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' |'iil.|l,l„,l h ,mV.,,...^..^>k ».,. >b« B.-;,V«wsCo«iitioin: 


• • • 



The Right Hon. the Earl of Aberdeen, 

K.T. Pres. S.A. 
John Adamson, esq. F.SA. Secretary to 

Soc. of Ant. Newcastle. 
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at Arms. 
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Wm. Wriffht, esq. Richmond, co. York. 
Thomas J^re Wyche, esq. 
Charles George Young, esq. F.S.A. York 

The York Subscription Library. 


Coposrapf)ica | d^enealogtca. 



The manor of Haling, comprising a park and mansion, 
situate at the southern extremity of the town of Croydon, was 
thought by Ducarel* to have found its designation with our Saxon 
ancestors. Holy, in their language is haliT^y and meadow in^ — 
and from these two words he deduces Haling — holy-meadow, 
a supposition that is in some degree strengthened by the con- 
tiguity of this estate to the manor of Wodden — which he deduced 
with an equal degree of probability from their idol Woden. 

It is stated by Bray,^ but on no cited authority, that towards 
the close of the fifteenth century the manor of Haling was in the 
possession of Thomas Warham. Thomas Warham, citizen and 
carpenter of London, was one of the twelve principal inhabitants 
of Croydon, presenting to the chauntry of St. Mary in the 
church of that parish in 1458, and again in 1476,<^ and who 
appears, from an imperfect roll de anno 34 Henry VI. (1456), 
to have been professionally employed on the archiepiscopal re- 
sidence. In his will, dated 3rd September 1478, and proved in 
the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, on the 8th November 1481, 
he directs his body to be buried in the parish church of St. John 
the Baptist, at Croydon, in the chapel of St. Nicholas, " before 
the ymage of Our Lady of Pitie." In his will he makes mention 
of Ellen his wife, of his brother Richard and his two daughters — 

' History of Croydon. ^ Hist, and Antiq. of Surrey. 

= 1 Reg. Bouchier, ff. 74% 113»'. 


2 MJfjr.f><7Vi OT THE MA3(OR OJ HAUSC. 

A^uti^ die w& fJ[ Jckxk BoTRty and Maigcfj, die w^ c£ Jofca 

MMum^ Mkd *ii Anx-J^ the danglua' of L^ nepbev W 

Wartidm 'Uttjomd^ la 1^«S TM Hony YIILi cniabi hndk 
#^ 7V.att» Wartuun iPcn; beki fajr WlZ^m Wijde, 

x^ Tj^^ f£ ob wi&: DciVGchT, tfae c&priiag of jn 
«Mrr:a^ ^et9»<<A .^hk^ iJan^xfier and hdr of the 
tiMU^ J^iva Eareeir jad Hxxdsk Morkr, son of hk 
fc^ Ai«r «(i%<ui iuiftfaacd B^i^^ In a complamt made to 

A/'tnrvu^vcv WarJuwu :&0i Arctiielkop of CanterbuTT, br caertain 
t^MTu:^ iir>u:>^ laiujft tD&der t&e said Wiide, that dier had beea 
tk^» i«ki^7 *:hn»a&(aed ir^ aa ttj^ttment, and praying lu» intcffeF- 
eiwr^ 4» >'jrit "/ me staiux'cf Crwdoo, dus marriage — as cootrarr 
f/> tiie 'ae»^ r^jfh ^4 ijffA^ txA lijt Kh:g — is Digged against tf>e r^tt 
</ r.,<^ ir^ v^ t^«e .sir.riii^ #^ htr taaatemal grandfaiher John Barrel, 
mA fir-Si. wjI^^ vdjtJuf:^ ITtjf/Kam Warbaru It is also here nodced, 
Vc^dHf an t^e .dist^r ma^ c«> Kbrri^tijdier of aor part of his ocqiTfac^ 
(afl&<i^ tr^ me aa^ #vf iui^ Eroder KJdard or his children befiare 
tf^^^^ff^^ m V> t;^e 5fN& of a»T ocLer person, according to 
t);e evMCMPk />^ !:a;e vmpc^m^ tke wd ooprhcdds had reverted to 
Ue i^/ifj^ a»d ir^e <]Mi*e^^i;e&t.T a&;;:;ddT bdd br die said Wilde 
a«^ luW yt^jf^jisismm% Uf^m, vott u^^itt of Warfaam's deadi. 

f /^4* *)v« f««9<^^ xy^j/mtdf ^ The pedigree &, odier diings 
^^^.0^n9y9i% V/,^"* aiwi fir»««rrifcd bi the Chapter Hoose of 
W ^^r , -.r , iK < tr ^ n^ lM>/»;ae^j^ y^ij^'i^^rte is ooa]]Hled, with some 
aftMtaA^ ff//«^ djf^ «,;. «eA:t>>ri«d arxire. 


i " , 


M»|p<rry^-, ^^,4m Mmwm. R/^/^rt M>>»feT.:=FAij45e,=pJoliii Barret. 


WwfffWrJ * 



H ,,,,.<M, ;^^ 12, » j;,^.% Wjat Wilde, and 
'llie UAU^UfH f*^ff;tl uir^ J^-^i'^^-'^i Iftth May 1531 and the 


1st March 1536,^ and showing a possessor of this estate, is copied 
from a paper also in the Chapter House : 

This is the yerly valew off WiU'iii Warhra his landes, off the manoirs 

off HalyDg and Selerste^ and off all his lands lyeirig in the towne oK 

Croydon, Whs^done, & Mych^me, in the Count off Surrey. 

It*m, First the manoir place of Halynge, w^^ ij orchards and iy gardens,, 
a culver howse, w* the banke off conys, latt to farme unto Sir Nycolas 
Carew, knyght, by the yer xls. 

It'm John Glover paiethe for the londes belongyng to the s^ed 
manoir of Halyng, Lytyll Dubbershyll, Waldene, and for the warryn and 
game of conys, and for londs lyeing in the com*yn feldes off Croydon, by 
acre x di. acre off fre holde and copye holde, x^K 

It'm the farme of Selerstei now latt to farme to John Mapulton by 
the ye^e xij^>. 

It*nx a litell mede lyeng in Pycklake, in the west syde off the p*son- 
age, now latt to ferme to Robert Benett by the yere ix«. 

It* m for Halying broke, now in the handes off Will' mWodstocke ij'.viij^.. 

It'm a tenement called Androse, now latt to ferme to Hurlocke the 
baker xx*. 

It*m of Thomas Heme, gentillman, for a mille in Pycklake xijs. 

It*m for a tenement called Hurste, now latt to ferme to Robert 
Fetyll xx\js. viijd. 

It*m a tenement in Pycklake, now latte to ferme to John Bayley 
xiijs. uija. 

It'm for a closse lyeing at Colbridge, latt to Henry Fixbye ijs. viijd. 

It'm for a gardeyn lyeing in the oolde towne, latt to ferme to Thomas 
Shirley viij<*. 

It'm of John Mapulton for iij yardes off londe ixd. 

It'm for a lytell pedyll lyeing by the boocherye, latt to Vmfry Hop- 
kine, by the yer xijd. 

It'm off John Chapma* of Waddone for a litell cloosse ijs. 

It'm off Will'm Mylles, gentyllma*, for a litell mede in Skarbroke ijs. 

It'm for an acre off Wodde bought of Haddon, lyeing by Whitehorse 
lane, now in the Lordes bonds, by the yere vj^. 

It'm halffe an acre of Woodde lyeng w^in Selestc, late bowght of 
Thomas Heme, gentyllma*, by the yer ijd. 

It'm off Peter Hylarye for iiij acres and a halffe in the com'yn feldes 
iiys. vjd. 

It'm off John Bayly for iiij acres & di. in the comy* feldes iiijs. \jd.* 

S'ma xxxjl*. ijs. v**. 

•* On the first date the chaimtry priest, Sir Nicholas [Sommer] , who is said 
here to possess the tenement adjoining Scarbrok, was inducted into his chauntry, 
and on the latter the manor passed from the hands of Hugh Warham to Hen< Vlil. 

6 2 


The Fre sewters and the quytt Rentes payd unto the manoir off 


It*m^ First in Croydon^ a tenement in Scarbroke in the Vicar's honds 
of Croydon, by the yer ijs. 

It*m off WilVm Wylde, gentilma*, for a tenement ioynyng to that 
same ijs. 

It*m a tenement ioynyng to that same belongmg to the channter of 
Saint Nycolas, now in Sir Nycolas hands, ther chanter p*st ijs, 

It*m a tenement off John att Wodes ioyny*g nexte that same, by the 
yer ijs. 

It m Mr. Mathews brewhouse ijs. 

It*m off John att Wode for the Kateryne whole xviij^. 

It'm off John Bollonde for a lytell pedyll viijd. 

It'm off Thomas Heme for a gate howse iiijs. \ nihil 

It*m off Sir Nycolas Carew for londes in Bedyngton feldes x\js. J 

[Added in another hand, It*m off olwers house yn picklake, a poMmd 
comyno or \jd.] 

S'ma xijs. viij«J. 

In Mychame. 

It*m of the ferme of Shordyche in Mychame, lat to ferme to ... . 
Otwaye by the yer iijli. \js. viijd. 

It'm of the saied Otwaye for the sowthe mede, by the yer igs, yiijd. 
It' of the saied Otwaye for iij tenementes at the gate xijs. 
It'm off Beckyswells house xijd. 

It'm off the . . Tayler for his house and Smyths forge xxijs. viij^. 
S'ma vli. ixs. 

The Coppy holdes in Croydon and Whaddon. 

It'm off Richard Clerke for Clerkes closse vjs. 
It'm off Hubberde the smythe for his house x^s. 
It'm off Will'm Storyar for Lytyll Profytt vs. 
It'm for iij closes in Whaddone of Roberto Benett xxs. 
S'ma xlvijs. 

S'ma total' xxxix^. xis. id. 

The Rents payd owt off the saied londes to my Lorde of Canterburye 

and other. 

It'm for the manoir off Halinge to my Lorde of Cant^burye xxjs. ob. 
It'm for a medow in Skarbrocke viij^. 
It'm for londs late Sf Robert Drurys vjs. 


It'm for Cotte londs xvijs. 
It*m for londs late Cumports xijd. 
If m for londs late Thomas Haddons iiijd. 
It'm for londs late Will m Crowhyrsts iiijd. 
It'm for Clerkes closse iijs. 
It'm for londs late Turdes, after Shyrles xxd. 
It'm for Selerstre ijs. vjd. 

It'm to Sir Nycolas Carew for hys londes called ye Kockes xs. ijd. 
It'm to the Abbate ofiF Barmesey [Bermondsey] v^. 
It' to the Churche for Beckhocke iiijs. 
If to the Prior off Martyn [Merton] Abbeye. xviijd. 
S'ma iijli. xiiijs. ijd. ob. 

The Sma de claro^ all quytt Rents and copy holds paiede, is 
xxxvH. xvi8. xd. ob. besydes the xls. wch I have by patent off my 
Lorde off Cantrbnrye for the warreyne of conys off Oxstue, but nott 
alowde in this byll. 

And also my house not accountede nor my wodes^ which be worthe and 
wilbe w^n this x year iiij hundred markas. 

[Added in another hand, R. clere of all ye landes solde to the kynge 
xxxJi. xixs, jd. ob.] 

[Added, R pd. by the king after xxte yeares purchase 

Cccxljh xvijs. vjd.] 

The William Warham, whose estates are here enumerated, 
was either William Warham, Archdeacon of Canterbury, e 
who died in 1557, or his cousin Sir WDliam Warham, ^ of 

• William Warham was appointed Archdeacon of Canterbury in 1504, and had 
a papal dispensation for not proceeding to higher orders (than a deacon) for 
seven years, which dispensation was renewed in 1510 for six more. In 1515 he 
was appointed to the prebend of Brownswood in St. PauPs Cathedral ; he after- 
wards exchanged it for that of Newington, which he held till his death. In 1517 
he was collated to the rectory of Wrotham, Kent, which he resigned in 1532 for 
that of Harrow on the Hill, and that again he exchanged in 1537 for Hayes in 
Middlesex, which he held at his death. In 1520 he was appointed Provost of 
Wingham College, Kent. In 1527 he accompanied Cardinal Wolsey on his em- 
bassy to France ; and in 1532 his uncle the Archbishop died at his archidiaconal 
house at Heckington near Canterbury. After the accession of Cranmer to the 
archiepiscopal see, he was, in 1534, required to resign the Archdeaconry and the 
ProTOstship of Wingham, when he was assigned a pension of 60/. out of the former, 
and 20/. out of the latter. He died in 1557, on the 14th of October in which 
year a successor was appointed to the rectory of Hayes. Newcourt, and Hasted. 

' " It must be known now there was a young Knight called William Warham, 
godson and nephew to the Archbishop (as being son to his brother Hugh War- 
ham,) that waited upon him in his chamber : with him the Archb: being always 


Malsanger, in the parish of Oakley, Southampton, whose father 
Hugh Warham, Esq. was certainly a possessor of the estate, 
and appears to have resided here, as his pedigree is to be found 
in one of the early Visitations of the county .& This gentleman, 
styling himself of Malsanger,sold the manor with other lands in 
Wodden and Mitcham, by deed bearing date 1st March 1536, 
to Henry VIII. for the sum of 710/> 

The following is a pedigree of Archbishop Warham's family en- 
grafted with the Warhams mentioned in the early part of this essay. 

l.Robert=i=Elizabeth. 2. Richard Warham. 3. Thomas Warham, 

of Mal- 


mar. Ellen 
8. p. 1481. 



William, father of Annis. Alice, Margery (see p. 2). 

I 1 TT r 

1. WiL- 2. Nicho- Magda- 3. Hugh^^Maryan, 

1 I 

LiAM las, of 
Warham, Malsan- 
Abp. of ger. 


lene. War- 
mar, ham, of 
Nich. Haling, 
Ashton, and of 
of Lan- Malsan- 
cashire. ger. 

Sir George War- 
ham, of Malsan- 
ger ; ob. 8. p. 5 
mar. Anne, dau. 
of Ralph St. Le- 
ger, Esq. of Ul- 
comb, Kent; 
who mar. 2dly, 
Edw. Thwaytes, 
Esq. of Esture. 

dau. of 

Will. Arch- 
deacon of 
1504, re- 
1534 5 died 
in 1557. 

Jane, mar. Sir 

Rob. Morton, 



died 1514.^ 

Anne, m. Sir 

Wm. Reede, 

of Boarstall, 


Elizabeth, mar. John 

Moyle, of Kent. 

Jane, m. Augustine 

Whitehead, of Tither- 

4. Robert, father 
of Robert, who 
died 8. p. 

5. John, lord of 
Winderton in 

Wingham, Kent.^ 
A quo Warham, . 
of Osmington, Dorset. 

Sir William Warham, 
of Malsanger, mar. 
Anne, dau. of Thos. 
Hedney, of Denton, 
Sussex.^ i 

Richard Warham, 
D.C.L. Rector of 
Clapham,Suss. 1516, 
of Cheam, 1523. 

Agnes, mar. Sir Anth. 
St. Leger, K.G. Lord 
Deputy of Ireland, 
who died 1559.4s k 

ley, Hants.4« 

ready to discourse, did more than once seriously tell him, that, if ever after his 
death any should succeed him in the see of Canterbury called Thomas^ in no wise 
to serve him, or seek his favour," &c. ** being prophetically spoken concern- 
ing Thomas Cranmer.'* — Anthony k Wood, Athens Oxon. Strype, in his Life of 
Cranmer, erroneously states that Warham gave this admonition to his nephew the 
Archdeacon. « Harl. MSS. No. 1561. 
>> Grants and Exchanges of Lands, Aug. Office, 27 Hen. YIIL 
^ They had issue Anne, married to Sir Richard Putenham of Sherfield, t;o. 

•» Father of Sir Warham St. Leger, Governor of Munster ; in a junior hranch of 
whose family, seated at Heyward's hill, near Cork, the name of Warham descended 
for several generations. 


That Robert Warham was brother to the " citizen and car- 
penter," and consequently to his brother Richard, I infer from 
the arms on the tomb presumed to be in memory of Thomas 
Warham in Croydon church, which are those borne by his son 
Hugh, as of the third houseJ^ Tlie arms borne by Archbishop 
Warham were, Gu. a fess Or betw, a goat's head couped in 
chief and three escallops in base Arg.l Nicholas Warham bore 
the same, charged with a crescent of the second house^ all within 
a bordure engrailed Or ;°^ and Hugh Warham the same arms 
within a bordure Arg. charged with a mullet of the ihird house.^ 
Ilie absence of the names of Robert Warham and his family 
from the will of Thomas, also adds to the strength of my hypo-» 
thesis, that the former was the elder of the brothers, as he 
thus inherited an estate which placed him in a higher 
sphere than his brothers. It has always been stated by the 
biographers of Archbishop Warham that he was descended of 
an ancient family ; but, as the pedigrees inserted by its members 
in the various Heralds' Visitations have in no one instance been 
carried higher than his father, we may with safety esteem that 
assertion to be unfounded. 

In 1554 Queen Mary granted to Sir John Gage, K. G. the ma- 
nor of Haling, valued with its appurtenances in all issues beyond 
reprises at 15/. per ann., to be held by the said Sir John and his 
heirs by the tenure of knight's service in capite^ viz. for the. 
fortieth part of a knight's fee.® 

Sir John Gage, the grantee, died in 1558, at his residence at 
Firle, in the county of Sussex. By his wife, Philippa, daughter 
of Sir Richard Guildford, K. G., he left issue four sons and four 
daughters, of whom Robert his third son possessed the manor 
of Haling; and it is to this gentleman we are indebted for a 
memoir of his father, preserved, in the hand writing of his 
eldest son Sir Henry, among the MSS. of Sir Thomas Gage^ 
Bart, and which will be found printed in Collins's Peerage. 

^ The inscriptioiis on his tomb, which is in the chauntry of St. NichoUs, are lost. 
The arms of Warham are quartered with a coat of two bars gemells gu. the colour 
of the field is obliterated. An engraving of it may be seen in Neale and Le Keux's 

» D. 13, Coll. Arms, p. 82. 

*'^ See his son Sir George Warham's standard, Excefpta Historica, p. 330. 

^ D. 13, Coll. Arms, p. 82 ; see also the arms of Sir William his bun in same 
book, p. 116. 

» Pat. 1 and 2 P. and M. part 9, Feb. 21. 


Of the said Robert Gage, of Haling, no further particulars 
have descended to us than the facts that he represented the bo- 
rough of Lewes in Parliament in 1533 ; enjoyed the favour of his 
sovereign ; married Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Nicholas Wil- 
ford, Esq. of London ; and died 20th October 1587 ; P leaving 
John his son and heir aged 24 years. His death was probably 
accelerated by the unhappy end of his second son Robert, who 
deeply feeling the tyrannical oppression under which his reli- 
gion suffered, he, after some solicitation, was persuaded by his 
young and accomplished friend, Anthony Babington, of Dethick, 
to join with him and other Catholic gentlemen of family and 
fortune in a plot, the object of which was the assassination of 
the Queen, and the liberation of Mary of Scotland from her con- 

The fortune which awaited this plot was no better than that 
which had visited so many of its forerunners, and the conspira- 
tors, whose names are too well known to require enumeration, — 
** Youths," in the words of D'Israeli, " worthy of ranking with 
the heroes, rather than with the traitors of England," — were soon 
driven to various disguises, and to various hiding places. To 
Charnock's residence in Westminster repaired Gage and Babing- 
ton, where having arrayed themselves in other clothing, they 
directly withdrew into St. John's wood, where they were shortly 
after joined by others of their companions. 

Having vainly endeavoured, whilst in this concealment, to 
obtain so small a sum as three crowns from the French Ambas« 
sador's secretary,*! and horses from Titchbourne, they wandered 
about from place to place, till hunger directed them to a house 
at Uxendon, near Harrow-on-the-Hill, the residence of a family 
zealously devoted to the Catholic faith, of the name of Bellamy. 
Here they were fed and clothed, and here they were discovered, 
concealed in barns and in the habiliments of countrymen. 

Returning more immediately to Gage, — he was taken in 
Charnock's apparel ; but appears, from his own account, to have 

P Inq. p. mort. taken at Croydon 10th Jan. 30 Eliz. 

4 " After flyinge, Babington imparted a Pre to Gage, w«^ he had written to the 
French Embassador's secretaries conteyninge that their doinges for the Sco. Q. 
were discou'ed, and requested him to be a means to lende him 3 crownes, and that 
the Q. his m**, viz. the Sco. Q. shoulde thank him in his behalf/* Harl. MSS. 
No. 6365. Dugdale (Life of Queen Elizabeth) mentions the attempt to borrow 
money, of which my quotation supplies the sum. 


withdrawn himself from his companions previous to his capture. 
On the 15th of September 1586, together with six other of the 
conspirators, he was arraigned before the Court at Westminster, 
tried, found guilty, as an accessory after the fact, and on the 2 1st 
of the same month, suffered the extreme penalty of the law at St. 
Giles's in the fields. 

John Gage, who succeeded to the estate, was scarcely less un- 
fortunate than his unhappy brother. Having concealed, proba- 
bly on his manor of Haling, a missionary priest of the name of 
Beesley,' he was arrested under the act 27th of Elizabeth, on a 
a warrant dated 10th January 1590, and committed to the Tower, 
there to await his trial.^ In durance he appears to have occupied 
the " Broad-arrow Tower," in which room, between the first and 
second recesses, on the left-hand side, is yet extant an inscrip- 
tion, apparently his work. 

In this confinement he was suffered to remain undisturbed till 
the 1st of July, when he was tried, convicted, and attainted, and as 
Beesly was executed on the following day, * it is not unlikely 
that they were arraigned together. Death, the common award 
of the Judges, was remitted on Gage — a mercy which he pur- 
chased by a long imprisonment. 

On the 17th February 1592, I find her Majesty issuing a com- 
mission, directing Sir Francis Carew, Knt. Edmund Bowyer, 
and John Ownsted, Esqrs. and Robert Moyse, Ilichard Hop- 
kins, and Edmund Farrant, gentlemen, to hold an inquisition 
on the estate hereby forfeited, which estate, from the return of 
the Commissioners dated 20th March following, comprised : 

One close of pasture land called Riders or ReydcDS, near 
Haling Manor . . . . . . . . 20 

Nettlebeds .. .. .. 15 

Lymekyll field with the appurtenances 8 

Middlefield with the appurtenances 28 

The further field .. .. 20 

Alesaunder field .. .. 10 

One small pightel of pasture with its appurtenances lying 
under Dubbers hill . . . . . . . . 2 

' Dod's Church History. 

• Bayley's Hist, of the Tower, p. 208. 

* Memoirs of Missionary Priests^ 1741, pt. i. pp. 258, 259. 


Alices die wife of John Barret, and Margery, the wife of John 
Maffisam, and of Annis the daughter of his nephew William 
Warham deceased. In 1543 (34 Henry VIIL) certain lands 
of Thomas Warham were held by William Wilde, gentleman, 
in r^t of his wife Dorothy, the o%ring of an incestooos 
marriage between Jane, daughter and heir of the before-men- 
tioned John Barret, and Thomas Morley, son of his widow 
by her seomd husband Robert Morley. In a complaint made to 
Archbishop Warham, then Archbishop of Canterbury, by certain 
tenants holding lands under the said Wilde, that they had been 
then lately threatened with an ejectment, and praying his interfer- 
ence, as lord of the manor of Croydon, this marriage — as contrary 
to the laws both of God and the King — ^is urged against the right 
of his wife to the lands of her maternal grandfather John Barret, 
and his wife's uncle Thomas Warham. It is also here noticed, 
that, as the latter made no surrender of any part of his copyhold 
lands to the use of his brother Richard or his children before 
mentioned, or to the use of any other person, according U> 
the custom of the manor, the said copyholds had reverted to 
the lord, and were consequently unjustly held by the said Wilde 
and his predecessors from the time of Warham's death. 

From this paper, indorsed, ^' The pedigree & other things 
concemyng Wild," and preserved in the Chapter House of 
Westminster, the following pedigree is compiled, with some 
assistance from the will mentioned above. 

RicDard Warham.=p Thomas Warham.==Ellen. 

I ' 1 

Margery.^=John MaBsam. Robert Morley .=pAlice.=pJohn Barret. 
I 2dha8b. | ' , 

I 1 I • 1 

Richard. William. Jane.= Katharine,=:pThomas=pJane. 

Baker. dau.ofTho. 
2d wife. 



Tfaomas=j=EUzabeth, dau. of Dorothy .=pWiUiam 

Morley. | Anthony Mayrett. Wilde. 

William, aet. 12, in 1543, Wyat Wilde, and 
and other children. other children. 

The following rental taken between 18th May 1531 and the 


1st March 1536,^ and showing a possessor of this estate, is copied 
from a paper also in the Chapter House : 

This is the yerly valew oflf Will'm Warh ra his landes, off the manoirs 

off HalyDg andSelerste, and off all his lands lyeing in the towne oK 

Croydon, Wh^ddone, & Mych^me, in the Count, off Surrey. 

It*m, First the manoir place of Halynge, w^: ij orchards and i\) gardens,, 
a culver howse, w* the banke off conys, latt to farme unto Sir Nycolas 
Carew, knyght, by the yer xls. 

It'm John Glover paiethe for the londes belongyng to the s^ed 
manoir of Halyng, Lytyll Dubbershyll, Waldene, and for the warryn and 
game of conys, and for londs lyeing in the com'yn feldes off Croydon, by 
acre x di. acr^ off fre holde and copye holde, xij^. 

It m the farme of Selerstei now latt to farme to John Mapulton by 
the yere xij'>. 

It'm. a litell mede lyeng in Pycklake, in the west syde off the p*son- 
age, now latt to ferme to Robert Benett by the yere ix«. 

It'm for Halying broke, now in the handes off Will' mWodstocke ij».viij^-. 

It'm a tenement called Androse, now latt to ferme to Hurlocke the 
baker xx*. 

It'm of Thomas Heme, gentillman, for a mille in Pycklake xijs. 

It'm for a tenement called Hurste, now latt to ferme to Robert 
Fetyll xxvjs. viijd. 

It'm a tenement in Pycklake, now latte to ferme to John Bayley 
xiijs. inja. 

It'm for a closse lyeing at Colbridge, latt to Henry Fixbye ijs. viijd. 

It'm for a gardeyn lyeing in the oolde towne, latt to ferme to Thomas 
Shirley yiijd. 

It'm of John Mapulton for iij yardes off londe itA. 

It'm for a lytell pedyll lyeing by the boocherye, latt to Vmfry Hop- 
kine, by the yer xijd. 

It'm off John Chapma' of Waddone for a litell cloosse ijs. 

It'm off Will'm Mylles, gentyllma', for a litell mede in Skarbroke ijs. 

It'm for an acre off Wodde bought of Haddon, lyeing by Whitehorse 
lane, now in the Lordes bonds, by the yere vj^. 

It'm halffe an acre of Woodde lyeng w^in Selestc, late bowght of 
Thomas Heme, gentyllma*, by the yer ijd. 

It'm off Peter Hylarye for iiij acres and a halffe in the com'yn feldes 

• • • • ^ 

mjs. vjd. 

It'm off John Bayly for iiij acres & di. in the comy* feldes iiijs. ^jd.' 

S'ma xxxjlJ. ijs. v^. 

•* On the first date the chaimtry priest, Sir Nicholas [Sommer] , who is s^d 
here to possess the tenement adjoining Scarbrok, was inducted into his chauntry, 
and on the latter the manor passed from the hands of Hugh Warham to Hen. Vlil. 

6 2 


The Fre sewters and the qaytt Rentes payd unto the manoir off 


It*m^ First in Croydon, a tenement in Scarbroke in the Vicar's honds 
of Croydon, by the yer ijs. 

It*m off Willm Wylde, gentihna*, for a tenement ioynyng to that 
same ijs. 

It*m a tenement ioynyng to that same belonging to the channter of 
Saint Nycolas, now in Sir Nycolas hands, ther chanter p*st ijs. 

It*m a tenement off John att Wodes ioyny'g nexte that same, by the 
yer ijs. 

It'm Mr. Mathews brewhoose ijs. 

It*m off John att Wode for the Kateryne whele xviij^. 

It*m off John Bollonde for a lytell pedyll viij<l. 

It'm off Thomas Heme for a gate howse iiij*. -i •! y 

It'm off Sir Nycolas Carew for londes in Bedyngton feldes xyjs. j 

[Added in another hand, It'm off olwers hoose yn picklake, a pownd 
comyno or ^d.] 

S'ma xijs. viij*^. 

In Mychame. 

It'm of the ferme of Shordyche in Mychame, lat to ferme to ... . 
Otwaye by the yer iijli. yj*. viijd. 

It'm of the saied Otwaye for the sowthe mede, by the yer yjs. viij^. 
It' of the saied Otwaye for iij tenementes at the gate xijs. 
It'm off Beckyswells house xij<l. 

It'm off the . . Tayler for hb hoose and Smyths forge xxijs. viij<l. 
S'ma vli. ixs. 

The Coppy holdes in Croydon and Whaddon. 

It'm off Richard Clerke for Clerkes closse igs. 
It'm off Hobberde the smythe for his house x^s. 
It'm off Will'm Storyar for Lytyll Profytt v*. 
It'm for iij closes in Whaddone of Roberte Benett xx^. 
S'ma xlvij*. 

S'ma total* xxxixK. xis. id. 

The Rents payd owt off the saied londes to my Lorde of Canterburye 

and other. 

It'm for the manoir off Halinge to my Lorde of Cant^burye xxjs. ob. 
It'm for a medow in Skarbrocke yiij*^. 
It'm for londs late S^ Robert Drurys vjs. 


It'm for Cotte londs xvijs. 
ft*m for londs late Cnmports xijd. 
It*m for londs late Thomas Haddons iiijd. 
Ifm for londs late Will m Crowhyrsts iiijd. 
It'm for Clerkes closse iijs. 
It m for londs late Turdes, after Shyrles xx^. 
It'm for Selerstre ijs. vjd. 

It'm to Sir Nycolas Carew for hys londes called y© Kockes xs. ijd. 
It m to the Abbate off Barmesey [Bermondsey] v^. 
It' to the Churche for Beckhocke iiijs. 
If to the Prior off Martyn [Merton] Abbeye. xviijd. 
S'ma iijli. xiiijs. ijd. ob. 

The Sma de claro^ all qnytt Rents and copy holds paiede, is 
xxxvh. xvi». xd. ob. besydes the xls. wch I have by patent off my 
Lorde off Cant^burye for the warreyne of conys off Oxstue^ but nott 
alowde in this byU. 

And also my house not accountede nor my wodes> which be worthe and 
wilbe w^n this x year iiij hundred markas. 

[Added in another hand, R. clere of all y^ landes solde to the kynge 
xxxh. xixs. jd. ob.] 

[Added, R pd. by the king after xxte yeares purchase 

Cccxljh xvijs. vjd.] 

The William Warliam, whose estates are here enumerated, 
was either William Warham, Archdeacon of Canterbury,® 
who died in 1557, or his cousin Sir WDliam Warham, ^ of 

< William Warham was appointed Archdeacon of Canterbury in 1504, and had 
a papal dispensation for not proceeding to higher orders (than a deacon) for 
seven years, which dispensation was renewed in 1510 for six more. In 1515 he 
was appointed to the prebend of Brownswood in St. PauPs Cathedral ; he after- 
wards exchanged it for that of Newington, which he held till his death. In 1517 
he was collated to the rectory of Wrotham, Kent, which he resigned in 1532 for 
that of Harrow on the Hill, and that again he exchanged in 1537 for Hayes in 
Middlesex, which he held at his death. In 1520 he was appointed Provost of 
Wingham College, Kent. In 1527 he accompanied Cardinal Wolsey on his em- 
bassy to France ; and in 1532 his uncle the Archbishop died at his archidiaconal 
house at Heckington near Canterbury. After the accession of Cranmer to the 
archiepiscopal see, he was, in 1534, required to resign the Archdeaconry and the 
ProYostship of Wingham, when he was assigned a pension of 60/. out of the former, 
and 20/. out of the latter. He died in 1557t on the 14th of October in which 
year a successor was appointed to the rectory of Hayes. Newcourt, and Hasted. 

' " It must be known now there was a young Knight called William Warham, 
godson and nephew to the Archbishop (as being son to his brother Hugh War* 
ham,) that waited upon him in his chamber : with him the Archb: being always 


Malsanger, in the parish of Oakley, Southampton, whose father 
Hugh Warham, Esq. was certainly a possessor of the estate, 
and appears to have resided here, as his pedigree is to be found 
in one of the early Visitations of the county .ff This gentleman, 
styling himself of Malsanger,sold the manor with other lands in 
Wodden and Mitcham, by deed bearing date 1st March 1536, 
to Henry VIII. for the sum of 710/> 

The following is a pedigree of Archbishop Warham 's family en- 
grafted with the Warhams mentioned in the early part of this essay. 

l.Robert=T=Elizabeth. 2. Richard Warham. 3. Thomas Warham, 





mar. Ellen 
8. p. 1481. 



William, father of Annis. 

I 1 r-i r 

1. WiL- 2. Nicho- Magda- 3. Hugh=T=Maryan, 

LiAM las, of 
Warham, Malsan- 
Abp. of ger. 
Canter- =^ 



lene. War- 
mar, ham, of 
Nich. Haling, 
Ashton, and of 
of Lan- Malsan- 
cashire. ger. 

Alice, Margery (see p. 2). 


4. Robert, father 
dau. of of Robert, who 
Geffery died s. p. 
Colles. 5. John, lord of 
Winderton in 
Wingham, Kent..^ 
A quo Warham, . 
of Osmington, Dorset. 

Sir George War- 
ham, of Malsan- 
ger 5 ob. 8. p. 5 
mar. Anne, dau. 
of Ralph St Le- 
ger, Esq. of Ul- 
comb, Kent; 
who mar. 2dly, 
Edw. Thwaytes, 
Esq. of Esture. 

Will. Arch- 
deacon of 
1504, re- 
1534; died 
in 1557. 

-- rnrn ; — 
Jane, mar. Sir 

Rob. Morton, 



died 1514.xf. 

Anne, m. Sir 

Wm. Reede, 

of Boarstall, 


Elizabeth, mar. John 

Moyle, of Kent. 

Jane, m. Augustine 

Whitehead, of Tither- 

Sir William Warham, 
of Malsanger, mar. 
Anne, dau. of Thos. 
Hedney, of Denton, 
Su8sex.x|N i 

Richard Warham, 
D.C.L. Rector of 
Clapham,Suss. 1516, 
of Cheam, 1523. 

Agnes, mar. SirAnth. 
St. Leger, K.G. Lord 
Deputy of Ireland, 
who died 1559.^4^ ^ 

ley, Hants.^ 

ready to discourse, did more than once seriously tell him, that, if ever after his 
death any should succeed him in the see of Canterbury called Thomas^ in no wise 
to serve him, or seek his favour," &c. ** being prophetically spoken concern- 
ing Thomas Cranmer.'' — Anthony a Wood, Athens Oxon. Strype, in his Life of 
Cranmer, erroneously states that Warham gave this admonition to his nephew the 
Archdeacon. « Harl. MSS. No. 1561. 

^ Grants and Exchanges of Lands, Aug. Office, 27 Hen. VIII. 

^ They had issue Anne, married to Sir Richard Putenham of Sherfield, t;o. 

^ Father of Sir Warham St. Leger, Governor of Munster ; in a junior branch bf 
whose family, seated at Heyward's hill, near Cork, the name of Warham descended 
for several generations. 


That Robert Warham was brother to the " citizen and car- 
penter," and consequently to his brother Richard, I infer from 
the arms on the tomb presumed to be in memory of Thomas 
Warham in Croydon church, which are those borne by hi$ son 
Hugh, as of the third houseJ^ The arms borne by Archbishop 
Warham were, Gu. a fess Or betw. a goat's head couped in 
chief and three escallops in base Arg.^ Nicholas Warham bore 
the same, charged with a crescent of the second house, all within 
a bordure engrailed Or;"^ and Hugh Warham the same arms 
within a bordure Arg. chaiged with a mullet of the third houseJ^ 
The absence of the names of Robert Warham and his family 
from the will of Thomas, also adds to the strength of my hypo-? 
thesis, that the former was the elder of the brothers, as he 
thus inherited an estate which placed him in a higher 
sphere than his brothers. It has always been stated by the 
biographers of Archbishop Warham that he was descended of 
an ancient family ; but, as the pedigrees inserted by its members 
in the various Heralds' Visitations have in no one instance been 
carried higher than his father, we may with safety esteem that 
assertion to be unfounded. 

In 1554 Queen Mary granted to Sir John Gage, K. G. the ma- 
nor of Haling, valued with its appurtenances in all issues beyond 
reprises at 15/. per ann., to be held by the said Sir John and his 
heirs by the tenure of knight's service in capite, viz. for the 
fortieth part of a knight's fee.^ 

Sir John Gage, the grantee, died in 1558, at his residence at 
Firle, in the county of Sussex. By his wife, Philippa, daughter 
of Sir Richard Guildford, K. G., he left issue four sons and four 
daughters, of whom Robert his third son possessed the manor 
of Haling; and it is to this gentleman we are indebted for a 
memoir of his father, preserved, in the hand writing of his 
eldest son Sir Henry, among the MSS. of Sir Thomas Gage^ 
Bart, and which will be found printed in CoUins's Peerage. 

^ The inscriptions on his tomb, which is in the chauntry of St. Nicholas, are lost. 
The arms of Warham are quartered with a coat of two bars gemells gu» the colour 
of the field is obliterated. An engraving of it may be seen in Neale and Le Keux's 

* D. 13, Coll. Arms, p. 82. 

"» See his son Sir George Warham^s standard, Excefpta Historica, p. 330. 
^ D. 13, Coll. Arms, p. 82 ; see also the arms of Sir William his bun in same 
book, p. 116. 

• Pat. 1 and 2 P. and M, part 9, Feb. 21. 


Of the said Robert Gage, of Haling, no further particulars 
have descended to us than the facts that he represented the bo- 
rough of Lewes in Parliament in 1533 ; enjoyed the favour of his 
sovereign ; married Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Nicholas Wil- 
ford, Esq. of London ; and died 20th October 1587 ;P leaving 
John his son and heir aged 24 years. His death was probably 
accelerated by the unhappy end of his second son Robert, who 
deeply feeling the tjrrannical oppression under which his reli- 
gion suffered, he, after some solicitation, was persuaded by his 
young and accomplished friend, Anthony Babington, of Dethick, 
to join with him and other Catholic gentlemen of family and 
fortune in a plot, the object of which was the assassination of 
the Queen, and the liberation of Mary of Scotland from her con- 

The fortune which awaited this plot was no better than that 
which had visited so many of its forerunners, and the conspira- 
tors, whose names are too well known to require enumeration, — 
** Youths," in the words of D'Israeli, " worthy of ranking with 
the heroes rather than with the traitors of England," — were soon 
driven to various disguises, and to various hiding places. To 
Charnock's residence in Westminster repaired Gage and Babing- 
ton, where having arrayed themselves in other clothing, they 
directly withdrew into St. John s wood, where they were shortly 
after joined by others of their companions. 

Having vainly endeavoured, whilst in this concealment, to 
obtain so small a sum as three croums from the French Ambas- 
sador's secretary,<l and horses from Titchboume, they wandered 
about from place to place, till hunger directed them to a house 
at Uxendon, near Harrow-on-the-Hill, the residence of a family 
zealously devoted to the Catholic faith, of the name of Bellamy. 
Here they were fed and clothed, and here they were discovered, 
concealed in barns and in the habiliments of countrymen. 

Returning more immediately to Gage, — he was taken in 
Chamock's apparel ; but appears, from his own account, to have 

' Inq. p. mort. taken at Croydon lOth Jan. 30 Eliz. 

« '* After flyingef Babington imparted a Tre to Gage, w^ he had written to the 
French Embassador's seeretarie, contejninge that their doinges for the Sco. Q. 
were discou'ed, and requested him to be a means to lende him 3 crownes, and that 
the Q. his m**, iri2« the 8co« Q. shonlde thank him in his behalf/' Harl. MSS. 
No. 6365. Dogdalc (Life of Qneen Elizabeth) mentions the attempt to borrow 
montjt of which my qaotation supplies the sum* 


withdrawn himself from his companions previous to his capture. 
On the 15th of September 1586, tc^ether with six other of the 
conspirators, he was arraigned before the Court at Westminster, 
tried, found guilty, as an accessory after the fact, and on the 2 1st 
of the same month, suffered the extreme penalty of the law at St, 
Giles's in the fields. 

John Gage, who succeeded to the estate, was scarcely less un- 
fortunate than his unhappy brother. Having concealed, proba- 
bly on his manor of Haling, a missionary priest of the name of 
Beesley,"* he was arrested under the act 27th of Elizabeth, on a 
a warrant dated 10th January 1590, and committed to the Tower, 
there to await his trial .^ In durance he appears to have occupied 
the " Broad-arrow Tower," in which room, between the first and 
second recesses, on the left-hand side, is yet extant an inscrip- 
tion, apparently his work. 

In this confinement he was suffered to remain undisturbed till 
the 1st of July, when he was tried, convicted, and attainted, and as 
Beesly was executed on the following day, * it is not unlikely 
that they were arraigned together. Death, the common award 
of the Judges, was remitted on Gage — a mercy which he pur- 
chased by a long imprisonment. 

On the 17th February 1592, I find her Majesty issuing a com- 
mission, directing Sir Francis Carew, Knt. Edmund Bowyer, 
and John Ownsted, Esqrs. and Robert Moyse, Richard Hop- 
kins, and Edmund Farrant, gentlemen, to hold an inquisition 
on the estate hereby forfeited, which estate, from the return of 
the Commissioners dated 20th March following, comprised : 

One close of pasture land called Riders or Reydens, near 
Haling Manor . . . . . . . . 20 

Nettlebeds .. .. .. 15 

Lymekyll field with the appurtenances 8 

Middlefield with the appurtenances 28 

The further field .. .. 20 

Alesaunder field .. .. 10 

One small pightel of pasture with its appurtenances lying 
under Dubbers hill . . . . . . . . 2 

' Dod's Church History. 

• Bayley's Hist, of the Tower, p. 208. 

' Memoirs of Missionary Priests^ 1741, pt. i. pp. 358, 35D. 



One grove of wood called Riders grove or Ridona coppice 1< 

HalJDg wood . , 111 

Oakestobbe .. .. 2' 

or pasture adjoiniog Whltehorse lane 
One close called little Dubbers hill . , 
One parcel of land c^ed Wauldea , , . . 1 i 

Fourteen acres of arable land with ^e appurtenances, 
lying in a common field called Joyntfield ., .. !■ 

Twelve acres of arable land lying in a common field called 
Brechfield .. .. .. .. 1 

One parcel of underwood with the appurtenances, called 

One close of pasture land adjoining Haling house, called the 
Ashes .. .. .. .. .. 1' 

Ooe pasture called Sheepwalke, with its common in Smith- 
denbottom, viz. extending from a certaia farm called Purley- 
gate to a pool called Hope-water . . . . 10 

One jHghtel of land with the appurtenances, now in the 
tenure or occupation of John Tyrrell 

One close called Handecrosse, now or late in the tenure or 
occupation of John Tyrrell 

One pightel in the tenure or occupation of Blackett, 


One small piece of land now in the tenure or occupation of 
John Holmden 

One close with the appurtenances called Little Profits, now 
in the tenure or occupation of John Kinge, brewer . . 
A messuage, &c. 

One close of arable land now in the tenure or occupation of 
Thomas Woodstock, shoemaker 
A messuage, &c. 

Two acres of arable land lying in the said common field 
called Brechfield 

Half an acre of land lying in Cromedeane 
One close of land called Colemans cbse 

le parcel of arable land lying near Lomepitt gate in the 

■e or occupation of Richard Tibbie, coUiar 

messuage, &c. 

IB close of meadow land in the tenure or occupation of 


le close of land lying near Selfaurst-brook, formerly or late 

e tenure or occupation of John Tyrell 


Acres. ^ 

One close of meadow land called Three-meades in Wad- 
don^ late in the tenure or occupation of Thomas Glover 2 

A messuage with the appurtenances in Waddon^ now or 
late in the tenure or occupation of John Wood 

One acre of arable land and one half acre of wood or woody- 
land in Waddon fields^ now or late i^ the tenure or occupa- 
tion of Mullyn . . . . . . . . 1| 

A capital messuage called Haling House, with the appurten- 
ances^ situate in Croydon, &c. and two Orchards, three stables, 
one dove-cote, two gardens (hortis), and two (gardinis) be- 
longing there, in the tenure or occupation of the Right Hon. 
Charles Lord Howard, Lord High Admiral of England. 

A messuage, thirty-four acres of land, and two acres of 
ipeadow-land called Shordyche in Micham .. 36 

Three messuages with their appurtenances lying near the 
gate-house in Micham 

One meadow called Southmeade, with the appurtenances in 

Ten acres of land and one half acre of pasture, with the 
appurtenances in Micham, now or late in the tenure or occu- 
pation of Francis Kempe, Gentleman . . . . 10| 

One grove of wood called Isbett Wake in Micham 4 

« Total 481 1§ 

Six days after the date of this return, the manor, lands, and 
tenements therein specified, were let by the Crown to Charles 
Lord Howard, of Effingham, Lord High Admiral of England, 
who was already in possession of the mansion, for the tenii of 
twenty-one years, at a rent of 15/. per ann.,^ and who, about the 
expiration of his lease, obtained a renewal for a like term for the 
same rent, dated 3rd March 1612.* Haling was now one of the 
*' seven standing houses " mentioned by Fuller as maintained by 
this sumptuous nobleman.y 

Here his brother Sir William Howard, to whom he was 
greatly attached, breathed his last on the 1st of September 1600; z 

" Rot. in offic. Excheq. 2 Charles II. no. 4. 

^ Pat. 34 Eliz. pt 9. May 9. ' Pat. 9 Jac. pt. 23, no. 5, March 3. 

y Worthies of England, under Surrey. 

z Sydney State Papers, letters from Rowland Whyte, Esq. to Sir Robert Sydney, 
13 Aug. and 1 Sep. 


and here his second son Charles, afterwards third and last Earl 
of Nottingham of the family of Howard, was born 25th of De- 
cember 1610;* and here also the Admiral himself committed 
his soul unto God, at the great age of 87, on the 14th of De- 
cember 1624. 

Reverting to the unfortunate lord of the manor. The date 
of his emancipation does not appear; but the birth of his 
eldest son Henry in 1597, leads us to suppose that at 
that time he was at large. The lady by whom he had this 
son, and other children hereafter to be mentioned, was Mar- 
garet, eldest daughter of Sir Thomas Copley, Knt. of Gatton, 
Surrey ; and to her — from the rank of her family— I should ima- 
gine he was united prior to his misfortunes, — more especially as 
he was afterwards compelled to subsist on the charity of his kin- 

This lady was now dead ; and, low as his finances of necessity 
must then have been, they were not such as to deter him from 
leading to the altar a second wife — a lady of the name of Barnes. 
This was previous to the 21st of February 1621, as the second 
son of this lady, Francis, afterwards President of the English 
college at Douay, was born on that day. 

Bowed down as he was by misfortune, yet in the piety of his 
eldest son he found a mitigation of his troubles. This gentleman, 
with a disinterestedness rarely to be met with, voluntarily relin- 
quished to his parent, as a means of removing his pecuniary dif- 
ficulties, the reversion of the forfeited manor, " waiving all re- 
spect of wrong to himselfe, or prejudice to his wife and chil- 
dren." c Accordingly, in the names of Sir John Gage, Baronet, 
of Firle, John Gage, Esq. and Henry Gage, he alienated by in- 
denture, dated 12th July 1626, the fee simple of the estate to 
Christopher Gardiner, Esq. of Dorking, Surrey, in considera- 
tion of the sum of 2,350/. He did not long survive the sale ; 
dying at Croydon on the 6th of December following. ^ 

In his will, proved 3d January 1627, and dated 4th December 
1625, five months previous to his obtaining that property which 
he there demises, and wherein he describes himself of Clerken- 

* Parish Register. 

^ Alter Britannise Heros, or the life of the Most Honourahle Knight, Sir Henry 
Gage, late Governor of Oxford, epitomized. Oxford, 1645, p. 15. 
c Alter Brit. Heros. ^ Rot. in offic. Excheq. 2 Charles II. n. 4. 


well,® in the county of Middlesex; he bequeaths to his wife 800/. 
in performance of a covenant entered into at his marriage, in which 
he is bound to endow her with that sum during his life, and, in de- 
fault thereof, to bequeath it heron his death. He also bequeaths 
her an annuity of 16/. and a mark, with the further sum of 10/. 
being a debt due to him from the Lord Montacute. To his son 
Henry he bequeaths the sum of 300/. and his lands at Mitcham, 
— ^a sum, the smallness of which he deems it necessary to apolo- 
gize for, by stating that he had previously paid a debt of 400/. 
for the said Henry, and further that he had received " no pro- 
fit** from his said son's marriage, " as fathers used to doe." Pass- 
ing over his second son, Thomas, who had displeased him, he 
bequeaths to his son George 40/., and to his three younger sons, 
John, Francis, and Robert, 200/. each, to be disposed of ac- 
cording to their mother's direction. To his daughter Helen he 
bequeaths an annuity of 20/. per ann. payable out of the manor 
of Arundel, by the Earl of Arundel. Item. Two pair of sheets 
and one dozen napkins, marked with the initials of himself and 
wife, " I. M. G." To his daughter Mary 200/. He also gives 
directions for the payment of his debts, viz. To Sir John Gage, 
Bart. 50/. ; to his cousin Blackwell,^ 10/., and to Roger How 20/. 

Of his family, by his first wife, he had three sons and one 
daughter, viz. Sir Henry, a Colonel under the King in the civil 
wars, and sometime governor of Oxford, who was killed at Cul- 
lum-bridge, near Abingdon, January 7th, 1644 ; Thomas, author 
of "Travels in Spane," &c.; George, D.D. prothonotary in Eng- 
land for the See of Rome ; and Mary, the wife of Thomas Cold- 
ham, of Midhurst, Sussex. By his second lady, who survived 
him, he left issue in the same proportion : John, author of " The 
Christian Sodality; or Catholic Hive of Bees;" Francis, D.D. 
before-mentioned ; Robert ; and Helen. 

Although I can find no authority in the church registers of the 
parish, for assigning Haling as the birthplace of John and Ro- 
bert Gage, still it is more than probable that the brothers were na- 

* He probably resided in the house of his kinsman Sir John Gage, Bart, in the 
parish of St. John's, ClerkenweU. 

' William BUckwell married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Wilford, Esq. of 
Wandsworth, Surrey, Treasurer of London and President of the Company of 
Spanish Merchants, whose sister Elizabeth had married Robert Gage, as before 


lives of this place. Yet, if in this authority the names above-* 
mentioned are absent, there are to be found in it those of other 
children of the same father — names which till now were un- 
known to the pedigree of this ancient family. — Mary, christened 
3 Oct. 1563; Elizabeth, 3 March 1564; Edward. 26 Aug. 1567; 
and William, 3 Oct. 1568. 

Returning to the manor. In the octaves of Hilary, 2nd 
Charles I. a suit was instituted in the Exchequer by Christopher 
Gardiner, Esq. of Croydon, to recover the manor of Haling; in 
support of which claim, he alleged that John Gage being at the 
time of the felony seised in fee tail, and having, in conjunction 
with his son Henry, by a bargain and sale enrolled, and a fine 
and recovery levied (17th January 1627), conveyed the reversion 
of the estate to him, the said Christopher Gardiner, he was en- 
titled to possession of the said manor from the death of the said 
John Gage, freed from the unexpired term of the lease granted 
by the Crown to the Earl of Nottingham. In all which points 
he succeeded by the judgment of the 


[The part printed in Italics is taken from the volume of Surrey 
pedigrees, MS. Harl. 5830, p. 196] 

Arms. Azure, a griffin passant Or. 


Christopher Gardiner of Sonde^EUzabeth, dau. of Sir Edward Onslowe, 
Place, Dorking, afterwards of I Knt. of Knoll, Surrey, died 12 Ap. 1624, 
Haling, set. 9 months 1597. I set. 21, bur. at Dorking> 

Onslowe Gardiner, aged=pSusan, dau, of Christopher Gardiner, Judith, 
one year in 1 623. j Sir John Ogle, administered to his 

I KtU. father*s effects 1661.=^ 

r— -tH- -r -• 

Elizabeth, bap. Utrecia-Tra' William Gardiner of Haling,: 

at Croydon 20 jectinia. sepult. at Dorking 26 July 

July 1 643. 1 688. 

I 1 1 *-n 

William Gardi-=p:Anne,8urv. Christopher Thomas Gar- A child bur. 
ner of Haling, 
bap. at Croy- 
don 29 April dau. Croydon 13 Aug. 1677. 1683.* 
1675. June 1676. 

her husb. Gardiner, diner, bap. at at Croydon, 
and her bap. at Croydon 28 6 Oct. 

Anne, of the full age of 18 in Nov. 1700, mar. in 8 Geo. I. (1721-2) 
Thec^hilus Warr, shipwright 5 survived her husband. 

ff Rot. in offic. Excheq. 2 Charles II. n. 4. 
^ See her epitaph in Manning and Bray's Surrey, i. 586. 
' In Croydon church-yard is a large vault of brick, high above ground, bearing 
this inscription : '* This is the burial place of the Gaitliner's family of Haling.*' 




Michell, of Yorkshire, 

Will, Gardynex, of Bermondsey j=y^Eliz. dau. of 

I ; H 1 

Rich, Margaret, -^William Gardynery^Frances, Freswi'=Thoma8 

Gar- dau, of — of Bermondsey, Jus- 

diner, Lucas, of tice of the Peace, d. 

oh. Gloucester, Nov. 26, bu. Dec. 

s.p. 8. p. 22, 1597, at Ber- 

mondsey, aet. 66. b 

dau. of 
of London, 

tha, Shep' 

hard, of 

r — 




ner, oh, 

V, p. ; 



dau. and 




ville, of 







HI. I.John 


of St. 

Kath, by 

the Tow* 


2. Nich. 

Smith of 



Anne, m. 

1 . Rob. 

Perrot ; 

Sir Thos. ^Frances, Sir WiUiam=pMary, dau. 

ner, lord 
of the 
q/" Bas- 

ham. Jus- 
tice of the 
Peace, d. 
Aug. 10, 
bur. a 

Aug. 28, 

dau, of 



with, of 





Sep. 4, 


Gardyner, of 
Lagham, in 
Surrey, d, 
bu. at God* 

of Sutton- 1632.* 

2. Marmaduke 

Daumey, of York, 


of Easton 
Npn. Judge 
Bench^ and 
ancestor of 
the Earls of 
to Earnele 



r I r 

William Gardyner^ Mary, 

of Lagham, infra at. 13 

at* et in custodia in 

Regis Ao 1623. i 1623. 


jpVan-=pSir Will. William, 1 , Margaret, m. Sir Katharine, bap.a 

ces, . Gardyner, '^' Sam.Thwaytes,of Oct. 2, 1595. 

aet. 2 

Justice of 7%om<w rpBridget, Newland-hall, Mary, bap.a 

the Peace, Gardy- 

aet. 8 in 
1597 i 
ob. V. p. 

ner, of 
13 Apr. 

dau. of Essex. Nov. 5, 1 600^ 

Dr. Jo. Frances, m. Sir bur.a July 28, 

Donne, Thos. Horde, 1609. 

Dean ofTanton, Oxon, Fortune, bap.a 

of St. m.a Nov. 7, Oct. 4, 1607 j 

PauF s.d 1619. bur. Ap. 26, 

Katharine, bap.a 1 633,a m. Sir 
Nov. 1,1596, m.a Henry Main- 

Edw, Johnson, waring of Ken t,d 

Esq, Aug. 28, bur. Mar. 15,a 

1623. 1653. 


George Gardyner, aged 1 2 years and 

7 months, 1634.^ Sold Basing, 

Sep. 26, 165 l.f 
Thomas Gardyner, died young.e 
Anne, m. Col. Sir Henry Bard,X 

Knt. and Bart, Vise. Bellamont, 

and Baron Bard, of Ireland ^ 

• At St. Giles's Camberwell. ^ 
« Cole's Esch.Yol. 3, p. 151. 

* Inq. p. mort. taken at Croydon 13 Jan. 9 Ch. I. 
' Deed in possession of S. I. LiUey, Esq. of Peckham. 

— rr^ 

Robert, bap.a Apr. 7^ 1636, ob. s. p. 

Frances, bap.a Jan. 7, 1634, m. 

.... Medlycott, a widow 13 Apr. 

Margaret, bap.a June 9, 1637. 

Funl. Certf. Coll. of Arms, 1. 16, p. 7. 
^ Funl. Certf. Coll. Arm. 1. 24, p. 73. 

♦t J Seep. 18. 
















C ^ 


h o 






na o 

- J- « 

o § dii c^ .i-S^*. 

I o.-g o S«M05t--s d 

*i ^ & ^ j» 'S t> 

o^OQ'd *^^ ^ 2 ■ 
2d o^^-^^g »* 



— .d *3 d 

- ^^£ 

2'rt d^ 

d N^^ 

da o o 






































lili L I i.i li 


ill !-il ii iiil 

" ° 'IJa 

S"8 - 


811: -:« 





XS I.EE gw 







The estate remained in the family of Gardiner till July 1707, 
when it was conveyed by its representative to Edward Stringer, 
Esq. He died in 1710, and from his widow, who married for 
her second husband William Parker, Esq. it has descended (as 
shewn in the preceding pedigree) to its present possessor, Wil- 
liam Parker Hamond, Esq. great-grandson of that lady. 

There are now no courts held for this manor. 

Notes to the Pedigree of Gardmer of Peckham. 

* In CamberweU churchyard was formerly this epitaph on a hirge black marble 
slab : " Here lieth buried Sir Thomas Gardyner, Knt. the servant of Jesus Christ.'* 

t This William Gardiner, having married Anne, dau. of Simon Hastings, esq. 
of Dailsford, co. Wore, died Jan. 1, 1632, set. 26, and was buried at that place. 
(See his epitaph in Nash's Worcestershire, toL i. p. 287.) He left a son WiUiam 
Gardiner, 4 months old 1632, (Esc. 8 Chas. I.) which William, or William his son, 
sold the rectory of Ewell 1690. Hist and Antiq. of Surrey, i. 470. 

X The husband of Anne Gardiner, Henry Bard, Viscount Bellamont, was 
an adventurous cavalier, who obtained rank and title from King Charles I. at a 
time when that monarch could not easily refuse such rewards to those who were 
solicitous to obtain them, and at the same time were zealous in his service. Some 
singular anecdotes of him are related in Wood's Fasti Oxon, (edit Bliss,) ii. 67, 
and he is also noticed in Lloyd's Worthies ; and Cole, in a memoir in his MS. 
history of King's College, Camb. (MS. Addit. Brit Mus. 1716, p. 137) endeavours 
to place bis character in a more favourable view than that of the needy adventurer, 
depicted by Wood. He was a son of the Rev. George Bard, who died Vicar of 
Staines in Middlesex in 1616 ; and he had himself a Fellowship of King's College, 
which he resigned on hit marriage in 1645. He was knighted Nov. 22, 1643 ; 
created a Baronet Oct. 8, 1644, being then styled " of Staines;" and a Peer of 
Ireland July 8, 1G46, by the titles of Baron Bard, of Drombeg, co. Down (not 
Brombry, as in Wood), and Viscount Bellamont. He appears to have been parti- 
cularly favoured by the notice of Prince Rupert ; and was appointed to lead off the 
left tertia with Sir George Lisle at the field of Naseby. He died whilst Ambassa- 
dor in Persia about the year 1660 ; leaving behind him, says Wood, ** a widow, not 
so rich, but that she received relief upon her petition after his Majesty's return, 
from King's Coll. in Cambridge, and two daughters, who were of his religion 
[Roman Catholic], one of which was afterwards mistress to Prince Rupert." 
Dudley Bard, the issue of that connection, was killed at the siege of Buda in 
16H6, aged scarcely twenty, and is further noticed by Wood, Fasti (by Bliss)!. 490. 
Persiana, a daughter of the Viscount, married Nathaniel Bard, Esq. whose heiress 
married Henry llarcourt, Esq. (see Clutterbuek's Herts, i. 285.) 

CamherwelL G. & S. 




AND WALES, IN 1647. 

fMS. Rawlimon 240.) 

The date of the following Survey, which is printed from a MS. pre- 
served in the Rawlinson collection^ in the Bodleian library> may be ascer- 
tained from the following notices. In the Act passed by the Parlia- 
ment^ 9 Oct. 1 646^ for abolishing of Archbishops and Bishops, and 
vesting their lands in Trustees, the Trustees are empowered to appoint 
from time to time fit and able persons to survey the premises, to hold 
Courts of Surveys, and to demand and receive all the evidences and 
title deeds relative to the same. The form of an oath to be taken by 
each Surveyor is also prescribed. (Scobell, pt. i. p. 1 00.) In the 
Ordinance which followed, 1 6 Nov. of the same year, it is further ordered 
that the Surveyors should make returns of their Surveys from time to 
time to Henry Elsyng, Esq. Clerk of the House of Commons, who was 
to make entry of such returns^ and also to have the custody of the 
evidences concerning the lands, (ib. p. 106.) The powers given to 
these Surveyors are there stated at length, by which any three or more 
of them were to examine on oath, to compel the production of writings 
and evidences, and to commit to prison all such persons as refused, 
(ib. pp. 106, 107.) Their Instructions are annexed to the Ordinance 
by which such Surveys as shall be made by them are declared to be 
''good and effectual.'* (ib. p. 1 10.) On the 24th of December follow- 
ing an Act passed for the alteration and explanation of the oath ap- 
pointed to be taken by the Surveyors, by which each is to swear as 
follows, '* I shall use my best endeavour and skill to discover the estate 
therein [viz. the Ordinance for the sale of Bishops' Lands] mentioned, 
and every part thereof which shall be given me in charge, and to finde 
out the true values and improvements thereof, and thereof shall make 
true Surveys, according to my best skill and cunning ^ and the same 
from time to time deliver in writing closely sealed up, unto Henry 
Elsing, Esquire, Register in that behalf appointed, together with a true 
copy or duplicate thereof, likewise close sealed up, unto the said Trus- 
tees." This Survey therefore must have been made between Januai-y 
1646-7 and July 1647, when the sale of the episcopal lands commenced. 
It must also be remarked, that the document here printed only contains 

c 2 




Present p' 

Future p 


Rectoryes and Parsonages. 




£, s. d. 

£. s. 





Nimington and 1 
Wynnonswold / 



Northborne . . 

24 6 10 

186 3 



11 6 8 

48 13 


FiDglesbam . . 






Whitfield . . 

1 6 8 

53 6 



74 10 



13 6 8 

77 13 









3 6 8 

13 6 



9 13 4 

20 13 



15 1 4 

124 18 



6 13 4 

66 13 



2 8 4 

47 11 



2 18 4 

9 11 



3 15 

49 11 


Sholden . . . . 

16 5 10 

141 14 









18 3 4 

71 16 



6 8 

9 13 


Crophill in Wye 

1 6 8 

48 13 


Maydstone, Derlin,Loose 

74 3 






434 18 8 



The Totall gen'U of tl 

le Anual vallew 

e^ present 

& reversion 

• • • 

• • • 


7868 07 04 



cantuar's episcopat. Ps. 

Surveyors, John Madden, Jeffery Sandwell, Jo, Griffith, and 

Wm. Belgrave. 

Present Rents 


& p'fitts p' 


Timber, Woods, 


above p* an 


&c. in 


£. 8, d. 

£- s. 



s. d. 

Foard p'ke cu' Reculver 

132 15 6 

50 10 



6 8 


773 19 

870 4 



14 10 


31 12 1 

140 13 



Hearst cu' South and 

North B*s*psden 

62 9 10 

2 10 


15 04 

B's'ps Pallace atCanter- 





6 13 4 

38 9 



St. Radigans 

2 10 

31 4 





13 6 8 

48 4 


St Gregoryes 

18 5 

168 4 




56 5 10 

142 11 




45 18 9 

169 18 




12 9 

36 14 




35 15 6 

112 3 



20 5 

82 13 


Puckhall . . 


12 3 



1327 10 6 

1906 5 



16 10 





^. 8. d. 

SS. 8. 


Reculver cum Heame 





For one lyfe. 

Newland Graunge 




30 3 4 

109 16 


Salmstone Graunge 

38 10 1 

481 9 


St. Nicolas . . 




16 10 



6 13 4 

23 6 





For two lives. 


16 10 

163 10 








6 13 4 


57 2 11 

268 17 






13 6 8 

37 13 


For three lives. 



66 13 








5Cf S* 


£. s. d. 


14 16 


205 3 4 

Rect. & Tytheries of St. 

Gregoryes Priory 

106 15 

1001 13 10 


26 13 


159 16 8 





For ever. 



2 10 

30 10 


6|] 4 


3736 10 10 

Tot. genii 1938 15 2 5642 16 8 
Som' Totall of an' proffitts present and reversion ^7581 11 10 


Madden 75 
Sandwell 316 
Griffith 370 
Belgrave 330 

The Surveyors* extraord. charge 


£. s, d. 

37 10 




545 10 

68 15 2 

^614 5 2 


Surveyors, Geo. Hewley, Edward Basse, Will'. Strelley. 

Present Rents | 




& Profitts 






above p 

* ann. 

vail* in 



£. s. 






s. d. 

Reast p*ke^ Sweamons 

& Scalme p'ke 

82 19 







269 4 





Wistowe . . , . 

235 5 






16 8 


49 7 





9 4 


262 7 








147 13 






49 11 





17 2 





Yorke Pallace 

4 5 




31 11 





55 5 







51 18 






Sutton cu Lo\vnd 

11 1 




"North Soke . . 

15 2 






1282 14 








Present p' an*. 

Future above. 


£' s. 






134 15 




For one lyfe. 


253 18 

Christ. Roote 

Hexsey & Owston 





3 10 8 

Kayingham . . 

14 15 





John Astill 


36 J3 






Afiniis Burton 

40 6 





43 10 





For two lives. 


143 17 

Will. Cart- 


987 16 




23 9 2 

Tot. gen'll 

2270 10 





For three lives, the 3 Odingsells 
The 3 Surveyors. Dayes about 316 one w 473 10 
Extraordinary charge [not mentioned.'] 

3 10 


Surveyors, Denys Taylor, Jo. Horsell, Tho. Canbye, and Rich. 


Present Rents 



& Profitts I 



&c. vail* m 


above p' an*. 


rf. S. 


eS' s. d» 

bS» s, d. 


331 8 


1057 15 

2378 5 3 




426 15 4 


112 3 


625 10 8 



12 5 

127 12 4 


Beckhey Grauuge 

15 6 


75 8 8 

Hood Graunge 

10 13 


89 12 6 


Thorp Graunge 

17 13 


103 11 10 


Marderbie Gra. 

10 4 

125 3 8 

Wilden Graun. 


209 6 

Loftmarish Gra. 

5 10 

88 14 

Deereholme Gr. 



Newsteade G. 

21 10 

219 6 


17 6 


145 10 4 

Bascawe Gra. 


72 4 8 


Angram Gra. 

13 6 


72 10 10 

Osgodbie Gra. 

13 6 


147 4 2 



34 18 


283 18 6 

6 13 4 

Mount St. John 

19 19 


145 8 9 


63 4 


324 4 4 


929 17 


4429 18 1 

2844 18 7 




(eboracens's Ps alter*, continued.) 

Rectoryes & Parsonages. 

Present p* an*. 

Future above. 


sB. s. 


se. 8. 



39 13 


170 16 

Wm. Staveley, 


20 3 


99 16 


dur' vif p* an'. 



239 2 





185 10 

Tho. Ham'ond 

Gisborough . . 

30 6 


79 13 


3 10 

Skelton & Brotton . . 


149 13 


Ormsbie cu* Easton 

26 14 


126 19 





12 13 



John Horsell 

Moresam & Com'endale 

1 6 

13 10 


& Tho. Eddice 

Easton & Normanbie 



17 13 







12 13 


77 12 


4 13 


95 8 


Abated for 



19 13 

Bootes in seve- 


4 13 


21 12 


rall leases in 


13 13 


32 12 


Rippon^ p* ann. 


41 16 


198 3 


17 O 


12 6 


108 3 


Darlington & Went- 


10 7 


42 19 



387 14 


1933 19 

Totall generall 

1317 12 


6363 17 


The 4 Surveyors. Dayes about 316 one with another 633 

Extraordinary charge [not mentumedJ] 

The totall of all the an*uall profitts in p*sent and 
reversion is . . • • . . . . . , nS 7781 9 3 


winton's P8. 

Surveyors, Jo. Hurst, Nalli. Whitham, James Prince, & Sil' 


Present Rents 

Timber, Wood, 


& Profitts p' 


&c. yair in 


above p' an*. 


£. 9. d. 

/£. s. d. 

eS* 8. d. 

B's'ps Waltbam 

557 1 

29 1 

1560 13 4 


234 8 6 

138 1 6 

4547 17 10 


75 3 10 

276 6 8 

822 8 

BVps Stoke . . 

77 3 5 

348 9 

825 16 4 


113 2 7 

129 13 4 

2551 2 2 


51 1 9 

105 12 

10 10 

Alverstoke . . 

57 10 8 

26 13 4 

South farme . . 

22 3 4 

129 17 4 

506 13 4 


6 4 8 


42 1 4 

66 18 8 

6 13 4 


141 1 7 

474 13 1 

472 11 8 

East Meon . . 

358 13 4 

229 13 

1193 11 1 


124 18 10 

344 11 8 

149 8 

Adderburry . . 

79 7 

351 19 8 

13 6 8 


243 12 5 

179 10 

164 12 10 


43 2 4 

98 12 6 

14 7 8 




3 2 

Longwood Warren . . 

9 6 8 

60 13 4 


41 10 2 

42 2 8 


953 6 8 

320 17 



3251 1 

3433 5 9 

12867 6 11 





£. s» d* 

3L>, 8, d. 


26 13 4 

173 6 8 

For one life. 

Charchmeon . . 

43 2 

346 18 

14 5 3 
James Risley. 


69 15 4 

520 4 8 

Totall gen'U 

3320 16 5 

4410 15 5 

Will. Ca 


26 13 4 

Robert ' 



John Br 


4 10 

For two 

lives, Nico. Pii 

)ke& .. 10 

John Pa 

Imer & Walter 

Cliffe .. 7 

For 16 


. • • . 

6 1 8 





Surveyor^ Robt. Voice, Wm. Eles, Jo. Guye, and Ralphi 




Present p» an*. 

Future above* 

&c. vaU' in. 


£• 8. 


£. s. 



s. d. 

MyUand cum Soake 

126 1 10 

201 15 





800 12 


244 4 





29 15 


134 9 



133 1 


138 11 




22 16 


88 6 



14 14 

65 10 



60 15 

583 3 




159 12 


181 8 



32 7 






136 17 


322 7 




99 10 


196 6 



9 6 


102 14 


307 9 



1 10 


82 8 


143 8 



41 16 


87 7 



4 8 


8 10 


84 5 


88 10 


9 6 


5 2 


58 4 


Coldhenley . . 

4 13 


83 18 



41 16 


90 18 




2068 13 




5 6 


For one Lyfe. 
Wm. Pbillipps . .* 6 
Edw. Fawcbin . . 2 
Wm. Morebeade . . 66 
Jo. Titcbbourne . . 20 
Jacob Terry . . 8 




8 Tit( 


For two Lives. 
Titcbbourne, sen. & jun. 4 
Wm. & Jac. Terry 3 10 

Tbe 4 Surveyors . . 776 

Tbeire extraordinary cbarges 162 14 


938 14 

First p*t 
Second part 

291 dayes. 

In all 388 



ISurveyors, Jno. Redding, Jno. Embree, Pet. Mills, Rich. Wade, 

and Wm. Mason. 


Present p* an*. 

Future above. 

Materialls &c 

vail, in grosse. 

£. 8. 


rf. S. 


gS* s. d. 

London-howse and otber 

Lands belong, to Lond. 

352 12 


1302 3 


1287 13 1 

Severall Mesuages for- 

merly belong, to ye 

B*8*pr*k of We8tm*8t. 

64 7 

550 13 

Ely-bowse, &c. 

231 6 


385 11 


13 13 


56 6 


Peterborough Messuages 

and Tenements 



Hereford Messuages & 




Rochester Rents 



Wincbester-bowse, witb 

tbe apurten. 

315 2 


897 15 


73 8 

Brittaines Burse 


Carlile -bowse 




223 14 


266 16 


8441 4 






Cbicbester Rents 

38 13 


911 3 


1543 9 


4973 10 

9802 5 1 

Rectories [none mentioned^] 

Dayes about 312 one witb another. 
Tbe 5 Surveyors 
Extraordinary charge 

83 8 

Totall 593 8 




Surveyors, Geo. Lilburne, Thos. Saunders, Edw, Colson, Ferd. 
Faber, George Dale, Saniu. Leigh, Geo. Grey, John Hus- 
bands, Jo. Duncalfe, Christ. Mickleton. 


Present Rents 


Materialls &c. 

& Profitts p' an. 

above p' ann. 

vail, in grosse. 

£, s, d. 

sS» s, d. 

^. 8, d. 

B*s*ps Auckland 

529 6 2 

1098 17 

2016 17 4 


184 4 4 

596 18 4 


477 4 11 

209 18 8 



218 1 9 

118 15 4 


109 16 8 

1916 13 4 

Lancbester . . 

84 17 2 

31 13 4 


198 16 7 

1236 16 


131 16 2 

493 17 6 


213 16 5 

455 9 


262 5 1 

306 13 4 

Whickham & Gatesyde 

117 15 8 

4109 12 4 

Durham Castle 

11 '3 8 

90 10 


North Allerton 

229 14 8 

920 5 6 


51 1 10 

200 1 6 


2820 1 1 

11786 1 2 

5809 17 4 




Present p* an*. 

sS* s, d 

Future above. 

sS. ^ 8. d 



Surveyors, Tho. Saunders, Edward Colson, and John Duncalfe. 


Present Rents 
& Profitts p' an. 

above p' ann. 

Materialls &c. 
vail, in grosse. 

sS. 8. d. 

^. 8. 


£&. 8. d» 

Howden * 

281 1 

816 12 

Bedlington * 
Woolsingham * 

70 5 2 
307 16 5 

217 6 
604 15 




151 12 10 

185 13 

B s'ps Rowe 

7 3 4 

38 16 


Bewley Castle 



5 19 10 

11 9 6 

10 4 
24 3 


Homcastle * 

98 15 

236 5 



944 3 1 

2183 15 





Present p' an. 

Future aboye. 


SCf* *• 






Stamerton ♦ 

26 13 






Milbume * . . 




30 6 



Horncastle . . 

28 6 



Pore ons of Tythes 

113 19 







254 5 




Totall gen'll 

1198 8 





All that are thus (*) marked^ weare surveyed by the 3 Surveyors 
abovesaid since they weare last employed , and amounts to, present 
value 855/. 17 s. 7d, ; future 2392/. 4$. Id.: in gross 700/. 

londin's episcopat* extra. 

Surveyors, Will. Webb, William Eales, John Guye, and 

Ralphe Davies, 1647. 


Present Rents 


Timber, Wood, 

& p^tts p' 


above p' ann. 

&c. yall.ingrosse« 

M' 8, 


eS' s» d. 

^. 8. d. 


44 1 


1119 11 8 

362 6 8 

Greenford & Hanwell 

126 6 


270 18 

288 4 8 


544 19 


285 12 10 

696 15 4 


38 17 


438 16 8 

102 18 

Eling and Acton 

66 13 



Colham garden 

9 7 

151 1 

75 2 

Homesey and Finchly 

244 16 


884 11 4 



40 18 




41 13 


306 10 

231 4 

Fawn ton 

40 5 

186 1 4 

220 18 10 

Feering and Patswicke 

93 18 


489 n 

501 17 4 


45 8 


315 12 



43 15 


29 7 4 

Steevenage . . 

90 14 

159 15 



44 6 






Present Rents 


Timber, Wood, 

& p^fitts p* an. 

above p* ann. 

&c« grosse* 

eS' s. d. 

^. s, d. 

^. s. d. 


71 15 

381 13 10 


112 6 7 

428 3 2 

175 10 

Tenths of Pawles Isee 




4 6 8 

Feodary of Stortford 


1704 10 9 

5955 5 2 

4457 16 10 

Rectoryes & Parsonages. 

Paddington . . 


East Bedfont 









Dud mo we 




Tenths of Pawles 


Total gen'll 

Present p* an. 

sS* S, d, 

8 13 4 


5 13 4 




4 12 



10 10 



593 8 8 

2297 19 5 7733 19 6 

Future p' an. 

dCi • S» Urn 


71 6 8 


59 6 8 

111 10 

144 19 2 



75 8 

268 3 10 

120 13 4 

114 6 8 


1776 14 4 


The total of the anoall vail, in possession and reversion^ 

is p ann. .. .. .. .. ^10031 18 11 

sff. 8. d. 
The 4 Surveyors. Dayes 187 . . 374 
Their extraordinary charges .. 49 11 10 

The whole charge, besides the salary ^423 11 10 



Surveyors, Jo. Robison, Tho. Broughton, Wm. Nelson, and 

Ro. Guye. 


Present Rents 
& Profitts p' an. 

above p* ann. 

Timber, Wood, 
&c. vall.ingrosse. 

^. s. d, 

^. s. 


sS' s, d. 


505 14 7 

84 8 


3169 2 8 

Hathowe & B'ps Dale 

8 16 8 

67 2 


5 13 


135 13 6 

16 10 



17 6 10 

6 2 

B's'ps Norton 

29 11 8 


30 15 

The B's'ps Pallace 

7 10 

1580 2 1 

Tetny Graunge 
Thornton, rent charge 

18 3 4 

4 8 


56 7 

35 12 



4 14 
2 3 8 
4 2 

27 6 

27 16 
27 1 



743 4 3 

432 6 

4989 12 9 










Burgh & Winthorpe 


Stalling Brughe 





Midle Rason 

Alforde and Rigsbye 






; p* an. 

Future above. 





j£' 8. 



233 11 




To theKing out 




94 5 


of B's ps Dale, 




202 13 


p' ann. 







24 6 











303 13 


For the lives of 




26 13 


Mansford, sen. 



et jun. p* ann. 



3 10 






43 6 





Mem. all other 



Reprizes are 



abated in the 




64 13 





53 8 




61 7 







Present p* i 


Future above. 


£. s. 


ee. s. 


^\ 8. d. 


26 13 


65 6 



Alvingh' & Cockrington 





5 6 


6 13 



3 6 

18 14 


8 6 


51 13 



6 13 


49 6 


Cockrington Leonard 

8 10 

26 10 





13 6 


86 13 



6 13 


33 6 



14 9 


40 10 


Scaupwick . . 

7 6 


42 13 




35 6 



4 6 

31 14 


13 13 


51 6 






111 9 


Totall of the Rectoryes 

639 6 


2549 14 


The totall gen'll of the anuall vail, both present and in 

reversion, is 

4364 11 7 



Robison and Boughton 



The 4 Surveyors 445/. 
Extraord. charge \hlank.] 



Surveyors, I. Sparrowe, Will. Eden, Jo. VflBett, & Edmond 



Present Rents 


Timber, Wood, 

& Profitts p' an. 

above p* an. 

&c. in grosse. 


i. d. 

^. s. 


eS. s. d. 


Drayton, Tolthrop, &c. 


2 7 

610 8 


2. Ludh\ WaltonhaU and 



5 11 

299 12 



3. Homing, Abby of St. 

Bennetts, &c. 


2 9 

215 16 



4. Neatisheard and Bur- 

woods, &o. . . 


7 1 

150 9 


5. Hoveton Lathes, St. 

Peter's and St. John's 


13 3 

185 7 



6. Thime, Ashby, and 

Owby, &c. 


15 9 



7. Northwalsham and 



10 5 

139 3 


8. Scottow, llinrgarton. 

Cardestones, &c. 


16 9 

169 11 


10. NorthCreake,Black- 

borough, Wrongey, &c. 



344 16 

11. Wingfield Colledge, 

Dagworth, Beddings 


17 3 

389 16 



12. Snorings, Eastwal- 

ton. Grand Court, &c. 


11 2 

92 14 


9. Peterston, Lexhams, 

Brangehall, &c. 



291 12 




11 5 

3124 8 








«. d. 

£. 8. 


For 1 Lyfe, Sir 



6 8 

24 13 





Fitton 6 1 8 
Edm. Wyse se- 
verall fees 

7 10 





Hor. 2 





Netis. 3 13 4 



13 4 





37 10 

Hoveton St. Peter's 


14 4 

76 5 


Hovet. 4 16 8 





Surveyors, Walter Foye, Jo. Squibb, Charles Saltonstall, and 

Edwd. Hooker. 


Sarum Citty & Langley 

Chardstock . . 
Langdon & Beamister 

Keighaven & Keyhaven 

Sherebourne, &c. 
Milford Vnderditch, 

Woodford, &c. 
Ivycburch & Alberry 
B's*ps Cannings 
Moancton Farley 
Marston Measy 
Winterbome Earles . . 
Lavington . . 
B's'pstonne . . 
Prebend in Blewburry 


Present p' an*. 

. 8. d» 



178 14 
34 15 
80 14 
15 18 


113 8 
27 8 11 
20 19 4 

218 8 

195 12 
23 13 11 
25 4 6 

135 4 


1 13 4 

Future above. 

1644 7 8 

gS' 8> d. 

114 15 

512 14 

233 16 

18 11 

6 15 

138 7 



529 12 5 
203 11 10 
69 7 7 
469 13 2 
851 11 4 
316 7 
149 7 4 
233 11 10 
262 7 3 

See. vail* in 

4210 9 9 

i£. s. d. 
4980 2 

433 6 8 

6 13 4 

123 6 8 

411 13 4 


50 a 

6665 2 










^. 8, 



£. 8. 






Total gen'll 

1736 7 


5274 9 


The improovement of the lands of the coppyholders for lives 

within the said B's'p'rk are p* ann. . . . . £8649 5 1 1 

The four Surveyors. Dayes 262, 




Surveyors, Tho. Goodere, Witt Hill, Edwd Hatch, & Noah 


Present Rents 



& Profitts ] 





above p' anr 


£. s. 


^. s. 


£, 8. d. 






B's'ps howse & Vineyard 

145 3 



Wood Barton bame & 
Portham meade 

8 12 


64 10 



28 19 


82 8 



21 7 


92 6 


Brookethrop & Hars- 


29 10 


Droyscourt . . 

8 2 




4 6 


The yearely 

Rudge & Farley 

13 5 


vallew of the 

Mancbells bope 

10 15 



Lands of Coppy- 

Maysemore . . 

70 10 



bolders for fives 

Dewebureb . . 

2 1 


within the sd 


B's'pr'ks are 

Asbelwortb . . 

49 16 


169 15 



B's'ps Howse 

20 10 



17 9 


98 2 



40 5 

167 4 


Rowborougb . . 

60 1 


Horfield & Hilton . . 

50 19 


123 14 



421 14 


1880 3 


Rectoryes & Parsonages. 

Present p' an*. 

Future p' ann\ 


£. 8. 


se. s. 


To the King p' 

Maysemore . . 

11 1 



an* out of 


22 9 


160 11 


Mancbels bope 

Tytbe Come of Horfield 

5 17 



Dewebureb . . 

32 5 


228 12 


South Cemey 



Haresfield & Oxlencb 









Portbury, Tickenb', &c. 



Fran. Wheeler 


6 4 


durant* vit* p* 




an* 2 


1 6 




• » 



170 6 


859 1 


p aun . 

Totall generall 

592 1 


2739 5 




The Totall gen'll of ye An'all vair, both present 

& in reversion is 

.. <e3331 6 10 

£, 8, d. 
The 4 Surveyors. Dayes about 290, one with another 596 
Extraord. charges . . . . . . . 102 10 

TotaU ^698 10 


Surveyors, Ben. Averry, Thomas Shute, and Thomas Roe. 

Present Rents 


& Profitts p» 


£. 8. d* 


377 11 5 


317 12 10 


40 4 6 


57 3 6 


43 8 10 


52 12 

tJompton P' 


2 13 4 


• • • • 



971 6 5 

above p* ann'. 

792 13 3 

434 3 

514 2 2 

322 18 2 

374 17 1 

247 11 8 

42 16 8 

215 10 

2944 9 3 

Timber Woods, 
&c. vail* in 

g^. 8. d, 



Present p* t 


Future above. 


East Pennard 

East Brent • . 
Castle Cary 
North Loade 
Compton Darido 

£. 8. 

18 6 
42 13 
17 13 
2 12 





sS» 8, d» 

81 13 4 
157 6 8 
42 6 8 
23 7 10 


97 5 


426 14 6 

Totall genii 

1068 11 


3371 3 9 

The improovement of the lands of the coppyholders for 

lives within the said B's'p'r k are p' ann. about £ 4300 

The totall ann. vail, of the p*htts in present and in re- 
version^ is .. ,. .. .. i^4439 15 8 



Surveyors, Hum. Lower, Jo. Casbeard, Sherington Farewell, 

and Tho. Howell. 


Present Rents 


Timber, Wood, 

& p'fitts p' an. 

above p* ann. 



s, rf. 

£. s. 


^. 8. d. 

B'sh'ps Pallace 


6 4 

21 13 



Petershayes . . 


108 10 


^Q 13 4 

B's'ps Nympton 


1 5 

178 3 




19 4 


Penryn Forayn &Min8ter 



218 15 



Borough of Penryn 





Cuttingbeake & St. Ger- 



3 4* 

222 2 





242 1 


21 3 4 



6 2 

169 5 




17 11 

183 15 





168 1 




19 3 

1514 8 


502 16 8 


Present p* an* 

Future above. 


St. Goran 

£. 8» d» 

100 10 

6 13 4 

£. 8. 



119 10 


out of Peter- 
10 10 


120 3 4 

286 10 

Totall gen'll 

563 2 7 

1790 18 


The improovements of the coppyholds are p* ann. ^4314 15 5 

The 4 Surveyors. Dayes 245 
Extraordinary charges 


Totall 514 




SuiTeyors, Edwd. Chamberlayne, Abrah. Boune, Geo, Smith, 

and Jo. Whitworth. 

Present Rents 

Timber, Wood, 


& Profitts 



&c. vail' in 


above p' an 



£. 8. 


^. 8. 


gS. 8. d. 

Wibunbury . . 


145 9 




113 7 




31 5 



10 8 


2 2 


Fee Farm Rents 

203 10 

Coventry Palla. 




133 10 


Ecklesball . . 

398 3 


448 3 


8312 12 4 


66 3 

310 8 


1538 6 8 

Litchfield PaUa. 


813 6 8 

Chester Palla. 


7 13 



Wilford Doles 

7 7 


11 12 


Tenements in Yorke 

1 9 

41 9 



825 1 


1245 3 


11514 5 8 


Present p* an*. 

Future above. 


^. 8. 


^. 8. 


Meryoneth . . 



Jo. Hancox 

Wibunbury . . 

36 1 


117 18 


dur* vif p* ann. 

Gnosall Prebends 




WoUstanton . . 




41 10 


Long Buckbve 

20 11 


79 8 



17 1 

182 19 

Denford & Fee farme 


Castleaton .. .. 






St. Bees 

80 15 

Cottingham . . 

58 18 



39 6 


242 13 



25 19 


270 3 



16 13 


123 6 



13 6 
















Little Badworth 



Boolton & Clapham 




(coven, et litchfi. cu' CHESTER, Continued.) 



p' an'. 

Future above. 






8. d. 




Patrick Brampton 



Kirby Ravensworth 










Cartsmeales . . 








15 1 






5 8 






2 8 




15 10 





Langarthen . . 





13 4 

Boulton in y« Moores 








16 1 

Total! genii 





19 2 



Surveyors, Antho. Palmer, Rich. Nicholetts, Fra, £ede, & 

Rich. Marston. 


Hartlebnry . . 
Worster Palla 
Hellingdon . . 
Whitstpnes & Claynes 
Alvechurch . . 
Withington . . 
Bushley in the Diocesse 

of London 
Hallowe & Grimley 
B'8*ps Aston . . 
Riccards Castle 
B'8*pd Froome 

Present Rents 
& p'fitts p' an. 

gS* 8. d, 

162 15 11 


79 12 1 

66 6 4 

41 16 11 


201 10 

13 14 8 

5 16 11 

91 15 

125 9 5 


35 9 5 

85 9 

above p* ann. 

8. dm 

119 15 4 


543 16 8 

408 19 

155 6 8 

225 8 4 

338 6 8 

mixt reversions 


493 13 4 

434 2 2 


176 13 4 

Timber, Wood, 
&c. grosse. 

£• 8. d, 

88 15 



93 13 8 

54 3 4 



(wor'ster & HEREFORD, contintied.) 


Present Rents 


Timber, Wood, 



above p* ann. 


£. 8. 


£. s. 


«^. 8. d. 

Bromeyeard . . 

27 10 


42 16 



Estnor . , 

20 16 






47 2 


18 16 



51 14 


55 12 



82 14 


26 13 



60 11 

146 11 



82 2 


117 16 

Boilaryes of Salt 

2 13 





32 3 


331 15 


1469 15 

3874 3 


673 12 

A Fee Farme Rent . . 


1481 15 


Present p* t 


Future above. 


£. s. 





Hellingdon . . 

33 13 



For one Lyfe, 


29 16 



Edm. Edwards 


17 6 8 

Elmley Castle 



Will. Seager 

Hanley Castle 



10 10 

Bisbampton . . 

13 10 




4 13 







8 6 



Rectoryes & Tythes in 

Hereford not yett 


225 14 





359 14 






9 7 


369 1 


The fnll vallewe of the Temporallities & Rectoryes 
of the sd B's'pr'kSi besides the Improovem't of Coppy'^ 
are p' ann' .. .. .. .. ^7984 16 10 

The Improvements of the Coppyholds for Lives and 
other mixt Reversions in both the 8** B's'pr'ks, are p* 
ann' .. .. •. .. .. ^^2425 13 4 



Surveyors, Phi. Izatson, Adam Lawrence, Jo. Pegg, and 

Edwd. Bellamy. 

Present Rents 


& p'fitts p» 


Timber, Wood, 


above p* an*. 


£. 8, d. 

£^. 8. d. 

^» 8, d. 

Ely Pallace . . 

17 6 8 


Ely Barton . . 

187 10 7 

1246 11 10 


Downeham . . 

216 16 6 

188 8 



13 16 10 

83 19 


17 6 11 

93 7 3 


24 4 10 

113 8 10 


40 4 5 

130 18 8 

Peterbor. Palla. 

202 4 

1501 5 

Bonrough Berrie 

103 19 4 

803 19 11 


109 3 2 

644 11 

167 12 8 


28 1 

4 4 4 


19 17 

19 13 4 



137 7 6 

Eye . . 

44 7 6 

188 1 2 

Thornton le Moore . . 


115 4 

Burton Lazars 

345 14 1 

325 4 3 


5 16 1 

North Ormsby 

^^ 13 10 

47 5 2 

Tid St. Giles . . 

28 4 

24 4 2 


1701 5 10 

4165 18 4 

5700 17 8 


Present p* 


Future above. 








Hemingford Grey 



For one Lyfe, 

Hallweston . . 





George Conny, 

Old Hurst . . 



p'an. 6 13 4 

St. Neotts 







Edward Cobb, 

Weld & Caudecot . . 







13 4 

Gilden Mordon 



Steph. Shep- 




heard 4 11 3 








T. Kethermis- 




ter 6 13 4 

Water Beach 







more 35 1 3 

Longstanton . . 







Stow cum Qui 












(ELY & peterbub', contiuued.) 


Present p' an. 

Future above. 


£. s. 


^. s. 


St. Giles, Cambridge 



Swafham Balbeck 



Swafham St. Maries 






Flnborongh . . 



Edwardston . . 



Erberry & Chilton . . 



Bungey Trinity 



Stradbrooke . . 





3 10 


5 4 


34 15 



8 15 


41 4 



6 6 


33 13 



50 3 


140 16 





Girston ... 

6 10 

23 10 

Renningbam . . 



West Bradenbam 




6 13 


19 6 





24 19 


North Ormsbye 





Eye .. 

9 6 


20 13 



Totall gen'll 



Surveyors, Piers Robison, Arthur Powell, & Andrew Edwards, 


Present Rents 
& Profitts p* an. 

above p' ann. 



£• 8» d. 

£. 8. d. 

^. 8. 



Castellmay . . 


3 1 
23 6 4 
11 7 7 


73 13 4 

76 12 2 


22 11 

202 17 4 

Llaa Elidan . . 

13 3 9 

MaynoU Bangor 

22 11 5 

19 2 6 

106 2 


107 1 1 


Lands in Flinty Denb. & 


10 6 4 
14 9 11 

46 16 8 


69 8 

19 3 4 


10 5 



64 15 

Tilandeglea . . 


9 17 8 

171 11 11 


278 13 

686 18 

106 2 


The three Surveyors. Dayes 148 
Theire extraord' charges 

50 9 

The totall somme of charges ^272 9 


Surveyor, Ja. Rumsey. 
(Not entered J 















2 « 

^K g 

HN e ex. 

n c 

S a, 
V a 

V o 

2 2-> 
1-^ c <^ 

^js 2 
« 'C a 

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M O Z 

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5 <2 


fM O O 00 O 00 

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«0 »i^ 1^ 

;o CO t>> 00 O I 
^ 00 GO eo 00 o< I 

^i Oi t>- Oi Oi *0 

-^ 00 00 O CO ^ I 

^ 00 ^ CO ^ o 

. ^ ^ rv r>. oi I 

^ CO — « 00 CO I 

^ ^ CO Oi 00 

•^ I I I I I I 

^M I I I I 

.^I^OOI^ — CO -^ 

. O* CO tC 00 CO «o 

*» ,-1 ^ ^ 
. t«. 00 M ^ r>« o 

C^ 00 11 1^ ^ CO o 

^ CO ^ » 00 00 'O 

~ OS .- 01 o» «ft 






O O O '- O) 00 



O) >C v.* 00 »o o 

■^ CO OS Oi 00 eo 

03 O Ol 04 00 00 

— cs CO ^ ^ o 

^ ^^ n ^ 00 00 



O CC t>> 00 ^ o 

. 00 o ^ t^ o 

«0 ^ ^ M ^ 



01 r>« o) OS — 00 

W 04 00 CW kO CO 

00 CO Ot OS o* o 

— ^ " 00 o« 



O !>• O O O 
— CO o o o 
























> 1) 







1. Shur 
t. Foy€ 

. Good 



== 2«»-5-i 6 c I 



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'a tScQ 2! 

« 2 t! o • *-= S g 

^i --2 g - • 

sSJSii'S'5 - • 

ttco^ooo — coo 


— 0» ^ 



OSOOOttOO*. l>>OSO< 
U3 CO 00 — f-i 

1111 = 1°-' 


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I I I 1$ is:: 


00 00 


<*t 5^ ^ CO 


»O03 04n-^00^-« 


O 00 -^ r -< 04 ^ 





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■^ o IS .2 I 

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1 1 

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• -c 










a a •JS-S'S J"^ 

S 5 £<4 

-=7 WW 3 4% BJ ■• 

O te pCS •A S V 

o ? o .« S^ *S 






The following article describes that part of a volume in the Harleian 
Library a which contains sketches of Banners^ Standards, and Badges of 
the English Monarchs from Edward III. to Henry VIII. and of the 
nobility and gentry in the latter reign. These sketches appear to have 
been executed between the years 1522 and 1534, the volume beginning 
with the arms of Christopher Barker as Richmond Herald,^ and the 
badge of Wriothesley being given as that of ''Master Garter.** The 
early part of the volume is a collection of arms arranged somewhat 
in the manner of an ordinary, but the portion which is here described 
commences on folio 209, and concludes at 225 B. It is very probably 
a transcript from some more highly finished book of drawings which is 
at present unknown. A very finely drawn collection of the same period 
stiU exists in the College of Arms, marked I. 2, part of which has been 
described in the Retrospective Review, and the continuation in the 
" Excerpta Historica,** page 50 3 but the two collections differ, not only 
in the names of the parties to whom the Standards belonged, but also 
in the bearings of those Standards ascribed to the same persons. 

With the Standards now given are drawings of a considerable number 
of badges and crests, the last being distinguished by being placed on 
wreaths or in coronets. It is not unlikely that, in this part, the artist 
may have contented himself with sketching the charges on other Stan- 
dards, instead of continuing, as he at first began, drawings of the whole 
Standards themselves. They are, however, extremely curious, as but 
few memorials remain to us of family badges. In the Archseologia c are 

• No. 4632. fol. 309—225. 

^ The volume belonged to Barker, and appears to have been written for the greater 
part in his own hand. On folio 1 is the following entry, " M'*. that the iij*' day 
of September, the ziiij yer of the Regne of our soveren King Henry the viij. the 
ordinacio of Sancti Gregori, being Wednesday and Sanct Cuthberti Even, betwene 
T of the cloke and vi was borne my sone Justeniaen, at aftemone, in my hows in 
paternoster row, the name of his godfathers Master Doctur Cokes, Chanceler to my 
Lord of Canturberry, and Master Luopton, Doctur of Arches, and godemoder 
Mastres Asheley, at the beshoppyng Master Potkyn godfader. An" Mv'^xxij." The 
arms of Barker are quarterly, 1 and 4, Argent, three bears' heads erased, two and 
one, Gules, muzzled Or, in chief three Torteaux ; 2 and 3, Argent, on a chevron 
Sable between three ravens Proper, as many estoils Or, for * Carllyll.* " 

« Vol. xxi. p. 89. 

VOL. 111. E 


printed some political verses of the time of Richard the Second, and in 
the ** Excerpta Historica," d others of the time of Henry the Sixth, in 
all of which the personages are designated by their several badges. 
The Retrospective Review e contains also a list of Badges used about the 
15th of King Edward the Fourth, and another of the year 1513/ the 
fifth of Henry the Eighth j these, with the book of Standards in the 
College of Arms alluded to above, the Royal Badges given in the *' Regal 
Heraldry,** and the miscellaneous collection in the Retrospective Re- 
view,? comprise all that has been published on the subject. 

The use on seals of an heraldic figure distinct from the arms or crest, 
is extremely common at a very early date, and appears to have been 
generally used for the purpose of showing the descent or affinity of the 
bearer to other families, as the annulet of Vipont used by Clifford, and 
the garb of Chester by Lacy, afterwards shewn by quartering the whole 
arms of heiresses with the paternal coat. Sometimes the badges were 
punning allusions to the bearer*s name, as the long sword of Longespee, 
and the plantagenesta of Plantagenet. In the reign of King Edward 
the Third family badges were used with profusion to decorate the 
dresses, caparisons, furniture, and utensils 3 and although the tourna- 
ments sometimes presented a device fancifully adopted for the particular 
ceremony, still the principal houses, in imitation of the royal family, had 
a distinctive mark for their retainers^ which was no doubt at that time 
as well or better known than the personal arms or crest of their Lord. 

About the time of Richard the Second, supporters became in use 
among the higher orders, and these appear to have been generally 
selected in the same manner as the badges had been. The severity of 
King Henry the Seventh against the practice of keeping large numbers 
of retsdners, must have much contracted the use of badges ; and the 
usual fashion of Elizabeth*s time, which was to adopt for the tournament 
some fanciful and far-fetched deiice from classical or fabulous history, 
frequently changed at each pageant, tended still more to throw the an- 
cient distinctions into disuse. Many of them were then placed on wreaths 
as crests, and have thereby been much confounded with them. There are 
now very few of our nobility who continue the use of the badge dis- 
tinctly 3 but they are still retsdned by some charitable foundations, and 
the yeomen of the King's Guard wear them as in the time of Henry the 
Eighth. The following collection, with those already printed, may 
serve to make these interesting family distinctions more known to their 

^ Pp. 162, 279, from the Charters in the Cotton. Collection. 

« New Series, vol. ii. p. 614, from a MS. in the Coll. of Arms, 2 M. 16. 

' Ibid. vol. ii. p. 518, from a MS. Cotton. Cleop. C. v. 

K New Series, vol. i. p. 302, ii. p. 156. 


present hereditary proprietors^ and tend to their restoration in those 
ancient families that are entitled to bear them. 

The banners of Brut^ Arthur, and the other worthies with which 
the collection begins, were frequently displayed in pageants and trium- 
phal processions 3 others might have been assigned^ and perhaps were, 
with quite as much truth and propriety, to the Cardinal Virtues and the 
heroes of Heathenism. 


Brut. Quarterly : 1 and 4, Or, a lion statant guardant 
Gules; 2 and 3, Azure, three crowns in bend Or; surmounted 
by a royal crown ; the staff supported by a lion rampant guardant 
Gules, charged on the shoulder with thi*ee crowns in bend Or. 
On one side is drawn a shield Gules, charged with a spread 
eagle Or, each head crowned ; ** Pandrasis ys wyf." 

Arthur. Quarterly : 1 and 4, Quarterly Or and Vert, a 
cross Argent ; 2 and 3, Gules, three crowns in pale Or ; sur- 
mounted by a royal crown, the staff supported by a bull erect 
Sable, armed, membered, and ducally gorged Or. At the side 
a blank shield, superscribed, " Wyff to Arthur was namet 

Belinus. Azure, three crowns in pale Or ; surmounted by a 
royal crown ; the staff supported by a ram erect Argent, armed 
and membered Or, from his neck a drapery flowing backwards 
Azure, charged with three crowns in pale Or. 

Kadwalider. Azure, a cross-pat6e fitch^e Or. The staff 
supported by a dragon rampant, wings expanded. Gules. 

Fr aunce. Azure, three fleurs-de-lis Or ; surmounted by a 
royal crown; the staff supported by a stag Argent, armed, 
hoofed, &c. Or, with wings indorsed Azure, charged with tluree 
fleurs-de-lis Or. * 

On the same page are the following Crests and Badges. 

Mons, le Dolpyn. ^ From a coronet, a fleur-de-lis Or, en- 

• At the mtenriew of King Henry the Fifth and Charles the Sixth of France, on 
the Seine, the Pavilion of Charles was decorated on the top, by '* a whyte harte 
flying, made all of fyne silver, with wings enamelled/' This King is said to have 
adopted this device at the early part of his reign ; and Anstis seems to infer that it 
might be the origin of the white hart of Richard the Second. 

*» Francis, the eldest son of Francis the First, who died Dauphin in 1536. The 
guivre or serpent, from the arms of Milan, being here added to the crest of France, 
evidently in allusion to the victories of his father over the Milanese, whose terri- 
tories were then annexed to the kingdom of France. 

E 2 



twined round the centre stem a serpent Azure, engorging a 
child Gules. Motto, " Dieu soit loue.'* 

Lmfs Domfi Roy de France. A porcupine OvS Motto, 
** Monjoye Sainct Denys." 

Francois Roy de France. A salamander ^ Or, in flames Pro- 
per. Motto, " Jamais ne estaindres." 

Mom. VEnffand dArragan. From a coronet Or, a demi dra- 
gon, wings expanded. Sable. 

Guy Cofite de Lavall. On a coronet Or, a lion sejant of the 
Same, between two square wings Ermine. 

iMys, Mons. de Ckves^ Conte de Nevers. A bull's head ca- 
boshed Gules, ducally crowned and armed Or, a ring through 
the nose of the Last. 

Messier Johan de la Rocheboulart. On a wreath Or and 
Sable, a greyhound's head Argent. 

Conf de Sansaer. Within the horns of a crescent Argent, 
two demi swans issuant of the Same, ducally collared Or. 

Mons^. Galeace. On a wreath Argent and Gules, a demi 
female in profile Proper, crined Or, holding in her left hand a 
gem ring of the Last. 

* " La on Toit des maintenant 
Que le pore-epic tres puissant 
Est plus fort que ung lion bruyat : 
Plus redoubte que ung elephant. 
Et sa haulteur resplendissant 
Qui fait au monde xles bienstant 
Chascun yra par tout louant, 
Disant, cliantant, & escrivant, 
Vive le boy Lots le grant ! '* 

Illustrations de Gaule, 15 IS. 
This badge had been used by his grandfather Lewis of Orleans. Menestrier 
says it was part of the armorial bearings of Blois. According to Sauval, *' Antiq. 
de Paris,*' the Celestins preserved the helmet of Charles, Duke of Orleans, father 
of Louis XII. round which was a collar of the order of the Porcupine ; and also 
one of his banners, which was repainted in 1554, by order of Henry II. ; the 
device on it was a porcupine lancing his quills, suspended from a wreath burning 
at both ends; round which, on a white ribband, was written, " Ma Yolont^.'* 

' Charles Count d'Angoulesme, father of Francis I. had used the salamander 
as his badge, with the motto ''Nutrisco et extinguo.'* On the tapestry at 
FontainebleaUi of the time of Francis, the Salamander was accompanied by this 

Ursus atrox, aquilseque leves, et tortilis anguis 
Cesserunt flammae jam, Salamandra, tuse. 
Alluding to his victories over the Swiss bear, the Imperial eagle, and the Milanese 


Cadorat S^ de Valery. On a wreath Or and Gules, a boar's 
head and neck Sable, armed of the First. 

GuilVe GoufieTj S^ de Bonyvet. On a wreath Or and Gules, a 
demi bull saliant Sable, armed and ringed through the nose of 
the First. 

Le Conf de Foix, S^ de LatUrec. In a coronet Or, a cow's 
head and neck Gules, collared and armed Argent. 

Claude de Guyse de Lorane^ Cont de Mark. In a coronet 
Or, a demi eagle aifront^e, wings expanded. Argent, ducally 
collared Or, therefrom a patriarchal cross, pendant, of the Last. 

Messire Pierre^ S' de Boyarde. On a wreath Or, Gules, and 
Azure, a scroll Argent, therefrom a demi female issuant, arms 
extended Argent, crined Or, between two wings displayed of 
the Last. 

Robert de la Marc, S^ de Ihenge. On a wreath. Or and Sa- 
ble, a bull's head couped Gules, ringed through the nose Or, 
on the head a plain band chequ^e Argent and Gules, there- 
from an eagle's head issuant Argent. 


Edward iij^®. Arms, surrounded by the Garter, Quar- 
terly : 1 and 4, Azure, sem^ de lis Or ; 2 and 3, Gules, three 
lions passant guardant in pale Or. Dexter supporter, a lion 
guardant crowned Or ; sinister, a falcon, wings expanded. 

. (Margin.) " King Edward the fyrste gave a rose golde, the 
stalkf V. 

" King Edwarde the iij gave a lyon in hys pper cooler, vidz. 
dune, armyd B. lampasid G. 

** A oystryche fether Ar. the penne Or. 

<< A fawcon in hys ppur coolers, and the sonne rysing. 

"The Prynce gave & gyvethe the oystryche fether, the penne 
&all Ar. 

" Queen Phillipe, wyefe to the seid Kinge Edwarde the lij^, 
toke the whyte hjmde. « 

" Edmond Duke of Yorke, son to the seyd K. Edward ye iij«*«, 
gave the fawcon Ar. & the fetherlocke Or. 

* The white hind lodged under a tree, was the badge, says Sandford, ot Joan 
Princess of Wales ; it was certainly used by her son, Thomas Holand Earl of 



"The Duke of Yorke bereth Fraunce and Englond qterlye, a 
label! of 3 poyntf Ar. on eche label 3 Torteaulx. 

" The Duke of Lancastre, a labell of iij pointf B. on eche 3 
floure de luce Or. 

" The Duke of Bedford,^ a orle of mtletf Or, on a bordre B. 

" The Duke of Clarence, a labell of iij poyntf Ar. on eche a 
smalle strype als. billetf G. ? 

" The Duke of Glocestre, a bordre Ar. 

" Tlie Duke of Soinsett, a bordre gobony B. and Ar. 

" Therle of Cambridge, a bordre Ar. replenysshed w'th lyon- 
cealx salant Purple. ^ 

" The Duke of NorflP. G. 3 lyonceaulx passantz regardant Or, 
a labell of 5 poyntf Ar. plus bas que le chief. 

" The Duke of Exetre G. three lyons passant Or, a bordre B. 
thereon a orle of floure de luce Or." 

Standard of Edward the Third, fringed Azure and Gules. 
Per fess. Azure, charged with five clouds Proper, therefrom the 
rays of the sun, issuant upwards, Or ; and Gules, charged with five 
crowns Or. The device a lion statant guardant crowned Or. 
Motto, " Dieu et mo droit." The staff supported by a lion ram- 
pant guardant Or. 

(Margin.) " The egle russett w* a mayden's heade, a crowne 
abowt the necke, and on her leggf bells golde, ys for the mannl 
of Conysborow. 

** The cocke G. crowned Or, ys by Wales. 

" The names of Lordschips with the bageins longyng to the 
Due of Yore. 

" 1. First Edwarde Due of Yorke w* his bagens, ye faucon 
and ye fetherlock, for that Duchye. 

"2. The bagens of Conysborow is a fawcon w* a maiden's hede,* 
wt her heir aboute hir shuldres, w* a coroune aboute hir nekke, 
and bells. 

" 3. The bagens of the Castel of Clifford is a white roose. 

" 4. The bagens of Yerldoni' of Marche is a white leon. 

' Jasper Tudor, half-brother of King Henry the Sixth. 

i This distinction on the label is said to have been derived from the ancient arms 
of Clare ; Argent, a canton Gules. 

^ These lions were derived ft-om the arms of Isabel, daughter of the King of 
Castile and Leon, vrife of Edmund Duke of York. 

* This badge is sculptured with several others in the frieze of the Somerset 
chantry in St. George's Chapel, Windsor ; vide Regal Heraldry, PI. xiij. 


" 5. The bagens of therldom' of Ulster is a black dragon. 

*^6. The bages yat he bereth by Kyng Edward is a blewe bore, 
with tuskes, clees, and membres of golde. 

" 7. The baghens y' he bereth by King Richard ij is white hert, 
and a sune shynyng. 

" 8. The bagens of the hono^ of Clare, in Cambridgeshire, is 
a blak bull w' hornys, clees and membres of golde. 

" 9. The bagens y' he bereth by ye faire maide of Kente is a 
whyte hynde." 

Richard ij^e. Arms surrounded by the Garter. The dexter 
supporter, a lion guardant, crowned, Or; the sinister, a stag 
Argent, ducally gorged, chained, and attired Or. J 

(Margin.) " Kinge Richard the ij*^^ gave the whyte harte, 
armed, horned, crowned, and cheyned Or; and the whole 
Sonne Or." 

Standard. Fringed white and green ; per fess Argent and 
Vert, both semee of suns Or. The device a stag lodged Ar- 
gent, ducally collared, chained, and attired Or. The beast bear- 
ing the standard is the same as the sinister supporter of his 

i In Westminster Hall, now in the course of restoration by Sir Robert Smirke, 
the ornaments have been admirably perfected by Mr. Nichol, wit^ strict attention 
to the style and spirit of the ancient work. The large trusses under the principals, 
are richly sculptured ; alternately with the arms of King Edward the Confessor 
between two stags , ducally gorged and chained ; and with the quartered arms of 
France, ancient, and England, between two lions. These animals can scarcely be 
called supporters, but they are evidently a commencement of those additions to 
the heraldic escutcheons. 

The string course that connects the trusses, has two kinds of enrichments ; one the 
crest of the lion guardant, crowned, standing on a chapeau, which is placed on a hel- 
met ; the other the badge of the stag, ducally gorged and chained ; these are alter- 
nated. There are some curious variations in both figures ; the crest is sometimes 
placed in front of three ostrich feathers, in other places between two of them ; and 
one instance occurs of a single feather appearing behind the lion ; in another, the 
crest and helmet are placed on a square tablet, formed of clouds. The stag is 
usually lodged on a single row of nebulae, with ornamental foliage springing from 
behind ; this foliage is in some places distingi^hed as oak with acorns ; or as a 
rose bush ; or terminates in fleurs-de-lis. In one instance the shape of the tree is 
the same in form as that on the seal of the hind, used by John Holland Earl of Hunt- 
ingdon. The stag is in one instance placed in a four-wheeled cart, as if on his way 
to the chase ; in another he is pulled down by dogs ; in a third he is lodged , the 
end of his chain being held by a *' woodhouse,*' or wild man, who bears a club over 
his shoulder. In the whole series especial care has been taken to distinguish the 
crest from the badge ; the lion invariably being placed on a helmet. 


On the same page are drawings of the following royal devices. 

A tree, the trunk ragulee and the roots eradicated. An 
ostrich feather erect, the quill passed through a scroll, inscribed 
" Prence." 

The root of a tree ^ couped at the top, the lower part er- 
dicated Or. The motto, " Counfort et lyesse." A sceptre 
topped with a fleur-de-lis, inscribed " Fraunce:" another topped 
witli a cross pat^e, theron a dove : a third sceptre terminating 
at top in a sun, inscribed " Spayne." A sword erect, the grip 
and hilt. Gules, the pomel formed by a rose. A double rose 
Argent; another Gules; a third rose Argent, charged with an- 
other Gules, and rayonnee Or. A fleur-de-lis Or. A portcul- 
lis and chains Or ; and a royal crown, doubly arched. 

Henry the iiij^h. Arms surrounded by the Garter, Quar- 
terly : 1 and 4, Azure, semee de lis Or ; 2 and 3, Gules, 
three lions passant guardant, in pale. Or. Dexter supporter, an 
heraldic antelope Argent, ducally collared, chained, armed, &ۥ 
Or; the sinister, a swan, ^ wings expanded, Argent, ducally 
gorged and chained Or. 

{Margin.) " Henrye son to therle of Derby, fyrst Duke of 
Lancastre, gave the redde rose crowned, whose ancestors gave 
the foxe tayle "? in his propur cooler, and the oystryche fether 
Ar. the pen hermyne. 

" Kynge Henry the iiij*'* gave the swanne Ar. bekyd G. 
crowned and cheyned Or ; and the tree roote Or." 

Standard. Fringed white and blue. Per fess Argent charged 
with red roses, and Azure charged with tree roots Or, and foxes* 
tails pendant Proper. The devices, a large double rose Gules; 
and a swan, wings expanded. Argent, ducally gorged and cheyned 

^ The root of a tree Or, was the badge of John Duke of Bedford, son of King 
Henry the fourth, and in the celebrated Bedford missal is accompanied by the 
motto of " A vous en tier." 

1 When Henry, as Duke of Hereford, appeared at the lists against Thomas 
Mowbray Duke of Norfolk, his bands were blue and green, embroidered with swans 
and antelopes. 

■ Walter Hungerford, Steward of the Household to King Henry the Fifth, 
received a grant of the Castle and Barony of Homet in Normandy, by the service of 
providing to the King and his heirs at the Castle of Rouen, a lance with a fox's 
tail hanging from it ; and Monstrelet mentions that at a magnificent entry of Henry 
into that city, a fox's brush was fastened as a pennon to the end of a lance, carried 
by a page superbly mounted, the circumstance, he says, occasioned much talk at 
the time. 


Or.* The beast bearing the staff is an heraldic antelope as the 
dexter supporter. 

Henry the v**^. Arms surrounded by the Garter, Quar- 
terly : 1 and 4, Azure, three fleurs-de-lis Or ; 2 and 3, 
Gules, three lions passant guardant in pale Or. The dexter 
supporter, a lion guardant crowned Or ; the sinister, an he- 
raldic antelope, as to Henry the Fourth. 

(Margin.) " Kinge Henry the v*^ gave the anteloppe Ar. 
armyd, tuskyd, crownyd, hornyd, and cheyned, spotted Or. And 
the redd rose uncrowned G. Also he gave the swanne as hys 
father dyd, by therldom of Herfford." 

Standard^ fringed white and blue. Per fess Argent and 
Azure, both parts semee of roses Gules. The device an heraldic 
antelope scatant as before ; the same animal bears the standard. 

Henry the vj***. Arms within the Garter; with the same 
supporters as King Henry the Fifth. 

(Margin.) " Kinge Henrye the vi'^* gave the same as hys 
father dyd." 

Standard, and the beast supporting it, the same as his father. 

Edward iiij^^*. Arms surrounded by the Garter, the same as 
to King Henry the fifth. The dexter supporter, a lion guar^ 
dant crowned Or. The sinister a bull Sable, armed, membered, 
and hoofed Or. 

(Margin.) " Kinge Edward the 4*^ gave the whyte lyon,"^ 
and whyte roses with rases of the son',o and the blacke buUe 
without crowne, homeyd, cleyd, and membred Or." 

Standard, fringed blue and murrey. Per fess Blue and Mur- 
rey, semfe on both of roses Argent, rayonnee Or. The device 
a lion statant guardant Argent, his tail passing between his legs 
and over his back. The bearer a lion rampant guardant Argent. 

RiCHARDE iijde. Arms surrounded by the Garter, and the 
i^me as King Henry the Fifth. The dexter supporter, a lion 
guardant crowned Or; the sinister, a boar Argent, P armed 
bristled and membered Or. 

" The white lion was derived from the House* of Mortimer, the black bull from 
Clarence. • 

. o The sun was added to the white rose of York, to commemorate a remarkable 
appearance in the heavens previous to the victory by Edward the Fourth, at Mor- 
timer's Cross. 

' This badge of the white boar is said to have been derived from the Honor of 
Windsor. Two boars were used by Richard as his supporters. 


{Margin.) " Kinge Richard the iij*^® gave a bore Ar. and the 
whyte rose, the rayes Or." 

Standard, fringed blufe and murrey. Per fess Blue and Mur- 
rey, both parts sem^e of roses Argent, rayonn^e Or. The de- 
vices, a large white rose on golden rays, and a boar Ai^erit, 
armed, &c. Or. The supporter of the staff is the white boar. 

Henry vijt'i. Armes within the Garter, as to King Henry 
the Fifth. The dexter supporter, a dragon, q wings expanded. 
Gules; the sinister, a greyhound ^^ Argent, collared Gules, the 
rims and terret Or. 

{Margin.) " The oystryche fether Ar. & the penne Or, ys the 

"The oystryche fether, the penne and all Ar. ys the Prynces. 

" The oystryche fether Ar. the penne hermyne, ys the Duke 
of Lancastres. 

** The oystryche fether Ar. the penne componey Ar. and B. ys 
the Duke of Somsettf. 

" King Henrye the vii. the whyte greyhounde coloryd G. tur- 
reted Or. The reade dragon. 

" The Duke of Sofiisett, the oystryche feather Ar. the penne 
compone Ar. and B. ys his badge. 

" The badge of Angeoy ( Anjou *) ys a shyppe maste, the toppe 
and sayle downe. 

" The badge of the Admyralte ys a cressante with burnynge 

Standard, fiinged white and green. Per fess Azure sem^e of 
red roses, and Gules semde of white roses. The device, a lion 
statant guardant crowned Or. 

Henry the viij**i. Arms within the Garter, as to King 
Henry the Fifth. The dexter supporter, a lion guardant crowned 
Or; the sinister, a dragon, wings expanded, Gules.« 

1st Standard, fringed murrey and blue, the centre of St. 
George's cross charged with a double rosfe Argent and Gules, 
crowned Or. The ground per fess Argent sem^e of red roses, 

4 Said to have been the badge of Cadwallader ; vide page 51. 

' The white greyhound had been used by the House of Beaufort. 

* For a particular amount of several ways in which the badge of the feather was 
borne by various branches of the Royal Family , see ** Heraldic Notices of Canter- 
bury Cathedral," page 45 et seq. 

t Used by Ren^ d' Anjou, father of Queen Margaret wife of Henry the Sixth. 

" King Henry the Eighth in the early part of his reign used the dragon and 
greyhound for his supporters ; but subsequently the lion and dragon. 


and Vert semte of white roses. The device a dragon statant, 
wings expanded, Gules. 

2nd Standard, fringed white and green. The ground and 
badges as in the last. The device a greyhound statant Argent, 
collared Gules, the rims, studs, and terret Or. 

Sd Standard, fringed white and green. Per fess Argent and 
Vert, both sem^e of flames Proper. The device a dragon, wings 
expanded Gules, vomiting fire Proper. 


MoNS^, LE DUG DE SuFFOLKE. Barry of four White and Red, 
two lions* heads erased Or, guttle de Larmes, crowned per pale 
Argent and Gules. The device, on a rock Azure an eagle Or, 
wings expanded Azure, the exterior side Or, standing on a bird 
of the Last. Motto, " Loyault^ me oublege." 

The Herle of Welschere. Per fess Black and Red, both 
sem^e of StaflPord knots Argent, diflPerenced by a crescent Gules. 
The device a swan,« wings endorsed, Argent, ducally gorged and 
chained Or. Motto, " Humble et loyalt.*' 

The Lord Conyers. White, sem^e of croiss-crosslets Gules ;y 
in chief, repeated twice, two wings expanded Gules, united by a 
cord in fret Azure. The device a lion passant Azure.* Motto, 
" Ung dieu, ung roy." 

The Lord Corson. Per fess. Gold and Red, three dragons, 
heads « erased Gules. The device, out of a ducal coronet Or, 
a demi archer, vested Gules, bonneted Argent, drawing a bow of 
the Last, the arrow of the Second. Motto, " Paries que vouldra." 

S'r Will*m Compton. Per fess Gold and Black, four close 
helmets Argent ; ^ the device, a demi dragon erased, wings en- 
dorsed. Gules, encircled round the body by a ducal coronet Or. 
Motto, " Je ne serche que ung." 

The Lord Welloby (de Eresby). Red, in the dexter base a 
cross moline Argent. ^ The device a man's head full-faced Sable, 
couped Gules, crowned Or. Motto, " Je cranes a (sic) ayme.'* 

^ All the standards have St. George's cross at the staff end, the device occupies 
the next part, and the badges are usually strewn over the whole ground. The 
mottoes are placed on two diagonal stripes. 

^ The swan used by the Staffords and that by King Henry the Fourth, had the 
same derivation ; — ^from the Bohuns. 

y From the arms of Darcy. 

* The blue lion from the arms of Fauconberg. 

* The dragon's head formed part of his arms. ^ From his arms, 
c From the arms of Beke of Eresby. 


The Lord Hastingc . Per fess, " a lit (light) Blew " and 
"a Sadd*' (Grey), in chief, first, three sickles ^ entwined Argent, 
handled Gules ; secondly, a single sickle ; thirdly, a sickle as be- 
fore, and a garb Argent, conjoined by a cord in fret Or. The 
device, a bull's head erased Sable, armed and ducally gorged Or. 
Motto, " La me tiendra." 

Lord Reverb. Red, sem^e of escalops Argent.® The device, 
an etoile of eight rays Argent. 

Lord Beaumont. Blue. The device, on a wreath Or and 
Azure, a bulPs head erased, quarterly Argent and Gules, a fillet 
passing over the intersections Or, the horns barry of three Or 
and Gules. This device is repeated in three places. Motto, 
** Dessus eulx eureusement.*' 

Neschefeld. Red, a griffon passant Argent. " The griffon 
on saide S(tandard) A." Motto, " Tout en Dieu.*' 

M. PoNENGES. Per fess Red and Gold. The device, a 
key^ erect Argent, ducally crowned Or; this repeated four 
times. Motto, " Loyault^ n'a peur." 

S'r John Adon. The ground colour not marked. Three 
" fleked hedf " erased Argent. The device, a wolf (?) passant Or. 
Motto, "Regardz que suy." 

S'r Gryffithe up Rysse. Per fess Murrey and Blue. The 
device, a quatrefoil slipped and barbed Argent, charged with a 
raven Proper. This repeated twice. Motto, " Puluis (sic) cor- 
voru invocantibus eu.'' S 

Feresse (Ferrers of Groby). Per fess Gold and Red, three 
letters JF. The device an unicorn current Argent. 

The Lord Clefford. Per fess White and Gold, sem^e.on 
both patts of annulets Or. ^ The device a wjrvern, wings ex- 
panded, Gules. Motto " Des ormais.** 

' The badge of the sickle was derived from the family of Heytesbnry ; the garb 
from the arms of Peverel. 

< The escallop was the badge of Scales, and the etoile was from the arms of De 
Bauz Dues d'Andr^ 

' The crowned key is placed as a badge on the seal of Sir Michael de Poynings, 
33 Edw. III. vide Herald. Not. of Canterb. Cath. p. 84 ; and on that of Sir Ro- 
bert de Poynings, engraved in the Gentleman's Magazine for Oct. 18S5. 

V From the 9th verse of the 147 Psalm, ** £t puUis corvomm invocantibus 

^ Derived from the arms of Vipont, and to be found on a very early seal of 


Lewkenore. Per fess Red and Black, in chief two hawk's 
leures Or. The device a greyhound current Argent. 

Aryngton. Per fess Red and Blacky sem^e of double rings 
interlaced Argent. The device a cockatrice, wings expanded, Or. 

Wil'm Yowge. White, charged with two roses (or cinq- 
foils) Gules. The device a wolf Sable, the dexter fore-paw rest- 
ing on a man's head couped Proper, crowned Or, lying at the 
foot of a tree Vert, fructed Or.l> 

S'r de Harcourt. Red, sem^e of flowers (indistinct) Or, 
The device a peacock Ar. the wings close Or. Motto, " Fama 

Barkeley. Red, sem^e" of crosses patonce Argent. The 
device a lion passant. Argent. ^ 

L. AwDLEY. Red ; the device a butterfly l Argent. Motto, 
** Merci fortune.'* 

S. Bryen Stapelton. Black. Three staples Or, each fixed 
into a ton m of the Same. The device a talbot passant Argent. 
Motto, "Mort.. merci." 

Terell. The colours not marked, five escalops. The de- 
vice a tiger passant. 

Mast' Say. Red; the device on a wreath, a stag's head Ar- 
gent. Motto, ** De bon volore." 

Lord Latymer. Red, sem^e of hearts Argent. The device 
Hgrifibn passant Or. Motto, ** Dieu et mon fiance." 

The Lord Lomley. The colour of the ground not marked, 
two branches of oak, each bearing three acorns and two leaves.^ 
The device, a pelican feeding her young Argent, in a nest Or. 

Lord of Saint Johnes.o Gold, sem^e of Plates charged 
with a pale Gules, and of lions' paws erect Sable, guttle d'Or, 
each holding a Plate as before. The device, on a wreath, a demi 

^ Evidently alluding to the legend of St Edmund the King and Martyr. 

' In the margin is sketched the following impalement, being the arms of Christo- 
pher Harcourt and of Joan Stapleton ; their son was knighted 5 Henry YIIL 
Quarterly : I and 4, Gules, two bars Or. 2 and 3, Azure, an estoile of eight rays 
Or. Impaling, Quarterly : 1. Argent, a lion rampant Sable ; 2. Per pale Or and 
Vert, a cross moline Gules ; 3, Gules, a chevron between three cinquefoils Or ; 
4. Or, three bars Gules. 

^ Derived from the arms of Segrave. 

> The uncient arms of Audley are said to have been, Azure, three butterflies 

^ Evidently punning on the name. 

■ " Poder* w* oke leves,** says the MS. 

• Thomas Docwra, Lord Prior of St. John's from 1501 to 1519. 


lion rampant, double queued. Sable, guttle d'Or, holding in his 
paws a Plate, charged with a pale Gules. Motto, " Sane baro.** 

S'k W. Perpoynte. Barry of four, Purpure sem^e of cinq- 
foils Or, and Argent sem^e of cinqfoils Gules ; on a wreath a 
lion's paw erect and erased Sable, charged with two Bezants, and 
grasping a cinqfbil Gules. The device a lion passant Sable, 
holding in his dexter fore-paw a cinqfoil Gules. P Motto, " Soies 
ferme et assure." 

Thomas Bowcer (Bourchier). The colour of the ground not 
marked, three Bourchier knots Or. The device, a falcon Ar- 
gent, wings expanded, the dexter vulned Proper, belled Or. 

M. Varnay. Red, sem^e of mulled Or, pierced. The de- 
vice, a phoenix Azure, the outer part of the wings Gules, in 
flames Proper; from the chiefs rays Or, issuant from a cloud 
Azure and Argent. Motto, " Ung tout seul." 

The Baron of Hylto^. The colour of the ground not 
marked, nebulae Or. The device, which is repeated thrice, the 
head of Moses Argent, with horns Or. 

The Herlle of Northethqmberlond. Bariy of Gold and 
Green, sem^e of shacklebolts Or, and of the same within the 
horns of crescents <l Argent. The device a lion passant Azure.'' 
Motto, " Esperance en Dieu." 

M. Lylle. Blue, sem^e of lilies. The device, on a roundel 
Vert, encircled by a wreath of lilies Argent and Or, a stag 
couchant Argent. Motto, " En bon hoyere puisse." 

M. Wawhan (Vaughan). Per fess Blue and White. Three 
whales' heads erect and erased Gules, each with a spear issuant 
from the mouth Argent. The device a griflbn passant lozeng^e 
Or and Azure, holding in dexter fore-claw a sword erect Proper.* 

M. Stonere. Red; on a rock Argent, sem^e of stones 
Azure, a bird statant Argent, sem^e of human eyes Or, holding 

P From the lion and clnquefoiLs in the anns of Pierpoint. 

q James Percy, who styles himself, '* cousin and heir male to Josceline Percy, 
late Duke of Northumberland, deceased,'* in his petition to the King 1676, says 
that " he was bom into the world with a mole, like a half moon, upon his body, 
therefore no brand, but it signifies a crescent, which belongs to the Percies arms ; 
and it is reported that he is not the first that hath been so born of that family.*' 

' From the arms of Louvaine. 

• MS. I. 2, Coll. Arm. gives a standard of "Syr Hugh Vaughan of Littleton." 
The ground is there barry of four Gold and Green, the griffon Gules, frett^e Or, 
and charged on the neck, wings, and shoulders with Plates. The motto ** Couraige 
ayance le home." Vide Ezcerp. Hist. p. 170. 


in bis beak a stone Azure ; tbis device rt^peateid. Motto, " A 
Dieu et au Roy tout sans que Jeay." 

M. Drapebe. Green ; the device, on a wi*eatb Or and Azure, 
a stag's head couped Gules, charged on the neck with a fess Or, 
between three annulets Argent, attired of the Last. Motto, ^^ Je 
pense a bien." 

S'r John Scott, Knight. White, sem^e of Katharine 
wheels Sable ; * the device, on a wreath, a griffon's head, with 
wings endorsed. Sable. Motto, " Humble et loyall." » 

M. ScHEFFELD, Knyght OF RoYDES. Bluc, sem^e of garb$ 
Gules. ^ The device, on a wreath Argent and Gules, a bpar's 
head, neck erased. Or. Motto, " Saue thele otheos." 

M. Travellyan. Barry of four Red, Gold, Purple, and 
Gold, two arms embowed, vested A?ure, hplding in the hands a 
Bezant ; also, a dolphin embowed Argent. The device, on 9 
mount Vert, a demi sea-horse issuant Argent. Motto, ** Salie$ 
bien et bien averis." 

DYjyiocjc. The colours not marked. The device a gauntlq^ 
grasping a dagger, point dpwnwards. Motto, " Gardes la foy." 

S'r MiLis Bu$sy. Barry pf three Red, Gold, and Red. 
The device, repeated thrice, is on a wreath, a demi dragon, sans 
wings, Ar. charged with four bars Vert. Motto, ** Aussy bien 
come je pouroy." 

S'r Henry Wyeatt. Per fess. Gold and Black, sem^ of 
horse's barnacles; the device, on a wreath Argent and Azure, a 
demi lion rampant (Sable), charged on the shoulder with a 
pheon (Or), holding in his dexter paw an arrow. Motto, " Ob- 
lier np puis." 

M. Wendham. Barry of four. White and Blue. The de-- 
vice a fetterlock Or, therefrom a chain, in orle. Or and Azure, 
the ground within being bend^e of seven Argent and Azure, and 
charged with a lion's head erased Or. Motto, " A bon droit." 

M. Ogane (or Howgan). Gold, sem^e of martlets Sable. 7 
The device a cockatrice Gules. Motto, " Garde vous." 

t From the charge in his arms. 

" The same motto as used by the Earl of Wiltshire ; Tide p. 59. 
* Derived from his arms. 

y Part of his arms, which were, Or, on a chief Sable three martlets of the 


S'r Rychabd Tempest. Red. The device a grifFon's head 
erased Argent Motto, " A Foye." z 

M. Browton. White, sem^e of mullets Gules. The device 
a squirrel sejant Sable, holding a nut; this repeated thrice. 
Motto, " Do that ye come fore." 

M. Telnay. . Per fess Gold and Blue, sem^e of griffons' 
heads erased Gules.* The device the same. Motto, " Espour 
ma confort." 

Lord Wellyby. Red; the device a man's head affront^ 
Sable, crowned Or. Motto, " Je craiens et ayme.*' ^ 

M. Flemyng. Barry of five White and Red. The device, 
on a wreath, a demi sea-dog erect Sable, finned Or; this repeated 
thrice. Motto, " A servir ma efnplorera." 

James Pyckrynge.c Gold, senile of lions' paws erect and 
erased Azure ; the device a pine cone Or.^ Motto, " Je gardye 

M. Essex. Blue. The device, on a wreath Argent and Sable, 
an eagle's head couped Or, holding in the beak a hawk's leg 
erased Gules. Motto, " De tell en mieulx." e 

Syr Xp'ofer Garneyshe. Blue. The device on a wreath 
Argent and Gules, an arm erased, grasping a scymitar. Proper. 
Motto, " Oublere ne dois." 

M. Sterley ( Shirley ?) Gold. The device, on a wreath Argent 
and Azure, a man's head in profile " Gres," a band round the 
temples Gules, charged with four hawk's bells Or. Motto, 
** Sainct Goreg (George) me condwet." 

■ On the margin is drawn a 8hield> Quarterly : 1 and 4, Argent, a bend between 
six martlets Sable ; S and 3, Ermine, five fusils conjoined in fess Gules. 

• From his arms. Argent, a cheyron between three griffons' heads erased Gules. 

* Vide p. 59. 

< In the margin is a shield, Quarterly : i. and iv. Ermine, a lion rampant Axure, 
crowned Or ; ii. Quarterly : 1 and 4, Per bend Gules and Argent, a lion rampant 
Azure ; 2 and 3, Or, a cross moline Sable ; over these last four a chief Gules, 
charged with a cross Argent ; iii. Argent, three garlands, two and one, Gules. 

* In MS. Harl. 4199, it is said that " a pyne apple hath beene the Pykkeryng 
bag%'' the crest a lion*s head erased gutt^. ** Mr. Pykkeryng hath better lykyn 
of this black lyon head droped, then the lyon's paw, whether, the Heralds might 
do better to assign the lyon head for creast unless other reason be made ? " 

• In the margin, a shield, Quarterly: I and 4, Azure, a chevron engrailed Or, sur- 
mounted by a plain chevron Ermine, between three eagles displayed Argent. 
S and 3, Sable, a chevron Sable between three crescents Ermine. An escutcheon 
of pretence. Quarterly t 1 and 4, Argent, a crescent Gules, on a chief Or a fleur- 
de-lis of the Second ; S and 3, Ermine, a chief per pale dancett^e Or and Gules. 


Syr John Semer. Barry of three, Gold, Red, and White, 
sem^e of leopard's faces Or.^ The device, on a wreath Or and 
Azure, a demi phcenix e Azure, wings expanded of the Last and 
Or. Motto, " Je vouldrois." 

Syr John Stanley. Blue. The device, on a wreath Argent 
and Azure, an eagle's head erased Or, charged with three Pellets, 
holding in the beak a lion's paw erased Gules. Motto, " Merches 

Farefax. Per fess White and Black. The device, on a 
wreath, a goat's head barry of six Argent and Gules, ducally 
gorged and armed Or. 

Markeh'm, S'r John. Per fess Gold and Blue. The de- 
vice, a lion rampant Gules, with wings endorsed Or, holding a 
pair of horse' heames of the First. ^ 

My Lord Ferres (of Chartley). Per fess White and Red. 
The device a talbot current Argent, eared Gules. Motto, 
" Loyalle suys." 

Syr Edward Gylfford. Per fess wavy White and Black. 
The device, the trunk of a tree couped and ragul^e Or, inflamed 
Proper. Motto, " A server jusques au derner." 

Syr Henry Gylford. Per fess White and Black. The 
device as the last, diflFerenced by a mullet Sable. Motto, ** Loy- 
allt^ n'a peur." 

Syr Frances Bryon. Red, sem^e of beacons Or. The 
device an heraldic tiger passant^ (Argent) Bezant^e, and hoofed 
and crined Or. Motto, " Je atans grace." 

The Baron of Burford. White, sem^e of Cornish choughs 
Proper. ^ The device a lion passant Gules, Bezant^e, crowned 
Or. Motto, « Whyll lyflFlastyth." 

S'r J. Melton. Red, four trefoils slipped Or, each charged 
with the letters a fi c. The device a snake noued Argent. Motto, 
" Desyryng." 

M. Dyve. White. The device is the fore-leg of a horse 

' Derived from the arms of Coker, quartered by the Seymours, viz. Argent, on a 
bend Gules three leopard's faces Or. 

V This badge of his mother's family was used by King Edward the Sixth, appro- 
priately alluding to her death in childbirth. 

^ The lion of St. Mark and the Heames forming a very indifferent pun on 

* In MS. I. S Coll. Arm. this animal is called ** a Caretyne." 

k In allusion to the name, Cornwall ; the red lion bezant^e was composed from 
the charges in his arms. 



erect Or, shoed Azure, between two dragon's wings expanded 

Syr Peres Dutton. Per fess White and Red, sem^e of 
garbs Or. Tlie device, on a wreath Gules and Or, a plume of 
five ostrich feathers, Argent, Azure, Or, Vert, and Gules. Motto, 
" Durant ma vie." 


(Stafford Earl of Wiltshire ) A Stafford knot Argent9 
differenced by a crescent Gules. 

Due Norff*. a lion rampant Argent.*" 

Due Suff'. a lion's head erased Or, guttle de Larmes, du- 
cally collared per pale Or and Gules. 

Marques de Excestr'. A faggot, or bundle of sticks, 
banded Or.'' 

Marques Dorset (Grey). On a sun Or, an unicorn couch- 
ant Ermine. 

CoNT de Northumberland. A crescent Argent, between 
the horns a shacklebolt Or.o 

CoNTE Derby. An eagle's leg erased at the thigh Or. 

CoNTE Kent. A ragged staff in bend Sable. P 

CoNTE Essex. A Bourchier knot Argent. 

Conte Oxenford. a mullet Argent. ^ 

FiTz Water. A star rayonn^e Or. ' 

Dacer de Suith (Fiennes Lord Dacre). A griffon's head 
erased Gules, holding in its beak an annulet Or. 

BouRGAYNE (Abergavenny). Two staples interlaced, the 
dexter Or, the sinister Argent. » 

1 The crests are distinguished by being placed on wreaths, or being issuant from 

"» The white lion of Segrave. 

" The roll among the Cotton Charters previously referred to, mentions John 
Holland Duke of Exeter by his badge, ** The fiery cressett :** some relation might 
be fancied between the two badges. 

** See the title-page. ' Derived from Grey de Ruthyn. 

<i From the charge in his arms. The resemblance of this badge to the Sun of 
King Edward the Fourth, appears to have been the cause of fatal confusion to 
the party of Warwick, at the battle of Bamet. 

' ** Where is the starr, the hope of Sussex name ? 
Henry Fitz- Walter, that bright shining beam ! *' 

Register of Attleburgh parish, Norfolk. 

* In Mereworth Church, Kent, is an old monument much defaced, on which 
ftandB a shield, quarterly, I. Nevill, Lord Abergavenny ; S. Warren ; 3. Clare and 


BoussER. A Bourchier knot Or. 

Barnes (Bourchier Lord Berners). A Bourchier knot, ra- 
gul^e. Argent. 

DuLLEY (Dudley). A grating, formed by four perpendicular 
and three transverse bars, Or. 

Clenton. A mullet Or, pierced (Gules). » 

AuDELLEY. A butterfly Argent.* 

Hastynges. a bull's head erased Sable, ducally gorged and 
armed Or. 

RoosE. A peacock in pride. Or and Azure.** 

Wjloughby. a man's head full-faced Sable, vested Gules, 
crowned Or. 

SucHE. A rudder Sable, the tiller and stays Or. 

Maltrevers. a fret Or. * 

ScROPE. A crab Or. 

Ferres (Ferrers). A hood Argent, y 

Talbot. A talbot passant Argent. 

CoBBEM. A roan's head in profile Sable, couped Gules, 
wreathed round the temples Or. 

Darce. a reindeer's head couped Ermine, armed Or.z 

Storton (Stourton). A sledge Or. 

Somerset (Beaufort Earl of Somerset). A portcullis and 
chains Or, charged with a bendlet Sable. 

Plantaginet (Duke of Richmond). A falcon Argent, within 
the bow of an open fetterlock Or, over all a bendlet sinister. 

Santmonde. On a wreath Or and Sable, an ass's head couped 

Wylteshere. a Stafford knot Argent, difiPerenced by a 
crescent Gules. 

Despencer impaled ; 4. Beauchamp LordBergavenny; encircled by the Garter ; on 
the dexter side is the badge of the Staples, as above ; and on the sinister the badge 
of a fret, the last derived from Audley. 

* From the chief in the arms. This badge, with the buckle of Pelham, is now 
used by his Grace the Duke of Newcastle, K. G. 

' Vide the standard, p. 61. 

^ The House of Manners, notwithstanding the separation of the Barony of Ros 
continues to use the crest of that family. The unicorn supporter was also the 
''beasf of Ros. The proper crest of Manners is a bull's head erased Gules, 
ducally gorged and chained Or. 

' From the arms. 

y Called in MS. 2 M 16 in Coll. Arm. " A Frenche wyfs hood boundyn ; *' vide 
Excerpt. Hist. p. 314. 

* Derived from the family of Meinell. 

F 2 


Clefford. An annulet Or. » 

Lowell. A bird's wing erased Argent, the bone embraed 

DocKERY. On a wreath a demi lion rampant, double queued^ 
Sable, guttle d*Or, holding in his paws a Plate charged with a 
pale Gules. ^ 

Ryce up Thomas. A raven Proper, d 

PoNYNGES. A key erect Argent, crowned Or. « 

LoMELEY (Lumley). A popinjay Vert.^ 

Baron of Sudley. A lizard, tail noued, Vert, ducally gorged 
Or, and chained to a beacon of the Last, inflamed Proper. 

Speke. a hedgehog or porcupine Argent, the quills tipped 

Hegcome (Edgecumbe). A boar's head Argent, round the 
neck a wreath, with sprigs of ivy. Or. 

M. Luce (Lucy). From a ducal coronet Gules, a boar's head 
Argent, between two wings displayed Sable, billet^e Or. Motto, 
" Be trwgh and delygent." 

CoRNEWALL. A Comish chough Proper. 

(No name.) An owl Or. 

HusE Y. A hind current Argent, ducally gorged and chained Or. 

Sapcot. a dovecot Sable, e 

Melton. A snake erect and noued Or. 

Waugan (Vaughan). A child's head couped at the shoulders 
Proper, crined Or, round the neck a snake Azure. 

Sir W. Rous. A crescent Argent, therefrom an eagle dis- 
played Or. 

Brierton. a boar's head erased Sable, muzzled Gules. 
Motto, " Saint Georg to borow." 

Dycby (Digby). An ostrich Or, in his beak a horse-shoe Gules. 

Stangweche (Strangways). A boar's head erased Sable, du- 
cally gorged Or, between two dragon's wings expanded • • • • 
billett^e Or. Motto, " Espoure me comfort." 

Marney. a wing erect and erased Argent. 

* Vide the standard, ante. 

^ This badge was noticed by Pennant (Journey from Chester) on Hadley Chi 
Middx. on Enfield Church, and on a building in Shoreditch, part of the Nunnery 
of Halliwelly to which Sir Thomas Lovell had been a considerable benefactor. 

c Vide standard, ante. * Ibid. * Ibid. 

' From the arms of Thwenge. 

ff The arms Sable, three dovecots Argent. 


MoNJO Y. A wolf statant Sable. 

Cresson (Curson). In a ducal coronet Or, a demi archer, 
vested Gules, bonneted Or, drawing a bow and arrow of the Last.^ 

BoixoYN. On a Plate, a bull's head Sable, couped and armed 

Sandes. On a wreath Argent and Sable, a goat's head Ar- 
gent, armed Or, between two wings displayed of the Last. 

Dawbeney. Two wings displayed Sable, conjoined by a cord, 
fretted Or. 

(No name.) On a wreath Argent and Gules, a demi dragon, 
wings endorsed, Sable. 

Bray. A hemp-breaker Or.* 

Heron. A heron's head erased Argent, ducally collared Or. 

Chenie. The upper half of a rose Gules, seeded Or, barbed 
Vert, therefrom the rays of the sun issuant downwards Or. 

Benyngfeld. An unicorn's head erased Sable, armed Or. 

Frokemerton (Throgmorton). On a wreath Gules and 
Argent, an elephant's head Argent, the ear and trunk Or. 

PoMMERY* A pine cone Or. 

Tey. Two hooked spikes in saltire, the sinister Azure, the 
dexter, passing through the other. Or. 

Nanfant. Three hooked spikes Or, one erect, the others in 
saltire, banded together. 

Baynam. On a wreath Or and Sable, a calf Sable sem^e of 
etoiles Or, the legs and ears Gules. 

Welche. On a wreath Or and Azure, a goat's head erased 
Azure, armed Or, at the end of each horn a hawk's bell of the 
Last, the neck charged with three Bezants, one and two. 

Breges. a leopard's face Azure, langued Gules. 

Gelford. The trunk of a tree, couped and raguled. Or, in- 
flamed Proper.k 

Geryard. On a wreath, a lion's head couped Ermine, 
crowned Or. 

Sallenger (St. Leger). A pair of horse barnacles Gules, 
ringed and corded Or. ^ 

Wyot* a pair of horse barnacles Argent, ringed and corded 

^ Vide standard, ante. ' Punning on the name, Bray, to bruize. 

^ Vide standard, ante. 

' From the arms of Donett, quartered by St. Leger. 


Peche. a lion's head erased Ermine, ducally crowned Or. 

Fynden. An ox-yoke Or. • 

Dennan. On three columns Argent, capitals and bases Or, 
two arches of the First. "' 

Egerton. a pheon, the point upwards, Sable. 

Norton. Three swords, two in saltire, the hilts downwards, 
the other in pale, the hilt upwards, Or. 

Teryll (Tyrrel). A triangular curved fret Or. 

K'pEL (Capel). On a wreath, a demi lion rampant, holding 
in the sinister paw a cross-crosslet botonn^e Or. 

Luce (Lucy). A Lucie, or pike, in bend sinister. Azure. 

Vere. a mullet Argent, differenced by a crescent Gules. 

Kyngston. a goat current Argent, armed Or. 

S'r Raffe Chamberl^n. An ass's head erased Azure, du- 
cally gorged Or. 

FuscuY (Fortescue). A mullet Sable, pierced.** 

Browghton. a mullet Gules. 

Dance. A horse's head Gules, Bezant^e, bridled Or. 

Sedley. A goat's head erased, lozeng^e Or and Gules, armed 
Azure, holding in the mouth a sprig of ivy Vert. 

Skepwith de Saint Albani. A griflSn's head erased, per 
fess Gules and Azure, guttle d'Or, holding in the beak a lion s 
paw Ermine. 

(No name.) A pastoral staff erect, ensigned with a cross 
patt^e. Or, surmounted by an episcopal pall displayed Argent, 
charged with four crosses patt^e fitch^e Sable ; on the centre an 
escutcheon Argent, bearing a cross Gules.o 

(No name.) On a ducal coronet Or, a leopard's face Azure, 
in the mouth an arrow Argent, surmounted by a Cardinal's hat 
Proper. P 

(No name.) A pelican, vulning herself, Or.4 

Vaux. a griffon's head erased Sable. 

Browne. A griffon's head erased Argent. 

Tylney. a griffon's head erased Gules. 

» From the family of Arches, whose arms were quartered by Dynham. 
■ This badge, as weU as the *' Fort-escu," is given on two standards of Fortescue 
in MS. I. 2, CoU. Arm. 

• Probably the badge used by the Archbishops of Canterbury. 

9 The crest of Cardinal Wolsey. 

4 The badge of Fox, Bishop of Winchester. 


Gren, de Yorksheyr. a griffon's head erased, quarterly 
Or and Vert, hotding in the beak a trefoil slipped of the Last 

FiTz Louis. A trefoil slipped Sable. 

Sr John Styell. On a wreath Argent and Vert, a demi 
stork, wings expanded, Sable, the outside of the wings Argent, 
holding in the beak an eel Azure. Motto, " Tout jour loyal et 

Wyntworth. In a ducal coronet Or, an unicorn's head 
Argent, armed of the First. 

PoYNZ. A man's hand, closed, ^ Proper, issuant from clouds 

Alyngton. On a wreath Argent and Azure, a talbot's head 

FitzWyll'm. a trefoil, with a transverse bar on the slip, Or. 

DiCBY. A fleur-de-lis Argent. 

Ungerford (Hungerford). A sickle Or, handled Gules.* 

BoROWE. A fleur-de-lis Ermine.^ 

Wyngfeld. Two wings displayed Argent, united by a cord 
in fret Or. 

BuTELLER. A covered cup Argent. 

Hastynges (Earl of Huntingdon). A manche Sable. 

LoviLLES, DE Norff'. A squirrel sejant Gules, holding a 
nut Or. 

PoLLE. A griffon's head erased Azure, ducally gorged Or. 

S^^ Wyll'm Walgrave. From a ducal coronet Or, a plume 
of eight feathers per pale. Argent and Gules. 

Ch AMBLE Y (Cholmondeley). A close helmet in profile. Argent, 
garnished Or.« 

Hemson. a lion passant guardant Or, guttle de Poix. 

Danet. On a wreath Argent and Sable, a greyhound's 
head couped Argent, collared and ringed Gules. 

Sr Will'm Tyler. On a wreath Argent and Azure, a demi 
cat saliant and erased Or, charged on the shoulder with a cross* 
crosslet fitch^e, within the horns of a crescent. Gules. 

' The poingy or fist, punniiig on the name. 

" Vide standard of Lord Hastings, ante. Three sickles and as many garbs, 
elegantly disposed within the Garter, form one of the principal bosses of the 
cloisters to St. Stephen's Chapel, Westminster, being the badge of Walter Lord 
Hnngerford, K. G. who was beheaded 32 Henry VIII. 

* From the arms. Azure, three fleurs-de-lis Ermine. 

^ Part of the arms. 


Grenway. a griffon's head Azure, erased, eared and beaked 
Or, holding in the beak an anchor Gules. 

Kebyll. On a wreath, an elephant's head bendy Or and 
Vert, the ear and trunk Gules. 

MuKELOw. On a wreath, a griffon's head per pale dancettfe 
Gules and Argent, guttle Counterchanged, holding in the beak a 
buck's leg Or. 

BouGHTON. On a wreath Argent and Sable, a heron's head 
erased Sable, charged with two chevrons Argent, holding in the 
beak an eel Azure. 

Pynnoke. On a wreath, a demi falcon, wings displayed, Ar- 
gent, holding in the beak a branch of oak Vert, fructed Or. 

Byrche. a squirrel sejant, barry of ten. Or and Azure, 
holding in the fore paws a branch of a birch tree Vert. 

PoTKYN. A stag's head erased Sable, the nose, ears, and 
horns Or. 

Crewe. On a wreath, a ram's head Argent, charged with 
three pales Gules, armed Or. 

Wendham. a fetterlock Argent, garnished Or, from the 
loop a twisted chain in orle Or and Azure, encompassing an 
escutcheon . • . charged with a lion's head erased of the Second.* 

Scherborne. On a wreath, a lion's paw erect Gules, grasp- 
ing a griffon's head erased Or. 

Westen Brone (Sir Weston Browne). A lion's paw erect 
and'erased Gules, grasping a wing Argent, erased Gules. 

(No name.) An ass's head erased Sable, haltered Or. 

Lord Wellis. On a wreath Or and Gules, a demi ostrich, 
wings displayed, Argent, ducally gorged and chained, holding in 
the beak a horse-shoe. 

Delve. A dolphin embowed Azure. 

Beyngfeld (Bedingfield). An eagle displayed Or, armed 

Lord Dawbene Crest. On a wreath, a holly tree Vert, 
fructed Gules. 

Candeshe. On a wreath Or and Gules, a wolf's head Azure, 
collared and ringed Or. 

HiLERTON. A dragon's head couped Sable. 

S'r John Chenay. A helmet in profile Azure, mantled 
Gules and Argent ; bearing for crest, two bulls' horns Argent, 
the scalp Or. 

' Vide standard, ^nte. 


Wyntworthe (Wentworth). A flaggon Argetit, round the 
handle a napkin of the Same. 

Crofte of Dalton, Lancashire. On a wreath Argent 
and Azure, a dragon's head Vert, whigs displayed Or. 

Orrell. a lion's head erased Argent, sem6e of Torteaux, 
ducally gorged Gules. 

Lord Broke. On a wreath Or and Sable, a man's head 
afiront^e Sable, ducally crowned Or. 

(No name.) A falcon erect (the back), wings close, Azure, 
beaked and the legs (displayed) with bells Or. 

Th'erll of Oxfordes Crest. On a chapeau Gules, turned 
up Ermine, a boar statant Azure, armed, &c. Or. 

GoLDYNGHAM. " An oystcr drag." 

(No name.) An arm embowed, vested Or, holding in the 
hand a falchion Gules, hilt and pomel Or. 

FouLCHAMPE (Foljambe). A man's leg couped at the thigh 
Sable, y spurred Or. 

Werham. On a wreath Argent and Purpure, an arm erect, 
vested quarterly Argent and Azure, the hand grasping a sword, 
point downwards, the hilt Or, the scabbard Sable, charged with 
three Plates, each bearing a cross Gules. Motto, " Au le aid de 

Fremyngham. On a wreath Argent and Gules, a leopard's 
head full faced, the neck erased, Or, Pellett^e. 

BuTELLER DE BydenhaM. A boar's head couped, per pale 
Gules and Azure, guttle d'Or. 

Palet (Paulet?) A man's arm couped at the shoulder, vested 
Sable, holding in the hand a sword Proper. 

Hargrave. On a wreath Or and Sable, a stag's head erased 
Or, frett^e Gules, the nose and erased points Azure. 

Bellingham. On a wreath, a stag's head Argent, armed Or, 
••gorged with a wreath of ivy Vert. 

Heydon. a talbot's head Argent, sem^e of Hurts. 

S'r Henry Wiloughby (of Nottinghamshire). On a wreath 
Or and Gules, an owl Argent, ducally crowned Or. 

S'r Rychard Fowller. An owl Argent, ducally gorged Or. 

RowsoN. An eagle's head erased Sable, guttle d'Or, holding 
in the beak an aunulet Or. 

(No name.) On a cap Gules, a falcon with wings expanded, 
holding a bird in its claws Or. 

r PanniDg on ** Foul-jambe.*' 


M. CoMPTON. A dragon's head erased, wings endorsed, Gules, 
encircled by a ducal coronet Or. 

M. Carwe. On a wreath, a ship's top Or, therefrom a demi 
lion rampant Sable. 

Pare (Parr). A maiden's head full-faced Proper, vested 
Gules, crined Or.^ 

Ranford. a stag's head caboshed Argent. 

Cheffeld (Sheffield). A garb Or, banded Gules. 

MoRSYN. On a wreath Or and Azure, a moor's head full faced 
Proper, vested per pale Or and Ermine, wreathed round the tem- 
ples Or and Argent, between two bat's wings displayed Sable. 

BoTTRELL. A quiver erect Sable, garnished Or, strapped 
Gules, with buckle Or, replenished with arrows Argent. 

Grenfeld. a clarion Or. » 

CoTT (Cotgrave?) A bugle-horn Sable, stringed Or. 

Barkeley. a lion rampant Argent, armed Azure. ^ 

OwELL. A man's head in profile Proper, helmeted Or, the 
vizor up. 

Caltrope. a galtrap Or. 

(No name.) A mast passing through a round top Or, gar- 
nished by a streamer Argent, charged with a cross Gules. 

Merbury. On a wreath, a man's head, full faced. Proper, 
crined Sable, wreathed round the temples. 

S'cHEVERiL. On a hawk's leure Sable and Gules, charged 
with a water budget Or, a hawk statant, wings close. Argent. 

Olewer Tornere. a wolf's head erased Gules, guttle de 
I'Eau, holding in tlie mouth a sprig of ... . Vert, flowered. 

Petite. On a wreath, a demi swan Argent, beaked Sable, 
winged Gules, between two bullrushes Or, holding in the beak a 
trefoil slipped Vert. 

Breton. A wolf bend^e Or and Azure. 

Becworth. On a wreath, a demi swan Or, charged with 
three bendlets Vert, beak Gules, wings endorsed Argent. 

RusHE. On a wreath Or and Gules, a wolf's head erased 
Vert, charged with three gutties d' Argent. 

Skalles (Scales). An escallop Argent. <^ 

* Thisi issaant from a red and white rose, was the badge of Queen Katharine 

* From the arms. Gules, three clarions Or. ^ Vide standard,' ante. 

From the arms, Gules, six escallops Argent. Rivers Lord Scales used as a 
badge the star of Baux, char|;ed with the escaUop of Scales ; vide also standard, ante. 


Decwell (Dierwell). A fleur-de-lis Sable. 

Standeshe. An owl Argent, holding in the claws a rat Sable. 

ToFTES. A snail issuant from his shell Or. 

(No nama) An owl Argent. 

Malore (Mauleverer). A greyhound current Gules, collared 
and ringed Or. 

Barker.^ A bear's head erased Gules, muzzled Or. 

HoRSLEY. A horse's head couped Or, bridled Gules. 

ScHESTER (Chester). A ram's head erased Gules, armed Or. 

Baset. a boar's head erect Sable, couped Gules. 

CopiNGER. An arm embowed, vested Gules, holding in the 
hand a brush Gules, garnished Or. 

Creffcour. On a wreath Gules and Sable, two arms em- 
bowed, vested Or, the hands holding a heart Proper. 

Whettel. On a wreath, two arms embowed, vested Gules, 
the hands holding a garb Or. 

SoRTHVoiL (Southwell). A cinquefoil Gules, charged with 
six annulets Or. 

Armestrang. An arm embowed in armour, grasping a sword. 

Ganford. a greyhound current Sable, collared Gules. 

Denley. a mullet Or, pierced. 

Neville de Essex. A greyhound's head erased Or, collared 

Cafel. An anchor Sable, the beam and rings Or. 

M. Garter. « On a wreath Or and Gules, a bull's head Sa- 
ble, armed and doubly ringed through the nose Or. 

S'r Akdr' Wensor. On a wreath a stag's head Or. 

PuRPONTE. On a wreath a lion's paw erect and erased Or, 
grasping a cinquefoil Gules.^ 

Stranges. Two hands conjoined in pale, the upper one Or, 
the other Gules. s> 

SoTH WORTH. A bull's head erased Sable, armed Or. 

^ Richmond Herald from 15S2 to 1536, afterwards Garter. 

* Thomas Wriothesley, Garter King at Arms from 1491 until his death in 1534. 

' Vide standard, ante. 

f Two hands conjoined beneath a sprig of columbine flowers, with the motto, 
** Sans changer ma Terit^/' is on some other authorities ascribed to the Earls of 
Derby, derived from Strange. The motto now used by the house of Stanley is a 
portion of the motto of Strange. 


WuiTwaANG. ~On a wreath, a deihi sea-dog saliant Argent, 
eared Gules. 

Tehmes Rous de Norf'. A crescent Or, within the horns 
an eagle displayed Argent. 

LowcAS. On a wreath, an armed etnbowed Argent, semte 
of Torteaux, grasping in the hand a cross botonn^e fitch^e Gnles. 

Vernay. a phoenix Or, wings espanded, in flames Proper.'' 

Drapers. On a wreath Argent and Gules, a stag's head of 
the Last, armed of the First, charged on the neck with a fess be- 
tween three annulets Or. 

Stoner. On a rock . . . sem^e of stones Azure, a bird sta- 
tant Argent, sem^e of human eyes Or, holding in the beak a 
stone as before. > 

Ferington. a leopard's head full faced and erased Sable, 
langued Gules. 

OwGANE. A cockatrice Or, le^ed, combed, and wattled 
Gules, k 

Beroun (Bjrron). A mermaid Argent, crined and finned Or, 
holding in the lefl hand a comb, in the right a mirror, both of 
the Last. 

Mere. A galley of three masts, at anchor. Sable. 

Dacar of North (Dacre of Gilsland). A bull statant Gules, 
armed and ducally gorged Or. 

T. W. 

* Vide standard, aute. ' Ibid. ^ Ibid. 




The pedigree of the Baronial Family of Mautravers or Maltravers^ 
owing to the frequent repetition of a favourite name, has ever been a 
source of much perplexity to the genealogist. Not only has the patro- 
nymic of John descended from generation to generation, but in two 
instances we find it borne by brothers, increasing exceedingly the 
difficulty coDjiplained of. Thus the history of a family, conspicuous in 
the criminal annals of our country by the participation of one of its 
members in the murder of his Sovereign (Edward the Second), and 
again in the death of the brother of that Sovereign (the Earl of Kent)^ 
has been buried in the tomb of obscurity. 

The following table comprises the whole of the genealogical informa- 
tion given in Dugdale*s Baronage. 

John Maltravers, ob. 24 £dw. I. 

r-^ T 

Fonn Lord Matravers senior, St. 30,^Agiies, widow of Johii de Argcn. 
35 Edw. I. d. 16 Feb. 38 Edw. III. | tine and John de Nerford. 

John Lord Matrayers^^^ John Matravers oi^Elizabeth, remarried to 

jnn. knighted 34 Edw. I. Hook, d. 15 June, Sir Humphrey Staf- 

d. 23 Edw. III. 9 R. II. I ford. 

Henry. Joan, w. of Sir John de Maud, wife of Elizabeth, mar. to Hum- 

Kaynes. Peter de la phrey, son of Sir Hum- 

Alianor, w. of Sir John Mare. V^^l Stafford. 

In this very imperfect and erroneous genealogy a generation is 
omitted between the first and second descents ; and another between 
the second and John Maltravers of Hooke. It is true that fuller infor- 
mation has since been published in Hutchins's Dorsetshire^ where a 
pedigree of Maltravers,* of litchet, will be found in vol. iii. p. 19, and 
one of Maltravers, of Hooke, in vol. ii. p. 492 1 but the former of these 
is much confused by the introduction of the wife of John Maltravers, of 
Melbury Sampfolrd, temp. Ric. II. to the side of John his great-grand- 
father, temp. Edw. II. which error is partly, but not wholly, removed in 
Banks*s Extinct Peerage \ whilst the last-named author acknowledges 
himself to be entirely at a loss respecting the Melbury Sampford 






ns BO. 

O « ig QQ 'd 

m t^ ^ '^ •— < 

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II "il-iMlli 




At the east end of Paternoster Row stood the church of St. Michael 
le Querne, in front of which " by PauFs-gate ** was a Conduit. '* Wil- 
liam Eastfield, Maior, the ninth of Henry the Sixths at the request of 
divers Common-Councels> granted it to be ; whereupon^ in the 19. of 
the same Henry^ 1000. Markes was granted by a Common -Councell> 
towards the workes of this Conduit^ and the reparations of other. This 
is called the Little Conduit in West Cheap, by Paul's Gate." Stow's 
Survey^ fol. 1633^ p 388. The hall of the Minor Canons was situated 
on the north side of Pardon Church-yard, which was on the north side 
of the Cathedral Church, east of the Bishop's palace $ and consequently 
in the immediate neighbourhood of the Conduit. See the Appendix to 
Dugdale's St. Paul's, No. xxxv. 

Concessio pro aqua current!. 

{MS. Ashm. 789,/ 306.) 

Universis et singulis Christi fidelibus ad quos presentes litere 
pervenerint, Major et Aldremanni cum communitate Civitatis Lon- 
don, salutem in Domino sempiternam. Sciatis nos ad contempla- 
cionem et instanciam excellentissimi principis et domini nostri^ do- 
mini H. Regis Anglie et Francie et Domini Hibernie, Sexti post 
conquestum, dedisse et concessisse et per presentes confirmasse, 
dilecto nobis in Christo W. G. Custodi Collegii duodecim Mino- 
rum Canonicorum Ecclesie Sancti Pauli London., et Minoribus 
Canonicis ejusdem Collegii qui de fundacione inclitorum pro- 
genitorum ipsius Regis et patronatu suo existunt, quod ipsi et 
successores sui libere quiete et pacifice habeant et possideant 
unum extractum sive canale aque fixatum in Aqueconductu 
nostro commune currente in vico vocato Pater-noster Mowe^ ex- 
tendens ab eodem loco usque hospicium commune ipsorum 
Custodis et Minorum Canonicorum juxta cimiterium ecclesie 
predicte ; quod quidem extractum sive canale aque sit grossitu- 
dinis et largitudinis, in circumferencia interior! per circuitum, 
unius pollicis ; una cum licencia fodendi et fixandi dictum extrac- 


turn sive canale aque, et illud scrutandi emendandi reparandi et 
de novo imponendi, in vico predicto, quociens et quando necesse 
fuerit, sumptibus et expensis dictorum Custodis et Minorum 
Canon icorum et successorum suorum predictorum, absque im- 
pedimento perturbacione reclamacione sen gravamine quocunique 
nostri et successorum nostrorum imperpetuum ; Tenendum die- 
turn extractum sive canale aque cum ceteris premissis, prefatis 
W. G. Custodi et [Minoribus] Canonicis et successoribus suis, 
in augmentacionem sustentacionis eorundem, et in liberam puram 
et perpetuam elemosinam imperpetuum ; Reddendo inde nobis 
et successoribus nostris duodecim denarios per annmn ad festum 
natalis Domini tantum* In cujus rei testimonium presentibus 
Uteris nostris indentatis sigillum nostrum commune, cum assensu 
et consensu Communitatis Civitatis predicte, est appositum, etc. 

W. H. B. 




The Constitutions and Ordinances of this Gild^ together with some 
particulars of its foundation^ will be found in the Gentleman's Magazine 
for Feb. 1835 -, and some extracts from the Gild Ledger in that for 
April. The originals of the following documents are in the possession 
of the Corporation of Stratford. 

Indenture relative to the foundation of a Dree Grammar School, 

Leiand says, this Grammar School was "of the foundation of one 
Jolepe, Mr. of Arts, borne in Stratford ; '* which is repeated without 
further information in Dugdale's History of the County. By the fol- 
lowing indenture the founder's name will be shown to have been 
Thomas Jolyffe -, but it is remarkable that a schoolmaster is mentioned 
in the document which follows, at the earlier period of the beginning of 
the previous reign. The School is not noticed in Carlisle's History of 
the Grammar Schools of England and Wales. It was directed to be 
maintained by the Corporation in the charter granted to the town in 
7 Edw. VL 

Hec indentura facta in? Johem Brugge mrm Gilde see Crucis 
Beate Marie Virgis et natiuitatis Sci Jotlis Baptie de St«tford sup 
Avonam, Thomam Clopton armi^u, Rog Paget, Johem Gilbert, 



Jobem Wager, Johem Bryghtwell, Thomam Tasker, Ricnl 
Stowe, Rogu Palmer, Aldermannos did Glide, Wittm LogcHi, 
Rlcm Smyth, pcuratores eiusdem Gild ex pte vna, et dnm Wiffm 
Smythe cticu ex pte al7a. Noutis pfat Johem Brugge, Sfc. ben cu 
toto consilio diclE Gilde dedisse concessisse ^fal dno Wiffmo 
Smythe ctico, vnu sacerdotale 3mpni sub forma et condic6ib5 
subsequent, videlit q^ pdict dns Wiilms ciicus docebit et instruet 
gramaticam libe omib} scolarib^ ad scolam in did villa sibi suien- 
tib} nichil capiendo de scolarib} p doctrina sua. Et pdict dns 
Willms erit vnus de quinq^ pfectls diet Gilde ad pi vacacoem 
quando conti^it vacari, recipiendo annuati pro stipendio suo vsq^ 
ad px vaca^em nouem libr monete Angt soluend p man did mri 
aldermannoj^ pcuratoj^ et successoj^ suo]^ ad quatuor anniiios videKt 
ad Festa Sci Michis Archi, Natalis Dni, Annuciacom be Marie 
Virgis, et Natiuitatis sci Jotiis Baptie p equales por^es. £t post 
pimam vaca^em capiendo annuati decem libr legalis monete 
Anglie ad iios ^did p roanus sup"dic{ mri aldermanno]^ ac pro- 
curators et successor suo^, cu cama infra did Gildam cu omib} et 
singlis did came ptin, prouiso semp q^ pdict dns Willms magister 
gramaticalis f uit abilis et in sanitate ad docend, sin autem recipiet 
annual! centum solidos & alt vero centum solid annuati soluend 
vni alio viro abili in sciencia subtus et vice dicti mri tociens 
quociens imposl^ contingat sic fieri p supvisu dicto]^ mri alder- 
mannib} ac successor suo|^ qui p tempe f uint Et pdict dns 
Willms magister gramaticalis Deo dante cu f uit disposit cele- 
brabit missam in capella dicte Gilde. Et in dieb} festiuis cele- 
brabit missam in ecciia pochiali de St^tford pdict ad altare sci 
Jotiis Baptie p bono statu diii Ep6i Wygofn qui p tempe f uit. 
Et p aiab} uiri Thom JolyfFe et parentu Jokis et Joknne ac 
aiab} oTm biiefactoj& diet Gilde et aiab} oTm fideliu defunctos 
dicendo ad quamiit missam pro viuis, Deus qui caritatis, Et 
p defunctis, Inclina dUne^ Reutend se ad p'plm ante lavatoriu vt 
ante missam ad piitu suu. Et dicendo, ye shall p^ye speciallyi 
for the sowles of maister Thorn's Jolyffe^ Johne and JoKrme his 
faadur Sf modur, and ye sowles of all br ethers and susters of the 
seid Gilde and all Cristen sowles, sayinge of your e charyte a pater 
noster and a aue. Et in sup pdict dns Willms ctico, et pfat 
gramaticalis et scolares sui bis in sepdmana videiit in die mcurij 
et in die ven^is cantabunt antiphonam de Sea Maria. Et post 
diet antiphonam denote dicendo p aiab} pdict mri Thorn Jolyff, 
Johis et Johanne parentu suo^ et p aiab} oim fideliu defuncto^, 


De prqftmdis clamauiy 8fc. £t insup si contingat pdicl dnm 
Wittm Smyth cticii imposteru promo? ad aliquod fenfum vel in 
aliquo alio modo a dicib ^uico recedere qd tunc pdic? Willms 
dabit licitu moni^em pfa? Johi Brugge mro et alderroanis ac 
successorib} suis p spaciu dimid anni ante recessu suu. Et 
consilo modo si pdic? Johes Brugge aldermanni ac successores 
sui non sunt contenti de doctrina et instrucloe dci Witti ciici 
omib} scolarib} gramaticalib} illic venienl q^ tunc pdic? dns 
Willms Smythe dico} bebit lici? monicoem de pfat Jofee Brugge 
mro, Aldermannis, et succeseorib} suis qui p tempe fuint p 

spaciu dimid anni ante recessu suu p supvisu et conciliu 

Alkoke Epoi Wygorn et Thorn Balsale dici ac Gardiani Collegij 
de StHford pdict ac successor suo^ qui p tempe fuint. In cui^ rei 
testimoniu vni pti ista& indentura& penes pfa? Willm Smythe 
cticu remanent sigillu comune die? Gilde est appenS alteri pti 
eiusdm indentur pfat Gildam remanent sigillu dicti Witti est 
appenS. Dat apud StHford pdict in aula Gilde die lune pi post 
Festti Natiuitatis Sci Johis Baptist anno regni Regis Edwardi 
quarti post conq vicesimo secundo. (1482.) 

One small seal (of William Smyth) defaced. 

Grant to the Schoolmaster and others of half a burgage fiom 
Sir Thomas Burdet ofArow, 2 Hen. VL 

Sciant psentes & futur c^ Ego Thomas Burdet miles dns de 
Arowe in com Warr dedi concessi & hac psenti carta mea con" 
fh*maui mago Jofei Harys Scolemaystef de St»tford sup Auene, 
Jobi Leke & Thome Mayel de eadm vnu dimidiu burg cu suis 
ptinen? situat in eadm villa de St*tford in quodam vico qui 
vocat Henley strete in? quadam Grang Nichi Saucer ex pte vna 
& vnam Grang Gild see crucis ex pte altera c^ quidm dimidiu 
burg cu suis ptinen? Thorn Compton senior iam defunc? & ego 
nup feimu^ ex dono & feofTamento Johis Reynold de St*tford 
pdic? bend & tenend pdcm dimidiu burg cu suis ptin pfa? magro 
Jobi Harrys, Jobi Leke, & Thome Mayel, hered & eo^ assign de 
capitti dno feod illius p seruicia inde debi? & de jure consueta 
liber quiete bn & in pace imppetuu. Et ego vo pdicl Thorns 
3urdet & her mei pdict dimidiu burg cu suis ptinent pfat magro 
Jobi Harrys, Jobi Leke, Thome Mayel, her & eor assign contra 
omes gentes warantizabim^ imppetuu In cui rei testioiu huic 
psenti carte mee sigilt meO apposui Hijs testib} Aluered Trussell 
milite, Witto Trussell filio dci Alueredi, Ricii Halle de StMford, 

G 2 


Wittmo Rokesley de eadm, Hugone Salford de eadem, & alijs* 
Dat apd St^tford pdcara die Lune px post festu Annciaconis fete 
Marie anno regni Reg Henr Sexti post conquestu scdo. (1424«) 

Seal of Sir Thomas Burdet. 

Feoffment of a burgage in the town of Stratford-upon-Avon, 

2 Hen. VL 

Omib} Xp'i fidelib} ad quos psens septum puen^it Thomas 
Leeke magister Gilde see Cruc de Stratford sup Auene, Johes 
Burneham gentilman, Johes Webbe de eadm, Thomas Mayell, 
Willms Lokyer, Thomas Balsale, Ricus Compton, Thomas 
Chacombe, Willms Ireton, Joties Wyke, Willms Staffordshire, 
Jobes Tolot, Willms Glover, & Willms Couper, eiusdm ville 
Burgenses, saitm in dno sempi?nam. Quia piu caritatum atq^ 
meritoriu est testioiu 9itatis phiber nos testioiu phibem^ p psenteS 
q^ Nicfeus Yardeley at die? Niclius Taylour de Stratford pdict 
die lune px post festu sci Valentini mris anno R. R, Henf sexti 
post conquestu scdo (1424) p cart sua feoffamenti feoffabat magrm 
Ricm Praty custod ecciie coUeg de Stratford antedict, Ricm 
Norton subcustod eiusdm ecciie, Johem Hasull capett, & Jofeem 
Coup, corveser, liered & assign eo^ de & in vno dimid Burgage 
cu suis ptin in pdict villa de Stratford situat ibm in vico vocat 
Brugstrete in? ten fn* Joliis Hubande ex pte vna & ten Johis 
Mayell ex pte al?a sub ist condiKnib) qd statim post mortem 
pfati Nichi Margaret ux ipius Nichi lieret pdict dimid Burgag 
cu suis ptin in plenar & pacifica possessione ad ?miu vite sue* 
Et post decessum pfat Margaret diet dimid burgag cu suis ptin 
remanef Agn fit ejusdm Nichi & Margaret & hered pfat Agn 
legitim per. Et si pdict Agn sine hered de corpe suo legitiin 
per pluf tuc pdict feoffatof diet dimid burgage cu suis ptin vend 
& dena& inde ad facied & disponend p aiabj pfat Nichi & Mar- 
garet, Nichi Saucer, pent & benefact suo^ & omi fidet defuncL 
Et in testioiu hujusmodi vita? psentib} sigilt nf is Sign. 

The remains of twelve small seals^ of which two contain the impres 
sions of a large W, one a merchant's mark^ and another a large I ', the 
rest defaced. 

T. F. 





The Register commences in 1596. From the Newdegates, who are 
first mentioned in the following entries, the manor passed by purchase, 
successively to the Lukes of Cople ; then to Sir Humphrey Winch j then 
in 1667 to Sir George Carteret, who was created Baron Carteret of 
Hawnes in 1681 3 and it has since descended by inheritance, to 
the present Lord Carteret, whose uncle, the Hon. Henry-Frederick 
Thynne, was also staled of Hawnes, when raised to the same title by a 
new creation in 1 784. 

1596. Richardus Osborne & Jana Leper? conjug. Mart. 5. 

Joanna Newdegate filia Roberti armigeri, bapt. Mart. 24. 

1599. Robertus Newdegate fil. Roberti, bapt. Mart. 25 ; se« 
pult. April 5. 

1601. Wilhelm. fil. Roberti Newdegate, arraig. bapt. Decern. 23. 

1607. Thorns Brightman, SacraB Theologiae psor, sepult. fuit 
240 August. 

1613. Sir Rob. Newdegate died, and was buried the 5 of Sep- 

1615. Temperance Osbourne, baptized the 25 of Februar. 

1619. M" Ann Newdegate, mother to S' Rob. buried y^ 3 of 

1626. Oliver Luke, the son of Sir Samuel Luke,* baptized the 
9 day of April. 

1630. Elizabeth Luke, daughter of S'^ Samuel Luke, baptized 
ye 21 of March. 

1632. John, the son of S' Samuel Luke, baptized the 8*** of 

1635. Thomas Luke, Esquire,^ buried y^ 20 of November. 

1636. Nathaniell Luke, the sonne of S'' Samuel Luke, bap- 
tized y® 24 of July. 

1638. Mary, the daughter of John and Joane Luke, baptized 
Dec. 30. 

* Sir Samuel Luke, the presumed origmal of the Hudibras of Butler, was first 
married to Elizabeth Freeman, at St. Anne's Blackfriars, Feb. 2, 1624. (Mal- 
colm's Londonium, vol. ii. p. 370.) Sir Samuel's first family appear to have been 
baptized at Hawnes, as shown in the above extracts ; but by a second wife, also 
named Elizabeth, he had five, who were baptized at St. Anne's, BlackMars ; 
Mary, Jan. 27, 1640-1 ; Samuel, Apr. 24, 1642 ; Nicholas, Sept. 26, 1643 ; Jane, 
Jan. 19, 1644-5; and'Sarah, Jan, 17, 1646-7. Malcolm, ubi sup. pp. 369, 370. 


1639. M^ Samuell Luke, the son of S' Samuell Luke, was 
buryed Jan. 4. 

1640, Tho». Joyce, Vicar of this Church of Hawnes, and Bea- 
trix Bigg of Shitlington, were marryed Jul. 16. 

John, Sonne of John & Joane Luke, was baptized Mar. 12. 

1654. Nicholas Luke, the sonn of Oliv. Luke, Esq. borne the 

10*^ of May,, 

1660. Rebecca Winch,a ye dau. of S' Humphrey Winch & his 
Lady Rebecca, baptized Septera. 8. 

1669. Phillip, ye son of S^ Phillip Carteret & his Lady Gemi- 
ma, bapt. May 20. 

1671. The Lady Gemima Carteret, buried Nov. 21. 

Edward, y« son of S^ Phillip Carteret & his Lady Ge- 
mima, bapt. Nov. 28. 

In Hawnes church, in the chancel wall, is a brass figure with 
this inscription : 

" Hie jacet Anthonius Newdegate,^ Arm. Supervisorii terraru 
quondam regis Henrici Octavi dum steterit auditorum unius, 

* Rebecca, the second dau. and coh. of Sir Humphrey Winch, was the first 
wife of Sir Thomas Lawley, of Spoonbill, co. Salop, the 3rd Bart of his family ; 
and from them descended the late Lord Wenlock and his brother the present Sir 
Francis Lawley, Bart. Dame Rebecca Winch, her mother, died March 3, 1712» 
Kt. 79. Epitaph (place unknown) in Le Neve's Mon. Angl. i. 336. 

Sir Humphrey Winch was styled '* of Hawnes," when created a Baronet, June 
9, 1660. He was the grandson of Sir Humphrey Winch, a Justice of the Com- 
mon Pleas, who was buried at Everton in the same county, on the borders of 
Cambridgeshire ; where is his monument, containing, under an arch, a half effigy 
in judicial robes, holding in his left hand a book ; several figures above and on 
each side ; with the following epitaph : 

Qualis vita Religiose vizit 

Finis ita. Sic procubuit. 

In memory of S' Humphrey Winch, alias De la Winche, K', who in the 4th year 
of King James An° Do°^ 1606 was sent by him to serve in Ireland, first as Chief 
Baron, after as Chief Justice and Councillor of State for that Kingdom, from 
whence recalled he served his Majesty as one of his Justices, untill an apoplexye 
seized on him in his roabes the 4th of February 1624, in the 71st year of his age, 
'whereof he about 24 hours after died, in Chancery-lane, London ; whose corps 
embalmed was brought downe and buried hereby. He tooke to wife Cicely, one of 
the daughters of Rich<^ Onslowe, alias Oundeslowe, Esq', Sollicitor-generall to 
Queene Elizabeth, by whom he had issue 2 sones and 3 daughters (viz.) Onslowe, 
Humphrey, Marg', Hellen, and Dorothy ; Humphrey, Marga*, and Hellen died in 
their infancy ; his wife Dame Cicely with Onslowe and Dorothy surviving him. 
Onslowe married Judith only daughter of Roger Burgoine of Sutton, Esq'. 
Dorothy, married to George Scott, of Hawekhurst in the county of Kent, Esq. 

Aems : Party per pale As. and Gu. an escallop Or. Crest, An escallop party 
per fess Or and Argent (MS. Latud, 887, p> 97.) 

^ Anthony Newdegate was born in 8 Hen. VIII. the third son of John Newde- 


f)b. sexto Jalii anno dni Millesimo quingentesimo sexagesimo 

Arms, on a brass plate, quarterly of twenty: 1 and 20, Gules, 
three jambs erased Ar. Newdegate; 2. three hands couped, Mai- 
mains; 3. a fret ; 4. three ducks; 5. a chevron within a bordure en- 
grailed; 6. wavy Or and Ax. ; 7. Per pale Ar. and Sa. a unicorn 
courant betw. three crosslets, all Counterch. ; 8. Or, across Gu. in 
dexter point a corbeau Proper; 9. Gu. on a chevron Ar. three roses 
of the First, in dexter point a crescent; 10. Lozengy Ar. and Purp., 
en a bend Ak« a goat's head erased ; 1 1. Gu. a saltire £rm. ; 12. 
Lozengy Or and Gu. on a canton Ar. a ship ; 13. Gu. a tiger 
rampant Or; 14. Bendy Or and Purp. a chevron Erm. ; 15. Gu. 
a chevron between three crosslets Or, in chief a lion passant of 
the Second ; 16. Ar. a Hon rampant crowned Gu. ; 17. Ar. three 
palmer's staves Gu. ; 18. Or, three lions rampant Gu. ; 19. Ar. 
three boar's heads erased Sa. The 7th, 10th, ]3tb, and 15tli 
ooats have been scratched through, as if incorrect. 

Near the Communion table : 

•* Here lieth the bodie of Thomas Brightman« deceased, 
minister of this parish, who dyed the 24 of August 1607." 

" Here lieth the bodie of Christopher Wils . . . deceased, late 
minister of this parish, who dyed the 29 of September 1624." 

" Here lieth the bodie of Walsingham Shirley deceased, late 
minister of this parish, who died the 13 of June 1637." 

** Here lyeth the bodie of Edward Gibson, late minister of this 
parish. He departed this life, April 22, 1690, aged 73." 

" Here also lyeth the bodie of Edward, son of Edward Gibson, 
late minister of this parish, who died May 11th, 1732, aged 71." 

This Edward Gibson was Vicar of Hawnes as well as his father. 
Besides the Vicars here mentioned^ the following have been foand : 
Thomas Baxter, temp. VIII. ; Thomas Joyce, living 1640} Anthony 
Danvers, in 1793, also Vicar of Wilhamstead j William Pulley, pre- 
sent Vicar, instituted 1815, also Vicar of Clapham, co. Bedford. 

On the chancel floor : 
. " Here lyeth the body of Elianor Osborn, wife of S^^ John 
Osborn, of Chicksands, in ye county of Bedford, Baron**, daugh- 
ter of Charles Danvers of Baynton, in y® county of Wilts, Esq. 
who died Nov. 16*h, 1677." 

gate of Harelield, co. Middlesex. His elder brother John was the ancestor of the 
Baronets of Arbury, co. Warw. and his younger brother Francis, of Hanworth, 
Middx. was the second husband of Anne Duchess dowager of Somerset. 

* Author of a Treatise on the Rerelations, which attracted much notice in the 
reign of Elizabeth. 



is much disfigured by ponderous and unsightly galleries, which 
extend over the whole length of the nave^ which is upwards of 
sixty feety and over the spacious transepts, as well as block up 
some of the arches of the chancel.* 

The tower is supported by four lofty pointed arches springing 
from piers having the remains of rich clustered capitals, but the 
beauty of these arches is in some measure obscured by the 

The transepts are separated from the side ailes of the chancel 
by very broad pointed arches, resting on octangular columns 
with plain capitals. The chancel has on each side three pointed 
arches in the style of Henry the Fourth's time. 

The ceiling of the chancel and choir is of oak paneling ; and 
that of the Oteley aile is beautifully carved, and the intersections 
of the beams adorned with bosses and various devices, the dif- 
ferent compartments having nebule quatrefoils. 

The eastern window is filled with some modern stained glass, 
beautifully executed by Mr. David Evans, of Shrewsbury, at the 
expense of Robert Clarke, Esq. It consists of figures of St. 
Paul and the four Evangelists, the arms of David Prince of 
Wales and Emma dau. of King Henry II., Llewellyn the Great 
and Joan natural daughter of King John ; Le Strange impaling 
Ferrers ; Le Strange inpaling Ingham ; Egerton quartering 
Bassett ; the see of Lichfield ; and various other devices.^ This 
was erected in 1829; and in the year 1834 the chancel was 
enriched with two other windows of stained glass by the liberality 
of the same benefactor, and the work of the same able artist. 
That on the south side contains, in its central division, the armo- 
rial bearings of the late Earl of Bridgewater and his Countess, 
above which is placed the badge of Henry the Seventh, and be- 
neath the arms of the Isle of Man. In the first light are the 

* The pews in these gaUeries are freehold property, and of course only available 
by purchase from the respective possessors ; otherwise, if the nave was taken 
down and rebuUt with the addition of side ailes, the Church would more conveni- 
ently accommodate a larger congregation, as weU as afford a good situation for the 
organ, which is much wanted. 

^ A fuU description of this window will be found in the Gentleman's Magazine, 
vol. XCIX. pt. ii. p* 115. 


coats of Le Strange, Bassett of Blore, Stanley, and Egerton ; 
and in the third those of Mortimer, Brandon impaling Clifford^ 
Grey, and Byron. The arch of the window contains the arms 
of Sir John Kynaston, Bart, and C. K. Mainwaring, Esq. of 
of Oteley. 

The small window on the north side has the armorial bearings 
of the present Vicar, — the Rev- J. A. Cotton, A. Matthews (of 
Lyth), T. B. Owen, and E. Dymock, Esquires. 

At the further end of the gallery over the south transept is a 
diminutive organ, made by John Snetzler, but very powerful and 
sweet in its tone. In the tower is a peal of eight bells. 

The Church is in length 138 feet, of which the nave is 64 ft., 
the space imder the tower 24 ft., and the chancel 50 ft., breadth 
of nave and transepts 80 ft. 

Ellesmere Church appears never to have been rich in ancient 
memorials. Against the south-west wall of the Oteley chancel 
is a recumbent figure, which from its battered appearance (having 
sometime been exposed to the weather) seems at first sight to be 
of great antiquity, but a little examination will not assign it to a 
very remote period ; it appears to be the figure of a knight cut 
in stone, and resting on a shallow basement from the floor, above 
which are the remains of a shield surmounted by the helmet and 
mantle. Though the person whom this figure was intended to 
represent is unknown, yet, from a lion passant guardant appear* 
ing on the shield, it may throw some light on the subject to 
mention, that the Kynastons of Oteley in Shropshire quartered 
these arms from the marriage of an heiress of Edward ap Mor- 
gan, of Alrhey. 

At the eastern end of the same chancel is a fine altar-tomb, on 
which are recumbent figures of marble, much mutilated, with the 
following inscription on the ledge : 


At the head of the monument are the following quarterings in 
marble, the colours of which are destroyed: 1. A lion rampant; 
2. A chevron engrailed between three mullets; 3. On a chevron 


three mullets ; 4. On a chief a raven ; 5. A chevron engrailed ; 
6. A lion passant guardant ; 7. On a bend three garbs. 

In the same aile a long oblong tablet bears the following in- 
scription : 

Sacred to the memory of Edward Hatchett, of Lee in this parish, who 
d. 1754, det. 58^ and of Eliz. his wife only dau. of Robt Bulkeleyof 
Coedana, co. Anglesea, and sister of Samuel B. Esq. of London, whose 
only child, the Rev. Sam. Bulkeley, D.D. Prebendary of Bristol, died 
1809, s. prole, and lies interred in the Church of Hatfield, co. Hertford, 
by the side of his beloved wife, tlie Lady Frances Anne, eldest dau. of 
Chas. Earl of Peterborough and Monmouth, who d. Oct. 4, 1798, SBt. 

Within the same vault of the Church at Hatfield are the remains of 
Hugh Bulkeley Owen, Esq. of Tedesmere Hall, Salop, & of Coedana, 
grandson of the above Edw. & Eliz. Hatchett, & 2d son of Rich. B. H. 
Esq. of Lee, & Martha Owen his wife. He served the office of High 
Sheriff of Anglesea in 1812, & died Dec. 25, 1818, s. p. 

In a vault underneath are interred the remains of the above R. B. 
Hatchett, Esq. of Lee, only son of the above Edward & Eliz. H, ; he 
died Dec. 15, 1800, aged 80. Also the remains of Martha his wife, 
dau. (by his second wife Abigail) of Thomas Owen of Llunulloed near 
MachynUeth, co. Montgomery, Esq. & sister of Hugh Owen of Wood- 
house, CO. Salop. Esq. She died June 29th, 1792, set. 79, and her 
brother, whose remains are interred in Old St. Chad's Ch. Shrewsbury 
on the fall of which edifice his monument was removed to the Church of 
St. Juhan's in the same town, died June 28, 1764, having bequeathed 
the property which he purchased at Tedesmere, and elsewhere in Shrop- 
shire & Montgomeryshire, to his sister Martha Hatchett, & the estate 
of Woodhouse to his kinswoman Mrs. Sarah Owen. 

Underneath lie also the remains of the following persons. Mary 
Hatchett, eldest dau. of the above R. & M. H. She died Feb. 27> 
1800, aged 46. 

Bulkeley H. eldest son of the above R. & M. H., he served the office 
of High Sheriff for the co. Merioneth in 1800, h d. Aug. 23, 1800, 
aged 80. 

Hugh Jas. H. & Sam. Bulk. H. 2nd & 3rd sons of the above B. H. 5 
the former d. May 25, 1791, aged 3 weeks, & the latter July 21,1817, 
aged 24 years. 

Susan Jones, rehct of the Rev. Lewis Jones, Vicar of Rhuabon, co. 

e The epitaph of Lady Frances Bulkeley, at Hatfield, will be found in Clutter- 
bttcVs Hertfordshire, vol. iii. p. 367. 


Denbigh^ & Rector of Llanymowddy^ co. Merioneth^ & half sister of 
Martha Owen, the wife of R, B. H. She died 1795, aged 73. 

Eliz. Mun waring, relict of Thos. M. of Brombro, co. Chester, Esq. by 
Mary his wife, eldest dau. & coheiress of Chas. Kynaston of Otely Park, 
in this parish. She departed this life 3 Jan. 1818, aged 84. 

Abigail Mason, sister to the above Eliz. M. died unmarried 1797, 
aged 62. 

This monument was erected at the expense of Mary, widow of the 
above B. H. & their only surviving sou Thos. Bulkeley Owen, Esq. of 
Tedesmere Hall. 

At the east end of the south aile is a neat tablet of white 
marble, with a black border, and surmounted by a small urn. 

In memory of Penelope Vaughan, neice of the late Edward Kynaston, 
Esq. of Oteley Park in this parish. Her remains, at her own particular 
request^ were deposited by the side of her mother in the chancel of the 
Church of Withington. Having endured with much fortitude the pangs 
of a long and severe illness, she was released from her sufferings on the 
21st Nov. 1805, in the 72d year of her age. 

On another tablet in the same aile : 

In memory of Mrs.^ary Walford, who died March 7, 1 780, aged 78, 
and whose remains are deposited in a vault adjoining the south porch 
encompassed with iron railing. Also Robert, the son of the said Mary 
W. who died April 4, 1798, aged 55. Likewise the body of Rich, 
brother of the said Rob. W. who died Mar. 6, 1822, aged 73. Likewise 
in the same vault is deposited the body of the Rev. E. Evans, late 
minister of Dudleston and Welsh Hampton, who lived as mess-mate in 
the same family upwards of 60 years, died Apl 17> 1823, aged 88. 

Another tablet commemorates several of the family of Gough. 

In the north aile of the chancel is a brass plate : 

In memory of Mr. John Higginson, ironmonger, of Ellesmere, who was 
exemplary in his piety towards God, and the first promoter of brining 
the organ to be erected in y^ Duke*s chancel, and died lamented, Ist 
Dec. 1771, aged 75. 

Near the western entrance of the nave is a brass plate inscribed 

Near this place lies the body of Ann the wife of Thos. Jackson of 


this town» who was interred Dec. 3d« 1733^ aged 50. Also near this 

Likewise her husband, who the world must own 
Neighbour to many, was a foe to none ; 
Ready to serve, yet sery*d no private end. 
Would e*en distress himself t* assist his friend ; 
True to his Prince, — in principles as just. 
Faithful in secrets, and sincere in trust ; 
«■ Whose spotless hand and uncorrupted soul. 
No trick e*er daub*d, nor paltry act made foul. 
Blest with enough, — was hospitably free. 
Yet thriv*d by prudence and economy. 
His policy took honour for its guide. 
So liv*d in credit, and in credit dy*d. 
Thos. Jackson, July 13, 1 746, aged 59. Also Margaret, aged 2 years, 
and Richard, aged 1 8^ their children. 

In the nave are the following memorials (on neat marble 
tablets) : 

To the memory of Francis Lloyd, Esq. who died 3 Aug. 1 830, in the 
79th year of his age, greatly beloved and higldy respected in every 
relation of life, as a husband, a father, and a friend, and for upwards of 
twenty-five years an active Ma^strate for the County of Salop. 

In memory of Mary the wife of Thos. Jones, of Oswestry, d. April 13, 
1752, aet. 45. WUliam Powell of Tetchill, d. Jan. 24, 1762, aged 52. 
Also Mary aged 1 6. Arthur P, d. Nov. 20, 1770, aged 29. Elizabeth 
Jones, d. Feb. 11, 1771, aged 35. Jane, w. of Will. Powell, d. Mar. 
31, 1780, aged 77. 

In memory of the Rev. Edward Moreton, who was very justly 
esteemed and beloved in his life-time, and his death as greatiy lamented. 
Hed. Feb. 22, 1776. 

To the memory of Edward Acherly, Esq. late of the Cross, who died 
13 Feb. 1829, aged 72 years, and whose remains are interred in his 
family vault in the aile opposite to this place, with those of his father, 
Roger A. Esq. and his mother, Dorothy A. 

Against the wall of the church yard is a marble tablet in me- 
mory of Rear- Admiral William Hay, who died Dec. 27, 1801, 
aged 67 years. 

Shrewsbury. H. P. 





From an old writing endorsed " The Chamberlaynes Pedigree given 
me by Cozen W. Fletcher," in possession of J. Chamberlayne Cham* 
berlayne^ Esq. the present representative of the family at Maugersbury^ 
CO. Gloacester. 

" The Armes & Pedigrees of the Chamberlaines, descended from 
the family of Earl Tankervile, who came in with William 
the Conqueror, of Normandy, which was John de Tanker- 
vile Count Tankervile, and after the Conquest returned 
into Normandy ; & when John de Millaine, Earle of Lei- 
cester, rebelled against William the Conqueror, John de 
Tankervile subdued him & took him prisoner,* whereupon 
the Conqueror gave the Earle of Leicester's coate-armour 
to be quartered with the armes of Tankerville. 

" The paternal coat of Tankervile was. Gules, a fess between 
3 escallops Or;h the Crest a mule's head in a coronet; the 
arms of John de Millaine, Earl of Leicester, were Gules, an 
escocheon between 8 mullets, as Sir Edwd Feme and Mr. Bramp- 
ton, two of the most ancient writers of Heraldry, agree. Count 
John de Tankervile had issue John, who had issue Richard, 
Lord Chamberlayne to King Stephen ; at which time surnames 
began in England, whereupon Richard assumed the name of 
Chamberlayne ; he marryed the daughter of Galfrey, by whom 
he had Richard, who marryed the daughter of Sir Robert Eck- 
ney ; who had issue S"^ Richard Chamberlayne, who marryed the 
daughter and heir of Edward Mortin, Esq.; who had issue ^ Rich- 
ard Chamberlayne, who marryed the daughter of S'^ Richard 
Lovan ; ^ who had issue S^ Richard Chamberleyne, who marryed 

* See this differently stated in p. 97* 

^ The same coat is given in ^icolas's RoU of Arms, temp. Edw. III. to monsire 
John Chamberlayn. 

* Sir Richard Chamberlayne, the first mentioned ** of Sherbom Castle, in com. 
Oxon.'' died SO Ric. II. Pedigree of the famUy in Vincent's Collection for Ox- 
fordshire, in Coll. Arm. See also the article in Wotton's Baronetage, 1741, 
▼q1. ii. pp. 374 — 378. 

' Margaret, dan. and heir of Sir Nicolas Loveyn, Knt. 


the daughter of S^ Jn^^ Knevit of Buckmgham Castle;^ who had 
issue S^ Edward Chamberlayn,5 who married the daughter of 
S' John Vemey, who died 1543; who had issue S^ Leonard 
Chamberlayne,** who marryed the daughter of S' George i New- 
digate of Harefield ; who had issue Francis Chamberlayne, who 
marryed the daughter of Henry ^ Goodman, 1585; who had 
issue Robert ^ Chamberlayne, Knight of the Bath at the corona- 
tion of King James, dyed without issue ; and John Chamber- 
layne his cozen and heir,™ who had two daughters, the eldest 
marryed to S' Thomas Gage (deceased) and after marryed to 
S' Wm. Goring of Sussex, and the youngest daughter marryed 
to the Lord Abergavenny ; and so ends the House of Chamber- 
laynes of Oxfordshire, of Sherebourne Castle, in the county 

" The House of Gloucestershire Chamberlaynes is descended 
of the second house of the Chamberlaynes of Oxfordshire, as 
Wm.^* Chamberlayne, who was the second son begotten of S"* 
Richard Chamberlayne,<> and the daughter of S^ John Knivet of 
Buckingham Castle, who had issue P S^ Thomas Chamberlayne of 
Prestbury, in the County of Glocester, who was Lord Embas- 
sador to King Henry 8th, Edw<l 6th, and Queen Elizabeth, 
untill he dyed ; S^ Thomas marryed Anne Vanderzeene, Madam 
Dusart, of the house of Nassau ; he purchased many great manors 
in the County of Glocester, but had no issue by her, and after her 

• William in pedigree aforesaid. 

' One descent omitted (Chamberlayn and Fowler). See Vol. I. of the present 
work, p. 329. 

V Of Cotes, CO. Northampton, and Sherborne, Knt. of the Bath ; oh. 34 H. VIII. 

^ He died at Guernsey, where he was Captain, in 3 Eliz. and was there buried. 

' Dorothy, dau. of John Newdegate, sergeant at law. 

^ Anne, dau. and heir of Robert Cheeseman of Dockmanswell, co. Midd. Esq. 
is given as the wife of Francis in Vincent's pedigree. 

^ Sir Robert Chamberlayne of Sherbom, Knt. ob. s. p. 1617 ; a descent is here 
omitted — Chamberlayn and Codnam. 

■ John C. son and heir to Sir John, and cousin and heir to Sir Robert Cham- 
berlain, liying 1635. 

" For William read John, of Hopton, co. Derby. 

* By the daughter of Reynes, not Kniyet. 

f An omission of four descents : Thomas Chamberlain son of John, mar. Isa-, 
bella Kingston or Knyfton, and had issue John, who, by the dau. of Elton had 
iseue another John ; who, by Agnes Keynes, had usue William, merchant of Lon- 
don ; who by Elizabeth, dau. of Fleming of Dartmouth, co. Devon, had issue 

the above Sir Thomas, who was Ambassador in Spain and Flanders, and died about 
the end of £lixabeth*i reign.— pedigree before mentioned. 


death he marryed with Alderman Machin's widow,q by whom he 
had issue S^ John Chamberlayne,'^ and Edmund Chamberlayne,» 
and one daughter,* mother to the now Lady Dan vers. (Note, 
this Lady Dan vers was about y® year 164.0). 

" S'^ Thomas Chamberlayne had a third wife Anne Kirkeet, 
sister to the wife of S"* George Monke of Devonshire, grandfather 
to ttie Duke of Albemarle, and by her had only one son Tho- 
mas Chamberlayne of Adington (OcWiw^ftm) in the County of 
Glocester, Esq^ who marryed the daughter and heir of Edward 
Badghett, who had issue by her, Thomas, John, Leonard, 
George, and Edward, and Anne, Margaret, Frances, and Eliza- 
beth, and Christian, another daughter by a second venter. 

" The name and pedigree of Chamberlayne, descended from 
the Earl Tankervile, who came into England with William the 
Conquerer, was John de Tankervile of Tankervile Castle in Nor- 
mandy, who had John, L^ Chamberlayne to H. the First, who 
had Richard, Lord Chamberlayne to King Stephen, who mar- 
ryed the daughter of Galfrey, who had W™ Lord Chamberlayne 
to H. the Second, who subdued Robert de Bellemont Earle of 
Millaine in Normandy, and Earle of Leicester in England, with 
Hugh de Mountfort his sister's son, and took them prisoners, and 
presented them both to the King. Whereupon the King gave 
the Earle of Leicester's coat armour to be quartered with the 
arms of Tankervile, anno Dom. 1174. John Count de Tanker- 
vile, Chamberlayne of France, anno 1367. S"" Jno Chamber- 
layne, of the house of Oxfordshire, was a great Commander in the 
time of King Edward the Third. There is now a record in 
the Tower of London wherein its expressed, that the said King 
Edward the Third did grant to this S'^ John Chamberlayne, by the 
name of Count Chamberlayne, Earl of Tankervile, Viscount de 
Millaine, high Constable of Normandy, a warrant to receive ten 
thousand marks which he had lent to the King's son in the con- 
quering of France; he marryed the daughter and heir of the 
Lord Harling, Gov^ of Paris, who was possessed and seized in 
fee of the mannor and castle of East Harling, in the County of 

•» She was Elizabeth, dau. of Sir John Luddington, of the North. 

' He died without issue. 

• From whom was lineally descended the late Edmund John Chamberlayne of 
Maugersbury, Esq. who died Feb. 12, 1831. See Fosbroke's History of Glouces- 
tershire, Tol. ii. p. 405. 

» Mentioned in Vincent's pedigree as Theophilawife of ... , Hughs, Dr. of Physic. 



Norfolk, and much more lands in that and other Countys. She 
was accounted the greatest female heir in England, and had 
many of the nobility of England suitors to her, but she refused 
all, and took this great Commander, who was fain to ask leave of 
Edward the 3^^ to be a suiter to her before he went, and then 
addressed her with one hundred men in white armour mounted 
on stately horses, accoutred in warlike manner, and summoned 
East Harling Castle ; she delivered up both herself and Castle to 
S^ John Chamberlayn. There is one of his family now at 
Barnam Brome, near Norwich ; after his decease his Lady 
marryed with the Lord Scrope, from whom the Scropes family 
descended, and afterwards to Beneiield of Norfolk ; but she 
chosed and ordered herself to be buryed by her husband Cham- 
berlayne ; ^ there is a large history of this on the tomb of Cham- 
berlayne and his lady in East Harling Church, and in the window 
of the great chambre in the said Castle, but all to this effect. 

" The kindred and allyes of the house of the Chamberlayns of 
Gloucestei'shire were so numerous that one Dean Hurst, Rector 
of Burton on the Water, in the County of Gloucester, made a 
catalogue of the kindred and allyes, only in Glocestershire, where 
he found neare allyed to that family one hundred Gentlemen of 
SOOl. p. ann. ; 100 Gent'^ of 200/. p. ann. ; and 100 Gent^ of 
100/. p. ann., besides many of much greater estates, and also 
saith that there cou'd not be a Jury of Gent^ returned in Glo- 
cestershire but that one of them must be allyed to that family. 
This catalogue was found among Deane Hurst's writings after 
his deaths about the year 1600." 

^ He and bis wife in 1457 settled 9 marks annual rent, issuing out of Falconars 
manor, on the chantry priests who officiated in Sir Robert Herling's Chapel; 
according to Lis will, he was buried in a fine arched monument with his wife» on the 
north side of the chancel of East Herling in Norfolk. — See vol. I. of the present 
work, p. 21. 

H. G. 





The following abstracts of Wills have been found among the genealo- 
gical collections in the Lansdowne MS. 860 a, and appear to have been 
taken from the originals by Mr. James Strangman (as were those in 
MS. Harl. 6148) about the reign of Elizabeth or James I. Where any 
will was previously published in Nicolas*s Testamenta Vetusta, a refer- 
ence has been made to that work, and such matter only given which 
affords additional information. There are also abstracts of the wills 
of Sir Robert SwilUngton (f. 379 b). Sir Fulke Fitzwarine (f. 376 b), 
Isabel Duchess of York (f. 336), Alice Lady West (f. 375), Sir Simon 
Felbrigg (f. 372), Manor Countess of Arundel (f. 370 b), which may 
be compared with those in the Testamenta Vetusta ^ where, in p. 135, 
" the King of Armonie," mentioned by the Duchess Isabel, should be 

John Paveley, junior, miles, to be buried where it pleaseth 
God. To his father a gilt cupp w^h a cover w^h tli'erl of Not- 
tingha gave him. To his mother an other w^h the King gave 
him. To his wife all his cuppes siluer and gold, and all his 
broaches. Execut. Isabell his wife & John Warwic*. Dated 
at Dover, the thursday before the feast of S' Andrew, 1300. 
r/ 361 h ) 

1383. John Merton, to be buried in the Cathedrall Church of 
Lichfeld, or ells in the chauncell of EUesworth in Ely dioces, 8cc. 
After many giftes shewing his wealth & dealings in worldly 
causes. To Sara, Agnes, & Katherine his sisters married. Item, 
To John Gernon of Merton, Agnes his wife, & there sonnes. 
Item, to John de Elmingham niy nephew & his sonnes; Robert 
Wotton my nephew, fjl 374.) 

Die Lune pxm post festu. Inventionis S^ Crucis 1383, Robert 
Rouse,* miles, &c. to be buried in the Abbey of Tarent Loci 

* Sir Robert Rouse married Joan, dau. and coheir of John 2d Lord Maltravers. 
See the pedigree of that family in p. 79, antea. The will of Sir John Amndel, 
who married Alianor the other coheir, is briefly noticed in the Testamenta Vetusta, 
p. 105 ; where, in the note, for ** Edmund fourth Earl of Arundel,'' read Richard 
fifth Earl, erasing the words, ** though Dugdale takes no notice of him." 

H 2 


S^i Ri. ep». To the building of Sarum Church \\ To Poules 
Church building !». To S* Hughes of Lincoln 508. For ex- 
penses at his funerall xx^ & c^ to the poore. To eueiy nun of 
Tarent Abbey xl^, & to euery sister there ij^. Item, to the frierf 
mi nor f of Dorchester l^. Item to finde iiij priestes celebratinge 
at the alter neare the body of S* Rich in Tarent ; in S* Micll 
Churche in Tarent Kaynef 2 priestes ; in the Church of S' 
Mary Tarent Keynef 2 priestes ; in the churche of S* Maryes of 
Ludesden 2 priests ; in S* Peter's Churche in the parish of Per- 
ciuall in Bedf 'shier, & 2 in all S^es at Wichampton, for on yeare 
after his death, to pray for the soules of his father & mother & 
euery of them by a yearly rent of viij marc' 8s & xvj marc'. Item 
to William Englishe my esquier 20 marc'. Item lego doiho 
Comit. de Kent salsariu deauratii cm Leone. Item to the 
comtess. To the abbes of Tarent on payre of golden beades. W^ 
much other plate ingraued w'^» th'armes of him & his wife Joane, 
of vessel!, saltes, & cupps. Execut. his wife, S"" Bartholomew 
PigQt, & others. His mannors of Scotton & Le Hoo & the 
reuersion of Dene in the Counti of Bedf. (f. 374.) 

1383. Will. Strete domicett de Anglia. He willeth that yf 
S^ John Cheny, Knight, will buy his mannor of Merworth for 
3000 marks & on C^ better cheape then any man. Item that his 
mannor of Notfeld be sold for ixC^, but to Nicholas Carew for 
viijC^. Item, his mannor of Grauncester to be sold to James of 
Grauncester for ixC^, but yf S^ Ri. Burle will haue it he must 
agree with my execul. Item my mannor of Coldham all to be 
sold & bestowed for the soules health of King Ed. the S^. He 
maketh Nicholas Brembre Knight, w^h others, executors, & 
mingleth w% them Ri. Burley & John Cheny, to levy his money 
in whatsoever Lumbardes or others hand in Rome. This was 
made in Rome, in his house in the pishe of S* Laurence in 
Damasco. (f. 374.) 

1385. John Devereux, Knight, (Testamenta Vet, p. 134.) 
Item, to the Chantry of Bishopeston of o^" Lady C^^ and a vestem' 
of red velvet, in his remembrance. All his lands to his wife 
Margaret for terme of life, then to the heires of his body ; for 
default, then to be imploied in charitie for him, his wife, and 
auncestors. To John his sonne, then to Joane his daughter; 
then after greate legasies of plate, to John Mohun le filz 2 great 


silver pottf w^h were made in Flaunderf , som w*h his armes 
upon them, v basons and ewers. To Jonet my daugh?, to marry 
her, 1000 markes, w^h other thinges atte castelles of Wodhall & 
Callais. Item, that was the Lo. Beumondf (sic) to his daugh? C 
markes more for his household stuff, a diamond, and a mariag 
ringe. Margaret his wife must leave her sonne John when she 
dieth, the greate Egle of Almayne, and all other plate but 2 
basonf w^h Beumondf armf to Henry Beumond a silver bowl 
w^h a lion on yt. Item, on corsen & xx^ to him. Item to Lau- 
ton my squier C markf ; to Thomas Devereux xl\ Item to my 
daughter^ nurse x markes to marry her ; to a base sonne, to his 
manage, C markes. Item to Joane a mayde of the Lady Bur- 
washes for hir mariage 40^, to Margaret Hogshaw for the like 40^. 
Margaret his wife, Nicholas Tey, and Nicholas Poleyn, execut. 
He was when he lived steward. His overseers, John Bishop of 
Hereford, S' Hugh Segrave, & S' Aubrey de Ver, & S' Simon 
de Burley, knight^, rf. 376 \) 

Richard Fodringas, armiger. To be buried at God's plea- 
sure ; his soule to S* Mary & all Stf . To Joane his wife 4 C 
marc* & all his siluer plate & household stufFe. To Henry Tan- 
ner vintener of London C marc & his best basenet of siluer 
garnished, & his best shirt of male. To Emme my mother C 
marc'. To Will. Tyndall 4 marc'. To John Norbury of Hart- 
fordsh my best zone of siluer. To Robert Buckton esquier 
4 marc, & my best zone but on of siluer. To John Marischall 
esquier. Item to all the squieres and archers deteined prisoners 
w*h him in Spayne CC marc' in recompence for the composition 
w^ he there made greatly to there losse & his pfitt, whereof for 
God's love he askech them forgiueness. Item to John Colfell 
vintener of London xx*, w^^ my best sword of Burdeux. He 
had his dominion in Risinge in Norfolk. 8 Mar. 1390. (f. 373 \) 

John Filliol of Essex esquire, the 20 of July 1390, made his 
will in Thorp to be buried in the He annexed to S* Maryes 
Church in Thorpe ; to Joane his daughter 26* 13^ 4^ ; to Anne 
his daughter so much, Cecely his wife, Richard his father, & 
Anne his mother ; for chaunting for them 30* to be payed in ix 
yeares. To John sonne of William Filliol x*, & his best horse in 
his stable w^^ sadle & bridle and all my armoure; & to Anne 
daughter to William Fillioll. Ite' to Ciceslye Fitz Ralf to pray 


for them at Wickes xl». Executors, John sonne of "William 
Filliol, & William Wright, & if his daughter dye, then his sonnes 
to have there ptes, and so contrariwise, (f. 361 K) 

William Harpele, esquier to the Kinge of England, the x*^ of 
May 1392, to be buried in the churche of the ordre.of Friers 
Hermetes of S* Augustin's, Lenn, in the dioces of the bishop of 
Norwiche ; x marc* for his sepulture, xx^ to the poore, xx marc* 
to the mendinge of Harpele Churche, xx^ to widowes & orphanes. 
Act' apud Lenn epS test' Dom'no Johanne Stacye cum rege, 
Roger Flechambe, Adam Kumesey, et Will' Garby, armigeris 
domini regis, (f. 361 ^.) 

Tho. Bishop of Sarum giueth to his Churches for the health 
of S' William Le Scrope. He had the mannor of Stauenton in 
Comit. Berk. & Westbery in Comit. Wilts. w*h advouson ofi &c. 
He giueth to John de Waltham his nephew, his lands in Walt- 
ham after the decease of Joane my sister, his mannor of Borstall 
in Kent, & Plesesley in Comit. Derb. & to him the keping of all 
his landes w^h weare of th'inheritance of Joane daughter & heire 
of Robert Grey of Rotherfeld & her mariage. A moste exceding 
long will & dat. 1395. This will pued by S' Roger Walden, 
tresorer of Ingland, & S' Willia Le Scrope the King's Cham- 
berlayne. (f, 375.) 

Robert Bardolph, Knight, willeth to be buried in the Church 
of Maplederham-Gumay, where his father and mother are 
buried. He giueth to many churches reparations; also to the 
erecting a toambe for me, that praierf may be said for me the 
more decently, Ix^. Amice his wife had the rest of his goodes, & 
was his chefe executor. Dated at Maplederham Gurney a® 
Domin. 1395. (f. 375.) 

1400. Almarick de St. Amand \TtsU Vet. p. 159]. Ida his 
first wife. (f. 343 \) 

Eudo Hareleston to be buried in S* Clementes churche yard 
in Cambridg. To the frierf minorf there xx^. The rest of his 
goods, mannorf , & landes in the counti of Essex & Cantabrig. 
to remayne to Elianor my wife, & to the heires of o*^ bodyes. 
ITie 3d of November 1400. (f. 343 \) 


William Dangle, knight, the Satterday before S* John the 
baptist 1401. To be buried in S' Mich chauncell of Stow 
priores. Item to celebrate for William my sonne, late deceased. 
To Richard Grirsben my steward for his good seruice xl^ " Base- 
net' loricu cum glovis de plates." Item to Joh my base sonne 
the 3<* part of my inheritance for tearme of life w^h my mother 
gaue me in Ingepen by consent of Hugh de Kamet Lo. of 
Banch my brother. The rest of my goods to John my base 
Sonne. S"" Will. Beachamp brother to th'erl of Warwick his 
Lord, execut. & his reuerend Lo. Lodowic de Clifford & his 
reuerend Lady Mortimer, (f. 344.) 

1402. Anne Lady Latimer (Test. Vet. p. 160.) Roger and 
William her brothers, (f. 344.) 

1417. John Rodeney, armiger, to be buried in S^ Mary Mag- 
dalenf . Agnes my wife, Walter my sonne. (f. 345.) 

The x'^ of January 14 19. Thomas Fermbaud, armiger, of 
Bladesden, to be buried there. To John S* John my brother, 
Elizab. my wife, JVilP his heir, Richard his son.^ ff. 345.) 

5 of October 1420. Agnes Rodeney ^ in Wiblecastle. To 
be buried in Lanredian neare her auncestorf . For praier 20^ 
Her seruants to be reuarded as pleaseth her reuerend father & 
Lord S' [John] S* John, Knight Walter, John, & Robert her 
sonnes. Oliver S* John, Knight, my brother. Thomas Wod- 
vile my execut. (f. 345.) 

(1442.) 21 H. 6ti. Sir Will' Cheney {Nicolas, p. 249.) To 
John my son C'S to Margaret my daughter CCCC^, with plate 
and household stuff; to William Sonde my cossen x^, a ringe to 
WiU' Sondes wife. (f. 373.) 

xij Marcii 1446. Johes Pointf ar. de North Wekendon, &c. 
sepeliend in capella bee Marie de North Wekendon, &c. It' 
Thome Poyntf , &c. Johes Poynes filius mens execut. Entayled 
to Reginald my son, chapplayn ; to Thomas my son ; then to 

<= Erased. 

** Widow of John Rodney, Esq. above, and daughter of Sir John St. John. 


thare systers, Agnes and Maud : then to y^ heirf of Elanor my 
mother, (f. 278.) 

The xvth of Apryell 1469 (9 Edw. IV.) John Poyntf of 
North Wokendon, Esquier, to be buryed ut sup* at the auters 
end before y^ imadg of St. Andrew. To Thomas my son. To 
Thomasyn my daughter, & Kattryn my da., & Anne my da. 
eche 40 markf. To Maud my wyfFe my lordsh. of North wo. 
w^h advowson to W"* my son, &c. W™ Part, gent, overseer. 
(/. 278.) 

Phillipp Thornbury, knight, Lo. of Bigraue in Hertfordshire 
25 Junii 1452. To be buried in all St's in Munden pua. Ni- 
cholas Appleyard & Margaret his wife executors, (f. 369 \ ex 
regist Stokton.) 

William Brokas, senior, armiger, 4 Martii 1454. To be 
buried in Sherborne. William & Barnard my sonnes. Will. 
Warbilton ar. my overseer, (f. 369 \ ex regist Stokton.) 

Dame Elizabeth, late widow to Thomas Frowik ar. de comitat. 
Midlesex. To be buried in S* Giles in Southmimes, neare to 
her husband. Execut. Henry Frowik her sonne, & Thomas 
Frowik her cosin. 29 Aprilis 1455. (f. 369 \ ex regist. Stokton.) 

Nicholas Carew of Bedyngton, senior, in comit. Surr. armig. 
1456, to be buried in S* Maries there. Rose, Margaret, and 
Emelyne my daughters to eche O. Margaret my wife my man- 
nors of Stodham in comit. Hertford. Nicholas and James my 
sonnes. (f. 370, ex regist Stokton.) 

Edmond Inglethorpe, miles, 9 Auguste 1456, to be buried in 
Burgh churche. To William Stutuill my seruant my mannor of 
S* Omers in Gurwell. To the appointment of dame Katherine 
de Burgh, Joane my wife,^ John Priset, chefe justice of the 
Bench. Exer», Laurence Cheny, Thomas Lokton, esquieres, &c. 
His mannors of Kenwic, Tilney, & Frenge in Norf. ; Burgh & 
Melresh in the comit. of Cambridge; Alwethle in Essex, to 

« Sir Edmund Inglethorp married Joan second daughter of John first Lord 


Juane my wife; after to Isabell my daughter;^ for default of 
yssue to John Erl of Worcester, Lo. Tiptoft and Powis,ff then for 
the soules of John & Thomas Inglethorp, Edmond & Walter 
de la Pole. Test. Henr. Chevele. (f. 369 \ ex regist Stokton.) 

Ultimo Februarii 1467. Richard Hatfeld of Steple mordon 
in comit Cantabrigie armig'. To be buried in o' Ladyes of 
Wolchurche, by the stokes [stocks] of London, in a toambe there. 
Margaret his wife, Mawdelyne his doughter. His horse, trap- 
peres of goldsmithes work & bauldrik of silver, in a bag, be 
divided betwixt Edward & Thomas my sonnes. S' William 
S^ George, knight, & Robert Langley, gentleman, my cossen, 
execut (f. 369 \ ex regist Goodyn.) 

Foulk Eytone armiger. Richard his brother a prest. Isabell 
Inglefeld execut. To be intombed by his godfather S*" Fouk de 
Pembrudge in o' Lady chappell of Tonge. Thomas my father. 
To John Eyton all my horse & harneis except that of goldsmithes 
worke. Item that Lucy his wife, John, Fouke, & Roger Eyton 
to ech xxl To my page Harman & other that came with me 
out of Normandy, furniture w^i* his arms. To John sonne to 
Isabell Inglefeld. (f. 370 \) 

Andrew Ogard, Knight. Alice my wife, S' John Bouchier, 
Knight, Lo. Berners, execut. Robert Whitingham, Fr. my 
Sonne. His body to be buried in sepulture in the north side of 
the highe alter in S* Maries monastery in Wimondham. Where- 
soeuer I dye to be brought thither. The arms of my self & my 
wife to be put in a crosse & given to the house. He w^h Cardi- 
nalls & great Lords executoi*s to the Duke of Bedford. S'^ 
Thomas Fleminge, knight, Lieutenant of Cans [Calais ?] Willia 
Browne ar. Constable there, (f. 370 \) 

1488. Richard Child of Harlton in the Countie of Cambridge, 
Esquier. To be buried in S* M aries there. Thomas my sonne. 
My daughters. Execut. Joane my wife, Henry Cargley, & 
Ric. Barley, (f. 373, e regist, Stokton.J 

' She married Jolin Marquis Montaente. 

s The celebrated patron of learning, Sir John Tiptoft, K.G. brother to Lady 
Inglethorpe. Beheaded 18 Oct. 1470. 



John Shardlowe, Knight. To be buried in Toropston church, 
neare his parents and auncestors. He giueth to Fulbume 
churche w'h many others. To the mariage of his daughter 
Elizabeth 1 C marc. Executors Margaret his wife and John 
Baude. (f. 375 \ ex regist Archiep, Courtenay ab a^ 1484.) 

Elizabeth Lady Say, wydow, in her will made y® last of 
January 1464, desyreth to be buryed in the pk)ry of Erbury, in 
com, Warwic. where the bones of hir auncestors rest. She 
gyveth for the conducte of her body thither & prayJ's by the way 
one C markf . She bequetheth to hir daughter Alicia, wyfe to 
Clem* Spine, esquire, xx^ in money. It. to Anne Launvaill hir 
servaunte xl^ her best gowne furred wtl» martyns & many fumi- 
tufes for hir body chamber, & to many of hir servauntf gownes 
of her wardrop & such lyke. She willeth that hir son Sir Tho- 
mas Montgomy shall keep all her servauntf half a yere yf they 
be not soner pvyded of service. It. he shall have all hir stufiP in 
her place at Falkebume except hir plate, & form bequestf . 
She nomynateth theis hir excecutors, S^ Tho. Motgomery, 
knight, M' Thomas Stubbes, Tho. Grene, & John Rous ; and 
desyreth hir broth' S'^ RafiPe Buttler, Lord of Sudley, to be 
ouseer. Dated att Falkeburne. Hereunto ys apped^unte the 
bushoppf grete sele, w^l* tharmes of Canterbury & Cardinall 
Bowser, & hir sele. (MS. Lansd. 860, B.f. 107.) 

G. S. S. 



St. Andrew's Priory at Tywardreth, situated about half way between 
Lostwithiel and Fowey, was founded soon after the Conquest, and was 
a Cell to the Benedictine Abbey of SS. Sergius and Bacchus at Angers. 
At this distance of time it may be impossible to recover the complete 
succession of its Priors -, the following is the best that I can now offer. 

li OsBERT occurs Prior in the time of Robert Warelwast, 
Bishop of Exeter; consequently between 1155 and 1160, and, 
it is believed, was in the sequel Abbat of the mother house at 

2. Baldwin, as Prior, witnessed a deed of Robert Fitz- 
william in Nov. 1169. 


8. Theobald, it is probable, succeeded Baldwin. 

4. Michael, whose obit was kept 6th March. 

5. Hamelin, who died 1st April, 

6. James, who died 24th March. 

7. John Loenter, died 6th April. 

8. Roger, whose anniversary was kept 12 October. 

9. Roger, whose anniversary was kept 31 Oct. 

The six preceding are from the Tywardreth Calendar^ but the years 
are unrecorded. 

10. Galfridus, or Geoffrey, was admitted Prior 22 May 

11. Philip de Trembleyon, after a long superiority died 
25 May 1333. 

12. William Bonges, confirmed Prior 17 Nov^ 1333. One. 
account states that he died 18 Oct 1355: another fixes his 
death in 1371. 

13. William de la Hay succeeded 1 Nov. 1371; ob. 18 
June 1399. 

14. John Maslyn followed : I find that he died Prior 7 
Aug. 1406. 

15. John Rogger, confirmed Maslyn's successor 18th Dec. 
1406, and resigned his ofiice 27 years later. 

16. John Brentyngham succeeded 28 Oct. 1433, and died 
Prior 11th Oct. 1450. 

17. William or Walter Barnecote was admitted Prior 
31 Oct. 1450, and held his dignity until his decease 20 Nov. 

18. Richard Marston or Martyn died Prior 4 Nov. 1510. 

19. Thomas Colyns (son, I believe, of John Colyns and 
Alice his wife) succeeded on 25 Nov. 1510, and was the Prior 
at the dissolution of his house in 1536. 

Bat the present object of the writer is not to attempt a history of the 
Priory, but to furnish some account of a folio Latin Manuscript now 
before him, which formerly belonged to it, and is still in a fair state of 
preservation. A consideral)le portion, he conceives, was written in the 
early part of the fifteenth century j but there is intrinsic evidence that 
certain parts were not written until the close of that century, and that 
several entries were made but within a short period antecedent to the 
suppression of the Monastery. 

The work is divided into five parts. The first contains about thirty- 
six folios. On one side are placed the obits of the religious brethren 

I 2 


under the title of Prof east ; on the other side occur the names of 
friends and benefactors under the title of Familiares. Many of the 
names in this Calendar are Norman -, they would be too numerous and 
uninteresting to copy j some^ however, with several curious memoranda 
interspersed, will be given towards the conclusion of this article. 

The second part consists of nine folios ; it contains the ceremonial of 
blessing the religious habit, and of receiving Novices. The following 
English dialogue, between the Prior, standing in the Chapter House 
surrounded by his brethren, and the Novice kneeling before him, may 
amuse the readers of the Collectanea : 

Prior, What desire ye ? 

Novice. To be mad Broder. 

P. Ys hit yowr wyl & yow hertely desyre to be parte taker 
of all massis and prayers and almys dede done yn holy place, 
or schall be done here after ? 

N. Ye. 

P. Al so ys hit yowr wille to defende and to manteyne the 
righte of this holy plas to yowr power, where by God & Sjoit 
Androw may be the pesabeler servyd by yowr worde and gode- 
wille, as a trewe broder otghte to do ? 

N. Ye. 

The third part has twenty-five folios, and comprehends thirty-three 
homilies selected from the works of SS. Augustine, Maximus, Leo the 
Great, and John Chrysostom. One of these was read at the collation 
or evening refreshment, granted to the Community before complin, on 
most of the week days in Lent, viz. from the first Monday until the last 
Wednesday inclusively 3 for no collation was allowed on the four first 
days, nor on the last three days of that penitential season. In more 
ancient times the Lecture was taken from one of the twenty-four '' Col- 
lationes Patrum," » or Conferences of the Fathers of the Desert, and 
by degrees the refreshment itself obtained the name of Collation. For 
a long time the refreshment was confined to a draught of wine mingled 
with water ; but gradually the relaxation of a morsel of bread or dried 
fruits was introduced. 

The fourth part comprises in forty-one folios Usuard's Martyrolo^um. 
The dedication to Charles the Bald (fourth son of Louis le Debonnaire 
and grandson of Charlemagne, and who died in 877, aet. 54) begins thus, 
'' Domino Regum piissimo Karolo, Usuardus indignus Sacerdos ac Moua- 
chus perhennem in Christo coronam.** The author states that, in 
obedience to the orders of this " wisest of Princes,** he had ventured to 

* This work #a8 written by lohn Cassian, an eminent spiritualist, who died at 
Marseilles abmtt the year 43Cf. 


imitate the labours of St. Jerome^ of venerable Bede, of Florus, the 
Deacon of Lyons^ a contemporary, — that he had revised and added 
several notices^ and had derived important assistance from one Stepha- 
nas. This Martyrologium begins with Christmas Eve. 

The fifth part contains the rule of St. Benedict in twenty-one folios. 
'' Hie Incipit Regula eximii Patris Benedicti." 

We may now transcribe from the Calendar what is more generally 
interesting : 

16. Obiit Dns Jobes Rosy, Vicarius de Tywardreth. 

24. Jobes Tregian ^ Armiger & Receptor Coniubie & Johanna 
uxor ejus. 

11. Obiit venerabilis in X?o Pater Dns Dns Henricus (Beau- 
fort) nuper Sci Eusebii Presbyter Cardinalis ac Wynton. Epus, 


14. Obitus Dni Jobis Tyly, Vicarii de Lanlyvy, A. D. 


26. Ricardus, Rex Almanie. 

27. Deposicio Sci Achardi Abbatis A.D. mxciii. 

28. Deposicio Dni Roberti (Chichester) Exon. Epi, A.D. 


31. Deposicio Dni Hervei Abbatis, A.D. mclix. 


2. Deposicio Dni Fulberti Epi Camocensis (Chartres) Anno 
Dni c XXIX. 

4. Apud Civitatem Andecanam Monasterium novum Sci 
Salvatoris dedicatum est A.D. mlxii. 

— Obitus Isabelle de Cardinan. 

7. Deposicio Dni Bemardi Abbatis, A.D. mcii. 

13. Juliana Barnecotte obiit, A.D. mcccclii. Anno regni 
Henrici sexti tricesimo primo. 

^ Our Cornish readers may not have generally heard that the last of this family, 
Francis Tregian, Esq. after 28 years* close imprisonment under Queen Elizabeth, 
for adhering to the Catholic religion, was set at liberty by King James I. or that he 
retired to Lisbon and died there 25 Sept. 1608. His life in Latin (a rare duode- 
cimo) was written by a relation, Francis Plunkett, and was published at Lisbon in 
1655. A poetical compliment to Yerstegan by this Francis Tregian is prefixed to 
the ** Decayed Intelligence." 

^ Here the numeral m is omitted — (10S9) ; and we may here remark that the 
MS. abounds with inaccuracies and solecisms. 


16. Thomas le Varundel bone memorie quondam Burgensis 
de Fawe. 

18. Jobes Persy vail miles & Thomasia cbnjux. 

30, Gaufridus comes Vvastinensis, ut de Abbate ita de eoA 
— . Obiit Hildegard Regina, Karoli Magni uxor, A.D. 



5. Thomas Graynfyld miles & Ezabella uxor ejus. Rogerus 
Graynfyld armiger & Margareta. 

6. Deposicio Dni Wigrini Epi, A.D. mlxv. 

11. Dns Hugo Abbas moritur ab Incarnacione Dni dccclxxxvi 
ct ipso anno ascenderunt Normanni versus Parisios & Senonas. 
16. Deposicio Dili Osperti Abbis, A.D. mclxxi. 


7. Deposicio Domni Henrici Abbatis Monasterii SS. Apto- 
rum Petri & Pauli. 

— Dni Edvvardi Principis Anglie. 

— Ysabelle Regine Anglie. 

8. Deposicio Savarici Bathoniensis Epi. 

9. Robertus Pedder, Tebota uxor ejus, qui dederunt ad laudem 
Dei & honorem Sci Andree hujus loci Patroni unum Missale & 
unum Graduale, cum duobus Processionariis. 

11. Pro anima Thome Staterigge, Vicarii de Tywardreth. 
26. Thomas filius Stephani, filii Robert! Comitis. 


3. Dna Helena de Cardinan. 

7, Obitus Johis TrafFry militis bone memorie, qui obiit viii 
id. et viio die mensis Septembr md. cujus aie ppicietur Deus. 

9. Willelmus Rex Anglorum (Conquest or) & Benedictus 
Abbas. f 

12. Deposicio Dni Gaufridi Abfeis SS. Sergii & Bacchi. 

19. Dns Andreas de Cardinan. 

— Deposicio Petri de Brolio, quondam Abbatis SS. Sergii 
& Bacchi. 

26. Deposicio Dni Willelmi ( Warelwast) Exoii Epi A. D. 


* Perhaps this Earl was the true founder of the Priory. 



10. Deposicio D. Gaufridi Andecanomm Epi, A,D. mx. 
— D. Hugonis Abbatis. 

16. Deposicio D. Willi Abbatis, mclxvii. 


1 1. Petrus Bevyll armiger & Thomasina uxor ejus. 

23. Reginaldus Bray miles & Diia uxor, speciales Benefac- 


7. Dns Johannes Nyvet A.D. mccccxlvi dedit pro anniver 
sario suo celebrando ad usum Ecctie unum par vestimentorum 
sacerdotalium cum calice argenteo. 

— Dns Jobes Cowche, nuper Rector Ecctie See Kayane. 

11. Obitus Johannis Comwaill militis, nuper Dni de Fawn- 
hop, A.D. 1443. 

Amongst other benefactors to the Priory we meet with the families 
of Horde, Vyvyan, Hill, Tredenek, Hyeks, Bavy, Rowlyn, & Webbe. 

SL Nicholas Priory^ Exeter. G. O. 



The cruel and insupportable hardships of the Forest laws, under 
sanction of which the most horrid tyranny and oppression were exercised 
for the sake of preserving the beasts of the chace (to kill any of which 
within the limits of a royal forest ^ was as penal as the death of a man) 
occasioned our ancestors to be not less jealous for their reformation than 
they were for the relaxation of the feudal rigours and other exactions 
introduced by our Norman monarchs } and accordingly, we find the 
immunities of the Carta de Foresta as warmly contended for as those 
of Magna Carta itself. By the former, which was confirmed in Parlia- 

* Besides the royal forests, there were in the county of Salop others which w6re 
in the hands of private individuals ; but the latter, though called forests, were pro- - 
perly the same with chaces, being subject to the common law, and not to the forest 
laws, unless the jurisdiction were added in the original grant The^e forest laws^ 
have fallen into total disuse since 1688. 



ment^ 9 Henry III. many forests were disafforested or stripped of their 
oppressive privileges ; and regulations were made in the regimen of 
those that remained. Henry^ however^ very soon commenced making 
fresh encroachments by extending the forests^ and by enforcing tbdr 
laws in places over which they had no legal jarisdiction ; and his suc- 
cessor Edward I. pursued the same system until the difficulties he got 
into by his arbitrary conduct towards the then Earls of Hereford and 
Norfolk^ enabled the Barons of the realm to extort from him a fresh 
confirmation of the two charters. On which occasion, for the better 
and more complete execution of the Carta de Foresta, or ' lesser charter * 
as it was called, the King agreed that new perambulations thereof 
should be made, whereby the exact boundaries of all the royal forests 
should be defined by a jury in each county ; that all those places and 
lands which had by former encroachments been comprehended mthin 
their limits should be disafforested ^ and that Commissioners should be 
appointed to inquire into offences done contrary to both the charters ; 
in every county three substantial men, knights, or other lawful^ wise, 
and well disposed persons, which should be Justices, sworn and assigned 
by the King s letter. 

In pursuance of this arrangement the perambulation of the royal 
forests took place ; that of those in Shropshire, 28 Edw. I. A. D. ISOO, 
as appears from the following important charter granted by that mo- 
narch, a copy of which stands No. 279 in the cartulary of Shrewsbury 
abbey, and shews by and before whom the same was made, the bounda- 
ries of the respective forests, and the places that ought to be disaffo- 
rested ; thereby enabling any one possessed of local knowledge of the 
county to form a tolerably correct estimate of the immense extent to 
which those encroachments had been carried. 

Magna Carta cCni Edwardi reg" de faresta Salopssir*. 

Eadwardus di gra Rex Angt Dns Hiba & dux Aquitann 
Omnib} ad q^s psentes litt'e pvenPint satm. Sciatis q^ cu comu- 
nitas regni nost» nobis 9cesseris qintam deciam oiu honof, suoj 
mobiliu q hebut i festo sci Michis pxio fu?o extnc taxandof, que 
quide qintadecia post hi^ taxacom colligi & leuari & fidel'r nofc 
solui. Volum^ & 9cedim^ p nob & hedib} nris q^ pamb'latoes 
facte cora diicis & fidelib} nost>s Rogo le Braba30n & sociis suis 
ad hoc assigtis p pceptu nrm de forestis nris i comitaS Salop de ce?o 
teneat'& obseruent' p metas &bndas gtetas in eisde pamb'laSib} q> 
tenor de ubo ad ubQ seqH"" in hue mod'. Peramb'laco foreste i 
com Salop fca cora Ro§o le Braba3on. Wifto Bontenyleyn. 
Johe Druel. & Henr de Guldeford Just' dni reg ad uisu dicte 





^ taijbi^ pamb'Iaoois faciend' p dSm r^e assignat', convocatis 8c psentib} 
7«i»fiia^ RoPo filio Johis.^ Thoma de Baggesoue. Pho de Polileye. 
^iiad^ Rogo de la Mare. Ro§o de Welintx)n. & Witto de Rucheton 
omdicijd^ forestariis dni regis de feodo. Pe? de Eyton.^ Galfrido de Kyn- 
^tfcfl^ sideleye.d & Elia de Sutton, viridariise dni regis foreste sue i 
' ^ i^( Com pdco sexto die Junii anno regni regis Eadwardi vicesimo 
■^^on /n|v octauo p sacrm Witti de Hodenet. Robti Corbet. Rogi Spren- 
'**"•». 1^: chose. Thorn de Roshale. Yuonis de Clinton militu. Jotis de 
^di'k Esthope. Johis de Opton. Wifti Rondulph. Reginaldi de Chauyn- 
^'^Wb thon. Hugonis de Wlonkeslowe. Witti de Caluerhale. Robert! 
*"^^ de Dotinton. Hugonis le fiz Aer. Henrici de Bradelegh. 
^^P Rog^i de Buterlegh. Rogi fit Thorn de PiwlesdoS. Ro^i de 
Cheyne. Guydonis de Glaselegh. Joliis de Stiuynton. & 
Reginaldi de Charnes.^ Qui dicunc qd dns Rex het q^<>da Haya 
que ucx^at^ le Lithewode ? & e foresta p tales bndas. videlict ab alta 
via ad boscu Audulphi de Bracy iux^ Poghwenhale ascendendo p 
Weelbacheseuese p cooptu de Lithewode usq^ ad campu de magna 
Lythe p Welbacheseuese wey usq^ Wernardeslegh & sic inde 
ascendendo p hayam campi de mag^ Lythe usq^ ad uiride via q 
ducit s'b EgesfordesknoUe. & ita p dcam uiam usq^ ad hayam 
campi de Wesseleye et ita p dicta hayam usq^ ad hayam campi 
e tkk ^^ parua Lithe. & s<^^ eand hayam usq^ ad sichetu q'd descendit 

^j^^ i? capu de Lythe parua & capude Beystan. Et inde ascendendo 

leki: 9 ^^^ sychetu usq^ ad threnchiam^ i? forestam de Lythewode & 

« QtB boscu de Beystan. Et inde directe p dicta trenchiam usq^ le 

^ This was Roger, son of John de Boulewas, who held Bonlewas (now Bolas 
tif^. Magna), and other lands by seijeanty of keeping the King's forests in Shropshire. 

< Ancestor of the present Thomas Eyton, of Eyton super Wildmore, Esq. which 
place, with other property immediately adjoining, has been enjoyed by that family 
in lineal succession from a very short period after the Conquest. 
' Now called Kinnersley ; and hence the Shropshire family of that name, repre- 
}^ sented by Thomas Kynnersley, of Leighton, Esq. 

* The Yerderers held courts once in every forty days, to inquire into all offences 
against Vert and Venison. 

' The families of these twenty gentlemen of the jury are all extinct in the male 

line except that of Sir Robert Corbet, lineal ancestor of the present Sir Andrew 

^ Corbet, of Morton Corbet, co. Salop, Bart, and that of Roger son of Thomas de 

td Piwlesdon, now represented by Sir Richard Puleston, of Emral, co. Flint, Bart. 

;: Sir Robert Corbet died before the perambulation was confirmed by the King. 

s In the margin opposite is " lithewode." 

^ An ancient British encampment, now denominated Bury's Camp, and situated 
near to Bayston Hill. 

on oik 





Braciesok'. £t sic inde descendendo usc^ ad metas i? Beystan ^ 8r 
Polilegh. £t ita p pdictas metas uidel} qdda uetus fossatu usq^ 
Beystaneshull. Et de BeystaneshuS descendendo usq^ ad Bole- 
meressiche. 8c ita ascendendo p qda uetus fossatu subt? Bolerugh 
us(^ ad campu de Aluichmere. Et ita p p'dictii (^pii us<^ le 
score sup Boletug. Etinde descendendo us^ ad (Spu de Sutton. 
Et inde ascendendo us<^ Wolmereshaystowe. Et s^ dir^te usq^ 
le horeston in Twichenilde Greuen. Et s<^ inde \is(y ad villa de 
Polileye. ascendendo ad cap'd uille p qddam sichetu usc^ ad 
c^dam uetus fossatu ap'd le Stockyngesheued. Et inde ascendedo 
p media moram de Polileye vsq^ le Hokesheued. Et inde p le 
hauedwei usc^ Luilayeswey. Et ita de Lullayeswai us(^ Butteshute 
iux^ Pormonesgreuen. 8c inde directe usq^ oomeram de Hani^h. 
Et s<^ p qMam uia usc^ le Morsich' iux^ Audulph shutte. Et s^ 
descendedo p le Mersich' usq^ ad alta uia iux Pc^hwenhale vbi 
p^ma bnda incipit. 

^ Ite dicut (^ dns Hex bet i eod' com c^>dam alia haya que 
uocat^ Hauehurst Et est fores? p has metas videl} de Cherleyes- 
ford ascendedo p Clueyesigh usc^ le Merbrok'. Et ide descendedo 
p le Merbrok* usq^ ad riparia q uocat"" Oneye. Et ide descen- 
dendo p ripa de Onye usc^ le Hauedbrok'. Et sic ascendedo p 
le Hauedbrok' usq^ Chrleghford vbi p>ma meta incipit. 

1 Itm dicut qd dns Rex bet i eod' com ¥ciam hayam q vocat^ 
Bishepmore & e foresta p has metas. videlicet de le Hauedweies- 
helde descendedo p Winewesbrok' usq^ Bottestret. Et s^ p 
uiam de Bottestret ascendedo us(^ Bottelowe 8c ad hue p ^cam 
uia de Bottestret us% le Oldehale. Et ide p cooptii usc^ Hasel- 
walle. Et sc de Haselwall' p q'ddam fossatu usc^ Whittinges- 
wall'. Et sic de Whittingeswalie ascendendo p cooptu usq^ le 
Hauedweyeshelde ubi p^ma meta incipit. Et dicut q'd heres 
Pet* Mauueisin ™ tenet villam de Muneton cu ptint' de dno rege 
p custodia dicta^ haysA de Hauekhurste & Bidiepmore facienda 
8c e foresta. Et dicut ecia c^ man^iu de Stretton i Strettonesdale 

* Hence the family of Beystan, now extinct. 

^ In the margin opposite here is ** Hauekhurste." 

* In the margin opposite here b ** Biisemore." 

"* Peter de Maveisin of Berwick, near Attingham, thence called Berwick Ma- 
yeisin or MaTeston, was descended from a younger branch of the Maveisins of 
Ridware, co. Stafford, and inherited the Muneton estate and other property from 
his mother, who was daughter and heiress to Peter de Muneton. 


cu boscis & vastis & oib} suis appendiciis q'd Hawisia de la 
Pole ^ tenet de dno Rege ad ?minii vite sue e foresta. 

o I? dicut qd diis rex het i eod com q^rla hayam q uocatur 
haya de Welintofi. & est foresta p has metas videl} de Clerkene- 
brugge in Watlingestrete P ascendedo p le Stonibrok* usq^ capd 
gardini Radi de Clotlegh. Et a capite dicti gardini ascendendo 
p le Stonibrok' iisq^ le Quyksond. Et sic del Quyksond ascen- 
dendo p qanda via usq^ le Merok*. Et ita del Merok' ascendedo 
usqj le salyn. et inde ascedendo usc^ ad fonte q» d^r le Sprungwall 
1 canipo de Huntitoii. Et ide p hayam dci campi usq^ le Ma- 
pelenehacche. Et adhuc p pdicta hayam usq^ Huntitoneshacche. 
Et inde ascendendo usq^ le stanidelf. & del stanidelf descendendo 
usq^ Huntitonestile. Et sic descended© usq^ ad q^nda quercu q 
stet in le Maysemo^. Et ita inde ascededo usq^ Boynhale burne. 
& de Boynhale burne p qMa haya usq^ Boynhale Lydeyat. Et sic 
p altam uia descendendo usq^ le dede queneok'. Et inde des- 
cendendo p dicta uia usq^ le Oue smethe descendendo p le Neth' 
smeth* us^ le horeston' in Ardlestones grene. Et inde directe 
usq^ le Wothuinesford' ad comera campi de Ardleston. Et sic 
p radeweystile descendendo usq^ Bayleybrok'. Et inde descc- 
dendo p Bayleybrok' usq^ Watlingstrete descendendo p Wat- 
lingstrete usq^ le Wodewardes shute. Et ide p pdicta uiam 
usq^ Clerkenebrugge. ubi p^ma meta incipit. 

q H diciit q^ dns Rex lit i eod com q^nta haya ^ vocat"" Shirlet- 
& e foresta p has metas. Videl3 de Yapenacres Merwey ascen- 
dendo usq^ le raueneshok'. Et ide directe usq^ Brewallegrene. 
Et ide descendendo usq^ Romiesedene siche. Et inde directe 
us(^ le merewey iux le coleherch' ascedendo p le fendeshok' usq^ 
le Demewhiteford. Et inde ascedendo usq^ le Neth'coumbesheued. 
et sc dir^te p le Middelcoumbesheued usq^ le Oucoumbesheued. 
Et ide descedendo usq^ Caldewall. Et sic descendendo p la lynde 
iisq^ le Mer Elyn. Et ide descendendo usq^ Dubeldaneslegh., 
Et ide ascendendo p qda sichetu usq^ le Pirle. Et ide ascendedo 

^ Wife of GrufiFydd ap Gwenwynwyn Prince of Powis, and grandmother to the 
celebrated Hawise Gadarn, wife of Sir John de Cherleton, Knight, Baron Cherle- 
ton de Powis. 

*» In margin opposite here is " Welinton." 

p A place situate on the ancient Roman road of that name, which it still bears, 
and is about a mile distant from Wellington. 

f In the margin opposite here is ** Schirlet" 


us^ Wichardesok*. Et sic directe usc^ le Pundefold.^^ Et sic 
descendendo p le Shepewey us(]^ le Holewereuen. £t inde as- 
cendendo p q&ndam hayam usq^ Adameshale. £t sic p assarta q 
Joiles de Haldenha tenet arentata de dno rege usq^ ad cornera de 
Mokeleyesrowe. Et inde ascededo usq^ Yapenacr Merwey ubi 
p^ina meta dee haye icipit If dicut qd dns Rex bt ibidem 
qnda placia bosci q vocat^ Benthleghaye. & e i ead foresta. 

s If dicut qd dns Rex bet i eod com quendam diiicu boscu q^ 
vocat"" Morf. et e foreste p has metas videl} de Pendestones mulne 
ascededo p Sab^na usq^ locu vbi Worgh descendit i Sab^na. Et 
sc ide ascendedo p riparia de Worgh us(^ Worth'bnigg*. Et 
ide ascededo p dicta riparia usq^ ad Rindeleford brugg'. !Et s^ 
ascededo usq^ Chirle p riparia. Et s<^ ascendendo usq^ Chirlefbrdes 
brugg\ Et sic p alta uia iisq^ villa de Hulton. Et inde p quida 
via usc^ le Woghbrokesheth. Et s^ dir^te p le Stonistrete us<j 
Apewardes castel. Et s^ p metas i? comitatus Salop* & Stafibrd 
usqj le Cherlesok'. Et ide dir^te it' dnicu dni reg man^ii sui de 
Clauleye & campos de Whititne.* Borhton'.deBrugg & Gatacre » 
usqj cooplu de Morf. Et sc p dictu cooptu usq^ le Blakewalle 
apd le Oldefeld*. Et inde usc^ le Shireuelydyat Et ide p le 
crosweyslone usq^ haya del brodenewelonde. Et inde directe 
usq^ Fililode.x Et s^ in? hayam & la Lythe usq^ Trugge put. Et 
sc descededo p q'ddam sichetu usq^ le Stonibrugge de Wodetdn. 
Et sc p sichetu usq^ Wynelesford'. Et ide p alta via usq^ Mosely- 
dyat. Et inde usq^ Halyweyeslydyat. Et s^ p q^nda semita usc^ 
le Hethenedich' descendedo p le Hethenedich' usq^ gurgite de 
Quatford. Et s^ ascendendo p Sab^na usq^ ad qda uet^ fossatS 
inter campii de Brugge. & villa de Q»tford'. Et p alta via ua^ 
dom lepsok sci Jacobi de Brugge. Et ide directe us^ qda uet^ 
fossatu subt^ le Gyhet. Et s^ dir^te usq^ Baconescroft descen- 
dendo usq^ Tissengecros. Et s^ p alta viam ascendendo usq^ 

' This is the earliest charter in which I have met with the term, though it is of 
far more ancient use. Jacob notices it as used in the pleadings between the Abbot 
of Glastonbury and Henry de Hamel 1236. 

■ In the margin opposite here is '' Morf." 

* Hence the families of Whitmore of Apley and of Dudmaston, co. Salop, and 
the Whitmores of London. 

> Gave name to the family of Gatacre. Stephen de Gatacre is mentioned in the 
Hundred Rolls, 39 Hen. III. 1254, as not able to attend the court, because he is 
detained by infirmity. Edward Gatacre, Esq. the present possessor is lineally 
descended from the above Stephen. 

* Hence the feunily of Fililode, which became extinct in the fifteenth century 



Pendestanes mulne. vbi p^ma meta dci bosci incipit. Et dicut (^ de Hastinges tenet Rughtone. Barudelegh. Hocoumbe. 
Swanecot. Wurcote & Broml^h. Jobs de Astlegh* tenet mane- 
riu de Northlegh. Et Jobs fit Phi tenet villa de Mose. Et 
decanus de Bnigg tenet villa de QHford infra metas dicte foreste. 
K dicut q oSis ville ?re & bosci q* afforestati St i Com ^dicto 
vna cu vastis & moris exceptis villis ?ris & boscis sup^c^ptis 
debent deafforestari scdra tenore magne carte de foresta q^ occu- 
pati & afforestati sut p ancessores dii) Reg q^ iic e & eo^ minis- 
tros post coronacom dni Henrici Reg fit Matifl: impat^cis. Et 
sut fire lUe ville & bosci subsc^pti videl3 capitale mesuagiu de 
Shimehales. meditas de parua Hales cu boscis & planis. boscis de 
Wodecote. abbacia de Lilleshull' villa de Lylleshull' Muccleston' 
Doniton. grangia de Cherishale. grangia de Wildemore.y grangia 
de Watlingestrete cu oib} boscis suis vastis & planis & moris. 
ville de Longford' Brocton & Chershale cu boscis moris 8c planis. 
villa de Egemudone medietas Nouiburgi.^ parua Aston, parua 
Hales. Adoney cu boscis moris & planis« boscis de Heuelquene- 
acre cu capis & brueris adjacentib}. villa de Howel. grangia de 
Dotingcote. Caluinton. Caynton.^ villa de Tibrihtoii cu campis 
vastis moris 8c planis. ville de Cherynton. Meston. Medietas de 
magna Boulwas. Vptoii. Slepe. Crugelton. cu campis vastis moris 
8c planis. ville de Eiton.^ Kynardesey. Botereye.*^ Preston. Horton. 
8c Hadlegh. cu boscis vastis moris & planis. Prioratus de Wom- 
brugge cu boscis 8c planis. boscus de Wrokwardyn. ville de Legh.<* 

7 Weald or woody moors, which were formerly very extensive in that part of 
the county of Salop. An interesting article respecting the tract of land in question, 
written by the Rev. George Plaxton, may be seen in the Philosophical Transac- 
tions for 1707, vol. XXV. 

« Newport. 

• Hence the early Shropshire family of Kaynton, the heiress of which took the 

property to the family of Yonge. 

^ Eyton super Wildemore above mentioned. • 

« The whole of this place was given to the Abbat and Convent of Shrewsbury by 
Robert de Eyton, lineal ancestor of the before-mentioned Peter de Eyton and 
Thomas Eyton, Esq. about the year 1154. 

* The two names form one place, now called Leegomery, but originally Legh or 
Lee, to which afterwards Cumbrey was added by way of distinction, from the name 

of its possessor. 
« Gave name to the family of Lawley, recently ennobled by the title of Lord 



cii bosds vastis moris & planis. Appel^ll^ iux Welniton. qtoor 
bnrgagia T Welynton ex pte boreali. yille de Ardeston. magna 
Dalil^;lL Sdrdil^ti. Oolemore. Maleyneslegli ca boscis moris Sc 
planis. vflle de Pk>resl^[b. Wodehoos. meditas de Dreyton^ 
HagfatOEu la Cnolle. TriUewardyn. Wyk. Et medietas de Henune 
CO bosds moris & planis. boscus de K^mbrithton. ?cia ps villa de 
Sutton*^ Et medietas ville de Brocton cu bosds moris & planis. 
Tillede Madelegh. Capsi. Caldebrok'.i pama Wenlok*. HundtcMi. 
& pama Boldewas. cu bosds vastis moris & planis. bosd atfeis de 
Boldewas. due ptes ville de L^hton l^ & le Oue Garmudeston cii 
bosds moris & planis. b(»cus abbis Salop de monte Gilb^ti.^ 
boscus de Opinton. Medietas ville de Aston, et villa de Clothl^ts. 
cti boscis vastis moris & planis. Abbacia de Hagwemon. cu boscis 
viis & planis. boscus comitis d* Arundel de Vpton. boscus de 
Rodene. boscus de Rodinton. ville de Halghton. Astl^h cu boscis 
& planis. boscus de Hadenhale. medietas viUe de Hadenhale. Et 
meditas de Monkes Adbrithton. cu boscis & planis. ville de Ad- 
britbton HeseJ^ Herlascote. Pimbelegb. Adbrithel^ti cii boscis & 

' Hence the {amUj of Eppelee or Appeley, which became extinct in the thir- 
teendi centnry. 

f Near ShiffnaL 

^ Now Sutton Maddock. 

' Now Coalbrookdale. 

^ Gave name to the very ancient family of Leighton, now represented by Sir 
Baldwin Leighton, of Loton, Bart. 

^ Better known by its more ancient as well as present name, the Wrekin. How 
and when it acquired the name of Mount Grilbert is not easily ascertained satis- 
factorily. It is so called in a grant of all the land of Upinton and land in Hodin- 
ton, which had been Hamo Peverell's, made by King Henry the Second, when at 
Salop 1152, or 1158, to Roger de Mussun, who is therein denominated *' seruienti 
meo.*' This Roger de Mussun or Muisun, and his brother Gilbert de Muisun, 
had an extensive property in the neighbourhood of the Wrekin : — Gilbert may 
have been proprietor of it, and thence its appellation of Mount Gilbert, but this 
is only conjecture ; he appears to have died without issue, and his property was 
probably inherited by his brother Roger, who left thirteen daughters, coheiresses ; 
most of whom were benefactors to the priory of Wombridge, co. Salop, in the 
cartulary of which, tit " Upinton," No. CV. is the following entry: " Be yt 
knowyne yat a parsell of wood on the north syde i' the Mont Gilbert Hyll beyng 
w^in the Lordshipe and franchys of Oppinton' wnto the Lordschip the whych was 
SF Hamond Peu*ell and his Heyris and S' Rog* Mwsson and his eyris of the sam 
Lordschip of Vpinton and the forsayd p*cell of wood strechyng fro the fott of the 
forsayd hyll wn to the tope beyng in bred half a myll sa£F halff a quart' and 
strechyng in lentht a myll rowght and smetht kepyng the same brede.'' 

"" So called from the family of Hese, Hose, Husee, or Hussey, which owned and 
resided at Adbright Hussey for several centuries. 


planis. grangia de Sundem. Et meditas ville de Offinton cu 
boscis & planis. medietas ville de Dodinghope cu boscis & planis. 
boscus de Syneton. qkJam camp^ de Wetleton. & qkla cap^ de 
NortoB ex pte boreali q* vocat"" le Sponne. boscus de Corfton. 
boscu9 de Dodelbury. villa de Aston cu boscis & planis. medietas 
Wfle de Monselewe. parua Millinghope. Et Millinghope supior. 
duo mesuagia de Hongerford. medietas ville de Shiptoii. cu boscis 
& plais. duo campi de Bradeston. LauerdeS Srior & iferior. me- 
ditas ville de Brocton cu boscis & planis. duo campi de Patiton 
duo mesuagia 8c duo capi de Bourton. ville de Sheynton. Bed- 
leswardyn. Harlegh. i^ medietas de Cristeshegti. grangia de 
Harnegge.0 Kenlegh. Bromycroftelegll. Blakewey cd boscis & 
planis. ville de Esthope. Longelegh. Kokl^h. Hothales. Luhshe- 
cote. Longefeud. Plehssh. & Brome cu boscis & planis. ville de 
Chatewalle. Frodeslegh. Grettoii. Romeshurst. Lougenolre. Lyd- 
legtl. Coumbelegil. Bottefeud'.P Wilneveston. Enchemersh. Cardi- 
ton. Ston Acton, cu boscis 8c planis. vill' de Acton Burnel. parua 
Preiie. Chirche Prene.Lotewych. Wildreythehope. Ouere Stane- 
wey. Nethere Stanewey*. Presthope. Astwall 8c Laken cu boscis 8c 
planis. viir de Rushebury'. Cotes. Westwall. Eton.^ Horton. 
Tyclewardyn. Hope Boudlers.^ Chelmundewyk'. Ragedoii. cu 
boscis 8c planis. ville de Acton. Myddelhope. Weesthope. Wol- 
freston. Alghameston. AfFecote. Acton Scot.* Hennelegh. Whyt- 
tingeslowe cu boscis & planis. ville de Streford. Mersh. Wis- 
tanestowe. Feldhapton. Wolferton. Rotelinghope cu boscis & 
planis. Tota la Longemenede. exceptis diiicis man^ii de Stretton. 
q man^iu dns Rex huit p escaeta. vitt de Modelicote.* Stucte. 
Wolstaneston. Smethecote. Pykclescote. Wyldridelegh. Becche- 
toii. Codardecote. Et Shupene cu boscis 8c piais. vill' de Stepel- 

*^ Gave name to the Harleys, Earls of Oxford. 

*» Hence the family of Harnage, of Harnage and of Belswardyne. 

p Gave name to the families of Botevyle and Botfield ; the former ancestors to 
the present Marquis of Bath. 

q Eaton onder Eyewood, or as now spelt Haywood. 

r So called from the very ancient family of Bowdler, still existing in the county, 
but shorn of the property it once possessed. 

" One place, Acton Scot ; originally Acton, to which Scot was added for dis- 
tinction sake, from a family named '' le Scot ;" several generations of which in- 
herited the place in question. 

* Hence the ancient family of Modlicott, now Medlicott, still residing there and 
in the neighbourhood. 


ton." Nethelegh. medietas vift de Castelpolrebache. vitt de Chirch- 
polrebache. medietas vitt de Logedon. magna Lyth. parua Lythe. 
WesselegtS. Beystan cu boscis & planis. t^s ptes vill* de Polilegli, 
cu boscis & plais. boscus de Melebracy * vnu mesuagiu i Wel- 
bache. Medietas ville de Pichford. ville de CantelopeJ Byritoii.* 
Eton Massecot^ cu boscis & plais. Betton abb'is. Chyltofi. Broto, 
Cronkhufl:. Burton > cii vastis boscis & planis. ville de Conedoue. 
Aldefeud. magna Ruton. pua Ruton cu boscis & planis. villa de 
Wygwyk*. cu moris & vastis. Abbacia de Buldewas cu boscis 
vastis & planis. viit de Benethale.^ Posenhale. Wyk. Aldelescote. 
Barewe. Walton. Atterlegh. magna Wenlak & Bradelegh' cu bos- 
cis vastis & planis. man^iu de Borewaslegh'. Man^iu de Wililegh'c 
cu boscis vastis & planis. vill* de Lynlegh. Cahwelegh cu boscis 
vastis & planis. nian^iu de Astlegti abbis. man^iu de Tasselegti. 
man^iu. de Opton cu boscis vastis & planis. Vill* de Aston aer.<* 
Aidenha. Medewelegh. Criddon. Cherinton. Eudone « Sauuage. 
medietas de Eudoii Bumel. Walkeslowe cu bosc vast' 8c planis. 
boscu^de Outon. vittde Fayntre & medietas de Neuton^ cu bosc vast' 
& plais. viltde Momerfeud. Legh'.Vnderdon. Walton. EtOldeburi. 
cu bosc vast 8c planis. boscus comitis Arudell iux^ Shirlet. Norton 
iux* Beystan. Doditon.^ Wethales & Chatteford. cu bosc' vast' 8c 

" Gave name to a family, the head hranch of which became extinct in the male 
line in the fifteenth century. 

' So denominated from the family of Bracy, long since extinct. The place is 
now, in all legal instruments, written ** Meole Brace,'' otherwise '* Brace Meole,'' 
or vice versft. 

y Hence probably the noble family of Cantilupe, many generations of which had 
property in the county of Salop. 

> Hence the family of Berrington. 

* Presumed to have given name to the ancient family of Burton, now represented 
by Robert Burton, of Longner, Esq. 

^ Hence the ancient family of Benthall. 

' Gave name to the family of Wililey, or Willey, the principal branch of which 
became extinct in the male line temp. Henry III. and the heiress took the property 
to the family of Harley above-mentioned. 

<* So named from its Saxon possessor Alcher, Aher, or Aer, who, at the com- 
pilation of Domesday, held Aston (now Wheaten Aston), Withyford, Albrighton, 
and Harcourt, co. Salop. The heiress of the Fitz Aers carried the property to 
the Charltons. 

• So called from its possessors of the name of Savage, as the next was from the 
family of Bumel. 

' Now called Dorrington. It was occasionally written Doddington down to the 
middle of the seventeenth century. 


planis. Holi^^e. Midelton. p'? t>a mesuagia ex pte australi. Et 
medietflS vill' de Herdintoii S cQ bosc' vast' & plais. villa de Brug' 
exuta(]^pte SaWne cu capis adjacetib}. More, vill' de Whitemere. 
Gatacre. Borhtone & Bebrugg' cu moris vast' & planis. In cuj^ 
rei testimon p'sentib3 sigilla nra appsuim^. Ita q q*cq* p istas 
pabla^es ponit**" ex® foresta. remaneat ext* foresta. & residuu 
remaneat foresta scdm metas & bndas pdictas ippetuu. In cuP 
rei testimoniu has lit?as nfas fieri fecim^ patentes. Teste me 
ipo apd Lincolniam quartodedmo die Februarii anno regni nostri 
vicesimo nono. 

Shrewsbury. G. M. 




" A regyster of the Christnings, Manages, & Burialls w'h have 
ben in the churche of Campton cu Sheff. from the year of our 
Lorde 1568, coppied [on vellum] out of the olde register booke 
of paper, accordinge to y® constitution for y* purpose lately 
pvidea, made & copied out this x'^ day of Janurye, A®. D*. 
1598, per me Hugon' Stanbridge, Pas, 

1570. Theo. Fitzhenry, chrened March 28. 

1586. Ego Hugo Stanbridge inductus rector huius Ecclesiss 
de Campt. cu ShefF. Novembris die quarto. 

1595. Arthur Ventris, the sonne of Frauncis Ventrisse, gent, 
chrened Oct. 17. 

Arthur Ventrisse, the sonne of Francis of Campt. gent. 

buried Januar. 17. [1595-6 ?] 

1597. Franncis Ventris, the sonne of Fra. Ventris of Campton, 
gent, chrened Decern. 29.« 

1599. Charles Ventrisse, the sonne of Francis Ventrisse, gent, 
chrened July 25.^ 

Catherine Ventrisse, the daughter of Franncis Ventri^ 

esq^. buried Decemb. 25. 

1601. Harry Ventris, the sonne of Franncis Ventris, esq. 
chrened August 2^.^ 

s Hence the extinct family of Eardington or Eardinton. 

* This son is said to have been disinherited. See some noticas of the Ventris 
femily in the Gentleman's Magazine, xci. ii. 136. 

^ Afterwards a brave Cavalier and Knight Banneret ; vide ibid. 

^ C2q>t. Henry Ventris, 1640, Rushworth, vol. iii. p. 1243 ; he was commander 
under Prince Rupert at the surrender of Bristol 1645. 




1616. Domina Ventris, Domina Francisd Vexuris, Milids^ 
Domina pulcherima amantissima benignissima mitissirngk virtu- 
tisqoe studiosissiina, sepolta secando Novembris. 

Caoipton Roister Book comraencing 23 April 1626. 

1628. Sir John Osborne, knight, an ancient gentleman, a 
freind of the poore, a lover of leaminge, a maintayoer of divine 
exercises, the clergies protection, dwelt att Chicksandes, dyed att 
London, and was burryed att Campton November the fburthe. 

1652. Sur Peeter Osborne, knight, a friend to they poore, a 
lower of learning, a maiutayner of devine excersises, lived at Chix- 
son, and was bnried at Campton March they thirteene day. 

1653. 16 Nov. Raster keeper, Tho* Williamson, sworn be- 
fore Jo. Cockayne & W™ Whitbread. 

1655. They publication of Willyam Warren of the parish of 
Hawnes, yemman, and Frances Gumey of the parish of Pooles 
of Bedford, was in the markat of Siiefford October the 5, Octo- 
ber 12, and October the 19 day. 

1666. M"^ W™ Gouldsmyth, formerly Rector of the church of 
Campton, and Patrone of the same, a constant preacher of the 
Word of God for and about the space of forty yeares, burryed 
Jany U^K 

1703- Frances Ventris, wife of Charles Ventris of Campton 
(Gentleman). She was killed in her bed by the fall of a chimney 
in the great wind & tempest, and buried in the church, Nov. 30. 

1743. Francis Ventris, Esq. of Campton, buried April 20. 

Lady Mary Osborn of Chicksands, buried July 30. 

1747. M". Barbara Ventriss of Campton, buried April lO***. 
1754. M" Mary Osborn, late wife of the Rev, D^ Osborn, 

Rector of this parish & of Clifton in this county, buried June 26. 

Sir Danvers Osborn (late of Chicksands) Bart, who died 

Governor of New York, was interred in the family vault, Aug. 7. 

1759. Henry, son of Heniy Osborn, Esq. Admiral of the blue, 
he was buried in the family vault at Campton, Jany the 3l8t. 

1760. John Ventris, son of Charles Ventris Field, Esq. of 
Campton, and Louisa his wife, privately baptised September the 
13**», publickly October the 9*^. 

1771. Henry Osborn, Esq. Admiral of the white Squadron of 
His Majesty's Fleet, buried Feb. 13. 

1773. Eliz. Lady of S^ Geo. Osborn, Bar^ of Chicksands 
(extra-parochial) buried Mar. 16. 

1790. The Rev. Thomas Osborn, LL.D. sixty-three years 
Rector of this parish, buried Mar. 20. 


Nomina Rectorum de Campton cum Shefford. 

Thomas atte Brigge de Elnestowe psona ecctie de Camelton. 
Abbrev. Rot. Orig. in Cur. Scacc. vol. ii. p. 191, Ro. 62. 

Oliver Gwyn, temp. Hen. 8. (Valor Eccl. A® 1535.) 

Robertas Fitzherry, sive potius Fitzhenry, Rector, inductus 
A. D. 1567, obiit seu reliquit (non constat) 1586. 

Hugo Stanbridge, Rector inductus A.D. 1586, ob. 1603. 

Gulielmus Gouldsmith, inductus A.D. 1603, cessit (uti fertur) 
Filio suo Danieli circa ann. 1641. 

Danielus Gouldsmith, inductus anno (uti videtur) 1641, seu 
1642, obiit 1685. 

Gulielmus Hill, Rector inductus A.D. 1685, ob 1702. 

Antelminelli Kelynge (qui haec scribit) Rector inductus A.D. 
1702, obiit 1726. 

Thomas Osbom, Rec. ind. 1727, ob. 1790. 

Edmond Williamson, inducted 1790 (and present Rector, 

The last eight names are taken from the Registers. 

1708. A Bull and a Boar kept by the Rector for the use of 
the parish. [This custom was abolished by the Inclosure Act in 
the year 1797.] 

Inscriptions on handsome Marble Monuments on the north side of the 
Chancel^ and immediately over the Columbarium of the Osbom family : 

In Honour and duty to the memory 


S' John Osborn of Chicksands, K^ he was Treasurer's 

Remembrancer of the Excheq^ and for diverse yeares 

one of the Comiss^^s of the Navy to King James ; Hee 

bought and built this burying place, and was buryed 

here the 4*^ of November 1628, 

aged neer 80 yeares. 

He was the sonne of Peter Osbom of Tyled Hall at 

Lachingdon, in the county of Essex, Esquire. Who 

was Treasurer's Remembrancer of the Excheq^ And 

Keeper of the Privie Purse to King Edward the sixt. 

He lies buried at London in the Church of S^ Faith 

under the Church of S*. Paul. 

K 2 


Here lies Dorothy Barlee, 

Wife to S*" lohn Osborn ; she was the eldest daughter 

of Richard Barlee, Esq^. of Elsenham 

Hall in y® county of Essex, 

in the right of his wife 

Anne Barlee, second and youngest daughter and 

coheire of William Barlee 

of Alberry, in the county of Hartford, Esq. The 

said Richard being the sonne of Francis Barlee 

of Bibsworth Hall, in the county of Hartford, Esq"*. 

and of Dorothy his wife, 

fift daughter of 

Richard Lord Rich, L^ Chancellor 

of England. 

She was buryed here the 30^^ day of May 

aged 76 yeares. 

In Honour and duty to the memory 


S*" Peter Osborn of Chicksands, K*. 

Sonne of S^ John Osborn. 

He was Treasurer's Remembrancer of the Exche*!^, 

and for the space of 28 yeares Governour of y^ 


and Castle of Guarnsey 


King James and King Charles. 

He was buryed here 

the 13tb day of March 1653, 


almost 69 yeares old. 

And here lies Dorothy Danvers, wife to S^^ Peter 

Osborn, she was the 6*^ and youngest daughter of 

S' lohn Danvers of Dantsey, in the county of Wilt», 


and of Elizabeth Nevill his wife, 

th^ 4*h and youngest daughter and coheire of lohn 

Nevill, Lord Latimer, and of Lady Lucy Somerset 

his wife, second daughter of Henry Somerset 

Earle of Worcester, 


* the said Dorothy was sister to Henry Danvers 
Earle of Danby, Privie Councell^ to King Charles 
and Knight of the order of the Garter. 


was buryed here tlie 15*** day 

of October 1650, 

being 60 yeares old. 

These two Monum^s were 

set up in September 1655 by 

Henry Osborn, 

second sonne of S*" Peter Osborn, in humble 

obedience to the comand of his good father 

in his last Will 



To the Memory 

of John Osborn, Esq^ second son of 

Sir Danvers Osborn, Bar*, and Lady Mary Osborn, 

3^ daughter of George Montague, Earl of Halifax, 

born 16tl»of July 1T43, 

educated at Westminster School, 

Elected a Student of Christ Church Oxford. 

In 1764, he was made private Secretary to the English Minister 

at Brussels,and the following year was appointed Charge d'affaires. 

1T68 had the same appointment to the Court of Naples. 
1771, the Earl of Halifax, one of his Majesty's Principal Secre- 
tary's of State, 
made him his private Secretary, and in the same year 
he was sent Envoy Extraordinary to the Court of Dresden. 
1779, he enter'd into the Bedfordshire Militia 
as Major, and was promoted to U. Colonel. 

He was a Fellow of the Royal Society, 

and Doctor of Law in the two Universities 

of Oxford and Cambridge. 

He departed this life at Rudolstadt, in Saxony, Janry 12tli, 1814, 

when he was on the eve of returning to England, after having 

been detain'd eight years in the territorys of Buonaparte. 

He had a very strong and improved mind. 


■ # 


generous and benevolent, 

was universally esteemed and respected 

by his friends, and beloved by his family, 

Liberal to the Poor, a Subscriber to all public Chari^s, 

he bequeathed one Hundred Guineas 

to each of Thirty-one Hospitals, besides private Donations 

and kind Legacys to his family, 

the Bulk of his Fortune to his only Brother Sir George Osbor% 

who with the utmost affection erects this Monument 

as a just tribute to his Memory. 

Eheu ! quam procul a patria, 

prope Roderstock in Germanic, 

jacet sepultus. 

Amoris inane monumentum 

fratemi struxit amore 

Georgius Osborn. 

Below the chancel is the Columbarium^ the last resting- place of the 
Osboms : and those of its cells which are occupied^ have tablets bearing 
the following Inscriptions r— 


(iii) ( 


(y) («) (7) 

, South side. 


to O^ 
ec eo 




^ 00 

ec eo 




Tke cells marked with 

^ CO 

eo b- 

Roman numerals are 
those occupied. 



•^ o 














(i). Within this place lye deposited 
all the remains that are not immortal 
of the Right honourable the Lady Mary Osborn, 
3^ daughter of George (Montagu) Earl of Halifax, 
by Mary his 2^ wife, daughter of Richard (Lumley) Earl of Scar- 
and wife to Sir Danvers Osborn of Chicksands, Baronet, 
bom March 10th, 1718, died July 23d, 1743, in the 26th year 

of her age. 

We are conscious, gentle reader, 

that in death itself there is no real calamity ; 

Yet, should reflection on the instability of human affairs, 

should the remembrance of so sweet a flower^ cut off so early in 

her prime, 

raise the least tender passion in your breast, 

indulge one generous tear to the memory of this Lady, 

who, when alive, was all that could be wish'd in Woman. 

Her very Person spoke her illustrious birth ; 

nor was her mind less noble : 

In both of these a perfect ornament of her sex, 

and bright example of Human Nature's superior excellence. 

The virtues that possessed her were many, unalloyed ^ 

even with a tincture of the least vice ! 

Above all, the sincere and tender affection she bore her husband, 

was so predominant. — But no more : 

Gratitude required this last testimony. 
Love, Friendship, and Regard, inscribe the rest. 

Here also rest the remains of the Husband of this excellent Lady; 

few we presume will visit this awful place, 

who will not, with the most affectionate gratitude, remember 

that the several Virtues, which endear the Father, the Master, and 

the Friend, 

were all united in the most amiable character of 

Sir Danvers Osborn of Chicksands, Baronet, Governor of 

New York, 
son of John Osborn, Esq. (eldest son of S^ John Osborn, Baronet), 
and of Sarah, only daughter of George Byng, Viscount Torrington. 
Bom 17 Nov. 1715, died 12 Oct. 1753. 
Over this tablet^ the Arms of Osborn, Arg. a bend between two lions 
rampant Sab. 3 impaling Montagu, 1 and 4, Arg. three lozenges in fesi 
Gnles, within a bordure Sable ; 2 and 3, Or, an eagle displayed Vert. 


(ii). John Osbobn, Esq^ 

born 1683, died 1718, aged 35. 

He was the son of S^ John Osborn, B*. 

by his first wife Elizabeth, 

daughter to William Strode, Esq. 

which S^ John was the son of Sir John Osborn, 

the first Baronet of this family, 

by his wife Eleanor, niece to S' John Danvers, K^ 

These four lie buried in Hawnes chancel.* 

(iii). Elizabeth, John, George, John, 

Children of John Osborn, Esq^ 

by Sarah, daughter of George Byng, 

Lord Viscount Torrington, 

all died young. 

(iv). The Honourable M". Osborn, 

wife to John Osborn, Esq. 

and only daughter to the Admiral 

Lord Viscount Torrington, 

bom in Oct. 1693, and died in Nov. 1775, 

She was a woman 

of uncommon abilities and understanding, 

who managed the whole business 

of this Estate 

in the two minorities 

of her son and grandson 

Sir Danvers and Sir George Osborn. 

(v). Elizabeth Lady Osborn, 

daughter of John Banister, Esq. 

and wife to Sir George Osborn, Bt. 

married April 6, 1771, 

died, aged 26, March 8, 1773, 

leaving one son John,^ born 

Dec. ye 3^, 1772. 

(vi). Sir George Osborn, Bart, 
son of Sir Danvers and Lady Maiy Osborn. 

• See dieir epitaphs in pp. 87-88 of this volume. 

*» The present Sir John Osborn, Bart. .^. 

.• * 


Born May 19*^ 1742, 

married first, Elizabeth daughter of 

John Banister, Esq'^. 

Secondly, the Lady Heneage, daughter of 

Daniel Earl of Winchilsea and Nottingham. 

A General in the Army, 

and Colonel of the 4Ci Reg* of foot. 

Died June 29th jgis, leaving 

issue one son John, by his first marriage. 

(vii). The Lady Heneage Osborn, 

daughter of 

Daniel Earl of Winchelsea, 

and wife of 

General Sir George Osborn, Bart. 

She was bom on the 12*l» of Dec. 1741, 

and died on the 14*11 of May 1820. 

(xi). Within this Cell are deposited 

the remains of William Osborn, Esq. youngest 

son of Henry Osborn, Esq. Admiral of the White. 

He was late a Lieut.-Colonel in the 7^^ or Queen's own 

Regiment of Light Dragoons, and died unmarried, 

April 20tli, 1814, aged 62. 

(xv). Henry Osborn, Esq. 
4>^^ son of S*" John Osborn, B*, by Martha, daughter of S' John 
Kelynge, Kt. his 2^ wife. He was Admiral of the white Squadron 
of his Majesty's Fleet, and sometime Vice- Admiral of Great 
Britain, a brave and experienced Officer, having served in the 
Navy sixty years with great reputation and honour. In 1758, 
having the command of the Fleet in the Mediterranean, by his 
activity and vigilance he prevented the junction of the French 
and Spanish Squadrons, and received the thanks of the House 
of Commons for the services he had done to his King and 
Country. He married Mary, eldest daughter of Richard 
Hughes, Esq. Commissioner of the Navy, and died Feb. 4*'>, 
1771, in the 74fi^ year of his age, leaving one son and 3 daughters. 

(xvi). Two children, still born, of 

the Lady Heneage Osborn, 

daughter of Daniel Earl of Winchilsea, 

a girl 19 Dec. 1779, a boy 21 July 1782. 


(xix). Within are depositei 

the remains a( Henrt Osborn, Esq. 

Page of HcHMNir to the Princess Dowager 

a( Frederi<^ Prince a( Wales^ 

and ddest son of Henry Odxnn, Esq. 

Admiral of the bine Sqoadnm 

dins Majesty's Fleet, 

who departed this life 

January 24t»», 1759, 

aged 16 years. 

(xxiv). Martha Ladt Osborn, 

daughter of Sir John Kelynge, K^. 

and 2^ wife of Sir John Osborn, Bart. 

(xxv). To the Memory of 

Mart Osborn, 

youngest daughter of S^ John Willys, B*. 

Relict of Edward Snagg, Esquire, 

wife of the Rev. Thomas Osborn, LL.D. 

Rector of Clifton, and of this parish. 

She was a Lady endowed with every christian & social virtue, 

and died June I9^^j 1754, aged 80. 

(xxvi). Elizabeth Osborn, 

daughter of Sir John Osborn, B^. 

by Martha his 2^ wife, 

bom Dec. 1691, died Dec. 1734, aged 43 years. 

(xxvii). Here are deposited the remains 

of the Rev. Thomas Osborn, LL.D. 

youngest son of S^ John Osborn, Bart. 

of Chicksands, 

near sixty-three years Rector of this parish, 

died March y© 12tb, 1790, 

aged 88 years. 

(xxviii). Peter Osborn, Esq. 

2d son of S^ John Osborn, Bart. 

by Martha his 2^ wife ; 

Captain of the Royal Navy, 

died Feb. 13*^, 1754, 

aged 63 years. 


(xxix). To the Memory of 

Elizabeth Osborn, 

daughter of Dr. Greene, Bishop of Ely, 

and relict of the Rev. Thomas Osborn, LL.D. 

Rector of Clifton, and of this parish, 

who died Feb. the 13tl», 1804, 

in the 86^ year of her age ; 

highly esteemed and respected^ 

by all her Friends. 

(xxx). Margaret Osborn, 

S^ daughter of S' John Osborn, Bart. 

by Martha his 2^ wife ; bom Oct. 21, 1698, 

died Dec. 11th, 1766, 

aged 68 years. 

(xlvii). Mrs. Elizabeth Banister, 

widow of John Banister, Esq. mother of 

Elizabeth, married to Sir George Osborn, Bart. 

Henrietta, married to the R*. Rev. & Hon. 

Brownlow North, Bishop of Winchester. 
Amie, married to the Rev. Edmond Poulter^ 
Rector of Calbome & Crawley, Hants^ 
Her comprehensive excellence of character united all that i» 
upright and Justin principle, sound & judicious in understanding, 
correct and elegant in manners, useful 8c ornamental in social 
life. She departed this life on the fifth day of May 1789, 

aged 61. 

On the floor of the church, at the entrance to the chancel ^m the 
nave, is a figure in brass plate, with the following inscription, a shield 
of arms lost. (Lithographed in Fisher*8 Bedfordshire Collections.) 

Orate p aiab} Richardi Carlyll armi^i & Johe ux ei^ q^ obierut 
xiiijo die mes3 Februarij A' dni M^ccccolxxxix® qo^ aiabj 
ppicieS de^. 

He was M. P. for the county in 17 Edw. IV. A<>. 1477. 

In the chancel, to the right of the communion table, on the wall : 

Here lyeth interred the body of Marye Govldsmith, the davgh- 
tcr of Robert Dorington, Esqvier, and wife to William Govld- 
smith, some time Rector of this chvrch, who departed this lyfe 
ApriU the 22^, 1664, aged 75. 

Id the chancel, on the floor, within the ruls : 
Daniel Goldsmith obijt cal. Octobris, An. Dom. 1685, an. 
set. 72. 

In the year mdccxxv of our Lord, 16 Apr. of her age the 
SSf* year, were laid up in this place, for a happy time to come, 
the remains of Margaret, wife of Charles Milward, gent". 
daughter of S' John Sabine, Bart.» by Elizabeth his wife, the 
daughter of Eleanor the sister of Daniel Goldsmith, formerly 
Rector of this parish, who was interred underneath this same 
On the south wall, near the comtuDnion table : 

H. S. [. Daniel Goldsmith, Ecclesiee de Campton 
Pastor idem et Patronus, ejusdem nunquam antea dolor, iam 
vero semper desiderium, obijt cal. Octob. A. D. 1685. Marmor 
hoc votivum marito Sacrum, multos ante suum obitum retro 
annos legavit Maria Goldsmith, uxor dilectissima : suavissimee 
consuetudinis fideiq; meraor posuit superstes soror, lana 
Wright. Ilia nusquam melior Conjux, aut hac fidelior usquam 
Soror : aut Marite Goldsmith charior. 
In the north aisle : 

Here lyeth the body of M''*. Ann Milward, of this parish, 
spinster, daugli^ of Charles Milward, Gen'. late of Feilden, near 
Silsoe. She departed this life, after a long & painfull illness, 
October 81, 1744, in the 48'*' year of her age. 

In the churchyard, on a white marble slab, fixed on one of the bat- 
tressee at the east end of the chancel : 

To the memory of the ReV* Christopher Davenport, late 
Rector of Creaton, Northamptonshire, who died Oct^ 7'*', 1795, 
aged 60 years. 

Here the wicked cease from troubling. 
And the weary are at rest. 
M". Eliz*'' Davenport, relict of the above Clirist<^her 
iport, who died July 2^, 1796, aged 65 years. 
They were amiable in their lives, 
And in death not long divided, 
grave is immediately below, tmder the east window, with a head- 

Jabn Ssbine, of Ethc in Gravenbnrgt, co. Bedford, mBiried the daa. utd 
)f WiUiwn AUayne of the same phux. He was created s Bironet 33 Much 
itdiedfi. p. in 1705. 


sUme. Mr. Davenport was for many years Curate of Campton^ under 
Dr. Osbom^ and died at Shefford. His wife was sister to the Rev. Wil* 
liam Cole of £ly> and also to Counsellor Cole. 

On a tomb^ near the north side of the church : 

Sacred to the memory of George Hicks of ShefFord, Gent. ; 
who during the space of 52 years, practised the different branches 
of Medicine as Surgeon & Apothecary with general approbation 
& success, and having, by his persevering industry & attention, 
reared up in credit a numerous family, died Nov^, 18*^ 1804» 
aged 82 years. 

His twelve surviving children in grateful piety towards so good 
a father, desire thus to perpetuate his memory. 

Also of Alice & Ann his second & third wife. Alice died 
March 13th, 1763, aged 28. Ann died July 3^, 1798, aged 56. 

Also of Frances Hicks, sister of the above George Hicks, 
who died July 18th, 1773, aged 56. 

On a handsome sarcophagus of freestone^ inclosed with iron railing : 

In the vault beneath are deposited the remains of Mr. John 
Fuller, late of London, Merchant : who, in full assurance of a 
joyful Resurrection, resigned his soul into the hands of his Re- 
deemer, on the xxii^d of April mdcccxix, in the lxiii^^ year of 
his age. This Monument, a tribute to the memory of a father, 
most affectionately and deservedly beloved, is raised and inscribed 
by his only son Christopher Fuller. 

Arms : Argent, three bars and a canton Gules 5 impaling, Gules^ a 
lion rampant Arg. a chief Or. Crest : a lion's head erased. 

On a gravestone near the north-east angle of the chancel : 

Here lie the remains of Robert Bloomfield. He was bom 
at Honington, in Suffolk, December 3, 1766 ; and died at Shef- 
ford, August 19, 1823. 

Let his wild native wood-notes tell the rest. 

This memorial of the author of " The Farmer's Boy/* was erected at 
the expense of the Ven. Henry Kaye Bonney, Archdeacon of Bedford. 

There were twelve tombs in Campton churchyard, the inscriptions on 
many totally obliterated, supposed to belong to the Ventris family. 

There are gravestones for Roman Catholics of the names of Nod- 
dings^ Bower, and Dixie. 

In Shefford is a Chapel of Ease to the Church at Campton, which has 
of late years been much enlarged by the zeal, and chiefly at the expense, 
of the present Rector. The publication of banns, and all marriages and 


burials, take place at Campton } christenings indifferently at Campton 
or Shefford ; but there is only one register. 

In Shefford is a small endowed Roman Catholic Chapel^ dedicated to 
St. George. The Rev. Christopher Taylor officiated here for many years ; 
he died 4 June 1812^ and was buried at Campton. (See his character in 
Gent. Mag. lxxxii. ii. 187). He had for one of his pupils, Bernard 
Edward Howard, the present Duke of Norfolk, who for some time resided 
with him at Shefford. The successors of Mr. Taylor were. 

The Rev.* John Potier. He was born in Hampshire 5 at 7 years of 
age went to school at Sedgeley Park, neiur Wolverhampton, and completed 
his education at Douay. — Previously to his coming to Shefford he kept a 
school, and officiated as Catholic Priest, at Old Hall Green, Herts. He 
died 31 March 1823, aged 65 years, and was buried in Hertfordshire. 

The Rev. Mr. Chabot. 

The Rev. Mr. Rolfe, now residing at Shefford. 

H. H. G. 


CO. SOMERSET, 36 HEN. VI. 1457-8. 

Among the Churchwardens' Accounts published in the '* lUustrations 
of the Manners and Expenses of Antient Times in England/' 4to, 1797> 
there is very little that is of so early a date as the present Roll, which 
abounds with entries of much curiosity. 

Its most remarkable feature in contrast to parish accounts of the pre- 
sent day, is the absence of any rate (unless we so regard the collection 
for the Easter wax) j notwithstanding which, the procJtors, or wardens, 
entered on their office with the large stock in hand of 12/. 11^. 0\d,, 
and left it with a balance of within twelve shiUings of the same sum. 
The several sources of income were the sale of seats 10^. \0d. 5 the fees 
for tolling the bell 16^. > the rents for cart-standing by the church-yard 
\8.4d.; the gifts of pious individuals, &c. 2/. 13^. Ad. ; and the rents of 
the parish weights 99- \d. Total of receipts, independent of the money 
in hand, 4/. 10^. 7d. 

The first item is remarkable as affording an instance of seats in 
churches being made subject to sale at so early a period 5 though, as the 
only price paid appears to have been rendered to the benefit of the 
parish, it may be considered rather a fine on alienation or transfer, than 
either rent or purchase money. It may be observed that the two sexes 
must have sat in different parts of the church, as with only one excep- 
tion the seats are let to other persons of the same sex as before. The 


price of seats varied from lOd. to ISd., the former sum being paid«for 
one behind the font, and the latter for one opposite the pulpit. 

The fee for a simple knell was 6d, } but when the brazen (or latten) 
cross was likewise used, it was 1 Od. Many of the knells were tolled 
on the anniversaries of the defunct. The larger sum of 20d, was re- 
ceived from Richard Flynt, for the striking of the bells when his wife 
was carried through the town towards Crewkeme for burial there ; 
and 3^. 4d. from Henry Byndelaus for the use of the cope, cross, and 
silver censer of the church at the funeral of his wife. 

The total sum of I6d. was received from four several persons for the 
accommodation of allowing their carts to stand next the church yard 
wall^ a spot still used for that purpose on market days. 

Among the gifts or votive offerings are some curious items. Several 
other loans of the church furniture occur under this head. On the feast 
of St. Lawrence the linen and jewels of the church were sent to Stour- 
minster, the market-town in the adjoining county of Dorset, about sixteen 
miles distant. Bradford, to which they were sent in the summer season, 
was doubtless the next parish of Bradford Abbas in Dorsetshire. Even 
the Vicar of Yeovil himself had to pay for the loan of the cross, cope, and 
censer belonging to the church, when he took them to the funeral of the 
neighbouring Rector of Berwick.^ He had also to purchase for 13^. 4d, 
the gown which had been given by Margery Hagard, for prayer yearly 
in the pulpit. A coopertorium (it is believed a cassock) another gift, 
was sold for 3^. 6d, The parish kept a store of three sheep, and their 
wool was sold for 6d. j and in the expenses we find that the pasture for 
the two ewes cost Sd* 

''The issues of the weights of the church/' convey the information 
that a store of these important standards of value, duly authenticated, 
was kept by the parish, and that they were let out from year to year. 

Such are the several heads of Receipt. Those of Expenditure are 
composed of a greater variety of subjects. A considerable number of 
the entries belong to the bells, which frequently required a new " baw- 
drye/* or thong, or the mending of a clapper. For the great bell a new 
rope was made of thirteen pounds of hemp given by Tristram Bumell, 
and the making cost 4d. The provision and erection of a new bell was 
the most important work done during the year. On this object 100^. Sd. 
appears to have been spent in the year preceding, to which was added, 
for the making of the bell, 20^. Id. -, for carrying the old broken bell to 
Bristol 58., for bringing the new bell home Gs. 8(f., for its suspension, to 
three carpenters 28. to Richard Hosyer (one of the accompting proc- 

* Barwick is properly a chapelry of YeoTil ; and on the endowment of the ricarage 
of YeoTil in 1438 the incumbent is called the Perpetual Chaplain of Berwyk cum 


tors) superintending the work 6d., and to Guy Corveser (the other) 2d. 
To these ex|>enses were added several other items 5 in which it is remark- 
able that, whilst the bell was brought from Bristol, the cable to raise 
it was procured from Montacute, and the nails and bolts from Sher- 
borne. These items are wound up with one characteristic of such 
operations in all ages : ^' And in victuals and drink for the said men 
helping to raise the bell into the belfivj^ during two days and a half, 
28. 2id.'\ 

The minor bells are also thus mentioned ; " For a new clapper fcHr 
the bell serving for the body of Christ 1 d. For a string bought for the 
SalsyngbeDe 2rf." 

For two ells and a half of linen cloth for two banners of the church 
to be carried round the fields, probably on beating the parish bounda- 
ries, was paid I5d. j and for dying half of the same id.; and in making 
the banners 6d. -, and for seven wooden rods to carry them in proces- 
sion 2^d. Again, for three ells of linen cloth for the dex (desk ?) at 
Sd, an ell, with the painting of the same, 8s* Sd, For a silken cloth 
bought to lie upon the altar oi St. Thomas 1 6d. ; and for two hesses to 
lie over the biers 2^. For ten ells of woollen cloth of a crimson (blodii) 
colour to lie before the high altar, for the preservation of the vestments 
at the pvincipal feasts, 4^. 4d. A new surplice also was made, for which 
eleven ells of linen were bought, which cost 4^. 6d* and the making aiid 
thread 2ld. 

Of annual customs and observances the following notices occur : 

Lent. " For holding the general anniversary,'* or obit, Ss. 3d. 

Easter. *'For making the Sepulchre, with the placing of the canopy, 1 d. 
For four iron staples for the covering of the Lord's body Id. For wax 
bought to renew the paschal light, with its making, I2d.'* As we find 
in the receipts that 7s. 6d. was collected for this special object, the 
parish purse was considerably benefited thereby. 

Whitsuntide. " For cirribus ? bought for the vestry towards the feast 
of pentecost; \dy 

Christmas. ''For a torche made for the high altar, viz. for four 
pounds of wax, at 5^d. a lb., 22d., for twelve pounds of rosin 9d.y for 
match yeems 4d., verdegrece . . , and in the making of the torch lOrf." 
Richard Hosyer again gave his assistance in this work, and took 2d. for 
his trouble 5 as he did on spending half a day on the carpenter's work 
in the belfry 5 and again for carrying the ladder when a window was 

Corpus Christi. '' To the ringers for ringing whilst the procession 
went round the town Id. And to John Mershe for the placing of the 
canopy, with the mending of one parish surplice, Id." 

To these memorials of the religious observances we may add that, 
''For drink ^ven to the ringers when it thundered; Id.'* 


Of the remaining items the most remarkable are^ for cleaning and 
scouring the great latten candlesticks standing before the high altar, 
with two other small candlesticks, 8d. For making three candles with 
the store wax to bam on the high altar. Id, For greasing the bells 
throughout the year, 4d, For washing the church linen during the 
year, 3^. For a pair of clasps for the great book lying in the chancel, 6d, 
For the parchment used for this roll 2d. and for making and finishing 
this account 4d. 

The total expenditure was 101^. l^d. 

The original roll was communicated by Mr. J. Batten, jun. of Yeovil, 
one of the Subscribers to this Work. 

Yeveft. Rotut Compi Guidonis Corvef *? Ilici Hosyer pcura? 

Ecdie Anno xxxvi R' H. ^i. 

Yeveft. Compus Guidonis Corvef *? Rici Hosyer pcura? 
ecciie Sci Johis Bap?e a festo Pasche anno rrf Henrici sexti 
post con^m Anglic xxxv® usq^ festu Pentecostf anno pdicti 
Eegis xxxvjo. 

Arr». — In den r de xijti. xjg, ob. de arf utti comp6 anni peeden- 
tis ut patet in pede ibm. 

Sm* xyti, xjg. ob. 

Vendic' sediu. — In den f de xijd. r de una sede in ecciia nup 
Amisie Wyseman sic vend Alicia uii Jotiis Cohytre Tayllo"". 
Et de xijd. r de una sede nup Agnetis K)mge sic vendi? uxi 
Johis Wylliam. Et de ijS. r de ij sedib} unde una ift nup fuit 
Agnetis Kynge et al?a uxis Petri Godefare concesS Wiftmo 
Tayllo^ de Chiltern Vagge ? uxi sue q iam feet. If de viijd. r 
p una sede in ecciia post fonte ifem sic vendit' uxi Jofees Machor 
in Kyngeston. It' de xvjd. f de una sede nup Joh»ne Blakaler 
exoppocoe pulpitu vendil Isabella uxi Jofeis Tokyft. Et de xijd. 
r p una sede nup Thome Chamblayn vend Wal?o Mors. It' da 
xvjd. r p una seda nup Myrhitt ux Johis Maudyt vend Jofena 
u3u dci Wal?i Mors. It' de xviijd. f p una sede nup uxis Jofeis 
Sawe jun vend Alicia uxi Jotiis Courtes. Et de xijd. p una 
seda nup Witti Kynga sic vend Jofei Babba [n^ q^ raliquit pp? 
caristiam reddi?.] Et de xd. r p una sede nup uxis Jofeis Myller 
jun sic subtus la Toura vendi? uxi Johis Babba [n^ q^ raliquit siti 
modo]. Et da xijd. r p una sede nup Thome Sawyer vendiJ 
Robto Tayllo"" de Rakylford. 

Sm» xg. xd. 

pfic classic. — Et de xd. f de Jofene Harewyft p uno olassico ptr 



sui cu cruce auricalco. Et de vjd. r de Rado Kyng p uno clas- 
sico g sui fii Johis Hitt. Et de vjd r p uno classico Jofcis Gode. 
Et de vjd r p uno classico Thome § JoWs Fybyan [n} hie <j 
inferius]. Et de xd. r de Thoma Bescombe p uno clasS cu 
cruce auricalc p s'uiente ejusdem Thome. Et de xd r de Joiine 
Peudon p uno classico cu cruce auricalc' ordinat"" ? fadt die 
obitus Johne Honchone. Et de vjd. p classico Jofeis Cogge die 
anniSl sui. Et de xd. p classico et cruce pdca die sepulture 
cuiusdm Symkyn nup mariti Alicie Sawyer. Et de vjd. r de 
Thoma Bescombe p puis® classici pentu suoj. Et de xvjd. r de 
Wittmo Tayllo"" p pulsacoe campnu die sepultur *? die anniiif 
Joh^ne Bakere nup defunc? cum cruce auricalco. Et de xd- r 
de Rofeto Barbo"" p classico *? cruce auric' die sepultur uxis eius. 
Et de vjd. r de Tibota Ware p classico die anniuf Jotiis Ware 
nup mariti sui. Et de vjd. de f p classico die anniuf Jotiis Bes- 
combe. Et de vjd. f p classico die anniill Rogi Gugge. Et de 
xxd. f de Rico Flynt p pulsac campanai qn ux ejus due? fuit p 
banc villam ui Crukern ibm sepeliend. Et de vjd. r de Rico 
Hancok de Mershe p classico uxis sue. Et de vjd. r de Petro 
Poulton p uno classico. Et de vjd. f de Johne Brystowe p uno 
classico ux eius. Et de vid. f p j classico de Jofene Ney sen die 
anniuf eius. Et de vjd. r p uno classico Waltf Gabram. Et de 
iijg. iiijd. r de Henrico Byndelaus p capa cruce H thuribit argen? 
ecctie ad ex^quias uxis eiusdm Henrici. 

Sma xvjSf. 

Exit^ Cirai?ij.— Et de iiijd. ? de Wittmo Tayllo^ p lie hend 
cariagia sua h® anno ult^ cimi?m. Et de iiijd. r de Johne Skyn- 
ner p consiii aisiamento ifem p idm tempus p v cariag. Et de 
iiijd. f de Johne Hille p consiii p a"* p iij cariag. Et de iiijd. r 
de Wifto BeefF' p consiii ibm. 

Sm* xvjd. 

Dona Forplegic. — Et de xiijg. iiijd. f p una toga ex dono 
Margie Hagard ad orand in pulpito annuati sic vend vicar 
ecciie. Et de vj§. viijd. f de Johne Fybyan ex dono Johis 
Gode ad sustentacoem ecclesie, &c. Et de iijg. iiijd. r de Johne 
Fybyan p pulg capa cruce *? aliis ornamentf ecciie hend die 
sepultur ejusdm Johis Gode [n^ q^ in sm« pdca], Et de \jg. viijd, 
rec de dicto Johne Fybyan ex dono Thome nup guientis eiusdm 
Johis ad sustentaffiem i usum ecclesie pdicte. Et de iijg. iiijd. r 
de vie de Yevele p cruce capa et thuribui hend die sepultur nup 



Rectoris de Berewyke. Et de xijd. rec de Reginaldo Touker de 
Mertok p manus Thome Bertlat vie de Yeuele. Et de vjd. r 
de (ita) p trib} pellibj lanutar vend Guidoni Corvel puen de 
tribj bidentib} de stauro ecctie hoc anno xxxv<». Et de xviijd. 
rec p pannis jocalibj ecciie loc ad Sturmyster Nywton Casteft 
anno xxxvo in festo Sci laurencij. Et de iijg. vjd. r p uno 
cooptorio sic vend Rico Rocke ex dono uni^ hois Fullmar. Et 
de iijg. iiijd. r p capa cruce thurribit H candelabris ecctie cu puis 
campan uxis Bescombe jun. Et de viijd. r p pannis jocalib} 
ecctie sic loc ad Bradeford anno supMco tempe estivo. Et de 
vS r de Jotine Drap ex debito Witto Frye de SoiSton quos Joiines 
Martyn cticus quondm ded ecctie. Et de vijg. vid. f in festo 
Pasche p cereo paschali. Et de viijd. r p pannis jocalib} alia 
vice loc in pria [parochia]. 

Sm* liijg. iiijd. 

Exit^ plumbo^ ecctie.— Et de viiijd. r p reddu unif pis plum- 
boi ecctie loc Alicie Sawyer ad fin Na? dni anno xxxvo p annu. 
jEt de ijg. vjd. r p reddu unius paris plum boa de stauro loc Jotii 
Psons at Bole de Westcoker ad festu Sci Johis Bap?e ultimu 
pterit p a™. Et de xvd. rec p uno pi umbo de stauro loc Thome 
Chipman de Preston ad festum Sci Jacob Apti anno xxxvo p 
annu. Et de viijd. p reddu unif pis plumbo^ nup in custod Alicie 
Sawyer loca? Thome Holme ad fm Na? dni ul? ^teri? usq^ festu 
Pasche px elapg. Et de ijg. vjd. r p uno pi plumboi de stauro 
ecctie loc Thome Mylward de Modeford ad festu See Crucis 
ultifh pteri? p a™. Et de xviijd. r de Nicho Seyer p reddu unius 
plumbi sibi locat ad festum Pasche anno xxxv© p unu annu in- 

Sm» ixg. jd. 
Sma Tolis re^e cu arr"^ xvijti. xixd. ob. 

ExPENs*. — E quib} in diusis expeng facE ut patet inferius. In 
primis soluE p papiro p ..cusE inde scribente sawi3enis (?) filonis 
emp? defuient psbi?iis ad missam jd. Et in emendacoe uni^ 
bawdrye tercie campane fracf jd. In uno cleper emp? de nouo 
p campana suienE p corpe xpi jd. In ij virga? *? di panni lynei 
emp? pro ij vexillis ecctie prtand circa campis xvd. Et in tinc- 
tura j virg ? j quarf dci panni jd. In factura eaj^dm vexitt vid. 
In vij™ roddes ligni emp? p vexillis poVtand in pcessione ijd. ob. 
In cirrib) emp? p vestrario erga fin pen? jd. In acsingia emp? 

L 2 


p campanis ungend ad idm tempus jd. ob. In pulsatorib3 pul- 
sand in festo corpis xpi du pcessio ibat circa viJlam jd. In uno 
hoTe cariante campan frac? ut in potu iijd, Et solu? Johi 
Mershe p deposicoe de le canapy in festo corpis xpi cum emen- 
dacoe uni^ suppellic pocfeis jd. Et solu^ uni hoi p factura nove 
campane ult» Cs. viijd. quos recep? fuit de Tristramo Burnett ? 
Thome Smythe xx§. jd. Et solu? p cariacoe ve?is frac? campane 
uscjj Bristott vg. Et in abduccoe eiusdem campane doraorsum 
uscjj Yevett vjg. viijd. Et solu? p sursumpendicoe ejusdm cam- 
pane in campanile Jofeni Hitt Thome Carpyn? ? Jofei Harryes 
ijg. Soluf Jotli Wayte p cabytt querend apud Mountagu ? 
auxit dcoi carpynters p j diem % di yjd. Et soluf Rico Hosyer 
existent cu dcis carpen?ijs p idm tempus vjd. In Guidone 
Corvef ibm existenl' p di diem ijd. In uno equo conduct ad 
portand dcm cabytt a Mountagu usus Yevell ijd. In clavis ? 
clavib} emp? apud Sherborne p dca campana firmand vd. Et 
solut* Wittmo Barry p emendac ferrament dee campane iiijd. 
Et in emenda66e de le bawdry tertie campane ijd. Et in 
victualib} ? potib} die? hoib} auxilianS ad suphauriend dcam 
campan in campanile p ij dies *? di ijg. ijd. ob. Et in portacbe 
de le cabytt usus Mountagu iijd. Et in abduccoe ij clepers 
videit iiijte campane H tercie usus Shurbo"^e eundo *? redeundo 
vijd. In X virga? panni linei blodij colo& jac coram sumo a] tare 
p salua^e vestimentoa in p^ncipat festis de novo emp? iiijg. 
viijd. Et in factur duo^ clepers de ?tie campane H quarte cam- 
pane erga fm decollac Sci Johis Bap?e vjg. In potaffie da? 
pulsatorib} dum tonutruat jd. In iSemio *? tabui iac in campa- 
nili ac itt ponend in aliis locf necessar p impedimento dee noue 
campane ijd. In xj virgatis panni linei empf p uno suppellic 
inde de nouo faciend iiijg. vid. Et in factur ejusdm suppellicij 
cu fills lineis emp? xxjd. In tabulis *? plankes emp? p foraminibj 
coopiend in campanili xviijd. In ij carpen?iis in dco campanili 
opantib} p di diem ad tb^m vd. In clavis emp? ad idm opus 
jd. ob. In uno pece inemij emp? ad sta^end de le belfraye iijd. 
Et solu? Rico Hosyer ibm opant p dimid die ijd. In una cordut 
emp? p le Salsyngbelle ijd. Et solu? Johi • . . • te p factur unif 
lecti aquebajuli cu tabui "J les plankes ad idm emp? viijd. Et 
solu? Wittmo Moreyne p firmacoe j campane jd. ob. In ab- 
ducSoe de uno cleper iiijte campane ui Shurbo"" frac? in defcu 
factoris ibm antea iiijd. In uno torche de novo fac? ad suniu 
altare erga fni Na? dni vidett p iiij libris cere emp? pc li. vd. ob. 


xxijd. In xij Hbris de rosyn ad idm empE [pc 11.] jd. ob. ixd. 
In macche yeems ad idm emp? liijd. Et solu? p verdegrece. 
In factur de le torche pdic? xd. In Rico Hosyer ibm opan? p 
idm tempus ijd. Et in trib} virgaf panni linei emp? pc 9ge 
viijd. p le dex (?) cu pictacoe eiusdem panni viijS. viijd. In uno 
panno cilicio emp? ad jacend sup altare Sci Thome x\jd. Et 
solu? p duob} hesses jacen? sup* libitinas ijsf. Et solu? Jofei 
Mone p custodia % unccoe campana^ p dimid anni ijd. Et in 
factura uni^ rope canabi con? xiij libr canabi ex dono Tristram 
Burnefl: defuien? magne campane iiijd. Et solu? p coi anniSsar 
tenend in xl» tempe viijS. iijd. In factur % emend unius fenestre 
vitrie ad th»m xxd. In Rico Hosyer ibm adjuvant ad por? scalam 
ijd. In pastura emp¥ p duab} ouib} matricib} de stauix) ecciie 
viijd. In repacoe 1! emend aree in ecctia confrac? iid. ofe. In cera 
emp? ad renovand cereum pascha) cum factur ejusdem xijd. Et 
solu? Johi Mone p unctura campana^ p dimid anni ijd. Sic p annu 
iiijd. Et in mudacoe % escuracione de magnis candelabris auricalc' 
stantib} coram altare autentico cum duob} aliis paruis candela- 
bris viijd. In imo hole conduc? ad equitand uf SoiSton ad 
querend denaf ecdie de Will'mo Frye ibm p tres vices iiijd. In 
factura de sepulcr in die Pasche cu deposicoe de le canapy jd. 
In iiijor staples ferr facf p cooptura ultra corpus dnicu erga festu 
Pasche jd. Et solu? p lotura panno^ lineo^ ecciie p annu iijS. 
In uno pari de clapsys emp? ad magnu libru jacentem in can- 
cello yjd. In factur de trib} cereis cG cerade staur ardend apud 
altare autencum jd. In pergameno p isto rotulo scribend ijd. 
Et in factur istius compoti *? terminand iijg. iiijd.* Et solu? p 
pulsacoe classic Stephi Houpe iiijd. Et soluf Will'o Smyth de 
Shurbo^ne p emendacoe de le} clepers ult» expenS sup* xijd. 

Sm* Cjg. jd. ofe. Et sic debet xijti. vjd. E quib} allo- 
cate eisdm de xd. p classico Fomee de Mynes % p cruce 
auric' Will'mo Tayllo"" q^ lifei sunt. Et sic debent clare 
xjti. xixg. viijd. unde sup g Jobem Englis H Nichm Balduk 
nup pcurat ecctie vjti. xjg. ob. cviijg vijd. ob. compul'. 

Et eleger ad pcura? ecciie pdic p anno sequent Ricra 
Hosyer *? Johem Tanner. 

J. G. N. 

*■ The remainder is written in another hand, probably at the time the account 
was audited. 





The first Register begins in 1557, and is a transcript to the year 1 62 1 . 

The principal families a residing at Camberwell, whose pedigrees are 
entered in the Visitations of 1 623 and 1 662, are Scott, Muschamp, Dra- 
per, Bowyer, Duke, Gardiner, Grymes, Turner, Cherry, Harper, Shel- 
bury, Vernon, Fox, and Wytham. The entries of Gardiner have been 
already given in the pedigree at p. 15 of this volume -, of Harper, Fox^ 
and Wytham, none have been found. Those of the other leading 
families will now be given distinctly, and then the most remarkable 
of other names. 


Arms. Party per chevron Az. and Vert, three doves with wings ad- 
dorsed Arg. membered Gules. Crest, A dove, close. Proper, membered 
Gules, within a wreath Vert, fructed Gules and banded Or. 

This family is not noticed in the Visitations ; but in a table in the 
volume of Surrey pedigrees, MS. Harl. 5830, f. 108, its connection 
with Camber well is shown to have commenced at a very early period. 
Henry Dove of Camberwell was slain at Bosworth field under King Rich- 
ard III. having married Joan, daughter of Thomas Brereton of Cheshire, 
*' a younger brother j ** both of them, as well as John Brereton the grand- 
father of Joan, were buried in Camberwell Church, — of course before 
the period of the registers.c 

John Dove, his son and heir, married Margaret, daughter of 

Pike, of Nutfield in Sussex -, and had issue John, the father of John, 
Edward, and John -, another John, of whom presently ; Henry, and 
Oliver, s. p. 

John Dove married Katharine, daughter of Waker of Carshalton^ 

• " The CoUecc'on for Teneths 1604, delyv'de to Mr. Roger Coole the 23 of 
May, by Will'm Fell and Jhon Peare churchwardens,** exhibits the principal 
residents at Camberwell at the beginning of the reign of James the First : S' Ed- 
mond Bowyer viij". S' Thomas Gardin' ij". S' Thomas Grymes iij". S' Thomas Hunt 
iij«. Edward Wilson vicar iij". Captayn Turn' pro toto a** x». Mr. Muschamp xviij'*., 
and then, among others, Mr. Swingfeldij". Mr. Cesar ^**. (names mentioned here- 

* The orthography of the name was changed from Dowe or Doue to Dove. The 
same was th^ case with another family of the name, or a branch of the same, who 
bore for arms the same doves with a fess and different field, of whom some parti- 
culars will be found in Wilson's History of Merchant-taylors' School, pp. 1149, 

1150, 1164. 

« " Joh'es Doue, cujus proavus Johannes Brereton resignavit (sic) in parochia 
de Lambhith temp'e E. 4, et sepultus est apud Camberwell, in Scott's Isle.'' 



and had issue Elizabeth, John, and Walter, the father of WiUiam, 
Henry, Samuel, Giles, and Catharine. He was buried at Camberwell. 

Elizabeth Dowe, bur. 3 Apr. 1558. 

Walter Dowe, gent. bur. 26 Sept. 1562. 

Bridgett Dowe, his dau.bap. 16 Feb. 1560; bur. 20 Oct. 1562. 

Alice Dowe, another dau. bur. 25 Oct in the same year. 

John, son of John Doue, bap. 9 May 1562. 

This is unquestionably the same person who in 1580, being then 18, 
was elected from Westminster School a student of Christ Church, Ox- 
ford ; was afterwards D.D. and Rector of St. Mary Aldermary, in Lon- 
don. He was a celebrated preacher, and author of several publications, 
an account of which will be found in the Adiense Oxonienses, where 
Wood styles him " a Surrey man, born of plebeian parents/* He died 
Apr. 19, 1618; but it is not known where he was buried. He mar- 
ried Frances, only daughter of Thomas Blague,^ D.D. Dean of Rochester, 
by whom he had an only daughter, Brooke Dove, and secondly Anne, 
daughter of Carleton, of Bridewell, co. Oxford. 

Walter, son of John Dowve, bap. 18 Feb. 1565[-6]. 

Jonas, son of John Dove, bur. 1 Oct. 1568. 

Raph Side and Agnes Doue, mar. 7 Jan. 1564'. 

Elizabeth and Dorathie, daus. of John Dove, bap. 27 Feb. 

Jone, daughter of Henry Dove, bur. 21 Oct. 1570. 
Agnes, dau. of Henry, bap. 30 July 1572. 
Margaret, wife of John Dowe, bur. 23 Apr. 1582. 

There is a brass figure in Camberwell Church to the memory of this 
Margaret, wife of Mr. John Dove, the daughter of Matthew Kelett of 
Surrey, Gent.S and also the arms of Dove impaled by, Arg. on a mount 
Vert a bear Sable chained and armed Or, which coat was confirmed to 
Matthew Kelett, of Ripley, Surrey, 1 Oct. 4 Edw. VI. She died 1 1 
Apr. 1582, having had issue five sons (of whom Dr. Dove was one) 
and four daughters. 

Acten, son of John Dove, bap. 1 June 1588. 

Mr. John Dofe, bur. 1 Sept. 1592. 

Will. Hodson and Elizab. Doue, mar. 5 July 1664. 

Mr John Dove and M" Anne Knightbridge were married at Streat- 
ham> 15 Nov. 1632. 

' Thomas Blague, S. T. B. Master of Clare hall, Camb. and Rector of Bangor, 
was installed Dean of Rochester Feb. 1, 1591, and died in Oct. 1611. See more 
of him in Newcourt's Repertorium, vol. ii. p. 91. In the pedigree his name 
is erroneously written Blagrave. 

V The pedigree erroneously calls him Nathaniel CoUet, of Sands, Surrey. 



Arms. Arg. on a fess Sable three boar's heads couped Or. Crests, 
1. A cup Arg. of fire Proper ; 2. A boar's head couped Arg. a pheon 
fi xedfesswise in his neck Sable. 

An erroneous and imperfect pedigree of Scott is printed in the I£st 
of Surrey, iii. 406. The following is taken from that in the MS. Harl. 
1561, f. 43, and from the Visitation of 1662. It appears that William 
Scott, by Isabella, (who died 18 Sep. 5 Hen. V.) daughter and heiress 
of William Beck well, had issue William, aged 7 in 5 Hen. V. who, by 
Margaret, dau. and coh. of *— Bredinghurst, had issue John Scott, 
Baron of. the Exchequer 3 and Agnes the wife of William Mnschamp, 
of Camberwell. 

John Scott was Sheriff of Surrey and Sussex in 1520; was consti- 
tuted third Baron of the Exchequer,^ 15 May 20 Hen. VIII. (1529) j 
and died 7 Sept. 1532. He married Elizabeth, dau. of Richard Sk3mner, 
and sister and coheiress to WiUiam Skynner, of Camberwell, Esq. ^ j by 
whom he had issue John his son and heir ; and Edward, who died 29 
Sept. 1538 (epitaph in Camberwell Church, with a figure in brass^ en- 
graved in Hone's Year Book, p. 914)5 and Elizabeth, mar. to • 

Appleyard. The monument of the Baron of the Exchequer still remains 
in CamberweU Church, with representations, on brass plates, of himself, 
attired in armour, his wife, four sons, and seven daughters. This is 
engraved in Lysons's Environs. 

John Scott, Esq. his son and heir,c lord of the manor of Camberwell 
Buckingham's, and Sheriff of Surrey and Sussex in 1548, married three 
wives: 1. Elizabeth, dau. and heir of John Robins, of London^ mer- 
chant of the Staple of Calais, by whom he had issue John, Richard, 
Edward, William, Bartholomew, Acton ^ 2. Catharine,^ widow of John 
Sandford, and had issue Margaret, who was married to Edward Stone {see 
hereafter)', 3. Margaret Borton, and had issue Edgar and Southwell, who 
both died s. p. The nine childreti already named are mentioned in the 
epitaph erected by the widow of his son Bartholomew ; but in his will 
dated 3 Nov. 1557, it appears that he had, besides Margaret, four other 
daughters, Elizabeth, Ann, Mary, and Friswith, bequeathing to each of 
the five 1 0/. on their marriage. His eldest son John died before him ; 

* There was a former John Scot, appointed Baron of the Exchequer 8 Jan. 
4 Hen. VIII. (1513.) 

^ See the sepulchral memorials and epitaphs of the Skynuers in Hist, of Surrey, 
iii. 426. 

^ In the month of November 1520 this gentleman, together with the Lords 
Ogle and Howard, Sir Matthew Browne, and Sir William Bulmer, was brought in 
the Star Chamber before the King ** for diverse riots, misdemeaners and offences 
by them committed." See Holinshed, ed. 1577, vol. ii. p. 1507. It appears that 
they were all pardoned save the Lord Ogle, whose case being murder, he was 
remitted to the Common Law. 

^ At Croydon, *' 1552, Dec. 15. Joh'es Scott generosus duzit Catherina' Samp- 
forde in uzore\*' In the epitaph above mentioned she is called Chis. 


his own burial^ and the various entries relating to his children^ are as 
follow : 

Joh'es Scott, gent. bur. 15 Aug. 1558. 

Anna Scotte, bur. 14 Feb. 1559. 

Mr. Richard Scott, [set. 32 years in 1558] bur. 18 Dec. 1559. 
[His wife was Mary, dau. of Edward Weldon, who rem. — 

John Scott, his sonne,® bur. on the same day. 

Mr. Edward Scott, Esquier, bur. 14 Feb. 1572-3. [He mar. 
Dorothy,^ dau. of John Bere, Esq. of Dartford, Justice of 
oyer and terminer, and died s. p.] 

Maister Willm Scott and Anne Crofte, marr. 24 Jan. 1564 ; she 
bur, 17 Jun. 1'566. [Second wife, —— dau. of •— Ac- 
worth.] William Scott, Esq. bur. 8 Aug. 1588. 

His children : 

Elizabeth, bap. 6 May 1565. 

Robert, bap. 31 Jan. 1572-3; « sonne of M"* Scott, 

wydowe," bur. 30 May 1593. 
William, bap. 17 Jul. 1580; bur. 5 Mar. 1581[-2]. 
Agnes, bap. 30 June 1583. 
Bartholomew Scott ? and Margaret Whitechurch,** marr. 29 
Nov. 1564; 2dly, Christian,i bur. 20 Jul. 1597; [3dly, Mar- 
garet, dau. of Lucas of Gloucester, widow of William 

Gardyner, Esq. (see pedigree in p. 15).] He bur. 5 June 1600. 

Mrs. Anne Scott, wife of Mr. Acton Scott [dau. of Edmonds, 

and widow of '- HutchifF], bur. 4 Sept. 1592. 

« Richard had another son named Thomas, who died 19 Jan. 3 Eliz. (1560-1.) 
Cole*s Escheats, i. 441. 

f " Dorothye, d. to Johne Beere of Dartford, in com. Kent, esquier. She was 
married first to Johne Heyes of Batrinton, in Essex, gent. ; secondarylye to 
Edw. Scott, of Camberwell, in com. Surrey, esquier ; thirdlye to George Fynch, 
of Norton, in com. Kent, esquier ; and lastlye to S' Thomas Scott, of Scotts hall, 
in the parish of Smythe, Kent," to whom she was third wife. Funeral Certificate 
to Sir T. Scott, 14 Jan. 1594-5. 

f Bartholomew Scott, Esq. was a Justice of the Peace for Surrey. 

h « ye wido: of y« right reverend Prel: & Martyr Tho: Cranmer, Archibish: 
of Canterburie.'' (Epitaph of Bartholomew Scott in Camberwell church.) 
Cranmer suffered March 21, 1556. The lady appears to have had a second 
husband before Scott, probably the " Maister Wychurch," who was buried at 
Camberwell, 1 Dec. 1561. Strype, in his Life of the Archbishop, gives no further 
information of his last wife than that she survived him, ** and living she was to- 
ward the latter end of Archbishop Parker's time, and for her subsistence enjoyed 
an abbey in Nottinghamshire, which King Henry, upon Dr. Butt's motion, with- 
out the Archbishop's knowledge, granted to him and his heirs." 

i *< The widdow of ... . Land, citizen of London." (Epitaph of Barth. Scott.) 


Her children a : 

Isabell,b bap. 19 Jul. 1573. 

Pefter (see behw). 

Dudley, bap. 10 Mar. 1579-80 ; bur. last of Mar. 1 587. 

John (see behw). 

Edgar, bap. 12 Jan- ISSS-S; bur. 28 May 1584. 

Wenifride, bur. 26 Sept 1582. 

Mr. Acton Scott and Elisabeth Norton, gentlewoman, marr. 21 

June 1593; he was bur. 7 Sept. 1593. 
Mr. Edward Stone and Mrs. Margaret Scott,c marr. 1 Nov. 1600. 
Sir Peter Scott, " son of Mr. Acton Scott," bap. 30 Nov. 1 578, 
[knighted at Whitehall, 2 Apr. 1621] bur. 29 Jun. 1622; 
marr. Mrs. Elizabeth Kederminster,d 16 April 1599 ; she 
bur. 31 Jan. 1628. Their children : 

[John. See below.] 

Lettice, bap. 26 July 1610 [mar. Sir Toby Cage, Knt.] 

Anne, bap. 7 Sept. 1619 [mar. Edward Nevill, Esq. of 
Grove, co. Nottingham.®] 

Elizabeth, bap. 13 Dec. 1620. 

John Scott, Gent. " sonne of Mr. Acton Scott," bap. 17 Sep. 
1581; bur. 12 Dec. 1624; [mar. Margaret Draper, of Mid- 
dlesex] : his children : 

Marmaduke (see below). 

Edmund, bap. 27 Nov. 16 11.^ 

Thomas, bap. 28 Oct. 1619. 

Lancelott, bur. 11 Oct. 1649. 

Peter, bur. 1 1 Sept. 1660. 


* In the pedigree in the History of Surrey, Elizabeth Norton, to whom 
Acton Scott was not married until the year of his death, is made the mother of his 

* In the pedigree, among the children of Acton Scott, ** Arundell, ob. s. p." 
occurs, probably in mistake for Isabell. 

*^ Daughter of John Scott first-mentioned, by his second wife Catharine, widow 
of John Sandford. 

' She was the eldest dau. of Edmund Kederminster, of Langley, co. Bucks, Esq. 
one of the Six Clerks in Chancery. See the epitaph of Sir Peter and his lady in 
History of Surrey, iii. 425. 

* Their son, Sir Edward Nevill, (created a Baronet 24 Feb. 1674-5,) married 

Katharine, daughter of Edward Holt, Esq. of Aston, co. Warw. and widow of 

Kederminster. Courthope^s Synopsis of the Baronetage. 

' Qu. the same with Sir Edmund Scot of Lambeth, knighted at Whitehall, 
15 Feb. 1629-30. 


Marmaduke Scott, " son of Jhon Scott, gent." bap. 18 Jan. 
1609-10 ; bur. 8 Dec. 1649 [mar. dau. of Thoraas Swing- 
field of Camberwell] : his childreii : 

Thomas, bap. 24 July J 639. 

John, bur. 11 May 1640. 

John, bap. 11 Dec. 1644; bur. 10 Feb. 1645[-6]. 

John Scott, Esq. [son of Sir Peter, and set. 8 years in 1622 ; 
Justice of the Peace, mar. Elizabeth, dau. of Robert Cherry, Esq. 
of Camberwell, see p. 159] bur. 4 Sept. 1674. His children : 

[Peter. See below.'] 

John, bur. 17 May 1641. 

Francis fsee below), 

Elizabeth, bap. 1 Nov. 1643 ; mar. 19 May 1666, « Mr. 
Rob. Goodyere, cittizen of London." 

Robert, bap. 12 Nov. 1644, bur. 20 May 1645. 

Mary, bap. 7 May 1646. 

John, bap. 7 Mar. 1649-50. 

Edmund, bap. 9 Apr. 1651. " Edward," bur. 2 May 165 L 

Anne, bur. 27 June 1651. 

Hester, bap. 4 Jan. 1652[-3]; bur. 26 Aug. 1653. 

Edward, bap. 8 Dec. 1655 ; Mary his wife, bur. 21 Jan. 

James, bap. 25 March 1656; bur. 21 Dec. 1657. 

Sarah, bap. 12 Sept. 1661. 


Peter Scott, LL.D.g bur. ^'in linnen, 50^ to y^ Poore,'' 1 Jan. 

1689; Margaret [dau. of Sir William Bowles, of Clerken- 

well,^] his wife, bur. 6 Feb. 1681-2 ; [second wife, Margaret, 

dau. of Clement Spelman, Baron of the Exchequer, left his 

His cbildren : 

Margaret, bur. 16 Apr. 1663. 

Peter, bap. 27 Apr. 1664. 

John, bap. 20 March 1666[-7] ; bur. 7 Sept. 1681. 

Elizabeth, bap. 9 Aug. 1668. 

Bartholomew, bap. 20 Mar. 1669-70. 

[William. See below.] 

Acton, bap. 6 Dec. 1674, bur. 11 Jan. 1674-5. 

If ** Son of John the only son of Sir Peter Scott " (Epitaph, Hist, of Surrey, 
iu. 425) ; Canon of Windsor 1671 ; died 26 Dec. 1689, aet. 49. 
I' By Margaret daughter of John Donne, D.D. Dean of St. Paul's. (Epitaph.) 


Inbella, bsp. 28 OcC 1679. 
Fiaods Scott, Esq. ^son to John Scott, Esq.* bap. 29 SepC 
1642; bar. 25 Mar. 1695 : his children : 

Lucy, bap. 2 Dec 1693. 

Jamesy b^. 14 Apr. 1695. 
William Soott, Esq. bar. 24 Mar. 1705. 

The fMomimg naoMS hare not been connected with the ped ^icc : 
Heniy Scott, bap. 18 Ang. 1560. 

George Barrett and MargareU Soott,* mar. 9 Sept. 1595. 
John Bone and ESxsbedi Scott,l> marr. 11 Ai^. 1600. 
John Scott, bur. 8 Aug. 1636. 


Anns. Or^ three ban Gnks. Crett, A mastiff dog Proper^ oidlared 

A fandly of Mnschamp flonrished at an eaily period in theNorth of Eng- 
hmd (see Raine's History of North Dmhani). llioinas Mnsdiamp^ Esq.^ 

of Peddiam, married the dan. and heir oi Welbed^ WiSiaDi his 

son lived at Camberwell^ and had three wives : 1. Agnes^^ dan. of Wil- 
ham Scott, Esq. (seep. 155) ; 2. Efizabeth, dan. of Henry Hannonde, 
Esq. of Crayford, Kent, widow oi Nichdas Minne, Esq. Alderman of 
London ; and 3. Elizabeth, dan. oi Richard Sandys, Esq. By the first 
he had no i»ne. By the second he had 

1 . Thomas, who married Katharine Rose, and had issoe, Jane, die 
wife of Thomas Grymes, Esq. and Sir Thomas Hnnt (see p. 164)^ and 
Susanna, mar. to Henry Topsheld, of London and Sussex. 

2. Sir Matthew Mnschamp, ob. s. p. 

3. Edward; 4. Christopher. 
By the third he had issue, 

5. Ralph, whose wife and descendants occur bdbw. 

6. Christopher, of Carshalton, made Baron of the Exchequer 28 Nov. 
1577^ who married and had issue Christopher and Henry. Christopher 
Mnschamp, Esq. who died 1 Oct. 1660, aet. 61, and was buried at 

* WilUam, son of €reorge Barrett, was bap. 11 Jan. 1595. Greorge Barret was 
bur. 37 Not. 1604. 

^ Perfa^»s the widow of Acton Scott. 

< Thomas Mnschamp, Sheriff of London and Middlesex in 1463, buried at St. 
Mary Biagdalene's, Milk-street, bore for arms. Or, three bars Gules (as the Mus- 
champs of Camberwell), and in chief a mullet. 

* The error in the pedigree in the Hist, of Surrey, iii. 414, dividing this Agnes 
into two persons, as the grandmother and the wife of William Mnschamp, has been 
already corrected in roL ii. p. 1 16 of the present work, where the armorial coats 
of Muschamp in iht windows of Camberwell Church have been described. 



Carshalton^ to which parish he bequeathed 200/. to found apprentice- 
ships^ was doubtless descended of this branch. The helmet^ crest, 
snrcoat^ and pennon of a Muschamp (quartering Welbeck) was formerly 
in the north side of the choir of the church. MS. Lansd. 874. 

7. John, of Mitcham in Surrey, who married first Anne Tresby ; and 
secondly Ellen, dau. of Robert Gainsford^ and had issue by the former, 

John 5 Edmund, who mar. Mary, dau. of Norris, of Aldingbome, 

Sussex } William ; Elizabeth, mar. to Thomas Hodgkin ^ and Jane> mar. 
to Sampson Hawse of Kent *, and by the latter. Sir Thomas Muschamp 
(mentioned below) , and Anne. 

8. William, of Unsted and Godalming, who married Mary, sister and 
heir of John Agmondesham of Rowbames and East Horsley in Surrey, 
and was the ancestor of the Muschamps, who remained for four genera- 
tions at the latter place, and of whom a pedigree is given in the Hist, 
of Surrey, vol. iii. p. 29. 

9. Edith, married to Henry Berry. 

M"8 Isabell Muschamp, wyfe of Mr. Raphe Muschamp, bu. 29 

Aug. 1584. 
M™ Edith Muschamp,* wyfe to Francis Muschamp, [son of 
Ralph,] bu. 12 Nov. 1602. Her children : 

Margaret, bap. 22 Oct. 1562, bur. 4 Nov. 1562. 
Saints, bap. 15 Oct. 1564; « Sence,'*^ bur. 25 Nov. 1565. 
Fraunces, bap. 22 May 1566. 
Jane, bap. 20 July 1567. 
John, bap. 18 Jan. 1568 ; bur. 24 May 1569. 
Mathye, bap. 15 Feb. bur. ult. Feb. 1569 [-70]. 
Agnes, bap. 1 Aug. 1571. 
Francis, bap. 23 Aug. 1579. {See below.) 
Katharine, mar. 22 Jan. 1595[-6], Mr. Francis Fromonds.^ 
S^ Thomas Muschamp, Knight, [knighted at Royston Jan. 22, 

1604-5] bur. 15 Sept. 1618. 
Mr. Francis Muschamp and M™ Alice Worsely,d marr. 19 Jan. 
1597[-8]; he bur. 16 Apr. 1617. She bur. 14 Sept 1652. 
His children : 

» " Edith Burton, of Carshalton.'* Pedigree. 

^ This Christian name occurs several other times in this register, as Sence 
Bkckwell, Sence Fromond, Sence Bowyer, Sence Symonds, Sence Briggs, &c. It 
seems to be derived ft'om the moral quality, like Prudence, Charity, Faith, &c. 
though Mr. Bray, in his History of Surrey, appears to have connected it with 
the old name Senchia, having sometimes spelt it thus, and sometimes Sanctia. 
(vol. U. 473, 512.) 

^ Brother to the two ladies hereafter, p. 162 ; see the pedigree of Fromond, 
Hist of Surrey, ii. 473. 

* Daughter of Hugh Worsley, Esq. 


Francis {see below), 

Benjamin, bap. 22 Jan. 1599[-1600] ; bur. 14 Sept. 1602. 

John, bap. 21 Jun. 1601 ; bur. 4 Sept. 1602. 

Thomas, bap. 8 Nov. 1603, [mar. Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas 
Naylor, of Standish, co. Lane, gent.] bur. 6 May 1637.® 

Susan, bap. 8 Sept. 1605. 

Mary, bap. 28 Feb. 1607[.8] ; bur. 5 Mar. 1608[.9]. 

Elizabeth, bap. 21 July 1609. 
Francis Muschamp, Esquier, bap. ^ Nov. 1598, bur. 27 July 
1632; mar. 7 Mar. 1618[-19] Jane Byne [dau. of Sir John 
Byne, of Rowdell, Sussex.] She bur. 2 Jan. 1626-7. His chil- 
dren : 

Katharine, bap. 16 Dec. bur. 22 Dec. 1619. 

Ed man [Edmond], bap. 28 Aug. 1621. 

Francis, bur. 13 Jan. 1626. 

Elizabeth [mar. John] Pearce, bur. 25 May 1694.^ 

[Mary, mar. Edward Eversfield.] 


Arms. As described in p. 154. CresU A stag's head couped Gules, 
chained on the neck with a fess Or between three annulets Argent, 
attired of the Last. 

In the Surrey Visitations, this family is derived from John Dra- 
per of Flintham, Notts, father of Thomas^ of the same place, who by 

the daughter and heiress of Auger, by daughter and heiress of 

Urswicke, had another Thomas, also of Flintham,? the father of Robert 
Draper, of Camberwell, Page of the Jewel Office to King Henry VIII. 
This Robert married Elizabeth^ daughter and heiress of John Fyfield, 
alias Lowe, of Camberwell, and had Henry and Matthew (mentioned in 
the ensuing extracts) who both died without issue ; Elizabeth, the wife 
of John Bowyer, Esq. of Lincoln's Inn, and afterwards of William Foster, 
Esq. (see p. 152) and Benedicta the wife of John Fromond, of Carshal- 
ton (see note in p. 162.) 

Rohert had a younger brother John, father of Sir Christopher Draper, 
who was Lord Mayor of London in 1560, and whose three daughters 
Bennet, Agnes, and Bridget, were married to Sir William Webbe, 

• See his epitaph in Hist, of Surrey, iii. 436. It is now concealed by pews. 

f See her epitaph, ibid. 

r This is confirmed in Thoroton*s Nottinghamshire, p. 133, where it is stated 
that in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, the manor of Flintham came to ** the wife 
of John Draper, whose ancestors had been here resident since the beginning 
of Edward the Third.'' These Drapers, of Flintham, bore also the same arms as 
those of Camberwell. (ibid. p. 135.) 



Sir Wolstan Dixie, and Sir Henry Billingsley; who all filled the same 
high office ; see in the Histories of London the epitaph of Sir Christo- 
pher Draper at St. Dunstan*s in the East, where were his arms, quarterly 
of the two coats described in p. 154. 

Thomas Draper, bur. 20 Dec. 1557. 

Henricus Draper, gent. bur. 18 Dec. 1558. 

WiU'm's Draper, gent. bur. 13 Apr. 1559. 

Mathew Draper « et Sence Black well, mar. 13 June 1559. 

Saintes Draper, bur. 24 Aug. 1571. 


Arms. As described in p. 154. 

TThis family of Bowyer is derived in the Visitations from John Bowyer 
of Chichester^^ whose descendants for five generations were of Shepton 
fieauchamp in Somersetshire. Ralph his son was father of Richard, 
father of William, who married Joan Lambert, and had issue Thomas, 
who married Joan (who, according to the pedigree in Hist, of Surrey, 
iii. 409, died 15 Oct. 1539). Their son John married a third Joan, 
daughter and heiress of William Brabant, of Brnton, by Alice, daughter 
and heiress of Richard Boys (both which coats were quartered by the 
Bowyers), and had issue John Bowyer of Camberwell, William and John, 
who both died without issue ; and Agnes, married to John Browne, by 
whom she had William, Agnes, and Joan. 

John Bowyer, of Camberwell, bom at Shepton Beauchamp, was mar- 
ried to his first wife, Anne Jenes, 29 Apr. 1540, and had issue Rice, 
s. p. and Thomas and Anne, who died infants. He married secondly 
Elizabeth Draper, of Camberwell, as stated below. 

John Bowyer, Esq. bur. 16 Oct. 1570; mar. IT June 1550, 
Elizabeth, youngest dau. of Robert Draper, Esq. of Cam- 

* ** Mathye Draper, Esquier, who was mariyed unto Sence Blackwell, daughter 
of William Blackwell of London, Esquier, and dyed without yssue the xxj day of 
July, in the year of our Lord 1577." Monument in Camberwell church, with 
figures in brass and shields of arms : see Hist, of Surrey, iii. 436. There was 
formerly in Camberwell church the surcoat carried at the funeral of this Matthew 
Draper, bearing on the skirt and sleeves the following arms : Quarterly of six, 
1 and 6, Draper (as in p. 154,) 2 and 5, the other coat of Draper ; 3. Auger ; 
4. Urswicke. Also a pennon of the same. MS. Lansd. 874, 64. 

b Francis Bowyer, esq. Alderman of London, and Sheriff in 1578, was the son 
of Robert Bowyer, Mayor of Chichester in 1532, and bore the same arms as the 
Bowyers of Camberwell, Arg. a fess Vaire cottised Gules. His immediate relations 
are fully described in his epitaph at St. Nicholas Aeons (Stow*s Survey, 1754, i. 
483). He was the ancestor of the Bowyers of Denham, co. Bucks, Baronets ; and 
from his uncle Thomas Bowyer of London, were descended those of Leythome, 
CO. Sussex. See a pedigree in Dallaway's Rape of Chichester, p. 61. In the 
armorial coat of the latter branch the cottises are sable. 


berwell;* who rem. William Foster, Esq. 9 Sept. 1572; she 
died his wife,^ and was bur. 2 May 1605. 

The children of John Bowyer, Esq. : 
John, bap. 12 Mar. 1559. 
Mathewe, bap. 23 Nov. 1561 [died s. p.] 
Luke, bap. 31 June 1562 ; bur. 18 May 1565. 
Benjamin {see next page.) 
Gregory, bap. 28 Sept. 1568. 
Gregory Bowyer was of Worth in Sussex j he married and had issue 
Edmund (aet. 1 9 in 1 623), John^ Elizabeth the wife of John Bettings 
of .Greenstead« Sussex^ and Frances, married to Edmund Byne^ Esq. 

Sence, bap. 15 Jan. 1570[-1]. 
Mr. Edmond Bowyer ^ and Mris. Katharine Bynd, mar. 25 
May 1573; Mr. John Bynd^ and Mris. Elizabeth Bowier the 
same day. [Elizabeth was born 10 June 1553, and married 
secondly, Thomas Stanley, of Fittleworth, Sussex.] 

Edmund Bowyer, Esq. was Sheriff of Surrey and Sussex in 1 60 1 . He 
was knighted at the Charter-house, 11 May 1603, and was M.P. for 
Surrey the same year. He was a Justice of the Peace> and died s. p. 
18 Feb. 1626-7. 

Sr Edmond Bowyer, knight, bur. 12 March 1626-7. 
The La: Katharen Bowyar, wife to S^^ Edm^ Bowyer, bur. 12 

July 1609. 
Mr. John Bowyer and Em. Snoe,e widowe, mar. 2 July 1588. 
Mr. Edward Bowyer, bur. 16 April 1627. 

* The account of the expenses for wedding clothes at this marriage^ is printed in 
Lysons's Environs. 

^ " Had issue hy him one sonne and one daughter , and died the zzvii of ApriU 
1605 " (Epitaph.) 

^ Son of John and Elizabeth, born at Camberwell 12 May 1552. Pedigree 
in Hist, of Surrey, where his wife is erroneously called Elizabeth Binde. 

^ Or Byne, of Rowdell in the parish of Washington, Sussex, and brother to 
Katharine (Lady Bowyer) ; see a pedigree in Hist, of Surrey, ii. 513, and another 
in Cartwright's Bape of Bramber, p. 131 ; and in p. 135 of the latter work the 
epitaph of this John Byne, Esq. who died July 21, 1600, set. 63, having had five 
sons and two daughters by Elizabeth Bowyer. Jane his granddaughter was married 
to Francis Muschamp, as already noticed in p. 150. See the marriages of his bro- 
ther James Byne hereafter, p. 162. 

* Daughter of WiUiam Byne of Wakehurst, Sussex, Esq. and widow of Ed- 
ward Snow of Chicksands, co. Beds. Esq. to whom she had been married at Cam- 
berwell, 17 May 1580. They had issue Elizabeth, bapt. at Camberwell, 24 A.Tig. 
1581, Alice (the wife of Sir Robert Albany of Bagshot, Surrey), and Sarah, men- 
tioned in his epitaph, formerly in Wandsworth Church, at the manor of Alfarthing 
in which parish he died in 1587> Epitaph in Hist, of Surrey, iii. 354, copied by 
Aubrey. In his pedigree of Byne above mentioned, Mr. Bray has incorrectly 
married Emma the daughter of James Byne to George Bowyer. 


John Bowyer, Esq. of Camberwell, [Justice of the Peace] bur. 

3 June 1623; M" Emma Bowyer, bur. 26 Dec. 1624. 
Mn John Bowyer, bur. 8 Feb. 1635. 
Mr. Benjamin Bowyer, of Camberwell, "sonne qf Mr. John 

Bowyer, esquier," bap. 13 July 1567. 

His children^ by Joyce, widow of Cowden, of Southwark, and 

dau. of — Edney, of London : 

Edmund {see below). 
Joyce, bap. 10 Aug. 1615. 

Sir Edmund Bowyer, of Camberwell, "son to Mr. Benjamin 
Bowyer," bap. 28 Oct. 1613; mar. Hester [eldest dau. of 
Sir Anthony Aucher, Knt. died 19 Dec.*] bur. 21 Dec. 1665. 
His children : 

Edmund, bur. 10 Apr. 1641. 

John, bap. 20 July 1642; bur. 23 Nov. 1675. 

Elizabeth, bap. 23 Feb. 1644; bur. 15 Jan. 1646. 

Benjamin, bap. 11 Mar. 1648-9; bur. 22 Feb. 1667-8. 

Hester, bap. 24 July 1651 ; bur. 16 Sept. 1652. 

Frances, bap. 24 July 1651 ; bur. 20 Nov. 1652. 

Margaret, bap. 3 Mar. 1654. 

Sir Edmond Bowyer, bur. 4 Feb. 1680-1. 

Sir E. Bowyer mar. secondly Martha , and had issue : 

Elizabeth, bap. 8 Dec. 1676, [mar. Sir James Ashe, Bart.] 
Edmund, bap. 1 Jan. 1678-9. 
Mary, bur. 12 Nov. 1679. 
Anthony Bowyer, Esq. [eldest son of Sir Edm. Bowyer.^] bur. 

5 July 1709 ; mar. Katharine,c [dau. of Henry St. John, Esq. 

of Beckenham] bur. 20 Apr. 1717. 

The old mansi(Hi of the Bowyers stood on Camberwell Green, on 
the site now occupied by the charity school erected by Henry Cle- 
meson, Esq. in 1721 . Another mansion of the Bowyers, situated on the 
road from Camberwell to London, is still standing, and has lately been re- 
stored for Sir John Smijthe of Hill Hall, Essex, Bart, the present repre- 
sentative of the Bowyer family. Some account of it, with a view of the 
more ancient portion, now removed, will be found in the Gentleman's 
Magazine, vol. xcv. ii. 585. 

* See her epitaph, Hist, of Surrey, iii. 436. Walpole, in his Life of Cornelius 
Jansen, Anecdotes of Painting, says, ** One of his best works was the picture of a 
Lady Bowyer, of the family of Auger, called for her exquisite beauty The Star in 
the Bast,*^ This portrait remains at St. Alban's Court, Kent, the seat of the 
Hammonds, who were cousins of the Auchers and great patrons of Jansen. 

»» See his epitaph, Hist, of Surrey, iii. 426. He died June 28, 1709, »t. 76. 

'^ The chancel of Camberwell Church was repaired at her expense in 1713. 


The foUowiDg shields in stained glass^ of the family of Bowyer and 
its connectioDs, came from a house in Norton Falgate, which, as well as 
the manor of Camberwell Fryern, was parcel of the possessions of the 
priory of Haliwell, granted to Robert Draper, Page of the Jewels. 
(See Ellis's History of Shoreditch, pp. 190, 193, 329). They were 
formerly in the possession of Richard Gough, Esq. Director S.A. and are 
now at the residence of X Bowyer Nichols, Esq. F.S.A. at Hammer- 
smith : 

I. Or, a bend Vaire cottised Gules, Bowyer ; impaling. Quarterly of 
four, I and 4, Argent, on a fess humett^ Gu. three leopard's heads Or, 
Brabant ; 2 and 3, Argent, a chevron Sable betw. three acorns Proper, 
Boys; within a border of scroll-work and fruit, with the date 1599. 

II. Quarterly of nine, 1. Bowyer 5 2. Brabant; 3. Boys; 4. Argent, 
on a fess betw. three annulets Gu. a mullet of the Field betw. two 
covered cups Or, Draper ; 5. Argent, two chevrons Sable, each charged 
with three martlets Or, betw. three escallops of the Second, also for 
Draper; 6. Ermine, on a chief Az. three Hons rampant Or, Auger; 
7, Ermine, a fess cheeky Arg. and Sa. Urswycke ; 8. Ermine, on a bend 
engrailed Az. three cinquefoils Or, Fifield, alias Lowe ; 9. Argent, on a 
chevron Gu. three crosslets Or, Kirktofte. Crest, upon a helmet, On a 
ducal coronet Or, a tiger sejant Argent. With mantling and the date 

III. A correspondent piece of nine quarterings, mended \dth frag- 
ments of the same arms on a smaller scale, with the date 1599. 

IV. Fifield alias Lowe, and Kirktofte quarterly ; impaling Quarterly 
of ten : 1 . Sable, a stag's head caboshed, in its mouth an arrow, and 
ensigned on the forehead with a cross pat6e fitchee all Or [see the more 
correct blazon below], Bulstrode ; 2. Argent, a chevron between three 
raven's heads erased Sable, Norris; 3 Argent, three pales Azure, 
on a chief Sable two swords in saltire Argent, Knyffs ; 4. Sable, three 
fusils in fess Argent, Thorn ; 5. Party per chief [fess] Azure and Gules, 
a horse-barnacle Argent, Wyatt ; 6. Argent, a chevron Gules betw. 
three squirrels Sable holding nuts Or, Chohington ; 7. Argent, a bull's 
head Gules winged Sable, crest of Bulstrode; 8. Ermine, a horse-bar- 
nacle Gules, Spelling ; 9. Argent, five cinquefoils Gules 2, 2, 1, on a 
canton Sable a mullet and crescent Or, Clopton ; and 10. Argent, a dan- 
cette Gu. between three leopard's heads Sable [should be in chief], 
Pultenay. Within a border of scroll-work and fruit, with the date 1599. 

[Mr. Gough had also Bowyer quarterly of the three first coats in 
No. II. impaling Draper quarterly of the six last in the same, date 1599.] 

Besides these there is the following more ancient shield, containing 
the bearings of Bulstrode drawn in a somewhat different manner : 
Quarterly : i. and iv. Sable, a stag's head caboshed Argent, horned Or, 
pierced through the nose with an arrow Or, barbed and feathered 
Argent, and ensigned on the forehead with a cross pat^ fitchee Or, 
Bulstrode ; ii. Quarterly, 1 . Paly of six Arg. and Az. on a chief Sable 
two swords in saltire Argent, pommeled Or, Knyffs; 2. Party per 
fess Az. and Gu. a horse-barnacle Argent, Wyatt; 3. Ermine, a horse- 
bamacle Gules, Spelling; 4. Argent, five cinquefoils Or 1,2. and 2, 
on a canton Sable an etoile within a crescent Argent, Clopton ; on an 
escutcheon of pretence. Argent, a dancette Gules, in chief three leo- 
pard's heads Sable, Pultenay ; iii. Argent, a chevron Gules betw. 
three squirrels Sable cracking nuts, Chobington. (J. G. N.) 




Arms. Per fess Arg. and Az. three chaplets Counterchanged. CretfL 
A demi-griffin Or^ winged Sable^ holding a chaplet. 

Of this family some account is given in the History of Surrey, iii. 
416, but the genealogy will be corrected by the following from the 
Visitation of Surrey 1623, when one of the family was residing at Rich- 
mond in that county, to which place this pedigree properly belongs. 

John Duke, of Sherborne in Dorsetshire, Esq. married dau. of 

— — - Skelton j and had William Duke, Esq. of Sherborne, father by 

Cecily dau. of Power, of John Duke, of Powderham, Devon, who 

by Julian or Joan Stockham his wife, had John (see Hoare's Wiltshire, 
Hundred of Underditch, p. 139) and George Duke, of Camberwell. 

George Duke, lord of the manor of Milkwell in Camberwell and Lam- 
beth, by marriage with Anne daughter and coheiress of A\^lliam Wilde, 
Esq. also of Camberwell, had issue Thomas -, Elizabeth, ob. s. p. ^ and 
Dorothy, married to Farrant, of Somerset. 

Thomas Duke, of Camberwell, and afterwards of Cossington in Somer- 
setshire, married Elizabeth, daughter of John Colepeper, of Wakehurst 
in Sussex, by whom he had issue : 1. Sir Edward Duke of Cossington, 
who married first, Margaret, dan. of William Brockman, of Kent, by 

whom he had issue j and secondly Russell ; 2, William Duke, of 

Richmond, Surrey, (living 1623) who married Anne, dau. and coh. of 
Isaac Rudston, of Horston, Kent -, 3. Richard Duke, of Maidstone, who 

married Anne, dau. of Cowper of Sussex } also Matthew, and the 

children below mentioned : 

Anne, "dau. of Thomas Duke, gent." bap. 15 Apr. 1566; 
Richard, bap. 24 June 1567 ; Olyver, bap. 13 Aug. 1568; John^ 
bap. 23 Mar. 1569; Elizabeth, bap. 17 June 1571 ; Henry, bur. 
1 1 Jan. 1573, 

'^Thomas Duke and Bridgett Bresley, mar. 5 May 1584. 

Agnes, dau. of Thomas Duke, bap. 27 Sept. 1584. 


Arms. Or, on three bars Gu. as many martlets of the First, on a 
chief of the Second two bars nebula Arg. Crest, A martlet Vert, 
(Granted 8 June 1575 by Robert Cooke, Clarenceox, to Thomas Grymes 
of London.) 

Thomas Grymes, of London, citizen and haberdasher, and of Peck- 
ham, son of Richard Grymes, of London, married Jane, dau. and coh. 
of Thomas Mnschamp of Peckham (she remar. Sir Thomas Hant, see 
her burial in p. 164). They had issue two sons, 1. Sir Thomas 3 2. 
John (^see both below) : and three daughters, 1. Elizabeth, mar. John 

M 2 


Stokes of London 5 2. Jane, mar. William Carew of the Inner Temple ; 
3. Mary, mar. William Glascock, of Henningham, Essex.a 

Mr. William Care (sic) and Mrs. Jane Grimes, 9 Sept. 1598. 
Mr. Will. Glascock to M"8 Mary Grymes, 12 March 1608-9 ; 
Mris Mary, wife of Mr. WUl. Glascock, bur. 1 Feb. 1630[-1.] 
S>^ Thomas Grymes, Knight, bur. 7 May 1664. 

Sir Thomas Grymes, of Peckham, was knighted at Hanworth, Mid- 
dlesex, 2 June 1 603 5 was a Justice of the Peace and Deputy Lieutenant 
of Surrey, and M P. for the county in 1 623 ; he married Margaret, dau. 
of Sir George More, of Loseley, Surrey, and sister to the wife of Dr. 
Donne.h See letter addressed to Sir T. Grymes concerning coat and 
conduct money. (Coll. of Pamphlets, presented hy Geo. III. Brit. Mns.) 

Margarett Grimes, Lady, bur. 15 Nov. 1665. 
Their children were : 1. Sir George Grymes (see below), 

Frances, bap. 29 Aug. 1603. 

Elizabeth, bap. 24 June 1606, bur. 25 Jan. 1606[-7]. 

Martha, bap. 4 Oct. 1607; mar. 1 June 1626 to John 

Arthur, bap. 29 Jan. 1608-9. 
Thomas, bap. 28 June 1610. 
Mary, bur. 5 Sept. 1615. 
Anne, bur. 11 Sept. 1615. 
Anne, bap. 30 Dec. 1615; bur. 3 June 1617. 
Elizabeth, bur. 26 July 1618. 
Susanna, bap. 12 Apr. 1621. 
Constance,^ bap. 4 Oct. 1624. 
Jane, bur. 19 March 1638[-9]. 

Ellis Crymes and Rebecca England, mar. 18 July 1653. 

Sir Thomas had also two other children : Richard and Margaret 
(Visitation). The former was probably Sir Richard Grymes of Peck- 
ham, knighted at Whitehall, 9 Jan. 1628-9, then "servt to ye Duke/' 
(List of Knights^ Coll. Arm.) who paid 500/. composition for his estate 
(Lloyd's Memoirs^ p. 677) and is mentioned by Clarendon as an 
Equerry to King Charles I. Le Neve (Pedigrees of Baronets, Coll. 

* Qu. Sibel Hedingham ? which manor belonged to Edward Glascock, who died 
in 1604. 

^ Among the MSS. at Loseley (as I am informed by Mr. Kempe) is a 
letter from Sir Thomas Grymes to the Right Worshipful Sir Greorge More, 
Knight, at Loseley, dated from Peckham, 10 June 1606. Grymes expresses that 
he is glad to hear of his sister Frances* preferment (her marriage with Sir John 
Oglander) ; desires to be remembered to his brother More concerning certifying 
** the collectors of the fifteenes into Chauncery ; ** his wife is reasonable well and 
on the last Whitsunday was brought to bed safely of a daughter (Elizabeth, above 
mentioned). He subscribes himself Sir George* s ** most assured Son in law.** 

' A god-daughter of Dr. Donne, named in his will. 


Arm.) states that a sister of Sir George was living in 1694^ poor and 
blind^ bit he does not mention her name. 

John Grymes, brother to Sir Thomas, was of Bury St. Edmund's, and 
mar. Susan^ dau. of Ambrose Jermyn of Stanton^ Suffolk, and Hocks- 
ham, Norf. by whom he had issue John and Thomas, who both died 
without issue ; and three daughters, Jane, Margaret and Anne. The 

last was married to Sir Thomas Windebank, Bart, j the second to 

Spring. (Harl. MS. 1 147, 89.) 

Margaret, dau. of Mr. John Giymes, bap. 2 June 1616. 

Sir George Grymes, of Peckham, "sonne to S^ Thomas 

Grymes," bap. 10 Feb. 1604-5 ; [knighted at Theobalds 9 Dec. 

1628 ;] bur. 15 Oct. 1657 ; married Alice, dau. and coh. of 

Charles Lovell, of West Harling, Norf. 

In Sir Edward Bysshe's Visitation of Surrey, 1662, the title of 
Baronet is given to Sir George Grymes, and Thomas his son ^ but 
Le Neve was of opinion that the family had only a warrant and never 
passed the patent. He also supposed that the warrant was given to 
Thomas, father of Sir Thomas. 

Their children were : 

Sir Thomas Grymes {see beloiv), 

Charles-Lovell, bap. 7 May 1639 [mar. the dau. of a 

taylor of London, s. p.] 
Margaret, bap. 1 May 1640 [mar. Sir John Scudamore.] 

Mary, bap. 14 Dec. 1644 [mar. Jackson.] 

Richard, bap. 1 July 1646; bur. 25 Jan. 1660-1. 

Elizabeth, bap. 13 Nov. 1647 [mar. Birch.] 

George, bap. 20 Apr. 1641 ; bur. 29 Sept. 1652. 
Henry, bap. 23 July 1654. 
Benjamin, bur. 22 Oct. 1655. 
Sir Thomas Grymes, of Peckham, " sonne of S^ George 
Grymes," bap. 10 May 1638. 

Sir Thomas Grymes mar. Mary, daughter of Thomas Bond, of Hogs- 
don, Middx. M.D. and sold his estate in Peckham to his brother-in- 
law. Sir Thomas Bond, Bart. He had issue : 1. Edward (below) j 
2. Sir Thomas Grymes, living in Yorkshire or in Gloucester when Le 
Neve wrote, 1694, s.p. j 3. William, tiving in Virginia, having issue a 
daughter -, and 4. Edmund, living in Ireland 1 694. 

Edward, " son to S^ Tho. Crymes,'" bap. 6 Sept. 1660 ; bur. 
19 Apr. 1664, " son of Sr Tho. Grymes, BarK*' 



Arms. Sable^ a chevron Erm. between three fers-de-moline Or. Oat 
A castle breached Argent. 

Richard Turner^ of Westminster, by Elizabeth^ dan. of Duckett, of 
Leicester^ had issue four sons and one daughter : ] . Robert, Steward of 
the Household to Queen Elizabeth, ob. s. p. 5 2. John, 3. Richard, 
both s. p. ; 4. Sir Jeremy -, 5. Elizabeth, mar. to Jeremy Palmer^ of 

S^f Jeremy Turner, bur. May 30, 1624. 

Sir Jeremy Turner was Captain of the Surrey militia or trained bands, 
and is styled ''Muster-master" in the disbursements of Alleyne the 
founder of Dulwich College. He was knighted by King James the 
First at Chatham dockyard, at the same time as Sir Francis Cherry 
mentioned below, July 4, 1 604. He married Alice, dau. and heiress 
of John Underdown, of the isle of Thanet, and had issue Richard^ aet. 
30 in 1 623 ; Walter, Robert, John, Frances, Katharine, Barbara, as 
named in the Visitation. The following are the names of his children 
which have been found in the registers of Camberwell : 

Barbara, bap. 25 Jan. 1600, bur. 9 Oct 1610. 

John, bur. 25 Jan. 1603. 

Katharine, bap. 25 July 1606. 

Francis, bap. 18 Nov. 1613. 

Eliza: bur. 5 April 1621. 
'' Mr Walter Turner," bur. 8 Aug. 1632. 
Winifred, wife of Rob. Turner of the pish of Lambeth, bur. 

9 May 1638. 
Robert Turner, bur. 24 Oct. 1640. 
Their children : 

Mercey, bur. 23 May 1634. 

Alice, bur. 14 Oct. 1637. 


Arms. Argent^ on a chevron engrailed between three annulets Gules 
a fleur-de-lis. Crest. A demi-lion Arg. holding an annulet Gules. 

Sir Francis Cherry, of London, *' merchant-vintner,'' a (knighted at 
Chatham, 4 July 1604, dead before 1609) was twice married. 

By his first wife Margaret, dau. of Hayward, of London, he had 

issue ** 1 1 children, 4 sonnes and 7 daughters^ and " she ''dyed of the 
12 child 1605.**h The following only are named in the Visitation of 
Surrey, 1 623 : 

• Epitaph at Allhallows Barking. Stow's Surrey^ fol. 1633, p. 133 ; but the 
date ia misprinted 16D5. 

** Married secondly to Sir William Danyers, thirdly to Sir Henry Holcroft, 
Knt. Lodge's Peerage of Ireland, by Archdall^ 1789, iii. 377. 


1 . Edward Cherry, of Dublin, who, by Lettice dau. of Francis Lord 
Aungier, of Ireland, bad issue Francis and Mary. 

2. Frances, mar. to Sir John Merick, of London, Knt.c 

3. Elizabeth, married to Sir William Russell, of London, Knt.d 

4. Sarah, married Lyonell Wright of Hartswood, Surrey. 

5. Rebecca, married to Robert Fernie, clerk of the avenary of King 

6. Francis. 

By his second wife^ Elizabeth, dau. and cob. of Edward Elliot, of 
Poplar, Middx. widow of Christopher Holmes, of London,© Sir Francis 
Cherry had four sons : 

L Robert, of Camberwell, who married Elizabeth, dau. of — — 
Stnkeley, of Loudon, and had issue Elizabeth, aet. 2 in 1623, and other 
children below noticed. 

2. Francis. 3. Francis. 4. Richard. 

Eliza: daughter to Rob' Cherrie, Esquire, bap. 2 Mar. 

1621 [afterward wife of John Scott, Esq. see p. 147.] 
Frances, bap. 16 Mar. 1622-3, bur. 20 Oct. 1624. 
John, bap. 6. May 1624. 


Arms. Per saltire Arg. and Gules. Crest, A lion*8 head erased^ per 
saltire Arg. and Gules. A mullet for difference. 

Isaac Shelbury^ son of Gerrard, was of Colchester in Essex^ and by 

Elizabeth^ daughter of Harvey of that town, had issue Heniy, 

John, and Richard. 

Richard Shelbury, gent, was of Camberwell in 1 662> at the time of 
Sir Edw. Bysshe's Visitation of Surrey. He also occurs among the in- 
tended Knights of the Royal Oak in 1660, under London, as *' Alder- 
man Richard Shelbury,'* with an estate of 1000/. per ann. His name, 
however, does not occur in the lists of Lord Mayors or Sheriffs. He 
had three wives : 1. Margaret, daughter of Richard Beale of Maidstone, 
by whom he had no issue 5 2. Abigail, dau. of Thomas Porter, of Bark- 
ing in Essex, by whom, according to the Visitation, he had William his 
son and heir, Thomas, and Abigail ; and 3. Sarah, dau. of John Win- 
speare, of Plymouth, merchant, s. p. The Camberwell registers record 
the names of some other children : 

* Sir John Merick, knighted at Greenwich June 13, 1614. See a memoir of him 
with a pedigree of his family, in Geilt. Mag. xciy. part ii. also the Progresses of 
King James I. iii. 6, 446, 766. 

«• ** A Muscovy merchant," knighted AprU 1618. Vide ibid. iii. 478, 480. 

• Lady Cherry was married thirdly to Sir Thomas Hunt, at St. Olave's, Hart 
Street, 28 Nov. 1609 (see vol. ii. of the present work, p. 313.) 


Richard, sonn of Richard Shelbury, bur. 30 July 1656. 

Rich: son to M' Ric^ Shelbury, bur. 7 Apr. 1658. 

A stilborn of M' Shelbury », bur. 7 Sept. 1658. 

Richard, bap. 9 June, bur. 21 Sept. 1660. 

John, bap. 9 Sept. bur. 10 Nov. 1661. 

Joseph Harvey, Doctor of Laws, and Abigaile, daughter of 
Richard Shelbury, Esq. Alderman of the City of London, mar. 
Jan. 11, 1665. 

Samuel, son of Francis Shelbury, was bapt. at Croydon 5 Nov. 1644, 
and Isack, another son, 28 July 1646. 


Arms. Or, on a fe^s A?, three garbs Proper. 

1665, Sept. 21. Mr. William Vernon. 

Son of Robert Vernon, of Whatcroft, Cheshire (son of Oliver of the 
same place) by Jane, dan. of John Vaudray, of Branch, co. Cest. He 
is styled ''of Camberwell, gent." in Sir E. Bysshe's Visitation of 1662, 
and by Mary, dau. of Sir Charles Howard, of Clun, co. Salop, had 
Howard Vernon, his son and heir, then aet. 8. 


1568-9, Feb. 20. Bartholomew Fromonds, sonne of John 

1583-4, Feb. 2. One Lord Barrin, whose mother was brought 
to bedd in the place. The godfathers to the childe were John 
Bowyer, gent. & one M*^ Marsh, servant to M' Andrew Rogers, 
gent. & M"8 Elizabeth Rogers, godmother to the saide childe. 

1586, June 12. Edward Beachum sonne of my Lord Edward 

1599, Nov. 18. Susan, daughter of Gallard Cesar .h 

1605, May 9. George Donne,^ son to {sic). 

** The party intended to be designated in the preceding entry baffles inquiry ; 
and the present is almost equally obscured by the inaccuracy of the registrar. 
However, there can be no doubt he ought to have been written, Edward Seymourt 
son of Edward Lord Beauchamp (son of the Earl of Hertford). This was Sir 
Edward Seymour, who was made a K.B. at the creation of Charles Prince of 
Wales in 1616, and died in Aug. 1618, before his father and grand-father. His 
younger brother William was the Marquis of Hertford so distinguished during the 
civil war, who lived just long enough to be restored to the Dukedom of Somerset, 
after the Restoration of 1660, and died the same year. 

^ Caesar GalHardo, or Galliardello, musician to Queen Elizabeth and James I. ; 
see her " Progresses," vol. iiL pp. 24, 25, 457, 465, and the Progresses of King 
James I. vol. i. p. 598. 

^ Second son of the Dean of St. PauPs, at his father* s death Captain and Ser- 
jeant-Major of all the forces in St. Christopher's. A daughter of his presently 
occurs under 1637. 


1607, April 3. John Primero, a negro. Witnesses S^ Thomas 
Hunt, Mr Cox, and Mrs. Mary Grymes. [1614-15, Feb. IB, 
*^ buryed Jhon Primero ff S' Thomas Hunt."] 

1610-11, Jan. 11. John, sonne of S'geant Frend, Esq^f. 

1613, Dec. 21. Eliza: daughter of S' Robert Vernon. 

1621, Jan. 4. Eliza, daughter to John Bynde, knight.* 

1627, Jan. 18. M^s Lettice Cage, daughter of S^ Toby Cage, 

1630, Sept. 6. George the sonn of MJ^ Thomas Daybridg- 

1637-8, March 22. Margaret, daughter of Mr. George Donne. 

1654, Feb. 22. Debara, dau. of the Right Worshipful! Tho. 
Vinsent, Esq. Alderman of London, was borne the 21 day of 
Feb. betwixt all and 12 at night, and bapt. the 22 day of the 
same month. 

, Mar. 22. Vincent Blanie,^ sonne to Rich. Blanie, Esqr. 

was borne the 17th day of March about 1 of the clocke at night, 
and Bapt. the 22 day the same month ; bur. 30 March 1655. 

1655, Jan. 9. Anna-Maria, the daughter of Col. George 
Walters. Shee was borne in Madrid the court of Spaine the 
first of March 1653-4, stilo novo. 

1656, June 15. Fleetwood, son of Colonell George Walters ; 
bur. 7 Sept. 1656. 

1657, April 29. Penelope, daughf to S^" Jo«» Scudamore.e 
1686, Sep. 20. John son of S^ W"* Coult.^ 

1693, May 19. Joseph, son of Ri. Trevor, Esqr. & M« Mary 
his wife.s 

•^ Sir John Byne, son of John Byne, Esq. of Rowdell, and Elizabeth Bowyer 
(see p. 152) was knighted at Whitehall, July 23, 1603. 

'» By Lettice, dau. of Sir Peter Scott (see p. 146). Sir Toby Cage was sometime 
of Woodford bridge, Essex. He was buried at Burnham, co. Bucks, 24 Oct. 1641. 
Cole's MS. vol. xxxu. (MSS. Add. Brit. Mus. 5833) f. 31. His pedigree will be 
found in the Visitation of Buckinghamshire 1634. 

e Of Preston Candover, Hants. See the Topographer, i. 192. 

^ Died the 29th of the same month. See the marriage of his father (afterwards 
Lord Blayney) hereafter. 

* Sir John Scudamore, of Ballingham, co, Hereford, created a Baronet July 23, 
1646. His wife was Penelope, dau. of Sir James Scudamore, of Home Lacy in the 
same county. 

' Sir W. Dutton Colt, knighted 26 Nov. 1684, died when envoy at Hanover 1693. 

ff Richard Trevor was next brother to the Judge (next mentioned) ; but his 
name stands in the peerage without any mention of his wife or history. See his 
burial hereafter. 


1695, Aug. 27. Jon son of S^ Thomas Trevor, knt.* 
1697, July 21. Letitia, dau. of S' Thomas Trevor> 
1707, Oct 3. Richard, son of S"" Thomas Trevor, KS Lord 
Chiefe Justice of hir Ma* ^ Court of Common Pleas. 

1709, Oct. 3. Richard,c son of y« Right Honourable S"^ Tho- 
mas Trevor, K*. Lord Chiefe Justice of hir Msfi^ Court of Com- 
mon Pleas. 


1589 [-90], Feb. 21. Mr. James Byndand Sence Formcms.^ 
1592, May 8. Mr. Symon Pallmer and Mrs. Elizabeth Fro- 

1621, Feb. 7. Pet. Dawson, clerk, ^ to M" Dorith Martin. 
, 19. Marmaduke Darrell, knight,s to M" An. 


1622, May 24. Mr. James Bynde to Eliz. Temple, gentlewoma. 

1623, Dec. 3. Edw. Allen, Esq' & M" Constance Donn.*» 
1627, March 27. John Donne » & Mary Staples. 

1630, June 24. Samuell Harvey J' and Constance Allen. 

* The Judge, afterwards Lord Treyor. This son became the third Lord Trevor 
in 1753, and died in 1764. He married the only daughter of the celebrated Sir 
Richard Steele. 

^ Afterwards wife of Peter Cock, Esq. of Camberwell; she died Apr. S5, 1769* 
aged 71 » and was buried in Camberwell churchyard. See an account of the family 
in Hist, of Surrey, iii. 407. 

« Bishop of St. David's 1744, Durham 1752, died 1771. He was the second of 
three sons by the Judge's second marriage. 

^ Mr. James Byne was brother to John and Katharine (Lady Bowyer) already 
noticed in p. 152. His wife was one of the sisters and coheiresses of John Fro- 
mond, Esq. of Carshalton ; see the pedigree of Fromond in the Hist, of Surrey r 
vol. ii. p. 473. Their daughter Emma was baptised at Camberwell, 21 Jan. 1595. 
The rectory and estate at Carshalton descended in the family of Byne to Henry 
Byne, Esq. who was Sheriff of Surrey in 1791, and his pedigree will be found in 
Hist of Surrey, ii. 513. 

* Sister to the lady in the preceding entry. Catharine Palmer, her dau. and 
heir, was married to William Forster, Esq. of Stockwell. Hist of Surrey, ii. 473. 

' Instituted Vicar 12 Feb. 1618, dispossessed Aug. 1643. He was also Rector 
of Carshalton. 

ff Sir Marmaduke Darell, of Buckinghamshire, was knighted at Whitehall July 
24, 1603. He was, about 1617, Surveyor of Marine Victualls for the King's Navy 
jointly with Sir Thomas Bludder, at the fee *' for themselves 50/. per ann. and for 
a clark under them Sd. per diem." Also ** To Sir Marmaduke Darell for keeping 
Maisondieu place at Dover, 6d. by the day." 

^ The founder of Dulwich College, and one of the daughters of the celebrated 
Dean of St. Paul's ; see Lysons's Environs, i. 89, and Gent. Mag. New Series, 
vol. i. p. 512, vol. iii. p. 610. < Eldest son of the Dean of St. Paul's. 

^ Of Abnry Hatch, in Essex, grandson of Alderman Sir James and nephew to 


1653, Mar. 21. Be it remembered that Richard Blany, Esq.^ 
and Elizabeth Vincent, daughter of Thomas Vincent, Alderman 
of yc Citty of London, spinster, were on the one-and-twentieth 
day of March, one thousand six hundred fifty and three, marride 
before me Samuell Moyer, in the publiq meeting place of y® 
pish of Camberwell in y® county of Surry, commonly called y« 
church of y® said pish, according to y« forme of y® late act of 
pliam^. And in y® psence of Thomas Andrewes, Alderman of 
yc Citty of London, John Punchingby, Peter Smyth, and Ran- 
dall Moore, Esq", and others then witnesses of solemniza^n of 
the said marriage. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my 
hand [name erased].™ 

1661, Dec. 26. M^. John Bradford «» and M" Jane Parr.o 

1662, Jan. 6. Roger Bysshe, Esq.P and M« Ellen Parr.o 
1669, Sep. 2. Edward Deering,^ Esq. and the Lady Dorcas de 

Lawne, widdow. 

1673-4, Feb. 5. Robert Parker ^ of Willingdon, in the county 
of Sussex, Esq. and M'* Sarah Chute, daughf^ to George Chute* 
of the county of Surrey, Esq. 

1675, Jan. 13. S^f Ja. Russell, kn'.t and M^* Penelope Tyrrell, 
daughter to S' Tim. Tyrrell. 

Alderman Sir Sebastian Harvey. Constance had issue by this second marriage 
three sons, John, Thomas, and James. 

^ Second son of Henry second Lord Blayney of Irehind. He succeeded his 
brother in the title in 1669, and died Not. 5, 1670. 

"* There are thirteen other entries made in the like form, of which nine are sub- 
scribed by Alderman Vincent. 

> John Bradford, D.D. Prebendary of Canterbury 1685, died the same year. 
Mrs. Jane Bradford was buried at CamberweU 2 Aug. 1712. Their children : 
John, bap. 12 Aug. 1664 ; Thomas, 28 Sept. 1667 ; Elizabeth, 14 June 1670. 

** Daughters of Richard Parr, D.D. Vicar of Camberwell. 

1^ Son of William Bysshe, of Worth in Sussex, Esq. by Margaret, sister to Sir 
Roger James, and consequently cousin* german to Ellen Parr. Elizabeth, dau. of 
Roger Bysshe, was bap. 3 Aug. 1664. 

*i Second son of Sir Edward Dering, Bart. ; he was knighted at Whitehall 
6 Jan. 1679-80. The Lady Dorcas was the daughter of Sir Robert Barkham, of 
Tottenham, Knt. and widow of Sir William De la Laune, Knt. of Sharsted, in 
Doddington, Kent. See Hasted* s Hist, of Kent, voL ii. pp. 85, 693. 

' Created a Baronet on the 22d of May following, being then styled of Ratton, 
Sussex. See Courthope's Synopsis of the Baronetage, p. 152. 

" George Chute, Esq. of ** Bristo [Brixton] Causeway," in the parish of Lam- 
beth, was son of Sir George Chute of Stockwell ; see pedigree in Visitation of Sur- 
rey, 1662. 

* Sir James Russell, Governor of Nevis, knighted 10 May 1672, son of Col. 
Randolf Russell of Nevis. Le Neve styles his wife, Penelope, daughter of Sir 
Timothy Tyrrell of Shotover, co. Oxon. Knt. and adds, that she died in London, 



1570, Jan. Joane, the wyfe of Randulph Beckett, minister, 
vie. of Cam was buryed the last daye. 

1571, May 22. Randall Beckett. 

1585, May 17. M^s Baker, wife of M^ Richard Baker.* 
1596, Jan. 4. M' Edward Byne. 

1604, Nov. 13. Dame Hunt, wife to Sir Thomas Hunt '^ 

1605, May 7. Emma Calton, daught>^ to S*^ Francis Calton.c 
1610, March. The xiij was buried Henry Harden, sonne to 

M. Henry Harden, gent, in the chancell, and geven to the 
poore of the towne of Cam'well by his grandmother Emme 
Bowyar, wife to John Bowyare, Esq'^. 208. 

1618, Nov. 30. Mr Edw. Wilson,*C)ark, & Vicar of Cam'well.d 

1620, Ap. 27 daughter to Sir Samuell Tweets. 

f June 5. y« Lady Palmer. 

S Dec. 1707. By this match he had issue^ 1. Penelope, who married Martin 
Madan, Esq. of Nevis and London (grandfather of the Rev. Martin Madan, anthor 
of the " Thelypthora," and of the Rev. Spencer Madan, Bishop of Peterborough), 
and 2. Frances, who married Sir Will. Stapleton, Bart, second son of Sir W. 
Stapleton, Governor of the Leeward Islands. See Le Neve's Collections for the 
Pedigrees of Knights, temp. Car. II. MS. Harl. 5801, f. 105 »>. In his Pedigree 
of Russell of Nevis are several errors, which may be corrected from the statement 
now given. (F. M.) 

* Lord of the manor of Basing in Peckham (afterwards the property of Sir Tho- 
mas Gardyner, Knt. who probably purchased it of Baker.) (See Hist, of Surrey, 
iii. 415.) Ralph his son, bap. 2 Apr. 1582 ; Edward bap. 18 Apr. 1585 ; bur. 10 
July 1586. Bray erroneously supposed his sister married Sir Thomas. 

^ Jane, dau. and coheiress of Thomas Muschamp, of Peckham, Esq. and widow 
of Thomas Grymes (see p. 155). She was married secondly to Sir Thomas Hunt, 
of Lambeth Dene, and of Folsham, Norfolk. Her painted effigy remains in 
Camberwell church, with a poetical epitaph, printed in Hist, of Surrey, iii. 42.'>, 
but more correctly in Gent Mag. xcv. ii. 519. She was the second of Sir Tho- 
mas Hunt's three wives ; see in Blomefield's Hist, of Norfolk his epitaph at 
Folsham, where there is an effigy of the Knight, with his three ladies kneeling 
behind him. Sir Thomas is erroneously styled ** Knight and Baronet" in an in- 
scription at the Fishmongers' Almshouses. (Hist, of Surrey, iii. 635.) He was 
Sheriff of Surrey and Sussex in 1610, and died at Camberwell, to the poor of which 
parish he left four marks per ann. for ever. (Epitaph.) The substance of his wiU 
is given in Hist, of Surrey, iii. 447. 

^ The manor of Dulwich and the advowson of the vicarage of Camberwell were 
granted to Thomas and Margaret Calton 11 Oct. 36 Hen. VIII. 1545. The former 
was sold to Alleyne the player by Sir Francis Calton in 1606. Sir Francis was 
knighted at Greenwich, 9 April 1605. Alleyne also purchased four messuages of 
Thomas Calton, Gent, brother of Sir Francis, and Anne his wife. (Hist, of Surrey, 
iii. 438.) Anne, dau. of Mr. Thomas Calton, was baptised at Camberwell 8 Sept. 
bur. 10 Sept. 1596. Nicholas, his son, bap. 20 Nov. 1597. 

** Instituted 21 Mar. 1577-8. Founder of the Free School adjoining the church 


1626, Jan. 9. M's Lewes Donn, the daughter of Doctor Donn. 

1627, Feb. 24. Lady Ann Varnname, wife of S^^ Robert Var- 
nam [Vernon], Knyght.® 

1638, Feb. 24. Elizabeth, wife of S^ Robt- Vernon. 
, July 7. Elizabeth Lady Walter. 

1653, May 15. S"" Henry Manwaring.^ 

, Sep. 21. Hanna, wife of George Moore, Esq.? 

^ Oct. 27. M'^ Jonathan Driden, vicar of Cam.^ 

1654, Feb. 22. Joanna, wife of Tho: Vincent, Esq^ Alder- 
man of London, i 

f Mar. 30, Vincent Blanie, sone to Rich. Blanie, Esq'. 

1655, Jan. 9. S^f Robert Vernon. J 
1659, May 27. Elinor, wife to D' Page.k 
1662, Jan. 9. M' Jo: Treadcroft, S. T. B. 

« See her epitaph in Hist, of Surrey, iii. 428. These arms are on the tomb, Or, 
on a fess Az. three garbs Proper ; impaling Sa. a fesa and two chevronels Erm. 
betw. three leopard's heads Or ; yet her maiden name has not been discovered. 

' Sir Henry Mainwaring was knighted at Oking in Surrey, 20 March 1617. He 
was sometime Lieutenant of Doyer Castle, and was Captain of the Prince Royal, 
the Admiral's ship in the fleet sent to bring Charles Prince of Wales back from 
Spain in 1623, and Vice- Admiral under the Earl of Northumberland in the expedi- 
tion of 1640. His lady has been already recorded in p. 15. 

t George Moore, Esq. of St. Clave* s, Southwark, was a Justice of the Peace for 
Surrey, and married Hannah, daughter and coh. of John Wainwright, Esq. (Visita- 
tion 1662.) They had the following children baptized at CamberweU : Charles, 11 
May 1637; Susanna, 27 Oct. 1638; Henrie, 24 Oct. 1639; Elizabeth. 15 Oct. 1640; 
another Elizabeth, 9 Nov. 1641 ; James, 11 Nov. 1642 ; WilUam, 16 Aug. 1647. 

•» The Rev. Jonathan Dryden, Fellow of Trinity college, Cambridge, was author 
of some verses in the Cambridge Collections in 1661 on the death of the Duke of 
Gloucester, and the marriage of the Prince of Orange, and in 1662 on the marriage 
of Charles II. See Sir Walter Scott's Life of Dryden. He is not mentioned in 
Bray's list of the Vicars of CamberweU. 

* " One of the daughters of Thomas Surges of Horly, Surrey." See in the Hist, 
of Surrey, iii. 427, the epitaph on her monument, erected **by her most sorrow- 
full husband, Thomas Vincent, Esq. one of the Justices of the Peace of this 
County, and Alderman of the Citie of London, to whom she was wife 20 years, 
and by whom he had yssue 5 sons and 9 daughters." Of these were baptised at 
CamberweU, Judith, 9 May 1649 ; Thomas, 5 Dec. 1651 ; Susanna, 7 Apr. 1653 ; 
Deborah (as in p. 161.) 

J Knighted at Oking, March 30, 1615, and then caUed " the Avener," an officer 
attached to the court for the provision of " horse-meat,** the name being derived 
from the French avoine. In 1627 he was Clerk of the Green Cloth, as we learn 
from the epitaph of his first wife Dame Anne (above mentioned), who left him 
seven children ** yet living." Hist, of Surrey, iii. 428. 

^ Probably WiUiam Page, D.D. Rector of Locking, Berks ; see Wood's Athenee 
Oxon. WiUiam his son was baptized 14 Aug. 1657 ; buried 21 March, 1660-1 ; 
Richard, his son, bur. 11 Nov. 1663. 


1666, Aug. 26. Collonel Tho. Lytcott .» 

1666-7, Jan. 2. Nathanael, son of Mr. Alderman Warner." 

, Feb. 20. Mary wife of Francis Paire, murdred in her 

house near Dulwich : as was supposed by one Henry 

alias Hamshire, wch sayd Henry was, by the diligence of Jo. 
Scott, of Camberwell, Esq' one of his Msfi^ Justices of peace, 
app'hended two years after the fact done, and araigned at 
Kingston and condemned, and accordingly was executed for that 
murder, Martij 13, 1669. 

1671-2, 28 Feb. M« Ann Ingolsby, daughter of Francis 
Ingolsby,® Esq. ; Mary, his dau. 12 Apr. 1672; and Martha, 
his dau. 23 Ap. 1672. 

1673, Feb. 21. The Lady Hope Staptton. 

— , Mar. 4. Henry, son of M^^ Sargeant Parker.? 

"* Col. Lytcott, of Dulwich, was the son and heir of Sir John Lytcott, Grentleman 
of the Privy Chamber to James I. (knighted at Hampton Court, Oct. 3, 1609) 
by Mary, daughter of Nicholas Overbury, Esq. and sister to the unfortunate Sir 
Thomas Overbury. Sir John was imprisoned for questioning Weston, the poisoner 
of Overbury, when at the gallows (see Nichols's Progresses of James I. vol. iii. 
p. 106.) Colonel Litcott commanded a regiment under General Poyntz in the 
engagement which took place between that General and King Charles on the 
march of the latter to the relief of Chester 1645. See a letter from Colonel 
General Poynts to the Honourable William Lenthall, 24 Sept. 1645. (Collection of 
Pamphlets presented by Geo. III. Brit. Mus.) He died of the plague, as did these 
members of his family and household — all in the short space of two months. 


1665, Sep. 11. Susanna, wife of Coll. Lydcott. 

— 12. Thomas, son of Coll. Tho. Lydcott. 

— — Oct. 2. Benjamine Lydcott, son of Coll. Lydcott. 

— 8. A servant of Collonel Lytcott. 

— 23. Leonard, son of Collonel Lytcott. 

Nov. 2. Temple, son of Collonel Lytcott. 

— 9. A servant man of Collonel Lytcott. 

Further information respecting the Lytcott family will be found in the epitaph 
of Giles Lytcott, Esq. younger brother to the Colonel, at Allhallows* Barking (see 
the Histories of London) ; and in Ashmole's Berks, pp. 43, 163, 171. 

° Francis Warner, Sheriff of London and Middlesex 1659. 

<* This Francis Ingoldsby, Esq. was cousin-german to the Protector Oliver, being 
the eldest son of Sir Richard Ingoldsby by Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Oliver Crom- 
well, K.B. and brother to the regicide Colonel^ afterwards Sir Richard Ingoldsby, 
K. B. He was M.P. for Buckingham throughout the Protectorate ; but hav- 
ing, says WiUis, ''run out his estate, retired to London about 1673,^* and was 
in 1679 admitted a Pensioner of the Charter-house, where he died Oct. 1, 1681. 
(See Willis's Buckingham, p. 36.) His daughter Anne was baptized at Bucking- 
ham in 1650, and Martha in 1662. Ibid. pp. 70, 71. 

» John Parker, Esq. called to the coif 4 July 1660. 


1674, Nov. 14 The Lady Ayers. 

i Dec. 9. Elizabeth, daughter of S'^ Christopher Ayers, K*. 

1676, Sept. 13. S' Christopher Ayers, Knt.® 

1685, June 8. S' Tho. Bond, Kt & Papist.P 

, . His grandson W"*, son of W°* Gaig.<l 

1688, Nov. 13. M" Elizabeth Parr,r wife of Ri. Parr, D.D. 
pastor of Camberwell. She lyes buryed in the vault under the 
tombe erected by D^ Parr on the south side of the church in the 
church-yard of CamVell. 

1691, Nov. 6. Ri. Parr,* D.D. & vicar of Camberwell, buried 
in his vault in y^ church-yard. 

« Sir Christopher Eyre, of Harrow, Middlesex, was knighted 19 Nov. 1664. 
Some extracts from the register of Northall, corroborative of the above, will be 
found in Lysons^s Environs, iii. 316. 

p Sir Thomas Bond was Comptroller of the Household to the Queen Mother 
(Henrietta-Maria), and was created a Baronet by Charles II. when at Brussels in 
1658. He purchased the moiety of the manor of Peckham which belonged to Sir 
Thomas Grymes, who had married his sister (see p. 157) and having pulled down the 
old mansion, erected another, which was afterwards the residence of Chief Justice 
Trevor, and then of the Shards. See Hist, of Surrey, iii. 411; also Eveljm's 
Diary, 8vo. ii. 420, iii. 54, in both which places it is called a " fine house.'' This 
mansion has also been pulled down. 

9 Mary-Charlotte, only daughter of Sir Thomas Bond, was married to Sir Wil- 
liam Gage, the 2d Bart, of Hengrave, Suffolk, (see Gage's History of Hengrave, 
p. 243) but the son William here mentioned has not hitherto appeared in the pedi- 
gree of the family. 

'' Daughter of Sir Roger James, Knt. of Reygate, by Margaret, daughter of 
Anthony Aucher, Esq. of Bishopsboum, Kent, and widow of Henry Moyse, of 
Bansted. Anthony Wood calls her '* a widow of a plentiful fortune." See her 
epitaph in Hist, of Surrey, iii. 428. 

• Richard Parr, D.D. son of the Rev. Richard Parr a Devonian (the same, it 
has been supposed, who died Bishop of Man in 1643,) was bom at Fermoy, co. 
Cork, in 1617 ; entered at Elxeter coll. Oxf. 1635, and became Chaplain to Abp. 
Usher, whose Life he wrote, and published in 1666. He was Vicar of Reygate in 
1644, (Hist, of Surrey, i. 214) by the patronage of his brother-in law, Roger James, 
Esq. and held that living for some years after. His presentation to Camberwell 
is thus noticed by himself in the register i ** 1653, Dec. 18. Dr. Rich: Parr about 
this time became Minister of Camberwell by the presentation of S' Edmond Bow- 
yer, Knt. patron." He retained the living for thirty-eight years ; duirng which, 
says Anthony Wood, *' he broke two conventicles in his neighbourhood, by his 
outvying the Presbyterians and Independents in his extemporanean preaching." 
He was also Rector of Bermondsey from 1654 to 1682, and a Canon of Armagh, 
through the patronage of Abp. Usher. He is said to have refused the Deanery of 
Armagh, and even an Irish Bishoprick. Further particulars of him, with the 
titles of his publications, will be found in the Athense Oxon. (edit. Bliss) iv. 341, 
the Hist, of Surrey, i. 323, and Evelyn's Diary. 


1699, Mar. 30. M'' Nehemiah Lambert, Gierke, Master of y« 
Free-school of Cam'well.a 

1700, June 5. M" Mary Tipping, wife of D^ Ichabod Tip- 
ping, vicar of Camerwell, buryed in y® church-yard opposite to 
ye middle chancel great window. 

1702, May 6. Petronella dementia, dau. of D' Bernard 

, May 29. Dame Eliz. Trevor,^ late wife of S^ Tho. Tre- 
vor, Ld C. Justice of ye Common Pleas. 

, Aug. 13. Jon son of D^* Bernard Mandavill.c 

1703, Dec. 10. Ri. Trevor, Esq' d from Puttney. 

1709, Feb. 25. Clementia, dau. of D' Bernard MandavU. 
, Apr. 25. Eliz. dau. of D' Bernard Mandavill. 

1710, April 10. M« Elizabeth Tipping, late wife of D' W^il- 
liam Tipping, deceased, and mother of D' Ichabod Tipping, 
Vicar of Cambei*well. 

1713, Aug. 28. Edward, son of ye Right Honorable Thomas 
Lord Trevor. 

1717, June 5. Lady Catherine Ashe. 

1727, Mar. 21. The Revd D'" Tipping, vie. of Cam^.e 

1739, Jan. 2. S^^ Isaac Shard, K*. ^ 


1605, Oct. 12. The Lady Bauden. 
1700, June 28. D^ Jo^ Roberds. 
1702, Oct. 7. The Lady Tash.5 

^ See his epitaph in Hist, of Surrey, iii. 428. 

•» Daughter and coheiress of John Searle, of Finchley, Esq. 

« Bernard MandeyiUe, M.D. was author of " The Fable of the Bees, or Private 
Vices made Public Benefits ; " " The Virgin unmasked, or a Dialogue on Love and 
Marriage,'' and several other productions. The former, his most celebrated work, 
was thought so immoral that it was presented by the Grand Jury of Middlesex ; 
and the latter is fraught with indecency. 

* Probably Richard, younger brother to the Chief Justice. 

« Ichabod Tipping, D.D. instituted 9 Nov. 1691. 

' This family inherited the manor of Peckham from the HiUs of Denham, Bucks, 
to whom it was sold by the Trevors in 1739 ; see Hist, of Surrey, iii. 411. Sir 
Isaac was Sheriff of Surrey in 1707, being then styled " of Horsleydown," and 
was knighted 18 March 1707-8 : he was Sheriff of London and Middlesex in 1730, 
and died at Kennington 22 Dec. 1739, set. 86. 

g Thomasine, wife of Sir George Tash. She was buried at Iver in Buckingham- 
shire on the 13th Oct. (Register of Iver.) 

Camberwell. G. S. S. 






This pedigree is taken from a volmne of Surrey pedigrees, MS. Harl. 
No. 1430, p. \7, and from Sir Edward Bysshe's Visitation of Surrey^ 
D. 15, Coll. of Arms^ with additions from the registers of Croydon, from 
Cole*s Escheats, and Hutchins*8 History of Dorsetshire. 

Arms of Sir Robert Morton of WMtehorse : Quarterly, 1 and 4, 
Quarterly Gn. and Or, in the dexter chief and sinister base a goat*s head 
erased Arg. attired of the Second ^ on a chief Arg. three Bezants, each 
charged with an escallop of the First ; over all a label of three points -, 
2 and 3, Arg. a chev. betw. three pewits rising Sa. (Twiniho,) 

Arms of his issae. The three first quarters as above. The fourth, 
Gu. on a fess Or betw. a goat*s head couped in chief and three escallops 
in base Arg. a crescent for difference. AU within a bordure engrailed 
Or. (Warham,) 

Arms of William Morton of Deckling and his descendants. Quarterly 
of six : 1. Quarterly Gu. and Erm. in dexter chief and sinister base a 
goat*s head erased Arg. attired Or. The whole chaiged with a fleur- 
de-lis within a crescent of the Last h 2. Sable, three leopard's heads 
inverted Gu. jessant-de-lis Arg. {Woodford.) 3. Ermine, a talbot 
passant Sable. ( .) 4. Gu. a bend Or, in dexter point a martlet Sa. 

for difference. (Columhers). 5. Per fess Erm. and Or a cross flory 
Gu. {Folville.) 6. Or, a fess double-cotticed Azure. (De la Mare.) 

*■ For an account of the manor of Whitehorse, and a view of the mansion, which 
was either built or repaired by William Morton, Esq. nephew of Sir Robert, see 
Steinman's History of Croydon, pp. 32-34. 

»> Granted to Thomas Morton of Lechlade, Esq. 15 May 1515, by Thomas 
Wriothesley, Garter, and Thomas Benolt, Clarenceuz King of Arms. 




\ Ml 

SI Si 







JZ jS-ti 

1 1 iMli 



^11 = 1 § 
"-^ ^ ^ S - d 

172' A'^^^ 



From the original in the possession of Randal Gossip, of Thorp- Arcb^ 
CO. York, Esq. 

To all to whom theis psents shall come, Henrie Earle of 
Northumberland, Lorde of the Honors of Cockermouth & Pet- 
worth, Lorde Percie, Lucie, Poynings, Fitzpaine, Sc Brian, 
sendeth Greeting in our Lorde everlasting. Know ye that I the 
saide Earle, for and in consideration of the some of 200 mks of 
lawfull monie of Englande, to me in hande paide, have given, 
graunted, assigned, and sett over, & by these pntes I do give, 
graunte, assigne, & sett over unto Anne Thwynge, widowe, 
late the wife of Marmaduke Thwynge, gent, the wardshipp 
of the body of Marmaduke Thwynge, sonne and heire of the 
said Marmaduke decessed, and th,e marriage and the value of 
the manage of the saide Marmaduke now living, and whatsoever 
els to me the saide Erie dotlie belonge or apperteine to have, 
demaund, or require of the saide Marmaduke the sonne, as gar- 
diane in Chivalrie to the saide Marmaduke the sonne. And 
also all the lands, tenements, & hereditam^s of the said Marma- 
duke the sonne houldene of me the saide Earle, as of my Man- 
nor of Sppdforth, in the Countie of York, by knight's service, or 
of anie other Mannor, Castell, or Honnor of mine in the saide 
Countie, and all the yssewes, pro%ts, and commodities thereof 
and of everie parte thereof, during the minoritie of the saide 
Marmaduke the sonne, and untill the saide Marmaduke the 
sonne shall accomplish his full age of one and twentie yeares. 
And if yt fortune the said Marmaduke the sonne before his full 
age of one and twentie years to deceasse, and thereby Margarett 
Thwynge, syster and heire apparent of the saide Marmaduke 
the sonne, to bee in warde to me the saide Earle, Then I the 
saide Eiarle do covennte and graunte for me, myne heires, execu- 
tors, and administrators by theis pntes to and w*h the saide 
Anne Thwinge, That I the saide Earle, uppon reasonable 

a; 05 B-? 



b2 a 

-|fc J 


=-s .4 




f-M ■s. 


■ ! ■-. 



^ s |> 


m [ 


S.'S ■•f '6. si ■ -S 


3" ^ at 








■|52|«4 J , 

!;.''iJl ^ 

"lilJitlli ' I 
II ri i 

T-l S 
£3 3 

£1 "i^ 
l^s -I 

ih^:^— -liilil 5 I 

|S=3. :iso|»!- i M 

8 i 



requeste to me to be made by the saide Anne, her executors, 
administrators, or assignes, shall and will, by writtinge of such 
efFecte as theis pntes are, Graunte and asslgne the wardshipp of 
the body of the said Margarett, & the value of the marryage, and 
the wardshipp of such of her lands as shall be holden of me the 
saide Earle as of anie Mannor, Castell, or Honor of myne by 
knight's service, to the saide Anne Thwynge, her executors, 
administrators, or assignes. 

In witness whereof I, the said Earle, have hereunto theis 
pntes sett my hande and Seale the First dale of December, in 
the Three and Thirtyeth yeare of the Raigne of our soveraigne 
Ladie Elizabeth, by the grace of God Queene of England, 
France, and Ireland, defend^ of the Faieth. 
(Signed) Northuberlad. 

Fra. Moore. 

Seal, the Percy Badge, as in p. 7^ of this volume. 

Sealed & delivered to the use of the within Ex^ p Tho: Stanley, 
named Anne Thwinge in the pf ce of p Paul Crushey. 

Jo. Mortimer. 

This Marmadake Thwenge died young, 3 June 35th Eliz. He was de- 
scended from Edmund Thwenge (a younger son of Marmaduke Thwenge 
and Lucia de Brus)^ by whose marriage with the heiress of Over- 
Helmsley, co. York> his posterity became seated there^ and bore for 
their Arms, Argent, a chevron Gules between three popinjays Vert, 
collared Gules, beaked and n^embered of the Last (the elder branch 
bearing a fess). Margery Thwenge, his sister and heir, married Ist 
Geivge Wilmer of Stratford-le-Bow, co. Middlesex, who died May 1626, 
by whom she left issue; and 2dly Henry Fairfax, Esq. (living 1636) 
second son, and one of the executors, of Thomas Viscount Fairfax. 
She ^ed 23 September, 8 Charles L — From family evidences in the 
possession of Jdin Wilmer Fields of Heaton and Over-Helmsley, co. 
York, Esq. 

H. G. 



CHESTER, IN 1185. 

The existence of this important charter in the Harleian CoUectioD 
(43 I. 38) is not noticed in the new edition of the Monasticon -, 
although the fact of the transaction it records was known from the 
Register of the Hospital preserved in the Harleian collection^ No. 
1616, p. 27. 

The founder of the Hospital of St. Cross, Bishop Henry de Blois 
(hftlf-brother to King Stephen), had committed the government of the 
institution to the Prior and Brethren of the Hospital of Jerusalem ; 
but one of his successors^ Richard de Toclyve, in the reign of Henry 
the Second, appears to have disputed their jurisdiction, and finally 
obtained its resignation by the charter before us. It was executed at 
Dover, in the presence of the King, of Eraclius Patriarch of Jerusalem, 
John Bishop of Norwich, the Justiciary Glanville, and other witnesses 
of consequence. It is remarkable that it was in the very same year, 
about two months before (iv id. Feb.), that the Patriarch Eraclius, being 
in London, dedicated the present Temple church, as was recorded 
in the inscription formerly over its door ; a and about one month before 
(vi id. Mart.) he dedicated the church of St. John's, Clerkenwell.*> 

Notwithstanding the present Charter, the Prior of the Hospital of 
Jerusalem managed to obtain from Pope Clement, within two years 
afterwards, a full confirmation to him and his successors of the Hospital 
of St. Cross and its possessions, dat. xiv kal. April 1 187, (MS. Harl. 
1616, p. 121,) but, apparently, without any material result. With 
regard also to the surrender of the Muniments of the Hospital to the 
Bishop of Winchester, as specified in the Charter, it was certainly not 
carried into effect, since it was not till the year 1372 that the docu- 
ments were finally ^ven up by Robert Hales, then Prior, to William of 
Wykeham. A list of these Muniments is given in the Register, p. 4, 
and among them is noticed the very Charter now printed. 

• Engraved in Pcggc's Sylloge of Inscriptions, pi. V. and elsewhere. 
^ Wecver's Funeral Monuments, ex MS. in bibl. Cotton. 



Cum in? dnm Ric Winton Epm 7 frs Hospital Jertirni- 
tani Q'o pridem esset agitata sup Custodia 7 Administnione 
Dom^ See Crucis ext* muros Winton 9stitute ^ in?ueniente tand 
7 partes suas pia sedulitate in?ponente Henrico illustrissimo 
Rege Angloj^ Scdo. psente diio Ric Winton Epo. 7 Johe pk)re 
ac Conventu Winton assensu pbentib^. psentib^ q<^ 7 assensu 
pbentib^ Rof io de Molins Magfo dom^ Hospital JertimiL 7 
fre Garn^io de Neapot p^ore dom^ Hospital in Angt. de con- 
cordi 7 coui uoluntate frin suox tarn Jertimis q* in Angt como- 
rantiu i finem pacis in hunc modu sortita t . Prefat^ siq»d Magr 
Ro^i^ 7 frs ei^ pscripte dom^ See Crucis Custodie 7 Adminis- 
t^cioni ac vniuso juri qd in pfato loco 7 in redditib^ ei assignatis 
se hre dicebant r' penit^ renunciauert. 7 ea in man^ ejusd Ric 
Winton Epi cii uniusis Munimentis 7 Cartis q'^s inde habebant :! 
sine omi reclaniatione resignaueft. Ita fn qd institutio sup 
Centu 7 Tredecim paupib^ a bone memorie Henrico quondam 
Winton Epo ordinata 7 scripto expressa :! in ppetuum inuiolabi? 
observabitur. 7 pfat^ Ric Winton Epc Centum paupes intuitu 
Dei 7 p salute aie dni Regis 7 sua pdcis Centu 7 Tredecim 
paupib^ adiecit. Ita qd ducenti de illis in ppetuu scdm institu- 
tionem Henrici quonda Winton Epi factam de Centum il in pdicta 
domo See Crucis pascent**". Tredecim vfi scdm Ejusd Ordinatio- 
nem pascentur 7 uestient"". Nee licebit umqa ipi Ric Wintoii 
Epo ut alicui successo|& ei^ elemosinam deputatam ad uictum 
paupm in domo ilia in aliu usum conuer?e. neq; numeru ipo^ 
ducento^ 7 tredecim paupm diminuere : neq; Custodiam ut 
Administrationem ipi^ dom^ See Crucis ullis umq* tempib^ pfatis 
frib^ Hospitat Jertimitani comit^e. vt eamd domu alicui al?i 
religioni subice. s; ipe 7 successores sui tenebunt eam i manu 
ppria. ordinandam p q^m uoluint psonam idoneam 7 honestam. 
Nicliilomin^ p bono pacis idem Magr Rogi^ 7 fres ei^ clama- 
uert quieta omia tenementa que dicebant ad jus suum ptin^e que 
memorat^ Ric Winton Epc tunc tenebat juxta domu See 
Brigide apd London. Exhortante u^ dno Rege pfat^ Epc con- 
templatione religionis memorate dom^ Hospitat Jertm 7 aiFec- 
tuose deuotionis c^m dns Rex 7 ipe semp ad eam buerunt. donauit 
7 assignauit pfatis ffib^ Hospitat Jertm ad sustentacone Hos- 

^ Tkf parchment ii diyided through this word in a sig-sag direction. 


pitai Jertm . 7 paupm Xpi in hospitali illo ppetuo degentiu 
Ecciias de Morduna 7 de Hanincton p redditibus Quinq«giiita 
Marcar argnti. usib^ eo]i ppetuo applicandas 7 pacifice possi- 
dendas. Pre?ea fecit ipos fres Hospita} absolui i ppetuu a solu- 
?one annue pensionis dece marcar argnti. 7 duo> cereo^ de 
decern libris cere. q»s solebant annuatim some monachis Sci 
Swithuni d p domo See Crucis du ei^ administrationem feuerant 
Ita qd pfati monachi psc>ptam pensione ab ipis frib^ Hospitai 
exi§e de ce?o n poteft. 7 uice Ssa pdci frs Hospital Jeriimi? 
nichil uqa fut""is temporib^ a pfato Epo ut successorib^ suis sive 
a monachis Winton potert exige:' occasione jmis alicuj^ qd 
in pfata domo See Crucis se dicebant liuisse, Celebrata -f au 
t<^nsactio ista anno Incamationis dnice Mo C® Ixxx® q^nto. Quarto 
Id Aprit. Sedente i Cathedra Sumi Pontificat^ Lucio pp Stio* 
Regni Regis Anglo^ Henrici Scdi xxxjo. apd Douam. Eraclio 
pat>archa Jertimitano. 7 Ro§io de Molins Magro frai dom^ 
Hospitai Jerjimif tc i Angi. ibid 9stitutis* His Testibus. Hen- 
rico illustri Rege Anglo;^. Eraclio priarcha Jertimil. Joile Epo 
Norwic. Rand de Glanitt Justiciar dni Reg in Angt. Herfcto 
Can! archdo. Hufeto Wal?i {sk). Herfeto fre dom^ milicie tem- 
pli. Magro Steptlo Remensi. Magris Hamone 7 Ric mediciSi 
Magro Rob de Buketorp. Magro Thoma Griffin. Jordano de 
Turri. Thoma 7 Hug de Gaihers?. Thoma de Tornaco. Jocelino 
de Risendon. Gaufk de Niupor!. Rand de Gedding. Rofe de 
Cirecestr. 7 mttis aliis. 

+ Ego Ric Winton Ego Rogi^ dom^ Hospital Jerti- 

Eps subsc^psi. mitani bumit Custos subscr^psi. 

Ego Garn i^ p»or i Angl ?c. inPfui. Ego 
Alan^ fr Hospitat psbr;' interfui. Ego Rain- 
aid^ fr Hospi? in?fui. Ego Hylari^ f^ Hospitat 
The cross preceding the Bishop's name and the signature were 
evidently traced by his own hand. 
Three very perfect seals are still attached to this document : 
1. That of Roger de Molins^ Custos or Master of the Hospital of 
Jerusalem^ appended by a lace of yellow silk. It is of lead^ circular in 
form^ one inch and a quarter in diameter. On one side^ a figure 
kneeling before the double cross^ and between them the letters a w -, 
legend -|- rogerius custos : on the other^ -{- hospitalis ierusalem^ 
with a representation of the Holy Sepulchre^ and the Saviour*8 body 

' That ift, of Winchester ; the cathedral church was dedicated to St Swithen. 



therein. This is engraved in the Gentleman*s Magazine^ vol. cm. 
ii. 305 5 together with that of another Master of the Hospital^ bearing 
similar designs. 

2. That of the Bishop of Winchester, of red wax, oval in form, on a 
narrow parchment label. The principal side measures 3f inches in height, 
by two inches in width 5 and represents a figure of the Bishop standing, 
his right hand raised in benediction, and his left holding his pastoral 
crook. On his right side is a hand h<^ing a crosier ) and on his left a 
double triangle, resembling an heraldic mullet, but doubtless symbolic of 
the Trinity. Legend : + bicardvs : dei : gratia : wintoniensis : 
Episcopvs. The counter seal, also oval, two inches high by one inch 
and a quarter wide, represents standing figures of St. Peter and St. 
Paul, finely drawn. Legend: -|- svnt michi sintq* boni petrvs 


3. That of the Prior of the Hospitallers, suspended by a hempen 
string. It is of red wax, circular, and has only ime engraved side, 
which is two inches in diameter. It represents a figure kneeling to 
the double cross, arising from the dome of a Temple-church, about 
which is his orison, salve crvx sca> arbor diona. Legend : 
-|- sioiLL* : prioris : fratrvm : hospital' : [iervsalbm : in] : 
AN6LIA : This has been engraved in Nichols's History of Leicester- 
shire, vol. III. pi. xxxix. and pi. cxiii. 

The Charter is indorsed in a hand of the fifteenth century, 
Indent*^a de on^ib} i fudaooe see cruds i Sparkeford ordinatf . 

A copy of this Cirograph & occurs in the Re^ster of the Priory of St. 
Cross, MS. HaurL 1616, p. 12 ^ and at p. 22 of that volume is the 
following Charter in confirmation of it : 

Henr dei gra Rex Anglie dux NormaB ^ Aquitan t comes 
Andeg archiepis epis abbatib} com bar justic vicecom % omib} 
batiu % fidelib} suis satm. Sciatf me cocessisse % psenf car? mea 
cofinnasse pacem et concordiam factam in? Ricm Wyntoii epm 
et fres Hospif Jerosotitani de domo See Crucis ex* muros 
Civitatf WyntoB scdm q in cart et sc^ptur inde in? eos fiictis 
9tinetf*". Quare volo % firmi? ^cipio % eadem pax % cdoordia 
in? eos fact rat sit % stabit imppetuQ e^ futur semp temporib} 
incocusse teneat*" sic carte % sc'p? inde inf eos facta testant"^. 
Tes? R. epo Andeg. G. filio 7 canceUario meo. Witto clieo de 
caiSa. Hugone de Creysi, Ro^o filio Rembr. Aluredo de SSo 
martino. Apud Maredonm. 

J. G. N. 

* At the end of the transcript is added this note, " Pro evideneia iitius materie 
scrutentur JRegistra Hereberti Cantuar, Arehiepiscopii et Johannes Epiteopi Nor- 





In continuing the progress of this Controversy^ it is obvious that the 
reader must be subjected to considerable repetition. The same line of 
evidence would of necessity be followed, and the same proofs be ad- 
duced, in the second suit as in the first. Nevertheless, as there is un- 
doubtedly much original matter mixed up in this rehearing of the case^ 
it is thought best to pursue the path as it was then pursued, rather than 
by an attempt at abbreviation to run the risk of impairing the fidelity 
of the narrative. 

The great mass of these papers seems to be in the hand-writing of 
William Wickham of Abingdon, who prosecuted his researches with un- 
wearied perseverance, and whose balance sheet of the expenses incurred 
is a curious document, and will be given at the conclusion of the case. 

C £• L«. 

wicam's breviat. 

About 68 yeares since Humfrie Wicam of Swalecliffe, hav- 
inge 4 sonnes, tendered one of them to be chosen child into 
Wint CoUedg as kyn to the founder : But by S^ Richard Fyennes 
his meanes he was refused, notw^hstandinge 3 of y^ Electors did 
conceive him to be kyn. 

The Electors beinge equaly divided in opinion, they & Hum- 
fiy Wicam by consent referred the matter to be descided by the 
Heralds, as most competent judges of descents and kyndred. 

The Heralds, upon examination of y® cause, & sight of divers 
ancient Deeds and Court-rolls, & other evidences produced then 
by Humfry Wicam, allowed y® said Humfiy to beare y« foun- 
der's & Colledg armes, as beinge of y® same bloode w^ the 
founder : but upon S^ Richard Fyennes his suggestion, that the 
said Humfry would thereby claime his landes, judgment was for a 
time stayed : and then the IJuke of Norfolke fell into his trobles. 

Humfry Wicams Bill in y^ Chancery against D"" Stempe & al*. 

The Pedigree drawne by Cotgrave & Cooke. 

At an other election Humfry Wicam againe tendered one of 


his sonnes to be chosen as y^ founder's kinsman : but, y^ Electors 
beinge againe divided in their opinions, some thinkinge him to 
be kyn & somme denyinge his kyndred, they 8c y® said Hum- 
fry Wicam referred the matter to be ordered by y® Lord Trea- 
surer Burleigh : who appoynted D^ Lewes & D"^ Awberie to 
heere all tlieir allegations, & to certifie them unto him, w^^ they 
did; and then S' Rich. Fyennes dyed. 

The copie of y® certificat made by D' Lewes & D' Awberie. 
Rich. Fyennes sonne to S"^ Rich, beinge w*hin age, was then 
ward to y« Queene, & y® Lord Treasurer Burleigh conceavinge 
y' Humfry Wicam had sufficiently proved his kindred to y« 
founder, drue up a sentence to y® same effect, & delivered it to 
M^ Kingsmeale (attorney of y« Court of Wards, & unkle to 
Richard Fyennes) to peruse : and in the raeane time writt his 
letter to D^ Culpepper (to whom D*" White had then resigned 
y« Wardenship of New Colledg) in the behalf of Humfry Wicam, 
promisinge to sende his finall sentence in y^ cause soe sone as he 
should receave it back fro M^ Kingsmeale. 

The copie of y® lA Burleigh's letter : Tho. Bilson's depo. Int. 4. 
Humfry Wicam's Bill in yc Chancery, fol. 9 to yc 16 fol. 
D*" Stempe & some other of y« electors, notw^standinge y« 
Lord Burleigh's letter, still refused to accept Humfry Wicam's 
sonne as kyn to y« founder, & thereupon the said Humfry moved 
y« visitor to heare & descide y« matter, & upon his refusinge to 
medle therew*!*, the said Humfry exhibited a Bill in y« Chancery 
against y« Wardens of y« Colledges, D"^ Culpeper & D"^ Stempe. 
The Copie of ye Bill. 

D"^ Stempe answered to Wicam's Bill, Wicam replyed, Stempe 
rejoyned, &c. Then they proceeded to commission, examined 
witnesses & brought y« cause to a hearinge : but for some re- 
spects judgment was againe deferred. 

The Copie of y® Answer, Replication, Rejoynder, ScDepositions. 
A gentleman, a meere strainger unto Humfry Wicam, that 
chanced to be at the hearinge in y« Chancery, after ye Court 
was risen, came to Humfry Wica & tould him that he had 
heard his cause: and that he had an ould geneallogie in his 
custodie, w<^b he conceived might stand him in somme steede : 
and that he would bestow it upon him if ye said Humfry would 
direct him whither he should sende it to him in London ; wch ye 
said Humfry Wicam did, & ye gentleman sent it accordingly. 
The ould Geneallogie. 


Shortly after Humfry Wicam dyed, & his eldest sonne Richard 
Wicam, havinge noe issue, gave over y® prosecution of y« cause, 
and about twoyeares since the said Richard Wicam died: and soe 
this ould geneallogie hath not as yet beene produced for evidence. 

A nameles author, but said to be one Thomas Marten, writt 
y« founder's life, & as in y© next page, at the beginninge of y* 
answer to y« first objection. 

About July 1635, Edward Wicam, the second sonne of 
Humfi'y Wicam aforesaid, & his kinsman W™ Wicam of Abing- 
don, to revive their clayme, petitioned y« Earle Marshall about 
it, who, after y^ officers of armes by his direction had searched 
their records & made certificat unto him of what they founde, 
was gratiously pleased to write to the Wardens & officers of y® 
Colledges in the behalf of the petitioners. 

The Petition to y® Earle Marshall. 

The Certificat of y« Officers of armes. 

The Copie of y« Earle Marshall's letter. 

At the election at Winchester 1635, the petitioner delivered 
the Earle Marshall's letter to the Wardens & other electors, 
shewed them the Heralds' certificat under the scale of their office: 
and tendered one Joseph Deane, a neere kinsman of theirs, to 
be chosen child as of y« bloode of y® founder. But by the inter- 
position of y« Lo. Sey the electors denyed to choose him. 

In Michaelmas terme 1635 the petitioners moved the Court 
of honor, that y® Wardens & other electors might be ordered to 
shew cause why they did denye the said Joseph Deane to be of 
ye founder's bloode. 

The Wardens & other electors havinge notice of y® petitioners' 
motion, acquainted the Lord Sey therew*, who undertooke the 
cause, & ^bout the ende of the same terme brought into the 
office of armes 5 objections against the petitioners' kyndred to 
ye founder ; & meetinge in the office w^^ the petitioners' sollicitor, 
upon somme conference had of y® cause, said that, although the 
Earle Marshall were Judg of armes & descents, yet he had noe 
power to force admission into y^ Colledges. 

NathanieU Powell. 

Thereupon Edward & W™ Wicam petitioned y® Kinges Ma*"* 
to referr the cause to the right ho^^e the Earle Marshall of Eng- 
lande, & to y* right reverend father in God the Lord Bishop of 


Winton : and his Ma**e was pleased to add unto them the Lord's 
Grace of Canterbury. 
The Petition to yc Kinge. 


To all Christian people to whome this present writinge shall 
come, I Richard Wickham of SwacIifFe, in the countie of Oxon, 
Esq. aged fowerscore yeares and upward, doe by these presents 
testify, publish, and declare, that William Wickham, of Abing- 
don, in the countie of Berks, sonne of John Wickham, late of 
Rotherfeild, in the countie of Sussex, deceased, is my kinsman in 
bloode, & descended from y® Wickhams of Swacliffe aforesaid ; 
and further I doe make knowne that my father Humfry Wick- 
ham havinge fower sonnes, me self, Thomas, Edward, & Ferdi- 
nand, and endeavoringe to place some of us (as others of our 
kindred before had beene) in the new Colledg by Winchester, as 
kinsmen to the founder, to be chosen from thence under the 
same title unto the new Colledg in Oxford, had not beene denyed 
(as I am assuredlye perswaded) but that S"^ Richard Fenis, 
grandfather to the honorable William now Lord Seye, (upon a 
suspition that my father, beinge allowed to be of the same bloode 
w**» the founder of the said CoUedges, might ^tende title to some 
of his lands if he the said S"^ Richard should have dyed w^hout 
issue) affirmed that my father was not descended from those 
Wickhams w^^ were of the same bloode w^l^ the said founder, 
meaninge the Perrotts, who, by the said founder's adoption, 
chainged their names from Perrott to Wickham, and ^swaded 
D. White ^ & D. Stempe,^ the Wardens of y© said CoUedges, 
to deny our admission into the said CoUedges as the founder's 
kinsmen, wc^ although they did, yet it was by them & the rest of 
the electors agreed that the offices of armes 8c descents should be 
searched, to trye my father's pedegree & kindred, wch was done, 
& those armes w^t S' Richard Fenis claymed, & w^^ ye monu- 
mentes of the said CoUedges shew to be the armes of the founder, 
were allowed unto my father by Thomas Duke of Norfolke, then 
Lord high Marshall of England, and sett downe and blazed by 

* This is in part (but only in yery small part) given in page 384, vol. ii. where 
it is stated to be enrolled (anno 1635) in the Office of Arms ; and where it is now 
(as given in page 384) to be found in C. 18. 24. 

^ Thomas White elected Warden of New College in 1553, died in 1588. 

* Thomas Stempe, Warden of Winton, died 1581. 


Hugh Cottgrave, Richmond herault of armes, by the advice & 
appoyntment of the said Duke : but by reason of S*" Richard 
Fenys* opposition, the Duke for a tyme delayed to geve his fynall 
sentence in the cause, and then, by reason of the Duke's trebles & 
death, the cause remayned undetermined. 

At the election after the death of the Duke of Norfblke, my 
father againe prayed D. White & D. Stempe, then wardens, 
John Underbill <1 & Michael Manshorte, then posers, John 
Chandler, then sub-warden of Newe Colledg by Winchester, & 
Thomas Bilson,® then scholemaster, to receave one of his sonnes 
as cozen to the founder: The wardens and sub-warden de- 
nyed his request; but the two posei-s and the scholemaster thought 
it reasonable, and thereupon my father's allegations and prooflFes 
were putt in writinge and sent to the right ho^'® S^ 'William 
Cecill, Lord Burleigh, high Treasurer of England, and the de- 
cydinge of the matter referred to his honor ; who, takinge the 
treble upon him, appoynted Doctor Lewes & D. Aubery, and 
Sommercette herault, to heare the allegations of S^^ Richard 
Fenis of y« wardens & of my father, & to certifie the effect there- 
of, wch they did, & then, S"^ Richard Fenis dyinge, his sonne 
Richard Fenis beinge under age was the Queenes warde, and 
Doctor White, the warden of New Colledg in Oxford, resyned 
his place to Doctor Culpepper, and the Lord Treasurer, after be 
had imparted the cause to M^ Richard Kingsmill, ^ the Queenes 
attorney of the Courte of Wardes, unkle to Richard Fenis the 
Queenes warde, did resolve that there was good apparent matter 
to prove my father to be the founder's kinsman, and writt to 
each of the wardens a severall letter to admit his sonnes as the 
founder's kinsmen, certifyinge further by his letters that he had 
sett downe his finall sentence in writinge, & delivered it to M' 
Kingesmill, & that it should be sent unto them. This notw*^ 
standinge, the wardens of the said CoUedges refused to accept 
me self or any of my brothers as kinsmen to the founder, except 
they should thereto be compelled by such order & judgment as in 

<* John Underbill, born in St. Martinis parisb, Oxford, an eminent preacher. 
Chaplain to Q. Elizabeth, made Bishop of Oxford in 1589, and died in 1593. 

• Thomas Bilson, bom in Winchester, descended from German ancestors, a man 
of great learning ; became Bishop of Worcester in 1596, was translated to Win- 
chester in 1597, and died in 1616, aged 69. 

' Constance, daughter of Sir William Kingsmill of Sidmanton, co. Hants, mar- 
ried Sir Richard Fienes, and was mother of William first Viscount Say and Sele. 


lawe might bynde. And then my father moved the Bisshoppe 
of Winchester, visitor of bothe Colledges, to vouchsafe to see the 
redresse of the pmisses, who refused to meddle therein. 

When the Bisshopp had refused to meddle in the cause, my 
father exhibited a Bill in the Chancery against Doctor Culpep- 
per & Doctor Stempe the wardens of the two Colledges ; and, 
after Doctor Stempe had answered, my father replyed, and Doc- 
tor Stempe rejoyned, and my father surreioyned, they proceeded 
to commission and examined witnesses, and on the thirteth daie 
of Januarie in the two & twentieth yeare of Queene Elizabeth 
the cause was brought to a hearinge and (if my father would 
have consented there unto) had beene ordered & decreed, That 
fower severall schollers of my father's bloode & issue male suc- 
cessively one after other should upon request be admitted into 
the said Colledges. But my father would not consent unto any 
such order, and because none of his sonnes could then be admitted 
as founder's kinsmen w^hout such limitation, would not to the 
preiudice of his right suffer any of them to be admitted into ether 
of the said Colledges. 

Furthermore my father, to geve light in this cause to his pos- 
teritie & kindred, committed all the proceedings in these matters 
to writinge, & left divers books of them, & charged me to lett all 
my brothers, my sisters, and our kinsman John Wickham of 
Rotherfeild aforesaid, to have the sight & use of them, & copeys 
also, if they required them : and by reason of this my father's 
charge, 8c his assurance of me that the said John Wickham of 
Rotherfeild was my neare kinsman in bloode & my neerest kins- 
man of my name, me selfe havinge noe issue at all, & nether of 
my brothers for a longe tyme havinge any issue male, I intended 
for many yeares together (notw^*»standinge one of my brothers 
had many daughters) to settle the mannor of Swaclife (where 
my ancestors the Wickhams have continued by the space of 
above three hundred yeares now last past) upon my kinsman 
William Wickham of Abingdon, and his heires male, wc*» I 
would not have doone had not the said William beene descended 
from my ancestors the Wickhams of Swacliffe. But after my 
brother Edward had beene married, & his wife continued childles 
above the space of eight yeares, it pleased God to blesse her w*^ a 
Sonne, to whome I now intende my estate. Lastly, I make knowne 
that my kinsman William of Abingdon, when I shewed him the 
books & notes w^^ my father left of his prooffes of our kindred 


to the founder aforesaid, & of S' Richard Fenis his objections 
8c prooffes against it, he desyred a copye of them, and I permit- 
ted him to have it, together w*^ the copeys of some letters, wri- 
tinges, evidences, & pedigrees w<^ may conduce to the clearinge 
of all obiections w<* heeretofore have beene or heereafter may be 
urged against our kindred to the said founder. Witnes my 
hande and scale ; dated the two & twentieth daie of May, in the 
eleaventh yeare of the reigne of our Soveraigne Lord Kinge 
Charles, anno Dni 1635. 

Richard Wickham^s 
Published, acknowledged, testified, & 
declared, in the presence of us 
Thomas Merriot, Timothie Craykar, 

Humphry Wykham, Thomas Burden, his -|- marke^ 

Ferdinando Wyckham, Thomas Harper.i> 

Thomas Burden maketh oath that he was psent as a witness 
when this ^sent writinge was read unto th' abovenamed Richard 
Wickham, and that thereupon the said Richard Wickham did 
acknowledge, publishe, seale, and subscribe the same, in the pre- 
sence of the parties abovenamed, who then & there subscribed 
their names as witnesses thereunto. 

Jur. 40 Junii 1635. Ro. Riche. 

Humphry WickhanCs Receipt for papers lent to WiUiam Wichham 

of Abingdon. 

Received back from M' William Wickham of Abingdon, in 
the countie of Berks, the 22^ of October 1633, these wri tinges 
followinge, by the appoyntment of my unkle M' Richard Wick- 
ham of SwacliiFe. 

Three geneallogies in parchment whereof one hath a square 
peece cutt out in the side thereof. 

Two geneallogies in paper, whereof one is torne in the midest, 
& the other torne in the toppe & parte of the side wome away. 

Two books conceminge the pedigree of the Wickhams of 

Three small writinges in parchment indented. 

Humfry Wickham's bill of complaynt against Scempe and 

r Seal of arms : Quarta*Iy of two coats, but not distinct enough to determine 
the bearings. ^ These signatures are autographs. 



Culpepper, y^ wardens of the new Colledges by Winchester 
& in Oxford. 

Tho. Stempe's answer, much torne & defaced. 

The replycation of Humfry Wickham. 

The rejoj^der of Thomas Stempe. 

One sheete of pap, wherein the bill, answer, replycation, & 
reioynder are abreviated. 

Two books of depositions in the cause. The copey of the 
order in the cause. A copey of a fyne in paper, & a geneallogie 
in a sheete of paper. 

By mee Humphry Wykham. 

Petitjok of Edward Wickham & William Wiekham. That 
being descended of Bishop Wickham, & so to have prioritie 
of Election. The Warden and Fellows questioning their de- 
scent, my Lord to give order to the Officers of Armes to cer- 
tifie their Petigree, &c. 

To the right hon^^ Thomas Earle of Arundell and Surrey, 

Earle Marshall of England. 

The humble peticon of Edward Wickham of Swalclive, in the 
countie of Oxon, and Wittm Wickham of Abingdon, in the 
countie of Berks, 

That yo' Pet" beinge disoended of the blood and kindred of 
Wifltn Wickham, Bishop of Winton, Founder of New Colledge 
in Oxon, and the Colledge of Winchester, and by reason of their 
soe beinge the Founder's kinsmen, they and their posterities 
ought to have priviledge and prioritie of elec55n first unto Win- 
chester Schoole, and from thence to New Colledge in Oxon, 
accordinge as divers of yo'^ pet" auncestors and kindred have 
upon that their title beene elected and admitted. 

Nowe forasmuch as the wardens, the fellowes, and other offi- 
ceres of those Colledges have made question otyoi' pet" kindred 
to the said Founder, and denied their claime. 

Yo' pet" humblie praie diat yo^ LoP wilbe pleased to give 
order to the office of Armes to examine the veritie of yo"^ pet" 
pedegree, and to certifie yo'^ LoP howe they finde the same to be. 

VOL. III. o 


That soe yo' good LoP maie judge of yo^^ pel'* kindred to the 
saide Founder. 

And they, according to their dutie, shall dailie praie, &c 

I desire the Officers of Armes, upon search of the records re- 
mayninge in their office or elsewhere, to make report unto me 
what they finde conceminge the clayme made by the pet" and 
their pedegree. 

Arundell house, Arundell & Surrey. 

the first of Julie, 1635. 

This petition to the Earl Marshal^ and his order to the officers of 
armes, will be found in L 2. 54, Coll. Arm., where, in the opposite page, 
is a transcript of the pedigree (beginning with Robert Wickham and 
Mande Waterville,) drawn by Cotgrave and Cooke, and which wiJl here- 
after be noticed. At the foot of this are the following two notes : 

'' In the visitation of Oxfordshire, taken 1 634, the continuation oi the 
Wickham *s descent, Swacliffe, from Humphry Wickham here menc'oned," 
(This is Humphry the claimant in 1570) " is recorded, wherein it doth 
apeare that Edward Wickham of Swacliffe and W" Wickham of Abing- 
don, com. Berks, p'ties to the petic'on referred unto us by your LoP, 
dated the first of July 1 635, are truely branched out of that familye. 
And there is mention in the same visitation, that Hugh Cotgrave, Rich- 
mond Herald, by directions from the Duke of Norffolke his Grace, Earle 
Marshale of England, delineated a pedegre of the sayd familye agreeable 
to this here exemplified, the original whereof was exhibited unto us -, 
testified also by Wm Camden, CI. K. of Armes, under his hand, that 
he had examined the same.** 

** In obedience to your LoP» directions, in your LoPs reference unto 
us upon the peticon of Edward Wickham of Swacliffe, in com* Oxon, 
Esq. & Will*m Wickham of Abbingdon, in com* Berks, dated the first of 
July 1635, annexed hereunto. We have examined their pedigre and 
clayme they make to be of the bloud and kindred of Willm Wickham, 
Bishop of Winton, and doe finde their exhibitts for proofe of their sayd 
kindred to be agreeable to what is recorded with us in the office of armes, 
which wee liave here exemplified in this pedegree under the common 
seal of our office, vf^h ^ee humbly submit unto your good LoP.*' 

The Earle Marshall's leiter. 

To my very lovinge frindes, the Wardens of New CoUedge 
in Oxford and Winchester Colledg, & the Fellowes and other 
officers of those colledges, 



After my very hartie commendations, whereas I have lately 
receaved a petition from Edward Wickham of Swacliffe, in the 
countie of Oxon, and William Wickham of Abingdon, in the 
eountie of Berks, to referre the examination of their piedigree & 
kindred to William Wickham, Bishop of Winton, founder of 
New Colledge in Oxford and Winchester Colledg, to the officers 
of armes, to the intent that they might p'serve and continew their 
interest in the election of their children accordinge to the statutes 
of the founder ; which accordingly beinge done, and the officers 
of armes havinge exemplifyed their truepedegree, I have thought 
fitt heerew^ to recomend it unto you, and shallbe glad to un- 
derstand, that the petitioners maye finde the benefitt of this at- 
testation, and receave those p^vileges from you, wcl> in right they 
ought to inioye. Soe not doubtinge of your readines heerein, I 

Your very lovinge frend, 
Arundell house, Arundell & Surrey. 

this 6^^ of August 1635. 

Examinatur, xiiij^ die Joliem Smalbone, 

Septembris, A®. Dni 1635, p nos, Edm. Sherwood. 

Warden of New Coll, 
Warden of Winton Coll. 

The following letter, in the hand-writing of William Wickham of 
Abingdon^ appears^ from its contents, to have been sent to one of the 
officers of arms. 

S', I have beene at the Election at Winchester and tendered 
a schoUer to be chosen into the Colledg there as the founder's 
kinsman, his name was Joseph Deane, grandchild to Margaret 
that was sister to Humfry Wickham named in the pedigree. The 
Wardens, with the rest of the electors, examined him, and for 
his leaminge tooke noe exceptions against him. But D. Pinke, 
the Warden of New Colledge in Oxford, in the behalf of all the 
rest, tould me that their founder's name was not Wickham, but 
de Wickham, and that he was prayd for by the name of de 
Wickham, & soe written in all their statute books, and that ac- 
cordinge to somme his father's name was John Longe, and ac« 
cordinge to others Jo. Perrott. And that notw^tandinge the 
pedegree and certificat under the scale of your office and the 
Earle Marshall's letter attesting the same, they all as yet stoode 

o 2 




Hnmfry Wickham a 
of Swalcliffe. 

Wickham. | Deane. 

n r-| — 

John. William. 

Anthony. Richard. 


m TT TT 

George. Margaret. Anne. 

Robert. Elizabeth. Margaret. 



Joan =f=Edward=T=2 w. Anne 

CoUett. Deane. | Waas. 

.r I I" 





T 1 — m 

Joseph N^aomi. 
Deane. Hanoah. 

Petition to the Archbishop of Canterbury. 

To the most reverend father in God William L<1 Archbishop of 

Canterbury his Grace. 

The humble Petition of William Wickham, & Elizabeth 
Mayott of Abingdon, in the countie of Berks, 

That William Wickham, Bishop of Wintoti, & founder of 
New CoUedg in Oxford, & the CoUedg by Winchester, indulged 
p'^cedency in election & other p'vileges in those his CoUedges 
unto his kindred & their posteritie. That your Grace's peti- 
tioner William Wickham, beinge descended of the same bloode 
& kindred w* the said Bishop, about July last petitioned the 
right hohle Thomas Earle of Arundel! & Surry, Earle Marshall 
of England, that he would be pleased to geve order to the offi- 
cers of armes to examine the veritie of his pedegree & to certifye 
his honor how they founde the same, that soe his Lo'shp might 
iudg of your petitioner's kindred. 

That the officers of armes did search & certifie under the seale 
of their office, that your petitioner was of the same bloode w*** 
the said Bishop. And his honor, in attestation thereof, was gra- 
tiously pleased to write to the Wardens & other officers & fel- 
lowes of the said Colledges to affi^rde to suche as were of your 
petitioner's bloode the p'vileges aforesaid, beinge of right due 
unto them. 

That upon the delivery of the Earle's letter & shewinge the 

Father of Edward Wickham the petitioner. 


certificat aforesaid, your petitioner, at the laist election at Win- 
chester, tendered one Joseph Deane, a poor schoUer of his 
bloode, to be chosen child there. But nether his kinsman nor 
cause could be admitted ; not soe much by y^ opposition of the 
Wardens & other electors of the Colledges, as by the interposi- 
tion of the Lord Sey, who beinge descended from one of the 
Bishop's sisters, to ingrosse the benefitt to his owne posteritie, 
labors to suppresse your petitioner's right, undertakinge at his 
owne charge to defende tiie Wardens & other electors from all 
suites wch by reason of that their denyall may be brought against 

That the eldest sonne of y' Grace's petitioner Elizabeth Mayot, 
hath intermarried wth the daughter of yo' Grace's other peti- 
tioner Wickham, and have issue, who ought to have and enioye 
the benefitt of the said foundacons, as beinge of the bloode and 
kindred of their said Founder. But by the opposition of the 
Lord Sey both they and their posterities are like to be deprived 

Yo' peti^ners therefore humblie beseech yo' Grace that you 
wilbe meanes that their cause male have faire and speedie 

determinacon. Soe as neither the powerfull greatnes of their 
adversarie, nor the meane estate of y^ Grace's petiffiners, maie 
p^iudice the same, and y' Grace's peti^ners, accordinge to their 
bounden dutie, shall dailie praie, 8cc. 

Petition to the King. 

To the Kinges most excellent Msfi^. 

The humble petition of Edward Wickham of Swacliff, in the 
countie of Oxon, & William Wickham of Abingdon, in the 
countie of Berks. 

Humbly shewetli, That, whereas William Wickham, Bishop 
of Winton, & founder of New Colledg in Oxford, & the Colledg 
of Winchester, indulged p^cedency & other previledges in those 
Colledges unto his kindred & their' posteritie, Your petitioners, 
beinge descended of ye same bloode & kinred w^h the said 
Bishop (as appeareth by the certificat of your Mefi^ oflScers of 
armes, under the scale of their office : they beinge, upon the 
petition of the now petitioners, exhibited to the right honable the 
Earle Marshall of England, by his LoP required to examine the 
veritie of their pedegree & accordingly to certifye the same), att 
the last election at Winchester, tendered one Joseph Deane, a 


poor ^holler of their bloode, to be chosen a chHde there : pro- 
ducinge at the same tyme the certificat of the said officers of 
amies touchinge his descent, together w^ the said Earle Mar- 
shall's owne {^testation to the electors, that the said certificat was 
grounded upon a refer^ice made by his LoP. 

For as much as nether the petitioner's kinsman nor their 
cause could then be admitted by the Wardens and other electors 
of those Colledges by reason of the interposition of the Lo. Vis- 
count Say & Scale, who beinge descended fro one of the Bishop's 
sisters, to appropriat the afcu'esaid previledges wholy to his owne 
posteritie, endeavored to suppresse the petitioners right, & ani- 
mated the said Wardens & electioners to that their denyall. 

They humbly beseech your Ma^ to be graciously pleased to 
refer the examination of the p'sent difiGerence unto the right 
hoble the Earle Marshall of England, to whose place the exa- 
mination of pedegrees and discentes doth propperly belonge, & 
to the right reverend father in God the Lo. Bishop of Winton, 
visiter of the said Colledges, w^ some other whom your Msfi^ 
shall thinke fitt, gevinge them power, after a full bearinge of all 
parties, & vewe of their exhibitts 6c other records, to put some 
iayer ende & speedie determination there unto, and your peti- 
tioners, as in dutie bound, will ever pray for your Ma*^^ longe & 
most happie reigne. 

At the Courte at S*. James, IS® Februa. 1635. 
His Ma^ie is pleased to refer this petition to the Lo. Arch 
Bishopp of Canterbury his Grace, the Earle of ArundeH & 
Surrey, Earl Marshall of England, and the Lo. Bishopp of Win- 
chester, for to heare & examine the truth of this complaynt, & to 
take such order therein as their LoPs shall thinke good. 

Sidney Mountagu.* 

Letter of the Referees to the Wardens of the two Colleges. 

After our very harty Comendacons: Whereas the King's 
most excellent Ma^i^ upon the petiticn of Edward Wickham of 
Swaycliffe, and William Wickham of Abingdon, hath byn pleased 
to referre unto us the examina^n of the truth of the Peticoners 
clayme to be of the blood and kindred of William Wickham, 
Bishopp of Winton, and Founder of New Colledge in Oxford, 
and the Colledge near Winchester. And whereas for the better 

* Matter of the Requests, one of the younger sons of Sir Edward Montagu of 


cleiring thereof, it is necessary that some of the Register bookes 
and other Records of the said Colledges be p'used and examined, 
Theis are therefore to will and require you to p^'mitt and 
suffer the Pet", or any other by them nominated, to see and 
please all or any the Register bookes and other Records whatso- 
ever of the said Colledges, and to transcribe die coppies of such 
of them as they shall conceave p'tinent to the matter in question. 
Prov)'ded that you suflfer them not to take any of the said 
Bookes out of the Colledges aforesaid, nor to transcribe any 
coppies but by such as yo^selves shall appoint, or in the p^sence 
of such officers that maybe ciurefull to see the bookes be not 
wronged. And that irfterwards you <;ertefy unto us under yo' 
hands the truth of the said coppies. So, not doubting of yo' 
readines herein, we rest 

Yo'^ very loveing Freinds, 

W. Cajjt. t Arundell & Surrey. 

Walt. Winton. ^ 

Letter of the Referees to Lord Say and Sele. 

After our harty Comendaffins : Whereas the King's most ex- 
cellent Ma^fi, upon the peticon of Edward Wickham of Sway- 
cliffe, and William Wickham of Abbingdone, hath byn pleased 
to refer unto us the examinacon of the truth of the Pet^^s clayme 
to be of the blood and kindred of William Wickham, Bisbopp 
of Winton, and Founder of New Colledge in Oxford and the 
Colledge neare Winchester, Theise are therefore to will and 
require the Lord Viscount Sey and Seale, or some for him, and 
all others whome it may conoeme; To be ready w^^ their 
prooffes and attend the Counsell Table at the Starr Chamber in 
the aftemoone on the Sl^* day of January next^ being neaxe w^^ 
in the midst of Candiemas terme, it being tbe day and place 
where wee have appointed to meete imd Jieere tbe daymes and 
interest that the aforesaid pet" have in liie blood & kindred of 
the said Bishopp. As also to heare the Lord Viscount Sey 
and Scale, who being discended from one of the Bishopp's 
sisters, layeth dayme & interest in tbe blood & kindred of tbe 
said Bishopp of Winton, And after wee have fully heard all 
parties, wee intend, according to his M^^ reference, to determyne 
it So not doubting of yo^ readiness herein, wee rest 

W. Cant. Yo'^ loveing Friends, 


^ Laud. ^ Curie. Both autographs. 


Objections and Answers in brief. The sentences within brackets 
are side-notes in the original. 

[Lo. Viscoont Sey & Seale.] 

1. That the Wickharas of Swaclive were not of the same 
bloode w^^ ye Bishop^ because about one yeare after the Bishop's 
death, one John Wickham of Swaclive was admittdd probationer 
into New College in Oxford ; who> had he beene the Bishop's 
kinsman, should have been admitted fellow, 

[By y« Prothocall, or register booke of New Colledg in Oxf.J 

2. That the Coate borne by the Bishop was not his p a tern a ll 
coate, but was geven him in respect of his dignitie. 

S' Richard Fyennes, grandfather to the now Lo. Sey, claymed 
the coate borne by Bishop Wickham to be the propper coate of 
the Perrotts ; but upon examination of the matter by the heralds 
it was denyed him, & adiudged to be the propper coate of the 
Wickhams of Swaclive. 

3. That ye Bishop's father was noe gendeman, but a base 
fellow, 8c that his name was not John Wickham, but John 

That the Bishop took his name Wickham, or de Wickham, 
from ye towne of Wickham where he was borne, & not from his 

[Regnald Higden, munke of Chester.] 

[The Geneallogies of y® register book of Winchester CoUedg.] 

And that D'^ Lewes & "D^ Awbery, upon the credit of the 
geneallogies written at the ende of the Prothocall booke of Win- 
chester Colledg, reiected all the probabilities and prooflfes w<* 
Humfry Wickham produced to the contrary. 

4. That the Bishop, in respect he was borne at a towne called 
Wickham, did not only take the name of the towne unto himself^ 
but also caused Thomas, John, 8c William Perrott, the sons of 
his eldest sister's daughter, 8c his heires, to chainge their names 
from Perrott to Wickham. 

5. That there were noe Wickhams of the Bishop's bloode, but 
only such as were discended fro those Perrott Wickhams. Be- 
cause there are noe other Wickhams named in the intayle of y^ 
Bishop's lands; nor noe other Wickhams named kinsmen in his 
will, nor in a letter of attorney made to one of them, 8c Thorn. 
Wick of Swaclive. 

[The intayle ; the Bishop's will ; the letter of attorney.] 


6. That the pedegree drawne by Hugh Cotgrave, Richmond 
Herald of Armes, & subscribed by him the 20*h of Februarie, 
120 Eliza. 1569, about 2 yeares before the death of the Duke of 
Norfolke, was after ward by the said Hugh Cotgrave, upon his 
better information, disallowed againe, 8c the true coate of the 
Wickhams approved by him at the foote of the said pedegree in 
the margent. 

7. That the proper Coate of the Wickhams of Swaclive is a 
field ermins bordered gules, charged w^^ • • • • mullets Or, as ap- 
peares in the books of the office of armes & in y® windowes of 
Swacliffe church. 

8. That William Camden, Clarenceux Kange of Armes, ap- 
posinge at the foote of our pedegree drawne by Hugh Cotgrave 
the propper crest belonginge to the coate there allowed us, and 
subscribinge his name there unto, did not approve that coate to 
belonge to us. 


That, about the yeare 1570, Humfry Wickham tendered his 
Sonne to be chosen childe at Winchester as the founder's kins- 
man, w^h Sir Richard Fyennes then opposinge, the decydinge 
thereof was by consent referred to the Duke of Norfolke, Earl 
Marshall of England. 

That, by the appoyntment of the Earle Marshall, Hugh Cot- 
grave [Richmond] herald, and also Robert Cooke Clarenceux, & 
Rob: Darmer, accordinge to ancient evidences & proofFes out of 
the register booke of New Colledg, produced by Humfiy Wickha, 
did delineat his pedegree. And that upon proofFes then made, 
the coate w^h the Bishop gave, & w^h S' Rich. Fyennes then 
clajnned to belonge unto the Perrots, was allowed & adiudged to 
be the coate of Humf. Wickhas predecessors, & annexed to the 
said pedegrees, 

[The pedegree drawne by Cotgrave/J 

[The pedegree drawne by Ro. Goolre.] 

That in Januarie [1572]- the Duke of Norfolke dyed, and 
Humfry Wickham, at the election followinge, tendered his sonne 
againe at Winchester : S' Rich. Fyennes againe opposinge his 
kindred, procured 3 of the electors to ioyne w**^ him therein; 
and then, by consent of all six ellectors, S' RicL Fynes & 
Humfry Wickham, the decydinge of the matter was referred to 
Sr Wm Cecill, Lo. Burleigh, Lo. Treasurer of England, who 


appoynted T)' Lewes & D'' Awbery to heare th^ alle^tions of 
both parties, & to certifye him what they found. 

That not longe afler S' Rich. Fyennes dyed, and lefte a sonne 
Rich, fyennes warde unto the Queene. 

That, before the next election at Winchestei*, the Lord Bur- 
kigh hnvinge omsiderod of theDi^ certifioat and Humfry Wick- 
ham's reply to some objections therein made against him, ^vrit 
bis letter to the Wardens of the Colledges in Wiokham's behallH 
yet they againe denyed to admitt hit sonne. 

That there upon Humfry Wickham exhibited a Bill in Chan- 
cery against D' White, Warden of New Colledg, & D' Stomp, 
Warden of Winchester Colledg. But D' Whito surrenderinge 
his place to D' Culpepper, D^ Steiape only answered, & in liis 
answer insisted only upon Humfry Wickham's clayme of S' 
Rich. Fyennes his lands or inheritance, but denyed no^ nor, 
upon examination of witnesses, disproved not any ^dcular pojmt 
of the bill. 

That in the cause was brought to a hearinge, but not 

decreed, &. shortly afler Humfry Wickham dyed, & left 4 sonnes, 
viz, Richard, Edward, Thomas, & Ferdinando. Rich. Wick- 
ham, eldest sonne to Humfry, never had issue, & therefore never 
revived the suite, 8c the younger broUiers neglected it, because 
they were not of abiUtie to contende w*"" such adversaries, in re- 
spect of the small meanes left them by their father, one of them 
also bavinge noe issue at all, Thomas having only daughters, & 
Edward, one of the now petitioners, beinge married 8 yeares or 
upward before he had any childe. 

That the said Rich. & Edward Wickham knowinge that W"* 

Wickham of Abingdon, their neerest kinsman in bloode Sc name, 

had a sonne whome he desyred to make a scholler, shewed unto 

die said W^^ Wickham divers books & nota of all the aflPoresaid 

proceedinges betweene their &ther Humfry Wickham & & 

Rich. Fyennes ; and thereupon the said W™ Wickham, intend- 

« to tender his sonne to be chosen as founder's kinsman into 

inchester Colledg, repayred to the Lo. Sey, and acquainted 

1 wA his intent. And in respect the cause for w'^ S' Richard 

ennes did oppose Humfry Wickham's kindred to the founder 

) taken away (the intayle wob the Bishop made of his lands 

Dge cutt of), craved bisLo^P* favor, & furtherance for the 

rment of his sodd^ hopinge that upon his request his .Lo'shp 


would at the least stand indifferent and desist to 6ppose the said 
Wickhams kindred. He the said Wickham offeringe to shewe 
unto his Lo'shp all his prooffes, and desyringe, if his Lo'shp by 
the sight of them should not be fully satisfyed that he was of the 
same bloode wth the founder, his Lo'shp would be pleased to 
refer the decydinge thereof to one or more, who might have 
power and authoricie to determine the same. 

That, as the said W"^ Wickhwn conceaved> the Lord Sey for & 
tyme seemed to yeald unto his request ; but at the last, \vhen the 
petitioner's sonne was allmost superannuated to be chosen at 
Windiester, his Lo'shps resolute answer was, that the said W>n 
Wickham should expect nothinge but what he could obteyne by 
lawe ; and his Lop spake unto the Warden of New Colledg to 
denye the said Wickham to be of the same bloode wt*» the foun- 
der, promisinge to be at the charge of all suits w^fa should arrive 

That, about July 1635, Edward 8c W^ Wickham petitioned 
ye right ho^^e fho. Earle of Arundell & Surrey, Earle Marshall 
of England) that the officers of armes might by their records ex- 
amine the veritie of their pedegree and kindred to the said Bishop, 
that soe his LoP might iudg thereof. 

That the officers of armes, upon what they found recorded in 
their office upon the first difference betweene S*^ Rich. Fyennes 
and Humfiy Wickha^ did certifye his honor that the said Edward 
& W"* Wickham were of the same bloode w<^ Bishop Wkkham 
the founder. 

That, upon this certificate the Earle Marshall was gratiously 
pleased to write his letter to the Wardens & other officers of the 
said CoUedges, to afford them those p'Vileges w^^ of right were 
due unto the said Edw. & W^ Wickham. 

That at the election at Winchester in August 1635, the Peti- 
tioner W"* Wickham delivered the Earie Marshall's letter, & 
shewed the certificate under y« scale of the office of armes; &, his 
owne Sonne being then superannuated^ tendered one Joseph 
Deane of Us bloode & kindred, beinge grand child to Mai^garclt 
the sister of Humfry Wickham aforesaid^ to be diosen childe 
there as of the founder's bloode. 

That, by the Lo. Sey^s meanes, the Wardens and other elec- 
tors refused to admitt of the said Joseph Deane as the founder's 
kinsman, w^ to prove, if they had beene pleased, or that their 


leasure would have pi^itted them to pnise the proofies & proba- 
bilities alleaged heretofore by Humrry Wickham out of their 
owne register hooks & out of antient evidences, & a roll of ac- 
compts of the maynteynance of certayne schoUers in Oxford by 
the Bishop before the erection of New Colledg, and out of the 
Bishop's will & intayle of bis landes, & by an ancient geneallogie, 
Bgreeinge w^^ the said will & intayle, the said W"" Wickham 
would have shewed them unto them. 

That the Bishop's father's name was not Perrott, for that, the 
Ferrotts beinge his neerest kinsmen & his heires, he altered their 
names from Perrott to Wickham that they might inherit his 
name ns well as his lands, nether did y^ Bishop beare the armes 
of y« Perrotts. 

That his father's name was nether Perrott nor Longe, for thai 
the Bishop sued not forth his pardon by the name of W*" Per- 
rott or W™ Longe, but by the name of William Wickham, or 
de Wickham. And he well knewe misnomer in a pardon made 
it voyde. 

That in those ^mies it was usiall to add de, or de la, before 
the surnames of men, and that divers of our ancestors did some- 
tyme write them selves Wickham &. sometyme de Wickham. 
Robert or Thomas de Wickham signifyinge Bob. or Tho. y" 
Sonne of Wickham. 

That the Bishop's father's name was not Longe, for that it 
appeares not by y Bishop's will, nor by the intayle of his lands, 
nor by the register books of his Colledges (notwitbstandinge divers 
Longes have beene admitted into his Colledges) that the Bishop 
ever had any kinsman of that name. 

That the Bishop's father (accordinge to some writers) was 
called John Longe only in respect of his tallnes, or lenght of his 

[Bishop Godwine in his Catalogue.] 

That there is noe credit in this poynt to be geven to the gene- 
Uogies written in the ende of y^ register booke of Winchester, 
jr that they are apparendy false, one assertion in them disagree- 
ige w*** an other, and because they disagree also w^h the Bishop's 
rill & intayle of his lands. 

That the Bishop was a gentleman borne & a Wickham, his 
oate of armes of S chevernes betweene 3 roses doth witnes ; w^^ 
i the same the Wickhams now geve, &. w^h their ancestors did 



geve before the Bishop was borne, & w** therefore, but by de- 
scent, the Bishop could not have geven. 

That the said coate doth propply belonge unto these Wick- 
hams, Robert Cooke, Clarenceux Kinge of Armes, 8c Rob. Dar- 
mer oflScer at armes at one tyme, Hugh Cotgrave [Richmond] 
herald at an other tyme, and afterward W™ Camden, Clarenceux 
Kinge of Armes, assigninge the crest there unto, have under their 
hands iustifyed and confirmed, & lastly they have beene con- 
firmed unto them by all the officers of armes under the seale of 
their office. 

That, if these armes (as the Lord Sey affirmeth) had beene 
geven the Bishop in regard of his dignitie, he beinge a clergie 
man, & soe in those dayes single, they had dyed w^^ him, 8c should 
not at any tyme have beene blazoned w^^ the difference of a 
younger brother, nor ought not to have beene quartered w^ any 
other coate. 

That at the funerall of S'^ Richard Fyennes, Humfiy Wick- 
ham did see the Bishop's armes quartered by Somerset herald 
w^ the coate armor of S'^ Rich. Fyennes. 

That this coate of two cheverns betweene 3 roses, seeminge to 
be of great antiquitie, was scene by John Underbill crested some- 
tyme w**^ a myter and sometyme w*^ a bulPs head, 8c blazed in 
S*. Martyn's church in Oxford, wt^ the difference of a mullet. 

[The bull's head is allowed for our crest by Camden, Claren- 
ceux Kinge of Armes, according to Underbill's deposition.] 

That the same coate was scene in Thame church blazoned wth 
the like difference. 

That upon such prooffes as these, this coate, when S' Richard 
Fyennes denyed it to Humfiy Wickham, and claymed it for the 
Perrotts, was allowed to Humfry Wickham by the heralds afore- 
said, by the approbation of the Earle Marshall, & now to ques- 
tion it againe were to question the credit 8c judgment of the 
heralds and court of honor. 

That in aequitie we ought not now to be driven to prove these 
thinges againe, in respect those armes beinge but in glasse are 
since broken and defaced, and the parties that did testifie them 
are dead. 

That in the yeare 1539, one Agnes Wickham, the wife of 
William Faunt & Edward Bolney, was buried in the cathedrall 
church of Canterbury w*^ this coate of the two chevemes be- 


tweene 3 roses ingraven in brasse on the fower corners of the 
grave stone. 

That W"^ Camden in his Britannia reporteth, that when 
William Wickham was made overseer of the kinges buildinges 
at Winsor, he caused these words, hoc fecit Wickham^ to be in- 
graven in a wall of the said buildinges, for w<^ beinge questioned 
by the kinge, he answered, that that made Wickham, meaninge 
himself, whereby it is apparent that his name was Wickham. 

That, by the epitaph upon the Bishop's tombe at Winchester^ 
not sett there w*lk)ut the approbation of his executors, who doubt- 
lesly well knew his name» it is apparent tliat his mune was Wick- 
ham, for it beginnes thus : WiUkelmm dktus WichawMs Jacet hie 
nece victus* Longus would as well have stoode in the verse a» 

That if the Bishop's name had not beene Wickham from his 
father, but Longe, it was a great absurditie in the author of the 
first parte of the geneallogies written in y® ende of y« Register 
booke of Winchester CoUedg to sayifuit igitur Willidmus fVick' 
ham de quo loqui disposm apud opidum de Wickham enixusy for 
Jiiit tgUwr WiUielmus Longus de quo, &c. But the author, to his 
best abilitie, was willinge to expresse in the most retborical man- 
ner he could, that the Bishop's surname was simply Wickham, 
8c de Wickham a loco, and that it was a grace to the towne to 
have soe excellent a man c^ its name to be borne there, & a grace 
to the Bishop to be borne in a towne of his owne name. If the 
Bishop's surname had beene altogether unknowne unio the au- 
thor, he would certaynly then have said : fuit igitur WilUelmus^ 
or fuit igitur WiUiehrrms Episcopus de quo loqui, &c. 

That, in a booke in New Colledge Librarie, called Vita 
Wichami, written longe since the beginninge of the aforesaid 

suits betweene S^ Rich. Fyennes Wickham, &. as we 

conceave purposely to avoyd our clayme, we finde ...... 

Wicham natusfuit in pago sui nominis, & for this he cyteth in 

the margent records of the Colledg of Winchester & 

some other authors. Now the name of the where y« 

Bishop was borne is Wickham, & therefore the Bishop's name 

was also Wickham he could not be borne in pago sui 


That, by a geneallogie of exceeduig great antiquitie 

with the Bishop's will 8c intayl of his lands, it is apparent that the 
Bishop's father's name was Wickham. 



That D"" Harpsfeild, a New Colledg man, and sometyme 
Archdeacon of Canterbury (who dyed longe before that S^ Rich* 
Fyennes denyed Hum fry Wickham to be of the same bloode 
w^h the founder »), in his Ecclesiastical History of England doth 
testifye, that the Bishop was descended fro S"^ Robert Wickham^ 
& that that geneallogie was then extant, cum multis aliis. 

Harpsfeild in historia Eccle. Anglicanae, fol. 550, in textu 
et margine. 

With the Lord Say's Objections & the Answers. 

The Lord Sey, to prove that the Wickhams of Swaclive are 

not of the kindred of Bishop Wickham the founder of New 

Colledg in Oxford, 

Ob. 1 . That by the statutes of New Colledg in Oxford none 
that are of the founder's kyndred ought to be admitted proba- 
tioners, but fellowes of the said Colledg. 

But John Wickham of Swaclive, as appeares by the register 
book of the same Colledg, was admitted probationer in the yeare 
1403, wc*i was but one yeare after the founder's death, and he 
must needs be admitted child of Winchester in the founder's 
life time : And then if y« Wickhams of Swaclive had beene of 
his kindred, it should not have beene vnknowne unto him, he hav- 
inge bought the parsonage of Swaclive of him : And therefore 
conclude that the Wickhams of Swaclive are not kyn to the 

Ans. 1. To this we answer, that at this present there are at 
Swaclive two families of the Wickhams, w^h have continued 
there for many ages, & are not, nor never were, knowne to be 
any kin to each other. And therefore but one of these famelies 
could be kin to the founder, & that was the famely of S' Robert 
Wickham, lord of Swaclive : Nether doth or ever did the other 
famely clay me to be of the same bloode w^*i S*^ Robert Wickham 
or w^^ the founder. 

And therefore the admittance of John Wickham of Swaclive 
of that family wc** was noe kin, as a probationer, doth not dis* 

* Not true. He died in 1583, and the denial was in 1570, see voL i. p. 327. 


prove the kyndred of S' Robert Wickham's famely to the 

Also in respect it is evident by an ancynt roll of accomptes 
made of the expences of schoUers mayntayned in Oxford by the 
Bishop before the erection of New Colledg, that one Richard 
Wickham was of the bloode of the Bishop. 

And that it is apparent by the register book & other records 
of the CoUedg, that Nicholas Wickham y© first Warden of that 
Colledg was of the founder's bloode. 

That Thomas Wickham of the bloode of the founder was 
fellow of New Colledg in the founder's life time, viz. in the yeare 
1390, as appears by a roll of the burser s accompts, annis Rich: 
2i 140 & 150. 

And that one John Wickham of the founder's bloode was 
admitted into Winchester Colledg 1393, and that ten yeares 
after, viz. 1403, one other John Wickham of the founder's 
bloode was named in election to be Warden of New Colledg in 
Oxford, (for in respect that none above 15 yeares of age may be 
admitted into Winchester Colledg, and that none are elegible to 
the office of Warden under 30 yeares of age, it is evident that 
there were two John Wickhams of the founder *s bloode:) and it 
appeares also by a roll of accoumpt for the 5 and 6 yeares of 
Richard the Second 1381, in w^l^ roll is found. In lib Magistro 
Johannni Wikeham consanguineo domini diversis vicibus hoc 
anno ex mandato dni xx^. 

And that Percevall Wickham of Swaclive of the founder's 
bloode and of our famely was sworne of Winton. Colledg in the 
yeare 1439. 

And that the aforesaid Richard, Nicholas, Thomas, 8c John 
Wickham were not descended fro any of the Wickhams w<* 
were the children of W™ & Alice Perrott, because then the 
founder's lands had not descended to a daughter. 

It must be granted that besides the Perrotts, whose names 
were altered fro Perrott to Wickham, there were divers Wick- 
hams of the same bloode w^ the founder — And that all those 
Wickhams were of one & the same family — Or els that the 
Bishop was a kinsman in bloode vnto two famelies of the Wick- 
hams, whereof the one was noe kyn to the other. 

Wch if the Lord Sey or the Wardens of the CoUedges shall 
admitt, it being apparent that Percevall Wickham was of the 
famely of S'^ Robert Wickham of Swaclive, let them show of 
what other famely the rest were. 


Note: — Therefore to conclude this poynt, the admission of John 
Wickham of Swacliffe Probationer in the year 1403, And the 
admission of Percevall Wickham and of the bloode of the 
founder in the yeare 1438, doth plajmly prove that, as at this 
present there are, soe heretofore there were, two famelyes of the 
Wickhams in Swaclive noe kin to each other, & whereof the one 
was kin, the other no kin to the Bishop. 

That there were somme of ether of these famelies of the 
Wickhams livinge also in Hampshire or diocesse of Winchester 
as well as in Swalecliffe, appeares by the admission of John & 
Richard Wickham into Winton Colledg in the founder's life 
time : John beinge admitted as his kinsman, 8c Richard as noe 

Whether Humfry Wickham, now Lord of Swalecliffe, & 
Thomas Wickham, now also of Swalecliffe, be or ever were re- 
puted to be of the same bloode. See at the ende of this booke 
what Thomas Harper hath heard the said Thomas Wickham 
say. See also what Thomas Wickham's mother hath acknow- 
ledged under her hand. 

Besides these Wickhams of Swaclive w^^ are not of the famely 
of S"" Robert Wickham, lord of Swaclive, there were divers 
Wickhams livinge in Banbury, about 5 miles distant from Swa- 
clive, w^^ were noe kin to the said S' Robert, nor to the Bishop, 
of wch famely were Symon Wickham of Banbury & others, fro 
somme of whome D' Wickha, sometime of Baliall Colledg in 
Oxford, but late of Chichester, was descended.^ 

Ob. 2. Secondly, to prove that the founder was not of the 
famely of S' Robert Wickham of Swaclive, the Lo: Sey affirmeth 
that he was noe gentleman borne, and that the coate he gave was 
not his patemall coate ; & for confirmation thereof, alleageth two 
geneallogies written in the ende of the statute book of the Col- 
ledg by Winchester, producinge the copyes of them examined & 
subscribed by Clarenceux Kinge of Armes, & D'^ Stampe War- 
den of the same Colledg. 

And to free them from forgery and falshoode, 8c to inforce the 
truth of them, he sayeth : 

I. First, that they were written in the ouldest register book of 
the Colledg. 

^ See vol. ii. p. 384. He was Rector of Storrington, co. Sussex, and bur. 
there Aug, 21, 1621. Elizabeth, the wife of Simon Wickham, was buried ^there 
April 24, 1606. These are the only entries of Wickham in the Register. 


2. Then that the booke wherein they were written, hath all- 
Avayes remayned in y« ciistodie of the CoUedg. 

3. Thirdly, that they were written in the life tyme of Agnes, 
daughter to Matild cosen-german to the founder, & soe if they 
had not been true would then have beene controuled when the 
truth was soe well knowne. 

4. Fowerthly, for that they doe agree w^h the Bursers ac- 
coumpts, w'l> the admission of schollers, & the traditions of tlie 
Colledg from their ancestors, as appears by a certificat under the 
handes of D*^ Stempe, & M*^ Larke, Warden & Subwarden of the 
same CoUedg. 

5. Fifthly, for that they agree w^l> the founder's will, wherin 
legacies are geven unto divers men mentioned in the said geneal- 
logies, under the name of kinsmen, and w^** the intayle of his 
lands soe fully as if they had beene drawne out of them. 

6. Sixtly, for tliat the credit of these geneallogies seemed soe 
great to D' Lewes and D*^ Awbery, appoynted by the Lo: Trea- 
surer Burleigh, to heare this matter, when it was first contro- 
verted betweene Humfry Wickham & S'^ Richard Fyennes, that 
there upon espetialy they reiected the proofes & presumptions of 
Humfry Wickham as not beinge compatible therew^-k 

7. Seaventhly, for that Somerset Herald, gevinge his opinion 
in this matter, confirmed what was written in these geneallogies, 
sayinge that he hadd readd certayne learned authors' opinions of 
die Bishop, which did all agree that he was libertinuSy vel a patre 
liberUno natus^ w^b he sayth consenteth w^^ what is said in these 
geneallogies, viz. that he was progenitorum libertate dotatus : And 
for proofe of this he referreth himself to certaine letters of the 
Lo: Burleigh & Somerset Herald concerninge this matter. 

Ans. 2. We grant that there are two geneallogies or more 
written at the beginninge or before the beginninge, on the inside 
of the cover of an ould, if not the ouldest, statute or register 
book of Winchester Colledg : But say, that their beinge there 
written is noe proofe of their antiquitie. 

Nether can we admit it for an aphorisme, that the antiquitie 
of books must allway inforce their truth ; for then there is 
nothinge soe false, but that by printinge or writinge thereof it 
may in time be inforced to be true. 

It is apparent that W™, John, & Thomas Wickham, the 
sonnes of Perrott, were all dead before these geneallogies were 


Wiitten, for in them they are said to be nwnjc mortuosy whereby it 
must follow yt they were not written in 37 years after the 
Bishop's death, for that Thomas Wickham soe longe survived 
the Bishop ; and for ought we can conceave they may be written 
40 years after. See y« office found upon Tho: Wickham's 

And allthough we will not brand the authors of these geneal- 
logies w**» forgerie, that is w*** writinge of lyes wittingly & wil- 
lingly, of purpose to wronge posteritie, yet we shall make it ap- 
peare that these geneallogieii are very false & erroneous. 

As touchinge the former parte of these geneallogies, if we shall 
grant that it was written in the life time of Agnes, daughter to 
Matild (allthough we conceave the founder had noe such 
cosen-german, because there is noe such mentioned in his will) 
yet the latter partes of these geneallogies might be written a 
Jonge time after, for, as we are informed, they are written secun- 
dum quosdaniy Sf secundum alios, & in different handes from the 
former parte, wherefore we desyer the book it self may be pro- 

We confesse that the book wherein these geneallogies are 
written, hath allwayes remayned close kept in the Colledg: And 
therefore we say, if, when those geneallogies were first written, 
the said Agnes were livinge, & that she knew the true name of 
the founder's father, his sisters, brothers in lawe, uncles, aunts, 
kindred, & allyance, & could have understoode the latin tongue 
{w^^ is not very likely), yet in respect these geneallogies were 
obscurly kept in the Colledg, & not divulged & exposed to the 
oppen & publike vewe of the world, they were not only allto- 
gether unknowne unto the said Agnes, but to all other who 
knew the truth, & therefore could not then de controwled by her 
or. any of them. 

Againe, these geneallogies beinge written upon the cover of 
an ould book in divers hands secundum quosdam §* secundum 
alios by nameles authors, the actes of children of the schoole, 
(for others then children could not have committed such errors 
in penninge of a geneallogie as are to be found in these,) they 
^ere then by the wiser sorte in the Colledg regarded as thinges 
of noe esteeme, & soe not questioned nor controuled by them. 

We grant that these geneallogies may in somme thinges agree 
w^ the Bursers accoumpts, the admission of schollers, & w^^ 
some traditions delivered to those of the Colledg from their Jpde- 


cessors, but what those traditions were is not yet explayned, 
nether is their agreement in those poynts much materiall ; they 
beinge thinges acted & doone when the children w^h writt these 
geneallogies might live in the Colledg. Nether ought D'f 
Stempe's certificat to be alleaged as a thinge of any force against 
us, he beinge one of Humfry Wickham's adversaries in this 
cause, & (as we may say) S^ Richard Fyennes his creature : See 
Stempes Ans: to Wick, bill in ye Chancery. 

Farther we grant that soe farforth as those geneallogies doe 
agree w**' the founder's will, & the intayle of his landes (w«*» is 
but in few thinges) they are true ; but their contrarietie to the 
will & intayle doth prove their falshoode. 

For allthough the syrnames and christian names of divers men 
and weomen specified in these geneallogies to be the founder's 
kindred & allyance, doe agree w**i somme syrnames & somme 
christian names of men & weomen mentioned in the founder's 
will & in the intayle of his landes to be his kyndred & allyance, 
yet in respect they are not sett downe in these geneallogies in the 
right place & degree of their kindred and allyance — And that 
somme of them wc^ agree w^ the will or intayle in their symame, 
disagree therew^^^ in their christian name — And other, agreeinge 
in their christian name, disagree in their syrname, & the like, we 
deny these geneallogies to be true. 

And by the juditious comparinge of these geneallogies w^^ y« 
Bishop's will & the intayle of his landes, & w**^ a geneallogie w** 
by chance is come unto our hands, & w^^ we conceave by the 
very lookes thereof is far more ancient then these ; but certaynly 
more agreeable to the founder's will & the intayle of his landes ; 
conteyninge not only the founder's pedegree, & the progenie of 
his sisters, but also the descent & progenies of divers other gentle- 
men of good rank & qualitie, in such sorte as may releave it from 
all suspition that it should be delineated of sett purpose to ex- 
presse the descent, issue, or offspring of any one of them more 
then of the other : wherein it appeareth that the founder had 
two sisters, and that his father's name was Wickham, though 
haply for his talents or length of stature, he might by somm^ be 
nicknamed Longe, as Bishop Godwine in his catalogue of our 
English Bishops, relates to have beene by some affirmed. 

7. Now as touchinge Somersett's opinion geven in this matter, 
grounded upon his readinge of divers learned authors ooncerninge 
the Bishop, all w^b he sayth agree that he was humilis candUUmis, 


and that he was called WicKham a loco unde natus estj et non a 
parentibus : 

We grant that in respect of wealth the Bishop at the first was 
but of a lowe or meane estate, and that he might be called de 
Wickham from the place of his birth ; but that he was not called 
Wickham from his father we denye ; and to prove that his 
father's name was Wickham will cyte as many & as learned 
authors as have beene yet coated to the contrary. [Nicholas 
Harpsfeild, who geves good reasons for his opinion.] 

For by this obiection of the Lo: Sey, it seemeth that Somerset, 
for the confirmation of hb opinion, of all his learned authors 
cyteth only Ragnald munk of Chester, who sayth that the Bishop 
was liberHntis vel apatre libertino natus, by w^h it is manifest that 
the munk was doubtful what he was. 

Nether doe these words prove that he was Wickham a loco Sf 
non parentibus ; but, in the opinion of Somersett or of the Lo: 
Sey, these words consent w**» those in the forecyted geneallogies, 
viz. that he was progenitorum libertate dotatus : 

After the author of the former part of the forecyted geneallo- 
gies, had declared the founder's mother's name to be Sibbill, and 
that she was a gentlewoman well descended, he sayth pcUer vero 
eius Johatmes nomine, progenitorum libertate dotatus^ honestum 
-moribus et gesturis se omnibus exhibebat : out of w<^ words our 
opposers doe infer that the founder's father was noe gentleman ; 
but we cannot conceave how this consequence can be drawne 
out of them, except they will afErme that a gentleman ought not 
to inioy the libertie of his ancestoi*s, nor show him self honest in 
•his manners 8c behavior, for the words can be noe otherwise 
translated then thus : 

And his father, by name John, endowed w^ the libertie of his 
progenitors, did shew him self honest in all his manners and be- 
havior. [Nota: non patris sed pgenitoru libertate dotatus.] 

Againe it is manyfest, or at the least may well be coniec- 
tured, by the founder's father's man*iage w*^ a gentleman's eldest 
daughter, & by the marriage of his father's sister to John Achemore 
a gentleman also ; and by the marriage of the founder's sisters 
& their daughters to Champnes, Perrott, Ringebone, Warner, 
Ayno, Mauile, & others of good rank & qualitie, that the father 
& aunt of the founder were not descended from soe poore and 
base a stock as the Lo: Sey (in some sorte to his owne dishonor) 


by misinterpreting or to much creditinge those false & childishly 
written geneallogies, endeavours to derive them. 

And because the Lo: Sey doth acknowledg & confesse that the 
credit of these geneallogies seemed soe great to D^ Lewes & D' 
Awbery, appoynted by the Lo. Treasurer Burleigh to heare this 
matter when it was first controverted betweene Humfry Wick- 
ham & S^ Richard Fyennes, that there vpon espetialy they re- 
iected all the proofFes & presumptions of Humfry Wickham, as 
not compatible therew^^ we desyer that the credit of these gene- 
allogies may be examined : 

[Geneallogies examined.] As it is said before, they are 
written upon the inside of the cover of an ould register book of 
Winchester Colledg ; but when or by whome they were written 
it cannot be knowne ; nor how long the one part was written 
after the other, for they are without date, & not written at one 
tyme, because written in divers handes, & therefore also not by 
one but by divers authors, and those nameles, some children as 
may be supposed of Winchester Schoole, who for want of lattine, 
or iudgment, or both, were not able to set downe truly those 
truthes wcl* they had heard of their founder's birth and kyndred, 
much lesse to descerne a nickname from a true name, or flyinge 
& false reportes (though never soe grosse and palpable) from 
the truth ; but whatsoever they heard, they sett it downe accord- 
inge to the best skill their childish capacitie did afford : secundum 
quosdam ^ secundum alios^ not making, because not knowinge, 
any difference betweene oppidum & pagum^ a cittie or walled 
towne, and a cuntrie towne or village ; nor betweene amitam & 
materteram^ an aunt by the father's side & an aunt by the mo- 
ther's side ; nor betweene fratres & uterinos^ or leuiroSy brothers, 
& brothers of half bloode, or brothers in lawe, ether by their 
owne marriage or by the marriage of their parentes ; nor be- 
tweene patrem & vitricum^ a father & a stepfather. 

[De psapia :] For, say they, Willielmus Wicam enixtcs fuU 
apud oppidum de Wicam in comitatu Southamptony whereas that 
Wicam in Hampshier (as it is well knowne) is hut pagusj a cuntrie 

[Secundum quosdam :] They say also, Willielmus Stratton 
proereemit de Alicia Stratton tres filiaSf Aliciam, Julianam^ et 
AlHemoram, or Elianoram. And that Willielmus Boude duxit 
Aliciam in vxorem de qtui hdbuitjiliam nomine Sibillamj mother to 


the Founder : whereby it foUoweth that Julian & Elinore were 
the Founder's mother's sisters, & soe matertercB^ aunts by the 
mother's side, to Sibbill, & mojgruB matertercB^ great aunts by the 
mother's side, to the Founder ; yet, w*Mn 4 or 5 lines after, these 
childish geneallogies doe call Julian & Elinore the Founder's 
mother's aunts by the father's side, sayinge, JtUianam amitam 
mcUrisfundatoris duadt Richardus Botasle in vxorem^ et Elianoram 
amitam matris fumdatmis dtixit in vxorem Richardus Kerswell. 

[Wm Perrott eldest] Also by these geneallogies William, 
beinge in them first named, should be y^ eldest sonne, & Tho- 
mas, beinge last named, should be the youngest sonne of W"^ & 
Alice Perrott. But it is evident by the Bishop's will, & the 
intayle of his lands, that Thomas was the eldest & William the 
youngest sonne. 

Also in these geneallogies, next after the progenie of the 
Bishop's eldest sister Agnes, the daughters of John Achemore 
& Alice, the Bishop's father's sister, are registered to be the 
neerest in blood to the Bishop : And that the eldest of them, 
named Emma, was first espoused to John Warner, & then to 
W"^ Carpenter; And that the second, named Margeria or Mar- 
geretta, was espoused first to Ringebone, then to Mauiell or 
Mauile, 8c then to Rockloe. 

But by the Bishop's will 8c the intayle of his landes, it is appa- 
rent that the name of his kinswoman married to Warner was 
Jone, the name of his kinswoman married to Ringebone was 
Edith, 8c that Guie Ayno married an other kinswoman of his 
called Agnes. The said Edith, Jone, 8c Agnes beinge in truth 
the daughters of the Bishop's second sister, as by the ancient 
geneallogie produced by us is most evident, 8c by the said intayle 
may playnly be perceaved. 

Nota : — We do not insist upon the Bishop's havinge of two 
sisters for any advantage to our cause, or for profFe of our kyn- 
dred, as if we were descended from one of his sisters : Nor any 
way to piudice the Lo. Seye's kindred, but only for the truth's 
sake, for we conceave there is none of the progenie of the second 
sister now livinge. 

Also whereas in these geneallogies it is said that Richard Benet 
did wedd w^** Emma the daughter of Julian Stratton 8c Richard 
Botasle, it is more probable by the intayle that Rich. Bennet did 
marry w^ Emma the daughter of John Achemore 8c Alice the 
Bishop's father's sister, because the Bishdp did intayle his lands 



to the heires of Bennet : And it is not likely that he did intayle 
them to his kindred by his mother's side. 

Also in these geneallogies the sonne of Warner, by the 
Bishop's kinswoman, is named John, whereas by the will it ap- 
}>eares that his name was Thomas. 

Also in these geneallogies two of the Bishop's kinsweomen, to 
witt, Margerie & Alice, are said to be espoused to Mauile : But 
by the intayle of the Bishop's lands, it is apparent that the name 
of one of the Bishop's kinsweomen married to Mauile was Isabell. 
And by his will it is evident that the other was Jone. 

Also we doe fynde by the Bishop's will that Agnes espoused 
to Woodlocke, Edith espoused to Crasier, & Agnes espoused to 
Sannes, were his kinsweomen : But in respect he did not intayle 
his lands upon any of these or their issue, it seemes they were 
his kinsweomen by his mother's side. 

But that the Bishop had any kinswoman called Matilda, or 
Zelota, or any kinswoman married to Carpenter or Rocklo, as 
in these geneallogies is sett forth. Or that John Bowlney did 
many wtl* Jone daughter to Agnes & grandchild to Matild, doth 
not appeare by the Bishop's will, nor by the intayle of his lands, 
nor by them cannot be coniectured. 

[John Philpott, Somerset.] But that Edward Bowlney did 
marry w^b one Agnes Wickham, a kinswoman of the Bishop's, 
who dyed in the yeare 1539, doth appeare by the inscription & 
armes of two cheverons between three roses^ ingraued in brasse 
upon her tombestone, in the south ile, betweene the boddie & 
upper parte of the Cathedral Church in Canterbury. 

[Secundum alios.] Againe in the latter parte of these gene- 
allogies it is thus said, Johannes Longer pater fundatoris^ habuit 
fratrem nomine Henricum Ahas, ^c : Now by the difference of 
their surnames, it is apparent that Henry Ahas could not be 
absolute brother to John the Founder's father, were his name 
Wickham or Longe. Nether could they be brothers in lawe, 
by ether's marriage of the other's sister, if the former parte of 
these geneallogies be true ; for it is there said that John Longe 
the Founder's father married w^^ Sibbill Boude, and that Alice, 
the only sister to the Founder's father, was mai-ried to John Ache- 
more, & by him had 13 daughters, whereof there are only six 
named, & of them scarce two rightly, as allreaddie hath beene 

If it shall be alleaged that John the Founder's father and 


Henry Ahas might be brothers by havinge the same mother, but 
not the same father, ether by Ahas his marriage of John Longe's 
father's widdow, 8c havinge of Henry by her, or els by Jo. 
Longe's father's marryinge of Ahas his widdow, & begettinge 
John uppon her ; If it shall be admitted that John, the Founder's 
father, & Henry Ahas were such brothers, yet in a geneallogie 
they ought not to be written simply fratres, but vterini^ ovfratres 
semigermani : Nether could they be such brothers, if the Lo: 
Sey will heare admitt of the like argument as he urgeth against 
us in his 4th 8c 5th obiection. 

For if Hen: Ahas & the Founder's father were brothers of the 
half bloode, it must follow that Faelicia Ahas of Romsey, men- 
tioned in the same geneallogie to be grandchild to Henry Ahas, 
was kyn to the Founder, wcl* she was not, because the Founder in 
his will gave her a legacie of 5^^, yet doth not there terme her 
kinswoman, as he did others of his kyndred to whome he gave 
legacies : And therefore the Founder's father & Hen. Ahas were 
not brothers of the half bloode. 

We deny not but that John the Founder's father 8c Henry 
Ahas might be Jratres collectanijy foster brothers, or fratres 
conuotij swome brothers, or leuiri^ brothers by John's father's 
marriage w*'* the relict or widdow of Ahas, or by Henry Ahas 
his marriage w^ the relict of John's father. And were it soe, 
yet we cannot conceave how in the writinge of the geneallogie of 
one of these brothers, the other beinge not kin should have a 
place therein ; or if for somme reasons he be admitted tp have 
a place, it cannot be the place of fratris^ but of leuiriy or of 
fratris conuotiy or collectanifj 8l soe w<* way soever this geneal- 
logie must needes be false. 

In like sorte those children w^h, many yeares after the first 
parte of these geneallogies was written, penned the latter partes 
secundum quosdam, 8c secundum alios (as may be conceaved by 
the difference of hands wherein they are written) Notw%tand- 
inge in the former parte of these geneallogies, they did fynde 
that their Founder, William Wickham, was borne at the towne 
of Wickham, 8c that his mother's name was Sibbill, 8c his 
father's name John, wthout any addition of their surnames : And 
might thereby have easely perceaved or collected, that William 
Wickham the sonne of John, could not be the naturall sonne of 
any other John but John Wickham : And that John Longe 



could not be pater but vitricus Wickhami^ not the father but the 
step- father of Wickham ; or that the name Longe must needs be 
some nickname imposed upon him : wt^out any consideration or 
examination of these matters say that secundum quosdam Johannes 
Longe duxit Sihillam in vxorem de qua p'creavit Jilium nomine 
Wilhelmum Episcopum : And that secundU alios Johannes Longe^ 
pater fundatoris^ hdbuitfratrem nomine Henricum AhaSj it beinge 
as true that the Founder's natural! father's true name was John 
Longe, as that he had a naturall brother of his whole bloode 
called Henry Abas. 

Thus much may suffice to be spoken of the agreement of these 
geneallogies w*J» the Bishop's will & the intayle of his lands, & 
of their truth & credit, upon w<^ espetialy Humfry Wickham's 
prooffes & psumptions were heretofore recited by D' Lewes & 
D' Awbrey, 

Now that the truth of what we have spoaken conceminge these 
geneallogies may the better & more easely be understoode : And 
their disagreement w*^ the Bishop's will & the intayle of his 
landes playnly descerned, we have not only sett them downe 
verbatim^ but also delineated them severally to the eye ; first that 
which describes the ofspringe of Alice, sister to the Founder's 
father, then that secundum quosdam, 8c lastly tllat secundum (dies* 

De prosapia eiusdem 8f vbi et ex quibus originem duxit. 

[The geneallogies in the register book.] Reuerendi in Christo 
domini Willielmi Wikeham nuper Episcopi Win ton originem 
Uteris traditurus, ex verbis beatissimi Petri Apostolorum prin- 
cipis sumo exordium, qui beati Centurionis fidem admirans, in 
veritate inquit comperi quia non est personarum acceptor Deus, 
sed in omni gente qui timet Deum, et operatur iustitiam, acceptus 
est ei : In onmi itaq^ aetate, in omni ordine, in onmi gradu, nouit 
Dominus qui sunt eius, et miseretur cui voluerit, et misericor- 
diam prsestat, in quem sibi placuerit, attingens a fine vsq^ ad 
finem fortiter, Et disponens omnia suaviter ; Neq^ enim sui 
ipsius natura, vel paupertas praestat, vel adimunt diuitiae diuinam 
gratiam. Fuit igitur de quo loqui disposui Wittmus Wikham 
Christianas professionis haeres apud oppidum de Wikham in 
comitatu Southampton faelici momento enixus. Et sic a loco 
nomen assumpsit et nomen cum loco Elogio perpetuo decorauit 
Cuius oi*tus primordia, ex parte matris nomine Sibillae, generosa 


prosapia natalibus legibus insigniuit : pater vero eius Johannes 
nomine, progenitoru libertate dotatus, honestum moribus et ges- 
turis se omnibus exhibebat. O quam faelices non opibus sed 
virtutibus, O quam generosa chastitas cum claritate ! 

Alicia quae fuit soror Johannis Long, patris Wittmi Wikeham 
Episcopi Winton et fundatoris istius CoUegij, desponsata fuit 
Johanni Achemore, ex quibus processerunt xiij filiae, quarum vna 
vocatur Emma, mater Johannis Warner et Wittmi Carpenter. 

Altera vocabatur Margerita, mater Edithse Ringebone, et 
Isabellas Mauile, et Johannis Rocklo. 

Altera vocabatur Alicia, mater Robert! Mauile de Strata 
Hide, Winton. 

Altera vocabatur Matilda, ex qua processit Agnes adhuc 
viuens in West Stratton, ex qua processit Johanna desponsata 
Johanni Bolney in comitatu Sussex. 

Altera vocabatur Joanna, mater Zelotae, quae morabatur apud 

Agnes Champnes soror Domini Wilhelmi Wikeham funda- 
toris nostri fuit mater Alicise Perrott, quae Alicia fuit mater 
Thomae Wikeham militis. 

Ite secundum quosdam Wittmus Stratton procreauit de Alicia 
Stratton iuxta Shurborne, quatuor filios, Richardum, Stepha- 
num, Robertum, et Johannem ; qui obierunt sine liberis, ac etiam 
tres filias Aliciam, Julianam, et Ellianoram. 

Wittmus Boude duxit Aliciam in vxorem, ex qua procreavit 
filiam nomine Sibillam, quam Johannes Longe duxit in vxorem, 
de qua habuit filium nomine Wilhelmum Episcopum, et filiam 
nomine Agnetem, quae Agnes habuit filiam nomine Aliciam, 
quam Wittmus Perrott duxit in vxorem, ex qua procreavit tres 
filios, Wilhelmum, Johannem, et Thomam nunc mortuos : Qui 
Thomas vocabatur Thomas Wikeham miles, et duxit in vxorem 
filiam Wittmi Wilkesis armigeri, de qua procreavit filios et filias. 

Julianam, amitam matris fundatoris, Richardus Botasle duxit 
in vxorem ; de qua habuit filiam nomine Emmam, quam Rich- 
ardus Bennet duxit in vxorem, de qua habuit filium nomine 

Elianoram, amitam matris fundatoris, duxit in vxorem Richar- 
dus Kerswell de Stockbridg; de qua habuit filiam, nomine Eliza- 
betham, quam Rogerus Conige duxit in vxorem, de qua habuit 
filiam nomine Joannam. 



Item, secundum alios, Johannes Longe pater fundatoris habuit 
fratrem nomine Henricum Ahas; Qui Henricus Ahas habuit 
tres filios, Wilhelmum, Richardum, et Radulpbum. 

Radulphus iste habuit filium nomine Wittmum, et tres filias^ 
Faeliciam Abatissam [Ahas?] de Romsey. — 

The geneallogie of Alice, y® Bishop's father's sister, de- 
lineated as if *^ nuptse " were inserted betweene Joannae & 
Warner, Edithse & Ringborne, Isabellse & Manila : w*l» 
wch addition, although in some thinges it be a little more 
agreeable to y® intayle of the Founder's lands, yet y® false- 
lioode thereof doth still remayne in others. 
[Nether may this word "nuptse" be soe inserted without wrest- 
inge of the author's meaninge, for had he soe intended it> he 
should have soe expressed it.] 

JohaDDes=Sibil1a Alicia.=pJobaDne8 
LoDge. Bowode. | Achemore. 



















— I 

— i—rn 

Editha, nupta Ringebone. 

Isabella, nupta Mavile. 

Johannes R^kloe. 

■- 1 1 

Rober- Agnes. Zelota. 



Joanna, nupta 

It doth not appeare by y« Bishop's will, or by the intayle of 
his lands, that he had any kinswoman married ether to Carpenter 
or Rokloe. 

Of 13 daughters, w^h in this geneallogie John Achemore is 
said to have begotten upon Alice y® Bishop's father's sister, here 

% -^m Maville married w*^ 2 kinswomen of the Bishop, as appeares by y« Bishop's 
wiU & the intayle of his hindes, but nether of their names was Alice : For the 
first was IsabeU, grandchild to Alice, the Bishop's father's sister, and upon her 
issue, after y' issue of his sister, y^ Bishop did intayle his landes. The second 
was Jane, daughter to y*" Bishop's mother's aunt, and to her y^ Bishop in his will 
did geye a legacie : But did not intayle his landes upon her issue. For he did not 
intayle his landes to any of his kindred by his mother's side. 

Had W™ Mavile's second wife's name beene Alice, Yet it is altogether impro- 
bable that she should be the daughter of John & Alice Achemore, For soe he 
should have married w^ his first wife's aunt. 


are only 5 named, and of them only two rightly, viz. Margerie 
& Emma; and then the issue of these two is here quite mistaken, 
for Edith and Jane marred to Ringebone & Warner are heere 
said to be y® daughters of this Margerie 8c Emma, whereas by 
the intayle of y® Bishop's lands & our ould geneallogie, it is evi- 
dent, they were y® daughters of y® Bishop's younger sister. 

I T"; 1 

JohanDes=Sibilla Johannes =pAlicia. 

Longe. Boude. Achemore. j 
War-=y=Emma.a=^Carpen- Ringe-=pMargeria,=^Mauile. Mauile.c=pAlicia. Matilda. Jo- 


ter. bone.^ 


or Mar- 

Johannes Wilhelmus Editha Jo- Elizabethan^ Robertus Agnes, Zelota. 

Warner. Carpenter. Ringe- hannes Manila. Mauile. tunc 

[^Tkomas bone. Rocklo. viuens. 

in the will.] I 

Johannes Boluey.=Jonanna. 

Thomas Warner married wth Jone, one of the Bishop's second 
sistei^'s daughters, & not w*** Emma Achemore, & had issue 
Thomas & not John, as by the intayle of the Bishop's lands, 
his will, & our ancient geneallogie is most manyfest. 

Nether did W"^ Ringebone marry wth Margery or Margeret 
Achemore but w*^ Edith, one other daughter of the Bishop's 
second sister, & by her had issue William & not Edith, as by 
the intayle of the Bishop' lands, his will, & our ancient geneal- 
logie is also evident. 

It may be well coniectured by the ould geneallogie by us 
produced, and the intayle of the Bishop's landes, that the Bishop 
had noe neece called Matilda nor cosen-german called Agnes. 
But it is apparent that he had a neece called Agnes marryed to 
Guie Ayno, whose mother the Bishop's second sister might be 
called Matilda, for in the ould geneallogie the Bishop's second 
sister's name is not expressed. And by the Bishop's will it is 
very probable (if not certayne) that at the time of the makinge 
thereof, there was noe such Agnes livinge that had any such 
issue livinge as Jone married to Bolney, because in the will there 
is noe legacie geven to such Agnes or to her issue. 

* Johanna by the intayle. 

^ Both by the intayle and will and our ould geneallogie, Ringbone married with 
Edith, and by her had W". 
c Mauile by the intaile & will married w<>> Isabell & Jone. ^ Isabella. 


Clarenceux kinge of Armes, at the earnest request of S^ Rich- 
ard Fyennes, might certifie under his hand, that these geneallo-* 
gies were written at the ende of the register book of Wincliester 

And Somersett Herald might report to D' Lewes & D*" Aw- 
bery that he had read somme authors, wcl» did agree wtt those 
geneallogies that the Bishop was called de Wickham from the 
place of his birth, & that he was progenitorum libertate dotatus ; & 
we denye it not. 

But nether Clarenceux nor Somersett could iustify these 
geneallogies to be true, or agreeable wtl» the Bishop's will & the 
intayle of his lands. 

And it is most probable that such authors as agree vf^^ these 
geneallogies took their errors upon trust from these geneallogies, 
never examininge nor comparinge them w^*» the Bishop's will or 
the intayle of his landes, nor w*i» the pardons he sued forth, nor 
w^b the licenses he took to build his colledges. 

Secundum qvosdam. 

Willhelmus Stratton.:^Alicia de Stratton. 

\ -^ _— 1 

Wilhelmnsrp Alicia. Richardus^=Juliana.A RicbarduszpElianora.^ 
Boade. | Botasle. | KerswelL I 

U_^ 1 , I , 

JohaDnes=pSibilla Richardus=FEmma. Richardus:j=Elizabetha. 

Longe. I Boude. Bennet.^ j Conigne. I 

^j- , L — ^ . , 

Wilhelmos Champnes.^pAgnes. Richardus Beanet.c Johanna. 
Episcopus. I 

U , 

Wilhelmus Perrott.=^Alicia. 

— -1 1 

Wilhelmu8.d Johannes. Thomas Wickham,=pFilia Wilhelmi 

miles. I Wilkesis. 


* Non amitse matris fondatoris, sed materterse. 

^ It is more probable that Bennet did marrie w'** Emma the daughter of Ach- 
more, because y« Bishop intayled his landes to his father's kindred. 

^ John Bennet, both by the intayle & will. 

** William is first named in this geneallogie : But the intayle & will shew him to 
be y® youngest brother. 


Secundum alios. 

If John Longe & Henry Ahas were brothers by ether of these 
wayes, It should have beene said Johannes Longe habuit leuirum 
nomine Henricum Ahas. 

I r* • • • "I I 

Longe.=^Vxor. Ahas.=pVxor. 



Johannes Longe.=pSibilla Boude. Henricus Abas.=p. . . . 

I 1 • I 1 1 — -* 

Wilhelmus Agnes. Wilhelmus. Richardus. Radulphus.:^:. . • . 
Episcopus. I 

I '— ^"1 — , I 

Wilhelmus. Felicia Ahas de Romsey. [not named 

kinswoman in the Bishop's will.] 

Or thtis. 
If John Longe & Henry Ahas were brothers by ether of these 
wayes, the author should have said Johannes Longe habuit vteri- 
num nomine Hemricum Ahas. 



zr j 

Sibilla=pJohannes Henricus=p 

Boude. I Longe. Ahas. | 

I H I 1 — ' 1 

Wilhelmus Agnes. Wilhelmus. Richardus. Radulphus.=p. . . . 
Episcopus. I 

1 — — : : : 1 — ' — i 

Wilhelmus. Faelicia Ahas de Romsey. [not named 

kinswoman in ye Bishop's will.] 

Wilhelmus Stratton.=T=Alicia de Stratton. 

I ^1 n 

Alicia, vxor Elianora, vxor Juliana, vxor 
Wickham. Wilhelmi RichardiKers- Richardi 
=p Boude. well. Botasle. 

Alicia soror Johannes, a longi-=T=Sibilla Elizabetha, vxor Emma, 
patiis Epis- tudine Longus. j Boude. Rogeri Conigne. =f= 
copi.=p y J 

Marge- Emma, Agneta, Wilhel- Agneta,vxor Editha,vxor 

navel vxor vxor mus 

Marge- Rich- Wil- Episco- 

retta. ardi helm! pus. 

=P Bennet. Champ- 

I =p nes.=T= 

a b c 

Woodlock. Crasier. 

Johanna, vxor Agneta, vxor 

Wilhelmi Sannes. 











Johan- Wilhel-=?=Alicia. 

nes mus 

Ben- Perrott. 















\ r- 

Thomas Perrott Johannes. Wilhel- Wilhelmus=pAgnes Thomas 

alias Wickham^ mus. Ringebone. 




Esterny. Warner. 


This geneallogie of the Bishop's kyndred, both by his father 
& mother, is not only agreeable wth the ancient geneallogie by 
us produced, & w^h the Bishop's will & the intayle of his landes, 
but also wth the geneallogies in the register book of Winchester 
Colledg, soe far forth as they may be coniectured to be true or 
agreeable wth the Bishop's will or the intayle of his landes, & 
doth confirme the Lo: Sey's kindred to the Bishop. And for the 
difference of this from the geneallogies in the register book we 
geve these reasons folloinge. 

First, in respect that in the geneallogies in the register book 
the Bishop is said to have a kinswoman called Jone, grandchild 
to EUinor his grandmother's sister : And that by y^ intayle of his 
landes it is evident that Wm Mauiell or Mauile did marry a 
kinswoman of his called Isabell, upon whose issue the Bishop did 
intayle his landes : And that it likewise appeares by the Bishop's 
will, that W"^ Mauiell or Mauile did also marry a kinswoman 
of his called Jone, upon whose issue the Bishop did not intayle 
his landes : It may well be coniectured that Isabell, the first wife 
of W"* Mauile, was the Bishop's kinswoman by his father's side, 
And that Jone, grandchild to Ellinor, beinge the Bishop's kins- 
woman by his mother's side, was the second wife of the said W^n 

[Isabell ye wife of Maviell beinge dead is not mentioned in y^ 
will.] Secondly, for that the Bishop in his will doth geve lega- 
cies to his kinswomen, viz. to Agnes the wife of Woodlock, Jone 
the wife of Mauile, Edith the wife of Crasier, & Agnes the wife 
of Sannes ; But did not intayle his landes upon any of them, or 
upon the issue of any of them : It is evident they were his kin- 
dred by his mother's side : And may well be coniectured that 
Agnes & Jone, the wives of Woodlock & Mauile, were the grand 


children of the Bishop's great aunt Elinore, And that Edith & 
Agnes, the wifes of Crasier & Sannes, were the grand children of 
his great aunt Julian, And that Ellinor was the eldest sister to 
Julian, for that in the geneallogie in the register book aforesaid, 
it is said that Jone was the daughter to Ellinor, And because 
Agnes & Jone, the wives of Woodlock and Mauile, are named in 
the will before Edith & Agnes the wives of Crasier & Sannes. 

Thirdly, by the Bishop's will, & the intayle of his landes, & 
our ancient geneallogie, it is apparent that the name of the 
Bishop's kinswoman married to Warner was Jone & not Emma. 
And that the name of his kinswoman married to Ringebone was 
Edith, & not Margaret nor Margery. And that they were the 
daughters of the Bishop's sea>nd sister, & not of his aunt Ache- 
more. And that Warner, by the said Jone, had issue Thomas 
& not John. And that Ringebone, by the said Edith, had issue 
Wm & not Edith. 

And because it doth not appeare by the Bishop's will, or by 
the intayle of his landes, that he had any kinswoman married to 
Carpenter, Rocklo, or Bolney ; or any kinswoman named Alice 
besides his sister's daughter, marry ed to Perrott; or any kins- 
woman called Matilda or Zelota : It is most certayne that Alice, 
by Achemore, had noe such numerous offspringe as in the gene- 
allogie in the register book is sett forth. 

But because it is said in that geneallogie, that Margery or 
Margrett the daughter of John & Alice Achemore, was the 
mother of Isabell Mauile, and that by the intayle of the Bishop's 
lands it appears that the Bishop had a kinswoman called Isabell 
espoused to Mauile, And that the Bishop did intayle his landes 
upon her issue, next after the issue of his owne sisters, It is very 
probable, if not evident, that Achemore's eldest daughter by 
Alice, y® Bishop's aunt by his father's side, was called Margery 
or Margaret, & that she was mother to Isabell, w^h was wife to 
W^ Mauile. 

Fowerthly, because Julian the wife of Botasle, & y« Bishop's 
great aunt by his mother's side, is termed in the geneallogies in 
the register book amitam matris fundatoris^ and said to have a 
daughter called Emma marry ed to Rich: Bennet, by whome she 
had issue Richard ; 8c that Alice the Bishop's father's sister had 
also a daughter by Achemore called Emma, married to Warner : 
And because it appears by the said geneallogies that Julian was 
matertera matris Jnndatoris & not amita : And that by the in- 


tayle, and our ancient geneallogie, it is evident that Warner did 
marry w*^ Jone y® Founder's second sister's daughter, & not w«J» 
Emma Achemore, and that the Bishop's kinswoman married to 
Bennet, had issue John & not Richard : there is small or noe 
credit to be geven to these geneallogies. 

Yet because the Bishop did intayle his landes unto his kins- 
man John Bennet 8c his issue, next after the issue of his kins- 
woman Isabell, married to Mauile, It may be coniectured that 
the said John Bennet was the sonne of £mma Achemore, rather 
then of Emma Botasle, for that Emma Achemore was not mar- 
ried to Warner, And for that in all likely hoode the Bishop did 
intayle his landes only to his kindred by his father's side, as the 
Lo: Sey averres in his next obiection. 

And because by the Bishop's will, & the intayle of his lands, it 
cannot be coniectured that Achemore had any more children 
then two, we in this geneallogie have sett downe noe more, & for 
the reasons aforesaid we admit that their names might be Mar- 
gery & Emma. 

Ob: 3. The Lo: Sey's third obiection is, that, if the Bishop 
had beene kin to the Wickhams of Swaclive, then should his 
landes, after the issue of his sister, have gone to the next of his 
kindred by his father's side, & consequently to somme of the 
Wickhams. But it appears by the deede of intayle, wherein the 
land is intayled to half a score or more, & tlien to remayne to 
the right heires of the Bishop, that there is not pvision at all 
made, that his land soe intayled, should in any case come to any 
of ye Wickhams, sauinge only to them wc^ were the children of 
William & Alice Perrott. 

Ans: 3. We confesse that the Bishop's lands were, after the 
issue of his sisters, to goe to y^ next of his kindred by his father's 
side : But it is noe true consequence, that immediatly after the 
issue of his sisters, they should go to the Wickhams ; for by the 
intayle, next after the issue of his sisters, he setled his lands to the 
issue of his father's sister : And then for want of heires of them, 
to his next heires ; w^l* were the Wickhams, lords of Swaclive, 
allthough not named in the intayle. Because noe man in an 
intayle, after soe many reversions, can certainly know what the 
name of his right heire shall be, in respect that heires female 
alter their names to the names of their husbands. 


To expresse this more at large, we say that, by comparinge the 
intayle of y® Bishop's landes w^^ the ancient geneallogie by us 
produced, It is evident that Agnes y^ Bishop's eldest sister had a 
daughter called Alice married to W"* Perrott, by whome she 
had 3 sonnes, Thomas, John, & W"^ Perrott. 

And the Bishop, desyrous to have his lands to continew in his 
owne name, & to his neerest kinsmen in bloode, intayled them 
unto the said Thomas, John, & William Wickham, & to their 
issue male, that soe they might inherit his name as well as his 

[The effect of y© intayle.] For want of issue male of the said 
Thomas, John, & W"* Wickham, the sonnes of Perrott, the 
Bishop intayled his landes to the heires generall of the said Tho- 
mas, & for want of such heires of Thomas, to the heires generall 
of John, & for want of such heires of John to the heires generall 
of William ; & for want of such heires of the said W™ Wick- 
ham, then to W"* Ringebone & Edith his wife, & to the heires 
male of theboddie of the said Edith, beinge the Bishop's second 
sister's eldest daughter ; 8c for want of the heires male of the said 
Edith, then to Thomas Warner & Jone his wife & to the heires 
males of Jone, she being likewise daughter to the Bishop's second 
sister. And for want of issue male of the boddie of Jone, then 
to Guie Ayno and Agnes his wfe, & to the heires male of Agnes, 
she beinge the third daughter of the Bishop's second sister. And 
for want of such issue male of Agnes, then to the next of his 
kindred by his father's side, viz. to.W™ Mauile & Isabell his 
wife, & to the heires males of the said Isabell. And for want of 
such issue male of Isabell, to John Bennet & his heires male (the 
said Isabell beinge the daughter of Alice Achemore, the Bishop's 
aunt by his father's side, & the said John Bennet beinge also 
descended fro y« said Alice) ; and for want of issue male of the 
said John Bennet, fjo the heires generall of Edith aforesaid ; & 
for want of heires of Edith, to the heires of Jone aforesaid ; & for 
waut of heires of Jone, to the heires of Agnes aforesaid ; & for 
want of heires of Agnes, to the heires of Isabell aforesaid ; & for 
want of heires of Isabell, to the heires of y« aforesaid John Ben- 
net ; & for want of heires of the aforesaid John Bennet, to the 
right heires of the Bishop, not naming who they were : But cer- 
tayne it is, that they were (as the Lo: Sey himself affirmes) the 
next of the Bishop's kindred by his father's side, vf^^ were the 
Wickhams, the Bishop's genuine name from hb father beinge 


Wickham, as by his alteringe the names of his neerest kinsmen 
from Perrott to Wickham, is manifest enough, were there noe 
other proofies thereof, as there are many. 

For by the register book & records of New Colledg it is 
manyfest, that, besides the children of Perrott & their issue 
{wch was only one, viz. Thomas the sonne of Thomas), 
there were many other Wickhams w^^ were of the Fomider*s 
bloode, as in our answer to the first obiection is sett forth. And 
for want of issue of the pticular psons named in y« intayle, the 
lands intayled were to come unto the heires of somme of those 
Wickhams, beinge the next in bloode to the Bishop by his 
father's side, save only such as were named in the said intayle, 
& the knowledg thereof (as? Humfry Wickham hath left it to 
posteritie) was the only cause that S"" Richard Fyennes, before 
the said intayle was cutt ofFe, beinge like to dye w^hout issue, & 
desyringe to convey those lands to somme of his neerer kyndred, 
did denye the said Humfry Wickham's sonne (then standinge 
to be child of Winchester Colledg) to be of the bloode of the 
founder. That soe those to whome he should convey those 
landes, might have somme colorable plea to wt^stand the said 
Humfry Wickham's title & plea unto the said landes, by vertue 
of the said intayle. 

If the Lo: Sey shall affirme, that the Longes were the right 
heires of the Bishop & not the Wickhams, because in those 
childish geneallogies John Longe is said to be y® Founder's father, 

The same argument w^h he urgeth against us in his 4: & 5: 
obiections, may be far more strongly inforced against himself— 
for, beside that there is noe provision made in the intayle of the 
Bishop's landes that the landes should come to any of the 
Longes, it doth not any where appeare, nether by the Bishop's 
will nor the records of his Colledg, that any of the Longes were 
of his bloode : Notw^^standinge divers of them were admitted of 
New Colledg, as in our Answer to the Lo: Sey's 4 & 5: obiec- 
tions shall be sett forth. 

Ob: 4, 5. The 4*^ & 5^*» reasons alleaged against us by y« Lo: 
Sey are in effect the same : viz. y« Bishop in his will gevinge 
legacies to John Wickham of Crondall & John Wickham of 
Barton, doth not there calle them kinsmen. And makinge 

* Had y* Perrott Wickhams had issue male the landes had not descended to a 


Thomas Wickham the sonne of Perrott, & one Nicholas Wick- 
ham two of his executors, he expresseth the said Thomas to be 
his kinsman, but not Nicholas. 

5. Soe also in a letter of attorney y« Bishop, makinge men- 
tion of Thomas Wickham of Swaclive & Thomas Wickham the 
Sonne of Perrott, he geves the title of kinsman only to Tho: 
Wickham the sonne of Perrott, And therefore the Lo: Sey con- 
cludes that nether Thomas Wickham of Swaclive, nor John 
Wickham of Crondale, nor John Wickham of Barton, nor 
Nicholas Wickham, were any kyn to the Bishop. 

Ans: 4, 5. First, it is cleere that the sonnes of W™ & Alice 
Perrott, accordinge to their father's name, were Perrottes ; But, 
beinge by their mother descended from the Wickhams, viz. from 
the Bishop's eldest sister, & soe neerer in bloode to the Bishop 
then any of his kindred whose true surname was Wickham: 
The Bishop, to continew his landes in his owne name and yet 
not to disinherit his kinsmen neerest in bloode, chainged their 
names from Perrott to Wickham : And in the intayle of his 
landes, & in his last will, calles Thomas Perrott by the name of 
Thomas Wickham his kinsman, expressinge thereby that he was 
his kinsman by the Wickhams not by the Perrotts. 

Secondly, to manyfest that Thomas Wickham, the sonne of 
Perrott, was his neerest kinsman, he calles him his heire. 

Thirdly, to pvent that noe other Thomas of bloode & kindred, 
whose true surname was Wickham, should clayme the first 
interest in his landes, by vertue of the said intayle, or to be one 
of the executors of his last will : By obiectinge that the Bishop 
had intavled his landes to his kinsman Thomas Wickham, & not 
to his kinsman Thomas Perrott, & that the Bishop's kinsman 
Thomas W^ickham, & not his kinsman Thomas Perrott, was to 
be one of his executors : The Bishop, both in the intayle & in 
his will, naminge his kinsman Thomas Wickham to be his heir 
& one of his executors, to expresse vf^^ Thomas Wickham he 
ment, describes him to be the sonne of W™ & Alice Perrott. 

A reason also why the Bishop in the letter of attorney geves 
the adiunct of kinsman unto Thomas Wickham the sonne of 
Wna & Alice Perrott, & not to Tho: Wickham of Swaclive, and 
likewise why the Bishop in his will geves the title of kinsman 
unto Tho: Wickham the sonne of Perrott, & not unto Nicholas 
Wickham, nor to ether of the John Wickhams named in the 
will, might be because the said Thomas Wickham the sonne of 


Perrott t s his kinsman in a neerer degree then the rest : and 
not beca 3 the rest were not his kinsmen. 

Anott r reason why John Wickham of Bireton and John 
Wickham of Crondall were not in the Bishop's will styled his 
kinsmen^ might be because they were clergie men, & therefore 
in those daies could have noe issue, nether was Faelix Aas therein 
stiled his kinswoman, for shee also was a votarie. 

For if, because in the intayle of the Bishop's landes Thomas, 
John, & W™ Wickliam, the sonnes of Perrott, are only styled 
the Bishop's kinsmen, & that Edith Ringebone, Jone W^amer, 
Agnes Ayno, Isabell Mauile, 8c John Bennet are not likewise 
therein styled his kindred, we should draw this conclusion, that 
therefore the said Edith, Jone, Agnes, Isabell, & John were noe 
kin to the Bishop, we conceave the Lo: Sey himself would not 
think it a true consequent of the pmisses. The Bishop in his will 
havinge declared somme of these to be his kindred. 

Nether must we admitt that, because in the intayle of the 
Bishop's landes & in his last will Thomas Wickham & his bro- 
thers the sonnes of Perrott are only named y« Bishop's kinsmen, 
& not any of the other Wickhams mentioned in the said will, 
that therefore none of the other Wickhams there mentioned 
w%)ut the adiunct of kinsman, were of the same bloode w^ the 
Bishop ; for in likelyhoode (if not all) somme of them were the 
very same Wickhams w^li were admitted into New Colledg as 
his kinsmen. 

Nota. But if the Lo: Sey could proue, or if it should be 
granted, that these two Johns and Nicholas Wickham named 
in the Founder's will and Tho. Wickham of Swaclive named 
in the letter of attorney, w^^ut the adiunct of kinsmen, 
were none of those w^h were admitted into New Colledg as 
of the Founder's bloode, but others of an other family w^ were 
not his kinsmen. Yet their not beinge his kinsmen doth not 
disprove our kindred : It beinge evident by the register book of 
the CoUedges, that there were two famelies of the Wickhams, 
whereof the one was kin, the other noe kin to y© Bishop. And 
that there are somme of ether famely dwellinge in Swaclive, and 
that we can prove our selves to be descended from the same 
famely w^^ those w^h were admitted as his kinsmen. 

Nota. Nether if the Lo: Sey could prove, or that it should be 
granted, that the Bishop's father's name was Longe or Perrott, 
& that the Bishop took the name of Wickham only from the 
place of his birth, & not from his father. And that in that 


respect only, he also made the Perrotts to take up that name (as 
the Lo: Sey allegeth) It could not ^iudice our clay me to be of 
the Bishop's bloode & kindred, in respect that Nicholas, Richard, 
Thomas, John, & Percevall Wickham, (not descended from the 
sonnes of W™ & Alice Perrott,) were of the Bishop's bloode & 
kindred, & of our famely, w^^ upon our profTe that the said 
Percevall was of our famely must be granted ; or els that the 
Bishop was kin unto two severall famelyes of the Wickhams w^'* 
were no kin to each other : as in our Answ. to the first Obiec- 

That the Founder took the name of Wickham only from the 
place of his birth is altogether improbable : 

[Not Wickham a loco et rum a parentibus.] First in respect 
that, if the Founder's father's name were not Wickham, it cannot 
be made to appear how Nicholas, Richard, Thomas, John, & 
Percevall Wickham aforesaid could be of the Founder's bloode, 
for it is evident that the kindred came not by his mother's side, 
she being the daughter of W™ Boude & Alice Stratton, 

Secondly it is generaly knowne that in ancient times it was a 
usiall thinge to write de before the surnames of men, W"* de 
Wickham beinge then accoumpted as much as to say William 
tlie Sonne of Wickham. And for proofFe thereof we can pro-* 
duce divers ancient deeds wherein our predecessors were written 
sometime Wickham & sometimes de Wickham ; and therefore, 
although the Founder were borne at Wickham, & sometime writ- 
ten de Wickham, it was not soe much in respect that he was 
borne at Wickham, as that he was the sonne of Wickham ; for 
the Bishop in matters of greatest weight & moment, as in his 
pardon, 8c in the licences he took to build his Colledges, did 
9ause himself to be written W"* Wickham & not de Wickham, 
& we conceave that noe man knew his name better then himself. 

If the Bishop took his name Wickham from the village where 
he was borne, & not from his father, every man that was borne 
in that village might as well as the Bishop take unto himself 
that name, & every W"* borne there might write himself W™ 
de Wickham as well as the Bishop. 

If it be alleaged that in those dales some clergie men only did 
take unto themselves the name of the place where they were 
borne, as W™ de Wainfleete ; we answer that our Bishop was 
called W™ Wickham or de Wickham longe before he was a 



clergieman, viz. when he was the overseer of the kinges buildings 
at Windsore. 

It is most usiall for bastardes only to be called by the name 
of the place where they are borne, for that ether their father's 
name is not knowne at all, or that their mother, beinge a com- 
mon whore, doth assigne them many fathers. But the Bishc^'s 
mother was noe such leaud woman. And it is confessed that his 
father's christian name was knowne to be John, and therefore 
at that time, men were not, or need not to have beene i^orant 
of his surname ; Nether was the Bishop ashamed of his father or 
of his name, for he erected a chappell for the buriall of his 
parentes at Tichfeild, neere the towne of Wickham in Hamp- 
shire. (God wine's Catalo.) 

And it may well be coniectured that, had the Bishop soe well 
affected the village of Wickham where he was bom, that he did 
choose to be called by its name rather then by his owne father's 
name, he would have built the chappell for his parentes* buriall 
there. Or that, doinge soe many good & charitable works as he 
did, and beinge of that abilitie and authority he was, he would 
eertaynly have endowed that towne w^ somme lands, & made it 
a corporat towne, or have built a free schoole there, out of w^k 
the schoUers to supply his Colledg in Oxford should have beene 
chosen. Or have granted to such as should have beene borne at 
that towne of Wickham, somme previledg or prioritie of election 
into his schoole at Winchester, 8c his Colledg in Oxford, or the 

[Not Perrott nor Longe.] That the Bishop's father's name 
was nether Perrott nor Longe is evident, for that he sued not for 
his pardon by the name of W™ Perrott or W"» Longe, but by 
the name of W™ Wickham or de Wickham, w^^ was all one, 
because in these times it was usiall to write de before the sur- 
names of men. And eertaynly the Bishop was not ignorant 
that a misnomer in a pardon made it voyde. 

Nether did the Bishop beare the armes of the Perrotts or of 
the Longes ; and the grandchildren to the Bishop's eldest sister 
beinge Perrotts & the next heires, he altered their names from 
Perrott to Wickham, w^t eertaynly he would never have doone 
had his owne name beene Perrott, — Yea had not his owne name 
beene Wickham. 

If the Bishop's father were called Longe, eertaynly he was his 


fether-in-law, or els he was by sonune soe nicknamed in respect 
of his talenes or lenght of stature, and that he was soe nicknamed 
hath by somme historians beene affirmed, as Bishop Godwine in 
his catalogue of our English Bishops reporteth. 

For if the Bishop's naturall father's true surname had beene 
Longe^ it could not be but that the Bishop should have had 
somme kindred of that name ; but it doth noe where appeare 
that he had any ; there beinge noe mention made of any of that 
name in the intayle of the Bishop's landes, nor any legacie geven 
by the Bishop in his will to any of that name, as his kinsman or 

And divers of the Longes beinge fellowes of New CoUedg, 
there is not one of them recorded to be the Founder's kinsman. 

In the Prothocall or register book of New CoUedg, fol. 21, 
columna 2*, W"* Longe was admitted fellow, not naminge him 
cosen to the Founder, w^li was w^Mn 80 yeares after the Founder's 
death. The same leafe, columna 4^^^ W™ Longe went away, 
wcl» was of the Countie of Somerset. 

Fol. 22, W™ Longe of Hampshire (vf^^ was the countie where 
the Bishop was borne,) died, columna 1*. 

Fol. 170, W™ Longe de Overton, in com. Southampton, 
admitted fellow, did sweare, amongst other thinges, to observe 
the orders appoynted by the reverend father W"* Wickham, 
Founder of the CoUedg, &c. And afterward that he should pfer 
the kinsmen of the founder. 

Nether doth it any where appeare that the Bishop ever had 
any kinsman named Perrott, save only the sonnes of his eldest 
sister's daughter Alice, & W"* Perrott, to whom when he in- 
tayled his landes, he chainged their names from Perrott to 

[That the Bishop's father's name was Wickham.] Now in 
honor of the Lo. Sey, & to that worthie prelate Bishop Wick- 
ham, from whome (besides the benefit of his CoUedges) the Lo: 
Sey & his pdecessors have receaved a very large & magnificent 
patrymony, we will shew that the Bishop's father was a gentle- 
man, though not of any great wealth, & that his name was John 
W^ickham, notw^^^standinge in respect of his talenes he might be 
nicknamed John Longe, as aforesaid. 

If the Bishop's surname from his father had not beene knowne 
to be Wickham, the author of the former parte of the geneal- 

R 2 


logies, so much insisted on by the Lo. Sey, should have said, 
fuit igitur WiPmus Episcopus de quo loqui disposui^ w^^ut an? 
surname; or, had his father's name beene knowne to be Perrott or 
Longe, he should have said Juit igitur WiVmus Perottus or fViF- 
mus LonguSf de quo loqui disposuij apiid oppidum de Wickham 
enixus^ et sic nomen Wickham or de Wickham a loco assumpsit^ d 
nomen loci elogio perpetuo decorauit : But the author, knowinge 
that yc Bishop's true, propper, & genuine surname was Wickham 
from his father, sayih/uit igitur Wilhelmus Wickham, de quo loqui 
disposui, apud oppidum de Wickham enixusy et sic nomen a loco 
assumpsit, et nomen cum loco elogio perpetuo decorauit .- All wcl» 
words beinge rightly expounded do signifie noe more but this, 

That W™ Wickham was borne in a towne or village of his 
owne name, & soe graced his name & the towne w'h the per- 
petuall reporte of his praise. 

The meaninge of the author beinge only to expresse in the 
best & most rethoricall manner he could, that the Bishop's 
name was Wickham de Wickham, viz. Wickham fro his father, 
& de Wickham from the place of his birth. And that it was 
a grace for W™ Wickham to be borne in a village of his owne 
name, & a grace to the village to have soe excellent a man to 
be borne there. 

[Martin's booke.] Att Oxford, in the Universiti librarie, & 
also at New CoUedg, we finde a book called Vita Wickhami, 
written by an obscure author (for there are only two letters sett 
for hLs name) & printed about the year 1597, beinge about 39 
yeares since, and at the least 27 yeares after S"" Richard Fyennes 
did firet denye Humfry Wickham's children to be of the same 
bloode w*l> the Bishop. 

This book, as we are informed, was composed, printed, & 
geven unto New Colledg by one Martyn, who, as we coniecture» 
ether was the Lo. Seyes kinsman, or did pen, print, & geve this 
book to New Colledg, by the information, advise, "8c counsell, of 
somme of the Lo: Seyes predecessors or kindred, or at the least 
did it all to please that kindred, or to insinuat him self into their 
or somme of their favors. 


The reasons moving us for to coniecture are : 

For that there were a very smale number of the said books 

Also for that he doth exemplifye the Bishop's geneallogie 
written as he sayth by Heresius & approved by the Kinges 
Heralds, expressinge therein (cheifly, if not only) the pedegree of 
S** Rich. Fyennes, & not of Ringebone, Warner, or Bennet, 
or any other of the Bishop's kindred specifyed in his will or in 
the intayle of his landes. 

Then, in respect he indeavors to make good the reasons urged 
heretofore by S"" Richard Fyennes against Humfiy Wickham's 
claime of kindred to the Bishop, not only by a false assertion 
that John Wickham of Swaclive, w^^ was admitted probationer 
1403, was of the Knight's famely ; but also by wrongful! & 
deceiptfull layinge & controwlinge of D"" Harpsfeild (a man of 
far greater learninge & iudgment then him self) for placinge 
that John soe admitted probationer, & Richard Wickham of 
Hampshire admitted childe of Winchester 1401, amongst the 
Founder's kinsmen. Whereas Harpsfeild doth not place that 
John nor that Richard amongst the Founder's kinsmen, but an 
other John & an other Richard, w^t we confesse were of the 
Knight's famely : To witt, John, wch in the Founder's life time 
was admitted in election as his kinsman to be Warden of New 
Colledg, and Richard vf^^ was mayntayned by the Founder in 
Harte hall as his kinsman before y^ erection of the Colledg, & 
(as we conceave) admitted fellow upon the first admission of 
fellows into New Colledg. 

Againe, whereas Nicholas Wickham, w^^ was the first War- 
den of New Colledg, & Thomas Wickham, w^^ was admitted 
fellow as of the Founder's bloode 1403, the Bishop being then 
alive, are by D"" Harpsfeild placed w*^ the last mentioned John 
& Rich: Wickham amongst the Founder's kinsmen, this Martyn, 
not able to fynd any colorable cavill against them, passeth them 
over w*^ silence, least the mentioninge of them should make the 
truth appeare. 

Lastly, this Martyn sayth, that the Bishop in his will doth 
cale Fselicia Ahas his kinswoman, vvch accordipg to our copey of 
the will is false. 

Now not wthstandinge Martin's full intention was to confirme 
S"" Rich. Fyennes his kindred, & to strengthen his arguments 


urged against Humfry Wickham's claime : yet in the first chap- 
ter of his book, the said Martin affirmeth that the Bishop was 
borne in Pago sui nominis^ & therefore his name was Wickham, 
for it is granted by all that he was borne at Wickham in Hamp- 
shire : And Martin by his quotations in the margent sheweth he 
had this truth. 

Ex archiuis Collegij Winton, &c. ^ Chandeler was 

Ex Thoma Chandelero in vita Wickhami V j^ eof WeJJs. 

Ex Thoma Vasseo, or Walseo in vita eiusdem j 

AUthough in respect of the reasons aforesaid, the testimony of 
Martin ought not to be of any force against us, yet for us it is of 
great validitie ; because, if by chance (the truth inforcinge him 
there unto) he did sett downe any thinge wc^» might advantage 
Humfry Wickham's cause, it was contrary to his intent & 

Therefore this testimony of Martin's, agreeinge in this poynt 
w**> what is written in the former parte of the geneallogies in the 
ende of y^ register book, & confirmed by his quotations in the 
margent, doth playnly prove y* the Bishop's name was Wickham ; 
for that otherwise, beinge borne at Wickl^am, he would be borne 
in Pago sui nominis. 

[Camden's Brit: Godwines Catalo:] To this we add the testi- 
mony of M' W"* Camden & Bishop Godwine, who reporte that 
when William Wickham was made overseer of the Kinges 
buiidinges at Windsor, he caused these wordes, Hoc fecit fVick- 
ham^ or this made Wickham, to be ingraven in a wall of the 
said buiidinges ; whereof when some complayned to y« Kinge, as 
a thinge derrogatinge from his honor, that an other should 
seeme to beare y^ charge of his buiidinges ; and the Kinge in 
displeasure reprehendinge him for it, he answered, that by these 
words he did not ascribe the honor of the buildinge to him self, 
but his owne honor & ^ferment to that buildinge, the words noe 
way importinge that Wickham made the tower, but that the 
tower made Wickham. 

[Godwines Catalo.] Also the epitaph ingraven upon the 
Bishop's tombe in y® cathedral church at Winchester, vi^^ was 
not sett upon the tombe w^^out the approbation & allowance of 
yc Bishop's executors, (who doubtless well knew the Bishop's 
name,) doth playnly shew that his name was Wickham, for it 


beginnes thus, Wilhelmus dictus fVicamus iacet hie nece victiis, 
Longus vtrould have stoode in the verse as well as Wicamus^ 

Againe the argument alleaged before in our Answer to the Lo: 
Sey's 3 Obiect: against our claime is not heere to be omitted ; 
viz, that the usiall 8c only reason why men make their adopted 
heires to chainge their names^ is to have their landes continew 
unto their owne name, & not to the name of the towne where 
they were borne. Aud therefore the Bishop causinge the Per- 
rottes to take the name of Wickham, is a stronge proofFe that 
the Bishop's name was Wickham as well a patre as a loco, for 
as Martin truly sayth he was borne in Pago sui nominis. 

Moreover, the pardon granted by Kinge Edw, the 3: to W"* 
Wickham Bishop of Winchester, is a strong evidence that the 
Bishop's name from his father was Wickham, in respect that 
any misnomen in a pardon makes it voyde. And the Bishop 
for many yeares together havinge beene sifted & queestioned 
for his estate & life, could not be soe ignorant, nor would 
not be so careles, as to take a pardon in the name of the towne 
where he was borne, & not in his owne paternall name. 

Furthermore it appeares by the records & register book of the 
Bishop's Colledges, that Nicholas, Richard, Thomas, John, & 
Percevall Wickham were of the same bloode w^ the Bishop : 
but there is noe profTe nor probabilitie that they were of his 
bloode by his mother's side, for she was the daughter to Boude 
& grandchild to Stratton, & therefore it may well be ^sumed 
that the Bishop's name was Wickham from his father. 

Johannes Pitseus, writinge the life of Nicholas Harps- 
feild sayth, Nicholaus Harpsfeildius, natione Anglus, iuris 
vtriusq^ Doctor Oxoniensis, adolescens in celebri schola Wic- 
camica literas humaniores didicit, deinde ad Oxoniense 
collegium etiam Wiccamicum missus, decurso Philosophies 
studio, operam dedit iuris prudentiae, susceptisc^ supmis in 
ea facultate insignibus, successuc;^ temporis vocatur Can- 
tuariam, factus est ibi Archidiaconus; erat vir grauis et 
prudens, moribus candidissimis, integerimse vitse multiplicisq^ 
doctrinsB, 8cc. 
This Dr Harpsfeild Histor: suae Eccles: Anglicanse, decima 


quarta sect: pag: 550, cap: 20, de Gulielmo Wichamo AVin- 
toniensi Episco: deq^ duobus illis Collegijs quae Wintoniae el 
Oxonij construxit, sayth : 

Cum Gulielmus Edingtonius viuere desijsset, Wintonienses 
Monachi,rege causam illius accurate solicitante, Gulielmum Wica- 
mumin Episcoputn sibi legunt; natus fuit ad annum Domini mi- 
lesimum trecentessimum vigessimum quartura in Dioecesi Winto- 
niensi, Johanne Longo vt quidam, vt alij Johanne Perotto et 
Sibilla parentibus, Pago Wichamica, vnde quida Gulielmum de 
Wicham eum appellant: Sed mihi multa occurrunt, cur non 
earn in eorum sententiam, vsq^ genuinum ai(^ gentile fuisse illi 
Wichami nomen existimem : Ita enim se in testamento suo, ita 
in ijs statutis, quae Collegijs suis praescripsit, et alibi passim 
appellat, id est Gulielmum Wichamum, non de Wicham. Ita 
eum Diplomata regia, quibus Collegia aedificandi potestas 
tributa est, ita et publica regni statuta eum nominant : Primus 
praiterea Oxoniensis Collegij praefectus fuit Nicholaus Wicha- 
mus eius consanguineus ; optati praeterea sunt in id Collegium, 
Johannes, Richardus, et Thomas Wichami vt eius necessarij, 
quibus ex statutorum praescriptione potior quaedam, quam alijs 
qui in id Collegium optantur, conditio et praerogatiua defertur : 
Imperante vero Johanne fuit Radulphus Wicamus et Henrico 
Robertus Wicamus equestris ordinis homo, ex quorum stirpe, 
familia, et gente prodijt noster Wicamus, et si ut sunt rerum 
vicissitudines, parentes ipsius exiguis fuerant rerum copijs prae- 
diti, At^^ haec ideo mihi dicuntor, vt illam ab illis maculam 
abstergam qua quidam illos aspergunt, quasi seruilis fuissent 
conditionis. [Genealogia ilia hodie extat.] 

In English thus : 

Upon the death of W™ Edington, the Munks of Winchester, 
tlie Kinge sollicitinge the busines w^h great care, chose for their 
Bishop W™ Wicham ; he was borne in the yeare of our Lord 
1342, in the Diocesse of Winchester ; his father was John Longe 
as somme calle him, as others John Perrott, his mother was 
Sibill ; y« place of his birth was a village called Wicham, whence 
somme calle him W"* of Wicham : but many reasons present 
themselves to me for w^l* I may not be of their opinion, & vf^^ 
make me think that Wicham was the right name of his ancestors ; 
for soe he calles him self in his will, soe in those statutes w^** he 
made for his Colledges, & often in other places, that is W™ 





Wicham not of Wicham. Soe the Kinges grantes wherebyrbe 
had power geven him to build CoUedges, & soe the statutes of 
the realme calle him : besides, the first Warden of his Colledg 
in Oxford, was Nicholas Wicham, his kinsman by bloode ; More- 
over there were chosen into the same Colledg John, Richard, & 
Thomas Wicham as his kinsmen, who, by vertue of the statutes, 
were admitted to a better estate & progative then others chosen 
into the same Colledg; besides, in the raigne of Kinge John 
there was one Ralf Wicham, & in the time of Kinge Henry one 
Robert Wicam, knight, out of whose stock, famely, & kindred 
came our Wicham, Though, according to the chainges of hu- 
mane affares, his parentes had but small meanes. And these 
-thinges I rather mention, that I may take from them that blott 
where wth somme have stayned them, as if they had beene of 
servile condition. [That geneallogie at this dale is extant.] 

[The ould geneallogie.] This testimonie of D"" Harpsfeild, 
being an excellent schoUer, a New Colledg man, and noe kin to 
the Founder, & written before the controversie betweene Hum- 
fry Wickham and S"" Richard Fyennes, is of it self sufficient to 
prove the Bishop's name to be Wicham, & that he was descended 
from our famely : Yet in confirmation of this we produce a 
geneallogie of greate antiquitie, far more agreeable to the 
Bishop's will, & the intayle of his landes, then the geneallogies 
written on the cover of the register book of Winchester Col- 
ledg, & therefore of more credit, whereby it appeares that the 
Bishop's father's -name was John Wicam. 

And in respect not only the Bishop's father, his sisters, & their 
progenie are delineated in this geneallogie, but also the succes- 
sion 8c kindred of divers other gentlemen of good rank & qua- 
litie, livinge longe since & not in these later times, we conceave 
it doth only proue the antiquitie thereof, but also cleere it from 
all suspition, that it should ever be drawne purposely to credit 
our cause. 

The second Robert Wicham, in the pedegree drawne by 
Robert Cook, Clarenceux, had two brothers Thomas & Richard, 
wc^ Richard (as by an ancient court roll then shewed did ap- 
peare) was of the bloode of the Bishop. 

[See y« deede of intayle of Swaclive.] And by a deede made 
330 Edw. 3i the mannor of Swaclive was geven to Katherine, the 


wife of Robert Wicam for life, the remayoder to the sjud Tho- 
mas of Wicam for life, the remaynder to the said Richard of 
Wicam in tayle, the remaynder unto the said Thomas oi Wicam 
in tayle, the remaynder unto W™ of Wicam, cosen to the said 
Thoc & Rich: & to the heires of the boddie c^ the said William, 
the remaynder unto the right heires of the said Thomas. 

[The Bishop was borne 1324; this intayle was made 1859; 
the Bidiop made Preist 1361 ; and consecrat Bishop 1366. 
Here also consider of their psentinge him to y^ Parsonage of 
Swadive, their assentinge to j^ imprc^riatinge thereof and 
their conveyance of it & of y« gifte of y« Vicarage unto him.] 
This William Wickham named in the last mentioned deede 
oosen to Thomas 8c Rich: of Wicham, was he that was after 
Bi^iop of Wincliester, as by the last m^itioned deede & court 
roll aforesaid may well be coniectured. And by the age of said 
W™ Wicham,* beinge borne in the 18^ yeare of Edward the 
Second, in the yeare of our Lord 1324, & receaved into the 
service of Edward the Third in the yeare 1344, and about the 
dme of the date of the said deede made overseer c^ the Kinases 
boildinges at Windsor: and by his pres^itation to Swaclive by 
the Wickhams & their selling him the parsonage & ppetuall 
donation of jr^ vicarage. 

And alldiough it cannot be shewed in what d^ree the said 
W™ of Wickham was to the said Thomas & Richard, yet it is 
apparent that it was in a very neere d^ree, for that otherwise 
they would not have intayled the mannor of Swaclive upon him, 
it beinge the most ancient state of the Wickhams. 

[Armes.] Lasdy, that the Founder was a gendeman borne & a 
Widkbam his coate of Armes doth witnes, w<* are the same the 
Widdiams of Swaclive now geve, & did geve before the Bishop 
was borne, & w<^ therefore but by descent the Bishop could not 
have geven. 

That the armes w<* the Founder gave doe properly belonge 
unto the Wickhams lordes of Swaclive, Hugh Cotgrave, Rich- 
mond Herald, at one time, viz. anno 1569, and Robert Cook, 
Clarenoevx Kinge of Armes, & Roger Dormer at another time, 
vix. anno 1571 ; and afterward W™ Camden, Clarenceux, as- 
signinge the bull's head for the Crest, thereunto have under. 
their faandes iostifyed & confirmed. And now of late they have 


beene confirmed unto them by the officers of armes mider the 
scale of their office. 

If these armes had beene geven the Founder in regard of his 
owne worth, he beinge a clergie man, & soe in those daies single, 
they had dyed w^^ him. And should not at any time have beene 
blazoned vf^^ the difference of a younger brother, nor ought not 
to have beene quartered w^^ any other coate. 

But this coate of 2 chevrons betweene 8 roses was longe since 
seene by one John Vnderhill, blazoned in S*^ Martin's Church 
in Oxford, with the difference of a mullet, & crested sometime 
w^ a miter & sometime w^ a bull's head, & then seemed to him 
to be of greate antiquitie ; and W™ Camden, Clarenqeux, hath 
allowed us to beare the bull's head for our Crest. 

And we doubt not if the Lo: Sey shall be questioned to 
this effect, and answer upon his honor, he will confesse that 
John Vnderhill aforesaid, sometime fellow oi New Colledg, 
beinge examined as a witnes in the Chancery, in a suite 
betweene Humfry Wickham complaynant, against Thomas 
Stempe & others def £% did there depose to the effect afore- 
And as it doth appeare unto us by a little note found of late 
amongst Humfry Wickam's writinges, the same coate, w*** the 
same difference of a mullet, was then also seene in the church of 
Thame in the countie of Oxford, of great antiquitie. And there 
upon the sixt daie of September 1636, W"* Wickham of Abing- 
don, & John his sonne, 8c one Wi" Lane, & others, went into 
the said church to search for the said coate, 8c there in the 
middle windowe on the north side of the boddie or middle ile of 
the said church found it blazond w*^ the difference of a mullet 
whole & undefaced. 

And we finde that Humfry Wicham did testifie unto the Lo: 
Burleigh that he the said Humfry had also seene in S^ Martin's 
Church in Oxford aforesaid, the Bishop's armes of great anti- 
quitie, blazond w^ the difference of a younger brother. 

And that the said Humfry, at the funerall of S»^ Rich: Fyennes, 
had seene the said S^ Richardes coate armor offered up by 
Somersett, herald of armes, quartered w^h the Bishop's armes. 

[The Lo: Sey dwells at Broughton. The 12th of Sep: 1637 
me self & Thomas Harper did see this coate in Broughton 
Church.] And as we are credably informed on thursdaie the 
12 of Jannuarie 1635, in a litle windowe on the north side of 


Broughton Church next to the belfry, & neere to the rooffe of 
y® Church, the Bishop's armes were seene quartered, but what 
the coate was wherew*^*» they were quartered the parties could 
not well descerne, but by their description, it was after this man- 
ner : a feild Az. charged w**> a bird Arg. spread in this manner." 

Upon such prooflFes as these, when S"" Richard Fyennes denyed 
Humfry Wickham to beare this coate of 2 cheverons belweene 
three roses, & claymed it for the Perrottes, it was allowed to 
Humfry Wickham by the Heraldes aforesaid, w**> the approba^ 
tion of the Duke of Norfolk, then Earle Marshall ; and now to 
question it againe is to question the credit of y® Heralds & Court 
of Honor, 

And in aequitie we ought not to be forced to prove these 
thinges againe, in respect these armes were but in glasse, & that 
somme of them are, & the rest might have beene, broaken & 
defaced, & the men w<^ could & did then testifie them are now dead. 

Yet at this present, besides the coate w*** the difference of the 
third house, to be seene in Thame Church as aforesaid, there is 
to be seene in the east window of the chancel at Swaclive (beinge 
the ancient seate of the Wickhams) in severall peeces of glasse, 
dismembered & misplaced, the greatest parte of an armes w<^^ 
beareth Argent, 2 cheverons Sables betweene 3 roses Gules. 

[Anno 1637. The 12tli of Sept: 1637, Wm Wickham & 
Tho Harper did see this coate in Welsbome Church.] And in 
the east ende window of the south side of the Church of Welles- 
borne in Warwick shire, in Aprill 1636, these armes thus im- 
paled ^ were seene by Thom: Harper & John Wilson, & testefied 
by Bartholemew Dobson, minister there. 

And one Midleton lyeth buried in the chancell there who dyed 
the 4t^ of August 143 l.c 

Thomas Harper is servant to Humfry Wickham of Swa- 
clive, & John Wilson is a weaver in Warwick. 

The crosse in the Midleton's armes is not soe much longer 
one way then the other, as is there decyphered, & over the crosse 
there is a lambeaux vf^^ 3 labells Argent, & the 2 quarters that 
bear Or, are after this manner ^ diapred Or. 

* Here the arms are drawn, viz. 41y the Bishop's coat and a bird displayed. 

^ Here the coat is drawn, yiz. the Bishop's coat impaling Quarterly Gules and 
Or, in the first quarter a cross flory Or, Midleton. It is engraved in Dugdale's 
Warwickshire, the cross flory surmounted by a label. 

* The Epitaph is not in Dugdale. 

' Here is sketched one of the usual diapered patterns. 


Also at this present, in the top of the cloyster of the Cathe- 
drall Church in Canterbury, at the very coi'ner, where the west 
& north sides ioyne together, these armes of two cheverons be- 
tweene 3 roses are to be seene carved in stone,e not placed there 
in any respect to the Bishop, he beinge dead longe before the 
buildinge of those cloisters. 

[Witnes John Philpott, Somerset.] And in the said Cathe- 
drall Church, neere to the south doore of the crosse ile, betweene 
the boddie of the church & the quier, these armes of two cheve- 
rons betweene 3 roses, where wtl»in these 2 yeares, viz. 1634 (and 
we thinke still are) to be seene ingraven in brasse upon the 4 
corners of the gravestone of one Agnes, wife of W™ Faunt & 
Edward Bolney, who was there buried anno Dni 1539, & in 
somme of the scutchions these armes are quartered w^^ her hus- 
band's armes. 

Now the Bolneys are allowed to be the Founder's kinsmen, w^li 
we conceave they cannot prove but only by the marriage w*h this 
Agnes, except they clayme it by the childish geneallogies at the 
ende of the register book of Winchester Colledg, w^b sayth that 
Bolney of Sussex married wth Jone the daughter of Agnes, whose 
mother was Matild, & whose grandmother was Alice the Bishop's 
father's sister. 

If it be alleaged out of Somersett's letter that a cheveron wad 
the armes of the Companie of Carpenters, & that the Founder, 
before he was Bishop, in respect he was a carpenter or had good 
skill in architecture, did use a scale of one cheveron betweene 
3 roses, & that afterward he did use a scale w^^ 2 cheverons be- 
twene 3 roses, w^^ in his opinion was geven to the Bishop for 
his skill in architecture. 

If the cheveron were given in armes to y^ Carpenters since the 
Bishop gave that coate, then was it not geven to the Bishop for 
his skill in architecture. 

If this coate had beene geven to the Bishop, it had dyed wV^ 
him, & ought not to have beene quartered wth the coate armor 
of S^^ Rich: Fyennes & offered up . at his funerall by Somersett 

' • See Willement's Heraldic Notices of Canterbury Cathedral, 4to. 1827, p. 108 : 
but this coat is there assigned to Richard Clifford, Archdeacon of Canterbury in 
1397, afterwards Bishop of Worcester, Bishop of London, and a Cardinal ; which 
appropriation is confirmed by the inscription formerly affixed to the same arms in' 
a window of the Chapter House, ** Ricard' Clifford, Episcopus," (ibid. pp. 66, 


him self: nether should it have beene quartered wtt the Midle- 
ton's armes as in Wellesborne Church in Warwickshire, nor 
v/^^ Bolney's or Faunt's armes, as in the Cathedrall Church in 
Canterbury, nether should it have beene blazoned w^ the dif- 
ference of a younger brother, as it was in the churches of Thame 
& of S' Martin in Oxford, crested sometime w**» a bull's head, & 
sometime w*** a miter. 

Thomas Wickham, lord of Swaclive, married the daughter 
& heire of W™ Doyly, & by her did geve one cheveron betweene 
3 fowerleaved grasses like roses ; and haply the Founder might 
use this scale, beinge ignorant at the first what was his paternall 
coate, & afterward upon better knowledg he might alter his scale. 

Also, if Somerset in his letter to the Lo: Burleigh affirme that 
in the books belonginge to the office of armes, it doth appeare 
that the propper coate of the Wickhams was far diflFerent from 
the Bishop's, & that the Lo: Sey urge it against us : 

Let the difference be showed in the books, & then let it be 
proved to be the coate of the Wickhams lords of Swaclive, for 
we denye not but that there might be an other famely of the 
Wickhams, w** might geve a coate of armes different from the 
Bishop's & ours. 

It seemes by one book in the office of armes, that the coate of 
one famely of the Wickhams is a feild Ermine, bordered Gules, 
garnished w*^ 9 or more mullets Or; and the Lord Sey, to prove 
this to be the coate of the Wickhams of Swaclive, hath sometime 
alleaged that this very coate of greate antiquitie is to be seene iu 
divers windowes of the Church of Swaclive : and in that very ile 
of y« Church where the Wickhams lords of Swaclive have 
usially beene buried. 

We confesse that in the windowes of Swaclive Church and 
chancell there are 4 severall coates w^^ seeme to be of great 
antiquitie, each of wch is bordered Gules, & garnished wtl» 6 
mulletts Or, peirced Sables, wch we suppose might be geven by 
somme of the Wickhams of Swaclive in respect of some matches 
w*^ the heires of other houses. 

But there are not any armes in Swaclive Church that beare 
Ermins bordered Gules, nor any w^^ hath the border Gules 
garnished w^** aboue 6 mulletts Or. 

Yet we conceave that Robert Wickham, the sonne of S^ Ro- 
bert Wickham, by his match w^^ the daughter and heire of S"^ 



W"" of the Lee, did or might geve a coate pouldred Ermins, 
but not as his paternal! coate. 

If, because Percivall Wickham in his admission is not said to 
be of Swalecliffe, as he is in the book of swearinge, it shall be 
objected that the booke of swearinge is not waranted by the 
booke of admission, we answer that in the admission of the 
Founder's kinsmen it is usiall not to sett downe the place of their 
birth, because they are all* admitted vbicunque sint oriundi : and 
for John Sands was admitted 1412; Jo: Aas 1413; Bartholo- 
mew Bolney 1415; John Mavile 1427; Thomas Spore 1424; 
Thomas Gilbert 1462; and one Rich. Fyennes 1465, all Founder's 
kinsmen : but when they be sworne the notary is bound by his 
oath to note\pticularly the place of their byrth, id si qptis fuerit 
redegatur in jyublicum. 

Notes added on a fly-leaf by William Wickham : 

The 12th dale of September 1637, W™ Wickham of Abing- 
don & Thomas Harper of Swalecliffe did see the armes wch 
Bishop Wickham did geve quartered w^h an other coate of 
armes in a window in Broughton Church, where the Lo: Sey 
dwelleth; and in a window in Wellesborne Church in War- 
wickshire we did see them impaled w^^ an other coate w^h wee 
were tould was the Midleton's armes, & in both these churdies 
these armes doe seeme to be of great antiquitie. 

The 13*^ of September 1637, Thomas Harper aforesaid asked 
Thomas Wickham, now of Swalecliffe, if he were any kyn to 
Humfry now Lord of Swalecliffe, and the said Thomas reply'd 
that he did not know nor ever heard that he or his ^decessors 
ever were, or did at any tyme repute them selves to be kyn to 
the said Humfry or his pdecessors, till of late that one of the Lo: 
Seyes sonnes did say that it was likely that he the said Thomas 
& the said Humfry were of the same bloode and kyndred ; be- 
cause their pdecessors lived soe neere together & were of one & 
the same name, 8c that if he the said Thomas Wickham should 
deny his kyndred to the said Humfry, the said Thomas Wick- 
bam's children were never likely to be chosen into New Colledge* 

(To be Continu€d.J 





Amongst the miscellaneous manuscripts in the Library of the College 
of Arms are eight folio volumes, containing Collections formed with a 
view to a History of the County of Derby. 

The Collector, the Rev. Samuel Pegge, LL.D. and F.S.A. bom at 
Chesterfield 5th November 1704. was inducted to the Rectory of Whit- 
tington 11th November 1751, and died there on the 14th of February 
1796. His publications on various subjects of antiquarian research are 
numerous and valuable. His son, Samuel Pegge, Esq. born iu 1731, 
Gentleman of his Majesty's Privy Chamber, and one of the Esquires of 
the King's Household, is also well known to the antiquarian world as the 
author of the work entitled " Curialia." He died 22d May 1 800, 
having presented, as is believed, his father s Derbyshire Collections 
to his friend the late John Nichols, Esq. the Historian of Leicester- 
shire, who in 1 809 disposed of them to the Members of the College of 

Until recently they were in a confused and ill-arranged condition, 
when the Rev. Joseph Hunter, the Historian of South Yorkshire, a 
gentleman well acquainted with the County of Derby, kindly undertook 
the examination of them, and by a very judicious arrangement under 
the several heads of *' Parochial matter," *' Biography," and " Miscel- 
laneous," has rendered the MSS. more available to all persons interested 
in the History of this County. Mr. Hunter's short summary of the 
principal contents of the different volumes, now prefixed to each, 
will show what the Topographer has to expect from them, and espe- 
cially the several parishes to which the Collections more particularly 

It may be remarked that the following parishes are wanting : Castle- 
ton, Glossop, Hathersage, Hope, and Tides well. As these are all in 
the immediate neighbourhood of Whittington, there can be no doubt 
that Dr. Pegge must have formed considerable collections for them j 
and as it is to be regretted that the collection should be imperfect, it is 
hoped this notice may lead to the discovery of what he left respecting 

Memoirs of Dr. Pegge, written by his son, will be found in the Gen- 


tleman's Magazine for 1796, and in the sixth volume of Nichols's 
'* Literary Anecdotes of the Eighteenth Century.*' 

The only portions of his Derbyshire Collections that were published 
by himself or his son, are a Memoir on the Roman roads in the County> 
1784 ; History of Bolsover and Peak Castles, 1785 j Account of Beau- 
chief Abbey, 1801. 


Map of Derbyshire, from a foreign edition of Camden's Britan- 
nia, in folio. 

Map of Derbyshire, by H. Moil. 

General Account of the Natural History and Antiquities of 
Derbyshire, paged by Dr. Pegge 1 to 86. 

Printed Lists of the Sheriffs. 

Warrant during the Civil Wars, dated " Chesterfield, May 9, 

Bells in the Derbyshire Churches. 

Elections in Derbyshire. 

River Exlebourne. 

Peverel Road. 

Roman Roads. 



Account of My Lady's Oak, a tree so called in Haddon Park. 

Civil War Notices. 

List of Dissenting Meeting Houses. 

Forest of Peak. 



Navigation of the Derwent. 

The portion of the Magna Britannia which relates to Derby- 
shire, interleaved, and with numerous manuscript notes. 

Villare of Derbyshire, the names arranged according to the ter- 

Nomina Villarum of Derbyshire. 

Nomina Oificiariorum in com. Derb. prput continentur in libro 
qui vocatur " Le Coucher." 

Of British Remains: names of Rivers, Hills, &c. 

Roman Road from Little Chester to Chesterfield, traced Sept. 
22, 1760. 

VOL. III. $ 



Perambulation of the lesser Roman Road in the County of Derby. 
Original letter from J. Reynolds, jun. to Dr. Pegge, on the Ro- 
man Road. 
Notices of Bathom Gate, Mam Tor, and Rowley Hill. 
On the state of the County during the Heptarchy. 
Tenants in chief after the Conquest. 

Parochial Description and History^ viz. 


Beauchief Abbey. 








Bake well. 





Chapel le Frith. 



Parish of Chesterfield. 



> CL — NO. 













Dale Abbey. 






Darley Abbey. 





Norman ton ( South ) . 
















Wingfield (North). 


Sutton cum Duck- 

Win^eld (South). 







In these volumes, Dr. Pegge's plan is to give some account of, 
first, the township in which the Church is situated and from which 
consequently the parish takes its denomination ; and, secondly, 
of any other township which may go to compose the parish. 



Prefixed to this Volume is an alphabetical Index in Dr. 
Pegge's hand writing, to the Parishes and Chapelries mentioned 
in pp. 1—219. The matter it refers to is miscellaneous. 
Collections for the History of Chesterfield, 163 pages ; then. 
Collections for the History of the Town of Derby, to the end of 

the Volume. 


Mr. Blore's Proposals for his intended History of Derbyshire. 

Names of Derbyshire families entered in the Visitation of 1662. 

Catalogues of engraved Portraits and other Prints, illustrative of 

Works in print and in MS. relating to Derbyshire. 

The names of persons connected in any manner with the County 
of Derby, with biographical and genealogical particulars, 
arranged in several alphabets. The alphabetical order, how- 
ever, is not very strictly observed ; but there is a useful Index 
at the beginning by Dr. Pegge himself. 

This volume abounds in valuable information, and contains 
dispersedly, nearly the whole of Bassano's Derbyshire Pedigrees, 
which were compiled in 1709 and 1710. 


Archdeacon Walton's Table of Fees. 

View of the Mills at Derby. 

Subsidy, 1601. 

A Preface to Domesday Book. 

Villare of Derbyshire. 

Another Villare of the County. 

Domesday Book for Derbyshire, followed by an Index to it. 

Other extracts fi-om Domesday Book, relating to Derbyshire 

and Yorkshire. 
Transcript of a Chartulary of the Abbey of Beauchief. 
Monumental Inscriptions at Bolsover, Staveley, and Hucknall. 
Notices of Wingerworth. 

List of Parishes and Manors in the Hundred of the High Peak. 
Act for repairing the Road from Chesterfield to Sheffield. 
Act for repairing four Derbyshire Roads. 
Extract from Domesday Book relating to Hallamshire. 

s 2 


An original Writ, temp. James 11. 

List of the Towns whicli have Constables in the Hundred of 

List of the Freeholders in Unston. 
Account of St. Alkmund. 
The Yew Tree at Darley. 
Pedigree of Hodgkinson. 

Original copy of Court Roll, manor of Alderwasley. 
Account of lands belonging to the Chantry of Chaddesden, in 

the parish of Spondon, and to other Chantries. 
Extracts from the Church Wardens' Accompts of Brampton. 
Charitable Gifts at Brampton. 
Extract from Book of Charters pertaining to the Deanery of 

Deed from an old Register book at Lichfield. 
Further extracts from the Dean of Lincoln's Chartulary. 
Original Letter of one George Smith Green, announcing that he 

has finished a new version of the Paradise Lost, and asking 

advice respecting it ; with draft of Dr. Pegge's admirable reply. 
Original Letter respecting the Mortuaries due to the Bishop of 

County of Derby Address to K. James II. 
Notes of the Diet at the King's visit to Hoghton, 1617. 
Printed forms for Holy Orders. 
Minutes from Sir Henry Hunloke's deeds. 
Deeds of Pole of Wakebridge. 
Chantry at Brampton. 
Pedigrees of Blore, Morley, Sucheverel, Basset, Sacheverel of 

Hopwell and Barton, and Reresby. 
The Case of John Kynaston^ Esq. respecting the Barony of 

Epitaph on Dr. Tayler. 
Index to Visitation of Cheshire 1599. 
Pedigree of Gerard. 

Index to Visitation of Lancashire, 1567. 
Extracts from MSS. in the Chetham Library, Manchester. 
Captain Revell Ashenhurst's Commission. 
Letter of Oliver Cromwell to Lieut.-Col. Mitchell, with his 

Printed sheet ; verses on the death of the Rev. Mr. Shakespear. 
Pedigree of Griffith. 


Customs of the Borough of Derby concerning Inheritances. 

Authors cited by John Rosse. 

Remarks on Rauthmell's Account of Overborough. 

Remarks on the Parliamentary History. 

Remarks on the memoirs of the Earl of Monmouth. 

Signior Antoniotto della Musica da Chiesa. 

Translation of the same by Waterhouse. 

Pedigree of Beresford. 

Pedigree of Feme. 

Petition to the King from Derbyshire, 1640. 

Charters in the Corporation chest at Chesterfield. 

Muster Roll for Derbyshire. 

Measurements of Derbyshire Townships. 

Warrant addressed to the Constable of Dronfield. 

High Peak Suit Roll. 

Arms of Derbyshire families. 

List of Clergy at the Visitation, 1789. 

Affairs of Lowe of Alderwaslev. 

Monuments at Tideswell. 

Prospectus of Dayes' Excursions. 

Printed Account of Bredsall Priory. 

Remarks on the Pedigree of Mundy. 

Derbyshire Petition to the House of Commons, 1780. 

Minutes from Foxlowe's Deeds. 

List of Clergy at the Visitation in 1793. 

Notes of Arms of a few Derbyshire families. 

Original Letter of George Reynolds. 

Pedigrees of Newton, Wagstaffe, and Dakyn. 

Gentlemen of the County of Derby promoted by the Duke of 

Devonshire while Lord Chamberlain of H. M.'s Household. 
Turbary of Inhabitants of Bowden Edge. 
Account of Peak Forest. 
Extracts from Wolley's Collections respecting Peak Forest, and 

other places in Derbyshire. 
Minutes from Evidences of Samuel Shore, Esq. 
Notices of Bradley. 
Agreement amongst the Gentry of Derbyshire respecting the 

office of Sheriff. 
Derbyshire Association in the time of the Rebellion, 1745. 
Extracts from the Chartulary of Welbeck. 
Notices of Lankford, Waterland, & Heathcote. 



Pedigree of Meverel. 

Visitation of Beauchief by the Abbot of Welbeck. 

Notices of Draycote and other places, probably by Mr. Wolley. 

Three original Letters of Rob. Newton, Esq. to D' Pegge. 

" Portraits of myself." 

Two original Letters of J. C. Brooke, Somerset. 

Original Letter of Rev. Edw. Goodwin of Sheffield, respecting 

the family of Dossie. 
Arms of Gilbert. 
Pedigree of Blithe. 

A few notes from a Cofferer's book, temp. Q. Eliz. 
Minutes from Mrs. Coke. 

Three original Letters signed Wm. Mott, 1784. 
Various prints illustrative of Derbyshire. 



Contents in Dr. Pegge's handwriting : 

Foundation of Chantry at Northwingfd, in com. Derb. . 1 
Ordinatio Vicar, de Dronfield, com. Derb. . • 12 

Inscription on my Grandfather in Chesterfd Church, com. 

Derby . . . . . . .13 

Inscription on a brass plate in Ashborn Church, com. Derb. 14 
Inscription on a brass plate in Chesterf*! Church . . 14 

Inscription on the Alms-houses at Ashborn . . 14 

Extracts fi'om ye Tables of Benefactors in Ashborn Church 16 
Inscription on Beauchief House, in com. Derb. . . 15 

Inscription on M^ Taylor's House at Ashborn . .15 

Coat of Arms on y^ wall of the house ag** N. E. gate of 

Chesterfd ch. yd . * . . . . 15 

Inscription on Osmaston juxta Ashborn Church Porch . 15 
Inscription on the Communion Flagon at Osmaston . 15 

Date on M^ Knight's old house at Godmersham, com. 

Kane. . . . . . . .15 

A Groat of Henry V. . . . . .15 

A Pennv of Hen. IV. . . . . .15 

Legend of St. Erasmus from a MS. of Tho. Rawlinson, Esq. 16 
Nine Points of Virtue from the same MS. . . 19 

Two Inscriptions belonging to Brampton Church, com. 

Derb. . . . . . . .22 

Coat of Arms in a window at Somershall in Brampton • 22 



The life of St. Degare from y® above MS. of Rawlinson's 

List of the Cardinals from another of Rawlinson's MSS. 

Extracts from the last-named MS. 

Articles about making Gold 

Cases relating to Tythes 

Thorp's Examination, from a MS. of Rawlinson's 

Var. Lect. in Chartam Marisci de Romney e eod. MS. 


Form of admitting Hennits, from a MS. of Rawlinson's 
Oath of Inspector of Fish-market, Canterb. from a MS. in 

the Spiritual Court there .... 

Oath of Inspector of the Shambles at Canterb. from the 

same MS. .... 

Certificate of Sherif of Canterb. into y^ Excheq 

same MS. .... 

Ordinatio vicar, de Westfield, com. Sussex 
Mattaire's Ode on D^^ Broxholme's Birthday 
Specimen of Court Hand . 
License for not keeping Lent 
Manners family 

Bp. Longland's Petition for a Suffragan 
Radburn Inscriptions 
Measham, Broughton, Gresley 
Foremark, Sutton on the Hill, Wirksworth 

from ye 






89 b 


90 b 

A Customary Book for the 29 Towns belonging to the 

Honour of Tutbury . . . . .93 

Family of Molyneux . . . . .121 

Inventory of the Abbey of Lichfield . . .127 

Original Deputation of William Wingfield as under Sherifi* 

to John Morewood ..... 129 

Ditto to Adrian Munday . . . . .131 

Pedigrees of various Derbyshire families in the handwriting of 
Samuel Pegge, Esq. the Doctor's son. 

A small quarto volume, entitied " Woolley's History of Der- 
byshire," accompanies Dr. Pegge's collection. 

Prefixed to it is a letter addressed to M^ George Rogers, Mercht at 
Mile -end, near London, signed " W™ WooUey." At the end of the 
same volume will be found some extracts from Inquisitions post mortem 
of persons connected with the County of Derby, apparently in the 
handwriting of Samuel Pegge, followed by some other miscellaneous 


matters. This volume was obtained by the College at the same time as 
the other MSS. 

There is also in the Library of the College a folio volume (of 286 
pages) of Derbyshire Church Notes taken about the year 1710, by 
Francis Bassano, which was presented to the College by Samuel Lysons, 
Esq. and his brother the Rev. Daniel Lysons, in 1 8 1 7. It will be found 
to contain a curious and interesting collection of Church notes : many 
of the monuments therein described have long since disappeared. 

More than fifty volumes of MSS. chiefly consisting of collections re- 
lative to Derbyshire, were bequeathed to the British Mnseum in 1827 
by Adam Wolley, of Matlock, co. Derby, Esq. and form the Addi- 
tional MSS. 6666 to 6718. 

Nos. 6666 to 6675 are miscellaneous collections of documents, pedi- 
grees, &c. intitled <* Analecta,'* vols. A to K. 

The volumes 6676 to 6686 inclusive, are " Mineralia," consisting of 
legal briefs, cases, bills, and other law papers, relating to the Lead 
Mines in the countv. 

Nos. 6687 to 6696, are "Derbyshire Collectanea," marked A to K. 
and containing various legal and ecclesiastical documents, charters, 
wills, abstracts of title deeds, and miscellaneous papers. Volume G. 
(6693) consists wholly of matter relating to the property and family of 
Coningsby, of co. Hereford. 

No. 6697 and 6698 are of similar miscellaneous contents. 

No. 6699 is an Index to Mr. WoUey's series of original charters 
relating to Derbyshire (originally bound up in twelve folio volumes) 
now deposited with his other collections in the British Museum. 

No. 6700 is '* Breviarium Recordorum Regiorum in Capell^ Rotulo- 
rum et in Turri Londinensi remanentium, de maneriis, terris, et tene- 
mentis in com. Derb. collect, per Nathan Ringros, Gen." with addi- 
tions by Mr. Wolley. 

6701 consists of Church notes made by John Reynolds, jun. of Plais- 
tow (see vol. L of the present work, p. 155.) 

6702 is an old and decayed volume of collections, supposed to have 
been made by Robert Columbell of Darley hall, who died in 1605. 

6703, miscellaneous public tracts. 

6704 contains copies of deeds, &c. made by Henry and Richard Wig- 
ley, from the reign of Elizabeth to Charles L 

6705 to 6707 are three quarto volumes, containing Derbyshire collec- 
tions, made by Mr. Reynolds above mentioned. 


6708 is a small volume by the same person^ on Roman Coins found in 

6709 is a small volume by the Rev. Will. Pennifather, Rector of 
Draycott, Staffordshire, in the reign of Elizabeth and James I. chiefly 
relating to proceedings in the Ecclesiastical Courts respecting the tithes 
of Draycott j to which Mr. WoUey has added several modern opinions 
on points of law. 

No. 6710 contains abstracts of Inquisitions post mortem for Derby- 
shire, from 2 Hen. YII. to 44 Eliz. with indexes of places and names. 

No. 6711 contains transcripts of the Cartae Antiquae in the Tower 
during the reigns of Richard I , John, and Henry III., with an index. 

No. 6712 is a similar volume of extracts from the Charter, Patent, 
and Clause Rolls from 1 to 31 Hen. III. 

No. 6713 is a large folio volume, containing a Treatise on the Customs 
of the Cornish Stannaries, composed in 1586, by Mr. Hoblyn, Town 
Clerk of Bodmin, and other matters relating thereto. 

No. 6714 relates to the priories of Tutbury, Brewood, Stafford, and 
Deulacres, co. Stafford, and Dale and Repton, co. Derby. It belonged 
to Mr. Astle in 1 766. 

No. 6715 is a collection of printed Particulars of estates, &c. chiefly 
in Derbyshire. 

The other three volumes do not particularly relate to Derbyshire. 
Nos. 6716 and 6718 consist of miscellaneous monastic treatises ; 6717 
is a transcript of the Year Books of Edw. III. Hen. V. and VI. 

The Derbyshire collections formed by the late Mr. Thomas Blore 
are still in the possession of his son, Edward Blore, Esq. F.S.A. 

Those of Mr. Daniel Dakeyne, jun. of Holt-House in Dailey, are 
in the possession of Mrs. Dakeyne, at Chesterfield, his widow. 

Thomas Birds, Esq. of Eyam, lately deceased, left a considerable 
collection of original deeds and other papers relating to this County. 

Mr. William Bateman, of Middleton Hall, near Bakewell (the only 
son of Thomas Bateman, Esq. late High Sheriff of the County) died in 
June 1835, leaving a large and valuable collection of materials, both 
printed and manuscript, for the History of Derbyshire. 




In Sir Harris Nicolas*s biographical notices of the deponents in the 
" Scrope and Grosvenor Roll," vol. ii. p. 245, will be found a memoir 
of Sir Guy Bryan, one of the most distinguished characters in the reign 
of Edward III. He was summoned to Parliament in 1350, elected 
K.G. in 1370, and died in 1390, at the age, most extraordinary in that 
warlike time, of ninety years. It is noticed in the same article, p. 250, 
that there has been considerable discrepancy and uncertainty in the 
published accounts of his marriages and issue. The following documents, 
some of which have been there referred to, contribute to throw consider- 
able light on a subject which is still attended with partial obscurity. 

Inquisition relative to the livery of the barony of Castle Walweyn, 
CO. Pembroke, to Guy de Bryan, jun. 1331. (Escaet. 5 Edw. III. Pars 
2, No. 163.) 

Inquig capta die LunaB proximo post festum sancti Marcii 
anno regni regis Edwardi tertii post conquestum quinto apud 
Pembr coram Rico Symond sen comit* Pembr ad mandatum dni 
regis sicut cotinet"" in brevi, per sacramentum Jobis le Gras et 
aliorum. Qui dicunt super sacramentum suum quod dominus 
Rex alias misit breve suum sub privato sigillo suo Rogero de 
Mortuo Mari nuper comiti March tunc custodi com Pembr sub 
tenore qui sequitur. 

Edward par le g»ce Dieu Rey Dengleterre seign"" Dirlande 
& Docs Daquit' a nostra cher Cosyn Rog de Mortimer Counte 
de la Marche gardeyn de Counte de Pembr esteaunt en nre 
main p le meindre age Laurens de Hastyng, ou a son Lutenaunt 
illoques, salut. Come aucuns debat} estoient nadgairs meu} 
entre nre cher & foial mong Guy de Bryan dune part & nre 
cher vallet Guyoun de Brian son 63 & hir dautre part, les queles 
debat} finalement furent apeisec} en nre jpsence p assent de 
Welthiane la femme le dit mon§ Guy & des c5muns amys dune 
part et d'autre acorde} en la manere q s'ensuy t, p cause q le dit 


mons Guy en temps du dit acord feut en tiel estat qil navoit 
mye sen de luy meismes dassentir al dit acord, mes estoit hors 
de seine memorie. Cest assaver q la baronie de Chastet de 
Walwayn q feut au dit mon§ Guy ov les ap""tenaunces demorent 
entierement au dit Guyoun a aver & tener a luy et a ses hirs en 
tiele condicioun qil seit tenu3 a marier & avauncer deux des 
seors des issues & pfit3 qil rescevra de la dite baronie et auxint q 
les deux cent} lives en les queles Dame Johanne de Carreu est 
tenu3 au dit monS Guy p"" le mariage le dit Guyoun son £3 
demoergent au dit Guyoun en eide de marier ses dites soers et 
s"" ceo en avisement & regard q le dit monS Guy p cause qil 
nesteit mie en seine memorie ne kil avoit conesaunce de tiome a 
ordiner de ses choses ne en estat fut de fair estat de feofFement 
ne autr seurte au dit Guyoun son fil} sur les covenaunces, fut 
assentU3 p la dite Welthiane et p les amis avantdit3 de lo"" bon 
gree qe la dite baronie serreit seisie en nre main et puis li^e au 
dit Guyoun a pfourner les covenaunces avantdit3. Vous man- 
dons qe meisme la baronie veues cestes tres faites sei? en nre 
main et puis liver au dit Guy fil3 monS Guy a tenir a luy & a 
ses hirs en la fourme avantdite & a pfournir totes les condicions 
avantdites. Don sous nre prive seal a North' le xxix jour de 
Juyl Tan de nre regne quart. 

Quod quidem breve dictus comes Marcli misit Robto de 
Malleye tunc sen suo Pembr una cum tris suis qua|^ tenor sbse- 

Ro§ de MortiiS Count de la Marche & Gardeyn del Counte 
de Pembr a Robert de Malleye nre seii de Pembr* salut3. No^ 
vo^ enveiouns encloses dedens cest tre nre seign"" le Roy et 
vous mandons q de ceo face3 due exsecucion 8c garde3 bien la 
tre nre seign"" le Roi p"" vre garaunt. Escr a North' le xxix 
jo"" de Juyl. 

Et die qd virtute dictorum mandatorum domini Regis & comitis 
March', bidellus com Pembr' ex pte dci comitis & ex missione dci 
Robti tiic sen com Pembr* seis fecit dcam baroniam de Castro 
Walwayn in manu diii Regis die Martispx post festum sci Bartil 
anno quarto, et post triduum dca baronia lifeata fuit dco Guidoni 
filio Guyd tenend &c. scdm tenore tris pdci et no alio modo et 
bona et catatt in maneriis dee baronie inventa liberata fuerunt 
eidem. Et dicunt qd idem Guido de Bryan statum suum in 
premissis. post captionem prsddictam in nuUo mutavit. In cujus 
rei testimonium sigilla pdco]^ jur sunt appensa. Da¥ apud 
Pembr die et anno s'^dcis. 



Sir Guy de Bryan, sen. Knight, died in 23 Edw. III. when his son 
and heir Guy was thirty years of age. Inq. p. mort. 

Elizabeth^ daughter of William de Montacute^ Earl of Salisbury, 
widow in 1 2 Edw. III. of Giles Lord Badlesmere, and in 22 Edw. III. 
of Hugh Lord le Despenser, was in 25 Edw. III. the wife of Sir Guy de 
Bryan^ as appears by a hne. She died 31 May 33 Edw. III. when the 
following Inquisition was taken : 

Esc. 33 Edw. III. 1 No. 42. — Inq. capta apud Bokeland in 
com Hertford. — quod Elizabetha quae fuit uxor Hugonis le 
Despenser defuncti, tenuit ad totam vitam suam nomine dotis 
post mortem Egidii de Badlesmere quondam viri sui, maneriiim 
de Bokeland, quod quidem manerium post mortem pred. Eliz. 
spectat Thome de Roos fil. Margerie de Roos sororis et uni 
heredum pred. Egidii defuncti, et heredibus ipsius Thome, prout 
per quandam notam cujusdem finis levat. (in 25 Edw. III.) inter 
Will, de Roos de Hamelake ch'r fratrem pred. Thome querent, 
et Thomam Arundell et Margeriam uxorem ejus deforc. de 
manerio pred. et aliis maneriis et terris quae Guido de Brien 
et Elizabetha uxor tenuerunt, S^c. apparet. Et dicunt quod Eli- 
zabetha obiit xxxjo die Maii ult. preterit. 

In 40 Edw. III. Robert Jltzpayne, Chevr, granted to Sir Guy de 
Bryan and others the manoi: of Ackford Fitzpayne in the co. of Dorset, 
the manor of Stourton in Wilts^ and the manors of Brighthampton, 
Spekington^ Staple, and Sedene in Somersetshire, and the advowsons 
of the churches and chapels thereof. The charter will be printed in a 
future page of this volume. 

Inq. 1 Ric. II. n. 118.— An inquisition whether it be to the 
damage of the King or any other if Guy de Briene, knt. Guy 
his son, knt. Robert Fitz Payn, knt. William de Briene, & 
John de Kentecombe, give & assign one messuage in Pounde- 
stoke, & the advowson of the Church of the said town, to the 
Chapel of St. Mary within the manor of the said Guy in Slap- 
ton, in CO. Devon. Writ dated 10th Dec. 

From a MS. penes Sir Thomas Phillipps, Bart. 

Guido de Brien chev'r ai grant a Philip Brien mon filj le 
Manoir de Shokerwyke, le rem^ a Willam Brien mon fil}. Tes- 
moignes, Willam Bonvitt, Roberd Fitz Payne, John Chideoke 
chivalers, John Erie et Edmund Forde. Don a Runston, 4 Ric. II. 

Seal, three piles. (The seal of Sir Guy Bryan is engraved in the 
Gentleman*s Magazine, vol. xcv. ii. 297.) 


Probate copy of the will of Sir Guy Bryan, the younger, son of Sir 
Guy Bryan, K.G , from a copy, with probate annexed, in the collection 
of Sir Thomas Phillipps, Bart, purchased at the sale of Mr. Craven 
Ord*8 Manuscripts. 

En nom de Deux 8c de Seint Espit. Ame. Moy Guy de Bryene 
le fit} le vij jo^ de Juil Ian du regne Je roy Richard Seconde 
puis le conqueste septisme en plein memorie devyse moun testa- 
mete en ceste man^e, Premarem* jeo devise ma alme a Dieux 
& mon corps destre ensevely en la chapele de la chauntrye de 
Nostn Dame de Slapton. Km jeo devise a ma trescher & 
tresbn de coer ame compagne Alyse de Bryene tut mon vessel 
dargent & tutz les drapes de ma garderobe. Km jeo devise a 
ma dite compaigne Alyse de Bryene en ayde de son vivere & 
suistenaunce de soun poure estat & p^ ayder m} file} ceo quile 
pusse bonemt tout le remaneunt & residue de mez peti} ben}. 
Et p"^ ceo q jeo say ben que mez ditez bien} snt de si petit 
value q ma dite trescher compaigne ne puisse q peu p eulx estre 
releve & q ils ne vaillent mye de aquyt mez detes jeo supplie 
humblemt mon treshoiie & tres redote seigno"^ & pere si come 
filt} ose & pusse cheremt supplier si noble piere come jeo ay 
trove mon dit S"" de Bryene & Piere en tout} me} anguyssey & 
besoignez q lui plese en heonere de chary te & p"" la gloriouse 
passion de nostre S"" saquyt me} dettes si q ma myseryue alme ne 
soyt pery en le fii de purgatoire. Et touchant regarde de me} 
servauns jeo ne ay de quoy de le fere et plus jeo ne ose charger 
mon S"" & piere. Et p^ ceo jeo pry Dieux q il les ayder & con- 
forte. Et p"" bien & loyelment pforfhr mon devis de poynt en 
poynt come avaunt est dyt jeo ordeignc} face mes executors mey 
tres cherement de coer bien ame compaigne Alys de Bryene come 
pncypal executer & Rychard Muchyldevere joyntem* & several- 
met. En tesmoygnaunce q ceo est ma darrayne volonte a iceste 
mon testemt jeo ay mys mon sel jo"^ *? an susdit} priaunte trescher- 
ment a mon tresche fre Robard le Fitzpayn q lui plese sour 
graunt affiaunce q jeo ay en lui destre aydant de pformr mon 
dit testement. 

(Indorsed.) Probatum fuit psens testamentum coram nobis 
Rob to de Hatfield ctico Ven^abit in Xro pris et dni Dni Ra- 
dulfi Dei gra Sar Epi seqratore et comissar in hac pte brie 
deputato^ & bn pnunciatum p eodem Administracioq^ honor idem 
testamentum con2nentiu Dne Alicie relicte et executrici nobit 
vir Dni Guidonis infrascripti in forma juris commissa, reser- 


vaXa nobis ptate comitendi administrate hui^ Ricardo Micbel- 
dever executor cum venerit in forma juris petitur. Dat. apud 
Rammesham sb sigillo officij penultimo die mensis Marcij Anno 
Dni M® CCC octogesimo sexto. 
(7%6 secU annexed.) 

Inq. 12 Ric. II. no. 158. — A charter of Guy de Briene, knt. 
and Alicia de Briene, enrolled in the King's Bench, reciting 
that the said Guy had enfeoffed Robert Dodewith, William 
Phissti, and John Moure, clerks, in the manor of Sutton Poyutz 
with the hundred of Culfardestre ; who had thereof enfeoflFed 
Guy de Briene, knt. junior, and the aforesaid Alicia then his 
wife, with remainder, on failure of issue male, to Guy de Briene 
the father, 8c after to his heirs ; witnesses, Robert Fitz-Payn, 
John Chidiock, John Moigne, knts. Roger Buttesthorn, John 
Meyr, & others, at Ramesham, 9 Apr. 3 Ric. II. Which Guy 
the younger is now dead, & the aforesaid Alice continues in full 
seisin of the manor & hundred, which the aforesaid Guy confirms 
by these presents. And Alice acknowledges her tenure to stand 
only in the said charter, which she desires her heirs 8c executors 
to deliver to the said Guy, or his heirs. Dated at Westminster, 
24 May, 9 Ric. II. 

Inquisition in Devonshire on the death of Sir Guy de Bryan, sen. K.G. 

Esc. 14 Ric. II. no. 8. — Inquisitio cap? apud Honyton die 
Ven is px post festum Nativitatis Be Marie anno regni Regis 
Rici scdi post Conques't xiiij, Sfc, Dicunt qd Guido de Briene, 
Ch^, tenuit de dno Rege in capite die quo obiit manerium de 
Northm cum ptin in com Devon, &c. ac eciam Insulam voca? 
Londay 8cc. unu cruftum in Dertmouth, &c. I?m dicunt q^ 
pdcus Guido diu ante obitum suum p cartam suam feoffavit Mar- 
tinum de Ferres, Jobem Ferers de Churchton, Willm Tray, 
rectorem cantarie de Slapton, & Johem Prestecote, de man^io 
de Slaptone cum ptin in eodem com una cu advocate manerij 
de Torrebrian in eodem com, post mortem Phipe uxis Joliis 
Chandos militis, quod quid man iu de Torrebrian eadem Philippa 
tenet ad ?minum vite sue ex concessione pdci Guidonis, &c. qui 
quidem Martinus, Jobes, Wittus, & Johes postmodu feoffaverunt 
dnm Jobem Deveros militem, Petrum de Courteney, Joiiem 
Lovell milites, Ricu Mucheldeve, Waltm Trote cticu, Morganti 
Gough, Nicbm Wake, & Johem Combe cticos, de pdco man^io 


de Slapton cu suis ptin una cum revsione manPij de Torrebrian. 
H'end & tenend pdcis Johi Deveros, Petro, Jotli Lovell, Rico, 
Wal?o, Morgano, Niello, & Johi Combe ad ?min vite pdci 
Guidonis et post decessum pdci Guidonis pdic? manPiu & revsio 
cum omibj suis ptins remanerunt Philippe & Elizabeth filiabus 
Guidonis de Briene filij pdci Guidonis & hered de corporibus 
suis time procreatis. Et si, 8cc. remanerent rectis hered pdci 
Guidonis prTs pdci Guidonis filij. Et eciam dicunt qd pdcus 
Guido pater obiit die mcij px post fes?m assump^is Be Marie 
anno regni regis Rici scdi post conquestum quarto decimo. 
Item dicunt qd Philippa ux Johis Deveros fit Johis Deveros 
militis, & Elizabeth ux Rohti filij Johis Lovell militis, sunt ppin- 
quiores hered pdci Guidonis pris, vidett ut filie pdci Guidonis filij 
pdci Guidonis patris. Et dicunt qd pdca Philippa est etatis xij 
annor et amplius, et pdca Elizabeth est etatis ix annor et amplius. 
Alia Inquisitio capta apud Dorchestf die Sabbti px post fes- 
tum Nativitatis B. Marie Virginis anno R. R. Rici Scdi quarto- 
decimo coram Edwardo Bokelond escaetore Dni Regis in com 
Dors. 8cc. de manerio de Pompknowle, &c, I?m dicunt qd 
pdcus Guido obiit die Mercurii px post festu Assump^is Be 
Marie ultimo p?ito, et qd Philippa una filiar Guidonis filij pdci 
Guidonis jam defimcti quam Johes filius Johis Devereux militis 
duxit in uxorem, 8c Elizabeth all^a filiar eiusdem Guidonis filij 
Guidonis quam Rohtus filius Johis Lovell milit duxit in uxem, 
sunt hered ppinquiores ejusdem Guidonis pris, Sfc. 

16 Rich, II. p. 1, n. 12. — Inq. capt. apud Mere xij die Junii 
anno regni Rici scdi sextodecimo qd Robtus Fitzpayn chivaler 
tenuit die quo obiit man de ^tourton, &c. Et dicunt qd idem 
Rohtus obiit xxj Maii px p?ito et qd Isabella Ponyngges filia 
ipius Rohti jam superstes est sola eius heres ppinquior niic etatis 
XXX annor et amplius. 

16 Ric. II. — InquiS apud Gildeford. Obiit die Mercur px 
ante festu pentecos?. Et dicunt qd Isabella que fuit ux Rici de 
Ponynges mili? est heres, etatis viginti octo annor. 

Esc. 17 Ric. II. n. 46.--Juratores dicunt q^ Isabella quae fuit 
ux Rici Ponynges militis, filia & haeres Roberti Fitzpayn mit, 
obiit die SaHSi xjo die April px p?it. Et dicunt qd Robertus 
Poynenges est filius & haeres ppinquior dee Isabelle & fuit etatis 
xiv anno^ in festo Sci Andree ul? pteri?. 


Recognizance of the feoffees of Sir Gay de Bryan, for the manor of 
Slapton and reversion of Torbryan in Devonshire, 17 Ric. 11. from the 
original in the possession of John Gage, Esq. Lincoln's Inn. 

On to the heryngf and opyn knwlecil of alle man e folk. 
We John Ferrers of Churcheton, i Wittm Tray, Dene of Cryi- 
ton * that sumtyme was Rectour of Slapton, and Jotln Presteeote, 
by thys oure wrytingf certefyin trewlycli, That Martyn Ferres, 
and we the forsaid Jotln, Wittm, and John, by fefFementof ( Guy 
de Briene that last deyid, som tyme were confefFes sotlielich 
in dede sesyd in the Manere of Slapton, and the reusioii of Tor- 
briene, with here app"^ten in Deuynshir, by the same f Guy to 
ous and oure heirs in fe 30uyn ^ longe or i Guy his sone deyide. 
And we contynwyng that astat tyl aftyr i Guy the sone ys deth, 
in the month of Feuerer the ix^he ^gr of oure lord the kyng Ric 
seconde ys regne, tho hadde we posessid of the forsaid londys 
in oure posescon a Reles c by the forsaid f Guy the vadir,*^ of al 
his riht to the same londys to ous maad ondyr his seal, chargyng 
ous thanne that we sholde graunt a rente charge of xl pound on 
the forsaid Manere of Slapton paiable to the vs ^ and pfit of his 
chanterie ther. And so dede we alle forsaid confefFes setth^ 
chargede the forsaid Maner of Slapton with an annuel rente of 
xl pound paiable to the vs of his chaunterie ther, as in oure 
ctlre s therof maad more fullictl ys contenid. And aftir that in 
the monthe of March the next folwingf the same ix^e ^er forsaid 
of the Kyng is regne, we alle forsaid confeftes, that is Martyn, 
John, Wiftm, and John, tho iointelicil reenfeffide the forsaid 
f Guy de Briene the fadir in the forsaid Manere of Slaptoii, and 
the reus of Torbriene, with here apteii, to haue and holde to hym 
for ?me of hys lyf, the remeindr therof to fWilim Briene his sone, 
and the heirs mals of his body comyngf, and from hym to f Phe- 
lipp Briene, and to the heirs mals of his body comyngf . And 
from ^ Ph the remeindr therof ouyr to the ryhte heyrs of the 
forsaid i Wittm Briene (bi comandement of the forsaid # Guy 
the fadir ^). And so by that refeffement were we alle forsaid 
confefFes of all our astat, riht, and posession in the forsaid 
londis, tho fullich dismettid, and ( Guy de Briene of the for- 
said astat in the same londis tho pesibillich sesyd. And setth 
that tyme hydirward we hadde neuyr non astat, riht, ne poses- 

» Crediton. ^ given. « Release. * father. 

• use. ' since. t charter. ^ Interlined. 


»ion in the forsaid londis att no tyme. And therfor althou byt 
be so that of latter tyme settti, as in the xiij^**® 3er of our forsaid 
lord the kyng ys regne, ther was a feynyd chre in our alle for- 
said confefFes name mysmaad, and by ous thre forsaid, Martyn, 
Wiftm, and John Prestecote, of our necligence selyd with our 
selis, alte comandement of the forsaid i Guy the vadir, con- 
tenyngf that alle we Martyn, Jobn, Wittm, and John of the 
same forsaid Man e of Slapton, reu§ of Torbriene, and Derte- 
moutti Clifton Hardenasse, han maad a feffement to i John 
Deueux of Maoun, i Jobn Lovel, and othir psonis in that feynyd 
chre nenyd, for to haue and holde to hem ?me of f Guy the vadir 
ys lyfe, the remeindr therof to Phelipe and Elisabet, as in that 
feynyd chre more fullich cbntenyd ys. 3yttnertheles we cer- 
tefyin to 30U alle marine folke sothelych, that thilke fenid chre ys 
of no substance, for therby indede from ous to Deueux and his 
nenyd confefFes passid noon astat, ne by no wey passe myhte 
rihtfullich of oure 3yfte^ tho settli foure 3er to, for that we 
hadde ous fullich dismettyd of the same londis, and at the tyme 
of that feynyd chre maad ne nevyr settfe hadde we ney thir astat, 
riht, ne posession in the forsaid londis, whareof to make no 
man^e astat. And therfor yff forsaid John de Ferrers of 

Churcheton also by comandement of # Guy , . . .^" 

for to ensele the same forsaid viciouse fenyd chre, refusid to do 

hit, and nahut ne wolde hit anse . . . ys nahut that chre 

of feffement touchinge the forsaid londis by me enselid, saue 
onelich the chre of the feflfement by ine and my forsaid confeffes 
maad to # Guy de Briene the vadir, as writin ys aboue. In 
wy ttnessyngf of which thes forsaid ma?es, we forsaid John Ferres 
of Churcheton, i Wittm Tray, and John Prestecote, to this oure 
writyn certi[fi]cat han frelich sett oure selys, in ful and pupplik 
declaracon of trowthe in dede, as we wol answere to for God in 
descharge of our soulys. Dat' xxiij<' die Septembr ano regni 
Regf Ric scndi decimo septimo *?c. (Seals lost) 

Deed of enfeoffment^ in the possession of John Gage, Esq. 

Sciant ^sentes ? futuri qd nos Robtus de Ponynges miles, 
Wittus filius Witti Cheyne, 1! Thomas Cammett dimisim^ feof- 
favim^ % hac ^senti carta nra confirmavim^ Wal?o Metford 
ctico, Johi Pelham militi, Rico Wakehurst, Witto Pawelet, Johi 
Martyn, Witto Gosse, Witto Scot, Witto Russett ctico, Witto 

t gift. f I. '' The original is here decayed. 

VOL. in. T 



Pye, Johi Bongey ctico, Thome Fykays, Witto Hasty iig, Rico 
Sherefeld, Jolii Bradley ctico, Hugoni Gary, Jolii Blast, % Johi 
Bolnee man^iu de Acibrd fiiz Payn in com Dor§, man^ia de 
Staple ? Cedene in com SomS, simul cu advocaSib} ecctias de 
Acford fitz Payn, Staple, % Cedene pdict cQ omib3 ptin suis 
liend % tenend, ^c. imppm de capitalib} diiis feodoa illo^ p svie 
inde debi? % de jure consuef. In cujus rei testimoniu huic 
psenti carte nre sigilla nra apposuim^ hiis testib} Humfrido 
Stafford milite, Robto Turbelvyle milite, Jolie Moyn milite, 
Robto Hille armigo, Jotle Warre armigo, Jolie Vernay armigo, 
Thoma Thakcombe, % aliis. Da? vicesimo sexto die Junii anno 
regni Regis Henrici quinti post conquestu quarto. 

The three seals remain. The first is two inches in diameter, and re- 
presents a shield bearing quarterly^ Three bars surmounted by a bendlet, 
Ponynges, and Three lions passant surmounted by a bendlet, Fitz- 
payne \ on the sinister point of the shield is placed a helmet with 
mantling, and bearing for a crest a large griffon's head with wings dis- 
played. On one side of the helmet is the badge of a crowned key (see 
pp. 60, 68, of this volume), on the other a unicorn, statant. Legend, 
^iOtUum Eobecti l^on^nce^ militis. This is engraved in the Gentleman's 
Magazine, vol. xcv. ii. 297. The second seal is from a ring, and repre- 
sents, on a helmet, a boar's head, gorged with a coronet, the crest of 
Cheyne. The third, of the same small size, shows the face of an animal, 
probably intended for a camel, in allusion to the owner's name. 

Power of attorney of Sir Richard Ponynges to receive seizin of the 
manor and advowson of Acford Fitzpain, co. Dorset, 1 Hen. VI. from 
the original in the possession of John Gage, Esq. 

Nov^int univsi p psentes nos Ricm Ponyngges militem filium 
primogenitu Robti Dfii de Ponyngges & Alianoram uxem meam 
filiam Joliis Berkeley militis ac Dnam de Arundett 8c Mautra- 
vers fecisse ordinasse & loco nro posuisse dilcos nobis in Xro 
Johem Andrewe sen 8c Johem Andrewe juii attornatos nros con- 
iunctim & divisim ad recipiend p nob et in noie nro plena & 
paciflcam seisina de WilJo Bonvile milite, Witio Pawelet, 
Witto Gosse, Hugone Gary, Witto Hasty ngge, Jolie Bradley 
ctico, ? Jotle Bolne de 1! in man^io de Acford Fitzpayn % advo- 
cacoe ecclesie de Acford Fitzpayn ac suis ptiii in com* Dorg 
tenend nob pfa? Rico Ponyngges 1! Alianore et heredib} de cor- 
porib} nris legilie pcreatf . Et p defcu exitus [ifc] rectis her 
pdci Robti diii de Ponyngges imppm scdm vim forma % efFcm 
cuiusdam carte indentate inde p pfatos Wittm Bonvile, [§*c.] 
confect. [i^c] Da? ultimo die Junij anno regni Regf Henrici 
Sexti post Conquestu primo. 


Will of Sir Richard Ponynges,a 6 Hen. VI. from the original in the 
fiossession of John Gage, Esq. Lincoln's Inn. 

This endenture y write the xiij day of Juyl, the yer of kyng 
Harry the vjte after the Conqueste vjte, berith wytnesse that y 
sire Richard Ponynges knyght, eldys sone of my most worthy 
lord and fader lord of Ponynges, and uppon feffement and yifte 
pat y have made uppon my lond as it [is] spess. . be dede, and y 
the forseide fRicharde wolde }>at my most worshepfutt wyf, lady of 
-Aroundeft and Mautrevers, have alle the landis, that is to say, the 
maner of Slawham, and the man^e of Pouggeden, in the shire of 
Sussex, with all the portenaunce, with avowson of the chirche of 
Slawham, and also Okeforthe Fypayn and Thorston in the shire 
of Dorset, with bothe avowsons of the chirches, and with alle the 
portenauncf of the forsaide mantis, the whiche ben enfeffed to my 
worshipfutt cosyn Sire Roger Fenys knyght, and Thomas Leke- 
nore knyght, and ( William Russeft clerk, and John Bolne 
squiere, and Walter Urre squiere. And that my wille is that 
^y wyf have alle these landes in pesible possession [for term ^] 
of her lyf. And yif she be interrupt of ony parceil of the seide 
man^ys duryng here lyf of ony of the fefFeys forsaide, thenne this 
feoffment [to be] in none strengthe ne in none avaitt. And 
after decesse of my wyf and of me, y woUe that it quite owre 
dede savyng resonable sustenaunce to my iij child ryfi, fynd- 
ynge by the avys of the feffeys forsaide. And that thei be founde 
as Jentilmen and Jentilwomen, and after here birth *? degree, in 
suche manere as it may be moste to here worship and avail. 
Also y wolle atte resonable age, or elles when the feffeys seith most 
profit and avaift )>* may be for the mariage of the childe that 
thenne standith my eldest, thatj) enne a notable sume be hadde of 
the seide maiv^e [for a] worshipful! and a notable mariage for 
hym. And so that a notable good be hadde of the saide man ys 
for eche of the childryn as it is for [my eldest] sone. And also y 
charge yow and pray yow that thei be not dysperagid, as ye 
wolde answere afore God that ben my feffys. Also [that if] sire 
John lord of Aroundett and of Mautrevers conferme not the fee 
of iiij markf of Anneys Smalecombf ?me of hire lyf, then y wolle 
[that the] forsaide Anneys Smalcombe have iiij markf at ?me of 

• In Testamenta Vetusta, p. 217, are some slight and imperfect notes of another 
will, executed on the 28th of July, fifteen days after this indenture. 
>» Torn off. 

T 2 


here lyf, of the manere of ThrottsimC c Dorwustu in the ..... 
And al . . . # Jotln conferine it, yit . . . that the saide Anneys 
shaft have xl S at ?me of lyf of the saide maner, for the good 
fvice that she hath doo to my wyf and to me, and for the #vice 
that sche shaft do to my childryn, and specially to my doughter. 
And also y wolle that Jobn Bolne squier, and William RusseS 
clerk, and Watkyn Urre squier, eche of hem have xl § at ?me of 
lyf for the oversight of my children and labour of bysinesse that 
thei simft have to her worship and avail to J)e seide childryn. 
Also y wolle that [if] the worshipfuft lady my wyf wolde yeve 
ony annewete ?me of lyf to eny in the seide man es y wolle })at 
the forsaid [feffes] fulfulle her wift. And also y wolle whar ever 
owr bodyes be beryed that xx § be yeve to eche of the places 
wher as our bodyes lyith, for holding of the mendys,^ and at 
evy place a preest be founde ij 3ere to synge the grete Trentaft 
of Seint Gregory, for owr sowles specially, and for my lady my 
moder, and sire Jotln lord of Aroundeft and Mautrevers that last 
deyde, the housbonde of my wyf that was. And y pray yow 
bothe, Jotine Bolne and sire William Russeft, and Watkyn 
Urre, fat ye do yowre dever and parfourme my wift, and better 
yif ye conne, as ye wille answere afore God. besechyng sire 
Roger Fenys and f Thomas Lekenore in the same wise. And 
})at ye have resonable expenses for yowre labour. In witnesse 
wherof unto these endentures y have put to my seal, the [day and] 
the yere forseide. {Seal lost) 

Inq. capta apud Gloucestr septimo die Mariii xiij Hen. VI. 
c^ Alicia de Bryen e obiit die Martis pi post festum Epiph Dni 
ult pterin. Elizabetha nuper uxor Robti Lovell heres, aet. 48 ann. 

Esc. 13 Hen. VI. no. . — Inquisitio capt. apud Shaftesbury, 
in com. Dors, die Martis px ante feslm Sci Mathie Apti anno 
Henrici Sexti xiijo &c. Jurati dicunt sup sacrum suQ q** alias 
quidam finis leva? in curia Diii Rici nup Regis Angt scdi post 
conquestu apud Westemon crastino AscenS Dni anno regno? 

^ Erased. ^ The month's mind. 

« She was the daughter and heiress of Sir Robert de Bures, of Bares, co. SoiFoIk, 
She died seised of (inter alia) the manors of Aketon, Great Waldingfield, Netherall 
in Bures St. Mary, Leyham, Roydon with the advowson, and Wherstead, all in 
Suffolk. In the church of Acton is the recumbent effigy of Sir Robert de Bures, 
with his arms on his shield, and also the portraiture on brass plate of Alice his 
daughter, with escucheons bearing the arms of Bryan and Bures. 


ejusdem nup regis Angt & Franciae nono, coram &c. Inf 
Walfm Grete capellan que? et Guidonem de Bryene militem & 
Wiltm de Bryene militem ^ deP de man^io de Haselbere in 
Blakemore cu ptin 8c trib^ carucaf ?re cu ptin in Crokernestoke 
& Turbervylestoke, 8c advocacoe ejusdem man^ij de Haselbere 
in coin pdco p quem quidem fine pdcti Guido & Wittus recogn 
pdicf maniu & &am cu ptin & advocate pdicf esse jus pdci 
WalH ut ilia que idem Wal?us iiuit de dono pdco^ Guidonis & 
Willi. Et p ilia recognicoe fine & concordia idem Walts con- 
cessit pdco Guidoni pdic? man^iu & tra cu ptin 8c advoca^em 
pdicl et ilia ei reddidit in eade cur hend 8c tenend eidem Gui- 
doni de capi? dnis feodi illius p svicia que ad pdic? man iu & 
?ra Cu ptin 8c advocacoe ptinebant, tota vita ipius Guidonis. Et 
post decessu ipius Guidonis pdict man^iu 8c ?ra cu ptiii 8c advo- 
cacio pdici integre remanent Alicie que fuit ux Guidonis Brien 
militis in dco bri noiaf p nomen Alicie de Bryene tenend de 8cc. 
tota vita ipius Alicie. Et post decessu ipius Alicie pdic^ man^iu 
8c ?ra cu ptin et advocacio pdca integre remanerent Phe & Eliza- 
beth filiab} eiusdem Alicia tenend ^c. tota vita ipoj^ Pfee & 
Elizabeth. Et post decessu Phe 8c Elizabeth pdic? manPiu 8c ?ra 
cu ptin 8c advocacio pdca remanerent Witto de Bryene militi & 
hered mascut de corpe suo pcrea? tenend de 8cc. Et si con- 
tin^it qd idem Wittus obierit sine hered mascut de corpore 
suo pcrea? tunc post decessu ipius Willi pdic? maner ■Pra cii 
ptin & advocacio pdic? remanerent Pho fri eiusdem Wifti 8c 
hered mascut de corpe suo pcrea? tenend Sfc. Et si 8fc. rema- 
nerent rectis her pdci Guidonis 8cc. 

Virtute hujus finis pdcus Guido fuit seisitus de manef 8c ?r 
pdca cu ptin 8c de advocate pdca in diiico suo ut de liho ten 
8c de tali statu obiit inde seisitus, post cui^ morte pdca Alicia 
intravit &c. 8c de tali statu obiit inde seisita. Et dicunt q^ pdca 
Pha obiit sine herede de corpe suo pcreato. Et uterq^ pdco& 
Willi & Phi obiit sine herede aliquo de corpore suo pcreato 
vivente pfata Alicia. Et dictit q^ pdic? man^iu 8c ?ra cu ptiii & 
advocacio pdca jam spectant 8c de jure ptinent pfat Elizabeth 
adhuc superstiti virtute remaner pdict. Et q^ eadem Elizabeth 
est consanguinea & heres pdci Guidonis ppinquior vidtt filia 
Guidonis filij pdci Guidonis in dco fine noiati. 

' Next brother to Sir Guy; tee the Scrope & Grosvenor RoU, p. 251. His 
figure on brass plate there mentioned as ** formerly" existing in Seale church, 
Kent, is still there (1835). 


Inquisition in Somersetshire on the death of Robert Lord Fitzpayn, 
25 Hen. VI. from Inspex. 29 Hen. VIII. 

Inquisitio capta apud Briggewater in com. SomS die Sabb. 
px post festm Oim Scoj anno regni Regis Henrici Sexti vicesimo 
quinto coram Henrico Champeneys escaetore &c. Jur dicmit 
sup sacrm suu q*^ Rofetus Fitzpayn nup fuit seisitus in dnico sue 
ut de feodo de mantis de Stokecursy, Radewey, Gary, CherletOD, 
& hundr deCanyngton cum pliri &advocacbe ecctie de Cherlton in 
com pdco & postea quidam finis levavit in curia Dni Regis Ed- 
wardi filij Regis Edwardi anno regni sui decimo-septimo jura? 
pdcis in evidenc sup capcoe hujus inquisicois ostenS inter pdcm 
Robtum Fitzpayn & Elam uxem ejus querent et Jordanum de 
Wyntre psonam eccie de Wrockeshale & Galf m de Godmanston 
psonam eccte de Wodeton deforc de man ijs hundr & advocacoe 
pdcis cum ptin p quem finem pdci Rofetus Fitzpayn & Ela 
recogn pdca man ia & hundr pdic? cum ptin & advocacom pdicf 
esse jus ipor Jordani & Galfr ut ilia que idem Jordans & Gal(rs 
iiuer ex dono pdco^ Robti Fitzpayn & Ela & p illis recogn fine & 
Concordia iidem Jordans & Galfrs concesserunt pdic? Robto 
Fitzpayn & Ela pdic? man ia & hundr cum ptiii & advocacoem 
pdcm & ilia eis reddiderunt in eadem cur liend et tenend eisdem 
Robto & Ela et heredibj masculis quos idem Robtus de corpore 
ipius Ela pcreavit. Et si contingat q«* iidem Robtus 8c Ela 
obier sine hered masculo de corpore ipius Ela pcrea? tunc post 
decessum ipor Robti et Ele pdic? man ia et hundrm pdcm cum 
ptin & advocacio pdca integre remanerent Robto fit Rici de 
Grey de Codenore & heredib} de corpore suo pcreatis. Dicunt 
eciam pdci Jur qd quidem alius finis levavit [SfcJ] de man io de 
Staple et de messuagio et una carucata ?re cum ptin in Winde- 
3ate & de advocacoe eccte de Staple in com pdco &c. {ad effeo 
turn finis recitatce). Et postea pdci Robtus Fitzpayn & Ela 
obier sine hered masculo de corpore ipius Ele pcrea? & eciam sine 
herede masculo de corporib} ipor Robti & Ele exeunt. Post 
quo* mortem pdcus Robtus fit Rici de Grey intravit in man^iis 
messuag ?ris hundr & advocacoib} pdcis cum ptin virtute finium 
pdicf & inde fuit seisitus in dnico suo utde feodo talliato. Postea 
idem Robtus buit exitum quandam Isabellam, quam quidem 
Isabellam Ricus Ponynges miles cepit in uxem. Et postea 
pdcus Robtus fit pdci Rici de Grey obiit seisitus de pdcis man^iis 
messuag ?r hundr 8c advocacoib3 cum ptin in diiico suo ut de 


feodo talliato virtute finiu pdict post cujiis mortem pdci Ricus 
Ponynges & Isabella intra verunt [§-c.] Et postea pdci Ricus 
Ponynges & Isabella tluerunt exitum inter eos Rofetura de 
Ponynges militem in dco bri noiatum & obierunt seisi? de man^iis 
messuag ?ris hundr *? advocacoib} pdcis cum ptiii |.K)St quoi mor- 
tem pdcus Robtus de Ponynges intravit [§*c.] Qd pdcus Robtus 
de Ponynges miles in dco brevi noiatus tenuit die quo obiit in 
dnico suo ut de feodo talliato p formam & virtu? finiu pdic? 
pdca man ia messuag terr hundr & advocacoe cum ptin in com 
pdco. Dicunt etiam qd pdcus Robtus de Ponynges tenuit in 
dnico suo ut de feodo man^ia de Wyke, Cheddoii, *? Spekyngton 
unu mesuagium ? duas carucatas Sre apud la Lude ? mesuag *? 
cal-uca? terr cum ptin in Brigehampton ; et pdca mari^ia de 
Stokecursy, Radewey, Gary, 7 Cherletoii hundr ? advocacio 
ecctie de Cherleton necnon pdic? mesuag caruca? terr in Wynde- 
3ate pdict mesuag due carucate ?re apud la Lude ? mesuag 1! 
caruca? terr in Brigehampton tenent"" de dno Rege p svicium 
mill tare, et man^ia de Staple *? Cheddoii ac advocacio ecctie 
de Staple de Epo Wynton p svicium militare, et man^ium de 
Spekyngton de hered Joliis Mautravers militis in socagio p svi- 
cium reddendi annuatim ..• solidos, et man^ium de Wyke de 
alio q^m de Rege set de quo vel de quib} *? p quod svicium peni- 
tus ignoscunt. Et man^ium de Stokcursy valet p annu viginti 
libras, man^ium de Radewey decem marcas, man^ium de Gary 
decem marcas, et man^ium de Gherleton cum advocacoe centum 
solidos, et pdcus hundr 335. 4>d, quia sunt in eodem hundr due 
cur legat vidett una ad festum Sci Martini in yeme ? al?a apud 
hockeday, simul cum aliis cur baron de trib} septimanis in tres 
septimanas p annu quax pquiS vat p annu in omib} exitibus suis 
triginta ? ires solidos ? quatuor denarios ult"^ feod senescatt *? alio^ 
ministro& ibidem ; et man^ium de Staple cum advocacoe valet p 
annu viginti libras, mesuag [§-c.] in Wynde3ate 335. 4>d. man^ium 
de Wyke centum solidos, man^ium de Cheddon decem marcas, 
man^ium de Spekyngton decem libras, mesuag [^c] apud la Lude 
sexaginta solidos, et mesuag [<^c.] in Brigehampton quadraginta 
solidos. Et dicunt q^ idem Robtus obiit die dnica pi post 
fes^m Sci Mictii Arch ultimo p?ito. Et qd Alianora ux Henrici 
Percy militis est consanguinea & heres ejusdem Robti ppinquior 
vidett filia Rici fit pdci Robti de Ponynges militis, et est etatis 
viginti anno^ 8c amplius. 


Abstract of Inquisition taken in Sussex on the same occasion^ from 
the same Inspeximns. 

Inquisicio capta apud Brembre in com Sussex ultimo die 
Octobr anno r^ni Henrici sexti post conquestum vicesirao 
quinto coram Witto Dautre escaetore [§'c.] Qd Rofetus Pon- 
ynges miles nulla tenuit ?ras seu ten de dno Rege in capite in 
dnico die quo obiit, set fiiit seisitus de man^iis de Perchyng 
magna, SbUley, ? Crawle cum ptin eoj& in diiico suo ut de feodo 
[§•0.] Et fuit seisitus de man^iis de Ponynges, Perchyng parva, 
Hangelton magna, Preston Ponynges, Chyntynge, Walderne, 
Wyke, *i Sonde cum eof ptin *? trib} libratis redditi cum ptin 
in Blaxyngton ac ctis ?ris 1! ten in Hangelton, Lytelhangelton, *? 
Aldryngton [S'c.] in dnico suo ut de feodo, *? sic inde seisitus 
diu ante obitum suu eadem man^ia [^c] dedit p cartam 27 Nov. 
13 Hen. VI. Henr Percy comiti North umbr, Johi Martyn, Johi 
Blast, *? Johi Bolnee, *? virtute doni, iidem Henr [§*c.] fuer 
seisiti [^SfcJ] quousque iidem Johes, Johes, J Johes moriebant*^ 
J idem Comes supvixit, et solus seisitus adhuc continuat. Et 
idem Robtus Ponynges fuit seisitus de man^iis de Twynam, 
Lynde, Westneston, *? duab} partib} man^ii de Treule cum ptin 
trib} mesuag trescentis acris ?re, trescentis acris bosci, ducentis 
acris bruerc, quadraginta solidat reddiS J pastur ad ducentas 
eves cum pertin in Suthwyke juxta Shorham, Crawle, Ifeld, 
Shille, Slaugham, Bolne, J Twynam in com pdco in dnico suo 
ut de feodo, et p quandam finem in quindena Sci Michis 24 
Hen. VI. in? Wiitm Westbury, Rohtum Gos, Wal?um Moyle, 
Ricm Croner psonam ecctie de Bradwater, Rohtum Shortes 
psonam ecctie de Ponynges, Jofeem More, Ricm Jay, Jokem 
Foche psonam ecctie de Westden, Jofeem Melton, Jofeem Bekes- 
wall, et Jofeem Norton querent et dcm Rofetum Ponynges de- 
forc recogn man^ia [S'c] esse jus ipius Jofeis Foche imppm ut 
ilia que iidem Witts [^c] feent ex dono ipius Rofeti Ponynges, 
et ilia eis remisit [^c] et idem Rofetus tota vita sua durante 
exitus et pficua feuit 1 pceplt. Man^ium de Perchyng magna 
valet p annu ISfc.'] decem libras, man^ium de Shilley decern 
solidos, t man^iii de Crawle viginti solidos. Et idem Rofetus 
Ponynges obiit [^c. ut in Inquisitione precedente.'] 


Letters patent from Henry VI. with the authority of Parliament^ 
granting licence to Sir Henry Percy & Alianor his wife to take pos- 
session of the lands of the late Robert Lord Ponynges. From the 
original in possession of John Gage, Esq. 

Henricus Dei gra Anglie Francie & Dominus Hibnie 
Omnib3 ad quos psentes tre pven^int Sallm. Sciatis q^ de gra 
nra spali ex mero motu & eta scientia nra concessimus 8c p psen- 
tes concedimus & licenciam damus Henr Percy militi & Ali- 
nore ux ejus q^ ipi in omia 8c singula castra diiia man^ia ?ras 
seu redditus reversiones Sc servicia forestas cur letas visus franci- 
pleg retorn breviii & execucoes eo^dem ferias mcata chaceas 
advocates feoda militu possessiones et herediiamenta quecumq^ 
cum suis ptiii que Rofetus Ponynges miles nup Diis de Pon- 
ynges ftuit vel tenuit tempore mortis sue seu in feudo simplici 
seu in feudo talliato aut ad ?minu vite sue seu ali? infra regnii 
nrm Angt et que ad pfatos Henr et AHanoram aut ad eor 
alburn p sive post mortem dci Robti remanere, revte, accidere, 
compe^^e, descendere, ptinere, seu devenire quoquo modo possunt 
aut debent, ingredi, seisire, pcipe *? occupare eaq^ juxta jus 1! 
titulum sua que ad eadem lient seu eoj al? liet seu here pten- 
dent aut ptendet, tenere possint ? possit licite ? impune abs<j 
aliqua liba^e inde sive alicuius inde parcella p ipos Henr ^ 
Alianoram aut p eo» al?um ext* manus nras scdm cursum Can- 
cellar nre aliquo modo psequend. Et qd huiusmodi ingressus 
{SfcJ] sint debita *? legalis libacio dniox [§*c.] aliqua inquisicoe 

- post mortem [^c] aut statu to [^c] non obstante. Salvo jure 
5 cujustt ? sal vis nob homagio fidelitate relevio % aliis sviciis nofc 

- in hac parte debitis. In cujus rei testimoniii has tras nfas fieri 
" ^cim^ patentes. Teste me ipo apud Westm sexto decimo die 

itt^ Novemb anno regni nri vicesimo quinto p fere de privato sigillo 

1! de data pdca, auctoritate parliament^ Bate. 







Inquisition in Warwickshire^ on the death of Avicia Countess of 
Ormond, 1456. 

Esc. 35 Hen. VI. No. 16. — Inq cap? apud Kington in com. 
War quinto die Octofe anno reg regf Hen vj trecesimosexto. 
p Ulterius dicunt iidem Jur quod quedam Alicia ux Rofcti Lovett 

armi§i fit 8c her Guidonis de Bryan militf fuit seisita de man io 
de Sutton Poyntj cu hundredo de Colifordstre cu suis ptin eodem 
niaujio ptinen? in pd^ com DorS in dnico suo ut de feodo & sic 


inde seisita manerium 8c hundred ilia cu ptin p quandam cartam 
suam dedit & concessit quibusdam Willielmo Selke clerico & 
Willielmo Combe Habend eis hered & assigna? eo^ imppm 
virtute quox doni & concessionis iidem Wills Selke & Wifts 
Combe fuerunt inde seisiti in dnico suo ut de feodo & sic inde 
seisiti p quend finem in Cur dni Reg nunc apud Westm in 
Octab Sancti Martini anno regni ejusdem dni Regis nunc 
vicesimo leva? cujus una pars eisdem Jurator sup capcoe hujus 
inquisicois in evidenciam monstra? fuit concesser pdic? maner & 
hundred cu ptiii Jacobo Ormond comiti WilteS in dicto brevi 
noia? & Avic in die? bri noia? adtunc uxor ejus & ilia eis red- 
diderunt in ead Cur Habend -eisdem Comiti & Avicie & hered 
de corporib} ipo^ Comitf & Avicie legi? procreat tenend de 
capitalib} dominis feod ill p svic que ad pdc manJiu & hundrm 
cum ptin ptinent imppm. Et si [^c] remanerent hered de 
corpore ipsius Avicie. Et si [^c ] remanerent hered de corpore 
ipius Comitis, Et si [^'c] remanerent Johi Neuburgh armigero 
& hered de corpore suo. Et si [§*c.] remanerent rec? hered 
ipsius Jollis [^c] Virtute cuj^ finis pfat^ Jacobus Conies & 
Avicia fuerunt inde seisiti in dnico suo ut de feodo talliato et 
de tali statu & non alio eadem Avicia obiit inde seisita sine 
hered de corpore suo procreato. Et dictus nunc Comes ipam 

supervixit et adhuc supstes est ■ • et quod eadem Avicia obiit 

iijo die Junii px* ante capcoem hujus iiiquisicionis. Et quod 
Humfridus Stafford armiger est consanguineus et heres ejusdem 
Avicie ppinquior, vidett filius Johis fratris Rici patris ^dic? 
Avicie, et est etatis xxiiijor annox & amplius. In cujus, &c. 

Indentare of settlement of the Ponynges' lands to the use of Alianore 
Lady Ponynges, 3 Edw. IV. from one of the original deeds^ in the pos- 
session of John Gage^ Esq. Lincoln's Inn. 

This indenture made bitwixt Alianore late the wife of Hen? 
late Erie of Northumbr that last dececed on that one part, and 
Thomas Hoo esquier, John Leukenore esquier, Barthilmew 
Bolnee, John Ernele, *? Thomas Gynnour oii )>' other part, 
Witnesseth that where the seid John Leukenore [^c] by her 
dede quatriptite indented, beryng date the xiiij^ day of Aprytt 
the yere of the reigne of Kyng Edward the fourthe af ? the con- 
quest of Englond the third, hanenfeffed Thomas Ursewyk, Edward 
Berkley squier, Rauf Verney, Richard Nedeham, Richard Pygot, 

" ■ 


Guy Fairefax, Robt Rodes, Thomas Rygby, Jobn Goryng, Jobn 
Werk clerk, Robt Dawtree, and Jofln Stodeley, of and in the 
man^s of Ponynges, Hangelton, Wyke, Sonde, Mochell Perchyng, 
Litett Perchyng, Slaugham, Pengeden, Preston Ponynges, Wal- 
dern, Heryngawdes, and Asshcombe, with )>app"^ten«nces in the 
counle of Sussex, the man s of Stokursy, Spekyngton, Bruge- 
hampton, Wyke, Chaddon, Staple, Carifitzpayn, Radewey, 
Charleton, and Lude w* )>app""tenances in the countee of Som- 
set, the man^s of Duryston and Okeford fitzpayn with thapp*^- 
ten*nces in the countee of DorS, the man^s of Tryllyngh^m, 
Estwell, Newenton, Bertram, Hertlee, Horsmonden, Westwode, 
Lovelond, Rokesley, and Nortflcray, with thapp^^ten^nces, in the 
countee of Kent, the man^ of Okewold w^ thapp"^ten*nces in the 
countee of NorfT, and the maner of Wryntham w*^ ihapp""- 
ten^nces in )>e countee of SufT. And also of and in ail: other 
man^s londes and tents w* thapp""ten*nces somtyme of Robt lord 
of Ponynges knyglit, and of Richard Ponynges knygfit, and of 
Alianore, late his wife, that ben dede, in the forseid countes of 
Sussex, SomS, Dor§, Kent, NoriT, and SufP, to have and to 
hold p seid man^s [SfcJ] to the seid Thomas Ursewyk [§t.] and 
to their heirs for eumore, as in the seid dede therof made more 
playnely it is contened, And also wher the seid Jofln Leuke- 
nore [^c] by her dede quatriptite indented, wherof ^ date is ^* 
xx*^ day of May ))e yere aboveseid, han relesed and quiteclaymed 
for theym and their heirs for eumore to the forseid Thomas 
Ursewyk [^'c] in ))eir possession beyng, aft their right, title, and 
clayme of and in aft the seid man^s [^c] as by the same dede of Re- 
lesse more playnly it may appere. And ferthermore where Jofin 
Pelh*m knyght, John Burcestre knyght, Thomas Echyngh*m 
knyght, late squier, J)® seid Jolln Leukenore, John Neuburgh, 
Nicholas Huse, John Cheyne late shireve of Somset, J)^ seid 
Thomas Hoo, Richard Harecourt, Rauf Seintleger, squiers, 
William Sondes, Barthilmew Bolnee, John Wodye, Willia 
Lemyng citezein and Groc' of London, and Thomas Hertley 
clerk, by her dede indented, wherof )>6 date is Jj^ xxj^ day of 
May J)C yere aforseide, han relessed and quiteclaymed for }>eym 
and ])eir heirs for eumore to j)^ seid Thomas Urswyk [§*c.] in 
their possession aft her right, title, and clayme of and in }>* 
man^s of Spekyngton, Brighampton, Wyke, Chadden, and Sta- 
ple aforseid, and )>« forseid man^s of Hangultoii, Wyke, Sonde^ 


Preston Ponyngs, Mochefl' Perchyng, Ponynges, and litefi 
Perchyng, and aft of londes and tents w* ^app'^tenances in y^ 
countee of Sussex Y soratyme were of Robt lord of Pon- 
ynges knyght and of Richard Ponynges knyglit and Alianore 
his wyfe }>* ben dede, as by Y same dede of Relesse more 
plainly it appereth. And more ou where )>e seid Alianore 
by hir dede triptite indented, wherof the date is ]>« xxiiij'* 
day of May J)^ yere aboveseid, hath relesed and quite 
claymed for hir and hir heirs for eumore to the forseid Tho- 
mas Ursewyk [^c] in their possession beyng aft hir right, 
title, and elayme of and in aft the aboveseid man^s [§*c.] as by 
J>® same dede of Relesse more playnly it may appere. The same 
fefiement and relesses beii made to \^ same fefFees indifferently 
named by )>e seid parties to thentent to pfo'^me and fullfitt J>e 
witt, appointment^, and agrement^ of ^ forseid parties under- 
writes in mane' and fo*^me suyngly expssed, Y is to wite. The 
seid partees ben agreed and accorded to day of makyng of thise 
psentf, that for contentacon oty^ some of MiMlMlMiCCCClv ti. 
iiij g. vj d. ob. di. q*. due to the seid. Thomas Hooby the seid late 
Erie, the seed feffes, at the request and desire of )>e same Thom»s 
Hoo, by their seuatt dedes shutt g^unte to such psone or psones 
as the same Thomas Hoo witi name, suche and as many annui- 
tees as shutt yerly extende to CCCC marke of lawfutt money of 
Englond, to be taken to theym their executors and assignes of 
and in att the seid man^s [^•c.] at the Festes of Pentecost and 
Seint Martyn in wint', by even porcions yerely, from the fest of 
Cristenmas last passed before the date of this indenture unto the 
end of seventene yere fen next suyng and fully complete, with 
sufficient power to be contened in euy of fe same dedes for to 
distreyn in att J>e seid man^s, [^c] and in euy pcett of theym 
for J)e seid annuitees, and euy of them, and euy pcett of theym, 
or of any of theym asoft and whan )>e same annuitees, or any of 
theym, shatt be unpaide in part or in att by a monetk af 9 any 
Fest of paiement J?of above lymyted, and w' sufficient pvision 
to be contened in euy of fe same dedes )>* none of ^ seid gu^ntf 
strecche in any wise forto charge fe psones or psone of ))e seid 
feffees, or of any of theym, or of fe heirs or- executo"^s of }>eym, 
or of any of J>eym, of any of fe seid annuitees, or any parcett of 
any of theym in any wise. Also it is agreed and accorded 
bitwene Jje seid pties )>* )>e seid feffees at J>e request and desire of 
fe seid Alianore shutt g^unte by )>eir dede to Jobn Stodard 


taillo**" of London an annuitee of vj ti. xiij g. iiij d. of lawful! 
money of Engiond to be taken to him, his executo""s and assignes 
of and in fe seid man^s [§*c.] at fe fest^ aforseid, by even por- 
ffins yerely from ye date of ))ise psentf unto fe ende of v. yere 
}>en next suyng and fully complete, w* power to distreyn {and 
provision to protect the feoffees as be/ore]. And more ou it is 
agreed and accorded betwene ]>e seid parties )>at ]>e seid fefiees 
shut} suiFre )>e seid Alianore and hir assignes duryng )>e seid 
tyme to pceyve, have, and enjoye to hir ppre use )>e oupluis of 
J>e revenuz and pfitf in any wise in })e meen tyme comyng or 
growyng of and in aft fe man^s, londes, % tents aforseid w* 
J>app'^ten*ncf ou fe annuitees of CCCCx mark aboveseid in 
fo'^me afore reherced to be hade. And )>at asoft as any abbey, 
priorie, hospitaii, chirche, chapett, or chauntrye, or any other 
biifice, office, or dignite spirituett ptenyng to any of )>e seid 
man^s, [^•c.] shait be void by any meen wMn }e seid xvij yeres, 
)>e seid fefFees, at )>e request and desire of J>e seid Alianore, shutt 
psent or els sufire }>e same Alianore to psente to fe ordinarie of 
)>e same place in due fo""me, suche a psone to be admytted to Jje 
same office, bnfice, or dignitee as ]>e same Alianore shall name 
]>^to and none other. And also it is agreed and accorded 
bitwene J>e seid pties, )>* asoft w^n )>e seid xvij yeres as any 
chauntrie or chapett not psentable, stywardship, parkership, 
baillyship, or any oJ?e office longyng to any of }e seid man^s [§*c.] 
shatl belonge to J)e yift, graunte, or ordin*nce of fe seid fefiees 
in any wise, J>e same fefFees shatt at J>e desire of fe seid Alianore^ 
yeve or suffi-e fe same Alianore to yeve fe same chauntre, cha- 
pett, or office to suche a psone as ]>e same Alianore shatt name 
)>'to, and none o)>'e, except onely foffice of Receyuo"" or Re- 
ceyuo""s of )>e same man^s [§*c.] whiche, asoft as nede shatt be 
duryng fe seid tyme, shatt be made by fe seid fefFees by ]>assent 
and agreement of }»e seid Alianore and Thomas Hoo, and in 
none o)>'e wise. Also it is agreed and accorded bitwene ]>e seid 
pties, )>^ assone af? fe seid xvij yeres expired as J>«seid fefFees on )>e 
behalve of )>e seid Alianore or of hir heirs [are reson]ably re- 
quyred, )>® same feftees, or asmany of theym as |>en shatt be on 
live, shutt make unto Jje forseid Alianore or hir heirs a lawfutt 
estate of and in att fe aboveseid man^s ISfcJ] in fee symple to 
have and to hold fe same man^s, [^'c] to )>eym and their heirs 
in fee. And more ou it is agreed and accordid bitwene ]>e seid 
parties^ )>at )>e seid dede of fefFement quatripartite indented, ]ie 


forseid relesse quatriptite indented, }e seid relesse tripartite in- 
dented, and J)is indenture quatriptite shatt be enrolled before J>e 
kynges Justices of ^e comon place before )>e feste of all S . . next for 
to com afP }e date 9f fise psents. And )>^ one part of }>e seid dede 
of feffement, one part of fe seid relesse quatriptite, and one part 
of }>is indenture shatt remayn w* f® seid Alianore. Another part 
of }>e same dede [Sfc.2 shutt remayne w* ^^ seid Thomas Hoc. 
Another part [§-c.] w* fe forseid Thomas Ursewyk [8ccJ] and 
another part [^-c] w* }>e forseid Rauf Verney [^-c] In wit- 
nesse whereof J)e parties aboveseid to euy part of fis indenture 
han sette her sealx the xxv** day of May the yere of fe reigne 
of kynge Edward fe fourth af? fe conquest of 'England pe 

To this part of the Indenture two small seals are appendant^ one 
(made from a ring) representing a unicorn with a tree behind him j 
and the other an antique head of Hereules (from a gem) 5 each wthout 

Extract from the Will of Henry Earl of Northumberland 1485, a be- 
queathing the manor of Poynings and lands in Sussex to his son JoS' 

Also I will yt my feoffes make astat of landf and tenementf to 
the yerly valo"" of CCC marc to Gosslyne my son for terme of 
hys leve, w^in the countie of Sussex, wherof the man^ and lord- 
ship of Ponyngc shalbe pcell, to thentent y* the sayd Gosslyne 
shalbe of lovyng and lauly disposicoii toward die seyd Henry 
hys brod, and #ve hym next hys allegaunce, and y* I charge hym 
to do and to be, upon my blissing, and as he witt answere befor 

Deed of partition of the estates of Sir Guy de Bryan, in the year 
1 488, from the original in the possession of John Gage, Esq. 

This Writyngf quatrpartited endented made theSextentfl day of 
the moneth of Decembr, in the yere of the reigne of Kyngf Harry 
the vijt^ the fourth, Witnessetfe that where divse variaunces and 
contravsies have beii hadde 1! moved bet wen e Harry Erie of 
North umbrelond on the oone ptie, Thomas Erie of Ormond of 
the second ptie, Edward Ponyngf knyght on the third ptie, *? 

■ An abstract of this will has been published in vol. II. of the present work, 
p. 65 i and also in *♦ Wills and Inventories," published by the Surtces Society, 
1«35, p. 99. 



Thomas Seymo"" knyglit on the fourth ptie, of 1 for the title, 

clay me and possession of suche castellf , man s, londf , tenements 

*? hereditament^ whiche were sumtyme of i Guy de Brien 

knyght. For asmoche as the seid Erie of Northumblond 

claymed the seid castellf , man^s, londs, *? tentf . pte therof by 

reason that he is heire gen'' aft and enheritable to the seid i Guy 

of alle his possessions fee symple, *? also by divse yiftf in taitt 

made asweft to the seid ( Guy *? oy his auncestre} as to Rofet late 

lord Ponyngf It to the heire} gen^att of their bodies begoten. 

And also the seid Edward Ponyngs claymingyng {sic) divse ptf 

thereof, by reason of estatf tallied made to Rofet son of the seid 

Robt late lord Ponyngf , and to the heire} of his body comjmgf , 

whose son *? heyr the said Edward is. And the seid Thomas 

Seymo"^ also claymed the seid castellf, man^s, londf , *? tentf as 

heir gen^aft to the seid f Guy. And also by reason of a wille 

by him alleged to be the last wille of Elizabeth Lovett than 

cosyne *? heire to the seid ( Guy, *? also by divse recovee} of 

certeyn pcettf of the same hadde by i John Erlee auncestr to 

the seid i Thomas, whose heire he is. And the seid Erie of Or- 

mond claymed alle the seid castellf , man^s, londf, *? tentf as 

brother *? heire to James late Erie of Wilteshir by reason of divse 

fynes rered to th^use of the seid Erie of Wilteg by Dame Avise 

Countesse of Wilteshire, than right heire to the seid ( Guy de 

Bryen, For appesyng^ of whiche variauncf *? contravsie}, by me- 

diacion of diVse their good lovers % frendf, they have hadde 

divs 1 oftentymes amyable *? frendly coicacions. And by the 

advice of their counseill^ lerned. the same titles and maters have 

ben ripely comyned and examined at many divse metyng^ within 

che space of two yer^ and more. And at the lastf by the grace of 

God in the monetti of Novembr the iiij*^ yere of the reigne of 

Kyngf Harry the vij***, Hit is agreed, covenanted, *? de?myned 

bitwene the seid partic}. that the seid Erie of Northumbrelond 

is and owetfe to be taken and reputed as heire gen^att to the seid 

f Guy de Brien. Nevtheless for grete divse % reasonable consi- 

deracions movyng^ alle the said ptie} and their counseillf , hit is 

agreed and accorded bitwene theym that alle the seid castellf , 

man^s, londf, *?tenementf shalbe devided and distributed infourme 

ensuyngf . That is to sey, that the seid ( Thomas shall have to him 

and to his heire} the man s of Wroxhaft, Ramsh^m, Map ton, *? 

Childefrome, in the countie of Dorset, w^ the advousons of the 

churches of Wroxhaft and Ramsh^m, and of the chapeft of Childe- 


frome, and alle the lond^ and tenement^ the whiche were of the 
seid f Guy in Wroxhait, Ramsham, Mapton, 1! Childefrome, in the 
same countie, all whiche were of the same i Guy. And that the 
seid Erie of Ormond shall have to him and to his heire} in fee sym- 
ple nowe forthwytti the He of Londay, and the maner and lordship 
of Northern withe app""ten«ncf in the countie of Devonshire, 
the man^e of Nether Kentiscomble in the countie of Dorset, and 
alle the londf and tenement^ which were of the seid ( Guy in the 
seid He, and in North^m, in the same county of Devonshire, and 
in Nether Kentescombe in the same countie of Dor§, And the 
reusions of the man^s of Kyngesdofi, SoiSton Erie, and SoiSton 
Randolf, with the advousons of the churches of Kyngesdon, and 
Somton RandolfF in the countie of SoiSs, And the revsions of 
the man^s of Poyntknolle, Swynetoller, and Hasilbere, in the 
county of DorS, with the advousons of the churches of Hasilbere and 
Poyntknolle, and the reusion of alle such londf and ten^f as were 
of the seid f Guy in SoiSton Erie and SoiSton RandolfF, in the 
seid countie of SomS, and in Poyntknolle, Swynetoller, and Hasil- 
bere in the seid countie of DorS immediatly aftir the deth of 
Alianore Countesse of WilteS, the whiche holdeth the same man s, 
londs, tenement^, J advousons ?me of her liff. Alle whiche so 
appoynted to the same Erie of Ormond, were of the seid ( Guy. 
And that the seid Erie of Ormond shalbe made sure of xxx ti. 
of rent charge goyngf oute of the maner of Stokecursy, Wyke, 
and Staple in the seid Countie of Somset. To have to liim for 
?me of lyfF of the seid Countesse as shalbe devised by his Coun- 
seitt. And the seid Edward shaft have to him, and to the heire} 
of the body of the said Robt son of the foreseid Rofet late lord 
Ponyngt, the man^s of Chellesfeld, Esthatt, Faukham, and-Asshe, 
with their app^^ten^ncf, in the countie of Kentf , the maner of 
Shokerwyke and Batheneston, with the rentf, gvice}, and pqui- 
sitf of the Courlf of and in the maner of Dunhede in the 
countie of SomseY, and alle other londf *? tentf the whiche were 
of the seid i Guy in Chellesfeld, Esthaft, Faukham, Asshe, Sho- 
kerwike, and Batheneston aforeseid. excepte lond^ and tenementf 
of the same to the yerly value of xx^* m»rc. the whiche the seid 
Erie of Northumbrelond shaft have made sure to him and to 
his heire} by the seid Edward, as the Counseift of the said iirle 
of Northumbrelond shaft devise, in recompence of londf and tene- 
mentf to the yerly value of xx*^ m^rc by hym upon thies agrementf 
deliued for the seid Edward to the seid Erie of Ormond and 


to his heire}. And the seid Erie of Northumbrelond shaft 
have alle the residue not bifore appoynted of alle the castellf, 
man s, lond^, tenement^ , and other hereditamentf, the which 
were of the seid i Guy. And that euy of the seid parties and their 
heire3 ^^ made sure of the porcion assigned to him as is abov>e 
seid, by the advice of his Counseifl: *? at his costf *? chargf , and 
endevoir him to do that in him is, to the pfite execucion of the 
seid agrementf . And that euy of the seid ptei} do and pfo*^me 
that to him shalbe advised by the seid Counseiitf for suertie df 
the seid porcions. And that the same residue so appoynted to 
the seid Erie of Northumbrelond be futt recompence to him and 
to his heire} of alle suche right, title, 7 in?esse as he hath olr 
claymeth in the foreseid man^s, londf, teiitf, reusions, and 
advousons seually appo)mted to the seid Erie of Ormond, Ed- 
ward Ponyng^ knyght, and i Thomas Seymo*^. And the seid 
man^s, londf, and tentf appoynted to the seid ( Thomas be futt 
recopence to the same f Thomas Seymo**" ? his heires of and for 
alle suche right, title, and in^esse as he hath or claymeth in 
alle the seid othir castellf , lordships, man^s, londf, and tentf 
aboveseid seually assigned to the seid Erie of North um^- 
brelond, Erie of Ormond, and ( Edward, or in any othir 
londf or tentf the whiche were of the seid 4 Guy. And 
the seid He, man^s, lordships, londf, tehls, rentf, reusions, 
% advousons above appoynted to the seid Erie of Ormond be 
futt recompence to the same Erie of Ormond and his heires for 
alle suche right, title, and in^esse as he hath or claymeth in alle 
the foreseid other man s, londf, ? tentf assigned or appoynted 
seually to the seid Erie oF Northumbrelond, Edward, and f 
Thomas Seymour, or in any other londf or tefitf the whiche 
were of the seid i Guy. And the seid man s, londf, H tentf 
above appoynted to the seid Edward, be futt recopence to him 
and to his heire5 of and for alle suche right, title, and in?esse, 
as he hath or claymeth in alle the othir pmisses. And the seid 
Erie of Northumbrelond graunteth to the seid Erie of Ormond 
that he shaft make sure the same Erie of Ormond of the nian fe 
of Lyde in the countie of SoniS. To have to him and to his 
heires, as shalbe devised by the counseitt of the same Erie of 
Ormond at his costf and chargf. And ou this hit is graunted 
and agreed bitwene the seid pties tliatf euy of them shaft hav§ 
to the use of him and of his seid heires alle the evidencf , chartres, 



? mynumentf con2nyngf the castell^, man^s, londf, tenementf, 
advousons, and hereditament^ to him assigned and appoynted as 
is aboveseid, or any pcett therof, by the deliuaunce of alle sucbe 
-of the seid other pties as have or any other to the use of any of 
them or their knowlege hath any of the same evidence, chartrej, 
and mynumentf . And that if any of the same chartres *? mynu- 
mentf concne asweit any pte of the pmisse} as any other londf 
or teiitf of any othir of the seid ptie}, the whiche by this agre- 
ment shaft not have the same evidence, that than euy of the 
seid pties whos oy londf or tenement^ the same evidence, chartres, 
or mynumentf concneth shaft have copies or vidim^ therof at 
their pleasur, costf, and chargf . And that the seid Erie of 
Ormond shaft have alle the evidencf, chartres, % minumentf 
touching only the seid He. And if any of the seid evidencf 
concne two or mo of the seid porcions assigned and appojmted 
as is aboveseid, or any pte of two or mo of the same porcions, 
'that than the seid ptie} to whome man^s, londf, or tentf of 
grettest value conteyned in the same evidencf is assigned, have 
alle suche evidencf, and the seid oy pties copies or vidim' 
therof. In Witnes wherof to the oone pte of this psent writ- 
yngf quatriptite endented towardf the seid Erie of Northumbre- 
lond and his heire} remajniyngf , the foreseid Thomas Erie of 
Ormond, Edward Ponyngf knyght, and f Thomas Seymo*^ 
have sette their Scales and subscribed w* thair owen handf. 
And to the othir ptie of this psent writyng quatriptite endented 
towardf the seid Thomas Erie of Ormond and his heires re- 
maynyngf, the seid Harry Erie of Northumblond, Edward 
Ponyngf knyght, and Thomas Seymo"" knyght, have sette 
their Scales and signe manueflf . And to the third ptie of this 
seid ^sent writyngf quatriptited endented towardf the seid Ed- 
ward Ponyngf knyght and his heire} remaynyngf , the seid Harry 
Erie of Northumbrelond, Thomas Erie of Ormond, J f Thcwnas 
Seymo"" knyght have sette their Scales and signe manuellf . 
And to the fourth pte of this psent wrytyngf quatriptite en- 
dented towardf the seid i Thomas Seymo"^ knyght and his 
heirc} remajmyngf, the seid Harry Erie of Northumbrelond, 
Thomas Erie of Ormond, and Edward Ponyngf have sette 
their Scales and signe manuellf . Yoven the Day, monelft, and 
yere abovewriten. 


To the copy before us are appended the Seals of 

Thomas Erie f Edward ( Thomas 

of Ormond Ponyngf knyght Seymour 

thus written on the labels, but evidently by the draughtsman, and there 
are no sign-manuals. The names show it to have been the first of the four 
parts of the indenture, destined for the Earl of Northumberland. The 
seal of the Earl of Ormond seems to represent a bird's nest placed in a 
tripod. The second seal is wholly flattened ; and the third is so much 
defaced and broken, that it can only be perceived that it once repre- 
sented a shield of arms. The deed is indorsed : '^ Irro"* in dors* clans* 
Can cellar* d'ni Regis infrascr* mense et anno infrascr*." 

A vellum roll in the possession of John Grage, Esq. bearing the fol- 
lowing endorsement : 

Feodarie de Ackford Fitzpayn infra Hundr de Newton Buck- 

lond/And a petigrie of the Brian landes. 
Dors. — Isabell Abbesse of Tarent for iiij hid in Woodyate by 

kniglitf fuic J j knightf fee. 
Joiine Carent the yougar j caruea£ terf called Asshecourt by j 

knightf fuice. 
Wittm Morgan ij hidd of lond in Kentelsworth by knightf fuice. 
Hugh Stucle ij hidd of lond in Babebere by knightf foice. 
Mano*" of Colehegh by Netherlyn 9' [continet] iij hidd of lond 

by knightf f uice ? is j knightf fee. 
Wiiteg. — At Douh'm iij hidd of lond by knightf fuice. 
Tenfittf Katerine the wife of David Cervyngton, Esquier, de- 
ceassed /or els the heires of Walter Romsey, Esquier. 

Man^iu' de Ackford Fitzpayne tenet' de Abbate Glaston p 
iij feod militu. 

Et sciendu est de tenenf q tenent immediate de dco Man^/ 
vidtc3 Isabell Abbatissa de Tarent IE3 de pdco manerio iiij hidas 
terre in Wodyate in Com Dor§ p fvic militar J est j feod milit/ 
Johnes Carent Jun ten} de pdco man^io j caruca{ terr voca? 
Asshecourt p Ivic militare / Wittm^ Morgan ten} in Kentels- 
worth in com pdco ij hidas terr p fuic militar / Itm Hugo 
Stucle ten} de eodm man io ij hidas terr in Babebere in eodm 
Coin p fvic militar /It man'iii de Colhegh iux^ Netherlyn con? 
iij hidas terr tenet' de dno Henric Percy ComiJ Northumbr 
iure Alianore uxis sue ut de man^io pdco p fuic milit^ ^^ est j 

u 2 


feod milif /Itm apud Douham in com WilteS iij hide terr teneiu"~ 
de pdco man^io p fvic miiitar / Et utru Katerina ui David 
Ceruyngton Armi^i iam defuncf vel hered Walteri Romsey 
Armigi sut tenetes: adhuc ignoram^/Ideo inquirendu est. 

IsTE ULTiM^ Robartus Fitzpayne huit sorore desponsa? Jobni 
Chidiok mill? qui quidm Johnfes habuit filiu Joliem Chidiok 
mill?. Et idem Johes fili^ duxit in uxera filiam Johis de See 
Laudo et habuerut exitu Johnem Chidiok qui duxit in uxem 
Alianor una filiaru Ivonis Fitzwaryn mili?. Et pdcus Robtus 
Fitzpayn eo q no huit exitu nee hered masculu dedit Rofeto de 
Grey juniori fito Dni de Grey de Codenore hered sua cu arrais 
& noie suis a / Et iste Robart^ Grey, noiatus Fitzpayne, duxit in 
uxem M arg b sorore Guidonis de Brian, de qua pcuravit duas 
filias Elizabeth c & Alic que obiit sine exitu/Et pdca Elizabeth c 
desponsa? fuit Rico Dno de Ponyng/Et huerut exitu Robtm nuc 
Dnm de Ponyng & filia que desponsata fuit filio & her/Dni de 
Comeys/Et pdcus Robart^ huit Ricura Ponyng mili? /qui quidm 
Ricus cepit in uxem Alianore Comitissa Arundell & huerut 
exi? in? eos Alianor Comitissa Northumfer jam supstite/Et pdcus 
Guido Brian fra? Margaret ^ huit exitu duos filios Guidone & 

* Inq. apud Canynton, com. Som. die Sabb. post festum S. Hillarii, 16 £dw. 
II. Quod non est ad damnum quamvis Rex conced. licentiam Rob' to Fitz Payn, 
quod ipse de maneriis suis de Gary, Cherlton, Redeway, Stoke Cursey, et de Hun- 
dred* de Cannington cum pertin. et de advocacione ecclesie de Cherlton, feoffare 
posse Jordanum de Wyntre et Galfrid. de Godemaneston, &c. Ita quod dare pos- 
sint et concedere prefatis, &c. Ita quod post mortem eorundem remanere pred. 
Rob* to fil. Ric*i de Grey de Codenovere et hered. de corpore suo procreatis 
Et si, &c. Gilberto fratri ejusdem Roberti et heredibus de corpore. Et si, &c. 
rectis heredibus Roberti Fitzpayn. 

Inq. apud Dorchester, die Joyis prox. post festum S. Hillarii 16 Edw. II. de 
maneriis de Wroxhall, Mershwode, hund. de Whikehurst, &c. {ad eundem c ff^ etmm) . 

Inq. fipud Jevele, com. Som. 4 Oct. 17 Edw. II. quod non est ad damnum licet 
Hex concedit Rob* to Fitzpayn et Ele ux*i ejus quod ipsi de uno mess, et duobus 
corucatis terre cum pertin* in La Lude feoffare possint {ad eundem effecium), 

^ This should be Elizabeth ; mentioned in the following Inquisition ad quod 
Damnum : Inq. apud Dorchester die Lune prox. ante festum Nat. S. Job. Bapt. 
33 Edw. III. Quod non est ad damnum licet Rex concedit Roberto Fitzpayn et 
Elizabethe uxori ejus quod ipsi manerium de Wroxhall dare possint Joh*i de Vere, 
Comiti Oxon. et Matilde uxori ejus ad totam Titam Matilde ; remanere Roberto et 
Eliz. et hered. Roberti. 

< Read Isabella. 

<* It is true there was a sister Margaret, as well as Elizabeth : but she was the 
wife of Sir John Erlegh, by whom she had a son Sir John Erlegh, whose daughter 
and heiress Margaret married Sir John St. Maur. 


Wiitu/Et pdcus Guido filius obiit sine exitue/Et pdcus Wittm^ 
liuit exitu j filiam vocaf Elizabeth que desponsata fuit Robto 
Lovell filio Dni de Lovell/ & huerut exitu Matilda /que quidm 
Matilda maritaf fuit Rico Stafford milif / Et pdcus Ricus & 
Matilda lluerut exitu Avisiam que marita? fuit Jacobo Ormond 
Comiti Wiltes/Et postea pfat Avisia obiit sine exitu /Post cuj^ 
mortem jus toci^ heredil pdci Guidonis pris jure hereditaf de- 
scendebat Alianore nuc Comitisse Northumbr ut consanguinee 
& hered pdce Avisie videlic} filie Rici fit Robarf fit Hici fit 
Elizabeth fit Margaret sororis pfat Guidonis patris. 

M<^ that my Lady ought to have hadde all these lordeshippes 
vnderwrytten af ? the deythe of my Lady of Wilteg, because that 
she dyed seasyd of the same /And ther' was nev no feoiFeament 
nor no fine reryd of the same unto hir* husbond the Erie of 
Wilteg & because he hade n6 issue vf^^ hir'/by the curtesy he 
owght not to have them /So clerely my lady maye lawfully enter' 
at this daye in theym as me semys. 
Kane. — Maneriu de Ferneburghjux^Calfelde. 
SomS. — Maneriu de Stoke Michtis jux* Medepe. 
Maneriu de Frome branche at diet Frome in Sellwoode sot p 

an™ C. m^rc. 
Dorg.— Maneriu de Sutton Poyntz, vat p an™ xl. ti. 
Maneriu de Hasilbere vat p an™ 1. ti. 
Maneriu de Blonteshey vat p an™ C. m«rc. 
Wallia. — Castru & dniu de Tallagham in Suthwallia in coin 

Kermerden vat p an™ CC. m^rc. 
Dominiu de Wallewescastell at vocat Syke in Rouse in com 

Pembr vat p an™ CC. m^rc. 

List of Evidences, made in 1529, or soon after, on paper. 
Annotaciones p Inq'sicionib} cap? sup Man^ia de Duhed *? at. 
Inq'sicio apud Bridgewa? in sabb^ post festu see Fidis virginis 

« Here again the genealogist was wrong : it was William who died without issue, 
and Guy who had issue Philippa and Elizabeth (see p. 253). Philippa married 
first Sir John Devereux ; and secondly, about July 1398, Henry third Lord Scrope 
of Masham, K. G. but died s. p. Nov. 19» 1406. Elizabeth was married to ;Sir 
Robert Lovel, by whom she had Maud, her daughter and heiress, married first (not 
secondly, as in Scrope and Grosvener Roll, vol. ii. p. 253) to Sir Richard Stafford, 
by whom she was mother of Avicia their heiress, afterwards Countess of Wiltshire ; 
and secondly to John Earl of Arundel, K. G. who died May 12, 1435, by whom 
she had issue Humphrey Earl of Arundel, who died in 1437, set. 9. The will of 
Maud Countess of Arundel is dated May 11, 1436, and proved Oct. 25 that year. 



M' Edward Salter, bur. 3 Dec. 1654. 

Bryan, son of William Salter, Esq. & Susan his wife, bap. 22 

Oct. 1661 r bur. 2 Jan. 1663. 
William Salter, Esq. bur. 23 Sept. 1664. 

M' Stradling, V^., and M" Margrett Salter, marr. 3 Nov. 1666. 
Mr. David Salter, bur. 30 Jul. 1670. 
Susanna, bap. 3 Mar. 1662, dau. of Willm Salter^ Esq. & 

Sarah his wife, bur. 31 Oct. 16T0. 
Anne, dau. of Willm Salter, Esq. and Susan his wife, bap. 9 

Aug. 1660; bur. 20 Apr. 1671. 
The Lady Salter, bur. 29 Feb. 1675. 

Children of Sir John Lawrence : 

Frances, bap. 15 May 1616. 
William, bap. 5 Oct. 1617. 
Marraaduke, bap. 17 Aug. bur. 25 Aug. 1619. 
Ralfe, bap. 7 Feb. bur. 26 Feb. 1623. 
Sampson, bap. same day. 
Henry,e bap. 21 Nov. 1631. 
Elizabeth, dau. of John Lawrence of S*. Clement's Danes, Lon- 
don, bur. 13 Nov. 1664. 

Sir John Lawrence, of Tver, and of Chelsea, near London, Knt. and 
Bart, was the son and heir of Thomas Lawrence, of London, citizen and 
goldsmith, who, according to the Buckinghamshire Visitation of 1634, 
was " descended from Lawrence of Ijancashire." Thomas Lawrence 
died October 28, 1593, set. 54, leaving a widow and five surviving of 
eleven children. The whole family are represented kneeling in a moral 
monument at Chelsea church, which is engraved in Faulkner's History 
of that parish, 1829, vol. i. p. 221. It is surmounted by the arms of 
Lawrence, Arg. a cross ragulee Gu. those of the Merchants Adventurers, 
and those of the Goldsmiths* Company. His wife was Martha, daugh- 
ter of Sir Anthony Cage of London. Of his daughters, Mary was the 
wife of William Jackson, Esq. (Visit. 1634) ; and Sarah, of Richard 
Col vile of Newton in the isle of Ely. The latter died 17 Apr. 1631, 
set. 40. leaving eight sons and two daus. and was buried in Chelsea 
church (see her epitaph in Faulkner, i. 221). ''Jane Lawrance, gen- 
tl woman, buried at Chelsea, Aug. 31, 1633,*' was probably another 

• "Youngest sonne,'* and a Turkey merchant; he died 14 Oct 1661, Kt. 30, and 
was buried at Chelsea. See his poetical epitaph in Faulkner's History of that 
parish, i. 2^2S* 


Sar John Law renoe, of Chelsea, and oi Delaford in Iver, was knighted 
at RoystOD, Jan. 26, 1609-10 ^ and created a Baronet Oct. 9, 1628. 
He died Nov. 13^ 1 638, set. 50, and was buried the next day in Chelsea 
church. On his monument the Lawrence coat is differenced with a 
chief Aznre, charged with three leopard's heads, evidently taken from 
tiie arms of the Groldsmiths (see the epitaph in Fanlkner, i. 222). He 
married Grissell, dan. and coh. of Gervase Gibbon of Benenden, Kent, 
who anrriyed him, and was bnried at Chelsea, March 22, 1675. They 
had issoe seven sons and four daughters. Six of these are named above 
from the Iver register. Grace was baptised and bnried at Hackney in 
1613. Those who are mentioned in the Visitation of 1634, and were 
probably then snrriving, are John, Robert, Sampson, Henry; Anne, 
Frances, GriselL The last vras married to Isaac Lawrence, of Chelsea, 
and of Sherdington, co. Glooc. and had issue. This Isaac Lawrence 
was baptised at Badgeworth, co. Glouc. 30 March 1614, and bnried 
there March 3J, 1684; Grisell became his administratrix, Apr. 19, 

Sir John Lawrence,^ the second Baronet, married Mary, second 
daughter of Sir Thomas Hampson, of Taplow, co. Bucks. Bart, probably 
the same Lady Lawrence who was bnried at Chelsea, Oct. 11,1 664 ; by 
whom be had issue Mary, who died 13 Dec 1649, aet.3, and was buried 
at Taplow^ and his son and heir, Thomas. Sir John was living in 1676, 
when his son is styled *' Esquire " in the Chelsea register. 

Sir Thomas Lawrence, the third Baronet, was buried at Chelsea, 
Apr. 25, 1714. He married Anne,? daughter of ■ English,^ 

and bad issue Anne, baptised at Chelsea, May 4, 1675, and John, 
baptised there Nov. 5, 1676. ''Anne, Lady Lawrence" vras buried 
at Chelsea, Nov. 2, 1723. 

John Lawrence of Chelsea, Esq. heir apparent of Sir Thomas Law- 
rence, Bart, and Anne his wife, sold an estate at Chelsea to Lord Cheyne, 
March 26, 1706 (Fanlkner, i. 262). His wife, Elizabeth, was buried 
at Chelsea, Aug. 7, 1701. 

Ann, dau. of Mr. Robert Bowyer,> bap. 1 Feb. 1631. 

' This Sir John Lawrence, about the year 1644, restored the inscriptioii on Sir 
Thomas More's monument in Chelsea chorch, causing it to be recut on a hand* 
some table of black marble. In Faulkner, 1829, toL iL 133, he is incorrectlj 
identified with Sir John Lawrence, Lord Biayor of London during the plague in 
1665, whose coat of arms was differenced by a canton Ermines. 

* Faalkiier, i, S69, 

^ Mrs. E. Engfisb, Lady Lswrenee's mother, was buried at Chelsea, in 1710. 
> Robert Bowyer founded a free-iduxil at Irer ; his endowment of whidi pro- 
duces 31^ per annum. 


Agneta, daiu of Robert Bowyer^ Esq^ bap. 3 1 Jan. 1696 ; bur. 

8 Oct. 163a, 
Mrs. Elizabeth Bowyer, bur. 3 Apr. 1667. 
Mr. Henry Bowyer, bur. 14 Oct. 1675. 
Mrs. Martha Bowyer, bur. 8 Jun. 1681. 
Mr. William Bowyer, bur. 4 May 1694. 

Mr. Thomas Beringer, bur. 23 Jul. 1631. 

Mrs. Thjomasin Berenger, wid. bur. 24 Jan. 1632. 

Margrett Barringer> bur. 6 Jun. 1642. 

Widdow Barrenger, bur. 27 Aug. 1643* 

Ana Barenger, bur. 10 Mar. 1650. 

Mr. John Berenger, bur. 11 Sept 1654. 

Ricbaixl Berenger, Esq^ bur. 5 May 1671. 

Franks Berenger^ bur. 18 Aug. 1673. 

Jane, wife of Thomas Berenger, Esq. bur. 16 Sept. 1681. 

John Atkins, derke, Vic'f of Iver, bur. 25 Dec. 1613. 

Martha, dau. of Hugh Floyd, VicS bap. 25 Oct. 1635. 

Aberycusgentylis, son of Rich^ Balthropp, gent. J bap. 25 Jun. 

Mary, dau. of Samuell Dyngley, of Charleton, in the county of 

Worster, Esq^, bap. 14 Nov. 1652. 
Elizabeth, dau. of Sam. Dingley, esq. and Mary his wife, bom 

3 Sept, 1654. 
Ann) dau. c^ S^ Joseph Seymour^ and the Lady Bridgets his wife> 

born 10 Aug. 1655, 

Henry,, their son, bom 7 Sept. 1656. 
Joseph, their son, bap. 26 Nov. 1659. 
M^ Elizabeth Kedermister, wife of Edmond Kederraister, gent 

bur. 16 Aug. 1659. 
Edmund Kiderminster, Esq. bur. 15 May 1669. 
Children of the Rev. Nicholas Chewney, Vicar, & his wife 

Frances : Elizabeth, born 1 Jul. bap. 23 Jul. 1657. George, 

bur. 17 Jun. 1658. Jane, bap. 19 Mar. 1659. Henry, bap. 

28 Aug. 1660, bur. 10 Sept. 1661. 

I Margaret, dau. of Richard Baltmppt bap. 24 Mar. 1643. 

^ Fourth son of Sir Edward Seymour, the 2d Bart, of Bury Pomeroy, co. Deron. 
He was a GeBtivmui of Hke Frity Chamber in ordinary, and Auditor of the Ex- 
chequer. Hi» wif» was Rndget, daughter of Sir Richard Anderson, of Pendley, 
Herts, and his children mentioned in pedigrees are Henry and Anne. The wiU of 
Sir Joseph Seymour was proved in the P^erogatiye Court of Canterbury in 1698. 


Children of Sir Charles Clearer 1 ("gent/' in 1659, "Kt.** in 
1661) and "Bryana, lady of S' Charles Cleaver, Kt. bur. 31 
Aug. 1671.'' 
Francis, " son and heire," born 14, bap. 24 Aug. 166T, bur. 

21 Apr. 1658. 
Briana, bap. 1 Feb. bur. 9 Mar. 1659. 
Charles, '< eldest son,*' bom 8, bapt. 24 Aug. 1661. 
William, born 11, bap. 16 Apr. 1663, bur. 26 Mar. 1667. 
S' George Tash, Knight,™ bur. 22 Feb. 1671. 
Thomazine, the Lady Tash,n bu. 13 Oct. 1702. 

Their children : 

Robert, bap. 8 Aug. 1652, bur. 16 May 1710. 

Alice, bap. 21 Sept. 1653. 

George, second son, bom 30 Aug. bap. 5 Sept. 1654, bur. 

23 Nov. 1703. 
Thomasui, <* born " 20 July 1655. 
Deborah, "bom" 17 Dec. 1656. . 
Ann, born 8, bap. 14 Dec, 1657. 
Elizabeth, " born " 23 Oct. 1658, bur. 31 Aug. 1659. 
Jane, bap. 13 Mar. 1661. 
Henry, bap. 1 Sept 1663, bur. 2 Oct 1689. 
Christian, bap. 7 Mar. 1664. 
Elizabeth, bap. 2 May 1666, 
Sarah, bap. 1 Oct 1668. 
Katharine, bap. 21 Mar. 1671. 

Nicholas Le-Grice, Armig. bur. 4 Dec. 1679. 
Elizabedi bis ^ife, bur. 30 Jan. 1678. 

1 Sir Charles Cleayer, of Bygraye, Herts, kniglited ^ Whitehall 7 June 1660, 
was ^e eldest son of Franeis Clearer, citisen and Draper of London, bj Elizabeth, 
dan. of Piers Salusbnrj, of Wales and of London. He married fiist, Briana, dan. 
of Sir William Salter, of Iver, hy whom he had Issue, besides tiie children aboye 
named, Elizabeth and Anne. He married seeondly Frances, dan. of [Sir Edward] 
Goff, of Saham, co. [Norfolk] widow of Edw. Chester, d Royston, Esq. by whon 
he had Francis, his only son living. Sir Charles had four brothers : S. Francis, s. p. 
3. Stephjei^ who mar. Eliz. Cawthome, of co. Hunts. 4. Piers. 5. William. 
And a sister Elizabeth, married to John Dayis, of the Middle Temple, Esq. Le 
Neve's Pedigrees of Knights, (MS. Harl. 5801) vol. i. p. 21. 

* Knighted between 1661 and 1663. He was one of the Band of Gentlemen 
Pansioners, and died ** at his house near Uzbridge," (that is, at Iyer) Feb. 17, 1671. 

* See the entry of her death at Camberwell in p. 168, antea. 




Children of Nicholas Grice, Esq. (after 1666 ''Le.Grice,")aod Eliza- 
beth his wife : 

Ann, bap. 8 Oct. 1653. 

Mr. Grice his male child, bur. 20 Aug. 1654. 

Valence, « born " 26 Jul. 1655, *' Valens Grice, gent." bur. 

6 Aug. 1688. 
Thomas, « born " 29 Oct. bur. 10 Dec. 1656. 
Elizabeth, born 19, bap. 26 Nov.; bur. 21 Dec. 1657. 
Mary, born 28 May, bap. 29 June 1658, bur. 10 June 

Nicholas, bap. 2 Sept. 1660, bur. 11 Sept. 1662. 
Nicholas « Le Grice," bap. 17 Aug. 1666, « Mr. Nicholas 

Grice," bur. 17 Nov. 1701. 

Mary,o dau. of S' Benjam: Bathurst, Kt. bur. 1 Jul. 1690. 
Sr Peter Apseley, Bar^.P bur. 13 Jan. 1691. 
The Lady Apsely,q bur. 24 Nov. 1696. 
M" Catherine Bathurst, an infant,^ bur. 24 Jul. 1706. 
Venterus Maundey,^ bur. 30 July 1701. 

The HonWe Mary Paget,* from St. James's, London, bur. 28 
Aug. 1706. 

« This daughter of Sir Benj. Bathurst (the father of the first Earl Bathurst) and 
Catharine, below, are not mentioned in the Peerages. 

p Sir Peter was brother to the wife of Sir Benjamin Bathurst ; but he was not a 
Baronet. He was knighted Jan. 25, 1674-5. 

1 Catharine, widow of Sir Peter Apsley ; and mother of Catharine, married to 
her cousin-german, Allen first Earl Bathurst. 

' Probably a daughter of the first Earl Bathurst. 

■ Of the parish of St. Giles, London ; bricklayer to Lincoln's Inn, and author 
of ** Mellificium Mensionis,'' and other publications. He was grandson of Ven- 
terus Maundey, of the parish of Iver. His epitaph is printed in Le Neve's Monu- 
menta Anglicana, vol. y. p. 190. 

* Qu. Mary, the wife of the Hon. Henry Paget, brother to William sixth Lord 
Paget ? She was the daughter of ^— Sandford, of Sandford in Shropshire, 
Esq. and grandmother of Caroline, wife of Sir Nicholas Bayly, whose son in 1769 
became heir of the family, and in his mother's right Lord Paget, — ^the father of the 
present Marquis of Anglesea. 

J. G. N. 




This early charter (temp. Richard Bishop of Winchester 1 1 73— 
1189) was copied by Richard St. George into the book now the MS. 
Harl. 6148^ f. 140, with the following memorandum: '* Ista Cbarta 
cam sigillo jam in custodia Oliveri S^i Johannis.'* On the opposite 
page are some imperfect notes from very ancient charters, relative to 
Patrisey in Surrey, which were in possession of the same party. 

It is not perfectly certain where the City Gaol was ; but in all pro- 
bability it was Newgate^ that being the City prison in the reign of King 
John. (Stow's Survey.) 

Witt de Maundevitt Omnib) fidelibj et amicis Francis et 

Anglicis tarn clericis quam laicis saluf Sciatis me concessisse ac 

psenti carta confirmasse Alexandro de Barantine gardinu juxta 

Gaiolam de London de feodo nostro et antecessor nostror, et 

domos que ad illu gardinu ptinet, et apud Edmolentonani vij 

acras prati, que fuerunt Henrici Arbrarii avunculi sui, tenend 

sibi et heredib) suis de me et heredib} meis jure hereditario pj 

libra piperis in clausa pasche, de quo tenemento finis factus fuit 

inter ipsum Alexandr et Hugonem Arbrariu coram dno rege, et 

ipsi remansit Alexandre p concordiam p j marcam argenti quam 

Alexander dedit prenominato Hugoni, et mihi p hac concession e 

et cognato quin^^ marcas et unu equu, quare volo et firmiter 

precipio q'd ipse Alexander et heredes sui teneant de me et 

heredibj meis bene et in pace quiete et integre honorifice et 

hereditarie totu pdictu tenement p pnominal servitiu et quum 

hec carta facta fuit dedit ipse Alexander mihi unam libram 

piperis ad recognitionem servitii sui. His testib}. Kicardo Win- 

toniensi epo. Herberto Can? archidiacono. Simone de Bello- 

campo. Galfrido de Say. Hugone Talebot. Sewallo Ossenvill. 

Radulpho de Bernerf. Witto de Bovfll. Reginaldo de Gerpen- 

vill. Roberto de Freskeines. Wischardo Ledet. Johanne de 

Rochella. Wallerando Saius. Waltero de Wannevill. Galfrido 

de Huglevill. Herberto de Goutevill. 

J. G. N. 




There are few genealogical documeDts more interesting thau tbe 
Heralds' Certificates of Funerals j and, as far as they extend, they are 
of equal importance with the Visitations. They commence in 1567, 
pursuant to an order of the Earl Marshal made in that year, and con-* 
tinue to the close of the following century -, after which period they 
gradually fell into disuse. See Grimaldi*s Origines Genealogicse, p. 
255 } where, at p. 261, 262, are published those of Fulke Grevill, Lord 
Brooke, 1628, and Archbishop Accepted Frewen, 1664. 

From the circumstance of their having been chiefly preserved among 
the official records of the College of Arms, their merits have scarcely 
been appreciated except by the professional herald 3 the following are 
therefore given as specimens of a series of records, the whole of which 
are well deserving of publication. 

The present are extracted from a small parcel of originals, '* found 
in Mr. Clarencieux Lee*s stud ye at his death,*' and now in the posses- 
sion of J. B. Nichols, Esq. F.S.A. 

To the records of these Certificates in the College of Arms, the armo- 
rial bearings of the deceased are generally attached. 

1594. The 7 daye of Maye died the right reverente Edmond 
Seamier Byshope of Norwych, and was enterred the 3. daye of 
June after, he had issue then lyvinge James, Edward, Thorns, 
and Adam : his executers M^ James and Edward Seamier : his 
oversears M' Do: Redman and M^ John Pettus : The forsaid 
Funerall was solemnized in the Cathederall Church of Norwych, 
by Yorke Herald and Rouge Croix, the daye and yeare aboue 
wrytten. {Signed) Ja: Seamier. 

Edward Seamier. 

This reuerent father Bishope of Norwiehe was buried with a 
hearse of foure pryneypales or vprightes, a great bannor, and 4. 
banner rolles* 

S^ Cutbert Buckle, Knight, Lorde Maior of the Cittie of 
London, and free of the worshipfull Company of Vinteners, 
deeeassed the first of July e 1594, and was honorablye buried as a 
Baron the xxix^h of the same followinge, at S* Marye Hill 
Churche in the warde of Billing^ gate, p Rieharde Lee ats 


Clarenciealx Kinge of Amies, Lancaster and Somersett heraultf 
being assistant. This Cutbert Buckle had towe wyves, viz. 
Joane his first wife, by whome hee had yssue one sonne 

that died young. And by his secounde wife Dame Elizabeth 
Buckle, daughter of Thomas Maston of London, gent, hee had 
and left one sonne, his only heire, named Christopher. His 
sole executrixe was the aforesaid Dame Elizabeth his wife, and 
his overseers the right Worshipful! S^ WilPm Webbe, Knighte, 
M^ Benedick Bamehame, Alderman, M^ John Aldersonne, and 
M' Will'm Cobbe, Cittizens of London. Whoe in testemonye 
of the premisses have herevnto sett their handf die vij^ of Au- 
gust in the xxxvjt*» yeare of the raigne of our soueigne Ladye 
Elizabeth by the grace of God, Queene of England, Fraunce, & 
Ireland, Defendor of the Faithe, &c. 

(Signed) Wyllyam Webb. Benedict Barnham. 
. John Alderson. William Cobb. 

Decimo septimo Novembr 1594 Ao q^ Rne EHz. xxxvijo. 

Upon Wednesday, beinge y« fifth day of June y« yeare aboue- 

specifyed, dyed y« right Reuend father in God, John Aylmer, 

by God's pvidence late Bishop of London, at his mann of Ful- 

ham, whence by coche his body was conveyed to his pallace in 

London, & was interred in the cathedrall churche of S^ Paul in 

y® vpper end of y« north Isle in y^ chancell there vpon y^ xxyj^^ 

of June, with a Baron's herse ritchly prepared & ordered by y« 

direccon of Richard Lea al^ Clarenti^ Kinge of Armes, servinge 

w^ him Blewmantle & Rouge-crosse, other ij officers of armes : 

y® obsequies beine ended, y® Bishop of W^'cester chiefe mourner, 

S^^ John Fortescue, one of y^ honourable Privy Counsell to her 

Mty, w* yc whole company of mourners, to y® nomber of CCCCI, 

at y® said pallace had a solemne dinner. The said reuend 

father left behinde him livinge, seaven sonnes & two daughters, 

viz. Samuel Aylmer of Mugdenhall, in y® County of Essex, his 

ddest sonne, Hieophilus Archdeacon of London his second 

sonne, John his third sonne, Zachary y® fourth, Nathanael y« 

fifth, Tobeli yc sixt, Edm'd y® seaventh ; Judith, y« wife of 

Willm Linche, sonne & hey' to Linche of Staple, in y« 

County <^ Kent, gent. & Elizabeth marryed to John Follyot, 

Sonne & hey' of Thomas FoUycrt of Pirton in y« County of 

W'cester, Esq. He made executors of his last will & testament, 


Richard Vaughan his kinsman, D' of Divinity & Archdeacon of 
Middx. his said sonnes Samuel Aylmer, Theophilus Aylmer, & 
y« said Willm Lynche. 

(Signed) Samuel Ay 1 men 

Catheryne Ladye Gattes, dough ter to Watkyne Vaughan of 
Bradwardyn in Com. Hereford, Esquier, had in lier lyffe tyme 
thre husbandes, the first James Boy lie of Hereford towne, esq. 
and by hym had yssue two doughters ; Anne 1® doughter, and 
one of t'heirs of James, was maryed to James Tompkyns, of 
Monnyngton, in Com Hereford, gent. Marye, second doughter, 
& one of t'heirs of James, was maryed to Howell Gwyne of 
Trecastle, in Com , esq. After the afore named Lady maryed 
to her second husband S' Henrye Gattf of Semer in Com 
Yorke, knight, but had no yssue ; thyrdlye and lastlye she 
maryed Robert Whytt of Aldershott, in Corn Southe, esquier, 
but had no yssue. Thys Lady departed thys lyffe to the Lord 
the 15 of November at Westmynster, [in the gathowse, erased] 
and was buryed in S^ Margettes Churche ther, the wone and 
twenty th of the moneth aforesaid 1594. Chefe morner at her 
funerall the Ladye Hawkyns, and ther servyd Clarencieulx 
Kynge of Armes, and Blewmantle. In wytnes wherof I haue 
sett hervnto my hand tlie daye & yere abowsaid. 

{Signed) By me, Robert White. 

Dame Joyce, the daughter and soule heire vnto Thomas 
Acton of Sutton, in com Worcester, Esquire, and late the wyfe 
of the right worshipfull S*^ Thomas Lucye of Charlecotte, in the 
Coutye of Warwycke, Knight, had issue by her said husband 
as followeth, S"" Thomas Lucye, Knighte, their sonne and heire 
apparaunt, and Anne, maried to S' Edward Aston of Tyxhall 
in com StaflTord, Knight: The same Dame Joyce departed this 
mortall lyffe at Charlecote aforsaid, the x*** day of Februarve 
1595, beinge then of the agge of threescore and three yeres: 
and was worshipfully broughte to the parishe churche of Charl- 
cote aforsaid, and their buryed the ix**» daye of Marche nexte 
followinge. The cliefe morner was M" Joyce Lucy, daughter 
vnto S' Thomas Lucye the yonger : M*^* Grevill, M" Varney, 
M" Littelton and M'* Besbiche the asistantes, Clarencieulx 
Kinge of Armes of the provence gaue order for the said funerall^ 


and their seruyed with him Rougecroix : In wittnes of the truthe 
hereof^ we haue sette herevnto our handf , the daye and yere 
aboue wretten. 

Thomas Lucy. 

Tho: Lucy, 

S' Johne Puckeringe of Warwyke, in com Warr. Knight,, 
late Lo. Keper of the great seall of England, and wone of her 
Maiesties most honorable Privie Counsell, maryed Jane the 
doughter of Nycholas Chune ^ of Faierlawn in the Count' of 
Kent, Esquier, and by her had yssue now lyvinge, Thomas 
Puckeringe hys eldest sone 8c heire, of thage of fyve yeres at 
Christmas next ; Elisabethe, maried to Thomas Myldmaye, Esq. 
eldest sone & heir apparaunt to S^ Thomas Myldmaye of Mows- 
ham in com Essex, Knight; Dorothye, 2 doughter, maryed to 
John Ferreirs, Esquier, sone 8c heir apparant to S^^ Humfreye 
Ferreirs of Tamworth in com Warw. Knight; Fraunces, third 
doughter, about thirten yeares of age ; & Catheryn, 4 doughter, 
about the age of vij years ; not yet maried.^ The said S'^ Johne 
Puckeringe, Lo. Keeper, after manye yeares bothe wo', and honor- 
ablye spent, departed to the Lord the last of Aprell 1596, at 
York Howse, in the parishe of St. Martyne in the feilds, and 
hys bodye beinge honorablye accompanyed to the Cathedrall 
churche of S. Petter, called Westmyns. and ther buryed the 27 
daye of Maye next after hys decease. Chefe mornJs were the 
Lo. Buckhurst, the Lo. Chefe Justice of the Kinges Benche, 
the Lo. Chefe Justyce of the Comon Pleys, S' Thomas Myld- 
may, S' Humfrey Ferrers, knightf, Thomas Myldmay & Johne 
Ferreii's, esquiei's, assistants; the Lo. Keper, the Lo. Chamber- 
layne, 8c the Lo. Cobham morners ; the standard borne by Cap- 
tayne Audley, the great baner borne by Christofer Puckerynge, 
the helme & crest borne by Blewmantell, the targe borne by 
Portculleys, the sworde borne by Roug dragon, 8c hys coate of 
armes borne by Clarencieulx Kinge of Armes ; S' Hugh Port- 

■ Chowne, of Fairlawn in Wrotham, Kent. 

^ The following notes are written in the margin : 

John, who deceased y* 10*^ of Decemb* 1580, beinge of the age of 12 weekes, 
^ the first Sonne. 

Jane 4 daughter deceased the first of Octob* 1584, beinge of the age of 3 

Hatton, 2 sonne, deceased the 4 of May 1589, beinge of the age of 10 monethes 
& odd weekes.^ 

. VOL. Ill* X 


man kn^t, M>^ Tbo. Gnantam, M' Gorge Chowne, M^* The.' 
Crompcon, esqniers, assistants to y^ bodye: the 4 baneroles 
bcNrne by Nycbolas Chune, Edward Constable, Henrye Heydon, 
& Henrye Gower, gentylmen. The buryall was dyrected and 
ordered by Clarencieulx onlye, becawse he was Kinge of Armes 
rf y« provynce : In wytnes y* all thys ys trew, we hane sett oure 
bandes bervnto the fiftdaye of Jane 39 1596. 

Jane PuckriDg. 

Anno Dni 1596. 
Elizabeth Brooke, Ladye Cydll, daughter to the Lorde Cob- 
bam, Lorde Chamberleyne of her Ma^'c* housholde, and Lo: 
Warden of the sinqne portes, Knight of the Garter, and one of 
her ila*^ most honorable Privie Counsel!, late wife of S^ Robte 
Cyciil, knight, principall Secretarie to her Ma^®, had by her 
said husband yssue one sonne and one daughter, viz. Wiltm, 
their sonne & heire, of the age of five yeares & eleaven monethes, 
and Frannncis their daughter, about three yeares & sixe 
monethes, both lyvinge at this present. The aforesaid Ladye 
most Christianlye departed this transitorie life at her house in 
the Strand, on Mondaye the xxiiij^ of Januarye 1596. And by 
her Ma^^ especial! comaundement (for that she was a Ladye of 
her Privie Chamljer & one of the Bed GhamlDer) was honorably 
buryed as a Barones w^in the Abbye Churche of Westminster, 
wheare for her was erected a fayre square hearse of foure prin- 
dpalls, furnished with vellett, and garnished accordinglie w^ 
eschochens, watertables, wordes, and pencills. The prosced- 
inge of her said funerall was accomplished as fblloweth : First 
two conductores w*h staves to leade the waye. Then followed 
50 poore women in gownes & kerchiefes. After them came the 
servauntes of Gentlemen, Gentlewomen, Ladies, & Knightes, in 
cloakes, to the nomber of 44. Then two other conductores w*** 
staves goinge before M' Secretaries owne yeomen & gentlemen 
in cloakes, to the nomber of 42. Then followed of the Lo: 
Threaso" gentlemen and others in cloakes, 12. After them of 
gentlemen in gownes, both Doctors of Phisicke & Divinitie, 
Doctor Andrewes the preacher, M' Deane of Westminster, in 
nomber 17. The great baner borne by S^ Wiltm Brooke, 
brother to the Ladie deceased. After whom followed Robte 
Treswell, Blewemande, and Thomas Lant, Portcullis, officers of 
Armes; Clarencieulx Lee, Kinge of Armes, takinge his place next 
before the bodye, vf^^ was lK)me by sixe of her owne gentlemen. 


The 4 comers of the paule weare supported by S'^ Walter 
Rawleighe, S'^ Thomas Gorge, S'' Edwarde Dyer, & S'^ George 
Carewe, knightes. The 4 banno^Us borne by S' Edwarde 
Hobby, S«^ Edwarde Dennye, S' Edwarde Wotton, & S^ An-» 
thony Cooke, Kflightes. Next after the bodye followed ,the 
chefe mourner, Ladye Cycill, wife to S'^ Thomas Cycill, knight, 
one her right hande M' Roger Mannors, one her left hande M' 
Henrye Brooke, with her trayne borne by M^is Mannors. After 
her followed the sixe assistauntes, viB. M"" Jerningham, M'^» 
Elizabeth Russell, M^s Eliz. Burgh, M"* Eliz. Bridges, M^^" 
Anne Russell (Barrons daughters), and the Ladie Newton, one 
of the Bedchamber. After them followed an usher, goinge 
before certeyne Knightes daughters, and other .gentlewomen, 
waytinge women, and mayde servauntes in morninge gownes and 
white attyers one their heades, to the nomber of 21. Last of all 
divers yeonien & servingemen in coates. And thus all the 
mourners, beinge 220 & odd, proceeded to the aforesaid Abbye 
Churche of Westminster. Wheare all beinge setled, and a 
a psalme songe, the preacher held them, an hower. The. sermon 
ended, the ofFermge & other rytes pformed, the aforesaid 
mourners in like order before menooned, retomed to M^ Deanes 
house (from whence they came) and there dyned.* In witnes 
wherof we, whose names are vnder written, have sette o' handes 
the daye aiid yeare above specified. 

Ro. CecylL 
Ro. Manners. Henry Brooke. 

S'^ Wiltm Hatton, ats Newporte, Knight, nephewe and heire 
to S^ Christopher Hatton of Haldenbye^ in the Countye of 
Northt. Knighte (late Lorde Chauncello^ of Englande, and 
Knight of the moste honorable order of the Garter), maried 
to his first wife Elizabeth, daughter and sole heire apparaunt to 
Frauncis Gawdye of Wallingeton, in the Countye of Noi'fF. 
Esquire, one of the Justices of the Kinges Benche, and by her 
had yssue Frauncis, theire onlye daughter and heire, at this 
psent about the age of seaven yeares. After he maried to his 
second wife Elizabeth, daughter to S'^ Tho. Cecyll of Burghley^ 

■ The words " weare there verye bountifully feasted,*' are here altered to, 
*' there dyned." 

X 2 


in the Countye of Northt. Knyght, and by her had yssue one 
onlye daughter, named Cecillia, nowe about one yeare and a 
halfe ould. And about the thirtyesixe yeare of his age it pleased 
the Lorde to call him to his mercy e at Ellye house in Hoi borne, 
the xijt^ daye of Marche 1596; from whence his bodye was con- 
veyed to iiis house of Haldenbye aforesaid, and from thence was 
worshippfully accompaned to the pishe Churche of Haldenbye 
aforesaide, and was there buried accordinge to his estate & 
degree. At w^h funerall the Standarde was borne by M^ The* 
mas Tresham, and the pennon of his Armes borne by M*" Robte 
WingefeiliJe. The heahne and creast borne by Ralfe Brooke, 
ats Yorke Haraulde. The sworde, targe, and coate borne by 
Richard Lee, ats Clarencieulx, Esq. Kinge of Armes. The 
cheife mourner S' Thomas Cecyll, Knight, aforesaide. The 
foure assistauntes S'^ Richarde Knightley, S'^ Edwarde Dennye, 
S' Wiltm Cornewallis, Knightes, and M^ Wiltm Cecyll, Esq. 
In witnes wherof we have hereunto subscribed o^ names the xxj**» 
daye of iVJ arche, in the xxxix^^ yeare of the reigne of o'^ sover* 
aigne Ladye Queene Elizabeth. 

Tho. Cecill, Ri. Knyghtley. 

Ed. Denny. Willia Corwaleys. 

London, A^ Dfii 1596. 

Peter Houghton, Esquire, late Alderman & sometyme Sherif 
of the Cyttie of London, maryed Mary the doughter of Jhon 
Dodge of Mannington in the County of Norfolke, Esquire, & 
by her had yssue two sonnes & two doughters, vix' Hatton 
Houghton, and Peeter Houghton ; the fyrst dyed at the age of 
3 years & a quarter, and the second at the age of 8 yeai's & a 
quarter; his doughters are Mary and Elizabeth; the fyrst is of 
the age of 13 years & sixe monethes, the second is five years or 
thereaboutf, and bothe living at this present. 

The sayd Peeter dyed intestate the la<;t day of Decemb 1596, 
and was worshippfully accompanied (w^l* the Lord Mayo', all the 
Aldermen, & many other cittizens) from his house neer Fan- 
churche vnto the parishe-churche of S* Michaells in Cornehill, 
where he was worshippfully buryed (at the vpper end of the 
Quier, on the lefte hand in a vaulte) on Tuesday the 18tl> of 
January following. Whose funerall was directed and served by 
Lancaster Herauld (deputy for Clarencieulx King of Armes) 
and Chester Herauld, oflScers of Armes. 


In wittness whereof we, whose names are vnderwritten, haue 
sett to our handf the day and year aboue mencioned. 

Marie Hougton. 
R. Wigmore, Edw. Dodge. 

Wiltm Dunche » of Little Wytnam in Com Berk, esquire, 
maried Marye, daughter to Wittm Barons [Barnes] of London, 
onlye sister & heire to John Barons of London, gent and by her 
hath yssue Edmond Dunche, esquire, his eldest sonne & heire, 
Walter Dunche his seconde sonne, both maried and hath yssue. 
Edmonde maried Anne only daughter & sole heire to Nicholas 
Phetipas [Fettiplace] of Kentwoode, in com Bark. esq. and by 
her hath yssue Wiltm Dunche his eldest sone and heire appa- 
rant,^ Walter Dunche 2. sonne, Samuell Dunche 3. sonne, 
Marye and Elizabeth ; Walter Dunche 2. sonne of Wiltm, 
maried Debora, daughter to Jeames Pilkington, Bisshope of 
Durham, and by her hath yssue Wiltm Dunche his onlye sonne 
and heire, and foure daughters, Debora 1. daughter, Ruthe 2. d. 
Marye 3. d. & Anne 4. daughter, whose father depted the 4. daye 
of June 1594, and Debora his wife was after his death maryed to 
S"^ Jeames Marvyne of (blank) ^ in Com. Wiltes., knight. The 
aforesaid Wiltm Dunche, after 89 yeares of age, depted this 
wreched life at his M ano' house of Little Wytnam aforesaid, the 
IL of Maye 1597, and the 22. of June next after followinge was 
worshippfully accompanied to the pishe Churche of Wytnam 
aforesaide, and ther buried in the full estate of an Esquire, viz. 
his Pennon borne by Wilim Bacon of London, gent, his Healme 
and Creast borne by Somersett Hearaulde of Amies, his Coate 
borne by Clarencieulx Kinge of Armes. Cheife mourner Ed- 
monde Dunche his sonne & heire, Besilles Phetipas & Edmund 
Phetipas assistanies. Gownes given to poore men to the nom- 
ber of 40. In witnes wherof we have hereunto subscribed o*" 
names the daye &, yere abovesaide. 

Ed mud Dunche. 

Besells Fetiplace. 

Edmunde Fetiplace, 

• The epitaph of this William Dunche, Esq. who was Auditor of the Mint, and 
others of his family, will be found in Ashmole's Berkshire, p. 35. 

^ Who married Mary Cromwell, aunt to the Protector Oliver, and was father of 
Edmund, created a member of the Commonwealth House of Lords, 26 April 1658, 
by the title of Baron Bumell of East Wittenham, Berks. A fac-simile of the patent 
is engraved in Noble's Memoirs of the House of Cromwell, vol. ii. p. 162. 

' " Seven fountaines " in the Register in Coll, Arm. 


Ano dni 1597. 

Thomas Cornwallis of East Horsley, in the County of Surrey^ 
Esquire, and Groome Porter of her Ma*^ house : ^ maryed the 
Lady Katherine, daughter to the Right honorable Thomas 
Wriothesley, Earle of Southampton, Knighte of the most noble 
order of the Garter, by whome he had no yssue.® 

The sayd Thomas Cornwallis departed this transitory lyfe at 
his house in East Horsley, on Friday the 13'^ of May, from 
whence he was worshipfully accompanied unto his parish church 
of y® aforesayed East Horsley, on Wednesday the first of June 
next following, the manner whereof was thus. Imprimis two 
conductors to lead y® way. After them the poore men in gcwnes. 
Then his frendf servauntf & his owne in cloakes. After them 
gentlemen of his kindred & frendf in cloakes. Then the 
Preacher M' Twist. The Penon borne by M' John Cornwallis, 
his cousin. The body by sixe of his yomen in coatf . The 
chiefe mourner was M^ Thomas Cornwallis his cousin. The 
assistant^ S' W™ Cornwallis & S' Henry Nevill, Knightf , and 
lastly all his houshould servauntf and reteyners in coatf . The 
sermon being ended, the ceremonies & oflFeringf performed, the 
sayd mourners retoumed in lyke cu'der back agayne unto 
tli'aforesayd house, where they dyned. 

This funerall was directed, ordered, & served by NichcJas 
Paddy, ats Lancaster, deputy for Clarencieulx, & Thomas Lant, 
Portcullis, officers of Armes. In wittnes whereof we whose 
names are under written, have sett to o^ handf the day and year 
above specified. 

Henry Neuiit. Willia Corwaleys. 
Tho. Comwaleys, 

' He was the son of Henry Cornwallis, also Groom Porter to Queen Elizabeth, 
third son of William Cornwallis, by Elizabeth, dan. and heir of John Stamford ; 
and brother to Sir John Cornwallis, of Brome, the lineal ancestor of the present 
noble house of that name. Vincent. Suff. in ColL Arm. 

* That surviYcd him : Lady Katharine, who was married about 1567, died his 

widow 16 Aug. 1636, aet. 85. See a monumental inscription for both at East 

Horsley, in Manning and Bray's Surrey, yol. iii. p. 34, and ftt>m which it appears 

that Robert their eldest son died in France, aged about 30, and Henry at the age 

. of between 3 and 4 years. 

J. G. N. 





The Charch of Withyam was almost entirely rebuilt in the reign of 
Charles the Second, in consequence of the stmctare having been de^ 
stroyed by one of those violent storms from which the churches in the 
hilly districts of Kent and Sussex have frequently suffered. This cata- 
strophe happened on the 16th of June 1663 ; and the following curious 
ootice rating to it, occurs in Baxter's " Certainty of the World of 
Spirits "Fully Evinced/' 1691 : " The Church where the present Lord 
Chamberlain, Earl of Dorset and Middlesex^ his ancestors* monuments 
were^ was torn by lightning that came in at the steeple, melted the 
l^lls, ^d went up to the chancel^ and there tore the monuments to 
]^eces. J saw pieces of the monuments which had some of the golden 
letters, which 9> ti:nly worthy lady brought home> that went from 
Tunbridge Watere to see the Church." 

Whether tiiere now exists any particular account of these ancient 
monuments I am not aware ; but it appears from C<^i]^s*s Peerage 
that some of them were to the memory of : 

Humfry Sakevyle» Esq. died, 24 Jan. 1488 ) with a figure on brass 
plate, engraved in Collins's Peerage, 4to. 1727, p. 391. 

Richard Sake vile, Esq. died 18 July 1524, & Isabell his wife, dau. of 
JohnDyggs, of Barham in Kent, Esq. also engraved ibid. p. 393. 
Cecily (Baker) Countess of Dorset, 1615, *'a handsome tomb." 
Richard second Earl of Dorset, 1608-9, '' b. noble monument.** 
The father of Humfrey, Edward, was here buried 1459. 
Sir John Sackville was buried here 1557. (Strype.) 
Sir Richard Sackville, in 8 Eliz. desired burial at Withyam. 
The great Lord Treasurer Buckhurst, the first Earl of Dorset, directed 
in his will " that my bodie be buried in the church of Withiam in Sus- 
sex, namelie within the isle and chapel there appropriate to the Sack- 
villes my ancestors, and with and amongst the rest of my progenitors 
there interred.*' Collins states, on the authority of Wood's AthenaB 
Oxon. that his remains were deposited in Westminster Abbey 3 but it 
will be seen in the next page, that his coffin is now at Withyam. The 
fact is, that the principal ceremonies of his obsequies were solemnised 
at Westminster, where Dr. Abbot, afterwards Archbishop of Canter- 
bury, preached the funeral sermon 3 but the body was conveyed to Uie 
cemetery of his ancestors. 




Robert Sackeville, Earl of Dorset, died Febr: 27,^ 1608. He 
was son to Thomas Earle of Dorset, Lord High Treasurer of 

The body of the Right Hon^i. Cicely Countess of Dorset,^ 
dowager, wife to Thomas Earl of Dorset, who died the first of 
October anno Dom: 1615, aged 80 yeares. 

On a very small child^ cased close in lead like a doll : 
The Sonne of S^ Edward Sackvill, 1617. 

On a child, also cased in fead the shape of the body : 

Ann Semer, 1618. 

This was the infant daughter of Edward Lord Beauchamp, by Lady 
Anne Sackville, younger daughter of the Lord Treasurer. 

[Richard third Earl of Dorset was buried at Withyam, Apr. 7, 
1624. Funeral Certificate in Coll. Arm.] 

Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Richard L: Buckhurst, died 
April xxiii, IGxliii, sst. too ye. 

Lionel Sackville, third son to the Lord Buckhurst, died the 
xxi : of Julye 1646. 

Corpus prenobilis Thome Sackvile Armigeri, quarto-geniti 
filii Thome Comitis Dorsestrie, Magni Thesaurarii Anglie, &c. 
nati 250 die Maii anno Domini 1571, obiit 28^ Augusti 1646, 
expectans resurrectionem fidelium et justorum in et per Jesunj^ 
Christum Dominum nostrum. 

[Edward Sackville, brother to the 5th Earl, killed at Chawley near 
Abingdon in 1646, was buried at Withy am. ColHns.] 

Anna e liberis Dom: Ricardi fil. unici Honorat: Edoardi Com. 
Doi-set. vixit trienn. menses duos. Obiit solstit. brumali 1649. 

M. S. Edoardus Comes Dorsetensis, Baro de Buckhurst, 
Mariae primu Reginae, tum Carolo Regi nuper defuncto Sum- 

^ The daughter of Sir John Baker, of Sisinghurst. The epitaph, formerly on 
her monument, is printed in CoUina's Peerage* 


of Dorset, and by her mother's side (who was daughter & beire 
to George Earle of Curaberland) a coheire to y^ estate, died the 
14th of October 1661. 

Lady Ann Sackvil, Countes of Home, was borne the 17 day 
of June 1650, married the 19 of April 1671 to Alexander Earle 
of Home, Lord Coldinghame, and died the 22 day of August, 
Anno Dom. 1672. 

Memoriae, pietati, et Posteritati sacrum. Hie manent reposita, 

in certa re-unionis cum beata anima fiduci^, ultimse reliquiae 

charissimi summae spei pueri^ Thomae Sackevill septimi Ricardi 

Comitis Dorsetiae et Franciscae conjugis suae filij, qui 8*» die 

Februarij natus, anno Salutis nostrse 1662, subita et Inopinata 

morte correptus, quatriduo tantum aegrotans, animam nulla 

vitij labe infectam justissimo et Opt® Max<> Creatori suo et Patri 

caelesti reddidit 19^ die Augusti anno Domini nostri 1675 apud 

Civitatem Salismuriensem in Gallia sitam, annum agens aetatis 

suae duodecimum cum sex mensibus et pauUo superius : cujus 

eximiae mentis dotes et virtutes in hac puerili aetate adeo eni- 

tebant, ut amicorum omnium in articulo mc^rtis cum illo adstan- 

tium (quorum tum frequens erat comitatus) maerorem & lacri- 

mas abunde et effuse eliceret, quos amabili suo ingenio et pro- 

batissimis moribus, in profusissimajn ejus amorem pellexerat et 

induxerat; sed unicum hoc et verissimum solamen, merito lugea- 

tibus parentibus suis, in morte praestitit et reliquit, Deum Opt. 

Max. per intercessionem sanctisshni et gloriosissimi filij sui, Domini 

& Servatoris nostri Jesus X^ proprii piorum infantium in caelis 

nunc Intercessoris ut olim in terris Patroni, citius tam praestan- 

tissimumr dcmum hoc sibi resumpsisse, ut dignum tanta laude 

juvenem, perdito et omnino profligato huic seculo ereptum, 

citius ad se attraheret, et eterna beatudine bonorum certo prae- 

mio donaret, et hinc vota perennia ab illis continuo susceptay ut 

per sanctissimam mediationem Servatoris nostri, in postremis 

Patris sui caelestis beatificae visionis participes fiunt, et in altis- 

simis coelis suavi hujus filij eormn socieiate coram throno suo 

cum cseteris caelicolis in aeternum frui possint. 

Oa a brass plate on the same coffin : 

Master Thomas Sackville, son to the Earl of Dorset, de*- 
ceased August 19. 
The somptnous monument in the Chancel is to his memory. 









Lionel Cranfeild Sackville, Duke of Dorset, Earl of Dorset 8c 
Middlesex, Baron of Buckhurst, & Baron Cranfeild of Cran- 
feild, Constable of Dover Castle, Warden & Admiral of the 
5 Ports, Ld Lieut. & Custos Rot. of the Co. of Kent & of the 
City & Co. of Canterbury, Vice-Admiral of the said Co. of 
Kent, one of the Lords of his Maj^ most HonW^ Privy Councel, 
K* of the most noble Order of the Garter, &c. departed this 
life Oct' 10, 1765, in the 79^ year of his age. 

Elizabeth D'ss of Dorset, widow of Lionel Duke of Dorset. 
She was daughter of Philip Colyer (sic) brother to the Earl of 
Portmore, and Field Marshall in the service of the States Gene- 
ral of the United Provinces. She departed this life June 12, 
1768, in the 82^ year of her age. 

Charles Duke of Dorset, &c. died 6th Jun. 1769, aged 58 

Wm. Smith, Captain of her Majestys Dragoon Guards, died 
Ocf^ 12, 1772, aged 28 years.^ 

Diana, wife of the R* HonW^ Ld Geo. Germain, died Jany 15 
1778, aged 47 yeai*s. 

Diana, daughter of John Earl of Glandore, & of Diana Sack-* 
ville his Countess, ob. July 8, 1781, aged 2 days. 

The Right Hon. George Viscount Sackville, died August 26, 
1785, aged 69. 

The Right Hon. Frances Lady Sackville, daughter of the R* 
Hon. John Earl Gower, relict of the R* Hon. John Lord Sack- 
ville, and mother to his Grace George John Frederick Sack- 
ville, Duke of Dorset, who departed this life the 26^** of June 
1788, in the 70*1^ year of her age. 

The Most High, Mighty, and Most Noble Prince George 
John Frederick Sackville, Duke and Earl of Dorset, Earl of 
Middlesex, Baron Buckhurst of Buckhurst, in the county of 
Sussex, and Baron Cranfield of Cranfield, in the county of Bed- 
ford, born Nov. 15, 1793, died Feb. 14, 1815. 

' He was son of Lord John Sackville, before marriage. 


Diana, Dacbess <^ Dorset, died 

h the oU Ckrinh, uxl tht protDt 

ft 569?, f. 638.) 

bard Earl of 


3, 1672 


31, 1675 

liane'e '. 


19, 1676 


7, 1677 


18, 1678 

ss , 


12, 1679 


26, iWl 


15, 1691 


30, 1703 



17, 1705 


13, 1712 


3, 1714 

el Dake of 

March STI, 1721 

!h ' 


8, 1721-2 

: of Dor»:t, 


18, 1765 

the Queen's 

be vault . 


81, 1772 

nain, ob. 15 


21, 1778 

bo. 8, ob. 3 


13, 1781 


1, 1785 

: of the chance), is now a spadoot 
east window, of handsome ttaceiy. 
innek, resembling that of the chapel 
s a flying figure in relief, of Fame, 
t the west end the Dorset anus, 
) three fleois-de-lis [of the First]. 


I. Id the centre of the Chapel is a magnificent tomb, consisting of a 
table monument^ Cfi which the figure of a youth is reclining, whilst on 
either side of the tomb are his father and mother, intently gazing upon 
him, and kneeling in easy postures as if they were just come to the spot 
for that purpose^ The youth reclines on his right arm^ his left hand 
holding a skull, resting on his thigh. His mother kneels, contemplat- 
ing his countenance, her head resting on her right hand, and her left 
hand placed with drapery on the tomb -, she has full hair, plaited on the 
head, a long close boddice, and full skirts. The father, on the north 
side of the tomb, kneels with his left leg on a cushion, his left hand on 
his breast, his right at his side holding a truncheon 5 he has long hair, 
and is attired in armour, with a very large scarf, and a sword. 

At the west end of the tomb are these lines in capitals : 

Stand not amaz'd (Reader) to see us shead 
From drowned eyes vaiile offerings to the dead ; 
For he whose sacred ashes here doth lye 
Was the great hopes of all our Familly. 
To blaze whose vertues is but to detract 
From them, for in them none can be exact 
So grave and hopefull was his youth, 
So deare a freind to piety and truth. 
He scarce knew sin, but what curst nature gave, 
And yet grim death hath snatch'd him to his grave. 
He jiever to his parents was un^eind 
But in his early leaving them behind ; 
And UQwe hath left us, and for e'er is gon, 
What Mother would not weep for such a Son ? 
Majr this faire monument then never fade, 
Or be by blasting time or age decayed ; 
Then the succeeding times to all may tell 
Here lieth one that liv'd and dyed well. 
Here lyes the thirteenth child and seaventh son. 
Who in his thirteenth yeare his race had run. 
Thomas Sackville. 

At the east end this : 

This Monument was designed to be Erected 
before the decease of y^ Rt. Hon. Richard 
Earl of Dorset, father of the Youth, 
who departed this life y* 2T*k of August 
in the year of our hord God 1077. 



And in y" SS"" year of his age, And y 

Rt. Hon. Fransces Countess Dowager of 

Dorset, Relict of the said Father, 

And Mother of the said Youth, 

Erected the same to perpetuate y" memory 

of her husband and Son in the year 

of our Lord 1678. 

On the north side of the tomb is a bas-reUef representing' sis 
ther children of the same family ; 

1, a man kneeling on his left knee, in a wig, long cravat, and peer's 
nbea. This is Charles sixth Earl of Dorset. 

2, a man kneeling on both knees, with a breastplate, acarf, tnd sword, 
lie Hon. Edward Sackvillc, who died 1678, est. 37. 

3, a naked infant, with a palm branch and skull. Hon. Lionel Sack- 
ille.diedin 16-16 (see p. 297.) 

4, a man, kneeling on one knee, in a wig and civil dress, with a sword. 
Ion. Richard Sackville, who died 1 712, tet. 63 (see p. 300). 

5, a child with a palm branch. Another Lionel, who died in 1659, 
^ 30 months (see p. 298.) 

6, an infant boy on a cushion, with a palm branch and skull. Cran- 
ed, who died Jan. 1, 1660-1, aged 14 days. 

On the south side : 

7, a boy, partly naked, with palm branch and skull. The Hon. Tho- 
as Sackville, the same who is represented in full size above, and whose 
ng coffin-plate is printed in p. 299. 

8, a lady, with a fan, kneeling on both knees. Mary wife of Roger 
Drd firoghill, afterwards the second Earl of Orrery. 

9, a lady, with a palm branch and skull. Anne Countess of Home, 
ed in 1672, set. 22 (see p. 299.) 

10, a lady kneeling, hands raised in prayer. Frances, wife of Geoige 
ine. Viscount Lanesborough (see p. 300). 

11, 12, two Uttle girls kneeling, with palm branches, and holding a 
nil between them. Lady Elizabeth, who died in 1 643, iet. 2, and Lady 
one, who died in 1649, st. 3 (seep. 297) 

In the window of the chapel is a carving of the Sackville arms, taken 
3m the monument, with this motto, tous iours lotall. 

II. A mural monument by Nollekins, representing in bas-relief three 
iked boys, with a medallion of the Duke, three-quarters face, which 
ey are encircling with a garland : 

John-Frederick Duke and Earl of Dorset, Earl of Middlesex, 
BTon of Buckhurst, and Baron of Cranfield, Knight of the 


Most Noble Order of the Garter, Lord Lieutenant & Custos 
Rotulorum of the County of Kent and of the City of Canter- 
bury, Vice Admiral of the coasts of the said County, and Stew- 
ard of Stratford-upon-Avon. He was Ambassador to the Court 
of France, and Steward of His Majesty's Household. He died 
in the year 1799, on the 19th day of July, in the 55th year of 
his age, and was buried near this place ; to whose memory this 
is offered with the utmost gratitude, affection, and honour by his 
widow Arabella Diana. 

Nolkkins F, 1802. 
Arms, within a garter, Quarterly Or and Gules, a bend Vaire, Sack- 
ville ', on an inescutcheou. Argent, on a chevron Az. betw. three roses 
Gu. stalked and leaved Vert, as many fleurs-de-lis of the Field, a cres- 
cent for difference. Cope. Supporters, two leopards Argent, spotted 
liable. Crest, over a modem ducal coronet. On a coronet a star. 


III. A mural monument, byFlaxman, represents in alto-relievo a female 
(the Duchess Arabella-Diana) in plain full drapery, seated in front of 
an urn -, her head resting on her right hand, and her left on her knee. 
Above is a medallion of the deceased, front faced. 

Under this marble are deposited the remains of George John 
Frederick, Duke of Dorset, who was killed by a fall from his 
horse in the vicinity of Dublin, on the 14th day of February, 
A.D. 1815, havivg just attained the age of 21 years. In the 
highest rank he was humble, amidst the temptations of youth his 
morals were exemplary; his reason strengthened by early culture, 
his mind enlightened by knowledge, his manners formed by 
benevolence, his virtues founded on religion, rendered him the 
delight of his friends, the hope of his country. His premature 
death was by two Nations deplored as a publick calamity ; but to 
those who loved him, his virtues supply a consolatory sorrow, 
but not as without hope ; for, through the mercy of their Re- 
deemer, the spirits of just men made perfect shall meet to part 
no more. 

Flaxmon^ R,A, Sculptor, 

IV. A mural monument by Chantrey, represents in alto-relievo two 
females, of the size of life, kneeling before an urn, (the Countess of 
Plymouth and Countess De la Warr) 5 the one behind places her hand 
before her face, but not so close as to conceal her features : 



To the memory of Arabella Diana Ducliess of Dorset; thi 
hours of her last illness were few, and her death sudden ; bu 
her sorrowing daughters had the consolation of knowing that sh 
was not unprepared to meet it, for in her was all the piety of 
Christian, extensive charity to the indigent, and constancy i 
exercising the duties which adorn and render happy domesti 
life. She died August the 1st, 1825, in the 59th year of ht 

There are five hatchmenta : 

1. Sackville, Duke of Dorset, impaling. Gules, od a cbeFron beti 
three boar's heads couped Argent, three trees Vert, Colyear. 

2. Duke of Dorset, and Cope on an inescucheon. 

3. Earl Whitkvorth and the same Duchess. 

4. Sackville only (the young Duke). 

5. Viscount Sackville, with an inescucheon, Azure, three salmo 
naiant in pale Argent. Sambrooke. 

There are no monuments in the church, — only one inscriptiou on 
square piece of white marble in the chancel pavement : 
Nic. Pennington, A.M. 
ReC of this Parish, ob. Dec. 

19, 1722, aged 43. 
From Wigan, Lancashire. 

The date 1666 appears on the font, and 1672 on the dial over I 
door of the porch. Tlie tower is large, but not lofty j this and t 
western portion of the north wall are probably parts of the old churcl 

A view of WilJiyatn Church and parsonage will be found in Amsinc 
"Tunbridge Wells, and its neigbboarhood,'' 4to. 1810. 

Of the old mansion of Buckhurst in this parish, the seat of t 
Sackvilles, before the purchase of Knowle, the only ancient feature a 
conspicuous is a tower of the entrance gateway. On this the coat 
Sackville is three times carved, and the crest is a ram's head GOii[: 
affront^. Around the coats, with architectural labels, are can 
qnatrefoils, roses, fleurs-de-lis, and a bunch of hops. The initials I. 
point out the builder, John Sackville, Esq. grandfather of the L< 
Treasurer, and his second wife Anne Torrell." A view of this Tov 
will also be found in Amsinck's work above mentioned. 

• Great pedigree at Knale ; where his first wife is staled Margtiret Boleyne, i 
not f.aut, u in Callins's Peerage. She was, bnwever, tlie mother oF his childn 
and, u she ma mat la Queen Anne Bolejnc, the Lord IVeuarer was thus seo 
cmuJB to his Royal Misbrees. 

J. G. N. 




(Hee vol. II. p. 292.) 
, 17. Francis," the son of Mr George Butler, bap. 
' 10. Mary Butler, the daughter of Mr. George 

n. 12. Will. Myllesj'gent. bur. 

2. Margaret Bickerstafre,(l bur. 

. 26. Frances BickerstafFe,^ bur. 

, 7. George Davenante,e bur. 

SI. George Butler, gent.^ bur. 

rge Gage,i: a nurse child, was buried the xxxjCi 

Fynche, the daughter of Samuell Fynche, Vicar, 
d the iiij day of November, beinge borne the first 
ime month, at two of the clock in the morninge, 

'ynche, the son of Samuell Finche, Vicar, was 

ednesday betwene vi & vij of the clocke in the 

nge the xxiij day of November 1603, & was bap- 


fynche the daughter, & 3 of that name, of Samuell 

jome the xxv^i" day Friday, & christened the \xx}-^ 

2r, beinge Wednesday, Anno Dni 1606. 

nche,^ the seconde of tliat name, sunne of Samuel 

was Oie wife of Anthoii? Elcock, of Hamertan, co. Huntingdon. 
Villiim Mill, ot Croydon, by Elizabeth, dau. and heir of Henrf 
o! William Mill, cleric of tiie Star Chamber id 1600. See hi» 
lan'B Hislor? of Croydon, 1B33, p. SOI, £0S. His uncle Alder- 
was also buried at Croydon. A pedigree of Mill or Mills will 
Harl. 5830. 

f this family occurs in the Visitation of Surrey. 
the family of Bishop DaTenaot, whose father lies buried in Croy- 

f Sir Philip Boteler, Knt. of Woodhall, Herts, and brother to Sii 
place. See ped. in Visitation of Surrey. 

>n of Jobn Gage, Esq. of Haling, who was at this time a prisoner 
ee Steioman's account of Haling and the Gages, pp. 30, 31. 
Fynche was collated to the Vicarage of Croydon hy Abp. Parker 




'ylney, bur. 10 Sept. 1541." 
i, the hennite, 29 Apr. 1548. 
Martin, sometime Parson of Sireatham,'' bur. 6 

light, bur. 13 Jan. 1551. 
fkeiiham, Esqi", bur. 8 Sept 1552.'= 
re, priest, bur. 6 Jan. 1554. 
:, ;^n of Strealham,'! bur. 11 Oct. 1361. 
^y Margaret Haward, bur. 22 Jan. 1565. 
lyth, clerk, Vicar of Roddyngton," in the co. of 
m, and Mary Burton, mar. 23 Apr. 1575. 
the Right WorU M' Edw. Fenner,* bur. 5 Aug. 

ervis, P8on,sbur. 16 Feb. l584[-5]. 

;,h Parson of Ewhurst, in Surr, and Mary Gervis, 

in. 1585. 

Vaber of tbe Privy Chamber to Hearj VIII. and uepheir to Agnea 

of Norfolk. SeehisEOD Edmuad in p. 311. 
jr Boniface Martj^D, and inetituted S Aug. 1537. He was B.D. 
were lords of the principal manor ia Streatbam ; but their names 

BO early a date as this to tbe historiaos of Surrejr. See Manning 
ii. p. 384. 

e Bame person as Thomas " Deane," instituted 4 March 15S7-8. 
lioriih of this name in Nottinghamshire ; Rostington, on it« bor- 
i, son of Edward Fenner, 31 Aug. 1576, Anne his dan. 10 March 

Uctor of Streatbam ai Jan. 1568-9. " Mother Jervis " was buried 
before. Theie are the fallowing entries of their children : Mary, 

TO (married in 1585, as above) ; Martha, bap. 3-^ Nor. 1S7I, bui. 
rancis, bap. 38 Dec. 1572 ; John, bur. 5 Feb. 1573 ; Margaret, 
rB, mar. to Thomaa Crofte, 33 Dec. 1585 ; Robert, bap, 23 Mar. 
g. 157H ; Hugh, bap. 24 Aug. 1579, bur. S3 Dec. 1.^84. 
item '' in the list of Rectors of Ewhurst, Hist, of Surrey, i. 504, 



Lob* Lyvesey, bap. 25 July 1566. 
Feb. 1598. 

Rob* Lyvesey,P bap. S5 Oct. 1584, mar. 
m q 21 Apr. 1604. 
1 Livesey, bur. 25 Oct. 1589. 
Iwd Payton, Gent. bap. 24 Nov. 1605. 
ward Payton, KS bap. 23 Jul. 1611. 
Esq'', and M' of the King's Revels, bur. 

Mar. 16S1. 

e, bur. 6 Sept. 1623. 

8 May 1621. 
.pr. bur. 23 May 1622. 
iug. 1623, bur. 24 Aug. 1626. 
Chiburne," wife of the WorsP' Mr. Hobbs, 

>n, bur. 5 Apr. 1628. 

lUme, dau. of my Lady Chiburne, bar. 29 

pher' Abdy: Edmond, bap. 2 Nov. 1630; 
3 Apr. 1632 : George, bap. 25 Jul. 1633. 
IF. 31 Oct. 1625. 

s CromptoD, Eeq. of Benniagton, Herts, died 31 Jin. 
tltsC. of Surre;, iii. 390, vhere the date is mispriDted 

second wife Amy. 

>ridge, who succeeded his fother as the lecand Baronet 

if " The diviae Catastrophe of the Kingly Family of the 

f Henry LawreDce of St. Ives, co. Huntiogdon, and St. 


. 309). See his epitaph, aetting forth the bigh connectioiia 

Surrey, tij. 391- 

, Counaellor at Law : his first wife was the eldest daa. of 

^IDC. K.B. See his epiUph, Hist, of Surrey, iii. 390. 

D. Yonage, of York, Knt. (son and heir of Thomas Arch- 

iw of Sir Charles Chibbome, of Messing in Essei:. He 

f Serjeant at law IS Mich. 1614, was knighted at Greea- 

died on 14 Nov. following. He had two former wives ; 


Abdy, Esq. hy Judith, dan. of Sir Christopher Yelveiton, 

leas, and uncle to Sir Robert, Sir Thomas, and Sir John, 

[e married the yooogest dan. of Sir Herbert Croft, of 


e of Thomas Locke, late of Merton, E^^ 

, 1660. 

John Fines, Esq', of the parish of Frayle 

Sept. I66I. 

ind, from deeds, is printed in the History of 

)ut the historians neglected the ranch fuller one 

S. Harl. 1433, f. 58.) Sir Giles was brother to 

9Ugh, consecrated 16 Mar. 1584, ob. Jane 1600. 

lowland, bur. 19 Apr. 1603. 

ind Elizabeth Howland, mar. 7 Sept. 1603. 

!and,b bur. SO Apr. 1605. 

, bur. 11 Jul. 1608. 

IS Howland, bur. 21 Apr. 1609. 

I, bur. 12 Jan. 1648. 

Matthew Howland, bap. 18 Oct. 1616. 

,"c bur. 18 Apr. 1656. 

ir. 7 Nov. 1649.'i 

ig. bur. 30 Aug. 1617. 

1. in 1623,] bur. 12 Apr. 1627. 

May 1621. 

>r. 1625. 

juis of Tavistock was married to Madam 

un', of this parish, in the chapel at Stveat- 

iresence of the grandfathers and grand- 

)bility, by the Right Reverend Father in 

Jishop of Sarum. May 23, 1695." * 

ithesley and Elizabeth, Duke and Duchess 

)ct.iiO, and born Sept. 30, 1710." 

i8, children by his wife Anne : Miry, born 83 March, 
;, bom 4, bap. 13, bur, 31 Dec 1661 ; Richard, baj>. 

]f Mablethorp, co. Line. Knt. Visit. Surrey, 1633. 

ivers, of London, Kot. 

Sir Matthew or Sir John ? 

131 '' Id the pedigree above meutioaed. 

!en tutor to the Morquig. See Wiffen's Memoin of 

>y the title ot Baron Howland of Streatham, On the 
; ancceeded his grandfather as the fifth Duke of Bed- 
'graadfather of the present Duke. Bis Gnce is the 
> heir apparent, the present Marqnis of Tavistock, 
een by the title of this Barony, piuinant to Writ of 


J. G. N. 



Bom. Died. Aged. Bur. at 

Cave Cheslyn, 17 Not. 1716, Daughter of Ro- 18 July 1769, 52, Difeworth. 

bert and Cave. Bpineter. 

Sarah Cheslyn, S8 Dec. 1717, Ditto, Sep. 1805, 87, Ditto. 

Mary Cheslyn, 27 July 1719, Ditto, 14 July 1740. 21, Ditto. 

Eleanor Cheslyn, 8 Aug. 1720, Ditto, married Ed- Coventry. 

vrard King. 
Anne Cheslyn, 17 Aug. 1721, daughter of Ro- 17 Jan. 1787, 65, Disewortb. 

bert and Cave, spinster. 

Frances Cheslyn, 23 Aug. 1722, Ditto, 

Penelope Cheslyn, 28 Dec. 1723, Ditto, 
WiUiam Cheslyn, 9 Jan. 1725, their son, 
Robert Cheslyn, 7 Aug. 1726, Ditto, 

Apr. 1792, 69, Ditto, 
23Dec. 1801,77, Ditto, 

— 1758, 33, Montreal, 
bachelor. Canada. 

6 Mar. 1727, — Disewortb. 

Martha Cheslyn, 12 Mar. 1728, their daughter, 25 Nov. 1761, 33, Ditto. 

Robert Cheslyn, 1 July 1729, their son, 
Robert Cheslyn, 28 Feb. 1731, Ditto, 
Harriot Cheslyn, 14 June 1732, their daughter. 

19 Mar. 1730, — Ditto, 
bachelor. New Malton, 
8 June 1745, 12, Disewortb. 

25 Apr. 1760, 25, Ditto, 

Ehzabeth Ches- 19 June 1734, Ditto, 

Thomas Cheslyn, 24 Oct 1736, their son ; married 21 Jan. 1814, 17, Ditto. 

Sarah Webster. 
Sarah Cheslyn, 1747, 5 Oct 1786, 38, Woolston, 

Warwickshire ; and 1792, removed to Disewortb. 

O God I Thy will be done ! 

To the memory of Anne, the wife of Rich** Cheslyn, of Langley Priory, Esq'. 

She was the second daughter of Thomas Barber, of Derby, E8q^ 

An excellent heart and amiable manners 

insured her the esteem of an extensive acquaintance ; 

but her delicate form of body, and extreme sensibility of mind, 

tended to shorten her life, and she died beloved by all who knew her, 

and greatly bewailed by her husband and children, 

on the 10th day of August 1823, in her 54th year. 

Accept, blest shade, the tributary tear 

That mourns thy exit from a world like this ; 
Forgive the wish that would have kept thee here, 

And stayM thy progress to the seat of bliss. 
Tho' thou art free from mortal care. 

Thy spirit fled to realms above ; 
Still shalt thou be to memory dear. 

And ever claim thy husband^s love.' 

z 2 


by Captun Pery, April 25 . «^1 

by old Mr Bard, April 28 3 

by Sir John Pye a Gnioey, May 14 116 

by old M>>DrRx 10 

by y« Lady Boiler . 116 

by yc Iiady SympsoD balf a Guiney 10 9 
by M» Meliora Draxe, Feb. 29, after 
'illiama'a fuoeral at London, a gDioey I I 6 
rage, S' Lionel Jenkio ' . 15 

— The U Culpepper e . 1 17 6 

me by CouDcellor Ward, 5 gaioeyg 5 8 4 

by yc Lady Arliogton, 2 guiaeye 2 3 4 

by Mr. Abraham Letfaenllier 10 

by ys Lady Arundel, for her part of a 
piiney . . . 118 

ince of French Danes ahows that maoy of the 
had settled here, and in the following entry is 
T " church " 

1-3. Bernard Hulio and Louise Tritot, was mar- 
inrch at Hammersmith, by Mr. Bernard lUeboD, 

thers, are found of Azire (starch- maker), Cent- 
a (woollen-draper), Ribouleau, &c. 

>W Allin, a French maid, 
id Lacasto, a poor Frenchman, 
latta Eliza, dau. of Mr. Johu Harmaud debour- 
, and Esther. 

may be noticed for their curiosity: 
1. of Wm. & Iszephroniah, bur. 9 Feb. 1682-3. 
ergh Plgou, son of John & Mary, bap. 5 Aug. 
\pr. 1688 (4j. 6d.) 
ergh Taylor, son of Thomas & Catherine, bapt. 

mgevity : 1723, April 8, Fortune Symons, aged 
)l. ii. p. 419) has extracted several others, hot 

diolaa in 1631 ; and acTerBl of the name, eTidently in 

^ter throughoat the lercDteenth centurj. 

■d at his boDSB at Hammenmith, in IGSS, but his bodf 

: to Jeaaa college chapel, Oxford. 

Dch's house in the Upper Mall, now (1835) in the occu- 


lert and Maiy, bsp. Aug. 12, 1692. 
othy,l Esqu' & Eliza, bap. Oct. 17, 
bap. Dec. 18, 1699, bur. Dec. 5, 

tm Shardan [Sheridan], late Bishop 


to the Princes Ann, bur. June 3, 

iwley," esq. and Dorothy, bap. Oct 

r son, bap. Feb. 6, 1704^5 ; James, 


1 Dunch, Esq. and Catherine, bap. 

Vade, Minister, bur. Nov. 89, 1707. 

jw, bar. Apr. 8, 1708. 

)ur. Sept. 10, 1710. 

itsgrave, bur, Oct. 9, 1711. 

> bur. Sept. 29, 1715. 

V* d'' Tho. Brown, bur. Jan. 11, 

sril 5, 1718. 

!nd d' Michael Hutchinsonjl buried 

r mercbaot, knighteil Oct. 37, HIT. He 
nith, which hi^ belonged to Sir Nicholia 
u BreDdenbargh house i tee Ljaona, ii. 403, 
le chnrcb recording Elizabeth Lsnno;, who 
Sir Timothy, Sept. 13, 17IS, at. 73. See 
p. 133, where his name is misprinted Sir 

oore IGBl, deprived 1690. His own body was 

nother ejected prelate, William Uoyd, Bishop 

wife Anne (ob. ITOB} are also recorded in this 

a, ii. 415. 

ntford. See Lysons, ii. 47, 48. 

, Esq. aecond wife and widow of Sir HeiU7 

. and Bliia. his wife, was bur. Juae 3, 1704 ; 
(she afterwards married Sir Cbarlea Peyton, 
I. Cambridge, and dying a. p. waa buried at 
(ary, their dau, bnr. Oct. 13, 1713. 
laughter of Sir Timothy Lannoy ; she died 34 
anlkner's Fnlham, p. 130, where the date la 
naon died May 10, 1 740 , set. 6J, having been 
Chapel, and leaving a widuw (,a third wife), 
£. H. 


nij^ht be entered into by either sex at the age of 

larriage might be contracted by the woman at 13, 

n at 14." 

ent manuscript (No. 1042 in the Archiepiscopai 

mbdth Palace) the methods of contracting espou- 

lescribed : 

tit*^ sponsalia iiij modis — Aliqu" pmissione, aliqu' 

isalitiis interveniente anuli subarra^e, aliqu' inter- 

iito. Nuda promissione cum dicit vir, Accipiam te i 

;t ilia respondet, Accipia te in meC maritu. Vel 

ipollencia, et ista St vera sponsalia qndo sit p vba 


sab confirmed by an oath were called "Jurata 

' " Sworn Spousals." 

usals were, upon pain of excommunication, to be 

lace, and before divers witnesses in public (Lind. 

s not, however, appear to have been necessary to 

f these contracts, that they should be made at 

Espousals in facie Ecclesise are but pro honestate 

" there hath been formerly a contract p verba de 

reen the parties." (Noy, Attorn. 1632.) But the 

lis as used in thLi latter quotation, in connection 

s Ecclesite," denotes actual marriage. 

rsons who had contracted Espousals de futuro, 

form their promise, *' the Judge was not to proceed 

avit into Chancery br an excommunicato capiendo, 

) absolve <= that cursed party which contemned the 

«dere Bolent Sponsalii, qoa aunt mentia et repromiiaio fnniruiim 
e cauanicD et hodierno dividoDtiir Sponulis in el que Gnnt de 
turn. Ilia 6ant conaeosQ pneaenti : htcc pramiesiDDe in fntnram. 
ireseati aecandum jus Romunim sunt ipBum matrimoniQiu : cojui 
inaensu consistet. Licet CuioDes et CanetitutiDDes Gnccomm 
:b benedictiaaem aacerdotum qaoque reqairanC. (Inat. Jnat. tit. 

Lack for 1665, certain daya (Juiuarj 3, 4, &c.) are poioted out a« 
or coDtracC a wife (for then women will be fond and laiiog).'' 
m of the Jews, in case of mieconduct in a betrothed woman, she 
id, thougb the parties had not come together, aod a bill far that 
easaiy to the avoiding of the incomplete contract, though the 
eat from the common divorce. (Nuptia Sacne, p. 39, Maimoni- 

ain iatercDurse with their Spomtt, 
t puniahed together as forniuatora. 


censures of the Church, albeit there might be no < 
hut for fear of further mischief by compelling them 
which did hate one another j yet was not this fi'Oi 
to be dismissed, but was to suffer penance for the 
promise." (Swinburne.) 

" By the Civil Law whatsoever was given ex t 
gitaie betwixt them that are promised, have a coi 
most part silent) that it may be had again if marr 
Si SpORSUs dederit altguid, et aliguo casu impel 
donatio penilusretcinditur nisi osculum intervenit; 
kiss for his money, he loselh one half of that whicl 
with the woman it is otherwii>e, for, kissing or nol 
soever she gave, she may ask and have it againe.* 
gloves, rings, bracelets, and other small wares ; and 
woman hath greater favour in greater guilts thar 
Spon. Crud. 9, fo. 13. 

The form of Espousals at Church, in England, 
handed down in any of its ancient Ecclesiastical 
The service, however, is preserved in some of : 
Italian Rituals. The ceremony was generally pc 
Priest demanding of the parties, if they had entf 
tract with any other person, or made a vow of 
gion, whether they had acted for each other, o 
they might have had, in the capacity of God&ther 

• Id s receot case at Exeter, Oct. 24, 1B35, the Magistratei 
rule, obliging a faithless awsin to return a damsel's watch, and 
half the Talue of a broach. 

!■ Id Nichols's " Progresses, &c. of King James the Firs 
515, will be found two acconnts (one b; Camden) of the ceremoi 
of the Princess Elizabeth in 1613. It took place in the Ba 
■Whitehall, before dinner ; Sir Thomas Lake, as Secretary of S 
from the book of Common Prayer, in French. " I Frederick ta 
&c. after which the .\rchbishop gave his Benediction : " The G 
God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, bless these Eaponsals, ai 
peroDS to these Kingdoms, and to his Chareh." This appeari 
whole of the office, and the service was probably not longer in 
the Contract for the Princess's marriage, executed the same 
clause, "Qnbd MatrimoDinm Terum et legitimum contrahatDr 
ante initium meosia Mail, et ioterim SpOBtalia legitima de pn 
be DO difficulty," remarks Mr. Aostis, Garter, (Leland's CoUei 
p. 3S9,) " to show the aatieat custom of such Espousals by 
Crown of England aa distinct acts from the office of Matrii 
freqoently were performed EODie months or years before the m 

ON 8PON9AUA. 32i 

s riDgiog of a pig 

to break up grouud and dig) ; 

to nothing but her will, 

the after-marriage still." 

iupposed to possess some peculiar cimrm o 

gular marriage. Richard Poore, Bishop c 

istitutions anni 1217, forbids the putting c 

ie like matter, on women's fingers, in orde 

[hem more readily, and he insinuates th 

ibition, that there were some people wea 

hat what was thus done in jest, was a ret 

be ceremony of Espousals was a kiss ; thui 

: of eternal Bond of Love, 
y the Holy clone ofLipe." 
ceremony, the Priest very probably joined 
It he did so on the solemnization of matr. 
rticles of Visitation in the Diocese of Loi 
>llowing, " Item, whether there be any thi 
Prieste at the solempnisation of matrimoni 
i heretofore used & observed i 

e parties to Espousals was desirous, upon a 
annulling the contract, the dissent was " 1 
led before the Bishop of the diocese, whei 
welleth, or before his Chancellor, or in the 
larochial pastor or minister, and other hone 
.. p. 4.4.) 

jousals in the Church were often prohibite 

instances frequently occurred, where tl: 

the testimony of the Priest,f scrupled not I 

I IB in ■' A Werke for HomeholderB," (1537). •' It ii 
ay inch (private and lecrete) contractes, specially amoi 
iritbout rteordtt, which mast be two at the lest." 
Ties for the doctriae and manners of mynietera in t 
followiag : 

»e exhorted yung folke to absteyn from privy conlraci 
the conaent of such their parents and fryends ai ha 

ids private contracting of marriage, and chafes the co 
of the present tense (that they might not be constru' 



□published portions of the particulars fonnd 
tion of Church Notes preserved in the British 
B;4, fol. 133 j and of those in the VisiUtion, 
ave the following heading : " In the parish 
the county of Surry, taken the S'h of Aprill" 

Katharine Bearcroft, late wife of Robert 
vhich deceased the 20 day of Septemb. 
soule of Elizabeth Burton, widow, sister 
ate the wife of WilJiam Burton, gentle- 
d the 26 of January 1507. 
ars Sable, muzzled Or. Bearcroft. 

Willil the son of William Burton, citi- 

o. And for Margarett the da. of John 

unt to the said William [Burjton, the 

Tune, A". Dni .... 

I chief cbeqay Or and Sa. Burton ; impaling 

, Donstable. 

urtoB of Carshaltoo, in the Visitation of Sur- 

les here mentioned ore not fonnd in it. The 

rarties is shewn by the following table : 

hn Donstable, sen.=^ 



= William 

ob. 20 Bearcroft 

ob. 26 


Sept. gent. 


cit. and 




William Burton. 
B imperfectly quoted by Aubrey, from whose 
edin that by Manning and Bray.a 

t«nuM QuQiford, chaplain," ie cojaed from Aubrey, 
the name wu Waller, as Lysons coirectlj gives it, 
figure aa remaining, and Chst the inacripCion, though 


Od a brass plate under the figure of a person habit 

Hie iocet Domiiius Johannes Percebrigg hui' 
qui obijt ii die mensis August! anno Domini i 
anime propicietur Deus. Amen. 

John Percebrigg was inducted Rector 10 July 147! 

Arms on the toaib of Joan Gainsford, wife of 
Esq. of Carshalton, daughter and heir of Rej 
Esq. of Kent, 1492. (The inscription, and that oi 
tioned tomb, is given in Aubrey and in Mam 
First shield : Arg. a chevron Gu. charged witl 
between three greyhounds courant Sa. Gaiusford 
Azure, on a chevron Or three fleurs-de-lis Sabl 
paling Gainsford. 

Arms on tomb of Joan Burton, wife of Henry 
Carshalton, daughter and heir of John Elynbri 
same place, ob. 1524. Quarterly ; 1 and 4, B 
Vert, on a chevron Arg. between three leopar 
many escallops Sa. ; impaling, C 

Sable, Elynbridge. 

Arms on tomb of John Fromondes, second 
Fromondes of Cheyham, co. Surrey, gent. (ob. 
addiiioD tu those given in Aubrey : Quarterly, 
in chief and Gu. in base, a chevron between I 
Or, Fromonds; 2 and 3, Gu. a chevron Or bet^ 
suring rods Or, Yard ; the whole charged wit! 
difference; impaling, quarterly of six,' Draper 
(as described in p. 154.) 

Arms in windows : 

*' These 3 stand in the great east chauncell wi 
Beaufort, supported by two eagles Or. 
Quarterly, France and England, 
Or, fretty Azure, each joint charged with at 
Or; supported by two eagles Argent.'* 

" These two in the southe windowes." Ar 
voided Ermine between three chaplets Gules, Be 

" These in the north windowe." First shie 
described. Second shield, Arg. a fess danceti 
Sable between six mullets of the Last. Scarkish 

" This standeth in the southe-west windowe." 
rampant double-queued Or. 

e, on\j of four (omi 
» The mpportera fi 



From the papers of the late Joa 

The acconat given in Nichols'; 
descent of the manor of Oumley 
Additions to vol. iii. p. 534. It is i 
demised to the family of Horton i 
that family, until sold in 1741 by 
Anne, danghter and coheir of John 
the estate advertised in 1736, (and 
were acknowledged ; but it ia rema 
Ailworth, by whom those aanuities, 
ivere charged npon the estate (aa 
mce mentioned. 

Abstract of the will of William A 

Williii Ailworth, of Gomonl* 
Leic, Gent, to be buried in the 
Underwood of .Artlingborough 
nant my nepbew and godson, & 
ny Mannour of Gomonly, ats ' 
jrc. whatsoever in the countyes 
To Susanna my wife ten poun 
ind, provide, & allowe to 8c for 
my dwelling house at Gumly 
neat, drink, lodging, washing, 
ts well in sicknes as in health, & 
tge, degree, and calling ; all whi 
■ecompense of such dower, S^c. 
uters of Willm Underwood S^ 


she now lodgeth. Out of my 
nearly for ever, the same of 
owards the maintenance of a 
in the county of North**™, for 
1, Great Harrowden, and Or- 
f twenty pounds towards the 
ool in Pitchley, co. North*", 
un, St Brougbton. The like 

the maintenance of the like 
for the children there. The 
)ward$ the maintenance of a 
G county of Leicester, for the 
:ecutor to convey my house 8l 
labitation of the schoolmaster 
le schools to be at the time of 

two Universities of Oxford or 
, 8c discreet behaviour & con- 
[ine & discipline established in 

executor & his heirs shall for 
ection of all the said School- 
i, ifc. to Willm Underwood, 
his my last vrill, t(e, 10 Aug. 

of Warkton in the county of 
William Barton, of Pitchley, 
Free School of Pitchley. 29 

CraoBley, t« Mr. Joseph Cradock : 
being dead, Mr. Jackson has 
him, and, as that is so small 
as been long given with it : y* 
e of one Underwd ©f Irtling- 
esaon of the estate which pays 
in these parts think you sh^ 

ticed in tbe Hiitarj of Leieesterehire, 
pecified> Curtis, ia his Hutory of the 
I 6B acrei of Uod. 


sge, gener. in U 
li gener. — 

ey, gene 

Fanner Newland, fo 

r. iiji ■ Marsh Estate 

jl Thorn. Litlewood 

xxx» Georgins Hajgh 

j> Arth. CkrksoQ 

jl Thorn. RoadB 

jl T> Richa. NighUngole 

jl Thoin. BiDgley 

j' Franc. South 


jl Bretton West , 

jl yt Thorn. Wentworth, n 

D bcmia iij' 



«>rth, I . 
Lease of f 
Landa -^ 
rthjgener. — 
ey _ 

rds worth — 

Cud north j 
Sr Wm. Jobron, Ban 
Sarah South 
'I'hom. Wheat)ey,geQ 
Jacob. Greene 

Cheevitt £5. 
Franc. Nevile, armig. 

Cawthorne £6. 
Thorn. Barmby, armig 
Gnliellmus Greene, ge 
Thom. Postley 
Johan. Mosley 
GulielL Greene 
The heires of Cannonl 
Johan. Shirt 
Thom. Wainewright 
Thom. Smith 
Amor Burdett 
Robt. Hawkeworth 
Mr Walker 

CarletOD ^ 
Gnlicllmue Brook 
Johan. Becbett 

CumberfForth tS 
-~ ij' Guliellm's Copley 

it Bhould hsTB been Mary. She was dau. aad cot 
of George Earl of SliTewBburj, uid widow of Sir Wi 
.who died 1G51. 
mills & 

Mton ^6. 2s. 8<3 
in ter. 


— j' Tjs riijd 

Armyne in t 
I te2. 16k 



Cbristo. Wibon 

Richar. Streete 
Nicfao. Bnrdett 
Robt. Blackbnnie 
— iiji Samnel CockOi 
in ter. xxi Isaac WaidawMth 

ter. «TJ« viijil 
in bonis iiJI 

inter. xs» 

rorth j^. 6>. 

line, arm. in ter. viijl 

, Baront — iil 

bett _ 


- jl 


Notton 16s. 
Joban. Totty . _ 
Johan. Foster . 

Osspnitgsez. I6». 
The beires of Wm. 

Bosrile, Eaqr. -_ 
Gnliellai's Ellison, gener.— 
Ricbar. Marsden -, 
FnnciscDs Morton 

— XX* 

in ter. jl 

vonhjez. r6». 

thwai(« in ter. xi" 
bfraite, jn. — xx* 
l)fraite,sen. — ix» 

ogh £4. e: 
, Annig. — 
an, gene r.^ 

} - 

D te2. i6>. 

Joban. Sbawe, cl. — 

Joriaa Wordswortb 

Ambroee Wordsworth — 

Joban. Wood . _ 

Georgios BramhaH — . 

Johao. Rayner . —, 

Robt. Arnold . _ 

Thorn. Wainewri^t 

Jerainiah Wareinge — 

RyjJl rf3. 4«. 

Richar. Slacke _ ^^t 

Tbom. Caloerley — . ^x* 

Tbom. Wainewright — xx' 

Jeremiah Warren xx> 

Guliellm's Home jijl 

Johan. Gill jj^j 



e, MiU- 

Joban. Oiiey 


vl. x* Richar. Marshall 

cler. — 

xx« Vid. Wroe 

>SS, CO. YORK, IN 1663. 


,T. xl ThnigolaDde j^6. 12i. 

L* Thoin. KerUforth,geiieT. ioter. iijl 

xx* Johan. Hay — xx* 

XX* Joban. Wilaon _ xx' 

Johan. Slacke — ^x* 

SamoeliiB Saviie, gener. — xx» 

Dockter JohnsoQ — . xx* 

Franc. Morton — xx* 

L* OuUeltm'B ElligoD.graer. — L* 

Ednardus Smith — . xx* 

Johan. Wordsworth — . xx' 

Johan. Kay — xx* 

Johan, Greenewood — xx* 

Vid. Newbald — xx* 


xxi Tankersley 16*. 

XX* Georgins Arcbdale — xx* 

Theheire8ofM>-Hadfeild— xx* 

WoTsbroDgh^. Ifi*. 
Roger Bradshaw, mill' in bo. vij' x* 
Elizab. Rockley, Vid. in ter. ijl 
Henric. Edmonds, gener. — v' 

Joban. Wordsworth ~- iiji 
Richar. Elmhiret, gener. — iijI 
Johan. Adams — > ijl x* 

Jonathan Gudworth in bonis jijl 
Danyell Ellis — iijl 


- xxxv« 

- XXX* 

- XXX* 

- XXX* 
~ XXX* 
txj* Viij'' 

Wintereett rfl. 4*. 

Joban. Gill in ter. xx* 

Jacob. Barber _ xx* 

Gnltellm's Champney — xx* 

Wortley^M. 16*. 
Franriacus Wortley, Mill. 

et Barr. — xxx' 

Ricbar. Hay — xx* 

Joban. Smith ^ 

Vid. Arcbdale et > — xx* 

- XX* Hiam. Walker 


Hmric. Scott 


Wolley £9. 12". 

Vid. Woritwortli 


. xxs 

Johan. Weiitworth,arm. in ter. xj" 

ilickai. Smith 


Thorn. WheaUey, gencr. — ij' v» 



GolieUm'B Jobson, Mill. 




et Barr. — y' 

Vid. Wordsworth 





Ed»ani-« Pbum — xxxv« 

M» Fitch Will»i». 



Thorn. Effis — xxx« 

Samuel Stanley & 


Vid. Brownell — :mx« 

John Hugh 


Robt. Arnold — xxs 

Henric. Hirst, gener. — xx* 


total hoius Extract. 1861i 2» 8>J, 



Wbntwokth. Feanc- Nbvilb. 

The seals are lost 


In the Additional MS. 5937, Brit. Mas. (which containB tlie genealo- 
gical collections of James Strangeniaa and Sir Richard St. George, Cla- 
reacenx, in the r^gDS of Q. Eliz. and James I. similar to those in MSS. 
Lansd. 860j A. B.) at f, 203 is a transcript in the haadwriljog of Sir 
Henry St. Geoige (grandson of Sir Richard, into whose possession the 
MS. sabseqnently came), thug headed, " Notes of some Familyes of 
Staffordshire, taken by Leland, being his owne hand writing, being 
loose in folio 2? of this Booke, which I have transcribed in this placCi 
fearing they might be lost." The first 39 folios of the volume, as ap- 
pears by the paging, and a list of Contents prefixed by Sir Hen. St. 
George, are now missing, anda recent possessor (Dr. EdmoDdBeanvoir!) 
has noted, " as far as foL 40 is bound np separately," Of these 39 
folios, the first 26 were in Leland's handwriting, and were transcribed 
in the year 1682, whilst the volume belonged to Sir Henry St. George, 
by the procurement of Dr. Robert Plot, and the copy deposited in the 
Bodleian library, marked NE. F. 1 1 > IS, from which Heame printed the 
whole, in the Appendix to his fonrth volume of Leland's ltinerary> 
pp. 108—145, 8vo. Ox. 171 1. It is, however, 
the time this Transcript was made, the fears < 
respecting the loss of the " Notes " of Leland 
the Table of Contents as written on " a loose 
quarto "), must have been verified, for of thee 


BwlltiaD MS. and Sir Henry St. George's own tnnscript at the end of 
the votonie most have been overlooked. Tbey are therefore now printed 
for the first time. 

Lord Stafford, at Stafford Castle. 
Lord Audlej. 

Lord Ferrars of Cbartley. The Lord Ferrars hath &yre 
Lands in Herefordshire, aad among others Webley Castle. 

Asheton hath Waiidelep Lordship, 4. miles Ajhetonwerewont 
•^ r tn dwal It Hejuti 

Trom Leicester, S' Edward of Asheton of Tix- vpon Trent, agiine 
haul, hee hath Tixhaul by his mother, daughter | "^"^J^h^n 
to S' William Littleton ; shee was not Little- booH ; howbeit 
tons hey«, for in his Age hee golt a son. that ^^'HTS/ 
bod his Mannour of Frankeleye, and [a] goodly c«lled Hsjwod. 
hon^e and pariie in Worcestershire, a 2. [miles] from Hales 

Out of Frankley came all the Littletons that s- Thomw mad* 
^ -™ I ■ 1 1 -1 LittletoM Tenorei. 

bee now. S' Inomas Littleton that married 

Littleums heyre of Frankeley, was afore called Westcote, and 

^aunged bis name at the desire of his Father in Lawe. This 

Thomas had 3. sons, William his eldest son, Richard his second 

son had purchased Lands by his Father, and the House and 

Manner of Pillenhaui, hard by Pencbriche. 

Thomas the third son married one heyre generall 

of Specheley out of Wicestre. 

Heyres males of the three Littletons remayne yet. 

Sir George Gresley dwelletb at the Mannor Greslej. 
place of Coleton, and hath a greate parke there vpon Trent, a 
mile lower then Haywod; hee hath vpon Trent, a mile lower 
then Burton Towne, a very fayre mannor place and parke, at 
Draykelo : peraduenture this Gresley came of the House ol 
Gresley Castle in Derbyshire. 

S' John Arecourt, son to S' Simond of Ox- Hsreconrt. 
fordshire, dwelleth at the Barony of Elnehaul in Staffordshire] 
where is a very antient House, and a greate parke, a 5. mile: 
from Stafford, a mile from Uamton [Ronton] Priory, and2. mile: 
from Eccleshaul Castle. S' John hath this by permission of S> 
Sunon, for this is the olde Arecourts Lande. 

Arecourt of Eamton, a man of a hundred Hueconrt of 
pound lands, his house is by Ramtun, a [he} 
cdmeth of a younger brother. 

340 leland's notes of Staffordshire fa 

'"'"«•'»»'- Percehaul of Hors^ey, a man of hu 

Lande, and bee dwelleth at Horseley, a 2. mile ir 
and a mile Irom Eccleshaul. 

Thb Percehaul cSmeth of a younger brother of tl 
of Knigbtley, whose beire generall was marryed 
Blunt of Kidilet. 

Skrimetha. Skrimesha a Lawier now aliue, t 

roan, hath purchased the Mannor with the Place a 
Norihbyri, a SO^* a yeare ; 3. mile out of Newport ii 
but Northbyri is Staffordshire, for Staffordshire ciin 

Boteler. port Townes end. This Northbyri 

of Hartfordshire. This Skrimsha hath now a 300. n 

Gilfcrd. gr John Gi^rd dwellelh at 

where bee hath a tayre house and a parke, it is ^ 
Penckrich, and 2, miles from Uluorharopton. 

This Giffiud married S' John Montgomeriks wi 
mas his sune married the eldest of Motgomerick. 

Wratedej. Wratesley of Wratesley villi^ 

the Wratesleys were men of more Land then they 1 
greate with the Earles of Warwick; yet hee hath 2 
Lande ; at Wratesley Is a fayre house and a parke, 
from Vluerhampton. 

■*»'«1«J- Asteley of Petesey, hath a fayre : 

a goodly parke, hard by Wratesley, The Logge i 
of tybre and lede, is excellent. 

Swinerton. Swinerton of Swinerton. Swine 

2. miles &om Stone, but be lyith at Hilton mane 
from Vluorhampton. 

LiuoD. Thomas Luson of Vluorhampton, 

hath 500. mark of Lands. 

Cnmberford. Cumbreford of Cubreford, a mile 

Brerewood, and of Penkriche. 

Luu. Lane of Hide maner in Brerewc 

this Lane be likelihood is the elder bouse to Lane ol 

studeler. Standeley of Fype by Litcbfelde 

of, left a late 2. daughters beyres, one of them wa 


man. This house of Stande- stmley* of 

anor of the Pile of Echels in the booM of S 

of Standeley Lord *J£^h"J„^°"" 

Bromwich cumeth out of the sundleyofa 

lly of Latham in Lancashire ; 

arryed Frebotoms daughter & heyre. Tho! 

brdsliire, yet is Casile Bromwich in ^^ 

eth to the Lord Ferrars. 

awkes yarde vpon Trent, 4 Kigeley. 

i, 100. markes. 

fer Rigeley in l.angdon by Beaudesert pi 


inefeld, 3. miles from Litch- 

Woreeley bridge on Trent, a Worcdej. 
y, 5. from Stafford, 6. or 7, from Lilchfeiii 

thfeld 20011 lande, 2. mile from ^V**- 

landon village, a 3. mile from BrdHrwick. 
es land. 

idon, 100. marke land. Borfbrd. 

Inglcstre hb house by Trent, Chetwine. 

aicote, a Gentleman of an old Draicote, 
let his old house downe, and builded in anot 
: parish, a goodly house called Painsle. 
de, 3 mile from Draicot Uneiie. 

int haule, halfe a mile from Blunt. 
ili land ; some say that this is the antient bo 

r, in the Moreland, there of the Bswei. 
::alled the King of the Morelande. Bloei 
bowse, and bath a parke ; it is Blore is ■ : 
owards the edge. Basset hath Derbrahire. 
] and parke in Langeley parish, and csl 
in Darbysbire, 4. mile from Barby. 


For afore the laste parlamei 
parovhes, w'owte the towne. ^ 
paroche, Id that js kept ! the es 
ede ya pullid doune. 

The market at Reyslo o th 
quctid, especially w^ come. 

■ I have harde M' Garter [sa; 
Kigf that were solenisid at Kigi 
(»nqueste, were made upon schi 
ket place. 

Ther U Croft, id Clereualx dw 

Croft ii i YorkiUr. These Clereual 

uery fair landes 

Rosamiidf tube at Godestow 

Chad ?] a stone w> this isciptio 71 

closid i lede, ad w* yn y' the 

[when] it was openid ther was a 

Ther is a crosse hard by Godi 

Qui meat hac oret sigr 

Vt<^ sibi detur uenil It 

There was a priory i Southen 

suppose, caullid Ryssipe,'' ad was 

yii C^b'dge. 

■ Thii p*ge, although forming part of t 
fonner, and lereral leavei must have intei 
* Riiialip, CO. Middx. ? 


\_Continv£d Jrom p. 239.] 

Declaration of Thomas Harper relative to another family of Wick) 
residing at Siralcliffe. 

Thomas Harper of Swaleclifle, in y" countie of Oxon, of 
age of 39 yeares, or thereabout, maketh oath, that since 
sviij'l' duie of I>ecember 1635, 8c before the xiij^ of Septeml 
1637, be, the s^d Thomas Harper, hath often asked Thot 
Wicam of Swalecliffe & his sister Anne Wicam severally & 
severall tymes, whether be or she were any kyn to Kichi 
Wicam Lord of Swaleclifie, or to hb nephew Humfry Wia 
and that both y< said Thomas Wicam and his sister, untill ab 
the xiiji^ of September last 1637, did assure this deponent t 
they never reputed them selves to be any kyn to y* said Rich 
or Humfry, nor ever heard that any of their pdecessors < 
thinke them selves to be kyn to them or to their ancestors ; t 
that about y^ tai]^ of September last this deponent, askii 
againe the said lliomas Wicam y> if he were sure he were i 
any kyn to Humfry Wicam now Lord of Swaleclilfe ; the s 
Thomas Wicam answered in these, or y^ like words, to I 
effect, viz. That he did not know that He was any kyn unto h 
nor ever heard that his pdecessors did ever accompt them sel 
to be y« same bloode v^ y* said Humfi-y's ancestors, till of 1 
that one of y^ Lord Seyes sonnes did tell a kinsman of the s 
Thomas Wicam's at Sheningdon, that it was likely that he, 
sdd Thomas Wicam, & Humfry Wicam were of y^ sune blot 
& kyndred, because their [Idecessors lived soe neere togethei 
were of one & y" same name: And that if the said Thou 
Wicam should deny his kindred to y* said Humfry, the s 
Thomas Wicam's children were likely never to have any bei 
fitt by New Colledg. 

Jur, 270 Januarii, 1637. 
John Page. 

Sketch of arms on a carpet at Lord Say's. 

On an ancient aras carpet in y« Lord Bey's great parlor 
Brougbton, y^ I2t>> of Decemb. 1637, this Scutchion was to 

VOL. 111. 3 B 


Slecdo Custodb vivente adhuc Fundatc 
Die mensis Octobris vicesimo A 

Itm Magister Johannes Curteys in Jure ( 
civilisUe ut pitemittitur electus, et in fomii 
minatus, magistru Johannem Wykeham 
Coasanguineum et quondam Collect vesti 
venerandum magistrum et sacraaTheologu 
dis officium nominavit. 

Vyneball HospiL Clericonin 

Continet in latitudie ex pte Occident) 
ptical xiij pedes et di. et continet in latitui 
^ticaf ij ped et di. et contiet in long a 
pte orientale x ptica? novem ped et di. ( 
et di. de latitudine et v ptic de latid. In ist 
Wykham, Job Cliaumpeden, Wiltmus 

Fol: 21, Col: 2. 

Robert Heets^ de comit Oxon recessit i 
i" die mens Apl. In cujus loc admisS e \ 
Colb 4t». 

Willm Long soci^ de comital Somers 
pmotus A" Dni millimo CCCC xxiiij"" me 
cuius, &.C. 

Fol: 22, Coll: 1. 

Willm Long de com Hampescbyrie ob 
Fol: 170, F. 2".— Mr John 

Willm Longe de Overton in parocli in < 
Dioc in veru et ppetuu sociu eiusde Collq 
statuti in hoc casu editi pstito corporaii, cuii 
sequt in bis verbis. Ego Willfh,&c. &c. 
del Fundatoris nri in verns soclos pseo? C 
scolaresc^ alios Collegii S'tee M'te prope 
ipm CoUeg. Oxon. ad aiinos probacois a 
bacois annis elapsis eosd in veros socio! 
formam ordina^is et statuti su^ius editi i 
etiaiu eligendos sine difficultate quacunque 
admitti juxta posse sicut et prout in ordi 
plenius continet'. 

Fol: 118, P. K A. Dni 

M"" Johannes Bonk, Cust. Colleg. Bfie 

Oxon. Lincolii Dioc Joftem Wjkebaoi de 

' HeetE in Lowth, p. liv. Pre 


body of Agnea, sister to the t 

sBnguinity to the sayd Bisshopp 

undoubted. And, therefore, t 

sayde Humfry, for the proof of 
egations and reasons chiefly uj 
'dentitaie nomims, et ab idesti 
minU, because the Bisshoppe ' 
ime he and all bis aunoestors h 

King Henry the third, and befc 
rd Fynes shewed a cbapitre of 
Titten in the statute book of Vi 
protapia ^uadem patrig etubiei 
:rein the sayde Bisshoppe is sa; 
/ykham, in the countye of Sou 

name Wykhara of that place, 
gy of one Alice, the awnte to 
le same statute booke, wherein i 

was John Longe. The validity 
not, sufficiently expressed by th 
: unto your Lordshippe. 
I idefUitiUe armorum, yf it wer 
he sayd Humfrey Wykham af 
::he to the proofe of his intent, 
! ideatitas cognominia inducU jm 
tiam identiias armorvm inducit p 
rnationis ; which is fortiiyed by I 
\a inponuntuT avt reperta sunt 
iam arma seu intignia, atUnve 

et agnotionet. 

{ that those armes which the I 
if his &mily, and that they do stai 
n the glass wynddowes of the par 

nowe dwelleth, and his auncest 
^Uve of their race, wherof two 
he knew, he sayed, no other art 
unto S' Richard Fynes did ref 
1 the sayde parish Church of Si 
le of Wykham, videl' of Ermyn 
vith molettes Gould. Which 
yse graunt to be the proper co 


lleadged, wherin also his fath 
niiorum libertate dotatua, and I 

Chester, beinge noted to 1 
UuSy I was moved to tbinke (as 
one not to him hy descenL Ai 

soroetjnne with one, and thi 
mdem tigna per carpentariot 
ur, as Micholaus Upton wryteti 
Jity of the bearer, who is sayd 
or bis skill in architecture, tr 
9 d/abricig, eo quod erat in^eni 
Doctor Caius maketh mention 
vigiensis Academic ; I was al 
r fteraidicam that the Bissbop] 

readye understandinge, made 
: enhihited by either of the parti 
hich, together with the armes, 
rmes, your Lordshippe shall r 

I to preserve your Lordshippe 
to the greate comfort of yoi 
wellwillers. From London t1 

ordshippes, as 
' sraot most bounden, 

R. Glover, Somersett. 

art of Mr. Wickham's Collection 
S. in the Ashmolean Library 84S 
>und in a note in Lowth'a life of t 






. Anao 18° Edw. I. Sudburf^h manner was given by 
ie la Hide to Reynolde Waterville and Estrange his wife 
they had issue Maude, married to Robert Wickliam : 
e 181' of Edw. 1. did lett lands for life in Sudburgh. 
, Anno 180 Edw. I. the 2 Robert purchased the mannor 
ighton and Newinton Downehead of Robert de Vere, 
if S' John Vere of Twiwell, in the County of North- 

Iw. ]. Thomas Wickham, Parson of Swa- 
rother, were witnesses to a deed. 
Jw. 1. A deed was made betweene the 2 
i^ John de Lazore as touching a marriage 
iberL the sonne of the second Robert and 
and heire of S' John Lazore. 
Iw.l. Itappeareth by adeed thatEUza- 
le church doore of lande in Sudburgh by 
Robert of the assent of hb father, in the 
it Sheningdon. 

Iw. 1 . By a warrant of attorney made by 
Reynold Waterville, they had the 31" 
he 5'^ of Edw, 2. Marham, the IS"* of 
e S'l" part of Backwell Sore, as heire to 
>bert dyed at Bristowe 1" Edw. 8. as ap- 
from Bristowe 6o Edw. 3. 
> a knight and Iiad issue a 4"* Robert, ap- 
ide by Elizabeth his wife to Rol>ert her 
Swackliff, and by one other deed rehersed 
r. 3. Elizabeth presented John AyloSe to 

mage of Swacliff. 
Anno 200 Edw. 3. Agnes, the sister of the third Ro- 

eased to her nephew the 4t>> Robert and Katherine his 

r riglit in SwacUf : rem to Richard his brother entayle, 

rhomas his brother entayle. 
Anno 20a Edw. 3. The Robert made his will and 

led certaine tilings to his brother John, Iiis aunte Agnes, 

lierine his wife. 
Anno 330 Edw. 3, Henry Tichmersh, Vicar of Swa- 

; the mannor to Katherine, Robert's wife, for life, re- 
to Thomas entayle, rein to Richard entayle, rem to 



William de Wickham, cosen to the said Thomas and Richard ; 
and hcere a vicar and the advouson omitted. 

Also it appeareth by a Courte Roll that this Richard Wick- 
ham was of the bloode of the Bishopp. 

1359. Ann® 33o Edw. 3. An Act was . . before the ... of Lin- 

colne at Sleford, for Robert to his uncle Thomas 

then Robert to keepe the Covennts Thomas for the man- 

nor of SwaclifF .... and the adv mentioned, and thatt 

. • at this tyme hee which was Bishopp. 

1359. Anno 3S^ Edw. 3. April 10^ Robert the sonne of 
John gave all the right hee had or should have in SwaclifF at y« 
death of John his father, Katherine his uncle Robert's wife, & 
Petronell his mother, to Thomas his uncle in fee. 

1367. Anno 4>\^ Edw. 3. The same Robert gave the same 
lande to his uncle Thomas and Katherine his wife entayle, the 
rem to the right heires of Thomas. 

1385. Anno 9® Rich. 2. The third Thomas, sonne & heire 
to Thomas^ that was sonne to the 3 Rol)ert, confirmed to the 
abbott of Kynesham the state of lands .... to hould in • • • . 

1393. Anno 17o Rich. 2. The second John Wickham, cosen 
to the founder, was admitted into New Colledge. 

1399. Anno P Hen. 4. SwaclifF was given to Katherine the 
wyfe of Thomas, & Robert her sonne, rem to Thomas Wickham 
entayle, rem to Robert entayle, rem to Elizabeth entayle, rem to 
the right heires of Thomas. 

1403. Anno 5" Hen. 4. John Wickham, master of arte, & 
[cosen] to the founder, was named in election to be Warden of 
New Colledge, in Oxford, as appeareth by the Prothocall 
Booke, fo. 47. 

1410. Anno 12° Hen. 4. Robert Wickham & others gave 
SwaclifF to Thomas and his heires begotten of the body of Isabel! 
his wife, daughter of Wittm Doyley. 

1414. Anno 2o Hen. 5. John Oxheard released to Thomas 
the elder, Thomas the younger, & William his brother. 

1429. Anno 8^ Hen. 6. Thomas Wickham de Woodstock 
gave yc land w^^ should revert to him after the death of Robert 
liis brother, clerke, unto John his sonne for life, rem to Thomas 
his sonne, and to the heires of his body begotten of Isabell wife 
of the said Thomas. 

1438. Anno 17o Hen. 6. An award betweene Thomas Wick- 


ther, the second wife of Thomas of "Wood. 


^en. 6. Thomas, sonne of Thomas o 

in annuitie to John his hrother. 

^ickham was sworne childe to y' Colledgi 

be prooveU by the Protfaocall booke of thi 

iton. 180 Hen. 6. 

n. 6. Thomas Wickham enfeoffed Wiltn 

m Wickham, E^. and others, of Swaclii 

I. i. Thomas Wickham of Swacli^ Esq 
should make state of his lands to Agnei 
his Sonne intayle, rem to John, Peroevall 
I brethren entayle one after other, rem U 

m. 7. Swaclif was given to Thomas Wick 
ire of Thomas and Agnes^ and to Ann< 
to the heires of the body of John ; rem t< 
n ; whereby it is apparent that the eldes 
I Agnes was Thomas. But because he< 
f his father wthout issue, hee is not set 

;n. 6. Thomas sonne of Thomas of Wood 
uilie to John his brother, 
ien. 6. Thomas Wickham of Swaclif 
kham, his father's brother, for an annuitj 
atlier, then being an old man. 
Wickham and William Wickham thi 
; about the same age. 
Iw, S. William Wickham the Bishop^ 

Iw. 3. William Wickham, that was after- 
de overseer of the workes at Winsor. 
klw. 3. Etatis suce 43, William Wick- 
36 of Winton. 

ch. 3. x". ij**. o1>. of the revenewes o 
td to be spent in Oxford by one Richarc 
irte, the Bishopps kinsman. 
re in Oxford was began to be buylt. 
Ige in Oxford being finished, Nichola; 
Warden there. 


1389. Anno 13" Rich. 2. Tlie Bishopp having the Parson- 
age of Swaclif, VI'*' is now appropriated to the New Coliedge in 
Oxford, then made Tliomas Wickham his Attormey to receave 
his profitts. 

1391. By 6ne levied, Ascen. 15o Rich, 2, recorded, oct. 
Trin. 17o Rich. 2. 1393, the Bishop entayled Broiighton & 
other lands to himself for life, rem entayle to Thomas de Wick- 
ham, the Sonne of William Perott and Alice his wife, kinswoman 
of the Bishopp, John de Wickham brother of Thomas, William 
de Wickham brotlier of John, William Ringhorne and Edith his 
wife, Guidon Ayne and Agnes his wife, William Maviell and 
Isabell his wife, John Benyett de Botely, and to the right heires 
of the said Bishopp, 

1403, July 24. Bishopp Wickham made his will, in which 
are named John Wickham, Nicholas Wickham, 8c Thomas 
Wickham, the said Thomas Wickham being termed his cosen & 
heire, to expresse that by Thomas Wickham hee raeiit Thomas 
Perott, and that, an Thomas Perott shotdd inherit his lands, his 
will was hee should also inherit his name (viz.) Wickham. 

1404. Anno Consecration is suie ST", eetatis sux 80°. The 
Bishopp dyed. 

Narrative pedigree sketched in 15G9. 

Robert Wickham was made knight in the xxxviij"" of Edward 
y* iii*". the same kinge gave him in armes a feild Silver, the border 
Gules, six mullets Or, peirsed Sable, for his whole armes. 

Then the said S'' Robert wedded the daughter & heire of Lord 
Sewere, & gave by her three coats, the feikl Azure, nyne flower- 
de-luces Or, for his whole armes. 

Then the mother of the wife of S' Robert Wickham, that was 
the Loi'd Sewer's wiie, was heir to the l^ril Takerville, 8c, he by 
her did geve the feild chequered Or & Gules, a barre of Azure; 
a feild Argent, the border Sables, six scallop shells Or. 

Then Robert Wykeham, the sonne of S' Robert, wedded the 
daughter & heire of S'' William of the Lee, and by her did geve 
ft feild Argent pouldred Ermins, 5 . . , gould armets in the midest. 

Then Richard Wyckham, the sonne of Robert, who died w"". 
out issue, wedded the daughter & heir of Robert Bassett, & by 
lier did geve a feild Gules, a bar Argent & three scallop shells 

Then did Thomas >Vykeham wedd llie daughter & heire of 


a Doyley, and by her did geve a feild Argent, a chevei 
three fower-loeved grasses like unto llie rose, 

1 issue William & Thomas ; this Thomas v 


Woodstocke had to wife Margery, & by 1 

c John. 

i issue Thomas, Richard, & John. 

ho mas. 

; Edward, who was father ofHumfry. 15( 


8 D. 14, 109, &c. 

ckham, lord^AUce, d. of John Liirard, 
diS. or Ljiuzi. 

iSe.'j^ocom, i. of Huibary ■ 

B. W. viho dltd hi 1635. 

■d TbomiB Wickhun^ dan. of 

f. sold HortoD Form Colman 

ID Chsrtham, co. of Pelham, co. 

Kent. Kent. 

rd Wiokham,T:Elii. d>n. of - ■ - ■ Wil- 
t CiDtetburr liamsoD of Fordwich, 
(C. 18, 34.) CO. Kent. 

'Wickbam=Elii. d. and 
Con, hom cah. ofWill. 
■StAlph- Sagewickof 
iterb. lord Yoik , gent. 



lo- I of Wi 

1587 ;ob. 
1624, bur. 

3. 160 

of London ; 

lancel at 2dt]r to Ric. 

i wUI p. Waekini,ob. 

ctp. 346. AoR. 17, 
1624 ; boi. 

lar. Jan. In the chan- 

>rtan, of eel at Is- 

She died lingtoD. 

waahur. Set p. 37S. 

clerk, Rflc- 


Kea't, 1587, 
bur. March 
2, 1S91, 


M. I.< 

«Aa ot thia match and the coUateral descent nre by 
. uot b« coDfoanded with the Bolaejs of Bolnej, in Sosst 

rBeld Charch, from tbe Bnrrell CollectionB, Brit. Mas. 
ickbam filina Edvikrdi Wickbam ex antiqnii familii Wic 
ui comitatu Oion. oriundi, natos Cantaarin, Kdis Chri 



r-n — I 

Sarah, bap, Nov* Richard 

n,lbSS,R.Reff. Wick- 

xnar. William ham of 

Laae. Westm. 

Mary, bap, Jan, ob. s. p. 

19,1590,/2.fte^. 1612; 

inar. Thomas bur. at 

"Wimie of Can- Cowley, 



Alice, mar. 




(See Le 
vol. i. 

Margaret, mar. 1st John Judith,^William= 
Muddle; 2d Abraham dau. of Wick- 
Edwards of Portslude, Robert ham of 
CO. Sussex, by whom Page of Abing- 
she had issue (C, ^1, Mar- don, 
S6J, cham, heir to 

Margery, mar. 1st Will. co. his bro- 

Reader ; 2dly Berks, ther ; 

Emmett. bur. at 

Elizabeth, of Boughton Grar- 

Mounchelsey, Kent ; sington 

will p. 1610. Oct. 15, 

t 1643. 



=Jane, d, 
of ... • 
of Ban* 
mar. s^ 
hur. II c 

Maria.** John Wickham of=pDorothy, dau. of Martha, mar. 


Judith.** Garsington; born 
1618 ; ob. 1683. 

Thos. Williams William Fyn- 
of Comdall, co. more. 

Elizabeth, mar. 
Barton Holli- 
of Oxford. 

TTie two coheirs, great-great-grand-daughiers of John and Dorothy 
ff^ickham, married into the family of Drake of Amersham, viz. 
Mary, the eldest, in 1777 to John Drake, LL,D.; and Jane, the 
youngest, in 1780 to Thomas Drake his brother. 

Oxon. alumnus, Westmonasterii Prsebendarius, et hujus ecclesise Rector. Duas 
habuit uxores, Mariam Ovenden, et Martham Cornwall ; ex prim& sex habuit 
liberos, Margaretam, Richardum, Wilbelmum, Margeriam, Aliciam, et Eliza- 
betham ; ex altera duas tantum filias, Saram et Mariam. Obiit 29 Aprilis 1591.'' 

In the centre of this inscription is a shield bearing Wickham impaling. Cheeky, 
on a bend three lion's heads erased. At the four comers of the monument are four 
shields. 1. Wickham, charged with a crescent. 3. Cheeky, on a bend three lion's 
heads erased. 3. Ermine, a lion ramp, crowned, a border charged with bezants or 
plates. 4. Wickham impaling 3. I am informed that this plate still remains in 
the middle aile; but that the centre shield and that at the sinister base comer 
are gone. 

^ There are three errors m this pedigree as entered in the College book», 
one of which may be proved from Thorpe's Reg. RoflF. First, the name of 
her father was not Robert, as wiU be seen by the inscription in that work, p. 881 : 
'* Hie jacet Maria Hovenden, filia Wilhelmi Hovenden, Cantuarise nata. uxor 
Johannis Wickham, hujus ecclesiee Rectoris, per quem sex habuit liberos, Marga- 
retam, Richardum, Wilhelmum, Margeriam, Aliciam, et Elizabetham. Obiit 6** 
Juniianno 1587." Secondly she is. stated to have remarried *' Hallet of Canter- 
bury," whereas, as will be seen from her husband's (Wickham s) monumental in- 
scription at Rotherfield, she was his (W's) first wife. Another error has been com- 
mitted by making the daughters, Sarah and Mary, the issue of the first wife ; 
whereas the Rotlierfield inscription, confirmed by the baptismal entries from the 
Burrell MSS. assigns them to the second. Dr. Robert Hovenden and his brother 
(..hristopber, the first Warden, the other a Fellow, of All Souls', were brothers to 
Mrs. Wickham. The father died in 1587. 

^ Her father is called on her monument, ** of South Mimms, co. Herts, Esq." 
[p. 165 Parsons's Kent Monuments.] 

' The son of Elizabeth Mayott of Abingdon, is stated (see p. 191) to have mar- 
ried a daughter of Wickham of Abingdon, but no such entry appears in the pedigree 
of Mayott of Abingdon in the Berkshire Visitation. 




it: i¥^^i 

us !J 


!ii;t t 

















Notes to the Pedigree. 

* He was a tenant of lands at Walden. See the Duchy of Lancaster Records 16 
Hen. VIII. Godwin styles him of Enfield, Guillim of Walden. The following is 
an extract from a letter of Mr. Gough to the Rev. E. Robson, dated Jan. 21 y 1799y 
Enfield: ''You judge rightly in supposing I gave Mr. Lysons what information, 
respecting Bp. Wickham, was in the power of one, whose curiosity after so emi- 
nokt a native of this town, led him to every source of intelligence. But Mr. L's 
penetration found out more, and determined that the old mansion by the West aide of 
the North Road in this parish, did not take its name, as commonly ima^^ed, from 
the Bishop of Lincoln, but from the noble family of Lincoln. He ascertained from 
original records that the Bishop's father was tenant of a different house, the manor 
house of Honylands, or Pentriches, of which not an ancient trace remained within 
my memory ; and that which supplied its place was completely taken away about 
five years since. This house the Bishop*s father rented of the Crown in the reign 
of Henry VI I L Sir Giles Capel (whose name the manor now bears) past it to the 
Crown 1547. Queen Elizabeth sold it 1562 ; and through various hands it came 
to Mr. Boddam. The Bishop's grandmother was daughter of John Wrothe, whose 
family had been settled at Enfield from the reign of Rich. II., so that his father 
was probably under-tenant of some of them (see Lysons, vol. ii. pp. 302, 303, and 
329). If John Wickham's will could be found in Doctors* Commons, or in the 
Bishop of London*s Register (and it is worth a search) more of his profession and 
property might be ascertained. The period for this search should be between 
1547 and 1590.'* There is no wiU in the Prerog. Court. 

i> William Parker was 5th son of John Parker of Norton Lees, by Ellen, 
daughter of Roger North. The Wroths were of Enfield in 1374, and John Tayler 
held the manor circa 1526. 

^ The Bishop is stated by Fuller and Wood to have been bom at Enfield, 
although in an old MS. account of this Prelate and his son, sent by Mr. William 
Smith of Queen*8 Coll, Cambridge in I699f to Dr. James, Master of Queen's, 
then at York, at the request of Tobias his grandson, and taken by Mr. Smith from 
the books at King's College, there is a marginal note as follows : " His father lived 
there," viz. at Enfield, ** but this Wm. Wickham was not bom there." This note 
the Provost (Dr. Roderick) said he knew to be in Wood's hand-writing, and that 
the book had been sent to Wood. He was a Fellow of Eton and of King's ; a Pre- 
bendary of Windsor in 1571| and Dean of Lincoln in 1577. In 1584 he was 
consecrated Bishop of Lincoln, and preached at the burial of Mary Queen of 
Scots at Peterborough Aug. 1, 1587. (See Fuller's Church History and Gunton's 
Hist, of Peterborough.) Mr. Gough endeavoured, but in vain, to discover a copy 
of this sermon. He was translated to Winchester, March 25, 1595, died in the 
same year, and was buried at St. Saviour's Southwark, on the 13th June, according 
to an extract from the parish register, made Oct. 8, 1798, by the Rev. E. Robson, 
who compiled a MS. account of this Prelate for Mr. Wickham. This Register 
Book was given to the Church by Thomas Cure in 1570, who, Stowe says, was 
Saddler to Edward VI. and Elizabeth. The monumental inscription, printed in 
Stowe, and erected by Frances Matthew the Bishop's sister-in-law in 1600, is en- 
tirely destroyed. In Cooke's Grants, F. 13, the Arms allowed to the Bishop are 
entered as follows : Coat, Ermine, a border engrailed Gules, charged with eleven 
mullets Or pierced. No Crest. ** William Wickham, Bishope of Lincoloe, the 
son of John Wickham of Walden in Essex, which John was descended of Wickham 


in com. Oifard."* Mr. n^kliun hMaportrait of theBiihop withhit 
K>Te dMcnbed, In the corner, impaling the Coat of the ice. A writer 
k Hag. TOl. Lxix. p. 8, atEribntca it to Marc. Garrvrd. A letter from 
I the uma Magaiine and TOlnme, p. !83, givei ■ fall icconnt of this 
ether with a letter of liu to Archbiahop Matthew, dated 1S98, and one 
aodun William, dated 1673, Co the Her. T. Hilner of Leedi. The 
in th^ Britiih MoKom. 

d, according to the reglater, on the Slat of Ha;, and a marginal 
tea that " ihe Ueth interred in the chancel of the Church, about 
r, under a gre; marble. The inacription which ii let round ia 
I." Tbia atone atiU eiiita, and the note in the regiiter appean 
en about the year 1748. (Inf. preaent Incombent) 
;BtbB Barlow, waa buried at Eaaten in Hanta in 159S, and a copj 
1 inacription ii giTcn in the Qent'i. Hag. toI. lxix. p. 15. 
!SS. [pene* Com. de Harrowbjr] & Brooke No. 1. Her mother 
lughter to Sir Wm. fiabtharpe. Her ^ter Marj married Henry 
>f Bolton Percy, and second ion of Tbomaa UC Lord Fairfu. 
rulj deicribed on her monnment *■ iiliutrioiu. 
eacon, Sep. 95, 1614. Collated to y< Prebend of Fenton (in j* 
Oclob. 10, 1614, to the Rectory of Bolton Peircy June 20, 1G17. 
, 161T. Collated to the Prebend of Beckingham in y Church of 
22, 1630." MS. of hi* aon Tobiaa. A mtrgliial note in the 
£ing') College book, eatimatea the living of Bolton Percy at SiOI. 
f Bedale at 5001. 

Inacription, Chauncey'a Herti, p. 499 ; not in Clntterhnch. 
allow of Trin. Hall, Cambridge in 1649. In Kennet'i Chronicle 
m Lord Clarendon to Barwiclc, written in March 1660, eoqairing 
"ionof agoodbther." Precentor of York Sept. 22, 1660. Hie 
waaconi^rred by Royal Mandate in 1671. Bnd on March 31, 1677 
Dean of York. The name of Tobias wag dcrired from Tobiaa 
shop of York, whose wife, Frances, was sister to Anthonina the 
ler. A MS. in the Dean's writing, notes the births of hia tnelre 
'a man child," still bom, Dec. 99, 1674, at Bolton Percy. Tbt 
'.and daughter, Eliiaheth, ia thus recorded ; " Elizabeth, my 
Ears and ^ months old, dyrd the 30th of Not. being y* anniTerssry 
th-day, and was buried Dec. 2, ItFTS." 

«! children by ber husband. Her son Tobias Jenkyns waa aome- 
irk, and left iasue by his first wife, Mary, daughter of Charles lat 
la only child, who married Sir Henry Goodricke of Ribston, Bart, 
a second wife a son William, b*p. at DnnniogtoD, n«ar York, 
1 a daughter Anthonina', bap. Jane IB, 1710. 
Chronicle is a letter from the King to the Master and Fellows of 
ed Dec 19, 1660, requiring them to elect him a Fellow in place 
lias, who wished to reaiga. 

mpson, third brother to Sir Henry Thompson of Kilfaam, co. 
) in 1665, married Mary, daughter of Leonard Thompson, Alder- 

's Ordinary, p. 897. to WlcUiam of Swadill^. 



man of York. According to C. 40, a daughter of Stephen Oglethorpe of Kelling- 
ton, CO. York, bom about 1620, was married to " Wickham of York. 

^ The records of the Quarter Sessions for the West Riding, show this William 
to have been both of Ulskelf and Wakefield. He was sworn into office as Clerk of 
the Peace for the West Riding at Wetherby Sessions, Jan. 14, 1718, as ** William 
Wickham, Esq. of Ulleskelfe, alias Uskelfe,*' and again at Skipton Sessions July 
14, 1719, as " late of Uskelfe, but now of Wakefield." The will of 1733 describes 
him as of Ulskelf. An old pedigree in the possession of the Rt. Hon. W. Wick- 
ham, copied from E. 8, fol. 14, was done for him in 1718. The descents, with 
the dijBTerent impalements of arms, are brought down to the children of Humphrey 
Wickham of Swacliffe and Martha Ward ; and collaterally to himself and his issue, 
and to Henry Wickham his nephew, the Rector of Guiseley. The Jenkyns descent 
is also continued to Lady Goodricke, but not including the younger children of 
Tobias and Anthonina. A Dorothy, "wife of Lawyer Wickham," was buried in 
the Minster in Feb. 1716, but whether a first wife of this gentleman or not does 
not appear. 

^ Of Queen*s College, Cambridge, took his degree of B.A. in 1712, and of M.A. 
in 1717. 

° In the entry of his burial he is styled ** Captain Henry Wickham," and there 
^s great reason to believe, indeed it appears almost evident, that he was the Captain 
Henry Wickham of the Navy, who was so severely and unjustly punished by Court 
Martial in 1694. A pamphlet printed in 1695 in his defence, is entitled, ** An 
Accoimt of the Loss of their Majesties* ship the Diamond, Commanded by Captain 
Heory Wickham, Sep. 20, 1693 ; captured by two French Ships oflf Cape Clear, 
on the Coast of Ireland." For this he was tried on board the Britannia at Spithead 
April 30, 1604 ; fined 1000/., and to suffer imprisonment for ten years. According 
to Charnock's Biog. Nav. vol. ii. p. 374, he was appointed second Lieutenant of the 
Crown June 1, 1688 ; to the command of the Antelope March 22, 1690 ; and 
Captain of the Diamond, 42 guns, in 1691, and sent to West Indies with Sir 
Francis Wheeler. He was released from imprisonment on the accession of Anne. 
The minutes of the Court Martial, and the substance of the defence, sufficiently 
show that this was a sort of prelude to those Admiralty proceedings which, in 1754, 
sacrificed the gallant Byng to party vengeance. He is described in the administra- 
tion as of St. Michael le Belfry's parish in York. 

P He took his degree of B.A. in 1 720, and of M.A. in 1724. The monumental 
inscription to his first wife is given in Whitaker's Leeds, p. 208. 

« Their son, the Rev. James Scott, D.D. was a celebrated preacher, and held 
the Rectory of Simonbum, co. Northumberland. He also rendered himself con- 
spicuous by the publication of some letters, under the signature of Anti-Sejanus, 
in 1765, in the Public Advertiser. There is a biographical notice of him in 
Gent. Mag. vol. lxxxiv. ii. p. 601. There are, however, two mistakes, first in 
calling the Dean of York John Wickham ; secondly, in naming the Bishop of 
Chichester Barton instead of Barlow, 


eader will no doabt have decided with Glover that the Peti- 
^ate waa by no means proved, and that Wickham was ho called 
node natnB eat, et non a parentibus." 

'eferetice to Willeiaent'i Heraldic Notices of Can- 
ng been added by the Editur of this work (see p. 
necessity of correcting what I cODceive to be an 
which Mr. Willement has printed in on Appendix. 
niglit seem safficient to show that there is no 
at all resembling the coat of Wickham, and that 
:y is, that the glazier or the copyist were in error 
inscription to refer to the shield Id question, 
lence in Scarlet's MS. to show clearly that the 
i was one of the known coats of that family, 
following inscription recording the death of his 
tobertus Clifford, ar. fraler recoleud«e niemori% 
quondam Ep'i London, qui ob. 9 Marcii 1422 
Accompanying this ioscription are the following 
ds, viz. I. Cheeky within a bordure, on a fess a 
BBS. 3. Cheeky, on a fess a cross -crosslet. 4. A 
w eagles displayed, a fleur-de-lys for difference, 
i Lucy. 7. Three eagles displayed. 8. Same, 
led, Delow is a sketch of a helmet, surmounted 
perhaps intended for a wyvern) risinii;, and noted 

ite to page 3G7> intimated my conviction that the 

y, and Wickham coald not be identified with the 

IS been attached. 1 now doubt the correctness 

; to the monnment mentioned in p. 237, and for 

In Scariefs MS. notes of St. Andrew's Church, 

J of a shield (over which is written " Edward and 

following Arms, viz. Or. in chief two mullets 

:nt of the same, impaling, Sable, within a border 

int between 3 etoilea Or. Below is the following 

r the aoule of Edward Boloey, Esq, w'^*' deceased 

;he yeare of our Lord God 1527." ' The female 

oted as being " Stodard," perhaps meant for Stodder of Kent, 

ler of these has a chevron. At any rate, either Scarlet drew 

s incorrectly, or Phillpott was mistaken as to the monument 


respect to the monument meutioned at page 346, the names and 

J Somncr'B Canterburjr, 


dates correspond with tboae id the pedigree (page 367), bat tke female 
coat bears no resemblance to that of Sagesnick, or that of Sedgewick. 

The faneral certificate of Elizabeth Wickham (I. 22, llO) gives the 
coat of Wickham impaling. Gules, a fess Argent betweeo three wolf's headii 
erased Argent, langaed Aznre, and styles her daughter and coheir of 
William Sageswicke, of the county of York, gent. 

I sobjoin a notice of the different MSS. in the Museom and in the 
College of Arras which refer to the name of Wickham : 

In the Brithh Muaeum. 

Harl. MSS. 155?— 6164— 6706. 

Lansd. MSS. 388, 22.-982, 122.- 987, 88. 

Cotton. MSS. Titus A. xxiv. Jolius C. vi. 

Add. MSS. 5538. 

AyscongU's MSS. 4274, 65.-4276, 135. 

Cole's MSS. Vol. I. p. 153. 

7a the Collage of Armt. 

L. 2, 54.— C. 18, 24— C. 40, 113.— C. 3, 19.— D. 25, 25.— E. 8, 

14.— 8,D. 14.— K. 3, 173.— C. 29, 27.— A. 20, 217.— Vincent, 449, 

510.— Phillpot, 8, 76, 34.— C. 23, 57.— Vincent, 56, 718. I. 22, 

108 and 110. 

C. E. L. 


(Continued from Vol 11. p. 178.; 

Prom MS. Add. 5937, (. 149^ a volame of genealogical collections 
by James Strangeman and Sir Rich. St, George, in the reigns of Eliza- 
beth and James I. 

Obitus — Dili Witt! de Bourghchier milit' 49 Edw. 3. litera 
dominica G.' 

Dne Elionore de Bourgcliier, 1397. 

Natiuitas Jobis Bourgch% 1366. 

Obitus— Dili de Bourghf, Jun, 1420. 

Dqi Jotlis de I..ova}'ne, 1346. 

• See Tol. ii. p. 175 for other obiti of Bonr«liier. 


(1e Lovayne, 1S45. 

«. filij Dni lliome de Lovaj'n, 1S18. 

ei de Lo. Jug, 1302. 

>m Tho. de Lovayne, 1S1B. 

ei de Lovayne filij DSi Thome de Lovayn ('tc). 

de Montpinsoii, 1333. 

Dm caJeDdar id k volame collected by Matthew Stokys, 
of the University of Cambridge, temp. Eliz. transcribed 
ictions, rol. Ixiv (MS. Addl. 5S45) p. 353. 
March. Obitus streaui militis Dni Oliveri Seint 
Dfii Mc.ccccicxxviiio. 
i). Obit^ stenui miliE Doi Johis Beuchamp A^ Dfii 

^ay. Obitiu illiistris Principis Dfii Johnis Ducis 
)ni .... {att offbjf binder ; read 1145.) 
Obil^ illustris Doe Edithe Beuchampe A^^ Dfii 

(MS. flori. 316. b] 

art. Th8s Seby, fra? Jollis Selsy, nascebat*^ iiij'" 

^nno dni Mittmo CCC°". Ixix". 

rt. EdmQd^ Selsy, irtS pdci Jofeis, nascebat^ x. die 

no dni Mittmo CCCmo. Ixx™". v^. 

epL Nicholaus Selsy fra? Johis Selsy, nascebatur 

igusti. Anno dni Mittmo CCO™*. Ixxvij". 

, Ricardus Cheddre, filius Robti Cheddre, natus 

istolliam, die diiica, quarto die Septembr tra dnic^ 

ii Mittmo CCC"o. Ixxix-"". 

'. Kobt? Cheddre, filius Robti Clieddre, natus fuit 

1, xxviij"" die Octoftr Ifa dnicat g. A" dni Mitto 

kn. Willies filius Robti Cheddre natus fuit apud 
:ilij die Decembr anno diii Mittmo CCC™". Ixkxj~». 

me on vellum, containing a Register of the Charters of the bmily 
tlve to their property in Somersetshire, Dorsetshire, and (.iloucei- 
ibad in h hand of the end of the 14th century. Prefixed is a 
ch occur the obits of Selsy and Cheddre above extracted ) the first 





xj kal. Jan. Johes Selsy, fili^ Lucie Selsy, nascebat"" xxiiij*<> 
die decemb^s, V3, i vig' nat' do^. Anno dni Mittmo CCC™«>. 

IMS. HarL Ub^-] 

vii kal. Apr. Anth. Browne Miles obijt, 26 of March, Anno 

xvi kal. Maii. Pray for' sole of the lorde Edward staford, 
duke of bockyng, Erele of staford, harford, and northehamtcm', 
the wyche desesyd the xvij daye of Maye, the yer' of o' Lord 
1521, the xiij yere of o' soverayne Lord Kyng' harry the 8. 

iv id. Jun. Petrus Lathu nat^ fuit die veneris decimo die 
Junij A® 1586, ante hora decima p® merid. 

vii hal. Jul. Anna Lathum nata fuit 25 die Junij, anno 1582. 
inter hora 12 et p^ma in noct* ; baptizata fuit in vigilia S' petri. 

xi kal. Sept. Obitus Muriett Spir^. 

iv non» Nov. Johanes Lathu mortuus est vndecimo die No- 
uemb"» Anno 1605. sepultus xiij Nov. 

xvi kal. Dec. Mari Lathum nata fuit 16 die Nouemb, Ao i 

1602. et Baptizata fuit 23 die post ; testes M" Demal. . . M^^ 
Perient soror, et Samuelis (sic) AUine gen. 

^ Peter Lathum was borne at Sandon on fryday the tenth day 
of June after nyne of the Clocke at night Anno dni 1586, and k 

in ye twenti eighth yere of the Raynge of o' soueigne lady Quen 5, 

Elizabeth. ^ 

M. i3f 

From the last leaf of a copy of Castalio's Bible, fol. 1556^ in the ^^ 

possession of Samnel Merriman, M.D. On the title page is the name 
of ** Tymothy Johnson." c .^ 

1. Johannes Johnson natus est, Tymotheo patre et Elizabetha *^ 


^ A middle-sized quarto volume, written on yellnm in a large bold character, in '^ 
the 13th century, and containing the Psalter. The last sixteen leaves have been ;^ 
supplied in a hand of the 15th century, and at the end is written, ** Scripsit hone 
librum Thomas de Langley, in usum Henrici tertii Regis." A Calendar is pre- 
fixed, in which are entered, in various hands, the above obits. 'Of! 
** From a fly-leaf at the end. His 
*i Timothy Johnson was lord of the manor of Fordwich, in Kent, which was '^i 
purchased of Queen Mary by his grandfather, John Johnson of St. Laurence in ^k 
Thanet, gent, and settled by Paul, son of John, on his second son Timothy. It ^ 
was sold by Timothy about the latter end of Elizabeth's reign. Hasted, iii. 603. ^,j 
The only children of Timothy Johnson in the Visitation of Kent in 1619, are his \ 
eldest son and heir John, who was then married and had six children, and Mar- ^ 
garet, married first to William Wells, and afterwards to Archer. % 






i KnatchbulliK ultimo die Aprilis Eliza- 
iDO vkeamo 1578. 

1 nate est Junii 28 die, Elizabetha! 

naU eat die Veneris bora nooa noctu, 
Elizabethfle Reg cum essem Doro- 
llicos qui in Angliam venere die Solis 
>meridtana, quorum lic^atus Primarius 
3. MarEliall Cossey, senex. 3. Mon- 
asieur Carongee. 5. Monsieur de la 
resident Brison. 7. Monsieur PinerL 
X Bolonie ejusque frater, cum mulus 
natus est Novembris 10, noctu hora 
elmus Hamon de Acris armig. Richar- 
lardi KnatchbuU nuper de Mea5liam,l> 
adulfi Heyman Armig.> Anno Regni 

natus die Solis 21 die Octobris horam 
inam. Susceptores, R^inaldus Knatch- 
den,! Katharina HamoQ,°> Fnmcisca 

>ctavo vicesimo Decembris luino 1591. 
Smithe armiger, Thomas Norton," 
;t Margareta Man,P cum essem Lon- 

uU, of Mentiiam HUch, ud Bade to the first Sir 

f Menthua Hatch, the oscle of Mr*. JoIuudd, 


4amiitan, Eaq. wife of Ealph Heyman, imcle to 

r vat Margaret, daughter of Peter Hejmui, of 

to Mr*> JohoBOD. 

riqwthj Johnion. 

flamoD, of Acris, daughter of Peter Heyman, Exj. 

rare; or perhap* KafliariDe, irife of Alexander 

, who wa« a dauj^ter of Bichard KnatchbuU of 

man to Hra. Jobnaon. Hsated, iii. S87, 346. 

ia« in Fordwich. 

ler aiater to nmothy Johnaon, married Barthola. 

2 D 2 



Elizabetha Johnson uxor Tymothei Johnson ex hac vitlL 
migravit die Sabati 21 Octobris ac regni Elizabethae reginae 34, 
circa horam tertiam post mediam noctem, quae vixit cum praefato 
Timothaeo pene 17 annos; deerat tantum usque 21 Novembris 
sequenti. — Beati mortui qui moriuntur in Domino. 

S. M. 




On one of the fly-leaves of a Cartulary of Westminster Abbey, 
MS. Cott. Faust. A. iii. are entered the following curious memoranda 
respecting the expenses of the funeral hearses of several sovereigns 
and persons of rank. 

In Gough*s Sepulchral Monuments^ vol. i. pp. 170*— 173*, will be 
found a full account from the Exchequer records of the expenses of 
making four hearses at the funeral of Anne the Queen of Richard the 
Second^ to be erected in the churches of Westminster (the hearse below 
mentioned), St Paul's cathedral, and the parish churches of St. Mary 
Overy and Wandsworth. King Richard likewise directed by his will 
four hearses at his funeral, two at the principal churches to which his 
body might be carried, a third at St. Paul's, and the fourth at West- 
minster ', or, if he died at Westminster, then four hearses at such places 
as his executors might direct. 

(f. 2\) Pro here' Henrici III. ccc. marc' cu vexilP penowns 
& penseir pano nig« cu cc torch & oib} cereis & vallans €t pallio. 

Pro here' Re Alianor cccl marc cu vexitt penowns & pensellis 
& vallans pano nig® cu cc torch & oib} cereis & pallio. 

p here regf E* I. cxx. marc' cu vexitt penowns & pencett 
pano nigo cu c torch' valans & oib3 Cereis & pallio. 

p here Re Philippe c marc cu vexitt penons & pensett vallans 
pSno nigo cu iiii^tx torch & oib} Cereis & pallio. 

p here Regf E» III. xl^ cii vexitt penons & pensett vallans 
pano nigo cu Ix. torcb & oib} Cereis et pallio. 

p here Regine Anne cc. marc vexillis pensellys valans & cu 
toto panno nigro & cu cl torcb & oib3 Cereis & penowns et 
pallio de Tyssu. 


c Epi Sa9 ■ xl" cu zxx Torch panno nigo Cereis, valans, 
8c vexillis, cQ toto panno nig° & pallia 
re Bernardi Brokas Militf '> xlli cu vexitt penowns & 
& xxiiii. Torcb cQ toto panno nigo & cj oTb} Cereis & 

b. Rici p dominu Rege H. q'ntii iiinx Marc 
& penseir cu toto panno nig" &. Ix. Torch' 
lawns & pallio Tyssu. 

q'nti c. marc cu vexilt penowns 8c pensitt 
ibj Cereis cu tolo panno nigro £c vallans 8t 

)ws«f<= xx" cu vexillis pensett vallans nigro 
rdb cu 0163 Cereis 8c pallio nigri Velvet 


lat prior to the Marri^ Act id 1 753, it was not 
lity of a marriage that it ahoald be accompanied by 
y, or be solemnized in a Church ; althoogb a form 
more solemn celebration of matrimony (and per- 
tbese regalatioDS were liable to Ecclesiastical 

< yet other and more private modes of contracting marriage were 

edged by the Common Law. 

ODseqnence of this was, that nearly every Chapel in and about 
whether belonging to the Estabhshed Church or to the Dis- 

was in the habit of marrying persons, and somedmes of keeping 

I of the marriages. The Marriage Act of 1753, however, ren- 

W&ltham, Lord High Treasurer, who died in Sept. 139S. His brus 
ill ejirtJDg, ii engraved in G. P. Harding'B " Anti^uitiea in WestminBter 

leniard Brocu, TreamrEr of the Chamber to Anne, the Queen of Richard 
I mentioned. He was hebeiuied on Tower Hill, in Jon. )399-1400. 
ea of hia eMgj in the Abbey were pnbliihed in Stothvd's MoDumeatol 
liough sfterweidB cancelled as being not the original, but either a modem 
nuch renewed. 

s Robsart, Lord Bourcbier, K.G. died in 1431. His curious monument, 
I heraldry, is well engraved in Neale's Westminster Abbey : axd also in 
Sepulchral Monuments, vol. ii. pi- xixii. 




dered it necessary to the yalidity of a a marriage that it shoold be 
solemnized in some ''Parish Church or Public Chapel where Banns of 
Matrimony had been usually published/* » a stop was put to the mar- 
riages at Chapels^ for banns were scarcely ever published but in Parish 
Churches. Indeed^ so restrictive did the clause in the Act proYCi that 
it was found that marriages could not be solemnized even in St. Paul s 
CathedraT, Westminster Abbey, the Temple Church, &c. &c. Whether 
this was Lord Hardwicke*s intention on framing the Marriage Bill> need 
not now be discussed ; but there seems no good reason for allowing a 
marriage by License to be solemnized in a Church and not in a Cathe- 
dral ; and it seems absurd to require as special a License to be married 
in the Abbey Church of St. Peter's (or rather in Henry the Seventh's 
Chapel) as in a private house. 

The discontinuance of marriages at Chapeby and the pasnng of the 
ownership of the Chapels themselves from one to another, together with 
the lapse of time, and accidental circumstances, have occa^oned the 
loss of many of the registers kept at these places of worship, and it is^ 
intended to ^ve some account of those which are now known to exist, 
with the addition of information obtained from other sources^ which has 
been obtained at very consideralde labour and expense. 

The affidavit made by one of the parties on obtaining the marriage 
License, is called in the Ecclesiastical Courts a ^ Matrimonial Allega- 
tion." The Allegations belonging to the Bishop of London are bound 
up in yearly volumes and deposited in the Muniment Room at St. PauFs^ 
and to these books frequent reference will be made, since they afford 
particulars of the ages of the parties, and frequently some account of 
their parentage. 


This Chapel is situate at the south end of Duke Street, in the Parish 
of St. Margaret's, Westminster. It was founded by a Mr. Higgins and 
by private subscriptions in 1709. It is now the property of Lewi» 
Wolfe, Esq. the lessee of the Crown. 

The only existing register of this Chapel, consists of several sheets 
of foolscap paper, containing twelve entries of marriage. It is in- 
tituled : 

<^ A Register of the Marriages in Duke Street Chapel, 


Tho" Daniel of St. Martins Ludgate & Lucy Maria Hinton of 
the same. 17 Dec. 1745. 

* 26 Geo. II. cap. 33, § viii. 


laU of S^. Martins in the Fields & Mary Hercy of the 

89 Nov, 1747. 
of S*. Margarets Westminster, Apothecary, & Mary 

of S*. Johns Westminster. 21 Api 1718. 

lingham of S^ Martins in the Fields, B^, and Margaret 

I of the same, Sp'. 81 July 1748. 

largarets Westm' and Susannah Potter of 
r Sq. W". 2nd April 1750. 
lies in the Fields W<^ and Catberioe Wool- 
Cheshire, Sp". I" June 1750. 
lartins in the Fields 8c £lizti> Whitttngham 
". 1751. 
of St. Mai^ WestmS B'. and the Rt. 
>thy Hobart of S*. Martins in the Fields. 

rook, Leicester, Esq'. B'. & Frances Pidc- 
i Westm', Spinster. 11* June 1752, 
sqr. of Mary la bone, B'. & the R*. Honble 
n of St. James's Westm', Spinster. 6 Mar, 

S*. Geoi^e Hanover Sq: W'. & Penelope 
me, Sp'. lOtt May 1753. By the Bp. of 

Vfardns in the Fields, B^ £c Anne Payne 

29* Sept'. 1753. 

iptioDS the marriages are by " John Pettiogal, 
d." and it waa by a grandson of this gentleman that this 
a given to Mr. Vincent, the Chapter Clerk of Westminster 
I has recently deposited it with the Records of the Abbey. 
>n to the marriages contained in the Register, the following 
the MatrimooiEJ Allegations « to have been solemnized in 

litchell, S'. James's, Batchelor, 30, & Eliz«i Tanner, 

1, Heits, Sp. 22. 9 May 1716. 

les, Holb. B'. 24 & Ann Bray, same Sp. 21. 2 NoV 

ot be ttkcn fbr granted that erery one of these mBmoges took place 
I, bnt the probabilitj is that they did. It might occasionally hapfta 
as, ■Ithongh abtaining the License, were never married at all, or tliat 
the License to marry at one of two places, as was the case with Sir 
comb, who wBi UccDsed to marrj at this or Whitehall ChapeL 



W™ Lamb, Hornsey, B'. 28, and Mary Lovegiove, S^. Marg»* 
Westmr, Sp. 21. 31 July 1725. 

Wm Franks, S*. Nicholas Coleably, B^. 30, & Eliz. Wallis, St. 
George the Martyr, Sp. 25. 4 May 1727. 

Robert Mews, SK Geo. Hanover Square, B^ 28, & Mary Par- 
kins of the same, Sp. 26* 2 Feb. 1729. 

Robert Lilley, S*. Clem: Danes, B^. 28, & Rachael Dennett of 
same, Sp. 28. 7 DeC. 1730. 

Su- Anthy Wescombe, S^v Geo Hanovere Sq. Bart. B^. 28, & 
Anna Maria Calmady, Mary la bone, Sp. 25. 1 Ap' 1736. 

W™ Fryday, Wooburn, Bucks, W'. 45, and Mary Everett, S^^ 
Martin fds Sp. 40. 4 Jan. 1736. 

Geo Kay, S*. Marg» Westm^ B^. 21, and Mille Howell, same> 
Sp. 21. 1 1 Api 1737. 

Wm Field, SK Ja^ Westm^, B^. 21, and Marg* Green, same, Sp. 
21. 26 Dec. 1737. 

The Rev^. M^. Meyrick, son of Owen Meyrick, Esq^. L^. lieu- 
tenant of Anglesea, & Miss Jones, only daughter of the late 
Sir Tho« Jones, Knight. 14 December 1739. 

Sami Griffis, Holborn, B^. 26, and Sarah Forster, SK Giles F'ds, 
Wo. 11 Feb. 1739. 

John Johnson, S'. Brides, B'. 36, and Marg^ Bousfield, same, Sp. 
36. 26 Apl 1740. 

Tho» Corbett, Esq*?. M.P. & Under Secretary of Admiralty, &. 
M". Lloyd of Duke Street. 31 Jan. 1740. 

Sir W"* Courtney, Bar*. M.P. & the Hon. Miss Finch, daughter 
rf Earl of Aylesford. 2 Ap^. 1741. 



The Re^ster of this Chapel is preserved with the other Records of 
the Master of the Rolls at this Chapel. It is a short folio (vellum' 
covered) commencing in 1736, but contains only entries of twenty mar- 
Tiage8.<l The Book is indorsed, *' Rolls Register for Marriages^" and on 
the second leaf is the following memorandum : 

** There does not appear to have been any Register Book 
of Marriages kept at the Rolls before the year 1736. The 
Chaplain or Reader there, for the time being, making a 

* At the other end are very fiill notices of the burials of Sir Joseph Jekyll, Wm« 
Fortescue, Esq. Sir Thomas Clarke, Lord Alvanley, &c.. 


note thereof which they took sway with tbenii upon 

, 7. Edward Frewen of S«. Michael le quern, B^ 
Stevens of Culham, in plh of Wargrave, Berks, Sp. 

Irt. The Rev^M'. Richard Fletcher of Woolwich, 
aiy Hayre of same, Sp'. 

SI. Richard Clover' of S'. Martins Orgars, Lond. 
Nunn of S'. Barth», Sp'. (by the Bishop of 

ieph Skidmore of Christch: Middx. and Han- 
Geo. the Martyr. 

A'illiam Fellows of S*. Geo. Hanover Sq: & 
34. James Turner of Stoke Newington, W^ & 
Spencer of same, Sp. 

4. William Martin of Wobum, Bucks, B''. and 
[ Parker of Harmondes worth, Middlesex, Hp. 

20. Walter Grirastead, S'. Gregory, London, B». 
lael Barnes of Hayes, Kent, Sp. 
. 17. Tho> Pochin of Loughborough, B'. and Dame 
5 Jenkinson of S'. George the Martyr, Middlesex, 

IS, Thomas Immines of S*. Giles, Ciipplegate, and 
imines of S'. Andrews Hobbom, W". 
. 14. Ja» Corthorne of S'. Ann, Westm', B*. 8c 
are of same, Sp'. 

19. William Seijeant and Ann Jolly, both of S^ 

31. Sam» Cook of S«. Martin F'ds, B"". & Eliz. WU- 
me, Sp. 

5. Godfrey Langhelt, St. Margt* West', & Barba- 
Iwrt of same, Sp. 

- S. Wi" Massingberd, Esq^^. Gunby, Lincoln, W. 

Drake of the Ci^ of Lincoln, Sp. 

. 6. The Revd. M'. Richd Ward, Kensington, B. & 

ng of same, Sp. 

: 8. Cha» Boyland of S«. Brides, W. & Anne WiUis 


' Tbe Aatbor of Leonidu. 



1747, May 89. Nichdas Dennys of Lyons Inn, B. & Eliz. 
Belfield, of the Liberty of the Rolls, Sp. 

1748, June 30. John Dowding, St. James Wests W. & Eliz. 
Long, same, Wo. 

1749, Apr. 6. The Rev^. Tho* Chapman, D^. of Laws, V.C. 
of Cambridge, B. & Eliz. Bamewell of St. Cath« Coleman, 
London, Sp. 


From the Matrimonial Allegations are die following Marriages at this 
Chapel : 

25 Feb. 1673. Rob^ Burton, St. Hellens, B. & Alice Wikm, 

same, Sp. 22. 
6 Feb. 1682. Tho* Moore, St. Brides, W^. 28, & M". Sarah 

King, St. Lawce Pountney, Sp. 27. 
9 Jany. 1694. John Smith, St. Clem. Danes, W'. 30, & M». 

Eliz. Whitehead, Holbom, Wo. 24. 
18 Dec. 1704. W™ Goodman, St. Mary Somerset, Lond: B. 

24, & Lydia Delabeer, Aldgate, Wo. 30. 
20 May 1717. John Stow, Rolls Liberty, B'. 26, & Mary 

Steward, same, Sp. 26. 
23 Aug. 1727. Nathaniel Chambers, Line. Inn, Gent. B. 22, 

& Sarah Bowcher, St. Dunst. West, Sp. 21. 
6 Jany. 1729. Rob^ Leeson, Enfield, Gent. B. 30, & Frances 

Sambridge, same. Wo. 
15 Aug. 1734. The Rev^. Jno Snow, St. Giles F'ds, Ok. B. 

24, & Sarah Bishop, St Mart. F'ds, Sp. 22. 
31 Mar. 1739. Simon Bell (or Sell) St. Mary Axe, B. 30, & 

Eliz. Taylor, same, Wo. 21. 

From a Newspaper : 

23 Sept'. 1761. George Naires, Esq'. Recorder of Oxford & 
Miss Strange (second daughter of the Master of the Rolls). 

ST. John's chapel, Bedford row. 

This Chapel was built about 1720^ and consecrated in Sept. 1723. 
The public journals of 1722 state it to have been then nearly finished, 
and that the Ministers were the Rev. Dr. Marshall^ Jun. and the Rer. 
Dr. Rogers. The Proprietors in 1737 chose the Rev. Mr. Cradock, 
Dr. Barryon^ and Mr. Jennour^ to be presented to the Duke of Montague 


wnmg FnttAxT, out of eleven canduhtee, and Hu Once 

bave been nwde ot the Tnuteea, but bo Regpiter bu been 
econree bas tberefcve been had to the Matrimonial Allega- 
i followiog matchea at Ibis Chq>el : 

per, St. James's, B'. 23, & El)zf> Diucombe, White' 

34i, & Abigul Vueiu, same, 

i'. 28» &, Sarah Aodenon, 

0, & Su8>> DaUy, St Bride's, 

. & Eliz^ Hart, aame, Sp. 30 

orah Lovett, same. Wo. {25 

itli" Bradshaw, sam^ Sp. 28 

I & Eliztl> Stallwood, St. Gilesi 

3». 21, & Elizth Smith, St. 

berty, B'. 21, & Marg« Cath« 
21 (ISFebr. 1734.). 
, 21, & Kebeoca Bromhead, 
, 1737). 
Anne Barclay, All hallows, 
Lane, Sp. 21 (10 Aug* 1739). 

athead, Bloomsbury, B^ 23, &, Sarah Arlidge, St. 
Pds, Sp. 21 (19 Jany. 1739). 
n, Holbom, B'. 21, & Ann Baker, same, W". (9 Nov'. 

ce, St. Geo, Martyr, W', & EUz. Westbrook, Holb. 
(10 Ocf. 1743). 

clougb, St. Geo. Martyr, Br. 30, & Grace Parker, 
lp.21 (26 Mar. 1744). 

b Street Jonnul for Dec. 173T. 

TS3, died Mr. Aaiteo man; yean Clerk to St. John'i ChspeL — (Gen- 



Charles Pepys, Impington Cambridge, Esq'. B'. 30, & Anir 

Spelman, of St. And. Holb. Sp'. 21 (26 May 1747>. 
John Rowe, Clerkenwell, W^ & Eliz^ii Steele of same, Sp'. 30 

(July 1, 1747). 
John Adkin, St. Giles, Cripplegate, B'. 32, & Abigail Grave of 

same, Wo. (20 Aug. 1748). 
Wm Vere, St. Geo. Martyr, B"*. 30, & Sarah Bower, Sp. 21 

(22 Ap^. 1751). 
Andw Richards, St. Giles Fields, B'. 32, & Sophia Hundes-^ 

hagen, Holborn, Sp. 26 (14 Aug. 1751). 

From a Newspaper : 
Mr. Waikwood, Distiller, Gravel Lane, Southwark, & Miss 
Dashwell of Bromley (DeC. 10, 1752. 


This Chapel was built by Sir George Wheeler prior to the year 1714,5 
and was used by the inhabitants of Spitalfields before their present 
Church, Christ Church, was built. It is situated near to Wheeler Street, 
on the east side of Bishopsgate Street. The Register is a small quarto,, 
neatly bound, in the possession of one of the Trustees of the Chapel. 
It contains at one end entries of 197 baptisms from the 24th of March 
1734 to 1824, and at the other end entries of the following twenty-three 
marriages : 

John White of Stepney and Anne Bates of same, 28 Apl 1720. 

John Pollard and Eliz^h Weldesh, 1720. 

John Bond & Mary Lawrence, 10 Apl 1721. 

Pargiter Bishop & Eli^'h Prisly, 23 Nov'. 1720. 

John Litchfield & Mary Spooner, 1 June 1724. 

Joseph Collier & Mary Robinson of Wey bridge, 22 Oct'. 1724.. 

William Curtin & Martha Brown, 25 Nov>^. 1724. 

^^ The Licences of the above named marriages I found in 
the Cupboard of the Vestry of Sir Geo. Wheler*s Chappel 
at my commencing the Minister thereof-— as witness my 
hand, ^^John Craner." 

Thomas Herbert & Prudence Day, 29 June 1735. 
Thomas Rawlings and Jane Petot, 14 Augt. 1735. 
Thb* Deane and Mary Halsey, 25 Nov'. 1736. 

«f It is noticed in Pietas Londinensis, written by James Patterson, A.M. 1714. 


I & Eleanor Turaer, 26 Dec*. 1T36. 

z of Faveraham, Kent, & Sarah Knight of same, 


' & Anne Lee, 1 May 1737. 

-malt & Martha Huddle,'23 Aug*. ITST. 

illibrowne & Mary Mastin, 26 Nov'. 1738. 

ith & Margaretu Chsuvett, 22 July 1739. 

:e &, Phillippa P^mer, 10 Sept'. 1T89. 

Sc Mary Milb, 19 Feb7. 1730. 

nson 8c Anne Hollis, 17 June 1740. 

dington & Mary Smith, 19 Sept'. 1741. 

pold & Mary Sampson, 15 Dec. 1T41. 

& Elizl" Carney, 7 Ocf. 1742. 

[ley, North Runcton, Esq'. & Elizi* Campion 7 


ident from the Domesday Survey that Roger Arun- 
tained from William the Conqueror considerable 
d, viz. 

Bleneford Brocheshale Ragintone 

Bessintone Fouertone Urde 

Pourestock Orde Herestone. 























2. It is clear that in ^e time of King Henry II. die Arundeli 
bore swallows in their escutcheon, as they do at present. For 
in the Philippeis' we read the foilowing verses de^ribing an 
Arundell encountering William de Ban- : 

Vidit HiinadellL velocior itlite quee dat 
Hoc AgnomeD ei, fert ci^ns in ffigide Bignam, 
Se rapit ngminibna mediis clypeoqne niteDti 
Qaem 8ibi Gnillelmna InvfL prgetenderat nln&, 
Immer^t validam pnetCDtte cnspidis faastam. 

P. 207-e of Camden's Remains, 1637. 

3. It is an unquestionable fact, that the knightly family of 
Arundell flourished in Cornwall long before Messrs. Lysons (in 
their History of that County) suppose them to have settled there. 
This is easily proved by reference to the Episcopal RegLsters of 
Exeter. When the tamily began to present to the Churches of 
St. Columb Major and to St. Mawgan, I cannot discover ; but 
the following extract from the Register (and it is the earliest) of 
Bishop Bronescomb, disproves the assertion of Messrs. Lysons: 

<* In vi^lia Assumptionis Beate Marie, A.D. 1266, ad presen- 
tationem Dni Radulphi de Arundell, ad quern jus Patronatus 
Eccte See Columbe pertinere dignoscebatut, Dns Epus admisit 
Rogerum de Derteford." 

Lanherne, the seat of the Arundell family in Cornwall, was 
held of the Bbhop of Exeter by Military Service. This I learn 
from fol. 103 of Bishop Stapeldon's Renter: 

" Noverint universi per presentes nos Walterum permissione 
Divina Exon Epu concessisse 8c vendidisse Dno Utome Lerce- 
deakne militi, Wardam corporis Johis filii 8i heredis Johis de 
Arundell pro C libris Rterlingorum, quas nobis recognoscit se 
teneri coram Dois Witto de Beretbrd Sc sociis suis Justiciariis Dni 
Regis de Banco, que quidem warda nobis pertinuit eo qd dictus 
Jofaes de Arundell lotum Manerium de La Heme cu oib; pti- 
nenciis suis de bone memorie Dno Thoma (Bytton) quondam 
Exon Epo predecessore nio, tenuit per ^i 
nos vero dictus Walterus Sc successoi^ 
dicti Johis, filii & heredis Johis de j 
Thome Lercedeakne, heredibus 
gentes tenemur warantizare. In cujus ■ I'^'^'^Pl^ 

• Thia woric wu composed by Philip le Breton about tlie year 1330, in tl 
fiftieth year of hii ige, *iid dedicated to Lewis ion of Philip Angnitu. S 
Faljricliu Bibl. Med. et Inf. Ut. toI. i. p. SBS.—Bdif. 


' nfo signatas dicto Dao Thome fieri feciiiiiiB patentes. 
Westmonasterium vo Idus Marcii, anno Regta ReffB 
lii R^ Edwardi ocUvo."— [25 Feb. 1315.] 

fol. 1 \5 ejuedem R^^istri : 

iraodum quod die Lune pi ante fefltum B. Midiici, 

i & Dns Epus, exiBtens apud Comb Martyn in aula 

D&i Willeltni Martin ibm, optulit Johaonam Raignes 
un tunc ibm presenlem, in uxoren Jobi de Arundell 
edi Jotiis de Arundell defuncti, in sak custodi& ex- 
similiter present!, quique Johes prefetam Jobannam 
Intam ut tunc in uxorem admittere recusavit Pre- 
obili viro Dno Witto Martyn predicto, Ricardo Sta- 
ilitibus, Dno Jobe de Calinaton, Witto Russell, ca- 
jicholao de Hele clerico, Johe de Baunfeld, Johe de 

Jotie Cote3, Johe de la Pomeray, Jofte Produme, 
ile, 8c ceteris in miildLudine copiosa." 

116 ejusdem Registri: 

die mensis No? A.D. 1S16, Johes de Arundell filius 
this de Arundell defuncti, coram Dno Epo in capell& 
li de Horslegb personaliter constitutus, corporale pres- 
lentum qd vellet se maritare quaado &. ubi idem Dns 
irit ordinandum, ita tamen qd non disparagetur. Pre- 
>nis Petro de Honeton, Ricardo de Braylq;h, Witto 
apellanis, Oilberto de la Thome, Ricardo de Twy- 
iricis, Wifio Hureward, WiSo de la Wallei &. aliis, 
131, vol. i. of the R«^ter of Bishop Brant^ngham, is 
iocument to the same purport as the preceding. 

lie Exeter Cathedral Martyrologium I read: " Wiffus 

:11, canonicus, obiit ti kal. Maii mccslvi," 

c^r Arundell lived opposite the portico of St Ste- 

urch, in the High Street, Exeter. From his tene- 

^nly from the year 1217, an annual rent of lUd. was 

> St. John's Hospital. 

Arundell, Rector of St. Columb Major, resigned his 

a the hands of Bp. Grandisson, A.D. 1353, In con- 

of bb near relationship to the patron Sir John Arun- 

Jisbop granted him a pension of 20/. per ann. &om the 

• II 



■ » 











5. Ex fol. 503, Registri Edmundi Lacy quondam Exon Epu 

Testamentum JoKis ArundelL 

In Dei nomine, Amen, xviii die Aprilis A.D. mccccxxxiii. 
Ego Johes Arundell, Miles, compos mentis, condo testamentu 
meum in hunc modum. Imprimis lego anima mea Oipotenti Deo 
8c Beate Marie Virgini & oib} Scis ejus & corpus meu ad sepe- 
liendum in medio nove Capel)e annexe Cancellarie Ecctie See 
Columbe Majoris. Item lego ad novu opus Campanilis & Cam- 
panarii 8c ad sustentationem earundem in eade Ecctia See Co« 
lumbe £xx. Item lego usui 8c instauro Ecctie See Ermetis in 
Pydro Lx». Item lego Rectori ejusdem Ecctie pro decimis meis 
oblitis xx^. Item lego usui & instauro Ecctie Sci Maugani de 
Lanhem lx^. Item lego Parochie S. Maugani de Lanhem ad 
sustentationem diversoru luminum in e&dem Ecctia xx". Item 
lego Rectori ejusdem pro decimis meis oblitis xl^. Item lego 
Rectori Ecctie S. Ewe pro decimis meis oblitis xx». Item lego 
Rectori Ecctie Sci Maugani juxta Carmynow xxvi*. viii^. 
Item lego Rectori Sci Wynwole pro decimis oblitis xiii^. iv^. 
Item lego lumini Sci Michis in Monte xiiis. ivd. Item lego 
operi Cancellarie ibidem faciende XIII^ iv^. Item lego ad usu 
Parochie Sci Pyerani in zabulo ad claudendum capud S. Pierani 
honorific^ 8c meliori modo quo sciunt xl^. Item lego instauro 
capelle See Wynwole juxta Carmynow iv. marcas. Item lego 
ad celebrandu p aia mea secundum discretions Executoru 
meorii incontinenter- quam cito fieri potest post mortem meam 
3000 Missas <£xiii. Item lego Ricardo Cleghar capellano vel 
alio ydoneo capellano ad celebrandu unum Trecennale Sci Gre- 
gorii p aia mea, oiuniq; Parentu meoru & oiii Benefactoru x 
marcas. Item lego Johanne filie mee apud Camalye xx marcas. 
Item lego Isabelle Bevylle consanguinee mee iv marcas. Item 
lego 8c volo qd Executores mei inveniunt unum ydoneu Capel- 
lanu ad celebrandu p aia mea in Ecctia Sci Maugani de Lan- 
hem per duos annos immediate sequentes £x. Item lego Johi 
Tresithny x marcas. Item lego Thome Guly iv marcas. Item 
lego Witto Langeston v marcas. Item lego Johi Mychell v 
marcas. Item lego Olivero Chamberleyn v marcas. Item lego 
Marco Knyght v marcas. Item lego Thome Panbelle alias 
Pantebelle vi marcas. Item lego Witto Coly iv marcas. Item 
lego Witto Panter iv marcas. Item lego Paschaseo Conk xx». 
Item lego Simoni Walisse xx". Item lego ad emendum campa- 


'ampauilis Ecctie Sa Maugani de J-ao- 
I fieri infra sex annos immediate sequentes, 
ido filio meo unutn cliiphum deauratum 
Be duo optima salsaria deaurata, viz. unum 

armis meis sculptum 8c aliud de duobus 
otella ai^enti &. unum pelvem & lavacrum 
lego oTa lH>na mea superius non l^ata 
psi bona predicta bene & fideliter dispo- 
mea prout inde respondere voluero. Et 

bene & fideliter faciendum & exequen- 
Kinstituo meos Executores Venerabilem in 
lii Edmundum Epum, Thomam Arundell 
Irundell armigerum, filios meos, Johem 
r^oney, Nicholaum Ayssheton, & Johem 
i predictus Edoiundus percipiet pro suo 

quilibet dictoru Executoru percipiet C*. 
iVifto rectore See Columbe Majoris, Witto 

Maugani, Ricardo Cleghar capellano, 
ie Michel), & aliis. 
Cuswos IV marcas. Datum die & anno 

1 before Bp. Lacy at Chudleigh Palace on 

the Sir John Arundell who is said, on the 
I (p. 1015), temjK>re Ricardi II. to have 
»mplete suits of cloth of gold ? 

, ii. of Bp. Lacy's Register, 
rgaret Beau champ, Abbess of Canonsleigh 
Jane Arundell was elected her successor, 
lich occasion she signified her consent in 

name of owre Lord, Amen, 
ell, mynchyn of the Monastery of Synt 
Evangeliste & Edieldrede the Virgyn, of 
der of Seynt Auslyn, in tlie Diocesis of 
i of the holy Fader Seyat Austyn, in the 
.nonlegh expresse professyd, yn laful age 
asse of the said Monastery, St ofte with 
ite yn the party of my susteryn 8t mj-nchyns 
2 E 






of the saide Monastery requirid, that to the ecleccion of ham 
of me ymade, I scholde geve my consente, I the forsaide 
Johan, willyng not to withstande ne contradie the will of 
Almyghty Godde, to the worshipp of the Blessid Trinite, Fader, 
Sone, & Holy Gost, also to the worshipp of Seynt Johan Apos- 
tell 8c Evangeliste & Seynt Etheldrede the holy Virgyn, yn whos 
namys & worshipp owre Conventuall Churche above saide 
worthely & holily is halwid, beyng yet ynne the tyme of Laws, 
as I am enformed, to geve my consent a fore saide, to the for- 
saide Ecleccion by my Susteris above saide of Me made, I con- 
sente by this present wrytyng.'* 

7. Dr. John Arundell, Bishop of Lichfield & Coventry, was 
translated to Exeter, and after governing this See nearly 1 year 
and 9 months, departed this life 15 March 1503-4. To his 
Register is a " Prologus," written by his Secretary, John Six- 
tinus, highly complimentary to his Lordship : " Cujus generose 
stirpis antiquam nobilitatem excellensdoctrina maximeque virtutes 
adornant : cujus in Deum pietatem quotidianus Dei in suo 
' Sacello cultus ostendit, tot suis capellanis ac domesticis filiis, cum 

j i symphoniacis pueris, Angeiicam harmoniam in Dei ac Dive Vir- 

j ginis laudem bis quotidie canoris vocibus vocalique jubilo effi* 

cientibus : liberalitatem vero quotidiana dapsilitas, ampla 
familia, patens omnibus probis atque honestis domus, largaque 
ex Divi Pauli sententia hospitalitas, quotidianeque pre foribus 
edium elemosyne. Bene de se meritorum maxima munera grati- 
tudinis autem ejus omnes judicant qui ei unquam inservierunt, 
beneficiatis (ut sic dicam) omnibus suis capellanis." 

8. I have seen a letter dated Greenwich, 13 June 1685, signed 
by Francis (Earl of) Bedford and (Sir) Francis Walsyngham to 
the Mayor of Exeter, thanking him for having detained at ELxeter 
John Arundell of Trevenack, Esq. who had attempted to go 
over the seas with a large sum of money. The money is ad- 
judged to be sequestered to the Exchequer, and his person to 
be detained in safe custody until further orders. On 13th July 
Sir Francis Walsyngham alone signs a letter, directing the 
money to be restored to the Squire, and that he should be dis- 
charged forthwith. 


t frant of old Wardour Castle is the following 

randeliffi Thomai Lanhernia proles 
hoc meruit prim6 ledere loco, 
ceddit; sine crimiDe plectitnr Ule 
: iDsoDtem fata secnta probant. 
' Patria erant MattbBus filins emit, 
auxit: stodio Piincipis ancta maoent. 
ir ancta din maneaat, angenda per sevnm ! 
edit, eripnit, restitnitqne Dens. 
s I have seen the following translation ' in die 
enry the 8th Lord Arundell : 
inch of Arundell Lanbernian race, 
iTst sat, and he deserved the place : — 
nd fell: Merit the fatal crime, 
v'a, to mark bim faoltless, blesa'd his line, 
bis offtpring, w) the Father, Great, 
lier b his Prince, regoin'd the seat. 
I, eulai^'d } long may its fortune stand ! 
who gave, resaro'd, restor'd the laud. 

merally known that Sir Mattliew had a brother 
;ted Kngland in the summer of 1583, and died 
1587. In e MS. of Father Robert Persons 
'ell) he is mentioned thus : 
Arondel, brother to Sir Matthew Aronde), 
continued in the CkHirt of England, after he 
to that extremity, as no Catholick man migh 
i with his conscience, he went into volontMy 
afterwards for his devotion, he went to visit the 
^me; and from thence he passed to see the 
[Philip II.) Sc do his duty unto Him ; for that 
father, at the time of his being in England, &, 
le of His Father Charles the Emperor ; and 
m with great love & favour, £c made him 
lides other gifts, assigned him also fourscore 
rery month towards his maintenance. But Sir 
ig afterwards to Paris, lived very little whil(^ 
Hiost most godly to his Creator." 
Priortf, Exeter. G. O. 

nion will be fonnd in Hoare's Histor; of Modem Wiltshire, 
, p. ISa—Edit. 

a E 2 


charters respecting the gospatric and other northern 
families, from the newminsitr chartulaey and lord 
Wallace's muniments; communicated by the rev. john 


The first of these documents is Trom a copy of the long-lost New- 
minster Chartolary, which (probably at some law-suit) found its way 
from Naworth Castle into the hands of the late Edward Cook, Esq. «f 
Blakemoor, in North n in berland, Recorder of Berwick-upon-Tweed, and 
an eminent untiqnary, frum whom it passed with other e&ecta to William 
Bum, Esq. of ^outhwick, in the County of Durham, who haa lately 
restored it to the Karl of Carlisle. The other fonr abstracts are from 
original charters in the possession of Lord Wallace at Featherstone 
Castle, in Northumberland. 

1. Walter' filP Yv6 oibj ■»£. salt . Notu sit uob q, ^o t 
hered m, clam i concedim^ Edgaro filio Cospatici coitis cii Alij 
sorof m. 1 her suis en fuTikmariage totij ?ra qua pa? me^ Yvo 
1 Agnes mater mea dedeft t concesseft eis en funkmariage scil} 
. . mair'ia Vlueneby t Thorneton" iux' Tese . i in Westmari- 
land ChouDcsalelehild i Euenewit . 1 1n Cumberland Bleneklau , 
1 \n Cokedal Triwit t Cestern i Those i al? Tosse li FlotweytoS 
cQ nemor i piano t p*to i cu aq' t molend t 
ptinenE eiusde ville p rtas disas . Et Edgar^ 
tied s. pro amor face de ista fra ^ ptinent ad 
pdcas Vras q"s pa? me^ Yvo i mater m. Agne 
hac c. m. cof^mo. hiis ic. 

This Edgar was a son of Gospatric second Ea 
Northumberland pipe rolls for 1179 and 1171, 
He was the progenitor of the Kestroa family in 
son Alexander conlirmed his father's grant of th 
in Northumberland, to the Monks of Tinmouth 
longed to his brother Edward and his descendan 
This Charter also illustrates Surtees's account ol 
on-the-Tees (Hist. Durh. iii. 382, 383), besid 
light on parts of the History of Westmerland an 





The possessions conveyed by this deed were probably Blackall and 
other lands in the manor of Botchardley within and without Carlisle -, 
and the history of which^ though treated of in the Denton MS. in the 
possession of Miss Carlisle of Carlisle^ is still very imperfectly told. 

4. Sciant nos Johes de Coupeland de Laysinbi t Emma uxor 
mea dedimus Thome fit Ad de Carleton ires solidaf reddit^ in 
Penrith. Da? apud Penrith die Jovis px* post festii Pascll anno 
r. r. Edwardi ?cij vj. 

This abstract is given as a link of the Carleton and Copeland pedi- 
grees 3 but it has no reference we apprehend to John de Copeland^ the 
celebrated Northumberland Esquire, who took David Kiug of Scotland 
prisoner at the battle of Durham^ in 1346. 

5. Omib} Galfr fili^ Baldewini de Carleto* Noutis me dedisse 
Henf fit Odardi de Carleto* ic. Hiis testib} dfio Robto de 
Yavenviht . dno Symon fc vicario de Penreht . f. 

This illustrates the pedigree of the Carletons of Carleton Hall, near 
Penrith^ — brings to notice an inhabitant of the village of Yanwath men- 
tioned in the first Charter — and gives a new name to the list of the 
Vicars of Penrith. 

Hartburn Vicarage^ Morpeth. J. H. 



( Inquisitions on the death of Robert Baron Fitzpain^ 28 £dw. III. 

Inq cap? apud Shirbouru, in com. Dors. Dicunt q* Ro- 
btus Fitzpain tenuit ad ?mifi vite sue coniunctim cu Ela uie eius 
adhuc supstite & heredib} de corporib} ipof Robti & Ele exeun- 
tibus man'^iu de M'sshwode & advocaffiem ecclie eiusdem man^ij 
de rege in capitep^vic mit & man^iu de Wodeton & advoca^em 
ecctie eiusdem man^ii de Dno de Collyngton p servic mit q<* 
quidm man'^m de M'sshwode xxxti. et dcm man^iu de Wodeton 



annil in omib3 exi{ ex dono et concessione Jardani de 
teff (» finem inde in cur. R levatii ; & inan''iil de Acfon] 
IvoS ecctie eiusdem man ii de abbe Glaston p svi£ mit 
I ann. in oiiiib) exit' xx m'rS ex concessione pdci 
[uetidam alium fine in cur. R levatii ; & man iij de 
fi. advoc ecctie ex dono, ^c. pdci Jordani; quH; quid 
advo£ jam debent remanere integre Robto filio 
•ey de Codenore et Elizabeth' uxi eius Et bered 
pius Robti fit Rici exeuntibus p svic pdca. Et q"* 
:us Fitzpayn obiit sine herede mascut de corpore. 
a Robtus Fiupain obiit in festo Sci Andr Apt pi 
^t Isabella filia dci Robti est heres ejusdetn de san- 
nquior, etatis xxx ann. et atnplius. 

u apud levele, 29 Edw. III. {utpriua) et qd Isabella 
icti, quam Jotles Chidiok jsmdiu duxit in uxorem, 
Gt prules suscitata, est beres, £fc. 

nsDors from Sir Robert Fitzpayn to Sir Guy de Bryao and 
Sdw. 111. (see before, p. 252) ; from the original in the 

John Gage, Esq. 

eux q cestes ires verrount on orrount Roberd Filt5 
alut) en dieu Sachets moy avoir done graunte "? p 
)t conferme a moul Guy de Briane, sire Martyu 
tanoygne en leglyse de Novele Salesbyrs, Adam ate 
•herd Lougtl le Manoir de AcfTorde filtz Payn en le 
tors, le Manoir de Stourtone en le counts de Wiltel, 
rs de BiTghamptone, Spekyntone, Staple, et Sedene 
! de SomS ove les app'^tenaunces ensemblement ove 
les de les eglyses t cbapeles de mesme le manoirs 

A avoir *£ tenoir, SfC. as dit} mounf Guy, S(c. et a 

tous io'^s des chef seign'*'ages du feo. p les servises 
iustumables. Et jeo lavaundit Roberd filtj Payn et 
auj les manoirs, ^c. a dit mounf Guy, §"c. encountre 
raraunteromps acquiteromps et defenderomps a tou} 

tesmoignaunce de quelx choses a icestes mes Ires ai 
Eal. Piceux tesmoignes Willam de Botreaux, Rich- 
i, Hughe Curborghe, Estptine Turberuylle chy- 
leu de Slynedone, John Stourtone, Willam Byng- 
im Wynterboume, et aultres, Escript a Acfforde 
aeynge pscbeyn avaunt la feste de la conversion de 



seynt Paul Loan du regne le Roy Edward tierte pus le con- 
queste qarantesme. 

The seal, ornamented with a border of tracery^ exhibits a shield 
suspended from a tree^ bearing three lions sarmounted by a bend) 
the legend broken away. This is engraved in the Gentleman's Maga- 
zine, vol. xcv. ii. 297. 

Inquisition in Somersetshire on the death of Sir John de St. Manr. 

4 Hen. V. n. 36. — Inquisicio capta apud Yevelchester in 
com. Soms. die Lune px post fesEm Anuncia^is Beate Marie 
Virginis Ao regni Regis Henrici Quinti post Conqra quarto 
coram Johe Gregory esc Dni regis in com pdco & virtute 
brevis, &c. per sacrum Jobis Jerard, Jobis Lovell &c. qui dicunt 
sup sacrii suu qd Johes de Sco M auro defunctus Sc in dco bri 
noiatus p nomen Jobis de Sco Mauro fit Rici de Sco Mauro 
nup Dni de Castelkary milifs tenuit in die? com die quo obiit 
coiuctim cu M argareta uxe sua fit Johis Erlegh adhuc supstite 
sibi & heredib de corpib} ipor Johis & Margarete exeun? tria 
messuag octo caruca? I're sepcagin? acr pti ducen? acr pastur & 
quadraginta acras bosci cu ptifi in Blakeford & Prestelegh, & 
advocacoem ecctie de Blakeford ex concessione Rici de Sco 
Mauro mili? reddendo eidem Rico & hered suis annuatim 
una rosam ad fesf m Na? Sci Johis Bapte p omi servic put p 
quendam finem in cur Dni Henr nup regis Angt patids Dni 
regis nunc apud Westm in octob purifica? Beate Marie anno 
regni dci nup regf nono inde leva? &c. Et dicunt dci Jura? qd 
dcus Johes de Sco Mauro obijt die M*cur px ante festu Sci Luce 
Evangeliste ultimo ^Pi? et qd Johes de Sco Mauro, filius in? 
dcm Johem jam defunctu & prefa? Margareta pcreatus, est 
heres ejusdem Johis defunc? ppinquior et est etatis septem annor 
& amplius. 



283. Elizabeth Danet waa afterwards tl 
Lanberne, co. Corowall. 
58, line 4, for " a yonnger bod of the 
!rcy, who died in l'16'l, a younger sod of 
I farther illastration of the pedigree of ' 
irator Percy, the folloiring inscription is 
f white marble, adorned with skulls, cl 
:. Margaret, Rochester, on the south side 
Sacred to the memory of Captain Francii 
int of that Most Noble and Antient V 
irthumberland] who served 47 years in tb 
ear 1700 he was blown tip in the Carlisle 
the seven that were saved oat of 200 men 
, he was dangeroasly wounded in the en{ 
and French fleets in the Mediterranean. 
, he was cast away upon the Rocks < 
ihovel, and miraculously preserved, 
at the burning of the French & Spanish I 
alcing of Gibraltar, when he boarded ai 
I'SB likewise at the Sieges of Copenhaf 
>Da, Oatend, and Touton, in all which ac 
Bravery & Hononr. 

It in the service of his Country, and lonf 
one. He now resteth in peace, the best 
; died Feb? 16, 1742-3, aged 67." 
ttom of the monument is a shield contd 
y, impaling. Per bend sinister . . . and Sa. ( 
giater of St. Margaret's are the followin 
and that of his wife : 
eb. 22. Bur, Captain Francis Piercy. 
Feb. 28. Bar, Sarah, widow of Captain : 
iry, only child of the Rev. Thomas . 
bom at Oundle 6 Dec. 1752, and I 
ig; she was married at Nottingham 19 J 
mgartner, Esq. ; died 22 Nov. 1815, 
near Huntingdon. Her husband died i 
t Hartford. They had issue four children 
jch 1775. died 13 August following; 2 
14 March, 1777, died 19 Mar. 1835; 
itiuned the line ; and 4. Robert-Jacob, 

>inas Baumgartner, of Godman Chester 
;d Philippa, third daughter of Samuel B 
^, and has had issue thirteen children : 
' 1811, and married 6 May 1834 to Ph 
cy Baumgartner, born 27 June 1812; 
. 1814 : 4. Edward-Josceljn, born 3 Apr. 
I 7 Aug. 1816, died 5 May 181"; 6. 
6 May 1820; 7. He nr)- -Algernon, boi 





8. George-Samuel, born 26 Jan. 1823 ; 9. Thomas-Mowbray, born 21 
July 1824 5 10. Charles- Astry-Octavius. born 8 Oct. 1825} 11. Emma- 
Frances, born 19 Mar. 1827, died 26 July following; 12. Emma- 
Frances-Amelia, born 30 Nov. 1828 3 and 13. Elizabeth-Charlotte- 
Olivia, born 1 Sept. 1831. 

P. 63. The Rev. Henry Crispe (husband of Anne Percy) was insti- 
tuted to the Rectory of Catton, co. York, in 1685, upon the presentation 
I of Charles Duke of Somerset, Chancellor of the University of Cam- 

bridge, who had married Elizabeth, sole daughter and heir of Josceliue 
Earl of Northumberland. Mr. Crispe appears to have left Catton as a 
residence in 1698 5 but survived until 1737, in which year he died. 
By the Register of Catton it appears that there were four children^ the 
j issue of their marriage, baptized there between 1 687 and 1 695. 

P. 320. For " Seville," read Sicile. The arms of the Duke of Bur- 
gundy plainly show this Roll of Arms could not have been written 
earlier thkn the 37th Edw. III.— T. W. 

Vol III. p. 13, line 27, for ♦' Thomas Coldham " read William. 

P. 14, line 2 from notes, for " in Nov. 1700 *' read and. 

P. 16. Arms of Parker, read, on a canton Azure a galley of the First. 

P. 17, line 4, dele "bur.c Feb. 3, 1753 ; " and in line 8 add, as a 
sister to Peter and John, "Mary, bur.c Feb. 3, 1753," 

P. 62. The Earl of Northumberland's standard, of Barry Or and 
Vert, was derived from the coat of Ponynges. 

P. 64, note z. Tempest, quartering Hepden. Note e, Pickering 
quartering Lascelles : on the escucheon of pretence, Rogers, of Benham, 
Berks, quartering Shottesbroke, of Burcote. 

P. 66, note o, for " the title-page,'* read p 76. 

P. 79. The last Joan Maltravers married secondly Alban Cheney. 

P. 87. Names of the quarterings of Newdegate : 3. Eckingham } 
4. Swanland (for " ducks," read swans): 5. Backworthj 6. Samford 
(Or, three bars wavy Az.) ; 7. De Leyre j 8. Rokesley ; 9. Knolles ; 
10. Young {read three goat's heads erased) 5 11. Nevill of Raby; 
12. Nevill; 13. Bulmer (for *'a tiger," read a lion rampant Or, billet^e 
Sa.) ; 14. Inglebert ; 15. Mablethorpe ; 16. Hilton 3 17. Burden; 
18. Cresacre; and 19. Cradock. 

P. 89. Ellesmere Church is dedicated to St. Mary. The mutilated 
effigy noticed in p. 91 was originally outside the Church, exactly oppo- 
site where it now stands, and there was on that spot a very old stone, 
with the inscription of Hanmer upon it in old English text characters, 
and there is a tradition of a person being interred there, who on ac- 
count of his wealth was called the Golden Hanmer. — H. P. 

The coats on the tomb of Kynaston, are, 1. Kynaston, alias Kyvin j 
2. Kynaston, modern ; 3. Frankton 3 4. Horde ; 5. Kynaston (aug- 
mentation) ; 6. Edward ap Morgan ; and 7. Oteley. Visit, of Salop. 

P. 149, line 9. For " Hawse" read Hawke ? 

P. 155. Richard Duke, brother to Sir Edward Duke, married Mary, 
daughter of William Cartels, of Tenterden, and widow of Michael Sy- 
mons. Pedigree of Curteis. 

P. 158. The references a and *> should both refer to note a. Note *> 
belongs to " Lettice " in the first line of p. 159. 

P. 169. The third quartering of Morton of Deckling is Prest, 
brought in by Woodford. It is borne by the Earl of Harborough, by 
virtue of his descent from the latter family (Edmoadson's Baronagium). 

ne 1, " lepbM," JbrtoM Iqgitimis. Lowth. 

ne 7, for *' Eateroy " md Batenny. The Bisbop io bis will 

entioDS RegiDald, another sod of Thomas and Joan Warner, 

ist line, and p. 223, 1. 8, for " Barton " read Bireton. 
The heralds' accoant of the iDterment of Sir Hampbrey 
)S, is printed in Malcolm's Londinium Redivivum, vol. i. 
t of Muriel Viscountess Lisle 1512, in Lyrans's EnviroDS, 
. 637; that of George Earl of Bbrewsbory 1538 in 
lallamihire, p. 54 i those of Robert (Radclyffe) Earl of 
2, and of Henry Earl of Susnex 1556, in the Appeudis 

Historjr of the Parish of St. Laurence Ponntney, f»n- 
af Francis Earl of Shrewsbury 1560 in Hunter's Hist of 
I, pp. 55—58 ; that of Edward Earl of Derby 1574 in 
lerage; that of Francis Earl of Bedford ]585 in Wiffen's 

the Ruuells, i. 515; and that of George Earl of Shrews- 
in Hunter's Hallamshire, p. 77- The funeral certifi- 
nTamworth, Esq. 1569, will be found in Fanllmer's His- 
am, p. 45 1 ; that of Godfrey Foljambe, Esq. 1 595, in ml. IL 
:nt work, p. 399 ; that of Sir Edmund Vemey 1599, in the 
I Magazine, New Series, ii, p. 364 ; and thie following in 
Observations on Parish Registers," 4to. 1764 : 
rbomas Clinton, Earl of Lincoln 
Elizabeth (Hastings) Countess of Worcester. 
Richard Sackrille, Earl of Dorset. 
Katharine (Somerset) Lady Petre. 
Mary Neville, Baroness le Despenser. 
Thomas Howard, Earl of Suffolk. 
Pnlke Greville, Lord Brooke. 
Anthony Maria Browne, Viscount Montague. 
George Abbott, Archbishop of Canterbury. 
Accepted Frewen, Archbishop of York. 
James Ley, Earl of Marlborough. 
Charles Berkeley, Earl of Falmouth. 
Algernon Percy, Earl d' Northumberland. 
Sir WiUiam Willoughby, Bart. 
Sir Edward Tumor, Knt. Lord Chief BaroB- 
Sir Francis Chaplin, Knt> 

By an Indenture dated 16 Jaly 1824, Joseph Cradock, 
Esq. then residing in the liberties of Westminster, conveyed 
Cradock Hartopp, Esq. late second and then eldest snr- 
a! Sir Edmund Cradock Hartopp, of Four Oaks Hall, co. 
. the manor, mansion-house, lands, and other premises at 
ibject to three several mortgages of 201)0/., 5000/., and 
1 reservation of an annuity of 400/. to Mr. Cradock for bis 
ed Dec. 15, 1826, at. 85. (See Gent. Mag. xcvri. i. 17.) 
Hannah- Frances, wife of the Rev. Lamplngh Hird, M.A. 
endary of York and Vicar of Paull, died at York, Dec. 18, 
6 ; and their eldest surviving son, Henry Wickham Hird, 
w Moor House, near Bradford, was married at Roundhay, 
16, to Mary, dau.of the late Thomas Beuyon, Esq. of New 
r Leeds. 







'i 404 Addenda to List of Monastic Cartularies. 

Vol. I. p. 75, Kent. Aylesford. A Cartulary of this Priory, accord- 
ing to Twysden, was in the hands of Sir John Sedley. See Heber^s 
Catalogae, pt. xi. lot 489. 

' p. 76, Notts. Beauvale, or Gresley. The Cartulary, MS. 

Add. 6060, was described in the Gentleman*s Magazine for Feb. 1814, 
p. 108, by the Rev. T. L. Cursham, Vicar of MansSeld, Notts, by whom 
it was given to the British Museum in the same year^ He had it from 
Will. Stretton, Esq. of Lenton Priory, co. Notts. 

— ibid. Suss. Beigham. For Transcript read Abstract, 
p. 77. Leic. Bredon. The Cartulary of Earl Ferrers was in 

1834 in the possession of J. Mee Mathew, Esq. of Gray*s Inn. 

ibid. York. Bretton. In 1704 Peter Le Neve saw the Car- 
tulary which had belonged to Sir W. Armine, in the hands of the heir 
of Millington, a bookseller of London. See MS. Harl. 4757, f. 98 ^. 

p. 197. Kent. Canterbury, Christ Church. In MS. Add. 6037, 

is another copy of Sir Edw. Dering's Abstract of a Cartulary. 

ibid. St. Augustine. A Cartulary is entered in the sale cata- 
logue of Mr. Towneley, 2d part, lot 653 ; probably the Transcript sub- 
sequently in Heber*s possession. See Heber's Catalogue, pt. xi. lot 490. 
Now (1836) in the hands of Sir Thomas Phillipps, Bart. 

p. 199. Norf* Cokesford. A fragment of a Register is among 

the Charters of Lord.F. Campbell, Brit. Mus. xxi. 8 

— p. 200. Line. Croyland. The Cartulary of Maurice Johnson 
previously belonged to Sir Anth. Oldfield of Spalding, — D. and before 
him to John Oldfield. See Cole*s MSS. vol. xiiv. p. 31. and Gough's 
History of Croyland Abbey. 

p. 201. Norf. Dereham (West). Mr. Heber's Cartulary was 

purchased from the Towneley collection, 2d part, lot 147, and formerly 
belonged to Sir Simeon Stuart, Bart. Sale Cat. pt. xi. lot 493. Bought 
by Sir Tho. Phillipps, Bart. (1836.) 

p. 204. Lauc. Furness. A Cartulary compiled by Prior Dal- 

ton, in 1412, was in the Duke of Hamilton's library (1819). 

-^ — p. 206. Kent. Horton. See Towneley sale cat. lot 653, 2d part. 
A copy of Sir Edw. Dering's Abstract of this Cartulary was in the 
Towneley sale, pt. ii. lot 643, and was purchased by Mr. Heber, in 
whose Catalogue it appears, pt. xi. lot 491. It now belongs to Sir 
T. Phillipps, Bart. 

p. 207. Norf. Langley. MS. Add. 5948, formerly belonged 

to H. Hobart. 

ij ibid. London. HaliweU. In the reign of Elizabeth, the Car- 

'■ tulary belonged to Edm. B. Esq. See MS. Add. 5937, f. 1 1 5. 

— - p. 400. York. Newburgh. See MS. Add. 5937, f. 1 17. 

Vol. II. p. 107. Lane. Spalding. Dele the name of W. G. Beaupre 
BelL Both these Cartularies of Spalding formerly belonged to John 
Oldfield. See Cole's MSS, vol. xUv. p. 212. 

— p. 108. Chesh. Stanlaw. See Heber 's sale cat. pt. xi. lot 
1 75 and 492. 

p. 110. Devon. Torre. A cartulary of this abbey is in the 

library of Trinity Coll. Dublin, E. 5, 15, which formerly belonged to 
WiU. Barry, A.M. 

p. 113. York. St. Peter's. Mr. Heber's Cartulary is of the 

Abbey of St. Mary, not of St. Peter's, as stated on erroneous informa- 
tion received from Mr. Heber himself. Sale Catal. pt. xi. lot 494. At 
the recent sale of Heber's MSS. it was purchased by Sir Tho. Phil- 
lipps, Bart. ' 


HeBn«, of Klngi, Qumi 
Wotmiiiiter Abbrjr S80 

InquidtioDi, iJ qu<Ml das 
376 1 o( lively 250; pe 
SSi. 354, SS5, 36U— S66, 

Leiien paieui !i Hen. VI. 

Lord Hkyur of Loudun b 

B*ruii see 

Marria|rt< M dUiinsunhci 
puutfU 3a0-~3!6 ) ill pi 
dun cb«peli 381— 3B9i < 
Hsrd, documcmi nlaiii 
Sf lUgiiten 

Manyrulucium lOtt 

Nuvicet, rtceptiuii uf lOB. 

Obiii, uf BuurchiKr aiid Lii 
of St. Juliii, fie nil chump, 
Cheddre 377 I of Brj*t 

t Han 

Pen age nonvy 

Sft Churcb scan 

Pliie hequeaihed 99. 100, I 

Puiidefold, urPiiifuIdlie 

Regitten, pariib, furmuln 

Autwerp ritual SSe I em 

Hawnei 85—86, C<m|] 

133; Caqilwrwell 143- 

S:9~-SS4 i WicbyiD 30i 

307—308 i ' 

lb 3 IS— 32 
Sirvet Cbapel, Wesduli. 
384; RoIU Cba)wl 394' 
Jobu'l. Bedrucd-row 31 
Wlieeiec Chapel 388—38. 

Ring, iii<niirimuiiy334 

SaUiiiE-liell 136 

School orSliaifurd ii|>on-Al 

SeaU 1 ul Henry Earl i.f N' 
land 1588, 173; uf Ru|Ce 
Iba HoipUal of JeruBolt 
tUcbard Bithop of Wiiic! 
of Ibe Prior uf the Hu- 
EngUnd 117 I of Sir R 
Vli|el, Wiiii;.in Ciieyiie. 
uCaioiiiFl]$58: A1i<iii 

I NurLl 

III Iw rial I 


Earl of Oruiuiid 376 i of 

Spoixalia 320— 32G 
S<aiidird:,Me Baiiiien 
Subsidy Roll of the Wa] 

SlaiiicruK, 1GG3, 333— 3: 
Suppuneri, heraldic 50, 55 
Wardihi)', pmiitof, 1588, 1 

ill 1315, 390 
Wcighia, lei out by ibe pni 
Wilis! JobiiGapi, Eiq. 16 

14lh aiid 15lb ceniuriet 

Sir Guy Bryan 1386,253 

ardPuiiyiigeil4!T, SS9l 









Acford Fitzpain 952, 258 
*w, 259, 267,273,278, 
S99 bis 

Actun Scott 119 

Acton, Suff«»lk 260 

Adderbury 27 

Agnes Burton 25 

Alconbury 369, 373 

Alder wasley 244 

Aldingbourne 37 

AldrinfTton 864 

Alford 33 

Alfreton 242 

AlkhaiD 24 

Alrestord 28 

Alvechurch 43 

Alverstoke 27 

Alviiigham 34 

Alwetbley 104 

Amberley 37 bis 

Angrani grange 25 

Antringham 35 

Appledore 23 

Ardtley 333 

Arlecdon 43 

Anlingborough 330-1 

Ash 21, 22, 272 

Ashbourn 242, 243 

Ash by 35 

Afthcombe ^67 

Asbcourt 275 ^ 

Asbelwortb 39 

Asbley 32 

Ashmerswortb 28 

Ashmundhaw 35 

Asbover 242 

Asbwell 31, 32 

Askbam 24 

Aspatrick 30 

Aylesford cartulary 404 

Babebere 275 bis 

Back worth 42 

Barkwell le Sore 360, 

Bakewell 242 

Bangor bitbopric 47 

Ban well 40 

Bardney 34 

Bardsey, co. York 370 

Bargh 334 

Barlborougb 242 

Barnham Brome 98 

Barnsley 333, 334 

Barton 35 

Barton, co. Westna. 397 

Barton farm, Kent 21 

Bametbye 33 

Barnesbury 32 

Barudelegh 117 

Bascaw grange 25 

Bath 314 

Bath and Wells bishopric 

Batbneston 272 
Bathom Gate 242 
Beakesborne 21 
Beamister 38 
Beaucbief abbey 24 1 , 242 
Beau vale cartulary 404 
Beawortb 28 
Beck hey grange 25 
Becklings 35 
Bedale 369, 373 
Bedfont, East 82 
Bedington 104 
Bedlington 30 
Beigham cartulary 404 
Beighton 242 
Belgrave 42 
Belvidere 346 
Bentley 28 
Bertram, Kent 267 
Berwick cum Stofford 

135, 139 
Bewley castle 30 
Bitidle 342 
Bidston 42 
Bierton 222, 223 
Bilsington 23 
Bisbampton 44 
Bishmore forest 1 14 
Bishop's Aston 43 
Bishop's Auckland 30 
Bishop's Cannings 38 
Bishop's Dale 33 bis 
Bishopsden, North and 

South 23 
Bishop's Froome 43 
Bishop's Norton 
Bishop's Nympton 41 
Bishop's Rowe 30 
Bishop's Sioke 27 
Bishop's Sutton 28 
Bishop's Thorpe 24 
Bishopston 38, 100 
Bishop's Walt ham 27 
Bttcbfield 33, 34 
Bitterne 27 

Blackborough 35 
Blackford 400 
Blackwell 242 
Bladesden 103 
Blaxington 264 
Bleneklau 396 
Blewburrv 38 bis 
Block ley 44 bis 
Blonteshey 277 
Blore, 341 
Bloreton 342 
Blunt hall 341 Ms 

Bukeland, Herts 252 
Bolas magna 1 13 
Bolni-y 264 
BuUover 242, 243 
Bolton 42 

Bolton in the Moors 43 
Button Percy 369.370,873 
Bonsai 242 
Borough Berrie 45 
Borstall, Kent 23, 102 
Bosbury 43 
Botchardley 398 
Botereye 1 17 
Boughton 21 
Boughton Monchetoea 

Bowden edge 245 
Bowdon 42 
Brabourne 23 
Bradhorn 242 
Bradenbam, West 46 
Bradford Abbas 135 
Bradley 42 
Brailsford 242 
Brampford 41 
Brampton 244 ter, 246 
Branden burgh bouse 319 
Brangeball, 35 
Brearley 333 
Bredgar 23 
Bredon cartulary 404 
Bredsal 243 
Brent, Eiist 40 
Brerewood 340 
Bretton (Monk) 334. 

Wefit ib, cartuL 404 
Brewood 42 
Bridgecourt 21 
Bridghampton, cr 

Bright ham pton 252, 

263 bis, 267, 399 
Brighton, York 24 
Brightwell 27 
Bristol 135, 140, 377. 

bishopric 39. palace t6. 
Brixton Causeway 163 
Broad wall 342 
Broadwater 264 
Bromley 21,22 
Bromlegh 117 
Bromwich 341 
Bromyard 44 
Brookethrop 39 
Brotton 26 
Broughton 235—239, 


Broxbourne 32 
Broyle farme 37 
Buekbye, Long 42 
Buckburst 296, 306 


Cbichrder, bUbnpric 3' 

pulitce ib. 
Chickmndi ISS 
Childerrooii 971, S7S 
CliUdwell 43 
ChillinEIoii 340 
CbiUun 46 
CliLnling 9S9 
tbippinit 43 
Chistl«It !3 Ml 

iCialtleLild 396 

D*le abbe; 34! 
DalMuri 30 
Damerhim 38 hu 
Unrlcy 343, !44 
DiHiiigtoii 30 
Dirrin^ion ge 
Daninghmn 36 
Dartfurd S3 
Dftflmoulh 954, 357 
UarlDM 335 




Clapbam 43 

CUrnei 43 

Cl»ymii 335 

CUe 33 

Clown 349 

Cr>pkriiiK(un Leonard 34 

" ■ ■ n Mary 34 



CukpsFord earliilary 404 
Cileheeh 375 bU 
Coldham too 
CuMhenley 38 
Culd Wall ham 37 
Culhad) garden 30 
ColifurdilreSn4, SeS 
Cnmbf, Kent 81 
Combe Martin 391 
Cuimpton Dando 40 
Cumplrin parva 40 
Cunton 40 

Cattingbam 43 
Cu*enlr73l5. palace 49' 
Cov.rt Wuod 31 
Crake 30 

Craiioell 34 
Cra|>)ioleMill 31 
Crawley 27, S64 fer 
CrfSEii.R S3 

Blld 31 

neiiFord ' 


II 34 

Derby 343, 343 
Derbyibire, collections 
(or ibe bialory 340-9 
Derebam cartulary 404 
Derlin 33 
Deorcburch 39 Uf 
Dewtbury 37 I 
Uiarworlb 314 



rib 33s, 335 

859. 3S7 
Dover 31, 1*6 
Down bead 378 
Downbam 45, 975, i 
Dawn Ion 38 
Drake) ow 339 
Draycote 341 
Drayton 35 

Croft bridge, co. York 

Croinehall 39 
CropbiU in Wye 39 
CrowdeBwortb park 31 
Croydon I, 7> 14, 91, 

Croyland cartulary 404 
Cubky 343 
Cudworib 334 
Culfardestrr3S4, S6S 
Cumberoorth ,134 
Cuiiinglieake 41 
Cuiton 33 
'Dagworih 35 

Durbam, epicc. lands 30> 

cast I e ib. 
EHSingtun 35, 30 

E»singwoold 43 
Ea>t Meon 27 
Eaalon, Hants. SB 
Eastoii. CO. Ynrk 86 bii 
East Walton 35 
Ensiwell, Kfnt 967 
Eckin^ton 343 
Eckleihall 48 
Edenior 943 
Ederne 47 



Ednestoii 342 

Edwardston 46 

Egginton 342 

Eling 3U 

Ellesmere 89—94, 402 

Elles worth 99 

Elme 45 

Elmley cattle 44 

Elm ton 242 

Eliiehall 339 

Elverton 39 

Ely, bisbupric 45. pa- 
lace, barton ib, 

Enfield 369, 372. church 

Erberry 46, 106 

Estnor 44 

Euenewit 396 

Even wood 30 

Everton, Beds. 86 

Evington 34 

Ewburst 309 

Exeter 391. bishopric 
4 1 . palace ib, 

Eyam 242 

Eye 4, 46 

Eyton super Wildmore 

Fairatead 32 

Falkeburne 106 

Fareham 27 

Farley 39 

Farnham 28 

Farnton 42 

Fartbinfloe 21 

Faukham 272 

Fawntun 31 


Feliskirk 26 

Felkirk 26 

Felmingham 36 

Femebuff^h 277 

Ferring & Fuer 37 

Fiffbeade 39 

Fi^scourt 21 

Figbelden 38 

Fin borough 46 

Fiuchley 31 

Fiskridge 296 

Fladbury 44 bis 

Flintbam 150 

Flotwvyton 396 

Floutton 46 

Folkebridge 25 

Folkestone 23 

Fonthill Bp's 28 

Fordham 46 

Ford park 23 

Fordwich 378 

Formark 247 

Frankley 339 

Frenge, Nurf. 104 

Frith 21 

Frome branebe 277 

Furness cartulary 404 

Fulburne 106 

Fulbam 31,316 

Gainsborough 34 

Gateside 30 

Gildeu Mordon 45 

Girston 46 

Gisborough 26 

Glaston 40 

Glossop 240 

Gloucester, bishopric 39. 
bouse and vineyard 26. 
Woolrich wood ib, 
wood, barton, barn, 
and Portham mead ib, 

Gnosall 42 bis 

Gudmersham 246 

Godstow 344 

Gugganh 47 

Gosport 29 

Grauncester 100 

Greenford 31 

Greisley 242, 247 

Gresley 339. cartul. 404 

Ghmley 43, 44 

Grinsted (East) 296 

Guiseley 370 

Gumley 330—332, 403 

Gunthorp 45 


Gurwell 104 

Gutton 21, 22 

Haconby 33 

Hadbam 32 

Haling, manor, in Croy 
don, account of 1—18 

Halliwell nunnery 68, 

Hallaton 331 

Hailing 23 

Hallowe 43, 44 

Hallweston 45 

Hammersmith 316^3-20 

Hamuldon 27 bis 

H anbury 43, 342 

Haiigelton 264, 267 bis 

Hanincton 176 

Hanley castle 44 

Hnnwell 31 

Hapiburgb 36 

Haresfield 39 

Harling» East, 98 

Harlton 105 

Harpele 102 

Harruwden 331 

Harscombe 39 

Hartlebury 43 

Hartley, Kent 267 

Harwell 27 

Hasilbere26l,272, 277 

Hathersage 240, 242 

Hathowe 33 

Haukburst forest 114 , 

Hault-Hucknall 242, 243 

Hauston 343 
Havant 27 
Havercroft 335 
Hawkei»yard 341 
Hawnes 85—88 
Hayrston 45 
Haywood 339 
Heanor 242 
Hearne 23 
Hedley church 68 
Hellingdon 43,44 
Helmsley (Over) 173 
Heniingford Grey 45 
HeDfielcl 37 
Hereford, bishopric 43 
HernebiU 22 
Heryngawdes 267 
Heston 32 
Hewish 40 
He&sey 25 

Hide in Brerewood 340 
Higham 35 
Hillcourt 342 
Hilton 39 
Himswortb 335 
Hindley, South 335 
Hinkston 45 
Hocoumbe 117 
Hugstrop 33 
Holbeach 33 
Holdenby 292 
Holgate 44 
Hood grange 25 
Hope 240 
Horbling 33 
Horfield 39 bis 
HorncastteSO, 31 
Horninge 35 ter 
Hornsey 31 
Horsmonden 267, 367 
Horslegb, Devon 391 
Horsley, co. Derby 242 

(East) 294 

Hurseley, co. Staff. 340 
Hurton cartulary 404 
Hotolte 34 
Houghton 30 
Houghton chapel 37 
Hoveton 35 

Hoveton St. Peter's 35 bis 
Howden 30 
Hoxome 36 
Hoylauds, High 335 

■ Swaine, ib. 
Hucknall 242, 243 
Huffam 22 
Hull, CO. Kent 21 
Hunshelf 335 
Hurst 23 

Old 45 

Hutton 26 
Ifield 264 

Ingburchworib 336 
liigepen 103 


Mtbedral99> deinery 

944. paUe«43 
LIdcoIq biiboprle 33. 

Bp'* pkUce S3 
Llnitock 30 
Li(ch«t UaltTBTert TS 
Littleborn* 31 

dvcleft 4T 
LIkn Elidan 4T 
Llawnoc 4T 
Loekiopon 314 

Loftmiriih (nilfc* 85 
Loudon, cpi«eopiil luidi 

inUrln 404. Lon- 
dun-boaie 99. St. 
Psul't tenlhi 3!. 
Conduit in Pater- 
notl«T-ni« 80 | hill of 
Minor Canona of St. 
Paal-i ih. St. M>ry 
Woolcbiircb 105. St. 
Bridset'ilTS. emI of 

SFewgate?) 385. St. 
■17 at Hill 386. St. 
St. Pul'i catbednl 
887. St. Sepulchre'i 
SI4. prrrate chapel) 
at SSI. Whcclercha- 
pel> SpilalSeldi 3811 

LoDgcbcech Wood, Kent 

Longford 39, 943 

Lonfatanton 45 

LonsKood Warren 37 

Loom 33 

Lovelaiid, Kent 367 

Loiley 341 

Luddeidcn 100 

Uadbam 35 Mt 

la Lude 363, SCT 

Lnndy iiland 354, 373 


Lyddeii 31,3! 

Lyme RegiaSIS 

Lynn Epiicopi 103 

Lynde 364 

Lyihwode forest 113 

Madenly 45 

MnidMone 33 

Maiion Dieu brookei, 
Kent 31 

MxltonSS, 3IS 

Mam Tor 843 

Minehelli hope 39 


Uapledurhani Guriiay 

Maidtn S3 


Manl«rbf« gnng* 35 
Marbam 360, 363 
Manion Meaay 88 
Matlock 843 
Miynoll Banp>r 47 
HayDWell 33, 34 
Haywaiora 39 Mi 
HeuhMn 347 
Miillden 4T 
Melrah, Camb. 104 
Melbur; Saapfurd 19 
Mcrevorth ehareh 66 
Merwaith 100 
Meriooalh 43 
MeHtngbsin 33 bit 
Hidkbam 30 
Milbuma 31 
Hllland cum Soke 3B 
Hiicham 3, 4. 6, 11 
Molieby 35 

Monk Bretton 334, 404 
Monklow 396 
Monkton Farley 38 
Montaeuts 136, 140 
Hordon, Steeple 105. 
Hordun 176 
Horeiam 36 
Morfe forut 116 
Horley 343 
Morton 37, 33, 348 
Male I IT 
Motraro 43 
Mount GilbeKlIB 
Mount St. John 35 
Mowiley 333 
Munibye 33 
Munden parr* 104 
Nifferlon 85 
Nellam 33 

Neirbuiib cirtulary 404 ■ 
NewinglOD Down head 

Newminiter cartulaiy 

NenBtead gtwOBt 85 
Nenton SB 
Nimington 33 
Norminby 36 
Nurraanton (South) 343 
Nortball 33 
Nortbam 354, 8T3 
Norihborne 3S 
Nortbhury, eo. Staff. 348 
Norihcray, Kent36T 
North Create 35 



North Loade 40 
Nortborp 34 
North Soke 34 
NorthwaUbam 35, 36 
Nortbwalton S8 
Norton $42 
Norton Falcate 154 
Norwich, bisbopric 35. 

cathedral 286. palace 

Notfield 100 
Notton 336 
Oblodes 39 
Okewold, Norf. 26T 
Okefdrd, iee Acford 
Orbye 33 

Orlinfj^borougb 331 
Ormsby cum Easton 26 
Orrogby (North) 45, 46 
Orwell 343 
Osgodby grange 25 
Osmaston 246 
Otley 25 

Overborough 245 
Overton 28 
Owby 35 
Owston 25 
Oxney 22 
Oxford, New College 181, 

185, 348, 366. St. 

Martin's church 199, 

235. Vyne hall 350 
Oxspring 336 
Paddington31, 32 
Painsley 341 
Patrick Brampton 43 
Peckham 156, 164 
Pengeden 267, tee 

Penitton 336 
Pennard, East 40 
Penreth 31, 398 bit 
Penryn 41 
Peransabulo 392 
Perching 264 bit, 267, 

Percivall 100 
Peterborough bitboprie 

45. palace ib, 
Petersbayet 41 Mf 
Peterston 85 
Petersey 340 
Picton 26 
Pillenhall 339 
Pinnock, co. Glouc* 189 
Pinxton 242 
Pipe 340 
Pitchley 42, 381 
Pleailey 102> 242- 

Pointknowle 255, 272 
Ponyngfei 264 bis, 267, 

268, 270 
Pooley 397 
Portbury 39 
Pestling 23 
Potterbeigbam 35 bis 
Potterne 38 bit 
Pouggeden 259, see 

Poulton 21 
Poundstock 252 
Prees 42 
Preston 39 
Preston Ponynges 264, 

267, 268 
Priestleigh 400 
Puckhall 23 
Pyne Wood 21 
Pynboe 41 
Py sings 21 
Quaderinge 33 
Quatfofd 117 
Radway 262, 263, 267, 

Ramesham254, 271,272, 

Ramton 339 
Ranweeke 39 
Rason, Middle 33 
Reach 21 
Reast park 24 
Reculver 23 bit 
Renningham 46 
Repton 242 
Riccards castle 43 
Rickmans worth 31, 32 
Ridgway, Kent 367 
Rigsbye 33 
Ringland 46 
Ripon 25, 26 
Ripple 44 
Rising 101 
River 22 
Rochester bishopric 21, 

Roddyngton (?) Notts. 

Rokesley, Kent 267 
Romney marsh 247 
Rotherfield 367 
Roydon 260 
Royston, Leland't ac- 
count of 343 
Royston, co. York, 336 
Row borough 39 
Rowley hill 243 
Rudburn 247 
Rudgweele 37 
Rugbton 117 
Roisiip 344 
Raiston 26 

Rvall 336 

Rympton 27 

St. Asaph bishopric 47 

St. Bees 42 

St. Columb major 390, 

St. Cross hospital 174—* 

St. David's bishopric 47 
St. Erme 392 
St. Ewe 392 
St. Germayns 41 
St. Goran 41 
St. Gregory's 23, 24 
St. Kayan 111 
St. Neot^s 45 
St. Nicholas 23 
St.Maugan 392,393 
St. Michael's Mount 393 
St. Radigund's 23 
St. Wynwol 392 hit 
Salisbury bishopric 38 
Salmstone grange 23 
Sancton 24 
Sandiacre 242 
Sandon341, 378 
Sarum (Old) 38 
Satmer 21 
Saxilbye 34 
Scalme park 24 
Scarcliflfe 242 
Scaupwick 33, 34 
Scorpton 314 
Scotton 100 
Scottowe 35, 36 
Scrowby 24 
Seale 261 

Sedene 252, 258, 399 
Sellinge 23 
Sbafton 336 

Shefford, Beds. 133, 134 
Shelvingford 23 
Sbeningdon, 360, 363 
Shepton Beauchamp 151 
Shepherds well 21, 22 
Sherborne 38, 104, 

136, 140 
Sheriffhutton 26 
Sherland 242 
Shilley 264 ter 
Shirlet forest 115 
Shirley 242 
Shokerwick 252, 272 
Sbolden 22 
Shoreditch 68 
Shrewsbury, old St. 

Chad's church 93 
Shuckesborough 339 
Sborlencb 44 
Shutford 365 
Sibberston 21 
SUkston 337 
Simonbum 374 



Soafbam Bulbrck 46 
Switbam St. Mariet U. 
SuBlcliffe 178, 186, laS, 

303, S33, 234, S36, 

SSB, sag, 845, 346, 

3G3, 361— 36S 
Swanccot 1 17 
Swirlinic 33 

SneBmona park i4 
SwlnetoUer 379 
Swinfteld 341 
Swinnenon 340 

Tillisbim STT 
Tankcralar 33T 
Tarrcnt abbey S9, 100 
Tianion 27 
TatD7 33 bii 
Tbame 199. 335 
TbartiDD 46 
ThctTord 343 
Thorpe, Ehcx 101 
Thorp panp 35 
ThornebuD 36 
Thornton, 33, 43 
Thornton le Mure 45 
Tbornton-on Teei 396 
Tbonton S59, S67 
Thoie 396 
TbrouEbley 343 
Thorgarton 35 
Tburgoluid 337 
Tburleaton 337 
Tibenbam 46 
Tibihetf 343 
TichRdd 826 
Tickenbam 39 
TidSl. Gile«45 
Tideiwi^ll 340, 245 
Tllmiiton 33 
■niney, Norf. 104 
Tiial 339 
Toltborp 351 
Tompalon 106 
ToneeS3, 105 
Torbryan 854,356, S7B 
Tottenham 314 
Towceitcr 43 
Treddingion 44 
Traffoi 47 
TreEaf re 41 
Trextbam 343 
TTtw)ty 364 
TriUlTiEham S67 
Triwit 3S6 
Trotlencliffe 93 
TuDbrid^e watera 393. 
chapal 303 

TarberTillettoke 361 

TiirTe7 46 

Tuaisbt 45 

Tnyiiam S64 bit 

Tynardretb prior; 10fi«- 

Ulnabjr 396 

UliktlfSTO, 374 

Unaton 344 

Upton 38, 46 

Upwell 45 

Vobtervin 4T 

Waddon3,4,6, 11,31 

Waldern 364, 367 

Waldcrthire 93 

Waldingfleld (GreatJ 360 

Wahcott 36 

Wallezejr 43 

Wilmer 33 

W>li«racy 45 

Walton 45 

WallonbHll 35 

Wanlip 339 

Warberton 37 

Wardoar caatle 395 

Walerbcacb 45 


WeatberaGebl 33 

Welbcck cartulary 346 

Weld 45 

Weliand 44 

WelletbourDC 36 


Weill 40 

Wenibridire 36 

WeobUy 839 

WeriDBton 45 

Wntbury 40, 103 

Weatcourt 31 

Weal dean 364 

WeatGeld, Smaei S4T 

Weateate 31 

Weal mi niter, abbey 989, 
390,395,380. bitbop- 
rie Ianda99. eatebouae 
9sa. ball GS. St. 
Stephen'* ehapel 71, 
Si, Margaret'i 380. 
Duke itreet chapel 
383. Rolla chapel 384. 
St.John'achapel, Bed- 
ford row 386. BriUin'i 
bune, BanKOT-bouie, 
Durham-houae, Ely- 
huuie, Woraier- place 
39. Strand 990. York- 
faouie 388 

Weatneaton 964 

Weiinn, co. Som. 40 

Walton, CO. Staff. 343 

Weitwell 94 

Weitwode, Kent 267 

WeTerbam 43 

Wheratea<] 360 


Whitborne 43 

Wbitby 26 

Wbicbroore 349 

Wbickh^m 30 

Wbikeburst 976 

Wbiteborse^ in Croydon 

Wbitfield 99 

Wbitstable 33 

Wbititoneg 43 

Whittinfrton 949 

Wbitton 33 

Wbitwell 242 

Wiblecastle 103 

Wibunbury 42 bis 

Wicbampton 100 

Wicket 102 

Wickham, Essex 3 


. CO. Oxf. 360 

CO, Sussex 360 

Widbay 28 

Wigtofte 33 

Wilden grange 35 
Wilford Doles 42 

Wilscombe 40 
Wincbester, episcopal 
lands 27* cathedral 
189* monks of St. 
Switben 176. 'collef^e 
181, 185»348. 5m St. 


Wincbinffford 43 

Windegate, 262, 263 

Windsor castle 200, 230, 

Wingerwortb 243 

Wingfield, Suffolk 35,36. 
(Norlb) 242, 246. 
(Soutb) 242 

Wintborpe 33 

Winterborne Earles 38 

Wintersett 337 

Wirksworth 242, 247 

Wisbicb 45 

Wistowe 24 

Witbam 32 

Witbington 43 
Witbyaro 295—306 
Witney 27 
Wittenbam 293 
Wokendon (Nortb) 103, 

Woker 342 
WoUamton 358 
Wolley 338 
WoUstanton 42 
Wolsingbam 30 
Wolverbaropton 340 
Woodford 38 
Woodhall 33, 101 
Woodton 262, 398 bis 
Woodyate 275 bis 

Woolwicb Wood 81 
Worcester palace 43 
Worsall 26 
Worsbrougb 337 
Worseley bridge 341 
Worsbop 34 
Wortb Mims 31 
Wortley 337 
Wrekinhill 118 
Wrongey 35, 136 
Wrottesley 340 

276 bis, 399 
Wryntham, Suff. 267 
Wurcote 117 
Wye 22, 24 
Wyke, CO. Som. 263, 267 

bis, 919 
-^— CO. Sussex 263, 

264, 267 bis 
Wymondbam 46, 105 
Wynnonswold 22 
Yanwatb 396, 397, 398 
Yarome 26 
Yeovil 134—141 
Youlgrave 242 
York 42. episcopal laiida 

24. palace t6. 


A. Bp. of Anfrers 177 
Abbot, Abp. 295, 403 
Abdy, Ann, Cbristopber, 
Sir Cbristopber, Ed- 
mund, George, Sir 
Jobn, Juditb, Sir Ro- 
bert, Sir Tbomas 3 1 1 
Abergavenny, badge 66 
Achard, Abbot of Angers 

Acbemore, Alice, Jobn 
209,214,219. Joanna 
213. Emma, Marga- 
ret, Matilda 213, 214 
Acberley, Dorothy, Ed- 
ward, Roger 94 
Acton, Joyce, Thomas 

Acwortb, — 145 
Adams, John 337* Rich- 
ard 309 
Addy, Matthew 335, 336 
Adkin, Abigail, John 

Adon, Sir Jobn, standard 

Agroondesbam, Jobn, 

Mary 149 
Abas, Henry 210, 211, 

214,217. Felicia2ll, 

214, 217. John 239, 

348. Ralph, Richard, 

214, 217. William 

214, 217, 348 
Ailwortb, William 3S0-2 
Alan, a hospitaller 176 
Albany, Alice, Sir Robert 

Alderson, John 287 
Aldwinckle, John 330 
Alianor, Queen of Henry 

111. 380 
Allay ne, William 132 
Alley ne, Constance 162. 

Edward 162, 164 
AUin, Eliza Dranow 317 
AUine, Samuel 378 
Allingtoo, crest 7 1 

Allott, Richard 335 
Amcotts, Sir Richard, 

Susanna 311 
Anderson, Bridget, Sir 

Richard 282. Sarah 

Andrewe, John, sen. and 

jun. 258 
Andrewes, Dr. Lancelot 

290. Tbomas 163 
d'AngoulesmCi Charles, 

Count 52 
Anjou, badge 58 
Anne, Princess 319. 

Queen of Rich. 11. 380 
Appleyard, Elisabeth 

144. Gamaliel 335. 

Nicholas, Margaret 

104. Reg'mald, WU- 

liam 337 
Apsley, Catharine, Sir 

Peter, Lady 284 
Arbrarius, Hugo 285 
Arcbdale, George 337* 

widow 335, 337 


Aunrier, FrtDclt Lord, 

LattlM IS9 
Aaiien, Hr. 387 
Ann;, Ben. 40, 48 
Acbnj, Dr. 179, 183 
Ajtn, Mt Eyia 
AjrlMfbtd, Earlof3e4 
Ay Inter, EdnMDd, Eliu- 
btib, Bp. John, Jobn, 
Jndlth. NubanulSBT- 
Himiwl, Tbcopbilut 
987, 388. Tobtll, 
Zmcbsry 887 
Ayluffa, Jobn 863 
Aynn, Acdm, Guv 909, 

8IE, Sle, 391 
AfMbaton, NlchoUt 393 
Asfra 317 

B*bbe, Jobn 131 Nt 
Babinilun, Anlbony 8 
Bablhorpe, Margaret, 

Mirj, SirWllIi>iD373 
Backnorth, uau 87. 403 
Bacon, Williim 393 
BaJgheU, Edwknl 97 
Bullnmere, Eli label h 
Lady, Gilei Lord SSS 
B*eiciauere,Tboiiiu de 

Bagot, — 341. Huvey, 

Hary 300 
B^cdIcj, WiUlam 333, 

Baker, Anne387. Ced- 
lU i9B, 9S7. Jane 3. 
Joao 138. Sir John 
397. Edward, Ralph, 
Ricbard 164 
Baldre, Eliiabetb, Geo. 

Balduk, Nieholu 141 
Baldwin, Prior of Ty- 

wantrelh 1 06 
Bale, Re*. S. S. 996 
Baliale, Tbomai 83, 84 
Biltnifm, Aberycu(gnt~ 
titii, Margaret, Ricb- 
ard 388 
Bao iiter, Elinbe i b,J ohn 

198, 199. 131 
Ban n liter Q) armi 88 
Bankei, Noab 39 
Baran ti □ e, Alnan der 885 
Barber, Jamc* 337. Jobn 

Barbor, Robert I3S 
Barclay, Aooe 387 
Bard, Anne I &. Dudley, 
BeT. George 18. Sir 
Htarj 15,18. Natha- 
niel, Peniana 18. Mr. 
317. (Sec Pedigree in 
vol. iv.) 

Barker, am)* 49. cTC«t 

75. Cbriitopber 49. 

Edoard 310 
Barkbam, Dorcu, Sir ' 

Robert 163 
Barlee, Anne, Dorotby. 

Fraiiee*. Ricbard, Wil- 
liam 194 
Barley, lUcbard 105 
Barlow, Agai ha 369, 373. 

Aotbonina, William 

BarnaM, Anne (AmJ, 

Nathaniel 16 
Bamei, -^^ 13. John, 

Mary, William SSS. 

Raehael 385 
Bainctwta, Jnlian 109. 

Waller or William 107 
Bantewe 11, Eliiabetb 386 
Bamham, Benedict S8T 
Baron. Anne, HartgiU 

Barret, Anne 319. Alice 

Jane, Jobn 3 
Barrett, Georte, Marga- 
ret. William 148 
Barrin. Lard ISO 
Barringloit. Hr. 357 
Barry, William 140 
Barrjon, Dr. 386 
Barton. Re*. William 331 
Baaaano, Francii 943, 

Bane, Edward 94 
Bauet 944. creili 75. 

arBlore341,349. Ra- 

Baihurti. Allan Lord, Sit 
Benjamin, Catherine, 
Mary. Sir Peter 9B4 

Batt. Ha)ot 308 

Baltye, Jame*. Uuj 313 

Baade, John 1 06 

Baaden, the Ladj 168 

Banmgartner, p«dlgre« 
of 401 

Baunfrid, John SSI 

Baty 1 1 1 

Baa, Sarah, Stephen 389 

Buter, Tbomai 87 

Bayley, John 3 bit 

Bayly, Caroline, SIt Nr- 
cbolai 984 

Baynham, badge 69 



Beale, Margaret, Rich- 
ard 159 

fiearcroft, armsy Katha- 
rine, Robert 327 

Beaucbamp, Editb 377. 
Edward Lord 160, 297. 
Sir Jobn 377* Marg^a- 
ret 393. Simon 285. 
Sir William 163 

Beauforty arms 328. 
badge 67* Cardinal 
Henry 109 

Beaumont, Lord, stand- 
ard 60. George 335. 
Henry lOl. Lord lOJ 

Beaunfeld, Peter 278 

Beauvoir, Dr. Edmund 

Beckett, Joan, Randolph 
164. John 334 

Beckwell, Isabella, Wil- 
liam 144 

Beckworth, crest 74 

Beckyswell 4 

Bedford, Elisabeth 
Earl of 394,403. Jasper 
Duke of, arms 54. 
John Duke of, badge 
56. Wriothesley Duke 
of 313 

Bedford, Mary, Rer. 
Thomas, William 88 

Bedingfeld, crest 72 

Beeflf, WiUiam 138 

Beesley 9 

Beever, William 336 

Bekeswall, Jobn 264 

Belfield, Elizabeth 386 

Belgrave, WiUiam 23, 24 

Belinu8(king), banner 51 

Bell, Elizabeth, Simon 

Bellamoiit, Henry Vise. 
15, 18 

Bellamy, Edward 45 

Bellingham, crest 73 

Benedict, abbat of An- 
gers 110 

Benefield 98 

Benet, Emma, Richard 
209, 213, 216, 217, 

819. Jobn 818, 819, 

820, 822 
Benett, Robert 3, 4 
Bennet, Francis, Mr. 

Seijeant 213 
Bentball family 120 
Benyngfeld, crest 69 
Beof, William 278 
Bere, Dorothy, John 145 
Bereford, Agnes 78. VfiU 

liam 73, 390 
Beresford 245 

Bergavenny, badge ^ 

Beringer, Anne, Francis, 
Jane, Margaret, Rich- 
ard, Thomas, Thoma- 
sin 282 

Berkeley, crest 74. 
standard 61. Alianor 
258. Edward 266. Ela 
Eva 78. John 258. 
Maurice 78. Lady 
Eliiabeth, Elisabeth 
Countess of, George 
Earl of 317 

Bernard, abbat of An- 
gers 109 

Bemers, John Lord 105. 
badge 67. Ralph 285 

Berningham,Sir William 

Berrington family 120 

Berry, Edith, Henry 149. 
Marmaduke 336 

Berton, J. 351 

Bertrand, Elionora-Mag- 
dalena, Louis 371 

Besbiche, Mrs. 888 

Bescombe 139. John 138. 
Thomas 138 bis 

Besford, 341 

Bever, William 337 

Bevill, Peter, Thomasina 

Bevylle, Isabella 892 

Bickerstaffe, Frances, 
Margaret 307 

Riddle, — 342 

Billingsley, Bridget, Sir 
Henry 150 

Bilson, Thomas 179» 189 

Bingley, Thomas 334 

Birch, crest 78. Eliza- 
beth 157 

Bird, Christina-Mary 17 
tee Byrd 

Birds, Thomas 849 

Bishop, Elizabeth, Par- 
giter 388. Sarah 386 

Blackburne, Robert 335, 

Blacker, John 334 Ins 

Blackett, -»- 10 

Blackwell, Elisabeth 13. 
Sence 151. William 

Blague, Frances, Thomas 

Blakaler, Joan 137 

Bland, 316 

Blast, Jobn 858, 864 

Blayney, Henry Lord 
168. Richard 161, 163, 
165. Vincent 161, 165 

Blechenden, Robert 379 

Bliss, Sarah 385 
Blithe 846 

de Blois, Bp. Henry 174 
Bloomfield, Robert 133 
Blore, 244. Thomas 

243 249 
Bludder, Sir Thomas 168 

Blunt, 34U Sir 

John 340 
Blythman, William 334 
Boddam, Mr. 372 
Bodington, Edmund, 

Mary 389 
Bodley, Rebecca 318 
Bois, Edward 81, 48 
Bokelond, Edward 255 
Boleyne, Margaret 306* 

badge 69 
Bollond, Jobn 4 
Bolney, Agnes 199. Bar- 
tholomew 239, 266, 
267,348. Edward 199* 
810, 837, 367. Joan 
813, 815. John 813, 
815, 858 (i#, 859, 260, 
Bolton, Charles Duke of 

Bond, John 388. Mary 
157,388. Mary-Char- 
lotte 167. Thomas 
157. Sir Thomas 157, 
Bone, Elisabeth, John 

Bonfoy, Sir Thomas 316 
Bongey, John 858 
Bonney, Ven. Heniy 

Kaye 133 
Bontenyleyn, William 

de 118 
Bonville, Sir WiUiam 

858, 858 
Bony vet, crest 53 
Borough, badge 71* 

Elizabeth 891 
Borton, Margaret 144 
Boston, Christian Lady, 

Frederick Lord 320 
Bosvile, Godfrey 335. 

William 336 
Botasle, Emma 813. Ju- 
liana 809, 213, 819* 

Richard 809, 213 
Boteler, 340. 

George, Sir John, Sir 

Philip 307. badge 7L 

crest 73 
Botevyle family 119 
Botfield family 119 
Botbamley, Richard 335 
Botting, Elizabeth, Joba 

BotUell, crest 74 



Sir Rocklty S3T 
Bnmbill, GagfKe 836 
BrMM, Beatrice, Gilcl, 

Luc; 78 
BrajF, badK* 69- Ann 
, Sas. SlrRcelnaldlll 

Braylegh, Richard 391 
Bredinfbanr, Uarnret 
I Brembre, Sir Nicbolw 
Bran tjingbk nil Jobo lOT 
Brcnton, Joan, Jobo, 

TbamM 14S 
Bretlcy, Bridget ISA 
Breton, crMt 74 
Bridge, Elii.Tbomu 367 
Brierton, bidR* 68 
I aile Brigg:*, Tboma* 133 

Brigbt, iiir John 336 
r Brighlman, Thomu BS, 

Broc>«, Barnard 104. Sir 

Bernard 381. Robert 

313. Wjliiaoi 104 
Brockelt, Edward, Ur- 

Brock naa, Harfaret, 

William ISS 
Brograre, Jobo, Hartha 

Bruke, Uird. creit 73 
de Brolio, Peter 110 
Brorabead, Rebe«ea 3BT 
Brooke, Eliiabeth 390. 

Fulke Lord SS6, 403. 

HenrjSgl. J. C.SIS. 

Ralph 99!. Thoma* 

333. William 334, 

335 tu. Sir WilUam 


Brott, William 346 

Brougbton, badge 70. 
■Undard 64 

Brown, Hannab, Re*. 
Dr'nioiiiai3l9. Mar> 
tba 388 

BrowDc, crett ;0. Agnea 
151. SirADlbonySTB. 
Elitabeth, Gertrude, 
Sii Heniy 369- Joan 
151. John S7I, 151, 
33S, 336, 369. Sir 
Matthew 144. Sir 
Weston, creit 73. 
William 105, 151 


Brownall, widow 3S8 
Browning, Alice, Ji^n, 

Wllliiit) 79 
Broibolme, Dr. 347 
Brugri, badge 69 
Brugge, John et, 83 
de Biui, Looia 1T3 
Brat (King), banner &I 
Bryan, Alice 8S3, 354, 

S60, 361. Eliiabeih 

353, 261, 876. Sir 
Francii, ilandard 65. 
Sir Guy 350 et fq. 
Pbitip 353, !M, S61. 
Philipi>a3G]. Wetlbi- 
ana S50. William S53, 

354, 361 
Brydgea, EliiabetbSSI 
Bryilowe, John 138 
Buckle, Cuihbert SeS. 

Dame Eliiabeth, Joan 

Buckhunt, Lord 389 

Buckingham, Edward 
Uuke of 37S 

Buckton, Robert 101 

Buketorp, Robert 176 


Sulmer, armi 87, 408. 
Sir William 144 

Bulitrode, armi and 
quartering! 154 

Bunney, Mr. 333 

Buroeitre, Sir John 367 

Burden, armi 87. 403. 
Thomas 184, 347, 356 
Burdetl, Amor 334. 
Francis 336. Thomas 
335. Nicbolas 336. 
Valentine 337. Sir 
Thomas 83 

Bures, Alicia, Sir Robert 

Burford, BaroD of, ttan': 
daid 65 

Burgsi, Johanna, Tho- 
mu 165 

Burgh, Katharine 104 

Burghertb, Lidy 101 

Burgoine, Judith, Ro- 
bert 86 

Burgundy, Duke oF, 
arms 403 

Burlaigh, William Lord 
179, 183,358 

Burley, Sir John, arms 
389- Richard loo. Sir 

Bumell, Edmund Lord 
393. Tristram 135, 
140, 141 

Barnet, Bp. Gilbert 313 


Burton, arms 337» 398, 
329. Alice 386. 
Elizabeth 337. Henry, 
Joan 398. Robert 120, 
386. WiUiam327 
Busty, Sir Miles, stan^ 

dard 63 
Buterlegh, Roger de 1 13 
Butler, Elizabeth, John 
171. Francis, George, 
Mary 807% Sir Ralph 
Buttetthom, Roger 854 
Byne, Edmund 158. Ed- 
ward 164. Elizabeth 
158, 161, 168. Emma 
158, 168. Frances 158. 
Henry 168. James 168 
hit, Jane 150, 158. 
John 158, 161, 168. 
Sir John 150, 161. 
Katharine 158, 168. 
Sence 168. William 
Byndelaut, Henry 135, 

Byng, Hon. Sarah 187 
Byrd, Frances, Thomas 

Byron, crett 76 
Bysshe, Elizabeth, Ellen, 
Margaret, Roger, Wil* 
Ham 163 
Cadwallader (King), ban- 
ner 51, 58 
Cage, Sir Anthony, Mar- 
tha 880. Lettice, Sir 
Toby 146, 161 
Calinaton, John 391 
Callant, Anne, Rob. 171 
Caimady, Anna Maria 

Caltborpe, crest 74 
Calton, Anne, Emma, Sir 
Francis, Margaret, 
Nicholas, Thomas 164 
Calverhale, William de 

Calverley, Anne, Wil- 
liam 370. Thomas 336 
Cambridge, Earl of, arms 

Camden, William 186, 

Cammell, Thomas 857 
Campion, Elizabeth 389 
Canbye, Thomas 85 
Cane, Susannah, Tho- 
mas 387 
Canterbury, Abp. badge 

Cantilope family 120 


Capel, crest 70, 75. Sir 
Giles 378 

Cardinan, Andrew 110. 
Isabella 109. Helena 

Care, Philip 309 

Carent, John 875 bis 

Carew, crest 74. Eme- 
line 104. Sir Francis 
9. Sir George 891. 
James 104. Jane 156. 
Joan 851. Margaret 
104. Nicholas 100, 
104. Sir Nicholas 3, 
4, 5. Rose 104. Wil- 
liam 156 

Cargley, Henry 10& 

Carleton, Anne 143 

Carllyll, arms 49* Joan, 
Richard 131 

Carmalt, Martha, WiU 
liam 389 

Carpenter, Emma, Wil- 
liam 209» 213, 814 

Carpynter, Thomas 140 

Carr, Mary, Sir Robert 

Carte, Philippa, Samuel 

Carter, William 87 

Carteret, Sir Edward 316. 
Edward 86. Sir Geo. 
85. Dame Jemima, 
Philip, Sir Philip 86 

Carteret, Eleanor Lady, 
Henry Frederick 
(Tbynne) Lord 88 

Cartwright, William 85 

Cary, Hugh 858 bis 

Casbeard, John 41 

Cater, Mary, Sir R. K. 17 

Catesby, Mary 879 

Cavendish, crest 78 

Cawthorne, Elizabeth 

Cecil, Elizabeth 891. 
Elizabeth Lady, Fran- 
ces, Sir Robert 890. 
Sir Thomas 891 bis. 
292. William 890, 898 

Centlivre 317 

Cervyngton, David, Ka-^ 
tharine 875, 876 

Cesar, Mr. 142, 160 

Cbabot, Rev. Mr. 134 

Chacombe, Thomas 84 

Chalkbill, John 349 

Chamberlayne, pedigree 
of, 95 — 98. Edward 
48, 48. Oliver 398. 
Sir Ralph, crest 70. 
Thomas 137 

Champnes, Agnes 8J3, 

816,817. William 817 
Champney, Lancelot, 

William 335, 337 
Champeneys, Henry 868 
Chandler, John 188. 

Thomas 830 
Chandos, Sir John, Phi- 
lippa 854 
Chaplin, Sir Francis 404 
Chapman, Elizabeth 386. 
John 3. Rev. Thomas 
Cbappell, Richard 334 
Cbarnes, Reginald de 1 1 3* 
Cbaumpeden, John 350 
Chaovett, Margaretta 

Chauyntbon, Reginald 

de 1 13 
Cheddre, Richard, Ro- 
bert, William 377 
Cheeseman, Anne, Ro- 
bert 96 

Cbefel, . 348 

Cheney, see Cheyne 
Cherleton, Sir John de 

Cherry 159. Edward, 
Elizabeth 147, 159. 
Frances 159* Sir Fran- 
cis 158. Francis 159. 
John 159* Margaret 
158. Mary, Sarah, 
Rebecca, Richard 159. 
Robert 147, 159 
Cheslyn314— 315 
Cbesier, crest 75, Ed- 
ward, Frances 283 

Chetwynd, 341 

Chevele, Henr. 105 
Chewney, Elizabeth, 
Frances, George, Hen- 
ry, Jane, Rev. Nicholas 
Cheyne, badge 69. crest 
72. Albany, Joan 402. 
Sir John 72, 100 Kr, 

103, 267. Lawrence 

104. Margaret 103. 
Roger de 113. Wil-i 
liam 103, 257 

Chibborne, Catharine, 

Sir Charles, Dame 

Margaret 311 
Chichester, Bp. Robert 

Chideoke, Altanor 276.^ 

Sir John 852, 254, 2761 
Child, Joan, Richard, 

Thomas 105 
Chipman, Thomai 139 


Cole, CiHinieltar, Rn. 

WillUo. 133 
Colcpepcr, Eliobc h, 

J.>bii I&5 
Culei, Edmuiiri IB9 
Colfell, Juhn 101 

CoMilt, Jonn 190 
Cullicr, jMcph, Mary 


ColltiiuMii Anne, Jimn 

Colnetl, Tbomu 349 
Colaon, Eilw. 30 iu 
Cull, Sir Wm. Dutlvn 

Cluinbell, Robert S4e 
Culiimber*. arnit 169 
Cu]>ile, Ricbard, Sirab 

CdIv, William 393 
Coiynr, Eliiabelh, 

Pbilip 301 

■DM 107 
Combe, John S54. Wil- 

tiliD S64 

Comeys, B76 

Comptun, crettT4. Lady 

Cecily, Jabn.SirHenry 

S9B. Ricbsrd 64. Sir 

William, standard 59 
Coiii{e, Hlliiaiieth, Joan, 

Roger S13, 316, 3tT 
Coninpby family 348 
'Conk PiscbaieuB 393 
Conny, George 45 
CunilabU, EdKud 990 
Conyert, Lard, (tandard 

Cook, Elisabeth, Samuel 

Corbel, Sir Andrew, Sir 

Robert 113 
Coole, Rogtr 142 
Copinger, creit 75 
CoplMlon, Juba 393 
Copley, Lionel 334. Mar- 
garet, Sir Tbomu IS. 
William 334 
Corbett, Lady 336. Tbo- 

Cornirall, Barun of Bur- 
ford, standard 65. 
badge 6S. Sir Jobn 
111. Martba367 

Cornwallii, Elizabelb 
Sg4. Henry {duti) 394 

John, Sir John, Lady 

William 394. Sir Wil- 
li>i>ii 393. S94 
Cortlioriif , Jamei, Mary 

C'TVeier, Guy 136, 137, 

139, 140 
Cuiei,Juhn 391 
Cuticrave.rrccl 74. Hugb 

189, 186, 195 
Colian, Ednard 335. 

William 336 
Cotiun, Rrv. J. A. 91 
CouMnrll, Juhn 337 
Coul(,Joliii, SirWilllam 

Counenay.Sir Peter 354. 

Sir William 316,384 
Cuuriei, Alicia, Jobn 137 
Carer, Anne 171 
Coucbe,.Tobn HI 
Cowdeii, Joyce, I&3 
Cow per, Anne 155. 

Grorgc 334. Jobn, 

William 84 
Cox, Mr. 161 
Cradock, arms 87. Jo- 

aepb 330-3, 403. Rev. 

Mr. 387 
Cranmer, Thomai 6. 

Abp. Thos. 145 
Craiier, Edith 310, 317, 

Crauley, Jobu 350 
Craven, Jobn 37 
Crawibaw, Edward 337- 

jQtbua 338 
Crayford, arms 339 
Craykar, Timothy 184 
Cretacre.armi 87,408 
Creiwick, William 337 
CreveOEur, creat 75 
Crewe, crest 73 
Creyii, Hufh 177 
Critp, Sir Nicholas 317, 

3J9. Samuel 317 
Criipe,Rev. Henry 403 
Croft, cre« 73. Amie 

145. SirHerben31l. 

Margaret, Thomaa 309 

Crofta, 379 

Cromplon, Anne 311. 

Thomas 390, 311 
Crumwell,Eliiabe(h 166. 

Olirer 166, S44 
Croner, Richard 364 
Cruokes, John 334 
Crashle,Udy Diana 301, 


Cruw, Williaoi 308 



Crowbynt, William 5 
Croxall, Richard 25 
Cudwortb^ Jonathan 337 
Culpeper, Dr. 179. 182 
Culpepper, Lord 317 
Cum her ford, — — 340 
Cumberland, GeorgeEarl 

of 299 
Cumport 5 
Cunningham, Margaret, 

William 383 
Cure, Thomas 372 
Curie, Bp. Walter 193 
Curney, Elizabeth 389 
Curr^, Anne, John 389 
Curson, crest 69» stan- 
dard 59 
Curteis, Catharine 312. 
John 350. Mary, Wil- 
liam 402 
Curl in, Martha, William 

Cuswos, Roger 393 
Cutler, Dame Magdalen 

Dabridgcourt, George, 

Thomas 161 
Dacre, Fiennes lord, 

badge 66 
■ of the North, crest 

Dakeyne, Daniel 249 
Dakyn 245 
Dale, George 30 
Dally, Susannah 387 
Danby, Henry Earl of 

Dance, crest 70 
Danet, crest 7 1 • Eliza- 

beth 401 
Dangle, John, Sir WiU 

liam, William 103 
Daniel, Lucy- Maria, 

Thomas 382. Robert 

Danvers, Anthony, 

Charles, Elianor 87* 

Dorothy 124. Eleanor 

128. Elizabeth 124. 

Sir John 124, 128. 

Lettice 159* Lady 97- 

Sir William 158 
Darcy, badge 67 
Darell, Ann, Sir Marma- 

duke 162 
Darmer, Robert 195» 

Dashwell, Mits 388 
Dave nan t, George 307. 

Bp. ib, 
Davenport, Rev. Christo- 
pher, Elixabeth 132 

Davies, Anne, Somerset 
17. Ralph 28,31 

Davis, Elizabeth, John 

Dawbeny, badge 69. 
crest 72 

Dawney, Anne, Marma- 
duke 15 

Dawson, Dorothy, Peter 

Dawtre, Robert 267. 
William 264 

Day, Prudence 388 

Dave, Thomas 309 

Deane, pedigree of 190. 
Edward 189* Joseph 
180, I87» 189, 191, 
197, 356. Margaret 
361. Mary 388. Rich- 
ard 189. Thomas 309, 
388. William 368 

Delabcer, Lydia 386 

De la Mare, Ruger 113 

De la Pole, Haw ise 113 

Delaporte, Margaret- 
Catharine 387 

Delaval, John, Susanna 

De la Warr, Countess of 

Dele, John 351 

Delve, crest 72 

Demal, 378 

Denley, crest 75 

Dennett, Rachael 384 

Denny, Sir Edward 29 1» 

Dennys, Elizabeth, Ni- 
cholas 366 

Denton, John 335 

Derby, Earl of, badge 66 

Dering, Sir Edward, 
Dame Dorcas 163. 
George, Louisa-Grace 

Derteford, Roger 390 
le Despencer, Elizabeth 

Lady, Hugh Lord 252. 

Mary Baroness 403 
Devereux, Juane 100. 

Jonet 101. Sir John 

100, 254-5, 257, 277. 
John 101. Margaret 

101. Philippa 255, 
277. Thomas 101 

Dierwell, crest 75 

Dig by, badge 68. crest 

71. Dame Helen, Sir 

John 170 
Diggs, Isabel, John 295 
Dingley, Elizabeth, 

Mary, Samuel 282 

Dixie 133. Agnes, Sir 
Wolstan 156 

Dixon, Jeremiah> Mary 

Dobson, Bartholomew 
236. Elizabeth, Tho- 
mas 37 1 

Docwra, Thomas, stan* 
dard 61 

Dodewith, Robert 254 

Dodge, Edward 293. 
John, Mary 292 

Donne, Brid<!;et 15. 
Constance 162 bit. 
George 160, 161. Dr. 
John 15,147,156,160, 
162, 164. John 162. 
Lewe^t 164. Margaret 
147, 161. Mary 162 

Donstable, amis, Eliza- 
heih, John, Katharine, 
Margaret 327 

Dorington, Mary, Ro- 
bert 131 

Dormer, Roger 234 

Dorset,. Marquis of, 
badge 66. Anne 
Countess of 296. Ara- 
bella-Diana Duchess 
of 302, 305, 306. Ceci- 
lia Countess of 295, 

297. Charles Earl of 

300, 302, 304. Charles 
Duke of 301. Edward 
Earl of 297. Eliza- 
beth Duchess of 301. 
Francts Countess of 

298, 300, 302, 304. 
George Duke of 301. 
Geo. J. F. Duke of 

301, 305. Grace 
Duchess of 300. Juhn- 
Fred. Duke of 305. 
Lionel Duke of 301, 

302, Margaret Coun- 
tess of 296. Mary 
Countess of 300, 302. 
Richard Earl of 296, 
297, 298, 302, 303, 
403. Robert Earl of 
296, 297. Thomas 
Earl of 295, 296 

Dotinton, Robert de 113 
Dove, or Dowe, Actou 
143. Agnes 143. Alice 
143. Anne 143. 
Bridget 143. Brooke, 
Catharine 143. Doro- 
thy 143. Edward 142. 
Elizabeth 143. Giles 
143. Henry 142,143. 
Joan 143. John 142, 


Edceurobe, blithe G8 
Ediiif-ion, Willian SaS 
Edmondi, Anne 145. 

Htnrj 337 
Edae;, Joyce 153 
EdridE*, Sopbia 17 



I. 3W> 

E'Uard IV. itandird ft 

bkttsM 57 
Edward, EdmulMl 44 
Edwardi, Abraham 36B. 

Andrew 47. Marea- 

Erde, Francii 43 
Efrerton, emt TO 
Elcoek, Anthanj, Huy 

Eliiabeth, Princeai 3SS 
Elliol, Edward, Elis»> 

belb 159 
Ellis n»i»l 33;. Tho- 



William 336, 337 
KlycBhint — 335. Rich- 
ard 337 
Elmiii^ham, Juhn 99 
Elnbridgc, armi, Juaa, 

Jobn 328 
Embrea, John 28 
Em met! , H artery 3G3 
Emptan, tet Hemioii 
EnEJaud, Rebecca 156 
EiieHi,Jol>D 141 
Enfliib, Anne, E, 381. 

William 100 
Eraeliu), Patriarch of 
Jeruialem 174, ITG 

Erdeiwick, 541 

Erie, Jahii 353, 376 
-lesh. Sir Jobn, Mar- 

garet 976 

Eniele, Jobn ; 

, David 90. Re*. 

87, 66 

li 367 Eyre. Sir Chri^^ 

Eyiune, Fuuikea, John, 

Lucji, Richard, Roger, 

Thtiniai 1(15 
Eytun,Peterdall3, 117. 

Roben d« 117. Tbo- 

Faber, Ferd. 30 

Fairfax, itaodard 6$. 
Calbarine 370. Guy 
367- Henry 173, 373. 
Margery 173. Thomu 
Viicount 173, 373 

Pal moat b, Charlei 
403. Hary Counleai 

Fanbope, John Lord 111 

Fanibaa, Lionel 335 

Fareaell, Sberingion 41 

Firrant, Dorothy 155. 
Edmund 9 

Faucet!, Joibna. Sarah, 
Eliiabeth 37 1 

Faunt, Agnei 367. Wil- 
liam J99. 337 

Pawchiu, Edo. 3S 

Pelbrice, Sir Simon 99 

Fell, William 143 

Felluwh Sarah, William 

Feimer, Anne, Edward, 
Eliiabeth 309 

Feriogton, ereat 76 

Ferrers, badge 67. Lord 
(or Cbartley] 339.341. 
*t>iid>rJ60. Duralby, 
Sir Humphrey, John 


Peren, John 354, 956 
Pcrres, Martin 354. 356 
Fermbaud, Eliiabeth, 

Thomai 103 
Feme 345 
Fernie, Rebecca, Robert 

Petyll, Roberts 

Field, Charles Ventrii, 
John Veniria, Louiu 
133. Jahn-WllileTl73. 
Margaret, William 384 

Fielding, Eliiabeth, John 

Ficnnes, arms quartering 
Say ft Wickbam 346. 
Jubn 313. Richard 
339, 340. SirRjchard 
178, 181, 183, 194 et 
»;. 338 el teq. 353 tl 
itg. Sir RoK "■" 


.11 313 

fil' Philijip 

til' Remhr'. Ros" IH 

— Stepballi>Thiimai 110 



firVvonif, Wal<er396 
FiUiol, Anne, Cecily, 
Joan, John 101, 10?. 
Richard 101. William 
101, 102 
Finch, arms 88. Doro- 
thy, George 145. Lady 
Heneage 129. Hon. 
Miss 384. see Fynch 
Firth, John 335 bis 
Fisher, Elizabeth, Light- 
foot 387 
FitzAer ISO. Hugh le 

Fiizhenry, Robert 123. 

Theo. Vi\ 
Fitz Lewis, badge 71 
Fitzpaine, Ela 263, 276. 
Elizabeth 276. Isa- 
bella 255, 278. Ro- 
bert 252 ter, 253, 254, 
255, 262, 276, 278 
Fitz Ralph, Cecily 101 
Fitzwalter, badge 66 
Fitzwaryn, Alianor 276. 

Sir Fu Ike 99. Ivo 276 

Fitz William, crest 71. 
Elizabeth, Sir George 
313. Robert 106 

Fixbye, Henry 3 

Fleebambe, Roger 102 

Fleming, standard 64. 
Elizabeth 96. Sir 
Thomas 105 

Fletcher, Jane 312. 
Mary^ Rev. Richard 
385. Richard, Bp. of 
Worcester 287. Wil- 
liam 312 

Floyd, Hugh, Martha 

Flynt, Richard 135, 138 

Foche, John 264 

Fodringas, Emma,Joane, 
Richard 101 

Foix, crest 53 

Foliot, Alda or Alice, 
Joan, Sir Walter 79 

Folly ot, Elizabeth, John, 
Thomas 287 

Foljambe, crest 73. God- 
frey 403 

Fulville, arms 169. Eli- 
zabeth, Roger 79 

Forde, Edmund 252 

Fortescue, Sir John 287 

Forth, Art bur, Elizabeth, 
Margaret, Martha, 
Mary, Michael, Ro- 
bert, Thomas 310 

Forster, Catharine, Wil- 
liam 162. Sarah 384 

Foster, Elizabeth, Wil- 

liam 150, 152. John 
336. Ralph 335 

Fountaine, John 336 bis 

Fowler, Sir Richard, 
crest 73 

Foz, Bp. badge 70 

Foxlowe 245 

Foye, Walter 38, 48 

France, banner of 51. 
the Dauphin's crest ib, 

Francis I. badge 52 

Franks. Elizabeth, Wil- 
liam 384 

Fran kt on, arms 89, 402 

Frebotham 341 

Freeman, Eleanor 389. 
Elizabeth 85. John 

Fremyiigbaro, crest 73 

Frend, John, Sergeant 

Freskeines, Robert 285 

Frewen, Abp. 286, 403. 
Edward, Mary 385 

Fromond, arms 328. 
Bartholomew 160« 
Benedicta 150. Eli- 
zabeth 162. Francis 
149. John 150, 160, 
162, 328. Katharine 
149. Sence 162. Tho- 
mas 328 

Frowick, Elizabeth, 
Henry, Thomas 104 

Fryday, Mary, William 

Frye, William 139,141 

Fulbert, Bp. of Cbartres 

Fuller, Christopher, 

John, 133 
Fybyan, John 138 ter 
Fyfield, arms 154. Eli- 
zabeth, John 150 
Fykays, Thomas 258 
Fynden, badge 70 
Fynmore, Martha, Wil- 
liam 368 
Gabram, Walter 138 
Gadarn, Hawise 115 
Gage, Edward 14. Eli- 
zabeth 8, 13, 14. 
Francis 12, 13. George 
13, 307. Helen 13. 
Sir Henry 7, 12, 13. 
Henry 12, 14. Sir 
John 7> 12, 13. John 
8, 9, 12, 13, 14,307. 
Margaret 12. Mary 
13, 14. Mary- 
Charlotte 167. Phi- 
lippa 7. Robert 7. 8, 
13. Thomas 13. Sir 

Thomas 96. William, 
Sir William 167 

Gaiherst, Hugh, Thomas 

Gainsford, arms 328. 
crest 75. Ellen 149. 
Joan, John 328. Ro- 
bert 149, crest 52 

Galliardo, or Galliar- 
dello, Cesar 142, 160. 
Susan 160 

Garby, William 102 

Gardiner, Anne 14, 15, 
18. Bridget 15. 
Christopher 12, 14, 15. 
Elizabeth 14. Fortune 
15. Frances 15. Fres- 
witha 15. George 15. 
Judith 14. Katharine 
15. Margaret 15, 145. 
Mary 15. Onslow 14. 
Richard 15. Robert 
15. Susan 14. Tho- 
mas 14, 15. Sir Tho- 
mas 15, 18, 142, 164. 
Utrecia-Trajectinia 14. 
William 14, 15, 18, 
145. Sir William 15 

Garman, Stephen 336 

Garnerius, prior of Jeru- 
salem in England 175, 

Garneyshe, Sir Christo- 
pher, standard 64 

Gatacre, Edward, Ste- 
phen 116 

Gates, Dame Catharine, 
Sir Henry 288 

Gawdy, Elizabeth, Fran- 
cis 291 

Gedding, Randolph 176 

Gem, Anne, Richard 387 

Geoffrey, son of Henry 
H. 177. Abbat of An- 
gers 110. Bp. of An- 
gers 111. Prior of 
Tywardreth 107 

Gerard 244 

Gerrard, badge 69 

Germaine, Lord George 

Gernon, Agnes, John 99 

G(>rpenvill, Reginald 285 

Gibbon, Gervase, Grissell 

Gibson, Edward 87 

Giffard, Alice, Elias 78. 
Sir John, Thomas 340 

Gilbert 246. John 

81. Bp. John 101. 
Thomas 239, 348 

Gill, John 335, 336, 337 



Glandore, Diana Coun- 
teu of, John Earl of 
Glanville, Randolph 17» 

Glaicock, Edward, Mary, 

William 156 
Glatelef b, Guy de 1 13 
Gloucester, Duke of, 

arms 54 
Glover, Hannah 385. 
John 8. Richard 865, 
885. Tbomaill. Wil- 
liani 84 
Glyd, Jeffrey 87 
Gode, John 188 ter 
Godefare, Peter 137 
Godmanston, Geoffrey 

Sr69, ^6 
Goff, Sir Edward, Fran- 
res 283 
Goldinf ham, badge 73 
Goodere, Tbonias 39» 

Goodman, Henry 96. 
Lydia, William 386 
Goodricke,Sir Henry 373 
Goodwill, Anthony 335. 

Rev. Edw..S46 
Goodyere, Elisabeth, 

Robert 847 
Gorges, Sir Thomas 891 
Goring, John 867. Sir 

William 96 
Gorton, WillUm 189 
Gospatric, Earl 396 
Gosse, Robert 864. Wil- 
liam 857, 858 
Guugh, Morgan 854 
Gouldsmith, Daniel 133, 
138. Eleanor 138. 
Mary 131. William 
188, 183, 131 
Goutevill, Herbert 885 
Gower, Henry 890 
Grantham, Thomas 890 
le Gras, John 850-1 
Grave, Abigail 388 
garet, Roger, Thomas 
Greathead, Sarah, Tho- 

mas 387 
Greaves, John 335 
Green, crest 71. Christo- 
pher 335. Henry 334. 
James 334. John 335. 
Margaret 384. Tho- 
mas 106, 333. Wil- 
liam 334 5w, 337. wi- 
dow 388 bis 

Greene, Elisabeth, Bp. 

Thomas 131 
Greene wood, John 337 
Oreenway, oreat 78 
Grenfeld, crest 74 
Grenville, see Graynfyld 
Gresley, Sir George 339 
Grete, Walter 861 
Grevill, Mrs. 888 
Grey, Alicia 876. George 
30. Isabella 868, 876. 
Joan 108. Margaret 
876. Richard 969, 876. 
R<»bert 108, 868, 876 
Grice, see le Grice 
Griffin, Thomas 176 
Griffis, Samuel, Sarah 

Griffith 844. Sir George 

348. John 83, 84 
Grimestone, Elizabeth 

Grimstead, Rachael, 

Walter 385 
Grirsben, Richard 103 
Growden, Capt, 316 
Grymes, pedigree 155. 
Jane 148, 164. Mrs. 
Mary 161. Thomas 
148. Sir Thomas 148. 
164, 167 
Gugge, Roger 138 
Guilford, Sir Edward, 
standard 65. Sir 
Henry, standard 65. 
badge 69. Henry 118. 
Phil'ppa, Sir Richard 7 
Guly, Thomas 398 
Gundevile, Edmund 343 
Gurney, Frances 188 
Guye, John 88, 31. Ro- 
bert 33, 34 
Gwenwynwyn, Gruffydd 

ap 115 
Gwvn, Howell, Mary 888. 

Oliver 183 
Gynnons, Thomas 266 
Hadfeild, Mr. 337 
Hagar, Robert 88 
Hazard, Margery 135, 

Haigh, Francis 337. 
George 334. John 
335, 337, 338. Wil- 
liam 337 bis 
Haldeiiharo, John de 116 
Hale, Frances, William 

Hales, Robert 174 
Halle, Richard 83 
Halleley, John 333 

Halifax, George Earl 
185, 187 

Halsey, Mary 388 

Hemelin, Prior of Ty- 
wardreth 107 

Hamilton, J. 317 

Hamo medicus 176 

Hamon, Katharine, Wil- 
liam 379 

Hamond, pedigree of 17 
Mary 408. Thomas 86 

Hampson, Mary, Sir 
Thomas 881 

Hampton, Charles, Ka- 
tharine 16 

Han bury. Joyce 361, 367» 
369. Mr. 338 

Hancok, Richard 138 

Hancox, John 48 

Hanmer, the Golden 408 

Harcourt, standard 61. 
Christopher, Joan 61. 
Henry 18. Sir John 
339. Richard 867. Sir 
Simon 339 

Harden, Henry 164 

Harewyll, John 137 

Hargrave, crest 73 

Harington ? standard 61 

Harleston, Elianor, Eudo 

Harley family 119 

Harling, Sir Robert 97> 

Harman, — 105 

Harmand, Charlotte- 
Eliza, Esther, John 

Harmonde, Elizabeth, 

Henry 148 
Harnage family 119 
Harpeley, William 148 
Harpsfeild, Dr. Nicholas 

Harris, Dr. John 189 
Harryes, John 140 
Harper, Thomas 184, 

803, 835, 236, 839, 

345 347 
Hart, Elizabeth 387 
Hartopp, E. C. 403 
Harvey. Abigail 160. 

Constance 162. Daniel 

308. Elizabeth 159. 

James 163. Sir James 

168. John 163. Jo- 

seph 160. Samuel 168. 

Sir Sebastian 163. 

Thomas 163. William 

Harward, Charles 380 
Harys John 83 


Haslam, Christopher 334 
Hastings, badge 67, 71. 

standard 59 
HasuUy John 84 
Hatch, Edward 39, 279 
Hatchett, Bulkeley, Ed- 
ward, Elizabeth, Lady 
Frances- Anne, Hugh 
James, Martha, Mary, 
Richard Bulkeley, 
Robert, Samuel 92 
Hatfeld, Edward, Mar- 
garet, Mawdelyne, 
Richard, Thomas 105 
Hatfield, Robert 253 
Hat ton, Cecilia 292. Sir 
Christopher 291. 
Dame Elizabeth, 
Francis 291. Sir Wil- 
liam 292 
Haward, Jane 372. Lady 
Margaret 309. North- 
amptonia, Sir William 
Hawke, see Hawse 
Hawksworth, Abraham 
335. Adam 337. 
Richard 335. Mary 
335. Robert 334 
Hawkyns, Lady 288 
Hawley, Christopher, 
Dorothy, Henry, James 
Hawse (Hawke?) Jane, 

Sampson 149 
Hay, John, Richard 337. 
Rear-Adm. William 94 
de la Hay, William 107 
Hayne, Mary, William 

Hay re, Mary 385 

Hays, 278 

Haysam, Robert^ 189, 

Hay ward, Margaret 158 
Heath, Dr. 359 
Hedney, Anne, Thomas 6 
Heets, Robert 350 
Hele, Nicholas 391 
Hemson, crest 7 1 
Henden, Sir John, North- 

amptonia 312 
Heudre, William 393 
Henry H.King I75. 176 
Henry HI. 380 
Henry IV. standard and 

badges 56 
Henry V. 381. standard 

and badgfs 57 
Henry VL standard and 

badges 57 
Henry VH. arms, badges, 
and standard 58 


Henry, abbat of Angers 

Hepdeu, arms 64, 402 
Herbert, archdeacon of 
Canterbury I76, 285. 
a templar 176 
Herbert, Barbara 385. 
Prudence, Thomas 
Hercy, Mary 383 
Heme, Thomas 3 bis, 4 
Heron, crest 69 
Hertley, Thomas 267 
Hervey, Abbat of An- 
gers 109 
Hewley, George 24, 48 
Heydon, crest 73. Henry 

Heyes, Dorothy, John 

Hey man, Alexander, 
Anne, Katharine, 
Margaret, Peter, Ralph 
Hicks, Alice, Ann, Fran- 
ces. George 133 
de la Hide, Roger 363 
Higgins, Mr. 382 
Higginson, John 93 
Hildegard regiua 110 
Hilerton, crest 72 
Hill, — 111. John 138 
bis, 140. Richard 332. 
Hille, Robert 258. Wil- 

39, 123 
Hilton, arms 87, 402. 

standard 62 
Hinchcliffe, John 338 
Hiiiton, Lucy-Maria 382 
Hird, pedigree of 371. 

Hannah-Frances 403 
Hirst, Henry 338. John 

337. widow 336 
Hobart, Lady Dorothy 

Hobbes, Amy, Anna, 
Samuel, Susanna 311. 
Thomas 310,311 
Hoby, Sir Edward 291 
Hoblyn, Mr. 249 
Hobson, Jubn 335 
Uodgkin, Elizabeth, 

Thomas 149 
Hodgkinson, -^ 244 
Hodenet, Sir William de 

Hodson, Elizabeth, Wij. 

liam 143 
Hogan, Sir Thomas 35 
Hogshaw, Margaret 101 
Holcroft, Sir Henry 158. 

Lettice 159 
Holliday, Barton, Eliza- 
beth 368 

HoUis, Anne 389 
Holmden, John \Obis 
Holme, Thomas 139 
Holmes, Christopher 1 59. 
Elizabeth 159, 367- 
Henry 367 
Holsar, Alexander 357 
Holt, Edward, Katha- 

riite 146 
Home, Anne Countess of 

299, 304 
Honeton, Peter 391 
Hoo, Thomas 266, 267, 

Hooker, Edward 38. 

Mary 318 
Hopkins, Richard 9. 

Vrofry 3 
Holmes, Juhn 335 
Horde, — 111. arms 
89, 402. Frances, Sir 
Thomas 15 
Home, William 335, 336 

Horsell, John 25, 26 
Horsley, crest 75 
Horton, Anne, John 330. 

Sir William 342 
Hosver, Richard 135, 
137, 140 bis, 141 ter 
Hotb'im, Charles, Lady 

Dorothy 383 
Honchone, John. 138 
Houghton, Elizabeth, 
Hatton, Mary, Peter 
Houpe, Stephen 141 
Howell, — 278. MUle 

Hovenden, Mary 367, 
368. Robert 368. Wil- 
liam 367, 368 
How, Roger 13 
Howard, Sir Charles 
160. Charles Lord It. 
Lord 144. Lidy Mar- 
garet 296. Mary 160. 
Lord William 296. Sir 
William II. See Hsl. 
Howell, Thomas 41 
Howgan, standard 63 
Howlantl, Alice, Eliza- 
beth, Giles, Sir Giles, 
John, Sir John, Mary, 
Sir Matthew, Bp. 
Richard, Susanna 3 1 3 
Howlegate, George 333 
Hubande, John 84 
Hubbard,Mary, Anne]6 
Hubberde 4 
Huddle, Martha 389 
Hudson, Sir Henry 319. 
Lady Mary 319 

Hof b» abbat of Angen 

110, 111 
Hughes, Mary, Riebard 


Hughs, Tbeophila 97 
Haglevill, Geoffrey 985 

Hulin, Bernard 317 
Humphrey, Tobias 886 
Uundesbagen, Sophia 

Huiigerford, crest 71* 

John 352. Walter 56 
Hunloke, Sir Henry 844 
Hunt, Dame Jane 148, 

155,164. Sir Thomas 

148, 155, 159, 161, 

Huntingdon, John (Hol- 
land) Earl of 55 
HurewarU, William 891 
Hurlucke, — 8 
Hurst, Dean, 98. John 

Husbands, John 30 
Husee, or Hussey family 

118. badge 68. Ni- 

cholas 267. Thomas 

Hutchiff, Anne |45 
Hutchinson, John 335 
Hutchinson, S. Mary 

319> 380. Rev. Dr. 

Michael 319 
Hu&ley, Anne, George, 

Dame Honour, Sir 

John, Mary 818 
Hycks, — 1 1 1 
Uylarius a hospitaller 

Hylarye, Peter 3 
Hyroerford, John 878 
Iromines, Elizabeth, 

Thomas 385 
Ingleberc, arms 87, 408 
liiglefeld, Isabel, John 

Inglethorpe, Sir Edmond 

104. John 104, 105. 
Joan 104, 105. Isabel 

105. Thomas 105 
Ingoldsby, Anne, Fran- 
cis, Martha, Mary, Sir 
Richard 166 

Ingram, Catharine, Sir 

Arthur 370 
Ireton, William 84 
Isabel, abbess of Tarrent 

875 5t# 
Isatson, Puilip 45, 48 
Jackson, Anne 93. Mar- 
garet 94. Mary 157, 
880. Richard 94. Tho- 


mas 98, 94. William 
880. Rev. W. 331-8 

Jacquli), John-Nicholas, 

James, Prior of Tyward- 
reth 107 

James, -»— 100. Mar- 
garet 163, 167. Eliz- 
abeth 167. Sir Roger 
163, 167 

Jay, Richard 864 

Jenkins, Sir Leolioe 817 

Jenkinson, Elizabeth, 
James 308. Dame 
Prudence 385 

Jenkyns, Anthonina 870, 
373. Sir Henry 370. 
Mary 378. Tobias 870, 

378. William 873 
Jenes, Anne 151 
Jennour, Mr. 886 
Jermyn, Ambrose, Susail 

Jerningham, Mrs. 891 
Jervis, Francis, Hugh, 
John, Margaret, Mar- 
tha, Mary, Robert 309 
Jobson, Sir William 334, 


John, Bishop of Norwich 
174, 176. prior of 
Winchester 175 

Johnson, Dr. 337. Anne 
898. Edward 15. Eli- 
zabeth 378, 380. Fran* 
ces 379. John 378, 
8B4. Katharine 15, 

379. Margaret 17 1> 
879» 384. Lydia 379. 
Paul 378. Ralph 171. 
Reginald 379. Rich- 
ard 879. Sir Robert 
298. Timothy 378— 

380. Thomas 879. 
widow 334 

Jolly, Anne 385 

Jolyffe, Johanna & John 
88. Thomas 81, 83 

Jones, Elizabeth, Mary, 
Thomas 94. Rev. 
Lewis, Susan 98. Miss, 
Sir Thomas 384 

Joyce, Beatrix 86. Tho- 
mas 86, 87 

Karnet, Hugh de 103 

Kay, John 335, 837. 
George, Mille 384 

Kaynes, Joan, Sir John 

Kaynton family 1 17 
Kebyll, crest 78 


Kederminster, Edmund, 
Elizabeth 146, 888. 
Katharine 146. T. 45 

Kelett, Margaret, Mat- 
thew 143 

Kelynge, Antelminelli, 
183. Sir John, Mar- 
tha 189, 130 

Kemp, Bartholomew 808 

Kempe, Francis 1 1 

Kendall-Cater, Mary, 
Sir Robert 17 

Kenrick, Elizabeth, 
Samuel 387 

Kent, Earl of, badge 66. 
Thomas Earl of (Hoi- 
land) 53 

Kentecombe, John 858 

Kerisfurth, Thomas 384 
bu, 335, 837 

Kerswell, Elianor, Rich- 
ard809,8l3, 816. Eli- 
zabeth 813, 816 

Keynes, Agnes 96 

Kyng«. Agnes 137 bis, 
Elizabeth 308, 385. 
John 10, 308. Ralph 
J 38. Sarah 886. Wil- 
liam 187 

Kingsmill, Constance 
188. Richard 179, 188. 
Sir William 188 

Kingston, crest 70. Isa- 
bella 96 

Kirktofte, arms 154 

Kirton, Jane 171. John, 
Margaret 170. Tho- 
mas 171 

Knatcbbull, Elizabeth 
878, John, Katharine, 
Reginald, Richard 379. 
William 378 
Knevit, Sir John or Wil- 

liam 96 
Knight, Sir Jasper 309. 
Mark 398. Philippa, 
Samuel 401. Sarah 
389. Mr. 846 
Knightbridge, Anne 143, 
318,313. Frances 3 13. 
John 318. Lancelot, 
Mary 313. Richard 
Knightky, Sir Richard 

Knolles, arms 87, 408 

.Knyffs, arms 154 
Knyfton, John 96 
Kynaston, arms & quar- 
terings 91, 402. Ed- 
ward 93. Frances, Sir 
John 91. John 844. 
Margaret 91 



Kynneraley, Thomas 113 
Kynsideleye, Geoffry de 

Lacasto, David 317 
Lacy^ Anne 16 
Lake, Sir Thomas 323 
Lamb, Mary, William 

Lambert, Joan 151. Ne- 

hemiah 168 
Lamplughy Dean 318. 


Lancaster, Duke of, 
arms 54. ostrich fea- 
ther 58. Henry Duke 
of 343 

Land, Christian 145 

Lane, -* 340. Sarah 
368. William 235, 368 

Lanesborough, Frances 
Vise. 300, 302, 304. 
George Viscount 300, 

Langeston, William 392 

Langbelt, Barbara, God- 
frey 385 

Langley, Robert 105. 
Thomas 378 

Lannoy, Diana, Eliza- 
beth, Martha, Mary^ 
Sir Timothy 319 

Lant, Thomas 290, 294 

Larke, Mr. 204 

Lascelles, arms 64» 402. 
Hannah, Frances, 
Rev. L. S. 371 

Lathum, Anne, John, 
Mary, Peter 378 

Latimer, standard 61. 
Anne, Lady 103. Eli- 
zabeth, 79* John 
Lord, Lucy Lady 124. 
William 79 

Laud, Abp. 193 

de la Laune, Dame Dor- 
cas, Sir William 163 

Launvaill, Anne 106 

Lauton, — 101 

Lavall, crest 52 

Lawley, Rebecca, Sir 
Thomas 86 ^ 

Lawrence, of Iver and 
Chelsea, pedigree of 
280. Adam 45. Amy 
Henry 311. Isaac 281. 
Mary 388 

Lazore, Elizabeth, Sir 
John 360, 363 

Leake, Henry 336 

Lee, Anne 889. John 
337. Richard (Cla- 
renceux) 286,290, 292. 

Sir William 239. Wil- 

liam 337 
Leesuti, Frances, Robert 

Legard, Christopher, 

Mirabella, Sir Robert 

Le Grice, Anne 284. 

Elizabeth 283, 284. 

Mary 284. Nicholas 

283, 284. Thomas, 

Valens 284 
Leigh, Samuel 30 
Leighton, Sir Baldwin 

Lekc, John 83. Thomas 

Leland, John 338—344 
Lemyng, William 267 
Lenham, John, Matilda 

Leper, Jana 85 
Lercedeakne, Sir Tho- 
mas 390 
Letheullier, Abraham 

Lewes, Dr. 179> 182 
Lewkenor, standard 61. 

John 266, 267. Sir 

Thomas 259> 260. Mr. 

358, 359 
de Lyre, arms 87> 402 
Lidyatt, Alice 361, 367- 

John 367 
Lilburne, George 30 
Lilley, Rachael, Robert 

Lincb, Judith 287. Wil- 
liam 287» 288 
Lincoln, Thomas Earl of 

Lindsey, Mary Countess 

of, Robert Earl of 312 
Linesle, — 341 
Litchfield, John, Mary 

Littelton, Mrs. 288. 

Richard, Sir Thomas, 

Sir William, William 

Littlewood, Richard 335. 

Thomas 334, 336 
Liversedge, Jacob 336 
Livesay , Amy 3 1 0. Anne 

311. Elizabeth 310. 

Martha 311. Robert 

310. Gabriel 311. 

William 311 
Ligours, John 360 
Lloyd, Anne 319' Fran- 

cis 94. Bp. William 

319. Mrs. 384 

Locke, Jane, Thomas 

Loenter, John 107 
Logon, William 82 
Lukton, Thomas 104 
Lokyer, William 84 
Longe, Agnes 213. Ali- 
cia 213. Elizabeth 
386. John I87i 194, 
210, ei seq, 227. Si- 
billa 212, 213, 216» 
232. William 198, 
227, 350 
Longland, Bp. 247 
Louis XII. badge 52 
Lovayne, John 376. 
Matt hew,Thomas 377. 
Margaret, Sir Nicho- 
las 95 
Lovegrove, Mary 384 
Lovelace, Maria 17 
Lovell, badge 68. crest 
71. Alice 157, 265. 
Charles 157. Eliza- 
beth 260, 271. Sir 
John 254-5, 257. Maud 
277. Philippa255,277. 
Robert 255, 260, 265, 
Lowe 245. arms 154. 

Elizabeth, John 150 
Lower, Humphrey 41,48 
Lucas, crest 76. Mar- 
garet 15, 145 
Lucy, badge 70. crest 
68. Anne 288. Bp. 
Edmund 392, 393. 
Frances 15. Daaie 
Joyce, Mrs. Joyce 288. 
Robert 15. Sir Tho- 
mas, sen. and jun. 
Luddington, Elizabeth, 

Sir John 97 
Luke, Elizabeth 85. Jane 
85. Joan 85» 86. John 

85, 86. Nicholas 85, 

86. Mary 85. Natha- 
niel 85. Oliver 85, 86. 
Samuel 85, 86. Sir 
Samuel 85, 86. Sarah 
85. Thomas 85 

Lumley, badge 68. stan- 
dard 61. Lady Mary 

Luopton, Dr. 49 

Luson, »- 340 

Lyile, standard 62 

Lytcott, Benjamin, Sh 
John, Giles, Leonard^ 
Mary, Susanna, Tem- 
ple, Thomas 166 



Mabletborpe, arrot 87, 

Macbin, Aldermao 97 

Macbur, John 137 

Madan, Martin, Pene- 
lope, Bp. Spencer 164 

Madden, Jobn ^3, 24, 48 

Maddox, Elisabeth, Wil- 
liam 336 

Mainwarinfc, C. K. 91. 
Elizabeth 93. For. 
tune 15. Sir Henry 
15, 165. Mary, Tbo- 
mas 93 

Maiverel, — 349 

Maliiig, John, Margaret 

Mallfye, Robert 251 
. Malmaint, arm* 87 

Miiiiravert, badge 67. 
pedigree of 77< Joan 

Man, Bartbolomf-w 379. 
Francis, Jane, Tboioas 
171* Margaret (or 
. Mary) 379 

Mandeville, Bernard, 
Clementia, Elisib^'tb, 
John, Petrunelln-Cle- 
mentia 168 

Manners, crest 67. Ro- 
ger, Mrs. 391 

Maosford, — 33 

Mansborte, Michael 183 

Mapulton, John 3 bis 

March, Roger Earl of 

de la Mare, arms 169. 
crest 53. Maud, Pe- 
ter 77, 79 

Marischall, John 101 

Markharo, Sir John, 
standard 65. Lucy, 
William 37 1 

Marks, Anne, James 388 

Marlborough, James 
Earl of 403 

Marie, Conte de, crest 53 

Marney, badge 68 

Maruw, Edward 353 

Marsden, Richard 336, 

3farsh, Nicholas 171. 
Mr. 160 

Marshall, John, Mary 
383. Richard 335, 336. 
Rev. Dr. 386 

Marston, Richard 43, 107 

Marten, Thomas 180, 

Martin, Boniface 309. 
Dorothy 163. Eliza- 
beth 387. John 139, 

257, 264, 387. Tho- 
mas 309. Richard 107. 
Sir William 391 

Mailyn, John 107 

Mason, Abigail 93. Wil- 
liam 29 

Massam, John, Margery, 
Richard, William 2 

Ma«8iiigberd, Cecilia 3 1 3. 
Elizabeth 312, 385. 
John, Mary 312. Wil- 
liam 385 

Mastin, Mary 389 

Maston, Dame Eliza- 
beth, Thomas 287 

Mathews, Mr. 4 

Matthews, A. 91. Fran- 
ces, 373, 373. Abp. 
Tobias 373 bis 

Maudyt, John, Myrhill 

Mauleverer, crest 75 

Maundeville, William de 

Maundey, Venterus 284 

Maveifin, Peter de 114 

Mavile, Alice 310, 213, 
814. Isabel 310, 314, 
318,330. Jane or Jo- 
anna 314, 317, 218. 
Margaret 309. John 
339,348. Robert 314. 
William 314, 317, 318, 

Mawhoode, Richard 333 

Maxwell, Margaret 383 

Mayel, Thomas 83, 84. 
John 84 

Mayott, Elizabeth 190, 

Mayrett, Anthony, Eli- 
zabeth 3 

Meadows, Anne, Lucy, 
Sir Philip 318 

Medlicott family 119 

Medlycott, Frances 15 

Melton, Sir John, stan- 
dard 65. badge 68. 
John 364 

Merbury, crest 74 

Merick, Frances, Sir 
John 159 

Merriot, Thomas 184, 
346, 347 

Mershe, John 136, 140 

Merton, Agnes, John, 
Katharine, Sarah 99 

Mervyn, Dame Deborah, 
Sir James 393 

Metford. Walter 357 

Methuen, Christian, 
Paul 330 

Meverel, 346 

Mew, John 308 

Mews, Mary, Robert 384 

Meyr, John 254 

Meyrick, Owen, Rev. 
Mr. 384 

Michael, prior of Ty- 
wardreth 107 

Micbell, Elizabeth 15. 
John 392^ 393 

Micklethwaite, John 
336 ^ 

Mickleton, Christopher 

Middleton, Dame Fran- 
ces, Sir Hugh 171 

Midleton, arms 236 

Milborne, Mary, William 

Mildmay, Elizabeth, 
Thomas, Sir Thomas 

Mill, Elizabeth, Henry, 
William 307 

Mills, Mary 389. Peter 
39. William 3 

Milner, Gamaliel 334. 
William 334 

Milton, of Weston 342 

Milward, Anne, Charles, 
Margaret 132 

Minne, Elizabeth, Nicho- 
las 148 

Mitchell, Elizabeth, 
Thomas 383. Lt.-Col. 

Mohun, John 100 

Moigne, Sir John 254, 

Moile, — 341 

Moll, H. 241 

Molins, Roger 175, 176 
seals ib, 

Mone, John 141 bis 

Monke, Sir George 97 

Montacute, Lord 13. El- 
zabeth 252. Isabel 
Marchioness, John 
Marquis 105 

Montagu, Sir Edward 
170, 192. Dame He- 
len 170. Lady Mary 
135, 137. Sir Sidney 
193, 357. Anthony 
Vise. 403 

Montgomery, Sir John 
340. Sir Thomas 

Montjoy, crest 69 

Montpinson, Thomas 

Monyngton, Richard, 

Sibilla 170 


2 H 



Moobrey, Rebecca, Rich- 
ard 387 

Moore, Charles, Elisa- 
beth 165. Francis 172. 
George, Hannab, 
Henry, James 165. 
RaiuUli 163 Sarah 
386. Susannah 165. 
Thomas 386. William 

MprcJaunt, Lady Frances, 
Anne 92 

More, Sir George 156. 
John 264. Margaret 
156. Sir Thomas 281 

Morehead, William 28 

Moresby, arms, Joan, 
Reginald 328 

Moretoii, Rev. Edward 

Morewood, John 247 

Moreyne, William 140 

ap Morgan, Edward, 
arms 89> 402 

Morgan, John 275 bis 

Morley 244. Alice, Ell- 
zabcth, Jant*, Katha- 
rine, Robert, Thomas, 
William 2 

Mors, Juan, Walter 137 

Morsyn, erf <t 74 

.Mortimer, Lady 103 

Mortin, Edward 95 

Morton, pedigree of 169 
•^17 !• quarterings 
of 169, 402. Francis 
336, 337. George 337 

Mosley, John 334. Jo- 
seph 335 

Moure, John 254 

Moyer, Samuel 163 

Moyes, Henry, Marga- 
ret 167 

Moyse, Robert 9 

Moyle, Elizabeth, John 
6. Walter 264 

Mucheldevere, Richard 
253, 254 

Muddle, Alice, John, 
Margaret, William 368 

Muisun, Gilbert, Roger 

Mukelow, crest 72 

Mullyn, ^ 1 1 

Munday, Adrian 247 

Mundy 245 

Munetun, Peter de 1 14 

Mi'Sehamp, pedigree of 
148. arms 329* Agnes 
144. Christopher 329. 
FianciB 152. Jane 
152, 155, 164. Tho- 
H148 155, William 144 

Musgrave, Rev. Samuel 

Mylier. John 137 
My 1 ward, Thomas 139 
de Mynes, Fomee 141 
Nanfant, badge 69 
Nares, George 386 
Naunton,Anue, William 

Naylor, Elizabeth, Tho- 
mas 150 
Nea polls, Garnerius de 

175, 176 
Neave, Sir William 359 
Nedeham, Richard 266 
Nelson, Christiana, G. B. 

37L William 33, 34 
Nerford, Agnes, John 

Neschefeld, standard 60 
Neil burgh, John 266, 

Nevers, crest 52 
Nevile, Francis 333, 334, 

Nevill, arms 87, 402. 
crest 75. Anne, Ed- 
ward, Sir Edward 146. 
Elizabeth 124. Sir 
Henry 294. Katha* 
rins 146 
Nevinson, Mary, Tho- 
mas 319 
Newbald, widow 337 
Newdegate, arms and 
quarterings 87, 402. 
Ann 85. Anthony 86. 
Dorothy 96. Francis 
87. Joan, 85. John 
86, 96. Robert, Sir 
Robert, William 85 
Newland, — 334 
Newport, see Hatfon 
Newton, 245. Robert 

246. Lady 291 
Ney, John 138 
Nicholetts, Richard 43 
Nichols, John 240 
Nicholson, Margaret, 

Robert 17 
Nightingale, Richard 

Niuporr, Gaufrid 176 
Noddings, — 133 
Norbury, John 101 
Norfolk, Duke of, arms 
54. badge 66, Tho- 
mas Duke of 181-2, 
296, 343. B. E. Duke 
of 134 
Norfolk, Samuel 336 
Norris, arms 15« Mary 

North, Bp. Brownlow, 

Henrietta 131 

Northampton, Isabella 
Countess of, James 
Earl of 298, 300 

Northcote, George 21 

Northumberland, Earl 
of, standard 62, 402. 
badge 66. Algernon 
Earl of 403. Alienor 
Countess of 266, 275, 
276, 277. Henry Earl 
of 172,264, 266, 270 

. et seq, 

Norton, crest 70. Ca- 
tharine 367. Christo- 
pher 368. Elizabeth 
146. John 264. Rich- 
ard 84. Thomas 379. 
Valentine 367 

Nower, Anthony, Eliza^. 
betb 308 

Nowell, ^ 342 

Nunn, Hannah 385 

Nyvet, John 1 1 1 

O'Brien, Lady Mary, 
Morougb 383 

Odier, Iszephroniah, 
William 317 

Ogane, standard 63 

Ogard, Alice, Sir An- 
drew 105 

Oglander, Frances, Sir 
John 156 

Ogle, Sir John, Susan 14. 
Lord 144 

Ogletborp, Stephen 374 

Oliver, 4 

Onslow, Anne 318. Ci- 
cely 86. Denzil 318, 
Sir Edward, Elizabeth 
14. Jane 3 18. Rich- 
ard 86, 318. Sarah 
318. Lord, Lady 308 

Opton, John de 113 

Orchard, Anne, Henry 


Ormond, Thomas Earl 
of 270 et seq. 

Orrell, crest 73 

Orrery, Lionel Earl of 
300,302. Mary Coun- 
tess of 300, 304. Ro- 
ger Earl of 304 

Osbert, Prior of Ty ward- 
reth 106 

Osborne, arms 88! Sir 

Danver8l22, 125, 127, 

128. Dorothy 124 6tj^ 
Eleanor 87, 128. Eli- 
zabeth 88, 122, 128, 

129, 130, 131. George 
128. Sir George )22| 



136, 19%, 139, 131. 
Lftdy Htfneaice 1S9. 
Henry 122, 125, 129, 
130. Hu^b357. Jane 
85. John 88, 125, 127, 
128. Sir John 87, 88, 

122, 123, 124, J27, 
128, 129, 130, 131. 
Margaret 131. Mar- 
tha 129, 130, 131. 
Mary 122, 129, 130. 
t^cly Mary 122, 125, 

127. J 28. Peter 88, 

123, 130. Sir Pcier 
123,124,125. Richard 
85. Hun. Sarah 127> 

128. Temperance 85. 
Rev. Dr. Ttioroat 122, 
128, 130, 131. Wil- 
liaoi 129 

0<pertu8 abbat of Aneers 


0«ienwill, Sewall 285 

Oieley, arms 89> 402 

Otwaye 4 

Overbury, Mary, Nicho- 
laf. Sir Thomaf 166 

Owell, erefet 74 

Owen, Abigail, Hufi^h, 
Hugh BuiJceley, Mar- 
tha, Sarah, Thomas 92. 
Tbomas-B. 91. Mr. 

Owgan, crest 76 

Ownsted, John 9 

Oxford, Earl of, badge 66, 
70. crest 73. John 
Earl of, Matilda Coun- 
tess of 276 

Oahead, John 363 

Oxley, Edward 334. John 
335,336. William 334 

Packenham, Elizabeth 
310. Robert 309 

Paddy, Nicholas 274 

Page, Eli2. 165. John 
345. Judith 368. Rich- 
ard 165. Robert 368. 
William, Dr. William 

Patret, Hon. Henry, 
Mary 284. Roger 8 1 

Palmer, Anthony 43, 48. 
Catharine, 162. Eliz- 
abeth 158, 162. Je- 
remy 158. John 27* 
Philippa 389. Roger 
62. Simon 142. Lady 

Panbelle, Thomas 392 

Panter, William 39i 

Pares, Mr. 332 

Parker, pedigree of 16. 

arms 402. Barbara, 
369. Ellen 372. Grace 
387. Henry, Serg. 
John 166. John 372. 
Margaret 364, 385. 
Sir Robert, Dame Sa- 
rah 163. William 18, 
367, 372. William- 
Parker 28 

Parkes, Rebecca, Tho- 
mas 312 

Parkins, Mary 384 

Parr^ crest 74. Elizabeth 
167. Ellen, Jane 163. 
Dr. Richard 16*3, 167 

Parratt, Thomas, Tryce 

Parsons, John 1 39. Rich- 
ard 188, 189, 352 

Part, William 104 

Pattison, James 334 

Paulet, crest 73 

Paveley, Sir John 99* 
Isabella 99 

Pawelet, William 257, 

Payne, Anne 383 

Prarce, .Elizabeth, John 

Pease, John 142 

Peche, badge 70 

Pedder, Robert, Tebota 

Pegg, John 45 

Pegge, Dr. Samuel, Sa- 
muel, esq. 240—247 

Peirce, Elizabeth, John 

387. Mr. 358, 359* 
Mary 367 

Pelbam, Sir John 257, 
267. Katharine, Tho- 
mas 2 
Pembridge, Sir Fouk 105 
Pembruge, Elizabeth, 

Walter 170 
Pennifather, Rev. W. 249 
Pennington, Rev. Nicho- 
las 306 
Pepys, Anne, Charles 

388. Mr. 357 
Percebrigg, John 328 
Percehaul, 340 
Percy, standard and 

badge 62, 66. Alianor 
263,26*5. Francis 401. 
Sir Henry 263, 2fa*5. 
Josceljn 270. Sir 
Ralph, Sarah, Tryce 
401 s #ftf Northumber- 
Perient, — 378 
Perrot, Anne, Robert 15 
Perrott, Alice 902, 209, 

eiseq,B66* John 187, 
Thoma«i 189> l94, 209, 
213, 218, 221, 366. 
William 194, J98, et 
teq. 366 

Persous; Father Robert 

Persyvall, John, Thomas 

Pery, Capt. 317 

Peters, John, Mary, Ur- 
sula 279 

Petit, crest 74 

Petut, Jane 388 

Petre, Katharine Lady 

Pettett, Elizabeth, Wil- 
liam 389 

Pettus, John 286 

Peudon, John 138 

Peverell, Sir Hamo 118 

Peyton, Amy, Sir Ed- 
ward, Martha, Robert 
311. Sir Charles, Uaoie 
Ruth 319 

Philippa, Queen of Edw. 
HI. 53, 380 

Phillibrowne,Mary, Wil- 
liam 389 

Phillips, Abigail, John 

Phillipps, William 28 

Pbilpott, Mr. 356, 357 

Phis»h*, WilliHiu 254 

Pickering, arms 64, 402. 
Frances 383. James, 
standard 64. Rev. Mr. 

Pierpoint, crest 75. Sir 
W. standard 62 

Pigot, Sir Bartholomenr 
100. Richard 966 

Pigott, Thoiuas 335 

Pigou, John, Mary, 
bergh 317 

Pike, Margaret 142 

Pilkiiigtoii, Deborah, 
James 293 

Pink, Nicholas 27 

Pinke, Dr. Robert 188, 

Pinnock, crest 72 

Pistor, William 278 

Piwlesdon, Roger, Tho- 
mas 1 1 3 

Plot, Dr. Robert 338 

Piuiikett, Francis 109 

Plymouth, Mary Coun- 
tess of 305 



Pocbin, l>aine Prudence, 

Thomas 385 
Pule, crest 7 1 
de la Pule, Edmund, 

Wafter 105 
Pole, of Wakebrid^a 244 
Pole VII, Nicholas 101 
Polileye, Philip de 113 
Pollard, Elizabeth, John 

dela Pomeray, John 391* 

badg^e 69 
Ponynges, standard and 
badge 60, 68. Alianor 
S58, 267 et seq. Ed- 
ward S70 et seq, Isa- 
bella 255, 262, 276. 
Richard 255,258,259, 
262,267,276. Robert 
265, 257, 258, 263, et 
seq, 276. bis seal 258 
Poole, Elizabeth, Henry, 

Porter, Abigail, Thomas 

Port man. Sir Hugh 289 
Postley, Thomas 334 
Potier, Rev. John 134 
Potkyn, crest 72. Mas- 
ter 49 
Potter, Susannah 383 
Poulter, Anne, Rev. Ed- 
mund 131 
Poulton, Frances, Fran- 
cis 171. Ferdinando, 
Giles, Isabell 361. Pe- 
ter 138 
Powell, Arthur 47, 94. 
Nathaniel 180, 359. 
Jane, Mary, Thomas, 
William 94 
Power, Cecily 155 
Pownell, — 39 
Poynings, see Ponynges 
Puyntz, crest 71* Agnes, 
Anne 104. John 103, 
104. Karharine 104. 
Maud 104. Reginald 

103. Thomas 103, 

104. Tbomasyn, Wil- 
liam 104 

Praty, Richanl 84 
Preist, John 335 
Prest, arms 1 69, 402 
Prestecute, John 254,256 
Price, Elizabeth, Her- 
bert 171 
Primero, John 161 
Prince, Edward 338. 

James 27 
Prijr, Hannah 385 
Priset, John 104 
Prlsly, Elizabeib 388 

Produm'e, John 391 

Puckering, Catharine, 
Christopher, Dorothy, 
Elizabeth, Frances, 
Uatton, Jane 289* 
Dame Jane 289, 290. 
John, Sir John, Tho- 
mas 289 

Puleston, Sir Richard 113 

Pulley, William 87 

Pultenay, arms 154 

Punchinghy, John 163 

Purbyk, Zelota 349 

Putenbam, Anne, Sir 
Richard 6 

Pye, Sir John 316, 317, 
3 1 8. Peter, Dame Re- 
becca 318, William 

Rabbet, Amy, Margaret, 
Martha, Mary, Mi- 
chael 312 

Raignes, Joan 391 

Rainald, a hospitaller 

Raleigh, Sir Walter 291 

Ran ford, cre«t 74 

Rauthmell 245 

Rawlings, Jane, Thomas 

Rawson, Edward 335 

Rayner, John 336 

Reader, Margery 368 

Redding, John 28, 48 

Redman, Dr. 286 

Reede, Anne, Wi!liam 6 

Remensis, Stephanus 176 

Reresby, — 244 

Reynold, Danvers, Mary 
389. .Tohn 83 

Reynolds, George 245. 
John 242, 248 bis, 249 

Rhodes, Anne, William 

Ribouleau 317 

Ricardus medicus 176 

Rich, Daniel 337. Do- 
rothy 1 24. Edward 
337. Reginald 337. 
Richard Lord 124. 
Sir Robert 184, 356. 
Silvanus, William 337 

Richard II. 381. stan- 
dard and badges 55 

Richard HI. arms 57. 
badges and standard 58 

Richard Bp. of Winches- 
ter 285 

Richards, Andrew, So- 
phia 388 

Richmond, Duke of, 
badge 67 

Ridglev, — 341 

RieboD, Bernard 317 
Riflr^y, Thomas 267 
Ringebone, Margaret 

209, 215. Edith 209, 

215, 221. William 

Ringros, Nathan 248 
Riserdon, Jocelin 176 
Rishworth, John 336 
Rivers, Lord, standard 

60. Elizabeth, Sir 

Job n 3 1 3. Si r George 

Roadsj Thomas 334 bis 
Roberds, Dr. Jo. 168 
Robins, Elizabeth, John 

Robinson, John 331. 

Mary 388 
Robison, John 33, 34. 

Piers 47, 48 
Rocheboulart, crest 52 
Rocbella, Job. de 285 
Rocke, Richard 139 
Rockley, Elizab. 337 
Rockloe, John 213. 

Margaret 209, 213 
Rodes, Robert 267 
Rodney, Agnes, 103 his, 

John, Robert, Walter 

Roe, Thomas 40 
Roger, Prior of Ty ward- 

reth 107 
Rogers, arms 64, 402. 

Andrew, Elizabeth 

160. George 247. Rev. 

Dr. 386 
Rogger, John 107 
Rokesley, arms 87, 402* 

William 84 
Rolfe,Rev. Mr. 134 
Rolston, Simon 357 
Romsey, Walter, 275, 

Rondulph, William 113 
Rooke, William 334 
Roos, badge 67. Mar- 

g«ry,Thomas, William 

252 ; see Rouse 
Route, Christopher 25 
Roper, Helen, John 170. 

Thomas 335 
Rosamund, Fair 344 
RoKe, Katharine 148 
Roshale, Sir Thomas de 

Rosy, John 109 
Rous, John 106. Joan, 

Sir Robert 79, 99. 

Thomas, crest 76. Sir 

W. badge 68 
Rowe, Elrzab. John 388 



Rowlyn 1 1 1 

Rowson, ereftt 73 

Rucbeton, WUIiam Ue 

Rudftton» Anney Isaac 

Rumetey, Adam 103 

Rumsey, James 47 » 48 

Rupert, Prince 18 

Rush, eresi 74 

Russell, — 155. Anne 
S91. Elizabeth 159, 
»9l. Frances 164. 
Sir James 163. Dame 
Penelope 163. Pene- 
lope 164. Randolph 
163. William 357 > 
359,360, 391 &t«. Sir 
William 159 

Rust, Edmond 35 

Rutford, Michael 393 

Sahine, Elisabeth, Sir 
John, Manr;>ret 133 

Sadieverel 344. crest 

Sackville, Anne 397> 398, 
306. Lady Anne 397 » 
S99> 300, 303, 304. 
Catharine 398. Lady 
Cecily 398. Craiifeild 

398, 304. Edward 
395, 397, 303, 304. 
Sir Edward 396, 397. 
Elizabetb 397. Lady 
Elizabeth 304. Fran- 
ces Lady 301 . George 
Viscount 301, 303. 
Humphrey 395. Isa- 
bel 395, 398. John 
306. Sir John 15,395. 
Lord John 397' John 
Lord 301, Judith 15. 
Lionel 397, 398, 304. 

. Margaret 306. Rich- 
ard 395, 300, 303,304. 
Sir Richard 395. Tho- 
mas 396, 397. 398, 

399, 303, 303, 304. 
Winifred 396 

Sa^ewick, Eliz. WUIiam 
367, 376 

St. Amond, badge 67. 
Almarick 103 

St. Eloria, Beatrice, John 

St. George, Sir Henry, 
Sir Richard 338. Sir 
William 105 

St. John, Henry 153. Sir 
John 103 bis, Katha- 
rine 153. Sir Oliver 
103,377. Oliver 385 

St. Leger, badge 69. 
Agnes, Anne, Sir An- 

thony 6. Ralph 6, 367. 
Sir Warham 6 
St. Martin, Alured 177 
St. Maur, Sir John, Mar- 
garet 376 i see S»y- 
Saius, Wallerand 385 
Salisbury, William Earl 

of 353 
Salford, Hugh 84 
Salter, Anne 379, 380. 
Bryan 380. Briaiia 
1 83. Christopher, 
David 379, 380. Ed- 
ward 379, 380. Eli- 
z%beih, Katharine 379* 
Margaret 380. Mary 
379. Robert 379. Sa- 
rah, Susan 380. Ursula 
379. Sir William 379, 
383. William 379, 380 
Saltonstall, Ch»rles 38 
Salusbury, Elizabeth, 

Fiers 383 
Sambridgc, Frances 386 
Sambrooke, arms 306. 

Diana 301,308 
Samford, arms 87 > 403 
Sampford, Alda or Alice 
79* Catharine 144. 
Sir Laurence 79 
Sampson, Mary 389 
Saudes, crest 69 
Sandfurd, — 384. Ca- 
tharine, John 144 
Sands, Sir Thomas 333 
Sands, or Sannes, Agnet 
310, 317, 313. John 
339, 348 
Sandwell, Jeffery 33, 34 
Sandys, Elisabeth, Rich- 
ard 148 
Saasaier, erest 53 
Sapcut, arms and badge 

Saucer, Nicholas 83, 84 
Saunders, Thomas 30 bis 
Savage, Mary 145, 171 
Savaric, Bp. of Bath 110 
Savile, Sir George 335, 
336. John 333. Sa- 
muel 337 
Sawyer, Alice 138, 139 
bis. Symkyn 138. 
Thomas 139 
Say, standard 61. Alicia, 
Elizabeth 106. Geof- 
frey de 385 
Say and Sele, William 
Lord 180, 181, 183, 
}9\ et seq, 338, 339, 
Scales, crest & badge 74 
Seamier, Adstm, Bp. Ed- 

mond, Edward, James, 
Thomas 386 
Scarborough, Richard 

Eariof 137 
Scholey, Anne 335 
Scott, of Camberwell, 
pedigree of 144. of 
Salop 119. Agnes 148.- 
Annabella 370. Do- 
rothy 86, 145. Eliza- 
beth 159. George 86. 
James 370. Rev. James 
374. Sir John, stan- 
dard 63. John 159. 
SirTl»>mas 145. Wil- 
liam 357, 337 
Scrupe, badge 67. of 
Norfolk 98. Henry 
Lord, Philippa 377. 
Sir William 103 
Scudamore, Sir John 
157, 161. Margaret 
157. Penelope 161 
Seager, William 44 
Sealy, Mary, Thomas 3 1 3 
Searte, Elizabeth, John 

Sedgwick, see Sagewick 
Sedtey, crest 70 
Segrave, Sir Hugh 101 
Seike, William 364 
Sell, Elizabeth, Simon 

SeUy, Edmund 377. 
John 377, 378. Lucy 
378. Nicholas, Tho- 
mas 377 
Senhouse, Grace, John 

Senior, Thomas 335 
Serjeant, Anne, William 

Seyer, Nicholas 139 
Seymour, Anne 383, 397. 
Dame Bridget 383. 
Sir Edward 160, 383. 
Henry 383. Sir John, 
standard 65. Joseph, 
Sir Joseph 383. Sir 
Thomas 371 e/^ef. 
Sbakspear, Rev. Mr. 344 
Shard, Sir Isaac 168 
Shannun, Grace Viscoun- 
tess 300. Mary Vis- 
countess 300, 303. 
Richard Viscount 300 
Shardlow, Elizabeth, Sir 

John, Margaret 106 
Sbarnesfield, Sir Nicho- 
las, arms 339 
Sbawe, John 336 tef' 
Sheffield, standard 62, 

crest 74 
Shelbury, Abigail 159, 



163. Elizabeth J 59. 
Francis 160. Henry, 
Gerrard, Isaac 159. 
Jubn I59> 160. Mar- 
garet 159. Richard 
159, 160. Samuel 160. 
Sarah, Thomas 159 
Sheldon, Gilbert 318. 
Judith 308,318. Mary 
Shephard, Freswitha, 

Thomas 15 
Shepheard, Stephen 45 
Sherborne, crest 72 
Sberefeld, RichiVd 258 
Sheridan, Elizabeth, Bp. 

William 319 
Sherland, Anne, Thomas 

Sherley, Helen, Thomas 

Sherwood, Edmund 187 
Shetterden, Dan. 21 
Shirley, standard 64. 
Arthur 37, 48. Mar- 
garet, Roger 369. 
Thomas 3. Walsing- 
bam 87 
Shirt, Elizabeth 336. 

John 334 
Shore, Samuel 245 
Shortes, Robert 264 
Shottesbroke, arms 64, 

Shrewsbury, Francis 
Earl of, Geo. Earl of 
Sbute, Thomas 40 
Side, Ajcnes, Ralph 143 
Silvester, Thomas, Wil- 
liam 335 
Simpson, Lady 317 
Siterne, Henry 309, 310. 
Mary, Ralph 309. 
Margaret 310 
Sixtinus, John 394 
Skelton,^ 155 
Skidmore, Hannah, Jo- 
seph 385 
Skiplon, John 335 
Skipwith, crest 70. 
Frances, Ralph 15 
Skrimesha, 340 
Skynner, Elizabeth, 
Richard, William 144. 
John 138 
Slacke, John 337. Rich- 
ard 336 
Slat ford, John, Sarah 

Smalbone, John 187 
Smalcombe, Anneys 259 
Smijthe, Sir John 153 
Smith or Smyth, Edward 

337. Elizabeth 386, 
387. Lady Elizabeth 
312. Francis 171. 
George 42. Sir James 
318. John 337, 379, 
386. Sir John 309. 
Katharine 15. Mar- 
garet 171, 389. Marv 
309, 389. Dame Mi- 
rabella 3 1 8. Nicholas 
15. Peter 163. Rich- 
ard 82, 338. Thomas 
140,334. William 82, 
83, 141,301,302,312, 
389. Sir William 579 

Snagg, Edward, Mary 

Sneltzer, John 91 

Sneyd, — 342 

Snow, Alice, Edward, 
Elizabeth, Emma 152. 
Rev. John 386. Sarah 
151, 386 

Somerset, Duke of, arms 
54. ostrich feather 58. 
John Duke of 377 

Somerset, Lady Lucy 

Summer, Nicholas 3 

Sondes, William 103,267 

de la Sore, or Lazort^y 
Elizabeth, John, Wil- 
liam 360, 363 

Sotwell, John 335 

South, Francis 334, 335. 
Sarah 334 

Southwell, crest 75. 
Mary, Sir Richard, 
Thomas 310 

Southworth, crest 75 

Sowtheby, Anthoniiia, 
Thomas 370 

Sparrow, 1.35, 48. Anne, 
Robert 16 

Specheley, — 339 

Speke, badge 68 

Spelling, arms 154 

Spelman, Anne 388. Cle- 
ment, Margaret 147 

Spencer, David 359. 
Martha 385 

Spine, Alicia, Clement 

Spir', Muriel 378 

Spooner, Mary 388 

Spore, Thomas 239, 348 . 

Sprencbose, Sir Roger 

Spring, Margaret 157. 
Mary 383 

Squibb, John 38 

Stacye, John 102 

Stafford, badge 66, Eli- 
zabeth 77, 79. Sir 

Humphrey 77, 79, 258; 
866. John 266. Rich- 
ard 266, 277. Lord 

Staffordshire, William 84 

Stallwood, Elizabeth 387 

Stanbridge, Hugh 121 
bis 123 

Standish, crest 75 

Stanley,— 340-1. Ed- 
ward 189. Elizabeth, 
Thomas 152. Sir Hum- 
phrey 403. Sir John, 
standard 65. badge 
66. Samuel 338 

Stapeldon, Sir William 

Staples, Mary 162 

Stapletun, Sir Bryan, 
standard 61. Catha- 
rine 370. Frances 164. 
Lady Hope 166. Pe- 
nelope 383. Robert 
370. Sir William 164 

Staterigge, Thomas llO 

Staunton, — 342 

Staveley, William 26 

Steele, Elizabeth 388. 
Sir Richard 162 

Stempe, Dr. Thomas 178, 
179, 181,204,206 

Stepkin, John, Kittha- 
rine 15 

Stepleton family 120 

Stevens, Mary 385 

Steward, Marv 386 

Stiuynton, John de 113 

Stockham, Joan or Ju- 
lian 155 

Stodeley, John 267 

Stodder, — 367 

Stokes, Elizabeth, John 

Stone, Edward, Marga- 
ret 144, 146 

Stoner, standard 62. 
crest 76 

Storyar, William 4 

Stourton, badge 67 

Stow, John, Mary 386 

Stowe, Richard 82 

Stradling, Mr. Margaret 

Strange, crest 75. Miss 

Strangman, James 99, 

Strangways, badge 68 

Stratton, Alianor, Alicia, 
Juliana 208, 209, 213, 
216, 217. John, Ro- 
bert, Stephen 213. 
William 208, 213,216 

Strelley, William 24 



Streete, Richard 336 
Strete, WillUm 100 
Stringer, Edward 17* 18, 

Elizabeth 17 
Strode, Elizabeth, Wil- 

liam 86, 128 
Stuhbef, Thomas 106 
Stude, Hiifh 275 bis 
Stukeley, Elizabeth 159 
Stutville, William J04 
Styell, Sir John, crest 

Sudley, Lord^ badge 68 
Suffolk, Duke of, stan- 
dard 59, badge €6, 
Thomas (Ho«»ard) 
EatI of 403 
Sussex, Henry Earl of^ 

Robert Earl of 403 
Suttoii, Eiias de 113 
Swallow, Matthew 835 
Swan, Elizabeth 308 
Swaiilaiid, arms 87, 408 
Swillington, Sir Robert 

Swinesfeld, — 341 
Swingfield, Mr. 142. 

Thomas 147 
Swinnerton, ^ 340« 343 
Symmes, Joyce, William 

Symons, Fortune 317* 

Mary, Michael 402 
Symond, Richard 250 
Talbot, badge 67 
Talebot, Hugh 285 
Tamworth, John 403 
Tankeryille, Earl of 95, 


Tanner, Elizabeth 383. 
Henry 101. Jubii 141 

Tash, Alice, Ann, Chris- 
tian, Deborah, Eliza- 
beth (duo)f George 
283. Sir George 168, 
283. Henry, Jane, 
Katharine, Robert, 
Sarah, Thumasine 283. 
DameTbomasine 168, 

Tasker, Thomas 82 

Tavistock, Wriuthesley 
Marquis uf 313 

Tayler, or Taylor 4. 
Catharine 317* Rev. 
Christopher 134. 
Denys 25, 48. Eliza- 
beth 386. John 337. 
Dr. 244. John 369, 
372. Margaret 369. 
Nicholas 84. Pam- 
317. Robert 137. Sil' 

27. Thomas 317. Wil- 
liam 137, 138 bis. Mr. 
Tempest, arms 64, 402. 
Sir Richard, standard 
Terry, Jacob 28. Mary 

312. William 28 
Tey, badge 69. Nicholas 

Thakcombe, Thomas 258 

Theobald, Prior of Ty- 
wardreth 107 

Thompson, Amy 370. 
Sir Henry 373. Joan 
370. Leonard, Mary 
373. Sir Stephen 370, 

Thorn, arms 154 

Thornbury, Sir Philip 104 

de la Thornes, Gilbert 

Tborowgood, Sir John 

Threle, Elizabeth, Tho- 
mas 308 

Throgmorton, crest 69 

Thwaytes, Anne, Ed- 
ward 6. Margaret, 
Sir Samuel 15 

Thwenge, Anne 172. 
Edward 173. Marga- 
ret 173. Marmaduke 
172, 173 

Tbynne, Henry-Fred. 
Lord Carteret 85, 88 

Tibbie, Richard 10 

Tichbourne, Jo. 28. 
Mary, Richard 312 

Tichmersb, Henry 363 

Tillard, Philip, Philippa- 
Julia 401 

Tilney, standard 64. 
crest 70. Agnes 309. 
Edmund 311. Philip 

Tipping, Elizabeth, Ich- 
abod, Mary, William 

Tiptoft, Joan, John Lord 
104, 105 

Torlyve, Bp. Richard 
174, 175. Seal 177 

Toftes, crest 75 

Tokyll, Isabella, John 

Tolut, John 84 

Tompkyn8,Anne, James 

Tookie, Bartholomew, 
John, Robert 312 

Topsfield, Henry, Susan- 
na 148 

deTornaco, Thomas 176 
Torrell, Anne 306 
Torrington, George Vis- 
count 127* 128 
Totty, John 336 
Touker, Reginald 139 
Townesend, widow 336 
Townshend, Henry, Mar- 
garet 310 
Traffry, Sir John 110 
Tray, William 254, 25 6 
Treadcroft, Rev. John 

Tredenek III 
Tregian, Frances, Joan, 

John 109 
Tregoney, Otho 393 
Trembelyon, Philip 107 
Tresby, Anne 149 
Tresbam, Thomas 292 
Tresithny, John 392, 393 
Treswell, Robert 290 
Trevor, Edward 168. 
Dame Elizabeth 168. 
Joseph 161, Letitia 
162. Mary 161. Rich- 
ard 161,162. SirTho- 
mas 162, 167, 168 
Trevelyan, standard 63 
Tritot, Louise, 317 
Trote, Walter 254 
Troy, Richard 359 
Trussel, Col. 316 
Trussell, Sir Alured, Wil- 

liam 83 
Tulse, Sir Henry 308 
Turbelvyl, Sir Robert 

Turbervile, Alice, Walter 
78. Edith, Richard 
Turner, Alice, Barbara 
158. Eleanor 369. 
Elizabeth, Frances, 
Francis 158. James 
385. Sir Jeremy, John, 
Katharine 158. Mar- 
tha 385. Mercy 158. 
Oliver, crest 74. Rich- 
ard, Robert, Walter, 
Winifred 158 
Turnor, Sir Eklward 403 
de Turri, Jordan 176 
Tweets, Sir Samuel 164 
Twinibo, arms 169. Do- 
rothy, John 170 
Twisden, Mr. 359 
Twist, Rev. Mr. 294 
Twyverton, Richard 391 
Tyler, Sir Will, crest 71 
Tyly, John 109 
Tyndall, William 101 
Tyrell, hadg;e 70. stan^ 



(lard 61. Gertrude, 
Sir Henry SGd 

Tyrrell, John 10 /tfr. Pe- 
nelope, Sir Timothy 

Ufflect, John 35 

Underdown, Alice^ John 

Underhill, Edward 361. 
Sir Edmund 361. John 
182, \99, 233, 361. 
Margaret 361 

Underwood, William 

, Undrell, Sir Edmund 361 

Urre, Walter 259, 260 

Ursewyk, Thomas 266 

Urswicke, — 150. arms 

Usher, Francis 334 

Valen«, Abigail 387 

VaJery, crest 53 

Vanderzeene,.Anne 96 

le Varundel, Thomas 110 

Vass, Thomas 230 

Vaudray, Jane, John 160 
. Vaughan, standard 62. 
badge 68. Catharine 
288. Sir Hugh 62. 
Penelope 93. Richard 
288. Watkyn 288 

Vaux, crest 70 

Venables, Alexander, 
Joan 79 

Ventris, — 133. Arthur 
121. Barbara 122. 
Catharine 121. Charles 
121, 122. Frances 
.^ 122. Francis 121, 122. 
Harry 121. John 122. 
Lady 122 
,Vere, badge 70. crest 
73. Alberic 360. Sir 
Aubrey 101. Sir John 
360, 363. Johanna 
360. Robert 360, 363. 
Sarah, William 388 

Verney, standard 62. 
crest 76. Sir Ed- 
mund 403. Sir John , 
96. John 258. Ralph 
266. Mrs. 288 

Vernon, Dame Anne 165. 
Elizabeth 161, 164. 
Henry 342. Howard, 
Jane 160. John 342. 
Mary, Robert 160. 
Sir Robert 161, 165 6u. 
Oliver, William 160 

Vincent, Deborah 161 
165. Thomas 161, 
163, 165. Elizabeth 

163. Joanna, Judith, 
Susanna, Thomas 165 
Voice, Robert 28 
Vy vyan, — 111 
Wade, Rev. John 316 6w, 
319. Rebecca 319. 

Richard 29 
Wager, John 82 
Wagstaffe 245 
Wainfleet, William de 

Wainwright, Hannah 
165. John 165, 337. 

Thomas 334, 336 
Wake, Nicholas 254 
Wakehtirst, Richard 257 
Waker, Katharine 242 
Waldegrave, Sir Will. 

crest 7 1 
Walden, Sir Roger 102 
Wales, Joan Princess of 

Walford, Mary, Richard, 

Robert 93 
Walisse, Simon 393 
Walker, George 335. 

Thomas 337. Mr. 334 
Walkwood, Mr. 388 
de la Walle, William 391 

Wailis, Elizabeth 384 
Walse, Thomas 230 
Walsingham,Sir Francis 

Walter, Catharine 387* 

Elizabeth Lady 165. 

Hubert 176. John 

Walters, Anna-Maria, 

Fleetwood, George 

161. Lucy 318 
Waliham, Joan, John, 

fip. Thomas 102. Bp. 

John 386 
Warbilton, William 104 
Ward, Coun«5ellor 317. 

Elizabeth, Rkv. Rich- 
ard 385. Martha, 

Rowley 361 
Ware, John, Tibota 138 
Wareinge, Jeremiah 336 
Warelwast, B{>. William 

Warham, crest 73. arms 

169. Agnes 6. Alice 

2, 6. Anne 6. Annis 

2, 6. Elizabeth 6. 

Ellen 1, 2, 6. Sir 

George 6, 7. Hugh 

6, 7. Jane 6, 170. 

John 6. Magdalene 6. 

Margery 2, 6. Mary 6. 

Morgan 6. Nicholas 
6, 7, 170. Richard 1, 
2, 6, 7. Robert 6, 7. 
Thomas I, 2, 6, 7. 
William 2, 3, 5, 6, T 

Warmevill, Waher 285 

Warner, Emma^ 209, 
SI9. Francis 166. 
Joan 209, 214. John 
209. Nathaniel 166. 
Reginald 403. Tho- 
mas 210, 215,218, 221 

Warr, Anne, Theophilus 

Warre, John 258 

Warren, Jeremiah 336. 
Joan, Ralph 79. Wil- 
liam 122 

Warrener, see Warner 

Warwic, John 99 

Warwick, John Earl of 

Wass, Anne 190 

Wastlnensis, Gaufridus 
Comes 110 

Waterville, Hugh, Jo- 
hanna, Margaret, 
Maud 360. Sir Regi- 
nald 360, 362, 363. 
Estrange 360, 363 

Watkins, Eliz. Henry 

Watis,Ra. 21 

Wayte, John 140 

Webb, ^111. Bennet 
287. John 84. Wil- 
liam31,48. Sir Wil- 
liam 150,287 

Welbeck, — 148 

Welch, crest 69 

Weldesh, Elizabeth 388 

Weldon, Edward, Mary 

Welinton, Roger de 1 13 

Wellesbourne, Agatha, 
Humphrey 369 

Wells, Lord, crest 12, 
Margaret, William 

Wenlock, Lord 117 

Wentworth, crest 71. 
badge 73. John 3a8. 
Sir Thomas 333, 334, 

Werk, John 267 

Wfst, Alice Lady 99. 
Elizabeth 171. Sir 
George 171, 383. 
Mary 383. Stephen 

West brook, Elizabeth 




Westbury, William 964 
West com be, Anoa-Ma- 

ria, Sir Anthony 384 
Wbeatley/ Thomas 334, 

Wbfeler, Francis 39. Sir 

Georf;e 388 
Whettel, crfst 75 
Wbithread, William 1S3 
Wbitchurch, Margaret 

White, Anne, John 388. 

Robert 288. Dr. Tho- 
mas 179, 181, 182 
WbiCebead, Augustine, 

Jane 6. Elizabeth 

Whitham, Nath.27 
Whitingbam,Ri)bert 105 
Whittingham, £lizabe(b 

Whitwhang, crest 76 
Whitworth, John 62. 

Ear) 305 
Wickharo, arms 234^ 

238. pedigree of Wick- 
ham of Swaclifftf 360. 
of Wickham of Abing- 
don 367. of Wiokham 
of Yorkshire 369. 
Agnes 199, 205, 210, 

362, 363, 365. Anne 
234. Dorothy 374. 
Edward 180 et seq. 347, 
365, 366. Elizabeth 
203, 346. Ferdinand 
181,184, 196. Geurge 
347. Guy 365. Hum- 
phrey ITS ei seq. 345 
eiseq. Jubn 181, 183. 
194, 201—204, 216, 
221, 222, ^232, 235, 
346, 350, 351, 362 et 
teq, Katharine 234, 

363. Margaret 187, 
190, 197, 367. Mar- 
maduke 367. Mary 
346, 347. Matilda 
205, 363. Nicholas 
202, 222, 229, 349, 
350, 351, 365, 366. 
Percevall 202, 203, 

239, 348, 349, 362, 
365. Petronell 364. 
Ralph 232. Richard 
180, 181, 184, 196, 
202, 203, 232—234, 
345, 347, 348, 351, 
356, 362 et seq. Sir 
Robt-rt 198, 201, 203, 
232, 233, 239, 362 et 
teq, Sibilla 211. Si- 
mon 203. Thomas 

)81, 194, 196, 198, 
202,203— 205. 213 6t5, 
216, 221 et teq. 346, 
351, 36ietteq. Wil- 
liam 178 e< teq, 346, 
et teq, Latin lives of 
Bp. William 212, 232, 

Wigmore, R. 293 

Wigriuus episcopus 110 

Wilde, Anne 155. Do- 
rothy 2. William 2, 4, 
155. Wyat2 

Wilford, Elizabeths, 13. 
Nicholas 8. Thomas 

Wilkes, William 213, 

Wilkinson, Anne, Ed- 
ward 389 

Willey family 120 

William the Conqueror 

-^— abbat of An- 
gers 111 

Williams, Dorothy, Tho. 
mas 36H. Fitch 338. 
Lady 317 

Williamson, Edmond 
123. Eliz. 367. Tho- 
mas 122 

Willis, Anne 385 

Willys, Sir John, Mary 

Willoughby of Eresby, 
Lord, standard 59, 64. 
badge 67. Sir Henry, 
crest 73. Sir William 

Wilmer, George, Mar- 
gery 173 

Wilson, Alice 386. Chris- 
topher 87, 336. Ed- 
ward 164. Elizabeth 
38.5. Jubn 236, 335, 
337, 338 

Wiltshire, badge 67 

Wiltshire, Enrl of, stan- 
dard 59. Avici a Coun- 
tess of 266, 271,277, 
278. James Earl of 
266,271,278; tee Or- 

Winch, Cicely, Doro- 
thy, Helen, Humphrey, 
Sir Humphrey, Judith, 
Margaret, Onsluw, Re- 
becca 86 

Winchelsea, Daniel Earl 

of 129 
Windebank, Anne, Sir 

Thomas 157 
Windham, standard 63 

Windsor, Sir Andrew, 

crest 75 
WingReld, badge 71. 

Robert 292. William 

Winne, Mary, Thomas 

Winspeare, John, Sarah 

Wlonkeslowe, Hugh de 

Wod6t«icke, Thomas 10^ 

William 3 
att Wode, John 4 bis 
Wodvile, Thomas 103 
Wodye, John 267 
Woker, — 342 
Wolle, Lewis 382 
Wollaston, Michael, Sa- 
rah 387 
Wolley, Adam 248 
Wolriche, Frances 369 
Wolsey, Cardinal, crest 

Wolton, John 336 
Wood, Catharine 312, 

383. George 333. 

John 11,336. Robert 

334. Richard 333. 

Thomas 333, 336, 383. 

widow 336. William 

Woodford, arms 169, 

403. Margaret, Wil- 
liam 170 
Woodlocke, Agnes 210, 

217 218 
Woolley, William 247 
Woolrich, Catharine 383 
Worcester, Elizabeth 

Countess of 403. Henry 

Earl of 124 
Wordsworth, Ambrose 

336. Isaac 336. John 
335 bis, 337 quater, 
Josias 335, 336. Wil- 
liam 334, 335, 337 bit, 
widow 338 

Worsley, Alice, Hugh 

Wort ley. Sir Francis 334, 

337. Samuel 334 
Wotton, Sir Edward 291. 

Robert 99 
Wright, Adam 319. Jane 

132. Lyonell, Sarah 

Wriothesley, crest 75 
Wroe, widow 336 
Wroth, John 369, 372. 

Margaret 369 
Wrottesley, — 340 


2 I 


Wyatt, arms 1 54. badge 
69* Sir Henry, stan- 
dard 63 

Wye, Elizabeth, William 

Wyke, John 84 

Wykebam, Bp. William 
174, see Wickbam 

Wylliam, John 137 

Wyndham, badge 73 

Wyntre, Jordan 262, 276 


Wyse, Edm. 35 

Wyseman, Amysia 137 

Yalden, Robert 27 

Yard, arms 328 

Yardeley, Agnes, Nicho- 
las, Margaret 84 

Yelverton, Sir Christo- 
pher 15, 311. Judith 
311. Mary 15, 279. 
Judge 279 

York, Duke of, badge 

53, 54. arms 54. Isa- 
bel. Duchess of 99 

Young, arms 87, 402. 
Ellis 383 

Younge, Edi^ard 352. 
Sir George, Margaret, 
Abp. Thomas 311 

Yowge, William, stan- 
dard 61 

Zouch, badge 67. Eudo* 
Eva, 78 




k- ■■