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3 1833 01254 1170 



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VOL. I. 






PREFACE. '»b0a7l5 

. ^6887' 

At the conclusion of the first volume of the " Collectanea 
TopoGRAPHicA ET Genealogica," a few remarks may be 
thought requisite on the plan pursued in its compilation. 

Every Local Historian has more or less had to deplore the 
limited means of access to the public and private repositories of 
documents which throw light on the descent of property and 
families ; and although by the exertions of the Record Commis- 
sion, the former evil may in time be removed, yet the latter must 
necessarily continue. It appeared, therefore, to the projectors 
of the " Collectanea," that a work conducted on a moderate scale 
of expense, and chiefly founded on the publication oio?'iginal and 
inedited materials of value to the topographer and genealogist, 
might be favourably received and supported by those interested 
in such pursuits. The only work of a similar nature pre- 
viously attempted, was Shaw's " Topographer," which appeared 
in 4 vols. 1789-1791 ; but the admission of much extraneous 
matter and the want of judgment often displayed in its arrange- 
ment — not to mention the almost total absence of original docu- 
ments — prevent any just comparison being drawn between the 
" Topographer" and the " Collectanea." The subsequent effort 
to revive it, under the title of " Topographical Miscellanies," 1792, proved still more unsuccessful. The " Bibliotheca " 
of the laborious Mr. Nichols and his coadjutors, can much 


less serve as a parallel to the " Collectanea," since the former 
valuable miscellany not only admitted distinct histories of Pa- 
rishes, sufficiently copious to form by themselves a volume, but 
also dissertations on subjects of an antiquarian, historical, or bio- 
graphical character, which could not properly fall within the 
scope of our publication. 

In regard to the materials of which the " Collectanea " is com- 
posed, it is only necessary to observe, that those whose opinion is 
really of weight — to whom the inspection of a document literatim 
is more satisfactory than a brief and possibly erroneous abstract 
or translation — will scarcely be inclined to find fault with us 
for presenting them with the originals. It must also be re- 
membered, that the " Collectanea" is intended to be, not a mere 
temporary vehicle of amusement, but a permanent storehouse of 
authentic information, to which reference may hereafter confi- 
dently be made. Rymer's Fcedera, or any other collection of 
documents, may just as well be objected to, since the real fault 
(if any) rests with the learning of our ancestors, who preferred 
recording their transactions relative to property and pedigree in 
a dead language. 

It would be difficult, if not impossible, to please all tastes ; for 
what to one might seem useless another would esteem of the 
hio-hest value. But on looking at the materials from which our 
first volume is composed, and without wishing to challenge un- 
due commendation, it will, we hope, be admitted, that much has 
been for the first time made available to the Local Historian and 
Genealogist; that much has been done to correct and improve 
die three great works of Dugdale, Tanner, and Dodsworth ; and 
that, on the whole, the "Collectanea" has fulfilled the expec- 
tations held out in our Prospectus. 






J(^ A 





A: ^ 

^ -^ 


^ ^ 

,**''^^^^-— - — ^ ^ 


It has been a principal object with the Editors, that the volume 
should be furnished with complete Indexes, which form so im- 
portant a feature of any book intended for reference. It was by 
means of its Index of Names that the Monasticon became of 
essential service to Dugdale when compiling the materials of his 
Baronage; and it is only by the aid of their Indexes that the 
multifarious but invaluable collections of Leland and Hearne, 
have been rendered very extensively available to succeeding an- 

In the succeeding volume of the present Work (and we would 
add volumes^ but that must depend on the continuance of a sub- 
scription list, not yet adequate to our expenses), the same zeal 
will be manifested to enrich our publication from the inedited 
stores of the British Museum and Bodleian Library, as well as 
from the valuable collections of individuals ; and when we review 
the distinguished names of those who have already favoured our 
pages with their Communications, and on whose future co-opera- 
tion we have reason confidently to rely, a strong guarantee is held 
out to our Subscribers for the increasing stability and sterling 
value of the " Collectanea." 
March \sL 1834. 


is published hi] subscription., on the following Conditions : 

1. The Work shall be issued in Quarterly Parts, in Royal 
Octavo, price 5s. to be paid on delivery. 

2. Subscribers to engage to purchase at least one volume of 
four Parts; but to be at liberty to decline at the close of any 

?>. Each volume shall be completed with Indexes of places 
and persons. 


The Right Hon. the Earl of Aberdeen, 
K.T. Pres. S.A. 

•John Adamson, esq. F.S.A. Secretary to 
Soc. of Ant. Newcastle. 

Rev. James Adcock, Lincoln. 

Kev. Francis B. Astley, Manningford Ab- 
bots rectory, Wilts. 

The Athenaeum, London. 

The Rt. Hon. Lord Bagot, F.S.A. 

George Baker, esq. Northampton. 

Rev. Buikeley Bandinel, D.D. F.S.A. 

Mr Batclielor, Dover. 

William Bateman, esq. F.S.A. 

Rt. Rev. the Bishop of Bath and Wells, 
F.R.S. & S.A. 

IMr. J. Batten, jun. Yeovil. 

James Hinton Baverstock, esq. F.S.A. 

His Grace the Duke of Bedford, F.S.A. 

Geo. Fred. Beltz, esq. F.S.A. Lancas- 
ter Herald. 

Robert Benson, esq. Lincoln's Inn. 

William Bentham, esq. F.S.A. 

Hon. Mrs. Grantley F. Berkeley. 

Sir William Betham, F.S.A. Ulster King 
at Arms. 

Thomas Bird, esq. F.S.A. Hereford. 

William Henry Black, esq. Oxford. 

Christopher Blackett, esq. Wylam. 

Rev. Philip Bliss, D.C.L. Oxford. 

John Blount, esq. Lea Hall. 

Edward Boswell, esq. Dorchester. 

Rev. Joseph Bosworth, LLD. F.R.S. 

Henry Bower, esq. F.S.A. Doncaster. 

Charles Bowles, esq. Shaftesbury. 

Rev. Wm. Lisle Bowles, M.R.S.L. 

G. W. Braikenridge, esq. F.S.A. & FG.S. 

Reginald Bray, esq. FS.A. 

John Brittcm, esq. F.S.A. 

John Trotter Brockett, esq. F.S.A. 

Mrs. Brougham, Burslem. 

Samuel Cowper Brown, esq. F.S.A. 

John Bruce, esq. F.S.A. 

Rev. Guy Bryan, F.S A. 

Samuel Walter Burgess, esq. Nortlifleet, 

Rev. Samuel Butler, D.D. Archdeacon 

of Derby, F.S.A. 
John Caldecott, esq. Holbrook Grange. 
Rev.H.Card, D D.F.R.S.F.S.A.M.R.S.L. 
Rev. Stephen HydeCassan, M.A. F.S.A. 

Vicar of Bruton, Somerset. 
G, H. Cherry, esq. 
George T. Clark, esq. 
William Nelson Clarke, esq. Ardington, 

Rev. A. B. Clough, Jesus college, Oxford. 
C. P. Cooper, esq. F.R.S, & S.A. 
Bolton Corney, esq. 
S. P. Cox, esq. 
Miss Currer, Eshton Hall. 
•John Dallinger, esq. Hertford. 
Jas. Davidson, esq. Secktor, Axminster. 
Arthur Davis, esq. Deptfurd. 
Matthew Dawes, esq. Bolton le Moors. 
S. Deacon, esq. Towcester. 
Mr. Deck, Ipswich. 
Rt. Hon. Lord Dover, F.R.S. F.S.A. 


Rev. Sir Henry Dryden, Bart. 

Thos. Farmer Dukes, esq. Shrewsbury. 

Nadmniel Duubar, esq. Middle Temple. 

The Rt. Rev. the Bishop of Diirliani. 

Mr. John Elliott, Hurstperpoint. 

Sir Henry Ellis, K.H. F.R S. Sec. S.A. 

Edward Evans, esq. Eyton, co. Heref. 

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Lady Harriet Frampton, Moreton House, 

Charles Frost, esq. F.S.A. 

John F.R.S. Director S.A. 

The late Rt. Hon. Lord Viscount Gal- 

Thomas Garrard, esq. 

Rt. Rev. the Bishop of Gloucester. 

Ambrose Glover, esq. F.S.A. 

Ormsby Gore, esq. Porkington, Salop. 

J. S. Graves, esq. Spring-p;ardens. 

William Greenwood, esq. Burnley. 

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Stacey Grlmaldi, esq. F.S.A. 

Hudson Gurney, esq. M.P. F.R.S. 

Daniel Gurney, esq. Runcton, Norfolk. 

Mr. Henry Gwyn, 6t. Tichfield-strcet. 

J. Wilson Hall, esq. 

Joseph Thomas Hand, esq. 

J. Stockdale Hardy, esq. F.S.A. 

Thomas Duffus Hardy, esq. F.S.A. 

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Henry Montonnier Hawkins, esq. 

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The Rt. Hon. and Rt. Rev. tlie Bishop 
of London. 

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and Edinb. 

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The late Rev. Edward Stanley, M. A. 

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Hall, near Warwick. 
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G.C.B. F.R.S. and S.A. 
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Edge, Westerham. 
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& S.A. Pres. S.A. Newcastle. 
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University College, Oxford. 

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& S.A. 

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Sir Wathen Waller, Bart. G.C.H. and 
Groom of the Bedchamber to his 

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cote House, near Warwick. 

Wm. Wright, esq. Richmond, York- 
Thomas Eyre Wyche, esq. 

Wm. Watkin Edw. Wynne, esq. 
Charles George Young, esq. F.S.A, York 

The York Subscription Library. 


YEARS 1647 AND 1651. 

So early as the month of September 1642^ the memorable Long Par- 
liament had appointed a Committee for the Sequestration of the lands 
of all Bishops, Deans, and Chapters, (Whitl. Mem. p. G3,) and subse- 
quently proceeded to utterly abolish the name and title of Archbishops 
and Bishops by an ordinance bearing date 9 Oct. 1646, by which they 
vested all their honors, manors, lordships, &c. and all their charters, 
deeds, books, writings, &c. in the hands of Trustees, " for the payment 
of the just and necessary debts of the kingdom." (Scobell, p. 99, pt. i.) 
Pursuant to which, on 16 Nov. 1646, an ordinance was issued for the 
sale of all the Bishops' lands and estates for the service of the Common- 
wealth, (lb. p. 101.) By the same authority all purchasers were to 
have letters patents under the Great Seal of England for these grants, 
and to hold of the King in fealty only, according to the tenure of the 
manor of East Greenwich. The Attorney-general vvas authorised to 
prepare a Bill for each grant or sale, and the Lord Chancellor em- 
powered to pass it ; whilst the titles of the purchasers were to be de- 
fended at the pubhc charge. (lb. p. 133.) In addition to these secu- 
rities, and in order to afford greater encouragement to their chapmen 
(as Walker calls them), the estates were sold at an appraisement barely 
equivalent to the materials of the mansion-houses and timber on the 
grounds, so that, as Dr. Bate truly remarks, (Elench. Mot. p. 52, 
edit. 1676.), " Episcoporura latifundia vili pretio sub hasta posuerint, 
unde sectores innumeri confluxerunt, qui materia ruderibusque palatio- 
rum et silvis excisis pretium emptionis solventes, praedia ampla et In- 
tegra maneria gratis fere adipiscuntur." It was, moreover, ordered, 
that all surveys, particulars, contracts, &c. of the lands so sequestrated, 
should be registered by a public officer, and catalogues drawn up of all 
evidences and writings touching the titles of the same (Scob. p. II !•) i 
and this register ought still to exist in some one of the public Record 
Offices, and would be at the present day a singularly curious document. 
The same steps, in regard to the lands of Deans and Chapters, were taken 


in April, 1649, in referring to which, and to the previous act. Walker 
only says, " Having no information relating to the proceedings on that 
act, I can only assure the reader, that the lands, &c. were, in fact, sold, 
or converted by the Commissioners to their own private uses 5 but can 
give him no particulars relating to these matters." (p. 14 ) 

The account now first printed, of the sale of the Episcopal lands, with 
the names of the purchasers, and prices, will sufficiently show to what 
an extent the proceedings in question were carried. It is transcribed 
from a MS. nearly or quite coeval, recently presented to the British 
Museum by William Bray, Esq. F.S.A. (MSS. Add. 9049) A recent 
copy of it exists among the Rawlinson MSS. in the Bodleian library, 
B. 230, from which a list of the estates belonging to the Sees of Dur- 
ham and Winchester was inserted in the new edition of the Monasticon, 
vol. i.pp. 203, 233. 

As a necessary prelude to the Restoration, the two acts of Sequestra- 
tion were repealed in March, 1659-16(30 3 and, on the King's return, 
the subject of the restoration of these lauds to the rightful owners, and 
the compensation to be made to the purchasers, became a subject of 
frequent deliberation in Parliament, and produced several pamphlets on 
the side of the latter party. Among which may be noticed. An 
Apology for purchases of lands late of Bishops, Deans, and Chapters. 
(Aug. 1660.) Proposals on behalf of the Purchasers, &c. (Sept. 1660), 
and Petition of the Purchasers to the House of Commons (Oct. 1660.) 

The King had partly pledged himself to some equitable accommoda- 
tion, and communicated his wishes on the subject to the Parliament in 
September, 1660 ; and, on the 7th of October following, a Commission 
was especially appointed " to inquire into the pretended sales and pur- 
chases of Crown and Church Lands/' (Kennet's Regist. p. 273.) These 
Commissioners sate in the Star Chamber, and their proceedings are 
stated to have given the parties concerned great satisfaction. Bishop 
Kennet repeatedly refers to a MS. containing the orders of the Com- 
missioners, but chiefly in regard to lands belonging to the Dean and 
Chapter of Peterborough. (Cf. Reg. pp. 376, 388-9, 475, 579, 605, 
628, 631.) He does not state, however, where this MS. was deposited, 
nor does it seem to form a part of his own collections, now existing in 
the British Museum among the Lansdowne MSS. If hereafter found, 
it will, no doubt, afford some useful information in illustration of the 
document here printed. 

The only liberty taken with the IMS. is to restore in some cases a 
stricter chronological order than there observed, and occasionally to 
abbreviate the Christian names of persons. 

F. M. 

BETWEEN 1647 AND 1G51. 


Date of 







5. d. 


5 July 


Copperas Stones in Seasal- 
ter, Wliitstaple, at al. 

John Thurlowe, gt. 



'29 Aug. 


Coppiehold and freehold te- 

Thomas Nash, "j 

nemt* in the niannor of 

Geo. Spaikes, V 


17 3 

Whistons an'l Claynes 

Richard Deacon J 


1 Sept. 


The maanor of Fulham, and 


J Edmund Harvey 

divers lands parcel] of y' 


2 10 



10 Sept. 


ThePallace of Exeter 

Simon Snowe 



13 Se|)t. 


The mannor of Croyden 

Sir Wm. Brereton 


13 6 



The White Horse in iMi- 
chaells Qucrne 

Robert Titchborne, 



-24 Sept. 


The luannor of Hornesey 
and Fynchley 

Sir John Wollaston 


5 4§ 



The mannor of Otley 

The Lord Fairefax 


18 5| 

Ca. -) 


The mannor of Reculver, 

John Blackwell, 


7 6i 

Gio. y 


and other lands 


Nor. J 



A messuage and two shopps 
in Cornehill 

William Webb 



27 Sept. 


The mannor of Waltham 

Rob. Reynolds, esq. 


14 \0^ 

The mannor of Droxford 

Francis Allen, esq. 


10 7 

Lo. ) 

Surr. / 

A house in Blowbladdei 


Ca. S 

Street, and certain lands 

> Alexander Jones 


3 4 

in Camherwell 




The Golden Lyon in Paules 

John Bellamy 





Parcell of the mannor o. 

William Cockayne, 


10 4 



Lands in Perin 

Joseph Garrett 


St. Da. 

•28 Sept. 

The mannor of Abergwilly 

Christopher Goad 


10 5 



Two messuages in Faith's 

John Fenton 

44 5 



The mannors of Create 

SirHich.Everard, V 

Greeueford and Hanwell 


10 u 

Mr. Mildmay J 


6 Oct. 


Howses in St. Martins Le 

Edward Greene 


13 4 


13 Oct. 


The White Bell in Pater- 
noster Kowe 

Thomas Barnes 


17 4 


1 8 Oct. 


Certeine farmes, parcell ol 
y<" mannor of Howton in 
Le Springe 

Adam Shepardson 



25 Oct. 


The Pallaee of Ely 

James Standish 



3 Nov. 


Divers lands, parcell of the 
mannor of Kippon 

William Wood 


7 3 



The Bin> of Gloucester's Pal- 
lace and other lands 

Thomas Hodges 




10 Nov. 


A messuage in Exeter 

John Smith 




12 Nov. 


Twelve parcells of land, 

William Batten, ") 

parcell of the mannor of 

Henry Hubbart } 







A tenement in Salisbury 

George Legg 



15 Nov. 


Bangor House 

.lohn Baiksteed 




The loyalties of Sarura and 

The Maii.r and ") 

certain lands 

Co'i'altie of > 
New Sarura J 


7 8 


17 Nov. 


Lands called Worth Men- 
nys, and other lands 

John Boys 




The Labour in vayne, neere Leonard Bennett 


Old Fish street 



Date of 








5. d. 


19 Nov. 


The manner of Frith 

Stephen Estwick, } 


6 8 

Robert Player \ 


20 Nov. 


The messuage called the 
Chequer in St. Martin's 

Richard Prettle 



22 Nov. 


The Three Black Lyons in 

Ann Grove and | 



Pater Noster Rowe 

Ellenor Curtis S 


26 Nov. 


Parcell of the demeasnes of 
the manner of Otley 

Lord Fairefax 


12 34 



A tennenient in Salisbury 

Thomas Boswell 



A teunement in New Sarum 

Edward Staples 




The mannor of Chisleit 

Richard ClotterO 


12 11^: 


29 Nov. 


The mannors of Tolthorpe 
and Felthorpe, Drayton 
and Taverham 

John Spencer 






John Lamott 


8 4 


3 Dec. 


Parcell of tiie mannor of 

Sir Wm. Constable 


4 8 



A water mill, and other 
lands in Alnechurch 

Henry Haynes 


3 4 


Divers other lands parcel! 
of the mannor of Alne- 





Divers lands parcell of the 
mannor of Otley 

John Rhodes 




A messuage and other lands 
parcell of the mannor of 

Robert Ilolborne 


4 2 


6 Dec. 

Reasc Park, and other lands 

John Blackiston, I 



Edward Cludd ^ 



The scite of Wingfelld, and 
other lands 

Lyonell Edgar, 1 
John Browne J 


2 li 


8 Dec. 


The mannor of Kelvedon 

Thomas Talcott, ( 
Edward Smith J 





Parcell of the mannor of 

Alajor Wm.iMasters 


9 4 



Parcell of the mannor of 

Waller Braemes 


15 6 

Shoddford Meadowes 





The Swan in the old Change 

Philip Owen 


2 4 


13 Dec. 


Scalme Parke 

Thomas Dawnay 


14 10 


15 Dec. 


The mannor of Pisinge 

John Nutt 




17 Dec. 


The mannor of Lecion, et 

Peter Honywood, ~) 
iMichaellHeneage J 


17 2 



The scite of the mannor oi 
Stevenage, &c. 

George Heate 




18 Dec. 


The mannor of Prees 

Henock Smith 


16 2 


20 Dec. 


The mannor of Bishopston 

John Oldfeild, ■) 
Matt. C^endricke j 


16 2A 


23 Dec. 

Parte of the mannor ol 

Joseph Edwards, | 
John Woods / 




24 Dec. 


The mannor of Dagworth 

Nathaniel! Alexan 


17 6| 


4 Jan. 


Certeine lands w"'in the 
Loi'P of Sherbourne 

Edward Cludd 


5 2 


5 Jan. 


The INIearemaide in Blow- 
bladder street 

John Adye 



7 Jan. 


Parcell of the mannor ol 
15orough Berrie 

Walter Sly 


9 6| 


10 Jan. 


Woolledge Woods, kc. 

Richard Trotter 


17 0,^ 

BETWEEN 1647 AND 1651 


Date of 



St. Da 






1 .Jan. 











16 Jan. 

I.q Jan. 
21 Jan. 

1 Jan. 

2 Feb. 

4 Feb. 

7 Feb. 

1 Feb. 

14 Feb. 
21 Feb. 

21 Feb. 











The manner of Greate Had- 
liam. al's Much Ha<ihan) 

The King's Head iu Chan- 

Certeine iiouses in Panics 
Church vard 

Parcel! of the LoPp of Mar- 
ton neere Sutton 

Parcel! of the manner of 

The Parke in Southwarke 

\ brevvehouse, y" Beare 
Garden, &c.ontlieBanck- 

riie mannor of BPPstoke 


Parcel! of the mannor of 

The mannor and castle of 

Lollingdon Farme 
A. meadow neere Dover 
The mannor of Ferring and 

The mannor house and scite 

of the mannor of Ferringe 

and Fure 
Houses, sliopps, and waste 

ground upon Tyne Bridge 
Cambridge farme, parcel! of 

tlie mannor of Witney 
Parcel! of the mannor of 


William Collins, "> 
Piobert Staunton J 
Rich. Wollaston, ) 
Tliomas Jones J 
Chris. Meredith 

Robert Alderson 

John Lewis 

George Thompson 

Sarah Palmer 

Deo' Cox, and ") 
MalachyDewdney J 
Robert Henson 

Thomas Westrowe 

Rich. Hutcliingson 
Robert Moulton 
Anthony Stapley 








Downeton mills, &c. 
Parte of London house 

John Bothvvell, . 
A others. 3 

Parcell of the rnannor oflJohn Delves 

The mannor of Northcreake 

Thos. Waterfelld 
Francis Alder 

m J 



1498 19 

141 8 

202 16 

1191 3 

1783 15 

1601 4 


32 8 
671 10 9§ 

59 2 

William Well 
Robert Martin 
John Wandbv, ") 
VVra.Padley, tho. { 
Whorleton, Ann f 
Woodmausey J 
William Eyre 
John Harrison, "> 

St. Da. 25 Feb. 

\ fovverth parte of West- 
wood Grange iu M arris 

Carlile-house, in Lambetli 

ri>e mannor of Littleborne 

The mannor of Marston 

Parcell of the mannor of 

The mannor of Havant 

The mannor of Southwell 

Thorpe Grange 

rhe mannor of Atper, Dif- 
frinj^tlvic, and Laudugwy 

Tym. Cruso, 
Nath. Knivett 
John Leather 
Machabeus Holl 


Matthew Hardy 

John Bix 
Rol)ert Jenner 

John Bellamy 

William Wolgar 
Wm. Pierrepoynt 
Ellis Couliffe 
David Lewis 



430 17 
3S2 4 

1716 2 10| 

1092 12 9^ 

389 19 10 

1 1 62 5 4 


556 18 10 

277 14 1 



Date of 









s. d. 


2.5 Feb. 


The mannor of Diidmans- 

William Richards 


9 2 


28 Feb. 


The mannors of Rippnn, 
Miirton, Sutton, and 

The Lord Fairfax 


17 9i 


Parcell of Rippon 

William Wood 


12 6 



Ryniptiin Faniie 

John Payne 



1 Mart. 


The mannor of Bronieley 

Augustyne Skinner 


11 11 



Parcell of the mannor of 

Parcell of the mannor of 

George Naylor 



Ba. and 


John Casebeard, ~\ 


Wells and Wesibury 

Thomas Meade, J> 
and Tym. Salmon J 


1 io§ 



Parcell of the mannor of 

Peier Rayne 


2 8 


Sotwell Farme 

William Leaver 





The mannor of Whitborne 

Richard Salway, ^ 
Edm. Waring, > 
Edward Smith 3 


10 10 


3 Mart. 


Lands in Lawhitton 

Digory Shire 




The mannor of Bushley 

Wm. Hancocke, ") 


sen., William J> 
Hancocke, jun. J 


10 1 


7 Mart. 


The Three Cocks, and parte 
of the Brood Henn, in 

Wm. Adames, "^ 
John Helmes, ( 

3 4 

Paternoster Rowe 

Sam. Haward, f 


George Clarke J 


8 Mart. 

Parcell of the mannor of 

Giles Calverte, & | 
Adam Haughton J 


15 10 



Parcell of the mannor of 

Vallentlne Wanley 




The mannor and burrough 

Sir Arthur Hasle- ) 

of Bisl-.opps Auckland 

ridge \ 


8 11§ 


10 Mart. 


Barton Farme 

Thomas Monins 




The mannor of Bishopps 

Vyilliam White 


7 6 


13 Mart. 


Barfoots Farme 

Nicholas Martin 


6 5 

Ba. and 

15 Mart. 


The Royalties of the cittie 

TheMaior, Mas--] 


of Wells, etal. 

ters, and Bur- > 
gesses of Wells J 


13 4 


1 8 Mart. 


Tile mannor of Rympton 

'ohn Pavne, ") 
ThomasTaylor,S<. \ 
Thomas Clothier J 


7 41 


•20 Mart. 


The castle and mannor of 

Brampton Gur- ( 
don, John Hill ; 


17 0§ 

Co. and 


The fee farme rent of 

Nath. Hallowes 






The mannor of Boughton 

William Kenwricke 


8 7 



Parcell of the mannor of 

Philip Bigleston 





Peterborough Pallace 

James Russell 




The mannor of Cackluim 

John Beauchampe 


1 2 



A messuage in Blowblad- 

Humphrie Ford 


Sar. & 

22 Mart. 


The mannors of Ivvchurch 

Sidney Bere, and") 



and Alderbury, aiul 200/. 
per annum out of Dur- 
liam House 

Ferdinando } 
Parkhurst J 


2 4 



The mannor of Bishopps 

Sir John Evelyn 


13 9 



The mannors of Thirne, 
Ashby, and Groby 

John Guybon 



BETWEEN 1611 AND 1651. 


Date of 







s. d. 


22 Mart. 


Long Reecliwood 

Peter Nowell 


rs 4 



The mannor or barton of 

Will. Speringe, ") 


11 8 


John Crabb J 


23 Mart. 


Parcel! of the mannor of 

Walter Dobson 



24 Ma-t. 


riie fee-fa rme of 40l. per 
annum out of Brittaines 

Earle of Salisburie 





Maydeuwell Grange 

Thomas Marsh 





A third parte of the Three 
Cranes in Paternoster- 
rowe, int. al. 

William Gouge 



Ca. aud 


riie chantiie of Biedgar 

Thomas Hamond 


14 8 


and mannor of Heliisdou 



The mannor of Hull 

William Craford, ") 
John Cooley J 


2 9 



The manners of Keighaven 
and Keyliaven 

Robert Hobman, } 
Richard Harte S 


3 11 



The scite of the mannor of 

Edniond Wiseman 



VVithington Wood 

Gabrlell Beck 


6 8 



One third parte of the 
mannor of Lassington 

William Cooke 




The mannor of Wistowe 

Tempest Milner 


14 6 



The Boares Heade in Pa- 
ternoster Rowe 

John Sherman 


5 4 



The mannor of Adderbury 

Edward Ashe 


11 4 



Ingham Grange 

William Puckle, ") 
Isaac Sidley, ^ 
Thos. Angier J 


8 5 



The mannor of Deale 

Roger Pay, and 1 
Thos. Llewellin J 


12 0^ 



Deereham Grange 

Wm. and Thomas'! 
Baxter, for Sir V 
John Danvers J 


7 4 



Honnycroft Mead, parcell 
of the mannor of Taunton 

Roger Hill 




The P'aucon on the Stewes 

Thomas RoUinson 




The mannor of Guston 

Robert Master 





The mannor of Stortford 

Richard Turner 


4 5 




The mannor of Stockton 

Wra. Underwood, \ 
Jas. Nelthorpe J 


10 2i 


31 Mart. 


The rents and services of 
the mannor of Barnesbury 

Sir Thomas Fowler 


13 4 



Parcell of the mannor of 

Thomas Grosvenor 




7 Apr 


Severall haggs in the pa- 
rishes of Wistowe and 

John Needham 




12 Apr. 


The scite of the mannor of Lawr. Lampard 
Bpps Sutton 1 





Parcell of the mannor of John Boys 
Chistlett 1 


3 6 


19 Apr. 


Par ell of the mannor of.Edward Cludd 


9 10 




Severall parcells of the 
mannor of Gateshead by 
Tine Bridge 

James Bayles 


15 10 


21 Apr. 


Catwaries Favme 

Richard Elderfeild 





Date of 







s. d. 


21 Apr. 


Nine messuages in Paules 

Christ. Gore 


Co. and 


The scite of the mannor of 

Tho. Harpar 


13 5 




28 Apr. 


Parcel) of the mannor of 

Edw. Leventhorpe 


17 4 



3 May 


Norwood Parke 

Edward Cludd 




The White Harte in Pater- 

Ralph Boulton 

24 8 

noster Rowe 

Ba. and 


Parcell of the mannor of 

Thomas Blackborne 


9 iH 




The mannor of Bishopps 

Thomas Rawlins, \ 
Edm. Giles, jun. J 


4 9 



8 May 


The mannor of Lidden 

Thomas Monyns,"^ 

Whittingham > 


11 8 

Wood J 


10 May 


Several! parcell of the 
mannor of Taunton 

Brampton Gur- ^ 
don, John Hill S 





Lands in Northallerton 

John Westell and ") 
James Danby J 



15 May 


The mannor of Northal- 

William Cave 


6 8^ 




Hamwood Farme 

Joseph Whetham 




19 May 


The mannor-house and 
other lands, parte of the 
mannor of Kilborne 

1 Thomas Richard- 
j son 


10 8 



The mannor of Weiland 

Tho.Leechmore, > 
Matthew Smith J 


13 6 


23 May 

Flint & 

The mannor and lordship 
of Istervin 

Humphrie Jones 1 
Henry Jones J 


12 9^i 


26 May 


The Bishopps Pallace in 


Southwell New Parke, 

}> Ed ward Cludd 

1 666 

7 3§ 

and Hexgrave Parke 



Parcell of the mannor of 

Dame Margaret "] 

Acombe and Fossewray 

Melton, Tempest > 
Milner J 


13 4 


29 May 


The mannor of Cawood, 
except certeine parcells 

Richard Warner, > 
Henry Cornish ^ 


1 10 


3 Jun. 


The courte leetand royalties 

William Baxter, 1 
Thomas Baxter j 


17 4 

of Potterne 

Ba. & 


The mannor of Banwell 

John Smith, ") 
Tho. Allen, etal. / 


9 4 


7 Jun. 


South Bishoppsden Wood, 
parte of Westgate mannor 

John Nutt 


1 7 



Parte of London House 

Richard Coysh 


4 10 


9 Jun. 


Two- third parts of the 
Colemynes in Tanfeild 

Richard Marshall 





The third parte of Tanfeild 

Archibald Lovett 


6 6 


Patley Bridge mill 

John Pickersgall 



\_To be continued.^ 





This Manuscript, preserved in the library of Sir Thomas Phillipps, 
Bart, at Middle Hill, in Worcestershire, contains a history of the Abbats 
of Meaux or Melsa, intermixed with a narrative of the public transactions 
of the kingdom. It is a folio, written on paper about the end of the 
fourteenth century, and is probably the same as that mentioned by Dug- 
dale, in his list of Cartularies, then belonging to Sir William Aldford. 

Caput 9. 

De Grangid nostra de Hayholm, et Genealogid Feoffatoris nostri. 
[scil. lioherti de Scurres.~\ 

Robertus quoque de Scurres dedit nobis cum se ipso unam 
carucatam terras, viz. totuni suum Holm quod est inter Leven 
et Brysthyll, cum suis pertinentiis, ab omni terreno servicio libe- 
ram et solutam, ubi nunc constructum est manerium nostrum 
quod Hayholm nuncupatur. Ipse autem Robertus apud nos 
factus novicius, secundus fuit qui inter nos in noviciatu est de- 
functus. Cujus donacionem Willielmus frater et heres suus 
nobis confirmabat ; nosque quiete damans de forinseco servicio 
Regis et Comitis quod sibi et heredibus suis pro dicta terra, facere 
debebamus, ut omnino essemus attendentes erga Comitem et 
heredes suos de predict© forinseco servicio imperpetuum ; ita 
quod de se et heredibus suis de omnibus secularibus serviciis qui- 
buscunque quieti in perpetuum maneremus. Quod servicium 
postea Hawisia, filia et heres prescripti Willielmi Groos, Comi- 
tis Albemarliae, fundatoris nostri, ac Baldwinus de Betoyn, vir 
suus, cum omnibus serviciis ceterarum terrarum quas de eorum 
dominio tenebamus in perpetuam elemosinam nobis relaxabant. 

Et quia prefatus Wilhelmus de Scurres sine herede de se pro- 
create decedebat, hereditas ad MatiJdem sororem ipsorum Ro- 
berti et Willielmi est jure hereditario devoluta. Quie Malildis, 
et Turgisius de Bray maritus suus, ipsam elemosinam nobis con- 


firmaverunt, et ut ipsi de omni servicio quod pertinet ad war- 
dam Castri de Skypse nos acquietarent, fideliter promiserunt. 
Ad quos etiam Robertum, Willielmum, et Matildem dominium 
Villae de Ryston pertinebat. Et quia ipsa Matildis sine herede 
corporis sui decedebat, dominium de Reston descendebat ad 
Walterum de Scurres, filium Ricardi de Scurres, patrui sui. 
Qui et ipse Walterus de Scurres, et Dominus Robertus de Scur- 
res, Miles, filius suus, eandem terram de Hayholm nobis iterum 
in perpetuam elemosinam confirmabant. Quorum quidem gene- 
alogia in scriptis sic legitur exarata. Asketillus de Scurres fuit 
dominus de Reston, qui duos filios genuerat, Alanum videlicet et 
Ricardum. Alanus autem frater senior genuit prescriptum Ro- 
bertum, feofFatorem nostrum, et Willielmum, fratrem suum, ac 
Matildem, sororem eorundem. Ricardus autem frater junior 
genuit Walterum. Et quia prefati Robertus, Willielmus, et Ma- 
tildis, sineheredibusde se procreatis decesserunt, hereditas eorum 
ad dictum Walterum, filium Ricardi, patrui sui, descendebat. At 
ipse Walterus genuit Dominum Robertum de Scurres, Militem, 
qui dedit Domino Roberto de Hyldeyhard, seniori, quicquid ha- 
buit in villa de Reston. Qui quidem Robertus de Hyldeyhard 
emit terras in Reston, quas Mathaeus de Rowton de nobis tenebat 
per servicium militare : de quibus terris, tempore Domini Alex- 
andri, Abbatis quarti, postea referetur. Ipse autem Robertus de 
H. genuit alium Robertum, qui nobis de valore maritagii sui pro 
dictis terris in Reston satisfaciebat, ut iterum postea referetur. 
Ipse autem Robertus junior genuit Thomam. Cujus Thomge 
terras de feodo nostro in Reston, dum infra aetatem extiterat, 
usque ad ejus legitimam atatem, ad firmam pro xxxvis. annuis 
dimittebamus. Ipse autem Thomas genuit duas filias, Kateri- 
nam, viz. et Ceciliam, ad quam Katerinam Reston pertinebat. 
De qua Dominus Petrus de Nuthyll, Miles, ipsam secundam 
suam ducens uxorem, Petrum filium suum secundum, ipsius 
Katherinae heredem, procreavit. At ipse Petrus de Nuthyll, 
junior, ipsum Reston ex sorte hereditatis matris suk retinet in 

Cap. 10. 

De molendino super Hull in Cotyngham, et aliis tenementis ibidem, 
et Genealogia feoffatoris nostri [sc. lloherii de Stutevyll']. 

Robertus etiam de Stutevyll, quondam Dominus de Cotyngham, 
dedit eidem Monasterio nostro sedem unius molendini super ripani 


de Hull, in territorio de Cotyngham, cum aquis quae descendunt 
de Cotyngham in Hull, et quoddam croftum duarum acrarum et 
iiij perticarum, et unam piscariam ibidem ; castellum etiam 
ligneum unde edificatas sunt pistrinum, stabulum, et alias Monas- 
terii officince. Dedit etiam Monasterio xxiiii fasces virgarum de 
boscis de Cotyngham, ad reficiendas carectas nostras in Hol- 
dernesse, et duas carectatas virgarum de parco de Kyrkeby, in 
Moresed, ad reficiendas carectas nostras in Walda. Inceperamus 
quidem tunc tres grangias in Walda, Blanchemarle, Etton, et 
Wharrom ; de quibus infra breve in suis locis referetur. Qui 
etiam Robertus, Miles, genuit Willielmum, Nicholaum, Eusta- 
chium, et Robertum. Willielmus et Eustachius et Robertus sine 
liberis mortui sunt. Willielmus vero molendinum, quod pater 
suus prius nobis contulit, nobis vi sustulit, sicut in sequentibus, 
tempore Domini Thomae Abbatis, referetur. Ipse tamen "Wil- 
lielmus apud nos sepelitur. Nicholaus autem de novo quasi con- 
tulit nobis easdem duas acras et quatuor perticatas terrse pre- 
scriptEej et servicia dimidii feodi unius militis apud Skyrefi et 
Crauncewyk, ac obiens duos filios post se reliquit, Robertum, viz. 
et Nicholaum. Robertus genuit Eustachium, et apud nos tumu- 
latur. Eustachius autem dedit nobis unum clausum apud Hul- 
bank, continens x acras prati. Et quia dictus Eustachius sine 
prole obiit, ad Nicholaum, patruum suum, hereditas est devoluta. 
Nicholaus autem predictus contulit nobis unum clausum juxta 
predictas duas acras, et iiii perticas, apud Newland, et etiam pas- 
turam xxiii vaccis et i tauro in communi pastura de Cotyngham. 
Qui Nicholaus genuit Johannam, de qua Dominus Hugo de 
Wake genuit Baldewinum de Wake, qui genuit Johannem, qui 
genuit Thomam, Johannem, et Margaretam. Thomas vero et 
Johannes sine prole obierunt, et Margaretam desponsavit Ed- 
mundus. Comes Canciae, filius Regis Edwardi primi, de qua 
genuit Robertum, Thomam, » et Johannam. 

Defuncto Roberto, et Thoma hereditatem assecuto, et sine 
prole obeunte, Johannae, sorori sua?, hereditatis sortem dereliquit. 
Quam quidam Miles strenuus Dominus Thomas de Holand 
desponsavit, et ex ea heredem Dominum Thomam de Holand, 
Comitem Canciae, qui nunc est, generavit, 

Berardus itaque de Cotyngham novem piscarias in Hull eidem 
Monasterio conferebat. Dabantur etiam nobis tunc duo alia 
crofta super ripam de Hull, in eodem territorio, sed tamen qui 
• An error ; Edmuud and John, who were botli Earls of Kent. — Edit. 


faerunt feoffatores nostri de ipsis croftis minime reperitur. Ipsa 
tamen crofta, tempore Domini Thomas, Abbatis tertii, fuerunt 
alienata, sicut postea referetur. Quidam etiam vir nobilis Helias 
de Fannecourt nomine, cujus pater, miles egregius nomine Gi- 
rardus, monachus in dicto monasterio nostro efFectus fuei'at, dedit 
eisdem Monachis, eo tempore, unam bovatam terrae in Bruneby, 
et quinque acras prati cum una mansura ibidem. Quae, tempore 
Hugonis, Abbatis quinti, postea fuerunt alienata. 


In the Cartulary of the Abbey of Meaux, preserved in the Cotton 
collection, Vi tell. C. VI. written in the years 1396-7, of which a brief 
abstract is given by the editor of the New Monasticon, vol. v. p. 389, 
we find, at fob 50, a list of the persons who gave lands to the Abbey on 
condition of being buried there. As this list is, in many respects, of 
interest, a copy of it is annexed. 

De tenementis nobis datis cum corporihus donatorum. 

Baldewynus Betoyn, Comes Albemarlie, dedit nobis, cum cor- 
pore suo apud nos sepeliendo, centum solidatos terre in manerio 
suo de Lintone. 

Andreas de Brancestria dedit nobis, cum corpore suo apud nos 
sepeliendo, pasturam pertinentem ad vnam bovatam in boriali 
parte de le Westkere de Suttone. 

Amandus Pincerna dedit nobis, cum corpore suo, totum Ty- 
ryngbolme in Benyngholme, cum communi pastura marisci cir- 

Heni'icus de Scures dedit nobis, cum corpore suo apud nos 
sepeliendo, vnam bovatam terre cum vna mansura in Rystone. 

Henricus Petby dedit nobis, cum corpore suo, decern acras 
terre in Crynokcroft in Kayngbam. 

Jobannes de Fryboys, Miles, dedit nobis, cum corpore suo, 
homagium et servicium et annuum redditum xlij solidorum de 
terra de Wytbefleet. 

Alanus filius Stephani dedit nobis, cum corpore suo apud nos 
sepeliendo, annuum redditum 1. denariorum de duabus bovatis 
terre in Otringbam. 

Petrus Poyz dedit nobis, cum corpore suo apud nos sepeliendo, 
duas bovatas terre et duo clausa in Owstwyke. 

Williebuus Pasmerc dedit nobis, cum corpore suo sepeliendo, 
quedam tenementa in Hedone. 


Johannes Talone dedit nobis, cum corpore sue, dims bovatas 
terre cum uno tofto in Tunstalle. 

Petrus ad Fraxinum dedit nobis, cum corpore suo, duos sel- 
liones terre in Ryse. 

Ilobertus Cokerelle dedit nobis, cum corpore suo apud nos 
sepeliendo, vnam culturam apud Wolfhylle, cum prato ad earn 
pertinente in Coldone. 

Walterus filius Petri de Spineto dedit nobis, cum corpore suo 
apud nos sepeliendo, vnam bovatam terre in Hornseburtone, et 
Henricum filium Symonis, ipsam tenentem, cum sequela sua. 

Symon filius Alani dedit nobis, cum corpore suo, unam bova- 
tam terre in Setone. 

Willielmus filius Galfridi de Wythornwyk dedit nobis, cum 
corpore suo, tres bovatas terre cum tofto in Erghome. 

Ernaldus de Monbegone dedit nobis, cum corpore suo, quan- 
dam particulam terre in Dodyngtone. 

Thomas filius Gualonis dedit, cum corpore suo, unam caruca- 
tam terre in Drynghowe, cum hominibus earn tenentibus, et 
sequelis eorum. 

Baldewynus de Beforthe dedit nobis, cum seipso, duas parti- 
culas terre quas habuit intra carucatam terre de la More, scilicet 
duodecimam partem ipsius carucate. 

Johannes de Rysome dedit nobis, cum corpore suo, unam ca- 
rucatam terre, cum hominibus earn tenentibus, in Braythayk. 

Alanus filius Margarete dedit nobis, cum corpore suo, unum 
toftum in Gronalle. 

Galfridus de Argenters dedit nobis, cum corpore suo, homagium 
et redditum duorum denariorum de quatuor toftis in Lokyng- 

Willielmus filius Gilbert! dedit nobis, cum corpore suo, unam 
culturam terre in Daltone. 

Stephanus de Crauncewyk dedit nobis, cum corpore suo, 
homagium et redditum triura solidorum dc duabus bovatis terre 
in Hotone et Crauncewyke. 





The very short account (comprised in ten lines) of the Premonstraten- 
sian Abbey of Tichfield, in Hampshire, given by the editors of the new 
Monasticon, vol. vi. p. 93 1, will, perhaps, render some occasional illus- 
trations of its history, drawn from the original monastic Registers, 
acceptable to the Topographer. A description of these Registers (now 
in the possession of the Duke of Portland) will hereafter be submitted. 
At present, a Hst of the Abbats of this monastery, extracted from the 
" Rememoratorium," compiled in the reign of Richard II. is offered to 
the " Collectanea," 

[Fol. 214.] Cathalogus Abhatum monasterii de Tychefelde, 

Dominus Ricardus, primus Abbas hujus ecclesie, venit de 
Halesoweyn cum fratribus suis, anno Domini mccxxii. et bene et 
religiose rexit istam ecclesiam ; obiit vero xvj" kalend. Julii, et 
sepelitur coram hostio capituli. 

Dominus Ysaac, secundus Abbas istius ecclesie, qui tempore 
suo perquisivit maneria de Cadelonde et Inkepenne, obiit autem 
xiij kalend. Julii, et sepelitur in claustro coram hostio capituli, 
in parte dextera monumenti primi abbatis. Post cujus decessum, 
Henricus de Branewyk ei successit, et postea in Abbatem monas- 
terii de Halesoweyn postulatus, et ibidem in pace quievit.^ Cui 
Henricus de Spersolte successit, qui tempore suo perquisivit ma- 
nerium de Newelonde et secessit. Obiit vero x kalend. Octo- 
bris, et sepelitur in claustro. Cui successit frater Yvo, qui ad- 
quisivit tempore suo manerium de Myrabel, et secessit ; et obiit 
V. nonas Marcii, et sepelitur in claustro. 

Dominus Adam, Abbas hujus ecclesie tercius,'^ honorifice istam 
rexit ecclesiam, et obiit xviij kalend. Octobris, et sepelitur in 
claustro, ex parte sinistra monumenti Abbatis Petri de Wynton'. 

Dominus Willielmus de Byketone,^ Abbas hujus ecclesie quar- 
tus, venerabiliter istam rexit ecclesiam, et obiit vj idus Novem- 
bris, et sepelitur in ecclesia, ad altare Sancti Ricardi. 

Dominus Johannes Sydemantone,'! Abbas hujus ecclesie quin- 

a He is nnt mentioned in the imperfect list of the Abbats of Hales Oiven, in Monast. 
vol, vi. p. 927. 

'' An irregularity in the numbers here seems intentionally to have been introduced by 
the compiler of the Register, but the cause I am at present unable to explain, 

■•■ He occurs 20 and 22 Edw. I. '' Occurs 31 Edw. I, 


tus, bene rexit istam ecclesiam, et obiit iij nonas Decembris, et 
sepelitur in claustro, inter hostium librarii, ex parte australi, et 
monumentuni Abbatis Petri de Wynton', ex parte boriali. 

Dominus Rogerus de Candevere,^ Abbas hujus ecclesie sextus, 
honorifice et religiose rexit istam ecclesiam circiter xviij annos ; 
obiit vero nonas (sic) Augusti, et sepelitur in claustro, apud in- 
gressum ecclesie, versus altare Sancti Petri. 

Dominus Johannes de Combe,f Abbas hujus ecclesie septimus, 
qui tempore suo adquisivit et appropriavit maneria de Croftone 
et Fonteleghe Pageham, et rexit ecclesiam istam circiter xx an- 
nos. Obiit autem iij nonas Mali, et sepelitur in claustro, ad 
caput monumenti Abbatis Rogeri de Candevere, in medio. 

Dominus Petrus de Wynton', g Abbas hujus ecclesie octavus, 
religiose istam rexit ecclesiam uno anno et vj mensibus. Obiit 
vero xix kalend. Augusti, et sepelitur in claustro, in medio inter 
monumentum Ade abbatis, ex parte boriali, et monumentum 
Johannis Sydemantone Abbatis, ex parte australi, 

Dominus Willielmus de Wollop,^ Abbas hujus ecclesie nonus, 
optime rexit istam ecclesiam xx annis, ix mensibus et iij diebus, 
qui tempore suo perquisivit et appropriavit terr' et tenem' de 
Markes et Brykoreslonde. Ac etiam adquisivit, sed non appro- 
priavit terr' et tenem' de Warde, terr' de Froghemour, terr' de 
Forsteburyeslonde, apud Chark, et tenementa que fuerunt Jo- 
liannis Goudale in Tychefelde. Et tempore suo Johannes Edyn- 
done pure et libere dedit huic ecclesie manerium suiim de Portesy 
et Copenore. Obiit autem x kalend. Junii, et sepelitur in clau- 
stro. in parte boriali monumenti Rogeri de Candevere Abbatis. 

Dominus Johannes de Thorni,i Abbas hujus ecclesie decimus, 
prudenter rexit istam ecclesiam xix annis, xiij septimanis et v 
diebus, qui tempore suo appropriavit manerium de Portesy et 
Copenore, terr' et tenem' de Warde, terr' de Froghemour, terr' 
de Forsteburyeslonde, apud Chark, et tenementa que fuerunt 
Johannis Goudale in Tych'. Obiit vero ij kalend. Octobris, et 
sepelitur in claustro, ad pedes imaginis beate Marie Virginis, 
quam ibidem in honorem ejusdem genitricis Dei ipse const[r]uit 

' Recognitio novi Abbatis, 2 Edw. II, Registr. Rotul. Cur. de Tichf. 

' Recogn. novi Abb. 3 Edw. III. 

p The Bp. of Winchester commits the custody of Tichfield Abbey (then vacant) to 
I'eter de Wynton', by an instrument dated 7 kol. Jul. 1332. Registr. Stratford, f. 129. 

>" Ibid. 2 2 Edw. HI. 

' Recogn. novi Abb. 44 Edw. III.— Elected 8 Sept. 1370. Registr. VVykehara, 
vol. i. f. 26". 


et ordinavit, ac in quodam boterasJ ipsam imaginem stare 

Dominus Johannes de Romesee,^ Abbas hujus ecclesie unde- 
cimus, honorabiliter rexit istam ecclesiam.i 

Dominus Thomas Benstedde, Abbas hujus ecclesie terciodeci- 
mus, bene rexit istam ecclesiam, et compulsus baculum resignavit. 

Dominus Willielmus Winchestour alias Fryer, Abbas hujus 
ecclesie quartodecimus, vj annos et di.n^ # * * * 
* # * * # * 

Willielmus Auysten," Abbas hujus ecclesie xv^us^ bene rexit 
istam ecclesiam xvj annis, qui edificavit domum vulgariter dic- 
tam l>e grete place ; preterea et fenestras omnium camerarum, 
necnon et aliam domum prope crucem corporis ville; cujus obi- 
tus interfuit viij« k. Novembris, et sepelitur juxta monumentum 
Joh annis Thorny. 

Dominus Thomas Ooyk (?) Abbas xvjs. 21 annis ecclesiam 
rexit, et obiit. 

Dominus Thomas Blankpayne xx^i. annis. Abbas xvijs. resig- 
navit pro pensione. 

Reverendus pater Johannes, Elfinensis Episcopus, Abbas 
Commendatarius de Welbek et Tichfeld, Ordinis Premon. visi- 
tator, numero xviijs. monasterium et ecclesiam ruinosa re-edi- 

J Buttress. 

'' The process for the election of Joh. de Romeseye is entered in vol. i. f. 208 b, of 
Bp. Wykeham's Register, and is dated 8 Dec. 1390. 

' The original hand ceases here, and a blank space follows of eiglit lines. The re- 
maining entries are made by two or three later hands, and the twelfth Abbat is altoge- 
ther omitted. 

™ Three lines have here been intentionally erased. 

" Occurs in 1478, Regist. VVaynflete, ii. f. 63. In the same Reg. f. 144 b, is a com- 
mission to the Bishop's suffragan to bestow the benediction on Will. Aleyn, elected 
Abbat of Tlchfield. Dated 13 Dec. 1470. Is this the sanf)e person ? 

° " The last Abbat was John Sampson, at the surrender of this convent, 8th Dec. 
1538. His predecessor was John Max, Bishop of Elphin in Ireland, whom I find pos- 
sessed of this abbacy in commendam. An. 1535." Willis, vol. ii. pp. 207, 336". At the 
end of the Tichfield Register, is an instrument from Richard Abbat of the same, dated 
8 Hen. VII. which does not seem to agree with the above list. 





Sir, Your proposal of iutroducing so much as you can obtain of any 
respectable family that are deceased, seems to be a plan that may be of 
considerable use to some who may have been remotely connected with 
those famiUes. I therefore send you the inclosed account of a very 
respectable family, now extinct in the male line, in their late situation 
of Compton, near Guildford, in Surrey. The earliest knowledge that I 
have of them does not begin before the time of James the First, but from 
that time I believe it to be perfectly complete. 

W. Bray. 

The Family of Fulham, of Compton. 

In 1637, Edward Fulham, D. D. purchased the manor of 
Compton Eastbury, in the parish of Compton,^ with a very good 
mansion adjoining to the church-yard, and looking over ..... 
acres to the south or south-west. 

The Fulliam family formed matrimonial connections with very 
respectable families, and have been chiefly devoted to the Church 
of England, in which they have possessed many livings and other 
preferments ; but one of tliem was Recorder of Guildford in 
1703, and M. P. for Haslemere in 1705 and 1707, and which 
was under the patronage of the one of the Molyneux family, who 
had married the heiress of the More family, of Loseley. 

The estate at Compton descended to the late Rev. Edward 
Fulham, who died 1st of June 1832. 

He had the living of St. Nicholas' parish, Guildford, on the 
presentation of Dr. Greene, as Dean of Salisbury, who was his 
grand-uncle; but Mr. Fulham resided in the parish of Compton, 
on his estate, in the ornamenting and improving of which he 
took great delight, and had made it a much admired situation. 
The house is a handsome one, adjoining the churchyard. 

• The manor of Compton Westljuiy and the leet of the whole paiisli uf (.'ompton, aie 
part of tlie Loseley estate, helonging to James Molyneux, Esq. 


John Fuliiam, of Hope under Dynmore, co, Heref.=p. 

I ] ' 

Edward Fulham, Surveyor of Westminster Abbey .qp. 

Edward Fulham, D.D. born 1 G04 
died 9 Dec. I(i94, fct. 90.'^ 

:Margaket, dau of Sir Robert 
Gierke, Kut. of Oxfordslure. 


Edward, d. 6 
Feb. 1688,1= 

mar , 

daur. of Sir 
John Stone- 
house, of Ox- 

Geokge,:^Katherine, dau. 

D.D. d. 

23 Nov. 

and coh. of Geo. 
Evelyn, Esq. of 
She died 23 Oct. 





c 172G, 



died G March 1/10, 
aged 2 months. f 

dau. of 
bur. at 
ton 23 


1694 3 
ast. 75. 

1. E 
da. of . . 
relict of 
ley Cul- 
lum, Bt. 
She died 
22 Jan. 

died 13 
set. 80.k 

b.=p2. Sarah, 
dau. of 
Esq. grdd. 
of Thos. 
d. 3 Jan. 

man, of 
ford. =F 

mar. Rev 
Wm San- 
son, Rector 
of Conip- 

A dau. mar. 
Mr. Ma- 

Edward, d. 

inf. 1745-6. 
Thomas, d. 

inf. 1747. 
John, d. 17 

Nov. 1772, 

set. 29.'" 

d. 1 June 
1832, ffit. 

mar. Thos. 
Parsons, d, 

John Tur- 
ner, mar- 
ried . . . . , 
and had 
five sons 
and two 

George Fulham 
Turner, mar. 1st 

. . daughter 

of Richard Clif- 
ton, of Guildford, 

A daugh- 
ter, died 
at an 
early age 

Esq. 5 2nd , she left 

daughter of . , 
Hilton, of 



^ Proctor of the University of Oxford 1639; Rector of Wotton near Oxford 16"4l ; 
installed 12 July 1660 first Canon of Windsor ; 1 August created D.D. at Oxford, and 
appointed Rector of West lldesley, Berks, and Rector of Hampton Poyle, Ox., and 
Vicar of Bray in Berks, and was one of the Prebendaries of Winchester. In 1667 he 
purchased the manor of Compton Eastbury ; but tlie manor of Compton Westbuiy, and 
the leet of the whole of the parish of Compton, are part of the Loseley estate, belonging 
to James More Molyneux, Esq. — See Manning and Bray's History of Surrey, vol. ii. p. .5. 
Dr. Edward Fulham had also two daughters : Margaret, who married Henry Bickley, 
June 14, 1676 ; and Katharine, mar. 1. Robert Waith, Esq. 2. Edw. Jones, D.D. 

"^ Rector of West lldesley, Prebendary of Wellington in the Church of Lichfield, 
1673. — See Manning and Bray's History of Surrey, vol. ii, p. 5. 

■^ Instituted Rector of Compton in 1684 ; Prebendary of Winchester in 16.92, and Rec- 
tor of St. Mary, Southampton; 1700 Archdeacon of Winchester. He was Fellow of Mag- 
dalene College, Oxford ; and was one of those who stoutly resisted the intention of King 



James the Second to introduce a Roman Catholic as head of that College : but I suppose 
was expelled, and in the Revolution, when William the Third became King, it is pro- 
bable tliat he iiad a stall given him in that Cathedral as a recompense for what he had 
lost at the College. 

' This lady was one of the three daughters of George Evelyn, the son and heir-appa- 
rent of George Evelyn, Esq. of Wotton, the latter being the elder brother of the so 
much celebrated John Evelyn, the publication of whose Memoirs from his own MSS, 
has been so well received by the public. George Evelyn, her father, died in his father's 
lifetime, leaviijg by his wife three daughters. The male branch being likely to fail, 
leaving only daughters, George Evelyn the father made a new settlement of the 
Wotton estate in favour of a younger brother, the celebrated John Evelyn, subject to 
the payment of about 5000Z. to each of these three daughters, and which money was 
paid on John Evelyn coming into possession of the Wotton estate under the new limi- 
tation. — See Evelyn's Memoirs, vol. ii. p. 65, 4to. edit. 

Mrs. Fiilhani was buried in Winchester Cathedral, where there is a tablet erected to 
her memory, the copy of an inscription on which is printed in Gale's History of that 
Cathedral, 1715, p. 48. 

' Buried in Winchester Cathedral by the side of his mother. 

s A Leghorn Merchant. 

^ Appointed Recorder of Guildford 4th Oct. 1703, was MP. for Haslemere in 1705 
an.l 1707; this was probably owing to his friendship with the Molyneux family, who 
were at that time Patrons of this Borough. 

' Married 1.9th May 1687. 

^ Instituted Rector of Compton 1722 and of Merrow in 1736, to the latter of which 
he was presented by Thomas Lurd Onslow the patron ; in 1796 he was appointed Pre- 
bendary of Heathlield in the Cathedral of Chichester, and Archdeacon of Landaflf ; in 
1750 one of the Canons of Windsor, having been Chaplain to Arthur Onslow, Esq. 
Speaker of the House of Commons ; he was Rector of Compton 55 years. 

I A medical gentleman of Guildford, who by the interest of the Onslow family ob- 
tained a Land-waiter's place in the Custom-house, London. 

™ In 1 768 instituted Rector of Chiddingfold, to which he was presented by his 
grand-uncle, Dr. Thomas Greene, Dean of Salisbury, to which Deanery this presentation 
and that of St. Nicholas Guildford belonged. He was also Chaplain in Ordinary to the 

n In 1777 instituted Rector of St. Nicholas, Guildford, to which he was presented 
by his grand-uncle. Dr. Greene, Dean of Salisbury, on the death of Dr. Gilbert. 
He also inherited the family estate at Compton, where he resided, and died unmarried. 

° In Compton Church is an inscription to Mary, wife of Mr. Fiilham Turner, of 
Guildford, and daughter of Mr. William Wyatt, of Felpham, Sussex, She died Oct. 29, 
1790, aged 53 years. — Manning and Bray's History of Surrey, vol. 11. p. 13. 

W. B. 

Note. In the interval between the communication of this article ami its passing 
through the press, the Editors have to regret the loss of their venerable coadjutor, the 
veteran Topographer of Surrey ; who died at Shere, Dec. 21, 1832, in his y 7th year. 




[Fo. 94b.] The Names of the Nobles hurried in the Frere Augustyns 
of Clare. 

Sir Richarde Erie of Clare. 

Lionell Duke of Clarence. 

Dame Joane of Acres. 

Sir Edwarde Monthermer, son of the sayde Joane. 

John Wybourgh. 

Dame Alice Spencer. 

Willm Geldryche. 

Sir John Beauchamp, Knight. 

John Newbury, Esquier. 

Will"i Capel and Elianor his wyfe. 

Kempe, Esquier. 

Roberte Butterwyke, Esquier. 

The Lady Margarete Scroope, doughter of Westmerland. 

Joane Candysshe, doughter of Clopton. 

Dame Alienor Wynkepery. 

Sir Edmond laste of the Mortemers Erie of Marche. 

Sir Thomas Grey and his furste wyfe. 

Luce wyfe of Water Clopton. 

Sir Thomas Clopton and Ade his wyfe. 

[Fols. 94, 126.] The Bodies that lyethe herryed in the Churche 
of Harlyng. 

Sir Robert Harlyng, Knight, anno 1435. 
Elizabeth Trussell, suster to W'" Trussell, anno 13 of King- 
Henry the 7th. 

* In the library at Middleliill. — It is not quite certain that Ask was the collector, 
but it is rendered probable from his speaking of himself in the first person, at f. U , in 
the following remark ; " Memorandum, That I, Robert Aske, servaunt unto the Right 
honorable the Erie of Northumberland, hath resavede of my said Lord & Master in the 
battlement a bove Sainte Steven's Chapel, at Westmon', the xvii"' day of May ia the 
xix"" yer off King Henry the VIII. as doth aper iu tiie end, Cli." 


Sir W™ Chamberlain, Knight of the Garter, and Ann his 
wyfe, doughter of Sir Roberte Harlyng. 
Sir John Harlyng. 

[Fol. 103.] The Bodyes huryed in the Chapter-House of London, 
fownded by Sir Water Mannye, Knighte. 

First, Sir Water Mannye and his wyfe. 

Item. Marmaduke Lumley. 

Sir Laurence Bromley, Knight. 

Sir Edmond Hederset, Knight. 

Itm. The Duches of {dc) 

Sir W'" Manny, Knight. 

Dame Jone Borough. 

Sir Jno Derewentwater, K*. 

Robert Oleney, Esquyre. 

Katherin daughter of Sir Wyllyam Babington. 

Blanch daughter of Hugh Waterton, 

Katherin wyfe of John Attepole, daughter and heyre of 
Richard Lacye. 

Katherin wyfe of Wyllyam Love. 

Wyll'n Rawlin. 

Sir John Leyntham and Dame Margaret his wyfe, daughter of 
John Fraye. 

John Peke, Esquyre, and Jone his wyfe. x 

Wyllyam Barton, I 

Wyll'n Barton, j ^-^^">''^- 

John Popeham, Knight. 

Sir Thomas Thawytes, Knight, and 

The wyfe of Wyllyam Ardelston. 

[Fol. 134.] Marriages in the King and the Qiienes presence where 
sumine officers ofarmes have he present. 

Furst, the Due of Bedford, Jasper, to the Duchesse of Buk. 
Katryne, and the officers of armes had her pareis and mantill for 
theire fees and larges. 

Itm. the Viscount Welles to the Lady Cecill die quenes suster. 

Itm. the Lord Clifford, Henry, to Amye suster of Sir Jolui 
St. John. 

Itm. Sir Ric. Pole to Margarete doughter of George Due of 


Itm. Sir William Gascoigne to doughter of Sir Ric. 


Itm. the Lord Nevill, furst to the doughter of William Pas- 
ton ; aftur to the suster of Sir William Sands. 

Itm. Sir Charles Somerset to Elizabeth doughter and heire of 
Will°^ Erie of Huntingdon and Lord Herbert. 

Itm. thErle of Kent to Kateryn suster of therle of Huntingdon. 

Itm. the son and heire of therle of Devon to the Lady Kate- 
ryne the quenes suster. 

Itm. Sir Ric. Guldeford to ... . suster of Sir Nicholas Vaux. 

Itm. the Due of Buk. Edward, to die lady Alienor suster of 
therle of Northumberland, 

Itm. Therle of Northumbreland, Henry, to the Lady Kateryne 
doughter of the Countaise of Wiltes. 

Itm. The Lord Harington, Thomas, son and heire of Marques 
of Dorset, to Alienore doughter of Oly ver St. John. 

We write no more of mariages by cause the fees of thoffice of 
Armes, which aunciently they were accustomed to have, is now 

[Fol. 89.] Pedigree of Broke. 

Roger Broke, of Leighton, maried the daughter of Bokeley of 
Weston Woods, in Cheshire. The said Roger had issue, bi the 
daughter of Bukeley, Thomas Broke of Leighton. Thomas 
Broke, of Leighton, maried the daughter of Thomas Dawkinson, 
Eschetour of Cheshire, and Chamberleyne of North Walis, and 
Constable of the Castell of Carnarvan, l)i whos daughter the seid 
Thomas had issue, John Broke of Leighton, which John maried 
the daughter of Parker of Copnall (which Parker married the 
daughter of Copnall, sumtyme Lord of Copnall), of whom he 
had issue Thomas Broke that now is, which Thomas maried the 
daughter of Sterkey of Olton, and had issue Richard Broke, 
which Richard Broke is now one of the religion of Seynt John's 

The mother of the wift" of the seid Thomas was daughter of 
Phillipe Egerton of Edgerton. The mother of Hugh Sterkley 
fsic) of Olton, was suster to Sir John Nedeham, which was 
Justice of Chester. Nedeham that now is, heire unto the seid 

John SterkeVj grauudfalhcr to the wil!" of Thomas Broke his 


mother, was sister unto Sir John Delves, that wassleyne at Blowre 
heath. Phelip Egerton, that was father to the wiff of Hugh 
Sterkeley (sic) of Ohon, maried the daughter of Wilham Ma- 
neringe of Yghtfekl, which was grandfather to John Maneringe, 
and father to Richard Manering that now is. 

This pedigree having been written in the reign of Henry VIII. and 
varying in some degree from that in Ormerod's " History of Cheshire," 
it has been thought desirable to print it, because the person who wrote 
it lived at the same period as the Thomas Broke who married Starkey. 




This volume contains 430 folio leaves of original Cartulary, with eight 
leaves of miscellaneous Charters at the beginning, and six leaves added 
later at the end. 

It is written in a fine broad character, about the latter end of the 
13th century, between 12/8 and 1292. The references in Dugdale to 
Sir Richard Leveson's copy correspond so exactly with this, that there 
can be little doubt of its being the identical book. 

On the last cover are stamped the initials H. L. which are supposed 
to be those of Sir Henry Leigh or Leighton, of Shropshire. 

On the page previous to the first Charter is the following note and 
pedigree, well written in the beginning of Elizabeth's reign, about 1562. 

Guillaume seigneur de Bellesme et de Alen^on en Normendie, 
fils de Yvon, avoit de Mathild sa feme quatre fils, nommes Guerin 
seigneur de Dampfront, Fouques, Robert, et Guillaume. 

Guillaume, le dernier des quatre fils, surnome Talvas, aprees 
la mort de ses freres demoura Seigneur de Bellesme et de Sees. 
11 estoit home superbe et cruel, et il dona en marriage sa file 
unique, nomme Mabille, a Roger du Montgomery, vaillant 
home et fort prudent, qui estoit de la lignee de Bellesme. La dit 
Mabille fut petit de stature, mais grande de cuer et de esprit, et 

=• In the possession of Sir Thomas Philhpps, Bart. 


plus cruelle qu'il ne covient a la condition de un feme. Refe- 
rant de pres les conditions de ses predecessours, de ce mariage 
sont issus cinqfils et quatre filles, Hiigues, Robert, Roger, Philip 
et Arnould, Enyne (Emme), Mathiide, Mabille, et Sibille. Les 
filles furent plus honestes et niieulx condiciones que les fils, pour 
ce que ils furentde grande entreprise, hiiltaynes, et cruelles. 

Apres la conquest d'Angleterre le Conte Roger du Montgo- 
mery espousa la Duchesse de Glocestre. 

GUILLAUJIE DE BeLLESME, fils clc YvOtl.^p. 

r -> 

GuiLLAUME DE Bellesme, (lit Talvas.=p. 


Mabill.^pRoger de Montgomery, Conte de BeUesme,=:ADEL,AiSA. 
I Alencoii, Arundel, et Salop. 

I — ' 
M. . . . , daughter of Erie Roger.=pGiLBERT Lord Talbot. 

The Pedigree is carried down to George Eyrl of Shrewsbury 1562, 
with a branch showing the descent of Corbet from Talbot ; but, as it 
seems to want sufficient authority, we omit it. 

The first Charter deserves to be transcribed at length, since it is more 
descriptive of Earl Roger's conduct at the moment when he designed the 
foundation of the monastery, than that printed in the Monasticon. 

1. Testimonium Walteri Constahulatoris, et Roherti Episcopi 
Cestrice, qualiter Damns (S. FetriJ fuit fundata. 

Venerabilis Comes Rogerius, cum sepius volveret in animo 
quatinus banc ecclesiam coustrueret in honore Sanctorum Apos- 
tolorum Petri et Pauli, vocans ad se Siwardum, (qui Grossus di- 
cebatur, et aliquando hujus loci extiterat dominus,) suum ei indi- 
cavit desiderium, dicens : " Si bono animo banc ei elemosinam 
concederet perficiendam, daret ei quandam villam quaB Langafeld 
vocabatur." Quo ille audito, ut erat vir bonus, libenter annuit, 
et eandem villam accipiens a Comite statim S^^ Petro et jNIona- 
chis ejus hilar! animo condonavit, in presentia scilicet Comitis et 
Raronum ejus: hoc solum lanien retiiiuit, ut, quoad ipse viveret, 
a monachis earn habere posset. Quod gratantur {sic) concessum 
est. Eo aulem postea defuncto, et decenter in hoc monasterio 
sepulto, filius ejus Aldredus, nolens patris sequi vestigia, predic- 
tum villam sibi retinuit, et vi et poteslate Ricardi de Belmesio 


(qui tunc Dapifer luijus Comitatus erat, et postea Londoniae 
Episcopus lactus est,) per aliquod tempus possedit, vastans omnia 
quai Pater illius in ea reliquerat. Ha3C videns pise memoriae 
Fulcheredus Abbas, per amorem potius quam per placitum, vil- 
1am predictam reducere studuit. Consilio igitur amicorum et 
predict! Ricardi dedit supradicto Aldredo quindecim libras, et 
fratribus ejus donaria, ut jam dictam villam sine retractione sibi 
redderent. Quo concesso et coram multis testibus confirmato, 
recepit Ecclesia quod injuste amiserat. Hoc vero sciendum, 
quod tunc temporis tantas erat villa ilia paupertatis, quod nee ex- 
traneis tanti vendi posset. Hujus rei testes extiterunt predictus 
Ricardus, Kogerus Corbeth et Robertus frater ejus, Hamo Pe- 
verel, et omnis Comitatus. Supradictus Rogerius Comes con- 
stituens banc ecclesiam nostram dedit S™ Petro et Monachis ejus 
ecclesiam S^i Gregorii cum omnibus quae ad eam pertinebant, ut 
in carta Regis scriptum est, eo scilicet tenore, ut dum canonici 
qui in ea prebendas habebant morte deficerent, prebendae in do- 
minum Monachorum devenirent. Ricardus vero Capellanus de 
Meilnil Hermer, qui unam prebendam habebat in eadem eccle- 
sia, dum moreretur a Monachis nostris factus est Monachus, et 
in nostra ecclesia sepultus. Filius autem illius, Hubertus nomine, 
laicus, sperans prebendam patris in hereditatem posse sibi ad- 
quirere, multis modis monachos inde fatigavit. Sed percipiente 
piissimo Rege Henrico, ut Ricardus Londoniensis Episcopus inde 
rectum teneret, quia idem Hubertus juste eandem non potuit ha- 
bere prebendam, post multa placita sine omni calumnia dere- 
liquit. Inde testes fuerunt praedictus gloriosus Rex, Ricardus 
Episcopus, Alanus filius Flaald, Hamo Peverel, Rogerus Cor- 
beth et Robertus frater ejus, Herbertus filius Helgoti, cum multis 
aliis probis et honestis hoaiinibus. 

Kainerius de Tangelanda =* habuit quandam terrulam de hec 
Ecclesia nomine Fertecotam, quam sibi Abbas Fulcheredus tali 
pacto commiserat, ut eo defuncto sine aliqua retractatione statim 
in dominium ecclesiae rediret. Filius vero ejus, Willielmus no- 
mine, eam retinere cupiens, similiter nos plurimum fatigavit, et 
nuilta placita coadunavit. Tandem vero Fulcheredus Abbas tes- 
timoniis suis probans priorem conventionem, quod injuste pre- 
dictus WiUielnuis ecclesiae volebat auferre, justo judicio vindi- 
cavit. Hujus rei testes sunt Ricardus Episcopus, et omnes 

' Qy. whether tliis is a name derived from the Saxun " Tainland " ? P. 


Rainaldus filius Elieth reddidit huic Ecclesias et nobis unam 
hidam, quam pater ejus aliquando habuerat ad firmam ex hac 
ecclesia. Et quia hoc spontanea voluntate fecit, sine omni re- 
tractatione vel calumnia sui aut alicujus heredis illius, dedit illi 
Godefridus Abbas x//. et xs. coram multis testibus, Teoderico 
scilicet domino illius qui banc conventionem inter nos et ilium 
composuit, Hamone Peverel et Warino dapifero ejus; Williel- 
mo milite predicti Theodorici, Willielmo Coco, Meriet et We- 
ret famulis Abbatis, cum multis aliis. 

Turstinus Buich habuit quandam terram juxta Savernam in 
confinio Bruge de hac ecclesia ad quendam terminum, set, eo 
mortuo, Rainaldus filius ejus voluit earn retinere per vim in here- 
ditate. Qui post patrem non diu superstes existens, in infirmi- 
tate qua defunctus est, penituit, monachilem habitum a monachis 
nostris suscepit, terram reddidit, et seipsum in nostro monasterio 
ad sepeliendum dedit. His interfuit avunculus ejus Odo, Ri- 
cardus frater ejus, Ulgerius, et alii plures. 

Herbertus filius Helgoti, nolens postse aliquam calumniam fieri 
de his quae Pater ejus vel ipse huic ecclesiae contulerant, licet hec 
in carta Regis firmasset, voluit tamen ut filii ejus propria sua con- 
cessione eadem confirmassent. Misit igitur eos cum pia matre 
ad banc ecclesiam, Eutropium scilicet, qui heres post patrem fu- 
turus erat, cum ceteris fratribus suis Nicholao et Herberto, qui, 
acceplis orationibus in capitulo et concessis donariis patris et avi, 
propria manu textum evangelii accipientes, optulerunt super 
altare S^i Petri quae concessa fuerant coram multis testibus; haec 
sunt, ecclesia de Castello quod Stantona dicitur, cum quadam 
terra quam mater eorum ex sua parte dederat in eadem villa ; 
Nortona, quae sita est juxta nemus quod Lima dicitur ; terra 
quaedam quam dedit Helgotus avus eorum, cum silvula quae Mora 
dicitur, et est sita juxta ripam Savernae, ex hac parte fluminis 
est sita. 

Robertus presbiter, filius Wigerii presbyteri, vendidit nobis 
domum suam de Castello, quae de prioribus vel prima in Castello 
facta est, licentia et testimonio Ricardi Episcopi, qui in diebus 
illis istum Comitatum sub Rege gubernabat, et Rainerii qui tunc 
perfectus (sic) erat. 

Rogerius Comes dedit quandam terrulam ad sabulum fodien- 
dum {to dig sand, Gallice sable) ad opus ecclesiae, in qua domus 
est modo, ita solutam et quietam, ut ipse, qui dominus erat, cam 
habebat. Haec autem omnia testificatus est Ricardus Londoni- 


ensis Episcopus, et omnes barones comitatus cum illo. Quse et 
ego Walterus Conestabalator, fsic) audi to testimonio illorum 
quia presens eram, proprio sigillo firmavi cum sigillo Episcopi. 

Pedigrees from the above Document. 

SiwARD Grossus, tempore=F. . . . I ■-) 

fundatiouis monasterii. | Roger Cor- Robert. 

I 1 1 1 BETH, temp. 

Aldred, tempore A son. A son. Fulcheredi 

Fulcheredi Abbatis. Abbatis. 

RiCARDUS CapEI.LANUS, de=p:. . . . . . . 

Meilnil Hermer. j |— 

—I Alan, temp. 

Hubert, temp. Henr. I. Henr I. 

Hklgot, held More vvood=^. . . Rainer de Tangelanda,=p. . . . 

on the banks of the Severn, j temp. Fulcheredi Abbatis. 


Herbert, temp. Hen. 1.=^. . . . William. 

held Stanton and Norton. | 

I 1 ' 1 ELIETH.=:p. . . . 

Eutropius, Nicholas. Herbert. | ' 

son and heir. Rainald, temp. Godefridi 


I 1 

Oi)o. TuRSTiN BurcH, had lands near Bridgnorth.=p. . . . 

r -r -« 

Rainald. Ricardus. 

VViger Presbyter.=p. . . 

r ^ 

Robert Presbyter. 

2. Carta D. Rogeri Comitis, de prima fundatione monasterii 
Sci Petri Salop. [^Printed in Monast. vol. Vn. p. 519, new ed.] 

3. Carta D. Hugonis Comitis, filii ejus, de tei-ris, ecclesiis, et 
decimis in Weston, Hennele, Nesse, Optona, Wontenoure, 
Tliokethul, Coleham, Plmtesho, Gulidone, Loskesfbrt, Preston, 
Hodenet, Peppelawe, Ardulveston, Eston, Stottesdone, Neutone, 
Walkeslawe, Lya, Saubury, Sibeton, Wolintone, Hetley, Wroc- 
wardin, Ercalou, Walecot, Heiton. 

4. Carta Hugonis predicti, de Libertatibus. 

5. Carta ejusdem, de decimis de Stotesdona, Estcleia juxta 
Brugiam, Welinton, Wrocordina, Opton, Prestona, Oswaldestre, 
Nesse, Mudle, Lokelthulla, Bolelca, Hodencth, Peopelawa et 


Loscesford, Buton sub Lima, Wulruntuna, Arkaloua, Heitona, 
Wilsitheland, Cleya, Brugeltona, Kinardeseia. [Printed in Mo- 
nast. vol. iii. p. 590.] 

6. Carta Matildis de Lungespe, filise et her. Dni Walt, de Clif- 
ford, filii Walter! de C. et Agnetis de Cundy, confirmans cartam 
patris sui, de bosco in Luhton. [Printed ib. but in part only.~\ 

7. Carta Walt, filii Walt, de Clifford et Agnetis de Cundy, 
de bosco in Luhton, juxta assartum Rogeri de Ondeslawe. 

8. Carta Walt. Clifford de communa caprarum in bosco de 
Luhton. " Test. Egidio de Clifford fratre meo." 

9. Carta Walt. Clifford, de 100 acr. in bosco de Luhtone. 

10. Carta Adami de Beysin, de ^ virgat. et 4 acr. et 1 feilonem 
in Walkeslowe, ad emendationem coquinae Abbatiee. 

11. Carta Rogeri filii Odonis de Rusberia, de ferndell^ in 

12. Carta Will. fil. Alani, de eadem ferndella in Bradestan. 

13. Carta Thomae Mauduht, qua dat homagium Henrici filii 
Sweyni, et |- virgat. in Clia, quam ipse Henricus tenuit. 

14. Carta Henrici 1™ de manerio de Bascherche, Data apud 
" Lecanot." 

15. Carta Walchelini Maminot, de restoratione Monachis S. 
P. terrae de Lega, quam Will. Peverel, avunculus dicti Walche- 
lini, eis injuste abstulit. [Printed in Monast. vol. iii. jo. 522.] 

16. Carta conventionis inter Hugonem Abb. S. Petri et 
Johannem Extraneum, de angulo nemoris de Bircha. 

17. Carta Will, filii Radulphi de Eyton, de i virgat. terras in 

18. Carta Joliannis Extranei, D'ni de Knokyn, qua, dat 
sectam curiae in maneriis suis de Buton, Mudle, Nesse, Hoptun, 

19. Carta Gyrardi de Tornay, qua dat villam de Beiton. 
Testibus {inter alios) Willielmo de Hedlega, et filiis suis Alano 
et Willielmo ; Nigello de Sauberia et Roberto filio suoj Osmundo 
de Tunslall. 

20. Carta Hamonis Peverel, qua dat Villam de Dunstall, et 
servicium militis qui earn tenebat, ita ut ipse miles, Osmundus 
nomine, habeat earn in feudo, &c. Test, {inter al.) Turstano 
fratre ejusdem Osmundi. 

[7b be continued.'] 




In the sixth volume of the Monasticon, p. 540, new edit, is an interest- 
ing account of this reUgious house, which was founded by Henry V. in 
1414, and was the only one in Great Britain which professed the modi- 
fied Order of St. Austin, called the Order of St. Saviour and St. Bridget. 
The Rule of the Order is not given by Dugdale, probably because he 
had never met with it, and the deficiency is not suppUed by his editors. 
But among the Add. MSS. in the British Museum, No. 5208, is a 
volume formerly belonging to this monastery, and neatly written on 
parchment, soon after the period of its foundation. It contains : 

1. Regula Sancti Salvatoris, in 24 capp. as adapted to the nuns aud 
brethren of the Order. 

2. Regule bead Augustini Episcopi, secundum exposicionem N. Tryvet. 

3. Exposicio regule Sancti Augustini, per Hugonem de Sancto Victore. 

4. Exposicio regule beati Augustini secundum fratrem Nicholaum 

5. Dialog us inter Kacionem et Animam. 

It is not unreasonable to suppose, that this Aolume was expressly 
compiled for the use of the monastery by Nicholas Trevet, who, in all 
probability, was either father confessor, or one of the professed brothers. 
At the close of the manuscript is written a memorandum respecting the 
anniversaries to be celebrated in the monastery, by which we learn that 
Henry Lord Fitzhugh was the person who first caused the order to be 
brought into England, and endowed the foundation with twenty pounds 
a-year. This nobleman is not mentioned in the king's charter, and were 
it not for this memorandum (a copy of which is annexed) we should be 
ignorant of the part he had taken in the establishment of the Brigittines. 

Anno Domini mccccxxxi. communi fratrum consensu visum 
est sex mortuorum officia singulis annis imperpetuum in hoc 
debere monasterio celebrari. Primum, pro Uege Henrico 
Quinto, qui lioc fundavit monasterium, et ordinem perfecte zela- 
vit. Istud cum omni solennitate teneri debet ipso obitus sui die. 
Secundum, pro Domino Henrico Fitzhughe, qui hunc ordinem 
primo adduci fecit in hoc regnum, et huic monasterio in partem 
dotacionis xx^' annuas libras donavit. Istud fieri debet infra 


octavas epiphanie, die videlicet quart^, si dominica non fuerit.* 
Tercium, pro fratre Tlioma Fisshborne, primo hujus monasterii 
generali confessore. Quod ipso die quo obiit celebrai'i debet, 
quia, predicti regis confessor et consiliarius existens, ipsius bene- 
volenciam ad hujus monasterii fundacionem et ampliorem dota- 
cionem ac favorem maxime promovit. Necnon pro ordinis et 
monasterii hujus spirituali et temporah stabiJi incremento, tarn 
in Romana curia quam in hiis regno et monasterio strenue desu- 
davit.t* Si autem ahquod horum trium in dominica vei feria 
secunda contigerit, anticipari debet per cantorem ad proximum 
diem, quo conveniencius fieri potest. Quartum, pro sororibus et 
fratribus hujus monasterii professis, in prima ebdomada Adven- 
tus Domini, die per cantorem assignando. Quintum, pro eorum 
parentibus et benefactoribus, in feria tercia post dominicam quin- 
quagesime si a festo ix Ic {sic) vacaverit. Sin autem, in aliqua 
feria ebdomade precedentis. Sextum, pro fratribus et sororibus 
capituU nostri, infra octavas reliquiarum, quando agitur de festo 
loci, vel de commemoracione Virginis gloriose.^ Eodem eciam 
anno concesserunt fratres Richardo Scot capellano, quod vivus 
et mortuus in suffragiis reputaretur monasterii, veluti si fuisset 
frater professus, quodque idem pro eo post obitum prima trice- 
sima et anniversaria die fieret officium, sicut pro professis fieri 
consuevit. Dedit enim monasterio ducentas libras in pecunia et 

There is a much fuller Rule in English of this monastery preserved 
among the Arundel MSS. in the British Museum, No. 146, but unfor- 
tunately imperfect at the beginning and end.^l It contains the most 
minute directions concerning penance for different grades of offence, the 
duties of each person holding office, the mode of living, performing ser- 
vice, clothing, &c. An extract or two will show the nature of this rule. 
In cap. 13, the officers of the monastery are thus enumerated : 

A pryores, the serches, the chauntres and sub-chauntresses, 
the sexteyne and undersexteyn, the treseres and undertreseres, 

" Istud oflncium tecetur modn, non solum pro dicto Domino Henrico F. sed pro 
omnibus fundatoribus et fundatriclbus prioratuum alicq^er' (sic) ad monasterium perti- 
nencium. Marg. note. 

Istud officium tenetur non solum pro dicto Thoina F. sed pro omnibus abbatissis et 
confessoribus hujus monasterii imperpetuum. Marg. 

* Vel quando conveniencius fieri potest. Marg. 

•^ Another and perfect copy exists in the library of the Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's, 
at the end of which is added a Table of Signs used during the hours of silence by the 
Sisters, printed in the " Excerpta Historica," pp. 114 — 4 If). 


the chambres and underchambresse, the celeres, the fermeres, 
the keper of the washyng howse, the keper of the garden and of 
the frutes theof, the keper of the butry and of the freytour, the 
keper of the whele, the keper of the grates, the keper of the reve- 
lacion gate, the keper of the cl oyster and dortour dores. 

The fifty-third chapter is entitled, " Of the observaunces in the dor- 
tour," and contains the rule to be observed in the sleeping apartment of 
the nuns : 

In the dortour, none schal beholde other, nor make sygne 
to other, w^oute a resonable cause, but alle schal there kepe hyghe 
silence. There also none shal enclyne to other, thof it be the 
abbes that passethe by them, but all schal go forthe mekly withe 
ther veyles down over ther eyn. There none schal julte up on 
other wylfully, nor spyt up on the stayres, goyng up or down, 
nor in none other place reprevably, but yf they trede it oute 
forthewythe. Nor any schal make any noyse there of unreste, 
aboute makyng of ther beddes, or schakyng of clothes, or remov- 
ynge of strawe, or of any other thynge, from curfewe belle into 
ther pryme, neyther from mete into it be thre of the clokke 
after none. And therfor to suche as gretly rowte [snore] or 
make any unrestful noyse in ther sleppe, or at the leste, to suche 
as may not suffer such unquyetnes, schal be purveyd a nother 
place, wher they may slepe w^oute unrestyng of other. Ther 
beddes schal be made of hordes faste nayled togyder, and stuffed 
with strawe, and they schal have as many clothes up on them as 
nede requyrethe, after the descrecion of the sovereyne, whiche 
owethe to se that none have more than nedethe nor lasse, and 
that two lye not togyder in oo bedde. Ther lyenge schal be in 
tlier stamens gyrde aboute hem withe a lyste, and in ther hosen, 
and up on ther hedes they may have a nyght kerchyf and a nyght 
cappe. If any have desire to lyghe in her cowle, none schal pre- 
sume thys, withe oute special licence of the abbes. — In ther beddes 
they schal sytte and 3yve thankynges to God withe some special 
but no longe prayers or they slepe. And after thys, they schal 
blysse themself withe In nomme patris, and slepe withe sylence 
in pece. 

The seventh chapter is " Of the Decle, how they shal be buri/ed," and 
contains same curious particulars. 

When any suster is dede, the dede body schal be leyde bare, 
al possible honcste saved and keptc, up on a bare borde ordeyned 



thertbr, covered witlie lede yf nede be. And there sche schal be 
wasche withe warme water, by them that have the cure of the 
fermery, and by other sad [grave'] persones, suche as the sove- 
reyne wyl assygne ther to, whiche done, they schal clothe the 
body withe stamen, cowle, and mantel, wymple, veyle, and 
crowne, withe oute rewle cote, but withe hosen and schone 
tanned, and withe a gyrdel, whiche al schal be of the vileste 
gere, and in al these, excepte mantel, sche shal be buryed. After 
th* the body is thus arayed, it schal be leyed up on the bere, 
and covered withe a cheste, made in maner of a wyde latyce, 
that the body may be seen, and so it schal be brcughte in to 
the sustres quyer, chapter, cloyster, or in to some other more 
conveniente place. And the body schal never be w^oute two 
sustres at leste, prayeng for the sowle, saynge ther psauter, or 
dirige, or any other prayers, tyl it be had to chirch, nor it schal 
be lefte alone at any tyme, tyl it be buryed. What tyme the 
body schal be had to the chirche or to sepulture, that is reserved 
to the discrecion of the confessour and hys brethren, counsel had 
of the abbes in thys party, as for the sustres. Before that the 
coorse be buryed schal be seyd a masse of requiem for the soule, 
but yf it 1)6 so corrupte, that it may not so longe be kepte above 
erthe, witlie oute infeccion of other. 




Robert de Todenei, founder of the Priory of Belvoir, and who among 
other manors in Lincolnshire held Talintune in capita, died in 1088, 
leaving issue several children. 

William, the eldest son, bore, according to Dugdale,^ the surname of 
Albini, with the addition of Brko to distinguish him from \^^illiam de 
Albini, the King's chief butler, called from his office P'mcerna. This 
William is said, by Maud daughter of Simon St. Liz, Earl of Huntingdon, 
to be the father of William de Albini, also surnamed Brito, who in the 
12th Henry II. certified that he held thirty-eight knight's fees. 

'^ liaronage, vol. i. p. 111. 



Notwitlistanding the autlioritics quoted by Dugdalc, pcrliaps further 
proof may be wanting that the last-named William was grandson and 
heir-male of Robert de Todenei, and that Maud de St. Liz was his mo- 
ther 3 •> but, that William de Albini, who died in the 14 Henry II. bore 
the surname of Brito, and that he was father by Cicely his wife, of a son 
William, v^ ill aj)pcar in the following original charter l)clotiging to John 
Cage, Esq. Director of the Society of Antiquaries. It will also be seen 
that the name of Robert Brito occurs among the witnesses to the charter, 
which purports to be a grant of the church and tithes of Talintune to 
the Priory of Belvoir.c This grant is not noticed in the new edition 
of the Monasticon. 

Witt de Albineio Brito. & uxor ei^ Cecilia. & fili'^ eo^ Wilt 
& alii heredes eo^. cunctis fidelib^ see ectie sal. Sciatis nos 
dedisse ecctie see marie de Belueeir & monachis ibide do serui- 
entib^ ppetua donatione in elemosina ecctia de Talintuna cu tra 
& decimis et oTb^ reb^ ad ea ptinentib^. ta libe & q'ete. q"nto 
litii^ & q'etius potest aliq^d see ecctie donari. Hanc donatione 
psenti cartula confirniamus. p remissione peccatox nro^ & p afa 
Henrici regis dni nri. J afab^ omium antecessor nro^. ut Ds 
oiiiipotens nob oinib^ ret'buere dignet tiita etnam. Isti st testes 
liui^ donationis. Oliuer^. Rodbt^ Brito. Warin^ Ridel. Gaufr de 
Calurani. Stanhardus pres1)it. Turstan^ presbit. Roger^. cleric^. 

In dor so. 
De eccHa d Talintuna. 

(In a later hand.) Carta W. de Albeniaco 
Brif de Eco'ia de 'I alinton^ cum p'tinenciis. 

(The seal is wanting.) 


•' The truth seems to be, that Dugdale has made an error, and confounded two persons 
into one, as remarked by Hornby, p. 105. The elder Maud de St. Liz, daughter of tlie 
Earl of Huntingdon, died in 1140 (Dugd. i. 218) ; but, according to Baker, was living 
in 1 147, whilst the second Maud de St. Liz, her daughter, who became the wife of Wil- 
liam de Albini Brito L was living in 1185, aged 60. See the Rotul. de Dominahus, p. I , 
MS. Harl. 2188, f.30 b, and Baker's Northamptonshire, vol. i. p.SOG. — Edit. 

c In a roll of knights' fees, taken 20 Hen. UL among the fees of William do Alliini is 
the following entry : " Will'us de Albiiiiaco tenet i feodum et dimid. in Oftiiigton, 
Talliiif^ldu et Casewykes, uude I'riorcs do Bclvtro, de Novo Loco, et de I3issemede feoffati 
sunt in pura et jierjietua elemosina, de novo feofFamento." MS. Add. I5r. Mus. d'l IS. 
p. 42. And in 1277, Archbishop Kilwardby declared the right of the Priory of Belvoir 
(int. al.) to the a-lvowson of Talinlon. Monast. lii. 28r), new cd. 




These notes were taken by Mr. John Reynolds, jun. of Plaistow, co. 
Derby, about the middle of the last century', and exhibit faithfully the 
state of the monuments, &c. at that period. They are printed almost 
verbatim from a copy among the WoUey collections, MS. Add. 6701, 
Brit. Mus, which contains also occasional notes and additions made by 
Mr. Wolley himself, whose industry in compiling materials for the 
history of Derbyshire, is entitled to the praise of every native of that 


The chancel of the parish church here is built with an aisle on 
the south side thereof, the same as the church, which said aisle 
IS parted in two from north to south by iron rails or palisadoes, 
just by the chancel door, and the more easterly part thereof is 
the burying place of the ancient family of the Frechevilles, the 
principal branch whereof had their residence here for more than 
300 years, till it terminated in females, in 1682. 

The entrance into this burying place is on your right hand, 
just as you come up at the communion rails, through a pair of 
iron gates ; and the first and most remarkable object that pre- 
sents itself, is a curious painted window, just opposite to you, 
as you enter, which window is secured from injuries on the out- 
side by a fine grate of iron wire. 

This Mdndow contains three panes or lights, that in the middle 
being broadest, all of which are adorned with curious fohage, 
angels, &c. and five escutcheons of arms, two in each exterior 
pane or light, and one large one towards the bottom of the 
middle one, the blazon of all which follow : 

» The Wolley collections now form Nos. 6666—6716 of the Add. M8S. in the 
British Museum, and are comprised in fifty volumes of various sizes. — Edit. 

^ It fortunately happens that notes on the monuments and arms in Staveley church, 
were taken in the visitation of that county hy Rich. St. George, Norroy, in 1611, and 
suhsequently, about 1660, hy the antiquary Gervase Holies. The notes of the latter 
were printed in the Topoj^iuphef, vol. iii. j)p. 360-363, from MS. Harl. 68'2.9, and con- 
tain the same a»at»;/ inscriptions as above copied by Reynolds; but as these are but 
few, it was not thought advisable to omit them, since thej are now given more accurately 
than before. — Eiltl. 



Tliat escutcheon in the top of tlie castermost pane contahis two 
coats impaled, viz. 

1 . Az. a bend between 6 escallop shells arg. Frecheville. 

2. Az. a fess between 3 lions' heads erased or. Nichols. 
That at the bottom of the said pane contains also two coats, 

one of which is sur-tout, namely, 

Az. a bend between 6 escallops arg. Frecheville. 

Surtout (or in an escutcheon of pretence) sal), a fret arg. 

That escutcheon at the top of the western pane contains two 
coats impaled, viz. 

1. Frecheville. 

2. Or, 3 galtraps and chief sab. [Be VicL] 

That at the bottom of the same pane contains Frecheville only. 
The escutcheon towards the bottom of the middle pane con- 
tains 1 coats, namely : 

1. Frecheville. . .-^83*71.5 

2. Or, 2 chevrons az. Musard. [Fitz-BaJph.] 

3. Gul. 3 annulets or. [Musard.] 

4. Erm. on a bend. az. 3 cinquefoils or. [Beai/feij.] 

5. Gul. 6 cocks, 3. 2. 1. or. [Nuthill.\ 

6. Az. a lion ramp, within an orle of 10 cross-croslctts or. 

7. Or, 3 lions pass, in pale gul. [Dive^ 

8. Gul. 3 fleurs-de-lis arg. a chief nebule az. and of the 2d. 
[ Watervile.] 

9. Arg. on a cross wavey vert, 5 plates. [Peverel of Brunne.'] 

10. The same as the first. 

And over all, in an escutcheon of pretence, sab. a fret arg. 
Over this escutcheon is placed a baron's coronet, and therein a 
helmet suitable thereto, whereon is a wreath or torce, of his pro- 
per colours, and thereon the crest of the family of Frecheville, 
which is an angel couped at the knees, and habited in a silver 
vestment, his wings and hair gold, having on his head a cap 
azure, ensigned on the top with a cross patee of the 2d, holding 
in his left hand an arrow with the point downwards pro])er, fea- 
thered argent, headed or. 

Supported by two angels, their hair, wings, head attire, and 
upper vestments as that of the crest, their under robe as the 
wings, each holding in his exterior hand an arrow, as that in the 

I) 2 


Underneath all this is written in round hand capital letters : 


And at the bottom of the western pane, in small roman letters : 
Dom. Johannes Frescheville, Baro de Staveley, posuit, 1676. 
Underneath this window is the tomb or monument of the 
above-mentioned Lord Frecheville, with the following inscrip- 
tion wrote thereon, in small roman letters : 

d'nI 1G82, AGED 76 YEARS. 


Over this inscription are the paternal arms of Frecheville, 
without any quarter ings. 

Upon a little monument fastened in the wall, to the eastward 
of the before-mentioned painted window, is this inscription, in 
small roman letters : 


Petri Frescheville, militis, Domini de Staveley, qui obiit 7"^° 
die Aprihs, Anno D. 1634. Et uxoris ejus moerantissimee Jo- 
cosce, Thomec Fleetwood de Vache, in com. Buck. F. qufe obiit 
mense Aprilis, Anno D. 161J). prolem habentes Elizabetham in- 
fantem defunctam, Johannem A. 1657 superstitem, et Margare- 
tam, Johannis Ramsden de Langley, in com. Ebor. Eq. aurat. 

Over this inscription is an escutcheon, containing two coats 
impaled, viz. 

1. Az. a bend between 6 escallops arg. Frecheville. 

2. Party per pale undee or and az. 6 martlets, 2. 2. 2. coun- 
terchanged. Fleetwood. 

Upon a large monument in the north-east corner of this bury- 
ing place (facing the last) is the following inscription in roman 
capitals, gilt with gold : 





Over the foregoing inscription are 3 escutcheons, one in the 
middle, and on each side thereof one, namely; 

That in the middle, which contains the two coats impaled : 

1 . Sab. 3 swords, their points in pile, arg., hilts and pommels 
or ; in chief a label of 3 points of the second, for a difference (of 
the 1st son, vivente patre) Pawlett. 

2. Frecheville. 

Crest on a wreath, a falcon with wings expanded or, gorged 
with a ducal coronet gules, belted of the first, being the crest of 

That escutcheon more westerly contains 6' coats, viz. 

1. Pawlett. 

2. Gul. 2 wings conjoined in lure arg.c [Rayney.'] 

3. Az. 2 lions pass. gard. arg. collared gul. [^Delamarc.^ 
t. Barry of 6 pieces erm. and gul. \^Husee.'] 

5. Barry of G, or and vert, over all a bend gul. [Poynings.] 
(}. Arg on a chief gul. 2 mullets pierced or. St. John. 
The whole escutcheon charged with a label of 3 points arg. for 
a difference. 

That most easterly contains also 6" coats, namely : 

1. Frecheville. 

2. Az. 2 chevrons or, designed for Musard. [Fitz-Ralph.] 

3. Gul. 3 annulets or. [Musard.] 

1. Arg. on a chevron sab. 3 crosses patteeor. [Beaiffey.^] 

5. Gul. G cocks, 3. 2. 1. or. [NidhilL] 

G. Sab. a fret arg. Harrington. 

On an old alabaster chest-tomb, on your left hand as you 
come into this burying-place, is the following inscription, wrote 
round the edge of the top stone, in antique letters :^" 

li?ic jacet gjolj'e^ irredjcuille, armigcr, qui tiicm jiniii' flnujSit 
cvtrcmu' ti . . tn^\^ ^anuani Snno <D'ni jllilPmo. ©o. nono. 
€uju^ a'fe yropitietuc ^Dc. 3mcn. 

'■ It ought to be criniue. — Edit. 

'' The coat of Ikaufoy of Park Hull, according to Sir Eclwanl Walker, is as blazoned 
abvoe, p. ,55, and altliougli this second coat alio belongs to Utaufrij, it might be borne 
by a different branch, and inserted by mistake for the former one. — Kdil. 

" See 'i'ojiograplier, iii. 30' 1. — Edil. 


N. B. The north-east corner of this tombstone has been 
broken off, and the deficiency is supphed by a piece put in the 
place, without any letters upon it, which defect I have noted 
by the dotted space in the above inscription-^ 

Without the before-mentioned burying place, by the north 
wall of the chancel, and within the communion rails, stands an 
old chest-tomb, one of whose sides joins to the said wall, and the 
moulding round the other three sides is inlaid with brass, con- 
taining the following inscription in ancient letters : S 

[^©rate pro] animafau^ J>etri 5rrecl)ixic[[, ©'ni De [vl>tabelcj,i 
in] com* 5Berb, armig'i, qui obiit Die mtnii^ ^nno 

©omini naill'mo tat €t jBatilDe uvocijS eju^. «iDuorum 

animabu.^ propitietuc ©eu.^. Smcn. 

N.B. The dotted spaces in this inscription denote where the 
brass is torn away^ and gone, and the plain spaces shew where 
the brass is left smooth, without having ever had ought en- 
graven thereon. 

On the top of this tomb is the portrait of the said Peter in 
brass, inlaid into the stone, and over his head an old man, 
sitting in a chair, with a glory about his head, and a crucifix 
leaning against his knees, to which from the mouth of the said 
Peter ascend two scrolls, on one of which (being that nearest 
you) is written : 

^'c'a ^Trinita^, un'' ©cuip, mi.^ercrc nofaii^. 
And on the other : 

<^zu^ p'pitiu^ c^to mif)! peccatori. 

Upon a brass plate fastened to the wall over the said tonil) is 
written (in eodem charactere) : ' 

J^ere bn&er fote Uctlj tfic 2?oDp:-? of l^m^ irrcydjiucU $ 
.lEatoDc \)\?i toyf, $ ^umc tyme .f^quicr nnto tlje noble (j erccKent 
prince tog IC^enry tlje lij. anD UorD $ patron of ttyii €ijircljc, 
anD grcte benefactor to tl^e .scyD Cij.rcijc, toljidj pcyr.sJ Decc^i^yD 
t^t jrjrti dap of .JEarclje, tlje pere of our %o:b SV. W, iij. on' 
tol]Oj?e ^ouUpi^ Sb'u babe mercy. Hnien. 

' Holies notices on the top of tliis tomb " tlie poiirtrayture of a man armed; Ms 
feete upon a greyhound; over his iiead a bend bctw. 6" escallops." JMS. Harl. ()82;), 
p. 3'17.— Edit. 

s Toj)<>sr. iii. IGO. 

*" These have been filled up fioin the cujics takuu by St. George ami ilollcs. — E(fil. 

' See Topogr .iii. 2GU 


Over this inscription are the portraits of the said Peter and 
Maud, drawn upon brass, and fixed to the wall, in kneeling 
postures, facing each other, (each having several of their children 
kneehng also behind them k), and from each of their mouths 
ascends a scroll to the Virgin Mary, who is represented sitting 
in a chair al)ove their heads, holding her son in her lap, (all of 
brass and inlaid in the stone wall,) and upon that scroll which 
issues from the said Peter's mouth, is written : 
^ancta Mam, ora pro nobt^. 
And upon that from Maud's, 

C> mater Dei, memento met. 

All the writing upon and about this monument is in the same 
ancient character, and very neatly engraven. 

There are also some broken alabaster pavers lying before the 
communion rails, on some of whose edges one may just discern 
there have been letters. As also one lying by Lady St. John's 
monument, but it has had every edge but one cut oif, to make 
it suit with the rest of the pavement. On that edge left, one 
may just discern, 

Cuju.iJ anime propitictuc ^tu^. 3men. 
but no more.' 

There are also several blueish flat stones lying as common 
pavers in the before-mentioned burying place, several of which 
have had brass inlaid round their edges, and the portraits of 
men or women in the middle of them, but the metal is become 
a prey to sacrilegious avarice. 

There is also an inscription affixed to the back side (as it were) 
of Lady St. John's monument (being the partition betwixt the 
before-mentioned burying place and the communion table) for 
one John Bullock, Gent, who died in ICDJ), whom the parish 
clerk of Staveley told me had been steward to John, Lord Fre- 
cheville. Upon [over ?] this inscription is an escutcheon, bear- 
ing Ermine, on a chief [gul."'], a label of 5 points [sab."], which 
is the coat armour of Bullock of Ounston, in the co. of l)er])y. 

Likewise upon the top and sides of the old tomb of Peyrs 
Freychwell (standing by the north wall) are several escutcheons ; 
some of Frecheville alone, others impaUng therewith a lion 

'^ " Beliind hiin eight sonnes." HolUs. 

' 'J'liis insciiiJtiou was puifect in the time of Holies, and was to the lueiiior^ of Jcjhii 
VVarton, [VVarsoj), Si. Giorgc] Rector of Staveley. Sec Topogr. iii. 301. — Edit. 
•" MS.Harl. 6803, f. ly^. " Ibid. 


rampant, and, as far as I can perceive, imperially crowned. And 
upon the top towards the n. w. corner, is an escutcheon im])aling 
two coats, that on the sinister side being Frecheville, and the 
dexter has a bend, charged with three roundles.o 

The Hall stands just by the church, and is a fine old building, 
erected by Sir Peter Frecheville, in 1 604 : as an inscription cut 
upon a stone in the wall testifieth. Under this inscription are 
two coats impaled, the 1st Frecheville, the 2d charged with 2 

Take7i atStavekij, the ISth o/Nov^. 1757. 

J. Reynolds, Jun^ 

The ravages caused by time, and the destruction effected by less par- 
donable agents among the monuments of our parish churches, is, per- 
haps, no where more strikingly exemplified than in the instance of 
Staveley, and demonstrates the value of some work like the present to 
perpetuate what marble and brass fail in handing down to posterity. 
From Reynolds's account, only one window of painted glass remained 
when he visited the church, which was put up in the year 1 676' But 
in HoUes's time several similar windows, containing eleven coats of 
arms and four figures (viz. of John Frecheville, Esq. Elizabeth, his wife, 
Peter, his son, and a daughter) were in different parts of the building, 
all of which must have perished before the middle of the last century. 
They are copied by him in MS. Harl. 6829, p. 347, and described in 
the Topographer, vol. iii. p. 361. Yet this was not the only damage 
received by the chancel of the Frechevilles, for in the notes of St. 
George, taken half a century previous to Holies, are several more coats 
mentioned, which had disappeared when the latter visited Staveley ; 
and as these were not consulted by the editors of the Topographer, it 
cannot be deemed out of place to insert them here, from MS. Harl. 
5809, f. 34. 

*' In Staveley Church, being the Lordship of S^' Peter Frechvile, 
Knight, taken the 24 day of August, 1611." 

" These in the east chancel Avindowes." 

1. Paly P of 6 or and az. a fess gul. 

2. Gul. 3 lions pass. gard. or. 

3. Az. a bend Ijetw. G escallops arg. [Frecheville.] 

•> See Topogr. iii. 360. St. George and Holies both copy the escutcheons, viz. 
1. Frecheville; 2. Frecheville, impaling Arg. on a bend gul. 3 besants, JJ'orilci/; 
3, Frecheville, impaling Arg. a lion ramp. sab. \Sl(tpkloii ?] and 4 as first. MS, Harl. 
6"829, p. 3-16", compared with RIS. Harl. 58C9, f. 31. — Edit . 

P Cheeky, Mb. Harl. 1093, f. 128. 


i. Barry of G, arg. and az. [Grey of Codnor.] 
5. Az. a fess indented betw. 15 <i billets, i) in chief, and G in 
base, or. [Deincourt.'] 

G. Arg. a chevron betw. 3 cross-crosslets fitchee sab. [Ffjn- 

"These Gin the south windowes." 

1. Sab. 0" annulets, 3. 2. 1. or. [Leek.] 

2. Sab. on a bordure arg. 8 cinquefoils of the field. Darcy. 

3. Arg. 3 livery pots gvil. a border sab. besantee. Monboucher^ 

4. Or, on a fess gul. 3 vvater-bougets arg.; over all a bend sab. 

5. Paly of 6 or and gul. on a Ijend sab. 3 water-bougets arg. 

G. Barry of G, or and gul. a canton erm. GouselL 

In another window. 
Quarterly, 1 and i arg. 10 torteaux, 4. 3. 2. 1. a label of 3 
points sab. [Babingtoii.[ 2 and 3. Arg.] a fess verrey or and gul. 
betw. 3 water-bougets sal). [DetJiick.'] 

♦©rate p' bono ^tatu <JD'ni %ti\)\i 2P>abm0ton, qui ij^ta' fenej^tra' 
fieri fecit. 

In another window two coats. 

1. Arg. a bend Ijetw. G martlets sab. [Tempest^ 

2. Erm.i" five fusils in fess gul. 

Crest. On a helmet, issuing from a ducal crown, a griffin's 
iiead, party per pale erm. and arg. 

Orate p' bono ?tatu oTijome €enipej?t armio'i ct ujrorijS 

ejii.ti, qui ii^tam fene.^tram fieri feccrunt. 

Two other windows are drawn by St. George, viz. one made by John 
Frcchevillc, Es(i. with tlie arms of Frccheville and Leek, and a second 
made by John Bakewell, chaplain, « with his arms, but as these are the 
same as those described from Holies in the Topographer, no further 
notice of them is necessary. Besides the above, St. (ieorge has pre- 
served two coats and inscriptions on grave-stones, wliich became obli- 
terated before Holles's visit. They are : 

n Twelve. MS. Harl. 1092, f. 128. 

' Gerv. Holies gives this urg.; the spots of tlic eiininc being overlookcJ by liiin, or 
worn out.— jBf/i7. 

' Who married Cttthariiic, youngest dauglilct of Anker FiCLhevillc. She died 10' Au 
1 o 1 7. MS. Add. CGGS, i>. 30 1 .—Edit, 


" On a very old stone." 

^it jacct .Bargareta IFrecbtUc, uvor [anftcn] ^ f rccJjtiile, que 
obiitbiij" JDu^ . . . . [1330].* 

Arms, Frecheville, impaling Monboucher. 

" This also vpon a gravestone, very old, but the inscription 
is worne out." 

Frecheville, impaling Fitz-RaJph. 


The Church here is built of stone, and the roof thereof covered 
with lead ; both the church and the chancel. At the west end is 
a tower, with an octagonal spire thereupon, in which tower is a 
ring of five excellent bells. 

The living is a Vicarage, but whether in the gift of Sir Wol- 
stan Dixie, of Market Bosworth, in the county of Leicester, 
Bart, or Sir Edward Wilmot, of Chaddesden, in the county of 
Derby, Bart, (both of whom claim the right of presenting to the 
vicarage) 'tis not in my power to determine." 

The present fabrick of the church seems to me to have been 
built at three several times from the different kinds of workman- 
ship of which it consists ; the north side appearing to be much 
the oldest, the body of the church or nave the next, and lastly 
the south aisle seems to be the newest of all. 

In the middle alley of this church, towards the middle of the 
same, is a large alabaster paver, to which is affixed a brass plate, 
containing the following inscription, in roman capitals : 








Weatcrost is for Wheatcroft, a village in Crich parish. 

In the same middle alley, but somewhat niglicr the chancel, is 
another brass plate, upon a common broad stone, having this in- 
scrii:)tion thereon, in antique characters : 

' MS. Harl. 153 7, f. 67 b. 

" It is in the gift of the Dixie family.— /4. Jl'dley. 

CRICH. 4.'3 

l^ece bnDec tty^ intone Hje 2?oDie^ Do Ijic 

^0 Robert jllarjSljall nno jaargaret \)\^ ujyce 

HDbicije in tijtjJ toton [jiuco quietlj^ie 

ilboiie fjjfty ycrijS VoitJ^oVot Debate oc jiitrjire. 

X OHjilDren tljep i)aDe bittoiv ti^eym m ti^eir Ipfe 

Hi of t\)c^m Dogi)ter!3 anD ijfonne,^ toere ^tttm 

^OD Qraunt all ti^enr i^oule.^ re.^te ($ joy in i^Jcbyn. 

There is no date ujion tliis plate, and I am told there is a stone 
coffin under the stone the plate is fastened to. 

There is also in this middle alley a sword drawn upon one of 

the pavers, wdth these letters H. W and 1657, being for 

one of the Woodwards of Tansley, who died that year, and had 
been a soldier in the army. 

Just before the reading-desk door is an inscription cut on a 
stone, for Ehzabeth daughter of Richard Taylor of Washington, 
who died in 1688, aged 28 years. 

In the N. E. corner of the church was a chantry, founded (as 
I have good reason to believe) in the time of king Edward the 
Third, by Sir William de Wakebrugge, Knight, the vestiges 
whereof plainly appear at this day." It was separated from the 
residue of the north aisle of the church at the second pillar from 
the east end thereof, so that two of the three windows looking 
northwards in the said north aisle gave light unto it, as well as 
to that in the east end. 

In this chantry the Pooles or Poles of Wakebridge had their 
burying place, who are descended from Cecily, the sole sister and 
heir of the before-mentioned William de Wakebrugge, which 
Cecily M^as married to John Pole, and from that match several 
families (if not all) of the Poles or Pooles in Derbyshire are de- 
scended. In an arch in the north wall of this church, betwixt 
the two windows looking northwards out of this chantry, lies the 
figure of a man, carved in aver}' white kind of freestone, haljited 
in a long vestment down to his ancles, and l^uttoned very thick 
with small buttons, from the neck down to the hips; with a long 
beard and long lank hair, his crown unshaven, and hands con- 
joined over his Ijreast and elevated ; resting his feet against a 
hound couchant; but both the figures of man and dog are much 

"^ Some iiiforiuatiun on this sul>Ject will be given in a future niiuibcr uf the Collec- 
tanea.— Edit. 


defaced.y There is an iron rail and palisadocs round it of 
rude workmanship, which pahsadoes are fastened into the lid or 
top of the tomb, whereon the said figures are carved, with lead, 
and the iron rail into the wall at both ends in the same manner, 
all of which seem very ancient, but there are neither arms nor 
inscription any where upon this tomb, neither have there been, 
neither in my time, nor any body's now living, that I could ever 
make out. Tradition says this is the tomb of the before-men- 
tioned William de Wakebrugge, and most probably it is so, as 
he founded the chantry in which it is. 

Within this chantry, on the left hand as you entered it by the 
old passage thereinto, (which was through a seat or pew adjoin- 
ing the reading desk,) but on the right, as you now enter it, 
stands an alabaster tomb, having the portraits of a man and a 
woman drawn out upon the top thereof, both in long vestments, 
adtalos demissa ; the man having a staff in his right hand, a pair 
of gloves in his left, and a hawk at his feet ; the woman a pair of 
gloves in her left hand, and nothing in her right, and an unicorn 
laid down at her feet. On the south-west corner of this tomb- 
stone, by the head of the man, is drawn an escutcheon of two 
coats quarterly, the 1st and 4th having an annulet (for a diifer- 
ence) on a chevron between 3 crescents, Poole, 2d and 3d, a fess 
between 6 lozenges, Wakebrugge, and on the northwest corner, 
just by the woman's head, is another escutcheon, xerry, Ferrers; 
but no colours are distinguished on any of them. 

Overcross the bottom or east end of this tombstone is the 
following inscription in roman capital letters, all of which are 
very plain, only the beginning of the Hnes are wanting, by reason 
of the southeast corner being broke off and lost. 


y Bassano says tliere is a hand proceeding from an image holding a cng-zvhcel to tlie 
man's ear; on inspection, it appears wliat is termed in heraldry a ca//ier»ie-K'/!ee^ — 
A. IfoUcy. [See a drawing of it among Lysons's MS. Collections in the British Mu- 
seum. — Edit. 

^ Bassano says that in the east window of the south aisle was a shield of arms, viz, 
az. two chevrons or; in two of the north aisle windows, az. a fesse (sable) between 6 
jozenges gul. and in the east window of the chancel, Barry of six arg. and sab. — A. IV. 
[The MSS. collections of Christ' Bas«ano (who was a herald painter of Derby) referred 
to by Mr. Wolley, were taken about the year 1710, and are now in the College of 
Arms. — Edit,^ 

^ Jactum, Bassano, ^ 1 9" Bassano. 

CRICH. 45 




1392 . 

N. B. tus, at the beginning, ought to be tum^ and Domimis, 
Domini ; sterHs is for sterilis, and the last date 1392, must ])e 
for 1592.C 

It appears from the old parish register, that German Poole of 
Wakeliridge was buried 26'th April, 1588. 

About the middle of this chantry (being, as it now is, in the 
alley going down the north aisle) is a small grey marble stone, 
whereupon is fixed two brass plates, one of which has the portrait 
of a man in a long loose garment drawoi upon it, but the head is 
now taken away ; and the other has the following inscription in 
antique letters, but without date ? 

prci^Jbitcc hit clau^u.sJ !DoDro£ requicpco IDill'm'^ 
sDui cantacie cujs'tojS tiocor xitiwi ante, 
virccc q Ci c^ca paror puo o'niibujS atq3 caCiaucr 
lU j5'um quiL^quij-i crit. nil manct, omne pent. 
v£orpu.^ mane nieum licet Ijie jSufa carne putrei^cat, 
attamen oro Deum .^pintu.iS loca alma ciipe?fat. 
Olui tie^ inti'Oitum DeuiS aD tua regna paratum. 
OlreDo me reciemi De tcrri^, credo refunDi 
^i.surum jSatuatorem, midji $i^ti crit ijSta. 
There are several alabaster pavers in the floor of this chantry, 
which appear to have had inscriptions round their edges, but 
some parts of them are covered by pews, and the letters in 
other places partly worn out by frequently treading upon them, 
so that little can he made therefrom at this time. 

Going out of the church into the chancel, stand two alaliastcr 
tombs, one on each hand. That on the right, having the figure 
of a man in armour drawn upon the top, with his hands conjoined 
over his breast, and resting his left elbow upon his sword hilt. 
At the N. w. corner is an escutcheon, seemingly quartered, but 
no charge now visible thereupon.f* Round the edge of this 
tomb is written in antique characters : 

*■ Reynolds then repeats the inscription, restored by the help of another mutilated 
one in the chancel. The insertions have been placed above. — Edit. 

'' "The arms on the above tombstone are 41y, 1 and 4, blank shield, '2 and 3, a chev- 
ron. Figure in armour, his head resting on a cushion, and his feet on a talbut." Ch. 
Notes, MS. Add. «?67, p. '158. 


]^ic jac£t vjpotifntiu!:? 2?crc.^forD ocn'n.!^' DiiCiu' farniliari!^ ^\\it^ 
<i?forijn Ijonorantii'S^imi Olomiti.^ ^alop' ac fiir $ ijcrcsS apparc\^ 
aDini 5!?crt!9forD tie pcnnji bcntleji. <©m obijt tiicci^fimo nono Die 
men-Si? J^oue'bri' a« ti'ni MilVa E>". m^ 

The tomb on the left hand is for one Claye of Crich, and his 
family : on the top are drawn the portraits of a man and his Avife, 
and 3 escutcheons, that on the s. w. corner being arg. a chevron 
engrailed Ijctween 3 trefoils slipt sable, C/ape ; that in the middle 
(between the heads of the two portraitures) is Clmje, impaling 
two coats, party per fess, the first being a saltire engrailed be- 
tween 4 cross-crosslets [Calton e], and the second verry, Ferrers 
of Tamworth Castle ; his second wife being Margaret, daughter 
to Edward Ferrers of Tamworth, Esquire, son of Sir John Fer- 
rers, of the same place, Knight, and widow of German Poole, of 
Wakebridge, Esquire ; that coat on the x. w. corner is his first 
wife's, alone, in a lozenge-shield, being a saltire engr. betw. 4 
cross-crosslets. [Calton.^ The colours on the arms upon this 
tomb are not distinguished. 

This tomb is so much worn with boys climbering upon it 
whilst the churchwardens suffered one Joseph Mather, a lame 
ignorant person, to teach school in the chancel, (which infamous 
practice was continued till about 1732,) that most of the writing 
is obliterated. What I have been able to make out is as follows. 

Down the south side of the top of this tomb, near the edge, 
and on the east end, is written : 





Overcross the middle of the tomb is drawn, as it were, a tablet 
covering the middle of both the portraitures, having formerly had 
a long inscription thereon, but now greatly obliterated, and 
some part quite worn out. What I was able to make out here 
follows : 


first] h DID WIVE. 


= Tlve words witltln brackets mo ail.le.l by Mr. VVdley.— W(7. ^ H.i.l. k Il.ld. 

'' The cliftsms were siipiilied fium the I\1SS, cluircli iioics of Ch' Bassano. — A. IT. 

CRICH. 47 


kv]nge of fame 









reward] of SYNNE. 



From the eastermost edge of this tablet to the s. e. corner 
of the tomb, and over the east end is written : 



anno] 1583. 

Between tlie legs of the portrait of the man, from the edge of 
the before-mentioned tal)lct, down towards the east end of the 
tombj is written : 


And nearer tiie east end, between his feet: 







There are three pannels on the south side of the tomb, upon 
wliich are drawn the portraits of Mr. Claye's three daughters, 
with their names added, Susanna, Mary, and Penelope, kneehig 
upon cushions, with their faces towards the east. Behind each of 
the two westermost (Susanna and Mary) are drawn escutcheons, 
party per pale, the dexter half being left uncharged (signifying 
they were unmarried at the erection of this tomb) and each of the 
sinister halves bearing their own arms. But behind that portrait 
which is the most easterly (Penelope) is a shield, party per pale, 
baron and femme, the 1 st on a bend 3 cinquefoils pierced, Brails- 
ford; 2d, a chevron engrailed, between 3 trefoils slipt. Clay ; and 
under this escutcheon, and the cushion she kneels on, is written : 


Upon the four partitions between the pannels are these cha- 
racters 1 603. denoting the year in which the tomb was erected. 

On the east end are drawn the portraits of Mr. Claye's two 
sons, William and Theophilus, (each having his name wrote over 
his head '), kneeling also upon cushions, and looking towards the 
north: by each of them is written, mortuus est; and under 
the cushions : 


N.B. All the inscriptions upon this tomb are in roman capital 

In the old parish register I find that Theophilus Claye was 
buried the 2d March, 1590. And Thomas Brelsford and Pene- 
lope Claye were married Gth Aug. 1(50 1.^ The register being 
imperfect, I find no others, save the above, in it. 

Upon the partition betwixt the church and chancel, on that 
side next the chancel, is written the following incription (over 
this last mentioned toml)) in antique letters : 

^ouIc-J tljcy are maDc of tocatienlji jSpiuit : 
jrrom toljcncc tljcn ronie \f Ijeabcn-S inljcritc. 
%\xi linoto tljat boDpcs^i maDe oE sjllayc : 
©eatlj toiU Detioure bji nigljt or Dape 
Jlett i'? \)t zi ])Zt toa.!^ % ?ajie : 
l^t liuing anD DcaD rcmainctlj Clanc. 

' MS. Add. GGGa, p. 585. 

^ Bassano says she was buried at Crich, in the tomb of iier fiithcr the ,.. day of 




)^\^ terpc name tljat nature gaue : 
^'S notoe jsijalbe m t)i.^ graue. 
aTjjnic.sJ Dodj tcadje, evperience trye^ : 
oTIjat claye to Du?te ttie toinoe up Drpe^. 
Ctien tbi^ a toonDer coumpt toee mu^t : 
iZrijat toant of toinDe .djoulD malie <Clape Ou^t. 

Upon a small brass plate affixed to the north v/all of this chan- 
cel (on the inside) nearer the communion rails than the vestry 
door, is the following inscription, in roman capital letters : 



MARCH . 1° . 1G37 . 

On the dexter base of the plate is a mount with roses growing 
upon it, and on the sinister an infant wrapped in swaddling- 

Upon the same wall, but nearer the north-east corner, is ano- 
ther brass plate, with an escutcheon containing two coats im- 
paled, viz. 1st, Arg. a chevron lozenge , between 3 cross- 
crosslets fitclie , Reynolds ; 2d, Arg. a chevron between 3 

rooks sab. beaked and legged az. Rookeby. And, underneath, 
the following inscription : 

Here lies Mary, the wife of George Reynolds, of Plaistow, Gent. 
who died in child-bed the Tth day of October, Anno Dom. 1674, 
aged 33 years. 
\_Taken at Crich, the 25th of April, 1758, J. Reynolds, Jiin.l] 

In the Visitation of Derbyshire made in 1592 by William Flower, 
Norroy, and Robert Glover, Somerset, MS. Harl. 0592, at f. 88, are the 
following notes concerning the church at Crich : — 

" Crech in the High Peake, the tenure of that noble familie 
of Musard. Hasculphus Musarde, the 20 of the conqueroure, 
did hould Creche and Staveley, in the Countie of Darbie, whoe 
had yssue Richard Musard, Baron of Staveley, whoe had yssue 
Hasculphus Musard, Baron of Staveley, whoe had yssue Rauff', 
whoe had yssue RafFe, 6 R. I. whoe had yssue A[micia] M. 
married to [Anker] Fretsvyle, whoe held Crech and Staveley in 
his wyves right. It now is in the possession of the Earles of 

'MS. Add. GGfifi, f. 585, whicli contains a portion of the above notes on Crich, in 
Reynolds's own hand-writing. 


Shrewsburie, and, as it were, an appendix to their honor of 
Winkfeild. It enjoyeth once in the yeare a fayer, and some 
privileges ; it is now the habitation of John Cleay, gentleman, 
my verie good friend and kinsman. It is seated on a hill, fertile 
and well stored both for wood &, cole, neare the ryver Darwen. 
In the Church thes amies : " 

1. Party per pale gul. and sab. a lion ramp. arg. ^Bellers.'] 

2. Az. 2 cheverons or. [^Fitz-Ralph.~\ 

3. England, on a label of 3 points, 6 fleurs-de-lis. 

4. Barry of 6, arg. and az. \_Grey of Codnor.'] 

5. Do. , a label of 3 points gul. 

6. Arg. a fess gul. betw. 6 lozenges sab. 

I. Az. a fess gul. betw. 6 lozenges sab. Per de Wakeburge. 

8. Az. a bend betw. 6 escallops arg. [^Frecheville.'] 

9. Arg. a cheveron betw. 3 crescents gul. Poole. 

10. Quarterly, 1 and 4, Poole, a crescent for difference or, 
2 and 3. Wakehriige. 

I I . The same coat of Poole and Wakebruge, impaling. Ermine, 
on a chief gul. 3 besants. 

12. The same coat, impaling, Arg. 10 torteaux, 4. 3, 2, 1, a 
label of 3 points az. \_Babington.'] 

13. The same coat, impaling, Verrey or and gul. \_Ferrers.'] 

" Thes three [last] escochions belonged to the younger femelie 
of the Poles, who married the daughter and heyr of Wacburge, 
of the mannor of Wakeburge in this parish, build by Sir William 
Wakeburge, one of the Justices of the Banche, and was a great 
benefactor to the Church of Crech, as by his Armes soe often sett 
up in the Church [appeareth]. He alsoe builded a fyne Chapel 
at Wakeburg, garnishing w^h orgayne, and other costly devises. 

" Gei-manus Pole duxit Margaretam, filiam Edwardi, filii 
Johannis Ferrers de Tamworth, militis. 

"Tow Fayre monimentes in glasse, wrought in their vesti- 

mentes, w^h the Armes of Fretsvile : written under thus 

[not intelligible]. 

" Hie jacent corpora Johanis Clay et Marias primae uxoris, 
quonda vxor Nicholai Charnels de Snarston, et Mariie 2. vx. 
relictee Germaais Pole de Wakburge, filise Edwardi Ferrers de 

1. Arg. a cheveron engrailed betw. 3 trefoils sab. Clay, im- 
paling, Sab. a saltire engrailed betw. 4 cross-crosslets sab. Caulton. 

2. Clay, impaling Ferrers. 

" Hitherto Crecii." 


From some cliurcli notes taken about 1/80, we find that tlie only 
coats then remaining in the windows were : 

"In the middle window of the north aisle, Wakehruge. 

East window of south do. Fitz-Ralph.^ 

East window in chancel, FrecheviJle. 

And several other coats part demolished in other windows." 
MS. Add. 666T, p. 457. 

F. M. 


dugdale's mss. additions to his baronage. 

These additions and corrections are copied from the MSS. notes of 
the author, in his own handwriting, inserted in a copy of his work now 
preserved among Cough's books in the Bodleian library. 

At some future period, a new edition of this valuable work may pro- 
bably be undertaken, and it is with the hope of contributing in no small 
degree to render it more complete, as well as more accurate, that the 
pages of the "Collectanea" have been opened to the Genealogist. In 
pursuance with this object, it is proposed to print from the stores of the 
Bodleian, the whole of the MSS. notes of Dugdale himself, and of Lc 
Neve ; as well as to glean from the additions made by other eminent 
antiquaries, inserted in various copies of the Baronage. There probablv 
exist many private collections directed towards the improvement of Dug- 
dale, and the Editors would feel obliged by the communication of any 
particulars which tend to illustrate the descents of the ancient Peerage. 

Page 1. " Earl of Gloucester." 

Having in my preface (which, in generall setteth forth the 
Designe of this worke) briefly intimated, that those eminent per- 
sons, who had the title oi Barks in this llealme, before the Nor- 
man-Conquest, were meerely officiary : before I come to the 
particular persons, in* that age, w^h were so called, of whom I 
have seen any thing memorable, I shall, by way of Introduction, 
take notice; that, as to their officiary imployment, they had the 
Rule and Government of the same Shires or Counties, whereof 

■" The arms, Azure, two chevrons or, usually given to the family of Musard, have, in 
the preceding communication, been assigned to FitzRalph on the authority of Sir 
Edward Walker, and the Visitations of Derbyshire ; but some doubts may exist whether 
Fitz- Ralph may not have been confounded witlj Fitz-Hanulph, lord of Alfreton, wlio 
bore the same coat. However this may be, no early instance has yet been met with of 
the right of the Musards to the above arms. — Edit. 

E 2 


they bad those Titles, and wherein they did reside. And as to 
the attribute and appellation of Comes or Count, it was by reason 
of their attendance on the king, as Companions in Councills, and 
upon all other great occasions; for w^h respect the territory, 
whereof they had the governance in a civill capacitie, was called a 

But, as the military chardge thereof lay also wboly on them, 
they are by our old writers frequently termed Duces ; that is to 
say, Comanders of those forces w^i were armed for the defence 
and preservation of the peace of those Countries ; and therefore 
by the Saxons called pejie-togan, the word pepe signifying an army. 
So that one and the same person is, by those ancient historio- 
graphers, sometimes called Dux, and sometimes Comes. 

They also not seldome [bear] the title of Ealdormen; no7i 
propter senectutem, sed propter sapientiam, as Roger Hoveden ex- 
presseth — not for their age, but for their wisdome ; w^li title of 
Ealdorman continued till about the yeare mxx. or reign of K. 
Canutus the Dane ; instead whereof, that king first brought in 
the name of Earle, w^i in the Danish language did denote men 
of that dignity and trust. 

It is, moreover, observable that in those days, sometimes the 
name of Consul, by reason of the king's advising wth them ; and 
sometimes Reguhis, and Sub-Regulus, from their ruling and 
governing in their respective provinces, was also attributed to 
them. But of them who bore those Titles, there ai-e very many, 
of whom not any thing more then the bare name is to be found, 
and no notice of the province or territory whereof they did pre- 
side ; as Athelme Dux, Alchere Consul, Alswold Comes, JEthelric 
suh-Regulus, Graphio Comes, Hocca Comes : How can it then be 
expected, that I should give an account of their chief Actings ; 
or that much can be sayd of any, considering how short our old 
writers are in relating the most memorable occurrences of those 
illiterate times. I have therefore confin'd my selfe only to such 
of whom I have met w'^^' anything much materiall ; beginning 
w^h the most antient, and so taking the rest in order. 

P. 8, col. 2, 1. penult. « 1018," 
Mxvii. Ing. f. 507 b. lin. 13. 

P. 11, col. 2, 1. 52, "owe? had caused," 
who had caused. 

P. 22, col. 1, 1. 26, " brother to the Conqueror," add ; 
that is to say. Son •"» of Herlewine, a knight, by Herleva or 

« W. Gemet. lib. 7, cap. 3. 


Arietta, daughter to Fulbert, chamberlain to Robert Duke of 

P. 45, col. 2, 1. 48, " Twenty-eighth," [read] 22. 

P. 51, col. 2, 1. 21, " Rirfcmunb," add : 

In 7 E. I. he had another Grant ^ for a fayre at his man- 
nour of nictmunij, in com. Ebor. to be there held upon the eve and 
day of the Exaltation of the Holy Crosse and two days following. 
In 9 Ed. I. the like Grant ^ for a market at his mannour of 
?^anliburg^ in com. Ebor : on Tuesday every weeke : and a fayre on 
the eve, day, and morrow of .S^. Michaell; w^h free- warren in all 
his lands at ©anebp, in com. Ebor : And in 11 Ed. I. a Grant ^^ of 
the Honour of Ritijmunt), wtli all the liberties thereto belonging; 
vz. view of frank-pleg, weyfs, wrecks, Sic, and died &c. 

P. 51. col. 2, line 23, "years of age," add : 

and John another Son. Of which Arthur, by reason he was 
not Earle of I^ictmunO, though he succeeded his father in the 
Earledome of 95ritannp, I shall say no more, than that he first 
marryed Beafrice^^ vicountesse of 1iimo0E!^, and begot on her two 
sons; John who was also duke of '^Britannp, but dyed w^l^out 
issue, and Guy Earle of l5ont{)iEu. Secondly Yoland, daughter 
and heire to Almaric Earle of .llltontfort, by whom he had issue 
John Brcno, Earle of 4]Bontfort and Duke of '25ritann)a, and three 
daughters; vz^, Blatich, wife to Robert Earle of.iHaacfee; Alice 
countesse of IDeniJosmc, and Beatrice married to Guy earle of 
lia I5al; and that he the sayd Arthur departing this life in "iSritanni? 
in a^ 1311 (5 Ed. II.) was buryed at ^louarmen. I come there- 
fore to John his younger Brother. 

This John in an. 1293, 8fc. as in text; omitting in hnes 24 and 
25 ("To which Arthur succeeded John his Brother and heir who'') 
P. 51, col. 2, 1. 50, for "having," read "he" 

1. 51, " Britanny " insert : 

And being stile,d the king's nephew, had a Grant ^ in 
fee of the Earledome of eicbmutiD, w^l' the castles of OicftnumO 
and '55otDCj£f, and all the mannors and lands thereto belonging, to 
be held by the services anciently due, &,c. whereupon, cS'c. 
Page 51, col. 2, 1. 53, add: 

In 35 Ed. I. he wasg in the Scottish warrs. 
Page 51, col. 2, 1. 56, add: 

at which time he obtained a Grant •' in gcnerall tail of 

•' Cart. 7 E. 1. n. 31. • Cart. <J E. n. 15. 

■' Pat 1 1 E, I. I.J. 22. ' Cftt. of Nob. by R. ii. ' Cart. 31 E. 1. n. ID. 

« Rat, Scot. 05 E. I. m. i. i> 'cart 2 E. 11. n. 16. 


the castle of .ffobrinoejo, with the hamlets of Jl^a^isinston and 
gartocll, in com. Northampt. ; the town of (CoifeEsJep, in com. 
Line; xxviiis. rent in StlftcberVDe ; Lxxijs in "iSElforlJ; two ca- 
rucats of land in "^Blanbforb, and c^ rent in iDrpdincton, in the same 
county; the mannoursof "iSpttjcn and IDobborne, in com. Northumhr.; 
the mannour and hamlet of ©riffeilb, in com. Ebor. ; xxvis viij'^ 
rent in iC^urtcItcn, in the same county; certain lands in ItEpintJOii, iji 
com. Derb. ; ix^ yearly rent in great .^ti'occle, in com. Hunt. ; ii^ ix^' 
q. rent in "iSalbtoincIe in the same county; xxvis viii'^ rent in ISramp- 
ton; viiis rent in great ^&n^n : and Lvijs rent in the town of S?unt- 
in0bon, (all in that county) ; iiij^i rent in JlDij^i^enben, in com. RutL ; 
xvis rent for fifty acres of land in .^onbe, in the same county : the 
mannour of nempi^ton in com. Bed/. ; (2rotEnI;am in com. Midd. and 
the half hundred of Subinglanb i?i com. Suss. 

And at the same time procured that king's charter ' for a 
market every weeke upon the Wednesday, at his mannour of 
Jfobringljcp, and a faire there yearely, on the eve, day, and morrow 
of S* Nicholas: also for two faires yearly at his mannour of 
.^taaf {jam in com. Norff". one on the eve and day of the Apostles 
Peter and Paul, and thirteen days following ; the other on the 
eve and day of St. Peter in Cathedra, and six days following. Also 
for a market on the Wednesday every week at Heii^tofte in com. 
Suff. and a faire there yearely on the eve and day oi St. Margaret, 
and six days after. Likewise for a market every weeke, on the 
Saturday at '23oiSton in com. Line, and a market eveiy weeke at 
Kirfeton on Monday, in the same county. 

In. 3 Ed. II. for a market k on the Munday at JFictij-'^jooinfl in 
com. Northum. and a fayre there yearely on the eve and clay of 
the holy Trinity, and two days following. Also for a market 
every weeke on the Fryday at "^Dog^je^ in com. Ebor. and a fayre 
on the eve and day of S^. Sivythen's Translation, and two days 
following. Likewise for a market every weeke on the Wedns- 
day at '55ur0{)crs6 in Sussex ; and two faires yearely ; one on the 
eve and day of the Apostles Philip and Jacob, and two days 
following ; and for a market on the Munday every weeke at 
ISulUJartitfjE in the same county ; and a fayre on the eve and day 
of the Annunciation of the blessed Virgin, and two days following. 

In 4 E. II. this John (by the title oi' John Earle of "^ritannp 
and llicbmunb) had license ^ to grant the county of i3icf;munb, w^h 
the castles of Oicbmunb and "^Botue^^ and all the lands in <C!iol[anb, wch 
he had of the gift of K. Edw. I, unto Arthur Duke of '^rjtaiiiij.i his 

' Ibid. ^ Cart. 3 Ed. II. n. 1. ' Tat. 4 E. U. p. J, in ceflula m. 18. 


Brother, to hold to him and liis heires by the services antiently 
due. In 12 E. II. he was in the warrs of .^cotlanD, and the same 
yeare obtain'd the Grant of a market every weeke, on Fryday, at 
great ©riffe(b, in com. Ebor. : and a faire there yearely on the 
Munday after the octaves of Easter, and three days following, 
wtl» free warren there, and in his LoPPs of "iSriBtjam and iSrenum, in 
that county : as also free-warren in all his LoPP^ of JfoDringftcPj 
J©atfiSin0ton, and fJarctDcH, in com. Northampt. 
P. 51, col. 2, I. 68, add: 

In 15 E. II. he obtain'd a Grant "^ in generall tail, of 
the mannours of $?ot>in0l)am, and '25urton in ?I one? bate, in com. 
Ebor. then in the crown by the attaynder of John de Moiibray ; 
as also ^ of the mannour of i^ert, and town of ICjertiTpole, in the 
Bishopric of ©urbam, late Bof/er de Clifford's, attainted. Like- 
wise of the town of (^Tftreaft, in com. Ebor. late John de Moubray's 
before specifyed ; and Cat()orpe, in com. Line, late Roger Damories 

Page 52, col. 1, dele lines 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. " In heir." 

line 9, dele '' the like." 

• line 34, add : 

But shortly after being taken prisoner o by the French, in 
18 E. III. he made his escape,? and came'l into aJnfllanft, whence 
he again accompanyed the earles ^ of Boct{)ampton and <Oj:foiti, 
and others of the English nobility, into 'i^rittanp. 

line 40, add ; 

In 32 E. III. in ayde^ to the repaire of Oicfemunti casile, the 
king gave * him all the fines due upon the statute of Labourers, 
throughout the shire of BicftmunU and of that fee. 

In 33 Ed. III. he was again " in the warres of ©asconie. 
Page 52, col. 2, line 36, add : 

But, notwithstanding such his defection, upon the death of 
the before specifyed Joane his wife (sister to A'. Richard) upon 
the solemnity ^ of her funerall, in St. Paul's cadiedrall in 'Jioiitioii, 
27 Nov. 8 Ric. 2, there was an allowance ^ of an hundred 
gownes and hoods, for an hundred men, bearing torches, out of 
the King's great Wardrobe. 

Page 57, col. 1, line 60, for "taken," read "laden." 
Page 62, col. 2, line 57, add : 

■" Cart. 15 E. II. m. 12. ■' Ibid. n. 20. 

" H. Knighton, col. 2585. i' Ibid. 'i Ibid. ■• Ibid. 

^ Pat. .32 Ed. III. p. 1 , in. 4. ' Ibid. " Hot. Vase. 3.T E. III. m. 1 -'. 

'' Coinpot. Alani de Stokes custodis inagnu} Ciardrol)n:. * Ibid. 



This JVilFm was also founder y of the Hospitall of Lepers 
at JFietoton, in C9oItJcinc5se (situate betwixt fletitiuftc and Paul) 
whcreunto he gave z all Jfietoton, and certain lands sometime be- 
longing to "^SrustVDie, called lOjcgieincs?, and Ssutlbmareii^, w* a 
large stocke thereon ; vz*. five hundred sheep, three teames 
of twenty-four oxen, six bulls, tweU'e kyne, twenty hoggs, 
an hundred hens, and threescore horses ; as also a mill at 
prcgtunc, of five marks per annum value, for the health of the 
soule of K. Heiiry the first, who brought him up ; and for the 
soules of Maud the Erapresse, his daughter; Geffrey Earle of 
Stnfou, Henry the second, then king of €noTanti, and king Henry 
his son, and their heires, as also for the health of his own soule, 
his father's, his mother's, his brothers', his sisters', and all his an- 
cestors' soules ; w^l* Hospitall did consist » of two Priests, two 
Clerks, tAventy Lepers, and twenty-three servants. 

Page 65, col. 2, 1. 29, '' with A^r." In the margin is written 
in a modern hand, " It should be Isabel, for Aveline was dead." 

Nov. 11, 1274. See Chron. T. Wikes." 

Page 72, col. 2, line 69, add : 

She was also a benefactresse to the Brethren h of the Kepent- 
ance oi Jesus in ©pforb, and likewise to Merton Colledge ^ in that 
university. (Ela Countess of Warwick.) 

P. 76, col. 1, line 7, for "Stephen his fother," read "by 
Henry H." 

Page 82. Here this note on a separate piece of paper is inserted : 

" Whereas in my first Volume of the Baronage of England, 
pag. 82 b, I have cited Mr. Augustine Vincent in his discovery of 
yc Errors of llalphe Brooke, Yorke Herauld, in his Tract of the 
Earles of this Realme, for his affirming y^ the family of Warren 
of Popnton in Cheshire were descended from John E. JVarreti 
by Maud Nereford, his concubine; this is to shew, that I have, 
since that time, seen a pedigree of that family oHVarren of Popn- 
ton, drawn by that skilful genealogist Robert Glover, sometime 
Somers. Herauld in a" 1580 and attested by Wm. Flower, Esqi'e, 
then Norroy king of Armes, whereby it appeareth, that the sayd 
family of Warren of popnton are descended from Reginald de 
Warren, a younger son to WilVus de Warren the second Earle of 
Surrey of that name, of whose authorities I do the rather approve 
and prefer than that of Mr. J'incent."'^ 

y Ex albo registro penes dec. et. cap. Ecel. Cath. Elvir. part i. f. 6.9. ' Ibid. 

•* Ibid. '' Hist. Oxon. lib. 1 , p. 1 1 1 a. '^ Ibid. lib. J, p. S5 b. 

'' .See on this question, Watson's Memoirs of the Earls of Warren, and Hunter's 


Nigel de Albini. — Page 122, col. 2, line 3, " ifountaini^," add : 

To the Church of Sorftc, by his last Will and Testameiit,*^ he 

bequeathed the LoPs of if?clpeiii^, .^kningforti, and JSrantctciE, and one 

carucate and an half of land in .^naiticforD ; as also to the poore of 

the Hospitall belonging thereto, two carucates of land in C'?amcs"eic. 

Roger de Moubhay.— Page 3 23, col. 1, 1. 35, read 1134. 

1. 68, add : 

To the cathedrall of S* Peter at gorfee he gave^ the 
churches of .inaai^i^am, ili^rRftiE-.JHaaljSast, ^l^aj^j^aiB, J^anstune, SanDaffortJ, 
and l^t^^im. He also quit-claymed » to Roger Arch Bpp of gorfte 
and his successors JDiftelEjs^^ale, .Sittiinesclibc, '!23rErE?a0&, and 3I«JElrene, 
expressing the extent of those LoPP^ by speciall bounds. And 
on the XV kalends of May, sl° 1253, to obtain absolution for 
himself, and Alice (de GantJ his wife, and their children ; as 
also to be received into the fraternity of the said Church of 
S* Peter, he gave ^ thereto ten pounds per annum lands in Catoe, 
vz*. i^tixtf)-€a'oc-West, "iiJBrJoccioft, and iOnWbintum-West, w^h be had 
formerly taken from it, which grant she the sayd Alice did the 
yeare following confirme." 

Mortimer. — Page 138, Pedigree, line 5, dele " Ducis Norm." 

line 9, "Radulphus" (note not in Dug- 
dale's hand-writing) Annales Wigornienses make this Ralph the 
son of Milisaunt daughter to the Earl of Dei'by. 

1. 16, " Margareta lilia Will, de Fen- 

dles," add: (not Dugdale's hand) "de Hispania." 

Page ITl, col. 1, line 53, add: (Elianor Duchess of Buckingham) 

But dying 1'=^ elsewhere 13 Febr. 22 H. VIII. she was buryed 
in the Gray-friers church (near .^mitf; ii cKb) before specified. 

col. 2, line 48, " in blood," add : 

by the name of L^ Stafford and to his heirs males ; and 
enabled to hold all Honours, Castles, &c. and likewise sunioned 
to Parliament the same yeare. 

line 56, " This last mentioned Henry," here 

insert : 

"is taken notice '» of for one of the learned men of his 
time, having written divers things ; and translated a Booke out of 

History of the Deanery of Doncaster, vol. i. p. 110, also the Ketrosp. Rev. ii. p. 527, 
2d ser.— Edit. 

" Ex registro dec. et cap. Eccl. Catli. Ei)or. part iii. f. 2.0. 

< Ibid, part i. f. 38. s Ibid, f . 7 1 . '' Ibid, part iii. f. IS. 

' Ibid, part ii. f. 98. '< Esc. 22 H. VIII, ' Stowe's Survey. 

'" Baleus de Scrii)tt. p. I 12. 

58 dugdale's mss. additions 

Latine into English, intituled Vtriiisq ; potestatis differentia. 
He " had issue, &,c. as in text. 

Page 1*71, col. 2, line 62, read: William Stafford of Cfteb^ep 
and i^rafton, knight. 

Page 171, col. 1, line 8, " Henry," (note.) See the life of this 
Henry the last L^ Stafford, written by Anthony Stafford his kins- 
man, and printed at HonDon in 4^0. a^ 1640. 

Vere Earl of Oxford. — Page 200, col. 1, line ult. and line 
1st of col. 2, read : 

This Robert took to wife Beatrix daughter of Van 

Hammema of Jfiufen in ifreeslanli, and was slain at the siege of 
Maestricht, ann. 1632. 

col. 2, line 16, " em):" insert : 

Justice in Eyre of all the Forests south of the Trent. 
Page 201, col. 2, line 4 from the bottom, note (not Dugdale's) 
"Milo," created earl of Hereford 25 July, 1141. 

Page 215, col. 1, line 50, for "Bishop's absence, from that 
mannor house," read " vacancy of the See." 

line 52, after " Worcester," add : 

requiring the same at the gate of the castle of 5(!?anTep. 
Page 217, col. 1, line 10, add (John de Burgh) : 

of which John, I finde " that he was born at Caeitiiffe, on the 
morrow after Easter day a^ 1312, and on the fourteenth day fol- 
lowing baptized by the Bpp of Banbaffc ; his chief Godfather being 
John de Drokensford Bpp of "iSatlje : Also that the king w^li his 
two brothers, Thomas and Edmund, seaven Abbots, and many 
other Noblemen were present thereat. 

Page 226, end of the pedigree, a note in Mr. Gough's hand- 
writing : 

Eliz. uxor 

Georgii "Edw." 

Nevill D 


" nata apud Hanley (Chron. Theoksb. 
''Sept. 16, U15 ap. Lei. It. 6, 90.) 

" Georgius." 

Page 258. Pedigree. Robertus de — add='^ Margareta, fil. 

Ferrers miles Edv. Dom. Spenser." 

12 Ric. II. 

" Annales de Burton in bibl. Cotton. 


Page 266, col. 2, line 30, ior '' miliam" read ''Robert;" 
lines 31, 32, dele " by Margaret Bottinfltam." 

Page 273, col. 1, line 47, for " was slain by," read " slew." 

Page 282, col. 2, line 62, add: 

Upon the xv^h of September, a^ 1678, the grave wherein the 
Body of this Maude Countesse of Northumberland was interred in 
•^Beberlcio- Minster (neere unto the before specified monumt) her 
body was found in a faire coffin of stone embalmed, and covered w^'i 
cloth of gold, and on her feet slippers embroydered w^l* silk and 
gold, and therew^h a wax-lampe, a candle and plate-candlestick. 

I come now to Henri/ the succeeding Earle. This Henry, &c. 
as in line 63, 

Page 284, col. 1, line 22, add : 

well Elizabeth first marryed to Henry (commonly called Earle 
of Ogle) eldest son to Henry Duke of IfiettjcajSttc, and afterwards 
to Charles Duke of .^jomerj^et. 

Page 299, col. 1, line 5, " Scodand," add : 

about well time, upon that motion made by H. Chichleyi 
Arch Bpp of (JTanterfeurp, that the King should rayse an Army, 
for recovering the Realme of ^France, w^l' was of right de- 
scended to him from his great-grandfather K. Edw. III. 
he proposed o that the warr should first begin in .^cotlanb ; w^i 
kingdome, being an easy conquest (as he sayd), would much 
conduce to the accomplishing that great designe. But the argu- 
ments used by Thomas Beaufort (then Earle of Dorset, and 
afterwards Duke of ^Ej^i'tcr) to begin w^li jfrance, being more pre- 
valent, it was so resolved on, and practised accordingly. 

Ibid. col. 2, last line, add (Sir John Nevill) : 

And in the same 38tli yeare of that king's reign, had a 
Sumons P to Parliament amongst the Barons of this realme. 

Page 304, col. 1, line 3, after " Harrington," add : 
but afterwards to Will™ L*^ Hastings. 

Ibid, line 4, 5, 6, dele "but fourth." 

P. 308, col. 2, line 28, " .fiaT^ton, Knight," read : .§»aljSton in 
com. Essex, knight, son of Sir John Huddleston of .SliiKum-Casile, 
in com. Ciimbr. 

B. B. 

o Holinsh. Chron. p. £4R. f Claus. 38. H. VI. in dorso m. 9. 




This Cartulary, containing 173 vellum leaves, was formerly in the 
library of Sir Robert Cotton, and is stamped with his arms on the cover. 
The form is a small 4to. bound in leather with clasps. On the fly leaf, 
in the beginning, are Sir Robert's instructions to the binder how he 
should bind it : " Bind this book very strong, cut it smoth, but as litle 
as you can. I care not for the new notts . lett it be don against Satur- 
day at night 3 in any cass I will then send for it .fayll not I pray you. 
Sow it carfully, and with twisted thred. Place the book as I have, 
alphabetically." (The words in Italics are so spelled.) 
On the second page of that fly leaf is " Vitellius D. 9. " 
On another fly leaf is this list of the contents (probably by Dr. Jam 

" Elenchus contentorum in hoc codice. 

1. Tabula Phlebotomise. 

2. Chronica brevis a Christi nativitate ad Ann. Dni 1328, in 
qua agitur de rebus Anglise, WaUize, Hibernian, Galiiae, &.c. 

3. Nomina Priorum Domus Sci Nicholai in Exon. 

4. Registrum Donius Sci Nicholai Exon. in quo etiani conti- 
nentur variae chartae et privilegia Domus Sci Martini de Bello, 
ad quam Nicholaus Exoniensis tanquam cella pertinebat. 

Habetur etiam in hoc registro Charta libertatum Angliae 
concessa per Regem Johannem." 

This volume is not mentioned in the Cotton catalogues,^ and it ap- 
pears to have been lent to some person before these were made, who 
never returned it, and it has thus escaped entire destruction by the 
fire of 1731, when most of its neighbours in the Vitellius press were 
burnt. This short notice of the volume will serve to vouch for its au- 
thenticity, and as an introducdon to the following Index. The MS. 
was, recently purchased at the sale of ]\lr. Cooper, Dublin, for the library 
at Middle-Hill. 

Index Cartarum. 
1. Carta Will. Conq. "In nomine Scse et individual," Sec. 
{Printed in the neio Monasticon, vol. iii. p. 244.] 

* Tanner notices it as being, in his time, in the Cotton library, but in Dr. Smith's 
Catalogue, fol. Oxon. KJyO", it is marked " Deest," 


2. C. Will, Conq. de Libertate Ecclesi.-e de Bello concessa 
" Vuifts Dei gra Ilex Angliai tarn Clericis quam Laicis per An- 
gliam constitutis salutem." 

3. C. Henr. II. de confirmatione Libertatis Eccl. de Batell. 

4. C. Job. de protectione pro Eccl. de Batell. 

5. C. II Hen. III. Confirmatio cartas R. Jobannis predictas. 

6. C. Will. II. de donatione Eccl. S. Olavi. 

7. C. Will. Conq. de dono Eccl. S. Olavi. ^Nos. 6 and 7 are 
printed in New Monasticon, vol. iii. p. 377. 

8. C. Hen. II. Confirmatio Cartarum Will. Conq. et Hen. I. 
de libertatibiis concessis Eccl. 8. Nicbolai. 

9. C. Hen. I. Confirmatio donationum Baronum et Mibtum 
per totam Devenesiram Ecclesiae S. Nicb. Exon. cum libertatibus. 

10. C. Hen. I. Confirm, de Sutb et Nortb Tauton. 

11. C. Hen. I. Donacio terrae Heraldi de Exonia, scil. de 
Redlisdon. [Pr. in Neiv Monast. iii. 377.] 

12. C. Will. Conq. de Maneriis de Wy, Halsistone, Lymenes- 
feld, How, Bricbtvvalditon, et Craumareis. 

" Wilts Dei gratia Rex Angliae, Lanfranco Arcbiepisc. et Sti- 
gando Episc. Cicestr," &c. 

13. C. Osberni, Exon. Episcopi, confirmans Ecclesiam de 

14. Ejusden qua dat licenciam sonandi boras suas nocte dieque. 

15. C. Hen. I. de secta curise Abbatis S. Martini de Bello. 
yPr. in New Monast. iii. 247.] 

16. Bulla P. Alexandri Priori S. Nicbolai Exon. confirmans 
Eccl. de Legba. 

17. Bulla Clementis P. de conversione Ecclesiarum, cum vaca- 
verint, in bospitalitatis usum. A^ 2^10 Pontif. 

18. C. Jobannis Episcopi Exon. de Ecclesiade Pinbo. 

19. Confirmatio Huberti Arcbiep. Cantuar. de Eccl. de Pinbo. 

20. C. Willi fil. Radulfi, de donac. Ecclesias de Kadebiri, 
"consensu uxoris mese Albreda? et heredis mei Radulfi." — "Testes 
Will. Prior de Kadebiri, Ric. Prior de Toteneis, Gosfridus Prior 
de S. Pancratio," &c. 

21. C. Albredte, " Muredi filii Ivonis filias, consensu dni mei 
Will, et filii mei Ricardi," de dono Ecclesiae de Cadcbiri. 

22. C. Walteri fil. Will. " pro salute mea et Cecilia) uxoris 
meae, &c. et Radulfi fratris mei," confirmans Eccl. de Cadcbiri. 

23. C. Ilugonis de Dinam, filii Hugonis Rufi, de terra sua dc 
Fursdona. "Test. Henr. de Traci, et Durando iilio Stephani," &,c. 


" Haec aiitern carta sigillata sigillo est Henrici de Traci, quia ipse 
Hugo de Dinam tunc sigilluni non habuit." 

24. C. B. Episcopi Exon. de Eccl. de Cadebiri. 

25. C. Johannis Episcopi Exon. de eadem. " Teste Gardino 
Priore de Brummora." 

26. C. S. Thomae, Cantuar. Archiep. de confirm, de Kadebiri. 

27. C. Walteri de Tribus Minutis, " pro salute mea et uxoris 
mese Le (stcj et heredum meorum J. et W." de dono Ecclesiae 
de Branford. " Testibus filiis meis prenominatis." 

28. C. Wifti. {it should he " Ricardi,") de Espech, de Ecclesia 
de Branford. " S. p. et f. q*^ sicut Galterus de Tribus Minutis et 
filius ejus Willielmus, antecessores mei, dederunt Eccl. S. Nich, 
Exon., et monachis de Bello ibidem servientibus, Ecclesiam S. 
Petri de Branfort, &:c. Et Ego Ricardus Espec, successor eo- 
rum, qui filiam predicti Wittmi de Tribus Minutis duxi uxorem, 
&c. Test. Rob. Espac," &c. 

29. C. Ric. de Espec qua dat 8 acr. in Branfort. " Testib. 
Ric. Trencardo," &c. 

30. C. Roberti de Espech, filii Ricardi Espec. "Test. Mag^o. 
Alardo, tunc Vicecomite Devon." 

31. C. Roberti, Episcopi Exon. confirmans donac. Eccl. de 

32. C. Men. Episcopi Exon. a" quarto, confirmans Eccl. de 

33. C. Huberti Archiep. Cantuar. confirm, eandem. 

34. C. Will. Espech, confirmans donac. " Walt, de Tribus 
Minutis, et Will, filii ejus, et Ricardi Espec patris mei, et Ro- 
berti Espec fratris mei." 

35. Compositio inter Priorem S. Nichi. Exon. et Ricardum de 
Crus, militem, de servicio Capella de Nitherexe. " Test. Rob. 
de Curtenay, Reginaldo de Curtenay, fratre ejus, Teicio de Bri- 
oniis, Rogero de la Wur))e, militibus," 8cc. 

36. C. Milisentae de Monte alto, Dominae de Tottonia, reciting 
that, " Inspeximus cartam Dili Will, de Breosa, avi mei," grant- 
ing 1 tonell of wine "ad missas celebrandas, vel 2 marcas argenti 
ad vinum emendum, &c. Quam donac. ego Milisenta filia dni 
Will, de Cantilupo ratani habens, &c. pro salute anima: meai et 
predictorum Dominorum Will, de Breosa, avi mei, W'ill. de 
Cantilupo patris mei, necnon Dni Eudonis de la Suche, qiion- 
uani mariti mei, &c. confirmavi." " Testibus Dais Roberto le 
Dcneys, Ric. filio Stephani, \\\\\. Crespyn, Petro de Fishacre 


militibus, Will. Crespyn de Wolston, Henr. le Marescal, Rob. 
de Malston, Hunfredo de Malston, Thoma de Halegewill, et 
aliis multis." 

37. C. Osberni Episc. Exon. de confirm, terrae in Pochellee 
datae per Ruelantium la Dubed. 

38. Confirnj. Will. Episc. Exon. de Ecclesia de Pochellee. 
Dat. Exon. ao S^io. 

39. Concordia a° 6 Hen. fil. Job. inter Julianum de Pocheill 
patent., et Ricardum Abbatem de Bello, et Petrum Priorem S. 
Nich. Exon., de presentatione ad Eccl. de Pokeille. 

40. 1219, Presentatio Mag. Will. Linguivre ad Eccl. de Po- 
cheille per Petrum Priorem S. Nich., et admissio ejus per S. 
Episcopum Exon. 

41. C. Brieni de Buterlega, de jure advocacionis Eccl. de 
Buterlega, "consensu Aaliz. uxoris meae, et beredis mei Ricardi, 
&,c. concesso Priori et Conv. S. Nichi Exon." temp. Barthol. 
Episc. Exon. 

42. C. B. Episcopi Exon. confirmans donac, Briani de Buler- 
leia. " Test. Alano de Furnellis, Rico Peverel, et Simone Peve- 
rel," &c. 

43. C. Rob. Foliot de Ecclesia de North Tauton, data Priori 
S. Nich. "consensu filiorum meorum Pagani et Gaufridi." 

44. C. Osberni Episc. Exon. confirmans donum Rob. Foliot. 

45. C. H. Cantuar. Archiep. confirmans idem. 

46. Concordia inter Monachos S. Nich. Exon. et Joelem de 
Valtord, de advocacione Ecclesiac S. Petri de North Tauton. Ao 
27 Henr. 2f«. 

47. Bulla P. Honorii, de pensione 2 marc, ab Eccl. de North 
Tauton. Ao 5^0 Pontif. 

48. Compositio inter Priorem S. Nich. et Priorem de Totte- 
neis, de decimis de Esseclist. 

49. Bulla P. Honorii ad Decanum, Precentorem, et Cancellar. 
Sarum transmissa, de decimis de Esseclist. Ao 5*". Pontif. Ac 
Compositio de decimis predictis. Ao 1223. 

50. Carta Edwardi Regis de i virga et ^ quadrente in Ke- 

Divinae prospeccionis, qua reguntur omnia, confluentia, Ego 
Edwardus Anglicis finibus Rex ac defensor constitutus, insomni 
animo Deum invoco, non solum regia; jjrotectionis nomen ut non 
habeam, verum etiam divino circumventus auxilio in Dei inimicis 
{sic) consilio et actibus j)rcvalcani, regnuniquc mcum pacis quictc 


merear producere. Sepius enim mundi varietas mentem meam 
inquietat, movet, et conturbat ; en instat undique depo- 
sitio legis et justitiae; undique fervet lis et seditio; undique 
furit iniqua presumptio; jus et justitiam postponit pecunia, et 
haec omnia omnium nutrix malorum conflat avaritia. At nostrum 
est his viriliter malis resistere; exemplum sumere de bonis; hoc 
est, ecclesias Dei ditare, iniquis oppresses judicibus relevare, inter 
potentem et humilem aequum judicare ; hsec sunt in quibus delec- 
tatur Deus. Hoc inspirante> etiam rogante quodam presbitero, 
nomine Scepio, pro remedio animae meae donavi S. Mariae et 
S= Thomas Apostolo, ac S. Olavo Regi ac Martyri, cui Ecclesia 
quam terra dotavi constructa est, particulam praedii, hoc est, di- 
midiam virgam et dimidiam quatrentem terrse in loco Kenebiri 

et Lan (sic) dicto, eo tenore, ut amodo idem rus predictae 

ecclesise liberum ab omni censu et servitio subjaceat, ac Presbitero 
qui eidem prasssit (sic) ecclesioe, serviat. Hanc vero donacio- 
nem ac sanctas basilicae dotationem si quis, quod absit, infelix 
presumat evertere, sit socius Judse, mortuus cum Annania, sepul- 
tus cum Saphira, et in bonorum resurrectione dampnatus existat, 
nisi in hac vita conversus resipiscat. Anno Dominicae Incarna- 
tionis MLXiiio, indiccione secunda, Epactaque xviii et concur- 
rente secunda. Istis terminis predicta terra circumgiratur.b 

(The boundaries, having been probably written in Saxon, were omitted 
by the transcriber of this volume. ) 

51. Bulla Honorii P. ao 6to. confirmans Ecclesias de Bran- 
ford et Pinho. 

52. C. Matildis Peverel, de donac. j- ferding apud Alram. 
58. C. Matildis Peverel, de terra in magno vico, in australi 

parte Exonise, " pro anima patris mei Ranulfi Peverel." 

" Testes Ricardus Peverel, Hugo Peverel, Ranulfus Peverel, 

Gosfi'idus de Eurnellis et Philippus filius ejus, Walterus de S. 

Audomaro, Radulfus fil. Theobaldi, Will. fil. Deringi." 

54. C. Radulfi Spalle, de terra de Wevere, data S. Nich. de 

Exon. " Pro hac concessione Nicholaus, Prior S. Nicholai, de- 

dit mihi 6 marcas argenti, et tribus filiabus meis 3 solidos." 

•> As one object of this work is to preserve the most ancient grants of manors and 
lands, it is hoped no apology will be required for the introduction of the above Saxon 
Charter relative to the possessions of this Priory, which is not mentioned by Dugdale, 
and whicii was also unknown to tlie industrious Mr. Oliver of Exeter, whose si)ecimeu of 
the " Devon Monasteries '' causes much regret that his duties prevent liim from under- 
taking the Topogiapliy of the whole County, 


55. C. Johannis, filii Hugonis de Wevera, " consensu Wi- 
markae uxoris meae, et heredum nieorum dedi, &c. Roberto Rivel, 
totam terram meam in orientali parte domus meae, &.c. soil. 
per viam qua3 jacet de nemore de Wevera, usque ad terram de 

56. C. Rob. Rivell de Clistwilme, "dedi, &c. Joelo de Gre- 
nesling terram meam de Wevera, &c. quam emi de Job. filio 
Hugonis de V\ cvera, &c. Test. Dno H. de Bikelega, D. Rob. 
de Brewes, D. Ric. de Biseplega, D. Phil, de Beaumund," &c. 

57. C. Joeli de Grenesling ; " dedi Priori S. Nich. terram 
meam de Wevera, quam emi de Rob^o Rivel de Clistwilme." 

58. C. Johis de Wevera, fil. et heredis Hugonis de VV. de 
prate vocato Brademede. 

59. C. de controversia inter Prior. S. Nich. et Will. Peverel, 
super servicio Capellas de Aire. " Test. Ric. Peverel, Will. 
Peverel, Ailwardo decano de Plumtone," &c. 

60. C. Hugonis Peverel de Sanford, " pro anima Cecilise, 
uxoris meae, de Ecclesiae S. Mariae de Columpton decimam bladi 
de toto Dominico de Aire." " Testib. Randulfo fratre meo, 
Will. Hake, Rob. de la Cnolle et Nicolao filio ejus, et toto 
Hundredo meo de Aire." 

61. C. Rogeri de Langeford, de parte decimae suae data in 
perpetuam elemosinam Ecclesiae S. Mariae de Columpton. 

62. C. Alani de Furnelhs, super decimis molendini de Co- 
lumpton, datis Priori S. Nich. pro animis patris et matris ejus, et 
fratrum et uxoris et puerorum suorum, et Dominorum Baldwini 
et Ricardi de Rivers. " Test. Barthol. episc. Exon., Rob. 
archid. Totonise, Ricardo priore de Oteri." 

63. C. GallVidi de Furnellis, de tercia. parte decimarum de 
Niweland, "quam pater meus Alanus dedit Radulfo presbitero," 
&c. " Testibus, Philippo fratre meo, Alano presbitero," &c. 

64. Conventio inter P. Priorem de 8. Nich. Exon. et Galfri- 
dum de Furnellis, de aqua quae venit de Kentelesbar, per Water- 
ledam quae transit per Kentelesmore usque Niweland. " Test. 
Hen. fil. Will., Rico Waleran, Will, de Essche, et Nicholao 
filio suo, Alano filio Galtridi de Furnellis." 

65. Compositio inter P. Priorem S. Nich. Exon. petent. et 
Clariciam de Hydun, de terr. in Whytefeld. "T. Hugone Peve- 
rell, Ric. Hydun, Roger, fil. Symonis, militibus, Ric. Makerell, 
et Nicholao Bissop de Wevera." P. 

[7'o be. cofdi7iued.~\ 





&C. &C. 

The Parish of Jarrow, in the County of Durham, is justly celebrated 
for its Monastery, founded in anno Domini 685 ; but its greatest glory 
is derived from the famous seminary of learning which flourished in that 
house in the 7th and 8th centuries ; and from its being the residence 
of the Venerable Bede, and the place where all his valuable works were 
written. The Church of Jarrow, too, still numbers three chapelries 
under it — those of Heworth, South Shields, and Wallseud ; and in for- 
mer times had three Roman towns or stations within it — one at Jarrow, 
another on the Law on the south side of the mouth of the Tyne, and the 
third at \\^allsend. Of this parish a summary account has been given in 
Hutchinson's History of Durham ; and a vigorous and more detailed de- 
scription of it is drawn by Surtees. The Treasury of the Dean and 
Chapter of Durham, however, contains vast stores of curious and valua 
ble unpublished materials, both respecting the monastery itself, and the 
parish at large. From these, some years since, I made a great number of 
extracts, with an intention of publishing a History of the Parish of 
Jarrow, and its three dependent chapelries. All hope of ever having 
leisure to accomplish that desirable object I have now for some time, but 
very unwillingly, relinquished. The plan of the Collectanea Topo- 
GRAPHicA seems, however, to offer a place of public reception to mate- 
rials such as I have collected ; and I therefore do myself the honour of 
soliciting the proprietors of that work to admit into it the following 
selections from my Jarrow portfolio. 

The first extract is of the date of 1 093, and after the expulsion of the dis- 
solute secular canons of Durham, by Bishop Carilepho in 1083, from the 
priory there, and the consequent removal of the monks of Jarrow and Wear- 
mouth to their vacant stalls. It contains a slight sketch of the boundaries of 
that part of the rectory of Jarrow w hich is situated on the south side of the 
Tyne, and also mentions the names of several townships within it, and 
of the yares or fisheries on that side of the river, as well as the names of 
the two townships Wallsend and \A'iHington (now VVillington) which 
form the present chapelry of Wallsend, and adjoin the north side of the 


The second and third articles show the value of the Tithes in the se- 
veral townships within the rectory, so far as they were let to annual 
tenants, in the years of the Bursar's Rolls from which the extracts are 
made, or were appropriated to individual ecclesiastics. 

The fourth extract gives a detail of the establishment of the Master 
and Brethren of the Cell of Jarrow ; and it is a curious inventory of their 
goods and chattels, spiritual as well as temporal. It proves that the 
Prior and Convent of Durham did not leave to their brethren of Jarrow 
an over ample means of support, after they had appropriated to them- 
selves the lands and tithes of nearly the whole parish. 

The fifth and sixth articles are extracts from two yearly rolls or 
accounts of the Bailiff of VVardley, where tie Priors of Durham had an 
^des Recreandl, or summer residence, situated within a deep four-sided 
intrenchment, enclosing an area of a little more than six acres. The 
second of these rolls has its back covered with various minor accounts 
of receipts and expenses, about the grange of the manor, for seed corn, 
oxen, poultry, implements of husbandry, repairs, and numerous other 
particulars. Then the expences at Harangaria, an establishment on the 
Tyne belonging to the Priory of Durham, for curing herrings ; and the 
compotus of the resident bailiffs at VVardley and Heworth, which con- 
tain many very curious particulars, but would be difficult to condense, 
and are too voluminous for publication in their original form. The ex- 
tracts given will, it is thought, be found interesting in a high degree to 
the reader who is acquainted with Wardley and its neighbourhood ; and 
cannot fail to engage the attention of general readers, on account of 
their showing the prices of provisions and labour in the north of England 
in the I 1th century. 

1. Carta Wilti epi p'mi, de libertatib; 7 posscssiob} ecct 

Venerabilib3 patribus, "^c. — In Northymbria ecctiam de 
Norham cu terra in eade uilla adjacenti f villa de IScores- 
widie occidentali • partem ville de Halieland, ? villain que dr 
Faenu • Ecctiam de Thinemutlia • Walesbende 7 Wiflingtun, ca 
piscariis que ad illas pertinent ex aquiloni parte Tyni fluminis • 
Scilicet Bondenyare • Wallesyare • VVtwordesyare. 

In Werhale tota terra in boscho '% piano iuxta Tynuni ex 
orientali parte de Mareburne usq, ad mare % piscarias que ex 
australi parte st fluminis Tini • Scitcet • Hildcyare • Ilebbe- 
yare • Fulyare • Hebbeyare • Hacbesyare . Utyare • \' chtredes- 
yare • Steinreyare • Fu ley are • Ongre.syare • Petthcyare • Swine- 
yare • Utuordeyare • Vtyare • Londeyare • Hocii • Henuningcs- 


yare • Bondenjare • Fiddenyare • Sueor. Et uillas scilicet • 
duas Hewrthas • Gyrve • Heberine • Munketun • Hethewrthe • 
Prestun • Wiuestove • Hertendun • Sec. &.c. Anno Moxc^iii. 
{Cart. Antiq. Dunelm 3.) 

2. Compotiis fris Ade de Derlyngton burs. dom. Dnnelm. a 
festo Sci Martini in hyenie, anno D'ni Miito CCC. Ivto usq^ 
ad idem f'm anno D'ni Milto CCCmo. Ivjto. 

Vend, dec'^x Poch. de Jarowe. Et de xxij ti rec de Johe de 
Houghton '? Johe de Dunelm. 1; sociis suis p garh dec. de 
Wilyngton "? Wallesend. Et de c. s rec de dno Peto Swayn, 
capellano, p dec" de Hehine Et de Ixxiij. s. iiij. d. rec de Johe 
Dobeson p dec de Preston 1" Symondsetf. Et de viij. ti rec 
tenent. de Ouheworth . . . . p dec at de duob3 Heworths. Et 
de xl. s. rec de Thoma Surtays p dec de Fellingf. Et de iij. s. 
iiij. d. rec de Wifto de Kirkeby p dec^ de Folaceby. 

Rico del chechyn suient manJ ij de Wardley p tatt 1. s. 

3. Parochia de Jarrow e rot. mag. bursarij ecct Dunelm. 
Circa annum superscript. 

Pochia de Jarow. Et de xiiij. ti rec de Johne de Duresme 
7 soc suis p decis de Willyngton 1; Wallesend de ?min. Pur. 
he Marie V'gin. J Sci Cuthhti in M^rt. inf^ hue compotu. Et 
de xxxs i-ec de dna Amicia Surtays p decia de Felling de eis- 
dem teis. Et de x. ti. vj. §. vij. d. rec de Thoma Milnl *? soc 
suis p dec^ de ij Heworths de eisdm ?nis. Et de ix. ti. vj. §. 
viij. d. rec de Symon Fygy % soc suo p dec de Mijkton t He- 
bern de eisdm ?mis. Et de v. s. rec de Wifto Kyrkby p dec 
de Folaceby de eisdm ?mis. Et de xij. ti. rec de Rico de Sayn- 
hopc p deC^ de Harton de eisdm trnis. Et de Cxiij. s. iiij. d. 
rec de Thoma Dawson, p dec^ de P'stt)n % Symondset de eisdm 
?mis. S'm*^ Liij. ti. xx. d. Et non plus in denaf p dec» de Wyue- 
stow in manu Prioris. Et decie de Hetlieworth t Jarow assig- 
nani^" magro de Jarow. 

4. Status domus de Jarow die Lune px post f'm Assenc D'ni 
anno D'ni ClDo CCCC'"" octavo. 

Eccl'ia. — Imp^mis. In ecctia iij. calices q^x. ij. deaurat 
1 unus non deaurat • iiij. fiole argent. q»^ una est deaurat t 
alia no • *? ij. sut furat • vna glauca casula cu capa 1; vna 


cellf • vnu alb vestimetu p dieb} terialil)3. It' vna alba riife 
p'ncib} ex pcuracoe Wal?! Tesedale. It' vna casula cu auib} 
depicta "? tres pait ptinent. ad magnu altar "? iiijo"" corpalia. 
It' vna amita cu peritt. Itm ij. pani pallid cu albo t blodio p 
magno altar. It' unus pannus tinct^ p eodni altar ex dono 
Thome Leggatf. It' vn^ pan^ tinct^ ex dono Walti Teesdale. 
Itm vnu missale maochat* 1: duo defectiua, Itm comendaco 
in qua?no. Itm j passionar. Itm iiijo"" antiphon^. It' iij 
gradat H iiij"!" p.sal?ria • ij baptistaf • j legend cu martilogio • 
j ordinar • j pcessionar • j collectar • vnu portiforiu m"ochat • 
j portifor de usu Sax • j manuale • ij ^ia ferra^ p pistura. It' 
iiijor manuPgia vnu velu 15 ij suppellicia. It' ad altar fee V^gi- 
nis ij casule cu iij alfe. It' iiij^'" linthiamia • iij manutgia • 
vnu velu • J ij suppellicia. It' ij tapet lanee. It' . . . pliiole de 
stanno • j tintinnabut. It' unu vestimentu ex dono dni Walti 
epi ultimi. 

Aula. — Itm in aula • j dorsoriu • iiijo"" pia banco^ • iiijo'" 
mense cu iij scamelt • iij pia de trost • ij cathed. It' ij pelves 
cu ij lauaer • j caminu cu porro ferreo. It' vj qwyssyns, 

Cam'a. — It' in cama • v ciste • iiij coopter cu ij tapetf • iiij"*' 
pia linthiam' • iij p de langet • 1 j caneuas. 

Pantar'. — It' in pantar iiijo^ mappe p alta mesa 7 iiijor p 
scdis mnsib}. It' iiijor sinapes 1 iiijor towels long p locoe p^ 
p»ndiu % iij p locoe an p^ndiu. xvj napkyns. It' ij pec arg 
It' ij tankard de ligno J iij de corio. It' xvj ciphi. It' vj 
coclear argent. It' ij salsar. It' iiij candelabra de cup" 7 j de 
ligno • iiijo"^ arce • xiij cadi J ij trowys. 

CoQUiNA. — It' in coq'na ij oUe • iij posnet • iij patene q**^ 
j est magna J. ij pue • j mortar eneu cii pillo ferreo. It' j veru 
magnu t iij pua • vna furca ferrea • j brandreth • ij dressing- 
knyves ij lechingknyues • j secur. It' iiij"^ chargeour • xvj 
doblerf • xviij disdies • xij salser^. It' de alia secta xviij dobler^ 
. xvj disches 7 vj salsarf . It' j mustard querne f • j craticta • j 
caminu ferreu. 

Lardar'. — It' in Lardar j carcas 1 dimid bouii sals • iiij fattf • 
ij kittf ■? iij trowys. 

PiSTRiNA.— It' in pist^ina j bultyngtrowe • j knedyngtrowe • 
j temesyngesyue • ij bultingclathis • j turca ferr • j pvii plubij in 
fornac • j secur. 

• Hound in ' Murrock" nr Morocco Icntlicr [? ] f That is a mustard mill. 


Bkasina. — It' in brasina j maskfatt . ij vasa plubea • iiijoi* 
gylefatt^ • iij saas • j tonmele • j gyleyngmele • J ij disc'. 

Deyria. — It' iiij auce -J anser • xxx goslingf • vj niaulardf • 
X capon • ij galli t viij galiine. 

Granah'. — It' in g"nar xvj q"ter fri • xviij q"rP brasij 7 ij q*"? 
fiiba^ 1! pisax. 

PoRCAR. — It' in porcar xlviij . scit) iij barf • vj sue • x galtf 
xvj schotys . xiii piggf. 

BouAR. — It' in bouar xvj bones • iiij stottf • v vacce • v villi • j 
taurus . '? j bulstirk'. 

Stabulu'. — It' in stabuJa j palefray pc xiij. §. iiijd. j hacknay 
pc x s. j palefray sadiit • j haknay sadiff ? ij fren p quadriga • iij 
hacknays • ij eque. 

It' in custodia P'positi. — ij caruce • x somes • iij sokks • 
iij cuiPis • j quadriga • ij plaustra • iiij hopys de ferro p plaus- 
tris • iij vange • iii tribule • iiij g^pys • iiijo"" wymbitt • j hcikk • 
ij rapis p quadriga "? ij p piaustro • j berlepe • j modius • j 
gauelok • j p de pynso^^s • j wyndonclath • iiij sacc none J viij 
antique J. xij uln' de sekkclath • j soudryngyrne cu j ladift • j 
hopir • iiijor lade-saditJ • iij hams • ij stanehams • j trowell • ij 
chesellf • j puchon • iiijoi' forkys p feno • iiijo^" rastra • iii sykyllf 
P messorib3. 

Itm in fro semiato xxxvj acr. In pisis J. fabis seiatis 1. acr. 
In ordeo x acr. In auenf semiat xx acr. Et in nouat p fro 
xl acr. 

5. Conip Ade Cart svient manlij de Wardely a fo Mictiis 
anno D'ni M" CCC. Ixxvito usq, fm Michis anno D'ni &c. 

Comp'c'o bladi. Et de Ixxiiij s. ix d. fc in pcio viij q'^r. b} 
fr de xi« de ij Heworths de ao Ixxvjto (pc q^r. v. s *) • iii q'^r fr 
de nouo g^^no de xis de Wyuestowe (pc q"r v. s.) • ij q"r ord de 
x'*' de Heworths (pc q"r v^. vjd.) • ij q"r auen' eiusd x^ pc q"r 
ijs. vjd. S'm" Ixxiiijs. ixd. 

Recept'. In p'mis idem r de xiiijs. iiijd. rec de dno Wilto de 
Killerby burs" vt p5 p vna indenfam. S'm" xiijs. iiijd. 

Vendi''^ boii Et de xiijs. iiijd. rec de vno boii vendito. Et 
de vjs. viijd. rec de excanibio j boii, S'm*" xxs. 

Vendico p"ti. Et de xis. rec de ten de Heworths p Col- 

* The parts wilhin parentlieses are interlined. 


pethmetlow. Et de vjs. viijd. rec de H'bag de le de ()u 

Heworth. Et de iijs. rec de Adam Marton de H'bag del Col- 
leremedows. Et de ijs. rec de WaFpo de Thrilbi p H'bag de 
picherwelmedov/e. S'm" xxijs. viijd. 

Sum" tot rec viti. xs- ixd. 

Supplus. In p'mis supplus comp pcedent xviijs. xjd. S'ni" 
xviijg. xid. 

Caruc. In v petr ferr empt petr xd. iiijs. ijd. In j moltlc- 
bredclout vd. In ij ferr podat empt vijd. S'm" v§. iid. 

Plaustr. In vj cluts empt p plaustr xijd. S'm" xijd. 

Exp'n' necce. In ij hert bou viijd. In vij petr ferr empt p 
eisd petr xd. vs. xd. (p dent c fac). In opac eiiisd ijs. iiijd. 
S'm" viijg. xd. 

Sarculaco. It' j mtier sarculant p xvj dies capt p diem 
ijd ij§. viijd. S'm" ijs. viijd. 

Empt blad. Et de vj q'^r fr empt apud Hefen p seie q"r iiijs. 
xxiiijs. In ix q'^r fr ord * ij q'^r aveni re de x's. Ixxiijs. ixd. 
S'm*" iiijli. xvijs. ixd. 

Falcaco. In falcacone xx acr' p"ti acr' vijd. ob. xijs. vjd. In 
leuacone 1 f'cur eiiisd vs. In p^'ndlo 1* potu dat Ii6ib3 de ij 
Heworths cu iiij plaustr t j caret accomodat p dco feno mcando 
xijd. S'm** xviijg. vjd. 

Aucupu^. In vjxxviij met t lig g'^i p vnu diem capt p 
diem . . vsq, Ixiij /iiijd. t Ixv/iiid. xxxvijs. iiid. S'm" xxxvijg. 

Stipend. Jotli de Liikenby sarut p temp comp xvj's. Jotii 
Caruc socio suo xiiijs. It' j hoi cust boii a fo See Elene vsq. fm 
Sci Michis tuc px seq'n iijs. S'm** xxxiijs. 

S'm" oiu expu xj'i. ijs. jd. Et s<^ ht in supplus' p cop iiij''. 
xjg. iiijd. Et p confessioem sui pp'am Ixxiijs. iiijd. 

6. Comp. Witti Colynson suient man3ij de Wardely a fo Sci 
Mictiis anno D'ni M" CCC« septuagesimo octauo usq, idem 
fm anno D'ni Mifto CCC^ septuagesinvo nono. 
Recept. In p'mis idem r de xlig. iiijd. rec de d'no Thoma 
Legal burs vt p3 p una inden?am. Et de xxviijg. rec de d'no 
Johe de Berynton p man^ Jotiis de Cliiborn J vx^is Ade Mar- 
tin. Et de xs. rec de dno priore. Et de vid. rec de vno corio 
bou vendit. S'm" Ixxixs. xd. 



Vendic p'ti. Et de iiijs. rec de H'bag p'ti vocat' Celerme- 
dow. Et de xviijd. rec de H'bag p'ti vocat W.a-delydale, Et 
de ixd. rec de agist j bou Rog^i Tomson. S'm"^ vjs. iijd. 

Vendic sup comp. Et de xxxixs. ixd. ex vendic sup coTip 
P xiij q"v ij b3 . . . onlat sup comp q"r iijs. Et de Js. rec de v 
bob} r de ? instaur. v bob. xs. S'm" iiijti. ixt. ixd. 

S'm" tot rec xiH. iiijs. xd. 

Expfi Caruc. E quib} comp in empt petr ferr ad dius pc 
iijs. iijd. ■? non plus ij liuit v pet? ferr' rem' in comp pcedent. 
In ij plugh-schon * empt iiijd. In ij jugis empt iiijd. In 
scur' ii caruc de nouo memio dfii viijd. In emendacone ij 
caruc iiijd. In cuis dat tamit cur die caruc ad potu iijd. Itm 
fabro p opac ix petr ferr in dius' necc"is petr iijs. iiid. It' in ... . 
caud empt* p bob5 cust iijd. Itm in expn xx caruc accomodat' 
?rr' p i diem ibid in caru xijd. In ca's iiijd. In xviij lag cuis 
emp? p eisd xviiijd. S'm*^ xj§. vjd. 

Plaustr. Itm in viij Waynclouts empt vd. In necca empt 
p plaustr' vijd. In qwitlether empt iijd. In auxacione vni^ 
piaustri J, emendacone alt'ius iijd. It' in j bast' empt' p lig 
plaustr' iiijd. S'm** xxijd. 

Expn necc"ie. In iij ceruris fcis p host manerij xd. In 
xiiij q"r carbon empt p aduent^ Prr' 1 p bob} man ij custod in 
hieme ij§. vd. It' ij famit port' cc waynscot a gard Ade de 
Bolkh'^m vsq,, le Sandhill ex pcept' Prr' ijd. It' ij famil port' 
j barett bitum' vlt" ponte de "^lyne, jd. It' hoib} cariant' aula- 
baust a Novocastro vsq., Dunelin ex pcept' ?rr' iiijd. Itm 
j hoi cariant slatstan calcem *? sabut p columbar' p vj dies, p 
diem ijd. xijd. Itm j hoi conduct' ad coopiend Je Bire iiijg. 
It' j mulier tract' stramen p eodem xviijd. It' j mulier faciend 
7 portand mort' p le rigging del Bire iiijd. It' j hoi conducto 
ad faciend una guter circa g^ng ex pc ?rr' xijd. It' ij mtier' 
int'^ntib} i tag x^ pis' de ij Heworths vijd. Itm una berlepp 
empt' xiiijd. It' ij cribris empt' viiid. It' j reymgsife empt' 
vd. It' j hopp empt"* vd. It' j &acc empt' cont' vj b} xvd. 
It' j hoi p fctur' ij hert' iiijd. It' vno famulo conducto ad 
H'ciand p ix dies tempe vernal cap p die ijd. xviijd. It' Johi 
Godwyn p colleccone x**^ ij Heworths p xv dies cap p diem 
iiijd. v§. ex ^cep' ?rr' t expu in maiiJio. S'm" xxiijs. iijd. 

Falcaco. In falcacone xiiij acr If di p"ti • viijd • ixs. viijd. 

* That \s plough shoes, now \)y northern plougliaien called race clouts. 


It' in xlviij jinilier' p leuacione J fcur' feni g"i p unii diem 
cuitt p diem ijd. viijs. It' vno hoi conduct' ad auxiliand p 
int"cone dci feni p iij dies, p diem iiijd. xijd. Itm iij mulier' 
conduct' ad auxiliand p int^cone 1: tassac dci feni p j diem iijd. 
S'm" xviijs. xjd. 

Tritur' "? Ventilat'. It' Witto Brenner p tritur' xxxvj q"r 
vj b3 fr' q'^r iijd. ixs. ijd. de dnic. Itm eidm p tritur' iij q"r b} 
de eisd dnic cap p q"r ijd. viiijd. Itm Rog o Tomson p tritu- 
ratione iiij q'^r fr' x^ de ij Heworths q'^r iiijd. ofe. xviijd. Itm 
Wifto Brenn' p tritur' viij q"r ord eiusd x^ q^'r ijd. ofe. xxd. 
Itm eid p tritur' x q'^r vj b} auen' eiusd x^ q'^r ijd. xxid. ofe. 
Item eidm p tritur' xiiij q'^r ij b} pis ejusd x^ q'^r iid. ijs. iiijd. 
In ventilatione eiusd iij q"r p jd. ijg. ijd. S'm" xixg. iiid. 

Aucup. Itm ciiij"*^vij met' *? lig g"i p vna diem cuitt p 
iiijd. Ixijs. iiijd. Itin eiusd ad potu vs. jd. Itm ij hoib} ad tas- 
sandp V dies p diem iiijd. iijs. iiijd. S'm" Ixxs. ixd. 

Stipend. In p'mis in stipend sui ipi^ p temp^ comp xiijg. iiid. 
Itm Roberto de SchafFeld caruc p stipend suo ?i6^ mart' ? pent' 
xv§. Itm stipend Thome Fische t'm' pent' vjs. Itm in expn 
unP pagett' ex p'cepto ?rr' in ij ptib^ solutar' empt' viiiid. It' 

ei^ p ijd. It' p fcur' vni^ tunice p eod ex pc eiusd vd. 

Itm ctico sc'bent' comp xld. S'm" xxxviijs. xid. 

Supplus. Itm in supplussag comp pcedent' vijs. viijd. Et de 
1§. in pcio V bou empt' de Rog o Coulurd. S'm" Lvijs. viijd. 

S'm" OIL! expu xijti. xxjd. Et s^ debenf ei xvjs. xjd. 

J. H. 
Whelpington. Newcastle-upoii-Tyiie, 
8tli January, J 833. 



The value of these documents to the Topographer is so obvious as to 
need no comment, and the utility of a list like the present to those who 
are in search of information not easily obtained, may be advocated on the 
authorities of Dugdale, Ashuiole, and Bishop Konnet (to say nothing of 


Tanner) all of whom compiled similar catalogues of cartularies, more or 
less perfect. The list which follows is the result of very considerable 
labour and research, and will doubtless be appreciated by those who know 
how to estimate it justly. Mere extracts of Cartularies have, in general, 
been omitted, unless the originals are destroyed or lost. In the column 
containing the names of possessors, those which are inserted on the au- 
thority of Dugdale or Tanner, are marked with a D. or T. and the date, 
when known, added. Some additions probably might be made to this 
list from the muniments of noblemen and gentlemen, still unexplored, 
and it is hoped that this work may be the means of bringing them to 

County. Monasteries. In whose possession, or where existing. 

Berk. Abingdon (Saxon) MS. Cott. Tib. B. vi. 

do Tib. C. IX. 

Jul. A. IX. 

MS. C. C. C. Camb. 

Powell, of Sandford, Oxf.— T. 

Berry, of Culham, Oxf — T. 

Wray, of Ricot, Oxf.— T. 

Hosp. of St. Helen Christ's Hospital. — Leland. 

John Verney.a 

Dors. Abbotsbury Sir John Strangways, 1652, — D.b 

Caer. Aberconway MS. Harl. 3725. 

Heref. Acornbury Augmentation Office. 

Hert. St. Alban's MS. Cott. Jul. D. in. 

Tib. E. VI. 

MS. Cott. Claud. E. vi. 

Nero, D. I. 

(Catalog. Benefact.) Nero, D. vii. 

Otho, D. III. 

" Whethamstede," Claud. D. i. 

vol. I. 

ditto, vol. II MS. Arund. 3 Coll. Arm. 

ditto, vol. Ill 34 Br. Mus. 

" Moot " MS. Harl. 602. {oUm R. Starkey ?) 

"Almoner " MS. Lansd. 375. 

" WintershuUe ". . MS. More, 59. Publ, Libr. Camb. 

MS. Rawlinson, B. 332. Bodl. Libr. 

Gvvynn, Furnival's Inn. — T. 

Degge, 1 723.— T. 

» Nasmith, in a note, queries whether the Register seen hy Leland was not the same 
as this. 

'' Said to have been destroyed in the civil wars. Monast. iii. 5.3, new edit. There 
are Excerpts from it in Dodsworth's Collection. 


County. Monasteries. In whose possession, or where existing. 

St. Albau's Hosp of St. Julian. MS. Cott. Claud. D. i. 

Northd. Alnwick Lord VV. Howard, of Naworth, 1597. — D. 

Sir Fra. Brandling, I C39.— D. 

J. Warburton, Somerset Herald, 1 720. 

Line. Alvingham MS. Laud. F. 1 1 9, Bibl. Bodl. 

College of Arras. 

Buck. Ankerwyke Phil. Harcourt, of Ankervvyke, 1732. 

— Hearne. 

Hert. Ashridge In Ashridge Library, (2 vols.) 1832. 

Som. Athelney Wadham VVyndham, 1662 — T. 

.- Transn-'qjt , Sir Thomas Phillipps, Bt. 

Middle Hill, Wore. 1832. 

Hamp. Badesley Duke of Portland, 1 739. 

Flint. Bangor Bishop of Bangor. 

Line. Bardney Sir W. Thorold. — D. {Transcript of do. 

Lord Willoughby of Parham. — D.) 

MS. Cott. Vesp. E. xx. {olim Sir 

Edward Walker.') 

Barlings MS. Cott. Faust. B. i. 

Camb. Barnwell MS. Harl. 3601. {ol Rob. Agard, 

postR. St.George.l 600.— T. Trans- 
cript of do. Francis Peck --il/o««s^) 

Sir Edward Peyton. — T. 

MS. Gough, Bodl. Libr. {olim Dr. 

Farmer. d) 

Soui. Bath MS. C. C. C. Cambr. 

,,,... ; Lincoln's Inn Libr. 

Sir Thos. Phillipps, Bt. (No. 3518), 


" Holloway " MS. Harl. 3970. 

St. John's l{os,\nt-A\.Transcript of part. Sir Tho. Phillipps, 

Bart. 1832. 

Suss. Battle . MS. Cott. Dom. A. ii. 

Lhic. Inn Libr. B. 87- 

• Sir Godfrey AVebster, Bart. 1832 — 

Thorpe, bookseller, 1834. 

(fragment) MS. Harl. 358G. 

'' Consuetud. et Augment. Office. 

Ren tale " 

Derb. Bcauchief Rich. Davics of Lanerch, co. Dcnb. 

I 790.—Pegge. 
Hamp. Beaulicu MS. Cott. Nero, A. xii. 

■■ Qy. if tills is not the same as the onp wliich helonged to Sir W. Tiiorold ? 
"^ I'crhaps the same as Sir E Peyton's. 


County. Monasteries. In whose possession, or where existing. 

Beaulieu Duke of Portland, 1832. 

Augrn. Office. — Warner. 

Nott. Beauvale, or Gresely . . MSS. Add. Br. Mus. 6060. 

Cumb. St. Bees MS. Harl- 484. {ol. Sir John Low- 

ther, post. Rev. John Strype. — T.) 

{in Rotulo) Cott. Chart, xiii. 21. 

Suss. Beighara MS. Cott. Otho, A. li.e {Transcript 

of do. MS. Add. 6037, 2.) 

Line. Belvoir Duke of Rutland, 1 731 j Duke of 

Buckingham, 1680.— T. 

Thomas Lord Brudenel, 1 650.— D. 

Matth. Hales, of Line. Inn, 1 629.— D. 

Corn. St. Berian MS. More, 267, Publ. Libr. Camb. 

Ess. Berking (Excerpta) MSS. Cott. Vesp. B. xv. Faust. B. i. 

Surr. Bermondsey John Selden. — T. 

— — Robert Trippis of London. — T, 

York. Beverley MS. Harl. 4292. 

Dean and Chapter of Beverley. 

Sir Tho. Phillipps, Bart. 1 832. 

Fra. Thorpe, Baron of Exchequer.— T. 

Ess. Bicknacre Lord Barrington, 1723. — T. 

Norf. Binham MS. Cott. Claud. D. XIIL {ol. R. 

Dodsworth, 1 648 ; Sir John Le- 
gard, of Ganton, co. York, Bt. and 
Sir Tho. Widdrington, 1652.— D.) 
Bissemede, See Bushmead. 

Buck. Bittlesden MS. Harl. 4714. 

Geo. Duke of Buckingham, 1 640. — D. 

Norf. Blackborough Daniel Gurney, of Runcton, Esq. Nor- 
folk, 1832. {prius Hudson Gurney, 
Esq. MP. ; Dr. Macro (T.) j and 
Sir Henry Spelman, 1640.— D.*) 
Nott. Blyth (BHda) MS. Harl. 3759. (Sir Gervase Clif- 
ton, l677.—Thoroton.) 

{in Rotulo) Will. Sanderson, of Blythe, 1629.— T. 

York. Bolton in Craven Wm. Ingleby, of Ripley, 1634. — T. 

Buck. Borstall Sir John Aubrey, of Borstall, 1832. 

Line. Boston Gilda MS. Harl. 4795. 

Suss. Boxgrave MS. Cott. Claud. A. vi. 

Northt. Brackley Magd. Coll. Oxford. 

« Partly burnt in the fire of 1 73 1. 

' In Booth's Catalogue, 1773, No. 4808 is a Cartulary of Blackborough, marked Bs.\ 
Qy. if the same as the above .^ 









Monasteries. In whose possession, or iviiere existing. 

Bradenstoke MS. Cott. Vitell. A. xi. 

Duke of Buckingham, Stowe (no. 11.) \ 832. 

Bradley (Maiden) Lord Foley. (,ol. Thos. Foley, of 

Whitley, co. Wore.) 

Transcript of part, Sir Tho. Phillipps, Bart. 1832. 

Brecknock Wm. Brewster, M.D. of Hereford, 


Bredon Earl Ferrers, 1 790. 

Sir Robert Shirley, of Stanton-Harold, Bt. 1670.— T. 

Bretton Godfr. Wentworth, of WoUey, co. York, 

1827. {ol. John Wentworth, of Wolley. — D. 

. . . . Lord Wharnclifife, 1827 (SirF. Wortley, 1638.— D.) 

MS. Lansd. 405. {prius Walter Cla- 

vel, 1709; Sir Wm. Armin, 1634 
(T.) ; Sir Tho. Holcroft, Dodsw. 
James West, 1 763. Transcript of 
do MS. Coll. Arm.) 

Bridlington Sir Will. Ingleby. Sir John Ingleby, 

1 697.— T.) 

Sir Richard Mauleverer. — T. 

Walter Clavel — T. 

James Bellingham, of Levens, co. 

Westm. 1627.— T. 

Brinkburn Arthur Agard, 1604.— T. 

D. of Buckingham, Stowe (no. 86), 

1 832. ( Wm. Lord Howard, of Na- 
worth, 1638.— T.) 

Bristol, St. James MS. More, 351. Publ. Libr. Camb. 

Bristol, St. Augustine . . Lord Segrave, Berkeley Castle, 1832. 

Dean and Chap Bristol. 

Billeswyke, or Sir Tho. Phillipps, Bt. (no. 1084), 

Gaunt's Hospital 1832. (Trawscr. Rev. S. Seyer.) 

Broraholm MS. More, 93. Publ. Libr. Cambr. 

Mm. ii. 20. 

Paston. of Pauntley, co. Glouc. 

Bruerne Brazen Nose Coll. Oxf. 

Brusyard Lord Stradbrokc. {olim Sir John 

RouS; of Henham, co. SuflF. — T.) 

Bruton Lord Berkeley of Stratton, 1 71 9._T. 

{Part transcript of do. Sir Tho. 
Phillipps, Bart.) 
Buckenhara Tho. Martin of Palgrave.s 

« In Booth's Catal. 177-i, No. 3800, is this same Cartulary, price 1 1. 7i. and it appears 
from u Msi. nuiu Ov Craven Old, Esi]. to have been purchased \>y liini. 













Monasteries. In whose possession, or where existing. 

Bullington Rob. Metham, of Bullington, 1 642.-D. 

Burlington, see Bridlington. 

Burseough Duchy of Lancaster Office. 

Burton on Trent Marquis of Anglesea, 1832. 

Burton Lazars Hosp. . . MS. Cott. Nero, C. xii. {olim Sir 

Chr. Hatton.) 
Bury St. Edmund 

Regist. "Cratfield" MS. Cott. Tib. B. ix h 

" Aston " Claud. A. xii. 

" Croftis " MS. Harl. 27. {ol. Tho. Eden, LL.D, 

post. Sir S. Dewes.) 

" Thomse Abbatis" 230. {ol. Sir E. Peyton ?) 

" Werketone "... 638. (ol. Tho. Eden, LL.D. 

post. Sir S. Dewes.) 

" Kempe " 6-15. (ol. Tho. Eden, LL D. 

post. Sir S. Dewes.) 

" Lakynhethe " . . — 7^3. {ol. Edw. Stilling- 

fleet, D.D. Bp. of Wore (T.) ; Sir 
Edm. Bacon, 1633) 

" Liber Albus " . . 1005. {ol. Dr. Stillingfleet 

(T.): Sir Edm Bacon, 1633) 

" Sacristas " .... 58 

" Consuetudinar." 3977. 

(Leases, temp. 308. 

Hen. VIII.) 

'* Ickworth " .... MS. Lansd. 416 (ol. Cha. Batteley, 

1698.— T. ; post. J. West.) 

" Nigrum " Publ. Libr. Carabr. Mm. 4. 19. (Sir 

Edm. Bacon, 1633.) 

" Pyncebeck "... Ee. 3. 60. (Sir Edm. 

Bacon, 1633.) Transcript of do. C. 

" Sacristae " Ff. 2. 23. 

" Rubeum " Ff. 2. 29. 

Ff. 4. 35. (ol. John 

Cradock, of Rickenhall, Suff.) 

*' Cellerarii, Pars 1 Gg. 4. 4. 

to the letter C 

. from the letter H Sir Henry Bunbury, Bart, of Mildon- 

to the letter W, hall, Suff. 1832. (ol. Sir Tho. Han- 

imperf. raer. — T.) 

■> Nearly destroyed in the fire of 17iil. 


County. Monasteries. In whose possession, or where existing. 

Bury, rest of letter W » Sir Tlio. Phillipps, Bart. 1832. 

"Curteys, sive Edmund VVoodhouse, Esq. 1832. {ol. 

Magnum " Sir Edm. Bacon.) 

<' Curteys " MS. Add. 7096. Br. Mus. {Prius C. 

Ord ^ ; Dr. Macro ; Tho. Martin ; 
Rev. John Nowel, 1 709 (T.) j Sir 
H. Spelman ) Transcript of part, 
Sir T. Phillipps. 

" Cellerarii " .... Duchy of Lane. Office. 

John Covel, S.T.P. Master of Christ 

Coll. Cambr.— T. 

Sir Edw. Coke.l— T. 

"Consuetudinarium" Charles Earl Cornwallis, 173G. — T. 

Transcript of do. Sir T. Phillipps, 
ol. C. Ord.) 

Ditto.— T. 

"■ Cocpilnarii ". . . Douay Library, Flanders. 

" Svvaffham" . . . . Tho. Eden, LL.D. 1641."'— T. 

St. Saviour Sir Tho. Phillipps, Bart. (no. 3792.)^ 

1832. {ol. C. Ord, and Tho. Mar- 
tin. Transcript of do. ol. C Ovd.) 

Domus Dei MS. Aruud. L Br. Mus, 

Bcdf. Bushmead Arthur Trevor, 1640. — D. 

Rev. H. W. Gery, 1 806.n 

Suff. Butley Tho. Aske.— T. {Prius Tho. Martin. 

and P. Le Neve.o— T.) 

"Calendar. Cartar." Rob Hawes, of Framlingham, 1 7 1 5.-T. 

York. Byland Sir Thos Frankland.— T. {Prius, 

Brian Fairfax ; John Rushvvorth, 
of Line. Inn, 1647 ; Lord Faucon- 
berg. 1698.— T.) 

In St. Mary's Tower, York. — Dodsw. 

' In Craven Ord's Sale, No. 574, this was erroneously entered as the Register of the 
Abbey of Whepsteil. 

^ It had also belonged to Dr. Lort. See Archaeolog. vol. xv. 

' Probably the same as MS. Add. 7096'. 

"> Said to have been afterwards in the libraries of Sir S. Dewes and Lord Harley ; but 
none of those now in the Harl. Collection bear that title. 

n Qy. the same as the preceding .' 

» In Ives's sale, 1777, lot 467; it sold for 165. 6d. Ives had /iro Cartularies of 
Butley, both of which previously belonged to Tho. Martin. See MS. Add. (Brit. Mus.) 
64 89, f. 2.i7''. 

P. 8: M. 




According to Dugdale, Beatrix, an illegitimate daughter of the 
King of Portugal, married Gilbert Lord Talbot; became his 
widow on the 19th October 7 Hen. V. 1419 ; » married secondly 
on the 26th November 6 Hen. IV. 1404, Thomas Fitz Alan 
Earl of Arundel, who died 10 Octobers Hen. V. 1415 ;b and 
thirdly, in the 1 1th Hen. VI. 1432,c John Holland Earl of Hunt- 
ingdon ; whilst other autliorities state that the said Beatrix, 
widow of the Earl of Arundel, remarried Gilbert Lord Talbot, 
and after his decease became the wife of the Earl of Huntingdon, 
and then of John Fettiplace of Childrey in Berkshire.^ 

These assertions respecting Beatrix, natural daughter of the 
King of Portugal, have been repeated with slight variations by 
every genealogical writer who has mentioned her ; and no 
attempt has hitherto been made to reconcile the manifest contra- 
dictions in Dugdale's Baronage, or to ascertain the exact facts of 
the case. 

The following statements, which are founded upon evidence, 
throw much light on the point, if they do not even finally settle 
the question. 

John the First, King of Poi'tugal, besides the children by his 
Queen Philippa, daughter of John of Gant and sister of King 
Henry the Fourth, liad issue by Donna Agnez Pires, or Perez, a 
son named Alphonso and a daughter named Beatrix ; ^ the son 
Alphonso was legitimated by his father f on the 20th October 

» Baronage, vol. i. p. 328. ^ Ibid. p. 320. c Ibid. vol. ii. p. 80. 

■' Copies of the Visitations of Berkshire in the British Museum, and Colhns's Peerage, 
ed. 1779, vol. iii. p. 8. 

" " Memorias para a Historia de Portugal que corapreiiendem o Governo del Rey D. 
Joao I. do anno de 1383 ate ao anno 1433. Escritas pelo Academico Joseph Soares 
de Sylva." tonno i. pp. 246, 252. Sylva has devoted several pages to Agnes Perez aud 
her family. It appears that she became "Commendadeira " (that is, held a Com- 
mandery, assigned to her for her support,) or Superior of the Convent De Santos in Lis- 
bon. Ibid. i.p. 252, et seq. Vide also the Collec9ao dos Documentos, torn. iv. p. 118. 

' A copy of the Charter of Legitimation is given by Sylva among the " Documentos 


1401; was created Count of Barcellos and afterwards Duke of 
Braganza, and was the immediate ancestor of the present royal 
family of Portugal. 

Donna Beatrix was contracted in 1404 to Thomas Fitz-Alan, 
Earl of Arundel and Surrey, whom the Portuguese historians pro- 
perly describe " do sangue Real da Inglaterra," g as he was 
through one descent second cousin, and through another descent 
third cousin, of Philippa Queen of Portugal : and fourth cousin 
once removed of the King of Portugal his father-in-law.h It 
may be presumed that his marriage with Beatrix arose from his 
relationship to the Queen ; but no proof has been found that he 
was ever in Portugal. This alliance was proposed to Henry the 
Fourth by Sir John Vasquez de Almada and Doctor Martin 
Docem ; and Henry wrote to the King of Portugal signifying his 
approval of it. On the 29th October [query 1404] King John 
acknowledged the receipt of Henry's letter, and said that he 
should again write to him by Dr. Docem respecting the arrange- 
ments for Donna Beatrix's voyage, and on other matters con- 
cerning her marriage.i 

In April 1405 she was solemnly contracted to the Earl at 
Lisbon, his proxy being Sir John Huelcitsyra,^ first gentleman 

para as Memorias del Key D. Joao I." tonio iv. p. 72. The charter is dated 20 Oct. 
143,9, which corresponds with the year 1401, as the Portuguese and Spanish aera 
till the year 1415, commenced thirty-eiglic years before the birth of Clirist according 
to the vulgar computation. It can scarcely admit of a doubt, that similar letters of 
legitimation were granted to his sister Beatrix. 

« Memorias, &c. i. p. 246. See the Pedigree No. II. annexed to this article. 

•> See the Pedigree No. I. 

• See the King of Portugal's letters on the subject of the marriage, in the Cottonlan 
MS. Nero B. i. some of which are referred to, and one is printed, in the account of the 
Earl of Arundel in Blore's Monumental Remains. In February 2 Hen. IV. (1401) Dr. 
Martin de Serisu, Ambassador from the King of Portugal to Henry, is stated in a docu- 
ment in the Fcedera (viii. 178) to be then about to return to Poitugal. In September 
1403 John Gomez de Silva, Knight and Banner-bearer to King John, was his Ambas- 
sador iiere, and was then about to return home. Ibid. viii. 329. On the 27 December 
1405 Henry replied to a letter which he says had been delivered to him by Sir John 
Gomez de Silva and Dr. Martin de Sensu. Ibid. viii. 

'' Sir John Wiltshire, respecting wliom tlie following notices occur : In Novem- 
ber 1381 he was charged with having rescued a prisoner fiom the custody of the 
Keeper of the Fleet. (Rot. Pari. iii. 128.) He obtained letters of protection dated 
6th March 1386, in consequence of being about to serve under Jolin of Gant in Spain. 
(Fcedera, viii. 499.) Some messuages in Calais were granted to him and his wife 5lh 
October 1395. (Carte's Norman Rolls, ii. 171.) He was present with Thomas Filz- 
Alan Archbishop of Canterbury, and others, when Riciiard the Second solemnly pro- 
mised Richard Earl of Arundel that no harm should be done to him, a short lime 



of the Earl's household; ^ and about October in the same year 
she proceeded to England, accompanied, it appears, by her 
brother Alphonso Count of Barcellos."i Her marriage took 
place at Lambeth, with great splendour, on the 26th of Novem- 
ber following, in the presence of the King and Queen, the Prince 
of Wales, the Duke of York, the Earl of Kent, the Earl of War- 
wick, her brother Don Alphonso, and many other distinguished 
personages of the Court. Henry the Fourth acted as her father 
on the occasion, and a proces verbal of the ceremony, which was 
performed by her husband's uncle Thomas Arundel, Archbishop 
ot Canterbury, was legally executed and deposited among the 
archives of Portugal." She brought the Earl fifty thousand 
crowns,o one half of which sum was paid at her marriage, security 
being given for the remainder ; P but the expences attending her 
voyage were so heavy that in June following the Earl requested 
the King to remit him a debt which he owed to his Majesty, in 
consequence of the destruction of Arundel's lands in Wales, and 
of " les graundes charges q iay encountre la venue ma muliere," 
which petition was soon afterwards supported by a letter from 
the King, his father-in-law, to Henry .q 

before the Earl's execution in 1397. (Rot. Pari. iii. 435.) Sir John Wiltshire again 
obtained letters of protection on going abroad in April 1398 ; (Carte's Norman 
Rolls, ii. 175.) and in October 1403 he, Sir John Sutheron, and John Waleys, 
Esquire, " qui versus partes transmarinas profecturi sunt," received letters of general 
attorney. (Ibid. ii. 186.) On the 22nd April 1412 Wiltshire was appointed a com- 
missioner to settle a dispute respecting the ransom of the Count of Denia. (Foedera, 
viii. 730.) His name frequently occurs in St. Lo Kniveton's Collection for a History 
of the Earls of Arundel, MS. Harl. 4840, and at f. 621 he appears from an inquisition 
after the death of Beatrix Countess of Arundel, 18 Hen. VI. to have then been dead. 

' Memorias, &c. torn. i. pp. 247, 248. 

■" The proces verbal of her marriage states that Don Alphonso was present at the 
ceremony ; and two writs are printed in the Foedera, the one dated 20th January and 
the other on the 18ih February 7 Hen. IV. 1406, commanding that the goods and 
mercliaodize, to the value of 100/., of " Alphonso Count of Barceilos, son of the King of 
Portugal, then lately arrived in England," and of certain Knights in his suite, should be 
allowed to pass free of duty. Tome viii. pp. 428, 431. 

" Printed by Sylva among the " Docxuuentos " illustrative of the history of John I 
tome iv. pp. 76 — 83. Walsingham thus notices the marriage under the year 1405, 
'• Comes Arundeliae duxit Londoniis in uxorem filiam Regis Portingaliae notham, satis 
magnified, presentibus rege Angliae et regina, in crastino sanctae Katherinse." Ypodigma 
NeustricB, p. 169 ; and in p. 418 of his Chronicle. 

° " Memorias," &c. torn. i. p. 249, and theCottonian MS. Nero B. i. 

P A curious letrer from King John to Henry the Fourtii, respecting the unpaid 
moiety, occurs in the Cottonian MS. Nero B. i. and is printed in Blore's Monumental 

•1 Ibid. 


The Earl of Arundel died witliout issue on the 13th October 
3 Hen. V. 1415;'' and in 1421 his widow, describing herself as 
" Beatrix who was the wife of Thomas late Earl of Arundel," 
presented a petition to the King in which she stated that she was 
born and engendered in Portugal, ("nee et engendree en la terre 
de Portingale") ; that since her marriage with the late Earl he 
was seised of divers castles, manors, lands, &c. in England and 
Wales, part in fee simple and part in fee tail ; that some of the 
heirs and " terretenaunts " of the late Earl had disturbed the 
petitioner of her reasonable dower, alleging that she was not 
dowable because she was born and engendered in Portugal, to 
her great injury. She therefore prayed that it might be ordained 
by the authority of Parliament, that she might be enabled in law 
to enjoy her dower in the said lands as effectually as if she had 
been born the King's liege woman in the kingdom of England, 
which request was granted.* 

The next notice of her is that on the llth February 5 Hen. 
VI. 1426, by the style of Beatrix Countess of Arundel, she re- 
ceived letters of protection, being about to go abroad.* In Feb- 
ruary, 10 Hen. VI. (1432) she executed a receipt for 40/. from 
her late husband's sister, whom she describes as, " sorore nostra 
Johanna de Bello campo, Domina de Bergavenny," being part 
of a larger sum for the purchase of her dower of Bromfield and 
Yale, in the marches of Wales and Essex." To this instrument 
her seal, of which the annexed engraving is a copy, was affixed. 

■■ Esch. 4 Hen. V. No. 54. See also Esch. 6\ Hen. V. No. 4.9, 8 Hen. V. No. 103, 
and 4 Hen. VL No. 40, 

• Rot. Pari. iv. 130. t Carte's Gascon Roll, ii. 259. 

" Hurleian IMS. 4840, f. 650. 

G 2 



It was inscribed "sigillum beatricis comitisse arundelie et 
SUKREIE,"^ and contains the arms of Fitz Alan quartering War- 
ren, impaled with the royal arms of Portugal. 

In the 11th Hen. VI. 1433, Beatrix Countess of Arundel 
married John Holland, Earl of Huntingdon, afterwards Duke of 
Exeter, the license for which alliance is dated on the 20th Jan- 
uary in that year : 

R. Omib} ad quos, &c. Salt. Sciatis qd nos considerantes 
quali? carissimus Dns & pa? iir Rex defunctus concesserit caris- 
sime Consanguinee nre Beatrici Comitisse Arundelt, nup uxi 
Thome Comitis Arundelt, qui de nofe tenuit in capite, utdicit', qd 
ipa alicui psone statui suo convenienti se maritare possit absq. aliquo 
p fine maritagii pdci solvend, et qd ipa licencia nra carissimo 
Consanguineo nro Jotii Comiti Huntyngdon se maritare jam 
pponit, de gra nra spali p avisamentum & assensum consilii nri et 
consideracoe ^missox, ac eciam p consideracoem ppinquitatis san- 
guinis quo dci Consanguinei nri nob sunt adjuncti, et qd idem 
Consanguineus nr notabile sviciu nob in regno nro Franc in 
ppria psona sua ad magnos labores custus & expensas sua impen- 
dit, Concessim dee Beatrici qd ipa Consanguineo nro pdco se 
maritare possit, &. qd idem Consanguineus nr eandem Beatrice 
assume possit in uxem absq,, impeticoe nri vel heredum nrox tem- 

^ Harleian MS. 4 8.10, f. 650. 


porib3 futuris, Solveiido nob ad lleceptam Sc^cii nfi p fine 
maritagii pdci sumam ducentaa marcax ad ?minos Pasche &, Sci 
Michis p equales porcoes. In cujus, &c. T. R. apud Westm'" xx. 
die Januar. p bre de p'vato Sigillo.y 

In August in the same yeai' the Countess lost her father 
the King of Portugal, who in his will, dated in 1426, speaks 
of her as his daughter Beatrix Countess of Arundel in England.^ 
In the inscription on his tomb he is said to have left two 
daughters, " quarum una erat Domina Infans Elizabeth Ducissa 
Burgundiae, et Comitissa Flandriae, et aliorum Ducatuum, et 
Comitatuum ; et alia Domina Beatrix Comitissa Huntinto et 
Arondel ; quae in suis terris pernianebant." ^ 

The Earl of Huntingdon was appointed Lieutenant of Guienne 
for six years in the 16 Hen. VI. 1487,^ to which province he 
appears to have been accompanied by his Countess, as she died 
at Bordeaux without issue on 13th November 1439.^ She was 
buried with her first husband in the College of Arundel, and the 
following notice of the circumstance occurs in the Register of 
tlie Priory of Lewes.^ 

*' Domina Beatrix, filia Regis Portugalie, vxor Thome vlti' 
Comitis Arundett et Surreyie, et postea vxor Joh'is Comitis 
Huntyngdon', obijt xiij die mensis Novembr' apfl Burdigat', 
Anno diii Mitlmo cccc'»o xxxixo Sepultaq^ est apd Arundelt in 
collegio iux* virum suu p'mu." 

The effigies of the Earl and his Countess were placed on their 
tomb, an engraving and description of which is given in Stothard's 
Monumental Effigies and in Blore's Monumental Remains.^ 

y Rot. Patent. II Hen. VL p. 1, m. 14, The fact of her having actually married th« 
Earl of Huntingdon (which the royal license by itself would not prove) appears from the 
inquisitions taken after the death of John, Earl of Arimdel, 14 Hen. VL 1436", in which 
she is called " Beatrix jam uxor Johannis, Comitis Huntyngdon." (MS. Harl.4840, 
ff. 581 ""j 590 ) ; as well as from the epitaph on her fatiier's monument. 

'■ Memojias del Rey D. Joao L torn. i. p. 297. ' Ibid. p. 281. 

•> Dugdale's Baronage, ii. 81, ex autog. penes Cler. Pell, and Chronicle of London, 
4to. 1827, page 126. 

■^ Register of Lewes, vide postea. The Inquisition taken on her decease states that 
she died on the 23rd October 18 Hen. VI. 1439 ; but does not state where her decease 
took place. It says she died " sine herede." Esch. 18 Hen. VI. No. 28. 

•i Cottonian MS. Vesp. F. xv. f. 108. 

« Sir William Burrell, who visited this tomb in 1780, says that at that period the 
only arms visible on it were those of Fitzalan and Warren, impaling Bohun and Beau- 
champ (MS. Add. 56'99), and this statement has been negligently adopted by Gough, 
DallawBv, and others. But twenty years later, as the Editors are assured by an able 



All which is known of Beatrix Countess of Arundel having 
been alluded to, the following particulars will be added of Beatrix 
Lady Talbot ; from which it will be evident that she was a dis- 
tinct person from the Countess of Arundel and Huntingdon, with 
whom she has been hitherto erroneously identified. 

antiquary and herald, at the S. E. angle of the monument was a shield, supported by an 
angel, on which clearly appeared the arms of Fitzalan and Warren, quarterly, impaling 
Portugal, precisely as on the seal of the Countess of Arundel. On the south side of the 
tomb five other coats were also then distinguishable, and among them the escutcheon of 
Portugal, as borne by the Dukes of Braganza. In one of the Wriothesley MSS. sold 
from the library of Sir George Nayler, Garter King of Arms, (as we are informed by a 
correspondent,) drawings of the whole of these shields exist, taken in the time of Henry 
VIII. when the monument was in a perfect state. At present (I8a3) scarcely a trace of 
the arms supported by the angel remains, and of the other five coats, only one (the 
second from the S. E. corner) is suflSclently perfect to elucidate this inquiry. It still 
distinctly retains on the sinister side the border of castles dimidiated. 

Dallaway, in a note to his History of Sussex, vol. ii. p. 19S, new ed. describes some 
j)aintings of the Earls and Countesses of Arundel, formerly extant in the windows of the 
chapel, and refers to the Visitation of 1 634 (MS. in Coll. Arm. and MS. Harl. 1076) as 
his authority. Among these he instances Thomas Earl of Arundel, and Beatrix of Por- 
tugal, his wife ; but on examining the MSS. referred to, there ap|jears no evidence to 
warrant such a description ; the whole of which betrays such an extraordinary want of 
accuracy, as to create a very unfavourable opinion of Mr. Dailuway's topographical 

It may be worth notice here (particularly since the historian just cited has omitted 
to mention it,) that in the Burrell collection of monuments in the chapel at Arundel 
(MS. Aild. 56'99, f. 25 ^) is a drawing of a grave-stone, near the foot of the Countess 
Beatrix's monument, on which were the figures in brass of John Threel, marshall of the 
liousehold to William Earl of Arundel, and Joan, his wife. The latter died 14 Sept. 
1459, and beneath her efiigy was inscribed : 

i^ujufi isponj^a fui, qtionbam liocitata 3;ijl)anna, 

?tntc tamcn cccibi nccc, nuHo posse nc0antJa 

"(^ic anciltabi Comitissisf ante bual)us\ 

Mia. prima fuit lEjjisii' bocata "iScatcip, 

Portuoair regno tunc oriunJja suo. 

Heoum proccDcns ep stirpe : sccunDa 3!o|janna. 

i^i^sum coniuncta mortc priuj^ famula. 

lUrospice prescntes tumulojsf quei^ claubimur omnejsf, 

<0tnncj^ terra s'umu^, sic crit omni^ f;omo, &c. 

The brass is now destroyed. A little to the left of the above, and immediately below 
the Countess's tomb, is the grave-stone of Thomas Salmon, Esq. Usher of the Chamber 
to King Henry V. and of Agnes, his wife, " alias dicta D'Olyvere, nuper de Portugalia, 
jirincipalis nuper mulier illustris d'ne Beatricis Comitisse Arundell et Surr." She died 
'M May 1418. Pier arms (which are torn from the stone) were 6 crescents, 2, 2, and 
2, impaled with an eagle displayed, bearing on its breast a leopard's head, for Salmon. 
The figure of her husband has been taken away ; but that of the lady still remains, and is 
a beautiful specimen of the dress of that period. An engraving of it will appear in the 
History of Arundel Castle, by the Rev. M. A. Tierney, Domestic Chaplain to his Grace 
the Duke of Norfolk, which is now in the press. — Edit. 



Of the pedigree of Lady Talbot nothing can with certainty l)e 
said, and the only evidence on the subject is her arms. The 
seal, of which the annexed is an engraving, is taken from a draw- 
ing in a manuscript in the British Museum : f 

This seal is inscribed, "sigillvm beatricis talbot d'ne 
DE BLAKEMERE," and occurred to a grant of a fee of lOOs. yearly 
value to Richard Cholmundleigh, seneschal of the manors of 
Blakemere, Dodington, and Cheswardin, in Shropshire, in the 
8th Hen. V. In the Church of Whitchurch the same arms 
formerly stood ; viz. Talbot quartering Strange, impaling quar- 
terly, 1 and 4, Argent, five escutcheons in cross azure, each 
charged with five plates in saltire, for Portugal ; 2 and 3, Azure, 
five crescents in saltire or ; with this inscription, " Gilbertus 
Talbott Do. de Blakmere et Beatrix uxor ejus." s 

Of Lady Talbot but little is known. She was the second wife 
of Lord Talbot; and on his death on the 19th October 7 Hen. V, 
1419, Ankaret his only child was about three years of age,i so 
that she must have been married before 1415. 

Immediately after Lord Talbot's decease a writ was issued to 
the escheator of Shropshire, stating that Beatrix the widow of 
Lord Talbot was born in Portugal ; that during the time 
that his wife was an alien, they became seised of the manor of 
Blackmere, alias Whitchurch, to the use of himself and the 

' Cottoiiian IMS. Julius C. vii. f. 193. 

« Lansdown MS. ST-J, f. 24. 

*> "Theatre Historico Genealogico y Panegyrico erigtdo a lo Immortalidad de la 
Excelentissima Casa de Sousa, por Manuel de Sousa Moreyra : fol. Par. Ih'fi4 ;" and 
" Livro des Linhagesde Port,ugal. Por .Ant. de Lima Pereira, 16'20." MS. Lansd. 189. 

■' Esch. 7 Hen. V. No. fis. 


said Beatrix, and the heirs of the said Gilbert ; that her 
homage had been respited until the King's return to England ; 
and granting that she should be deemed one of his liege women > 
Her daughter Ankaret died in 1421,1 being then about five 
years old, leaving her father's brother. Sir John Talbot, after- 
wards the famous Earl of Shrewsbury, her heir. Before the 
year 1423 Lady Talbot married her second husband Thomas 
Fettiplace of East Shefford, in Berkshire, Esquire, of an ancient 
family in that county. Fettiplace had been appointed by Lord 
Talbot on the 17th September 1413, Steward of the manor and 
hundred of Bampton,™ and possibly it was this Thomas Fetti- 
place who in 1421 obtained a grant of a house in the town of 

Lady Talbot died on Christmas Day 26 Hen. VI. 1447, 
leaving her son William Fettiplace her heir, who M'as then twenty- 
four years of age.o According to the pedigrees of Fettiplace in 
the Heralds' Visitations of Berkshire, she had several other chil- 
dren, namely, James, John, and Constance, whose descendants 
flourished in various branches for several generations. In 1G61 
John Fettiplace of Childrey was created a Baronet,P and the 
title did not become extinct until 1743. 

Lady Talbot was buried at East Shefford, in Berkshire ;q and 

^ Rot. Claus. 7 Hen. V. No. 6. Rex Escaetori suo in Com' Salop' ac March' Wall' 
eidem Com* adjacent' Sal't'm. Cum Gilb'tus niip' D'n's de Talbot defunctus ix. Beatrix 
nuper ux' ejus, in regno Portugalie oriunda, nup' in vita ip'ius Gilb'ti adquisivissent eidem 
Gilb'to & Beatrici & heredib' ip'ius Gilb'ti, tempoie quo p'd'c'a Beatrix fuit Alienigena, 
de Rog'o Tbreske p'sona eccl'ie de Whjtechurche & al', man'ium de Blakemere, alias 
d'c'm man'ium de Whytecliurche, cum p'tin' in Cora' p'd'c'o, &c. &c. Nos de gr'a 
n'ra sp'ali concesserimus p'fate Beatrici, cujus homagium usq' adventum n'r'ra in AngI' 
respectavim', q'd ip'a femina ligea n'ra existat, &c, 

1 Esch. 9 Hen. V. No. 44 

"> Esch. 7 Hen. V. No. 68. " Carte's Norman Rolls, i. 342. 

° Esch. 26" Hen. VI No. 7. Inquisicio capta apud Wilton' in Com' Wiltes' vicesimo 
secundo die Aprilis anno regni Henr' sexti vicesimo sexto, coram Joh'e Barowe escaetore 
d'ni Regis in Com' p'dict', virtute cujusdam br'is, &c. Juratores dicunt q'd Beatrix 
que fuit ux' Gilb'ti Talebot militis, diu ante obitu' suum fuit seisit' de t'ciap'te man'ii de 
Swyndon'. &c. in Com' p'dict' in d'nico suo ut de lib'o ten', et tertias partes illas tenuit in 
dotem suam de hereditate Joh'is Comitis Salop' ex dotac'o'e p'dict' Gilb'ti quondam 
viri sui, &c. dicta Beatrix obiit in festo Natal' D'ni ultimo p't'it'. Et quod Will's 
Feteplace est fil' & her' ejusdem Beatricis et est etatis xxiiij anno*. 

p The account of the family in Collins's Baronetage, ed. 1741, vol. iii. p. 266, is 
very imperfect. 

1 Original Visitation of Berkshire. 



John Fettiplace, Citizen and Mercer of London, one of hei' sons, 
by his will dated 22nd August 1463, and proved 3rd September 
1464 bequeathed 40/. to repair the church of Shefford, to build 
new pillars, erect a steeple of timber, and make a " closure " 
round the tomb "■ of his father and mother buried there.^ 

N. H. N. 



::^Ferdinand III. King of Castile=p 
and Leon, ob. 1252. 

Alphonso King of Castile and 
Leon.ob. 1284. 

Eleanor, wife of Edward 
of England. 


Sancho IV, King of Castile and 
Leon, ob. 1295. 

Elizabeth, wife of Humphrey 
Earl of Hereford, ob. 132 L 

Beatrix, wife of Alphonso IV. 
King of Portugal, ob. 1357. 

William Earl of Hereford and 
Northampton, ob. 1360. 

Peter King of Portugal, 
ob. 1367. 

John I. King of Portugal, 
ob. 1433. 

Elizabeth, wife of Richard Earl 
of Arundel and Surrey, ob. 1397. 

Beatrix Countess of:=THOMAS Earl of Arundel and 
Arundel. Surrey, ob. 1415, s. p. 

' This tomb, on which lie the effigies of Thomas Fettiplace and his lady, is described 
by Ashmole, ii. 258, and Lysons, i. 360, but has never been engraved. There is no 
inscription on it, and the arms on the shields (twelve in number, each supported by an 
angel,) are entirely effaced. In the time of Ashmole existed in the churches of Childrey, 
Sparsholt, and Shefford, several shields bearing the arms of Fettiplace, Gul. 2 chevrons 
arg. impaled with the coat of Portugal (without the border) and 5 crescents in saltire, 
quarterly, exactly as on the seal of Lady Talbot, which affords additional proof (were 
any required) of the identity of Sir Gilbert Talbot's widow with the wife of Fettiplace. 
— Edit. 

' Will in Prerog. Off. 






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Agnes Per 

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JOHNSTON, 31. D. 1701. 

From a transcript among Mr, Gough's MSS. in the Bodleian library. 
The original is preserved among the evidences of the family. See 
Hunter's History of South Yorkshire, vol. ii. p. 57, sq. 


This Thomas Foljambe, being the antientest person of the 
family, which manifestly appears in the original deeds which 
hitherto I have found, I shall begin with him; and if I shall hap- 
pen to meet with any evidence of his predecessors besides, I shall 
give an account of them in a proper place. 

That it may appear of what quality this Thomas Foljambe 
was, and the time when he lived, the following prescript will 
evidence ; 

No. 1. Whereby Nicholas de Edensover appoints John de 
Baukwell (now called Bakewell) to perfect the agreement be- 
tween Thomas Foljambe, Balivum de Pecco, concerning Rents 
in Longsdein.— Dated 1272, 56 Hen. III. 

That he held this office, appears likewise by another deed : 

No. 2. Whereby Nicholas son of Peter de Hope, com. Derb. 
gives to Roger Woodrove of Hope, lands in Hope : — Testibus 
Tho. Foljambe, tunc custode Ballivat. de Pecco ; Will^^o 
Hallye, Petro de Heysill, Rog. fratre ejus; Rob. Balguy ; Will^o 
le Hey res, now called Eyre. 

I find also that Thomas executed the same office, by the follow- 
ing Deed : (No. 3.) Wherein Roger Woodrove, of Hope, gives 
to Nicholas his son, lands in Hope : Test. D"" Tho. Foljambe, 
Ballivo de Pecco; Rob^" Balguy ; Will'^o le Heyres; Rich. fil. 
Will"'' de Hope. — Sans date. 

From this deed it appears that now this Thomas Foljambe, 
Bailiff of the Peak, had the title of Dominus, which, though it 
does not always import that the person before whose name D. 
or Dom. was prefixed, was a Knight, unless the word Miles was 
superadded, yet it always signified the person so denominated 


to be then what we now repute to be in next degree to a Knight, 
as our Esquires are. 

Secondly, it is observable that in our age, Jane, daughter and 
coheiress of Ellis Woodrove of this very Hope, was married to 
Peter Foljambe, Esquire, father of the present Francis. 

Thirdly, I must observe that the Peak of Derbyshire is an 
antient honour belonging to the crown, in which is a castle stiled 
De Alto Pecco, and the Wapentake is called the Wapentake of 
the Peak ; and within it is a forest called the Forest of the Peak, 
as De Campana is in Latin. 

Also in that age it was an honourable employment to be 
Bailiff. Then such as either Knights or persons of Quality were 
intrusted with the custody of the office, as will appear in several 
deeds hereafter to be inserted, wherein Sir William Horsenden, 
Knight, then Bailiff, hath the precedence in the order of ranking 
the Witnesses, before several knights in Deed 23. As also 
Henry Fleming, a person of an antient family of that surname in 
the Deed 31. 

No. 4. It appears also (Dods. Coll. W. 132) that this 
Thomas Foljambe, 8 Edw. I., was a Knight, by the^ following 
Deed, wherein Richard de Weston, Knight, gives to the monas- 
tery of Blida (Blythe in com. Nott.) all his right in the advow- 
son of the church of Weston. Testibus Dno. Tho. de Furnival 
(Lord of Sheffield) D'^o. Hug. de Pierpoint, D^o. Rich, de Sher- 
burne, D"o. Tho. Foljambe, D^o. Johan. Heyrce, Tho. Allale de 
Welbeck, Ra. de Noketon : Dat. 1280.— 8 Edw. L 

No. 5. Also in the following deed (Dods. Coll. F. 142) 
wherein Rich, de Sylveyne, de Thorp, Knight, son and heir of 
Osbert de Sylvayne, gives to the Canons of Radford (Worksop 
Abbey) of the Grant of his Ancestors, Lands in Nether- Thorpe, 
Ravinal (Ranfield), Testibus, Thom. de Furnival; Thorn, de 
Foljambe ; Tho. de Eyvill ; Rob. de Montney ; John de Orbery ; 
et Joh. de Bayley, militibus. By this it appears that he had the 
Precedence of all the following Knights of ancient and eminent 
families there mentioned ; and the very next to Tho. de Furnival, 
a great Baron in those parts. That this was the first Thomas is 
manifest in that he died not until the 11th Edw. L And I do 
not find iiis son Thomas to be a knight, before the 16th Edw. I. 
or thereabouts. 

Having found nothing more considerable, I proceed now to 
the treating of the time of his death ; towards the clearing of 


which, I am beholden to the help of the collections of that most 
industrious antiquary Roger Dodsworth, Esquire; whose volu- 
minous manuscripts I had the perusal of, before they were given 
by his great patron Thomas Lord Fairfax of Cameron, to the 
Bodleian Library in Oxford. This laborious gentleman hath 
exhibited a Record (No. 6), wherein it appears, that this Tho- 
mas Foljambe paid 400 marks for the firm of the castle in the 
Peake for nine years (Dods. Collect. II. 58). By which it may 
be computed that he held that castle in firm for nine years, and 
it may be presumed that the demesne and bailiwick of the Wa- 
pentake, and it may be the Forest, were included. The same 
author hath from the Record (No. 7) of Escheat inserted that 
he died on Saturday next after the feast of St. Hilary, 1 1 Edw. I. 
and held of the King an Oxgang of land by the Sergeantry of 
keeping the King's forest de Campana, (which was the stile of 
the forest in the Peak, as will elsewhere appear) himself serving 
on hoi'seback with his servant on foot (garsoigne ejus ante 
pedem) ; and divers other lands, paying rent to the castle of 
Dover (as in the Transcript, for Derby, as I suppose) ; and that 
he held sixty acres of land in Tideswell of Sir John Daniel ; 
and that Thomas was his son and heir, twenty-seven years of age. 

As to the children of this Thomas Foljambe, Knight, it is 
clear by the preceding Escheat that Thomas was his son and heir, 
of whom and his descendants I shall treat hereafter. 

Also finding a clear proof of a daughter he had, called 
Cecilia, before I proceed to enquire into the doubtful title of the 
rest of his sons or brothers, I shall here insert what I find of 
this Cecilia : No. 8. For I find a fine levied 8 Edw. L three 
years before the death of this Thomas, inter Tho. Foljambe 
quer. et Rad, de Eccleshall, deforciant, of the Manors of Eccles- 
hall and Aldwark, and forty shillings rent in Thorp, and twenty 
shillings rent in Dalton, and five shillings rent in Routhmarshe 
(now called Rawmarsh), all which lands are in Yorkshire. The 
right of Thomas for life. Remainder to Robert son of the said 
Ralph and Cecilia his wife, daughter of the said Thomas Fol- 
jambe. By this fine the quality of the said Thomas Foljambe 
is farther illustrated, in that his daugiiter was married into so 
worshipful a family as that of Eccleshall of Eccleshall, near Shef- 
field, in com. Ebor. was. It is further also observable, that after 
a long series of years, these lands, or at least considerable lands 
in these very towns should be part of the inheritance of the pre- 


sent heir of the family of Foljambe, descending to them by the 
heiress of Fitzwilliam of Aldwark. 

I shall begin with such as for the ancientness of their deeds, 
without dates, I presume might be brothers of the first Sir Tho- 
mas ; especially those, whose sons where any of them appear to 
have had sons, were found to be living in the time of the first or 
second Sir Thomas. 

I shall therefore begin with John Foljambe ; though I find no 
special deede, wherein he is either styled brother or son of the 
first Sir Thomas, in which either he passeth or purchaseth lands ; 
yet because there are great numbers of deeds, wherein his son 
Thomas, by the name of Thomas son of John Foljambe is a 
party, I shall give this John the preference to William, Roger, 
and others who were contemporary with Thomas son of John 

I shall begin with the Deed following: (No. 9.) — Wherein 
Richard Danyel of Tideswell, com. Derb., gives to Thomas de 
Wymondham, Clerk, the lands of Thomas Danyel his brother in 
Tideswell — Testibus Ric. de Vernon, Will, de Horsenden 
(who was knight afterwards), Hen. de Lytton, Joh. Foljambe, 
Hug. Martin. Ex autograph, sans date. 

No. 10. I am prone to believe that this John Foljambe, a wit- 
ness here, might be father of Thomas, of which see more in the 
first deed of his son Thomas. See Deed, No. 23, and compare it 
with this : for it is not improbable that John Foljambe then wit- 
ness, was father of Thomas. 

The first Deed (No. 11.) to prove this Thomas Foljambe to be 
the son of John shall be what hath so near relation to the first 
deed wherein John Foljambe is witness ; wherein Thomas of 
Wymondham gives to Thomas son of John Foljambe, the same 
lands in Tideswell, ex traditione D"* Ric. Danyel. Testibus D"o 
Rich, de Vernon ; Rob^o de Hurdhill ; Ricli. le Ragged ; Rad. 
de Win; Tho. le Archer; Tho. fil. Rogeri de Foljambe. Ex 
autograph, sans date. 

No. 12. I shall next place such Deeds as prove that this Tho- 
mas son of John Foljambe had lands in Tideswell ; as in the fol- 
lowing Deed: Wherein Baldwin de Hersy and Cecilia his wife, 


give to Thomas Foljambe, son of John Foljambe, lands in Tides- 
well. Sans date. 

No. 13. Also Cecilia, daughter of Richard Herfield, gives to 
Thomas Foljambe lands in Tideswell. Testibus A^'ill. Fol- 


jambe, Sec. 1 am prone to believe that this William was uncle 
to this Thomas. 

No. 14. I find also in an agreement between John Daniel of 
Tideswell, and Thomas son of John Foljambe, whereby John 
Daniel gives to this Thomas ten acres in Kirk-Furlong, in Lyt- 
ton-Dale, and Thomas gives to John Daniel eleven acres in 
Tideswell. Testibus Rich. Vernon ; Will, de Morteyne; Gilb. 
Francis ; Gervas. Bernake ; Rob. de Harthill ; Rob. Abney ; 
Will, de Heyley ; Tho. le Archer; Rich. Ragged; Johanna 
filio Rogeri Foljambe. See another Deed, No. 26. 

No. 15. That this Thomas, son of John Foljambe, lived in 
the time of the first Thomas, 7 Edward I. appears by the follow- 
ing Deed, wherein Sir Richard Daniel of Tideswell gives to 
Thomas, son of John Foljambe, lands in Tideswell, near the end 
of the lane in Litton, near Greenhow, and lands upon Kirk- 
Furlong, towards the manor of the said Thomas Foljambe. 
Test. Johanne fil. Hugonis Martin; Johanne filio suo. Dat. 7 
Edw. 1. 

This Deed is sufficient of itself to prove that this John, father 
of Thomas, was not the son of the first Sir Thomas, where this 
Thomas his son lived so early in the age of the first Sir Thomas. 
Therefore I conclude him to be the brother of the first Sir 

By the word Manor may be either understood his mansion- 
house or his manor-house ; and if the latter, then this Thomas 
seems to have had a manor here in Tideswell. 

That this Thomas, son of John Foljambe, had lands also at 
Little Hocklow, appears by these following Deeds: (No. 16.) 
Wherein Richard Daniel of Tideswell, gives to Richard, son 
of Rawkill, of Little Hocklow, all his right in the lands of Little 
Hocklow. Test. Will. Morteyn ; Gerv. de Bernake ; Joh. 
Harthill ; Rob. frat. ejus, — militibus : Hen. do Tuddington ; Rob. 
de Abney; Will. Haley; Tho. le Archer; Rich, le Ragged; 
Joh. Foljambe, filio Rogeri. 

No. 17. The same Richard, son of Rawkhill of Little Hock- 
low, gives to Thomas, son of John Foljambe, several lands in 
Little Hocklow. Testibus D°*^ Roberto de Harthill; Hugone 
de Styley ; Tho. le Archer; Will'"" Foljambe ; Tho. de Worm- 
hill, clerico. 

No. 18. He appears likewise to have lands in Bakewell by the 
following Deed: — Wherein Crervas de Nottingham gives to 


Thomas, son of John Foljambe, four acres in Bakewell. Testibus, 
Rad. de Wyn ; Rob. frat. ejus. 

No. 19. Also Robert de Attburn gives to the same Thomas, 
son of John Foljambe, several lands in Bakewell. Test. D^o 
Robto de Herthill, Rad. le Wyn. 

No. 20. He also had lands in Litton or Lyetou, as appears 
by the following Deed : — Wherein William, son of Ulcotes de 
Lyeton, gives to Thomas, son of John Foljambe, lands in Lye- 
ton. Sans date. 

No. 2L Also Andrew de Schagsby gives to the same Thomas 
lands in Lyeton. Test. Willmo Foljambe; Tho. Foljambe. Sans 

No. 22. This Thomas was a clerk, as appears by the next 
Deed. Also the same Andrew de Schagsby grants to the same 
Thomas Foljambe six shillings rent in Leyton, which Thomas, 
son of Robert Baumford, knight, used to pay. Testibus Will. 
Hayley; Roberto Bozon ; Will. Foljambe; Tho. Foljambe, 
clerico. Sans date. 

It is probable that this Thomas Foljambe, clerk, is the same 
with Thomas de Wormhill, clerk, in Deed, No. 17. But whose 
son this Thomas was I have not found. 

This Thomas, son of John Foljambe, had also lands in Worm- 
hill, as appears by the following Deed: (No. 23.) 

Wherein Robert, son and heir of Robert de Wormbill (some- 
times written Wermhill, but generally Wormhill) gives to Tho- 
mas, son of John Foljambe, lands of the inheritance of his father 
in Wormhill. Testibus, D^o Willmo de Horsenden, ballivo de 
Pecco ; Will, de Morteyne : Gervasio Bernake ; Richardo 
Daniel,— militibus ; Robto le Archer ; Rich, le Ragged ; Johan. 
Foljambe. Sans date. 

No. 24. John, son of Adam Forrester of Wormhill, gives to 
Thomas, son of John Foljambe, lands in Wormhill. Test. 
Will. Foljambe. Sans date. 

No. 25. Also Thomas, son of Nicholas de Theyres, gives to 
the same Thomas nine acres in Wormhill. Testibus, Di^o Will'"o 
de Morteyne ; Gervasio Bernake, militibus ; Will. Foljambe, 
Tho. filio Rogeri Foljambe, Henrico et Wlllielmo fratribus ejus. 
Sans date. 

No. 26. I have found also a different deed of exchange from 
that mentioned before. No. 14, between John Daniel, and Tho- 
mas son of John Foljambe ; asfolloweth. Wherein John Daniel 


gives to Thomas, son of John Foljambe, the culture of Kirk 
Furlong, and Salterford in Lytton Dale and Customes Furlong, 
and the said Thomas gives to the said John (there called John 
Deryn) in exchange, lands in Tideswell. Testibus, D^'^ Ric. 
de Vernon, Will. Morteyne, Gilberto Francis, Gervasio Ber- 
nake, Rob. de Harthill, militibus ; Will. Foljambe ; Thomas 
son of Roger Foljambe; Rob. Bozon; Rob. de Stanton; Hen. 
fiho Rogeri Foljambe; Hugone Martyn. Sans date. 

This Deed must be made before the 6th Edw. I. because Sir 
Gilbert Francis was dead in that year, as appears by the Inquisi- 
tion then taken at his death. 


I suppose that William Foljambe was another brother of Sir 
Thomas Foljambe, because I find him witness to several Deeds 
before other branches of the surname, as in Nos. 13, 17, 21, 22, 
24, 25, 26, 27. 

I place these references to the Deeds that the reader may con- 
sider their proofs without inlarging these collections with repeti- 
tions. I shall therefore add one Deed to clear the matter, which 
may be referred to what I have formerly specified in Lytton or 
Litton. It is as followeth : 

No. 27. Margery daughter of Lucy de Weyley gives to 
Thomas, son of John Foljambe, 7 acres in Lyeton. Testib. 
j)no W'ill. Haley (he was afterwards Bailiff of the Peak), Wil- 
liam Foljambe, Thomas son of Roger Foljambe, Hugone 
Martyn. Sans date. 

That this William Foljambe was not that William Foljambe 
who was brother to the second Sir Thomas Foljambe will appear 
in its proper place. Though I believe that William had his 
Christian name from this William, of which first William I find 
no issue, and its probable that the second William was the 
inheritor of what estate this William had. 


Although I find no Deeds wherein any estate was either con- 
veyed to this Roger or from him, yet being styled in many Deeds 
father of John, Thomas, Henry, William, and Hugh Foljambe. 
all or most of which lived in the time of Thomas, son of Johr 
Foljambe, as appears in the Deeds before recited, No. 11, 25, 26, 
I give him a place among the brothers of the first Sir Thomas. 




Although I have seen no Deeds which positively prove this 
John to be the eldest son of Roger, yet finding the Deeds 
wherein he is styled the son of Roger, of the number of the 
ancient ones without date, till I am better informed I place him 
the eldest. The Deeds wherein by that style he is mentioned 
as witness, are No. 14 and J 6, which positively style him John, 
son of Roger Foljambe, before the 7th of Edward I. as Deed 14 

No. 28. But it is not certain whether it be of this John 
whereof Mr. Dodsworth gives the following account ; 

That in 2 Edw. II. there was a return of an ad quod damnum 
that John Foljambe of Bi'ode may have a mess, and two bovates 
in Wyfield, purchased by James Mainwaring of Derby. 


By denomination of Thomas Foljambe, son of Roger Fol- 
jambe, he is witness to the Deeds No. 11, 25, 26, and 27. 

No. 29. Also John Daniel of Tideswell gives to Thomas, 
son of Roger Foljambe of Wormhill, half of the mill of Fairfield 
and the service of it. Test. D^^^ Alano, Vicario de Tideswell ; 
Will. Foljambe, Tho. Foljambe, brothers. Sans date. 

Who those Will, and Tho. were, being brothers, is not easy 
to guess, for there is no mention of two brothers of these 
names where William is the elder brother, unless they were 
sons of the first Thomas, and then William must be the elder 
brother; or else they were sons of Robert Foljambe, of whom 

It seems probable to me that this Thomas, son of Roger, had 
a son called Thomas, as will appear in a Deed No. 31, wherein 
I treat of Henry Foljambe, Bailiff of Tideswell : and it may be 
he had also a son called Henry, unless that Henry be a younger 
son of the first Thomas, for which Deed No. 37 may be consulted. 


These appear by the following Deeds, wherein, (No. 30) 
John Daniel, son and heir of Sir Richard Daniel, gives to 
John Martin, son of Hugh Martin, lands in Tideswell. Testibus 
DnoTho. Foljambe, Ada de Herthill, militibus ; Will. Foljambe; 


Thomas, son oJt' Roger Foljambe ; Henry and William brothers. 
Sans date. 

By this it appears that they Hved in the time of the second 
Sir Thomas Foljambe, and this William Foljambe the witness 
must either be W^illiam the brother of the first or second Sir 
Thomas, for William son of Roger was a younger brother of 
Thomas son of Roger Foljambe. 

These brothers will also be further cleared in my relation of 
W^illiam, brother of the second Sir Thomas. 

These Henry and William, brothers of Thomas, son of Roger, 
were witnesses in the Deeds No. 25, 26, 30, 40, 42, to which I 
must refer the inquisitive reader. 

As to Henry, particularly, see Deed No. 27. 


This will appear in a Deed, No. 29, as also in the next Deed, 
wherein I treat of Henry Foljambe, Bailiff of Tideswell, No. 31. 


I am prone to think that this Henry was a younger brother of 
the first Sir Thomas by the date of this following Deed, wherein, 

No. 31. Richard, son of Richard Daniel of Tideswell, gives 
John, son of Hugh Martin of Tideswell, lands which he held of 
John Daniel his brother. Dated May 12, 1288, 16 Edw. I. 
Testib. Joh. Fleming, Ballivo de Pecco; Hen. Foljambe tunc 
Ballivo de Tideswell ; Tho. son of Tho. Foljambe. 

And this may be a son of Thomas, son of Roger, as I have 
hinted, in a Deed No. 29. 

The rest of the witnesses are Hugh, son of Roger Foljambe, 
Thomas, Andrew, and Henry Andrew's brother. 

The reason why I believe this Thomas, son of Thomas Foljambe, 
to be son of Thomas son of Roger, rather than the eldest son of the 
first Sir Thomas, is, because he follows after Henry the Bailiff 
of Tideswell, whom he would have preceded if he had been the 
eldest son of the first Sir Thomas ; besides, 1 find that Thomas, 
eldest son of Sir Thomas, was then a Knt. and this Thomas, the 
witness, may have the precedence of Hugh though his uncle, as 
being the eldest son of Thomas, son of Roger. 


1 find Robert Foljambe witness with William Foljambe, the 
H 2 


first of that name, and in order after him, but not styled his 
brother, as usual where two of a name are witnesses together, if 
they were brothers, are so styled. Yet I am prone to believe that 
William and Robert were brothers of the first Sir Thomas; 
otherwise I am ignorant who was their father ; for by the date of 
the Deed No. 32, it appears that his son Thomas lived the 6th of 
Edw. I. that is five years before the first Sir Thomas died, so that 
then this Robert might be as old as the other Brother of the first 
Sir Thomas. 


This is proved in the following Deed, wherein William and 
Thomas are styled brothers (No. 29), which can agree with none 
so well as these. Though I find no issue by him ; for Richard, 
son of William, seems to me rather to be the son of William, bro- 
ther of this second Sir Thomas, as in Deed No. 38 will appear, 
but in No. 29, William and Thomas are positively styled brothers. 


I find that Thomas, son of Robert Foljambe, lived in the 
6th Edw. I. by this following Inquisition recorded by Mr. 
Dodsworth, wherein he recites that (No. 32) Thomas, son of 
Robert Foljambe, was one of the Jury with Thomas de Langford 
and Adam de Hertley at an Inquisition taken after the death of 
Gilbert Francis, who held the manor of Haddon, now the in- 
heritance of the Earl of Rutland. By this it appears that Gilbert 
Francis was dead the 6th Edw. I. 

No. 33. I find also that the I4th Edw. I. Thomas, son and 
heir of Robert Foljambe, held the lands in Wormhill, which was 
a town in which the younger sons of the family had estates, as ap- 
pears by several Deeds, and its probable they reverted to the 
family when they died without issue male. 

No. 34. Thus I have given the best account from the original 
Deeds, of all the persons I have found relating to this family 
out of the oldest Deeds, and not finding any certain designation 
of the fathers of John, William, the eldest Roger, Henry, 
Robert, and Nicholas, I am at present of opinion that John, 
William, Thomas, Roger, Henry, and Robert, were bro- 
thers of the first Sir Thomas ; (No. 35) and that William 
and Nicholas were younger sons of the first Sir Thomas, and so 
that they were all branches of the same family and not of two 


distinct families of Tideswell and Wormhill, as at first I con- 
ceived ; and that whicli induceth me the rather to believe it is, 
that all those Deeds are continued in the possession of the 
present most worthy heir male of the family, from whence it is 
rational to conclude that their descendants successively who died 
without issue male, their lands and deeds devolved upon the 
heirs male of the principal stock. 

No. 36. However disputable it may be whether John or Wil- 
liam, Roger, Henry, and Robert, were brothers or sons of the first 
Sir Thomas Foljambe, yet, considering the time of their living, 
and other circumstances, I think it is past controversy that Wil- 
liam and Nicholas were younger sons of the said Sir Thomas, and 
probably Henry also. 

Therefore, before I treat of Sir Thomas Foljambe, eldest son of 
the first Sir Thomas, 1 shall treat of the younger sons of the first 
Sir Thomas, and begin with William son of Sir Thomas Fol- 

This is exactly proved by the following Deed, wherein 

No. 37. Mr. John Daniel, son of Richard Daniel, gives to 
John Martin, son of Hugh Martin, lands in Tideswell. Testibus 
Dno Tho. Foljambe; Will, his brother; also, Hugh and Will. 
Martin ; Hen. Foljambe, son of Roger; Hen. Foljambe, son o 
Thos. ; Will, son of Roger. 

In this Deed may be observed, that Mr. John Daniel, the do- 
nor in several of the preceeding Deeds, is styled son of Richard 
Daniel, and only son and heir of Sir Richard Daniel, so that 
it must not seem strange if sometimes we find Thomas son 
of Thomas Foljambe only, when the father was a knight. 
Secondly, it is doubtful who this Henry, son of Thomas, was, 
being placed in order betwixt Henry and William Foljambe, 
sons of Roger Foljambe, so that either he must be son of Thomas 
son of Roger, or of Thomas Foljambe the first or second, though 
his father be not styled a knight. So that I shall suspend die de- 
termination, till I find further clearing of the matter. 

However, as to William Foljambe, I conceive this William 
Foljambe to be the brother of the second Sir Thomas, as is 
to be understood in the Deeds whereto William Foljambe is a 

That he lived in 26 th Edw. 1. and was called Richard 
of Wormhill, appears by the Deed, No. 34, in the life of 
Sir Thomas the second, and hath there the precedence of Ni- 


cholas Foljambe, who I suppose was his uncle, and this Richard 
the eldest son of William, brother to the second Sir Thomas. 

No. 38. Also he was of VVormhiil, as appears by the following 
Deed, wherein John, son of William Martin of Tideswell, gives 
to Richard le Archer of Great Hocklow, lands in W^ormhill : the 
witnesses are Sir Thomas Foljambe, Sir Richard Daniel, Sir 
Richard Foljambe of Wormhill, which can be no other but 
Richard, son of William Foljambe, brother to the second Sir 


I find this Nicholas lived In the 26th Edw. I. as will appear by 
his being a witness to a Deed of that date in the time of Sir 
Thomas Foljambe, the third of that name, as in the Deed from 
Robert, son of Elias de Bradwell and Alice his wife, to Sir 
Thomas Foljambe. Deed, No. 43, also Deed, No. 30. 

No. 39. The 13th of Edw. II. I find he held on the day of 
his death, of the King, one messuage and 30 acres of land by the 
Serjeanty of keeping the King's Forest de Campana in the Peak 
per corpus suum, with bows and arrows, and that Robert his 
son and heir was 23 years old. 

No. 40. The 14t'h of Edw. 11. I find that Robert, son and 
heir of Nicholas Foljambe, held lands in Wormhill by the same 

No. 41. Also the 1 5th of Edw. II. the same Robert did his 
homage the 4th day of June that year. 

Having thus with no small trouble arranged out of the heaps of 
the oldest miscellany Deeds of the anomalous branches of the 
family, by much revolving in my mind several schemes before I 
could reduce such confused Deeds into any competent order to 
please myself, in the hopes of having ranged the series right, all 
which I submit to the judgment of such as may clear the matter 
better, or at least to such as may find other deeds to rectify any 
mistakes, I shall now proceed in the history of Sir Thomas 
l'\)ljambe. Bailiff' of the High Peak, eldest son of Sir Thomas 


No. 42. One of the first Deeds which proves the succession 
is from Richard de Hereford, who gives to Thomas, son of Thomas 
Foljambe, lands in Tidtesweil. I'estibus D)^" Rad. de Eccleshall, 


the same whose son Robert married Cecilia, daughter of the first 
Sir Thomas, as appears by the fine in Edw. I. and in the first 
year of his reign, in a Deed, No. 8, The rest of the witnesses 
are Rich, le Ragged, Thos. le Archer, Wm. Foljambe, who was 
brother of this Sir Thomas. 

That he lived in the 16th of Edw. I. appears by the following 
short note in Mr. Dodsworth's collection, wherein he relates that 
Thomas Foljambe, son of Thomas Foljambe, held WormhilL 
(Pipe Roll 16 Edw. I.) Here, because it is not specified what 
particular lands he held in Wormhill, it is to be supposed that 
he held the most or a very considerable part of the town, espe- 
cially seeing this is a record in the Pipe Roll, which takes no 
notice of owners of small members of villages, but principally of 
manors or large portions of them. 

Concernins his marriage I shall relate hereafter in Deed 
No. 42, upon which Deed I shall make some remarks of its anti- 
quity, and other matters. 

That he was a knight, and had lands given or purchased by him 
in Tideswell, will appear in the two following Deeds collated the 
one with the other. 

No. 43. 'J'he first Deed is from John Daniel, son of Sir Rich- 
ard Danyel, whereby he gives to John, son of Hugh Martyn, 
lands in Tideswell. Testibus, Tho. Foljambe, Ada de Herthill, 
militib. ; Tho. son of Roger Foljambe; Hen. and Wm. his bro- 

No. 44. I find also the same John Danyel gives to Sir Thomas 
Foljambe himself all his lands in Tideswell. Testibus, Ada de 
Herthill ; Rob. Bozon ; Will. Foljambe. 

Here also this William Foljambe is to be understood brother 
of this Sir Thomas, and that he and his son and heir Richard, 
held lands in Wormhill, is plain by several Deeds before and here- 
after specified. 

No. 45. That his wife's name was Catherine appears by the 
following Deed, wherein Thomas Foljambe, son of Thomas Fol- 
jambe, with consent of Catherine his wife, gives to Thomas Fol- 
jambe, son of John Foljambe, lands in Wormhill. Testibus D"o 
Will, de Morteyn ; Gervasio de Bernake, milit. ; Joh. Danyel ; 
Thos. son of Roger Foljambe ; Hen. and Will, brothers. 

By this sole Deed it appears that Thomas, son of John 
Foljambe, was cotemporary with the second Sir Thon)as, which 
farther illustrates that John was not the common ancestor and 


father of Sir Thomas, the Bailiff of the High Peak, as I formerly 
judged, but rather a brother of that Sir Thomas, as I am from 
this and some other Deeds induced to believe ; otherwise it must 
be concluded that this gift must be from some other Sir Thomas, 
son of a Thomas, which could be none of all the Thomas's be- 
fore-mentioned, unless it were a son of Thomas son of Roger, 
which is not likely when that Thomas, son of Roger, is a witness 
to this very Deed.** 


But here recurs a greater difficulty concerning the death of the 
second Sir Thomas Foljambe, as will appear by the following 
Deed, whereby 

No. 46. Robert son of Elyas de Brad well and Alice his wife, 
give to Sir Thomas Foljambe of Tideswell, son and heir of Sir 
Thomas Foljambe, lis. rents in Tideswell. Testib. Rich, son of 
Will. Foljambe de Wormhill, Nich. Foljambe, Ralph Cotteral. 
Dat. 26 Edw. I. 

No. 47. The reason why I doubt whether the second Sir Tho- 
mas was now living is, because, though it is usual to style the son 
of any person son and heir, either for a year or two after the death 
of his father, or where such a son conveys any estate as heir to his 
father, but it is a rare thing to style such a son, son and heir 
to his father who was dead eleven years before, as Sir Thomas 
the first was, which inclines me to believe that the second Sir 
Thomas was about this time dead, and so his son, being a knight 
also, was now styled son and heir of Sir Thomas. 

Besides, in the Deed succeeding, No. 44, he is only styled Sir 
Thomas, and when this thii'd Sir Thomas died, his son, being not 
knighted, is styled Thomas Foljambe, son and heir of Sir Thomas, 
as in Deeds Nos. 46, 47, will appear. 

Secondly, by this Deed it seems to me clear that Richard 
Foljambe was son and heir to William Foljambe, brother to the 
second Sir Thomas, and so had the precedence of Nicholas, a 
younger son of the first Sir Thomas. 

No. 48. That he lived the 29th of Edw. the First appears by 

* Here concludes the transcript in the possession of the Rev. Mr. Hunter, whicli 
has hitherto been followed, and which in p. 91 was erroneously stated to have been 
copied from the Gough MS. The remaining portion is printed from the Gough copy, 
furnished by the kindness of the Rev. Dr. Bandinel. 


the following Deeds, wherein Richard, son of John Danyell, 
releases to Thomas Foljambe, Knt. all his right in a certain 
place, late belonging to Thomas, betwixt the lands of the said 
Thomas and the manor of John, son of John Pekit. Testib. 
D°o Rich. Herthill, D^o Rog. de Radburne, — Richard, son of 
William Foljambe of Wormhill. Dated 29 Edw. I. 

No. 49. That he also lived the 15th of Edw. the Second, 
appears by the following Deed, wherein John, son of William 
Martyn of Tideswell, gives to Richard le Archer, of Great 
Hocklow, lands in Tideswell. Testib. The. Foljambe, milit. ; 
Rich. Danyel, milit.; Rich. Foljambe of Wormhill; dated 15 
Edw. II. and that he was dead within two years after, will ap- 
pear by the first Deed I shall insert to the life of Thomas his 
son, No. 50. 


No. 50. To prove this I shall produce the following Inqui- 
sition in Mr. Dodsworth's Collections, (KK. 132, 17 Edw. II.) 
wherein it is certified that Thomas, son and heir of Thomas 
Foljambe, knt. held in Wormhill 15 acres of land by the service 
of finding a footman, with bow and arrows, in the Forest of the 
Peak, to keep it cum arcu et sagittis in Forres ta de Pecco ad 
ipsius custodiam. 

By this Thomas being styled son and heir of Thomas, I con- 
clude his father was then dead, as before noted upon the death of 
this second Sir Thomas for the same reason, and before I gave 
an account why sometimes the son is styled son of Thomas or 
Richard, &c. without the addition of being a knt. though his 
father was so. 

In the 1st Edw. III. also I find this Thomas, son of Thomas, 
in the following Deed, wherein John son of John Martyn, of 
Tideswell, gives to John son of Thomas Foljambe, a mess, in 
Tideswell. Test. Thomas Foljambe, son of Thomas Foljambe, 
Had. de Wardeslow. Dated 1327, 1 Edw. III. 

This John, son of Thomas Foljambe, to whom this deed was 
made, was the eldest son of this Thomas Foljambe, as will more 
fully appear hereafter. 


John Foljambe, son of Thomas Foljambe, lived 4 Edw. III. 
as appears by the following Deed, wherein, (No. 52) William, 


son of William Peronell of Tideswell, gives to John, son of 
Thomas Foljambe of Tideswell, a mess. &c. in Tideswell. Test. 
John Martyn, Had. de Wardeslow. Dated 14 Edw. III. 

No. 53. The 21st Edw, III. he is a witness to the charter of 
John, son of Ralph le Marken of Grendo, wherein he gives to 
Ralph his son lands in Tideswell. 

No. 54. The 34di Edw. III. Simon de Langham, Abbat of 
Westminster, Treasurer of England, constitutes this John Fol- 
jambe of Tideswell collector of the tenths and fifteenths granted 
to the King in the Wapentake of the High Peak. 

Of this John it is recorded that multa bona fecit in fabrica- 
tione Ecctie de Tideswell. He lived to a great age, for in some 
Deeds I find he was alive the 50th of Edw. III. 


Before I proceed to declare the issue of this John Foljambe, 
I must interpose an account of Thomas Foljambe, brother to this 
John, who I suppose was a younger son of Sir Thomas. 

No. 55. I suppose this Thomas was witness by the name of 
Thomas Foljambe, son of Thomas Foljambe, to the Deed of 
John, son of John Martyn of Tideswell, whereby he gives to 
John Foljambe of Tideswell, lands in T*ideswell, 1 Edw. III. as 
is specified before in the life of Sir Thomas, No. 47. 

No 56. This Thomas married Elena, — which Elena, relict 
of the said Thomas Foljambe, was married to Robert de Stave- 
leigh, as appears by this following Deed, whereby John Fol- 
jambe of Tideswell passes all the lands which he has setlled upon 
John, son of this Thomas, as will appear below, in reversion 
after the death of Helen, relict of Thomas Foljambe, as in carta 
No. 57, 41st of Edw. III. hereafter specified. 

No. 57. Also the 44th of Edw. III. Robert Staveleigh and 
Elena his wife leave to John Foljambe of Tideswell, lands in 
Tideswell, Elton, and Litton, which Elen held in dower of the 
gift of Thomas Foljambe her husband. 


No. 58. This Thomas had issue John, who was styled of 
Elton. I find that this John, and Thomas his brother, were 
wards to Henry Duke of Lancaster, 39 Edw. III. and Sir God- 
frey Foljambe was his guardian. This Sir Godfrey Foljambe 


%vas eldest son of Thomas Foljambe, grandfather of this John by 
his second wife, and so was uncle to this John ; and this John 
and Thomas leave to Richard Bon of Elton, a messuasre belonf- 
ing to this John. 

No. 59. The 41st Edw. III. he was married, as appears by 
the following Deed, whereby John Foljambe of Tideswell, uncle 
to this John, gives to him, as son of Thomas Foljambe, of Elton, 
and Johanna his wife, daughter of Anchier Fretchevil of Stave- 
ley, com. Derb. ancestor to the late Lord Fretchevil, all lands, 
&c. in Tideswell, which he had of the gift of Thomas, son of 
Sir Thomas Foljambe, to the use of John and Johanna his wife, 
and the heirs of their bodies, and for default of such issue to the 
heirs of the aforesaid John, son of Thomas; and to the aforesaid 
Deed Sir Godfrey Foljambe is witness. 


No. 60. In the 41st Edw. III. John Foljambe of Tideswell 
passes the reversion of the same lands to the sons of John and 
Johanna, after the death of Elena, relict of Thomas Foljambe. 

I suppose this John died without issue, for I have not found 
any mention of his children. 


No. 61. I presume that Hugh Foljambe was brother of John 
and Thomas Foljambe, sons of Sir Thomas Foljambe, beino- that 
J find him stiled of Elton in the following certificate, wherein 
Hugh Foljambe of Elton, near Baukwell, had a daughter named 
Johanna, who testifyeth that in the 10th year of her age she en- 
tered the house of Nuns of Sewall, and before public notary 
testifieth that she did it without compulsion. 

This is dated 1369, the 44th Edw. HI. 


No. 62. I shall now proceed to give an account of the .sons 
of John Foljambe of Tideswell, eldest son of Sir Thomas Fol- 
jambe of Tideswell, and how the lands were intailcd on them, 
and for want of their issue upon Sir Godfrey Foljambe, wjio 
was the eldest son by tlie second wife of the said Sir Thomas, 
though some pedigree makes him the son of John. 


The first Intail, as to the time which I have yet found, is dated 
the 23d of Edw. III. as special provision for Thomas, son of 
John Foljambe of Tideswell, though that doth not necessarily 
imply that he was eldest brother of Roger, as will further appear 
in the intail on the 45th of Edw. III. 

No. 63. In the first intail, the 23rd of Edw. III. John Steed, 
chapleyn, gives to John Foljambe of Tideswell two mess, and 
several parcells of lands in Tideswell, to be held by the said 
John Foljambe for life, and then to Thomas, son of John, and 
the heirs of his body, and if he dies without issue, then to Roger, 
brother of Thomas, and if he dies without issue, then to Agnes, 
sister to Roger, and if she die without issue then to Joan, sister 
to Agnes. Dated on the Feast of the Holy Trinity, the 23rd of 
Edw. III. 

No. 64. The second intail bears date 45 Edw. III. whereby 
Thomas Castleton, Vicar of Wirksworth, William del Hogh, 
and John Eyre, chaplains, give to John Foljambe of Tideswell 
one mess, and seventy acres of land, which were of Thomas, 
brother of the said John, and twenty-four acres of land in Longs- 
den, which were Thomas Ellysses, and the reversion of the lands 
and rents and half the mill called Over Mill, which Ellena, which 
was the wife of Thomas Foljambe, held for life in Wormhill, 
Lytton, and Tideswell, and the reversion of lands in Burton, 
near Baukwell, which Godfrey Foljambe held for term of life, of 
the gift of Sir Thomas Foljambe his father [all which reversions 
were to come to those chapleyns by the gift of John Foljambe, 
43 Edw. III. to which Thomas le Archer, of Highlow, and John 
le Archer are witnesses] : whereupon these chapleyns, &c. settle 
those lands upon John Foljambe of Tideswell, for life, and after 
his decease, upon Roger Foljambe, son of the said John, and his 
heirs male, and if he dies without heirs male, then to Thomas 
brother of the said Roger and his heirs male, and if Thomas die 
without issue heirs male, then to remain to Sir Godfrey Foljambe 
and his heirs male. Then to come to the right heirs of John 
Foljambe of Tideswell. 

By this special intail it plainly appears that Roger and Tho- 
mas were the sons of John Foljambe, son of Sir Thomas, and 
that Sir Godfrey was son also of Sir Thomas. But by the rever- 
sional intail upon the heirs male of the said Sir Godfrey and his 
heirs male, coming only upon default of the heirs male of Roger 
and Thomas, sons of John, it appears that Sir Godfrey was the 


son of Sir Thomas by a second marriage, which will further ap- 
pear when I treat of Sir Godfrey, who by virtue of this intail 
came to be heir of the family, by the death of the descendants 
of the heirs of Roger, and also of Thomas, his brother, without 


No. 65. I shall therefore now treat of Roger Foljambe and 
his descendants, as eldest son of John Foljambe of Tideswell, son 
and heir of Sir Thomas. 

No. 66. Because I find not that Thomas his brother left any 
issue, male at least ; neither have I found any thing considerable 
of him besides this following Deed, whereby John, son of Robert 
Cattin, releaseth to Thomas, son of John Foljambe of Tideswell, 
his right in lands in Tideswell. Dat. 40 Edw. III. 1 shall dis- 
course no further of him at present. 

Having thus dispatched what I find of Thomas Foljambe, son 
of John and brother of Roger, I proceed to treat of Roger and his 

No. 67. The 7th of Ric. II. Roger Foljambe gives to Henry, 
Alexander, John, sons of William Redman of Tideswell, and John, 
son of William le Smith of Wormhill, Chapleyn, one mess, and 
nine acres of land in Abney. Test. John le Archer of High- 

Also, the same year, Cecilia, late wife of Thomas Boythorp, in 
her widowhood gives to Roger Foljambe all her right in Abney, 
which was Robert le Archer's her father. In anno 1392, 16 
and 17 Ric. II. I find Roger Foljambe held a place called Skelat. 


Edward Foljambe appears to be son and heir of the last Roger. 

No. 68. The 3rd of Hen. V. I find a fine betwixt Sir Phillip 
Leake, Knt. and William Pyrton, Clerk, Querents, and Edward 
Foljambe, Esq. Defendant, of the manors of Elton and Tides- 
well, and 400 acres of land, and 40 acres of meadow, &c. in 
Wormhill, Lytton, Burton, and Abney. 

This fine seems to be passed to empower this Edward Fol- 
jambe, who was knighted shortly after, to settle a jointure upon 
Cecilia his wife, daughter of the said Sir Phillip Leake [which 
Sir Phillip was ancestor to the present Earl of Scarsdale]. 


That he was knight the 3rd Hen. VI. appears by the following 
Deed indented, wherein is recited, 

No. 69. That, whereas Dame Joan Countess of Kent, Lady 
Wake, in the time of Hen. V. has leased to Sir Edward Foijambe 
and John Cokefield the manor of Chesterfield, the said Sir Ed- 
ward grants to Robert Whittington the government and custody 
of the same. 

No. 70. In the 3rd Hen. VI. the aforesaid W^illiani Pyrton, 
Clerk, Quer. in the fine before mentioned, gives to Edward Foi- 
jambe the manor of Tideswell, Sic. as in the aforesaid fine, and 
so settles this upon Sir Edward and his heirs male, and for default 
of such heirs male, to the heirs male of Sir Godfrey Foijambe, 
and if he died without heirs male, to remain to the heirs of a John 
Foijambe, brother of Sir Godfrey. 

That this Sir Edward Foijambe died before 26th Hen. VI. 
and that Dame Cecilia his relict, was then married to a second 
husband, and that Roger Foijambe was son and heir of the said 
Sir Edward and his Lady Cecilia, will clearly appear by the fol- 
lowing conveyance : 

No. 71. Whereby John Woodburne, Esq. and Dame Cecilia 
his wife, and Roger Foijambe, son of the said Lady Cecilia, lease 
to James Draughtgate the manor of Elton for ten years. Dated 
26th Henry VI. 


No. 72. This Roger, son and heir of Sir Edward, married 
Godith, the daughter of John Statham, Esq. as appears by the 
following settlement made the aforesaid 26th Hen. VI. (No. 73.) 
whereby Hugh Willoughby, Knt. and John Cokfield, Esq. give 
to Roger Foijambe, son and heir of Sir Edward Foijambe, lands 
in Tideswell, which were the lands of Thomas Foijambe, brother 
of John Foijambe, and lands in Lytton and Hocklow which were 
Thomas Ellys's, and half of the Over Mill, which Ellen, which 
was the wife of Thomas Foijambe, held ; and lands in Burton, 
near Baukwell, [which Godfrey Foijambe formerly held,] to the 
said Roger, son of Sir Edward Foijambe, and his heirs male. 
And if he died without heirs male, then to Thomas Foijambe, 
brother of Roger. And if he die without heirs male, then to 
the heirs male of Sir Godfrey Foijambe. And if all die without 
heirs male, then to the right heirs of John Foijambe. Dated the 
26th of Hen. VI. 


No. 74. But it seems that both this Roger and his brother 
Thomas died this year without issue male, for I find the same 
year, that John Sacheverill, Esq., Robert Tickhill, Esq., John, 
Francis, and William Norton, give to Godith Statham, daughter 
of John Statham, a mess, in Tideswell and other lands, which 
they held of the feofment of Roger Foljambe, son and heir of Sir 
Edward Foljambe, which was intailed to the said Roger and his 
heirs male, and for want of such issue to Thomas Foljambe of 
Walton [this Thomas was son of Godfrey Foljambe, knt. whose 
other progeny dying without issue male, was heir male to the 
family, which will appear hereafter]. And if the said Thomas 
Foljambe of Walton die without issue, then to the heirs of the 
aforesaid Roger Foljambe. 

No. 75. I find that Godith, the relict of this Roger, lived 
the 8th of King Edw. IV. the 5th of May, and then received 
from Henry Foljambe of Walton nine marks of her rents in 

And the same year John Griffith and John Statham demise to 
her by the name of Godith Foljambe, relict of Roger Foljambe, 
Esq. the manor of Tideswell and lands in Hocklow, Wormhill, 
Abney, Longsden, and Burton, com. Derb. 8 Edw. IV. 

[To be continued.'] 



(From an original Roll in the collection of Edward Lloyd, Esq. 
1832, now in possession of Richard Heher, Esq.) 

As there is no County History of Shropshire, a Roll like the present 
is of great value in supplying information as to the possessors of manors 
and estates in the county in the thirteenth century. It has also this 
additional value, that it forms a Supplement to the Testa de Neville, for 
it contains similar information, but is about seventy years later. Al- 
though the Roll is written in a hand of the fifteenth century, yet it was 
certainly compiled before 21st Edw. I. as appears l)y the Inquis. post 
mort. of John fitz Acri of that year, for he is stated here to be li\ing 


and holding the two Whlthefords, one of John le Strange, the other of 
Richard fitz Alan. There are numerous inaccuracies in the writing of 
this Roll, most of which are indicated where they occur. P. 

Uffynton. Abbas de Haughmond tenet villam de Uffynton in 
liberam elemosinam, quae {est) de feodo de castro Holgod, et solet 
esse gildabiiis. Sed statum ejus mutatur {sic) fratres de Templo, 
qui earn traxerunt ad liberam {sic) suam de castro Holgod, quam 
quidem libertatem Robertus Burnell', Bothen' {sic) Ep'us, mode 

Preston^ Rodon, 8fc. Joh'es de Erkelowe tenet villas de Pres- 
ton, Staunton, Rodon, Rodynhurst, de Ricardo filio Alani, et ipse 
de domino Rege in capite per 2 feoda militar', fsicj et fuit 
gildabiiis. Et Hugo de Woderton tenet villam de Rodynhurst 
de predicto Johanne, et Petrus Maivysyn tenet villam de Ber- 
wecke de Ric'o filio Alani, per 1 feodum militis et ipse de d'no 
Rege in capite, et est gildabiiis. 

Eto?i Constantine. Adam Montgomery t. villam de Eton 
Constantyne de Ric'o fil. Alani, per 1. f. m. et ipse de d'no R. 
in cap. et est gildabiiis. 

Leyghton. Ric'us Leigh ton t. villas de L. et Garmston de 
Ric'o fil. Alani, per 1 f. militis et ipse de d'no R. in cap. et est g. 

Le Ciimhere. Tho's Tuchet t. maner. de Lee Cumbere cum 
membris, scil. Parva Dawley, Ketley, Malyngislee, et Quappyn- 
sall' de d'no R. in cap. per servicium invendo {sic) ho'i'em eun- 
dem (sic) sumptibus suis tempore guerrse per 40 dies, et est g. 

Lawley. Rob'tus Corbet t. i villam de L. de Will, de Hod- 
net, et ipse de d'no R. in cap. Et Rad'us de Staunton t. aliam 
i de Petro Eton et ipse de d'no de Weme, et ipse de d'no R. in 
cap. et est g. 

Hadley. Tho's Corbet t. villam de H. de Ric'o fil. (Alani), 
et ipse de d'no R. in cap. et est g. 

JVodcote. Will. Rondulfe t. villas de Wodcote et Rye de 
Hen. de Perce, et ipse de d'no R. in cap. nesciunt per quod ser- 
vicium et est g. Et Michael de Morton t. villam de Eye de 
eid. {sic) Will. 

Chetwene. Rogerus de Chetwene t. maner. de C. cum membris, 
scil. Stocton, Pillisdon, Ellerton, Sanbroke, Howie, et f villee 
Pukisley, de Ric'o fil. Alani, per 2 feod. mil. et ipse de d'no R. 
in cap. et fiiit gildabiiis. 

Parva ArcalV. Rogerus de {sic) Extraneus t. maner. de P. 
A. de d'no R. in cap. cum membris, scil. Acton, Lee, Colston, de 


Joli'e Extraneo, et ipse de d'no R. in cap. per serv. 1 feod. mil. et 
fuit gildabilis. 

Nagynton. Joh'es de Nagynton t. vill. de N. de Abbas {sic) 
de Haugmond, et ipse earn t. in liberam elemosinani de dono 
Wydonys Extraneo {sic) qui earn t. de d'no R. in cap. ut mem- 
brum Parva Arcall' {sic). 

Chistill Grange. Al)bas de Cumburmayre t. grangiam de 
Chestill de d'no R. in cap. sine medio per f feod. mil. et est g. 

Cheryngton. Sibilla de .Cheryngton t. vill. de C. de d'no R. in 
cap. sine medio per ^ feod. mil. et est g. 

Stoke. Theobaldus de Verdon t. maner. de Stoke Lacy cum 
membris, scil. Allerton, Eton, Wistansweke, Stoke Aubry, Wed- 
howse, Helschawe, Pechesey, Morton Say, Stuclie, Blecheley, 
Aldeley, Oldfeld, Hull, Waranshall', et Parrake, de d'no R. in 
cap. sine medio ut membrum Baroniai suae de Ludlowe, et fuit g. 
De quibus membris Will, de Molventon t. vill. de Eton de eod. 
Theobaldo. Et M'g'r Walt, de Helshaw t. vill. de Helshaw 
de eod. Et Rob'tus Corbet t. villam de Blechely de eod. Et 
Mag'r Ricus Pillisdon t. villam de Warranshall de hcred. Ra- 
nulphi de Albo Monasterio, et ipse de pred'c'o Theobaldo. 

Paynton. Ph'us de Paynton t. vill. de P. de Milisensia de 
Suche et ipse {sic) de feod' Montgomery, nesciunt quod per 
servic', et est g. 

Haughton. Ric. Leighton t. 3- vill. de H. de Ric'o filio 
Alani et ipse de d'no R. in cap. Et Abbas de Haughmond t. 
alteram ^ de feodo Ph'i de Mamyon {sic) in Pulreche et ipse 
de d'no R. in cap. nesciunt per quod servic. et est g. 

Whethynton. Rob'tus Halitlion t. vill. de W. de Ric. fil. Alan. 
per ^ f. m. et ipse de d'no R. in cap. et est g. 

LittilV Whetheford. Joh'es fil. Aery'^ t. i vill. de L. W. de Ric. 
fil. Alani, et ipse de d'no R. in cap. et est g. 

Rodyngton. Ph'us Mueyson, Henr. Forastar', Ric. de Fles- 
broke, et Galfrid. de {sic) Tayler t. vill. de R. et ^ vill. de 
Sogdon de Ric. fil. Alani, per ^ f. m. et ipse de d'no R. in 
cap. et est g. 

LillishulP cum membris. Abbas de Lillishill' t. maner. de L. 
cum membris, scil. Donyngton, Mokeleston. Item 3 villas de 
Attecham, Unkynton, et Adbright' lee, de d'no R. in cap. sine 
medio, in lib. elemos. ut membrum Eccl'lir S. Alchmuudi Salop. 

" Johannes til. Aeri >liL-il aljoui 2 1 EJw. 1. 


de dono Regis, per cartam, et liberam curiam suam, placit. 
de sanguine fuso, et hutens^ lev', furcas et warennam. Habet 
et apud Attecham marcatam et feryam per cartam Regis Henrici 
tercii, et hiis usus est. 

Longford. Adam de Brimton t. maner. de L. cum membris, 
sc. Brocketon et Chrestill', de d'no R. in cap. sine m. per cart, 
per ^ f. m. et habet ibi lib. cur. suam bis in ann. de sang, fuso et 
liuches {sic) lev, furcas et warennam, et hiis usus est. 

[^Eyemond.'] Nicholaus de Audeley t. E. cum membris, 
sc. Adeney, Magna Aston, Parva Aston, Parva Halis, Pickestoke, 
cum villa de Newporte, de d'no R. in cap. s. m. per cartam, red- 
dendo per ann. spervarium mutatum pro omni servicio, quod quid' 
m. fuit dominicum maner' d'ni R. de quib' membris Will. Eysseby 
t. vill. de Mag. Aston de pred'c'o Nich'o. Et Abbas de Crokesdon 
t. villam de Adeney in liberam elemosinam de pred'c'o Nich'o. Et 
Joh'es de Halis t. vill. de Littill' Halis de eod. N. Et Burgenses 
de Newporte t. villam de Newporte tanquam liberam {sic) burgum 
de eod. Nich. Et habet ibi pred'c'us Nich. lib. cur. suam, placita 
[de] sang, fus., et hutens lev., furcas, et warren, marcat. et fei*. et 
hiis usus est. 

CJieswarden. Rog. Extraneus t. maner. de Cheswardyne cum 
membris, sc. Magna Sowdeley, Parva Sowdeley, Westumscete, 
Chepernoll', et Hull', de Joh'e Extraneo, et ipse de d'no R. in 
cap. sed pred'c'us Rog. faciet d'no R. servic' unius feod. m. et 
habet ibi lib. cur. suam, [plac] de sang. fus. et hutens levato 
[et] waren. et hiis usus est. 

JVeuie. Walt, de Hopton per Matildam uxorem suam t. 
maner. de W. cum membris, sc. Aston, Stiell', Tilley, Dichelowe, 
Horton, Wolverley, Edistoston, Coton, Harpecote, Beslow, Dod- 
yngton, Alkynton, et Edisley. Idem t. maner. de Hynstocke, 
Upton, Tibrighton, Dawley, Eton, Brocketon, et ^ vill. de 
Dawley, et ^ vill. de Parva Drayton de d'no R. in cap. 
sine medio libere tanquam Baron iam per servic' 3 f. m. pro 
o'i servic' et habet apud Weme marcat. et fer. per cart. R. 
Henr. 3*". [Habet] ibi lib. curiam suam bis in ann. placita 
de sanguine fuso et hutens, furcas. Habet et apud IFetne mer- 
catam et feryam per cartam R. Henrici tertii (sic) et hiis 
usus est libertatibus per magnum tempus ; de quibus membris 
Ankarela qu^e fuit uxor Willi. Butleler t. vill. de Alkynton et 

'' Hue ami Civ, unde deiiv. " Hooliiiijs." 


Dodyngton, et Edisley, sed homagium facit Will'm's d'no Rege 
(sic) et servicium apud Weme. Et Hugo de Beslow t. vill. 
de Beslow de eisdem Waltero et Matilda pro -i- unius f. m. Et 
Ranulphus de Harpecote t. vill. de Harpecote et SteiU' de eisd. 
Walt, pro i f. Et Petrus Eyton t. vill. de Eyton, Brocketoii, 
et Sutton, et ^ vill. de Lavvley et Cressall', in co. Staff, pro 2 f. 
m. Et Michiel Moreton et Reginald, de Charnues t. vill. de 
Tyberton et Davvley de eisd. pro ^ f. Et Will. Titteley t. vill. 
de Culsis pro f f. Et Alanus de Buntansdale t. vill. de Bun- 
tansdale pro |- f. Et Will. Tyteiey t. vill. de Upton pro 1 f. 
Et Abbas de Cumburmayre t. vill. de Drayton in lib. elemos. 
de eisd. et habet ibi carcatam {sic) et feriam per cart. R. Hen. 
tercii. Et W^ill. de Drayton t. vill. de Parva Drayton. 

Bowlas. Hugo fil. Joh'is t. maner. de Bowlas cum membris, sc. 
Meiston, Esumbrige, Caynton, Calvynton, Ellerton, et |- vill. de 
Sogdon de d'no R. in cap. s. m. per cart. Regis Stephani, et habet 
ibi lib. cur. suam bis in anno, placitam [de] sang, fuso et hutens 
levat. [et] furcas, et hiis usus est libertatibus per multuni tempus, 
sed nesciunt de waranto. De quibus membris Ed'us Lyde t. vill. 
de Calvynton de eod. Hug. Et W^ill. de Caynton t. vill. de 
Caynton de eod. Hug. Et Will, de Ellerton t. vill. de El- 
lerton de eod. cjuod quid' maner. Rex Stepli. reddidit cuidam 
Urgero Vanatori habendum adeo libere sicut predecessores 

Schaivbere. Matilda qute fuit uxor Henrici de Erdyngton t. 
maner de Schavvbere cum membris, scil. I- Parva Whetheford, ut 
dotam {sic) suam, et debet tenere de d'no R. in cap. sine medio 
per servic. 1 f. m. quod quid' maner. Rex Joh'es dedit per cartam 
suam Thomas de Erdyngton ut escaetam suam per forisfactu- 
ram Ric'i Schawbere quond. d'n's {sic) illius man'ii. Et Ivo Sul- 
ton t. ^ Parva Whetheford de pred'c'a Matilda. Et Will. fil. 
Rogeri t. aliam i P. W. de Joh'e filio Aeri, et ipse de Ric'o fil. 
Alani, et ipse de d'no R. in cap. Et vill. de Besford est membr. 
illius man'ii, sed est infra Hundred' de Pymhull' et habet in d'c'o 
man'io lib. cur. suam bis in anno. Et Roger Pride, Burgensis 
Salopiae, t. vill. de Besford de pred'c'a Matilda. 

Whitheford Magna cum membris. Joh'es fil. Aeri t. vill. de 
Magna VV. Mokynton et ^ vill. de Edgebalden de Joh'e Ex- 
traneo et ipse de d'no R. in cap. ut membr. man'ii sui de Rulon 
ct est g. 



IVekeshalU. Will. Laken t. vill. de W. de Nich'o de Audeley 
Lit membr. de Weston quod alali [sic) invenitur et est g. 

Longislow. Hugo de Lougislow t. vill. de L. de d'no R. in 
cap, per ^ f. m. ut membr. maner. de Mongomere, et est g. 

Moreton. Rob. Corbet t. vill. de M. cum membris, scil. 
Preston in Hundr'o de Pymbull' et Ivelynton in Hundr'o de 
Brymstre de Rogero de Cbetwene, et ipse de Ric'o fil. Alani, et 
ipse de d'no R. in cap, per ^ f. m., et est g. 

Sondford. Rad' Sondtbrd t. vill. de S. cum vill. Rowthall' in 
Hundr'o de Monslow de d'no R. in cap. s. m. per servic. inveni- 
endi 1 horainem equitantem {sic) apud Mongomere tempore 
werrse sumptibus suis pro 40 die[bus,] et est g. 

Coton. Rob. de WynkeshuU' t. v. de C. de Will, de Hodnete et 
ipse de Ph'o de Marmyon et ipse de d'no R. in cap. per 20™^™ 
partem 1 f. m., et est g. 

Hopton. Abbas de Haugmond t. ^ vil). de H. de Ph'o 
Marmyon et ipse de d'no R. in cap. et est g. Et Will, de Hodnet 
t. alteram partem de Ric. fil. Alani per 4tam partem 1 f. m. et 
ipse de d'no R. in cap,, et est g. 

Hespley. Will. Hodnet t. vill. de H. de Ric'o fil. Alani et 
ipse de d'no R. in cap., et est g. 


Upton. Ric. fil. Alani t. maner, de U. cum membris, scil. 
Downeton, Houkynton, Magna Ree, Parva Ree, Wroxceter, et 
Norton, de d'no R. in cap. per serv. militis, liberam tanquam 
Baroniam. Et habet ibi lib. cur. s. bis in ann. placita [de] sang, 
fuso et hutens lev. et furcas, quibus usus est. De quib. membris 
Abbas de Haughamond t. vill. de Downton et Parva Ree in 
lib. elemos. de pred'c'o Ric'o. Et Joh'es de Lee t. vill. de Ho- 
kynton de eod. Et pred'c'us Ricus t. resideum (sic) in d'nico. 
Et praeterea isti tenent de pred'c'o Ric'o ut supra d'cum est 
ingildabilis {sic), videl. Joh'es de Arkall' 2 feod. Saer de 
Berweke 1 f,, in Rodyngton, et Sogdon 4- f., Whithenton ^ f., 
Chetwene 2 f. 

Eyton Ahbatis. Abbas de Salop, t. maner. de E. cum membris 
sc. Aston, Siwaldetoii, Riston, Donynton, et Drayton, de d'no R. 
in cap. sine medio in lib. elemos. de dono Rog'i de Belisimo quond. 
Com. Salop, et habet ibi lib. cur. suam, plac. de sang, eff'uso et 
hutens lev. et furcas [et] warennam, et hiis usus est per cartam 
pred'c'i Comitis et conlirniationem Regis. 


Betton. Idem Abbas t. 1^. cum membris, sc. Norton, Tunstall', 
Rigwardyne, Lees, et J vill. de Parva Drayton. 

Slepe. Idem Abbas t. manor, de 8. cum membris, sc. Crugulton, 
Kynnersley, et Butterley. 

Wolleito7i . Idem Abbas t. vill. de W. de dono Hamonis de 
Pevereir in lib. elemos. per cart, et confirmationem Regis. 

Wroivardyn. Joh'es Extraneus t. maner. de W. cum membris, 
sc. Admaston, Aldescote, Ley ton, Burcote, Nesse, Clotley,Walcote, 
de d'no R. in cap. s. m. per cart, reddendo per ann. viii. lib- 
pro o'i servic. Et fuit antiquitus maner. d'ni R. De quibus 

membris Hugo Burnell' t [_a bkni/i] redditus in vill. 

Admaston. Et Abbas de Hamond t. vill. de Walcote in lib. 
elemos. de pred'c'o Joh'e. Et Rad'us de Clotley t. vill. de Clotley 
de eod. Et pred'c'us Joh'es t. resedium fsicj maner. et ibi habet 
cur. suam, plac. [de] sang, effuso et hutens et turcas, et hiis usus 

Albo Monasterio. Bogo de Knovile per Alianorem ejus ux. 
et Rob. de Bracy per Matildam ux. suam t. maner. de A. M. 
cum membris, sc. Hilton, BurihalT, Wodhows, Magna Asche, 
Parva Asche, Tildstoke, Hetbley, et Kempley, de Comite Wa- 
rene, et ipse de d'no R. in cap. ut membrum Baronias suae. Et 
habet ibi lib. cur. suam bis in anno, plac. [de] sang. eff. et hutens 
lev. et furcas, marcat. et fer. et warann. nesciunt quo wuranto. 
De quib. membris Nich. Audeleche t. Kempley. Et .Toh'es 
fil. Hug. t. vill. de Hynton de predictis Bogone et Rob'to. 

Prece. Episcopus Cestre t. maner. de P. cum membr. sc. 
Darlaston, Leeton, WotenhuU', Mitteley, Willaston, Milheyth', 
de d'no R. in cap. s. m. libere, ut membrum Baronia? suae de Ec- 
culsall' et habet ibi liberam cur. suam de antiquo et furcas. Item 
habet ibi ma[r]catam et feryam per cart. R. H. 3. 

Marchymley. Nich. de Audeley t. maner. de Weston 
cum membris, sc. Wexhill' et Chirbere de Rob'to de Mo[r]iuo- 
mari, ut membr. Baronize sufe de Burford, et ipse de d'no R. in 
cap. per J- f. m. et habet ibi lib. cur. suam bis in anno, et furcas 
habet et warennam per cart. R. Hen. 3. et hiis usus est 30 annus 
elapsus (sic). Status istius libertatis non mutatur. 

Chorleton. Magister Joh'es Chorleton t. vill. de C. tie Eccl'iis 
B. Mariac et B. Julianae Salopian capell. de d'no R. reddendo 
per ann. 16 sol. pro o'i servic. 

Boley. Rob. Corbet t. vill. de B. de Abbute Salop, de {sic) 
ipse de d'no R. in cap. et infra libertates de Eyton ut supra. 


Coldhatton. Abbas de Lilleshill' t. vill. de C. H. de dono 
Will. Avechard in lib. elemos. et confirmac'o'em per cart. R. H. 3. 

Tierne. Idem Abbas t. vill. de Tierne in lib. elemos. et con- 
firm, per cart. R. H. 3. 

Arcair. Will, de Arcall' t. maner. de A. cummembris,sc. Wal- 
ton, Cotwair, Osbaston, More, Wildislond, et Schurlow, deRob'to 
Burneir et ipse de Rob'to Peche, libere, nullum servic. faciendo 
d'no R. nesciunt quo waranto. De quibus membris Prior 
de W'ombrigc t. vill. de Schurlow in lib. elemos. de pred'c'o 
Will, et Thorn, de Berevi^ecke t. W^ildislovv de pred'c'o W^ilL 

Stiircheley et Culmayre. Abbas de Bildwas t. vill. de Sturcheley 
et Culmayre de Rob'to Corbet, et ipse de Ada Brimton, et ipse 
de d'no R. in cap. et Abbas habet ibi lib. cur. suam per cart. 
Regis Rlcardi. 

Parva Bildwas. Idem Abbas t. vill. de P. B. de dono [Ric.?] 
fil. Alani ut membr. Baroniee su£e libere, habet lib. cur. suam. 

Adurley. Joh'es Lamare per Petronillam ux. ej. t. maner. de 
A. cum membr. sc. Schenton, Chalverhall', et Sponeley, de d'no R. 
in cap. s. m. per 1 f. m. et habet ibi lib. cur. suam bis in anno, plac. 
de sang, fuso et hutens lev. nesciunt quo waranto. De quibus 
membr. {sic) hiis usi sunt libertatibus per multum tempus. De 
quibus membr. Hen. de Schenton t. vill. de Schenton de pred'c'o 
Joh'e, et Will, de Calverhall' t. vill. de C. de Burgon' (sic) de 
Knoveir et Alianora ux. ej. et ipse de pred'c'o Joh'e. 

Ightfdd. Joh'es fil. Griffini de Ightfeld t. vill. de I. de d'no R. 
in cap. s. m. per ^ f. m. et est gild. 

Sidton. Ivo de Sulton t. vill. de S. de Roberto Corbet, et 
ipse de capella B. Maria? d'ni R. in castro Salop, et est gild. 

Rowlton et Elwardyn. Walterus de Ailesbere t. vill. de R. et E. 
de hered. Henrici de Erdyngton, et ipse de d'no R. in cap. 
nesciunt per quod servic. et est gild. 

Ore. Meyler de Ore, Ric'us fil. Ric'i, Ric'us fil. Willielmi, et 
Alicia quae fuit ux. Rob'ti de Meyler t. vill. de O. de Katerina de 
Wervelleston, et ipsa de Nich'o de Audeley, et ipse de d'no R. 
in cap. nesciunt per quod servic. et est gild. 

Doryngton. Will, tie Dorynton t. vill. de D. de Ric'o Harley, 
et ipse de Priore de Wenlocke, et est gild. 

Grnnhangiir. Ric. de Lokesfoi'd etparticipes sui t. vill. de G. 
de Nich'o de Audeley, et ipse de d'no R. in cap. per servic. se- 
quent. Com. et Hund. et est gild. 


Lye sub BrockehnrsL Betranus (sic pro Bertrarnus ?) de Burgo 
t. vill. de L. sub B. de Nich'o Pecherordetipseded'no II. in cap. 
nesciunt per quod servic. et est gild. 

He Hatton. Thos' Corbet t. vill. de He Hatton de llic. fil. 
Alani, et ipse de d'no K. ui cap, ut membr, Baroniae suae, et est 

Moston. Will. Hodnet t. vill. de M. de Pli'o Marmyon, et 
ipse de d'no R. in cap. ut membr. Baroniae suae de Kelpek, pro 
decima part. 1 f. m. et est gild. 

Hodnet. Will, de Hodnet t. maner. de H. cum membr. sc. 
Longfoi'd, Peplow, Parva Bowlas, Preston, Hcrton et 5- villae de 
Lawley, de d'no II. in cap. nesciunt per quod servic. et est gild. 
Set habet marcatam, et feryam, et warannam, per cart. Regis 
Hen. HI. et liiis usus est. 

hundr' de pymhull'. 

Baschurche. Abbas Salop, t. maner, de B. de d'no R. in cap. 
in lib. pur. et imperpet. elem. ex dono Rog'i de Bedlem. 

Preston. Abbas de Lilleshill' t. vill. de P. cum membr. de d'no 
R. in cap. et est gild, et pertinet ad eccl. S. Alkemundi Salop. 

Nesse. Job's Extraneus t. maner. de N. de dn'o Reg. in cap. 
faciendo servic. 1 m. per 15 dies tempore guerrae. 

Schrawardyne. Isabella de Mortuomare t. maner. de S. cum 
membr. de d'no R. in cap. nomine dotis, et pertin. ad Baroniam 
de Albo Monasterio, et est gild. 

Nesse. Isabella de Mortuomare t. Nesse de dn'o R. in cap. et 
pertin. ad Baroniam de A. M. 

Montforde. Idem Isabella t. maner. de Montforde, et est feod. 
Joh'is fil. Alani, et debet sectam ad Com. et Hund. pro ilia terra. 

Berewecke. Symond Leyburne t. maner. de B. cum membr. 
de d'no R. in cap. per servic. unius montaris cum uno leporario, et 
cum uno homine portante unam pmam secum, quotiens Rex tran- 
sient in Walliam tempore guerra?, et sequetur dominum Regem 
quousque ilia expendatur, et si Rex voluit [sic) longius eum te- 
nere, sumptibus D'ni Regis. 

Loppynton. Will, de Butteler t. L. de d'no R. in cap. per 
servic. 1 f. m. pro d'c'a villa. 

Burleton. Item pro villa de Burleton per 10 dies tempore 
guerrae. It. .Joh'es Burleton tenet 3 hyd. ternr ib'm de Joh'e fd. 
Alani in cap. per servic. 2 partium 1 f". m. 


Adbrighton. Abbas Salop, t. A. de d'no R. in cap. per feoffa- 
mentum Com. Rogeri de Bedlem in lib. et pur. elimos. 

Besford (sic). Rogerus de Pryde t. Preston (sic) de Henr. 
de Erdyngton in cap. (sic) et dictus Henr. t. diet. vill. de d'no 
R. in cap. Et est membr. de Schawbere et infra libertatem. 

Prestun. Rob. de Preston t. P. de Joh'e de Chetwynd in 
cap. per servic. uniiis niontaris per 40 dies ad Alb. Monaster, 
tempore guerrae. 

Acton. Roger, de Acton t. A. de feod. de Staunton per servic. 
1 niontaris per 40 dies ad Alb. Monast. tempore guerrae. Idem 
Roger' t. Fenymer de Ric'o fil. Alani in cap. 

Rossall. Tho's de Rossall t. R. de feod. Job 'is fil. Alani per 
servic. 1 m, tempore guerrae ad Album Mon. Eton est membr. de 

Rossa Parva. Rob. Blecheley t. R. P. in liberum socagiumde 
eccleso S. Ceddi Salop, reddendo per ann. 5 sol. 

Bicion. Will, quondam D'nus de Bicton de feod. S. Ceddi 

Brougliton el Yourketon. B. et Y. tenentur de Decano et Ca- 
non, eccl. S. Ceddi Salop, in lib. soc. Et Decanus t. de Ep'o 
Cestriae sine aliquo servicio. 

Onslow. Rogerus Onslowe t. O. de ead. eccl. S. Ceddi per 
servic. 4 sol. 

Hampton. Rogerus Extraneus t. H. de Job'e fil. Alani in cap. 
per servic. 1 f. m. apud Alb. Monast. per 15 dies tempore 

Cidnier. Rogerus Extraneus t. vill. de C. de Bartholomeo de 
Burgo per servic. 3 partis 1 f. m. tempore guerrae. 

Slepe. Rogerus de Slepet, vill. de S. de Thorn, de Rossall' in 
cap. per servic. 10 sol. per ann. 

MiddilV. Joh'es Extraneus t. M. cum membr. de Joh'e fil. 
Alani in cap. per servic. 4 part. f. ni. tempore guerrae ad Alb. 

Adbrighton. Joh'es Hussey t. 1 hydarn terrae de Joh'e Hussey 
de Adbrighton, faciendo servic. 3 part. 1 f. m. temp. guer. ad 
Alb. Mon. pro d'c'o Joh'e. 

Harliscote. Joh'es Hussey t. in ead. et in Harliscote 2 hyd. 
terr. de feod. Joh'is fil. Alani in cap. faciendo servic. 1 niontaris 
ad Alb. Mon. temp. guer. 

Franketon. Ric'us Franketon t. F. de Joh'e fil. Alani in cap. 
per servic. ^ f. m. ad Alb. Mon. temp. guer. per 15 dies. 


Stamcardyne. Petr. de eadem (Stanwardyne ? ) t. 1 hyd. ter. 
de d'no Stanwardyne in cap. per servic. 1 homin. cum 1 arcu et 
2 sagitt. sine pennies {sic) per 15 dies apud Stanwardyne super 
Castrum [sic). 

Et idem Petrus t. ^ hyd. terr. de Deacre {sic) de Salop, in lib. 

Hordeleij. Tho's de Hordeley t. vill. de H. de Abb. Salop, in 

Ckve et SansalV. Dec. et Canonici B. Mar. Salop, t. vill. de C. 
et S. de lib. elemos. Regis. Et homines de C. et S. t. de diet. 
Canonicis in lib. socag. 

Asteley. Tenentur {sic) eod. modo in lib. socag. de Canonic, 
et ipsi in lib. elemos. Regis. 

Willascote. Will. Willascote t. W. de Thom. Rassall', in 
cap. per servic. 1 2d. 

Merydeii. Abbas de Haugmond t. M. in lib. elemos. de 
dono Rob'ti Girreis. 

GrynsilV. Abbas de Haugmond t. G. de feodo Job. fil. Alani 
in lib. elemos. 

Stanwardyne super Campum. Tenentur cum membr. de Will. 
de la Suche, per servic. 1 m. per 15 dies ad Montemgomere 
temp. guer. 

Felton Butler. Tenetur de Hamond Butler de feod. Will. 
Madocke de Castro Holgate faciendo servic. 1 m. ad Montem- 
gomere temp. guer. 

Weston super Lechefeld. Tenentur de herede Will, de Cant- 
lope per servic. 3 homin. peditorium {sic) cum arcubus et sagitt. 
per 15 dies ad Montemgomere temp. guer. 

Slepe Magna. Tenetur de Ranulphq Butler per serv. 1 
montaris per xv. dies ad castr, de Weme. 

Fittis. Tenetur de [Joh'e?] filio Alani in cap. per serv. 1 
mil. temp. guer. per xv. dies ad Alb. Mon. 

Hadnair. Will. Banaster t. H. de Joh'e fil. Alani in cap. 
per servic. ^ f. m. temp, guerrae. 

Allerton. Joh'es Ley t. A. de Fulcone fil. Warene, in cap. 
per servic. 1 lb. piperis per ann. 

Stanwardyne. Tenetur de Joh'e fil. Alani per servic. in Bosco. 

c Laken. Joh'es de Laken t. vill. de L. de Rob'to Corbet et 
ipse de capella d'ni R. in Castro Salop, et est g. 

' This has been added in a paler ink, but nearly at the same time. 



YEARS 1647 AND I66I. 

[^Continued from p. 8.] 


Date of 


Coun- I 




Ba. & 







Ba. and 


14 JuD. 

19 JuQ. 

32 JuD. 
23 Jun. 

3ti Jun. 

6 July 

7 July 
2 July 

14 July 
18 July 











Parcell of the niannor ofiNaihan 

East Meon 
Pinewood, et al. 
Crowdswortii Harke 
The scite of tlie mannor of 


riie mannor of Downham 
The mannor of Lawhilton 

Several! parcells, parte of 
the mannor of Bath and 

Bristoll Pallace and Park 

St. G 




regories rriorie 

ell Hal- 



.John Comhe, 
Rich. Quyney, 

Sam. Warner 
Jolin Clowherry, 

jun. t'hil. Big- 

John Euilyn 

Thos. and Samuel 

Peter Honywood, \ 
Mich'il Heneage j" 
William Harte, 
Samuel Slaney 
William Samford 
Robert Broine 

The mannor of Farthing 

Three tenem''^ in Peter 

burnugh Court in Fleet 

The mannor-house of 

Bridgcourte, al's Yorke 

place, in Battersey 
The mannor of Alresford 
Longwood Warren 
The mannor or grange of Anth. Markham 

Tetney V\'ill. Markham 

Hockerwood Parke |johu Claikson 

The niannor of Northwal-jGeorge Wither, 

ton Ijohn Yate 

Parte of the niannor of George Taylor 

Buck land 
The Loi*!" or mannor of Pot- 
tern e 
The mannor of Chardstocke 

John \^'aHis 

Thomas Hussey 

The borough of Taunton 

The Pallace of Salisburic 

South Farme, &c. 
Parcell of the mannor of 
Livingborne, al's lieakes- 

Gregorie Clement 

Lawr. Maydwell, ) 

Matth. Pinder S 

George Searle, ? 

Sam. Wiietcombe ^ 

William Baxter, ^ 

Thomas Baxter ^ 
Richard Dannald 
Robert Hales 

£. s. d. 

848 15 

1.55.9 12 6" 

637 10 


3208 8 ,q 

2108 15 7 

144 11 6 

983 17 9j 

543 3 9 

459 10 

380 13 

2683 9 1^ 

351 3 4 

488 11 2 


964 13 6 

117 18 10 

8226 7 2j 

5242 9 7 

868 14 7 

1161 9 2 
456 KS 2 




Date ot 







s. d. 


18 July 


Certeine lands called Cop- 
jier lands 

Christ. Wormeall 


4 8 



A farme called Chethaiu 

George Farewell 



21 July 


The scyte of the mannor of 

Leonard Bennett 


6 8 


24 July 


The niannors of Cutting- 

Tho. Arundell, 1 
Fra. Godolphin J 

3 H 

beake and St. Gerinanes 


Ba. and 

98 July 


Severall ))arcells of the 

John Elliott, "I 


mannois of Wells and 

John Case beard > 


5 5| 



Severall other parcells of 
the same mannors 

John Casebeard 


1 64 



The mannor of Layndon 

Will. Benninge, 1 

18 U 


Rich. Benninge J 



The mannor of Collome 

James Butler 


17 7i 


8 Aug. 


The mannor of Ripple 

William Dormer 


17 8 



Ely rents in Holborne 

James Barbon 


10 10 



Lands called Gavelkinde- 
lands, in Buckland 

Andrew Butler 


3 4 


9 Aug. 


The mannor of Lambeth 

Thomas Scott, \ 
Math Hardy / 




11 Aug. 


The Borough and Farme of 

Peter Wilkins 


14 8 


16- Aug. 


Parcell of the mannor of 

Rich. Venner, ) 
Samuel Gardner J 



12 6 


18 Aug. 


Willerssey Warren 

Thcimas Hussey 




23 Aug. 


The mannor of Alvechurch 

William Combe 




25 Aug. 


The inannors of Grymley 
and Hallowe 

John Corbett 


3 Bi 


The mannors of Holgate, 

Thos. Groome, ~) 

Longstanton, and Kush- 
Hornesey Parke, et al. 

Henry Fewtrell > 


15 9J 


8 Sept. 


Sir John Wollaston 


5 10 


13 Sept. 


The mansion-house and 
Grange, called New 

Will. Leman, Esq. 


12 6 


18 Sept. 


The mannor of Streatham 

Jas. Rus-") 

sell.Rieh. VEsqrs. 
Turner J 




22 Sept. 


Masendyew [Maison-dieu] Stephen Estwitk, \ 



Brookes William Wc-bb / 



The mannor of Broomeyardj John Flackett 


9 2 

Colwall Parke, et al. 

Thos. Alderman ~) 

and John Flackett J 


13 4 



Parcell of the mannor ol 

Thomas Baynard 





The niannors of Newton 
and Widhay 

James Stoney 


4 6 


2o Sept. 


.\ tennem' and lands in 

Thomas Andrews 


17 6 

Co. and 


A fee-farme rent of 82" 10^ 

Nath. Tavlor and") 


issueinge out of Bi'i'^ 

William Bridges V 





The maunors of Bently anc 

George Wither ~i 

Alverstock, and Borough 

and Elizabeth, > 


4 5i 

of Gosjjort 




Fower score and six acres ol 
land in Fuliham 

Edmund Harvey, 






Date of 







s. d. 


25 Sept. 


The mannor and castle of 

John Farwell ") 
James Gold J 





Parcell of the mannor of 

Robert Blaney 




28 Sept. 


The mannor of West Courte 

Thomas Andrewes, 


19 10 



The mannor and castle of 

iiicbard Emerson I 


2 3i 

Rictards Castle 

Rich. Mausfeild 5 



The mannor of Peterston 

Thomas Bedford 


12 6 



The mannor of Amberly 

James Butler 


14 2§ 



The mannor of VVaddon 

S"^ William Brereton 


11 8 



The mannor of Aldingborne 

William Kendall 


9 10 



I'arcell of the mannor of 

John Clobery, jun. 


9 4 

Ba. and 


Parcell of the mannor of 

John Parker 


15 5 





The mannor of Fladbury 

Robert Henley, \ 
Edward Smith J 


9 6 



The mannor of Netlam 

Nath. Lacye, ) 
Thomas Lambe f 


15 1^ 



Parcell of the mannor of Sir John Roberts ' 






The mannor of Blockley 

William Combe 


12 5 



The mannor-howse and 
Parke of Hallowe 

William Combe 



Co, and 


The fee-farme lent of the 

Alderman Andrewes 



Cittie of Litchfeild 



Fee-farme rent of 26'0'' 

Thomas Browne 




The mannors of Maysmore, 

Alderman Fowke 


14 OJ- 


Preston, Longford, and 


Southt. The manner of Itcliinswell, 

Nich. Love, \ 


and Nortliampton Farme 

George Wither / 

3 1 

— The mannor of Beawortli 

Christopher Mercei 


10 2§ 


8 Nov. 

Wore. The scyte of the mannor of 

Richard Vernon, } 
Aoth. Feme 5 


13 4 


York. The mannor of Mount St. 

Thomas Fawcon- 
berge, Esq. 


7 3i 


Kent St. Radigons Abbey land 

John Fenner 




10 Nov. 

Yolk. A messuage and severall 
parcells of Jand, parte of 
the mannor of Killiurne 

Richard Bell 


9 2 


Lond. A messuage in Wiiite's 

Kent Westparke, Hawgrove, 

Leonard Ward 



15 Nov. 

Nich. Smith 



Compwood, &.C. 


28 Nov. 

Wore. Parte of the mannor of 
Whistons and Claynes 

William Cox 


19 H 

He. & 

Heref.&. The mannor of Eastnor, and 

Thomas Letchmere 




Surr. lands in Battersey 


6 Dec. 

Southt. The scyte and demeasnes of 

Lislibone Longe, \ 



the mannor of Woodhay Goddard J 



Lambeth Ferry and Ferry 

Christ<«pher Worm- 




A messuage and lands in 

Fatricke Bamford 




8 Dec. 


Severall oxgangs of land in 

Thomas Todd 


17 2 




The mannor of Reach 

Stephen Estwlcke 


6 6i 

BETWEEN 1(J47 AND \()5l 



Date of 








£. s. d. 

Wo. & 


Wor. \ 

The mannorof Withington, John How 

144 8 6 


and howses in Chancery 




Diverse lands in Sowerby 
Northallerton, and Os- 
motherlie, tkc. 

Robert Medcalfe 

1031 7 3i 

Glo. & 


The niannor-howse of 

Robert Gale 

176 10 



Droysecourte, and Mack- 
nage Farme 

Lo. & 


The Sun and Biacke Boy, 

Edward Basse 

517 13 5 



in Thames Street, ant 
lands neere Rochester 



20 Dec. 


The Priorie of Molesby, 

Henry Hall, ) 

al's iVJoxl.y 

William Clarke ^ 

765 1 1 8 



The mannor of Kempsey 

Christopher Merre- 

1812 15 10 


22 Dec. 


The scyte and demeasnes ol 
Bishopps Froome 

John Tutt 

155 16 8 



A messuage called the 
Crowne, in Blowbladder 

Humfrye Cantrell 




\ messuage called the 

Greyhound, in Martin's- 
^ le Grand 

Thomas Jennings 

133 16 


23 Dec. 


I'ox and Goose, andTalbott, 
in Michael! le Querne 

Robert Titchborne 

338 10 


25 Dec. 


Ingram Grange 

Thomas Redshawe 

314 13 9 


26 Dec. 


A messuage called the 

Thomas Baldwyun 

61 10 


2 8 Dec. 


riie mannor of Hrishtwell 

Robert Gale 

1780 12 10 


29 Dec. 


rile niannors of Brookes- 

Arthur Creswell, ? 

thropp, and Harescombe 

John Watson S 

817 8 4 



"ower messuages in Cocke 
Alley, in St. Martin's 

John Styles 

530 13 4 

Ba. & 

3 Jan. 


The mannor of Chard 

Nathan. Whetham, 

3718 9 6 




6 Jan. 


The mannor or grange of 

Will. White, Esq. 

626 1 1 8 


10 Jan. 


Parcell of the demeasnes 
of the mannor of Ashe- 

Henry Colbron 

163 3 4 



I'he mannor, towne, and 

William Bassill, 1 

burrougli of Witney 

Edward Warcupp / 

4916 18 1I| 


12 Jan. 


riie mannor of Burton 

n.o.Jacombeand ) 
ihomas Dickens J 


4457 8 6 



lockerwood meadowes, &c. 
in y^' hbirtyes of South- 

(iervas Oglethorpe 

181 15 3 

Ro. 8. 


The inannors of Trotis- 

Nicholas Bond 

1632 12 7i 



clifte, Westcourte, and 

St. Da. 

17 Jan. 


rhe LordPP of Clas Lande- 
velach and Landewy 

Edward Harbert 

208 6 



Severallp.rcellsofthe man- John Windsor | 

213 6 4i 


nor of Wells and West- 


1!) Jan. 

Hunt. ' 

'he mannor of Bugden 

Alderman Packe 

8174 16 6 


23 Jan. 


irymlie Farme 

John Corbett 

204 1 3 


24 Jan. 


i-'ower teimem" in Pcterbo- Edward Woodford | 



rough Courte 




Date of 








s. d. 

Ba. & 

24 Jan. 


The mannor of Hewish 

Alderman Averye") 


and Dudley ^ 
Aver\e J 


4 Gi 


26 Jan. 


Parte of the mannor of 

Francis Thompson 


3 8 



The mannor of Home 

John Nelthorpe, 


4 10 



A messuage in Chancery 

Arthur Stocke 




7 Feb. 


The mannor of Sotmer 

Thomasine, Brid- ") 
gett, and Mary ^ 
Denne ) 


15 10 



The mannor of Mouncton 

Will, and Natth. S 
Brooke, and ^ 
Fra. Bridges J 



11 6 



The mannor of Fountell 

John Dove, Esq. 


11 4 



A messuage called the 
Eagle and Child in Fleet 

Joseph Cavell 





The mannor -house and scite 

Tho. Newsam, "^ 

of Whistons 

Edvv. Barkley, ( 
Ric. Vernon, and [ 
Edw. Harwood J 


5 10 


9 Feb. 


Messingham Grange 

Robert Skerne 



Isle of 

Barton Farme 

Richard Cromwell 


19 8 



14 Feb. 


Fower oxgangs of land &. 

Joseph Bell and \ 
George Burton _f 



al' in Aliertonshire 



Certeine tenneni':^ in Chan- 
cery Lane 

Thomas Ward 



St. Da 

16 Feb. 


A mill and lands in Tral- 

Henry Powell 


6 8 



The mannors of Midleton 
Cheyney and Cuxton 

Rob. Fenwicke, Esq 




21 Feb. 


The mannors of Wisbitch, 

Thomas Allen, "^ 

Barton, Levingtin, Eline, 
Upwell, Outwell, and 

Thomas, Matth. ( 
and Fran. Row- J 


1 6i 


land J 


23 Feb. 

The maunor of Tidd St. 

Dennis Taylor 




26 Feb. 


Lands in the townshipp of 

Daniell Shatter- ^ 

Bishopps Thorneton, 

den and Edw. ( 


19 9 

parte of the mannor ol 

Boyse, Esqs. j 




2 Mar. 


The mannor of Sancton 

Will. Webb and ) 
William Inwood J 


3 0^ 


7 Mar. 


Canterburie Pallace 

Edw. Bass, Rich. 7 
Croxhall, and ) 
Cha.Saltonstall } 




Parcell of the mannor of 

George Wilde 


3 4 



I'arte of the mannor of 

William Wilkinson 





Parte of the mannor oi 

Edward Bellamye 


2 8 



The mannor of Crake 

Sir Thomas Wid-"! 
drington and > 


8 2i 


.9 Mar. 


The mannor of Westgale 

Abr. Chamber- ) 
leine y"" elder ^ 


4 .•? 



Tiie mannor of Culredd 

Abr. Chamberleine 


.3 4 

BETWEEN 1647 AND l6.51. 



Date of 

Coun - J , 
ties. Lands. 






*. d. 


9 Mar. 

Ely JBedwellhay Grange 

Hamond Ward 


19 4 


1 2 M ar. 

Som, Upjier Poundisford Farme 

Sir John Sevmer,'^ 
Tho. Hodges, ( 

sen. Thomas J 


15 n 

Hodges, jun. J 


Southt. Tlie raannor of Crawley 

John Pigeon 


11 6 


York. iParcell of the iiiannor of 

John Pickersgill 


16 8 


Ba. & 

14 Mar. 


The niannor of Compton 

Thomas Smith, jun. 


16 4 





Tlie manner and Priorie of 

Nich. Martin 


u H 


16 Mar. 


Tlie niannor of Whistons 
and Claynes 

George Pike 


15 10 



The mannor of Bishopps 

Sam. Wightwicke, 


17 :i 

Yo. -) 

Nott. ■) 

Kent y 

The mannors of Askeham, 

John Blackwell. jun. 


1 s^ 


Stone, and Lambeth 

Ca. J 



Crossgreene Farme 

Thomas Hackett 





The mannor of Bishopps 

Edw. Cressett, Esq. 


8 S 


19 Mar. 


Tiie mannors of Antingham, 
Chamljerleynes, and 

Richard Hunt 


14 54 



The mannor of Shelving- 
The mannor r)f Horninge 

George Pike 


2 6i 



Thomas Biackerby 


16 3 



Parcell of the mannor of 

John Reddinge, 


17 4 



A messuage and lands in 
Longfoid mannor 

William Molins 


11 2 

St. Da. 


Tlie mannors of Glascome 
and Glasearnon 

Sylvanus Taylor 


6 3 



The niannor of Llandew 

David Morgann, 

Thomas Challenor 


7 1 



The mannor of Ashwell 


9 2 


21 Mar. 


The mannors of Thurgarton 

James Kendall, 1 

and Skvton Hall 

John Kendall / 


19 7 



The mannor of Morton 

Richard Hunt 




Fortie-oue );arcells of laiitl 

Nathan. Lacy, I 

in Battersey 

Will. Bathurst J 


6 6 



Parcel! of the mannor of 

Matthew Hardey 


6 8 



I'arcell of the mannor of 
Much Haddam 

William Doughtie 


l-l 3* 



A ff e-farme rent out of the 
mannors of Burton an(i 

Kdmund Harvey, 


I'fo be continued.'] 




These Pedigrees are contained in a thin folio volume of 32 pages, 
preserved amongst the Rawlinson collection in the Bodleian Library, 
No. 116. They are neatly written in a hand of about Queen Elizabeth's 
reign, and have an index prefixed, which obviates the partial inconve- 
nience of their not being disposed in chronological order. The volume 
formerly belonged to Richard St. George, whose arms are on the covers, 
and afterwards to W. Whiston. B. B. 

Only a few of the records are noticed in the Placitorum Abbreviatio, 
fol. 1 8 11 J but several that do not occur there, have been already pub- 
lished by County Historians, and are therefore omitted. 

[Fo. 1.] Trinitatis, anno E. 1. xviij^o co7'am Rege. 

Nott. 48. Barry v. Perpont. 

[Printed in Placitorum Abbreviatio, p. 222, and in Thoroton's 
Nottinghamshire, p. 86.] 

Trinitatis, anno xxiiijto. 

Nott. 27. Joh'es filius Johannis fit Hugonis de Cortlingstokes 
r' seiam suam de uno mesuagio, una carucata terre in Cortling- 
stokes,a et duobus messuagiis et una carucata terre in Rempston. 
Hugo de Cortlingstokes. 

Joh'es. Hugo de Cortlingstokes. 

Johannes. Joh'es filius. 

[Fo. 1^.] Termino Hillarij, anno xvij>ii° E. 2. coram Bege. 
Staff. 75. Aldithelegh v" Abbem de Deulacres. 

[Printed in Plac. Abbrev. p. 344 ; see hereafter^ p. 136.] 

Mich'is, anno torio. 
Norff., &,c. 126. Racone fatuitatis Johannis Walraunde. 
[Printed in Plac. Abbrev. p. 310.] 

• Now Costotk. 



[Fo. 2.] Mich'is, anno x'»o E. 3. 
Nott. 18. Comperiu fuit in AssTa per Jur' quod Johannes 
Emmeston obijt seitus dexiij mesuagiis, vij toftis, xiij stallis, iiijxx 
acris terre, vij acr' prati, et iiij^. x'^. redd, in Grimston et Knesale. 

Matild. prima uxor.=Joh'es Emmeston duas=pAlic' s'c'da ux'. 
h'uit ux'es. I 

Alic' nunc quer'. 


Mich'is,^^ anno E, 3. primo. 

Glouc'. Hereff. Wigorn', Salop. StafF. Wiltes', M'ch Wall'- 
119. Inquisicoes post mortem Johannis Giffard de Brimesfeild 
una cum extent' man'iox et terr' suar' in dcis Com. de valore et 
redd. eo^d. ac etiam longu ptitu inter [eos] qui asserunt se esse 
her' dci Johannis, et compertu est c:^ Johannes de Keilewey est 
heres de integro sanguine. 

Elias Giffard.=F 


Isabeir =pElias Giffard.=pAlic' Matrav's s'c'da 




Elic de 






Elias Isabeir Matil. 




de nupta nupta 



fard de 

de Nova 

Keile- Tho. le Godefridoe 


pey pima 



wcy. Tabler. Escuda- 









r " n 

■ 1 


Guido Petrus 


Alienor' Kat'ina 


de Keile- 

le Escu- 


J. nupta nupta 



Tabler. damor. 

Fulconi Nich'o f d 

e qui 

Lestrange. Audeley. 


1 ^ 1 



Editha Alesia 


Joh'es Jacobus '» 

qui clam' 

nupta nu )ta 


y Lestrange de 

esse her'. 

Ric'ode Ad' de 


0etatis21 Audeley. 

Grin- Bavcnt. 



sted. 1 





« They follow exactly in this order in MS. though most likely they are sisters. 
'' Placit' coram D. Rege apud Nerthampt. de term. Pasche, anno r. R. Edw. 3"' p. 
conq. 2. MS. Lansd. 860 b. f. «4. 

'^ Galfrido. MS. Lansd. 860 b. f. 64. ' Jacobo. Hid. 

« It may be proper to remark that " prole " is almost always omitted throughout the 
MaDuscript. '' Nicholaus. //•«/. 




Tho. de 

Rog'rus de 



Bavent aetatis 

astatis 14 

aetatis 25 

40 annor'. 



[Fo. 2^.] Mich'is, anno E. 3. xxji«o. 

Staff. 36. Dominus Rex per bre' de quare impedit implitat 
Henr' Hillary, pro presentacone ad pbendam de Wilmindicote, 
in ecciia collegiata de Tamworth. 

Ph'iis Marmion. 

I 1 1 1 

Johanna Mazera. Matild' nupta Johanna nupta prim' Henrico 

obiit sine. I Rob'to le Botiler. Hillary, nescitur cui postea. ^ 

I I II. 

Joh'a nupta Alex' Rad'us. Thomas. Edwardus qui ut 

Frivill. I I michividef obiit. 

quia d'c'us Hen- 
Ealdwinus v' quera Joh'es. Marger'. ricus clam' per 

D'u's Rex r' per | legem Anglic, 

br'e de quare im- Rad'us nunc inf 
pcdit in jure Ra'di oetatem et in 
inf etatem. custod' R. 

Miches, anno E. 3. xxx'no. 
Nott. 88. Longford et Rivell v. Aslacton. 

[Printed in Thoroton's Nottinghamshire, p. 137 ] 

[ Fo . 3 . ] Mich' is, annoE.2.\] to. 

Staff. 39. Finis levatus anno vjto r. R. E. 2. inter W'ni Bagot 
et Alienor' ux'em ej us, quer', et Ric' Dunmowe captm deforc', de 
uno mesuagio, nna caruc' terre, x acris bosci, et iiijs redd, in 
Wilbrighton, etc'. 

Hugo Pev'ell.=pMargeria. 


r — 1 \ 



Reginald de Ehz. Matild'. 



Monte forti. = = 



Britwell. Gulielmus 






'' 111 an extract, from tlie same Plea- roll in a MS. in Coll. of Anns, Vine. 79, Hillary 
is stated to have been her second hvisband ; which is right, as he died 23 Edw. HI. 
and Thomas de Ludlowe, who was her first husband, died 7 Edw. U. Marmion Case 
before the Hoube of Lords, July ISH, penes C. (i. Y. 



Trinitatis, anno H. iiij'^, sc'do. 

Staff. 23. Jur' dicunt q<l vj acr' tevre voc' Rudingfeild, iiij acr' 
bosci vocat' Rudingfeldesmore, et un acr' pti, pcett man'ii de 
Shareshull, tenent»" de Com Staff, et non de Rege in capite, 8cc. 

W's Shareshull. 

W's Sharcshull.^F 

W's Shareshull. 

EUz. soror et heres.=p 

_ r- -^— 1. 

Joh'a. Margareta. Kat'ina nupta 

I Rogero Will'ley. 

Joh'a nupta Isabella inf Jocasa infra 
Wo Lee. setatem. setatem. 

[Fo. 3b.] Pasche, anno H. 4. xij'i^o. 

Staff. 85. Henricus Granby Mag'r Domus S^i Mictiis Can- 
tuar', per bre de quare impedit implitat Johannem Epni Coventr' 
et Lich' et Radm Basset et Thoma' Midelton ciiciii, pro 
Rector' de Chedle. 

Nich'us Stanton. Rad'us Basset de Sapcote. 

Hervicus Amic' nupta 
Stanton. Walth'm. 

Simon ch'r, qui dedit Rad'us 
advocac' Hervico de Basset. 
Stanton. I 

Alex' qui dedit 
d'e'am advoca- 
c'o'em Mag'ro 
et Scholar'. 




nunc petens. 

Mich'is, anno H. 4. xiiijto. 

Staf!'. 11. Matilda que fuit uxor Johannis Lovell implitaf per 
Regem pro man'io et advocacoe Ecctie de Roxhull, et recitaf 
pedegradus et descensus hered' Regis probans tittm suu' etc. 

Rob'tus de HoUand^^Matill' filia Alani le Zouche 
ch'r, I ch'r, uxor ejus. 



Matilda nupta Joh'i Lovell ch'r. 


[Fo. 4.] Hillarij, anno E. 1. iiijto. De Banco. 

Nott. 26. Matill' Danyet pet' v' priorem de Wirksop advoc' 
ecctie de Walcringh'm. 







Matil' petens. 

Trinifatis, anno E. 1. iij^i". 

Nott. 56. Robtus fir Robti de Costinton pet' v' Petr' de 
Esswayt ij. mess, et ij. bovat' terre in Berton sup Trent, et v' 
Prior' de Lenton j. bovat' ibid. 

Ivetta et Beatrix amite. 

Rob'tus sive Rad'us. 


Rob'tus petens, 

Trinitatis, anno E. 1. iiij^o. 

Nott. 80. Jur' dicunt quod Ricus de Trowell solus p'sentavit 

ad Ecctiam de Stanford super Sora ; I'o l' Hugo de Stanford r' 

p'sentac' sua ad dtam Ecctiam, et prior de Wulvescroft in mia. 

Petrus Trowell. 

Willi 'm's. 

. ! 

Ric'us qui feoft'avit inde hunc 
Hugonem, et de j roda terre. 

[Fo. 4K] Hillarii, anno E. 1. vto. 

Staff'. 2. Petrus de Winton per jud Curie et per defalta De- 
cani de Line' r' p'sentac' suam ad capellam de Mapleton. 

'' Ideo. 


Willi'm's Cheyney. 



Alic' petens. 

Pasche, anno quinto. 

Nott. 47. Walterus de Gayteford et Joh'nes de Hotevvyt pe- 
tunt v* Galfr'm fil' Joh'nis de Newarc Ix acr' terre, iiij acr' prati, 
duas partes j mess, in Newerc et Baldei'ton. 

I 1. . 

Maugerus sine. Hewisia soror et heres. 



I 1 1 

Galfr'us. Cccill'. Marg'r'. 

I I 

Willi'm's. Ranulphus. 

I I 

Walterus, petens. Johannes^ petens, 

[Fo. 5.] Pasche, anno E. 1. vjto. 

Nott. 11. In assTa per Jur' compert' est q^i Hugo de Capell 
et omnes subscript' r' seiam de v. toftis, vj. bovat' terre, et vi^. iiij^i 
redd et redd ij. capon' in Screveton et at. 

Hugo de Capeir. 

I : 1 ' 1 1. . 

Ceciir ux' Walteri Ladcrina uxor W. Elizabctha. Amicia. 
de Cully. Tassarand. 

Mich'is, anno E. 1. vj^". 

Nott. 1 10. Johannes le Botillere implitat W'" le Wallour, q^i 

fac' ei servic'. 




Johannes petens. 


[Fo, 5'^] Trmitatis, anno E. 1. vijmo. 

Staff. 83. Johannes Gifford de Chillinton impritat RoMm de 
Som'ford, quod Hic' ei servic' pro ten'tis que de eo tenet in 


Petrus. W's sine. Hugo sine. Johannes petens. 

Mich'is, anno E. 1. vij»io. 

Staff. 35. Galfrus de Cannvill petit v' Jotieni de Som'vill 

man'iu' de Alierwas, ex^^i^ iiy. mesuagiis, vi. virgat. t're, et advo- 

cacoe ecctie ejusd' man'ij. 



Galfr'us petens. 

Hillarii, anno E. 1. x'^o. 

Nott. 71. Robtus de Cokefeld v' Johem de Cokefeld. 
[Printed in Tlioroton's Nottingliamsliire, p. 24G.] 

[Fo. 6.] Trinitaf, anno E. 1. x^o. 

Nott. 37. Radus de Crumwell {sic) petit v' Johannem de 
Burstall unil mesuagiii et iiijo"" bovatas terre in Birton. 

r -^ n 

W's sine. Rob'tus. 




I r-|^ 1 1 

Rogerus Christiana Alic'. Johannes 
sine. nunc pet' (52c). sine. 

TrinW, anno E. 1. xij>»o, 

Nott. 31. Bret v' Tineslowe. 

[Printed in Thoroton's Nottinghamshire, p. 274.] 

Mick'is, annoE. 1. xiiijto. 
Staff. 34. Elizabetha que fuit uxor Mathei de Kniveton pet' v' 


atifeem cle Burton tercia' parte unius mesuagij, ij. virgat. terre et 
xj. acr', et v. acr' prati in Ham. 

Hugo de Acov'e. 



[Fo. 6''.] Mich' is, anno E. 1. xvto. 
Nott. 97. Barry v. Perepount. 

[Printed in Thoroton's Nottinghamshire, p. 86.] 

Hillarii, anno E. I. xvij^o, 

Nott. 60. Stephus Waleys implitat Robtm de Eyleston, q'^ 

facial ei consuetudines et recta servicia sua pro ij. car' terre in 


Henricus le \\'^aleys. 


Henricus sine. Steph'us petens. 

[Fo. 7.] Pasche, anno E. 1. xvij^o. 

Staff. 73. Petrus de Ardern petit v' Rogeru Epni Coventr' et 
Lich' xl. acr' terre in Elforde.'^ 

Leuca fil' et hcrcs. 


Petrus petens. 

Mich' is, anno E. 1. xvij™". 

Nottingh'm. 8. Willim's de Ros et Eustachia uxor ejus clamant 
v' Ricm Foliott, Phpm de Chauncy et Isabell' ux'cm ejus, advo- 
vacoem ecctie de Kirketon. 

' See Thoroton's Notts, p. 173. 

•* See a pedigree in Shaw's Staffordshire, vol. i. p. 380. 


Rad'us de Gresley et Agnes uxor ejus.l 




Enstachia petens. 

[Fo. 7b.] Hilarii, anno E. 1. xixno. 

Nottingh'm. 33. Johannes le Graunt pet' v' Isabell' tie Roes et 
Will'm de Stirmund, unu mesuag' et una bovat' terre in Houkes- 
word et Aslacton."^ 

Muriella. Matill' soror Murielle et lieres. 

I. I 

Muriella. Rogerus. 


r —-1 1. 

W's Kob'tus Matiir sine, per q'd Radulphus. 

sine. sine. resorciebat'r jus Ma- j 

till' sorori pime Mu- ' — [-■ 1 

rieir. Henric' Rogerus. 


[ — I \ 1 

Rad'us Henricus Willi'm's Johannes 
sine. sine. sine. petens. 

Pasche, anno E. 1. xix^o. 

Staff. 157. AssTe ultie p'sentaconis ad ecctiam de Chetelton, 
q'm Nichus de Aldithelegh, ciistos terre et her' Rici fil' Henrici 
de Chetelton, clam* v' Abbem de Deulacres, racoe custod', &c. 
[The pedigree the same as that before noticed in p. 128.] 

[Fo. 8.] Hillarii, anno E. 1. xx"^o. 

Nott. 110. Barry v. Perepont. 

[Thoroton's Nottinghamshire, p. 86.] 

Trinif, anno E. 1. xx^o. 

Nott. 177, Ricus de Sutton et Isabell' uxor ejus implTtant 
Nichum de Segrave, pro p'sentacone ad ecctiam de Bonington. 

• The wife of Ralph de Gresley was Isabella dc Muschamps. Thoroton, p. 239. 
^ This supplies a pedigree deficient in Thoroton ; who says, " here (at Hawkesworth) 
were some descents of Grants." Nottinghamshire, p. 136. 


Rob'tus Patrike. 



[Fo. 8b.] Mich'' is, anno ix"o. Rerjis Johannis.'' 

Nott. 11. Prior hospitat Jerusalem sum fuit quare non per- 
mittit Priorem de Lenton p'sentare ad ecctiam de Oseinton. 
[In Abbr. Plac. p. 99 ; and Thoroton, p. 355.] 

Pasche, anno E. 1. vi^o. de Banco. 
Nott. 11. Quatuor filie et heredes Hugonis de Capella. 
[Already inserted in p. 133.] 

Trinif. anno H. 3. quinto. 
Nott. 22. Radus de Crumbwell v' Ivone Heriz. 

[Thoroton, p. 39] 

[Fo. 9.] MichHs, anno H. 3. viij^'o. ^q Banco. 

Nott. 10. Hugo de Bretun petit v' Hugone de Morton xiiij 
bovat' terre in Morton. 

Jordanus Bretun. 


Hugo nunc petens. 

Anno iiij'^o H. iiij^i. 

Oxon. 14. Johannes Mounceux r' seTam sua de ij. mesuagijs, 
iiij. virgatis terr', viij. acr' pti, et xxijs redd in Wotton et al'. 
Johannes Mounceus avus. 

I ' 1 

Johannes p"r. Elias frater. 

I I 

Alicia. Johannes nunc quer . 

Alicia bastarda. 

" William had made the same plea in 53 Hen. III. Thoroton, p. G. 
" Ex libro intitulat' Divers'. 


Anno xii"o JJ, iiijti. 

Warw. 15. Robtus Aston et Johanna uxor ejus, et W^ de 
Redburn et Katlierina uxor ejus r' una' caruc' ter' in Amynton 
v' Thomam de Clinton. 

Ric'us Meygnill mil' h'uit filiu'. 

Fir non no'i'atus Johanna nupta Tlio. de Eliz. nupta Rog'o 
in record'. Clinton mil'. Bradshaw. 

r -^-n. 

Marg'ia nupta Thomasia nupta 
Tho. Dethek. Regin' Dethek. 

[Fo. 9^.] Anno viijvo H. iiij^i. 

Derb. 68. Prior de Repindon r' seiani sua de ij. acr' terr', ccc 
acr' bosci, una roda pti, et xi^ ijd redd in Repindon et al', v'sus 
Radura Franceys et iij. alios. 

Joh'nes avus, qui h'uit 

Joh'em, qui genuit 

istum Radulphum. 

Anno x'no JJ, iiijti^ 

Derb. 71. Thomas Stathun et Eliz' uxor ejus recupant man'iu 
de Chadelowe v' Thoma' Okev'e. 

Hugo Okovere. 







W's do la Lunde ch'r genuit 

r— rr — ^— 1 1 

W'm sine. Joh'em qui h'uit filiam Johanna'. Matill'. 

.1 ., ., . ! I 

Eliz. marit' Ric'o filio Lucia. Johanna. 

Ric'i qui obiit sine. | 


. I 
Goditha marit' Rad'o 

de Stathun. 


[Fo. 10.] Mich' is, anno quinto H. 5. coram liege. 

Leic. 62. Abbas fete Marie de P't' Leic' et Johannes Claypole 
clicus implitanti' per Eliz' Maundevile, Radinn Francis, et Eliz* 
ux'em ejus, Johannem filiu Johannis Marchall, et Thomam 
Ov'ton et Margar' ux'em ejus, eo q'^ p'd'ci Abbas etc. ipos 
impedier' p'sentare idoneam personam ad ecciiam de Blaby, etc. 

[This pedigree differs from one in Nicliols's Leicestersliire, vol. iv. 
p. 51 ; but may be reconciled with it, by transposing the two first 
descents here given, as appears to be authorised by the extract from the 
Abbey Register, quoted ibid. p. 50. Thomas and John, who bore a 
name different from that of their progenitors, had removed to Shilton 
in Warwickshire. — J. G. N.] 

Johannes de Lodbroke. 

Henricus de Lodbroke ch'r. 

Tho' de Shulton. 

Joh'es de Shulton. 

I ' 1 

Eliz. Mand'. Katenna. 

I 1 

Eliz' nunc ux' Rad'i Isabell'. 



Margar' nunc Katerina. 
q', uxor Tho. = 

Overton. Johannes, fil' Joh'is 


Mich' is, anno H. 5. ijf^o. 

Ebor. 90. Thomas Clarel pet' v' Radm Lasseles et al' man'iu 
de Mairn' Halghton. 

I 1 

Johannes Clarell donator. W's f 'r ejus et hcres. 



Thomas nunc petcns, con- 
sanguincus et hcres. 

[Fo. 10^] Ass'ia, anno ix^o H. iiij^K 
Dorset. 23. Longum ptitum in quo recitaf partico tcrrax 
que fucr' Laurenc' de S'^o Martino inter duas sorores suas, ike. 
[Related in Hutcliins's Dorsetshire, vol. iil. p. .'v '2 ] 


Anno siip'd'co. 
26. Walterus Chauncemarle et Henric' Scuedemore quer' 
v' Walt'u' Ileson, Johcm Harrys et Sibill' ux'em ejus, et al' de- 
fend' pro xij. mess. j. molend' aquat. ij. car' terre, Ix. acr' pti, cc 
acr' pasture, et xl'* redd in Wirgrove, et al'. 
W's Stok ch'r. 

I , . 
Johanna p^ma uxor.=pW's Stok duas h'uit uxores.=pMatild' s'c'da uxor. 

r ~^. ;— T-: 1. ~'^'- -1 

W's sine, et dedit p'missa Joh'i Alic' nupta Sibill' Matliia nupta 

Mohun et Mathie et her' d'c'i Joh'i nupta Joh'i Mohun 
Joh'nis p' script' suu' quod p'fert, Chaunt'. et de Hainme. 

et postea obiit p'd' Mathia sine | h'uit 

p'le p' p'd* Joh'em Mohun, qui 'W^alterus exit' 
tunc cepit quand' Hawisiam de nunc I 

quibus exiit quer'. | 

Johannes. Joha'm nupt' cuid' Scuedemore. 

I I. 

Johannes. Henricus nunc petens. 

Johannes nuper maritus d'c'e Sibille. 

[Fo. 11.] AssHa, anno ix^o H. 4. 
Devon. 71. Decanus et caplus bti Petri Exofi r' seiam sua de 
vnio mesuagio et uno ferlingo terre in Hubton v' Willi'm Piper, 
et al'. 

Johannes Wrey inde se'itus. 


Isabel!' marit' Ph'o Rike. 

Joh'es raodo deff' . 

Ass'ia, anno xxxiijtio E. 3 

Warw. 27. Margareta que fuit uxor Wi de Charnells r' seiam 

suam de uno mess, et una caruc' terre, xxiiij. acr' pti, xx. acr' 

bosci, iiijs vj^ redd in Coleshull v' Joheni filiii W» Charnells. 

Henricus Charnells. 

Willi'm's Charnells. 

Joh'es Charnells. 


Ass'ia, anno iiijt<> E. 3. 

Derb. 47. Alicia que est uxor Rogeri de Dugkemanton r' 
seiam suam de uno mesuagio, xxiiijo^ acr' terre in Tybesholf, 
V* Walteru' fil' Willimi de Upton. 

Walterus de Upton 
dedit p'lnissa | 
Ph'o de Upton et Mar' ux'i ejus 

et her' de corpor' etc. VVilli'm's de Upton. 

Walterus nunc petens. 

[Fo. lli^.] An7io p'cTco. 

Derb. 46. Jur' dicunt q'^ nee Joh'nes de Bek, qui die' se esse 

Dnm med' man'ii de Sau'keston, nee antec' sui, nee ipi qui ha'unt 

dominiu med' p'd' ville quod id Joh'es nunc li'et, ha'unt tauru 

seu apru in loco qui vocat"^ Lambcote, nee at ex' Dnuni suu, 

sicut p'd' Johannes, 8cc. I6 p'd' W^ heat return' p'd' av'io^. 

Ad' de Gratton. 

Rob'tus de Gratton. 


Henricus de Gratton. 

Ass'ia, anno iiij'^o j^. 3. 

Derb. 31. Sibilla que fuit uxor Johannis de Metham r' seiam 
de ix. bovat' terre cum pertin' in Basselowe, v' Johem fil' Thome 
Basset in lliston. 

Rob'tus Basset. 





Johannes nunc petens. 

Ass^ia capt. anno xxviij^'o E.Jil. //. 

Warw. 3. Henricus le Chambleine iniplitat Simonem de 
Chambleine et al' pro terris in Kilmesham. 

Simon p'r.=pIsold ra'r. 

r rf"* 1 . 

Nich'us Siuion Ilcnric' nunc 

antenat. sc'd'ua. tcrcius. 


[Fo. 12.] Ass'ia, anno xxix^o E. primi. 

Derb. 7. Johannes filius Johannis le Sauvage non est prose- 
cutus pro man'io de Sleynesby v' Johannem fil' Rogeri le Sauvage 
et al'. 

Johannes le Sauvage avus. 

. ^— . 

Rogerus avunculus. .lohannes modo quer'. 

Johannes nunc defi". 

A?itio xijino E. 

Leic. 6. Jur' dicunt q^^ Rogerus de Moubray majus jus tiet ad' 
ecctiam de Melton Moubray quam Prior de Lewes. 

Willi'm's Moubray. 

I 1 • — I 

Nigellus Moubray sine. Rogerus Moubray. 

Rogerus Mou- Rob'tus Andreas Joh'es Edmund' W's 

bray ut fr' et Moubray Moubray Moubray Moubray Moubray 
her' nunc pet', sine. sine. sine. sine. sine. 

. Anno xijmo E. 

Leic. 9. Willi'm's Hamelin petit v' Alex' Pantulf iij. mesuagia 
et iiijor bovat. terre in Burton sancti Lazari et pva Dalby. 

Hamelinus vixit tempore R. Ric'i. 




Nich'us obiit sine, et nescit'r cujus filius 
W's nunc petens est. 

[Fo. 12k] Ass'ia, (m7io xlj^^o E. 

Leic. 20. Rogerus de Sadinton petit v' plur' div'sas terr' et 
tenta in Mousele. 


Johannes, tempore R. Johannis. 




Rogerus nunc. 

MicKis, anno iiij^o H. 3. 

Ebor. 1. Rofetus tie Veteri ponte et Ydonia uxor ejus pet' v' 
Alic' Comitissam de Augo Castrum et vill' de Tykehull. 

[Related in Hunter's South Yorkshire, vol. i. p. 227 ; and in 
Thoroton's Notts, p. 3.] 

Hertf. 3. Petr' de Britafiia et Alio' uxor ejus pet' v' Abbem 
de Fougers advocacoem ecctie de Chesterhunt.'^ 
Comes Alanus. 

Conanus filius ejus. 

I . 

Constancia nupta Guidoni. 

Alicia nunc petens. 

[Fo. 13.] Hillarii, anno x'^o H. 3. 

Oxon. 18. Willi'm's de Huntercumbe r' v' Osbtu GifFard 
seiam de iiij*^'' parte feod' mil' in Ippeden. 
W's Percehaye. 

. Christiana marit' Eustachio p'ri istius 

Willi'mi nunc petentis. 

Som'set. 18. Ass'ia etc. si Willi'm's de Monte Ac' pater Ivic 

obiit seitus de ij. bidis terre in Sutton, quas Gilbtus de Say tenet. 


Robertas dc Monte Acuto. Ric'us de Monte Acuto. 

I 1 

Willi'm's. Willi'm's. 

r-^ :. „ i 

W's (jui cognovit sc esse Ric'us nunc Drogo. 

bastard' primogcnit'. ])ctens. | 


^ Sec CluUeibuck'b Ilcits. vol. ii. p. 109. 


Essex. 14. Augustus de Blakeham pet' v' Ricm filiu' Alani ufi 

caruc' terre in Derholt. 


Gerardus fil'. 

Galfr'us.=pMatir soror Galfr'i. 


Augustus nunc petens. 

Suff. 13. Cone' fca inter Amic' un fil' Augustini Bernardes- 
ton et Matild' Basil' et Beatr' sorores suas per Cir'. 
Augustinus Bernardeston. 

Amic'. Matiir. Basillia. Beatrix. 

[Fo. 13b.] Hilarii, anno x^o H. 3. 

Bedd. 12. Rofetus de Baioc's impltat^ eo q'^ fecit vastu bosco^ 
de hered' Emme et Agnet' filiaz et her' Johnis de Baioc's. 
Johannes de Baioc's. 

r -^ 1 

Emma. Agnes. 

Buck. I. Henricus de S*o Andrea petit v' Robtii le Sau- 
vagc nuin'iu' de Scemesby et advocacoem ecctie ibm. 

Paganus de S'to Andrea et 
Ernebuiga ux, et de ip'a desc' 



Henricus nunc petens. 

Mich'is, anno ix^o R' Johannis. 

Berk. 5. Free' est Nictio de Ynglestlm ut ileret cartam q'ni 
Dris Rex, dum fuit Comes Maurriton', ei fecit de man'io de 


Ric'us Cam'ar'.l 


r -^ 1 , 

Hugo. Nich'us sine. 

' Tliese appear to be incorrectly placed ; as in the abstract of the plea in the Placi- 
toruni Abbreviatio, p. 97, we find Wolwardus avus, Ricardus avunculus. 


[Fo. 14.] Mich'is, anno ix^io Regis Johannis. 

Northumb'r. 5. Ricus de Umfrevill v. Eustach' de Vescy. 

[Printed in Placitorura Abbreviatio, p. 100 j and Hodgson's Northum- 
berland, Part II. vol. i. p. 14. Sec note below.m] 

Dors't 2. Ad de Wodeton v' Reginald' de RameSby. 
[Printed in Placitoruin Abbreviatio, p. 98.] 

[Fo. 14^.] Esson" et pVita coram Rege J. nescif annus. 

Leic. Sewaft fil' Henrici et Isabell' uxor ejus, et Phus de 
Ulcote et Johanna uxor ejus, petunt v' Prior' Hospital' Jertm ij- 
caruc' terre cum ptin in Danby. [Dalby on the Woulds.] 

Gilb'tus de Meysnyl a Conquestu. 

Rob'tus vixit temp'e R. H. I. 

Rob'tus vixit temp'e R. H. II. 

Isabel!' petens. Johanna petens. 

Nescil^ annus. 

Ebor. Turstanus de Monte forti petit med ville de Langeton 

v' Eustachiu de Vescy. 

Galfr'us Murdrak. 

Juliana fil sua. 

r 1 . 

Rob'tus. Henricus. 

Turstanus nunc petens. 

"> In MS. Lansd. 860 B. f. 13^ (where another abstract of this Plea occurs) is added: 
— " Eustachius dicit, quod OJinel de Uinfraville pro xv. marcis, i. equo, et ausureo [sic, 
pro austurco) quietam clamavit dictam custodiam, &c. Sed quia attornatus dicti 
Eustachii non negavit descensum hereditarium, ideo Ricardus recuperet custodiam et 
coneilium dicti heredis, et Eustncbius in misericordia.'' 


Alich'is, anno xiiijto IV J. 

Sussex. 18. Galfrus de Craucub pet' v' W'" Morand feud' 
unius mil' in Hamtonet. 

Gilb'tns de Sartilli p'avus. 

Claricia fil et lieres. 


i . 

Galfrid' nunc petens. 

[Fo. 15.] Mich'is, anno J. xiijtio. 

Norff. 4. Consideratu est quod Thomas de Valenyes heat 
seiam de homagio Galfri de Hickeling pro feod' unius militis 
cum pertin' in Hikeling, v' Eustach' de Vescy. 
Willi'm's de Vescv. Brianus de Hickeliiiff. Rob'tus de Valenies. 

I , . . ■ I, . I 

Eustach' fir ejus. Gaufr'us fil' ejus. Theobald' fil' ejus. 

Tho. fil' ejus. 

Ebor. Ws fir W' fil' Godrici petit v' Alex' de Creuequer j. 
acr' terre in Hopton. 





Ass'ia, anno xxxj™o E. primi. 

Suth't. 9. Ricus filius Reginaldi le Porter et al' participes sui 
r' seiam sua de j. mesuagio, ij. car' terre, x. acr' pti, xxx. acr' 
bosci, xs redd et redd j^i cumini et j^' piperis in Tadely, v' Jotiem 
filiu' Regin' et Jotiem Tailler. 

Rad'us Sodingtou. 

W's Sodingtou Eustacliia nupta .Tolianna nuptaAValtero le Blunt 
obiit sine. \V'o do Doucrdal. Marta nupta Rogin' Ic Porter. 


[Fo. 15'\] Mich' is, anno lij'^o H. 3. coram Rege. 

Ebor. 12. Alanus de Kiuthorpe pet' v' Rofetum Creppinge 
viij. m'cas et iiijs iiij*i ob' redd in Snayth, et al'. 

Wastebuse. VVastliuse. 

I I 

Alanus Rad'us fr' ejus. 

VVastliuse. | 

I P-I , , 

Emina obiit sine her' Isabell' obiit Emma obiit Cecillia, 

de se p' q'd hereditas sine. sine. | 

ad Rad'm dcvenit. Galfr'us. 

Alanus de Keuethorp 
nunc petens. 


Mich'is, anno liij^'o //. ijicii. 

Ebor. 14. Alanus de Keytborpe pet' v' Rob't'm de Crepinges 
viii. m'catas iiij^ viii<' redd in Snayth et al'. 

[The pedigree as the last preceding.] 

[Fo. 16.] Trinitatis, anno Iv^o H. 3. 

Leic. 3. Radiis Bozun et Loreta uxor ejus r' seTam suam de 
vi. toftis, et xi. bovat' terre in Claxton, v' W™ de Nevill et Eliz' 
uxorem ejus. 

[This pedigree will be found to furnish a very different account of the 
introduction of the family of Bozun to Claxton (where they resided 
until the reign of Henry the Eighth), to that given in Nichols's Leices- 
tershire, vol. ii. pp. 131, 132.— J. C. N.] 

I 1 1 1 

Simon de Ropeley. Eva soror. Matilda soror. Loretta soror. 

. I . I . ! I 

Simon fil. sine. Petr . Rob'tus. Alanus. 

I \ 1 

Petrus. Petrus de Eliz' Loretta Marg'ia. 

I Lekeburn. p'd*. p'd'. 

I 1 1 I 

Dionisia. Isabell' uxor Matild' ux' Joh'es obiit sc'itus de Rob'tus 

I W'i de Alani filii p'niissis absfj' her' dc de 

Ph'us. Nowers. Roaldi. sc ut Jur' dicunt. Kirkc- 

I ton. 

Milo de Hastings. 



Pasch\ anno xxvij'^io jj. 3. 

Line. 11. Willi'm's de Scremby impritatus per Gilbt'm de 
Gaunt cognovit q*^ tenet de d'co Gilbto feod' unius mil' in 
Scremby per servic' militare. 

Gilb'tus Comes Line, tempore Rob'tus fr' ejus. 

R. H. avi R. nunc. I 

I I 

Alicia filia et heres sine. Gilb'tus. 

Gilb'tus nunc. 

Pasch\ anno ix^o E. 2. coram Rege. 
Cestr, 113. Frend, de Hunstreton, v' Johem del Heth. 
[Printed in Placitorum Abbreviatio, p. 323.] 

[Fo. leiJ.] Pasch\ atino ix^o E. 2. coram Rege. 

Cumb. Ebor. North't. 112. Petico Thome de Multon, &c. 

[Printed in Placitorum Abbreviatio, p. 323.] 

Pasche, anno xvij^o E. 2. de Banco. 

NorfF. 1 18. Stephus de Marham impli'tat Thomam de Bygeny 
et Barthm de Turtevill, eo quod imped' eil p'sentare ad ec- 
ctiam de Tester ton. 

Ph'us de Snoring. 



r -r -r 

us Christiana, cui Basillia. Ag 




sine. contigit d'c'm j 

Ric'us Bale 

r ~l 

fir et heres. 

Johan- Henric' 


- Ric'us 

nes de 



Thomas Lestrang Marh'm 


fir. fir et fir et 


her'. her'. 



Thomas inf. aetatem Richolda. IN 



existens et in custod' | 


Mabiir. AUc' uxor I 



Tho. Burgeny ''. 

^ur. fir 


nunc defi". h 

eres, nunc 



[7b be continneil.'] 





The Eastern Calder rises among the hills which separate the 
people of Yorkshire from their neighbours of Lancashire, and 
after a winding course of about forty miles joins the Aire at Castle- 
ford, the antient Legiolium, not far from Pontefract. The most 
considerable of the towns which have arisen upon its banks is 
Wakefield, which had a church and an extensive soke in the 
Saxon times. Five or six miles higher on the stream, on its 
northern bank, and at about an equal distance from its source and 
fall, stand the church and town of Dewsbury. 

This place has a peculiar claim upon public attention, arising 
out of this circumstance, that it is pointed out by a tradition sup- 
ported by some concurrent probabilities, and even by something 
which aspires to the character if not of contemporary yet of very 
early documentary evidence, as having been a scene of the labours 
of one of those apostolic men who, following in the train of Au- 
gustine, were the means of reviving the almost extinguished light 
of British Christianity. The tradition is in substance this : That 
Paulinus, the Northumbrian Apostle, in the course of his mission 
among the subjects of King Edwin, visited this place, and that on 
the low and level ground near the river on which now the church 
is built, he presented the claims of Christian truth to the inhabit- 
ants of these regions, and performed in the Calder the initiatory 
rite of Baptism. 

The main support of this tradition is an inscription on a cross 
in the church-yard : 


These words may now be read ; but as the existing cross is con- 
fessedly modern, no such cross or inscription being to be seen 
here even a century ago, they are rather to be regarded as some- 
thing which has grown out of the tradition, than as affording 
any support to the tradition. But on the other hand there is evi- 
dence well deserviu"; our regard, that there was a cross at Dews- 


bury bearing this inscription at a more remote period, the erec- 
tion of which may be referred to early times ; not early enough 
indeed to raise it into the rank of contemporary evidence, but 
sufficiently early to carry us back into a period when the invention 
of such a fact was not likely to have taken place, and when even 
some faint recollection may be supposed to have remained among 
the villagery, of the visit made to their forefathers by the Chris- 
tian apostle. 

None of the Antiquaries and Topographers, professedly and 
peculiarly of Yorkshire, whose collections have come down to us, 
seem, however, to have seen this cross : not even Dodsworth, who 
has done so much, and whose notes were made before the civil 
wars. Johnston speaks of it only from tradition : and Thoresby, 
who was at Dewsbury in 1691, "very inquisitive for the stone, 
could not so much as hear of any that had seen it :" and he pro- 
ceeds to say that " Mr. Pierson an antient minister, a native here, 
whose father was the minister here for thirty years, told me that 
neither of them could find any thing of it." ^ Of the more gene- 
ral inquirers into the antiquities of the British nation, Leland has 
not any notice of this cross : and, in short, Camden is the only 
early English Antiquary who has mentioned it, and all subse- 
quent notices are little if any thing more than repetitions of the 
little which he has related concerning it. 

Camden was in Yorkshire in 1582:^ and no doubt in these 
parts, where at Bradley, a few miles higher on the Calder, resided 
the family of Savile, with several learned members of wliich family 
he was intimately acquainted. But Camden does not profess to 
have seen the cross. He speaks of it rather as of a thing which 
had been : and we can hardly believe that his is more than a tra- 
ditionary testimony, collected from the people of the neighbour- 
hood, and especially from the information of the Saviles, wiiose 
assistance in the preparation of the Britannia he gratefully ac- 

Camden, however, was not a man likely to speak of such a cross 
and such an inscription, if he had not what appeared to him suf- 
ficient reason to believe that a cross bearing ihat inscription had 
existed at Dewsbury ; and he lived at no distant period from the 
Reformation, the time when so much of the ancient sculpture 
and painting of England, and so much of our historical testimony, 

" Di,iry, &c. vol. i. p. 207. ^ Epistolw Camdeni, Addenda, p. 85, 


1 am happy, however, in benig able to corroboi'ate the testi- 
mony of Camden by an authority contemporary with his, which, 
however humble in other respects it may be regai'ded, is entitled 
on this point to great weight. It is a piece of doggrel verse 
written at the very beginning of the seventeenth century, " In 
praise of Dewsbury." The author was Mr. Thomas Tingle, a 
minister here ; and Johnston, in whose manuscripts I found the 
only copy I have ever seen or heard of, took it down about 1670 
from the mouth of the Parish-clerk, the only person who could 
then repeat it: 

In Church-yard once a Cross did stand 

Of Apostles pictured there; 
And had engraven thereupon, 

"Paulinus preached here." 

This testimony is independent of the testimony of Camden, 
and it is plain and express to the fact of the existence of the 
Cross. We have also the additional circumstance, that it was not 
a mere Cross, like the present, in which we have an imitation of 
the wheel-cross of the Saxons, but one about which were sculp- 
tured figures of the Apostles. 

This circumstance opens a further view on this curious subject. 
In the years 1766 and 1767, in digging about the church, various 
pieces of Saxon sculpture were discovered, which are now heaped 
together in a sort of pile in the garden of the Vicarage-house. 
Some of these are represented in engravings in the Loidis and 
Elmete of Dr. Whitaker. One of the figures in the plate en- 
titled "Sculptured Stones from the Saxon Church of Dewsbury," 
is plainly our Saviour, and some of the others have the appear- 
ance of being Apostles ; there are also faint traces of a Saxon 
inscription ; so that on the whole there is a strong probability 
that we have in these remains portions of the Cross, demolished 
as it may be presumed at the Reformation, when such things 
were declared to be superstitious, a time when, as it has been 
eloquently said, " men seem to have conspired to abolish the 
memory of the things that had been, and to begin the affairs 
of the human species afresh." 

If these sculptures can be received as genuine fragments of the 
Cross, they are evidences that it was a work of very high anti- 
quity. If it be thought to be too bold an assumption that they 
are fragments of the Cross, this must at least be allowed, that 
they are decisive evidences of the existence upon this spot, of 



something devoted to Christian purposes, at a very remote period. 
In the latter case it will be allowed that they afford some sup- 
port to the tradition : in the former they go far to show that the 
Cross was erected not by the Norman family to whom the patron- 
age of Dewsbury fell after the Conquest, nor by the religious 
house to whom that family conveyed it, but by the Saxon inha- 
bitants of Dew'sbury, and those, persons living in the earlier 
Saxon times. Dr. Whitaker observes that their high antiquity 
is proved not merely by the style of the workmanship, but by a 
circumstance which marks a barbarous age, — that the eyes of the 
figures are made of some white extraneous substance : to which 
he also adds, as concurrent to the same point, that the genuine 
Saxon N for S may be traced among the characters which re- 

Such then is the evidence which we possess to the existence of 
the Cross and its celebrated inscription, and to the people by 
whom it was erected. I proceed to observe that what we know 
of the labours of Paulinus is favourable to the tradition. 

He was employed from A.D. 626 to A.D. 633, the year of the 
death of King Edwin, in the conversion of the Northumbrians. 
Beside what he did at York and in the Court of King Edwin, 
Bede informs us that he spent thirty-six days at Adregin in Ber- 
nicia ; but that Deira rather than Bernicia, was the scene of his 
labours, because there the King for the most part resided : and 
that in Deira, he baptized many in the river Swale near Catte- 
rick, and founded a church at Campodonum, which is indisputably 
Doncaster.'J He then penetrated into Lindsey and Nottingham- 
shire ; built a church of stone at what is now supposed to be 
Lincoln ; and performed for many the rite of baptism in the 
Trent, near the city called by Bede Tiouulfingacaster. Deda, 
a friend of Bede, was one of these whom Paulinus here baptized. 
He well remembered the holy man by whom he was thus intro- 
duced into the Christian Church, and gave to Bede that minute 
and extremely interesting description of the person and manner 
of Paulinus, which he has delivered down to us in his history. 

I cannot find that Bede contains more on what we may call the 
rural labours of Paulinus ; and it is manifest that this is but an 

* Loidis and Elmete, p. 301. 

* IMay I, after all tliat lias been written on this great question in the topogrtphical 
history of Yorkshire, hint at the possibility of the " Villa Regia " of King Edwin having 
been Coi)ingsboiough ? 


imperfect account of what so zealous a votary would do when 
he had the King's permission to make every exertion to reclaim 
his subjects from idolatry, and was supported by the example 
and authority of the Court. While we peruse the pages of Bede 
we must be deeply sensible of the value of such a trustworthy 
historian. But we cannot but regret that he has not been more 
particular, and enabled us to trace in the labours of the primitive 
apostle of Northumbria, the origin of more of the Northumbrian 
churches. VVe see, however, in what he has related, that it was 
the practice of Paulinus to perform his multitudinous baptisms in 
the running streams ; and few places would be more favourable 
to this purpose than the flat meadows of Dewsbury. 

One of tlie most curious parts of Bede's account of the labours 
of Paulinus, is that in which he speaks of the conversion of Edwin 
himself and of Coiffi, who appears to have been the arch-priest of 
the antient superstition. One of the first efforts of these persons, 
filled with the zeal of new converts, was directed against the tem- 
ple of Godmundham, which must have been a central point of 
that superstition. They broke into the sacred inclosure ; violated 
the sanctuary ; and soon a Christian Church arose upon the 

Here then we see the zeal of Paulinus and his converts directed 
against a place which was sacred in the eyes of the Saxon popu- 
lation, and a Church arising where before had been an idol-tem- 
ple. What is similar to this occurred elsewhere. On the site of 
Saint Paul's have been found the horns of deer, which are sup- 
posed to mark it as a place in which sacrifices were wont to be 
made. A Christian Church arose close to the Circle at Abury : 
and close to the Temple of Minerva at Bath, arose buildings 
erected for the purpose of Christian devotion. Out of these facts 
I raise another probability for the early preaching of Christianity 
at Dewsbury : for Dewsbury may, as it seems to me, be con- 
nected, like Godmundham, with the ancient superstitions of 

The Roman, or Romano-British relics which have lately been 
discovered there, and of which it is to be regretted that fuller and 
more exact accounts have not been given to the world, shew it 
to have been at least a seat of population before the time of Pau- 
linus. But it is upon the probable etymology of the name that 
I propose to found this part of the argument. What is this syl- 
lable Dew (in Domesday, the oldest known instance of it, Deu) 


which in the name is coupled with hnrij ? The hu7'y o^ Deu; not 
surely a common Saxon appellative, as by a skilful master in this 
obscure science has been somewhat hastily conjectured. 

Again we must resort to Camden. At Greetland, a little 
higher on the stream than Dewsbury, an altar was dug up, in- 
scribed Dvi CI BRIG. In the time of Camden it was preserved at 
Bradley. Horsley, following him at the distance of nearly a cen- 
tury and a half, found this very altar in the church of Conington. 
He has given the inscription exactly as it appears, in his plate, 
Yorkshire, xviii. and has no hesitation in reading the inscription 
thus : — To the Dui of the state of the Brigantes, Titus Aurelius 

Whether dvi be generic or specific, whether it is any kind of 
obumbration of the sacred word Deus, or the name of some local 
divinity, like Andates, Bellotucader, or the Sul of the banks of 
the Avon, is not material to the use which I would make of this 
inscription. It proves, that in the vale of the Calder an altar 
was erected to a divinity known by the name Dvi : and it opens 
a strong probability that Dewsbury is in fact the hury of this Z)?«', 
the place peculiarly consecrated to the worship of him, and that 
it might be on that account peculiarly selected by the Christian 
Aposde as the scene of his labours. 

The commemoration of such an event as the preaching of Pau- 
linus by the erection of a cross, may be regarded as so much in 
the natural course of events, as to require no support from pa- 
rallel instances. But we may observe, since the fact has been 
already connected with this inquiry, that the Saxon Crosses at 
Whalley, on the Lancashire side of the mountains, were regarded 
ages ago as having been erected to commemorate the first preach- 
ing of Christianity in that neighbourhood by Augustine or some 
of his followers. 

We may add in the last place, that there was beyond all ques- 
tion a Christian Church at Dewsbury in the Saxon times. This 
we learn from Domesday Book, a decisive record of the fact, but 
leaving wholly uncertain the period at which it was erected. 

We must not, however, pass over in this place the important 
circumstance, that six of the neighbouring churches render a por- 
tion of their profits to the church at Dewsbury. These, and the 
sum rendered, are thus returned in the Valor of King Henry the 
Eighth : 


£. s. 


Thorn hill 




Ahnondbury - 

2 6 


Hiuklersfield - 

2 13 

Heaton - 

1 3 




These payments, not however in the form of money, as they now 
appear, but as portions of tithe or altarage, are declared in the 
instrument of Ordination of a Vicarage in 1349, to have been ex 
antiquo belonging to the Church. And upon this has been raised 
an argument that the lands which now compose the six parishes 
did anciently render their whole tithe to the Church of Dewsbury. 
A right which the Church of Dewsbury had to tithe from a part 
of the parish of Halifax, has also been construed into proof that 
the whole of that extensive parish is to be regarded as having 
originally been subject to the Church of Dewsbury. On different 
evidence the parish of Mirfield is assumed to have been carved out 
of the original parish of Dewsbury : and the worthy minister, 
who two centuries ago chaunted the praise of Dewsbury, speaks 
of a long-lost render of three-pence from the Church of Wake- 
field, as a proof that the Church of Wakefield owned the Church 
of Dewsbury in the light of her mother. So that, on the whole, it 
lias been contended that the Church of Dewsbury is in fact the 
mother church for the whole of the Vale of the Calder, and the 
wide extent of high land reaching to the county division in the 
summits of the mountains, bounded on the north by Craven and 
the wapentake of Skyrack, and on the south by the northern 
boundary of the Staincross wapentake. 

This is a very startling position. But if no more is meant by 
it than that there was a church at Dewsbury long before any 
church had been erected on the lands which foj-m the western 
parishes, then it would seem that it nmst be admitted as a truth. 
But if it is contended that the Church of Dewsbury could ever 
have claimed the entire tithe throughout those parishes, and 
that the lands which now compose them were gradually severed 
from the parish of Dewsbury as churches arose, then I denun*. I 
ask for better proof than it is, I am persuaded, possible to pro- 
duce; and I deny that the money payments, calleil prescriptive, 
can be received as any sufficient proof of this starding position. 
Those payments, in the form in which they now appear, came into 


existence between 1349 and 1530. What they were before, we 
may perhaps be able to disclose. 

The earliest view which we possess of the distribution of pro- 
perty in this portion of the kinj^dom is in Domesday Book, where 
we find that large portions of tlie wapentakes of Agbrigg and 
Morley were royal demesne, and a still larger portion in the 
hands of various Saxon proprietors. The lands not royal demesne 
were given in mass to llbert de Laci, and formed, with other 
lands in Skyrack, Staincross, and Osgodcross, the honour of Pon- 
tefract. But the lands which were royal demesne remained in 
the Crown at the time of the Great Survey. Not long after, how- 
ever, they also were granted out in mass, and the person to whom 
the grant was made was William de Warren, who had married 
Gundred, a daughter of the Conqueror. This William had be- 
fore acquired the lands of Coningsborough which had belonged to 
King Harold. 

Thus the whole of the country of which we are speaking, was 
divided between the two fees of the Lacis and the W^arrens. 
Wakefield and Dewsbury were both on the royal demesne, and 
both accordingly passed to the \\'arrens. 

None of the six churches which now render a portion of their 
profit to the Church of Dewsbury existed at the time of the 
Domesday Survey, except Thornhill, which may fairly be deemed 
to have then been of recent foundation. Neither indeed was there 
any church at Mirfield or at Halifax. The erection of these 
churches, then, was a work long subsequent to the foundation of 
the Church of Dewsbury. The Churches of Bradford, Halifax, 
Mirfield, Almondbury, Heton, Thornhill, and Huddersfield, 
were erected on lands which belonged not to the Warren but 
the Laci fee. The Church of Burton only was raised on lands 
which were given to the Warrens. 

But in the formation of the parishes to belong to those 
churches, lands were assigned which belonged to the fee of War- 
ren ; and my hypothesis respecting the origin of the payments 
now made to the Church of Dewsbury is, that they are compo- 
sitions for tithe arising in portions of the Warren fee, which were 
assigned as parcel of the parishes annexed to churches founded 
on the Laci lands ; whence it would follow that the true character 
of the Church of Dewsbury at the time of the Conquest was 
this, — that it was the Church of the Royal demesne in this part 
of the County of York. 


The inequality of the payments from the six churches, is of itself 
a presumptive proof that these payments were not originally 
in token of filial subjection. Thus Burton pays four pounds, 
while Bradford, a parish at least equally extensive, pays only 
eight shillings. But the fact is, that the Church of Burton was 
raised upon the Warren lands, while the Church of Bradford 
was erected on the Laci lands, and of the townships assigned to 
it, only one, Eccleshill, was originally royal demesne. But I 
now proceed to bring to bear upon this question a piece of evi- 
dence of which no use has heretofore by any one been made, 
namely, the Accompts of one Edward Savage, who was Proctor 
of the Church of Dewsbury from 1348 to 1356, of which the 
originals on skins are now before me. These show distinctly 1st, 
that there were at that time no money payments at all issuing out 
of the six churches ; and 2d, that the Church of Dewsbury did 
receive tithe from certain townships which go to compose those 

From Burton indeed, in conformity with what I heretofore 
said of the Church havinof been founded on lands belonjiincr to 
the Warrens and not the Lacis, the Church of Dewsbury received 
what is described as a portion of the Church ; and the average 
receipts from the Church for the eight years amounted to 
5/. 9s. lO^d. The other townships, and the average receipts, 
stand thus : 

Dalton, in the parish of Heton 

Eccleshill, in the parish of Bradford 



Holme, V in the parish of Almondbury 5 4 



Quernby, -. 

„ , /» in the parish of Huddersfield 2 7 

Golcar, | * 













\ in the parish of Thonihill . . 9 2i 

These were the places from which the Church of Dewsbury 
received profits during the time that Savage was the Collector, 
not from the whole parish in any case ; and without being able 
to show of every one of these places that they were lands of the 


Warren fee attached to churches of the foundation of the Lacis 
or their subinfeudatories, I submit that this is the most probable 
supposition on which the fact can be explained. 

We further find in these accounts from what portion of the 
lands which compose the parish of Halifax the Church of Dews- 
bury received tithe. It was from Hipperholm, Rastrick, Brig- 
house, Toothill, and Fixby ; precisely those portions of the parish 
which in their civil relations pertained to the Warrens. The 
average receipts by sale of the tithe was 9/. 14s. Id. 

There is a difficulty in accounting for the Church of Halifax 
having escaped the imposition of a pension to the Church of 
Dewsbury, when, at what time soever it was, the six churches 
made what appears to have been a commutation. There is also 
a difficulty in respect of the Church of Mirfield which must once 
have belonged to Dewsbury, and yet, neither in the time of Sa- 
vage nor since, does it appear that Dewsbury had any pecuniary 
advantages from it. The Church of Mirfield was founded vmder 
very peculiar circumstances, the particulars of which may be seen 
in the Loidis and Elmete : and as it was only a single township 
that was assigned to it» the Church of Dewsbury might unreluc- 
tantly forego every claim, on the interposition of even papal au- 
thority, and the reasonable plea of personal danger to the inha- 
bitants of Mirfield in resorting to the morning mass of their more 
ancient parish church. 

What, after all the separations from it, constitutes now the 
parish of Dewsbury, and did so in the time of Savage, is the fol- 
lowing : 


Hartshead, where is a chapel founded 
in the first century after the Conquest. 





The gross value of the tithes in the time of Savage was about 
281. per annum. 

Accompts of the receipts and expenditure of the Proctor of a 
country church in the middle of the fourteenth century not being 
of very frequent occurrence, I shall make a few further extracts 
from those of DeAvsbu)y : 















A rent of assize of divers tenants was received, amounting 
annually to 5/. 7*. ; but in 1351 there was a six-pence added for 
a tenement, formerly a chapel. 

A fulling-mill produced 13^. 4-fi?. per ann. 

A water corn-mill usually produced from 3/. to 47. ; but in 
1350 it produced only 21. as no one would take it on account of 
the pestilence. 

A piece of arable at Hartshead produced 13.«. 4c?. 

The Altarage is thus described, in 1349 : 



A portion of the Church of Huddersfield 


These entries do not occur again, because, as we shall after- 
wards see, they were settled in 1349, on the vicar. 

Perquisites of Court produced an uncertain sum. 

Demesne land, produced in 1349, I/. 3^. Qd. 

Mortuaries. Under this head the Proctor accounts for one 
bonum, value Qs. 3d. : five cows of divers parishioners at Dews- 
bury and Hartshead, value 1/. 5s. : and three bonicula of the 
same, value 8s. Also a calf value Is. 4d. 

Wool sold, 60^ stone, 7/. 1 1*. 3d. 

Dove-cote, 1.9. : not more, because ruinous and ready to fall, 
and the pigeons destroyed by pole-cats. 

Tithe of lamb, 2s. Id. 

There were also belonging to the church, a garden and or- 
chard; and lands called the Fall-Meadow, Leghfield, Brokeyard, 
Westyard, and The Avenams. 

The Disbursements consisted of the following items : 

Cenage of the church of Dewsbury 

Cenage of the chapel of Hartshead 

Procurations at the Archdeacon's Visitations 

Peter Pence, Dewsbury, 7s. Hartshead 2.*. 

2 1 lb. of wax for lights in the church of Dewsbury 

Oil for the lamps in the chancel 


Wine, 15 gallons, for celebrating the Sacrament at 

Easter and all other times 
Stipend of a capcllanus parochialis 
'ri»c same at Hartshead 
\\'ax for lights in the chapel at Hartslicad 







































Wine there 

Incense there 

To a Chaplain and Clerk, assisting at Easter, ac- 
cording to custom 

Offerings at the said feast 

Wages of a certain Deacon in the church of Dewsbury 

Wax bought at Burton against the feast of Easter 

Stipend of a Chaplain to collect Altarage at Burton 

Four bushels of corn bought against Easter for 
offerings then made, for Dewsbury 

Corn for Hartshead 

Hire of a certain pasture for lambs coming of tithe 

of Dewsbury and Wakefield . . . . 4 

The last entry is the only entry in these accompts which can 
afford the least countenance to the claim set up by the old minis- 
ter of Dewsbury for the superiority of his Church to that of 
"Wakefield. There are in these accompts other entries of sums 
expended in the repair of the mill, grange, &c. 

Hitherto we have said little of the persons in whom the patron- 
age of this rich benefice has been vested. 

As Dewsbury before the Conquest was on the royal demesne, 
we cannot doubt that the Saxon kings were accustomed to name 
the clerk or clerks officiating in this church, and taking the pro- 
fits. After the Conquest, the Church of Dewsbury passed with 
the lands, to the Warrens. But they did not keep it long : for, 
having founded a Cluniac monastery at Lewes in Sussex, among 
the other endowments they gave to it the churches on their York- 
shire lands. The instrument by which this gift was made has 
been often printed. It belongs to the reign of Rufus. 

From that period to the reign of Edward II. the patronage was 
in the house of Lewes ; and we have no notice of any disturbance 
in the possession of it, except that in 1266 John then Earl of 
Warren nominated one William de London to be the rector. 
This was resisted by the Prior, and successfully.^ 

As far as we can collect from Domesday Book there was at 
that time only one presbyter in the Church of Dewsbury. But 
previously to the 15th of Henry HI. the custom was to name two 
clerks, who divided between them the duties and profits of the 
cure : for in that year Archbishop Walter Gray thought proper 
to consolidate the two rectories, one being then void by the death 

• Sea Harl. MS. b'D70, f. 45. 


of John de Dewsbury.f Man} of the larger benefices in York- 
shire had two or more incumbents accordinfj to their original 
constitution ; and the policy of the Archbishop in consolidating so 
many of them, seems at this distance of time of very doubtful ex- 
pediency. From this time to 1319, when the Rector was super- 
seded by a Vicar, the parish had the service of one Rector only. 

The last Rectors were John de Dewsbury and Odo de Rich- 
mond. These appear under the denomination of Personse de 
Dewsbury in a charier of the year 1225 seen by Johnston. It is 
a grant to Henry de Savile, their parishioner, of the chantry of 
his chapel of Gulhlaker (Golcar) which is situated in his court 
(curia) there, within the limits of our parish, saving the rights of 
their church : 12(1. to be paid by the said Henry and his heirs at 
the feast of All Saints, at Dewsbury, in token of subjection. The 
Dean of York to have full power to settle all questions arising 
concerning the said chapel, without further strife, and without 
appeal. There is something peculiar in such a grant as this 
being made by the Rectors, without, as far as appears, papal or 
archiepiscopal authority. 

The Monastery of Lewes derived a pension of 4/. out of the 
profits of the benefice. 

In 1325, the connection of this remote monastery with the 
Church of Dewsbury terminated. On July 26th in that year, by 
deed executed in chapter of the house, the Prior and Convent of 
Lewes grant to Hugh le Despenser, son of Hugh Earl of Win- 
chester, and to Eleanor his wife, the advowsons of tiie Churches 
of Dewsbury and Wakefield, for life, with remainder to Gilbert 
their son: which grant was confirmed by the King on 11th Au- 
gust following. The record is on the Patent Rolls of 19 Edw. II, 

This was probably one of the rapacious acts of the Spensers, 
and yielded to by the monks to preserve something better. But 
the fall of the Spensers was near at hand. In the October fol- 
lowing the elder Spenser suffered death at Bristol. The death 
of the younger Spenser soon followed. Of Gilbert little is known : 
and it is uncertain whether the remainder in the grant took effect 
in his favour. However, the nomination to the two rectories of 
Dewsbury and Wakefield came into the hands of the King, early 
in the reign of Edward III. 

By that King both these rectories were made part of the en- 

' Sec Extrncts fiom Crnv';, Register, in Doilsnortli's MSS. at the Bodleian, vol. :(.\viii. 


dowment on the Dean and College of the Free Chapel Royal of 
Saint Stephen in the King's Palace of Westminster : and now it 
was that for the first time the Church of Dewsbury, as was also 
the Church of Wakefield, became appropriated, and was hence- 
forth to be served by a deputy. 

The King gave the Church to the Chapel of Saint Stephen, 
with the intention that it should be taken in proprios usus by the 
Dean and College. This fact we learn from the instrument of 
appropriation in the Consistory Court of York, which, though 
illegible in a few places, is yet sufficiently entire to leave no room 
for doubt as to any part of its meaning. It is in the usual form 
of a letter from William (Zouch) Archbishop of York to the 
Dean and College, and after reciting that the work is good to 
promote divine worship, and that a petition has been presented 
from the Dean and College, setting forth that the endowments of 
their Chapel are small and insufficient, and that the King their 
founder has given them the advowson of the Church of Dews- 
bury, with a view that it should be appropriated to them for their 
better support — in pursuance of the pious intention of the King, 
8cc. the Archbishop, with consent of the Chapter, appropriates 
the Church of Dewsbury to them. Sir John de Maydensone, now 
the Rector, yielding up possession. A Vicar is to be appointed 
to have the cure of souls by the Dean and College : and the Arch- 
bishop and the Dean and Chapter of Yoi'k are to be prayed for by 
the Dean and College. Furthermore, in recompence of the in- 
jury done to the Church of York, and in sign of the subjection of 
the Church of Dewsbury, there is reserved out of the profits an 
annual sum of 60 shillings ; to wit, 40 shillings to the Archbishop 
and 20 to the Dean and Chapter. This instrument was executed 
at the Archbishop's manor of Ripon, on the last day of Novem- 
ber, 1348. 

It remained now to settle the terms on which a Vicar was to 
be appointed to discharge the duties heretofore performed by the 
Rector. This was an affair between the College and the Arch- 
bishop. I'he arrangement was finally completed, and the Ordi- 
nation, as it is called, of a Vicarage perfected by an instrument 
which bears date at Ripon, 20 Jun. 1349. 

By this instrument the portion of the Vicar was declared to 
consist in these things : 

A competent manse, to consist of a hall, two chambers at the 


least, a kitchen, stable, frranary, and a house for cattle, to be 
built at the expense of the College ; with a suitable garden and 
close, as near as conveniently may be to the church. 

The Oblations at the Feasts Principal, and at other times of 
the year, both in the parish church and at the chapel of Harts- 

All Mortuaries, quick and dead. 

The Quadragesimal tithes, as of line, hemp, eggs, calves, lambs, 
colts, pigs, bees, wax, honey, geese, poultry, pigeons; whether 
they are accounted for in kind or by money ; of fruit and herb- 
age ; of the hay of gardens and crofts throughout the whole parish ; 
of any mills, as well now already built as to be built ; and all ob- 
ventions and minute tithes in whatsoever thing they consist, to the 
said church and chapel belonging. Also lithe of wool when it 
ought to be paid in money not in the fleece. 

The tithe of lambs, calves, pigs, geese, and poultry, and all 
lesser tithes and obventions whatsoever; mortuaries, dead and quick, 
(tithes of wool only excepted,) which, under the name of altar- 
age, has been from ancient times wont to be paid to the Church 
of Dewsbury in the parishes of Bradford, Heton, Almondbury, 
Huddersfield, Burton, and Thornhill. 

All the Peter pence, and the pennies for the consecrated bread, 
wont to be paid by the parishioners. 

Oblations at spousals, purifications of women, baptisms of 
children, and wax provided at the interment and exequies of tlie 
dead (ac ceram pervenientem in sepulturis et exequiis mor- 

Such was the ample provision made for the Vicar, in the as- 
signment of which, when we compare it with what was set apart 
for the Vicars in other northern parishes, we may seem to perceive 
that regard was had to the ancient honoui's of the church. Still 
there was enough remaining to the impropriators to make the 
Rectory of Dewsbury no mean addition to the revenues of even a 
royal college. It is declared in the instrument of the ordination 
to consist in the things following : 

All lands, meadows, rents, farms, perquisites of court, and all 
tithe of garb and hay (except tithe of the hay of gardens and 
crofts assigned to the Vicar) and of wool throughout the whole 
parish, except tithe of wool when it is paid in money which be- 
longs to the Vicar. Also the tithes and portions of the garb of 



Eccleshill, Halifax, Dalton, Huddersfleld, Almondbury, (viz. in 
Lockwood,) Burton, and Flockton, due to the said Church of 
Dewsbury, and of ancient time wont to be paid. Also tithes of 
herbage of woods and parks, sylvae ceduse, iron-mines, and coal 
within the parish or places wherein the church is entitled to 
tithe : but of these tithes last mentioned, whenever they are ga- 
thered, the tithe of the tithe is to be given to the Vicar. 

The burthens which fell upon the Vicar are declared to be 
these followinof : 

Procurations, Synodals, and Peter-pence. 

He shall find a chaplain in the Church of Dewsbury, and an- 
other in the Chapel of Hartshead ; and also other ministers mi- 
nistering in divine things in the same, as the Rector had been 
wont to do, at his own expence. 

Lights and lamps in the church and chapel. 

Bread and wine for the celebration of divine service in both. 

The oblations distributed in the church and chapel at Easter. 

"Cancellos vero earundem EcclesijB et Capellae," It stands thus 
in an office copy of the Ordination ; but I confess the meaning is 
to me obscure, unless it is the reparation of the chancels at Dews- 
bury and Hartshead. 

Books and vestments to be repaired, with the washing of the 

The Dean and College are to build anew the chancels of the 
said church and chapel, and to provide anew the books and vest- 
ments for both. But by this it is not meant to be declared that 
the Dean and College are to be burthened with finding such 
books and vestments as by the parishioners ought and are accus- 
tomed to be found, nor the Vicar with the reparation of them. 
The Dean and College are also to pay Procurations of Cardinals, 
Legates, and Nuncios of the Apostolic See when called for. 

All other burthens, ordinary and extraordinary, to rest on the 

Ordinations are seldom found so full of minute particulars 
as this. 

Li the partition of the profits of the benefice, by far the larger 
moiety was taken by the College : for in the return made in the 
time of Henry VHI. the College returned their share of the pro- 
fits of this church at 50/. ; while the Vicar's return was as follows : 


£. S. d. 

Payments from the six churches - 11 5 

Tithe of lamb - - - - 2 18 4 

Oblations, communibus annis - - 2 2 

Minute and privy tithes - - - 6 11 6 

Manse and irarden - - - 10 

£23 5 

out of which Synotlals and Procurations were paid, amounting 
to Us.6d. 

The method of proceeding when a church was to be appropri- 
ated, is a part of our Ecclesiastical Antiquities which has received 
little illusti-ation. Some light may, however, be now thrown 
upon it, from those accompts of Savage, the Proctor of the church, 
to which we have before referred, and from which I shall here 
extract the entries relating to the appropriation of this church. 

^. s. d. 

The expenses of the Dean of Pontefract and the Vicar of 
the same, and of 1 2 Rectors and Vicars belonging to the said 
Deanery, being at Dews bury on the Friday next after the 
feast of St. Catherine the Virgin, for the purpose of valuing 
and examining each portion to the said church belonging, and 
remaining there for a day and a night . . . . 7 3 

To the Dean and his Clerk for their labour on the said day 3 

Expenses of Mr. ^,Iichael de Norburgh and others de patria, 
returning from York on the Monday next after the feast of St. 
Andrew, and remaining there 2 days and 2 nights, pro posses- 
sione et appropriatione in dicta ecclesia capienda .. 14 7 

To Mr. William de Fakenham, Notary, for making divers 
instruments .. .. .. .. ,. OGS 

To Mr. Robert de Abreford for his expenses in prosecuting 
this business with the Archbishop of York, and for procuring 
the Vicarages made at AA'akefield and Dewsbury . . 2 

For the precept of Sir John de Bukyngham, and Mr. Rich- 
ard de Heton for the same business by the precept of the 
said John .. .. .. .. .. 10 

To a certain Notary by Mr. Richard de Heyton, and for 
divers expenses by him incurred in prosecuting the said 
business . . . . . . . . . . 10-4 

For a letter of Mr. Michael de Norburgh, and the expenses 
of Mr. Robert de Abreford, Mr. Richard de Heyton, the Dean 
of Doncaster, the Vicar of the same, and of 1 2 parishioners at 
Dewsbury, and 12 parishioners at ^^'akeflek^, for taking au 


£. s. d. 
inquisition and certifying the Archbishop, on the Monday next 
after the feast of St Barnabas the Apostle, for one day and 
one night .. .. .. .. .. 0177 

For the expenses of the said Mr. Robert and Richard going 
to Ripon at one time for 2 days and 2 nights, and at another, 
T) days and 5 nights, about prosecuting the said business, and 
the making a Vicarage . . . . . . 12 5 

We see that the whole business was conducted with great deli- 
beration and care, under the eye of the Dean of that Deanery in 
which Dewsbury was situated, who summoned for the purpose a 
jury of clerks; and again (for what reason another Dean was 
chosen does not appear,) under the eye of the Dean of Doncaster, 
the next adjacent Deanery, who summons a jury of parishioners : 
the Deans in both instances being assisted by the Vicars of the 
towns from whence the Deaneries had their denominations. 

At the Reformation, the College of Saint Stephen was dis- 
solved ; and the presentation of the Vicar which had belonged to 
it came into possession of the Crown, and the Vicar has ever since 
been presented by the King. 

The College appears to have been accustomed to grant leases 
of their Rectories in Yorkshire. The two Rectories of Dews- 
bury and Wakefield were held on lease in 1568 by Henry Savile 
of Lupset, near Wakefield, who was one of the council of the 
North, and Sheriff of Yorkshire in the tenth of Elizabeth. This 
Henry Savile sprung from a younger branch of Savile of Thorn- 
hill, and was the ancestor of the later Saviles of that place, his 
posterity succeeding to Edward Savile the long-lived and ineffi- 
cient son of Sir Elenry. In his will, dated 1 January 1568,. 
Henry Savile leaves his lease of the Rectories of Dewsbury and 
Wakefield to his wife Dorothy for life, with remainder to his son 
Francis Savile. 

Johnston says that the Rectory of Dewsbury was purchased by 
Dame Elizabeth Savile, widow of Sir George Savile of Thornhill, 
Bart, eldest son of Henry, and by her settled upon her younger 
son. Sir John Savile, who was seated at Lupset, from whom they 
descended to his son Thomas Savile, the last Savile of Lupset. 

Thomas Savile sold the impropriation of Dewsbury to John 
Peebles, who was Clerk of the Peace, and also one of the Gentle- 
men of the Privy Chamber in ordinary to King Charles II. He 


came to reside at Dewsbury, where he built a fine house, with a 
bowhng-green and walks, which attracted at the time much ad- 
mii-ation, and was perhaps one of the first instances of ornamen- 
tal grounds in the north. His pedigree was entered at the Visi- 
tation of Yorkshire, 1666, in which it appears that his grandfather 
{son to a Bishop in Scotland) was Chaplain to King James, 
whom he accompanied to England, and his father a clergyman. 
Rector of Wold-Newton. He himself married the heiress of the 
Franks of Alwoodley, an ancient esquire's family. Mr. Peebles 
died in 1684, leaving three daughters, Elizabeth, married to Jo- 
seph Richardson of the flimily at North-Bierley, Ann, and Mary 
wife of Bartin AUott, Esq. of Bilham-Grange. 

In the church are several monumental inscriptions of the 
family of Peebles. There also lies Henry Tilson, Bishop of El- 
phin, in Ireland, who fled to England in the time of the troubles 
in the seventeenth century. Reference may be made to the 
Loidis and Elmete of Dr. Whitaker, for the monumental inscrip- 
tions, and for other particulars respecting the fabric of the church. 
To that work also we refer for the catalogue of the Vicars before 
and since the Reformation. 

Only one chantry appears to have been founded in this 
church. It was that of John Sothill, and alms of five shillings 
were distributed annually by the Chaplain out of his income of 
61. which arose from lands at Dewsbury, Ossett, and Batley. 
This is probably the Sothill whose ancient and remarkable grave- 
stone is among the old stones preserved in the vicai'age garden. 
They were the only family of consequence which arose in the 
parish, having their name from Sothill, a member of the parish. 
The heiress married a Savile of Thornhill, a f^imily with whom 
we for ever meet in enquiries into the early history of the lands 
which compose the Wapentakes of Morley and Agbi-igg. 

The old priest who chaunted in strains better we may believe 
than they appear as taken down from the mouth of the parish 
clerk by Johnston, does not forget to speak of the " sweet bells " 
of Dewsbury, England's sweetest melody. One of them is 
known by the name of Black Tom of Sothill, and the tradition 
is, that it was an expiatory gift for a murder. One of the bells, 
whether it is this I do not know, is tolled at Christmas Eve as at 
a funeral, or in the manner of a passing-bell ; and any one 
asking whose bell it was? would be told that it was the Devil's 
Knell. The moral of it is that the Devil died when Christ was 


born. The custom was discontinued for some years ; but at 
Christmas 1828, it was revived, by order of the Vicar. 

The feast is on Saint James' Day ; in which it is just possible 
that there may be an allusion to James the assistant of Paulinus, 
who was left by him to watch over the interests of Christianity in 
the North, when he returned into Kent with the widow of King 
Edwin ; but we may observe that the payment of the Saviles for 
their chapel at Golcar, was to be made on the feast of All-Saints, 
and we may commonly find the churches of Saxon foundation 
not assigned to any particular Saint, owing, it is supposed, to the 
difficulty in those times of obtaining relics. 

J. H. 



[P'o. 56 K] Persons buried in the Abbey cf LantJiony. 

The names of the Founders of the Church of our Blesside Ladi 
in Lanthoni, whiche ar departid ther. 

Milo, the fownder of the churche of our blessid Ladi of Lan- 
thoni without Glowcestre, Erie of Herforde, Lord of Bricone, 
and of all the Forrest of Done, and also Constable of England, 
lyithe honorabli in the myddist of his Chapter howse of Lan- 
thoni aforseid. At the heade of tiie seade Milo ar buried three 
of his sonnes; Roger, that is to sey his first begotton sonne, 
Erie of Herford, Lord of Bricone, and of the forest of Donne, 
also Constable of England, in the myddil ; and nighe unto hym 
on the right hand lyithe Henri his brother, Lord of Bricone, and 
of the forest of Donne, and also Constable of England. And of 
the left hand lyithe Michel Lord of Bricone, and of the forest of 
Donne, and also Constable of England. Nyghe to Milo the 
fownder, of his right hand, and at fote of the seid Henri, lyithe 
Sibbill wiffof the seid Milo, which, after the deathe of the seid 
Milo, did enter into religion in the howse of the seid Lanthoni; 
which on the right hand of the seid Sibbill lyithe the right wor- 
shipfull matron of Lanthoni, Ladi Margaret, the furst begotton 

' See p. 50. 


daughter of the said Milo, which was maried to Humfre of Bo- 
hum the third, which had the Erledome of Hereford and Con- 
stableshipe of England, and lithe buried at the fote of the seid 
Sibill. And of the overhand lithe Luce the third daughter of 
the seid Milo Erie. And nyghe to die veri fownder Milo, on his 
leift hand, and at the fote of the foreseid Michel, lithe Humfre of 
Bohum die iiiith, sonne and heire of the foreseid Margaret, Erie 
of Hereford and Constable of England ; and nyghe unto Hum- 
fre the iiiith, and of his left hand, lithe Henri of Bohum, sonne 
and heire of the forseid Margaret, Erie of Hereford, Essex, and 
Constable of England ; and at the fote of the seid Humfre the 
iiiiUi, lithe Maude, daughter of the Erie of Ewes in Normanni, 
first wiff'of the seid Humfre of Bohum the vth. At die fote of 
die seid Maude lithe Elionor of Brewis, Ladi and heire of the 
land of Bricon ; and at the head of the forseid Erie Roger, sonne 
of Milo, a litul within the Chapter-howse dorc, lithe Roberte 
Braci, Prior of the Churche of Lanthoni the first ; and nyghe 
unto the forseid Roberte, of his right hand, lidie the Ladi Alice 
of Touny (Toeni) daughter of Humfre of Bohum the vth : and 
nyghe to the forseid Roberte the Prior, of his left hand, lithe 
Henri of Bohum, knight, sonne and heire of the Erie aforseid, 
and brother of Humfre the vth ; and at the fote of the seid 
Sibbill, nyghe unto Henri, lythe Humfre of Bohum the ixth, 
Sonne of Humfre of Bohum the viiith ; and in the middill of the 
quier before the liye alter lithe Humfre of Bohum, Lord Erie of 
Hereford and Essex, lord of Bricone and Constable of England, 
and nighe unto him, of the left hand, lidie Maude of Avenburi 
Countes, wiff of the seid Humfre the second ; of their soules and 
all Cristen our Lord have merci apon. Amen. 

[Fo. 57.] Pedigree of Fleming, Camefelde, and Haveryngton, 
A. D. 1112. 

" Here followethe the lineall progeny of Mighell Flbming 
which enfeoffed Ewein, Abbott, of lloos and Crivelton, by 
eschaunge for Bedersey and Ursewyk, whose progeny ys so 
derived from hym, as there names here in order dotlie followc : 
of whome ys furste the same Mighel Flemyng, whose son ys 
William Flemeng, whose son ys Mighel, whose sister ys Ellein, 
wyfe of Sir Richarde Camefelde, knight ; and they had issue 
John de Camefelde, whose brother ys William de Camefelde, 
whose sister ys Anneys wyfe of Roberte Ilavcryngton, which 


Anneys had issue John de Haverington ; and here cometlie the 
manner of Aldingham in the sayde Abbatt's kepenge, unto the 
which John Haverington succeded John son of Roberte his son, 
which John son of Roberte de Haverington, which fsicj had 
issue John that now ys Ao D'ni miiiicxii. 

[Fo. 95-6.] Sepultures in Gishorough Priory, co. York. 
[Founded] Ao 1129. 

Roberte Bruis which came into Englande wt Wiftm Con- 
querour, founded the Pryory of Gysborough where he lyethe 
berryed, and also these noble persons hereafter followinge : 

Adam Brus, son and heire of the saide Roberte. 

Adam Brus, son of the sayde Adam, and his heire. 

Peter Brus, son and heire of Adam the second and Joane 
doughter of the Erie of Chester. 

Peter Brus, son of the sayde Peter. 

Peter Brus, son of Peter the 2^% and Illary his wyfe, doughter 
of the Lorde Mauley. 

Anneys, doughter and heire of the iii*^^ Peter, wedded to Syr 
Walter Fauconbrege, Lorde of Ryse in Holdernes. 

Roberte Bruis, which was a Scotte. 

Roberte Bruis, which did stryve for the Kingedome of Scott- 

Joan, wyfe of Peter Brus. 

Walter Fauconbrege and Isabel his wyfe. 

Therle of Kent, and the Lord Fauconbrege. 

William Lorde Latymer, with Lucy his wyfe, doughter of 

Wiltm Latymer. 

Sir John Darcy, knight. 

Sir Marmaduke Thwenge, knight, and Luce his wyfe. 

S"" Robert Everyngham. 

Thomas Wodborn. 

Sir Walter Fauconbrege, knight, which married doughter of 

Wiltm Gilson and Ellein his wyfe. 

Wiltm Stare and Joane his wyfe. 

Thomas Denton. 

John Taylboys. 





Seton, in Rutlandshire, was the residence of a family of Sheffield, the 
first of whom was William Sheffield, who settled there on marrying 
Isabella, the daughter and co-heir of Rowland de St. Liz, in 1409, 10 
Hen. IV. He was Knight of the Shire that year ; and was father of 
William, who was also Knight of the Shire in 1480, 8 Hen. V. (See 
AVright's Rutland, fol. 1 684.) 

I have obtained the following extracts concerning this family from the 
Parish Register, which commences in 1561 : 

1562. Margareta Sheffeld sepulta erat decimo quarto Junii. 

1563. Will'mus ShefFekl baptizatus erat vicessimo qiiinto 

1565. Edwardus Sheffeld bapt. erat decimo quinto Februarii. 
1567. Kenelmus Sheffeld bapt. erat vicessimo secundo Aprilis. 
1570. Anthonius Sheffeld, filius Georgii Sheffeld, bapt. erat 
vicessimo quinto die Aprilis. 

1579. Joh'es Sheffeld, filius Georgii Sheffeld, bapt. vicess. 
primo Maij. 

Edward, Kenelm, Anthony, and John, are on record in the pedigree 
of the Rutland Visitation of 1618, as having all died s. p. being the 
youngest sons of George Sheffield, of Setou, co, Rutland, by his wife 
Elizabeth Harrison, daughter of Robert Harrison of Stow, co. North- 
ampton, Esq. by his wife Elizabeth Fitz-Geffry of co. Beds. See Visi- 
tation of Northamptonshire in Heralds' College, Anno 1619. 

1580. Kobertus Tedd et Anna Sheffeld nupti erant nono die 

1599. Dorothea Sheffcild, filia Uoberti Sheffield, bap. 3 De- 

1600. Emma Sheffeild, uxor Gulielmi Sheffeld, sepult. 20 Dc- 

1603. Elizabeth Sheffeild sepult. 23 Juiiij. 

(1606, 8, 9, are wanting.) 

1610. Rob'tus Tedd sepult. I Juhi. 


1613. D Sheffeild filia Sampsonis Sheffield, bap. 4 Julij. 

1618. Georgius Sheffeild sepultus erat vicess. quarto die Sep- 

This is probably the George who was Sheriff of Rutland in 1588. 

1619. Sampsonus Sheffeld sepultus erat duodecimo Decembris. 
1621. Will'mus Sheffeld, filius Will'mi Sheffeld, sepult. sep- 

timo Martii (viz. of 1621-2). 

1624. The last day of May James Sheffield buried. 
1627. Josias Beacham et Mai'ia Sheffield iiupti 23 August. 

1633. Maria Beachamp, filia Josias Beaciiamp, bapt. July 4. 
Christian Sheffield, filia Sampsonis Sheffield, bapt. 18 

Febr. (viz. of 1633-4). 

1634. Mary Beacham, uxor Josias Beacham, sepult. Novem- 
ber 7. 

1635. Elizabeth, filia Sampson Sheefeild, baptiz. May 31. 
After 1635 there is no entry of baptism^ marriage, or death of any of 

the Sheffields. 

On a search through the Institutions from 1600 to 1/00 to the Rec- 
tory of Seton in the Registry of the diocese of Peterborough, most 
courteously made for me by the present learned and orthodox Prelate 
(Herbert Marsh), I have ascertained that " the first institution on record 
after IGOO was in 1627 on the 17th of May, when the Rev. John 
[Josias] Beacham was instituted on the presentation of John Dryden, 
Esq. How long Mr. Beacham retained the rectory and who was his 
successor docs not [thence] appear." He was de jure Rector for forty- 
seven years, till Oct. 2, 1674. Of this person we can add a few notices 
from the information of the present worthy Rector of Seton, the Rev. 
Hugh Monckton, who observes : — "Josias Beacham, or Beachamp as 
he sometimes spelled, as appears from the Register was instituted to the 
Rectory of Seton 1627, vice Will. Hornbie, or Hornbye, deceased ; and 
married same year Maria Sheffeld, by whom he had Maria 1 633. His wife 
died Nov. 1634, on occasion of whose illness he seems to have become 
non-resident from June in that year till December 1637, when he re- 
turned with a second wife, by whom he had a large family. During 
this supposed non-residence his daughter Maria probably died in some 
other place ; for, though her burial does not appear in the Register, the 
baptism of another daughter of the same name is found Nov. 4, 1649. 
He appears to have been ejected by the Puritans Nov. 1653. March 1 
of the year following, the Puritan Registrar, A\'illiam Palmer, records, 
rather disrespectfully, ' Eliz. Beachamp buryed,' without describing her 
relation to the lawful Rector. Now Elizabeth was the name of his eldest 
daughter by the second wife, probably therefore the name of the wife. 
If this were the burial of the latter, his ejectment and his second widow- 


liood must have taken place within a few months, and, as she had borne 
him a child the year before, his affliction, with a young family, must 
have pressed heavily upon him. It is gratifying to see him restored 
September 1G02, and writing a fine steady hand on the 2nd October 
] 674, on the 20th of which month he was buried. 

"During the eventful period of the grand rebellion no appointment 
was recorded in the Registry, nor even after the Restoration was any 
institution recorded before the 14th of November 1674, when the Rev. 
Edmund Sheaphard was instituted on the presentation of John Meere, 
Gent, who was Patron for that turn only. On the 1 7th of November 
] 682 the Rev. Edward Camocke was instituted on the presentation of 
Edward Cony, Esq. who was again Patron for that turn only. On the 
29th of March 1686 the Rev. William Peake was instituted on the pre- 
sentation of Charles Tryon, Esq. in whose family the patronage remained 
above a hundred years, till it was purchased by Colonel Monckton, to 
whose heir the patronage now belongs." 

To this we may add, that Sampson Sheffield of Navestock, co. Essex, 
by will in the registry of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 34 Brent, 
dated June 22, 1648, administration granted 18 IMay 16.53, was seised 
of the next presentation to Seton. His words are: — "And whereas 
the next presentation of the parsonage of Seaton in Rutlandshire is in 
my power to dispose of, my will is, that if my Executors can find out 
any honest Godly man who will buy the same, and if they conceive it 
lawful to sell the same, that they shall have power to do so, and that 
the money arising upon the sale thereof shall go towards the payment of 
the legacies herein bequeathed." It would appear that John Meere 
obtained Sheffield's presentation, and presented as his clerk Edmund 
Sheaphard in 1674, on the death of Beachamp, and that such presenta- 
tion did not take place till upwards of twenty years after the Testator's 
death. S. H. C. 



In the printed Calendar of the Charter-Rolls, under 17 Hon. III. it 
is said that " Diversce Charlie" were then granted to Ralph Fitz- 
Nicholas, concerning feodal privileges in sundry manors in the Counties 
of Derby, Nottingham, \\'arwick, Leicester, Essex, Suftblk, and Wilt- 
shire 3 but among those manors the name of Dunham a is not found, 

" DuDliam, however, is noticed in tlie Calendar as having been previously granted to 
Ralph Fitz-Nichoias, in 1 1 Hen. 111. Rot. Chart. 1 1 W. Hi. p. :, ni. ti.—Edit. 


though an origiual Charter granting it to that same person in that year is 
preserved, with the great seal appendant, in Ashmole's Collection at 
Oxford (No. 1776). The property was Dunham in Nottinghamshire, 
which is thus described in the feodary of the time of Henry III. (earlier 
than this charter) the Testa de Nevill, p. 18 : "Homines de Dunham 
dicunt quod Comes de Bolonia habet qninquaginta libratas terra?, ex dono 
Henrici Regis, qui illud dedit Matheo Comiti, et Comes Bolonise illud 
habet ex parte uxoris suae." 

Henricus Dei gratia Rex Angl. Dominus Hybernie, Dux 
Norm. Aquit. et Comes Andeg. archiepiscopis, episcopis, abba- 
tibus, prioribus, comitibus, baronibus, justiciariis, vicecomitibus, 
prepositis, ministris, et omnibus ballivis et fidelibus suis, salutem. 

Sciatis nos concessisse dilecto et fideli nostro Radulplio filio 
Nicholai, manerium de Dunham cum pertinenciis suis, quod 
fuit Comitis Bolonie. Habendum et tenendum eidem Radulpho 
et heredibus suis de nobis et heredibus nostris, adeo libere quiete 
et integre, cum omnibus pertinenciis et libertatibus et liberis con- 
suetudinibus ad manerium illud pertinentibus, sicut Reginaldus 
de Danmartin quondam Comes Bolonie illud tenuit in manu sua, 
donee heredi ipsius Comitis illud reddiderimus, per voluntatem 
nostram vel per pacem. Ita quod nee nos nee heredes nostri 
predictum Radulphum vel heredes suos dissaisiemus, vel dissaisiri 
faciemus, de predicto manerio vel ejus pertinenciis, nisi illud 
reddiderimus heredi predicti Comitis, sicut predictum est. Et 
si forte illud reddiderimus, nos vel heredes nostri faciemus eidem 
Radulpho, vel heredibus suis, conpetens escambium in wardis 
vel escaetis ad valentiam predicti manerii. 

Hiis testibus. Venerabili patre Petro Winton' Episcopo, 
Stephano de Segrave justic. Angl', Petro de Rivall', Capicerio 
Pict', Roberto Passelewe, Godefrido de Craucumb', Johanne 
filio Philippi, Galfrido Dispensario, et aliis. 

Data per manum venerabilis patris Radulphi Cycestr. Epis- 
copi, Cancellaril nostri, apud Westm. quarto die Maij, anno 
regni nostri decimo septimo. 

W. H. B. 




IN 1334. 

[From a Register of the Abbey of Tichfield called the " Rememora- 
torium de Tichefelde," compiled in the reign of Richard II. and now in 
tlie possession of the Duke of Portland.] 

[Fol. 89 l".] Taxacio decime ^' q'ntedecime i' Com' Suthf, 
aP regni lleg^ Edwardi i'cij post conq'stvH anglie Octavo. 


Werewelle. . . liiijs. \]d. 

Clatford'. . . \\']s. \ii]d. 

Godevvorth' & Anne. xxvj^. \\d. 

Midelton' & Forton'. xxvij^. \i\]d. 

Eston*. . . ]]s. y]d. 

Bolyndone. .. \\s.]d. 
S'ma xiijZ. \]s. \]d. 






\\s. i]d. ob. 

Nonhampton'. . . 


Swarevveton', . . 



x\]s. ii]d. 


xviJ5. xrf. 


xxxixs. \d. ob. 

S'ma xxiiij/. 


vijrf. ob. 




\\\]l. xviJ5. \^d. 

Candeu'e abbis. xxvijs. \]d. 

Wodema'cote. . . viij^. \d. 


xljs. viijrf. 


xxxjs. xjrf. ob. 


iiijZ. xj^. vije?. 

S'ma lxviJ5 

. xd. ob. 

Wordy regia. . 

Ixiijs. viijrf. 

Wordy mortem' 

XXVJ5. viij(?. 


: bontesbourgh'. 

Colemere & Dene. y\s. \]d. 

Ichenestoke. . 

h. ujd. ob. 

Pamb'e & Ineshurst -. , 

( XX1X5. una. 
& Ha'me. / '' 

Abboteston'. . 

\\s. iiijtf. ob. 
xxxvj*. iiije?. 

S'ma \\\l. 

xs. \\]d. 

Swareweton'. , 

XXX5. vjrf. 

S'ma viijZ. 

xviJ5. vijrf. 



\\\]l. viijs. viijrf. ob. 


DE menestoke. 

Northb"uk i' Much', xxxvis. \]d. 


iiij/. xj.<f. 




xxxiiJ5. vjs. 


xlv5. \]d. 


Ixxvijs. v\]d. 

Wordy abb'is. 

xxxixs \']d. 


xviij*. ijrf. 




xxij.9. \d. 


xlviij5. ]d. 


xxijjf. ijrf. 


xxxvjs. 'i\d. 






Hoo. . . xlviiJ5. 'i\d. 

Westbury & Stocke, xlijs. iiijrf. 
S'ma xxiijZ. ixs. injd. 



xlijs. \^d. 







Ixiij*. xd. 

\i\s. vd. ob. 

xxijs. xjc?. ob. 

xxxjs. iiijrf. 

xws. ixd. ob. 

liijs. iiijrf. 

S'ma xjl. \}s. vi\]d. ob. 



























\vii]s. \'}d. 

xjs. viijrf. 

xs. viljrf. 

wjs. xd. 


xxxviJ5. ijd. 

xxxiij*. \}d. 

xxxijs. iijrf. 

xiijs. ijd. 

xvjs. xid. 

xxixs. viijrf. 

xijs. vd. 


v}s. \jd. 

xxxixs. xjrf. 

xxiJ5. viijc?. 

x}s. vijrf. 

xviJ5. -vjd. 

xiijs. iijrf. 

ixs. ixd. 

\js. xd. 
xlj5. i}d. 
Ivijs. xd. 
S'ma xxviij/. xix5. ixd. 

xljs. x}d. 

XIXS. liijc?. 


xviijs. ijd. 

xvijs. viijd. 

Tujs. xd. 


NutshuUyng. . . 
Muchelraersch' & i 

Abedrig. -> 

Westputte Marescal. 

Sp'keford' & Drayton' 
Chylbolton' & Bandesbry. xjs. xjd. 
Wo'synton' & Hontoii. x\s. xd. 
Eledestoke. . . s.xs. 

Sp'sholte.Dane. &. ^^.^^^^ 

Layneston'. / 

Lytletone.Wykefulflode.lxiijs. iiijd. 
Craule. Somborne, xliijs. i}d. 

Merdon'. Putte. -» ...., . 

Sewstede. J •' •' 

Aunfelde & Pokenhale. Ciiijs. jd. 
Hurselegh'. . . xxvijs. 

S'ma xxxL xiijs. 


Shipton'. . . Ciiijs. q 

Snodynton'. xxxvij^. xjd. ob. q. 
Tudevvorth', .. viijs. ijc?, 

WoUop* Bouklo'd'. xj/.xix5. iiijrf. ob 
WoUop' p'orisse. xij/. xxd. ob. q. 












xl. x\i]d. ob. 

xijs. yd. 
xs. \jd. 
x\}s. ]d. 


\yi]s. i]d. ob. q. 


14. 177 



Cuneton' & Bitleton'. Ixiij."^. [jd. ob. 




xxxiiij^, xd. 

W'estuderle. xxxviij.?. xjd. ob. 




hjs. jd. q. 



S'ma Ix'ijl. ob, 

Penyton' Crafteyn. 


Penyton' Meisy. 

xxviiiJ5. jd. 




xxxvij*. jrf. 






viij/. iiijc?. 

S'ma xljl. viijs, 

, \\}d. ob. 

Romesy exa poiite' 

lxiiJ5. viijc?. 



lxxvj.9. \i]d. 


Ixxixs. m]d. 


Ixxs. xd. q. 


iiij/. yis. xd. 


h\}s. xd. q. 


iujl. ixs. 


XXV.?. viijc/. ob. 




xljs. vlijf/. ob. 




xxviiJ5. xd. q. 

Oke & Stanbryg'. 


Estou'crook'. xx\ 

ijs. viijrf. ob. q. 

Tymberbury. , . 

xh's. v'njd. 


xxixs. iiijrf. q. 


xx]s. \n\d. 


xliiiJ5. iiijrf. q. 

Eledezie & Coinpton'. xliij^. ijd. 


Iviijs. ob. q. 

So'bo^'ne R. & Strete. vij/. viijs. ijd. 

S'ma xviij^. xiiijs. vjd. 


xxis. vujd. 

hundred' de 


Parva So'bofne. 

xliijs. iiijd. 

Clere cu' p'sonatu. 

\]l. xs. xd. q. 

Vpsomborne. . . 

xxxijs. xd. 





Ivvehurst & Fynligh', 




Okly & Tytcgaue. 

xviijs. viijrf. 

Lckford' abb'is. 





Ixxvj.?. viijrf. 

fickford' abb'isse. 

\. x\s. 

Ludeshulf '. 

Lckford' Rlc'. 



\x\]s. \]d. 

S'ma xlviijZ. iij 



\x\]s. xd. 


Edmondesthorp'. ^ 

Bcnham.&Laun- \ 

■ xxxiij.f. viijrf. 


Ixiiijs. xd. ob. 

celcne. -' 

Anne abb'is, ' 

vyi. xs. \}d. ob. 


Ixxs. i}d. 

Anne de Bek. . . 


FroUeburi. -» 
Clerwodecote. J 

Anne Sauage. . , 


xxxix5. xjd. 

Anne de port. 

xxxix5. vjd. 

S'ma xx'ixl. vjs. 

ijd. ob. 


lijs. xd. 


XXXV5. xd. 


Tudeworth'. . . 

lxxviiJ5. xd. 

HusselboTuc p'oris. 

xliijf. xjd. 

















Nova villa. 

S'ma XXV?. x'ljs. 

xk. viijfZ. 

xiiJ5. i]d. 


Is. i]d. 


xixs. xjc?. 

xxxijs. viijrf. 

xxxixs. vjrf. 

xxxiijs. xd. 

XYs. y'ljd. 

xiiijs. xd. 

xxxvjiT. x'njd. 

x\\js. \]d. 

PSHIRE, IN 1334. 

Newyton' & "J ••• 7 • j 

Hauekly. ■> 

S'ln'"^ xu}L ixs. xjd. 






Weston' Corbet. 






Candeu'e Preston'. 

xxix5. xjc?. 


xv'ijs. vje?. 


xixs. vijrf. 

Ivjs. iiijd. 

iilj^xijs. xd. 
vjl. n]s. viijd 


S'raa xxviji. xxijc?. 


Suthamton' & 


S'ma xviij?. ixs. xjd. 



xxixs. iiijrf. 

iiij/. d.{sic) 

xl. [}d. 

xviijs. viijrf. 

xxvjs. vujd. 


xixs. Yujd. 

xxiiijs. xd. 



Ixxijs. viijc?. 







xxJ5. ijd. 

xhs. ]d. 

xxxvs. vjd. 

xxxixs. iijd. 

xvs. vjrf. 

xxxixs. iijrf. 












S'ma xxj/. xiiijs. 

Ixxijif. ijd. 

xxxviij.<f. vjt?. 

x}s. xd. 

xxxvs. vjd. 

xiijs. ijd. 

h. vd. 

xxi]s. jd. 

xxxjs. \jd. 

liiijs. ixd. 

Ivs. \}d. 

xlixs. ijc?. 










xxxiJ5. xjd. 
xxxijs. [jd. 
\i\s. vjd. q. 
Ixvijs. ixd. 
xviijs. ijd. q. 
xxxv.9. ijd. 



Shyrefeld'. . . xxxiiij.?. jd. q. 
Eluetham. . . xvjs. vd. 

Hertlegh'. xxviijs. \d. ob. q. 

S'lna xx^. xvjs. ijd. ob. 


Benetle. x\s. n'ljd. S'raa patet. 


xvijs. \]d. 

Nately Scures. 




Vpnateleghe. . . 

xjs. xd. 


xviijs. i]d. 


x'ljs. iiijrf. 

S'ma xxvj/. vijs. \)d. 




CiJ5. ijrf. 


]XX5. v}d. 


XXYUJS. vjd. 

Satfeld' Turgys. 

xxiiJ5. xd. 

Bromeshulle. . . 

XXYS. xd. 


liJ5, xd. 

Satfeld' Say. .. 

\xxyjs. v]d. 

Satfeld' Mortm". 

xxiJ5. vjd. 



S'ma xxiji. vij5. 



Okly. , . xliij.f. 

Wotton'. . . x\s. iijc?. 

Wortynge. . . x'ljs. ixd. 
S'ma Ixxvjs. 


Basjniges. . . iiij/. xiiij*. \}d. 

Shvrcbourne s'c'i -^ , , 

Joh'is. / 

Sliyrebourne Couday 

Esthrop cu' Lykeput 
Kempeshetc. . . 
Cludesdcnne. . , 

Aulton' abb'is. 


Halyborne. Estbrok, 



Estvvorldham, . . 










S'ma xxijL xxs 

xliiijs. vijrf. 
xxvjs. iiijc?. 
xxxiijs. ijd, 
xxxjs. xjd. 
XXV5. i\}d. 
xxs. \]d. 
xxijs. vjd. 
xxixs. ixd. 
xxs. vjrf. 
xxxs. i}d. 
Ixxv5. iijrf. 



xviij^. iiijf?. 

lxiiiJ5. vjrf. 


x\}s. xd. 

xlijs. \}d. 


xs. ujd. 
xxxs. \d. 

N 2 




iiij/. xv'ijs. 


Ixxiiijs. vijc?. 

Langcrysch'. . . 

xlii'j.<f. \d. 


Ixys. vd. 

Oxcnebourn'. . . 



xxvij 5. 

Rypi)lyntoii'. . . 

xlviiJA^ iijrf. 


xlix.<f. ijrf. 

Ambresham. . . 


S'ma xxvij/. \d. 



Estbo'-honte. . . 

xxxs. xd. 


S'ma xxx\jZ. 

viijs. ijc?. 

Shete. . . xxxvijs. n]d. 


Buryton', . . xxxvs. y]d. 
Westeyton'. . . xxs. ijrf. 
Mustede. . . xxs. yd. 
Chalghton'. . . Ixxijs. iijd. 
Henton'. . . Ivijs. yi}d. 
Clanefeld'. . . hs. 
Idesworthe. . . xxviijs, Vujd. 
Kateryntone, . . iiij/. xxujd. 
Blendevvorth'. . . CxJ5. \'}d. 
S'ma xxvjZ. iijc?. 

North wode. 
Mayngham. iiij 

Warblynton'. . . 
S'ma xxixZ. 

lxx^^js. xd. oh. q. 
iiijL \s. \]d. 
\l. x\]s. ixd. oh. q. 
x\vi]s. xjd. 
h. iijt?. ob. 
iiijZ. vijs. 
XVJ5. ijrf. 



;. FORINC'. 

Petresfeld'. . . xxxiiijs. 
S'ma patet. 

Porcestre for'. 
S'ma patet. 

xlviiJ5. vjrf. 



DE FARh'm, 

Hameldon'. .. xxujs.jd.oh. 


xvijs. viijrf. ob. 

Chyddenne. . . xxxjs. ujd. 


xxxs. v'ljd. ob. 

Cluddone. . . xxs. ujd. q. 
Denemede. . . xxxij^. 

Cartcsfeld'. . . 

xixs. iiijc?, ob. 
xxiiiJ5. injd. 

S'ma Cvjs. viijc?. 


xvjs. vd. ob. 


Bedhampton'. iiij/. viijs. xd. 
Farlyntone. . . xlviij^. vjrf. 
Drayton. . . xxxs. v,d. 

Ca'mous. . . x\xs. xd. oh. 
Bronewych'. . . xv]s. \\]d. ob. 
S'ma vij/. \i\]s. viijc?. 


Wydelcgh'. . . xijs. ijrf. 

Tycchefeld'. . . 

vijZ. viJ5. xjd. 

Walesworth'. . . xlijs. xd. 



Suthewyk. . . Ivijs xd. 


xxiiiJ5. iiijrf. 

Westbourhounte. liiijs. xjcZ. 


xls. iiijrf. 

Frodyngton'. . . Ixxj.^. vjrf. 


xxxiijs. iiijrf. 

Porteseye. . . x\\xs. xd. 



Bourhonte h'berd'. xxixs. ijrf. 


Ixxvs. vjc?. 

Vyymerynge& luij^. .-ij,. vjrf. 
Huleseye. -' 


xliijs. ijd. 


Ixwjs. vjrf. 

Myddelton'. . . Ixx*-. viijc/. 


vj/. viijs. vjd. 

Esteneye. . . liijs. \]d. 


iiijs. vijt?. 



Totj-ntone. . . xlvj^. iiijrf. 



Trestevvode. . . hs. vjrf. 


xis. viijrf. 

\A'yndelesore. -v 



Burkle. f , •• w 
> lxxij5. \]d. 



Natele. i ^ 


1J5, viije?. 

Tachebury. ^ 


xxxixs. jd. 

S'ma xxvjZ. xviJ5. \d. 


xws. i'njd. 



hundred' nove FORESTE. 


XXXJ5. iijrf. 

Lyndhurst. . . xxiiij^. vijrf. ob. 

Swuanemede. . . 


Bokeburst & Bronkle. lixs. 


XXX J5. 

Ippele & Botes- ") ..... .. , 

^^ Ynul.xyus.ob.q. 
asche. -> 

Shydefeld'. . . 


S*ma xviij'Z. 

injs. vijc?. 

Hardele. . . xxxys. viijc?. 
HoUebry & Langele. xxiijs. iiijrf. 


Ekeresbry & Leope. Ixvjs. mjd. 


Ij."^. X(/. 

Badesle. . . \\\s. viijc?. 


xxxiiiJ5. vijrf. 

AVereboi'ne & Pylele. xxxvijs. viijV. 

Chuleworth'. . 

xxviJ5. ujd. 

Batramesle & Wodeton'. xjs. xujd. 


xijs. ujd. 

Bourlyc. . . xxixs. iiijrf. 


xxxvij.<f. xd. 

Lyndwode & 1 ^^^, ••,.,.,;. .j. 
Goteshuir. J 




lixs. xiijd. 

Frytham. . . ixs. 


\js. i\d. 

Cantcrton*. . . xiijs. xd. 


Iws. u}d. 

Mynstede, . . xiijs. 


vijZ. xiiiJ5. 

Berklee. . . xiiijs, vijrf. 


Cs. n\d. 

S'ma xxvij7. vijs. x]d. ob. q. 

S'ina xxxZ. : 





Cadelonde -» , 

I xxxijs. vnj(/, 
Stanesvvode J 


xxvs. iiijrf. 


XX5. \jd. 

S'ma patet. 

Du])6J>ene. (sic) 

in}l. ixs. vijrf. 


xiij.*. xd. 

hundred' xp'i eccl'ie. 

Merchcwode. . . 

iiij/. ujs. 

Xp'i eccl'ie. . . liijs. 


xxix5. iiijd. 

"\\'estoiirc. . . Ixijs. viijrf. 


xxs. n'ljd. 

Boerton'. . . Ixvjs. viijrf. 

Elynge Colebury. 


Nova Lymenton'. vj/. iijs. 


xxVnjs. viijrf. 

Vet' Lemynton'. iiij/. xxrf. 


xxxv.f \d. 

Bolre. . . xlixs. 




S'ma Ix^. i 

xxxix.<f. viijrf. 
x\s. y'njd. 



xxxiilj.?. iiijc?. 


Cxs. iiij(^. 

hs. uijd. 

Ixxij.?. viijc?. 


xxiijs. xiljd. 

Ivujs. iiijrf. 

xxijs. viijt?. 


x\s. id. 

Penne & Fairle. 

Is. viijc?- 
xxxiiijs, xd. 
\']l. ijs. vijrf. 



GodeshuUe & Steneb^'y. Ixxs 
Whytewelle. . . iiij/. ijd. 

Wroxhale. . . vj/. iiJ5. 

Wathe & Netelcoinbe. Ixijs. viijrf. 
Sandham & Wyke. viij/. xs. 
Auechestone & Kerne. Ixxs. 
Hardele & Eu'londe. Cjs. 

Kyngton' & Arreton'. Ixjs. 
Berraardesle. . . x\s. 

Brerdynge. . . xxxvjs. 

Roode & Rokle. \ijZ. xviijs. 
Shentlynge. . . xxxs. ij(?. 

S'ma Ixix/. xviJ5. njd. 



x\s. x]d. 


iiij/. vnjs. iiijrf. 

Hale & Chardeforde. iiij/. vs. \d. 


xxxs. ijd. 


\\xn]s. i]d. ob. 


xxxjs. viijrf. 

Rokebourne. . . 

vij/. uijs. injd. 


xvijs. xd. 


xxxvijs. viijc?. 

Atherfeld'. . . 

xviijs. vjd. 


iiij/. xijs. 


xliJ5. viijrf. 


xxxviij^. ijc?. 


yj/. vjs. ijrf. 




xxxiiijs. iiijrf. 


Ixij5. iiijc?. 


xvijs. viijc?. 

S'ma xxxj7. ijs. ob. 

Gatescombe. . . 

vj/. ixs. ]d. 


CvJ5. iiijrf. 





vijs. vjc?. 

Henricusde Welles 

■■} ^>^- 

Bouecorabe. . . 

C'ws. \]d. 

Ric'us Fromond'. 


xxij5. ijd. 



Ixvjs. xd. 


vij/. \s. 




xixs. iiijt?. 

Villa s'c'e Elene. 

Cijs. iujd. 

Shaldefloete. . . 


Estaundenne & 

J- xls. viijd. 

Watyngvvelle. . . 

xviijs. ijd. 



yijs. yjd. 


xxijs. viijrf. 

S'ma Iiij/, iiiJ5. 

■ viijd. 




xxvs. y]d. 

Freshewat'e. . . vj/. xiijs, iiijrf, 
Assheleye. . . Ixxs. 

EremutL'. . . \\xs. 

Nyweporth. . , vij^, \s. 

Sweyneston'. .. xjZ. xiijs. 
S'raaxxxZ. iiijrf. 

S'ma toci' xvD^e. M}Cu]t.YJs.\\jd.ob. 


Civitas Wynton'. Ij/. xs. iiijrf. 

Soca Wynton'. xj7. 

Porcestre int'ncec'. viij/. vs. iijd. 
Burg' dePortesmuthe'. xijLxij^.ijt/. 
Burg' de Suth'. IjZ, ijs. iiijrf. 

Burg' de Alresforde. iiij/. xixs. vjrf. 
S'ma Cxxxixi. ixs. vijc?. 

d'nicu' de odiu'm. 

Odih^m. . . mjl. i]s. vujd. 

Warnebourne. Ivijs. vjd. 

Greywelle. . . Ixxiijs. vjd. 

S'ma xl. xujs. \u)d. 

d'nicu' de aultone. 
Aulton'. . . Cx.*. 




XXV5. Xrf. 




xliij^. ixrf. 


xviJ5. vjrf. 


Ix'is. xjrf. 


Ixjs. \]d. 


xujs. xd. 


xxs. y'lijd. 


S'ma xxj/. x\ijs. v}d. 

d'nicu' de andeu'e. 
Andeii'e, . . xixZ. xix5. xjrf. 

S'ma patet. 

d'nicu' de basynstoke. 

xZ. xix5. xjd. 


S'ma patet. 

d nicu de ryngwode. 
Ryngvvode. .. xxij/. ijs. vjrZ. 
Hardebrigge. . . Ixnjs. 

Penyton'. . . Ixix^. 

Buttestherne. .. iiijZ. viij^. 

S'ma xxxiij/. iiJ5. 

S'aia toci' deci'e. CCxxxvijZ. ixs, viijc?. 

S'ma toci' decime & quintadecime continet. MlCCCxl. libras. 
xvj. solid', iij. denarios &,■ obbulum. 

In the Parliament held at Westminster on Monday next after the 
Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross (Sept. 17, 13;M) a Subsidy 
was granted to the King on account of the expenses caused by the war 
with Scotland ; the Barons and Knights of Shires giving hiui a fifteenth, 
as the Citizens and Burgesses did a tenth. The writ addressed to the 
Abbat of Cerne for collecting this aid in the county of Dorset, is printed 
in the Appendix to the Rolls of Parliament, vol. ii. ]). 44. 

In all probability the original Rolls of this and all other Subsidies 
remain in the Exchequer ; but none have ever yet been printed, with 
the exception of the ninth levied 14 Edw. III. under the title of " No- 
nurum Inquisitiones hi Curia Scaccarii." 

The present copy of the taxation in Haniiishire in 8 Edw. III. will be 
found of service to the topographer, from atVording a knowledge of the 
value of the respective jjarislics and hamlets as then assessed. F. M. 




[^Continued from p. 65.] 

66. Carta Radi Botin de 3 acris in dominio suo. Test. Walt. 
Botin fratre meo. 

67. Invadiatio terras de Cumb, per Adam & Johannem filios 
Ricardi de Marisco, a" 1177. 

68. Confirmatio Johis de Torintune de predicta invadiatione. 

69. Confirmatio Baldwini de Raddun de predicta invadia- 

70. Confirmatio Baldwini filii dicti Baldwini de predicta 

71. Carta Adas filii Ricardi de Marisco, de Cumb. 

72. Quieta clam. Joiiis fratris dicti Ada^ de Marisco de terra 
de Cumb. 

73. Confirmacio Johis de Toritune, de predicta Cumb. 

74. Q. clam. Baldwini de Raddune de predicta Cumb. 

75. Littera P. Innocentii 3. super titulo obligationis. 

76. C. Regis Johannis de terra de Bradeham, anno 6to. 

77. C. Radulfi Abbatis de Monte S. Michaelis de lite mota per 
Nicholaum Priorem S. Nicholai Exon. super bosco de Bud- 
delega, anno 1212. Teste Eudone de Bellocampo tunc Vice- 
comite Devon. &c. 

78. Concordia inter Petr. Prior. S. Nich. Exon. & Morinum 
hominem Regis de Bradeham, a^ 1212. 

79. Compositio inter Priorem S. Nicli. Exon. &, Priorissam 
de Poleslo de decimis molendinorum de Bradeham. 

80. C. Johis Prioris S. Nich. Exon. Jotii filio Ricardi Kaulwa, 
anno 1338. 

81. C. Galfridi de Albemare de terra de Saltmede prope 

82. Conventio inter Prior. S. Nich. & Jotiem de la Buscheie 
de marisco de Saltemed. 

S3. C. Vicariorum S. Petri Exon. Petro Priori S. Nich. 


(le terra Sanctuarii Ecclesia- nostrre de Wotleberi in Saltemede 
inter aquam de Clist &. aquam de Grendel. 

84. C. Robti fil. W'ni qua dat W'no Huward 1 furling de 
Radeclive in manerio de Cilleton. 

85. C. W"" Huward Rob^o Avenel, de terra de Radeclive 

86. C. Robti Avenel qua dat Radeclive Priori S. Nich. 
assensu diii sui Nictii Avenel. 

87. C. Johis Amis qua dat terram de Newdiche Priori S. Nich. 

88. C, Wlvvardi Presbyteri qua dat Godeclive Priori S. N. 
" assensu dfii mei Rici filii Rad'i & W"" fratris ejus 8c Rici 
fratris mei." 

89. Convencio inter Priorem S. Nictii Exon. &, Julianum 
Rectorem Ecclesiae de Torverton, de decima molendini de Gode- 

90. C. Rofeti de Vallibus de 6 acris in manerio suo de Pinlio. 
" Teste Robto de Vallibus filio meo." 

91. C. Rogeri le Butor fil. Henrici le Butor, qua confirmat 
donum patris ejus. 

92. Confirmatio W™ fil. Rad'i de Cobelehie, quam Rob^us de 
Aufetonia dedit S. Nictio. 

93. C. Henrici de Affetona qua confirmat donum atavi ejus 
Robert! de Affetonia de terra de Cobeleia. Test. W'^o Briwere 
tunc Vicecomite Devon, 8cc. 

94. C. Rogeri de Tuzseinz de terra de Kenebiri, " assensu 
Baldwini filii mei." 

95. C. Rogeri de Tuzseinz de terra de Munechelaunde. 
"Testib. Rogero fil. Semeri & Raulfo f'ratre ejus," 8cc. 

96. C. Wini Comitis Gloecestrie de 13 denar. in Winklega 
"pro capitagio Roberti filii mei." Teste H. Comitissa. 

97. C. Philip Caheines confirmans diet. 13 denar. 

98. C. Robti fil. Roljti, qua dat 20 congres. 

99. C. Rotiti Burnel 8c Lucia? uxoris ejus qua dant Cd. in 

100. C. Henr. le Butor concedens 2 solid, in Mathclbrd. 

101. C. Reginaldi de Curtenay q. clam. Rob'tuni Cobeleia 
cum tota sequela sua. 

102. C. Wmi de Borehard qua dat^ ferling in Baieston. 

103. C. Godefridi Ep'i Winton de rcdditu 6 solid. 

104. C. Saeri de Quincy Comitis Winton qua dat 1. marc. arg. 

105. C. Margareta^ de Quincy Comitissa;, vidua;, de reddit. 
1 marc. arg. (135. M.) in Winton. 


106. C. Robti de Vallibus de 1 ferdinga in Pinoh, scilicet 32 

107. C. Will, de Rumare de 1 ferdingata in manerio suo 
de Clive. Test. Rob'to fratre meo, &c. 

108. C. Fulconis Painel, assensii Will, heredis mei, dans libe- 
rum burgagium in Burgo de Baunton. Test. Will. Painel here- 
de meo, Simon fil. Rorges, &c. 

109. C. Rob'ti de Luci, militis, de redd. 6s. in Bikelegh, tem- 
pore Alweredi Prioris. 

110. C. Will, de Traci de 1 ferdingata in Braneis. 

111. C. Will. Com. Albemarle, R. Archiep'o Ebor. qua dat 
16s. redd, in Hotun, in Holdernes. 

112. Confirmacio ejusd. per Hawisiam Comitissam, filiam ejus. 
Teste Jordano Abbate de Torinton, &c. 

113. Confirm. Balduini de Betton, Com. Albemarl. de dictis 
16s. " assensu Hawisias Comitissae uxoris mese." 

114. C. Will, de For}, filii Willi, de For} et Hawisise Comi- 
tissae, confirmans praedict. 16 solid. 

115. C. Will, de For} dans 20s. de redditu Henrici de Hoton. 

116. C. S. de Maloleone qua dat 1 tonellum vini apud Ru- 
peram. Test. Aymericus de For}, 8lc. 

117. C. S. de Maloleone de 1 dolio vini " percipiend' in 
nostro torculari de la Flote quae est in Insula de Re." 

118. C. Will. Briwere concedens 2s. de manerio meo de Sil- 
lingesford. Test. Henr. Briwere, &c. 

119. C. Will, de Breyosa, fil. Reynaldi de Breyosa, dans 1 
tonellum vini apud Tolton. 

120. C. Henrici filii Comitis, Com. Cornubice, dans 1 libram 
cerae in Braneis. 

121. C. Michaelis de S'ca Helena, civis London, de 2s. redd, 
in paiochia S. Agnete. 

122. C. Hen. filii Henr. de la Pumeray et Alicia^ de Ver. 
" T. Gaifi-'o de la Pumeray fi-atre meo," Sec. 

123. C. Gaufridi de Leghe qua dat terram de le Stanisdown 
in manerio de Clifford, "pro anima Will, filii mei." 

124. C. Ric'i de Acford, & Organag ux. ej. Galfi-ido Clerico 
Comitis Rag'. 1 ferling. terras " in manerio meo de Clifford." 

125. C. Galfi-idi Clerici Rag', quondam Comitis Cornubiae, 
dans Priori S. Nich. terram, " quam Ric. de Hacford, consensu 
Organac uxoris ejus, in manerio de Clifford mihi dedit." 

126. C Organae filiae et heredis GaHridi de Lega, '' pro salute 


Roberti filii mei, 8cc. et Rogeri filii Ricardi, domini mei, et pro 
anima Ric'i de Acford quondam domini mei," confirmans predic- 
tam ferlingam. 

127. Confirm. Rob'tl filii et heredis Ric'i de Acford, de pre- 
dicta ferlinga. 

128. C. Will, de Boteraus, dans Hugoni de Tournay 2 ferlin- 
gas in Lischelehele. 

129. C. Hugonis de Turnay, " assensu Alicia? uxoris meae, et 
Thomae filii mei, et Gildae filias meae, dedi S. Nicholao, &,c. ter- 
ram meam in manerio de Holland, quam Will, de Botereaus 
dedit mihi." Test. Eudone de Bellocampo tunc Vicecomite 
Devon. (1212). 

130. C. Philippi de Mortuomari, " omnib. ballivis et homini- 
bus suis de Mollanda," confirmans donum Hugonis Turnay, in 

131. C. Philippi Mortemer, dans 2 ferlingas Priori S. Nich. 
in Listelehele. 

132. Alia ejusdem, " amico suo P. Priori S. Nich." de dictis 

133. C. Walteri de Clavill de 1 quarterio frumenti de domi- 
nio suo de Widicumb pro anima sua et uxorum suorum. " Teste 
Will, filio meo, &c." 

134. C. Will. fil. Walteri de Clavile confirmans donum Pa- 
tris, et dans aliud quarterium " de dominio meo de Widicumb. 
Test. Ricardo Priore de Lega. 

135. C. Will, de Clavile de duobus quart, et i hambra fru- 
menti. Test. Jordano Priore de Lega, &.c. 

13G. Confirm. Walteri filii Will, de Clavile de dimidia ham- 
bra frumenti quam pater suus dedit S. Nich. 

137. C. Petr. Burdun, qua dat 1 quarter, frumenti de dominio 
suo de Teinton. 

138. C. Will, filii Roberti de Punchardon, dans 12d.redd. de 
terra quam Will, de Potington tenet de ipso. Teste Hylario 
Blundo tunc Majore Exon. 8cc. 

139. C. Serlonis, Decani S. Petri de Exon. et Capit. de tercia 
parte aquai fontis S'cse Sativola}. Test. Hylario Albo tunc 
Majore Exon. &,c. 

140. C. Ric'i de Tribus Minetis de 12d. redd, in manerio de 

141. Taxatio Vicarias Ecclesise de Cadeberi. Ric'us Blundus 
tunc Cancellar. Exon. 


142. C. Everardi, Vicarii de Cadeberi, de dicta taxatlone. 

143. C. Ysabellac Reginae, de feria Civitatis Exon. " pro ani- 
ma Joh'is bonai memoriae quond' Regis Anglias et mariti nostri." 
Ao Imo Henrici 3t'i. Teste W^o Hasten, Majore Exon. 

144. Litera P. Honorii de libera sepultura. Dat. ao 5 Pontif. 

145. Privilegium P. dementis ut convertantur Ecclesii^e, cum 
vacaverint, in hospitaiitatis nsum. Dat. Lateran. ao 2^° Pontif. 

146. P. Honorii confirmatio 2 marcar. ab Ecclesia de North 
Tauton. Ao 5to. 

147. P. Honorii protectio super bonis Ecclesiae S. Nich. 
" specialiter de Branford et Pinho." A^ 6^^ 

148. C. Henrici y< " Ric'o de Revers, et G. de Magn', &c. 
salut. Sciatis me dedisse S. Nich'o Exon, terram Heraldi de 
Exonia, scilicet de Redliston." Test. Rob'to Ep'o Line'. 

149. C. Civium Exon. qua dant Priori S. N. particulam terras de 
Derard ad conducendam aquam. Test. Steph'o de Mandeville, &c. 

150. Conventio inter Prior. S. Andreae de Cuwich et Prior- 
S. N, de capite exduscB suae.^ Will, filio Derlingi tunc preposito 

151. C. Rob'ti filii Henrici Regis per concessionem Mathildis, 
filiae Roberti de Avrenchis et heredis Ricardi filii Baldewini, 
dans totam vineam quam Rob'tus fil. Baldewini et Ricardus fra- 
ter ejus Eccl. S. N. dederunt. 

152. Compositio inter Capit. Exon. et Prior. S. N. de decimis 
molendinorum, et de piscaria super Exe. 

153. P. Prioris S. N. dimissio Durando Fabro de terra extra 
portam de North. T. Will. Derling tunc Majore. 

154. P. Prioris S. N. dimissio terrae extra portam de Suth 
Humfrido filio Roberti Spileman. 

155. C. Will. fil. Ailwardi fil. Algari, q. clam. S. N. terram 
jacentem proximani Ecclesiae S. dementis. 

156. C. Will. fil. Ric'i Palmere, qua dat Petro Priori S. N. 
jus viae a magno vico ad aquam de Exe. 

157. Litera Joh'is Lambricht, Ylario Majori Exon. de horto 
quern Ysabella filia Lambricht tradidit d'co Joh'i ad 22 annos, 
abao 1218. 

158. Concessio d'ci Joh'is Prior. S. N. de dicto horto, a" 1227. 

159. C. Hen. de la Pumeraie pro anima patris mei H. qua dat 
S. N. terr. prope dictum hortum. Test. D'na Roer. matre mea, 
Goslirio fratre meo. 

^ Anglkv, a sluice. 


160. C. Reginald! de Curtenay et Mathildis iixoris ejus qua 
dant terram ante monasterium S. N. Test. Will, de Curtenay 
et Rob. de Curtenay, &,c. 

161. C. G. fil. Rob'ti de Lideford de terr. in Vico B. Marise. 

162. C. Reymundi de Aqua de 1 domo in Exon. 

163. C. Balduini fil. Rad'i le Battere et 8ororis sua? Agatha?, 
dans domum in Vico S. Maria?. " Hanc autem donacioneiu fe- 
cimus inter 4 bancos Gildhall Exon." T. Martino Prudom tunc 
Majore Exon. 

164. C. Samsonis Rof. dans redd. 4 sol. Will. Derling tunc 

165. C. Rogeri, Prioris S. N. dans Will. Smalecumbe civi 
Exon. vacuam placeam in Prustene Strete. T. Will. Tantefer 
tunc Majore, ao 24 E. 1. 

166. C. Will. Smalcumbe de predict, placea, ao 1296. 

167. C. Godefridi Capellani qua dat 1 cortinam, 1 albani de 
serico, et 2 cappas. T. Benedicto Priore. 

168. C. Bernardi et Dameta? uxor, ejus, et Pagani et ElvevjE 
uxor, ejus, et filiorum suorum Gaufridi et Radulfi, Martini et 
Ricardi, q. clam, terram quam Godefridus de Mandeville, capel- 
lanus, et Ragenild consocialis ejus, dederunt S. N. Data tempore 
Henr. 2di Regis Anglia? : Hugone de Ragelega tunc Vice- 
comite Devon. Waltero de Lucy Abbate de Bello, Osberno 
Priore S. N. 

169. C. Capituli Exon. Galfrido Clerico, filio Roberti. 

170. Conventio inter Priorem S. N. et Rob. Prille de 1 marc. 
arg. quam Jordanus de Prille pater ejus eis dederat. 

171. C. Oliveri de Traci dans Cecilia? filiae Arthuri de Winton 
5 sol. reddit. in Excestre. 


[7b be continued.'\ 




{Continued from page 28.] 

21. Conventio inter Rad'um Abb. Salop, et Walt, de Dunest' 
de particula Nemoris de Beilona et Nemoris de Ethdredesh'. quae 
est apud Rugwordin. Test. Rob. de Lintot, Ivone de Tunstall, &c. 

22. C. Fulconis Prions S. Osithse, de Beiton. Teste Ber- 
nardo Ep'o S. David et Will. Archiep. Cantuar. 

23. C. Will. Archiep. Cant. Pagano fil. Joh'is, de Beiton. 

24. C. Hamonis Peverell et Sibillae conjugis suae, de Wlurun- 
ton. T. Will. Peverell, Walchelino Maminoht, 8cc. 

25. C. Will. Peverelli de Dover de Wlurunton, Cinardeseia, 
& Criigelton. Dat. apud Merlberge. {Printed in New Mo)iast. 
vol. iii. J). 522.] 

26. C. Odonis de Hodenet militis, filii Baldewini militis, et 
Abb. S. Petri, de bosco de Wulfreton. Test. Joh'e Extraneo 
tunc Vicecomite Salop, Nich. de Wilileg' sub-Vicecom. Rob. 
de Geros, Aldulfo de Brasi, Rogero de Piuelesdon tunc Clerico 
Comitatus, Will, de Hercalewe, Hugone de Lega, &,c. Acta a^ 

27. C. Odonis de Hodenet, quod Lucas, Abbas Salop, &c. pos- 
sint se approviare de assartis in maner. de Wluretone. Test. 
(inter al.J D. Joh'e de Ercalewe, Joh'e filio Aerii, militibus, 
Rob. de Say de Morton, &c. 

28. Notum, &c. quod Hamo Peverel dedit E. S. P. Salop, vil- 
1am qu£E vocatur Crugeltuna. Post mort. vero Hamonis, Wal- 
chelinus Maminoth requisivit abbatem, &c. ut sibi concederent 
Crugeltunam in escangium de Upetuna. Test. Will. Peverel, 
Milo de Belchamp et Paganus frater ejus, et Will, de Belchamp, 
Fulco de Lisures, Hugo de Lisures, Rogerus de Felgeres, &c. 

29. C. Haimonis Pecche et uxoris ej. et Gaufridi filii eorum, de 
tercia parte de Crugeltona et Slepe. Test. Ric'o Ep'o Cestri^e. 

30. C. Hugonis de Dover et Mathildis de Dover uxoris ej. de 
tertia parte de Crugeltona et Slepa. Test, Madiildi filia Gau- 
fridi de Waltervilla, Walt. fil. Harduini, Alano et W'mo de Hat- 
leia, Rad. fil. Theoldi de Tirna, Will. fil. Warini de Burew asleia, 
Rob' to fil. Nigelli de Schawberia. 


31. C. Acelinae de Waltervilla et Radi filii ej. confirmans tertiam 
partem de Crugeltona. Test. Acelina filia Gaufridi de Waltervilla. 

32. C. Hamonis Peverel et Sibillae conjugis ej. de Villa de 
Kinardeseia. T. Alano filio Will, de Hedlega, &c. 

33. C. Ivonis Pantulfi filiissuis "pro salute mea et uxoris meae 
concessi terram vocat. Buthereia, quam Robertus de Eitona ill is 
dederat." Test. Aluredo Abbate de Hageman, Rad'o Pan- 
tulfo, &c. 

34. C.Will. Primi Conquestoris. ^ printed in New Monasticon, 
vol. ill. p. 521.] " Sanctorum Patrum monemur exemplo." 

35. C. Henrici 1™'. " Sanctorum prisca auctoritate patrum 
qui in nomine Patris, & Filii, et Spiritus Sancti in Sancta Ecclesia 
regiminis gubernacula hactenus tenuerunt, quique suos adjutores 
sancta3que ecclesiaifundatores sua nobis industria suorumque scrip- 
torum longa traditione cognitos reddiderunt, admoneri videmur, 
ut ea quae a contemporaneis nostris in sanctae matris EcclesiiE 
exaltatione facta sunt, presentibus per nos manifestentur, poste- 
risque dinoscenda nobis scribentibus reserventur. Nos igitur ma- 
jorum imitantes exempla, jam quaedam pietatis opera referamus 
quae in Anglica terra gesta sunt a Comite Rogerio anno ab In- 
carnatione Domini 1087, regnante potentissimo Rege Willelmo, 
atque in Archiep'atu Cantuar' pontificante Lanfranco. Volumus 
vero ut religiosi atque fideles Christiani cognoscant quia iccirco 
nobis ista describere placuit, ut qui ea relegerint vel audierint 
Deum supplicabiliori affectu pro sanctae Ecclesiae fundatorum 
salute implorent, et ut presentes ad regna celestia tendentes etiam 
inter bujus aetatis primates quos sequantur inveniant. Igitur ad 
gloriam summae et individual Trinitatis atque incompreliensibilis 
Divinitatis jam proferamus qua3 nos dicere spopondimus. 

Rogerius Comes atque Adelaisa Comitissa devotioni religiosa; 
pia mente subditi piissimaque Dei visitationeinspirati, in quadam 
Ecclesia qua? constructa est in honore SS. Apostolor. Petri et 
Pauli in suburbio Salopesberie civitatis, Monaclios religiose vi- 
ventes posuerunt, concedente Rege Willelmo, qui Deum assidue 
exorarent tam proutilitate anima3 Regis Will'mi atque Mathildis 
Reglnae Regisque Eduuardi, quam pro animarum suarum salute, 
et pro anima Comitissce Mabilios, et omnium antecessorum here- 
dumque suorum qui anteeos ip^um honorem recto possederunt vel 
possessuri sunt. Hanc etiam S. Petri et Pauli Ecclesiam supra- 
dictus Comes Rogerius et Adelaisa Comitiss;i dv. suis propriis 
facultatibus, quia parvula crat nee habilalioni nK)nachoruui con- 


grua, majorem cupientes efficere, cum magna devotione incepe- 
runt, sed morte Comitis interveniente imperfectam reliquerunt. 
In hac etiam ecclesia ea quae infra continentur tam pro animarum 
suarum quam pro omnium Christianorum salute donaverunt per- 
petuoque concesserunt. Primo scilicet dederunt ei quendam vicum 
qui positus est juxta dictam ecclesiam, cum tribus molendinis 
cunctisque redditibus quae ad eum pertinere noscuntur. Hie autem 
vicus dividitur a Civitate Salopesberia solo alveo fluminis inter- 
currentis cui nomen est Saverna; Vicus autem Biforieta voca- 
tur, quod lingua Gallorum " ante portam " dicitur. Addiderunt 
etiam supradictis donis quasdam Ecclesias cum omnibus perti- 
nentibusad eas tam in terra quam in hominibus, universisque aliis 
possessionibus quas hie nominatim annotare commodum duxi- 
mus, scilicet, Ecclesiam S'ci Gregorii, Ecclesiamque de Stotes- 
dona, et illam de Dodeleberia, illamque de Conendovre, et eam 
de Walintona, et illam de Eadmundona, et villam de Archalou, 
et eam de Hodenet, et illam de Toenga, et eam de Donnitona, 
et illam de llecordina, illam etiam de Bascerce et illam de Nessa. 
Et super haec omnia concessit ut milites atque primates sui, qui- 
cunque in elemosinam conferre vellent huic ecclesiee aliquam par- 
tem terrarum suarum, non qusesita licentia a Comite vel ab aliquo 
alio, libera mente donarent ex eo tempore, liberrimi ab omni 
servicio ejusdem datae terrae in perpetuum. Monachi vero eandem 
libertatem suscipientes si quandoque de his vel aliis suis rebus co- 
gerentur geldum communem dare, quod nunquam contingeret, nisi 
Comes de dominio suo daret, geldum tamen militum nunquam 
ullo modo darent. Quod omnibus audientibus valde placuit, to- 
taque sua curia laudando Deoque gratias referendo confirmavit. 
Addiderunt etiam Comes et Comitissa his supradictis donis quas- 
dam villas quarum nomina hie habentur ; Haitonam scilicet et 
Alministram et Burtonam, et cum his omnibus concesserunt etiam 
tributum, quod redditur de lignis quae in civitatem afFeruntur per 
portam qua^ ad orientem aperitur. Teste Godebaldo et Oilerio 
sacerdotibus, Herberto Grammatico, Warino Vicecomite, Ro- 
berto filio Thebaldi, Rogerio filio Corbeth, multisque nobilibus 
atque popularibus qui haec audierunt et concesserunt. Locus 
autem ille in quo supradicta ecclesia fundata est fuit de 
hereditate cujusdam Militis cui nomen Seuuardus. Et quia 
Comes Rogerius in hereditate illius, eo invito, ecclesiam fun- 
dare noluit, dedit ei quandam villam nomine Languafectam, ut 
ipse cum bona voluntate in predicto loco sibi ecclesiam fundare 


concederet, ejusdemque elemosina3 idem Seuuardus particeps ex- 
isteret. Postea autem memoratus Seuuardus illani eandem vil- 
lain, quam Comes ei dederat, Ecclesiae S. P. et P. post mortem 
suam concessit, fr'nitatemque ejusdem loci recepit. Teste Gode- 
baldo, et Ricardo de Belmesio, et Ricardo de Monte Uuarult. 
Post ista autem supradicta dona quidam milites istius provincial 
eidem loco pro animarum suarum salute de suis possessionibus 
contulerunt, scilicet Warinus Vicecomes duas hidus terrae in 
villa quae dicitur Tugafort et decimam Obtonae quam et semper 
eadem Ecclesia habuerat a tempore Regis Eaduuardi ; Ecclesi- 
amque Beritone cum decima ipsius manerii. Rainadus (sic) 
vero frater ejus unam hidam quae vocatur Lega. Alherius au- 
tem Eadburtonam. Rogerius de Laceio, Manafordam. Haec 
omnia concessit atque firmavit venerabilis Comes Rogerius ; tes- 
tibus filiis ejus et cum patre firmantibus Hugone et Rogerio, 
Arnulfo, cum Baronibus plurimis. Rainaldus, qui, post mortem 
predicti Warini, uxorem illius cum ejus honore suscepit, et Hugo 
filius ejusdem Warini dederunt huic Ecclesiae S. Petri Ecclesiam 
S'ci Oswaldi et illam de Muthla, et decimas de Nessa et de Sera- 
ordina ; concedente Hugone Comite et testimonium perhibente 
cum pluribus aliis. Gerardus de Tornai dedit unam Villam quae 
dicitur Bectona ; cujus successor Hamo Peverel, qui ejus honorem 
post eum cum filia optinuit, rogatu ejusdem bene-morigeratae 
conjugis contulit villam unam Wlvretonam. Teste Rica,rdo 
Londoniensi Episcopo et ceteris plurimis. Theodericus de Sai, 
juxta eandem villam, ex altera parte fluminis, dedit terram quan- 
dam in manerio suo Stoca, de dominio suo, sokitam et quie- 
tam ab omni geldo vel aliis consuetudinibus. 

Helgotus dedit quandam («c) juxta Savernam, quae, pro silvula 
quae adjacet, Mora vocatur, et piscariam in eodem flumine. 
Cujus filius Herbertus et successor in hereditatem attribuit quan- 
dam villam nomine Nortonam, et Ecclesiam de Stantona cum 
omnibus decimis suis et omnium militum suorum, et cum om- 
nibus quae ad eandem ecclesiam pertinent. 

Normannus Venator dedit terrulam unam nomine Boleleiam. 
Hugo de Constantino dimidiam liidam in Pectona. Atotus 
Bicot aliam dimidiam in Langanara. Oilerius sacerdos unam 
hidam in Cerletona. Goisfridus ^ hidam in villa qurc dicitur 
Herleia. Tocliil I hidam in villa qua' Cota dicitur. Odo quoque 
miles quandam terram nomine Hordeleiam. Toraldus de \'er- 
leio dedit I hidam in Minorc Draitona. RolxMtus filius ejus, qui 


et heres illius, dedit quandam villam nomine Uuiceuuicam. Teste 
Ricardo Lundoniensi Episcopo, Hamone Peverel, Toreth, et 
multis aliis. 

Ilobertns Corbet terrain nnam nomine Loketonam. Teste 
Ricardo pontifice Lundonias cum totius Comitatus Baronibus. 

Rainerius Prepositus quandam terrulam cum lacu qui vocatur 
Finemera. Decimam de Cambristona et Ecclesiam de Ithessala de- 
dit Robertus filius Thetbalt Vicecomes, cum omnibus quae ad earn 
pertinent et cum decima ipsius manerii, scilicet in nummis et ani- 
malibus et messibus. Ecclesiam de Wanteno\un-a cum decima 
ipsius manerii et decimam de JoclehuUe dedit Rogerius filius 
Corbet. Et decimam de Cireberia dedit Gislebertus de Salner- 
villa, quando Comes Rogerius vir house memoriae et decus regni 
sepeliebatur; et decimam Aneberie dedit nobis Rogerius de La- 
ceio. Picot de Sai dedit decimam Brantone et Phitesoth. Hu- 
naldus dedit decimas de Prestona et de Loscafort et decimam 
equarum suarum agrestium. Haec omnia donaria concesserunt, 
et sua auctoritate roboraverunt Comites piee memoriae Rogerius, 
Hugo, et Robertus filii ejus, qui post patrem in hereditate suc- 
cesserunt quisque in tempore suo. Testibus supra memoratis Ba- 
ronibus cum omnibus in hoc comitatu morantibus. Alanus filius 
Fladakli omnia quae ab antecessoribus suis data fuerant vel a 
baronibus suis, suo tempore vel ante, prompta devotione concessit, 
et ab omnibus ad eum pertinentibus, excepto geldo Regis, libera 
et quieta condonavit. Testibus, Ricardo Lundoniensi Episcopo, 
Hamone Peverello, Rogerio filio Corbet, cum omni fere comi- 

Post obitum autem Rogerii venerabilis Comitis, Plugo filius 
ejus digna proles tanti Patris qui post eum successit in honorem, 
quadam die dum staret ante sepulturam sui patris, divina in- 
spiratus gratia motusque pietate paterna, convocavit dominum 
Fulcheredum primum hujus loci Abbatem, coram multis 
baronibus suis resolutus in lacrimas dixit : " Pacem et quietem 
volo esse in hoc loco, et ideo constituo banc abbatiam et omnia 
ad eam pertinentia ab omni consuetudine hujus terrae quam ego 
possum condonare esse liberam in perpetuum et pacatam et quie- 
tam. Et hoc sciant omnes mei fideles quia nichil retineo in 
honore SS. Apostolorum Petri et Pauli nisi orationes et bene- 
ficium monachorum in hoc loco manentium, et tam liberum hunc 
honorem hodie constituo ut nullus sit qui post me aliquid liber- 
tatis vel quietis possit adderc ; hoc tantum retineo quod si Ab- 
bas hujus loci superbia inflatus nollet faccre rectum vicinis suis, 


ego vel heres mens post me ad rectum eum constringerem facien- 
dum. Et si falsus monetarius de alia terra adventicius in terra 
S'ci Petri captus fuerit, corpus cum pecunia reddatur Comiti. 
Si autem ftilsarius de terra S'ci Petri fuerit, solummodo corpus 
reddatur Comiti, pecunia autem erit Abbatis. De latronibus 
autem justiciam sibi concedo et pccuniam, si Abbas per se vel 
per suos ipsam justiciam facere voluerit ; sin autem, corpus tan- 
tummodo reddatur Comiti, ct pecunia erit Abbatis ; boc tantum 
modo retineo et nicbil aliud. Decimam vero venationis mea; tocius 
Comitatus Salopesberia^ concedo perpetuo esse in boc loco, prop- 
ter Silvas S'cae Milburga;. Haec autem omnia facio pro anima 
patris et matris nieae et mea et Iratrum meorum et omnium ad 
me pertinentium, et pro anima Regis Willelmi et Mathildis re- 
ginae et filiorum eorum. Siquis autem vel meo tempore vel post 
obitum usque in finem sa?culi aliquid ex his voluerit infringere 
vel auferre vel minuere, anathema sit." Barones vero qui tunc 
aderant presentes, videntes tantam conpunctionem domini sui et 
tantam audientes libertatem honoris hujus Monasterii, pedibus 
ejus provoluti gratias egerunt Deo, et tam piissimae venerabilis 
Comitis voluntati, Arnulfus frater ejusdem Comitis, Kicardus 
de Belmesio qui postea Londonia3 Episcopus factus est, llainaldus 
Vicecomes, Rogerius Corbet et Robertus frater ejus, Hamundus 
Peverel, Eulcoius Vicecomes, et omnes fere hujus comitatus 

Robertus de Belismo, qui post eundem venerabilem Hugonem 
fratrem suum comitatus suscepit honorem, dedit Ecclesia S'ci 
Petri et Monachis ejusdem loci Bascerce, cum omnibus quae ad 
eam villam pertinebant, concedente et sigilli sui auctoritate fir- 
mante piissimo Rege Henrico. Predictus itaque gloriosissimus 
Rex Henricus eandem libertatem pacem et quietem quam sa^pe 
dictus venerabilis Comes Hugo huic ecclesia} sanctorum Aposto- 
lorum Petri et Pauli condonaverat, prompta voluntate et alacri 
animo in perpetuum concessit donavit et proprio sigillo roboravit. 

Comes autem Rogerius qui Pictavensis dicitur, magni Rogerii 
filius, dedit Eccl'iae S. Petri et monachis ejusdem loci piscariam 
de Tareuuella pro anima sua et sme conjugis et pro salute animaj 
patris et matris sua?, et cum ipsa piscaria terrulam quandam 
Ocsitonam et Poltonam, et base de dominio suo. De rebus autem 
Godefridi Vicecomitis sui quas idem Godefridus de eo babcbat 
dedit Ecclesiam de Uualetona et eam de Cherchcam cum quadam 
terra qua? dicitur Gerhstnn, petente codem Godefrido et multis 


precibus exorante, eo quod in Eccl'Ia S. Petri haberet quendam 
filium suum monachum nomine Achardum. Et haec omnia in- 
perpetuo firmavit quieta et libera ab omnium hominum invasione, 
addens quod qui haec disturbaret anathema esset. Teste Rob'to 
Ep'o de Cestra, et Hugone ejusdem Civitatis Comite. 

Quae omnia gloriosus Rex H. cum omnibus supra dictis pro- 
prio sigillo firmavit. 

Ego Henricus Rex confirmavi et subscripsi. 

Ego Radulfus Cantuariensis Archiep'us subscripsi. Ego Ri- 
cardus Londoniensis Episcopus subscripsi. Ego Will'mus Win- 
ton iensis Ep'us subscripsi. Ego Robert. Lincoliensis Ep'us sub- 
scripsi. Ego Rogerus Salesburiensis Ep'us subscripsi. Ego Rober- 
tus Cestrensis Episcopus subscripsi. Ego Ricardus Herefordensis 
Episcopus subscripsi. Ego Theodulfus Wigornensis Episcopus 
subscripsi. Ego Radulfus Cicestrensis Episcopus subscripsi. 
Ego Johannes Bathoniensis Episcopus subscripsi. Ego Bernar- 
dus Episcopus de S'co David subscripsi. Ego David Bancor- 
nensis Episcopus subscripsi. Ego Robertus filius Regis sub- 
scripsi. Ego Stephanus Comes Moritonii subscripsi. Ego 
Rannulfus Cancellarius subscripsi. Ego Will'mus de Tancarvilla 
subscripsi. Ego Gauffridus de Clintona subscripsi. Ego Wal- 
terus de Glocestra subscripsi. Ego Grimbaldus medicus sub- 
scripsi. Ego Robertus de Stotesberia subscripsi. Ego Ebrar- 
dus filius ejusdem Rogerii Comitis subscripsi. Ego W^ill'mus 
Peverellus subscripsi. Ego Hamundus frater ejus subscripsi. 
Ego Rogerius filius Corbet subscripsi. Ego Robertus frater 
ejus subscripsi. Ego Fulcoi us Vicecomes subscripsi. Ego Her- 
bertus filius Helgoti subscripsi. Ego Balduinus de Boilers sub- 
scripsi. Ego Ulgerius Venator subscripsi. Ego Radulfus de 
Conedoura subscripsi. 

36. Hen. 2. Confirmacio de Ecclesiis. 

37. Hen. 3. Confirmacio. \^Printed in New Monasticon, voL 
iii. page 522.] 

38. This number is omitted by mistake of the rubricator. 

39. Hen. 1. Privilegia de theloneo per Angliam. 

40. Matildae Imperatricis Confirmacio. 

[ To be eontinued. ] 




[^Continued from p. 79.] 

County. Monasteries. In whose possession, or where existing. 

Cainbr. Cambridge, St. John's. . St. John's College, Cambr. 

Northt. Canons' Ashby John Orlebar of Hinwick, 1830. 

{oUm Rich. Orlebar of Puddington, 
Bedf.— D.) 

Dev. Canons' Legh MS. Harl. 3660. 

Kent Canterbury, Christ Church Dean and Chapter (18 vols.) — T. 
or Holy Trinity. . MS. Cott. Claud. A. iii. 

Galba, E. iv. 

MS. Arund. 68, Brit. Mus. 

. MS. Add. 6159. Br. Mus. {olim G. 

W. Beaumont.) 

" Molash " MS. Tanner, 1 65. Bodl. Libr. {olim 

W. Bovvyer \bQQ,post. Tho. AVhite, 
Bp. Peterb. 1685, de'inde W. San- 
croft, Abp. Cant.) 

C. C. Coll. Oxf. No. 256. {olim 

I. or B. Twyne.j 

MS. More, 296. Publ. Libr. Cambr, 

E. V. 31. 

St. Augustine MS. Cott. Jul. D. ii. 

\ Tib. A. IX. 

" Liber Ruber " . . Claud. D. x. 

Otho, B. xv.a 

Vitell. A. II. 

. D. x.a 

Faust. A. I. 

(fragment) MS. Harl. 337. 

MS. Arundel, 300. Br. Mus. {olim 

Lord Wni. Howard of Naworth. — D.) 
King's Remcnib. Office, Exchequer. — D. 

* Buint iu the fiie of 1731. 


County. Monasteries. In whose possession, or where existing. 

Kent Canterbury " Byholt ". . Heneage Finch of Ravenstone, Bucks. 

1646.— D. 

Sir Tho. Phillipps, Bart. No. 1085. 

{oUm Sir Edvv. Dering.) 

James Earl of Carnarvon. — T. {olim 

Hen. Earl of Clarendon.) 

Allen, of Gloucester Hall. — T. 

St. Gregory MS. More, 283. Publ. Libr. Carabr. 

LI. ii. 15. 

St. Saviour MS. Harl. 1006. 

St. Laurence Hosp. Sir T, Phillipps, 1833. {oUm Win. 

Monck Mason.) 

Duke of Newcastle, 1 833. {olhn 

W. M. Mason.) 
■ Eastbridge Hosp. Quoted by Soraner. 

Norwich Carhow a 

Hanip. Carisbrooke Sir R. Worsley, Bt. Apuldercoinbe. 

Transcript of part, Sir T. Phillipps, 1833. 

Norf. Castle Acre MS. Harl. 2110. {oUm Sir S. Dewes.) 

■ King's Rememb. Office, Excheq. — D. 

Roger Dodsvvorth,/i05^. Sir T. Widdrington. — T. 

Tho. Martin, 1 7/2, post. J. Ives. 

Dors. Cerne MS. More, Publ. Libr. Cambr. LI. i. 3. 

Northt, Chaconibe ^ 

(Terrarium) Augment. Off. 

Cambr. Chateriz MS. Cott. Jul. A. i. 

Surr. Chertsey King's Rememb. Office, Excheq. — D. 

MS. Cott. Vitel. A. xiii. 

MS. Lansd. 434. 

" Ruthervvick " . . 535. {olim Hen. Powle j 

Lord Somers 5 Sir Jos. Jekyll; 
and J. West.) 

Lord Clifford of Chudleigh, Ugbrook, 1830. 

Chesh. Chester, St. Werburgh Dean and Chapter. 

" Irrotularium " MS. Harl. 1 965. 

■ "Prisca Sanctorum" 2062. 

— - 2148. 

Sir Thomas Cotton. — D, 

Suss. Chichester, Cathedral . . Dean and Chapter. 
Hamp. Christ Church, Twinham. MS. Cott. Tib. D. vi.b 

• Cartularies of Carliow and Chacombe are known to have existed ; but it is not 
mentioned where. 

•> The nine first leaves of this Register were destroyed in the fire of 1731 ; and 
since that period, by some neglect, the remainder has been lost. Qy. if this was the 
snme with the " Speculum Prioris," from which excerpts are preserved by Dodaworth } 


County. Monasteries. In whose possession, or where existing. 

Glouc. Cirencester (2 vols.) ..Win. Masters, 16/8. — T. hodie Lord 

John Tliynne ? 

Edmund Carteret. — T. (o/m Hen. 

Pool de Saperton, post. Sir Rob. 
Atkins, 1701.) 

MS. Rawlinson (?) Bodl. Libr. {olim 

Rich. Parsons, Chanc. of Glouc — T.) 

St. Mary Chapel. .MS. Dugd. 43. Mus. Ashmol. 

Suflf. Clare (Stoke) MS. Cott. Vitell. D. xiii.c 

Append, xxi. 

Abstract MS. Jermyn, vol. xxii. Br. Mus. 

Lady Stanhope. 

Giles Barnardiston of Clare, 1 (J38. — D. 

post. Edtn. Johnson of Clare. — T. 

St. Austin MS. Harl. 4835. 

Transcript MS. Jermyn, vol. xxi. Br. Mus. 

Midd. Clerkenvvell MS. Cott. Faust. B. ii. 

Som. Clive Wadham Wyndham, 1 6G2 ; Hugh 

Wyndham, 1677.— D. 

Lane. Cokersand John Dalton of Thurnham, 1832. 

{olim Rob. Dalton of Th. 1 620 ) 

Transcript Sir T. PhiUipps, 1833. 

Tho. Astle, 1 787. 

Norf. Cokesford (2 vols.) Lord Tovvnsliend of Raiidiam, 1830. 

Essex Colchester, St. John's . . John Lord Lucas, 1633. — D. 

(2 vols.) Duke of Kent, 1 696.— T, 

Traiiscript Duke of Buckingham, 1832. {olim 

Morant, post. T. Astle, 1 787 ; Lord 
Hard wick, 1833.) 

Oxf. Cold Norton Brazenose Coll. Oxf. 

Essex Colne Rich. Andrews of Colne, 1 71 9.— T. 

Mrs. Holgate, 1781 ; Rev. C. Car- 
wardine, 1823. (?) 

Transcript MS. Cole, vol. 59. Br. Mus. 

Antony Earl of Kent, 1 696. — T. 

Duke of Kent 1739. (Marchioness 
de Grey, Wrest, 1820 ?) 

{abstract) Peter le Neve, circa 1 700. 

Chesh. Conibermere MS. Cott. Faust. B, viii. 

Warw. Combe Vitell. A. i. 

D. xvii.t^ 

Line. Cotun Sir Dudley North, 1649.— D. 

•^ Burnt iii tlie fire of 1731. 


County. Monasteries. In whose possession, or where existing. 

Warvv. Coventry King's Rememb. Office, Exchequer. — D. 

(2 vols.) Will. Staunton, of Longbridge House, 

Warw. ] 833. {olim Tho. Sharpe.) 

Augmentation Office. 

S. Smythe, 1595.— T. 

{imperfect) ...... Archdeacon s Office, Coventry. 

Norf. Crabhouse, or Wigenhale MS. Add. 4733. Br. Mus. {olim 

Rev. Hen. Robinson, 1765.) 

Creyk South Henry Dereham of West Dereham, 


Henry Silly. 

St. Mary, juxta Burnham {fragm.) Publ. Libr. Cambr. 

'. Sir T. Phillipps, Bart. 1 832. 

• Transcript MS, Tanner, Bodl. Libr. 

MS. C. C. C. Cambr. 

{Jragment). . . .John Moore, Bp. of Norwich, 1698. — T. 

Derb. Crich MS. Harl. 3669. 

Staff, Crokesden. William Pierpont of Tong Castle. — D. 

jmst. Tho. Earl of Macclesfield.— T. 

Leic, — — Duke of Rutland, Belvoir Castle, 1 755. 

Transcript Duke of Buckingham, No. 87. {olim 

T. Astle.) 

Sir Thomas Cotton. — D. 

Line. Croyland Robt. Earl of Aylesbury. — D, 

Earl of Exeter.— D. 

Earl of Kent. (oZ.— Cecil,)— T. 

Sir Maurice Johnson of Spalding. — T. 

Mrs, Wlngfield of Stamford, 1772. 

Transcript MS. Cole, vol. 44. Br. Mus. 

Derb. Dale aliasDe Parco Stanley. MS. Cott. Vesp. E. xxvi. {olim 

Anchitel Grey of Risley.— T.) 

Millington of Felley,Notts. 1820. 

Sara. Roper of Heanore, Derb. — TA 

Derb. Darley, alias Little Derby. MS. Cott. Tit. C, ix. {olim Rob. 

Earl of Kingston, 1630.— D.) 

Clay of Crich, co. Derby. — T. 

Dr. Farmer, Master of Eman. Coll. 


Transcript MS. Cole, vol. xxi, Br. Mus, 

MS. Gough, Bodl, Libr. (o/im P. 

Le Neve ?) 

Kent Davington Quoted by Hasted. Sir John Filmer ? 

*' Qy. if the same with the Cotton MS, 


County. Monasteries. In whose possession, or where existing. 

Northt. Daventry MS. Cott. Claud. D. xii. 

Duchy of Lancaster Office. 

John Rushvvorth, Lincohi's Inn 1651. — D. 

Line. Deeping MS. Had. 3(i58 (Zach. Grey, 1733). 

Norf. Dereham Rich. Heber, of Hodnet, co. Salop. 1833. 

Norf. Dereham (West) Duke of Buckingham, Stowe, No. 72, 

1833. (olhn Tho. Martin, post. 
J, Ives, deinde Tho. Astle, 1777.) 

Cambr. Denney Peter Stanley of Denney, 1773 (Cole). 

Derby, see Darley. 

Staff, Dieulacres Jolly of Leake. — D. 

Sir Benj. Rudyerd, 1 637-— D. 

. . . . Transcript. Walt. Chetwynd of Ingestrie, 1 691. — T. 

Heref. Dore Lord Scudamore. — T. 

Will. Brome. 

Kent Dover, S. Martin Archiepisc. Libr. Lambeth. — D. 

S. Barthol.. . AValter Clavel, 1709.— T. {written 1373.) 

MS. Rawl. B. 335, Bodl. Libr. 

S. Radegund a/?«s Bradsole, Will. Pierpoint. — D. 

. . ... Sir Hen. Hamon of Seling, Kent. — D. 

. ... Sir Cholmeley Dering, Bt.—T. 

. ... MS. Rawl. B. 336, Bodl. Libr. 

Drax Constable Maxwell of Everingham, 

1833. {olim Marmaduke Constable 
of Everingham, 1 620.) 

Dunkeswell Quoted in Holland's Camden's Britannia. 

Dunmow, MS. Harl. 662. 

Will. Nicolson, Bp. of Carlisle, 1 698. 

{Thoresbys Corresp. i. 348.) 

Dunstable MS. Cott. Tib. A. x. 

MS. Harl. 1885. {oliin W. Duncomb, 

1614; postea Rev. J. Clithero and 
H. Wanley.— T.) 

Parsons, jmstea James Mickleton 

of Furnival's Inn. — T. (now in 
Cath. Libr. Durham ?) 

Durh. Durham Dean and Chapter, Durham. 

- MS. Cott. Faust. A. vi. 

Durham Palace, London. — T. 

Augustine Lindscll, Canon of Durham. — T. 

" Irrotulatorium " Duke of Buckingham, Stowe, No. 85. 

{olim T. Astlc.) 

"lilcmosinarii " . . Sir James Middlcton of Furnival's 

Inn. — T. 





County. Monasteries. In whose possession, or where existing. 

Suss. Dureford MS. Cott. Vesp. E. xxiii. 

AVilts. Edingdon MS. Lansd. 432. 

Cambr. Ely MS. Cott. Tib. A. vr. 

Claud. C. XI. 

Nero, C. in. 

■ Vesp. A. VI. 

Tit. A. I. 

Domit. XV. 

{fragment) Mus. Ashm. Oxf. 801. 

Caius and Gonvalle Coll. Camb. 

(2 vols.) MS. More, 170. Publ. Libr. Cambr. 

— — Glap thorn of Witlesey, jio^^^^ 

Tho. Witston, and Will. Fleetwood, 
Bishop of Ely.— T. 

Bishop of Ely in Holborn, 1833 > 

(2 vols.) Dean and Chapter of Ely. 

Dr. Smith.— T. 

Buck. Eton College College Library. 

Wore. Evesham MS. Cott. Vesp. B. xxiv. Transcript 

of do. MS. Lansd. 411. 

'' Bremesgrave ' . . MS Cott. Tit. C. ix. 

MS. Harl. 3763. {oUm Rich. Fleet- 
wood of Penwortham, Lane. 1 G28. — D.) 
Transcript of part Sir T. Phillipps, 
1833. No. 4803. 

Sir Edw. Coke, J. C. P.— D. 

Anthony Earl of Kent, 1 696. {olim 

Cecil).— T. Duke of Kent, 1739. 

Dev. Exeter, St. Nicholas. . . . Sir Tho. Phillipps, No. 6477- {olim 
Will, le Neve, ^mst. Sir Rob. Cotton ; 
in 1830, A. Cooper, of Dublin.d) 

St. John's. . Dean andChapter,Exeter. {olim W. le Neve?) 

Suff. Eye, " Malet " Tho. Dey of Eye, 1 636.— D. postea 

Tho. Martin, 1731. 

'' Danoun " Tho. Dey, 1 636. post. Tho. Martin. 

Marquess Cornvvallis, 1814. Transcript 

of do. MS. Jermyn, Brit. Mus. 
vol. X. and Henry Davy of Yoxford. 

Oxf. Eynsham D. R. Bele, 1 587.— T. 

(2 vols.) Christ Church, Coll. Oxf. No. 26 and 27. 

. Philip King.— T. 

-. WalterCope,Gent. Usher to LordBurleigh, temp. Eliz. 

Dev. Ford Ruswell, of , co. Som. — T. 

^ This is the volume from which the extracts are given in this work at p. 60, 


County. Monasteries. In whose possession, or where existing. 

Dev. Ford Will. Drake, j)ostea Francis Gvvynne. 

— T. J. F. Gwynne of Ford, 1 832 ? 

Wilts. Farley Sir Hany Burrard Neale of Chaldfield ? 

Notts. Felley Gilb. Millington of Felley, 1 697.— T. 

Kent Fevershaiu e John Costelock of Feversliara. — T. 

Sir \A'ill. Sondes, postea Digges, 

son of Sir Dudley Digges.— D. 
Earl of Rockingham, 1726.— T. 

Northt. Finched Rob. Kirkham, 1 640.— D.f 

Herts. Flamstead Sir John Sebright, Bart. 1823 ? {olim 

Sir Tho. Sebright, and Tho. Saun- 
ders.— T.) 

Glouc. Flaxley (Rotulus) Sir Tho. Phillipps, Bart. 1 833. {oUm 

Tho. Wynniatt of Stanton, co. Glouc.) 
Transcript of do. Sir Tho. Phillipps. 
No. 1310. 
York. Fountains,!? Vol. 1, Lett. A— C. MS. Cott. Tib. C, xii. 

Vol. 2, Lett. D— L Sir Will. Ingleby of Ripley, 1833. 

Vol. 3, Lett. K— Z. Miss Lawrence of Studley, 1830. 

Univ. Coll. Oxf. J. L 1830, in folio. 

J. IV. 4to. 1830. iolim 

Rev. H.Todd.) Abstract Sir T. Phillipps. 

MS. Rawlinson, B. 447. Bodl. Libr. 

Sir John Trevor. — D, 

Chas. Fairfax of Menston. — D. 

Earl of Desmond. — D. 

Sir Henry Saville. — D. 

Dean and Chapter, York, 

Honora, widow of Sir Stephen Proc- 
tor — D. postea in the Tower of 
St. Mary's, York. 

Rich. Chiswell, Bookseller, 1 692.— T. 

Earl of Denbigh, Newnham, co. Warw. 1830. 

Lord Will. Howard, 1590. postea 

Fr. Thynne. 
.... Transcript Rich. Richardson of Bierlcy, 1 672. — T. 

• Weever cites a Cartulary of Feveisham in the Cotton Library. It is not there at 
present. It is said that James, the Librarian to Sir Robert Cotton, took the liberty of 
lending Sir Robert's MSS. to whomsoever he pleased. This is a clue to the cause of 
the loss of those which are not in Smith's Catalogue ; but it appears that some were not 
restored which were lent afterwards by Sir T. Cotton, as may be proved by his book of 
loans in the British Museum. 

' The Kirkhams still possess Finched. Qy. if they have the Cartulary ? 

I Tanner refers to a Cartulary in the Harleian CoUoctiou, 1731, but it is not there now. 



County. Monasteries. In whose possession, or where existing. 

Line. Freston Rich. Towuley of Noctoii, co. Line. — T. 

Lane. Furness (2 vols.) Ducliy of Lancaster Office, 1832. 

— ■ Sir Henry Spelraan. — T. 

, Dr. Rawlinson, 1742.— T. 

Leic. Gerondon MS. Lansd. 415. (olim Duke of Bucking- 
ham, 1680.— D, post. J. West, 1763.) 

{fragm.) Samuel March Phillipps, of Gerondon, 

1832. (oZfm Craven Ord.) 

York. Gisburn MS. Cott. Cleop. D. ii. 

Som. Glastonbury, " Secretum Abbatis " MS. Wood, 1. Bodl. Libr. 

{olim Ralph Sheldon.) 
Marq. of Bath, 1832 ; (Viscount Wey- 
mouth, 1 7 1 7. — T. ) Transcript of 
part, Sir T. Phillipps, No. 4805. 

" Moniton " MS. Arundel 2, Brit. Mus.h 

Dawson Turner of Yarmouth, 1827. 

[olim Sir Henry Spelman, ])ostea 
Tho. Clarges, Rev. J. Novell, and 
Dr. Cox Macro.— T.) Abstract of do. 
MS. Tanner, Bodl. Libr. 

Mr. Kingman. 

Countess of Devon. — D. 

Brian Pope of Butley. — D. 

• Dyer of Sharpham, co. Som. — D. 

Sir John Cotton. 

William Pierpoint. 

( terrarium) Gray of Colchester. — T. 

(Feodorum Liber) . . Major Morgan of Warminster, 1680. 

Glouc. Gloucester MS. Cott. Domit. A. viii. 

Appendix, ix. 

Queen's Coll. Oxf.— T. 

(2 vols.) Dean and Chapter, Glouc. 

Harap. Godesfeld Duke of Portland, 1 739. (See MS. 

Harl. 6603.) 
Oxf. Godstovv King's Rememb. Office, Exchequer, No. 1 1. 

{abstract) MS. Cott. Jul. C. vii. 8. 

Anthony Earl of Kent, 1 698 ; (olim 

Cecil.— T.) Dukeof Kent, 1739. 

IMS. Rawl. B. 408. Bodl. Libr. {olim Sir 

James ^\'are, postea Henry Earl of 
Clarendon, deinde D. of Chandos.) 
Nortlit. Gresley, see Beauvale. 

'■ Tlie Arundel MSS. in the Brit. Mus. are those which fornarly belonged to the 
Royal Society : — they were transferred iu 183.'. 


County. Monasteries, In whose possession, or wliere existing. 

Shrop. Hales Owen Sir Henry Littleton. — D. 

Shrop, Haghmon {fragment) . . MS. Harl. 446. {olim Peter le Neve.) 

21 88. 

Walter Barker, I C39.— D.i 

John Kynaston. — T.i 

Mrs. Corbet of Sundorn. 1832 ? « 

Bedf. Harewood Walter Clavel, 1 709.— T. 

Glouc. Hayles MS. Harl. 3725.k 

MS. Reg. 12 E. xiv. 

King's Rememb. Office, Exchequer ? 

Essex Hedingham William Pierpoint. — D. 

York. Helagh Park MS. Cott. Vesp. A. iv. 

Lord Wharton.— D. 

Line. Haverholm Rob. Earl of Kingston. {oUm Gervase 

HoUis, 1 634.— D.) 

Rev. Edward Lynald of Heling. — D. 

Wcstm. Hepp alias Shapp. . Sir James Bellingham of Levens, 1 622. — D. 

Ld A\''" Howard of Naworth, 1638.— D. 

Kent Herbaldoun Hosp Master and >\^ardens. — T. 

Archiep. Libr. Lambeth. Transcript 

Duke of Buckingham, at Stowe. 
Hcref. Hereford Cathedral . . Tho. Lord Weymouth, 1 720. Transcript 
of part. Sir Tho. Phillipps, 1832, No. 4802. 

MS. More, 141 . Publ. Libr. Cambr. 

MS. Rawlinson, B. 329. Bodl. Libr. 

{fragment) MS. Jones 21 Bodl. Libr. Oxford. 

Northd. Hexham Sir John Fenvviek. — D. 

" The Black-book" Mrs. Beaumont of Bretton Hall, co. 

York, 1830. 

{fragment) J. B. Nichols, Westminster, 1833. 

{olim R. Thoresby, 1712.) 
Northt. Higham Ferrers. . Duke of Buckingham, 1833. {oliin T. Astlc.) 

Hunt. Hiiichingbrokc Earl of Sandwich. — T.I 

Northd. Holm, juxta Alnwick. .. Lord AVilliam Howard of Naworth, 

ir)97. John Warburton, Somerset 
Herald, 1720.— T. 

MS. Harl. 3897. 

Cumb. Holm Cultram 389 1 . 


Lord W. Howard of Naworth, 1638.— D. 

postea Cathedral Libr. Carlisle. — T. 
Transcript of do. US. Harl. 294. 
' Qy. if these three are the same book ? "^ Called by niistai<e a Cartulary of Aberconway. 
' Qy. if burnt iu the (lie at Hinchingbroke House iu ISiiO. 


County. Monasteries. In whose possession, or where existing. 

Cumb. Holm Cultram John Warburton. — DM 

Rev. Hugh Todd.— D. 

Will. Nicolson, Bp. of Carlisle. 

{Thoresb. Corresp. vol. ii.) 

Norf. Horsham Sir John Hobart.— T. 

Kent Horton Rooke, of Horton. {ol. Will. Soraner. — D.) 

Transcript of do. Sir Cholm. Dering of 
Surrenden.— T. Edw. Hasted, 1/90. 

{fragment) MS. Add. 5516. 1. Br. Mus. {oUm 

Edw. Hasted, 1790.) 

Duke of Buckingham, Stowe, 1833, 

No. 7Q. {olim Astle.) 

Suff. Hoxne Sir Tho. Phillipps, Bt. No. 3793. {olim 

Tho. Martin, 1731. J. Ives, 1773. 
T. Astle, 1787, and C. Ord. 1830.) 

Norf. Hulme, St. Bennet MS. Cott. Galba, E. ii. Transcript 

of do. Stowe MS. 102. {olim T. 
Astle, 1768.) 

Dean and Chapter, Norwich. 

Hunt. Huntingdon, St. Mary. . MS. Cott. Faust. C. i, 

Hamp. Hyde, St. Peter MS. Cott. Vesp. A. viii. 

. Domit. XIV. 

MS. Harl. 1761. {olim P. le Neve.) 

,. Sir Christopher Hatton.— T. 

. Sir Hen. St. George, 1 697. 

Duke of Buckingham, Stowe, No. 32, 

1 833. {olim Walter Clavel, 1710. 
post. T. Astle.) 
Midd. St. John of Jerusalem. . MS, Cott. Claud. E. vi. 

Nero, C. ix. 

Nero, E. vi. 

MS. Rawl. Bodl. Libr. 

MS. Lansd. 200. 

. . Transcript of part, MS. Dugd. 74, Ashmole. Libr. Oxf. 

York. Keling alias Nunkeling MS. Cott. Otho, C. viii.i 

Warw. Kenilworth MS. Harl. 3650. {olim Sir Simon 

Clarke of Salford, 1 640. — D. postea 
Rich. Graves of Mickleton, 1726, 
deinde James West.) 

E. Greswold, 1656.— D. 

Thomas Shirley. — T. 

1' Said to be the same as Lord W. Howard's ; but query whether both have not been 
confounded with the Cartulary of Hohii juxta Alnwick. 

' Burnt in 1731. Excerpts are preserved in Dodsworth's MSS. 


County. Monasteries. In whose possession, or wliere existing. 

Som. Keynsham Quoted in Stovv's Chron. and Holland's 

Wilts. Kingswood John Smith of Nibley, Glouc. 1 Go I . — D. 

Sir Robert Atkins, circ. 1/10. 

Wilts. Kington S. Michael Sir WiUiam Pole, 1 620. 

John Aubrey, 1 680. {oUm Rob. Long.)— T. 

Rogers of Chippenham. k — T. 

Warvv, Kirkby Monachorum .. Sam. Roper of Line. Inn, 1638. — D. 

York. Kirkby Hill, Hosp Master and Wardens. 

York. Kirkham MS. Fairfax, 7, Bodl. Libr. {olim 

R. Dodsworth, 1632?) 

St. Mary's Tower, York. 

York. Kirkstall John Walker of Gray's Inn, 1 707.— T. 

Duchy of Lane. Office, No. 7. 

Line. Kirksted MS. Cott. Vesp. E. xviii. {olim Sir 

Chr. Hatton.) 
Warw. Knoll Sir Simon Archer. 

Transcript MS. Dugdale, Ashmole Mus. Oxf. 

Wilts. Laeock (2 vols.) Hen. Fox Talbot, of Lacock, 1832. 

Lane. Lancaster MS. Harl. 3764. 

Duchy MS. Cott. Cleop. D. vi. 

(2 vols.) Duchy of Lane. Office. 

Anthony Earl of Kent, 1 696. 

Cumb. Lanercost William Lord Howard of Naworth, 

1635. postea Earl of Carhsle.— T. 

Kent Langdon, West King's Reraemb. Office, Exchequer. 

Norf. Langley MS. More, 58, Publ. Libr. Cambr. 

. ." MS. Add. 5948. Br. Mus. 

Glouc. hrmihowy {Abridgment). . Sir Thomas Phillipps, No. 1833. {olim 

Lord Scudamore, of Home Lacy.) 
Cornw. Launceston Rich. Escote of Lincoln's Inn. — D. 

MS. Tanner 196. Bodl. Libr. 

Kent Leedes Sir Edw. Filmer, 1 727. — T. postea 

Sir John F. 1774 {seeHasted's Kent). 

Suff. Leiston MS. Cott. Vesp. E. xiv. Transcript 

of do. MS. Jermyn, Br. Mus. vol. iv. 

Legh, see Canonslegh 
Leic. Leicester MS. Cott. Vitell. F. xvii. 

MS. Laud. H. 72, Bodl. Libr. {Printed 

in Nichols's Leicestershire.) 

Sir Tho. Cave. — T. 

Line. Lekcburn Sir George Heneagc, 1 649. — D. 

"' Qu. if not the same with the one belonging to Aubrey and Long ? 


County. Monasteries. In whose possession, or where existing. 

Northt. Lenton MS. Cott. Otho, B. xiv.l 

Sam. Roper of Heanor, 1677. — D. 

Sir Francis Willoughby — T. 

Heref. Leominster Tho. Blount of Orleton, 1G69.— T. 

Tho. Lord Coningsby, 1 719. — T. 

Suss. Lewes [fragment) MS. Cott. Vesp. E. ii. 

F. XV. (olim Earl 

of Dorset, 1 629, jmst. Edvv. Byshe 
and Matth. Hutton.— T.) 

Chapter House, Westminster. 

John Selden of Inner Temple, 1649. — D."" 

Staff. Lichfield MS. Harl. 4799. {olim P. le Neve.) 

3688. {olim P. le Neve.) 

Dean and Chapter, Lichfield. 

Shrops. Lilleshull .... Sir Rich. Leveson of Trentham, 1 604. — D. 

Line. Lincoln Cathedral MS. Cott. Vesp. E. xvi. 

Episcopal Libr. Bugden Palace. — T. 

Dean and Chapter, Line. 

Will. Wake, Archb. Cant. 1 7 1 7.— T. 

Midd. London, St. Giles MS. Harl. 4015. {olim Rawlinson.) 

StThos. d'Acon. . MS. Cott. Tib. C. v. 

Mercers' Hall, 

St. Barthol. Smithfield. MS. Cott. Vesp. B. ix. 

MS. Rawl. 3bG, Bodl. Libr. 

St. Botolph. . . . Sir Thos. Phillipps, Bt. 1833, No. 3725. 

Christ Church MS. Lansd. 448. 

[fragment) John Anstis, Garter King of Arms.— T. 

^ William Hunter, M. D. {olim Dr. 

Bateman,jyo5(r.Tho.Astle. {Monast.) 

Clerkenvvell, see St. John of Jerusalem. 

Haliwell. . . {Excerpts) MS.Dodsvvorth, vol. cii. Bodl. Libr. 

St. Martin's le Grand. MS. Harl. 4080. 

St. Paul's Dean and Chapter. 

MS. More, E e, V. 21. Publ. Libr. Cambr. 

MS. Harl. 4845. 

Northt. Luffield Dean and Chap. Westminster, 1 640.— D. 

Dean and Chapt. Westm. {olim 

Okeley, 1649, postca J. Bat- 

tely, 1710.) 
Lane. Lytham Tho. Clifton of Lytham.— T. 

1 Burnt in 1731. This is the reference given in Smith's Catalogue. The MS. now 
marked B. xiv. was formerly B. i. in all probability. 
'" Qu. the same as IMS. Cott. Vesp. F. xv. 

[ To he continued. ] P. & M. 



dugdale's mss. additions to his baronage. 

^Continued fro7n p. 59.] 

Page 310. To the pedigree of Nevill, Lord Bergavenny, 
Duijdale has made the following additions : 

^^HenricusD. Bergav." add : obiit 1641, sepultus apud %ix\m. 

^^Eliz.vix.Tho. Stonore," add : de .^tcnoc in com. Oxon. Arm. 

'*' Francisca," add : obiit ante nuptias. 

" Catherina uxor Rob. Howard rail." add : postea Roherti 
Berry de liuiilottj. 

" Georgius D. filia," 8cc read, Maria filia Tho. Gifford, 

filii Henr. Gifford, Med. D.D. ; and add : a da. Wiiufrida. 

" Johannes D. Bergavenny, ob. sine prole," add : 12 Dec 
ao 1662. 

" Eliz. filia, &c. Will. Chamberlain,'' for Will, read Joh. 

" Maria Abbatissa," for Maria read Anna ; same line, for 
*' Anna" read Maria, and add another da. Eliz. 

<' Thomas Nevill, &c. sine prole ;" dele " sine prole" and add : 


I ' 1 1 ^. 

Henricus obiit in Carolus obiit ao 1 637, Margareta uxor 1 liomae 
pueritia, ao 1639. ab equo lapsus. Brooke de Madely, in 

com. Salop. Arm. 

P. 311, col. 2, line 14, for ''Elizabeth;' &c. read Frances, 
ilaughter to Henry Lord Morda?iL 

line 16, dele " no." 

line 20, for " Mary" read Anne. 

line 21, for " Anne," read Eliz. and Mary. 

line 34, for " JVilliam" read John. 

line 38, " daughter of Henry," read dau. of 

Thomas son of Henry. 

Nevill, Lord Latimer.— P. 312, col. 2, line 8 from the bot- 
tom, read, married to Edward, son and heir to Robert. 

P. 313, the pedigree to be altered according to the last note. 

Fitz-Alan, Earl of Arundel. — P. 320, col. 1, line 11, 
"daughter's son," read sister's son. 


210 dugdale's mss. additions 

p. 323, col. 2, line 10 from the bottom, « 1 Ric. III." add: 
In w^hyeare by an indenture'* dated 10 Oct. he covenanted 
with the president and fellows of Magdalen colledg in 2D;cfortJ, that^ 
for the health of his soule and the soule of Thomas iJ^ Maltra- 
vers his son, and all their ancestors, they should every day, at 
prime, celebrate Masse at a certaine Altar in that Colledge, 
thenceforth to be called the aruntielian Altar ; and for the support 
thereof, appropriated to the said Colledge for ever, the hospitall 
of S*^ James at Spnfjo, in the county of Northampt. the said Pre- 
sident and Fellows thereupon covenanting to keepe his anniver- 
sary yearely w^h Masse of Requiem ; and that all the Doctors 
and Masters of that Colledge, thenceforth, in all their sermons in 
that University and at PauV s-cxosse, should pray for his and 
their prosperous state. 

P. 334, col. 2, line 41. Dugdale has inserted the epitaph of 
Edward eighth Earl of Shrewsbury at Westminster, which has 
been printed in several of the Histories of Westminster Abbey. 

■ last line, add : 

But I return to George (the 3d of that name) who enjoying 
the title of E. of .^Ijretosburp, by descent from the famous Earle 
John (as the Pedigree sheweth) dyed unmarryed 2 Apr. a" 1630, 
and was bui'yed in the Church of aifirigfjton, in com. Salop. 

To whom succeeded John his nephew (viz* son to Joh7i his 
brother) wcl» John first marryed Mary the daughter to S'' 
Francis Fortescue of .^aiucn, in com. Buck. K* of the Bathe, by 
whom he had issue George^ who dying in his life-time childlesse, 
was buryed by his uncle at Albrighton. He afterwards tooke to 
wife Frances, daughter to Thomas L<^ Arundel of MarDour ; and 
had issue by her, three sons; vz* Thomas T«/io^ of HongforU, in 
com. Salop. Esq. John, who dyed young, and Bruno ; and Anne 
a daughter, veiled a Nunn in jFrancc. 

This Earle John dyed 8 Febr. a" 1653; to whom succeeded 
in his honours, Francis, his son and heire; w^h Francis first 
marryed Anne daughter and heire to S"^ John Conyers of ^oticburnc, 
in the County Palatine of Durtjam, K^ (by Elizabeth his wife, 
now Vicountesse Montgarret, daughter to S^ George Simonds of 
3Brici)th)en, in com. Oxon. Kn* by Mary his wife, sister to Edward 
\A Vaux of I^attocDm) by whom he had issue Conyers, who 
Ilo his second wife he wedded Jnna- 

Hist. Oxiwi. 111). -2, p. ISO 1>. 


Maria, daughter to Robert E. of dartiigan, by whom he had issue 
Charles and John. 

This Earle Francis died, IG^o Martii a^ 1667, of a wound 
received in a duell with George now Duke of Buc6tn0|?am, by 
reason of a quarrell with him concerning the Lady Anna-Maria, 
h\s wife. 

To whom succeeded Charles his son and lieire. 

P. 342, co]. 1, hne 46, "Sir Thomas Clifford," who had his 
education in ©jceter-colledge, 2Djcon. and for his singular merits, 
Slaving in ao 1GG5 been employ 'd Embassador into .^tneticn, then 
vzt 5 Dec. was made Comptroller of his Ma^i^^ Household, and 
one of the privie Councill ; afterward Treasurer. 

line 52, " ffinglanU," add : 

28 Nov. 1672, which place of \A Treasurer he resigned . . 
Junij 1673, and departed this life about the beginning of winter 
next ensuing. 

Berkeley. — P. 369, col. 1, line 28, for " leaving," read "had." 

line 36, " This George, now Lord Berkley," add : 

(thus nobly descended) having diversly manifested his loyalty 

to our Sovereign K. Charles y^ 2''''l in order co his happy restora- 
tion, and since by divers eminent services, was by letters patent 
bearing date at aSHintisor the xi^'' day of September in the 31^* 
year of his Mattes reign, advanced to the title of Vicount Durslcp, 
as also to the degree of an Earle, by the title of Earle of BcrMf j?, 
and to his heires male of his body. 

He took to wife, &c. 

P. 373, col. 1, line 8 from the bottom. Dugdale has tran- 
scribed the will of Thomas Lord Darcy, which has since been 
published in Collins's Peerage and Nicolas's Testamenta Vetusta, 
p. 146. The only variation is, that Dugdale has " the church of 
Querlton, widiout the vylle," instead of "v/ithout the castle." 

P. 375, col. 1, line 57, add to Conyers Lord Darcy : 

" And departing this life the third day of March aP 1653, 

was bury'd at leaving issue, by Dorothy his wife, daughter 

to S"^ Henry Belasses of jftJetoborougl), in the County of Iporftc, Kn* 
and Bar*, six sons ; vz*^ Conyers Darcie, his son and heire, S*" 
William Darcie, Kn*, Henry, Thomas, Marmaduke, and James; 
and seven daughters ; vz' Barbara, marryed to Matthew Hnttofi 
of $^a)0&, in die County of J'otfec, Esq"". ; Ursula to John Stilling- 
ton of JiUlffcIt), Esq'-. ; Margaret to 5''' Thomas Harrison o^ 
ailertfjorpe, Knt; Dorothy to John DaJfon of Ifjab&wtorK, Esq"-. 

212 dugdale's mss. additions 

Anne to Thomas Metcalfe of IRoutf? IPat&e, in com. Line. Esq^. ; 
Grace, first to George Best of ^iUCIcton, Esq^., and secondly to 
Francis MoVmeux of £!19ansfKlti, in com. Notingh. Esq^". ; and Manj 
to Acton Bui'nell of Min&bome, in the sayd County of Noting- 
ham, Esq*'. 

To wiiom succeeded Conyers Darcy, his son and heire ; who 
most loyally taking armes on the behalf of our late Sovereigne 
K. Charles (of blessed memory) against his rebellious subjects, 
in the time of that wicked Insurrection, w^h was raysed and 
carryed on by the greatest number of the Members of that un- 
happy Long- Parliament begun at Westmr the third day of 
November 1640, occasion'd by the Scotts Invasion ; behaved 
himself most valiantly in divers sharp and blowdy fights ; lived to 
see the happy Restoration of our late Sovereign K. Charles the 
Second ; in consideration whereof and his father's eminent 
merits, he was, by his sayd Matie, advanced to the dignity of an 
Earle of this Realme, by the title of Earle of C^olDemeos, his patent 
bearing date at Mestmr the fifth o{ December, in the thirty-fourth 
yeare of his reigne. 

This last-mentioned Conyers "L^ Darcy, E. of ^t^otbcrncs'sf, took 
to wife Grace, the sole daughter and heir to Thomas JRokeby of 
Skyres, in the sayd County of]poi&e, Esq^ (and is now living, 
ao 1683, being above eighty years of age) by whom he hath issue 
Conyers Darcy, his only son : and five daughters ; vz* Ursula, 
marry ed to S"^ Christopher Wyvill of IBwitm-Constable, in the 
County of I'or&e, Bar* ; Elizabeth to Henry Stapleton of Hilton, in 
the same County, Bar* ; Grace to S"^ John Legard of (Santon, in 
the same County, Bar* ; Margaret to Henry Marwood, son and 
heir to S'^ George Marwood of Little IBugfig, in the same County, 
also Baronet ; and Anne. 

W^h Conyers (his only son) in consideration of his singular 
loyaltie and merits being sumon'd to Parliament, among the 
Barons of this Realme, by the title of L<1 Conyers, by writt 
bearing date the first day of November, anno 32 Car. 2, took his 
place as L^ Conyers, next below the L'l Stourton, and next 
above the L<1 Sands. 

This Conyers (L^^ Conyers) marryed to his first wife the Lady 
Katherine, daughter to Francis Earle of 2!<Hc£itmorIanti, but by her 
had no issue; secondly the Lady Frances, daughter to Thomas 
Earle of Berkshire ; by whom he hath issue three sons, Johi, 
Philip, and Charles ; and lastly the Lady Frances, daughter to 


William Duke of §,omcrsct, wicklow of Thomas Earle of.§out;^ampton, 
late Lord high Treasurer of England. 

Which John (his eldest son) having marryed Bridget the only 
surviving daughter of Robert late L^ Lexinton, hath issue by 
her . 

P. 378, col. 1, line 14 from bottom, for "exalting," read "ex- 

Basset of Sapcote.— P. 382, col. 1, 1. 46, for, " In 42 H. III. 
he received," read. To him succeeded another Balphe, who in 42 
Hen. III. received. 

Despenser. — P. 393, col. 2, line 55, dele " in the sight — S* 
Dennis day in." 

line 57, " October," add, 27th. 

Urso de Abitot.— p. 462, col. 2,1. 48, for ''Little SlOalbeme," 
read Great SJ^alberne. 

MoHUN.— P. 498, col. 1, hne 45, " married," add : 

In 20 E. III. the King invading jfrance, through jl^ormantip, 
he was of the retinue ^ with Prince Edward in that expedition, 
and at the seige of Calat0. 

lines 50, 51, dele "as also" to " Edward," and 

read : And, being a person of much note for his signall provvesse 
and skilfull military conduct, was made choyse ^ of in 24 E. III. 
for one of the first knights companions of the most noble order 
of the Garter, then newly instituted by that virtuous King. In 
29 E. III. he was again of Prince Edward's retinue in the warrs 
of JFrancc. 

CuANDOS.— P. 503, col. 1, line 65, "mention," add : 

First d at the seige of .^t Quintinj* in 13 E. III. Next at 
Dironfoi^i^c,e where the English army was put in array for battell 
to encounter the French. Afterwards f in that navall-fight before 
Sluse. Likewise in 20 E. Ill.g at that signall battell of €re?$^, 
under the conduct of the Black Prince, in the van whereof he 
had then command. In all w^', and for divers other notable 
services he merited so well, as that, upon the foundation of the 
most noble order of the Garter instituted by K. Edw. III. about 
the 24th yeere of his reigne, he was, amongst other eight valiant 
souldiers of that time, made choyse of for one of the Knights 
companions of that renouned Societie.h 

'' Rot. Franc, 20 E. III. p. 1, m. 14. 

<= Instit. &c. of the order of the Garter, £. A. •^ Froisard, lib. i. cap. 38. 

• Ibiti. cap. 41. Ibid. lib. ii. cap. 5. « Ibid. cap. I'iS. 

'' Instit. of the Garter, per E. A. p. 702. 



P. 504, col. 1, line 26, for " Henry'' read Hubert Archbishop, 

Umfravill — P. 508, col. 1, line 6 from the bottom, after 
*"' called Earl of Kyme by some historians," add : 

though he was not really so; the vulgar antiently fixing that 
title on those places whereat Earles of certain counties did usually 
reside ; as t^tiigiit to the Earle of Pemiirofie ; (Cutcurp to the Earle 
of ©ciijp ; Jliuutita to the Earle of .^ujjjjcf, &c. 

WiNDsoRE.— P. 509, col. 2, line 5 from the bottom, after 
" William," insert : 

having been imployed in th.e Irish warrs, obtained the King's 
precept ^ to the Treasurer and Barons of his Excbeq^' to make a 
due allowance unto him of all such monies as were then due to 
himself and his Men at Armes and Archers in that service; as 
also for his passage to and fro, and for his horses lost in that 
expedition. Moreover, by humble petition,' representing that, 
having been retained by Indenture to serve the King in those 
his Irish warrs, with Cxx Men at Armes and CC Archers for one 
whole yeare, and after the first part of the year was over (for the 
better dispatch) he obtained a speciall J precept to the Treasurer 
and Barons of the Excheq^ to give him a fitt allowance for them. 

In 42 E. III. he was sent^^ with the L^ Perci and others into 
Poictou, wtli CCC Men at Armes, and a thousand Archers, to 
keep the frontiers of that province; and in 43 Edw. III. being, &c. 

P. 510, col. 1, line 17, "Earl of ^ucftinofcam," add : 

And the same year was Governor ^ of <!rf;irIjuroft in Bormanbp. 
In 40 R. IT. he was™ also in that expedition then made into 
France, and rode with the L<1 Basset and others, with his banner 
display'd. In this yeare likewise inayde of the Duke of "IBritannp, 
he assisted ^ the Duke of "iSiicftinBJjam at the seige of ^auntei?. 
In 6 R. II. he had a principall » command in the English army 
at the seige of 3!pre ; and in 9 R. II. attended P John D. of 
liancaster in his journey to Castile Lastly he had summons, 8:c. 

Dynham. — P. 515, col. 1, line 7 from bottom, "Exchequer," 
insert : 

By his last will and testament,q bearing date 7 Jan. ao 1500>' 
(16 Hen. VII.) he bequeathed his body to be buryed in the 

•> Claus. 29 £. HI. n). 28. ' Ibid. m. 2.9. J Ibid. 

k Froiss. f. 150\ 1 Rot. Franc. 3 R.Il. n. 10. " Frois. f. 237 '» 

" Ibid. f. 296, Ypod. Neustr. p. 138, n. 20. » Frois. f. 309. 

P Ibid. lib. iii. et iv. f. 64. i Benet, qu. 14. 

' Erroneously 1606 in Nicolas's Testamenta Vetusta, p. 496. — Edit. 


Abby Church of t^erttanti, in com. Devon.^ (whereof he was patron) 
in case he should dye wt^in an hundred miles thereof; but if 
neer Sontion, in the Gra7/-fr iar s-church w^Mn that Citty. To 
wch Fryers he bequeathed xl^' to finde a preist (brother of that 
Convent) continually to sing masse for his soule, for the space of 
thirty years ; and once in the yeare to perform a speciall Obit 
for him ; and that a thousand masses should be sayd for his soule 
wthjii one month after his death. To Elizabeth his wife he be- 
queathed his household goods at %amti)^tl)z, in com. Surr.^ 

P. 516, col. 1, line 41, Edw. III. read Edw. I. 

Blount Lord Mountjoy. — P. 521, col. 2, line 48, "with- 
out lawful issue," add : 

S^" Henry Baker of .^issino][)ur?t, in com. Cant.^ K*, being 
found his next heire, as descended from Constance sister to 
William U^ Montjoy^ his great-grandfather. 

line .50, " his natural son," read, one of his 

natural sons by Penelope Countesse of IDaitoicft. 

line 54, Charles the First, add : 1 Junii. 

line 58, JDigf;'^, add: and shortly after made 

Master of the Ordnance and one of the Gentlemen of the Bed- 
chamber to the King. 

hne 58 — 62, " He took to wife Anne,'' read : 

He took to wife Anne, daughter to John Lord Butler of 
■iSramfielb, in com. Hartf. neice to George Duke of %uch\nQ]mn ; 
and depai'ting this life in his sayd Mamies garrison at <Ovf'Jrti, 12 
Feb. 1645, was buryed in the south-ile adjoining to the quire of 
the cathedrall called Christ-Church in that Citty; having had 
five sons: George and Charles who died in their infancy; Mount- 
joy, Charles, and Henry, all idiots, who dyed unmarryed; and 
two daughters ; viz* Isabell marryed to Nicholas, supposed son 
to Edward L^ Vaux ; and Anne to Thomas, younger son to 
Endymion Porter, Groonie of the Bedchamber to K. Charles the 

The other illegitimate issue wc'> the sayd Charles Earle of 
©cbon^bire had by Penelope Countesse of UDamich, were two 
sons, vzt Si- Charles Blount, Kn^ and S^" John Blount, made K* of 
the Bathe at the Coronation of Charles the First ; and two 
daughters, Elizabeth, and Isabell ; wch Isabell became tlie wife 

» Erroneously Dorsetshire in Nicolas's Testamenta Vetusta. — EdU. 
« And 1690 ounces of plate. Executors, Sir Reginald Bray and Sir Rowland Lytton. 
Proved 4th May 150!>. Test. Vet. 

216 dugdale's mss. additions 

of Si" John Smith, Kn*, son to S^ Thomas Smith, Kn^, sometime 
Embassador in nuj^sia, 

Baillol. — P. 524, col. 2, line 7 from bottom, add : 

This was that John de Baillol, who being a great lover of 
learning became an eminent benefactor to the University of 
•©Fforti, by conferring certain stipends upon divers poore Schol- 
lars, nntill he could provide habitations and revenues for their 
support. But departing this life before he could accomplish 
what he did so designe, gave chardge to the Lady ®ei1jor0iti his 
wife, and other the executors of his testament, that they should 
perform the same; w^^ was accordingly done in the pious foun- 
dation of that antient Colledge, called Baillol Colledge. By the 
Statutes whereof she appointed that the Scholars there residing 
should annually celebrate three masses for the health of his soule, 
and the soules of his ancestors ; and always before their sitting 
down to m.eale not omit to pray for the soules aforesayd. But I 
returne. Of this Hugh, &c. 

Clinton, Earl of Lincoln. — P. 533, col. 1, 1. ult. for " after 
which ere long, viz." read ; In 13 Eliz. (as I have been credibly 
informed) he founded a Free-grammar Schoole at I^orn-Caj^tle in 
liincoTnsfjire. In 14 Eliz. &c. 

P. 533, col. 2, line 14, " this life," add : 16 January. 

line 41, ^^ Edward," read S** Edward, Kn*. 

line 58, '^'Elizabeth," add : marryed to 

Berisford, of in com. Line. 

line 60, " Arahella,^^ add : marryed to Isaac 

Johnson of ^Tipgl&am, in com. Butl. 

line 61, "/S?/sawwa,"add : marryed to Hum- 
phrey, a Kentishman. 

line 67, " and married," read, This Theophilus 

first married. 

line ult. " had issue," add : Edward U^ Clinton 

(his son and heire) who dyed in his father's life-time ; leaving 
issue by Margaret his wife, daughter to John Earle of Clare, one 
son called Edward, and Margaret a daughter. By the same 
Bridget he had also issue six daughters ; viz* Katherine, marrved 
to Sr George Boothe of ©un()am-iVfa6\<??/e, in com. pal. Cestriay 
Baronet (afterwards L^ De la merj ; Bridget, Lucie, Margaret, 
Mary, and Judith. Surviving this Bridget, he afterwards took 

to wife the daughter of S^" Arthur Gorge, Kn* (by the 

Lady Elizabeth Clinton his aunt, widdow of S^' Robert Stanley, 


Kn* of the Bathe) and departing this life at llonbon aP 1667, 

was buryed . To whom succeeded in his honoui's, Edward 

liis grandson, made Kn* of the Bathe at the Coi'onation of K. 

Charles the Sn^l, which Edward man-yed a Frenchwoman, 

neice to S'' William S^ liavi (of Monpelier) Ranger of IDootJsitoche 
Parke, temp, regis Car. I. 

P. 565, col. 1, line 31, "and" — insert, died. 

P. 569, col. 1, line 60, for (Bv.nt^ , read oSinnE^itie. 

Hastings P. 579, col. 1, line 42, " And left issue Nicholas 

his son and heire ;" add : and he Hugh, and he Nicholas ; 

■ col. 2, linel7, " Northampt." add : of his own patronage. 

line 64, "leaving issue," add: by the said Maud. 

P. 582, col. 2, line 9, " together with," add : his brother. 

P. 583, col. 2 of names, 1. 5, for '■^Knevington" read Skevingion. 

line 18, for " Esq." read Gent. 

col. 3, line 14, add : of Slmperton. 

P. 586, col. 2, line 55, for " IVcdter'' read Thomas. 

P. 587, col. 2, hue 26, for " And in 1 Maria?," read, 

Upon the death of K. Edw. VI, (the Lady Jane Grey, 
through the countenance of John Dudley, Duke of Northumb. 
being then proclaymed Queene) receiving a commission" from 
that Duke to rayse four thousand foot on her behalf, he revolted ^ 
with them to Q. Mary, whereupon, in the first yeare of her 
reigne he was constituted, &c. 

line 39, "Garter," add : In 1 Mariae he was im- 

ployed Embassador 7 with the Lord Paget to the Emperour then 
at "iBrupcn^ to hasten the sending of Cardinall Poole into England, 
to rectify the church by reason of the schisme wherewith it was 
sayd to be taynted. 

P. 588, col. 2, line 14, "Mary," add : Upon the deadi of K. 
Edw. VI. the Lady Jane Grey being then proclaimed Queene, 
he was^ one of those Lords that accompanied the Duke of 
Jiiortbumftcrtanlj with forces to <JramtitD0e on her behalfe j and was 
there '' apprehended ; but shortly after ^ set at liberty. 

P. 589, col. 1, line 35, for <£n0c?ftcp read *enac!sncp. 

line 53, for 45uina read ©uiana. 

line 68, for " Steward of tlie Dutchy of Lan- 
caster," read, Steward of the Honour of Jlticcatcr, parcel of the 
Dutchy of Lancaster. 

Godw. Annals, p. 268. 

^ ibid. 

y Ibid. p. ,!07. 

Ibid. p. 26J). 

•' Ibid. p. 273. 

'• Ibid. 

218 dugdale's mss. additions 

p. 589, col. 2, line 23, ?iontron, add : 10 Jan. 1666. 

line 57, "anno 16T1," add: by whom he haths 

issue two sons, Thomas, who dyed in his infancy, and Georffe, 
borne the xxij^d of March 1677, and four daughters; vz* Lucie 
and Sarah, who dyed young, Elizabeth and Mary. 

Mareschall, Earl of Pembroke. — P. 602, col. 2, 1. 50, after 
" rebellious Barons," Dugdale has appended a long historical note 
for which it may be sufficient to refer to his authority, M. Paris, 
in anno 1216, p. 287, and to notice his opinion, that " this Earle, 
and some others, which upon the deatli of K. John continued to 
their obedience, did it rather for feare of their own ruine than any 
sense of loyalty," referring for proof to the dying declaration of 
the Viscount de Melun. 

MoELS.— P. 619, col. 2, line 20, " again," insert : 

In 20 H. III.c he was constituted governor of the Castle of 

line 41, after €artii0an, add: in af> 1254 (38 

H. III.) he founded <i a mansion or house for inhabitation of a 
certain order of Fryers called Carmelites, in a street called 
g)tocfettien-street, w^Mn tlie suburbs of »0xfoiti. 

line 55, read, w^h Boger, adhering firmly to the 

Kinoj against the rebellious Barons, then in arms : as a reward 
for his valour and loyalty, in 50 H. III. obtained a grant ^ from 
him of all the lands of William de jpiaffartr, in J^a;^pe{i, in com. 
Bedf. ; "^SEteforb, in com. Warw. ; Baffoiti, in com. Wigorn, ; and 
;§)taunton, in com. Cantahr. Also of all the lands of Hugh de 
Gyrunde in ©odpngton, in com. Buck. ; of all the lands of Thomas 
Basset of JlDcleftam, in com. Leic. ; of all the lands of Ankelell de 
Botevile in JJiaapciton and .^cpton, in co7n. Somerset; of all the 
lands of Richard Griffin in ilDciston, in com. Southampt, and 
<!BomunDetc, in com. Leic. ; of all the lands of Geffrey de la Mare 
in .^afiifcettJOit]&, in com. Hertf. ; and of all the lands of Walter de 
Chalvestorne in (fftaltbeiEftorne, in coin. Bedf. ; forfeited to the Crown 
by their rebellious conjunction w^l* those Barons, in their open 
hostilitie against the King at that time. 

P. 620, col. 1, line 44, "Son," read Brother. 

Tragi.— P. 621, col. 2, hne 49, after " That," insert, he gave f 
the LoPP of /Faretjjci, in com. Devon, to the Monks of Ouaircra, in 
the He of iOifet ; and that — 

'• Pat. 20 H. III. m. 9. * Hist. Oxon. lib. i. p. 99 a-b, 

" Ex autogr. penes Theophilum Com. Huntingdon. 
' Monast. Angl. vol. i. p. 76"3 a. 


Fitz-Herbert.— P. 624, dele all from line 8, col. 1, '' Fitz- 
Herhert^^ to line 19 col. 2, " After this viz." and read : 

Herbert. — The first mention I have of this name and family 
(vych is both antient and honourable) is in 5 Steph. where it ap- 
pears ff that Herbert^ the common ancestor thereof, was Cham- 
berlain to that King ; and that he and Herbert his son then gave 
CCCliiijl' in silver, for livery of his father's lands. 

By some •' he is sayd to have been naturall son to King Henry 
the First, and called Herbert Fitz-Henry and Herbert Fitz-Roy ; 
but that is not likely ; for plain it is that he had to wife Adela i 
daughter and coheir to S^' Robert Corbet, Kn*. Lord of the Bo- 
rough of Jtlces'tcr, in the county of HDartoicft ; wd' Adela was one 
of the concubines to that King, and on whom he begot ^ a bas- 
tard son, called Reginald, afterwards made Earle of tJTorntoaTl by 
King Stephen, 

As to the parentage therefore of this Herbert, I cannot positively 
affirnie any thing of certainty; but that w^li I findel further memo- 
rable is, that to him and his son Herbert before specified, Thomas 
ArchbPP of F!oihc gave the Lordships of ^Hviunsfjovouofj, (CoHcrtfjorpe, 
J©!itiert{)orpc, ]C?oIj)crtFjoipe, and the two Sottumjf. Also in (3rui-0jjs][eiip, 
one carucate of land ; in .^cbpreliurne three carucates ; in 'i25ri Detail 
three ; in .iHfJitict{)orpe five ; in Stlhittftcrjic five ; in (ffropni one ; and 
in «iro{[jum foure. Also in 4E>(ourestfr5()JcE all the lands which Her- 
man and Turhet'dl held by the service of three knight's fees ; and 
that, by this Adela his wife he had issue three '" sons, Herbert, 
Stephen,"^ and WilliamP 

Which William was, first. Treasurer P of the Church of gorfecj 
and Cliaplain to K. Stephen, and afterwards ArchbPP of that Pro- 
vince ; of whom notable mention is made by Godwyn in his cata- 
logue of Bishops, and that for his strict and holy life he was ca- 
nonized for a Saint. Of whom also an old Register ^ of the 
Church of gorfee thus speaketh, Sanctus llDinicitmii?', >iEIior. Archie- 
piscopus,fuitJiliustHvitvti, Wintoniensis,Camerarii et Thesaiirarii 
Henrici Regis ; whereby it seemes that the before mentioned 
Herbert was also Treasurer to K. Henry the First. 

s Rot. Pip. 5 Stcph. Hants. ^ Ex vet. cartularlo Bardorum Wall. 

' Ex cod. MS. penes Edw. D. Herbert de Chlrbury. ^ Ibid. 

' Ex registro albo penes D. et Cap. Ebor. part. 1 , C. 69. 

" Ex autogr. penes Thomani Herbert de Tinterne Baronettum. 

" Ex registro albo, part 2, f. 21, 4. 

The reference to note " is omitted by Dugdale. 

P Ex registro albo, p. 1, f, 32. i Ibid. 

220 dugdale's mss. additions 

To this Herbert succeeded Herbert his sayd son, called ^ Her- 
hertus films Herberti Camerarii (as hath been before observed). 
Which Herbert obtained from K. Henry the Second, a confirma- 
tion s of all the lands w^b Herbert his father held ; as also of the 
office s of Chamberlain; and in ]2 H. II. upon the assessment 
of the Ayde, v/hich was then levyed for marrying the sayd King's 
daughter, certifyed that he held one knight's fee in UDi'(t|5f)ire and 
three in "iSerft^'&iie. In 6 R. I. he underwent the * Shireeve's 
office ^ for the county of ^Btoucej^tcr, for the one half of diat yeare. 
So likewise afterwards ^ during the whole reigne of the King, 
and in 8 Ric. I. Y was also Shireeve of ^\)xti^s\)\xt. 

Upon the conquest of 3Irelanlj, in the time of K, Henry the 
2nd, I find z that, in a great Councill held at <0pfortt a° 1 177 that 
King gave the kingdom of Upmeric, in that realme, to this Herbert, 
and William his brother, Reginald Earle of CorntoaH, and Josce- 
line de la Pomerai their nephew, (the Citty of 'Simeric and one 
Cantred excepted, w^h the King reserved to himself and his 
heirs,) to be held by the service of sixty knight's fees; but that 
they refused ^ that his gift. This was at that time ^ when King 
Henry made his son John King of Irclanb. 

This Herbert tooke to wife ^ Lucie, the third daughter to Milo 
Earle of ](!|crEford, and had ^ with her, in marriage, the Forest of 
JDcne and other lands in 42n0(anl> ; but for some transgression (as 
it is sayd) he gave them back to K. Henry the Second. 

By the consent of which Lucie,^ and Reginald his son, he be- 
stowed f on the monks of iDatacriep (m com. Surr.) all his lands in 
•iScitiiette ; Peter and Matthew, two other of his sons, being wit- 
nesses to the grant. Of which Reginald I finde no other men- 
tion ; for Peter succeeded in the inheritance. 

Which Peter first marryed Alice,S daughter of Robert Fitz- 
Roger (a great Baron in jfiortfeum&erKanb,) and by her had issue l» 
Reginald ; and he two sons John and Adam. 

After which he tooke to his second wife Alice,^ daughter of 
Sr Blethin Broadspere, lord of Stan-U^ovoen and '^etjjerislcp ; and 

•■ Ex autogr. penes praedict. T. Herbert Bar. s Cart, antiq. R. II. 32. 

« Lib. rub. in Scacc. tit. Wilt, et Berks. ^ ^v Rot. Pip. ejusd. ann. 

» Hog. Hoved. f. 323, n, 40. " Ibid. b i|jij, 

e Monast. Augl. vol. ii. p. 66 •». U Ji^if]. 

"^ Ex autogr. penes praefatutn T. Herbert. Bar. f Ibid. 
s Rot. Pip. 5 Job. tit. Bristou. •' Mon. Ang. ut supra. 
MS. Bardorum Wailicorura. 


lastly a third, vz* Isabella the daughter and coheir of William 
de Braose of '^Bremtre (an eminent Baron) widow of David ap 
Lewelin, Prince of iCatcjS [Eva her mother being sister to Rich- 
ard Marshall Earle of Pembroke), bj which Isabell he had the 
LoPPs of "iBa-nfctjenE]?, (Caloarij, and UI>aIa,s{)iic in the county of "iSrecft- 
noth, with other lands in several parts of iOalesf. 

And being very obsequious to K. John in the time of those 
troubles which he had with his Barons, was reputed ^ one of his 
evil Councellors ; being so tar trusted that he was by him made 
Governor '" of Picfterino-castle in florhs^ire ; as also « Shireeve of 
that County; and joined in commission » with the ArchbPP of 
Canterlurp, William Earl Warren, and others, to take into safe 
custody all such persons as should come to ?ion&on in the Terme 
of the Epiphany next ensuing the relaxation of the Interdict, to 
petition the King for pardon of their transgressions ; as also all 
such as should repaire to the King at Jficrt&ampton, upon the like 

This Peter V obtained from that King the Honor of "iScr^tapte 
in ©ctoonsb. wtl» fifteen knight's fees, wch were part of the posses- 
sions of William de Braos ; but afterwards revolting q from K. 
Joh7i, his lands in 2t1ceiSter in Warwicksh. were seized r into the 
King's hands, and given s to William de Camvill. And in 1 
H. III. "Otiber Jfttj-RegtnaltJ (a bastard son of K. John) obtained 
a grant * of all the other lands of this Peter, to support himself 
in liis service. But before the end of that yeare, returning " to 
his obedience, the Castle and LoPP of '55l[cnk'Ucn5 and all those 
lands belonging to the Honour of "iSrEcfinocfi whereof he had been 
dispossessed by reason of his rebellion, were restored x to him. 
after which, vz* in 5 Hen. HI. he was y with the King at the 
siege of "^Sitbum-castle in Sincoinsftire. 

P. 62i, col. 2, line 55, " Which Reginald," to "of the Welch. 
And," I. 59, dele and read : 

In 41 H. III. this Reginald, amongst other of the Barons- 
Marchers, he received a speciall ^ precept to assist Humphrey de 
Bohun, then Earle of K^crcforb, in defence of the Marches betwixt 
jUiiontBomcric and the Earle of Gloucester's lands. And in 42 

^ MS. Bardorum Wallicorum. ' M. Paris, p. 231, n. 20. 

■n Pat. 15 Joh. m. 1. " Hot. Pip. 16 Joh. F.ior. " Pat. 15 Joli. m. 7. 

P Testade Nevill. Devon. i Claus. 1 8 Joh. m. «. ' H'id. » Il/id. 

t Pat. 1 Joh. m. 13. " Ibid. « Ibid. y Claus.5 H. III. ni. 11. 

' Claus. 4 1 H. HI. in dorso, m. 6. 

222 dugdale's mss. additions 

H. III. Lewel'm ap Griffith having hastily invaded the lands of 
Prince Edward and divers of the King's subjects, he was sum- 
oned a to be at <r][)cpter, w^h horse and armes, on Munday next 
after the feast of S^ John Baptist, to march against them. 

P. 625, col. 1, line 9, " dowrie," add : 

In 17 E. I. the Welch, being again in armes, he had 
(amongst other of the Barons-Marchers) speciall coniand^ to 
reside upon his own Barony. 

line 20 to 27, dele, and read : 

In 29 E. I. being in the Parliament then held at SincoTne 
where the King published ^ a large defence touching the wars 
with .Scotland, and against the Pope's authority ; to vych instru- 
ment all the Earles and Barons there present affixed their scales, 
this John Fitz-Reginald,^l then L^ of "JSIenTetenp, was not the 

In the first yeare of K. Edward the Second's reign,e he gave 
unto that King the Castle and LoPP of ^Bicnletocnp, as also his 
mannours, 'Jnulcftp-^inajj, w^b other his mannours and lands in 
ilDaCc^ ; w^^'' Casde and LoPP of iSIcnlc^jcn? was afterwards be- 
stowed by the same King, wth other lands, upon Roger Mortimer 
of Cftirfic. He also gave f the Castle of <!rari04?oel[l, in the County 
of '^Brecftnctft, vf^^ the advowson of the church, to Grimbald 
Pancefot and Sibill his wife, which Reginald his father had of the 
grant s of Hugh de Turhervill. 

This John had a son called Herbert; and he had one called 
Mattheiv ; but of these finding nothing memorable, nor of Adam 
ap Reginald, the younger brother of this last mentioned John, 
and grandfather to S"" JVilliam ap Thomas, father to William 
Herbert of JJIaotan, who was created U^ Herbert in 1 Edw. IV. 
and in the eighth yeare of that King advanced to the dignity of 
Earle of pcmiirofte, I shall refer what I have to say further of this 
branch of that family to my second volume of this present worke ; 
and ascende to Matthew, a younger son to Herbert before men- 
tioned, by Lucie, daughter to Milo Earle of l^ercfoiti. 

line 55, " It is said," to line 58, " I guess," dele, 

and read : 

To him succeeded i/67-6tT^ his eldest son; who entering ^^ 

« Claus. 42 H. III. in dorso, m. 1 1. '' Hot. Wall. E. I. in dorso. 

"^ Ex ij)so autogr. penes Tiles, et Cam. Scacc. ^ Ibid. 

' Claus. 1 E. II. m. 15 in dorso. ' Claus. 10 E. I!, m. 30. 

V- Ex autogr. penes T. Herbert Bar. '' M. Paris, in a" 1'244. 


:^outfi-"l©a{c^ w'tli his forces against David ap Leivelin Prince of 
W&ie^, and marching betwixt the Hills, was killed i w^ii a great 
■stone, tumbled down upon him by one of the Welch, and buryed^ 
at .IHarflan-Abbey wtl> this epitaph : A^ MCCxliiii Herbertus Jilius 
Mathai lapidibus obrutus est in Wallia, juxta Abbathiam de 
Margani, in qua erat sepultus ; leaving Peter his brother and 

MoNTACUTE, Earl of Salisbury.— P. 651, col. 1, line 11, 
" »JErE?b^," add : 

I somewhat doubt that my author is mistaken in the Chris- 
tian name of the eldest of these three daughters, in calling her 
Anne ; for in the year 1658 there did remaine in the middle of 
the chancell of JDe^t-lfornbon, in com. Essex, a large gravestone 
of marble, w^h the effigies of a woman thereon, in a plate of 
brasse ; on the verge whereof was this imperfect inscription, 

postea uxoris illustrissimi principis Joannis Ducis Exon. 

qiice quidem Margareta ohiit xiiiio die mensis Augusti aimo D'ni 
MCCCClvii. The amies of Fitz-Lewis impaling Mountague 
being engraven thereon. ^ 

P. 653, col, 1, line 45, " Thomas Chaucer," add : of «CujeIme, 
com. Oxon, 

ScROOPE OF Bolton. — P. 657, col. 2, line 49, " without any 
Jawful issue," add : 

But by Martha Jeanes, his servant (daughter of a poore 
taylor, living on (CurfieKb-heath, in com, Bucks.) had one son, 
named John, a fellow-comoner of TymiY^z-colledg in i^pforti, who 
dyed unmaryed; and three daughters; Mary, first marryed to 
Henry son and heir to Henry Earle of .JKonmoutft, and afterwards 
to Charles now Marquesse of iDmcfccstcr; Elizabeth to Thomas 
Earle Bivers ; and Anabella to John Grubham How of liangar, in 
com. Nott. Esq!'. 

Strange of Knokyn. — P. 666, col. 1, Hne 35, " 17 Edw. 
IV." add: and lyeth buryed at Great ](!?cnin0bon, in com. Midd. 

Grey, Earl of Kent.— P. 718, col. 1, line 63, "in 20 H. 
VII." dele and read : on Munday '" next after the feast of S^ 
Thomas the Apostle 19 H. VII. 
line 67, for "him," read : this Richard. 

' M. Paris, in a" 1244. •> Powell's Hist, of Wales, p. 310. 

' The Duke, however, in his will expressly calls both his wives Anne ; but see this 
subject discussed in Cough's Sepulchral ftlonuments, vol. li. p. 155. 
•" Ksc. capt. 21 Nov. 22 H. VII. 

224 dugdale's mss. additions 

P. 718, col. 2, line 29, "sa7." insert, 17 Martii. 

line 42, for 1615, read, 1614. 

line 45, dele " Sir," and after "of" insert "^BetJ- 


line 48, ^^Longvile,'' insert, Knt. fourth son to S^' 

Michael Longvile of JDoibertun. 

P. 719, col. 1, line 13, read, upon the seventeenth day of June. 

line 21, ^'^ Frances f' add, marrved to Christopher 

L«l Hatton ; which Charles died 17 Maij 1679, unmarryed. 

line 26, ^'■Job" add, a Divine. 

line 28, " Priscilla" add : and departing this life 

.... -aP 1643, was buryed in the church of 'iSuvIivicfje before men- 
tioned ; four of wch five daughters were thus marryed ; vz^ Grace 
to James JVarde, alias Fanno'^o^i^ucMij^ctitz-Gratige, in com.Leic.;^ 
Magdalen to John Browne of ^tretton, in com. Derb. ; Christian to 
\Theophilus'] Bu7-det,^ Rector of the church of %uvton-0vere2/, in 
com. Leic. and Patience to Cooke of liutifcenftani, in com. Leic.^ 

To whom succeeded in his honour Henry his eldest son : w^^ 
Henry wedded Mary, &c. as in line 30, 

— line 32, " issue," to line 40, " Maynard," dele, 

and read : 

no surviving issue ; and afterwards Arabella daughter to S^' 
Anthony Ben, Knt. Recorder of 11onijon(widdow o( Anthony Fane, 
third son to Francis Earle of UDc^tmotiantj) and by her had issue 
two sons ; viz*. Anthony, now E. of JHent ; Henry, who died 
young ; and one daughter, named Elizabeth, afterwards married 
to Banaster Maynard, son and heir to the Lord Maynard ; and 
departing this life Apr. 1649, was buried at Bitton, in com. Bed/. 
To whom succeeded Anthony his only son then living, who tooke 
to wife Mary the sole daughter and heir to John L^ Lucas. 

Grey of Groby. — P. 721, col. 1, line 3 from the bottom, 
« died," add : 10 Oct. ao 1530.o 

last line, " issue," to line 3, col. 2, " four sons," 

dele, and read : In a vault under this (Bradgate) chapel (so built 
of faire ashler-stone, and scituate on the south side of the quire) 
his corps, wrapt in cerecloth, wth embalming, put into a strong 
coffyn of wood, was layd ; which being opened,P upon removall of 

" Lady Priscilla was married to Mr. John St. Nicholas, at Biirbacli, June 5, 1657, 
and buried there Sept. 20, 1665 j see registers of Burbacli quoted in Nichols's Leicester- 
shire, vol. Iv. p. 463, and see pedigree of Fitz-Nicholas, ibid. p. 260. Further particulars 
of all these ladies will be found ibid. pp. 458, 463; the epitaph of Lady Christian 
Burdet, in vol. ii. p. 535, and a pedigree of Burdet, vol. iv. p. 630. 

o Burton's Disc, of Leicestersh. p. 51. p Ut supra. 


tiic Cliappell to the east end of the quire, in tiie year 16()r>, (for 
the reasons in my Antiquities of Warivickshire exprest) through 
the curiositie of some, the cerecloth was cutt, and the body 
viewed, but found perfect,^ and nothing corrupted, though P 
seventy-eight yeares after his death ; being six foot wanting four 
Indies in lengtii, his haire yellow and face broad. By Margaret 
his wife, daughter of Sir Robert IVotton of "iSocton, in com. 
Cantii, Knight (widow of William Medley) he had issue four 
sons, 8cc. 

col. 2, line 44, " by her," insert : 

It is saydq y*^ she was rejected by him and lived many yeares 
after his second marriage, enjoying her dowry out of his lands. 

■ ibid. " and afterwards," read : He afterwards 


line 47, " two brothers," read, brother. 

P. 722, col. 1, last line, " which Thomas died," read : 

Which Thomas, having sate in judgment upon the late K. 
Charles of blessed memory, w^^h Cromwell and the rest of those 
execrable regicides, died remarkably in the yeare 1657. That is 
to say, being cutt of a rupture at JGijrtfjorpe, neere .^tamfoclJ, in 
com. Northampton, he wilfully causing the playster, \\^^^ covered 
tlie ligature, to be taken off, against the direction of his chyrur- 
geon, bled to death, &c. 

col. 2, line 2, "now Earl of .$)tanfovD," dele, and read, 

his only son. 

line 4, ^^Benso7i," read Henry Benson. 

line 5, ^^Anne" add: to James Grove of pooir l^aW, 

in com. Salop, Esq^". Which Thomas succeeding his grand- 
father in the title of Earle of .^tanfoib, marryed Elizabeth, the 
daughter of S»" Daniel Hervey of Comfie, in com. Surry, Kn^; by 
whom he hath had issue one son called Henry, who dyed an 
infant, and one daughter named Diana. 

John Lord Lisle.— P. 739, col. 1, 1. 56, " died 14 Octob.30 
Edw. in." add : by a shot w"^'' a cross-bow on the third day's 
march into the enemies country ; having at that time y^' comand 
of the body of the army. 

Ingelram dfXouci, Earl of Bedford. — P. 761, col. 2, 1. 35, 

Ut supra. I' Ibid. 

1 Causes alkilQcd against the succession of the house ofStiU'olk, printed at llonbott, 

226 dugdale's mss. additions to his baronage. 

" JFrance ;" add : where, adhering r to the French, then the King' 
enemies, his lands in 8 R. II. were seized and extended. 

Edmund Eakl of Cornwall.— P. 766, col. 1, 1. 20, " .^.tofte- 
(STalmacJI)," insert : 

He s also (like his predecessors) left no small tokens of his 
supremacie in the Countie of CovntoaH, in constitutions and cer- 
taine liberties granted to the Stanneries in that County by his 
charter ; prescribing also certain laws concerning the same, w^h 
he ratified under his scale; and imposed a certain tribute or 
rent upon tin, to be answered to the Earles. 

■ 1. 63, " i©orcE?ter ;" insert : but the King's minde 

altering, he was interred at 9C#fjeru00e.t 

line 64, for " this great," read, whose. 

In the Index to first volume, add : Daubenie Earle of Bridg- 
water, pp. IIT, 118. 

Dele, Fitz-Herbert. 

Add, Grey of Rugemont, 717. 

Add, Grey of Stamford, 722a. 

Add, Herbert, 624. 

Add, Longville L^i Grey, 718. 

Add, Vere of Tilbury, 199. 

Add, Yelverton Ld Grey, 719a. 

' Pat. 1 R. II. h, 3, m. 5. 

' Seidell's illustr. on Polyolbion, p. 224. t Mon. Ang. vol. ii. p. 346' ''. 

B. B. 

[ To be continued.'] 




The following collections relative to several places in Shropshire were 
abstracted from the records by Mr, Edward Lloyd about the year 1 700, 
and comprise extracts from the Close and Patent Rolls, not yet pub- 
lished by the Record Commission. They have been selected and com- 
municated by Thomas Farmer Dukes, Esq. of Shrewsbury, from the 
MS. volume now in his possession. It has been thought unnecessary 
to rcjjrint the biographical extracts from Dugdale's Baronage. 


Nigellus held of Earl Roger Eldredelei in Odenet Hundred ; 
Edricus tenuit liber homo.^ 

In 2 E. I. n. 36, Robert do Somerville de Aldredesley levied 
ii fine of Aldresley. 

In 3 E. I. Roger de Alderle held the fourth part of a knight's 
lee in this manor.'' 

At the Assizes 20 E. I. John de la Mare and Petronilla his 
wife claimed free warren in Aldrilegh, and produced the king's 

A fine was levied 3 E. II. n. 23, between Bartholomew de Ba- 
delesmere, complainant, and William de Monte-fbrti, defendant^ 
of the manor of Addrele, which John de la Mare de Bradewele 
held by the courtesie of England. 

In 9 E. II. Bartholomew Badelesmere had a charter for keep- 
ing a market on a Thursday at his manor of Alderley, and a fair 
on the eve, the day, and the morrow after the feast of Saint Peter 
and St. Paul, with the privilege of free warren.c 

His son Giles de Badelesmere left issue four daughters ; Mar- 
gery married William Lord Roos of Hamlake, who had for 
their purparty this manor.'l 

In 24 and 25 E. III. n. 65, a fine was levied between Sir 
Thomas de Arundel, knt. and Margaret his wife, complainants, 

Domesday Book. 

»- Claus.aE. 1. m. 

Cart. 9 E. 11. n. 57. 

•< Vide note f. 

n 2 


Robert Fleming, clerk, llees ap Ilees, tuid William Wade, tie- 
ifendants, of this manor, to die use of Thomas and Margaret for 
their lives, die remainder to William lloos de liamlake and Tho- 
mas his son.e 

Johannes sire de lloos ratificavit Richardo de Burley et Bea- 
trici uxori ejus totum statum queiii habuei-e in maneriis de Ad- 
derley in com. SalopJ 

Licentia concessa est Thomae de Roos de Hamlack quod ipse 
maneria de Adderley et Sponley dare posset Thorns Chaworih, 
luiliti, Will'mo Babington, militi et aliis.g: 

John Earl of Worcester obtained for his sister Philippa Lady 
Roos, a grant of this manor and of the advowson of the cliurcK 
for the term of her life, notwithstanding the attainder of her hus- 
band.!' This lady afterwards married Thomas Wingfield, Esq., 
to whom the King confirmed the patent of his wife for the manor 
of Adderley, extending into Sponley .i 

In 1 1 E. IV. John Eai-1 of Salop had the grant of the rever- 
sion of tlie nmnor of Adderley to him and the hetrs male of his 

In 19 Eliz. Regina licentiam dedit \^'illielmo Gratewood, Ar- 
mig'. et MaricE uxori et Alicia) Corbet alienare Manerium de- 
Adderley (Salop), Rob'to Needham, Armig'. ad usum dicti 
Willi'nii et Maria? et post eorum decessum ad usum pra?dict. 
Alicia) et ha3redum.l 

The church is a rectory, valued according to the ancient valua- 
t^ion, at 11/. 6s. 


Roger, the son of Corbet, held of Earl Roger, all that tract of 
land since known by the name of the hundred of Ford, with part 
of Chirbury andCondover hundreds, which in the whole consisted 
of nine and thirty manors or hamlets;'" and for his capital seat he 
built the Castle of Caux, in allusion to a castle of the same name 
in Normandy, for the country stUl retains the name of Pa3's de 
Caux, being a bailiwick not fiu' distant from the city of Rouen,, 
the capital of Normandy. 

'■ Fines 10 R. 11. n. 80. ' Clans. 10 11. II. dorso m. 13, 17. 

S Pat. 8 H. VJ. p. 2, m. 17. *" Pat. 1 E. IV. p. 3, lu. 10 ; Pat. 7 E. IV. j-. 1, m. 12^ 

i Pat. 8 E. IV. p. 2, m. 2 ; Put. 13 E. IV. in. lo, per Inspeximus. 

k Pat. 11 E. IV. p. 2, m. 2b-. ' Oiig. 4 p. \'J Eliz. rot. 126. 

"1 Domesdu)' Buuk. 

C ASTJ.i: AND BARONY Ol CAl X. '229 

P:vin Fitz-John, a great favourite of Henry I. was in posscssioii 
of this castle when the Welsh took it from him, making cruel 
havock among the tenants." It is reasonable to suppose that 
Roger Corbet or his son iiacl espoused the cause of l{obert do 
Belesme, his patron, against Henry J. and so, upon incurring the 
King's displeasure, forfeited his inh.eritance, which was given to 
the said Pain Fitz-John, It should seem that after this depreda- 
tion of the Welsh, that Pain Fitz-John quitted his pretensions, 
■and that the Corbets were restored to their former interest iii 
these parts ; but, be it as it will, our records of the earliest date 
fix it in that family. 

In 1 Joh. Robert Corbet had a charter for keeping a market 
every week on a Wednesxlay at Coos (Cans), " Cum omnibus 
libertatibus et liberis consuetudinibus ad hujusmodi INIercata 
pertinentibus^ ita tamen quod Mercatum illud non sit ad nocu- 
mentum vi<;inorum Mercatorum."° 

In 2 H. III. t\te King commanded the Earl of Chester to re- 
store to Thomas Corbet, the son of Robert, the Castle of Caos, 
and all other his lands seized in the King's hands upon his acting 
in conjunction with the King's enemies, since that he had sworn 
■allegiance, and done homage as a lawful liege subject ; for it seems 
the seizure had been made upon the father by reason of the son's 

In 30 H. III. the said Thomas Corbet had a grant of free war- 
ren in Cans, Scc.j^l and, about two years after,"" the grant of a 
fair, to be kept on the eve, the day, and the day after the trans*- 
lation of 8t. Thomas the Martyr.^ 

In 33 II. III. a fine was levied between the said Thomas Cor- 
bet, complainant, and Foulk Fitz-W^arin, defendant, " De con- 
suetudinibus et serviciis terrae in Albei-byr 1 feodi militis, et de 
secta ad curiam de Caus, iuveniendo militem ad wardam Castri 
Cans per 40 dies." Peter Coi-bet acknowledged upon record, 
tliat he held the barony of Kaus })er servicium 1 feodi militis, 
which was entered in the Scutage of Wales, oih of Kdward the 
First, and the year following,^ a fine was levied of Caux by the 

" Dugd. Ikron. o Cart. I Jolin, m. 15, n. 9«, pais '2'^\ 

P Pat. 2 H. III. ra. 8, Rex Comlti Ccsiria!, quia Tliomas Corbet, films Uoliert'i 
Corbet, venerit ad fidcMii et servitium nostrum et fecit nobis Himiagium, id«) ri Castrnm. 
de Caos et oinnes abas terras suas in nmnu nostra iiiide idem llobertus fuit Jisselsitiis, en 
Tj-uod i>ra!fatus Tliomas filins suus contra nos fuit rum iniinicis nostris, liberetis. 

^ Cart, ao H. fll. ni. r. ' Cart. 32 H. HI. m. 5. • 23 [-kc. 

J'"iiie8 6" E. I. rot. C), 


said Peter, " Qui concessit Roberto Corbet tenementa vocat la 
Haye de Luctone et tenementa Bragynton in Wallia, et quod 
Robertus possit assartare et Petrus et han'edes ejus fugabunt in 
la Haye." 

In 20 £. I. a Quo Warranto was brought for holding Pleas of 
the Crown and Wayffe in this manor. The defendant, Peter 
Corbet, claimed those liberties by prescription, so the Cause was 
adjourned to Lichfield. At the same Assizes a complaint was 
exhibited against the said Peter Corbet by William Passenarulf 
for taking his oxen in their passage through Worthyn, and after 
detaining him as prisoner in the Castle of Caux ; Peter pleads 
that he was Custos or Marescal of the King's army under Roger 
Mortimer, General against the Welsh, and found the said Wil- 
liam returning from the army without leave " cum bobus, ideo 
cepit." William replied, that those oxen fell to his lot as part of 
the booty then taken, " et quia Willielmus cognovit quod Petrus 
cepit boves tempore quo Willielmus habuii de praeda," the 
Justices declared that they had no cognizance of the plea, so it 
was dismissed. u 

In 27 E. I. the said Peter Corbet was found by Inquisition x to 
be one of the next heirs to Roger de Valletort, a great Baron in 
the west of England, and then departed this life, 28 E. I., leaving 
Peter his son and heir,y being thirty years of age; who died with- 
out issue 15 E. II. and left John his brother and heir, twenty- 
four years of age ; who dying without issue, it was found by Inqui- 
sition 21 E. III. that Thomas Corbet, ancestor of Peter Coi'bet, 
had issue Peter and three [two] daughters, viz. Alice, Venice,z and 
Emme, and that Peter the son had issue another Peter, and tliat 
all the heirs male of that line were extinct. It was likewise found 
that Alice, the eldest daughter of Thomas, became the wife of 
Robert de Stafford, who had issue Nicholas his son and heir, and 
Nicholas had issue Edmund, and Edmund had issue Ralph, then 
Lord Stafford, when the inquisition was found; and that Emme, 
the other daughter of Thomas Corbet, married de Bromp- 

ton, who had issue Walter de Brompton her son and heir, who 
was the father of Brian de Brompton, who left Margaret and 
Elizabeth his heirs. Margaret took to husband Robert de Har- 
ley, and Elizabeth, Edmund de Cornwall ; so that the Barony of 

" riacit. lie Jurat, et Assis. ^ Esch. 27 E. I. u. 32. >' Pat. 30 E. L m. 2. 

^ Venice is a mistake for Ainesciam, which in the Inquisition signifies that Alice was 
the elder daughter. Vide Du Cange, v. Ainescia.—EmT. 



Peter Corbet ran into three channels, and by agreement '- the 
coheirs made a partition as follows : '^ Ralph de Stafford gave the 
King, 24 E. III. fifty marks as a relief for the moiety of the 
Barony of Cans, which moiety consisted of the manor of Cans, 
medietas manerii de Worthyn, cum medietate 2 molend'. et 1 
molend'. fulleritici, ac maneriorum de Munsterley, de Nether- 
gorthere in North Wallia, et medietas maner' de Byn Weston." 
The purparty of Robert the son of Robert de Harley and Mar- 
garet his wife was, the manors of Yockelton, Wentnore, Stretton, 
Chelvie, with the moiety of two water-mills, and of one fuller's 
mill, and of the fourth part of the manor of Bin Weston, which 
were the fourth part of the Barony ; so that of course the remain- 
der fell to the share ^ of Edmund de Cornwall and Elizabeth his 
wife, who accordingly paid twenty-five marks relief for their pur- 

In 38 E. III. Robert Harley levied a fine of Yockelton, Shelve, 
Wentnore, and of the fourth part of the forest of Cans, for the 
use of himself and Johanna his wife for their lives, the remainder 
to Foulk, the son of Robert Corbet de Morton, and the heirs of 
his body, the remainder to the right heirs of Johanna.^ But to 
return to the elder brancli, Ralph Lord Stafford died at Tun- 
bridge in Kent, 46 E. III., leaving Hugh his son and heir, the 
father of Thomas, who dying without issue, William his brother 
succeeded, in whose time Roger L'Estrange had the custody of 
the castle and forest of Caux.d He also died without issue, and 
then a younger brother, Edmund Earl of Stafford, succeeded, 
who was afterwards slain at the battle of Shrewsbury, fighting for 
the King, and left Humphrey his son and heir dien an infant. 

In 12 H. IV. Robert Cluelegh, David Holbache, and Roger 
Thornes, had a commission to enquire into all trespasses, con- 
tempts, oppressions, deceits, extortions, maintenance, and waste, 
committed in the territories of Caux, from the time the King was 
possessed, and to certify the same into the Court of Chancery.^ 
Humphrey Earl of Stafford, in die 23 H. VI. was created 
Duke of Buckingham, and 25 H. VI. the Duke of Warwick his 
great competitor for precedency being dead, lie had a grant to 

' Claus. 21 E. Ill.m. 19. « Pat. IG 11. II. p. 1, m. 26'. 

*> Fines Trin. 24 E. HI. rot. 3. 

•^ The antient members <if tlic Barony of Cniix, vij. Escli. 28 E. I. rot. 40. 

^ Eseh. G 11. II. rot. 27- • Oiig. 12 H IV. rot. 24. 

232 SHROPSHIRE collections, r,Y edw. lloyd. 

him and liis heirs, to take place of all Dukes, except the blood 
Royal. In 38 H. VI. he had a grant of all the forfeitures of Walter 
Devereux of Weobly, in county of Hereford, Esq. and that 
Walter de Hopton, of the county of Salop, had incurred ; and 
afterwards in that year was killed at the battle of Northampton, 
on the Lancastrian side. 

To him succeeded Henry his grandson (whose father had been 
killed at the battle of Saint Albans) then five years of age. This 
Henry Duke of Buckingham M'as a great instrument of the pro- 
motion of Richard the Third, by whom he was created Constable 
of England, and Constable of all the Castles and Steward of all 
the King's Lordships in the counties of Salop and Hereford ; but 
plotting with Morton, Bishop of Ely, how to effect the union of 
the Houses of Lancaster and York by the marriage of Henry 
Earl ot Richmond (afterwards King Henry the Seventh) with the 
eldest daughter of King Edward the Fourth, the project was dis- 
covered, and he with his friends and adherents fled to arms; but, 
being disappointed in the measures they had concerted, the Duke 
betook himself to the house of Humphrey Bannester, an old ser- 
vant of his, living near Shrewsbury, who, upon die King's Pro- 
clamation promising a thousand pounds reward to any one that 
shoidd apprehend the Duke, betrayed his lord and master to 
John Mytton, Esq. Sheriff of the county, and, in conclusion, he 
was beheaded at Shrewsbury, and left Edward his son and heir, 
who, by tlie contrivances of Cardinal Wolsey, was sentenced to 
death the 13 H. VHL whereupon the King granted to Walter 
Devereux, knight, Lord Ferrers, the office of Steward and Con- 
stable of Caux "et officium Janitoris ac Forestarii de Minsterley 
et Habberlcy, nee non officium Magistri J3eductus Ferarum 
Regis Forestae de Hogstowe et Heth pro termino vitf^e." f Henry 
his eldest son obtained an act of Parliament, 14 H. VHL to re- 
verse the attainder, but not to be restored to his honours, and in 
consequence thereof he enjoyed the possessions of his father, and 
liad issue Edward, the father of Edward who married Isabel the 
daughter of Ti)omas Forester of Tonge, in the county of Salop. 

In 22 Eliz. the Queen pardoned the alienation of the Castle of 
Cawrs, which Edward Lord Stafford made to Robert Harcourt 
and his lieirs ; S from whom it came to the noble family of the 

• Oy.f;. Ki [1. VIII. rot. CO. s Oilg. 3 p. 22 Eliz. vot. 155. 


Tliynnes, the ancestors of the present Lord Viscount Weymoiith, 
u Peer that maintains the splendour and hospitahty of the ancient 
peerage of England. 

The old tenants upon the Escheat Rolls were 

Reginaldus filius Petri, 14 E. I. 

Philip Burnell, 22 E. I. 

Sir John Leyburne, 7 E. III.'» 

John Mouthe, 5 H. IV. 

Thomas Hales, 8 H. V. 

Hugh Burgh and Elizabeth his wife, sister and heir of Foulkc 
Mouthe, held the fourth part of the Barony of Caux, viz. a 
moiety of the manor of Worthyn, the manors of Overgorthore, 
and Baughaltre, which had been the purparty of Edmund de 
Cornwall, i 

In 13 E. IV. the Ludlows had an interest here. The ancient 
fees were Westbury, W^attlesburgh, Alburbury, Eyton, Horton, 
Hanewode, W^allop, Haberlegh, Aston, Legh, Hope, Walton, 
and Acton Burnell. J 


In the Confessor's time Edwinus Comes tenuit Ellesmeles, 
which in Domesday Earl lloger held. 

In the year 1177, or 23 II. II. the King went to Oxford, and 
" in general! concilio ibidem celebrato," he gave to Rese, the son 
of Griffin, " Regulo de South Wales," the country of Merioneth, 
and to David the son of Ovvein, " Regulo de North Wales," 
terram de Ellesmare, Owein having married the King of Eng- 
land's sister.k 

Robert' Lupus tenet manerium de Elsmere per Ballicam(?) 
Joh'is Regis, l 

In 6 John, the King gave the castle and manor of Elsmere in 
frank marriage with his daughter Joan, whose mother is said to 
be Agatha de Ferrers, the Earl of Derby's daughter, toLhewellin 
Prince of North Wales; "> but the lOth of that King, four years 

'' Cart. 7 E. in. n. 1.0. ' IMicli. Fines 13 H. 6. Vitflliiis, C. ii. CotKin. Lilir. 

J Kfcli. 21 E. 111. rot. 55. k Hove.Ien. ' Julius C. ii. C'ott. Lihr. 

"' Pat. r, Joli. in. :S. Rex Tliom^c <Il' Enlinton. IMandiinius tibi (luod stntiiu vlsis liltris 
istis liheres l^'welino (Jastrum dc EIsmk re (juotl tit in c-ustinliii tua. 'IVbli (ialfiiilo filio 
IVtri, iiputl Wigi.rn. 2a die Martii. 


after, Bartholomew Turoe, the Governor, was commanded upon 
his allegiance to put the place into the possession of William Earl 
of Salisbury, the King's brother, and Thomas de Erdinton." 
So that the King reserved the disposal of the government of the 
castle, this being a fx-ontier town, and of some importance to the 
Marches, and consequently not to be left entirely in the power 
of the Prince of Wales, who, we may suppose, had only the rents 
and profits arising from the tenants. 

In 4 H. III. Roger L'Estrange yielded up to the King the 
inheritance of the manors of Colmere and Hampton, and received 
in consideration of the same the said manors again, cum Castro 
et Hundredo de Elsmere ad vitam tantum.o 

In 21 H. III. John L'Estrange was Governor of this Castle. 

In 25 H. III. David, son of Lewellin late Prince of Wales, by 
his charter in writing, surrendered up Elsmere and Englefeud to 
the Crown of England.? After that we hear no more of its being 
in the hands of the Welsh. The continual skirmishes between 
the English and W^elsh made the tenure of the latter very uncer- 
tain; and though King Henry the Second and King John, being 
embroiled in foreign wars, gave this town and castle in dower, the 
first with his sister, the other with his natural daughter, in order 
to conciliate the ancient animosities of both people, yet, upon the 
least appearance of a rupture, those Kings might, and actually 
did resume at pleasure, or gave what recompence they thought 
fit upon the seizure, and such as the Princes of Wales holding 
upon their good behaviour were glad to receive. 

In 37 H. HI. the manor and hundred of Elsmere were com- 
mitted to John de Grey, paying a fine of 10^. a year, q 

In 43 H. HI. Peter de Montfort was Governor of the Castle. 

In 51 H. HI. the manor, castle, and hundred, were granted 
to Hamon L'Estrange and his heirs " donee sibi et haeredibus 
provisimi sit de eschaetis ad valorem centum librarum per 
annum."" This Hamon was a younger son of the first John 

n Rex Baitholomeo Turoe, Piseci))imus tibi, qu5d sicut corpus tuum et omnia tene- 
rjienta tua diligis, statiin visis Uteris istis liberes W. Comiti Sarum fratri nostro et 
Tliomae de Erdiiiton castellum de Elsmere, quia volumus qu6d illud custodiant, et in 
hujus rei testimonium has litems nostras patentes tibi mittimus. Teste meipso apud 
Warwic' 18 die Decerabris. Pat. 10 Joh. m, 3. 

° Placit. de Jurat et assis. p Pat. 25 H. IH. dorso. 

■J Pat.37 H. III. m. 4. ' Pat. 51 H. HI. m. 26. 


L'Estrange, Lord of Knockin. We read of him, that the Arch- 
bishop of Canterbury excommunicated him by name for his in- 
solences upon the breaking out of the Barons' wars; but presently 
after, returning to a just sense of his duty, he had his pardon 
of the King, and was employed in places of the greatest trust 
and honour, which he discharged with a fidelity suitable to his 
great abilities. He is said to have purchased the manors of 
Colmere and Hampton of Peter de Montford, sometime Go- 
vernor of Ellesmere Castle, and then gave or left them to his 
brother Sir Roger, who, the 4th E. I. had the royal confirmation 
of the grant,r with this condition, that upon surrendering a grant 
of his brother Hamon L'Estrange, which was to him and his 
heirs, he should be content to accept of a grant from the King 
of the castle and hundred of Elsmere, to hold for life, the remain- 
der to the King in fee. This Roger afterwards, with the King's 
approbation and warrant, s 12 E. H. granted several parcels of 
land, part of the demesnes of the manor, to several persons in fee, 
at which time the wastes and commons of the manor were in- 
closed and converted into freeholds. 

In 14 E. IL Oliver de Ingeham, who adhered so firmly to the 
King upon the insurrection of the Earl of Lancaster and other 
Lords, was Governor of this Castle.* 

In 3 E. HL a writ " was issued to inquire concerning the pur- 
prestures and encroachments made by the tenants of the neigh- 
bouring manors, and to settle the boundaries of those manors in 
respect of Elsmere, which being performed, the King x gave the 
Castle of Elsmere, with the hamlets of Colmere and Hampton 
to the Lord Eubulo L'Estrange, a younger son of John 
L'Estrange, Baron of Knockin, in fee; who dying left the same to 
Roger L'Estrange de Knockin, senior, his cousin and next heii', 
the father of Roger L'Estrange, who was the father of John 
L'Estrange,^ "qui tenuit de Rege manerium de Elsmere, cum 
hundredo ibidem et hamlet' do Coulmere et Hampton cum aliis 
pertinent' in Marchia Wallias par servitium tertiae partis unius 
feodi militis." Richard his son and heir, who was found to be 
cousin and heir to Phillippa Duchess of York, his mother's sis- 

■■ Pat. 4 E. I. m. 36". 

» Pat. 12 E. II. m. 2. Pat. 12 E. II. p. 2, m. 8, m. !). 

t Rot. fin. 14 E. II. m. 2. " Claus. 3 E. HI. m. 1,T. 

" Cait. 5 E. III. n. 83. y Paschw fines 11 R. II. Vitellius.C. ii. Cott. Lib. 


ter, died 27 H. VI. and after his decease Elizabeth liis relitt 
married Roger Kynaston, Esq. her dower being the manors of 
Nesse, Strange, Kynton, Cohncre hamlet, Hampton hamlet, 
Knokin castrum et dominium, Elsmere manor and hundred, the 
Castle of Mudle with the manor.z John, the son of Ptichard, died 
17 E. IV. leaving issue Joan, his sole daughter and heir, marrie<l 
to George, son and heir apparent to Thomas Stanley the first 
Earl of J)erby of that name, in which noble family the inherit- 
ance vested for four descents, when William Earl of Derby had 
licence, ■* 42 Eliz. to make an alienation of the manor of Elsmere 
to Richard Si)encer, Esq. and Edward Savage, the year follow- 
ing ^ obtained the Queen's pardon for the alienation quam fecere 
Thomse Egerton, Militi, CustocU Magni Sigilli, afterwards Lord 
Chancellor, and created Baron of Elsmere, from whom the right 
honourable the Earl of Bridgewater (now Duke) is descended^ 
the present inheritor of Elsmere, Colemere, and Hampton, under 
whom the tenants at half rack, paying a fine, live very comfort- 
ably and handsomely. 

In 6 Jac. George Onslow, Esq. alienated the manor of Saint 
John of Jerusalem, infra villam et parochiam de Elsmere, to Sir 
Thomas Egerton, Lord Elsmere.^ 

Having mentioned the arrentation and inclosures of the waste 
of the manor in 12 E. II., yet the principal tenants to be found 
upon the Inquisition Rolls, were only John Croesmere, alias 
Elsmere, and John Hastings. f^ 

The antientest freeholds of the manor were Ockle or Otteley 
(the noble seat of the ancient and worshipful family of the Kynas'- 
tons, of which there have been several knights who have borne 
the highest offices that gentlemen in a private capacity are ca- 
pable of, particularly the ingenious and learned Sir Francis Ky- 
naston, Esquire of the Body to King Charles the First, and 
Umious for his Latin translation of die Loves of Troilus and Cre- 
sida out of Chaucer,) Loughton, and Walton. 

Richard Laken had an extent 5 H. IV. of the lands of John 
Kynaston, lying in the hundred of Elsmere and Hampton \\^oodj 
and which were forfeited to the King.*^ 

In 13 E. IV. John Langford, of the town of Shrewsbury, had 
a grant for life of all the lands and tenements not exceeding the 

- Iiiq. 32 H. VL » 3 J). Grig. 

1> Oiig. 4 !>. 'la Eli/., rot. 85. 

'J Quod (luinu. 1^2 E. H. n. f)7, ISf). 

4 2 Eliz. rot. 14.9. 

c Grig. 2 p. '-' J:u 

•. rot. r, 

• Orii;. r, IJ. ]V., 

■ot. '2'i. 


yciirly value of sixty shillings, late the estate of Edward Elsmerc 
attainted of high treason, which lay in Salop and in the hundred 
of Elsmere.f 

By the statute 21 H. VIII. c. 26, Elsmere cum membris was 
united to the hundred of Pimhill. 

In 40 Eliz. the Queen gave a licence to Sir Edward Kynaston 
knight, to keep a market on Tuesday, and a fair in Elsniere;& but 
the account of Leland concerning this town is, that it had four 
streets, three fairs, and no market. None of tlie ruins of the 
castle are left ; but the eminence on which it stood does plainly 
discover that it has been an ancient fort. 

[A description of the stained glass in the east window of EUesmere 
Church will be found in the Gentleman's Magazine, vol. xeix. ii. 1 15.} 


Ernui held Pontesberie in the Confessor's time, and also after 
ihe Conquest, under Roger the son of Corbet. '^ 

A fine was levied 21 Hen. I. between Thomas Corbet, com- 
plainant, and Herbert, the son of Peter, defendant, de duobus 
partibus manerii de Pontesbur. Jus Herberti. 

By the Escheat Rolls,' 14 E. I. Reginald, the son of Peter, 
was lord of the manor ; and 28 E. I. one William de Bowdlers 
received the profits that accrued from the Court Baron. 

In 33 E. I. Rehese, the son of Howell, had a gift of the 
advowson and of the manor of Pontesbury from John, the son 
of Reginald the son of Peter.k 

Cart. 2 E, II. xYrticles the 20th and 32d recite, that the Kinc 
had the manor of Pontesbury ex dono Magisiri Rhesi ap Howell, 
which he gave to Sir John de Cherleton, then Lord Chamber- 
lain, and the heirs of his body, to hold by the service of the 40tli 
part of a knight's fee, who had also a grant ^ of free warren in 
this manor. This John de Cherleton was summoned to Parlia- 
ment IT E. II. being Lord Chamberlain to the King, in which 
honourable post John Lord Powis his son succeeded him. Ed- 
ward the fourth Lord Powis of that family, sustained great losses 
and damage by the outrages of the Welsh under Owen Glendwr, 
and died 8 II. V. leaving two daughters and coheirs, Joan, who 

' Pat. 13 E. IV. p. 1, in. T). K Orig. -1 j). 40 Eliz. rot. 23y. 

'' Domesday liook. ' Esc. 14 E. I. 

'' Ex duno Joli'is filii Rtj^inaKli filii I'ctri. ' Cart. 1 E. II. n. 35. 


nuirried Sir .John Grey of Heton, in com. Nortlaimberland, 
knight, and Joyce, who married Sir John Tiptoft, Lord Tiptoft, 
who sometimes is styled Lord Powis. But that title properly 
ran in the family of the Greys, who were Lords of Powis, for four 
descents ; when Edward Lord Powis, by his last will and testa- 
ment, 36 H. in. having entailed his estate upon the heirs male of 
his body, limited the remainder to Edward Grey, his illegitimate 
son by Jane Orwell, daughter of Sir Lewis Orwell, knt. and to 
the heirs of his body lawfully begotten, remainder to that child, 
if a son, wherewith the said Jane Orwell was then great by him, 
and to the heirs of his body lawfully begotten, the remainder to 
Jane Grey his daughter, and the heirs of her body lawfully begot- 
ten, the remainder to such woman child as should be born of the 
body of the said Jane Orwell, in fee. In 2 Eliz. the Queen 
committed to Edward Grey, Esq. the custody of the manors of 
Charleton and Pontesbury, habend'. quousque travers. dicti Ed- 
wardi ad inquisitionem inde nuper captam plenarie fuit discuss, 
et determinat'. "^ 

In 42 Eliz. Henry Verdon, Esq. and Ursula his wife, had 
licence to alienate to William Leighton, " who, 44th Eliz. had 
the like liberty to convey Pontesbury to Roger Owen, Esq. and 
his heirs for ever.o 

The Earl of Dorset, 13 Jac. I. was trustee for Sir Roger Owen 
of Condover, knt. P whose descendants are still, and may they 
long be, lords of that place. 

The church is supplied by three comportioners presented by 
Mr. Owen of Condover, the patron. 

In 10 E. II. The Abbot of Hammond (Haughmon) had a 
o-rant of the church of Pontesbury ; ^l but the advowson was in 
the Lords of Powis, as appears by all the Escheat Rolls. 

[Copies of the monumental inscriptions at Pontesbury, with a view of 
the church, by the late Mr. Daniel Parkes, will be found in the Gentle- 
man's Magazine, vol. xcvii. i. 297.] 

"' Orig. 1 p. 2 Eliz. rot. 65. ° Orig. 2 p. 42 Eliz. rot. 63. 

" Orig. 5, 44 Eliz. rot. 145. P Orig. 1 p. 13 Juc. rot. 144, 145. 

'1 Pat. 10 E. II. p. 2, m. 28. 




Genealogies of the middle ages are almost wholly confined to the 
families of Sovereign Princes, and some of the chief nobility, beside 
those pedigrees which have been recorded by the gratitude of recluses 
to preserve the memory and descent of their founders and principal 
benefactors. A genealogy, therefore, of a family in one of the lowest 
stations of life, both in narrative and in the form of a pedigree, written 
so early as 1437, and reaching back a century farther, may be considered 
as a curiosity and a rarity. Such is the following, copied by permission 
of the Rector of Exeter College, Oxford, from the earliest document 
relating to their estate of Clifton -ferry, in the parish of Long-Witten- 
ham, in Berkshire. It is a small parchment, about the size of an old 
charter, and is written on both sides by the same ancient hand 5 the 
pedigree is in roundlets. 

Joh'es Brouns senior, Hythewarde de Westw3'ttenham in 
Com' Berk', babuit issu, viz. duos filios Joh'em et Ric'm, et quin- 
que filias scilicet Matildam, Aliciam, Ysabellam, Rosam, et Cris- 
tinam. Joh'es primogenitus hereditavit dictum Hythe et ipse 
obljt sine issu, et tunc descendebat Ric'o fratri suo jure heredi- 
tario; qui Ric'us habuit issu, viz. Joh'em etWill'm; etpost obitum 
dicti Ric'i descendit Joh'i filio suo, qui Joh' decessit sine issu ; et 
postea descendit Will'mo fratri, qui Will'mus habuit unicum 
filium Joh'em nimcupatum ; qui Joh'es obiit infra etatem et sine 
issu, et tunc descendit jure hered' ad le issu p'dictarum duarum 
sororum vz. Ahc' et Cristine duabus sororibus p'dict' quinque. 

Alic' fuit nuptacuidam J nativo [et] habuit filiam Aliciam 

vocat' que quidem Alicia filia fuit nupta Joh'i Frensh', et genuit 
ex ea filium Thomam nominatam *» modo superstitem ; et alia 
soror viz. Cristina desponsata fuit cuidam Joh'i Stevenes, qui 
genuit ex ea filium Joh'em, de quo Joh'e veniebat Emota uxor 
Will'mi iScward. Et dictus Thomas Frensh', alias Kynge, et 
Eniola uxor Will'mi Seward, adinissi fuerunt in plena cur' pro 

* bic pro — h(m. 


her' coram Joh'e Hore ad tunc seiiescalP, hijs teslibus, Ric^o 
Drayton' armigero, Will'mo Borde, Joh'e Stowe, et Will'ma 
Felys, ib'm tunc p'sentibus. Hec docta et informata fuerunt 
per Joh'em Tubbe de CHffton', etatis sexaginta annorum et am- 
phus, anno r' r' Henrici sexti post conquestum Anglie xvjnio. 

Joh'es Brou's de Westwltenham, in com. Berks. Hytlievvard h'uit 
duos filios et quiuq. filias legitime procreat' de corpore suo. 






Cristina filia 

Rosa morie- 

Alicia. Ista 

Matilda Joh'es. Iste 


d'ci Joh'is. 

baf sine 

fuit nupta 

defunc- hereditavit 


Ista fuit 



cuid' Joh'i 

ta est le hithe 


uxorata cui- 





: post morte' 


dam Joh'i 


nativo ex 

liberis p'ris et 


Stevenis, et 



quo h'uit 


su- decessit 

nios vz. 

li'uit ex eo 

sobole ante 

uuu' fihu' 


sine prole 


iilium Joh'- 


et filia' 


un' Ric' fr' 


em. =p 

Alicia' na- 
tives. =p 


i' her'. 



r — 



Joh'es filius 

Henricus Alio' filia d'ce A 


Joh' filius Ric'i. 



soror Henrici nativi. 

Iste successit 

fil' Ric'i. 

qui h'uit 


Ista fuit nupta cuid' 

p'ri suo in her' 


hha' legit- 

iste h'uit Jol 

I'i Frensh, h'uit 

et raoriebai" 


time pro- 


filiu' Thomam, =^ 


abs; Uberis un' 

h'uit fi- 

creat' viz. 


Will' fr' ejus 

ll u'Joh'- 


^viir fii'= 

=Matiir hi' Th 


successit in her'. 



Emota* fil' 

Joh'es fir Joh'is 

Iste mo- 

Joh'is filij 


Henr' S. . . fil' 


riebar infra etatem & sic 



iste h'uit &J 


devolut' est duab; soro- 

adhuc su- 



WiU'm Frc 


ribj videlj Alic 

& Cris- 





tine & hered' suis. 

This pedigree seems to have been designed to show that Thomas 
Frenshe, alias King, grandson of Alice, the second daughter, and (by 
failure of her brother's issue) coheir of John Brouns, the hithe- ward or 
ferryman of Clifton, was one of the heirs at law to his great-grandfather's 
estate. By what means he satisfied the other heirs, it does not appear : 
but on Holy-rood Day, 18 Hen. VI. (3 May 14-40) he conveyed, under 
the name of " Thomas Kynge de ^Vittenam Abbatis/' all his part of the 
" hithe" and passage over the Thames at Clifton, with all chambers, 
houses, lands, meadows, pastures, ditches, waters, and fisheries, to Peter 
Shotesbroke, Esq. of Newenham, John Shephard of Wittenham-Comitis, 
clerk, and Thomas Haukyne of the same ; one of the witnesses of his 
deed being John Tubbe, the old man from whose knowledge of the 
family the genealogy had been drawn. These three persons rc-infeoffed 
Iiiui and Joan hit. wife of the same estate, for their li\cy, and to the 


assigns of the said Thomas Kynge for ever, on Saturday in Easter-week, 
19 Hen. VI. 1441. In 1483, 4 Nov. 22 Edw. IV. Joan Goldry and 
John Frenshe alias John Kynge, of Redyng, (who seem to have been 
the widow and the son of Thomas Kynge,) gave their half-part of the 
hithc to John Yonge, of ^\^atlyngton, his heirs and assigns ; and on 
the 30th of the same month, the said J. F. alias J. K. released and 
quit-claimed the same to him ; Sir W. Stoner being the principal wit- 
ness to both deeds. This John Yonge conveyed it to John Mercer, 
clerk, William Buldry, and Roger Roper of Watlington, and to the heirs 
and assigns of the last named, 12 Jan. 2 Ric. III. (1485); appointing 
on the 14th, Chr. Swan, bailiif of Abyndon, and John Gibon of Wat- 
lington, his attorneys, to give seizin ; and on the 3 1 st he released the 
same with the same remainder. Eight years after, this Roger Roper, 
described as a " draper," demised it unto Ric. Panter, Rector of Exeter 
College, Will. Ford, Walter Kyngdone, John Philipe, Will. Brue, Will. 
Merifelde, John Frendshipe, Tho. Laurey, Walter Cowse, and John 
Hickys, clerks. Rich. Robertis, Walter Dudman, Will. Glovere, Tho. 
Tremayne, and Peter Druet, scholars {liter atis), and to their heirs for 
ever, by deed dated at Oxford, 1 Aug. 8 Hen. VII. 1493; and by 
another, on the 28th of Nov. he quit-claimed all his right unto the said 
Rector and to the Fellows of the College, said to be " then in full pos- 
session," and to their successors; Tho. Larkyne, Robert and Reginald 
Curteys, and Roger Aleyne, being witnesses to both these deeds. This 
is the substance of the only (nine) ancient deeds relating to the estate 
of Clifton-ferry. 

W. H. B. 



Ex MSS. Bibl. Reg. Paris, vol. 8539. 

[Communicated by Sir Cuthhert Sharpe, of Sunderland.) 

Monseigneiir le CJrant Maistre, 

Pour ce que depuis quelque temps tie ^-a, en I'honneur tie Dieu 

nostre Createur, ay commance a bastir et ediffier i\ews. Colleges, 

Tun a Ypswich, qui est le lieu de ma nativite, et I'autre en TUni- 

versitc de Oxeni'ord, par la fondacioii des quels seront nourriz et 

alymentez plusieurs escoliers tousjours entretenus en vcrtu 



et aussi gens califfiez en dignite sacerdotalle, poiu' faire le sei'vice 
divin, a fin que a perpetuelle memoire Dieu y soil servie et hon- 
nord; Lesquelz ediffices ne se peuvent bcnnement parfaire, 
suyvant ce que deja est commance, a raison que n'avons de par de 
ca la pierre a habondance, com vous avez de par de la. A ceste 
cause, Monsr. le Grant Maistre, Je vous prie tres affectueuse- 
ment estre moien enverz le Roy v're Maistre ad ce que son bon 
plaisir soit me faire cest honneur, de ordonner et lymiter nne 
carriere a Caen, en la basse Normandie, qui est le plus comode, 
et qu'il soit permis a mes gens, que ce apres j'en voiray par de la 
pour le meme affaire, de pouvoir tirer et enlever, selon les eschan- 
tillons qui leur seront baillez, toutes telles pierres qui seront ne- 
cessaires pour le par fournissement des d' [dites] edifices, sans 
payer aucun fons de terre, impositions, droitz, ou coustumes 
quelzconques. Ains puissent passer et estre admenes en cestuy 
Koyaume franchement et quietement. Ce faisant serey du 
nombre des bienfaicteurs diceulx Colleges, et participant de 
toutes bonnes oeuvres, prieres, et meditacons qui y seront faictes, 
a tons jours mais. Et de ma part vous done et faictz I'un des 
patrons d'iceulx come j 'ay dit au present porteur le vous declairer 
plus amplement, a qui j'ay donne charge solliciter I'affaire vers 
vous, s'il vous plaist luy donner credence, come a celluy a qui 
je meet bonne confidence. II a des affaires particulieres de par 
de la parquey je vous prie pour amour de moy I'avoir en vostre 
bonne recomendation, en ce dont il vous requerra, et vous me 
ferez fort grant plaisir. Et au surplus je vous advise que la ou 
il vous plaira m'employer en chose ou vous prendi-ez plaisir, le me 
signifiant congnoistrez qu'aurez ung vray et entier amy en moy, 
dount scayt n're siegneur, qui, Monsr. le grand Maistre, vous ait 
en mainteign en sa tres saincte garde. 

Escripte a Rychmont, le xxvi jour de Janvier, I'an xv^.xxviii. 
V're tres cordial et parfict amy, 

T. CarHs Ebor. 
A Monsgi' le Comte de Beaumont, 
Grant Maistre et Mareschale de France. 

C. S. 




[^Continued from page 23.] 


Be it to be reniembred that Matthew de Furneaux had issew 
tlire sonnes, Symond, Henry, and Thomas, and 4 doughtcrs, 
EHanor, Havise, Jane, and Margarete. The saide Symond =' liad 
isseu Elsabeth,'^ that was maried to John Blownte, knt. the which 
John and Els^'^ had issew AHse, that was maried to \A'm. 
Stury, knt. and died without issew. 

Also the saide Henry and Tliomas died without issew ; also the 
furst doughter Elianor was maried to Henry Haddon, knt. and 
had issew a doughter callid Mary, which was maried to \^'m. 
Fitzwaren, knt. and had issew Iwon Fitzwarren, knt. and Iwon 
had issue Jone that was maried to John Chidok, knt. and had for 
her parte 50/i. of land, that is to saie Kelve, and oder lands, that 
Henry Rogers now hath. 

The 2nd sister Hawise was maried to John of Bytton, knt. and 
had yssue 2 sonnes John and Mathew', and 3 doughters, Mawde, 
Elsabeth, and Beatrice. John died without ysseu ; Mathew 
maried one Counstance, doughter of Thomas Kingeston, knight, 
and had isseu John of Bittoii, knt. which John married Isabel, 
doughter of Walter Hurst, and had issew one Katheryne, wiiich 
Katherine maried one Thomas Rugge,*^ which I'homas and 
Katherine had issew Jone, that was maried to Robt. Grendour 
liir furst husband, and after maryed Sir John Barre, knt. and 
died without issew of hir body, and had for her part 50//. pf land, 
that is to saie, Pury Furneaux, Strengston and Sherington, 
Ileithcumb, and odyr land that Stowell have purchased. 

The 1st doughter of Sir John of Bytton, Mawde, maried one 
Symon Basset, knight, of whome comyth Robt. Basset, now 
aly ve, that claymyth as heyre to my Latiy Barre. 

The 2nd doughter Elsabeth, sister and heir of Mathew of Bvt- 
ton, maryed with Hampton, and had isseu Philpot Hampton, 
which Philpot had Richard, which Richard had John Hampton, 

» lie (lied '2 1 Edw. 111. ^ See Collinsou's Somerbutbliiie, vol. i. p. •2u'-'. 

' Roclie in L'olliubon's boiiitrsel. i. Jiui. 

s 2 


which John had 3 doughters, Luce, Jane, and Elsabedi, now 
being aly ve, that clayniyth as heyre to my Lady Barre. 

The 3rd suster Beatrice mai-yed Heugh Strowde, knight, and 
had isseu by hir, Henry, which had Richard Strowde, which 
Richard had Wilham Stroude, now ahve, y*^ claymyth as lieyre 
to my Lady Barre. 

Also the 3rd doughter of Mathew de Furneaux, Jone, was ma- 
ryed to John Tirwitt, knight, and had isseu John Tirwyt, kt. 
yt maried one Isabell, and had Thomas Tirwyt, kt. which Thos. 
weddid one Elsabeth, and had isseu Anne and Jone, which Anne 
maryed one Will'm Clynton, kt. and had yssew Wm. Clynton, 
kt. yt diett without isseu. And Jone maried John Warde, 
Esquier, which John died without issew. 

Also the 4th doughter of Mathew de Furneaux, Margarete, 
was maried to John Beaupre, kt. which had isseu John Beaupre, 
kt. and the saide John the father died, after whose decease the 
said Margarete was maried to Heugh Longland, kt. which had 
Hugh Longland, kt. and Margaret; which Hugh died without 
isseu, and Margarete suster to the said Hugh, and Margarete 
wife of Hugh Longland the father, had for their parte bOli. of 
lands, Asiynton, Warmester, and divers other lands in Somer- 

The saide Margarete, suster to Hugh Longland, maryed John 
Barbe, and the said Margarete died without issew, and for Seint 
Barbis parte fell Astynton,'' as heir to Margarete Barbe, sister to 
Hugh Longland, y' died without yssew. 

The forseid Isabell, suster of John Beaupre, maryed John 
Longland sone and heire of Hugh Longland, knt. borne and 
begotten of his first wife, which John and Ysabell had 3 dough- 
ters, Margarete, Jane, and Annes. 

The furst doughter Margaret maried Leonard Hakeluet, kt. of 
whom commyth Stepulton of Shroppeshier, and had for his parte 
lands besides Warmester, and in divers places. 

The 2nd Jane maried Robt. Yevelton, kt. and Robt. died with- 
out isseu, and Jone maryed with Richard Rynyon, grandfather 
to Wm. Ryvyon (sic), now alyve, and had for his parte lands be- 
sides Yevell or Yovelchester, and in other places, as well as in 

The 3rd Anne maryed John Farwaye, and had bytwixte them 
2 doughters, the one maryed with Stowell, the other with Berkley 
Lord of Tekenam and Stowell. And Berkeley as one heyre had 

■* Asliinyloii in Soiuersetililre ; bee tlie (leut. Mug. xc. ii. 20.9. 


for hir parte the lands at Warmester, and afterward Stowell 
and Berkley made exchaunge, that Barkley shuld have AVar- 
mester hole for his parte to hym and to his heyres ; and 
Stowell to have as mych land therfor in Cornewaile, that was 
Barkles before that exchange made. 

Md. That Anselme Basset, knight, maryed Margaret Le- 
maheu, and had isseu Edmund Basset, knt. and John and 3 
doughters, Isabell Pynchard, Margaret Valars, and Katheryne 
Bisset. Edmond and John died without isseu, after whose deth 
theritage of y*^ said Ancelme descendid to y^ fbrsaid Ysabell, JNlar- 
garet, and Katherine, as sisters and heyres of the said John. 

The forsaid Isabell had issew Symon, which maried one Elsa- 
beth, and had issew John; and the said Elsabeth died, and after 
the said Symon maried one Mauld, and had yssew Maurice and 
Edmond. And the forsaid Joim, sone and heii-e of the forsaid 
Symon and Elsabeth, maried one Elsabeth which died, and then 
he maried one Ysabell, and had isseu Margarete, and the forsaid 
John, Ysabell, and Margaret died. And the said Maurice died, 
lyving Symon his father. And the forsaid Edmond maryed one 
Margery, and had isseu John Basset, father of Robt. Basset ; and 
the said Robt. maried Jane and had yssew Giles Basset now 

§. Participatio omnium maneriorum, terrarum, et tenemen to- 
rum, rcddituum, servic' et rev'c's cum suis pertin. qme fuere Ali- 
cise quae fuit uxor Will. Stury, militis, filiae et lieredis Elsabeth 
Blunt, filiae et heredis Simonis de Furneaux, militis, in Com. 
Wiltshier, facta apud Brigewater, die Veneris prox. post fest. 
S'ti Gregorii Episcopi, anno r. R. [Henrici] o^i post conq. 8^0. 
Inter Radulfum Bushe et Alianoram uxorem ejus prima"!!! parti- 
cipem per Will'm Gascoigne, W'm Short, W'm Drew, Robt, 
Walsham, attornatos ipsoruu! Rad'i et Elinora^ warrant', et 
suflfic. eorun! habentes, ac inter Joh'eu! Rogers in propria per- 
sona sua, pro priu!a purparcia maneriorum, terrarinn et tenemen- 
torum, &c. predictos Rad'um et Elianoram contingente ; nec- 
non inter Greyndour in propria persona sua et Johaimam uxo- 
rem ejus de secunda purparcia manei'ior'. ter' et ten'. Sec. ipsos 
coming ; inter etiam Robt. Brent, Thomam Taple, W'm 
Gascoign, et W'm Hastings, feoffatos Johannis de S'ta Barbara 
tercii participum de una medietate totius purparciai predict, nianc- 
rior' terr. et ten. &c. illi contingente; ac etiam inter Leonard Ste- 
pleton in propria persona sua, Johannem Raynon {sir) in propria 
persona sua, participes de 2 partibiis predicte modiciatis, rcsidu:u 


ejusdeni tertiae purpartut illos inde contingentis ; et inter Thorn. 
Barkley et Elisabeth uxor, ejus et Walter Stowell in propria 
persona sua, et Johannam uxor, ejus, participes totius partis eo- 
rundem dictoruni partium medietatis residuas terciae purparciae 
illae inde contingentis. 

Imprimis pro prima purparcia predictorum Rad'i et Alianorae 
ac predicti Johannis per eosdem Rad'uni et Alianoram clamante 
assignantur maneria de Culne cum Kelvelton et Holiserd ejus- 
dem manerii membr. ac maner'. de Fedington cum certis terris 
et tenem' in Ore, quae extenduntur per annum, 47/. I6s. 3d. ob. 
unde idem maner. de Fedington allocatur predictis Rad'o et 
Alianone uxori ejus per concordiam inter eosdem Rad'um et Ali- 
anoram uxor, ejus et Johannem Rogers factam. 

Item pro secunda purparcia predictor' Rob'ti Grendour et 
Johanne uxoris ejus assignantur maneria de Bury, Hethcumbe, 
Strengeston, Merigge, et Shyrveton, qua^ extenduntur per annum 
53/. 5s. bd. 

Item pro tercia purparcia assignantur predictis Rob'to Brent, 
Thomae Taple, Will'o Gascoigne, et Will'o Hasting, feoffatis, &c. 
unde in jure predictor' Joh'is de S'ta Barbara, Leonardi Steple- 
ton, Joh'is Roynam (stc), Thomse Berkle,etEliz'thae uxoris ejus,et 
Walteri Stowell et Johannee ux. ej, maneria de Assington, Ly til- 
ton, et certas terras et ten. in Oldesoke, Steyning, et Warne, in 
com. Somers'. et maner'. de Warmester in Com. Wilts, quag 
extenduntur per ami. 51/. I85. Id. ob. De quibus assignantur 
predict. feofF. de S'ta Barbara ut injure, &c. maner. de Astyng- 
ton [Ashington] cum advocacione ecclesiae ibidem quae extendun- 
tur per annum 24/. 125. 7rf. oZ>. 

Et predict. Leonard. Stepilton, ac Thomse Berkley et Eliza- 
beth ux. ej. predict, maner'. de Warmester in Com. Wilts, quee 
extenduntur per ann. ad 12/. viz. duae inde partes ad eundem 
Leonardum Stapilton, et tercia pars ad predictos Thom. Barkley 
et Eliz'th ux. ej. 

Et predicto Joh'i Raynon {sic) assignantur ccrta terra? 
Oldesoke, Steyning. et Warne, quae extenduntur per ann. ad 
8/. 8s. 4f/. 

Et ad predict. Walterum Stowell et Johannam uxorem ejus 
assignantur predictum maner. servic' terr' et ten. in Lytilton quae 
extenduntur per annum ad 4/. 85. 8fi?. 

M'l. quod predicta Margareta quarta filia infra-scripta Mathei 
de Furneaux, qujie maritata tuit Johanni Barbe, habuere {sic) inter 
eos exituiuRicardum Barbe, ut infra specificatur, ac etiam Johan- 


iiem et Johannam, quos quidem Johanna maritata fuit Will'o 
Stradlin(T, et habuere exitum Edward. Stradling, militem, et alios. 
Qui quidem Edwardus habuit exitum Henricum Stradling modo 
viventem; et predicta Johanna soror predicUe Margaretae maritata 
fuit Ric'o Durborough, et habuere exitum quandam . . . .» quae 
fuit maritata Alexandro Hadley, et habuere exitum Johannem 
Hadley jam superstitem. 

[Fol. 75 i\] 

Lord Warin of Rali and Johaima his wiffe, daughter of the 
Lord Botiler of Walis, had a sonne Simond of llali,^ and a 
daughter Mawde, which was maried unto Mathewe of Furneaux, 
and of the seid Simonde of Rali came Avis Malet, Mawd Mon- 
strell, and Margaret of Barry; and of the said Avis Malet came 
Lord John Malet, Baldwin Malet, Walter Malet, and Richard 
Malet, and Isabell Blewet, Ladi Mawd of Fesours, Johanna 
Radington and Alls Wike; and off the seid Lord John Malet 
came Lord Baldewin Malet that nowe is, and John Malet his 
brother, and Avis and Constantine, sisters of the seid Baldewin. 

And off' the seid Mawd of Furneaux, sister of the seid Simond, 
came Simond Furneaux, Ladi Johanna of Gurnay, Ladi Elionor 
of Haddon, Ladi Margaret of Beaupre, and Avis of Bitton : and 
of the seid Ladi Johanna of Gurnay cam Lord John Trivet, 
which was father of the Lord Thos. Tryvet by his [her] furst 
mariage, and after bi the Lord Thomas of Gurnay his (sic) second 
mariage, had a sonne Lord Thos. of Gurnay, John of Gurnay, 
Mathewe [of] Gurnay, Edmond of Gurnay, singer in the church 
of Well, and Walter Gurnay. 

And of the seid Ladi Elionora Haddon, sister of the seid John 
of Gurnay, cam Ladi Johanna le Fitzwaren, wiff* of the Lord 
W'm Fitzwaryn, a nobill knight, of which cam John Fitzwaryn, 
Phelip Fitzwaryn, Eve Fitzwaryn, and Johanna Cheney, wiff' of 
Edmonde Cheny. 

And of the seid Ladi Margaret of Bewpre, sister of the seid 
John of Gurnay, cam Lord John Bewpre, bi his (sic) furst ma- 
riage ; and bi the Lord Hugh Langland his (sic) second mariage, 
had Isabel Langland, and Margaret, which was maried unto 
Richard Barbe. And of the seid Isabel Langland cam Margaret 
Hacklet and Johanna Yevylton, and Johanna Farwey. And of 
the seid Margaret Barbc cam Richard Barbe and Johanna Dur- 

• Blank in Orig. ^ The gravestone of one of these Ruleghs at 

Ashington is engriiveil in tlie Ccntkinan's INlagi/ine, xc. ii. 20!). 


burwe. And of the seid Avis of Bitton, sister of the seid John of 
Gurnay, cam Lord John of Bitton, w'ch died at Calis, and Ma- 
thew of Bitton, and Mawde which [was] after bi an other mariage 
called Mawde Bassat, and Eliz'th Hampton. 

And the seid Mathew of Bitton was niai'ied unto Constan- 
tyne Kingston, daughter of the Lord Thomas of Kingston ; and 
of the seid Mathew and Constantyne came John of Bitton, 
which died in Portingale; and of the seid Maud More, by his {sic) 
furst marriage, came Cissill, which was marled to Nicholas Berk- 
ley of Durslei, and died without issue. And after the foresaid 
Mawde More was maried unto Edmond Bassate, and had sonnes 
Richard Bassat, Edmond Basset, which now lyvyth, and hath the 
inheritance of Simond Bassat, father of them. And of Elizabeth 
Hampton, sister of the seid Mawde Bassat, came John Hampton, 
which now lyvith. 




{Ex Cartis Orig. penes Dom. Tho. Phillipps^ Barotietti, olim 
Edv. Lloycl^ Generosi.) 

The boundaries of manors and parishes often contain in the names of 
places the records of past events, which those who are well versed in the 
Saxon language are best capable of unravelling. This observation is 
occasioned by the word " Bispeslowe." This is a compound word, the 
last syllable of which is a corruption of the Saxon " leawe," a burial- 
place, and therefore the whole word probably marks the tumxdus or 
grave of a Saxon of the former name, unless the word " Bispes" itself 
should be a corruption of the Saxon word, Biscopes, and therefore 
denote that it is the burial-place of a Bishop. 

Htec sunt bundae et divisa^ de Wasto novae Aulae juxta Salt- 
feld et de Peniltone, videlicet, " Del Walneysepol usque Brade- 
liockesnape, sequendo le Lache usque le VVete Snape, sequendo le 
Rowe lache usque in Saltfeld Clow usque aWolfhayes-menigyate, 
et a Wolfhayes-menigyate sequendo alteram viam usque Brade- 
leyehefd, et a Bradeleyehefd sequendo alteram viam usque Luttle 
Leye hefd, et a Luttle leye hefd sequendo predictam viam usque 
Gildenaverfbrde, et sic per Tippesbroc assendendo usque Bispes- 
lowe, et de Bispeslowe sequendo le Blakelache in Alwinemere, et 
de Alwinemere usque le Redeforde, et sic per sichetum subtus 
parcum de Penilbury descendendo in Irewel, et sic Irwell se- 
quendo usque Walneysepol." P. 




In 1833 nearly one thousand ancient deeds of Shropshire and of the 
Priory of St. Thomas near Stafford, were sold by auction, and came to 
the hands of one of the Editors of these Collectanea ; from which }ie has 
selected the following deed for the purpose of shewing the probability 
that the two great families of Stafford and Bagot were descended in 
the male line from a common ancestor of the name of Bagot. This 
original charter is undated ; but appears to have been written about the 
time of King John. It has been injured by wet, and is thereby partly 
decayed in the middle. The seal is lost. 

Sciant tarn presentes quam futuri quod Ego Willelmus de 
Stafford, filius Hervei Bagot, assensu Domini et fratris mei 
Hervei Bagot, et assensu Dominae et matris meae Mylisent, pro 
salute animarum nostraruni etnostrorum (sic) concessi et present! 
carta mea confirmavi Ecclesiae S. Thomae Martyris de Stafford, 
et Canonicis ibidem Deo servientibus in liberam et puram et 
perpetuam elemosinam, concessionem et donationem quam Pater 
mens Herveus fecit predictis canonicis, de Villa de Drayton cum 
molendino, et cum secta ejusdem molendini, quantumcunque de 
terra mea pertinet, et cum omnibus aliis libertatibus et comuniis 
ad predictam Villam de Drayton et molendinum pertinentibus, 
tam in refectione stagni quam in attractione molarum, ad tenen- 
dum de me et heredibus meis [libere] et quiete. Reddendo anu- 
atim dimidiam marcam argenti ; medietatem ad Annunciacionem 

S. Marias, et medietatem ad festum Sancti omni seculari 

servitio et exactione vel qualicunque demanda ad me vel heredes 
meos pertinente. Salvo tamen forinseco servicio. Et [Ego Wills] 
et heredes mei warrantizabimus predictse Ecclesiae et Canonicis 
predicta omnia contra omnes homines et omnes feminas. Pro 
hac autem concessione et confirmatione canonici dederunt mihi 
unam marcam argenti. His testibus W. . . . Bagot de la Yde, Eu- 

done de Mer de Dulverne, Rob'to del Bee, Joh'e de Salt, 

Hugone de Dokeseya, Hugoiie de Haenegate, Gerardo de la 

Lehe, Godefrido de Thoma de Borton, Kicardo filio 

Musse, Will'mo fil. Iloberti, Waltero Wuniauc, Will, filio 
Will, {sic) Wimeri, et multis aliis. 

Indorsed hi an old hand. 

" Carta Hervei bakot." P. 




\_Continued from p. 189.] 

172. Confirmatio Henrici de Traci de predicto I'edditu 5 sol. 

173. Conf. Ceciliae, filiae Arthuri de Winton, de dicto redditu. 

174. Conf. Hen. de Traci, de dicto redditu. 

175. Carta Henrici Picot et Rosemundae uxoris ejus de ven- 
ditione 3 marcar' redditus de terra sua, inter terram Goseghe et 
plateain quae vadit per Vatel lane. Test. Walt. Pruz et Rogero 
Lidene, tunc prepositis, &c. 

176. C. Joh'is Burwin et Ammae uxoris ejus, de redditu 5 
sol. de terra inter Ecclesiam S. Joh'is Bapt. et plaleam Fabrorum. 

177. Quieta Clamacio Joh'is de Dowre ^ de jure suo in terra 
in magno vico, Exon. Test. Ylario Blundo, tunc Majore Exon. 

178. C. Hermanni Clerici, de terra sua in Exonia. 

179. C. Balduini Child, de 1 libr. cerae de domo sua, quae 
fuit Edmeri de Moberton. Test. Waltero Probo et Rogero Li- 
dene, prepositis. 

180. C. H. I. " Hen. Rex Anglia? Ric'o fil. Balduini et om- 
nibus Baronibus suis de Deven'. Sciatis q'^ ego concedo et pro 
anima mea confirmo donum quod Algarus Paiardus, concedente 
filio suo, dedit et concessit Monachis S. N." Test. Will. fil. 
Odonis, apud Wodestoc. 

181. C. Steph. Rex Angl. de resaisiandis Monachis S. N. in 
dictis terris Algari Paiardi. Test. Rob'to Avenel, apud Salopes- 

182. C. Rob'ti fil. Rob'ti fil. Radulfi, de reddit. 1 lb. piperis 
de terra Durandi in Currestrete, quam Gilda amita sua dedit 
Priori S. N. Test. Will. Briwere, tunc Viceconi. Devon, Will. 
de Roem. tunc constabul. Exon, W^ill. Rof, tunc preposito, An- 
drea, fi-atre Mauritii Pi'ioris. 

183. C. Rob. fil. Rad'i concedens Gilde sorori su£e terram 
quam Durandus tenuit de seipso, tenend pro annua pensione 1 
librae piperis. 

a " Dovera " in tlie Rubric title to the Charter. 


184. " S. p. et f. q. Ego W. Bure pro sal. a'i'as meae et Ami- 
ciaD ux'is mex dedi Eccl'te S. N. 12'^ redd'." Test. Kicardo, 
Johanne, et Rogero, filiis meis, &c. 

185. « S. p. et f. q. e. Galfr. fil. Stephani Sur-la-Hille, pro 
sal. a'i'ae meae et Stephani patris mei et Julianas matris mese, dedi 
Eccl. S. N. terram meam in Exon." 

186. " S. p. et f. q. e. Alex'r de Tauton pro sal. 8cc. &, Roge- 
riae matris meae do Eccl. S. N. reddit. 6<^. de domo mea petrina." 
Test. W. Thurb. et Joh'e filio ej. 

187. " S. p. et f. q. e. Galfr. fil. Maurici presbyteri de Kel- 
ju'ton, do S. N. reddit. 18 denar. de terra mea in Poulestret." 
Test. Waltero Turfe. tunc Majore Exon. 

188. " O'ib. &^'c. Robt. de Mandaville. Nov. me pro sal. a'iee 
mea^ et uxoris meas dedisse S. N. Exon. tot. tenement. Michaelis 
de Fonte." 

189. " S. p. 8c f. q. e. Will, de Stoncumbe et Matildis uxor 
mea do S. N. 12d redd', de terr. et dom. meis in Exon." 

190. " S. p. et f. q. e. Ric. le Flamang do S. N. totam terram 
meam prope Eccl'iam S. Pauli." Test. Waltero Turb Majore 
Exon. Ric'o Waleran et Hylario Blundo tunc prepositis, &ic. 

191. C. Will. Bure confirm. S. N. reddit. de 3 sol. Test. Hy- 
lario Blundo, Majore. 

1 92. C. Philippi de Coctuna et Osberti de Coctun, concedens 
pro a'i'a Will. Innocencii, avunculi eor. Eccl. S. Nich. ortuni 
extra porlam australem Exon. 

193. Conventio inter R. Priorem S. N. et Robt. fil. Balduini, 
Capellani de Pochelle, qd diet. Prior dimiserit ad firm, pro vita 
dicti Rob'ti terram de Bogley, reddendo anuatim 40 sol. Test. 
Galfi-'o de Pomeray ; Hilario, Majore, &c. 

194. "S. p. et f.q.e. Editha que fui uxorRogeri Calabre, assensu 
filiorum et heredum meor. scil. Alexandri et Johannis, dedi S. N. 
reddit. de 6d de domo qufu fuit Rogeri Calabre, viri mei." Test. 
Martino Rof, tunc Majore Exon, &c. 

195. " S. p. etf. q. e. Walt, le Pruz nullum jus habeo in aqua 
quam Prior et Conv. 8. N. mihi ad tempus concesscrunt." 
Test. Hug. de Langeden et Galfr. Strang tunc prepositis Exon. 

196. « S. p. & f. q. e. Job's Clericus fil. Rogeri fil. Henrici, 
dedi S. N. dom. et terr. quas habui de dono Paviae, ave (sic) 
meJE." Test. Hylario, Majore Exon. 

197. Peter de Pileten q. clam. S. N. terr. et domum in Vico 
Australi Exon. Test. Hylario Blundo, Majore. 


198. " O'ib. 8fc. Magister Ricardus, cognomento Capellanus, 
assignavi S. N. annuam pensionem 6^ de domo mea." Test. 
Godefrido, tunc Priore. 

199. " S. p. et f. q. e. Ric'us Blund do terrain extra portarn 
de Suth, quae quond. fuerat Ailwardi Liwil." 

200. " O'ib. §*c. Ysabella uxor Radulfi Musard, dedi cum 
corpore meo S. N. 5 marc, argenti, perciplendas de Abbatia de 
Bello Capite, de manerio de Dore, qd dictis Canonicls de Bello 
Capite et eorum successoribus dedi." Test, Tho. de Muleton ; 
Robt. deLexinton; Will. Briwer ; Math. fil. Herberti; Job. de 
Baius; Serlone, Decano Exon; Jordano Oliver; Robt. Musard; 
Rad'o fil. Rad'i Musard, Hascuif (sic) de Hardeberg, Gaufr'o 
de A trio. 

201. " S. p. et f. q. Ego Maisent donavi pro sal. a'i'ae meae et 
viri met Will. Beivin, et filiae meas Mirabel, jus advocacionis 
Eccl'iae Omnium Sanctorum de Racheneford, Monasterio S. 
Nich'i Exon, et pauperibus qui habitant in Hospital! apud Jor- 
lesbyri, in eadem civitate." Test. Ric'o Trenchard, Will, de 
Hochesham, Will, le Peitevin. 

202. " O'ib. etc. Robt. Prior S. Nich'i Exon. Nov. nos con- 
cessisse Will, de Glovernia et her'ib. suis totam terram quam Wal- 
terus filius Gerberti aliquando de nobis tenuit in Bradeham." 
Test. Rogero tunc Majore Exon. Walt, le Buteler, 8cc. 

203. " Edwardus Rex Anglise, Sfc. Archiep'is, Sfc. Inspexi- 
mus cartam quam Will. Rex Angl. fecit Eccl'ae S. Martini de 
Bello in haec verba {printed New Mon. vol. iii. p. 244,) " In nomine 
sanctas et indiv. Trin. Ego Will. Dei gra' Rex Ang. notum facio 
omnibus, Sfc. quod cum in Angliam venissem et in finibus Hastyng 
cum exercitu amplicuissem," Sfc. Test. Will. Rex, Lan franc. 
Archiep. Cant., Thorn. Arch. Ebor,, Maur. Ep. Loud." ^r. In- 
speximus etiam aliam cartam ejusd' Will, inhale verba, {printed 
New Mon. vol. iii. p. 245). " Will. Dei g. Rex Angl. Lanfranco 
Archiep'o Cant. Stigand. Ep'o Cycestr. O'ib. successoribus suis 
regnum Angliae optinentibus, et cunctis fidelibus, salut. Notum 
vobis facio quod locum victorias meae, §t. Test. Petro Ep'o Cestr., 
Hermanno Ep'o Sar." Inspeximus etiam aliam cart, quam idem 
progenitor noster fecit, in haec verba. " Will. D. g. R. Angl. tam 
clericis quam laicis per Angliam constitutis, salut. ^r. Test. 
Lanfranc. Arch. Cant., Stig. Cyc. Ep., Walkelin. Ep. Wint.," ^c. 
Inspeximus etiam aliam cartam quam idem progenitor noster fecit, 
in haec v. " Will. D. g. Rex Angl. Lanfranco Archiep'o Cant. 
v[ o'i!). Baronibus suis Franc, et Angl. constitutis, S;c. Test. 


Lanfr. Archiep'o Cant'. Will. fil. Osberti', apud Wyndelsore." 
Inspeximus etiam aliam cart, quam idem Rex fecit. " Will. d. 
g. R. A. Lanf. Archiep'o," &c. &c. Dat. 6 E. !.» 

204. Bulla P. Alexandri, qua confirrnat omnia dona Regum 
et aliorum monasterio de Bello scil. " Ipsum locum in quo mo- 
nasterium vestrum situm est cum leuga circumquaque jacente, et 
o'ib. pertin. suis; Eccl'am de Sampford, cum plenaria decima, et 
terra ad ipsam Eccl'iam pertin. E. de Exlinges, cum terra et de- 
cima ad eam pertin. de annona, et omni pecunia; E. de Trilawaj 
E, de Migdehala; E. de Nortuna; E. de Heilesham, cum bere- 
wicis ad illam pertin. scil. Stevekaie, Stipdena, et Brundele, et 
deseria (sic) deMend]esliam,cumAudreestou; E.deBranford,cum 
berewicis suis, scil. Brustele, et Ailbrichteston ; E. de Brantham, 
cum terra et decima sua, et berewicis suis, scil. Hertholt, Scoe- 
Icge, Scelflege, et Beuelege; E. S'ti Olavi de Exonia; E. de 
Culintuna; E. S'c'i Joh'is de Brechennoch, cum terris et decimis 
et omnibus ad eam pertin. cellam S'c'i Nicholai, et cellam Bre- 
cheuinoch, cum univ. pertin. suis. E. vero de Wi, cum terr. et 
decimis et o'ib. pertin. suis sicut ad opera monasterii vestri, et ad 
cereimi jugiter arsurum coram reliquiis ipsius monasterii, ratio- 
nabiliter deputata et assignata esse dinoscitur, vobis et Ecclesia? 
vestras confirmamus. Ita quidem, quod ad alios usus, nisi fructus 
inde provenientes superfluant, non debeat converti, salvo jure 
diocesani Episcopi, et Capellani, qui ibi deservierit. Willam 
(sic) etiam qua^ dicitur Wi, cum o'ib. pertin. suis; Villam de 
Elfliestona ; Villam de Lymenesfeld ; Villam de Hon ; Villam de 
Brichwoldintona ; Villam de Craumareys ; Villam de Bromham; 
\'illam de Apeldreham, et terram 70 solidorum, qute dicitur 
Langeherste, et est in manerio de Micnes, cum oi'b. predictarum 
villarum pertin." &.c. &c. Dat. Anagniae, per manum Graciani, 
S'c'ai Romanoi Eccl'iai Subdiaconi et Notarii, 18 kal. April. 
Indiccione 7, Incarnacionis D'nicae anno mclxxiii. Pontifica- 
tus vero D'ni Alexandri Papae Tertii, anno xv. 

205. C. Will. II. Regis. « Will'o Vic. Bald, et o'ib. Baronibus 
suis, et ministrisqui habitant in Devenesira, salut. Notifico vobis," 
&c. de Privilegiis. Test. Walchelino Winton. Ep'o et Rogero 
Bigot, apud Winton. (Printed in the Neiv Mon. vol. in.p.Sll.J 

* Tliis is a very long Inspeximus, containing six charters of William the Conqueror, 
two of William II., four of Henry I., one of Henry III. The Inspeximus is dated anno 
6 Edw. I. 


206. C. H. II. " Confirmaiis consuetudines quas Ilex Will, 
dedit Eccl'ias S. Martini de Bello, et Rex Henr. avus suus filius 
ejus predict. Eccl'ioe S. Nich'i confirmavit. Test. Rogero, 
Archiep'o Ebor. Jocelino Ep'o Sar." &c. 

207. Taxatio Vicariae de Columpton, A". 1269. {This has 
been inserted by a later hand, and is only a meniorandiuii of it. ) 


\_To be, continued,'] 



{Continued from ji' 148.] 

[Fo. 1*7.] Pasche, anno xvij'"o E. 2. de Banco. 
Nott. 30. Barry v. Aslacton. 

[Printed in Thoroton's Nottinghamshire, p. 84.] 

Kane. 41. Dominus Rex in jure Juliane fil'. et her' Johannis 
de Lenham r' advocacoem et p'sentacoem ad ecctiam de Rolvyn- 
don v' Jotieni de Segrave junior' et Julian' ux'em ejus. 


Isabel!' de Creuker nupta Henr' de Gaunt, 

I r-^ 1 

.Juliana. Isolda. Alienor'. 

Nich'a. Joh'es. 

I 1 

Johanna. Joh'es. 

I I 

Juliana nuj)ta Juliana nunc 

J. de Segrave. infra a'tatem. 

Matil' de Averenches h'liit cxitu' p' llugoneni dc Creuker. 

I 1 ' \ 1 

Agnes. Isold'. Alianor'. Isabell. 




Juliana nunc ux Johannib .Se"ra\c. 


[Fo. 17K] Pasche, «?«?«oxvijmo. E.2. de Banco. 
Lancast. 41. Henricus filius Henrici de Glasebrok impHtat 
Robtm de Glasebrok pro uno mesuagio et ij bovat' terre in Glass'. 

Ric'us dc Glasebrok. 

. I 


Henricus nunc petens. 

Kane. 70. Johannes de Mereworth et Steptiiis de Chelesfeld 
r v' Johem de Wish'm p'sentac' ad eccl'lam de Mapelescompe. 

Basilia nupta .... de Mereworth. Alicia nupta. 

I I 

Rogerus. ' Rob'tus. 

I I 

Johannes petens a Willi'm's. 

Somset. 82. Johannes filius Henrici r' v' Walteru' de Thorn- 
hull et Margeriam uxorein ejus j caruc' terre in Dunhevede. 

Henricus de Urtiaco niaritavit Sabinanu 

I . 


Johannes nunc petens. 

[Fo. 18.] Pasche, anno E. 2. xvij'"o. de Banco. 

Ebor. 92, Johannes fil' W fil' Nigelli de Myddlcton pet' v' 
Amic' quiE est uxor llici de Hohun 1 bovat' terre in Middleton. 

Gilb'tus Middleton. 

1 . 




Johannes nunc petens. 

' Died seised of tlic advowsoii, ;;i) Edw. Jll. Hasted'^ Kem, i. iOO. 


Pasche, anno Edi. 1 "". nono de Banco. 

Hereff. 29. Osb'tus Le Chapeline de Eton pet' v' Will, de 
Walth'ni unu mesuag' et una virgatam terre, ex^^ Ix acr' terre et 
Cxx pedibus terre in longit' et xxxvij pedibus in lat' in Nether- 
uouer. [Netherwood ?] 

Hamundus. Richilda soror ejus. 

Emma fil'. 


Osb'tus nunc petens. 

[Fo. 18''.] Pasche, anno E. 1»". 7io7io de Banco. 

Buck. 62. Rogerus de Clifford et Isabell' uxor ejus, Rogerus 
de Leybarn et Idonea uxor ejus, pet' v' Ep'm Decanu et Cap'liii 
Line, advocacoem Eccrie de Bokeland. 


Johannes fil'. 


Rob'tus fir. 


Isabella nunc. Idonea petens. 

Pasche, anno E. primi vito. de Banco. 

Sussex. 6. Willius de Bello campo pet' v' Will. Breuse cas- 
trU et totam terram de Gowyr in Wall'. 

Willi'us Breuse, tempore Willi'm's nescitur quis Walrandus f'r. 

R. Johannis. p' Record' sine. 


. ., , I r ; :t 1 

Willi'm's fir ejus, Henricus fil'. Alic' soror. AWalrandus f'r. 

I I I 

Johannes fil'. Thomas fil'. Marg' soror ct W's fil'. Isabell' soror. 

j heres sine. | 

Willi'm's nunc def. AV's de bello Campo. 


[Fo. 19.] Anno p'd'co. 
Devon. 12. Non intraf pl'itu' pro sequent' pedegrad'. 
Ric'us Bauceyn, 
Johanna nupta. Johanna nunc peteus. 

Line. 40. Rogerus de Cotingli'm et Willi'ms Breiier pet' ut 
jus suu' v' Abb'em de Valle Dei ij acras terre in Lavinton. 


I -^ 1 

MatiU'. Bihalda.a 

I 7T 1 

W's fir. Rob tus fir. AV's f r ejus et heres. 

Walterus fil'. Rob'tus fil'.b 

I I 

Rogerus nunc petens. A\ ilU'm's filius nunc petens. 

Ebor. 54. Alanus de Eskelby pet' v' Will, fil' Picoki de 
Newton x bovat' terre et j acr' dim' in Eskelby et Newton. 

Winierus tempore R. H. p'avi R. nunc. 

Rob'tus fir. 

Steph'us fir. Ivetta soror et hcres ejus. 

Henricus fil' Ivette. 


Alanus nunc fil' petens. 

[Fo, 19'\] Pasche anno E. primi iij^'o de Banco. 

Ebor. 4. Agnes filia Alani de Stavely pet' v' Ricm de 
Seyton et Aliciam ux'em ejus iij tofta et ij bovat' terre in Farn- 


. Thomas fil'. Thoni' f'r. Agnes petens. 

Alanus filius qui obiit sine 

Q«. Ritlialda ? ^ So placed ; Iml probably sou of William. 



Anno />Wo 

Berk. 1. Rogerus le Graunt pet' v' Regm' ie Feuer j moleiid' 
et imam hid' terre in Sherve'liam [Shrivenham], 


Willi'm's fir. 


Rogerus nunc petens. 

Kane. 51. Plitum pro Duello. 

Anketinus, tempore R. H. avi R. nunc. 

Wilb'tus filius. 

Hugo fir. 


Rob'tus filius. Ranulphus filius. 

Rob'tus fir. Walterus f'r nunc petens. 

[Fo. 20.] Mich'iSf mmo E. 3. quinto. 

Ebor. 25, Nichus Stapleton pet' v' Anketinii Salvayne quartu 
lurnu p'sentaconis eccl'ie de Tiverington. 

Anketinus Malore, tempore R. H. 3.=pSarra ux ejus. 

! — \ n 71 n 1 

Margeria Amic' cone' Nich'us Nicha' cone' p'p't' Sana cone' p'p't' 
nupta p'p'tem obiit suam Nich'o Sta- sua' dicto Nich'o 

Sal- suam W'o le sine pleton avo Nich'i de Stapleton avo 

vaine, Latimer. her'. nunc peten'. petentis. 

Anketinus fil' et heres. Will'm's Latimer. Nich'us de Stapleton. 

Anketinus Salvaine. 

Will'm's fil' ejus 
cone' p'p't' sua' 
Miloni de Sta- 

Milo de Stapleton. 


Nich'us Stapleton 
nunc petens fil' Mi- 


Anno p^dco. 
Sussex. 46. Thomas Tregotz petit versus Alicia' alte Tliele 
virgatam terre in Billinghurste. 

Johannes Tregotz, tempore R. H. p'avi R. »iunc. 


Thomas nunc petens. 

[Fo. 20^.] Mich'is, anno E. iijc" quinto. 
Corimb. 204. Jur' dicunt quoddiv'su ten'ta in Treuam, petit' 
per Joh'em filiu' Johannis de Ripariis v' pianos, fiier' alienat' 
post confeccoem Statuti. 

Johannes de Ripariis, tempore H. 

Johannes fil' Johannis de Ripariis. 

Johannes filius. 

Johannes nunc petens. 

Cornub. 112. Aungerus de Treueseck petit v' plurios terras 
in Lutcoyte. 


Rolandus filius. 

Ric'us filius. 

Aungerus filius nunc petens. 

Ebor. 232. Willims Swinton et Isabell' uxor ejus petunt v' 
Johannem de Kaynell j mesuagiu' xxxviij acras terre et \]^^ acr' 
prati in Greynate. 

Rob'tus Turvv. Rob'tus f'r ct heres. 

Rob'tus fil'. Thomas ejus f'r ct heres. 

Johannes filius. 

Isabella filia rt her' nunc petens. 

T 2 


[Fo. 21.] Mich'is, anno E. 3. quinto. 

Wigorn. 309. Johannes de Wincote et Johanna uxor ejus 
sum' fuer' ad r'ondend' Niche filio Willi'mi de Kington pro 
med' advocac'onis Eccl'ie de Kington. 

Guido Pipard. Nich'us Kington. 

Ivetta fil . Matild' [fil.] et her'. AVilli'm's filius. 

I . . I 

Ivetta marit' Wo Kardiffe. Nich'us petens. 

PauHnus fil'. 

W's fihus. 

Johanna nunc def . 

Warw. 322. Johannes filius Ed'i (sic) de Langley petit v' 
Laurenc' de Shepye unu' moiend' in Coventr'. 
Galfr'us de Langley. 

Rob'tus filius. Galfr' f'r. 

Johannes nunc petens. 

[Fo. 21b.] Jnno E. 3. p'd'to. 

Essex. 350. Ricus le Rye et Johanna uxor ejus petunt v' Will- 

de Bohun j messuagiii iiij^'' acr' terre et vi acr' p'ti in Ram- 


Johannes de Ramesden. 

^ Rad'us filius. 

Johanna nunc petens. 

North't. 371. Andreas filius [Joh'is] Russell petit v' Hugonem de 
Northburgh et Hugonem filium ejus unu' mesuagiu', quadraginta 
acras terre, quadraginta acras p'ti, et vi m'catas redd' cum p'tin- 
enciis in Etton. 


A\'iirrnus atte More. Will'inus avninculus et heres ejus. 

Ad' filius. 

\Mlli'mus filius. 

Hugo [de Northburgh] nunc petens. 

Anno R. E. 3. quinto. 

NorfF. 400. Ricus de Belhouse petit v' Rob't'm de Roppes 
Ch'ir, centum solid' redd' cum pertin' in Grimestun, Congham, 
Rydone, et Gey ton, 

Ric'us de Belliouse. 

Theobaldus filius. 

Ric'us filius. 


Thomas filius. 

. ! 

Ric'us filius nunc petens. 

[Fo. 22.] Mich'is, anno E. iijcii quinto. 

North't. 414. Johannes de Widevill et Henricus filius Rob'ti 
de Kersebrook petunt v' Johanne' filiu' Walteri de Blunt ma- 
nor' de Passenham. 

Henricus de Passenham. 

Alicia soror. Margar' soror. 

I I 

Johannes fil' petens. Henricus filius petens. 

Warr. 484. Willi'm's le Botiler de Wemme et Ela uxor 
ejus, Johannes de Peyto et Alicia uxor ejus, petunt v' Nichum 
de Passeleu maner' de Wylye. 

[Pedigree as printed in Dugdalc's A\'arwickshire, under W'illey,] 

[Fo. 22'>.] Pasche, anno E. 3. qiiadragesimo quinto. 

Cant. 53. Dominus Ptex racone custod' hered' Thome de 
Scalar' impli'tat Joh'em de Meresey capell' pro eccl'ia de 


Rob'tus de Alicia Rosa Agnes Alicia Joliauiia 

Bi.steler. soror. soror. soror. soror. soror. 

I i I i I 

Kic'us. Nich us Joh'es Joh'es ^\ alt'us de Thomas de 

I sine. M'sey. I Linton. Scalariis. 

' " . ' . .J 

Th( mas. Henricus Hellion. Johannes inf aetatein. 

Suff". 211. Clemens Brachenham et Katerina uxor ejus ini- 
pli'tant Willi'm' Comit' SufF' et Will'm' de Huntingfeild pro 
rector' de Alder ton. 

(Talfr'us de Glanvill. 

I ;;-- 1 ! 1 — r\ p _ 

l.Marga-eta 2. Emma 3. Johanna 4. Katerina 5. Alicia nupta 
nupta L'do nupta nupta Wo nupt' Era'ico nou patet cui. 

Comit' Cor- Joh'i Boivill. Perche. 

nub'. Gray. I J 

r .1 I 

1 '--{ — I I 

Reginaldus. Emma nupta Wo de Ws. Anna nupta AV'o Malore. 

Rogerus Huntingfeild. 

. .1. . 
\\ illi'm's infra aetatem. 

[Fo. 23.] Pasche, atmo E, 3. xlvto, 

Leic. 271. Thomas de Ocheby et Johannes Brabason petunt 
CListod' terre et her' Johanne, que fuit uxor Willi'mi de Wode- 
ford, que ad eos perlinet eo quod tenent maner' de Sproxton. 

I ' 1 1 \ 1 

Rogerus Bra- Mattheus Johanna soror Amabill' soror Emma soror 
bason sine. f'r ejus. ejus. ejus. ejus. 


Willi'ra's Brabason. Rogerus. Rog'us. Theobald'. Tho. 

I r -■ ^, I 

Johannes. Thomas. Thomas de Oucheby AV'sCurson. 

j I nunc petens. 

Johanna de Johannes. 

Wodeford. I 

Johannes nunc petens. 


Trhiitatis, anno xxxiiijto H. iijcii. 

Devon. 25, Will'm's filius Ric' de Forda petit v' Mauriciu' 
de Berkelay di'am hid' terre, excepta iiijta parte un' ferling' terra 
in Estbray, et aliani iiij'^am partem ferline' terre ib'ni. 
Willi'm's de Forda. 

r-^ -^ n 

Steph'us. Ric'us. 


[Fo. 23t>.] Anno xxxiv^o H. 3. 

Berk. 7. Milo Basset filius Milonis Basset recuperat per ju- 
diciu' curie ij carucatas terre, dim' virgat' et una' acra' p'ti, in 
Northmorton v' Joh'em Basset. 

Jordanus Basset. 

I ' 1 1 . 

Milo antenatus. Jordanus. Henricus. 


Pasche xxxiiij^o H. iii"'. 

Sussex. 8. Rogeriis de Sancto Johanne petit v' Rob't'm de 

S'co Jotie man' ia de Hannak, Waub'ton, et Bern ham. 

Rogerus de S'co Johanne. 







Essex. 10. Rob'tus de ki Haye petit v' Alex' de Stellinge xxx 
acr' terre in Stow, ut jus. 

W's de la Haye sine. Galf rus. 

K()I)'tiis iiiiiic |)otc'ns 



[Fo. 24.] Pasche^ anno xxxiiij'^o jj, 3. 
Salop. 16. Willms de Esse sine die pro ij partibus unius 
mess, et i car' terre in Eue. 

Baldewinus le Poer h'uit iij filias. 

Petronilla. Elena. Eustacliia. 

I I 1 

Ingeramus Ranulphus Johannes 

de Fraxino.a de Solariis.a de Solariis.a 

I I i 

Hugo qui Willi'm's. A\ illi'ra's de 
nunc est. I Solariis. 

Ric'us infra aetatem. 

Trinitatis, anno xiiijto H. 3. coram Rege. 

Berk. 4. Concordia inter Archidiac' Berk' et Ric'm de Syfre- 
waste pro quad' co'a in boscis de Clifvvare proporcis suis. 

[No pedigree entered here.] 

Line. 5. Versus Abbatem de Croyland pro una virgata terre 

in Southerton. 

Ketelbernus de Keles. 

Odo filius. 

Alanus filius. 

Willi'm s filius. 

Ketelbernus nunc petens. 

[Fo. 24K] Anno xiiijto H. 3. 

Sussex. 9. Gilb'tus Marescall et Caecilia uxor ejus, Will'm's 
Aguillun, Ricard' Grenested, petunt v' Ric'm de Cromhall' et 
alios ij partes feodi unius mil' in Strathampton. 
Emma de Falesbv. 

J., , 

Willi m s. 


Ric'us obiit Emma mater Ric'i Margeria mater Cgecilia uxor 
sine. de Grenested. Wi Aguillun. Gilb'ti. 

» These are probaldy the liusbands of the lailies above. 


Trinitatis, anno xxvij H. 3. de Banco. 

HerefF. 2. Johannes de Thub'vill et Elena iix' ejus petunt 
v'sus Walteru' de Dunre man'ia de Dunre et Childesdon. 

Ric'us. Walterus. 

Elena iiimc petens. 

NorfF. 5. Galfr'us de Edelmeton pet' v' Will. Capell' de 
Massinsjham unu' messuaa;' et Ix acr' terrein Massino-h'm. 

Galfr'us. Galfr' 


Rogerus. Johannes. 


r -^ n 

Joh'es, Elias fr. Galfr'us. 

I I 

Matild'. Nich'us deff'. 

Galfr'us petens, 

[Fo. 25.] Trinitatis, anno xxvijmo jj, scii. 

Wiltes. 10. Johannes filius Johannis petit v' Abb 'em Ciren- 
cester unani virgatam terre in Latton. 

f; r~T~^ 

Rad'us Denn. Christiana soror ejus. 

Henricus filius ejus. 


Johannes petens. 

Kane. 15. Editha filia [Ric'i fil.] Hamonis et Alicia soror ejus 
petunt v' Fulconeni Peynferer xliiij acr' terre in Frethenstede 

Petrus de la \\'ode.=p 

I 1 ■ 1 

Rob'tus, Henricus fr. Hamon fr. 

. .1 . 
Ric us fir Hamonis. 


Editlia. Alicia. 

quibus descendit jus a Ric'o 
hi' Hamonis. 


Mich'is, anno xxvi^o H. 3. de Banco. 
Rote]. 25. Ptob'tus de Wykh'm petit v' quamplunos terras 
in Stok. 

Ric'us Stok. 

Rob'tus ut filius. 

Rob'tus nunc petens. 

[Fo. 25'\] Anno viij^f fer'i'o Mich'is, H. iij. de Banco. 

Devon. 2. Willi'm's de Weston pet' v' Wm Bozun iiij fer- 
]ing' terre in Munden. 


Odo. Willi'm's. 



W's nunc petens. 

Leic. 2. Walterus de Bello Campo pet' v' Wm Mar' ij hid' 
terre in Scampelton. 

W's de Bello Carapo. 

W's f. suus. 

Walterus nunc petens. 

Wiltes. 10. Willi'm's Comes Warr' pet' v' Wm Shorwell 
i]^ reddat ci custod' Willimi fil' Jordani de S'co Martino. 



Willi'mus avus 


Will's de S'to Martino. 


[Fo. 26.] Anno et terniino p'd'cis. 

HerefF. 11. Willi'm's filius Johannis pet' v' Walterii' de Kaues 
j virgatam terre et dim' in Hemfreston. 




^^'illi'm's nunc pctens. 

Cumb'l. 12. Nullum Plit'm intratur. 
Adam filius Swani. 

I ■ i 

Amabiir. Matill'. 

I I 

Thomas de Burgo Rogerus de Montebegon 

nunc petens. nunc petens. 

Mich'is, anno H. 3. nono. 

Buck. 3. Isabel!' de Bolebec Comitissa Oxon' pet' v' Abbem 
de Woborn' maner' de Mendham ats Mendingh'm. 

Hugo Bolebec. 

r -r -^ 1 

Walter. Isabell' nupta Rob'to de Ver, Com. Oxon. Constancia nupta 
I Elie de bello Campo. 

Hugo le Ver. 

[Fo. 26b.] Mich'isy anno IH. 3.] nono. 

Essex. 3. Dominus Rex seisit' fecit terras que fuer' W'i 
Pillard in Dunesle, eo q'' vendidit eas div'sis personis absq) lie. II. 

Salop. 3. Non intratur Plitm hie. 

Baldewinus de Bellers. 

Matil' nupta Ric'o filio Ursi. 

' ; 1 — ; / ., . , ' . 

Hcginal' Marger' piiniogenit' marit'. Mabilla nupta 

Ursi'. I (icrnot. 

I Ric'us Engaing. | 

Matiir marit' | Rog'us (!crnct. 

Rob'to do Cur- Vitalis Engaing nunc petens. 
tcyc, sine. 


Wiltes. 6. Henricus de Bella Quercii pel' v' Will. Luteriz 
unam hid' terre in Cuvelefeld, 

Walterus Bade. 




Henricus nunc. 

[Fo. 27.] Mich'is, mino H. 3. nono. 

Bedd. 14. Johannes de Wadelawe pet' v' Ricu' Pirot trecen- 
tas acras et iij virgatas terre in Harlingdon. 

Maur'. Rounb'ga soror ejus. 


Johannes nunc petens. 

Essex. 14. Ricus Pirot pet' v' Jordanu le Brun, advocac'o' 
Eccl'iar' de Essendon [Assingdon] et Hakewell [Hawkswell]. 

Ric'us Pirot. 





Ric'us nunc petens. 

Line. 18. Henricus de Braybrok et Christiana uxor ejus pet' 
v' Rad'm de la Breuer unam carucatam terre in Huhne, 

Elias Foliot. Rob'tus Foliot fr ejus et heres. 

Ric'us fir ejus. 

Margeria filia. 

Christiana filia Marger' nunc petens. 


[Fo, 27b.] 3Iich'is, anno nono H. 3. de Banco. 

Essex. 22. Hugo de Nedding pet' v' Simonem de Cantilupo 
ij caruc' terre in Heni'gh'm. 



I 1 

Rogerus Neddiuge. Adam f r ejus^ et de Ada Willi'mo avunculo suo, 

scil't fr'i Gunter p'ris 
p'd' Rogeri et Ade. 

Rad'us filius suus. 




Hugo nunc petens. 

Ebor. 25. Adam de Novo Mercato recuper' seiam suam de 
advocacone eccl'ie de Hatfield v' Priorem de Lewes. 

[Related in Hunter's South Yorkshire^ vol. i. p. 186.] 

[Fo. 28.] Mich'is, anno H. 3. nono. 
Oxon. 38. Henricus de Oilly petit v' Will. Basset feod' dimid. 
mil' in Ispeden [Ipsden]. 

Matiir de Oilly sine. Osmundus Basset. 

Rob'tus de Oilly.c Johannes Basset. 

I I 

Henricus de Oilly. \Villi'm's Basset. 

Henricus nunc petens. 

Mich'is, anno H, 3. xxv^o coram Rege. 
North't. 28. Walterus Grendall pet' v' Eustach' de Cantilupo 
X caruc' terre in Berweby [Barby] et advoc' Eccl'ie. 
Pagan us. 


Azilla fiUa et hcres. 


I 1 

Rad'us sine. \\'altcrus nunc petens. 

* See Kenuet's Oxfordshire, vol. i. pp. 1 17-1 1!>. 


[Fo. 28k] MickHs, anno vicesimo quinto H. 3. coram Rege. 
Ebor. T. Jur' diciint quod tres fuere fratres, Ran' de Rye, 
&.C. ideo Margar' rec' feod' iinius mil' in Brigenhall, et al'. 

i 1 — I, 

Ranulphus de Rye. Johannes. Pli'us. 

I J 

Thomas sine. Rob'tus. Margei* nupta Carolo de le 
AV^ardrob R. Johannis. 

North't. 8. Walterus de Grendal pet' v' Eustachiii de Caiite- 
lup. X caruc' terre in Berweby et advoc' Eccl'e ejusd' vill'. 

[The pedigree is the same as that in p. 269] 

Anno xlix^c^ H. 3. 
Rutland' potius Surr'. Gilb'tus de Basevill obiit seitus de 
div'sis terris in Werplesdon. 

Gilb'tus de Basevill sine. 

' '. 71 ! — \ T ; T ' 

Hawisia. Alicia maritat' Laderina mar' Wo Margar' mar' Johanni 

Wo Torrell. de Valoignes. de Wykeford. 

[Fo. 29,] Anno quadragesimo nono. 

North't. 20. Petrus de Monte recogn' ij mesuagia et unam 
virgatam terre in Whitfeld esse jus Prioris Hospital' Sancti 
Johannis Bap'te de Brakele pro sum'a xxxi m'c. 
Gilb'tus de Monte. 

I \ 1 

Gilb'tus sine. Humfridus. 


Lincoln. Gilb'tus de Gaunt, custos terre et her' Rob'ti de 
Welles, heat bre Epo quod admittat idon' personam ad eccl'am 
de Malteby, quam Rob'tus de Tateshall clamat. 

Rob'tus de Welles. 


Rob tus. 


U illi'm s pctcu3. 


A?1710 xvijmo E.Jll. R. H. 

North 'ton. 16. Ric'us de la Vache et Mabill' uxor ejus recu- 

per' se'i'am suam de med' xj mesuagior' xj virgat' terre et ijs redd' 

in Sutelhangre [Shittlehanger], et al'. 

Simon de Pateshall. 

Margeria lilia sua nupta Tho le Sauvage. 

Mabilla nupta Ric'o de la Alicia nupta Rob'to de Verdon 
Vache, quer'. deff'. 

[Fo. 29b.] Anno viijvo E. primi. 

Ebor. 23. Johannes le Vavasour non est prosecutus v' Theo- 
bald' le Boteler pro uno mesuagio quinq} bovat' cum pertin' in 

r n 1 

Rob'tus. Rob'tus f'r. Johannes f r et heres. 


Mich' is, anno trices into E. 1™. 

Cornub. 12. Rog'us de Carmyon pet' v' Ricii Twychen unu' 
mesuagiu' iiij^^ acr' terre et x acras bosci in Tvvechene. 


^ I L. 1 

Sara. Devota. 


Roger'. Johannes. Margeria. 

Hillarii, anno xxviij^o E. 3. 

North't. 218. Joties filius Ric'i de Brandeston pet' v' Nor- 
man'm Svvintbrd, chr. man'iu' de Gildesburg [Guilsborough]. 

AV's Nonnant. Isabeil' soror et heres. 


Isabel!' filia ejus. 

. I 1 

Ric us f'r et heres. \V "s hlius ejus. 


Johannes nunc pctcus. 


[Fo. 30.] Hillai'ii, anno vito incipien' vijto, de Banco. 
North't. 18. Presentaco ad Eccl'am de Ashley pertinet una 
vice ad Abbem de Pipewell et Rad'm Basset, clir. de Welledon. 

Ric'us de Daiiuz. 

Agnes fir et heres. 

Petrus Peverell fil'. 


Rad'us filius et heres. 

Derb. 7. Rob'tus de Champanie petit v' Henricu' Comit' 
Lane' Civ acr' terre, v acr' p'ti, cum pertin' in DufFeld. 


Rob'tus fir. 


— I 1 1 

Rad'us fir. Nich'us f'r. Rob'tus nunc petens. 

NoriF. 143. W. Sneck pet' v' Martinu' atte Lane de Freten- 
h'm et div'sos alios vi acr' terre et unam rodam cum pertin'. 


I ■ 1 

Rad'us sine. Ric'us. 

I ' 1 

Nich'us. Ws petens. 

[Fo. 30.^] Termino et annop'd'cis. 

Sussex. 144. Simon fil' Simonis de Perpont, chr. pet' v' Wal- 
teru' de Perpont unu' messuagiu' una' caruc' terre et C^ redd' in 

Rob'tus Perpont. 


. I 

Simon nunc petens. 

"* Qu. Nich'us? See a pedigree of Chainj)aine in Nichols's Leic. iv. 1006. 


Lane. 265. Gilb'tus de Rissheton petit v' Joli'em filiu' llici 
de Rudecliff et Johanna' uxorem ejus et Johannem filiu' ejusd' 
nianer' de Rissheton. 

Henricus Blakeburne. 





Gilb'tus nunc petens est 
consauguineus et heres. 

Hillai'ii, anno xxviij^'o. incipien\ 

Hereff. 156. Edwardus de Kardiff et Johanna uxor ejus, ut 
filia et heres, petunt v' Reginald' filiu' Rad'i de Acton unu' 
mesuagiu' Ix acr' terre in Colewell. 

Petrus de Salsomarisco. 


Johanna nunc petens. 

[Fo. 31.] Termino Hillarii anno xxviij^'o E. 1. de Banco. 

Devon. 179. Thomas de Asseton recuperat seiam suam de Ix 
acr' more in Asseton v' Wm de Escheleton. 

^^llli'm's de Asseton=pFelicia uxor ejus. 


Rob'tus filius. 


Thomas nunc petens. 

Ebor. 182. Thomas filius Willimi de Holteby petit unu' 
mesuag' ij bovatas terre in Neuby v' Thomara Baucrom. 

Willi'ra's Holteby=pMatiir uxor ejus. 



Willi' m*s. 

, I 
Thomas nunc petens. 


[Fo. 31b.] Hillarii, anno 3 E. 1. de Batico. 

Cant. 4. Rad'us Muschet pet' v' W'm. Muschet unu' mesua- 
giu' et Ciiijxi acr' terre et x acras prati in Fenditton et Her- 

r — ; 1 ^ 

Willi'm's tempore Regis Johannis. Ric'us f'r. 

Simon sine. W's sine. Rad'us petens. 

Pasche, xvjto E. l^i. 

Cant. 30. Willims de Wengham sum' fuit ad r'ondend' mag'ro 
Ric'o de Werplesdon custod' domus Scolar' de Merton quare 
non permittit ip'm niag'ru percipere med' exituu' et proficuorf 
provenien' in curia man'ii de Gransete. 

Eustachius de Fertles. 

Isabell'. Lucia. 

I I 

Eustach'. Willi'm's de Apleford. 

Willi'm's de Wengh'm. 

Hillarii, anno tercio R. 2. 

Cant. 49. potius Essex. Thomas Cosin per assiam implitat 
Joli'am que fuit uxor W'i Cosin et vij al', quod euni disseiv'unt 
de man'io et advocacone eccl'ie de Magna Sutton. 

•' — : — ~ 1 

Emma prima=W's Cosin h'uit=:Beatrix s'c'da Adam Cosin f'r d'ci 
uxor. ij ux'es. uxor. W'i Cosin. 


Petrus. W's vir Matill. 

I Joh'e deff". I 

r— ^ -r-— 1 I 

Henricus. Emma. Juliana. Willi'm's. 

Joh'es Wildeburg'. 


[Fo. 32.] Trinitatis^ anno sc'do E. 3. 

Hitinia. 128. Dominus Rex misit hie Ptitum de Quo War- 
ranto de anno xvo Ed. 2. v' Rogerum de Mortuomari et Jotlam 
ux'em ejus, Quo Waranto tenea't co'ia pl'ita et pl'ita de raptu, 
incendio, forstall', thesaur' invent', et al'plurima de Corona apud 

Waltenis Laacy. 



I 1 

Matiir. Margeria. 

I I 

Galfr'us sine. Petrus. Nich'us sine. Joh'nes sine. Theobald' 

Joli'na. Matill'. Beatrix. Theobald'. 


I 1 1 1 r-" . 

1. Joh'na. 2. Elizabetha. 3. Marger'. 4. Isabell'. 5. Katenna. 

Pasche, anno quinto E. 3. 
Buck. 162. Johannes Molins et Egidia uxor ejus r' seiam 
suam de man'io de Stoke Pogeis. 

Amicia de Stoke nupta Rob' to de Stogeis [Pogeis]. 

r -r -" -r- 1 

Alienora. Thomas sine. Petrus sine. Margareta. 

.-1 I 

Johanna. Alicia. Egidia nupta Joh'ni Molins. 

Pasche, anno vjto E. 3. 

Suth't. 24. Rog'us Lovedaieper fiuemdedit Abb'i de Dureford 
inan'ium suu' de Toneworth in plen' elemosi'am, reservand' an- 
nual' redd' xvi^i. 

Rogerus Loveday. 

I 1 1 1 . „ . 

1. Margareta nupta Ric'us 2. Anna nupta Kathenna nupta Kog o 
Tho. Durant. sine. Ric'o Hacun. d( Ticheborne. 

Hercs dicti Rogeri. 
u 2 

276 sr. George's chapel, Windsor. 

[Fo. 32b.] Hillarii, anno E. 3. septimo. 
Norff. 5. Bre Regis de Quare Impedit in jure Rob'ti fil' et 
her' Rob'ti de Scales inf aetatem existen' pro aclvocacone eccl'ias 
de Hokewold. 

Fulco de Beaufon, tempore R. J. 

Emma. Agatha. Johanna. Margena. 

! I I 

.J ^ -. I 

Rob'tus de AguiUion Joh'nes de Ingeldesto Rob'tus de Scales hi' ejus 
fil' ejus et her'. fil' et her' ejus. et her'. 

i LI 

Agatha. Isabell'. Joh'iia. Margeria. Thos. Rob'tus.^plsabell' ux' 

Adam de Lucas de Rad'us Fitz- Andreas Rob'tus in cujus jure 

Kokefield Ponings Bernard fil' deSake- d'n's Rex clamat ad- 

fil' ejus et fir et et her'. vill fil' vocaco'em p'd'. 

her'. her'. ejus et her'. 

North't. 25. Quo Warranto de Thingden. 

[Printed in Bridges's Northamptonshire, vol. ii. p. 257.] 

B. B. 



Lysons, in his account of St. George's Chapel, (Magna Britannia, 
i. 424) says, "The rood loft and lanthorn were erected in 1516." The 
following extract from the Liber Niger Ordinis Garterii, (copied in St. 
Lo Kniveton's Collections respecting the Earls of Arundel, MS. Harl. 
4840, fo. 725 ^.) illustrates that statement ; and furnishes the interest- 
ing fact that the Knights of the Order were then contributors to the 
embellishment of the edifice. It occurs among the proceedings of a 
council of the Order, held at Greenwich, on St. George's day, 1517. 

" Ibi decretum est quod pulpitum e quo Crucifixus respicit et 
vitrea superne specula in sacello regio Windesori curerentur 
apposite perficiendse, utque tota Societas insimul, ad id tanto 
citius et facilius conficiendum, manus porrigeretadjutrices. Sumniffi 
vero turn appositae fuerunt, ut dux Suft"' 4()li annumeraret, 
Comes Arondellias totitlem. Conies Surrey 301', J)ns Burga- 
venny 20ii, &c." J. G. N. 




Previously to the establishment of Parish Registers it was a practice 
among many families to insert entries of their marriages, births, and 
deaths in their books of devotion, just in the same manner as a family 
Bible is now used for the same purpose. To these entries are often 
added others of an historical nature. They ought certainly to be con- 
sidered good legal evidence, being generally registered by the parties 
themselves or their immediate relations, and are worth preserving when- 
ever they are met with. In the hope of inducing others to contribute 
similar articles (which must prove of great value to the genealogist) a 
specimen is here subjoined from some MSS. which have recently fallen 
under the notice of an antiquary. 

Among the documents of this description already published may be 
enumerated the following : 

Obits, &c. of the Mandevilles and Bohuns, Earls of Essex, and their 
families and connections, from a Register of Walden Abbey, MS. Arun- 
del, 51, 2, Br. Mus. printed in the Monasticon, vol. iv. p. 139, new ed. 

Of the Chaworths and others from a calendar of Beauchief Abbey 
(MS. olim R. Graves) in Hcarne's John of Glastonbury, ii, 557-566. 

Twelve obits of the Fitz-AA'illiams and Clarells, from a missal in the 
Fitz-William Museum, Cambridge, in Hunter's South Yorkshire, ii. 54. 

Two obits of Chaucombe, and ten obits and nativities of Segrave, from 
the Cartulary of Chaucombe Priory, in Black's Catalogue of the MSS. 
in Colh Arm. p. 91. 

[MS. Beg. 2 A. xviii.a] 

ill. non. Jan. [3 Jan.] Her' decessed queene Katerine. [1437]. 
XV. kl. Feb. [18 Jan.] This day King Harry the vijt. wedded 
the queen' Elisabeth, a" dni 148.5, jux'^ coputacone ecc'ie ligl'. 

" A very beautiful Breviary written in the reign of Henry VI. Prefixed are many 
well-executed illuminations of different Saints ; among tliem is John, Prior of Bridling- 
ton. On the last miniature are represented a male and female figure kneeling, which 
are, douhtless, intended for tlie original owners of the volume, and probably, members 
of the Grandesone family. The entries are added in three or four different hands in the 
Calendar. In Mr. Douce's library is a fine copy of the Salisbury missal, printed by 
Pynson, in 1495, and in the Calendar prefixed are duplicate entries of many of the above 
historical notices, and some few others, not in the royal MS. which are here subjoined : 

xii. kl. Feb. Tliys day was I'ol [wjythypol maiyd to ue hys wyff, [a"J d'ni 

1. '■)();). 


V. kl. Feb. [23 Jan.] Natale dni Henrici filij Emuntli Comi- 
tis R ichemondie, ac dne M'garete vxoris sue, filie Johis nup ducf 
Somerset* anno dni Miftio ccccino quinquagesimo sexto. 

V. kl, Feb. ['^8 Jan.] The xxviijth daie of January deceassid 
the noble Prynce Henry the eight', the yere of our Lorde 1546. 
iii. id. Feb. [11 Feb.] This day 1502, decessed Quene Elisa- 
beth' T the towre of london'. 

ix. kl. Mar.t> [21 Mar.] This day was born' Edmunde, the iii. 
son' of kinge Henry the vij. the yere of o^" Lorde 1498. 

XV. kl. Apr. [18 Mar.] H'c die nata fuit Maria 3"a fiHa 
He'rici 7"". 1495. 

iv. non. Apr. [2 Apr.] H'c die i ao. d'. 1502. obijt nobilis pMi- 
ceps AVthur^, regf He'rici vij pimogeitus. 

Non. Apr. [5 Api'.] Obit^ dni Othon' dns {sic) de G^ndesone, 
a", dni Ml.ccc'noxxviijo. 

iv, id. Apr. [10 Apr.] Obit^ icliti Regf Edwardi iiijti. ^o. do*. 

xii. kl. Maii [20 Apr,] Hac die Margareta Seint John Abba- 
tissa de Shaftesbury fuit consecrata, anno dni Mo.ccccmo.lxmo. 
litt'a dnical' E. 

ix. kl. Maii [23 Apr.] Obit^ dne Kat'ine Comitesse de Saris- 
bury, fil' dni Willi de G^ndeson'. 

xii. kl. Jun. [2] May.] Obitus He'rici viti i t're london'. 1471. 
vi. kl. Jun. [27 May.] Obitf drii Johis Som's' due', a" dni 

ii. kl. Jun, [31 May.] Natale dfie Margarete filie illustris prin- 
cipis dni Jot^as ducf Som'setie, ao dni Mo.cccc°io.xliijo. 

iii. non. Jun. [3 Jun.] Obit^ dne Blaunchie vx' dni Petri 
dris fsicj de G'Hidesone, a^* dni Mocccxlvij. 

xvi. kl. Jul. [16 Jun.] The xvi^'' day of Juyn, the yer' of our' 
lord 1487°. King Harry the vijt. had victori apon his rebellf i 
batail, at Stoke bisydf Newark, wher & whan was slayn John' 
therl of licolfi and othr. 

XV. kl. Jul. [17 Jun.] This day 1497, Kinge He'ry the vij 

XV. kl. Mart. Thys day war borne .... ..wythypfol] an" d'ni 1512. 

.... Apr, Will'm Rede was maryed w' Anne his wyffe, also to all' their frendes com 

*ort & to their grete liono'r, vppon seynt Wylfrydes day, that holy confessor. 

On one of the pages is written, "This book is nnyne, Anne Frevile, alias Reede 
dwellyng yn the dyity fenn." 
And at the end of the volume : 

" Thowgh 1 come last, 
Piaye for me fast, Tho, Re. . ," 
"» X, kl. Mart. [20 Feb] Mi. Doulc'* Missal, 


obteignetl i batell victorye ayenst the Cornishe men, at Blak heth' 
i Kent. 

vii. kl. Jul. [25 Jun.] Obit^ dfie Agnet dfia (sic) de G^nde- 
son' et eod' die o^ [obitus] dni Wilti fil' ei^. 

iv. kl. Jul. [28 Jun.] H^e die T a^. 1491 natus e Henricus 2"s 
fi^ Henrici vii"". qi p^ea creatus e phiceps Wallie. 

iii. kl. Jul. [29 Jun.] The xxix^'i daie of June in the yere of 
o"" lorde 1510, decessid Ladie Marget douches of Somerset, and 
mother to the most noble p'nce King Henry the vij^h. 

vi. non. Jul. [2 Jul.] Obit^ dni Petri dfis (sic) de G^ndesone. 

iii. non. Jul. [5 Jul.] This day 1503, Kinge He'ry the vij. and 
the Queue of Scott^;' his doghter, w* a grete mltitude of lordis 
and other noble psones, cam to Coliwestoh vnto my lady his 

iii. id. Jul. [13 Jul.] Dfis Thomas de G^ndesone, cticus, fil' 
Willi domini de G^ndesone, obijt, ao dni M^ ccc^. 

iv. kl. Aug. [29 Jul.] This day 1504, decessed Tho's lord 
Stanley and erle of Derby. 

ii. kl. Aug. [31 Jul.] Obit^ dni Jacobi de G^ndeson dns (sic) 
de bello mote. 

iii. non. Aug. [3 Aug.] Obit^ dfie Mabilie de Tresgoz. 

vii. id. Aug. [7 Aug.] This day landed King Harry the vij*. at 
Milfoord haven', the yer' of o^ lord M^K cccc. Ixxxv. I'ra do'^li b. 

xi. kl. Sept. [22 Aug.] Obit^ Johis de Gandesofi, Epi de Ex- 
cest'. This day King Harri the vij* wafi the feeld vvher' was slayn 
KTg Richard the third, a^ do'. 1485.fl 

iv. kl. Sept. [29 Aug.] Obit^ Thome Seynt John' Armig'i, 
Anno dfii M^o. cccclviijo. I'ra dfiicat A. 

xii. kl. Oct. [20 Sept.] This day in the mornyng afor' oon of 
the clokk after mydenight was borne prince Arthur' at Win- 
chestre, a^ dfii 1486. 

v. kl. Oct. [27 Sept.] This day at Alared i Biskey, my lady 
p'ncessetokehir shipp' toward^ England, in the yere ofo'' lord 1501. 

vi. non. Oct. [2 Oct.] This day at Plymmouth', in the counte 
of Deuofi, my lady p'ncesse landed, a", do'. 1501. 

iv. id. Oct. [12 Oct.] This day, the xij day of October in a'' 
1537, was borne prynce edwarde, sone vnto the noble kinge 
Henry the viijtl>. 

xi. kl. Nov. [22 Oct.] Obit^ Donsolisie de Gandesoii dfia {sic) 
de Albo Castello ; eod'm die o^ dfie Sibelle de G^ndesofi. 

« SeeLeland's Collectanea, 1774, vol. iv. y. <i(is. 

^ In Mr. Douce's Missal this victory is entered on xiii. kl. Sc'nt. [-20 Aug.] 


ix. kl. Nov. [-24 Oct.] This day the xxiiij day of October 
dysseasyd Queue Jane, tlie wyfe of kinge Henry the viiijtli. ao 

iv. kl. Nov. [29 Oct.] This day ye xxix day of octob. dysseasyde 
elysabethe lukaz, dowther of poll withypoll, ao. M^. v^. xxxvij. 

iii. kl. Nov. [30 Oct.] This day King Harry the vijt. was 
coroiined at Westm' the yeer' of o^" lord Ml. cccclxxxv. the Ire 
doical b. 

xviii. kl. Dec. [14 Nov.]. H^c die i ao. dhi 1501, fuit soleni- 
sacio mathnonij it' nobile pincipe ArthuriTi pimogeitil He'rici 
septi, et dham Katherina regis Hispanoi filia. 

iv. kl. Dec. [28 Nov ] This safday was bore at Westm' at 
nyght aft' the ix*. hour' a q^rt', my ladi M'garet, the ij<^ child to 
the King Harri the vij*-. a^ do^. 1489.^1 

ii. non. Dec. [4 Dec] Obit^ dhe Agnet' de Nordi'wode, a", 
dhi Mo. ccco. xlviij. 

v. id. Dec. [9 Dec] Obit^ diie Agnet' de G^^ndesoh dha fsicj 
de Wypeyns. 

Id. Dec. [13 Dec] Obit^ Gerardi de G^ndesoh Epi de Ver- 

IMS. Reg. 2 B. xv.e] 

Obitus Jacobi Comitis Wilts, qui obijt in die sancti Marci. 
[1 May 1461.] 

Obitus Edwardi phicipis, qui obijt iiij^o die Maij. [1471.] 

Obitus Katerine (sic), que obijt xjo die Maij. 

Obitus Regis Henrici sexti, qui obijt iter vicesimu pimu die 
Maij & xxijm. die Maij. [1472.] 

Obitus Auicie Comitisse Wilts, qc obijt tercio die Julij. 

Obitus Margarete Regine, que obijt tercio die Augusti. [1482.] 

Obitus Johanne Comitisse Ormond', que obijt in die sancti 
Oswaldi. [5 Aug. 1430.] 

Obitus Jacobi Comitis Ormond', q' obijt vicesimo scdo die Au- 
gusti, oct' Marie. [1452.] 

Obitus Elizabeth Comitisse Salop', que obijt vndecimo die 
Septembris. [1473.] 

Obitus Johannis Comitis Ormond', qui obijt xiiijo die Octo- 
bris, Sci Kalixte. [1478.] 

•* The figure 9 is on an erasure. In Mr. Douce's Missal the date is [14] 88. 

* Breviary executed in the reign of Edward IV. for the family of Butler, Earls of Or- 
mond, whose arms appear on fol. 14 ''. The above entries are written together on the 
first leaf ofth« volume, before the Calendar. 


Obitus Lore *' Comitisse Ormond', que obijt vltimo die Oc- 

Obitus Anne Comitisse Ormond', que obijt xiijo die Novembris. 

Obitus Johanne dne Bergevenny, que obijt xiiijo die No- 

[MS. Jrundel 230, Br. Mus. g] 

iii. id. Jan. [11 Jan.] Obit' diii Wiiti de Herford' p de 

iii. non. Feb. [3 Feb.] Obit^ Hawis' Comit' de Oxenef '. 

iii. non. Apr. [3 Apr.] O' Galfridi de Belmijt. 

iv. kl. Maii [28 Apr.] Obit^ dna (sic) Egidie de Horkesley. 

vi. id. Maii [10 May.] Obit^ dni Rad'i fiF Wilti. 

iii. id. Maii [13 May.] Obit^ diii Will', de Hanigfeld, milite 
cui^ aTe ppiciet'" d [eus] . 

viii. kl. Jun. [25 May.] Obit^ diie Johe de Hanigfeld, viij kl. 
Mai. anno r. Reg. E. xxx. 

ii. id. Aug. [12 Aug.] Obit^ fr'is Philippi de Coleham. 

vii. kl. Sept. [26 Aug.] Obit^ Nichol. de Ely. 

[MS. Eccl. Cathedr. S. Pauli Lond.^] 

vii. id. Sept. [7 Sept.] O' Alicia de Ver Comitissa Oxo^ anno 
g?e 1317. 

ix. kl. Dec. [23 Nov.] O' Matild' Euard de Baudak' anno g* 
Millo cco Ixxjo. 

V. kl. Dec. [27 Nov.] O' Alicia de Trak, p'orissa de Hales. 

iii. kl. Dec. [29 Nov.] O' Witts Euard, Junior, de Baudak', 
anno gre M". cc^. Ixxij". 

xi. kl. Jan. [22 Dec] O' Witts Euard de Baudak', Senior, 
a« ge 1470. 

[MS. penes Rev. Mr. Hmves.^'] 

XV. kl. Maii [17 Apr.] Obitus Margaret Hoke, 1 117. 
iii. non. Maii [5 May.] Obitus d'ni Job' de Criketot, mil. 

' Not mentioned by Lodge, in his Peerage of Ireland. 

K A Psalter in French, of the twelftli century. Tlie entries are in a Calendar prefixed, 
in various hiinds of the reigns of Edw. I. and II. The three last mouths of the Calendar 
are wanting. 

^ Psalter of the twelfth century. Tin- entries are in a Calendar prefixed. 

' Breviary and Calendar written between the years 12S0 and 1300. It formerly be- 
longed to the Cathedral Church of Hereford. 


non. Oct. [7 Oct.] Obitus d'ne Elene de Criketot. 
iii. id. Nov. [11 Nov.] Obitus Will' de Criketot. 
ix. kl. Jan. [24 Dec] Obitus Rob. de Criketot. 

IMS. Harl 5793.k] 

iii. kl. Mart. [27 Feb.] Nat' Thome Danet, a^ do' 
Mlo. cccco. Ixxxxixo. 

non. Mart. [7 Mar.] Obitus Jotlis Danet, armig'i, D'ni de 
Brown Kynges Thorp.l 

X. kl. Apr. [23 Mar.] Nat. Thome Danet, filij 2' lioc noTe 
Gerardi Danet, hoa4 ptmerid. a^ drii M^o ccccc xvijo. 

viii. id. Apr. [6 Apr.] Obitus Joh'nis Danet, milit' an^ drii 
M"o. vc xlij. et ano regni R. Henrici viij^'i. xxxiij. circit' horam 
xjf'i" ante meridiem. 

xiv. kl. Maii [18 Apr.] Obitus Lucie Danet. 

V. non. Maii [3 May.] Obitus Gerardi Danet, uni^ ex cosilo 
{sic) dn'i RegC, anno drii M'o vCoxx cui^ aTe ppicief de^. '" 

V. id. Maii [11 May.] Obit^ Matilde de la Hay, quod^m ux- 
oris Ric'i Danet. 

iii. kl. Jun. [30 May.] Nat. Alicie Danet, anno M}° ccccco ixo 
ho*'' 5a in ma^. 

iii. id. Jul. [13 Jul.] Nat. Rob'ti Danet, ao diii Mlo ccccc° 6o. 
ho^ 5^ post no*!} [nonam]. 

ii. non. Aug. [4 Aug.] Obit^ Thoe Danet, filij G. Danet. 

iv. id. Aug. [10 Aug.] Nat. Elizabeth' Danet, a^ do^ 
Mlo ccccc° 70, hoa 7a in mane. 

viii. kl. Sept. [25 Aug.] Nat. Margarete Danet, ao do' 
M^o ccccco 20. 

vi. kl. Sept. [27 Aug.] Nat. Elienor' Danet, ao do' MlocccccoSo, 
\\o^ 3'' in mane. 

iii. kl. Sept. [30 Aug.] Obit^ Rob'ti Danett, filij G. Danett, 
qP do^ Mlocccccoxiiijo. 

'' Breviary and Calendar, written in the reign of Henry VI. which belonged at a later 
period to the family of Danet. 

' Bromkinstliorpe in Leicestershire. Three imperfect pedigrees of this family will be 
found iu Nichols's History of that County, vol. iii. pp. 235, 969; and vol. iv. p. 571 ; 
and another in Nash's Worcestershire, vol. i. p. 347. 

"> He was buried at Tiltey Abbey in Essex ; where is, or was, his epitaph, as follows : 
Hie jacet sepultus, cum conjuge Maria, Gerardus Dan't de Brou'kynsthorpe, in com. 
Lecestriae, arm. serenissimi regis Henrici octavi conciliarius [translated by Salmon, 
Privy Councillor ; sed qu .'] Ob. 4 Maij 1520. Together with the brasses of himself 
and wife, were those of five male and six female children ; evidently tlie parties to whom 
the obits above printed belong. 


iv. non. Sept. [2 Sept.] Nat. Joh'is Danet, ao M'o ccccco 4", 
ho^iiij^i pt noa5. 
^ V. id. Sept. [9 Sept.]. Obit^ Anne Danet. 

iv. id. Sept. [10 Sept.] Obitus Jotie Danet, ao dni 
Mio cccco Ixxio. 

xiv. kl. Oct. [18 Sept.] Obit^ Thome Danet, sacre Theologie 
pfessoris, ao dni M^o cccco Ixxxij". 

V. non. Oct. [3 Oct.] Nat. Georgij Medley, filij Will'mi Med- 
ley, aodni Mo. v^. viijo. et R. H. vij»». xxiijo. n 

xvii.kl. Dec. [15 Nov.] Nat. Marie Danet, a" dni Mlocccccox", 
ho*i 1^ pt medium noctem, ao 2" H. viij. 

xi. kl. Dec. [21 Nov.] Nat. Nich' Danet, ao dni M^^cccccoviijo, 
et ao R. R. H. vij. xxiij". 

[Memoranda written in a hand of Hen. VIII. time, and fastened into 
a copy of the Wyckliffite Bible, MS. Lambeth, 25.] 

The dayes and yeres wherin ye childrein of Joh'n Tey, esquier, 
and Constans his wief were christened. 

Thomas Tey was christened the xxij''' of Januarij, in y^ yere 
of or Lorde god a thousande fyve hundred fortie and three. 

John Tey the xxjtJi of Novembre in the yere of o"" Lorde god a 
thousande fyve hundred fortie and fyve. 

William Tey the xxix^^' of Novembre in the yere of o"" Lorde 
god a thousande fyve hundred fortie and seven. 

Elizabeth Tey thelder, the ix^h of June, in the yer of o^" Lorde 
god a diousande fyve hundred fortie and nyne. died w^^'out 

Edmonde Tey the xviij^'i of Decembre in the yere of o^" Lorde 
god a thousande fyve hundred and fyftie. 

Elizabeth Tey the xxiiij^li of Marche in the yere of o^" Lorde 
god a thousande fyve hundred fiftie and two. 

Jane Tey the -s.^^ of July in y^ yere of o^" Lorde god a thou- 
sande fyve hundred fyftie and foure. 

Henry Tey was Christened y'^ 5-^conde day of Apryll', ao 
Domini 1557. 


" There was also a memorial for this George Medley in Tiltey church, consisting; of 
brasses of himself, 'wife, three sons, and two daughters! with this inscription : " Here 
under lyeth huryed, with Mary his wyfe, George Medeley, of Tiltey, in the County of 
Essex, Esq. He died 21 May 15^)2." 

"* Added in a somewhat later hand. 



YEARS J647 AND l651. 

{Continued from p. 127.] 


Date of 









s. d. 


23 Mar. 


The mannors of Ganthorpe 
and Thwaits 

George Smith 


3 5| 



The mannors of Netesheard, 
Sliottisham, et al. 

Phillipp Skippon, ") 


4 n| 



The manner of North- 

John Newall 


8 8 



The scyte of the niannor of 

Hen. King, Esq. ^ 
Jo. Ayre, ( 
Jo. Cardrowe,& ( 
Will. Puckle. 3 

Hoveton Lathes 


2 3| 



Several! parcells of the man- 
nor ot Hartleberry 

Thomas Westrow 


11 2 



The mannor of BeakesborneiRob. Hales, Esq. 


18 3 

and Ford House 



The mannor of Acombe, 

John Inwood and ) 


7 10 

et al. 

Will. Webb. S 



The Priorye of Wrongey 

Cornelius Holland, 

Sir Will. Roberts 





The mannor of Withering- 


10 6 

ton, et al. 



The maunor of Lanham 

Rob. Sweete and 7 
Anth. Mark- \ 
ham. 3 




The mannor of Loaders 

Rich. Hunte 


19 9 



The mannor of Bosbiiry 

SvK'anus Taylor 


10 6i 


24 Mar. 


The fee-farme rent of the Henry Rice 
mannor of Thurleby 1 





The mannors of Danieram|Sir William Litton 
and Marton 1 


14 0§ 

Ca. 7 

Ro. y 


The mannors of Figiscourt, Steephen Beale 



Polton, Stansted, et al. 

Yo. j 



The mannor of Stevenage, 

Tho. Ayres, Esq. 





The scite of the inannor of Samuell Smith 


14 7i 






The maunor of Wibunbury 

George Foxcroft 


6 3i 


Parte of the mannor of 

John Emerscn 


13 4 


Ba. and 



The mannor of Wivescombe 

Tyroothle Midleton 


15 9 


The mannor of Welts 

Cornelius Burges 


1 1§ 



20 Apr. 





10 4* 



Manwood Courte and Bi- 
shopps Rcwe 

John Beachampe 






Date ot 







,5. <L 


23 Apr. 


The niannors of Penryn, 
Penryn Forreyne, and 

Tho. Ceely, Esq. 


6 8i 



The convict Prison, et al. 

John Bunbury 



A fee-farme rent of 56/ 
\4s. 5d. issuinji out of the 

Richard Synionds 


4 2 

1 LoPP ofLanJaffe 


27 Apr. 

Lond. jTwo messuages in Pater- 
i noster R.)we 

Will. Bolton 


6 4 


2 iMay 

York. Parcell of the mannor of 

Thomas Wise 




St. As. 

9 May 


Two messuages in St. Mar- 

Will. Fell, Jona- > 



tyns, in Com. Salop. 

than Tilcott j 


11 May 

York. Sutton Grange, et al. 

William Tias 




Monm. !Lease lands in tl>e mannor 

David Morgan 


7 8 


IG May 

Ely Parcell of the demeasnes of 

Jonathan Barnes, ) 

the mannor of Wisbech 

Rich. Harrison j 


16 5 


23 May 

Lond. A messuage in Chancery 

Henry Hood and \ 
Anne his wife J 


5 0§ 

St. Da. 

25 May 

Monm. The mannor of Llandilo- 
villa and Laudillo parva, 
et al. 

David Morgan 


6 1 


30 May 

York. Parcell of the mannor of 
Sutton under Whiston 

Robert Hinsley 


7 2 


Durh. Parcell of the mannor of 

Richard Marshall 


11 8 


I June 

Gioue. The mannor of Fififead 

John Aelst 


13 4 



4 June 


The mannor of Wormeholt 

rho. Browne 


2 2i 


5 June 


The King's Armes in Paul's 

John Baker 


13 4 


8 June 


Rippon Parke 

Tho. Andrews, Lord 


4 2 



Tlie mannor of Hillington 

Charles Doe 


3 9i 


15 June 


The mannor of Sheppards 

Nath. Andrews, 1 


Tho. Canby. j' 


5 li 

Co. & 


Tlie mannor of Breewood 

George Arnold 


18 10 

20 June 


The mannor of Bitterne 

John Barksteed 


6 8 


21 June 


Fee-farme rent out of Bpp^ 

Nathan. Taylor, \ 



Will. Bridges / 

10 6 


22 June 


A messuage in White's Alley 

James Hiodlo 



29 June 


Lands in Rlpjion 

Peter Payne 


3 6 



Severall parcells of land in 
the mannor of Northal- 

Tiio. Lassells 


17 3 



Severall lands in Northal- 
leiton, et al. 

Robert Metcalfe 





Fee-farme rent of 5'' re- 
served out of Thorneton 

Ger. Wynne 



6 July 


The mannor of Basselegge 

Wm. James, et al. 




The mannor of Hoi)e Mel- 

North Bishoppsdcn Wood 

Rob. Thaier 


16 3i 


10 July 


John Bix, Esq. 


1 7 

Eastbleane and Weslbleane 

Sir John Roberts 


8 II 




Date of 







£. s. d. 




Severall lands in Landham 

fcVill. Croyden 

213 14 9 


3 July . 


The manner of Ashmers- 

3badiah Sedgwick 

655 4 7 


18 July ] 


Houses in Chancery Lane 

jreorge Foxcroft 

225 5 



The Warren of Much Had- 

tViJl. Collins, } 

333 1 3 


kVill. Stanton j 


1 Aug. 


The mannor of Milland 

\ich. Love, Esq. 

2949 10 7 



The lands of Southwood 

lldwin Aucher 

217 1 5 


3 Aug. 


Bouses in Whitefryers 

Will. Adderley 




The mannor of Overton 

Thomas Andrews 

2195 3 1 


8 Aug. 


A house in Blowbladder- 

William Lee 


Ba. & 


Two parcells of land in the 

Iho. Clutterbooke 

40 16 


mannor of Wells 



Severall lands in the man- 
nor of Sutton 

Sir John Evelyn 

1717 7 S 


15 Aug. 


Severall parcells of the 
ground belonging to the 
Bpi« Pallace 

Richard Coysh 



17 Aug. 


The mannor of Shelwicke 

James Style and ") 
John Porter J 

176 14 

St. As. 

-22 Aug. 


Parte of the mannor of 

James Lloyd 


Ba. and 


Parcell of the mannor of 

Will. Collins, ? 
Will. Cole \ 

76 10 





The mannors of Scottow & 
little Hauteboys 

Rob. Swallow, 1 
John Cardrow J 

5S3 2| 


24 Aug. 


Stoke Parke 

Tbo. Cox and ) 

221 18 4 

Mallachy Dudley ) 



Soft Marsh Grange 

Will. Popple 




Two water come mills in 

Edward Estopp 

106 16 8 


31 Aug. 


The scite of the mannor of 
WhitcliflFe, et al. 

Thomas Andrews 

261 17 4 

Severall lands in Rippon 

John Lambert, Esq. 

1317 12 S 



The hundred of Oswaldslow, 

Broyle Farme 

John Corbet, Esq. 

159 18 3 



John Downes 

1309 6 



The mannors of Wickham 
and Faunton 

Samuell Moyer 

3080 5 6 


7 Sept. 


The mannor of East Wal- 

Edw. Barkham 

182 13 

Ba. & 



14 Sept. 


The mannor of Buckland 

Jo. Jewell 

1866 8 0§ 

19 Sept. 


The mannor of East Meon 

Fr. Allen, Esq. 

3114 6 5 



Lands inSutton underWhit- 
ston Cliffe 

Moyses Jenkins ? 
Richard Bell I 

160 4 



The mannor of Langdon 

Andrew Henley 

2094 2 2J 


21 Sept. 


The mannor of Bewly Castle 

Rob. Bramthwaite 

231 10 



The Castle of Durham, et 

Thomas Andrews, \ 
Lo. Mayor J 

1267 10 

Franckland Wood and Parke 

Tbo. Redgar, et al. 

2559 2 


26 Sept. 


The mannor of Eye 

John Bellamy 

968 15 10 




The Gatehouse at Highgate 

Sir John Wollaston 

261 13 4 



The mannor of Southwarke 
and Winchester House 

Thomas Walker 

4380 8 3 



Severall coppices at Horsey 

Sir John Wollaston 

1022 18 



The Grange of Hoode 

Dr. Wm. Parker 

390 10 10 


28 Sept. 


Severall messuages and 
lands neere Dover 

John Davis 

49 2 6 

BETWEEN 1647 AND iGol. 



Date of 


Coun- T J 






s. d. 


28 Sept. 


The mannor of Dunhall 

Rob. Blaney 


19 2 



Tiie mannors of Bpp^ Ny- 

John Herrick, ) 


Rob. Rivington S 

1 157 

8 5 



The mannor of Thorneton- 

George Foxcroft 


16 11 



The mannor of Crouchall 

Rob. Kirrington, \ 
Roger Cooke ^ 






Severall messuages and 

Sir Allen Apsley, ) 


3 6 

lands in Battersey 

John Hutchinson j 

Glo. & 


The mannor of Ridge, et al. 

Will. Molines 


1 u 





The mannor of Scrowby 

Will. Blackwell \ 
Thos. Blackwell J 


6 9 

Ba. and 



The mannor of Westbury 

Will. Webb 


6 4 


Severall parcells of land in 

Humphrey Hard- 


9 5 

Much Haddam 




The mannor of DroysCourte 

Gilbert Gynes 





The mannor of Bpp' Har- 
The mannor of Bpp* Norton 

Daniell Blagrave 




Wm. Jervis 


11 8 



The maunor of Seavington 

Edw. Woodford \ 
Charles Doe J 


10 6 



The Bell, and other houses 
in Carter-lane 

Tho. Massam 





Severall parcells of lands in 
Much Haddam 



19 4 


12 Oct. 


Severall cottages and lands 
in Sutton under Whit- 
ston Cliff 

Mathew Barker 


19 Oct. 

Three-fourth parts of New- 

John Peirson, "| 
Matthew Peirson J 

steed Grange 





Severall cottages and lands 

John Person [sic) i 

in Sutton under Whit- 

Wm.Bosoraworth > 



ston Cliff 



2 Nov. 


A tenem'tinthe OldChange 

Rowland Roberts 


8 4 


9 Nov. 


Burgh Grange 

Luke Rawlinson 


6 5 


Northd. The mannor'of Bpp» Midie- 

Thomas Hesilridge, 


6 6* 





The mannor of Watersey 

John Fiennes 


19 7 




The Burough of Sunder- 
land, and mannor of 

Geo. Fenwick, Esq. 


9 6 


Houghton in the Spring 


30 Nov, 

The mannor of Northsoake 

John Blackwell, one 
of the Contractors 


2 4 


7 Dec. 


The mannor of Sutton cum 

Richard Hunt 


10 11 


14 Dec. 


Of a messuage in Paul's 
Church-yard, in lease to 
Sarah Feild 

William Stisted 





Of the mannor of Padding-Tho. Browne 
ton wf' y appurten'ces 


17 4 


20 Dec. 


Of a messuage called the Will. Stone 
Swann, in Paul's Church- 


yard, with thappurten'ces 

•"» Tho remainder of the MS. is written in a different hand, and the names of the 
Counties have not been entered. They are liere, in most cases, supplied. 




Date ot 






£. s. d. 


M Dec. 


Of divers lands, messuages, 
and tenem's ;„ Chancery- 

John Barnwell 

1554 8 


4 Jan. 


Of the maunor of Combe 
with thappurten'ces 

Tlio. Arscott 

215 12 3§ 


11 Jan. 


Of lands in and about Lam ■ 

Basill Sprigg 

168 15 


1 6" Jan. 


Of Osgodby Grange 

John Smyth 

608 5 



Of the raannor- house and 
demeasnes of y<^ maunor 
of Potterhiegham 

Joseph Sabberton 

289 3 4 


21 Jan. 


Of the manntir of Bedling- 
ton and farme of Chop- 

Rob. Fenwick, Esq. 

1296 5i 


23 Jan. 


Of severall lands in Rippon 

Tho. Rodshaw 

95 11 6 


25 Jan. 


Of the mannor of Wiihyton 

Tho. Andrewes ? 

1491 5 

in Downton 

Francis Warner 5 


30 Jan. 


Of the mannors of Horfeild 
and Tilton 

Tho. Andrewes 

1256 14 


1 Feb. 


Of the mannor or farme of 
Cold Henleigh 

Tho. Hussey 

130 12 


15 Feb. 


Of the mannor of Burrough- 
berry, cum pertinen. 

Walter St. John -\ 
Henry St. John / 
John Thurloe V 
Tho. Alyne i 
Tho. Mathews J 

2982 13 9 


Of the mannor or grange of 

Will. Markham 

909 11 8 


Of divers lease lands, par- 
cell of Sutton undei 
Whitston Cllffe 

Henry Markham 

160 1 

20 Feb. 


Of severall parcells of the 
mannor of Otley 

Richard Bell 

121 10 


22 Feb. 


Of the mannor of Catteris 

Richard Sahvey 

149 17 



Of parcell of the mannor ol 
Much Hadham 


366 12 9| 



Hereford Pallace, the man- 
ners of Shehvick Barton, 
Tupsley, Bp^Exton, Bi'» 
Hampton and Sugwas 

John Birch 

2475 12 5| 



Of the mannors ofKnoyie, 
and Upton, and Burrough 

Edmund Ludlowe 

4668 12 7^ 


26 Feb. 

Of Marderbie Grange 

Tho. Redshawe 

603 16 5 


27 Feb, 


Of the tolls of Highgate 

Sir John Wollaston 




Of Bitchfelld farme and quit 

John Pearson 

99 4 8 


28 Feb. 


Of ihe mannor of Figh- 
helden al's Fihelden 

Will. Methwokl 

518 12 8 


ult. Feb. 


Of Covert Wood in the pa- 
rish of Barham 

John Blackwell 

2921 1) 8 


1 Mar. 

The mannor-hous of Moun- 

Tho. Boys 

344 1 4 


6 Mar. 


Of a messuage called y' 
Gatehouse, in Bristoll 

John Birch 

18 13 4 


8 Mar. 


Severall lands, part of the 
mannor of Moncton 

Anthony IMarkham 

139 4 



Of a messuage in St. Faith's 
parish, in possession ol 
Sarah Feild 

John Hurst 

393 1 3 



Of the manner of Cargoll 

Tho. Hoglics 

2343 1 1 5^ 

BETWEEN 1647 AND l651. 



Date of 












8 Mar. 

13 Ma 

5 Mar. 

Co. anc 




Co. and 

As. & 




■20 Mi 

22 Mar. 

23 Mar. 

York. Of a mesuage and lands 
part of the mannor of 
The jTiannor of Brighton 
Of the scyte of the mannor 

Pryory of Morton 
Of three closes or parcells 
of land in Morton, called 
Low Tolthrop and Tol 
throp Inge 
Lond. Of the Spurr, y^ White 
Horse, the Goate, and the 
St. John's Head, in Chan- 
cery Lane 
Kent Of several lands in the oc- 
cupac'on of Sir George 
Ashe, in Kent 
Norf. Of the mannors of Lex- 
hams, Branch Hall, Cur- 
ples, and Stoke Holy 
Heref. Of the mannor of Dew- 
church, in com. Hereff. 
Norf. Of the mannor of Hoveton 

St. John's 
Southt. Of the mannor and farme of 
The mannor of Epp Rowe 
Norf. Of the manners of Liidh; 

Ludham Bacons, Walton 

Hall, and Potter Higham 

Lond. Of the 3 Cranes in Chancery 

Cliesh. The mannor of Burton in 

Corn. Of the mannor of Tretrare 

and Burn 
York. Of Dayhouse farme, parcell 
of the mannor of Rippon 
Wore. Of 4 tenemt^ in y«^ Cittle of 
Of the mannor of Farmeton, 
I's Farniedon 
York. Of certayne demeasne land; 
neare unto the Cittie of 
Of the mannors of Lande- 
glea and Withervin, and 
Meliden, and other man- 
nors, LoPP", and lands 
Southt. Of the mannor of Hamul 

Line. Of Morton fiirme or Grange 
n the Cittie of Lincolne 
Southt. Of the scite of y mannor of 
Bpp* Stoake and other 
Som. ;0f Westhury Parke and 
other londs 




£. s. ,1. 
239 10 

Tho. Hoghes 
Henry Langley 

Rob. Thompson 

Tho. Harding, 
Giles Hardiu'T, 

Sir George Ash, Kt 
Edward Woodford 

Silvanus Taylor 

Will. Weston 

Adoniram Byfeild 

Will. Underwood 
Samuell Mover 

John Smyth 

Will. Steele, Esq. 

John Carew 

rho. Marsh 

Grifantius Phillipps 

Nehemiah Massey 

Rob. Blayney and 
John Pickergill 

175 8 
632 6 

596- 18 4 
57G 6 

543 7 0§ 

181 18 

882 11 

352 5 

237 4 
258S 19 

168 13 4 

534 4 

2329 2 9i 

330 9 

122 8 

118 16" 8 

493 17 5^ 

John Jones^ 

P, ^ >Esqrs.| 3797 

George / * I 

Twisleton J 
George Wyther 

Obadia Slade 

riionias Cox 

Rob. Bagnall 


j 379f) 18 11 

2f;2 7 

■ 479 3 4 

1 4GS 16" 3 




Date of 







Co. and 





Du. & 





St. Da. 








23 Mar. 

5 Apr. 

3 May 

17 May 

24 May 
31 May 

1 June 

19 June 
21 June 

8 June 

2 July 

18 July 

19 July 

27 July 

9 Aug. 

23 Aug. 
27 Sept. 









Of the mannor of Tredlng- 

ton and the Old Pallace 
Of the mannor of Knowsall 

John Baker ?nd 
Will. Dyer 
Daniel 1 Waldoe 

Of the Burrough of Even- 
Of the mannor of Bpp^ Tib- 

Of parcell of the garden be' 

longing to London house 
Of the mannor of Blewberry 
Of parcell of Northallerton 

and of Sutton under 

Of divers parcells of land ii 

y" mannor of Northaller 

The mannor of Aspatricke 
Several parcells of land ii 

Rynehope, &c. 
The mannor of Wolsiugham 
The niannors of Dalston 

Rose Castle, and Lin 

The forecropp or vesture of 

land in Osney 
Parcell of the mannor of 

The Barony of Lawhadd 

Sir Arthure Hasel- 

Tho. Wood and } 
Rich. Lowe ^ 

Nathaniel Holmes 

John Dove 
Moses Jenkins 

Henry Darley 

Anthony Pearson 
George Fenwicke, 

Sir Arthur Heslerige 
Will. Heveninsham 

Stephen Estwicke 
Richard Turner 







A parcell of ground neere 

Divers lands in Otlie 
Stallage, Croft, and other 

lands, parcell of the man 

nor of Brightwell 
Several! fishings, &c. in the 

Isle of Ely 
The mannor of Bishopps 

Divers parcells of the man- 

nors of Sutton unde: 

Whistoncliffe and Kil 

The Bishopp of Rochester's 

The Archdeacon's house in 


Will. Underwood, ^ 
Tho. Coghill, and J 
Matthew Bigg J 
John Locke 

Edmond Vavasor 
Rob. Gale 

John Elliot, 
Roger Lort, and 
[Herbert Perrott 
Certein woods, parcell of ye Raph Skynner and 

mannor of Steevenage Will. Tayleur 

[The mannor of Gogarth John Jones, Esq. 
The manuors of Mattherne Edw. Greene 

and Landoggo 
The mannor of Howden 

John Thurloe & > 
Tho. Mathewes ^ 
Rich. Hopton, Esq. 

Samuell Belsee 

Charles Bowles & 
Nath. Audrewes 
Adam Baucks 

£. s. d. 
1174 12 4i 

614 14 2| 

321 1 4 

33 6 8 
113 4 

1215 1 Oi 

119 19 2 
2091 16 3 

6764 14 4 
4161 12 10 


687 6 

1068 13 Wi 

493 17 6 

322 4 Of 

977 2 

5192 15 

21 10 

242 16 5 

50 10 

113 10 

570 16 1 

556 13 4 
31 18 4 

BETWEEN 1647 AND HJ .5 1 . 



Date of 





Co. & 



St. Da 



Ba. and 




Br. & 


27 Sept. York. 






28 Sept. 

1 Nov. 
27 Nov. 
!3 Dec. 
23 Dec. 

1 Jan. 

15 Jan. 
21 Mar. 

24 Mar. 

18 Apr. 

2 May 

10 Sept. 
1 9 S 








Lease lands, parcell of y' Valentine Wanley 

Lordshipp of Kilburne 
Parcell of the mannor of VVill. Underwood 

The manner of Eccleshall 

The raannor of Winter 

borne Earles 
Severall tenements at Lam 

beth-hill, London 
The mannor of Llandevy 

Tlie scyte of the manner of 

The Bishop of Chester's 

Severall paicells of the man 

nor of Buckland 
The Pallace of Coventry 

Privett coppice in Bram- 

The mannor of Heigham 

next Norw^'ti 
Severall parcells of land 

w«''in the mannor of Bp* 

The mannor of Rowbo- 

rough, and certain lands 

in Marton 
The manners of Court 

Ashe in Deale, Brandred 

in Acris, and Norwood in 

The manner of Easingten 
The manner of Witchen- 

The manners of Biston, al's 

Bishopston, al's Lanehes 

Cadwalader, and Landevy 

The farme called Dover 

The manners of Ellng and 

The Borough of Durham 

and Framwellgate 

Two parcells of land neere 

The Borough of Northal- 

Wilden Grange 

olland, "J 
^ndrewes, > 
es BowlesJ 

John Holland, 
Nath. Ar 
& Charles 
John Dove, Esq. 

Edward Woodford 

John Jones, Esq. 

Samuell Meyer 

Rob. Mallory and ) 
Will. Richardson ] 
John Jewell 

Nathaniel Lacey.l 
Samuell Palmer, & > 
Obad. Chambers J 
Dr. Thomas Cox 

Thomas Corbett 

Phillip Nye and 
Theophilus Archer 

John Davies 

Walter Boethby | 
Rich. Turner and 1\ 
Thomas Davis j 
Silvanus Tayleur 

Raph Buffkin 

Francis Allen, AI 

The Major, Alder 
men, and Comon- 
naltv of Durham 

Kich. iMarshall 

Henry Darley and 

John Wastell 
VVill. Methwold, 
one of y^ Con- 

A messuage or tenement.jNathaniel Lncey 
called Hathow, al's llail- 
dow I 


£. s. d. 

151 12 1 

321 13 4 

14224 3 10 

838 6 11^ 

93 5 

186 3 4 

1312 10 


294 14 4 



737 15 8| 

127 5 104 

722 1 2i 

8528 2 3f 
574 12 7* 
1521 16 7 

1218 2 

788 7 6 


8 13 4 

237 3 2 


137 5 4 




Date of 







£. s. d. 


19 Sept. 


A messuage or tenement in Anthony Scarlett 
y Citty of Yorke 

38 8 2 


26 Sept. 


Of two messuages wt''in the Phillip Starkey 
Citty of Exeter 1 

42 13 4 


27 Sept. 


The Lordshipp of Dewis-;Silvanus Taylo' 

57 1 3 

tow, in coin. Monmouth 


12 Mar. 


Severall lands, tenements, 
houses, and buildings be- 
longing to the mannor of 

Tho. Walker 

465 13 4 



Severall parcells of ground'Francis Alder 

52 5 8 

upon Tyne bridge 


19 Mar. 


Three houses in Exeter 

Arthur Mallacke 

84 3 4 

At the end of the above list, Mr. Bray has caused to be added a table 
of the sums produced by the sale of lands in each Bishopric, as follows : 




































St. David's 


















Carried forward 

£. s. d. 
Brought forward 
Chester . 1,098 

Ely . 22,641 2 10 

Coventry &Lich. 22,069 15 1^ 
Peterborough 18,479 13 10^^ 
Chichester 16,168 15 10 

Carlisle . 6,450 10 

Rochester 8,027 12 4f 

Bath and Wells 24,433 9 6| 
Bristol . 8,391 1 lOf 

Lincoln . 12,086 16 104 

St. Asaph 5,297 2 9? ; 

LlandaflF . 3,775 3 8 

£■'624,158 4 11 

" A mistake has been made by Mr. Bray, in computing three of the entries which be- 
1 ong to Exeter under Oxford, and also in erroneously adding up the amount, so that there 
is a difference in his total and ours of 6Q0l, 9s. 7d. — Edil. 




This document, wliicli is indorsed, " A Note of the p'ticuler commo- 
dities of Lemmington Hastings," appears to have been prepared in order 
to recommend to sale the advowson of the Vicarage. It has been pre- 
served among the papers of Sir Wilham Hericke, Goldsmith to King 
James the First ; by whose lineal descendant, the present William Her- 
rick, Esq. of Beaumanor Park, Leicestershire, it was presented to me in 
the year 1831. 

From the list of the incumbents of Leamington Hastings, printed in 
Dugdale's History of Warwickshire, it appears that Queen Elizabeth 
presented to the Vicarage in 1570, Jane Locksmyth, widow, in 1619, 
and Sir Thomas Trevor, Bart, in 1646. It was evidently whilst the ad- 
vowson was in the market between these dates that the present docu- 
ment was drawn up. 

The Fee simple of the Advowson, pesentac'on and right ot 
Patronage of y^ Personage and vicarage of Lemmington Hastings, 
in the Countie of Warvvickc, w^hin die Diocesse of Coventrye and 

There belongeth to the said pish of Lemmington Hastings 
these Townes standinge all nppon Mannors and great Fermes of 

Lemmington the pisli Towne, where the church standeth and 
the psonage howse, wtl» all other edifices most faire and bewtifull. 

There belongeth to the same Church a great village of iuis- 
bandry called Bradwell, and an other village of husbandrie called 

An other village of most fruitful! soyle called Kittes Hardicke, 
where the Parson haili one hundred acres of glebe land, one pte 
thereof called Ougham, uppon W^'' pcell there is a curtelage 
called passe yard, uppon W^'' the pson hath builded a tenem*^ 
wtl'in tiiese five yeares. 

And alsoe there lyeth an other pcell of glcabe land apptayn- 
inge to the said Parsonage vv'^l'in the s'> village of Hardwick 
called Wcstcroft, all w<^li contayne one luuulreil acres of most 
fruitfull arable and pasture grounds. 


The yearelie commoditie of Lemmington Hastings 
about 30 yeares past. 

Impri's the gleabe land called Ougham and Westcroft lyinge 
in the village of Hardwick, as I remember a plough-land of 
husbandrie, for it keepeth 10 milch beastes beside rearers ; 200 
or three hundred sheepe besides comons ; and a husbandrie of 
corne and haye, some say foure yard land ; and a yard land is, 
as I have heard, 50 acres, but they measure not there by the 

Item, the tyeth corne of the foure townes have beene sold, as it 
was to bee gathered from the ground, to Coventrie men for 200 
markes a yeare, when corne was sold for I8d. the bushell, w^l' is 
called a stricke in that cuntrie, and as price of corne beareth in 
these dayes to 3 times as much. 

Item, the tyeth hay of all the pish that groweth of the foure 

Item, the tyeth wooll of the same townes called Lemmington, 
Hill, Bradwell, and Kittes Hardwick, have beene sold for 40^1. 
the yeare. 

Item, the tyeth lambs of the foure townes, 100 lambes or more, 
besides tyeth calves, Easter booke, pigge, goose, and many other 
commodities not to be expressed. 

In these days the corne cannot be lesse worth then 200l». p 

The pish of Lemmington Hastings standeth most fruitfull in a 
vale or bottome, and yeeldeth noe other grayne or corne then 
wheet, barlie, and pease ; it yeeldeth noe base corne, as pulse or 

Westcroft lyeth always for herbage, beeing the greatest parte 
of the gleebe. 

Ougham is almost half pt in herbage. 
Everie yard land is stinted for 50 sheepe. 

There is noe wast ground for their com'on, but doe com'on 
iippon their fallowes and their [Waw^] grounds. 
Westcroft is [blanks grounds. 

All the demesnes of the Manno*" is above 600 acres, all in- 
closure for corne, sheepe, and meadowe. 

One thousand of sheepe may be kept u})pon the demesnes of 
the Manno»' besides all other proffitls that arrise. 

J. G. N. 




[Harkian MS. 1074.) 

The valuable volume in which these pedigrees occur, appears to have 
been the compilation of a Herald about the latter part of the reign of 
Henry the Seventh. At folio 286 a collection commences of the pedi- 
grees of numerous families who were descended from the blood royal, or 
from some other common ancestor of King Henry VII., or of his consort 
Elizabeth of York. Some of these descents are headed, " Of dyvers 
oder Nobles wyche ben to the Kyng in the 3 degree." " Here under 
showeth how the more part of the Nobles of this Realme ben within 
degree of marriage of my Lord Prince Arthur." " How the Due of Buk- 
yngham [and other Peers] ys of the Kyng's blod," &c. It is impossible 
to state the motive with which this compilation was made, whether by 
order of the King to show how nearly some of his subjects were allied to 
him in blood, — from that alliance conferring any particular privilege at 
Court, — or from mere curiosity on the part of the Herald ; but its utility 
is obvious. As a contemporary collection of pedigrees by an Officer of 
Arms, it is useful in corroborating what was previously known of the 
numerous families to which they relate, and from its comprising all the 
younger children, whose names and marriages are in some cases here only 
to be found. 

To the attention of the historian of the period this collection has 
strong claims, as it explains why many great families espoused the 
cause of Henry the Seventh ; and it throws much light on many alliances 
which have hitherto been inexplicable. For instance, it has been a 
subject of surprise that Sir Richard Pole, of whom, or of whose family, 
little was known, should have married Margaret Countess of Salisbury, 
the last descendant of the Plantagenets. One of these pedigrees proves 
that Sir Richard Pole was nearly related to the King, which accounts 
for thefact. 

As these pedigrees are very extensive, and necessarily contain many 
repetitions, they are here printed in a condensed form, by introducing 
several tables relating to the same family into one. Every name, 
and the exact words of the JMS. have, however, been most carefully 
retained ; but the spelling has been changed to the present orthography. 

N. H. N. 



No. I. 

" Here under sheweth how the more part of the Nobles of this 
Reahii ben within degree of marriage of my Lord Prince." 

Harl. MS. 1074, f. 292, 294 a &^ 29G. 
Richard Earl of Rivers. 

Queen Elizabeth. 

f. 294. 

Katharine Duchess of 

f. 294 b. 

Anne Lady Bouchier. 
T f- 296. 

The Queen Thomas Mar- Edward Duke Henry Earl Lady Fer- 

that now is quess of Dor- of Bucking- of Essex reis of 

[1487- set [ob. 1501]. ham. [1483- Chartley. 

1503]. =p 1539]. 

Prince Artliur Thomas Marquess of 
[born 1480, Dorset [1501-1530]. 
died April 

No. IL 

f. 288 & 31 lb, 
Thomas Holand Earl of Kent. 

r 1 

Margaret Countess of Somerset, Eleanor Countess of the March, after 
[wife of Earl John in No. III.] wed. to the Lord Powis [of] Charlton. 

f. 311b. , 

Anne Countess of Cam- 


Jocosa a Lady Tiptoft, married 
John Lord Tiptoft.^ 

Elizabeth Countess of 

William Lord Bourchier. 

Henry Earl of Essex that 
now is [1483-1539]. 

Joyce sister of the Earl 
of ^Vorcester, wedd. to 
the eldest son of the 
Baron of Dudley.^p 

Lord of Dudley. 

. . . . , wedded to the 
Lord Roos, and also 
sister of the Earl of 

Lord Roos, a brother 
to Dame Lovell, wife 
of Sir Thomas Lo- 

No. III. 

f , 287 a, 288 b, 309, 3 1 0, 32 1 , 322. 
John Duke of Lancaster. 

John Earl of 

John Duke of 

Ferrers Baron of Ous- 
ley, 1 st husband. 

My Lady 
the King's 

The King 



Baroness of 

-Joan.=pRalph Earl of Wcst- 
I moreland, 2nd husb. 

r-L- A 

Cecily Duchess of 
York. =p 

Ralph Lord 
[ob. I486]. 


Many children, about 
18, and many married 
in the North country. 

King Edward IV. 
his brothers and 
sisters. [See be- 
low. No. IV.] 

Baron of Greystoke 
that now is. [Not 
so 5 the eldest son of 
the last Baron died 
V. p. leaving his 
daughter his heir.] 


Also many children, 
especially daughters 
which were married 
in the North. 

Lady Scrope 
of Upsall, 
and mother of 
the Lord 
Scrope that 
now is. 

No. IV. 

Cecily Duchess of York. 

I 1 

George Margaret, wedded 
Duke of to Charles Duke 
Cla- of Burgundy, 


Anne Duchess of 
Exeter, also wed- 
ded to Sir Tho- 
mas Saint Legcr. 

King Ed- Elizabeth 

ward the Duchess 

Fourth. of Suf- 

=^ folk. 

[0«e name 
cut off hij 
the binder.'] 




of Eng- 


Cecily Viscountess 

The Lady Anne. 
The Lady Kathcrine, 

wo(l(k>d to the Earl 

of Devonshire's son 

and heir. 
Madam Bridget, nun. 

Edmoiul Earl 

of SulTolk. 



No. III. continued. 

f. 304, 311, 312 b, 321,322. 

Eleanor Countess of Anne Duchess of 
Northumberland. Buckingham. 

[See below. No. V.] =p 

f. 321. 

f.312b. ( f. 304. 

Katherine Humph. 
Countess Earl of 
of Shrews- Staf- 
bury. ford. 

J f. 304.~L_-^ 

1 1 
John Earl Anne, mar.=^ 
of Wilt- Aubrey 
shire. Vere, 1st 
=p husband. 


=SirTho- Jane,=pSir 

mas ni. 1, Wil- 

Cobham, Lord liam 

2d husb. Beau- Kny- 

mont. vett. 


George Earl Thomas 

of Shrews- Talbot. 

bury that 

now is, 



Harry Duke Edward 
of Bucking- Earl ol 
ham, [1459 Wilt- 
—1483]. shire. 

,1 1 r 
Anne, Edward 
wedded to Knyvett 
Sir Edw. Charles. 


f. 303, 310 c. 

Eleanor Countess of 
Northumberland. [-See above.'] 

Katherine Lord Egre- 
Countess mont. 

of Kent. 

Katherine, 1st wedded 
to Sir Thomas Hunger- 
ford 5 after to Sir Lau- 
rence Raigford. 

Henry Earl of North- 
umberland, wedded 
dau. and heir of the 
Lord Poynings. 

r-^ — 

Earl of 


Lady Grey 
of Wilton. 

Dau. and heir 

wedded to 
the Lord 

Henry Earl of 
land, that wed- 
ded the sister 
of the Earl of 
[ob. 1489]. 

Elizabeth, wedded 
to the son and 
heir of the Lord 

, wedded 

to Sir AVilliara 

Henry, now Earl of Northum- 
berland [ob. 1527]. 


f. 300. 

Sir John Neville, son and heir of 
the Earl of Westmoreland, wed- 
ded Elizabeth, one of the heirs of 
the Earl of Kent. 

I 1 1 

Ralph Earl Sir Thomas Sir John Neville, wedded Anne, 
of West- Neville. daughter of the Duke of Ex- 

moreland, =p eter.=p 

I f. 310. I 

I ' I ' 1 

Sir Humphrey Earl of Westmoreland,a 

Neville. wedded dau. of Neville. 

Sir Bowthe. 


Lord Neville, wedded Edith, dau. 
of Sir VV^illiam Sandys. 

In a pedigree in folio 310 •', the Earl's relationship to the King is thus shown : 
John Duke of Lancaster. 

John Earl of Somerset. Elizabeth Countess of Huntingdon. 

T T 

John Duke of Somerset. John Duke of Exeter. 

T ^ 

My Lady, the King's mother. Anne wedded to Sir John Neville. 

I I 

The King. The Earl of Westmoreland that now is. 



No. III. continued. 

f 305 b, 314. 

f 32 lb, 322, 302 b. f. 287 b. 

B 1 , --, 

Dau. and heir=pEdward=pSister John =pKatlierine=pTliomas Richard 


of Nor- 


Earl of AV'or- 

Lord of I of the Duke 
Berga- | Lord of 
venny, I How- Nor- 
xfvard. folk, 
b . 

George Lord 
of Bergaven- 
ny " that 
now is," f. 
314, [ob. 

John Dnke 
of Norfolk. 

John Duke 
of Norfolk. 

Strang- Earl of 
ways. Salis- 


f. 302, 320. 

Jane, first 
wedded to 
Sir Wil- 
liam Wil- 
loughby ; 
after to the 
of Berke- 

Jane Richard Alice Coun- 
C'tess Earl of Lady tess 
of War- 



Arun- wick.rp Hugh. Ox- 




Lord of 





Cecily Lady 
by, wedded 
Isabel, dau. 
of Tliomas 

—- ' r-r 
Thos. Earl 
that now 
is [1487- 
Sir John of 

T r 

Elizabeth, first wedded 
to Sir Will. Parr; after 
to Sir Nicholas Vaux, 

Anne Lady Lovel. 



Alice, wedded to Sir 
John Fiennes 




Rich, Lord 
that wed- 
ded the 
dau. of Sir 
[ob, circ, 


Lord Fitz Hugh that now is 

Circles are placed for other children, but no names occur. 


f. 303 b. 

f. 304 b, 322. 
eorge Lord^pElizabeth, da 

Sir WilliL 

\Tevllle, Lord 



Faucoiibridge and Earl of 


and one of the 

Kent. =p 

heirs of the 
Earl of War- 

See below, C. 


i 1 

— 1 



John Elea 

- Lord=pKatherine.=pLord Harry=:pJane, 


Mar- nor 

Ha- 1 

Hast- Lord 


first wed- 

quess Lady ring- L, — 


ings, Lati- 


ded to Sir 

of Stan 

- ton, W. 

2nd mer. 



Mont- ley. 

] St to . 



Dudley ; 

agu. =^ 

P hus- m . 


after to Sir 

band, of . 


James Rat- 





r 1 


-r-\ FT^n^T^n i ■ i/ 


. . . . , wed- 

. . . . , wed- 

George Edward Lord Richard 


ded to the 

ded to Sir 

Lord Hastings, Ld.Latimer, Ne- 



Stan- [1483— wedded 




ley. 1507.] dau. of 

of Upsal. 


Sir Ed- Ele. . Humphrey 

. . . . , wed- 

. . . . , wed- 

ward Anne. Stafford 

ded to Sir 

ded to Sir 

Stan- R.... [1429— 


John Mor- 

ley. George. 1530]. 






f. 303 b. 

Alice, wedded to 
John Conyers. 

rr— ^r— ^ 

\\ illiam Jane:=:Sir Randolph 
Conyers. Pigot. 



, wedded to Sir Richard 

Elizabeth. Sir James Strange ways, 
Margaret. wedded Alice, dau. of 
Lord Scrope of Upsal. 




No. VI. 

f. 300, 301,321 K 
Sir John Neville, Lord of Raby. 

Sir Ralph Neville, Earl of Westmore-=pJoan, dau. of the Duke 
land, which had two wives. ^ of Lancaster. 

[See No. IIL] 

Sir John 

Sir Ralph=pMary, one of the 


heirs of the Ba- 
ron of Ousley. 

, f. 310. 

Phiiippa Lady Margaret Lady 
Dacre. Scrope, 

SeeN^. VIL SeeNo.VIIL 

Sir John Neville. John Neville of Wymersley. 

Earl of Westmore- 
land that now is 

f. 300. 

Sir A^'illiam: 

:Dau. and sole=^Sir James 

heir of 



Sir William Gascoigne, Margaret, wed- 
wedded Margaret, dau. of ded to Roger 
theEarl of Westmoreland c Ward. 
== John. 

f. 300. 

Sir William Gascoigne, wedded 
daughter of Sir Richard Frog- 

Agnes, wed- 
ded to Sir 


Thomas Gascoigne. 

John, son 
and heir of 
Sir James 

No. VIL 

f. 300 li. 

Phiiippa Lady Dacre. [See above.'] 

. . , wedded to the Lord 
Scrope of Upsal. 

Thomas Lord Dacre, wedded Eliza- 
beth, the daughter of Sir A\'illiam 

Jane, wedded to Sir Richard Fiennes 
after created Lord Dacre of the South, 
[ob. 148-1.] 

Query an error for Northumberland. Vide No. V. 

Most pedigrees of Dacre state that slie was the daughter o[ Richard Bones. 



f. 301 b. 

Sir Thomas Grey=pAlice.=pSir Gilbert Lancaster 
1st husband, | 2nd husband. 

I L 

I ^_, 

Sir Ralph Grey, wed- 
ded to Eliz. dau. of 
the Lord Fitz-Hugh, 

Tf. 321 b. 
Sir Ralph Grey. 

. , wedded to Arundel. Sir John Grey 

. , wedded to Salveyn. AA'illiain Bp. Lan- 
. . , wedded toWidrington. of Ely. caster. 


f. 301,321 b, 
Margaret Lady Scrope. [See p. 302.] 


Harry Lord Scrope. 

I 1 — p-T— 1 ^ •-, 

John Lord Richard, wedded Eleanor, dau. of Robert, Agnes, first 
Scrope, Masheburn. wedded wedded to 
Knight of Dame Elizabeth, first wedded to Kathe- Christopher 
the Garter Sir John Bygod ; after to Harry rine Boynton ; 
[ob. Rochford ; after to Oliver Saint Buche. after to Sir 
1498.] John. Richard Rat- 
Margaret, first wedded to Pies- clifie. 
yngton5 after to Sir John Bernard. 

1 \ 1 ri—i 

Humphrey Lord Dacre John Dacre. Jane, wedded to Ralph 
of the North, wedded =p "" ' '^'■'' "' ' 

the daughter of Sir j 

Thomas A' Parr. [Circle for 

=p one child.] | 

1 I ' r-rn TT—r-i 

Thomas Lord Dacre, wedded John Lord INIargaret. Jane. 

Elizabeth, dau. and heir of Sir Clifford. Sir Roger. Elizabeth. 

Robert Greystoke, which Sir Robert. Maud, 

hath 8 brothers and sisters. Anno. 

Thomas LordClif- Richard, 
ford. George. 



No. IX. 
Sir John Neville, Lord of Raby. 

I f.301, 305, 306,307,320 b. 

Ralph Earl of AVestmoreland. 
[See Nos. III. & VI.] 
f. 306. 

Eleanor .=pRalph Lord Lumley. 
f. 306 b 307. 

Lord Lunaley. 


George Lord 
wedded dau. 
of Richard 

Dame Katherine, wedded to , wedded to Adam 

Sir John Chideoke. Tyrwhitt. 

f. 320 b. =p =i= 

I -• r -r-^ -1 

Robert Tyr- Jane, m. 1. Robert 
whitt, wed- John Fishe- Tyr- 
ded Elizabeth, born^c; whitt 
dau. of Rich- 

Dame Katherine 
Arundell, first 
wedded to Wil- 
liam Stafford; 
after to Sir John 

ard Water- 
ton. =p 

Jane, m. 1. 
John Fishe- 
born ^e j 
2. Harry 


Thomas Lumley, 
wedded bastard 
daughter of King 
Edward IVtb. 


Robert Tyrwhitt, wedded 
Maud, daughter of Robert 

Sir William Tyrwhitt 
wedded Anne, daugh- 
ter of Sir Robert Con- 
stable. =p 

John Tyrwhitt 



— I 

Jane, wed- 
ded to Ro- 
bert Hey- 


" Circles occur for three children of Jane Tyrwhitt by John Fishborne, and likewise 
for three by Harry Handsard, but their names are not stated. 



f. 30G I', 3(>; 

Margaret, wedded to 
Sir John (Jlervaux. 

. T 

Sir Richard Clervaux, 
wedded Elizal)eth, 
daughter of Harry 

1 ' 

■ 1 ■ ■ 



Eliz. fust wedded 




to W'illicTjn Fitz- 

wedded to 


Jane, wedded to 

Harry ; after to 


wedd. Eliz. 

Christoph. Aske. 

William Clarege- 

Latou of 

dau. of Sir 

Isabel, wedded to 



Jas. Strange- 

Vrill. son & h. of 

ways. =j= 

SirJohnS Conyers 


.7 oil 11 Cler 

vaux. .... 


f Sii RioliardClervau!; was an Esqaiie of tlie IJoiIy t > King Henry the Sixth, nnd It L 
vemaikulile that his remote consanguinity to Royalty was made a ijoast in liis cjiit.vjih, 
as follows : 

" §>an0uini£f 42iJU)arbi quarti tcrniqiie I'^icavbi 
•©ratiibug; in tcrnis altcrutriqui' fuit."' 

TliL'si; lines still remain on the verge of a tahle tomb of unusually massive dimensions, 
at Croft, in Yorkshire ; a view of which is engraved in VVhitaker's History of Rich- 
inondshire, vol. i. p. 239. It may be remarked that the four lines which precede the short 
pedigree ib. p. 240, togetlier with the pedigree, relate to the tomb, and have been trans- 
ferred by an error of the press from j). 23!). Facing p. 210, is also a pedigree of the 
whole descent of the Clervaux family, and of th'.ir descendants and representatives tlie 

s Rogerus in f. 1 12 of the same MS. where also are added these three other childrea 
of Sir Richard t lcrvuu:< : Ilenritus, obiit ; I5eatrix, moniiilis de Svnvngtwait ; Robertas. 



No. X. 

[The Consanguinity to Royalty in this family commences with Katherine 
Chideoke ; but, as the remainder of the pedigree occurs at f. 320 of the 
same MS. the whole is here inserted.] 

f. 320, 322. 

Sir John Arundell wedded Annor, dau. of 

Sir ^Villiam Lambourn, Knt. 

f. 322. 

John Arundell died before 
his father. 

Dame Jane, wedded to 
Sir William Bodrugau. 

f. 320. 
Dau. of the- 
Lord Mor- 

. ' 

:Sir John- 



:Dame Katherine, dau. 
of Sir John Chideoke, 
and widow of ^Villiam 
Stafford. [-SVe No. IX.] 

f. 320. 

— I 1 

Sir Harry .... wed- 
Bodrugan. ded to 



Sir Thos. 




sister of 

the Lord 


Elizabeth, wedd. 
to Giles Lord 
[See No. XIV.] 

wedded to Sir 
Walter Courte- 
nay ; after to 
John Movie. 

Thos. Tyrell. 

Jas. Tyrell. 

Anne, wed- 
ded to 
son and heir 
of Sir Harry Roger, 
AVentworth. Hnmphrey 

John Arundell. 
Thos. Arundell. 


. . . . , married 



dau. of 

Ellen, mar- 
ried .... 

wedd. to Sir 
of London. 

Giles Capel. 

married to 
the Lord 





n -v. 

— I 

to Henry 

Strange - 









The arms of Bodnigan are tricked above this pedigree, Bendy Argent 
and Gules ; and those of Coishill, Cheeky Or and Azure, on a chief 
Argent a goat Gules. 

Sir Thomas Arundell, knt. 
wedded dau. of Durnford. 

Sir Renfrcy Arundell, vvedd. Jane, 
dau. of Sir John Coishill. 

Ralph John Arun- 
Arun- dell, wedd. 
Maud, sist. 
of the Earl 
of Devon- 


first wed- 
ded to 

EHz. first 
to AVill. 

dau. of 
Sir An- 

first wed- 
ded to V\'. 
don, after 
to Broune. 



.John Arun- 
dell of Tal- 
verne, wed- 
ded Eliza- 
beth, dau. 
of John 


John John 
Res- Strad- 
ki- ling, 
mer. wedd. 
dau. of 

r -rn 

Edmond Strad- 
ling, wedd. dau. 
of John Tre- 

Margaret, wed- 
ded to John 

Renfrey Strad- 




dau. of 






John Whet- 


wedd. dau. 

of Sir Rich. 


wedded to 
Jane, Wedd. 


Anne, wedded to John Dan vers .a 

to Joi 





. . . , wedded to 
John Blarovv. 

a The children of John Danvers and Anne Stradling (see hereafter, 
p. 325,) are added as follow in a later hand : 

Thomas, married 
the dau. of Wil- 
liam Courtenay. 

^ Itdc 

Richard , dau. mar- . . . . , dau. mar- . . . 

William, ried to Fynes. ried Sir Maurice 
Dau. married to Lovet, 
son and heir. 

not appear in what way tliis line is connected. 




No. XI. 

Of divers other Nobles whose names hereunder aj^pearen, 
which been to the King in the ily'^^ and fourth degree. 

f. 289, 297 \ 

John Earl of Somerset, wedded Margaret, 
dau and heir of Holand Earl of Kent. 

John Duke of Somerset, wed- 
ded to Margaret Beauchamp. 

Edmund Duke of Somerset, wedded the 
dau. and heir of the Earl of Warwick. 

My Lady 
the King's 

Margaret Countess of 
Stafford, after wed- 
ded to Sir Richard 
Darell, Knt. 

Alianor Countess of Elizabeth,^ 

Wiltshire, after wed- wedded to 

ded to Sir Robert Sir Henry 

Spencer. Fitz-Lewis. 

VII. m. 
dau. of 
Edw. IV, 


Henry Duke 
of Bucking- 

Margaret,^ the 
son and 
heir of Lord 

Edward Duke of 
Had issice Henry 
Earl Stafford.^ 


r— ^- 

wedd. to 
Sir Os- 
Carey of 
the West 



married to 

Henry the 




tl Anne 

, first 

wedded to 
the Earl of 
Rivers ; 
after to Sir 
ville the 

John Caru. 
Edward. Eleanor. 

Les Amies Caru, Silver, a bend 
sable, upon the bend iij roses of 
the field. 

'^ From a pedigree at f. 95 '• of tlie same volume. 

^ Added iu another hand to the pedigree in folio 239. 

' In another hand f. 308. 

<i Added in another hand to the pedigree in folio 297 ' 



Margaret Countess of 

Jane Queen of Scots, wedded to James I. 
King of Scots. 


Jane e first 
Ld. Ilowth 
of Ireland ; 
after to 








William Paston. 
Agnes and 
Talbot and 

Joan,Ist wedd. 
to Sir Roger 
Clifford, Knt. 
after to Sir 
AVilliara Kny- 
vett, Knt. 


to Sir 





Eliz. Duches 
of Brittany. 

Joan Duchess 
of Austria. 


of Camsere.f 



Duke of 

^ ^ 


Tiie Earl 
of Mar. 

James King of 

" Added in another hand to the pedigree in folio 297 ''. 

f Mary, daughter of James L is said to have married the Marquis of Campvere in 
Zeelaiid. Anderson's Royal Genealogies. 



No. XII. 

Of my Lord Welles daughter, Sir Richard Pole, Mistress 
Verney, Sir John St. John, with other. 

f. 288 d, 296b, 317 b, 318. 
John Duke of^^Margaret Duchess of=pSir Oliver Saint=pLionel Lord 

John, first hus- I Welles, last 
baud. husband. 


Somerset had three 
husbands, a 

My Lady the King's 

Edith, wedded to Geoffry Pole 
of Buckinghamshire.^ 

1 ^ — 

John Saint 
John, Esq. 



.-J , 

Sir Richard 


^ r- 

Sir John 


Ehzabeth, wedded 


Pole, Knt. 


St. John, 


to Thomas Kent, 


wedded the 

to Pvalph 



Esq. of Lincoln- 

Lady Marga- 





ret, dau. of 



A Nun of Shaftes- 

tlie Duke of 




Clarence. c 


Ohver St. John. 



^-T-i r-rH 



r 1 i ~! 


Harry. Jo 

m Five 



Henry, Anne. 


. Arthur. Verney. anc 

one son. 


son and Thomas. 

heir. Alianor. 

* Leland liaving noticed Lady St. John's marriage with the Dulie of Somerset in his 
Itinerary (vi. 27.) adds, " By tliis meanes were the S. Johns aimexid by consangui?ute 
to King Henry the VII." Her son Oliver was the person whom Leland (ibid.) 
calls "a blak and big felow that died at Fonterabye In Spayne, when the late 
Marquise of Dorset was there." His will, dated 2nd March 1496, and in which 
he styles himself " Olyver Seynt John, Esqiiyer, sonne to the excellent Duchesse of 
Somersett," is printed in Nicolas's Testamenta Vetusta. In his wife's epitaph, which 
is printed imperfectly in the Peerages, but at full in Turner's History of the Soke of 
Grantham, he is styled " Mastyr Olyu' Sentjohn, squier, sonne unto y^" right excellent 
hye and mightty pryuces duchesse of Som'sete, g'ndarae unto ou' sov'eyn Lord Kynge 
Herre the vij." 

'• In another pedigree, f. 117 of the same volume, he is called " Gaulfredus Polle, 
miles ; " but on a shield in which his wife's arms occupy the sinister side, the dexter is 
left blank. The coat of Sir Richard Pole on his plate as Knight of the Garter at Wind- 
sor, is Party per pale Argent and Sable, a saltire engrailed Counterchanged; a charge 
which, if first assigned to him, may have been suggested by his lady's inheritance, tlie 
saltire of the Nevilles. 

* Some remarks on this marriage have been made in p. 295. 




- - i ■ ■ 
Dame Mary, 

Elizabeth, wedded first Oliver John Viscount 



to the Lord Zouche ; Sai 

nt Welles, wedded 

Sir Richard 

after to the Lord Jol 

m. Cecilv, dau. of 

Frog! 1 all. 

Scrope of Bolton. ^ K. Edward IV. 


U)eth, Marjjaret, Marv, vved- 

1 J 

r — 


S^belia.d'^j'Sm Eliza- 


wedded to wedded ded to Wil- 

Alianor St. beth. 

and his 


Wil- to Wil- liam Cou- 

Lady John. 



Gas- liam yers.=p 

Har- Eliza- 

and sis- 


ne, Catesby. ^ 

ring- beth. 
ton. Isabel. 




r 1 -r-{ 
Elizabeth. John. 

George. \Villiam. 

•■ She died unmarried 1 July 1483. (Epitaph at Stoke Rochford.) Collins gives 
anotlier daughter, Margaret, Lady Abbess of Shaftesbury ; but she, according to the 
pedigree before us, was a daugliter of Jolin St. John, Esq. and she is again mentioned 
by Collins in her own place, as Margaret a nun at " Salisbury." 



No. XIII. 

f. 317, 317^,318, 319. 
John Stourton. 

William Stomton.^pElizabeth, dau. and one of 
I the heirs of Sir John 
I Moyne, Knt. 

John Lord Stourton.=^Margery, dau of Margaret, wedded AMlliam 
Sir John Wad- Carant, Esq. 

ham, Knt. =F 

A\'illiani Lord Stour- Sir Regi- 

ton, wedded Marga- nald,wed- 

ret, dau. and one of ded Mar- 

the heirs of Sir garet, vvi- 

John Chideoke, dow of Sir 

Knt. =^ Alexander 

I Hody. 

— r— 1 

Jane, wedd. 
to Richard 

wedd to 
Sir George 
Knt. =p 

John Ca- 
ded dau. 
of the 
Lord Cob- 


. . . . , first 
wedded to 
after to 

John Lord 






Edw. Lord 




of Faunt- 










Katherine, first 
wedded to Sir 

William Berke- 
ley ; after to 
the Lord Grey. 

to James Chid- 

Alice, wedd. to 

ded to 
Ro- ' 


John Rogers. 





to Sey- 

— I 

lu llie margin are two shields : tiie one quarterly, 1 and 4, Sable, a bend Or between 
bix fountains wavy Argent and Azure, Stourton. 2nd. Or, a cross engrailed Sable,, 
IMoiiuN. 3rd. Gules, an escutcheon within an orle of martlets Argent, Chideoke. 
Tlie otlier shield is Argent, two bars and in chief three mullets Sable, over which j& 
written «' Wylliam INIoyne." 


f. 317. 

f. olo, 

, dau.=pJohn or=p. 

of .. 


ton, of 

f. 316. 

Willlain^Alice =^Robt. 
Daube I Stour- j Hill, 
ncy, 1st ton. j 2nd 
luisb. I lius- 

^ band. 

[See No. XIV.] | 

(Jiics Hill. 

wedded to 
Sir Hugh 

-. . , dau. 
and hr. 
of .... 

Sir llo =FDame ^pSir John 









f. 315. 

Knt. son & hr. 
of Sir Roger 
to King Ed- 
warfl lll.t-' 


A dau. 
to . .. 
Hill of 
ston. =p 

A dau. 
to . .. 

Jane, wed- 
ded to Ni- 
cholas, son 
and heir of 
Sir John 

. . . . , wedded 
to Cheyney, of 
the County of 

Dauie Alianor, 
dau. and heir 
to her father, 
wedded to Sir 
John Cheyney. 
\_See No. XV.] 

John Hill, of 
wedded the 
daughter of 
Sir Walter 


of Somer- 

My Lady 
the King's 

The Kiui 

'■ " Hie jacet Editlui soroi VVill'i Storton ciuondam uxor D'ni Joh'is Beauchamp, 
iMilitis, et post uxor D'ni Roberti Shottesbroke, Militis, qui obiit xiij° die Junii, anno 
Domini 1441, cui' a'i'e p'pi'et' Deus." 

'= " Icy gist Mons' Roger Beaucliamp, Cli'l'r, de Blettnesho en la coiinte de B>;dford, 
fitz et herttier a Mons' Jolm Beauchamp, fiiz et heir a Mons' Roger Beauchamp, 
Clia'berleyn a ie tres noble Roy Edward le tierce le quel S' Roger morut le iij^' jour de 
May I'an de grace 140(), de qui I'amc dicu ait mercy." F'ol. 297. 



No. XIV. 

f. 316 a &1' 


Dame Jane, dau. of:::pS 
Philip Lord Darcy. | 

\V'illiam=FAlice, dau. of=f=Robt.Hill 
Jeiikin 8toiir- I 2iid husb. 

Giles Dau-=pDame Alice =pMary, dau. of 

Daubeney. | 



[.SVeNo. XIII.] 

A vice;, first wed. 
to .John Flynt, 
after to John 

Dame Jane, 
wedded to 
Sir Robert 

Eliz =pGiles Lord 

dau. of 





[so crea- 
ted March, 


Henry Eail of 
[so created 
July 1.^)38]. 

Cecily Lady 


Alianor, first James Dau- 

Aved.toSimon beney, wed. 

Blount, aft to Elizab. dau. 

Rd. Newton, and heir of 

Esq. for the Robert Pain; 

King's Body, foot.^ 

"^ r-^ r-f-i 
Dau. of 




Dame . . . , 

to Sir Harry 

.... wedd. 
to John 
Husee, son 
and heir of 
the Lord 


r-T — 

John, wedd. 


of the 



Jane, wedd. 

to Richard 





No. XV. 

f. 288, 297,319 b. 
Sir John Cheyney, of Sheppey.=pAlianor Shottesbroke (see No. XIII.) 


Sir John 
ney, Knt. 
of the 



William Chey- 
ney, Esq. wed- 
ded the dau. 
of Sir Geof- 
frey Boleyn. 


. . . . , wed- 
ded to Sir 


Master Edward, 

Dean of Salisbury. 
Sir Robert Cheyney 
Roger Clieyney.^p 

Alexander Cheyney .=p 

— rn 

SirA\'iniam Sandys, 
Knt. a wedded niece 
of Sir Reginald 

Edith, wedded to 
the Lord Neville, 
son and heir of 
the Earl of AVest- 


' Chan 

beihiiij (Ju Roy." f. IIS oftlie same MS. 
she vviis man led to the LnrJ Darcv." f. lis. 



No. XVI. 

folios 280 a 8: b, 312, 315'^. 
King Ed« arc! III. 

John Duke of Lancaster. 

Thomas Duke of Gloucester. 

I I 

Elizabeth Countess of John Earl 

Huntingdon. of Somer- 

=j= set. =p 

Anne Countess of StaflFord/ mother 
unto Humphrey Duke of Bucking- 
ham ; and after married to ^Villiam 
Lord Bourchier.f 

Constance first wedded to 
Thomas Earl Marshal ; 
after to Sir John Grey 
of Ruthyu. 

Edmund Earl of Kent, 
[ob. U88.] 

The Earl of Kent 
that now is [M88- 

John Duke 
of Somer- 


My Lady the 
King's mo- 


Lord Fitz-\\'arine 
by his wife, and 
brother of the Earl 
of Essex. 


John Lord 

Lord Fitz- 
\A'arine. [ob. 


1 f. 31; 

Sir Humphrey 



The King. John Earl=pCecily Lady 

of Bath 
Earl of 
l.-)36, ob. 

dau. of Giles 
Lord Daube- 
(See No. 

Lord Ber- 
ners that 
now is 

John Bourchier. 




' Added iu another hand. 

B His Royal desceut is thus noticed in his ej)itiiph in Westminster Abbe) : 

^ourgcfeicr C?umfri&u^, claia p'paQinc Ductus 
•CbvoariJi VC0J5 qui tcrci'cst liociratus, 
Jobti U'ui Barnes prolc^^ ct p'muius ftcrcs. 

The word '* primulus," which it must be presumed was used poelici foT primus, is mis- 
read pariulus in Guugli's Sepulchral IMnnuments, and in the Histories of Westminster 
Abbey by Dart and Brayley ; althougli the rest of the epitaph, which describes Sir 
Humphrey Bourchier as having fought like anutlier Acliilles at the battle of Barnet, 
coiitiaiJicteil such a reading:. 


No. XVII. 

How My Lord of Derby is of the King's blood. 

f. 313. 
Richard Earl of Arundel, 

I ' 

Richard Earl of Arundel, which wedded Alianor, 
sister of Henry first Duke of Lancaster. 

Alice Countess of Kent. Richard Earl of Arundel. 

T T 

Margaret Countess of Elizabeth Duchess of Norfolk 5 after 
Somerset. wedded Sir Ro. Gousill. 


John Duke of Dame Jane, wedded to Tho- . . . . , wedded to Sir 

Somerset. mas 1st Lord Stanley. John Howard. 

T T T 

My Lady the Thomas Earl of Derby Sir John Howard, after 

King's Mo- that now is [1504- made Lord Howard, after 

ther. 1521]. Duke of Norfolk. 

I. I 

The King. Thomas Earl of Surrey. 


How the Earl of Oxford is of the King's blood, 
f. 309 1'. 

Dame Philippa Serjeanx. 

Dame Alice Countess of Oxford. 


John Earl of Oxford, 
f. 313 ^ How the Viscount Lisle =P 

is of the King's blood." 

, f. 309 ^. I 

. . . . , first wedded to tlie Lord Ferrers of John Earl of Oxford. 
Groby, and after to the Lord Berkeley. [ob. 4 Hen. VI 11.] 

T T 

, dan. and heir of the Lord William Marquess of Berkeley, 

Ferrers, wedded to Sir ... . Grey, Earl of Nottingham, and Lord 
Lord of Astley. of Segrave. 

Sir John Grey. Edward Viscount Lisle, 2nd son, wedded th 

=P dau. and heir of Talbot Viscount Lisle. 

Thomas Marquess of Dorset. 

" This pedigree is raaiked '■ Exemijlyfyed." 



How the Marquesses of Dorset and of Berkeley be of the 
King's blood. 

f. 308 b. 

King Edward the First had two wives, 
and by the second had issue 

Thomas Brotherton, Earl Marshal 
of England. 

Edmond of Woodstock, Earl 
of Kent, 

Margaret Ducliess of Norfolk and 
Lady of Segrave. 

Elizabeth Lady Moubray. 


Thomas Duke of Norfolk. 

A daughter, first wedded to the 
Lord Ferrers of Groby, last to 
the Lord Berkeley. 

Johanna nupta Thome Hol- 
land, post Principi AVaUie. 

Thomas Holland Comes Kancie. 

Margaret Countess of Somerset. 


John Duke of Somerset. 

Dau. and sole heir of the William Mar- 

Lord Ferrers of Groby, quess of 

first wedded to Sir .... Berkeley. 
Grey, Lord of Astley. 

T f- 294. 
Sir John Grey.=pQueen Elizabeth, 
f. 294. I ^ 

My Lady the King's 

Thomas Marquess of Dorset. 
[ob. 1501.] 

Thomas Marquess of Dorset. 

The Queen. =pThe King. 


Prince Arthur. 

Henrij Marquess Dorset.^^ Kbig Edw. VIM 

^ Added in a more modern Iiatid. 


No. XIX. 

The following pedigree occurs in the same Manuscript and in the 
same hand. 

f. 320 b. 
Robert Carm^tioue. 

Roger Carmynowe. 

Roger Carmynowe. 

Oliver Carmynowe, wedded Isould 

dau. of Reynold Ferrers. 



Roger, wedded Elizabeth, dau. of 

Sir \\'illiam Botreaux. 

Thomas Carmynowe. 

. . . . , dau. and one of the heirs, , wedded to 

w-edded to Sir John Arundell. Reskimer. 

N. H. N, 




This Bridge, which is of stone, crosses the river Thames, and 
joins Wiltshire with Gloucestershire near the town of Lechlade. 
By an examination of its foundation, it has been ascertained that 
the present erection, although repaired and altered in the upper 
part, is the original Bridge, and of great antiquity. 

The county of Gloucester in the year 1831 indicted George 
Milward, Esq. the lord of the manor, the Honourable William 
Frederick Spencer Ponsonby, M. P., Pryce Pryce, Esq. M. P., 
and others, for not repairing this Bridge, which it was asserted 
they were bound to do, as owners of the lands formerly belonging 
to the priory of Saint John, at Lechlade, and to rebut this asser- 
tion, it became necessary to search the public records, in order to 
ascertain the history of the Bridge, and the following is an epitome 
of the documents found. The trial of the Indictment took place 
at Hereford, when, after two days investigation, the jury not 
being able to agree were discharged, having previously suffered 
themselves to be locked up all night. A second indictment had 
an exactly similar trial and result, so that the county failed in 
their attempt. It is said that the expenditure on these two trials 
would have much more than rebuilt the Bridge. 

The first record discovered was, a licence on the Charter Rolls 
in the 12th year of Henry the Tliird, permitting Peter Fitzher- 
bert to build a gate at the foot of the Bridge. Peter Fitzherbert 
was the second husband of Isabella Ferrers, whose descent may 
be seen in the ordinary genealogical works. She was the heiress 
of the manor of Lechlade, and founded during the lifetime of her 
first husband, Roger Mortimer, or during lier widowhood, a reli- 
gious house at the foot of the Bridge, which she granted to the 
Brothers of the hospital of Saint John at Lechlade, " together 
with the Bridge of Lechlade of her the same Isabel." This grant 
was confirmed in 1245 by Henry the Third. 

No further notice of the Bridge occurs until the 12th Edward 
the Third (1388) when the King gave the prior of the religious 
house, a grant of Pontage, or right of taking toll for three years 
in aid of the repairs of the Bridge, whicli had become ruinous ; at 


tlie end of which period, the Bridge not having been amended, a 
similar grant was given by the King to the Prior ; and about fifty 
years afterwards (11th Richard 11. 1387) King Richard the Se- 
cond made a third grant of similar purport. As these grants 
enumerate the ordinary articles of commerce at that period, one 
of them is here inserted : 

Inter Recorda Curiae Cancellarias in Turri London asservata, scilicet 
Rot. Pat. de anno regni regis Ricardi Secundi undecimo, p. 2, m. 32, 
sic continetur. 

jy Pontagio concess'. R' ditco sibi in Xpo Rico priori de 
Lichelade saltm. Sciatis qd in auxiliii pontis de Lichelade qui 
c tis de causis p pceptu carissimi avunculi nri Thome ducis 
Gloucestr' 5c alio^ dfio^ in ptib} illis nup existenciu dirutus est 8c 
confractus ad gve dampnu hoTm p pontem ilium tnseunciii re- 
pandi & emendandi concessim vob qd a die confeccois psenciii 
usq^ ad finem duo^ anno^ px sequeil plenarie complete^ capiatis 
p manus illo^ de quib5 confiditis & p quibj respondere volu^itis 
de reb} venalib} p pontem ilium tnseuntib} consuetudines sub- 
scriptas vidett de quott sumagio bladi vefi unu quadrantem 
de quatt carectata bladi venat unu obolum de quott equo 
equa bove & vacca vefi \xx\n quadrantem de quott corio 
equi & eque veil unu quadrantem de quatt centena pelliii 
capra^ ceruo^ bissa^ damo^ & dama^ ven unU obolu de quatt 
centena pelliu agnoz capriolo^ lepo^ cuniculox vulpiu cato& & 
squirellox veil unu quadrantem de quott sumagio panno^ vefi 
unu obolii de quoit panno integro vefi unu quadrantem de quatt 
centena linee tele canevasij panno^ Hibfi Galuoeth & Worstede 
vefi unii obolii de quott dolio vini vel cerv ven unii denariii de 
quatt carectata mellis venat unu obolu de quott trussello pannoa 
veri ducto p carectam duos denarios de quatt carectata plum bi ven 
unu denariii de av io de pondere scitt de centena unu denariu 
de quait peisa cepi 8c uncti vefi unii quadrantem de quott quartio 
waide vefi unii obolii de quatt centena de alum coperose argail & 
vertegrese vefi unii quadrantem de duab} miliiU'ib} cepa^ vefi unu 
quadrantem de decem shavis altei vefi unu quadrantem de quoit 
miliari allecis vefi unii quadrantem de quatt carectata piscis 
marini vefi unu denariii de quott sumagio piscis marini vefi unu 
quadrantem de quatt centena bordi veil unu obolii de quatt mola 
vefi unu quadrantem de quott miliari fagotto^ vefi unu denariu 
de quott quarfto salis vefi unu quadrantem de quatt peisa casei 
vel butiri ven unu quadrantem de quatt carectata busce 8c car- 


boiiLi ven p ebdomadam unu obolu tie qiiott quartio tanni vcnat 
unu qiiadraiitem de quatt centeua stanni eris vel ciipri veil unu 
obolu de quott trusselo mciomonij cujusciiq, ven unu quadrantem 
de quatt re alia venali valoris quincj^ solidoz hie non specificata p 
pontem illu triseunte lana pellib5 lanutis corijs bourn & vacca^ & 
lerro exceplis unu quadrantem. Et ideo vofe mandam qd con- 
suetudines pdcas usq, ad finem pdco^ duos anno^ capiatis & eas 
circa reparacon & eniendaconem pontis pdci ponatis sicut 
pdcm est. Complete autem ?mino dco^ duo^ anno^ dee con- 
suetudines penitus cessent & deleani>'. In cuj'"^ 8ic. T. R. apud 
Westm scdo die Marcij. 

The King to his well-beloved in Christ, Richard, Prior of 
Lichelade, greeting. Know ye, that in aid of repairing and 
mending the Bridge of Lichelade, which from certain causes, by 
the information of our dearest uncle Thomas Duke of Gloucester, 
and of other Lords lately being in those parts, is burst and broken, 
to the great damage of the men passing over that Bridge, We 
grant to you, that from the day of making these presents to the 
end of two years next following to be fully completed, you take 
by the haiuls of those in whom you confide, and for whom you 
will answer, for things carried over that Bridge to be sold, the 
following tolls : that is lo say, For every horse-load of grass for 
sale, one farthing ; for every cart-load of grass for sale, one 
lialfpenny; for every horse, mare, ox, and cow for sale, one far- 
thing; for every hide of ahorse and mare for sale, one farthing; 
for every hundred-weight of skins of goats, stags, hinds, bucks, 
and doesj for sale, one halfpenny ; for every hundred-weight of 
skins of lambs, goats, hares, rabbits, foxes, cats, and squirrels for 
sale, one farthing ; for every horse-load of cloth for sale, one half- 
penny ; for every entire cloth for sale, one farthing; for every 
hundred-weight of linen cloth, canvass, cloth of L'eland, Galway, 
and Worsted, one halfpenny; for every cask of wine or ale for 
sale, one ])enny ; for every cart-load of honey ft)r sale, one half- 
penny ; for every trussel of cloths for sale, brought in a cart, 
two-pence; for every cart-load of lead for sale, one penny; for 
avoirdupois, that is to say, for die hundred-weight one penny; 
for every poise of candles and tallow for sale, one farthing; for 
every quarter of woad for sale, (me halfpenny; for every hundred 
weight of alum, copperas, argol,and verdigris for sale, one farthing; 
for 2000 onions for sale, one farthing; for 10 sheaves of garlick 
for sale, one farthing ; for every 1000 of herrings for sale, one far- 
thing ; for every cart-load of sea fish for sale, one penny ; for 
every horse-load of sea fish one farthing; for every 100 of l)oards 
for sale, one half-penny; for every mill-stone lor sale, one farthing; 
for every 1000 of faggots for sale, one penny ; for every quarter of 
salt for sale, one farthing ; for every poise of cheese or butter lor 


sale one farthing ; for every cart-load of fire-wood and coals lor 
sale, by the week, one half-penny ; for every quarter of bark 
for sale, one farthing ; for every hundred-weight of tin, briiss, 
or copper for sale, one half-penny ; for every trussel of merchan- 
dize whatsoever for sale, one farthing ; for every other thing 
for sale of the value of 5 shillings not here specified and 
carried over that Bridge (except wool, fleeces, hides of oxen 
and cows, and iron) one farthing. And therefore we command 
you that you take the aforesaid customs until the end of the 
aforesaid 2 years, and use them about the reparation and amend- 
ment of the aforesaid Bridge as is before mentioned. But the 
said term of two years being completed the said customs shall 
entirely cease. Witness the King at Westminster the second 
day of March. (11th Ric. 11.) 

It appears by the Hundred Rolls of the 4th Edward I. (1275) 
that the Prior at that early date possessed a tenement in the 
tythlng of Buscot in Berkshire, in which tything one end of the 
Bridge abuts, and this tenement was doubtless the gift of some 
patriotic individual for the pur})ose of assisting in the repairs of 
the Bridge, as appears by the ensuing Records. 

In the 21st, 22d, 26th, and 36th years of Henry VIII. (1529 
to 1544) are entries on the Court Rolls of the manor of Shriven- 
ham in Berkshire for the tything of Buscot, that the Prior of St. 
John's was fined for not repairing the Bridge of Lechlade, and 
this liability could only have been in respect of the Prior's tene- 
ment at Buscot, as the Hospital possessed no other property 
within that manor or tything, and could only have become liable 
in respect of property within such jurisdiction. 

On the suppression of Monasteries by Heniy VIII. the 
Commissioners certified that the College of Wallingford (to which 
the Hospital of St. John at Lechlade then belonged) was liable 
for 3/. 6^. 8c?. for reparations of St. John's Bridge. (Certificate 
in Augmentation Office). 

In the Reign of EtUvard VI. the Bridge had become so ruinous 
that the King sent a Commission down to inquire who ought to 
repair it, and the Commissioners having examined numerous 
very aged persons, certified that the Prior of St. John's (being 
then Dean of Wallingford) did repair the Bridge, that he had 
been fined at Slnivenham Court for not repairing it, and that 
Jacket's tenement at Buscot was liable to the repairs. 

From 1579 to 1029 are constant entries on die Court Rolls of 
Shrivenham manor, of individuals, who were owners of property 
/. 2 


at Buscot, being fined for not repairing the Bridge, as they 
ought to do by tenure of those lands. 

From the circumstance of a tenement belonging to the Prior 
being charged with repairing the Bridge, arose in later years a 
local opinion that all the lands of the Priory were liable to such 
repairs ; and to show the folly of trusting to tradition, it may be 
mentioned that lands have long been " Jinoicn " by the inhabitants 
of Lechlade as Priory lands which the Public Records prove never 
were so, and that even the owners of some of the lands were 
equally in error with their tenants and the unlettered villagers, 
in considering them to have belonged to the religious house of 
St. John. 

Under the Bridge are weirs for fish, and other purposes, and 
the eels caught there are in high repute ; it is mentioned in the 
Domesday Survey that there was at that period a fishery of 175 
eels there. 

S. G. 



\_Continued from page 248.] 


This pedegre was made the xxvii dale of Marche the yere of our 
Lorde mv^&xx, and in the xithyere of King Henry ye Vlllth. 

•M<^. that John Danvers of Cotherop by Banbury had issue 
by his first wyfe iii, sonnes and one doughter. 

Robert the eldest sone was a knight, and one of the King's 
Justice of his Comen Plase, and he maryed the doughter of Sir 
Richard Dalaber, Knight, of Herefordshire. And they had 
issue iiii doughters. One maryed to Sir William Denys, Knight, 
in Gloucestershire, and they had issue. The u"^^ doughter was 
maryed to Barnaby in Essex. The iii<^ doughter maryed to 
Henry Frowike, and after Knight, and they had issue a doughter 
and theire heire, maryed to Michaell Fishear in Bedfordshire, 
and they had issue. The iiii^'' doughter was maryed to Hew 
Umpton, Gent, and diey had issue Thomas Umpton, maryed to 


one of the doughters of John Hyde of Denchworth by Abyndon, 
and they have issue. 

Richard Danvers, iin'i'J brodier to Sir Robert Danvers, toke to 
wyf Elsabeth, sister to John Lang'ston of Caverfeld in Bucking- 
hamshire, and tliey had issue ii sonnes and ii doughters. Richard, 
his eldest sone, maryed the doughter and heire of Preston, and 
they had issue a doughter that died ; after whose dethe his bro- 
ther John, as next heire to hym, imediatly after his brother's 
dissease, for as moch as his brother Riciiard had no issue male, 
entered in to all his brother's lands that came to hym by his 
father ; and tlie said John Danvers toke to wife one Anne Strad- 
hng,a sister and heire to one Edward Stradling, her brother*, that 
died without issue, and they had issue iii sonnes and vi dough- 
ters, and after a Knight ; his eldest sone Thomas maryed the 
doughter of Sir William Curteney, Knight, and they have issue ; 
his brother Richard not maryed and died in the Temple Church; 
his brother William is not maryed. One of thes vi doughters 
maryed to Fetyplase, and hath issue. The ii^'^ dowghter maryed 
the sone and heire of Sir Mories Abarowe, Knight. The iiirt' 
dowghter maryed to Mr. Fynes, and by possibilitye to be Lorde 
Saie. The iiii^h dowghter maryed to Louet sone and heyre, and 
they had issue. The ii other dowghters be not maryed. 

Margery, the oldest doughter to Richard Danvers, was maryed 
to Thomas Englefeld, Knight, and they had issue one sone and 
ii doughters. Thomas his sone maryed to Sir Robert Throg- 
merton's doughter Elsabeth, and they have issue ; and the ii 
doughters be not maryed. Elsabeth, sister to Margery, was 
maryed to William Dale, Gent, and hath issue. 

John Danvers, brother to Sir Robert Danvers, was a Doctor 
of bothe Lawes. 

His sister Annes was first maryed to Baldington of Aldebury, 
in Oxinfordshire, and they had issue ii doughters, Alice and 
Annes. Alice was maryed to Henry Tracy in Gloucestershire, 
and they had issue ii sonnes and i doughter. William, the eldest 
sone, is maryed, and hath issue. Rauff'e his brother was Priour 
of Charterhouse by Syon, and there slayne by Godvvyn, a Monke 
of that house ; and his sister was maryed to William Joy, Gent, 
at Teukisbury, and they had issue a sone Richard that maryed 
the doughter of Giles Gravell. Annes, sister to Alice Trace, 
was maryed first to Bi'owne of Halton by Oxon, and they had 

^ See llie pedigree in |). 207 ante. 


issue one sone and one doughter; Robert the sone maryed the 
doughter of William Bessellis, of Cessells, and they had issue ; 
and his suster Custans was Abbas at Syon. Afterward the said 
Annes was maryed to Sir Geffraie Gate, Knight, and they had 
issue Wilham, and he was maryed to one Copdois doughter 
and heire, and they had issue one Geffraie, now Knight, and 
he hath issue a sone named John. 

M'l. that Annes Baldington was afterwarde maryed to Sir 
John Fraye, Knight, and Chief Baron of the King's Exchequer, 
and they had issue iiii doughters ; first Elsabeth, maryed to Sir 
Thomas Walgrave, and they had issue iii sonnes and ii doughters. 
William, the eldest sone, and now Knight, maryed the suster of 
lloger Wentwurthe, Knight, and they had issue ii sonnes and 
iii doughters. The ii sones not maryed; one of the susters was 
maryed to Sir John Fynderne's sone and heire, and they had 
issue. The iin^^ doughter was maryed to Sir Robert Drewry's 
sone. The iii^<i doughter was maryed to Spryng's sone, of 
Lanam, and his heire. Edward the ii°<^ brother to Sir WiUiam 
Walgrave was maryed to Monnok's doughter, and they have 
issue. The iii'"^ brother, Richard, was maryed not at al. Jane 
his sister was maryed to Sir Edmond Arundell, and they have 
no issue. And her sister Anne was maryed to one Fabyon, and 
they had issue iii sonnes and one doughter ; the iii sonnes be not 
maryed, and one is a Priest. The sister Mary was maryed to 
Robert Skerne, fishmonger of London, and they have issue. 
Afterward the saide Dame Elsabeth Walgrave was maryed to 
Sir William Saye, and they had issue ii doughters that were 
Elsabeth the eldest doughter, maryed to the Lord Montjoie, 
and they have issue a doughter named Gertrude, maryed 
to the Erie of Devonshire ; Mary the ii"'^ doughter was 
maryed to the Erie of Essex, and they have issue. Margaret 
the ii^d doughter to Sir John Fraye was maryed to Sir John 
Plumer, Knight, otherwise called Sir John Leynham, Knight, 
and they have no issue. Catherine the iii''^ doughter to Sir 
John Fraye was maryed to Humfrey Stafford, and they had issue 
ii sonnes and i doughter; Humfrey the eldest sone maryed the 
doughter of Sir John Fogge, and they have issue ; his brother 
William is maryed and hath issue ; his sister Anne is maryed 
to the Lorde Latymer and Lorde Connyers, and they have issue. 
And Anne, the iiii'^'^ doughter of Sir John Fraie, died not 
maryed. Afterward the said Dame Annes Fraie was maryed to 


81r John Say, Under Tresorar of England, and afterward to the 
Lord Wenlok. 

Now turne we ageyn to John Danvers of Cothorp by Ban- 
bury, and speike of his second wife Jane Breuley, doughter and 
heire to William Breuley, lord of Waterstoke, in Oxinfordshire. 
The}' had issue iiii sonnes and iiii doughters. 

First, Thomas Danvers, after Knight, the eldest sone, maryed 
the Lord Say's sister, and they had no issue. And after he 
maryed Sibill, sister to Richard Fowler, and they have noe issue. 

William Danvers, ii^^^ brother to Sir Thomas Danvers, was one of 
the King's Justice of his CoiTion Plase, and Knight, and he maryed 
Anne, doughter and heire to W^illiam Pery, lorde ofChambrehouse 
by Reding, and they had issue iii sonnes and iiii doughters. John 
the eldest sone maryed Anne, doughter to William Hamden of Hare- 
well, and they had issue iii doughters, one of them maryed to Davis' 
sone, of Northamptonshire ; the second doughter is not maryed, 
and the iii"^ is dedd. Thomas, second brother to John Danvers, 
was maryed to Elianor, doughter to John SyfFord (sic) of Twyford, 
and they have no issue. William his brother is maryed, and 
hath issue. And the eldest sister to John Danvers was maryed 
to Verney, in W^arwikeshire, and they have issue a sonne, maryed 
to Tames doughter of Feyreford. Marget the ii^d sister was 
maryed to Ramsey, and they have issue. Alise the iii^''^ sister 
was maryed to Ramsford of Mekell Tew, and they have issue. 
Yzabell the iiiitl* sister is maryed to INLartyn Uokerey, at Balsale, 
and they have issue. 

Henry Danvers, iii»fl brother to Sir Thomas Danvers, maryed 
Beatrise, one of the doughters of Sir Rauf Verney, and twise 
maryed at London, and they had issue one sone not maryed, 
and iii doughters. Agnes, the eldest doughter, maryed to 
Richard Croke, and they had issue ii sonnes, one a Priest, 
and Robert his brother maiyed, not maryed (sie). Do- 
rothy, the ii"'' doughter, was maryed to Thomas Darell, and they 
have issue : their eldest sone Poulle is maryed to John Cheynis 
doughter, and his doughters be not maryed. Emme the in^'^ 
sister is not maryed. 

Symond the iiii^l' brother to Sir Thomas Danvers had no wife. 

Elsabeth, the eldest sister to Sir Thomas Danvers, was maryed 
to Thomas Power, sone and heire to Roger Power, lorde of 
of ]Jlechindon by Oxon, and they had issue ii sonnes and iii 
doughters. John the eldest sone was maryed to Marget, dough- 


ter to Thomas Hartewell, lorde of Preston, and they had issue 
ii sonnes. John, his eldest sonne, maiyed to Mary, doughter to 
Water Curson, of Waterpery in Oxfordshire, and they have 
issue a sone. Stephyn, brother to John, is maryed, and hath 
issue. Thomas, bi'other to John Power, maryed the doughter of 
John Banks in Lincohishire, and they had issue a doughter. 
Ehanor, eldest sister to John Power, was maryed to William 
Hertwell of Preston, and after Knight, and they had issue Ca- 
therine, first maryed to Furthow, and they had issue ; and after 
to Thomas Brokesby, and had issue. Margery the ii°<i sister to 
John Power was maryed to Thomas Wellisbourne, and they had 
issue ii sones and ii doughters. John, the eldest sone, not 
maryed ; his brother Oly ver is maryed and hath issue. Margery, 
the eldest sister to Olyver, was maryed to one Robert Awode, 
and they have issue. Luce, sister to Margery, was maryed to 
Lyde of Stoke Lile, and they have issue iii doughtei's not maryed. 
Pliilippe, the iii"' sister to Elianor, was maryed to Sir Robert 
Byndeuell, Knight, and had no issue. 

Amys, ii'l*' sister to Sir Thomas Danvers, was maryed to John 
Langston of Caverfeld, and they had iii sonnes maryed, and ii dough- 
ters maryed, and besides them they had xvii sons and doughters 
that died onmaryed. The eldest sone to John Langston, Rich- 
ard, was maryed first to Elsabeth, doughter to Rauf Illingworth, and 
they have issue a doughter Margery not maryed; and after maryed 
Jane, the doughter to Andrew Jely of Spalding, and they have 
issue a sone John and a doughter named Annes ; all they not 
maryed. Thomas, iin^i brother to Richard, was maryed to Alice, 
doughter to Nanscylis, and they have no issue : and Christopher, 
iiiif' brother to Richard Langston, was maryed to Margaret, 
doughter to John Hyde of Denchewourth by Abyndon, and 
they have issue a sone callid Thomas and a doughter Elsabeth. 
Cloid, sister to Richard Langston, was maryed to John Boteler 
of Badmynton in Gloucestershire, and they had issue iii sonnes 
and fyve doughters. Rauf, the eldest sone, was maryed to Sir 
Alisaunder Baynhamy's sister, and they have issue ; his brother 
John is maryed, and his brother Robert is not maryed. Alise, 
eldest sister to Rauf, was first maryed to Norwode, and they had 
issue a sone ; and after, the said Alice was maryed to Henry 
Knight, and they have issue. Amys, the ii^d sister, is maryed to 
Arthure of Clopton by Bristow, and they have issue. Yzabell, 
the iii'd sister, was maryed to Thomas More, sone and eyre to 


Thomas More by Buckingham, and they have issue. The 
iiiitli sister is maryed. The v'^l' sister Anne is not maryed. 
Jane, the ii"'^ doughter to John Langston, was maryed to Tlio- 
mas Gifford, sone and heire to John Gyffbrd, Lorde of Twyffbrd, 
and they have issue a sone and ii doughters. Thomas his sone, 
was maryed to Mary, doughter of John Staveley of Bygnell, and 
they have issue a doughter Ui'sula maryed to Wilham Wayn- 
man, sone and heire to his father. Amys, the eldest doughter 
to Thomas Gifforde, was first maryed to Richard Samuel, and 
they have issue a sone and ii doughters : and afterwards the 
said Amys was maryed to John Saxby, merchaunt of Calise. 
Her sister Mary is not maryed. 

Jane, the iii'"'^ sister to Sir Thomas Danvers, was maryed to 
Richard Fowler, Chancelor of the Dutchie of Lancaster, 
and had issue i sone and ii doughters. Richard, his sone 
and heire, first maryed Elsabeth, doughter to Thomas Wynde- 
sor, and had issue iii sones and one doughter, and after he 
was a Knight ; the iii sones be not maryed. Theire sister 
Brigit is maryed to Robert Hogan, and they have issue. 
Afterwards the said Sir Richard Fowler maryed Julian, dough- 
ter to Sir John Schaa of London, Knight, and hath issue a sone 
John. Sibill, sister to Sir Richard Fowler, was maryed to Rich- 
ard Chamberlain, and they had issue iii sonnes and one doughter. 
Edward, the eldest sone, now Knight, maryed one of the dough- 
ters of Sir John Verney, and they have issue. William, brother 
to Sir Edward, was a fryer in Grenewiche. His brother John is 
not maryed ; theire sister Anne was fyrst maryed to Edward 
Rawley, Knight, and they have a sone maryed to Anne, dough- 
ter to Sir Flumfry Conysby, Knight, and now Justice : and after, 
the saide Anne Rawley was maryed to Fulchurch, and they have 
issue. Jane, sister to Sibbell Chamberlaine, was a nonne in the 

Bona, the iiiit^' sister to Sir Thomas Danvers, was maryed to 
Geffraye Pole, of Medmenhani in Buckinghamshire, father to Sir 
Richard Pole, Knight, and nye of kynne to King Henry the 
VII*'^', and they had no issue. 


John Kenardesey dyd give the Castell of Helegh with the 
parke therunto lying, the towne of Recteley, the mannor of Tun- 
stall and Morton, and xxx shillings wowrth of landc in Over 


Lingesdon, in the Countie of Staffbrde, with the appurtenaunces, 
and the Casteli called Redde, w* Moubr, in the Countie of 
Shrewsbery, to Nicholas Daadeley, Knight, and Johan Lacy, 
Countes of Lincoln, his wyfe, and to the heires of the body of the 
same Nicholas coming. 

The Lorde Fnlke had yssue Fulke Warren, vvhiche was his 
heyre, whiche sayde Fulke had vii sonnes, that is to saye, Fulke 
Gouch, Sir Payn, Sir William, Sir Alein, Sir Yevan, Denbras, 
Sir Philip, with ii doughters; the whiche sayde Fulke Gouche 
had yssue ii sonnes, that is to say, oone sone, which was born at 
Leos in Fraunce, and a nother sone called Fulke Duy, vvhiche 
sayde Fulke Duy had issue Fulke Vyghan and Phyllypj). And 
the forsayde Sir Payn tooke to his wyfe oone Alianor, the doughter 
of Richard Atte Drygge, of Hundr. of Ellysmere, and had more 
yssue, the whiche be deade; and the foresayde Sir William, Sir 
Aleyn, Sir Yevan, dyed withoute yssue ; and the foresayde John 
Denbras never had wiffe, but had oone John Fitzwaryn, bastarde, 
by a woman of Aston in Corvedale, and there gotten and borne. 
And afterwarde the forsayde Fulke Duy gave to the foresayde 
John Fitzwaryn, sone of the foresayde John Denbras, a certein 
platt of lande within the Lordship of Whityngton, called Fern- 
hildavid, to holde unto his wille. And after the same John Fitz- 
waryn, bastard, dyd forfytt the same to the forsayde Fulke Duy, 
and the same Fulke did entre into the forsayde plate by reason of 
forfyture of the forseyde John Fitzwarein. And after the same 
John dyd dwell at Aston in Corvedale, and had yssue William 
Fitzwaryne, the whiche now doth clayme yt. 

One Fulke Fitzwarrein, Lorde of Whityngton, begatt oone 
John Gouch of oone Mawde Droghtone, hys concubyne, whiche 
sayde John Gouch, bastard, begatt John Denbras, whiche sayde 
John Denbras begatt Jankyn Fitzwaryn, which sayde Jankyn 
Fitzwaryn begatt William Fitzwaryn. 

The Rede Fouke had a sone; his name was the Blake Fouke, 
and had a sone ; his name was Fouke, that wedded Dame Marga- 
rete, dowghter of Sir James Dauley ; then he had a sone called 
Fouke Vyghan, he wedded Sir William Cogany's doughter; 
then he had a sone was called Fouke, he wetlded the Lorde Bo- 
treaux' doughter ; then he had a sone was called Fouke and a 
doughter Elizabeth. This Fouke was the laste of alle. Then 
ys his suster ryght hevre and Lady of Whittington. 




ESSEX, IN 1722. 

Morant (vol. i. p. 108.) states that this manor was " sold in 1/21 by 
a widow of Mr. Graves, brother to IVIr. Joseph Graves, a Clergyman of 
Lewes in Sussex, who had enjoyed it about sixty years, to Mr. Amos 
White, present possessor." The date here given is evidently a little 
too early, as it appears from the following letter that the estate was on 
sale in June 1/22. These documents are placed in a copy of Morant's 
Essex in the possession of John Bowyer Nichols, Esq. F.S.A. and the 
first is probably in the hand-writing of Sir Nathan AAVighte, of Cranham 
Hall in Essex, Bart, who was cousin to the Lord Keeper of the same name. 

An estate in Upminster called the Manner of Gains, w^^' the 
Mannor house, barns, stables, cow houses, and out houses, and 
about 80 acres of land thereto belonging, att the yearly rent of 

65 li p anil. 
The Quit rents . . 13 ^i odd p ann. 

Fynes and lierriots coib} annis 10 p ann. 

Totall 88 p ann. 

Mr. Marriot the Attorney in Boswell Court, near Lincolns 
Inn Fields. Mr. Grave y^ son at the 2 Civet Catts, near the 
Horn Tavern in Fleet Street. 

2400 li askt for it. 

Memorand : The repairs are to be valued at 100 or more. 

Queery whether itt paies noe fee farme rent, &.c. 

One Moietty of Hacton bridge to be kept in repaire bv y« 
owner of ye estate above mentioned ; queery what y^ charge of 
yt will bee. 

lOli p annum to be paid out of y*^ estate to a sertain parish 
(of Lewiss in Sussex) for 8 yeares to come. 

Note yt Mr. Brett gives no more for y" farme than G f' p ami. 

Note, yc Bridge above mentioned is now very uuich out of 

Note, yc stewerd has 2li p ann. for collecting y*^ abovesaid 
quit rents; former allowance for Court keeping 2^^ 2^. 

Q. the No of acres the copyholders enjoy. 


The following is a letter sent by the post : 

For S"" Nathan Wright, at Cranham Hall, near Rumford, in 
On the other side you have a pticular, the best I am able to 
give you at present. I am informed the estate is underlett aud 
the lands worth more than 641'. ^ ann. However, reckning the 
whole at 87^. 17^. S'l. or rather 88^. as an even sufne, and that the 
estate is improveable, and lying soe near London, and in soe 
good a county, I hope it may be worth 25001. which is not 29 
years purchase. The estate is to be sold, and I have had se- 
verall offers, but shall be very glad if I can have an opportunity 
to oblidge you by letting you into the pchase. 

I am, SS y^ most humble Serv*^, 
14 June 1722. Oba. Marry at. 

A pticular of the Mannor & farm called Gaines, in Up- 
minster, in Essex. 

Impr'is, a mannor house, barnes, stables, & other outhouses, & 
severall closes of arable, meadow, and pasture, containing [hlanli'] 
acres; whereof six acres are planted with young flourishing fruit 
trees for an orchard. 

There is appurtenant to the Mannour a Court Baron, & twenty- 
six Copyholders hold of the said Mannour, & about 13 Free- 

Every Copyholder pays a yearly quitt rent, & alsoe a fine & 
herriott upon every death & alienac'on. 

The fines are certain, viz*. 12^. an acre; the heriott is com- 
pounded usually at 50s. 3li. or 411, as the Lord & the Teimant can 
agree ; & if they disagree, the Custom is for the Lord to take the 
best live beast, &,for want thereof the best moveable. 

The Freeholders pay a year's quittrent on death or alienation. 

The Quittrents amount to 131. 17s. 3d. p a^n. in the whole. 

The Fines 8c Heriots are lOl. p ann. co'munib} annis, reck'n- 
ing by a medium of 20 years past. 

The House & Lands are lett at 64'. p ann. to Mr. Brett (tho' 
worth more) as tenn* at will. Totall 87/. 175. Sd. 

At the foot this pencil memorandum : 

At 25 years purchase 22001. offered 22 years purchase or 
19001., difference ab* 3001. 

J. Cx. N. 



JOHNSTON, M. D. 1701. 

^Continued from page 111.] 

Having dispatched the preceding principal and collateral 
branches of the worshipful family of Foljambe, I proceed now to 
Sir Godfrey Foljambe. 


No. 69. That he was the son of Sir Thomas is evidenced by 
the Deed (No. 64) of Thomas Castleton, Vicar of Wirksvvorth, 
to John Foljambe, of Tidesweil, as is before recited ; and in the 
account given of John Foljambe, of Tidesweil, doth fully appear. 
And that the ancient estates belonging to the flimily were ulti- 
mately intailed upon him and the heirs male of himself in default 
of heirs male of John and Thomas his brothers, by the first wife 
of Sir Thomas Foljambe their father, as hath been sufficiently 
proved by the preceding settlements (No. 64) ; and that he was a 
person of eminent quality, and a great ornament to the family, 
will appear by what follows. 

No. 70. The 18th of Edw. III. in an exemplification for the 
abbey of Whalley against Frustan de Penkull, in the wapentake 
of Blackburnshire, com. Lancaster, Godfrey Foljambe is styled 
Secundarius Baro Scaccarii. 

No. 71. The 19th of Edw. III. Sir John Gernon, Knt. gives 
to Godfrey Foljambe lands in Baukwell, [Bakewell, co. Derb.] 
and makes John de Gunston and John Woodcock attornies to 
deliver possession. 

No. 72. The 39di Edw. III. he hath custody of John, son of 
Thomas Foljambe, of Elton, who was ward to John Duke of 
Lancaster, as before specified. 

No. 73. The 27th Edw. III. he is a knight, and by that style 
gives to Thomas, his son, his manor of W'auton in the High 
Peak. Concerning this Thomas, his son, I shall treat more fully 

The 32d Edw. III. John Burdolfc, of Wormosgay, grants to 


Godfrey Foljambe, Knt. the manor of Okebrooke, and lands in 
Ambaston and Thurleston. "^ 

The 33d Edvv. III. he was chief steward to John of Gaunt, as 
appears by this following grant : 

rs-**. John Fitz au noble Roy de Angletere et de France, Count do 
Richmond, &c. Chargeon mon bien amt's Rob. de Morton paier a notre 
bien ames Godfrid Foljainb, Senescal de nos terres, anuliament {sic) 20^ in 
part de payment de son fees. Dat. al' an du Reign del nostre trcs 
redout Seignieure Roy et Pere 32. 

No. 74. The 7th of March that year, he directs his precept to 
Robert de Morton, receiver, to discharge the expenses of William 
de Notton and his companions, Justices of the King at Richmond. 

No. 75. The same year, the 25th of March, he issues out his 
precept to Robert Morton, to pay the expences of miners sent 
from the Peak, viz. the master miner "et deus artificers " [two 
workmen] for surveying the mines of lead in Richmond, let to 
Piers de Wenselandale. 

No. 76. The 34th Edw. III. William, Vicar of Castleton, 
gives to Godfrey Foljambe and Thomas his son, for term of life, 
all the manor of Pillesley. Test. John Foljambe de Longsden. 

Monsieur John Gernon, of Essex, grants to Sir Godfrey Fol- 
jambe, Knt. his manor of Baukwell, the 34th Edw. III. 

No. 77. The 40th Edw. III. he continues capital steward, as 
appears by inquisition taken before him that year as steward to 
John Duke of Lancaster, and Robert de Morton is receiver of 
Pontefract, and Hugh de Brereley master forrester. 

John fitz au noble Roy d'Angletere, Due de Lancaster, Count de 
Richmond, Derby, Nicol, et Leicester, Senescal de Angletere, a nostre 
Receiver de Pontefract, salus. Come nos bien ames Monseiur Godfrey 
Foljambe, Monseiur Rob. de Swillington, Symon Symeon, et ^Yl\\. de 
Finchezden, per nostre assent ont appris a fferms de ava* tres hone 
Dame et mere la Regne, le Ma. de Covvyke et la Soke de Snayth, avoir a 
term de vie n^" dite Dame et mere, payment a Liiij Cynq. {sic) Livres, [he 
orders his receivers to pay the same yearly ] Date a nr Chastel de 
Bolyngbrook, 1 April, du Regne nr dit Sire le Roy et Pier 39. 

The 40th Edw. III. he is knight, and hath precedence of Sir 
Richard Corbet, Knt. as appears in the charter of Richard Fol- 
jambe to the Abbat of Baldamer. 

No. 78. The 44th and 45th Edw. III. he hath free warren in 
his demesne lands in Hassop and Chaddesden. 

" Dodsw. Coll. 


The 44th Edw. III. Sir Godfrey Foljambe, Knt. gives to 
Thomas his son a rent of six marks out of the manor of Pilleslev. 
Testib. Roger North, Rad. Leake, John de Shirley, to wliich is 
annexed his seal, which coat of arms the family continues to 
this day. 

80. Edwardus Del gracia Anglie, &c. Omnibus Angl. Balivis, &c. 
Sciatis quod charissimus filius iioster Johannes Dux Lancastrie, qui in 
obsequium nostrum versus partes Acquitanie profecturus est, attornavit 
coram nobis loco suo Godfridum Foljambe, milit. et Syraonem Syraeon 
sub-attornatos ad lucrandum et perdendum in omnib. placitis et querelis 
motis vel movendis pro ipso Duce vel contra ipsum in quibiiscumq. 
curiis Anglie, et ad instantiam ejusdem Ducis concessimus quod iidem 
Godfridus et Symon vel eorum alter quem presentem esse contigerit, 
loco ipsius Ducis facere possint vel possit attornatos vel attornatuin 
quos vel quem voluerint vel voluerit in curia nostra coram nobis ad omnia 
praedict' placita et querelas prosequend' et defendend' et ad lucrandum 
vel perdendum in cisdam sicut predict' est. In cujus rei testimonium 
has litteras nostras presentium munimiiie valituras, si contingat ipsum 
Ducem iter illud non arripere vel postquam extra terminum ilium in 
Anglia redierit in partibus supradictis. Teste meipso, AVestm. Maij 27, 
44 Edw. III. 

No. 81. The 44th Edw. III. Sir Godfrey Foljambe, Knt. gives 
to Godfiey Foljambe, jun. the manor of Wool very Cheston, antl 

No. 82. The 44th Edw. III. he founded a chantry in the 
church of Baukwell, the Dean and Chapter of Lichfield con- 
firming it with this preamble : 

InspeximusOrdinationeiii per D'" GodfridumFoljambe,milit.,&c. et inter 
preclara divine laudis obsequia illud unum de precipuis esse non ambi- 
gitur, ut alma mater Eccl'a novo semper fetu Ministrorum jugiter sibi 
faraulantium fecundet', quem, Deo rectore et duce, multiplici mcritorum 
semine in suis mcmbris fructum valcat centissimum germinare ; cupientes 
igitur divinum cultum in Ecclesia Parochiali de Baukewell augere, 8:c. 
The Ordination is that Roger de Typshelf be the first Chantry Priest, 
and he and his successors enjoy the lands in another deed by the King's 
license settled, — That he pray for the healthful estate of Sir Godfrey 
and Ann his wife, and their children while they live, and after their 
decease for their souls and the souls of their parents, and the Brother- 
hood of the Gihl of the Holy Cross in Baukwell, and all the faithful, 
living and dead, at the Altar of the Holy Cross in the nave of the parish 
church, built by the said Cross ; and that tlie said Roger and his succes- 
sors be called Keepers of the said Altar. Anil that he or they celebrate 


mass in no other place unless there be lawful impediment. And if the 
Chaplain, without lawful cause, abstain from celebrating mass, that 
another fit Chaplain be admitted at the pleasure of the Vicar of Bauke- 
well, to receive the stipend for the time he serve. 

That every Chaplain that hath the custody of the Altar shall every 
Sunday celebrate the Mass of the Holy Trinity, unless the greater 
Double Feasts concur ; on the second day of the week, the office of the 
dead for the souls of the Founders and the Brethren of the Gild, and 
the faithful deceased ; on the 3^ the Mass of St. Thomas the Martyr 5 
on the 4th the Mass of the Health of the People [Salus Populi] 3 on 
the 5th that of the Holy Spirit ; on the 6tli that of the Holy Cross ; 
on Saturday that of St. Mary and Saint Margaret 5 and after the Confi- 
teor in each Mass, before the beginning of the Office, turning to the 
people he say in his mother tongue, " Pray for the soul of Sir Godfrey 
Foljambe and Ann his wife, and his children, and brothers of the Gild 
of the Holy Cross, and all the faithful deceased." That the said 
Chaplain have his constant residence in the said Chantry. That he be 
not three days away without hcense from the lord of Hassop for the 
time being, if the Lord reside there, " Si locum ibidem favere noscatur j" 
otherwise not without the leave of the Vicar. If the Chaplain, having not 
obtained leave, be also away for fifteen days, let him be removed and 
another fit Chaplain placed by the lord of Hassop for the time being. 
And when it shall be vacant, the lord of Hassop to present within 
fifteen days to the Dean and Chapter of Lichfield, and they to give insti- 
tution 3 and if the Lord of Hassop neglect, then the Vicar of Baukewell 3 
and if he present not within fifteen days, then the Abbat of Derby to 
present 3 and if he present not, then the Dean and Chapter of Lichfield 
to present 5 and if they neglect then the Bishop of Coventry and Lich- 
field to present. 

In the vacancy the goods to be kept by the Vicar and four brethren 
of the Gild to have the custody and give to the successors, and that 
every Chaplain leave a fourth part of his goods to the Chantry. 

No. 83. This Godfrey married Avice^ or Anne, daughter of 
Ireland, of Harteshorn. She survived him ; and in the in- 

•> She is named Avena in the Inqq. post mort. of Sir Godfrey Foljambe, Sir Richard 
Green, and herself, and doubtless is the same person mentioned in the Ordination of 
Bakewell chantry. The Inquisition held after the death of Sir Godfrey, " die Veneris 
prox. antefest. S. Margarete virg." [20 July] 50Edw. III. No. 24. states, that he held 
jointly with Avena his wife, on the day of death, the manor of Okebrok, cum pertin. 
" except, d'nio, reddit. et servic. ac feod. militum in villis de Ambaston et Thurleston," 
for the term of their lives, of the gift of Nicholas Atte Welde, parson of the church of 
Darley, and others; the reversion to the riglit heirs of Sir Godfrey. That '• domus 
neque situs manerii nichil valent ultra repris." There are 2 carucates of land val. per 
aun. 40j. meadow val. per ann. IQs, 8rf. pasture val. per ann. 30s, '< Curia dicti mane- 


quisition of the SOlli Eclvv. III. taken at the death of Sir Godfrey 
Foljambe, it is recited, tliat he had Richard Foljambe by her; so 
that it seems to me that Anne was his first wife, and as in the 
foundation of the chantry appears, f^nd that Avice was the second 

No. 84. This Avice was re-married to Sir Richard Green, Knt. 
as will appear in the account of her grandson. The 5th Ric. II. 
I find Avice, relict of Sir Godfrey Foljambe, Knt. held the ma- 
nor of Hassop.*^ 

rii nichil valet." There is 10/. annual rent. That said manor is held of the king in 
capite by knight-service. That the said Godfrey and Avena and Richard Foljambe, son 
of the said Godfrey and Avena, jointly held a moiety of the manor of Darley, for the 
term of their lives, of the gift of William Atte Wode. Remainder to the right heirs of 
said Godfrey. That " situs dicti medictat. manerii nichil valet ultra repr." There is one 
carucate of land, val. per ann. 405., meadow val. per ann. 10*., and 4l. 135. 4d. annual 
rent. That the said manor is held of John Duke of Lancaster, as of his Honour of the 
Castle of High Peak, by knight-service. That the said Godfrey died " die Jovis p. p. 
fest. Ascenc. Domini," the same year, and that Godfrey Foljambe, son of Godfrey, son 
of said Godfrey is next heir, " setat. f) annor." VVoUey's Collect. MS. Add.60'75. f. 
381. The tomb of this Sir Godfrey Foljambe and his wife is in Bakewell church, co. 
Derby, with their effigies and arms, viz. a shield (sa.) charged with a bend between 6 
escallops (or), for Fo/jam/'c, and another (gul.) charged with 6 fleurs-de-lis, 3,2, 1. 
(arg.), for Ireland. lb. f. 358. and MS. Harl. 5309, f. 38 b ; and engraved in Lysons's 
Derbyshire, p. ccxxv. — Edit. 

■-■ She died 6 Rich. TL and the Inquisition (No. 39.) taken at Okebroc, states, that 
she held the manor of Okebroc in her demesne, as of fee, in cap. " exceptis redditib. et 
feod. milit. in Thurlestou et Ambaston," for term of life, &c. as above. That she died 
" die Sabb. p. p. fest. Nat. B. Marie ult. preterit." [8 Sept.] and that Godfrey, son of 
Godfrey, son of Godfrey Foljambe, Knt. is next heir, " aet. 15 annor. et ampl." That 
the said Avena, Godfrey, and Richard his son, held conjointly a moiety of the manor of 
Darley, &c. as above. That she held in Chaddesden and Spondon, 1 messuage, 1 caru- 
cate of land, of the Duke of Lancaster and the Lord de Grey, by foreign service, paying 
yearly to John de Hokenaston 405., to the Duke of Lancaster 2l5. O^d. Robert de 
Twyford 55. \0^d. and the Princess of England 16"|(/. The said messuage and land 
val. p. ann. ult. repr. 95. Oh\d. Reversion belonging to the right heirs of Godfrey. 
That the said Avena held certain lands and tenements in Chelmerdon, with a pasture 
called Flag, held of Thomas de VVendesley, as of his mauor of Wendesley, by the ser- 
vice of 25. 8(7. per ann. " val. p. ann. ult. repr. 53s. Ad." That she held one tenement 
in Wardlowe of the Princess, as of her manor of Asheford, by suit of court to Asheford. 
val. p. ann. ult. repr. 165. 8rf. a certain pasture called Steverdale, paying to the Duke of 
Lancaster yearly 2l5. val. p. ann. ult. repr. 6s. Sd. Also a pasture called Greteclif of 
John l^ovel, Knt. paying yearly 305. val. p. ann. ult. repr. 55. That she held the manor 
of Hassop of theDuke of Lancaster, as of bis manor of Stertindon, by knight-service, 
and 65. yearly rent. The site and manor-house are worth nothing yearly ult. rejir. ; 
12 acres of land val. p. ann. 1 65. 8rf. Meadow val. p. ann. 135. 4d. Pasture val. p. 
ann. 135. 4d Rents val. p. ann. 26s. Sd. Also, that she held lands in Herdlowe of 
theDuke of Lancaster, as of his manor of Hertindon, by service of two appearances 
yearly at the court, val. p. ann. ult. repr. 305. and held 1 messuage 4 borates of innd In 


No. 85. He died the 50th Edw. III. as appears by the inqui- 
sition of that year, and Godfrey, the son of Godfrey his son, was 
his heir, being then nine years old. He had issue Godfrey, who 
died in his father's Hfetiine, and Thomas, of whom in due place. 


No. 85a. I find a fine the 40th Edw. HI. betwixt Godfrey 
Foljambe, Knt. and Margaret his wife, and Robert Delaport, 
clerk, of the manor of Kynalton, &c. the right of Godfrey and 
Margaret, and the heirs of their bodies. (Dodsw. Collect.) This 
Margaret I suppose was daughter and heir of Payne Villers, of 
Kinalton, and was the same who was afterwards married to Sir 
Thomas Rempston, and probably she bought several of those 
lands that Sir Robert Plompton had with Alice her grandchild, 
and if it be so, then this Godfrey was also a knight, as will ap- 
pear afterwards. 

No. 88. The 42d Edw. HI. frere William Rainsbout, Prior 
of St. Mary of Lancaster, grants to Godfrey, son of Sir Godfrey 
Foljambe, Knt. and Thomas son of John Foljambe of Tides- 
well, the advowson of the churches of Croxton and Eccleston. 
Testib. Anthony Croft de Dalton, Robert de Warsington, Ed- 
mund Laurence, and John de Wassington ; Tuesday after the 
feast of St. Philip and James. 

No. 89. The 45th Edw. HI. the King hath seen the grant of 
William Rainbout, late Prior of the church of the blessed Mary 
in Lancaster, wherein he grants to Godfrey son of Godfrey Fol- 
jambe, Knt. and Thomas son of John Foljambe of Tideswell, 
the advowson of the churches of Croxton and Eccleston for life, 
and the King confirms it. 

No. 90. He lived the 45th Edw. III. for the 11th of July that 
year the King gave to Godfrey Foljambe and William de Sa- 
pington, licence to grant four oxgangs and a half in Gratton to a 
chaplain every day celebrating divine service in the chapel of St. 

Newbolt, of the abbey ofWellebec, val. p. ann. ult. rejir. 30«. Reversion to the right 
heirs of Godfrey. 

The Nottiughamsliire Inquisition on the same lady, finds, that Alvcredus, son of God- 
frey Foljambe, Knt. (who is not mentioned by Dr. Johnston) held of the king, as of his 
ancient demesne of Mansfield, 1 messuage and half carucate of land in Mansfield- VVood- 
house, for term of his life; and that the said Alveredus died 20 June, 5 Ric. II. That 
Roger Caus farmed the premises at the yearly rent of 20s. of Avena, mother of Alvered, 
and that Godfrey, sou of Godfrey, son of Sir Godfrey, is next heir. Wolley's Collect. 
iibi stipr. — Edit. 


Margaret in Elton, "pro salubri statu ipsorum Godfridi et Wil- 
lielmi " while they Hve. 

No. 91. He married Margaret, as is before related; which 
Margaret, before the 21st Rich. II. was married to Sir Tho- 
mas Rempston ; for I find that Robert Tybshelf, Vicar 
of Baukewell, grants to Lady Margaret, wife to Sir Thomas 
Rempston, sometime wife of Sir Godfrey Foljambe the younger, 
Knt. the manors of Edensore in the Peak, Calton, and Leigh, 
&c. Testib. Do Tho. de Wermesley, mil. &c. (Dodsw. Collect.) 

No. 92. This Margaret lived to the 17th Hen. VI. as will 
appear after the account I shall give of Alice her grandchild, and 
when certainly she did die I have not yet found. But, if she was 
but fourteen years old at her marriage, she must be about seventy- 
two years old in the 17th Hen. VI. 

He had issue Sir Godfrey. 

No. 93. Margaret married to Sir Nicholas Montgomery, Knt. 
by whom she had Matildis, that died the 30th Hen. VI., haviug 
married Thomas Clarell of Aldwai'ke, who lived to the 36th of 
Hen. VI. anno 1457. 


Godfrey Foljambe was nine years old at his father's death. 
He was a knight, as will appear by all the evidences hereafter to 
be related. 

No. 94. He seems to be dead before the 12th Rich. Il.d and 
lived not above 22 years. But if he was dead when Sir Richard 
Green died, then he was under age, and left his daughter and 
heir unborn. 

No. 95. By inquisition taken 12di Ric. II. (No. 22.) it ap- 
pears that Sir Richard Green had at his death the manor of 
Locklawe of John Duke of Lancaster for term of life with Avice 
[Avena] his wife (relict, I suppose, of Sir Godfrey Foljambe, 

^ The Inquisition taken after liis death, 12 Ric. II. No. 21. finds tlial be died seised 
of the manor of Oi\ebroke, one messuage one carucate in Chaddesden and Spondon, cer- 
tain lands in Chehnerdon, and a pasture called Flag, 1 messuage in VVardlowe, a pasture 
called Steverdale, and another called Gretcllff, the manor of Hassop, lands in Hordlowe, 
and 1 messuage 4 bovates in Newbolt, by the same tenure as Avena, widow of Sir God- 
frey Foljambe. Also, that the said Godfrey died " die Mercurii prox. a. fest. Nativ. B. 
Mariae ult. pret." [8 Sept.] and that Alice, daughter of the said Sir Godfrey, son of 
Godfrey, son of Sir Godfrey, is next heir, aged one year and upwards. VVolley's Collect. 
ubi supr. — Edit. 

2 A 2 


Knt.) deceased. The reversion to die right heirs of Avice. And 
that tlie said Sir Richard died the 10th Ric. 11. And that AHce, 
daughter of Sir Godfrey Foljambe, Knt. son of Godfrey Fol- 
jambe, son of Sir Godfrey FoJjambe, Knt., is next heir, and is 
one year and more old. And that John Leche Knt. took to 
farm the said manor to the use of the heir. 

No. 96. He married Isabell,*^ daughter of Sir Simon Leche, as 
the pedigree makes it appear. 

No. 97. Ahce, his daughter and sole heir, was married to Sir 
Robert Plompton, of Plompton, com. Ebor. By a deed, 3 
Hen. IV. Robert Wycard, Esch. com. Derb. delivers full pos- 
session to William Hardisley, attorney for Robert Plompton and 
Alice his wife, daughter and heir of Godfrey Foljambe, Knt. of 
all the lands which the said Sir Godfrey held in fee of demesne 
at the day of his death. (Lib. Plompton, p. 214, ex Collect.) 

No. 98. This Alice her marriage and tuition was granted by 

Richard Bishop of , by the manucaption of Richard Daffon, 

Esch. of , and John Gatefield of Nott. to Sir John Leche 

for 50 marks, the 13th Ric. H. (Ibid. p. 214.) 

No. 99. The ITth Ric. II. the same Sir John Leche grants 
her marriage to Sir William Plompton, to be married to his 
son and heir. (Ibid. p. 206.) She must then be but eight or 
nine years old, if she were one year old at Sir Richard Green's 
death, the 10th Ric. II. 

No. 100. The 6t}i Hen. IV. Robert Plompton and Alice his 
wife grant to Thomas de Glen the manor of Hocklow, with the 
appurtenances in Hocklow, Spoonden, and Chaddesden, for six 
years, the rent 40.s. (Ibid. p. 216.) 

No. 101. The same year they gave to Richard de Plompton 
the rent of 40s. out of Cowbridge, com. Stafford, for life. Testib. 
William Fencote, William de Leedes, William Thornbury. 

«■ Her name must have been Ma7-i!^o?e< (unless there were two wives), as is evident 
from tlie following assignment of her dower. " Assignatlo Dotis Margnrete que fuit 
uxor Godfr'i Foljambe Ch'r. fil' Godfr'i,fil. Godfr'i Foljiiml)e, militis, defunct, fact, apud 
Okebrok, 1 8" die Nov. 12 Ric. II. in presencia Joh'is de Leek, cui D'n's Rex custodiam 
t'rar. et ten. que fuerunt p'd'ci Godfr'i commisitad firmam, &c. per assensum Thome de 
Foljambe et Rob'ti de Foljambe, propinquor. amieor. et consanguineor. hered. p'd'ci God- 
fr'i ib'm existenc' videl't. Assignat. p'd'ce JMargarete in r'onabilem dotem Man'um de 
Okebrok cum pertin. ip'am de o'ib's terr. et ten. que fuerunt p'd'ci Godfr'i, quondnra 
viri sui, secundum legem et consuetud. regni Angl. contingent, exccptis duab. partib. 
hosci de Okebrok, que quidem due panes in oustodia Regis reman, usque ad legitimum 
elatem hered." VVolley's Collect. T/^t.^z/Jr. — Edil. 


No. 101a. This Richard was brother to Robert, and in the 
same grant there is mention of Robert Plompton son of Alice. 

No. 102. The 7th Hen. IV. the same Robert Plompton sells 
to the Lady Margaret de Rempston the vesture of his woods 
in le Combre de Bardolf-wood, juxta Abbathiam de Dale, in 
com. Derb. for five years, to pay 8/. 6s. 8d. 

The same year Robert de Plompton and Alice his wife grant to 
Henry Foljambe, Abbat of Dale, John de Dene, Canon of the 
College of Hopton, and Robert Mallert, Vicar of Kynalton, Sec. 
the manor of Hocklow. 

The 11th Hen. IV. they sell to Thomas Taylor of Nottingham 
the vesture of a parcel of wood called Nethersharp, in the field 
of Mykelhalge, for three years. (lb. 229.) 

No. 104. The 12th Hen. IV. this Robert Plompton is Knt. 
as appears by many conveyances from this time in the collections 
of Mr. Christopher Towneley of Carr, in the County of Lancas- 
ter, a diligent and learned antiquary of the family of Towneley, 
com. Lancaster, dead several years since. 

No. 105. The 2d Hen. V. this Sir Robert Plompton is Steward 
of Knaresborough, as is manifest in the aforesaid collections, of 
which particular proofs will be exhibited when (if God grant 
life) I treat of that ancient family. ( Dodsw. Collect. 239.) 

No. 106. The 9th Hen. V. this Sir Robert Plompton died. 
In the settlement made for the use of his last will the feoffees are 
Henry Fitz Hugh, lord of Ravensworth, Treasurer of England, 
the Lady Margaret de Rempston, the Lady Alice de Plomp- 
ton his mother, and others, and he settles 20 marks for life 
on Godfrey de Plompton his son, &c. Johan and Alice his 
daughters, &c. 

No. 107. It seems his lady was then dead, for in Spofforth 
church this epitaph appears : 

Hie jacet Robertas Plompton, mil. nuper Seuescallus de Knares- 
borough, et Alicia uxor ejus, filia et heres Godfridi Foljambe, mil. qui 
Robertus obiit 8 Decembris 1421, quorum a'i'bus p'pitictur Dcus. 

No. 108. William Plompton was son and heir of Sir Robert 
and Alice, and was under age the 2d Hen. \l. 

No. 109. The 17di Hen. VI. this William Plompton, Knt. 
gives to Sir Thomas Rempston, Knt., the Lady Agnes Stapleton, 
Brian Stapleton, Knt. [he was son-in-law to Sir Thomas Remps- 
ton], &c. the manors of Kynalton, Hassop, Wormhill, Pillesley, 
Stanton Hall, Chelmston, Cowbridge, and lands in Raukewcll, 


Tideswell, Queston, Slagfield, Martinside, Combre, Wardlow, 
Spoonden, Hocklow, Twyford, Turndike, Broughton, Crake- 
marsh, Chesterfield, and Chaddesdon, in the counties of Derby, 
Nottingham, and Stafford, and the presentation of the Chantry 
of Baukeweli and Mansfield Woodhouses, with the reversion of 
the lands which the Lady Margaret Rempston held for term of 
life of his inheritance. Testib. Richard Vernon, Henry Pier- 
point, Hugh Willoughby, Robert Eyre, Joseph Stafford of 
Middleton, &c. 

No. 110. By this it appears that the Lady Margaret Remps- 
ton, widow of the last Godfrey Foljambe, was yet living, and 
these fore-mentioned lands were those that came by the lady 
Alice his mother. 

No. 111. The 24th Hen. VL the said Sir William gave to 
John Harrington and William Gargrave the manors of Darley, 
Stanton, Pillesley, Wormhill, Chaddesden, Spoonden; and the 
advowson of the chantry lands in Edensor, Wardlow, Bauke- 
weli, Martinside, Queston, Tideswell, Hardlow, Chelverton, 
Slagfield, Castleton, com. Derb. &c. that the feoffees may enfeof 
Robert Plompton his son and heir, and Elizabeth, daughter of 
the Lord Clifford, of Westmoreland. Testib. Richard Vernon, 
Henry Pierpoint, mil. John Curson, Thomas Foljambe, Robert 
Eyre, the 16th Aug. 24 Hen. VI. 

No. 112. The 31st Hen. VL Thomas Rempston, Knt. regrants 
to Sir William Plompton the manors of Kynalton, Hassop^ 
Wormhill, Pillesley, Stanton, Chelmston, Cowbridge, and all the 
lands in Baukeweli, Tideswell, Queston, Flagfield, W^ardlow, 
Spoonden, Hocklow, Twiford, Broughton, Martinside, Crake- 
marsh, Turndike, Mony Ash, Chesterfield, and Chaddesdon, 
com. Nott. Derb. and Stafford, which Margaret de Rempston 
hath during life, to Sir William Plompton and his heirs, for 
want of issue, to Godfrey brother of the said Sir William Plomp- 
ton. Dated the 3rd of August. 

No. 113. The 25th August the said Sir Thomas Rempston 
makes John Alme senior and Roger Jackson attorneys to give 
seisin of the manors of Chaddesden, Darley, Okebrook, Burrosash, 
Stanton, Edensor, Pillesley, Hassop, Wormhill, Chelmsdon, 
Hardlow, Slagfield, Queston, Combre, Martinside, Betfield, 
Tideswell, Castleton, Wardlow, Roukham, Baukeweli, Calton 
Lees, Biley, Broughton, Twiford, Spoonden, Newbald, Hocklow, 
Turndike, Kynalton, Mansfield Houses, Hickling, Outhorp, 


Collision, Crakemarsh, and Cowbridge, com. Derb. Nott. and 

Notwithstanding all these claims yet the reader will find in the 
succeeding history of the family of the Foljambes, that by virtue 
of some intails, the next heirsmaleof the Foljambes, viz. Thomas 
son of the first Sir Godfrey and his posterity, enjoyed some of 


No. 114. Having seen the direct line of the first Sir God- 
frey Foljambe thus end in a female, we must ascend higher again 
to deduce the heir male of the family from the first Sir Godfrey, 
in whose life I have given an account of his settlement of six 
marks out of his manor of Pillesley on his son Thomas, the 44th 
Edw. III. being four years after Godfrey his son was married, 
and the mention of this Thomas, son of Godfrey Foljambe, the 
34th Edw. III. to which I must refer the reader (No. 76). 

No. 115. So great an estate being by Alice, the daughter and 
heir of the last Sir Godfrey, carried to tlie family of tlie Plomp- 
tons, it was the good fortune of this Thomas to lay the founda- 
tion of a considerable estate by his marriage with Margaret, 
daughter of Sir John Loudham, and sister and coheir of Sir John 
Loudham the younger. The other sister, Isabell, was married 
to Thomas Beckering, as will further appear when I insert the 
pedigree of Loudham. 

No. 116. The 10th Rich. II. Sir John Loudham, Knt. gives 
to Margaret de Loudham his daughter an annual rent of 12/. out 
of his manor of Ryby, com. Lincoln. 

No. 117. The 14th Ric. II. Thomas Foljambe and Robert 
Langham release to Thomas Stafford, Knt. and Alice his wife, 
and Nicholas Langford and Margaret his wife, all right in the 
manor of Penkeston and Normanton, except the advowson of 
the church of Normanton. There was a fine betwixt them for 
the same uses. (Dodsw. Collect.) 

No. 118. The 16di Ric. II. Sir Nicholas de Clifton, Knt. by 
consent makes partition of the lands that descended to die sisters 
and heirs of Sir John Loudham, betwixt Thomas Beckering and 
Isabell his wife and Thomas Foljambe and INlargaret his wife. 

No. 1 19. The 20th Ric. II. John of Gaunt constitutes Thomas 
de Wcndesley and Thomas Foljambe his surveyors of all the 
forests within the chase of the Peak. 



There is a rental of the lands of Thomas Foljambe, lord of 
Walton, of his lands in Walton and Calale, the 20th Ric. II. 

No. 120. The 1st Hen. IV. there is an agreement, that whereas 
Thomas Beckering and Isabell his wife hath the manor and lands 
in the county of Derby and Lincoln, which were John de Loud- 
ham, Knt. father of Isabell and Margaret, reserving life estate 
to Margaret wife of Sir John le Zouch, late wife of Sir John 
Loudham. Dated All Saints' Day, 1st Hen. IV. 

No. 121. The 10th Hen. IV. Thomas Foljambe, sen. and Ro- 
Ijert Maynard give to Robert Fern and Joan his wife in farm 
the new market of Chesterfield. Test. John Cokein, mil. 

By an inquisition the 29th Hen. VI. after the death of Mar- 
garet, which was wife of Sir John Zouch, Knt. deceased, the jury 
say, that John de Loudham, Knt. was seised of the manor of 
Billesthorp and Loudham, and three messuages and two caru- 
cates in Newton, and the advowson of the church of Billesthorp, 
and did demise the same to Margaret, which was wife to Sir John 
Zouch, Knt. for the life of Margaret, and he dying without issue 
makes the same to remain to Alice, wife of Thomas Rempston, 
Knt. as heir to Isabell, one of the sisters and heirs of Sir John 
Loudham, being fifty years old, and Thomas Foljambe, as son of 
Margaret, another of the sisters and heirs, and that Thomas is 
forty years old, and Margaret died the 27th May last, and that 
Elizabeth, wife of William Chaworth, and Margaret, wife of John 
Chaworth, are the daughters and heirs of Sir John Zouch and 
Margaret. (Dodsw. Collect. G. G. 40.) 

Sir John Loudham.=p. 

. L_ 

1. SirJohn=Mar-: 
Loud- garet. 

ham, died 


:2. Sir John 

Isabell, =pSir Thos. Marga-=pTlio- 

sister & 
ob. ante 

ing, Knt. 
16 Ric. 2. 

ret, sis- 
ter and 


Elizabeth, daughter 
and coheir, mar. to 
William Chaworth. 

Margaret, mar. to 
Thomas Chaworth. 

Alice, daughter,: 
and heir, 50 
years old 29 
Hen. 6. 

:Sir Thomas Remps- 
ton, Knight, ob. 36 
Hen. G. 


ob. 29 
Hen. 6. 

Isabell, daughter and 
coheir, mar. to Sir 
Bryan Stapleton, 

Elizabeth,=^John Cheney, 

and co- 

ob. 6 Hen. 7. 


Margaret, daughter 
and coheir, 36 H. 6. 
mar. to Rich. Bing- 
ham, Esq. 

John Cheney, ;ct. 40 ann. 5 Hen. 7. 


By another inquisition the 3d November, the 37th Hen. VI. 
after the death of Thomas Rempston, Knt. that he held of the in- 
heritance of EHzabeth, wife of John Cheney, Esq., Isabell, wife of 
Brian Stapleton, Knt. and Margaret, wife of Richard Bingham, 
jun. Esq. daughter and heir of Ahce, which was wife of the said 
Thomas Rempston, the manor of Tuxford, called Beckering 
manor, and the advowson of the two chantries of St. Thomas 
the Martyr and St. Mary the Virgin, in the church of Laxtoii, 
and half of the manor of Loudham and Billesthorp, and six mes- 
suages and six carucates in Newton, and the advowson of the 
church of Billesthorp, and a chantry in Loudham, and the manor 
of Arsnell, and that Thomas died the 15th October last, and 
Elizabeth is forty years old, Isabell thirty-six, and Margaret 
thirty-two years old. 

This Thomas Foljambe that married Mai'garet, daughter and 
heir of Loudham, in the 3d Hen. V. was Alderman of the 
Guild of Saint Mary in Chesterfield, and grants to William 
Barber, of Chesterfield, lands belonging to the same. 

The 6th Hen. V. John Parker, of Walton, gives to Thomas 
Foljambe, sen. of Walton, all the lands in Walton got of Isabel 
Ker, of Walton, his aunt. Test. John de Hill, of Walton. 

The 26th Hen. VI. Thomas Foljambe, of Walton, Esq. and 
T'.iomas his son. Whereas Godith Statham, daughter of John 
Statham, Esq. holds for term of life three messuages and lands 
in Tideswell and Lytton, the remainder, after the death of 
Roger Foljambe, to the said Thomas and his heirs, he con- 
firms the possession of Godith for life. By this it appears that 
the entail on the heirs male was very ancient. 

The 16th Hen. VI. John le Zouch, Knt. receives of Thomas 
Foljambe, Esq. 9/. in payment of the dower of Margaret his wife, 
widow of John Loudham. 

The 11th Hen. VI. Thomas Foljambe, Esq. grants to Sir 
Richard Vernon, Knt. the grange of Evanbroke. 

The 15th Hen. VI. W' illiam Hudson, Gent, grants to Thomas 
Foljambe the lands in Halewell Gate in Chesterfield. 

This Thomas Foljambe had issue Thomas, of whom iiere- 
after, Margaret, of whom below, and Joan ; for I find in a Roll 
of the fraternity of the Guild of Chesterfield, in the first row, 
Thomas Foljambe is alderman, and in that row is mention of 
Joan his daughter, which Joan may possibly be the sister of the 
next Thomas, who was a nun at Scnipringiiain, and that may be 


the reason why she is set before so many others, next to her 

Margaret married to John Cokefield, for I find that the 22d 
Hen. VI. a fine was levied between John Cokefield, Esq. and 
Margaret his wife, querent, and Richard Bingham and William 
Foljambe, defendant, of the manor of Notthall and Basford, 
with lands in Radford and Lenton, and the advowson of Nott- 
hall, the right of John and Margaret his wife, and their heirs 
male, the remainder to John Ayskwith and Margaret his wife? 
daughter and heir of John Taylboys, jun. Esq. the remainder to 
the heirs of John Cokefield, Knt. By an inquisition 4th Edw. IV. 
it is found, that Margaret, wife of John Cokefield, was seised 
of the manor of Notthall, &c. as before, and that John Cokefield 
died without issue, and that Margaret was sister to Sir Thomas 
Foljambe, and that Thomas Foljambe, son and heir of Thomas 
Foljambe, is her heir, and is four years old. 


Thomas Foljambe (son and heir of Thomas Foljambe and 
Margaret Loudham) was forty years old the 29th Henry VI. and 
held the manor of Walton. 

The 26th Hen. VI. this Thomas Foljambe with his father, in 
the deed before, wherein his father is entitled to the remainder 
of Roger Foljambe, son of Sir Edward, died without issue male, 
which he did. And so the estate of the descendant John Fol- 
jambe, of Tideswell, came to him and his son, as is cleared 
in the account I give of Roger. 

This Thomas Foljambe gave lands in Walton, Brampton, 
Callow, and Redich, and the moiety of the manor of Briming- 
ton, and lands in Whittington, Tapton, and Normanton, to 
Henry Foljambe his son. The year obliterated. 

In the Roll of the fraternity of the Guild of Chesterfield, in 
the second column, the Prior is Thomas Foljambe, minor, and 
Joan his wife. He married Jane, daughter of Sir Thomas 
Ashton, Knt. they had issue Thomas and Henry, and two 
daughters ; Anne married to William Thorp. I suppose the 
other daughter was intended a nun at Sempringham ; for I find 
a letter without date, and by wet and moths much defaced, 
yet so much as can be read for the matter and writing, and 
writing of the English in that age, I think worth the transcribing. 


I believe it writ to this Thomas, and not to his son. It is sub- 

To my right reverend Thomas Foljambe this letter to be delivered. 

Reverant Sir, I com'eud me to you, please it you to understand that I 
have com'uned with your sister as ye desired me by your wryting, if she 
is disposed to be professed or otherwise ; and schyrly. Sir, she is disposed 
for to continue in her first purpose that she and [?] give her god perse- 
verance, and your consayle be your words in your writing if sche will 
be religious ; yet I had levehyr sche had nere comen theyr and sche 
should depart now, and be better pleased than she had bene marryed to 
the Knight. And yf ye understand it noght in ys world, 1 trust verily 
ye shall know that in the world yat is for to come, if our Lord dispose 
that ye like him to her will, and therefore of your charyte give hyr com- 
forth in her god and devote purpose, that ye may have thanks of hym. 
At Sempringham, on the Monday in the Rogation Days. 

By the humble Minyster of the order of Sempringham. 

The 22d Hen. VI. I find Thomas Foljambe, jun. and William 
Foljambe Avitness with Thomas Clarell. 

The 35th Hen. VI. Nicholas Longford, Knt. gives to Tho- 
mas Foljambe, Esq. all his lands in Killamarsh and Barlborough 
for term of years, paying 20/. a-year to Thomas Meverell, 
John Longford, George Carrington, Roger Foljambe, William 
Bascet, Esq. 

The same year John Holme, son and heir of Thomas Holme 
of Chesterfield, is bound to him in 20/. the condition of the said 
Thomas enjoy a rent in Chesterfield and lands in Boythorp 
which he hath, to the grant of Thomas Holme and William 
Foljambe of llepham. 

The 1st Edw. IV. he is styled lord of Walton, in a deed 
wherein he gives to Thomas Babington of Dethick, sen. Esq. an 
annual rent of 20/. out of the tenements in Loudham, com. Not- 
tingham, for 2G years. Testib. Henry Cullumbell, John Kin- 

The same year John Peck, of Chesterfield, and Margaret his 
wife, release to Thomas Foljambe, Richard Fitzwilliams, and 
John Clarell, Esqrs. all his right in lands in Sheffield, which were 
John Peck his grandfather's. 

The 2d Edw. IV. Robert Lacy and Margaret his wife gave 
to Thomas Foljambe, Esq. Richard Stallbrd of Heslow, and 
James Foljambe, chaplain, the right of Margaret in Hope and 
Castleton, which Elizabeth mollier of Margaret held in dower. 

The 4th Edw. IV. Thomas Foljambe of Walton, Esq. gives to 


Richard Earl of Warwick, and William Lord Hastings, Chamber- 
lain of the King, the manor of Tideswell, com. Derby, and lands in 
Tideswell, Hucklow, Wormhill, Abney, Longsdon, and Button. 
By which it appears that some of the lands in those places still 
remained to the heirs male, or that he enfeofed those great per- 
sons in those lands for the better recover}^ of them from Sir 
William Plompton. But of this I have seen no clear proof. 

This Thomas married Margery, oldest daughter of Sir Nicholas 
Longford, Knt. he died without issue, and so his estate de- 
scended to his brother Henry. The marriage is proved by 
this indenture, dated die 15tli Nov. 1454. Wherein it is agreed 
that Thomas Foljambe, Esq. shall marry Margery, eldest daugh- 
ter of Nicholas Longford, Knt.; that Sir Nicholas pay on the day 
of marriage 70/. and to find security or sixteen several obligations, 
of 1 0/. a piece for fifteen of them, and five marks for the last, the 
first obligation to be paid on St. Martin's 1454, the second on 
St. John Baptist day, and so after two half-yearly ; and every 
obligation to have this condition, that if divorce or disagreement 
be had between the said Thomas and Margery, the cause arising 
from Thomas, where-through the matrimony or espousal or con- 
tract to be had between them be undone or made void, before 
any of the days of payment, that payment to be void; or if Mar- 
gery should die without issue being alive at the day of her death 
then that obligation to be void ; that 20 marks a-year be settled 
for her jointure. 


This Thomas was dead before the 8th Edward IV. for then his 
relict Margery was remarried to Thomas Odall, and in some 
writings called Woodhall, Esq. for then Henry Foljambe, bro- 
ther and heir of Thomas, confirms to this Thomas Odall, Esq. 
and Margery his wife a rent of 24/. a-year for her life, to be re- 
ceived out of the manor of Walton and Brimington, com. Derb. 

I find acquittance from this Thomas Odall, or Woodhall, Esq. 
from that time to 14T0; and the 17th Edw. IV. for 12/. half 
yearly rent paid by the said Henry Foljambe of Walton, son of 
Thomas Foljambe and Jane Ash ton, and heir of his brother 

The 8th Henry VI. Richard Lestow, late of Chesterfield, 
gives to Henry Foljambe, Esq. lands in Chesterfield. Test. 
Peter Fretchvil. 


Tlie 38tli Henry VI. William Hudson, of Norton Coakeney, 
and Alice his wife, acquits Henry Foljambe of all actions, and 
transfers their right in a mess, and land in Hallewellgate. 

The 12th Edw. IV. the 10th June, John Abbat of Beau- 
chief, near Sheffield, (founded by Robert son of Ranulph, 
Lord of Alfreton and Marnham, for expiation of his crime in 
being one of the four knights that murdered Thomas Becket, 
Archbishop of Canterbury, in the reign of Henry II.) grants to 
Henry Foljambe of Walton for term of life, " pro bono concilio 
ac supportatione et auxilio nobis impensis, et quod nobis in 
posterum divina gratia impendet et impendere intendit," an 
annual rent of 40s. yearly. 

The 12th Edw. IV. John Catton, Sheriff of Nottingham and 
Derby, receives of Henry Foljambe, Esq, 10/. by virtue of a 
scire facias. 

In a paper I find this : 

Be hyt remembered yat Master Byllyng, Chief Judge of England, and 
Mr. Stutill of the King our Sovereign Lord's Councel, hath taken an 
oath of Henry Foljambe, Skyyr, of Walton beside Chesterfeild, and of 
John Askey's wyft', for to abide the award of Mr. Mollineax of Houws- 
ton, and of Mr. Francis Tobenall, for the chief rent that he challengeth 
of Cowseys Hall, so agreed at Lytchfield the 1 Gth May, the 13th of 
Edw. IV. his reign. Award given by the King our Sovereign Lord and 
his Counccll, that such goods lately set at the manor of Cawsey's Hall 
be delivered with the encrcasc, be the same day fourteen days after the 
warde given be our Sovereign Lord and his Counsell and Chief Judge of 
England Mr. Byllyng. Gyf covenant not kept, resort agen to the King 
our Suvereign Lord and his Counsell. 

The 7th Edward IV. he is in a fine styled Henry Foljambe, 
Esq. brother and heir of Thomas Foljambe. 

The 8th Edw. IV. this Flenry Foljambe, lord of Wal- 
ton, gives to Thomas Ashton, John Griesley, John Ashton, 
Knts. Henry Vernon, Richard Willoughby, Henry Pierpoint, 
John Ayswick, and John Foljambe, of W^ilton, Gent, all his lands 
in Brampton and Lytton, which were Thomas Foljambe's his 
father's, and lands in Hope and Castleton, whi h were Robert 
Lacy's and Margaret his wife, and several lands which were Tho- 
mas Foljambe's his brother's, and several lands which William 
Foljambe and William Marshall, chaplain, joindy, which the said 
Thomas Foljambe, Esq. and James Foljambe, chaplain, the 14th 
November, 8th Edw. IV. 


This year he settled 24/. yearly rent on Margery, the relict of 
his brother, and Thomas Odall, Esq. her husband, for term of 
life of Margery. 

The 8th Edw. IV. Robert Stacey, of Stoke near Newark, and 
Marffaret his wife, acknowledge themselves to have received from 
Henry Foljambe, of Walton, Esq. 10/, and two coats in payment 
of a rent which was Richard Abney's, of Hope, brother to the 
said Margaret, 

The 12th Edw, IV. Robert Gilbert, son of Nicholas Gilbert 
of Yolgrave, gives to Henry Foljambe, lord of Walton, Ed- 
mond Vernon, Esq. and John Foljambe of Walton, lands in 
Baukewell and Burton juxta Baukewell. 

The 20th of February, the 12th Edw. IV. Henry Foljambe, 
lord of Walton, gives to Elizabeth, Prioress of Derby, and the 
Convent, all his lands, messuages, &-c. in Reydych, near Derby, 
for the life of Elizabeth, paying 405. per ann. And the Prioress 
and Convent agree that, if any of the ancestors of Henry, that is 
to say, his grandfather, father, mother, brother, sister, or any 
other, have any thing of the said place, or owe any duties to the 
said place, that all such be forgiven. And whereas Thomas Fol- 
jambe, brother of the said Henry, gave to the Prioress 40s. they 
release it to Henry, and grant at the year's day on the even 
placebo and d'irige, on the morn the high mass and requiem, be 
said for the said Thomas. 

No. L53. The 16th Edw. IV. he pays 12/. the half year an- 
nually to Thomas Woodhall, Esq. for the dowry of Margery his 
wife, late wife to Thomas Foljambe, Esq. 

No. 154. The 17th Edw. IV. John Rogers de Hand at Park- 
gate, son and heir of Robert Rogers of the same, gives to Henry 
Foljambe, Esq. an oxgang in Hanley, in the territory of Stanley. 
Testib. D"o Richard de Longforth, D"o Henry de Pierpoint, 
D^° Richard Fitz William, Henry Vernon, 23d May, 

No. 155. The same year Richard Malon, late escheator of the 
King, in co. Nottingham and Derby, received of Henry Fol- 
jambe of Walton, 3/. for issue and amerciament in the King's 
Exchequer, being for the late wife of Thomas Foljambe, now of 
Thomas Odall, for the third part of the manor of Walton. 

No, 155a. An Indenture the 23d Edw. IV, That, whereas 
Henry Foljambe, of Walton, Esq. had the manor of Boythorp, 
with all the appurtenances, by right and title, made by Sir 
Nicholas Langford, Knt. (fadier of Rawfe that now is his heir) 


to Tliomas Foljambe, brother of the said Henry and said Rawfe, 
confirms to John Foljambe, Gent. 

No. 156. The 2d Ric. III. (1485), Henry Foljambe, of WaUon, 
presents to the church of Billesthorp. And the 24th of November 
it is acknowledged that the said Henry Foljambe, and the heirs 
of Sir Thomas Rempston, are to present " alternis vicibus." 

The 2d Ric. HI. 15th August, he makes his will, though he 
died not then. He appoints his body to be buried in the church 
of Chesterfield, before our Lady, he gives to the Guild 6s. 8d. 
the Vicar to have his best horse, and 6s. Sd., and if Bennet his 
wife keep her sole, to have all the life land f he hath, except 10/. 
that is holden of the King, and of what lands he hath purchased, 
except of what he had enfeoffed John Foljambe in for his daugh- 
ters, Mary and Jennet, to have either of them to their marriage 
300/. ; Elizabeth Thorp and Jennet Thorp (I suppose daughters 
of William Thorp, his sister's husband) to have either of them to 
their marriage ten marks, if so be that neither of them be de- 
fouled ; to Alice Thorp if she be married, 40s. ; to Avice, daugh- 
ter of Nicholas Foxhole, 5/.; and all the rest to be equally 
passed to his four sons, Thomas, Henry, Richard, and John. 
His executors Henry Vernon, Bennet his wife, John Foljambe, 
Sir John Puppys, Sir Allen Scha, chapleynes. 

The 3d Hen. VII. the 29th November 1488, Henry Foljambe 
is found true patron of Billesthorp. 

No. 158. The 2d Hen. VII. John Rolsby of Rolstun, gives to 
Henry Foljambe, of Walton, sen. Esq. lands in Chesterfield, 
Newbald, Brampton, Bromfield, Tapton, Boythorp, and in an- 
other place, com. Derby. December 22d. 

John Hudson and Emet his wife, coheir of John Clarke of 
Somerleigh, sell him their right in Somerleigh. 

No. 159. The 3d Hen. VII. Henry Eylarjd, of Bassford, com. 
Nottingham, grants to Henry Foljambe, of Walton, Esq. the 
office of Bailyship of the honour and fee of Peverell, in the wa- 
pentake of Scarsdale, in Derbyshire, and is obliged in 80/. to 
perform it. Dated the 5th of June. 

No. 160. The 13th Hen. VII. Humphrey de Segeswick, 
Gent, releaseth to Henry Foljambe, Esq. John Chaloner, Gent, 
and Gilbert Fulgeham, all actions, &c. 

No. 160a. The 13th Hen. VII. Had. Woodhouse de Wal- 

' Lode, i. e. livelihood? — Edit. 


new, com. Nottingham, and Agnes his wife, gives to Henry Fol- 
jambe, sen. divers messuages, lands, &c. in Eckington, Reg- 
noldsh [Renishavv], Kynnoldsmarsh [Killamarsh], Chesterfield, 
Woodhouse, Benthorp, Bilebey, and Blythe, com. Notts, and 
Derby. Test. John Balwode of Eckington. 

I shall now exhibit two letters relating to this Henry : 
Honourable Cousin, after faithfull commendations like it you to un- 
derstand my Lord is soer and grievously against you for the matter 
between you and Ash, and purposeth to seek remedy in that matter as 
a Lord oweth to do for his servant, by means according to the Law, and 
I promise you he is sharply set thereto. Sir, my Lord, at mine instance, 
is agreeable if ye be here at Codnore, and if ye will bring with you a 
learned man and proofe your title good. 

By this and the following letter it seems there was some differ- 
ences betwixt the Lord Grey of Codnor and this Henry Fol- 

Henry Foljambe writes to the Lord Grey as followeth : 
Honourable and my Right Reverend and Worshipfull Lord, I re- 
com'end me unto your good [Lordship], and have receyved your letter of 
credence hy Sir Robert Skipton, &c. as touching the matter for Rawfe 
Rodbles Lyleland (?) and his moders, in which matter I beseech you to be 
my good Lord, and remember that I have been in your service when it 
was fuh laude (?) upon the lands, and ye be remembered ye appointed me 
in the King's Chamher that I should have a day assigned me to be paid. 
I tryst to find you much better Lord to me, when I have a letter from 
your Lordship here very knowleg of the truth, &c. Jesu, Jesus, pre- 
serve you at all times. AA'ritten at VV^ilton on Tuesday before the 
feast of All Souls. 

Your owne, Henry Foljajibe, Esq. 

No. 163. Li a roll of the fraternity of the Guild of Chester- 
field, next to Robert Barley, Esq. Alderman of the Guild, Henry 
Foljambe and Benedicta his wife, Godfrey Foljambe, and John 
Foljambe, are inroUed; then Peter Fretchvile and Matilda his 
wife, William Barley and Christian his wife, Roger Eyre and 
Ellen his wife, John Lynacre and Katherine his wife, and many 

No. 164. The 15th Hen. VH. John Bride of Skegby, com. 
Nottingham, and Ralph his son and heir, are obliged to Henry 
Foljambe, lord of Walton, to lease to Henry Foljambe and 
Bennet his wife, Skegby for ten years. 

The same year John Dunham of Kirklinton, com. Netting- 


ham, Esq. gives to Henry Foljambe of Walton, lands in Skip- 
ton for 61 years. 

The ICtli Hen. VH. by the name of Henry Foljambe, of Wal- 
ton, Esq. he grants to Reynald Bray, Henry ^^ernon, John Sa- 
vile, and Thomas Ashton, Knts. 8cc. all his lands in Chesterfield, 
Newbald, Langley, Boythorp, Netherhill, Hasland Hill, Wyn- 
gerworth, Hatchwick, Ashover, Beley, Brad way, Birched, Green- 
liill, Norton, Dunston, Somerleigh, Bromfield, Ashton, Hanley, 
Woodhaw, Ekyngton, Broughton, Colleson, W^oodhouse, Derby, 
Querndon, Norton Lees, Wirksworth, Barsall, Over Hadden, 
Abney, Hope, Casdeton, Walton, Ounston, Calall, Brompton, 
Tapton, Whittington, Brymington, Burton juxta Baukewell, Ilol- 
leston, Hatton juxta Southwell, com. Nottingham, and all lands 
in Helay, Ecclesall, Great and Little Sheffield, Bradfield, Tyn- 
neslow, Darnall, llotherham. Whales, and Bromley, com. Ebor. 
as he the said Henry had purchased of several persons. Dated 
the 28th August. 

In the account I am to give of Roger, one of the sons of 
Henry, it will appear that those lands were thus enfeoffed for the 
use of the last will of the said Henry, and that he died without 
declaring any uses : so that these lands descended to Sir Godfrey 
his eldest son; but by agreement the younger sons had some divi- 
sions made, as will appear more manifest hereafter. However, 
it may by this be observed how greatly this Henry increased his 

By an inquisition taken die 20th Hen. VHL before Thomas 
Mering, escheator, after the death of Roger Foljambe, this 
Henry Foljambe, Esq. father of the said Roger, before his death 
was seised of ten messuages, 400 acres of land, 200 acres of mea- 
dow, 200 acres of pasture, and 30 acres of wood in Brampton, 
and of 13 messuages, 15 cottages, 500 acres of land in Chester- 
field; two messuages, 60 acres of land, and 16 acres of mea- 
dow in Brad way ; of one messuage, 30 acres of land in Res- 
ton ; two messuages, 60 acres of land, 20 acres of meadow, and 
six acres of wood in Oneston and Somervile ; one messuage and 
40 acres of land in Nether Hanley ; two messuages, 60 acres of 
land in Brimington ; two messuages and 60 acres of land in Han- 
ley near Parkgate, and 30 acres in Eckington ; one messuage 
and six cottages, and 40 acres of land, and ten acres of land in 
Beighton ; one messuage and 30 acres of land, and 12 acres 
of meadow, and seven acres of wood in \\ ingerworth ; one 
2 B 


messuage and 20 acres of land in Belby ; one messuage, and 
one shop (selda), and 40 acres of land in Derby ; one barn and 
60 acres of land in Over Hadden ; three messuages and 80 
acres of land in Abney ; two messuages and one cottage, and 
30 acres of land in Hope ; two messuages and 40 acres of 
land; 15 acres of meadow in Hehedge, and 20 acres in Tap-- 
ton. And by his charter, the 28th of August, the 16th Hen.VII. 
feoffed in the same Reginald Bray, Henry Vernon, John Savile, 
Thomas Ashton, Knts. Henry Shaw, &,c. for the feoffees of the 
will of the said Henry, and he died without declaring his will, and 
so the feoffees stood seised in this to the use of Godfrey his son. 

How Godfrey and his brother Roger agreed will be shown in 
the life of Roger. 

This Henry married Bennett, the daughter of Sir William 
Vernon, of Nether Hadden ; and it seems he resided in Walton, 
and had some interest there before the death of Thomas his bro- 
tlier ; for I find in the 20th Hen. VI. that Henry Foljambe, of 
Walton, is bound to Henry Vernon and John Savill in 200/. 
the 9th of October, for performance, I suppose, of covenants of 
marriage. They had issue Sir Godfrey, Thomas, Henry, Rich- 
ard, John, and Roger ; Mary married to Miles Bussey ; Jennett 
to John Leek, of Worksop ; Elizabeth married to Riciiard Town- 
ley ; Anne married to Robert Colevill. 

Tlie 27th Hen. VH., Thomas Barley, son and heir of John 
Barley, late of Dronfield Woodhouse, is bound to Thomas, 
Henry, Gilbert, Roger, sons of Henry Foljambe, to perform 
covenants betwixt him and Henry Foljambe, the 14th Hen. VH. 
then to be void. 

The 3d of October, . . . Hen. VH. Henry Vernon and John Sa- 
vile, Knts. supervisors of the testament of Henry Foljambe, late 
of Walton, Esq. made an agreement betwixt Godfrey Foljambe, 
of Walton, son and heir of Henry, and Thomas, Henry, Gilbert, 
and Roger, younger sons and brethren of Godfrey ; Bennett, the 
relict of this Henry Foljambe, Godfrey, Thomas, and Roger, 
his sons, agree with Flenry Harpur and William Moorecock, of 
Burton, in Staffordshire, to make a tomb for Henry Foljambe, 
husband of Bennett, in St. Mary's Quire, in the church of All- 
hallows, in Chesterfield, and to make it as good as is the tomb of 
Sir Nicholas Montgomery at Colley, with eighteen images under 
the table, and the arms upon them, and the said Henry in cop- 
per and gilt upon the table of marble, with two arms at the 


head, and two arms at the feet of the same, and the table of 
marble to be of a whole stone, and all fair marble. They pay 
in hand 5/. and the other 5/. when all is performed ; the 26tli 
October, the 2d Hen. Vlll.f 


Sir Godfrey Foljambe, Knt. son and heir of Henry Foljambe, 
was born at Walton on Easter Day, the 27th of March, 12di 
Edw. IV. 1472. The 21st July, 21st Hen. VH. the King gives 
his precept, " Whereas our trusty servant Godfrey Foljambe 
and one Roger Cook stand bound to our trusty councellor 
Sir Thomas Lovell, Knt. and others, to our use, in an obligation 
of 500 marks with Nicholas Saville and Alice Jepson, now de- 
ceased, and the obligation, forfeit, &;c. of our especial love we 
bear unto the said Godfrey, we be content to pardon a great part 
of the said 500 marks." And the King grants him power to levy 
on the executors of Nicholas Savile and Alice Jepson. 

The 12th November, 2tth Henry VII. he pays to Robert 
Blackwell 125. 8c?. for receipt of homage. 

The 2d Henry VHI. William Zouch, late of Marley, com. 
Derby, Esq. receives lOl. 6s. 8d. of Godfrey Foljambe, of Wal- 
ton, Esq. which the said William Zouch was charged with, when 
Sheriff of Derbyshire, in the Exchequer, to levy and take for a 
riot made by Gilbert Foljambe, late of Walton, and others. He 
was Sheriff 2d Hen. VHI. and gives his discharge 14th Henry 
VHI. ; this Gilbert was brother of Godfrey, and by this it should 
seem as if he was dead, and his brother paid it for him. 

The 14th Hen. VIII. by the name of Godfrey Foljambe, 
Esq. he gives to Miles Bushye, Knt. Robert Colevill, Esq. John 
Bosswell, &c. his manor of Brimington and Whittington, com, 
Derby, and lands in Chesterfield. Dated 23d of April. 

The 5th Hen. VIII. he gives to the same his manor of Ryby, 
com. Lincoln, the 27th April, and a tenement called the Angel 
in Blydi, and lands in Whiston. And die 23d April die same 
year to the same, his manor of Walton with Brampton, and 
Callow, com. Derby. 

John Leek, of Sutton-in-le dale, com. Derby, is bound to him 
in 200/. to perform covenants, die 18th April, 4th Hen. VHL 

' This monument is described as being in a ruinous state in Bassano's Cliurch Notes, 
in the College of Arms. It will be further noticed in the Ajii'endix to this article, ia 
o\ir Second Volume. — Edit. 

2b 2 


The 15th Henry VIII. 1513 he was Esqiure of the Body of 
the King, and then Thomas Wriothesley, Garter, and John 
Young, Norroy, the 19th June grant him by the name of Godfrey 
Foljambe, of Walton, com. Derby, Esq. " de Corpe du Roy," for 
Supporters or Crest of his Arms, " une Calopus, autrement dit 
Chatlonp,8" dc Or ct de Sables esquartelees, les cornes aussi," as 
more fully appears in the patent itself.^' 

No. 17T. The 7th Hen. VIII. he accomplished the great ad- 
vantage to his two elder sons in procuring their marriage with 
the heiresses of Fitzwilliam as hereafter shall be related. 

I might have placed these matters relating to the heiresses of 
Fitzwilliam in the lives of their husbands, but the date of the 
transactions about them put me upon the placing them according 
to the order of years, so that when I come to treat of the sons of 
this Godfrey I shall refer to their preceding matters. 

The 8th Henry VIII. Godfrey Foljambe and Roger Foljambe 
impleaded Nicholas Croft of two messuages and 60 acres of land 
in Brampton. 

The 10th Hen. VIII. Whereas Godfrey Foljambe, and John 
Byron, and Thomas Vernon, Esq. were bound to Sir William 
Fitzwilliam in the sum of 200/. of the Statute of the Staple which 
was made for payment of parcell of 800 marks received in part of 
1200 marks payable to the said Sir William by the said Godfrey 
Foljambe for the custody, wardship, and marriage of Alice and 
Margaret Fitzwilliam, sisters and heirs of William Fitzwilliam, 
Esq. son and heir of Thomas Fitzwilliam, late of Aldwark, de- 
ceased; if Alice and Margaret die, &c. then the bond to be void. 

By indenture Dec. 3, 10th Hen. VIII. Thomas Fenys, Esq. 
son and heir of Thomas Fenys, Lord Dacre, sells to Godfrey 
Foljambe, Esq. for 400/. all the woods and underwoods of Cotte- 
rill Woods and Stobarched in the manor of Carleton, com. Ebor. 
and Nottingham. 

The 12th Hen. VIII. William Fitzwilliam of Guildford, com. 
Surrey, Knt. is bound to Godfrey Foljambe of Walton, Knt. in 
300/., the condition, if Alice and Margaret, sisters and heirs of 
William Fitzwilliam, deceased before the feast of the Purification 
of our Lady next, then the said Sir William Fitzwilliam to pay 

? Called a "cat-wolf" in the description of his Standard printed in the Excerpt^ 
Historica, p. }69. — Edit. 

'' See a copy of this Patent in MS. Harl. 5809. f. 61^— Edit, 


to Sir Godfrey 200/. if they decease before the 1st of St. Peter 
ad vinciila, then 100/. only. 

The 13th of Hen. VIII. John Dunham gives to Godfrey Fol- 
jambe, Knt. John Byron, Knt. and John Foljambe, Knt. and 
James Foljambe, Esq. the manor of Bolton-upon-Derne, Barn- 
burgh, and Wildthorp. These lands were parcell of the lands of 

The 16th of Hen. VIII. Laui-ence Savage and Heylyn his 
wife sell some woods to Sir Godfrey. 

The 16th Hen. VIII. he was Sheriff" of Nottingham and 

The 20th Hen. VIII. Simon, Prior of Sempringham, and 
their Convent, grant to farm to Goflfrey Foljambe of Walton, 
Knt. their grange of Walton 1530. 

Thomas Lord Cromwell writes to him, but the year is not 
set down. 

After my hearty com'endations, ye shall understand I have received 
your letter of the 19th of this present, and well perused the same, 
whereby it appears the good rule and diligent dexterity ye use to see 
such felinous persons as the Hermit (wlio was sent to me) to be appre- 
hended, and their malice repressed, thanking you heartily for the same, 
being assured that I will not fail to make report thereof to the King's 
Highness, who, I doubt not, shall have your gentle proceeding right 
acceptable. I have sent and removed the said Hermit to my Lord Stew- 
ard, with an indictment there to be brought before the Justices of Assize 
as to receive such punishment for his pernicious demeaner as the Law 
requireth, to the fearfull example of all alike. I doubt not but you will 
do therein to see justice ministered, as to right and duty towards his 
Majesty shall appertain. 

Thus fare you heartily well. Your loving friend, 

Thomas Cromwelit. 
The 12th of August (the year not expressed). 

The 20th Hen. VIII. a fine was levied betwixt Godfrey Fol- 
jambe, Knt. querent, and Nicholas Purefoy, Gent., deforciant, 
of half of the fourth part of the manor of Northorp, and 12 
messuages, six cottages, one dovecote, 1000 aci'es of land, 2000 
acres of meadow, 100 acres of pasture, 400 acres of wood, 1000 
acres of champ and bruer, and lO.v. rent in Northorphall, Ash- 
over, and Wingerworth, the right of Sir Godfrey Foljambe. 

The 22d Hen. VIII. Sir Godfrey Foljambe gives to Henry 
Sayvile and Ilichard Townley, Es(p and others, lands in Gal-- 



thorp. This Richard Townley married Elizabeth, sister of Sir 

The 25th Hen. VIII. Sir Ralph Langford sells to Sir Godfrey 
Foljambe, of Walton, his woods called Morton Park, Causenet, 
Hagh, &c. 

The 23d Hen. VIII. Sir Godfrey Foljambe, of Walton, com, 
Derby, makes his will. 

My carcass to be buried in the Chappell of Saint George, besides my 
lady my wife, in Chesterfield. To the Mother Churches of Coventry and 
Lichfield, either of them 6s. 8d. James my son, my Ex'or. My funeral 
mass and dirge, with all other suffrages and obsequies to be done and 
ministered for my soul according as worship requires after my degree, 
that my sword, helmet, with the crest upon the head, and my coat of 
arms be hanged over my tomb and there to remain for ever. A bason 
and ewer silver gilt with an eagle in the midst, and an apoly saying It is 
good to have a long throat, a standing cup with a bill on the top of the 
cover, &c. and other Jewells, to remain to my heir at Walton. To my 
son Godfrey a bason and ewer. To George my son another. To my 
son James a tawney velvet gown with the furrs. To Godfrey my son a 
black velvet gown lattely furred, with je wills. To my son George a 
tawney velvet gown lined with satin, &c. That thirty of my household 
servants have each a black gown, and meat and drink at Walton Hall for 
a quarter of a year, and to every servant of the house of my livery a 
black gown, and to several others named black gowns. My daughter 
Ann to have 500 marks. My hines to have a month's diet. My son 
James to renew the lease of the Prebend of Tickhill, which he had of 
the late Abbat of Westminster. My son Godfrey to enjoy the farms of 
Whitley, Hansworth, Haseley, Lymport, Plumpton, and Tickhill, paying 
to my son James rent, &c. My son James to have East and West 
Markham, Loudham, and Walesby. To my daughter Margaret my son 
Godfrey's wife a kirtle of black velvett and a pair [a set] of beads of 
fine amber with a green tassell. 

Sir Godfrey Foljambe married Katherine, daughter of John 
Leake, of Sutton-in-le-Dale, com. Derby, 5th Hen. VII. for I 
find a deed then dated, wherein Henry Foljambe, of Walton, 
Esq. setdes lands in Redych, Chesterfield, and Brampton, &c. 
on Godfrey Foljambe his son and Katherine Leake his wife. 
John Herdwise, of Chesterfield, covenants with Mr. Henry Fol- 
jambe and John Leake, Esqrs. for a marriage betwixt Godfrey 
and Katherine Leake, daughter of the said John. This is not 
dated. There is a complaint before Sir Thomas Audley, Lord 
Chancellor, that Sir Godfrey Foljambe, uncle to John Leake, son 


of Sir John Leake, of Sutton, who had the tuition of the said John 
Leake, being but eight years old, and did not pay 100 marks, ap- 
pointed for portion to Katherine Leake, daughter of Sir Jolin 
Leake, now wife to James Mering. 

This Godfrey had issue, as appears by an extract out of 
several registers compiled into a book : — 

Sir James Foljambe, his eldest son, born at Walton on Thurs- 
day before the feast of the Epiphany, 2d Hen. VIIL his god- 
fathers (Testib. coram Deo,) Sir Thomas Vernon, Thomas Fitz- 
Herbert, Rector of the church of North Wyngfield, and Marga- 
ret Leake ; and before the Bishop, Robert Barley. Here may be 
noted the use of baptizing with godfathers, called witnesses; and 
at their Confirmation there was one especially, chosen to be spe- 
cial witness. 

Godfrey, the second son, was born at Walton, on Thursday 
on the feast of St. Thomas, 1512, the 4th Hen. VHL Litera 
Dofn C. his godfathers William Sandall, Prior of the monastery 
of St. Mary de Novo Loco in Sherwood," John Babington of 
Stode, Knt. of the order of St. John of Jerusalem, and Isabell 
Eyre ; before the Bishop, John Reresby, Rector of Ashover. 

George, the third son, born at Walton on the feast of the Con- 
version of St. Paul ; Litera Dominica B. The godfathers Tho- 
mas Nevile, Esq. John Reresby, Rector of the church of Ashover, 
and his godmotlier Elizabeth Rochester ; and before the Bishop, 
James Berrisford, one of the Canons of Lichfield. 

His daughters were: Benedict, born at Walton on the feast of 
the Translation of St. Edward, 1499, litera Dominica F. The 
godftither Thomas Foljambe, the godmothers, Bennett Foljambe 
and Meriall Watterton, and before the Bishop, Margaret Bushie. 
She was married to Sir John Dunham, of Kirklington, com. 
Nottingham, Knt. Sir Godfrey to pay 500 marks, and to be at 
costs of apparel, and a dinner on the day of the wedding,^ as ap- 
pears by covenants of marriage, 4th August, 13th Hen. VHL 

Kadierine, second daughter, was born at Walton on the vigil 
of St. Mary Magdalen, 1509. The godfather, Gilbert Foljambe, 
the godmothers, Meriell Watterton, wife of Robert Watterton, 
Knt. and Elizabeth Fretchvill ; and before the Bishop, ElizabeUi 
Eyre. She was married to Thomas Nevile, of Rolleston Holt, 
com. Notts, and died in childbed of her daughter Kadierine. 

' See likewise the inarriaj^o tlinuer a malter of coutratt, ubuut ihc jcar lob'cJ, ii» 
Hunter's Duiieaster, ii. 07. — Edit. 


Anne, the third daughter, born at Walton on the vigil of the 
Translation of St. Edward, 1518. The godflither. Sir John 
Leake, Knt. ; the godmothers, Anne Colvill and Ann Bosvill, and 
before the Bishop, Jane Cofrer. She married Francis Lowes. 

Of James, the eldest son, I shall treat hereafter. 

Godfrey Foljambe, second son of Sir Godfrey, married Mar- 
garet, second daughter and coheir of Thomas Fitzwilliam, of 
Aldwark, Esq. The 37th Hen. VIIL the King grants to God- 
frey Foljambe, Esq. sen. and Godfrey Foljambe, jun. the custody 
of the manor of Steeton, com. Ebor, and 200 acres of land, 40 
acres of meadow, 100 acres of waste, and 20 acres of land in 
Steeton, and 14 messuages and four tofts, 200 acres of land, 
meadow, and pasture in South Milford, Barcheston, Wickles- 
field, and Lumby, and three messuages, 100 acres of land and 
pasture in Wickersley, Thimble, and Wadworth, and the manor 
of H oiling Hall, and three messuages, 100 acres of meadow in 
Skelmanthorp, and the manor of Thorpeashley, and ten mes- 
suages, seven cottages, 20 acres of meadow, 200 acres of pasture 
in Aldwarke, and the manor of Whitecroft, and half the manor 
of Bargh, 

This Godfrey Foljambe had issue by Brownlow a na- 
tural son Godfrey, called Godfrey Foljambe of Croxden, wlio 
married Jane, daughter of George Foljambe, of Barlborough, his 
father's brother, but had no issue by her. 

Godfrey Foljambe, of Croxden, com. Stafford, Esq. releaseth 
to Godfrey Foljambe, of Walton, son and heir apparent of Sir 
James Foljambe, Knt. his right in the manor of Steeton, the 3d 
and 4th of Philip and Mary, He was dead befoi-e the 1st of Queen 
Elizabeth, as will appear in the life of Godfrey son of Sir James. 

By interrogatories exhibited by Hercules Foljambe, he is called 
Godfrey Foljambe, alias Brownlow.k 

1 find an award, 8th May, 5th Eliz. made by Edward Griffen, 
Esq. Solicitor General of die Duchy, John Clarell, Esq. the 
Queen's Attorney in the said Court, Rauf Rooksby, and James 
Dyer, Esq. 

Whereas controversy has been betwixt John Fitzwilliam of Kingsley, 
com. Southampton, Esq. and Elizabeth his wife, and Godfrey Foljambe 
the elder, Esq. and Margaret his wife, one of the sisters and heirs of 

" In the VVolley Collections (Br. Mus. MS. Addit. 6702, f. 22) is a record of tiie 
sale from Godfrey Foljambe, alias Br-ownlow, of Croxden, to Godfrey Foljambe of Walton, 
of the manor of Skelmanthorjie, co. York, 26 Sept. 2S Eliz. — Edit. 


Thomas Fitzvvilliam, Esq. late of Aldwarke ; and Godfrey Foljarabe, Esq* 
son and heir of the said Sir Godfrey, of the manor of Slaith Hooton, and 
lands in Morthing, Brampton, Leighton, Carr House, Thorecroft, Brook- 
house, Slaith Hooton, Mexboroiigh, Svvynton, Lovcrsall, Hooton under 
Hay, the advovvson of the churches of ^\'histon, Ulley, AA'ickersley, 
Rotherham, Dalton, Hooton Roberts, and a burgage in Derby, which 
John Fitzwilliam claimeth by conveyance from William Fitzvvilliam, late 
Earl of Southampton, for terra of life, and after to Godfrey the elder and 
Margaret his wife, and as cousin and heir of the body of Elizabeth Fitz- 
william wife of Sir Richard Fitzwilliam, Knt. deceased, and grandmother 
to Thomas Fitzvvilliam. They award this John Fitzwilliam to pass this 
land away to Godfrey, and that he have an annuity of 241. to him and 
his wife and the longer liver. 


George, third son of Sir Godfrey, was of Barlborough. He map- 
ried Dorothy, daughter of Arthur Barlow, and had issue : Henry, 
his eldest son, who married Mary, sister of John Lord Darcy, 
rehct of Henry Babington of Dethick ; Godfrey, who mar- 
ried Emma, daughter of Tunsted, of Tunsted ; Jane, 

who married Godfrey, natural son of Godfrey Foljambe, elder 
brother of George ; Truth ; and Katlierine. But I do not find 
that any of tliem had issue. 

Godfrey Foljambe, Knt. gives to George Foljambe, Esq. his 
son, his meadow, called Wheatley Meadow, in Blyth, in the 
county of Nottingham, and his heirs, &c. the remainder to 
Godfrey Foljambe, Esq. son of Sir Godfrey, the remainder to 
James Foljambe, son and heir of Sir Godfrey, the 28th Henry 

By some interrogatories it is queried whether Richard Robin- 
son, Prior of the Fryery of Tickhill and the Convent, did, by in- 
denture, lease to Godfrey Foljambe, Knt. and George his son 
and heir, lands in Newton-upon-Dervvent for years to come. 

[In the chancel of the church at Sutton in le Dale is an alabaster grave-stone with 
efSgles of the deceased in plate armour and tabard of arms, his helmet and crest under 
his liead, a canopy over his head, an animal at his feet, qu. an antelope? [the chat- 
loup]. " Hie jacet Johannes Foljambe filius et pro tempore heres apparcns Godfredi 
Foljambe, qui obiit apud Sutton en le dale vicessimo septimo die mensis [Octob.] anno 
Domini millesimo quadvagentesimo nonagesimo nouo." In the east window of the 
north aisle are remains of painted glass of the portrait of a Knight in ])late armour, with 

^he coat of Leake, and of a lady in head dress, with the coat of Foljambe.] — 

Lysoiis's MS, Culkctio'is in British Museum. Bassanu's Nutcs in Cull. Ann. f. '27-1. 

['ib be cunluuicd.'] 




The following list of the Abbats of Haghmon, co, Salop^ has been 
compiled from the communications of two gentlemen of Shrewsbury, and 
has been principally derived from the Cartulary of that religious house, 
remaining in the possession of the family of Corbet of Sundorne, co. 
Salop. It will be found to be much fuller than the lists in Dugdale^ 
Tanner, Willis, and Grose. 

Abbats of Hagkmon, co. Salop. 
Alured occurs temp. Hen. 2. Fulke, in office 1172-3. 

Richard, and Ralph, both occur contemporary with Reiner, 

Bishop of St. Asaph, who was consecrated 1186 and died 1224. 
John, occurs in 5 John, 1203. 
Nicholas, contemp. with Stephen, Archbishop of Canterbury, 

who was consecrated 1206 and died 1228. 
Osbert, contemporary with Hugh Folliot, Bishop of Hereford, 

who was consecrated 1219 and died 1234. 
Engehird, said by Grose to have died 1241. a 
William. Ralph. Herveus, in office 1236-7. 

Gilbert, 30 Hen. 3, 1246, and 18 kal. Sept. 1252. 
Alexander. John, 48 Hen. 3, 1263. 

Alanus, 2 Edw. 1, 1273. Henry de Astley 1283. 

Gilbert de Kampeden, elected 1283 (Rot. Pat. 12 Edw. 1.) ; hi 

office 1301. 
Richard de Broke, 1305—1323. 

Nicholas de Longelnore, July 12, 1325 (19 Edw. 2.)— 1341. 
Gilbert, 1341. Richard, 1346—1359. 

John de Smethcote, 45 Edw. 3, 1371. 

" The succession of Abbats from Engelard to Nicholas de Longelnore, is jiroved by a 
document in the Cartulary, which contains an account of plendings in Hilary Term 
1 Hen. V. 1414, between the Abbat and Convent, by John Rodenhurste their Attorney, 
against Sir Richard le Strange of Knokin, Knight, relative to the Advowson of Hanmer 
Church, CO. Flint ; which they sought to recover by writ of right, and gained their 
point. By this document it appears that Engelard, William, Ralph, Herveus, Gilbert, 
and Alexander, were successively Abbats temp. King Henry son of King John ; John, 
Alan, and Henry, temp. King Edward son of King Henry ; Gilbert, temp. King Edward 
sou of King Edward; and Richard and Nicholas, tom]>. Edivard late King of England, 
greaC-graudfuXhur of llic King- [Henry V,) that now is. — G, I\l. 


Nicholas Biriton, 3 Rich. 2, 1379. 

lladulphus, 10 Rich. 2, 1386—1415. 

William, 3 Hen. 5, 1415. Roger, 6 Hen. 5, 1418. 

Richard Burnell, elected 1420 ; resigned 14G3. 

John Ludlowe, D.D., elected in 1463. He is the last Abbat 

mentioned in the Cartulary, and the date of the deed in which 

he last occurs is 1478, 18 Edw. 4. 
Richard Pontesburye, in office 1495. 

In a Court Roll of Haghmon, among the muniments of the 
Corbet family, dated Thursday next before the feast of the An- 
nunciation of the Virgin, 17 Hen. VHI. [23 March 1525], Chris- 
topher occurs as Abbat; William Charlton chief Steward, or 
Seneschal ; Richard Mynd, deputy Steward. 

Thomas Corvisor, last Abbat, resigned on a pension, Sept. 9, 
1539. • 

Extracts fro7n the Cartulary of Haghmon. 

William de Camberey, of Asforde, gave " ad opus ecclesioe '* 
the rent of 12f/. issuing annually in the township (villa) of As- 
forde, and payable at Michaelmas, from land which Milo of Little 
Herford held of him. Test. Hugo Carbonel, Henry de Bud- 
lers, John de Asforde, Nicholas son of Andrew, Geoffrey and 
James brothers. 

Alan de la Mare gave to the sustenance of the sick brethren 
in the infirmary one virgate of land in Bolda [Bold and Charlcot 
in the parish of Cleobury North, co. Salop.] which Haer and 
Geoffrey Ribel held, together with a messuage and croft which 
Edric held, rendering annually to the lord of the said vill Qd. at 
Michaelmas. Test. Thomas Maudut and Robert his brother. 

Adam dfis de Bolda confirms the same G;rant and sjives the 
rent of Qd. to the Abbey. Test. Sir Thomas de Costentin, John 
fil. Heri. 

Richard de Soggedon, for the health of his soul and that of 
Alice his wife, gave to the sustenance of two wax candles before 
the Altar of the B. V. M. in the Church of Haghmon, one 
messuage and 4§- acres of land in Ciierlcton [Charlton or Chorl- 
ton, in Wrockwardine, co. Salop.] To hold in frank almoigne 
to sustain two wax candles to be daily burned at the INIass of the 
B. V. M. before the said Altar for ever. 'J'est. Master John de 
Cherleton, Ralph de Cherleton, Richard de Bury, John de 
Appele, Henry de Rodinton. 

Walter de Cliiibrdc, son of Walter de Clilforde, gave to the 


sustenance of the kitchen of the monks and their refections hi 
fresh fish, the mill of Culmiton [Culmington], and the mill of 
Cineton [Shineton near Much Wenlock, co. Salop], and half a 
virgate of land in Shineton, with a messuage belonging to the! 
inill of Shineton and suit and service. Test. Hugh de Ferraresj 
Walter de Clifforde, son of Walter the second, Simon the 
Falconer, at that time Steward. 

Richard de Clifforde, son of Walter, confirms the said grant. 

Henry II. confirmed to the sustentation of the church all 
Herdewike [Hai'dwick, in Middle, co. Salop] and a moiety 
of the village of Hadnal [in the same parish], which had been 
given by Gilbert de Hadenhale in the presence of his superior 
lord, William Fitz-Alan. 

William Banastre gave to the sustenance of the poor at the 
gate all the service of Wido de Hadenhale which he owes for 
one virgate of land in Hadenhale [Hadnal]. Test. Vivian de 
Kossale, Thomas his son, Baldwin de Hodenet, Odo his son. 

William Banastre gave to the poor at the gate, for the health 
of his soul, and those of Emma his wife and Laurence his son, 
half a virgate of land in Hadenhale [Hadnal] which Robert 
Swit held, together widi half of the assart land which the said 
Robert held. Test. John fil. Alan, Vivian de Rosahale, and 
Thomas his son. 

Nicholas, Abbat of Haghmon, granted to Hugh, son of Sir 
Robert de Cheyne, for a certain sum of money, one perpetual 
chantry in the church of Haghmon to be held by one priest 
of the Monastery (viz.) every day for the good estate of the said 
Hugh and all his whilst living, and for his soul after his decease, 
and for the souls of his ancestors and successors and all fliithful 
people deceased, for ever. Test. Roger Bishop of Lichfield 
and Coventry, Sir Thomas de Halghton, Roger de Cheyne^ 
Robert Corbet, knights, Robert de Stepulton, Richard Horde, 
Richard Husee. Dated Friday next after the feast of St. 
Ambrose, 1336 (10 Edw. IH.) 

Abbat Gilbert granted IOO5. to die pittance to be paid annually 
at two periods of the year at Cheswardine from Rowton, by the 
ordination of Roger Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry, together 
with the fish-pool of Pimbeleg [Pimley]. Dated Haghmon, 
1252, 14 kal. Sept. 

WaUer Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry, ordains that die 
church of Cheswardyii, wiUi the fruits and obventions and all 


the appurtenances, together witli the rents and profits of the 
hands of Nagyngton and Hideslondc belonging to the Abbey, 
should be for the clothing of the brethren of the Monastery. 
Dated 2 July 1315, and 19th of his consecration. 

John de Cherleton, senior, John de Cherleton, junior, John 
Tromewyn, knights, and John son of Richard de Leghton, 
knight, became bound to the Abbat in the sum of ^foO. of silver, 
dated at Salop, Tuesday next after the feast of St. Martin the 
Bishop, 17 Edw. III. ; conditioned, that, if the said Sir John de 
Cherleton granted to the Abbey the advowson of the church of 
Lydom to provide three Chaplains regular in the Church of 
Haghmon to chaunt for the soul of Sir Edmond Earl of Arun- 
del for ever, then the said bond should be void. 

Richard dns de Leghton, knight, gave '* ad pmocoem " of the 
sacristy four acres of land and one seilion to build a house upon 
in Halghton. Test. John de Ercalvve, John son of Aer, knights, 
Robert de Peninton. 

Roger son of Gilbert de Halghton gave two acres of land in 
the field of Halghton to sustain the light before the high altar 
in the Church of Haghmon. Test. Henry de Sibbeton, Thomas 
de Halghton, William his son, William de Alemain. 

W^illiam Alemon de Halghton gave two acres of land in 
Halghton also to sustain the lights of the church. Test. Sir 
John son of Aer, John dhs de Arcalwe, Philip de Peninton, 
Will. Crasset de Halghton, Roger son of Gilbert, of the same. 

William son of Richard son of Adam de Asteleg, and Avota 
his wife, gave for the same purpose, one acre of land in 
the fields of Halghton. Test. Sir John de Ercalwe, John 
son of Aer, knights, Philip de Penninton, Richard de Soge- 
don, clerk. 

Henry H. gave to the sustentation of their church, the church 
of Planmer. Test. Richard de Luci, Hugh de Laci, Robert 
Marmion, at Salop. [Henry H. was at Shrewsbury 1158.] 

William Banastre gave to the sustenance of the poor at the 
gate, a rent of I2d. issuing from land situate in Hauston, which 
Galfridus de Egebaldeham held formerly of Walter Gethariste. 
Test. Vivian de Rosshale, Thomas his son, Baldwin de Hodnet, 
Robert de Acton, Alan de Burcton, Thomas de Lee, William 
de Balderton. 

William Banastre, sou of William Banastre, gave to the alms of 
the gate, two virgatcs of land in the vill of Hauston which had been 


given by Roger tie Hauston and Richard his son and heir, and 
which Wido de Westbury and Richard son of OKver once held, 
together with 22 acres of land there. Test. Sir Robert de Gyros, 
' WiUiam de Hedlega, Reyner de Acton, and Wido de Hadnall. 

John, son of Robert de Espelega, lord of Espley, gave to the 
infirmary a rent of 45. of silver from one virgate and a half of 
land which Robert son of Adam de Pi'eston held in Hopton 
[parish of Hodnet, co. Salop]. Test. Sir John de Hodenet, 
William his son, John de Hafketon, John his son. 

William, dns de Newton, gave to the pittance Sj- acres of land 
in the fields of Newton near Stokesay. Test. Roger Wixi, 
Roger de Dodemoneston, Luke de Weho, Ranulph de Stoke. 

Robert de Ardif and Milana his wife gave to the siistentation 
of the house of the infirm poor (for the health of their souls and 
that of Hugh de Lacy), a rent of 12^. annually paid by the 
Canons of Lilleshull for a ditch, situate betv/een their fish-pond 
and the mill of the said Canons between Dovecotemille and the 
fish-pond of Okinton. Test. Robert chaplain of With, Reyner 
de Acton. 

Maurice de Pulilega gave to the sustentation of the infirmary, 
one acre of land in Pulley, with the buildings thereon, situate 
between the land of Osbern and the land of Isabel wife of Enge- 
lard. Test. Robert Infant and Andrew son of Hubert, provosts 
of Salop. [Andrew son of Hubert, and Robert le Child, occur 
as provosts of Shrewsbury early in the reign of Henry HI.] 

Isabel de Rodington, widow, gave to the lights of the high 
altar a rent of 2s. issuing from a virgate and half of land in Ro- 
dinton, which Hugh, son of the parson, held. Test. Sir William 
de Hedley, John his son. 

Henry, son of Ranulph de Rodinton, confirms the same grant. 
Test. John de Ercall, John son of Aer, knights. 

Ranulph de Rodinton gave " venditionem " of the meadow 
called Sistamesne, which Gilbert his grandchild (nepos) sold to 
the Abbey " ad opus ecctie eorum," for 10s. Test. John le 
Strange and Hamon his brother, Stephen de Stanton. 

Clarice, widow, late wife of Roger de Apelegh, gave to the 
light of the high altar a rent of 12fi?. from her part of the mill of 
Rodynton. Test. Sir William de Hedlega, John his son, Ste- 
phen de Peninton, Ranulph de Rodinton. 

Thomas Costentin gave to the augmentation of the alms of the 
gate the rent which Thomas de Caldecot rendered yearly for half 


a virgate of land in Sonford [Sandford, in Frees, co. Salop], viz. 
one pound of pepper at the feast of St. Michael. Test. Vivian 
de Rossale, Thomas his son. 

King Henry gave to the sustentation of the church of Hagh- 
mon all Stutte [Stitt, in Ratlinghope, co. Salop]. 

Robert Bishop of Hereford gave to the augmentation of their 
sustenance all the tithes of the vill of Stutte ; and, because by his 
visitation it appeared there was not any church there, he gave 
the Canons licence to build one in the place where they then had 
an Oratory, in which there should be a baptistery and sepulture, 
and service performed once in every week. Test. William Sto- 
kel, Ralph the Archdeacon. 

Walter de Hibernia bound himself to Edmund Earl of Arun- 
del and his heirs, to find and sustain six wax candles of six pounds 
weight about the place or tomb of the said Edmund wlieresoever 
in the said abbey it might happen to be ; to be renewed yearly at 
the feast of Easter, so that the said wax candles might burn in 
the vigils and masses in which the wax candles about the tomb of 
Richard Earl of Arundel, father of the said Edmund, were ac- 
customed to be burned ; and he charges his lands at Upton near 
Haghmon [Upton Magna, co. Salop] to find the same. Test. 
Sir William de Ercalwe, John de Lee, John de Chetewin, 
knights. Dated at Clun, 1st March, 19th Edward l.c 

Sunday next before the feast of St. Michael, 15 Edw. 3. 
[23d Sept. 1341.] Agreement between the monastery of Hagh- 
mon and John son of Walter de Hibernia, of Upton. The 
monastery agree to find twelve wax candles to burn in the church 
of Haghmon about the tomb of the Lord Richard, Earl of 
Arundel, and Alice his Countess, to be renewed yearly, so that 
after such renovation they should be of the weight of six pounds, 
and be burned at high mass in the feasts of the Nativity, St. 
John the Evangelist, Epiphany, Purification of B. V. M., An- 
nunciation of B. V. M., Easter, Pentecost, Nativity of St. John 
the Baptist, Assumption of B. V. M., Nativity of B. V. M., Ex- 
altation of Holy Cross, All Saints, All Souls, St. Michael, and 
on the anniversaries of the said Richard Earl of Arundel and 
Alice his Countess. And for the sustenance of this the said John 
de Hibernia assigned all his lands to pay yearly to the Sacrist of 

<^ This Edmund Fit/. Alan, Earl of Arundel, was beheaded 1326', and on his attainder 
his lionoiirs became forfeited, but were restored to his son and heir Richard ViU AInn, 
4 Edw. II. 


Haghmon ten shillings, and charged his lands at Upton [Up- 
ton Magna] therewith. Test. Sir William de Ercalwe. Dated 
at Haghmon. 

Matilda the Empress, daughter of King Henry and Lady of 
England, gave three carucates of land in Walecote [Walcot, in 
Wellington], with the men and all things belonging, with soch 
and sach, and thol, theam and infangetheof, for the remission of 
her sins. Test. D. [David I.] King of Scotland, R. [Robert de 
Sigello, cons. 1141, ob. 1150 or 1151] Bishop of London, A. 
[Alexander, cons. 1123, ob. 1147] Bishop of Lincoln. 

The said Matilda gave also the mill at Walcot. Test. Robert 
son of Heldeber, Walter son of Alan, Nigel de Brae. 

King Stephen and King Henry confirm the said grants. 

Henry IL granted exemption from toll through his whole land 
of England and Wales. Test. Richard de Luci, William Fitz 
Adeline his sewer, Hugh de Laci. 

John, son of Roger de Hauston, grants to Sir Robert de Pres- 
ton, clerk, land in Hauston, reserving a rent to the abbey. Test. 
Richard Banaster, John clerk of Smethecote [Smethcot, co. 
Salop], Richard Gery de Acton. Dated on the octave of St. 
Hilary, 3 Edw. IIL [20 January 1330]. 

Henry HL grants to the abbey of Haghmon the vill of Lee, 
in Bottewode [Leebotwood, co. Salop], unto the bridge called 
the Quakinggebrugge, with the chapel and tithes of the said vill, 
and all Becheccta, from the way called Hauedwey to the place 
called Goseforde, with the tithes and the oratory of the said vill. 
Dated at Portsmouth, the 1st August, in 37th year of his reign 

Alexander Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield confirms the said 
grant, 16 kal. July. 

William de la Beche gave lands in Eaton Mascott [Eaton 
Mascote, co. Salop.] Test. Sir Ralph de Picheforde, lord 
William Hunalde, Roger Sprengehose, Walter de Harpecote, 
William Marscot, Nicholas de Conedour, clerk of Biriton [Ber- 
rington, co. Salop], Richard de Eton, Richard de Baschurche. 

Agreement between the monastery of Haghmon and the 
Rector of the church of Wrockeworthin or Wrockordin [Wroch- 
wardine, co. Salop] ; the monastery grants to the church of 
Wrockewordiin 4 acres of land belonging to the mill of Aldedes- 
cote [AUscott, in the parish of Wrockwardine], which Ralph 
the provost (ppositus) holds : and the Rector grants to the mo- 


nastery permission to dig turves and soil in the moor called 
*' Gretholers," to repair the stank (stagni) of the said mill. 

Robert de Heyteton gave half a virgate of land in Mershe. 
Test. Thomas Corbet, Richard Corbet, William parson of 
Rodynton [Rodington, co. Salop], Stephen the chaplain. 

Roger de Stanton confirms the grant of Richard de Pres- 
ton to take marl from a field at Preston-upon-Severn [Preston 
Boats, CO. Salop]. Test. Stephen de Stanton, Dan William 
chaplain of Uffinton [Uffington, co. Salop]. 

9 Sept. 1478, 18 Edw. IV. Robert Abbat of Lilleshull, 
granted to John [John Ludlowe, D. D.] Abbat of Hagh- 
mon, all the great and small tithes, oblations, fruits, and the 
parochial chapel of the town of Uffinton, and the farm or grange 
of Pimley, for 99 years, at 40*\ rent. 

1292, John de Berewic and others. Justices sitting at Salop, 
decreed that Gilbert, Abbat of Haghmon, should appear at 
Bradford court for the town of Uffinton. 

Walter de Clifford gave the church of Culminton [Culming- 
ton, CO. Salop], and because the said church yielded only three 
marks of silver annually, he gave a virgate of land in Siditonia, 
which Master Roger de Beche held, rendering to him bs. annually. 
Test. Osborn son of Hugh, Walter my son, William de Etonia, 
Robert de Beche, Master Roger his brother. 

Hugh Folliot, Bishop of Hereford [1219 — 1234], received at 
the presentation of Osbert, Abbat of Haghmon, Dan John de 
W^rocestr to the church of Culminton, and instituted him as par- 
son " salva perpetua vicaria ejusd ecctie a nobis taxata." Test. 
Adam, chaplain of Westburi [Westbury, co. Salop], Dan Tho- 
mas, Precentor of Hereford, Dan Robert Grossoteste, Dan 
Richard de Hereford, official of the said Bishop. 

Hugh de Fereres confirms a grant of land in Corvewode. Test- 
William Carbunell, John and Pagan his sons, Simon, chaplain, 
and Robert, chaplain de Burford (Simone capellano et Rob'to 
capellano de Burford), [Burford, co. Salop]. 

Ralph le Strange gi'anted to Haghmon abbey the perpe- 
tual advowson of the chapel of Knockin (jus patronatus capelle 
de Knokin), [Knockin, co. Salop]. Test. William Fitz-Alan, 
John le Strange, William le Strange, Jonas the chaplain. 

Reiner, Bishop of St. Asaph [IISG— 1221], grants and con- 
firms to Ralph Abbat of Haghmon. the said chapel, ac- 
cording to the dcci\ of Ralph le Strange, subjecting it to the 

2 c 


payment of 12c?. annually to the mother church of Kinardleg 
[Kinnerley, co. Salop]. Test. Wilham Fhz-Alan, John le 
Strange, Hamon his brother. 

1248 kal. June. Confirmation by Boniface Archbishop of 
Canterbury, of an agreement between the church of Kinar- 
desleg [Kinnerley] and the chapel of Knockin : that the parson 
of Knockin shall hold all the tithes of Knockin and Norslepe, 
and those of all lands contained between the divisions of Knockin 
and Norslepe, and all obventions, paying 12c?. annually to the 
church of Kinnardesleg on the feast of St. Bridget. 

Reiner, Bishop of St. Asaph [1186-1224], confirms the said 
agreement in the presence of the Priors of Wombridge and 
Rowton, Abraam the priest, Fulco Fitz-Warin, and Richard his 

Brother Anian, Bishop of St. Asaph [1268—1293], to Gilbert 
de Kampeden, Abbat of Haghmon, greeting: recites, that he 
had heard that Ralph de Solton, chaplain, had intruded him- 
self into the vicarage of Knockin, and requires the monastery to 
choose some proper person to the vicarage within eight days. 
Dated at St. Martin [co. Salop] 8 id. Sept. 

Richard, Abbat of Haghmon, granted to Thomas, chaplain 
of Knockin, the tithes of all wood of two years old in the grange 
of Caldecote. Dated 5 kal. June 1310. 

John le Strange grants to Haghmon abbey the new chapel 
of Knockin. Test. Sir Hamon his brother, and Griffin de 

John le Strange, 5th lord of Knockin, confirms grant of said 
chapel to Gilbert, Abbat of Haghmon, and the Convent thereof, 
and their successors. Dated id. Dec. 26 Edw. 

John le Strange, 6th lord of Knockin, confirms, 10 October 

Roger le Strange, lord of Knockin, son of lord John le 
Strange, 6th Lord of Knockin, confirms said grant. Dated 
Tuesday next after the feast of St. Oswald, 1328. [9 August.] 

Richard de Bachesworth, preceptor of the house of St. John 
of Jerusalem in North Wales, confirmed the gift of the chapel or 
oratory of St. John and St. David within the limits of the parish 
chapel of Knockin. Test. Robert de Preston, Stephen de Rossall, 
William de Smethecote, Walter Cresset. Dated Salop. Thurs- 
day next after the feast of the Epiphany, 1330. [11 January.] 
John, son of John le Strange, gave all the township of Winele- 


cote with the mills and fishery, and with two <l in the 

Marches near Winelcote, for the sustenance of a chantry in the 
hospital of St. John in Oswestry. 

The said grant was confirmed by K. Edw. [2nd.] 

John de Rodenhurste occurs as chaplain of this chantry, 
in a deed dated Tuesday next after the feast of St. Andrew 
[3 December] 1338. 

Reiner, Bishop of St. Asaph [1186 to 1224], gave to Hagh- 
mon abbey the hospital built at Oswestry, on land which he 
bought from the abbey of Salop. Test. Ralph Briton, under- 
sheriff, Stephen de Stanton, William de Ercalwe, Stephen de 
Pimbet, Ythel the Dean, David Vachhan. 

John Fitz-Alan confirms. Test. John le Strange, the younger, 
William de Drayton, steward, Vivian deRoshale, Thomas, his son. 

Hugh, Abbat of Shrewsbury [1190], at the request of Reiner, 
Bishop of St. Asaph [1186 to 1224], granted and confii-med to 
God, St. Mai-y, St. Michael, and St. John of Haghmon, the 
said hospital, with the crofts on each side, and the messuage next 
to the hospital, and 23 acres of land near the town, with a little 
meadow, and 9 acres of land next the hospital itself. 

Stephen, Archbishop of Canterbury [1206 to 1228], confirms. 

Pope Innocent [Innocent III. 1198 to 1216] confirms. 

Roger Marescall, of Oswestry, gave to the hospital of Sputte 
at Oswestry one plat of land in the town of Oswestry, lying be- 
tween the land of the said hospital and land of John the baker. 
Test. Vivian de Rossale then constable, William the clerk, 
William the Englishman his brother. 

Ithel ab Theuet gave to St. John's hospital at Oswestry four 
acres of land in the field of Weston. Test. William, the stew- 
ard, William le Bret, Einion ab Canau, William Stut. 

Amilia, daughter of Herebert de Sibbeton, gave to St. John's 
hospital, a croft under the house in the field of Wodeton, called 
the Croft of the Infirm. Test. Sir William de Leighton, then 
constable of Oswestry, Roger son of John. 

Yevan Lloit, son of Thuder Goth de Weston, gave to St. John 
two acres in the fields of Weston [Weston Rhynn, in St. Martin]. 
Test. William clerk of Oswestry, Madoc son of John, Kenwric 
Seys, Jevan son of Wronou [Wienoc]. 

Wrono Seis gave to St. John's hospital 1^ acre in the field of 
Weston. Test. William the steward, William le Bretost. 

'' Tlic I.atiii word is erased in tlir Cartul.nv. 


John, son of Wrono Seys, confirms. Test. Thomas de Rossale 
Steward, William Le bret. 

Idenerth, son of Daniel, gave one acre in Weston. Test. Sir 
Richard deLeghton, Constable [of Oswestry ],Eynon son of Keno'. 

Reiner Bishop of St. Asaph [1186 to 1224] granted to the 
Prior and brethren of the hospital of Jerusalem in England, the 
hospital of Oswestry, with all its possessions and appurtenances. 
Test. David Vewan parson de Witint* [Whittington]. 

Brother H. de Alneto, Prior of the Knights Hospitallers in 
England, grants to Reiner Bishop of St. Asaph, the management 
of his gift of the hospital of St. John, for 20s. yearly. 

Agreement before Stephen Archbishop of Canterbury [1206 
to 1228] between the Prior and Brethren of the Hospitallers 
and Nicholas Abbat of Haghmon, that the said hospital should 
remain to the Abbat and Convent of Haghmon for ever, paying 
annually 20s. to the master of the Hospitallers of North Wales, 
or to the person who shall be appointed in his place at Hallestan.^ 

Reiner Bishop of St. Asaph commits the care of the said hos- 
pital to Haghmon Abbey. 

Henry, son of William de Wodeton, gave to Haghmon 
Abbey land in Great Wodeton. Test. Sir Thomas de Lee, Sir 
William de Leghton then Constable of Oswestry. 

William de Leghton, Knight, Constable of Oswestry, testifies 
said grant in full Court of the H imdred of Oswestry. Test. John 
le Strange and W'illiam Seys provosts of Oswestry. 

John le Strange gave to the hospital of the White Monastery 
(Oswestry) and the brethren and poor of the same house the 
whole township of Winelcote, rendering a rent of 2s. ; but if it 

should happen that said hospital he gave the same to 

the sustenance of the poor at the gate of Haghmon Abbey. 
Test, the Lord Reiner, Bishop of St. Asaph ; Radulphus, 
Abbat of Lillesh nil. 

John le Strange, son of the said John le Strange, confirms. 
Test. Sir John Fitz Alan, Sir John le Strange his father, Hamon 
le Strange his brother. 

John, son of John le Strange, gave the mill and pool of Winele- 
cote, together with the township, to sustain one chantry in the 
hospital of the White Monastery called Sputte, in the time of 
peace. Test. Ralph Abbat of Lilleshall ; Will. Fitz Alan. 

W. A. L. 

'■ Hallestan nnw Halstone, near Oswestry, was a ]'reci'ptory of tlie Knight Templars, 
and afterwards of Hospitallers. This was the iioiise described in tlie Monasticon as 
liaving beeu siniated in Norfolk. 


The follouing W\]\, which is the only one in the English language 
that appears in the Haghinon Cartulary, is that of William Bromshill, 
Esq. of Aston Rogers, co. Salop, who was High Sheriff of Shropshire in 
1408. It is curious, not only as a specimen of the orthography, &c. of 
the time, but as fixing very nearly the period when the present fine old 
parochial Church of VVorthen was erected. It has evidently been drawn 
up by an attorney, and I presume by John Rodenhurste, who occurs 
therein as a legatee, and was the same individual employed by the 
Abbat and Convent of Haghmon against Sir Richard le Strange, respect- 
ing the advowson of Hanmer Church, as mentioned in the note in p. 362. 

This is the laste will indentede of me, William Bromshill, 
Squier. Aboue all thinges in my testament of my meuable godes 
made contened, first I woll pray, require, and beseche al my 
feoffees in ail my londes and tentis with the appurtennces, in 
Aston Rogers and Minton, that they a noon after my decesse 
make an estate of all my londes and tentis, with the appurtefincf , 
to the Abbot and Couent of Haghmon : To have and to holde 
to the said Abbot and Couent and to ther successf to pray for 
my sowle and for the soules of myii auncestres for eiimore. Ex- 
cept that I woll that Nichas Boerley haue to him, and to his 
assignes, a tent w* the appurtennces called Wises place, sette in 
Aston Rogers aforsaid, peel of the saide londes 8c tentes ; whiche 
teiit w't the appurtennces I purchased some tyme of Adam 
Tolonge, in to the tyme the said Nichas haue arerede and re- 
ceyued of the saide tent wt the appurtennces ten markf sterlinges. 
Also I woll that my feoffes in all my londes and tentes w^ 
thappurtenances in Hope, Aston-Pigot, Worthin, Lokeley, and 
Hampton beside Cawes, anoofi after my decesse, in the beste 
wise that they can and may, selle all the said londes and tentes 
wt the appurtennces. And I woll that all the money comynge 
of the sale of the same londes w* the appurteiincC, be holly yeuen 
to the makinge of the Churche and of the Stepill of Worthin 
aforsaide. Also I woll that my feoffees in a teiit w* the appur- 
tennces in medewe,f anoofi after my decesse, make an estate of 
the said tent w* the appurtennces to John Rodenhurst ; To haue 
and to holde to the said John Rodenhurste, to his heires, and 
his assignes for eiimore, of the cheef lord of that fee, by the 
s'uice thereof due and of right accustumed. In witnesse wherof 
to bothe parties of thies my psent wille indentede, I haue sett my 

' MeaJow i'own, not far from VVortlitu. 


seal. The date is the first day of Juyll, tlie yere of the regne of 
King Harry, the sixth after the conquest, the seuenthe. 

The Cartulary of Haghmon Abbey, from which the foregoing extracts 
have been taken, and now in the jwssession of Mrs. Corbet of Sundorne, 
is, as conjectured in the List of Cartularies at p. 205, that which pre- 
viously belonged to Walter Barker and John Kynaston, Esqrs. The 
estates of the former, including the venerable and interesting ruins of 
Haghmon Abbey, and the domain thereto belonging, passing by the 
marriage of Amy, daughter and heiress of Thomas Barker of Haghmon, 
Esq. with Edward, father of the above John Kynaston, to the Kynastons 
of Hordley 3 and thence, by the devise of Corbet Kynaston, son of the 
above John, to Andrew Corbet of Lee, Adbright Husscy, and Sundorue, 
Esq. Transcripts of tlie Shrewsbury and Haghmon Cartularies are 
among the valuable MSS. of the late Rev. Edward Williams. 

G. M. 



{^Concluded from p. 254.] 

208. Memorandum de decimis Prioratus S. Nicholai. 

209. Compositio Mensurarurn. 

210. Magna Carta R. Johannis. 

211. Reges Anglias et regna eorum usque ad Hen. VL 

212. Carta Hen. I. de Redlistona, Sireford, Cheneberi. 

213. C. Hen. L ad Ep'um Essicestre de Pi'ivilegiis S. Nich. 

214. C. Will. H. de Ecctia S. Olavi data Monachis de Bello. 
Test. Thoma Archiep'o Ebor. 

215. C. Will. II. de ecclesia S. Olavi. 

216. C. Joh'is Archiep'i Cantuar. de bonis ecclesiasticis, anno 

217. C. Joh'is Ep'i Exon. de pensionibus de North Tauton 
anno 1329. 

218. C. Rad'i Abb'is de Bello anno 1249 de GO5. pensionis. 

219. C, Joh'is Ep'i Exon. anno 1335 de institutione Rectoris 
ad ecclesiaui de FochehullL'. 


220. C. Alexandri Cementarii, fil. et her. Joh'is Cementarii 
civis Exon. de messuag. in Exon. 

221. C. vToh'is filii Joh'is Bretun, de redditu 6s. 6d. de domo 
Rob'ti Pulle. 

222. C. Nich. filii Reumundi de Aqua, venditio juris de domo 
in magno vico Exon. 

223. C. Joh'is Bretun, q. dat S. Nich'o omnia terra et ten. 
sua in Exonia. 

224. Conventio inter Alanum Priorem S. Nich'i et Henric. de 
Campo Arnulphi, militem, de redditu tenementi Joh'is Pudding, 
3 Edw. I. 

225. Testamentum Will, de Wllavestun, Canon. Exon. 1244. 

226. C. Cecilia fillte Radulphi filii Mahtildis, relictae Rici de 
ChafFecumbe, q. dat S. Nich. 2d. de terra in Exon. 

227. C. Hen rici Ace de Exonia, q. dat Adse de Grangiis ortum 
extra portam Exon. 

228. Concordia inter Robertum Priorem S. N. Exon. et Mar- 
geriam Priorissam de Polslo, de 3s. Id. reddit. de Enlacrofte, 
anno 1 Edw. I. Test. Martino Durleng, Majore Exon. 

229. " S. p. et f. q. e. Jordanus Lidene dedi Martino Rof 
domum in Exonia." 

230. " S. p.Sfc. Rogerus Lidene q. clam. S. Martino Rof tene- 
mentum inter ten. Aluredi de Brenta et Martini de Tottonia." 

231. " S. p. Sfc. Joh'es Longus dedi Jordano Lidene 2s. redd, 
de terra quond. Rad'i des Chous in magno vico Exon." 

232. « S. p. Sfc. Jordanus Lidene dedi eosdem 2*. S. Nich." 

233. « S. p. Sfc. Will. Tantefer do S. Nich'o 3s. redd." 

234. "Notum, ^c. Hugo le Noreis SfC. tenemur reddere 18c?. 
domui B. Max*. Magdalen, et 6d. domui S. Nich'i." 

235. " O'ib. SfC. Fratres Hospit. S. M. Magdalen extra por- 
tam austral. Exon. q. clam, in eisd. 18c?. Priori S. Nich'i." 

236. " Notum, Sfc. Hugo le Noreis" &c. de dictis 6d. de terra 
Fratrum Leprosorum S. Mar. Magd. 

237. " S. p. Sfc. Paganus Bubbe filius Aluredi Bubbe, et Alicia 
filia dicti Aluredi, q. clam. S. Nich'o tot. terram apud port. Occi- 
dent. Exon." 

238. " S. p. Sfc. Walt, presbiter cognomento Peruet q. clam. 
S. Nich'o jus in tenementis in Exon." 

239. " O'ib. Sfc. Magr Galfrid. de Exon. dedi Mag'ro Joh'i Rof 
Archid. Cornubitr reddit. in Exon. de terra extra port, orient. 
B. Joh'is de Hospitalariis et de terr. B. Laurencii." T. Ada de 
Risforde, Majore Exon. 


240- " S. p. S^c. Stephana relicta Rici Pictavini dedi M. Joh"i 
Rof, Archid. Cornubise \2d. redd, in venella S. Joh'is inter eccle- 
siam S. Joh'is et vicum fabrorum." 

241. " S. p. §-c. Ysabella filia Will. Lambrith, quae fui uxor 
Rob'ti de Collecombe, assensu Rad'i et Ysabellae et Petronellas 
heredum meorum, dedi Helyseo de Ristbrde ortum ante por- 
tam S. Nich. Exon." T. Hylario Blundo, Majore. 

242. « S. p. §T. Nos Ysabella et Petronilla filise Ysabellae de 
Colecumbe, q, clam. S. Nich'o Exon. jus in gardino ante port. 
S. Nich." 

243. « S. p. ^c. Will. fil. et her. Heliee de Risforde q. clam. 
S. Nich'o in dicto gardino." 

244. Conventio 1271 inter Priorem S. Nich. et Martin. Der- 
ling civem Exon. de placea terras in gardino eorum. 

245. " O'ib. ^-c. R. Prior S. Nich. concessit Martino Derling 
deducere aquam ab aquae ductu in cimiterio." 

246. " S. p. §*c. Martin Derling tradidi Walt. Wodeman 
tenem. in Exon." 

247. " S. p. §'c. Agnes filia et heres Walt. Wodeman dedi S. 
Nich'o messuagium in vico S. Maria3 de Arcubus, quod Joh'es 
Champeneis dicto Waltero dedit." T. Ada de Risforde, Majore. 

248. Job. Champeis {sic) confirmat diet. mess. 

249. " Not. ^c. Jordanus et Paulina filia quond. Joh'is dci 
Champeneis remis. S. Nich'o diet, mess." T. Ph'o Tinctore, 

250. " S. p. §'c. Joh'es Champeneis civis Exon. dedi D'no Rob'to 
de Gurnay 2s. redd, de tenem. in Exon." T. Ada de Risford, 

251. " S. p. §-c. Joh'es Champeneis tradidi Laurentio de Co- 
vintre messuag. in Exon." 

252. " S. p. §-c. Laur. de Conventrie dedi diet. mess. S. Nich'o.'^ 

253. " S. p. §T, Ysabella quond. ux. Walteri Probi dedi S. 
Nich'o terr. in Exon. — Has terras dedi in plena Gyalda." 

254. " S. p. <^T. Galfi-id. de Haue, miles, confirm, donum 

255. " S. p. ^c. Joh'es le Sarger confirm. S. Nich'o reddit. 
de 2d. de tenemento in Exon." T. Aluredo de Porta, Majore. 

256. " S. p. ^c. Matildis relicta Symonis de Colecestre dono 
S. Nich'o Exon. jus in tenem. mariti mei, no'ie dotis, anno 1268 
et anno R. R. Hen. III. 43." V. Walt, de Oxton tunc Majore 
Exon., Martino Derling, &.c. 


257. " S. p. §T. Anastasia filia Symonis de Colecestre q. clam, 
jus in dco tenem anno 1268." 

258. « S. p. §T. Reginald. Bealde dedi S. Nich'o tenem. q. 
Galfrid. Cau mihi dedit in Exon." 

259. "S. p. §T. Matilda relicta Ailgari dedi S. Nich. 6d. 
redd, de domo quam Matilda dicta Patkele de me tenet." 

260. " S. p. §"c. Helewisa Quinel in viduitate mea et assensu 
filior. meor. Mri. Petri et Thoniae, pro aia Petri Quinel patris 
eorum dedi S. Nich'o Exon. I2d. redd, in Exon. de domo 
Will. Bochet." 

261. " S. p. Sf'c. Will. Boschet p aia Petronilla? uxoris mese 
dedi S. N. tenem. quod tenui de Petro Quinel." 

262. " S. p. Sfc. Pernella quae fui uxor Will. Boschet 
quiet, clam. Rob'to de Bukinton tertium meum de tenem. in 
paroch. S. Cuthberti." 

263. "S. p. §c. Will. Boschet tradidi Rob. de Buketon ^ tenem. 
retro curiam S. Nich'i anno 35 Hen. III." T. Martino Rof, 

264. " S. p. Sfc. Walterus fil. et her. Will, de Buketon q. clam. 
S. Nich. jus meum in tenem. in Exon." T. David Cissore, 
Majore, anno 14 Edvv. I. 

2(55. " S. p. 8fc. Martinus Durling q. clam. S. N. tenem. in 

266. " S. p. Sfc. Vincentius de Okeston clericus dedi David de 
Servington tenem. in vico boreali Exon." T. Walt. Tauntefer. 
dat. anno 30 Edw. I. 

267. "S. p. Sfc. Vincent, de Okeston confirm. David de Serving- 
ton tenem. quod fuit Rob'ti Fode in Exon. intei* ten. Ph'i Sprynge 
et Rob'ti de Leuerkebeare et Aliciae uxoris suae.'' 30 Edw. I. 

268. "O'ib. Sfc. David fil. David de Servington q. clam. Rogero 
Priori S. Nich. jus in placea in Exon." T. Philippo Lovekoc, 
Majore, 1317. 

269. " S. p. ^c, D. Joh'es de Bordene, Prior Monasterii S. 
Nich'i Exon. dedi Will, de Ketene, Candeler, civi, placeam in 
Exon." T. Ric'o le Celer, Majore Exon. 1 Edw. III. 

270. " S. p. Sfc. Will. Luhc, assensu Acelinas uxoris mea;, 
dedi Gilberto Pollard nepoti meo mess. in. Exon." 

271. " S. p. ^-c. Gilbertus Pollard, assensu Damiselae uxoris 
m. dedi S. Nich. terram in Exon." T. Martino Rof, Majore. 

272. " S. p. b^'C. Will. Lugh dedi S. Nich. redd. 2s. in Exon." 

273. Convcntio anno 1227, qua V\'ill. Lugh tradidit Jordan^ 


fil. Gilbert! et Nich'o fri suo 2s. redd, in Exon. T. Hylario 
Blunde, Majore Exon. 

274. " O'ib. 8fc. R. Prior S. Nich. concessi Archidiacono Tot- 
toniag, ad dilatandara aream in qua hospitantur Fratres Minores 
in Exon, terram Gervasii Viel in Exon." 

275. "O'ib. &fc. Robertus Prior S. Nich. dedi Decano Exon. 
et Archid. Tottoniae ad dilatand. {uf supra) terram Walt, le 
Waignur et Rob'i Kock." 

276. " O'ib. ^c. Frater Will. Gardianus Fratrum Minorum 
apud Exon." (de non ingrediendo infra civit. Exon. nee extra 
feodum S. Nich. Exon.) 

277. " O'ib. Sfc. Alicia relicta Rad'i Eggulf q. clam. S. Nich. 
jus dotis in tenem. dicti Rad'i." 

278. "O'ib. Sfc. Nich'us dictus le Noreis q. clam. S. Nich. 
domum in Exon." 

279. " S. p. ^c. Paulina filia Galfridi Fayrchild, relicta Rogeri 
de Rokabeare, dedi Thomae filio meo 2s. redd, quos Rad. Eggulf 
mihi reddere consuevit." T. Ada de Risford, Majore, 1247. 

280. " O'ib. ^c. Thomas filius Rogeri de Rokebere q. clam. 
S. Nich. jus in tenem. in Exon." 

281. " O'ib. Sfc. Paulina fil. Galfridi Fairchild q. clam. S. 
Nich. jus in terra retro curiam S. Nich." 

282. "O'ib. Sfc. Will. Wittoc q. clam. S. Nich. tenem. in 

283. " O'ib. Sfc. Rob. Prior S. Nich. concessi Will. Wittok 
ten. in Exon." 

284. « S. p. Sfc. Will. Cocus q. clam. S. Nich. ten. in Exon." 

285. " O'ib. §r. Ysabella quond. ux. Walt. Probi q. clam. S. 
Nich. jus dotis Walt. Probi viri mei." 

286. " O'ib. SfC. Joh'es dictus Probus fil. et heres Walt. Probi, 
q. clam. S. Nich. ten. in Exon." 

287. " S. p. 8fc. Thomas le Bers, fil. Petri le Bers, q. clam. 
Johannge Rof, terram in Exon." T. D'no Philippo Majore 
Exon. 47 Hen. III. 

288. " S. p. 8fc. Johanna Rof, in viduit. mea, dedi Joh'i 
Tybaut 1 mess, in Exon." 

289. " S. p. §-c. Jordan. Thebaud dedi S. Nich. 1 mess, in 
vico la Cumbe." 

290. " S. p. SfC. Rogerus Prior S. Nich. dedi Joh'i de Tavistoke 
dicto le Dobbere, domum in Curabestrete, Exon." 31 Edw. I. 
Test. Rogero Beyvin, Majore. 


291. "S. p. §r. Michael Pollard dedi S. Nicb. \2d. redd, in 
Exon. de ten. quod teneo do Priorissa de Poleslo." 

292. " O'ib. Sfc. Mag. Rogerus de Toriz teneor Alano, Priori 
S. Nich. in 8^?. per ann." 

293. " S. p. §-c. Henricus Leaute dedi Joh'i filio meo tenem. 
super montem S. David extra port, aquilon. Civit. Exon." 

291. " O'ib. Sfc. Job's dictus Leaute fil. et her. Henrici L. q. 
clam. S. Nicb. dicto tenem." 

295. " O'ib. Sfc. Phil. Pelliparius q. clam. S. Nich. jus in tertia 
parte 1 acrae super Mont. S. David extra port, boreal. Exon." 

296. " S. p. §T. Mariota de Brenton in viduit. q. clam. 
S. Nich. jus in ten. juxta Langebrok extra port, boreal. Exon." 

297. " S. p. 8fc. Paulinus Hyberniensis dedi D'no Bartholo- 
meo Archidiacono Exon. 85. redd, super Mont. S. David." 

298. " S. p. Sfc. Earth. Archid. Exon dedi Joh'i filio Martini 
Rof, tria tenementa super Mont. S. David." T. Ada de 
Risford, Majore, 31 Hen. III. 

299. " S. p. Sfc. Ric. Boschet dedi Rob. Blound terram meam 
super Mont. S. David." 

300. " S. p. §T. Raudulph. fil. Andrese q. clam. S. Nich. 
jus in sulonem terrae super Mont. S. David." 

301. " S. p. <^c. Nos Raudulphus et Joh'es et Will, et Cecilia 
heredes Andreae Semer, q. clam. S. Nich. jus in terra super 
Mont. S. David, inter terram Phil. Pelliparii et terram Sarrae et 
Johannae filii {sic) dicti Andreae." 

302. " S. p. Sfc. Rob. le Ballerededi Nich. de Ivelchestre 12d. 
redd, in Mont. S. David." 

303. " S. p. Sfc. Johanna relicta Petri Pistoris dedi Nich. de 
Ivelcestre civi Exon. 3^. redd, de ten. quod Walt. Angeri tenuit 
de Alexandro de Tauton, quondam patre meo. 

304. " O'ib. §c Dionysia de Stokdun in viduit. mea q. clam. 
Nich. de Ivelcestre jus in ten. super Mont. S. David, quod ipse 
emit de Johanna filia mea." 

30.5. " O'ib. ^c. Warinus de Ivelcestre concessi S. Nich. 6d. 

306. " Nov. §-c. Nich'us de Ivelcestria q. clam. S. Nich. 
4s. redd, super Mont. S. David. 49 Hen. III." Test. Walt, de 
Oxton, Majore. 

307. " S. p. t^r. Cristina quae fui uxor Ric. Sutoris, q. clam. 
S. Nich. in tcrr. super Mont. S. David." 

308. 309. Cartaj ejusdem dc cadcm. 



310. C. ejusdem Johanni Swt, de 1 sillone in Mont. S. David. 

311. C. ejusdem quiete clam. S. Nich. 4c?. redd, de Joh'e Swod. 

312. "O'ib. Sfc. Phil. Faber q. clam. S. Nich. jus in syllone 
terr. in Mont. S. David." 

313. "S. p. ^c. Rad. fil. et her. Will'i Fish defuncti dedi 
S. Nich. terram patris mei super Mont. S. David." 

314. C. ejusdem de ead. 

315. " S. p. 8fc. Cecilia quee fui uxor Will. Fish q. clam. S. 
Nich. jus dotis in terr. viri mei in Mont. S. David." 

316. Conventio inter Galfrid. Strange et Prior. S. Nich. de 
terrain Mont. S. David. 30 Edw. I. 

317. "S. p. 8fc. Adam de Bealdeleghe dedi Galf. Molendinario 
ten. in Tadieforde." 

318. " S. p. Sfc. Philippus clericus fil. Galfri. Molendinarii de 
Redyghandon q. clam. S. Nich. tenem. Galfr. patris mei." 

319. "S. p. §■<?. Joh'es Sodh dedi Walt. Molendinario 1 
sullonem terrae super Mont. S. David." 

320. " S. p. Sfc. Walter le Hore, molendinar. dedi S. Nich. 
tenement, predict." 

321. " S. p. Sfc. Augerus Keng dedi Gilberto de S. Nicholao 
totam medietat. terrse q. tenui de Alex, de Thautuna super 
Mont. S. David." T. Walt. fil. Turberti, Majore. 

322. "S. p. §T. Will, le Mol, cyrotecarius, dedi Joh'i de 
Thelebrige ten. apud Langebrok." 6 Edw. II. 

323. " Notum §'c. Robertus dictus le Blound de Exon. vendidi 
Rog. dicto Cormorand, et Walt. Archebol, ortum in parochia 
S. David, super Mont. 1258." 

324. Conventio inter Ric. de Niweton, civem Exon. et Roger. 
Prior S. Nich. de tenem. super Mont. S. David. 23 Edw. I. 

325. " O'ib. Sfc. Roger de Keneburi, dedi S. Nich. terram de 
gardino meo apud Tadieford." 

326. Ordinacio Vicariae de Columpton anno 1269 {a note of it 
onlpi in a later hand). 

327. In another note on this page is the folloiving, "Joh'es 
Nuton Prior S. Nich'i Exon. fuit seisitus de pensione 2 marc, 
p. m. Joh'is Nottecome de Ecctia de North Tawnton, recept. 
ifem in tempore Regis Hen. VI. 39o." (sic.) 

328. " O'ib. §-c.Rogerus Prior S. Nich. dedimus Rob. de Niweton 
tenem. extra port.austral. civit.Exon. quod quidem tenem. recupe- 
ravimus versus heredes Joh'is de Crewebeare per judicium curiae 
Exon. pro defectu solucionis redditus nobis debiti de predicto 


tenemento quia retro fuit per triginta et duos annos et amplius." 
dat. 24 Edw. I. 

329. Presentatio Thomye de Uppetone ad ecclesiam de Boter- 
legh per Job. Priorem S. Nich. 

330. " S. p. Sfc. G. Prior S. Nich. concedimus Reginaldo 
filio Edrici, homini nostro, terrain de Haywode." 

331. " O'ib. Sfc tradidimus Nich'o de Wevere fil. 

Will'i de Plinitre messuag. in Wevere." 

332. " O'ib. 8fc. Alanus Prior S. Nich. tradidimus Gervasio 
fiho Nicholai filii Will'i de Plimtre, terrani quam Nicholaus le 
Graunt filius Osmeri de Tracy de nobis tenuit." 

333. " S. p. &;c. Roger. Prior. S. Nich. tradidinnis Will. Por- 
tario terram super Monteni subtus viam quse tendit ad molen- 
dinum nostrum," T. Hilario Blundo, Majore {in a later hand). 

Here three leaves are lost. The next page commences with 
part of a Pope's Bull, dated "anno 8 Pontificatus n'ri." 

334. "S. p. ^T. Gilbertus de Dunfranewill {sic)q. clam. S. Nich. 
sectam pro terra de Cumbe, de feudo de Toritone, quara Adam 
de Marisco fil. et heres Ric'i de M. eis donavit." Test. Walt, de 
Bathonia, Vicecomite Devonise, .Galfrido de la Pomeri, Ric. 
Bauzan, Ric. de Langeford. 

335. "S. p. (l^c.Barthol. deBoghelegq. clam. S. Nich. jus meum 
in terris in Cadebere et confirmavi dim. ferling. quem Will, 
avus meus concessit Nich. vicario de Kadebere," Test. D'no 
Will, de Bikelegh, Vicecomite, et D'no Henr. de Campo Arnulfi, 
militibus, &c. Dat. 54 Hen. III. 

336. Notum q'd contencio inter Prior. S. Nich. petent. et Gilb. 
Crispin deforciant, de terra vocat. Muneke Weteiaund, Gervasio 
de Horton tunc Vicecom. Devon, &.c. interveniente, tandem 
conquievit, 19 Hen. III. 

337. " O'ib. S^x. Tho. de Radeclive et Beatrix filia sua q. clam. 
S. Nich. jus in ferlingo terras vocato Ratleclive in manerio de 
Chilton. Test. Thoma de Blakeforde," &c. 

338. " S. p. 8)C. Beatrix de Radeclive, filia Thomte de Rade- 
clive, in viduitate mea, q. clam, jus in terr, de Radeclive pro 20;?. 
sterl." Dat. 56 Hen. III. 

339. "S. p. S)C. Petrus de la Forde dedi S. Nich. \d. annui 
reddit. de terra de cruce in PochcUe." 

340. "S. p.8)C. Rob. dcHortun dedi S, Nich. terras in Pocghullc 
cum omni jure in advocacione ecclesioe ibid, qua) habui de dono 


Alianorse fil. Ric'i Pictavensis In viduitate sua." T. Gervasio de 
Hortuii, Vicecomite, Rob. Pictavensi, &c. 

341. " S. p. 4c Robertus filius Regis Henx'ici, assensu Matillidis 
de Abrinco uxoris meae, dedi S. Nich. duos ferlingos in manerio 
meo Calvalegiae juxta Cobbalegiam terrain illor. Et dedi eideni 
ecclesiee hominem nomine Edwium, filium Wraniii. Et banc 
donacionem cartas meae annotacione et sigilli mei impressione 
testiumque subscriptorum attestacione corroboravi, Algari capel- 
lani, Ailrici presbyteri et Alardi presbyteri et Gilberti capellani, 
Ric'i Espec, dapiferi, Henr. de Campo Ernulphi, Johelis de 
Bellomonte, Radulphi Cophini, Galfridi Cophini, Wiil'i et 
Job'is de Hydona, Maci de Pinu, Semari Tumbur, Alberti, 
Roberti Fabri, et Ric'i Clerici, qui banc cartam fecit apud 
Calvalegam anno ab incarn. Domini M. centesimo sexagesimo 

342. " Notum. S)C. Margareta filia Will, de Treiminettes dedi 
Walt, filio Will, de Branford terram in Scbardeclive pro 1 
palefrido liardo." T. Antonius de la Briuera, Gosilinus de 
Treminettes, Ric'us filius Hute, Rob. Avenel, Walt. Perer, &c. 

343. " Univ. S^c. Azo vicarius ecclesiae de Branford, de causa 
inter Prior. S. Nich. et me super taxatione E. de Branford." 
anno 13 Papae Gregorii noni. 

344. Carta Officialis Epi. Exon. anno 1326 de causa inter 
Dec. et Cap. Exon. (quibus E. de Stoke Canonicorum est appro- 
priata,) et Ric'um Horwode, Priorem S. Nich. de jure majorum 
decimarum de quodam loco Adhelstonisham alias Autayseham 
nuncupato, infra fines Ecclesiae de Stoke situato. 

345. Barthol. Ep'us Exon. clero suo de q. clam, per Will, de 
Cadabiria in E. de Cadabiria. Dat. 1166. 

346. " S. p. &)C. Brienus de Buterlegh concedo S. Nich. pro aia 
uxoris meae Ecclesiam de Buterlegh, in presentia Bartholomei 
Episcopi nfi." 

347. " O'ib. SjC. Alicia de Bristol, soror et heres Walt'i Rectoris 
ecclesiae de Huneton, dedi S. Nich. terram meam de Buterleya et 
de la Slade. T. Hugone Peverel de Sampford, Joh'e de Hydon, 
Guidone de Nonant, militib. &c." 

348. Conventio inter Henr. fil. Will, de Kentelisbeare et 
Galfrid. de Fornellis fil. Alani de Fornellis, de aqua quae dicitur 
Kentelisbroch et Waterleda, quae vadit de Kentelisbere usque ad 


349. " S. p. S)-c. Joh'cs fil. et lier. Walt, de Paddukbrock dedi 
S. Nich. terrani meam de Blakeland et pratum de Meremed." 
T. Roberto de Siccawilus. 

350. "O'ib. 6)C. Lucia q. f. uxor Joh'is de Paddokbroke in 
viduit. q. clam. S. Nich. jus meum in Blakelonda," &c. T. Joh'e 
Hyllari, Will, le Engleys, &c. 

351. " O'ib. S)-c. llobertus Prior S. Nich. q. clam. Joh'i de 
Hydon de decimis molendini sui de Witehetfeld." Dat. 1260. 

352. "B. Ep'us Exon. univ. Clero Exon. &,c. quod Prior 
S. Nich. et Will. Vicarius suus perpetuus de Columpton liberam 
fecerunt ecclesiam de Columpton in manu nra a solucione I2d. 
quos ad edificacionem Ecclesiae Exon. annuatim reddere consue- 
verat." Dat. 1181. 

353. " O'ib. S)C. Emma relicta Nich'i de Khnolle q. clam. S. 
Nich. jus dotis in terra de la Knolle." T. D'no Joh'e Hydon, &;c. 

354. " S. p. &)C. Joh'es fil. et her. Nich'i de la Knolle confir- 
mavi S. Nich. tenement, predict." T. D. Joh'e de Hydon, Rog. 
de la More, Joh'e de la More, &c. 

355. " Not. ^c. Joh'es fil. et her. Nich'i de la Knolle dedi 
S. N. tot. terram de la Knolle." 

356. " S. p. 8fc. Joh'es de la Knolle dedi S. Nich. terram meam 
infra d'nium Prioris et Conv. S. Nich." T. Ph'o de Furneaux. 

357. " S. p. S)'C. Joh'es de la Knolle dedi Galfir'o Joye parvam 
domum in Occident, parte aulae d'c'i Galfr'i et quatuor daynas (sic) 
terrae dcaj domui pertin." 

358. " S. p. tSc Joh'es fil. Nich'i de la Knolle dedi Ricardo Ser- 
vienti de Uppeton cum Joh'a sorore mea in libero maritagio, tot. 
terram meam de la Knolle, reddendo Priori S. Nich. 5s. per 
ann." T. Ph'o de Fornays. 

359. " S. p. Ssc. Rogerus le Tannere et Matildis uxor mea 
dedimus S. Nich. parvam domum in occid. parte aulae Galfr'i 
Joye." T. Joh'e de Valletorta, milite, Thoma de Dorwik. 

360. " S. p. &;c. Joh'es Tolliro dedi S. Nich. tencm. in villa de 
Columpton." T. Rogero de Hele, &c. Dat. 1311. 

361. " S. p. &:c. Joh'es Tolliro q. clam. Rogero Priori S. Nich. 
de tenemento in Columpton." 1311. 

362. " S. p. &{C. Will, de Chictthorne fil. Waltcri de C. dedi 
S. Nich. 3|-acras super Foxdone juxta le Hannei." T. Hugonc 
Peverel de Sankford {sic), Hylario Blundo, Majorc, &c. 

363. " S. p.c^-c. Fulco l*einel, assensu Will, heredis mei, dedi S. 
Nich. 1 liberum burgagium in burgo de Bauntuna pro me et uxore 


mea." Test. Will. Peinel herede meo, Simone filio Roges, Ph'o 
de Horsie, Jordano de Childtone, Ada de Tedford, Petro Cumyn, 
Kic'o Waleran tunc senescallo meo, Arnaldo de la Ville, Gode- 
frido de Baunton. 

364. Convencio 1231 inter Joh'em de Weure et Prior. S. Nich. 
quod diet. Joh'es tradidit ad firm. diet. Priori totam terram 
quatu habuit de Hugone Weure, patre suo. Test. Jocelino 
vicario de Columpton, Roberto de Prustecote. Will, de Esse, 
Nicli'o de Weure, Andrea de Chastillun, Joh'e de Bideford. 

365. "Nov. 8fc Ego Ric. de Langeford anno 1241 q. clamavi 
Joh'i de Weure terram vocat. la Merse." Test. Will, de Wide- 
bere, Godefrido de Kelli, Petro de Columstok, Nicli'o Bissoph. 

366. " S. p. S)X. Nich. Grace fil. Joh'is de Weure q. clam. S. 
Nich. terram meam in Weure pro 10 marc, arg." Test, D'nis 
Joh'e Wiger, Vicecomite Devon., Hugone Peverel, militibus, 
Martino Durling, Majore. 

367. " O'ib. cSc. Joh'es fil. Hug. de Weure. Nov. quod 
tenemur Priori S. Nich. in I2d. sterling, annul redd, solvend. 
apud Uppeton." 

368. " S. p. b^c. Will. Bozun de Clist fi-ater et heres Roberti 
Bozun dedi Martino filio Will. Rof tot. terram meam de Clist, 
pro humagio et servic. suo, assensu Matildis q. f. uxor Rob'ti 
Bozun fratris mei, quae teriiam partem in dotem tenuit." 

369. " S. p. t^T. Will. Bozun de Clist, filius Rogeri, dedi Mar- 
tino fil. Vv^ill. Rof, de Exon. medietatem d'nici mei in Clist, ac 
totam dotem Matildis q. f. uxor Roberti Bozun fratris mei." Test. 
Will. Ep'o Exon. B. archid. Totton. Hugone Peverel de Sanford, 
Hugone Peverel de Hermington, Yllario Albo tunc Majore, &c. 

370. " S. p. ^c. Reginaldus de Valletorta confirmavi donum 
predict. Will. Bozun de Clist." 

371. "S. p. ^c. Will. Bozun de Clist dedi Deulecresse Episcopo 
Judeorum Exon. 5s. reddit. Reddendo michi 1 par calcarium 
vel 3f/." Testib. Martino Prodome, Will, fratre ejus, Joh'e 
Mosseo le Turk, et Ursello Sier. Amiot, tunc Cyrographo Jude- 
orum predictas Archidiaconatus, Jac. Judeeo de Glovernia, 
Bonefei filio Ysaac, Mosseo de Burdeit, &c. 

372. " S. p. ^c. Ego Deulecresse Episcopus Judeorum vendidi 
Martino Rof, 5s. reddit. quos Will. Bozun michi vendidit. 
Reddendo michi annuat. 1 par cyrothecar. albarum vel unum 
obolum. Pro hac dedit mihi Martinus 40,s. quos solvi D'no 
Regi per manus Josepini de Bristolliis, qui tunc temporis venit 


Exon. cum Uteris D'ni Regis patentibus ad compellandum Judeos 
solvere debita D'ni Regis." Testib. Ph'o de Stokes et Henr. 
Picot, tunc Cophrariis Christianis, Jacobo Judeo de Gloucestre 
et Mosseo le Turc tunc Cophrariis Judeis, Hylario Blundo tunc 
Majore Exon. Amiot, Bonefei filio Ysuac, &c. 

373. "S. p. ^c. Martinus Rot'dedi S. Nicli. terrani de Clist." 
T. D. Will, de Englefeld tunc Vicecom. Devon., D. Will. 
Everard, D. Will, de Widewrth, militibus, Will. Pruz tunc 
ballivo D'ni Comitis Cornubiae in Exon. 

374. " S. p. 6fc. Martin. Rof dedi S. Nich. terram meam de 
Clist." T. Baldwino Child et Walt, de Oxton, Prepositis Exon. 

375. " S. p. ^"c. Rogerus Bozun fil. et her. Will. Bozun 
confirm. S. Nich. terram de Clist." 

376. " O'ib. ^c. Guuido de Novant D'nus de Clistun q. clam. 
S. Nich. sectam ad hundred, meum de Clistun, racione terrjE 
suae de Clist-Buzun." T. Roberto de Siccavilla, Jordano de 
Poltimore. Nota hie de die vocata " Felling dai." 

377. " S. p. S^c. Rogerus de Valletorta D'nus de Hurberton q. 
clam. S. Nich. pro anima Reginaldi de Valletorta, nepotis mei, 
terram eorum in parochia de Clistun, de feodo manerii de Hur- 
burton, de dono Martini Rof quondam Major. Civit. Exon." 
Test. D'nis Joh'e Wiger, Alex, de Oxton, mil. Walt, de Oxton, 
Majore Exon. 1272. 

378. " O'ib. ^c, Rob. Prior S. Nich. Nov. nos concessisse 
Will, de Glovernia terram in Bradeham, quam W^alterus filius 
Gereberti aliquando tenuit." T. Martino Rof, Majore Exon. 

379. " O'ib. S)C. Rob. Prior S. Nich. Nov. nos dedimus liicardo 
Bissup Wimpel 3 pecias terrae de Clist." T. Joh'ne de Alneto, &c. 

380. " Univ. ^c. Rogerus de Babbeion q. clam. S. Nich. jus 
in i ferling in Isenelonde in manerio de Brodeham." 9 Edw. II. 

381. "O'ib. ^c. Rogerus de Clavile fil. et her. Will, de 
Clavile dedi ^ marc. arg. de terra Gilberti Cobbe in Halisdon, 
in Manerio meo de Widecombe.' T. D. Galfrido de la Bruere, 
Galfrido de Aubemarle, Thoma de Blakeford. 

382. "S. p. ^c. Philippus Chaucebef dedi S. Nich. 1 ferling 
de d'nico meo de Dunesford et com'unam pasturtic cjusdem 
man'ii." T. Olivero de Campo Arnulphi, Henr. de jNIelewis, 
Joh'e de Siccavvilla, Will, de Ilokesham, Alredo Bubba, S:c. 

383. " O'ib. c^c. Will, de Berkelei, Nov. quod contencio inter 
Prior. S. Nich. et me et Aviciam uxorem meam de 1 ferlmg in 

2 D 


Donesford conquievit sic, quod concessi dicto Priori Sfc. pre- 
dictam terrain." T. Will, de Hore, &c. 

384. Anno 7 Edw. III. Conventio inter Joh'em, Prior. S. 
Nich. et Margaretam Abbatissam S. Joh'is de Canonlegh, quod 
d'ca Abbatissa et successores ejus libere possint divertere cursum 
atte Wrychysheude in Littilmers juxta Chouford, ac aquam quae 
vocatur Lurchesbrok juxta Dunsford. T. D. Ric'o de Brayleghe, 
Ric'o de Chesulden, &c. 1333. 

385. Saxon Charter to St. Olave's. 

In nomine D'ni nri Jhesu Christi. Ego Gieda Comitissa con- 
cedo Ecclesiae Sci Olavi Regis et niartyris terrain meam de 
Sciretbrd, quae est de dote mea, pro anima mea et domini mei 
Comitis Godwini, ut ipsa Ecclesia earn perpetuo jure habeat et 
teneat, liberam et quietam ab omni terreno servicio. Et si quis 
earn pervadere vel ab ipsa Ecclesia auferre conatus fuerit, auferat 
Deus partem ejus de terra vivencium, et cum Juda proditore 
hereditet infernalia supplicia in secula seculorum, amen. Ego 
Leoricus Exon. Epus nra auftoritate [sic) confirmavi. Testes 
sunt, Tostis Dux, Gerith Dux, Sawinus Presbyter, et alii multi. 
[This seems like a forgery.) 

386. " S. p. ^c. H ugo de Curt, concessi Everardo Cole pro homa- 
gio tot. terram illam quam Willielmus de Traci avunculus mens 
dedit Amiae uxori Everardi in manerio meo de Mortun, scil. 
majorem moram et minorem, et 1 ferling. de Bughadon, et 1 fer- 
ling de Cranbroc, et i virgat in Bughadon. Et concessi d'co 
Everardo totum nemus inter Pulterlacha et fontem de Edlacha 
usque Inteigha, et tot. moram et terr. inter Wlurichestonam et 
la Fenhedca." Test. Will, de Traci, Alex, de Viteri, Rogero de 
Hela, Hugone de Morba, Hugone de Saucei. 

387. " Sachent tote gens que jeo Hanri de la Pomeray de Byri 
gardeyn dela terre de Kynedon graunte au Priour S. Nich. que 
les gorhs et les nusaunces sour la terre de Kynedon, nusaunz 
le noveau molin de Shireford seyent oztes." Done 29 Edw. I. 

388 ." S. p. ^c. Walter Brito pro salute Haewisiae uxoris me£E do 
S. Nich. i {sic) frumenti de d'nio meo de Chederlee, et ^ ambrani 
de fabis molitis de manerio meo de Ysle. Et decima casei mei in 
manerio meo de Bochelande." Test. M'ro Waltero fratre meo. 

389. Sciend. quod Otulinus de Hydon dedit S. Nich. Eccle- 
siam et medietat. decimse de Hydun pro aia fratris sui Gaufridi, 
necnon pro aia uxoris fil. suor. (sic). 


390. " Notum ^c. Osbernus Exon. Ep'us confirmo donum 
quod Otelinus de Hydun dedit S. Nich. de Ecclesia de Hydun." 

391. " S. p. ^'c. Walterus de Nimet dedi S. Nicli.2.s. redd, de 
manso in Kyppinggescote in p'ochia de Nimeton Episcopi quod 
Will. Popa de me tenet." T. D'no Reginaldo de Nimet, 
Alano de Nimet, Olivero de Nimet. 

392. « Univ. ^c. Nicholaus Burdun dedi S. Nich. 1 quartar. 
avenae de dominie de Teinton." T. D. Will, de Englefeld tunc 
Vicecom. Devon. Martino Rof, Majore Exon. 

393. "O'ib. ^c. A. Prior S. Nich. Exon. tradidiD'no Reginaldo 
de Boterellis totam terr. n'ram in Lifchelehale, redd, annuat. 85. 
sterling." Anno 1244. T. D'no Will, de la Pomeray, &c. 

394. "O'ib. ^-c.Rob. Prior S. Nich. tradidiThomae de Horweye 
clerico terr. n'ram de Holeweye in Kentelisbeare." 

395. " S. p. ^r. Robertus Prior S. Nich. concedimus Joh'i de 
Haywode, terram de Haywode, et terram in mora de Weure." 
T. D'no Hugone Peverel, D'no Rogero de Claville, militibus, 
Will. Sangwiner, Roberto de Wodebere, Walt. Dagevill. 

From hence follow Charters transcribed at a later period. 

396. Processus placitus placeae ab hostio australi Ecclesiae 
S. Nich. usque ad summum Vicum. Anno 3 Edw. III. 

397. Breve Regis Symoni de Bereford Escaetori directum de 
eadem placea, anno 2 Edw. [sic.) 

398. Processus placitus terrae de Bradeham quae vocatur 
Island, anno 4 Edw. III. 

399. Inquisitio de terris in Bradeham. 

400. Breve Regis de 50^. solutis Regi de Eccl. Bradeham. 

401. Processus de terra de iSuth Wympel. 

402. De muro gardini Prioris S. Nich. 

403. Qualiter Prior S. Nich. sit quietus de scutagio de South 

404. Inquisitio de terra de Suth Wympel. 

405. Processus de gleba in Tadisford et Monte S. David. 

406. Breve Regis Rad'o Middelneye Escaetori in co. Som. 
Dev. Sec. direct, de placea terr^c juxta portam J^rioratus. 

407. Breve Regis Joh'i Canford Escaetori in co. Som. Dors. 
Dev. et Cornub. de placea juxta Portam S. Nich'i. 

408. De libertatibus tumberelli, &c. in civitat- Exon. Priori 
S. Nich. pertinentibus. 

409. Placita contra Will, dc l-olefbrd, de terra in Duncsford. 

2 D 2 


410. Inquisitio quod Prior S. Nich. et Conventus quieti sint de 
Theoloneo in Exon. 

411. Breve Regis Johannis de Canford, escaetori, de placea 
terrse juxta Portam S. Nicli. 

412. Carta Ricardi Wilsham Prions S. Nicholai, inspectis 
literis Walteri Abbatis de Bello, de sepultura in monasterio 
S. Nich. 

413. Carta Ricardi Prioris S. Nich. seu Ibrmula presentacionis 
ad advocacioneni cujusdam Ecclesiae. 

414. Form of a grant of the next presentation to a Church. 




Richard Fitz Gilbert, Earl of Clare, elder brother of Gilbert surnamed 
StroiJgbovv, married the sister of Ranulf second Earl of Chester. Dug- 
dale a gives the marriage on the authority of William of Jumieges ; but 
neither writer mentions her name. It occurs in the following Charter of 
lands, in Hawkedon, Suffolk, given by the Earl her husband, in 1154, 
to the Sacrist of the Abbey of St. Edmundsbury. The Countess Chris- 
tiana and her second son, Roger, are assenting parties to this grant ; 
which is extracted from the Registrum Sacristoe of the Abbey, preserved 
in the Public Library at Cambridge. 


[Registrum SacristcB, Ahhatice Burgi S. Edimmdi in Bib. Pub. 
Cantab. Fol. 54 v.] 

De ?ra de Haukedune ap Pridinton. ptiu} ad sacistam. 

Omnib} fidelib) see mris Ecce Rics filius Gilebi sahii. Sciatis qd 
Ego optuli sup altare Sci Eadm & ei cocessi & donaui inppetuam 
Elemosinam ad suiciu altaris p a'iab3 diio^ meo^'^ (noTatim Gilfeti 
comitis de clara&aHorum & oniiu antecessorum meorum) & meam 

» Baronage, vol. i. 210. W. Gemetic. apud Duchesne, 312 C, 

'' The scribe has omitted the words from one " meorum " to the other, and they 
are supplied from another copy in the same MS, fol. 120, in a later hand. 


tram q cognoTatur Haukedofi q ptinebat ad Pridintuh antiqit^ &. 
p'ter hoc acram Brichtrici videlc ilia q Jacet in? ?ras sci Eadmi 
& vnam acram p"ti q cotigua e illi ?re pdce q appftatur Hauke- 
dofi que 1 simul collecte sunt. vij. acre arabit ere &c vna acra 
p'^ti. Et pp? h=»nc donacoem recep* me Abfes Ording"' & Ecca sci 
Eadmi & 9iugem meam & libos nros in frnitatem &, i pticipacoem 
oTm bnficioa suoz Qua vt sco Edmo &, suo altari incocussa 
suetur & liba 8c ab omi suico imunis carta mea gfirmaui & 
suiciu qd de pdca ?ra antiq'tus fiebat, de residue feodi mei 
pficiam & illam sco Edo ptegam & hedes mei. Fca e Hec ante 

donaco Anno dni. Mo. C. liiij^o. Testes sunt Maurici Dapit'er 
Rogs fit Humfr' Elyas de Meleford Alwin*^ psbit'^ de Wepstede 
Eads psbit^ de Wittofi & Galfr fr suus & Godwin^ de Bulilelie. 
& Lewin^ Wisman & Wimudus. Rogs &' [etiam] filius me' huic 
in'Pfuit donacoi & ea cocessit & coiux mea Xpiana. Testib3 Rado 
Coco 5c Kado fit Gilbi de Boxstede Sc Petr de Schimpling. Sc ibi 
vbi scm Eadm inuestiui p Wimudu ho'iem sci Eadm affuut testes, 
Ric de Kan, Thurstan^ de Clopton Wilts Rontons Wal?s fit 
Wal?i, W. fit Alwini Ric le Kul. Brichtric^. Hugo fit Alstani. 
Reg's. Godefridus fit Alstani &c. 




The following curious specimen of ancient local poetry is copied from 
a small thin manuscript volume in the possession of Thomas Philip Maun- 
scll, Esq. of Thorpe Malsor, Northamptonshire, the lineal representative 
of the Hugh Mansel, of Berry End, mentioned in the poem. It is writ- 
ten in a small, cramped, and in some parts almost illegible hand, of the 
time of Charles I ; but is, I apprehend, the composition of an earlier 
period. It is followed in the volume by entries made by John Maunsell, 
Barrister at Law, then of Woodford, in Essex, but afterwards of Thorpe 
Malsor, commencing with the births, marriages, and burials of the family 
from 1539 to 160G 3 a rough genealogical sketch from Sier le jNlaunsell, 
which nearly corresponds with the poem, and is verified by references to 
deeds from s. d. to 24 Eliz. and ending with a pedigree from Richard 
Maunsell, of Chicheley, in Buckinghamshire, buried 1539, to which 
is prefixed, "Mem. Sir John Borough, being Garter King at Armes, there 


was a visitation made by Mr. Yorke and Mr. Lilly, and I being absent nt 
tlie visitation at Romford, entered my armes and pedigree as foUovveth, 
25 Sept. 1634, for wci> I paid 27s. Gd." signed " John Maunsell." 

These private documents furnish a general corroboration of the legen- 
dary tradition of the story ; but it is a most remarkable circumstance 
that almost every fact related, except the accidental murder, is confirmed 
by historical evidence from extraneous sources, as will be shown in the 
accompanying Notes. 

G. B. 

Radix Genologla Mauselline de Chichelye. 
Sier le Maunsell genuit apud Thickthorns, William, Simon, 
Roger, ut est in tabula genologia a Thoma Mausello conscripta. 

In this table here may you see 

How manye generations nowe gone we be. 

Some tyme by course we livede here, 

Wtli cark and care troubled we weare : 

But at ye laste we were soone gone. 

And soner forgotten everye one ; 

Had we not some thinge lefte behinde 

We had bene worne quite out of minde. 

But now by writing-f it may appeare 

That we sometyme in Chicheley were. 

Some riche, some pore, some simple, some wise, 

Some fortuned to good, some unfortunate thrise. 

For yt some got othar did spende. 

But blessed be God y*^ all doth sende. 

Of us sometyme, some knightes made weare, 

And in this coutrye greate rule did beare 

Ontill yt brother of brother was slayne, 

For vayne possessions & worldelye gayne. 

Then fortune begane to turne hir wheele 

And caused awayeward all to reele. 

Forthewith did Allmightye God begine 

To punishe & plague us for our synne. 

But yet at yc laste he of his grace 

Agayne in Chichelye did us place ; 

In Berrye end, & este end, seates he us sente 

That we our sinnes ther mighte repente ; 

liut when he see it would not be, 

One braunche of us eftesone cut of did he. 


But yet of his mercye for to extende 

He preferred the other in Ikrrye ende ; 

And yt they mighte repente agcayne, 

Both landf and goodf he parted in twayne, 

And for ye one he cut of y^ name 

The other he keepte wt'iouten shame. 

Wherefore remember children all 

Yt sinefull lyfe hath had a fall ; 

And that God w^h mercye his plagues did sende, 

And wtli plagues his mercye did extende, 

That we mighte once our lives amende ; 

To him he glory worlde with oute ende. 

Sier ^ the syer of us all, a man of micle grace, 

Above ye corner (as I reed) at Tickthorns^ had his place; 

This Sier did at Turvye take a wife as may appeare, 

For yt thre lovelye sisters then of Turvye ladyes weare, 

The eldest Mordane, ye second Ardes, ye 3 Mausell did take,e 

And these thre men wtli one accorde ther living^ ther did make. 

And Ardf y* so erneste was ther mindinge to abide, 

Ferste placed was uppon ye hill under ye hard wood syde. 

" Sier is doubtless intended for Saher or Seher, no uncommon name in the 12th and 
13th centuries, and the orthography is not improbably varied for the purpose of pro- 
ducing the pun excited by its synonyme. Ralph Mansel held a fee of the new feoffment 
from Gervase Paganell in 14 Hen. II. 1167, (Lib. Nig. p. 140.) ; and by deed s. d. 
with the consent of Cecily his wife, and Sehcr his son and heir, and for the souls of his 
father and mother, and his sons Gilbert, Roger, Simon, William, and Hugh, gave his 
land of '• Cuculmes ho" (qu. where ?) to Tickford priory, near Newport Pagnell, in 
Buckinghamshire. (Mon. Ang. ii. p. 912.) This grant was made in the presence of, 
and confirmed by, his lord Gervase Paganell, (ibid.) and must have been anterior 
to 1187 (33 Hen. II.) as the general confirmatory Charter from Gervase to the priory, 
in that year, includes all the men and lauds, meadow and pasture, and woods, liberties} 
and ways, of the gift of Ralph Mansel! and Cecily his wife. (Ibid. p. 911.) 

*> The manor of Tickthornes orTliickthornes in Chicheley and Hardmead, near New- 
port Pagnell, was part of the original endowment of Tickford Priory by Fulke Paga- 
nell. (Ibid. i. p. 686'.) 

' The "three lovely sisters " were the daughters of William de Alneto, and sisters 
and coheiresses of Hugh de Alneto, of Turvey in Bedfordshire and Maidford in North- 
amptonshire. Of this family an ample account will be found in that exceedingly 
rare and splendid work, Halstead's Genealogies, and in the portion of the History of 
Northamptonshire now in the press. The matches with Mordane, or Mordaunt, and 
Ardres, are historically correct. William de Alneto gave to Eustace le Mordaunt (an- 
cestor of the Earls of Peterborough) with Alice his eldest daughter a moiety of all the lands 
of his vill of Turvey, to hold by the service of half a fee, (Halstead, p. 447.) and Hugh 
de Alneto gave to Richard, the son of his sister Sarah, a moiety of his land of Turvey, 
free from all service save what belonged to the King for so much of tho said fee ; 
(ibid. p. 13.) which Richard, by the name of Richard dc Ardres, sold to his cousin 



And Mordane yt soe dealye was to the y'^ him w^li stoode, 

Placed was in ye midle vale under y^selfe same woode. 

And Sier le Maiisell was, accordinge to his will, 

Placed nere unto y*^ toppe of y^ other hill/^ 

This Sier ther a sone begotte, & Willia ^ did him name, 

Who did his mother ther succeed inheritinge y^ same ; 

For when his mother buried was, & Willia of age pleine, 

Then did his father suffer him at Turvye still remeane. 

And he himselfe at Tickethornes bood f wher was his great delight. 

And yet he had at eche place y*^ companye of ij knightes. 

For as ser Mordan & ser Ardf at Turvye dwelt him nere, 

Soe at Tickthornes by him dwelt ser Gedney & ser Bublere ; 

This to be true that I here wrote all ye yt doute I praye 

That ye will take y^ paynes to reede y" booke called Domesday. 

Then Witt did at Turvye get a soe Sapso by name, 

W^hom Sier did to Tickthornf take & gave to him y^ same. 

For when Sier was dedde and goiie Sampson at Tickthornes dwelte, 

And William like a good father wtl» Turvye was contente. 

This Sampson did a soe begett, and John S he did him call. 

Whom he broughte upp in knowledge greate, & in ye vertues all. 

This Jhon, in knowledge of y^ lawe who lerned was right well, 

Hen rye ye therd cheefe Justice made of Englande I you tell. 

And after one of ye xij peer, as chronicles witnesse, 

Those he was in ye wholl realme to sett at quietnesse ; 

William le Mordaunt, son of Eustace, liis share in the mill of Turvey. (ibid. p. 453.) 
The existence of the third sister is apocryphal, and the poem is the only authority, 
if it can be deemed such, for the marriage with Maunseil ; which, however, is not 
unsupported by presumptive evidence. It will subsequently appear that the family cer- 
tainly had an interest in Turvey ; that local spots within the lordship were designated 
by their name ; and the variation in the terms of the grants from William de AIneto the 
father, and Hugh the son, must not be forgotten. The former expressly includes a 
moiety of his vill by the service of half a fee; consequently a moiety only of the vill 
would descend to Hugh; his grant is only of a moiety of his Ia7ids, and the remaining 
moiety of his lands, or quarter of the vill, might pass to Maunseil with the third sister. 

"I Eustace de Mordaunt, for the souls of himself and his wife Alice (AIneto), granted 
to Caldwell Priory, near Bedford, lands in Turvey abutting upon the way which leads to 
the Church of Turvey over " Mansellshull." (Halstead, p. 449.) 

" H^lliam Mancell attested more than one conveyance of lands in Turvey from 
Eustace le Mordaunt. (Halstead, p. 14 and 448.) 'Abode. 

K This John is an interpolation introduced for the embellishment of the tale. There 
was, however, a contemporary John Mansell, ancestor of the Lords Mansel, (Collins's 
Peerage (1741 ) vol. iv. p. 266.) who was Lord Keeper of the Great Seal, not Chief 
Justice of England, and it seems the poet was not able to resist the temptation of 
appiopiiating l>im. 


Wherof after ensued greate strife, for y^ y^ barrens wente 

Wtli ye comons agaynst y^ kinge in Oxford parlamte. 

This John, then at Thickthornes had ij sons as doth appeare, 

The youngest Willia, y^ eldeste was Thomas to him full dere ; 

This Thomas then at man's estate his father's parte did take, 

And wth ye comons did avise y^ barrons warre to make. 

To Nottinghame strayghte waye he wente, as Polidore^i expresse, 

Wher at y^ last he taken was & put in greate distresse. 

But when y^ barrons warre was done & he delivered was, 

Eftesone herto his father's home w^li him his time to 

She was some time one Tickthorne's wife, and came of saving 
Woodei she was for y*^ Thomas unto his father came, [blud. 

For then she had here doughter dere betrothed to Willia, 
Meaninge therby to gett Thickthornf to y^ l)lud agayne 
Of her husband y^ some tymewas, by joyning of them twayne. 
W^h thinge she now perceaved well she could not bring to passe, 
For yt it was her husbandf minde to geve it to Thomas. 
Wherfore she sought meanes all she could this Thomas for to kill, 
And her daughter at Thickthorne's place, such was her wicked 
She never lefte until Willia w^h him a huntinge wente, [will. 

And eche of them ther standingf took with hisboereadye bente. 
And when the game chanced to come to Thomas somewhat nye, 
Then eche of them aimed at the game ther arrowes to let flye. 
And Thomas did the game then strike, but stroake he was w^^^all, 
His brother's arrow did him hitt y' to y^ grounde he fall ; 
Then <owe alasse,' cried all men ther, 'what cruell chance is this, 
That in pastime of brothers twayne y^ one now thus slayne is,' 
And one strayghte way to ther father went & sayd, 'Of yo"" sones 

Alas (good lord) by cruell chauceone hathe y^ other slayne.' 
'Th k (qouth he) Lord why live I to se this woefull daye ; 
Yf this be true, the eldeste is then slayne I dare well say ; 
The yonger hathe y^ marke it selfe then hit wherat he shett. 
But yet (by . . . . ) 1 assure y« game he never gett.' 
Forthw'l' his father in greate rage his landf conveyde awaye. 
And gave Tickthornes to Tickford house for his soulle for to pray. 
Soe he in places manye moe bestoed as he thoughte goode. 
And litle lefte his sonne Willia he was w*'' him soe woode.> 

'' I'olydoie N'irgil. ' Of an ill-tfn»iier, angry, '' Tlien ? 


But at ye lasle, by meanes of frendf, Turvye he lefte his wife, 
And y' Willia should have y^ same when she ended her life. 
But Willia . . . unthriftie still, soe sone as his frendf wente, 
To Mordane strayghte waye Turvye sold ^ & all y*^ he had, spente. 
And in Chichelye likewise he sold land ^ w^h cae by his wife, 
And shortly e had her nothinge lefte, had he not lefte his life- 
But at ye laste when he gone was, litle y* did remeane 
Betwene her sones Hughe & Willia she parted them in twayne. 
Thus when Mansell wtl» Thickthornes blud mingled, Tickthornes 

he loste, 
And Turvye sold then quite awaye, so maried to his coste ; 
But thoughehe be fro Turvye thus with Ardf '" worne qite awaye, 
Yet Ardf wod & MaCisell hill ther names beare to this daye. 
And thoughe he have thus Thickthornes loste, yet for remeb^nce 
The p'ore for him did daylye praye soe long as a bestode, [good, 
In Tickthorne's Chappell mas he songe untill y*^ it was done, 
And after y* his . . . . sayde at churche in Chichelye towne. 
Thus Mansellf land was made awaye, unknone be of his nae, 
Save y* when men olde writingf reed y^y chance .... on y^ sae. 
Thus women more wicked then ought was never well contente 
Untill she had her purpose wrought, w^h we may all repente. 
Thus God justelye his plagues did sende, desyring quit the place, 
As he had done, ther stocke alsoe, save y^ he shewed grace. 
But w"^!! justice he mercye shewed, & Hughe in Buriende" 
Ferste place he did, the Willia is placed in Estende ; 
From Estend nowe y^ stocke is gone. Si nae worne qite awaye, 
Save yt wher Willia dwelte caled is, Witt Mansellf at this daye." 

* Substituting Sampson for John, as the father of Thomas and William, this portion 
of the narrative is completely authenticated by unquestionable evidence ; for U^illiani son 
of Sampson le Mansell of Tiirvy by deed dated on the day of the Annunciation of the 
blessed Virgin (25 Marchj 15 Edw. I. (1287) sold to William, son of William le Mor- 
daunt, all his lands in " Chechle," (Halstead, p. 456'.) and though the conveyance of 
Mansell's lands iu Turvey is not extant, yet the fact is placed beyond doubt by the license 
which William le Mordaunt had in 25 Edw. I. (1297) to enclose his wood of " Mancels- 
grove," with other lands in Turvey, and convert them into a park (ibid. p. 457). 

"' Thomas D'Ardres in 49 Edw. III. (1375) conveyed to Robert Mordaunt of Turvey 
all his lands of Turvey, in exchange for lands at Shephale, Herts, (ibid. p. 471.) 

" From Hugh of Berry End have descended two branches, both now seated in North- 
amptonsliire ; the elder represented, as already stated, by Tlioraas Philip Maunsell, Esq. 
of Thorp Malsor ; and the second by John Christopher Mansell, Esq. of Cosgrave. 

G. B. 




Continued from p. 283. 
IMS. Reg. 2 B. xiv.a] 

Primo die Marcij anno dni Miitmo CCCC'^^o octogesimo 
octauo & anno regni Regis Henr' vij"" quarto, Ira dnicali D. 
obijt Isabella Barre, nup Comitissa Devon' ac nup censors 
Thome Bourgchier senioris, Militis, vnius filiox Henr' nup 
Comitis Essex'. 

xviijf^ die Marcij anno dni Miitmo CCCCo Ixxiiijto Ira dnicali 
A. nata est Johanna Bourgchier, filia Thome Bourgchier, Militis, 
8c Isabelle consortf sue Comitisse Devon'. 

ii. non. Apr. [4 Apr.] Obitus illustrissimi dni dni Henrici 
Bourgchr, Comitis Essex', Ira dnicali E. A^ dni M'^o CCCCmo 

xxiiijto die Apr it anno dni Miitmo CCCCn>o Ixxiiij^o y^^l 
dnicali B. nata est Isabella Bourgchier, filia Thome Bourgchier, 
Militfet Isabelle consortf sue, Comitisse Devon'. 

ii. id. Aug. [12 Aug.] Obitus Henrici Bourgchier, jfilij dne 
Isabelle, Comitisse Essex' et Sororis Rici Ducis Eboz, anno dni 
jVJmo CCCC'"o quinquagesimo octauo. 

vi. non. Oct. [2 Oct.] Obitus illustrissime dhe diie Isabelle, 
Comitisse Essex', consortis Henrici Bourgchier, Comitis Essex', 
Ira dnicali E. A" dni M'»o CCCC'^o Ixxxiiijo. 

iii. kl. Jan. [30 Dec] Obitus Rici Ducis Ebo^, anno dni 
Miitmo CCCCmo sexagesimo. 

Edwardus Bourgchier, filius dne Isabelle, Comitisse Essex', et 
sororis eiusd' Ducis, obijt eisdmdie et anno suprascriptf. 

* The volume from which the above extracts are copied, is a Psalter preceded by a 
Calendar, written on vellum, about the middle of the fifteenth century, and belonged to 
the family of Bourchier. On the first page of the Psalter, on the lower margin, is em- 
blazoned the following coat of arms, viz. Quarterly, 1 and 4, Argent, a cross Gules ; 

2 and 3, Gules, a fess Argent between 12 Bezants, disposed above 3, 3, below 
3, 2, 1 ; inopaling, quarterly, France and England, a label of 3 points Argent, each bearing 

3 Torteaux. Supporters, two eagles Argent, armed and beaked Or, the bird on the 
left stands on a fetterlock Or, and Bourchier knot. Thiso are the arms of Henry 
Bourchier, Earl of Essex, and of his wife, Isabel, sister of Richard Uuke of York. At 
the end of the MS. is the autograph of T. BounoCHiEu. 


[MS. Trill. Coll. Duhl. A. 1. 10.»^] 

Ser Henri Gate, "| The berthe of my chylklerne, the ouer 
Knyght.c /and the daye, w"^ the names of the god- 

fathers and mothers wrytyne w* my none hande, Henri Gate. 

The berdie of Mary my furst dauter the xiiij daye of October, 
the wyche was tusdaye, In the aufter nowne, betux vj and vij 
of the cloke, the dayt of oure lorde god A thousande v houndere 
xhiij, at Syone nonerye; godffathers, Cramer archebushop of Can- 
terbury ; godmothers, my lady Deny and my suster Mary Gate. 

Henri Gate. 

The berthe of Elleybethe my seconde dauttere was at Syone 
the seconde day of January, the wyche was satterdaye. In the 
auter nowne, betux ix and x of the cloke at nyght, the yer 
of ouer lorde god, A 1546 ; godfather, ser Wyman Caru, 
knyght; godmouthers, my old ladye Darbye, and my lady 
Henao-e. Henri Gate. 

The berthe of Edward my Furst sonne was at Syone the xxiiij 
day of Aprelle, wyche was one the sondaye, In the autere noune, 
betux V and vj of the cloke, the yere of ouer lorde god A 
1547; godffauthers, the duke of Soumersete and my brother ser 
Johne Gate, knyght ; ^ god mother, the duches of Souffolke, 
Wyllyby. Henri Gate. 

*> Prefixed to a copy of the Wycliffite translation of the New Testament, which is of 
considerable curiosity and interest from its having belonged to John Pervie, one of the 
early Reformers. The entries have been written by Sir Henry Gate on the fly-leaves 
ofthe volume. 

«= His wife was Lucy, daughter of Charles Knevett, by Jane Stafford, whose illus- 
trious pedigree will be found in p. 2,98 antea, and is set forth in Lady Gate's epi- 
taph, at Seamer, four miles from Scarborough; the following imperfect copy of which is 
from MS. Add. 5524, f. 28 ; " Quiescit hie nobilis Uouiina Lucia Gate, cliarissima 
conjux preclari viri Henrici Gate, equitis aurati ; filia Caroli Knevetti, filii [Gulielmi 
Kuevetti, equltis auratij et conjugis Janae, filiae et heredis Humphredi ducis Bucklng- 
hamiae, et Annae, consortis suae, filiae Radulphi primi Comitis Westmerlandiae, sororis 
dominae Ceciiiae, matris potentissimi regis Edwardi, patris regiuse Elizabethae, matris 
invictissimi regis Henrlcl 8. Cujus Humphredi BuckinghamiK ducis mater Anna, 

filia fuit et ex ase heres Thomae Plantageniataede Woodstock, ducis Glocestriae, minoris 
filii magnl Regis Ed. 3. progenita ex Eleonora consorta sua, filia et una hercdum Hum- 
phredi de Bohun, comitis Herefordiie, Essexise, et Notingamptouiae [sic] constabularii 
Anglioe, &c. ob. 1 Oct. 1577, in Edlbus Semeriis." 

'' Who was involved in the treason of tlie Duke of Northumberland, and beheaded 
with him, Aug. 22, 1533. 


The berthe of Johne my seconde sone was at Haveryng of the 
bowthe [Bower], the xij of desembere, wyche was wedynsdaye, 
In the aufter nowiie, be tuxe vij and viij, the yere of the lorde 
gode A 1548. In the seconde yer of the rayne of Edvvarde the 
syex ; godffathers, the dwke of Northumberlonde and the lord 
Amerell Semare ; godmother, the old lady Gate, my mother.^ 

Henri Gate. 

The berthe of Wyllyame Gate my thurde sonne was at Pergo 
besyde Hauyryng, the seconde daye of June, wyciie was mondaye, 
In the aufter nowne, betuxe ix and x of [the] cloke, the yere 
of ower lorde gode A 1550. the fortlie yere of the rayne of 
kyng Edvvarde the syexe ; godfathers, the lord markes of 
Northamtone and the erll' of Warwyke ; godmother, my lady 
Clyntone, tlie erll' of Kylldare dauter, the wyche boye dye or 
ever he was a monthe holde, and ys beryde at Chynkeford, in 
Esex. Henri Gate. 

The berthe of Francys f my thourde dautter was at Kew the 
xxix day of January, wyche was sonanday, In the mornyng 
betux one and too of the cloke, the yere of oure lorde god A 
1551 ; godfauther, my lorde of Bedflforde; godmothers, my lady 
Francyes SoufFolke and the duches of Northumberlande. 

Henri Gate. 

The berthe of Katerene s my Forthe dautere was In Londone 
in redcrosse strete, the xxiiij daye of desember, betux ix and x 
of the cloke at nyght, the yere of ower lorde god, A 1553, the 
furst yere of the quyne Mary ; godmothers, hur hynest [High- 
ness] and mystrys Clarrencheus ; godffather, M, Rysse that was 
of the prevye chambere. Henri Gate. 

The berthe of Harrye my forthe sonne h was In Londone, 
bysyde Smytheftyelld, the xxvj day of maye, beyng mondaye, 
In the fore nowne, betux x and xj of the cloke, the yere of oure 
lorde god A 1555. In the furstc and seconde yere of the 
Rayne of Phelepe and Marye ; godfirthers, tlie yerll of Penbroke 
and M. Rochester, comtroler of housold ; godmother, the 
countcs of Arwndeir. By me Henri Gate. 

•■ Elizabeth, daughter of Sir William Clopton, widow of Sir Jeffrey Gate. 

' Afterwards married to John Alured of Charter House, near Hull. 

K Subsequently married to Sir Charles Egerton. 

•> Ancestor of the Gates of Gosberton, Lincolnshire. 


[MS. Sloan. 2565.i] 

xvo Feb nat' fuit Robt^ terc' fil' dci Clementf , circa hora vj 
pt mered', et fuit dies ven) is. A" dni M l v^ xvo. 

xviij" die Febr' circa hor' viij p* nona, nat' fuit clemens Har- 
leston scdus fit Clementf Harleston armigeri, & fuit dies Sabbati, 
ao dfii Ml v^ xiij°. 

Monday the xxvij day of October' in the xxxj yer' of the 
Rayne of Kynge Henry the viij at ix of the cloke at nyte wase 
Robrte Harleston borne, the sone of Jhon Harleston, at sowthe 
wokyngdon in Es . . . ; hys god fathers, i clemont Harleston, & 

[a line cutoff by the binder^ bossheyped in the parlamente 

chamber be the bychope of Yorke. 

xxviijo die mcij, hora vij pt mered', a^ dfii M^ vc xjo natus fuit 
Johesfitet heres Clementf Harleston, et fuit tunc diesvenlis. 

IMS. Add. 5495 k] 

Norn et partus filior. etfiliar. R. Hales. 

The third day of Aprill, Anno Dom. 1638, betweene eleuen 
& twelue of the Clocke in the Forenoone, by y'^ spetiall mercye 
& prouidence of God, my wife was happily safely deliuered of 
her first Child & first borne sonne Thomas, who was Christ- 
ened the first day of October following at London, in Aldersgate 
Church : his Godfathers were, my father Tho. Hales, Esq. and 
my Brother in Law Thomas Longeuile, Esq. of Bradwell, in 
Buckinghamshire ; his Godmother, my Sister Mi^'^ Elizabeth 

' A Breviary or book of Hours, and Calendar, written and illuminated in the Low 
Countries about the middle of the 15th century. It belonged in the reign of Henry the 
Eighth to the Harlestone family, as appears by the entries in the Calendar above copied. 
At fol. 18, is the autograph of •' M'res Margaryte Harlyston'." It was probably pre- 
sented by a member of this family to Queen Mary, in whose possession it afterwards was, 
as is evident from the royal arms and the letters M. R. stamped on the cover. 

l' On a slip of paper prefixed to a volume of miscellaneous papers which formerly 
belonged to R. Hales. At p. 147, are some memoranda by him in which he mentions 
his sister Dorothy, his brothers Samuel, Thomas, Luke, aud Stephen, his brothers 
Loaguevile and Short, and his sister Kennett. 





{Continued from p. 208.] 

County. Monasteiies. In whose possession, or where existin". 

IMaiden Bradley, see Bradley. 

Wilts. Malmsbury MS. Cott. Faust. B. viir. Transcript 

of do. Sir Tho. Phillipps. 

MS. Lansd. 417. {ol. J. West, 1/63.) 

MS. Wood, 5 Bodl. Libr. {olim Will. 

Brewster, 1697 — .T.) Transcript 
of do. Sir T. Phillipps, No. 73. 

King's Rememb. Office, Exchequer. 

(2 vols.) Will. Bayliff, of Monkton, Wilts.— T. 

Warneford. {Excerpts from do. 

MS. James 8, Bodl. Libr.) 

York. Malton MS. Cott. Claud. D. xi. {olim Sir 

Chr. Hatton.) 

Lane. Manchester Dean and Chapter. — D. 

York. Marhara Sir John Hare of Stowhall, Norf. 

1G32.— D. {Excerpts from do. 
MS. Harl. 294.) 

Nott. Mattersey John Neville. — T. Jacobus Neville. — Ashm. 

York. Melsa, or Meaux MS. Cott. Vitell. C, vi. 

MS. Lansd. 424. {olim Sir Chr. 

Hyllyard 1553. postea James, Bp. 
of Lincoln, 1G99.— T. See MS. 
Harl. 6975, and J. West, 1763.) 

Dean and Chapter, York. — D. 

■ St. Mary's Tower, York, 1 639. {olim 

Sir Chr. Hildiard, 1 627.)—Dodsw. 

Sir Will. Alford.— D.a 

Phil. Hildiard of East Horsey, Surrey, 

1 688.— T. 
Mr. Hilliard.— ./4*//m.b 

» Qy. the same as the one in the Hbrary of Sir Tho. Phillipps, which was bouglit at 
tlie sale of Augustin Cooper's MSS. at Dublin. 

'' Tliis must be the same as one of tiiose previously mentioned. 


County. Monasteries. In whose possession, or where existing. 

Sir Will. Ayrmine, 1 637.— T. 

John Smith of Heath.— T. 

Sir Tho. Phillipps, Bart. No. 64/8. 

{ol. Sir Chr. Hyllyard of Wyestede, 
1640.) Transcript of do, MS. 
Lansd. 207. C.and MS. Dodsworth, 
vol. Ixix. Bodl. Libr. 

J. B. Nichols, Westminster, 1833. 

Warw. Merival, or De Miravalle Rich. Chamberlayne, Registrar of 

Court of Wards. — D. 

. Quoted by Burton, Hist. Leicest. 

Surr. Merton MS. Cott. Cleop. C. vii. 

MS. Laud, E. 54, Bodl. Libr. 

(Rentale) MS. Coll. Arm. 28. 

Suff. Metingham Duke of Buckingham, Stow, No. 78. 

{olim P. Le Neve, T. Martin, and 
J. Ives, posted T. Astle.b) 
Cornw. St. Michael's Mount . . . William Earl of Salisbury. — D. 

Dors. Middleton King's Rememb. Office, Excheq. — T. 

Buck. Missenden MS. Harl. 3688. 

. Lady Dormer. — D. 

Edw. Coke of Holkham, Norf. 1715.— T. 

Monk-Bretton, see Bretton. 

Northd. Morpeth Ld. W, Howard of Naworth. — D. 

Hamp. Mottisfont King's Rememb. Office, Excheq. — D. 

Sir Charles Mill, Bt. 1833. 

Norf. Mountjoy Clement Heme of Haverland. — T. 

(fragment) ^^^ill. Bladwell of Swanington. — T. 

Abstract of do. P. Le Neve.— T. 

Hunt. St. Neot's MS. Cott. Faust. A. ivS 

" Sacristae." .... Duke of Buckingham, Stowe, No. 88. 

(olim Tho. Astle.d) 

Line. Neuho (Excerpts) P. Le Neve. 

York. Newburgh St. Mary's tower, York (?) — Dodsw. 

Bedf. Newenham MS. Harl. 3956. (olhn H. Wanley, 

1715.— T.) 

b This is the same which in Booth's Catalogue, 1773, No. 5420, is marked 3/. 3s. 
At Ives's sale in 1777, lot 482, it was bought by Astle for \l. 5s. 

c A complete abstract is given in Gorham's St. Neot's, Suppt. pp. v — Ivii. The 
Registrum of St. Neot's, mentioned by Tanner as in the possession of the Earl of Kent, 
is not a cartulary, but a volume containing some extracts from the Cottonian volume, 
with others from the Cartularies of Colne and Evesham ; now MS. at Wrest, No. 9, 
It is the same volume which has been mentioned as a cartulary under Colue and Evesham, 
in pp. 1S9, 202 antea, both which entries should therefore be erased. 

'* An abstract will be found in Gorham's St. Neot's, Suppt. pp. Iviii — Ixvi. 


County. Monasteries. In whose possession, or where existing. 

Dev. Newenham MS. Arund. 1 7, Br. Mus. {oUm Duke 

of Norfolk, 1G47.— D.) 

Ld. Will. Howard, 1 589. 

Sir Tho. Phillipps. {oUm Rob. Rolle 

of Heanton Sackville, I COG. — T. 

postca AVill. Wavel, M.D. of Barn- 
staple.) Transcript of do. James 

Davidson, of Sector, near Axmin- 

ster, 1833. 
Sir Henry St. George, Garter King 

of Arras. — T. Transcript of do. J. 

Anstis. — T. 
Buck, Newenton Longueville (2 vols.) New College, Oxf. — T. 

Northd. Newrainster Lord W. Howard of Naworth. — D. 

Buck, Newport Pagnel, or Painel Henry Duke of Kent, 1739. (oUtn 

Cecil.) -T. 

Ess. Newport Pond Dean and Chapter, Westminster.— T. 

Line. Newsora, or Newhouse Lady Pelham of Brocklesby, 1G46. 

— T. (Sir W. Pelham.— D.) Mr. 

Pelham. — A. 

Lord Yarborough (?) IBSO.c 

Nott. Newstcad King's Rememb. Office, Excheq. — D. 

Coll. Arm. No, 60. {olim Michael 

Burton, 1710.) 
Lord Byron. Ashmole. (Sir J. Byron, 

1G40.— D, 

Robert Earl of Kingston. — T. 

Vicar of Mansfield, (?) Notts. 1827. 

Northt. Northampton, St. Andrew, MS. Cott. Vcsp. E. {olim Sir 

Chr. Hatton.) 
MS, Reg, 1 1 B, IX. Br. Mus. {olim 

John Theyer — T.) 

Rich, Neale, Bishop of Durham. — T. 

Sir John Lamb, 1G41.— D. (? 

{in Rotulo) Harding, of Portsea, co. Hants, 


St James MS. Cott. Tib. E. v.'l 

Robert Tanfield, of Inner Temple. 

{Vincent's Excerpts from c/o. MS. 

Coll, Arms, No. 218.) 
Norton, see Cold Norton. 

" Qy. the same as Lady reiham's, 'i Injured in tlie fire of 1731. 

2 E 


County. Monasteries. In whose possession, or where existing. 

Noif. Norwich, Holy Trinity. . (7 vols.) Dean and Chapter, Norwich. 

(See Tanner.) 

Edmund Thiinelthorpe, 1714. 

Carhow, (Rotulus) John IV^hiting, ICOO. — D. 

Analecta MSS. Tanner, Bodl. Libr. 

St. Giles Archives of the City of Norwich. 

York. Nostcll MS. Cott. Vesp. E. xix. {olim Sir 

Chr. Hatton.) 

Charles Fairfax, of Menston, 1 632.— 

D. (Excerpts from do. MS. Dods- 
worth, vol. Ixxxviii.) 

Charles Winn, of Nostell, 1832. (Sir 

Rowland Wynne, 1714.— T.) 

Buck. Notley Lord Abingdon. — T. 

' {in Rotulo) Christ Church Coll. Oxford.— T. 

Line. Nun Coton,or Cotham. . Sir Dudley North, 1659. — D. 
AVarw. Nuneaton (in Rotulo) . . Dean and Chapter, Lichfield. — D. 
York. Nun Keling, See Keling. 

Line. Ormesby ■ Rokeby of Skyres, 1632. — Dodsw. 

— — Robert Rockley, of Rockley, co. York, 

1638.— D. (? pro Rockby.) 

Oxf. Oseney MS. Cott. Vitell. E. xv. e 

King's Rememb. Office, Excheq. — D. 

C. C. Coll. Oxf. {ol. Walt. Cope,— T.) 

John Stowe, 1591.— T. 

Augustine Steward. — Dodsw. 

-{fragment) MS. Add. 4783. Brit. Mus. {olim 

Henry Earl of Clarendon, 1696.) 
Leic. Osulveston (Rentale) . . . MS. Cott. Claud. C. v. 

(fragment) Publ. Libr. Carabr. Dd. iii. 87. 

Otterton John Anstis. 

{Rentale) Francis Coleridge, of Ottery, co. 

Devon. 1833. 
Oxf. Oxford, St. Frideswide, Christ Church Coll. Oxford.— D. 

or Christ Church. 

Corp. Chris. Coll. Oxf. No. 1 60. (olim 

Brian Twyne.— T.) 

All Souls Coll All Souls Coll.— T. 

Bahol Coll Baliol Coll.— T. 

Brazen Nose Coll. Brazen Nose Coll. — T. 

Corp.ChristiColl.. . Corjius Christi Coll. — T. 

>; Injured In the fire of 1731. 


Monasteries. In whose possession, or where existing. 

Exeter Coll Exeter Coll.— T. 

St. John's Coll . . . Public Library Cambriflge. 

Lincoln Coll Line. Coll. — T. 

■ Magdalen Coll. . . . Magdalen Coll.— T. 

. . . MS. Harl. 4240. 

Merton Coll Merton Coll.— T. 

New Coll New Coll.— T. 

Oriel Coll MS. Lansd. 386. (olim Rich. Graves, 

and Ja. West, 1/31.) 

Queen's Coll Queen's Coll. — T. 

University Coll. . . University Coll.— T. 

P. & M. 

Additions to and Corrections of the List of Monastic 
Cartularies in the jJ resent Volume. 

P. 75. Soin. Bath. The " Red Book of Bath/' belongiiig to the 
Marquis of Bath, is not a Cartulary, but a miscellaneous collection of 
Historical and Theological tracts. 

Sussex. Battle. Sir Godfrey Webster's two Cartularies of 

Battle Abbey, with Casley's transcript, have been since sold to Mr. 
Thorpe the Bookseller. 

P. 77. ''Buck. Brecknock," read " Breck." 

York. Bretton. For " Whalley," read " Woliey." Tn Dugdale's 
time this Cartulary was in the hands of John Wentworth, of tlie same 

For MS. Lansd. 407, correct 405. It previously belonged, in 170"3, 
to James AVest. 

Dodsworth often cites a Cartulary of this house in the possession 
of Sir Francis Wortley, 1C38. 

(ilouc. " Billiswyke," read " Billcswyke." A transcript was among 
the MSS. of Seyer of Bristol. 

Suff. Brusyard. This Cartulary is now in the possession of Lord 

P. 78. Line BulUngton. For " Methuen," read " Mctham." 

Suff. Bury St. Edmund : add, 

" Curteys." Transcript of part, Sir Thomas Phillipps, Bt. 

" Cocjuinarii". . . . Douay library, Flanders. 

" Consuctudinarium." Transcript, Sir T. Phillipps. {^olim 


St. Saviour, for " 1 792," read " 3792." 
2 E 2 


P. 79. 1. ult. for "afterwards," read ''previously." 
P. 197. Kent. Canterbury, Christ Church. Abstract of a Cartulary, 
made iu 1628. MS. Add. 550G. 4. Br. Mus. {ol. Edw. Hasted.) 

p. 198, St. Sepulchre (frayment) MS. Add. 5516. 

2. Br. Mus. {ol. Edw. Hasted.) 

P. 199. Clare. For "Lady Stanhope," read " Lord Stanhope.- — D." 

St. Austin. The MS. Jermyn is a copy of MS. Harl. 4835. 

Colne. Cole's MS. vol. 59, is a transcript of Mrs, Holgate's Cartulary. 

Essex. Colchester. In 1 784 the Cartulary of St. John's was in 

possession of the Hon. Philip Yorke. Lord Hardwicke's name ought to 

have been attached to the original, not to the transcript ; but on inrpiiry 

it should seem that the Cartulary is, at present, missing. 

P. 200. Coventry. For " Archdeacon's office," read " City Archives." 

Leic. For " ," read " Croxton." 

Line. Croyland. MS. Cole, vol. 44, is a transcript of Mrs. ^V'ing- 
ficld's Cartulary. 

Deib. Darley. MS. Cole, vol. 21, is a copy of Farmer's MS. 
P. 204. Glouc. Gloucester. The late Lord Scudamore is said to 
have possessed a Cartulary of St. Peter's. 

P. 205. Shrop. Haghmon. Dele the reference to MS. Harl. 2188, 
which only contains a few Excerpts. The Cartulary noted as belonging 
to ^A'^ alter Barker, John Kynaston, and Mrs. Corbet, proves, as conjec- 
tured, to be one and the same volume ; a transcript of it was in the pos- 
session of the late Rev. Edw. Williams. (See before, in p. 374.) 

Bedf. Harewood. This MS. of Walter Clavcl, belonged, in 

17G3, to J. West. There is an abridgement of it in MS. Lansd. 391. 

Clouc. Hayles. MS. Harl. 3725. In reality, the first portion of 
this MS. is only a Chronicle of Hayles, and the second is a Chronicle of 
A hereon wey, intermixed with a few Charters. 

P. 207. Norf. Langley. The Cartulary, stated to belong to the Pub- 
lic Library, Cambridge, is, in reality, in the Bodleian Library, and marked 
Bodl. 242. (1926-.) 

Glouc. Lanthony. The late Lord Scudamore appears to have pos- 
sessed six vols, including " Lanthony," " Prima," and '^ Secunda." 

P. 208. Shrop. LilleshuU. It is supposed that Sir Richard Leveson 
exchanged the Cartulary of Lilleshull to Sir Richard Lee for that of 
Shrewsbury abbey, between the years 1636 and 1638. (Blakeway's 
History of Shrewsbury, ii. 138.) When Stevens compiled his Supple- 
ment to the Monasticon, the Lilleshull Cartulary was in the possession 
of John Smith, Esq. of Acton Burnell, whose father Sir Edward Smith, 
Bart, had married the daughter and coheir of Sir Richard Lee, 



P. 11. In lines 32, 33, the names of Robert and Thomas arc put 
for tliose of Edward ajid John, who were both Earls of Kent, 

P. 47, line 5, for Swarston, read Snarston. 

P. 55, line 8, for ^A^issington, read Nassington. 

P. 92. It is probable that Beatrix Lady Talbot was a member of the 
Portuguese family of Pinto, which is the only house in Portugal that 
bears the five crescents in saltier as displayed on her seal. 

P. 228. Mr. Lloyd here states, from Domesday Book, that " Roger, 
the son of Corbet, held of Earl Roger, all that tract of land since known 
by the name of the hundred of Ford, with part of Chirbury and Con- 
dover hundreds, which in the whole consisted of nine and thirty manors 
or hamlets." The number of manors or vills in the County of Salop 
and borders of Wales adjoining, stated in Domesday Book to be held by 
Roger son of Corbet, is only twenty-four ; of which, eleven are situated 
in that part of Shropshire which now constitutes the hundred of Ford, 
There is, however, every reason to believe that the Roger who held 
" Ministrehe," ''Alretone," and "Alberberie" under Earl Roger de 
Montgomery was the same individual as Roger son of Corbet. His 
brother Robert, son of Corbet, also held fifteen manors or vills ; of 
which three only he within the same hundred, nearly all the others 
being witliin the hundred of Chirbury. 

The manor of Ford itself, whence the name of the hundred, was not 
in possession of either of the brothers, being retained by Earl Roger de 
Montgomery in his own hands, as a reference to Domesday Book 
will show. G. M. 

P. 254. The two pedigrees in this page both represent the heiresses of 
Creuker or Crevecoeur, and their descendants ; but the names are thrown 
much out of place. The following table of their true positions has been 
communicated by the Rev. Thomas Streatfield, F.S.A. 
Hamo de Crevecoeur. =pMatildn de Averenc'. 

Agnes .=pNicliolas de Isolda.=j=Johu de Aliauor.=^Beitram Isabel,^=IIenry de 
Sandwich. I Lenhani. 4^deCriol. d. s. p. Gaunt. 

John de Sand— t-. . . . John de Len- 

— [-. . . . juim lie Lien — r-. 

John de Segrave. — Juliana. Juliana (or rather Alianor according 
to the generally received accounts). 

P. 2/7, 1. penult. Paul Wythypole was third son of John \Vythy- 
pole, and was of London. He married Anne, dau. of Robert Cursonne, 
of Brightwell, co. Suff. by whom he had issue Edmund and Elizabeth. 
MS. Add. (Br.Mus.) 5524, f. 94. 


P. 279. In the entry under iii. kl. Jul. the name of the Duchess of 
Somerset is clearly an error of the writer for Margaret Countess of 
Richmond and Derby. 

P. 283. Thomas Dannet, S.T.P. was Dean of AVindsor and Almoner 
to King Edward IV. See a fragment of his epitaph in St, George's 
chapel, printed in Ashmole's Berkshire. 

P. 295. Pedigrees of Noble Families related to the Blood 
Royal. — These Pedigrees are written in two or three hands, and the 
latter portion of them appear, undoubtedly, to be in the hand-writing of 
Sir Thomas Wriothesley, Garter King of Arms, who died in 1534 ; as 
may be seen by comparing similar Pedigrees in his hand-writing, in 
MS. Add. 5530, MS. Harl. 1417, and a Paper written by him in 
MS. Add. 6113. A few corrections and additions, gleaned from these 
MSS. as also from the early part of MS. Harl. 1074, ai-e here annexed, 
as affording information not given in Dugdale's Baronage. 

P. 297. The names of the " many children " of the Greystoke family 
are preserved in MS. Harl. 5530^ f. cxxxviii, and the pedigree shall be 
published in our second volume. 

P. 298. In addition to the children of Sir Vt'ill. Knyvett here noticed, 
we find in MS. Add, 5530, f. clxxi, the names of John, Anne, and 

P. 300. The children of Edward Lord Bergavenny for whom circles 
were left, and who are not mentioned in Dugdale's Baronage, vol. i. p. 
310, are thus supplied from the MS. Add. 5530, f. xx : by Lady Ehza- 
beth Beauchamp, Alice, wedded to Sir Thomas Gray; and Katherine, 
wedded to Ewarby ; by Katherine Howard, Margaret, wedded to Lord 
Cobham, and had issue [which add in Dugdale's Baronage, vol. ii. p. 282] 
Mistress Feythe, Thomas, who wedded dau. of Henry Heydon, George, 
Leonard,and tioo vacant circles ; Katherine, wedded toTanfield; and Anne 
Lady Strange. In the same place Elizabeth, daughter of George the 
next Lord Abergavenny, is stated to have married Thomas Barkeley (not 
Sir Edward, as Dugdale) and to have had issue Lora, Anne, Elizabeth. 

lb. In MS. Add. 5530, f. xxxii, T/iomas, who died young, is added to 
the issue of Katherine, Duchess of Norfolk, by Tho. Strangeways. 

lb. Elizabeth, daughter of Alice Lady Fitz-Hugh had issue by Sir 
William Parr, William, who died young, and Alice, who died unmarried. 
lb. f. cxxxii. 

In addition also to the children of the same Lady Fitz-Hugh are 
noted Margeni, married to Marmaduke Constable, (Robert in Dugdale, 
i. 405) and died s. p. Joan and Eleanor, twins, of whom the former was 
a nun at Dartford. MS. Add. 5530, f. cxxxii. IMS. Harl. 1074, f. 139. 
P. 301 . The name of JiOrd Harington's daughter by Katherine Neville, 
was Cecllij, wedded to Thomas Grey, Marquess of Dorset, By her 
second husbaudj Lord Hastings, she had issue Edward, Elisabeth, Anne, 


Richard, Ceorgc, and William. MS. Hail, f, 50 ^ MS. Add. 5530, 
f. clxxxiii. 

lb. The children of Eleanor Lady Stanley, (the first wife of Thomas 
first Earl of Derby) are arranged in the following order in the MS. Add. 
5530, f, clxxxiii ; which may be considered an illustration of Dugdale's 
Baronage, vol. i. 248, where some of them are not mentioned : 1 and 2. 
John and George, Uvins ; George, m. the dau. and hr. of Lord Strange ; 
and had issue, Elizabeth, Eleanor, Thomas, Katherine, and Anthony ; 
3. Richard, ob. ; A. Sir Edward Stanley ; 5. Anne, ob. ; 6. James, 
clerk -J 7. Thomas, ob. ; 8. Alice, ob. ; 9. Katherine, ob. ; 10. Agnes, 
ob. ; and 1 1 . William, ob. 

lb. To the children of Sir Richard Strangeways by Elizabeth Neville, 
are to be added William and Thomas, who died young. MS. Add. 5530, 
f. xxxii. MS. Harl. 1074, f. 108. For the issue of Sir James Strange- 
ways by the daughter of Lord Scrope of Upsal, see ib. 

P. 302, The first wife of John Neville of A^^ymersley, was Elizabeth, 
dau. and hr. of Robert Newmarche, by whom he had Joan his sole heir ; 
his second wife was Margaret, daughter of Sir W'^illiam Plumpton, and 
widow of Sir George Darell. Add to the children of the first Sir Wil- 
liam Gascoigne, Elizabeth and Joan, who both died unmarried, and 
Humphrey, who died young ; to the children of the second, a daughter 
who died unmarried • and to those of Sir James Harington, Thomas, 
who died young, and William. MS. Add. 5530, f. clx. 

P. 303. Grky. — The name of Sir Thomas Grey's daughter married 
to Sir Roger AA^iddrington was Elizabeth. For her issue see MS. Add. 
5530, ff. xvi, xc. 

Sir John Grey married the Countess of Essex, sister to the Duke of 
York, and was buried at Stoke. Ib. 

Alice Neville, by Sir Gilbert Lancaster, her second husband, had 
Sir Gilbert Lancaster, who married a daughter of Sir Thomas Grey of 
Horton. Ib. 

Ib. Sir Ralph Grey, by the daughter of Henry Lord Fitz-Hugh, (who 
married ^GcowWy Simon Montford) had issue Sir Ralph j Sir Thomas, 
«'ho married a daughter of Lord Bergavcnny ; and four more, whose 
names are not given. MS. Add. 5530, f. xciv. This last Sir Ralph left 
Sir Thomas Grey and two more ,• and Sir Thomas by Margaret, dau. of 
Ralph, Lord Greystock, had issue Elizabeth, Anne ; and two others. Ib. 

Ib. Dacui:. — Isabel!, dau. of Philii)pa Lady Dacrc, married Henry 
Lord Scrope of Upsal ■ and her brother, Thomas Lord Dacre, married 
Elizabeth, dau. of Sir AVilliam Boiret. 13y the latter match ^vere issue 
Jane Lady Fienncs, and Philippa, wedded to Sir Robc;rt Fiennes. Ib. 
f. xvii. 

Ib. The " 8 brothers and sisters " of Thomas Lord Dacrc (not men- 
tioned by Dugdalc, ii. 24) were as follow : Chribtupher 3 Hugh, clerk ; 


Ralph ; Anne, wedded to Thomas Strangeways ; Humphrey ; Philip ; 
Elizabeth, wedded to Thomas Huddleston ; and Katherine. MS. Add. 
5530, f. xvii. 

lb. The same pedigree furnishes these children of Sir Roger Clifford, 
Barbara, Charles, and a daughter ; and of Sir Robert, a son Thomas 
(all not mentioned in Dugdale's Baronage, i. 342) ; also the following 
order of the children of Henry Lord Clifford (ibid. p. 344) : Jane, 
Mabille, Harry, Anne, Thomas, Eleanor. 

lb. ScROPE. — Margaret Lady Scrope, who was "buried in the Friars 
of Clare," was married secondly to WilUam Cresnore, " buried in the 
Black Friars of Sudbury," by whom she had issue, as given in the 
MS. Add. 5530, f. xviii. 

John Lord Scrope married secondly " Lady Zouche, dau. of St. John," 
[as in p. 310,] by whom he had Mary, wedded to AVilliam Conyers, who 
had issue a daughter. lb. 

Dugdale (i. 657) states that Henry Lord Scrope (son of John) mar- 
ried " first, Elizabeth, dau. of Henry Earl of Northumberland ; and 
secondly Alice, sole daughter and heir of Thomas Lord Scroj)e of Upsall, 
on whom he begat a daughter called Elizabeth, married to Sir Gilbert 
Talbot, Knight ; " but the pedigree in MS. Add. 5430, written by Sir 
Thomas ^^'riothesley, gives the heiress of Scrope to Henry his son, 
stating his family as follow : 1, Henry Lord Scrope, married dau. and 
heir of the Lord Scrope of Bolton [Upsal] ; 2. Elizabeth; 3. Kathe- 
rine; 4. Agnes j 5. John; and 6. Jane. 

Richard Scrope " wedded Eleanor, dau. of Wasseborne " [not Mashe- 
buru], and had issue : I. Elizabeth Lady Beaumont ; 2. Eleanor, 
wedded to the heir of Sir John Wyndham ; 3. Margaret de la Pole ; 

4. Anne, nun at Barking; 5. Mary Lady Kingston; 6. Agnes; and 
7. Elizabeth. 

Sir John Bigod, by Elizabeth Scrope, had issue Sir Ralph and 
Henry. Sir Ralph wedded Margaret, dau. of Sir Robert Constable, 
and had issue, \. John, who wedded Jane, dau. of Sir James Strange- 
ways ; 2. Ralph ; 3. Anne, wedded to John Bulmer ; 4. Agues ; 

5. Elizabeth ; 6. a vacant circle. By her second husband, Henry 
Rocheford, Elizabeth Scrope had Ralph. By her third, Sir Oliver St. 
John, she had Elizabeth Countess of Kildare, who hafl issue Henry, 
Thomas, and James ; and John, who wedded the dau. and heir of Ereby 
[Iwardby], of Sotherey. 

Margaret Scrope, "first wedded to Plesyngton," was married " after 
to Fouke Stafford ; " and thirdly to John Barnard, by whom she had 

issue : 1 . John, who wedded Mary , and had issue John ; and 

2. Thomas Barnard. 

The whole family of Henry Lord Scrope, and Elizabeth, daughter of 
John Lord Scrope of Upsal, are thus enumerated : 1 , John his sue- 



cesser ; 2. Elizabeth ; 3. Margaret ; 4. Richard (all above noticed) ; 
5. Agnes, mar. first Christopher Baiuton [not Boynton] ; secondly, 
Sir Richard RatcUffj 6, Robert, wedded Katherine, dau. of Zouche ; 
7. Eleanor, nun of Sion ; and 8. Ralph, clerk. MS. Add. 5530, f. xviii. 

P. 304. Katherine Chideoke, by her first husband AVilliam Stafford, 
had Sir Humi}hrey Stafford (Lord Stafford of Sothewike, and afterwards 
Earl of Devon) who married Elizabeth daughter of Sir John Barre, and 
had issue Elizabeth and Anne, both of whom died unmarried. MS. Add. 
5530, f. cclv. MS. Harl. 1074, f. 8. 

lb. Elizabeth, wife of Sir Giles Daubeney, had a daughter, Cecily. 
MS. Add. 5530, f. cclv. [See No. XVI.] 

P. 307. For Elizabeth Arundell, wedded to VMietyngdon, read A7ine (?) 
Her brother's name appears to be John, who was " . . . . ler [to the] 
pri[nce]." The unconnected line must refer to the marriage with 
Broune, or more probably to this John Arundel. 

P. 313. The following Pedigree of Hill, of Spaxton, co. Somerset, 
compiled from a paper written about the year 1509, shows the relation- 
ship of the two persons of that name who married the two sisters 
Stourton, and includes descents of Sidenham, Cheyne, &c. 

1st w. Deanys,=P.Sir John Hulle,=pMatilda, dau. of Sir Giles Daubeny, Knt. lord 

dau. of I Knt. d. 24 June | of Bavyngton and South Petherton ; died 21 

April, 1416. 


=pSir John Hulle,=pJ 
Knt. d. 24 June I c 
140^^. 1 


2d w.=r^John Stourton, of=p3d w. John, ob. 

Preston Plukenet, s. p. 23 

CO. Som. October, 

=F 1st. w. 1427. 

RauffeT=Edith, dau. 


of . 

Mode of 

John Hill,=^Cicel, mar. 

of Spax- 

2dly, Sir 
J. Curyell, 
of Westhan- 
gre, Kent. 


[dau. ob. 
of Sir s. p. 
Walter Tho- 
Rod- mas, 
ney.] ob. 

Geno-T=Sir Wm. 

Joan, mar. John Siden- William=p Alys 
ham, of Brimpton, and had Daube- Stour- 
issue : Walter, father of nyejord ton. 
John ; Sylvester ; Richard ; of Bar- 
George ; and a dau. yngton. 


Eliz-^John Cheyne Giles Dau- Agas,: 
abeth. of Pinhoo, beney. dau. 
near Exe- Elinor. of 

ter. James. Rob. 

[See p. Brente. 


John = 

II 1 ■ r" 1 1 
j=. , Ed- Cicel, m. Sir Wm. 


mund. Courteuay. 

Robert , m. Edward 


Elinor, m. Will. 


Isabell, mar. Sir 

John Wadham. 

-Giles Margaret, m. 

Hill. Sir Hugh 
Jane, m. Sir 

b. 20 

born 4 

INIaud, b. 23 
Oct. 1505 ; 
m. John 
of Nettle- 

Jaue, b. 2G 

A child died with 1. Thos.=r:Jane. — Sir Gyllam de Eliz. marr. Edw. 
its mother. Saye. ^ la Ryver. Wallgrove. 

The dates of the following births and those in the Pedigree are taken 

from co-temporary entries on the lly-lcaves of u V^ellum MS. of Rivers' 


translation of the " Dictes and Sayinges of Philosophers," of which this 
is a specimen at full length, " The natyvyte of Water Hille was the v 
day of Junii the yer of or Lorde a M Vc & xiii, & in the yer of the 
Rayne of Kynge Harry the VIIIUi the vth, the Dom'call letter B, the 
p'me XIII, and borne betwene xii & i after none." 

Agatha Hill born 30 May 


Andrew Hill born 14 May 


John — 

5 Sep. 


Gyles — 

3 Sept. 


Baudwyne — 

22 Jan, 


Peter — 

31 July 


Walter — 

5 Jun. 


Agas — 

12 Mar. 


Anne — 

12 Feb. 


Dorothy — 

4 Aug. 


Bryce — 

13 Nov. 


The following Letter, copied from the original, concerns some of the 
parties whose names occur in the above Pedigree : 

Cousyn Trevylion, I com'aunde ine unto you in as herty maner as I 
can, and understand that upon my late vvUiug unto you for taking hede 
unto the Kinges game w'^in the forest of Exmore, ye have right well 
endevoured you for the good keping of the same ; for the which I am 
right hertely well contented w* you, and pray you of yr like contynuance 
of the same. Howe soo be it I am enformed that of late a little grugge 
is fallen bitwene my brother Sir Hugh Luttrell and you, for that he 
hunted of late in the oute wods of the said forest, and therupon a couple 
of liounds were taken ujj by s'vants of yo^s from his s'vants. After that, 
Cousyn, inasmoche as my said broth'r Luttrell is a borderer of the said 
forest, and that ye knowe he hath maried my sister, and the man whome 
I do love tenderly, my minde is and desire unto you that ye shuld have 
an yghe unto hym above ail others in those p'ties. And that when it 
shall like hym to kyll a dere or to hunt for his disport, that ye suffer 
hym soo to do I pray you as hartely as I can, Witen at Grenewich the 
XX daie of Feverer. 

'"And I pray you, Cousyn, let my said broder take his disporte, and if 
he list, let hym kyll one dere in somer and a nother in vvynter heraftcr, 
" To my Cousyn Yo"" Cousin, 

^ir John Trevylion, Knight. Giles Daubney." 

This Giles Daubeney was Lord Daubcney, Chamberlain to Henry the 
Seventh, and commanded part of the troops in the engagement with 
Lord Audlcy on Blacklieath, June 22, 1495. His sister, by the mother, 
married Sir Hugh Luttrell, who was one of the Knights of the Bath, 
created at the Coronation of Elizabeth, Queen of Hen. VIL 

This Forest of Exmoor was lately sold by Government to Mr. Knight, 
who has inclosed and improved a great part of it. W. C. T. 

P. 342. Chelmston is in Dr. Johnson's MS. Chelmsley, and after 
^Vardlow occurs Hardlow. 

P. 352,1.5, read, John CadCjbalivodeEckingtonj 1. 21 for " Lyleland " 
read Ivfe-land ; 1. 23 for " full laude upon the lands," read, full caude 
(cold) upon the sands (a proverbial exprcsaiou). 


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Haghmoii, list of 362 
Accounts of the bursars of the church 
of Durham, extracts from 68. of the 
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Apoly on an ewer, " It is good to have a 

long throat" 358 
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Dukes of Lancaster 5 Eliz. 360 
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Abitot, Urso de 213 

Abney, Margaret, Rich- 
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A'Borough, Anne, 293. 
Sir Edward, ib. Sir 
Maurice 307, 325. Sir 
Thonnas 300 

Abraham 370 

Abreford, Robert 165 
bis, 166 

Abrincis. See Avrenches. 

Ace, Henry 375 

Acford, Organa, Richard 
186, 187. Robert, Ro- 
ger 187 

Achard 196 

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Robert 135 

Acton, Ralph, Reginald 
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Robert 365. Roger 

Adam, 3d Abbat of Lich- 
field 14 

Adames, William 6 

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Aeri. See fif Aer. 

AfFeton, Henry, Robert 

Aguillon, Agatha, Isa- 
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Abbat of Haghmon 

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Devon 62 

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Albemarle, Baldwin Earl 
of 12, 186. Hawise 
Countess of 186. Wil- 
liam Earl of i6. 

Albini(Brito) William de 
32. Cicely bis wife 33. 
(Pincerna) William 
de 32 

Albus, Yliarius384 

Alder, Francis 5 

AUlerle, Roger 227 

Alderman, Thomas 123 

Alderson, Robert 5 

Aldfuid, Sir William 8 

Aldredus 24, 25 

Alemon, WiUiiim 365 

Alexander, Bp. of Lin- 
coln 368. Abbat of 
Haghmon 362. 4th 
Abbat of Meanx 10 

Alexander, Nathaniel 4 

Aleyn, Roger 241. Wil- 
liam 16 

Algar 188, 382 

Aliierius 193 

Allale, Thomas 92 

Allen, Francis 3, 286, 
291. Thomas 8, 126 

AUott, Bartin, Mary 167 

AIneto, H. de 372. John 
de 385. Alice, Hugh 
William 391 

Alrae, John 342 

Aiured, Abbat of Hagh- 
mon 191, 362 

Alwin 389 

Alyne, Thomas 288 

Amiot, a Jew 384 

Andrew 250 

Andrewes, Alderman 124 

Andrews, Nathaniel 285, 
290,291. Thomas 123, 
124,285, 286, 288 to 

.Anger, Walter 379 

Angier, Tiiomas 7 

Anian, Bp. of St. Asaph 

Anjou, Geoffry Count of 

Atine, dau. of Edward 
IV. 297 

Ap Howell, Rhese237 

Ap Rees, Rees 228 

Apelegh, Clarice, Roger 

Apleford, Lucy, Wil- 
liam 274 

Appele, John 363 

Apsley, Sir Allen 287 

de Aqua, Nicholas 375. 
Reymund 189, 375 

Arcalewe. See Ercalewe 

Arkall, John 116. Wil- 
liam I 18 

Arcbebol, Walter 380 

Archer, Cecilia, 109. 
John le 108, 109. 
Richard 102, 105. Ro- 
bert 96, 102. Theo- 
philus 291. Thomas 
94, 95 ter, 103, 108 

Ardelston, William 24 

Ardern, Agnes, Peter 

Ardif, Milana, Robert 

Ardres, Richard, Sarah 
391. Thomas 394 

Argenlers, Galfridus, 13 

Arietta 53 
Amis, John 185 
Arnold, George 285 
Arscott, Thomas 288 
Arthur Prince of Wales 
295-6. marriage 280. 
death 278 
Arthur, Amys 323 
Arundel, Fiiz-Alan Earl 
Dugdale's corrections 
209. 214, 276. Anne 
Countess of 367. Bea- 
trix Countess of 80 — 
86. Edward Earl of 
365, 367. Jane Co'tess 
of 300. Mary Co'tess 
of 397. Richard Earl 
of 367- Thomas Earl 
of 80, 81, 276, 300 
Arundell, Annor 306. 
Anne 306-7, 409- 
Dorothy, Edward 306. 
Edmond307. Sir Ed- 
mund 326. Elizabeth 
306, 307, 314, 409. 
Ellen 306. Jane 306, 
326. John 306,307 ,409. 
Sir John 319. Humph. 

306. Katherine 306. 
Margaret 227, 300. 
Maud, Ralph, Renlrid 

307. Roger 306. Abp. 
Thomas 82. Sir Tho- 
mas 227, 306, 307. 
Thomas 123. Tho- 
masLord210. Francis 

Ayscoiigh. See Aysk- 

Asforde, Jahn de 363 

Ash, Sir George 289 

Ashe, Edward 7 

Ashton, Jane 346,347. 
Sir John 349. Sir 
Thomas 346, 349, 
353, 354. 

Aske, Christopher, Jane 
305. Robert, extracts 
from his collections 
18— 2.i, 168, 243 

Asseton, Felicia, John, 
Robert, Thomas, Wil- 
liam 273 

Astley, Adam, Avote 
365. Henry 362. Rich- 
ard, William 365 

Aston, Joan, Robert 138 

Atthurn, Robert 96 

Attepole, John, Kathe- 
rine 21 

Atrio, GeofFry de 252 

Aucher, Edwin 236 

Audley, James, Kathe- 
ritie, Nicholas 129. 
Lord, Margaret 308. 
Nicholas 114, 116, 1)7 
bis, 118 bis, 136. Sir 
Nicholas 330 
Avechard, William 118 
Avenel, Nicholas IS.'i. 
Robert 185 his, 250, 
Avrenches, Matilda 188, 
254, 382, 408. Robert 
Averye, Alderman and 

Dudley 126 
Aufetonia. See AfFeton 
Auystea, William 16 
Awode, Margery, Ro- 
bert 328 
Ayre, John 284 
Ayres, Thomas 284 
Ayskwith, Johii, Mar- 
garet 346, 349 

Babbeton, Roger 385 
Uabiiigton, arms 41, 50. 
Henry 361. John 41, 
359. Katherine 21. 
Mary 261. Thomas 
347. Sir William 21. 
William 228. 
Bachesworth, Rich. 370 
Bade, Cecilia, Henry, 

Walter 268 
Badlesmere, Bartholo- 
lomew 227 bis. Giles 
227. Margaret 
Bagiiall, Robert 289 
Bagot, Alianor 130. Wil- 
liam 130. Hervey, 
Millicerst, William 249 
Baillol, Dervorgill, Sir 

John de 216 
Baiocis, Agnes, Emma, 

John, Robert 144 
Baius, John 252 
Bakewell, John 41, 91 
Baker, Constance 215. 
John 285, 290. Sir 
Henry 215 
Balderton, William 365 
Baldington, Alice, Anne 

Baldwvnn, Thomas 125 
Bale, 'Mabill, Richard 

Balguy, Robert 91 
Jiallere, Robert de379 
Balwode, John 352 
Bamford, Patrick 124 
Jianaster, William 121 
Banastre, William, 364, 
365 />w. Richard 318 
Bannester, Humphrey 


Banks, Adam 290. John 

Barber, William 345 
Barbon, James 123 
Barcellos, Alphonso 

Conde de, 80, 82, 90 
Bardolfe, John 333 
Barker, Amy 374. Mat- 
thew 287- Thomas 374 
Barkham, Edward 286 
Barkley, Edward 126 
B^rksteed, John 3, 285 
Bailey, Christian 352. 
John 354. Robert 359. 
Thomas 354. Wm. 352 
Barlow, Arthur, Doro- 
thy 361 
Barnaby 324 
Barnard, John, Marga- 
ret, Mary, Thomas 408 
Barnes, Jonathan 285. 

Thomas 3 
Barnwell, John 288 
Barre, Elizabeth 409. Sir 
John 243, 409. Joan 
Barry, Margaret 247 
Bartholomew, Bishop of 
Exeter 65, 382, 383. 
Archd. of Exeter 379- 
Archd. of Totnes 384 
Barton, William 21 
Bascet, William 347 
Baachurch, Richard 368 
Basevill, Gilbert 270 
Bass, Edward 125, 126 
Bassano, Christopher, 

his heraldic MSS. 45 
Basset, Agnes 272. Sir 
Anselm 245. Edmond 
248. Sir Edmund 245. 
Giles 245. Henry 263. 
Isabel 245. Jane 245. 
John 131, 141. Jor- 
dan 263. Katherine 
245. Margaret 245. 
Mawde 243,243. Milo 
263. Osmund 267. 
Ralph 131, 213, 272. 
Richard 248. Robert 
14 1,2-40,245. Simon 
243, 248. Thomas 
141,218. William 269 
Bassill, William 125 
Bath, Cecily Countess of, 

Bathoniii, Walter de38l 
Bathurst, William 127 
Batten, William 3 
Battere, Agatha, Bald- 
win, Ralph 189 
Bauceyn, Joan, Richard 

Baucrom, Thomas 273 


Bavent, Adam, Alice 129. 

Roger 130 
Baumford, Robert QG. 

Thomas ih. 
Baunton, Godfrey 384 
Bauzan, Richard 381 
Baxter, Thomas,WiUiam 

7, 8, 122 
Bayles, James 7 
Bayley, Sir John 92 
Baynard, Thomas 123 
Baynhamy, Sir Alisaun- 

dir 328. 
Beacham, Jonas,Maryon 

Beauchamp, Constancia 
284. Edith 313. Elias 
267- Eudo 184, 187. 
Isabel 256, John 6, 
20, 284. Walter 266. 
William 256, 366 
Beake, Elizabeth 398 
Beale, Stephen 284 
Bealde, Reginald 377 
Bealdeleghe, Adam 380 
Beaufey, arms 35, 37 
Beaufon, Agatha, Emma, 
Fulke, Joan, Margery 
Beaumont 306. Count 
241. Elizabeth Lady 
408. Lady Jane 298. 
Joel 382. Philip 65 
Beaupre, Sir John 244, 

247. Margaret ih. 
Bee, Robert del 249 
Beche,De la, Robert 369- 
Roger ih. William 368 
Beck, Gabriell 7 
Beckering, Alice 344. 
Isabel 343, 344. Sir 
Thomas 343, 344 
Bcde the historian 153 
Bedford, Ingelram Earl 
of 225. Jasper Duke 
and Katherine Duchess 
of 21. John Earl of 
397. Thomas 124 
Beforthe, Baldwin 13 
Beivin, Maisent, Mira- 
bel, William 252 
Bek, John 141 
Belasyse, Dorothy, Sir 

Henry 211 
Belchamp, Milo, Pagan, 

William 190 
Bell, Joseph 126. Rich. 

124, 286, 288 
Bellamy, Edw. 126. John 

3, 5, 286 
Belesnie, Robert 229. Ri- 
chard 24, 25, 193, 195. 
Roger 116, 119, 120. 
William 23 


Belbouse, Richard, Theo- 
bald, Thomas 261 

Bellaquercu, Henry 263 

Bellers, Baldwin 267 

Bellomoiite, See Beau- 

Belmesius. See Belesine. 

Belmunt, Geoffrey 281 

Belsec, Samuel 2a0 
Ben, Sir Anthony, Ara- 
bella 224 

Benedict, Prior of Exeter 

Bennett, Leonards, 123 

Benninge, Richard 123. 

William ib. 
Benson, Henry 225 

Benstedde, Thomas 16 

Berard 11 

Bere, Sidney 6 

Bereford, Simon 387 

Beresford, Adin 4G. La- 
dy Eliz. 216. Godfrey 

Bergavenny, Lord 276, 
pedigree 300, 40G. 
George 209. Henry «//. 
John Lord ib. Joan 
Lady 83, 281. 

Berkei"ey,Avicia335. Ce- 
cil 241. Elizabeth 244, 
246. George 1st Earl, 
Isabel 300. Katherine 
312. Maurice 263. Ni- 
cholas 248. Thomas 
244, 246, 300, 400. 
William 385. Sir Wil- 
liam 312 

Berkeley, William Mar- 
quess of 317, 318 

Berkshire, Thomas Earl 
of 212 

Bernake, Gervas 95, 96 
bis, 91, 103 

Bernard, Bishop of St. 
David's 190, 196 

Bernardiston, Amicia, 
Augustine, Basilia, 
Beatrix, Matilda 144. 

Berners, John Lord 301, 

Berrisford, James 359 

Bers (le), Peter, Thomas 

Berwike, Saer de 116. 
Thomas 118 

Berynton, John de 71 

Besiow, Hugh 115 

Best, George, Grace 212 

Betoyn. See Albemarle. 

Beysin, Adam 28 

Beyvin, Roger 378 

Bickleigh. See Bikelegh. 

Bicot, Atot 193 

Bicton, William 120 


Bideford, John 384 
Bigg, Matthew 290 
Bijigleston, Philip 122 
Bigod, Agnes, Anne, 
Elizabeth, Jane, Sir 
John 303,408 
Bigot, Roser 253 
Bikelegh, 65. Wil- 
liam 381 
Bindwell, Philippa, Sir 

Robert 323 
Biiigiiam, arms41. Mar- 
garet, Richard 344 — 6 
Birch, John 288 bis 
Biriton, Nicholas 363 
Birton, arms 41 
Biseplega, Ric. de 65 
Bisset, Katherine 245 
Bissopp, Nicholas 65, 

Bissup, Richard 385 
Bix, John 5, 122,285 
Blaekborne, Gilbert, H. 
Robert 273. Thomas 8 
Blackerby, Thomas 127 
Blackiston, John 4 
Blackwell, John 3, 127, 
287, 'i88. Robert 355. 
Thomas, William 287 
Blagrave, Daniel 287 
Blakeford, Thomas 381, 

Biakeham, Augustus, 
Geoffrey, Matilda 144 
Blankpayne, Thomas 16 
Blnyiiev, Robert 124, 

Blecheley, Robert 120 
Blewet, Isabel 247 
Blore, Thomas, his Der- 
byshire MSS. 44 
Blound, Robert le 379, 

Blount, Alianor 314, 
Alice 243. Anne, 
Charles, Sir Charles, 
Elizabeth 243, 245, 
315. Georgf ib. Ger- 
trude 326. Henry 315. 
Isabel, Sir John 315. 
John 243. Mountjoy 
315. Simon 314 
Blunt, Hylarii.s 187,250, 
251 sa-pe, 376, 378, 
381, 383. John 261. 
Joan 146. Richard 1 87, 
252. Walter 146, 261 
Bochet, J. William 377. 
Fetroml 377. Richard 
Bodog, Jane, John 307 
Bodrugan, arms of 307. 
Sir Harry, Jane, Wil- 
liam, 306 
Boerley, Nicholas 373 

Bogheleg, Bartholomew, 

William 381 
Bohun family 276. Wil- 
liam 260 
Boivill, Joan, William 

Bokeley 22 
Bolda, Adam de 363 
Bolebec, Hugh, Isabel 

Boleyn,Sir GeofFry 314- 
Bolkliam, Adam de 72 
Boilers, Baldwin, 196 
Bolton, William 285 
Bon, Richard, 107 
Bond, Nicholas 125 
Boniface, Abp. of Can- 
terbury 370 
Booth, Sir George, Ka- 
therine 216 
Boothby, Walter 291 
Borchard, William 185 
Borde, William 240 
Bordene, John 377 
Borough, Jane 31. See 

Borton, Thomas 249 
Bosvill, Anne 360 
Boswell.John 355. Tho- 
mas 4. See Bosvill. 
Boteller, Alice, Amys, 
Anne, Cloid, John, 
Ralph, Robert 528 
Botiler, John, Matilda, 
Ralph, Robert 130. 
Joan 247. Ela, Wil- 
liam 261 
Botillere, Hugh, John, 

William 133 
Botevile, Anketel de 218 
Boterellis. See Bo- 

Bothwell, John 5 
Butiii, Ralph, Walter 184 
Botreaux, Elizabeth 319. 
the Lord 330. Re- 
ginald 387. William 
137 bis. Sir William 
Boulogne, Reginald 

Count of 174 
Boulton, Ralph 8 
Bourchier, arms of 395. 
Amyas315. Lady Anne 
396. Edward 3.95. 
Elizabeth 315. Fowke 
315. Henry 395. Sir 
Hiimphrey 315. Isa- 
bella 395. Jane 301. 
Joan 395. John 315. 
Sir Thomas 395. Wil- 
liam, Lord 296 
Bowdlers, William 237 
Bowes, Richard 302 


Bowetf, Elizabeth, Sir 
William 302, 407 

Bowles, Charles 290, 291 

BoyHton, Agues, Chris- 
topher 303,409 

Boys, John, 3, 7, Tho- 
mas 288 

Boyse, Edward 12G 

Boythorp, Cecilia and 
Thomas 109 

Bozun, Loreta 147. Ma- 
tilda 384. Ralph 147. 
Robert 96, 97, 103, 
384-5. Roger 384. 
William 266", 384-5 

Brabason, Amabill, Em- 
ma, Joan, John, Mat- 
thew, Roger, Thomas, 
William 262 

Brae, Nigel de 363 

Braci, Robert 169 

Bracy, Matilda and Ro- 
bert 117 

Bracheuham, Clement, 
Katharine 262 

Bradshaw, Elizabeth, 
Margaret, Roger, Tho- 
masia 138 

Bradwell, Alice, Elias, 
Robert 102, 104 

Braemes, Walter 4 

Braganza. See Barcellos 

Brancestria, Andreas de 

Branewyk, Henry de 14 

Brandiston, John, Rich- 
ard 271. 

Branford, Walter, Wil- 
liam 382 

Branthwaite, Robert 286 

Brasi, Aldulf 190 

Bray, Matilda 9. Sir Re- 
ginald 314, 353-4. 
Turgisius 9. 

Bray, fVilliam, F.S.A. 
communication from 
17. death of 19 

Braybrook, Christiana, 
Henry 268 

Brayleghe, Richard 386 

Braose, Eva, Isabell 221. 
John 256. Reginald 
J 86. Robert 65. Wil- 
liam, 62, 186,221,256 

Brelsford, Penelope,Tho- 
mas 48, bis 

Brenley, Jane, William 

Brenn and Brenner, 
William 73 

Brent, Alured 375. Ro- 
bert 245-6 

Brenton, Mariota 379 

Breosa. See Braose. 

Brereley, Hugh de 334 

Brereton, Sir William 3, 

Bret, William le 371 

Bretost, William 371 

Brett 330-1 

Bretun, Hugh, Jordan 
John 375 bis 

Breuer, Geoffrey 385. 
Ralph de la 268. Ro- 
bert, William 257. 

Breuse. See Braose. 

Brichtric 389 

Bride, John, Ralph 352 

Bridges,William 123,285 

Bridget, daughter of Ed- 
ward IV. 297 

Bridgwater, Henry(Dau- 
heny) Earl of 314 

Brimton, Adam 114,118 

Brioiiiis, Teicius de 62 

Bristol, Alicia, Walter 

Britanny, Alice, Con- 
stance, Guy, and Peter 
de 143 

Arthur Count of 53. 

John Count of 53 — 55 

Brito, Hawise, Walter 
386. Rodbert 285 

Briton, Ralph 376 

Britwell, Eliz. 130 

Briiiera (de la), Antony 

Briwere. Will. 185, 186, 
250, 252 

Broadspere, Alice 220. 
Sir Blethin 220 

Broke, John 22. Richard 
22, 362. Roger, Tho- 
mas 22 

Brooke, Margaret, Tho- 
mas 209 

Brokesby, Thomas 328 

Brome, Elizabeth, John 
307. Robert 122 

Bromley, Sir Laurence 

Brompton, Brian, Eliza- 
beth, Emme, Marga- 
ret 230. 

Bromshill, William 373 

Bronne, Eliz. 307 

Bronner and Brenn* Wil- 
liam 73 

Browne,Annes 325. Cus- 
tans 326. John 4,224. 
Robert 326. Lady 
Magdalen 224. Tho- 
mas 124, 285, 289 

Brownlow, Godfrey 360 

Brouns, Alicia, Christi- 
na, Isabella, John, Ma- 
tilda, Richard, Rose, 
WilHam 239-40 

Brudeiitll, Lady Anna- 
Maria 210 
Brue, Will. 241 
Bruere. See Breuer and 

Brun, Jordan le 268 
Bruse, arms 35 
Brus, Adam, Anneys, 
Joan, Hiloise, Peter, 
Robert 170 
Brynd, Richard 363 
Byfield, Adoiiiram 289 
Bygeny. See Burgeny 
By ketone, William de 13 
Byllyng 349 
Byron, Sir John 356-7 
Bytton, Avis 248. Bea- 
trice 243-4. Constance 
243, 248. Elizabeth ib. 
Isabel 243. Sir John 
243, 248. John ib. 
Katherine 243. Mat- 
thew 243, 248. Maud 
Bubbe, .\licia 375. Alu- 
red 375, 385. Pagan 
Bublere 392 

Buche, Katherine, Ro- 
bert 303 
Buckingham, Alianor 
Duchess of 22. Anne 
Ducliess of 298. Ed- 
ward Duke of 22, 232, 
296.308. George Duke 
of 215. Henry Duke 
of 231, 298, 308. 
Humfrey Dukeof 231. 
Katherine Duchess of 
21, 296 
Budlers, Henry 363 
Buflfkin, Ralph 291 
Buich,Turston 26. Rai- 

nald ib. 
Biiketon, Robert 377. 
Walter 377. William 
Bukinton, Robert 377 
Bukyngham, John 165 
Buldry, William 241 
Bullock,John39. armsiY', 
Bulraer, Anne, John 408 
Bunbury, John 285 
Buntansdale, Alan 115 
Burdell, Mosseus de 384 
Burdet, Lady Christian 
224. Rev. Theoph.27'. 
Burdun, Nicholas 387. 

Peter 187 
Bure, Ainicia, John, 
Richard, Roger 251. 
William 251 bis. 
Biireton, Alan 365 
Burewasley, Warin 190 


Burffeny, Alice, Thomas 

Burges, Cornelius 284 
Burgh, Amabil 247- Bar- 
tholomew 120. Betra- 
nus 119. Elizabeth 
233. Hugh 233. Tho- 
mas 267 
Burgundy, Charles Duke 
of, Margaret Duchess 
of 297 
Burleton, John 119 
Burley, Beatrice 228. 

Richard 228 
Burneli,Acton212. Hugh 
117. Mary 212. Philip 
233. Richard 3(53. Ro- 
bert 118, 185. Bishop 
Robert 112 
Burtsall, John 134 
Burton, George 126 
Burwin, Amma,John 250 
Bury, Richard 363 
Buscheie, John de la 184 
Bushe, Alianor, Ralph 

Bushye. See Bussey. 
Bussey, Mary 354. Miles 
354-5. Margaret 359 
Busteler, Agnes, Alice, 
Joan, Robert, Rose 262 
Butler, Andrew 123. An- 
karet 114. Anne, Lady 
215. Hamond 121. 
James 123, 124. John 
Lord 125. Ranulph 
121. Walter 252. Wil- 
liam 114, 119. 
Butor, Henry 85 6w. Ro- 
ger ib. 
Butterlegh, Alice 63. 
Brian de 63 bis, 382. 
Richard 62 
Butterwykt-, Robert 20 
Caheines, Philip 185 
Calabre, Alexander, E- 
dith, John, Roger 251 
Caldecot, Thomas 366 
Calton, arms 46, 50. 
Mary 46, 47. William 
Calverball, Will. 118 
Calverte, Giles 6 
Calumni, Ganfr, de 33 
Camberey, William 363 
Cambrids;e, Anne Coun- 
tess of ^9& 
Camden, fFilliam, in 

Yorkshire 150 
Carnefelde, Anneys, 
John, Richard, Wil- 
liam 169 
Camocke, Edw. 173. 
de Campo Arnulphi, Sir 


Henry 375, 381, 382, 
Oliver 385 

Camvill, William 221 

Canau, Einion ab 373 

Canby, Thomas 285 

Candevere, Roger 15 tcr. 

Candy, Agnes 28 bis. 

Candysshe, Joan 20 

Canford, John 387-8 

Cannvill, Geoffrey, Wil- 
liam 234 

Cantilupe, Eustace, 269, 
270. Melisent 62. Si- 
mon 269. William 62 

Cantlope, William 121 

Capel, Amicia 133. Ce- 
cilia 133, 306. Doro- 
thy 306. Eleanor 20. 
Elizabeth 133, 306. 
Giles 306, Hugh, La- 
derina 133. Marga- 
ret, Sir William 306. 
William 20 

Carant, John, Margaret, 
William 312 

Carbonel, Hugh 363. 

Carbunell, John, Pagan, 
William 369 

Cardigan, Robert Earl of 

Cardrowe, John, 284, 

Carew, arms 308. Anne, 
Edward, Eleanor, 308. 
John 289, 308. Marga- 
ret, Sir Oswald 303. 
Sir Wymond 396 

Carmyoii (or Carmino) 
John, Roger, Sarah27 1 

Carter, Adam 70. See 

Caruc', John 71 

Carmynowe, Elizabeth, 
Isolda, Oliver, Robert, 
Roger, Thomas 319 

Carrington, George 347 

Caseheard, John 6, 123 

Castleton, Thomas 108, 

Cate;by, Elizabeth, Geo, 
John, Margaret, Willi- 
am 311 

Cattin, John, Robert 109 

Catton, John 349 

Can, Geoffrey 377 

Caus, Roger 338 

Cautrell, Humphrey 125 

Cave, William 8 

Cavell, Joseph 126 

Cavendish. See Can- 

Caynton, Hugh 115 

Cecilia, the Princess 21 

Ceely,John 285 

Celer, Richard le, 377 
Cementarius, Alexander 

John 375 
Cendricke, Matthew 4 
Chaffecumbe, Richard 

Chaloner, John 351. 

Thomas 127 
Chalvestorne, Walter 

Chamberlain, Anne, Sir 
Edward 329. Eliza- 
beth 209, Isold 141. 
Jane 329. John 209, 
329. Nicholas 141. 
Richard 329- Sibill 
S29. Simon 141, Sir 
William, K. G. 21. 
William 329 
Chamberleine, Abr. 126 
Chambers, Obad. 291 
Champanie, Nicholas, 

Ralph, Robert 272 
Champeneis, Adam, 
John, Jordan, Pau- 
line 376 
Chandos, Sir John 213 
Chapeline, Osbert de 256 
Chaplain, Richard 252 
Charlton, William 363. 

See Cherleton. 
Charnell, Mary 47, 50. 

Nicholas 50 
Charnells, Henry, John, 
Margaret, William 
Charnues, Reginald 115 
Chastellun, Andrew 384 
Chaucebef, Philip 385 
Chancers, Thomas 223 
Chaucombe family 276 
Chauncemarle, Alice, 

John, Walter 140 
Chauncy, Isabel, Philip 

Chaworth family 276. 
Elizabeth, Margaret, 
344. Thomas 228, 344. 
William 344 
Chechyn, Ric, de 68 
Cherleton, Joan 237. 
John 237, 363, 365. 
Ralph 363 
Cheryngton, Sibilla 113 
Chester, Hugh Earl of 
196, Ranulph, Earl 
of 388 
Chesulden, Richard 386 
Chetelton, Henry, Rich- 
ard 136 
Chetewin, Sir John 367 
Chetwene, Roger de 112, 

Chetwynd, John 120 

Cheney, Cheyne, or 
Cheyney, A^nes, Alan 
133. Alexander 314. 
Alianor 313, 314. 
Alice 133. Cicel 409. 
Ediv.314. EdmondL'47, 
314. Elizabeth 344, 
345,409. Francis,Hugh 
364. Humphrey 314. 
Joan 24". John 327, 
344,345,409. Sir John 

313, 314. Sir Robert 

314, 364. Roger 314. 
SirRoser364. Simon 
133. William 133,314 

Chiborn, John de Tl 
Chicheley, Archbp. 59 
Chideoke, Sir John 243. 
306, 312. Joan 243. 
Kaiherine 306. Mar- 
garet 312 
Chidley, James, Marga- 
ret 312 
Cliiefthorne, Walter, 

William 383 
Child, Baldwin 250,385. 

Robert 366 
Cliildton, Jordan 384 
Cholmundleigh, Rich. 87 
Chorleton, Ji>hn 1 17 
Christopher, Abbat of 

Haghmon 363 
Cissor, David 377 
Citharist. SeeGethariste 
Clare, Christiana C'tess, 
and Gilbert Earl of388, 
Claregenet, Elizabeth, 

William 305 
Clarell family 276. John 
139, 360. Margaret 
339. Thomas 139, 
339. William 139 
Clarence, George Duke 
21, 297. Isabel 
Duchess of 300. Lion- 
el Duke of 20. Mar- 
garet of 297 
('larencheus, mystrys 397 
Clarke, Emet 35 I.George 
6. John 351. Samuel, 
Thomas 122. William 
Clarkson, John 122 
Clavile, Roger 385, 387. 
Walter 187- WiUiam 
187 bis, 385 
Claye, arms 46, 48, 50. 
John 45, 50. epitaph, 
46. Margaret 45, 46. 
Mary 46, 48. Pene- 
lope, Susanna, Theo- 
{>hilus, William 48 


Claypoie, John 139 
Clement, Gregory 122 
Gierke, Margaret and Sir 

Robert 18 
Clervanx, Alianor, Bea- 
trix, Elizabeth, Henry, 
Jane, John, Sir John, 
Isabel, Margaret, 
Marmaduke, Sir Rich- 
ard, Robert 305 
Clifford, Alianor 310. 
Amye 21. Anne 303, 
310. Elizabeth 303, 
342. Giles 28. Henry 
Lord 21, 310. Isabel 
256. Jane 303, 310. 
Jane Lady 303. John 
309. John Lord 303. 
Mabill 310. Marga- 
ret 303. Maud 303. 
Rich. 364. Sir Robert 
303, 408. Roger 256. 
•Sir Roger 303, 309,408. 
Thomas 310. Tho- 
mas Lord 303. Tho- 
mas Lord, of Cliud- 
leigh 211. Walter 
28 ter. 363, 364, 369. 
pedigree 408 
ClilioM, Sir Nicholas 343. 

Richard 18 
Clinton, Anne 244. Ara- 
bella, Bridget, Edward 
Lord 216. Elizabeth 
216. Elizabeth Lady 
397. Geoffrey I96. 
Joan 138. Juditb, 
Lucy, Margaret Lady, 
Mary, Susanna 216. 
Thomas 138. Sir Wil- 
liam 244 
Clobery, John 122, 124 
Clopton, Ade, Joan, 
Lucy, Sir Thomas, 
W^alter20. Thurstan389 
Clothier, Thomas 6 
Clotley, Ralph 1 17 
Clotterbrooke, Rich. 4 
Cludd, Edward 4 his, 7, 

8 bis 
Cluelegh, Robert 231 
Clutterbook, Thos. 286 
Cnoll, Robert and Nicho- 
las de la 65 
Cobbe, Gilbert 385 
Cobham, Anne, Sir Tho. 

mas 298. Lord 312 
Cobeley, Robert 185 
Cockayne, William 3 
Cockfield, Adam, Aga- 
tha 276 
Coctun, Osbert, Pliilip 

2 F 


Coeus, Willielmus 26,373 
Cofrer, Jane 360 
Cogany, Sir William 330 
Coghill, Thomas 126,290 
Coiffi 153 
Cokefield, John 1 10 bis, 

346. Margaret 346 
Cokein, Sir John 344 
Cokerelle, Robert 13 
Colbron, Henry 125 
Cole, Everard 386. Wil- 
liam 286 
Coleham, Philip 281 
Colecestre, Anastasia 
377. Matilda 376. 
Simon 376-7 
Colevill, Anne, Robert 

354, 355, 360 
Collecotnbe, Isabel, Pe- 

tronel, Ralph 376 
Collins, William 5, 286 

Collshill, Jane, Sir John 

Columbell, Henry 347 
Coiumstok, Peter 384 
Colvnson, William 7 I 
Combe, John 15, 122. 

William 123, 124 
Condovre, Ralph 196 
Conedour, Nicholas 368 
Conliffe, Ellis 5 
Constable, Sir William 4. 
Margery, Marmaduke 
Constantine, Hugh 193 
Conway, Sir Hugh 309 
Cony, Edward 173 
Conyers, Alice 301. Anne 
210. Eliz. 210. John 
331. Sir John 210,305. 
Isabel 305. Mary 311, 
408. Roger 305. Wil- 
liam 305, 311, 408 
Conysby, Anne, Sir 

Humplirey 329 
Cooke, Lady Patience 

Cook, Roger 287, 359- 

William 7 
Cooley, John 7 
Copdois 326 
Cophinus, Geoffrey, 

Ralph 382 
Copleston, Ellen 301 
Copnall 22 
Corbet, Adela 219, 
Alicia 228, 230. An- 
drew 374. Emma 230. 
John 230, 286. Rich- 
ard 369. Sir Rich- 
ard 333. Robert 25, 
112, 113, 116, 117, 


118 bis, 121, 194, 
195, 196, 219, 228, 
S29, 237. Sir Robert 
364. Ro^er 25 bis, 
192,] 94 bis. Thomas 
112, 119, 229, 230, 
237, 291, 369 
Corhett, John 123, 125, 
286. Peter 229, 231. 
Cormorant], Roger 380 
Cornish, Henry 8 
Cornwall, Edmund 230, 
231. Edmund Earl of 
226, 262. Elizabeth 
230, 231, 233. Jo- 
hanna 231. Henry 
Earl of 186. Marga- 
ret Countess 262. Re- 
{,'inald Earl of 186, 
219 220 
Cortlingstokes, Hugh 
John and John 128 
Corvisor, Thomas 363 
Cosin, Adam, Beatrix, 
Emma, Juliana, Hen- 
ry, Matilda, Peter, 
Thomas, William 274 
Costentin, Thomas 363, 

Costinton, Robert 132 
Cotteral, Ralph 104 
Cottingham, Roger, Ma- 
tilda, Walter, William 
Cotton, Sir Robert, note 

to his bookbinder, 60 
Couci, liigelram de 225 
Coulurd, Koeer 73 
Courtenay, Cecil 409. 
Katherine 306. Ma- 
tilda, 189. Maud 307. 
Reginald 62, 185, 189. 
Robert 62. Walter 30. 
William 23, 325, 409 
Coventry, Laurence 376 
Cowse, Walter 241 
Cox, Dr. Thomas 286, 
289, 291. William 124 
Coysh, Richard 8, 286 
Crabb, John 7 
Craford, William 7 
Cranmer, Archbp. 396 
Craucumb, Geotfry 146, 

174. Wimund 146 
Crauncewyk,Stfphan 13 
Cresnor, William 408 
Crespyn, William 62, 63 
Cressett, Eilward 127. 

Walter 370 
Creswell, Arthur 125 
Creuker, Agnes, Alianor, 
Hamo, Isabel, Iselda, 
Matilda 254, 405 
Crevequer, Alex. 146 
Crewebeare, John 380 


Criketot, Elena 282. 
John 281. Robert, 
William 282 
Criol, Alianor, Bertram 

405. See Curyell 
Crispin, Gilbert 381 
Croesmere, John 236 
Croft, Anthony 338. 
Nicholas 356. Sir 
Richard 307 
Croke, Agnes, Richard, 

Robert 327 
Croker, Anne, John 307 
Cromhall, Richard 264 
Cromwell, Richard 126. 

Thomas Lord 357 
Croxhall, Richard 126 
Croyden, William 286 
Crus, Richard de 62 
Cruso, Tymothy 5 
Cullum, Sir Dudley, and 

Dame Elizabeth 5 8 
Cully,Cecilia, Walter 133 
Cumyn, Peter 384 
Curt, Hugh de 386 
Curteye, Matilda, Ro- 
bert de 267 
Curteys, Reginald, Ro- 
bert 241 
Curtis, Ellenor 4 
Curyell, Cicel, Sir J. 409 
Curzon, Anne 405. Em- 
ma 262. John 342. 
?Jarv262. Robert 405. 
Thomas 262. Walter 
328. William 262 
Dacre, Anne 407. Chris- 
topher 407. Eliza- 
beth 407. Elizabeth 
Lady 302. George 303. 
Husfh 407. Humphrey 
Liird 303. Humphrey 
407. Isabel 407. Jane 

302, 303, 407. John 

303. Katherine 407. 
Philip 407. Philippa 
Lady 302, 407. Ralph 
303,407. Richard 303. 
Thomas Lord 302, 356, 

Daffon, Richard 340 

Dale, Elizabeth, William 

Dalton, Dorothy, John 

Damory, Robert 35 

Danby, James 8 

Danet, Alicia, Anne, 
Elienor, Elizabeth, Ge- 
rard, John, Sir John, 
Lucy, Margaret, Mary 
Matilda, Nicholas, Ro- 
bert, Thomas 282,283, 

Dampfroiitj Guerin dc 23 

Danmartin, Reginald 174 

Daniel, John 93, 95, 9i}, 
98, 99, 10!, 103 bis. 
Richard 94,95 bis, 9Q, 
98, 99, It) I, 103, 105. 
Thomas 94 

Dannald, Richard 122 

Dansev, Mabil, Richard 

Danvers, Agnes 327- 
Alice 327. Amy 328. 
Anne 301, 325. Bona 
329. Dorothy 327. 
Elianor 327- Eliza- 
beth 325, 327. Emma 
327. Henry 327. Isa- 
bel 327 iw. Jane 327. 
John 307,324,325,327, 
329. Sir John 7. Mar- 
garet 325. Marget 327. 
Richard 307, 325. Ro- 
bert 324. Sil.ill 327. 
Simon 327. Thomas 
307, 325. Sir Thomas 
327. William 307, 325. 
Sir William 327 

Danuz, Agnes, Richard 

Danyel, Adam, Norman, 
Matilda, Reginald,Wil" 
liam 132 

Darcy, Amos 41. Anne 
212. Barbara 211. 
Bridget Lady 212. 
Charles 6w 212. Con- 
yers210. Dorothy 211. 
Elizabeth 2 12. Frances 
Lady 212. Grace 212, 
Henry21I.James21 I. 
Jane 314. John 212. 
Sir John 170. Ka- 
therine Lady 2 1 2. Mar- 
garet 21 1 , 212. Mar- 
maduke 211. Mary, 
Philip 212. Philip Lord 
314. Thomas 211. Ur- 
sula, 211, 212. Wil- 
liam 211 

Darell, Anne 3 1 2. Doro- 
thy 327. Elizabeth, 
Sir George, Margaret 
312,407. Paul 327. Sir 
Richard 308. Thomas 

Darley, Henry 290, 291 

Daubeney, Elizabeth 
Lady 306. Giles Lord 
306. pedigree 313,314, 

Dauley, Margaret, Sir 
James 330 

Dauney. See Alneto 

David I. King of Scots 
368. Bp. of Bangor 
196. Lewelin Prince 

Davies, John 2D1 
Davis 327. John 286. 

Thomas 291 
Dawkinson, Thomas 22 
Dawiiay, Thomas 4 
Dawson, Thomas 68. See 

Deacon, Richard 3 
Deda 152 

Deincourt, arms 41 
Delaberp.Sir Richard 324 
Delamare arms 37 
Delamere, Georg^e Lord, 

Katherine Lady 216 
De la Pole, Anne, Eliza- 
beth, Humphrey 297 
Delay.ort, Robert 338 
Delves, John 5. Sir 

Dene, John de341 
Denia, Count of 82 
Denn, Christiana, Ralph 

Denne, Bridget, Mary, 

and Thomasine 126 
Denny, Lady 396 
Denton, Thomas 170 
Denys, Robert le 62. Sir 

William 324 
Derby, Thomas Earl of 
236,279,316. William 
Earl of 236, 216. Anne 
Countess of 396 
Derewentwater, Sir John 

Derling, Will, 188, 189 
Derlyngton, Adam de 68 
Despenser, Dugdale's 

Corrections to 213 
161. Edward Lord 58. 
Geoffrey 174. Gilbert 
161. Margaret 158 
Dethick arms 41. Mar- 
gery, Reginald, Tho- 
mas, Thomasia 138 
Deulecresse 384 
Devereux, Waller 232 
Devon, Charles Earl of 
215. Gertrude Coun- 
tess of 326. Isabel 
Countess of 395. Ka- 
therine Countess of 
297. Margaret Coun- 
tess of 307 
Dewdney, Malawi 5 
Devvsbury, Jolin 161 his 
Dickens.'Tiios. 125 
Dinam, Hugh de 61, 62 
Dive, arms 35 
Dixie, Sir Wolstan 42 


Dobberc, John le 378 
Dobeson, John 68. See 

Dobson, Walter 7 
Docwra, Isabel, Martin 

Docem, Martin 81 
Dodemaneston, Roger 

Dodsworth, Roger 93. 

his collections 150 
Doe, Charles 285, 287 
Dogewill, Walter 387 
Doiley. See Oilly 
Doke'iay, Hugh 249 
Dormer, William 123 
Dorset, Thomas Marquis 

of 296, 317, 318, 349, 

406. Margaret Mar- 
chioness of 349 
Dorwik, Thomas de383 
Dorynton, Will. 118 
Doughty, Will. 127 
Dove, John 126, 290, 

Dover, Hugh 190. John 

250. Matilda 190 
Doverdal, Eustachia, 

Will. 146 
Downes, John 286 
Draughtgate, James 1 10 
Drayton, Richard 240. 

Will. 115, 371 
Drew, William 245 
Drokeiiesford.John de 58 
Druet, Peter 241 
Drury, Sir Robert 326 
Drygge, Richard 330 
Dubed, Ruelantius le 63 
Dudley, Joice Lady 296. 

Katherine, Malachi 

286. Sir Oliver 301 
Dudman, William 241 
Dngkemanton, Alicia, 

Roger 141 

Dulverne 2<J9 

Dunelm, ) , , , ^„ 

Dunest, Walter 190 

Dunham, Benedicta359. 
John 352, 357, 359 

Dunfranewill, Gilbert 

Dunmowe, Richard 130 

Dunre, Elena, Richard, 
Robert, Walter 265 

Durand ^50 bis 

Durant, Margaret, Tho- 
mas 27 5 

Durborough, John, Mar- 
garet, Richard 247 

Durleng, Martin 375, 


Durnford 307 
Dyer, Will. 290 
Dynham, Elizabeth Lady 
215. John Lord 214. 
Katherine 305 
Eccleshall, Cecilia 93. 
Ralph 93. Robert 93, 
EcJelraeton, Elias, Gef- 
frey, John, Matilda, 

Roger 265 
Edgar, Lyonell 4 
Edric 227, 363 
Edmund, son of Henry 

VH. 278 
Edward IV. 297. death 

Edward, Prince (1471) 

Edward, son of Henry 

VIll. 279 
Edwards, Joseph 4 
Edwin, King 149, 152, 

168. Earl 233 
Edwy 382 
Eiiyndone, John 15 
Egebaldeham, Galfred 

Egerton, Philip 22, 23. 

Sir Thomas 236 
Eggulf,Alicia378. Ralph 

378 bts 
Egremont, Lord 298 
Einion 371 
Eiton, Robert 191 
Elderfield, Richard 7 
Elieth 26 
Elizabeth of York 296. 

death 278 
Elizabeth, Prioress of 

Derby 350 
Ellerton, Will. I 15 
Ellesmere, Edward 237. 

.lohn 236. Thos. Lord 

Elliott, John 123, 290 
Ellys, Thomas 108, 110 
Ely, Nicholas 281 
Emerson, John 284. 

Richard 124 
Emlyn,John 122 
Emmesion, Alice, John, 

Joan, Margaret, and 

Matilda 129 
Engaing, Margaret, Ri- 
chard, Vitalis 267 
Engelard 366. Abbat of 

Haghtnon 362 
Ei.glefeld, Elizabeth, 

Margery, Thomas 325. 

William 385, 387 

Engleys, William le383 

Ercalewe, .sir John 190, 
365 ier, 366. William 
190, 3G7, 3d8,369 

Erdington, Henry 115, 
118, 120. Matilda 115. 
Thomas 115, 234 

Ernui S37 

Escheleton, William 273 

Escudamor. See Scu- 

Eskelby, Alan, Henry 
Ivetta 257 

Espec, Richard 62 ter, 
382. Robert ib. ter. 
William i6. 

Espley, John, Robert 

Essche, Will, de 65. Ni- 
cholas ih. 

Esse, Will, de 264, 384 

Essex, Elizabeth Coun- 
tess of 296. Henry Earl 
of 296 lis, 395. Jsa- 
bellaC'tess of 395, 407. 
Mary Countess of 326 

Esswayt, I'eter 132 

Estopp, Edward 286 

Estwick, Stephen 4, 123, 
124, 290 

Eton, Richard 368. Wil- 
liam 369 

Eutropius 26, 27 

Evelyn, George and Ka- 
therine 18. John 19. 
Sir John G, 286 

Everard 188. Matilda, 
William 281. Sir Rich- 
ard 3. Sir Wiiliam385 


Ewarby. See Iwardby 

Exeter, Duke of 299. 
Anne Duchess of 297. 
Geoffrey de 375. He- 
rald de 188. John Duke 
of, Anne or Margaret 
Duchess of 223 

Extraneus. See Strange 

Eyland, Henry 351 

Eyleston, Robert 135 

Evre, Ellen 352, Eliza- 
"beth 359. Isabel 359. 
John 108. Robert 342 
lis. Roger 352. Wil- 
liam 5 

Eysseby, Will. 114 

Eyton," Peter 115. Will. 
fil'Ranulphi de 28 

Eyvill, Thomas de 92 

Faber, Philip 380 

Fabyon, Anne 326. Mary 

Fairchild, Geoffery, Pau- 
lina 378 


Fairfax, the Lord 3, 4, 6. 

Thos. Lord 93 
Fakenham, William 165 
Falconer, Simon 364 
Falesby, Cecilia, Emma, 
liam 264 
Fane, Anthony, Arabella 
224. Lady Katherine 
Farmer, Lady Grace, 

James 224 
Farewell, George 123. 

John 124 
Farwave, Anne or John 

244,' 247 
Fauconbridge, .Anneys, 

Walter, Isabel 170 
Faunecourt, Girard and 

Helias de 1 I 
Fauntleroy, Agnes 312 
Felgeres, Roger 190 
Fell, William 285 
Felys, William 240 
Fencote, William 340 
Fendles, Margaret and 

William de 57 
Fenton, John 3 
Fenwick, George 390. 

Robert 126, 288 
Fenys, Thomas 356 
Fern, Joan, Robert 344 
Feme, Anthony 124 
Ferrers, Agatha 233. Ed- 
ward 45,46,50. Hugh 
364. Isabella 320. 
Isolda 319. John 45, 
46, 50. Margaret 45, 
46, 50, 58. Reynold 
319. Robert 58. "Wal- 
ter Lord 232. Lady 
(ofChariley)296. Lord 
(ofOuselty) 297. Joan 
Lady ib. 
Fertles, Eustace 274 
Fesours, Maud 247 
Feitiplace325. John 89. 
Thomas 88, 89. Wil- 
liam 88 
Feuer, Reginald 258 
Fewtrell, Henry 123 
Fiennes 325. Alice 300. 
John 287. Sir John 
fil. Adeline, William 368 

— Aer,SirJohn 111,113, 

1 90, 365 Ier, 366 

— Ailward, William 188 

— Alan, Richard 144. Sy- 

mon 13. William 28 

— Alstani, Godfrey, 

Hugh 389 

— Andrew, Nicholas 


fil. Alwin, W. 389 

— Baldwin, Richard I8t?, 

250. Robert 183, 

— Comitis, Henry 186 

— Corbeth, Roger 192, 

194 his, 197, 405 

— Daniel, Idenerth 377 

— Deringi, William 64 

— Edrici, Reginald 38? 

— Elieth, Rainald 26 

— Flaad, Alanus 25, 


— Galfridi, Willielmus 


— Gerbert, Walter 252, 


— Gilberti, Jordan 377. 

Nicholas 378. Roger 
365. Willielmus 13 

— Godric, William 146 

— Griffin, John 118 

— Gualonis, Thomas 13 

— Hamon, Richard 265 

— Harduini, Walter 190 

— Heldeber, Robert 368 

— Helgoti, Herbertus 


— Henry, John 255. 

Roger 251. Sewall 

— Herbert, Herbert 220. 

Matthew 252 

— Heri, John 363 

— Hubert, Andrew 366 

— Hugh, John 117. Os- 

born 369 

— Humfrey, Roger 389 

— Hote, Richard 382 

— Ivonis, Muredus fil. 

Albreda his dau. and 
Richard her son 61 

— John, Hugh 115. 

John 265. Madoc 
371. Payne 190,229- 
Roger 371. WiUiam 

— Margaret, Alan 13 

— Matthew, Herbert 


— Maurice, Geoffry 251 

— Mijsse, Richard 269 

— Nigelli, Robert 190 

— Odo, William 250 

— Oliver, Richard 366 

— Osbert, William 252 

— Peier, Geoffry 233. 

Herbert 237. Regi- 
nald 233, 237 

— Philippi, John 174 

— Picok, William 257 

— Ralph, Richard 185. 

Robert 250 his, Wil- 
liam 61, 185 6^ 

fil Reginald, John 146, 
222, 237. Oliver 

— Richard, Rich. 118, 


— Roald, Alan 147 

— Rob'ti, Robert 185, 

250. William 249 

— Roo;eri, Robert 220. 

William 115 

— Roges or Rorges, Si- 

mon 186,384 

— Semer, Ralph, Roger 


— Stephani, Alan 12. 

Durand 61. Richard 

— Swain, Adam 267. 

Henr. 28 

— Symonis, Henry 13. 

Roger 65 

— Tbebaldi, Robert 192, 


— Theobald, Radulf. 64 

— Theoldi, Rad. 190 

— Turberti, Walter 380 

— Ursi, Richard 267 

— Waller, Walter 389 

— Waren, Fiilcol21. 

Hugh 193. William 
190. See Fitzwarin 

— Willielmi, Henry 65. 

Ralph 281. Richard 
1 18. Robert 185. 
Walterus 61. Wil- 
liam 146. SeeFitr- 

— Wimer, William 249. 

See Fitz 
Finchezden, Will, de 334 
Fische, Thomas 73 
Fish, Cecilia, William 

Fishacre, Peter de 62 
Fisher, Midiael 324 
Fisshborne, Thomas 30 
Fitz-Alan, Earl of Arun- 
del. Dugdale's correc- 
tions 209 
372. Richard 112, 121 
passim. Walter 368. 
William 364, 369, 370 
Fitz- Bernard, Joan, 

Ralph 276 
Fitz-Gilbert, Richard 
388. Roger 303, 309. 
Ralph 389 
Fitz Harry, Elizabeth, 

William 305 
Fitz-Herbert, Isabella, 
Peter 320. Thomas 359 


Fitz-Hugh, Alice 300,406. 
Anne, Edward 300. 
Elizabeth 300, 303,406. 
George 300. Henry 
341. Henry Lord l9. 
Joan 406. John 300. 
Margery 406. Richard 
Lord, Thomas 300 
Fitz-Lewes 223 

Fitz-Lewis, Elizabeth, 
Sir Henry 308 

Fitz-Nieholas, Ralph 

FitzRalph, arms 35, 37, 
42,50 [51 note] 

Fitzwarine, pedigree of 
330. Sir Alein 330. 
Cecily Lady 314, 315. 
Joan 243, 247. Eve 
247. Fulk, 229, 330, 
370. Jenkyn 330.John 
247, 330. Sir Payne 
330. Philip, 247, 330. 
Richard 370. William 
243, 247, 300. 

Filz-William family 276. 
Alice 306. ELz, 360. 
361. John 360. Mar- 
garet 356, 368. Ri- 
chard 347, 350, 361. 
Thomas 356, 360,361. 
William 356, bis, 361 

Fiaad 25 

Flamang, Richard le 25 1 

Fleetwood arms 36. Jo- 
co?a 36. Thomas ib, 

Fleming, Ellen I69. 
Henry 92. John 99. 
Michael 169, Robert 
228. William 169. 

Flesbroke, Richard 113 

Flynt, Avice, John 314 

Fode, Robert 377 

Fogge, Sir John 326 

Foleford, William 387 

Foliot.Elias, 268. Geffrey 
63. Bp. Hugh 362,369. 
Margery 268. Pagan 
63. Richard 135, 268. 
Robert G3, 268 

Foljambe, Agnes 108. 
Alice 340. Andrew 99, 
Anne 354, 358, 359. 
Avena or Avice 335. 
Benedicta, or Beiinet, 
350, 352, 354, 359. 
Catherine 103. Cecilia 
93, 109, 110. Dorothy 
361. Sir Edward 109, 
111. Elena, 106, 108, 
no. Elizabeth 354. 
Emma 361. Francis 
92. George 358, 361. 
Gilbert 351, 354, 355. 


Godfrey 352. Sir God- 
frey 106, 108,110,111, 
333, 344, 352, 354, 
361. Gudith 110, 111 
Henrv 96—101, 103- 
111, 341, 346, 348, 
—351, 353—355, 358, 
361. Hercules 360. 
Hugh, 99, 107. Isabel 
340. James 347, 349, 

358, 360. Jane 360, 
361. Jennet 354. Jo- 
hanna, or Joan 107 bis, 
108, .345, 346. John 
94,98, 101, 103, 105, 
110, 333, 334, 338, 
349, 352, 354, 357, 
361. Katherine 358, 

359, 361. Margaret 
338, 339, 343, 346, 
348, 349, 358, 560. 
Mary 350, 354. Ni- 
cholas 100, 102, 104, 
105. Peter 92. Ri- 
chard 102, 104, Ms, 
105, 334, 337, 351, 
354. Robert 100, 102, 
340. Roger 94, 104, 
108, 111,347,353,354. 
Truth 361. Thomas 
94, 111, 333, 334, 
338, 340, 342, 351, 
354, 369. William 94, 
130, 346, 347, 349, 

Fonte, Michael de 251 

Ford, Humphrie 6. Ri- 
chard, Stephen 263. 
William 241, 263 

Forde (de la) Peter 38! 

Forestar, Heiir. 1 13 

Fornellis. See Furneaux 

Forrester,Adam 96, John 

Forlescue, Sir Francis 
210. Mary 210. 

Forti bus, A>mer, William 
186 Hawisia, 9 

Fouques 23. 

Fowke, Alderman, 124 

Fowler, Elizabeth, Jane, 
John, Julian 329. Ri- 
chard, Sibill 327,329. 

Foxcroft, George 284, 
286, 287 

Foxhole, Avice, Nicholas 

Francis, Elizabeth, 138. 
Gilbert 95, 97, 108. 
John, 138. Ralph 138, 

Franketon, Richard 120 

FVaye, Anne, Annes 

Catlierinp, Elizab.^tli, 
John 320". Joliii, Mar- 
garet 21, 326. 
de Fraxino, Hugh, Inge- 
ram, Petroiiilla 264 
Fraxiiium, Petrus ad 12 
Frecheville, Anchier 41, 
107. Anne Charlotte 
Lady 36. Christian 

36, Catherine 41. 
Elizabeth 36,40,35.9. 
Jane 36. Joccsa 36. 
John (1509) epitaph 

37, 40. John Lord 
36. Margaret 36, 42 
Matilda 38, 352. Pe- 
ter 36, 38, 40. Pevrs, 

Frevile, Alexander, 130. 
Anne 277 Baldwin, 
Joan 130 

Frendship, John 241 

Frensh, Alicia, John, 
Thomas 239, 240 

Frognall, Edmond, Eliza- 
beth, Mary 311. Sir 
Richard 22, 302, 311. 

Fromond, Richard 182 

Frowike, Sir Henry 324 

Fry, 309 

Fryboys, Sir John 12 

Fryer, William 16 

Fulbert 53 

Fulcheredus, Abbat of 
Shrewsbury 25 bis. 

Fulchurch, Anne 329 

Fulgeham. See Fol- 

Fulham, Anne, Edward, 
Elizabeth, George, 
John, Catherine, Mar- 
garet, Mary, Samuel, 
Sarah, Thomas 18 

Fulke, Prior of Beiton 
190. Sheriff of Salop 
195, 196 

Fulke, AbbatofHaghmon 

Furneaux, Alann 63,65, 
bis. Avis 247. Eleanor 
243, 247. Elizabeth 

243. Geoffrey 64, 
65, 382. Havise 243. 
Henry 243. Jane, or 
Joan 243, 244, 246, 
247. Margaret 243, 

244, 246, 247. Mat- 
thew 247. Maud 247. 
Philip 64, 65, 383. 
Simon, 243, 245, 247. 
Thomas 243. 

Furnival, Thomas Lord, 
22, bis. 


Flirt how, Catherine 328 
Fygy, Symon G8 
Fynderne, arms 41. Sir 
John 326 

Fynes, 307 

Gainsford, Margaret 306 

Gardinus Prior de Brum- 
mora, 61 

Gardner, Samuel 123 

Gale, Robert 4, 125 bis. 

Garrett, Joseph 3 

Gargrave, William 342 

Gascoigne, pedigree of 
302,407. Agnes, Elean. 
402. Elizabeth 311. 
John, Margaret, Tho- 
mas 302. William 22, 
245 bis. 298, 302, 31] 

Gate, Annes, 326. Ed- 
ward, Elizabeth 39G. 
Elizabeth, Lady 3972. 
Francis, 397. Sir 

Geffrey 326. Harry 
397. Sir Henry 396, 
397. Sir John 396. 
John, 326, 396. Ka- 
iherine397. Mary 396 
bis. William 397. 

Gatefield, John 340 

Gaunt, Alianor 254. 
Alice 148. Gilbert 
148, 270. Henry, Isa- 
bel, Isolda, Juliana 
254. Robert 148. 

Gayteford, Cecilia, Wal- 
ter, and William 133 

Geduey, 392 

Geldryche, Will. 20 


Gernet, Mabill, Roger 

Geriion, Sir John 333, 

Geros, Robert 190 

Gery, Richard 368 

Gethariste, Walter 365 

Gibon, John 241 

Giede, the Countess 386 

Giffard, Alice, Alienor 
129, 327. Amys 329. 
Berta,Eliasl29. Henry 
209. Hugh 134. Isa- 
bel 129- Jane 329. 
John 122, 134, 327, 
329. Katharine, Ma- 
bil, Margaret, Matilda 
129. Jane, Mary 209, 
329. Osbert 143. Pe- 
ter 339- Thomas 209, 
329. Ursula 329. 
William 134 

Gilbert (three) Abbats 

of Haghmon 362, 364, 
369. See Kainpeden 

Gilbert, Nicholas, Ro- 
bert 350 

Gilda 250 bis. 

Giles, Edm. 8 

Gilson, Ellen, William 

Girseis, Robert 121 

Glaiivill, Alice, Emma, 
Geoffry, Joan, Kather- 
ine, Margaret 262 

Glasebrok, Henry, Rich- 
ard, Robert 255 

Glen, Thomas de 340 

Glendwr, Owen 237 

Gloucester, the Earls of 
51. William Earl of 
185. H. Countess of 

Gloucester, James a jew 
of 384. Walter de 
196. Will. 252 Wil- 
liam of 385. 

Glovere, Will. 241 

Goad, Christopher 3 

Goddard, John 124 

Godebald 192, 193. 

Godfrey, Prior of Exeter 
25 Abbat of Shrews- 
bury 26. Bishop of 
Winchester 185. She- 
riff of Salop 195 

Godolphin, Fra. 123 

Godwin 389 

Godwyn, John 72 

Goisfrid 193 

Gold, James 124 

Goldry, John24l 

Gore, Christopher 8 

Goth, Thuder 371 

Gorge, Sir Arthur 216. 
Lady Elizabeth ih. 

Goudale, John 15 bis. 

Gouge, William 7 

Gousell, arms, 41 

Grace, Nicholas 384 

Grammaticus, Herbert 

Grandeson, Agneta 279, 
280. Blanch 278, Don- 
solisia 279- Gerard, 
Bp. of Verdun 280. 
James 279. John Bp. 
of Exeter 279. Ka- 
therine 278. Otho 
Lord 278. Peter 278, 
279. Sibella279. Tho- 
mas 279- William 278, 

Gran by, Henry 131 

Grangiis, Adam de, 375 

Gravell, Giles 325 

Grave, Joseph 325 
Graunt (le), Henry, 
John, Matilda 13G. 
Nicholas 381. Ralph, 
13G. Roger 13G, 
258. William 136, 
Greatwood, Mary, Wil- 
liam 228 
Grattan, Adam, Henry, 

Robert 141 
Gray, Emmn, John, Re- 
ginald 26"2. Abp. 
Walter 160 
Grendall, Aplla, Ralpli, 
Richard, Walter 269, 
Grendour, Joan 243, 
245, 246. Robert ib. 
Green, Avena 339. Ed- 
ward 290. Sir Richard 
336, 337, 339 
Greene, Charles 18. Ed- 
ward 3. Bp. Thomas 
ib. Dean Thomas 19 
Greneslin^, Joel 65 lis 
GrenestedjEmma, Rich- 
ard 264 
Gresley, Agties, Isabella, 

Ralph 136 
Grey, Earl of Kent, 
Dngdale's additions to 
Grey of Codnor, arms 41, 

40. Lord 352 
Grev, Alice, Diana 225. 
Edward 238. Eliza- 
beth 303, 407. Jane 
238. Joan 338. John 
234. Sir John 238, 
303, 317, 407. Ka- 
therine Lady 312. Sir 
Ralph 303. Thomas 
Lord 225. Sir Tho- 
mas 20, 303, 406, 407 
quater. Bp. William 
Greystoke, Lords, pedi- 
gree of 297, 405. Eli- 
zabeth, Sir Robert 303 
Griesley, Sir John 349 
Griffen, Edward 360 
Griffin, Prince of Wales 

233. Richard 218 
Griflith, John 111 
Grimbald, medicus 196 
Grinstead, Edith, Rich- 
ard 129. Thomas 130 
Groome, Thomas 123 
Grossoteste, Robert 369 
Grosvenor, Thomas 7 
Grove, Anne 4, 225. 

Thomas 225 
Giierin J.'3 


Guldeford, SirRichard22 
Gunston, John de 333 
Gordon, Brampton 6, 8 
Gurnay, Edmond, Joan, 
John, Matthew 247. 
Robert de 376. Tho- 
mas, Walter 247 
Guybon, John 6 
Gynes, Gilbert 287 
Gyros, Sir Robert 366 

Gyrunde, Hugh de 218 

Habman, Robert 7 

Hacford. See Acford. 

Haekett, John 123. 
Thomas 127 

Hacun, Anna, Richard 

Sir Henry 243. Joan 

Hadenhale, Wido 364, 
366. Gilbert 364. 

Hadley, Alexander, John 

Hadiiall. See Hadenhale. 

Haenegate, Hugh 249 


Hafketon, John 366 

Hake, William 65 

Hakeluet, Sir Leonard 
244. Margaret 244, 

Halegewill, Thos. de 63 

Hales, Dorothy, Luke 
233. R. 398. Robert 
122,284. Samuel, Ste- 
phen 398. Thos. 233, 

Halis, John de 114 

Halghtoii, Gilbert 365. 
Roger 365. Sir Tho- 
mas 364 

Halithon, Robert 113 

Hall, Henry 125 

Hallowes. Nath. 6, 122 

Hallye, William 91 

Hanielin, Nicholas, 
Raijih, William 142 

Hamoml, Thomas 7 

Hampden. Anne, Wil- 
liam 327 

Hampton,Elizabeth, 243, 
244, 248. Jane 243. 
John 243, 248. Lucy, 
Philpot, Richard 243 

Hancocke, William, sen. 
and jun. 6 

Hanigi'eld, Joan, William 

Harbotlle, Jane, Richard 

Harcourt, Robert 232 

Hardeberg, Haccuif 252 

Harding, Ciilcs, Thomas 


Hardisley, William 340 
Hardwick, Humphrey 

Hardy, Matthew 5, 123, 

Harleston, Clement, 
Clement, John, Mar- 
garet, Robert 398 
Harley, Margaret 230, 
231. Richard 118. Ro- 
bert 230,231 

Harpar, Thomas 8 

Harpecote, Ranulph 1 15. 
Walter 368 

Harpur, Henry 354 

Harrison, Elizabeth 171. 
John 5. Margaret 
211. Richard 285. Ro- 
bert 171. Sir Thomas 

Harington, arms, 35, 37, 
Alianor Lady 31 1. Sir 
Jamei John 302, 342 
bis. Katherine Lady 
301. Thomas Lord 22, 
407. William 407 

Harrys, John, Sibill 140 

Harte, Richard 7. Wil- 
liam 122. 

Hartwell, Catherine 328. 
John 328. Margaret 
William 328 

Harthill, Adam 98, 100, 
103 Ws. John 95,96, 
97. Richard 105. Ro- 
bert 94, 95 ter. 

Hartyng, Ann 21. John 
21. Sir Robert 20, 21. 

Harvey, Edmund 3, 123, 

Harwood, Edw. )26 

Haselrige, Sir Arthur 
6, 290 bis 

Hasten, Will. 183 

Hastings, Edward Lord 
(of Loughborough), 
Dugdale's corrections 
for 217 

Hastings, Anne 301, 406. 
Dionisia 147. Edward, 
Elizabeth 406. George 
301,406. Hugh 217. 
John 234, 236". Ka- 
therine 301. Milo 147. 
Nicholas 217. Philip 
147. Richard 407. 
William 245, 246,407. 
William Lord 59,348 

Hatiey, Alan, Will, igo 

Hatton, Christopher 
Lord 224. Frances 
Lady 224 

Jlaue, GeofTrey de 376 

Haughton, Adam 6 


Haukyne, Thomas 240 

Hauston, John 368. Ri- 
chard 366. Roger 366, 

Haveryngton, Annevs 
169. John 170. Ro- 
bert 169, 170 

Haward, Samuel 6 

Haye (de la), Geoffry 263. 
Matilda 282. Robert, 
William 263 

Havlev, William de 95 

Haynes, Henry 4 

Heale, George 4 

Hederset, Sir Edraond 21 

Hedley, Alan 28, 191. 
John 360 bis. Wil- 
liam 28, 191, 366 ter 

Hele, Roger 383, 386 

Helgotus 193 

Hellion, Agnes, Henry, 
John 262 

Helmes, John 6 

Helshew, Walter de 113 

Heneage, Lady 396. Mi- 
chael 4, 122 

Henley, Arthur 286. Ro- 
bert 124 

Henry I. King 28, I96, 

Henry II. King 25 

Henry HI. King 368 

Henry IV. King 82 

Henry V. King 29 

Henry VI. 38. death 
278, 280 

Henry VII. 295. birth 
278. landing at Mil- 
ford 279- battle of 
Bosworth ih., of Stoke 
278, of Klackheath ib. 
coronation 280. mar- 
riage 277 

Henry VIII. 47. Birth 
229. death 278 

Henry, Abbat of Hagh- 
mon. See Astley 

Henson, Robert 5 

Herberlus filius Helgoti 
25, 26 

Herbert. Dugdale's ac- 
count of the family 

219. Adam 220, 222. 
Alice 220. Edward 
125. Elizabeth 22. 
John 220. Isabell22I. 
Katherine 22. Lucy 

220. Matthew 220, 
222. Peter 220, 221. 
Reginald 220, 221,222. 
William Lord 222. 
WiUiam Abp. 219 

HtTcalewe. See Ercalewe 


Hereford, Earls of, their 
burials at Lanthony 
Abbey 168. Humphrey 
Earl of 221. Milo Earl 
of 08, 220 
Hereford, Cecilia 94. 
Richard de 94, 102, 
Herford, William de 281 
Hericke, Sir William 293 
Herleva 52 
Herlewine 52 
Herman 219, 250. Bp. 

of Sarum 252 
Herrick, John 287 
Hersy, Baldwin, Cecilia 

Herveus, Abbat of Hagh- 

mon 362 
Hervey, Sir Daniel, Eli- 
zabeth 225 
Hesiirege, Thomas 287 
Hethe, John, Margaret 

Heton, Richard 165 ter, 

Heveningham, Will. 290 
Heydon 406 
Heyree, Sir John 92 
Heysill, Peter, Roger 

Heyteton, Robert 369 
Hibernia, Walter de 367. 

John de ib. 
Hickeling, Brian, Geof- 
fry 146 
Hickys, John 241 
Hildeyhard, Cecilia, Ka- 
therine, Robert, and 
Thomas 10 
Hill, Agas, Agatha 409. 
Alice 313, 407- An- 
drew, Anne, Baldwin, 
Bryce, Cecil, Deanys, 
Dorothy, Edith 409. 
Elizabeth, Hugh 409. 
Giles 313, 409. Jane 
313, 409. John 6, 8, 
313, 345, 409. Mar- 
garet 313. Maud 409. 
Peter409. Robert 313, 
409. Roger 313. Tho- 
mas, Walter 409 
Hill (sur la), Geoflfrey, 
Juliana, Stephen 251 
Hillary, Edward, Henry, 
Joan, Margaret, Tho- 
mas 130 
Hilton 18 

Hindlow, James 285 
Hitisley, Robert 285 
Hochesham, Will. 252 
Hody, Sir Alexander, 
Margaret 312 

Hodges, Thomas 3,127 

Hodnet, Baldwin ISO' 

365. Sir John 366. 

Odo 190 bis. William 

116 to-, \\9bis, 366 

Hogan, Bridget, Robert 

Hogard, Sir Andrew, 

Anne 307 
Hogh, William del 108 
Hoghes, Tho. 288, 289 
Hiihun, Amicia, Richard 

Hoke, Margaret 281 
Hokesham, William de 

Holand. See Kent 
Holbache, David 231 
Holborne, Robert 4 
Holderness, Conyers 
Earl of 212. Grace 
Countess 212 
Holland, Cornelius 284. 
John 291. Matilda, 
Robert 131 
Holies, Lady Margt. 216 
Hollis, Machabeus 5 
Holme, John, Thomas 

Holmes, Nathaniel 290 
Holtehy, Matilda, Henry, 

Thomas, William 273 
Honywood, Peter 4, 122 
Hood, Anne, Henry 285 
Hope, Nicholas 91.' Pe- 
ter 91. Richard 91. 
William 91 
Hopton, Matilda 114. 
Walter 114, 232. 
Richard 290 
Horde, Richard 364 
Hordeley, Thomas 121 
Hore, John 240. Walter 

380. William 386 
Horkesley, Egidia 281 
Hornbie, Will. 172 
Home, Fhilip 384 
Horsenden, Sir William 

93, 94, 96 
Horton, Gervase 381. 

Robert 381 
Horweye, Thomas 387 
Horwode, Richard 382 
Hotewyt, John, Marga- 
ret, Ralph 133 
Houghton, John de 68 
Howe, Annabella 223. 
John Grubham 223. 
John 125 
Howard, Catherine 209. 
Lady Frances 212. 
Robert 209 
Howth, Jane Lady 309 


Hubbart, Henry 3 

Hubert 25. Abp. 214 
Huddlestoii, Sir Jubn Si) 

Hudson, Alice 349. Emet 
351. Jobii351. Wil- 
liam 345,349 

Hugb, Abbar of Shrews- 
bury 28, 3; 1. Abbat 
of Meaux 12 

Humphrey, Lady Susan- 
na 21(5 

Hunald 194 

Hunalde, William 368 

Hungerford, Kaiherine, 
Sir Thomas '298 

Hunsdon, Henry Lord, 
Mary Lady 223 

Hunt, Richard 127 his, 
284, 287 

Huntercombf, Christi- 
ana, Eustace, William 

Huntinodon, John Earl 
of 80, 84, 85, VV'l- 
liam (Herberi) Etrl of 
22 Us. 

Huutingfield, Emma, 
Roger, WilliHu. 262 

Hurdbiil, Robert 94, 95 

Hurst, John 288 

Husee, arms 37- John 
314. Richard 364 

Hussev, John 120 ter. 
Thomas 122, 123, 288 

Huichingtoi), Richard 5 

Hutchinson, Jolin 287 

Hution, Barbara, Mat- 
thew 21 I 

Huwanl, Will. 185 his. 

Hvberniensis, Paulinus 

Hyde, Elizabeth, 328. 
John 325, 328. Mar- 
garet, Thomas 328 

Hydon, Claricia de G5. 
Geoffrey 386, 387. Sir 
John 382, 383 scepe. 
Otelin de 386, 387. 
William 382 

Hyllari, John 383 

Jllingworth, Elizabeth, 
Margery, Ralph 328 

Ingeldeston, Joan, Jyhn, 
Thonias 276 

Ingham, Oliver 235 

Inglesham, Hugh, Ni- 
cholas, Osbert 144 

Innocent, Will. 251 

Inwood, John 284. Wil- 
liam 126 

Ireland, Avena 336 

Ireland. See Hibernia 

Isaac. See Ysaac 

Isabeila, Queen 188 

Ivelchestre, Nicholas 379 
ter. Warin 379 

Jackson, Roger 342 

Jacombe, Thomas 125 

James, James 360. Will. 

Jane (Seymour) Queen, 
death 280 

Jeanes. Martha 223 

Jely, Andrew, James, 
Jane, John 328 

Jenkins, Moses 286, 290 

Jeniier, Robert 5 

Jennings, Thomas 125 

Jepson, Alice 355 

Jervis, William 287 

Jewell, James 286, 291 

Joan of Acre, 20 

Jocelin, Bp. of Sarum 

John, King 221 

John \. King of Portugal 
80,82, 85,90 

John, Bp. of Bath 196. 
Abbat of Beaucbief 
349. Prior of Brid- 
lington 277. (four) 
Abbats of Haghmon 
362,363. (SeeSmeth- 
cote and Ludlow). 
Prior of Exeter 184, 
381. See Bor Jane and 

Johnson, Lady Arabella 
216. Isaac 216 

Jonas, 369 

Jones, Alexander 3. 
Henry 8. Hunipline, 
ib. John 289, 290, 
291. Thomas 5 

Jordan, Abbat of Tor- 
rington 186. Prior of 
Legh 187 

Joy, Richard, William 

Joye, Geoffrey 383 bis 

Juliaims, 185 

Kampeden, Gilbert 362 

Kardiff, Edward, John 

Kardiffe, Ivetta, Joan, 
Paulinos, William 260 

Katherine, Queen (14, 
37), 277. ofArragon, 
voyage to England 279. 
marriage to Prince Ar- 
thur 280. Princess 
(dau. of Edward IV.) 

Kan', 389 

Kancs, Walter 267 

Kaulwa, John, Richard 

Kaynell, John 259 

Keilewey, Berta, Elias, 
J.. 111! 129 

Keles, Alan, Ket^lburn, 
Od.., William 264 

Kelli, Godfrey 384 

Kempe 20 

Kenardesey, John 329 

Kendall, James & J.ihii 
127. William 124 


Keneburi, Roger 380 

Keng, Auger 380 

Kennett 398 

Kent, Earl of 315. An- 
thony Earl of, Arabella 
Countess of 224. Ed- 
mund (of Woodstock) 
Earl of II. George 
(Grey) Earl of 22. Joan 
Countess of 110. Ka- 
therine Countess of 
298. Mary Countess 
of 224. Thomas Earl 
of 1 1 , 296 

Kent, Elizabeth, Tho- 
mas 310 

Kenielisbeare, Henry, 
William 382 

Kenwricke. See Ken- 

Ker, Isabel 345 

Kersebrook, Henry, Mar- 
garet, Robert 261 

Ketelburn 264 

Keteir 146 

Ketene, Will, de 377 

Kildare, Elizabeth Coun- 
tess (,f 408 

KUIerl.v, William 70 

Kilwardby, Archhp. 33 

Kinerton, Griffith 370 

King, Henry 284 

Kingeston, Constance 
243, 248. Sir Thomas, 

Kington, Nichohs, Wil- 
liam 260 

Kinston, John 347 

Kiikeby, William de 68, 

Kirkel-tnd, John (epi- 
taph) 42 

Kirktoii, Margaret, Ro- 
bert 147 

Kirrington, Robert 287 

Kiuthorpe, Alan, Cecilia, 
Geofl'rev, W.lliam 147 

Knight, Alice, Henry 328 

Kniveton, Elizabeth, 
Matthew 134 

Knivett,Na'haniel 5 

Knolle (de la) John 383. 
loan 383. Nicholas 


Knovile, Aliaiior and 

Bo^o, 117, 118 
Kiwvett, Aiiiie 406. 

Charles 298. Edward 

298. E!iz«hptli 406. 

Jann 2.98. John 406. 

Joan, Sir William 298, 

Kock, R.ih, rt ,378 
Koiitoiis, VVilliain 389 

Kul, Rirhard le ;^89 

Kyme, Umliavill Earl of 

Kvnaston, Amv 3*4. Sir 
Edward 237,374. Eli- 
zabeth 236. Sir Fran- 
cis 236. John 236, 
374. Ro^er 236 
Kyngdonf, Walter 24 1 
Kviise, Joan, John 241. 

Thomas, 239, 241 
Laci, or Lacy, Gilhert 
275. Hngh 36.T, 366, 
368. IH'ert de 156. 
Katherit.e & Richard 
21. Margaret 275, 
347. 275. 
Nathaniel 124, 127, 
291 his. Rojer 193, 
194. RobHrt347. VVal- 
ter 275 
Lakeii,John 121. Ricli- 

ard236. Wdliam 1 16 
Lakenhy, .lohn 71 
Lamare, John and Petro- 

nilla 118 
Lambe, Tliomas 124 
Lambert, John 286 
Lamhonrn, Annor, Sir 

William, 306 
Lambrith. Isabel, Wil- 
liam, 376 
Limbrichr, Isabella, 

John 188 
Lamo't, John 4 
Lampard, Lawrence 7 
Lancaster, Alice, SirGil- 

bert 303 
Lancaster, Ilenrv Earl 
of 272. John" Duke 
of 297 
Lancells, Thomas 68 
Lanfraiic, Archbp. £52, 

Langeden, Hugh 251 
Lan^ford, Alice 307. Sir 
Ralph 3.S8. Richard 
381, 384. Rof;pr Gh. 
Thomas 100. See 
Langjham, Nicholas, 
Margaret 343. Simon 
de 106 
Lan^ley, Gcuffry 260. 


Henry 289- John, Ro- 
bert 260 
Lan<fston, Alice, Amys 
328. Christopher, 
CJnid 328. Elizal>elh 
325. Jane 329. John 
325. Marsar-t, Rich- 
ard, Thomas 328 
Larky ne, Ttmmas 241 
Lassp'ils, Ralpii 139. 

'Iliomas 285 
Latimer, Neville Lord 58. 
Dojfdale's correciions 
209. pedigree 301. 
Anne Lady 326. Lucy 
170. William 258. 
William Lord 170 
Laton, Margaret, Tho- 
mas 305 
Laurey, Thomas 241 
Laval, Guy Count of 53 
Leake, arms, 41 bis. Ce- 
cilia 109. Jennett 354. 
John 340 (note), 354, 
355. Katherine 358. 
Margaret 350. Mary 
314. Sir Philip 109. 
R,iiph335. See Leche. 
Leather, J.din 5 
Leaute, Henry, John 

Leaver, William 6 
Leche, Sir John, Isabel, 
Margaret, Sir Simon 
Lechmere, Thomas 124 
Lee, Joan 131. John 
116, 367- Thomas 
365,372. William 131, 
Leechmore, Nicholas, 

Thomas 8 
Leeiles, William de 340 
Leigh, Sir Henry 23 
Leighton, Sir Henry 23. 
Richard 112, 113. 
William 238. Sir Wil- 
liam 371 
Lega, Hugo de 190 
Leiiard, Grace, Sir John 

Legat, or Leggates, Tho- 
mas 69, 71 
Legg, George 3 
Legbe, GeofFrv, Orgaiia, 

William 186 
LeffhtoM, John 365. 
Richard 365 his, 372. 
Sir William 372 /«•. 
Lehe, Gerard de la 249 
Lekeburn, Matilda, Pe- 
ter, Robert 147 
Lemaheu, Margaret 245 
Leman, William 123 

Lenham, Isidda, John, 
Juliana, 254, 405. 
Margery, Robert 130 
Leofric, Bp. of Exeter 

Lcstow, Richard 348 
Lestrange, Alianor 129- 
Basilia 148. Elizabeth 
236. Eubulo 235. 
Fulke 129. H anion 
234, 235. Joan 236. 
John 129, 148, 234— 
236. Richar.) 235. 
Roger, 231,234-236 
Leuerkebeare, Alice, Ro- 
bert 377 
Leventborpe, Edward 8 
Leveson, Sir Richard 23 
Lewis, David 5. John 5. 
Lexinton, Bridget, Ro- 
bert Lord 213. Ro- 
bert 252 
Ley, John 121 
Leyburn, Idonea 256. 
Roger 256. Simon 
119. Sir John 233 
Leyiiham, Sir John 326 
Ley HI ham. Sir John and 

Dam" Margaret 21 
Lidelord, Robert lK9 
Lidene, Jordan 375 soepe 

Roger 250 bis, 375 
Limoges, Beatrice Vis- 
countess of 53 
Lincoln, Edward Earl of 
217. Elizibeth Coun- 
tess of (Lady Clinton) 
397. Gilbert Earl of 
148. John Earl of 
278. Theophilus Earl 
of 216 
Linguivre, Will.63 
Linton, Alice, Walter 

Lintot, Robert 190 
Lisle, Edward Viscount 
317. John Lord 225. 
J(din, Marv, Thomas 
Lisiires, Fulke, Hugh 

Liwil, Ailward 252 
Llewellin, Prince of 

Wales 233, 234 
Llewellin, Thomas 7. ap 

Griffith 222 
Lloit, Vevan 371 
Lloyd, James 286 
Locke, John 290 
Locksnivth, Jane 293 
Lodbroke, Henry, John 

Lokesford, Richard 1 18 
London, William de 160 

Long, John 375. Lisli- 

bone 124 
Lonffelnore, Nicholas 

Longespe, Matilda 128, 

Longford, John 230,347. 

Margery 34H, 350. S.r 

Nichol,Hs347, 348,350. 

Knlph 350 
Longforth, Ricliard de 

Longislow, Hugh 1 16" 
Longland, Agnes, Sir 

Hugh 244. Jo^n 246. 

Isabel, Margaret 244, 

Longvile, Sir Micliat-1 

Loiigiievile, Tlionias 398 

Loiidhaiii, Isabel, Sir 
John, Margaret 343, 

Love, Katherine 21. Ni- 
cholas 124,286. Wil- 
liam 21 

Loveday, Anne, Kathe- 
rine, ^5arga^et, Rich- 
ard, Roger 275 

Lovekoc, Philip 377 

Love!!, Anne Lady 300. 
John 131, 337. Ma- 
tilda 131 

Lovet, 307, 325 

Lovett, Arehihaid 8. Sir 
Thomas 296. 355 

Lowe, Richard 290 

Lowes, Anne, Francis 

Lort, Roger 290 

Lucas, Elizabeth 280. 
John Lord 224. Mary 

Lnci, Richard 365, 368 

Lucy, Margaret, Robert 
344. Walter 189 

Ludlow, Eduinud 288. 
Join. 363, 369. Joan 
and Thomas 130 

LuKh, William 377 

Luke, Acelina, William 

Luke, Abbat of Slirews- 
bury 190 

Lumley,Marmaduke 21. 
de la Lunde, Joan, 
John, Maiilda, Wil- 
liam 138 

Lupus, Robert 2 J3 

Luteris, William 26S 

Luttreil, Sir Hogb 313, 
410. Margaret 313 

Lyde, Edward 115. Lucy 


Lygon, Elizabeth, Wil- 
liam 307 

Lymboteshey, Marga- 
reta, Robert 130 

Lynacre, John, Kathe- 
rine 352 

Lylton, Henry de 94. 
Ulcotes de 96. Wil- 
liam 95, 284 

Madocke, William 121 

Maivysyn, Peter 1 12 

Makereil, Richard 65 

Mainwaring, James 98. 
See Maneriiijie 

Mah-t, Alice, Avis, Bald- 
win, Con>iance, Isabel, 
Joan, John, Richard, 
Walter 247 

Mallocke, Arthur 292 

Mallert, Robert 341 

Maloleone, S. de 186 

Malory, Ankctin, Ami- 
cia, Nichiyla, Nicholas, 
Margerv, Sarra 258. 
Atuie, William 262 

Mallorv, Robert 291 

Malo!,,' Richard 350 

Malsioii, Humphrey de 

MrtltraverSjThomas Lord 

Mam. not, Walchelin 28, 
190 bis. 

Mandeville Family 276. 
Godlrey 189. Robert 
251. Siephen 188 

Maneringe, John, Rich- 
ard and William 23 

Manny, Sir Walter 21 . Sir 
William 21 

Mansfield, Richard 124. 
William 266 

Mar', William 266 

March, Edmuinl Earl of 
20. Eleanor Countess 
of 296 

de la Mai-e, Alan 3<13. 
Geffrey 218. John 227 
bis. Felron ilia 227 

Marescall, Cecilia, Gil- 
b rt 264. Henry le 63. 
Roger 371 

Margaret, Queen (1482) 
death 280. Q'le.n of 
Scois 279. daughter 
of Henry VH. 28t». 
Abbess of Canonlegh 
386. Prioress of Polslu 

Marham, Agnes, Henry, 
John, Margaret, Rich- 
olda, Stephen 148 

Mariat 18 

Marke, Rob. Count of 35 

XVI 1 

Marken, Ralph, John, 
and Ralph 106 

Markham, Anthony 122, 
284, 288. Henry 288. 
Jane, Margaret, Sir 
Robert 314. William 
123, 288 

Marmion, Joan, Matilda, 
Mazera 130. Philip 
I 13, 116 his. 119, 130. 
Robert 365 

Marney, Katherine, Tho- 
masine 306 

Marow, John 307 

Marrior, Obadiah, 330, 

Marscot, William 368 

Marsh, Adam, JoImi, 
Richard 184 bis. Tho- 
mas 7, 289 

Marshall, John, Kathe- 
rine 139. Margaret 43. 
Richard 8, ?85, 291. 
Robert 43. William 

Martin and Marton, 
Adam 7 I 

Marten, Hugh 94,95,97 
bis. 98, i)9, 101, 103. 
John 95. 98, 99, 101, 
102, 103, 105, 106. 
Nicholas 6, 127. Ro- 
bert 5. Wiliiam 101, 
102, 105 

Marwood, Sir George, 
Henry, Margaret 212 

Mary I. yueen 397 

Mary,ilaughterot Henry 
VII. 278 

Masham, Sir William 3 

Massam, Thomas 287 

Master, Robert 7 

Masters, Major Wil- 
liam 4 

Mather, Jo.<.eph 46 

Mathews, Thomas 288, 

Matilda, the Empress 

Matravers, Alice 129 

Maudut, Robert 363. 
Thomas 28, 3C3 

Mauley, Hilaria 1/0 

Maundevile, Elizabeth 
1 39 

Maunsell, Cecily, 391. 
Gilbert 391. Hugh389, 
391, 394. John 389, 

390, 39-'. John-Chris- 
topher 394. Ralph 

391. Richard 389. Ro- 
bert 394. Roger 391. 
Sampson 392, 394. 
Sever 389 

391. Simon 390. Tho- 
mas-Philip 389, 394. 
Thomas 390, 393,394. 
William 390-394 
Maurice, B|). of London 
252. Prior of Exeter 
250. dapiferio the Earl 
of Clare 389 
Max, John 16 
Maydensone, John 162 
Maydwell, Lawrence 122 
Maynard, Banastre 224. 
Elizabeth, Robert 344 
Meade, Thomas 6 
Medcalfe. Rol)ert 125 
Medley, Genr2;e 283. 
Margaret 225. Mary 
283. William 225, £83 
Meere, John 173 
Meleford, Elias de 389 
Meiewis, Henry 385 
Melton, Dame Margaret 

Mer, Eudo de 24.9 
Mercer, Christopher 124. 

John 241 
Meredith, Christophers, 

Meresev, John 261. Ni- 
cholas, Ko-e 262 
Mere worth.Basilia, John, 

Robert 255 
Meriet 26 

MenfeUle, William 241 
Mering:, Jaines 359. Ka- 
therine359. Thomas 
Metcalfe, Anne 212. Ro- 
bert 285. Thomas 212 
Metham,John,Sibill 141 
Methwold, Wdli^m 288, 

Meyfjnill, or Meysnyl, 
Elizabeth 138. Gilbert 
145. Isabel 145. Joan 
138, 145. Richard 138. 
Roi)ert 145. 
Mejler, Alicia, and Ro- 
bert 1 18 
Middeliieye, Ralph 387 
Middletoi'i, Aunfrid, Gil- 
bert, John, Nisei 225. 
Thomas 131. Timothy 
284. William 255 
Mildmay. Mr. 3 
Milner, Tempest 7, 8. 

Thomas 63 
Milward, Geor°e 320 
Mode, Edith 409 
Mods, Roper Lord 218 
Mohun, Hawise, John 
Lord 213. Mathia, 
Sibil! 140 


Mol, William le 380 

Molendinarius, Geoffrey 

Molins,Esidia, John 275. 
William 127, 287 

Molineaiix, Francis 212. 
Grace 212 

MoUiiieax 349 

Moiyneux, James More 

Molventon, William 113 

Monbefjone,Ernaldus 13 


Moncktosi, Col. 173 

Monins, Thomas 6, 8 

Monnok 326 

Monstrell, Maud 247 

Montacute, Dropo, Rich- 
ard, Robert, William 

Montagjn, John Marquis 
of, and hiS daughters 

Montalt, Melisent de 62 

Monte (de), Gilbert, 
Humfrey, Peter 270 

Moiitebe^on, Matilda, 
Roger 267 

Montford, Simon 407 

Mont fort, Almaric Earl 
of 53. Henry 145. Pe- 
ter 234, 235. Reginald 
130. Robert, Tnrstan 
145. William 227 

Montgomery, Adam 112. 
Arnonld 24. Arnulf 
193, 194. El.rard 196. 
Emme or Enyne 24. 
Hush24,193. Mabilla, 
24. Margaret 339. Ma- 
tilda 24, 339- Sir Ni- 
cholas 339. 354. Phi- 
lip, Robert, 24. Ro- 
ger, 24, 193. Sybille 

Monthermer, Sir Ed- 
ward 20 

Montjoy, Elizabeth Ladv 

Monlney, Sir John 92 
Mont VVarult 193 
Moorcock, William 354 

Morand, William 146 
Morba, Hugh de 386 
Mordant, Alice, Eustace 
391, 392. Thomas 
394. William 392 
More, Cecilia 248. Isa- 
bel 328. Maud 248. 
Thomas 328, 329 
More, William atie 261 
More- (do la), John, Ro- 
sier 383 

Morgan, David 127, 285, 

Morin 184 
Morteyne, Will, de 95, 

bis, 96 bis, 97, 103 
Mortimer, Isabella 119 
ter, 320. Joan275. Phi- 
lip 187. Robert 1 17. 
Roger 222, 230, 275, 
301, 320 

Mortoii, Hugh 137. Mi- 
chael de 112, 115. Ro- 
bert 333, 334. Ste- 
phen Earl of 196 

Moubray, Andrew, Ed- 
mund 142. John 55, 
bis, Nisell, Robert, 
Roger, William 142 

Moulton, Robert 5 

Mouncenx, Alice, Elias, 
John 137 

Mountgarref, Eliz. Vis- 
countess 210 

Mountjoy, Mountjoy 
Lord 215. Anne Lady 

Mouthe, John 233. 

Moyer, Samuel 286,289, 

Movie, John, Margaret 

Movne, Elizabeth. Sir 
John 312. William iZ). 

Mueyson, Philip \13 

Muleton, Thomas 252 

Mnrdrak, Geoffry, Juli- 
ana 145 

Musard, arms 35, 37, 
pedigree of 49- Isabel 
129, 252. Ralph, Ro- 
bert 252. 

Muschamp, Isabella 136 

Muschet,Rali)li, Richard 
Simon, William 274 

Mytton, John 232 

Nafford, William de 218 

Nagynton, John 113 

Nanscvlis, Alice 

Nash,'Tliomas 3 

Nayli'.r, George 6 

Nedding, Adam, Gunter, 

Nedeham, Sir John 22 

Needham, John 7. Ro- 
bert 228 

Nelthorpe. James 7, 126 

Nereford, Maud 56 

Neuborough, Williams 12 

Neville, Lord Latimer, 
Dugdale's corrections 

Neville, Alice, 406, 407 

Anne 209, 299, 40G. 
Charles 209. Eliza- 
bfth, 147, 209, 406, 
407. Faiih 406. Fran- 
res 209. G"orge 209, 
Sir George 308. Henry 
209. Humphrey 299. 
Joan 406. John 209, 
299, 302. Katherine 
209,359, 406. Marga- 
ret 209, 406, 407. 
Mary 209. Sir Ralph 
302. Thomas 209,299. 
301, 369 bis, 406. 
William 147. VViuefred 

Newa!l,John 284 

Newbury, John 290 

Newere, Geoffry, John 

Newmarrh, Elizabeth, 
Robert 407 

Newsam.Tho. 126 

314. William de 366 

Newville, Marjcaret 129 

Nicholas, Prior of Ex- 
eter, 184. three Ab- 
batsof'Hn^hmon 362, 
363,364,372. See Bi- 
riton and Longelnore 

Nichols, arms 35 

Nigellus 227 

Nimei, Walter 387. 
Alexander, Oliver 387. 

Niweton, Richard 380. 
Robert 380 

Noketon, Ra. de 92 

Nonant, Guido de 382, 

Norburgh, Michael 165 

Norris, Hugh 375 bis. 
Nicholas 378 

Norfolk, Dukes of, pedi- 
gree 300. John first 
Duke of 3 16 

Normant, William 271 

North, Alicia, John 240. 
Roger 335 

Northampton, William 
Marquis of 397 

Nortliburgh, Adam, 
Hugh, William 260, 

Northsimberland, Earls 
pedigree 298. Henry 
5th Earl ol 20,33 bis. 
John Duke of 397. 
Duchess of 397. Ka- 
therine Countess of 
308. Maud Countess 
Northwoile, Agncta 28 


Norton, John, Francis, 

William 1 1 1 
Norwode, Alice 328 
Nottecumbe, John 380 
Nottingham, Gervase de 

Notion, William de 334 
Novo Mercato, Adam de 

Nowell, Peter 7 
Nowers, Isabell, William 

Nuthill, arms 35, 37 
Nuthyll, Cecilia, Sir Pe- 
ter, Peter jun. 10 
Nuton, John" 380 
Nutt, John 4, 8 
Nye, Philip 291 
Ocheby, AmMbill, Roger, 

Theobald, Thomas 262 
Odall, Margery, Thomas 

348, 350 bis 
Odingsells, Gabriel 291 
Odo, 26. 193 

Oglethorpe, Gervase 125 
Oilerius 192, 193 
only, Henry, Matilda, 

Robert 269 
Okeston, Vincent 377 bis. 
Okevere, Hugh, John, 

Philip, Roger, Thomas 

Oldfield, John 4 

Oleney, Robert 21 

Oliver 33 

Oliver, Jordan 252 

Olyvere, Agnes 86 

Ondeslowe, Roger 28 

Onslow, Arthur 19. Geo. 
236. Roger J 20 

Orbery, Sir John 92 

Ording, Abbat of St, Ed- 
mund's 389 

Ore, Meyler de 118 

Ormond, Anne Countess 
of 281. James Earl of 
280. Joan Countess of 
il>. John Earl of ib. 
Lora Countess of 281 

Orwell, Jane 238. Sir 
Lewis ib. 

Osbern, Prior of Exeter, 

Osbert 256. Abbat of 
Haghnion 362, 369 

Overton, Margaret, Tho- 
mas 139 

Owein, Prince of Wales 

Owen, Philip, 4. Sir Ro- 
ger 238 

Oxford, Alicia Countess 
of 281. Hawise 
Countess of 23 1. Hugh 
Earl of 267. Isabel 


Countess of 267. John 

Earl of 317. Robert 

Earl of 267 
Oxton, Alexander 385. 

Waller 376,379,3856w. 
Packe, Alderman 125 
Paddukbrock, John, 

Lucy, Walter 383 
Padiiiton, John, Roger, 

William 143 
Padley, William 5 
Paganell, Gervase 391 
Paiard, Algar 250 6/* 
Painel, Fulke, William 

Fainsfoot, Elizabeth, 

Robert 314 
Palmer, Samuel 291. 

Richard 188. Sarah 

5. William 172, 188 
Pancefot, Grimbald, Si- 

Panter, Ric. 241 
Pantulf, Alex. 142. Ivo, 

Ralph 191. 
Parker 22. John 124, 

345. Dr. William 

Parkhurst, Ferdinand 6 
Parr, Alice 406. Eliza- 
beth 300, Sir William 

300, 406 
Parsons, Katherine and 

Thomas 18 
Pasmere, William 12 
Passeleu, Nicholas 261. 

Robert 174 
Passenarulf, Wm. 230 
Passenham, Alice, Henry, 

Margaret 261 
Paston, Agnes, Anna, 

Elizabeth, Saville, 

Talbot 309, William 

22, 309 
Pateshull, Margery, Si- 
mon 27 I 
Patkele, Matilda 377 
Patrick, Isabel, Robert, 

William 137 
Paulinus 149, 152-5, 168 
P.ivia 251 
Pay, Roger 7 
Pavne 313. John 6 bis. 

Peter 285 
Payton, Philip 113 
Pawlett, arms 37 
Peake, Rev. Will. 173 
Pearson, Anthony 290. 

John 288 
Pechei Geoffrey, Ilamon 

190. Robert 118 
Pecheford, Nicholas 119 
Peck, John, Margaret 



Peebles, John 166. Eli- 
zabeth 167 
Peine], Fulke, William 

Peirson, John, Matthew 

Peitevin, Will, le So'i 
Peke, John and Jone 21 
Pf kit, John 105 
Pelliparius, Philip 379 lis 
Pembroke, Richard E-irl 
of 221. William Earl 
of 397 
Peninton, Robert, 365. 
Philip 365 his. Ste- 
phen 366 
Penkull, Frustan de 333 
Penpones, Elizabeth, 

John 307 
Peny 313 

Perce, Henry de 1 12 
Percebaye, Will. 143 
Perche, Anne, Emeric, 

Katharine 262 
Percy, Lady Alianor 22. 
Perer, Walter 382 
Perez, Donna Aj^nez 

80, 90 
Peronell, William 106 
Perrott, Herbert 290 
Pervie, John 396 
Pery, Anne, John, Wil- 
liam 327 
Peter, Bishop of Chester 
252. Bishop of Win- 
chester 174. Prior of 
Exeter 184. 
Pethy, Henry 12 
Peruet, Walter 375 
Peverel of Brunne, arms 

35. Agnes 272 
Peverell, Amicia 130, 
Hamo 25 bis, 26, 28, 
90 his, 117, 191,-3,-4,- 
5. Hugh 64. 65, 130, 
382,-3,-4 ter.-7. Mar- 
gery 130. Matilda 64. 
Nicholas 65. Peter 
272. Ralph 64 bis, 65. 
Richard 63, 64, 65. Si- 
bill 190. Simon 63. 
William 28, 190 bis 
Peynlerer, Fulke 265 
Peyto, Alicia, John 261 
Philipe, John 241 
Philipps, Grilaniius289 
Philpott, Alice 312 
Piet', Capicer 174 
Pictavensis, Alianor, Ri- 
chard, Robert 332 
Piclavinus, Stephana, Ri- 
chard 376 
Picot, Henry 250, 385. 
Rubamund 250 


Picheford, Sir Ralph 368 

Pickersgill, John 8, 127, 

Pierpoint, Sir Henry 
342 bis, 349-50. Sir 
Hugh 92. Robert, Si- 
mon, Walter 272. Wil- 
liam 5 

Pierson, Rev. Mr. 150 

Pigeon, John 127 

Pigot, Jane, Sir Ran- 
dolph 301 

Pike, George 127 i'is 

Pillard, William 267 

Pilefen, Peter 251 

Pillisdon, Richard 113 

Pimbel, Stephen 371 

Pincerna, Amaridus 12 

Pinder, Matih. 122 

Pinu, Maci de 382 

Pinto 405 

Pipard, Guy, Ivetta, Ma- 
tilda 260 

Piper, William 140 

Pirot, Ralph 268. Ri- 
chard 268 bis 

Pistor, Peter 379 

Piuelesdon, Roger 190 

Player, Robert 4 

Plesyiigton, Margaret 
303, 408 

Plimtre, Gervase, Nicho- 
las, William 381 

Plompton, Agnes 302. 
Alice 338, 340, 341. 
Elizabeth 342. Mar- 
garet 407. Sir Robert 
302,338,340-342. Sir 
William 341, 342, 348, 

Plumer, Sir John, Mar- 
garet 326 

Pocheill, Julia de 63 
Poer(le), Baldwin, Elena, 
Eustachia, Petronilla 

Poges, .Alianor, Alicia, 
Amicia, John, Marga- 
ret, Peter, Robert, Tho- 
mas 275 
Poinings, Isabel, Luke 



Bona 329. Edith 310. 

GeofFry 3 10,329. Harry 

310. Margaret 408. 

Sir Richard 21, 310, 

329. See Poole. 

Pollard, Damisela, Gil 

bert 377. Michael 379 

Pollimore, Jordan de 385 

Pomeray, Geoffry 251, 

381. Henry 186, 188, 

386. Josceline 188, 

220. Roer' 188. Wil- 
liam 387 
Ponsonhy, W. F. S. 320 
Poiiteshurye, Rich. 362 
Ponthieu, Guy Count of 

Poole, Cecily and John 
43. German, epitaph 44. 
45, 46, 50. Margaret 
45, 46. arms 44, 50 
Popa, William 387 
Popeham, Sir John 21 
Popple, William 286 
Porta, Alured 376 
Portarius, William 381 
Porter, Anne 215 Endy- 
mioii 215. John 286. 
Martha, Reginald, Ri- 
chard 146. Thos. 215 
Polingtoii, William 187 
Powell, Henry 126 
Power, Elianor 328. Eli- 
zabeth 327. John ib. 
Margery 328. Marget 
327. Mary ib. Phi- 
lippa 328. Roger 327. 
Thomas ib. 
Powis, John Lord 237. 
Edward Lord 237, 238 
Poyniiigs, arms 37 
Poys, Peter 12 
Preston 325. Adam 360. 

Robert 120, 366, 368 
Prettie, Richard 4 
Pride, Roger 115, 120 
Probus, or Pruz, Isabel 
376, 378. John 378 
Walter 250, 251, 376 
378. William 385 
Piodome, Martin 189 

384. William 384 
Prulle, Jordan, Robert 

Prusiecote, .lohii 384 
Pruz. See Probus 
Pryce, Pryce 320 
Puckle, William 7,284 
Pudding, John 375 
Pulle, Robert 375 
Pulley, Maurice de 366 
Punchardon, Robert, 

William 187 
Puppys, Sir John 251 
Pureloy, Thomas 357 
Pynchard, Edmund 245. 
Elizabeth, Isabel, 
John, Margaret , Maud, 
Maurice, Simon 245 
Pyrton, William 109, 110 
Quincy, Saer de, Marga- 
ret 185 
CJuinel, Helwisa, Peter, 

Tlioraas 377 
12uyney, Richard 1 22 

Radburne, Rofjer 10.") 
Raddun, Baldwin 184/er. 
Radeclive, Beatrix, Tho- 
mas 381 
Radiiigtoii, Joan 247 
Ragelega, Hiigli 189 
Rass-^'lj R'll' le 94, 95 

l/is,96, 103 
Raigtord, Katheritie, Sir 

Laurence 298 
R,iinaldus 26, 193, 195 
Raiiier 194 

Rniiisbout, William 338 
Raiiislord, Alice 327 
Ralegi), Avis, Joan, 
Maud, Margaret, Si- 
iTion 247. See Raj^e- 
lega and Ravvlev. 
Ralph, Abbat of'Battle 
374. Al)|). of Canter- 
bury 196. Bp. of Chi- 
chester 196". Abbats of 
Haglimon (thrt-e) 362, 
363, 369. Abbat of 
Lilltsliall 372 bis. Ab- 
bat ol Mount St. Mi- 
chel 184. Abbat of 
Shrewsbury 190 
Rainsdeii, John, Mar- 
garet 36 
Rame'^den, Joan, John, 

Ralph 260 
Rainilph, Chancellor to 

Henry 1. 196 
Ratcli tf.^-, Agnts 303, 409. 
Sir .lames, Kailierine 
301. Sir Ri.hard303, 
Rawkhill, Richard son 

of, 95 his 
Rawlcy, Anne, Sir Ed- 
ward 329 
Rawlin, William 21 
RawliiiS, Thomas 8 
Rawliiison, Luke 287 
Rayne, Peier 6 
Rayney, arms 37 
Redburn, K at herine, Wil- 
liam 138 
Reddin^e, John 127 
Red', Anne, Thomas, 

William 277 note 
Re.lijar, 'J'ho. 286 
Kedman, Alexander, 
John, Henry, William 
Redshaw, Thomas 125 
Reiner, Bishop of St. 
A^aph 362, 369, 370-2 
Rempston, Marf;aret338 
-9, 341-2, 344-5. Sir 
Thomas ib. 351 
Reresby, John 359 bis 
Rese, P'rince of Wales 233 


Reskimer 319. Elizabeth, 

John 307 
Reson, Walter 140 
Reynolds, Joh?i, his 

church notes 33 
Reynolds, arms of 49. 
George, Mary ib. Ru- 
ben 3. 
Rhodes, John 4 
Ribel, G.offr.'y 363. 
Rice, Henry 284 
Ricford, Adam, Helias, 

William 376 
Richard, Bishop of Ches- 
ter 190 Abbat of 
Ha^hmon 362. See 
Burnell and Pontes- 
bury. Bp. of Hereford 
196. Prior of Lech- 
lade 324. Prior of 
Lefjh 187. Bp. of Lon- 
don 193, 194 ter, 195, 
196. Chaplain ofMeil- 
nil Heriner 25. Prior 
of Ottery 65. Abbat 
ofTichfirld 14, 16 
Richards, William 6 
Richardson, Elizabeth, 
Joseph 167. Thomas 
5,8. William 291 
Richilda 256 

Richmond, the Earls of 
53. Edmund Earl of 
278. Margaret Count- 
ess ol 273, 405 
Richmond, Odo 161 
Ridel, VVarin 33 
Rike, John, Isabel 140 
Rivall', Peter 174 
Rirel, Robert 65 
Rivers, Earl of 308. Eliz. 
Countess 223 Richard 
Earl 296. Thomas 
Earl 223. See Ryver 
Riviiigton, Robert 287 
Ripariis, John 25.9 
Risford, Adam 375, 378, 
Rissheton, Gilbert de273 
Robert 23. son of Henry 
I. 196. Bp. of Ches- 
ter 196 bis. Prior of 
Exeter 252, 375, 378. 
Abbat of Lilleshull 
369. Bp. of Lincoln 
188, 196. Bp. of Lon- 
don 368. Archdeacon 
of Totness 65 
Roberts, Sir John 124, 
285. Richard 241. 
Rowland 287- Sir 
William 284 
Robinson, Richard 361 
Rochester, Mr. 397. Eli- 
zabeth 359 


Rochford, Elizabeth, 
Harry 303, 408. Ralph 
Rodble, Ralph 352 
Rodenburste, John 362, 

370, 373 
Rodington, Gilbert 366. 
Henry 363, 366. Isa- 
bel 36"6. Ranulph 366 
Rodney, Sir Walter 313 
Rodshaw, Thomas 288 
Roem, William de 250 
Rof, Johanna 378. John 
375, 376, 379. Martin 
254, 375, 377, 379, 
384, 385, 387. Sam- 
son 189. William 
Roger 33. Prior of Exe- 
ter 189,377, 378, 880, 
381. Abbat of Hagh- 
mon 363. Bp, of Sa- 
lisbury 196. Abp. of 
York 254 
Rogers, Alexander, Avice, 
Harry, John, Marga- 
ret, Thomas 312. Hen. 

John 245, 246, 350. 
Robert 350 
Rokebeare, Paulina, Ro- 
ger, Thomas 378 
Rokeby, arms 49- Grace 
212. Mary 49- R^lph 
360. Thomas 212 
Rollinson, Thomas 7 
Rolsby, John 351 
Romesee, John ile 16 
Rondulfe, William 112 
Roos, Lord 296. Mar- 
garet 227. John, 
Philippa 228. Tho- 
mas 228 bis. William 
227, 228. 
Ropeley, Eva, Loretta, 

Matilda, Simon 147 
Roper, Roger 241 
Roppes Robert 261 
Ros, Eusiachia 135. Wil- 
liam ib. Isabella 136. 
William 135 
Rossall, Stephen 370. 
Thos. 120, 121 bis, 364, 
365,367,37 1. Vivian 
364, 365, 367, 371 bis 
Rounberga 268 
Rous, Alice, Richard 148 
Rowland, Francis, Mat- 
thew, 'i'homas 126 
Rowtoii, Matthew 10 
RudeclilV, Joan, John, 
Richard 273 


Rugge, Joane, Kathe- 
riiie, Thomas 243 

Rumare, Robert, William 

Rumsey, Marget 327 

Rusberia, Rogerus fil. 
Odonis de 28 

Russell, Andrew 260. 
James 6, 123. John 

Rye, Joan 260. Joan, 
Margery, Philip, 
Ralph 270. Richard 
260. Thomas 270 

Rynyon, or Ryvyoii,Ray- 
noii, R<)\nam, John 
246. Richard 244. 
William 244 

Rysome, John 13 

Rysse, Mr. 397 

Jane 409 

Sachevenll, John 111 

Sackville, Andrew, Mar- 
gery 276 

St. Andrew, Erneburga, 
Henry, Pagan, Tho- 
mas 144 

St. Andomar, Walter 64 

St. Barbe, Joan 247. 
John 244, 246. Mar- 
garet, i6. Rictiard 246-7 

St. George, Richard 34 

St. Helen, Michael 186 

St. John, arms 37. Alia- 
nor 21,311. Amy 21, 
310. Edith 310. Eli- 
zabeth 303, 310, 31 1. 
Isabel 311. John 263, 
310, 311. Sir John 21, 

310. Margaret 278, 

311. Mary 311. Oli- 
ver, 22, 303, 31 I. Sir 
Oliver 310. Robert, 
Roger 263. Sibilla 311. 
Thomas263, 279. Wal- 
ter 288 

St. John, of Bazing, 
Charles and Christian, 
Lord and Lady, epi- 
taph 36 

St. Leger, Anne, Antho- 
ny, Sir Thomas 297 

St. Liz, Isabella 171. 
Maud 33. Rowland 171 

St. Martin, Godfrey, Jor- 
dan, William 266 

St. Nicholas, John, Lady 
Priscilla 224. 

Sr. Ravi, Sir William 217 

Salisbury, Earl of 7. Ka- 
therineCuuiitcss ol 278 
Margaret Counters of 
21. Richard Earl of 
300. Wm. Earl of 234 

Salmon, Agnes 86. Tho- 
mas 86. Tym. 6 
Salnervill, Gilbert 194 
Salsomarisco. See Salt- 
Salston 59 
Salt, John 249 
Saltmarsh, Joan, John, 

Peter 273 
Saltonstall, Charles 126 
Salvayne, Anketon, Mar- 
gery 258 
Salvin 303 

Salway, Richard 6, 288 
Samford, William 122 
Samuel, Amys, Richard 

Sampson, John 16 
Sandall, William 359. 
Sands, Sir William 22 
Sandwich, Agnes, John, 
Juliana, Nicholas 405 
Sandys, Edith 299, 314. 
Richard 314. Sir Wil- 
liam 299, 314 
Sangwiner, Will 387 
Sapington, William 338 
Sarger, John de 376 
Sartilli, Claricia, Gilbert 

Sauberia, Nigellus, and 

Robertus de 28. 
Saueei, Hugh de 386 
Savage, Edward 157, 160, 
236. Heylyn357. John 
141. Laurence 357. 
Robert 144. Roger 141 
Savile of Bradley family 
150. Dorothy l'62. Ed- 
ward, Sir George ib. 
Henry 161, 162, 357. 
Sir John 162, 353,354. 
Nicholas 355. Thomas 
Saxby, Amys, John 329 
Sawin 386 

Sai or Sav, Amies, Eliza- 
beth 326. Genovefa 
409. Gilbert 143. Jane 
409, Sir John 327. 
Mary 326. Picot 194. 
Robert 190. Theode- 
ric 193. Thomas 409. 
Sir William 326, 409 
Say n hope, Richurd de 63 
Scales, Isabel 276. Joan 
262. John 262. Mar- 
gery, Robert 276. Tho- 
mas 261-2 
Scarlett, Anthony 292 
Seepius, a priest 64 
Schaa. Sir Allen 351. Sir 
John 329. Julian 329 
Schaffeld, Robert de 73 

Schagsby, Andrew de 96 

Schawberia, Nigel 190 
Schawbere, Richard 115 
Scheiiton, Henry 1 18 
Schimpling, Perer 389 
Scot, Richard 30 
Scott, Thomas 123. 
Scremby, Will 14S 
Scrope, Agnes 303, 408-9. 
Alice 301, 408. Ana- 
bella 223. Anne 408. 
Elea!ior303, 408. Eli- 
zabeth 223,303,408-9. 
Elizabeth Lady 298, 
311, 408. Jane 408. 
John Lord 223, 303, 
407-8-9. Henry Lord 
303, 407, 408. Kathe- 
rine 303, 408-9. Mar- 
garet Lady 20, 303, 
408-9. Martha 223. 
Mary 223, 311, 408. 
Kalph 409. Richard 
303, 40B-9. Rol)ert 
303, 409. Thomas 
Lord 408. Lady (.,f 
Upsal) 297, 301-2 
Sctidamore, Alice, God- 
frey 129. Henry, Joan 
140. Matilda, Peter 129 
Scurres, Alan 10. Aske- 
til 10. Henry 12. Ma- 
tilda 9, 10. Richard 
10. Rr)bert 9,10. Wal- 
ler 10. William 9, 10. 
Sir Robert 10 
Searle, George 122 
Sedgwick, Obadiah 286 
Segeswick, Humphrev 

Segrave, family 276. 
John, Juliana254, 405. 
Nicholas 136. Stephen 
Semer, Andrew, Cecilia, 
Joan, John, Ralph, Sa- 
rah, William 379 
Sensu, Martin de 81 
Serlo, Dean of Exeter 

187, 252 
Serviens, Joan, Richard 

Servington, David 377 ler 
Seward 192. Emota, 

William 239-40 
Seymour, Elizabeth 312. 
Lady Frances 2 I 2. Sir 
John 127. Lord Admi- 
ral 3.97 
Seys, Kenwric (Wronoti, 
or Wrenoc) 371-2. 
John, William 372 
Seyton, Alice, Richard 

liaftesbtiry, Margaret 
Abbess of 3 1 1 
Shareshiill, Elizabeth, 

William 131 
Shaw, Henry 354 
Shepardsoti, Adam 3 
Shf'pard, Edmund 173. 

John 240 
Sheffield, Anne, Antho- 
ny, Dorothy 17 1. 
Christian 172. Ed- 
ward 171. Elizabeth 
171-2. Emma 171- 
George 17 1-2. James 
1/2. John, Kenelm, 
Margaret 1*1. Maria 
172. Robert 171. 
Sampson 172 lis, 173. 
William 171-2. 
Shelmerdifie, Ephraim 

Shcpye, Laurence 260 
Sherburne, Sir Riehard 

Sherman, John 7 
Shire, Digory (j 
Shirley, John 335 
Short, 398. W.iliam245 
Shorwell, William 26"6" 
Shotterden, Daniel 126 
Shottesbroke, Aiianor, 
Edith, Peter 240. 
Sir Robert 313 
Shrewsbury, Adelaisa, 
Countess 191. Anne 
Countess ol 210. Anna 
Maria Countess of 

210. Charles Earl of 

21 1. Eliz. Countess 
of 280. Frances Co'tess 
of 210. Francis Earl 
of 210, 211. George 
Earl of 24, 46, 210, 
298. Hugh Earl of 27 
ler. 194. John Earl 
of 210, 228. Kaihe- 
rine Countess of 298. 
Mary Countess of 210. 
Robert Earl of 195. 
Roger Earl of 27, 116, 
119, 120, 191, 195, 
227, 233 

Shultoii, John, Thomas 

Sibbiton, Amilia, Here- 
bert 371 

Siccaville, John 385. Ro- 
bert de 383, 385 

Sideiiham 313. George, 
Joan, John, Richard, 
Sylvester, Waller 409 

Sidley, Isaac 7 

Silva,John GoiuciJ de 81 


Simon, Prior of Sem- 
pringham 357 

Siinonds, Elizabeth, Sir 
George, Mary 2l0 

Siward (Grossus) 24 

Skerne, Mary 326. Ro- 
bert 326 

Skevingtoii 217 

Skinner, Augustine 6. 
Ralph 290 

Skippon, Philip 284 

Skipton, Sir Robert 352 

SUde, Obadiah 289 

Slaney, Samuel 122 

Slepe, Roger de 120 

Sly, Walter 4 

Smalcumbe, William, 
1 89 his 

Smithcoie, John 362, 
William 370 

Smith, Edward 4, 6, 
124. George 284. 
Henoch 4. Isabel 215. 
John 3, 8, 109. Sir 
John 216. Matthew 8, 
Nicholas 104. Samuel 
284. Thomas 127. Sir 
Thomas 216. William 

Smyth, John 288, 289 

Sneck, Alured, Nicholas, 
Ralph, Richard, Wil- 
11 am 272 

Snoring, Agnfs, Alice, 
Basilia, Cliristiana, 
Mabill, Philip, Rich- 
ard 148 

Snowe, Simon 3 

Sodh, John 380 

Sciggedon, Alice, 363. 
Richard 363, 365. 

Solariis, Elena, Eusta- 
chia, John, Ralph, 
Richard, William 264 

Solton, Ralph de, 370 

Somerlord, Robert, 134 

Somerset, Edninnd Duke 
of 309. John Earl of 
278 ler. 297, 309, 310. 
John Duke ot 297, 308. 
Margaret, Countess of 
296. William Duke 
of 213. Sir Charles 
and Elizabeth 22 

Somervill, John 134. Ro- 
bert 227 

Sondford, Ralph 116 

Sothill, John 167 

Southampton, William 
Earl of 361 

Spalle, Ralph 64 

Sparkes,(;eorge 3 

Spike, John 306 


Spencer, Dame Alice 20. 
John 4. Katheriiie, 
Margaret 308. Richard 
236. Sir Robert 308 

Speringe, William 7 

Spersolte, Henry lie 14 

Spileman, Humfrey, Ro- 
bert 188 

Sj)ineto, Walterus lilius 
Petri de 13 

Sprengehose, Roger 368 

Sprigg, Rasill 288 

Spryng 326. Philip 377. 
Nancy, Margaret, Ro- 
bert 3"50 

Stafford, Alice 230, .343. 
Anne 326, 409. An- 
thony 58. Catherine 
326. Edmund 230. 
Edmund Earl 231. 
Edward Lord 232. 
Elizabeth 409. Fulke 
408. Henry Lord 58. 
Hugh 231. Humphrey 
301, 326, 409. 
Humphrey Earl 231. 
Isabel, La'dy 232. Jo- 
seph 342. Katberine 
306, 409. Margaret 
Countess of 308. Ni- 
cholas 230. Ralph 
230-1. Richard 347. 
Thomas 231. Wil- 
liam 58, 231, 249,306, 
326, 409 

Stamford, Elizabeth, 
('ountess of 225. 
Hugh 132. Thomas 
Earl of 225 

Standish, James 3 

Stanhard 33 

Stanley, Agnes, Alice, 
Anne, Anthony 407. 
Sir Edward, Eleanor 
Ladv 301, 407. Lady 
Elizabeth 216, 407. 
George 236, 301, 407- 
James, John, Katbe- 
rine, Richard 407. Sir 
Robert 216. Thomas, 
William 407 

Stanton, Aniicia, Hervey, 
Nicholas 131. Robert 
de fi7. Roger 369. 
Stei>hen 366,36.9,371. 
William 286 

Stanwardyne, Peter 121 

Staples, Edward 4 

Stapleton, arms 40. 
Agnes 344. Sir Brian 
341, 344-5. Eliza- 
beth, Henry 212. Isa- 
bel 344-5. Nicholas, 
Milo, Sarra 258 


Stapley, Anthony 5 
Stare, Joan, Will. 1*0 
Siaikey, Philip 2<)2. 

bee Sierkey 
Staiham, or Slathun, 
Gudith 110, 111, 138, 
345. Elizabeth 138. 
Johii 110, 111 6(*, 3-15. 
Ralph, Thomas 138 
Staunton, Ralph 1!2. 

Robert 5 
Staveley, Agnes, Alan 
257. Eleiia 106 bis. 
John, Mary 329- Ro- 
bert 1U6 bis. Thomas 
Steed, John 108 
Steele, William 289 
SteHing;-e, Alexander 263 
Stephen, King, 250. Abp. 
ol Canterbury 362, 372 
S enulion, Leonard 244, 

246'. Robert 364 
Sitikey, Hugh 22, 23. 

John 22 
Sle.venes, Cristina, 

Emota, John 23,9-40 
Siigund, Bp. of Chiches- 
ter 252 
Siirniuiid, William 136 
Ssisted, William 287 
Slillington, John, Ur- 
sula 221 
Siocke, Arthur 126 
Siok, Alice, Joan, Ma- 
thia, Matilda, Richard, 
Sihill, William 140 
Stoke, Amicia 275. 

Ranulph de 366 
Stokel, William 367 
Stokes, Philip 383 
Stoncumbe, Matilda, 

Stone, William 287 
Sionehouse, Sir John 13 
Stoney, James 123 
Stonor, Elizabeth, Tho- 
mas 209. Sir William 
241, 301 
Stolesbery, Robert 196 
Slourton, Agnes, Ali- 
anor 312. Alice 312- 
13-14. Anne 312. 
Cecil409. Edith 312- 
13. Ed wan! Lord 
Elizabeth 313. Jane 
312. Jenkyii 313. 
John 313-14, 409. 
John Lord 313. Ka- 
therine, Margaret, 
Ralph, Sir Reginald, 
Richard, William 
Lord 312 
Slovve, John 240 


Stowell, Edward 409. 
Joan, John, Walter 
Stradliiig, Alice, Anne 
307, 325. Anne Lady 
406. Edmoiid, Ed- 
ward 307, 325. Sir 
Edward 247. Eliza- 
beth 247, 307. Sir 
Henry, John 247. 
Margaret, Renfrey 307 
Strange, of Knockyn 223. 
Geotfry 251, 380, 
Han.o366, 370. 372. 
Jobn 28 bis, 113, 114, 
115, 117, 119, 120, 
366, 369, 370 scepe, 
371-2. Sir Richard 
362. Roger 112, 1 14, 
120,370,372. Wido 
113. Will. 369, 371-2 
Strangeways, Alice 301. 
Anne 407. Dorothv306 
Elizab. 301,305. Giles 
306. Henry 306. Sir 
James 301, 305, 401, 
408. Jane 300. John 
306, 408. Margaret 
301. -Mary 306. Sir 
Richard 301, 407. 
Tbomas 300, 406-7, 
408. William 407 
Strigul, Earl of 214 
Strode, Beatrice, Henry, 
-Sir Hugh, Richard, 
William 244 
Stroud, Elinor, William 

Stoffyn 47 
Stnry, Alice, Sir William 

243, 245 
Stut, William 371 
btutill 349 
Stutwyll (Stutevill), 
Eustace, Joan, Nicho- 
las, Robert, William 11 
Stjle, James 286 
Styles, John 125 
Slyley, Hugh de 95 
Suche. See Zouch. 
Suffolk, Charles Duke of 
276. Edmund Earl of 
297. Eiiz. Duchess of 
ib. Frances Duchess 
of 397. Katherine 
Duchess ol 396. Wil- 
liam Earl of 262 
Sulion, Ivo 115, 118 
Surrey, Thomas Earl of 

276, 316 
Surtays, Thomas, Amicia 

Suiheron, Sir John 32 
Sutor, Richard 379 

Sutton, Isabel, Richard 

Swallow, Robert 286 
Swan, Christopher 241 
Swayn, Peter 68 
Swe'ete, Robert 284 
Swillington, Robert 334 
Swinion, Isabel, William 

Swod, Swt, or Sodb, John 

Sydemantone, John 14, 

Sytrewaste, Richard 264 
Sylveyne, Osbert, Rich- 
ard 92 
Symeon, Simon 334-5 
Syinoiids, Richard 285 
Tabberton, Joseph 288 
Tabler,Edith,Guy, Isabel 

Tailler, John 146 
Talbot, Earl of Shrews- 
bury (Dugdale's Cor- 
rections) 210. Ankaret 
88. Anne 210. Bea- 
trix Lady 80, 86-88, 
89 note, 405. Bruno, 
Conyers 210. Eliza- 
beth 408. Gilbert 
Lord 24, 80. Sir Gil- 
bert 408. Sir John 88. 
John 211. Maria 210. 
Thomas 210, 298 
Talcott, Thomas 4 
Talone, John 12 
Talvas, Guillaume 23. 

See Shrewsbury 
Tames 32T 
Tancarvill, Will. I96 
Tantield, Katherine 406 
Tangelanda, Rainer de 

25. William ih. 
Taniiere, Roger le 383 
Tantefer, Walter 377- 

William 189, 375 
Taple, Thomas 245-6 
Tassaraiid, Laderina, 

William 133 
Taieshall, Robert 270 
Tanton, Alexander 25 t, 
379, 380. Joan 379. 
Roger 251 
Taylboys, John 170,346. 

Margaret 346 
Tayler, Geoffrey 113 
Tayleur, William 290 
Taylor, Dennis 126. Eli- 
zabeth 43. George 122. 
Nathaniel 123, 285. 
Sylvanns 127,284,289, 
291-2. Thomas 6, 341 
Tedlord.Adam 384 

Teesdale, Walter 6.0 his 
'J'( nifiest, Thomas 41. 

arms il\ 
Tey, Constance, Ed- 
mund, Elizabetl), 
Henry, Jane, John, 
Thomas, William 283 
Tliaier, Robert 285 
Ttiele, Alicia 259 
Thelebrijie, J.^hii 380 
Thenet, Ithel ab 37 1 
Theodericus 26" 
Theodult, Bishop of 

Worcester )9(j 
They res, Nicholas, Tho- 
mas 96 
Thomas, Abbat ofHagh- 
mon. See Corvisor. 
3d Abbat of Meaux 11. 
Abp. of York 219, 252 
Thompson, Francis 126. 
George 5. Robert 289 
Thorn. See Spineto 
Thornbury, William 340 
Thornes, Ro^er 231 
Thonihuli, Marj^ery, 

Walter 255 
Thonii, John de 15, 16 
Thorp, Alice, 351. Anne 
346. Elizabeth, Jen- 
net 351. William 346, 
Thrall, John and Joan 86 
Thrilbi, Walter de 71 
Thub'vill. See Turbe- 

Thurb', John.Walter 251 
Thiirlowe, John 3, 288, 

Thwaytes, Sir Thomas 21 
Thweng, Lucy, Marma- 

duke 170 
Thynne 233 
Tias, Wilham 285 
Tichhorne, Katheriiie 
275. Robert 3, 125. 
Roper 275 
Tickhill, Robert 111 
Tikotl, Jonathan 285 
Tilsun, Bp. Henry 167 
Tingle, Rev. Thomas 151 
Tiptoft, Sir John, Joyce 

Lady 238, 296 
Tiroa, The(iid de ISO 
Tirvvhifl, Anne 244. Eli- 
zabeth, Isabel, Joan, 
Sir John, Sir Thomas 
Tiitelev, William 115 

Tobenall, Irancis 349 
Tochil 193 
'Jodd, Thomas 124 


Todenei, Robert de 30 
Todin°;ion, Ell^^a(■hia, 

Joan, Ralph, Will. 146 
Toeni, Alice 169 
T.dlino, John 383 
Tolonge, Adam 373 
Tonison, Roger 72, 73 
Toreth 194 

Toritune, John 184 bis 
Toriz, Roger 379 
Tornai, Gerard 28, 193 
Torrell, Alice, William 

T..SI1 386 

Toitori, Martin 375 
lonrnay, Alice, Gilda, 

Hngh, Thomas 187 
Townley, Elizabeth, 

Richard 354, 357 
Traci or Tracy, 218. 
Alice, Anne's 325. 
Henry 61, 62, 250, 
325. Osmer 189, 381. 
Ralph 325. William 
186,325, 386 
Trak, Alicia 281 
Tregoz, Henry, John 
2.59. Mabil 279. Tho- 
mas 259 
Treiminettes, Gosilin 
382. Rich. 187. Wal- 
ter 62. William de 
62 te?', 382 
Tremayiie, Thomas 24 I 
Trencard, Richard 62 
Trenchard 252 
TreiiowthjJohn 307 
Trevelyan, John 409-10. 

Maud 409 
Treueseck, Aunger, Ce- 
cilia, Richard, Roland 
Trevet, Nicholas, 28 
Trevor, Sir Thomas 293 
'Iribus Minutis, See 

Trivet, Joan, John, Tho- 
mas 247 
Tromewyn, Sir John 365 
Trotter, Richard 4 
Trowell, Peter, Richard, 

William 132 
Trussell, Elizabeth, Wil- 
liam 20 
Tryon, Charles 173 
Tul>l)e, John, 240 ins 
Tuchet, Thomas 1 12 
Tuddington, Henry 95 
'I iimhor, Semar 382 
Tnnstall, Ivo I90. Os- 
mund de 28 his. Tur- 
stan il). 
Tunsied, Emma 361 
Tur', Barth'us de 148 


Tiirhevill, Elena 265. 
Hugh 222. John 265 

Turk, Mos'.eus le 384-5 

Turketill 219 

Turney. See Tournay. 

Turner, George-Fulham, 
John 18. Mary 18, 19. 
Richard 7, 123, 290, 

Turoe, Bartholomew 234 

Turpin, William 283 

Turstan 33 

Turvy, Isabella, John, 
Robert, Thomas 259 

Tulburv,Earl o( 214 

Tutt, John 125 

Tuzseinz, Baldwin, Ro- 
ger 185 

Twisletoii, George 289 

Twychen, Richard 27 I 

Twyford, Robert de 337 

Tybaut, John, Jordan 

Tybshelf, Roger 335, 339 

Tyrell, Anne, Sir Jatnes, 
'Thomas 306 

Ulcote, Joan, Philip 145 

UIgerius 26, 196 

Umpton, Hugh, Tho- 
mas 324 

Underwood, William 7, 
289, 290, 291 

Upton, Philip, Mary, 
Walter, William 141 

Uppetone, Thomas 381 

Urger I 15 

Urtiaco, Henry de, John, 
Sabrina 255 

Vache (de la), Mabill, 
Richard 271 

Vachhan, David 371 

Valars, Margaret 245 

Valenies, Robert, Theo- 
bald, Thomas 146 

Valletort, Sir John 383. 
Joel de 63. Re<cinald 
384-5. Roger 230, 385 

Vallibus, Robert 185,186 

Valoignes, Laderina, 
William 270 

Van Hammema, Beatrix 

Vaughan. See Vach- 
han and Veuan 

Vaux, Edward Lord 210, 
215. Elizabeth 300. 
Isabel 215. Marv2IO. 
Nicholas 22, 2I5,'300 

Vavasjur, Edmond 290. 
Elizabeiii, Harry 305. 
John, Robert, William 

Ven (tor, Normannus I9J. 
Uli;erius 1%' 


Veniier, Richard 12.J 
Verdon, Alice, 271. Hen. 
238. Robert 271 
Theobald 113. Ursula 
Vera, Alice 186. Anne, 

Aubrey 298 
Verley, Torald 193. Ro- 
bert 193 
Verney, Alianor 310. 
fjeatrix 327. Sir John 
310, 329. Sir Ralph 
Vernon, Bennett 354. 
Edmund 350. Sir 
Harry 353-4, Henry 
349,350,353-4. Rich. 
94. 95, 97, 124, 126, 
342 bis, 345. Thomas 
356, 358. Sir William 
Vesey, Eustace 145, 146. 

William 146 
Vewaii, David 372 
de Vick, arms 35 
Viel, Gervase 378 
de la Ville, Arnald 384 
Villers, Margaret, Pavne 

Viteri, Alexander de 386 
Wade, William 228 
Wadelawe, Eva, John 

Wadham, Sir John 312, 
313, 409. Isabel 409. 
Jane 313, 409. Mar- 
gery 312. Nicholas 
313, 409 
Waignur, Walter 378 
Waiih, Anne, Robert 18 
Wake, Baldwin, Joan, 
John, Margaret, Tho- 
mas ll 
Wakebrugge, Cecily 44, 
50. Sir William 43, 
44, 50. arms 44, 50 
Waldoe, Daniel 2,90 
Waleran, Richard 65, 

251, 384 
Waleys, Hanry 135. 
John 82. Stephen, 
Richard 135 
Walgrave, Anne 326. 
Edward, Elizabeth, 
Jane 307, 326, 409. 
Richard, Thomas, 
William 326 
Walkelin, Bp. of Win- 
chester 252-3 
Walker, Thomas 292 
Wallis, John 122 
W,,ll(.ur, William 133 
WahMiitluj 256 


WaUham, Robert 245 

Walter, Abbat of Battle 
388. Getharista 365 

Waltervill, Aceline 191. 
Geoffrey, Matilda 190. 
Ralph 191 

Waltham, Alexander, 
Amicia 131. William 

WanJby, John 5 

Wanley, Valeiiiine 61, 

Warcupp, Edward 125 

Ward, Hamond 127. 
Leonard 124. Mar- 
garet, Roger 302. Tho- 
mas 126 

Warde, Lady Grace, 
James 224. Joan, John 
244 '