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Nominated by the Trustees of the William Salt Library. 

Elected by the Members of the Society. 



D.S.O., M.P. 

ME. J. T. HOMER, D.L., C.B.E. 



ME. S. A. H. BURNE. 

ME. R. E. JOY. 

Miss E. B. MILLER, The William Salt Library, Stafford. 


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I. That the Society be called the " WILLIAM SALT ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY." 
H._The leading ohject of the Society shall be the editing and printing of original 
documents relating to the County of Stafford, to which, however, may he 
added papers selected by an Editorial Committee, illustrative of the same, or 
coming under any of the eight following heads : 

(a) Abstracts of the Monastic Chartularies, and of Ancient Family Deeds, with 
the names of witnesses and facsimiles of seals ; Genealogies of Nobility 
nnd Gentry (accompanied by proofs), Heraldic Visitations, and other 
papers touching the general history and descent of properties and families, 
(ft) Printing and editing of the Public Records relating to the County, including 
the Exchequer or Pipe Rolls, the Assize Rolls, Fine Rolls, Inquisitions, 
Perambulations of Forests, Subsidy Rolls, and Assessments, etc., etc. 

(f) History of Parishes and of Manors, and of Manorial Customs and Tenures, 
illustrated by Copies of, or reference to, original grants. 

(rf) Church Notes hitherto unpublished, such as Ecclesiastical Surveys, Extracts 
from Episcopal and Parish Registers, Copies of Epitaphs, and Description 
of Monuments and Ecclesiastical Buildings, Abstracts or Copies of Wills, 

(e) Notices of British and Roman Remains, and Roads and Buildings, and the 
Antiquities generally of the District. 

(/) Autograph Letters and other Documents relating to the Civil War. 

(g) Notices of distinguished Worthies, Broadsides, Election Squibs, etc. 

(fi) Correspondence, in which enquiries may be made and answered, on any of 
the above subjects, and miscellaneous information, including corrections of 

III. The general affairs of the Society shall be managed by a Council of ten, of 
whom five shall be trustees of the William Salt Library, and nominated by 
them, from time to time, and five shall be elected at an Annual Meeting of 
the Subscribers. The Council shall be empowered to delegate, if they see fit, 
the selection of the papers to be printed to an Editorial Committee. Of the 
Council, three shall be a quorum, and in case of equality of votes, their 
Chairman shall have a casting vote. 

IV. The Officers of the Society shall be a Treasurer, a Secretary, and an Auditor, 
to be appointed by the Council. These Offices shall be honorary, but the 
Council shall have power to appoint an Assistant Secretary to be paid at the 
discretion of the Council, as the nature of his duties may warrant. 

V. The Subscription shall be One Guinea annually, to he paid in advance upon the 
first of January in each year, and such annual payment shall entitle each 
Subscriber to the volume issued for the year of such subscription. Any 
Subscriber shall be permitted to withdraw from the Society by giving notice of 
his intention three months before the termination of any year of Subscription. 

N.B. To save trouble, it is recommended that the Members of the Society pay 
their subscriptions to the Society's hankers by revocable order upon their own 
bankers, a printed form for which may be obtained from the Assistant Secretary. 


Corrected to 3Lit July, 1921. 

The year in which Members joined the Society is prefixed. Where marked 
thus * the year is that in which the predecessor in title of the present Member 

1910 ADAM, W. A., The Dawscroffc, Brewood, Staffs. 

1912 ADAMS, O-EO. N., J.P., C.A., Surnmerfield, Wolverhampton. 
1905 ADAMS, PERCY W. L., J.P., P.S.A., Woore Manor, Crewe. 

1913 ADAMS, T. BYRON, J.P., Compton Hall, Compton, Staffs. 
1913 ADDISON, J. F., 24, Bridge Street, Walsall. 

1910 ALCOCK, S. KING, M.D., Portland House, Burslem. 

1910 ANGLESEY, The Most Noble the Marquis of, Plas Newydd, Anglesea. 

1901 AUGLES, T. A., ETersley, Milnthorpe. 

1910 ATTWOOD, T. A. C., M.A., F.S.A., Binswood Lodge, Binswood Avenue, 

Leamington Spa. 

1898 BAGOT, The Et. Hon. Lord, Blithfleld, Rugeley. 

1912 BARNS, The Rev. THOMAS, M.A., Hilderstone Vicarage, Stone, Staffs. 
1921 BATE, Mrs. A. H., Roycroft, Walton-on-the-Hill, Stafford. 

1911 BECK, F. T., Wulfrun Chambers, Darlington Street, Wolverhampton. 
1879 BERESFORD, The Rev. WILLIAM, St. Luke's Vicarage, Leek. 

1920 BOLTON, EDWARD J., Wood Bank, Oakamoor, N. Staffs. 

1913 BOLTON, FRANCIS A., C.A., J.P., Moor Court, Oakamoor, Staffs. 
1913 BOSTOCK, H. J., J.P., Shawms, Radford Bank, Stafford. 

1913 BOUCHER. ARTHUR S., C.A., J.P., Sharpcliffe Hall, Ipstones, Staffs. 

1879* BOURNE, J., J.P., Hilderstone Hall, Stone, Staffs. 

1879* BRADFORD, The Right Hon. the Earl of, Weston Park, Shifnal, Salop. 

1912 BRETITT, Sir HORATIO, The Leasowes, Wolverhampton. 

1879* BRIDGEMAN, C. G-. O., 11, Stone Buildings, Lincoln's Inn, London, W.C. 2. 
1879* BRIDGEMAN, The Rev. ERNEST R. O., M.A., Blymhill Rectory, Shifnal. 

1919 BRINDLEY, H. H., M.A., F.S.A., St. John's College, Cambridge. 

1913 BROUGU, J. R., Eversley, Shepherd's Hill, Highgate, N. 0. 
1911 BROWN, W., The Grange, Tipton, Staffs. 

1920 BURNE, Rev. R. V. H., Loynton Hall, Newport, Salop. 
1879* BURNE, S. A. H., 4, Northcote Place, Newcastle, Staffs. 
1917 BURTON, The Rev. J. A., Bradley Vicarage, Staffs. 

1913 CANBY, T., 33, Arboretum Road, Walsall. 

1910* CARTER, W. E., Eccleshall Castle, Staffs. 

1879 CARTER, W. FOWLER, Maidsmere, Bromsgrove. 

1920 CARTER, A. W., Ryderscroft, Cannock. 

1910 CHALLINOH, Lieut-Col. W. F., D.S.O., Pickwood, Leek. 

1910 COGHILL, ABCHIBALD F., J.P., Brampton Tree House, Newcastle, Staffs. 
1879 COLLETT, The Rev. E., M.A., Retford, Notts. 

1913 CONGBEVK, Lieut.-Gen. Sir W. N., V.C., K.C.B., M.V.O., D.L., Chartley 

Castle, Staffs. 

1921 COPE, Of. B., 4, Tettenhall Road, Wolverhampton. 
1910 COITEBELL, HOWARD H., F.R.Hist.S., F.R.S.A.I., F.S.G., The Hermitage, 

Buchanan Road, Walsall. 
1879* CBKWE, The Most Noble the Marquis of, E.G., G.C.V.O., Crewe Hall, 


1879 DARTMOUTH, The Right Hon. the Earl of, P.C., K.C.B., V.D., Patshuli 

House, Wolverhampton. 
1919 DATIES, T. J., 110, Pershore Road, Edgbaston, Birmiugham. 

1914 DENT, H. H. C., 27, Waterloo Road, Wolverhampton. 

1915 DEAYCOT, W. M. L., Dravcot Road, Lynn Creek, Brit. Columbia. 
1879* DUIGNAN, CAEL, Gorway, Walsall. 

1910 EDGE, The Right Hon. Sir JOHN, 123, Oakwood Court, W. Kensington, W 14. 

1911 FAUSSET, H. J., M.D., Tamworth, Staffs. 

1888 FLETCHER, The Rev. W. G. DIMOCK, M.A., F.S.A., Oxon Vicarage, 

Bicton Heath, Shrewsbury. 
1882 FOLEY, PAUL HENBY, J.P., Stoke Edith, Hereford. 

1919 FOSTER, L., Glenroy, Upper Gornal, nr. Dudley. 

1921 GALLATLEY, W. H., The Elms, Shareshill, Wolverhampton. 

1896 GIBBONS, W. P., J.P., The Foxhills, Woinbourne, nr. Wolverhampton. 

1879* GEAZEBEOOK, A. W., Old Park, Dudley. 

1915 GEEEN, GEOEGE, 1, Richmond Road, Wolverhampton. 

1902 HAMBLETON, A. J., C.C., Butterton, Leek. 

1909 HAECOUET, The Rt. Hon. Viscount, P.C., 14, Berkeley Square, London, 


1894 HAEDING, GEOEGE, 64, Great Russell Street, London, W.C. 1. 
1879* HAEDY, Sir REGINALD, Bart., C.A., D.L.,Dunstall Hall, Burton-on-Trent. 
1913 HAKBISON, F., School House, Newcastle, Staffs. 
1879 HATHEETON, The Rt. Hon. the Lord, C.M.G., Teddesley, Penkridge. 
1913 HAWKESYABD, The Very Rev. the Prior of, Armitage, Rugeley. 
1885 HOLDEN, Sir EDWABD THOMAS, J.P., Glenelg, Walsall. 
1879* HOLLAND, Miss MAEY, The Grove, Barton-under-Needwood, Staffs. 

1910 HOMER, The Rev. F. A., 81, Lansdown Road, Handsworth, Birmingham. 

1911 HOMEH, JOHN TWIGG, C.B.E., C.A., J.P., D.L., Dormston, Sedgley. 
1909 HOPWOOD, C. H., M.B., Baker Street, Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent. 
1921 HUGHES, Mrs. A. E., Wyehdon Lodge, Ingestre, nr. Stafford. 
1913 HUGHES, Mrs. T., Thurlow, Torquay. 

1905 HUNTBACH, A., J.P., Lime Tree House, Stone, Staffs. 

1879* JACKSON, W. F. MAESH, 236, High Street, Smethwick. 

1921 JAMES, Rev. C. S., Ferndale, Walsall Road, Four Oaks, Birmingham. 

1920 JEEVIS, Lieut.-Col. SWYNTBN J., 90, Claverton Street, S.W. 1. 
1913 JOY, R. EUSTACE, M.A., The White Lodge, Milford, Stafford. 

1913 KEYWORTH, The Rsv. W. Gr., M.A., 27, Stratford Street, Leeds. 

1913 LAMBERT, The Eev. LIONEL, M.A., The Rectory, Stafford. 

1902 LANDOB, WALTER N., J.P., Chadscroft, Rugeley. 

1918 LATHROP, KIRKE, 44, Bramham Gardens, S.W. 

1919 LAWDEN, P., 83, Christchurch Road, Boscombe. 
1921 LEGGE, JOSEPH, The Manor, Willenhall. 

1921 LEVETT, Capt. W. S. B., J.P., D.L., Milford Hall, Stafford. 

1881 LICHFIELD, The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of, Lich field. 

1879* LICHFIELD, The Right Hon. the Earl of, Shugborough Part, Staffs. 

1913 LICHFIELD, The Very Rev. the Dean of, The Deanery, Lichfield. 

1921 LINDOP, E., The Green, Cannock. 

1917 LYCETT, J. A., J.P., Castle Hill, Wolverley, Kidderminster. 

1879 MACGREGOR, The Rev. W., M.A., F.S.A., J.P., Bolehall Manor House, 
Tarn worth. 

1913 MACPHERSON, GEORGE, J.P., D.L., C.A., The Lloyd House, nr. Wolver- 

1879* MADAN, Mrs. P., Walford, Eccleshall. 

1908 MAINWARING, Major G. CAVENAGH, Portmore Lodge, Bays Hill, Chelten- 

1904 MANDEH, G. Le M., J.P., Wightwick Manor, Wolverhampton. 

1906 MAN DEB, GERALD P., The Dippons, Compton, Wolverhampton. 

1913 MENTZ-TOLLEY, R., J.P.,' F.H.S., Lynn Hall, Lichfield. 

1911 MEYNELL, Lieut.-Col. FRANCIS H. L., J.P., Hoar Cross, Burlon-on-Trent. 

1920 MILNEB, R. S., Union Street, Leek. 

1920 MILWARD, V. GRAHAM, 77, Colmore Row, Birmingham. 

1904 MITCHELL, JOHN E., J.P., Finwood, Rowington, nr. Warwick. 

1915 MOAT, Mrs., Johnson Hall, Eccleshall. 

1915 MONCRIEF, The Rev. Canon Archibald, M.A., The Close, Lichfield. 

1910* MOODY, Mrs. A. ROWLEY, Richmond House, Shelton, Stoke-on-Trent. 

1879 MOBETON, LOFTUS B., J.P., D.L., Moseley Hall, Wolverhampton. 

1879* MORGAN, WILLIAM, Walton Lodge, Walton-on-the-Hill, Stafford. 

1910 NICHOLSON, Sir ABTHUB, J.P., C.C., Highfield Hall, Leek. 

1885* OKEOVEU, Capt. HATTOHTON E., M.V.O., Okeover, Ashbourne, Derbyshire. 
1911 OLDHAM, Capt. C. DANSGJT, J.P., Bellamour Lodge, Rugeley. 

1913 PALMER, The Rev. J. R., Litt.D., F.Ph.S., F.S.P., Gratwich Rectory, 


1920 PAPE, T., Orme Boys' School, Newcastle, Staffs. 

1879 PARKER, The Rev. P. P., M.A., Colton Rectory, Rugeley. 

1913 PABKEB, ALFBED D., Brook House, Lichfield. 

1912 PABKES, JOHN, Waterdale, Victoria Road, Tipton, Staffs. 

1913 PARRY, D. E., Crordene, Bloxwich, Staffs. 

1882* PHILIPS, W. MOBTON, J.P., D.L., C.A., Heybridge, Tean, Stoke-on-Trent. 
1888 PLYMOUTH, The Eight Hon. the Earl of, Hewell Grange, Redditch. 
1913 PEOWSK, B. A., 35, Parliament Street, London, S.W. 1. 

1896 ROLLASON, AUTHUB A., Dixon's Green, Dudley. 

1881 ROTTON, Sir J. F., K.C., M.A., Lockwood, Frith Hill, Godalming, Surrey. 

1921 SALMON, JOHN, Stoneletgli, Bridgtown, Cannock, Staffs. 

1913 SALT, Miss A., Star Croft, Lichfield. 

1879* SALT, Major C. J., Lloyds Bank, Stafford. 

1879* SALT, Lieut.-Col. Sir THOMAS A., Bart., D.S.O., J.P., Hooke Court, 

Beaniinster, Dorset. 

1879 SCRIVENER, A., The Mount, Endon S. O., Staffs. 

1913 SHAW.HELLIER, E., J.P., Wombourne Wodehouse, nr. Wolverhampton. 
1913 SHELDON, Kev. H. C., B.A., 16, Old Park Road, King's Hill, Wednesbury. 

1902 SHREWSBURY AND TALBOT, The Right Hon. the Earl of, Ingestre, Stafford. 
1913 SLATER, A., C.C., The Old Hall, Albrighton, nr. Wolverhampcon. 

1882 SMITH, WILLIAM, 17, Queen Street, Leek. 

1913 SNEYD, The Rev. G. A., The Grove, Chastleton, Moreton-in-Marsh. 

1905 SNEYD-KYNNBRSLEY, J. R., Loxley, Uttoieter. 

1913 SOLLT, The Rev. W., M.A., St. Philip's Vicarage, West Bromwich. 

1914 STAFFORD, The Right Hon. the Lord, Swynnerton Park, Stone, Staffs. 
1879* STANTOX, Miss DEBORAH, c/o Child and Co., 1, Fleet Street, London, E.C. 4. 
1921 START, H., 28, Dudley Street, Wolverhampton. 

1879* SVVINFEN-BROUN, Lieut.-Col. M., JJ?., D.L., Swinfen Hall, Lichfield. 
1879 SWYNNERTON, The Rev. CHARLES, The Old House, Burleigh, Stroud, Glos. 

1887 TALBOT, The Rev. Preb. ARTHUR, M.A., Edgmond, Newport, Salop. 

1903 TAYLOR, The Rev. Canon THOMAS, M.A., F.S.A., St. Just-in-Penwith 

Vicarage, Cornwall. 

1915 THICKNESSE, RALPH, 5, Little College Street, Westminster, S.W. 1. 
1901 THORNEYCROFT, GEORGE, J.P., Dunstone, nr. Stafford. 

1919 THOHNEYCROFT, Miss FLORENCE, Tettenhall Towers, iir. Wolverhampton. 
1879* TILDESLEY, CECIL, Penkridge, Staffs. 

1921 TILSON, Rev. A. J., Ellenhall Vicarage, Staffs. 

1920 TURTON, Lieut.-Col. W. H., 29, Caledonia Place, Clifton, Bristol. 

1906 TWEMLOW, Col. F. R., D.S.O., J.P., C.A .., Peatswood, Market Drayton. 
1919 TWENTYMAN, LL. H., Codsall, Wolverhampton. 

1909 TWYFORD, THOMAS W., J.P., D.L., Whitmore Hall, Newcastle-under- 

1913 WATERHOUSE, Col. T. P., T.D., D.L., Penn Hall, Wolverhampton. 
1911 WATNEY, V. J., Cornbury Park, Charlbury, Oxon. 

1901 WATTS, JAMES, Abney Hall, Cheadle, Cheshire. 

1906 WEDGWOOD, Mrs. CLKMENT F., Barlaston Lea, Stoke-on-Trent. 

1902 WEDGWOOD, Col. J. C., D.S.O., M.P., Moddershall Oaks, Stone, Staffs. 
1913 WENGER, A. H. C., Trentham Priory, Stoke-on-Trent. 

1911 WESTWOOD, A., The Manor House, Harborne. 

1918 WHITEHOUSE, G. M., Allport House, Cannock, Staffs. 

1919 WHITEHOUSE, HAYDN, The Poplars, Bridgtown, Cannock. 

1921 WHITEHOUSE, Miss E., Little Haywood, Stafford. 

1913 WILKINSON, Col. J. H., J.P., D.L., Ashfurlong Hall, Sutton Coldfield, 


1903 WILSON. The Rev. R. A., M.A., Witley Rectory, Worcester. 
1913 WOLFERSTAN, Lieut.-Col. E. S. P., J.P., Statfold, Tamworth. 
1882 WOLSELKY, Sir CHARLES M., Bart., J.P., D.L., Sunridge, Sutton, nr. 


1908 WOOD, J. M., Barton Hall, Neatishead, Norwich. 
1921 WEIGHT M., Highfield, West Hill, Hednesford, Staffs. 
1879* WROTTESLEY, The Rt. Hon. the Lord, New House Farm, Northiam, Sussex. 
1879* WROTTESLEY. The Hon. Mrs. GEORGE (Hon. Mem.), To, Cadogan Gardens, 

S.W. 1. 
1901 WROTTESLEY, The Rev. F. J., M.A., 23, Embankment Gardens, Chelsea, 

S.W. 3. 


1909 ANTIQUARIES OF LONDON, SOCIETY OF, Burlington House, Piccadilly, W. 1. 

1920 BIRMINGHAM LIBRARY, THE, Margaret Street, Birmingham. 
1881 BIRMINGHAM PUBLIC LIBRARY, Reference Department. 


1879 BOSTON PDBLIC LIBRARY (Massachusetts, U.S.A.) (Parcels through Mr. 
Bernard Quaritch, 11, Grafton Street, Neto Bond Street, London, 



1917 CALIFORNIA, UNIVERSITY OF, LIBRARY. (Parcels through Messrs. B. F. 

Stevens and Brown, 4, Trafalgar Square, W.C. 2.) 
1896 CHETHAM'S LIBRARY, Manchester. 

1909 COLLEGE OF ARMS, Queen Victoria Street, London, E.G. 4. 

1905 CONGRESS, LIBRARY OF, Washington, U.S.A. (Parcels tJtrough Messrs. 

Allen and Sons, 14, Grape Street, Shaftesbury Avenue, London, W.C. 2.) 

1912 CONSTITUTIONAL CLUB LIBRARY, Northumberland Avenue, W.C. 2. 

1915 CORNELL UNIVERSITY LIBRARY, Ithaca, New York, U.S.A. (Parcels 
through Messrs. Allen and Sons, 14, Grape Street, Shaftesbury Avenue, 
London, W.C. 2.) 


1911 GUILDHALL LIBRARY, London, E.G. 2. 

1906 HANDSWORTH BRANCH LIBRARY, Soho Road, Handsworth, Birmingham. 
1890 HARVARD COLLEGE LIBRARY, Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A. (Parcels 

through Messrs. Allen and Sons, 14, Grape St., Shaftesbury Avenue, 
W.C 2.) 


1913 JOHN RYLANDS LIBRARY, THE, Manchester. 



1900 LINCOLN'S INN LIBRARY, Chancery Lane, London, W.C. 2. 



1881 LONDON LIBRARY, THE, 12, St. Jauies' Square, London, S.W. 1. 


1900 NEWBERRY LIBRARY, THE, Chicago, U.S.A. (Parcels through Messrs. 
B. F. Stevens and Brown, 4, Trafalgar Square, London, W.C. 2.) 

1895 NEWCASTLE FREE LIBRARY, Newcastle-under-Lyme. 

through Messrs. B. F. Stevens and Brown.) 

1910 NEW SOUTH WALES PUBLIC LIBRARY, Sydney, N.S. YV. (Parcels through 

Messrs. Truslove and Hanson, 153, Oxford Street, London, W. 1.) 
1897 NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY, U.S.A. (Parcels through Messrs. B. F. 

Stevens and Broivn, 4, Trafalgar Square, W.C. 2.) 
1914 NEW YORK STATE LIBRARY, U.S.A. (Parcels through Messrs. G. E. 

Stechert and Co., 2, Star Yard, Carey Street, Chancery Lane, W.C. 2.) 


1921 PENNSYLVANIA UNIVERSITY, LIBRARY OF. (Parcels through G. Harding, 
64, Great Russell Street, W.C. 1.) 

PUBLIC RECORD OFFICE (Son. Mem.), 2 copies. 

1919 ST. Louis PUBLIC LIBRARY, Missouri. (Parcels through Messrs. B. F. 

Stevens and Brown, 4, Trafalgar Square, W. C. 2.) 
Burslein Public Library. 

1907 Hanley Public Library. 
1904 Longton Public Library. 

1881 Stoke-on-Trent Public Library. 


1910 VICTORIA, PUBLIC LIBRARY OF, Melbourne, Australia. (Parcels through 

Messrs. H. Sotheran and Co., 43, Piccadilly, W. 1.) 

1908 VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM (The Director and Secretary), South 

Kensington, London, S.W. 7. 




1879 WILLIAM SALT REFERENCE LIBRARY, THE, Stafford (2 copies). 

WILLIAM SALT REFERENCE LIBRARY, THE, free, for exchange with : 
The Derbyshire Archaeological Society, 3, Market Place, Derby. 
The Bristol and Gloucester Archaeological Society, Public Library, 

The Shropshire Archaeological Society, The Librarian, Free Public 

Library, Shrewsbury. 
The Thoresby Society, Leeds. 
The Yorkshire Archaeological Society, 10, Park Street, Leeds. 

1911 WISCONSIN STATE HISTORICAL SOCIETY. (Parcels through Messrs. G. E. 

Stechert and Co., 2, Star Yard, Carey Street, Chancery Lane, W.C. 2.) 


1916 WOLVEHHAMPTON GflAMMAK SCHOOL, c/o The Head Master. 

1919 YALE UNIVERSITY. (Parcels through Messrs. Allen and Sons, 14, Grape 
Street, Shaftesbury Avenue, W.C. 2.) 

Private Members, 1 62 ; Libraries and Societies, 52 ; Honorary Members and 
Free Issues, 10. Total printed, 245. 

Cfxe Milliam Salt 


THE Forty-second Annual Meeting of the William Salt Archaeo- 
logical Society was held in the Lecture Hall of the Free Library, 
Stafford, on November llth, 1920. 

Lord DARTMOUTH was in the Chair. 

Mr. S. A. H. BURNE (Hon. Financial Secretary) reported that 
14 new Members had been elected during the past year, while the 
Society had lost 7 members by death and 4 by resignation. 
The total membership is now 213. The Council, however, cannot 
look upon the Membership list as at all satisfactory, inasmuch as 
the Society has actually fewer Members than it had at the end of 
its first year's existence. It continues to secure steady support 
from the Public Libraries of England, America, and the Colonies, 
but the Council feels that the future output of the Society will be 
seriously affected unless the private Membership list can be 
substantially increased. 

The Balance Sheet for the year ending September 30th, 1920, 
shows a credit balance of 202 85. Id. There are outstanding sub- 
scriptions due, amounting to a further 63. Against this, Messrs. 
Harrison's bill for printing the 1919 volume will considerably 
exceed the balance in hand. At the Annual Meeting held in 

November, 1919, Colonel J. C. Wedgwood, M.P., resigned the 
office of Hon. Secretary, which he had held since 1909. The Council 
wish to express their sense of the very valuable services rendered 
by him to the Society. 

Messrs. G. P. MANDER and S. A. H. BURNE were elected to act 
jointly in his place. 

Lord DARTMOUTH proposed a vote of thanks to the Hon. Auditor, 
which was carried unanimously. 

Mr. MANDER then read the Report of the Editorial Committee : 
The Committee regret having again to offer their apologies to 
Members for delay in the publication of the Volumes. They 
propose to print for 1921 part of a calendar of the ancient deeds 
in the William Salt Library, which is being prepared by Miss 
Cornford and Miss Miller. These documents, amounting to some 
three thousand, have hitherto been little known. The Hearth 
Tax of 1665, of which the Hundreds of Pirehill, Seisdon, and part 
of Offlow have already been transcribed, also await publication. 

Lord DARTMOUTH, in introducing Mr. R. A. Roberts, of the 
P.R.O., explained a scheme devised by the Historical MSS. Com- 
missioners for obtaining particulars of private collections of manu- 
scripts throughout the country, and stated that the Society had 
undertaken to carry it out, as far as possible, in Staffordshire. 

Mr. ROBERTS then read an interesting paper on the subject of 
historical manuscripts, which has been fully reported in the local 

The DEAN OF LICHFIELD followed with a paper emphasizing the 
importance of printing local records, in the course of which he made 
many valuable suggestions for the future work of the Society. 

The Meeting concluded with a hearty vote of thanks to both 







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JO jq CD 35 

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i I 
OS -w 


Calendar of the Salt MSS i 


The 1666 Hearth Tax ... 41 

i. Pirehill Hundred. 

Reviews of P.R.O. Calendars 174 

The Liberate Rolls, 1226-1240. 
Patent Rolls, 1374-7. 
Papal Letters, 1447-55. 
Inquisitions (Misc.), 1219-1349. 
Fine Rolls, i337~47- 
Charter Rolls, 1341-1417. 

Indexes : 

i. to Calendar of Salt deeds 192 

ii. to Hearth Tax places, etc 205 





THERE are in the William Salt Library some hundreds of 
ancient deeds, dating from the tenth century, which contain 
much information of value to students of history. They give 
the early history of manorial and other property ; the names 
of clergy, officials, and the principal inhabitants of towns and 
villages ; particulars as to roads, lanes, bridges, mills, woods, 
watercourses, dykes, hedges and other boundaries ; field- 
names ; and details as to curious tenures and legal processes ; 
while they throw much light on the social and industrial life 
of England, and especially of Staffordshire, in the Middle 

It is thought that a Calendar giving a brief abstract of 
each deed, with the names of the parties and of the witnesses, 
will be more useful than a mere catalogue. The Society has 
undertaken to publish a section of this Calendar year by year 
until it is complete, when a few separate copies of the whole 
will be available for use in the Library and for sale. The 
first five or six sections will deal with MSS. of dates prior to 

Many of these earlier deeds are undated. An attempt has 
been made to supply approximate dates by comparing names 
of witnesses, etc. In a fair proportion of cases the original 
seals are attached to the parchments ; some of them are well 
worthy of examination. 

As the collection receives frequent additions, it is impossible 
to arrange the deeds chronologically or topographically. The 


method adopted corresponds to that of the Catalogue of Ancient 
Deeds issued by the Public Record Office, and is designed to 
facilitate reference to the original parchments in the Library. 
When the Calendar is complete it will be furnished with a full 
index of names and places, so that there will be no difficulty 
in finding any particular deed. 

In bringing out Part I, we beg to acknowledge most grate- 
fully much valuable help received from Mr. T. F. T. Plucknett. 



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. * 
?S to 











(The dates are New Style throughout.) 

.T MSS. 

1. Geoffrey, Abbot of Burton, 1 and the monks of Burton 
rter] grant to Richard de Aplebi " parum prati quod vocatur 

Molinesholme " and six acres in heath with his land of his 
patrimony, that is, with four virgates of land warland 2 for 
five shillings per annum. 

Witnesses* : The Chapter, that is, Edwin the Prior, Edric, 
Durand, Cedric, and other monks : Frodmund de Horning- 
low, Frawin Carpenter, Elmer, Tochi de Aplebi. 

Date: N.D. Certainly between 1114 and 1150. 4 

Seal, apparently of the Abbey. 


2, Hugh de Venables, Kt., grants to Master Richard le 
-.1 Enginour, 5 citizen of Chester, and Agnes his wife, fourscore 

acres of pasture, waste, and heath in Eccleston, lying " inter 
di visas de Pulford et Stremsiche," of which land one side extends 
to Le Longemedewe, and the other side to the lands of the said 
Richard and Agnes, for their lives and the life of the survivor 
of them and ten subsequent years. Annual rent, one penny 
on the Feast of Nat. of St. John Baptist. 

1 i.e., Geoffrey II, A.D. 1114 to 1150. 

2 For the meaning of " warland," see Staffs. Hist. Coll. 1916, 274. 

3 The names of most of these witnesses occur in the Burton Abbey 
Surveys ; see Staffs. Hist. Coll. 1916, 217, 220, 221, 239, 244, 254. 

4 Edwin was Prior in the time of Abbot Geoffry II, which fixes 
this date. 

5 A well-known man. Ormerod, Cheshire, i, 207, 225. 




Witnesses : Sir Wm. Trussell, then Justiciar of Chester ; 
Sir John de Arden, Kt. ; Sir John de Boydell, Kt. ; Hugh de 
Birchull, then Mayor of Chester ; Alexander Hurell ; Richard 
de Pulford ; Robert de Pulford ; Richard de Brescy, then 
sheriff of Chester. 

Date : N.D. Probably 1304.' 

Seal of arms, Venables. 


3. Confirmation by Thomas de Erdeswik of a grant by John 
[Confirmation ] de Oldynton to Ranulf , son of William de Leghton, of common 

of turbary in Leghton. 

Witnesses : Richard, Lord of Munshull ; John Gerard ; 
Philip de Egerton ; Roger de Bulkylegh ; John de Coton. 

Date : 1330. 

Seal of arms. 


4. John de Hynkeley grants to John Chelle " all my lands 
[charter.] and tenements which formerly belonged to Thomas le Venables 

in the fee of Bromley Bagod." 

Witnesses : William de Schawe ; William Aleyn ; Wil- 
liam de Swyndon ; William de Brokhole ; Hauric (?) de 

Date : 1370. 


5. James Arblaster of Longedon grants power of attorney 
[Letters of to John de Aston, to deliver seisin of certain lands, rents, etc. 

(no place specified), to Dom Nicholas Denyll, Dom Alan 
Flesschewer, and Dom John Boton, chaplains. 

Date : 1402. 

Seal of arms, Arblaster. 


1 Wm. Trussell was justiciar of Chester in 1304 (Pat. 32 Edw. I, 
m. 13) ; Robert (sic) de Brescy was sheriff in the same year (Greg. 
King, List of Sheriffs, Salt MS. No. 2113) ; and Hugh de Brichull was 
Mayor 1303-4 (Ormerod, Hist, of Cheshire, i, 207). 



6. John Stafford, Constable of Lincoln Castle, and James 
se.i Cotrell grant to Richard Pygot and Alice his wife all the lands 

and tenements, etc., " which we had together with John 
le Archer del Heghlowe " of the gift of the said Richard and 
Alice in the vill and fields of Little Hokelowe and Great 

Date : 1405. 

2 Seals of arms, Cotterell and ? 


7. John Meverell grants to Richard Meverell, his son, all 
his lands, etc., in Froddeswall and Mulwyche, co. Stafford, 
with reversion to the said John and his heirs should Richard 
have no male heir. 

Witnesses : Hugh Erdeswyke ; Roger Bradschawe ; 
Thomas Stafford of Alverton. 
Date : 1439. 

8. John Savage, sen., Esquire, releases to Richard Stafford 
del Helowe all his right in the Manor del Helowe, which Manor 
the said John had, with Arnald Savage his brother, of the 
gift of Marion Massy, formerly widow of Roger Massy, 
Esquire, and mother of the said Richard. 

Witnesses : Roger Draycote, Esq. ; Robert Enny, Esq. ; 
William Warelowe ; James Aspeden ; John Wright. 
Date : 1461. 

9 - William Basset, Esq., acknowledges the receipt of 

13 6s. 8d. from Thomas Meverell, Esq., in payment of a debt 
of 26 135. 4^., etc. The name of Henry, Lord Gray, is 
mentioned as arbitrating. 

Date : 1469. 


10 - William Wollascroft grants to John Gerveys all his 

ted.] lands, etc., in Brokton, co. Stafford, on condition that the 
said William and his heirs are left in undisturbed possession 

B 2 



of a messuage and one virgate of land in Podmore, co. Stafford, 
which formerly belonged to Thomas Gerveys. 

Date : 1488. 


11. Simon, lord of Franklegh, grants to Robert, son of 
[Charter.] William de Athulle, half a virgate of land and common of 

pasture in Tresel, on consideration of two marks, and a yearly 
rent of two shillings. The land was formerly held by Richard, 
son of Oda. 

Witnesses : William Buffri ; Alan de Wombourne ; 
Walter de Bradlegh ; Helia de Seisdon ; Thomas de Seisdon ; 
Robert the clerk, of Seisdon ; Reginald de Tresel. 

Date : N.D. Early thirteenth century. 1 


12. Robert de Ferrers, Earl of Derby, releases to the Abbot 
[Release.] an( } Convent of Miravall the advowson of the Church of Overton 

by Miravall, 2 and revokes the presentation of Osbert de 
Bereford to that Church. 

Date : 1264. 


13. Peter de Brewode, clerk, grants to Julian, daughter of 
[Charter.] Alice de Longedon, " et pluribus de nobis procreatis," the 

following : his burgage within the gate of Thorn woryie 3 
which he bought of Angeria de Cotes ; his burgage on the 
fosse without the gate of Thamworyie ; half a burgage which 
he bought of Richard, son of William de Bruges, lying beside 

1 William Buffere I occurs 1168-1191 (Staffs. Hist. Coll., i, 57 ; 
ii, 6, 10, 14). As his son William died before 1199, this may be his 
grandson William Buffere III. (Ibid., i, 202 ; iii, 34, 67, 170, 221.) 
Alan, son of Walter de Overton, acquired Wombourne c. 1200-1223 
(Ibid., i, 199 ; iii, 220). Simon de Frankele, who succeeded his father 
after 1206 (Ibid., iii, 137) occurs 1232 ( Pat. 16 Hen. Ill, m. 3^). 

2 Sic, but Dugdale states that the manor and advowson held by the 
Convent were those of Overton (or Orton) on the Hill, co, Leicester. 
Monasticon, ed. 1846, v. 481. 

3 i.e. Tarn worth. 



it ; a small piece of land which he bought of William Gold- 
smith, lying next the same ; half a burgage over against 
Thamworyie which he bought of Henry the chaplain called 
Temturer (PTeynturer), a rent of twopence-halfpenny which 
he bought of Geoffrey Palmer of two places in the same ; 
an acre of land which he bought of Henry the clerk in Bollehul 
beyond the way which leads to Oxrenhale. Rent to be paid 
to the said Peter during his life, ten shillings per annum ; 
" et in pluribus aliis locis sicut in aliis scriptis meis pro anima 
mea et pro anima Willielmi de Stafford ordinavi ; videlicet 
tres solidos et tres denarios in diebus et locis assignatis." 

Witnesses : Robert de Pipe, then Bailiff ; Henry called 
le King ; Hugh de Cleydon ; John de Pipa ; Nicholas le 
Wite ; John Marescall ; John de Basseloue. 

Date : N.D. Probably c. I28O. 1 


14. Hauys, daughter of Warin son of Godwin of the vill 

Charter.] o f Peckforton (co. Chester), by consent of Richard her husband, 
grants to William Pigot, for 10 silver marks, a rood of land 
" in campo de hospitali " ; lying between the rood of Emma, 
daughter of Geoffrey le Wylde, and the rood of Simon, son 
of the chaplain ; it begins at " sik et Hug " and abuts on the 
land of Robert le Wylde. Tenure, a barbed arrow to be paid 
on the Feast of SS. Peter and Paul. 

Witnesses : Richard de Suttun ; Mathew, son of Stephen ; 
Peter de Gaham 2 ; William de Sale ; William Hunt ; Raynor 
Leysing ; William Frances ; Hugh Forum ; Hurstmote. 

Date : N.D. [Possibly c. 1200 ; the writing is of that 

Seal, broken. 


1 Peter de Brewood occurs 1278 (Staffs. Hist. Coll., i, 318). Sir 
Rob. de Pipe, 1299 (Ibid., 322). 

Win. de Bruges, canon of Lilleshull, was made Abbot in 1291 
(Pat. 19 Ed. I, m. 15). 

2 ? = Gatam, or Gatham, a hamlet in Alstonfield ; or old form of 

Gotham, co. Notts. 



15. Ronulfus, son of Adam de Baretispulle, grants to Agnes, 
[Charter.] daughter of Roger de Hellisby, for seven silver marks, a bovate 

of land in Baretispulle with a house and garden formerly held 
by Hobin, son of Avice, wife of Thomas Baretispulle. 

Annual rent, i^d. 

Witnesses : Roger de Hemil (?) ; Richard de Pulle ; Ronul- 
fus de Praers, lord of Stoke 1 ; Richard Coterell ; Robert 
Fresno ; Richard White of Chelmundiston ; Adam de Minn- 
shult (?) ; Ron(ulfus) the clerk. 

Date : N.D. Probably thirteenth century. 2 


16. William le Hasting, son and heir of John de Hasting, 
[Letter.] writes to Walter, Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, on behalf 

of John de Hull, acolyte. 

Date : N.D. Temp. Bp. Walter de Langton, 1296-1321. 

Seal of arms, Hastings. 


17. William, son of Henry de Kingeston, remits to John de- 
[guitciaim.] Bromsulf (Bramshall) the rent, 13 id., of certain lands in 

Kingestone Lees which John holds of him ; John to pay him 
one half-penny annually. 

Witnesses : Hugh de Uttoczachere, chaplain ; Richard 
T. . . ., parson of Gretewys (?Gratwich) ; Robert, clerk, 
of the same ; John, son of Richard de Lees ; Hervey le Beln 
of Lees ; William, son of Robert of the same ; Roger, son of 
Hugh de Bromsulf. 

Date: N.D. After 1272.3 

Seal of William, son of Henry. 


1 i.e. Stoke juxta Cholmondiston, co. Chester. 

'- Roger de Hellisby 's brother was living in 1262 (Ormerod, 
Hist. Cheshire, ii, 72). Ranulph de Praers, lord of Stoke, fl. temp. 
Hen. Ill temp. Edw. I (1216-1307. Ibid., iii, 359). 

3 The Final Concord relating to this property between John de 
Bromsulf and Wm. son of Henry de Kingeston and Matilda his wife 
will be found in Staffs. Hist. Coll., iv, i, 252. It is dated 25th June, 1272. 



18. Agnes de Sutton, widow, grants to William de Sutton, her 
Charter.] son, a messuage and three acres of arable land in Longedon. 

The messuage lies between the king's highway and the land 
of Reginald del Wodynges. One acre lies in the field called 
Seyteswey, between the land of Ralph the chaplain and the 
land of William Lysewis. The second acre lies in le Halle- 
croft, between the land of Reginald del Wodynges and the 
land of Richard Peres. The third lies in Heylaythul, between 
the land of Richard Peres and the land of Hugh Alwyne. 

Witnesses : Roger de Aston ; John de la Bourn ; Reginald 
del Wodings ; Robert de Bromleye, jun. ; John de Brocton. 

Date : 1313. 


19. Thomas, son of Thomas de Lynton, grants to Reyner, son 
Charter.] o f Henry de Brokton, " all that land which the said Thomas 

my father held of Roger Lysewys, which formerly belonged to 
Matilda le Blake, in Longgedon." Rent, " two silver shillings 
at the four annual terms in the Manor of Longgedon at farm 
of the Lord Bishop." Thomas mentions his wife Margaret. 

Witnesses : Philip Lyswys : Ralph Powyn ; Robert ad 
acram ; Adam de Cherleymor ; John, son of William de 
Brokton ; William Carpuntar ; Hugh de Bromley. 

Date : N.D. Probably before 1311. l 


20. Sibilla le Lysewis, widow, grants to Richard, son of 
[charter.] Alexander de Evesham, on his marriage with Juliana, her 

daughter, half her croft " versus Button Water," and (after 
her death) all her croft called Wetecroft, and a messuage and 
curtilage. To pay annually to Philip called le Lysewis of 

Richard, parson of Gratwich, occurs c. 1260. (Hutchinson, Arch- 
deaconry of Stoke-on-Trent, p. 83.) Hervey de Beln occurs c. 1300. 

(See No. 99.) 

i Richard, son of Wm. the Carpenter of Longdon, occurs 1311. * 
de Lysewis died in or before 1199 (Staffs. Hist. Coll., iii, 41)- R g er . 
possibly his son, held one-sixth of a fee in Longdon temp. 
(Testa de Nevill). 



Longedon for all service " a pair of ' abbarum (sic ? albarum) 
gloves " at Easter. 

Witnesses : Thomas de Lynton ; Thomas his son ; John 
Hunter (Venator) ; William Carpunter ; Reyner, son of John ; 
Richard de Norton ; Reynor de Chabihul. 

Date : N.D. Probably c. 1272-1290. * 



21. John de Westona, with the consent of Warm de Vernun, 2 
[Charter.] grants to the Abbot and Convent of Cumbermara for a certain 

sum of money a virgate of land in the vill of Sondona, which he 
and his father before him have held of the said Warin. A 
yearly rent of eight pence to be paid to the said Warin. John 
hands to the Abbot and Convent the muniments relating to 
the property. 

Witnesses : G., Prior of Stanes ; Dom. Henry de Alditchel ; 
William de Aldithel ; Robert de Hasting ; Robert de Swin- 
forton ; Robert de Leg ; Robert Marscall ; Robert de Cotes. 

Date : N.D. Probably before 1251. 3 



22. Sibilla, widow of John son of Connyld de Longedon, grants 
[Charter.] to Richard, son of Alexander de Evesham, on payment of eight 

shillings, three selions of land in Longedon. Two selions 
lie on the hill in the field called Clehithul " in the midst of 
my eight selions," and extend in length from the King's high- 
way to the field of John le \Venur 4 ; the third lies " in the 
midst of my seven selions in Seytces," and extends in length 
from the field called Watecroft to the headland (forera) of 

1 Compare with Nos. 19 and 22. 

2 Warin de Vernon : probably the third in succession of the name. 

3 Warin de Vernon III died 1251. Henry de Alditchel (Audley) 
occurs 1274 Staffs. Hist. Coll., i, 206. Rob. de Hasting, 1294 
(ibid., 212). Robert de Cotes, c. 1270. (See No. 91, note i.) 

4 Probably " le Venour," i.e. Hunter. 



William de Brocton. Rent, one half-penny on S. John 
Baptist's Day. 

Witnesses : Robert de Pipe, then bailiff to the Bishop ; 
Thomas le Wenur ; Thomas de Lynton (?) ; Thomas his 
son ; Reginald de Lynton ; John Hunter (Venator) ; Reginald, 
son of John ; John, son of Adam ; William the clerk. 

Date : N.D. Probably c. 1270-98.! 


23. Richard de Holeney, son of John, son of Philip de Wytilowe, 
grants to the Lady Ewa de Brunton (Brinton), wife of Adam 
de Brunton, for twenty shillings, a virgate of land in the vill 
of Wylbriton which Stephen de Fonte held of him ; also an 
annual rent of twelve pence from the heirs of the said Stephen ; 
to have and to hold, etc., " with a rent of two shillings which 
I am wont to pay to William, son of Alys de Akylod annually." 

Witnesses : Philip de Mutton ; Nicholas de Morton ; 
James de Morton ; Robert de Wodechot ; Adam, parson of 
Longfort. 2 

Date : N.D. Probably between 1208 and 1236. 3 


24. (Very badly defaced.) Richard le Botiller and John 
? Agreement.] le . . . Land in ... 

Witnesses : William Trumwyne (?) ; . . . Mevrell. 

Date : 1276. 


25. John de Darlaston of Lichfield, clerk, grants to Stephen 
charter.] Heryng, clerk, a messuage in Lichfield, lying in Bordstrete 

1 Rob. de Pipe occurs 1298 (Foedera, ed. 1816, vol. i, pt. ii, p. 890) and 
1301 (Parl. Writs, ed. 1827, i, p. 107). Thomas de Lynton and John 
le Venur occur 1272 (Plea Rolls, Hen. Ill, quoted in Staffs. Hist. Coll., 
iv, i, 208). 

2 I.e. Longford, co. Salop. 

3 Adam de Brunton died before 1236 (Eyton, Antiq. of Shropsh., 
viii, no). Philip de Mutton occurs 1225 (Pat. 9 Hen. Ill, m. jd.). 
Robert de Wodecote occurs 1208 (Eyton, ut sup.) ; and Adam, Parson 
of Longfort, attests a deed in the thirteenth century (Ibid., p. 113). 



between the land of Giles de Stonporth and the land of the 
Hospital of S. John Baptist of Lichfield. 

Witnesses : Richard Cardon ; Roger de Stonporth ; Giles 
his son ; Robert de Grontham ; Ralph de Knyt . . . 

Date : 1331. 


26. Emmota, daughter of Sibbellia del Woding of Longedon, 

[Charter.] grants to Reginald, son of Reginald del Woding of Longedon, 

for a certain sum, an annual rent of threepence which John, 

son of John del Woding, paid to her in the manor of Longedon 

for a half messuage which he held of her in the territory of 

Longedon. This half messuage lay between the croft of 

Richard Bel on and the lane (venella) of Reginald de Woding, 

and abutted on the field called le Shallecroft as far as Folebroc. 

Witnesses : John called le Waleys of Longedon ; Robert 

de Stomwalle ; William de Claychul ; John de Brocton ; 


William called le Lord (sic) ; Richard, son of William 
Carpentar ; Ralph the clerk. 

Date : ?I2Q3. (" Anno regni regis 1 vicesimo secundo."} 

27. Sir Baldewin Straunge, kt., Thomas Cruwe, William 
[Note of a Birmyngeham, and Nicholas Ruggeleye of Haukesyerd, quer., 

and Thomas Burgulon, dcforc. A messuage, 56 acres of land, 
6 acres meadow, 40 acres wood, and 145. rent in Birmyngeham 
and Witton, co. Warw. ; 3 messuages, 358 acres of land, 
43 acres meadow, 78 acres wood, and 565. rent in Piry parva, 
Barre, and Honnesworth, co. Stafford. Thomas acknowledges 
the right of Baldewin, Thomas, William and Nicholas to the 
said tenements, and they pay him 100 marks in silver. 

Date : 1414. 


28. William le Botiller, eldest son and heir of Richard le 
[Confirmation.] Botiller, grants to Robert, son of William de Stalinton, 

1 Probably Edw. I. The writing is of that period. 



20 acres and i rood of land in Sondona, " which he has of the 
gift of Dom. Richard my father." 

Witnesses : Roger de Vernay ; Gilbert Marescall ; John de 
Smalrys ; Geoffrey de Waleton ; Nicholas de Sondon ; William 
de Hodenet ; William Meverel. 

Date : N.D. Probably c. 1276-1300. l 

Seal : (same as to No. 60). 


29. Richard de Oldiritone grants to Nicholas his brother two 
[Charter.] ac res of land in the vill of La Lowe, 2 lying within the assart 

which is called Roberdisnidingda (?) and the way extending 
towards Northwic. Tenure, one grain of pipe on S. John 
Baptist's Day. 

Witnesses : Dom. Richard le Massi, then Justiciar of 
Chester ; William le Pres, then sheriff of Chester ; Warin le 
Growenur ; Thomas de Herdiswykc ; Hugh de Cal . . . ley ; 
Robert de. . . ., clerk. 

Date: N.D. Probably 1291. 3 


30. Roger, son and heir of John de Littlebury, and Roysie 
I and p confir U ma- (R oes i a ) > daughter of Warin de Vernoun and wife of the said 

John, have inspected certain charters granted by the said 
John to William Trumwine. By these charters John granted 
to William a messuage and a bovate of land in Greater Sondon, 
formerly held by Robert, son of Osbert ; four and a half acres 
of waste in Sondon ; half a virgate of land in Little Sondon, 

1 Geoff, de Walton and Wm. Meverel occur 1266 (Staffs. Hist- 
Coll., iv, i, 160), and with John de Smalrys in 1276 (Ibid., 1911, 165). 
Rob., son of Wm. de Stalinton, occurs temp. Ed. Ill (1327-77) (Inq. 
Nom. Ivi, 128) ; John de Smalrys, 1272 (Staffs. Hist. Coll., iv, i, 194) ; 
Gilbert Marescall, 1265 (Ibid., p. 159). 

2 See Ormerod, Hist, of Cheshire, iii, 181, 904. 

3 Richard de Massy was sub-justiciar of Chester in 1283, 1288, 1290, 
and 1291 (Pat. n Edw. I, m. 19 ; 16 Edw. I, m. 3^. ; 18 Ed. I, m. 4 ; 
19 Edw. I, m. 20). William de Praers was sheriff in 1287 (P.R.O. 
Lists and Indexes, No. ix. List of Sheriffs, p. 17), and in 1291 (Greg. 
King, List of Sheriffs, Salt MS, No. ^2113, f. 134). 



formerly held by Henry de Covintre (?) ; and a certain part 
of the mill of Great Sondon. In consideration of six marks 
paid by William, Roger confirms these grants, and also gives 
him that part of " appruiamento libere " l of the court of Sondon 
which should descend to him (Roger), after the death of Margery 
de Vernoun, as son and heir of John de Littlebury and Roysie. 
Tenure, a rose on S. John Baptist's Day. 

Witnesses : John de Houton ; Geoffrey, son of Geoffrey 
de Walton ; Robert, son of Richard de Esington ; Ralph 
de Burgo ; Robert de Pipe ; Adam Trumvvine ; William le 
Champion ; Robert le Flemmeng ; Herbert de Wirleye ; John 
de Smalrys ; Alan de A$la of Little Sondon. 

Date : N.D. Between 1272 and 1303. 2 

Seal (broken). 


31. (Defective.) John de Wetton and Elena his wife grant to 

[Charter.] Walter, son of John de Bradwall, . . . which he held in 

Bradwall of Dom. Richard de Wetton, brother of the said 
John de Wetton. 

1 Appruamenta = land redeemed from waste (Eyton). Approva- 
mentum = profits (Trice Martin). 

2 Alan de Aula occurs 1295 ( see No. 93) ; Roger de Littlebury 
occurs 1306 (Pat. 24 Ed. I, m. 22) ; John de Houton occurs 1293 
(Pat. 21 Ed. I, m. 20), and 1305 (Pat. 33 Ed. I, m. 12) ; Rob. de Pipe 
occurs 1295 (Pat. 23 Ed. I, m. 10 d) ; 1300 (Pat. 28 Ed. I, m. 14) ; 
1301 (Pat. 29 Ed. I, m. 5) ; 1302 (Pat. 30 Ed. I, m. 30). Robert le 
Flemming was murdered before 1303 (Pat. 31 Ed. I, m. 8) ; and John 
de Littlebury was living in 1272. John de Smalrys occurs 1272-1295. 

Pedigree of Vernon and Littlebury : (see Harl. Soc. Publ. xviii). 

Warin de Vernon I. =p Auda de Malbanc, widow of 

Hugh de Altaripo (Hawtrcy). 

Warin II -p Marian (or Margaret), dau. John de ^p Marian, widow 

ccurs 1251. 

of Ralph D'Audeville. 


of Warin de 
Vernon II. 

-John, son of 
John, occurs 
1259, 1272. 

Warin III 
occurs 1300 
(Pat. Rolls) 

Auda, m. 
i. Hugh Beauchamp. 
2. Wm. Stafford. 
3. Wm. Trumwine. 

(or Mary), 
m. Sir R. 


occurs 1306 



Witnesses : Nicholas de Hokelowe ; Thomas, son of 

Richard ; Robert, son of Richard ; ywart. 

Date: 1375. 

32 . Richard Marescallus of Lichesf eld binds himself, his heirs and 
[ Bond -i assigns, to pay to Margerie de Lichesfeld, nun of Hynewode, 1 

for her life an annual rent of three shillings from a burgage 
(? in Lichfield) lying between the burgage of Henry King and 
that of Roger Soddemare. After the death of Margerie, this 
rent to be paid to the nuns of Hynewode for the souls of 
Mathew the Precentor of Lichfield and his parents. 

Witnesses : Robert the chaplain, Canon of Lichfield ; 
John, chaplain of the Precentor ; Thomas the clerk, son of 
the Precentor ; William Chalun ; Dom Richard Pecche ; 
Geoffrey Poun ; Robert de Walla ; Robert Pite ; William 
de Hunesworth, then steward ; Hugh Juvene 2 ; William 
Stepel ; Retell, servant of the Precentor. 

Date : N.D. Perhaps c. 1190. 3 


33. An indenture, stating that William de Ipstones, lord of 
[indenture.] Ipstones, had " bought " John de Draycote, son and heir of 

John de Draycote, lord of Draycote, for the sum of fourscore 

1 I.e. Kenwood, co. Warwick. 

2 Juvene jeune, or junior. 

3 This deed is preceded by Nos. 71 and 72, q.v. Mathew was made 
Precentor by Bp. Kichard Pecche between 1175 and 1180. (Dugdale, 
Man. Angl., ed. 1846, vi, 1244 ; Le Neve, Fast. Eccl. Angl.} He bought 
this burgage after his appointment, probably about 1175 or 1176, 
from Robert Adestan, and later, probably soon after his death, Richard 
Marshall, perhaps his executor, grants this rent from the estate for the 
benefit of Mathew's soul. Robert de Wall occurs 1194-1247, and 
with Richard Pecche in 1224 (Testa de Nevill ; Staffs. Hist. Coll., iii, 
26, 161, 162 ; iv, pt. i, 32 ; 1911, 118, 402). 

Richard Marshall occurs 1200, and 1203 (Ibid., iii, 68, 101-6) ; 
William Blundell occurs 1199, 1203 (Ibid., 37, 113) ; Richard Pecche, 
Archdeacon of Coventry, c. 1180, 1190 (Le Neve, Fast. Eccl. Angl.). 
Simon the chaplain may be the person known as Simon Sapiens, le 
Sage, or the clerk, who occurs 1168-75 and later (Staffs. Hist. Coll., 
i. 54. 56. 83). 



pounds, on certain conditions, viz. that if John de Draycote 
junior died within a year and a day after the signing of the 
deed, his father should repay the whole amount to William ; 
if he died within two years, half the sum to be repaid ; and if 
he survived after the second year, his father to retain the whole 
sum. If, moreover, John de Draycote should marry off any 
of his daughters within a certain specified term, William was 
to pay him 40. John de Draycote is not to be disturbed by 
William in his woods and mines in Consale during his life. 

Witnesses : Robert de Locwood ; James de Draycote ; 
John Berdmor. 

Date : 1390,. 


34. Robert, son of Robert le Werney of Bromschulf, grants to 
[Charter.] Henry de Horseleye an acre of land in the fee of Sondon, 

lying between the land of Stephen Bedell of Sondon 
and the land of Robert le Werney, sen., and extending 
lengthways from the land of Lady Jane de Botiler as far as 
the Bethhurdedich. 

Witnesses : Stephen Bedell of Sondon ; Richard Wolrich 
of the same ; Nicholas Attelake of the same ; Sampson Bedell 
of Little Sondon ; Alexander-on-the-hill of the same. 

Date : 1305. 



35. Roger Wolrych and Leticia his wife grant to William de 
[Charter.] Hyde, vicar of the Church of Sondon, and Henry Taylor of 

the same, all their lands and tenements in the fee of Sondon. 

Witnesses : William Wakefeld ; Robert Barker ; John 

Date : 1408. 


36. Lease from Katherine, widow of William de Venables of 
[Lease.] Bradewalle, to Warin, son of Adam Puddyng, of six acres of 

land on Hulmmesheth (?) with a messuage thereon, formerly 



held by the said Adam, for fifteen years, at a rent of twelve 

Witnesses : Richard de Sonbache ; Richard de Bradewall ; 
Ralph de Hertherton (?) ; Richard del Schagh ; John le Warde 
de Spronston. 

Date : 1326. 


37. Thomas de Swynerton grants to Matilda de Bromley all the 
[charter.] } ands and tenements he has in Peshale of the gift of Hugh le 


Witnesses : John Qwytemore ; John de Peshale ; John 
Coly of Joneston ; 1 John Norton of Peshale ; John, son of 

Date : 1360. 



38. Roger, son of John de Collishull, grants to Roger, son of 
[Charter.] William de Dervislaw, 2 in consideration of two silver marks, 

nine acres of land and a messuage in the vill of Sugge surrounded 
by a certain foss ; namely, 3 acres in Wodewallefilt, 3 acres 
in the field towards Lerughinhay, and 3 acres in the field toward 
Saltiswalle. Annual rent, I2d. 

Witnesses : Benedict de Bromleg ; John de Chavernes ; 
Robert his brother ; William de Chatcul ; John de Suggunhul ; 
Thomas de Dervislaw ; Adam of the Wood (Diibois, or de 

Date: N.D. 


39 Whereas Dom. Robert de Staundon is bound to pay to 

[Release.] Philip, lord of Wetemor, three shillings annual rent for half 

a virgate of land in the vill of Cherleton, of which Philip has 

enfeoffed Warin de Rossale for the same rent, Philip releases 

Robert on payment of 2\ marks. 

1 ? Johnson, near Eccleshall. 

2 I.e. Darlaston. 



Witnesses : Master Thomas, Rector of the Church of 
Staundon ; Robert Gerveis ; Adam de Sueneshefd ; Thomas 
de Wetindon ; Adam de Bour ; Warin de Rossale. 

Date : 1287. 


40. Henry, son of Stephen de Wolaston, grants to John, son of 
I charter.] Richard de Wovere, all his lands and tenements in le Lono by 


Witnesses : Dom. Robert de Button ; Phiman de Staundon ; 
Robert de Honyleye ; Stephen de Ocleye ; Adam, son of 
Robert de Wovere ; Philip de Wovere ; Robert de Graven- 
hungger. 1 

Date : 1316. 


41. Quitclaim from John le Bacar, son and heir of John le 
[Quitclaim.] Bacar of Tresel (?), to Dom Roger de Hynstoke, chaplain, of 

a place of land in the fee of Overton, lying between the land 
of William, son of Adam Bercar, and that of Richard atte 
Pirle. 2 

Witnesses : William de Wrokwardyn ; William Richardes ; 
Hamund, son of William Nicholes ; John de Overton ; Roger 
de Wrokwardyn. 

Date : 1331. 


42. Philip Lisewis of Longedon grants to Robert, son of Thomas 
[charter.] fa Linton, 2\d. of annual rent, viz. \d. which Thomas de 

Linton has been wont to pay for that land which Roger 
Lisewis gave to Robert, son of Ralph, on his marriage with his 
sister Mary ; and 2d. for two selions of land in Seteswey. 
Tenure, a rose on S. John Baptist's Day. 

Witnesses : John de Brocton ; Robert atte \Vater ; 
Reginald de Lynton ; William Carpentar ; Hugh the clerk. 

1 I.e. Gravenhanger, co Salop. 

2 Pirle or purle = a small stream, a rivulet. See Burton, Descr. 
Leic. (1622), p. 5. 



Date : N.D. Probably early fourteenth century. 1 

Aliscia, widow, daughter of Robert de Cothes, grants to 
Thomas Glupsy, for los. 6d. " which he gave me in my urgent 
need," two selions of land in the field of Cothes, " lying 
between his land and my own." Tenure, one halfpenny at 

Witnesses : Richard Sicche 2 ; Simian, son of Thurstan, 
then Bailiff of Salop 3 ; William Talpenny, clerk ; Andrew, 
son of Hubert ; Nicholas, son of Ivo ; Richard, son of Kneri ; 
Peter le vilein ; Walam Poucer ; Robert his brother ; Nicholas 
Hacun ; Nicholas le careter ; William Baril 

Date : N.D. Probably c. 1203.4 



44. Adam de Mockeliston, lord of Throuleg, and Scholastica 

[indenture.] his wifej grant to W ivij am Base o f Throuleg, at a yearly rent 

of 6s. Sd., from All Saints, 34 Edw. I to the coming of age of 
Thomas, son and heir of Thomas Meverel of Throuleg, the 
following lands : A toft with a house on it in the vill of 
Throuleg, formerly held by Henry Lovecock ; two assarts 
lying upon le Ruding, between the assart of Henry, son of 
John the Steward (?), and the assart of Ralph of Alsop ; one 
assart lying in Robertsfeld which a certain Richard formerly 
held ; one assart called le Scherte Ruding, abutting at one 
end on Rustelewey and at the other end on Robertdfeld ; to 

1 Philip Lisewis and Wm. Carpenter occur before 1311; John 
de Brocton, c. 1312, 1316 ; Rob. atte Water, 1311, 1316. See Nos. 18, 
19, 20, 26, 42, 81, 82. 

2 Richard Siche was Bailiff of Shrewsbury temp. Edw. I or earlier 
(Hulbert's Shrewsbury, i, 178). 

3 This would be either Simon Granegos or Simon de Stafford, one 
of whom occurs before, and one after Richard Siche in the list of 
Bailiffs (Ibid.). 

4 Andrew, son of Hubert, was Bailiff of Shrewsbury in 1202 ; 
Nicholas, son of Ivo, and Peter le vilein also occur in 1202. (MS. vol. 
of Shrewsbury Records ; Salt MS. No. 2154, p. 4.) 




be held with all liberties, etc., which belong to a bovate of 
land in the vill of Throuleg. 

Witnesses : Alan de Audeley, lord of Blore ; John de 
Casterne ; Walter Wyther ; John Base of Throuleg ; William 
le Bayli of the same. 

Date : 1306. 


45. Ralph de Buville, with consent of William, his son and heir, 
[Charter.] grants to Henry de Adrideleye, for 24 silver marks, a place 

of land within the following boundaries : beginning below the 
Moor called the Stinkendemor, thence upwards by Rikenilde- 
strete, from Rikenildestrete between the lands of Ralph de 
Buville and the lands of the monks of Hulton as far as the 
brook called le Meresiche and by the said Meresiche as far as 
Wallebroc, and thence by the Wallebroc to the first-named 
place under Stinkindemor ; together with common of pasture, 
Husbot and Haybot, in all the holding of the said Ralph, 
excepting the oaks of Lyhtwude. Annual rent, 12 silver 

Witnesses : Dom Robert, parson of Kavereswall ; Robert, 
son of Elye ; John Coygne ; Thomas Coygne ; Serlo of the 
Wood ; Walter de Honeford ; Henry de Stubbeleye ; Peter de 

Date : N.D. Probably c. I23O. 1 


46. Thomas le Wodeward of Grenleygh (Grindley) grants to 
[charter.] Robert his son a messuage and 2| acres of land in the fee of 

1 Hulton Abbey was founded 1219 or 1223. The wording of the 
foundation charter strongly resembles that of this deed, and is worth 
comparing with it (Dugdale, Man. Angl., ed. 1846, v. 715). The present 
deed contains a stipulation that the land must not be given to a 
religious house in fee ; it is, therefore, probably earlier than the Statute 
of Mortmain, 1279. Robert of Caverswall occurs 1227 (Staffs. Hist. 
Coll., iv, 50). William de Boevill, 1232 (Pat. 16 Hen. Ill, m. 2) ; 
John Coyney, 1242-8 (Staffs. Hist. Coll., iv, 236, 242) ; Peter de 
Kokenache, 1242 (Ibid., 94) ; Robert, son of Elye, 1227 (Ibid., 50). 



I [Charter.] 




Certeleygh (Chartley), lying in the Greneleygh between the 
land of Henry Mole and that of William Caus, and extending 
in length from the land of William de Warilowe as far as to 
the way which leads into Greneleygh. 

Witnesses : William de Warilowe ; Henry his brother ; 
William Caus ; Henry Mole ; Roger de Paynolow. 

Date : 1341. 


Thomas, 1 Abbot of Cumbermara, and the Convent, grant 
to Henry, son of William, nine acres of arable land belonging 
to their Church of Sandon, and one acre of land and a toft 
in which the said William is living. Rent, eighteen (?) pence. 
This land is given to Henry in place of that land which he 
held of the Church of Sandon in the time of Simon de Bolles, 
vicar there, and lies as follows : in Westonescroft, one acre ; 
by Grenhac, one acre ; in Aldebrom, one acre ; against (contra) 
Hephunderne, one acre ; in Wetfurlong, one acre ; in Horse- 
lawe half-an-acre ; by Pursepit, half-an-acre ; under Foxe- 
koegge, half-an-acre ; near the wood in Aldehale, half-an-acre ; 
one rood which descends to the White Oak ; by Haregreve, 
one rood ; against Sucches, two roods ; between two Brade- 
graves, half-an-acre ; by Henry's croft, half-an-acre ; in 
Penfordelie, one acre of meadow nearest to Wimundeslie. 

Witnesses : Robert, son of Pagan ; William Griffin ; Henry, 
son of Ranulph (?) ; Stephen Meverel ; Richard le Harpehur ; 
Ivo de Waletun. 

Date : N.D. Probably c. i22O. a 


Robert, Bishop of London, 3 confirms a deed by which 

1 This Abbot Thomas is not mentioned by Dugdale. 

2 Robert, son of Pagan, the last of that name, occurs 1220 (Staffs. 
Hist. Coll., iv, ii, 83); William Griffin, 1227-1247; he probably 
died before 1269 (Ibid., 44, 112, 172) ; Henry, son of Ralph, died before 
1224 (Ibid., 28) ; Stephen Meverel occurs 1220-1243 (Ibid., n, 42, 93, 

3 Robert de Sigillo, consecrated Bishop of London, 1141. (See 
Le Neve, Fasti Eccl. Angl., ii, 282.) He addresses himself " to all his 
men, French and English." He died 1151. 

C 2 



William de Burstede gave to Pagan de Stanford all the land 
which he (William) held of the Bishop's fee in Sudmenistre, 1 
to hold by service of a fifth part of one knight " for his service 
and for his homage, and for ten silver marks, and a horse worth 
100 shillings, which Godfrey my relative and the aforesaid 
Pagan his brother gave to the said William." 

Witnesses : Roger Brim ; William de Wokendune ; Robert 
de Baud ; Simon his son ; William Baard ; Walter his brother ; 
Walter de Altorne ; Richard son of Tola ; William son of 
Winid ; Robert Black ; William de Chaldene ; Henry de 
Paterin (?) ; Richard de Furnaus ; Robert Baard ; Roger de 
Peleham ; William de Sarneres. 

Date : N.D. Between 1141 and 1151. (See below, note 2.) 


49. Walter, son of Robert, at the petition of Brother Gilbert of 

[Charter.] Tirtesbiria, grants to the church and monks of S. Neot's 2 

the land which Gerard the clerk held of him in the vill of 

Obestona 3 at an annual rent of 6d., in alms for the good of 

his soul and those of his parents and ancestors. 

Witnesses : Eustace, chaplain of S. Neot ; Simon and 
Walter, sons of Dom. Walter ; Richard, son of Baldeyin ; 
Philip the monk ; Master Peter ; Master Pagan ; Walter and 
John Gurpeil ; Guy of Erleia ; Moris ybmensi (sic) ; William 
the goldsmith ; Helya de Obestona ; Ralph de Becco ; 
Bartholomew ; Gregory ; Hugh de Alnot ; Wiscard Gilebert ; 
Curbuat (?) ; Lance Bliaitt ; John de Perapia ; Roger de 

Date: N.D. Probably temp. Hen. III. 4 


1 I.e. Southminster, co. Essex. 

2 I.e. St. Neot's in Huntingdonshire, founded c. 974, refounded 

8 I.e. Ubbeston, co. Suffolk. 

4 John, son of Robert, held half a knight's fee in Ubbeston of Walter, 
son of Robert (Testa de Nevill, p. 290). John occurs 1229 (Pat. 13 
Hen. Ill, m. 8d.). 










Warin de Vernon and Auda Maubanc grant to Robert 
Walunsi " unam warram terrae " near the mill of Sondon, the 
same which Ralph, son of the pretor, and William Gloher 
formerly held of them. Rent, certain white gloves (zirotecas) a 
Easter. Reversion to the grantors in case Robert has no heir 
of his body. 

Witnesses : Dom. Warin de Vernon, son of the grantors ; 
Dom. Robert de Vernon ; Ralph, parson of Kegword 1 ; Hugh, 
parson of Malo passu 2 ; Master Nicholas de Weston ; Dom 
Stephen Meverell ; Roger his brother ; Richard le Harpur ; 
Henry de Sondon ; Laurence de Merebur ; John de Walsi ; 
Robert de Henul, clerk. 

Date : N.D. Probably c. 1210-1240. 3 


Peter de Careswalle, kt., grants to William Berehorn of 
Fossebreg for twenty years a messuage and io| acres of land 
in Fossebreg formerly held by Robert son of Molla ; also a 
toft and half a virgate of land formerly held by William in 
le Lone ; also that meadow (?) in le Mormedwe which the said 
William Berehorn first held ; also 2 acres of land lying at 
le R . . . fordehaye, and 2 acres lying on le Tundecroft. 
Rent, 245. lod. 

Witnesses : John Coyne of Weston ; ; 

Richard, son of William ; John de Pesule ; William de Pesule. 

Date: 1360 (?). 


William of Great Sugunhull grants to William de Peshale a 
messuage with a curtilage and a " warra " of land lying in the 
fields of Peshale. Twenty-six selions of the land lie on le 

1 I.e. Kegworth, co. Leicester. 

2 I.e. Malpas, co. Chester. 

3 Stephen Meverel occurs 1204-1243 (Staffs. Hist. Coll., iii, 88, 
161 ; iv, pass.) ; Warin de Vernon II, 1251 (Ibid., iv, 244) ; Richard 
le Harper, 1250 (Ibid., iv) ; Robert Walensis, 1199, 1207 (Ibid., iii, 
138, 166) ; John Walensis, 1204 (Ibid., 89). The name variously 
spelt Walunsi, Walensis, Walsi, etc., means " Welshman," or " of 



Blakemerhegg, in length from the highway which leads towards 
Cokkemere to the foss of le Blakehet, and in width from 
Brugge-siche-stile as far as the Bishop's land. And one " land " 
(sic) lies on le Heebruche 1 extending by the foss towards le 
Bruggesiche with a meadow at the end of the said land. And 
one " land terrae " (strip of ground, or barren tract) lies by the 
way which leads from Great Sugunhull towards the church. 
And one " land " lies in the aforesaid field under the vill of 
Peshale, extending over Longehadelond. And one " land " 
with one " pica " 2 (sic) lies on le Heebruche. And three 
selions of land lie on Pesebutt with a certain meadow called 
Brademede at the end of the said land, and the said meadow 
is 39 feet wide, and extends towards le Sondiforde. Also ten 
selions of land with a certain meadow called le Redlefhocmede 
lying by the way leading from Little Sugunhull towards the 
church. And four selions of land lie between the said meadow 
and le Het. And one selion with a meadow at the end of it 
lies by Aldeford leading towards le Het, between the Bishop's 
land and the land of Robert atte Tounesend. And in the 
said meadow lie 3-!- " dolus " (sic) of meadow. And one selion 
lies on le Feldschete extending towards le Heebruche. And 
two selions with a capital selion (sic) lie on le Longhadelond 
extending towards the end of the said vill. Tenure, one 
penny or one pair of gloves (syrothecaruiri) on S. John Baptist's 
Day, and two appearances at two great courts. 

Witnesses : Roger de Burghton ; Reginald de Charnes ; 
John of Little Sugunhull ; Adam of le Hull ; William Eytrop. 

Date : 1274. 



53. Roger, son and heir of Nicholas de Boures, releases to 

[Release.] William de Weston, chaplain, all his rights in three acres and 

1 Possibly == Ea-bridge, the bridge over the water course. (See 
note to Nos. 55 and in.) Ea = water, watercourse, river running 
over sands, etc. Ee = a spout (Halliwell, Diet, of Arch. Words). 

2 ? == pike, pightle, or pingle ; a three-cornered piece of land, or 
sharp angle. 



two selions of land in Boures with all part of his meadow in 
Caldewallemede. One acre of the land lies in le Sonfeld, 
between the land of the said William and the land of the lord 
of Staundon. One acre lies in Westerlowefeld between the 
land of the lord of Staundon and the land of Adam de Swynhed. 
One selion lies in the same field between the lord's land and 
that of the Rector of Staundon Church. The third acre lies in 
le Longebruche between the lord's land and that of William 
de Grafton. The other selion lies in the same field between the 
lord's land and that of Nicholas de Boures, father of Roger. 

Witnesses : William Trusselove ; Adam, son of Adam de 
Boures ; Thomas le Hende. 

Date : 320. 


54. Thomas Littelton, kt., grants his Manor of Tyxhale, for 
[Charter.] the term of the life of Jane his wife, to Humphrey Saleweye, 

.esq. ; Guy Westecote ; his brother William Littelton ; his 
sons Richard and Thomas Littelton ; Dom Christopher 
Goldesmyth, vicar of Bromesgrove ; Dom Richard Caukke, 
rector of Ennefelde ; John Grafton ; and Robert Oxeclyffe. 
He appoints John Harnage and Richard Erdington his attorneys 
to deliver seisin of the Manor. 

Witnesses : none. 

Date : 1470. 



55. Robert le Forster grants to Roger, son of Roger Tromewyn, 
[charter.] fa^ a messuage with a curtilage adjoining in Foryate, Stafford. 

This messuage lies between the tenement of John son of Simon 
(?) le Goldsmith and the tenement of Hugh de Wovere, and 
extends in length from the highway leading through the middle 
of the town of Stafford, as far as le Oldhee. 1 

1 Possibly = Old Ea, meaning the old watercourse or channel, or, 
Old Ee, meaning old spout. See note to Nos. 52 and in. 



Witnesses : John le Marchald ; Nicholas Regner ; Roger 
Selymon ; Roger Wride ; William de Eiiide. 
Date : 1329. 

56. Roger, lord of Swynnerton, releases to Vivian, lord of 
[Release.] Staundon, a rent of four shillings for common of pasture in 

the fee of Swynnerton, and a rent of one sparrowhawk 
(espervarium) for a place of land lying in Swynnerton, near the 
mill of Hacton. Vivian quitclaims the said common of pasture 
to Roger, except for the common which he formerly had in the 
lands of Robert, lord of Cotes, in the fee of Swynnerton. 
Mention is made of the " nativi " of Vivian. 

Witnesses : James de Audeleg, kt. ; Philip de Barinton, 
kt. ; Robert de Button, kt. ; John de Bromleg ; Robert de 
Cotes ; Robert Gerveyse. 

Date : 1326. 


57. Thomas Wyleby and Richard Say grant to Roger Was- 
[charter.] teneys and Anne his wife the Manor of Tyxhale, with the 

advowson of the free chapel of the said Manor, which they had 
of the gift of the said Roger. 

Witnesses : Thomas de Aston, kt. ; Thomas Erdeswyk, 
esq. ; Richard Chetewynde, esq. 

Date : 1402. 


58. Walter Nichol of Longedon grants to Richard Miles of 
[Charter.] Longedon two butts (buttas) of arable land in the fee of Longe- 
don, lying together in the field called Harehull, between 
Walter's land and the way which leads from Claywall to 
Haukwallesich, one headland (capud) abutting on the way 
which leads from Thorteleye (?) to Holyenewall, and another 
headland on the said way from Claywall to Haukwallesich. 
Rent, payable to the chief lord, 2 silver pennies. 

Witnesses : Walter le White ; William le White ; William 
Ruddok ; John le Knave ; Reginald le White. 
Date : 1340. 



59. John Redynges, painter, of Burton-on-Trent, grants to 
[Charter.] Alan de Leke, chaplain, of Burton, and William Loxhale of 

the same, chaplain, a tenement lying in Burton, between the 
tenement of John de Pakynton and that of John de Warilowe, 
and containing in width by the highway 22 ft., and in length 

Witnesses : Peter Gybon, then bailiff of Burton ; William 
Lynton of the same ; Richard Preste of the same. 

Date : 1390. 


60. William le Botiller, eldest son and heir of Dom. Richard 
[Charter.] i e Botiller, grants to Henry de le Herdewik eight acres of land 

in Sondon, measured " per particatam domini Regis," which 
he has of the gift of the said Richard. 

Witnesses : Roger de Vernay ; John de Sinalris ; William 
de Hodenet ; Nicholas de Sondon ; William Meverel ; Richard 
Wolriche ; Gilbert de Smalrys. 

Date : N.D. Probably c. I276-I3OO. 1 

Seal (same as to No 28). 


61. Ralph Basset, lord of Draiton, grants to Matilda Norman 
indenture.] o f Yelvertoft and her son John a fourth part of a virgate of 

land in Yelvertoft, for the period of their lives, at a yearly 
rent of 8s. 40". In the event of the death of either of the 
grantees, the survivor to pay 6s. 8d. " nomine ingressionis." 

Witnesses : Thomas de la Heusce ; Thomas de Queny- 
burg ; Henry de Craunford ; John Geffrey ; Robert Terri of 

Date : 1318. 

Seal (broken). 


62. Richard le Warner of Cot on, senior, grants to William, 
[Charter.] son o f \viHiam le Hor of Froddeswell, a messuage and 3| 

* Richard Wolrich occurs 1305 ; Rich, le Botiller 1276 ; John de 
Smalris 1272, 1276 ; William Meverel, 1276 (see No. 28). 


acres of arable land in Colon, formerly held by Richard de 

Witnesses : Ralph de Grendon ; Thomas Meverel ; John 
de Onekor (sic ? Onecote) ; Walter ad-capud-ville 1 de Colon ; 
William in-the-Moor of the same ; Nicholas le Hor of Froddes- 
well ; Richard Toly of the same. 

Date : N.D. Possibly c. 1244, or later. - 


63. Ralph Wastyneys releases to Thomas de Erdeswyke all 
[Release.] lands, tenements, etc., which he has of the gift of the said 

Thomas in the fee of Sondon. 

Witnesses : Roger Wolrich ; John the clerk ; William 
. . . ; . . . Foxe ; Adam atte Putte. 

Date : 1376. 


64. Stephen, Abbot of Hulton, and the Convent grant and 
[Charter quitclaim to their tenants in their fee of Bradenop all the 


liberties, customs, etc., which from old time they have held in 
that fee. 

Witnesses : None. 

Date : 1306. 


John, son of William de W T ottenhull, grants to Henry 
Mirre, chaplain, all his lands and tenements in Wottenhull. 
Witnesses : None. 
Date : 1351. 
Seal (broken). 

Agreement between John de Kent and Nicholas Meverel. 
Nicholas remits to John all right in the homage of Philip de 
Stanton in respect of a free tenement which he (Philip) holds 

1 Perhaps = Walter Townsend (see No. 52). 

2 Ralph de Grendon occurs 1244 ( see No. 66) and 1271 (Staffs. Hist. 
Coll., iv, i, 184). 



of them in Leke ; and John remits to Nicholas all right in the 
homage and " sex denaratis servicii " of William de Le for a 
free tenement held of them in Le. And if William holds less 
land of them than Philip, John shall make up the difference, 
according to the judgment of good and lawful men. 

Witnesses : Robert le Vavasur ; Ralph de Grendon ; 
Andrew de Grendon ; Peter de Chester, clerk. 

Date : 1244. 


67. Robert de Grendon grants to Robert, son of Walter de 
charted] 3 Melewich, and Elena his wife three acres of waste on le Longelee 

in Melewich, lying next the waste of Henry de Hextall. Rent, 
3 silver pennies. 

Witnesses : Robert de Huggeford ; John (?) de Smalrys ; 
John de Say ; Richard de Hore of Frodduswall ; William his 
brother ; Simon the clerk. 

Date : N.D. Probably c. I26$. 1 


68. Thomas Meverel, lord of Throghley, gives all his goods, 
[Deed of Gift.] movable and immovable, in his Manor of Throghley to Henry 

de Astebury, chaplain. 
Witnesses : None. 
Date : 1343. 

69. In the court held at Brome, Thomas Godeman, jun., 
[Copy of quitclaims to Alice Dunclent (?) his right in a selion in Withyn- 

Court Roll.] 


Witness : W 7 illiam Everdon, then seneschal. 

Date : 1414. 



1 Robert de Milwich apparently died before 1264 (Staffs. Hist. 
Coll., iv, i, 158) ; Robert de Grendon occurs 1247-1294 (Ibid., pass.) 
Henry de Hextall and Robert de Huggeford, 1272 (Ibid., 197, 205), 
and John de Say, 1293 (Ibid., 276). 



70. Whereas John de Wolaston holds of James de Morton 
[indenture.] divers lands and tenements in the fee of Blumenhull by fealty 

and by a service of 32^. per annum, James now discharges 
John of the said 30^. for ever, and quitclaims to John all his 
rights in the said lands, saving to James and his heirs the said 
zd., for all service. 

Witnesses : John de Brumpton, chiv. ; Richard de Eyton ; 
William de Walton ; Thomas de W T alton ; William del Rook ; 
Robert de Stiche. 

Dale : 1368. 


71. Robert the deacon of Lichfield, son of William Adestan, 
[Charter.] se ]j s an( j quitclaims to Mathew the Precentor of Lichfield 

Church a burgage in Lichfield, lying between the land of Henry 
King and that of Roger Sothdemare. " Et ad majorem 
securitatem ego Robertus in placito Lichisfeldie quod vocatur 
Dernemoth pro me et heredibus meis illud inperpetuum 
abjuravi." Mathew pays 8i silver marks. 

Witnesses : Simon the chaplain ; Walter de Chivele ; 
John Coco ; Geoffrey Poun ; Robert de Wall ; William Robus ; 
Robert Pite ; William de Honesworth ; Hugh Juvene ; John 
son of Roger ; William Blundell ; Adam Adestan. 

Date : N.D. Probably c. 1175. l 



Adam, son of Robert Adestan of Lichfield, quitclaims his 
right in the burgage which Mathew the Precentor bought of 
Robert the deacon, son of William Adestan. Abjuration as in 
No. 71. 

Witnesses : Simon the chaplain ; Walter de Chivele ; 
Robert the deacon, son of William Adestan ; John Coco ; 
Geoffrey Poun ; Robert de Wall ; William Robus ; Robert 
Pite ; William de Honesworth ; Hugh Juvene ; John, son of 
Roger ; William Blundell. 

1 See No. 32, note 2. 







[Letter of 


[ Release.] 


Dale: N.D. Probably c. 1175.! 

Seal (broken). 


John Benet and Agnes his wife surrender to William Hurst 
certain lands and tenements which they hold, for the life- 
time of the said Agnes, in Walshale and Ruyshale, and which 
Agnes formerly held for life in conjunction with Thomas atte 
Hurst, her late husband, with remainder to William. 

Witnesses : None. 

Date : 1438. 

2 Seals. 


Nicholaus de Stafford remits all actions which he has against 
John Meverel, executor of the Will of Thomas Meverel, in 
respect of the Will, etc. 

Witnesses : None. 

Date: 1351. 


Letter of attorney from Nicholas de Swynnerton, parson 
of the Church of Mukleston, to Richard the clerk of Wonyngton, 
to grant joint seisin of the Manor of Staundon and the advowson 
of Staundon Church to John de Bromley, Vivien de Staundon 
and Isabella his wife. 

Date: N.D. Probably c. 1326.2 


Thomas Tochett, Parson of Makkeworth, John Watte, 
vicar of Spondon, and Roger Tybsshilff, chaplain of Bawquelle, 
release to Sir Nicholas de Stafford, kt., and Elizabeth his wife 
and the heirs of Elizabeth the Manor of Tyddiswelle, the hamlet 
of Whesston, the great mill of Wormhille, 30 acres of land in 
Wormhille, and the serjeanty in the vill of Wormhille. 

1 See No. 32, note 2. 

2 See No. 56. Also E. Salt, Hist, of Standon, p. 32. 



Witnesses : Godfrey Rowland ; Thurstan atte Bowre ; 
John de Stafford ; Robert de Netham ; John Assheby ; 
Nicholas Orm ; Robert de Ethcote. 

Date : 1382. 


77 Thomas de Fulnewall (i.e., Furnivall), Lord of Halumshyre, 

[Charter.] grants to William, son of Adam de Revell (?) and his heirs and 
assigns, " except religious men and Jews," two bovates of 
land which Roger Boll formerly held in villenage in the vill 
of Dungworthe (co. York), " Saving to me and my heirs suits at 
two great courts of Sheffield." Rent, six shillings. 

Witnesses : Dom. Robert de Mountney ; Gilbert de 
Wodsley ; William Brone. 

Date : N.D. Perhaps c. 1260-70.' 

Seal of arms, broken. (Arms of Furnivall, temp. Hen. III.) 


78. John Cook of Wolverhampton releases and quitclaims to 

[Release.] Thomas Cook his brother a messuage situate on the highway 

of Bruggenorth, between the tenement of John Lyney and that 

of Thomas Parsons, and extending from " the royal street 

(strata] to the helda 2 of the said Thomas Parsons." 

Witnesses : Thomas Parsons and John Caldecote, sen., 
bailiffs of the town and liberties of Bruggenorth ; Thomas 
Hord, esq. ; John Undurwood ; Richard Kyngeslowe. 

Date : 1462. 


1 This deed is not dated, but the seal bears the arms of the Furnivalls 
of Henry Ill's time. Thomas de Furnivall, lord of Hallamshire, the 
first to bear that title, succeeded his brother Gerard. He founded 
the second castle of Sheffield in 1270 (54 Hen. Ill), and died before 
1279. (J. Hunter, Hist, of Sheffield, pp. 31, 35.) Sir Robert de Moun- 
teney was his first cousin, and occurs 51 Hen. Ill (1266-7). (Ibid., 
P- 32.) 

- There was a meadow in Gnosall called, in Queen Elizabeth's time, 
" le Helde " (Hone, The Manor, p. 196) ; and Stringer's Hill, Yoxall, 
was " more aunciently " called " The Held " (Deed of 6 Jac. I, Wm. 
Salt. Libr.). Cf. the O.E. word " heldish " = bucolic, pertaining 
to cattle. 










Richard de Barre grants to John, lord of Knythteleye, 
a place of land in the vill of Knythteleye called Trygle (?), 
with a foss ; a meadow adjoining it ; and a croft lying near, 
called Berecroft. 

Witnesses : John de Knythteleye ; Robert, son of Roger 
Child of Knythteleye ; Richard of Lychesfeld ; William Coco 
of Knythteleye. 

Date : 1365. 


Thomas Wombewelle quitclaims to Nicholas de Stafford, 
kt., and Elizabeth his wife the Manor of Tyddiswell, co. Derby. 

Witnesses : Simon de Lichefeld ; John Knightley, jun. ; 
John Peyntor ; Roger Fokeram ; John London. 

Date ; 1385. 


William de Sutton, " le drapur " de Lichfield, Richard, 
son of William, William, brother of Richard, and Cristiana, 
daughter of Ralph atte Wode of Longedon, grant to Ralph 
atte Wode of Longedon and Alice his wife, for life, all their 
lands and tenements in the fee of Longedon and Rugeleye, 
except one house and three selions of land, at a yearly rent 
of 8s. 

Witnesses : Reginald de Rowos ; Richard le Wrich 
(PWright) ; John de Brocton ; Robert atte Water; Reginald 
atte Wodingges. 

Date : 1316. 


Lucas, son of Robert de Overe, grants to Richard, son of 
William the Carpenter of Longedon, seven acres of land in the 
waste of Bromley Regis, lying in width between the highway 
called Elotislane and the way which leads from Elotislane to 
Bromley Sty, and in length between the land which was 
formerly Roger de Brakeleye's and the highway which comes 
from Huberdisweye. 

Witnesses : Henry de Alrewas, clerk ; William de Freford ; 



Simon Scot of Bromleye ; John de la Bourne ; Robert Atte 
Water (ad Aquam) ; William Attecross. 

Date : 1311. 


83. William, son of William Tromewyne of Cannokbury, quit- 
t Release ] claims to Adam de Peshale all the lands and tenements which 

Adam holds in Bysshopes Offeleye, which were formerly 
held by John de Cressewalle, uncle to the said William, jun. 

Witnesses : Vy vyan de Staundon ; John de Bromeleye ; 
John de Burghtone ; John de Knyghton ; William, son of 
Thomas (de) Chatkulve. 

Date: 1343. 

Seal (defaced). 


84. Agreement between Sir John Trumwyn, kt., and Robert 
[indenture.] Trumwyn his brother. Robert grants to Sir John 100 marks 

yearly rent, to be received from Robert and his heirs each 
year in le Herdewyk and in the Manor of Sondon for ever. 
But Sir John grants for himself and his heirs that if Robert 
gives to the Lady Jane de la Pole, mother of John and Robert, 
all the lands and tenements which he has in the Manor of 
Sondon and in le Herdewyk, for her life, with remainder to 
Sir John and his heirs male, the said grant of 100 marks shall 
be annulled. 

Witnesses : James de Stafford, kt. ; John de Hynkeley, 
kt. ; Ralph de Grendon (? kt.) ; Robert le Marichale (? kt.) ; 
Richard de Penebrugg, kt. ; Hugh de Crofte, kt. ; John 
de Bray ; William Power. 

Date: 1333. 


85. Indenture made between Michael de Morton and James 
[indenture.] de Morton of the one part, and William the Miller of Bromley 

and William Hurleston of the other part. Michael and James 
grant to William and William licence to build a mill at Morton, 1 

1 ? Co. Salop. 



on the site of the old mill or elsewhere, with control of the 
mill-stream, and the right to fish " as far as Morford or the 
rising of the water." They are to hold the mill for twenty 
years, pay nothing for the first ten years, and after that one 
silver mark per annum. James grants them permission to 
make the water of Lechemer flow into the mill-stream to aug- 
ment it. 

Witnesses : Richard Adamsone ; John de Hulle ; William 
de Tonge ; Nicholas de Stotton ; Richard de Brugge. 

Date : 1391. 


86. William le Bedel of Sondon grants to Ranulf , son of Robert 
[Charter.] fie Stalington of Herdewyk, an acre of land with the crop 

growing thereupon in the fee of Sondon, lying at Westonescroft 
between the land of Richard de Aston and that of the said 
Ranulf. If Ranulf die without heirs, the land to pass to his 
brother, Dom Henry the chaplain, for life, and after his 
death to his brother William and his heirs ; or if William have 
no heir, to the sons of Alice his sister and their heirs. 

Witnesses : Richard Wolrych ; Geoffrey de Stalington ; 
Robert Roleg ; William son of Alexander ; Simon Aytrop. 

Date : 1341. 



87. Thomas, son of Alota de la Herdewyk grants to Adam 
icharter.] F OX (?) of the same four selions of land in the fee of Sondona, 

lying in le Herdewyk between the land of the said Thomas 
and that of Robert de Stalintone extending from the land of 
William Rolehg (sic) to the messuage . . . (illegible.) 

Witnesses : Robert de Stalintone ; William Rolegh ; 
John, son of Gilbert de la Herdewyk ; Henry juxta ductum 1 
(?) de Borwestone ; Robert son of Eva de la Herdewyk. 

Date : N.D. Perhaps c. 1290.2 

1 Ductum = a channel, watercourse, or small stream. Probably 
the English name would be Bywater or Attewater. 

2 Rob. de Stalinton occurs 1286 (see No. 100) ; Wm. Rolegh, 1295 

(see No. 93). 




Seal : (fragment only). 

Indenture made between Sir Thomas de Rydeware, kt., 
of the one part, and William de Freford and John his son of 
the other part. Exchange of land in Edenynghale. William 
and John receive from Sir Thomas three selions of land in 
Edenynghale, one selion of which was of the land of John of 
Tamworth, lying together in the Myddelfeld on the Wateryates, 
between the land of the said William and John and the land ot 
Robert atte Style, extending from the headland (forerra) of 
William de Mouseleye to the headland formerly belonging to 
Adam le Walkere. 

Sir Thomas receives in exchange three selions of land in the 
vill of Edenynghale, two selions of which lie in the said field 
next le Longedych, between the land of Dom. Philip de Somervill 
and that of John de la Bache, extending from the " marlera " 1 
formerly belonging to Roger de Draycote as far as the land 
formerly held by the said Roger, of which one selion will 
remain to John de Tamworth for life. The third selion lies 
in the same field in le Budene nearest the vill, between the 
land of John de la Bache and that of Sir Thomas, extending 
from the headland of Robert le Champyon to le Waryede- 

Witnesses : William de Cursonn ; ^Richard Austyn of Har- 
laston ; John de la Bache ; William de Mouseleye ; John de 

Date : 1325. 

2 Seals, one of arms. 2 (Both broken.) 


William, son of Philip le Lisewys of Longedon, grants to 
Reginald, son of Reginald del Wodinges of Longedon, for a 
certain sum of money, five selions of land lying together in 

1 I.e. marlpit. 

2 The arms of Sir Thomas de Rydeware, lord of Hamstall Ridware 
(died c. 1325-7), are given in Staffs. Hist. Coll., vol. 1913, p. 288, as 
" de azure a un egle de argent." 



the territory of Longedon in the field called Seyteswey, between 
the land of the said William and that formerly belonging to 
Reginald de Brocton, and extending lengthways from the land 
of Peter on-the-Hill (super Montem) to that of Cristiana, 
daughter of Ralph atte Wood (ad Boscum). Rent, 4 silver 
pennies per annum. 

Witnesses : John Walence ; Robert del Stomwelle ; John 
de Brocton ; Richard, son of William Carpenter ; John, son 
of John del Wodinges ; William le Loverid ; William de 

Date : N.D. Possibly between 1293 and I3I7- 1 

Seal of William de Lisewys. 


90. Margery Wolrych, widow, grants to Robert her son one and 

[Charter.] a ^gjf acres o f land in the fee of Sondon ; one half acre of two 
selions lies at Welvelowe (? Welnelowe) between the land of 
William le Bedel and that of Isabella de Verney ; another 
half-acre of two selions lies in the same field between the land 
of the said William and that of Richard de Aston ; one rood 
lies in the same field between the land of the said William and 
Richard ; one rood lies in the same field and extends from the 
headland as far as Le Churchesty. She also grants to the 
said Robert a half-acre of land of one selion in le Bromfeld, 
between the land of Isabella de Verney and that of Stephen 
de Sondon. If Robert die childless, the land to pass to his 

Witnesses : Stephen de Sondon ; Henry de Horseleye ; 
William le Bedel ; Sampson Bedell ; William Aleyn. 

Date : 1314. 


91- Robert, son of Simon lord of Cherleton (Chorlton), grants 

[Charter.] to ^m,^ son o f Robert de Cotes, for I2S. 8d., an acre of 

land in the vill of Cherleton, in le Cleyfeld, next the land of 

1 Richard, son of Wm. Carpenter, occurs 1293 (?) and 1311 (see 
Nos. 26 and 82). Cristiana Atte- Wood occurs 1316 (see No. 81). 

D 2 


the said William, extending from the road (via) as far as to 
le Beche. Rent, one halfpenny at Christmas. 

Witnesses : John, lord of Swinnerton ; Stephen his brother ; 
Thomas de Wolverdinton ; Robert de Cotes ; Robert de 
Peshal ; Thomas de Offileg ; Robert, son of William de 

Date : N.D. Probably c. 1270. 1 


Ralph Eklesale, 2 kt., grants to John de Horelowe and 
Matilda his wife a place of land with buildings which Joce 
de Horelow held of the said Ralph at the time of his death, 
lying between Ralph's park of Eklesale on the east and Edmai- 
grene (?) on the west, and between the lane which leads towards 
the house of Letitia Harri on the north and the land formerly 
held by Ralph de Botha on the south. Also a place of land 
lying between le Lymmebrok on the south and the land formerly 
held by Ralph de Botha on the north, and between the land 
of Thomas de Brendolif on the east and the land of Richard 
le Wyte on the west. Rent, five silver shillings. Mention of Sir 
Ralph's court at Eklesale. 

Witnesses : Ernulf de Muntem ; Adam de Bosco in Schef 
[eld] (Sheffield) ; Roger Hauselin ; Robert de Brom ; John 
Frend (?). 

Date : N.D. Probably c. I28o. 3 


Richard de Aston of Little Sondon for a certain sum of 
money grants to William son of Horm three butts of land in 

1 The names of John de Swinnerton and Stephen his brother occur 
on a jury in 1275 (Ronton Chartulary, Staffs. Hist. Coll., iv, 273), and 
Robert de Peshale was living 1270 (Par shall Family, by H. F. Parshall, 
P- 5i)- 

- I.e. Ecclesall-Byerlow, near Sheffield. See Hunter's Hist, of 
Sheffield, pp. 195-199. 

3 This Sir Ralph de Ecclesall was probably the son of Sir Robert I. 
Before his time the family had a mansion, a mill, and a small park 
called Joce Park. He occurs in 1280, and was succeeded by his son, 
Sir Robert II, before 1297 (Ibid., 196). 



the territory of Little Sondon, lying in the field called Presti- 
lowefeld, of which one headland (capuf) abuts on the foss of 
Sondilowe, and the other headland abuts on the headland 
(forrea) of Dom. William de Stafford. Tenure, one rose on 
St. John Baptist's Day. 

Witnesses : John, lord of ' Smalris ; Robert de Stalinton ; 
William Rolegh ; Halan de Aula ; William Budell. 

Date : 1295. 

Seal of " Richard son of John." 


94. (Partly illegible, owing to injury by damp.) 

Alicia, daughter of Robert de Barkeston, widow, dwelling 
in Eclishil, 1 grants to John de Croslay (?) of Allerton half 
a messuage in the vill of Eclishil. She mentions her brother 

Witnesses : Walter de Grimstun ; William Alayn ; Ralph 
(de Eclishil (?)) John . . . ; Robert son of William son 
of ... 

Date : N.D. Perhaps c. I3I4- 2 

Seal of Alicia. 


95. Adam de Bruntton, lord of Wilbryghton, grants to Bertram 
[Charter.] fe Burgo his capital messuage in Wilbryghton with all the 

demesne belonging to it and with all the nativi of the said vill, 
etc. Tenure, a pair of gilded spurs at Easter to Adam and his 
heirs, and to the chief lord due service as specified in the 
charter which Adam had of Hervey de Wilbryghton. 3 

Witnesses : Robert de H . . alhitton ; John de Chte- 
wynde (sic) ; W. Bagot ; John de Eybi ; Robert de Quhicol 
(Quixhill) ; Robert de Wellorr ; Michael de Morton ; Philip 
de Mutton ; Peter de Coule (Cowley). 

Date: N.D. Before 1236.* 

1 ? = Ecclesall-Byerlow, near Sheffield. See No. 92. 
a William Alayn occurs 1314. See No. 90. 

3 See No. 96. 

4 Adam de Brinton died before 1236. Philip de Mutton occurs 
1225. See No. 23. 


Latin. (This deed has no seal, and has the appearance of 
being a copy of an older original.) 

Hervey, lord of Wylbrhiton, 1 grants to Dom. Adam de 
Brunton his capital messuage with all his demesne in Wyl- 
brhiton, with all the nativi of the same vill, etc. 

Witnesses : Dom. Robert de Halhuton ; Dom. John de 
Chetewinde ; Dom. W. Bagot ; John de Eybi ; Robert de 
Kuhicel (Quixhill) ; Robert de Weston ; Michael de Morton ; 
Philip de Mutton ; Peter de Coule (Cowley). 

Date : N.D. Before 1236.2 


97. Walter de Cokeseye and Elizabeth his wife grant to 

'I Richard, son of Richard Fuks, all their part in Monyton in 
Straddel 3 which formerly belonged to Richard Fuks, husband 
of the said Elizabeth, and came to them by way of dower 
Saving their tenements in Monyton and Cheyneston during 
the life of Elizabeth, etc. Richard in exchange grants to 
Walter and Elizabeth his Manor of Eton (?) by Froggeshays. 

Witnesses : Hugh Devereus ; Nicholas Devereus ; John 
de la Feld ; Walter le Ser jaunt ; John de Poremort. 

Date : 1290. 


Matilda, widow of John Pontrel, quitclaims to Robert 
le Webbe of Homerwych a meadow in the fee of Homerwych 
called Odynsmedue, which formed part of her dower, and which 
the said Robert formerly had of the gift of the said John. 

Witnesses : Stephen Fordiane ; James in le Mor ; Roger 
del Overton ; Henry Pernel ; Robert Suetelone. 

Date : 1360. 


John de Luttebury (Littlebury) grants to William Trum- 
wine for sixty shillings 4! acres of waste in Sondon, lying in 
length between Horestonescnol and Holewey and the land of 

1 See No. 95. z See No. 95, note 3. 

3 i.e. Monnington Strudel, co. Hereford. 



Robert de Wernay which he bought of the said John ; and 
" in width Hanleysute ; " with a way into the neighbour- 
ing " marleriis " (marlpits). Rent, half-a-pound " cymini " 
(cummin) on Easter Day for all service, custom, etc., " as well 
at the knighting of my eldest son as at the marriage of my 
eldest daughter," etc. 

Witnesses : Henry Owen ; Thomas Meverel ; Hervy 
de Leis ; Robert de Wernay ; William Fustixe (?) ; William 
Meverel ; John le Swein of Gatton. 

Date : N.D. Probably c. I300. 1 


100. Richard, son of Alan del Halle of Sondon, grants to Roger 

[Charter.] Gibbesone del Herdewyk an acre of land lying on (?) Ammound 
in the waste of Sondon, between the land which was William 
le Bedel's and the land of Simon Aytrop. 

Witnesses : Robert de Stalynton ; Robert Rooleg ; Simon 
Aytrop ; William le Bedel ; Sampson le Bedel. 
Date: 1286. 

1 William Trumwyne occurs 1276 ; Robert de Vernay, 1305 ; Thomas 
Meverel, 1306 ; John le Swein, 1296. 



The Hearth Tax or chimney-money was a payment to the king 
of 2s. on every hearth " in all houses paying to church and 
poor," first levied in 1662. It was repealed in 1689, although 
it was producing 170,000 a year, on account of its unpopularity, 
the tax being especially obnoxious because of its inquisitorial 

The following Hearth Tax Rolls relating to Staffordshire 
are to be found in the Public Record Office : 

179 Hearth money. Arrears due upon fire hearths in the City of 
324 Lichfield. Also the names of inhabitants too poor to be 
assessed. 15 Charles II. 1663. 

256 Return of hearth tax for Farley. 15 Charles II. 1663. 

256 Assessment of Hearth Tax. 18 Charles II. 1666. [74 mem- 
31 branes.] 

256 Ditto (Imperfect.) 24 Charles II. 1672. [52 membranes.] 

256 Variations of assessment of Hearth Tax. 23 Charles II. 1671. 
33 [6 membranes.] 

179 Account of all the fire hearths and stoves as well chargeable as 
328 unchargeable. 25 Charles II. 1673. [53 membranes.] 

179 Hearth money. Totmanslow Hundred. Charles II. [n mem- 
331 branes.] 

179 Ditto. Pirehill Hundred. Charles II. [u membranes.] 

256 Ditto. City of Lichfield. [Charles II.] [12 membranes.] 

256 Ditto. City of Lichfield, The Close. [Charles II.] [i membrane.] 



Lay Subsidy ^ County of Stafford Hearth Tax 

Pyrehill Hundred in Comitatu Staffordie 

The South Parte 

A true and perfect account of all the names of all and 
singuler the persons and number of Hearthes and Stoves in 
theire seuerall and respectiue possessions & occupations 
aswell such as are Chargeable as such as are not Chargeable 
within the County of Stafford aforesaid taken veiwed and made 
by Anthony Dormer Esquire his Majesties high Collector 
for the Revennue ariseing by Hearth money within the County 
aforesaid with the helpe and assistance of the respectiue 
Petty Constables and his owne vnder Officers therein imployed 
according to and in pursuance of an Acte of Parliament 
intituled An Acte for Collecting the Duty ariseing by Hearth 
money by Officers to bee appointed by his Majestie. And 
deliuered vnto William Alport Esquire Clerke of the peace of 
the said county vnder the hands of the right honorable 
Charles Lord Gerard, Sir Francis Lawley Barronett, Sir Bryan 
Broughton Knight & Barronett, Walter Chetwynd Esquire & 
Edward Mainwaring Esquire Justices of the peace of the said 
County the nynth day of January in the seaventeenth yeare of 
his Majesties Raigne that now is : (That is to say) Pyrehill, 
Tottmanslow and Cuttleston Hundreds : And the Hundred 
of Seisdon was not deliuered in vntill the Five and Twentieth 
day of February in the Eighteenth yeare of his Majesties 
Raigne that now is ; And the Hundred of Offlowe not before 
the second daye of Aprill in the said Eighteenth yeare of his 
said Majesties Raigne that now is, And both the last mencioned 
Hundredes vnder noe Justices hands att all : And by the said 
Clerke of the peace to bee engrosed and returned into the 
Exchequer according to the last Acte of Parliament in that 
case made and provided Dated the First daye of June in the 
Eighteenth yeare of the Raigne of our Soueraigne Lord Charles 
the Second of England, Scottland, Fraunce & Ireland King 
Defender of the faith etc. Annoque Domini 1666. 


Stafford Burrough. 

The greene gate warde contd. Hearthes Chargeable. 

Mr. Backhouse Eleaven 

Mrs. Worswicke, vidua Foure 

Mrs. Wolrich & George Lauder Eight 

Mr. Amos Taylor Twelve 

Widdow Martin Foure 

Mr. Thomas Fowler Three 

Henry Crowder Foure 

Mr. John Walter Five 

Richard Blunt Foure 

Thomas Greaves One 

Mr. William Farmer Eight 

Mr. Congreave Foure 

Mrs. Bayley Two 

Mr Hitchcocke Foure 

William Wolrich Foure 

Mr Hobson Five 

Edward Brindley Two 

Mr. Byrche Five 

William Renshawe 1 hree 

Mrs. Abberley Tenne 

Mr. William Elves Twelve 

Mr. Nabbs Eight 

Mr. James Greene Tenne 

Mr. Felton Tenne 

Francis Forde One 

Mr. John Tanner Sixe 

Ralph Collins One 

Mr. George Fowler Foure 

Ralph Richardson . Two 

John Blakeman Two 

Michaell Moseley Two 

George Adshed One 

William Sherwine One 

Mrs. Dorrington One 

Marmaduke Webbe One 

Widdow Matter One 

Richard Till, spurrier One 

Widdow Perkington One 

Widdow Marsh One 

Amie Backhouse Three 

[F]rancis Leese Two 


The greene gate warde contd. Hearthes Chargeable. 

. . hn Harte Two 

. . . rey Hobson Two 

[Fra]ncis Leese Three 

[CJaptaine Ruegley Two 

William Huntbach Two 

[Rijchard Newbould, Junior Foure 

[Tho]mas Perrey Two 

[Ejdward Wilson Eight 

John Doody Two 

William Underbill Two 

[Jo]hn Fynney Foure 

William Sutton Three 

William Addams Two 

[Thjomas Collins Foure 

[Jo]hn Ollerenshaw Two 


Stafford Burrough adhuc. 

Goale gate ward. Hearthes Chargeable. 

Mrs. Anne Fowler Sixteene 

Thomas Austen Foure 

Roger Boulton Foure 

John Shelley Foure 

George Foxe Three 

John Sole Three 

Mr. Twigge Foure 

Mr. Hynton One 

Serjeant Winter ' Three 

John Martine Three 

Mr. Richard Farmer Sixe 

John Beech Two 

Richard Eldershawe Two 

Richard Leese Two 

The Goale Three 

Samuell Twigge Three 

Mr. Milward Five 

Widdow Robinson One 

Mr. Feake Two 

John Trigger Foure 

Francis Salt One 

Thomas Cloose One 


Goale gate ward contd. Hearthes Chargeable. 

John Kenderdine Two 

James Meeson One 

Widdow Keeleing One 

Richard Meeson Two 

Thomas Livermore One 

John Mosse, Senior Two 

John Wolrich Five 

Mrs. Backhouse Five 

Robert Palin One 

William Palmer Two 

Richard Walter Two 

John Merriddeth Seaven 

Phillipp Wolrich Five 

Mr. John Wilson Eight 

Mr. Mosse Foure 

James Lewes Three 

Mr. Warde Nyne 

Richard Parton One 

Mr. Chamberlyne Five 

Thomas Wood Two 

Henry Cooke Foure 

Ryce Kince One 

Widdow Sharpe One 

William Howard Two 

William Kendall One 

Matthew Babb One 

Richard Dixe, Junior One 

Robert Mosse One 

Richard Dixe, Senior, & Humfrey Dixe Three 

Thomas Sutton One 

Thomas Spencer One 

William Hemes One 

Stafford Battey Five 

Widdow Gryme One 

Mr. Edward Wilson One 

John Cloose One 

Henry Daye One 

Francis Leese One 

East gate ward. Hearthes Chargeable. 

Mr. John Hudson Three 

Mr. Thomas Abnett Sixe 


East gate ward contd. Hearthes Chargeable. 

Mr. Thomas Clarke Three 

Mr. Sparryes house Eight 

William Dulam Three 

Mrs. Handsley Two 

Thomas Hall Foure 

Widdow Tagge Three 

Samuell Harper Two 

Thomas Dickinson Three 

Mrs. Mary Walthoe Sixe 

Mountfort Clarson Three 

James Godwine Iwo 

Matthew Wolrich Three 

Richard Cramor Three 

Thomas Winter Two 

Mr. William Barker Five 

Handle Bucknall Foure 

John Cooke Two 

ould Mr. Palmers house Five 

Mrs. Smith, vidua Two 

William Sooud Foure 

William Peaton Two 

William Rixstones One 

Tho. Bucknall formerly Mr. Bayleys, minister Foure 

George Freepound Two 

Thomas Malkin Three 

John Huntbach Two 

John Bayley One 

William Deakin Two 

John Wayde Five 

William Wolrich Foure 

Roger Hemes One 

Thomas Ethell Three 

Mr. John Palmer Sixe 

Richard Gough Three 

Walter Collins Two 

William Walthoe O ne 

Richard Stevenson Five 

William Crispe Three 

Edward Corbett One 

Mr. Bayley, Minister Two 

Mr. Richard Sherratt One 

John Dagott Three 

Mr. Ralph Harrison One 


East gate ward contd. Hearthes Chargeable. 

John Wall Three 

Isaac Chamberlyne Three 

Doctor Cole One 

Thomas Fynney Three 

George Renshawe One 

William Kynson Foure 

Anthony Byrd One 

Mr. Baddeley of London ^ 

, . , , > Three 

for a voide house . . 


Totall 546 

These following are certified for (accordinge to the Acte) 
not to bee chargeable, as not haueing 2os. per annum of a full 
improved rent, nor Renting 205. a yeare, nor beeing worth 
Tenne pounds of reall or personnall estate in theire owne handes 
or in the handes of any other person or persons for them 

Anne Winckle Richard Hemes 

Nathaniell Rowleston Anne Greene 

John Matthewes Widdow Hobby 

John Payne John Dayne 

William Winckle Widdow Henshaw 

Anne Batte, vidua Robert Falkner 

Richard Chilton Thomas Tibson 

Widdow Yeomans Thrustans Pratt 

Thomas Cresswell John Warde 

Symon Phillippes George Lee 

John Moore Widdow Parker 

Widdow Symons Thomas Warner 

Ralph Allen Randle Benningham 

William Godson Thomas Paynting 

Francis Smith Widdow Bradford 

Henry Bate Richard Hawton 

Widdow Cook Robert Onyans 

William Cardall Matthew Hand 

Anne Wright Matthew Oakes 

William Rutter Edward Rathbone 



Widdow Allen 

Widdow Jessopp 

William Perkin 

Widdow Launder 

Edward Backhouse 

Ursula Chilton 

George Wetton 

Widdow Beckett 

Thomas Moulton 

Ralph Kenderdine 

Thomas Daykin 

John Ange 

Anne Cope 

Richard Pike 

Widdow Dawson 

Sampson Graye 

Addam Johnson 

Richard Flint 

James Greene 

Peter Backhouse 

Thomas Jorden 

Thomas Shawe 

Walter Hemes 

Margrett Smith 

Phillipp Walthoe 

Thomas Fletcher 

Dorrothy Osbourne 

Thomas Higges 

William Slaney 

John Winsors 

Thomas Rogers 

Robert Palin 

Edward Rathbone, Cordwayner 

Widdow Boose 

John Jones 

Matthew James 

John Hawley 

Thomas Bould 

Edward Clowes 

George Hardinge 

John Smith 

Thomas James 

Widdow Cleaton 

Thomas Jones 

Mary Bromley 
Widdow Vrram 
Widdow Lycett 
Widdow Allaby 
Thomas Smith 
Robert Madeley 
James Coulton 
Widdow Trafford 
Peter Dudley 
John Slaney 
Anne Mosse 
Richard Rowlston 
Edmund Price 
Widdow Price 
Cristopher Gibson 
Margrett Dorrington 
John Cadman 
Widdow Benfeild 
Francis Dodd 
Thomas Dodd 
William Harding 
Matthew Babb, Junior 
Robert Kenderdine 
Garter Webbe 
Thomas Palmer 
Thomas Hubbold 
John Jobourne 
Widdow Cartwright 
Widdow Oakes 
William Hall 
John Harding 
Widdow Ancocke 
Widdow Moore 
Ellen Backhouse 
Josiah Standley 
Widdow Renshaw 
Margrett Smith 
Thomas Floyd 
Widdow Downes 
John Forde 
John Tipper 
Richard Renshaw 
George Byrche 
Humfrey Jorden 


Richard Browne 
Widdow Rathbone 
Widdow Sharpe 
Widdow Cadman 
John Keeleing 
John Buckleys 
Francis Wolrich 
Widdow Hadley 
William Stevenson 
Michael Pedley 
Margrett Gilbert 
Isabell Lawrence 
George Wright 
William Spencer 
Thomas Rathbone 
Anne Clarke 
Edward Shawe 
Widdow Walthoe 
Mary Davies 
Jane Walthoe 
George Renshaw 
Widdow Cocknage 

Mary Taylor 
John Smith 
Edward Leese 
John Marsh 
Widdow Vrram 
Addam Johnson 
Eliz. Stoakes 
William Forde 
Richard Clarke 
Thomas Howie 
Widdow Downinge 
Widdow Turner 
Thomas Chilton 
Nathaniell Benfeild 
Anne Collins 
Widdow Keeleing 
Richard Till 
John Hobby 
Richard Royley 
Tymothy Dorrington 
William Erpes 

By Dannyell Bayley, Rector ibidem. 
John Walthoe \ Churchwardens 
Tho. Fowler f ibidem. 

Allowed by : 

Tho. Abnett, Mayor. 

John Felton, Justiciarium pads ibidem. 

By vs : 

Thomas Blake ^ 
John Harte and > 
William Sutton J 


Bromley hurst Constablewicke. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

Mr Christopher Smyth Seaverj, 

Richard Dickenson ,...,.,., Two, 


Hearthes Chargeable. 

John Pye One 

Robert Wood Two 

John Groome One 

Henry Alport Two 

Edward Hary Two 

William Alport Two 

Thomas Coxe One 

John Gray Three 

Edward Snape One 

Thomas Cooke One 

Richard Whistons One 

Robert Jackson Two 

Francis Browne One 

Richard Withering One 

Eliz. Ouldacre One 

Christopher Barnes One 

Walter Cottam One 

Jacob Jackson Two 

Thomas Aldridge One 

Michaell Whiston One 

Widdow Browne One 

Lewis Sexelbee One 

Walter Robotham Foure 

Humfrey Blake One 

Ralph Whilton One 

Widdow Tunnycliffe One 

Thomas Milner One 

William Phillipps, Senior One 

Robert Walkelate 1 hree 

George Wilcox One 

William Welles, gentleman One 

William Johnson One 

Thomas Turner One 

Widdow Conway One 

Richard Corradine Two 

John Sexelbee One 

Thomas Standley One 

Anne Phillippes, vidua One 

Thomas Whiston One 

William Phillippes, Junior One 


E 2 


These following are certified for not to bee Chargeable 
according to the Acte as aforesaid, (vizt.). 

Ralph Jackson Widdow Elsmore 

William Blakeman Eliz. Ensor 

Thomas Pakeman Edward Addams 

John Ensor Thomas Barnes 

Edward Harvey, Webster Henry Harvey 

Widdow Blockley William Baggaley 

Widdow Pixley Francis Aldridge 

By Nathaniell Mott, Minister. 

Thomas Morris "\ ~ 7 7 , 

> Churchwardens. 
Robert Jackson J 

Allowed by vs : 

Ed. Bagot \justicesofpeace. 

Wai. Chetwynd J 
per me Tho. Aldridge, Constable. 

Bromley Pagetts Const ablewick. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

John Kesterton One 

Thomas Allen One 

Thomas Meate One 

Richard Baxter One 

Elizabeth Knowles One 

Robert Davies One 

Edward Godwin Three 

Samuell Cope One 

Thomas Powell .... Two 

John Gymson One 

Edward Hickson One 

Edward Barker Two 

Thomas Bomford One 

John Adbaston in the Lane One 

Thomas Barker One 

William Wilson, late Tho. Rodes One 

John Muskett One 

John Whittworth One 

Mr. Richard Clarke Foure 


Hearthes Chargeable. 

Richard Goodwyn One 

John Adbaston One 

Widdow Kempe Two 

John Dymmocke Two 

James Badkins One 

Richard Tooth One 

Robert Barrowe Foure 

Richard Egginton One 

John Tooth One 

Thomas Johnson Foure 

William Sutton, formerly Mr. Beardmore Foure 

Samuell Mynors One 

Elias Lansdale for Taylors house One 

Thomas Bratt Three 

John Baggaley One 

Walter Vpford Foure 

Nicholas Whiston, formerly Geo. Scarratt Two 

Robert Webbe One 

Roger Knight One 

George Scarratt One 

Tho. Goodwin, formerly Widdow Goodwin One 

Thomas Dutton Three 

Thomas Ault One 

Edward Malkin One 

Richard Naylor Two 

Walter Andrewes Three 

Mr. Mott, formerly Tho. Harvey Two 

George Trigge Two 

Walter Toone, formerly John Barlow Three 

Ralph Adin One 

Widdow Taylor One 

William Sutton, formerly Mr. Mott Two 

Herbert Bache Two 

Thomas Bakewell Two 

Richard Hall One 

Thomas Wright Two 

Walter Warner Two 

William Hall Three 

Thomas Norres, gentleman Five 

Edward Whistons Foure 

John Bettson Two 

Robert Dunne .- One 

John Burrowes , ^ Two 


Hearthes Chargeable. 

Thomas Hall One for one 

too many by mistake 

William Worrall One 

William Hunt Two 

Henry Pratty for 2 houses Foure 

Thomas Cooper One 

Richard Pixley One 

John Marshall and Robert Fisher One 

Robert Edasome Two 

Eliz. Milward One 

Walter Litten Two 

Thomas Wilkes Two 

Mr. Thomas Buckland Two 

Richard Harvey One 

Richard Merry One 

William Baggaley One 

Robert Rowley One 

Hugh Machin One 

Elizabeth Carter One 

Richard Hurst One 

In the Parke. 

Henry Cottrell, formerly Tho. Kent Three 

George Preston Two 

George Feildhouse Two 

Mr. Alcocke Three 

John Smallwood Two 

Thomas Kent Two 

John Goodwyne One 

Thomas W T all One 

Richard Yates One 

Widdow Adbaston One 

Walter Keeleing One 

Syrnon Meakin One 

George Hempe One 

Richard Sparkes One 

Matthew Button One 

Thomas Allsopp One 

Anne Smallwoo4 One 



[Bromley Pagetts Constablewicke.] 

These following are certified for not to bee chargeable 
according to the Acte as aforesaid (vizt.). 

Hugh Cheatam Elizabeth Button 

William Massey Widdow Sheppard 

George Bankes Mary Nixon 

William Evans John Scarratt 

Widdow Cardin Edward Wetton 

William Lawrence Widdow Batkin 

William Browne Widdow Wildbloud 

Richard Woodward Widdow Corden 

Edward Cole Zachary Litten 

Widdow Smith Stephen Fletcher 

John Hill George Attkins 

Widdow Durance Widdow Wattson 

William Williamson Widdow Scarratt 

Widdow Lancaster John Royley 

Michaell Lawrence Jane Robinson 

Anthony Heeley Mic, Scarratt 

Joseph Salte Hugh Scarratt 

Frances Martin Widdow Ashley 

John Nabbs George Bett 

Edward Tomlinson Richard Lynes 
Roger Bakewell 

By Nath. Mott, Minister ilidem. 
Tho. Norris ^ 

William Sutton and > Churchwardens. 
John Browne J 

Allowed by : 

E. Bagot and \ . . 

. * > Justices of peace. 

W. Chetwynd J J 

William Worrall and \ Constables 
John Dymmocke J ibidem. 

Bromley Bagotts Constablewick. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

Thomas Farden One 

William Bradshaw, formerly Rich. Naylor Two 

Thomas Johnson One 

John Cooke One 


Hearthes Chargeable. 

Walter Wollaston Two 

Richard Hinckley Two 

William Marshall Two 

Walter Dixson Three 

John Barthrum , One 

John Cope Two 

John Grettrix Two 

John Harvey Two 

Richard Jackson Two 

Thomas Morris One 

Ed. Motteram, formerly Wid. Barker One 

Thomas Browne One 

Dorrothy Enswer One 

John Cope One 

Widdow Foxe One 

Edward Wollaston One 

Widdow Browne One 

John Brandreth One 

Widdow Wheildon Two 

John Harden One 

Randolph Sherman Two 

Thomas Thacker One 

John Walker Two 

Athren Townsend Three 

Thomas Hall One 

Thomas Lathbury Foure 

Marten Alsopp , . . Two 

Thomas Shawe One 

Ellen Lycett One 

Thomas Hodgson One 

George Allen, formerly Wai. Robotham Two 

William Robotham One 

Widdow Clarke One 

Thomas Robinson Two 

Widdow Brough One 



286 Totall. 


Bromley Bagotts Constablewick. 

These following are certified for, not to bee chargeable 
according to the Acte as aforesaid (vizt.). 

Widdow Stanford Allice Steele 

Richard Browne Richard Stevenson 

John Heath 

By Nath. Mott, Minister. 

Randle Sherman, Churchwarden and Ouerseer. 

Allowed by : 

E. Bagot and \ 

. , > Justices of the peace 
Wai. Ghetwind J J 

per Henry Ellis, Constable ibidem. 

Coulton Constablewicke. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

Mr. Herbert Aston Tenne 

Mr. Rich. Bagot for 2 houses Foure 

Mr. John Pottes, now Wid. Degg Eight 

Mr. Sanders Foure 

George Harrison One 

Walter Pedley One 

George Yates Two 

Thomas Buttler, senior One 

Widdow Buttler Three 

George Walker One 

George Bratt Two 

John Clarke One 

Symon Robinson, formerly Edw One 

Robert Taylor One 

Charles Wylde Two 

Thomas Buttler Two 

John Hawley One 

Sampson Webbe Two 

William Saunt One 

George Baggaley One 

Richard Buttler One 

Symon Wiggin One 

George Wright One 

George Averill One 


Hearthes Chargeable. 

William Spooner One 

Thomas Taylor Two 

Thomas Royle One 

Samuell Tooth One 

George Jeffrey One 

William Dixson Two 

William Smith One 

Mr. Jo. Asten de Newland Foure 

John Pedley One 

Leonard Taylor , One 

Ardin Bradshaw One 

Humfrey Webbe Two 

Sampson Webbe Foure 

John Wiggin One 

Thomas Pegge Two 

Richard Whistons One 

William Whistons Two 

Thomas Leese One 

Jane Leese One 

Ralph Bate One 

John Barkes Two 

Thomas Berwicke One 

William Collins One 

Thomas Smith One 

Sampson Taylor One 

John Marston One 

Humfrey Parton t One 

Hugh Quinton One 


Coulton Constablewicke. 

These following are certified for not to bee chargeable 
according to the Acte as aforesaid (vizt.). 

Anthony Hunt Widdow Parker 

John Halfehead Widdow Burnett 

Richard Middleton Widdow Averill 

John Streetie Widdow Hunt 

Widdow Middleton Robert Taylor, Junior 

Robert Middleton Anne Prescott 

Widdow Smith Symon Haward 


By John Sanders, Rector ibidem. 
George Baggaly, Churchwarden 
Symon Wiggin, Ouerseer. 

Allowed by : 

E. Bagot and 

Tho. Whittgreaue 
By Samp. Webbe, Constable, 

^Justices of the pt 

Colwich Constablewick with itt's Hamletts. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

Sir Charles Wolseley Sixteene 

Robert Blythe One 

Mr. Edward Moore Sixe 

Robert Smith Two 

Robert Archer One 

Dannyell Browne One 

Widdow Royley One 

John Winfeild One 

Samuell Hickins One 


William Attkins Foure 

Roger Wilkes Foure 

Mr. Baker Foure 

Ralph Milles One 

Robert Attkins Two 

Thomas Hitchins Two 

Widdow Snowe One 

Richard Rowley One 

John Robinson, formerly Rich. Hood One 

Edward Gray ''. One 

William Hipkins One 

Samuell Smith One 

Henry Harding '. . . . One 

Anthony Brookes One 

Richard Bamstead Three 

Edward Austen One 

William Pate Three 

Robert Smith One 

Widdow Heath . One 


Colwich. Hearthes Chargeable. 

Mr. Schoolecroft Foure 

Walter Gilbert One 

Robert Hickinson Two 

Francis Gilbert One 

Francis Bett One 

John Allen One 

Thomas Hodgson One 

Robert Massey Three 

John Ashley One 

Rich. Hood, formerly Eliz. Gilbert One 


Mr. Crompton Three 

Thomas Coleclough Two 

Widdow Wright One 

Edward Smith One 

Jacob Goodwin One 

Lewes Jackson One 

Tho. Clarke and John Hill Two 

Little Hay wood. 

Thomas Jorden Three 

Francis Pickstocke One 

Henry Hide One 

Thomas Heanes One 

Widdow Launder Two 

Thomas Chedulton One 

Richard Walker One 

Matthew Falkner One 

Anthony Horderne Two 

John Horderne, formerly William Horderne One 

Widdow Clarke Two 


William Anson, Esquire Nine, former- 
ly returned two too many by mistake 

George Bradbury One 

William Sherbrooke Two 

John Moore Two 

John Fisher One 

Thomas Feildhouse, formerly Thomas Harrison Two 

Richard Clarke One 

Nicholas and Thomas Beckett One 

Henry Cooke, now Harrisman One 

George Nixon . One 


Shuttburrowe contd. Hearthes Chargeable 

Edward Bee One 

George Launder Foure 

John Allen One 

John Sedgley One 

John Launder One 

Richard Rea One 

Mrs. Chetwind Sixe 

John Dickinson One 

Thomas Archer One 

William Ansley One 

Edward Hill One 

Widdow Harriman One 

William Warde One 

William Bonsor, Senior One 

Thomas Launder One 

George Nicken One 

Richard Floyd One 

William Bonsor, Junior One 

Hayvvood Magna. 

Thomas Whittbye, Esquire Five 

Mr. Milles, formerly Mr. Greene Eight 

Francis Hall One 

Anthony Hill One 

Jervis Clarke One 

Edward Bickford One 

William Taylor One 

John Cooke Five 

Joseph Cadman Two 

Ralph Bould Three 

William Moore One 

Edward Hill Two 

Richard Tittley One 

Robert Biddulph, alias Rawlyns One 

John Wetton One 

Richard Ashley One 

William Clarke One 

Richard Wotten One 

Francis Thornes One 

Widdow Brookes One 


John Gretton , : Foure 

Thomas Gryme One 


Hixon contd. Hearthes Chargeable, 

Richard Averill One 

Thomas Ancill Two 

Hugh Sale One 

Thomas Webbe Foure 

Thomas Beardulph Two 

William Sale One 

George Belt Two 

John Jenkins One 

George Griffen Two 

Thomas Averell One 

Henry Elsmore One 

John Tomkinson One 

Thomas Kyngston One 

Robert Brindley One 

Ellinor Thornes One 

[Colwich Constablewick.] 

These following are certified for, not to bee Chargeable 
according to the Acte as aforesaid (vizt.). 

John Greatolder John Frodswall 

Francis Gilbert Edward Trubshaw 

William Walker Rich. Frodshall 

Thomas Rushton William Bett 

Thomas Chubberke John Gould 

Joane Keene Edward Parker 

Ralph Yeowin John Hare 

Law. Massey Richard Parker 

Fortune Allen John Dearne 

Anne Pencke Edward Leese 

John Barly John Parker 

Thomas Moule William Roe 

Eliz. Gilbert William Wattson 

Grace Hitchncr Joane Rowley 

George Vnion Edward Dale 

Mary Dale John Robinson 

Widdow Harris . Widdow Nelson 
John Attkin 


By Augustine Schoolecroft, Vicar ibidem. 
Edward Gray, Churchwarden. 
Rich. Clarke, Ouerseer of the poore. 

And approved by : 

C. Wolseley and^l , 

Mr i /-, j (-Justices oj the p 

Wai. Chetwynd J J 

By Thomas Gryme and "\ , 

. ,, TT j > Constables. 

Anthony Horderne J 

Chartley Constablewicke. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

The Lady Shirley Twenty, and 

Tenne decreased by fire 

Mr. Pudsey Eight 

John Croxton Two 


William Giller One 

Edward Tomkinson One 

Edward Hoult One 

Thomas Cooke One 

Thomas Greene One 

Humfrey Tomkinson One 

Edward Harvey One 

Widdow Wattkins One 

Humfrey Pott One 

William Martin and John Copestate Two 

George Egerton One 

Thomas Degge One 

Edward Plymmer One 

These following are certified for not to bee Chargeable 
according to the Acte, as aforesaid (vizt.). 

In Grindley. 

Mary Wettwood Jacob Micocks 

Widdow Alsopp William Beeland 

John Hawkins John Wright 

Draynton and Lea. Hearthes Chargeable. 

\Villiam Band One 

Henry Harding Two 


Draynton and Lea conid. Hearthes Chargeable. 

Richard Mason Two 

George Tooth One 

John Band One 

Thomas Griffen One 

Ralph Walker One 

Humfrey Mott One 

Richard Keene One 

Widdow Austen One 

Nicholas Snowe One 

Persons vnchargeable. 

Draynton and Lea. 

John Doncaster Widdow Hawley 

Thomas Harrison 

Little Hawood. Hearthes Chargeable. 

William Wotton One 

John Wotton Two 

William Woodcocke, Senior Two 

William Woodcocke, Junior One 

Humfrey Woodcocke One 

Haywood Magna. 

Mr. Thorley Sixe 

Walter Fisher Sixe 

William Picken Two 

William Cooke One 

George Allen One 

Richard Scarratt One 

Widdow Baker One 

John Bradbury Two 

John Wilkes One 

Francis Hunt One 

William Hill One 

Persons vnchargeable. 

In Haywood. 

Robert Reynolds Margrett Clayton 

Widdow Fynley Joseph Tarbox 

Stowe and Amerton. Hearthes Chargeable. 

Mr. Norwood Three 

John Swanne One 

John Asbury One 

John Cliffe One 


Stowe and Amerton contd. Hearthes Chargeable. 

Richard Webbe One 

Thomas Baxter One 

John Proctor, Junior One 

James Ancell One 

John Tomkinson One 

George Felkin One 

Widdow Johnson One 

Sampson Bould One 

Thomas Key One 

John Proctor, Senior One 

William Robbinson . One 

Widdow Walthoe One 

Thomas Smalman Two 

Walter Smith, formerly Mrs. Pyatt Two 

John Hall Two 

John Whittell One 

Persons unchargeable. 

Stowe and Amerton. 

Symon Robinson Thomas Dodsworth 

James Hawkins Margrett Cope 

John Smith 

HLxon. Hearthes Chargeable. 

William Langley One 

George Gretton One 

James Gryme Two 

Edward Wood One 

Richard Bryndley One 

Sampson Tooth One 

George Bott One 

Thomas Whyley One 

George Hawley One 

George Leese One 

George Tooth One 

William Gretton One 

Robert Willington One 

William Shelly, formerly Thomas One 

Anne Webbe One 

Abraham Speare One 

Widdow Keene One 

John Collier One 

Thomas Marrott One 



Hixon contd. Hearthes Chargeable. 

John Tooth One 

Thomas Smith One 

William Smalman One 

George Tomkinson One 

Persons vnchargeable. 

In Hixon. 

William Swalam Widdow Smith 

John Bould Widdow Ryle 

Widdow Webbe Widdow Wright 

Widdow Egerton Widdow Tunniclifie 

By Robert Dorwin, Curate de Stowe. 

Ralph Walker and "\ , 1 , 

> Churchwardens. 
John Tomkinson 

Rich. Webbe and 
Rich. Ciller 

>0uerseers of the poore. 

Allowed by : 

> Justices of the peace. 
Wai. Chetwynd J 

By Humfrey Mott, Constable. 

Newton Constablewicke. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

Mr. Hawkes Five 

Mr. Thomas Milward Foure 

William Marler Two 

Walter Gorringe Five 

Thomas Saunders One 

Edward Clarke One 

Roger Milles for 2 houses Two 

Henry Walker Two 

Edward Heyward One 

Stephen Abberley One 

John Asbury One 

John Abberley One 

Lewis Surges One 

Thomas Asbury One 


Hearthes Chargeable. 

John Elsmore One 

Joane Townesend One 

Walter Abberley One 

Hugh Sherratt One 

Richard Cliffe One 

George Cliffe One 

Richard Leese One 

Richard Johnson One 

Henry Harding One 

These following are certified for not to bee chargeable 
according to the Acte as aforesaid (vizt.). 

John Phillippes Eliz. Wiggen, vidua 

Thomas Cliffe Hester Greene ' 

Walter Higson, senior Edward Attkins 
Ellen Asbury, vidua 

By Rich. Harrison, Rector ibidem. 

Thomas Asbury and"\ Churchwarden. 
Richard Johnson } Ouerseer. 

Allowed by : 

E. Bagot 
Wai. Chetwynd 

By John Elsemore, Constable ibidem. 

^Justices of the peace. 

Blythfeild and Admaston Constablewick. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

Sir Edward Bagot Twenty one 

Mr. Harrison Foure 

Robert Mott Three 

Walter Proctor Two 

Francis Sillitoe Two 

Richard Abberley One 

John Proctor One 

Lewes Leeke One 

Nicholas Radford One 

Joyce Leese for 2 houses Two 

Anne Abberley , One 

F 2 


Hearthes Chargeable. 

Walter Shutt One 

Walter Attkins One 

John James One 

William Ball One 

Walter Matthewes One 

Richard Johnson One 

Harvey Asbury One 

Thomas Lea One 

Symon Deakin One 

Ralph Proctor One 

John Lowe One 

Griffen Foster One 

Lewis Abberley One 


These following are certified for not to bee chargeable 
according to the Acte as aforesaid (vizt.). 

John Bradbury Mary Sherrard, vidua 

Catherine Abberley, vidua 

By Rich. Harrison, Rector ibidem. 
Thomas Asbury, Churchwarden. 
Rich. Johnson, Ouerseer. 
Allowed by : 

E. Bagot and \ T .. , . 

^7 i /-M. j f Justices of the peace. 

Wai. Chetwynd j J 

By Robert Mott, Constable ibidem. 

Tixall Constablewick. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

Walter Lord Aston Thirty Foure 

Edward Robbinson Two 

William Launder Foure 

Edward Preston Two 

Widdow Hathorne Two 

Edward Hall . ; One 

Christopher Sawyer One 

John Preston, now William Two 

John Cooke Two 


Hearthes Chargeable. 

James Beresford One 

Mr. Phillippes Foure 

Ralph Haddersich One 

William Handsacre Three 

Richard Perkin . One 


This person following is certified for not to bee Chargeable 
according to the Acte as aforesaid (vizt.). 

Edward Hollins 

By Ralph Phillippes. Minister. 

Tames Beresford and "1 , 

> L tiurcnwardens . 
John Preston J 

Allowed by : 

E. Bagot "| 

Tho. Whitgreaue and ^Justices of the peace. 
Wai. Chetwynd J 

By John Preston, Constable ibidem. 

Ingestrey Constablewick. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

Walter Chetwynd, Esquire Twenty, and 

decreased seven 

Francis Smith One 

John Asopp Two 

Phillip Cooke One 

John Shelley Two 

John Hudson One 

Jane Hudson One 

Thomas Perkin One 

Thomas Hudson One 

Mr. Thornton Two 

Sampson Robbinson One 

William Shelley One 

Thomas Wetton One 

Richard Frodswall One 


Hearthes Chargeable. 

John Braddocke One 

John Hill One 

Walter Downes . One 

By John Shelley, Constable ibidem. 

Hopton Constablewick. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

John Perkin One 

William Norris Two 

John Lycett One 

John Henne Two 

John Lownes One 

Francis Lycett One 

Anne Russell One 

Richard Chunall One 

Humfrey Henne One 

Martha Yates One 

Richard Bagnall Two 

William Perkin One 

Eliz. Perkin Three 

Andrew Forde, gentleman Two 

Robert Austen One 

Ellen and Richard Henne Two 

Thomas Hall One 

Andrew Henne and Richard Perkin Two 

John Chunall Two 

Robert Yates One 

William Foxe One 

Thomas Hubbold . One 

These following are certified for not to bee chargeable 
according to the Acte as aforesaid (vizt.). 

Thomas Perkin John Wright 

Thomas Lynnacres Thomas Milnor 

Edward Judson George Austen 

Francis Wright Thomas Wilson 


By Andrew Forde. 
Richard Bagnall. 
John Lownes. 
William Norris. 
Allowed by : 

Wai. Chetwynd and "\ , 

> Justices of the peace. 
George Digby J 

Weston super Trent Constablewick. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

John Moore One 

John Gretton One 

Richard Squire Two 

George Wakelin One 

Thomas Cope Two 

Robert Harding Two 

George Moore One 

Robert Webbe One 

William Warde One 

Bryan Gratewich One 

George Starkey One 

Thomas Sherbrooke Three 

Robert Gratewich Three 

Bryan Warde, senior One 

John Parker One 

Thomas Gratewich One 


These followinge are certified for not to bee Chargeable 
according to the Acte as aforesaid (vizt.). 

James Hitchcocke Thomas Moore 

Widdow Newell Widdow Tulkin 

William Johnson John Starkey 

Bryan Smith Margery Cope 

Jane Smith 

By Tho. Shelbrookeandl Churchwarden and 

Bryan Ward j Ouerseer. 

Allowed by r 

E. Bagot and "1 T , f ^ 

^Justices of the peace. 
Wai. Chetwynd j J 


Salt and Enson Constablewick. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

Abraham Fowler, gentleman Eleven 

Mr. Marten Two 

Mr. Walker, now James Boulton Foure 

Thomas Harvey One 

James Boulton Two 

John Cooke One 

Edward Martin One 

John Silvester Three 

John Dixe One 

Francis Webbe One 

John Harvey One 

George Platt Two 

George Bradshaw One 

William Browne One 

Widdow Russell One 

Robert Allen One 

Thomas Sale One 

Richard Bee One 

Richard Egerton One 

James Silvester One 

Tho. Allen, formerly Nich. Raven One 

Thomas Perkin One 

William Boulton Two 

Edward Bently One 

Thomas Robbins Foure 

Widdow Skelton One 


These following are certified for, not to bee Chargeable 
according to the Acte as aforesaid (vizt.). 
Thomas Holdford John Orme 

Richard Harvey John Newton 

William Burges Richard Allen 

By Danniell Bayley, Rector ibidem. 
Thomas Robbins \ 
James Boulton j 
Allowed by : 

> Justices of the peace. 
Wai. Chetwynd J 

By George Platt, Constable ibidem. 


Gayton Constablewick. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

Mr. Fermeate Two 

Mr. Henry Wilson One 

Lawrence Wilson Three 

George White Sixe 

Widdow Cowdale Two 

William Tomlinson One 

Thomas Porter Two 

George Madder Two 

John Dawson One 

James Haycard One 

Humfrey Cowdale Two 

Nicholas Frodeby One 

Widdow Gratewich One 

Robert Austen One 

Thomas Austen One 

John Heath One 

John Cooke One 

Richard Cooke One 

Widdow Newton One 

Thomas Upingham One 

Roger Dawson One 

Thomas Dawson Two 

Thomas Porter Two 

William Wright One 

William Clowes One 

Richard Collyer One 

John Haycard One 

Edward Skellett One 

Thomas Groome Two 

William Collier One 

Widdow Collier One 

Francis Hill One 

John Cornewell for Leese One 


These following are certified for not to bee Chargeable 
according to the Acte as aforesaid (vizt.). 

John Parker William Hagort 

Anne Newton John Leese 

Richard Hobby Richard Brandrike 

John Duncalfe 

By Rich. Permeate, Minister. 

John Newton, Churchwarden and Ouerseer 
Allowed by : of the poore. 

> Justices of the peace. 
Wai. Chetwynd J 

Frodswall Constablewick. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

Sir Theophilus Biddulph Eleaven, and 3 puld downe 

Roger Hall Two 

Matthew Wright Two 

John Bradbury Two 

Edward Tooth Two 

Winfeild Spooner Two 

George Ancell One 

Humfrey Haward One 

Cristopher Willatt One 

Robert Cliffe One 

Richard Lathbury Two 

Richard Coxe One 

Anne Tooth One 

Jane Boughey One 

Matthew Adderley One 

Addam Talbott One 

Ralph Milles One 

Edward Porter . Three 


These following are certified for not to bee Chargeable 
according to the Acte as aforesaid (vizt.). 

Jeffrey Ashley Edward Browne 

Robert Harvey Sampson Parker 

Edward Porter Margery Clarke 

John Boone Eliz. Lowe 

Thomas Tansley Robert Wetton 
Allice Allen 


By Tho. Orton, Minister. 

Rich. Coxe, Churchwarden. 
Allowed by : 

Wai. Chetwynd and "\ , 

> Justices of the Peace. 
George Digby J 

Milwich Constablewick. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

Mr. Edward Aston Five 

Mr. John Crompton Tenne 

Ralph Haselam Two 

Mr. Wylde One 

John Powell One 

Randle Eastwicke One 

Thomas Allen Two 

Thomas Massey One 

William Phillipe Three 

James Kent Two 

James Phillipe One 

William Palin One 

Robert Wattson One 

William Phillipps One 

Joseph Vernon One 

Mr. Crompton One 

John Walter One 


Thomas Hill One 

Mr. Shawe Two 

William Shenton One 

Thomas Tomlinson Two 

James Wollascroft One 

John Kurd for 2 houses Two 

John Marston One 

Thomas Foden Two 

Thomas Middleton One 

John Spooner One 

Francis Warde Two 

Matthew Phillippes One 

Widdow Wright One 

Thomas Browne One 


Coton contd. Hearthes Chargeable. 

John Hales One 

William Jenninges One 

William Borrowes One 


Will Lycett One 

John Hasper Two 

George Harvyes Two 

William Hurlbutt Three 

William Heacocke One 

Richard Morry Two 

William Milles One 

Mr. Paul Allen Two 

John Wettwood Two 

Thomas Taylor One 

John Flint One 

Francis Rushton One 

Edward Fenton Two 

Thomas Clarke One 

William Crockett One 

Richard Horderne One 

George Griffen One 

William Horseley, senior One 

Randle Flint One 

John Griffen One 

Mr. Rich. Home, a voyd house One 

William Horseley, junior One 

William Bullocke One 

Richard Griffen One 

Thomas Hill One 


These following are certified for not to bee Chargeable 
according to the Acte as aforesaid (vizt.). 

Thomas Gray John Brodhurst, Junior 

Eliz. Allen, vidua John Fallowes, Senior 

Richard Phillipps John Fallowes, Junior 

William Walter Ellen Yates 

Margrett Poulton William Ault 

William Bannester Robert Marsh 

John Parker William Griffen 

John Brodhurst, Senior Joyce Short alias Done 


William Tydy John Hitchcok, Senior 

Francis Allen John Hitchcock, Junior 

Anne Phillipps, Senior Thomas Allen 

George Grattwich Robert Phillippes 

Ralph Bullocke Symon Foxe 
Thomas Coape 

By James Shawe, Vicar. 

Robert Home, Churchwarden. 

William Hurlbutt and \ ~ ,,, 

>0uer seers of the -hoove. 
John Spooner. } 

Allowed by : 

> Justices of the peace. 
George Digby J J 

Sandon Constablewick. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

George Digby, Esquire Nyneteene 

Mr. Ralph Astley Foure 

Thomas Launder Five 

Mr. James Launder Sixe 

Thomas Eardley Foure 

John Bill One 

Widdow Boulton One 

William Asbury One 

John Armway, formerly Mrs. Massey Two 

Thomas Podmore One 

Humfrey Asbury One 

Robert Haward Two 

Widdow Hollis One 

Thomas Hand One 

Thomas Tomkinson One, and one 


Robert Home Two 

Robert Bould One 

John Phillipps One 

John Pratt One 

James Boardman One 

John Falkener Two 

Richard Milles. ." One 

William Tagge Three 


Hearthes Chargeable. 

John Milles One 

Robert Amery One 

Robert Cooke Two 

Ellen Cliffe, vidua Two 

Thomas Henne Two 

Ralph Marten One 

Richard Hilton Three 

Francis Padmore One 

Thomas Tagge Three 

John Bould Two 

Mr. Pawmer Three 

John Ryley One 

Marston Constablewick. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

Henry Tompson One 

Nicholas Giffard One 

William Lycett Two 

William Chilton One 

William Bould Two 

\Viddow Norryes One 

William Pawmer Two 

John Cawdrell One 

Ellen Till One 

Francis Tomkinson, formerly Robert One 

Thomas Bould Two 


These following are certified for not to bee Chargeable 
according to the Acte as aforesaid (vizt.). 

John Goodwyn Stephen Goodwyn 

By Henry Tompson, Minister. 

Francis Tomkinson, Churchwarden. 
Allowed by : 

The. Whitgreaue \ , . 

r TV t ? Justices of the peace. 

George Digby J 

per John Cawdwell, Constable. 


Hilderston Constablewick. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

John Gerrard, Esq Twelve 

Thomas Hambleton Foure 

Widdow Duncalfe One 

William Done One 

Richard Snape One 

Richard Shawe One 

Thomas Turner One 

John Savidge One 

Thomas Wattson One 

Randle Coleclough Two 

Richard Poultou One 

Humfrey Pott One 

Henry Kirke One 

Sampson Snape One 

John Palyn One 

Richard Smith One 

Roger Bradbury Two 

William Dearne One 

William Frost One 

Thomas Pyott One 

John Sanders Two 

Edward Snape One 

Thomas Austen Two 

Ralph Milles One 

Arthur Camell Two 

John Milles Two 

Michaell Dicken One 

Joseph Tolesbery One 

Hugh Adderley One 

Widdow Horderne One 

Thomas Faulkner One 

Edward Wright Two 

Walter Horderne One 

William Greene One 

Richard Frost One 

Walter Stevenson One 

William Wright One 

Thomas Wright One 

Robert Hilton One 

Thomas Lownes One 



These following are certified for not to bee Chargeable 
according to the Acte as aforesaid (vizt.). 

James Wetton Richard Fayrebancke 

Ralph Fearnes Thomas Sanders 

Francis Alcocke John Vicars 

Grace Clowes Robert Fayrebancke 

Mary Falkner Richard Gray 

Margery Snape Allice Phillipps 

Roger Snape Thomas Lownes 
Eliz. Keene 

By Charles Norwood, Minister 
James Bennett, Ouerseer. 
Sampson Snape, Constable. 
Allowed by : 

George Digby and\ , ,. ,. ., 

> Justices of the peace. 
George Parker J J 

Kibbleston Constablewick. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

Edward Short Five 

Thomas Dayntry Three 

William Jervis, gentleman Foure 

Richard Emery Two 

Widdow Preston Two 

William Stevenson Two 

Dannyell Asbury One 

Robert Taylor One 

John Biddulph Two 

John Cheadle One 

Randle Dawson One 

Randle Bagnall One 

Humfrey Cole Three 

Robert Dakin One 

Charles Sleigh, gentleman Five 

Hugh Sanders One 

Widdow Hawkins One 

John Hawkins One 

Randle Asbury Three 


Hearthes Chargeable. 

Thomas Shelley Three 

Widdow Amery Three 

William Asbury One 

Cristopher Greene One 

John Hurdman Two 

Michaell Reade One 

Thomas Cotton Two 

Thomas Lovatt Three 

William Reade One 

Widdow Reade One 

Robert Launder Foure 

James Parsons Two 

George Rea Two 

Arnold Kirke Two 

Sarah Hall One 

John Shallcrosse Two 

Thomas Porter One 

John Wright Nyne 

James Stoddard One 

Thomas Wright Two 

James Webbe One 

William Addams, now Mary, vidua One 

Widdow Adderley Two 

Thomas Henne One 

George Foxe One 

William Cotton One 

Thomas Clarke One 

Sampson Cotton One 

William Pencill One 

Thomas Cotton Two 

George Cookes Two 

George Greene One 

Thomas Robbinson One 

John Morryes One 

John Box One 

Thomas Moule One 

John Leese One 

Robert Bateman One 

John Cheadle, Junior One 

Thomas Cheadle One 



These following are certified for not to bee Chargeable 
according to the Acte as aforesaid (vizt.). 

Richard Turner Thomas Wright, dc Heath 

Thomas Tansley John Cliffe 

John Williams Widdow Floyd 

Nicholas Shawe James Cookes 

Leonard Booth John Cotton 
Vernon Middleton 

By James Hancocke, Vicar de Stone. 
Robert Lander and\ 

, Churchwardens. 
Richard Home 

Allowed by : 

George Parker and \ T .. ,- , 7 , 
> Justices oj the p 
George Digby J 

By Richard Amery, Constable. 

Fulford Constablewick. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

Mr. Thomas Foden, Junior Seaven 

Mr. Thomas Foden, Senior Two 

James Bennett for 2 houses Three 

Jeffrey Bagnald One 

John Bagnald Two 

Thomas Allen Foure 

Hugh Lander One 

Thomas Inskipp One 

John Wright Two 

John Stonyer Three 

Thomas Asten One 

Francis Covill Two 

John Lownes Two 

William Hall One, and one 


George Porter Three 

Ralph Porter Two 

Law. Whewall One 

John Withington One 

Thomas Batkin, Senior One 

Thomas Batkin, Junior One 


Hearthes Chargeable. 

Cristopher Proctor One 

John Leese One 


These persons following are certified for not to bee Charge-- 
able according to the Acte, as aforesaid (vizt.). 
Richard Austen James Palyn 

John Browne Widdow Russell 

Paul West Widdow Matthewes 

Joseph Lane Widdow Bealett 

Thomas Bentley Widdow Cooke 

William Gee Widdow Bentley 

By Charles Norwood, Minister. 

James Bennett, Ouerseer. 
Allowed by : 

George Digby and\ , ,. , 

T u wi--T -il 11 r Justices of the peace. 

John Whitehall J 

By William Hall, Constable ibidem. 

Walton and Aston Constablewick. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

Thomas Amery Two 

John'Twyford Two 

Walter Heveningham, Esquire Three 

Thomas Beardmore Three 

Thomas Whistons Two 

Randle Peake Two 

William Amery, Junior One 

Robert Whilton One 

Thomas Fivion One 

Robert Shelley One 

John Gryme One 

Thomas Bromley Two 

Anne Wollascroft One 

Thomas Asbury Foure 

Robert Vram One 

William Shelley Foure 

Jane Shelley One 

G 2 


Walton. Hearthes Chargeable. 

Mr. Leacroft, Senior Five 

Mr. Crompton, now Mr. Hancockes Five 

Mrs. Gullyford Foure 

Mr. Bryan One 

William Robbinson Two 

William Goodale One 

Tho. Morry, now Jos. Chawner One 

Richard Tomkinson One 

Jeffrey Holland One 

Mr. Thomas Leacroft Three 

Sampson Pye One 


These following are certified for not to bee Chargeable 
according to the Acte as aforesaid (vizt). 

David Price Robert Porter 

Anne Hathorne, vidua Joane Nickinson, vidua 

By James Hancocke, Vicar de Stone. 
Richard Home. Churchwarden, 
Henry Hatrell, Ouerseer. 
Allowed by : 

> Justices of the peace. 
Tho. Whittgreaue J J 

By Mrs. Anne Gullyford, Constable ibidem. 

Aston and Burston Constablewick. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

Walter Heveningham, Esquire Eighteene 

William Clewley One 

Thomas Cheshire Foure 

John Shenton One 

John Massinghall One 

Hugh Hodgson One 

Richard Alsopp One 

Richard Hodgson Two 

Richard Hurlbutt Two 

Edward Foxe Two 

Mrs. Walkadine , ,.,,,,,, Two 


Hearthes Chargeable. 

Sampson Bridgwood One 

George Bridgwood One 

James Hodgson One 

Richard Till One 

Thomas Hodgson One 

William Hodgson One 

These following are certified for not to bee Chargeable 
according to the Acte as aforesaid (vizt.). 
Robert Harper Thomas Cliffe 

Thomas Hodgson Olliver Dawson 

By James Hancocke, Minister de Stone. 
Rich. Home, Churchwarden. 
Henry Hatrill, Ouerseer. 
Allowed by : 

George Digby and\ 7 . f , 

> Justices of the peace. 
George Parker } " 

By Rich. Hodgson, Constable ibidem. 

Stoake per Stone Constablewick. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

John Ambrey Two 

Thomas Backhouse, Senior One 

Thomas Backhouse, Junior One 

Thomas Oram One 

Richard Fynney One 

John Hazells One 

John Milles One 

By Roger Frost, Constable ibidem. 

Darlaston Constablewick. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

Mr. Collier Eight 

Mr. Francis Bayley Seaven 


Hearthes Chargeable. 

Mr. Francis Connage Foure 

Mr. Oliver Amery Three 

Mr. William Amery Three 

Mr. William Smallwood Three 

Thomas White Two 

John Tewe Two 

Thrustance Flint Two 

W T illiam Poulston One 

Addam Burges One 

Richard Platt One 

Thomas Phillippes One 

Thomas Henne One 

Robert Amery One 

Edward Daye One 

John Phillippes One 

John Till One 

Sarah Coleclough One 

John Dakin One 


These following are certified for not to bee Chargeable 
according to the Acte as aforesaid (vizt.). 

Robert Hoones Eliz. Price, vidua 

Sarah Brookes, vidua Peter Palthropp 

Thomas Moule Thomas Stanley 

William Lovatt William Burges 

By Ja. Hancocke, Vicar. 

Rich. Horne, Churchwarden. 
Henry Hatrell, Overseer. 
Allowed by : 

Tho. Whitgreaue and \ T ,. , ,, 

> Justices of the peace. 
Geo. Digby J J 

By Olliver Amery, Constable. 


Barlaston Constablewick. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

Thomas Proctor Foure 

Thomas Sanders One 

William Bradbury Two 

Francis Webbe Two 

William Taylor One 

Roger Degge One 

John Hall Three 

John Webbe One 

John Fallowes Two 

Roger Fallowes Two 

Nicholas Sharpe One 

John Stonyer One 

Thomas Wiggen One 

Robert Dakin One 

Thomas Willatt One 

George Eldershaw Two 

Catherine Eldershaw One 

Velerins Sutton One 

Randle Coleclough One 

Thomas Stevenson One 

John Willatt Sixe 

Robert Taylor One 

William Hanley One 

Margrett Felkin One 

Edward Eldershaw One 

William Fernall Two 

Aden Ashe One 

George Coleclough Two 

John Cotton One 

Randle Dakin One 

Edward Kinston One 

Robert Baggaley One 

Thomas Coleclough Two 

Richard Hand One 

Mr. Samuell Hall One, but now 

the house puld downe 



These following are certified for not to bee Chargeable 
according to the Acte as aforesaid (vizt.). 

John Berkes Handle Wells Allice Shelley, vidua 

By Ralph Morrall, Minister ibidem. 
Tho. Coleclough, Churchwarden. 
Francis Webbe, Ouerseer. 

Allowed by : E. Bagot and \ T ,. , , 7 , 

> Justices of the peace 
E. Mam waring j 

Tittensor Constablewick. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

Mr. Thomas Challenor Sixe 

Mr. Walter Vnett . . Foure 

Mr. George Vnett Three 

Richard Beech Three 

Thomas Wright Two 

Thomas Marten One 

William Ashley Two 

John Hawkins Two 

John Marten One 

Richard Fenton One 

George Gretteix Two 

Walter Marten One 

Michael Tagge One 

Richard Hope One 

Edward Price . One 

These following are certified for not to bee Chargeable 
according to the Acte as aforesaid (vizt.). 
Thomas Shelley Thomas Rea 

Thomas Wood Eliz. Vnderhili, vidua 

Eliz. Morrey, vidua John Barbor 

Cartwright Marten Anne Slaney, vidua 

Anne Hanley Joane Harding, vidua 

Rich. Dawson William Jones 

Nicholas Smith William Noden 

Ralph Sutton 

By James Hancocke, Minister. 

Rich. Home, Churchwarden. 

Rich. Fenton, Overseer. 


Allowed by : 

E. Mainwaring and ") , 

n T-V- i_ ? Justices of the bea.ce 

George Digby J J 

By Rich. Hope, Constable. 

Seighford Constablewick. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

Sir Thomas Whitgreaue Eight 

Francis Eld, Esquire Sixe 

Doctor Thornbury Sixe . 

Mr. John Wright Foure 

James Bagnall One 

Widdow Hinleston One 

John Talbott One 

William Peake Two 

John Beane Two 

Thomas Arcall One 

William Alkin One 

Thomas Asbury One 

William James _ ; One 

Richard Frost One 

Humfrey Frost One 

Humfrey Till One 

Richard Davenport One 

Richard Bagnall Two 

John Davenport One 

John Brookes One 

Silvester Maydem One 

Thomas Bill One 

Robert Bill One 

Widdow Frost One 

Widdow Vnton One 

Create Bridgford. 

Thomas Brett Two 

Walter Palmer Two 

Jane Wotton One 

William Ward One 

Richard Sympson , One 

Little Bridgford. 

Henry Yate One 

Widdow Finney One 


Little Bridgford contd. Hearthes Chargeable. 

Richard Woodnett . . One 

Richard Alsopp One 

Edward Cooper One 

William Hollies One 

Francis Norris One 


Thomas Banckes One 

Walter Alkin One 

Widdow Astley One 

Edward Swift One 

Richard Tagg One 

Richard Smith One 

Thomas Jones One 

William Heath Two 

George Peake Two 

John Peake Sixe 

John Smith One 

John Arcall One 

Humfrey Price One 

Richard Wolrich One 

William Turner One 

Henry Byshopp One 

Widdow Crabber One 

John Masefeild One 

Thomas Reade One 

Mrs. Whitgreaue One 

Thomas Yate One 

Thomas Keeleing One 

Edward Keeleing One 

Francis Wolrich One 

Francis Hubbold One 


The following are certified for not to bee Chargeable 
according to the Acte as aforesaid (vizt.). 
Elias Dudson Eliz. Trigger, vidua 

Margrett Rathbone Isabell Bunne, vidua 

Roger Swineshutt Isabell Turner, vidua 

Bridget Smith Edward Bowdale 

Mary Cockes Richard Jones 

Robert Whittmore Richard Phillippes 

Ellen Madeley, vidua Anthony Harvey 


Margrett Glover Walter Wright 

William Chapman Peter Boden 

Widdow Steedeman James Leese 

John Bill Anne Halley, vidua 

Nicholas Wood Edward Bloore 

By John Wright, Vicar ibidem. 

Humfrey Frost, Churchwarden 

Humfrey Till, Overseer. 
Allowed by : 

E. Bagot ^| 

Tho. Whittgreaue and > Justices of the peace. 

Wai. Chetwyncl 
By Rich. Bagnold, Constable ibidem. 

Whitgreave Constablewick. 

Butterton. Hearthes Chargeable. 

Thomas Swynerton Three 

Ralph Palyn Two 

[sic] Mrs. James Butterton Two 

George Hambleton Two 

John Salt One 

Henry Sympson One 


Mr. Bryan Lane Five 

Richard Deane Two 

John Blakeman, Senior One 

John Blakeman, Junior One 

Thomas Ward, Senior One 

Thomas Ward, Junior One 

Richard Wolrich Three 

James Till One 

Edward Harvey One 

Grace Cash, vidua One 

John Till, de Hawthorne One 

John Till, de Lake One 

John Till, de greene One 

William Walter One 

Thomas Wolrich Three 

John Till, de Ouer house One 

Ralph Weston One 


Whitgreaue contd. Hearthes Chargeable. 

John Till, de greene, Junior One 

William Middleton One 

William Hubbord One 

Thomas Broade . One 

By Taylor de greene, Constable ibidem. 

Derrington Constablewick. 

Hearthes' Chargeable. 

William Sherratt Sixe 

William Payne One 

Richard Ashton One 

William Johnson One 

Widdow Barton One 

James Bratt One 

Widdow Bratt One 

John Tagge One 

John Starkey One 

Thomas Ransay One 

E. Eldershawe , One 

Widdow Spencer One 

John Stanley , One 

Thomas Eldershawe . Two 

By John Stanley, Constable ibidem. 

Ronton and Coton Clanford Constablewick. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

Alexander Hercourt, Esquire Nyne 

Mr. John Farrington Five 

John Brisby . . One 

William Ashley Two 

William Busbey One 

Thomas Hill One 

William Smallwood Two 

Walter Hill . Three 


Hearthes Chargeable. 

Widdow Hand One 

John Collins Two 

Francis Johnson One 

Robert Backhouse One 

Ralph Shelley Two 

Symon Pett Two 

Richard Silvester Two 

Symon Clarke One 

Widdow Silvester One 

Humfrey Walter One 

Edward Belleston Two 

Widdow Rushton One 

Francis Hawton One 

Thomas Heeley One 

Widdow Hilton One 

Thomas Oram One 

Thomas Mitton One 

Bartholomew Hugrcuc One 

Widdow Smith One 

Coton Clanford. 

Thomas Downes Two 

John Clayton Two 

William Clayton One 

Robert Clayton Two 

Widdow Smyth Two 

James Alden Two 

Ron ton Monastery. 

Jonathan Cope, Esquire Thirteene 

Mr. Edward Kellett Five 

Richard Pott One 

John Evans One 

Edward Ancill One 

John Mitton One 

William Beech One 

Sampson Foxe One 

George Keeleing O ne 

Allice Devenall One 

By Danyll Dayne, Constable ibidem. 


[Ronton and Colon Clanford Constablewick.] 
These following are certified for not to bee Chargeable 
according to the Acte as aforesaid (vizt.). 

Allice Vnton Joseph Sheppard 

Francis Backhouse Richard Barnett 

Roger Moore Richard Pott 

Thomas Ancill John Smith 

Richard Buckley Francis Gardner 

Dorothy Kempe Robert Talbott 

Richard Harre Richard Dymmocke 
Francis Barnett 

Coton Clanford. 

Widdow Shelley Hugh Shawe 

George Fayrebrother Thomas Barker 

Edward Aldin Thomas Oliver 

By Symon Alkin, Deacon. 

John Hand "\ , 

*L. ^Churchwardens. 

Thomas Pott J 

Allowed by : 

Tho. Whittgreave ^ 

Wai. Chetwynd and } Justices of the peace. 
George Digby J 

By John Hand, Constable. 

Chebsey Constablewick. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

Walter Nowell, Esquire Eight 

Mr. Mason Foure 

Mr. Lewes Two 

William Bucknall One 

Thomas Smith One 

Widdow Slyne One 

Richard Johnson Two 

Thomas Higgins Two 

Thomas Addison One 

Hannah Palmer Two 

Mr. Hitchcocke . One 


Hearthes Chargeable. 

Widdow Palmer One 

Richard Wolrich, Senior Two 

Richard Wolrich, Junior One 

John Wolrich Two 

John Eglaston One 

William Steele One 

William Vnderwood One 

Thomas Copnall One 

Thomas Tagge One 

Richard Blakeman One 

Thomas Wolrich Two 

Joane Till Two 

John Meeson Two 

Richard Mitton One 

Thomas Harper Two 

William Heath One 

Thomas Barrett One 

William Lithgoe One 

John Steedeman, Senior One 

John Steedeman, Junior One 

Humfrey Tilsey Two 

James Wolrich One 

William Turner One 

William Vennables One 

Anne Taylor One 

Eliz. Asbury Two 

Thomas Henney One 


These following are certified for not to bee Chargeable 
according to the Acte as aforesaid (vizt.)- 
John Baxter Thomas Weston 

Thomas Harvey Joseph Watson 

Richard Jones Richard Whitefoote 

Robert Bucher John Pickson 

Thomas Cooke Robert Wilson 

Henry Withington Randle Hall 

Thomas Bloore Thomas Perkin 

Thomas Bill Danniell Haynes 

Thomas Massinder Widdow Onson 

By George Vennables, Constable there. 


Stone Constablewick with its Hamletts. 
Stallington. Hearthes Chargeable. 

Mrs. Anne Bellott Seaven 

Mr. Roger Porter Nyne 

Mr. Robert Porter Three 

Thomas Porter Two 

John Heath Five 

Thomas Ibson One 

John Greatebach One 

Thomas Marten One 

Thomas Degge One 

Stoake per Stone. 

John Hunt One 

Thomas Bromley One 

John Moore One 

Richard Whewall One 

Stone Towne. 

Thomas Crompton, Esquire Twelve 

Francis Collyer, Esquire Eight 

Margrett Moreton One 

James Bayley One 

John Asbury Two 

Henry Hatrell Two 

John Sillitoe One 

Richard Jenninges Three 

John Cocknage Two 

John Bucknall One 

Thomas Jenninges Sixe 

Richard Bradbury One 

Thomas Vaughton Fifteene 

James Till Two 

Thomas Chadwicke Twelve 

Margrett Whittmore Two 

John Whittacres Foure 

Edmund Rathbone Eight 

John White Three 

Thomas Keeleinge One 

Edward Daye for 2 houses Foure 

Thomas Palyn Two 

George Skellatt One 


Stone Towne contd. Hearthes Chargeable. 

Thomas Hamersley Foure 

Humfrey Hunt One 

Olliver Richardson One 

Thomas Pye [?] One 

William Wright Two 

Francis Henne Two 

Robert Atkinson One 

Richard Pye One 

John Parsons Three 

Edward Rawlins Two 

William Picken Two 

John Parker One 

John Robbinson One 

James Robbinson One 

George Willatt One 

John Rawlins One 

John Johnson One 

Thomas Sanders One 

Thomas Leese Two 

Richard Cheaney One 

Thomas Dixon One 

John Lownes One 

Mrs. Burchall Foure 

Mrs. Leigh Three 

Richard Beech Foure 

Richard Wildblood & George Tompson Three 

John Hawkins Three 

Jane Leese One 

Thomas Shelley Three 

William Whitehurst One 

Thomas W 7 ithringes One 

William Vernon Two 

William Bayley Three 

John Austen Sixe 

Ralph Smith Nyne 

Judith Meare One 

Richard Home Two 

James Challenor One 

Thomas Emery One 

James Vallentine Two 

John Sale One 

William Russell One 

Ellenor Sale One 


9 8 


Stone Towne contd. 
W T alter Ward 

And for another house 

These follosving are 
according to the Acte as 

Widdow Gryme 
Randle Forrest 
Richard Kirbye 
Ralph Parkes 
Robert Morrey 
Richard Hawley 
George Parker 
Thomas Knott 
Thomas Austen 
Ralph Blakeley 
John Lowe 
Cristopher Lockett 
Widdow Brooke 
Catherine Highfeild 
William Hollins 
William Chamberlyne 
William Tyler 
William Oton 
George Wiggen 
Mary Fodge 
Thomas Moule 
John Walker 
William Jeanes 
John Welch 
George Sanders 
John Pattricke 
Ellen Finney 
Peter Goddard 
Widdow Claye 
John Dayntrey 
Widdow Dixon 
Richard Dixon 
John Dixon 
John Pye 
Thomas Woodfent 
Richard Cheney 

Hearthes Chargeable. 



' 215 

certified for not to bee Chargeable 
aforesaid (vizt.). 

Symon Twist 
Widdow Moore 
William Richardson 
Thomas Williams 
John Cooke 
Richard Bromley 
Richard Moule 
Ellen Cooke 
Widdow Hockley 
Nicholas Bromley 
Thomas Matthewes 
William Baker 
George Pottes 
William Russell 
William Skellett 
Widdow Bould 
Thomas Gibbons 
Anne Whittacres 
John Hatten 
William Sympson 
Hugh White 
W'illiam Abell 
James Dawson 
Widdow Gretewood 
Widdow Dunne 
Widdow Edwin 
Edward Dudley 
Thomas Asbury 
John Whittacres 
Widdow Boult 
Judeth Meare 
William Wood 
William Baggaley 
Jane Sudney 
John Sale 
John Asbury 


William Massey Ralph Clowes 

Glovers house John Gray 

Anthony Button John Preston 

Robert Sanders John Leese 

William Bordman Thomas Murrall 

Thomas Pakeman John Marten 

Hugh Preston John Palyn 

Widdow Bill George Asbury 

Thomas Willatt Thomas Jackson 

John Hadyett Widdow Austen 

Widdow Ditchfeild Vrsula Ireland 

Thomas Tittley John Flemminges 

John Tomlison James Dent 

Thomas Dakin John Dakin 

Anne Dane Thomas Pott 

William Picklin Thomas Bould 

By James Hancocke, Minister ibidem. 
Allowed by : 

George Parker \ T ,. , , 7 

> Justices of the peace, 
George Digby J 

By John Whittacres ~\ ~ 

TM, r^ j i {Constables. 
fno. Chadwicke J 

Newcastle vnder Lyne. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

Mr. Richard Weever Seaven 

Mr. Richard Cooper Five 

Thomas Ward Sixe 

Ralph Lovatt Two 

Edward Fenton One 

Thomas Raven Two 

William Baddaley One 

William Stevenson One 

Landle Leigh Two 

Egerton Snowe Two 

Jane Beech One 

Edward Bromley Sixe 

William Hales Three 

Richard Bourbon, Junior Three 

Thomas Amery ' Two 

H 2 


Hearthes Chargeable. 

Rich. Lovatt, Wheelewright One 

Mr. Richard Heath Three 

William Boughey One 

Randle Harrison Two 

Thomas Knight Three 

Mr. Haddocke Three 

William Johnson One 

William Eccles Two 

Thomas Rodes One 

Thomas Whittell Two 

Thomas Lynford Two 

Mr. Robert Croxton Five 

Thomas Felkin One 

Matthew Bowker One 

Richard Lovatt One 

Mich. Warde Foure 

Robert Berkes '. One 

Robert Liversage Two 

John Smith, Senior One 

John Harrison, Taylor One 

John Pickrell One 

Francis Moreton One 

Thomas Vernon One 

Humfrey Wolrich One 

Thomas Shawe Sixe 

Robert Shawe Three 

Thomas Lowe Sixe 

Randle Vernon Three 

Robert Asbury Two 

Widdow Walkelate One 

Thomas Lawton Three 

Thomas Boulton Two 

Richard Boulton, Senior Two 

Ralph Oulton Two 

Richard Jenninges Two 

Mr. Randle Lovatt Five 

Matthew Peane Sixe 

Richard Marten Two 

William Beard Three 

Matthew Rocke Sixe 

Ralph Hunt Two 

Richard Poulston Two 

Mr. Brereton Two 


Hearthes Chargeable. 

Thomas Baddaley, Car Three 

Thomas Jenninges Sixe 

Mr. Thomas Burslem Five 

Richard Bagnall Three 

Mr. Thomas Wood Twelve 

John Butler Two 

John Harrison, Butcher Foure 

Thomas Smith One 

Thomas Hunt Two 

Thomas Williamson One 

Nathaniell Beard Three 

Richard Cooke One 

Richard Reade and John Garratt Two 

Isaac Harrison Two 

Richard Boughey Five 

William Harrison, Felt Three 

Edward Harrison, Corel [Cordwainer or Cordiner] .... One 

John Smith, Junior One 

Anthony Stoddard One 

Mr. Richard Bradshawe Foure 

John Brooke Two 

Randle Brooke Three 

George Royley Two 

John Turner Two 

Richard Glover Three 

Mr. William Brett Foure 

Richard Collyer One 

John Ford Two 

Mr. \Valter Bagnall Three 

formerly 2 too many by mistake 

Gilbert Hill Foure 

Symon Fernihaugh Three 

Samuell Shipton Three 

Edmund Reade Seaven 

Crannage Sherwin Three 

Thomas Dawman Two 

Henry Woodart One 

Randle Harrison, Butcher One 

Randle Smith, Senior One 

Thomas Davenport One 

Randle Smith, Junior One 

John Snowe Two 

Richard Rigges One 


Hearthes Chargeable. 

Charles Rigges Two 

George Richardson Three 

William Catherall One 

Mr. Samuel Bagnall Foure 

Ralph Harrison Three 

Thomas Mayre Foure 

George Wood Two 

Roger Sneyd Two 

Mr. Thomas Bagnall Seaven 

Mr. Thomas Oulton Foure 

William Harrison, Skynner One 

Edward Felkin One 

James Plant One 

Robert Vnderwood One 

Edward Mason, Junior One 

Ralph Corne One 

William Crannage One 

George Wigginton Two 

Thomas Fox, Pipemaker One 

Mr. Edward Orme Foure 

Humfrey Burrowes Five 

Rich. Boughes house de Neither Streete Three 

Walter Collier Five 

John Parker Two 

Richard Pason One 

Thomas Pason One 

Mrs. Hill Sixe 

John Holland Three 

William Bowker One 

Thomas Cotes One 

William Collier One 

Richard Harrison Two 

John Skellett One 

Thomas Johnson One 

Thomas Peane Two 

William Twist One 

Thomas Lovatt, glover One 

Randle Baddaley, Taylor One 

Richard Baddaley Two 

John Baddaley One 

Mr. Bowker Three 

Ralph Colley One 

Joseph Ball Two 


Hearthes Chargeable. 

James Burrowes Foure 

Richard Hemminges One 

John Knowles Five 

Rowland Dayntrey Two 

Mrs. Jane Lovatt Five 

John Jenninges Two 

Mrs. Picken One 

John Phillippes One 

Thomas Moreton Two 

Nicholas Richmone One 

Peter Worrall One 

Edward Harrison, Clothier One 

John Burges Foure 

Mr. Joseph Soond Sixe 

John Steveson One 

Charles Thomas One 

Mary Harrison, vidua One 

Thomas Harrison, Felt One 

Ellen Williamson, vidua Two 

John Asbury One 

William Machin One 

Dorothy Ashley One 

Joseph Taylor Two 

Ame Poole One 

John Harrison, Cord [Cordwainer or Cordiner] One 

John Cockerfold One 

Ralph Selbey One 

Widdow Podmore One 

John Johnson One 

James Brookes One 

James Oates Two 


These following are certified for not to bee Chargeable 
according to the Acte as aforesaid (vizt.). 
John Wood John Fallowes 

Robert Hewett Widdow Bagnall 

Thomas Littler Richard Hunt 

John Hassall John Vsher 

Thomas Wilkinson John Mare 

Widdow Castnell Widdow Prince 

George Knitchcliffe Thomas Berkes 



Judeth Lambert 
Jane Smart 
Widdow Ash 
Susanna Smith 
John Barthrum 
Roger Cocken 
Thomas Lovatt, Laborer 
John Cumberlach 
Allice Harrison, vidua 
Allice Warmingham 
Thomas Ball 
Jane Oley 
Roger Selby 
Henry Moreton 
John Lowe 
Widdow Patteson 
Rich. Baker 
Widdow Smith 
Randle Hide 
Rich. Lynnis 
John Pateson 
Eliz. Lynnis 
William Wettwood 
John Boseley 
Widdow Ashley 
Margrett Foxe 
John Foxe 
John Deane 

Thomas Foxe, Labourer 
John Meanely 
Ed. Mason, Senior 
Widdow Hall 
Anne Bannester 
John Rigges 
William Williamson 
Richard Mason 
James Meanely 
William George 
Roger Foster 
William Foxe 
Anne Hunter 
William Jones 
Richard Smith 
Thomas Harding 
John Lowe 

Randle Baddaley 

Jane Asten 

James Harding 

Ralph Brayne 

Robert Dawnam 

John Ashley 

George Buckley 

John Leitch 

James Turner 

William Aspley 

William Lyndox 

Richard Baddaley, Weaver 

James Broughall 

John Morgan 

Edward Lowe 

John Lowe 

Thomas Lowe 

Edward Pateson 

Thomas Lowe, Nay lor 

John Lowe, Naylor 

Catherine Hewett 

William Packington 

Mary Malkin 

Widdow Halloms 

Widdow Hill 

Thomas Littley 

John Wai ley 

Widdow Hulme 

Thomas Pearsall 

John Newton 

Ottewell Smith 

Care Bradshaw 

Thomas Glover 

Jane Bell 

George Berkes 

William Middleton 

Widdow \Vood 

Thomas Plall 

Bryan Crosse 

Henry Broughall 

John Tagge 

Thomas Baddeley, Felt 

Randle Weston 

Richard Robbinson 

Richard Ambry 


By Thomas Oulton, Minister. 

Edward Bromley "\ , 


Thomas Dawman J 

Robert Asbury \' 

.,, . ... >0verseers for the poore. 

Wai. Collier J 

Allowed by : 

Rich. Weever, Major. 

William Brett ancH , 

. , > Justices of the peace. 

Rich. Cooper J 

By John Buttler and ~\ r 

i, .. TT . >Co)istables ibidem. 

Randle Harrison J 

Could Norton Constablewick. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

Robert Hawes, gentleman Eight 

Richard Whiston One 

Stephen Slaney Foure 

John Jodrill Two 

Certified for according to the Acte that Mary Henne, 
vidua, is not chargeable. 

By Tho. Mason, Minister. 

Tho. Smith, Churchwarden. 
Allowed by : 

Tho. Whittgreaue \ , .. " .. 

> Justices oj the peace. 
George Digby J 

By Stephen Slayney, Constable 

St. Thomas. Hearthes Chargeable. 

Walter Fowler, Esquire Thirty 


Mr. Collier Eight 

Within noe 

Mrs. Crompton Seaven 

Stafford Castle Lodge. 
Peter Warde Two 




Pirehill Hundred adhuc the North parte. 
Eccleshall Constablewick with its Hamletts. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

Mr. Martin Seaven 

Mr. Smyth Five 

Mr. Baddaley Five 

William Comes One 

David Bickerton Two 

Dorothy Nocke One 

John Taylor One 

Thomas Grimes Two 

Jane Ward One 

Barnaby Cresswell One 

John Oulsnam One 

James Morrey One 

Elizabeth Falkner One ' 

William Bagnold One 

Randle Stanscoll One 

Thomas Henne One 

Francis Falkner One 

James Turner One 

John Salt % . . . . Two 

Thomas Byshopp One 

Richard Wright Two 

Richard Bullocke One 

John Davenell One 

Robert Baggaley Three 

Humfrey Alderson One 

William Jones One 

John Glover One 

George Jorden One 

William Corbett One 

W T illiam Falkner One 

William Hawkins One 

John Picken Two 

John Addams One 

John Fox Two 

William Harrison Two 

William Allaby Two 

John Baggaley I-'oure 

Thomas Evans Three 

Thomas Thornton Three 

Francis Woolams Two 


Hearthes Chargeable. 

John Turner Two. 

John Paddey, Junior One 

George Rodon One 

John Stone One 

Ellen Copnall One 

Margrett Brett One 

Robert Withington Two 

Robert Morrey, Junior , One 

Robert Morrey, Senior One 

Mr. Kerke One 

Isabell Byshopp Two 

Richard Bettson One 

Thomas Blest One 

Thomas Sutton One 

Roger Bradbury One 

John Snelson One 

Thomas Dale One 

Thomas Daveson One 

John Bickerton One 

Richard Barker One 

Thomas Rushton Three 

Mr. Cooke Three 

Ellinor Raymond One 

Robert Huntbach One 

Richard Hurdman One 

Matthew Beardmore One 

Thomas Brewe One 

Robert Baggaley One 

William Vicars Two 

Mrs. Serjeant One 

Dorrothy Greene One 

Aston and Doxie. 

William Glover One 

Peter Backhouse Sixe 

William Backhouse One 

Thomas Backhouse Two 

John Sutton Two 

William Brett One 

John Backhouse Three 

Richard Bagnold Two 

Richard Warde One 

John Podmore One 


Aston and Doxie contd. Hearthes Chargeable. 

John Coleman . . One 

William Hodgson One 


Robert Bill One 

Richard Bill One 

William Smallwood One 

Joseph Reynoldes One 

Richard Frekeley One 

Thomas Addison One 

Richard Alsopp Five 

Robert Milles Two 

William Wright Two 

William Hurleston One 

Thomas Lynehill One 

Thomas Pleath One 


John Meakin One 

Thomas Whittington One 

John Glover One 

John Steedeman One 

Thomas Walter One 

John Keene One 

Mr. Wyrley One 

William Sympkin One 

John Heacocke One 

Edward Horton One 

William Yeardley One 

Sugnall parva. 

Symon Tildesley Two 

Walter Brindley Two 

Richard W T illiams One 

William Greene One 

William Byshopp One 

John Smith One 

John Wollams One 


Mr. Abraham Wotton Two 

Ralph Hadderton Two 

Humfrey Hurleston One 

Edward Harrison Three 

Richard Jones One 


Wootton contd. Hearthes Chargeable. 

Robert North One 

John Smith One 

William Kirkham One 

Richard Groome One 

Thomas Boughey One 

Robert Bayley One 

Robert Richardes One 


Mrs. Anne Skrymshirc Eleaven 

Robert Richardes Two 

William Roden One 

Richard Heaford One 

John Nocke One 

William Viccars One 

Robert Martin One 

Andrew Nicklin One 

Ralph Smith One 

Andrew Cotton One 

Richard Dymmockc One 


Mr. Jakeman Three 

Mr. Hynde Two 

John Walker One 

Charles Blest Two 

Richard Hulme One 

William Vnderwood One 

Francis Blest One 

Thomas Talbott One 

John Greene One 

* The total seems to be 222. 

These following are certified for according to the'Acte not 
to bee Chargeable, as not haueing xxs. per annum of a full 
improved Rent, nor renting xxs. a yeare, nor beeing worth 
Tenne poundes of reall or personall estate in theire owne 
handes, or in the handes of any other person or persons for 
them (vixt.). 

Richard Malpas William Groome 

Robert Dabbs John Symson 



Ellen Asley 
Thomas Hubbord 
Richard Fletcher 
Ellen Bottam 
John Terry 
George Hooley 
Susanna Boden 
John Barker 
Edward Da vies 
Arthur Rogers 
Roger Irke 
James Morgan 
Robert Fletcher 
William Madder 
John I.eston 
John Hop wood 
Francis Barrett 
Thomas Jones 
Thomas Hole 
Robert Jorden 
Francis Crispe 
Richard Daveson 
Thomas Steedeman 
Robert Vnderwood 
Richard Yardley 
Joane Daveson 
Robert Phillippes 
Edward Frodsham 
Margrett Basford 
Symon Hawley 
Thomas Alsopp 
Edward Walter 
John Padde, Senior 
John Nicklin 
John Blew 
Thomas Bagnold 
Margrett Ashe 
Edward Dodd 
Thomas Jackson 
Thomas Duson 
Anthony Dowse 
Richard Walthoe 
James Bate 
Thomas Richardson 

Anne Burner 
William Onsman 
Elizabeth Coibett 
Humfrey Clarke 
George Corke 
Thomas Shard 
Mary W r ildey 
Francis Peane 
John Alsopp, Senior 
John Alsopp, Junior 
John Falkner 
John Hulme 
John Barnett 
Thomas Turner 
John Evans 
William Badger 
Ellen Lynopp 
William Welch 
Thomas Kendricke 
Widdow Meadon 
John Badger 
Thomas Trigger 
W 7 iddow Massey 
John Wolrich 
Widdow Jones 
Thomas Archer 
Thomas \Vard 
William Bennett 
Widdow Ashley 
Thomas Turner 
George Sympson 
Francis Sheppard 
Francis Yates 
Widdow Reynoldes 
Lawrence Key 
Widdow Wood 
Thomas Stanopp 
Rowland Cooper 
Widdow Milles 
Widdow Ball 
Mary Austen 
Mary Bowne 
Ellen Dabbs 
John Parker 


Joane Trigger William Sawyer 

Richard Wildey Thomas Deane 

Edward Grobury William Chesterton 

Ellen Hulme James Addison 

Widdow Morrey Widdow Botham 

1 By John Cooke, Vicar ibidem. 

James Paddey, Churchwarden. 
Abraham Wetton, Overseer. 
Allowed by : 

Tho. Whittgreaue and"\ r ,. 

_ ,, . > Justices of the Peace. 

E. Mamwanng J 

per nos Tho. Snelson and "\ , 

__ > Constables. 

rho. Henne 

Audley Constablewicke. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

Richard Parker, gentleman Sixe 

Mrs. Margrett Ha worth Two 

Randle Vernon Three 

John Boughey Three 

Joseph Kelsay Three 

William Smith & Richard Smith Two 

Robert Smith One 

John Kelsall, gentleman Two 

And for the Viccarridge One 

John Vernon One 

James Beeston One 

Thomas Wood Two 

Roger Boulton One 

Samuell Taylor One 

Richard Trickett One 

John Mottershaw One 

Samuell Johnson One 

James Kelsall One 

Henry Phillippes One 

Smith Child Three 

William Boughey One 

Edward Lunt One 

Robert Rowley & his Tennant Two 

Thomas Henshall One 

Thomas Podmore One 


Hearthes Chargeable. 

William Eardley One 

Richard Mottershaw One 

Thomas Nodye One 

Thomas Whittell One 

Mary Sillitoe, vidua One 

Margery Smith One 

Thomas Beech Two 

Matthew Hassall One 

Thomas Sillitoe One 

John Thomas One 

James Howse One 

Richard Berkes, Junior One 

John Welch One 

Samuell Sherratt Two 

Joane Betchson One 

Henry Taylor One 

Eliz. Buckley One 

Anne Wilkins9n One 


Mr. George Audeley Three 

Gabriell Smyth Three 

Thomas Vernon Two 

William Vernon Two 

Abraham Vernon One 

Mary Rowley One 

Widdow Kelsall One 

Thomas Smith One 

Humfrey Smith One 

John Shawe One 

James Sparrey One 

William Lawrence One 

John Sunderland One 

Isaac Johnson One 


Mr. Eardley Nyne 

Thomas Abnett, gentleman Foure 

Thomas Lovatt Five 

William Bentley Two 

Margrett Boughey One 

Thomas Lowe One 

Symon Cole One 

John Cole One 


Yeardley-end contd. Hearthes Chargeable. 

John Reeve One 

John Peane One 

John Hilditch One 

Handle Hilditch One 

John Morries One 

John Garratt One 

Thomas Moulton One 

Peter Hamnett One 

William Gorton One 

Randle Cucksey One 

William Drurey One 

John Sparrey One 

John Buckley One 

Richard Eardley Three 

John Bloore One 

William Fletcher One 

Thomas Babbington One 


Mr. Beckett Three 

George Boughey Foure 

John Middleton Three 

Thomas Dale One 

Richard Cole One 

Robert Whitehall Two 

Francis Parratt One 

Thomas Rowley Two 

William Brookes One 

Samuell Kelsall One 

John Willatt, Senior One 

John Willatt, Junior One 

John Boulton One 

John Sillitoe One 

William Barnett Two 

Ralph Withers One 

Randle Smith One 


Symon Vnwin, gentleman Twelve 

John Taylor Three 

James Rathbone Three 

Jane Dickinson Seaven 

John Whitehall Sixe 

William Vnwin .,.,.,.,, , One 



Talke contd. Hearthes Chargeable 

William Beech One 

John Twamlowe Two 

Thomas Taylor Two 

John Drakeford One 

John Thrope One 

Richard Sunderland Two 

John Hilditch Two 

Handle Brindlcy Two 

William Abney Two 

Robert Shawe Two 

William Taylor One 

William Wood One 

Ralph Wood One 

Thomas Deaveley One 

William Smith One 

Richard Wildblood One 

Ralph Shawe Three 

Thomas Longshawe Foure 

William Fardeley One 

Coulton Whitehall Three 

Edward Gibson Two 

Richard Winckell One 

John Barnett One 

Robert & William Whitehall Two 

Henry Wearam One 


Mrs. Norton Sixe 

John Boulton & films Sixe 

Thomas Sillitoe Three 

John Craddocke Two 

John Whitehall Three 

John Catherocke Foure 

Mary Vennables Two 

Thomas Berkes Two 

Andrew Beech One 

Robert Alsager One 

Anne Bowers Two 

John Stringer One 

Rich. Burges & Anne Berkes Two 

John Tomkinson .'... One 

Robert Boulton One 

Richard Rowley , , One 


Halmer-end contd. Hearthes Chargeable. 

William Forpott One 

Widdow Craddocke One 

John Sherratt Two 

John Vicarrs Two 

Edward Walley One 

Henry Bourne One 

Andrew Bate One 

Ralph Greenewood One 

Humfrey Stringer One 

Richard Kelsall One 

George Butter One 

Randle Butter One 

Henry Phillippes One 

John Buttler One 


Edward Erdeswicke Three 

William Tyler, Senior Three 

William Tyler, Junior, and his Tenant Two 

John Boughey One 

Richard Stevenson Three 

Widdow Knight Two 

Thomas Alsager One 

Richard Alsager One 

Richard Boughey Two 

John Smith One 

William Boulton One 

Robert Bayley One 

Thomas Dakin One 

Widdow Foster Two 

William Rowley One 

Matthew Pickman One 

John Phillipps Two 

Richard Piggott One 

Randle Goborne One 

Thomas Rowley Two 

Robert Rowley One 

William Corden One 

John Corden One 

John Alcocke Two 

Thomas Turner . One 

[The total ought to be 320.] 

I 2 



[Audley Constablewick.] 

These following are certified for according to the Acte as 
aforesaid not to bee Chargeable. 

Robert Onton 
Thomas Knight 
Vrian Meakin 
Ellen Hilditch 
Elizabeth Browe 
Elizabeth Hewes 
Joane Piggott 
Ralph Mason 
Ellen Browne 
Thomas Smith 
Ralph Reeve 
Elizabeth Cucksey 
William Baddaley 
George Deane 
John Danniell 
Thomas Sharpe 
Francis Proctor 
Amye Writtell 
Elizabeth Ball 
Joane Mullnar 
Robert Cucksey 
John Smith 



Isabell Ball 
Mode ? Sympson 
Catherine Heath 
Hester Johnson 
Randle Sillitoe 
Richard Shawe 
Robert Browne 
Richard Owen 
Edward Evans 
Widdow Miller 
Stephen Matthewes 
Widdow Hamnett 
William Crosse 
Robert Johnson 
Henry Deane 

Ellen Lunt 
Humfrey Deane 
Eliz. Reeve 
Anne Hodgett 
William Tayler 
Ralph Tayler 
John Taylor 
Henry Willatt 
John Lvnt 
John Lowe 
Humfrey Lowe 
John Morries 
John Hodgkinson 
Margrett Kendricke 
Allice Mottershawe 
Margery Tyders 
John Harrison 
Esdras Emberton 
Randle Johnson 
Anne Bourne 
Randle Hanley 
John Cooper 
Thomas Boughey 
Thomas Meare 
Anne Berkes 
Thomas Pickerin 
Nicholas Vicarrs 
John Ellis 
Joseph Vernon 
Richard (ioburne 
William Harrison 
John Downing 
William Waream 
Matthew Pickman 
Anne Morris 
Thomas Robotham 
Thomas Brookes 
Richard Wildblood 
Robert Scott 


Richard Coleclough Richard Johnson 

John Ashley Thomas Browne, Senior 

Robert Danniell Thomas Browne, Junior 

Widdow Thrush Gilbert Chadwicke 

John Coleclough Andrew Deane 

William Coleclough Richard Horderne 

Widdow Wate Robert Meate 

William Sharpe James Butter 

William Robbinson Robert Bourne 

Widdow Robbinson Widdow Hilditch 

Jane Berkes Ellinor Warram 

Widdow Bilson Ralph Scott 

Hugh Latham Thomas Johnson 

Widdow Adderson Henry Warram 

By John Kelsall, Viccar ibidem. 

Robert Shawe and "\ f ^ 1 

> C hurchwardens . 
James Beeston J 

John Buttler ^ 
John Alcocke and > Over seers. 

Randle Hilditch J 
Allowed by : 

E. Main warmer and"! T ,. 

> Justices of the peace. 
George Parker J 

By John Vernon, Constable ibidem. 

Chorlton Constablewick. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

Thomas Hassall One 

William Greene and Thomas Greene Three 

Thomas Jervis One 

John Hollins Two 

Thomas Broughton Foure 

John Turner Three 

John Peake One 

Richard Tompson One 

Nathaniell Walker Two 

Edward Careles Sixe 

William Machin Two 

Thomas North . . . , Two 

Silvanus Emery One 


Hearthes Chargeable. 

John Heath One 

John Stevens One 

Thomas Booth One 

Edward Ant One 

John Morry One 

John Baker One 

Thomas Barnes One 

John Dymmocke One 


Bryan Broughton Three 

Robert Ashley Two 

Thomas Tompkinson Two 

William Shelley One, and one 

converted into a Barne 

Thomas Henshawe One 

William Heyford One 

Robert Gregory One 

Widdow Pritchatt One 

Widdow Garratt One 


John Jervis Foure 

John Shropshire Five 

Thomas Sutton One 

Humfrey Halley One 

Thomas Heyford One 

Thomas Taylor One 

Anthony Warde One 

Thomas Chaulton Three 


Thomas Tildesley Foure 

James Meeson Three 

John Tildesley Two 

Thomas Lightwood One 

Griffey Browne One 

William Tildesley One 

John Goodale One 

Thomas Buttler One 

Tho. Tildesley for Hulm's house One 


Thomas Cash One 

Robert Hanson . One 


Goates contd. Hearthes Chargeable. 

John Griffon One 

John Arnett Two 

Thomas Barnes Two 

Hugh Jones One 

Humfrey Vnderwood and \Th 

Humfrey Bayley / 

Thomas Morrey One 

Thomas Cooke One 

Tymeson Rowley One 


John Cope One 

John Hassall Three 

William Deakin One 

Randle Bradbury Two 

John Hassall Three 

Francis Widdowes and "\ ^ 

Charles Palin J 

John Wood One 

William Dickinson One 

Copes Mill One 

Three Farmes. 

Sampson Webbe Sixe 

Richard Craddocke One 

William Wright Three 

Griffey Pettey Two 

Thomas Whittington One 


John Serjeant Nyne 

Thomas Wootton Foure 

Richard W'olrich One 

Law. Haley Foure 

John Blakeman Three 

Vrsula Sutton Two 

Richard Bagnall One 

Thomas Key Two 

William Glover One 


William Steedeman Three 

Francis Williams Two 

John Grindon Two 


Couldmeece contd. Hearthes Chargeable. 

George Steedeman One 

John Button Three 

John Williams Two 

Not Chargeable. 

John Buttler William Ashley 

Elizabeth Maddocke John Shensey 

Richard Yearsley Dorothy Steedeman 

Margrett Buttler Richard Twist 

William Crutchley Thomas Barnes 

Thomas Ancell Ellen Garrett 

Margrett Cliffe John Shelley 
John Garrett 

per me Tho. Barnes, Constable ibidem. 

High Offley Constablewick. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

Mr. John Fletcher Thirteene 

Mr. John Ethell One 

Thomas Scutt One 

William Brockhurst One 

Thomas Cherrington One 

John Hanford One 

Rich, and Thomas Parton Two 

Richard Selman Two 

Francis Beard One 

Widdow Roden One 

John- Skrymshire, Esquire Two 

Thomas Hill One 

Francis Wright Three 

Robert Hand One, but now burnt downe 

John Scutt One 

Mr. Greenewood Foure 

Widdow Cooke One 

John Pie One 

Walter Furbar One 

Widdow Thornton Three 

Edward Moreton Two, and one in a voide house 


Hearthes Chargeable. 

Richard Vpton Two 

Henry Smalhvood Three 

Thomas Glover One 

William Steedeman One 

Mr. Robert Ethell Sixe 

Ralph Bladon One 

John Ashe One 

William Bayley, for 2 houses Two 

Mr. Richard Coyney Two 

Robert Jackson One 

Law. Jones One 

Mr. Hill Foure 

John Hope One 

John Yeomans Two 

John Greene One 

Michaell Dymmocke Two 

Catherine Walker One 

Mr. Francis Stevenson . Five 


Certified according to the Acte not to bee Chargeable as 

William Wilkinson Widdow Roades 

Catherine Walker Anthony Cresswell 

Richard Dodd, Senior William Da vies 

John Greene Richard Hodson 

George Stanley Edward Cresswell 

Thomas Edge Richard Dodd, Junior 

Samuel Roades Margery Myles 

Nicholas Roades Walter Awkin 

James Haughton Widdow Parton 

Thomas Hopton Richard Selman, Junior 

Francis Talbott Widdow Anderton 

William Wolrich Robert Rodes 
Thomas Haughton 

By William Greenewood, Vicar. 

Robert Tackson and "\ ^, 

> C hurchwardens. 
Francis Wright J 

John Yeomans, Overseer. 

Allowed by : Tho. Whittgreaue and ^1 T 

> Justices of the peace. 
George Digby J 


Loynton Constablewick. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

Mr. Higgins Two 

John Heanes Two 

Ellis Thomas One 

Edward Cooper Two 

William Parton, Senior Two 

William Parton, Junior One 

Widdow Minshall One 

Anthony Dodd One 


Not Chargeable. 

John Bancroft Widdow Wilson 

Widdow Dodd, Senior Richard Dodd 

Widdow Dodd, Junior 

By James Cooper, Constable. 

Almington in Tirley Constablewick. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

George Wayde Two 

John Smith One 

John Davie Two 

Anne Grimsell and \ 

Richard Grimsell J 

John Hurdman Two 

Thomas Wolley and Margery One 

George Smith One 

Thomas Johnson One 

George Wade of the hill One 

John Wolley Two 

Richard Lyon w Two 

Thomas Glover Two 

Richard Preston One 

John Blackburne One 


Hearthes Chargeable. 

John Bayley One 

Richard Hatchatt One 

Richard Hitchin Two 

William Twyford One 

William Wayde One 

John Preston & films Two 

Rowland Preston One 

John Cornes One, his 

house pulled downe 

Richard Stanley One 

James Bayley One 

Francis Stevenson One 

Ralph Smith One 

John Preston, de Little Heath One 

Dorothy Preston One 


Not Chargeable. 

Roger Cresswell Mary Cresswell 

John Bayley Allice Robbinson 

Richard Phillipps Hugh Reynoldes 

William Wade James Cresswell 

William Sheffeild Robert Massey 

William Taylor Allice Croft 

Richard Heacocke Margery Preston 

By John Davie, Constable ibidem. 

Bloore and Hales in Tirley Constablewick. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

John Skrymshire, Esquire Sixe 

William Pickford Five 

John Gotam Two 

Ralph Preston Three 

William Grococke One 

Francis Borrowes Two 

Francis Bendbow Two 

Thomas Grococke . One 


Hearthes Chargeable. 

James Grococke Two 

William Wayde Two 

William Forde One 

William Greene , One 

Richard Dale One 

Thomas Hitchcocke One 

Robert Charles One 


Richard Walton Three 

John Smith One 

George Jervis Two 

John Heacocke One 

Thomas Minion One 

Edward Emery One 

Robert Prience One 

Humfrey Batt One 

Hugh Serjeant Two 

John Clowes One 

John Bendbow Two 

Richard Picken Two 

Thomas Smith One 

Edward Bate Two 

Thomas Picken One 

Edward Smith One 

John Ashley One 

John Bate Two 

Humfrey Lightfoote One 

Edward Bate One 

Richard Bannester Two 

Richard Francis One 

William Prince One 

Anthony Preston att ~\_ 

Shipnall Mill / 


Not Chargeable. 

Thomas Jervis William Longshaw 

Joane Blackburne Thomas Homes 

George Austen Francis Wright 

Richard Baker John Bobington 

Widdow Browne 

By Francis Bendbow, Constable. 


Adbaston Constablewick. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

John Holland, gentleman Eleaven 

Richard Buller, gentleman Two 

Abdias Addams Three 


Luke Justice, gentleman Five 

Mr. Hugh Sawyer Two 

Humfrey Walker One 

John Barker One 

John Martin Two 

Robert Crump and "^ 

Catherine Winsor / 


John Barber Sixe 

John Baddaley, gentleman Foure 

John Harper One 

Richard Yates One 

Thrustance Yates One 

William Brockhurst One 

Tuns tall, 

Thomas Smith Three 

William Heyford One 

John Parton One 

Thomas Wright One 

John Irish One 

Thomas Selman One 

Edward Gould Two 

Thomas Vernon Two 

John Jackson Two 


James Davenall One 

Thomas Dickinson One 

Francis Beardmore One 

John Wotton Two 

William Sutton One 

John Gaywood, gentleman Five 

Nicholas Gaywood, gentleman Two 

John Cotton Two 

Thomas Hadderton Two 

William Haymon One 

Robert Higgins One 


Bishopps-Offley contd. Hearthes Chargeable 

James Tilsley One 

John Smith - Two 

John Harvey One 

John Key Two 

Humfrey Wright Two 

John Pedley Two 

Ralph Bate Three 

John Corke One 

William Goseling One 

Thomas Barton One 


Thomas Tyler Two 

Widdow Barkin One 

Thomas Gandy One 

George Boughey One 

Widdow Wilcox One 

Charles Braddocke, gentleman Two 

Robert Heacocke One 

Charles Lauder 1 Two 

Gerrard Lauder 1 One 

William Pickford Two 

Edward Foster One 

John Heacocke One 

Thomas Tervis One 

Abraham Silvester Three 

John Addison One 


Charles Lord Gerard Twenty-one 

William Bradbury One 


Widdow Broughton Nyneteene 


Mr. John Broughton Five 

Widdow Yonge Eight 

George Harper Two 

John Kendricke One 

William Shelley One 

James Sutton One 

George Pownder One 

Thomas Tattnall One 

1 Lawder may be meant. 


Croxton. Hearthes Chargeable. 

Mr. John Wittworth Eight 

Mr. Thomas Snelson Five 

Richard Readinges Two 

Thomas Newall Two 

Richard Harper One 

Robert Dakin Three 

John Newall One 

Robert Ashley One 

John Smith Two 

Thomas Tilston One 

John Bennett One 

James Turner One 

William Kendricke One 

William Pearson One 

James Fearebrother Two 

Ellen Walker, vidua Two 

Richard Tyler One 

Mary Walker, vidua Two 

Robert Berkin One 

Robert Snowe One 

William Heacocke One 

Henry Griffen One 

William Clawbrooke One 

William Tiller One 

Thomas Nickin Two 

James Hawley One 

Richard Smith One 

Ellis Jones One 

William Button One 

John Coleclough One 

Richard Smith One 

James Lynne One 

Gilbert Matthewes Two 

Thomas Berkin One 

Thomas Newall Three 

John Butterwall One 


These following are certified for not to bee Chargeable 
according to the Acte as aforesaid. 

William Sheppard Widdow Lynne 

John George John Farrington 


John Wright James Spratt 

Edward Kirby Thomas Phillipps 

Isaac Kirby Phillip Wagg 

Ed. Saunt George King 

William Penne William Powell 

John Wettnall Andrew Powell 

William Morris William Wright 

Edward Gardner John Higgins 

Roger Grexon William Staye 

Thomas Williams Mary Talbott 

Widdow Hawley Robert Lynney 

Henry Thrusfeild Henry Freeman 

Thomas Walker John Jones 

John Felton Thomas Amison 

Francis Lynnis Thomas Reynoldes 

John Hughes John Edwardes 

Richard Newall John W'agge 

Robert Dodd Catherine Talbott 

John Hodgkin Eliz : Sambrooke 

Edward Lawes John Minion 

Charles Sheppard John Matthewes 

Marten Griffen Richard Tiller 

Widdow Talbott Moses Parkes 

Widdow Tillesley Widdow Owyn 
Eliz. Wollams 

By John Cooke, Viccar ibidem. 

Rich. Buller, Minister. 

Walter Bindley, Ouerseer. 

Tho. Henne, Churchwarden. 
Allowed by : 

Charles Lord Gerard ^ 

E. Mainwaring and } Justices of the peace. 

Tho. Whittgreaue J 
By Francis Beardmore, Constable. 

Onneley Constable wick. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

James Braddocke .' Foure 

John Malpas and "^ 

Randle Malpas / 


Hearthes Chargeable. 

John Almond Two 

Allice Poole One 

William Lyndop One 

Thomas Whittmore One 

Anne Reade, vidua Two 

William Plott One 

John Keele One 

Hugh Kegge One 

Ellinor Cooper One 

Roger Heath One 

Thomas Hewett One 

Ralph Poole One 

Thomas Robinson One 

Jesper Raven One 

Cristopher Plumkinson One 

Richard Cooper One 


Not Chargeable. 

John Browne Francis Webster 

Henry Blackhurst Elizabeth Robbinson 

John Powell Christopher Plunkinson (?) 
Thomas Almond 

By Richard Cooper, Constable ibidem. 

Meare and Aston Constablewick. 
Meare. Hearthes Chargeable. 

Mr. Hill Two 

Mr. Maxfeild Five 

Robert Picken Foure 

Samuell Foden Two 

Joseph Coxe One 

Widdow Cox One 

William Turner Two 

William Asten One 

William Gardner One 

William Sandles One 

William Sankey One 

Ralph Bankes One 

William Shawe , One 



Meare contd. Hearthes Chargeable. 

William Duncocke One 

John Mason One 

Thomas Browning Three 

George Bradbury One 

William Wilcox Two 

George Collyn One 

Edward Hope One 


Mr. Ralph Cleaton Sixe 

William Bucknall, Senior Foure 

William Bucknall, Junior Foure 

William Picken One 

Widdow Tymmins One 

William Morris . , Three 

John Smallwood One 

\Villiam Keeleing One 

Thomas Latham One 

Thomas Slade One 

John Kendricke One 

John Growcocke Two 

John Latham Two 

John Lighten One 

James Playtt One 

John Browner One 

Reynold Posterne, Junior Two 

Thomas Bloore One 

W'illiam Whittacres One 

Barnaby Terry One 

William Cash One 

Robert Rathbone One 

Reynold Posterne, Senior One 


Thomas Clarke Eight 

Widdow Kent Foure 

James Talbott Foure 

John Butterton Two 

William Latham Two 

William Allen Two 

Mr. Haselam One 

John Almon One 


Meadowlane contd. Hearthes Chargeable. 

John Sandles One 

Widdow Wilkes One 

Richard Harding One 

Richard Browne One 

Thomas Almon One 

William Weston One 

Thomas Picken One 

Thomas Shelley One 

Thomas Hall One 

Francis Hopwood One 

Samuell Walker . Two 


These following are certified for not to bee Chargeable 
according to the Acte as aforesaid (vizt.). 

Widdow Sandles Widdow Weston 

John Sympkin Widdow Kiggley 

Da vie Sweate Richard Sanders 

Widdow Wilcox Margery Sutton 

Widdow Harding Richard Turner 

Roger Crutchley Widdow Axam 

James Milling Roger Spencer 

Roger Price William Knight 

Widdow Forrest William Butler 

Eliz. Sympson Robert Berkes 

Edward Knight Thomas Birchall 

John Malpas John Wilcox 

Tho. Browning, Junior William Casey 

Thomas Clarke Randle Hassall 
William Birchall 

By Mathias Hill, Minister. 

William Sankey, Churchwarden. 

Robert Picken and ^1 , 

....... u i 11 f Overseers. 

William Bucknall J 

Allowed by : 

E. Mainwaring and \ T ,. 

TU iiru- > Justices of the p 

Tho. Whittgreaue J 

per Richard Asten, Constable. 

K 2 


Ashley Constablewick. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

Mr. Lightfoote Seaven 

Mr. Gravernor Three 

Mrs. James Five 

Samuell Denston Three 

John Minshaw Three 

Allice Denston Three 

Henry Moreton Three 

Andrew Wettwood Two 

Edward Bood Two 

Thomas Jones Two 

John Perkins Three 

John Pilsbury Two 

Mr. Orwell Three 

Mr. Shipton One 

William Bromley One 

Stephen Denston One 

Thomas Fletcher One 

Thomas Scott One 

Widdow Wattson One 

John Roe One 

Thomas Poole One 

Roger Headerley One 

John Cartwright Two 

Allice Chaulton One 

Robert Glover One 

William Nixon One 

William Dale One 

Edward Sutton One 

Anne Higgisson One 

Phillip Hales One 

John Hales One 

Thomas Lowe One 

John Stanton One 

John Wittingham Two 

John Hope One 

John Berkin Two 

John North Two 

John Bettesson One 

Henry Yates One 

William Nickin One 

William Scott One 



Hearthes Chargeable. 

E dward Allen One 

Robert Sherwin One 


These following are certified for not to bee Chargeable 
according to the Acte as aforesaid (vizt.). 

Richard Malpas Mary Hemeyes 

Richard Hawkins Anne Skellett 

Richard Henshaw Margery Sherwin 

William Leeke Eliz. Mullener 

William Boone, Junior Anne Ingg 

Francis Bood John Leeke 

By Josiah Lightfoote, Minister. 

John Perkins and "\ ~, 

T _ r , . > Churchwardens. 
Andrew Wettwood J 

Allowed by : 

E. Mainwaring and \ T ,. , ,, 

_. , > Justices of the peace. 

Geo. Parker J 

By Ed. Bood, Constable. 

Whittmore and Hanchurch Constablewick. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

Edward Mainwaring, Esquire Nyneteene. 

Edward Lowe Three 

Edward Beardmore Two 

John Lownes Two 

Isaac Lowe Two 

John Brough One 

Hugh Davies One 

Thomas Walton One 

Richard Knight Two 

John Coleclough One 

Edward Roades One 

Edward Asbury One 

Edward Higginbotham Two 

Thomas Harding One 

William Martine Five 

William Ferrington Three 


Hearthes Chargeable. 

John Lowe Two 

John Picken One 

Thomas Sanders Two 

George Beardmore One 

John Reynoldes Two 

Edward Swynerton Two 

Mrs. Frances Bowyer Foure 

Richard Bromley One 

Robert Meade One 

Thomas Eldershaw Two 

Edward Peake One 

Roger Lowe One 


Thomas Dood}' Three 

Richard Hazells Three 

John Doody, Senior One 

Hugh Asbury Two 

Richard Goodvvyn Two 

Richard Foxe One 

Joane Foxc One 

Thomas Collier One 

John Whitehnrsl Two 

Thomas Hazells One 

William Dickenson Two 

John Doody One 

John Collier Two 

These following are certified for not to bee Chargeable 
according to the Acte as aforesaid. 

Roger Lowe Margrett Malpas 

John Wilson 

By Edward Lowe and"\ , , 
J , T , M1 . > Churchwardens. 

William Marten J 

Edward Peake and \ ~ 

Tho. Walton J 

Allowed by : 

E. Mainwaring and "\ T ,. r , 7 

> Justices of the peace. 
George Parker J 

By John Lownes, Constable. 


Standon Constable wick. 
Standon. Hearthes Chargeable. 

Humfrey Vize, Esquire Nyne 

William Holland Two 

Andrew Cooper Two 

Robert Edwardes One 

Randle Wettwood Two 

Ralph Eardeley Two 

Robert Wettwood Two 

John Thorley One 

Thomas Cooke One 

Mr. Edward Nevell Three 

Thomas Heath One 

Richard Robertes Two 

Robert Boone One 


Arthur Glover One 

Mr. John Chetwind Foure 

William Bybbey - Two 


William Eardley Nyne 

Robert Walthoe One 

John Wright Two 

Allice Levett One 


Mr. Andrew Vize Sixe 

William Eardley One 

John Hardinge One 

Thomas Badnall Two^ 

James Badnall : One 


Andrew Heath One 

Thomas Launder One 

Widdow Yeomans One 

John Marten Three 

Richard Snelson Two 

John Foden One 

Anne Marten One 

William Tompson One 

Edward Reade One 

Thomas Heanes . One 


Bowers contd. Hearthes Chargeable. 

Peter Heyfeild One 

William Roe Three 

John Martin One 

William Lynne One 

Thomas Naylor One 

Francis Heanes . One 


These following are certified for not to bee Chargeable 

Thomas Saunder Robert Machin 

Mary Tagg Robert Aston 

John Hall John Aston 
John Marten 

By Thomas Heanes, Constable ibidem. 

Muckleston Constablewick. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

Doctor Offley Five 

Jane Addams Two 

Humfrey Smith One 

Thomas Jenninges One 

Samuell Reynold es Three 

John Glover One 

John Lightfoote One 

John Morrey One 

Hugh Barlowe Two 

Widdow Richardson One 

Thomas Snape One 

John Pottes Two 

William Richardson Two 

Widdow Hollins One 

Thomas Sale One 

John Abbottes One 

Ambrose Badnall One 

William Burne One 


John Chettwood, Esquire Eleaven 

Robert Parkson Three 

William Knight One 


Oakelyne contd. Hearthes Chargeable. 

William Richardson Two 

John Owyn One 


Charles Lord Gerard Nyne 

Rowland Stirrop One 

Richard Winington Two 

William Adams Two 

Thomas Naylor, formerly Joshuah Three 

John Addams Three 

William Shawe Two 

Mary Shawe One 

Widdow Newall Two 

John Goodale Two 

John Mason, formerly Dorothy One 

Richard Smith Two 

Ellen Fletcher One 

William Smith One 

George Peatchford Two 

Richard Walton One 

William Erpe One 


Thomas Mason Two 

Thomas Pendleton One 

John Meredith One 

Robert Hulme One 

Widdow Brooke Two 

John Liverseech One 

John Bestweeke Three 

Jane Acton One 


These following are certified for not to bee Chargeable 
according to the Acte as aforesaid (vizt.). 

Tho : Hampton Widdow Triver 

Grace Hampton, vidua John Jackson 

Clare Hampton, vidua John Gettinges 

Widdow Emery Widdow Dutton 

Thomas Badnall Tho. Partington 

Mary Harvey Anne Rushton, vidua 

John Hanley Widdow Thorpe 

Edward Snape William Winington 


David Vaughon John Abbott 

Elias Barktam William Walton 

Thomas Wood Edward Grococke 

Griffith Evans Thomas Hulme 

Thomas Hawkins John Poole 

Widdow Mountfort Robert Hulme 

John Maye Anne Hulme 

Allice Greene, vidua Margery Lawton, vidua 

Anne Minshall John Mault 

Richard Shawe Widdow Turner 

By Gabriell Offley, Rector ibidem. 
Samuell Reynoldes, Churchwarden. 

William Bucknall \ , 

\\rtr u- u A >Overseers. 

William Richardson J 

Allowed by : 

Charles Lord Gerard and 
E. Main waring 
By Samuell Reynoldes, Constable ibidem. 

> Justices of the peace. 

Baulterley Constablewicke. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

Thomas Scott Seaven 

Mrs. Wood Sixe 

Richard Kelsall Sixe 

Mrs. Thicknes Foure 

Margrett Boughey One 

Thomas Richardson Two 

Ralph Deane One 

John Lunt One 

Robert Scarratt Two 

Robert Horton Two 

John Shawe One 

Thomas Hilditch One 

John Lawton One 

Ralph Maddew Two 

James Bromley Two 

Robert Frickring, Senior One 

Robert Frickring, Junior One 

Tho. Brereton, Senior One 

Tho. Brereton, Junior One 


Hearthes Chargeable. 

George Bromley One 

Robert Lawton One 

Ralph Cowes Two 

Ralph Bostocke One 

Nathaniell Ridley One 

Margrett Ridley One 

James Madewe Two 

Ralph Moore One 


These following are certified for not to bee Chargeable 
according to the Acte as aforesaid (vizt.). 

Edward Hunt Lawrence Hilditch 

John Andrewes Thomas Lawton 

William Scarratt James Bromley 

Anne Scarratt John Kettle 

By Zach. Cawdrie, Rector ibidem. 

Thomas Turner "\ , 

, T7 . 1V > Churchwardens. 

William Browne J 

Allowed by : 

Sir John Bowyer \ 

, T . . ' > Justices of the p 

E. Mamwarmg J 

By vs Edw. Hunt "\ , 77 .,., 

^Constables ibidem. 
Geo. Bromley J 

Chesterton Constablewick. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

Thomas Dawson Two 

John Wood Three 

John Browne et films Three 

John Willett Three 

Randle Smith Three 

Ralph Baddaley Three 

Edward Craddocke Two 

Mrs. Margrett Baddaley One 

John Grindley One 


Hearthes Chargeable. 

James Rowley One 

William Ashe Two 

John Barlowe Two 

Roger Bagnall One 

William Mathew One 

John Willatt, de Feildes One 

John Coleclough Two 

John Willatt, de Brooke One 

John Abney Two 

John Cooper One 

Sarah Hulme One 

John Hoose One 

Ralph Hulme One 

Anne Sutton One 

John Cliffe Two 

Margrett Proudlowe One 

John Beech One 

Randle Preston Three 

John Hatton One 


These following are certified for not to bee Chargeable 
according to the Acte as aforesaid (vizt.). 

John Hulme John Hanley 

Widdow Ditchfeild Gyles Roode 

Thomas Brooke Emme Boulton 

Humfrey Wright William Knighton 

Thomas Wildblood Roger Elkin 

John Poole Widdow Collyson 

Richard Milles Allice Taylor 

Henry Hulme Anne Sutton 

John Baddaley Margrett Snead 
William Hulme 

By Isaac Keeleing, Vicar de Wolstanton. 
Rich. Beech, Churchwarden. 
John Booth, Overseer. 
Allowed by : 

E. Mainwaring and \ , .. 

T -r, > Justices of the peace 

J. Bowyer J J 

By John Willatt, Constable ibidem. 


Knutton Constablewicke. 

Clayton. Hearthes Chargeable. 

Mr. Terricke Eleaven 

Richard Baddaley Foure 


Thomas Corbett Two 

Elizabeth Corbett Three 

Thomas Brerehurst Sixe 

John Whitehurst Three 

Humfrey Dixe One 

John Fisher One 

George Slayney One 


Edward Brett, Esquire Nyne 

William Bourne Two 

Thomas Wattson Three 

William Tomkinson Foure 

Francis Beech One 

Coulton Latham Three 

George Berkes One 

William Burges, Senior One 

William Burges, Junior One 

John Eardley Two 

Thomas Whittingham Two 

John Smyth Five 

Roger Rowley _ One 


William Sutton Foure 

Thomas Pattson Foure 

John Ball One 

John Beech Two 

John Lowe One 

Thomas Rollins One 

Mrs. Clownam Three 

William Perry One 

Richard Webster One 

Thomas Lawton One 

John Beech Three 

John Baddaley Two 

William Oarme One 

Robert Mason One 



Not Chargeable. 

Ralph Johnson Ellen Ashe 

Rich. Greenewood Anne Scott 

Anne Armett John Taylor 

Eliz. Newton John Fletcher 

Anne Geanes Andrew Ball 

George Berkes Margrett Knight 

Thomas Summerfeild Francis Boulton 

Thomas Ball Henry Cooper 

Joane Hooper Thomas Boulton 

By John Beech, Constable ibidem. 

Swinerton Constablewick. 

Hearthes Chargeable 

Bazill Fitzherbert, Esquire Fifteene 

Mr. Thomas Broade Sixe 

John Eaton Two 

Olliver Clunton Two 

Richard Machin Three 

Robert Ford One 

Widdow Playnt Two 

Catherine Wedgwood One 

John Beech One 

Thomas Beech One 

Robert Ball One 

Thomas Halfehead One 

John Morryes Three 

Thomas Hawkin Two 

Robert Lightwood One 

Thomas Hassalls Two 

Jeremiah Hassalls One 

Richard Harding One 

John Harding One 

Richard Smith One 

Thomas Godwyn One 

Anne Gosling One 

Edward Gosling One 

Thomas Shawe One 

John Cooper One 

Joane Cooper One 

John Tunckes One 


Hearthes Chargeable. 

Richard Hill One 

John Hales Two 

Mary Hodson One 

Thomas Hodson One 

John Goodwyn Two 

Mr. John Luttwich Foure 


Thomas Mosse Three 

Humfrey Mosse One 

William Robinson Three 

John Walker One 

Thomas Peake One 

George Peake One 

Thomas Dorrington One 

Lewes Dale One 


Richard Bayley One 

Edward Bayley One 

Richard Hargreaue One 

William Ashworth Two 

Clare Coleclough Two 

John Reyfley One 

John Bayley Two 

Robert Bayley Two 

Edward Shawe Foure 

Thomas Clewlow Two, and 

formerly returned 2 too many by mistake. 
Michaell Fallowes Two, the 

house voyde. 


John Thornycroft One 

Tho. Thornycroft One 

John Beardmore One 

Thomas Wilcox One 

Fortune Swynerton One 

Richard Wiggin One 

Edward Lowe One 

Richard Skeilding One 

Hugh Dawson One 

Arthur Lander One 

William Wood , One 


Acton contd. Hearthes Chargeable. 

John Barnes Two 

Widdow Barnes One 

John Lowe Two 

John Eardley One 

John Minshaw One 

Randle Powner One 

John Slayd One 

Thomas Lowe One 

William Eardley Two 

William Eardley One 

Henry Austen One 

Widdow Hawkyn Two 

Anne Hammond One 

Richard Holland One 

John Sharpley One 


Mr. Ralph Brereton Sixe 

George Walton One 

John Walton One 

Thomas Launder Foure 

William Palyn One 

Stephen Playnt Two 

William Beech Three 

Ralph Wattson One 

Walter Collyer Three 

Richard Rea One 

William Wotton One 


Anne Swynerton One 

Richard Swynerton One 

Thomas Clarke One 

William Tagge Two 

John Playnt One 

Thomas Playnt One 

Thomas Sheabridge One 

John Hitchcocke Foure 

William Palyn Three 

Thomas Vnderwood One 

Widdow Gryme Two 

Richard Hammersley Two 



Not Chargeable. 

John Vnderwood Ellen Parton 

William Bloore George Byshopp 

Richard Boulton Thomas May re 

Thomas Jcrvis Thomas Bromshall 

Richard Stevenson Robert Wilcox 

By John Tunckes "\ ., ,, ., ._, 

>Constables ibidem. 
Tno. Hawkins J 

Bettley Constablewicke. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

Randle Egerton, Esquire Sixe 

Mrs. Elizabeth Egerton Five 

Robert Cooper Five 

John Hardinge Foure 

Stephen Lea Two 

George Salte Two 

Thomas Corne Three 

Richard Lowe One 

William Noden, Senior One 

Richard Gorton One 

Richard Serjeant One 

Thomas Jenninges One 

Thomas Whittingam Foure 

John Lawton Three 

William Palmer One 

Widdow Hough Two 

John Baddaley One 

Ralph Saxton, Senior Foure 

Ralph Saxton, Junior Two 

William Fynney One 

William Vnwyn Two 

Mr. Thomas Beverley Two 

John Snape One 

William Corne Two 

Thomas Morton One 

William Brittayne Foure 

Widdow Latham Two 

Ralph Noden Two 

Robert Vnwyn One 

John Hanley One 



Hearthes Chargeable. 

Richard Agland One 

Ralph Bloore One 

Edward Corne One 

Ralph Stubbes One 

Ottiwell Tymmins One 

John Sandes Two 

Robert Latham Three 

Richard Eare One 

William Knight One 

John Knight One 

John Wilkinson One 

Richard Browne One 

Widdow Corne Two 

Randle Greene One 

George Bate Two 

Henry Viggers One 

John Butterton One 

Robert Latham Two 

Richard Beestons Two 

Roger Boulton One 

Widdow Moore One 

Henry Shingleton One 

Robert Sanders One 

Thomas Cornes Two 

Widdow Noden Two 

John Tompkin Two 

Thomas Whittacres One 

George Bate Two 

William Noden One 

Edward Gorstlowe One 

Hugh Corne Three 

Owyn Ellis One 

Richard Greenewood Two 

Thomas Serjeant Two 

Mr. William Puttland One 


These following are certified for not to bee Chargeable 
according to the Acte as aforesaid (vizt.). 

Joseph Corne Robert Agland 

Jane Hemes, vidua Thomas Towton 

John Serjeant John Baddaley 


Ellen Bitterton Thomas Lome 

Eliz. Yonge, vidua Thomas Corne 

John Minshaw Christ. Baxter 

John Hartes Ralph Corne 

William Stirropp William Twamlow 

Nathaniell Bloore Henry Smith 

William Burchall Widdow Corke 

John Davyes Richard Eare 

Robert Fleycher William Jolley 

William Corke Richard Browne 

John Knight Mary Whittacres 

Thomas Hanley Randle Price 

Robert Bromly William Cornes 
Anne Greene 

By William Catlyn, Minister. 

Robert Vnwyn and "\ , 

Rich. Agland J 

William Fynney, Ouerseer. 
Allowed by : 

E. Mainwaring and "\ T ,. 

> Justices of the peace. 
George Parker J 

By Roger Whittacres \ ConsiMes 

_ f'^Utl'Ot/UUl'Ko. 

John Lawton J 

Keele Constablewicke. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

Mr. Sneyd, Junior Twenty Foure 

Mrs. Hurt Five 

Richard Eardley Three 

John Wright One 

Edward Morgan Three 

Thomas Cowdale One 

William Rowley One 

Law. Rowley One 

Randle Burslem Two 

John Heath One 

Hugh Vennables One 

Isaac Heath Three 

Edward Reeve One 

Ralph Reeve One 

Widdow Sympson One 

John Crew One 

L 2 


Hearthes Chargeable. 

John Meeson Two 

Richard Sillitoe Three 

John Hewett One 

Thomas Peake Three 

John Cotton Two 

Robert Beech One 

Roger Lowe Two 

William Beech One 

Matthew Wright One 

Humfrey Morgin One 

John Sneyd One 

Isaac Cooper Two 

Edward Wright Two 

Richard Reeve One 

John Peake, de Heath One 

Thomas Hassall One 

John Berkes One 

John Stubbs Three 

Thomas Boulton One 

John Ford One 

William Lycett One 

Randle Harding One 

Richard Halfepenny One 

John Peake Two 

Widdow Peake Three 

Vincent Heaward One 

John Viccars One 

Not Chargeable. 

John Rowley John Brewer 

Thomas Mercer William Jenkinson 

John Reeve John Browne 

Hugh Cooper Thomas Hassall 

John Pepper Anne Smith 

Edward Forde Edward Heath 

Widdow Steedeman William Bourne 

Edward Harding Ralph Hewett 

Eliz. Stanford John Cooper 

Thomas Ford Margrett Sellitoe 

John Steedeman John Rowley 

By Rich. Eardley and\ . , , 

Rich. Reeve J 


Madeley Constablewicke. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

Mrs. Offley Twenty 

Mr. John Egerton Seaventeene 

William Oulton One 

John Talbott Two 

Mr. Bayley Eight 

Mrs. Weston Foure 

Richard Bromshall One 

John Wharton Two 

Christopher Perkinson Two 

William Foxe Foure 

Mr. Vize Foure 

Mr. Page One 

Mr. Whittmore Sixe 

John Woodhonse Three 

William Snape One 

Richard Hoult Five 

Mr. Whitehall Three 

Edward Vernon Two 

John Bloore One 

William Bromley One 

Robert Hawkins Foure 

John Lightfoote One 

John Bettson One 

Peter Greene One 

Isaac Hawkins One 

Ralph Lea One 

John Morryes One 

John Sidway Five 

Richard Pott One 

Widdow Steele One 

Robert Alman One 

George Gibbons One 

John Baddaley Two 

Richard Gibbons One 

John Bromshall One 

George Bloore One 

William Snead One 

John Steele One 

Edward Taylor Two 

Nicholas Taylor Three 

Randle Steele . , One 


Hearthes Chargeable. 

John Heath One 

Randle Halmarke One 

Richard Corne One 

Richard Bloore One 

John Bettson One 

Widdow Weston One 

Widdow Poulston One 

Thomas Heath One 

John Birkes One 

Robert Whitehall Three 

John Ence One 

Peter Hixon Foure 

John Gibbons One 

Anne Barnes Two 

William Tymmins One 

John Hawkins One 

John Ravenscroft One 

Thomas Amson One 

Nicholas Buxtons One 

Hugh Madeley One 

John Wilkinson Two 

Mr. Lownes for the Viccaridge Two 

Richard Rockett Two 

Samuell Phillipps One 

Widdow Poulston One 


These following are certified for not to bee Chargeable 

Thomas Lightfoote Thomas Hulmaker 

Widdow Cotton Richard Lightfoote 

William Snape, Senior William Lightfoote 

Rowland Robinson Eliz. Snead 

John Perkinson Mary Tyler 

Widdow Bloore Anne Butterton 

Widdow Thorpe Widdow Bloore 

John Sheyd Anne Platt 

Allice Heath Eliz. Plymley 

John Bettson John Small wood 

Margrett Sandbich William Rodes 

Humfrey Pott Thomas Robertes 


John Greene John Noden 

Reynold Steele Thomas Pestount 

Thomas Bourne Jane Dea 

James Birchawe Richard Bloore 

William Hawkins William Butter 

John Leaman Rich. Hulmaker 

Ellen Bloore William Hulmaker 
Randle Sandbitch 

By John Ince, Constable. 

Trentham Constablewicke. 

Hcarthes Chargeable. 

The Lady Catherine Leveson Thirty Three 

Mr. Addams One 

Mr. Robson Two 

Peter Franklyn Two 

John Bould Two 

Hugh Hewett One 

William Dickeson One 

Thomas Taylor Three 

Thomas Parkes One 

Edward Taylor One 

Richard Momtford Three 

Nicholas Townsend One 

Arthur Taylor One 

John Jervis One 

John Clarke One 

Thomas Liverseech Two 

Thomas Heanes Two 

John Taylor Two 

Thomas Stockdale One 

Jesper Persons One 

Richard Whitehurst Two 

Roger Bayley One 

William Hanley One 

William Heanes One 

Widdow Benson Two 


Thomas Aspinall, Minister Two 

George Coleclough, gentleman Five 


Blurton contd. Hearthes Chargeable. 

John Foden Two 

Richard Middleton One 

Thomas Elkin One 

Thomas Townsend Two 

John Morton One 

Margrett Rushton One 

Roger Stonyer One 

Richard Townsend One 

William Marten One 

William Barnes One 

Adam Barnes One 

Thomas Bagnall Two 

Thomas Bagnall Two 

Widdow Degg One 

John Lowe Two 

John Bradwell One 

Roger Bagnold One 

James Bagnold One 

Widdow Walter One 

Henry Sherratt One 

Roger Townsend One 

Ellen Jones One 


John Greatebach Three, 

whereof one taken downe. 

Symon Pyott One 

Thomas Amery One 

George Stonyer One 

Thomas Amery , One 

These following are certified for not to bee Chargeable 
according to the Acte as aforesaid (vizt.). 

Thomas Cotton Thomas Madder 

Robert Baggaley Roger Buxtons 

Margrett Boulton Thomas Milward 

John Daniell Dorothy Bloore 

William Vaughin Robert Fearnes 

Eliz. Russell Anne Amison 

Richard Brerehurst Francis Wotton 

Thomas Meate Eliz. Amison 


Catherine Hitchcocke William Cooper 

Robert Bell Michaell Johnson 

Margrett Tilseley Anne Ba)aey 

Eliz. Bloore Anne Amison 

Richard Sudlay Thomas Allen 
Ellen Rushton 

By Tho. Adams, Minister. 

Tho. Taylor, Churchwarden. 
Allowed by : 

E. Main waring "| 

George Parker and > Justices of the peace. 
George Digby J 

By Roger Baly, Constable. 

Penckhull cum Membris Constablewick. 
Stoake super Trent. Hearthes Chargeable. 

Doctor Mainwaring Thirteene, 

whereof 5 stopt vpp. 

Robert Machin Three 

Thomas Tittensor One 

The heyre of Nicholas Woodcocke One 

Phillip Clay One 

Thomas Newton Two 

Randle Bradfort One 

William Tittensor Two 

Widdow Fenton and Bourne Two 

William Vinson One 

William Meare One 

Roger Townsend Two 

John Daniell One 

John Bowyer Three 

Henry Mountford Foure 

John Belson One 

John Coleclough Seaven 

John Machin One 

Richard Hewett One 

John Yonge One 

Roger Machin, Senior One 

Roger Machin, Junior One 

William Burd . One 


Stoake super Trent contd. Hearthes Chargeable. 

Roger Dale Five 

Roger Tittensor One 

Randle Brerehurst Three 

Francis Lycett One 

Randle Brett One 

Thomas Muchell One 

Ellis Griffith One 

Ralph Massey One 

Thomas Wilson One 

William Tittensor One 

Thomas Stevenson Two 

John Fenton One 

John Seabridge One 

Nicholas Barratt, Senior One 

Widdow Shawe One 

Henry Hewett One 

John Tittensor One 

Edward Pouston One 

Nathaniell Buttler One 

Andrew Beech Two 


Cleaton Lea, gentleman Five 

John Lovatt Two 

Thomas Lovatt Two 

Nicholas Lovatt Two 

Elizabeth Sympson, vidua Five 

Robert Fisher One 

Thomas Fenton Two 

Roger Biddulph Two 

Thomas Trickett One 

John Browne One 

William Vnwyn, Senior Three 

William Fenton One 

Ralph Biddulph One 

Joseph Lovatt One 

Randle Solicetor One 

Robert Royles One 

John Henney One 


Mr. Keeleinge Eight 

Richard Cartwright One 

Jane Deakin Two 


Wolstanton contd. Hearthes Chargeable. 

John Turner One 

John Moreton Two 

John Peane One 

Margrett Baddaley Two 

John Mayre Two 

John Hanson One 

Richard Beech One 

John Henshaw One 

John Beech One 

Randle Mayre One 

Widdow Burslem Two 

Richard Marsh One 

William Getters One 

Mr. Keeleing, att the Viccaridge Three 

Widdow Harrison, for one in \Volstanton One 

John Matthew in Penckhull Two 

William Fenton in Penckhull One 


Belthazer Bell Foure 

John Lovatt Foure 

John Lee Foure 

John Cartwright Three 

William Whittacres One 

Thomas Whittacres One 

Richard Lawton One 

Robert Asbury One 

John Beech One 

The Successor of Thomas Hill Foure 

John Cartleech One 

Randle W T ilson One 

John Taylor One 

John Lovatt One 

Thomas Hammersley One 

William Cotton One 

Robert Beresford Two 

Robert Bucknall Three 

Robert Hales Two 

John Crockett Two 

Thomas Clowes One 

Edward Glasse One 

Henry Meare , One 

Samuell Sympson Two 


Shelton contd. Hearthes Chargeable. 

John Meare One 

Robert Sympson One 

Widdow Pope One 

Robert Pope One 

William Sherratt One 

Thomas Glasse One 

Ralph Taylor One 

Thomas Pope One 

Richard Daniell One 

William Stoddard One 

John Asbury One 

Ralph Sympson Two 


John Malpas Two 

Catherine Malpas Foure 

William Blakeman Two 

Ralph Malpas One 

John Machin Two 

William Biddulph Foure 

Thomas Sympson Two 

John Lovatt One 

\Villiam Moulton One 

John Burges One 

Edward Bittell One 

John Booth One 

John Dawson One 

Edward Lawton One 

Robert Walker , One 


These following are certified for not to bee Chargeable 
according to the Acte as aforesaid (vizt.). 

Peter Gellard Anne Browning 

William Barlowe Thomas Edge 

Thomas Burd Widdow Colcclough 

John Johnson Jane Webster 

Thomas Ward Widdow Cooper 

Catherine Griffes Hugh Harding 

Roger Skellett John Walton 

Robert Shelley Samuell Rattcliffe 

John Hewitt Law. Poole 



William Johnson 
Joseph Knight 
Mary Reynoldes 
Martha Reynoldes 
John Johnson, Senior 
Thomas Johnson 
William Webbe 
Thomas Ball 
Edmund Clemerd 
John Cocke 
Eliz. Rattliffe, vidua 
William Boulton 
John Roulston 
John Wright 
Richard Asbury 
Chrispin Bould 
John Johnson, Senior 
Thomas Cartwright 
John Stanley 
John Ellys 
Robert Bird 
Cristopher Chatterley 
John Robbinson 
Thomas Stanley 
George Banckes 
Humfrey Aston 
James Browne 
William Hudd 
John Bromwell 
William Meare 
Richard Cloverley 
Daniell Cloverley 
Widdow Stanley 
Alexander Stanley 
Henry Ames 
Hugh Cleverly 
George Ward 
Richard Haddocke 
Widdow Hunt 


Allowed by 


John Meare 
Joane Ward 
John Hatten 
Widdow Vire 
John Hollinshead 
Robert Cotgraue, Senior 
Robert Cotgraue, Junior 
Gilbert Sympson 
Thomas Bayley 
Edward Taylor 
John Sheppard 
Ralph Toft 
Matthew Meare 
Anne Deakin 
Thomas Meiler 
Thomas Dutton 
John Bayley 
John Oulton 
Edward Smith 
John Johnson, Junior 
Richard Meare 
Henry Ditchfeild 
Widdow Kenderdine 
John Odcocke 
Jane Bloore 
William Sympson 
John Cooper 
Robert Cartwright 
Widdow Cooper 
Widdow Griffin 
Ralph Machin 
Richard Bealey 
John Beech 
Joane Smith 
Joseph Stanley 
William Sympson 
Thomas Sale 
Matthew Vincitt 
Henry Cooper 

John Mainwaring, Rector. 

Tho. Smith, Churchwarden. 

E. Mainwaring, Justice of the peace 

Roger Tittensor, Constable. 


Tunstall Constablewick. 

Burslem. Hearthes Chargeable. 

Mr. Coleclough Three 

Thomas Wedgwood Three 

Thomas Muchell Two 

John Devell One 

Moses Marsh Two 

Gilbert Wedgwood One 

John Muchell One 

Thomas Marsh One 

Francis Foster One 

John Sympson One 

William Steele One 

William Fletcher Two 

John Cartlich Two 

Richard Daniell Three 

Thomas Daniell One 

Anne Daniell One 

William Ward One 

Joane Bourne One 

Ralph Edge One 

Sarah Rogers One 

Ralph Rowley One 

Joane Daniell One 

Thomas Daniell One 

Robert Wood One 

Richard Bourne One 

Thomas Daniell One 

Matthew Sympson One 

William Clowes One 

Richard Lee Two 

William Cartlich One 

John Hurd One 

Thomas Ward One 

Ralph Beech One 

Randle Bagnold Two 

John Bagnold One 

Robert Rowley One 

Aaron Wedgwood One 

Matt Austen One 

Thomas Robbinson One 

George Sympson One 

Moses Wedgwood One 


Chell. Hearthes Chargeable. 

John Stevenson . . . . Two 

John Stockley One 

William Beech Foure 

Mary Bourne Two 

William Bourne One 

John Gater One 

Richard Lane One 

Thomas Rathbone One 

John Bourne One 

John Coates One 


Edward Baggaley One 

William Bourne Five 

John Bourne ' Two 

Richard Baggaley One 

Thomas Coxon One 

Thomas Bourne Two 

Sam. Telright Two 

Thomas Beech Three 

William Stevenson Foure 

Ralph Stevenson One 

Richard Lee One 

Bridgett Malkin One 

John Malkin One 

Stephen Cartlich Two 

John Turner One 


John Burslem Foure 

John Broade Two 

Thomas Baddaley Two 

Henry Ball One 

Richard Cartlich : One 

Richard Beech One 

Mr. Bourne Two 

James Taylor One 

Randle Baddaley One 

Edward Broade One 

Ralph Ridgway Two 

John Taylor One 

Thomas Beech One 

Henry Tunstall One 

Thomas Johnson Foure 


Tunstall contd. Hearthes Chargeable. 

Anne Tagge Foure 

William Baddaley Two 


William Bourne Two 

John Burslem Foure 

Margrett Wood Two 

John Hancocke One 

William Beech One 

Randle Whitehall One 

William Rowley Two 

Robert Bloore One 

Edward Coleclough One 

John Rowley One 

Randle Whitehaugh One 

William Marsh One 


William Tunstall One 

William Dickenson One 

William Dickenson One 

John Baddaley One 

Ralph Hancocke One 

John Broade One 

Richard Rawbone One 

Thomas Coleclough One 

Amy Rattcliffe Two 

Edward Shawe One 

William Wayne One 

Richard Bagnall One 

Richard Taylor One 

John Bagnall One 

Thomas Rowley : One 

John Caulton One 

John Caulton Three 

Randle Poole Foure 

John Kellett Two 

John Twamlowe One 

Thomas Tagge One 

Richard Skerratt One 

Randle Whitehall Two 

John Wood Two 

Ralph Vnion One 

Henry Baker One 


Rainscliffe contd. Hearthes Chargeable. 

Thomas Turner One 

John Gibson Two 

Robert Bowler Two 

William Dale One 

William Podmore One 

William Bursten One 

Thomas Dale One 


Thomas Rowley One 

Robert Cartwright Five 

William Whitehall One 

William Lane Two 

Ralph Browne Two 

Henry Mountford One 

Francis Ford Two 

Thomas Still One 

William Ford Two 

John Baggaley Two 

Thomas Addams One 

Thomas Keeleing Sixe 

Francis Turner Two 

Richard Frost One 

William Twamlow One 

Richard Tunstall One 

Richard Browne One 


William Hamersley Three 

Randle Kettle One 

Richard Keeleing One 

John Whitehall One 

William Hodgkisson One 

John Burslem Two 

Richard Stomell One 

Walter Hamersley One 

John Swynerton One 

John Walker '. One 


John Rowley Seaven 

William Rowley Two 

John Salman Three 

John Milles One 



Thrusfeild contd. Hearthes Chargeable. 

Thomas Hanson One 

Richard Hambleton One 

John Macclesfeild Three 

Randle Hancocke One 

William Booth One 

John Turner One 

John Astles One 


William Drakeford One 

John Bentley One 

John Hulme One 

Richard Podmore Two 

Ralph Prince Two 

Ralph Prince One 

Thomas Meate One 

Ralph Brassington One 

John Addams One 

Mary Poynton One 

William Burslem Two 

Margrett Wood One 

Widdow Hanley One 

Law. Caulton One 


James Smith Two 

William Rowley of Heycarr One 

Richard Perrey One 

Thomas Bloore One 

John Sparry One 

Thomas Walklate . . One 

Thomas Walklate Two 

Edward Cotton Two 

Edward Allen Two 

Ellen Wood Two 

Thomas Whitehough Two 

Mrs. Sneyd Foureteene 

Margrett Smith One 

Thomas Rowley One 

William Rowley One 

By Thomas Lee, Constable ibidem 


Fenton and Longton Constable wicke. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

Thomas Hill, Senior One 

Thomas Hill, Junior Five 

Thomas Hewett Foure 

Richard Broade Foure 

Thomas Fenton Foure 

John Edwardes Two 

Joseph Butterton One 

Thomas Serjeant One 

Mary Degge One 

Richard Fenton Two 

Thomas Mayre One 

William Sympson One 

Thomas Hamersley One 

Robert Bagnall Three 

William Baddaley One 

George Cliffe One 

Ralph Marten One 


Mr. William Bagnall Sixe 

Thomas Machin Two 

John Whilton Two 

John Poulston Two 

Thomas Whitehurst Two 

Randle Webbe One 

William Lockett One 

Richard Mountford One 

Normicote Grange. 

Richard Cotton Nyne 

George Stonyer Foure 

Thomas Wood Three 

John Walker Three 

Peter Tompson One 

George Buxtons , , One 

William Lunt One 

John Turner One 

Henry Latham One 

John Wright One 


Mr. Richard Foley Seaven 

Thomas Cliffe Three 

M 2 


Longton contd. Hearthes Chargeable. 

John Boulton One 

Thomas Lowe One 

Isaac Lowe One 

Richard Walklatt One 

Thomas Walklatt One 

George Beley One 

John Bullocke One 

William Hulme One 

Robert Bagnall One 

Gabriell Clarke One 

Ralph Hatten One 

Mearelane end. 

Thomas Tittensor Foure 

Widdow Sanders Three 

Widdow Meare One 

Roger Clay One 

Thomas Wood One 

Robert Bryan One 

Richard Coleclough Two 

Anthony Russell One 

John Baggaley One 

John Fernihaugh One 

John Lockett One 

George Townsend One 


Thomas Smith, gentleman Eight 

John Meare One 

William Danniell Two 

Robert Aston Two 

Samuell Malkin One 

Robert Hollins One 

William Shawe One 

Thomas Meare Two 

Ralph Turner One 

Francis Poole One 

William Poole One 

Robert Tyler . One 

Thomas Waldron One 

Roger Tamms One 



These following are certified for not to bee Chargeable 
according to the Acte as aforesaid (vizt.)- 

Mary Macclesfeild 
Anthony Keeleing 
Thomas Lumax 
Richard Smith 
Robert Keeleing 
Widdow Ellyes 
Henry Smith 
Widdow Allen 
Robert Ball 
Widdow Lighten 
Ralph Ellys 
John Wood 
Thomas Mellor 
Sarah Tamms 
Ralph Sympson 
John Sanckford 
Ralph Toft 
John Bryan 
John Cuddey 
John Rowley 
Anne Sheppard 
John Asten 

Randle Hassall 
Susanna Thomas 
John Polston 
Robert Spooner 
Maiy Hall 
Robert Almon 
Arnold Wall 
Richard Tabberner 
Thomas Jackson 
Robert Fallowes 
Margrett Mayre 
Thomas Parker 
Edward Gray 
Catherine Feild 
Dorrothy Skellett 
Robert Skellett 
George Wood 
Richard Wood 
Richard Anson 
John Wood 
Margrett Holland 
Clare Eeaves, vidua 

By J. Mainwaring, Rector ibidem. 

Tho. Smith, Churchwarden. 
Allowed by E. Mainwaring, Justice of the peace. 
By Tho. Smith, Constable. 

Bucknall and Fenton Culvert Constablewick. 
Fenton. Hearthes Chargeable. 

Thomas Allen, gentleman Tenne 

Thomas Fenton, gentleman Five 

Richard Nicholls Three 

John Tittensor Foure 

Thomas Proctor One 

Thomas Johnson One 

James Whitehurst One 

Roberte Toft One 

Thomas Johnson One 

William Meare One 


Fenton contd. Hearthes Chargeable. 

John Stringer One 

Anne Walklate One 

William Mobberley One 

Thomas Older One 

John Stringer One 

Thomas Russell One 


William Allen Foure 

John Beech and William Beech Two 

George Austen One 

Henry Clarke One 

John Leese One 

William Weston Two 

Richard Walkelate Two 

Henry Briscoe One 

George Lander One 

William Daniell Foure 

Thomas Walkelate One 

John Coleclough One 

John Symme One 

Thomas Turner One 

Richard Owyn One 

Thomas Clewlowe Foure 

John Wattson Foure 

John Tunstall One 

Thomas Steele Three 

Widdow Murrall One 

William Shalecrosse Three 

Richard Machin Foure 

Ralph Bucknall One 

John Bucknall Two 

Robert Crosse Three 

Thomas Payre Two 

John Payre Two 

William Beech Three 

John Beech Five, whereof 

2 stopt vpp. 

John Wood Foure 

Thomas Turner One 

George Hargreaues One 

John Boulton One 

Thomas Bagnall One 


Bucknall contd. Hearthes Chargeable. 

John Bucknall Three 

Joseph Malkin One 

John Boulton Two 

Thomas Greatebach One 

John Mayre One 

Thomas Brunt One 

Edward Bloore . One 


Not Chargeable. 

John Hole Anne Bullocke 

Catherine Synn Isaac Greatebach 

Olliver Alsopp Richard Bullocke 

Richard Blancher William Lomax 

Peter Jackson John Bridgett 

Bridgett Butterton Mary and Ellen Boulton 

Walter Mellor Anne Garratt 

Sarah Foster Thomas Turner 

John Briscoe, Senior Richard Awyn 

John Briscoe, Junior John Boulton 

Thomas Daniell Christopher Westerby 

William Spooner Richard Hollins 

John Coton Jane Anson 

John Brunt Widdow Morryes 
Bridgett Coape 

By Rich. Walkelate, Constable ibidem 

Hulton Constablewicke. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

Thomas Beech Three 

Mr. Repton Two 

Jane Hanley One 

Egerton Browne Three 

Samuell Worth, gentleman Five 

Widdow Brett Five 

William Addams Two 

Thomas Addams Three 

Richard Hattfeild One 


Hearthes Chargeable. 

William Stevenson One 

William, Coxen One 

Widdow Addams Foure 

Richard Mellor and his Mother Three 

Hugh Eaton One 

Ralph Ford One 

Widdow Ford One 

William Spooner One 

Thomas Knight Two 

John Snead One 

John Weatherbee Two 

Thomas Smith Two 

William Smith One 

John Aston . . . ; , One 

Samuell Stevenson One 


These following are certified for not to bee Chargeable 
according to the Acte as aforesaid (vizt.), 

John Addams John Taylor 

James Taylor Isaac Cartwright 

James Heath Richard Taylor 

By John Stevenson, Minister. 

William Addams and "\ ^ 7 

. , ._ > Churchwardens. 

Rich. Bourne J 

Allowed by Geo. Parker, Justice of the peace. 

By Thomas Addams, Constable ibidem. 

Norton in le Moores Constablewick. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

John Ford, de Tong Lane Foure 

William Keeleinge Five 

William Maddocke One 

Jane Beech Foure 

William Barlowe One 

William Sherratt One 

Ralph Algraue One 

John Sherratt Three 


Hearthes Chargeable. 

John Baddaley ' Foure 

James Knight One 

John Dresser Three 

John Poynton One 

Ralph Mayre One 

John Cooke One 

James Turner One 

John Goodwin One 

Margery Mayre One 

Law. Simcocke Two 

Ellen Ford, vidua One 

Ralph Vnwyn One 

Thomas Smith Three 

Thomas Clowes Two 

Eliz. Smith, vidua Two 

Hugh Mayre Two 

Anne Ford, vidua Foure 

John Mayre Two 

William Ford Two 

John Daniell Two 

Eliz. Baddaley One 

William Beech One 

Richard Leefe One 

Edward Oakes Two 

William Ball, Senior One 

William Ball, Junior [. . 

William Clowes 

Mary Short, vidua 

Andrew Ball 

Joseph Moun 

John Cartlich 

Mary Mayre ] 

Henry Baddaley, Senior One 

Henry Baddaley, Junior One 

John Mountford One 

Francis Mayre .' Two 

Cristopher Parr Foure 

Edward Sutton Two 

Joyce Wolfe, vidua One 

Henry Dawson One 

George Lownes One 

Thomas Ball Two 


Hearthes Chargeable. 

Margery Barlow, vidua One 

Richard Hargreaues One 

Henry Barnish One 

Hugh Usher One 

Robert Fostor One 

Thomas Read One 

Henry Burne One 

Edward Cooke One 


These following are certified for not to bee Chargeable 
according to the Acte as aforesaid (vizt.). 

William Batkin Ralph Yates 

Tymothy Bull Hugh Ford 

Ralph Beech Richard Wesbury 

Thomas Barlow Ralph Cooke 

Thomas Lowe Edward Bloore 

Widdow Mountford Margery Mountford 

William Bourne William Bell 

John Mountford John Amery 

Thomas Bealey William Poynton 

William Meare Richard Mountford 

Thomas Mountford John Rose 

Edward Meare Olliver Bankes 

Richard Home William Thrusfeild, Senior 

By Humfrey Repton, Minister. 
Edward Baker and 

Allowed by : 

T. Bowyer and ~\ _ 

> Justices of the peace. 
Geo. Parker J J 

.... Beech, Constable. 

Biddulph and Knypersley Constablewick. 

Hearthes Chargeable. 

Francis Biddulph, Esquire Sixe 

Mrs. Eliz. Bowyer Five 

John Wheelocke Foure 


Hearthes Chargeable. 

John Winckle Three 

Widdow Stonyer Two 

William Stonyer Three 

John Porter Two 

Richard Gibson Two 

John Gosling Three 

Tymothy Wheelocke Two 

John Winckle Three 

Widdow Winckle Two 

Thomas Davenport Two 

Thomas Gibson Two 

Richard Bayley One 

Francis Gosling One 

Francis Taylor One 

Thomas Baddaley Two 

William Brooke One 

John Cooke One 

William Meare One 

William Poole One 

Richard Edge One 

James Bourne Two 

William Stretton One 

Thomas Keene Two 

William Boulton Two 

Richard Whittacres One 

Richard Winckle One 

John Warrilowe Two 

Widdow Buckley Two 

William Stanley Two 

Francis Mellor One 

Anne Cadman One 


Sir John Bowyer Twenty 

John Beech Two 

Ralph Cleaton Three 

William Fenton Two 

Law. Malkin One 

Law. House Three 

Beckfeild House Two 

John Boulton One 

Richard Rarker Three 

Widdow Muchell Two 


Knypersley contd. Hearthes Chargeable. 

Thomas Stonyer One 

Gabriell Keeleing Foure 

Widdow Rowley and her sonne Two 

Wedgwood's house Two 

John Frost Two 

William Shawe et films Two 

William Barlowe et filius Three 

John Copland One 

James Proctor Two 

William Cooke One 

William Henshall One 

John Winkell One 

John Handley One 

John Keene Two 

Thomas Roade One 

Allice Greene Two 

John Falkner Two 

Thomas Drakeford One 

Ben. Adney One 

John Bradbury One 

Francis Rowley One 

William Boulton Three 

George Eaton One 

John Coleclough Two 

John Porter Nyne 

Knalowe house Two. The 

house voide but Sir John Bowyer owner 

Thomas Frost One. And one 

too many by mistake 


Not Chargeable. 

John Leese John Wheelocke 

John Greene John Hanley 

George Barnett Allexander Adderton 

William Spoyd Andrew Hole 

Thomas Cleaton William Sherratt 

Thomas Hurdfeild Thomas Horderne 

William Lawe Richard Daniell 

William Baddaley William Podmore 

Richard Eaton Sarah Wedgwood 

Richard Copland John Bowyer 


John Wright Richard Eaton 

Richard Mountford William Lawe 

Adam Mountford Thomas Hurdfeild 

Margery Leese Margrett Leese 

Margery Porter John Wheelocke 
Richard Jackson 

By William Arnett, Vicar ibidem. 
Rich. Rowley, Churchwarden. 
William Barlowe, Ouerseer. 
Allowed by J. Bowyer, Justice of the peace. 

By Ralph Baddaleye and "\ , 

John Broade J 

Examinatur per Alport clericum pacis cornitatus predicti 

[Here the return for Pirehill Hundred ends.] 




The series of Liberate Rolls of the Chancery extends from 
2 John to 14 Henry VI, and includes 148 rolls. The first 
three, however, are not of the same nature as the others, 
but are really the beginning of the series now known as the 
Close Rolls. The Liberate Rolls proper begin n Henry III. 
From that point onwards the series was continued regularly, 
one roll to each year, until 39 Edward III, after which the 
rolls included more than one year each. 

When the Liberate Rolls were instituted three classes of 
writs employed in ordering or warranting expenditure, which 
had hitherto been entered on the Close Rolls, were transferred 
to them. Of these the Liberate writ was a warrant from the 
King or the Justiciar to the Treasurer and Chamberlains 
of the Exchequer to pay money out of the Treasury to certain 
persons named. If a sheriff or other accountant were to be 
repaid sums spent by him on the King's account, a writ of 
C amputate was issued by the King to the Barons of the 
Exchequer; or if he were to be excused payment of a sum 
with which he was chargeable, a writ of Perdono was addressed 
to the same persons. 

As these writs were the King's usual means of spending 
money, and as the objects of his expenditure ranged from 
gifts intended for foreign potentates and the expenses of 
military expeditions down to the purchase of food and kitchen 
utensils for the royal household, it will be readily realized 
that these rolls contain an immense amount of material for 
students of history, whether political, social, or economic. 

The period covered includes the greater part of the episcopate 
of Alexander de Stavenby, Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield. 


This prelate held a high position in the councils of the realm, 
and was frequently employed by the King as an envoy to 
Rome and " the parts beyond sea." On one occasion he 
borrowed 400 marks from some merchants of Siena for his 
expenses at the Roman court, which was duly repaid from the 
Treasury ; and in the same year the King granted 100 as a 
gift to the Bishop " going as the King's envoy." There are 
numerous entries of the payment to him of a sum of 10 a 
year, usually paid in two portions, " which he receives at the 
Exchequer for Rugeley and Cannock in the same way as 
William, late Bishop of Coventry, received this sum." 

Bishop Stavenby introduced the Friars Minors into the 
diocese, and built for them the Friary at Lichfield. After 
his death the King, in March 1239, ordered the guardians 
of the vacant bishopric to pay to the Friars a sum of 10 marks, 
and in August a further sum of loos, as a gift. 

Henry III was as lavish in his gifts to the Church as in 
his general expenditure ; he seems to have made a practice 
of presenting bishops and archbishops with various vestments 
and ornaments on the occasion of their consecration. In 1230 
a Liberate writ was issued to William de Haverhulle and 
William the King's tailor for 55 35. 6d. to pay for two chasubles, 
a cope, two tunics, two dalmatics, two albs, two mitres, two 
pairs of sandals and other pontificalia necessary for the conse- 
cration of Luke, Archbishop-elect of Dublin, who subsequently 
became Dean of the Collegiate Church of Penkridge. When 
Hugh de Pateshull succeeded Bishop Stavenby at Lichfield 
the King bestowed upon him a mitre costing the large sum 
of 19 195. gd. 

An order for eight quarters of wheat to be bought and de- 
livered for the use of " St. John's Hospital, Lichfield," in 
1240 shows that that foundation was even at that early date 
called a hospital, not a friary or monastery as Shaw implies. 

Leaving ecclesiastical for secular matters, we find a good 
many entries relating to Cannock Forest, of which a certain 
Hugh de Loges was at that time forester. It was the King's 
custom to send yeomen with harthounds and buckhounds 


(canibus cerviriciis et damericiis) to hunt at Cannock in order 
to provide meat for the royal table ; and directions are given 
to the forester as to the disposal of the venison, which was 
either sent at once to the King, or salted and kept until further 
orders were received. Another entry is concerned with 
timber from the King's wood of Ashwood in the forest of Kinver. 

Orders are given for the repair of the King's " stews " or 
fishponds at Stafford and at Newcastle-under-Lyme ; of 
these the former were long known as " the King's Pools," 
and are so marked on a plan of Stafford dated c. 1600. They 
lay between the north wall of the town and Coton Hill. 

Many more quotations might be made, but enough has been 
said to show the interest and value of the Calendar alike to 
historians and archaeologists. The abstracts of the writs 
are admirably clear and full, and students will appreciate 
the frequent quotations from the original Latin and the excellent 

M. E. C. 


The printed calendar of the Patent Rolls between the 
years 1216 and 1509 is completed by the issue of this volume, 
which has been prepared by Mr. M. C. B. Dawes, B.A. A 
very full abstract in English of practically every document 
recorded in these rolls is now easily available and is invaluable 
to students, as these rolls illustrate nearly every subject 
connected with national and local history and government. 

All the fifty-four volumes of this issue can be consulted 
without charge at the William Salt Library, Stafford. Each 
is furnished with an admirable index, which not only enables 
readers to ascertain at a glance if there is anything in the 
volume about the person or place in which they are interested, 
but also is of great assistance in identifying persons and places 
in other documents that are difficult to recognise in their 
mediaeval forms. 

Among the Staffordshire documents given in the present 
volume should be noted the confirmation of a hitherto un- 


printed charter of Henry II, granting further lands in the 
royal forest of Cannock, at Lindhurst (within the royal manor 
of Alrewas) and at Pipe to the nuns of St. Mary " de Fager- 
wella " (Fairwell), dated from Radmore, the royal hunting 
box near Gentleshaw, and the confirmation of a deed of 1263, 
in which Robert de Ferrars, earl of Derby, granted various 
rights and privileges to persons holding burgages within his 
free borough of Agardsley in Newborough. 

The Staffordshire commissions of the peace in 1375 and 
1377 have been already printed in the Salt volume for 1912, 
pp. 310 and 311. The " Adomar " de Lichfield mentioned 
on p. 3? 'i is, of course, identical with Aylmer (Taverner) de 
Lichfield and he was originally appointed on 15 Dec. 1376. 
Most of these Staffordshire justices occur in the present volume 
and, as an illustration of the kind of information given about 
them, it may be mentioned that Ralph Basset of Drayton 
sold to the king for 12,000 franks of gold a Genoa prisoner, 
taken in the last voyage made by the king's son, John, King 
of Castile and Duke of Lancaster ; that Basset had a licence 
to impark 300 acres in Olney, co. Bucks ; that he occurs 
as a custodian for the king of the lands late of John de Moubray 
in Axholme, co. Lines, and that he was licensed to found a 
house of friars hermits of the Augustinian order at Ather- 

Other typical entries include a pardon to Thos. Greneway 
of co. Stafford for the death of Rich. Bykur of Stone, taillour ; 
a commission to enquire into the death of Henry atte Walle 
at Fradswell and into an outrage on the wife of John Mareschall 
.at Aston by Stone ; an exemption for life of Wm. Collesone of 
Walsall from serving as a juror, mayor, etc., against his will ; 
a grant to Wm. Purcell of the 10 6s. 8d. which the abbey 
of Halesowen is bound to render to the king at fee farm for 
the manor of Rowley Regis ; a pardon to Wm. de Burley, 
chaplain, outlawed in Staffordshire at the suit of the bishop ; 
the appointment of John Ray of Coventry as collector of the 
subsidy on cloths for sale in the county of Stafford, etc. ; 
and an entail of property by Wm. de Bentley on his brothers 



Nicholas de Ruggeley and John Ins successively, failing issue 
of himself. 

There is a good deal of local ecclesiastical information 
given in this volume. Several presentations to prebends, 
etc., in the royal free chapels of Penkridge, Stafford, Tam- 
worth, Tettenhall and Wolverhampton are recorded ; perhaps 
the most noteworthy being that of Adam de Hertyngdon 
to the deanery of Stafford. During these three years he 
was appointed by the king as clerk of the works in the manors 
of Clarendon, co. Wilts, King's Langley, co. Herts, Worldham 
and Wheatley, co. Southampton, and Marish, co. Bucks, 
as well as at Porchester castle. He also occurs as holding 
prebends at S. Paul's, London, at Salisbury, and at 

There are several ratifications of the estates of Lichfield 
prebendaries and one grant by the King of a prebend there, 
that of Tarvin to John de " Gurmonchestre " (Godmanchester). 
The king also made many presentations to livings belonging 
to alien priories, such as Tutbury, which were at this time 
in his gift on account of the war with France, but only two 
Staffordshire clerics seem to have obtained these livings, 
viz., Henry Bradley, rector of Hampstall Ridware, who was 
moved to Marston, and Ralph de Sutton, vicar of Harbourne, 
who went to Droitwich. 

Other documents that illustrate the local ecclesiastical 
history of these times include the royal assent to the election 
of the vicar of Seighford, a Ronton monk, as abbot of Rocester 
abbey ; an order to the escheators of the counties of Stafford, 
Northampton and Derby to deliver the temporalities of the 
abbey within their respective bailiwicks to him ; and an 
order to two Sheriffs and other commissioners to arrest a 
Rocester canon, who had left the abbey without leave and was 
a vagabond in secular attire, and to deliver him, when caught, 
for chastisement to the abbot according to the rules of the 

W. N. L. 



This abstract of papal documents has been prepared by 
Mr. J. A. Twemlow, B.A., and deals with the papacy of 
Nicholas V, elected 6 March 1447, died 24 March 1455. It is 
of course invaluable for the ecclesiastical history of this period 
and it is furnished with admirable indices. 

Among the numerous Staffordshire entries in this volume 
attention may be directed to the following items. 

On 26 April 1447 the Pope provided Wm. Bothe, a canon 
of London, with the, bishopric of Coventry and Lichfield, 
vacant by the death of Wm. Heyworth, the bishop from 
1419 to 1447. In June 1448 Bothe found that many of the 
" palaces, castles, manors, lodgings, houses and buildings " 
belonging to the see had fallen into ruins and decreed that 
it would be sufficient for the habitation of the bishop and 
" for keeping up hospitality " to keep in repair the palaces 
at Coventry and Lichfield, the castle and Manor of Eccheshall, 
the manors of Beaudesert and Heywood and the lodging 
in the Strand, London, and that the remainder might be 
demolished in consideration of the great burden to the episcopal 
" mensa " that their repair entailed. Sanction to this decree 
was obtained from the Archbishop of Canterbury in July 
1448, and from the Pope in August 1450. 

In Jan. 1450 Bothe obtained an indult to visit his diocese 
by deputy, alleging that it was less burdensome to the diocese 
to be visited by his officials rather than by the bishop in 
person, and also that he was much hindered by royal and 
private business. In July 1450 the Pope appointed him 
and the prior of Kenilworth to hear and decide an appeal 
to the apostolic see, made by the prior of Stone, against a 
decision of the Archbishop of Canterbury with regard to the 
internal government of the Stone monastery. 

On 21 July 1452 Bothe was translated by the Pope to the 
Archbishopric of York and on the 30 August 1452 Nicholas 
Close, Bishop of Carlisle, was similarly translated to the see 

N 2, 


of Coventry and Lichfield. Nicholas received a dispensation 
from personal attendance at the Roman Court. He had 
only been Bishop of Carlisle for two years, having previously 
been domestic chaplain to the king, Archdeacon of Carlisle, 
etc., when he had received various indults, dispensations, 
etc., mentioned in this and the preceding calendars. 

On the 7 Feb. 1453 Reginald Boulers was translated by 
the Pope to the see of Coventry and Lichfield (on the death of 
Nicholas) from Hereford, to which see he had been appointed 
on 18 Sept. 1450, when abbot of the Benedictine monastery 
of S. Peter, Gloucester. 

Vincent dementis, S.T.M., was the chancellor of Lichfield 
at this period. In Jan. 1450 he was appointed collector of the 
papal camera in England. At this date he was subdeacon 
of the Pope, nuncio of the apostolic see, provost of Valencia, 
and held the rectories of Montfort-sur-Rille, in France, and 
of Wetheringsett in Suffolk. He had been an ambassador of 
Henry VI to the Pope. In 1453 he received a mandate from 
the Pope to suspend the archbp. elect of Dublin and the Bishop 
of Llandaff for certain irregularities. 

Wm. Radclyff, I.U.D., was the treasurer of Lichfield. 
He was one of the papal chamberlains at Rome and as such 
received several dispensations to hold and to visit by deputy 
various benefices. He occurs as rector of S. Michael's le 
Querne, London, archdeacon of Cashel, Tipperary, and as 
an " abbreviator " of apostolic letters. In an indult to him 
to have a portable altar, etc., he is described as a priest, whose 
father and grandfather were knights. Two other Lichfield 
prebendaries received indults to let even to laymen the fruits 
of other benefices held by them, whilst residing at Lichfield, 
and a third George Radcliff aged over sixty-seven and 
the son of a knight, had an indult to visit his archdeaconry of 
Chester by deputy. 

Several dispensations to hold pluralities are given in this 
volume, a typical example being Drew Malefurmiti, who 
held prebends at Tamworth, Westminster, Salisbury, Hastings, 
and Lisieux, besides being rector of Saltwood, chaplain at 


Troyes, and parson of St. Sulpice de Plasnis. He had been 
secretary to Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester. 

On two occasions the Bishop of Lichfield received a papal 
mandate to dispense persons to remain in a marriage that 
they had contracted in ignorance of the fact that the parent 
of one had also been the godparent of the other party to the 
marriage. Papal confirmation is given to the collation by 
Bishop Bothe of his nephew aged fourteen and only in minor 
orders to the wardenship of the Denhall poor hospital ; also 
to the finding by the rector of Hanbury that the abbey of 
Darley need not maintain a separate priest at Alverston 
and that the inhabitants there should attend the parish church 
of S. Michael's, Derby. 

Space will not permit of further local extracts from this 
calendar, but perhaps sufficient have been given to show the 
kind of information given. It may be added that the eight 
preceding volumes of this series cover the period from 1198 
to 1447. 

W. N. L. 


I 37)- Vol. II (1307-1349). H.M. STATIONERY OFFICE 

These volumes are the first of a series of calendars descriptive 
of the residue of the Inquisitions returned into Chancery after 
the classes known as post mortem and ad quod damnum have been 
separately calendered. It will be readily seen on looking at 
the full subject indexes how varied is the historical information 
here contained. For the most part these Inquisitions were 
taken before Sheriffs in pursuance of writs under the great 
seal, but many were taken before escheators, bailiffs of liberties, 
or commissioners, and some were taken under writs of privy 
seal. The jury system was worked hard. These inquiries 
covered elaborate statistical returns as to the extent, value, 
and customs of manors, of armour in castles (Bamborough), 
as well as escapes from prison, the fate of lost falcons, and more 
important questions of tenure and ownership. Most frequent 
are the inquests in the modern sense where deaths had to be 
inquired into. Here we are brought closely in touch with the 
everyday life of the Middle Ages : the particulars are invalu- 
able for the social historian. The reign of law was indeed a 
reality when it availed to collect a jury to inquire into the death 
of a plough-boy who, while helping his father, was accidentally 
killed by the staff (baculum) of the plough which the father was 
whirling round and round to frighten the mixed team of oxen 
and horses; and the jury find that " they know for a truth 
that Henry would rather have killed himself than his only 
son." But homicide, the outcome of sordid and even childish 
squabbles, most frequently taxed the time of the local jury- 

Hockey as a game for boys may be noted (1277), and the 
undefined " penyperche " was probably a game of cards, since 
it was played in taverns. 


The student of mediaeval measurements may be glad to 
know that the " king's perch " was in Berkshire 21 feet and in 
Hampshire 20, " but not of the king's feet, and the perch 
of the hedge is 20 of the king's feet." In Staffordshire hedging 
work is still reckoned by the eight yard rood. Under highway 
law, we find in 1291 a refusal on the part of two Hundreds to 
repair a Norfolk bridge " because it was first made by alms," 
and this is not an isolated case : the Common Law gradually 
relieved a hopeless situation by fixing liability upon the county. 

Perhaps the most important section of these Inquisitions 
is that " de Rebellibus." After the battle of Evesham, fought 
in 1265, the King appointed a special Commission with a view 
to the appropriation of the land of all who had supported 
Simon de Montford. In these calendars are the returns 
for thirty counties, showing the rebels' names, but not for 
Staffordshire nor Shropshire It is news, however, that Alton 
castle was captured by Robert Ferrers from John de Verdon, 
" who held loyally by the King," and was rewarded by grants 
of land in Surrey and elsewhere. 

Several references to the numerous Swynnerton family 
are given. There is a curious robbery at Hilton, in 1324, 
Nicholas de Swynnerton, John de Charnes and others taking 
away a large quantity of armour, here detailed and valued, 
as well as " 2 tents of the price of 6 marks, 7 oxen and a cow, 
5 mares, and 4 foals and 13 she goats." Nicholas is 
described as parson of Cheleston (? Muckleston, cf. S.H.C. ix), 
and would seem to have been the brother of John. It is 
known that the family were divided in their political partisan- 
ship during the disorders of the reign of Edward II (see S.H.C., 
iii, N.S., p. 94), and this is the probable explanation of this 
profitable raid. 

No. 1758 of vol. ii contains a statement of the defects 
" of the hall and chambers of the manse of the deanery of 
Wolverhampton in the time of Master Hugh Elys, late dean." 
This has already been printed in our Collections (vol. 1913, 
pp. 82-3). It tends to prove, that the dean had been resident, 
a rare virtue in those days. 


In the reign of Edward II the chief political event for 
Staffordshire was the King's successful attack on the Earl of 
Lancaster at Burton and Tutbury. We learn incidentally 
that the royal Welsh levies pilfered the chapel of Tutbury 
Castle before the King's arrival, but there is no record of any 
inquiry into the disappearance of the Earl's treasure, which 
brought suspicion upon the monks of Burton for several 
years. John de Leek was the first royal keeper. An important 
record is a finding of a jury in 1324 that the Prior of Tutbury 
" ought to have and his predecessors have had from the 
foundation of the house, viz., from the Annunciation, A.D. 1121, 
the amercements of all his tenants in the Hundred of Apeltre." 
The date given in all the books is 1080-1089, based upon a 
charter of Henry de Ferrers printed in the Monasticon, but 
the annals of the house record no prior before 1125, nor does 
D.B. include the monastery 7 in the list of Staffordshire land- 

It is as well to point out that some of these Inquisitions 
have been already printed in full by the Society in recent 
volumes, but these being based upon the transcripts, require 
to be checked with the calendar version. In one instance, 
at least, the Inquisition on Hugh de Loges' perquisites in 
Cannock Forest (S.H.C., 1911, p. 127), there is marked 

Not a few entries disclose the details of domestic architecture 
in the thirteenth century. Perhaps some of the larger 
Staffordshire manor houses may have resembled that at 
Laughton in Sussex, which had a hall with a chapel, three 
chambers, and a garderobe adjoining at one end, and three 
solars with another garderobe at the other end. There was 
a moat round the site and a fringe of palings ; the entrance 
was over a drawbridge through a gatehouse with two houses 
on each side. Outside lay the granges and beast houses. 

The fullness of the indexes and the accuracy of the identifica- 
tions are remarkable. In one instance the editor has shrunk 
from the attempt ; a jury in 1346 sat at " Brelaughton " 
for the purpose of ascertaining the tenure of the manor of 


Cresswell. This is almost certainly Burlaughton near Blym- 
hill, which may also be the scene of " a great wrestling " and 
its consequent tragedy on July 22, 1289 ; the record reads 
" Brelasto " and the index gives Barlaston. It is the Derby- 
shire parish of Norbury that had a ferry (vol. i, No. 108). 
More misleading, perhaps, is the identification of Tunstall, 
or Dunstall, in Wolverhampton manor as Tunstall in Adbaston 
(vol i, No. 441), and the busardos which destroyed an eyrie 
of sparrow-hawks in Arundel Park (No. 411 of vol. ii) were 
surely buzzards and not " bustards." 

S. A. H. B. 

CALENDAR OF FINE ROLLS. Vol. V (1337-1347). 

The series of the records of the Chancery known as Fine 
Rolls extend from the reign of King John to that of Charles I. 
On them were entered the sums of money (or other property) 
offered to the King by way of oblation or fine for the passing 
of charters, grants of liberties, exemptions, licences, pardons, 
etc. By this means the Crown was secured a considerable 
income, no pretext being too trivial for the extortion of an 
apparently voluntary payment. The favoured receivers of 
these grants must indeed in many cases have looked upon 
them with mixed feelings. 

The present volume belongs to a period when the King 
sorely needed money for his French Wars, and several levies 
of tenths and wool subsidies are dealt with therein. There 
are also Edward's dealings with foreign merchants, the Bardi 
and Peruzzi and other financiers. Several entries deal with 
that species of taxation known as forced loans : " the King 
has ordained . . . that the merchants of Lombardy staying 
in London, who are under the King's protection and make no 
small gains from their trafficking in the realm, help the King 
with a loan of 1000 /. . . . " ; and not once only. Another 
bird to be plucked was the alien priory. The King argued 
that to have aliens, even clergy, fattening at home when he 
was at war abroad with their friends was a fit subject for a 


" fine. " There are only two of this numerous class belonging 
to Staffordshire in this volume, Lapley and Tutbury. 

In September 1337, Godbert de Lapione, fellow-monk of 
the abbot of St. Remigius (Rheims), and Robert de Shareshull, 
proctors of the said abbot of the priory of Lappeleye, were 
charged 55 marks for the favour of keeping their lands and 
goods. In May 1338, Baldwin the prior was granted the 
priory in return for an annual rent of 261. 55. J\d., he having 
petitioned that the former rent exceeded the income and that 
he not having the necessaries of life, divine worship, celebrations 
of mass, alms and other works of piety would cease. In 
July 1338 followed a pardon (or remission) of igl. I2s. ^d. 
off the above sum, on condition that he pay a like sum of 
ten marks yearly. In March 1341 this sum was doubled, 
and the prior, preferring a fixed stipend without the worry of 
ever changing assessments, surrendered the priory into the 
King's hands, who committed it to his kinsman, Henry of 
Lancaster, Earl of Derby. A similar process troubled brother 
Alexander de Portu, prior of Tutbury, which had been assessed 
at 100 marks. 

Many pages are devoted to the wool subsidy of 30,000 
sacks, 14 Ibs. to a stone and 26 stones to a sack, granted to 
the King in 1342. The Staffordshire collectors were Thomas 
de Swynerton, sheriff, Robert Mauveysyn, chivaler, John 
de Aston, chivaler, William de Perton and Ralph Basset of 
Cheadle. The assessment was 125 sacks, 12^ stones, 5 pounds, 
i quarter, at the rate of one-fifteenth. Compared with the 
480 sacks from Suffolk, 637 from Kent, 632 from Lincoln, 
or 1103 from Norfolk, Staffordshire appears to come off lightly. 
In fact, the wool-raising industry had not yet reached the 

Considerable sums were paid by individuals and towns who 
wished to be freed from their assessment for supplying troops 
in 1346. Thus John de Handlo paid 160 marks for the 
remission of his quota of men-at-arms, hobelers and archers 
in counties Salop and Stafford ; William Caumpion, assessed 
at one archer, paid 405. ; John Doyly for a hobeler and archer, 


8 marks ; John de Aston, Adam de Morton, Henry de Bushbury 
and Thomas de Tamhorn, 5 marks each for a hobeler ; Sir 
John de Hastang, 26 marks for two men-at-arms and two 
archers ; Sir Thomas de Halghton, lol. for one man-at-arms 
and one hobeler. The men of Penkridge, assessed at two 
armed men, were discharged from one for 5 marks. 

As rewards for service we find the bailiwick of the hundred 
of Cuddleston granted (1339) to John de Bremesgrave, the 
King's porter, in the place of John de Trove, King's serjeant- 
at-arms, deceased. Robert de Ferrers in like manner received 
grants of Pirehill (1338 to 1345). Hugh de Wrottesley had, 
during pleasure, the keeping of the manor of Tettenhall, 
at a rent of loos. He is likewise excused payment of customs 
at Antwerp on 27! sacks of his own wool put on board at 
Great Yarmouth. There are many such exemptions, the 
King's clerk, Philip de Weston, being twice so privileged. 
In him we may probably recognize the newly-appointed (1339) 
Dean of Wolverhampton. During this period he also filled 
the posts of keeper of Carisbrook Castle (1342), guardian of 
the bishopric of Winchester, steward of the lands reserved 
to the chamber and keeper of Corfe Castle, 1345. One other 
local grant deserves mention. It is that of 100 acres of waste 
in the forest of Kinver to Leo de Perton the King's pantler, 
on payment of sums from zd. to 4^. per acre a year. There 
are many place-names mentioned in the neighbourhood of 
Swindon and " the Spitelbrok," which is still marked on the 
map as a tributary of the Stour. Finally, it is interesting to 
find that Sir Robert Mauveysyn and Philip de Lutteleye, 
collectors of the subsidies of tenths and fifteenths in 1344-5, 
were to place the money in Lichfield Cathedral for safe keeping. 
Abbeys, priories and cathedrals, and in one case a church, 
served this purpose in other counties. The compilation and 
index (full and elaborate) of this volume is chiefly the work of 
Mr. A. E. Bland. This society has already printed General 
Wrottesley's abstracts from the Fine Rolls of Edward II in 

volume ix. 

G. P. M. 



The character of the contents of this volume does not 
differ from that of previous volumes already reviewed in these 
pages (vide N.S. xii, and 1913). The charters dealt with 
largely consist of confirmations of older charters, and those 
which are new are usually grants of free-warren, markets, and 
other liberties. 

Of the former, which date from William I, but are chiefly 
of Henry I, Stephen, Henry II, and Richard I, few concern 
Staffordshire. But there is a grant of Stephen to Roger 
(de Clinton), bishop of Chester, Coventry and Lichfield of 
the churches of Pencriz and Statford (1135-6). There is also 
a curious confirmation by Henry II (marked as spurious) 
of a charter of Robert de Baskerville, granting the abbey of 
Combermere, his manor of Erlida (Yarlett) near Stafford, 
half the vills of Aston, Ennestona (Enson), and Baginhold 
(Bagnall), with the waste of Longmore. One of the witnesses 
was Radulf , clerk of Kinver, " who wrote this charter." Printed 
in full also is a charter of King Richard, granting the bishop 
the towns and churches of Rugeley and Cannock, 4 December 

Of grants of Free Warren that to Roger Hillary in 1344 
takes first place, covering as it does the towns of Walsall, 
Rushall, Aldridge, Gorscote, Essington, Wednesbury, Tipton, 
West Bromwich, Great Barr, Little Barr, Perry Barr, Oscott, 
Hampstead, Handsworth, Fisherwick, Whittington, Horton, 
co. Stafford and two places in Warwickshire. Others are : 

William de Caverswall (with leave to make a park), at 
Cavers wall, 1344. 

Hugh Meignyll at Packington and Hints (and elsewhere), 


John Cokayn in Snellesdale and Calton (and in Derbyshire), 

John de Beverley, King's squire, at Penkridge, 1368. 

Ralph Basset of Weldon, kt., at Madeley Alsowe, 1380. 

John de Beverley is also favoured (1372) with a grant 
of view of frank pledge and other privileges in Penkridge and 

REVIEWS.. 189 

the fees and members thereof, to wit Wolgarston, Drayton, 
Connegrove, Doneston, Coverley, Befcote and Little Onn. 
In 1364, when " king's yeoman," he had been granted a market 
and fair at Penkridge. 

Similar grants of markets and fairs were : 

to Nicholas de Beek at Tene (1355). 

to Ralph de Stafford, steward of the King's household, 

at Madeley-imder-Lime (134!) and elsewhere, 
to Nicholas de Stafford, kt., and Elizabeth his wife at 

Tiddeswell, co. Derby (1393). 
to the bailiffs and burgesses of Stafford (a yearly fair on 

3 May), 1412. 
to Richard Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, at Walsall 


There is a charter creating Ralph, baron of Stafford, to 
be earl, 5 March 1351, and another (1398) in favour of Joan, 
widow of the seventh and last Ralph Bassett of Drayton, 
and sister of John, Duke of Brittany and Earl of Richmond. 
We may infer from a charter dated at Lichfield, 8 May 1348, 
that the King was passing, through the county at that time. 

In one of the indexes the places are grouped under counties, 
no easy matter, and such mistakes as arise may probably be 
due to faulty rubrication in the original Hints, for instance, 
is not in Derbyshire. It may also be suggested that Shrews- 
bury abbey's manor " de loco Sancti Johannis Baptist? in the 
wood of Suthon, co. Stafford," which is indexed as Sutton in 
Norbury, is probably Sutton, near Shrewsbury, which the 
abbey had in 1240, * and where there was a church of St. John. 
Does not Sutton near Norbury belong to Meer ? 

G. P. M. 

1 See Shrop. Arch. Journal for 1915. Cf. S.H.C., 1913, 317. 




Acram, Robert ad, 7. 

Ad capud ville (? = Townsend), 

Walter, 26. 

Adam, parson of Longford, 9. 
Adamsone, Richard, 33. 
Adestan, Adam, 28. 

Robert, 13, 28. 
- - William, 28. 

Adrideleye (Audley), Henry de, 18. 

Akylod, Alys de, 9. 

Alayn, Aleyn, William, 2, 35, 37. 

Aldebrom, 19. 

Aldeford, 22. 

Aldehale, 19. 

Alditchel (Audley), Henry de, 8. 

Aldithel (Audley), William de, 8. 

Alexander, 33. 

Allerton, 37. 

Alnot, Hugh de, 20. 

Alrewas, Henry de, 31. 

Alsop, Ralph of, 17. 

Alstonfield, 5. 

Altorne, Walter de, 20. 

Alverton, 3. 

Alwyne, Hugh, 7. 

Ammound, 39. 

Andrew, son of Hubert, 17. 

Aplebi, Richard de, i. 

- Tochi de, i . 

Aquam, ad. See Attewater. 
Arblaster, Arms of, 2. 

James, 2. 
Archer, John le, 3. 
Arden, John de, Kt., 2. 
Aspeden, James, 3. 
Assheby, John, 30. 
Astebury, Henry de, 27. 
Aston, John de, 2. 

- Richard de, 33, 35, 36. 
Roger de, 7. 

Thomas de, Kt., 24. 

Athulle, Robert de, 4. 
William de, 4. 
Attecros, William, 32. 
Attelake, Nicholas, 14. 

Attewater (surname), 33. 

Robert, 16, 17, 31, 32. 
Attewode, Alice. 31. 

Christiana, 31, 35. 

Ralph, 31, 35. 

Audeley, Alan de, 18. 

- James de, Kt., 24. 
Sec Adrideleye, Alditchel, 

Aula (Hall), Alan de, 12, 37. 

See Halle. 

Austyn, Richard, 34. 

Aytrop, Eytrop, Simon, 33, 39. 

William, 22. 


Baard, Robert, 20. 

Walter, 20. 
William, 20. 

Bacar, John le, 16. 
Bache, John de la, 34. 
Bagot, W., 37, 38. 
Baldeyin, 20. 
Baud, Robert de, 20. 

Simon de, 20. 
Bawquelle, 29. 
Baretispulle, 6. 

Adam de, 6. 
Avice de, 6. 

Ronulfus de, 6. 
Thomas, 6. 

Baril, William, 17. 
Barinton, Philip de, Kt., 24. 
Barker, Robert, 14. 
Barkeston, Alicia de, 37. 
seal of, 37. 

Robert de, 37. 

Stephen de, 37. 
Barre (Perry Barr), 10. 

Richard de, 31. 
Bartholomew, 20. 
Base, John, 18. 

William, 17. 

Basseloue, John de, 5. 
Basset, Ralph, 25. 



Basset, William, 3. 
Bayli, William le, 18. 
Becco, Ralph de, 20. 
Beche, le, 36. 
Bedell, Sampson, 35, 39. 

Stephen, 14. 

William le, 33, 35, 39. 

Beln, Hervey le, 6, 7. 
Benet, Agnes, 29. 

John, 29. 

Bercar, Adam, 16. 

William, 16. 

Berdmor, John, 14. 
Bereford, Osbert de, 4. 
Berehorn, William, 21. 
Bethhurdedich, the, 14. 
Beton, Richard, 10. 
Birchull, Hugh de, 2. 
Birmingham, 10. 
Birmyngeham, William, 10. 
Black, Robert, 20. 
Blake, Matilda le, 7. 
Blakehet, le, 22- 
Blakemerhegg, le, 22. 
Bliaitt, Lance, 20. 
Blore, 1 8. 
Blumenhull, 28. 
Blundell, William, 13, 28. 
Boevill. See Buville. 
Boll, Roger, 30. 
Bollehull, 5. 
Bolles, Simon de, 19. 
Bordstrete, Lichfield, 9. 
Borwestone (Burweston), 33. 
Bosco, de. See Wood. 
Boscum, ad. See Attewode. 
Botha, Ralph de, 36. 
Botiler, Lady Jane de, 14. See 


Richard le, 9, 10, u, 25. 

William le, 10, 25. 

Bo ton, John, 2. 
Bour, Adam de, 16. 
Boures, 23. 

Adam de, 23. 

Nicholas de, 22, 23. 

Roger de, 22, 23. 

Bourne, John de la, 7, 32. 
Bowre, Thurstan atte, 30. 
Boydell, John de, Kt., 2. 
Bradegraves, 19. 
Brademede (field-name), 22. 
Bradenop, 26. 
Bradewall, Richard de, 15. 
Bradewalle, Bradwall, 12, 14. 
Bradlegh, Walter de, 4. 
Bradschawe, Roger, 3. 
Bradwall, John de, 12. 

Walter de, 12. 

Brakeleye, Roger de, 31. 

Bray, John de, 32. 
Brendolif, Thomas de, 36. 
Brescy, Richard de, 2. 
Brewode, Peter de, 4, 5. 
Brinton. See Bruntton. 
Brocton, John de, 7, 10, 16, 17, 31. 

Reginald de, 35. 

William de, 9. 

Brokhole, William de, 2. 
Brokton, 3. 

Henry de, 7. 
John de, 7. 

Reyner de, 7. 

William de, 7. 
Brom, Robert de, 36. 
Brome, 27. 

Bromesgrove, Vicar of, 23 
Bromfeld, le (field-name), 35. 
Bromley, Bromieg, 32. 

- Bagod, 2. 

- Regis, 31. 
-Sty, 31. 

Benedict de, 15. 

Hugh de, 7. 

Matilda de, 15. 

- John de, 24, 29, 32. 

Robert de, 7. 
Bromschulf, Bromsulf (Bramshall), 


Hugh de, 6. 

John de, 6. 

Roger de, 6. 

Brone, William, 30. 
Bruges, Richard de, 4. 

William de, 4, 5. 

Brugge, Richard de, 33. 

Bruggenorth (Bridgenorth), 30. 

Bruggesiche, le, 22. 

Brugge-si che-stile, 22. 

Brumpton, John de, Kt., 28. 

Brun, Roger, 20. 

Bruntton (Brinton), Adam de, 9 

37- 38. 

Eva de, 9. 

Budell, William, 37. 
Budene, le, 34. 
Bufiri, Buff ere, William, 4 . 
Bulkylegh, Roger de, 2. 
Burghtone, John de, 32. 

Roger de, 22. 

Burgo, Bertram de, 37. 

Ralph de, 12. 

Burgulon, Thomas, 10. 
Burstede, William de, 20. 
Burton-on-Trent, 25. 
bailiff, of, 25. 

Abbey, seal of, i . 

Abbot of, i. 

Chapter of, i . 



Burton Abbey, monks of, i. 

prior of, i . 

Burweston. See Borewestone. 
Buville, Ralph de, 18. 

William de, 18. 

Bywater (surname), 33. 
Bysshopes Offeleye, 32. 


Caldecote, John, 30. 
Caldewallemede (field-name), 23. 
Cal . . . ley, Hugh de, u. 
Cannokbury, 32. 

Capud ville. See Ad capud ville. 
Cardon, Richard, 10. 
Careswalle, Peter de, Kt., 21. 
Carpenter, Frawin, i. 

- Richard son of William, 10. 

William le, 7, 8, 16, 17, 31, 


Casterne, John de, 18. 
Caukke, Richard, 23. 
Caus, William, 19. 
Caverswall. See Careswalle, 


- Robert de, 18. 
Cedric, monk of Burton, i. 
Certeleygh (Chartley), 19. 
Chabihul, Reynor de, 8. 
Chaldene, William de, 20. 
Chalun, William, 13. 
Champion, Robert le, 34. 

William le, 12. 
Charnes. See Chav ernes. 

Reginald de, 22. 

Chartley. See Certeleygh. 
Chatcul, Chatkulve, Thomas de, 32. 

William de, 15, 32. 
Chavernes, John de, 15. 

Robert de, 15. 
Chelle, John, 2. 
Cherleton (Chorlton), 15, 35. 
Cherleymor, Adam de, 7. 
Chester, city of, i . 

justiciar of, 2, n. 
Mayor of, 2. 

Sheriff of, 2, n. 

Peter de, 27. 

Chetwynd, John de, 37, 38. 

Richard, Esq., 24. 

Cheyneston, 38. 
Child, Robert, 31. 

Roger, 31. 

Chivele, Walter de, 28. 
Cholmondiston, co. Chester, 6. 
Chorlton. See Cherleton. 
Churchesty, le, 35. 

Claychul, Claythul, William de, 10, 


Claywall, 24. 
Clehithul (field-name), 8. 
Cleydon, Hugh de, 5. 
Cleyfeld, le (field-name), 35. 
Coco, John, 28. 

William, 31. See Cook. 
Cokeseye, Elizabeth de, 38. 

- Walter de, 38. 
Cokkemere, 22. 
Collishull, John de, 15. 

Roger de, 15. 
Coly, John, 15. 
Consale, 14. 

Cook, John, 30. 

- Thomas, 30. See Coco. 
Cotes, Cothes, Aliscia de, 17. 

- Angeria de, 4. 

- Robert de, 8, 17, 24, 35, 36. 

William de, 35, 36. 
Cothes, field of, 17. 
Coton, 25, 26. 

-- John de, 2. 
Cotterell, Cotrell, Arms of, 3. 

- James, 3. 

Richard, 6. 

Coule (Cowley), Peter de, 37, 38. 
Coventry, Archdeacon of, 13. 

and Lichfield, Bp. of, 6. 
Covintre, Henry de, 12. 
Cowley. See Coule. 

Coygne (Coyney), John, 18, 21. 

Thomas, 18. 
Craunford, Henry de, 25. 
Cressewalle, John de, 32. 
Crofte, Hugh de, Kt., 32. 
Croslay, John de, 37. 
Cruwe, Thomas, 10. 
Cumbermara, Abbot of, 8, 19. 

Convent of, 8, 19. 
Curbuat, 20. 
Cursonn, William de, 34. 


Darlaston. See Dervislaw. 

John de, 9. 
Decon, John, 14. 
Denyll, Nicholas, 2. 
Derby, Earl of, 4. 
Dernemoth, court of, 28. 
Dervislaw (Darlaston), Roger de, 15. 

- Thomas de, 15. 

William de, 15. 

Devereus, Hugh, 38. 

Nicholas, 38. 
Draiton (Drayton), 25. 
Draycote, 13. 



Draycote, James de, 14. 

- John de, 13, 14. 

- Roger de, 3, 34. 
Drayton. See Draiton. 
Dubois. See Wood. 
Ductum, Henry juxta, 33. 
Dunclent, Alice, 27. 
Dungworthe, co. York, 30. 
Durand, monk of Burton, i. 
Dutton Water, 7. 

Robert de, 16, 24. 


Ecclesall-Byerlow, co. York. See 

Eclishil, Eklesale. 
Eccleshall, 15. 
Eccleston, i. 
Eclishil (Ecclesall-Byerlow), 37. 

- Ralph de, 37. 
Edenynghale (Edingale), 34. 
Edmaigrene, 36. 
Edwin, prior of Burton, i. 
Egerton, Philip de, 2. 
Eklesale (Ecclesall-Byerlow), 36. 

- Ralph, Kt., 36. 
Elizabeth, Queen, 30. 
Elmer, i. 
Elotislane, 31. 

Elye, 1 8. 

Emmota, dau. of Sibbellia del 

Woding, 10. 

Enginour, Agnes, w. of Richard le, 

Richard le, t. 

Ennefelde, Rector of, 23. 

Enny, Robert, 3. 

Erdeswick. See also Herdewyk. 

- Hugh, 3. 

. Thomas de, 2, 26. 

Erdeswick, Thomas, E?q., 24. 
Erdington, Richard, 23. 
Erleia, Guy of, 20. 
Erlide, William le, 24. 
Esington, Richard de, 12. 

Robert de, 12. 

Ethcote, Robert de, 30. 

Eton, Manor of, 38. 

Eustace, Chaplain of St. Neot, 20. 

Everdon, William, 27. 

Evesham, Alexander de, 7, 8. 

Richard de, 7, 8. 

Eybi, John de, 37, 38. 
Eyton, Richard de, 28. 
Eytrop. See Aytrop. 


Feld, John de la, 38. 
Feldschete, le, 22. 

Ferrers, Robert de, 4. 

Flemmeng, Robert le, 12. 

Flesschewer, Alan, 2. 

Fokeram, Roger, 31. 

Folebroc, 10. 

Fonte, Stephen de, 9. 

Fordiane, Stephen, 38. 

Forster, Robert le, 23. 

Forum, Hugh, 5. 

Foryate (Foregate), Stafford, 23. 

Fossebreg, 21. 

Fox, Adam, 33. 

Foxe, .... 26. 

Foxekoegge, 19. 

Frances, William, 5. 

Franklegh, Simon, Lord of, 4. 

Freford, John de, 34. 

William de, 31, 34. 
Frend, John, 36. 
Fresno, Robert, 6. 
Froddeswall, Froddeswell, 3, 25, 

26, 27. 

Froggeshays, 38. 
Fuks, Richard, 38. 
Fulnewall. See Furnivall. 
Furnaus, Richard de, 20. 
Furnivall, Arms of, 30. 

Gerard de, 30. 
- Thomas de, 30. 

Fustixe, William, 39. 


G., Prior of Stanes, 8. 

Gaham, Peter de, 5. 

Gatham in Alstonfield, 5. 

Gatton, 39. 

Geffrey, John, 25. 

Geoffrey II, Abbot of Burton, i. 

Gerard, 20. 

- John, 2. 
Gerveys, John, 3. 

Robert, 16, 24. 

Thomas, 4 . 
Gibbesone, Roger, 39. 
Gilbert, Brother, 20. 
Gilebert, Wiscard, 20. 
Gloher, William, 21. 
Glupsy, Thomas, 17. 
Gnosall, 30. 
Godeman, Thomas, 27. 
Godfrey, 20. 
Godwin, 5. 
Goldsmith, Simon le, 23. 

. William, 5. 

le, 20. 

Christopher, 23. 
Gotham, co. Notts, 5. 
Grafton, John, 23. 
W'illiam de, 23. 

O 2 



Granegos, Simon, 17. 
Gratwich, Parson of, 6, 7. 
Gravenhungger, Robert de, 16. 
Gray, Henry, Lord, 3. 
Gregory, 20. 
Grendon, Andrew de, 27. 

Ralph de, 26, 27, 32. 

Robert de, 27. 

Grenelegh, the (Grindley), 18, 19. 
Grenhac, 19. 
Griffin, William, 19. 
Grimstun, Walter de, 37. 
Grindley. See Grenelegh. 
Grontham, Robert de, 10. 
Growenur (Grosvenor), Warin le, 1 1. 
Gurpeil, John, 20. 

Walter, 20. 

Guy of Erleia, 20. 
Gybon, Peter, 25. 


Hacton, mill of, 24. 

Hacun, Nicholas, 17. 

Halhuton (? Haughton), Robert de, 

H..alhitton (? Haughton), Robert 

de, 37. 

Hallamshire, Halumshyre, 30. 
Halle. See Aula, de. 

Alan del, 39. 

Richard del, 39. 
Hallecroft, le (field-name), 7. 
Hammerwich. See Homerwych. 
Hamstall Ridware, 34. 
Handsworth. See Honnesworth. 
Hanleysute, 39. 

Haregreve, 19. 

Harehull, 24. 

Harlaston, 34. 

Harnage, John, 23. 

Harper, Harpur, Harpehur, Richard 

le, 19, 21. 
Harri, Letitia, 36. 
Hasting, John de, 6. 

- Robert de, 8. 

- William le, 6. 
Hastings, Arms of, 6. 
Haughton. See Halhuton, 


Haukesyerd, 10. 
Haukwallesich, 24. 
Hauselin, Roger, 36. 
Hauys, dau. of Warm, 5. 
Heebruche, le, 22. 
Heghlowe, le, 3. 

Helda, Helde, le (field-name), 30. 
Hellisby, Agnes de, 6. 
Roger de, 6. 

Helowe, le, Manor of, 3. 
Hemil, Roger de, 6. 
Hende, Thomas le, 23. 
Henry juxta ductum, 33. 

son of John the Steward, 17. 
Ranulf, 19. 
William, 19. 

the clerk, 5. 

Henry's Croft (field-name), 19. 

Hen ul, Robert de. 21. 

Hcnwood, co. Warw. See Hyne- 


Hephunderne, 19. 
Herdewyk, le, 32, 33, 39. 

Alota de la, 33. 

Eva de la, 33. 
Gilbert de la, 33. 

Henry de le, 25. 

-- John de la, 33. 
- Robert de la, 33. 
Thomas de la, n, 33. 

Hertherton, Ralph de, 15. 
Heryng, Stephen, 9. 
Het, le, 22. 

Heusce, Thomas de la, 25. 
Hextall, Henry de, 27. 
Richard de, 26. 
Heylaythul (field-name), 7. 
Hill, Alexander on the, 14. 

Peter on the, 35. 

See Hull. 

Hobin, son of Avice de Baretispulle, 


Hodenet, William de, n, 25. 
Hokelowe, Great, 3. 

Little, 3. 

Nicholas de, 13. 

Holeney, Richard de 9. 
Holewey, 38. 
Holyenewall, 24. 
Homerwych (Hammerwich), 38. 
Honeford, Walter de, 18. 
Honnesworth (Handsworth), 10. 

William de, 28. 

Honyleye, Robert de, 16. 
Hor, Hore, Nicholas le, 26. 

Richard de, 27. 

William le, 25, 27. 

Hord, Thomas, 30. 
Horelow, Joce de, 36. 

John de, 36. 

Matilda de, 36. 

Horestonescnol, 38. 

Horm, 36. 

Horninglow, Frodmund de, i. 

Horselawe, 19. 

Horseleye, Horseleg, Henry de, 14, 


Robert de, 36. 

William de, 36. 



Hospital of St. John Baptist, Lich- 

field, 10. 

Houghton, John de, 12. 
Huberdisweye, 31. 
Hubert, 17. 

Huggeford, Robert de, 27. 
Hugh, Parson of Malpas, 21. 

the clerk, 16. 

Hull, Hulle, Adam of le, 22. 

John de, 6, 33. 

See Hill. 

Hulmmesheth, 14. 
Hulton Abbey, 18. 
. Abbot of, 26. 

monks of, 18, 26. 

Hunesworth, William de, 13. 
Hunt, William, 5. 
Hunter, John, 8, 9. 

Thomas le, 9. 

Hurell, Alexander, 2. 
Hurleston, William, 32. 
Hurst, Thomas atte, 29. 

William, 29. 

Hurstmote, 5. 

Hyde, William de, 14. 

Hynewood (Kenwood, co. Warw.), 

nuns of, 13. 

Hynkeley, John de, 2, 32. 
Hynstoke, Roger de, 16. 


I ps tones, 13. 

William de, 13, 14. 

Ivo, 17. 


Joce Park, 36. 

John, 37. 

Chaplain of the Precentor, 

le 9- 

of Little Suggunhull, 22. 

son of Adam, 9. 

Robert, 20. 

Roger, 28. 

Simon le Goldsmith, 


the clerk, 26. 

William, 15. 

Joneston (? Johnson Hall), 15. 
Juvene, Hugh, 13, 28. 


Kavereswall, Parson of, 18. 
Kegword (Kegworth, co. Leic.), 
Parson of, 21. 

Kent, John de, 26, 27. 

Ketell, 13. 

King, Henry, 5, 13, 28. 

Kingeston, Henry de, 6. 

Matilda, w. of William de, 6. 

William de, 6. 

Kingestone Lees, 6. 
Knave, John le, 24. 
Kneri, 17. 

Knyghton, John de, 32. 
Knythteleye (Knightley), 31. 
John de, 31. 

Knyt , Ralph de, 10. 

Kokenache (Cocknidge), Peter de, 


Kuhicel (Quixhill), Robert de, 38. 
Kyngeslowe, Richard, 30. 


Le, 27. 

William de, 27. 

Lees, 6. 

John de, 6. 

Richard de, 6. 

Robert of, 6. 

William de, 6. 

Leg, Robert de, 8. 
Leghton, 2. 

Ranulf de, 2. 

William de, 2. 

Leis, Hervey de, 39. 
Leke, 27. 

Alan de, 25. 

Lerughinhay, 15. 

Leysing, Raynor, 5. 

Lichfield, 13, 28, 31. 

Bp. of (see Coventry), 6, 

land Of, 22. 

Bordstrete in, 9. 
Cathedral, 28. 

Canon of, 13. 

Chaplain of the Pre- 

centor of, 13. 

Precentor of, 13, 28. 
servant of the Pre- 

centor of, 13. 
son of the Precentor 

of, 13. 

Court of Dernemoth at, 28. 

Hospital of St. John Baptist 

at, 10. 

Margerie de, 13. 

Simon de, 31. 

Lilleshull, Abbot of, 5. 

Canon of, 5. 

Lincoln Castle, Constable of, 3. 
Linton, Lynton, Margaret de, 7. 



Linton, Reginald de, 9, 16. 

Roger de, 16. 

- Thomas de, 7, 8, 9, 16. 

William, 25. 

Lisewis, Lisewys, Lysewis, Lysewys 
(Lisieux), Juliana le, 7. 

Mary, 16. 

Philip, 7, 16, 17, 34. 

Roger, 7, 16. 

- Sibilla le, 7. 

- William, 7, 34, 35. 

seal of, 35. 

Littelton, Jane, 23. 
Richard, 23. 

- Thomas, Kt., 23. 

William, 23. 
Littlebury, Luttebury, John de, n, 

12, 38, 39. 
Roesia de, n, 12. 

Roger de, n, 12. See Ver- 

Locwood, Robert de, 14. 
London, Bp. of, 19. 

- John, 31. 

Lone, William in le, 21. 
Longdon, Longedon, 2, 7, 8, 10, 

16, 24, 31, 34, 35. 
Manor of, 7, 10. 

Alice de, 4. 

Connyld de, 8. 

John de, 8. 

- Julian, dau. of Alice de, 4. 
Longebruche, le, 23. 
Longedych, le, 34. 
Longehadelond, 22. 

Longelee, le, 27. 

Longfort (Longford, co. Salop), 

Parson of, 9. 

Longmedewe, le (field-name), I. 
Lono, le, 16. 

Lord, William called le, 10. 
Lovecock, Henry, 17. 
Loverid, William le, 35. 
Lowe, vill. of la, co. Chester, n. 
Loxhale, William, 25. 
Lychesfeld, Richard de, 31. 
Lyhtwude, the oaks of, 18. 
Lymmebrok, le, 36. 
Lyney. John, 30. 
Lynton. See Linton. 


Makkeworth, 29. 

Malo Passn (Malpas, co. Chester), 

Parson of, 21. 
Marchald, John le, 24. 
Marescall, Gilbert, 1 1 . 
John, 5. 

Marescall, Richard, 13. 
Marichale, Robert le, 32. 
Marscall, Robert, 8. 
Massi, Richard le, 1 1 . 
Massy, Marion, 3. 

Roger, 3. 

Mathew, Precentor of Lichfield. 13, 

son of Stephen, 5. 
Maubanc, Auda, 21. 
Melewich (Milwich), 27. 

Elena de, 27. 
Robert de, 27. 

Walter de, 27. 
Merebur, Laurence de 21. 
Meresiche ]e, 18. 

Meverel, Meverell, John, 3, 29. 

Nicholas, 26, 27. 

- Richard, 3. 

Roger, 21. 

Meverell, Stephen, 19, 

Thomas, 3, 17, 26, 27, 29, 

William, n, 25, 39. 

Miles, Richard, 24. 

Miller, William the, 32. 

Milwich. See Melewich, Mulwyche. 

Minnshult, Adam de, 6. 

Miravall, Abbot of, 4. 

Convent of, 4. 
Mirre, Henry, 26. 
Mockeliston, Adam de, 17. 

Scholastica de, 17. 

Mole, Henry, 19. 
Molinesholme (field-name), i. 
Monnington, co. Hereford, 38. 
Montem, super. See Hill. 
Monyton-in-Straddel (? = Monn- 
ington, co. Hereford), 38. 

Moor, Mor, James in le, 38. 

William in the, 26. 
Morford, 33. 

Moris Ybmensi, 20. 
Mormedwe, le (field-name), 21. 
Morton (? co. Salop), 32. 
James de, 9, 28, 32, 33. 

- Michael de, 32, 37, 38. 

Nicholas de, 9. 
Mountney, Robert de, 30. 
Mouseleye, William de, 34. 
Mucklestone. See Mockeliston, 


Mukleston, Parson of, 29. 
Mulwyche, 3. 

Munshull, Richard, Lord of, 2. 
Muntem, Ernulf de, 36. 
Mutton, Philip de, 9, 37, 38. 
Myddelfeld (field-name), 34. 




Netham, Robert de, 30. 
Nichol, Walter, 24. 
Nicholas le careter, 17. 

son of Ivo, 17. 

Nicholes, Hamund, 16. 

William, 16. 

Norman, John, 25. 

Matilda, 25. 

Northwic (Northwich, co. Chester), 


Norton, John, 15. 
Richard de, 8. 


Obestona (Ubbeston, co. Suffolk), 

Helya de, 20. 
Ocleye, Stephen de, 16. 
Oda, 4. 

Odynsmedue (field-name), 38. 

Offileg, Thomas de, 36. 

Omey, Bishop's. See Bysshopes 


Oldhee, le, Stafford, 23. 
Oldintone, Nicholas de, u. 

Richard de, 1 1 . 

Oldynton, John de, 2. 
Onecote, 26. 
Onekor, John de, 26. 
Orm, Nicholas, 30. 
Osbert, n. 
Overe, Lucas de, 31. 

Robert de, 31. 
Overton, 16 

by Miravall, Church of, 4. 

(or Orton)-on-the-Hill, co. 

Leicester, 4. 

Alan, son of Walter de, 4. 

See Wombourne, Alan de. 

John de, 16. 

- Roger del, 38. 
Walter de, 4. 

Owen, Henry, 39. 
Oxeclyfle, Robert, 23. 
Oxrenhale, 5. 


Pagan, 19. 

Master, 20. 

Pakynton, John de, 25. 
Palmer, Geoffrey, 5. 
Parsons, Thomas, 30. 
Paterin, Henry de, 20. 
Paynolow, Roger de, 19. 
Pecche, Richard, Archdeacon of 
Coventry, 13. 

Pecche, Richard, Bishop of Lichfield, 

Peckforton, co. Chester, 5. 

Peleham, Roger de, 20. 

Penebrugg, Richard de, Kt., 32. 

Penfordlie, 19. 

Perapia, John de, 20. 

Peres, Richard, 7. 

Pernel, Henry, 38. 

Perry. See Piry. 

Pesebutt, 22. 

Peshale, Pesule, 15, 21, 22. 

Adam de, 32. 
John de, 15, 21. 

Robert de, 36. 
William de, 21. 

Peter le vilein, 17. 

Master, 20. 
Peyntor, John, 31. 
Philip the monk, 20. 
Pigot, William, 5. 

. See Pygot. 

Pipa, John de, 5. 

Pipe, Robert de, 5, 9, 12 

Pirle, Richard atte, 16. 

Piry (Perry) Parva, 10. 

Pite, Robert, 13, 28. 

Podmore, 4. 

Pole, Lady Jane de la, 32. See 

Bo tiler. 
Pontrel, John, 38. 

Matilda, 38. 
Poremort, John de, 38. 

Poucer, Robert, brother of Walam, 

Walam, 17. 
Poun, Geoffrey, 13, 28. 
Power, William, 32. 
Powyn, Ralph, 7. 

Praers, Pres, Ronulfus de, 6. 

William de, 1 1 . 
Preste, Richard, 25. 
Prestilowefeld (field-name), 37. 
Puddyng, Adam, 14, 15. 

Warin, 14. 
Pulford, i. 

Richard de, 2. 

Robert de, 2. 
Pulle, Richard de, 6. 
Pursepit, 19. 

Putte, Adam atte, 26. 
Pygot, Alice, 3. 

Richard, 3. 

. See Pigot. 


Quenyburg, Thomas de, 25. 
Quhicol (Quixhill), Robert de, 37. 



Quixhill. See Kuhicel, Quhicol. 
Qwytemore, John, 15. 


Ralph, 1 6. 

Parson of Kegword, 21. 

son of the Pretor, 21. 

the Chaplain, 7. 

the Clerk, 10. 

Redlefhocmede, le (field-name), 22. 
Redynges, John, 25. 
Reginald, son of John, 9. 
Regner, Nicholas, 24. 
Revcll, Adam de, 30. 

William de, 30. 

Reyner, son of John, 8. 
Richard, 5, 13, 17. 

Clerk of Wonyngton, 29. 

Parson of Gratwich, 7. 

son of Baldewin, 20. 

son of John, seal of, 37. 

son of Kneri, 17. 

son of Oda, 4. 
son of Tola, 20. 

son of William, 21. 

son of William Carpenter, 

7. I0 . 3 1 . 35- 
Richardes, William, 16. 
Rikenilde-street, 18. 
Roberdisnidingda (field-name), n. 
Robert, 20. 
(de Sigillo), Bishop of 

London, 19. 

de . . ., clerk, n. 

Parson of Kavereswall, 18. 

son of Elye, 18. 

Molla, 2 1 . 
Osbert, 1 1 . 

Pagan, 19. 
Ralph, 1 6. 

Richard, 13. 

Simon, Lord of 

Cherleton, 35. 

William, 37. 

the Chaplain, 13. 

the clerk, 4, 6. 
the Deacon, 28. 

Robertsfield (field-name), 17. 

Robus, William, 28. 

Roger, 28. 

Roleg, Robert, 33. 

Rolegh, Rolehg, William, 33, 37. 

Ronulf, the clerk, 6. 

Rook, William del, 28. 

Rooleg, Robert, 39. 

Rossale, Warin de, 15, 16. 

Rowland, Godfrey, 30. 

Rowos, Reginald de, 31. 

Ruddok, William, 24. 

Ruding, le (field-name), 17. 

Rugeleye, 31. 

Ruggeleye, Nicholas, 10. 

Rustelewey, 17. 

Ruy shale, 29. 

Rydeware, Thomas de, Kt., 34. 

arms of, 34. 

R . . . fordehaye, le, 21. 


St. Neot's, co. Hunts, 20. 
Sale, William de, 5. 
Saleweye, Humphrey, Esq., 23. 
Salop, Simian, Bailiff of, 17. 
Saltiswalle, 15. 

Sandon, see Sondon, Sondona. 
Church of, 19. 

Vicar of, 19. 

Sarneres, William de, 20. 
Savage, Arnald, 3. 

John, 3. 
Say, John de, 27. 

Richard, 24. 

Scalariis, Roger de, 20. 

Schagh, Richard del, 15. 

Schawe, William de, 2. 

Schef[eld] (Sheffield), 36. 

Scherte Ruding, le (field-name), 17. 

Scot, Simon, 32. 

Seisdon, 4. 

Helia de, 4. 

Thomas de, 4. 

Selymon, Roger, 24. 

Serjaunt, Walter le, 38. 

Serlo of the Wood, 18. 

Seteswey, Seytesway (field-name), 

7. 16, 35- 

Seytces (field-name), 8. 
Shallecroft, le (field-name), 10. 
Sheffield, 30, 36. See Schefeld. 
Shrewsbury, Bailiff of, 17. 
Sibilla, widow of John de Longedon, 


Sicche, Siche, Richard, 17. 
Simian, son of Thurstan, 17. 
Simon Sapiens, or Le Sage, 13. 

son of the Chaplain, 5. 

Walter, 20. 

the Chaplain, 13, 28. 
the clerk, 27. 

Smallrice. See Smalris. 
Smalris, Smalrys, Gilbert de, 25. 

John de, n, 12, 25, 27, 37. 

Soddemare, Sothdemare, Roger, 13, 


Somervill, Philip de, 34. 
Sonbache, Richard de, 15. 



Sondiforde, le, 22. 
Sondilowe, foss of, 37. 
Sondon, Sondona (Sandon), 8, n, 
14, 21, 25, 26, 33, 35, 38, 39. 

Greater, n, 12. 

Little, n, 12, 14, 36, 37. 

Manor of, 32. 
Mill of, 21. 

Vicar of, 14. 

Henry de, 2 1 . 

Nicholas de, n, 
Stephen de, 35. 


Sonfeld, le (field-name), 23. 
Sothdemare. See Soddemare. 
Southminster, co. Essex. See 

Spondon, 29. 
Spronston, 15. 
Stafford, Foregate in, 23. 

Elizabeth de, 29, 31. 

James de, Kt., 32. 

- John, 3. 

- John de, 30. 

Nicholas de, Kt., 29, 31 . 

Richard, 3. 

Simon de, 17. 
Thomas, 3. 

William de, 5, 37. 

Stalington, Stalynton, Alice de, 33. 

Geoffrey de, 33. 

Henry de, 33. 

Ranulf de, 33. 

Robert de, 10, n, 33, 37, 


William de, 10, 33. 

Standon. See Staundon. 
Stanes (Stone), Prior of, 8. 
Stanford, Pagan de, 20. 
Stanton, Philip de, 26. 
Staundon (Standon), 16. 
Church, 29. 

Lord of, 23. 

Manor of, 29. 

- Rector of, 16, 23. 

Isabella de, 29. 
Phiman de, 16. 

Robert de, 15. 

Vivian, Lord of, 24, 29, 32. 

Stepel, William, 13. 

Stephen, 5. 

Abbot of Hulton, 26. 

brother of John, Lord of 
Swynnerton, 36. 

Steward, John, the, 17. 

Stiche, Robert de, 28. 

Stinkendemor, the, 18. 

Stoke (co. Chester), 6. 

Stomwalle, Stomwelle, Robert del, 

io, 35- 
Stonporth, Giles de, io. 

Stonporth, Roger de, io. 
Stotton, Nicholas de, 33. 
Straunge, Baldewin, Kt., io. 
Stremsiche, i. 
Stringer's Hill, 30. 
Stubbeleye, Henry de, 18. 
Style, Robert atte, 34. 
Sucches, 19. 
Sudmenistre (Southminster, co. 

Essex), 20. 

Suenshefd, Adam le, 16. 
Suetelone, Robert, 38. 
Sugge, 15. 

Suggunhul (Sugnall), Great, 21, 22. 
Little, 22. 

- John de, 15, 22. 
Sugnall. See Suggunhul. 
Sutton, Agnes de, 7. 

Richard de, 5, 31. 

William de, 7, 31. 

Swein, John le, 39. 
Swinforton, Robert de, 8. 
Swyndon, William de, 2. 
Swynhed, Adam de, 23. 
Swynnerton, Swinnerton, 24. 

- John, Lord of, 36. 

Nicholas de, 29. 

Roger, Lord of, 24. 

Thomas de, 15. 


Talpenny, William, 17. 

Tamworth. See Thamworyie. 
- John of, 34. 

Tappeley, Hauric de, 2. 

Taylor, Henry, 14. 

Temturer, Henry the Chaplain 
called, 5. 

Terri, Robert, 25. 

Thamworyie, Thomworyie (Tam- 
worth), 4, 5. 
Bailiff of, 5. 

Thomas, Abbot of Cumbermara, 19. 

Rector of Staundon, 16. 

- son of Richard, 13. 
the clerk, 13. 

Thorteleye, 24. 

Throghley (Throwley), 17, 27. 

Manor of, 27. 
Thurstan, 17. 
Tideswell, co. Derby. See 


Tirtesbiria (Tutbury), 20. 
Tixall. See Tyxhale. 
Tochett, Thomas, 29. 
Tola, 20. 

Toly, Richard, 26. 
Tonge, William de, 33. 



Townesend, Robert atte, 22. 
Townsend, Walter, 26. 

See Ad capud ville. 

Tresel, 4, 16. 

Reginald de, 4. 

Tromewyn, Trumwyn, Trumwine, 

Adam, 12. 

- John, Kt., 32. 

- Robert, 32. 
Roger, 23. 

William, 9, n, 12, 32, 38, 39. 
Trussell, William, 2. 
Trusselove, William, 23. 
Tundecroft, le (field-name), 21. 
Turner, Hugh le, 15. 

Tutbury. See Tirtesbiria. 
Tybsshilff, Roger, 29. 
Tyddiswell (co. Derby), 31. 

Manor of, 29, 31. 
Tyxhale, Manor of, 23, 24. 

free chapel of, 24. 

T , Richard, 6. 


Ubbeston, co. Suffolk. See Obes- 


Undurwood, John, 30. 
Uttoczachere (Uttoxeter), Hugh de, 



Vavasur, Robert le, 27. 
Venables, Arms of, 2. 

Hugh de, Kt., i. 

Katherine de, 14. 
- Thomas de, 2. 

- William de, 14. 
Venur. See Hunter. 
Vernay, Robert de, 39. 

Roger de, n, 25. 

See also Wernay. 

Verney, Isabella de, 35. 

Vernon and Littlebury, pedigree of, 

Margery de, 12. 

Robert de, 21. 

Roesia de, u, 12. 

Warin de, 8, n, 21. 


Wakefield, William, 14. 
Walence, John, 35. 
Walensis, Robert, 21. 
Waleys, John le, 10. 
Walkere, Adam le, 34. 

Walla (Wall), Robert de, 13, 28. 
Wallebroc, the, 18. 
Walshale (Walsall), 29. 
Walsi, John de, 21. 
Walter, 20. 

(de Langton), Bp. of Coven- 
try and Lichneld, 6. 

son of Robert, 20. 
son of Walter, 20. 

Walton, Waleton, Waletun, Geoffrey 
de, ii, 12. 

Ivo de, 19. 

Thomas de, 28. 

William de, 28. 

Walunsi, Robert, 21. 

Warde, John le, 15. 

Warilowe, Warelowe, Henry de, 19. 

John de, 25. 

William de, 3, 19. 
Warin, son of Godwin, 5. 
Warner, Richard le, 25. 
Waryedehanedlond, le, 34. 
Wasteneys, Anne, 24. 

- Ralph, 26. 
Roger, 24. 

Watecroft (field-name), 8. 

Wateryates, the, 34. 

Watte, John, 29. 

Webbe, Robert le, 38. 

Wellorr, Robert de, 37. 

Welshman. See Walence, Walen- 
sis, Waleys, Walsi, Walunsi. 

Welvelowe, 35. 

Wenur. See Hunter. 

Wernay, Robert de, 39. 

Werney, Robert le, 14. 

Westecote, Guy, 23. 

Westerlowefeld (field-name), 23. 

Weston, 21. 

John de, 8. 

Master Nicholas de, 21. 
Robert de, 38. 

William de, 22, 23. 

Westonescroft (field-name), 19, 33. 
Wetecroft (field-name), 7. 
Wetemor, Philip, lord of, 15. 
Wetfurlong (field-name), 19. 
Wetindon, Thomas de, 16. 
Wetton, Elena, wife of John de, 12 
John de, 12. 

Richard de, 12. 
Whesston, hamlet of, 29. 
White Oak, the, 19. 
White, Reginald le, 24. 
Richard, 6. 

Walter le, 24. 

William le, 24. 

See also Wite, Wyte. 
Wilbrighton, Wylbrhiton, Wyl- 
briton.Wylbryghton, 9, 21, 37, 38. 



Wilbrighton, Hervey cle, 37, 38. 
William, 15, 19, 21, 37. 


of Great Sugunhull, 21. 

son of Alexander, 33. 

Alys de Akylod, 9. 

Horm, 36. 

Winid, 20. 
-- the clerk, 9. 

-- the Goldsmith, 20. 

the miller, 32. 
Wimundeslie, 19. 
Winid, 20. 

Wirleye (Wyrley), Herbert de, 12. 
Wite, Nicholas de, 5. 

See also White, Wyte. 
Withynden, 27. 
Witton, co. Warw., 10. 
Wodechot (Wodecote), Robert de, 9. 
Wodewallefilt ( ? field-name), 15. 
Wodeward, Robert le, 18. 

- Thomas le, 18. 

Woding, Wodynges, Emmota, dan. 
of Sibbellia del, 10. 

- John del, 10, 35. 

Reginald del, 7, 10, 31, 34. 
Sibbellia del, 10. 

Wodsley, Gilbert de, 30. 
Wokendune, William de, 20. 
Wollascroft, William, 3. 
Wollaston, Henry de, 16. 
John de, 28. 

Stephen de, 16. 
Wolrich, Wolrych, Leticia, 14. 

Margery, 35. 

- Richard, 14, 25, 33. 

- Robert, 35. 

Roger, 14, 26. 
Wolverdinton, Thomas de, 36. 
Wolverhampton, 30. 
Wombewelle, Thomas, 31. 

Wombourne, 4. 

Alan de, 4. 
Wonyngton, 29. 

Wood, de Bosco, Adam of the, 15, 


Serlo of the, 18. 

See also Attewode. 
Wormhille, 29. 

mill of, 29. 
Wottenhull, 26. 

- John de, 26. 

William de, 26. 
Wovere, Adam de, 16. 

- - Hugh de, 23. 

- John de, 16. 

Philip de, 16. 

Richard de, 16. 

Robert de, 16. 

Wrich (? Wright), Richard le, 31. 
Wride, Roger, 24. 
Wright, John, 3. 
Wrokwardyn, Roger de, 16. 

William de, 16. 

Wylde, Emma, dau. of Geoffrey le 


Geoffrey le, 5 

Robert le, 5. 
Wyleby, Thomas, 24. 
Wyrley. See Wirleye. 
Wyte, Richard le, 36. 

See also White, Wite. 
Wyther, Walter, 18. 
Wytilowe, John de, 9. 
Philip de, 9. 

Ybmensi, Moris, 20. 
Yelvertoft, 25. 
Yoxall, 30. 


Acton, 143-4. 
Adbaston, 125. 
Admaston, 67. 
Aldridge, 188. 
Almington, 122. 
Alton Castle, 183. 
Amerton, 64-5. 
Ashley, 132. 
Ashwood (Kinver), 176. 
Aspley, 1 1 8. 
Aston (Stone), 83-4, 177, 

Aston (Eccleshall), 107- 

Aston (Mucckleston), 


Aston, John de, 186-7. 
Audley, in, 116. 

Bagnall, 188. 
Balterley, 138. 
Barlaston, 87, 185. 
Barr, 188. 
Basset, Ralph, 177, 186, 

Beech, 144. 
Beek, Nic. de, 189. 
Bemersley, 161. 
Bentley, Wm. de, 177. 
Betley, 145-7. 
Beverley, John de, 188. 
Biddulph, 170-1. 
Bignar-end, 113. 
Bishops-Offley, 125. 
Bishton, 59. 
Blithfield, 67-8. 
Blore, 123-4. 
Blurton, 151-2. 
Bothe, Win., bishop, 

Botteslowe, 163. 

Bowers, 135-6. 
Bridgeford, Grt. and 

Little, 89. 
Bromley (Adbaston), 


Bromley Bagots, 55-7. 
Bromley Hurst, 50-2. 
Bromley Pagets, 52-5. 
Broughton, 126. 
Bucknall, 165-7. 
Burlaughton, 185. 
Burley, Wm. de, chapl., 


Burslem, 158. 
Burston, 84. 
Burton, 184. 
Bushbury, Hen. de, 187. 
Butterton, 91. 
Bykur, Rich., of Stone, 


Calton, 1 88. 
Cannock, 175-6, 184, 


Caumpion, Wm., 186. 
Caverswall, 188. 
Caverswall, Wm. de, 188. 
Charnes, 126. 
Charnes, John de, 183. 
Chartley, 63. 
Chattell (? Chatcull), 


Chatterley, 162. 
Chauton, 119. 
Chebsey, 94-5. 
Chell, 159. 
Chesterton, 139-40. 
Chorlton, 117. 
Clayton, 154. 
Cocknage, 152. 
Cokayn, John, 188. 
Cold Meece, 119. 

Cold Norton, 105. 
Colwich, 59-63. 
Cotes, 1 18-9. 
Coton, 75-6. 
Coton Clanford, 93-4. 
Coulton, 57-9. 
Cress well, 105. 
Croxton, 127. 
Cuddleston bailiwick, 

Darlaston, 85-6. 
Derrington, 92. 
Dimsdale, 141. 
Doxie, 107-8. 
Doyly. John, 186. 
Draynton (Drointon), 

Dunstall, 185. 

Eardley-end, 112-3. 
Eccleshall, 106-111, 179. 
Ellenhall, 90. 
Enson, 72, 188. 
Essington, 188. 

Fairwell Nunnery, 177. 
Fenton, 163-5. 
Fenton Culvert, 165-6. 
Ferrars, Hen. de, 184. 
Ferrars, Robt., E. of 
Derby, 177, 183, 187. 
Fisherwick, 188. 
Flashbrook, 125. 
Fradswell, 74, 177. 
Fulford, 82-3. 

Garringshall (Milwich), 


Gay ton, 73. 
Gorscote, 188. 


Green way, Thos., 177. 

Loges, Hugh de, 175, 

Grindley, 63. 


Longmore, 188. 

Hales-in-Tirley, 123-4. 

Longton, 163-5. 

Halmer-End, 114. 

Loynton, 122. 

Hampstall Ridware, 

Lutley, Phil, de, 187. 


Hampstead, 188. 

Madeley, 149-51, 189. 

Hanbury, 181. 

Madeley, Alsowe, 188. 

Hanchurch, 133-4. 

Marston, 78, 178. 

Handlo, John de, 186. 

Mauveysyn, Robt., Knt., 

Handsworth, 188. 


Hanford, 141. 

Meadowlane, 130-1. 

Hanley, 164. 

Meare, 129-31. 

Harbourn, 178. 

Mearelane-end, 164. 

Hastang, John de, 187. 

Meynell, Hugh, 188. 

Hatton, 143. 

Mill-Meece, 119. 

Haughton, Sir Thos. de, 

Milwich, 75. 


Morton, 60. 

Haywood, Great, 61, 64. 

Morton, Adam de, 187. 

Hay wood, Little, 60, 64. 

Muckleston, 136-8, 183. 

High Offley, 120-1. 

Hilderstone, 79. 
Hillary, Roger, 188. 
Hilton, 183. 
Hints 188. 

Newcastle, 99-105, 176. 
Newton, 66- 7. 
Normicote Grange, 163. 

Hixon, 61-2, 65-6. 

Norton, Cold, 105. 

Hopton, 70. 
Horsley, 109. 


Horton, 188. 

Hulton, 167-8. 

Oakley, 136. 

Offley (Bishops), 125. 

Ingestrey, 69. 

Offley (High), 120-1. 

Olcott, 160. 

Keel, 147-8. 

Onneley, 128-9. 

Kibblestone, 80-2. 

Oscott, 1 88. 

Kinver forest, 187. 

Kinver, Radulf, elk. of, 

Packington, 188. 

1 88. 

Park-end, 112. 

Knighton, 125. 

Patshull, Hugh de, 

Knighton (Muckleston), 

bishop, 175. 


Penkhull, 153-7. 

Knipersley, 170-3. 

Penkridge, Church of, 

Knowle-end, 115. 

175, 178, 188. 

Knutton, 141-2. 

Penkridge, men of, 187. 

Penkridge manors, 

Lapley priory, 186. 


Lea (Drointon), 63. 

Perry Barr, 188. 

Leek, John de, 184. 

Pershall, 109. 

Lichfield, Adomar (Ayl- 

Perton, Leo de, 187. 

mer) de, 177. 

Perton, Will, de, 186. 

Lichfield, bishops of, 

Pipe, 177. 

175, 179-81, 188. 

Pirehill bailiwick, 187. 

Lichfield Cath., 187. 

Podmore, 118. 

Lichfield, Charter dated 

Purcell, Wm., 177. 

at, 189. 

Lichfield Friary, 175. 

Radmore, 177. 

Lichfield prebends, 178, 

Rainscliff, 160-1. 

1 80. 

Ridge, 135. 

Lindhurst, 177. 

Rocester Abbey, 178. 

Ronton, 92. 
Ronton Monastery, 93. 
Rowley Regis, 177. 
Rugeley, 175, 188. 
Rugeley, Nich de, 178. 
Rushall, 188. 

St. Thomas, 105. 
Salt, 72. 
Sandon, 77. 
Seabridge, 156. 
Seighford, 89-91, 178. 
Shelton, 143. 
Shelton (Stoke), 155-6. 
Shugborough, 60-1. 
Slindon, 108. 
Sneade, 159. 
Snellesdale, 188. 
Stadmorlowe, 162. 
Stafford Borough, 44-50, 

Stafford Castle Lodge, 

Stafford Church, 178, 

Stafford, King's Pools, 


Stafford, Nic. de, 189. 
Stafford, Nic., Eliz., w. 

of, 189. 

Stafford, Ralph de, 189. 
Stallington, 96. 
Standon, 135. 
Stavenby, Alex, de, 

bishop, 175. 
Stoke, 85, 96, 153-4. 
Stone, 96-9. 
Stone Priory, 179. 
Stowe, 64-5. 
Sugnall (Grt. and Little), 

108, 126. 
Sutton (Suthon) by Nor- 

bury, 189. 
Swindon, 187. 
Swinnerton, 142-5. 
Swinnerton, Nic. de, 183. 
Swinnerton, Thos. dc, 

1 86. 

Talk, 113-4. 

Tamhorn, Thos. de, 187. 

Tamworth Church, 178, 

1 80. 

Tene, 189. 

Tettenhall Church, 178. 
Tettenhall manor, 187. 
Three Farms, 119. 
Thursfield, 161. 
Tipton, 1 88. 
Tittensor, 88. 


Tixall, 68-g. 
Trentham, 151-3. 
Tunstall (Adbaston), 


Tunstall, 158-162. 
Tutbury, 178, 184. 
Tutbury, priory, 184, 


Verdon, John de, 183. 

Walford, 135. 
Walsall, 177, 188-9. 

Walton (Eccleshall), 


Walton (Stone), 83-4. 
Wedgwood, 161. 
Wednesbury, 188. 
West Bromwich, 188. 
Weston-on-Trent, 71. 
Weston (Standon), 135. 
Weston, Phil, de, 187. 
Whitgreave, 91. 
Whitmore, 133. 
Whittington, 188. 
Winnington, 137. 

Wolstanton, 154-5. 
Wolverhampton Church, 

178, 183, 187. 
Wolverhampton Manor, 


Wootton, 1 08. 
Wrottesley, Hugh de, 


Yardlet, 105, 188. 
Yeardley (Eardley), 112. 
Yearnfield, 144. 




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