. 

haji-holcej- jzeonb- 

'J hlajiojib mm. 

poh paejieiS. 

peajib aec pceopte- 

pjiija]? on ponje. 

peje^ mec "] )?yS. 

pape)? 6n j-pae'S min. 

ic pnyj^ije poji^. 

bjiunjen op beame- 

bun ben cjiaepce* 

pejen on paejne. 

haebbe punbpa pela. 

me bi]? jonjenbpe- 

jjiene on healpe. 

^ mm ppae^ j-peofcol. 

j'peapc on opjie- 

me ]7ujih hpycj pjiecen. 

honja^ unbeji. 

an opl^onc pil- 

oj^eji on heapbe. 

paepc •;) pop^peajib. 

peallej? on piban- 

f ic to]?um tejie. 

jip me ceala )7enaJ>- 


]7aefc bi)7 hlapojib mm :• 

[106 a.] My face is downward, 
prone I go, 

and along the ground dig, 
as me a youth directs, 
the hoar wood's foe ; 
and my master 
goes bent, 

a guardian at my tail 
drives me on the field, 
10 moves and impels me, 
sows on my track. 
I hasten forth, 
brought from a tree, 
bound by craft, 
borne on a wain. 
I have wonders many, — 
to me going there is 
green on one side, 
and my track manifest, 
20 black on the other. 

Througli my back driven, 
hangs beneath 
one curious dart, 
another on m^i/ head ; 
fast and forward 
falls at my side 
what with teeth I tear, 
if me well serve 
30 he who is my master. 

4. jeonj? 
13. MS. beajmie. 

12. jiiyjiise? 
so. je J>e for J»aet: 'i 

2 D 2 



Etjomne cpom- 

LX. monna. 

CO pae5-j'cae)7e. 

picjum piban- 

haephon XL 



IIII. j'ceamaf . 

ne meahcon majo-pmcaj' 

opeji mejie peolan. 

j-pa hi punbebon • 

ac paej' plob to beop* 

afcol y|7a -^epjisec- 

oppap he^. 

pcpeamap j'tjionje. 

onjunnon j-cijan ]>&• 

on paejn pejiaj'- 

^ hypa picj pomob. 

hloban unbep hpunje. 

)?a J^a liopp o^baeji. 

eh ^ eoplaj". 

aepcum bealle^ 

opep paecpej- byhc- 

paejn co Ian be- 

ppa hme oxa ne teah* 

Tie ej'na maejn. 

ne paec henjejt. 

ne on plobe ppom^ 

ne be jjiunbe pob« 

jej-fcum unbep. 

ne laju bjiepbe. 

1. r. iEt-fomne cpomon. 
10. jrejian ? 


Together came 

sixty men 

to the wave -shore, 

on horses riding ; 

they had eleven 

{the associates) 


four white 07ies. 

These comrades could not 
10 pass o'er the sea, 

as they desir'd, 

for the flood was too deep, 

dire the billows' force, 

the shores high, 

the streams strong. 

Resolv'd then to mount 

the men on a wain, 

and their horses together ; 

thej/ loaded amid the wave, 
20 which bore away the horses, 

the steeds, and men 

arm'd with spears, 

over the water's swell, 

the wain to land ; 

so that no ox drew it, 

nor power of men, 

nor fat stallion, 

nor swam it on the flood, 

nor on the ground waded 
30 under its guests, 

nor did the water drive it. 

1. ryjit)-? 
21. eohaj? 

8. Ger. Schimmel? 



ne op ly]:fce pleaj. 

ne unbep-baec cyjibe. 

bjiohce hpaejjjie. 

beopnaf ojrep bujinan. 

^ hyjia bloncan mib. 

j:jiom jtae^e heaum* 

|?aet by j-fcopan up. 

on oj^epne. 

ellen-poj:e. [106 Z>.] 

pepaj' op paeje. lo 

3 hypa picj ^epunb :• 

nor flew ^V on /Ac air, 

nor turn'd back, 

yet it brought 

the men over the bourne, 

and their horses with thenij 

from the high shore, 

so that they step'd up 

on to the other, 

the bold 

men from the wave, 

and their horses sound. 

Ajop ip mm noma* 

epc onhpyppeb- 

ic eom ppaetlic pihfc. 

on jepm pceapen- 

]7on ic onbuje* 

•3 me op bopme pape^. 

aectpen onja. 

ic beom eall jeapo* 

J^aec ic me ^ peoph-bealo- 

peop appape- 

pj))?an me pe palbenb. 

pe me \?et pite jepcop. 

leo|?o poplaece^. 

10 beo lenjpe ]7on aep. 

oJ?|7aefc ic ppaece- 

ppilbe jeblonben* 

eal pelo accop* 

)?aefc ic aep jeap. 

ne CO jonje^ l^^ep- 


Agof is my name 

transposed : 

I am a curious creature, 

form'd in strife. 

When I bend, 

and from my bosom comes 

an envenom'd sting, 

I am all ready 
20 that I that deadly evil from me 

sweep afar. 

When the Powerful, 

who in me that evil created, 

my limbs permits, 

I am longer than before, 

until I spit, 

with destruction blended, 

all the fell venom, 

which I crafty before * 
30 Thus it will not go 

1. on? 
18. MS. sec penonja. 

2. MS. onbej;. 
29. The verb here seems wanting. 



jumena hpylcum. 

aenijum ea]?e. 

}7aet ic ]?aep ymb-j'ppice- 

jij; hine hjiineiS- 

^ me oy. hjiijie jileoje^. 

^aet |?one man-bjiinc. 

maejne jeceapa^. 

full peji paefte. 

feojie )ine. 

nelle ic unbunben- 

aenijura hypan. 

nyin|?e peajio j-aeleb. 

paja hpaec ic hacce :• 

with any man 

soever easily, 

that I there spirt about, 

if him touches 

what from my belly flies, 

so that that deadly drink 

he violently buys, 

the cup inevitably, 

with his life. 

Unbound I will not 

any obey, 

except cunningly tied. 

Say what I am call'd. 

Ic eora punbejxlicu pihc 
ppaej'ne mme pCepne- 
hpilum beopce jpa hunb- 
hpilum blaete ppa jac 
hpilum jpaebe ppa ^op. 
hpilum jielle ppa hapoc- 
hpilum ic onhypje- 
]7one happan eajin. 
ju^-pujlep hleoJ?oji. 
hpilum jhban peojibe- 
muj?e jemaene. 
hpilum maepep jonj. 
I^aeji ic jlabo jicce. 

•X* mec nemnaiS- 
ppylce . r O • •'^• 


I am a wonderous being, 
/ change my voice, 
sometimes / bark as a dog, 
sometimes bleat as a gout, 
sometimes cry as a goose, 
sometimes yell as a hawk, 
20 sometimes I imitate 
the dusk eagle, 
the war-bird's cry, 
sometimes in a kite's voice 
with mi/ mouth / moan, 
sometimes I have the mew's soDg, 
where I joyful sit. 

G thei/ name me, 
also A and R, 

S. MS. jpjiice. 

8. j:\il-hpejii 

15. pjiixle? 



r • }:ullej'fce(S. 

nu ic haten eom- 
f pa ]fa. j'lex j'Caj:a]' 
fpeotule becnaj> :• 

O gives aid, 

H and I. 

Now I am call'd 
as those six letters 
plainly indicate. 


Ic eom punbeplicu piht- 
pipim on hyhce. 
neah-buenbu nyC 
naenjum pcej^j^e. 
bu jij-piccen b jia • 
nym]7e bonan anum- 
j-fca|>ol mm ij* pceap. 
heah jtonbe ic on bebbe. 
neo]?an jiuh nac hpaeji- 
nej>e^ hpilum- 
pul cyjicenu- 

ceojilep bohcoji. 
mob-plonc meople- 
^ heo on mec jpipe^- 
paepe^ mec on peobne 
peapa^ mm heapob- 
peje^ mec on paej'Cen- 
pelej? pona- 
mmep jemocep. 
pe]?e mec neappa^- 
pip punben-locc- 
paet bi^ ]>set eaje :• 

[107 «.] 

Mec peonba pum. 
peope bepny)?ebe. 
populb-pcpenja bmo. 
paecte pi]?]?an- 
bypbe on paecpe- 
bybe epc ]7onan. 
pecce on punnan- 
|7aep ic ppij?e beleaj- 
hepum ];am J^e ic haepbe. 


Me some enemy 

cut off from life, 

of worldly strength deprived me, 

afterwards wetted me, 

dip'd me in water, 

again took me thence, 

set me in the sun, 

there I was much depriv'd of 

the hairs which I had. 

25. j-eo]?e? 



heajib mec jij;|?an- 
j"na^ j'eaxej* ecje- 
pnbjium bejjiunben. 
pnjpaj- jieolban • 
^ mec j-'ujlef pyn • 
jeonb j-peb-bjiopum. 
j'pyjiebe jeneahhe- 
0}:ep bpunne bpepb. 
beam celje JTJealj- 
j'tpeamef baele. 
j'Cop eyt on mec^ 
j'ljjabe j-peapc laj'C. 
mec p|?j7an ppah- 
haele^ hleo-bopbum. 
hy];e bej;enebe. 
pepebe mec mib jolbe- 
yojipon me jhpebon. 
ppaedic peopc ]*mi]>a. 
pipe biponjen. 
nu pa. jepeno. 
^ pe peaba celj. 
■;) pa, pulbop-jejcealb. 
pibe maepe. 
bpyht-polca helm, 
nalep bol pice. 
jip mm beapn pep a. 
bpucan pillaiS- 
hy beoS J^y jejunbpan- 
1 Vy PZeyseytiidn- 
heoptum py hpjecpan. 
1 ]?y liy^e bli]7pan. 
pep]7e J>y ppobpan. 
habba]? ppeonba J^y ma. 
ppaejpa ^ ^ejibbpa- 

^ cruel one me then 

cut with a knife's edge. 

Separately ground 

mi/ fingers the earth, 

and me foul swine, 

amid the bounteous drops, 

sought out busily. 

Over the brown brim 

a tree-branch swallow'd 
10 part of the stream, 

came then on me, 

departed black of track. 

Me then cover'd 

a man with skreens, 

conveniently serv'd me, 

adorn'd me with gold ; 

for me delighted 

the curious works of smiths, 

with wire encircled ; 
20 now those ornaments, 

and the red purple, v 

and glorious abodes, 

ample, great, 

a protector of nations, 

foolish / wot not. 

If me the sons of men 

will use, 

they will be the healthier, 

and the more victorious, 
30 with hearts the keener, 

and in mind the kinder, 

in soul the wiser, 

will have of friends the more, 

dear and near. 

4. folban? 

5. fule rpy"? 9- beam-celja ? 14. Lit. shelter-boards. 



j'oj^jia 3 jobjia. 

tiljia ^ jetjieoppa- 

J?a hypa cyp "] eab. 

ej'fcura yca^' 

"3 hy ap-]*ca]:um. 

lifjnim bilecja^' 

•3 hi luj:an. 

}:aej7mum paefte clyppa^. 

fpije hpaet ic hacce- 

nij^um to nycce. 10 

nama rain ij' maejie- 

haelel^um jipjie^ [107 b.^ 

1 hahj rylj: ;. 

true and good, 

excellent and faithful, 

who their renown and happiness 

kindly will increase, 

and them with honours 

freely load, 

and them with love 

in their embraces firmly clasp. 

Find out what I am call'd 

for use to men. 

My name is great, 

to men rapacious, 

and holy itself. 

Ic eom peon's pepum- 
pibe funben- 
bpunjen op beajipum. 
•;) op bup5-hleo]7u. 
op benum ^ op bunum. 
baejep mec paejun. 
pe]?pe on lipte. 
pepebon mib lipte. 
unbep hpopep hleo. 
haele'S mec pi|7j)an. 
ba]?eban in bybene. 
nu ic eom bmbepe. 
1 ppm^epe. 
pona peojipepe- 
epne Co eopj^an hpilum- 
ealbne ceopl. 
pona f onpmbeiS. 


I am pi*ecious to men, 

found far and wide, 

brought from groves, 

and from mountain-heights, 

from dells and from downs ; 

by day me bore 
20 wings in air, 

cunningly convey'd me 

under a roof's shelter ; 

men me afterwards 

bathed in a tub. 

Now I am a binder, 

and a scourger, 

soon a caster ; 

I level to earth sometimes 

ati old churl ; 
30 soon shall find 

7. This line is defective ; perhaps irnb is omitted after hi. 
17. beojTj-hleoJ'u? 



yepe mec yeh^ onjeaii- 
^ yrS maejen-j^ij-an. 
minpe jenaej'ce^- 
)?«& he hpycje jceal- 
hjiufan pecan- 
jij: he unjiaebef • 
aeji ne jej-pice^- 
fCjienjo bifColen. 
jtrponj on j'pjiaece- 
maejene binumen- 
nah hi]- mobej' jepealb. 
yota. ne folma. 
jrpije hpaec ic hacte- 
\>e on eopl^an ppa- 
epnap bmbe. 
bole aepcep byncum. 
be baejej" leohte :• 

he who is hostile towards me, 

and against my 

main force contends, 

that on his back he shall 

seek the earth, 

if he from mischief 

ere desist not, 

of strength bereft, 

strong in speech, 

of power depriv'd [power, 

he shall have of his mind no 

of feet or hands. 

Find out what I am call'd, 

who on earth so 

bind men, 

the foolish after blows, 

by light of day. 


BiJ? polban baeL 
paejpe je^ieppeb. 
mib ]>y heapbepcan. 
"J mib )?y jceappej'tan. 
3 mib \>y jpymmepcan. 
jumena jejtpeona- 
cojipen j'poppen. 
cyppeb J)yppeb. 
bunben punben- 
blaeceb paeceb. 

There is of earth a part 
fairly adorn'd 
20 with the hardest, 

and with the sharpest, 
and with the fiercest 
of men's productions, 
cut, rusted, 
turn'd, dried, 
bound, wound, 
bleached, agitated. 

3. jenaejeS? 

14-17. These lines are in the MS. detached from tlie preceding part, begin 
with a capital, and appear altogether as a separate riddle. 

24. j-jjojtfen, the meaning of this word is very doubtful : see note at the end of 
the vol. 



yjisstyeb jeatpeb- 
jieojijian laebeb- 
CO bujium bjiyhca. 
bjieam biiS in innan- 
cpicjia pihta- 
clenje^ lenje^. 
]?apa l^e aep lipjenbe. 
lonje hpile. 
pilna bjiuce^' 
^ no piiS-j'pjiice^. 
3 ]?on aepceji bea]?e. 
beman onpnne^^ 
melban niiplice. 
micel ip to hycjanne- 
pij'paeptum menn- 
hpaec peo pihc py :• 

adorn'd, equip'd, 
brought from afar 
to the doors of people. 
The joy it is within 
of living beings, 
adorns and lengthens 
the tedious time 
of those who ere living 
their desires enjoy, 
10 and contradicts not ; 
and then after death 
begins to judge, 
to declare various things. 
Much has to consider 
the sagacious man 
what this thing is. 

Ic pihc jepeah- 


hopna abicpeonu. 

hu}?e laeban. 

lypfc-paefc leohclic. 

liptum jejieppeb. 

hu]7e Co J?am ham- 

op ]7am hepe-]'i]?e. 

polbe hype on |7aepe bypij 

buji acimbpan- 

peappum ajeccan- 

jip hic j'pa meahce. 

Da cpom punboplicu pihc 


I saw a creature 
between its horns 
20 bringing spoil, 
[108 a.] a light air-vessel, 
skilfully devis'd, 
as spoil, to the village, 
from the highway. 
It would for itself in the town 
a bower construct, 
cunningly establish, 
if it so might be. 
Then came a wonderful being 

6. = jlenjetJ 1 

19. hojinu bitpeonu ? 

25. MS. palbe. 



oj:efi peallej' hjio}:. 
]'eo ij' eallum cutS. 
eop^-buenbuni • 
ahpebbe ];a j^a hu]?e. 
■;) Co ham bebjiaej:. 
pjieccan opeji pillan- 
jepac hyjie pejr ]7onan. 
paeh|7um pejian- 
pop^ onecce'S. 
bupc pconc fcb heoponum. 
beap peol on eop)?aii. 
nihc pop's jepac 
naenij pi)?}?an. 
pejia jepij-fce. 
J?aepe pihce pi^ :• 

over the wall's summit, 
which is known to all 
earth-dwellers : 
it rescued then the spoil, 
and to its home drove it, 
urging it against its will : 
thence it departed west, 
hostilely going ; 
it hastens on. 
10 The dust stank to heaven, 
dew fell on earth, 
night departed forth : 
no one afterwards 
of men knew 
that being's course. 

Ic eom lej bypij- 
lace mib pmbe- 
bepunben mib pulbpe- 
pebpe jepomnab. 
pup pop^-pejep. 
pype jebyj-^ab. 
beapu blopenbe- 
bypnenbe jleb- 
pul opt mec jej'ij^a]'- 
j-enba^ aeptep honbum. 
^ mec pepap -j pip. 
plonce cypja^' 
Jjon ic mec onhaebbe. 
~\ hi onhnijaj? fco me. 


I am a busy flame, 
I play with the wind, 
surrounded with glory, 
in air collected, 
20 rapid of departure, 
with fire occupied, 
a blooming grove, 
a burning gleed. 
Full oft me associates 
send from hand to hand, 
so that me men and women, 
proud, kiss, 
when I raise myself, 
and they bend to me. 

29. MS. onhinjaS. 



monije mib milcj'e' 
|>aeji ic monnum j'ceaL 
yean up- cyme • 
eabijnejje :• 

many with kindness, 
where I shall men's 
advancement increase, 
their happiness. 

If j^ej' mibban-jeapb. 


pij-um jeplicejab. 

pjiaetcum jeppsecpab. 

Ic peah pelhc. 

]>mi pmjan. 

on paecebe pihc pae]'* 

pepum on jemonje- 

pio haepbe paejtum- 


ni]?eppeapb paep* 

neb hype- 

pet ^ polme. 

pujele jelice. 

no hpse]?pe pleojan rasej- 

ne pela jonjan. 

hp8e)?pe pej^e-jeopn^ 

ppemman onjmneiS. 

jecopen cpaepcum- 

cyppe^ jeneahhe. 

opt 3 jelome- 

eoplum on jemonje. 

j'lte^ aet jymble- 

j'aelep bibe|j. 

hponne sepheo cpaepthype- 


This mid-earth is 
in various 
guises beautified, 
curiously adorn'd. 
I saw a strange 
10 thing singing : 

the creature was in a house, 
among people ; 
it had a figure 
wonderful j 
downward was 
its face, 

its feet and members 
like to a bird's, 
yet fly it cannot, 
20 nor go much, 

yet, diligent of foot, 
resolves to proceed, 
chosen in its powers : 
it turns much, 
oft and frequently, 
among men 
sits at the feast ; 
awaits the time, 
[108Z>.]when it its craft 

13. r. psejcem. 

12. MS. on jejium on. 

IS. MS. ni>ejipeajitJ. 

29. aeja is apparently an error of the scribe. 

14. punfeojilicne ? 
17. Lit. hands. 



cyj^an mote, 
pejium on ponje. 
ne heo |78eji pihc J^ije^. 
j^aep pe him aet blipje^ 
beojinap habba^. 
beop bomep jeojm. 
hio bumb puna^. 
hpae]7pe hyjie ip on pote- 
paejep hleo|>oji. 
pynlicu po^-pepu. 
ppaetlic me J^mce^. 
hu peo piht maeje. 
pojibum lacan. 
|?uph poc xie6pa.n- 
ppaccpeb hyjij'Cum. 
hapa^ hype on halje* 
)>on hio hopb papaiS. 
baep-beajum bealL 
b]io)7oji pme. 
maej mib maejne. 
micel ij- to hycjenne. 
pipum po^-bojian. 
hpaet [pio] piht jie :• 


may make known 

among men. 

nor does it there eat aught 

of that which at their merriment 

men have. 

Beloved, of sway desirous, 

it continues dumb, 

yet in its foot there is 

a sweet voice, 

a pleasant gift of song. 

Wonderous to me it seems, 

how the thing can 

sport with words, 

through its foot beneath. 

Curiously adorn'd, 

it has on its neck 

(when it its treasure guards, 

with bearing-rings accoutred) 

its brethren, 

male witli female. 

Much has to consider 

a wise orator, 

what the creature is. 

Ip J>ep mibban-jeapb. 


pijnim jeplitejab- 

pjiaettum jeppaetpab* 

pi]?um jellic. 

Ic j'eah peapo hpeoppan- 

jpmban pi^ jpeote. 

2. on jemonje? 
20. maejSe or msejbne ? 


This mid-earth is 
in various 
guises beautified, 
curiously adorn'd, 
in its conditions wonderful. 
I saw a curious thing going about) 
30 grinding against the dust, 

5. MS. habbate. 
23. )-io is omitted in the MS. 



jiellenbe fajian. 
naejibe jellicu pihc 
fyne ne }:olme. 
exle ne eajimaf- 
fceal on anum pefc. 
j-eajio-ceap fpijran. 
\yi]>e j:epan. 
papan opep pelbaf« 
haepbe pela pibba- 
mu^ paep on mibban- 
mon-cynne nyC 
pepe pobbup-pelan. 
polcpcipe bpeoje^* 
pij't m-pije^. 
^ pepum pelbe^. 
japul jeapa jehpam. 
J>ae]- ]>e juman bpuca^. 
pice ■^ heane. 
pece 3ip]?u cunne. 
pif-popba jleap- 
hpaec pio piht j'le :• 


going yelling ; 

the wonderous thing had not 

sight nor hands, 

shoulder nor arms, 

must on one foot 

the curious thing go about, 

rapidly move, 

go o'er the fields. 

It had many ribs, 

its mouth was in the middle : 

useful to mankind, 

in its course nutritive abundance 

it to people draws, 

food bears in, 

and to men pays 

tribute every year, 

of what people use, 

high and low. 

Explain, if thou canst, 

thou in wise words skill'd, 

what the thing is. 


Piht cpom aepcep peje. 
ppaefclicu h)?an. 
cymlic ppo ceole- 
cleopobe co lonbe- 
hlmpabe hlube- 
hleahtop paep jpypelic- 
ejeppul on eapbe. 
ecje paepon pceappe- 

9. MS. jrella. 
14. pejetJ? 

^ thing came along the wave, 

curious, sailing, 

comely, from a vessel, 

it call'd to land, 

loud sounded : 

its laughter was horrible, 

terrific in the land : 

its edges were sharp, 

12. jraejie? 
22. paege? 

13. tejiae^tJ? 

27. MS. leahcoji. 



paej- hij' hece ^pim. [109 «.] 

hilbe CO j-aene. 

biteji beabo-peojica. 

bojib-peallap ^jioj:. 

heapb ^ hi]?enbe. 

hete-pune bonb. 

j'aejbe j'eajio- cpaeptij • 

ymb hyjie jylfpe jej'ceaj*. 

ly ram mobop. 

maejSa cynnep • lo 

])dey beopej'Can- 

^ ij" bohcop mm. 

eacen upliben. 

fpa ]>set If aelbum cu]?. 

ppum on polce- 

^ peo on polban j'ceal. 

on ealpa lonba jehpam* 

lipjura jconban :• 

fierce was its hate, 

in battle too slow ; 

bitter in works of war, 

bucklers it pierced, 

stern and desolating 

hatred it bound, 

said, skill'd in guile, 

about its own nature : 

My mother is 

of womankind 

the dearest ; 

she is my daughter, 

magnified, exalted, 

as that is to mortals known, 

to men among people, 

so that she on earth shall, 

in every land whatever, 

in favour stand. 

Ic piht jepeah. 
m pepa bupjum. 
peo ]>ait peoh pebe^- 
hapa^ pela coj^a- 
nebb bi]? hype aefc nycte- 
ni)>eppeapb jonje^. 
hil^e^ holblice. 
^ CO ham cyh^. 
pae]7e"S jeonb peallap- 
pypce j-eceiS aa. 
heo jja pmbe^. 
J>a )?e paejc ne hip. 


I saw a thing 
20 in the towns of men 
which feeds the cattle ; 
it has many teeth, 
has a face for use, 
downward goes, 
lays waste sedulously, 
and to home draws, 
passes over walls, 
herbs seeks ever, 
them it finds, 
30 those that are not fast ; 

2. reonne? 

4. Lit. board-walls. 

10. MS. maojjba. 



laeceS hio j^a plicijan ■ 
pyjiciim faejce. 
fCille fconbaii' 
on ftaj^ol-ponje. 
beojihce blican. 
blopan ■] jjiopan :• 

it lets these beautify 

which are fast by the roots, 

stand still 

on their station-field, 

brightly glisten, 

blow and grow. 


Mec pe paeca ponj. 

punbjiuni pjieopij. 

oy hip mna|?e. 

aejiij'fc cenbe. 

ne pafc ic mec bepojihfcne. 

puUe plyj'um. 

haejium }?uph heah-cjiaepic. 

hy5e-j7oncuin min. 

punbene me ne beo^ peple 

ne ic peapp hapu. 

ne }7uph ppeaca jej^paecu. 

J>paeb me ne hlimme^. 

ne aefc me hpucenbe. 

hpipil peptide's. 

ne mec ohponan pceal- 

amap cnyppan. 

pypmap mec ne apaepan. 

pyjiba cpaepcum^ 

]>a \e jeolo job-pebb. 

jeacpum ppaeCpaiS- 

pile mec mon hpae|?pe j-e-j^eah 

pibe opep eopl?an. 

hacan pop haele]7u. 


Me the humid field, 

wonderously frigid, 

from its womb 

first brought forth. 

I knew not that I was wrought 

with wool-fleeces, 

with hairs, by art profound, 

in my mind's thoughts. 

I have no twined woof, 

nor have I a warp, 

nor through force of multitudes 

does the thread crackle to me ; 

nor at me snorting 

does the shuttle pass ; 

nor me shall anywhere 

the weaver's rod beat : 

nor do worms me weave, 

by the powers of nature, 

those which the yellow silk 

for garments produce : 

yet nath'less they will me, 

widely o'er earth 

call before men 

so Caedtn. p. 247, 19. fe (beam) paej- pyptum paBj-t. 

2 E 

22. uma? 



hyhtlic jepaebe. 
j-aja j'O^-cpibum. 

jleap-popbum pij'pajpc [109 Z>.] 
hpaec ])iY ^epaebu py ;• 

a delightful vestment. 
Say in sooth utterances, 
through skilful thoughts, 
wise in cunning words, 
what this vestment is. 


Ic piht jej'eah' 
on peje pepan. 
]'eo psej' pprethce. 
punbpum jejieppeb- 
haepbe peopepe. 
pec unbep pombe. 
"3 ehtu|?e monn. 
h.p-M.' pup. 

hops . fXJXs. 
upon on hpyc^e. 
hsepbe cu pil^pu. 
•3 tpelp eajan. 
3 jiex heapbu. 
j'aja hpaet hio paepe- 
pop plob-pejaj'. 
ne paep f na pujul ana. 
ac l^aep paep aejhpylcej'. 
anjia jehcnep. 
hoppep •] monne]'. 
hunbep 3 pujlej*. 
•3 eac pipe]' plice. 
]?u papc jip pu conpc 



I saw a creature 

on the way going, 

it was curiously, 

wonderfully, furnish'd j 

had four 

feet under its belly, 

and a7i eighth man 

above on its back. 

It had two wings, 

and twelve eyes, 

and six heads. 

Say what it was. 

It went the watery ways j 

it was not a bird only, 

but there was of every 

one a likeness, 

of horse and of man, 

of dog and of bird, 

and eke of woman's aspect. 

Thou art able, if thou knowest. 

12. MS. ehcupe. 



CO jej'ecjanne. 
f pe ]-o^ pican- 
hu pSBjie pihte. 
pipe 501156 :. 

to say, 

that we may truly know, 
how that creature's 
nature is. 


Ic ]>a piht 5e]'eah. 

I the creature saw, 

pomb ydey on hinban. 

its belly was behind, 

]?pi]?um a]7]iiincen. 

with throngs swell'd up ; 

J^ejn poljabe. 

a thane it follow'd. 

maejen-jiopa man- 

a7i illustrious man. 

•3 micel haj]:be. 

10 lind had much 

jepepieb ^aeji hit pelbe. 

borne where it follow'd : 

pleah |?ujih hip eaje. 

it flew through his eye. 

ne ppylce^ he j-ymle- 

He dies not always 

}?on pyllan j'ceal. 

when he must give 

mna^ )?am oj^jiu- 

his inside to the other ; 

ac him epfc cyme^ • 

but to him again comes 

hot: m bopme. 

reparation in his bosom : 

blaeb bi]? apaejieb. 

his prosperity is exalted j 

he punu pyjice^. 

he « son begets. 

fax's him pylpa paebep :• 

20 is to himself a father. 


Ic ]7a pihte 5ej'eah. 
5eo5U« myppe 5]iaebi5. 
him on 5apol poplec 
peji^ ppij^enbe. 
peopep pellan* 

I the creature saw 

of the male kind, 

a youth of pleasure greedy 

for his use he let, 

his life saving, 

four fountains 

11. j:yli3be? 
2£ 2 



f cijie j'ceotan • 

on jej-ceap J^eotan. 

mon maj?elabe. 

fe]?e me jefaejbe j-eo pihc 

PF hio zebyie^. 

buna bpice^. 

■py he Cobipfte^. 

binbe^ cpice :• 

clearly spring, 

into a vessel pour. 

The man spake, 

who to me said : The creature, 

if it escape, 

the hills will burst ; 

if it break in pieces, 

will bind the living. 


Geppicu j'ecja^. 

]>2dt yeo piht yy- lo 

mib mon-cynne. 

miclum cibum. ^ 

j'peocol 3 jejyne. 

punbop-cpaej:t hafa^^ 

majian raicle. 

j7on hic men picen. 

heo pile jepecan. 

funboji aejhpylcne. [110 a.] 

j:eoph-bepenbpa • 

jepiCe'S eyt pepan on pej' 20 

ne bi^ hio naeppe- 

nihc ]>3e\i o|7pe. 

ac hio pceal pibe peph- 

ppeccan lapte. 

hamleaj" hpeoppan. 

no ^y heanpe bij?' 

ne hapa^ hio poc ne polm- 

ne aeppe polban hpan- 

ne eajena^ 

Writings say, 

that there is a creature 

with mankind, 


plain and visible j 

it has special craft, 

greater by much 

than men know of : 

it will seek 

every one separately 

bearing life, 

departs again on its way : 

it is not ever 

there a second night, 

but it must always, 

with exile's track, 

homeless wander, 

yet is not the viler. 

It has nor foot nor hand, 

nor earth ever touch 'd, 

nor eyes. 

I. Ahg. scaph, O.S. scap. — jeocan? 
15. MS. mapam. 

12. MS. ciclum. 



ae5|7ep tpeja. 

ne mu^ ha}:aj>. 

ne pi]? monnum jpjiaece. 

ne ^epic hapa^. 

ac jepjiitu j-ecja^. 

}?aec j-eo py eapraopfc. 

ealjia pihca- 

J'ajia |7e sepfcep jecynbum* 

cenneb paepe. 

ne hapa^ hio paple ne peojih- lo 

ac hio pi]?aj' jceaL 

jeonb ]7aj- punbop-populb. 

pibe bpeojan. 

ne hapa)? hio blob ne ban- 

hpae]?jie beapnum peap^. 

jeonb Jjipne mibban-jeapb- 

monjum Co ppoppe. 

naepjxe hio heoponum hpan- 

ne Co helle moc. 

ac hio j'ceal pibe peph^ 20 

pulboji- cynmjep • 

lapum lip^an. 

lonj ip Co j'ecjanne. 

hu hype ealbop-jej'ceapc- 

aepceji jonje^. 

poh pyjiba jepceapu^ 

]?8ec [ip] ppaeclic j^mj. 

Co jej'ecjanne. 

]'oS ip aejhpylc. 

)?apa ]>e yrab J?ap pihc. so 

pojibum becne^. 

ne hapa^ heo senij lim- 

leopa]? epne pe-]?eah. 

jip ]>\i maeje pepelan- 

3. MS. rpjiaec. 
27. ij° is added from conjecture. 

either of the two, 

nor mouth has it, 

nor speech with men, 

nor has it understanding ; 

but writings say 

that it is poorest 

of all creatures, 

which, after their kinds, 

have been brought forth. 

It has nor soul nor life, 

but it fates shall, 

through this wonder-world, 

amply endure. 

It has no blood nor bones, 

yet has to children been, 

throughout this mid-earth, 

to many, a comfort. 

Heaven it never touch 'd, 

nor to hell may go, 

but it shall always 

in the King of glories' 

doctrines live. 

Long is to say, 

how its life 

afterwards goes, 

the tortuous decrees of fate. 

That is a curious thing 

to tell of : 

true is everything 

which, concerning this creature, 

we by words signify. 

It has not any limb, 

yet lives nevertheless. 

If thou canst riddles 

21. MS. cymnjc. 
32. MS. he hsenij. 



jiecene jejecjan- 
jo]?um pojibum. 
j-aja hpaet hio hacte :• 

quickly tell, 

in true words, 

say what it is call'd. 



6ce ij' ]*e j'cyppenb. 

je Jjaj" eo]i]>an nu- 


•] j?a]* poplb healbe^. 

pic !]• ye peccenb. 

■3 on pyhfc cyninj. 

ealpa anpalba* 

eop]?an ^ heoponej*. 

healbe^ 'j pealbelS'i 

ppa he j'mb ]'a}' utan hpeojipe^ • 

he mec ppaedice. [110 Z».] 

pophte sec ppym)?e. 

)>a he ]7i]'ne ymbhpyppC" 

aepepc jetce* 

hec mec paeccenbe. 

punian lonje* 

]>8et ic ne plepe. 

pi|>j7an aeppe. 

■] mec ]-emnin5a. 

j-laep opeii^onje)?. 

beo^ eajan min- 

opejtum becyneb. 

j^ij-ne mibban-jeapb* 

meahtij bpjhcen. 

niib hi]' onpalbe. 

aejhpaep jtype^. 

ppa ic mib palbenbep. 



Eternal is the Creator 

who this earth now, 

with firm supports, 

and this world sustains : 

powerful is the Ruler, 

and rightful King, 

Sovereign of all, 

of earth and heaven ; 

lie preserves and swaj s them, 

as he about encircles them. 

He me curiously 

wrought at the beginning, 

when he this orb 

first placed ; 

bade me watching 

long continue, 

so that I should sleep not 

ever after ; 

but me suddenly 

sleep overcomes, 

my eyes are 

quickly clos'd. 

This mid-earth 

the mighty Lord, 

with his power, 

everywhere directs ; 

so I, with the Supreme's 

22. -j for ac ? 



pojibe ealne. 

]>iyne ymbbpyjipc ucau. 


ic eom to Jjon blea^. 

J?aet mec bealbhce raaBj. 

jeajiu jonjenbe. 

jpima abpejaii. 

"3 eofojie eom. 

aejhpaep cenjia. 

];on he jeboljen. 

bib-j'teal jiepeiS. 

ne maej mec oj;ejij'p]]7an. 


aenij ofep eojij^an. 

nymj^e pe ana 30b. 

pe pipne bean heopon- 

healbe]? ■;} pealbe];. 

ic eom on pcence. 

pcjienjjie |7on picelj*. 

o]>]>e pope jy. 

on eopj^an typF« 

pynhc peaxe^. 

ic eom pjiaeptjie ]>6n heo. 

]?eab J?e lilie py. 

leop mon-cynne. 

beopbt on blojcman. 

ic eom betjie ]>on heo. 

j'pylce ic najibej* j'Cenc. 

nybe opepppi]?e. 

mib mmjie ppetnej'je* 

pymle ae^bpasji. 

■3 ic pulpe eom. 

]7on )?ip pen J7?eapce. 

^ hep yple. 

word, all 

this orb about 


I am so gentle, 

that me boldly may, 

ready going, 

a phantom draw along : 

and than a wild boar / am 

everywhere bolder, 
10 when he angry 

makes a stand. 

Me may not overpower 


any on earth, 

save God alone, 

who this high heaven 

holds and sways, 

I am in odour 

stronger than incense, 
20 or the rose is, 

which on earth's turf 

pleasant grows ; 

I am more delicate than it. 

Though that the lily be 

dear to mankind, 

bright in its blossom, 

I am better than it. 

So I the nard's odour 

needs overpower 
30 with my sweetness, 

ever everywhere j 

and I am fouler 

than this swart fen, 

that here ill 

13. Lit. banner-bearers. 



abelan jtrmce^. 

eal ic unbeji heopone]-. 

hpeapfte pecce- 

j'pa me leoj: paebep. 

laspbe set pjiym)?e. 

]7aec ic l^a nub pyhce. 

jieccan moj'Ce. 

\>icce ^ Jjynne. 

J^inja jehpylcep' 

onhcnej'pe. lo 

aejhpaeji healbe. 

hyjijie ic eom heopone. 

hacej? mec heah-cyninj^ 

hij" beajol j^mj. 

bype bihealban •, 

eac ic unbep eop)>an. 

eal pceapije- 

pom-ppa^-pcpapu. [Ill a.] 

ppappa jaejta. 

ic eom micle ylbpa. 20 

J>on ymbhpyppt J>e]'. 

o]>]>e }?ep mibban-jeapb. 

meahce jepeopj^an. 

•3 ic jiej-cpon paep. 

jeonj acenneb. 

maepe to monnum. 

J>uph mmpe mobop hpip- 

ic eom paejeppe- 

ppaetpum jolbep- 

)>eah hit mon apepje- 30 

pipum utan> 

ic eom pypjlicpe J^on* 

l^ej' pubu pula- 

oiSiSe }?ip papoiS. 

smells of filth. 

I all under heaven's 

circuit govern, 

as my dear Father me 

taught at the beginning, 

that I them lawfully 

might govern, 

thick and thin. 

Of everything 

the likeness 

/ everywhere possess. 

Higher I am than heaven. 

Me the High King calls 

his secret thing, 

choicely preserv'd. 

Also I under earth 

all survey, 

the foul penal caverns 

of malignant sprites. 

I am by much older 

than this universe, 

or this mid- earth 

might be, 

and I was yesterday 

young brought forth, 

great to men, 

through my mother's womb. 

I am fairer 

than ornament of gold, 

though it be cover'd 

with wires without. 

I am viler than 

this rotten wood, 

or this weed, 

15. biliculdcn? 

19. MS. ?;crca. 

21. MS. >aer. 



\>e hep apojipen. 

lije^ m eop);an. 

eom aejhpaep bjiaebjie. 

~) pibjielpa. 

|7on ]>eY ponj jpena. 

polm mec maej bipon- 

a pmspap l^py. 

ucan eaj?e. 

ealle ymb-clyppan. 

heapbpa ic eom ^ calhpa- 

J?on pe heapba popjt- 

hpim heopu jpimnia. 

|;on he Co hpupan cyme^. 



leohcan leoman- 

leje hacpa. 

ic eom on 30m an • 

jena j-petpa. 

]7on ]7u beo-bpeab. 

blenbe mib hunije- 

fpylce ic eom ppaj^pe- 

\>6n pepmob jy. 

hep on hyppcum^ 

heapepe jconbe]?. 

ic raepan maej. 


3 epn ecan. 

ealbmn j^yppe- 

"J ic jepaelij maej- 

pymle hp^an. 

J^eah ic aecej- ne jy. 

aeppe Co peope. 

ic maej ppomhcop. 

jileojan |?on p'nex. 

which here cast forth 

lies on the earth. 

/ am everywhere broader, 

and more spacious, 

than this green plain ; 

the hand may grasp me, 

and three fingers, 

easily about, 

clasp me all around. 
10 Harder I am and colder 

than the hard frost, 

bitter-cold rime, 

when to earth it comes ; 

than Vulcan's 



than flame, hotter. 

I am on the palate 

yet sweeter, 
20 than if thou honey-comb 

blendedst with honey ; 

so also I am bitterer 

than wormwood is, 

which here in the hursts 

dusky stands. 

I can feast 

more heartily, 

and also eat, 

than an old giant j 
30 and I happy can 

always live, 

though I partake not food 

through all mi/ life. 

I can more stoutly 

fly than the rapid 
29. jiynre? 



o]7|?e eajin o]>\>e haj:oc. 

sefjie meahce. 

nij' zeyyejiuy- 

ye j*pij:ta pmb. 

}?aet; j'pa fjiomlice maej. 

fejian aejhpaep. 

me If pnaejl j'pipcpa- 

pneljia jjon pejn-pypm* 

■;] pen-yce. 

pope hjie]7pe. lo 

ij' Jjaej' ^ojiej' j'unu- 

jonje hjiaebpa. 

]?one pe pipel. 

pojibu nemna'S. [111Z>.] 

hepijepe ic eom micle' 

]?on pe hapa ptan. 

d\>pe unlytel- 

leabep clymppe. 

leohfcjie ic eom micle- 

Jjon ]>ey lycla pyjim- 20 

]7e hej\ on plonbe ^ae^* 

potum bpyje. 

plmce ic eom heaj\bpa. 

J7e J7ip pyjt bpipe);. 

op j?ippum ptponjan. 

ptyle heap ban. 

hnepcjie ic eom micle- 

halppe pe]7pe. 

pec hep on pinbe. 

paepe^ on lypce* so 

ic eoji]>an eom. 

aejhpaep bjiaebpe* 

T pibjelpa. 

]?on |?ep ponj jpena- 

ic utcop eal- 

8. MS. jnelfio. — j-e for })on? 

or eagle or hawk 

ever could. 

It is not Zephyrus, 

the swift wind, 

that so stoutly can 

go everywhere. 

Than me a snail is swifter, 

also quicker a rain-worm, 

and the fen-frog 

in its course more rapid. 

The son of muck is 

in its gait quicker, 

which we beetle 

name in words. 

I am heavier by much 

than the hoar stone, 

or a huge mass 

of lead more lumpish. 

Lighter I am by much 

than this little worm, 

which here on the river goes 

dry of feet. 

Than flint I 'm harder, 

which this fire drives 

from this strong 

hard steel. 

Softer I am by much 

than neck plumage, 

which here in the wind 

waves in air. 

Than the earth I am 

everywhere broader, 

and more spacious 

than this green plain. 

I all without 

11. MS. ic. 21. flotoe? 



ymb -pinbe • 

ppaechce-jepej-en • 


nip unbep me. 

aenij o]?ep. 

pihfc palbenbjie. 

on poplb-hpe- 

ic eom upop. 

ealpa jejxeapca. 

pajia Jje pophce* 

palbenb upeji. 

pe mec ana maej. 

ecan meahtum. 

jej^eon }7jiymme. 

\>set ic onjiinnan ne jceal • 

majia ic eom ^ j'Cpenjpa. 

}?on pe micla hpael. 

pe]?e sappecjej'. 

jpunb bihealbe^. 

ppeajifcan jyne. 

ic eom j'pi]?jie ]?on he. 

ppylce ic eom on majjne. 

mmum laep]'e. 

J>on pe honb-pypm. 

ye^e haelej^a beapn. 

j^ecjap peapo-]7oncle. 

peaxe belpa^. 

ne hapu ic m heapbe. 

hpite loccaj'. 

ppsepce jepunbne. 

ac ic eom pibe calu. 

ne ic bpeaja ne bpmia* 

bpucan mopte. 

ac mec bej-cypebe . 


curiously woven, 

with wonder-craft. 

There is not under me 

any other 

creature more powerful 

in worldly life : 

I am above 

all creatures 
10 which hath wrought 

our Supreme, 

who alone can me 

increase in powers, 

in glory to prosper, 

so that I shall not war on him. 

Greater 1 am and stronger 

than the huge whale, 

which ocean's 

ground beholds 
20 with his dark eye : 

I am more powerful than he.' 

So also I am in my 

strength less 

than the earth-worm, 

which children of men, 

crafty mortals, 

with knife dig up. 

I have not on mi/ head 

white locks, 
30 delicately wound, 

for I am widely bald ; 

nor brows nor lashes 

might I enjoy, 

for me deprived 

4. ojeji! 

15. onjinnan? 

24. Lit. band-worm. 



fcyppenb eallum* 
nu me ppaethce. 
peaxa^ on heapbe. 
f me on jepcylbjiu- 
fcjnan motan* 
pil ppaefclice. 
punbne loccap- 
majia ic eom ^ paettjia- 
J?on amaepceb j'ptn- 
beajij bellenbe. 
on boc-puba- 
pon-pjYOCenbe. ' 
pynnum lipbc 
^ he * * 

* * * 

the Creator of all ; 

now curiously 

grow on my head, 

(so that on my shoulders 

they may shine, 

full curiously,) 

curled locks. 

Larger I am and fatter 

than a masted swine, 

a boar, roaring 

in the beach wood, 

dusk grubbing, 

that joyfully liv'd, 

so that he * * 

* * * 


* ebmpu. [112 a.] 

J»aec ip mobbop- 

monijpa cynna- 

]>a&Y peleptan. 

]78ep ppeajifcepcan. 

]7aep beopeptan. 20 

];aep ]>e bpyhta beapn. 

opep polban pceafc- 

to jepean ajen. 

ne majon pe hep jn eop)?an. 

opiht lipjan. 

that is the mother 

of many races, 

of the most excellent, 

of the swartest, 

of the dearest, 

which the children of men, 

over earth's region, 

to their delight possess. 

We may not here on earth 

at all live. 

14. Here a leaf of the MS. is manifestly wanting, containing the end of this, 
and the beginning of the following enigma. 



nym^e pe bjiiicen- 
J^aej- |7a beapn bo^. 
f !]• Co 5e]?encanne. 
J?eoba jehpylcum. 
pij'paejcu pejium. 
hpaec j'eo pihc j-y :• 

unless we enjoy 
what those children do. is to be thought on 
by every one of people, 
sagacious men, 
what the creature is. 

Ic peah pyhce. 
ppoetlice cpa- 
ute plejan. 
hpit-loc anpenj. 
plane unbep paebum. 
jif ]?8e]' peopcep j-peop. 
paemne pyllo* 
ic on plette maej. 
]?uph pun-jtapaj'. 
pmcum pecjan. 
]7ani ]?e bee pitan. 
be^a aec-]'omfie. 
nanian Jjapa pihca^ 
l^aep pceal nyb pepan. 
cpeja o]?ep. 


■J ye tophta sepc- 

anan Iman. 

acap Cpejen. 
10 haejelap ppa pome- 

hpylc J?aep hopb-jatep- 

cae^an cpaepce* 

J7a clamme onleac. 

|?e ]>a paebellan. 

pi^ pyne menn. 

hyje paepte heolb. 

heoptan beppijene. 


nu ip unbypne- 
20 pepum aet pine- 

hu )7a pihte mib up. 

hean-mobe cpa- 

hatne pmbon :• 


14. MS. j-peop. 

28. MS. fssj. 

30. clammaj-? 





Ic pat mbjvyhtne- 

sepelum beopne- 

jiej'C 111 jeajibuni. 

|?ain je jpimma ne maej. 

hunjoji fce^^an • 

ne j-e hata ]?upp. 

ylbo ne able. 

51 j: him aplice. 

epie ]?enaS. 

yelpe ajan ]'ceal« 

on l^am j'i^-j:ate. 

hyje j'unbe. 

aet ham }:inba^ picobe him • 

pij'Ce "2 bhppe. 

cnoplep unpim. 

* cape, 
jip ]'e ej-ne hi]' hlaj:o]ibe. 
hypeb yple. [112 b.] 

ppean on pope. 

ne pile pophc pej'an- 20 

bpo]?op oj^puni. 
him ]>aet bam pceSe^. 
|?on hy ppom beapme- 
bejen hpeoppa^. 
anpe majan. 
mobbop ^ j-peopcop. 
mon pe)?e piUe. 
cyj^e cyne-popbum- 
hu pe cuma hacce- so 

e^]>a pe ej-ne. 
]>e ic hep ymb j'ppice :• 

I know a noble 

(to men dcir,) 

guest in dwellings, 

whom may not the grim 

hunger injure 

nor the hot thirst, 

age nor disease, 

if him honestly 

his servant serve, 

who shall have 

on the journey 

a sound mind : [him 

at home he shall find appointed 

food and happiness, 

progeny numberless, 

[without] care. 

If the servant his lord 

ill obey, 

his master, on journey, 

will not be formidable 

brother to other, 

that will hurt them both, 

when they from the lap 

both depart 

of one kinswoman, 

hurrying away, 

mother and sister. 

Let the man who will 

make known in fitting words, 

how the guest is call'd 

or the servant, 

about whom I here speak. 

7. r. abl. 

12. r. -j-unbne. 

16, Here a word, perhaps butan, is omitted. 




pjiasclic honja^. 
bi yeyiey ]>eo . 
pjiean unbep j'ceace. 
jiopan ij' l^ypel. 
bi^ ]'fcj]> 3 heajib. 
j'tebe haj:a^ jobue- 
)7onne j'e ej'ne- 

hif ajen hpaejl. 
0}:ep cneo hefeS. 
pile |73efc cuj^e hoi- 
raib hij' han-jellan • 
heajibe jjiecan. 
J>aec he ej:e lanj aep. 
oy.t jepylbe :• 


Ic on pincle jejijisejn. 
peax nac hpaec- 
}?inban 3 J^unian. 
I^ecene hebban* 
on j^aec ban leape. 

bpyb jpapobe. 
hyje-plonc honbum- 
hpsejle ]>eahte. 
|?inbenbe J^inj* 
]?eobnep bohcoji :• 

Pep psec aec pine, 
mib hip pipum Cpam. 
3 hip tpejen j'uno- 
■] hi]' fcpa bohcop. 
ppape jeppeoj'top. 
^ hype puno cpejen. 
Fpeohco ppum-beapn. 
paebep paej- ]7aep-inne. 
J>apa aejjelinja. 
mib earn 3 nepa. 


A man sat at wine 
with his two wives, 
and his sons twain, 
and his two daughters, 
own brothers and sisters, 
30 and their sons twain, 
gentle first-borns. 
The father was therein 
of those youths 
with uncle and nephew. 

13, epne? 

23. MS. Jjjiinbenfee. 



ealjia paejion pye ■ 
eojila "3 ibej-a- 
m-pctenbpa :• 

Tn all were five 
men and women 
sitting within. 


Mo^^e pojib ppaec. 

me l^aefc J^uhce- 

ppaeclicu pypb. 

\>a ic \>set punbop jieppaejn 

J^aec pe pypm popppealj- 

pepa jieb pumep. 

J^eop in |?yj'tpo. 

]?pympae]tn6 cpibe- 

*] |>aep ptjianjan jtaj^oL 

jtael-pejt; ne paep. 

pihce ]>y jleappa. [113 a.] 

J^e he |?am popbu ppealj :• 


A moth ate words j 

to me that seem'd 

a curious hap, 

when I that wonder heard, 

that the worm had swallow'd 

some man's saying, 

a thief in darkness, 

some noble speech, 

and the strong's * 

The stealing guest was not 

in aught the wiser, 

who the words had swallow'd. 

Ic jeppaejn pop h3ele[>um< 
hpinjenbe an. 
cophcne bucan. 
tunjan tda. 


jehaele mec. 
helpenb jaejca- 
pyne onpefcan- 
peaban jolbep. 

J>eah he hlube ptepne ne cipmbe- juman jalbop-cpibe- 
j'tponjum popbu. 21 jleape bej^uncan- 

pine pop jecjum. hypa haelo to jobe. 

j'pijenbe cpae^. j'pa pe hpmj jecpae^ 

16. MS. pen. 




Ic pat eapb-jraej-tne- 
anne j'tanban. 
beafne bumban- 
fe ofc baejej- j-pilje^. 
}7ujxh ^opej' honb. 
jijipum lacum. 
hpilu mon )7a picum^ 
j'e ponna J'ejn • 
ppeapc 3 palo-neb. 
penbe^ o]?jie. 
unbep. joman him • 
jolbe byjijian. 
J^a aej^elinjap. 
opt pilniaiS- 
cyninjap "] cpene. 
ic f cyn nu jen. 
nemnan ne yille- 
\fe him CO nycte j'pa^ 
^ to bujj^um bo)?. 
^ pe bumba heji. 
eopp unpita. 
rep popppilje^ :• 

I know in its dwelling fast 

one standing, 

deaf, dumb, 

who by day often swallows, 

through a crafty one's hand, 

gifts greedily. 

Sometimes to the dwellings 

the dark servant, 

swart and sallow-faced, 
10 sends others 

under his palate, 

than gold more precious, 

which nobles 

oft desire, 

kings and queens. 

I that kind now 

will not name, 

which so for its use, 

and for its state does, 
20 that here the dumb 

senseless wolf 

first swallows it. 


Pija ip on eop|?an. 
punbpum acenneb- 
bpyhtum to nytte. 
op bumbum tpam- 
copht atyhteb. 
Jjone on teon pi^e^. 

5. jeaper? 

^ warrior is on earth, 
wonderously born, 
for use to people, 
from two dumb ones 
bright produced ; 
on whom hostilely wars 

22. MS. j:eji j-pilgeS. 

2 F 



jreonb hif peonbe- 
foji-j'Cpanjne ojifc- 
pif hme pjii^. 
he him pel hejie^' 
J?eopaJ> him je]?paejie. 
pf him Jjejnia^. 
maeje"S 3 maecjap. 
mib jemece pyhce- 
peba^ hme paejpe. 
he him ppemum pfcepeiS. 
hpe on hppum- 
leanaiS jpimme- 
"pe hme ploncne. 
peop]?an laete^ :• 


a foe with his foe. 

Though in strength excelling, oft 

a woman binds him : 

he her well obeys, 

serves her with gentleness. 

If to him minister 

lasses and lads 

moderately and fittingly, 

feed him kindly, 

he them with benefits will treat, 

with life in comforts. 

Harshly he repays 

him who him proud 

lets become. 

Ic peah ppaeclice. 
puhfce peopep. 
pameb pi]7ian. 
ppeapte paepan laptaj'- 
ppa]7u ppi]?e blacu. 
ppipfc paep on pope, 
pujlum ppumpa- 
pleoCjan lypte. 
beap unbep y]?e. 
bpeaj unpciUe. 
pmnenbe pija. 
pe him paejap taecnej;. 
opep paeteb ^olb. 
peopep eallu :• 


I saw curious 
beings four, 
together journeying, 
[113 Z>.] swart were their footsteps, 
their track very black. 
20 Swift was in course, 

than the birds more rapid, 

flying in air ; 

dived under the waves, 

moved restlessly, 

the fighting warrior, 

who to them the ways shows 

over rich gold, 

to all four. 

2. MS. fej}. 
22. r. jrleojan. 

21. r. jrjxomjia. 
26. jesaj-? 




Ic feah jiaeplmjaj'. 
m paeceb fepjan. 
unbeji hpop ]-alej-. 
heajibe fcpejen- 
J>a paejion jenamne- 
neajipum benbum. 
j:aefCe to-jaebjie- 
J?ajia o|?jium paep. 
an jecenje- 
pon-pah pale, 
peo peolb hypa. 
beja yipe- 
benbum paepfcjia :• 

I saw captives 

going into a house, 

under a mansion's roof, 

bold ones twain, 

who were held 

in pinching bonds, 


fast together, 

of whom to the other was 

one heavy, 

a dusky female stranger, 

who control'd of them 

both the course, 

than bonds faster. 

Ic peah on beappe. 
beam hlipian- 
tranum cophcne* 
Jjsec cpeop paep on pynne- 
pubu peaxenbe. 
paetep hme 3 eopj^e. 
pebban paejpe- 
o)?|>aBt he ppob bajum. 
on o]?jmm peap^. 
beope jeboljob. 
bumb m benbum • 
ppi)?en opep punba- 


I saw in a grove 
a tree towering, 
with branches splendid : 
that tree was in its joy, 
its wood growing, 
20 water and earth it 
bounteously fed, 
till that it, stricken in days, 
became in another 
miserable state 
deeply wounded, 
dumb in bonds, 
bound o'er its wounds. 

1. MS. jiaepinjaj. 

5. jenumneT 

2 F 2 



ponnum hypjcum. 
jzojian jejijiaetpeb . 
nu he paecnum paej* 
}7uph hip heapbep maej. 
hilbe jiepte- 
ojjpu pyme'S- 
ope he an ypt j'tpubon- 
hopb aec-jaebpe- 
hpaeb paep ■;) unlaec 
pe aepcepa. 

jip je aeppa paep jenam- 
nan in neapope. 
ne]7an mopce :• 


with sad trappings 

in front adorn 'd : 

now it to the bold a way, 

through its head's force^ 

to another 

enemy opens. 

Oft they furiously desolated, 

hard together : 

rapid was and quick 

the second : 

if the former took fright, 

none into the peril 

might venture. 

I^ype cpom janjan- 
}?ap he hie pij'pe- 
pfconban m pin-pele« 
pcop peoppan fco- 
hpop haejptealb-mon. 
hop hip ajen hpaejl- 
honbum up. 
panb unbep ^ypbel]-. 
hype ptonbenpe. 
ptijjej' nafc hpaet- 
pophfce hip pillan • 
pajeban buta- 

3. fjiecnum pej ? 
7. hi on? 
26. MS. onnerce. 


J^ejn onefcte. 

paep ]?pajum nyfc. 

Cillic epne. 

fceopobe hpae|>pe. 

aefc ptunba jehpam. [114 a.] so 

pCponj aep ]?on hie o. 

pepij J?aej' peopcep. 

hype peaxan onjon. 

unbep jypbelj-e. 

Jjaet opt 50 be men. 

pep^]?um ppeoja^. 

■3 mib peo bicja^ :• 

4. maejen? 
8, heajib ? 

6. Lit. guest of war. 
16. MS. pine. 



Ic j'eah m heall • 
J7ae|i haele^ bpuncon- 
on plec bejiaH' 
feopeji cynna. 
ppaeclic pubu-cjieop. 
;) pun ben jolb- 
pnc peajio-bunben. 
^ peolpjiep bael- 
3 jiobe-tacn. 
ps^Y u]' Co pobejium up. 
hlaebpe paepbe. 
aep he hel-papa- 
bupj abpaece. 
ic ]>ssY beamep raaej- 
eaj^e j:op eoplum. 
ae]?elu pecjan. 
}?aep fsey hlin "^ ac. 
•] ye heapba ip. 
^ ye pealpa holen. 
ppean pinbon ealle- 
nyt set-jaebpe. 
naman habba^ anne. 
pulp-heapeb tpeo^ 
^ opt paepen abseb. 
hip mon-bpyhcne. 
ma^m in healle. 
jolb-hilceb ]*peopb. 
nu me )>ip]'e]' jiebbep. 
onbppape ype« 
pe hine onmebe- 
popbum pecjan. 
hu pe pubu hafcte :• 

1. healle? 
19. O. N. oln or olun. 


I saw in a hall, 

where men were drinking, 

borne into the room, 

four kinds of things : 

a curious forest-tree ; 

and twisted gold, 

treasure cunningly bound ; 

and of silver a piece j 

and a crucifix 
10 of him who for us to heaven up 

a ladder rear'd, 

ere he of hell's inhabitants 

the burgh burst open. 

I of this tree can, 

easily before men, 

the nature say : 

there was lime and oak, 

and the hard yew, 

and the yellow alder ; 
20 to their lord they all are 

useful together : 

they have one name, 

the wolf-head tree, 

which the weapon oft awaited 

for its lord, 

an ornament in the hall, 

a gold-hilted sword. 

Now me this riddle's 

answer show, 
30 he who may presume 

in words to say 

how the wood is call'd. 

17. hlinb for linb ?.— MS. ace, 
24. abafe? 



Ic paej' paRji'Ume' 
\fseji ic ane jefeah. 
pmnenbe piht- 
pibo benne jean- 
holt hpeojipenbe. 
heaj^o-jlemma peiij* 
beoppa bolja- 
bapojjap paepon. 
peo ]?aepe pihte. 
J ye pubu peappum. 
paepte jebunben. 
hype pota paep* 
bubpaepfc o]?ep. 
oj^ep bipjo bpeaj. 
leolc on lypce- 
hpiluni Ion be neah- 
tpeop paep jecenje- 
)?am J>aep cophc anjtob. 
leapum bihonjen- 
ic lape jepeah. 
nunum hlapopbe- 
)?aep haeleiS bpuncon. 
)>apa plan * 
on pleC bepan :• 


T was therein, 

where I saw a 

creature striving 

against wide wounds, 

the wood traversing ; 

of swords receiv'd 

deep gashes : 

darts were 

an affliction to the creature, 
10 and the wood with engines 

fast bound. 

Of its feet was 

one stationary, 

the other suffer'd toil, 

mounted in air, 

sometimes nigh to land. 

The tree was heavy, 

on which bright it stood, 

hung with leaves. 
20 I saw the sword 

of my lord, 

where men were drinking, 

whose arrows * 

bearing into the room. 


Deop lypc bype^. This air bears 

lytle pihte. little creatures 

opep beop5-hleo|?a. over the mountain brows j 

j?a pmb blace ppi^e. [114 A.] they are very black. 

4. pifie benna? 9. pea? 23. Some lines are here apparently wanting. 



j-peajite j-alo-pabe. 
j-anjef pope- 
heapum pepa^. 
hlube cipma^' 
tpaeba^ beapo-naejjaj' 
hpilum bupj-jalo. 
ni\>]>a. beapna« 
nemna^ hy fylf e :• 

swart, sallow-coated, 

sweet of song ; 

in swarms they go, 

loudly cry ; 

they tread the woody promontories, 

sometimes the city-halls 

of the sons of men. 

Name them yourselves. 


Ic pac an-pete. 
alien bpeojan. 
pihc on ponje. 
pibe ne pope's, 
ne pela pibe^. 
ne pleojan maej. 
]7uph pcipne baej. 
ne hie pcip pope's. 
naca naejleb-bopb. 
nyt; bi^ hpaejjpe. 
hype bpyhfcne. 
monejum tibum- 
hapa^ hepijne pteopt. 
heapob lycel. 
tunjan lanje. 
to'S naenijne. 
ipepnep bael. 
eop^-jpaep pae)7e'S. 
paecan ne j'peljejj- 
ne pihfc ice]?. 


I saw with one foot, 

violence suffering, 

a creature in the plain : 

far it goes not, 

nor rides much, 

nor can it fly 

through the bright day, 

nor does a ship bear it, 

a boat, a nail'd vessel ; 

yet is it useful 

to its master, 

many times. 

It has a heavy tail, 

a little head, 

a long tongue, 

not any tooth : 

a part of iron 

the earth-grave paces : 

liquid it swallows not, 

nor eats it aught. 

2. pope? 

19. does not alliterate with 20. ; read therefore hyj\e mon-bjiyhtnc, which also 
completes the rhythm. 



j:o|>pej' ne jitjaiS- 
j:ejieiS oj:C fpa-]7eah. 
lajo-plob on lyytB' 
life ne jielpe^. 
hlapopbej- jipum. 
hype^ ppa-J>eana. 
Jjeobne pmum^ 
J?py pinb in naman. 
pyhce pun-ptapap. 
J>apa ip pab piipum : 

food it craves not, 
yet bears it oft 
the water-stream in air ; 
in life it boasts not, 
in its lord's gifts, 
yet it obeys 
its chief: 

in its name are three 
regular runic letters, 
10 of which BAD is the fourth. 

Ic peah m healle. 
hpinj jylbenne. 
men pceapian., 
mobum jleape* 
pep]7]?um ppobe • 
ppi]70-ppebe baeb- 
50b nepjenbe. 
jaepte pinum. 
pe)?e penbe ppi]?an' 
popb aepcep cpas'S. 
hpmj on hypebe- 
haelenb nembe- 
Cill-ppemmenbpa • 
him cophce in jemynb- 
hip bpyhtnep naman- 
bumba bpohce- 
■;3 in eajna jepihiS- 
jip ]>seY 8e]7elan. 
jolbej' tacen. 


I saw in a hall 
a golden ring 
men beholding, 
of soul sagacious : 
for peaceful happiness pray'd 
the preserving God, 
for his soul, 

he who turn'd it winding : 
20 words afterwards spake 
the ring in the family, 
nam'd the Saviour 
of well-doers ; 
brightly into his mind 
his Lord's name 
the dumb one brought, 
and into his eyes' vision. 
If of this noble 
gold the token 

10. j;eop))a; 

16. MS. fjiij'o /pebae^. 



onjiecau cuj?e- 
bjiyhc boljbon. 
]"pa ]>3ey beajej-. 
benne cpaebon. 
ne maej J^aejie bene- 
aenijej' monnep. 
jobep ealboji-bujxj- 
jaepc jepecan- 
jiobejia ceapcjie. 
paebe pe|7e pille* 
hu "Saep pjiaetlican^ 
punba cpaeben. 
hpinjep to haelejjum. 
]?a he m healle paep- 
pylceb ^ penbeb. 
ploncjia folmum :• 


[115 a.] 

could understand 

so of this ring 

the wounds spake. 

May not (that prayer 


of any man 

God's royal burgh 

the spirit seek, 

the heavens' city. 

Let him divine who will 

how of this curious 

ring to men 

the wounds spake, 

when in hall it was 

revolv'd and turn'd 

by the hands of men. 


Ic )7ip jiebb ppece bi me- 
pul jeomoppe- 
mmpe pylppe pi^. 
ic l^aefc pecjan mae^. 
hpaet ic ypmj>a jebab. 
pip)?an ic up-peox' 
nipep o]?|?e ealbep. 
no ma ]fon nu. 
a ic pifce ponn. 
mmpa ppaec-pij^a- 


I of myself this lay recite 

full sadly, 

my own fortune : 

I that may say, 

what miseries I've sustain'd, 

since I grew up, 

new or old, 

j/et not more than now. 

Ever have I the penalty gain'd 

of my wanderings. 

2. apparently corrupt, and without an alliterating line. — fepyhc-teol^ b6n ? 
7. un jep yllobpe ? 17. Lit. of <^e proud. 20. mmne jylj-ej"? 



aejiej'C mm hla}:opb jepac- 

heonan oj: leobum. 

oyeji yj?a jelac- 

hjBfbe ic uhc-ceajie. 

hpaeji mm leob-jzjiuma. 

lonbej" psepe. 

Da ic me pejian jepac. 

polja'S pecan. 

pineleap pjisecca' 

pop mmjie pea-|?eappe' 

onjunnon ^ J^aep monnep. 

majaj' hycjan. 

j7U]ih byjine 3e|?oht. 

f hy fcobaelben unc. 

^ pit jepiboj'C 

m pojiulb-jiicC' 

lipbon la^licopt. 

"5 mec lonjabe- 

het mec hlapojib mm. 

hep.heajib mman. 

ahce ic leoppa lyfc. 

on |7ippum lonb-pcebe. 

holbjia ppeonba. 

pop]?on 1]' mm hyje jeomop. 

]?a ic me pul jemaecne. 

monnan punbe. 


hyje-jeomopne . 

mob mij^enbne. 

mop|7op hycjenbne. 

bli]7e jebaepo. 

pul opt; -pib beoteban. 

Jjaefc unc ne jebaelbe. 

nemne beaiS ana. 

First my lord departed 

hence from his people, 

over the billows' play ; 

I had nightly care, 

where my chieftain 

in the world might be. 

When I departed journeying, 

to seek m^ lord, 

a friendless exile, 
10 for my sad misery 

resolv'd this man's 

kinsmen to devise, 

through dark counsel, 

that they might part us ; 

that we most distant 

in the world's-realm 

might live, most estranged, 

and it irk'd me. 

Promis'd my lord, 
20 Herheard, me to take. 

I had dear ones few, 

in this country, 

kind friends ; 

therefore is my spirit sad, 

when I to myself full like 

a man found 


sad in soul, 

his mind concealing, 
30 death meditating, 

his bearing kind. 

Full oft we promised, 

that us naught should part, 

save death alone 

8. Lit. following, retainership. 

30. MS. hycjenbe. 



opihc ellej'. 

epc ij- J^aec onhpojijien. 

If nu fpa hit no paejie. 

fpeonbpcipe unceji. 

pceal ic jieoji jeneah- 

mmep pela leopan. 

faeh^u bpeojan. 

hehc mec mon punian. 

on puba beajipe. 

unbep ac-tjieo« lo 

in J?a eoji'S-pcpaepe. 

ealb ij- ]7ep eoji^-pele. 

eal ic eom op-lonjab. 

pinbon bena bimme. [115 b,^ 

buna up-hea. 

bifcjie bujij-fcunaj'. 

bjiejium bepeaxne- 

pic pynna leap- 

pul opc mec hep ppaj^e bejeat. 

ppom-]-i^ ppean. 20 

ppynb j'lnb on eopj^an* 

leope lipjenbe. 

lejep peapbia'S • 

]7onne ic on uhtan. 

ana jonje. 

unbep ac-Cpeo- 

jeonb |?ap eopiS-j'cpapu. 

j^aep ic pitfcan moc- 

pumop-lanjne baej- 

J^aep ic pepan maej. ai 

mine ppaec-j'ij^ap. 

eappo]?a pela^ 

pop]7on ic aeppe ne masj- 

]?aepe mob-ceape. 

naught else : 

that is again changed, 

is now as it had not been 

our friendship. 

I must far enough 

for my much lov'd /"riend 

enmities endure. 

They bid me dwell 

in the forest-grove, 

under the oak tree, 

in the earth-cavern. 

Old is this earth-hall, 

I am all wearied : 

dim are the dells, 

the downs high, 

unpleasant the town-dwellings, 

with briars o'ergrown, 

the house joyless. [whelm'd 

Full oft me here heavily o'er- 

mi/ lord's departure. 

M2/ friends are in the earth ; 

the once dear living ones 

the grave inhabit. 

Then I ere dawn 

alone go 

under the oak tree, 

among these earth-caves ; 

there I may sit 

the long summer day, 

there I can weep 

my exile-journeyings, 

wy many hardships ; 

for I may never 

from my mind's 

5. MS. yeal. 

9. r. pubu. 

28. MS. j-ittam. 



nunjie jejiej'Can. 

ne eallej- ]?ae]' lonjajjej-. 

\>e mec on )Jijyu life bejeac. 

a f cyle jeonj mon pef an • 
heajib-heopcan jej^ohc 
j-pylce habban j*ceal. 
bli}?e jebaejio. 
eac )?on bjieopc-ceajie. 
pn-j'oji^na ^ebjiea^. 
j-y aet him ]'ylfu jelonj* 
eal hi]' pojiulbe pyn. 
YY pil pibe yah' 
peojipej' polc-lonbej'. 
J7gec min ppeonb pice^. 
unbeji pfcan-^hh^e- 
ptojime behpimeb' 
pine pepij mob- 
paecjie beplopen* 
on bpeoji-pele- 
bpeojeS pe ram pme* 
micle mob-ceaj\e. 
he jemon fco opfc. 
pynhcjian pic. 
pa bi'S ]?am ]>e j'ceal. 
op lanjoj^e- 
leopep abiban :• 


sorrow rest, 

nor from all the weariness 

which me in this life hath over- 

Ever must a young man be 
sad of mind ? 
Hard-hearted's thought ! 
shall such have 
blithe looks, 

even when care of breast, 
constant sorrows, he should en- 
let be of himself along [dure 
all his worldly joy, 
be he full widely foe 
of the far country ? 
There my friend sits, 
under a rocky shelter, 
whiten'd with the storm — 
mi/ friend weary in spirit — 
with water whelm 'd; 
in his drear hall, 
my friend endures 
great mental care, 
he too oft remembers 
a more joyous dwelling. 
Woe is to him who must 
(from weariness) 
his friend await. 

7. rpyic? 

10, r. lojija. 

15. Jaeji? 




Daefc jelimpan jceal- 

J^aeCfce laju yloye^- 

jzlob ofeji jiolbaii. 

peojiej' bi^ aec enbe. 

anjia jehpylcum • 

Oft maej j-ej^e pile. 

in hif pylpef pepan. 

po^ jej^encan- 

hapa^ him jel^injeb hibep- 

J^eoben upep- lo 

on ]7am maejtan baeje- 

maejen-cynm^a hyhpfc- [116 a.] 

pile J)on popbaepnan. 

bpejo mon-cynnep. 

lonb mib lije- 

nij* J^aet lyculu jppaec 

to jehejanne. 

hat bi^ onseleb. 

j'i)7|?an pyp nime^^ 

polban pceatap. 

bypnenbe lij- 

beophte jepceapte. 

bi'S eal ]?ep pnna ^punb. 

jleba jepylleb. 

pe]?pa bponba. 

ppa nu pixia^* 

jpom-hybje juman- 

jylpe ptpyna^. 

hypa hlapopbe. 


That shall befall, 

that water shall flow, 

flood, over earth ; 

life shall be at end 

to every one. 

Oft may he who will, 

in his own mind, 

soothly think, 

that for him hath interceded here 

our Lord, 

on that greatest day, 

highest of mighty kings. 

Then will burn, 

the Lord of mankind 

the land with flame. 

That is no little council 

to be held : 

heat shall be kindled 

after fire seizeth 

earth's regions, 

burning flame 

the bright creation, 

all this spacious ground shall be 

fiU'd with the glowing embers 

of the fierce brands, 

which ferocious men 

now rule ; 

arrogantly thei/ gain riches 

for their lord. 

18. MS. onhaeleb. 

29. i. e. the devil. 



jehlaejej' cilja'S- 

o|?J>aeC hy bej"j>ica^- 

jynna peajibaj-. 

J>aet hi mib yy heape^ 

helle j-eca^. 

fleoja^ mib J^am peonbum- 

him bi)? }:yji onjean. 

bjiophc pite. 

]?aeji naejzpe baej j'cine'S. 

leohce oj: lypce. i 

ac a bilocen j^onbcS . 

ri))|7an Ipse]' jaercej- ^jiype- 

apepen peopJ?e'S. 

uj:an hit ip enje. 

3 hifc ip mnan hat. 

nip ]fdRt bethc bolb. 

ac |>aeji ij* bjiopia hyhpt. 

ne noht hyhthc ham- 

ac l^aeji ip helle jjiunb- 

pajihc piiS-paet. 2 

}>am ]>e pibbe pul opt. 

tomaelbe^ mib hip muj?e. 

ne con he ]?a mipcan jepceapt 

hu hi butan enbe. 

ece ptonbe^. 

J>a J?e l^aeji pop hip pynnu. 

onpaejb peopi|7e^. 

3 )jon a to ealbpe. 

ojilej bjieoje^. 

hpa ip J?on J>aep poji^-jleap. 

0)7 J7e J7aep pela cunne. 

]7aet sepjie maeje heopona. 

heah|7u jepeccan- 

ppa jeojine ]7one ^obej- bael 


falsehood cultivate, 

till that them deceive 

the guardians of sins, 

so that they with the multitude 

seek hell, 

flee with the fiends. 

Before them shall be fire, 

sad punishment : 

there day never shines 

bright from air, 

but ever it stands shut, 

since for the spirit's horror 

it hath been assign'd. 

Narrow it is above, 

and it veithin is hot ^ 

that is no goodly dwelling, 

but there is of terrors deepest, 

not a joyous home, 

but there is hell's abyss, 

a painful journey 

to him who kin full oft 

betrayeth with his mouth : 

he knows not the dark creation, 

how it without end 

ever stands 

for him who for his sins 

shall be made sink therein, 

and then for evermore 

strife shall endure. 

But who is so provident, 

or so much knows 

that he ever may heaven's 

glories relate, 

so readily that God's portion. 

3. i. e. the devils. 
21. or peace. 

8. fejiyjlic? or = O. S. druoui? 
24. r. heo. 30. jrojie-jleap ? 


MS. blob. 
Lit. excelsa. 



fpa he jeapo j-conbe^. 

claenum heojitum. 

J;am ]?e ]nyne cpibe pilla'S. 

onbjiaeban J^uj- beopne- 

f ceal j'e baej peopj^an . 

J^aet pe pop^bepa^. 

ppena jehpylce. 

J^eapaj' ^ jej^ohtap- 

)?aet bi]? ]?eaplic jemot. 

heapblic hepe-msejen. [116 b.^ 

hat; bi)? acolob. ii 

ne bi]? ]?onne on ]?ij']'e populbe. 

nym|?e paetpep ppej^ 

* * * 

pipcej' e]>el' 

ne bij? hep ban ne blob- 

ac pceal beapna jehpylc- ' 

mib hce 3 mib paple. 

leanep ppicjan- 

eallep J^aep J?e pe on eopj^an. 

aep jepeophtan. 20 

jobep o]>]>e yplep* 

ne maej naenij jpype. 

mape jepeopj^an. 

as it stands prepar'd 

for clean hearts, 

for those who this lay will 

dread thus solemn. 

The day shall be, 

that we bear forth 

our every sin, 

habits and thoughts : 

that will be a vast meeting, 

an unhappy host. 

Heat shall be cool'd : 

then shall not be in this world 

save water's roar, 

'rh * •«" 

the fishes home. 

Here shall be nor bones nor blood, 

but shall every child of man, 

with body and with soul 

the reward partake 

of all that we on earth 

ere wrought, 

of good or evil. 

Not any horror may 

be greater 

aeptep populbe. 
3 ye bi"S pibe cu^. 
ne tyfca]? hep tunjuL 
ac bi]? typ fcaecen. 
eop]?an blaebap. 
pop]?on ic a pille. 
leobe laepan. 

after the world, 
and it is widely known. 
Here shall no star shine forth, 
but glory shall be departed, 
the joys of earth : 
therefore I ever will 
people teach. 

13. Here a line is evidently wanting. 

18. f jiicjan seems an error for hleocan, or a verb of similar import governing 
the genitive. 

23. A line is wanting. 26. =Dan. titte? 



J7sec hi lop jobej". 

hejijan on heahj^u- 

hyhcum fco pulbjie. 

lijrjen on jeleajian- 

•;) a lujran bpyhcnef • 

pyjican m J'lffe populbe- 

aeji ]7on je plonca baej- 

bobije |?u]ah byman. 

bjiyne-hatne lej- 

.ejpan opeji }?py. 

ne bi^ naenjej- eojilep tip- 

lenj on J^ij'pum hpe- 

pi]?J?an leohcep peapb- 

opeji ealne polban paej?m. 

pyp. onpenbe^. 

bxe^ lyptep maejen. 

lej onetteiS. 


blob-jyte peop|?e^. 

monjum jemelbab. 

raaejen-cynmjep J^pea- 

beopa'S eal beojihce jej'ceapc 

bjionbap laca^. 

on ]?am beopan baeje. 

byne^ up-heopon. 

j7on pepap ^ pip. 

populb alaeta^ • 

eop)?an y]im]>u. 

peo^ |7on on ece jepyphc- 

J?on bi^ jecyj^eb. 

hpa unclaennippe- 

hp ahpbe. 

hi bi'S lean jeapo- 

hyhc paej- a m heoponum- 



that they God's praise 

exalt in the heavens, 

in glory to the Highest ; 

live in belief, 

and ever the Lord's love 

work in this world, 

ere that the awful day 

proclaim through trumpet 

the hot burning flame, 

terror o'er the multitude. 

The glory of no man shall be 

longer in this life, 

after that light's Guardian, 

over all earth's bosom, 

shall fire have sent. 

Gleam shall the power of air, 

flame shall hasten, 

pale-burning ; 

bloodshed shall be 

announced to many, 

the anger of the mighty King ; 

tremble shall all the bright crea- 

brands shall play [tion, 

on that awful day ; 

heaven above shall resound, 

when men and women 

the world resign, 

the miseries of earth ; 

then on eternity thei/ shall look, 

then shall be made known 

who of uncleanness 

lived a life, 

to them reward shall be prepar'd. 

Joy was aye in heaven. 

2. MS. heah>u. 

3. hyhj-tum ? 



jn]7|?an uj-eji haelenbej- paej-- 

mibban-jeajibej- meocub. 

J?uph )?a maej'tan jej'ceafC 

on ful-blacne beam. 

bunben paejce. 

ceajiian clomme» 

Cfiij't: ealle pat. 

jobe baebe. 

no l^aep jilpan |>eaj\j:. 

fynpull papeL 

^ hyjie ]'ie ppejl onjean- 

when our Saviour was, 

mid-earth's Creator, 

throughout the vast creation, 

on the foul-pale tree 

fast bound 

with dire bond. 

Christ knoweth all 

good deeds ; 

therefore may not vaunt 

the sinful soul, 

that to it is heaven toward. 

j7on he jehyjipeS j:uloj:t. [117 «.]when he full oft traduceth 

halje lape- 

bjiyjbe^ on bypmeji. 

ne con he J?aep bjiojan bseL 

yplep -aimt- 

aejx hifc hme onj:ealle^. 

he )?aefc }?6n onpmbe^. 

\on pe pseji cyme]?. 

jeonb mibban-jeapib. 

monejum 5ecy]7e^. 


holj'^ lore, 

draweth it into derision, [terror, 

He knoweth not the portion of 

the sense of evil, 

ere it on him falls. 

He it then perceives, 

when the peril comes 

over mid-earth, 

to many shall make known. 

]7aethebi^on]7aefcpynpcpepeopiub.that he shall be in that sinister 

pypj* jepceaben. 

};on he on J>a ppi]?pan honb- 

ppican mocc' 

leahcpa alypeb- 

lyC |?sec 5e];ence^. 

pe)?e him pmep jlaeb- 

pilna bpuce^. 

pice^ him pymbel-jal- 

pi]? ne bemujine^. 

hu him aeptep ]?i]']'e populbe. 

peop^an mote :• 

worse separated, [band 

than when he on the right hand 

might retire, 

from sins redeem'd. 

Little that thinketh 

he who glad with wine 

his desires enjoys, 

sits with feasting wanton, 

his lot bewails not, 

how to him after this world 

it may be. 

12. MS. Fol. 

21. MS. mon3ejum. 

2 G 




Pille J>onne pojipelban. 

jgejra bjiyhcen. 

piUum aefCejx J^aejie pypbe 

pulbpej' ealbop . 

]7am ]>e hij' pynna nu« 

pape jej^encej?. 


micle bpeoje^. 

hi j>3ec )?on jeleana^. 

lipep palbenb. 

heopona hJTibe. 

aepcep heonan pij'e. 

jobum baebum. 

J7aep Jje he j-pa jeomop peap^. 

papij po]i hip pynnum. 

ne pceal pe to j-aene beon. 

ne ]?i]'pa lapna co laec 

yepe him pile hpjan mib jobe 

bpucan J?aep bolbep. 

pe up beophfc paebep. 

jeappaiS to-jeanep. 

jaept a ealbop. 

J^aefc ip pije-bpyhcen. 

]?e )7one pele ppaetpe^. 

fcimbpe^ tophclice. 

to pculon claene. 

pomma leape» 

ppa j-e palbenb cpae^. 

ealpa cymnja cyninj- 

Fop)>on cpicpa jehpylc- 


bpyhtne hypeiS. 

Will then requite 

the Lord of spirits 

willingly after death, 

the Prince of glory, 

him who of his sins now 

with pain thinketli, 

mental affliction 

great suffereth ; 

him that then will repay 
10 the Lord of life. 

Guardian of heaven, 

after departure hence, 

with benefits ; 

for that he was so sad, 

sorry for his sins. 

He must not be too inert, 

nor in these precepts too slow, 

who with God will live, 

enjoy the dwelling-place 
20 which the bright Father 

prepareth for us, 

the Prince of spirits. 

That is the Lord of triumph 

who this hall adorueth, 

buildeth splendidly ; 

thither shall the pure, 

the stainless, go, 

as the Powerful spake, 

of all kings King. 
30 Therefore each living 

meditative man 

will the Lord obey. 

3. Lit. fate. 

30. MS. jepylc. 



}7apa J^e pile heopona- 

heah}?u jej'tijan. 

hpae]?pe )?aec jejonje^. 

}>eah ]?e hic jy jpeote be]?eahc. 

lie mib lame. [117 b.'] 

J?aec hit j'ceal lipe onpon. 

peopep aeptep polban. 

pole bi]? jebonnen- 

abamep beapn. 

ealle to pppaeee. lo 

beo^ J?onne jejaebpab. 

jaej't ^ ban-]'ele. 

jefomnab to ]?ain fi)?e. 

po]7 J?aet pile ey]7an. 

)7on pe uj' jemitta^' 

on ]?am maej'tan baeje. 

pineap ast ]7aepe pobe. 

fecjaiS j7on pyhta pela- 

eal fpylce unbep heoponu jepeap^ 

hatej' '^ cealbej'. 

jobej- oJ>}7e yplep. 

jeopne jehype'S- 

heofon-cyninja hyhft. 

haelej^a bsebe- 

naeppe mon J^aef hlube. 

hopn a)?yte^. 

lie byman ablape]?. 

}78et ne fy j'eo beophte j-tepn 

opep ealne mibban-jeapb. 

monnum hlubpe. 

palbenbej' popb. 

ponjaj' beopia^' 

pop ]7ain aepenbe. 

)?8et he to uj' eallum pat- 



who will heaven's 
heights aseend ; 
yet that shall take plaee, 
though it with dust be cover'd, 
the body with elay, 
that it shall life reeeive, 
soul after this earth j 
mankind shall be summon'd, 
the sons of Adam, 
all to the tribunal : 
then shall be gather'd 
soul and body, 
collected at that lime : 
that will the truth make known, 
when we meet together, 
on that greatest day, 
men at the cross. 
Will say then many judgments, 
•all as it under heaven took place, 
of hot and cold, 
of good or evil j 
earnestly will hear 
of heaven-kings the Highest, 
men's deeds; 
never so loudly 
horn is wound, 
nor trumpet blown, 
that the clear voice be not, 
over all mid-earth, 
louder to men, 
the Powerful' s words. 
The plains shall tremble 
for the message, 
which he to us all will announce, 

7. peojiei 

14. MS. cyjam. 
2 G 2 

24. MS. hselela. 



oncpe]? nu ]?i]'ne cpibe. 
cu]? fceal jepeopjjan- 
J^aefc ic jej'aejan ne maej' 

shall echo now this saying : 
manifest shall become 
what I may not say 

pyjib unbeji heoponum- 

ac hiC ]>UY ^elimpan pceal' 

leoba jehpylcum • 

opeji eall beophc jej-ecu- 

bypnenbe lij. 

pi|>)?an aepteji ]7am hje. 

lip bi^ jejraj^elab- 

pelan ah m pulbjie- 

pe nu pel J?ence^ :• 

fate under heaven ; 

but it thus shall befall 

every people, 

over all the bright habitations, 

burning flame ; 

then, after the flame, 

life shall be confirmed, 

weal shall have in glory 

he who now well thinketh. 


Ahelpe mm j^e halja bpyhcen. 

]>u jepceope heopon "3 eopj^an. 

■] pun bop eall. 

mm pulbop-cynmj. 

)>aep on pmbon. 

ece bpyhcen- 

micel ^ manijpealb. 

ic ]>e maepe job. 20 

mme paple bebeobe. 

3 minep pylpep lie. 

"3 mm popb ^ mm peopc. 

pit 15 bpyhten. 

^ eal mm leo)?o. [118 a.] 

leohcep hyp be. 

Help me, holy Lord ! [earth 

thou who didst create heaven and 

and all wonders, 

my glory- King ! 

which are therein. 

Lord eternal ! 

great and manifold ! 

I to thee, great God ! 

my soul commend, 

and my own body, 

and my words and my works, 

sagacious Lord ! 

and all my members, 

Guardian of lisrht ! 

3. Two or more lines are wanting. 

16. MS. junboji cjninj. 



-) ]?a manijjiealban. 

mine jej^ohta]-. 

jetacna me. 

cunjla hyjibe. 

]7aeji j'elafC jy. 

japle mmpe. 

CO jemeajicerme- 

meocubej' pillan* 

Jjaec ic ]>e jejjeo- 

J^mja jehpylce- 

"3 on me pylpum. 

j'O'Sjiaept cyninj. 

paeb ajiaejie. 

jiejn-Jjeop ne laec. 

on fceabe ]-ce]?J?an- 

]?eah ]>e ic fcyppenbum. 

pulboji-cymnje • 

paccop hypbe. 

picum bpyhcne. 

J?on mm paeb paepe- 

popjip me Co lij'j'e^ 

hjrjenbe job* 

bicpe bealo-baebe* 

ic ]7a boce jemon. 

cynmja pulbop. 

cume Co jip ic moc 

poppp |7U me mm ppea. 

pieppc ■^ onbjiec. 

•;) ie]fylb 3 jemynb. 

J^mja jehpylcep. 

J?apa )7u me j'oJ>p8efC cymnj. 

jenban pylle- 

Co cminunje. 

nu J?u conpc on mec. 

pipen-baeba pela. 

feopma mec hpaej^pe. 

and my manifold 


Signify to me. 

Guardian of the stars ! 

where it be best 

for my soul 

to observe 

my Creator's will, 

that I may live to thee 
10 in everything, 

and in myself, 

just King ! 

counsel raise. 

Let no arch thief 

me in darkness injure, 

though that I my Creator, 

the King of glory, 

more faintly have obey'd, 

the powerful Lord, 
20 than it were wise in me. 

Grant me grace, 

living God ! 

of my pernicious baleful deeds : 

I of the penalty am mindful. 

Glory of kings ! 

that / may come to thee, if I can. 

Give thou me, my Lord ! 

time and understanding, 

and patience, and mindfulness 
30 of everything, 

which thou to me, just King ! 

wilt send 

in probation. 

Now thou knowest in me 

sinful deeds many, 

yet cherish me, 



meofcob j:oji J^injie milcj-e. 

J>eah ye ic ma fjiemebe^ 

j|iimjia jylta- 

];on me job lyfbe. 

haebbe ic ]>on peajiye- 

f ic ]>me j'e-|7eah. 

haljej' heopon-cynmjej* 

hylbo jetilje. 

leopenbum bajum- 

lip aepfceji of^pum. lo 

jej-eo ^ jej-ece. 

)>aec me ]'i]?)?an ]?aep- 

unne appaefC 30b. 

ecan bpearaef. 

lij: alyj:e. 

j^eah J?e laetlicop. 

bette bealo-bsebe. 

)?on bibobu paepoii- 

haljan heopon-maejnep. 

hpaefc J>u me hep pela j:op5ea}:e. 

* * * 

jepetfce mmne hyhc on \>ec- 21 

fophte pope-)?oncaj^. 

)?aec hio paepdice. 

pfconbe jepfcaiSelab. 

onjCep mmne hije- 

jaepca 50b cynmj- 

m jeapone pseb. [118 A.] 

nu ic punbije to J;e. 

paebep mon-cynnep. 

op l^ippe populbe. 30 

nu ic pat ^ ic pceal. 

pul unpyp paca. 

peopma me }>on' 

Lord ! for thy mercy, [more 

though that I have perpetrated 

dread crimes 

than me God permitted : 

I have then need, 

that I, nath'less, thy, 

holy King of heaven ! 

grace cultivate, 

in mi/ transient days. 

A life after the other 

/see and seek, 

that me afterwards there 

the merciful God vrill grant, 

of everlasting joy ; 

life allow me, 

though /more slowly 

have repair'd mi/ baleful deeds, 

than were the behests 

of the holy heavenly Power. 

Yes ! thou here gav'st me much, 

* * * 

placed my hope in thee, 
mi/ dread forethoughts, 
that they fastly 
stand confirm'd. 
Imbue my mind, 
God, King of spirits ! 
with ready counsel. 
Now I hasten to thee. 
Father of mankind ! 
from this world ; 
now I know that I shall 

sustain me then. 

20. A liiie or more is here evidently lost. 



pyjaba palbenb- 

m J^mne pulbop-bjieam. 

3 mec ^eleopan laec. 

leofjia bjiyhcen. 

jeoca mmep jsepcep. 

J?on ij' jjiomjia to fela* 

aejiepfcum eaben. 

haebbe ic j^onne. 

aefc fjieaii fpoppe* 

J^eah ]?e ic aep on yfj^yte lyt. 

eajinobe ajina^ 

pojilaefc mec enjlaj* j-e-Jjeah. 

jeniman on ]7inne neapepfc. 

nepjenbe cyninj. 

meocub poji )>inj\e milcpe- 

)?eah ^e ic mana pela- 


Ruler of destinies ! 

in thy glorious joy, 

and let me depart ; 

Lord of the good ! 

save my soul. 

When too many hostile ones 

enviously have assail'd me, 

1 have then 

in the Lord comfort j 

though that I ere in mi/ time little 

merited of mercies, 

yet let angels me 

into thy presence take. 

Saviour King ! 

Lord ! for thy mercy, 

though that I many crimes 

aeptep bojpium bybe. [)7eah. did from day to day, 

ne laefc ]>\i mec naepjie beopol j-e- yet let thou the devil never me, 

J?m lim laeban^ 

on la^ne pi^- 20 

]>y laep hi on )?one pope-}7onc. 

jepeon motan* 

)?y ]>e hy him jylpu. 

pellan J?uhcen. 

enjlap opephybije. 

)7on ece cpij'C- 

thy limb, lead 

on a hateful journey, 

lest they in that presumption 

may rejoice, 

for that they to themselves 

seem'd better, 

the overweening angels, 

than Christ eternal : [belief. 

jelujon hy him set }?am ^eleapan- they deceiv'd themselves in that 

j:oji|?on hy lonje pculon* 

pejije pihca* 

pjiaece Jjjiopian. 30 

pojij'Conb ]>u mec 3 jeptyp him^ 

Jjonne pcojim cyme. 

mmum ^aepte onjejn* 

jeoca ]?on. 

therefore shall they long, 

beings accursed, 

exile suffer : 

protect thou me and punish them. 

When the storm comes 

against my spirit, 

save then. 

4. Lit. dear, beloved. 
28. MS. jcul only, immediately after which there is a hole in the leaf. 



mihfcij bjiyhcen. 

mmpe j'aple- 

jejipeoj^a hype ^ jejieopma hy- 

paebep mon-cynnep. 

haebpe jehojobe- 

hael ece job. 

meocob meahcum ]'pij>- 

mm ij' nu ]?a. 

ye fa j^yunum pah. 

;} ic ymb j-aple eom- lo 

peam p]7um popht. 

]?eah )7u me pela j-ealbe- 

apna on J^iffe eop|?an. 

]>e j'le eallep ]7onc. 

meopba ^ milcj-a* 

J?apa ]>u me fealbejc- 

no Saep eapnmja. 

aenije paepon mib- 

hpae]7pe ic me eallej' )?ae]". [119 a.] 

ellen pylle. 20 

habban ^ hlyhhan. 

3 me hyhtan to- 

ppaecpian mec on pop^-pe;;^. 

"3 pun b] an. 

pylp Co J?am pij'e- 

"pe ic ajeccan ]*ceal. 

jaej'C jeappian. 

"3 me J)aec eal pop jobe- 

Jjolian bbj;e mobe. 

nu ic jebunben eom. 30 

paejce m mmura pep]7e. 

hupu me ppea pite^. 

pume ]?apa jynna. 

|>e ic me pylp ne conn* 

mighty Lord ! 
my soul ; 

protect it and cherish it. 
Father of mankind ! 
benignantly remember'd j 
save it J eternal God ! 
Lord strong in might ! 
Now is my 

mind stain'd with sins, 
and for my soul I am, 
for its hostile courses fearful, 
though thou hast given me many- 
blessings on this earth. 
To thee be thanks for all 
the rewards and mercies 
which thou hast given me j 
for this not merits 
any were in me ; 
yet for all this I 
will courage 
have, and laugh, 
and exult, 

prepare myself for departure, 
and hasten 

myself to the journey, 
which I must undertake, 
?ni/ soul prepare, 
and all that 'fore God 
suffer with cheerful mind : 
now I am bound 
fast in my soul. 

Surely in me will ^^eLord chastise 
some of the sins, 
which I myself cannot 

1 1 . paum ? 

23. MS. j:ejiW pej. 



onpetan jleaplice^ 

jobe ic haebbe. 

aboljen bpejo mon-cynnej'. 

j:oji)?on IC J^uj- bictjie peapi^. 

jepitnab fo[pe] I'lfj'e pojiulbe- 

fpa mm 5e[pyjihco] paepon- 

micle pope monnum • 

l^aec ic maji[cyp]bom. 

beopne abjieo^e. 

ne eom ic bema jleap* k 

pip pope peopube. 

pop)>on ic |?ap popb pppece. 

puj' on pepjje- 

ppa me on ppym^e jelomp. 

ypm]7u opep eopj^an- 

J^aec ic a ]7olabe. 

jeapa jehpylce^ 

jobep eallej-. 

J?onc-mob eappoJ?a« 

ma J?onne on oj^pum^ 21 

pyphco m polce. 

popJ?on ic apyj-eb eom- 

eapm op mniu e]>\e- 

ne meej ]7aej' anhoja* 

leob-pynna leap* 

lenj bpohcian- 

pmeleap ppaecca. 

ip him ppa^ meotub- 

jnopna^ on hip jeojuj^e. 

"5 him aelce maele. 3 

* * * 

men pullejCaiS. 
yca^ hip ypm)ju. 

readily understand. 

I have God 

anger'd, Lord of mankind, 

therefore was I thus bitterly 

chastis'd before this world, 

as my smful works were, 

great before men j 

so that I martyrdom 

awful suffer. 

I am not a skilful judge, 

wise before the multitude, 

for I these words speak 

hastening on departure. 

So at the beginning me befell 

miseries on earth, 

that I ever lack'd, 

each year, 

all good ; 

meditative of hardships 

more than in other things, 

fear among people : 

for I driven am 

poor from my country. 

The lone one may not this, 

of social joys depriv'd, 

longer suffer, 

the friendless exile : 

the Creator is with him wroth, 

he grieves in his youth, 

and them at all times, 

men aid, 

augment his miseries. 

5. MS. jro. 6. MS. jep. 
11. pojiulbe? 
13. jpojxtJ-pej ? 

8. MS. map., the other letters are obliterated. 
12. MS. j-ppaece. 
30. Here a line or more is wanting. 



3 he J>aeC eal ]?ola^. 

j-aji-cpibe jecja. 

•j hi bi"S a ye^ia. jeomop. 

mob raojijen-jeoc. 

ic bi me cyljufC. 

fecje J>if j'ap-fpell. 

^ ymb j'l]? fpjiaece. 

lonjunje fuj'. 

^ on laju ]?ence. 

naC mm * * lo 

* * * 

hpy ic ^ebycje. 

bat on jaepe. 

pleoc on ppoiSe. [119 -6.] 

nah ic fela jolbep • 

ne hupu ]>ssy ppeonbep. 

"pe me jejiylpte- 

Co ]>am pi^-pace- 

nu ic me jylp ne maej. 

jrope mmum pon-aehfcum^ 

piUan abpeojan- 20 

pubu moc him peaxan. 

pypbe biban • 

canum laeban* 

ic pop caele ne maej. 

aenijne mon-cynnep. 

mobe jelupian. 

eopl on eple- 

eala bpyhcen mm. 

meahcij mmib-bojia- 

J?aes ic eom mobe j'eoc. 30 

bitpe aboljen. 

ip peo boc set ]>e- 

7. r. jppece. 
12. M. G. sdivs. 
IS. jppeonbej, i.e. zokiej, 1. 14. 

and he all that suffers, 
the reproach of men, 
and his soul is ever sad, 
his mind at morn sick, 
I of myself most fitly 
say this lament, 
and of mi/ journey speak 
with longing eager, 
and on the water think. 
Knows not my * * 

why I buy 

a boat on the sea, 

a vessel on the billow. 

I have not much of gold, 

not indeed of that friend, 

which might support me 

for the journey ; 

now I myself may not, 

for my poverty, 

my will obey. 

I for calumny may not 
any of mankind 
in mi/ mind love, 
man in the land. 
O my Lord ! 
mighty Protector ! 
that I in mind am sick, 
bitterly vex'd. 
The retribution is along 

10. Here the MS. is evidently defective, 

13. jrlocan? 

80. MS. eoc, the first letter obliterated. 



ic on leohce ne masj. 

bucan eajij:o|7um. 


j:eaj'ceaj:t; haele- 

polban * * 

]?on ic me CO j:pem)/um. 

fjxeobe haejibe- 

cyS J7u jeep 
a ceajm j'ymle. 
lujiena fco leane- 

* * 



of thee, after * * 

I in the light may not, 

without hardships, 

in any way, 

a poor mortal, 

the earth * * 

ppa ic alipbe. 


* * 

bi]? ]fsst' 

Jjonne mon hun * jylp ne maej. 

pyjib onpenban. 

];aec he Jjon pel |?olije :• 


Onjminon him on uhcan. 
aej^elcunbe msej^. 
jieppan co ^on^e. 
pijcon jumena jemofc. 
aej^elmjej- lie- 
eop.^-aepne bij^eahc- 
):olban pepiju pip. 
pope bimaenan. 
aej^elmjej' bea'S. 
ane hpile. 
jieone bepeotan^ 
paepc paep acolab. 
heapb paep hm-j-i^. 
haele^ paepon mobje. 
)7e hy set ]?am beopje. 
bli^ne p[u]nbon. 
cpom peo mupnenbe- 
mapia on baej-peb. 
hehc hy oJ>pe mib. 

Resolv'd ere dawn 

the noble women 

to prepare for journey : 
20 th' assemblage knew 

that the Noble's corse 

was in its earth-house cover'd 

the weary women would 

with weeping bewail 

the Noble's death 

a while, 

sadly deplore. 

His resting-place was chill ; 

hard was his departure ; 
30 the men were haughty, 

whom they at the deserted 

sepulchre found. 

Came the mourning 

Mary at dawn, 

calls with her another 

18. r. maexSa. 19. MS. jeonje. 23. r. polbon. 32. belibne (belibenum)? 



eojilef bohcoji. 

j'ohton j'ajiiju cu. 

j'lje-beajin jobej*. 

aenne m f eoji^-aejm^ 

J?8ep hi aep pij-con- 

^ hme jehybban- 

haele^ lubea- 

penban ]>3et he on J^ani beopje* 

biban fceolbe. 

ana in J^aepe ea]-tep-nihfc.[120 a 

hupu ])3SY o}?ep J^mj. n 

pij'Con l^a pipmenn. 

]7a hy on-pej cypbon. 

ac ]7aep cpom on uhcan- 

an enjla j^peat. 

behaefbe heapa pyn- 

haelenbep bupj- 

open paep ]7aec eop^-aepn. 

ael^ehnjej- he- 

onpenj jzeopep jaBffc. 20 

polbe beopobe. 

hlojan hel-papan. 

hajopcealb onpoc- 

mobij ppom molban. 

maejen-J^pym apap. 

j'ljepaej't ^ jnoccop. 

paejbe lohannij-. 

haele^ hel-papu. 

hlyhhenbe fppaec. 

mobij CO |?8epe menjo- 30 

ymb hif maeje * * 

haefbe me jehafcen- 

haelenb uj-ep. 

]7a he me on pifne jiiS. 

penban polbe. 

]7aec he me jepoh • . . 

earl's daughter; 
sought the sad two 
the victor Son of God 
alone in that earth- house, 
where they before knew 
that him had hidden 
the men of Judea : 
thei/ imagin'd that he in the tomb 
would abide, 
.] alone in the Easter night; 
but another thing than this 
the women knew, 
when away they turn'd ; 
for there came ere dawn 
a company of angels, 
surrounded the joy of bands 
the Saviour's tomb : 
open was that earth-house ; 
the Noble's corse 
had receiv'd life's spirit; 
earth trembled, 
laugh'd hell's inmates ; 
men awoke 
exulting from earth. 
Majesty arose 
triumphant and sagacious. 
John said, 

the man to hell's inhabitants 
laughing spake, 
boldly to the multitude, 
of his * * 

* Me hath commanded 
our Saviour, 

when he me on this journey 
would send, 
that he me * 



monaS eallej-. 
polcej' }:]aunia- 
nu * * .... jceacen • 
pene ic }:ul fpij^e- 
■^picob... * * * 
co-baeje bjiyhcen piUe- 
* * pecan • 

pije-beapn johej'. 
pypbe hme ]?a to pope, 
ppea mon-cynnej- 
polbe heopona helm, 
helle peallap. 
popbpecan ■;} popbyjau. 
Jjaepe bupje ]?pyin. 
onpnnan peapian- 
pe]?upfc ealpa cyninja. 
ne pohce he to paepe hilbe. 
ne he bypn-pi^enb. 
to J>am bupj-jeatum . 
laeban ne polbe- 
ac ]>a. locu peollan. 
cluj'top op ]>si ceaptpum. 
cyninj m o]?pab. 
eallep polcep ppuma. 
pop^ onette. 
peopuba pulbop-jiepa* 
ppseccan l^punjon. 
hpylc hypa ■p pyje-beapn- 
jepeon mopte. 
abam ^ abpaham. 
ipac ^ lacob- 
monij mobij eopl. 

exhorteth of all 

people the Prince 

* * * 

To-day the Lord will 

* * seek, 

the victor Child of God.' 

Hasten'd then for journey 
10 the Lord of mankind j 

heaven's chieftain would 

hell's walls 

break down and bow, 

that city's pride 

begin to spoil, 

fiercest of all kings. 

He reck'd not, for that strife, 

of helm-bearing warriors, 

nor he mail'd champions 
20 to those city gates 

would lead ', 

for the locks fell, 

th' enclosure from that city. 

The King rode in, 

the Origin of all people 

hasten'd forth. 

Glory-giver of hosts. 

The exiles throng'd, 

which of them that victor Child 
30 might see : 

Adam and Abraham, 

Isaac and Jacob, 

many a lofty earl. 

27. MS. yeopub. 



moyfej* 3 bauib. 
•J j-achapiaj*- 
hea-j:aebpa j:ela. 
j^ylce eac haelej^a jemofc. 
pic^ena peojiob. 
pij:monna ]?jieac. 
pela paemnena- 
j:olcej- unpim. 
jejeah )>a lohannip . 
pje-beajin jobej*. 
mib J^y cyne-)7pymme. 
cuman Co hellc 
onjeac J^a jeomop-mob. 
sober yyljiey ]i«. 
jej-eah he helle bujiu. 
haebpe pcinan. 
J?a )?e lonje aep. 
bilocen paepon. 
bi)?eahce mib J^yptpe. 
pe Jje^n paep on pynne. 
abeab ]?a bealblice- 
bup^-papena ...opb. 
mobi^ pope ]7aepe men^o- 
^ to hij' maeje pppaec. 
'^ J>a pil-cuman. 
popbum 5pecce. 
)>e J^aep ]7onc j'le. 
J>eoben uj'ep. 
^ ]7U up * * 

pecan polbepc. 
nu pe on J^ippum benbuin- 
bib... * * 

|;on monije bmbeiS. 
ppaeccan * * 

Moses and David, 

and Zachariah, 
patriarchs many : 
[120Z>.]so also a company of men, 
a host of prophets, 
a band of women, 
many damsels, 
people numberless. 
10 Saw then John 

the victor Child of God, 
with that kingly pomp, 
come to hell 3 

perceiv'd then the sad in mind 
God himself s journey : 
he saw hell's door 
serenely shine, 
which long before 
had been lock'd, 
20 with darkness deck'd : 
joyful was the thane. 
Announced then boldly to 
the city-dwellers' * 
exulting before the multitude, 
and to his kinsman spake, 
and then the welcome guest 
in words greeted ; 
* To thee for this be thanks, 
our Lord ! 
30 that thou us * * 
would'st seek j 
now we in these bonds 





* bi^ pibe j:ah. 

ne bi^ he no J^aej- neajipe- 

unbeji ni^-loc j^aej-. 

bifcpe jebunben. 

unbep bealu-clommum. 

^ he }?y y*S ne maeje. 

ellen habban- 

]>6n he hip hlapojibej'* 

hylbo jelype^. 

)?aec hine oj: ]?am benbum 

bicjan piUe. 

ppa pe ealle to ]7e. 

an-jelypa^ • 

bjiyhcen mm pe bypa^ 

ic abjieaj pela- 

pi)7|?an J?u enb to me. 


J?a ]>u. me jepealbejic. 

ppeojib "3 bypnan. 

helm 3 heopo pceopp- 20 

a ic )>aet heolb nu jiec* 

;3 ]?u me jecy^bejc. 

cyne-Jjpymma pyn- 

]7aec )?u munb-bopa. 

ramum paepe. 

Gala jabpihel. 

hu Jju eapc jleap ^ pceapp. 

milbe •) jemynbij. 

^ mon-]7p8epe. 

pip on ]?mum jepicte. 30 

•3 on J?inum pojibe pnoctoji- [121a, 

)>aec ]?u ^ecyiSbepfc. 

J7a ]?u ]7one cnyhc co up. 

bjiohfcejt in bechlem. 

he shall not be thus closely 
under * * 

bitterly bound, 
under dire chains, 
that he therefore easily may not 
courage have, 
when he his Lord's 
kindness believes, 
that he him from those bonds 
will buy. 
So we all in thee 
alone believe, 
my dear Lord ! 
I much have suflFer'd 
since thou in to me 
didst come ; 
when thou me gavest 
sword and corselet, 
helm and martial vest, 
(I that still always hold) 
and thou to me declaredst, 
Joy of kingly glories ! 
that thou my Protector 
wouldest be. 
Ah Gabriel ! 

how thou art skilful and keen, 
mild and mindful, 
and gentle, 

wise in thy understanding, 
]and in thy word sagacious : 
that thou didst manifest, 
when thou the boy to us 
broughtest in Bethlem. 

16. in? 



biban pe ]>3ey lonje- 
j'ecan on j'opjum- 
j'lbbe oplyjce- 
pynnum ■] penuni' 
hponne pe pojib ^obej-- 
]?ujih hip jylpep mu^- 
pecjan hyjvbe. 
eala majiia' 
hu ]7U up raobijne- 
cyninj acenbepc 
J?a ]>u l^aec cilb Co uj-- 
bjiohcej't in bechlem- 
pe ]?aep beopienbe- 
unbeji helle bojiu- 
heajibe pceolbon. 
biban m benbum. 
bon[a] peopcep jepeah- 
paepon upe ealb-pinb[ap]« 
[eallje on pynnum « 
))on by jehypbon. 

hu pe bji 

* * • • • .n mupnenbe- 

maejbujij uj'j-e. 


We for this waited long, 

sate in sorrows : 

with peace delighted 

joys and hopes, 

when we God's word, 

through his own mouth, 

heard speak. 

Ah Mary ! 

how thou for us a noble 

King broughtest forth, 

when thou that Child to us 

broughtest in Bethlem j 

we for this trembling 

under hell's door, 

cruelly must 

await in bonds. 

The slayer joy'd in his work, 

our old enemies were 

all in delights, 

when they heard 

how we * * 

* * bpyhten job. 

* * jape 
ealpa cyninja * 

* up * mon. 
mobje * * 

j>e ajeap * • • • jeojo^e • 
pe ]?uph jippe mob- 
beppican uj' j'ylpe- 
pe ]?a pynne fop];on. 
bepa^ m upum bjieoptu. 

30 We through rapacious mind 
have deceiv'd ourselves, 
we the sin therefore 
bear in our breasts : 

2. r. jaecon. 

18. r. peonbaj. 



CO bonan honba jculon. 

eac Co uj'j'um jieonbu- 

ppeoj^o pilnian. 

eala hiejiujalem. 

m lubeum- 

hu \>u in J?aepe ]'Cope« 

j'Cille jepunabej'C- 

ne moj'Can J?e ;;^eonb-pejian. 


ealle lipjenbe- lo 

|?a J^e lop pmja^. 

eala lopbane- 

in lubeum- 

hu |?u in l^aejie pcope- 

jTiUe jepunabepc 

nalep ]7u jeonb-plopan. 


mopCan by )?ynep paecpej'^ 

pynnum bjiucan. 

Nu ic \>e halpie. 20 

haelenb uj-ep. 

beope m jebypj-tum. 

Jni eapc bpyhcen cpipfc. 

|?aec \>u. up jemilcpie. [121 bJ] 

monna pcyppenb- 

\>[i pope monna lupan- 

|7inpe mobop bopm. 

pylpa jepohcej'. 

j'lje-bpyhten job- 

nalep pope ]7inpe ]?eappe. 30 

]?eoba palbenb- 

ac pop )>a milcpum. 

\>e ]>vi mon-cynne« 

opfc aetypbej'C. 

at the slayer's hand we must, 

even from our foes, 

desire peace. 

Ah Jerusalem, 

in Judea, 

how thou in that place 

tranquil didst remain ! 

May not thee traverse 

earth's inhabitants, 

all living, 

who to thee praise sing. 

Ah Jordan, 

in Judea, 

how thou in that place 

tranquil didst remain ! 

Thou flowest not among 

earth's inhabitants, 

they might thy water 

gladly enjoy. 

Now I thee beseech, 

our Saviour ! 

deeply in tribulations, 

(thou art the Lord Christ,) 

that thou us pity. 

Creator of men ! 

Thou for love of men, 

thy mother's bosom 

didst thyself seek. 

Lord God triumphant ! 

not for thy need, 

Ruler of nations ! 

but for the mercies, 

which thou to mankind 

oft hast shown, 

16. -plopejc? 

22. setoyjifuin (jebeopfum)? 

2 H 



J>on him paej' ape Jjeapj:. 

Jju meahc ymb-}:on- 

eal j:olca jej-eCu- 

jpylce |7u meahc jejimian. 

jiice bjiyhcen. 

j'aej" jonb-jpocu- 

jelajc ealjia cyninja- 

j'pylce ic ]>e halpije- 

haelenb upej\« 

pope ]7mum cilbhabe- 

cynmja ]*elapc- 

3 pope ]7aepe punbe- 

peopuba bp[yhcen] • 

[j pope] ]?mum aepipce- 

agj^elmja pyn^ 

~} pope |?mpe me 

* * •••man nama- 
pa, ealle hell-papa • 
hepja'S ~i lop[ia^] • 

* * . . . .lum^ 
]?e ]>e ymb-j*conba^^ 
]7a ]?u ]>e lete pitcan • 

* * * honb- 

]?a ]7u up on )7ipne ppaec-]-i^- 

peopoba bpyhten- 

)7uph ]>mey pylpep jepealb- 

jecan polbepc 

■3 hiepupalem^ 

m lubeum. 

j'ceal peo bupj niij^a- 

biban epne ppa-]?eah. 

j7eoben leopa* 

\nney epc-cymep^ 

■;] pop lopbane^ 

m lubeu- 

12. jiinum jjunbum? 

when to them was pity needful. 
Thou mightest embrace 
all abodes of nations, 
so also thou mightest number, 
powerful Lord ! 
the sea's sand-grains. 
Best of all kings ! 
so I thee beseech, 
our Saviour ! 
10 for thy childhood, 

of kings most excellent ! 
and for thy wounds. 
Lord of hosts ! 
and for thy resurrection. 
Delight of the noble ! 
and for thy * * 

that all hell's inmates 

glorify and praise, 

which around thee stand ; 

those whom thou let'st sit 

* * hand, 

when thou us in this exile, 

Lord of hosts ! 

through thine own power 

wouldst seek. 

And Jerusalem, 

in Judea, 
30 shall that city now 

nath'less await, 

beloved Lord ! 

thy return : 

and as for Jordan. . 

in Judea, 

SI. MS. I'ean. 



piC unc in Jjaejie bupnan- 

ba]?oban aec-jaebjie- 

opeppujipe ]7u imb ]?y paecjie. 

peojiuba bpyhcen. 

bli]?e mobe- 

ealle bupj-papan- 

j'pylce jic lohannij- 

m lopbane. 

mib J?y pullpihce. 

faejpe onbpypbon- lo 

ealne J>ipne mibban-jeapb- 

pie ]?aej- jymle meocube }7onc :• 

we two in that brook 

bathed together ; [water, 

thou didst besprinkle with that 

Lord of hosts ! 

with kind spirit, 

all the city's inmates ; 

so also thou and John, 

in Jordan, 

with baptism, 

happily excited 

all this mid-earth ; [thanks. 

be therefore ever to the Creator 


Pel bi^ l^am eople- 

\>e him on-mnan hapa^. 

pej^e-hyjbij pep. [122 

pume heopcan. 

]?8et him bi]? pop populbe- 

peop^mynba maepc. 

■3 pop uj'pum bpyhtnC' 

boma j'elapt. 

epne ppa he mib paecpe. 

)7one peallenban. 

lej abpaej'ce- 

]7aec he lenj ne maej. 


bupjum pce^^an • 

ppa he mib aelmej-j-au' 

ealle copcupe^- 

pynna punbe. 

papla lacnaiS :• 

Well shall it be to the mortal, 

who within him hath 
a.] (a man severe of mind) 

an ample heart, 

that to him before Me world shall be 

of honours greatest, 

and before our Lord 
20 of dignities most excellent. 

Even as he with water 

the raging 

flame quencheth, 

that it longer may not, 


injure cities, 

so he with alms 

shall repel 

wounds of sins, 
30 his soul heal. 
30. raple? 
2 H 2 



Saja me hpaet )?aep peojiubej-- 

paepe eallej-- 

on pajtaonep pypbe. 

J7a hy pole jobep^ 

]?ujih peonbpcipe. 

pyljan onjunn [on] • 

nac ic hit be pihce- 

bucan ic pene J?up- 

\>a&z ]?aejx pcpeob[a] pa&pe- 

jepcyjieb pime. 

piex hun[bpeb]a. 

peajio haebbenbpa. 

f eal pojina^ 

Tell me what multitude there 

was altogether 

in Pharaoh's host, 

when they God's people, 

through enmity, 

resolv'd to follow. 

I know it not at all, 

but I believe thus : 

that there of chariots were 

distinguish 'd by number 

six hundred 

bearing arms. 

That all destroy'd 

ppa|?e pyjibe- 
m populb-jnce 

hostile fate, 

in the world's realm. 


* * paebep. 

]?u ]?e on heoponum eapbajc- 

jepe[op1Sab] pulbjiej' bpeame- 

py );mu peopcu haljab- 

noma ni]7]?a beajinum- 2 

]?u eajifc nejijenb pepa^ 

cyme ]7m pice pibe. 

•;) )?m jxaebpaepc pilla. 

ajiaepeb unbeji pobojiej- hjiope- 

eac )?on on pumpe polban • 

j-yle up to-baeje. 

* * * Father, 

thou who in the heavens dwellest, 

honour'd in the joy of glory, 

be for thy works hallow'd 

thj/ name by the children of men. 

Thou art Preserver of men ; 

come thy kingdom amply, 

and be thy steadfast will 

exalted under heaven's roof, 

as well as on the spacious earth. 

Give us to-day 

9. j-cjieoifa (fcpi^a) ? 



bomjiaejrne blaeb. 
hla]: ujepne. 
helpenb pejia- 
)?one pnjalan- 
j-o^aefC meotob. 
ne laec upc coj'Cunja. 
cnyfj-an to j'piiSe. 
ac |?u uf pjieobom jiej:- 
j:olca palbenb. 
yjiom y}:la jehpam- 
a CO piban j:eojie :• 


firm prosperitya 

our bread, 

(Helper of men !) 

the everlasting. 

just Creator ! 

Let not temptations us 

strike too strongly, 

but do thou us freedom give, 

Ruler of nations ! 

from every evil, 

for evermore. 


Gepeoh nu on jiep^e- 
■] to ppoppe jej^eoh. 
bpyhtne J?inum. 
■] ]7mne bom apaep. 
healb hopb-locan. 
hyje paepte bmb- 
mib mob-pefan- 
monij bij? uncu]?. 
teopia^ hpdum. 
pacia}? popb-beot- 
ppa |7eop populb pape^ 
pcupum pcynbeiS. 
^ jepceap bpeojelS^ 
an If jeleapa- 
an lipjenbe. 

Rejoice now in life, 
and for comfort thrive 
in thy Lord, 
and thy dignity exalt, 
hold thy coffer, 
desire bind fast 
[122 Z>.] with prudence; 

a many is unknown 
20 of faithful comrades, 

sometimes thei/ wax faint, 

their promises fail. 

So this world goes, 

rapidly passes, 

and its destiny fulfils. 

There is one belief, 

one living ; 

8. MS. fpeobon. 

21, MS. ceojiaV. 



an ij' j:ulpihce. 
an }:aebep ece- 
an ij' j:olcej* }:]\uma. 
j-e J?aj' polban jejceop. 
buju-Se ^ bjieamaf • 
bom jijjjjan peox- 
J)eah ]>eoY laene jej'ceaj-C- 
lonje fCobe- 
heolj'tjae jehybeb. 
helme jebyjleb • 
bi]?eahc pel cjieopum- 
)>yj'Cjie opejifse^meb- 
j-i]? — m jeonj ap • • • 
majje^ mob-hpatu- 
mib mon-cynne- 
"Saep jelicabe ]?a- 


there is one baptism, 
one eternal Father; 
one Origin is of people, 
who this earth created, 
virtue and joys; 
power then wax'd. 
Though this frail creation 
long stood 
in obscurity hidden, 
with covering conceal'd, 
bedeck 'd well with trees, 
with darkness embraced ; 

a maid ardent minded, 
with mankind; 
there it then pleas 'd 

m }?am hojib-face- 
haljan jaej-cc' 
beophc on bp.'.- 
pe paej" opb-ppuma- 
eallej' leohcep :• 


in that casket, 
the Holy Ghost, 
bright in * 
who was Origin 
of all light. 


Ic eom lie byj'ij- 

lace mib pmbe- 

* * * 

.••bpe jepomnab- 
m' pp^-pe^ej-. 

I am a busybody, 

/ sport with the wind. 

hastening away ; 
1. r. fuljiht. 



j:yjie jemylceb- 
* * blopenbe- 

byjinenbe jleb. 
j:ul ojrfc mec ^ej-ij^aj*. 
]'enba$ ae}:ceji honbu- 
J?aBji mec pejiaj- "] pip. 
plonce jecyppa^. 
j7on ic mec onhaebbe. 
hi onhmja^ to me- 
mobje milcpum- 
fpa 10 monjum pceal. 
yean up -cyme, 
eabijnej'pe :• 

by fire melted, 
* * blowing, 

burning embers. 
Full oft me my comrades 
send from hand to hand, 
where me men and women 
proud kiss. 
When I raise myself, 
they bow down to me, 
10 lofty ones with compassion. 
So I to many shall 
increase the growth 
of happiness. 

Ic paep be panbe. 

pae pealle neah- 

aec mejie-papo]7e. 

minum jepunabe- 

ppum-pca]7ole paej'C- 

pea aenij paej*. 

monna cynnep. 20 

]?aec minne |?aeji' 

on an-aebe. 

eapb beheolbe. 

ac mec uhtna jehpam- 

yiS pio bjiune. 

laju-pae^rae beleolC' 

lyc ic penbe- 

■^ ic aep o)>}?e piS- 

aeppe pceolbe. [123 a.] 

opeji meobU' 30 


I was by the sand 

near the sea- shore, 

at the ocean's strand ; 

/ dwelt in my 

original station fast j 

few there were 

of human kind 

that there, 

in the desert, 

my home beheld ; 

for me each early morn 

the brown wave 

in its watery bosom shut. 

Little I ween'd, 

that I, early or late, 

ever should 

over mead 

26. beleac? 



mu^leaj' fppecari- 
popbum pjiixlan- 
f If punbjiej- ba&l- 
on pe}:an peajiolic* 
]?a ye ppylc ne conn- 
hu mec peaxep ojib. 
3 peo ppi}^jie honb. 
eoplep in-jej^onc- 
3 ojib jomob. 
J^mjum jejjyban- 
J?aefc ic pi]7 ]>e pceolbe. 
poji unc anum tpam- 
abeoban bealblice. 
ppa hifc beopna ma. 
uncpe pojib-cpibap. 
pibbop ne maenben :• 

mouthless speak, 

in words hold converse. 

That is a piece of wonder 

curious in the mind [stand not, 

of those who such matter under- 

how me the knife's edge, 

and the right hand, 

man's sagacity, 

and edge together, 

purposely associate, 

that I to thee should, 

for us two alone, 

a verbal message 

boldly announce, 

so that it more men, 

our verbal sayings, 

further imagin'd not. 

Nu ic on-junbpan j^e- 
pecjan pille- 

* * cpeo-cynn- 
10 cubpe apeox. 

* * * eal- 

pec-" * * * 

pealce j'cpea [map] • 
pul opt 10 on bate]' * 

* * * pohce- 
)?aep meo mon-bpyhten mm- 

* * heah-hopu. 

eom nu hep cumen. 
6. MS. jcaxetJ. 


Now I apart to thee 
will say 
20 * * tree kind, 

I tenderly grew up, 

* * * 

of a strange land 

* i^ * 

salt streams. 
* Full oft I in a boat's 

* * * sought, 
where me my master 

* * * 

* * high houses. 

30 / am now hither come, 

12. MS. cpan. 



on ceol-]7ele. 
3 nu cunnan j'cealfc- 
hu pu ymb mob-lu}:an. 
minej' fjiean. 
on hyje hycje- 
ic jehacan beaji- 
]7aet ]>u ]?ae]i cijijzaejce • 
tjieope pnbej'C :• 

on a vessel's deck, 

and thou now shalt know, 

how thou regarding the affection 

of my master 

mayst in mind devise. 

I dare promise, 

that thou there noble 

faith wilt find. 


y^ysRt J?ec ]7on bibban hec 
ye piyne beam a^jiof- 
)?8ec J?u pnc-hpoben- 
j-ylj: jemun be- 
en jepit-locan. 
J7e 51c on aejx-bapim. 
opt jepppaecon. 
J?enben 51c mopton. 
on meobu-buppim* 
eapb peapbijan. 
an lonb bujan- 
pjieonbpcype ppemman- 
hme p8eh]70 abpap. 
op pije-J^eobe. 
hehfc nu pylpa J>e. 
luptum laejian- 
|7aefc ]>u laju bjiepbe- 
pi]7]7an }>u jehyjibe. 
on hh)?ep opan- 
^alan jeomopne. 
jeac on beappe. 



[123 Z>.] 


Yes, bade me then thee beseech, 

he who this beam inscrib'd, 

that thou, richly adorn'd one, 

shouldst thyself remember, 

in thy mind's recess, 

the promises, 

which ye two in early days 

oft spake, 

while ye might, 

in the mead-burghs, 

a dwelling hold, 

one land inhabit, 

friendship foster. 

Him feud drove away 

from the noble people. 

Himself now bids thee 

learn with alacrity, 

that thou the water urge, 

when thou hast heard, 

on the mountain's brow, 

sing the sad 

cuckoo in the grove. 

10. tree? 

25. MS. laijiam. 



ne laec ]>u ]>ec jij7)?an • 
p]?ej' jetpaejzan. 
lube jelectan. 
lijrjenbne monn. 
onjm mejie j'ecan. 
maepej' e]>el- 
on-f iCe f ae-nacan • 
J^aec ]?u j'u^ heonan- 
opeji mejie-labe. 
monnan pnbefC. 
J?aeji j-e ]7eoben ij-- 
}?in on penum. 
ne maej him pojiulbe- 
piUa majia- 
on ^emynbu- 
]7sap ]>e he me paejbe- 
J?on mc jeunne- 
alpalbenb 30b. 

* * * aet-pomne" 
pi))j7an mocan- 

pecjum ■;3 jej'ij^um. 

* * aeclebe beajap- 
he jenoh hapa^- 

paeban 30 • • • • * * 

* * * el|7eobe. 
ej)el healbe- 

paejpe polban^ 

* * * 

* * . . . .pa haelej^a. 
]>eah ]>e hep min p 

SfC ^ ^ ^ 

nybe jebaebeb. 

nacan iic-ajjponj- 

■^ on yjja jonj pceolbe- 



Let thou not then thee 

from the course divert, 

the way impede, 

anj/ living man. 

Resolve the sea to seek, 

the mew's country ; 

ply the sea-skiff, 

so that thou south hence, 

over the ocean way, 

a man shalt find ; 

there the chieftain is 

awaiting thee. 

May not in life to him 

a gi'eater desire be, 

in his mind, 

from what to me he said. 

Then may to you grant 

Almighty God, 

* * * together, 
then may, 

to his men and comrades, 

* * * bracelets. 
He has enough 

of rich * * 

country hold, 
fair land. 

though here my * 

by need constrain'd : 

the skiff urged out ; 

and on the billows' course must. 

13. beon is probably wanting after poj\ult)e. 
32. MS. seonj, though nearly obliterated. 



j.ajian on ploc-pej. 
):o]i^-j'i)7ej' jeojiii. 
menjaii niejie-j'Cjieamaj- 
nu j-e mon hajiaiS* 
pean o};eppuunen. 
nip him pilna jab- 
ne meapa ne ma^ma- 
ne meobo-bjieama^ 
aen^ep opeji eop]?an. 
eopl-jepcpeona • 
]7eobnep bohcop. 
jip he ))in beneah- 
opep ealb jebeoc 
incep cpeja. 
jecyjie ic aec-pomne- 

• J.. Ja,. jeabop. 

aj?e benemnan- 
))aec he )7a paepe- 
•;] )7a pme-cpeope. 
be him Lpjenbum* 
laej'Can polbe- 
]?e 51c on aep-bajum- 
ope jepppaecon :• 


on the flood-way journey, 

glad of departure, 

the sea-streams agitate. 

Now the man has 

affliction overcome, 

he lacks not what he desires, 

nor horses, nor geldings, 

nor joys of mead, 

nor anything on earth 

of noble treasures. 

Chieftain's daughter ! 

if he thee should lack, 

after the old promise 

of you two, 

I turn at once 

S and R together, 

EA, W and M, 
by oath declare, 
that he the compact, 
and the friendly faith, 
while he lives 
would fulfil, 
which ye in early days 
oft spake. 

12. See A. & E., p. 152. 

17. or K =D. 



Pjiaetlic If ]?ef peal-j'fcan. 

pyjibe jebjisecon. 

bujij-fCebe bujij'Con- [124 a.] 

bjiopna^ enta jepeopc. 

hpojiaj' ]'inb jehjiopene- 

hjxeojije toppap. 

hjiim jeac-toppaj' bepopen- 

hpim on lime. 

j'ceapbe pcuji-beojije. 

j'cojiene ^ebpojiene- lo 

aelbo unbeji eocone. 

eoji^-^jiap hapa^. 

palbenb-pyjihtan . 

pojipeopone jeleojiene- 

heajib-jpipe hjiupan. 

o^ hunb cnea- 

peji-]7eoba jepican. 

opt J?aep paj jebab- 

psejhaji ■;] jieabpah- 

pice aepteji o'Sjium- 20 

oppconben unbeji pcopmum- 

pteap ^eap jebpeap. 

ponaiS jiec * * 

* ••••num jeheapen. 
pel on. 

jpimme jejpunbe. ■ . 

* * * 

pcan heo.. * * 

* * * 

* * * 

Wonderous is this wall-stone, 

the fates have broken it, 

have burst the burgh-place. 

Perishes the work of giants, 

the roofs are fallen, 

the towers tottering, 

the hoar gate-towers despoil'd, 

rime on the lime, 

shatter'd the battlements, 

riven, fallen, 

under the Eotnish race ; 

the earth-grave has 

its powerful workmen ; 

decay'd, departed, 

the hard of gripe are fallen, 

to a hundred generations 

of people are pass'd away. 

Oft its wall withstood 

Rseghar and Readfah, 

chieftain after other, 

rising amid storms. 

Rapidly prone it fell ; 

yet wanes * * 

7. hjilm3e (hjiimi je) ? bejxopne ? 
12. jiiaj: (xjiaej:)? 

8. This line seems defective. 9. beojijaj-? 
\5. r. hjiuj-on. 17. r. jepicon. 



op|?onc aep fcea}:t-... 

* * ...lam jimbum beaj 

mob mo — * ne. 
yyiytne jebpae^b. 
hpaec-jieb m hjiinjaj-. 
hyje-jio}: jebonb- 
peall-palan pipum- 
punbjium Co-jaebpe. 
beophc paepon bupj-paeceb. 
bupn-jele monije. 
heah hopn-jepcpeon- 
hepe-ppej micel. 
meobo-heall monij. 
.^. bpeama pull. 
o]>]7aec ]78ec onpenbe. 
pyjib ]'eo ppijje. 
cpmijon palo pibe- 
cpoman pol-bajaj-. 
ppylc eall popnom. 
pupbon hypa pij-j'Ceal . 
pepten ji:a|?olap. 
bpopnabe bupj-pceal- 
betenb cpunjon. 
hepjap Co hpupan. 
popJ?on ]>a.y hopu bpeopjiaiS 
■3 ]>3&Y ceapop jeapu. 
tijelum pceabe^. 
hpopc beajej' pop. 

drew the swift, 

the bold of purpose in chains, 

proud of spirit bound 

the aliens with wires, 

wonderously together. 

Bright were the burgh-dwellings, 
10 many its princely halls, 

high its steepled splendour, 

there was martial sound great, 

many a mead-hall 

full of human joys, 

until that changed 

obdurate fate : 

they perish'd in wide slaughter. 

Came pernicious days ; 

death destroy'd all 
20 their renown 'd warriors. 

Their fortress is become 

waste foundations ; 

their burgh-place has perish'd ; 

atoning bow'd 

their bands to earth : 

therefore these courts are dreary, 

and its purple arch 

with its tiles shades 

the roost, proud of its diadem. 

hpype ponj jecponj. [124Z>.] so At its fall the plain shrank, 
jebpocen to beopjum. broken into mounds. 

I^aep lu beopn monij. There many a chief of old, 

jlaeb-mob -j jolb-beophc joyous and gold-bright, 

5. Lit. rings. 
1 7. pale (paele) ? 

7. -pealaj? 
20. r. pepaj-. 

10. beojxn-? 

27. purple, i. e. regal. 



jleoma jejijiaetpeb. 
plonc ^ pin-jal. 
pi^-hypj-cu I'can- 
jeah on jync on pylfoji- 
on j'eajio-jimmaj'. 
on eab on aeht- 
on eojican-j'Can- 
on J^aj" beophcan bujij. 
bpaban picep- 
pcan-hofu ptoban. 
pcjieam hate peajip. 
piban pylme. 
peal eall bepenj. 
beophcan bopme- 
]?aeji |7a ba|>u paepon • 
hac on hjie)7jie. 
J^aet paep hy*Selic- 
lecon J7cn jeocan- 

* * * 

* * pcan. 
hate ptpeamap- 

* * * 

* * * 

}?aec hpinj-mepe- 
hac... * * * 

* * * 

* * * 

* * ba)>u paepon. 
Jjonne * * 

splendidly decorated, 

proud and with wine elate, 

in warlike decorations shone ; 

look'd on treasure, on silver, 

on curious gems, 

on luxury, on wealth, 

on precious stone, 

on this bright burgh 

of a broad realm. 

The stone courts stood — [thetn 

the stream with heat o'erthrew 

with its wide burning j 

the wall all encompass'd 

in its bright bosom. 

There the baths were 

hot on the breast : 

that was desolating ! 

Let then pour 

20 hot streams. 


•^ ip cynelic J^inj- 

1. MS. jejrjiaetpe^f. 

13. eainef 




Oft mec paej'Ce bileac. 
fjieolicu nieople. 
ibej' on eapce. 
hpilum up-ateah. 
polnium pnum- 
^ fjiean j-ealbe- 
holbum j^eobne- 
fpa hio haten paep. 
j'l^l^an me on hpejjjie^ 
heafob pticabe- 
nioj^an uppeajibne* 
on neajio pejbe. 
pp ]?aep onbpenjan. 
ellen bohce- 
^e mec ppaecpebe- 
pyllan pceolbe- 
jiupep nac hpaec. 
paeb hpaec ic maene :• 

Me oft fast lock'd 

a goodly damsel, 

a woman, in her chest, 

sometimes drew me up 

with her hands, 

and to her master gave me, 

her kind lord, 

as she was commanded ; 

then in her bosom 

stuck my head, 

the lower part upward, 

in durance fix'd me. 

If the receiver's 

power sufficed, 

who me adorn'd, 

he should fill me 

with / know not what of rough. 

Guess I mean. 


Ic eom heapb ^ jxeapp- 
m-jonjep jtponj. 
pop^-piJ?ep ppom- 
ppean unpopcu^. 
pabe unbep pambe' 
:) me pej pylpa. 
pyhtne jepyne- 


I am hard and sharp, 
of entrance strong, 
of departure strenuous, 
to my master faithful. 
/ go under the belly, 
and for myself a way, 
direct /clear. 

1. MS. Of. 



pmc biS on oyeyte- 
j*e mec onJ?y^- 
aej:Can-peajibne • 
haele'S mib hpaejle. 
hpilum uc-tyh^. 
Of hole hacae. 
hpilum epc-jiape^ on- 
neajio nac hpaep. 
nybe]? j'pi|?e- 
]'uj?ej\ne pecj- 
paja hpaec ic hatte :• 

[125 a.] The man is in haste 
who urges me 
lingering behind. 
^ man with his garment 
sometimes draws me out 
hot from a hole ; 
sometimes retreats into 
a narrow space, I know not where, 
violently compels 
10 the southern man. 
Say what I am call'd. 

OpC ic j'ecja- 
pele-bjieame jceal- 
paejpe onj^eon- 
J>on 10 eom poji^-boj\en. 
jlaeb mib jolbe- 
})aej\ juman bjiinca^. 
hpilum mec on copan. 
cypje^ mu)?e. 
Cilhc ejne. 
J^aeji pic cu beo]?. 
pae^me * * 

* * * 

* •••jjium )>y^- 
pyjiceiS hip pillan- 

* * * 

* * ..•puljie* 
jjon ic pop's -cyme. 

* * * 


Oft I shall 

in the social joy of men 

fairly flourish, 

when I am brought forth 

shining with gold, 

where men are drinking. 

Sometimes me in a chamber 

with his mouth kisses 

a good servant, 

where we two are 

works his will 

when I come forth. 

12 MS. j-ecjan : see Vercelli Poetry, p. 88. 1, 3310. (A. & E., p. 48. 1. 1656 ) 

ne maej ic |?y mij^an. 

* * * 


I cannot therefore conceal 

pan on leohce- 

* * * 

* * * 
j-pylce eac bi^' 
pona * * 

* * * 

* ...ce jecacnab. 
hpaec me Co * * 

* * * 

* * •••leap pine- 
J)a unc jepybe paej' :• 

dusk in the light 

so also are 

Ic peah . p . -^ . [ . 
opep ponj papan. 

bepan • 3 • M • 
baem paep on ]i)?]?e- 
haebbenbej' hyhc- 


ppylce ]?py)?a bael- 

jepeah • f • :) • i * 
pleah opep • j; • 

pylpep )>8ep polcej- :• 


I saw W and I 
10 going over the plain, 

bearing B, E : 

both had on the journey 

a possessor's joy, 

H and A ; 

as also some bodies of men, 

p and E, 

rejoiced F and A, 

flew over EA, 

S and P, 
20 of the folk itself. 

2 I 



Cpico paej- ic ne cpae^ ic pihc 
cpele ic epne pe-|7eah- 
aep ic paep eft ic cpom. 
aejhpa mec peapaS. 
hapa^ mec on heabpe- 
^ min heapob pcijxej?. 
biccS mec onbaepbc* 
bjiice^ rame pipan- 
monnan ic ne bice- 
nymj;e he me bice- 
j'mban )?apa monije- 
]?emec bica^ :• 



Living I was, I spake not aught, 

yet, nevertheless, I kill ; 

before I was, again I came ; 

every one robs me, 

has me in restraint, 

and my head shears, 

bites me secretly, 

breaks my ways. 

I bite no man, 

unless he bites me ; 

there are many of those 

who bite me. 

Ic eom mape. 
J)6n ]>ey mibban-jeapb- 
laep]-e |>on honb-pyjim. 
leohcpe |?on mona- 
ppiptjie J?on punne. 
paep me ]"mb ealle. 
plobap on pae^mum- 
^ pay polban beapm- 
5pene ponjap. 
jjiunbum ic hpme. 
helle unbejt-hnije- 
heoponap opep-jtjje. 
pulbpep e]7el. 
pibe paece. 
opeji enjla eajib- 
eopJ?an jepylle- 


I am greater 
than this mid-earth, 
[125 Z».] less than an earth-worm, 
lighter than the moon, 
swifter than the sun ; 
the seas are all, 
the rivers, in mi/ embrace, 
2() and this lap of earth, 
the green plains. 
The depths I touch, 
under hell descend, 
mount o'er the heavens, 
the abode of glory 
on all sides I reach, 
o'er the abode of angels ; 
the earth / fill. 

5. lieaSpe? 10. MS. iiymhe. 14. MS. mintoan-, 15. Lit. hand-worm. 



ealne mibban-jeajib. 
"3 mepe-j-cpeama]'. 
j'lbe mib me ]yl}:um. 
j-aja hpaec ic hacte :• 

all mid-earth, 
and the sea-streams, 
on all sides with myself. 
Say what I am call'd. 

Ic |>a piht jefeah. 
on pej fepan. 
heo paep pjiaeclice. 
punbpum jejieppeb :• 


I saw the creature 
on the way going, 
it was curiously, 
wonderously, equip 'd. 

Punbop peap^ on peje. 
paecep peapiS co bane :• 


^ wonder was on the way, 
10 water was turn'd to poison. 


Pihc ip ppaeclic- 

]7am \e hype pij'an ne conn- 

pmje^ |?uph jiban- 

ip je ppeopa poh- 

op)>oncum jepophc- 

hapa]? eaxle cua. 

pceapp on jejcylbpum. 

hip jepceapo )?e. [126 a.] 

j'pa ppaeclice- 

be peje j-conbe- 20 

heah 3 hleop-cophc. 

haele]7um Co nycce :• 

The thing is curious 

to those who its ways know not, 

it sings through its side, 

the neck is crooked, 

cunningly wrought ; 

it has two shoulders, 

is sharp on the blade-bones ; 

its form 

so curiously 

in your way stands, 

high and bright of countenance, 

for use to men. 

1. MS. ealbne. 

12. MS. hypa. 

18. bfjie2 

20. ftonbaS? 

2 I 2 




Ic eom picej' aehc- 
jieabe bepaejreb- 
jtaiS ;} jteap. 
yon-^-yfeipol paep iu-])a- 
pypca plice tophcpa- 
iiu eom ppajjpa lap. 
pypep -} peole. 
paepte jeneappab. 
pipe -^epeojipab' 
pepe^ hpilum. 
pop minum jpipe- 
pe]7e jolb pije^- 
|7on ic y]?an jceal. 
* * * 

I am the property of the great, 

with red cloth'd, 

stiff and lofty ; 

mi/ field-station was formerly 

than plants' aspect brighter ; 

now I am the leaving of foes, 

of fire and slaughter, 

fast confin'd, 

by wire bound ; 

sometimes weeps 

for my gripe, 

he who bears gold, 

when I 

Ic paej- * * 

* * bece- 

* * jeap. 

pe unc jemaene. 


ppeopCop min- 
pebbe mec * * 

* * * 

* peopep ceah' 
ppaepe bpo])op. 

|>apa ]>e on-punbpan jehpylc. 
baej-cibu me. 
bpmcan peal be. 

my sister 

gave me birth 
* * * 

* four drew, 
own brothers, 
of whom each apart, 
in the day time me 
gave to drink 

9. jeppeojiab (jeppijjob)? 

12. pejetJ? 



J7uph J'ypel l^eaple. 
ic J>aeh on lujc. 
o]>)?aec ic paej' ylbjia. 
■^ ]7aec an-foplet. 
ppeajicu hypbe. 
pi]7abe pibbop- 
meapc-pa|?ap palap fcpaeb- 
mopap pae^be- 
bunben unbep beame- 
beaj haepbe on healpe- 
pean on lapce- 
peopc l^popabe- 
eappo^a bael- 
opt mec ipepn j'cob- 
pape on piban. 
ic ppi^abe- 
naeppe melbabe- 
monna aenjU' 
pp me opb jcaepe- 
ejle paepon ;• 


abundantly through a hole. 

I throve prosperously, 

until I was older, 

and then left, 

with a black guardian, 

journey'd further ; 

the Welsh frontier paths / trod, 

the mountains travers'd, 

bound under the breast, 

a ring had on my neck, 

affliction on my track, 

trouble /endur'd, 

a share of hardships. 

Me oft has iron injur'd 

painfully in m.y side ; 

I kept silence, 

never spake 

to any man : 


they were troublesome. 


Ic on ponje apeox. 

punobe };aep mec pebbon* 

hpupe ^ heopon-plonc- [126 Z».] 

oJ'J^aec me onhpyppbon- 

jeapum ppobne- 

J?a me jpome pupbon. 

op ]?aepe jecynbe. 

J^e ic aep epic beheolb. 

onpenban mine pipan- 

pejebon mec op eapbe- 3o 

I on the plain grew up, [forth, 

dwelt where they brought me 

in earth and heaven exulting, 

until turn'd me, 

stricken in years, 

those who were hostile to rue, 

from the nature, 

which I ere living possess'd, 

changed my habits, 

bare me from my dwelling, 

4. ])onne? 

9. beajimc? 

22. MS. f onotoc. 



jebybon Jjset ic fceolbe- 
pi]} jefceape mum. 
on bonan pillaii' 
bujan hpilum. 
nu eom mmep j-Tiean. 
folme by 

* * ••••Ian bael. 

51}: hi}' ellen beaj- 
o|7|7eji aejzcep borne. 

* * * 

maepj^a ppemman • 
pyp.... * * 

did so that I must, 

against my nature, 

to a murderer's will 

sometimes bow. 

Now / am with my master's 

hand * * * 

on peobe ucan- 

* * * 


eaxle jejypbe. 

J jpiopa jmael. 
piban pealpe. 

* * * 

* * * 

l^n mec heaJ)o j'ljel. 
j'cjp bepcme^. 
3 mec * * 

ysejjie peopma^. 
3 on pypb pije^. 
cpaepte on haepce. 
en's ly pibe. 
J7aec ic ]?pi]t:a j'um. 
|?eopep cpaepte. 

* * * 

* * * 

when me the glorious sun, 
bright, illumes, 
and me * * 

* * * 

well nourishes, 
and to the army bears tne, 
by craft, in captivity. 
It is widely known, 
that 1, a bold owe, 
with a thief's craft. 

21. jejeS, sec p. 484. 1. 12, 



unbep hpaejn-locan. 
hpiluni eapunja. 
foji^peapb bpece- 
J?aec aep ppi^ haepbe- 
pepmje ppom. 
he puj- |>onan. 
penbe^ op J^am picum- 
pija j'e|?e mine, 
pipan cunne. 
paja hpaefc ic hacte :• 


among wardrobes ; 
sometimes openly 
a land's fastness 
totally break, 
which ere had peace. 
Suddenly resolute, 
he, hastening thence, 
turns from the camp, 
the warrior who knows 
my ways. 
Say what I am call'd. 


Ic paep paemne ^eonj. 
peax-hap cpene- 
^ aenlic pmc* 
on ane Cib- 
pleah mib pujlum- 
■J on plobe ppom- 
beap unbep yj?e. 
beab mib pipcum. 
3 on polban ptop- 
haepbe pep^ cpicu :• 


I was a damsel young, 
a hoary-headed woman, 
and an excellent man, 
at one time. 
I flew with the birds, 
and in the river swam, 
div'd under the wave, 
was dead with the fishes, 
and on earth stept, 
had a living soul. 

Ic ppipcne jepeah. 
on ppaj^e pepan. 

1. hpaegl-? 


[127 a.] I saw a swift 

on the road going 


21. MS. j:oja». 

24. r. H*th 




Ic ane jej'eah. 
ibefe j-ictan :• 


I saw one 

woman sitting. 

8e mec pebbe- 

funb-helm J^eahce- 

^ mec y}7a ppujon. 

eoji]7an jeCenje. 


ope ic plobe onjean- 

mu^ ontynbe- 

nu pile monna pum* 

mm jilaejc pjiecan. 

fellep ne jiecce^- 

p^]?an he me op piban- 

peaxep opbe. 

hyb ajiypeiS. 

* * 

]'i)?]?an lie's, 

* * 



He who produced me, 
with a watery covering deck'd wie, 
and the waves conceal'd me, 
heavy on earth, 
pathless ; 

oft towards the flood I 
mi/ mouth open'd ; 
10 now will some man 
my flesh devour, 
for mi/ skin he recks not, 
when he from my side, 
with knife's point, 
mi/ hide tears, 

afterwards burns me 

Ic eom aej^elinjej'- 
aehc ^ pilla :• 


I am a noble's 
20 property and will. 

17. aeletJ? 




Ic eom ae|7elm5ef . 
jr^jib-juncej- jejrapa- 
ppean minum leoj:- 
cyninjej- jej-elba. 
cpen mec hpilum- 
honb on-leje^. 
eoplep bohcop' 
Jjeah hio aej>elu jy. 
haebbe me on bopme- 
J;aet on beappe jepeox- 
hpilum ic on ploncu- 
picje jube. 
hepjep on enbe« 
heapb ij- min cunje- 
opt ic poiS-bopan- 
popb-leana jTim. 
ajype aiptep jiebbe- 
560b 1]' mm pije- 
'J ic jylpa jalo- 
paja hpaet ic hacte :• 

I am a noble's 


a soldier's fellow-traveller, 

to my master dear, 

a king's companion ; 

a queen on me sometimes, 


lays her hand ; 

an earl's daughter, 

though she be noble. 

/ have in my bosom 

what grew in the grove. 

Sometimes I on a proud 

horse ride, 

at the end of a troop. 

My tongue is hard. 

Oft I to the poet 

a loan of words 

give for his verse. 

Good is my manner, 

and I myself excellent. 

Say what I am call'd. 


Ic eom byleb-bpeojt- [127 '^•J 


heapob haebbe- 

3 heane jteopc- 

eajan •;) eapan. 

■3 aenne pdbc- 

hptycj ■;) heapb nebb- 

I am puff-breasted, 

of neck inflated, 

have rt head, 

and a high tail, 

eyes and ears, . 

and one foot, 

a back, and a hard nib, 



hneccan j-teapne- 
"J j-iban trpa- 
j'aj on mibbum- 
eajib o}:ep aelbu. 
ajlac bjieoje- 
J^aeji mec peje^- 
Ye]fe pubu hjiepeiS. 
■;) mec ptonbenbe- 
j'tjxeamap beataiS. 
haejl je heapba- 
3 hpim j^eceiS. 

* * * 

-J pealleiS jnap- 
3 ic J>aec * * 

* * * 

a high nape, 

and two sides, 

a sack in the middle, 

a dwelling over menj 

misery / suffer, 

where me bears 

he who the wood touches, 

and me standing 

streams beat, 

the hard hail 

and rime cover 

* * * 

and snow falls 

•eajit mme 


Fpob paep mm j:pom-cy[nn] 

* * * 

biben m bupjum. 

]-i]7)?an baelep- 

* * * 

* * pepa- 

life bepunben. 
pype jepselj'ab. 
nu me pah pap--'* 
eop]?an bpo]?op. 
je me aepept peapiS- 
jumena to jypne- 

Wise was my ancestry, 

* * * 

dwelt in cities, 
after that fire's 

* * * 

* * * 

* * * 
with life surrounded, 
with fire purified. 
Now to me hostile * 
earth's brother, 

who to me was first 
of men as a snare. 

3. rac? 

16. jrjium. ? 



ic ful jeappe jemon • 
hpa mm ppom-cynn- 
pjmman ajecce. 
eall oj: eajibe^ 
ic him yple ne mot- 
ac ic on haepc-nyb. 
hpilum ajiaepe- 
pibe jeonb ponjap • 
haebbe ic punba pela. 
mibban-jeajibep . 
maejen unlyfceL 
ac ic mij^an j-ceal- 
monna jehpylcu* 
bejolpulne bom- 
bypan cpaepcep. 
pi'S-paec mmne. 
]a;z;a hpaec ic hacce :• 

I full well remember, 
who my ancestry, 
my origin, scatter'd 
all from their home ; 
I may not him injure, 
but I him into captivity 
sometimes drive, 
wide o'er the plains. 
I have many wounds, 
in mid-earth 
no small power, 
but I must conceal 
from every man 
my dark power 
of precious craft, 
my journey. 
Say what I am call'd. 

An pihc 1J-. 
punbpum acenneb. 
hpeoh ■^ pe]7e. 
hapa^ pyne pcponjne- 
jpimme jpymeca^- 
^ be jpunbe papa^. 
mobop ip monijpa. 
maeppa pihfca- 
paejep pepenbe. 
punba^ aeppe. 
neol !]• neapo-jpap- 
naenij oj^pum maej. 
plice "3 pipan- 


There is a creature 
wonderously brought forth, 

20 rugged and cruel ; 
[128 a.] has a strong course, 
fiercely roars, 

and along the ground goes, 
is mother of many 
greater creatures ; 
speedily going, 
it ever urges forward j 
low it is and hard of grasp ', 
no one to other may 

30 its aspect and nature 

2. FJimn- ? 

7. atojMBfeJ 

19 MS. acennetf. 



popbum jecyj^an- 

by words make known, 

hu mijlic bi]?- 

how various is 

maejen J)ajaa cynna. 

the power of those kinds. 

jiyjin-jiop^-jej'ceafC • 

The long-pass'd creation 

paebeji ealle bepac 

the Father all guards, 

op -^ enbe. 

beginning and end. 

jpylce an punu- 

as also the only Son, 

maejie meotubep beapn. 

great Child of the Creator 

Jjuph * * 


^ ^ 5p 

* * * 

3 ^ hyhpce mae 

10 and the highest 

T* ^ ^ 

* * * 

* * aep psej'. 

phcr^ ^ pynj-um. 

* * * 

bi]? peo mobop- 

maejene eacen- 

punbpu [jejppej^eb. 

piptum jehlaben- 

hopbum jehpoben • 

haele]?um bype- 

maejen bi^ jemiclab- 

meaht: jej-peotlab. 

plice bi]7 jepeopl^ab- 

pulbop-ny ttmjum • 

pynpu pulbop-pmm. 

ploncu jecenje- 

claen-^eopn bi^ ^ cyjtij- 

cpaepce eacen- 

hio bi]? eabjum leop- 

eapniunje caepe- 

ppeolic pellic- 
le. What follows is apparently 
13. MS. mobtoop. 

* * ere was 
beauteous and winsome 

* * * 

The mother is 
in power great, 
wonderously sustain'd, 
with provisions laden, 
with treasures adorn'd, 
to men dear ; 
her power is augmented, 
20 her might manifested, 
her aspect is honour'd 
by glorious duties ; 
a winsome gem of glory, 
to the proud oppressive -, 
pure she is and bountiful, 
great in skill ; 
she to the rich is dear, 
to the poor benevolent, 
joyous, excellent, 

part of another enigma. 

22. or 23. punboji- 




pjiommaj'fc ^ jpiJ^ofC. 
5i}:jioj't T jpaebjojr. 
jpunb-bebb cjiibej?. 
\>asY ]>B unbep ly}:te. 
aloben pupbe- 
^ aelba beapn • 
eajum j-ape. 
fpa ^ pulboji-pipe^. 
pojilb-beajina maeje- 
}?eah j?e pep]7um jleap. 

* * * 

mon-mobe pnoccoja- [128 Z>.] 
menjo punbpa- 
hjaupan bi^ heapbpa^ 
haele]?um ppobpa- 
jeopum bi|? jeapopa- 
pmmu beopjia. 
pojiulbe plitija^. 
paepfcmum tybjieiS- 
pijiene bpaepce^. 

* * * 

opfc ucan bepeoppe'S- 
anpe j^ecene- 
punbpum jephcejab. 
jeonb pep-]7eobe. 
f papia^. 

pepap opep eop]?an. 
J?aefc majon micle. 

* * bi]7- 
ptanum bepcpe|?eb- 
pcopmiim * * 

* * * 
* * * 


most strenuous, and most strong, 

most rapacious, and most greedy, 

she treads the bed of earth, 

from what time she under heaven 

was led forth, 

and the children of men 

with eyes beheld. 

So that glorious woman, 

world-children's daughter, 

although in soul sagacious, 

* * * 

with human understanding wise 

in many wonders, 

than rock is harder, 

than men wiser, 

in gifts is, 

than gems, dearer, 

the world beautifies, 

with fruits teems, 

crimes extinguishes, 

* * * 

oft casts out 
from a house, 
wonderously adorn'd, 
among people ; 
at that gaze 
men over earth, 
that may great 

with stones heap'd, 
with storms * * 

10. 19. Here a line is wanting. 

28. bej-Cfiepeb ? 




Nij- mm j-ele fpije- 
ne ic ]ylj:a hlub- 
ymb unc bjiyht j'cop. 

* * * 

j'ij> aec-jomne- 
ic eom j'pifCjia Jjon he- 
]7]iajum fcjienjjia. 
he J>jieohci3jia- 
hpilum ic me pejxe- 
he fceal yjinan fojiiS. 
ic him in-punije- 
a J^enben ic hpje- 
jip pic unc jebaela^' 
me bi^ beaS picob :• 


My comrade is not silent, 

nor I myself loud, 

for us two the Lord assign 'd 

* * * 

a course together. 

I am swifter than he, 

at times stronger, 

he is more enduring : 

while I rest 

he must run forth : 

I in him dwell, 

ever while I live, 

if we part, 

death is decreed to me. 


pihc cpom jonjan. 
J>aeji pejiap paecon- 
monije on mae^le- 
mobe pnoccjie. 
haepbe an eaje* 
3 eajian cpa- 
"3 u. pec 

xu. hunb heapba- 
hjiyc 3 pombe. 
"3 honba cpa- 
eajimaj- "] eaxle- 
anne ppeopan. 
^ piban cpa' 
j-aja hpaec ic hacce 

[129 a.] 

ji creature came walking 

where men sate, 

many in assembly, 

prudent- minded ; 

it had one eye, 

and two ears, 

and two feet, 

twelve hundred heads, 

a back and belly, 

and two hands, 

arms and shoulders, 

one neck, 

and two sides. 

Sav what I am call'd. 

1 . J el for ^ejel ? 

3. bjiyhten? 

5. MS. rpijcjie. 




Ic feah punboplice pihc. 
pombe hdefbe micle. 
}>py)7uin 5e|7jiun5ne. 
J^ejn poljabe- 

maejn-jCponj •]) munb-pop- 
micel me ]?uhce. 
joblic jum-pinc- 
jjiap on pona. 
heoponep co]?e. 
bleope on eaje- 
hio bopcabe- 
pancobe pillum- 
hio polbe pe-];eah« 

I saw a wonderful creature, 

it had a large belly, 

violently press'd : 

a man foUow'd, 

strong of might and fam'd of hand. 

Great seem'd to me 

the goodly man, 

grasp'd on it instantly, 

with heaven's tooth, 

blew in its eye : 

it bark'd, 

thank 'd willingly ; 

it would, nath'less 

Ic peox )jae]i ic 


T grew where I 

* * * 


■3 pumop 

and summer * 

* * * 

ac ic up-lonj pcob- 

J>aep ic * * 

* * * 

^ mine bjioj^oji. 
bejen paepon heapbe. 
eapb paep \>y peop^pa- 
\>e pic onpcoban- 
hypjcum ]fy hyppa- 

but I upright stood, 
where I * * 

* * * 

and my brothers 

both were hard. 

The land was the more worth 

on which we stood, 

with ornaments the nobler. 



ful ofC unc hole ppujon- 
pubu-beama helm, 
ponnu nihcu- 
pcilbon pi^ pcupum. 
unc jepcop meocub- 
nu unc maejian cpam* 
majap uncjie- 
pculon sepcep cuman- 
eapb oiSJjpmjan. 
pnjpan bpo)?op :• 

Full oft us the holt cover'd, 
the shelter of the forest trees, 
in the dusk nights, 
shielded us against showers : 
us the Creator form'd. 
Now than us two greater, 
our kinsmen 
shall come after, 
the land oppress, 
10 younger brothers. 


Gom ic jum-cynne]-- 

anja opep eopJ?an. 

ip min base ponn "^ punboplic- 

ic on puba ptonbe. 

bopbep on enbe- 

nip mm bpo|?op hep- 

ac ic ]*ceal bpo]7opleap. 

bopbep on enbe. 

pca|7ol peapbian- 

pcoban paej'Ce- 20 

ne pac hpaep mm bpoJ?op- 

on pepa aehcum- 

eop)?an jceaca- 

eapbian pceal- [129 A.] 

pe me aep be healpe- 

heah eapbabe- 

pic paepon jepome. 

paecce co pperamanne- 

ne naeppe uncep apj^ep hij- 

I am of human kind 

singular on earth ; 

my back is dusk and wonderful j 

on wood I stand 

at the table's end j 

my brother is not here, 

but I shall brotherless, 

at the table's end, 

my station keep, 

stand fast. 

/ know not where my brother 

in men's possessions, 

earth's regions, 

shall inhabit, 

who ere by my side, 

high, inhabited. 

We were united 

strife to promote ; 

never either of us 

11. In the MS. this riddle is joined with the preceding. 
29. ne seems a repetition from the word pi'eceding. 

20. r. ]-cont>an. 



ellen cy^be. 

j'pa pifc paejie beahpe. 

bejen ne onj^unjan- 

hu mec unpceapca- 

innan jlica^. 

pypbaj? mec be pombe- 

Ais courage manifested, 
so we to the war 
both press'd not. 
Now me monsters 
tear within, 
injure me in the belly, 

* * ne maej- 

aec |7am ppojie pmbe^. 

ppeb }ej;e pe — * 

* * * 


Mipum uibecup mihi lupup ab ajno cenefcuji- 
Obcupjiifc ajnup ec capic uipcejia lupi- 
Dum pfcajiem ec mijiape mbi jlopiam majnan- 
Dui lupi pcancep ec cejicium cpibul[ancep] • 
IIII. pebep habebanc cum jepcem oculip uibebanc 


Mm heapob ip. 

My head is 

homepe jejjujien- 

with a hammer beaten. 

peapo-pila punb- 

with war- darts wounded. 

ppoppen peole. 

rub'd with a file. 

opc ic bejme. 

Oft I insnare 

J?8ec me onjean pcica^. 

20 what pricks against me, 

]7on ic hniCan pceal. 

when I shall butt. 

hpmjum jypbeb. 

with rings girded. 

heapbe j>r8 heajibu. 

cruelly against the cruel. 

hmban |?ypel. 

pierced from behind. 

3. r. onjjjiunjon. 

4. r. nu. 10. r. imhi iiibetujx. 

13. MS. cjiibul only. 

17. -pile? 19. bejjiine? 

2 K 



J>aec nunef jrjiean- 
mob -p. ppeoJ?a^- 
mibbel-nihcum • 
hpilum ic unbep baec 
bjiejbe nebbe- 
hyjibe J^aef hojibej*. 
]>6n mm hlapojib pile- 
lafe J^icjan- 
]7a]ia J>e he op lipe hec- 
pael-cjiaep[tmn] appecaii 
pillii pnu :• 

shall drive forward 
what my master's 
mind's hope will favour, 
in the middle of night. 
Sometimes I backwards 
[130 a.] draw my face, 

a keeper of the hoard, 
when my lord will 
the heritage receive 
10 of those whom he from life bade 
by deadly crafts be driven, 
through his will. 


Fjiea mm * 
* * * 

baej-pime pjiob. 
beO"" * * 

♦ * * 

hpilC ftealc-hli|70. 
jtijan pceolbe- 
up m ej^el. 
hpiir ejrt ^epac. 
m beop-balu- 
dujuj^e pecan- 
pcjionj on ptaepe- 
pcan-pon^ap ^jiop. 
hpmiij-heapbe • 
hpilum hapa pcoc* 
foppc op peaxe. 
10 op pupum jiab. 



My master * * 

* * 

wise in number of days 

* * * 

sometimes the steep heights 

should mount, 

up in the country ; 

sometimes agam retir'd 

into the deep dells, 

seeking benefit, 

strong in step, 

the stony plains cut up, 

hard frozen j 

sometimes / shook the hoar 

frost from my hair. 

I from the ready rode. 

11. rum supplied from conjecture. 

27. MS. jreax. 



o|7|>aet hmi J?one jleap-jrol- 

jmjjian bjio|?op. 

mm ajnabe. 

3 mec oj: eajibe abjiaf- 

j'i|?J?an mec ifepn- 


bpun bennabe- 

blob uc ne com- 

heoljzoji oy. hpe]?]ie. 

peah mec heapb bice 

j-ci^-ecj j'Cyle. 

no ic J?a j'tunbe bemeapn • 

ne pop punbe peop. 

ne ppecan meahte. 

on pijan peope- 

ponnpceapc mme- 

ac ic ajlaeca- [130 

ealle j^olije- 

f ••••bojib biCon. 

nu ic blace ppelje- 

puba 3 paecjie. 

* * bepae'Sme. 
]>ast mec onpealle^^ 
upan J)aeji ic pconbe^ 
eO'..- nat hpaec- 
haebbe anne poc- 

nu mm hopb papa^« 
hi]?enbe peonb. 
pe]?e aep pibe baep^ 
pulpep jehle)7an. 

* * pombe. 
bepaben pepeiS- 
pceppe^ on pCiiS bopb. 

till that the * 
my younger 
brother possess'd, 
and me from home drove ; 
when me iron 

brown, wounded, 
blood came not out, 
gore from mt/ breast, 
10 though me hard bit 
the stiff- edge steel. 
I bemourn'd not the time, 
nor for the wound wept, 
nor might avenge 
on the warrior's life, 
my misfortune ; 
/&.] but I miserable 
all suffer 

20 Now pale I swallow 
wood and water, 

* * embrace, 
what falls on me, 

from above where I stand, 

* /know not what, 
/have one foot, 

now my treasure guards 
a destroying foe, 
who ere bore afar 
30 the wolf's companion, 

* baej-conbel- 
2. r. jinjpa. 

37. pepaS? 

2 K 2 



j'unne ^ 
* * 

eajum plica^' 
* * * 


Ic eom inbjiyhten* 
T eoplum c\rS- 
3 pej'Ce ojit- 
picutn ■] heanuni. 
polcu jepjiaeje- 
j:epe^ pibe^ 
■] me ppembej- aep. 
fjieonbum fConbe^* 
hij?enbjia hyhc. 
jij: ic habban j'ceal. 
blaeb m bujijum. 
6\>]>e beophtne job. 
nu pnoCCpe men. 
j'pi|ja]-t lupa]?- 
mib-piffc rame. 
ic momjum fceaL 
pipbom cy)?an. 
no ]?aeji pojib pppeca'S. 
aenij opejx eoji^an- 
]>eah nu aelba beapn. 
lajtaj" mme. 
J7ij?e peca^. 
ic j-paj^e hpilum* 
mme bemij^e- 
monna jehpylcum :• 

I am noble, 

and to men known, 

and rest often 

with high and low, 

among people noted : 

I go far, 

and to me strangers before 

friends stand, 

a hope more joyous, 

if I shall have 

prosperity in cities, 

or bright good. 

Now prudent men 

most love 

my society. 

I to many shall 

wisdom make known : 

there words speak not 

any on earth, 

though now the children of men, 


my traces 

eagerly seek : 

I my track 

sometimes conceal 

from every man. 

8. fejiel 

9. fj^embe? 

11. hihtentojia? 


p. 1. 

4. 9. pbbe jephtS — So Ormulum, col. 392. Sof lare seggj) fatt gerr- 
salsem bitacnepj) grifess sihhpe. 

15. 28. jefefan, probably an error for jefecjan. 

34. 6. copn in A. S. does not, like the Ger. Zorn, signify merely anger, 
but affliction, sadness, grief, as in this place, which therefore re- 
quires correction. 

36, 6. jiep-jrol means also a gift, or rather the bestowing of a gift. See 
note on p. 289. 1. 7. 

47. 28. eaph-papu, rather shot, or shooting, than quiver. See the same 
word at p. 266, 26. I had confounded it with eaph-pepe, phare- 
tra, according to Lye, who probably found it in some gloss or 

50. 8. To Mr. Kemble I owe the information that the runes here, and 
pp. 284 and 285, also those in the Vercelli Poetry, pp. 136 and 
137 (A. and E., p. 88), form, when combined, the name of Cyne- 
wulf. Who this individual was, to whom we are indebted for 
the paraphrase of the Life of Juliana and perhaps all the Vercelli 
poetry, is not known ; though among those bearing the name, 
whose memory has been transmitted to us, there is perhaps no 
one to whom the above-mentioned productions may with greater 
probability be ascribed than Kenulphus, who in 992 became 
abbot of Peterborough, and in 1006 succeeded Alfeagus in the 
see of Winchester. To him .^Ifric dedicated his Life of St. 
Ethelwold, and of him Hugo Candidus speaks in warm terms of 


P. 1. 

praise :...." quanto studio libros emendaverit non 

est nostrae parvitatis explicare. Concurrunt cotidie, tarn ex lon- 
ginquis, quam et de proximis terrarum finibus, episcopi, clerici, 
et monachi, divites et mediocres, ad ejus magisterium ; et ad 
ejus, ut et quondam Salomonis, sapientiam audiendum ; donee, 
post annum quatuordecimum, rapitur magis quam eligitur ad 
pontificium Wintoniensis civitatis." In spite, however, of this 
panegyric, Malmesbury says : " Wentanum episcopatum Kenul- 
phus, Burghensis Abbas, nummis nundinatus fuerat, sed non diu 
sacrilego ausu laetatur; ante duos annos hominem exuit." 

Grimm is inclined to assign a higher antiquity to the Vercelli 
Poems, taking for granted the integrity of the lines on which his 
surmise is partly founded, but which to me seems very question- 
able. In the following lines (See pref. to A. and E., p. xi. note), 

hpae'Spe jit fceolon • lytlum jnccum • leoS-popba ba&l * 
pipfup peccan, etc. (V. P., p. 83. And. 1487-89.) 

he takes pt to be the dual pronoun, but I believe it to be the 
adverb, and that for fceolon we should read fceal on, fceal being 
the first person singular governing peccan : the whole then be- 
comes clear, and all conjecture as to the sense to be given to 
peccan superfluous. Kemble is disposed to give the authorship 
to Kenulphus the abbot and bishop, and to me probability seems 
manifestly in favour of that supposition. 

50. 23. I unhesitatingly take the rune .V. (w^n) in this place, to repre- 

sent paen, a wain or carriage, both on account of the masc. arti- 
cle ye, and of the sense, which is at least as good as that afforded 
by supposing it, with Kemble, to stand for the fem. p^n, hope 
(Archseol. Vol. xxviii. p. 363.). 

— 25. Kemble (Archaeol. Vol. xxviii. p. 362. note) considers this an al- 

lusion to the two (or four) seas, within which the northern na- 
tions supposed the world to be enclosed. I rather think it is an 
allusion to the deluge. 

— 29. fonne, then or when ; i. e. at the second destruction of the world 

by fire. 

51. 1 . blacpa j-eCteS — Kemble's conjecture, blaec pa&j"cettet5, is extremely 

probable : in conformity with it I have rendered the line, which 
as given in the MS. affords no sense. 
62. 11. jebpeaj seems here synonymous with hlo8, as in V. P., p. 48. 
1. 84. (A. and E., p. 2. 1. 43.), where it stands in apposition with 
hloS, viz. mSnpilpa hlo8" popbenpa jebpaej : also, eapmhc ylba 
jebpse^. V. P., p. 85. 1. 3108. (A. and E., p. 45. 1. 1555.) 


P. 1. 
67. 13. Kemble with probability suggests that bij*eon is the participle of 

a compound from feon, colare, and that the line is merely a re- 
petition, in other words, of 1. 10, the original Latin of which is 
probably, sanguine stillantem. 

72. 2. An adjective tpebe, of which this seems to be the accus., occurs 
not in any dictionary. 

74. 26. The MS. has co me, for which Kemble justly reads come, vacui. 
I have not met with com elsewhere in A. S., but it is the O. N, 
tomr, Dan. torn, and Scottish toom, empty, void. 

78. 22. hepe is here, as in Ger., of the neut. gender. 

— . 31. plaefc here seems used in the plural, perhaps for jrlsefc-homan. 

81. 21, 22. Read either j-apl and mocon, or for ■] read mib. 

83. 16. aefnan here and pp. 84. 7. and 87. 24., seems used in an opposite 

sense to the usual one, viz. perpetrare, perficere, 

84. 15. fpaece — See A. and E., p. 111. I had, with Grimm, supposed 

ppaece might be the true reading, hence my version impious ; 
but Fpaece is most probably right, both here and in the Verc. 

85. 29. jehojbej- for ^ehojbefC is a common corruption in this MS. 

— 31.1 have translated (as in almost every following case) the conjectural 
reading (ppeppunje). pipenum seems a repetition from the pre- 
ceding line. 

87. 21. So Ulphila: thatei skal sunus mans filu winnan, quod debet 
filius hominis multum pati. Marc. viii. 31. 

92. 17. J)upjt;e 5ejj[p]e5ebe = bpyncef jebpeahce, 1. 15. 

94. 34. eahcan, Ger. achten, Ohg. ahton, O. N. akta. 

95. 34, ceapaj-? though jeocanis, I believe, to be met with governing a 

dative ; yet Alfred's Beda, 2. 6, has jeac Ceapaf, and 1. 27. ^eo- 

can jebebu. 
101. 11. bom-eabij, lit. blessed with, or happy in power or authority. 
102.21. ebep-jonj, from ebop, sepes, septum, tectum: see "Ancient 

Laws and Inst, of England," Ethelb. 27. note. 

103. 9, 10. This passage I do not understand. May it be an error for 

* * lenjfu. pn-jeojufe bpuca8 ? 

104. This poem is highly unintelligible. It is probably, like many others, 

a translation from a Latin original by one ill qualified for the 
task ; and this I suspect to be a chief cause of the numerous 
obscurities attending similar productions in Anglo-Saxon. 

105. 23. bojop, O. N. daegr, semissis diei naturulis. 

106. 17. bimucab — To this word I can assign no meaning. 

107. 13, bpa&jb-pij-, O.N. bragd-vis, dolosus, callidus; from bragd, techna, 












P. 1. 

dolus, and ^, wise : so, butan bpaebe ■] bucan befpice, Anc. 

Laws and Inst, of Engl. 
pa])u — See Gloss, to Beow., v. patS, and A. and E., p. 116. 
paele — See A. and E., p. 143. 

paep-fcj^um, with wiles, and so also, perhaps, p. 48. 1. 4. 
pop, quiet, repose ; Ger. Ruhe, Ohg. rawa, ruowa. 
J)uph lytel paec — Kemble considers this line to refer to the pre-. 

ceding sentence. 

— 11. bifaec — The signification of this word here seems quite irrecon- 

cileable with that required in Edg. Can. Ixii. In the present 
instance it is the Ger. Besuch. 
116. 34. pealoj — I am not aware of the existence of this word elsewhere, 
though its meaning is evidently the same as jreapceaft. 

118. 4. pot5, usually carmew, 'but here apparently used for sound in general. 

— 13. Kemble considers jelimp here rather as good than bad chance, or 

mischance ; but probably an antithesis is intended. 

119. 22. bpeobpian = bpeban, auferre} 

— 27. %enx%?^, see A. and E., p. 148. 

120. 1. ponb, poet, or error for panbobe? Kemble takes it as the past 

tense of pinban, in the sense of to swerve, panbian is usually 
followed by pop, and here we have ponb pop. 

121. 3. peopcum, though usually signifying ^aiM/wZ/y, with difficulty, <egre, 

moleste, seems here to bear the sense I have given it. 

— 11-13. I much doubt the sense of these lines. 

122. 12. anab, and p. 471. 1. 22. an-aeb, Ger. Einode, Ohg. einoti, a de- 

sert, solitude. I have not elsewhere met with this word. 
-— 29-32. I much doubt the sense of these lines : pluman does not, to 
my knowledge, occur elsewhere. 

123. 12. neopan seems here to bear the signification of the O.N. njosna, 

explorare, speculare. 

125. 2. I do not see to what hine refers, and doubt the accuracy of pop- 

■ — 15-17. The sense of these lines is to me doubtful. 

126. 16. Kemble proposes on opecce, and, 1. 18. jecytSeb, and, 1. 19. faep 

him, &c. Who was greater than he in battle, in our times, a 
champion illustrious ; there/ore, S(C. 

127. 29. jebpocen from bpecan. — K. I have derived it from bpucan. 

128. 19. hselu for haele. — Substantives of this declension are not unfre- 

quently used indeclinably. 

— 31. anum here and elsewhere seems used for Sjenum. 

130. 14. pe ]>ec in lypc jelaebbun. — This and what follows relates to the 


P. 1. 

lost portion of the poem, for which see fi'elix of Croyland, in 

Acta Sanct. Benedict. In the A. S. translation of Felix, the 

passage runs thus : Da aejrtep J>an fa apepijeban ^aytay hme 

jenamon j hine j^unjon mid ij-enum j-pipum, -j pa aefCep ]>on 

hi hine laebbon on \>nm onjpyplican pt5epum betpux fa cealban 

paca paepe lypce. pa jepeah he ealne nop6-b£el heoponep ppylce 

he p^pe fam ppeapcepcan polcnum ymbpealb fpitilicpa feoptpa. 

Da jepeah he p^pmja unmaece pepob faapa apepijebpa japta 

him onjean cuman. ~] hi pa pona faep co pomne jejabepobon. 

3 hi fa pona ealle fone hal^an pep jelaebbon co f am ppeaptan 

tincpeh-ptopum helle bupu hi hine jebpohcon (MS. Cot. Vesp., 

D. 21.). Then after that the accursed spirits took him and 

scourged him with iron whips ; and then after that they led him 

on their horrid wings between the cold regions of the air. Then 

he saw all the north part of heaven, as though he were enveloped in 

the blackest clouds of intense darkness. Then he saw suddenly a 

numberless host of the accursed spirits coming towards him ; and 

they then forthwith assembled, and they then forthwith led the 

holy man to the dark places of torment ; they brought him to the 

door of hell. Here, having shown him all that was to be seen, 

and while making a feint to shove him in, they are suddenly 

interrupted by the apparition of Saint Bartholomew. 

132. 26. maepan = maeppan ? 

133. 14. ma is apparently used for lenj for the sake of the alliteration. 

— 34. Kemble proposes to read pope as a separate particle belonging 

to cyfatJ, 1. 36. 

137. 29. pep-jenja — See Caedm., p. 257. 1. 25. qu. from pep = Ohg. wer, 
latibulum ? 

140. 25. Kemble proposes to read %6be adverbially, as agreeing better 
with the preceding lines. 

151. 6. This digression, though in appearance a clumsy interpolation, is, 
nevertheless, a portion of the poem, as is evident from lines 29 
and 30, p. 154, where it is connected with the rest by the al- 
literating words pjop-lean pohcun, and pecjatJ. 

— 17. onptael, institution, arrangement, from onptellan, constituere. 

— 24. onpyn — ^This word I do not understand. The supposition that 

it is the Ger. Unsinn will not suit every case where it occurs. 
See p. 201. 1. 13. and 225. 1. 32. 
154. 22. jebihfum, connected perhaps with behc, signifying house, dwell- 
ing, domi, as in Judith : hehc hype finenne • faep hepe-pef an* 
heapob onppifan • ~^ hit Co beh8e • blobij aecypan, — et istud (ca- 


P. 1. 

put) sanguineum domi ostendere. I have therefore ventured to 

translate it abodes. 
154. 27. cael-meapc, reckoning, calculation ? In V, P., p. 50. 1. 230. (A. 
and E., p. 4. 1. 113.), we have tselmec, which Grimm renders 
numerabilis, but which may be construed as a substantive syn- 
onymous with cael-meapc. Neither word seems to occur else- 

156. 22. bpejban occasionally governs a dative. The literal sense of the 

passage seems, they drew forth sounds; i. e. uttered. 

157. 16. ejrc is apparently redundant, and inserted merely for the sake of 

the alliteration. 

— 29, j-eoflije, perhaps a derivative from fuj-1, torment. 

159. 27. paep-haja, from paep, dolus, periculum} It cannot, like ^n-haja, 
signify a person, as it governs the gen. pi. jreonba jepinna, 1. 

161. 4. bpyfen? perhaps bpypen, the same as bpip, breuns, Scot, brose, 
Ger. Brei ; from bpipan, to brew, Ohg. briuwan, O. N. brugga. 

— 13. baebe-ps&3, written also beabo-pij : Ohg. bahweiga, lanx. 

— 27. In V. P., p. 126. 1. 1716, we have (probably an error for fhtS- 

nan) on pa j-hSan Cib, on which see Grimm's note, A. and E., 
p. 158. 

— 32. peoph here seems to signify death. 

163. 31. lic-hopb for hc-homa, used obviously for the sake of the metaphor 

with onleac. 

164. 1. leomu-lamef 5e])acan — From the notion that the body or limbs 

are formed of clay, jepacan is a subst. from feccan, to deck, 

— 22. lombep, so in the North, gloss, poeb lambop mio. Of this ter- 

mination, which seems to render the noun indeclinable, other 
instances are, halop, p. 262. 1. 3, &c., palop, V. P., p. 114. 1. 765. 
and p. 118. 1. 1103, (A. and E., p. 62. 1. 383. and 67. 1. 551,) 
and, perhaps, umbop. 

165. 12. The translation of onbaepu is quite conjectural, and from the 

167. 15. unhpilen — ^This word I have not met with elsewhere : its signi- 
fication seems obvious from hpilenbhc, temporarius, temporalis. 

— 32. peoni5 — See A. and E., p. 112, also note on p. 274. 1. 8. 

— 33. fpamobe, formed apparently from the past tense fpam : I have 

not found it elsewhere. 

171. 24. mihta, miracula. Marc. vi. 2. 

172. 5. The idiom faet conjointly with mfn is worthy of notice. 


P. 1. 

174. 19. Literally hy incantations. 

175. 7. poma — See A. and E., p. xxx. 

179. 3. I am very doubtful about Cihc, and suspect the integrity of the 
line : it may perhaps be the Ohg. zuht. 

— 15. j"can fcip-pepeb — Kemble takes the line to express the bright 

troop of angels, such as we read of at the death-bed of saints ; 
and I incline to believe he is right. 

— 24. poma — See A. and E,, p. xxx. 

182. 1. paecep-fifpa — ^The translation courser is quite conjectural. See 

A. and E., p. xxxv., and pp. 389. 27, 427. 31. In the latter 
place it is feminine, pmbep Jjyp, Boet. xx. 

— 9. haepn — See A. and E., p. 110. 

— 21. hpmj — Signification very doubtful. See A. and E., p. 130. 

— 23. ceajop — Perhaps a poetical formation analogous to lombeji, p. 

164. 22. ; but why is j inserted ? is it an error for p ? 

183. 6. bpyhten here seems a mere intensitive. 

184. The rest of the legend, which is void of interest, may be seen in 


185. 1. him is an idiomatic redundancy. 

188. 3. eap, mare, ' Islandis, aep-ej-C*: Lye. ap-^eblonb, V. P., p. 56. 
1. 669. (A. and E., p. 12. 1. 383.) Of similar signification 
are j-unb-jeblonb, yg-jeblonb. See Grimm, D. M., p. xxvii. 

192. 17. bpycen, wide, broad, ample, Ger. breit ? 

196. 16. Here the text is manifestly corrupt. 

199. 13. hlsepaf ne hlmcaj- — ^hlaep, a hill, eminence, low, as in the names 
of many English places : Taplow, Ludlow, &c. Scot, law, as 
in Greenlaw, Harlaw, &c. Dan. lev, lov, as Haderslev, Grav- 
lev, Gjerlev, &c. This word is analogous with dun, down, sig- 
nifying also a hill. 

And illcan lawe and illcan hill • shall nijjpred beon and lag- 
hedd — Ormulum, col. 235. 

Allallswa summ pe lawe iss heh ' abufenn operr eorfe — lb. 
col. 236. 
hlmc = O. N. hlickr, curvitas ? 

206. 29. bpeahtm, sonitus./ragor. majon, unless a verb in the infinitive 
is wanting, is here used in the sense of valent, are equal to, are 
— 30. hopnaj- — hopn is here of the masc. gen., at least in the plur., as in 
the " Battle of Finnesburh," 1. 7, where Ettmiiller's alteration 
to heoppap is quite wrong. See his Beowulf, p. 37. n. 40. 


P. 1. . . 

207, 6. fe])jie — Sound compared to swans' feathers, on account of its 


209. 21. ^olvil, palma. 

212. 2, j-olepe, a solar, or solere, a high chamber, solarium, Ger. SoUer, 
Ohg. and O. S. soleri, solari, O. N. solar, Mhg. solre, French, 
sollier, a summer apartment ; the flat roof of a house, as in the 
eastern countries ; an arbour. Though in all the other dialects, 
this seems the only place where the word occurs in A. S. 
Chaucer uses the word ; see the Reve's Tale, v. 70 ; also War- 
ton's H. E. P., ii. p. 197. note ". edit. 1840. 

214. 8. Fu^el-cimhep — Grimm, D. G. ii. p. 529, has jrujel-t, ames, 
whence I know not. I rather think it synonymous with the 
preceding hpib, the young of a bird, the mateiHal of the full-grown 
bird : or perhaps it is simply bird, the timbep being the same 
as in Ger. Frauenzimmer, Dan. Fruentimmer. 

218. 9. bpyjbum — O.N. brigdi, n. pi. mutatio, variatio. 

— 15. pinca — I have not met with this word in any other A. S. book, 
nor am I aware of its existence in any kindred dialect : its 
meaning seems well expressed by the Lat. sequela. 

219. 3. eaj-jebypb — The latter part of this compound I do not under- 

225. 14. m bupjum — A very common phrase, signifying little else than 
amongst us, amongst them, generally to be modified by the context. 

231. 23. jehejan — So fmj ^eh., mefel jeh. See A. and E., p. 101; 

Ohg. hagan, concinnare, ordinare : O.N. haga ; or perhaps 
from the circumstance of such meetings being originally held 
within an enclosure, or hedge. 

232. 14. aepplebe — A word of very doubtful signification, perhaps bossed, 

adorned with bosses resembling apples. Apalgrj^ti is explained 
by Bj. Haldorsen, aspreta ubi lapides pomorum instar tegunt 
terram. Grimm, considering it a blunder, would alter it to 
sftflebe, from aejrhan, comparare ; but this conjecture, even if 
otherwise admissible, is rendered worthless by the frequent 
occurrence of the word. See A. and E., p. 169. 

233. 16. ontihce— See A. and E., p. 141. 

240. 6. caj-epej- lof, &c. — Here a word, perhaps fecjatJ, seems wanting 
after pnjaS, in which case the arrangement will be caf ejief lop 
pnjatS" fecjaS on fpejle. 

243. 14, ypmen-jpunb — ^The first part of this compound, a word of un- 
known signification, though forming many compounds, is now 
apparently a mere intensitive. Cf. Kemble's Glossary to Beow., 


p. 1. 

i. p. 246. F. Magnusen, Lex. Myth., v. Jormungrund, and 
Grimm, D. M., p. 83. 
244. 26-29. The sense of these lines is to me very doubtful, and the trans- 
lation therefore conjectural, 

— 32. majjjjum-jej-cealb, gazophylacium : analogous compounds are 

pulbop-j, aeht-5. 
246. 19. fpemman. Nom. sing, fpemma (])pymma), not in the dictionaries. 
248. 16. onjea})e (unjeafe) =: uneafe, moleste, difficulter. 
252. 28. Jje seems here almost redundant, like the Latin tibi, sibi. 

257. 6. hlm-paeceb — See A. and E., p. 122. 

— 10. jypn-jt;aj:a=jpyn-i-, seems to signify the same as the simple 5pyn. 

258, 14, jpmj-ppaece — I do not know the meaning of jpinj; but see A. 

and E,, p. 145, 

— 26. jponbopleaj- — My translation of this word is conjectural, 

262. 25, myjipelj-e from meppan, seducere ; O, S. merrian. 

263. 1. no's from (Goth, nanfs) nefan (jenefan), audere, &c. Goth, ga- 

nan^jan, Ohg. kinendan, O. S. nathian. This is the termina- 
tion in such proper names as Byrhtno'S, WulfnoS, &c. I 
have not met with it elsewhere out of composition. See Gl. 
to Beow., V. nefan. 

264. 21, 22. These genitives seem governed by jselj-an, 1. 2. 

— 28. "^eYew^e, promte, prcesto: O. S. gelang, porrectus, concessus, para- 


265. 29. bib-fteal Jifan — a phrase signifying, give a biding -place, i. e. 

make a stand, 

266. 8. ciunbol-haja — From cumbol, signum militare, and ha^a, sepes; 

therefore an enclosure under a banner, i. e. a camp. 

— 20. Lye has piS-fCeal, resistentia, but cites no authority. The fol- 

lowing line, as well as the context, seem to justify the correc- 
tion to pij-jreal. 

— 26. eaph-papu — See note on p. 47. 1. 28. 

274. 8. peonij — Of the signification of this there can be no doubt ; its 

etymon is very uncertain. See A. and E., p. 112. 

— 17. beopol, though here and elsewhere neuter, has, nevertheless (1. 

20.), a masc. adj., haepenne. Herein the A. S. resembles the 
modern German. 

275. 15. timbep here seems used as an adjective in the comparative. 
277. 27. apaj-ab usually signifies manifested, discovered; but would here 

seem derived from paep, impetus, rush, 

— 34, ploh in the Rushw. Gloss, is the jmaeb of the common text of the 



P. L 
279. 19. unla&b, Goth, unleds, pauper, miser. See A. and E., p. 94. 

282. 32. fceoh, O. N. ska, oblique, askew, perverse} 

283. 1. eh-jt;peam — See A. and E., p. xxx. and Gl. to Beow., v. jTpeam. 

— 13. onfohce — I do not understand this word. 

288. 15. jeholena "1 The translation of these words is conjectural: the 

— 16. papaS J first I have supposed an error for jeholbpa. 

289. 7. 5iep-p:ol = maj)]>um — See Beow., 334-336 ; jrol in this com- 

pound not signifying sedes, but is from jtellan. 

— 24. jej-elba — O. S. selda, mansio, habitatio ? 

290. 26. collen-pepS — A difiicult word, hardly translatable in this place. 

See A. and E., p. 104. 

291. 5. hpyfij — The translation of this word is conjectural. 

— 6. popiaS — O. S. worrian, turbare, Ohg. werran ? Here it is taken 

in a neuter sense. 
294. 3. meb-fpebij =: O. S. med-gebo ? It seems here to be used in an 

unfavourable sense ; lavish, extravagant. 
296. . 7. paeceb is here of the masc. gen. 

— 12. jleo-beam seems to be the generic term for a musical instru- 


— 27. 5^-bopb seems here to mean the shore. 

298. 4. paeft-jonjel, apparently the contrary to pib-^onjel, p. 337. 1. 15. 
300. 17. penan, assuefacere, i. q. jepunian ? O. S. wenian, Engl. wean. 
304. 2. to fy^e — Apparently corrupt, but the sense is obvious. 
307. 16. bijeal — Qu. an error for bijaelS, or bijol ? perhaps the latter 

from similarity of sound. Or is bijeal really the 3rd p. sing. 

of bijalan, and not bijaelS, as required by analogy ? I have 

not met with the word elsewhere. 

— 22. ah seems here used as an auxiliary verb. 

309. 26. hpetan seems used intransitively ; but the entire poem is ex- 

tremely corrupt. 

310. 10. 8eftep-cpe])enbpa, apparently, things which speak for a man after 

his death. 

— 11. lijrjenbpa — ^lipan seems here used for vivify, animate, cause to live. 

— 24, 25. Perhaps we should read, in ecan lipej- blaebe • bpeame, etc. 

— 29. naepon nu — A singular juxta-position : perhaps ne jynbon nu. 

311. 26. jebopenum — bpefep is understood. 

— 29. '^ hme — The version is quite conjectural. 

313. This " Monitory Poem " is uninteUigible and incoherent, and appa- 
rently very corrupt. 

314.27. rcpal = 0. N. skrbllt, strepitus, stridor; Dan. Skraal, a cry, 
Skrald, a crash ? 


p. 1. 

315. 1. ppincan, to swell : such seems, from the context, the meaning of 

this word. See p. 419. 1. 7. 

— 20. hmbep-hoca — Qu. hooks of hinderance ; or from hmban, a tergo ? 

316. 16, 17. These lines decide the doubt entertained by Grimm as to 

whether jobe in these phrases signifies God, or good. See A. 
and E., p. 105. 

— 22. fhtSen is certainly not, as Grimm conjectures, an error for j-liS ; 

but rather the text in E. 856. (V. P., p. 126. 1. 1716.) re- 
quires correction. Its meaning seems to be, like laene, passing, 
fragile, fading. 

— 24. Ger. sich auflehnen. 

318. 19. fib-jiS — This is certainly the name (and a very appropriate one) 

bestowed on the imaginary travelling minstrel by the author of 
the poem. It has hitherto been usually taken as the regimen 
of matSolabe (mat5elobe) ; but does mapelian ever occur as a 
transitive verb ? In Beow. and the Vercelli Poetry, we have 
repeated instances of this verb preceded by a proper name, as 
in the present case, viz. Beopulj: maSelobe, ppoS5ap m., fi^laj: 
m., HunpepS m., Elene m., but not one, I believe, where it is 
preceded or followed by a regimen. W. Grimm is, I believe, the 
only one hitherto who has taken PibptS as a proper name {D. 
Heldens., p. 375.). Similar characteristic appellations are 
Gangleri, GangrSSr, in the Edda, applied to Odin ; a king of 
the Qusenlanders is also mentioned in Torfsei Hist. Norv. named 

— 25. mynehcne — 0.^.ui\ira\xc, honorificus, venustus,memorabilis.O]\^. 

minnalih ? 

— 26. hine I suspect to be an error for him, which is governed by jrpom 

placed after its regimen, viz. from him to {among) the Myrgings 
nobles sprung. This is the more probable, as at p. 321. 1. 27. 
he speaks of his oflfspring (cnoj-1) . A nearly similar construction 
occurs in Beow., 1. 112. oS faec him ejrc onpdc* heah healjrbene. 

— — mypjmjaj- — Ohg. Manning^, M6rungd; the inhabitants of the 

old Maurungania, or Nordalbingia. From the Geogr. Rav. we 
have : " Quarta ut hora noctis Nortmannorum est patria, quae 
et Dania ab antiquis, cujus ad frontem Albes vel patria Albis, 
Maurungania certissime antiquis dicebatur, in qua patria Albis 
per multos annos Francorum linea remorata est." By this 
Francorum linea, the Merowings are undoubtedly meant. 

319. 1. ealhilb — Ohg. Alahilt. The daughter of Eadwine (Audwin), king 

of the Langobards, and wife of Eadgils, king of the Myrgings : 


P. 1. 

she went apparently, accompanied by the bard, on a mission of 

peace to the court of Eormanric, or Hermanric. 
319. 4. hpetJ-cynmj — ^That is, king of the Hreth-goths, the ReiS-gotar of 
the O. N. writers, thus called in contradistinction to the Ey- 
(or Island) Goths. Their territory at one period comprised 
the extensive tract of country between the Gulf of Finland 
and the Vistula, or perhaps the Oder, together with the pre- 
sent Sweden, and even Jutland, till, by the inroads of other 
tribes, it became greatly diminished, and seems at length to 
have consisted in little more than the country lying between 
the Vistula and the Oder, comprising the modern Pomerania. 
The etymon of Hre8 or Rei8 in this compound seems very 

— 6. onjle^^Anglia, the land of the Angles, lying between Jutland 

and the country of the Saxons, or modern duchy of Sleswig, 
which, on the migration of its inhabitants to England in 449, 
was, according to the Sax. Chr., reduced to a waste. 

— 7. eopmanpic — Ermanric, king of the East- Goths. For the story of 

this renowned conqueror, the Gothic Alexander, with all its 
anachronisms and inconsistencies, the reader is referred to the 
Deutsche Heldensage of W. Grimm, who has diligently col- 
lected from the Teutonic and Scandinavian sources the chief 
particulars relating to this celebrated hero of northern song. 
See also Miiller's Sagabibliothek, vol. ii., for an excellent abs- 
tract of the whole story. 

The reader will not have failed to notice the apparently in- 
consistent terms in which Ermanric is spoken of in this poem ; 
but it must be observed, that at p. 319. 1. 8. (where he appears 
as a ppatJ paep-loja), it is the author of " The Scop or Scald's 
Tale" who applies to him the opprobrious epithet; while, at 
p. 324. 1. 1. and p. 325. 1. 13. it is the scop himself, the sharer 
of Ermanric's bounty, who speaks. In the note p. 319 I have 
suggested that a portion of the poem (containing the account 
of the scop's introduction to the hall of the chieftain, before 
whom he recites the story of his wanderings,) may be lost ; in 
which case the words ppapej- paep-lojan might refer not to 
Ermanric, but to some person mentioned in the part wanting ; 
but I am now inclined to regard the whole poem as originally 
an episode only of some lost epic ; a supposition which at once 
accounts for the apparent abruptness of its commencement, as 
well as for the otherwise inexplicable circumstance of its com- 


P. 1. 

position in a tongue totally unconnected with its subject : for 
to suppose it a translation from another Germanic dialect, 
would be giving to the Anglo-Saxon credit for a kind of know- 
ledge hardly, I fear, in existence among our simple forefathers. 
819. 18, hpala, as required by the alliteration, for which the MS. has pala. 
Neither of this personage, nor of Alexandreas (1. 20.), can I 
ascertain anything ; for it cannot surely be Alexander of Ma- 
cedon that is meant. In the genealogies a Hwala is mentioned 
as grandson of Sceaf, the son of Noah, who can hardly be the 
person here alluded to '. See note by Mr. R. Taylor in War- 
ton's H. E. P., i. p. (95). 

— 26. 8&fcla is the A. S. for Attila ; Ger. Etzel. 

— 28. baninjum — "Who these Banings were is extremely doubtful. 

Lappenberg, adopting a reading of Pliny, " ex quibus (insulis) 
ante Scythiam quae appellatur Bannomanna abesse diei cursu, in 
quam veris tempore fluctibus electrum ejioiatur, Tima^us prodi- 
dit," H. N. iv. 13., supposes them to be the inhabitants of the 
amber country ; but would not that be a part of Reid- Gothland ? 
What Zeuss, however, adduces to show that this reading is 
vicious seems sufficiently conclusive to compel us to reject what 
otherwise appears a very plausible conjecture. 

— 29. bupjenbum = Burgundiones : Of their king Gifica, or Gibico, 

mention is made in the Lex Burgundiorum, Tit. 3. His name 
is sufficiently known in Teutonic song. From this poem it 
would appear that the Burgundians w^ere then seated in the 
north of Germany, while in the old Latin poem, " De Prima 
Expeditione Attilse" (edit. Fischer, v. 31.), Attila is made to 
get possession of a great treasure that had belonged to king 
Gibich in Worms. 

— 32. hajena holm-pycum — This is the Norsk Havgni or Hogni, the Ha- 

gen of the Lay of Gudrun, and not to be confounded with him 
of the Nibelungen. The Norsk writers make him to have been 
a petty king in Jutland. See his story in Snorra-Edda, edit. 
Rask, pp. 163, 164; also in Saxo, or in Suhm, or Grater's 
transl. i. p. 245. With regard to his territory, I am rather in- 
clined to assign to the word holm the Norsk signification (a 
small island) than the A. S. one (a sea), and to suppose it to 
consist of some of the islands lying oiF the coast of Jutland. 

— 33. henben jlommum — The Norsk HeSin (by the usual interchange 

' In what follows, the names of persons and countries either sufficiently known, or of 
which nothing can be conjectured, will not be noticed. 

2 L 


P. 1. 

between p and nd), the son of Hiarrand or Hiorward, a Norwe- 
gian prince, at first the friend of Hogni, though they afterwards 
slew each other in single combat, on account of Hilldr, Hogni's 
daughter, who by her incantations raised them every night to 
life, when they renewed their contest, which was to continue 
till Ragnarokr, or the great darkness, when the heavenly bodies 
are to be extinguished. The Glomms are probably to be re- 
garded as a tribe dwelling on the banks of the Glommen, a 
river rising in the mountains to the S.E. of Trondhjem. 

319. 34. pitta, &c. — Of Witta nothing is known. The rP^^F^r ^^^ P^^" 

haps the North-Sweven. Ptolemy caUs them 2ou///3ot oi" Ay- 
ytXoi. They dwelt on the lower Elbe. 

320. 1. paba, &c. — The Helsings, a Scandinavian people, have left memo- 

rials of their existence in Helsingborg, opposite Helsingor (Elsi- 
nore) ; Helsingfors, Helsingland. The last mentioned, over 
which Wada most probably held sway, lies in the N. E. of Swe- 
den^ about Gefle. Wada is perhaps the one celebrated in Gudrun. 

— 3, meapchealp, &c. — The Hundings, over whom Mearchealf ruled, 

were probably the people of Hundland, a district which the 
editors of the Copenhagen edition of Ssemund's Edda (torn. ii. 
p. 86) are inclined to place in Jutland, in the diocese of Aal- 
borg, where many local names (Hundborg, Hundsland, &c.) 
still bear testimony of its ancient occupiers. Lappenberg sup- 
poses them to have dwelt near Biarraeland, or the country 
about the Dwina, in the White Sea, their name sometimes oc- 
curring in conjunction with that of the Biarmelanders. 

— 4. feobpic, &c. — Theodric, the son of Clovis. For his story, in con- 

nexion with Chochilagus, the Higelac of Beowulf, see Greg. 
Turon., lib. iii. 

— 5. J>yle, &c. — Of Thyle and his Rondings there seems nothing ex- 

tant whereon to form a conjecture. 

— 6. bpeoca, &c. — Of Breoca (Breca, the son of Beanstan) and his 

Brondings we find mention in Beow., 1007-1037. Thorkelin 
(Ind. ad Beow.) supposes the Brondings' land to be the Brand- 
ey mentioned in Helga-Quida i., in which the editor of the Co- 
penhagen Edda recognises the present Branno, lying off the 
coast of Gotheborg, in Sweden. See Edda, tom. ii. p. 67. n. 44. 

— 7. billing pepnum — These pepnaj- are the Varini, Verini (the Var- 

navi of Helmold), on the Elbe, whose name is already known 
to us in the " Leges AngUorum et Werinorum." Their earlier 
seat seems to have been in Mecklenburg. The Billings were 


P. 1. 

an old noble Saxon race. See Lappenberg's Gesch. v. England, 
i. p. 214. 
320. 8. oj^ine, &c. — The eopaj", over whom Oswine ruled, are probably 
the people of the isle of Oeland in the Baltic, anciently called 
Eovland. Or they may be identical with the Obii of Petrus 
Patricius (Exc. Legatt. ed. Bonn., p. 124); who, according to 
Zeuss, p. 152, were the same people as the Kofiav^ol of Ptolemy, 
the Kavftoi of Strabo, the Aviones of Tacitus, the Chaviones, 
or Chaibones of Mamertinus (Panegyr. Vett. i. 5, 2. 7). They 
were seated in the neighbourhood of the Swardones (as the 
Heruli, according to Zeuss, were anciently called), on the east 
coast of the peninsula, about Kiel and Eutin. As Chaviones, 
Chaibones, they appear allied with the Heruli, in the irruption 
of the latter into Gaul (Mamert. 1. c.) ; as Obii ('Oflioi), at the 
time of the Marcomanic war, with the Langobardi in Pannonia 
(Pet. Patricius, 1. c). Of the Suardones, Aviones, Varini, &c., 
and their worship, see also Tacit. Germ., 40 ; Grater's Suhm, 
i. p. 103, Grimm D. M., p. 140. 

— 9. ytum jejrpulp — ITie ytaj- (eotaj-) are the Jutes : of their king 

Gefwulf no mention occurs elsewhere. 

— 10. pm jrolcpalbmj — Of Fin, son of Folcwalda, the prince of the Fri- 

sians, see Beow., xvi. xvii., where his war with Hengest, his 
death, &c., form one of the most interesting portions of the 
poem. In the A. S. genealogies, a Fin appears as the great- 
grandfather of "Woden. 

— 13. j-ae-henum — Most probably the Island-Danes, to distinguish them 

from those inhabiting the opposite territory of Skaane, or 
Scania. Sigehere may possibly be identical with Sigar, a petty 
king in Seeland, and father of Signe, whose love for Hagbarth, 
and its tragic consequences, form the subject of one of the most 
interesting and wide-spread tales of the old North. 

— 14. hnaep hocmjum — Hnsef, the chief of the Hocings, fell in a battle 

against Fin, the Frisic chief. See Beow., 2132, and Battle of 
Finnesburh. The Hocings derive their name from Hoce, the 
father of Hildeburh, the wife of Fin. Zeuss suggests their 
identity with the Chauci, and cites the following passage from 
^1. Spart. Did. Jul., c. i. : Ibi Cauchis, Germanice populis, qui 
Albim accolebant, erumpentibus restitit tumultuariis auxUiis pro- 
vincialium. Ettmiiller remarks that the Tab. Pent., instead of 
Chauci or Cauchi, read Had. 

— 15. helm pulpmjum — The Wulfings or Yllings are the same race as 

2 l2 


P. 1. 

the "Wolsungs, of which was the celebrated Sigurd Fofnis-bana : 

of their king, Helm, nothing is extant. 
320. 16. palb pomjum — A king "Waldar in Skaane, or Scania, is men- 
tioned by Saxo, who may have ruled over a tribe called the 
Woings, or, from their habitation on the coast, Mere-Woings, 
as in Beow., 5837. The final ar in Waldar is merely the Norse 
termination of the nominative. 

— 17. pob pypmjum — These were no doubt the North-lTiuringians, 

who dwelt on the south bank of the Elbe, and were at a later 
period conquered by, and incorporated with, the Saxons. 

— 18. faejreptJ j^cjum — This chieftain is one of the heroes of the " Bat- 

tle of Finnesburh," where he thus speaks of himself : pjepepS 
If min nama cpaeS he * ic eom pec^ena leob. Nothing further 
occurs of him or his people. 

— 19. ppeom, &c. — Ongendtheow, king of the Swedes, was slain in a 

battle against Higelac. See Beow., xl. xli. 

— 20. pceapchepe ymbpum — Lappenberg in the Imbers recognises the 

people of the isle of Femem in the Baltic. They are per- 
haps a relic of the Ambrones, whose name, Suhm surmises, 
may yet exist in Amron, a small island in the German Ocean 
oflf the coast of Sleswig, and, perhaps, in Amerland, a part of 
the territory of Oldenburg. 

— 21. pceapa lonjbeapbum — ^The Longobardi dwelt at that time on the 

banks of the Elbe. 

— 22. hun haecpepum — (Attuarii ) The Chatuarii of Strabo. From 

these sprung the Batavi : " Omnium harum gentium virtute 
prsecipui Batavi non multum ex ripa, sed insulam Rheni amnis 
colunt, Chattorum quondam populus, et seditione domestica in 
eas sedes transgressus, in quibus pars Romani imperii fierent." 
Tac. Ger. xxix. See also Hist., iv. 12, 15. At a later period, 
the Chatuarii appear seated between the Rhine and the Maas. 
These were the people attacked by an expedition under Higelac 
J (see Beow., 4703, &c.), in which he lost his life ; for the merit 

of which discovery we are, it is said, indebted to Outzen (in 
his dissertation, " Ueber das Angelsachsische Beowulfs Ge- 
dicht," in the Kieler Blatter, 1816.''), who identifies him with 
the Chochilagus of Gregory of Tours (iii. 3.), and Gest. Reg. 
Francor., c. a. 515, cited by Zeuss. See also Suhm, i. (Grater, 
i. p. 27-30), who remarks : " The Frankish historian Gregory 
of Tours, who wrote in 595, is the first of foreign writers, who, 
on this occasion of an expedition, makes mention of the Danes 


P. 1. 

by name." Suhm died in 1798; Thorkelin's Beowulf ap- 
peared in 1815. For the name of Hun, see Grimm, D. M., 
p. (xxii.) and 299 ; and Outzen, Glossarium, p. 436. 

320. 23. holen ppofnum — Ostrosn and Westrosn in Pomerania ? Lap- 

penberg and Ettmuller surmise that the Wrosns may be the 
Scandinavian race from whom the present Russians derive their 
name, and who first became known in the ninth century. See 
Zeuss, p. 547-566. 

— 25. hepe-papena — Here-fara = Dan. HaUandsfar, from the Swedish 

province Harland, or Herland, now softened to Halland ? 

— 26. ofjra peolb onjle — ^This was OfFa (UfFo), the son or nephew of 

Garmund (Wermund) and ancestor of Higelac, famed for his 
duel with the Saxon prince Hildebrand and his comrade Swend, 
on an island in the Eider, near Rendsborg. Though an Angle, 
Saxo makes him a Dane, influenced apparently by the Scandi- 
navian propensity of transferring to the North the traditions of 
the Teutons. 

— 27. Alewih is Ali (Ole, Oluf), the natural son of Fridleif, who was 

treacherously murdered by Starkodder, while in a bath, at the 
instigation of his brother Erode IV. Offa and Ali, though 
here brought into contact, are placed far apart in Saxo's cata- 
logue ; but in points of chronology, I believe the poet to be 
more trustworthy than the historian. See also Beow., ii. p. 

321. 7. pit5 in this sense with a dative is not usual. 

— 8. ppel-bop — Apparently the Eider so designated, its ancient name 

(Egidora, Agidora, Egdora, Egidur), of which Eider is merely 
a contraction, being, no doubt, an analogous compound of Agis 
(A. S. ege, O. N. segir), terror, and dor, porta. The origin of 
this denomination is unknown. Thus pipel-cyn, jripel-pCpeam, 
hxnrid, f rightful, race, ot stream. O.N. fimbul: so fimbul-vetr, 
fimbul-ful, &c. See Beow., i. p. 249, and ii. p. xxxiii., also 
Leo's Sprachproben, p. 75. 

— 10. fpaepe — See note on p. 319. 1. 34. 

— 12. hpojjpulp J hpo'Sjap, Danish kings (Scyldings) and relatives ; 

Hrothgar was the founder of Heort, to relieve whom from the 
devastations of the Grendel was the purpose of Beowulf s visit 
to his court. 

— 17. picmja cynn — I am inclined to believe that by this name the 

Wicings or pirates are designated ; or they may be the in- 
habitants of Wic on the isle of Rugen. 


P. 1. . 

321. 18. injelbef — Ingeld, according to Saxo, was the son and successor 

of Frode V., king of Denmark, or rather Leire, while here and 
in Beow. he appears as king of the Heathobards, and foe to 
Hrothgar. See Beow., ii. p. xli. 

— 21. heafo-beapbna f pym — The Bardi bellicosissitni of Helmold. peafo 

is a prefix denoting war, and may usually be rendered by the 
adjective martial, warlike. They were probably a kindred tribe 
to the Langobards. 

322. 4. mib jeacum — These are the Tavrol of Procop., one of the most 

powerful nations of Scandinavia (O. N. Gautas), and a differ- 
ent people from the TotQoi. 

— 6. mib penlum, &c. — These are the penbla leob, of whom was Wulf- 

gar, Hrothgar's coast-guard (Beow., 693, 4.), Wendlum is no 
doubt the correct reading. Tliey are most probably a remnant 
of the Vandali. 

For the Waems, see note on p. 320. 7. 

— 8. mib jefjjum, &c. — ^The GefSs are, no doubt, the Gepidae. The 

Wineds are the Vinedi or Wends. Under the name of Vind- 
land (A. S. Weonodland) was at one time comprised the whole 
coast-land from the Slie or Schlei, by Sleswig, to the mouth of 
the Vistula. 

— 9. mib jepplejum — The inhabitants of the north of Sweden, whose 

name is still preserved in that of the town of Gefle ? 

— 12. mib lycjum — See note on p. 320. 18. 

— 13. mib fpeopb-pepum — ^The Suardones of Tacitus, between the Trave 

and the Oder } Zeuss considers them and the later Heruli one 
and the same people. 

— 14. mib hponum — In these Hrons EttmiiUer is inclined to recognise 

the Grannii, or Arochiranni (Arochi Rannii), of Jomandes, who, 

according to Zeuss, were seated either in the south of Norway, 

or in the islands of the Belt. Lappenberg would identify them 

with the people of Ranriki, in the N. "W. of Sweden ; to which 

EttmiiUer objects that the people of Ranriki are the Ragnaricci 

of Jomandes, Ranriki being a contraction for Ragnariki. This 

- objection is certainly not void of weight. The people of Rugen 

qJ^ ^J\ are called Rugiani and iZani. See Scopes vidsidh, p. 21. Beo- 

\y^ ^JL/ wulf's grave was on Hrones naes. 

C-.^ — 15. mib heaJ)o-peamum — ^These Reamas are supposed by EttmiiUer 

{/V to be the people of Raumariki (now Romerige) to the N.E. of 

Christiania ; but from the passage in Beow., 1032, I take them 

rather to be islanders, and that the gen. heaJ>o-rsemps is there 


P. 1. 

governed by the following word holm, signifying not the deep 

sea, but island, and that we should therefore translate : when 
himself at morning tide, on Heathoram' s isle, he bore up. 

322. 17. mib Jjpopenbum — The Throwends, or Thronds, O.N. prsendir ; 

the people of Trondhjem apparently. 

— 20. juShepe — (Gunther.) The Gundaharius of the Burgundian 

Laws, Tit. V. The Gundicar of Prosp. Aquit. ; by the regular 
change between nd and (5. 

— 26. mib pujum — These Ettmiiller supposes to be the Rygir, or in- 

habitants of Rogaland on the Bukkefiord in Norway. May 
they not be the inhabitants of Rugen ? For the Glomms, see 
note on p. 319. 33. 

— 27. mib pum-palum — ^That is, the Roman foreigners : the Germanic 

nations called the subjects of the Roman empire, perhaps with- 
out distinction, Wealas (sing. Wealh). Italy is even now by 
the Germans called Welschland, i. e. Wiilisch land. 

— 28, 29. eaCid, Italy — selppme, Alboin, king of the Longobards. 

323. 7. mib j-epcmjum — The people of Serkland, or Saracens, whose 

name is a corrupt derivation from Shark, the east. 

— 8. mib j-epinjum — These Lappenberg conjectures to have been the 

Seres, on the Caspian sea, noted for the production of silk. 

— 16. mib j-cpibe-pnnum — These, according to Jornandes and Proco- 

pius, seem to have inhabited the present Russian Lapland, and 
other tracks thereabouts, and even to have extended into the 
present Swedish Finnland. 

— 17. mib lib-picinjum, &c. — The Lid-wicings are the Bretons. See 

Chr. Sax., A° 885, where buCan lib-piccium (according to 
another MS. lib-picinjum) is rendered by Florence : absque 
Armoricano regno. And, A° 918, the words puSan oj: lib-pic- 
cum, he renders by de provincia qua Lydwiccum dicitur. The 
Saxon appellation has evidently been made out of the British 
name for Armorica, Llydaw. The two eorls mentioned in the 
Chronicle, though coming from the Lidwiccas, are described 
by Florence as " pagani piratse, qui ferme ante xix. annos de- 
relicta Britannia GaUicas partes adierant, de provincia quae 
Lydiwiccum dicitur," &c. Their names too, Ohtor and Hroald, 
vouch for their Scandinavian origin. 

The Leons are the Aeuwvoi, according to Ptolemy, the in- 
habitants of the middle of Scandinavia : the Liothida of Jor- 
nandes. See Zeuss, pp. 503, 506. 

— 18. mib lonj-beapbum — The Longobards. 


P. 1. 

323. 20. mib hunbinjum — See note on p. 320. 3. 

— 29. mib amothinjum — The Othingi of Jornandes ? whom he describes 

as dwelling in caves hewn out of the rocks. Suhm places them 
in Sweden, where many such caverns still remain. 

— 31. mib ijtum — The Esthonians ? 

— 32. ibummjum — Perhaps a Lettish race. 

324. 9, 10. Literally in shilling number; which may be either a phrase in 

use at the period, signifying some peculiar way of reckoning 
money ; or may signify that the 600 sceats were noted in shil- 
lings on the bracelet. 

— 31. This form is more usual in O. N. than in A. S. The rule is, that 
r where in other tongues a personal pronoun is joined with a proper 
I name by the conjunction ok (and), the ok is in 0. N. omitted, and 

the pronoun put in the dual or plural number, and the same case 
as the proper name. Rasks Anvisn. till Islandskan, Stockh. 
1823. p. 228. See Csedm. p. 296. 1. 6, and this volume p. 467. 
1. 7, for other instances. 

Of the scop Skilling no mention seems to occur elsewhere. 
He was probably the son of Skyl the harper, mentioned at 
p. 353. 1. 44. 

325. 16. hepelmjaj- — The Harlings of the German Heldensage. v. 17. 

emepca -j j:pibla=Embrica and Fritila. v. 21. Becca=Bikki 
of the Edda. v. 22. J)eobpic= Dietrich of Berne, v. 23. ppca 
= Sibeche. For these and the others see W. Grimm's Deutsche 
Heldensage, p. 18. and passim. 

— 28. pi];-mj7ijmja — The people inhabiting a territory opposite to the 

Myrgings thus designated, but in what direction is unknown. 

326. 16. punbnan jolbe — This is in apposition with pubja "] hama, 1. 18. 

— 18. hama — The slayer of Ermanric. He is celebrated in Beow., v. 

2397, for having carried oflf the famed bpopnja men (brisinga 
men), the splendid ornament of Freya, afterwards in the pos- 
session of Ermanric. See Grimm, D.M., p. 194; D. Heldens., 
p. 17-20, and Kemble's Beow., i. p. 261. 

— 28. jefceapu like fcop from pceapian. 

327. 15. For cemian applied to human beings, see p. 336. 11. 

— 20. So A. and E., p. 166. V. P., p. 135. 1. 2459. jeloben unbep 


328. 15. sec-peohtan. The interpretation is conjectural. 

329. 20. See Beow., i. p. 255., and Warton H.E.P., i. p. Ixxviii. edit. 

331. 20. See note on p. 107. 1. 13. 


P. 1. 

331. 26. jehj^pbetJ (jehpybeS or jehpeobetS .'') . I suspect this to be the 

hitherto missing verb from whence comes the participle jehpo- 
ben. The transposition is merely from ignorance of the copyist. 

— 28. bpycen is a word of frequent occurrence here and in Csedmon. 

See note on p. 192. 1. 17. 

332. 9. The version is conjectural. j-nep=O.N. and Dan. snar. 

— 10. That laetan is a blunder for hluban is rendered almost certain by 

the alliteration with hleapetS in the following line. 

— 19. pyppel, pi. pypplaf ; Lat. Barb. Girgillus, Mhg. Wirbel (Werbel), 

Fr. Vervelles — Large anneau qu on passoit au pied d'un faucon 
pour le retenir, et sur lequel ^toient graves I'dcusson et les armes 
du seigneur d qui appartenoit le faucon. — Roquefort. 

— 21. bealne — See A. and E., p. 126. 

— 22, 23. Perhaps we should read lypo-yyifc, and render the lines thus : 

leaps swift in air from his little perch. jiepel=perch, so called 
from its forked shape ? 

— 31. Of this line I can make no sense. 

334. 19. See note on p. 231. 23. 

335. 9. umbop=cilb, and is neuter. It seems to be the O. Engl. Ympe, 

imp, signifying child, and of similar formation to lambop, halop, 
etc. In Beow. 92, the words umbop-pej-enbe are manifestly the 
translation of the Latin ones adduced by Kemble in his Post- 
script, pp. iii, iv, viz. from Ethelwerd, lib. iii. 3 : " Ipse Scaef 
valde recens puer;" from Gul. Meld. ii. 2. MS. Cant., and 
Simeon of Durham : " appulsus navi sine remige puerulus," &c. 
It occurs also at v. 2374, and in the same sense. If the above 
interpretation be admitted, the question rises — How will it affect 
the presumed antiquity of the poem of Beowulf ? 

Scott uses imp in the sense of child : 

My imps, though hardy, bold, and wild, 

As best befits the mountain child. — Marmion, Canto I. 

The alteration at Beow. v. 92 and 742, of wesende to we- 
sendne, is in either case needless, for, even when joined with 
an accusative mascvdine, the former termination of the participle 
is perhaps more usual than the latter. 

— 10. aep abl mmet5 — That is, more quickly than disease takes them off^. 

336. 5. pypp, mutatio — f»bon "p hio j-ceolbe peoppan hi on pilbpa beopa 

lie; Boet., p. 190. peapp hme on pypmef he; Caedm., p. 31. 
1. 26. 

337. 14. bopban — The weak form is here observable, and denotes, I be- 

lieve, that the word is used in a secondary sense, like muj^a. 


P. 1. 

signifying the mouth of a river, from muS ; and pupma, p. 377 . 9. 

Whether nouns thus changed preserve their original gender, the 
examples do not enable us to decide. Qu. are the French 
broder and broderie, from bopb, the table on which the work was 
performed} In the present instance bopb seems to signify a 
work or embroidering board. 

338. 21. Compare this line with the law of Erode king of Denmark, men- 

tioned by Saxo ; wherein he insists, that the people of Garderige 
shall marry like the Danes, and take no wife, without having 
bought her, from the father or relations. 
— 26. eopl is evidently used here in its prose signification as distin- 
guished from ceopl; the latter being here (p. 339. 6.) poetically 
designated eobop-aefelmj. For the term eobop, as the dwell- 
ing of a ' ceorl,' see " Ancient Laws and Institutes of Eng- 
land," Ethelb. xxvii. note. 

339. 2. mafm=Mhg. Meidem, a horse, more usually a gelding ? though 

we find it explained by Hengst (stallion), puledrus, palafridus, 
caballus, Wallach (gelding). The following from Ziemann 
enables us to judge of its relative value : " Um einen meidem 
gibt Konig Ltldwig nur 13 bis 15 pfd. miinchner pfennig e, wdr- 
end ein ros mit 32, 50 bis 60 ; ein zeltenpfttrit mit 30 pfund 
bezdlt wird." See p. 475. 1. 7. Grimm. D. G., iii. p. 325. 
Beow., i. p. 244. 

papi5=papihc, algosus, from paep, alga. ^Ifr. cited by Lye. 

jtypan usually has a dative. 

The genitives tilej-, &c., after onettan, I cannot account for. My 
interpretation is quite conjectural. 

calc-ponbep — Interpretation conjectural: C2lc-=.calx, Gloss, ad 

The gray one, i. e. the wolf (p. 343. 3.). For this epithet, see 
Kraka Mai, p. 89. edit. Rafn. 

nepebe can hardly be correct : it affords no sense, and has a syl- 
lable too many for the rhythm. 

phce, perception, intuition ? Such would seem to be its signifi- 
cation here ; though I have not elsewhere met with it in that 

Ceojranabe and ceopenebe, p. 351. 18. The interpretation is 
given solely from the context. 

Riming Poem. This poem I do not understand, and am there- 
fore unable to translate. 

It seems to me that the final words are in numerous instances 



















P. 1. 

altered from their true orthography, for the purpose of forming 
a rime, and that it is by no means void of blunders. In fact, 
onppah, 1. 4, is manifestly wrong, being merely a repetition of 
the word in 1. 2, while a word is required which should rime 
with jeceoh. 

I subjoin an attempt at a version of a few verses which are 
the least obscure : — 

352. 25. He gifted me with life, 

who this light unveil'd, 
and the bright creation 
widely display'd. 
Glad I was in joys, 

— 30. in ornamented forms, 

in colours of delights, 
in hues of blossoms. 
Men me regarded ; 
the feast they fail'd not, 

353. 1. in the vital gift rejoiced, 

in fretted cups, 

in a dwelling on the plains, 

in young hopes. 

in pleasure with long 

— 7. Then was with fruits awaken'd 

the world * * 

— 11. Guests went, 

in social converse mingled, 
pleasure lengthen'd, 
joyously embellish'd. 

— 17. On the watery stream was a way, 
where the vessel glided near by me. 
I had a high condition ; 
in hall to me was no compeer, 
who there a proud word utter'd. 
Oft there a man would wait, 
that he in my court might see 

352.34, foralujon? See Beow. 159. 353. 1. wine? 3. pice? 

4. penum? 18. O. N. liS? ne error for neh ? 

20. jab for jejaba? yet see A. and E., p. 160. 21. jiaebbe ? 


P. 1. 
353. 24. the weight of treasure. 

With thanes doughty, 

while I was powerful 

the valiant prais'd me, 

in battle sav'd me, 

nobly bore me, 

— 30. from foes protected me. 

Thus me joy's gift held, 

— 33. a foundation for my possessions placed, 

my steps govem'd. 
As it were the whole earth, 
I possess'd the princely throne : 
in magic words I spake. 

— 43. My servants were diligent, 

Skyl was my harper ; 
loud he sounded, 
his tones echoed forth : 
the plectrum resounded, 
nor much ceas'd it : 
the castle-hall trembled ; 

— 50. bright it tower'd. 

In valour / increas'd, 

happiness beckon'd me. 

Chieftains / favour'd, 

to the brave / was bounteous, 

my mind / strengthen'd, 

ray followers rejoiced, 

my tree branch'd, 

my glory flourish'd, 

in prosperity / exulted. 

— 60. Gold / supplied, 

gems / cast around. 

353. 25. jej^yhti ? 37. Lit. sang. 

44. heajxpejie? Skyl was apparently the father of piUinj. See p. 324. 1. 31. 
47. rP^2^-J^ab {radiusi), perhaps the same as heajipe-naejl, joZec^rMffj, or Ohg. suegil- 
pein. See Grimm. D. G., iii. p. 468. from Goth, swiglon, to play music. 

51. elne? 53. pjjeotJofee? 56. pfRjnobon? 59. blsetoe? 

61. jimmaj- peajipatee, forpeajip? 


P. 1. 

353. 64. Bold I was in arms, 

goodly in my garments, 

354. 1. my joy was lordly, 

my condition joyous : 
the land / protected, 
to the folks I sang : 
my life was long 
among people, 
with glories heavy, 
well hung. 
Now my soul is rugged... 

— 18. flah ij- jeblopen, the dart is blown. This seems to allude to a 

dart blown from the mouth. See p. 362. 1. 19. where the devil 
is called plah-jreonb, perhaps from his shooting forth poisoned 
darts (words) from his mouth. 

360. 14. For the difference between papo'S and papoS, see A. and E., p. 101 . 

— 18. faj-titocalon — Of this extraordinary word I am unable to give any 


— 24. pypic, arundinetum ; Ger. Rohricht ; Ohg. rorahi. 

361. 21. peonij-See A. and E., p. 112. 

362. 9. on teoj-u = on anban ? So Csedm., p. 232. 1. 4, teonpuUum on 

fcej-o, to the hurt of the wicked ; where my translation is wrong. 
Its etymon I know not. 

— 19. See note on p. 354. 1. 18. 

— 31. heolof-helm seems merely poetic for the simple helm. To make 

the devil a warrior is perfectly in keeping with the genius of 
A. S. poetry. That a helmet is meant, appears from Caedm., 
p. 29. 1. 2, haeleS-helm on heajrob aj-ette, where my version 
needs correction. In the Heliand, the visions that appeared to 
the wife of Pilate are described as " helith-helme biheled," p. 
164. 20. It must, however, be remarked, that the Ohg. helot- 
helm is defined latibulum. Kemble, in Gl. to Beow., renders 
haeletS-helm, galea larvata. 

363. 7. J)ii*a from fyf, turbo, procella : O. N. at fysj a prorwere ? 

367. This was a favourite topic in the middle ages : the original of 

the present poem is a prose homily to be found in most of the 
MSS. (of which a Latin original no doubt exists). For the 
later poems on the same subject, see a highly interesting volume, 
" The Latin Poems of "Walter Mapes," edited by Thomas Wright, 
Esq., for the Camden Society ; also ' Friihlingsgabe, von Th. 
G. V. Karajan,' Wien, 1839. 


P. 1. 

367. 18. jehjjum hpemij — Of jehfu I can say nothing satisfactory: jud- 

ging from the context, I imagine it to mean fortunes (both good 
and bad), lot, Lat. vices. (See A. and E., p. 97.) hjiemij, 
crying, shouting, generally in exultation, though not always, as 
in the present instance. See Warton, H. E, P., i. p. Ixxviii. 
edit. 1840. 

368. 2. cal&an peopbe — So ipj, applied to the voice, in A. S. poetry. 

369. 26, 30. These lines seem very corrupt in both MSS. jej-cenCa in the 

text appears evidently, from the Vercelli reading, to be an error 
for jej-ynca. 

370. 17. The lines following in V. are apparently an interpolation. 

372. 21. li^, as in Ohg., is both m and n ; aejhpylc (1. 23.) may therefore 

stand as a neut. accus. ; though pop, in this sense, usually go- 
verns a dat., and V. has sejhpylcum. 

373. 3. j:laej-c-hopb here, and in V., is neuter. 

374. , The second portion of this poem is not in the Exeter MS., and 

in the Vercelli MS., where alone it occurs, it is a fragment 
wanting the end. 

376. 20. So ecne pseb ceoj-an; ba&l ceofan. See Gl. to Beow. 

377. 9. him be pupman — him be=be him, by the common transposition 

of the preposition, which in A. S. poetry is constantly made to 
follow its case. The weak form pupma indicates apparently 
that it is the metaphorical worm that is here intended; the mental 
gnawing and anguish attendant on an unhappy state of life. 
See note on p. 337. 14, and Rask's A. S. Gramm., § 74. 

— 19. In this, probably the older story, it is said that Nithhad merely 

bound him (Weland) with a thong, while the Edda, magnifying 
the evil, informs us that he severed the tendons of his knees : 
" Sva var gjort, at skornar voro sinar i knfes botom (fotum)." 
This, as tales are wont to gain by transmission, speaks strongly 
in favour of the greater antiquity of the Saxon over the Norsk 
version of Weland's mishap. 

— 21. The burthen of this poem I do not understand, nor why opepeobe 

is made to govern the genitive. 

378. 18. ahte, i. e. held, possessed, took refuge in (during his exile of 32 

years). Of Maeringa-burh, and Theodric's stay there during 30 
•winters, nothing is elsewhere related. 

— 34. The version is conjectural ; a word seems wanting. 

379. 23. Of the scald Deor no mention is, I believe, elsewhere to be 


— 27. Heorrenda is the H6rant celebrated in the poem of Kutrun as the 


P. 1. 

Helt iiz Teneland ; of whose song it is related, that 

Do sich diu naht verendet und ez begunde tagen, 

Horant begunde singen, daz dd bi in den hagen, 

geswigen alle vogele von sinem suezen gesange : 

die liute die da sliefen die lagen do niht lange. 

For more relative to this celebrated scald see Kutrun passim, 

and W. Grimm's Heldens., p. 325-330. 

379. 29. lanb-piht= naturalization, denizenship. 

380. Riddle I. — Of this I can make no sense, nor am I able to arrange 

the verses. 

381. 6. haj-u is here undoubtedly dusk, dark. 

382. 6. jlcealc, contr. of j-tealic (j^ylic) steep, from p:yl, Ger. steil ? 

383. 2. Jjpymma fum — This interpretation of fpym is almost conjectural, 

and countenanced only by Hel. xv. 10. See Schmeller's Gloss. 

— 13. See Csedm., p. 125. 1. 14. 

384. 3. eape — A very obscure word. What Grimm says in A. and E., 

and D. M,, p. xxvii., is far from satisfactory. 

— 11. See note on p. 382. 6. 

— 13. hop-jehnaj-tej- — O. S. hop, caterva; Ger. Haufe. So cumbol- 

jehnaj-Cej-, Battle of Brunanburh, Warton H. E. P., i. p. Ixxvi. 
edit. 1840. 

— 15. cpyban, to crowd, press. The past tense of this verb occurs in B. 

of Brunanb. cpeab cneap on jrlob. The printed texts read on- 
plot, but I adopt the more correct various reading. Hence, aet 
faem hnb-cpoban, Csedm., p. 120. 21. mib Imb-jecpobe, V. P., 
p. 77. 1. 2440 (A. and E., p. 36. 1. 1221.). 
386. 35. ]7iS-}:eopm = -ppom — This is a frequent transposition. So hopn- 
pj-c for hpon-pj-c, V.P.,p. 56. 1. 744 (A. andE., p. 11. 1. 370.). 

389. 26. byht, dwelling, from buan : boundary, in Caedm., p. 133. 1. 20, is 


390. 27. pcet5 nijenbe — Of this line, as also of mje, 1. 29., I can make no 

395. 9. jehlejja, comrade, one of a hloS. 

— 20. hihlypeb, deprived of comrades (%eh\e^a.n). 

400. Riddle XX. Here the runes are to be read backwards. Sroh= 

hors (horse). Nom=mon (man) Rad-agew=zrSd-wega (wagon, 
carriage). Cofahz=:hafoc (hawk). 

— 19. pip — Ohg.vfiard, obrgzum, quod obradiet splendor e. GrafF, tom. i. 

col. 961. aurum vermiculatum, wire. 

401. 17. heaJ)ope, from heapepian, cohibere} See also p. 482. 5. 
403. Riddle XXI. By this, no doubt, a plough is intended. 


P. 1. 
404. 19. hpunje — Can this be an adjective from hpon, viz. hpomj, O. N. 

hron, fluctus, unda ? 

407. 1. jrullefteS — See note on p. 457. 31. 

— 29. bej-nyfebe — So V. P., ealbpe befnyfebe, p. 79. 1. 2648 ; (A. and 

E., p. 39. 1. 1325. and p. 131.) 
410. 24. fpoppen — Lye, ex Med. ex Quad., has jefpeapp (^ej-peopp), spuma 

metallorum, ferrugo ; whence I conjectured that j-popjren^rws^ec?, 

but I now believe it to signify rubbed, as at p. 497. 18. fpopjren 

peole, rubbed with a file. 
417. 20. hpipl — Hence correct hpejil, p. 40. App. B. to Cooper's Report, 

which is evidently erroneous. 

— 25. job-pebb — Ohg. gota webbi, gossypion, byssus, purpura. O. S. 

godu-uuebbi. See Graff, v. Webb, and v. Wurm; and Schmeller, 

sub voce. 
423. 7. jpima, larva, cassis; neither of which significations are here ap- 
plicable : or can it be larva in the sense of the larva of an insect, 

or a spectre } 
ppaefC = ppaepthc, delicatus, Cott. 64., cited by Lye. 
abelan, m. ory". ? signifying probably _/?/^A. Lye has abelihc, coeno- 

sus, and abel-peatS, cloaca. 
For apepje we should apparently read appije. 
papo6 and papotJ are often confounded, and in V. P., p. 52. 1. 397. 

are compounded : papoS-paputS, the weedy shore, or ocean shore. 

See A. andE., p. 101. 
mepan, manducare, epulari. Ohg. mosjan ; mos, cibus. 
aetep beon — Apparently an idiomatic expression. 

— 35. pepnex — Is this intended as an adjective agreeing with eapn and 

hapoc, or did the Anglo-Saxon find it in his Latin original, 
and, ignorant of its meaning, leave it as he found it ? 
433. 21. eopp; O.N. erpr, lupus. Correct therefore Caedm., p. 190. 1. 4. 
eopp-pepob, wolf-like host, in apposition with heopu (hepe) 
pulpap, p. 189. 1. 7. 

438. Riddle LVII. This is unfinished, heafo-jlem, I. 6, is no doubt 

a metaphor for a sword, analogous with the O. N. eldr, logi, 
liomi, brandr. 

— 9. peo, rather pea — In V. P., p. 88, 1. 3317, for peop, I suspect we 

should read pea ; but see Grimm's note, A. and E., p. 137. 

— 15. leolc, evidently the past tense of a verb. See A. and E. 

439. 1. palo-pabe — See Warton, H. E. P., i. p. Ixxviii. edit, 1840. 

— 2. pope, an error for pope ? from pop, suavis, popnep, suavitas : Lye, 

from Cott. 120. 












P. 1. 

445. According to this poem, the second destruction of the world is to 

be by water : see p. 447. 1. 12. 

— 17. jehejanne — See note on p. 231. 1. 23. 

446. 16. So Beow., 3846. bolb paej- bethc. 

449. 12. The change of gender from the fern, hype (1. 11.), agreeing with 
fapel (1. 10.), to the masc. he (1. 12.), shows that a leaf is want- 

455. 7. The meaning of eaben here and at p. 13. 1. 10, is to me extremely 

— 19. lim seems to be both feminine and neuter ; here it is plainly the 

latter : it forms both hma and limu in the plural. 

457. 31. puUepraS; Ohg. fulleistjan; O. S. fuUestian, to aid, favour, &c. 

458. 5. cyljujT — From an adjective Cylij = cil, good, fit, apt. 

467. 7. fpylce jic lohannij* — For this idiom see note on p. 324. 1. 31. 
469. 24. fcupum pcynbeS — This I do not understand, nor can I concur in 
what Schmeller (Gl. ad Hel.) says about scur. 

473. 26. bpepan is generally applied to water. See Beow., 2833, 3804. 

— 28. opan — The interpretation of this word is conjectural. 

474. 5. onjm — According to the MS. this is the beginning of a new 


— 24. paeban Jo. . . . — Is this jraeban (=j:8eceb) Solbej- ? 

475. 7. ma]>m — See note on p. 339. 1. 2. 

476. 9. fceapbe seems here used adjectively like punb. fcup-beopj is 

apparently so called from its use in sending forth showers of 
arrows and other missiles. 

477. 7. peall-palan — See note on p. 322. 1. 27. 

— 11. hopn-jeftpeon — The same perhaps as hopn-pele, hopn-paeceb. 

The meaning of hopn in these compounds is not certain. My 
version of the line is conjectural. 
482. 5. heabpe — See note on p. 401. 1. 17. 

493. 8. pipeS — A very doubtful word : if correct, it would seem formed 

analogously with hunCaS, retaining the gender of its primitive. 

494. 7. ppeohcij, or rather fpohtij, vigorous, patient of toil: synon. 

perhaps with fpohtheapb ; O. N. frottr, vigor, patientia. See 
A. and E., p. 105. 

497. 18. fpopjren — See note on p. 410. 1. 24. 

498. 17. ptealc-hhfo — See note on p. 382. 1. 6. 

500. 14. 50b is here of the masc. gender, but is probably an error of the 

2 M 


Page 6. line Z2,for inne read minne. 

— 13. note '0, — 479. 17. read 455. 7 ; for Boet, read Boet. 

— 46. line 24, — brighter read bright. 

— 139. — 16, — by him read by them. 

— 139. — 17, — persevere th rearf persevere. 

— 169. — 15, — J>uphmennij-cne read fuph mennircne. 

— 184. — 31, — {transl.) n read in. 

— 204. — 30, — fcepamaf read ftpeamaf. 

— 269. — 11, — {jp'^mej- read fpfmej-. 

— 314. — 34, — Jjpyme read fpyme. 

— 354. — 22, — pynbe read pynbe. 

— 420. note ', — Ahg. read Ohg. 

— 424. line 18, — -pcpapu read -fcpajru. 


^jelmunb, 325. 26. 
selppme, 322. 29. 
secla, 319. 26, 326. 2. 
alepih, 320. 27. 
alexanbpeaf, 319. 20. 


beabeca, 325. 15. 
beabohilb, 377. 23. 
becca, 319.28, 325.21. 
billing, 320. 7. 
bpeoca, 320. 6. 


caehc, 319. 31. 
caj-epe, 319.30, 323. 10. 


beop, 379. 23. 


eabjilr, 324. 11. 
eabpine, 323. 6, 324.22, 

325. 25. 
ealhilb, 319. 1,324. 19. 

elfa, 325. 25. 
emepca, 325. 17. 
eopmanpic, 319. 7. 27, 

324. 1, 325. 14, 378. 


pn folcpalbmj, 320. 10. 
fpeofejiic, 326. 5. 
Fpibla, 325. 17. 


jeat, 378. 13. 
jejrpulp, 320. 9. 
ppica, 319. 29. 
5ij-lhepe, 326. 4. 
5u6hepe, 322. 20. 


ha^ena, 319. 32. 
hama, 326. 6. 18. 
heajjopic, 325. 23. 
helm, 320. 15. 
henben, 319. 33. 
heoppenba, 379. 27. 
hepheapb, 442. 20. 
hetSca, 325. 15. 
hlipe, 325. 24. 
hnsep, 320. 14. 
2 M 2 

holen, 320. 23. 
hpinjpealb, 320. 24. 
hpoSjap, 321. 12. 
hpofpulp, 321. 12. 
hun, 320. 22. 
hunjap, 325. 26. 
hpala, 319. 18. 

mcjenfeop, 325. 24. 
mselb. 321. 18. 


mseShilbe, 378. 10. 
meaca, 320. 2. 
meapchealp, 320. 3. 

nitJhab, 377. 17. 


oppa, 320. 26. 30. 32, 

321. 11. 
on^enbjjeop, 320. 19. 
oj-pine, 320. 8. 




paebhepe, 326. 3. 
paejhap, 476. 19. 
peabpah, 476. 19. 
ponbhepe, 326. 3. 
pumj"Can, 326. 4. 

raeFepS, 320. 18. 
j-ceajra, 320. 21. 
j-ceapthepe, 320. 20. 
rcillinj, 324. 31. 
rcyl, 353. 44. 

reapla. 325. 22. 
j-ecca, 325. 21. 
pjreca, 325. 23. 
j-ijehepe, 320. 12. 


unpene, 325. 20. 

paba, 320. 1. 
pala, 319. 18. 
palb. 320. 16. 

pelanb, 377. 9. 
pibpitS, 318. 19. 
pitta, 319. 34. 
pipepjielb, 326. 5. 
pob, 320. 17. 
pub^a, 326. 6. 18. 
piilpbepe, 325. 29. 
pJTimhepe, 325. 29. 

peobpic, 320. 4, 325. 

22, 378. 18. 
pyle, 320. 5. 



iEnenar, 322. 11. 
amothm^aj-, 323. 29. 


baninjar, 319. 28. 
bponbinjaj', 320. 6. 
bupjenbar, 319. 29, 
322. 18. 


cpeacar, 319. 30, 323. 


beane, 322. 14. 
bene, 320. 27. 

(rse-), 320. 1 3. 

(ni«-)' 322. 5. 


eafC-^ofcan, 325. 18. 
eaj-t-J^ypinjaj-, 323. 30. 
eatul, 322. 28. 
ebpeaj-, 323. 23. 
e^ypcar, 323. 24. 
enjle, 320. 26, 321. 10, 
322. 10. 

eolar, 323. 30. 
eoconaf, 476. 11. 
eopaj-, 320. 8. 
ex-fypinjaj-, 323. 22. 


Fijrel-bop, 321. 8. 
pnnaj-, 319.31, 323.9. 
(j-cpibe-), 323. 

ppefna cyn, 320. 11. 
jrponcar, 320. 4, 322. 

ppumCinjaf, 322. 25. 
ppyj-ar, 322. 24. 


^eatar, 322. 4. 
Sefplejar, 322. 9. 
jefSar, 322. 8. 
jlommar, 319. 33, 322. 

50tan, 319. 27, 324. 3, 

325. 10, 378. 28. 

(ears-). 325. 18. 

(hpeS-), 319. 4, 

322. 3. 


haelpnjar, 320. 1 . 
hsecpepaj-, 320. 22. 
haeSnaj-, 323. 19. 
heaSo-beapban, 32 1 .21 . 
heaJ>o-peamaf, 322. 15. 
heo-beninjaj-, 379. 21. 
heopot, 321. 20. 
hepe-papan, 320. 25. 
hepelinsaj-, 325. 16. 
hocinsar, 320. 14. 
holm-pycaj-, 319. 32. 
hpaebar, 325. 31. 
hpeS-^oCan, 319. 4, 

322. 3. 
hponaj-, 322. 14. 
hunar, 319. 26, 322. 2. 
hunbinjar, 320. 3, 323. 



ibuminjaj-, 323. 32. 
mbear, 323. 23. 
inmhelar. 323. 21. 
ij-caj-, 323. 31. 


leonar, 323. 17. 
libpicinjar, 323. 17. 
lonjbeapbaf, 320. 21, 
323. 18. 

hselefar, 323. 19. 




maepmjabupj, 378, 20. 
mopbinjaf, 323. 27. 
moibaj-, 323. 25. 
mypjinjar, 318. 26,320. 

2, 321. 7, 323. 26. 

28, 324. 18. 
(pit5-), 325. 



onjle, 320.26.321.10, 
322. 10. 

peohtar, 323. 15. 
pepj-af, 323. 25. 


ponbmjaj-, 320. 5. 

pujaj-, 322. 26. 
pum-palaj-, 322. 27. 

rae-bene, 320. 13. 
j-cottaf, 323. 15. 
fcpibe-pnnaf, 323. 16. 
reaxe, 322. 12. 
fepcinjaf, 323. 7. 
fepinjap, 323. 8. 
ni«-bene, 322. 5. 
rp»Fe> 319. 34,321. 10, 

322. 10. 
rpear, 320. 19, 322. 4. 
fpeopb-pepaj-, 322. 13 
j-ycjar, 320.18,322.12. 

p»pnar. 320. 7, 322. 6. 
pala pice, 323. 14. 
palar,435. 11, 485. 7. 

(pum-), 322. 27. 

peall-palan, 477. 7. 

penlar, 322. 6. 
pepnar, 320. 7, 322. 6. 
picmja cynn, 321. 17. 
picmjap, 322. 7. 
pilna, 323. 13. 
pmebaj-, 322. 8. 
piolane, 323. 13. 
piftla pubu, 325. 33. 
piS-mypjmjaj-, 325. 28. 
poinjaf, 320. 16. 
ppoj-nar, 320. 23. 
pulpnjar, 320. 15. 


ymbpap, 320. 20. 
^ar, 320. 9. 


Jjpopenbaf, 322. 17. 
fypmsaj-, 320. 17, 322. 

(eajt-), 323. 



Words beginning witli the prefixes, a, aejrtep, aec, be (hi), eb, pop, pope, 
je, in, mib, mip, op, opep, on, ot5, to, un, up, pitS, pifep, pon, fuph, are 
placed according to the initial letter of their roots. 


Abela, 424. 1. 
^b-Mj, 213. 9. 
abloma, 156. 33. 
ae-boba, 158. 15. 
sepbon, 83. 16. 
aepen-jlom, 179. 21. 
aepen-pceop, 390. 21. 
aepnan, 102. 29, 152. 

29, 327. 3. 
jeaepnan, 84. 7, 87. 24, 

168. 21, 176. 16, 

356. 28, 357. 23. 
aeptan-peapb, 480. 3. 
sehc-jeptealb, 249. 22. 
fuph-aeleb, 223. 27. 
seleS, 338. 17. 
semen, 115. 9. 
semet, 342. 7. 
aepplebe, 232. 14, 283. 

aepin;, 252. 9. 
ape, 404. 22. 
aepc-pcebe, 314. 20. 
aet-jeopa, 339. 22. 
aet-jiepa, 332. 26. 
aecpen-mob, 343. 26. 
aet-pcael, 112. 26. 
sec-pela, 374. 8. 
secpipt, 132. 11. 

aeJjel-bujuS, 62. 36. 
apop, 133. 15. 
a^lac, 490. 5. 
ajlseca, 136. 26. 
amap, 417. 22. 
anab, 122. 12, 123. 24. 
an-seb, 471. 22. 
anbcpip, 163. 26. 
anbleopen, 214. 22. 
anbpip, 257. 8. 
anbppaS, 356. 26. 
an-ploja, 309. 25. 
anhaja, 203. 20, 286. 

anho^a, 162.3, 222. 10, 

288. 32. 
an-pcapa, 356. 21. 
ap-jipa, 294. 6. 
ap-ptaep, 409. 5. 
acol, 78. 25, 109. 9. 
actop-pcea])a, 357. 24. 
aS-loja, 98. 10. 
afol, 346. 6. 


baebe-pej, 161. 13. 
bael-blgepe, 142. 22. 
baelcan, 315. 8. 
b8el-])]iaec, 216. 19. 

bsep-beaj, 414. 18. 
onb8eplic,482. 7. 
onbaepu, 165. 12. 
bK«, 478. 15. 
ban-copa, 158. 26, 159. 

16, 329. 16. 
ban-coJ?a, 163. 23. 
ban-pac, 173. 25, 178. 

5, 213. 23, 233. 5. 
ban-hup, 184. 8. 
ban-loca, 161.3, 271.2. 
abannan, 120. 12. 
ban-pele, 451. 12. 
bapu, 218. 17. 
beabu-capa, 380. 20. 
bealbop, 276. 18. 
beapo-nsep, 439. 5. 
belceb-ppeopa, 489. 24. 
benb, 5. 12. 
beo-bpeab, 425. 20. 
beop-hypbe, 297. 28. 
beclic, 446. 16. 
bethcapc, 5. 7. 
onbib, 164. 30. 
bib-pteal, 265. 29, 423. 

SebihS, 154. 22. 
bnbpaept, 438. 13. 
jebinb, 288. 1.' 
inbinban, 338. 8. 
blaepe, 142. 22. 



blat, 48. 13. 

bleat, 161. 24. 

bleaS, 423. 4. 

bleo-bojib, 331. 20. 

bleo-jras, 400. 18. 

blonca, 405. 5. 

unjebly^eb, 158. 23. 

boj, 337. 11. 

inbo^en, 163. 22. 

bolb-pela, 272. 22. 

bonnan, 66. 6. 

bopcian, 495. 11. 

bojibe, 337. 14. 

bopb-jelac, 48. 9. 

onbopen, 158. 29. 

mbpab, 353. 16. 

unbjiaecen, 1. 11. 

bpae^b-pfj-, 107. 13. 

bpeaj, 427. 32. 

bpeahcm, 156.29, 181. 
26, 195. 25, 206. 29, 
25, 384. 9, 385. 5. 

bpeahtum, 192. 16. 

jebpec, 385. 6. 14. 

jebpebab, 237. 18. 

bpejb, 260. 24. 

jebpejb, 201. 17. 

bpejben, 219. 13. 

piJ»ep-bpeoca, 120. 2. 

bpeobian, 315. 8. 

bpeobpian, 119. 22. 

bpib. 214. 7, 224, 7. 

bpijb, 357. 9. 

bpim-plob, 187. 30. 

bpim-fujel, 289. 12. 

bpim-jiej-t, 384. 9. 

bpim-lab, 307. 27. 

bpim-pubu, 182. 5. 

oSbpoben, 153. 15. 

pijjep-bpoja, 35. 26. 

bpojben, 238. 11. 

bponb-hac, 160. 2. 

bponb-hopb, 354. 15. 
bpo-fpaef, 346. 1. 
bpun, 427. 32. 
bpycjian, 338, 4. 
bpy^b, 218. 9, 296.13. 
bpy^ban, 449. 14. 
bpyten-cyninj, 331 . 28. 
bpyten-jpunb, 22. 25. 
bpycen-pice, 192. 17. 
bpycen-ponj, 24. 6. 
bp^fen, 161. 4. 
bune, 338. 23. 
bupj-j-ajl, 179. 7. 
bupj-ptebe, 476. 3. 
bupn-j-ele, 477. 10. 
byht, 389. 26, 404. 23. 
jebylbeb, 130. 31. 
bylbo, 8. 5. 
byleb-bpeopt, 489. 23. 
byme, 206. 30. 
je-ebbypbeb, 372. 30. 
byplian, 161. 8. 
jebypman, 161. 6. 
bypn-pija, 292. 5. 
bypn-pijenb, 461. 19. 
abypbe, 234. 24. 


calc-ponb, 342. 15. 

calu, 427. 31. 

caj-epe, 240. 6, 310. 30, 

319. 30. 
ceapl, 77. 5, 363. 26. 
ceap-jealbop, 279. 24. 
ceap-jej-t, 125. 34. 
ceap-relb, 306. 10. 
ceajtep-hhb, 20. 7. 
ceol-pelu, 473. 1. 
ciS, 338. 7. 
clam, 217. 8. 
clenjan, 411. 6. 

clom, 134. 22, 138. 2. 
cluj-top, 20. 8, 256. 23. 
clympp, 426. 18. 
acol, 143. 20. 
collen-j:ept5, 290. 26, 

361. 9. 
jecpmjan, 291. 9. 
jecpob, 386. 17. 
cpyban, 384. 15. 
culpa, 11. 28. 
cumbol-haja, 266. 8. 
cumbol-hete, 280. 30. 
opepcuman, 379. 1. 
cpibe-5ieb, 289. 28. 
cpibe-pcpal, 314. 27. 
cyle-sicel, 201. 20. 
popcymen, 10. 13. 
cyne-jolb, 238. 17. 
cyne-fpym, 240. 5. 
cyptenu, 407. 16. 
cypc, 299. 22, 300. 7, 

322. 1. 
uncytSSu, 153. 18. 


baeb-pcua, 16. 22. 
baej-peb poma, 179. 24. 
baej-poma, 175. 7. 
bapet5-lacenbe, 358. 29. 
bapu, 144. 2. 
beal, 216. 10. 332. 21, 

404. 22. 
beaS-paeceb, 200. 30. 
beaS-pej, 161. 25. 
beopatS, 393. 9. 
bojobe, 380. 17. 
bojop-pfm, 231. 6. 
bol-bpunc, 393. 32. 
bol-piUen, 269. 17. 
bora-eabij, 145. 23. 
bpajan, 145. 23. 



jebpea^, 389. 19. 
bpeontum, 385. 15. 
bpophc, 446. 8. 
bpohc, 171. 31. 
bpohcaS,53.28, 143.4, 

203. 22, 227. 1, 389. 

bibpopen, 139.24, 291. 

8, 306. 31. 
bpujutSu, 368. 5. 
bpy, 260. 23. 
bpyht-cpen, 324. 21. 
bpyht-juma, 314. 31. 
bpyht-pumenbe, 293. 6. 
bpyhten-bealu, 183. 6, 

3S0. 22. 
bpymenbe, 222. 13. 
bujan, 322. 1, 324. 4. 
jebyjan, 128. 31, 197. 

7, 257. 35, 386. 6, 

420. 5. 
jebypj-c, 465. 22. 


eacen, 13. 20. 
eab, 380. 30. 
eaben, 13. 10. 
eab-pela, 169. 7, 215.10. 
eaj-jebypb, 219. 3. 
eahtan, 66. 20, 94. 34, 

123. 4. 
eahcian, 122. 17, 297. 

ealbop-bealu, 98. 31. 
ealbop-leje, 177. 29. 
ealbop-jej-ceaf t, 421. 

ealbop-jepin, 134. 10. 
ealo-pore, 330. 10. 
eapcnan-ftan, 73. 27. 
eapbfaefC, 433. 1. 

eapb-ftapa, 286. 25. 
eapenbel, 7. 20. 
eappeS-maecja, 328. 3. 
eappotJ-psehj, 294. 1. 
eapjpapu. 47. 28, 266. 

eap-jpunb, 188. 3. 
eaph. 384. 3. 
eaphpapum, 47. 28, 266. 

eapm-j-ceapen, 267. 20. 
eapn, 307. 16. 
eappe, 385. 10. 
eatole, 354. 39. 
eaxl-jeptealla, 489. 2. 
onjeaSe, 248. 16. 
ecj-hete, 310. 6. 
ebop-jon^, 102. 21. 
eh, 404. 21. 
eh-pcpeam, 283. 1. 
eleS, 106. 8. 
ellop-pup, 165. 11, 430. 

enb, 463. 16. 
enbe-j-taep, 279. 8, 328. 

enc, 291. 24. 
eobep, 249. 17. 
eobop-aefelmj, 339. 6. 
eojrop, 344. 20, 423. 8. 
eoh, 337. 11. 
eopcan-j-tan, 478. 7. 
eopcnan-ftan, 73. 27, 

238. 12. 
eopeb-ciej-c, 220. 25, 

358. 27. 
eopeb-maecj, 404. 6. 
eopmen-cynn, 333. 3. 
eopp, 433. 21. 
eopS-aepn, 459. 22,460. 

4. 18. 
eopt5-F8et, 367. 15. 
eopt5-jpap, 476. 12. 

5ee))an, 174. 17. 
e])el-boba, 162. 15. 

jraca, 454. 32. 
paec, 354. 51. 
paejpian, 308. 32. 
Sepselpan, 9.33,20. 19, 

490. 21. 
jraep, 449. 19. 
pa&p-haja, 159. 27. 
paep-feapo, 48. 11. 
paep-fcyce, 48. 4, 113. 

paep-ppell, 165. 4, 258. 

19, 259. 4. 
pa&pt-jon^el, 298. 4. 
paeceb, 434. 27. 
pseSm-pfm, 199. 21. 
papoS, 458. 13,471.16. 
papoS-lacenbe, 361. 15, 

364. 34. 
paptitocalon, 360. 18. 
pealo, 296. 19. 
pealoj, 116. 34. 
peapo, 354. 54. 
peax-hap, 487. 13. 
pejan, 479. 12. 
pen-yce, 426. 9. 
peoh-jepcealb, 283. 25. 
aet-peohtan, 328. 15. 
peol, 497. 18. 
peoph-jiepu, 353. 1. 
peoph-hopb, 213. 7. 
pep-blaeb, 281. 21. 
pefe-geopn, 413. 21. 
pefe-munb, 397. 10. 
pejjep, 289. 13. 
pepep-homa, 217. 14. 
piep, 16. 5. 
pipel-bop, 321. 8. 



pnca, 218. 15, 278. 31, 

315. 17. 
pttan, 360. 5. 
jrlacop, 42.21, 170.25. 
plaej-c-hopb, 373. 3. 
plah, 354. 18. 47, 362. 

plan-jepeopc, 42. 21. 
plan-J>pacu, 170. 25. 
jrlan-fjiaec, 265. 20. 
pleah, 354. 12. 
plec, 437. 3, 438. 24. 
phje-pil, 315. 6. 
flmt, 1. 11. 
j:lint-5p8&5, 383. 31. 
jefhta, 357. 25. 
plocan, 402. 23. 
plob-pubu, 53. 21. 
jejrlota, 360. 17. 
floc-pej, 475. 1. 
plyhc-hpsec, 221. 15. 
pnaej-c, 198. 24, 277.29. 
jepoj, 1. 10. 
bipohten, 384. 23. 
polc-ajenbe, 198. 4. 
folc-hpepenbe, 356. 2. 
polc-pael, 381. 3. 
polb-sepn, 45. 36, 163. 

Folb-spaep, 63. 27. 
plb-pylm, 202. 3. 
FoljaS, 379. 25. 
fopj:6n, 259. 18, 273. 

poptS-jepceapC, 346. 24. 
popSpeapb, 236. 4. 
ppaete, 84. 15. 
Fpecn, 225.17,285.35. 
ppeopij, 171. 21. 
ppeopij-pepS, 182. 30. 
jeppeoSian, 110. 7. 
fpeojm-peapb, 112. 15. 
ppeopu-pebbe, 319. 2. 

Fpib-henjejc, 404. 7. 
ppija, 26. 19. 
ppije, 3. 17, 378. 13. 
ppompeapb, 310. 7. 
ppum-jap, 283. 24. 
pujel-bona, 298. 5. 
pujel-timbep, 214. 8. 
pul, 331. 2. 
puU, 406. 8. 
pulleptan, 407. 1, 457. 

Fur-leo8,39. 17, 183. 1. 
pyl, 135. 7. 
pylnep, 368. 7. 
pyp-baS, 61. 18, 228. 

pypb-pinc, 489. 3. 
pypb-pceopp, 395. 25. 
pypn-FopS-2epceaFt,4 9 2. 

pypn-pcpeam, 360. 17. 
pypft-meapc, 213. 11. 
pyppc-^emeapc, 164. 9. 


jgb, 353. 20, 475. 6. 
jaelan, 402. 25. 
a5aelan,51. 16,266. 12. 
jselpa, 220. 3. 
jaepn, 53. 13. 
Saepton, 243. 27. 
japul-pa&ben, 274. 7. 
opep-jan, 377. 21. 
janec, 307. 8. 
jap-pap, 49. 5. 
jap-jetpum, 42. 18. 
Seac, 146. 27, 309. 6. 
jeapl, 219. 1. 

jeap, 329. 12. 

jeapu, 477. 27. 
jeapolice, 378. 2. 
jeapu-pypbij, 295. 21. 
jeapn, 255. 18,362.33. 
5eat-cop, 476. 7. 
Seat5, 176. 8. 
jehpa, 174. 22. 
jehSu, 266. 1. 
SehSum, 6. 27, 367. 18. 
bijenja, 207. 27. 
jenje, 147. 35. 
^eocop, 164. 33. 
jeopon-plob, 193. 21. 
jeopu, 216. 12, 225. 5. 
jeonb-pppeot, 3. 27. 
jeppcype, 353. 12. 
jiep-ptol, 36. 6, 289. 7, 

337. 23. 
jipep, 373. 31. 
jiepl, 332. 23. 
jip-ptol, 36. 6, 289. 7, 

337. 23. 
Slaem, 215. 15,252.23. 
jleap-ptol, 499. 1. 
^leo-beam, 42. 9, 296. 

jhba, 406. 23. 
Slip-ptaep, 289. 22. 
5l6m, 350. 30. 
unjnybe, 359. 30. 
job-pcylb, 254. 29. 
jobu, 247. 18, 250. 2, 

254. 9, 278. 16. 
5ob-peb, 70.8,417.25. 
5olb-pine, 287. 31, 288. 

bijonj, 249. 16. 
5op, 433. 5. 
jop, 426. 11. 
jpaep-ponj, 203. 2. 
jpenman, 277. 11. 
5peot-hopb, 178. 6. 
Spima, 423. 7. 



jpinhan, 182. 12. 
jpinj-ppaec, 258. 14. 
jponbopleaf, 258. 26. 
jpunb-jruf, 316. 15. 
jpunbleaj-, 378. 12. 
jpunb-fceac, 3. 27. 
tmjpynbe, 354. 2. 
ju-baeb, 235. 12. 
jum-cyj-c, 265. 14. 
jum-fe^n, 298. 11. 
juS-bopb, 346. 11. 
ju«-Fpec, 223. 1. 
juS-jepm, 388. 10. 
juS-peap, 265. 26. 
Sypl, 153. 8, 180. 5, 

226. 24. 
jypn, 252. 34. 
jjTin-j-caej:, 257. 10. 


hae^l-papu, 292. 26. 
haemeb-lac, 429. 11. 
haepn-flota, 182. 9. 
haeS-jrapa, 328. 6. 
halop, 262. 3, 264. 6, 

268. 30. 
half-haeft, 37. 3. 
halr-ppifa, 387. 12. 
han-jelle, 431. 11. 
haro-pas. 392. 23. 
haru, 206. 4, 381. 6, 

394. 26, 406. 21. 
harpiS, 208. 10. 
heabpe, 482. 5. 
heapela, 31. 34, 178. 

14, 238. 15. 
heapob-sim, 81.29, 336. 

heapob-ryne, 329. 19. 
heapb-po6, 390. 17. 
hean, 349. 6. 

hean-rpebij, 295. 1. 
heapb-raelij. 295. 12. 
heapm-jalan, 280. 14. 
heapm-leo8, 279. 18. 
heapm-jicaef, 115. 35. 
heappe, 207. 1. 
hea];o-5lem, 438. 6. 
heajjope, 401. 17, 482. 

heajjo-rijel, 486. 17. 
heafu-bypne, 297. 7. 
^ehejan, 334. 19, 445. 

helm, 470. 10, 496. 2. 
bihelmab, 257. 2. 
helm-bepenb, 461. 18. 
benbij, 299. 1. 
heojrob-jim, 336. 6. 
heopon-conbel, 349. 30. 
heofon-poma, 52. 18, 

62. 10. 
heolo«-cyn, 94. 19. 
heolo«-helm, 362. 31. 
heoljrop-cojra, 200. 31. 
heope-bpeopij, 212. 28. 
heopo, 346. 10. 
heoptS-pepub, 352. 1, 
hepe-cipm, 156. 9. 
hepe-p6, 411. 24. 
hepe-j-pej, 477. 12. 
hete-pun, 416. 6. 
hetlen, 23. 5. 
hmbep-hoc, 315. 20. 
ahifan, 328. 9. 
ahlaban, 35. 34. 
jehlaej, 446. 1. 
bihlaeman, 54. 18. 
up-ahlaenan, 316. 24. 
hlffip, 199. 13. 
hleo-bopb, 408. 14. 
jehleob, 56. 23. 
hleo-bpyhten, 324. 13. 
hleona«. 117. 10. 

hleop-cophc. 483. 21. 
hleo-fceopp, 391. 15. 
hleojju, 46. 30. 
jehlepa, 395. 9,499.30. 
hhb, 20. 7. 

jebhb, 32. 25, 34. 20. 
tohhben, 373. 15. 
hlin, 437. 17. 
hlin-bupu, 364. 29. 
hlin-pseceb, 257. 6. 
hbn-fcua, 275. 2. 
hlinc, 199. 13, 384. 7. 
hli«, 473. 28. 
hloS-jecpob, 386. 17. 
behly}>eb, 395. 20. 
jehnaejeb, 311. 7. 
5ehna]-t,384. 13,386. 12. 
unhneap, 323. 3, 326. 

hnecca, 490. 1. 
ahneop, 153. 2. 
hnorpan, 388. 13. 
holen, 437. 19. 
jeholen, 288. 15. 
holm-maejen, 382. 10. 
holm-Jjpaec, 205. 19. 
homep, 388. 14. 
honb-pypm, 427. 24, 

482. 15. 
hop-^ehnaft, 384. 13. 
hopb-paet, 470. 17. 
hopnar, 206. 30. 
hopn-jej-cpeon, 477.11. 
hopn-j-a&l, 383. 10. 
hofp-j-ppecan, 11. 16. 
hoSma, 3. 32. 
hpS, 2. 5, 119. 14, 235. 

hpae^n-loca, 487. 1. 
hpeSep-loca, 65. 17. 
hpim-jicel, 307. 1. 
hpimij-heapb, 498. 25. 
hpinj, 34. 5, 182. 21. 



hpinjenbe, 432. 16. 
hpinj-mepe, 478. 21. 
hjiin5-})eje, 308. 24. 
hpipl, 417. 20. 
hpop, 436. 18. 
bihpopen, 291. 4. 
hpofC, 477. 29. 
hpofop, 39. 16,265.33, 

267, 17. 
hpun^, 404. 19. 
hputenbe, 417. 19. 
hu-ilpe, 307. 9. 
hup-feax, 297. 6. 
hurel, 103. 10. 
huful-beapn, 135. 28. 
hurul-pep, 149. 28. 
hpael-mepe, 382. 2. 
hpaec-peb, 477. 5. 
hpeapjrc, 32. 12. 
hpilen, 365. 10. 
unhpilen, 167. 15. 27. 
hpican, 354. 48. 
hpic-locceb, 489. 7. 
fophpyppeb, 3. 11. 
^ehpypc, 355. 2. 
ponhybij, 95. 14. 
hyje-jap, 315. 21. 
hyht-pleja, 402. 12. 
jehJTiban, 331. 26. 
onhypjan, 391. 2, 406. 

hyfpan, 69. 15. 
hyfe, 408. 15. 


leje, 380. 6. 
ije. 380. 11. 
ilan, 488. 17. 
mca, 11. 29. 
mbpyht. 211. 15. 

inbpyhten, 287. 11, 

430. 1, 500. 3. 
mbpyhto, 311. 8. 
inlocafC, 27. 18. 
inn-peopub, 325. 13. 
inpic-pun, 279. 7. 
ipS, 307. 17. 
lu-ba&b, 284. 26. 
ip, 437. 18. 


jelac, 56. 5, 308. 5, 

442. 3. 
unlaeb. 279. 19. 
Isela, 143. 34. 
bilsenan, 277. 7. 
laec-hybi^, 294. 5. 
lap, 388. 14. 
jelaju, 309. 28. 
la^u-lab, 286. 19. 
laju-meapj, 182. 7. 
lam-paet, 375. 4. 
lanjian, 376. 13. 
lanjoS, 444. 26. 
lap-cpibe, 288. 28. 
onlean, 352. 25. 
leopcael, 57. 4, 357.21. 
leohc-baepe, 299. 34. 
leolc. 283. 2, 438. 15. 
beleolc, 471. 26. 
leomo-laemena, 2. 6. 
leomu-Mm, 164. 1. 
opepleopan, 145. 21. 
beleopan, 407. 35. 
leojjo-cpa&pc, 295. 6. 
toleo«ob, 373. 16. 
leo}>u-pac, 298. 12. 
lic-psec, 167. 20, 184. 

Ifc-hopb, 163. 31. 
up-Iiben, 416. 13. 

hj-ppaec, 224. 3. 
Imben-bopb, 339. 16. 
hofu-caeje, 21. 13. 
Iipc-henbi5, 299. 1. 
locan, 2. 14. 
locu, 20. 21. 
aloben, 493. 5. 
Seloben, 327. 20. 
lombep, 164. 22, 
unlonb, 361. 3. 
lonb-pyhc, 379. 29. 
jelonj, 281. 13. 
op-lonjab, 443. 13. 
lonja^, 123. 9, 377. 14, 

444. 2. 26. 
lonjian, 442. 18. 
lonjpum, 149. 23. 
lot, 345. 16. 
lypt-paet, 411. 21, 
lypc-lacenbe, 110. 31, 

259. 12. 
lyFC-fceaJ>a, 329. 24. 
lysman, 69. 13. 
lyppe, 345. 16. 
lytepna, 243. 13. 


maejen-fipe, 410. 2. 
maej-paeben, 249. 9. 
comaelban, 446. 22. 
jemaetpapt, 168. 19. 
maep, 307. 11, 474. 6. 
maju-Cimbep, 335. 13. 
mah, 354. 47. 
jemah, 237.24, 361. 19. 
man-bpeam, 477. 14. 
man-bpinc, 406. 6. 
mapm-pcan, 221. 12. 
ma))m, 339. 2, 475. 7. 
maffum-jeptealb, 244. 



majjjjum-jypa, 292. 1. 
meapc-paeS, 485. 7. 
meapj, 291. 34. 
meaph, 119. 19, 297. 

17, 339. 2, 342. 13, 

475. 7. 
meb-rpebij, 294. 3. 
meb-pif, 387. 24. 
mele-beap, 215. 29. 
meobu-buph, 473. 18. 
meobu-pul, 331. 2. 
meobu-paeben, 339. 3. 
mepe-henjejr, 395. 12. 
mepe-lab, 474. 9. 
mepe-peapb, 363. 13. 
mepe-pepj, 306. 23. 
amepian, 234.22, 240.3. 
mepan, 425. 26. 
me«, 163. 3. 
mefel-hepjenbe, 314. 

SemeSjab, 160. 27. 
mmpian, 353. 48. 
mijr-helm, 270. 25. 
mifan, 130. 10, 144. 

bemifau, 110. 33. 
mob-bypjunj, 450. 7. 
molb-aepn, 235. 28. 
molb-jpaep. 233. 13, 

284. 1. 
molb-hpepenbe, 348 . 1 3 . 
molb-pe^, 164. 15. 
monb, 134. 26. 
mon-bpyhcen, 289. 1. 
monian, 337. 5. 
mon-pej, 132. 34. 
mon-peap, 132. 25. 
mopjen-peoc, 458. 4. 
mop, 92. 11, 118. 26. 
mo««e, 432. 4. 
munb-healf, 28. 14. 
^imutab, 106. 17. 

mynelic, 318. 25. 
mypcelp, 129. 30. 
amyppan, 314. 8. 
jemyppeb, 267. 8, 
myppelpe, 262. 25. 
myppe, 419. 23. 


na&jan, 166.2, 175.26, 

304. 5. 
jense^an, 54. 28, 119. 

27, 162.35, 171. 13, 

401. 30. 
naejl, 332. 12. 
naejleb-bopb, 439. 17. 
naep, 136. 2. 
jenaeptan, 410. 3. 
nsetan, 389. 7. 
napb, 423. 28. 
beneah, 475. 12. 
jeneahhe, 58. 4, 60. 30. 
neapo-bpej, 260. 24. 
neapo-jpap, 491. 28. 
neapo-ppenc, 316. 5. 
neb, 355. 17. 
nejan, 166. 2. 
benemnan, 475. 18. 
neo-beb, 235. 7. 
neome, 332. 12. 
nepan, 407. 15, 436. 

jeneSan, 5. 13. 
nijan, 390. 27. 29. 
mht-slom, 158. 27. 
niht-helm, 160. 13,292. 

mht-pfm, 167. 35. 
mht-pcua, 162. 5, 292. 

24, 307. 29. 
mhc-paco, 306. 13. 
m«, 167. 34. 

m«-jypt, 134. 21. 
jemSla, 251. 26, 256. 

15, 257. 11. 
nit5-pceaj)a, 397. 23. 
mt5-pep, 341. 19. 
bmoten, 156. 10. 
noS, 263. 1, 361. 31. 
nyb-clapa, 256. 31. 
nyb-jebal, 129. 5. 
nyb-ppaec, 135. 17. 


d, 202. 20, 436. 31. 

ol, 353. 35. 

op-oU, 353. 38. 

op-onn, 107. 10, 265. 7. 

ombiehc-hepa, 138. 5. 

oncyp-pap, 361. 4. 

onbpypban, 372. 6. 

onja, 405. 18. 

o6, 199. 14. 

ope, 473. 28. 

on-opeccan, 321. 4. 

oppeopm, 255. 20. 

opjanon, 207. 4. 

^ r69. 7, 76. 12. 
opteace J ' 

^* < 22.89.17, 

°^^^'^l 347.6. 

opjeacu, 75. 3. 

oplej, 35. 18, 114. 3, 

129. 24, 136. 5, 248. 

17, 386. 9, 446. 29. 
oplej-ppom, 401. 21. 
opoS, 163. 21, 171. 17, 

172.4, 175.24, 178. 

oppennyp, 136. 27. 
oppije, 268. 18. 
oppyp«u, 246. 29. 




pab, 329. 20. 
pseSan, 485. 8. 
pepnex, 425. 35. 
pynbe, 354. 22. 
foppynbeb, 7. 7. 


pab, 353. 22. 
pab-peja, 400. 7. 
paeceb, 296. 7. 
psebelle, 429. 31. 
psepnan, 139. 17, 149. 
20, 240. 24, 302. 3. 
pa&plinj, 435. 1. 
paerpa, 193. 24. 
apeaht, 353. 9. 
jepeaht, 364. 13. 
peccenb, 2. 12. 
pejn-pypm, 426. 8. 
pejn-feop, 453. 14. 
peone, 459. 27. 
peonis. 167. 32, 274. 8. 
peomj-mob, 361. 21. 
peotan, 75. 32, 330. 5. 
bepeotan, 459. 27. 
peo CU5U, 380. 19. 
pej-ele, 421. 34. 
apetan, 389. 12. 
pej>e-hybij, 467. 15. 
otSpiban, 461. 24. 
ebpinj, 373. 11. 
up-pobop, 148. 34. 
pojian, 340. 30. 
ponb, 297. 9. 
pop, 439. 2. 
pun, 293. 5. 
pun-jraep, 429. 17. 
pun-pfca, 167. 30. 
pup, 479. 17. 

jepybe, 481. 8. 
pyae-jiej-t, 386. 8. 
pynij, 296. 14. 
pypic, 360. 24. 

bipaec, 115. 11. 
pa&cpa, 354. 54. 
raeb, 369. 11. 
onj-a&jb, 446. 27. 
jepaelan, 123. 6. 
pae-meaph, 361. 5. 
paemefC, 326. 8. 
j-a&-naca, 474. 7. 
paene, 122. 32. 
pae-pypic, 360. 24. 
paep, 458. 12. 
raj, 490. 3. 
palo, 489. 21. 
palo-neb, 433. 9. 
palo-pab, 439. 1. 
palpi5-pab, 329. 20. 
apanian, 172. 23. 
fap-i3)ell, 458. 6. 
pap-ptaef, 116. 10. 
fap-ppaec, 224. 27. 
rapl-hopb, 329. 15. 
jepcab. 353. 16. 
jropfcaben, 131. 20. 
pceacan, 280. 17. 
pceamap, 404. 8. 
jefceap, 326. 28, 420. 

2, 469. 25. 
jej-ceapu, 421. 26,483. 

18, 486. 2. 
fceapb, 476. 9. 
j-cehbun, 61. 6. 
fcencan, 161. 12. 
jercenca, 369. 30. 
pceo, 385. 8. 
pceoh, 354. 10. 

j-ceoh-mob, 282. 32. 
fceopp, 463. 20. 
rcilhnj-pfm, 324. 10. 
pcip-pepeb, 179. 15. 
j-cob, 346. 5. 
5ej-c6b, 154. 14. 
pcobe, 129. 1. 
pcobun, 134. 30. 
fcopen, 476. 10. 
rcpab, 353. 15. 
pcpal, 314. 27, 332. 10. 
fcpeob, 468. 9. 
pcpijren, 353. 15. 
j-cubenbe, 153. 19. 
pcup-beopj, 476. 9. 
pcupum, 469. 24. 
pcyhte, 109. 30. 
pcylb, 219. 17. 
fcylb-hpeaban, 42. 19. 
jepcypeb, 324.9,468. 10. 
pcytte, 296. 15. 
pcyctelp, 20. 4. 
pope-pcyttelf, 20. 4. 
j-eapo-jim, 478. 5. 
feapo-pil, 497. 17. 
recje, 12. 23. 
pejl, 70. 16. 
rejn, 218. 1. 
j-ejn-bepenbe, 423. 13. 
relb-cyme, 380. 27. 
rele, 494. 1 . 
pele-jepcoc, 90. 28. 
j-ele-j-ec^, 288. 20. 
reman, 334. 22. 
reolh-b»S, 392. 21. 
j-eomian, 285.4,329.14, 
peono-ben, 328. 17. 
peona-benb, 377. 19. 
feoj-hj, 157. 29. 
jefefan, 15. 28. 
pban, 354. 53. 
pje-mece, 93. 24. 



pje-fceopp, 341. 16. 
njop-tipeji, 257. 30. 
nnc-pas, 395. 29. 
pnc-jiepa, 183. 13. 
onpccan, 166. 15, 397. 

22, 474. 7. 
]-it5-ppom, 157. 17. 
jeptS-maejen, 339. 4. 
jerlean, 320. 32, 321. 

rli«, 384. 17. 
rliSen, 161.27, 288. 12, 

316. 22, 362. 25. 
rliS-hepb, 344. 22. 
rluma, 122. 31. 
rlupan, 385. 3. 
j-ma&te, 324. 8. 
fneaplice, 391. 16. 
fneome, 358. 7. 
rnep, 332. 9, 353. 40. 
fnopan, 350. 12. 
piub, 52. 32. 
piypian, 182. 7. 
j-nyfian, 403. 12. 
focn, 145. 1. 
onroht, 283. 13. 
rolepe, 212. 2. 
fonb-jpofc, 466. 6. 
ronb-hop, 173. 31. 
j-onj-cpaepfc, 206. 25. 
rons-lupu, 378. 14. 
fops-jxaep, 282. 8. 
ponj-pebij, 295. 11. 
fpeb-bpopa, 408. 6. 
j-pel-boba, 236. 9. 
fpepe-bpoja, 398. 27. 
iplot, 218. 18. 
fope-j-ppeca, 46. 6. 
onjppehc, 353. 8. 
aj-ppmjan, 335. 23. 
onj-tael, 151. 17. 
jeftaelan, 166. 18. 
rtael-5iej-c, 432. 13. 

fcaepe, 485. 19. 
jefcala, 132. 31. 
jral-jonj, 170. 17. 
jxan-hleotJ, 292. 18, 

384. 11. 
rcan-hhS, 444. 16. 
jrafol-ponj, 417. 4. 
jej-teal, 293. 2. 
jrealc, 382. 6,384. 11, 

498. 17. 
pi«-rteall, 266. 20. 
pifep-rteall, 268. 32. 
jreapn, 307. 14. 
ftebe-ponj, 154. 23. 
jrepn-bypb, 349. 12. 
cojrencan, 16. 21. 
jreopa, 349. 13. 
jrepan, 434. 10. 
onft^pan, 454. 25. 
rti-pite, 383. 13. 
jn^-ecj, 499. 11. 
I^iS-pej, 384. 29. 
jtpeam-pSb, 296. 21. 
ftpeban, 58. 24. 
bejrpyfan, 351. 29. 
Sejrun, 61. 27, 386. 3. 
rtyll, 45. 15. 23. 33. 
rtyllan. 46. 35. 
jej-tyllan, 40. 34, 45. 9. 
aj-typjreb, 12. 27. 
j-uhtoji-paebepa, 32 1 . 15 . 
pjmj-enbu, 385. 19. 
j-unb-buenb, 5. 22, 14. 

pinb-helm, 382. 13, 

488. 4. 
jTinb-hengeit, 53. 20, 

54. 4. 
j-unb-hpaet, 363. 21. 
runb-pleja, 182. 10, 

205. 12. 
runb-pubu, 42. 24. 
aj-paeman, 183. 12. 

rpamian, 167. 33. 
rpat, 68. 32, 72. 23, 

88. 33, 133. 22. 
j-pac-jepunb, 89. 19. 
rpepot, 358. 1. 
fpej-hleopop, 358. 8. 
rpejl-pab, 353. 47. 
fopfpelan, 233. 29. 
jej-petSpian, 164. 17. 
rpise, 12. 23. 
5ej-pm, 207. 5. 
jerpinj, 356. 7. 
j-pinj-ian, 206. 9, 207. 

11, 239. 8. 
fpijj-feopm, 386. 35. 
fpojan, 59. 10. 
rpol, 212. 23, 216. 16. 
rponc, 377. 19. 
j-poncen-pephS, 328. 29. 
j-poiijop, 220. 4. 
fpon-pab, 283. 4. 
rpoppen, 410. 24, 497. 

rpylc-cpal, 135.22,224. 

rpylt-lipil, 222. 18, 

235. 32. 
onj-ylle, 377. 20. 
onj-yn, 151.24,201.13, 

225. 32. 
jerynt, 122. 9. 


taBFel,297. 25, 331.19, 

345. 2. 8. 
cael, 458. 24. 
tael-meapc, 154. 27. 
caej-e, 492. 28. 
caetaS, 327. n. 15. 
can, 355. 17, 458. 23. 
tapup, 205. 18. 



ceapop, 477. 27. 
cea^op, 182. 23. 
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becelban, 217. 1, 221. 

24, 235. 11,238.25. 
telj, 408. 21. 
tennatJ, 327. «. 15. 
teopanian, 349. 8. 
ceopeman, 351. 18. 
jeceoh, 352. 27. 
popceon, 17. 14. 
teon-cpibe, 129. 10, 

254. 30. 
ceon-lej, 60. 14. 
teon-fmiS, 114. 21. 
ceopian, 469. 21. 
ceofel, 345. 9. 
teoj-u, 362. 9. 
tib-papa, 102. 18.- 
tihc-lonb, 179. 3. 
tilhc, 480. 20. 
cilhce, 352. 28. 
cinne«, 354. 32. 
torn, 74. 26, 342. 13. 
jeton^, 353. 6. 
topn, 34. 6, 129. 10, 


copn-mob, 141. 2. 
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cpaj, 354. 37. 
cpebe, 72. 2. 
cpeo-pujl, 146. 9. 
cpumnaS, 147. 18. 
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poptylan, 17. 14. 
cyta«, 447. 26.. 


uhte, 443.24, 459. 17, 
460. 14. 

uhc-ceapu, 442. 4. 
ulcanuf, 425. 14. 
umbop, 335. 9. 
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upis, 307. 17. 
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pacep, 380. 30. 
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paebe, 360. 22. 
bepaepeb, 484. 2. 
paej-beop, 61. 21. 
pae^'bpopa, 165. 17. 
paej-paec, 384. 33. 
paej-henjept, 181. 34. 
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p»l-pil, 171. 15. 
pael-peap, 216. 24. 
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pael-pcpael, 179. 11. 
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paep. 353. 41. 
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363. 7. 
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289. 32. 

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peoh, 341. 28. 
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pep, 406. 8. 
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4. 18, 405. 11. 
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pil-^iepa, 229. 34. 
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onpiU, 145. 25. 



piU-rele, 212. 21. 
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pip, 424. 31. 
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plo, 171. 16. 
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poma, 52. 18. 62. 10, 


5, 282. 15, 292. 22. 
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19, 346. 21, 489. 17. 
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ppaec, 354. 51. 
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ppaec-maecja, 258. 4. 
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ppaepc, 332. 9, 423. 23, 

427. 30. 
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Seppejeb, 381. 29. 
appe^ian, 121. 27. 

ppeS-pcuS, 422. 6. 
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ppohc-prai^, 156. 19. 
ppotenbe, 428. 12. 
pup, 418. 13. 
pulbop-jepCealb, 408. 

pulbop-homa, 189. 2, 

196. 24. 
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bepupman, 377. 9. 
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pypp, 105. 5, 336. 5. 
pyppel, 332. 19. 
jepypcab, 234. 20. 

yce, 426. 9. 
aepcep-ylb, 132. 3. 
ylpet, 307. 6. 
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ypmen-jpunb, 30. 20. 
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ypc, 436. 7. 
ySan, 484. 13. 
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yS-mepe, 204. 7. 

zeppepup, 426. 3. 


pxh, 485. 2. 
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apecjan, 380. 12. 
pennan, 253. 29. 
peon, 278. 30. 
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23, 335. 21. 
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331. 1. 31, 332. 7, 

357. 28. 
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fi^an, 232. 12, 414. 3. 
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Jjipa, 363. 7. 
yiye, 410. 2. 
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jeppaec, 381. 26, 386. 

13, 404. 13. 
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unafpeoCenbe, 24. 21. 
ppeohci^, 494. 7. 
mppican, 119. 18. 
Seppinj, 351. 13, 384. 

}>pintan, 315. 1. 

2 N 



ajjpintan, 419. 7. 
popfpyccan, 273. 22. 
fpyS,'220. 27, 481. 15. 
2ej7py])an, 231. 9. 
fpy^-jercealb, 2^. 19. 
Jjpyjjum, 495. 3. 
fpeopj, 248. 3. 

Jjpeoph-Cimbep, 275. 15. 
]>pican, 354. 50. 
jejjyb, 297. 14. 
jefyban, 267. 22, 472. 

jefyjan, 355. 14. 

pppylman, 217. 23. 
jefyncS, 138. 16. 
fypel-pomb, 490. 13. 
J;ypp, 425. 29. 
fyppeb, 410. 25. 
apytan, 451. 26. 









And to be had at the Library 'of the Society, Somerset House. 

Price 16s. To Fellows, 10s. 

Translation, Notes, and a Verbal Index. By Benjamin Thorpe, F.S.A., 
Honorary Member of the Icelandic Literary Society of Copenhagen. 

Fifty Engravings of the Illuminations to Caedmon's Scriptural Para- 
phrase, accompanied by fac-simile specimens of the MS., with a Descriptive 
Notice by Sir Henry Ellis. 

Price 20s. To Fellows, 15s. 
SAXON POETRY, from a Manuscript in the Library of the Dean and 
Chapter of Exeter, with an English Translation, Notes and Indexes. By 
Benjamin Thorpe, F.S. A., Honorary Member of the Icelandic Literary 
Society of Copenhagen. With an Engraved Fac-simile. 

GIBUS ANGLIi^i : opera Thom/e Stapleton, Tomus I. 

Iti the Press, 

NICLE OF THE BRUT, from the Cottonian MSS. Calig. A. ix., and 
Otho C. xiii., including the two Texts, edited by Sir Frederick Madden, 
F.S.A., with an English Translation, Preface, and Notes. This work will 
be comprised in Three Volumes, Royal 8vo. 

Conybeare's Illustrations of Anglo-Saxon Poetry, 
one Vol. 8vo, may also be had at the Library of the Society of Antiquaries, 

Somerset House. 






1. ANAL^CTA ANGLO-SAXONICA ; a Selection in Prose 
and Verse from Anglo-Saxon Authors of various ages, with a Glossary, 
designed chiefly as a first book for Students, by Benjamin Thorpe, 
F.S.A., &c. Large 8vo, £l in boards. 

APOLLONIUS OF TYRE, on which is founded the Play of Pericles, 
ascribed to Shakspeare, with a Translation and Glossary, by Benjamin 
Thorpe, F.S.A., &c. 6s. cloth. 


with a Praxis, by Erasmus Rask. A New Edition enlarged and im- 
proved by the Author, translated from the Danish by B. Thorpe, F.S.A. 
Copenh. 1830. 




Just published, Price 12s. cloth, 





In one Volume, large 12mo. 

" To Dr. Matthew Parker, Archbishop of Canterbury, the preserver of our 
Saxon Manuscripts, and restorer of Saxon learning, we owe the first edition of 
the Anglo- Saxon Version of the four Gospels." 



Exeter book. 



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