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Full text of "Collections on the history of Albany : from its discovery to the present time ; with notices of its public institutions, and biographical sketches of citizens deceased"

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.. r.r.L, runLisnER. 
Jool Honaellt the well kaown publisher and prln- 
i at Albany on Thursday in his seventy-sec- 
ond year. Mr. Dfunsell wuh born In Northuchl, 
llaaa., m i KM), end hia youth was spent in that and 
neighboring towns, llo was apprenticed to the 
printing trade In Greenfield, Mass., and worked there 
until about eighteen years of ago, when he went to 
Albany. After Borving as a cleric in a bookstore for 
somo time he started Uio Albany AlitarxxJ, 

a semi-monthly paper, ho setting all of the 
ell as editing the paper. In 1834 he bo 
came interested with Mr. II. D. Stonu in the publica- 
tion of th. Microscope, at No. 20 Beaver stroot. The successful, and tho enterprise of the 
publishers was substantially rewarded, and iu 1MJ6 
Mr. Munsell was enabled to open a book and job 
printing office at No. 58 state Btreet. Subsequently 
be purcha8i d the premises, ami had continued there 
uninterruptedly up to thirteen or fourteen years 
ag", when he removed to No. Si! State 
Btreet, where he remained to his death, liis 
first book publication was "Tho Outlines 
o; the History of Printing." In lS.'I'J ho printed a 
work on the conquest of Mexico, winch he prepared 
himself for the types under the fictitious uamo « 
Arthur Prynne. it was under ethis name that 1m* 
. in. ,i an 1 printed the Munsell Almanac. In 184U he 
Started a daily paper in the personal interest ol 
Daniel D. Barnard. Among the editors was Mr, 
Hugh I. Hastings, now of the New York Commer- 
cial Adeertiser. in 1842 Mr. Munsell commenced th« 
publication of a Ladies' Magazine, Mr. Ely Squire* 
being the editor. Next lie printed a book of AnioricaU 
Poetry, compiled by .Mr. Squires. The next venture 
was the publication oi the Northern Star aud Free* 
man's Advocate, in the interests of the Africo-Aineri« 
can race, but it did not meet with success. In 1«43 
he printed a compilation called "Tho Everyday 
History aud Chronology," ana about the 
same tune he Began to publish "Webster's Calendar, 
or the Albany Almanac." 

In lMt the SiiccMtor, a roligiou3 weekly, was 
started, I'r. William B. Spraguo being the editor. 
An odd Fellows ui'^'iu named tho Gaocl was the next 
venture. Mr. Munsell in 1S14 printed "Pulpit 
Sketches, or tho Dreams of a Powholder." His nest 
publications were "Select Stories for Children," a 
volume of hymns and a Book written by William 
Hunt entitled "American Biographical Panorama.* 
The work, however, which gave Mr. Munsell hia 
greatest celebrity was his collection and publication 
of "The Annals of Albany," tho name of which in* 
dicates the scope of tho work. The annals were be- 
gun in 18r>0, and were finished, in ten volumes, ia 
loyy. Iu 18G5 a new historical work in Albany waa 
published, "Collections on the History of Albany 
from Us Discovery to the Present Time," &c. Thia 
work was comprised in an octavo volume of over 
fivo hundred pages, with plates of portraits and 
other illustrations. The volume of 18u.j was followed 
by four others, the last appearing in 1871. Mr. Mun- 
sell also included in his newspaper ventures tho 
publication ot tho State Register and tho Albany 
Statesman. Tho deceased, in the course of his lonff 
and active life, contributed very much to tho litera- 
ture of tho State and aid work enough to amass a 
fortune, but his ventures yielded little or no pecuni- 
ary returns. He had been married twice, and lcavos 
surviving a wile and nine children — three sons and 
six daughters. His life is said to be insured for a 
considerable amount, and his family is thus left pro- 
vided for. It is understood that death was caused 
h '" ralysis of the hoart. 

Established i8a8 

V N S E L L , 

Printer and Publisher. 

^LBANY. J*, y., £Tl<^. L Vy ! tf ? 

^w *^ "^ >^°^ C^^v ^Li^O /*L^ ££«_ ly^Uy cjf~ 

/ft^ ^/l<^y, Ol^X^fc"^ £4^£ULy ; /^^^4 


C O L L E C T I O N S 



• Xotires of its }3ui)lic institutions, 


vol. iv 

ALBANY, N. Y. : 




5 No. 3404 


Preface, ... iii 

Notes from the Newspapers, 1 

Obituary of Amos Dean, 2 

Richard Varick De Witt, 5 

Rev. Wm. James, 10 

John S. Van Rensselaer, 13 

Stephen Van Rensselaer, 19 

James Edwards, 19 

Peter Cagger...... 23 

Rev. I. N. Wyckoff, 49 

Alden March, 61 

St. Peter's Church Elections, 16, 53 

The Centre Market, 25 

Removal of Burial Grounds, 35 

City Receipts and Disbursements, 17, 83 

Lumber Business of 1868, 42 

Table of Opening and Closing of the River and Canals, 78 

Key to the names of Persons occurring in the Early Dutch Records 

of Albany and Vicinity, , 84 

Contributions for the Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany, .. 92 

Mayors of the City of Albany, 184z 

Diagram of the Home Lots of the Village of Beverwyck, 185 

Albany County Records, 225 

Index, 511 


Portrait of Amos Dean 2- 

Old Brick Church 7 

Portrait of James Wa. It-. 11 

.>. Corning, 29 

Portrait of Ahlen March, 61 

Portrait of William B. Sprague, 68 

Portrait of Ariaentie Coeynians, 109 

Coeynians House, 109 

Portrait of Bernardus Freerrnan, 124 

Coeymans Castle, 184n 


So much desire has been expressed during many years for 
the publication of the record of baptisms, in the Dutch church, 
that an effort has been successfully made* to gratify it, and the 
result is presented in this volume. Not only has every name 
on record in those archives been transcribed, with the dates of 
births, baptisms, marriages, and deaths, as fully as they have 
been entered, but all names and dates that have been found 
in other places, are here grouped with them by families and 
arranged alphabetically, forming an extensive collection of 
genealogical information, pertaining to the ancient inhabitants 
of this city, extending over a period of nearly two centuries. 

Following these is an arrangement of house lots into tables, 
forming a street directory of the city from the year 1650 on- 
ward, with the dates of patents and transfers of city lots, a most 
extraordinary achievement, the result of long and patient 
research by Prof. Jonathan Pearson, of tJnion College. It is 
hardly possible to over estimate the value of these results, or to 
appreciate the labor bestowed upon their discovery and arrange- 
ment. They serve to show the residences of the inhabitants of 
this city, of whom so much has been said in these annals, as 
they were located two centuries ago, and to mark the changes 
of ownership from time to time down to a comparatively recent 

The annals of the two years embraced in that portion termed 
Notes from the Newspapers, show an unusual mortality among 
citizens who occupied eminent positions, or who will be 
remembered for various qualities. Among these may be 
mentioned, Gen. Stephen Van Rensselaer, the last of the pa- 
troons ; Dr. Alden March, Prof. Amos Deau, the Rev. William 
James, the Rev. Isaac N. Wyckoff, Richard V. DeWitt, John 
S. Van Rensselaer, James Edwards, Peter Cagger, Charles L. 
Elliot, S. P. Jermain, Volkert P. Douw, B. P. Johnson, X. S. 
Benton, Dr. Pomfret, Isaac Vanderpoel, Dr. Wade, Egbert Eg- 

iv Prj 

. • it. ] \V. Sherman, H. 
B. Haswell, W. ton, Capt. 

Adam* McKercher, "Win. Mascraft, Matthew Burton, 

F. L. Yates, ■ ' Taylor, Gilbert C. 

as B. Howe, Joel W. And 
been long familiar; all of whom 
of life during the years ] 869. 

The sed the demolition of the Church on 

and Pearl streets, the most ancient church 
:n the city, known as the Old Bricjc, and of the market 
he-use to it, and the erection of modern edifices on 

the erection of an unusual number of new churches; 
the removal of the burial grounds; the completion of the Sus- 
quehanna rail road; the paving of .-t wood; the be- 
ginning of pitol ; the introduction of street fountain-:; 
and disappearance of velocipedes; the advent 
of the Cardiff giant! 

The remaindei is devoted to the County 

• previous volume, to which referen 
d the preface to the same. The index contain a the name 
mentioned in the book, with references to ali 
. name occurs. 
This historical events now consists of ten volumes of 

Annals, and four of Collections. It was begun almost a quarter 
of a century ago, and has been prolonged in deference to the 
encouragement of a few who have taken an interest in these 
matte iblisiier will ever have a grateful recollection 

i support. But as there must be an end- 
iere, it is proposed to make it here. It is the 
almost certain that this volume will close the work, although 
so much remains unpublished. 




January 4. Snow fell all day, but the temperature was above freez- 
ing point, and it melted as it fell in many places. Lowest temperature, 

30° Mary, wife of Patrick Mullen, died, aged 38. John Seits 

died, aged 36. Mrs. Madden died, aged 60. 

5. Air, highest 34, lowest 10. 

6. Air, h. 12, 1. 9 Charles William Teelen died, aged 24. Mary 

J. Davenport, wife of J. W. Patten, died, aged 

7. Temperature at zero. At 6 o'clock in the morning a meteoro- 
lite exploded in the eastern sky, like a rocket, casting a brilliant light 
upon the earth, and leaving a horizontal bar of light which gradually 
faded during about sixty seconds. 

8. Benedict Lewis died, aged 28. Philip Sohni died, aged 34. 

9. Mary Gr. Redden died, aged 79. 

10. Joseph B. Taylor died in New York, aged 45. He was one 
of the firm of John Taylor & Sons, which but very recently consisted of 
the father and four sons, now reduced to one, William II. Taylor, alder- 
man of third ward. Joseph B. had resided some time in New York at 
the head of that branch of the firm, and was a member of the board of 
supervisors of that city. His remains were brought to this city for in- 
terment Mary Veeder, wife of Henry Nil: »d 49. 

11. James S. Hitchcock died, aged 49. 

12. William B. Wright, chief judge of the court of appeals died, aged 
61. In 1846 he was a member of the Constitutional Convention from 
Sullivan county ; 1846, was a member of assenil" g an unsuccess- 
ful candidate for speaker; 1847, was elected judge of the supreme court 
and was twice reelected; 1861, was elected one of the judges of the court 

',s, which office he held at the time of bis death Christiana 

!). A. Bulson, died, aged 57. 

13. Mary Ann Mullaly, wife of John Riley, died, aged 36. 

14. Rebecca Vandervolgen died, aged 74. Michael A. Bigle\ 
aged 41. Eliza Rolman, wife of H. A. Anthony, died, aged 34. Charles 
H. Campbell died, aged 28. 

Eist. Coll 1 

2 [1868. 

.Charles H. Campbel 
I, WilliaD V( 

Fitzgerald, daughter of Hon John 
: 19. 

] Iti Bridg Bernard Brady, died. 

killed by a locomotive, aged 22. 
Mary Daily, wife of Thomas Shea, 

17. Air. h. 23. 1.16 Mary Leonard died, aged 25. Thomas 

Redden died, aged 32. 

18. Air, h. 25, 1. 17 Sarah Benjamin, wife of Thomas H. 

O'Snlli van, wife of Win. A. Wilkinson, died, at Wash 
. 67. 

t Horn died, aged 80. Eliza, wife 
of The d 45. 

;. 16. 

21. 32,1. 24 Patrick Mullen died, aged 32. Jane Mc- 

Cread a Safford, died aged 

Mr, h. 30. 1. 18 ...Ann, wife of James McCauley died, aged 

' (ieorge Polder, died, aged 42. 

.James Fleming died, aged 58. Margaret 
Fahey died, aged 83. James Kerr died, aged 67. 

;ir. h. 35 1. 28 Mary, wife of Michael Welch, died, aged 


25. Air, h. 32, 1. 21 John Collins died, age- 

Sir. h. 2<>, 1. 14 Amos Dean died, aged 65. Professor Dean 

was well known in the city, and ed and esteemed as thoroughly 

as he was known. He was born in Barnard, Vermont, on the Pith of 
January, 1803. Hetaught schoolat times while pursuinghis acadei 
dies. Hegraduatedat Union College in 1826. lie then, or very soon after, 
came to Albany, and entered upon the study of the law in the office ofhis 
uncle, the late Jabez D. Hammond, who was then in partnership with Judge 
Alfred Conkling. He was admitted to practice at the May term of the 
supreme coun i.. 1829, and , c iuce then had been assiduously and earnestly 
engaged in his profession. For several years and during the 
period of his practice, he was associated with Azor Taber, then recog- 
nized as one of our most eminent lawyers. The firm possessed an exten- 
sive practice, and attained an honorable fame. Professor Dean never 
assumed to attain celebrity as an advocate before juries. While he pos- 
sessed marked abilities as an orator, which could have been educated to 
an eminent order by practice, his instincts and tastes led him to another 
field of industry in his profession. His amiability of disposition, his 
natural reserve, his kindly nature, his guilelessness, and his overfi jwing 
charity, repelled hhn from the theatre of professional strife and conflict. 
He was peculiarly adapted to the duties of the office and the counsel 
room. Here be became eminent for wisdom, prudence and sagacity, and 
these qualities added to that higher and nobler one of an impeachable 
integrity, brought to him clients, success and fame. Professor Dean 
was a scholar. He was such by education, sfudy aud taste. This led 
him to appreciate the benefits of, and to aid in the advancement of popu- 
lar education. Impressed with such purposes, he in very early manhood 
conceived the plan of establishing associations for the mental in 


Jan.] Notes from the Newspapers. 3 

nient of young men. In 1833 he gathered ahout him a few young friends 
of kindred tastes in an office in the city, and there planted the germ of 
the Albany Young .Men's Association, from which has grown the hun- 
dreds of kindred institutions that have since blessed the country by their 
beneficent influence ie organization of the Association, Mr. Dean 

was by common and intuitive choice selected as its first president. By 
the energy and sagacity of his administration the foundation was laid for 
the erection of that noble edifice of popular education, from which for 
sars so much intellectual and moral light has been shed upon 
the youth of our city, and which has been adopted as the model for so 
many like structures in all sections of the union. In 1838 he was 
ted with Doctors March and Armsby iu establishing the Albany 
Medical College, and from that time to 1859 held in it the position of 
professor of medical jurisprudence. When the law department of 
our University was established, Mr. Dean was wisely and appropriately 
chosen as one of its professors, [n this sphere, so well adapted to his 
tastes, his* talents and virtues shone most brightly. His pupils, scattered 
over all the land, will bear testimony to the value of his instruction. 
Professor Dean has attained some eminence in the field of authorship and 
literature. In early life he delivered a series of able and interesting Lec- 
tures on Phrenology, a science then in the embryo of infancy, and which 
lectures were subsequently embodied in a book. He was the author at 
an early age of a Manual of Lav:, which proved to be a valuable aid to 
men. He was. Lines, the author of several able and 

valuable ad-' lectures upon subjects of public interest. In 

1833, he delivered the annual address before the Albany Institute on the 
Philosophy of History. He delivered several lectures before the Young 

Lssoeiation during the first two years of its existence. He deli- 
vered an eulogy up b of Jesse Buel before the State Agricul- 
tural Society, and an annual ad 'e the senate of Union College. 
But his greatest achievement in the walks of literature has not yet been 
giveD to the world. For several years past he has been employed in writ- 
He had manuscript sufficient to constitute 
several volumes, and had been looking forward hopefullly to the day when 
his work should have reached its consummation. 1 His industry, research 
and ability, gave assurance of the merit and attraction of the work. 
We have spoken of the deceased only as a professional and public man. 

seek to add panegyrics to his memory, we should speak of his 
qualities as a man and of his virtues in his private life. Herein, if possi- 
ble, his character was higher and nobler than in any other walk of life. 
To a thorough scholarship, solid intellect, practical wisdom, and sharp- 
sighted sagacity he united a pleasing address, a quiet demeanor, a gene- 

if sentiment, and an absence of guile that endeared him most 
strongly to all who fell within the circle of his companionship. His 
death leaves a void which will be keenly appreciated and deeply mourned 
by our citizens, and by all who knew him. — Evening Journal Fer- 
dinand Schultz died. 

1 Since the above • irk of Prof. Dean, upon which he 

spent n< 

4 Notes from the Newspapers. [1868. 

....The unusual -,ed of 

niter, and the apparent proximity of 

both to Venus, whi< in only alter mauy years .Ann 

Mary J. Haokett died, aged 81. Mrs. Mary 
Burns died, aged I 

Air h. 1(3, 1. 1.. Robert Brown died, aged 40. Jane Neely 

Air. b. 13, 1. 10 The South Pearl Street Theatre, built in 

ad known as the Academy of Music, was destroyed by fire. It 

i: J. Hastings, a;, \ (}. Trimhle. 

The building was insured at §20,000. The propertk-, were an entire loss, 

ly the walls ol the edifice remained Gilbert C. Davidson 

died in New York, aged 51. He was struck down by paralysis, while 
spending a few days at the home of his brother-in-law, Mr. Humph] 
i), but had so far recovered that he was taken to N ■■•• 
only a day or two before his death, accoi his wife, son and brother. 

! lined of big ut death came sooner than was 

expected. Mr. D. commenced lite as a clerk in the store of Corning, Horner 
eluw State, thirty-five years ago. He soon made 
himself distinguished as a promising business young man, and 
trusted with the management of the most important and difficult matters 
connected with the best interests of that establishment, extending, as they 
did, into the new states and territories of the west. He was called on 
once or twice a year to visit the customers of the concern in the w 
settle accounts, involving thousands of dollars. His adventures and hair- 
breadth escapes in the western country in pursuit of absconding traders, 
would have made a volume of rare interest. He became a member of the 
firm of Corning & Co., over twenty years ago. and was connected with the 
establishment up to the time of its dissolution, a few years since, when he 

i to New York. He was a thorough business man and a prudent 
merchant. We had known him as a boy and man ; in all relations of life. 
He was open, frank and generous to a fault. He had a heart that charity 
never appealed to in vain. His purse was always open. No man of his 
means ever contributed more liberally to the poor than Gilbert C. David- 
son. He was a devoted friend, and loved his friend with his whole heart 
and soul. He was foremost in every enterprise calculated to advance the 
interest of Albany. His residence was the home of hospitality. He enter- 
tained more magnificently than any other gentleman at the capital. How 
many hearts that have been made glad under his roof will weep for his 
departure; many an eye unused to tears will drop one at his loss. Peace 

to his ashes. — Knickerbocker Mrs. Ellen Powers died. i \g 

Mary Thomasine Landry, wife of Anthony Cherbouneau. died, aged 21. 

30. Air, h. 31, 1. 14 Wm J. Packard died, aged 46. Charity A. 

Maria, wife of Christopher Jackson, died, aged 

31. Air, h. 19, 1. 5 Jane, wife of Orra Mosher. died, aged 60. 

Patrick Swain died in New York, aged 26. James Murray died, aged 58. 

D. Palniatier died, aged 61. 
February 1. Air, h. 19, 1. 7. 

2. Air, h. 19, 1. 9. 

3. Air, h. 22, 1. 6 below zero Patrick McDonald, or Old Mac, as 

familiarly ea nbers of the National Guard 

quarters were located in the S. . died. Old Mac had acted as 

Feb.] Notes from the Neivspapers. 5 

armorer for the Emmet Guards since the organization of that body, and 

Iso served in the same capacity with other He was an 

honored and esteemed old man, and goes down to the grave at the age of 

eighty years deeply mourned.— >.r ...Michael Pender died, 


4. Air, h. 4, 1. 8 below zero... Charles W. Kelley died The 

cast of the megatherium atthe Geological Hall was broken in pieces by afall 
in an attempt to remove it. It was presented by Mr. Wadsworth, and cost 
$1,900. Fortunately, being artificial, it was capable of repair An exciting 

took place at the Board of Trade, resulting as follows : president, 
Frank Chamberlain; vice presidents, D. N. Glazier, William S.Preston; 
secretary, William Lacy ; Treasurer, Harvey A. Dwight ; managers, 
■ W. Kequa, John H. Trowbridge, Walter Merchant. B. V. Z. 
Wempl I.Wells, John D.Capron: nmittee, Anson 

E. Gifford, Abram C. Pulling, John Lane, Thomas P. Crook, Stewart 
McKissick; committee on membership, Edward P. Durant, George B. 
Preston, E. M. Carpenter, Leauder Hinckley, 0. E. Laosing ; inspectors 
of election, Charles F. Schiffer, W. H. Malcolm, Fletcher Barber. The 
vote for president stood: Chamberlain, 86; Gifford, 71; blank, 1. 

5. Air. h, 17, 1. 5. Ann Downey died, aged 40. 

6. Air, h. 22, 1. 18. 

7. Air, h. 28, 1.11 Richard VarickDeWitt died, aged 68. Born in 

Albany, he grew up with it, and was one of a few remaining, who were 
identified with its early progress. He was the son of Simeon De Witt, 

fifty years was surveyor general of this state ; and was many 
jo a man of great wealth. His generosity to others, to all, how- 
ever, cost him the major portion of it. He built the greater portion of 
the Ithaca and Oswego rail road, and was engaged in other public enter- 
prises in days agone. Mr. De Witt, was a brigadier general of the state 
militia many years ago. Of late years he has been employed as a pro- 
curer of patents and as insurance agent. He was possessed of fine archi- 
tectural taste; and was a promineut member of the Albany Institute. 
Indeed his literary acquirements were vast, and his accomplishments 
But it is not of these that we now seek to refer to. We have 
said that he was a good man, and the tern; good is meant in its broadest 
usive acceptation. A Christian philanthropist, scho- 
lar, and model citizen, his going hence will leave a void iu many circles. 
For twenty-seven years Mr. De Witt w;:s in communion with the Middle 
Church, while under the pastorage of Dr. Wyckoff, and since un- 
der Dr. Elmendorf.^-j' 

:d Varick De Wirt, known to all wit a long resi- 

dents of this cit} and respected by all to whom he was 

known, died this morning after long illness. From his very boy- 
hood h« he purity, uprightness, amiability, and we may 
say, the religious;: ■ character. I from those who 
were distinguished for intelligence and virtues, his outset in life was 
attended by every circumstance that promised worldly success and happi- 
.1 although he subsequently encountered troubles and reverses 

they never impaired the fine 

titutions, and ii 
(iterprises of his time, and ; 

6 era. 

' ' e was 
• hrough all his many ye 


hi convictions wh'. 
• t of his life- H .in- to 

us all .. i mbrance. - 

born at, the \ sent cen- 

tury, in this eity, which then ai time subsequently, was truly 

the capital of this state, and the centre of its culture, fashion an 
tics — ''n common with many other towns 

in this counti prived by the overshadowing 

growth and pi New York. He was descended from a family, 

vs of soldiers and civilians, John DeWitt, grand 
untry to a pitch of 
greatness. The association of his father Simeon DeWitt, and his uncle 
! Varick, both distinguished officers of the revolution brought him 
in contact early in life with many of the eminent men who th 
and afforded him ' frequent opportunities of personally noting their vir- 
tues and characteiisnc qualities. His anecdotes and reoo 
Gouverneur Morris, the elder i.. i'eWittdiuton, Kent, Spencer, 

I many well known citizens, north and 

ited at Union College, and after the 
usual pr ilice of the late HarmanusBleeker, afterward 

I at the Hague, was called to the bar. The 

possessor of a \ ble portion of the village 

of Ithaca formed a part, and a favorite in and fond of society, his incli- 
nations led him to literary and artistic pursuits as well as the cultivation 
of exact sciences. The designs and plans of buiidiugs he has left behind 
areful study of good models, a correct eye for prop": 
miliarity with the principles of architecture, while his sketches 
and paintings in water color and oil are spirited and true to nature. He 
was a patron of the old Albanj Library and one of the founders of the 
Albany Institute. He established and maintained a line of steam b 

lyuga lake, which were in their day considered to be models of 
speed, comfort and safety. Through his exertions, and chiefly with his 
the Ithaca & Oswego rail road was constri: if the earliest 

lines in this state), and when the financial disasters of 1837 occurred, he 
lost his property by the forced sale of this road for a trifling part of its 
cost. Not i ud he suffered the loss of his beloved wife (a 

daughter of the late Dudley Walsh), a lady of great worth and very 
attractive in person, mind and manner. He was vice president, and during 
the absence of Governor Fish in Europe acting president of the state Cin- 
cinnati Society. Many New Yorkers will remember with pleasure the din- 
ner of tl Everett House, at which he presided, an 
the late Senator Crittenden of Kentucky spoke so eloquently. He in connec- 
tion with the late Mr. W. C. Miller, established the first of the Sunday 
schools in Albany, and through life and in every way exhibited adeep inter- 
est in their success. He was for many years an elder i i , Dutch 
Church, and was ever active in good works and zealous in the promotion 
ad virtue. There ait many persons now living who can never 
forget his frequent acts of kindness. No changes of life or adverse 


Air/an, LAtmx i 


Cor. Beaver and Pearl Streets. 

Feb.] Notes from the Newspapers. 7 

I Lral buoyancy, geniality 
and vivacious Ion homme which he possessed in a marked degree. 
ies ever attracted to him the young men, who enjoyed his 
society and pi mple and advice, while his extensive read- 

ing, loi ii of men and manners, his delicate humor and great 

refinemenVthrew a charm over his th people of all ages. In 

short, it may truly be said that in his unobtrusive kindness, his humble 
estimate of himself, his reliance for support on a higher power ; in his 
unselfish regan welfare of all, his charity, his acts of forgiveness j 

in his consistent life and peaceful death he ; in a marked degree 

the attributes of the Christian gentlemen. In the immediate circle of 
his family and relatives his loss has created an aching void which can 
never be filled, while his friends will ever cherish with mournful pleasure 
the remembrance of his many virtues 

8. Air, h. 13/1. below Thermometers in various parts of the 

city indicated a temperature varying from 10 to 16 deg. below zero 

Cornelia Chapin, wife of Gen. S. D. Brown, died. 

9. Air, h. 22, 1. 2 The Old Brick Church.— The Rev. Mr. Smart 

preached for the last time in the Old Brick (Congregational) Church last 
evening. The news and other furniture are to be sold on Saturday, and 
must be removed by the first of March next, when stores are to be erected 

[ann & Waldman, the owners of this property. 
There arc associations connected with this old church that will never be 
i by tho-;e who have worshiped within its walls. Here the Rev. 
Dr. Nott, about the commencement of the present century, then in the 
dawn of that, fame which afterward gave the widest celebrity as a pulpit 
orator, preached to crow led and delighted audiences. Her*e he pronounced 
that remarkable discourse against duelling, called out by the death 
of Alexander Hamilton at the ham!- ':, passages of 

which are still cited in the school books as ami -st specimens 

of American oratory. Or. Nott became pastor of thit, church towards 
the close of the last century, and remained in charge until he was called 
to the presidency of Union College in 1804, a position which he filled 
with distinguished success for the unexampled period of about sixty years. 
Other remarkable j ire filled this pulpit, including the Rev. Dr. 

until the removal of his congregation to the 
new church, built by his efforts, at the corner of Philip and Hudson 
streets. Dr. Campbell was one of the most celebrated and able of the 
many able divines of Albany. His sermons gave evidence of a keen and 
cultivated intellect; and if all that he delivered withiu the walls of that 
church could be gathered and published, they would constitute mauy 
volumes of discourses, characterized at once by great intellectual power, and 
by the most polished diction. Such associations will be cherished by the 
numerou that have worshiped here, long after its walls 

have disappeared. The old church gives way to the demands of trade. 
This has long driven most of its members to other parts of the city, and 
now the site has become one of the most valuable in the city for com- 
mercial purposes. The preset; ion will hold service hereafter 
in Association Hall until the completion of their new edifice on Eagle 

street. — Paper The temperature changed from extreme cold to 

moderate, with snow, and rain, and at night to extreme cold again 

8 ea from the N pers. [1868. 

l »oney, died, aged 54. Alex died, 


11. Air, h. . - en B. Hutchinson, Jr., died ; aged22. 

Mary A., wife of Beleg Noyes, died, ql 61 [icbael Bowe died, 

Vir, h. 10, 1.— 6 ....Mrs. Sarah L. Batcheldor died. Mrs. 

Mary Halo di< : irgaret, daughter of the late Henry 

I. Bleecker of Albany, and widow of Judge Chapman, died .'it Mobile, 

13. Air, h. 17.1. 8 William McCormick died, aged 57. John 

Tweddle, Jr., died at Bergen, N. J. John Gardner died, aged 84. The 
following account of him was written by General John Meredith Bead, 
Jr.. lor the Evening Journal. Few residents of Albany had more 
friends or a wider circle of acquaintance than old Gardner. He was 
one of the few remaining specimens of the thoroughly trained, ancient 
family servants Always efficient, honest and truly courteous, he of- 
fered an example which was not without its influence in this community. 
We have learned many lessons of true politeness from this good old man. 
The Bible dignifies the calling of a servant, while it inculcates humility 
and strict obedience to superiors. Gardner approached more nearly the 
requirements of the New Testament in this respect than almost any other 
we ever knew. He performed what are commonly considered unusual 
duties with an air of refinement which spoke volumes for his real gentility of 
mind and heart. Wbo, that has seen him of late years toiling up and down 
our steep streets, can ever forget the amiable smile, the deferential greeting, 
the raised hat, with which he saluted each passing acquaintance? Under 
the most trying circumstances, even when pain racked every nerve, his 
natural politeness asserted itself, and haloed his intercourse with all. 
Over the grave of such a man we may indeed shed mingled tears of joy 
and regret of joy, that he is released from all earthly suffering; of regret, 
that we have lost a gentle, genial and unselfish friend. To his memory 
we pay our tribute of respect, and to those who knew his worth we offer 
the following slight sketch of his life : John Gardner was born about 
D Colonel John Walker's plantation, called Belle Beau, six miles 
from Milton county. Virginia. His father was a captain in th'e royal 
British army, and his mother was for mauy years the trusted housekeeper 
at Belle Beau. Colonel Walker's wife was a Miss Custer, and their 
daughter married Mr. Cleland Kinlaw. of South Carolina. The grand- 
daughter. Miss Kinlaw, married Judge Hugh Nelson, son of Mrs. Nelson, 
of Yorktown, whose fine mansion sheltered many of our wounded men 
during the late rebellion. Colonel Walker kept many house servants, and 
owned several hundred slaves. On one occasion Gardner said to the 
writer, " When T was a little tyke, sir, I was an outrider. I wore a little 
red suit, with gilt bell buttons and top boots, and I rode in front of Colo- 
nel Walker's carriage, to open the gates, and tend to the ladies' calls. 
Sir, Colonel Walker's house was a very fine one, sir. It had great 
pillars in front, and wings like the Manor house. The floors were washed 
twice a day. Every morning in the right season, sir, Colonel Walker 
would come out into the grounds dressed in a large flannel dressing gown, 
and call for me. And I would run by hi. isket and pick 

enough mushrooms for breakfast, sir. Colonel Walker had a church of 

Feb.] Notes from the Newspapers. 9 

his own, sir, on his place, and Parson Murray preached in it. Some years 
ago, Mr. Frank Walker, sir, came to Saratoga Springs, and his waiter 
stopped here to see me. I remembered him, sir, for he used to live with 
Mr. Frank Tipball ; but I 'spect they're all gone now, sir. While I lived 
with Colonel Walker, I frequently saw Mr. John Peyton. He was a 
stout, fine looking gentleman. I often went over to Monticello, Mr. 
Thomas Jefferson's place, on the top of the high hill. You have been 
there within a few years, sir ; and you remember, in the hall, the bust 
of some famous Frenchman, I've forgotten his outlandish name, sir, 
[Voltaire]. Mr. Jefferson was a tall, thin man. Mr. Thomas Randolph 
was often there. He was tall and slim, too. His place was called Shad- 
well. Peter Hammond, a slave, a club footed man, was Mr. Jefferson's 
cook. His head waiter was named . Burrill. The kitchens, you know, 
sir, were built partly under ground, and connected with the main build- 
ing by long passage ways. If you stood at one end, it was like looking . 
through a spy-glass, sir, to see the sun rise. Mr. Jefferson had glasses 
of all sizes, sir, arranged at different heights, so that he could sit on his 
piazza, sir, and look all over the country. He was a very kind man, sir, 
was Mr. Jefferson. He once found me asleep near his house, and he 
waked me up quite gently like, sir, and sent me home to Colonel John 
Walker's with a pocket full of cherries." We cannot do better than let 
Gardner tell his story throughout in his own words. " Colonel Walker 
bound me out to Wort Baker to learn the trade of a shoemaker, sir; but 
Baker turned out to be a drunkard, and he finally took me to the court 
house at Winchester and gave up to me my articles of indenture, although 
I had still several years to serve. I then went for a while to work for one 
Brady, a shoemaker j but I soon left him and engaged as driver to Judge 
Hugh Holmes, whose house, and office and other buildings were built of 
limestone, and occupied a whole square, sir, in the town of Winchester, 
Virginia. He was a very nice gentleman, sir; and I used to accompany 
him on the circuit. He was a great favorite in that section of country. 
We used to go to Culpepper, Rockingham, and so on, sir. I remember 
Mr. Monroe, sir. He was not a very large man. Mr. Madison though, 
sir, was pretty lusty. I stayed a week at his place, sir, when I was in 
Judge Holmes's service. I recollect well Judge Lee, of Winchester. He 
was tall and slim, and very good looking ; and very much of a gentleman, 
sir. I drove Judge Holmes on one occasion to Mount Vernon, to attend 
a barbecue. You have seen such things, sir, in your time. And you 
remember that the meat is put in, and the trees are cut down and driven 
in around the fire in a circle ; and a great dance is got up about it. Gene- 
ral Washington was dead at the time I visited Mont Vernon. The stables 
were back of the house, and there were chains about the gap in the court 
yard. After I left Judge Holmes. I lived awhile with Mr. McGuire, 
who kept a very stylish boarding house, from thence I went by stage to 
Fredericktown. There General Peter Gansevoort saw me, and engaged 
me as his body servant. He was then attending the trial of General 
Wilkinson. I came north with him to Albany, and lived with him till 
he died, about the year 1818. He died in a house where the Delavan 
House now is. He was a very nice gentleman, sir. I remember I led 
the geueral's horse in the funeral procession, which was a very grand 
affair, sir. I next lived with Chancellor John Lansing till his death. 

Hist. Coll. iv. 2 

10 • from th [1^ 

Then 1 lived with Judge Jacob Sutherland, who married Chancellor 
inghter, afterwards with Mr. John Kane. Then I went to 
Mr. Pumpelly's as waiter, and there 1 had a \ 
twenty odd years. Since thai I have done what I could for 

14. Air, h. 3, 1. 8 Daniel McCann (McCaughan ?) died, 

25. Mrs. Mary Don, died, aged 80. G-eorge E. Kirk died, aged 21. 
Daniel MeCaughan die.i 

15. Air, h. 19, 1. 15 The Rev. William James. D.D., died, 

71. He had heen confined to his house during most of the past twelve 
. by a very painful disease, from which he suffered intensely ( 
but he exhibited, through all his sufferings, the utmost patience, and the 
most cheerful submission to the divine will. He realized during his ill- 
his own personal experience, the comforting influence of the truths 
which he had so long preached to others. And all who visited him, while 
he could give expression to his faith and hope, felt envelope*! 
heavenly atmosphere, receiving comfort and strength themselves rather 
than imparting it to their suffering friend. His sick chamber was a per- 
petual bethel, and his last days were full of peace. Mr. James was born 
in this city in June, 1797. From his early boyhood, he had a love for 
books, and the opportunity was given him to gratify his tastes. He passed 
through all the grades of study, and about his 25th year, entered upon 
the work of the ministry. His first city pastorate was in Rochester, as 
early as 1825, with the Second Presbyterian Church, and he continued 
that connection until 1830 or 1831. Returning to his native city, he 
assumed the pastorate of the Third Presbyterian Church in Montgomery 
street He, however, very soon gave up his position, and from that time 
onward, he has preached wherever providence seemed to indicate, and always 
acceptably, and with great ability. Although never a popular preacher, 
very few men of his day wrote with greater clearness, force or beauty. 
The publication of his sermons would be a rich legacy to the churches. 
But Mr. James was not merely a preacher of the word. We have never 
known a more thoroughly unostentatious, single hearted or noble minded 
Christian gentleman ; and he was enabled, from the moderate income at 
his command, to gratify his benevolent predilections. Thousands of poor 
men, women and children live to bless his memory. Mr James was the 
second of the several sons of the late William James who was for years 
one of the most successful of the many successful merchants of this city, 
during the close of the last and the opening of the present century. He 
was, in every sense, a good man : and his death will be widely mourned, 
for two generations loved him — Jom 

16. Air, h. 32, 1. 22 Ann E. Schermerhom, wife of S. S. Van 

Vechten, died, aged 02. Sarah Emily Bentley, wife of I. L. Harrell, died 
at Syracuse, aged 31. Harriet A. Bates died, aged 35. 

17. Air. h. 17, 1. 6. 

18. Air, h. 17, 1. 16 Ellen, wife of James Quinn, died, aged 22. 

Julia Shaughnessy died, aged 58. 

19. Air, h. 18, 1. 10 James Henry died, aged 32. Catharine, 

wife of Patrick McDonald, died, aced 66. 

20. Air, h. 32, 1. 20.. .......Taylor Hibbavd died, aged 26. Eliza Gor- 
man died, aged 73. Mrs. Flora Bell died, aged 74. 

21. Air, h. 36, 1. 31... Workmen began the demolition of the old 

wooden houses on Eagle street preparatory to building the Congregational 


-" fito 

J&^xn^ji /?^s-^v 

Mar.] Notes from the Netospapers. 11 

church Bernard Reynolds, late alderman of first ward, died, aged 

37. James .Wade, 31. D., died in Watervliet, aged 79. Chauncey R. 
Brasee died, aged 33. Patrick Repell died, aged 91. Jeremiah Foot- 
man died, aged 19. Jane, widow of Abraham S. Thornton, died, aged 63. 

22. Air, h. 38, 1. 1 below zero Eliza, wife of Martin Fleming, died, 

aged 38. Johanna, widow of Jeremiah Toomey, died, aged 83. Isaac 
Buckbee died in New York, aged 64. 

23. Air, h. 7, 1. 10 below zero Great fire of John G. White's 

malt house in Hudson street opposite Philip, loss $180,000, of which 
$80,000 was insured. The building was of sis stories and nearly three 
hundred feet front, and is said to have contained 60,000 bushels of barley 
or malt Peter Gill died by his own hand. 

24. Air, h. 4, 1.4 below zero ...Thomas Dohey died, aged 32. Den- 
nis Collins died, aged 35. P. R. Harty died in New York, aged 31. Mrs. 
Catharine Enders died at Richmond, Va., aged 81. 

25. Air, h. 10, 1. 3 Catharine, widow of Jacob Groesbeck, died, 

aged 82. Mary Catharine Wyekoff, widow of Elliot Beecher Preston, 
died at Hartford, Conn. Charles Healey died, aged 52. Mrs. Anna 
McGown died, aged 37. Cornelius Van Rensselaer died at Greenbush, 
aged 74. Moses Van Buren died, aged 67. 

26. Air, h. 18, 1, 14 Charles Sayles died, aged 60. 

27. Air, h. 23, 1. 18 W. F. Bronck died, aged 70. Martha 

Tuttle, wife of Benjamin Westervelt, died, aged 39. Frederick Neidlinger 
died, aged 48. 

28. Ellen, wife of Mr. Dwye 1 39. 

29. Frances Barnard, wife of Henry Q. Hawley, died. 

March 1. The Albany County Bible Society celebrated its fifty- 
seventh anniversary, the Rev. Dr. Elmendorf preaching the annual ser- 
mon. The election for officers resulted as follows : president, William 
Gould ; first vice president, C. P. Easton ; second vice president. John 
E. Page ; corresponding secretary, Rev. D. Dyer ; recording secretary, 
Stephen R. Gray; treasurer. Archibald McCiure, Jr. 

2. Great snow storm extending over the whole state, everywhere ob- 
structing the rail roads, accompanied with wind and extreme cold 

The common council changed the name of Van Schaik street to Monroe 
street. We have witnessed with, surprise and regret the indifference of 
the citizens of Albany to the memorials and traditions of their fathers. 
Several ^mansions preserving the peculiar architecture of Hollaud, instead 
of being preserved, as they would have been in any city with sense, taste, 
or ancestral pride, were relentlessly demolished. Nor does indulgence in 
vandalism content them. They not only obliterate ancient monuments, 
but reject time honored names. There has been a long line of Van 
Schaiks in Albany, reaching back to its origin, after whom a street was 
named, but which, for what reason we are unable even to conjecture, has 
been changed ! Why is it that the Albany of to-day is so anxious to 
efface the antiquities, destroy the landmarks, weaken the associations, and 
wipe out the memories of the pa I -ere anything in the characters 

or habits of their anccst'v. bamed ? Does the intel- 

ligence, enterprise, and pi my show that her citb 

superior in these respects to „heir predecessors ? Who among her law- 
yers, overshadow Abram Van Vechten, Ambrose Spencer, James Kent, 
John V. Henry, and John Van Ness Yates ? What merchants of supe- 

12 -from tin pers. [1868. 

1 -)>. William James, I. & 
Benedict, Rufua H. King 

without Erastus Corning, Thomas W. Olcott, and Ezra P. Prer- 
y the few survivors of that elass, Albany would be left 
- righter lights, though we don't 
see it If, however, modern is really ashamed of ancient Albany, then 
her new common councilmen, the present city fathers, more enlightened 
and venerable, doubtless, than the Van Rene o Vechtens, 

Ganesvoorts, Wendells, Bleeckers, Yateses, Ten Eycks, etc.. etc.. of Dutch 
origin, should go on with their reforms and sponge out all r : . 
present to the past. Veneering will give the city a fresh 
This will not, we admit, improve it in the estimation oi 
whose memory and whose affections go back to Albany, as it was half a 
century ago, when the Dutch and English languages were heard ; when 
in summer afternoons, wives and husbands smoked their pipes on 
stoops ; when every corner was vocal with the concerts of whistling 

: and when the annual festivities of Pinkster Hill were next 

to the Fourth of July, the event of the year — N. Y. Com. Adv 

The work of demolition began on the old brick church corner of South 

Pearl and Beaver streets, preparatory to the erection of Beaver Block 

Jacob C. Koonz died, aged 36. 

3. Thomas Hutchinson died, aged 57. Alice M. Gavit. wife of James 
S. Ostrander died, aged 45. 

4. Rowland B. Lloyd, sexton of First Presbyterian Church, died, aged 
52. Sarah Fowler died, aged 63. 

5 The centennial anniversary of Master's Lodge, No. 5 of Free and Ac- 
cepted Masons, was celebrated by a concert at Tweddle Hall, and a sup- 

the Delavan House. Oration by Dr. S. R. Vanderpoel 

James Flood committed suicide by shooting himself, aged 35. Libbie A. 
»han died, aged 27. Thomas Cleary died, aged 71. 

6. Nicholas Redmond died, aged 44. 

7. Air, h. 35, 1. i 

8. Air, h. 44. 1. 37 Rev. Benjamin H. Pitman died, aged 79. 

Elizabeth, wife of Cornelius Schouten died, aged 72. 

n, h. 44. 1. 28 Onions sold to day at 815 a barrel; the 

highest price ever reached in Albany. — Ev. Post. Butter was 60 cts. a 
pound Henry Smith died, aged 55. 

10. Air, h. 42, 1. 34 John B. Bigelow died, aged 37. Isabella 

Howell, wife of George M. Barnes, died, aged 31. 

11. Air, h. 38, 1. 34 Mary, wife of John Smith, died, aged 51. 

Bernard Hogan died, aged 70. 

12. Air, h. 35, 1. 19 The following persons were elected 

officers of the Young Men's Association : president, Frank Chamberlain ; 
1st vice president. Jacob S. Mosher ; 2d vice president, Johu H. Crombie ; 
3d vice president. Matthew C Clark; treasurer, Rufus II. King ; recording 
secretary, Nathan Swartz; corresponding secretary. John H. Farrell; 

harles W. Lord, B. Lathrop, S. H. Van Sickler. 
.ne, Gr. D. Weiduian, Johu N. Foster. S. James Ainsworth, 

I. Lawson, Robert Headlam, David A. Teller Capt. 

William Adams, an ancient North river skipper, died, aged 90. 
Deacon Adams (as he was more generally designated by his in- 
timate friends), wa -uu came to this city in 

Mar.] Notes from the Newspapers. 13 

his early manhood. He had " followed the water " from his youth up, 
and was one of the most energetic and successful of the many prominent 
sloop captains on the North river, long before steam navigation was known 
or dreamed of. Having accumulated a moderate competency, he retired 
from active business many years ago, and has since lived to do good. In 
this, as in all else, his life has been a memorable success. Deacon Adams, 
through the entire of his long life, was a zealous and devoted Christian, 
decided, but gentle, humble and devout. He was one of the few who 
constituted the original membership of the First Baptist church in this city, 
when it met in the building on the corner of Orange and Pearl streets. 
From that day to the day of his death, he followed his master with loving 
devotion, and held every personal interest subordinate to his religious du- 
ties. Until within a few months he was enabled to continue his daily 
exercise, and to receive the congratulations of his friends. But he " longed 
to depart," and this longing had grown upon him since, a few years ago, 
his venerable wife and beloved daughter passed to their rest. He has now 
gone down to his grave " like a shock of corn fully ripe;" but the recollec- 
tion of his earnest and devoted Christian life will continue, as a delightful 
memory, with all who knew him. — Journal. Joshua Cleary died, aged 
64. Eliza Schmidt, wife of Henry Waldbillig, died, aged 28. Robert 
Breckenbridge died, aged 32. Mary, wife of John Healj, died, aged 40. 
Win. J. Nolen, aged 27, disappeared on the 29th Dec, last; his body was 
found in the river this clay. 

13. Air, h. 46, 1. 30.. .......John Wickham died, aged 48. Mary Ford, 

wife of John Feeley, died, aged 23. 

14. Air, h. 43, 1. 36 About a thousand workmen on the Central 

rail road, principally laborers, stopped work and made a demand for eight 
hours a day of work. Several hundred marched into the city in a body. 

15. Airj h. 46, 1. 40. 

16. Air, h. 54, 1. 40 Anna Margaret Thauer died, aged 77. 

John Silman died, aged 70 .The common council determined to 

build a new market on South Pearl street, corner Howard The ice 

broke up about midnight and passed away without doing much damage. 

17. Air h. 52, 1. 43. The Hudson River and Central rail road 

lines were obstructed by high water, which covering the tracks at certain 
points prevented the passage of trains. The river was open before the 
city, but the ice was firm at many places below. The unusual length and 
severity of the winter had formed ice of great thickness and strength, and 
the frost had penetrated the earth to the depth of three or four feet, con- 
gealing the water in the city aqueducts where it had never before done 

so ?...Vina Lawyer, wife of Alexander H. Wells, died, aged 26. 

Mary Ball died, aged 79. 

18. Air, h. 57, 1. 42 Jeannie A. Gallagher, widow of H. C. Fin- 

ne^-an, died, aged 20. Maggie J. Brown, wife of Wm. M. Stevens, died, 
aged 30. 

19. Air h. 47, 1. 27 John S. Van Rensselaer died, aged 76. He 

was the eldest son of Killian VanRensselaer, the lineal descendant of the 
brother of the first patroon of Rensselaerswick, who became the proprietor 
of the Claverack patent. The deceased thus fully inherited the charac- 
teristics of the early Dutch settlers of our city and the country her 

and whose impress still, to some extent, gives tone to our character as a peo- 
ple. He was born in 1782, and received au education quite fully up to the 

14 Xak* from the Newspapers. [18G8. 

standard of hi* dnated at I nion College: studied the la. 

tiee. His youthful ardor and patriotism 
led him to rake part in the war of 1*12. I - :t lieu- 

tenant, but Pot the >-hed to the 

staff of the general commanding the northern division whose 

field of duty wis in the vicinity of Lake Champlain. Mr. Van Keng 

j ubiie offices, his ambition not leading him iti that direction. 
an alderman of the city, and in that capacity evinced his public 
spirit, his prud county court. — Journal. 

In the death of General John S. Van Rensselaer. Albany loses a citizen 
who has been | - in its society during a long life-time — a repre- 

sentative of one of the old Dutch families that founded our city and 

bher, Kiilian K. Van Rensselaer, represented this county for five 
• e terms in the house of representatives. Three of his uncles 
served in the Revolutionary war. Nicholas Van Rensselaer was an aid to 
Hchuyler, Philip was quartermaster, and Henry K., colonel. Gen. 
deceased, though a young man. not yet of age. served in the 
war of 1812 as aid on the staff of Gen. Brown, and rendered some valu- 
able services. His identification with this period of our national history 
made him in later years the representative and champion of the surviving 
veterans when their chums for services came before the country. He was 
military secretary and confidential aid of Gov. De Witt Clinton during 
his administration. He was educated to the bar, and was appointed judge 
of the county, but he did not closely pursue the profession of the law. 
For a while he edited the Albany Daily Advertiser, an influential paper; 
and took a prominent part in the political struggles of the day. But he 
er led by party attachment to forget his obligations to the country. 
He was a warm-hearted patriot, and loved the constitution and govern- 
ment of his fathers, and dreaded the perils to which they were exposed, 
and allied himself to those who defended them. He was a public-spirited 
citizen, and warmly identified himself with whatever would add to 
the fame or progress of Albany. He had in his composition none of the ' 
. which is supposed to characterize the people of Holland; but 
was remarkable for vivacity of expression and manner, and a generous 
impulsiveness. His well-stored mind, and his wide communion with men 
aud active participation in events, made his conversation as instructive as 
agreeable. And he retained to the close of his life the animation, and 

joyous and gallant spirit of his youth. — Argus William V. Hackett 

died, aged 30 Mary Turner, wife of William Grey, died, aged 43. 

Vir, h. 38, 1. 30 Mrs. Mary Murphy died, aged 67. Margaret 

Cullen died, aged 70. 

21. Air, h. 40, 1. 30 A snow storm began at 7 A. M. and contin- 
ued throughout the day, and obstructed the rail roads in all directions. 

32, 1. 26. The propeller John Taylor, arrived to-day 

practically demonstrating what had before been in doubt, that the river 

, to navigation Jennie Ilutson died, aged 21. 

. >r. h. 30. 1. 24 Mary, widow of John Turner, died, aged til. 

_'* Air, h. 42. 1. 29 Capt. Richard W. Sherman, who com- 

I the DeWitt Clinton steam boat on the river, died at Vergennes, 
Vt. He was an excellent disciplinarian. Simon Relyea died. 

Eleanor Conroy died, aged 71. Eliza Duff 


Apr.] Notes from the Newspapers. 15 

Ur, h. 38, 1. 27 John Sheridan died, aged 57. Elizabeth, 

wife of Jacob Andes, died, aged 37. Josiah C. Robinson died at Long 
Meadow, Mass. ; formerly a merchant in this city. 

28. Mary Ann, wife of James H. Peck, died, aged 44. Benjamin M. 
Reiner died, aged 67. John Murtaugh died, aged 30. 

29. Religious services were held for the last time in the Methodist 
Episcopal church corner of Washington avenue and Swan street. The 
house and lot had been sold for $12,000, and a new edifice sometime 
before begun on Lark street. Volkert J. Strickland died, aged 25. 

30. Simeon Patrick died, aged 32. He had been about his business in 
his usual good spirits during the day, and suddenly fell from apoplexy 
while selling a bill of goods. 

31. Jane M. Langdon, wife of Daniel Cordell, died, aged 38. Elizabeth 
McNally died, aged 71. Jacob Daum died, aged 31. 

April 2. Hugh Lynch died, aged 21. Mrs. Honora Ryan died, aged 64. 

3. Laure Genet, widow of Prof. Julian Molinard, died at Baltimore, 

jed 76. 

4. Air, h. 41, 1. 29. 

5. Air, h. 48, 1. 23 John Ginn died, aged 89. Margaret Bender 

died, aged 68 The Rev. G. C Lorimer preached his first sermon 

in the First Baptist ehurch. 

6. Air. h. 30, 1. 20 John Martin Stake died, aged 19. Bridget, 

wife of Thomas Downs, died. 

7. Air, h. 34, 1. 27 The greatest snow storm of the season set 

in early in the morning with a south wind, and continued through the day, 

falling incessantly and copiously c.Baltus Prime .died, aged 59 

Miss Mary Ann Wood died. 

8. Air, h. 34, 1. 29 Amelia Norton, wife of William II. Hand, 

died, aged 37. Robert L. Herrick died, aged 21. Mary Ann, wife of 

B . Kelley, died, aged 36. 

9. Air, h. 38, 1. 18 Bridget, wife of John Fogarty, died, aged 29. 

10. Air, h. 30, 1. 20 ..Snow began to fall at 7 A. m. and continued 

throughout the day Edward Murphy died, aged 47. Anna Kittle 

died, aged 39. John Malone died, aged 85. 

11. Air, h. 27,1.27 Catharine L., wife of George Tice, died, aged 

33. Mrs. Hannah (Van Schaack) Barkhuff died, aged 41. Ellen C. 
Shields, wife of James J. Lee, died, aged 28. 

12. Easter, was a north-easter. Air, h. 39,1,38 Rhoda, widow 

of Joseph Gladding, died, aged 82. wife of William O'Connell, died, 

aged 50. Francis Rider, late keeper of Stanwix Hall, died at Englewood, 
N. J. 

18. \ir, h. 37, 1. 17 An election for officers was held in Grace 

Church, which resulted as follows : Wm. R. Ford, Senior Warden ; Henry 
J. Wells, Junior Warden. Vestrymen, George W. Gibbons, Thomas S. 
Beckett, Daniel E. Bassett, James Chatterly, Edward S. Lawson, John 
Jones (Bowery), John McBride, Joseph Strong. 

14. Air, h. 81, I. 20 The rector of St. Peters, Rev. Dr. Doane, 

having introduced some high church ceremonies, a very exciting canvass 
took place, resulting in the following vote for church officers : 

16 Notes from the Newspapers. [1868. 

trarch. High Church. 

John T. Cooper, 75 I 0. Meads 75 

H. Pmnpelly, 141 | 


John Tweddle 77 i A. J. Parker, 75 

B ; dd, 76 | T hos. Hun, 80 

J. C. Potts 71 | S. Moffat, 78 

P. TenEyck, 

G. S. Weaver, 72 

■ idson, 76 

F. Gt. Tucker, 140 

W.N. Fassett, 68 

J. S. Perry, 75 

T. Fondey, 75 

S. E. Marvin, 71 

P. Cushman, 71 

It will be seen by the above that only one warden and six vestrymen 
were elected : 

St. Paul's Church. The following were reelected without a dissenting 
voice: Wardens — C. W. Bender, John H. Van Antwerp. Vestrymen — 
William H. Rice, James H. Osborn, Ira Porter, Thomas Squires, William 
Lacy, J. Woodward, Jr., F. W. Flagler, Hiram Perry. 

Church Boh/ Innoi mis. The following were unanimously elected for 
the ensuing year: Wardens — William H. Dewitt, William Mason. 
Vestrymen — Joshua Rathbone, Oscar L. Hascy, Gerrit T. Bradt, Caleb 
Palmer, Frank Jones, Samuel N. Van Santvoord, William Reynolds, 
Samuel Rork. 

Trinity Church. The following named gentleman were elected as 
Wardens and Vestrymen for the ensuing year : Wardens — A. S. Beers, 
and Jas. Ball. Vestrymen — George Cummings, R. J. Story, John 
Pritchard, Wm. Granger, Wm. Little, John Sheridan, J. V. L. Pruyn 
and Evan James. 

The high church ticket admitted men of both parties, in the spirit of 
liberality j the low church did not. The former contended that the choral 
service being outside of the regular services of the church ; the weekly 
administration of the communion, and the daily morning evening prayers, 
need not be attended by those who had no taste for them ; but the rector 
had introduced an invocation in turning his face to the east at certain 
parts of the service, and took a position at the altar different to that of 
his predecessors, which was offensive to a portion of the brethreu; where- 
upon they resolved to oust the old officers that sanctioned it. There being 

a tie of three vestrymen, a new election became necessary. — Journal 

The city election resulted in the choice of a democratic mayor and re- 
corder, and seven of ten aldermen and supervisors Johanna Collins 

died, aged 62. Christina, wife of Henry Leuzon, died, aged33. Margaret 
Adams, wife of David Best died, aged 36. 

15. Air, h 42, 1. 27 Ground was broken for the erection of the 

Congregational church edifice, to be erected at the corner of Eagle and 

Beaver streets, Aspinwall & Son, builders The demolition of the 

Washington Street Methodist church, corner of Washington Avenue and 
Swan street, was begun Hannah, wife of John Lannon, died. a< 

16. Air, h. 58, 1. 49 Isabella Marie, widow of P. F. De Tiere, 

died, aged 69. Margaret, widow of Thomas Henuessy, died, aged 75. 


Notes from tJw Neivsjpapers. 


17. Air, h. 60, 1. 52 Sarah A., wife of Darius 0. G. Redfield, 

died, aged 47. 

18. Maggie W. Gorkhill died, aged 23. Mrs. Martha Wyburn died, 
aged 87. Mary A. MeClintock, wife of George Hicknell, died at Seneca 

19. Herman Schiffer died, aged 30 Mrs. Elizabeth Dorsey, 

formerly of Albany, died in Brooklyn. 

20. Tobias Van Schaick died, aged 89. 

21. Barnabas H. MeKean died, aged 55. Mrs. Rose McElduff died, 
aged 60. Charlotte A. Rand died, aged 75. 

22. George Nichols died, aged 71. Benj. J. Waterson died, aged 70. 

23. Thomas J. Burke died, aged 38. 

25. Air, h. 50. 1. 38 Rachel Leonard died, aged 83. 

26. Air, h. 47, 1. 36 Ann, wife of John Lilly, died, aged 46. 

Margaret Hargedon died, aged 32. 

27. Air, h. 55, 1. 36...."... Nancy, widow of V. W. Rathbone, died, 
aged 76. Charles Gregory died, aged 64. 

28. Air, h. 45, 1. 34 James Wing died at Geneva, aged 36. 

He had been residing at Rochester for ten or twelve years. For some 
time he had suffered from a pulmonary complaint. In hopes to fortify a 
not over strong constitution, and through love of excitement, he devoted 
much of his time to field sports, was a prominent member of the Monroe 
county and Audubon clubs, and was a thorough sportsman. During the 
rebellion he served as paymaster in the navy, and at the time of his death 
was major and chief of engineers on the staff of General Williams's bri- 
gade N. Y. S. N. G. Among the Masonic fraternity he was widely 
known, being a Knight Templar and member of Monroe Commandery. 
But one of the children of the late Dr. Joel A. Wing survived, which 
was Mrs. Root, residing at Geneva. 

29. Air, h. 52, 1. 39. 

30. Air, h. 57, 1. 45 Mary, wife of Michael Costelle, died, 

aged 55. 

May 1. Air, h. 63, 1. 38 Elizabeth Murphy died, aged 76. 

Elizabeth., wife of Maurice Dower, died, aged 45. 

2. Air, b. 49, 1. 40. 

3. Air, h. 43, 1. 41 Charles Putnam died in New York. 

4. Air, h. 60, 1. 41 Mrs. Bridget S latterly died, aged 60. 

5. Air, h. 64, l 50 Charles W. Hendee died, aged 38. Mary, 

wife of Martin Fryer, died The receipts and disbursements of the 

chamberlain for the year 1868, were as follows : 

City Water Works, $96,513 08 

Alms House 741 04 

Assessments for streets and 

drains, 13,628 28 

Citypoor, 2,< 

Contingents, 3,00:5 76 

Street contingents, , ._., 453 40 

Fire Department, 

Bon id of Fire Commissioners, 6,147 03 

District Schools, 19,{ 

Interest, 7,644 01 

Court Special Sessions, 1,656 00 

Hist. Coll. iv. 3 


City Water Works, $31,623 08 

City water debt, interest 

account, 51,000 00 

35,435 39 

Assessments for streets,. .. . 35,359 98 

■ ■ills tor drains, 15,551 13 

City poor, 32,332 78 


Street contingents, 1 6,364 (10 

Fire Department, 33,84.6 78 

Board of Fire Comn; 

ers, 63,349 63 

18 Notes from ihe Newspapers. [1868. 

. i 

1.! .1 Sessions, 

• Sink- Police l 

ind Markets, 

1 Debt Sink- 

l,v, a Fund 30 

Redemptions 29 

M rtgages, • • ffice 

. . . 7,118 00 Printing a ud advertising, ... 

Is >urt E 

f Albany ies, 14,100 00 

Temporary loans County of Albany, 33,100 57 

Certificates of city ind i ns 

99 34 City lamps, 2 

• and pumps, 

Industrial School, 

120,000 00 

Certificates of city indebted- 
ness 26 35 

Board of Capital Police,. . . . 93, .' 

$905,457 60 

$800,616 27 

6. Air, h. 65, 1. 52 Mrs. Eunice Wilcox died, aged 68. Henry 

S. Williams died, aged 32. Francis P. Brown died, aged 61. Bella 
C. Jones died, aged 19. 

7. Air, h. 59, 1. 44 William Fanning died, aged 50. Lieut. 

James Pauley died, aged 29. Edward Hindman died, aged 30. 

8. Air, h. 45,1. 35. Snow in morning Patrick H. Furlong died, 

aged 23. 

9. Air, h. 46, 1. 36 Carolina Gill, wife of William Nessle, died. 

10. Air, h. 45, 1. 39 Rev. Samuel L. Sprecher preached his first 

sermon as the pastor of the Lutheran church, corner of Pine and Lodge 
streets. He came from Carlisle, Pa. 

11. Air, h. 58, 1. 45 Isaac Cohen, an energetic and successful 

dry goods merchant, committed suicide by leaping from the dock into the 
river. He was at the head of many of the Jewish benevolent societies 
of this city, and acted as the general dispenser of aid to the uufortuoate. 
An attempt was made last evening to raise the body by firing a cannon, 
but it failed- The body was found on the 19th, at Staats's dock, five miles 
below Greenbush. 

12. Air, h. 53, 1. 41 Rev. J. Searle was installed pastor of the 

Third Dutch Reformed church in Ferry street Peter Wendell died. 

13. Air, h. 62, 1. 45. 

14. Air, h. 61, 1. 47 Helen, widow of Henry Salisbury, died, 

aged 67. She was for several years and at the time of her death, matron 
of the Home of the Friendless. 

15. Air, h. 69, 1. 51. 

16. Air, h. 67, 1. 55. 

17. Air, h. 68, 1. 57 John Dillon died, aged 21. 

18. Air. h. 70, 1. 45 John B. Folger died, aged 75. James 

Porter died at the hospital of wounds inflicted in an affray with John 

May.] Notes from the Newspapers. 19 

Erving, on the 8th inst. Maria, wife of George Marvin, died. Patrick 
Mahan died, aged 47. 

19. Air, h. 52, 1. 43 Mary E., wife of George Morford, died, 

aged 23. 

20. Air, h. 60, 1. 47. 

21 Air, h. 60, 1. 51 James Edwards died, aged 69. Mr. 

Edwards, from his former professional position and connection, was widely 
and honorably known throughout the state. He was born in Greenfield, 
Saratoga county, but came to this city more than half a century ago, and 
commenced the study of the law in the office of his uncle, the Hon. 
Alfred Foot, then one of the most eminent members of the bar of this 
city. Soon after his admission to the bar, Mr. Edwards entered into part- 
nership with his uncle, and they continued together with a large and 
lucrative practice for some years, when Judge Foot removed to New York, 
leaving his large business here to Mr. Edwards. After continuing alone 
fur a few years, he formed a partnership with the late Samuel Stevens, 
then and up to the time of his death, one of the ablest lawyers in this 
state. Their business was among the largest and most important of any 
in this part of the country, and Mr. Edwards brought to it admirable 
qualifications. He was always distinguished for his sound practical judg- 
ment, his solid legal attainments, his promptness and accuracy in business, 
the energy, firmness and integrity of his character, and his conscientious 
fidelity to the interest of his clients. His business was of a weighty and 
responsible character, and among his clients and friends he always num- 
bered the most substantial men in this community. He was a man of 
great kind-heartedness, true in his friendships, warm and generous in his 
sympathies, ever open to the appeals of the poor and suffering, and ever seek- 
ing to rule his life in accordance with Christian principle. He was a liberal 
minded and public spirited citizen, and took a warm interest in all measures 
for the promotion of public interests. Up to the time he was taken ill, he 
had every appearance that would have indicated a prolonged and vigorous 
old age ; and while we now feel that his course in life has been wel' and 
My fulfilled, the suddenness of. its close cannot but remind those 
of us, who have journeyed with him, how frail and uncertain our own 

condition is. — Argus The Presbyterian assembly met in Dr. 

Sprague's church A long and severe rain storm continued with 

great force this day, and was attended with the first thunder and light- 
ning of the season Elizabeth Pierce died, aged 82. Pouwelona, widow 

of Christian Long, died, aged 45 Catharine, wife of Harmon Van 

Heusen, died, aged 66. 

22. Air, h. 54, 1. 52 The drenching rains of the last week pro- 
duced an extraordinary freshet, which came so suddenly as to surprise 
the merchants on the docks, who on resorting to their places of business 
in the morning, found them inaccessible by reason of the height of the 

water Caroline, wife of Philip Featherly, died, aged 60. Edward 

Scannell died, aged 26. 

23. Rosa, wife of Joseph Weber, died, aged 54. 
' 24. Dennis Kinsley died, aged 68. 

25. Stephen Van Rensselaer, the last patroon of Albany, died, aged 80. 
tth was the result of the infirmities of age, and had been antici- 
pated for nearly two years past. Gen. Van Rensselaer was the only son 
of Stephen Van Rensselaer (known as the Old Patroon), by his first 

20 68 from the Ntwsijcqyers. [1868. 

wife, who m buyler, of Revolutionary fame. 

Alexander Hamilton v.iio was hi.s uncle by marriage with another 

r, drew up I 3 00 which the .Man 

laerwyok was rented. This manor extended twenty-four mile.- a) 

a river, and twenty-four miles east and west. The deceased suc- 
1 to the western half of tht manor, the eastern half being left to 

, P. Van Rensselaer, the first born of the old second 

wife, W Fersey. These lands were nearly all leased 

uuder perpetual least F which were recently purchased by Colonel 

S. Church, of this city. Probably the most valuable of the lands 
not thus encumbered are what is now known as the Lumber district, and 
be near the city. The entail of the manorial property ceased 
with the death of his father. This will now be divided among the child- 
ren, except twenty-five hundred acres between the Troy and Shaker 
roads, north of the Manor House, in which he had a life estate, and 
which now reverts to his half brother, William P. Van Rensselaer. The 
surviving children of tbe deceased are Margaret, wife of Wilmot John- 
son, of New York; Cornelia, wife of Nathaniel Thayer, of New York; 
Catharine, widow of Mr. Berry, of New York ; Justina, widow of Dr. 
Howard Townsend; Harriet, wife of Capt. Crosby, U. S. A., and Eu- 
gene, the only surviving son. The widow of the deceased, who v., 
Bayard, the daughter of a former distinguished merchant of New York, 

rvives him. Gen. Van Rensselaer never sought official honors. 
He lived a quiet and unobtrusive life; but he leaves behind him an en- 
viable reputation for the sterling virtues which distinguished the race 
from which he was descended. The Manor House was always the home 
of an elegant and refined hospitality. He was liberal in his benefactions, 
and dispensed his wealth freely to all charitable objects and to the 
church, of which he was for many years a prominent member. — .. 

Mr. Yau Kensselaer never mingled in the active concerns of public 
business, with the interest that his father had manifested. The only 
public positions held by him were those of an alderman and of major- 
general of this division of the military of the state, for some years previous 
to 1840. In the latter capacity he evinced much adaptability and skill, 
and his activity and zeal are well remembered by his compeers in life. 
His manners were quiet, social and unobtrusive. His friendships warm 
and active. He was liberal, generous and charitable. — Jo> 

red of Stephen V r. This funeral was very largely at- 

tended May 29, and the services were unusually impressive. The follow- 
ing were the bearers : Groverneur Kenible, of Cold Spring ; Jacob I 
Eyck, Esq., Hon. Erastus Corning, Harmon Pumpelly, Esq., H. H. Mar- 
tin. Esq.. Major Gen Jno. Tayler Cooper, Hon. John V. L. Pruyn. of 
Albany; Henry Burden, Esq., of Troy; Howard Boyd, Esq., Gen. S. 

Talcott, Charles Van Zandt, Esq., Col. John 0. Cole, of Albany. 
Rev. Drs. B. W. Clark, W. B. Sprague of Al- 
bany ; Rev. Dr. Vermilye, of New York; Rev. Dr. Keunedy, of Troy. — 
Physicians: Thomas Hun, M. D., James P. Boyd, M. D.— Argus. 

The remains were enclosed in a solid mahogany casket, covered with 

black broadcloth, ornamented with a narrow silver band forming a panel 

side, end and top. The plate was in solid silver in the form of 

', bearing the following inscription in old Stephen Van 

Rensselaer, born March 27th, 1789, died May 25tl o'clock 

June.] Notes from the Neiospapers. 21 

the casket was brought down in the grand hall by four of the domestics 
acting as porters, and a prayer was offered by Rev. Dr. Clark. The pro- 
cession moved to the First Reformed Church in the following order in 
carriages : Porters, clergy, physicians, elders of the church, deacons, 
hearse, relatives, servants, friends. The clergy, physicians and bearers 
wore wbite linen scarfs, and the servants were clothed in black clothing 
and black kid gloves. The service at church consisted of reading por- 
tions of scripture by Dr. Kennedy, sermon by Dr. Vermilye, prayer by 
Dr. Clark, benediction by Dr. Sprague. The remains were conveyed to 
the family grounds in the Albany Cemetery. The attendants filled thirty 
carriages. — Argus. 

28. A novel water fountain for public use was placed in front of the Ex- 
change Building by John M. Crapo, for the accommodation of man and beast. 

30. William McMurray died. 

31. Eliza Wooley died, aged 70. Thomas Brown died, aged 69. John 
Ruddy died, aged 32. Theophilus Irwin died, at Conesville, aged 80. 

June 1. The fire alarm telegraph was completed, and in successful 

operation Mary H. Shepard died, aged 23. Mary Whalen died, 

aged 55. 

2. Elizabeth, wife of Henry Reed, died, aged 45. Julia A. Ostrander, 
daughter of the late Peter Van Loon, died, aged 56. 

4. Parthenia Corde, widow of Ichabod L. Judson, died, aged 70. 
Levina Anson died, aged 83. Catharine, wife of John Moran died, aged 
26. Harriet, wife of John Schworer, died, aged 81. John J. Daly 
died, aged 32. Michael Burns died, at Trenton, N. J., aged 35. 

5. A house was blown down in Colonic street, by which Felix McCann 
was killed Louisa Charbonneau died, aged 85. 

6. Samuel McCrea Smith died, aged 19. 

7. Paul C. Barney died, aged 49. Mrs. Mary Mahan died, aged 76. 

8. Neil Gallaher died, aged 35. Mrs. Mary Malone died, aged 75. 
Grace Parker died, aged 20. 

9. The mayor and common council of Troy came down to witness the 
working of the new fire alarm, and were handsomely entertained by the 
city corporation Mrs. Catharine W. Myers died, aged 71. 

11. Mary Moran, wife of Daniel Sickles, died, aged 29. Warren S. 
Paine was killed in New York. 

12. George L. Thomas died, aged 43. 

13. Anniversary Sunday at St. Paul's ; the rector, Rev. Mr. Reese, 
preached his fifth anniversary sermon ; from which it appeared that the 
congregation numbered about 400 families, 300 communicants, and 450 
Sunday school scholars ; Mr. Lacy, superintendent. Upwards of $16,000 

had been raised by the parish for various purposes The inmates of 

the jail in Maiden Lane succeeded in perforating the rear wall, and were 
on the point of making their escape, when they were discovered and 

secured Francis W. Simpson died, aged 39. Charles J. Engel died, 

aged 71. 

15. Eliza, wife of Peter Hagadorn, died. Timothy Flannary died, aged 
42. Gordon Davidson died, aged 25. 

16. Giles K. Winne, county clerk, died, aged 66. He was one of the 
original members of the Burgesses Corps. Matthew Burton died, aged 85. 
In the full ripeness of years, and leaving behind him a record of his life 
as significant for its purity as its length, Matthew Burton was yesterday 

22 [1868. 

D summoned from his stewardship upon earth to that sphere above 
where his existence, his labors, aud his enjoyments shall be immortal. 
Though his very gi iars, gave monition of death, the 

event happened with su Id Of late, and till within a few moments 

• of that health that 

lways been blessed with, aud which, by reason of his pursuits and 

! life, he has enjoyed t ( > a degree of fruition beyond most men. 
But of a startling suddenness "the silver chord was loosened," and like 
: of corn fully grown, he was gathered in the granary of eternity. 
The deceased was born in Kiuderhook, but he removed to this city in very 
early lite and has ever since resided here. Unsuited by education or 
icipatioa in the busy turmoil of public life, he devoted him- 
self to the <juiet pursuit of those duties, and sought enjoyment in those 
associations that grow out of the relations of family, the social circle and 
the church. Imbued with the patriotic spirit of the times he united in 

;a)izatiou of the Albany Republican Artillery company, and for 
some time remained an active and earnest member. Since the death of 
Col. Ira Jenkins he has been the sole survivor of its organization, and 
thus his death has severed the last living link that joined that venerable 

on to its founders. In the first Reformed Dutch church he has 
for many years been an attendant and communicant, and was for a period 
one of its elders. In that sphere he publicly exemplified that character 

incere and earnest Christian that adorned his life in all its private 
and household relations. He leaves behind him four children, and seve- 
ral grandchildren of mature years, upon whom the example of his life has 

not been lost. Journal Ed win *F. Quackenboss, formerly of Albany, 

died at Brooklyn. 

17. Lelia B. West, wife of Manton Marble, died. 

19. The transept of the Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church was dedi- 
cated. The Rev. Cyrus D. Foss, of Brooklyn, delivered a discourse 
alter which the Rev. Mr. Meredith, brother of the pastor and presiding, 
elder of this district, made a financial statement of the affairs of the society, 
which showed that the cost of the enterprise, including lots for church 
and parsonage, the foundation for nave, and the transept complete was 
834,500, on which was an indebtedness of about $3,000, after selling 
their old church. He also stated the object now to be accomplished was 
to raise a subscription of §10,000 by the first week in August, or there- 
abouts, when the trustees would proceed to let a contract for inclosing 
the nave, for the sum of $14,000. The subscriptions during the day 
amounted to near)- This is the last public subscription which 
the trustees will attempt. A moderate and manageable mortgage will 
complete the work. In the evening, the Rev. Robert E. Meredith, of the 

Newark Conference, pre.: propriate sermon Duncan Mc- 

Kercher died, aged 80. William Carroll died, aged 29. 

20. Elida Vau Yalkenburgh, wife of James A. McKown, died, aged 
52 Daniel Mcintosh, Jr., died, aged 38. 

21. Mary Sophia, wife of Robert Geer died, aged 30. 
23. William Van Zandt died, aged 42. 

I ■ junis Feehan died, aged 82. John Mahar died, aged 58. 
26. The corner stone of a new mission chapel of the second Presbyte- 
rian church was laid on the corner of State aud Snipe streets. 

July.] Notes from tlie Neivspapers. 23 

27. Julia L. Norton, wife of Isaiah B. Young, died, at Cincinnati, aged 
42. Mary Hogan died, aged 42. 

Vnn Connelly died, aged 54. 

30. At a meeting of the common council, final action was taken on re- 
building upon the Centre Market lot, and $50,000 appropriated to the 

purpose Henry Mix died, aged 58. He was superintendent of the 

Horse rail road, and a useful and energetic man. His family were promi- 
nent in the first ward, and among the earliest settlers at the lower end of 
South Pearl street. He had been an efficient alderman of his ward. He 
dropped dead in the street, in apparent good health. 

July 1. DeWitt C. Main died, aged 56. 

2. Robert Hagan died, aged 31. Jarnes A. Read died, aged 60. Mar- 
tin Rochaupt died, aged 65. 

3. Ettie Tracy died, aged 23. 

4. The heat was excessive, marking 103 in Broadway. In consequence 
there were numerous cases of sun stroke during the procession. It was 

said to have been the hottest Fourth of July known in forty years 

David W. Springsteed died, aged 35. 

5. The weather still warmer than the day previous, the thermometers 
that marked 103 on the 4th, were up to 104 to-day. 

6. Peter Cagger was killed in New York, aged 56. The record of Mr. 
Cagger's life exhibits a series of happy antitheses. A Democrat of the 
Democrats, the bold, sagacious and widely known partisan, almost upon all 
occasions the sole daring manager of the interests of a great party, and the 
absolute controller of its fortunes and destiny, local, state and national; 
he was so happily constituted, as to attract without effort, in seasons of 
fierce political excitement, the most potential among those of antagonistic 
sentiment, and to number among his friends his most bitter politicial 
opponents. A Catholic of the Catholics, his very name a tradition and a 
household word among the people of his faith ; largely identified with 
the early history of the old church in Albany ; an intelligent, conscien- 
tious and faithful believer, he was at the same time the chosen confidant, 
the familiar friend, the trusted, most honored, and reliable adviser of 
many whose peculiar religious bias might have suggested other counsel and 
far different associations. To the young, to the middle-aged, his cotem- 
poraries, and to the old, there was something so genial, so magnetic, and 
so inspiring about Peter Cagger, that the abrupt intelligence of his sudden 
and unlooked-for death will be clothed with additional pain. We might 
detail, if we chose, unnumbered instances of his kindness, his noble chari- 
ties, the beautiful traits and Christian influences, which accompanied him 
through the years which providence has bestowed, and which will live be- 
fore Heaven, and before men perhaps, when the record of the lawyer has 
faded and the memory of the politician is extinct. The poor, the widow, 
the orphan, the unprotected never appealed to him in vain ; the tears of 
his own fatherless and bereaved family, will mingle, as it were, with a tide 
of grief from hidden sources, aud the hearts his own kind heart made 
happy, and the homes his liberality blessed, will keep his memory 

when even the marble has crumbled upon his grave. Mr. Cagger was an 
Albanian by birth. His parents were natives of Ireland, where his father 
uewhat extensively engaged in business. Previous to taking up 
their residence in Albany, the family remained for a brief period in New 
"York city, and the remains of several of them are deposited in the 

Note* from the Newspapem. [1868. 

Oathed] > but city. Mich. 

of future greatness. He died in the verj prime of life. William 
I ither, was for a tin I in business in Albany, 

la in the New York custom house, in which positiou he died. 
]V] r. (.'.!. ■ Maria Maher, daughter of James Maher, well known 

lerable period as State librarian, and in the war of 1812 as the 
gallant captain of the Irish Greens, a military company originating in 
Albany and which tore a prominent part in the famous conflict at Sackett's 
Harbor. A daughter, the sole remaining issue of this marriage, survives 
him. A few years since, Mr. Cagger was united to a sister of the dis- 
shed editor of the Argus. At an early period of life he was placed 
in the then celebrated law office of Pe\ ;mi<is dv. Woodruff. Even as clerk. 
his remarkable administrative capacity began to manifest itself, and the 
efficiency of his labors was occasionally recognized in the most handsome 
mauuer by the distinguished principals of that powerful firm. Mr. Cagger 
afterwards associated himself with Mr. Samuel Stevens, and the firm name 
of Stevens & Cagger became speedily potential in legal circles. After a 
successful practice of some years, Mr. Stevens, a very able man, and the 
peer of renowned lawyers in the legal arena, yielded to excessive labor ; 
and shortly after his decease, a new legal firm, that of Hill, Cagger & 
Porter, was established, which will go down to posterity as one of the most 
remarkable combinations of ability and fitness for the several departments 
of a great law office, ever known iu the aunals of this state. Thu 
intellect of Hill shone in the court of last resort, where his genius corus- 
cated, and in which his profound learning and the unbending in! 
of his character secured that reverence even of the bench ; the command- 
ing eloquence, the penetrating mind, the admirable sagacity of Porter took 
easy precedence of all others at nisi prius ; and the extraordinary adminis- 
trative talent of Cagger, ready at once and at a moment's beck for abstruse 
pleadings, for the minutiae of petty litigation with its inexhaustible fund 
ot device and ingenuity ; intuitively prepared for all combinations, of 
finance, of politics, and at home in important business negotiations, all 
these things combined to make this famous trio so constituted as if every 
requisite and possible demand had been foreseen and provided for. Alas ! 
that time has broken the admirable compact which bound them together, 
and with us, and that the honored and revered survivor, Mr. Porter, will 
,i hear in Europe the sad tidings of our great bereavement. It is 
somewhat remarkable, and the observation will occur spontaneously to 
many, that, while the stern summons of the grave has thus reached one 
of the most prominent and influential leaders of the two great political 
parties, the other is prostrated with a severe illness, which has excited the 
gravest apprehensions of his friends. One in the maturity of life, ripe as 
a sheaf for the sickle, remains ; the other, seemingly with many bright 
years still before him, is taken; and the parallel is more striking, that 
neither have ever held a single political office during a career of unex- 
ampled duration 'of public life. The loss of either must be regarded by 
the entire community as a great public bereavement. — ,7< 
garet E. Pacey, wife of John Branigan, died, ; . ret, wife 

of. John Kinsella, died, aged 37. Mary, widow of Joseph Cooke, died in 
New York, aged 62. Capt. James Cook died, aged 56. 


Notes from the Newspapers. 


7. The demolition of the Centre Market, corner of South Pearl and 
Howard streets, was begun. 

The Centre Market. 


' Tis vanished ! the thing is gone at last ! 
The noisome hulk is with the past ! 
The rat, the roach, the slut, the flea, 
Must breed in some other locality. 
The poisoned odors, that like a shroud 
Hung over the square, and appalled the 

Must elsewhere stifle the public breath, 
Invite the dogs, disease and death. 
The worthy judges, whose legal lore 
Hard pressed the bench, till the bones 

were sore ; 
The motley crew that trod the stairs 
And muttered everything else but 

pra • i 
And the bailiff, with stick, and summons 

and writ, 
Have taken the popular notice to quit. 
The legal serpents, that writhed and 

And bio a client at every 1 
And flourished amid the oozo and slime, 
Have crawled away, for at least a time. 
The gang that bullied around the place, 
And blasphemed law, and God, and 

grace ; 
The shysters, that out of the German 

and Celt 
Took pounds of flesh, till Justice smelt ; 
Must belch their twaddle, and grab their 

Wherever their patron saint may please. 
So much is sure, if they ever come back 
To follow the ancient beaten track, 
The circus wherein their feats are done 
Will boast of human smells alone ; 
And the odor of onions and fish and meat 
Won't mingle with hair and clothes and 

feet ; 
For Justice, hereafter, wherever she 

Will tolerate only common law smells ; 
And the uncommon mixture of law and 

Fish, constables, cabbages, man and 

Have had their day, and will flourish 

no more, 
Except in a grog or a grocery store. 
' Tis a fact, by jingo, the shanty's down ! 
With its walls so yellow, and sto 

Where the bar once flourished, the crow- 

Has given the bricks a final dump, 
And the bloated vermin must fight and 

Elsewhere, for their usual daily meal. 

Hist. Coll. iv. 4 

Considering what a town we are 

More slow to move than a barrel of tar, 

And how attached we seem to be 

To the things our daddies used to see ; 

Tis marvelous how the shanty fell — 

That Erebus, Hades, Tophetof sn 

say, was it progress, or was it a job 
To fatten some alderman's sickly fob ? 
Who tumbled it over ? And what does 

it mean, 
In a town where the fluid we drink is so 

And stinks so foul, that a body would 

' Twas a merit for everything here to 

stink — 
In a place, where a dark night raises a 

As to whether the street lamps shouldn't 

be out, 
And out they go, and we learn full 

That the gas has a contract with the 
moon — 

1 say, in a place like this, so slow, 

1 1 urried this brick and mortar so 1 
Why didn't they wait a score of years, 
In spite of public jeers and sneers ? 

the hulk remain, 
All filthy and foul as it long has lain '? 
' Tis the way our people commonly do, 
Although complaints be ever so true. 
1 1 iant slime, 
That, nicknamed water, is liquid crime. 
and plunge our noses in 
I y, sickly, fluid sin, 
And no matter what moans and groans 

we make, 
The dreadful dose we're bound to take. 
No matter how much we swear and 

Our hopes go up, and the stuff goes 

down ! 
How public opinion could so combine 
As to ca le's quick decline, 

And not be able to move a jot 
Towards straining the dirty drink we've 

• i : >pose we shall ever know 
Till some of the Water Commissioners 

In the meantime, let us abound in 

us up in these turn-down 

And thank our stars when time pulls 

A single nuisance that spoils the town. 


Notes from the Neios}mpers. 


tfulhall with 

And t a 

bring us a Water Mulhall, whose 

Will bo pure water that's worth the 

And so, good bye to the famous walls, 
The courts and cleavers, and juries and 

Farewell, old mutton, and beef, and 

That furnished the past with its daily 


Thai Bhone on I tie basemenl stan 

Adieu, old bullheads, sturgeon, and shad, 
aackerel, lob 

-. encumbers, spinach 
And turnips and lettuce and corn and 

Good-bye, old hulk 
The Lord be praised that we're done with 

And that people may find in the Pearl 
1 view, 

at something new. 

Eve Elizabeth Nehemiah, wife of Jacob Van Aernani, died, aged 27. 
William Maseraft died, aged 82. He has been at all the periods of his 
life well known to many of our citizens. For many years he held the 
office of superintendent of streets, and in that capacity he evinced indus- 
try,4ntelligence and a stubbornness of honesty that no improper influences 
could shake. Underlying a blunt exterior of manner, he possessed gene- 
rous impulses, and friendly sympathies. He leaves behind him the record 
of an unsullied integrity as a public officer that may usefully be held up 
as a model for men to study and imitate. — Journal. 

8. John Gibson died, aged 73. 

9. Mrs. Margaret McDonald Cushman died, aged 90. Jane Maria 
Shepard, wife of James Kidd, died, aged 55. Caroline VanBuren,wifeof 
Abram Billson, died, aged 80. 

10. Michael McGolrick died, aged 45. 

11. John Gardiner died, aged 72. Philip Carlin died, aged 74. 

12. Thermometer 100° in Broadway Mrs. Catharine Moakler 

died, aged 33. 

13. Thermometer ranged from 100° upwards. No parallel found to 
the heat of these days Thomas Meehan died, aged 28. 

14. A morning of unexampled heat. Forty cases of sun stroke, six of 
them fatal; temp. 105° in shade in Broadway ; at the office of Dr. B. P. Staats 

thermometer marked 100° for the first time since 1824 The Hon. 

Willis Hall died of congestion of the brain, caused by the extreme heat, 
at bis home in New York. Mr. Hall was born in 1801, received a liberal 
education, and adopted the profession of the law. He entered political 
life in the year 1837, being elected a member of the assembly by the 
Whigs, who carried the state that year for the first time. He was a 
prominent member of the assembly. In 1838, he was made by the 
assembly attorney general of the state, filling the office for one year in a 
creditable manner. Having removed to Albany, he was elected to the 
assembly from this city, in the fall of 1842. He was for some time a 
lecturer in a law school in Saratoga, but resigned on leaving the country 
for a while, to recuperate his health. After his return he again took up 
his residence in New York, and was interested, although taking no pro- 
minent part, in the politics of the day. In 1818 he was one of the few 
who opposed the nomination of Gen. Taylor as the whig candidate for 
the presidency, and endeavored to bring forward the name of Hon. Henry 
Clay. After the failure of the effort Mr. Hall supported Van Buren and 
Adams, and this concluded his connection with political affairs. Retir- 

July.] Notes from the Neiospapers. 27 

ing from professional and political life, he devoted his latter years to his 
personal and domestic affairs. He was very courteous in his manner and 
made many warm friends. Nathaniel S. Benton, Jr.,. died, aged 37. 

15. The 5th day of intense heat ; the heat still hotter. Thermometers 

ranged from 100° to 108°, in the shade Edward Walsh died, aged 

51. John McCready died at Fire Island. Margaret, wife of Thomas 
Lynch, died, aged 41. Jane, wife of Edward Donnelly, died, aged 63. 
Cornelius Buckley died, aged 40. Richard Gannon died, aged 50. 
Margaret Bulman died, aged 38. L. Charles Tuck died. Samuel Leg- 
get died, aged 31. 

16. Temperature at the lumber yard in open air, 130 degrees 

Thomas Noonan died, aged 66. Mr. Noonan was one of our oldest and 
most respected citizens. He was upright in his dealings, and affable in 
his social intercourse. For several years he has pursued the avocation 
of a real estate agent. For very many years he has acted as such agent 
for the James estate, and commended himself to his employers by his 

industry and integrity. — Journal John Doughney died, aged 43. 

Ellen, wife of John Moakler, died, aged 72. James Ford died, aged 
20. Mary McManus, wife of Timothy Driscol, died, aged 34. 

17. Bridget, wife of Michael Murray died, aged 34. The body of 
John F. Dunne was found in his bed at the American hotel, in a state of 
decomposition. Robert Wainwright died in California. 

18. Twenty-three members of St. Joseph's church died of sunstroke, 
during the week. Mrs. Michael Hughes died, aged t 70. 

19. A term of nine days of excessive heat terminated in the evening 
of this day. The thermometer ranged daily in the business portion of 
the city from 95 to 106° in -doors. The death record was unprecedented. 
James D. Wilson died, aged 26. Bridget Sweeney, wife of Tho- 
mas Ward, died, aged 21. 

20. William Knower died, aged 18. 

22. James Strain died, aged 82. Elizabeth, widow of Daniel Slane, 
died, aged 70. 

23. Air, highest 82, lowest 66. 

24. Air, h. 79, 1. 71 Patrick McCann died, aged 50. 

25. Air, h. 75, 1. 70 Elizabeth, widow of Peter Brinckerhoff, 

died, aged 91 ; She was born in Schenectady on the 3d of October, 1777, 
and had resided in Albany since 1814. Her maiden name was Elizabeth 
Bleecker. She was a sister of Mrs. Dudley and John K. Bleecker. 
Mrs. David E. Evans and Mrs. H. Pumpelly were her daughters, and Mrs. 
Tibbetts and Mrs. Gov. Seymour were her nieces. Her death was not 
unexpected. For many years she occupied a prominent position in so- 
ciety, and was always highly esteemed for her Christian graces, and her 

many acts of charity and kindness. — Argus Joseph McMurray, 

who had been flagman at the rail road crossing for many years, was run 
over and died of his wounds. He was a general favorite, and great sym- 
pathy was manifested for his misfortune. He was aged about 56 

John McCormick died, aged 49. 

26. Air, h 81, 1.61 Maria Clark died, aged 76. Maria C. 

Mallick, wife of Wm. G. Taafe, died, aged 49. 

27. Air, h. 74, 1. 60 Mary Conroy died, aged 76. Esther H., 

widow of W. J. Dunn, died, aged 35. Elizabeth Mary Richmond, wife 
of Dr. J. B. Rossman, died, 

28 Notes from the Newspapers. [1868. 

! far, 1) 74. 1.64 Francis Bray died, aged 53. Theodore 

Promo i" •'• 30. 

• t Kelty died, aged 84. Patrick Rooney died, aged 
44. Mary Kerwin died 

52. Amos B. Townsend died, aged 27. 
Fuller died, aged 53. Robert A. Walker died, aged 23. Michael 
.a is died. 

8T 1. Patrick Mulrooney died, aged 49. Harriet Loretta, wife of 
James Mullen, died. 

2. Grace Strover, wife of Charles E. Bleecker, died. Michael Brown 
died, aged 42. John II. McGraw died, aged 26. 

3. Mary Geon died, aged 65. Susan G. Campbell died, aged 71. 
Catharine Snyder, widow of George Lawrence, died, aged 74. 

4. Isaac Gifford died at Malta. Sar. Co., aged 64. Henry Gallagher 
died, aged 31. 

5. John Searls died, aged 34. 

7. George Hoyt died, aged 41. Michael Donahoe died, aged 36. 

8. James Powers died, aged 22. Thomas Hoffman died, aged 58. 
Thomas Carson died at Poughkeepsie, aged 83. 

9. Abraham Smith died, aged 29. Thomas A. Finn died, aged 22. 

11. Patrick Gill died, aged 

12. Wm. R. Seymour died, aged 29. Bartholomew McAvinne died, 
aged 69. Christina B. Landers, wife.of George 0. Peters, died, aged 34. 
Abigail Van Wie died, ageii 

13. While workmen were engaged in digging the trenches for the 
foundation of the new edifice erected upon the site of the old Centre 
Market, they found five coffins at the north-east corner, and a great crowd 
was soon gathered there. This had formerly been the site of the Lutheran 
church, and these were undoubtedly bodies that had been buried under 
the church, and had lain there so long as to have been forgotten when 
the property was sold and demolished. Alderman Mulhall, chairman of 
the committee on the erection of the new building, and also of the com- 
mittee on burial grounds, caused the remains to be put in new boxes, 
and placed in the State street vault until the first of September, with'a 
view to their being deposited with the remains about to -be removed from 

the State street cemeteries, if not claimed by relatives Mary L. 

Dexter died, aged 18. 

14. Mary Halpin, widow of John Murtaugh, died, aged 30. 

15. Thomas Carey died, aged 48. 

16. Ann Small, wife of James Kerr, died, aged 25. 

19. The steam boat Daniel Drew left the dock for New York with 
9,000 boxes of cheese, 300 tons. It came from Herkimer, Utica, Rome 
and Fort Plain, and employed ten teams six and a half hours in taking it 
from the rail road to the boat. It was worth §90,000. It was mostly 
destined for Europe Walter R. Page died, aged 22. 

20. Kitty Bacheller, wife of James D. Wilson, died, aged 21. Edward 
Donnelly died, aged 49. James Coughlin died, aged 40. Patrick Bren- 
nock died, aged 31. 

21. Rachel Montgomery, wife of Almon Brown, died, aged 63. 

22. Great walking match between Payne and Weston to make 100 
miles in 24 hours; Payne accomplished 84 miles, and Weston 71 miles in 

*Pc{/i/{u4 ' /<$mt 

Aug.] Notes from the Newspapers. 29 

23 hours Mrs. F. E Quackenbush died, aged 83. Mary Gorman 

died, aged 73. Margaret Campion died, aged 18. 

23. Julia Mooney died, aged 54. 

24. Thomas Jenkins'died, aged 42. Agnes McKay, wife of John Mc- 
Kenzie, died, aged 55. 

25. Charles L. Elliot died, aged 55. He was one of the few great 
and successful men of his profession. All his works were of superior 
excellence, and invariably won the admiration of all lovers of art. He 
had few, if any, superiors in this country. His death therefore, will be 
an irreparable loss to the art world, in which he occupied so prominent 
a place. His artistic hand has portrayed ou cauvas the life-like features 
of many of the great men of our nation. Among whom were the three 
last governors of this state ; Seymour, Morgan and Fenton. The three 
last named now ornament the walls of our common council chamber, and 
never fail to win the admiration of strangers as they gaze upon them. 
Mr. Elliot was unquestionably one of the most successful artists this country 
ever produced. He has established a reputation by his works of art that 
will forever elicit homage from the American people. In his death, 
x\lbany will be a great sufferer. His fame as an artist added to her repu- 
tation. The former will live, but the latter expired with his demise. 

Argus .Mr. Elliot was born on the 12th October, 1812. His birth 

place was in the town of Scipio, Cayuga county. At the early age of 
fourteen he gave precocious evidence of that genius that has since shone 
so brilliant in the world of art. In 1834, he removed to the city of New 
York, and there formally entered upon that profession in which he has 
become so distinguished. Within the last two years he came to this city 
making it his permanent, and as it has proved, his last home. Mr. Elliot 
was a great and eminent portrait'painter. But that characterization does 
not do ample justice to his fame. He was the best artist now living in 
this country. That is the judgment as well of the profession as of the 
public. Iu that one great mferit of the portrait painter, without which 
all others fade in insignificauce, the, truthfulness of the likeness, Mr. 
Elliot was surpassingly great. The face stood out from the canvas in all 
the reality and perfectness of life. The similitude to nature was as perfect 
as a mirror, embodying tone and color, could have made it. Nor did he 
mar the beauty of his picture or do violence to truth by permitting him- 
self to indulge in that license so often practiced of seeking to aid or im- 
prove the portrait by the colors of his brush or the efforts of his fancy. 
He clung to his subject with a fidelity that no motive could shake. And 
hence, when the picture passed from his easel, the spectator or the critic 
was coerced into the judgment that it was faultless. He had been active 
at his labors. He has painted the large number of seven hundred por- 
traits. These embodied those of very many eminent men. Among them 
are those of Governors Seymour, Morgan and Fenton, that grace the gal- 
axy of portraits in our common council chamber. During his residence 
in our city, he has made portraits of Messrs. Corning, Magee, Burden, 
Egberts and Williams, all of which are splendid monuments to his genius. 
In his private life the deceased was greatly esteemed. He attached 
friends to him with the strong cords of sympathy and affection. He was 
reserved in his disposition and was unobstrusive in his manner. He 
sought no ostentation. He made no parade of himself or his works. He 
did not court the applause of the world by those devices that men of 

30 Notes from the Newspapers. [1868. 

lesser merit so often summon to their aid. He seemed content to do his 

labor in the quietude of his studio, and leave the honest and unsolicited 

nt of the world the bestowment of the reward of fame due him. 

been stricken down in the very fullness and maturity of his 

genius, and the country must search earnestly and long to find one that 

fill the chasm caused by his death. — Journal. 

26. Grace Saudleitner died, aged 27. Margaret Ann Donavan died, 

aged 2ti. Ann Nugent died, ageo 1 

The Forty Seventh Regiment of the National Guard from Brook- 
isited the city, for the purpose of being presented with a stand ot 
colors by the governor, occasioning a military gala day. 

30. St Patrick's Church dedicated by the aid of a brass band and 
three military companies. The church is, for fts size, says the Argus, 
without doubt, one of the most tasty and appropriately arranged edifices 
in the country, being in length 110 feet; from the ground to the cross 
on the spire, 177 feet; the length of the audience room, 85 feet; width 
of the audience room, 60 feet; to top of ceiling, 45 feet. The masonry 
work was executed by Mr. Finnerty, of Troy. The carpentry work by 
John Kennedy, Jr., of this city, and the plastering by Arthur Boyle; 
and taken together is a fine exhibition of mechanism. The altar is 
handsomely decorated with natural flowers, and tends the more to beautify 
the edifice. The windows on either side and front of the church are the 

donations of individuals Catharine, wife of John Donahue, died, 

aged 41. 

31. William Sheppard died, aged 87. Adam A. Hallenbeck died, 
aged 2-i. William Kelly died, aged 27. William A. Sumner died at 
St. Paul, Minn., aged 27. 

September 1. Bridget Hogan, widow of Archibald Mclntyre, died, 
-. Jacob Keller died, aged 30. Ellen Hagan died, aged 65. 
Robert Glen died, aged 55. 

2. Mary Murphy died, aged 27. Mary E., wife of Capt. John Delauey, 
died, aged 36. 

3. Ann Bligh died, aged 60. 

4. John Jones died, aged 77. 

5. Charlotte Heermance, widow of Michael Maginnis, died, aged 34. 
Margaret, wife of Felix Harkins, died, aged 57. 

6. Julia, wife of John Parr, died, aged 30. Deborah G., wife of 
Ephraim Barrows, died, aged 61. 

7. The Free Academy, established by the board of education, was in- 
augurated by appropriate exercises, John O. Cole presiding Perry 

B.' Hubbell died, aged 21. 

8. Great pedestrian match. The contestants entered were: E. P. 
Weston, of Portland, colors red; Alex. Adams of Cortland, colors white; 
C. N Payne of Albany, colors blue; Thomas Bendon of Troy, colors 
green; John Uaydock of' New York, colors orange; and R. H. Fergu- 
son of Troy, colors lilac. The purses were as follows: §300 to the per- 
son walking the greatest number of miles, over eighty, within twenty- 
four hours, and $100 if one hundred miles were made in twenty-four 

1 to the second, over eighty miles; $50 to the third, over 
eighty miles. Haydock kept the lead until the 100 miles were executed, 
and accomplished the feat in 22 hours, 59 minutes aud 55 seconds, thereby 
winning the first prize. Payne came in second, executing the 100 miles 

Sept.] Notes from the Newspapers. 31 

inside of the 24 hours specified. Bendon was third in the contest. 
Haydock carried off 8400, Payne 8150, and Bendon $50. 

9. Barnard Baker died, aged 52. William A. Wharton died in Rens- 
selaer county, aged 01, formerly a merchant in Albany. James New 
died at Knoxville, Tenn. Zachariah Graver died, aged 68. 

11. Great rain-storm, streets flooded and damaged. Elizabeth G., 
wife of Richard Donnelly, died, aged 62. 

12. Ann Smith died, "aged 74. Wm. T. Boyd died, aged 35. 

13. An attempt to rob the Union Bank, which was entered through 

the foundation wall, but nothing carried away by the burglars 

Thermometer 92° in shade. 

14. Air, h. 78, 1. 59 Martin Swain died, aged 54. 

15. Air, h. 66, 1. 50 Margaret, wife of Wm. J. Pruyn, died. 

John Welsh killed at the rail road crossing. Rachel, wife of John 
O'Callaghan, died, aged 39. Evan James died, aged 60. 

16. Air, h. 67, 1. 57 Minerva Newton, formerly of Albany, died 

at Glens Falls, aged 64. 

17. Cold day; air h. 60, 1. 40 Josephine Slawson, wife of Rev. 

James W. Laughlin, died at New Bedford, aged 22. 

18. Air, h. 54, 1. 41 Rosanna Montrey died, aged 36. 

19. Air, h. 57, 1. 42 Francis Kearney died, aged 52. Bridget 

Collins died, aged 73. James N. Ells, formerly proprietor of the Evening 
Transcript^ died at Augusta, Ga., where he was local editor of the National 
Republican. Joseph D. Story of Albany, died at Prairie du Chien, 

20. Air, h. 59, 1. 53 Elizabeth Hill died, aged 21. 

21. Air, h. 59, 1. 49 Ellen, widow of Christopher Tittle died, 

aged 52. Elizabeth, wife of John Simons, died, aged 88. John Keogan 
died, aged 55. Cornelia L. Sutherland, wife of Rev. Charles De Cooper, 
formerly of Albany, died at Philadelphia. 

22. Air, h. 53; 1. 36 The corner stone of the new Congrega- 
tional church edifice, now erecting on the block bounded by Eagle, 
Beaver and Daniel streets, was laid at four o'clock, afternoon, with appro- 
priate exercises. Rev. Dr. Palmer, the late pastor, and the Rev. Mr. 
Smart, the present pastor, delivered addresses. The building is to be in 
the Romanesque style, and consist of nave and apse, with tower and 
spire on the northwest corner of the nave. The walls of the basement 
and sub-basement are built of grawacke stone, from the quarries of Sche- 
nectady county. The superstructure and tower are to be built of red 
stock brick, making a fine contrast with the silver gray dressings of 
Lockport lime stone, which is to be used for dressings of doors, windows, 
water-table, striug courses, weatherings, etc., and all the cut stone of the 
structure. This fine church is erected on a most singular lot, triangular 
in shape, bounded by streets of such diverse grades, that the sub-base- 
ment is entered from Daniel street, the basement is approached from 
Beaver street, and the audience room floor from Eagle street. The ac- 
commodation afforded is a sub-basement under the entire building. 
Basement sixteen feet high, divided into lecture room, 33 by 65, infant 
class room, 16 by 33, church parlor, 22 by 44, kitchen, ladies' room, 
closets, etc. The auditorium is 66 feet by 76, and 46 feet high from 
floor to apex of ceiling. The gallery will be three tier of seats deep, and 
extend on three sides of the auditorium, in horse shoe form. The organ 

32 >>crs. [1868. 

and ele- 
om will be segmental in 
form. Tin. . v and the library of the sabbath - 

be in tin- 8] Broached from 1'aniel street stairs. 

The lecture room will seat four hundred and fifty. Infant sch' • •: 
will aocoujuiodate one hundred and fifty. The auditorium and galleries 

at nine hundred and fifty persons The front of this building is 
■ si with massive tower on the north side, 
with m ath, terminated with turret, etc. The en- 

trance ly moulded cut stone; one in the 'tower and the 

principal entrance in the centre of the building is made to projc 
the face of the work, with pediment head, etc., and the other entrance 
on the south side. The front is further enriched by a large three-bayed 
window of cat stone. The tower is massive, and flanked by bii 
terminated by octagonal pinnacles. The clock section will be highly 
ornamented. The spire will be covered with slate and galvanized iron. 
The tower and spire will reach an elevation of one hundred and i 
eight feet. The design uf the church is by Woollett & Ogden, archi- 

t this city. ntend its construction. The builders are, 

Robert Aspinall A; x u sons ; Juhn N. Parker, carpenter; Lang 

& Stormout.. stone i torn & Martin, slaters, and James McKin- 

ney, iron founder. It is estimated that this structure, with the lot, will 

cost not less than §125,000 Josephine A. Reiner, wife of Charles 

H. Bowers, died, aged 27. 

23. Air. h. 58, 1. 56. 

24. Air, h. 62, 1. 46 Peter McCarthy died, aged 90. 

25. Air, h. 51, 1. 45. Sarah A. Her, wife of Charles W. Tremper, 

ed 38. Jacob Gale died, aged 65. 

wr, h. 58, 1. 48.. Michael Haley died, aged 21. 

,ir. h. 54, 1. 48 Margaret Wands, widow of William Thorn, 


28. Air. h. 56, 1. 52 Kate M. J. Gordon, wife of Wm. J. Staf- 
ford, d:> 

29. Air, h. 65, 1. 46 John Mulholland died, aged 81. Richard 

Gav died, a<red 29. 

30. Air, h. 54, 1. 41. 

October 1. Air, h. 55, 1. 41 John Lyman died, aged 56. 

- r, h. 50, 1. 45 ...The demolition of hous<,- Wash- 

ington, Spring, and Hawk streets, was bei,un, for the purpose of acquiring 

room for the foundation of the new Capitol William H. Williams 

died, aged 45. Jonas Blass died, aged 42. 

3. Air. h. 50. 1. 48 Mary Brown died, aged 73. 

4. Air, h. 54, 1. 38 Ann Wallace died, aged 35. 

5. Air, h. 55, 1. 46 Morgan J. O'Brine died, aged 68. Albert 

S. Braytoo died at Batavia, aged 56. 

6. Air, h. 60, 1. 52 Susan MeQuade died, aged 98. Francis 

Joory died, aged 52. 

7. Air, n. 59, 1. 43 Robert L. Noyes, formerly of Albar. 

at Chatham Four Corners, aged 61. J. M. Gushing, of Lewiston. 
committed suicide at the Exchange Hotel, with a pistol. 

8. Air, h. 64, 1. 54 Christian Herman died, aged 23. 

Oct.] Notes from the Newspapers. 33 

9. Air, h. 65, I. 34 Sarah A. Corbett, wife of John Crook, died. 

Charles Scovel died, aged 58. 

11. Bernard D. Lynch died, aged 58. Peter Callen died, aged 43. 
Paul A. Rider died. Win. Bain died, aged 84. Catharine Hook, wife 
of H. S. Van Ingen, died in Brooklyn. 

12. Dorothy Myers died, aged 60. David W. Martin died, aged 55. 
Michael Tracy died, aged 52. 

13. Sarah Colbern, wife of Wm?i Caldwell, died, aged 44. Gilbert 
Y. Hallenbeck died, aged 53. Daniel Horan died, aged 50. David 
Bradley died, aged 33. Jane Deal, wife of James McDonald, late of 
Albany, died at Amsterdam. Helen P., wife of Nelson R. Seovil, died at 
Beaufort, S. C, aged 35. 

14. Repaving Broadway. — A ballot of property owners on Broadway was 
taken at the Board of Trade rooms with a view of ascertaining their senti- 
ments on the subject of paving Broadway with Nicolson or Belgian pave- 
ment. There was a large attendance, and considerable interest manifested. 
About 163 ballots were cast, and it was intended that each ballot should 
specify the number of feet owned by the voter, the result to be determined 
by the number of feet represented. But this was not done in all cases ; 
some of the ballots not mentioning the number of feet. A few ballots 
were cast in opposition to either. The returns were not in proper shape, 
at the close of the polls, to ascertain the result precisely ; and they were 
handed to the clerk of the common council to be arranged and returned 
to the inspectors of the election, who will certify the returns to the com- 
mon council committee. A majority of votes cast were for the Nicolson; 
but it appeared, as near as could be ascertained, that the greater number 
of feet were in favor of Belgian. The latter stood for Nicolson, 4,252 ft. 

3 in.; for Belgian. 4,587 ft. 7 in. — Journal Mary Hardy, wife of 

Charles L. Meigs, died. Maggie Josephine Farley died, aged 23. 
Albert W. Gates died, aged 57. 

15. Messrs. Cushman and Payne completed their canvass of the 
votes recently cast by the real estate owners on Broadway, relative to 
the mode of repaving of that avenue. The total number of ballots 
cast was one hundred and fifty-seven, of which there were cast eighty- 
one in favor of the Nicolson pavement, representing 4,761.9 feet ; there 
were sixty-nine in favor of Belgian pavement, representing 4,963.3 
feet, and opposing any repavement, seven ballots ; thus leaving a majority 
of five votes in favor of the Nicolson pavement, but a majority of 200.6 
feet in favor of the Belgian pavement. Two-thirds of the owners of pro- 
perty from Hudson street to the South Ferry were in favor of the Belgian 
pavement. Two-thirds of the owners between Hudson street and Clinton 
avenue were in favor of the Nicolson pavement; and two-thirds of the 
owners from Clinton avenue to North Ferry street were in favor of the 

Belgian pavement James Ryan died, aged 42. Estelle Brumaghim 

died, aged 18. 

16. Mary A. Meacham, wife of George Davis, died at Brooklyn. 

17. A storm of rain and snow prevailed, beginning before sunrise 

Jqhn A. Eberhard died, aged 67. 

18. Michael Mahoney died, aged 24. John W. Shearman died, aged 40. 

19. Charles E. Roberts died, aged 25. Lieutenant Roberts was the 
eldest son of the late E. E. A. Roberts, Esq., of Albany, and was born 
July 16th, 1843. He enlisted in Company A, Ninety-first N. Y. V., 

Hist. Coll. iv. 5 

34 Notes from the Newspapers. [18(58. 

in the a L861, and was Boon aft, 

bis country two years in this R West, 

Floridi o Louisiana, where, by the death oi 

his ofiV in command of his company throug 

_,■ of Port Hudson. Jn the bloody attack and repulse of the 14th 
of June, 1863, he was conspicuous foi ry with which he led his 

company in the charge, and the cool i< played in extricating them 

from their perilous position after the failure of the attack. Soon after 
the surrender of Port Hudson, he was commissioned second lieutenant in 
the Fourth Engineers, and early in 1864 promoted first lieutenant. 
Here he did good service as an engineer officer, at Camp Parapet and 
ar City, La. After the close of the war, his regiment (now be- 
eome the Seventy-eighth U. S. C. I.), was sent to "Western Louisiana, 
where six months of monotonous garrison life were only enlivened by an 
occasional excursion after guerrillas, cVc. Mustered out in January, 1866, 
he returned to the dear home friends. For a time he seemed in excel- 
lent health, but the climate, the air and the exposures of a southern life 
had undermined his constitution, and he soon began to fail; and at last 
the end came, and another soldier has gone to his rest in the bivouac of 
the grave, only to awake at the Great Reveille. As a soldier, Lieutenant 
Roberts was brave and faithful; as an officer, he was beloved by his com- 
mand and distinguished for his ability; as a friend and comrade, he was 
steadfast and devoted. There seemed to be an influence about him which 
the sternest superior officer could not resist. Fanny J. Martiman died, 
aged 34. 

20. At a meeting of the common council it was resolved to abolish the 
cobble stone pavement in Broadway, and substitute the Nicholson pave- 
ment in part, and in the southern portion of the street which is sub- 
merged in time of freshets, to put down the Belgian pavement. Alder- 
man Cook presented the following: 

Albany, Oct. 19th, 1868. 
To the Honorable the Common Council of the City of Albany. 

The Chairman of the Street Committee of the northern and southern 
sections, respectfully report that they held an election of the property 
owners on Broadway (in compliance with resolution of the Board), and 
the result was 157 votes were cast, representing 9,724 feet front. 81 
voted for Nicholson on 4,761 feet; 69 voted for Belgian on 4,962 feet; 
7 voted against. Nicholson and not for any. From South Ferry to Hud- 
son streets, 28 owners voted for Belgium on 1,372 feet, and 18 owners 
voted for Nicholson on 1,042; from Hudson to Wilson streets, 56 own- 
ers voted for Nicholson on 3,473 feet, and 29 owners voted on 2.579 feet 
for Belgium. From Wilson street to the north city line, the majority 
were in favor of Belgium pavement. In consideration of this result, and 
the unanimous desire to have Broadway repaved at once, would most re- 
spectfully report and ur^e the passage of three laws which have been 
prepared, and which your committee believe will meet the wishes and 
approbation of the citizens as well as the property owners. This will 
give to each pavement a fair chance to test its merits, and enable all to 
judge and decide understanding^ in future. A. Cook. 

Martin Delehanty, Clerk C. C, 

(for Alderman Evans). 

Oct.] Notes from the Newspapers. 35 

The report was accompanied by three laws, as follows: A law tore- 
pave Broadway from the South Ferry to Hudson street with the Belgian 
pavement. Passed, ayes 15; nays 1. A law to repave Broadway from 
Hudson street to north line of Wilson street with the Nicolson pave- 
ment, at a cost not exceeding $4 per square yard. Passed, ayes 16; 
nays 0. A law to repave Broadway from Wilson street to the north 
bounds of the city with the Nicolson or Belgian pavement. 

The law provides that property owners north of Wilson street may lay 
the Nicolson pavement, in cases where the latter is preferred, upon giving 
notice to the superintendent N. S. Passed, ayes 15; nays 1. 

Alderman Cook, from street committee southern section, reported in 
favor of removing obstructions on Quay street, from Arch to Gansevoort. 
Agreed to. 

Alderman Mulhall, from the special Burial Ground committee re- 
ported that the work would be completed by Wednesday next, and 
that the entire cost would not exceed $45,000. The report gives the 
followiug list of expenditures : 

To removals from 

United Presbyterian ground f 638 03 

Methodist Episcopal " 818 75 

First Presbyterian " 2,103 95 

Garretson Stat'n M. E., " 983 20 

Dutch Refo] " 3,669 00 

Friends " 624 90 

Universalist " 1,119 90 

Lutheran Ebenezer " 1,534 35 

Third Presbyterian " 1,194 90 

Baptist " 998 85 

Second Presbyterian " 368 10 

St.Mi " 2,514 15 

Potter's Field ' 3,702 25 

African Church (est'd) " 3,814 00 

St. Peter's (estimated) " 2,500 00 

To grounds in Rural Cemetery 4,000 00 

To grounds in St. Agnes Cemetery 3,000 00 

To boxes, large and small 8,947 00 

Toinsuranc ton's, &c 2,795 97 

Total $44,957 30 

The report was accompanied by a resolution appropriating $15,000 in ad- 
dition to the amount heretofore appropriated ($30,000) to complete the 
work. Alderman Banks moved that the report be accepted and printed, 
and that the subject of the appropriation be laid over till the next meet- 
ing. Alderman' Mulhall replied at length in opposition to the motion, 
and in defence of the action of the committee. Alderman Mulhall then 
withdrew the resolution until the next meeting. 

21. John Mass died, aged 58. 

22. Mary, wife of Christopher Kearney, died, aged 50. 

23. Snow fell in the morning John Strother died, aged 73. 

Hiram Fanning died at Bergen, N. J., aged 70. 

24. Air, highest 36° ; lowest 26°. 

25. Air, h. 38 , 1. 31 Mary Jane Cowell died, aged 28. Merrick 

Witt died, aged 71. 

26. Air, h. 15, 1. 43 Richard L. Hughes died, aged 32. Mary 

Lillis died, aged 23. 

36 Notes from the Newspapers. [1868. 

27. Air, h.39, 1. 32 Benjamin Holmes died, aged 85. Mrs. 

Catharine McMillen died, aged 78. 

28. Air, h. 53, 1. 49 Mrs. Jemima Houghtaling died, aged 73. 

29. Air, h. 53, 1. 41 Kirk B. Mason died, aged 84. 

30. Air, h. 35, 1. 25 The common council having ordained the 

paving of Broadway throughout in an improved manner, the work was 
begun this day, the wooden pavement having been contracted for at $4 

a yard, and a long farewell given to cobble stones Bridget, wife of 

John Meehan, died, aged 63. 

31. Air, h. 36, 1. 35 Lieut. Peter Kemp died, aged 34 He 

was a soldier of the late war. When the 25th regiment first went to 
Washington, Lieut. Kemp accompanied it, being an officer in the City 
Volunteers. On his return he enlisted as a private in a volunteer regi- 
ment, and served for three years, during which time he was promoted to 
a lieutenancy and came home at the expiration of his term of service, in 
command of his company. He was a brave soldier and gallant officer. 
He contracted the disease which terminated in death while in the army. 
Thomas H. McCann died, aged 32. Michael Gillespie died, aged 33. 

November 1. Air, h. 57, 1 45 John H. Leonard died, aged 54. 

Mrs Clara Lagrange died, aged 78. 

2. Snow fell in the morning. The rain and snow that had fallen for many 
days began to make a show in the river, and the merchants on the pier 

and dock bestirred themselves to keep above it Thomas Joseph 

Cantwell died, aged 22. 

3. Election day severely contested. Vote on governor, Hoffman 8,305, 

Griswold 6,059. The oldest voter was Teitz, aged 108 Dennis 

Glenoring died, aged 25. Margaret Sloan, wife of Wm. Smith, died, aged 

6. Ellen, wife of Thomas Kearny, died, aged 62. Rosamond, wife 
of Isaac Boyd, died, aged 62. Mary, widow of Ralph McClintock, died, 
aged 80. 

7. Air, h. 40, 1. 30. 

8. Air, h. 37, 1. 32 Mary Carlin died, aged 45. 

9. Air, h. 1. 51, 1. 41 Sarah Wilson died, aged 24. Mrs. Ann 

Doherty died, aged 72. Mary, widow of Thomas Handerhan, died, aged 
67. Philip Thornton drowned, aged 55. 

10. Air, h. 56, 1. 37 Robert Turner died, aged 42. 

11. Air, h. 44, 1. 40 Ground was broken in South Broadway for 

laying the BeUrian pavement Mrs. Samuel Hascy died, aged 83. 

Julia, wife of John Flood, died, aged 30. 

12. Air, h.41, 1. 31 The high water drove the pier and dock 

merchants out of thier stores. St Andrews Society : The following officers 
were elected : President, Walter Dickson ; First Vice, Robert McFarlane; 
Second Vice, David N. Kirk ; Chaplain, Rev. Dr. Halley ; Physician, Dr. 
John Ferguson ; Treasurer, James Wilson ; Secretary, Peter Kinnear ; 
Assistant Secretary. George G. Davidson ; Managers, Thomas McCredie, 

George Young, James Duncan, Robert McHaffie, Andrew McMurray 

John Kranzdied, aged 62. Susan Smith died, aged 29. 

13. Air, h. 36, 1. 31 Thomas Forest died, aged 43. Alexander 

Brown Shepard died, aged 62. 

14. Air, h. 42, 1. 30 Charles H. Winne died, aged 21. Philip 

Fahey died, aged 60. Catharine Hawkins died, aged 45. 

Nov.] Notes from the Newspapers. 37 

15. Air, h. 44, 1. 31. ...... ..Rev. J. M. Ludlow, pastor of the First 

Presbyterian church announced that he had accepted a call from the 
Collegiate Reformed church in New York city. His salary here was 
$4,000 ; there, $7,000 Michael Delaney died, aged 63. 

16. Air, h. 36, 1. 29 The new store of Wendell & Roberts, No. 

31 North Pearl street, was opened. The house of which the present 
members are lineal successors, is one of the oldest mercantile establish- 
ments in the city. It dates its genealogy back to the year 1810. Its 
founders then were Robert Shepard and William Boyd, the solid integrity 
of whose character gave an impress to the house that has never been 
effaced. These two gentlemen had been fellow apprentices in the 
jewelery establishment of Isaac Huston, well known in his day and genera- 
tion. The store occupied by this new firm of young men was in the 
building that then stood upon the north-east corner of Broadway and 
Exchange street, and upon a portion of the site subsequently chosen for 
the erection of the Exchange building. In 1839, Mr. Shepard, whose age 
impelled him to retire from the cares of active business, retired from the 
firm, and gave place to John H. Mulford, who had been properly edu- 
cated to the business by the service of an apprenticeship under Joseph T. 
Rice. In 1840, Mr. William Boyd died, and the vacancy thus -created 
was filled in 1842 by the promotion of William Wendell. The latter 
had won his advance by years of faithful service to the former firm 
In 1854 Mr. Mulford voluntarily withdrew from the business, and 
gave place to his nephew, Robert L. Mulford, and Wm. P. Feltman. 
The latter had won the favor of his copartners by years of industry 
as a clerk. In 1862 Mulford retired, and in 1864 Mr. Feltman 
died. Then Richard H. Roberts was advanced, by the order of grada- 
tion so long adopted as the policy of the firm, from a clerkship to a 
partnership. The firm thereby now consists of Mr. Wendell, whose 
connection as stated dates from 1842, and Mr. Roberts. This history 
shows in significant colors the policy that has ever governed the 
firm — that of elevating to partnership those who by industry and 
fidelity as clerks had proven their fitness, and merited the esteem of 
their employers. While this policy has preserved the cohesiveness of 
the firm, it has secured to it a large measure of that public approbation 
that has ever attached to it. And now, in the old days of its existence, 
with elements of youthful vigor, and in a store fashioned after the model 
of modern taste, it not only enjoys the favor that its history so well mer- 
its, but addresses itself with success to that same patronage that a new 
rival might solicit. — Journal ....Mrs. Clarissa Baldwin died, aged 67. 

17. Air, h. 33, 1. 25 Magdalena Faught died, aged 73. Catha- 
rine Kelsoh died, aged 50. 

18. Air, h. 35, 1.29 Snow and sleet fell all day Mary, 

widow of Charles McAuley, died, aged 85. 

19. Air, h. 36, 1. 34. 

20. Air, h. 39, 1. 32 Mrs. Isabella Dalton died, aged 80. John 

Flatterly died, aged 45. Henry Jenkins, died at Tucson, Arizona. 

21. Air, h. 39, 1. 33 D. P. Cady died, aged 60. 

22. Air, h. 35, 1. 32 Alexander Sager died, aged 60. Kate O. 

McGrinty died, aged 22. Julia, widow of James Collins, died, aged 58. 

23. Air, h. 35, 1. 28 John T. Winne died, aged 21. 

spapers. [18G8. 

ibbonB died, aged 81. Philip 

I. 32. 

\ir, h. 42. I 

' «ir, h. 43, 1. 32 A telegraph line along the Susquehanna 

rail road connecting Binghamton with Albany was completed this day. 
Llphonse Brun died, aged 44. 

was held at the City Hall to consider the 

1 lion ( 'ollege to Albany. Dr. Alden March presided, 

and Judge Clute delivered a written address. Speeches were made by Hon. 

- McNaughton, Wm. Barnes, Mr. Cavert and Arthur 

Bott. Hon. Ira Harris, president^?™ tern, of the college, spoke in reply 

ions about the condition of the institution and the probable will- 

3 of the trustees to treat for a removal. He thought if the citizeus 

iny would raise half a million of dollars the trustees would con- 
sider it advantageous to the institution to remove. It was held by the 
speakers that Albany would have a university soon, that all efforts to es- 
tablish one at Schenectady had failed, and that two institutions so near 
each other could not succeed ; and it was evident which would have to 
succumb, as Union had run down in scholarship from 330 to 140. A 
committee was appointed to confer with the trustees on the subject. 

29. The German Catholics laid the corner stone of a new church, to 
be called Holy Queen of Angels, on the corner of Central avenue and 

-trect. A procession was formed at the Cathedral, consisting of the 
prelates of the Catholic church, two brass bands, eight military companies 
and four civic societies. The foundation of the edifice had already been 
laid 150 feet long and 66 wide. The notice published, that the ceremo- 
nies would take place, and be attended with a grand procession, called 
out one of the largest crowds we ever saw on any similar occasion. The 
was cold and disagreeable, yet thousands of people patiently 
waited from about 2 p. M., until the close of the ceremonies, between 5 and 6 
p. M. There could not have been less than six thousand people present 
to witness the exercises attending this imposing event. The pi 
that acted as an escort to the bishop and clergy, from the episcopal 
residence on Madison avenue, to the church site, consisted of Klein's 
and Freberthuyser's bands, eight military companies from the 10th 
and 25th regiments, and four civio socities, the Hibernian, St. Peter's, 
St. Joseph's and St. Francisquis. The bishop and clergy arrived on the 
ground at 4 P. M. and immediately formed into procession for the purpose 
of dedicating the church, blessing the spot on which the altar was to 

•ud lay the corner stone, all of which duties were performed with 
imposing ceremonies. The Right Rev. Bishop Conroy officiated in the 
exercises, assisted by the Very Revs. Father Wadhamsaod Fidelis Dehm, 
Fathers Bayard, Ludden, McGinn, Burk. Doran and Lowcry, of this city, 

'hers Alphonse and Robert, of Utica, and about thirty acolytes. 
At the conclusion of the exercises, the clergy took a position on the plat- 
form arranged for the purpose, from which the Very Rev. Father Wad- 
hams delivered an appropriate address to the occasion in English, and the 

B v. Father Fidelis Dehm in German. Owing to the lat. 
the hour, these were short but very effective. At the close the bishop 
delivered a benediction, and the crowd dispersed. The "new church is 
to be called Holy Queen of Angels, a very pretty title. Its pastor is Father 

Dec] Notes from the Neivspapers. 39 

Newbauer, of the order of 0. M. C, who was also present and took part 
in the ceremonies. The auditorium will be 130 feet. The whole is to be 
of Romanesque architecture, and have a beautiful tower. The architects 
were Nichols & Brown. The builder is John McCabe. When completed 
it will be a splendid structure, and creditable to the German Catholics. — 

Locker John Haswell died, at Bethlehem, aged 89. The 

deceased was the eighth son of John Haswell, senior, who migrated from 
Northumberland, England, in 1774, with a family consisting of himself, 
wife and eleven children (seven sons and four daughters), who landed in 
New York, came to Albany in that year, and settled on the Patroon's Manor 
in Bethlehem, six miles south-west of this city, on the farm on which the 
subject of this obituary was born on first of January, 1780, and died aged 
88 years, 10 mouths and 28 days. After -the death of his parents, the 
farm was divided between three of the sons : Edward, John and William. 
The latter is the youngest and the only survivor of fifteen children, 
and is in the 85th year of his age. The title of the farm still remains 
in the family. With the exception of an attack of fever and ague, more 
than half a century ago, the deceased has enjoyed uninterrupted health 
until the 19th instant, when the inexorable messenger entered his sick 
chamber to call him from earth to a better world. He was always an 
active member in society, taking a lively interest in state, town, school 
and church affairs, never failing to attend meetings called to promote 
the interest of either; aud while he was an active politician he was far 
from being a seeker for political favors. He was, however, elected and 
served as one of the members of assembly from this county, in the fall of 
1826. With this exception he refused all other positions except as an 
officer of the church, school trustee, path master and quartermaster of the 
Bethlehem regiment of militia, and was never absent from duty on any 
.! requiring his presence. During his life he lived in peace with 
all his neighbors, and highly respected by all who knew htm, and de- 
parted this life without ever having had an enemy, full of years, and with an 
abiding hope of a glorious resurrection from the grave to eternal life 

through the atoning merits of the Saviour Jane B., wife of Geo, S. 

Lansing, died, aged 39. 

30. Hannah, wife of Wm. M. Wilbur, died at Saratoga, aged 29. 

December, 1. Samuel Spooner died, aged 60. Richard Bedell died, 
aged 68. Caroline Papen died, aged 68. 

2. The delegates of the new Diocese of Northern New York met in St. 
Peter's church. Forty seven of the ninety six parishes were represented 

i pening. Rev. Dr. Coit of Troy was elected president ; the Rev. 
J. H. Brown, secretary, aud John H. Van Antwerp, treasurer. Rev. 
Wm. Croswell Doane, rector of St. Peters, was elected bishop of the 
diocese William P. Norton died, aged 30. 

3. Cellie A. Keeler died, aged 22. 

4. Bridget Farrell died, aged 57. 

5. Samuel S. Mull died, aged 30. 

6. Elizabeth Gourlay, wife of Robert Whitlock, died, aged 65. Jere- 
miah Lansing, Jr., died. Mrs. Lemira Roberts died, aged 82. 

7. The river was thought to be closed by a heavy snow storm, and the 

re hauled off Anna Mariah Williams, wife of Thomas Craik, 

died, aged 26. Susan, wife of John Canary died, aged 47. 

40 Notes from the Newspapers. [1868. 

8. A change in the temperature renewed the activity of the shippers, 
and a large tow left for New York, and the steam boats were put in 

active motion Edward M. Tobey died, at St Cloud, Minnesota, 

aged 48. 

9. The last steamboat left for New York..., James Mulhearn died, 

aged 28. George demons died in New York, and was brought up for 
burial. John Doran died, aged 60. George Edee died, aged 70. 

10. The thermometer indicated 10° above zero, and the river was 
frozen over, and no boat attempted to reach this point, although the ferry 
boats continued to ply. 

11. Mary Jane Kane, wife of James H. Briety died, aged 26. James 
Cullen died, aged 25. 

12. Air, h. 18, 1. 8. Mary, widow of Seth Hastings, died at Brainerd's 
Bridge, aged 79. 

13. Air, h. 25,1.20 George Reuter died, aged 56. Samuel 

Gardner died, aged 62. 

14. Air, h. 28, 1. 17 Daniel W. Wood died, aged 32. Bridget, 

wife of Henry W. Keenan, died, aged 26. 

15. Air, h. 26, 1. 21 Thomas D.Bennett died, aged 56 years, and was 

buried from the Friends' meeting house. John W. Jenkins, Jr., died, 
aged 67. 

16. Air, h. 27 1. 12 Mrs. Catharine Bake died, aged 54. Daniel 

Cahill died, aged 34. Lucia M., widow of John Marvin, died, aged 89. 
Stafford Spencer Benne died, aged 21. Catharine Glevin died, aged 75. 

17. Air, h. 22, 1. 18 The excavation going on for the new Capi- 
tol presented the most extraordinary spectacle ever seen in Albany of the 
kind. About 400 men were employed in loading 200 teams, which formed 
a continuous procession in close rank from morning till night, passing 

up Washington avenue to the dumping ground, and returning 

William Pye died, aged 50. Ann. wife of Patrick Lynch, died, aged 46. 
Margaret Mesick, wife of Rev. B. E. Romaine, died by her own hand at 
Columbus, O. 

18. Air, h. 36, 1. 27 Caroline M. Burgess, wife of John Elmen- 

dorf, died, aged 36. 

19. Air, h. 34, 1. 4 An unusual number of buildings were being 

erected, for the time of year. A few years ago it was thought hardly 
possible to erect brick buildings in the winter, and masons, carpenters 
and painters were out of employment three or four months. It had been 
discovered that the difficulty of frost could be overcome, and the lack of 
sufficient tenements for the people during the coming year, was an addi- 
tional inducement to push forward with all possible celerity during the 
winter Margaret McNurtney died, aged 48. Joel R. Reed died. 

20. Air, h. 18, 1. 10 Rain fell during the day, and the streets 

were slippery with ice and water St. Anne's Catholic church, in 

Nucella street, was dedicated, with the customary ceremonies. This 
church is, undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful specimens of ecclesias- 
tical architecture in our city, already famed for its elegant churches. 
Its exterior is novel in outline and finish, and the entire design will bear 
critical examination, and can hardly fail to be admired by architects and 
connoisseurs, as something far beyond ordinary brick and mortar vaga- 
ries. The interior is especially beautiful, and the church may be justly 
considered a gem. It gives evidence in its proportions, interior orna- 

Dec] Notes from the Newspapers. 41 

mentation and general construction, of superior ability, is sufficiently 
large to accommodate a considerable congregation, and is a most import- 
ant addition to a populous locality. The architects were Nichols & 

Brown of this city. — Argus Henrietta Josephine Bemis, wife of 

John S. Gentry, died, aged 20. Elizabeth Street, wife of J. B. Plumb, 
formerly of this city, died at Niagara, Canada. 

21. Air, h. 36, 1. 27 It was ascertained that there were 171 

places where liquor was sold in the fourth police precinct; 245 in the 
third precinct; 449 in the first precinct, which includes the 1st, 2d, 3d 
and 4th wards; 51 in the villages of Greenbush and East Albany; 6 in 
North Greenbush ; 18 in North Albany, and 21 in Watervliet, which 
included West Albany. 

22. Air, h, 36, 1. 31 Samuel H. Cook died. Anna Frances, 

wife of Philip H. Gilford, died, aged 22. Caleb N. Bement, died at Pough- 
keepsie, aged 78. Those of our readers whose memories can carry them 
back to the good times when De "Witt Clinton was governor of this state 
will remember Caleb N. Bement. He kept a well ordered house in Green 
street, near State, which was the resort of all the leading politicians of 
that day, and where all the good things to eat and to drink were to be 
found. Quiet and unassuming, he was respected by all, and looked upon 
as a highly respested citizen. Several years since he left this city and 
took up his residence in Poughkeepsie, where he has since resided up to 
the moment of his death, which occurred on the 22d inst., after a 
lingering illness. — Journal. 

23. Air, h. 33, 1. 27 Jane, wife of William Moore, died, aged 

77. Mary, widow of Grant Weed, died in New York. Elizabeth M. 
Ellison died, aged 76. 

24. Air, h. 28, 1. 14 Martin White died, aged 26. Mary Ann 

Conners, wife of Martin Fitzgerald, died, aged 19. James D. Burdick 
died, aged 19. 

25. Air, h. 12, 1. 6 Marietta H. Brooks, wife of Andrew J. 

Hutchinson, died, aged 32. James McCluskey died, aged 64. 

26. Air, h. 20, 1. 11 The rail road ferry boat ceased running for 

the season Michael Andrews died, aged 48. Daniel McGraw died, 

aged 75. 

27. Air, h. 19, 1. Mary Townsend, widow of Gen. W. H. T. 

Walker, died. Wm. B. Hall died, aged 67. Mary, widow of Francis 
McGuire, died, aged 65. 

28. Air, h. 22,1. 15 The ice dealers began to cut their annual crop. 

The Hotalings had forty men at work. The ice was about eight inches in thick- 
ness, and of agood quality Isaac Vanderpoel died, aged 47. He was 

the son of James Vanderpoel, judge of the third circuit, under the constitu- 
tion of 1821 ; he was born in Kinderhook, but educated in Albany, 
whither his father removed in 1830. He graduated at Williams College, 
Mass., and soon after commenced the study of the law. The strong 
political convictions of his family, and the influence of his brother-in-law, 
John Van Buren, brought him actively into politics. But though gene- 
rous and enthusiastic, his mild nature and fine instincts forbade him to 
indulge in any of the acerbity of partisanship. While quite a young man 

sleeted alderman and supervisor of his ward. In 1852 he was 
assistant adjutant general under Gen. Temple, and on his death succeeded 
Hist. Coll. iv. 6 

42 Notes from tJie Newspapers. [1868. 

him to the chief office. In 1862, on the incoming of Seymour's second 
administration, he was appointed engineer in chief, and the whole charge 
of the militia service of the state was assigned to his department. At the 
time of his death he was city attorney. He was agent of the Widows and 
Orphans Insurance Company in New York since its establishment. He was 
in the full possession of his faculties, and his life which had not been with- 
out vicissitudes of fortune, seemed almost to be crowned with success. He 
was the centre of a happy home, and he held a position of honor and esteem 
among his fellow men. — Argus. 

29. Air, h. 29, 1. 20 Catharine S. Mulland, wife of John Eller, 

died, aged 26. Dorothea, widow of George Keuter, died. Rachel J., 
widow of James H. Westfield, died, aged 49 years. 

30. Air, h. 82, 1. 21 The last rail was laid on the Susquehanna 

rail road, connecting Albany with Binghamton on the Erie rail road. 

31. Air, h. 24, 1. 7 The following statement of the lumber busi- 
ness of the year, was published in one of the papers, but is said to under- 
state the business of several firms : 


1. White & Co.. Troy and Albany Yards, $815,294 97 

2. J. Benedict & Son, 798,030 64 

■ \ II. Gratwick & Co., 754,310 35 

4. Clark, Sumner & Co., 628.255 87 

5. Salisbury & Co 625,210 17 

6. Thomas & Hyatt, 540,516 10 

7. Smith, Craig & Co., 536,015 37 

8. J. Rathbun & Co., 439,510 00 

9. Sumner & Hascy, 444,171 00 

10. J. Douglas & Sons, 411,272 41 

11. J. B. Kelley & Co., 391,846 

12. H. W. Sage & Co., 388,525 1 7 

13. Birdsall, Fassett & Co., 328,324 00 

14. Arnold, Folsom & Co., 313,557 65 

15. C. W. Pollard, (Agent), 307,753 07 

16. Sage, McGraw & Co 307,165 13 

17. Mead, Dunham & Co., 307,094 80 

18. Norton & Co., 301,602 89 

19. J. O. Towner & Co., 298,200 00 

20. John R. Patton, 295,207 91 

21. W. H. Weaver & Co., 289,500 00 

22. Dunham, Greene & Co., 282,110 75 

23. L. Thomson &Co., 270,196 19 

24. C. P. Easton, 219,129 19 

25. McGraw & Co., 217,107 04 

26. Romaine & Co , 216,412 41 

27. B. A. Towner & Son, 207,640 70 

28. Silliman & Co., 182,670 16 

29. Van Rensselaer & Earle, 170,157 18 

30. Simmons & Griswold, 154,111 56 

31. J. C. Ward& Son, 137,101 19 

32. N. Rogers & Co., 129,716 79 

33. Dalton & Kibbee, 120,130 72 

34. W. A. Many & Co., 119,288 86 

35. J. C. Crocker & Co., 113,469 19 

36. Rodney Vose, 105,110 59 

37. W. M. Bender & Co., 96,731 57 

38. C. Warren & Co., 90,217 00 

39. G. Hunt.-r & Son, 85,647 14 

Vichols. Birch & Co., 73,329 14 

41. E. Dunscomb, 69,529 79 

Jan.] Notes from the Newspapers. 43 


42. W. H. Bloomingdale, $68,511 70 

43. Stimson & Henry, 61,504 61 

44. Jones&Co., 56,033 67 

45. W. H. Ross & Sons, 52,150 11 

46. Headlam&Sons,... 34,635 66 


January 1. Air, h. 23, 1. 6 The post office letter carriers made 

their appearance to-day in a new uniform, consisting of blue gray coats 

and pants trimmed with black, and a zouave cap A heavy and tedious 

snow storm prevailed all day, with the thermometer at a low figure 

Mary Hart died, aged 24. Rev. Francis T. Hanna died, aged 32. 

2. Air, h. 23, L6 Eleanor M. Skinner, wife of WinslowS. Keith, 

died, aged 30. Mary Lynch died, aged 42. 

3. Air, h. 26, 1. 21 Mrs. Ariettah Jadwin died, aged 83. Sarah, 

widow of John Weaver, died, aged 77. Ann, wife of David Davenport, 
died, aged 66. 

4. A January thaw set in Margaret V. Kiely died, aged 25. 

5. January thaw continued Patrick Murphy died, aged 77. 

7. Jane Mynders, wife of George M. Frame, died, aged 57. 

8. Ann E. Lavender, wife of Thomas F. Hallett, died, aged 29. 

9. Nancy Green, died, aged 58. Catharine Dowdel died, aged 85. 

10. Samuel Solomons, formerly of Albany, died in New York, aged 
61. He was a son of Levi Solomons, a leading tobacconist in Albany in 
the first quarter of the present century, formerly of the firm of Caldwell 
& Solomons. 

11. Air, h. 37, 1. 22 The ice which gave way in the upper Hudson 

and Mohawk on the day previous, broke up above the city about 11 o'clock 
this day, and damming up at the Hudson river bridge, threw a vast volume 
of water through the upper cut into the canal basin, doing immense 
damage to the grain warehouses on the pier. A row of brick stores of 
five and six stories in height was damaged to the amount of half a million 
of dollars. There was also great destruction of boats moored in the 

basin Bernard Hagan died, aged 62. Mrs. Alida Pangburn died, 

aged 81. 

12. Air, h. 30, 1. 25 The Susquehanna rail road was opened, 

throughout its entire length to Binghamton. The project of a rail road 
connecting Albany and Binghamton had been discussed for many years ; 
but it was not until April 19th, 1851, that an organization was effected, 
with Edward C. Delavan as its first president ; and during that year in- 
dividual subscriptions to the stock of the company amounted to one million 
of dollars. In 1852 an act was passed by the le ; slature authorizing the 
city of Albany to loan the road its credit to the amount of one million of 
dollars, and in April of that year its citizens voted to make the loan. In 
the fall of 1853 the entire work was let to Morris, Miller, Baker & Co., 
to be completed at a cost of seven millions of dollars, they agreeing to 
take the individual subscriptions, the city loan and the balance, of their 
pay in the bonds of the company. These contractors worked upon various 
portions of the route until they had expended about fifty thousand dollars, 
when, in the spring of 1854, they were forced, by the Schuyler frauds on 
the New York and New Haven rail road, and the consequent loss of public 

44 Notes from the Newspapers. [18(59. 

confidence in all rail roads, to suspend operations. In 1855. the subject 
of bonding the towns along the route was discussed, and a bill authorizing 
juoh bonds was passed by the assembly that year, but defeated 
by the senate. In 1857 tbe bill passed the legislature and became a law, 
and town subscriptions to the amount of nine hundred thousand dollars 
were obtained by this means. This amount having been exhausted, it 
was resolved tu apply for aid from the state. Arguments were used to the 

bat the portion of country through which the road was to pass had, 
for many years, paid its proportion of taxes for the canals, without de- 
riving a corresponding benefit therefrom ; and that the resultant benefit 
to the state, in the increased valuation of taxable property and increased 
productions, justified the measure upon grounds of public policy. In 
1S59, a bill appropriating $250,000, in aid of that portion of the road 
lying between Albany and Schoharie, passed the legislature, and was 
vetoed by Gov. Morgan. In 1860, a bill appropriating $1,000,000 for 
the whole line of the road, in installments of $250,000 each as the road 
progressed, the last installment to be paid upon its completion, passed the 
legislature and was vetoed by Gov. Morgan. In 1861 a bill, leaving out 
the appropriation for the western half of the road, and appropriating 

100 for the completion of that portion lying between Albany and 
Oneonta, passed the legislature, and was vetoed by Gov. Morgan. In 
1862, this bill again passed the legislature, and was again vetoed by Gov. 
Morgan. In 1863, the same bill passed the legislature, was signed by Gov. 
Seymour, and became a law. This bill provided for an appropriation of 
$250,000 when completed to Cobleskill, and the same amount when com- 
pleted to Oneonta. With the aid thus furnished it was opened for 
transportation to the following points, at the dates named below : to 
Schoharie, 35 miles, September 16, 1863 ; to Cobleskill, 45 miles, 
January 2, 1865; to Kichmondville, 50 miles, June 1, 1865; to Wor- 
cester, 62 miles, July 17, 1865 ; to Schenevus, 67 miles, August 7, 1865 ; 
to Oneonta, 82 miles, August 28, 1865. In 1866, a bill was passed giving 
the road an additional half million of dollars, payable in two equal install- 
ments, upon reaching Harpersville and Binghamton respectively, and 
was vetoed by Gov. Fenton. In 1867, a bill was passed and became a 
law, appropriating $250,000 for that portion of the road from Oneonta to 
Harpersville. With this aid, the building of the road was continued as 
follows: Otego, Otsego county, 90 miles from Albany, Jan. 23, 1866; 
Dnadilla, Otsego county, 99 miles from Albany, March 21, 1866 ; Sidney, 
Delaware county, 103 miles from Albany, Oct 22, 1866 ; Bainbridge, 
Chenango county, 108 miles from Albany, July 10, 1867 ; Afton, Che- 
nango county, 114 miles from Albany, Nov. 11, 1867; Harpersville, 
Broome county, 120 miles from Albany, Dec. 25, 1867. In 1868 a bill 
was passed giving the additional $250,000 to complete the road from 
Harpersville to Binghamton, and was vetoed by Gov. Fenton. A tem- 
porary loan of $550,000 was then effected on the second mortgage bonds 
of the company, which loan matures during the present year. With this 
aid the road was opened to Binghamton, the last rail having been laid 
in December last. The road is now open for business, but it can hardly 
be called completed. Although it is safe in all its parts for present use, 
much . irk remains to be done. The temporary tressle work at 

the western end is to be replaced by permanent embankments, and a large 
amount will be required to complete the arching of the extensive tunnel 

Jan.] Notes from the Newspapers. 45 

in Colesville. The road is 140 mile3 in length, and its total cost up to 
Sept. 30, 1868, was $6,387,455.94. At that date the total amount of 
funded and floating debt was $3,362,000, and its total earnings and ex- 
penses for five years were as follows : 

Sept. 30, 1864, $97,861 07 I Sept. 30, 1867, $484,228 19 

Sept. 30, 1865, 175,729 13 Sept. 30, 1868, 535,822 64 

Sept. 30, 1866, 385,198 86 | 

Five years $1,878,839 89 

Now that the road has formed a through connection with the west by 
means of the New York and Erie rail road, and is about to tap the coal 
regions of Pennsylvania, it may confidently be predicted that its earnings 
will henceforth steadily and rapidly increase, and prove a permanent 
source of revenue, as will the road itself a permanent blessing to the 

locality through which it passes, and to the whole state. — Argus 

Bridget McConnell died, aged 34. 

13. Air, h. 29, 1. 19 Henry McCotter died, aged 27. 

14. Air, h. 27, 1. 22. 

15. Air, h. 30, 1. 26 Mrs Harriet Moore Allen, wife of Dr. C. 

Devol, died. Wm. Burns died, aged 30. Mrs. Cynthia (Pemberton) 
Rote, died at Lawrence, Kansas, aged 28. 

16. Air, h. 34, 1.22 Theodore S. Lord died, aged 54. Mary 

O'Brian died, aged 50. 

17. Air, h. 26, 1. 18 Wm. Ryan -died, aged 73. Jane Raem, 

wife of Wm. Hess, died, aged 22. Ann Quinn died, aged 76. Patrick 
Lynch died, aged 63. John J. Kenny died, aged 18. Elizabeth Gra- 
ham, wife of Peter Spawn, died, aged 47. 

18. Air, h. 26, 1. 15 Bernard Mahar died, aged 82. Thomas 

Mooney died at Bennington, aged 22. Michael Conlon died, aged 50. 

19. Air, h. 18, 1. 16 ...Terrence Brady died, aged 29. Margaret 

Cameron died, aged 20. 

20. Air, h. 25, 1. 21... Elizabeth Maguire died, aged 46. 

21. Air, h. 32, 1. 16 Hattie R., wife of Allen Whitbeck, died, 

aged 28. Dennis Beck died, aged 26. 

22. Air, h. 66, 1. 7 Gertrude Tebbits, wife of Erastus Corning, 

Jr., died. Mrs. Corning was highly esteemed for her many virtues and 
rare qualifications, and her death was deeply felt by our community. With 
the poor, to whom she was always a generous and a reliable source of 
comfort, her death fell with crushing weight. Andrew Dunphy died, aged 
57. John M'Cambly died, aged 45. Mrs. Conlan, whose husband was 
killed by the train a few days before, died of grief. Mary Agan died, 
aged 63. 

23. Air, h. 9, 1. Rosanna Gunn died, aged 81. 

24. Air, h. 25, 1. 16 Ella M. Hand, wife of Thomas C. Jeffers, 

died. John Kenny died, aged 65. Owen Curran died, aged 44. 

25. Air, h. 34, 1. 17 Mary Hickey died, aged 44. 

26. Air, h. 20, I. 9 Mrs. Mary Coleman died, aged 68. -Anna 

Ross, wife of Moses Fisher, died, aged 30. 

27. Air, h. 20, 1. 19. 

28. Air, h. 24, 1. 20. 

29. Air, h. 35, 1. 25 James H. Chipman died in Brooklyn. 

Rebecca Bunting died, aged 75. Thomas Fox died, aged 33. John 
Gano died, aged 89. 

46 Notes from tlie Newspaper s. [1869. 

' ir. h. 36, 1. 32 Mary M. Allen died, aged 21. 

\ir, k. 43, 1. 29 The Sprague Chapel, corner of State and 

Snipe S dedicated. This edifice was erected at the expense of 

the Second Presbyterian church, being the fifth edifice that had been 

erected by the society and its offshoots Lawrence W. Landers died, 

aged 64. 

February 1. Air, h. 30, 1. 16 James McManus died, aged 47. 

2. Air, h. 22, 1. 7 Board of trade election for officers: Henry 

Lansing, president; James Hendrick, A. K. Shepard, vice presidents ; Wm. 

Lacy, secretary; H. B. Loucks, treasurer Kev. William C. Doane, 

D.D., was consecrated first bishop of the new diocese of Albany, with 
great ceremony, at St. Peter's church Ellen Reehilldicd, aged 77. 

3. Air, b. 31, 1. 14 It snowed all day; at half past nine there 

was a storm of vivid lightning and thunder that would have done great 
honor to the month of July, which continued till half past eleven. Snow 
continued to fall till nearly noon of the next day. 

4. Air, h. 29, 1. 20 Hannah Hallenbeck, widow of John M. Van 

Antwerp, died, aged 77. Thomas C. Pearl, died. Esther Owens died, 
aged 76. Sarah Ann Fuller, wife of George W. Wilson, died, aged 64. 

' .r, h. 27, 1. 15 Emily M., wife of C. Van Galli, died, aged 

29. James F. McColloni, died at Burlington, Vt., aged 28. 

6. Air, h. 17, 1. 15 It was announced that the Unitarian church 

had been sold to the Jews, Messrs. Openheim &Son, who would convert it 
into a lager bier saloon and dance house. This church was originally built by 
the Methodists. At a later day it was announced that it would be 
appropriated to a school for veloci pedestrians. It finally became a theatre. 
Caudice Benison, wife of Isaac C. Seabury, died, aged 31. 

7. Air, h. 29, 1. 17. 

8. Air, h. 25, 1. zero The thermometer at the Patroon's indicated 

8° below zero; at the corner of Broadway and Maiden lane 6° below. 

Thris was the coldest morning of the season A meeting of citizens was 

held at the City Hall to remonstrate against the passage of the bill before 
the legislature for carrying out the plan of a public park. Thomas W. 01- 
cott, Esq., was chairman, and Wm. G. Weed, secretary. A committee was 

appointed to oppose the passage of the law A sgcietyfor prevention 

of cruelty to animals was organized by the active exertions of Messrs. 
Angelo Ames and John M. Crapo. President — Robert Lenox Banks. 
Vice Presidents — John M. Crapo, John F. Ratbbone, Eugene Van 
Rensselaer, Angelo Ames, B. P. Staats, S. O. Vanderpoel, John Bridg- 
ford. Executive Committee — Jas. H. Arrnsby, John Meredith Read, 
Jr., Rufus W. Peckham, Jr., R. L. Johnson, James H. Humphrey, 
Archibald McClure, Jr. S. H. H. Parsons, W. H. H. Bailey, J. V. 
Lansing, H. M. Paine, Campbell Allen, J. Wesley Smith, Charles E. 
Smith. Secretary — Samuel R. Earls. Treasurer — Wm. M. Van 
Antwerp J. Bailey Reed, an old and well known citizen of Pitts- 
town, died at his residence in Reed's Hollow, quite suddenly. Mr. 
Reed was aged sixty-nine years, and was formerly a member of the firm 
of L. V. & J. B. Reed, proprietors of the old Troy and Burlington line 
of stage coaches, and of lines leading out from Albany. The firm had a 
reputation in their Hue of business second only to that of Thorp & Sprague. 
In its palmy days, the stage coach business was regarded as among the 
greatest enterprises of capital, and the proprietors of a route were looked 
up to as men of much consequence as now are the directors of a rail road 

Feb.] Notes from the Newspapers. 47 

company. The deceased was very highly respected for his genial nature 
and generous heart, and leaves behind him a memory that will be 

cherished by a large circle of acquaintances Thomas Atkinson died, 

aged 53. 

9. Air, h. 35, 1. 21. 

10. Air, h. 38, 1. 27 Albert Goodwin died, aged 65. Wm. 

McCloy died, aged 76. Mrs. Jane Beaumont, widow of John Griffith of 
New Baltimore, died, aged 97. Maria, widow of Roderick McDonough, 
died, aged 67. 

11. Air, h. 38, 1. 33 The thaw which began on the previous day, 

continued throughout this, rendering the streets almost impassable by 
pedestrians Mrs. Catharine Seate died, aged 60. Patrick Mur- 
phy died, aged 48. 

12. Air, h. 40, 1. 32., Elizabeth, widow of James Robinson, died. 

13. Air,h. 45, 1. 32 Peter J. Gaffney died, aged 21. Paulina Mor- 
gan died, aged 18. James Riley died, aged 31. Thomas Kelly died, 
aged 57. 

14. Air, h. 45, 1. 28 Michael Tracy died, aged 35. 

15. Air, h. 35, 1. 22 Sylvester Moore died, aged 35. Pamelia R. 

Ring, wife of William C. Bennett, died, aged 49. James Lansing died 
at Corning. 

16. Air, h. 35, 1. 29. 

17. Air, h. 36, 1. 27 Bridget, wife of Christopher Shaw, died, 

aged 75. 

18. Air, h. 34, 1. 26 The Capitol and State Libr^y were opened 

to a promenade concert and supper, provided by subscription of the citizens 
of Albany, in compliment to the legislature and the Social Science con- 
vention holding its first session at this time Peter V. Clai'k died, 

aged 45. 

19. Air, h. 36, 1. 20 Rachel L. Staats died. Morris Germond 

died, aged 41. 

20. Air, h. 30. 1. 17. 

21. Air, h. 36, 1. 19 Daniel O'Neil died, aged 75. David Mink 

died, aged 84. Capt. John M. Donnelly died, aged 25. Bridget Shields, 
wife of John A. Schmertzer, died. 

22. Air, h. 36, 1. 29 The day was celebrated by the military 

companies, the Burgesses appearing in a new uniform. The Twenty-fifth 
Regiment, and the Jackson Guards were out. The Burgesses had a sup- 
per t the American Hotel James E. Pomfret,M. D. died, aged 43. 

He was formerly pastor of the Universalist church in Green street ; after- 
wards adopted the practice of medicine, and in 1862, entered the service 
as surgeon of the 113th Regiment and served in that capacity, and subse- 
quently as brigade and division surgeon until the close of the war. On 
his return, he was appointed surgeon general on Governor Fenton's staff, 
and organized the Soldier's Home, as a state institution. He discharged 
every public and private duty, scrupulously and conscientiously. In his 
professional character, Dr. Pomfret stood very high in this community ; 
and his death lamented by none more dearly, outside of his family circle, 
than by the numerous families to whom he was endeared professionally 
and personally ..Sally Ann Iggett, widow of John McClaskey, died. 

23. Air, h. 32,1. 24 Hugh Small died, aged 50, and Henry Small 

died, aged 43. They were brothers, both sick of the same disease, died, 

48 Notes from the Newspapers. [1869. 

nearly at the same hour in different parts of the city at their respective 
family homes, and were buried at the same hour. William La Grange 
died, aged 64. John W. Osborn was elected president of the Young Men's 
.u Association. Mary Kearsey died, aged 74. 

24. Air, h. 35, 1. 10 Sidney Guest died, aged 60. 

25. Air, h. 30, 1. 20. 

26. Air, h. 30, 1.27 Mrs. Catharine J.Starke, widow of Col. 

George H. Talcott, died at Utica. DeWitt C. Ramsay died, aged 31. 

\ir, h. 30, 1. 23 Isaac D. Nash died, aged 31. Ruth, widow 

of Sylvanus Birch, died, aged 85. 

28. Air, h. 27, 1. 13. 

March 1. Air, h. 19, 1. At the annual meeting of the Albany 

County Bible Society, the following gentlemen were chosen officers for 
the ensuing year : president, William Gould ; first vice-president, C. P. 
Easton ; second vice-president, John E. Page ; corresponding secretary, 
David Dyer ; recording secretary, Stephen R. Gray ; treasurer, Archibald 
McClure, Jr. ; executive committee, Rev. Dr. Clark, Rev. Dr. Halley, 
Rev. David Dyer, Archibald McClure, Rev. Mr. Meredith, C. P. 
Easton Ann, widow of Edward James, died, aged 78. 

2. Air, h. 20, 1. The Burgesses Corps left the city for Wash- 
ington, with a spick and span new uniform, to show themselves to Gen. 
Grant, and grace his inauguration as president. 

3. Air, h. 28, 1. 16 Col. Lionel U. Lennox, died at Gilroy. Cali- 
fornia, aged 37. Sweton Grant Ford died. Mary E., wife of Benj. 
F. Smith, died at Detroit, aged 47. John W. Young, died at Minona, 
Minn., aged 37. 

4. Air, h. 31,1. 22 Catharine, widow of Benjamin Quackenbush, 

died. Katharine Van Wie, relict of James Quackenbush, died at the 
ripe old age of 93 years. She was the last of the old Van Wie family, 
whose name has become historical in connection with Van Wie's point, 
a few miles below this city on the Hudson river. There were three sis- 
ters and one brother in the family. The brother died years since, hav- 
ing passed his one hundredth year. The three Van Wie girls enjoyed 
the reputation of being the tallest in the state, their combined height 
being twenty-one feet. This family were the old original settlers at Van 
Wie's point, and it was from them that the point derived its name. — Argus. 

5. Air, h. 33, 1. Thermometers in some localities marked 8° 

below Hannah, widow of Isaac Sealey, died, aged 77. Bernard 

McCracken died, aged 50. 

6. Air, h. 18, 1. 10 Grand reception of the Burgesses Corps on 

its return from Washington Mrs. Jane Carey died, aged 60. Tho- 
mas O'Connor died, aged 30. Mrs. Rachel Ryder died, aged 76. 

7. Alice, wife of Williams Powers, died, aged 24. 

8. A lump of coal weighing 5 tons was placed in front of the Exchange 
Building, as a triumphal monument of the success of the Susquehanna 
rail road. 

9. Elizabeth Clarke died, aged 20. 

10. The velocipede, a new vehicle to aid locomotion, made its appear- 
ance at this time. The good condition of the sidewalks and the genial 
atmosphere tempted the velocipedists forth yesterday in great numbers. 
There were machines of all kinds and sorts. Cy, tri, and quadricycles 
dashing swiftly by the muddled pedestrians, who stood agape and yearned 

March] Notes from the Newspapers. 49 

in envious longing for the capricious little ponies. The riding gave 
evidence of practice and patience in most cases, yet there were luckless 
exceptions, however, for several gorgeously decked and complacent beings 
came to sudden and unexpected grief, in the most trying places and mo- 
ments. The easiest to master, is of rapidity of motion, much preferable 
to the other. The bycycle is to be the ifavorite, however, because less 
cumbersome, and more difficult to manage, rendering the mastering, a 

feeling of immense satisfaction and complacency. — Knickerbocker 

Hiram Yates died, aged 57. John Emsing died, aged 71. Abel S. Bab- 
cock, formerly of Albany, died at Cooperstown. 

11. Mrs. Allison Mitchell died, aged 81. 

12. Dennis Madigan died, aged 29. Barbara Gabel died, aged 78. 
Patrick E. Carmody died, aged 20. Helen Law died at Troy, aged 70. 
Caroline Bulson, wife of Benjamin Hogan, died, aged 33. 

13. Kathinka Driesbach, wife of Prof. George H. Altinger died, aged 35. 
Catharine Delehanty, wife of John Dady, died, aged 36. Johannes 
Wilhelm Weimar, some years a resident in Albany, died at the Hague, 
aged 64. 

14. Air, h. 39, 1. 23 ...St. Mary's Church was dedicated with appro- 
priate ceremonies. This is the third edifice erected upon this site. The 
society was until within a few years the only Catholic institution in the 

city James McGrath died, aged 74. Ida Marietta Bemis died, 

aged 18. Joseph G. Onkey died, aged 39. 

15. Air, h. 41, 1. 25 John L. Madden died, aged 47. 

16. Air, highest 30, lowest 12. 

17. Air, h. 30, 1. 7 Patrick Whalen died, aged 42. 

18. Air, h. 28, 1. 18 James Berns died, aged 35. 

19. Air, h. 35, 1. 18. 

20. Air, h. 34, 1. 30 Two indictments were found by the grand 

jury sitting at Utica against Benjamin Payn, for-defrauding the United 

States revenue, and he was taken into custody William Don died, 

aged 72. 

21. Air, h. 37, 1. 14 James M. Salisbury died, aged 31. Sarah, 

wife of John McMurdy, died, aged* 27. Patrick Sinnot died, aged 62. 
Maria G-roesbeck, widow of J. J. Mitchell, M.D., died, aged 66. 

22. Air, h. 28, 1. 7 Thermometers at some points indicated 4° 

below ...Mrs. Mary Rankin died, aged 80. Hannah W.Moore, 

wife of I. P. Sutherland, died, aged 36. ' 

23. Air, h. 38, 1. 25 Great snow storm; winter increasing in 

intensity. March thus far the coldest month of the season. Snow in 
Canada said to be from 8 to 10 feet on a level ; in Vermont from 4 to 8 feet. 
Sarah E. Leslie, wife of P. Hayes, died. James Mooney died, aged 71. 
George F. Youngblood died, aged 53. 

24. Air, h. 35, 1. 23 W r illiam G. Brown died, aged 63. Frank 

Atkinson, wife of M. J. Goodenough, aged 23. 

25. Air, h. 36, 1. 20 Bernhardt Smith died, aged 78. 

26*. Air', h. 34, 1. 29. 

27. Air, h. 39, 1. 35.. ...... .The Rev. Dr. Wyckoff, so long the pastor 

of the Middle Dutch church on Beaver street, died at the advanced age 
of 76. Dr. Wyckoff was born in New Jersey, in the year 1792. He 
came here from Catskill, Greene county, about the year 1837. He offi- 

Hist, Coll., iv. 7 

50 Notes from the Newspajjers. [1869. 

-kill .some ten or twelve duties 

•• of the Middle Dutch. Be succeeded Rev. I. N. Ferris, 
his arrival here until 1SG7, he filled the pulpit of the above ancient edi- 
fice, with faithfulni In 1867 he retired from the 
ship and was succeeded by Rev. Dr. Elmendorf, the present able and 
esteemed pastor of the church. Dr. Wyckoff was one of' the oldest if not 
the oldest clergyman in the city. It was his age, and nothiug else, that 
caused him to retire from service. He was a model minister, working 
for the good of souls. He was able, and eloquent in his day, and 
no man was more revered by his congregation than Dr. Wyckoff. He 
had a smile and kind word for every one, and was indefatigable in his 
exertions in behalf of the poor. — Knickerbocker. The clergyman who 
for a long series of years has taken the direction of the chaplain service 
of the legislature has just ended a life which, so far as human judgment 
may pronounce of any man's career, has been one long existence of kind 
thought and tender word and loving service to his fellow men, rich and 
poor, home born or foreign. II is not true of him that he dies and 
makes no sign. His earnest, truthful eulogy is writing itself in the me- 
mories of those to whom he gave voice and labor that he might make 
their life happier. In many specialties of character, Dr. Wyckoff was a 
very extra irdinary num. With a blending of shrewdness and simplicity 
which did not mar the outline of his career ; with an overflowing appre- 
ciation and love for the beautiful wherever, whenever found, and yet a 
marked deficiency of order in the arrangement of his taste ; with a heart 
that found itself especially near all scenes of grief or joy, but the inter- 
pretation of whose words were often far away in precision of expi 
with a charity that grasped all men, and a fraternal, paternal manner 
that recognized no distinction of coat or gown, or cassock or mitre, fold- 
ing all their wearers to his heart in brotherhood ; with unceasing will 
and wish for the happiness of all humanity, this man lived in every hour 
Christian life. It is not surprising that as he dies all classes of people 
stop to notice it, and, forgetting that they may have differed from him in 
his theology, tell out their belief that one of the really good men of the 
earth has gone to his rest; that at last he has gathered to himself the 
exceeding precious promises whose intensity of value he urged to others. 
Dr. Wyckoff came to Albany in 1836, succeeding the Rev. Dr 
(now chancellor of the New York University) in the ministry of the Re- 
formed Dutch church between Hudson and Beaver streets — a church 
built to consecrate by its uses an ancient burying ground, and whose con- 
struction was regarded by the active men of the time of its building as a 
great good attained. It was formed of the old stones which had been 
brought there, material of the very old structure which occupied the 
lower centre of the present State street. His long ministry in its his- 
tory belongs to the ecclesiastical annals of that prominent and prosperous 
church. He came to its charge when as yet some of its aged members 
were living; those who had endured in the truth till the thoughts and 
words and actions of the gospel became portion of their inner life. The 
biographies of the sainted men and women of that Middle Dutch church 
are, so far as this world's records go, in the quick formed dust of its 
oblivion. Only a few descendants, a few relatives, recollect even their 
names; but by all the memories of the highest, worthiest, wisest religious 
life, of unceasing prayer, of an intelligent religion that anticipated its 

March] Notes from the Newspapers. 51 

glorious destiny — of all these there is written in light in Jerusalem the 
golden. Over such a people and their descendants Dr. Wyekoff labored, 
and forgot no mourner, overlooked no poor. His language was often 
almost eccentric, but the tortuous path of words never forgot its way to 
the celestial city. Especially was he the benefactor of the immigrant 
Hollander. In 1846, a new movement of emigration stirred Holland. 
The Netherlands seemed almost to have forgotten their once cherished 
possessions, and the emigration of 1608 and the years following had be- 
come historical ; but ecclesiastical difficulties set a weaker party in mo- 
tion, and, after they had led the way, others followed. These naturally 
went to such men as Dr. Thomas De Witt (clarum et venerabile nomen) 
and Dr. Wyekoff. These men were like the clergymen they had left in 
the old land, and Dr. Wyekoff was busiest, kindest, most persevering, 
most enduring of men with them. He listened to all their congratula- 
tions or complaints ; talked with them about their old home and their 
new one ; counselled, expostulated, scolded (for some scolding was a 
kindness) ; raised money for them ; looked after their luggage ; attended 
the very dray in its burden of their queer, quaint, conglomerated effects ; 
preached for their cause; listened to their preaching; grieved in their 
Woe ; apologized for their errors ; and entered into all their wants as a 
guardian. The Hollanders in America may well, when they get prosper- 
ous, make enduring monument to this most devoted friend, who devoted 
his time and talent to make them a solid home in the new world. I do 
not believe any man in Albany had more universal respect than Dr. 
Wyekoff possessed, because he had the general confidence. His charity 
was absolutely delightful. His name of brother would be given, and 
really intended, as it was said, as well to the clergy whom Archbishop 
McCloskey governs, as to those with whose faith he had nearer sympathy. 
This man went on in life looking on the world around him as a necessity 
of constant sympathy, because a necessity of constant suffering. In talent 
respectable, in learning sufficient, in theology broad but pure, in labor 
abundant, his life closes as a volume read by duty to its close. I write 
thus the more freely because while he lived it was the common thought 
of his friends that he was eminently a good man. ' His duties as clergy- 
man had yielded their force to the feebleness of age ; but his name does 
not pass from the record of the living without its being realized in a 
truth which if is delightful to recognize, that his name written 
among the first as 

" One who loves his fellow man," 

and that his love went beyond this to the highest. — Wm. H. Bogart in 

the New York World Mary O'Brien died, aged 63. Catharine, wife 

of Isaac Burton, died. Sally, widow of Horace Emery, died, aged 72. 

28. Easter Sunday was the most beautiful day of the spring. Scarcely 
a breath of air was stirring, and the suu shone with almost uninterrupted 
brightness. The attendance at most of the churches was very large. 
The day was celebrated with unusual pomp by all the Catholic and Epis- 
copal churches in this city. At the Cathedral, the church was decorated 
with flowers upon the side altars. The sanctuary and altar were bril- 
liantly lighted, while on the pillars were small shades with appropriate 
inscriptions, such as — " Christ is 'risen from the dead and hath appeared 
to Simon Peter." " This is the day the Lord hath made; let us rejoice 

Notes from tlue Newspapers. [1869. 

and be glad therein — Hallelujah." The music was of the grandest 
character. Cherubin's mass for four voices was performed with great 
brilliancy. The imposing services were conducted by the Rt. Rev. 
Bishop Conroy, assisted by a large number of the clergy. The building 
was densely crowded. At St. Joseph's the services were very imposing. 
The service at St. Peter's church yesterday morning was very 
attended. From the opening to the close, the interest of the large num- 
ber of worshipers seemed unabated. The musical portion of the service 
(Mr. Squires, organist) was rendered with great effect. Among the 
most noticeable features, the Easter Hymn, arranged from Lambillotte, 
the Te Peum, with solos by Miss Coyle and Messrs. Whitney and Wood- 
bridge, and the Offertory Anthem, solo by Mrs. J. M. Sayles, with cho- 
rus, were most pleasing. Altogether, this was one of the finest services 
ever given in this ancient church. The floral offerings were elaborate 
and tastefully arranged about the altar, pulpit, etc. The font was filled 
with a superb pyramid of pond lilies, etc., and a profusion of flowers sur- 
rounded the basin. The pulpit font was covered with flowers. The lee- 
tor was similarly decorated ; and a large cross of white and red flowers, 
surmounting a mound of flowers, stood upon the altar. Some idea of 
the magnificence of the display may be gathered from the fact that there 
were seven hundred camelias, besides other rare and beautiful flowers in 
proportion, the generous gift of Erastus Corning, Jr., while there was a 
profusion of equally elegant flowers from the conservatory of G-en. John 
F. Rathbone. We hear that even New York and Philadelphia were held 
under contribution for flowers for this church. It was the most beauti- 
ful floral exhibition ever seen in this city. Kt St. Paul's church an elo- 
quent and instructive sermon was delivered by the rector, Rev. J. L. 
Reese. The church was crowded, and a liberal collection was taken up 
for domestic missions. The music, under direction of Mr. T. Spencer 
Lloyd, organist, assisted by Mr. F. J. Lawrence, Mrs. Hoyt and a full 
choir, was of a very high order. The font was decorated with pond 
lilies and other rare flowers ; a cross of white flowers stood in front 
of, and another large one, mingled with green, over the pulpit. In the 
evening the rite of confirmation was administered by Rt. Rev. Bishop 
Doane, to a number of candidates. The carols were sung by the child- 
ren. But the Catholic and Episcopal churches were not alone in their 
observances of the day. The display of flowers at the Fourth Presbyte- 
rian church, Rev. Dr. Darling's, was surpassed only by that at St. Peter's. 
At the Third Presbyterian church the venerable Dr. Halley preached a 

very eloquent, able and appropriate sermon on the resurrection The 

Rev. William J. Boardman, rector of the Church of the Holy Innocents, 

resigned the rectorate, and preached his farewell sermon this day 

Egbert Egberts, formerly of Albany, died at Cohoes, aged 78. He was 
born at Coeymans, in this county, where his father, Anthony Egberts, 
who was an officer in the revolutionary army, settled at the close of the 
war. In 1812, he engaged in mercantile business in this city, with his 
brother. Cornelius, under the firm name of C & E. Egberts. In 1831, 
he removed to Cohoes, where he first successfully introduced the power 
knitting frame, and established an extensive manufactory. In 1852, he 
retired from active business, with a competency, which he always used in 
the spirit of Christian liberality. In that year he was the candidate of 
the whig party for congress. In 1858, he organized the bank of Cohoes, 


Notes from the Newspapers. 


and was chosen its president, which office he retained till his death. The 
Egberts Institute received from him an endowment of $20,000, and the 
Keformed Church of Cohoes, of which he was a member, is indebted in 
great measure to his taste and liberality for their beautiful house of wor- 
ship. He was a friend of the poor, and for every good cause had an open 

heart and hand. — Evening Journal Rev. Ambrose M. O'Neil died, 

aged 29. He was endowed with extraordinary energy and fervor, and 
won a high place in the affections of the people of his church. The 

Cathedral was crowded to suffocation at his funeral Johanna, wife 

of Henry Boyle, died, aged 19. 

29. The mild weather of the past few days, and a drenching rain of 
thirty-six hours duration, raised the volume of water in the river above 

the pier and dock, and drove the ice down below the city Old St. 

Peter's, the mother of the Episcopal churches in this section of the 
country, was this morning the scene of unusual excitement. For a century, 
and up to within the past two years, the election of wardens and vestry- 
men was a foregone conclusion, and attracted but little, if any, attention. 
But lately, by the infusion of a new element, more spirit has been engen- 
dered, which was exhibited to-day in the election of church wardens and 
vestrymen. The following is the result as published in the Evening 
Journal. 171 votes polled. 


Thomas Hun 911 Cooper, 83 

Jenkins, 92 | Dexter, .... 76 

L. Tremain, 96 

S. Moffatt, 92 

S. E. Marvin, 95 

J. S. Perry, 92 

S. H. Hammond, 87 

E. Corning, Jr.,. . = 99 

C.Schuyler, 91 

S.J. Roe, 90 

James Kidd, 85 

G. S. Weaver, 81 

A. C. Judson, 80 

V. TenEyck, 78 

C. S. McEntee, 77 

J. D. Parsons, 73 

R. Humphrey, 72 

T. P. Way, 71 

At an election for wardens and vestrymen of St. Paul's Church, this 
day, the following were elected unanimously : Wardens, C. W. Bender, 
J. H. Van Antwerp. Vestrymen, William Lacy, James H. Osborn, Wil- 
liam H. Rice, Thomas Squires. Ira Porter, J. Woodward, Jr., Hiram 
Perry, W. W. Hill. 

Church of the Holy Innocents : The following gentlemen were this 
morning unanimously elected wardens and vestrymen for the ensuing 
year : Wardens, William H. De Witt, William Mason : Vestrymen, Oscar 
L. Hasey, Samuel M. VanSantvoord, Frank Jones, Joshua Rathbone, 

Caleb Palmer, Grerritt T. Bratt, William Reynolds, Samuel Roak... 

Matthew Clarkson died, aged 75. Patrick O'Rourke died, aged 53. 
Josephine Peterson died, aged 56. Richard L. Ross, formerly of Albany, 
died, at Malone, aged 59. 

30. Michael Rice died, aged 21. 

31. Alfred D. Shepard died, aged 68. 

April 1. David F. Holdredge died, aged 72. John Millington, late of 
Albany, died at Watertown, N. Y., aged 83. Charles Hall died, aged 
40 Peter Vandervolgen died, aged 55. 

54 Notes from the Newspapers. [18G9. 

2. The ice barrier at Coeymans broke away, and left the chani. 

fork William Smith di 

merchant, having passed his whole long life, from his apprentice- 
ship upwards, in the counting room. With the exception of a brief 
in his youth spent in the service of Andrew Kirk, he has been 
i in the dry goods trade. In that traffic he pursued his apprentice- 
i ier the tuition respectively of Mr. Tabor and of Richard Marvin 
In the latter house he was at length admitted a partner, 
leaving that house he formed one of the firm of Smith & Strong; then he 
of the house of Smith, Woodburn & Deyermand ; next of Smith, 
Cary & Mosely, and finally of Smith, Lansing & Hardee, with which he 
was connected at the time of his death. Atthe organization of the Albany 
City Bank in 1836, he was chosen one of the directors, and has unin- 
terruptedly remained such ever since. Mr. Smith was a native of Albany, 
having been born upon the lot in Broadway next adjoining that 'which 
has of late been his residence. He was an active, sagacious and honora- 
ble merchant. He was of that type that is modelled upon the principle 
that integrity is the surest road to success, as it is the noblest attribute 
of the business man. He was mild in his disposition, unostentatious in 
his manner, affable in his demeanor, and kind in his intercourse. He 
never sought the distinction of place or power, but contented himself 
with the quiet pursuit of his business and the enjoyment of genial social 
intercourse. No act of dishonor or wrong stains the record of his life, 
and he has passed away with the sincere sorrow of all who knew him. 
Journal Mary A. Gray died, aged 25. 

3. Cyrus Hawley died. Within a few weeks past, death, without 
sparing meanwhile either youth or strength, seems to have been unusually 
busy among our old and well known citizens. Our records of mortality 
have rarely chronicled, within a brief* period, so many familiar names. 
Whoever scans the death column of our city press will not fail to observe 
how many old friends are passing away, and how ripe has been the 
harvest of the Destroyer ; and this, too, among those whose green old 
age has borne with it so much of vivacity and the spirit of the youth, that 
their summons seems almost as untimely as though youth itself had 
fallen. We add this morning to the mournful catalogue the name of 
Cyrus Hawley, a name especially familiar to the residents of the western 
portion of our city, but wherever known, regarded with esteem and 
honor. Mr. Hawley was born in Herkimer county, New York, in the 
month of March, 1800. He came to Albany in the year 1814, and was 
employed as a clerk in the produce store of the late Daniel L. Newton. 
He remained with Mr. Newton, who was his brother-in-law, until about 
1821, when he became a dealer ingrains, seeds and country produce, and 
for a short time, about the year 1830, was a partuer of Mr. Newton's. 
Their store was situated on the hill near the Brick point, and was well 
known many years before the Erie canal was completed, and before rail- 
roads were thought of. The Great Western turnpike in those days, and 
until the Erie canal offered greater facilities for transportation, was the 
grand thoroughfare to and from the West. All country produce was 
then brought to the Albany market by teams, and merchandize was car- 
ried to villages aud country stores by wagons or sleighs, even to Rochester, 
which was then the far west. Real estate on Washington street, now 
dignified as Washington avenue, was greatly valued, and at one 

April] Notes from the Newspapers. 55 

went up to almost fabulous prices. The Erie canal, changing the method 
of transportation from land to water, brought down values. In Mr. H.'s 
day as a merchant, his cotemporaries in commercial enterprise were such 
men as William Durant, Clark Durant, Wm. Jones, William Chapman, 
Wm. and John M. Newton, Duncan Robinson, Messrs. McNab, Morgan, 
McEntosh and Cumming, Aaron Roggen, Hubbell Knapp, John Taylor, 
Robert Boyd, Robert Dunlop and Andrew Kirk. From 1832 to 1840 he 
was connected more or less with Mr. Batchelder, in the purchase of flax- 
seed. &c. In the year 1841 he engaged largely in the purchase of wool, 
with Alexander Cumming and Robert Worden. In 1843 he formed a 
general partnership with William Appleton, which continued until 1849, 
when he retired from business with an ample competence. Since the 
period of his retirement from active business, Mr. Hawley has quietly 
and reasonably enjoyed the years allotted to him. He was always fond 
of exercise and intelligent companionship, and during recent years was 
accustomed to make frequent journeys on foot with favorite friends as far 
as Saratoga Springs and back, from Saratoga to Lake George, and from 
G-orham to the summit of Mt. Washington. Though never married, a 
marked trait in Mr. Hawley's character was his peculiar fondness for child- 
ren. They were ever his favorites, and the kind hearted and the pleasant 
old gentleman will be remembered in years to come by many a little 
friend whose childish sorrows he soothed, or to whose innocent happiness 
he contributed. Mr. Hawley wn.s not, we believe, a regular member of 
any church. But in his principles and deportment he exemplified the 
Christian gentleman. In all his relations to society he acquired and 
merited the approbation and respect of his fellow men. In his personal 
habits he was neat and careful without beiug too fastidious. In business 
he was singularly prompt and accurate, and always scrupulously honest. 
He was judicious but liberal in charities, and delighted in those quiet 
kindnesses which exhibit the true hearted gentleman far more than 
ostentatious display. His pathway to the grave was scattered with the 
blessings of the poor whom he relieved. The deceased was a relative of 
ex-Mayor George H. Thatcher, from whose residence the funeral took 
place. — Journal JohnRector died, aged 69. 

4. The robins and blue birds were seen flitting about in the morning 

but disappeared as the day grew colder and winterish The first boat 

from New York, the Connecticut, reached the steam boat landing at9 o'clock 

in the morning Rev. Mr. Abbot preached his farewell sermon in the 

Ashgrove church John Rector died, aged 69. Rev. S. L. Stillman, 

formerly pastor of the Pearl street Methodist church, died, in Bethlehem, 
aged 74. Linda Miller, wife of Gilbert Hunter, died, aged 41. Thomas 
Avann died, aged 78. Mary Woodin, widow of Peter Van Santvoord of 
Middleton, Saratoga Co., died, aged 82. 

5. The horse cars on the Pearl street line, which had been unable to 
use the rails for about four mouths, this day resumed their trips, in place 
of sleighs Mrs. Bethia Haskell died, aged 86. 

6. Elizabeth Breen, wife of Derrick C. Hayner, died, aged 36. Anne 
O'Connor died, aged 23. 

7. Alida, wife of Hugh McG-aughan, died, aged 48. Thomas Martin 
died, aged 60. Patrick Nolan died, aged 35. 

8. Although Albany is supposed to be a mountain of clay suitable for 
brick, and vast hills have been converted into buildings, yet common bricks, 

56 « from the Newspapers. [1869. 

which used to bring 83.50 a thousand when manufactured by the old 
hand process, now that greatly improved machinery had been I 
into use, sold at §20 per thousand Mary, widow of Henry Free- 
man died, aged 84. Robert Thompson, Jr., died, aged 32. John I)ounelly 
died, aged 30. 

9. Annie E. Fleming, wife of S. Strauss, died, aged 25. Catharine 
Storey died, aged 25. James Grogan died, aged 25. 

10. Air, 41° Rose Gallagher died, aged 24. Anna C. Martin, 

wife of Joseph Kennedy, died. Sarah, widow of Matthew Clarkson. died, 
aged 76. Her husband died only two weeks before her. 

11. Air, h. 43, 1. 29 The State Street Presbyterian Sunday school 

held its 8th anniversary, Archibald McClure, Jr., superintendent. Of the 

sobers of this model school, 800 were present. It was thought to 
be the largest school between New York and Chicago ; had 70 teachers, 
and supported two missionaries, one at home and one in Kentucky ; contri- 
buted §1,831.73 in money the year past ; had 216 scholars over 16 years of 

age David J. Hotalingdied, aged 59. Mary Collins died, aged 29. 

Catharine, wife of Thomas Connelly, died, aged 34. 

12. Air, h. 44, 1. 32 Benjamin P. Johnson died, aged 76. He had 

been since 1847, the secretary and principal manager of the New York 

Agricultural Society, and by his energy and peculiar fitness for the 
position, greatly contributed to the success of that organization. He was 
born in Canaan, Columbia county, on the 30th of November, 1793. He 
graduated at Union College in 1813, and studied law at Hudson with 
Elisha Williams, Esq., after which he settled at Rome, Oneida county, 
where he practiced law. He was a member of the assembly, elected from 
Oneida county, in the years 1827, 1828 and 1829. In 1845 he was 
elected president of the State Agricultural Society. 

13. Air, h. 43, 1. 33 The onion market was excited, sold at §13, 

a barrel ; oranges §4 a barrel Gen. John Meredith Read, Jr., was 

nominated by the president, consul general at Paris John James 

died, aged 75 Margaret Brennan died, aged 68. 

14. Air, h. 42, 1. 31 Rebecca Van Heusen, widow of Ira Jenkins, 

died, aged 78. Alice J. DeWitt, wife of Augustus D. Depeyster, died. 

15. Air, h. 48, I. 33 Extraordinary auroral display, the greatest 

since the electric storm in 1859. The telegraphs were worked by the 

electric current without the aid of the battery Maria Hoffman, wife 

of Robert Van Heusen, died, aged 66. Maria Elmendorf, wife of Peter 
Sanders, died at Scotia, aged 73. Thomas Tyrer died, aged 64. 

16. Air, h. 49,1. 39 John S. Baxter died, aged 57. Mary E 

Adams, wife of Win. P. Treadwell, died, aged 42. Paul Tessier died, 
aged 79. 

17. Air, h. 62, 1. 46 Margaret Hoyt died, aged 49. 

18. Air, h. 50, 1. 43 The quarterly meetings of the Unitarian 

Sunday school, since they sold their church, were held in the Friends' 
meeting house in Plain street. 

19. Air, h. 71, I. 47 The water over the docks, the immense 

snow banks north of us beginning to liquidate Oscar F.Stevens 

died, aged 45. Phoebe, wife of James N- Cobb, died, in New York. 

Vir. h.73,1. 61 Water rising all day under a burning sun 

The will of Sylvanus P. Jermain, late of the town of Watervliet, who died 
April 20, came before the surrogate, bearing date Feb. 13, 1846, and by 

Apr.] Notes fr&m the Newspapers. 57 

its provisions the following disposal is made of the estate : to the niece of 
deceased, Catharine Barclay Porter, he bequeathed the sum of $500, and 
an equal amount to his nephew, Sylvanus B. Jermain, 2d. The remainder 
of the property, real and personal, he bequeathed to his son James Barclay 
Jermain, whom he appointed sole executor for the estate. Attached to 
the will was a codicil bearing date January 20, 1856, in which the follow- 
ing additional bequests were made ; to each of his brothers and sisters who 
should be living at the time of his decease, an annuity of $400, to con- 
tinue during the terms of their respective lives. The survivors are Julia 
Ann Prince, Alanson Jermain, Caroline Porter, John Jermain, George 
W. Jermain, and Margaret P. Slocum. To Frances, widow of his late son 
John Jermain, and to Emily, relict of his grandson Sylvanus Jermain, de- 
ceased, a life annuity of $250 each was left, to be annulled, however, in 
case of the parties marrying again. The property was avaluable one, the 
net estate footing up a little over $1,500,000. Seven hundred and fifty 
dollars worth of internal revenue stamps were required for stamping the 
will. Silvanus P. Jermain died, aged 86. He came to this city about 
1800, while a lad, and was one of the first stockholders of the State Bank. 
He was a man of close business habits and of rigid economy ; and by pru- 
dent and slowly gathered gains accumulated a fortune of a million and a 
half of dollars. While his life was devoted to the pursuit of riches, 
and he frankly acknowledged the mastery which this passion had obtained 
over him. he was strictly honest and in all ways free from blame. His 
large fortune was constantly in use, and in active investment, and he was 
little more than treasurer or actuary of the large fund. Riches afforded 
him neither luxury nor leisure; but only a care which absorbed his time 
and most of his thoughts. He was, however, successful in all his under- 
takings, and lived a cheerful, simple and frugal life to a remarkable old 
age.— Argus. The Journal of Commerce says of him : He was a native of 
Sag Harbor,on Long Lshnd,but wentinto businessat Albany in 1802, and 
continued for sixty-seven years an active man of business, having amassed 
a very large fortune, and continuing in attendance at his office until within 
ten days of his decease. A history of his earlier life would form a very 
interesting chapter on our internal commerce and the navigation of the 
Hudson, in which much of his property was invested before the days of 
steamers. His first partner was Capt. Sherman, who became the well 
known pioneer of steam navigation on Lake Champlain. Mr. Jermain was 
distinguished for his steady, upright and invariable business habits, though 
for many years past he has occupied himself with but little othe 
than the management of hjs immense property. He was a communicant 
in the Presbyterian church (now under the care of Dr. Sprague) from its 
organization, more than fifty years ago. Few, if any, inershants now sur- 
vive who remember the commencement of Mr. Jermain's business life, 
but there are many in this city who recall their relations with him in the 
times of the war and the succeeding years, and who will be reminded now 
of the vast changes which have taken place in the whole system of com- 
mercial affairs during the period covered by his long experience 

John McDonald died, aged 40. James Carlin died, aged 50. 

21. Air,h.71,l. 51 Joel Linsley died, aged 67. Edward G-. Sheld- 

rick died,' aged' 55. Margaret Cassidy, wife of Bernard Murphy, died, 
aged 26. 

Hist. Coll, iv. 8 

58 Notes from the Newspapers. [1869. 

Air, h. 55, 1. 41 The greatest freshet since 1857 ; w 

r the docks. The New York steam boat was unable to land on 

I proceeded to the Boston ferry slip on the op- 

iver. The Central rail road was inundated west of 

and no trains came in during the day. The Bndsou river, 

the Susquehannah and the C'dioes roads, were so much under water near 

the city, as to detain several trains. Great suffering was experienced by 

thousands of families confined to the upper parts of their houses, without 

the possibility of egress Maj. John Wilson died, aged 34. His 

death was caused by disease contracted while in the army, w"iere he was 
a member of Berdan's sharpshooters. Catharine, widow of William 
Counally, died, aged 69. 
23. Air, h. 48. 1. 38. 
24 Air, h. 62, 1. 46 Eliza, widow of George Jones, died, aged 50. 

25. Air. h. 65,1. 45 Centennial Anniversary of St. Peter's church. 

It was the anniversary of the date of its charter, although its .organization 
dates half a century earlier. It being also the festival of St, Mark, commu- 
nion was celebrated, and a commemorative sermon was preached by Bishop 
Potter, of New York, for many years the faithful rector of the parish, in 
which mention was made of the various rectors who have been connected 
with that church. The offertory was appropriated to the erection of 
the Centennial Memorial Chapel of St. Peter's Church. A large col- 
lection was taken up. 

26. Air, h. 65, 1. 44 All the boats made landings at their custom- 
ary docks, from which they had been excluded by the high water all 
the previous week. The Hudson and Newburgh boats resumed their 

trips, which had been interrupted by the high water -V Semi-Cen- 

tennial anniversary of the order of Ode Pellows was held in this city. 

A procession marched through the streets William C. Hawley 

died, aged 28. James Nichols died, aged 76. Ann Williams died, aged 
74. Capt. Gilbert Johnson died, aged (.4. 

27. Air, h. 57, 1.52 A meeting af the Alumni of Union College 

was held at the Albany Academy, at which nearly a hundred graduates 

were present, and had a grand time A black snake about four feet 

in length, was killed at the corner of Broadway and Lumber street. The 

body was about two inches in circumference at the largest part A 

female prisoner in our jail, named Mrrgaret Nash, dropped dead in the 
ceil last night, while conversing with other women. Coroner Harrigan 
held an inquest. It was the opinion of Dr. B. B. Staats, that she died 
from convulsions. The jury rendered a verdict in accordance with the 

fact John Kannene died, aged 31. Julia B. Shoemaker, wife of 

James M. Percy, died. Maggy, wife if Andrew Lacy, died, aged 25. 

28. Air, h. 65, 1. 48. 

29. Air, h. 62, 1. 42. 

30. Air, h. 50, 1.42 Mrs. Julia Fitzpatrick died, aged 75. Amelia 

Krebs, wife of Augustus Dubois, died, aged 35. Robert Gilchrist, formerly 
an Albany merchant, died at Fernandioa, Florida, aged 72. 

May 1. Air, h. 52, 1. 38 The scaffolding was removed from the 

spire of the new Congregational chu-ch, corner of Eagle and Beaver 
streets, disclosing the tallest, and one of the moat symmetrical steeples 

in the city Bridget Wall died. Thomas Connolly died, aged 35. 

John Shallow died, aged 73. 

May.] Notes from the Newspapers. 59 

2. Air, h. 46, 1. 35 The rain storm that began on the previous 

day changed to snow in the afternoon, which melted here as it fell, but 

left a covering of six inches on the Helderberg Prof. Hough, of 

the Observatory, stated that for several years past he had found that the 

two first weeks in May are colder than the two first weeks in April 

Mrs. Agnes Bray died, aged 70. Mrs. Mary Shehan died, aged 75. 
Jettie, wife of Joseph Sporborg, died, aged 51. Sarah Pierce, wife of 
Elias N. Griffen died, aged 29. 

3. Air, h. 46,1. 36.... The new street car was introduced on Pearl 

street, drawn by one horse and dispensing with the conductor 

Workmen were engaged in removing the beautiful trimmings of Caen 
stone from St. Joseph's church, and substituting stone from Ohio, on 

account of the French stone crumbling under our winter climate 

Moses Simpson, formerly of Albany, died at Detroit, aged 69. 

4. Air, h. 47, 1. 38 The North Dutch church during the six 

years of Dr. Clarke's pastorate, had contributed $134,776.74 to benevolent 
and congregational purposes ; that is, $22,462.79 per annum ; 282 had 
been added to the church ; the Sunday school consisted of 800 teachers 
and scholars, and the libraries contained 1500 volumes. 

5. Air, h. 47, 1.43 Owen Hoy died, aged 55. Charles A. Lock- 
wood died, aged 26. James M. Combs died, aged 62. 

6. Air, h. 52, 1. 38 Mary Kelly died, aged 33. Mrs. Mary Ann 

Powers died, aged 48. 

7. Air, h. 60, 1. 46 Ellen, wife of John Sayres, died, aged 37. 

Mary A. Hackett, wife of T. J. Guy, died, aged 28. 

8. Aii", h. 63, 1. 44 The bill authorizing the construction of a 

bridge across the river at Maiden lane, passed both houses of the legisla- 
ture, and became a law on the 10th. 

9. Air, h. 65, 1. 47 Margarette L. Fleming died, aged 26. 

10. Air, h. 64,1. 46 John Lawless died, aged 76. Bridget 

Mahar died, aged 78. Thomas George died, aged 35. Samuel Winches- 
ter died, aged 89. 

11. Air, h. 74, 1. 49 William Kenney died, aged 27. Cornelius 

Coyle died, aged 70. Charles E. Haswell died, aged 34. 

12. Air, h. 77, 1. 60 Mrs. Elizabeth Moore died, aged 87. 

13. Air, h. 80, 1 57 Mr3. Bridget Dempsey died, aged 75. John 

Sealey Thompson died, aged 29. 

14. Air, h. 73, 1. 60 John Carroll died, aged 21. Sophia, widow 

of Benj. H. Payn, died, aged 88. George Rainsay died at Augusta, 
Ga., aged 40. 

15. Air, h. 71, 1. 59 William H. Reed died. Edward Carroll 

died, aged 38. 

16. Air, h. 66,1. 55. 

17. Air, h. 63, 1. 50 ....Henry Story died, aged 50. John E. 

Gibbs died at Philadelphia, aged 26. 

18. Air, h. 55, 1. 46 The vestry of St. Peter's Episcopal church 

accepted the resignation of Bishop Wm. C Doane as rector of the 

parish Jenny Wiggins, wife of Horace A. Sherman, died. Sarah 

A., widow of Abraham Hitchcock, died, aged 59. 

19. Air, h. 77, 1- 50 A new savings bank was organized, under 

the name of the National Savings Bank of Albany, Hon. Erastus Corn- 
ing, president. 

60 9 from th vpers. [1869. 

20. Air, h. Carrie S Franklin, wife of Win. H. John- 
son, di Wayne died, aged 

21. Air, h. 60, 1. 47 Sarah' A. Lewis, wife of David F. Winne, 

Air, h. 60, 1. 40 Margaret Lansing, wife of Gideon Hawley. 

died, aged 70. Wm. M. Beach died, aged 34. 

1. 43 Huldah R., wife of Geo. Merrifield, for- 
merly of Albany, died Co. 

Henry Sacia died at Utica, aged 36. 

\ir, h. 75, 1. 52 John Barrett died, aged 43. "Edward For- 
tune died, aged 82. Margaret, wife of William Jones, died, aged 27. 

.ir, h. 77. 1. 61 Elizabeth Boucher, widow of Christopher 

Mosher, died, aged 73. 

27 Ann, wife of Joseph Magilton, died, aged 54. Patrick Carew 
died, aged 58. 

Mary, wife of Daniel MulviJle, died, aged 35. 

(he fifth anniversary of the rector of St. Paul's church was ob- 
served. The Rev. Mr. Reese, the rector, briefly recapitulated the history 
of the church since he took charge of the parish. During that period 
the number of communicants had increased from one hundred and twenty- 
hundred and twenty, and the collections and contributions 
by the congregation for pew rentals and religious and charitable purposes, 
amounted to nearly 872,000 during the past year. The rector officiated 

en marriages, at twenty deaths, and at upwards of sixty baptisms; 
and the collections reached about 815,000. In the afternoon the anni- 
versary of the Sunday school, which continues to thrive, under the able 
superintendence of William Lacy, Esq., occurred, and the church was 
crowded. There was charming music, the exercises were highly in- 
og, and the floral offerings of the various classes were elegant and 
most liberal. The appeal to the congregation for flowers with which to 
decorate the graves of deceased soldiers to-day was cheerfully responded 
to. The rector stated that the day being a regular communion Sunday, 
the plate collections could not be diverted from their legitimate channel, 
viz : the relief of widows and other poor women belonging to the parish, 
but he had caused boxes to be placed at the doors for contributions with 
which to buy flowers for the soldiers' graves. When the congregation 
retired these boxes were not neglected. — A 

June 1. Nancy M., wife of John B. Wasson, die! at Aiken, S. C. 
1. Thomas Keeuan died, aged 36. 

4. George W. Zeilman died, aged 32. 

5. James A. Wilson di< 

6. Elvenah C. Raymon . Wells, die* 

Emma Ridley killed by lightning at Catskill, aged Ridley, 

who was on a visit to the village, was ironing at a table, and near her 
about the room children were playing. She had just taken the sad iron 
in her hand, which had been left a moment before by another inmate of 
the house, when she dropped dead upon the floor. The bolt did little 
or ho damage to the house, and left unharmed the children in the same 

7. John Couroy died, aged 78. 

9. Ellen. M., wif< died, aged 44. Stephen A. 



- : ; ff 

<^ri^^ >^Ca/^/C 

June.] Notes from the Newspapers. 61 

10. Harriet Pinckney, widow of Lewis Wiles, died, aged 49. Frank 
Maxstadt, died, aged 40. 

11. Michael Murray died, aged 88. Hugh Swift died, aged 37. 

12. Annie Stafford died, aged 84. 

13. Robert Little died, aged 27. H M. Blatner died, aged 59. John 
T. Norton died at Farmington, Conn., aged 74. 

14. William J. Killip died, aged 29. 

15. Edward Murphy died, aged 42. Seth Ten Broeck died, aged 45. 

16. Volkert P. Douw died, aged 80. His death is to the city a severe 
loss, and creates in the circle of those accustomed to his kindly pre- 
sence, and his judicious counsel, an irreparable void. He leaves to his 
family, and to our city, a princely legacy, in the memory and example of 
an upright life, well spent in their interest. Mr. Douw was a graduate 
of Princeton College, New Jersey, and for many years a successful mer- 
chant in this city, as a member of the hardware firm, of which John D. 
P. Douw. his father, was senior member, and which had its place of business 
corner of State street and Broadway, site of Douw's building. Upon the 
death of his father, Mr. Volkert P. Douw succeeded to the care and 
management of the business, and was long well known in the city and 
elsewhere as a judicious and successful man of business. Many years 
ago he retired from more a'ctive employments, having attained a large 
fortune. Few men have more strongly marked traits of character than 
had Mr. Douw. He possessed a most excellent judgment, which seldom 
led him astray, and rendered him in all matters decided and positive and 
entirely self-reliant. His sagacity was 'rarely at fault in the estimate 
which h.e formed of mo. itatious and unobtrusive himself, no- 
thing was less likely 1 to deceive , him than the glitter of unfounded preten- 
sion. His manners, and his habits of thought were stamped with the 
courtliness and finish of the earlier age in which they were found. A 
close observer, an ex-tensive reader, a lover of the beautiful in nature and 
in the arts, travel in his' own and in foreign countries had added to his 

geniality and grace of character .stores of information and anec- 
dote, which a memory wonderful in its accuracy and retentiveness to the 
last, never failed to recall, as occasion warranted, and gave to him social 
accomplishments and conversational powers rarely possessed. A friend 
of the poor, an upright and enterprising citizen, a faithful and self-sacri- 
ficing friend, he goes down to the grave after an honorable and well spent 

life, deeply regretted by the community. — Argus Margaret E. 

Manning, wife of Wm. H. Finch, died, aged 22. 

17. Dr. Alden March died, aged 74. He was born in Sutton, Wor- 
cester county, Mass., in 1795. His early life was passed on a farm, 
and the rudiments of his education acquired in public schools, in which, 
for a short time, he was a teacher. He studied medicine with an elder 
brother, who was surgeon in the United States army, and attended medical 
lectures in Boston. He graduated at Brown University, Providence, R. I., 
which, at that time, had a department of medicine. Williams College 
conferred the degree of LL.D. on Dr. March, and he was honorary mem- 
ber of most of the leading societies of this country. While a student of 
medicine, he was distinguished for his zeal and industry in the study of 
anatomy, and this laid a firm foundation for his future surgical renown. 
In the pursuit of his studies, no difficulty seemed too great, no obstacle 
too formidable overcome. And the same indomitable will, 

U -from the Neicspapers. [1869. 

live characterized his whole 

ind immediately commenced the prac- 
n, which he pursued with untiring devotion and 
until his death. His often-repeated wish, that he might " die with his 
armor on," has been amply fulfilled ; for, until wirliiu the last few weeks, 
he has been most actively engaged in the laborious duties of his profession. 
Immediately previous to his sickness, he made the journey r 
Orleans, to attend a meeting of the National Medical Association, of which 

been an honored member and president. On his return, he was 
in usual health, engaged actively in surgical practice, and only found time 

1 1 ally to look after the affairs of his farm, a few miles out of town. 
He was passionately fond of agricultural pursuits, and in this way exposed 
himself to cold, which kindled into activity a chronic disease, from which 
he had long and uncomplainingly suffered. He was attended by his be- 
loved colleagues and friends, Dr. James McNaughton, Dr. James P Boyd, 
and his brother-in-law, Dr. Armsby, and during his last illness was visited 
by most of the medical gentlemen of the city. His death, in the full 
vigor of mental and physical activity and usefulness, will leave a void in 
our city and in the profession, that will be most deeply felt and deplored. 
Dr. March was one of the most remarkable and gifted men of his time. 
No medical man in this country was more widely known, or more 
highly respected and esteemed. It was the common remark and 
testimony of medical men, that Dr. March was the highest and best surgical 
authority in this country. Among the prominentmedical men of Europe, 
whose acquaintance he had made during his frequent visits abroad, he was 
everywhere received with distinguished notice and honor. No improve- 
ment in his profession escaped his attention and investigation. His bold 
and independent habits of thought and action were always conspicuous, 
and he originated many new and important improvements in surgical 
science. As a bold, dexterous and skillful operator, Dr. March had no 
superior in this or any country. This is the universal testimony of the 
profession, and especially of those who have enjoyed the most extensive 
opportunities of foreign travel and observation. •Few persons ever com- 
bined so many of the elements of a great and successful surgeon. He 
had a frame of wonderful power and endurance, a mind of electric quick- 
ness and ceaseless activity, with skill in discrimination and tact, and dex- 
terity in execution, which carried him successfully through the most 
difficult and trying ordeal of surgical practice. He was a most thorough 
student of anatomy, having taught this branch ten years, before he occu- 
pied the chair of surgery in our Medical College. Thus armed with ac- 
curate knowledge and skill, he was never dismayed by the magnitude or 
danger of a surgical operation, upon which, perhaps, the safety or life of 
his patient depended. Having prepared himself for every emergency, 
he would commence an operation with calmness and self-possession, which 
inspired hope and confidence in his patients, and excited admiration and 
astonishment among his assistants and associates. He never seemed to 
that his own reputation was at stake, when the most hazardous 
operation gave but a slight and only hope of saving the life of a patient. 
At all hours of the day or night, his best services were cheerfully and 
promptly rendered ; without partiality, to the poor and the rich alike, and 
while he required just compensation from one class, he rendered as faith- 
ful and willing service to the other. But the great beauty of his charac 

June.] Notes from the Newspapers. 63 

ter was in his domestic and Christian life. No man was more loving or 
more beloved in his house, than Dr. March, and no one in the church of 
which he was a main pillar, was looked up to with more respect and con- 
fidence. His whole life was characterized by simplicity, honesty and 
integrity, as evinced in the faithful fulfillment of every trust confided to 
his care during a long life of public service and honor He was the 
father and one of the founders of the Albany Medical College, and its 
offspring, the Albany City Hospital. More than forty years ago he 
delivered a public lecture On the Propriety of establishing a Medical 
College and Hospital in the city of Albany. Among the last acts of his 
eventful life, he donated to these institutions, each $1,000. To the col- 
lege he bequeathed his pathological museum, the most extensive and valu- 
able in this country, with $1,000, the interest of which is to be perpetu- 
ally employed for its care and preservation. To the hospital he had given 
the same amount, the interest to be expended for the purchase of surgi- 
cal instruments for use in the hospital. The name of Dr. March has long 
been a household word throughout the land. His students are num- 
bered by thousands, in whose hearts his memory is embalmed forever. 
Every one has some kind and cherished remembrance of his honored and 
beloved preceptor. Wherever a student or graduate of Albany Medical 
College is found, and they are scattered throughout the length and breadth 
of the land, it is claimed, as their highest honor and merit, that they 
" have been a student of Dr. March, of Albany." When the deceased 
came to this city, it had a population of less than fifteen thousand. With 
the enterprise and activity which have characterized his whole life, he 
at once conceived the idea of establishing a medical college and hospital 
here. At that time there was but one hospital and two colleges in the 
state. He began a course of lectures on anatomy in 1821, in the attic of 
an old building in Montgomery street, above Columbia. His first class 
of students numbered fourteen, most of whom were young physicians. 
His material for demonstration was brought overland from Boston, at 
great expense and personal risk. These lectures were continued, and 
petitions were circulated among our citizens, year after year, for a char- 
ter for a medical college. At length, with the aid of his associate, Dr. 
Armsby, and the support of prominent citizens of Albany, a charter was 
obtained from the legislature, and our Medical College was organized and 
commenced operations January 3d, 1839. Dr. March has been at the 
head of this institution thirty years, after having labored eighteen years 
to prepare the way for its establishment This institution, the fruit of 
his labors and enterprise ; the church which he has contributed so largely 
to build up, and the hospital with which he has been so prominently 
identified since its foundation, and the various other public enterprises 
with which he has been connected, will associate his name with the his- 
tory and progress of Albany, as enduringly as that of any other citizen. — ■ 

18. Joel W. Andrews died, aged 67. He was well known to our citi- 
zens, and universally respected. He was an enthusiastic meteorologist, 
and was recognized as one of the best manufacturers of meteorological 
instruments in the country. His recorded observations extend through 
a period of more than thirty years, and are probably more minute than 
those of any other individual. He made frequent visits to the mountain- 
ous regions of the country in the prosecution of his studies, and every 

64 ■< from t/r ers. [1869. 

unweariedly indu chanic, and an exemplary 

ao. Our re era! public will miss hi> scientific 

small circle of intimate friend 
mourn his departure, because they knew how deserving he was of their 

aud affection. — Journal Julia Howard, wife of Patrick 

on, died. Daniel Curley died, aged 27. 
Maria, wife of George Devine, died, aged 21. 
Ellen Colligan, wife of William Cogswell, died, aged 19. 

21. Christopher Gresham died, aged 61. Ebenezer Peaslee died, 

22. Mrs. Hannah H. Stetsou died, aged 64. Ann Loughnane died, 
aged 76. 

Anna Barber died, aged 19. 
24. Elizabeth Donovan, wife of John Brady, died, aged 26. 
28. The Nation. uk went into operation, paying depositors 

6 per cent. I this first day of tl 

liel S. Benton, late state auditor, died at Little Falls, aged 
77. li i of his life in public office 

bauy ; , of office being 12 years as auditor, which terminated 

:.shed a valuable History of Herkimer Co 

Vyman, wife of John S. Perry, died. Michael 
Quinn '■'>. Mary Ann, wife of John Dooland, died, aged 53. 

July 3. Frederick Wilcox died, aged 24. Margaret, wife of Anthooy 
Hedley, died, aged 48. 

4. Mary E. Collins, wife of Edward G. Martin, died. Thomas Wright- 
son died, aged 81. 

5. The old steam boat, Hendrik Hudson, at one time the fine-' 

on the river, was moored some time during this season on the east side of 
Pollopel's island, at the lower end of Newburgh bay; and, her machinery 
having been taken out, she was there converted into a floating hotel, or 
summer boarding house. 

6. Patrick Brown died, aged 37. 

7. The first stone in the foundation of the new Capitol was laid with 
ceremony. Among the distinguished individuals present was His Ex- 
cellency Gov. John T. Hoffman, Hon. John V. L. Pruyn. several of 
the Capitol commissioners. John Bridgford, Esq., superintendent, and a 

amber of our prominent citizens. The stone was laid at the south- 
per of the grounds, by Hon. John V. L. Pruyn, who accompa- 
nied it with a few appropriate remarks. Haines, the photographer, was 
present and took a photograph of the scene. Workmen are en^: 

2 and laying stone, and the most perfect machinery in the world 
for has rected. It consists of two large derricks, 

inning the entire length of the pi 
new edifice; by these derricks two men can handle a stone with ease 
weighing from ten to fifteen tons. — Times. Upon laying the stone. Hon. 
John V. L. Pruyn, one of the Capitol commissioners, made the follow- 
ing remarks : The occasion which has brought us together, marks an im- 
portant event in the history of our state. The legislature has authorized 
the erection on this site of a new Capitol, for the accommodation of the 
executive, the and the judicial depart] nment, 

the aria f which shall be commensurate with the wants of our 

Aug.] Notes from the Newspapers. 65 

great commonwealth, and mark its power and prosperity. The commission- 
ers appointed by law will, at the proper time, make arrangements for lay- 
ing the corner-stone of the building with the ceremonies appropriate to an 
occasion of so much interest. The thought which the subject calls out, 
will no doubt then find full expression. This is not the time to give 
utterance to them. Meanwhile the work will go on, and it has now 
reached that condition when the heavy masonry is to be commenced. 
Under these circumstances, and in behalf of the board of commissioners, 
I have been requested to lay, as I now do, in their name, this, the first 
foundation stone of the new Capitol of the state of New York. Here 
may wise laws be enacted. Here may purity and integrity of purpose 
always mark the action of executive power. Here may justice, the attri- 
bute of deity, be inflexibly administered, and may Almighty God bless 

the state and prosper the undertaking Volkert Whitbeck died, 

aged 70. Patrick McMahon died, aged 55. Margaret Hallenbake, 
wife of John Wagner, died, aged 25. 

8. George W. Smith died, aged 84. Gideon Dare died, aged 29. 

9. Jane, wife of Lawrence Riley, died, aged 52. Ann, wife of Mi- 
chael Ryan, died, aged 63. 

10. Elizabeth, wife of Edward Madox, died, aged 37. 

11. Francis Hagen died, aged 66. Ann McNally died, aged 76. 

12. S. H. H. Parsons resigned the office of police justice which he 
had held 21 years. John Welch died, aged 45. 

13. Michael Bark died, aged 38. 

14. The corner-stones of two churches were laid at 4 o'clock in the after- 
noon; that of the First Lutheran church, corner of Pine and Lodge 
streets, and the First Baptist church in State street near Swan. Among 
the articles placed in the corner-stone of the Lutheran church was the 
copperplate inscription taken from the corner-stone of the previous church, 
laid in 1816... James Curran died, aged 42. 

17. Kate Belena Swift died. 

18. Susan Huff, wife of John McClasky, died, aged 19. Peter Coburn 
died at Cobleskill, aged 52. Mrs. H. M. Webster died, aged 48. 

19. William Maher died, aged 22. 

20. Eliza, wife of Michael Kelly, died, aged 50. Catharine Rafferty 
died, aged 68. 

21. Susan, wife of Jacob Loatwall, died, aged 73. Sarah Maria, wife 
of J. P. S. Briantj died, aged 47. Ann L., wife of Janies Eagan, died, 
aged 30. 

22. Maggie M. Grey died, aged 19. Thomas Hewitt died, aged 82. 

24. Angenet M., wife of W. F. Harris, died, aged 41. Wm. Pryde 
died, aged 73. 

25. Margaret Van Wie died, aged 36. Mary E. Ross, wife of John 
Forsyth, died, aged 46. 

26. Elizabeth, widow of Joseph Strain, died, aged 73. Eunice, widow 
of Ebenezer Pemberton, died, aged 63. P. J. O'Connor died, aged 66. 

27. Ann, wife of Patrick Carroll, died, aged 44. Eliza J. Jones, wife 
of David Van Alstyne, died, Aged 26. 

28. Amy Scobie died, aged 21. 

31. Mrs. Mercy Page died, aged 61. 
August 1. Mary Stevens died, aged 65. 
2. Daniel Devine died, aged 56. 
Hist. Coll iv. 9 

66 Notes from (he Newspapers. [1869. 

4. Bernard Riley died, aged 65. Joseph Shafer killed by a locomotive, 
aged 24. Robert H. Harrison died, aged 29. 

5. James O'Sullivan died, aged 36. Winnifred, wife of John McGuire, 
died, aged 40. Dennis McMahon died, aged 50. 

6. Eliza, wife of Thomas Gorman, died, aged 52. Jobn Johnson died, 
aged 61. 

7. There was an effort made by speculators to get possession of the Sus- 
quehanna rail road, and injunctions and counter injunctions were issued 
by the judges of the courts. 

8. Barnard V. Winne died, aged 30. 

9. Mrs. Maria Van Ness died, aged 100 years, 7 months and 24 days. 
She died at the Home of the Friendless, where she had resided for some 
years at her own option, and at the expense of her relatives. She was 
born and has always resided in this city. She was the widow of John 
Van Ness, who died many years since. Her son, John Van Ness, Jr., 
who died about twenty years ago, was well known as an active business 
and public man. He was for some terms alderman of the old Fifth ward. 
Mrs. Van Ness has always been esteemed for the kind and generous 
characteristics of her nature, and though most of her associates in life 
have passed away, she was known and appreciated by a small circle of 
friends who have been left to solace her declining years. Her funeral 
took place from No. 15 Park street, the Home of the Friendless. — Jour- 
nal Theodore H. Vandenburgh died, aged 33. Mrs. Mary Devlin 

died, aged 80. Elizabeth Thorne, wife of Charles Swarts, died, aged 54. 

10. Henry B. Haswell died, aged 67. Mr. Haswell was born in the 
town of Bethlehem, in the year 1803, and came to this city to live in the 
year 1837, and, with the exception of a few years' residence in the city of 
"Washington, has ever since resided here. He was twice elected county 
clerk, and served in that capacity from 1837 to 1844. He was also, for 
several years, a member of the board of aldermen. In the year 1862 
Mr. Haswell went to Washington, where he accepted an important posi- 
tion in the state department, which he held for four years, when he re- 
linquished it and returned to this city. At no time during his public or 
private life, was his integrity ever called in question. — Journal. 

11. John Kennedy, senior, died, aged 80. 

12. Barney Duffy, aged 38, was killed by the falling of a pile of lum- 
ber upon him. Catharine, wife of Patrick Neville, burst a blood vessel 
in her ancle, and bled to death, aged 48. Julia Holton died, aged 72. 

13. James Rush died at the Almshouse, aged 84. He had been ad- 
mitted there in 1835, and was employed to supply fuel to the steam 
apparatus of the concern. 

15. Cadet engineer James Steele died at sea. 

16. Catharine Flynn died, aged 50. John Winne died, aged 21. 

19. Silas B. Howe, died in New York, aged 64. His remains were 
brought here and deposited in the cemetery. He came when a young 
man to this city, and was engaged in active business as a merchant tailor, 
from about 1825 to 1853. Mr. Howe and George N. Geary entered into 
partnership in 1831, and commenced business in J. L. Staats's building, 
corner of State and South Pearl streets. After five years the firm 
was dissolved, Mr. H. continuing the business there until the spring of 
1840, when he moved to the Exchange Building, where he remained for 
five years. He then formed a copartnership with Robert Freeman, and 

Sept.] Notes from the Newspapers. 67 

removed to No. 12 Broadway, and thence the next year to Nos. 481 and 
483, Stanwix Building, Broadway. This firm remained together several 
years, and after its dissolution Mr. Howe continued in business until 1853, 
when he sold his stock to Messrs. Duncan & Brother, and removed to New 
York, where he remained until his death. In early life he became a 
member of the First M. E. church, then Division, now Hudson street. 
He was a member and officer of the Sunday school of the church many 
years, and superintendent of the same for 12 years, between 1825 and 1848, 
Silas B. Howe will long be remembered for his genial and catholic spirit, 
and friendly disposition. His ear and heart were always open to the 
needy, and of his means, those who knew him best, were well aware that 
he bestowed with liberality, even, perhaps, to a fault. — Journal. John 
McCann died, aged 62. 

22. Thirza Bartlett, wife of Edward Bigelow, died, aged 79. Francis 
Walsh died in New York. Ellen, wife of James Cain died, aged 36. 

23. Mary Sheridan died, aged 32 (Shiredan — Argus). James Mc- 
Govern died, aged 25. 

24. Patrick Gleason died, aged 25. 

25. Ellen Piatt died, aged 65. 

26. James Flood died, aged 33. Albert VanVoast, formerly of the 
firm of Boardmau and Van Voast, builders, died, at Schenectady, aged 73. 
Sarah M. Greer, wife of Simon Tice, died, aged 28. 

27. Kitty Tracy died, aged 19. Sarah A. Weeks died, aged 46. 

28. George W. Hobbs died, aged 54. 

29. Margaret Ann, widow of Peter Monaghan, died, aged 62. 
September 1. Dr. James V. C. Teller died, aged 67. Samuel Brown 

died, aged 58. 

2. James Keilty died, aged 35. Elizabeth, wife of James Atkins died, 
aged 40. 

3. Phoebe Ann Smith, wife of Richard H. Hendee, died, aged 40. 

4. Francis Bigelow died, aged 38. 

5. The Jewish new year began this evening. It was a season of great 
joy, and an occasion on which neighbors indulge in gift offerings among 
each other and a general renewal of old friendships. It was also attended 
with certain religious ceremonies at the different synagogues. The New 
Year is honored by the Jews as a great festival, and many closed their places 
of business and kept them closed until the allotted time of festivity was 

over The fortieth anniversary of Rev. Dr. Sprague's connection with 

the Second Presbyterian church was made the occasion of an eloquent 
commemorative sermon by that venerable divine yesterday morning. 
The church was very much crowded, and in addition to a full attendance 
of the congregation, there were gathered many members of other congre- 
gations, and prominent citizens of Albany. The pulpit was beautifully 
decorated with flowers : on each side of the Bible cushion there was a large 
bouquet of rare flowers, and within the panel upon the front of the pulpit 
there was a large bed of beautiful white flowers, surrounded by a border 
of green, upon which were the emblematic figures 1829, composed of 
small red roses. In addition to these floral adornments there were festoons 
of flowers, suspended from each of the upper corners of the pulpit and 
gathered in a loop beneath the figures. The reverend gentleman selected 
for his text Deuteronomy, 2d chapter, and part of the 7th v >rs> : " These 
forty years, the Lord, thy God, hath been with thee." i i iom this 

68 Notes from th- >er8. [1869. 

angularly appropriate text, Dr. Sprague preached a touching discourse, in 
•which he alluded to the great chauges that had occurred since he assumed 
I he duties of the ministry in this city. In his own congregation, there is 
scarcely a person now living of those to whom he ministered in 1829. 
The changes in the city at large, the great increase of population, the 
growth of the churches of the various denominations, especially the 
churches which were the offspring of the Second Presbyterhm, and the 
progress of Christianity throughout the world, were referred to, and the 
favoring providence of God during all that long period was acknowledged 
: i age of great beauty and force. He also stated the remarkable 
t during his forty years of ministration here, there had invariably 
been the utmost harmony in all the counsels of his church. At times, 
during his admirable discourse, the venerable and venerated preacher 
was visibly affected by the reminiscences that crowded upon his memory, 
and the vast congregation listened to his eloquent words with deep emotion. 
At the afternoon service, Dr. Sprague repeated the first sermon which he 
preached in Albany, forty years ago. Previous to that time he had 
preached fourteen years, and he has therefore been connected with the 
sacred ministry for the long period of fifty years. May he long be spared 
to the congregation for whom in his vigorous old age he still performs his 
pastoral duties with such entire acceptance, and to the church, of which 

he is^ such a distinguished ornament. — Journal Sarah A., wife of 

John Fensham, died, aged 36. Eliza Doouer died, aged 20. 

7. Susquehanuah rail road election ; intense excitement in the city 

William Headlam died, aged 65. Geofrge Hewson died, aged 27. 
Johanna Nelligan, wife of Terrence Reilly, died, aged 36. 

8. Fall term of Medical College began. Lecture of Dr. Armsby on the 

death of Dr. March, late president and founder of the institution 

Bernard Shields died, aged 62. Margaret Edinger, wife of Marcus A. 
Andrews, died, aged 43. Bridget Elizabeth White died, aged 20. Wm. 
H. Gregory, died at Cobleskill, aged 26. 

9. James Henry Cafferty, died in New York, aged 50. He was a native 
of Albany born June 17, 1819, and educated at the academy then presided 
over by thi distinguished scholar, Dr. T. R. Beck. Mr. C. left this city 
at an earl) age, and resided in the city of New York nearly or quite a 
quarter of a century. When he left here he gave promise of becoming 
well known as among the best portrait painters in this country. Perhaps 
no more versatile and accomplished painter than the subject of our present 
brief sketch has existed, at all events, in America. His pencil had a 
facility and truth which enabled him not only at times to dazzle, but to 
defy. criticism. Unfortunately the needs of existence compelled him to 
labor, which in many cases was barely profitable, while it could not con- 
duce to his artistic reputation. Nevertheless he left behind him hundreds 
of portraits which are only excelled by those of his friend, the late Charles 
Elliott, and two of which, those of his father and mother, are works that 
the friends of any painter, dead or living, might be proud to claim. He 
was " stone of the old stone," for he. was elected into the National Academy 
in 1853, and is not to be counted with the members chosen in obedience 
to a necessity forced upon it of late years. Many of our readers will 
remember his admirable painting of the harvest, exhibited some years 
since ; his gem-like bits of landscape, as well as the dead fish and game, 
which testify to the universality of his ability. The disease under which 

Sept.] Notes from tfie Newspapers. 69 

lie died was dropsy, superinduced by the want, of care on his own part. 
He had always been too strong and vigorous to comprehend the danger 
from which he was suffering. As a man he possessed a large heart and a 
quick, yet honest temper, being one whose death will be more than lamented 
by hundreds of personal friends. These will forget any fault in character 
as they call to mind the genial and affectionate disposition which has 

passed away from them. — New York Herald Isaac Fish died, aged 54. 

10. John B. Davis died, aged 38. 

12. A formal meeting of the old and new school presbyterian clergymen 
of the city met at Dr. Darling's church. The object of the meeting was 
one of prayer for " unity of the spirit in the bonds of peace," which it is 
inferred the two parties began to regard as a Christian virtue. A large 

attendance of the laity was present A collection of 8200 was taken 

up at the First Baptist church, in aid of the sufferers by the Avondale coal 

mine explosion Wm. Johnson died, aged 79. Lottie V. S. Seaman, 

wife of Andrew S. I 

13. The Germans celebrate inial anniversary of the birth 
day of Humboldt, The Rev. Mr. Schlefriuger delivered an oration in 
German, and an address was made in English by Recorder Rosendale. 

John P. Jenkins died, aged 88. Elsie Slingerland, wife of Henry 

Rose, died, aged 49. 

14. Harriet, wife of John Woodward, died, aged 72. Ann, widow of 
James Quiun, died, aged 57. 

15. Catharine, wife of Daniel Cadagan, died, aged 27. 

16. Mrs. El ied, aged 30. John Delehanty died, aged 58. 

17. James Burns died, aged 78. 

18. Clarissa Squires died, aged 64. 

20. Harriet McCarrick, wife of J. N. Brawley, died, aged 25. 

21. Mary Carolan, wife of Wm. Gray, died, aged 58. Mary, wife of 
James Liilis, died, aged 62. 

22. Mrs. Julia Murphy died, aged 76. 

23. Thomas H. Kenny died, at Schenectady, aged 30. 

24. Julia, widow of Felix McCall, died, aged 84. 

25. James Hefferman died, aged 68. Thomas O'Donald died, aged 50. 
28. The Rev. Dr. Sprague resigned the pastorate of the church which 

he had served, with great distinguished usefulness and acceptability, for 
more than forty years. As an expression of their affection for him, and 
that they may still enjoy his society and spritual counsels, the church 
has voted him an annual salary of $2,000. This will place him above 
pecuniary embarrassment, and afford him an opportunity to pursue his 
literary labors uninterruptedly, and to close his long and useful life among 
those who have grown up under his ministry. The following are the pro- 
ceedings of the joint meeting of the trustees and session of the church. 
At a joint meeting of the trustees and session of the second Presbyterian 
church, held at their chapel, Hon. Thomas W. Olcott in the chair and 
George C. Treadwell, Secretary. After stating the object of the meeting 
by the chair and reading of the resignation of Dr. Sprague, the Hon. 
Erastus Corning offered the following resolutions, which were unanimously 
adopted : Resolved, That in accepting the resignation of the Reverend 
Doctor Sprague as pastor of the church we represent, we desire specially 
to acknowledge the divine goodness in which his pastoral connection 
originated, which has continued it in interrupted harmony through so 

7<) ym the Newsjxipers. [1869. 

many years, and iuade such a special blessing to our church and the com- 
munity at large. ItesolctJ, That we cordially express to our beloved 
ur esteem and affection and entire satisfaction with his ministra- 
tions ; :md our prayer that his life may be spared and his 
health maintained for many years yet to come. Resolved, That as an ex- 
pression of our affection and esteem for our venerated pastor a provision 
for his future support be made by annuity or otherwise securing to him 
the sum of two thousand dollars yearly during his life Ann Grey 

ged 53. Mary Meehau, wife of Michael Eeiley, died, aged 26. 

Caroline, wife of Col. David Friedlander, died, aged 35. 

ober 1. Abigail P., wife of George W. Jermain, died. 

2. Bridget, wife of Thomas Hennessy, died, aged 28. Bernard Dunn 
died, aged 45. John Gillig died, aged 66. 

3. Mrs. Susannah Wooster died, aged 67. John McKellar, a young 
Scotchman recently arrived, was burned to death in a bakery in Swan 
street which took fire, and in which he slept, aged 23. Joseph Snyder 
died, a fe ' 

4. Greatest rain storm of the season ; began on Saturday night, con- 
tinued without intermission all day Sunday, and during the night iu- 

• in force, ending about 10 o'clock this morning, when about five 
inches of rain had fallen. Much damage was done to the stree ! 
with the cessation of the storm began the rise of water in the river, which 

reached an unusual height A new theatre was opened in Division 

street. The edifice was erected by the Methodists, and was occupied by 
the first Methodist society ; then by tbe Unitarians. It was now fitted 
up in good style, and leased under the name of the Academy of Music, 
by Frank Lawlor. It opened with the comedy of Love's Sacrifice, and 
the following cast : St. Lo, Mr. Geo. Boniface ; Matthew Elmore, Mr. 
Frank Lawlor; Paul Lafont, Mr. Geo. Ryer; Jean Ruse, Mr. A. L. 
Crosbie ; Margaret Elmore, Miss Augusta Dargon ; Herminie De Ver- 
mont, Miss M. Newton ; Manou. Mrs. M. A. Farreu. 

5. The freshet continued during all of this day, doing immense dam- 
age to the lumber yards, the island gardens, and the commercial houses 
on the pier and docks. Tbe water rose to a greater height than had been 
known except when blocked up by ice in the gorges below. More lives 
were lost than ever before by a freshet. All the rail roads were inun- 
dated, and trains ceased to run, except on the Central and the Troy roads. 
The water began to recede very slowly in the afternoon, no rain having 
fallen since the forenoon of the previous day. 

6. The water receded during the day, and at nightfall the docks began 
to emerge Richard Taylor died, aged 59. Peter Coan died, aged 58. 

10. Another severe rain storm set in and continued through the day 
and night, by which the river was so much swollen as to cover the docks 

and create much alarm among the forwarders and grain merchants 

George B. Whitmore died, and was buried in Otsego county. Eliza S., 
widow of John C. Spencer, died in New York. Mrs. G. S. Walker, 
formerly of Albany, died at Fultonville. 

11. Joseph Lyons died, aged 50. Mary, widow of Benjamin Capron, 
died, aged 90, 

12. The water had subsided in the river during the past night, but at 
8 o'clock in the moruins; another rain storm set in, and continued 

Oct.] Notes from the Newspapers. 71 

throughout the day and night, and was accompanied by lightning in the 

13. Frederick L. Yatesdied, aged 57. Mrs. Mary McGan died, aged 63. 

14. The First Congregational church, corner of Eagle and Beaver 
streets, was dedicated, sermon by the pastor, the Rev. Mr. Smart, and 
the presentation by Hon. Bradford R. Wood. The following description 
of it was published in the papers : Tbis new church edifice stands upon 
the plot of ground bounded by Eagle, Beaver and Daniel streets, and is 
the finest specimeu of the Romanesque style of architecture in this city. 
It is built in the most substantial manner of bard burnt brick with dress^ 
ing of Lockport lime stone. The exterior walls of the basement and 
lecture room stories are of graywacke stone^from Schenectady, laid in 
cement The basement is entered from Daniel street, and is occupied 
by hot air furnaces, fuel, &c. The lecture room floor is approached from 
Beaver street, and is divided into Sunday school room, capable of seat- 
ing 380 scholars, exclusive of the infant department, which accommodates 
110 ; the church parlor, a large room which can be made tributary to the 
lecture room, and will add one hundred seats to it; Sunday library, kitch- 
ens, &c. This story is sixteen feet high, the basement story extending 
under the whole of it. The audience room floor is entered from Eagle 
street (upon which the principal facade stands) by three richly moulded 
cut* stone doorways, each of which are approached by cut stone steps, 
spacious vestibules with stairs to gallery on the north and south sides, and 
also to lecture room floor below. The auditorium is sixty-six feet by 
seventy-six feet and contains one hundred and twenty-eight pews capa- 
ble of accommodating eight hundred and forty persons. The gallery will 
accommodate three hundred and sixty. The pews, gallery front, and the 
other fittings of the interior are painted in parti-colors, displaying great 
taste and surmounted by capping and moulding of black walnut. The 
pews are cushioned and upholstered with crimson damask ; the platform 
is of most ample dimensions, and stands upon a semi-circular dais, raised 
one step above the level upon which the pews stand, giving convenient 
space for the communion table and the chairs for the deacons; directly 
in the rear of the pulpit is the manual of the organ, hid from view by a 
simple screen of black walnut, covered with crimson repps, which forms 
a back ground for the three massive black walnut chairs for the clergy. 
The ceiling is formed by three planes intersected by moulded ribs of 
stucco, dividing the whole into pauels. The roof is sustained by six 
trusses of novel form, being the largest single span of trusses in the 
city. The ceiling and side walls are frescoed in soft neutral tints, and 
treated in what is technically called the flat mode. The audience room 
is lighted by Frink's patent reflector, suspended a few inches below the 
ceiling, containing sixty-four gas burners, and so arranged that the heat 
does not affect the air of the room. The light from without is obtained 
through stained glass windows, from the establishment of Geo. Morgan & 
Bros., of New York, and are formed of stencil cpiarries with hand painted 
borders and richly colored glass in circular heads and spandrils, and are 
the most satisfactory windows, in style and tone of colors, we remember 
to have seen. The organ, built by Messrs. Steer & Turner, of Westfield, 
Mass., has two manuals and pedal of seventy-seven notes ; three composi- 
tion pedals ; the bellows has three feeders, and is worked by a balance 

72 Notes from the Newspapers. [1869. 

and is an instrument of great power and purity of tone, and reflects 
redit on the builders. This instrument stands in the recess formed 
wt' the church, and is covered hy a fret-work screen of wood 
I in parti-colors, the three bags of pipes are decorated with much 
cl skill, and are surrounded by tracery of black walnut and chest- 
nut, and being directly in the rear of the platform, pulpit, &c, forms one 
of the most pleasing features of this chaste and beautiful auditorium. 
The ventilation of the church is secured by ventiducts of wood built in 
the walls — the column of air being rarified in them by means of braziers 
fed by gas, creating great heat and securing bottom ventilation; adjusted 
registers are placed in the ceiliug, to be operated at pleasure. The prin- 
cipal front of this fine structure it- on Eagle street, and covers a space of 
about 84 feet with massive tower i\nd spire on the north-west corner, and 
rising from the sidewalk to a height of one hundred and twenty feet. 
The balance of the front is secured by the introduction of an octagonal 
buttress on the south side of front, rising to a height of ninety feet, and 
crowned by a circular turret. A pleasing feature of this front is the 
large centre windows, formed by two large bays, with a smaller one 
between and a circular one over all. The tower is of brick to the base of 
covered with slate from Vermont. The walls are of 
galvanized iron ; the roof of the nave is covered with slate, same as spire. 
The erection of this structure reflects great credit upon all concerned — 
the trustees and congregation, for their liberality in furnishing the means ; 
the architects, for the skill and taste displayed ; and the builders, for the 
manner in which they have executed their trusts. Woollett and Ogden 
architects, Aspinwall and Nephew, masons; John N. Parker and Francis 
Clark, carpenters; John W.Osborn& Co., slaters; Arthur Boyle, plasterer ; 
Lemuel Mickel, fresco artist ; William Smith, painter; Lang and Stor- 
mount, stone cutters ; Morgan & Brothers, stained glass ; Tucker & Craw- 
ford, gas fitters ; Doyle & Bugan, plumbers ; Shanks, upholsterer ; 
furnished by Koonz. The cost of this enterprise will be about 

one hundred and thirty thousand dollars. — Argus James Drue 

died, aged 25. 

15. Frederick H. Hastings died, aged 51, at Brainard's Bridge, where 
he had resided for some years. He was a man of refined instincts, of 
scholarly cultivation, and somewhat conservative in his political proclivi- 
ties. He never mingled much or actively in party movements, nor 
figured as an office seeker. He represented the 12th district in the state 
senate of 1864 '65 (Rensselaer and Washington counties). His election 
to the senate was the result of a division between two factions in the 
district of almost equal strength, aud was rather a compliment to his 
estimable personal character than a recognition of political claims. In 
the senate, Mr. Hastings distinguished himself by the fidelity with which 
he discharged his duties, by a conscientious regard for the public in- 
terests, and by an utter freedom from those artifices which demagogues 
adopt to promote their own reputation and secure a lease of power. 
Naturally quiet and reserved in temperament, he sought no occasions for 
display ; but no one upon the floor was more respected than he. During 
his term the bill providing for the establishment of a capital police dis- 
trict was introduced, and its passage was clue in a great degree to his 
earnest and laborious efforts in its behalf — efforts which were the more 
important and difficult, because he encountered the zealous and uncoin- 

Oct.] Notes from the Newspapers. 73 

promising opposition of the talented and eloquent Ira Shaffer, then sena- 
tor from Albany. In the same term, the famous, and in many respects 
unfortunate, conspiracy bill was passed. From Senator Hastings's posi- 
tion on committee, his name became associated with this measure, and he 
was wrongly charged with being its author ; a mistake which led many 
workingmen's associations to denounce him by resolution, and even to 
burn him in effigy. Although keenly sensitive to these significant marks 
of popular disapprobation, he had such a high sense of honor in his re- 
lations to brother members, that he never sought to explain, or to defend 
himself by placing the responsibility where it belonged. Even during 
his brief public life, Mr. Hastings was almost an invalid. Accustomed 
visitors of the senate chamber will remember his guant, spare figure ; his 
pale, finely chiseled features ; his eyes shaded by colored glasses. Upon 
his retirement from office, he withdrew to his beautiful rural home, and 
passed the closing years of his life in a hopeless struggle with chronic 
disease, relieved by the favorite companionship of books and nature, and 
by a slight attention to business. We believe his political career was 
confined to the county board of supervisors and to the senate. As a citi- 
zen, he was always distinguished by enterprise, public spirit, and a 
generous regard for the interests of his neighbors. But his chosen sphere 
was the domestic circle, and in this his abundant virtues and wealth of 
sympathies made him warm attachments, and secured for him esteem 

such as few men enjoy. — Journal William D. Wells died, aged 51. 

John O'Brien died, aged 62. Orinda Osterhout died, aged 36. 

16. Elizabeth BeWitt, wife of A. Thorndike, died at Manliall, Texas. 

17. Victor M. Bice, late state superintendent of public instruction, 
died in Buffalo, of malignant carbuncle. He was born in Mayville, 
Chautauqua county, April 5, 1818. His educational advantages, while 
in his youth, were deficient, but after he became of age he attended 
Alleghany College, Pennsylvania. He studied law in Mayville, in 1842, 
but the next year was enlisted in school teaching in Buffalo High School. 
Subsequently he edited the Cataract and the Western Temperance Stand- 
ard, and then returned to teaching. In 1852 he was elected city superin- 
tendent of schools in Buffalo. Here his talents as an organizer became 
better known. He had previously shown his adaptability to the educa- 
tional and disciplinary branches. He was elected to the assembly in 1851, 
where he served as chairman of the committee on public educatiou. In 
1853, he was chosen president of the State Teachers' Association, and in 
1854 was elected state superintendent of public instruction, to which 
position he was reelected in 1862, and served until 1868. Mr. Rice was 
possessed of a rare organizing ability, and was endowed with a strong, nerv- 
ous, sanguine temperament.' His early disadvantages rendered him a warm 
friend of the common schools. The office of school commissioner was created 
upon his advice, and the admirable Code of Public Instruction now in 
vogue in this state was the offspring of his genius and ability. Our 
common school system is one of the best in the world, and it owes the 
fact largely to Mr. Rice. The change in politics deprived the state of 
his services just as he was about bringing to still higher perfection laws 

bearing upon the subject. — Journal Catharine, wife of Thomas 

McLoughlin died, aged 53. John Delaney died, aged 35. Charles E. 
Houck died, aged 37. 

Hist. Coll. iv. 10 

74 Notes from the Newspapers. [1869. 

18. Margaret Conner, wife of* James McClosky, died, aged 34. 
. Bratt died, aged 60. 

20. The fira ill of the season. Snow fell in various places 
to considerable depth, and the atmosphere was cold and chilly Al- 
bert II. Brown died, aged 17. Henry Perron died, aged 27 . 

21. The work of laying the Belgian pavement in South Pearl street, 

from State street to the south boundary of the city, was completed 

Mary Frances Bowne, wife of Samuel K. Palmetier, died at Glen's Falls, 
aged 31. Robert C. Yates died at Cleveland, 0. 

22. Rosanna, wife of James Burk, died, aged 53. Mary Hinchy, wife 
of Thomas Neville, died, aged 42. 

23. The New City Building was now nearly completed, composing one 
of the most pleasing and imposing edifices in the city, and is thus described 
by the Argus : The principal fronts are on Pearl and Howard 
street-, and are Lombardic in treatment, the material used being Lake 
Champlaiu lime stone and brick, making a very pleasant effect. In the 
centre of each. front is a cupola continuation of the French roof, with 
smaller ones at each corner, the different stories being lofty and the win- 
dows in deep reveal with the massive rusticated stone work of the base- 
ment story, tend to form a most imposing facade. In the basement story 
is located the heating apparatus for the whole building, consisting of six 
large Oriental hot air furnaces, with fuel rooms, ash pits, &c. On the 
south-east portion of this story are the janitor's quarters. One room on 
the south side is set apart for cells to be used in connection with the 
Second precinct. This story is well supplied with hot and cold water. 
On the south-east portion of the principal story, and entered from Pearl 
street, is the office of the fire commissioners, a spacious apartment twenty- 
eight by twenty-nine feet, very tastefully fitted up and admirably suited 
for the purpose. Adjoining is the chief's room, twenty-four- feet by 
eighteen feet, equally good in appearance and adaptability. Across the 
hall from the fire commissioners' rooms are the offices of the police com- 
missioners, superintendent and clerk, very conveniently arranged, the 
commissioner's room being on the corner of Howard and Pearl streets, 
with the clerk's office adjoining and fronting Pearl street; contiguous to 
the clerk's office, and having an entrance from the Howard street hall is 
the superintendent's room with private office attached. There is also a 
property room, lavatory, and other conveniences. On the right of the 
Howard street entrance is the detectives' office, with its rogue's gallery, 
and collection of horrors, which you pass through to the sleeping room 
for detectives. Passing along the spacious hall you next come to the 
poor master's office and waiting room attached, with a very necessary 
private entrance from William street. The remainder of this floor is 
devoted to the Second Precinct, with a room to the right of the William 
street entrance fitted up with two tiers of cells. On the Howard street 
side are three sleeping rooms for captain and sergeants; this precinct has 
also a private staircase to the court room floor above, and police dormito- 
ries in the third story. On the lower story, at the east end, are the 
police court and a room for private consultation. The large court 
room is forty-one feet by twenty-eight feet; the smaller one, adjoining, 
is twenty-eight feet square. Both are fitted up in a neat and tasty 
manner, with witness stand, spectators' neats. &c. , a forcible contrast to 
the dirty, low, badly ventilated court room in the old building, and a 
source of congratulation to the justices. Next to the court room is the 

Oct.] Notes /rem the Newspapers. ■ 75 

office for the city attorney, a good sized, pleasant room. On the west 
end are the justices' courts, with justices' clerk's office in connection, 
and the justices' private office. Both these courts (as well as the police 
court), are lofty — this story being seventeen feet high, and are fitted up 
in a similar manner to the police court. The north court room is thirty 
nine feet by twenty-eight, and the heating and ventilation admirable. 
There is also on this story a room for the reserve police — a great con- 
venience. Ascending the main stairs to the third story, you come to the 
Fire-alarm telegraph office, very well arranged, the operating room being 
on the southeast corner of the building ; on the west of it is the battery 
room, and on the north, extending over the Pearl street front is the 
sleeping room of the operators, and a private office for the superintendent. 
There are two other large rooms suitable for offices on this story, which 
have not as yet secured occupants. Ascending the private stairs, from 
the second to the third story, we found two dormitories for the police, 
covering the same space as the justices' courts below. Adjoining are 
two lodging rooms for male and female vagrants, and the photographing- 
room connected with the police. These rooms, to which access is had 
from the private stairs, are entirely shut off from the Fire-alarm depart- 
ment, as the main stairs only extend to the third story. By ascending to 
the fourth floor by these private stairs, you reach the large drill room 
extending the whole length and width of the building. The whole of 
the smoke and ventilation flues being carried up in the outside walls, 
makes this entirely clear of obstruction, and specially available for its 
intended use. The building committee, consisting of the mayor, alder- 
men Mulhall, Smith, Mills and Parker, under whose direction, in con- 
junction with the architects (Messrs. Woollet & Ogden), the work has 
been carried out, are deserving of great praise for this substantial and 
ornamental edifice. We have no other public building in this city so 
well adapted and contrived for the purposes intended, and too much 
praise cannot be awarded to the builders, for a better example of masons' 
work than Patrick McCarthy has done in this work, or better carpenters' 
work than Geo. Martin has executed, wehave never seen. The painting 
was done by Corliss. M. Delehanty furnished the furnaces, and did 
the slating and tining. Plumber, E Kearney. Gasfitter, Joseph Mc- 

Cann. Iron work, Haskell & Orchard John S. Pruyn died of 

injuries received in jumping from a third story window at a fire, aged 85. 

24. Oscar Rogers died at City Hotel. 

25. Charles Cowell died, "aged 67. Annie Lawlor, wife of James H. 
Haight, died, aged 22. 

26. Catharine Westropp died, aged 65. 

27. The morning light discovered the house tops covered with a layer 

of snow Henry L. Like died, aged 32. Norman T. Crapser died 

at sea, aged 39. 

28. Hugh Sellers died, at La Libertad, aged 40. 

29. Bridget, wife of Edward O'Keefe, died, aged 29. Rose, widow of 
William Sheridan, died, aged 47. Michael Ray died, aged 32. 

30. Marie Antoinette, widow of Frederick de Peyster and daughter of 
the late John Kane, died, in New York. 

31. Catharine, wife of Edward Birmingham, died, aged 34. Mary, 
wife of William Donovan, died, aged 26. John J. Roff died, while sit- 

76 Notes from the Newspapers. [1869. 

ting in his chair, aged 54. David H. Bruroaghim died, aged 50. Mary 
McCully, widow of John Bighain, died. 

; 1. Paul A. Sabbaton, died, aged 81. Few men have been 
dished in their career by greater enterprise, or by more inventive 
resources and energy. Though a native of France, he was a true patriot 
and loyal American. Mr. S. was but 13 years of age when he left France 
to avoid the conscription, and when he arrived in New York, went into the 
office of the New York- Spectator, as printer. He was a close friend of 
Fulton, and drew the specifications and prepared the plans of the first steam 
boat on the Hudson. In the war of 1812, he held the government contract 
for supplying shot and shell, and erected the works at Cold Spring. His 
career, though marked by many vicissitudes, was distinguished by uni- 
form gentleness of character and serenity of mind. — Argus Upon his 

arrival in this country at the age of 13, he was sent by his uncle (a French 
importing merchant) to a school in New Brunswick to learn the English 
language. Here he remained until he was 17 years of age, when he went 
into the office of his uncle, who afterwards purchased the Mercantile 
tiser, and continued its publication with Amos Butler, as partner. 
Mr. Sabbaton continued in the office several years; afterwards turned his 
attention to the iron business, which he continued successfully until the 
disastrous year, 1837, when in consequence of numerous failures in New 
York, he became also involved, and soon after turned his attention to the 
manufacture of gas, in which business he continued until his death. He 
was a close friend of Fulton, and drew the specifications and prepared 
the plans of the first steam boat on the Hudson. In the war of 1812, he 
held the government contract for supplying shot and shell, and erected 
the works at Cold Spring. In all the relations of life, few men leave 
a fairer record. His mind was enlarged by general reading, and there 
were fev subjects upon which he was not conversant. His nature was 
affectionate and generous in the extreme. Modest in his deportment, he 

was only appreciated by those who knew him best. — Journal Mrs. 

Jane McCready died. John Brown died, aged 71. James Nolan died, 
aged 67. 

"2. William Millbanks died, aged 59. Deborah, wife of William H. 
Shaffer and daughter of the late Amos Adams, died, aged 33. John 
Riedy, died, aged 63. Maria Elizabeth, wife of John Dobbs, died at Winona, 

3. John Faney, died, aged 46. Mary Kearney, wife of Henry Car- 
lin, died, aged 36. 

4. Mary J. Babcock, wife of Horatio G. Cass, died, aged 25. 

5. A democratic organization, called the Jacksonians, had a parade and 
torch-light procession in the evening, in honor of the triumph of the 
democrats in the recent election, by which the whole state was carried by 
them for the first time in twenty years Mrs. Sophia W. Hunting- 
ton died, aged 76. 

G. Mrs. Priscilla Hubbell died, aged 75. Edward Brown died, aged 65. 

7. Catharine, wife of Bichard Mirick, died, aged 55. Annie C. Gar- 
rett died, aged 33. Michael Beidy died, aged 38. 

8. Emma Virginia Keeler died, aged 17. 

9. William Bruce died, aged 51. Samuo! Kingsbury, Jr., died, aged 
25. Mary Gill died, aged 22. Albert Nehemiah died, aged 25. 

Nov.] Notes from the Newspapers. 77 

10. Sarah Bulson, wife of Charles H. Connally, died. Thomas M. 
Gaffney died, aged 29. Frances, wife of Joseph Hill, died, aged 54. 

11. Peter Conners died, aged 29. Peter Hosch died, aged 44. 

12. Jaue A. Johnson, wife of John W. Osborn, died, aged 37. 

13. Charles V. Mann died, aged 26. 

14. Perris Mills, wife of Harvey H. Tyler, died, aged 67. Mrs. 
Lemuel Sherwood, formerly of this city, died at Niles, Mich., aged 85. 

15. Sarah, wife of John Rabson, died, aged 65. Catharine Louisa 
Hogan, wife of Wm. II. Shear, died, aged 26. David V. N. Cook 
died, aged 24. Charles H. Gill died in New York city, aged 34. 

17. Martha A. Norris, wife of Henry Beardsley, died, aged 30. Jan- 
nett Law died at West Troy. 

18. Peter Van Valkenburgh died, aged 37. 

21. Edward Hanly died, aged 38. Maggie Flemming died in San 
Francisco, aged 21. Mary Hartigan died, aged 55. 

22. Great storm which began in the previous night, and reached its 
greatest violence between 7 and 8 A. M , was the most violent that can be 
remembered in many years. But little rain fell, but the fury of the 
wind was unequaled. It appears to have extended over the whole coun- 
try from the gulf of Mexico to the lakes, and from the Atlantic to our 
western territories. The destruction of property in this city and vicinity, 
and indeed throughout the country, was very great. In but few indi- 
vidual cases was the loss large, but the damage to buildings unroofed, 
fences and trees prostrated, and bridges injured, was very large in the 

23. Anna C, wife of Charles Bennstedt, died, aged 24. 

24. Jacob Coon died, aged 29. Mary Cathai'iue, wife of Henry Hauf, 
died, aged 50. 

25. William Mahan died, aged 29. Patrick Murphy died, aged 67. 
Patrick Brophy died, aged 78. Isabella Reed died, aged 24. 

26. Bridget Ward, wife of John Day, died, aged 46. Martin Ryan, 
died, aged 81. 

27. The stone giant weighing 2,990 pounds, recently discovered at 
Cardiff, Onondaga Co., aud which excited the curiosity of the public to 
an extraordinary extent, arrived in Albany, and was boosted with great 
difficulty into the hall of the geological building, where it was exhibited 

at 50 cents a head Henry M. Dunn died, aged 58. Christopher 

Wills died, aged 52. 

29. Sarah Elizabeth, wife of Edward Savage, died, aged 25. Peter 
Joseph Boehm died, aged 80. Mary, wife of John Clietman, died, aged 
36. Jacob Van Loon died in New York, aged 67. John Thomas, for- 
merly proprietor of the American Hotel, died at Chippewa, Canada. 

80. The burial vault on the west side of Swan street, north of Wash- 
ington street, which was built about the beginning of the present cen- 
tury, and occupied by the Lush and Gansevoort families, was being de- 
molished. Here the bones of De Witt Clinton reposed for many years. 

A dwelling was to be erected upon its site by B. P. Learned Number 

of mail letters delivered by the carriers for the year ending this day, 138,- 
418, being an increase of 26,207 over the previous year. City letters 
delivered 19,139, being an increase of 10.590 over the previous year. 
Newspapers delivered 28.640, being an increase of 8,658. Increase of 
collections from street letter boxes for same period, 28,962 


Notes from the Newspapers. 


There are numerous tables of the time of opening and closing of the 
river and canals, published in different years by different papers, all of 
which d Phe following was published by the Albany 1 

this tune. In the first volume of the Annals of Albany will be found a 
table commencing at a much earlier date, of the times of the opening and 
closing of the river at this city. 

Table of Opening and Closing of the Hudson River and State Canals. 

Hudson Riveh. 

State Canals. 

Hudson River. 

State Canals. 













Jan. . 5 








Dec. 25 



Nov. 30 


Dec. 18 







" 27 



Dec. 9 


Feb. 26 " 24 







" 26 





Mar. 20 Nov. 25 " 





: - 


" 17 


" 11 








" 14 



i Jan. : i May 






'J 1 - 

" 23 



" 16 

Mar. 15 Dec. 25 







" 21 



" 20 


" 15 





18E I 




M I 




'• 15. 25 

" 21 







" 20 



" 10 


•• 13 







u 14 



" 4 

" 15 







" 27 



" 15 

Mar. 2 











Nov. 30 


Mar. 21 " It 







" 10 

16 Dec. 12 









» 19 







" 23 



" 10 


" 25 

Dec. 18 









" 10 


Feb. 25 












" 8 


Mar. 24 

" 19 








12 Apr. 
19 May 




Feb. 4 

Nov. 28 









" 12 

1M: J , Apr. 13 Dec. 10 











•• 12 









1845 Feb. 24 " 3 












1846 |Mar. 18] " 14 





John Wood "died, aged 60. 

December 2. Mary Guiton, wife of James Stewart, died, aged 28. 

3. John J. Eckels, confined in the Penitentiary for defrauding the in- 
ternal revenue, died of dropsy. He made confession to Calicott denying 

that he had any participation in the famous Burdell murder Mrs. 

Ann Bradley died, aged 57. 

4. Edward Waldron drowned, aged 20. 

5. John J. Johnson died, aged 47. Dennis Healy died, aged 28. 
Almira Frances Snyder, wife of Daniel O. Eaton, died, aged 29. 

6. Great snow storm — navigation closed. In a gossipy Albany letter 
to the New Tor/: Leader, we find the following description of this sensa- 
tional snow storm, and of a sleigh ride on the road. He was a profane 
as well as a prejudiced member of the legislature who spoke of Albauy in 
words following : " It's ten feet under snow in the winter, ten feet under 
water in the spring, and so d — d hot in the summer that you cannot live 
there ! " It snowed here Monday with a fury seeming to indicate that 
nature intended to verify that wicked legislator's unkind assertion Snow, 
like peace, hath its victories, and Monday's engagement proved a great 
triumph to the storm king. With the snow came sleighing, and with 
the sleighing came fancy cutters, fast horses, pretty girls and lots of fun. 
I interviewed a man who owns a 2 : 40 nag this morning, and he asked 
me to take a turn on the road. The road is the thoroughfare which lies 




Dec] Notes from the Newspapers. 79 

between this city and the suburban village of West Troy. A very nice 
road it is. A cheerful cemetery nestles beside one portion of it, and 
close to the cemetery a widow lady keeps a tavern, where she dispenses 
hot drinks to cold customers. The air to-day is sharp and bracing. In 
the clear splendor of the winter sunshine the snow flakes glitter like 
diamonds, as they lie closely packed and hard on the frozen ground. 
Everybody is on the road. Merchant princes, politicians, gentlemen of 
leisure, men of business, lovely ladies and laughing children join in the 
general sport. Riding behind a team of bay horses you may see Erastus 
Corning, who seems of late, to have gained a new lease of life, and who 
is looking remarkably well and happy. I know of no man past middle 
age, with the single exception, perhaps, of Cornelius Vanderbilt, who 
has so handsome a face as Mr. Corning. More than half a century ago 
he came into Albany a crippled boy, friendless and penniless. By an 
industry marvelous to me, and a skill unknown to newspaper correspond- 
ents generally, this poor boy grew to be a very rich man ; but unless the 
benignant mouth and mild, kindly eyes greatly belie him, he has not 
forgotten the suffering which poverty fetches and which wealth may re- 
lieve; and he cultivates that attribute which is of the three, greatest — 
charity. He bows pleasantly as we pass him in our cutter, and the fact 
that our horse can beat his team doesn't seem to trouble him as it would 
the Rev. Dr. Corey, of Murray Hill. Speeding along to the music of the 
tintinabulating bells, we presently met Governor Hoffman and his private 
secretary, Col. Van Buren. The governor handles the ribbons very 
skillfully, and seems to enjoy greatly this hour's relaxation from the try- 
ing duties of his official position. He is looking extremely well. The 
exercise has given a glow to his cheeks, which are Ordinarily rather pale, 
and added new brilliancy to his eyes, which are never dull. If he was 
not in such a hurry, I'd stop him and inquire whom he was going to 
nominate for health officer of New York. The name of that gentleman 
would make an interesting item. Now comes VVilliam Cassidy, editor of 
the Argus, and the most accomplished and genial gentleman in Albany. 
He is driving at a very moderate pace, and is not, I should judge, much 
of a horseman, but he is a stupendous pedestrian. I took a walk with him 
the other evening, and after a few hours' experience I felt ready to back 
him against Weston or any other man. I have sketched but a few of 
the many who are enjoying this wintry pleasure. But I shall interview 
some more men who own 2:40 nags, and may hereafter meet other citi- 
zens worth describing on the road to Troy Catharine, wife of 

John Walsh, died, aged 52. Mrs. Catharine Burns died, aged 75. 

7. John Cooke died, aged 60. Mrs. Anna I. Kane died, aged 74. 

8. Jane, wife of A. A. Dunbp, died, aged 49. Dr. P. B. McKelvey 
died in New Orleans, aged 63, formerly of Albany. 

9. John De Coffs died, aged 64. Bridget Quinn died, aged 91. 

10. James Lillis died, aged 65. Mary E. Clapp died, aged 21. Ca- 
tharine McCarty died, aged 71. 

11. Margaret Grady died, aged 75. Jesse C Van Patten, formerly 
of this city, died at Joliet, Illinois, aged 40. 

12. The church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, the well 
known building situated on the north side of Hamilton street, between 
Grand and Fulton streets, was solemnly dedicated to divine worship by 
very Rev. E. P. Wadhams, administrator in the absence of Bishop Con- 

80 Notes from the Newspapers. [1869. 

roy. The building is a recent purchase from the First African I 

the possession of the late occupants since 1826, 
as a church ami school-house, and in view of the fact that the re 
of a majority of the late congregation had become too remote from the 
locality, was recently thrown in market and found a ready sale for a i'air 
ration. The French and Canadians in this city and vicinity have 
long desired a church of their own. From time to time efforts have been 
made to erect one, but apparently without success. The number of this 
class of our adopted citizens is constantly increasing, and the responsi- 
bility of the recent purchase having been assumed by competent parties, 
the African church passed into the hands of its present owners. It has 
been materially improved throughout. Its late dingy exterior has been 
brightened with a fresh coat of delicate hued paint, the old fashioned 
small paned window sashes have been replaced by modern plate glass, 
and the entrance door has been handsomely grained. Outside, in tact, 
the old building would hardly know itself. Inside, the busy hand of 
improvement is even more manifest. Upon the late interior, from ceil- 
ing to floor, remorseless time had bestowed a complexion which was in- 
describable. It was neither mysterious white nor undecided brown, but 
whatever it was, is undiscoverable now, so completely is the old obli- 
terated by the new. The pews have been repaired, every part of the in- 
terior thoroughly cleaned and the ceiling and walls neatly frescoed and 
tinted. It is really a very pretty church. The sanctuary is of good 
dimensions and the altar tastefully designed. The altar piece repre- 
senting The Assumption of the Virgin is a painting of much beauty, and 
in proportions as well as subject, admirably adapted to the position it 
occupies. It is the work of a distinguished artist. The services yester- 
day morning were attended by a congregation numbering perhaps four 
hundred. The mass was celebrated by Very Rev. Father Wadhams. 
Rev. Mr. Shehan was also present on the altar. The dedicatory sermon 
was delivered by Rev. Father Gaguier, of Montreal. It was in the 
French language, and was a fervently eloquent discourse. The preacher 
is a man of distinction, and both in manner and matter was well worth 
attention. At the close of the service, Rev. Mr. Wadhams briefly con- 
gratulated the assemblage upon the auspicious event of the day and al- 
luded in terms of pride to the beautiful little edifice which their zeal and 
energy had secured for the French and Canadian people. The music 
consisted of what is known as the Gregorian plain chant, and was ren- 
dered with good effect by a number of sonorous male voices. It was a 
relief to listen to it, unpretentious and yet solemn as it was, after the 
operatic hop-skip-and jump music of the period. There are said to be 
about one hundred and fifty French and Canadian families in this city 
and vicinity who will attend this church exclusive, we believe, of a num- 
ber attending other Catholic churches. — Argus William II. Smith 

died, aged 37. He had been a member of the old Veteran fire depart- 
ment of which he was at one time assistant engineer. 

13. The American Hotel, 100 State street, underwent another trans- 
formation, and came out as the Watkius House. It was opened on the 
European plan, under the auspices of Mr. Charles Watkins, and was so 
completely renovated that the Hosfords, if they were living, would not 
ze the edifice they erected for a printing and publishing house in 
the first quarter of a century Jacob Relyea died, aged 50. 

Dec] Nvtes from the Newspapers. 81 

16. John Brown died, aged 33. Alonzo Crosby died at Hubbardsville, 
aged 83. 

17. Michael Scully died, aged 71. Lorenz Ludwig died, aged 44. 
Iiebecca, widow of Peter G-. Van Zandt, died, aged 73. 

18. Sophia Schoolcraft, wife of John W. Wolford, died, aged 66. Mrs. 
Margaret Carroll, died, aged 88. George Yi. Hallett died at Utica, aged 
42, and was buried from Grace Church in this city. 

19. The new Methodist Episcopal Church, corner of Ten Broeck and Lum- 
ber streets, was dedicated. This is the cheapest church ever erected in 
Albany, and yet it is one of the neatest, best looking, cozy, cheerful and invit- 
ing chapels in the city. The interior is a model of comfort and good taste. 
There is not an inch of lost room in the whole structure. All the space 
is occupied for church purposes. The side porches give an entrance 
which does not take from the church proper a single foot of room. The 
church will seat about 800 persons. The seats are very comfortable, 
with reversible backs, like the seats to be found in rail road cars. There 
is no pulpit in the church, its place being supplied by a railed in plat- 
form, some twelve inches above the floor. This allows greater motion to 
the preacher. As action is the soul of eloquence, it will be seen that better 
sermons can be preached from a platform than could ever be preached in 
a pulpit. Think of Demosthenes denouncing Philip in a washtub. He 
might denounce, but the denunciation would never amount to eloquence, 
simply because he could not emphasize his language with proper action. 
The Sunday School and class rooms are divided from the church by fold- 
ing doors and sliding windows, a very excellent idea to save fuel and make 
things comfortable. The large class room is some 40 feet long, by 15 
wide, nicely carpeted, and supplied with chairs, tables, &c, making it a 
very beautiful parlor. This room is subdivided by other folding doors, 
so as to convert it into three smaller parlors. The doors are so arranged 
that one large parlor can be converted into three small ones in less than 
two minutes. The church is lighted by two large gas reflectors in the 
ceiling placed in the centre of two large ventilators so arranged that the 
officers can always establish the proper temperature for church purposes. 
The stained glass windows give "a rose scented tint" to the church. 
The edifice was commenced eleven weeks ago. It cost only $5,500, and 
yet there is but one better looking Methodist chapel in this part of the 
state, and that is the Ash Grove Church, which cost $50,000. How the 
committee contrived to build so handsome a church for $5,500 is some- 
thing we cannot understand, even when we know that the pastor, Rev. 
J. W. Alderman, helped to put the roof on, while the building committee 
all labored gratis. The furniture, carpets, stoves, &c, cost $60©. Rev. 
Mr. Alderman informed the congregation that the late fair and festival 
yielded 82,000; expenses, $400 ; balance $1,600, or one-sixth of the 
whole cost of the church. Such a balance sheet is seldom presented to 
any congregation. The walls and ceiling are beautifully frescoed in 
panels, by -George Merchant of this city. He has done a neat bit of 
work in a very artistic manner, and well deserves all the praise bestowed 
upon him. The painting and graining were done by John Chrysler. 
The singing is led by S. M. Birch, who has a round, full voice, which 
eminently fits him for the position which he occupies, as the leader of the 
whole congregation, for the whole congregation sings at the new church. 
The architects of the new chapel were Nichols & Brown. The dedication 

Hist. Coll. w. 11 

82 Notes from tin pers. [1869 

sermon was preached by Presiding Elder Meredith, of this city, from 
Deuteronomy, 33d It was a very interesting dis- 

M>lid and substantial. The elder is not a brilliant preacher, and 
yet be is so intensely in earnest that the earnestness amounts to eloquence 
at times. From the elder's discourse we learn that the Meth< 
the United States and Canadas are only 270,000 less tban all the other 
members of all the other Protestant churches put together, and yet the 
Methodist church has only been established in this country one hundred 
He attribute? the rapid spread of Methodism to its peculiar or- 
ganization ; the demonstrative habits of its clergymen and the social in- 
Btincte brought forth at its class meeting, prayer meeting and love toast. 
The Rev. Mr. Aldermau, pastor of the church, also addressed the con- 
gregation briefly, referring to its history and urging upon the united 
churches to forget the bickerings of the past, and live entirely for the 
future. Mr. Alderman is one of those broad minded, out spoken men, 
who comes from the West; he is earnest, affable and eloquent. The 
building committee consisted of J. W. Osborn, Win. H. Young and S. 
J. Davenport. The trustees are J. W. Osborn, Wm. H. Young, S. J. 
Davenport, Smith Requa, S. A. Stratton, C. W. Pierce, I. J. Filkins, I. 

F. Seabury and S. C. Rice. — Evening Post Margaret Scranton, 

wife of Adam Ream, died, aged 24. 

20. At a meeting of farmers, held this day, at the Hay Scales, corner 
of Phillip and Plain streets, to take into consideration the propriety of 
iug a society for their better protection, and to make a uniform 
scale of prices for their products, so that they may have a small profit to 
reward them for their hard labor. Carey Rushmore was elected president 
and Wm. Bullock secretary, and the following resolution was unanimously 
adopted : Resolved, That we, the farmers of Albany and Rensselaer 
counties, will not, on and after Monday Dec. 20th, sell hay for less than 
the following prices, viz : 

Horse hay 75 cts. per 10O lbs. 

Fine " 62* " 

Clover " 56| 

22. Peter Fitzpatrick died, aged 72. 

23. Ellen, wife of George W. Oliver, died, aged 25. Peter Konz, 
died, aged 67. 

24. William Nixon, died, aged 67. 

25. Samuel J. Gordon died, aged 27. Elizabeth, widow of Wm. Do- 
ran, died, aged 75. 

27. Catharine, wife of Michael McCann, died, aged 33. Anna M., 
widow of Theodore S. Wood, formerly of Albany, died in New York, 
aged 42. 

vnne Rutledge died, aged 54. Norah Harrigan died, aged 21. 
Audrew Garrison died, aged 62. 

29. The ice moved down, and left the river open as far as could be 

seen — the result of a week of rain and soft weather Mary Daley 

died, aged 56. 

30. Died at her residence No. 3 Park Place. Albany, Susan Stafford, 

widow of Lewis Benedict, in the seventy-ninth year of her age 

She was a woman whose prominent characteristics were of the kind that 
command respect and win regard. She devoted herself to the duties that 
belonged to the varying relations of her life. As a wife and mother she 
was a model of tenderness and fidelity toward her husband, and of love 


Notes from the Newspapers. 


and thoughtfulness for her children. She assumed the obligations of 
religion, and confessed those she owed to the world around her; dis- 
charging the one class with diligence and fervency of spirit, and the 
other with charity for the infirmities of the weak and erring, sympathy 
for the afflicted, help for the needy, encouragement for the struggling, 
and applause for such as did well. She was singularly discreet in speech 
and always mindful of the interests of peace, so that she lived encom- 
passed by friends, and died without an enemy Ann McKinley died, 

aged 82. Carrie C. McChesney died, aged 26. 

31. The total loss ■by fire in the city during the past year was $105- 
177.40. On real estate $33,451.67 ; on personal property 171,725.74. 
There were 87 fires Hibbard Todd died, aged 61. 

From the report of the Chamberlain you have the following statement 
of receipts and disbursements from the 1st of November, 1868, to Novem- 
ber 1st. 1869. 


City Water Works $107,427 59 

Alms House, 156 00 

Assessments for streets,.. 43,102 10 

merits for drains, . . 19,253 91 

City. Poor, 2,957 37 

Contingents, 2,834 62 

Board of Fire Commis- 
sioners 287 00 

Board of Public Instruc- 
tion, 33,588 92 

Interest, <; 

Court of Special Sessions, . 1,000 00 

Police Court, 4,007 72 

Rent and Quit Rents,. . . . Ill 50 

Commutations 409 53 

Trustees General Debt 

Sinking Fund, 6,600 00 

Ferry, 1,000 00 

Surveyor's Office, 48 00 

Justice's Court, 926 22 

Redemptions, 40 83 

Bonds and Mortgages,. . . 4,398 60 

Eeal Estate, 1,150 00 

Dividends, 437 30 

City Taxes, 682 i 

of Albany, 41,876 11 

Temporary Loans, 407,500 00 

Costs on Assessments, . . . 328 00 
Certificates of City In- 
debtedness, 106 54 

$1,367,647 01 


City Water Works, 

City Water Debt Interest 

Alms House, 

a aents for Streets,. . 
3ments for Drains,. . 

City Poor 


Street Contingents, 

Board of Fire Commission- 

Board of Public instruc- 


City Hall 

Court of Special Sessions, 

Police Court 


Trustees General Debt 
Sinking Fund,-. 


Surveyor's Office, 

Printing and Advertising, 

Justice's Court, 



County of Albany, 


City Lamps, 

Wells and Pumps, 

Industrial School, 

Costs on Assessments, . . . 

Temporary Loans, . 

Certificates of City In- 

Susquehanna Rail Road 

Board of Police Commis- 

139,631 65 

51,000 00 
67,225 70 

146,992 19 
15,789 42 
32,690 88 

131,773 13 
42,376 04 

113,237 39 

130,597 68 

44,077 50 

9,637 40 

200 00 

4,896 37 

391 63 

31,543 91 

171 76 

4,851 31 

14,489 57 

4,763 40 

388 62 

19,227 35 

67,341 88 

3,341 75 

51,712 45 

4,541 15 

278 00 

161 00 

200,000 00 

13 55 

30,000 00 

74,766 87 

$1,338,109 52 




£n tije <£arli> JDutrf) Mrrotflg of aifcani) antr ITtcmttg, 


' mtch records nifti with many difl i :iich are more vexa 


ich, though 


; . at any i 

had two or more 

. . . ■ -, 

furred in the Albanj 


indifferently. .Tan 


. \ una had 
• rable embarrass.: 

' lans, a:i<1 


:cture. .1. r. 


Abelse. [1680-4. 

Hendrick Abelse Ridder?ualve or Eiddenhaas. : Brant Aertse Van Slichtcnhorst. 
»_„ A „ A „._- r, 1642. 

Abraham Abrai: 1(09.- Wc . .,. 1fifin 

\\ outer Aertse \ an meulserck, 1660. 

ihamse Schuyler, 1109. ! 

Dlrck Abrabamse Schuyler. 1W.>. Dirck 

d Densen.1700. Albertse. 

Gerrit Abrahamse Lansii s AndriesAlbei dt,1674-82. 

Jacob Abraham ififi^-Si 

Jacob Abraha 1665-84. 


• brabamse Van I 
Jacobus Abrahai 

! 1735. 

! 1586. 

\brahamse Van Deusen. 1700. 

»„._„ Jacob Albertse Plant. . 

4oin» a,,o^ » n,,-™™ Irnn Jan Albertse Bran. II 

Aaltie Adamse Drngman, 1,00. 


Jacob A> akelyck, or Vau Wog- Teuuis Albei - 

1 653; 

Key to Names in Early Albany Records. 


Andi: ' 
Albert Andriesse Bratt or De Noonnan, 1630-S-J. 
Andries Andriesse Gardenier. 
Andries Andriesse Huygh, 1705. 
Anna Andriesse Huvgh, 1705. 
Annatie Andriesse Casparus, 1700. 
Arent Andriesse Bratl I 
Arent Andriesse Van Frederickstadt, 1636. 
Ariaantie Andriesse Sell : 
Arien Andriesse Gardenier. 
Burger Andriess I 
Cathalina Andriesse Huygh, 1705. 
Catryna Andrii 64-91. 

Claas Andriesse De Grai I 
Cornelia Andriesse Schei | . 
Cornells Andriesse Hnygh, 1705. 
Engeltie Andriesse Witbeck. 10S3. 
Geertruy Andriesse Van Doesburgh, 1661. 
Geertruy Andriesse Dochter, I 
Gysberi Andriesse Scherp, 1700-2. 
Hendrick Andriesse Van Doesburgh, 1654-64. 
Jacob Andriesse Gardenier. 
Jan Andriesse DeGraaf. 1650-0. [lingh, 1664. 
Jan Andriesse I man) Van Dub- 

Jan Andriesse Douw. alias Kuyper, 1646-S0. 
Johannes Andrie- si 
Johannes Andriesse Witbeck, 1706. 
Johannes Andriesse Huygh, 1705. 
Jochem . i 1705. 

Lambert Andriesse Huygh, 1105. 
Margarita Andriesse Huygh, 1705. 
Maria Andriesse Huygh, 
Willem Andries- 

Cornelis Antonissen Van Slyck, alias Broer 

Adam Antonissen Swart, 1690. 

Andries Arentse Bratl 
Benouy Arentse Van Hoeck, 1700. 
Dirk Arentse Bra 

Engeltie Arentse Slinsrorland, 1713. 
Gerrit Arentse Slingerland, 1713. 
Leendert . 

Rntger Arentse Schoemaecker, 1679. 
Rebecca Arentse ' 
Samuel Arentse Bratt, 
Sara Arentse Sliugerland. 1715. 
Teunis Arentse Sliugerland. 1715. 

Johannes Arie Oothout, 1756. 

Lvsbet Arnoutse Viele, 1699. 
Maria Arnoutse Viele. I 

Catrina i; 
Elizabeth Balm- 
Jacobus Perreker (Pari i/anBen- 

thuysen, 1720. 
Johannes Baltuse Van Benthuysen, 1720. 

Bab i . 
Andries Barentse Coe 
Annatie Barents* 
Antony Barentse Bran. 
Ariaentie Barent- 
Cornelis Barentse Ditmare 
Dirk Ba 

Frans Barentse Pastoor, L654-61. 
Geertruy Barentse Van I > . 
JanBarentse We 
Jan Barentse Kun 
Jan Ban at al 
JauBar G4-7. 


Johaune- Barenti 

Pieter Barentse Coeymans. 

Pieter Barentsi 

Reinier Barentse Van 1 

S unuel Barentse Coevji 

Teunis Barentse Cool, USER. 

Tys Barentse Schoenmakcr Van Edam, 1686. 

Jacob Bastiaense DeWit, 1700. 
Jan Bastiaense Van Gndsenhoven, 1658-65. 
Hamien Bastiaense Visscher or De Vvselaer, 
tastiaense Visscher, 1700. [1675-83. 

Cornelis Brantse Van Nieuwkerck, 1664. 
Evert Brantse Van Amersfort. 

Hans Carelse Noorman, 1673. 
Carsten Carstensen Noorman or Van Norwe- 
geu, 1656 

• tonyn, 1703-21. 
ine, 1783. 
i, 1721. 
Elizabeth Casparse Conyn, 1721. 

rse Conyn, 1721. 
Isaac Casparse Haienbeek. 1706. 
Jan Casparse Haienbeek 

- Conyn, 1701. 
Lcenden • 1721. 

Maritie Casparse Conyn, 1721. 

- 1721. 
Willem Casparse Ha'lenbeek, 1729. 

David Christoffelse Davidts. 
Joria Christoffelse Davidts, 1673. 

Adriaen Claese Vryman, 1654. 

i Bogart, 1724. 
Barber < k, 1605-1707. 

emerman, 1658. 

' . 1651-1701. 
Feitie Clai ' k, 1606. 

Frans Claese Van der Bogart. 1724. 
Gerrit Claese Kulerman, 1670. 
Gerrit Claese Vni l i ;G2. 

Gysbert Claese Van Amsterdam, 1636. 

Jacob Claese. Gn 

Jacob Cla. 1736. [1658-64. 

Jan Claese Bakl-. . or Oostraud, 

Jesse Clae - - 

Johauu' :01-3. 

Lourens Claese Van Schaick, 1695-1700. 

Louren- • i 1720. 

Lourei;- 702. 

lien, 1661-3. 
Pieter CI i 

Rebecca Claese Groesbeei 
Ryck Clai - 

Tjerck Cli 
Willem Claese Groesbeeck, 1681-1707. 

Hans or n Neurenburgh, 

Hendrick Coenraetse Van Bon. 1660. 
Jacob Coenraetse Ten Eyck. 1732. 


Ackes or Jacques Cornelise Van Slyck, 1663-7. 
Adriaen Corn. Use Van V 
Adriaen Cornelisi a, 1642. 

Arnout Co 1661-91. 

Bergh, 1660-2. 
; 642-62. 

■ . Lerwoert, alias 
Cornelis Cornelise Bogart, 1660. 

a . Oorhout, 164! 
,'os. 1653-7. 
I irnelise Viele, 1661-83. 

Cornelis Cornelise Slyck. loco. 
Cornelis Cornelise \ an Sterrevelt, 1657-62. 
Cornelia Cornelise Van den Bergh. 1714. 
Dirck Cornelise Van Vechten, . 

Key to Names vn Early Albany Records. 

Dirck Cornelise Dnj Bter 

!D 1709. 

rnelisc V.-m d.n Bergh, 1714. 
Gerrit ( 

ni. Use \ an den Bergh, 1714. 
Gysbert i 

I Comeliae Bogart, iWl-86. 

d Wesp op de Berg or 

.']. 171-4. 
Isaac Con 
JacqueB Cornelise 7anSlyck, I 

Jacob Cornelise Van der Bogart 

Schermerhoorn, 1742. 

Jan Corn Hoeven, 1681-6. 

. hi. [men, 1634. 
Jan Cornelise Buys changed to Jan Jansen Da- 
Jau Cornelise Van Boesen, 1681. 
Jan Cornelise Roodt, IOT 
Jan Cornelise Kleyn. . 

ise Timmerman, 1660. 
Jan Cornelise Vyselaer. alias Gow, 1660-1702. 
Jan Cornelise \ an der Hi 
Jannetie Cornelise Van Schaick, 1703. 
Hendri . n Nes, 1697. 

Hendrick Cornelise Van Buren, 1662. 
Hindrick Cornelise M i 

Mai - > 

rnelise Hingai 

• \ an den Bergh. 1714. 
Marten Coru.-;ise Van Ysselstein, 1661-8. 
Marten Cornelise Viae 
Marten Cornelise Van Buren. 1663-1703. 
Matthias Cornelise Van den Bergh, 1714. 
Pieter Cornelise Van Mnnichendam, 1636. 
Pieter Cornelise Viele, 1670. 

nelise De Jongh. 1659. 
Poulus Cornelise Van Flensbnrgh, 1671. 
Poulus Cornelise Van Abcoude, 1660. 
• lornelise Van Houten, 1638. 
Ever Con le n. 1660. 

Salomon Cornelise Van Vechten, 1698-1700. 
Seger Cornelise Van Voorhont, 1642-62. 
■ • ornelise Van Buren, I 
■ irnelise Slingerland, 165 
Tennis Cornelise Spitsbergen, I 

irnelise Van der Poel, 1661-S7. 
Teunis Cornelise Van Rossnm, 1662. 

ornelise Van Vechten, K>37-83. 
Tennis Cornelise Swart 1661. 
ornelise \ an den Bergh, 1714. 
Weyntie Cornelise Bosi -.■■ 
Willem Cornelise Coster or Koster, 1643. 
Willem Cornelise Van di 

ornelise Van den Bergl 


Jan Coster or Costerse Van Aecken 1659-77. 

inian Van Vleekburgh, 
Arent Danielse \ 1730. 

an Antwerpen, 1699. 
Jan Danielse Van Antwerpen, 1720 
Johannes Danielse Fort. 1786. 

i . 1720. 
ni Olinda, 1669. 
Symou Danielse Van Antwerp. 1699-1720. 

Andriee Davidtse Christoffelse Davidts, 1700. 
Pieter Davidtse Schuyler, 168 
Thomas Davidtse Kikebel 

Abraham Dirkse Van Vechten, 1899 
Adriaen Dirkse De Vries, 1654. 
Andries Dirkse Bratt, L737. 
Anna DirV 
Anna Dirkse Van Vechten. 

Annatl tt,1737. 


Benjamin Dirk- 1739. 

e Ten Broeck. 
■ Dirkse Bran. 
. Dirkse Ten Broeck. 
Cornelia Dirkse Ten Broeck. 
Dirk Dirk- 
Dirk Dirkse Van derkarre. 1694. 
Elisabeth DIrl 

Elsie Dirkse Ten I ■ 

Fytie Dirkse Van Vechten, 1687-1704. 

Geertruy Dirkse Ten Broeck. 

Harmeu Dirkse Van Vechten. 1793. 

Jan Dirkse Vinhaeghen, 1663. 

Jan Dirkse Van Eps, 166 I 

Jan Dirkse Van Bremen, 1648-62. 

Jan Dirkse Engelsman Van Amersfort, 1638. 

Jannetie Dirkse Van Vechten, 1687. 

Johannes Dirkse Bratt, 1737. 

Johannes Dirkse Goes, 1732. 

Johannes Dirkse Ten Broeck. 

JohaniK \ cchten, 1687. 

Johannes Dirkse Van der Heyden, 1729. 

Lena Dirkse By, 1704. 

Lnykas Dirkse Goes. 1732. 

Lydia Dirkse Ten Broeck. 

Lvsbet Dirkse Van Eps. 1068-81. 

Maria Dirkse Bratt. 1737. 

Michael Dirkse Van Vechten, 1689. 

Nee! tie Dirkse Van Vechten. 1687. 

Philip Dirkse Van Vechten. 1739. 

Samuel Dirse Van Vechten, 1687. 

Samuel Dirkse Ten Broeck. 

Sara Dirkse Van Vechten, 

Symon Dirkse Pos. 1630-44. 

TakelDirkse Van Heemstraaten. 1700. 

Teunis Dirkse Van Vechten, 1638-1704. 

Tobias Dirkse Ten Broeck. 

Dirkse Van Vechten, 1687. 


Gillis Douwese Fonda. 1654. 
Jan Douwese Fonda, 1681. 

Anthony Egbertse Bratt, 1753. 


Ephraim Evertse Wendel, 1690. 
Evert Evertse De Goyer. 1664. 
Hanse Evertse Kuyper 
Jacob Evertse Kuyper, 1725. 

e Schoenmaker, 1661-5. 
Johannes Evertse Km; 
Johannes Evertse Wendel, 1720-36. 
Robert Evertse Wendel. 1690. 
Susanna Evertse Wendel, 1690. 
Tys Evertse De Goyer. 1664-8. 

Fr/ • 
Aaltie Franse Pruyn, 1683-1700. 
Abraham Franse Van Aalsteyn, 1700. 

ise Van de Bogart, 1699-1730. 
Elsie Franse Clauw or Klanw, 1683-1700. 
Gerritie Franse Hardick, 
Henrick Franse Clauw orKlauw, 1686-1705. 

■ Hardick, 1737. 
Jan Franse Van Hoeseu, 1659-1703. 
Jannetie Franse Clauw or Klanw, 1695. 
Jurrian Franse Clauw or Klanw, 1699. 
Maria Franse Clauw or Klanw, 1700. 
Para Franse Hardick, 1737. 
Tierck Franse \ t, 1730. 

Trvntie Franse Van der Bogart. 1724. 
Volkje Franse Hardick. 1737. 
Willem Franse Hardick 
Wyntie Franse Clauw or Klanw, 1683. 


Cars ten V 

Claas Frederickse Van Petten, 1604-8. 
Myndert Frederic kse Van Everen, 1675-1704. 
Salomon Frederickse Bouw or D 
Willem Frederickse Van Leyden, 1642. 
Willem Frederickse Bout, 1654-83. 

Gkkbkbtsk or Hebbektse. 
fildert or Elbert Gerbertee Cruiff. 1654-86. 

Key to Names in Early Albany Records. 



Abraham Gerritse Spoor. 1719. 

Adriaai - lorp, 1082-7. 

Aeltie Gerritse 1 

Ann Gerritse Spoor, 1719. 

Annetie Gerritse Lansing, 1694. 

Barent Gerritse. Van den Bergh, 1700-5. 

Barentie Gerritse Pan-, : 

Claas Gerritse Van Vranken, 1705. 

Cornelia Gerritse Spool . 

Cornelis Genii - 

Cornelis Gerritse Van Schoenderwoert, 1642. 

Cornelis Gerritse Van den Bergli, 1700. 

Elisabeth Gerritse De Honneur, 1079-82. 

Elbert Gerritse Lansing, 1693. 

Geertruy Gerritse Van den Bergli, 1699. 

ay Gerritse Van Schoonhoven, 1701. 
Gooseu Gerritse Van Schaiek, 1037-7.".. 
Gerrit Gerritse Lansing, 1702-1742. 
Gricta Gerritse Van Vranken, 1700. 
Grietie Gerritse Van Vechten. ' 

Van Brakei, 1699-1709. 
Gysbestie Gerritse Lansing. 
Hendrick Gerritse Van Meulen, 1671-80. 
Heudriek Gerritse Verwy or Van Wie, 1689. 
Hendriek Gerritse Van 
Hendrick Gerritse Lansing 
Hilletie Gerritse Lansing. 
Jacob Gerritse Van Schaiek, 1756. 
Jacob Ge; 
'. Brou 

1-89. • 

Jannet : ' 

; . r, 1710. 
. Johami I 1730. 

• I . Root 
Joham. V i Wen, 1693-1700. 

Maria Ger.,;.-e \ an den Bergh, 1702. 
Maria Gerritse Spoor, 171!'. 
Maritie Gerritse Lansing, 1694. 
Marten Gerritse Van Bergen, 1630-96. 
Pieter l '.671. 


A erkeu, 1700. 

Volkert Gerritse Van Vechten, 1681. 
Willem Gerritse Van Nes. 
Willem. Gerritse Spoor, 1719. 
Willem I :i Bergh, 1752. 

Wynant Gerritse Van der Poe), 1654-99. 

Geertruv Geurt ' >ven, 1700. 

Hendrik Geurt Van Schoonhoven, 1700. 
Hendrikje Geurt \ > en, 1700. 

Jacol>ns''«-.eur1 Van Schoonhoven. 
Jacomyntie Geurt Van Schoonhoven, 1700. 
Margaret Geurt Van Schoonhoven, 1700. 


Jan Gillise Kock, 1057. 

Aert Goosense Van T wilier, 1661 
Antony Goosense Van Schaiek, 1081 
... 1081. 
>sense Van Schaiek. 
Sybrantt. Uaick, 1681^2. 

Nicolaas Gregory Hillebrant, 1658. 


Cornelis Gysbertse Van den Bergh, 1083-1714. 
Frederick Cvs'oertse Van den Bergh, 1002. 
Gerrit ! :rgh, 1683-1700. 

Willem ' L683-1795. 

Andries Ila ■ ..■ 

Andries HanseVan Sweden (Scherp?), 1668. 
Carel lianse Tel 

Hanse or Hansen. 
Ilendrikie Hanse Dreeper, 1094. 
Jan Hanse Barheit, 1701. 

teit, 1065-1700. 
Johanna Hanse Barheit, 1705. 

an Toll, 1697. 
Ariaentie Harmense Visscher, 1701. 
Bastiaen Harmense Visst-her, 1083-1703. 
Knickerbakker, 1708. 
Dirkie Harmense Weevers, 1678. 

Knickerbakker, 1708. 
Frederick llaitnense Visscher, 1699. 
- i Knickerbakke 
i se Van Gansevoort, 1004-75. 
Jan Harmense Backer, 1058-83. 
Jau Han ' ■•'!>, 1003. 

Jan Harmense Van Turick, 1004. 
Jaimetie Harmense Knickerbakker, 1708. 
Johannes Hi scher, 1693-1709. 

Johanu uickerbakker, 1 

Maria Ha> o er, 1100. 

: ise Van der Bogart, 1683-1706. 
Maritie Harmense Lieversen, 1683. 

her, 1083-1111. 
■bakker, 1708. 
Tierck H lier, 1090-1122. 

Thomas Harmense Hun Van Amersfort, 1662- 
Van Hun, 1681. 
: trmense Knickerbakker, 1708. 

Selmerse Often, 1103. 

anBaasle, 1642. 
Jan Helmerse, alius Jan De Bock, 1057-00. 


AdamHei: I eVrooi an, 1083. 
Bartholomi ■■ Hendrickse Vrooman, 1786. 

'. ■. recht. or Schoonhoven, 

i Surger, 1700. [II 
a- Nes, 1643. 
Cornelis ; i in Buren, 1701. 

i ' tenburgh. 1663. 

Eva Hendrickse Vrooman, 1691. 

Geesie Hendrickse Van Wye, 1100. 

Gerrit Hendricl « Keis, 1063. 

GuertH Ichoonhoven, 1681-1700. 

Hendrick Hendrickse Van Harstenhorst, 1002. 

Isaac Hendrickse Burger, 1700. 

Jacob Hem 1: 

Jacob Hendrieke Sibinck, 1055-05. 

Jacob Hendrickse Lery, 1003. 

Jacob Hendrickse Varrevanger, 1061. [1654. 

Jacob J L ■ alias VanLoosereght, 

Jau Hendrickse Van Bael, L659 

JanHeudri.i f01 

Jan Hendricks i 700. 

Jan Hendrieke 93 

Jan Hendrickse Bout, 1100. 

Jau Hendrickse Van den Bergh, 1683-8. 

Jan Hendrickse Roothae 

Janneti< an Doesburgh, 1698. 

Jaunetie Hendrickse Van Wie, 1104. 

iseboom, 1104. 
i, Eyck, 1733. 
Marten Hi braeck, 1668. 

Marten Hendrickse Hamelward, 1638. 
Marten Heudri<;kse Beeckman, 1661. 

.! en Bergh, Graef, 1684. 



itse, or Harpertse. 
Abraham d Deusen, 1730. [1040-65. 

Amines Heroertse Constapel Van der Blaas, 


Pieter Hertgers Van Vee, 1045-62. 

kl KSE. 
Abraham Isaai . 1007. 

Abraham [saacse Fonda 
Annatic Isaacse Van Densen. 


Key ■■ i Early Albany R 

1 710. 



Jobam i 740. 


Matihi ue 

Try in 1740. 

Albert •' 

• eek. [1661-1707. 

\ an Rotterdam, 
rhoorn, 1700. 

i. 1661. 
- Scbonl or Shorn. 1697-1701. 
Geirit J 1734. 

Harmen J I, 1740. 


■hoorn. 1700. 
Hendriek Jacobse Be eckman, 1746. 
Herbert or Ha en, 16S3- 

Jacob Jacobse 8i 


■ Q, 1744. 
Jottai .751. 

acobse Scherme 
Pieter Jacobse \ 
Pieter Jacobse Van Rins 


Pieter Ja< 


Rutger, Hut or P.uth Ji ioender- 

aerboorn, 16S3-1705, 
Samuel Jacobse Gardenier, 1681. 
Tennis Jacobse Bierdrager. 1661. 

' -obse Van Deusen. 1083-1731. 
Wybrecht Jacobse Dochtei 

es-Jacobuse Lansing, 1742. 
Abraham Janse Van 4 

Adriaen . !.eyden, 1656-83. 

Adriaen Jansi ( 

Adriaen Ji 

lanse Van Duyi ; 
p, 1663. 



Barba: • 
Barent Jane 

- I 
Barent Jan 



Uoekboven. 1662-99. 

Claas Jan- 



Daniel Janse Van Antv 

iJirk J ai 
Dirk Jai 
Dirk J. i; 
Dirk J. L700. 

Evert J i 

Janse Pruvn. 1661 
Geertruy Janse Witbeck, 1688-1702 
Janse Lansing 

Gerrit Janse Cnyp< 

Geirit . ;.J-S. 

' I 
Gerrit Ja: - 1681. 

. r >57. 
Gerrit Jan 

- Van Rotterda 

. 1681. 

n, 1667. 
Harmen J 

Harme:: .'658. 

Harmen Janse Knickerhakker Van Wye, 1682- 
Harmen J 


Harmen 3 

Helmer Janse Jerolom'an. 1702. 

Heudrick Janse. alias Ribbide, 1664. 

Heudrick Jansi 
I • 

Hendrick Jan.-: n. 1699-1705. 

Hendrik Ja 

Hendrik Janse Damen. • 

nendnck Jause Witbeck, 1S06-1703. 

Hendrick Janse Loom.*:: 

.Hendri . '\ 'vrert. 1657. 


Heudrick Janse R 

Hendii. ' 

Isaac Ja i 
I Isaac Ja:. d, 1700. 

i Jacob ■ 

- • 

Jacob Jause Loockermai: 

Jacob Jam 

Jacob Janse Stoutenbergn, lt>46. 

Jau Jai 

Jan Jai: 

Jan Ja: irdeuier, 1642-1702. 

Jan Jansi *-61-7. 

Jau Janse Bieerk 

Jan Jan 
! Jan Jai L657. 

\ Jau Jan i 
1 Jan Jans lam, 1662-90. 

Jan Janse Noormau, II 

Jan Jan- i n, 1683. 

Jau Janse r. 1658. 

•Tan Janse Molena 
Jan Janse Youcker. ITftTrf i __ 
JanJa:: 1700. 

Jan Jan- . 1697. 

l, 1646. 

Jochem ' 
Johannes Janse W 

94. ~-»_ 
-e Bronck. 1738. 
Jouatan Janse ^ 

Key to Names in Early Albany Records. 




Jurriaen Jan i 1-1703. 



Lena .' 


; 1700. 

JVlaritn .•-.'. 
Matthys ■! 

Maurits ii, 1636. 


I 634. 
Paulus Janse ■ burgh, 1642. 

Philip Janse Bronck, I 
Pieter • 

. 1689. 
Pieter ..' kholm, 1658. 

■ -iiise Van Hoon, 
Pieter Janse Loockermi 

i loom, 1659. 
e Smit. 
Kichart Janse Van Den Bergh, 1709. 
. 1662. 

Sara Janse Witbeck, 16 

Simon Janse Turk, 1659. - [84. 

Steven Janse Conninck, or Timnierman, 1654- 
Stoffel Janse Abeel, 1659-84. 
Stymie Janse Van Hoesen, 1694. 
Symon Janse Post, 1695. 
Symon Jar 


Towns Janse Minirael, 1656-9. 
ranse Schipper 

1661. V 
Tryntie Janse Van Bristede, 1636. 

es, 1697. 
Volkert Janse Douw. 1631-1700. 
Volkcrt Ja 
■Willem Janse Damen, I 
Willem Janse Halenbeck 

Willem 3 

Willem Janse Stoll, 1654 


Wouter Jeronimus Barheit, 1713. 

Doinve ■; . ■ 


aburgh, 1693. 
Maria Jochemse Van Valkenbui 

mse Ketelhuyn. li 


. 1691. 
Vendel, 1691. 

i i Johannese Wen -!■■!, 1691. 

Jacob Job 


Sara. loh.--': 1691. 

• uannese Wendel, 1691. 


Volkert Jonasse Douw 


Jacob Jooste Van Covelene 
Hans Jorrissen Houten, 1633. 


riaense Rinckhout, 1704. 
FytieJn 1699. 


JanJuri 1730. 

I 50. 



•Tan Lai 

Jochem Lambertse Van Valkenburgh,1683-1703. 
;e Loockermans, 1682. 

Johan Latyn Verdnyn, 1636. 
Caspar I 

Philip I. 
Philip Le> :i ' 

sn, 1639-1660. 
Lottbense. [erent. 

i Purin- 
Cornelii a Wurmdrink, 1709. 

Johannes Lourense Van Alen, 1706. 
Pieter Lourense Van Aleu, 1709. 


Claas Luy i t, 1 700-4. 

Evert Luvkase Backer, 1677. 

I 1701-6. 
Jacobu- Luykase Wyngai 
Jan Lu 

Luykase \ an Iloo^kerke, 1686-1705. 
'. 'yngaert, 1709. 
irt, 1700. 
Marya Luykase Wyngaert, 1709. 
Pieter Luykase Coeymans. 1683-92. 

. oil. ID. 

Catalyntie Maesse Van Buren, 1733. 
Cornells 'fi-33. 

an Buren, 1631. 

Jacob Ma mendael, 1733. 

• an Bloemenda 

Jacob Marii 

Doom, 1686. 

' . 17G-1. 

Buren, 1742. 




d Buren, 1703. 

ier, 1734. 

Jannetie Marti d 
Johannes Martcnse l: •■•■ 

'i 1683. 
Magdalena Martense Van Buren, 1703. 



Key to ■■ Early Albany L 1 

| maker. 


Jan Mat 


gteling, 1688. 

Hendn 70-5. 

. 1TO1. 

Cathari -1703. 

Maria Melgertse Van der Poel, 

e Van der Pol' 
Van der Poel. 1110. 
Rath Melgertse Van I 
Trinke Melgertse Van der Poel. 1710. 
■\Vynan; ! der Poel, 1710. 

Jan MicL ; 

Burner M 1703. 

:.. 1707. 

Hannen Myndertse Van der Began, alias Har- 

manus A'Boghardij. 1646. 
Hendrick Mvndertse Ruseboom, 1738-36. 

dertse "SVeran, 
Johannes Mvndertse Van Iveren 
Reinier M> udertse Vtui Iveren (Smit), 1707- 

Maria Xico!aa=e Ripse [Van Dam?] 1CS3. 
Pieter ^ico'wase Van Nordiuge, 1037. 

Marten Pauluse Van Bentnuysen. Pi97-1705. 

Dirk Pbilipse Conyn. 1708. 
Gysbert Philipse !*)54. 

Jan Philip 

Leeudert Phiii.. '.706. 

Philip Philipse Demoer, 1693-99. 

Abraham Piete - 

Adriaen Pieterse Van Alkmaer. 1653. 
A-rt Pieteree Taek, II 

. ieteree Wiune, 1688. 
Antje Pieterse Borsboom. 1093. 
Antje Pieterse Qd 

A rent 1 [1036-1701. 

Barent ! •lulenaer, 

Cornelia Pieteree Van OLinda, 1693. 
Cryn Pieterse Van Seventer, 1659. 
Daniel Pieterse Winn. 
David Pieterse Schuyler . 
David Pieterse Coevmai - 
Franc "1-84. 

Frans Pieterse Clauw or Klanw, 1062-1700. 
Jacob Pieterse Coeymane 
Jacobu - 

Jan Pieterse Mulder, 1660-1. 
Jan Pieterse Bronck. II 
Jan Pieterse Kleennak ■•■ 
Jan Piel 

Jillie Pieteree Meveror Timmerman. 1060-70. 

Johannes Pieterse Qua< : 

Killiaen I 

Marten ! 

Pieter Pi 
Pieter Pi< I 

Reyntien Pietew 
- Pieteree Winnc 
Walrave Pi 
Willem Pi 

Gerrit Reyerse Lansing. 1093. 

Claas or Nicolaas Ripse Van Dam, 165S-1700. 

Aaltie Roeloffse Van der. Werkei 

Hendrr I der Werken. i 

Jan Roelol 
Maritie Roeloffse Van der Werk< 


Adam Rolantsen Van Hamelwart, 1638. 

Johannes RntseBleecke. 
Rx< . 
Gerrit Ryekse Van Vranken. 
Maas Ryckse Van Vranken. 

Rtxdep.tse ob Redtdebbb. 
Arent Reinders 
Barent Rynders< - 
Claas Reinderse Mynderse, 1706. 

[( -KSE. 

Jacob Salomon se I 

Jan Salomonse Goewey, 1683-1702. 

■ ■ 
Jacob Samuelse Pruyn. 1752. 
Johannes Samuelse Pru; 


Catryntje Sanderse Gle. 

Johannes Sanderse Wen. 1699. 
Sander Sanderse Glen, 1093. 

Cornelis Segerse Van Voorhont, 1642-62. 


Zacharias Sickelse \ an Weent: 


Cornelis Stevense Mulder or Muller, 1682-1709. 
Abraham Stevense Croat. . 

Jan Stoffelse AK 

Wouter Storm Bratt, or Van der Zee, 1699. 


Anthoi Schaick, 1686-1704, 

Catharina - 

-ybranue Van Schaick 
Adriaen S 1661. 

Adriaen Symonse Bet. 1661. 

Key to Names in Early Albany Records. 




Gerrit Symonse Veeder, 1(599-1720. 
Symonse Klom i I 653-4. 

ler, 1699-1742. 
r 1699. 

-tsauen, 1661-4. 

/olkert Symonse Veeder, 1699-1720. 

Dirk Tali aten, 1701-6. 

Tryntje traaten, 1722. 

Jau Terssen Van Franiker, 1035. 

Te ■ 
Adriaeu Teua' 1040. 

Anna T - 

Arent Teunise Van Luytcn, 1642. 
Claas Teunise Dylensmegel, 1645. 
i ] 'eusen, 1700. 
■ Verwey, 1694. 
Coraelie Teonise Bos or Bosch. 
Cornells Teuu i rpeck or Bos, 

Cornells Teunise Vau Vechten, L669-1705. 
Cornells Teunise Van Slyck, 1661-8. 
Cornells Teunise Iloogeboorn, 1001-3. [1631-61. 
Cornells Teunise Van Breuckelen or Brakelen, 
: anise Van Merkerk, 1037. 

Ider or Muller, 1703-6. 
reunise Swart, 1680-5. 
Teunise Slingerland, 1705. 
Dirk Teunise Van Vechten, 1070-1705. 
Dirkje Teunise Metselaer, 1685. 
Egbert Teunise Metselaer, 1085. 
anise Swart, 1686-91. 
Eva Teunise Van Schoenderwoert, 1709. 

as, 1031. 
Gerrit Teunise v 
Gerritje Teunise : 

Gerrit Teunise Van ?6-1747. 

Jacob Teu 661-89. 

Jacob Teunise I)e Looper, 1050. [1683-1730. 
Jacob 'I ■ lendcrwoert or Woert, 

Jacob !' 


. 1695-6. 
Vechten, 1683. 
Teunise Ming;; [94. 

Jurriaen Teunif in , 1671- 

Jurriaen Teunise ( Hazemaecker, 1658-67. 
Maritie " 

Marten Teunise Metselaer or Demetselaer, 1685. 
r an Bronswyck - 
mi se Van Vechten, L700. 
iiise Van Deusen, 1005-1700. 
Van Velsen or Van Westbroeck, 

.J 83 - 
ler orDemetselaer, 1658- 

Willempie Teunise Bran, 1701. 
. Mulder, 1709. 
Van Deusen.1712. 
•Tim '!' ■ 
Robert Teuwisse Van Deusen, 1700. 


Gabriel Ton 

Harme ' ■ ersfort, or \au 

Johannes Tornase Mingael, 1681-1701. 
Dgaerd, 1702. 

Pieter Tomase Mingael, 1083-1700. 

Tym E ' 
Reynier Tymense Van Kdam, 1G36. 

Cornelia Tyssen Van der Heyden, 1700. 
Cornelia T 

Jan Tyssen Goes, 1677-1732. 
Jurriaen Tyssen Van Amsterdam 

Audries Volkertse Douw, 1090-1701. 

Catrvntie Volkertse Douv 

Dorothea Volkertse Douw, 1700. 
Ephraim Volkertse Van Veghten, 1747. 

Hendrick Volkertse Douw, 1700. 
Johannes Volkertse Douw, 1747. 
Johannes Volkertse Van ■ 
Jonas Volkertse Douw, 1681-1700. 
Margaret Volkertse Van Veghten, 1747. 
Symon Volkertse Veeder, alias De Bakker, 

Anna Catharina Wesselse Ten Br i 
Christina Wesselse Ten Broeck, 

• Ten Broeck. 
Dirk Wesselse Ten Broeck, 1603-1705. 
Jacob Wesselse Ten Broeck. 1723. 
Jochim Wesselse Backer, 1633-1683. 

Wn.i I 
Claas Willemse Van Coppernol, 16 

illemse Van den Bergh, 1670-1706. 
Dirk Willemse Van Slyck, 1687. 
Gerrit Willemse Oosterum 
Gerrit Willemse Van den Bergh. 1728-42. 
Gerrit Willemse Groesbeek, 1740. 
Gysbert Willemse Van den Berg 
Hendrick Willemse Backer, 1057-85. 

lemse Scboon. 1661. 
Jau Willemse Scuth 

. 1088. 
Willemse Groi - ' 
Pieter Willemse Van Slvck, 1689 
Roeloff Willemse Van Heerdeu, 1662. 
Tenuis Willemse Van Woutbergh, 1677. 
Tennis Wil 1684. 

Tryntie Willemse Van Slyck, 16 
Wynant Willemse Van den Bergh 

Jan Wvbcsse Van Harlingen, 1662. 
Jan Wybesse Spoor, 168E 


Catalina Wynantse Van den Bergh. 1749. 

Catarina Wynantse Van den Bergh, 1749. 


Maria Wynantse Van di i 


Volkie Wynantse Van den Bergh 

Willem Wynantse Van den Bergh, 1749. 


Jan Ysbrantse Timmer, 100-3. 


<£cncalosics of djc jf tra Settlers of Eltang. 

In offering to the curious the following contributions for the family history of Albany connty, it may be ex- 

mdicate the character of the p i of territory occupied, 

■ uliar difficulties of the work. 

nt city of Albany was first occupied as a trading post in 1614. After the char- 

: Fort Orange v d which clustered the 

,vho claimed and exercised the entire 

(1 the charter, by which 

titfuland unsettled parts:" the greed of gain -wallowed 

and bo forcibly presented to the notice of the 

. tder the 

j made to Patroo oiesinNewNetherland. 

proceeded to avail themselves of the privili 

granted for their special profit and gratification. The 

iiiv and the Patroons in fulfilling the heir charters relating 

• so apparent in 1038 as 

al, and after the agitation and rejection of many project.- the 

• and free lands er what they conceived 

,ad a happy effect in stimulating immigration to New Xetherland from 

lopulation of Ne at beginning arinusly 

000 The Dutch had held the province fifty 

It of their attempts to colonize it. Its natural advantages both for trade 

and as;:: • like portion of the d nation which had redeemed its 

freedom from the Spanish yoke, and led all ! 
1 a new empire i The Dutch 

e and pluck ; but it was the system of government, per- 
• :K.-:inons. thai I fault. 

eriod can not be exactly known ; that it was small may be 
church built in II by 19 ft. and cos 

house served the little community until 1656. Second. A 
w who visited 646 mentions that it con! atched cottages, 

--elaer papers ;- to the (olonie 

- who were attracted to Fort Orange by 
n for Indian traffic, were either tenants or servants of the Patroon of Rene 
■ his manorial jurisdictii in. Fort Orange and the little hamlet which clustered around its walls 
for nafetv were always claimed ndia Company as under their exclusive authority. This claim, 

he Patroon. Hence originated that memorable and almost bloody con- 
test for- hard-beaded officials. Gov. Stuyvesant and Ci i itennorst. 
The 1 City one 
the river and 13V4 miles long. All outside of these Hi:.: 

erwyek, though almost first, was changeable: 

after a !' ue returned to Patria: some retired to New Amster- 

dam (New Yorl . the limits of the Colonit and purchased lands at Kinderhook, 

■ it-kill Coxsackie, Niskavuna. Half Moon, ani - 

duced a new element into the population; the 
uty, clerk of th ty, and officers an e garrison were mainly ] 

id with Dutch maidens and became permanent citizens. Later, 
another nationality was introduced: th ■ een Anne some thousands of Palatines were sent 

over in 1708-22; they settled at East aod West Camps on the Hudson, and afterwards in the Schoharie valley, 
and at German Fiats on the Mi 

1661 the powers of the mge extended south to tl By the 

ifthe province into cot county comprie h >h of Dutchess 

s river, and the village of Al ban; as the fountain of authority both 

in church and judicial matter- eion. 

■ lurch lounded about 1640 was the on'y one north of Esopus having a permanent mit 

til Ion. . .•.! in early tiruef- were christened in the 

nci their names entered in the Doo'p Boek, these ancient bapl = i e a peculiar value and 

. fortunately the records, previous to 1684, are wanting, from that date onward 


The f - ontain the names of all children baptized and recorded in this church from 1684 to 1800 

posted 'tmilies. Large.-: Lditions have also been made from other sources, among which are 

- of magistrates, 
&c, foim.i in the office- '- and papers in the secretary of state's 

- in; and Mr. Munsell's Annals and His- 
torical i f information at the patient anti- 
quarian has still ample i v ground for research in family papers, 
records in family bibles, and mi in those of the Colonic belonging to the Van Rensselaer family. 

Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


Although these contributions are not to be regarded as full pedigrees of the families named, down to 1800, 
thev are as complete in mosl •■ I three or four generations as they are ever likely to be made 

from documentary evidence. Considering thi great among the descendants 

of Aum-k i] nection which most of the ancient Dutch families of the val- 

ley of the Hudson, claim with tha ' reasonably be supposed that their pedigrees would 

long before this have been cle.. - this is the fact, - be feared that 

d or something of fiction has been introduced into many genealogies, 

which it is hoped 

The Sh lilies occasionally referred to in the following pages is a work in manuscript similar 

to this, relating to Schenectady and the valley of the Mohawk. 


following pages: Ch: ( • married; a., aged; &, died. 

Aaruont (See Arnold). 

Abbot (Ebbet), James, and Lena Sting. Ch: 
Johannes, b. Feb. 

Abbot. William, an kson ; 

m. Nov. 30, 1777. Ch: Jane, 1 Marga- 

ret, b. Nov. 6, 1 

Abeel, Stoffel Janse : master carpenter ; in 
Beverwvck in 1653 ; Feb. 3, LS 

Dec. 4, 

1670, made his will in which hi follow- 

dren: Magdalenu then aged 17, and already 

married; Maria, aged 14; Johannes, aged 11, and 


Abeel, Johannes, m. Catalina Schuyler, April 10, 
1694; merchant; rem 

atreturned; mayorofAll 
10 : his gravestone dug up near the 2d Dutch Church, 
had the following inscription : 

"Here li John Abeel who de> 

parted this life ye 28th day of Jany., 1711, 
and in the 44 year of hi 


■J waert 

Ch : Neeltle, bp. in Albany, April 14, 1095 ; Chris- 
toffel, bp. in New York. Dec. : liiia, bp. 

in New York. Oct. 23. 1698; v 
March 30, 1701; Jannetie. bp. in All 
1703; David, bp. in Albany, April 29, 1705, m, Maria 
Duyckink of New York, Feb. 4, 1726. 

Abeel, Christoffel, and Man ■ Sept. 

23, 1720. Ch : Joannes, bp. April 8, 1722. " an alleged 
Innatic;" Anthony,bp. Jan.2 

bp. April 11, 1725"; David, bp Oatha- 

rina, bp. Dec. 13, 1729 

Cathalyna, bp. June 9, 1734: Jacobus, bp. Jan. 26, 
I • ria, bp. April 2 ■ 
, David. Jr., m. Neeltie Van Berge 
Katskil," July 2. 1752. Ch: Annatie, bp. March 1, 

Abeel, Jacobus, m. Egbert' 

Aug. 27, 1758; Willein. b] 
b. lag. 22, 1764; 

rita, b. July 3, 1769 : Hendrik. Jan. b. 4. 1772; Catha- 
irita, b. July 22, 1779. 
Abel.Jacol '• Ch:Johan 

Hendrik, bp. Jan. 13. 1754. 

Abel, Andries, m. Annatie {Joham 
Au°-. 2i tendrick, b. May 25, IT! 

b. June 19,1774; Johannes, b. -Tan. 
Andries. b. March 1 . 
1784 ; Geertrnv, b. Oct. 7, 171 

Abranamse(seeTietsoort). Am 
rina . Ch: Joham 
bp. Nov. 22, 1719; Lydia, bp. Julj 2, 1721. 

Abrahamse, Johannes, m. Catharyna Si 
Aug 14. 1739. Ch: Anthony, bp ML 
i . 
Acfcer, Joost, and 

,, 1765. 
Ack'.. and. Ch: Albert 

Feb. 14,1799. 1 
Shed. Aug. lij ' 
Oct. 2- 
April ii. 

Ackerson, John, and Maria Ch : Cornells, 

-on-, John, and Engeltie Vrooman. Ch : 
Adam, b 

.•^cca Van Santvoord, 
[argarita, b. June 11, 1771; 

Adams Ja reman, "Van 

, ■ ■-, : Albertus, bp. Sept. 

Ad aiis, John, and Mary Ch : Elizabeth, bp. 

Ada:.!-- I Hester Willis (WiOson). Ch: 

. .Maria, b. Jan. 19, 1790. 
Adam 3 Catalina Van Bergen. 

Dec. 6, 1796. 
Adrlaens* i i, a noted free- 

time in 
illaghan's Hist. 

out to 
Bevervi " Key of Calmar.— 

ghan\s ; 
Adiuaensex. Jacob, Van Utrecht, at. Be' 

erhaps the same as as Jac. Adr. Soo- 
Adrij i patent for a 

lot in Be ti he sold to Frederick 

Aertse, Rut, [perhaps the same as the '. 

st to that of Pieter Clairbout 
on north side of State street between James street 
and Broadway. 

Aeki 3B, or Aerse, Woutei 
maker, a soldier in the W.I. Co 

rector Kieft's time; in 1678 he bought of Sweer 

ler ol 

Aertse, Jacob, and Sarah Pels. Ch : Jacob, bp. 

. 1 695. 
Alierrlu, - 9 - Cn: Sn " 

Albertsen, Hendrick came out a seconrt 

:>, her brother 

■he first 

■ rCallaghans 


Albreclit, Hendrick. and Elizabeth Folent (Fo- 

bp. Nov. 11, 1153; I'hdip bp. 
. bp. Jan. 15, i 

D. Oct. 10, 1765; Frederic, 
bp. April 1 

e and Rosina Buia or Briesch, 
.i ,k, bp. March: 

Alien, John, and Eleanor Sullivan. Ch: John, 

jk David, and Jennet Stewart. Cb : Alexan- 
.iii, b. April 27, 1780 ; 

.and Mary Halenbeck. Ch: William, 
. 1795. 
AUertsen, Prans, cooper, at Beverwyck in 1638, 

Amory, John, m. Neeltie Plants, Nov. 9, 1769. 
bp. June 28, 1712. 




Vii.'i • 

■ And. 


m uined 


Intlionyse, Egbert,and Ch:Barent, b. 

Ai»y, David and v. Ch: Jacob, 

Appel, A i 



nker of 
ici through the 


wonndi i i and Indians in their attack 

■ 1690. 
Appeletouwn ten tot 

m. Annatie Ca 
Oct. 11, op. -March 29, 11 

Areliard [Orchard?] Matthew, and Elizabeth 

Art i<- born 

i 1722 (Athene 
Luth. ( 
Arlaen, Meester (Doctor), was iu Beverwyck in 

Arlssen, Gerrit. and wife Ch: Alien, bp. 

Arm«trong, John and Oatrvna De Garmo. 
atharina, bp. Dec. 12, 1730 ; Maria, bp. Nov. 

Arnold lArnonti, Jacob of Normanskil; first 
Arnold. Ch: Is 
secoud wife Anna Mook, in. Not. 10, 1751. I 

iia. bp. Dec. 1 

Arnold, Johannes, and Annaiie Hillebrand. Ch: 

23, 1766. 
Aknoi.d, Elias. and Geertroy Grc 
Annatie, b. J;- sbert, b. Jury 26, 

Elizabeth, b. .March h. b. June 6, 

rrit, b. June 18, 
1701 : W 

"Aenold, 1! Van Alstyne. 

Ch: J 
Ap.n i the Hellenberg, and Gcrritie 

Ar.\ Sophia Philips. Ch : Elizabeth, 

b. Dec. 2 arme, b. Jan. 23, 1700. 

Arnot, John, and Mary W alley, m. Jan. 21, 1704. 
Ch: Jacob, bp. April 12, 

Arnoud (see Arnold), Johannes, and Elizabeth 
. Ch : Ariaantie, bp. April 10. 

Atkinson, Peter, and Ann Griffln. Ch: Isabella, 

Aurlnjrer. Mart ina Sheer. Ch : 

Maria Bnis. Ch : Marga- 

A iiMtln, Aaron, and HUsie Austin. 

itaari, 11" dewyk, 


Li>-m. ■ 

ibeck'sland. " 

i. 1716; Elizabi 

Kachus Backis (See Bockes). 

But • 
i BadtfBeth), Willemof & ' Eliza- 

beth v 
| June 1 

Bailey. Thomas, and Olive Hall. Ch: Sarah, b. 

Uakker (Backer). See Evert Luykase and Jo- 

Beverwyck in 

rge dock. : 1660 12 guild- 

bringing in a load of hay on Sunday 
about the third tolling of the bell. 
Batubus. lirmen Jacobse, in Be- 

. nment for lebf, and his sloop. Eiken- 

his body was carried to New Amsterdam foi 
Baninitz, James, and Prancyntie Cahoen. Ch : 

' Jacobus, b. An< 

Bancker (Banckei 

i dam bi 

is death, 

' which ■ 

the third east of Pearl as it tb< 

- . r of Jan Van 
il Schenectady. After 
- and Mrs. Bancker remo 1 
Now Yi i ' in trade. She died the 3d of 

rty for 
an. 24, 
ina, who ra. Johannes Be Pi 

Ba\ was a merchant 

ly, but retired to his farm in Guilderland dur- 
iis life: he wa* buried on the 
10th Jul i iustice of the | 

March 2u. 1734. His home lot in Albany was on the 

• t next east of 
' as it then ex- 

31. 1734. in which he ga 

•ill my decease 

or till 1 He 

• a who are to share 

alike it Jannetie, 

Adriaan. Gerardus and 

■ rardus, 
b. Jun> Chris- 

... Oct. 
!em, b. Oct. 28 

rch 15, 1710, andd. 

opher, of New York, son of the 

• i Hooglant in New York. Oct. 

j'i. 1710. Ch: Adriaan, bp. in New York. Julv 3. 

Adriaan, of New York, m. G. Elizabeth 
w York, Jan. 

fogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


■:er, Gerrit orGerardus, m Mai 

i. 1731. Ch: baptized in Al- 

Elizabeth, May './. 173G: Johanm . 

in. in 
nectady : Evert. Dec. 1 
'■ <i ; Kliz.'ibeth. 
Neeltie Dec. Vug. 16, 

t25, 1744; Ever . 
Bancker, Johanne . Ch: 

idy ; Elizabeth, June 7, 1735; 
Gerrit, Feb. 27, 1737. 
Bani keb, Johannes, and Geertruyd Jacobi, m. 
rita, bp. < 
Bankly, Jonathai Ch : 

bp April 4, 17:;-;. 
Barents?. Willem, and Lysbeth Sickels. Ch: 

Barheit, JeronimusHanse.and Re 
. i 

Babheit, Am 

Bronck's farm. Perha; 

i ilt. dwelling at Kinderhoek" ii 

: tselaer. She was no - in 1699 

I eunise [herbrotl ', i irdian 

bur children. Ch:Joi 
Babheit, Wouter, and Rachel Winne, n , 
28, 1715. He was buried Jan. 8, 1733. Ch : Ilieroni- 
bp.Feb. 12, 1716; Teuntie, bp. Sept. 1, 1717; 
ita, bp. May 15, May 5, 

Babh a d Cornelia Ch: ' 

bit, Willem, and Catalyna Barheit. Ch : 
Dirk, bp. Oct. 1. 1725. 
B \p.hl(t. Wouter, and Rachel Barheit. Ci 

March 3, 1737 , Eva, bp. Dec. 23, 1739. 

Barheit, Hieronimns. and Sara Ch: Eliza- 

. 1743. 
Barheit. Walter P.. and Catharine McGee. Ch: 

Bariieyi. Hlbert, 

. . . 
mus, bp. Man 


i q, bp. 6, 1723. 
Barrel tli (See Bar 
' Barrinser (See Bei 

Barret (Berrit), Rol atieJanse. She 

: Tammns, bp. Man i 

Berrit, ! 

,, ,. . i 

i Pearl 


1725. Ch: Robert, bp. July 

Barrington,Lewi J. Ch: 

Adams. Ch; . . 

, ivis, b. 

Barrois (Barroa, Barroway, Berwar, Berwee), 

■ i 
eboren tot Mont Real 
au wonende in de Co. Ulster,"' m. Aaltie 
Roeloffse Van der Werke, .Tun. Antje, 

L711 ; Maria, bp. 8 | 
Barrois (?) (Borrow ai, and 

b. .Tan. -25. 1784; David 
Bartel, Johannes, and Elizabeth Ilouex. Ch: 
: in. K 

Barth (Beth?), Thomas, and Maria Ch : 

lie, bp. May 24, 1724; 
Magdalena, bp. June 19, 1726. 

Base Iiasche. Henry, and Sophia Magdalena — 

l, bp. Nov. 19, I 
Basset! (Bessidt), Michae 
chael B. of New York and b. I i ad Li- 

berie Schermerhorn, in. Apt h: Mi- 

- 1731; 
iv. 19, 

! - 

lis, bp. 

ii. Dec. 
;.. b. March 20, I 
b. April 

9; Mi- 

tnd Engeltie Cool. Ch : Eliza- 
John. He was ord 
;, 1787, as coadjutor of 

I bm 

ed Ann Hun; she died at Peni 
Oct. 17. - 

•r i 16, 17D8; Maria, I. I 
1800; Job-., b. Nov. 8, 1802. 

Batblado (Patblado). Jain i, Jan. 

30,1739. 1741. 

Bates, John, and Mary Butler. Ch : Catharina, 
b. Jan. 1777. 
BatH (Beth ?), James and Margarita Ch : 

Baxter (see De Baxter), Willen 

I utha, b. Xov. 

Beasely, John, m. Lydia Van Benthnysen, 

ry, bp. .) uue 7, 1724 ; Johanna, 

Beasley, Hendrik, and Maria Noble. Ch : Jo- 


Becker (Bekker), Jan Jnrrianse, in 1656 was cierk 
at For: 

South river 

i I 

very capable that way. while Jacob Jooste 

children." He made his will 
ks of son Joh; 
. Willem Hogan), who was n 
. Dec. 1G, 1097. 
KEB, Johannes, Jr., and Anna Van der Zee. 
iip. Nov. 15, 16 Jan. 

: Johannes, bp. Aug. 4. 1691 

bp. Jan. 19, 16* 
< Jizabeth, bp. Jud 

atie, bp. May 5, 
as jnrriaensen, and C 

, 1694; 
L6, 1698. 



■ - 


and Ariaantjc V 
' i'lia, bp. Jan. , 

Zee, m. 

Zee, m. 


tten Gerrit Dirto 

5 ; Gerrit, bp. i 

: r. and Am it Van Woert, m. June 11, 
tharina,b. Oct. 

sing. Ch: Sara, 

I Annatie De Ridder, m. Feb. 
25, 1764 ; Catha- 

rina, b. . 

Becker, Hannes. and Annatie Ch ; Catha- 

rina,b. 1 Johannes, bp. July 22 

vi. na Acker 'Ackers : 


i Marrtie Wvnkoop, m. April 

Jan." C. 17S1 ; Evert, b. Kov. 


Becker, Storm, and Elizabeth Clute. Ch: Al- 

5. [Gen. Storm A. Becker, d. 

April 10, fie, aged 64.] 

Beebe, James and Lydia Larroway. Ch: Tho- 

IJeekuiaii, Marten, and Susanna (?). Ch: Jo- 
hannes ; Hendrick; Metie v :; uiieol Cornells Corne- 
lls "V an der lloeven.] 

OfAN, Johannes Martenee, smith, mi 

dch he 
oi wile Eva and all the chiirk 
low except Ariaantie. He was buried Sept. 30, 1732. 
.. htelt Jacobse Schennerhorn. 

- .sauna, 
bp. Sept. 85, I Jan. 13, 16 

second wile was Eva Vinhae<clien. m 
Ch: Johannes. 


Jannetie, bp : >'eeltie. bp. Oct. 

..'. 1714. 
Hendrick Ma:. ic. and 

: ydia, bp. Jui, ... June 

oter, bp. July 
Jena, bp. Oct. 5, 

Beeckman. Jacob. -.. 

Dec. 11 
bp. Jut 

i i 7as . 

a lot. on 
orneai - rreets. 

' - 
I. Ch: Johanni 

;.. hannes. bp. • 

, July 


Beekman, Hendrikand A. ie was 

buried J' 


lebora Van Schaick. 
Cb: Jaco i!eek- 

man ai.'' ■ 1761.] 

Beek ■• and Maria Nicoll, m Feb. 13, 

1754. Ch: Tjerk Harmense, bp. Oct. 23 

Beek-: Jr., and Catryna (?) Cuvler. 

Beek^ and Maria Sanders ; 

i he was mayor of Alba 

, Debora. b. Nov. 
2. 17(37; Machtel. b. Nov. 21, 11 Dec. 9, 

■ . John 
1781; died Jan. 
Beekman. Gerardus, " van New York " and Anna 
, Douw, ni. Jun. ouw, b. Sept. 

:.: Eannah, widow of 
Peter Douw Beekman. d. April 3, I 
Jacobus, b . De< 
' Anna. b. Sept. 16. 17(39; died. 0< .ria, b. 

Aug. i 1775. 

Beekman. Johannes M., and Elizabeth Douw. m. 
Jan. 21, 1704. Ch: Marten, b. N Petrufl, 

b. Aug. 19, 1769; Marten, b. May 5, 1772: Petrus, b. 
March ] i 

Beekman. Johannes H., and Hendrikie Van Bu- 
rcn Ch: Hester. April IS, 1768: Leendert, J 
Beek .. and Maria Thownan. Ch : 

Nicolaas, b. July •' 

Beecraft em, and Sara 

Ch: Jonathan, b] 
Beechaft. Thomas, and Mary Bunt. Ch : Thomas. 

Becly .see Bailey) . 

Beem, John, and Sarah Jenkins v ?). Ch: Adam, 
3, 1794. 

Beers. Adam, and Catharina Frieer. Ch : 

Beesiusrer (see Peesinger). 

Beint, Edward, and Nanny Ch : Edward. 

bp Nov ; 

Bekker (see Becker). 

Bell (Bill), Jan, and Rachel Abrahamse. 
Lydia, I '■]<■ -Tan. 20, 

Ian Bell. l W 
naer Van Klaverac " m. Marv Bmnbam. "Weduwe 
Van Albi 

Bell. John i louper (Dnper). Ch : 

Bell, William, and AnnWallis. Ch : Ann. I 

Bell. 5 , Wil- 

B eloff, b. Feb. I r 
Bell. ■ 
Ch : Maria, b - 
Bell. James, and Mary McCarly. Ch: Jami 

Beli . 

Oct. 18, 1741 ; Anna, 
Bembo, Jan Van L W. I. 

Ben, natie Garner. 

May 1, 1764; Hugo, Dec. 22, 176(3: James, 

Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


Bender, Christiaa eth Ch: 

Christina, b. Oct. 16. i 


Bengburn (see Pan 

Bennet, Ephraim iy Bloe- 

mendal, m. Jn 
29. 1773: Rebecca, b. S b. Slay 

Benoit (Bennew;, > I irre, "Van Eo- 

cbelle," and Henderikie Van Schoonhoven, m. Dec. 

14.169<i. Ch. 

and Jn 
buried-; ; 

Benoit. Pierre, and 
Ch: II i ran. IS. 1724; I 

Nov. 26 . ia, bp. 

'■;>. May !(, 1730; Johannes, bp. 

Bennoit (Beunewe), Jac< 

Carharyua m . Aug. 1, 

bp. July 9, 173-2 : 2d. v.- I - • Ch : Peter, bp. 

Ch: Martha, bp. May 
22. 1713 : I ■ 

Bennoit (Bennewe), Vince md An- 

netieBovie. ( ; Pieter- 

Bex: 'I aria Fort. m. 

racomyntie, bp 
Johaunes. b. March 2, 1772. 
Ben sen 

as ear' 
proveo i 
Dirk, deceased at the date of his 

Palo (? 

1 ua— Genealogy of the 8 

Bensen, Dirck, a carpenter, was an inhabit 
Beverwyck, 1653-60, when he . 
after his widov 
Hun from Am ei 
a .joint 

Dirck Bensen by Catalyna Bercx wen 
se. 13 yr syrs. ; 

Catarina, iria, as. 4 yrs. 

Bensi - and Tryntie Matheuse. Ch: 

Sampson, bp. April 13, 
iilem.bp. Ocl 

BENSEN,Dir]j 'pen boat called 


He died prior ro 1721 
about 1732. Ch: Eva 

Eva, bp. in N 
Divk, bp. in 

York Sept. 13, tie Van 

De Water, m. in New York, Nov. 10, 
Bensen, Johanne.-. and 1 

bp. in 

New \ ' 
March 22, 1704. 

Be>. : >irck, and Maritie Wyngaart, 

3, 1769; 

Chris i : .•1.1780; 

Gysbert, b. July 2, 1782; Oatl ■ 

i. June 10, 1770. Ch : . 

;i Richard. 


.Man, b. Dec . 1796.— 


en, Abraham, and Sarah Hagadorn (Augerdon, 
■ irtiaret, 
b. Oct » 

I lharlotte Amelia, b. Oct. 26, 

sr, Dirk, and Helen Lowe. Ch: Maria, b. 

i Ch: Catharine 

Bent (see Bout). 

Berber. Hendrick, and Sophia Ch : Maria, 

Barbara, b. June ' 

Berkley, Hendrik: and Anna Coaglar. Ch: Anna 
Catharina, b. July 
Bernard, Joost, and Christina Hemmer. Ch: 

bd, Frederic, and Sophia Zeel. Ch: Eliza- 
beth, b. Dec. 8, 1770. 

Bernbard, Jacob, and Anna Ch: Sofia, 

Bernbart (Bernard), Johannes, and CI 

Ch: Johannes, bp. March 28, 1755; 
Jan. 31, 1762. 
Berringer (Barriuger), Zacharias and Anna Pal- 
Ler). Ch: Marytie, b. April 36. 1761 ; 5 

pt. 11, 1770; Christina, b. Jun< 

vgek, Jurriaan (George) and Elizabeth Beem 

(Boehin, Pean). Ch: Catharina, bp. Sept. l, 1771; 

1 Coenraad, b. Sept. 2, 1778; 

■:. b. Dec. 22, 1781; Annatie, b. Jan. 22. 

v illem, b. Jan. 28, 1787; Eleanor, b. June 1, 

Bef.ringer, Hans, and Annatie Valentine. Ch: 
Philip, b. May 14, 1780. 

■: [teiner. 

i Ch: Johannes, b. July 16, 1781; Catharina, b. March 
rch 5. 1788; Frederic, b. Sept. 
Eve, b. Aug. 2( 

. Philip, and Catharine Meyer, m . May 
?86; Jacob, b. 

Jatharine Heiner: Ch: 
Philippus, b. Dec. 2. 1780; Jeremias. b. March 16, 
I .. 1792. 
Berrit (see Barret). 

Berry, William, and Elizabeth Roseboom. Ch: 

ife Catharine Pikket ; 2d wife 
b : Marytje, b. Jan. 29,1774; 

.. John, and Catharine Harbeck. Ch 

let. 3, 
Berwee, Berwey (see Bar 
Beasidt (see Bassett). 
Betb (see Badt and Barth). 
Bet or Bats (see Boer) . 
Bevee (see Bovie) . 

Be vie r, Abraham of Esopus, and Rachel Vernoy. 
Ch: Louis, bp. Feb. 1,1708. 
Beurum, Jacob, and Sara Bronck. Ch: Ag- 

Blancbard, Jan. u et DePeyster. 

day 31, 1783. 
Blaekney, John, and Mary McCay. Ch: Mary, 


Bleecker. came from Meppel pro- 

I Nov. 

21, 1732andwae church on the 24th Nov. 

; ader. He was 


Schc oi ' ■ 

md d. 1733. Ch: Johau 

I me, Margan t : Hen- 
16; Rachel, bp. Nov. 14,1688; 


of the First Settlers of A 

Ri i order of Albai 

.mi cm I a 
I Maiden 

... i 
H. ■■.-.' !. 

Irik, bp. 

chuyler and widow of Jan 

buried in the church, 

ins; : 

let wife, Jannek 

. rhannes, bp. Ai 
-l L727; Jacob, bp. S 

v. bp. 
Oct. 2,1733. 2d \%£va Bries, in. Jan. 10. 1741. 
1 !i : Anna, bp. March 
7, 1742; ' Oct. It'. 1744. 

BlEi ■' .in of Johannes B., and 

Anna* rgarita Roseboom, April 11 

Be was buried in the church Jan. 4, 1751. 

3 m. 1(3 d. Ch: Ilendrik. b. 
aaCuyler; Gerritie.bp. Aug. 3 
Gerritie, bp. June 4. 1735; Anna, bp. Aug. 15, 
Johai' \pril25, 

1742, died uiiin ... bp. Feb. 21, I 

Blbeckeb, Johannes Ruth (Rutgerse), in. Eliza- 
kOg. ."j. 1743. . i ^'or, d. 

1800. CI bp. July 5, 1745, m. Catharine 

Elmendorf: Barent, bp. June 5, 1748; Bat. 
Barent. bp. Nov. 12, r. > . 
us, bp. Oct. 23, 1755; Catalina, bp. 
Oct. 15, 1758; Barent bp. June 9, 1760, m. barah 
Lansinj 6 no ch; Johan- 

nes, b • Dec. 29,1883, te. 70, buried 

from ."' 
Bleecker. Jacob, son of Johannes, m. Margaret 
r45; he was buried July I 
b. J715. and d. 1777. Ch ; Jacob, b. July 

Hendrick, Jr.. and Catalyntit I 

i. bp. Nov 28, 
Eyck : Nicolaas, bp. Jan. 22. 1758, m. ] 
Hendrik,bp Oct. 2, 1763, d. Nov. 11, 
b. Maj 11, 1766; Cathai 
Van Ingi 

Bleecker. Johannee 
Schaick: he died June 
Ch: '1 
Anna. I 

m. Anna,\ an Alen, had mi b 
25, 1771 1811, unmarri 

Nov. 5, 1773. d. April 29, 1814, sine prole"; Jacob, b. 
Dec. 13, 1770, unmarried. 

kbb, 'Rut..'-r, and Catharine Elmem 

171 m 


1777. m. Filler Brinckerhoff. of New York 

Sept. IS, m. Morris S.Miller of Utica; and d 
March i Blandina,b. i 

Charl- arah Rutger, b 

At the baptism of this child the lath. 

Bi.h and Elizabeth V 

dau. of Harmanus I. Wendell, ni. i 
d. Nov. 30. 1806 in his 62d year. She d. March 14, 
1818, in her Goth year. Ch . Jacob, b . March. 2 

Harmannos, b. &d . 24, 

b. June 

a Deu- 
sen : he i d. April 13, 

meyn, and d. in New York, Oc 

ind d. 
b. Nov. IS 

Blel- lames), and Rachel Van Sau- 

ten.m widow of James B., d. 

March '. 

b. March 24. 1785; Cathalina, b. Dec. 22, 1767 ; Gerrit 

he was 
buried Dec. 6, 1831, froi 

■ ■unit. b. Aug. 

3ept. 1, 

July 14, 

1790; Catalina,b. Sept. 25, 1797; Cathariua, b. Jan. 

Bleecker, Johannes, and Jane Gillihnd. Ch: 
:h. b. Feb. 2, 1787; Charlotte, b. i 

Bleecker, Barent. and Sarah Lansing, in. Dec. — 
I. Junel, 1840,«. 80. Shed. Oct. 12, 1831, 
buried from 317 North Market street. Ch ; Flizabeth, 
;. 1793. 
Bleecker. John, and Elizabeth Van Rensselaer; 
Elizabeti of John B.,d. March 29 

le. 73. Ch : Stephen Van Rensselaer, b. Jan. 5, 1S03, 
::-h yr. 
Bloemondaal, Johann • ; house 

lot on east corner of Columbia and North Pearl 
Jr., was buried Dec. 17. 1766 ; 
l, Sept. 4, 171 
bp.May31, 11 p. March 1,1721 

nelis, bp. Dec. 2, 1722; Maria, bp. Aag. li 
Pieter, bp. Feb. 16. 17;.'6; Jacomvna. bp. Aug. 10, 

Albertus, bp. Dec. 14. 1735. 
Blot u -. and Sara Gardenier, 

6th ofW as, bp. Aug . ■ 

Cornell -741. 

Bloei iter, and Christina De La 

< >et. 15, 
1756. Ch: Johannes, bp. Nov. 12, 1752: Eugeltie, 

der, m. 

.. 1756 ; 
, 2d wife Ann I 

-na, b. 


Shankli. Aug. 2, 

rch 26, 

th, b. March 16, 

■ -rmer- 

horn. i >. July 

rritie, b. Jan. 

Rachel, b. March 30, 

Elizabeth, b ! 

gies of tlie First Settlers of Albany. 

iendaal, Johannes and Catharina Sharp, m. 
March 24, 1784. Ch : Rachel. 1). June 3 

. Juriaan, b. I'; ..ruelia, 

Maria, b. Dec. 1, 1793. 
Blobmendaal, Cornelia, and Lena Reisdorp. m . 
May 18, 1784. Ch : Maas, b. Nov. 3, 1787; Lourcus. 
b. Feb. 16, 1790; Cornells, b. May 15, 1793. 

Bloemendaax, Pieter, andBarbara Sharp, m. Feb. 
11, 1787. Ch: Maas, b. Oct. 22, 1787; Catharine, b. 
July 2'; 

Blom, Hendrik, and Elizabeth Gardenier, m. 
Dec. 9, 1743. Ch ; Albertus, bp. Oct. 31, 1744 : Maria, 
bp. July 26, 1746. 

Bloodgood, Abraham, and Elizabeth Van Val- 
kenburgh. He was grandson of Francis Bloetgoet of 
Flushing, L. I , andd. Feb. 7, 1807, se. 65 ; his widow 
Elizabeth, d. July 21, 1823, se. 78. Ch: Fra 
June 12, 1775; James, b. Jan. 10. 1778; Lynd (?), b. 
Dec. 25, 1781 ; Joseph, b. Aug. 17, 1783; Rachel, b. 
May 7, 1781',; Maria, b. ] 

BLOOD* ', alkenburg ; he 

d. May 4, 1799, se. 64 y. She d. Jan. 8, 1811, in her 
78th y. Ch : Eva, b. March 27, 1777. 

Bockes (Backis, B iva Maria 

Miller. Ch : Anna, bp. May . ;s, bp. 

Aug. 25. 1754. Elizabeth, bp. March-18, 1757 ; Cata- 
\pril 22, 1759. 

Bock, Jr., and Anna Vegen. 

Ch: Catrina, bp. Aug. 25, 

Bockes (Bacchus), Baltus, and Barber Coen, m. Jan. 
13,175V. Ch: Johannes', bp Feb. 26, 1758: Catha- 
rina, bp. May 3, 1767. 

Bockes (Backes), Hannes, and. Barbara Ch : 

Margarita, b. Aug. 5, 1 

Boerlnglcy, Philip, and Catharina I 
Ch: John, b. Sept. 19, 1791. 

Boots (set? Bo 

Boflc, or Boffy (see Bovie). 

Bogardns (Bogart), Anneke (Annette) Jansc* 
This celebrated ."bar 

in 1630 with her hush; ao acted 

asaesistant bouwmeesfei for the Patroon at ■■ 

guilders. Five or six years after, the family 
was fom i -reived 

a patent in 163'' land ly- 

ing along the East river between the present Warren 
hue he d.,and 
in the year 1637 or 163 

• first settled 
■ . iter she 

li place 

of the 
Domine's Bouwery abi 
vided bj 

and five sons. By her -he mar- 

ried in 1 iffse who 

.0. Af- 
oruelie Van Borf 


i /.i, who 
if New 
Amsterd I seve- 

ral ye; ■ I y were 

rk at an 
advanced age about 16! urvived him. 

Their children were, ii DeKay, 

Gi enraet ; 
of Alb my; 

• ■ i 

Third: Sytje. She married Pieter Hart- 
gera Van Wee who came over in 1643, and first set- 
tled in Beverwyck as one of the magistrates of the 
court of Fort Orange in 1654. Hed. in Holland in 
1670 leaving two daughters in Beverwyck. Fourth : 
1 1 the date of his mother's will in 1603 he was 
ied. In 1605, he accidentally killed one Ger- 
th a gun, for which he was acquitted 
i Soon after he removed to 
: ivife he was slain by the 
in the great massacre of 1690, 
leaving no children. By her second husband, Do. 
ike Janse bar fo Willem; 

i New York, Sept. 9, 1040 ; Jonas, bp. 
Jan. 4, 1643, and Pieter bp. April, 2, 1645. 

Bogardus, Willem, of New ad Wyn- 

tie Sybrantse, m. in New Amsterdam, Aug. 29, 1659. 
In 1656, he was appointed clerk in the Secretary's 
office in New Amsterdam, and in 1687 postmaster of 
the province. Ch: baptized in New York; Ever- 
ivp. Nov. 2. 1659; S; arch 16, 

i. Oct. 3,1663, m. Jacob Brouwer, of 
Gowanus: Cornelia bp. Aug. 25, 1669; Evcrhardus 
. ,, m. Anna Da'! i ! - June 

3, 1701, i -hi bp. there Jan . 7, 1705 ; Ma- 

ria, bp. Sept. 14. 1678; Lncretia, bp. Sept. 14, 1673; 
Sept. 13, 1680. About 1686, Willem 
Bogardns m. his second wife, Walbnrga DeSille, 
n'Frans Cregier, son of Capt. MartinuB Cre- 

Bogardus, Cornells, and Helena Teller, dau. of 
Willem Teller of Albany. He lived in Albany, 
■ (I. in 1666, leaving one son Cornells, who 
IDeWit, andd. Oct. 13, 1707 
Bogardus, Pieter, mariner. idin Albany 

till near the close of his life, when he removed to 
•n, where hed in 1703. In 1673, be was one 
i ' , . .-, as corn- 

He made 
[i W yntie Cornelia 

Bemuse Bosch and Maritie 
rurriaen Janse 
woutinl664. Ch; Evert ; Shibboleth ; Hannah, 
b. Jan. 22, 1679. m. Pieter B - m. Jo- 

-. an Vechten of Schaghticoke ; Anthony; 
Kmhel. bp. Feb. 13, 1034; Kphraim, bp. Aug. 14, 
trus, bp. April 30, 1691. 
Bogardus, Cornelia; be was schoolmaster in Al- 
lop after with his wife Ragel Tjerckse 
UiWit he removed to King native 

in New XorkM - i. in Alba ly April 


. . his wife: 

■ uer of James 

u ben streets. He was buried on the 26th of 

L747, his wi€e on May 25, 1747. Ch: Pieter, 

bp. March 4, 1711. he was buried Oct. 21, 1756; Jacob, 
' I, 

York, Nov. 21, 1 i.pril 21, 1717; 

Oct. 2, 
: . Feb. 

- Ibakker, 

*.,.•...- - C h6, 1709. 

!h: Wyn- 
: Feb. 
■"■>, bp. 
ert, bp. 
L0, 1722, and buried July 33, 1746; Anna, bp. 
I 1725: 

Bogardus, Ephraim, andAgnietie De Garmo, m. 
; 1720. Ch : Petrus, bp. April 10, 1721 ; Cath- 
arina, bp. Sept. 16,1725 

cob, bp. July 14, 1728; 
.:,, bp. Feb. 18, 1730; Maria, bp. May7,1732; 
Anna, bp. Oct. 6, 1734. 

- id Sara , his wife . Ch : 

Egbert, bp. Sept. 27, 1724; Cornells, bp. May 23, 



of the Fir nt Settlers of Albany. 

;hter of Pieter Bogardu-. 

Viuui | ibboleth, 

bp. -'■ 
bp. M 
Bogaart, Pieter, and Rebecca Fouda. Shi 
mi ; Jacob, bp. Jni- 

1718; Rebecca, bp. April 10, 1721; Lbraham, bp. 
Dec. 18. 1728; Madalena, bp Jan. ! 

Wie. m. April 5. 1707. Ch : Marritie, bp 

. \.rt, Isaac, and Hendrikie Ool 
25, 1725. ( .: Jacob .! ,drik. b. 

bp. • inn. bp. Sept. 

82, l"i ; ; . 1741. 

. lbt, Benjamin, and Anna Hal 

bp . i ■ 

bp. Nov. in, 1734; Jj 8; Anna, 

ena, bp. Due. 5, 17-12; 
Ann... , no. 

I , Bratt, m. Dec. 
7,173!l. Ch: Maria, bp. Oct. 5, 1741; Rebi 
Jan - • . bp. Jan. 1, r. 

bp. 1 U, 1750;Willem- 

pie, bj). Jane 26 
Boo. an., and Maria Yates, m. Oct. 

tie. bp. Jane 17, 1714 ; Pieter, bp. Jan. io. 17-10 : Pie- 
ter, bp. Dec. 25, 1747; Aim. >2, 1749; 

Man.!' bp. March 7, 1750; Ja 

Nov ...uirt, b. 

Nov. 1 
Bogaakt, Ilendrick J., m. 1st Engeltie Van 
u 29, 1751. Henrj I. Bi 
Cb ion ... 
netie, bp. July 4, 1755. Hei m. 2d, 

Barber Mar. 
23,1810 to. ss; vrs. 1 mo. Ch: Hendrikie, b. Feb. 

Nov ;■.;, b. Sept. 7, 1705; Gerrit. b 

Marc! 1 . 

k.ABT, Abraham, and Marytie Bassett. Ch : 
becca, bp. Jane I 
Ann.-. '705. 

Bogaart, Pieter P., and Barber Van Vra 
Ch: Pieter, bp. Feb, 

1764; Hvkcrt, b. July 22, 
Bogaard, Jacob, and Catalyntie Schuyler. lie 
) was buried April 0. 1725. Ch: Jannetie, bp. March 
4, 1711; Alida 


Bogart (Bog 

tb of Oct., 170 a Ooth- 

out. ick,bp. 

Oct. 80 
bp. March 6, 1715; Hendrick, bp. Sept. 28, 1718; 

:k, bp. July 5. 1724. Cornells B 
ried July 

Bogart, Myndert, and Neellie Palmentier. Ch : 
Helena, bp Oct . 

Bogabt, Pieter J., and Saartie Van Schaick, m. 
Jar: 2. 1773. Ch: Jacob, b. An 
July"", 1 r75; Maayke. b;,. s 
«■ Sepl -becca, 

Bogar-a. Isaac, and Cathalyntie Hun, m. Dec. 1, 
1773 ; 

died S 

Bogart, Barent, and Alida Van den Beruh. Ch : 

I 0. 1775; Will . in. 11, 

ornelia, b. Juh . ,u. 31, 
1806, se. 25 y. (5m. 2d ; Do 

Alida, b. Aug. 19 1788, died Nov.20,1816, n. 27y. 

. died Oil . 1, I 

Bogart, Christoffel, and Rebecca Wlnne. Ch: 
. Oct. ■." 1 ! 779 ; Jellls, b. May 14, 1782 ; Maria, 
Booart, John, and Catharina Ten Broeck. Ch : 
Hendrik, b. April 

John 1 Ch : Henrietta, 

1 : Philip Gran- 
din Auj 1 14. [Capt. John Bogart, 
Cl. .May 22 

Boo s. ad Catalina Yisscher, m. Jan. 

31,1789. Iledi., .5 days. 

She died April 10, 1845. aged 74 years 2 monl 
days. Ch: Engeltie, I John Henry, 

Bogert, Gerrit, and ■ on, m. Jan. 8, 

1795. Maria, b. Jan. 80, 1796; Bar- 

bara, b. May 21, 1799; Alexander Hamilton, b. Dec. 
17. 1804; William Henrj Laui », 1810. 

Bogert, Jacob P., and Alida Bloemeudaal. Ch : 
b. Oct. 4, 1790; Peter and Sarah, b. Aug. 21, 

Bogi, Pierre, and Bmmetie Claase. Ch : Marie, 
bp. Jan. 10, 1086 ; Emmetie, bp. Sept. 6, 1691. 

Bout, see also Bi i.ambertse, and 

wife before the massacre (1090), he owned a bouw- 

ery at Schenectady, called Poversen's Landeryen, 
which he sold afterwards to 

to Klaverak. Ch: Catalyntie, bp. April 28, 

Bont, Jan Henrikse, of Claveraec, m. Jeimetie 
fee, bp. at Sche- 
nectady. June is. 1704; Matthys, bp. Jan. 13,1706; 

Henderick, and Jannetie Evertse. Ch: 

Bomt, Anthony, and Wyutie Bogarduf 
Ephraim, bp. Feb. 19, 1749. 

Hontlnji, bis wife 

Ch : Anna. Dp. Sept. 15, 1732. 
Boogh (see Bouw). 
Boom (Boam), Johannes, and Maria Geertruy. 

1, '. bp. June 14, 1710 . 

Maria. >. Jan. 1, 1744. 

1 es Boom a "High Dutchman''' was buried 
1 . 15. 
Boom, Johannes, and Ann Burger. Ch : Abraham,- 
bp. JaD. I, 

Boom, Mattheus, and Maria Hil ten, m. April 25, 
1752. Oh; Johannes, bp. Aug. 2, 1752. Mattheus 
Boom, and Josii May 4,' 

irina. bp. Jiui ... July 

ilena, b. March 1 arita, b. 

Uizabeth, b. Oct. 27, 1772; Jacob, b. 
Matthias, bp. Dec. 14. 1777. 
Boom, Abraham, ami Dorothea Cunnigam: Ch : 
Annatie, b. Dei 51, 1765; 

Johanm h, b. Sept. 8, 

1769; Maria, b. Oct. 30, 1771; Geertruy, b. July 4, 
Ilno.M, Johannes, and Annatie Brotnver; m. Sept. 
Boom ai -1. Jo- 

Boo n fader among the In- 

dians settled in Albany aboul 1 iars later 

he remo ' • Cor- 

1 an Voorhoudt, widow of Qysbert C01 

married Cata- 
A sou Jacob 
Jane 6, 1666. 
Boouard^. and Annatie Freelich. 

Bordin^h tae, a trader in New 

.1 His 

St., New 

York, in 1686. He had ten children baptized iu N. 1 • 

Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


Borgat (see Burghart). 

Borglisal, Samuel, and Cornelia his wife. 

Ch: Mary, bp. July 26, 

Borhans (see Burhans). 

Born (see Burn). 

Bort, James, and wife Margariet Ch : Eliza- 
beth, bp. Nov. 5, 1721. 


- lid, cam- tol ' 
vant or bouwknexht to Corni I 
Hia wife was Maritie Tomase Mingael 
death in 1666 married Jurriaen at. He 

owned considerable real estate in the village. At his 
death he had one dan- living. He was 

der and 
backbiting; in 1657 by Do. Schaeta; in 1658 of having 
id the honorable court; and again in 1659. for 
which h 200 guilders and Danished for 12 

years ; , arraigned for a similar 

offence against Willem " 

Bos, Pieter Janse, and Susanna Barentse .... his 
Ch : Eytie, bp. March 24, 1689 ; Jan, 
bp Aug. 4, 1691 : 'Jenneken, bp. in N. V. 


Van A n 

1762; Mamie, b. Jan. 24, 1766 

Eester, b. Jul} r, b. Aug. 13 

1777. b ' 

Boftcliee (see Bozee). 

Boskerk, Joseph, and Susanna (Santje) Wendel. 
Ch: Hei 

Lourens, b. Nov. 19, it..'- 
Lea, b. March 13, 1778; Genii, b. Apr:'. . 

Bote (Boets, Burcn . iam, and Maria < hristi- 

aanse, m. Feb. 9, 1740. . , 1740 : 

Anna, b 1746; Anna, bp. Sept. 4, 1748; 

0, 1758. 

Bout, Willem Prederickse, in Beverwyck as 
early perhaps as 1649. In 1657 and after he kept a 

Eublic house, and was farmer of the excise of wine, 
eer, &c. 

BouT(orBei ikmaker, in Beverwyck 

1655; "bn icol -e Bora- 

boom in 1657, for breach of contract in refusi 
make bricks for him. 

Bouts, Geertie, in Beverwyck. 1655-66; in 1690, 
her adopted sun. Stephe 
from Sch 

Bouw (Boogh), Salomon Prederickse, and Anna 
Bratt, : : Ch: Frederick, bp. Sept. 12, 

1686; Barent, bp. Feb. 24 

Bovie (Bofie, Bouphi, Bovier, Bevier, Beauflls; 
the last is the propci 
name), Matthys (Matthew!. ;, 
(Barr • ife. Ch: Catari 

Feb. 12 

tady, Ja :. 1707; Philip, 

bp. Ocl 

' Ch ; Gerrit, i 

bp. Sep 

bp. Ma : Marga- 

rita, bp. • Claes, 

bp. Jan. 15. 1729; Philip, bp. Oct. 13, 1 

Bo\i trouwer, 

m. Sept 24, 1714. 
1721 ; Henrik, bp. Marc p. Aug. 

- : Abraham, bp 
Aug. 3 

Perhaps this was the marriage of Frans B. 

Bovie, Anthony, and Catharina Van derWerken. 
Ch: Catl ;.'!•; Gerrit, bp I 

Lpril 18, 
1735; Ja, ,-,, ;,- (,,,. >> 

bp. May J9, L7 13 ; Mai ytie, bp. Nov. 8, 1747. Catreen 
Bovie was buried Dec. 19, 1747. 

Connestigeoune/' andMagtel 

declared in S 

:, 1735; (see 

p. 111116 21,1744. 


p. Jan. 31, 1748; Sara, bp. June 31 
lelia, bp. April daria, b. 

May 15, 1762; Annatie, b. Jan. 24, i7C8. 

Bovie, Gerrit, of Hoosic, and Ariaantie Brouwer, 
m. Sept. 7, 1754. Ch: Anthony, bp. 
Maria, bp. Dec. 30, 

le," and 
' »ct. 11, 
-ruy, b. 
. Rachel, 
bp. Sept. 6, 1772 ; Rachel, b. Nov. 15, 1776 ; Elizabeth, 


Bovie. Philip, and Geertruy Van den Bergh. Ch : 
iept. 11, 
harp were m. Dec. 15, 

Bovie abetb. Lansing, 

m. March 6, I 

n an : 

Catharine ; inserted (in the DoopBoek) by desire.'-' 

Bower, Nicolaas, and Annatie Bartel. Ch: 
Philip, b 
Bowman, Andries, and Lea Oosterhout. Ch : 

drew, b. April 15, 1799; Benjamin, b. 
July 11, 1800. 

Boyd, .Tames, and Jane McMaster. Ch: Robert, 
bp. Aprils. 1777; Agnes, b. Jan. 5. 1779; John, b. 

beth Becker (Bocker), 
Ch: John. b. Ju 
Boyd, oristina Van Deusen. Ch: 

.. 1790. 
Boyd, Hugh, and Catharine Staats, m. Jan. 14, 
1796. Ch: Ann. 
Braalc, Alexander, and Elizabeth Cavel. Ch: 

Oct. 10, 1179. 
Bradford, Rev. John Melancthon, D.D., and 
Mary Lush his wife. B - 1 and installed 

of the First Refoi i i 

Oct. 1821 '"■•■■ 

ley, b. 
1810; M try 

Feb. 21, 1815: Lydia 
Bras(Brasn- id Lena Shafner. Ch: 

i). Jan. 4, 1788. 
Bratt. Two brothers of this name, Arent An- 

former settled 
, I his family in 1662, and became the pi i 
his name in that cil 
named in All 
.-.u:s belonged totheLutl 
of Alba icient i 

childn d tened there, will not be found 

Bratt, Albert Andriese, do ;\ 
on the Norm. 

the occupation of the n • ' 

land, his son in , . 

Calla ■ June, 

. Van Rotmers, who was decea 
On the 24th Oct., 1070, the governor gave an order for 


of the Fi • of Albany. 


itony de 

Dr.' ed in 1700 without the 

ar or on 
Broadway, and ; 
had frequent a oncil not 

ig to the 
lit i 
ore not found in the church i 

d hud families: 

living in Albany 

lot been 


bp. Jan. IT. I' ■ 



." Mar. 15. I 1 ) 

5, 1704 ; 

Lo inenbnrgh," and 

Bratt. Dirh 

adv. Dirke 
Johannes, bp. Aug., 27, 1693; Cata, Untie, bp. 
i a, bp. Aug. 11, 

Dirk, bp. Oct. 
toned in 
Will made Jan. 
tody Feu 

i >\ Samuel Arentee of Schenectady, brother 

bp. April 25. 1686; Hanna, bp June 
A i and WUlempii 



. . bp. Dec. 28, 1692; Dirk. bp. Man:.! . 
Benjamin, bp. Mavi. ;.,. 17m ; 

1702; Johani 
aniel, bp. Ang. 1£ 
Bratt. Dirk Barentee, and Anna Tennise.m. Sept. I 

ithony ; Dirk. 
Brai . Lysbet Wilieinse. Ch: Isaac, 

bp 1691. 

Il! > Maria Kctelhuin, 

m. Ma 

the north corner of .Maiden Lane and Broa 
1711. He was deceased in 171 

. . Dec. 3, 1693; 

April 29, 
Anthony, bp. 
June 26, 170!»; his wife 

man ; in 1683 he owned a saw mill on the W 
kil ; in 1730 had a ; <>i on the 

17. 1694; Maritie, bp. Ang. 1, 

Wynti 3ept. 18, 

ia, bp. 
18: Margarita, 
bp. An 

lb; , i aneing, 

111. April t8, 16 I 

^'''.) : Antony, bp. Aug. 
He married h Uogar- 

Brai enectady and Jannetie Vroo- 

mau, in. Oct. 11. 1704. Ch : Johannes, bp. Jan. 5, 
nu bp. June 21, 1713. See Sou 

m [See also Vanderzee] and Sophia, 

: Jan, bp. July 

; Cornelia, bp. June 7, 1719; Adriaan. bp. 

Bratt, Barei rman, m. 

1714. Ch: Wil'lempie. bp. Dec' 16. 1715; 

Jan. 0. 1744. 

15.), and Chris- 
1 3, 1716. Ch : Jai 
171li. i i ;. 1721 ; 

'■i.;ria. bp. May 6. 1726. 
Bratt, Anthony, and Rebecca Vander Heyden, m. 
July -2-2. 1716. Ch: Willempie, bp. June 30, 1718; 
Ariaan | 

1723; Tennis, b] aelia, bp. June 

730 ; Baniel, bp. Sept. 8, 

'. Dirk. Jr.. and ■ 
6. 171!*. : Tryntie.bp. 

Dec. 17, 1721 : Pieter, bp. Jun 
bp. Jnb ' .-- Wil- 

. '<p. June. 21, 173 21, 1732; 

Jan. 8, 1735; Willempje, bp. June 5, 
Anthony, bp. ' . 

tt, Jr., made hi.- will Dec. 10, 
;•■>;. In which he Bpei ke or his 
wife of 
Jacob Dc Force? 

a, Nov. 6, 1721. 

Be att, Benjamin, a id Madal< 

bp. Jan. 28. 

■:. bp. 

March 27, 1726; Nelletie, bp. June 16, 1728 ; Anthony, 

h : Wil- 
bp. -May 5, 1723 ; Hendrick, b] 

Bendricus, bp. 

Dec 2'.). 

I, 1715. 
Bratt. Jochem,"of " Schachtekook," and Xteltie 
Groesbeeck. m. Dee. 3, 17:!2. Ch : Maria. 1 
th, bp. Jan. 1 

Bbatt, Johai 
Feb. 10 ' . Eliza- 

beth, bp. Ocl 
Cathalyna, bp 

Dirk. bp. June 15, 


- ; tie, at 


• :•:. 12, 

• 3, 1738: -Maria, bp. Sept. 

abeth. bp. in 


. ' 

; Barent A., and Annatie bis wife. 

, : Anna, bp. Jan. 10, 

Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


Bratt, Gerrit, and Maria Ten Eyck, m. Sept. 15, 
1736. Ch: Elizabeth, bp. Sept. 11, 1737. [Geurt 
Bratt and Elizabeth Kam, m. Sept. i."-, 1737.] 

Bratt, Hendrieus, i ■ ••' 
Oct. 4, 1739. Ch : Elizabeth, bp. Oct. 5, 1 740 
bp. April 1, 17! Nov. 30, 1746. 

drick Bratt was buried July 13, 1746. 

Bratt, Abraham, and Lydia his wife. Ch : 

Christina, bp. May 24, 1741. 

Bratt, Ben.' illiams, m. Oct. 

30, 1740. Ch: Johannes, bp. Aug. 16, 1741 : John B. 
Bratt, d. Sept Lg nietie, 

bp. July Li . 

Bratt, Adriaan, of Niskitha, and Zelia V 
ten (Zandt), m. Oct. 7, 1738, sh Oct. 11, 

1754. Ch: Anthony, bp. Oct. 4, 1741 ; Joseph, bp. 
Aug. 14, 1743; Adriaan, bp. April 21, ] 
March 13, 1748 ; Albert, bp. Dec. 2, 1750; J 
Oct. 13, VilA. Adrman Bratt. 'widower, i.i. Lvdia Van 
Alsteyn, Jan. 15,1751 I elia, bp. Oct. 5.6 

she married Lucas Taylor; Eva b 
John Henry Miller; Geurt, b. I 
b. May 4, 1765; Andries, b. Uig. 29, 1767; 
i ' Hop. 

Bratt, Anthony D., and Christina De La I 
Ch: Elizabeth, bp. Feb 
1, 1744 ; Eytie, bp. April 18, 1747 ; Annatie, b] ■ 

Bratt, Jan, and Catharina Fonda, m. Oct. 10, 1740. 
Ch: Wyntie, bp. June 20, 1742; Johannes, bp. Oct. 
16, 1743; Jan, bp. Nov. 16, 17 if. ; Wyntie, bp.Oct. 15, 


Bratt, Adam, and I . m Jan. 9, 1741. 

Ch: Gerrit. bp. Feb. 6, 174:?; Pieter, bp Oct. 19, 

1744; Maria, bp. Aug. 3, 1746; Susanna, bp. May 8, 
1748; Staats, bp. March 11, 1750. 

Bratt. Jan Pieterse, and Sit <u. July 

31, 1742. Ch: ;< May 29, "1743: 

bp. Julv 8, 174 Gerrit, 

bp. in s i 
April 9, 1752; Johannes, bp. July 7. 

April 7, ]',' 
Bratt, Dirk, Jr.. and Marytie his 

Bratt, Albert, and Anna Car 

rina, bp. April 24, 1748 ; Wyntie. bp. March 11 
Catarina, bp. Nov. 11, 1753; Jan and Hendrick, bp. 
June 12 

Bratt, Anthony A., and Wyntie Bogardi 
Rebec a, bp. J 

1751. The wife Of Anthony A. Bratt was 
June 26, 1751, her child wa I ib 7,1751. 

Bratt, Bert ai 
ten, o! ■-, 
Ch: :, 
" obiil anti 
July i • 

bp. Oct., 4, 1761. In 1780 irdus Bratt had a 

house and lot at. the South V 

Bratt, Anthony Egb ,'steyn. 

Ch: Jacob, bp. J ■'■>. Dec. 

b. July 
7, 1700.' 

Bbatt, Samu izen, Ch: Jo- 


ragh, m. 

: iritie 

m. Mar h 
Alida b] 

,;. . . ■ .i. ', .' ' . 

Bratt, Dirk, widov 
rina It . .-." in. Dec. 6, 

1753. Ob 

Bra ■"•i.'itt, m. 

May 7, 1756. Ch: Catarina, l",i 

b. March 12, 1764; Marytie, b. Feb. 26, 1767; Johan- 
nes, bp. March 17. 
Bratt, Albert, and Magdalena Lang. Ch : Storm, 
i i. 13, 1763 ; Joh ■ • u. .*.">, 1768. 

Bratt, Tennis, and I i July 

bp. Jane 3, 1759; Hendrick, bp. Jan. 1762;- Anthony, 
b. Julv 6, 1765; Johanna, b. June 31 (sic), 1709; 
Johann i» Iriantie, b. Sept. 23, 

i ' p Oct.22, 1777. 

Hratt. Gerrit, ol'Niskatha. and Lena Hooghteling, 
1:1. Nov. l. 1764. Ch: Lydia, b Corne- 

Sept. 27, 1767; Christina, b. Nov. 26, 
Coenraad, b. April 3, 1774. 

Bratt, Anthony, and Mollytie Van Deusen, m. 
Feb. 1. 1764. Ch : Egbert, b. Feb. 11, 1765. 

Bratt, Arent, and Jannetie Hoghing (Hosren), m. 
March ;iii. 1706. Ch : Anno.tie. b. July ' 
netie, b. March 10 (?), 1769 ; Johannes 
1771; Isaac, b. July 4, 1773; Johannes, bp. Oct. 3, 
1779; Willem, b. Feb. 2, 1782; Simon Veder, b. 
April 5, 1785 : Hannah, b. June 27. 1794. 

Bratt, Johannes A., and Maacke Fonda, of the 
Colonie, m. Sept. 12, 1765. Ch : Anthony, b. July 22, 
1766; Aaltie, b. Aug. 13, 1767; Aaltie, b. - : 
1771; Aaltie, b. Nov. 4, 1773; Rebecca, b. Dec. 14, 

Bratt, Baltus, of the Colonie, and Elizabeth Foil r 
(Rosina Follet, Fuller), m. May 11. 1765. Ch : 
rina, b. Dec 5 

iprilll, 1769; Margarita, b. June. 23 
b. Dec. 8, 1781; Marytie, b. Jul. 
Bratt, Storm, and Dorothea Van Alsteyn c Nis- 
katha, m. Feb. 15, 1766. Ch: Catharina, b. 1 

Bratt, Pieter, and Vrouwtje Arhart, widj 
in Ne\\ \ 

1767, Johannes, b. July 20, 1771 : Franciscus, 
Feb. 1,1777; Engeltie, 
Feb. 11, 1781. 
Bratt, Johannes E., and Gerritie Lansing, m. 
July 31, 1707. Ch: Gerrit, b. March 8, 

Bratt, Ada:. and Maria M< 

Ch: Lydia, b. April 19, 1769; Margarita, b. N< 

i r, Andries. of Niskatha, and Annatie Van 
■ b. 4, 1769. Ch: Annatie, b. April 20, 
ig. 23, 1777; Nicolaas, b. July 
17, 1780; John, b 

Bra i -;■ -katha, and Margarita Fry, in. 

Dec. 16. 1769. Ch: Adam, b. Oct. 12, 1770; Alida, 

b. July 22, 1780; Gerrit, b. June 14, 1783. 

t. Pieter T., of the Colonic 

a I'uue 10, 1770. Ch : :- : 

7, 1771 ; Christina, b. May 16, 1788; Janse, b. Oct. 26, 

Bratt, Joseph, of Niskatha, and Wyntie m. 

Oct. 27, 1770. Ch : Hadriaan, b. Sept. 14, 1771. 

Bratt, Willem, of Niskatah. and Ariaantie Moak, 
m. Jim Ch : Jacob, b. Aug. 10, 1771. 

Bratt, Johannes, and Margarita Daath. Ch: Catha- 
rina, b. Feb. 4, 1773. 

Bra 'i wmatie David 

b. Dec. 13, 1774; 

I, b. Sept. 2-1, 

1779; (Daniel 67 y. 9m. 23 d., 

• ! !i., b. Nov. 

20, 1781, d. Jun i. 4 d.); Gerrit 

Theuni Hendrieus, b. Dec. 4, 

< : Catharina, b. Feb. 


Bbatt, i 

Bratt, Johannes, and Sara Wendell. Ch : An- 
thony, 1779; Anthony, b. Sept. 8, 1780; 

May 5, 1783; Thcunis, b. Jan. 
10, 1786. 

Bratt, Staats, and Maria Segers, Ch : Susanna, 

ibeth Chambers. Ch : Mag- 


■ of the Jbii of Albany. 

UruTT. Hendrick, and Maritie Arnold. Ch : Albert 
b.Jnne U 
Bra i 



idricus, and Maria Eights, n 
1776. ■ 

harine, b. Dec 3 


" iu hni na ziekte "Aug. 13, 1787 ; Fran 

Bratt. Anthony T an den Bergh, 

m. Apr-:: i. July 8, n^s: An- 

il : Catalyntie, I 
i- Adriaan, and Maritie Arnhout. Ch : Ma- 

laas, and Luev Britton. Ch: Baltus, 
b. Oct. 19. 

Bratt. Adam, and Anuatie his wife. Ch : Mar- 

\v>Y. it. 1798. 
Bkatt, John, and Margaret Winne. Ch : Cata- 
lina, h. i 

Bratt, Isaac, and Elizabeth Van Deusen, ra. Dec. 
31, 1795. Ch : • 

Ji an, b. Nov. 21, 
1804; Eiizabcth, b. Jud Laron, b. Mann 

-' I, 1815. 
Bratt, Bernardns, and Margarel Dyke (Night). 
Ch : John, b. Sept. 17, 1799 : Daniel, b. Jan. 9 

Bratt, Pieter A., and I Everen. 

Ch: catalina. b. Jan. 15. 1798; Qerril Van Ivi 
April 1, 1800. 
Brazce, Willem, and Elizabeth Salsbury. Ch : 

Breem, Adam, and Cathcrina Freer. Ch : Catha- 
rina, J 
Breeze, seeBries. 
Bressie, and Brezie. pee Brassy. 
Brcweter, see Br; 
Brice, John, and Caty Lotteridge. Ch : Mary, 

Brles (Briesch, Breeze). Hendrick, shoemaker. 
His wife, Maria, after hi.- death m Looker- 
mans, lie had a 
Bbibs, Anthony, and Catrine Ryckman, m. Sept. 
. He made his will No which 

• following children and father-in-law, 
Albert Rvckman. Hed Maria, 

bp Av eltie, bp. Marc. 

drick, bp. Oct. 31. KM7; Catharina, bp. Jan 5, 1700; 

Brit- ad Catrina Janse. Ch: Ben- 
jamin, bp 1694. 

Bries, Hendrik. and Wyntie Van Vechten, m. Jan. 
13, 172(3. Ch : Author Maria, 

bp. Oct. 24, 1730. buried 
July 13 bp. Oct. 1, 1732 

Juner, aa. bp. April 4, 1736; 

Douwe Fonda: HeiH> 
; Gerrit Theunie ■ 

: -buried 

Bkie*. Anthony, and Catharyntie Yates. Ch : Ileu- 
drick, bp. Nov. 30, 1760 

Gerrit Thennise, b. 'ffel, b. 

. ohannes, b. July 22, l"i i 

Hendrick, and Ariaantje Vinhagel 

es, b. July 21, 116(3; Ja 
b. April I . 

- iBreeze), Gerrit T., and Geertii 
Ch: V.\ 1,1775; Sara, b. Nov. 

Alida, l 

BrliitkerhofT, Isaac, as < ncken- 

BBINOKBRHOFF, John, and (ieertrttv Schuyler, m. 
>. 7 mo. 
7d. Shi 

v. 1797 ; Abraham Schuyler, b 

b. J m. 10 1811. 

Broadliurst, Jonathan. >■ I'ering- 

ton in Engi-Iandt" and ■ 

of Albany Co. 1701-3. Ch : Samuel, bp. Sept. 1. 1700. 
Brockliol*, Capl Se was senior 

officer in, military under th 

vernor. lie m 

Teller. - . nthony, 

bp. in Albany. Aug. 14, 16^7 : his other eh. were bp. 
i ork. 
Brodhead, Daniel, and B lard, m. 

. 1719. Ch: i 

bp. Got. 25, 1724; Rich:. 
apri) 3, 1726; Ann., bp. Oct. 1, L727. 

Brogdon, John, and Margaret Kelly. Ch: Jo- 
seph, bp. 

Bromly, John, and Sara (Zelta) Ch : Wil- 
lem, bp 7,1724; Judy, 
bp. June, LI 

Broinmily, William, and Lena Boom, m. June, 

1,1742. i bannes. 

bp. Sept. 8, 17!.-); Simon, bp. Feb. 19, 1749: Samuel. 

bp. Aug. 4, 1751 ; Samuel, bp. Oct, ! 1. 1753 ; Willem, 

6, 1757. 

Bronck, Pieter, brewer of Beverwyck as early 

as 1045, where lie owned Be\ j ral house lots and a 

brewery, which he sold in 1662, and bought lands at 

Coxsackie, upon which 1665, his farm 


Of their 
ere two sons, Jan and 1 

Bronck, Jan, of Catskil (Coxsackie), where he 
probably built a mill in 1670, the following iro 
for which he purchased from Albi rt Andriese B-att 
of Albany. " een groote ysere kruck met ceti b< 
en een 
kruys tot de Spil, etc." He m 

■ . 0, 1742, in which he speaks of the 
followii | .His wife \. 

bp. Feb. 21, 1686 Philip, 

bo. Sept. 20, 1691 ; Philip, bp. - 

i illy 12. 1697; I 

{ Antje (Hanna B 

. I April ■>. 17<i5, according toa Bogardus bible.] 
Ch : Pi 

.!an. 5. 

iy6, 1717; Wyi tie, 1 
5, 1719. 
' Brow leonard), of Catskil, and Anna 

m. Feb. 20, 171 bp. July 

i ommertie, bp. 
Sept. 10, 1727; Catharina, bp. Sept. 7. 1729. 

Broxck, Philip, and Sara his wife. Ch : Com- 

1 i : Wyntie, bp. May I 
Philip, bp. April II 

a. Nov. 5, 1721. 
Ch: Jan. bp. Oct. 25, 1724: Phil'ip, bp. Oct. 2, 172(3; 
Commertie, bp. April 19, 1731. 

k. P. Jr., and R. Bronck. Ch: Johannes, 
bptSept. ' 
Bronck, Ja) 


: vkert. bp. April 21, 1745; Pietei 

: ibeth Van Wie. Ch : 
Osterhout. Ch: 

Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


Brooks (Brocks, Broecks), Jonathan, ai 

Ann, bp. Jan. 22, 1737 . Maria, bp. Feb. 4. 1739; Cata- 
rina, bp. Aug. 6, 1749. [Jonathan Brooks, d. April 
3, 1829, a 

Brooks (Bn 
Jan (John), bp. Dec. 24, 1738; William, bp. May 15, 

Broocks (Brocks), Pieter, and Francyntje 
dell, in. ' I : Pieter B., cl. 

April25 d. Ch : Jonathan, b. 

Aug. 13. 1772; 

b. Nov. 11, 171 • ■ March 11, 1779 ; Pieter, 


Bro<» i Bratt. Ch: Re- 

I 1779. 
and Angelica Brooks. Ch : 

Brouwer, Philip 

a house 
me one of the original pro- 
prietors of Scl 

he act; re. He 

died in 1664. 'His wife's name was Elsie Tjerk. It 
is not probable that he left any children. 

Brouwer, Wfllem, ; <■ in New 
id was 
buried - 

in the se van 

Willem His 

son H< id it is 

nor known tii, 

Brouwer, Hi .dy, and 

Maritie Pietr e Van Tennis 

Ch: Johannes, bp. Feb. 12, 1693; Hei i i 

Dec. -25, 1700. See 

Brouwer. Ja n. April 6, 1717- 

Ch: Catryna, bp. Dec. 29,1717: Nelletie, bp 
13,1720; Petrus, bp. April 29 ■'.June 

■ :'.): Lena, bp. ' ; 
Sept, 28, 1740; Mattiu 
Bro: d m. July 

85; Willem. b. March ' 

I Aug. 5, 1765 ; 

- and Annatie Ouderkerk. Ch: 
Catharina, b. April I, I 

Broi ■ ornelis, and Elizabeth Visbach, m. 

May 15 

28, a. 90 v. Ch : Hes- 
ter, b. June I 
1776; Cornells, b. K>> 

1781 ; Jacob, b. Dec. 1784. 

Broi I ia Drake. Ch: Cor- 

pril 8, 1775. 

•ia. 1). Nov. 6, 
1780, W B. andw of Jas. Cameron, d. 

June Is. WW. a. 5-1 v . .braham, b. July 

' illcin, b. Feb. 



, : . ■ ■ 
Dirk \ ■' 
July 6, i 
Broi w ind Cathal 

b. Oct. 
7, 1780 : ' 

vpril 16, 


Hist ( 14 

Brouwer. Willem, and Mary Marschalk. He d. 
a. 68 v. Ch: Charlotte, b. Sept. 19, 
idem B. m. Margarita Van Za 

:. 1845, 
lizabeth, Aug. 
William, b. Nov. 18, 1800; Ann, b. March 
13, 1811. 

Brown, Robert, and Maria Hujes (Hughs?) 
Ch: Thou !0, 1693. 

s , Thomas, and Jane Mordan. Ch : Joan, b . 
1778. Thomas Frown, and Sarah Fairchild. 
i I 
Brown. John, and Margaret Wilson. Ch: 
. 1778. 

uler(Read), m. 
April 26, 1778. Ch: John, bp. July 6, 1778. 
Brown, William, and Mary Cadogan, m. Aug. 25, 
arine, b. March 5. 1779. 

Ramsey. Ch: 

tharine, b. Oct. 24. 17S3. 

•-. Jacob, and Dinah Van Everen. Ch : 

b. Dec. 30, 1799, 

Brownlow (Bromlee), David, and Elspie Ai- 

b.: David, b. March 1, 1797; Robert, b. July 

Bruce, Daniel, and Jean Wilson. Ch: Mai 
Dec. 10, 1758. 

■ aas, and Flizabeth Ch : 

Brain, Casparus, and Catharina Groesbeck, 
Ch : Alida, Dec. 11, 1773. 

Brunt, Edward, and Margaret Kerkenaar. Ch: 
Wilhelmue, b. E 
Brussy, Christoftel, and Christine Claae (S 

. ; : Cornells and Michael, twins, bp, 
90; Maria, bp. 
, bp. Jan. 14, 1694. 

mende in de 

■ and Oatelvntje Bont, " Geboren tot 

. ...... nu wonende dan Claverac " m. Aug. 

Ch: Christoftel, bp. June 15, 1707 ; Gabriel, 
bp. Jan. 15, 1709. 

Lakki" and Engeltie 
. 13, 1707. Ch: Christoftel, bp. Jan. 
20. 1709. 

Brusst (Bruzy, Brezie), William, and Catharine 
Ch : Christina, Sept. 

Bruster (Bre amin, and Margarha, 

Goey. Ch : Pieter, b. April 21 

Br u> n (De Bruyn 
in answer to the sheriti 

i-er lie 


upwards of 20 ■ i 

trade be- 


wholl . I. He dealt largely in 

Bruyns, Hag( , of Smalla i '■ Janse, 

of Hols 

msterdam. In 1656 be owned a lot m 

Bruyns, Hage, of Esopus, son of the above, b. Nov. 
sw York, Dec., 
in Ring street, 

Bryan, John, and Catharine . . . . Ch : Anna and 
. Mary.* p. lug. 9, 1747; Ann, bp. De 

Buckhout, James, and Margaret Brett. Ch: 
Acinah, b. Oct. 14, 1790. 

LSKMSri B^dCatarini 

I eb, 25, 

Bnt«»clier, (Butcher ?) Harmen, and SaraWyn- 
I gaart. Ch : Lucas, bp. Jan. 21, 1750. 



Bnl- • Hendrick, and 

bp. .In: . : Alida, 


m. 31, 1772: Alicia, b. Jan. 13, 


m. Dec. --'1. ) m 

Feb. i. 17';!>; Alida, b. J 

laltie (Alida) Oodiout, 

Johannes, i>. March 27. 1775 ; Catbalyntie, b. April 14, 
lexander, b.Jo 

iril 3. 1784; Maria, b. Jan. 17, 

- and Cornelia fN 
11, . r68. Cb : Catbalyntie, < 
. b. Fob. 21, 1775; Heiidrik. b. April 

. Ch : Elizabeth, b. A 

-on. rn. 
Dec 26, 177 J. i ' 
b. April je, b. Sept. 2, 1778: Marytje, 


i Moor. ' 
Ch: Jot March 

3ek Henry, and < . Ch : 


-mith. m. Jnn " 
Ch: Elizabeth, b. -Inly 15 

Bnreh, see Bote. 

Bnrp«»rt (Burger, Burghart. Burgart, Bor?at), 

)n of Hendrick Cnen- 


■ ■ -je Hendricks 

12. 17U0; Styntje, bo 

Jan, bp. Jan. , 

Lutheran church, in A 

I icobus, b. Apri 
k and bp. ai Klaverack, Jan. 15, 
Eatharina Van Wie Ch: B 

"°P B ■ in the 

ip All" 
1, 171i». 
v 1' i 'Ok. Ch: 


Bur«ert, ITendrick, Jr., and Catarina Iluyck. 

Burernait y.;n>kse, and 

Judic Janse •', 

Ch: Lambert, 

Burghei, Thomas, and Mary Geyel (ft. Ch: 
John, D 

^J 8 "?* 1 ** 1118 fltorbansi. Burent, and Margaret Janse. 

9\ : L " ' race, w. of 

John Bun pt., 1815, a. 72. 


Bubhans, Hendriki Temperance) 

Burk, Job . asnyder. Ch: 

Largarita Bears. 

Burk Christiaan, Ch: 

Zachai ; 

bp. July 11. 175:-,: Catalyntje, b] 

. Jan, and Lena Ch: Wiilem, bp. May 

I h : Maria, b. 
July .3.. 
Burns, John, and Lvdia Burch. Ch: Robert, 

Buruside, James, and Debora Janse. Ch: Mar- 
garet, bp. July 22 

Bum ' De Lange. Ch: Eliza- 

beth, bp : 

Thomas, and Ariaantie Ten Evck. 
0. 1770; Andries, ;>. July 9, 
Ariaantje, b. March 12, I 

■ . iliam. andMarv Hudson. Ch: Wil- 

nd Catharina Warren. Ch : 
Burr, Aan -ia Bartow, m. 1782. 

Ch : Th e 21, and bp. J 

17.>.'i Mrs. Burr was the widow of Col. I 
of the 1. Ber daughter m. Joseph Alston 

oi Sou Jan., 1801, and ■• 

early in Jan.. I 

Burt, Benjamin, and Elizabeth Hoghels. Ch: 
Burton, John, and Elizabeth Toll. Ch: John 

"V. 15. 1750. 
Bum ad Elizabeth Pest. Ch: Philip, 

Bush, George, and Mary Magee. Ch : Abraham, 
b. May 3 
Bussing, Cornells, and Christina .... Ch : Bal- 

r imotheiih and Januetie (Jane) 

April 12 • i . ■ 

April 5. 1782: Isaac, 1 -. 

b year). 
Butler, Edmond. and Nancy Tilson. Ch : An- 

Biijs, Jan. and Hendrikj 
bannes, bp. Nov: 1. v .irk Baptisms, 

1711-1-1. i. . 1864. 

. ■■;.-. Ch: Jan. 
7 Catharine Uothout.' 
Ch: Johl i 
Bn) 1 ". therford. Ch: Eleanor, 

Byvanck (Byvang), Johannes, of Old 

n. 1st. Bolitje 
ching in New xork. Oct. 24 

3. 1692. he had several children bp. in New York, 

Caarn, Hendrick. and Catryna Ch: Anna, 

Cagliil], ' iissell. Ch : 

Caillier, see Collier. 

Caldwell J . and Elizabeth Ba- 

of the First Settlers of Albany. 


Cambefort (Comfort), of Schenectady, 1690, 
and Niskayuna, 17:20 ; owned land on the north side 
of the Mohawk river " Boven Kaq narrioone " (Hoff- 
hich he sold u el Hanse 

Toll. His first wife was An!;' 
bp. May 11, 1690, and probably settled in New York. 
Ariaantie Uldrick, widow of 
Gerrit Claase of Albany, m. Oct. 16, 1602. 

CAMBEFORT (ComfOl I : k ; was 

a cooper and had his shop burned there in 11 

by "the timely assistance ot tin inhabitants and Fire 
■ " bis house was sa\ ed. Ue in. Cathai in 

?er, in New York, Marc] Ch: bp. in New 

"ork : Annatie, bp. Sept. 28, 1714: Catnarina, bp. 

- 1717. 
Campbell, Moses, and Elizabeth Combes. Ch : 
Margaret, bp. Sept. 9, 1759. 

Campbell- (Kimmel), Pieter. and Maria .... Ch: 
Pieter, Dei;. 30, 1770. 

Campbell (Kemmel), Archibald, and Christina 
Starenberg. Ch : Archibald, b. April 8, 1778. 
Campbell, Robert, and Sara McDavid. Ch: Mar- 

Campbell, Alexander, and Mary McMill 
Ch: John. b. May 24, 'l 
April 13, 1781. 

Campbell, Price, ai : 
ander, b. April 15, 1776: 1. 1778; 

William, b. L>ec. 4, 1780; Catharine, bp. Dec. 18, 

Campbell, Alexandei pine Steel. Ch : 

William, b. April 

Canada, Guv. and Margaret Patterson. Ch : 
Sarah, b. March : 

Cane, William, and Elizabeth Dox. Ch: William 

Canker, Jan P., and Johanna Wyser. Ch: 

Canner (Conner), Wm.. andN. Canner. Ch : Sara 
Rachel B b 30,1761. 

Canton, Richard, and Catrina Baquena (?). Ch : 
Elizabeth, b. June 28, 1789. 

Cardigan, Hugh, and Catharine Miller. Ch : 
Barnaba I i 19. 


Carr, Willia 'son. Ch: Benjamin, 

b. July 13, 1777 ; James, b. Oct. 25, 1779. 
Carter, William, and Ann Patty, 

■ eel, b. Oct. 5, 11 
1 797. 
Cartridge, Robert, and Elizabeth Hopier. Ch: 
Archibald, bp. > 
Cartwright, Richard, "an esteemed mer- 
ui. Ann 
: !i. July 12, 1747 ; Susanr 
Aug, 7, 174S. 
Casemay, Patrick, and Mary Craig. Ch : Jean, 

10, 1757. 
Casparse (< er, and 

bp.Aug. 1. 16!)7; Alida, 

Casper, Johannes, and Elizabeth Ch : Ger- 

Casparus. r. Ch: 

uus, Martinus, and I tryman. 

Ch: Abraham, b.Nov. 24, 1799. 

Casselman, Pi' beth Weasen. 

Ch: Christiaan, bp. Oct. 
Cassiday. i nelCool. Ch: Ralph, 

I ,7s. 
Cetiu, Edward, and Isabel Marshall. Ch: Sam- 
uel, bp. i 

Chaee, William, am me. Ch : Mary 

Ann. bp. 
Chambers, Ab 

lies, m. 
: Blan- 
dini, bp. Jan. 6 

tnd Fanny Thiff 
■ourens, bp. July 28, 1778: Mary, b. 


Chad an derWerken. 

Ch : Albert, b. Feb. 15, 1779. 

Chambers, Eendrik,and Rachel VanSanten(Zandt) 
m. April 4, 1779. Ch : Edward, b. June 20 

Chapman, William, and Elizabeth Lambert. 
Ch: John William, b. Jan. L3, -ih, b. 

March 9, 1800. 

Charles, George, and Mary Price. Ch : William, 
b.March29, 1803; Sara Ann, b.Feh 

Elizabeth, b. Sept. 30, 1811 ; George, 
b. May : ■ 

Chesney, Alexander, and Jane McMolly. Ch: 
Mary, b. Jan. 20, 1770. 

Chisholm, James, and E ■ ax. Nov. 

S, 1797. Ch: Margery, b. Aug. L817I 

Christiaanse, * rought a 

morgen and a half of land ar Paulus 

■ sold his hour' • II is 

iristiaan remain* tady, His wife 

was Maritji eltie, 

Nov. 11 th, bp. July 11, 1693; Daniel, 

bp. April 11, 1691 ; Christiaan; Johannes. 

Christiaanse, Johannes, of Half Moon, 1720, 

• Conis- 

Cornelise. ■ 

ip. July 3, 1709; El March 

11, 1716; Sam, bp. Nov. 15, 171 -.Feb. 

1, 1726; H sltie, bp. 

Jan. 5,172 . 13, 1732. elan Christ- 

iaanse was buried Nov. 16 

Christie, Gabriel, and Sarah Stevenson. Ch: 
Napier, bp. Sept. I i 

Christman, Nicholas, and Maria Christman, 
m. Apr:. rick, b. Oct. 27, 1780. 

Christman, B • Ch : 

Pieter, b. N< 

Cittene, see Kidney. 

Claas, Johan Pieter, and Clara Margarita Curtin 
(Kortj!-'. nrdini, m. April 

Anna, bp. May 6, 1759; Susanna, bp. March 1, 1761; 
Johanii' ; Johan 

Iarvtj.'. bp. March 10, 1771 ; Xicolaas, b. Oct. 
16, 1775: Catharina b.Oct. 13. 1778. 
Claas Pieter, and Annatie Van Esis. Ch : Mar- 

i I 
Claerbout, Pieter, voorzanger in the church, 
v as iu Beverwyck in 1659, probably had departed or 

d before 1674. 
bp. in New York, April 7, 16" ■Va.iraeff 

Pieterse Claerbout. 

i 3er in Bever- 
wyck, in 1659. He m. Emmctie lieudrickse, June 10, 
i New York. He isai 

ighter Belitie 
bp. in New York. Jan. 16, 1669. 

Clapper, Pieter, and Margaret Hoi - 
laas. b. June 16, 

Clark (Klerk), Roeloff, and Lena.... Ch : Hil- 
ieiie, bp. Nov. 6, 1726: ilelletie, bp. May 7,1732: 
Elizabeth, bp. Aug. 27, 1738. 

. Patrick, and Cornelia Waldron. Ch : Nelly, 

•i in. bp. Nov. 4. 1750; Eliza- 

i, bp. March 11, 1753; 

!'. Oct. 3, 1756; 

John, b; 

Paulus I I 1767, 

Ch : Caty, 
bp. Jan. 
Clauw (Klauw), Prans Pi inter, in 

died the 
ten, but in 1680 i I ihook 


May 25, 


Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 

July 10, 

1703; <■ Irick, l>]>. Julv 

Cixrw, Jurriaen Fransen, of Kinderhoel 
and Mai 

. bp. in 
i. b. ' op Kin- 


b. "op Kinder! 

Cla 11a 

.» crack, 
Clattw, Hendrick, and Rebi i.ndrik, 

bp. Ocl 

Uhens, Sept. 

Ch:Hiltje,bp ; 

Gysbert, bp. May 29, 171? ; Johannes, bp. July 14, 1751. 
m. Feb. 
. I ' ■ hel, bp. 

,: er, and Jobanna Ch : Mattheus, 

LI, 17-11. 
Clauw. Fraus, and Catalyutje Bording. Ch : En- 
gel tie, bp. Oct. 8, 1746. 

' and Elizabeth Holleubeck. 

sbert,bp. Oct. '. 

w. Lourens, and Annatie Bord. Ch. ( 
bp. April 3 
Claver, Johan Nicolaas. and Susanna Merriday 
. Aug. 
: Maria, b. July 
1771: Hffletie, b. Dec. 
ina, b. ApnJ 10, 1796. 

barine Schuvler. Ch : 
' : Mary Schuj i 
rlotte, b. Jan. v 
Clement, Jacobus, in 1755 the second interpreter 

■ h : Marie, bp. Feb. 6, 1717: Nicolaas, bp. Oct. 
. Dec. 2, 1750. 
Clement, -i Sachel K.^lirTXRadcliffe), 

m. Dec. 30, 1753. Ch: Am .1, 1755. 

and Rachel DeGarmo. Ch : 
Sara. b. Dec. 12, 1777. 

demerger (Clemison, isham) 

Daniel a), and Rachel Milton. 

ton, !). Nov. ".l (sic), 1785; Hendrik, b. Dec. 

ae :>., 1790; William, b. Sept. 

1. 1796; George, b. .'an. IS, 1SO0. 

Clinton, Joseph of Hellenbergh, and Mary 
Brouwer. Oh: David, b 
CI n in, Thi targarita Davies. Ch: 

Clut te (Jans), came to Be- 

- I trader, 
and considerable land-holder, 

dians. be had any family. On 

his death, his property passed to his Nephew Johan- 
nea Crate, th< boslooper. 

C-'.lte. Johannes, ol Niskaynna, nephew ot the 
preceding, in. Bata Slichtenhorst. Ch: raco 
Alida, bp. Sept. 14, 1K81 : Elizabeth, bp. Ml 

V :k. ■ .in. 1. 1097; 
A una; Bata. bp. in 
104. Johaunesc: 

Clute. Frederick, of Half-Moon 17-20, came from 
Kingston about 1703, and bought land (.'Johannes 
Clute at d be- 

lt known. He in. Francyutje Du- 

April SO, 171-2; Walraven or Wuldron. See & 

Clutk, Jacob, of Canists Geertruy 

Van Vrank 


I, 171 
L7; Johai 

16, bp. May 30, 1725. 

alraven), and Anna Ch : 

. olaas, 

bp. Oct ! 

Ch: Johannes, 
i sbeth, 

! a, bp, 
Feb. 14, 1742; Gerrit, bp. March 11, 1741. 

1727. Ch 

er, bp. Oct. 31, '.' 
tie, bp. Oct. -2, 1733: Johannes, bp. June I 

in. Maj •: 


Gerardue Clute was ! .. 1146. 

. bp. Feb.5, 173 ... June 

Gerardus, bp. 
June 1 ". 

. . Pieter. and Adrians i : Geer- 

- henec- 


ih. bp. Julv 26, p. Nov. 4, 1750: 

bp. April 12, 175-2. 

I Cltiti m Arnhem, m. 

Sept. . Sept. 9, 17.5:3 ; 

Lar. 9, 1755; Alida, bp. 

■ . b. Jan. 11, 1764; Gerrit, b. 

Vouter, b. April 
11, 177i te, formerly of New York, d. 

in Albany. 

Oui erkert, m. Oct. 

. Ch: Jacob, bp. April itie. bp. 

Aug. 31, 1755; Johannes, bp. May 6. 1759; Elizabeth, 


Clttte,- Frederick, of Niskaynna, and Magtel 

Quackenbos. m oh : 

Abraham, bp. Sept. 22, 1754: V May, 14 

ja, and Ariaautje (De) 
: Evert, bp. 

. June 

i •■:. Johannes G. I - Ch: 

Urn. 22, 

■ iga, and Marii 
Ridder. m. -2. Nov. 11 

Maria, bp. Jan. 28, 1759 'arch 8, 

bp. Oct. 
Ch-te. Nich« : Data, 

Jan. 30, 1703. 

Hendnck, b. 

tje, b. Jan. 23, 

8, Gerrit (Gerardns), and Sara Abel. Ch : 

. Dirk, and Rachel Lansing. Ch: Jacob, b. 
Gerrit, Oct. 

STov. 20, 

b. Jan. 
L795; Ann.b, March 3, 


»N«* AW» f 

From portrait in possession ofBarent Ten Eyck. 

Oldest House in Coeymans. built by Ariaentje Coeymans 
early In the last century. 

logies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


1798: i: 00; b. June 

3, isoi; ; 

widow . 

Clut] Bata Bovie. Ch: Char] 

Oct. 21, 
Clyne, See Klein. 
Cobes, L'i: , Is in Brabant; 

notar >;•: in liiT', secretary of 

Schenectady, where he died. His onlv daughter m. 

Coenraads, Philip, and Franz I 
Clumii. , 1,. Oct. 11. 1763; Adam, b 

Dec. 20, 1766. 

Coeny, Will a. Sept. 

15, 1777. Ch 

Ooeymans, Pieter. Ch: Barent the miller (De 
i kjc,wife 
Of Corn 


lit.— See O'CaU 
Hist. N. 

Coeymans, Barent Pieterse. the miller bi 
large tract of land at the place called by his 
His w. • 
were A i 

i I 
Geertie, w 



Jan Cornelise Vyeehi' - Sweer 


mill, on now 

the e; -i 

COE 5 

raad. m. ( 19,1714, 

m. Ain 
m. Jac 

lotte Av ' 

lotte A ■ 

Mrs. < ■ 
and gi anddau. o 
Col brecli ; 

v r an Duzen i . '•,. Oct. 

19,1781; Hugh Bennys, b. Noi Uiam, b. 

Coldin, John,and Alida Van 
b. Aug. ! 

Colleu, William 


Collier (Cailliei 


w Am- 

In lyoo 

then tli 

herlat" i et, New 


Coll; . tfichiel, of Coxhackie, 1" 

Fitje • na, bp. 

July 1 : ■ 

Oct. 23. 1692; Jurriaan, bp. \1 

bp. Ap,"! . • . : ,.ir, bp. Jan. 4,1702; the fol- 
lowing from ■ 
Jacob, b. "op 

therai ,,-, b. -'op de 

Flakte" June i 
in New Yorl 
de Flakte Loone 


andLyebeth .... Ch: Do 
Juriaan C. was 32 years old in 1070. 

Collier (Cailjer) Caspar, and Kachel .... Ch : 
, 1741. 

3tin -burg, 

id Cataline O'Br 

' i, 1801. 
.- « w'lin*, Lieut. John, attorney-at-law. ITS 

attorney I ■ f Albany, 1733, 

Cod nd CharlottaM. i 

Collfnson, John, "geboren tot London in oude 
i Claas 

Colwell, see Caldv. 
Coniiort, see Canibefort. 


v Van Sehaick, 

July 20, 1796. Msijo- 

' n.'o 

bum, \.< . 72 y. 

Conchlin, Joseph, " op de Halv 

Ch: J 
Conckltel, Frederick, and Ch 

Coiteel (Coi 

there Ol i 
not living 

Congel, Pzra, and Mary Hungerford. ( ' 

Cou;,i - and Lena De Voe, m. May 10, 

-lay 9. 1781. 
Conklin, V ^Brouwer. Ch:Nico- 

Connel, Edward, and Sara Poll 
Pro. -it nny, 
1770; Daniel, bp. Julj la, b. Oct. 25, 

Connelly, ; Kelly. Ch: 

Consaul at aulas 


Constapel a, Van 

hen he 
.. He owned considerable real 

he killed one Sega 


• I liini. 

Conyn, l 

m.Agnietie:... Ch: Philip, 

Contjs >t Coxhackie, 1720. m. 

Dirks J. Oh: Leeudert, b. Sept. : 
Dirk, bp. Ap 

i i 

C I iderl ofClav 

, ived June 7, 1727, in which he 

Dec. 28,1684; 
Leendert, bp. March, 1687; Anganietie, bp. May 12, 



ob, and Mamie... Ch : Jo- 


id Hendrikje Cool. m. Jan. 15, 
and Catharina 

April 1 
bp. Jan. 21 
Contk, Phili] .ind Commerrie 

750. Ch: Philip, bp. ■ 

Cool, Pieter Bar I 

P. B. Co 

:i^rman jongedochterbeyde van Kinderhoek' - 

I Mantle Kidni 


bp. July 

\ Ch : Hen- 
Coo: Lonatie Daniels. Ch: Maria, 

tray, : - Pemberton, bp 

Cooper (Couper), Obadiai 


" : 
Cooi eth.... Ch:Cor- 

Cooi Taomas, and !. 

- m. Oct. 4. 1742. Sh<-< 

: . 

Coo j : Maria Fonda, m. 

. Ch : Cornelia, bp. 3 
Cooper. Jacob, and Jos'na Orchard. Ch : Corne- 

diah. 1 : 

' raham, and Catarina 

rot. 15. 
p. Sept. S 
the moth 

• Decr- 
an den 

175; Cornelia, b 

ne d. 

mcki. m. July 

. ia Hilton. Ch: Sarah 

••cht, rn. June 

omas, and Lea Cooper, i 

d Lea Cooper. 

< opes, ■-: ic.and M ay McLean. Ch: Mary, bp. 

Copley, Calvin, and Rachel Winne. Ch : Charles, 
b. 0c* 17, 

Cornelise, Jesse, and Maria his w. Ch : Pe- 

.. .717. 

Fephta, and Christina Martense, m. 
April ■ 

J Cornick I'Cowneckj, Jonathan, and Margaret 
*Perrv. :urine. 

Gomel, Jacob, and C&thariua hi- wife. Ch: Ja- 

; cob Hendrick 

t .Ttney, John, first wife, Bregje Segers : second 
wife M 

ne, 1791. 
** Coster (Koster), Sendrii i loosense 

Johannes , Lan-ingU Ch: Anthony, 

Antje. wife of Johannes Bleeker. 

;:nd Elizabeth Ten 
Broecl: iried in the 

Henderick. bp. i iried in the chnrch, 

truytje. bp.Jul; - . ' 1716. 

Costlgan, Francis, and Jaii': Hagerman. Ch: 

•: John, 
;. 1801 : Sarah, b. Oct. 1,1808; Anna. 

Cowpcr, see Cooper. 

Conrtnie (Courtir). John, born in Ireland, and 
•t Jan Oliver, n 
3, 1735. Ch : Elisabeth, bp. Jan. 25 I ! 
. 1744. 
( owenhuTen, Samuel, and Catelyntje Wyn- 
gaart. Ch: Samnel, bp I 

\ '"alters. Ch : 

CraiiJter, Indlow (?), and Neeltie DeGarmo. 

Crannel on, and 




Crannell. iaantje Bovie, m 

. -. : 

nsLL. John, and Johanna McManna. Ch: 
3, 1757. 

. and Catarina Egmont. Ch: 


Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


Crannki.i.. John, and Volkie Van Alsteyn,m. Jan. 

20, 1757. Ch : William, bp. 1> ■ . i 
L760: Martin. : 

Kuv, j 

| , ' 

Cuanxelt, (Crenel), Hendrik and Jacomyntie 

rita, h. Nov. 24, 176!); 

1772; Rebecca, b. April 5. 1774; Robert, b. June 17, 
1776: 3 trch 22, 1779; Petrus, b. May 


Channel, William Winselo (Winslow), am I 
ie Email, m. lie d. Dec. 27, 1828, 

i She <[. Oct, 2s, 18-25. cli 

ov. 9, 1784; Maria, b. 
I>ec. 4, : ■. I 1790. 

Cbannel, Martin, and Caty Brokus. Ch: I 
b. Oct. 27, 1790. 

Channel, Isaai [aris), Morris, m. Nov. 

Ch: Folkie, b 
Crannetjl, Nicholas Gerri an den Bergh. 

■ . r >ct. 9, 

one 31 

Creduisch, J., and Cornelia Buscher. Ch : John, 

Creeve (C'reere), Tl i i-.djannetie 

his w. Ch: Neeltje, bp. Jn rohannes, 

'une 16, 1689. 
Cregg (Gregg?), 3 his wife. 

Ch: Catharine, bp. June 22, 1 
Crcuier i: rtyn He was the 


Retiring from the cil lantation 

in Niskayuna, a port; 

part of 

land, n, 534). His chi 

ps others. Prai 
■ he settled as 
New i 'aware, and was dec- , 

administered on iti James, b. Nov. 10, 1778 

tsDe Sille, May 
in Ne 

Cregier (Kregier), ' m 

by her 2d husband. Hendnck Audi 

11,1671. He was public clerk 
in New Amsterdam, from 1646 to 1661 : |e« ' 
moved to Albany about KiSr> . 
from hie mother-in-law on * 
- ■ ; ; i of Stenbe 
Jan. 1. 
speaks of his 
written ; d. Jan. 21, 1702. Hie 

. ' ' proved June 
all the childre vied in 

. 1734. Ch : Martin; I 
wile of Dani w. of Johan- 

New York, J 

truy Visscher, m. May 

88 y.. : 
buried in Alt 

. i ;i9: Dirkie, b. 
Bastiaan. b. > 
A| ril I i 

. I.. Feb. is. 1731 ; !!■ 
Cue i] rfnt- 

July 29 ; children were 

; Henry, marine] : Martinue, mariner ; Jane. 

i i Van Vranken, Ch: 
i sabeth, bp. June 23, 
uia, bp. Oct. 2 

Fonda, d. Jan. 

both of Niskayuna, 


1795. a.60y., • d 

muel, b June 22, 1769: Tennis, b. Jan., 31, 

l3aac,b. July 17,1777. 

[De] Foreest. 


er, Martinns, and Eva Vanden Bergh. Ch : 
7, 1802, 
and d. in f0 in 69th year. 

. , 1S03. 
Creracr (Ki Jacob, and Ma i 

bara, Ch 

Cremer. Jiifris .;i rita Ch : Pe- 

trus, b. Feb. 21, 1767; Lai 
Crevel, see Cribel. 

(rcver, Johannes and Man j Kelmer. Ch: 
David, b 

Crib: '. Francis, 

'h : Jellis, bp. 

Dec. 11,1 L758; Elizabeth, 

bp. April 13, 1766; I: ,.-' 3, 1764 ; An- 

■i ane 15, 1770 

Cromwell, Jacob i Maria 

Philip- . Ch : 

See also Schenectady 

Crook, seeKruck. 

Croon, Dirk Janse, was appointed magistrate of 
Beverw in 1 1660 snperin- 

-els, of 

ofpromi 14, he 

lam, Holland. 
Crozier, Johannes, and Agnes Darrich. Ch: 

Cruiselaar, Silvester, and Maria Shram. Ch: 
Johannes, b. March 5, 1785. 

Cruiff, see Gerbertse. 

Cram, John and Catharine Kudolff. Ch : John 
Budolff, b trgarita Ch: Phi- 

Philip Frederick, bp. Jan. 30, 1770. 

Cumuiing, Daniel, and Elizabeth (Abigail), 
Taney, bp. Nov. 19, 17 ; Ma 

Cunimiugs, Cornelis, and Hannah Swells. Ch: 

Cummings, John, and Isabella McCay. Ch: Mary, 

Cunningliam, Henry, and Margaret Ch : 

Cuvler (Coeyler, Coj ler), Henderick, tailor, born 

in 1637. came to Albany about '.r,<\\. and bought a lot 

on the !■■ ' earl streef near 

State, in ledalot on the south side of 

Pearl "near ye Fort," which 

- i on of his son - 

Pan Brugh. In 1675 he made his 


his attorney to receive certain properly of Pieter 

- deceased in 1691, and 

... in 1703. Ch : Johannes, eldest, b. 

iria, bp, in New York, March 

marry John Crugj 

irk, March 2, 1703 : Anna, m. Myndert H 

1 ot New York, Nov. 2, 

BB, Johannes, trader, b. in 1641, eldest son of 

Hendrik tted freeman ofNew York city 

Albany, 1725-6; he had a lot on east 

h of Steuben extend. 


of Albany. 

d in the 


a New 

. Anna. 


raham, b. Dec. 

Dec. ' 
Cathrina. bp. June <i. 1725; El 




ones, I)]). Sept. 21, 17:; : 
ham, I p 
Cornells, bp 

Jacob, bp. Jan. 10, 1746, d. in I 

pril 11, 


. bb, Abraham, Jr., m 

li. Oli: Catharii a, bp. Jan ll 

m. Catharine W< ndel, April 1, 
i-;ua, b. 
B ndrick, b. July ." 

men haul, m. M 
anna, bp. Jan. 10 

\Tcndel. Ch: 
Catharina, b. Jan. 4, 1764. 

Glen, April 10. 

,ii d. in 

. . Ch : Cathalyna So- 
li, m. 

. • 

45 v. ; Dirk, b 





Cut ch: Jo- 

seph, b. Aug 
nelis, b. F< 


I Oct. 

Jan. 7, 

lV.lit; W 'urine 


C' JollD J , m 

she died 

■ ane). 
Ch: William, b. April b. 1, 

8, 1796; Abraham, b March 

\ eraor, 

cii : Vernor, 

: Ben- 
jamin, Ledyard, b. Sept. is, 1797; Richard Glen, b. 
July •>. 170!). 
Damon, Maritie, owned i ; 

Dirk Van Bps, sh 1 ad two 

:ii Bancker. of 

I a daughter, Jannetie, 
onally in 1664 be 
Daniels (Danielson), 
Ch: Margarita, bp. March 2, 1737; Dirk, bp. Nov. 

Daniels, John. m. Geertruy Hilton, June 6, 1752. 
a. bp. April 22, 1753. [John Daniels was 
buried L> 

Daniels, Hendrick, m. first, Maria Nbrthen. Ch: 

Jannetie. "oud 7 weken," bp. April 5. 1765. He m. 

Molly McGuye McCoul). Ch: 

m, b. Auar. 24, I 3ept. l, 

aheth, b. May 3, 

[alve Maan, and 

mi. Ch: Johannes, bp. Feb. 

b. July 

David, b. Oct. 3, 1774. 

Dantj i! Sofia Hilton. Ch : Johan- 

Daniels, Jacob, and Maria Riddel. Ch : Pieter, 

Danielson, see Daniels. 
. Da re til, see Dret. 
Dark, Care], of Steen Rabie, and Margar 

enraad, b. Nov. 1, 1767 ; Eliza- 
beth, b. April i. 

2 1774. 
Da licit. si, see Dox or Doxsi. 
Davenport, John of Schaagtcko 

David ts, ' 



teronlaud -riven 

■ i- ■ ia, dau. 

in 1657, 

aildren: JorisCh 

I r with wife 
childn tcb and Indians 

Davids, Davis, Da 

. . . . Ch : Tho- 
■i-: David; bp. 
Davie (Dai 

Jan Ll 

Jacobus, bp. . icobus, bp. i a 

. July 

■ Pieter, b. March 10, atje,b. 

Aug. 21, 1769; Jaco- 


Genealogies of the First Settlers in Albany. 


Davis, Edward (No. Droit), 

Jan. S. lWi. i>. Oct. -27. 1703; Jo- 

hannes, 1). Sep1 . 8, ! i 
1707: Rachel, b. Jnr, I 
1773; EIias,b. Dec. 29,1775; Cornelis,b. Aug. I 

David, William, and Ruth North. "Ch : Francis, 
bp. May 3, 1779. 

David (Davies), Pieter, in. Elizabeth Colwell(Col 
rill, Cald Ch: John. b. Sept. 7, 

1784; Maria, I). Ait-. 14. 1780; Cathalina. b. Nov. 
22, 1784; Elizabeth, b. March . 

7. 17H5: Janus, b. Aug. 9,1798; Joseph Caldwell, b. 
March 12, 1800. 

Dauser, Caspar, and Elizabeth Ch : Eva, b. 

June 8, 1771. . 

Dawson (Daason), Volkert, and Geertruv Hilton. 
Ch : Bareut b. Oct.. 20, 1705 ; J' :,, 1765 ; 

Maria, b. and bp. Dec. '25, 1769; Ariaantje, b. Dec. 
11, 1771; Willeui, b. Aug. 2,177 

Deal, William, and Caty McGahary. Ch : Jane, 
b. July 11, 1778. 

Dean, George, m. Annatie Van Dcusen, in New 
York, .'■ ; . : Abraham, b. April 13, 1706 ; 

Abraham, Oct. .8, 1770; Abraham and Rachel, b. Jan. 
31, 1773. 

Dea ne, Stuart, m . first Pietertje Bratt . Ch : Ma- 
ria, b. Sept. 20. 1778; Anthonv. b. Dec. 20, 1780; 
Pieter. b. Dec. 14, (the mother then 

being dead). 1783. lie m. second. Margaret Wheaton. 
Ch : Abraham, b. Aug. 30. 1790. | Capt. Stuart Deane, 
a famous Albany navigator, d. Aug. 5, 1836, a. 90 y.] 

DeBacker, see Backer 

DeBoy, aee Dubois. 

DeBruyn, see Bruyn. 

DeCamp, Mathiaa, and Mary Mollens. Ch: 
Jenny, b. March 18, 1777. 

DeCarmau, see Del 

DeDeckere, Johi i appointed vice 

director and secretary of New Orange. June 21, 
1665, and remained in this oil i i timing 

to New Amsterdam in 1656; subsequently he became 
a member of the council . He had a son Jacobus, bp . 
in New York. Nov. 17, 1058.— O'Ca 
N. iV,ii, 304. 

Decker (Dekker) Jan. and Tuysje Ch : 

Lourens. Feb. :. "op de flakte Loonenburgh " and 
bp. there March 9, 1712. Luth. Church Sec. ■ 

Decker (Dekker), Gerhard and Geertruvd. . . . 
Ch ; Christoflfel, b. at Tachkanick, Sept. 3. 1720. 

DeBuytscher, Roeloff, and Januetie Bhissy 
(Brissi 8, 1703; 

Johannes, bp. Jau, 
25, 1708. 

DcForeest, Hendrick, from (Jtrecht, an early 

settle, [.; , ; edaboi -very on 

atH lerlem. 

a. iHudde. Hendi '>ns, Jo- 

hannes and Isaac. The former m. Susanna Verlet 
June 8, 1073. Theyliv ' w Ams- 

terdam : ,■•. i ■ wasabrewer. 

He received a patent r iflandonMan- 

sland in 1647; in 1656, he was weighmaster; 
married Sara DuTrieux [now Truax] in New Amster- 
dam. June 9, 1641. ami had 14 children baptized in 
vinsterdam, of whom Philip bp. July 28, 1052. 
settled i i 

DeForeest, Philip, cooper, of Ma 
wyck, m. Tryntje Kip in New York. Jan. 5, 1070 
He was buried m Albany, An 
bp. in New York, Jan. 2, 10,. 
bany, April 1, 1684; \ 

bp.'Peb. 20. 108!); Jo . 

a, iii'.. v.i iiiiii(i, uu, ecu, - • ill 

May 1,1 

bp. Maj . bp. Sept 

Hist. Coll. iv. 


sanna, bp. Sept. 26, 1731 ; Maria, bp. April 21, 1734; 
Jacob, bp. March 

i kenbos, Aug. 

dried Sept.. 27, 1756. Ch: Catryua, 

L719; Philip, bp. Oct . 14, 1720 ; Cornelia, 

-.; W outer, bp. Nov. 14,1725; I 

20. 172S; Catharina, bp Maj 20, 1731 ; 

bp. Oct. 21. 1733; Sara, bp. Aug. 8, 1736; 

Marytie. bp. March 10, 1740. 

leest, Johannes, m. Maria Quackenbosch, 

1 725 ; was buried June 13, 1754 . Ch : Catha- 

June4, 1727; Wouter, bp. Nov. 17, 1728; 

Cornelia, bp. Sept. 7, 1720; Cornelia, bp. Nov. 1, 

I Oct. 17. 1754; Philip, bp. Nov. 7, 

.. Dee, ■A. 1732; Philip, bp. Dec. 21, 

1733; Wouter, bp. Nov 20. 1735; Philip, bp. March 

13, 1737; Sara, bp. June 4, 173S : Johannes, bp.Nov. 
11, 1730; Johannes, bp. March 15, 1741. 

tBBST, Abraham, m. Rebecca Symonse Van 

len, March, 27. 1832. Ch: Catharina. bp. 

March 11, 1733: Maria, bp. Maj i, bp. 

. Feb. 14, 1742; Cathalyna, 

bp. Dec. 14, 1743; Sara, bp. Aug. 5, 1750; Rebecca, 

bp. July 24, 1757. 

Philip, Jr. (son of Jesse), m. Maria 
.Id. May 4, 1745. Ch : David, bp. June 7, 
1747; Johannes, bp. Aug. 18, 1751; Rebecca, bp. 
July 22,1753. 

DeFobeest, Philip, m. Rachel Van Ness. Ch : Ca- 

tarina, bp. May 2s, 1749 ; Catalina, bp. Dec. 8, 1751 ; 

j. June 30, 1754; Jesse, bp. Aug. 22,1756: 

bp. Oct. 1, 1758; Annatie, bp. Feb. 22, 1701. 

DeFobeest, Marten, and his two brothers, Philip 

and Jacob, lived on adjoining farms in what is now 

North Greenbush. He m. Tanneke Winne. Ch: 

, bp. Sept. 15, 1751 ; Peter, bp. April 15, 

1753; David, b. Aug. 31, and bp. Sept. 21, 1775; 

' ;.,:;; Willem, b. Feb. 29, bp. 

April 13, 1700; Catharina, b. May 6, 1702, Rachel, b. 

■i 1701 ; Januetie, b. Sept. 14, 1700 ;^Iarytje,~ 
b. Jan. 20. 1700; Jacob, b. May 28, 1771; Daniel, b. X 
Aug. 4,1774. 
DeFobeest, Wouter, m. first, Engeltie Bratt, Sept. 

14, 1754. Ch: Jesse, bp. Nov. 24, 1754; Dirk, bp. 

L757; Dirk, bp. Jan. 4. 1701. Hem. second, 

Alida Crate, Aug. 20, 1703. Ch : Johannes, b. April 

Philip,b. Jub, 0, 1767; Annatie. b. April26, 

unatie, b. Aug. 14, 1770; Isaac, b. Aug. 17, 

1772: Neeltie, b. Jan. 15, 1774; Johannes, b. April 

5,17 71-,. 

DeForkest, Isaac, m. Alida Fonda, April 14, 1753. 
Ch: Nee I 54, 1755; Jesse, bp. June 25, 

lay 25, 1702 ; Alida, b. Aug. 21, 1765 ; 
April 19, 1709. 
DeFobeest, Jacob, m. Trvntie Bratt, July 24, 1756. 
■ Abigail, b. \pril 4, 
1702; Dirk, b. June 10, 1704; Pieter Bratt, b. Sept. 
3, 1700; Catharina, b. April 13, 1708; Johannes, b. 
1771; Jacob, b. April 1, 1773; Engeltie, b. 
June 5, 1770. 
DeForeest, Simon, of "Halve Maan," m. Mary 
1 Ch: Rebecca, b. July 3, 
a. b. March 15. 1704; Annatie, b. July 23, 
rothea, b. July 29, 1771. 
DeFobeest, Philip, and MaaykeVan den Bergh. 
ichel, b. Dec. 23, 1709. 

reebt, David, of "Colonie," m. Elizabeth 
Ch : Philippus, b. March 7, 
1771 : Lucas, b. March 25. 1773; Maria, b. March 20, 
, b. Dec. 13, 1778; Rebecca, b. Aug. 
8 1782, m..... Reed of New York; Abraham Wit- 
beck, b. Sept. 30, 1786; John, b. July 25, 1789. 

DeFobeest, Pieter, of " Colonie," m. Pietertje 

Van Aalsteyn, June 4, 1775. Ch : Cathalina, b. July 

4 1770- Marten, b. Nov. 29, 1778; Reinier, b. July 8, 

ye, bp. May 27, 1786; Tanneke, b. 

Philip, m. Annatie Van Deusen, June 
. July 23, 1770; Christiana, 

\\ iliiel.nus, b. Sept. 22, 1784; Tan- 
neke, b. Jan. 7, 1787. [Philip W. De Foreest d. 
Aug. 19, 1800, a. 42 y. 1 ni. 9 d.] 


■ Tit m. Rachel, 

ter, b. 

en, b. 

i : i Fonda . Ch : John, 

DbForeesi iarbara Van Aa 


Defreeze. an inn- 

. 1690, his 

Douwe Aukes 

1686. • 
DeGarmo. ilx, De Charman 

DeGarmeanlx, alias Villeroy, Pierre. 
theFn 5. Peter 

oa'h ol 

tj .March (i. 1741 

of Dirk V. D. II. Ch: 


aham, b. April 

DeCJiirniv.', m. Egbertie V 

t north 

: Ba8tiaan,bp. At 


. : 

im, bp. 
1741; Sara, bp. 

9, 1731 . 




1>E' I . 

i , : Johannes, I 
April :■' 

Dei- Anna Kittel, 

. bp. No\ 10, 1T54; Jo- 
Joachim, hp. June 17, 
1 761 - 
De' • .. m. Fvtje B 

Niekitha. May 19, 1758. Ch:*Cathn . 


Bergh, b. n In, b. 

DeGoyer, Bee 

I planter in Colony 

:,- t'atlier and 
irietje Janse deceased, 

DoGraaf, an in- 

. 'Iriese, 


oom he wen* U i-imin 1661 and 

tj the making ol 

-"led early in 

io this 

; lines 

Of 10 

only the folli Albany. 

7, 1693. 


DeGkaaf, 3 Akker- 

DeGkaaf. Jan. and Geertruv Ch : Anna, bp. 

DeHaen, Isaac, a trader in Beverwyck, 1663-4. 

Jand a; I 

- wered 
for two 

naturr! i- wUlfhlly in- 

lotonea - sonth of State £ 

DeHooges I erland 

in 1641, an Cur- 

i k, was 
(roadway. lie 

sopus in 

1 their moth 

| DeHulter, Johau, with his wife Johanna De 

.ii the 

is, tnk- 


| otter 

either ii 

nth of 

laer in 
1671. ! b i. £b- 


- ' iiyler. 

De Hulter died abont H Jeroni- 


H. removeiJ t tied upon a 

i.e.: consisting of 000 acres, which 

Genealogies of the First Settlers in Albany. 


she obtained in 1657, at the same time sellingout her 
property in Beverwyek. V pantile bake 
Wished by berhusband,formeda part of this p 

Dekker, Jan. and Tysje Bogert. Ch : Jacob, 
bp. April 13, 1707; Marytje. bp. Oct. 17, 1708. 

Dech ir. Simeon, and Cornelia Ch : Abra- 
ham, b. Dec. 28,1796. 

Do Iia Orange, Johannes, a Huguenot, is said to 
have emigrated from La 

settled in New Amsterdam, and left 4 sons : ,/, 
Ornie ; Isaac ; and Jacobus. 

De La Grange. Johannes, b. 1658, Bergen, N. 
J.. May, 6, 1742. He left/two sons : Jo/tarmex, and Chris- 
tiaan. [Johannes La G. m. Ytie Croesvelt, Sept. 28, 
1697, in New York.] 

De La Grange, Johannes, b. 1700. d. at Elizabeth- 
town, N. J., Nov. 5, 1782, leaving one son : J / 

De La Grange, Johannes, b. Aug. 28, 17:3:), d. Sept. 
19,1798 Hshad'ason Johannes, who d. in Union, 
Broome Co., N. Y., in 1866 

De La Grange, Omie. came to Albany, 
[this name is usually written Omy in the 
cords, but it is claimed by some oh he family that 
it should be Omie,] son of Johannes the first 
settler; he was a trader, and 
vend lots in Albany bought of John Hendi 
man in 1086, one-half of Van Bael's Patent on the Nor- 
man's kil and with Johannes S; i in 1716, 
bought the other half. Many of his i • 
cupy portions of these lands in the 
Scotland and Guilderland. Omie De La G. m. An- 
netie De Vries. Ch: Johannes; Omie; Chris- 
tiaan, admitted freeman in N. 

I hristina, bp. Oct. 10, 1688; 
Jacobus, bp. April 23, 1692. 

De La Grange, Omie, Jr., lived on the Van Bael 
1697: having no 
children living he left his property to his qi 
Bernardus, Johannes, and Omie. 

De La Grange, Job. ; ved on 

the Van Bael Patent,, had Ch : Johanm 
Annatie ; Margaret, and Christina. 

De La Grange, Isaac (son of Omie). m. Maria 
Ch: Omie ; Isaac ; Ooenraad : Grietje, m. Jo- 
Look ; Antje, in. Anthony Quackenbush ; and 
Maria, bp. Oct. 17, 1780. 
De La Grange, Jacobus ('son ofOmie), lived on the 

et ectady, Sept. 
15. 1723 Yurie, bp. in Albany, 

April 21, 1728; m. Johannes Evertsen 
in Schenectady Aug. i?t 1720, in. Philip '! i 
Johannes; omieArie. b. Nov. 12, 1738; Myndtrt ; 
Christina, m. Johannes Bloemendal. 

De La Grange, Berna I acobus), a law- 
yer, lived in New Brunswick, N. J., m , "•'. 

moved witb bis family to Emj 
10. 1797. Ch: James Brazier, b. 1 ;■ 
saunah, m. John Wadm 

De La Grange, Jan. • 

son James \\ arrington, who m. Harriet Demarest of 
rd, N. Y., and now lives in En; I 
De La Grange, Mj ndi li ved on 

the Patent at t ,. 
March 5, 1769 : Engelti 

14. 177(1, , June 16, 1771 ; 
James, bp. Jan. 19, 1777; Am on Van 

De i 
the Patent at thi 
d.1825. Ch; Mynderl ; Hestei Ka 

De La Grai>. 

m. Maria Van Ant wero, in Seheneetadv, Feb. ' 

He d. \ 1,8. 58 y. 

4 m. 2 ■-. I>. I in 22. 170:: ' 

I7li.">; Maria., Aug. 2:-!. 1766; Gerr I. I.. June 

15, 1771 ; Gerrit, b. Nov. 21, 1777, d. D 

De La Grange, Jacobus (son of Arie), m. first, 
tier (b. Pec. 25, 1763, d. Aug. 20 

.Maria McCrea (b. Feb. 2, 
1771, d. June 15, 1856), Feb. 15, 1796; Capt James La 
G. d. Feb. lti, 1827, in his 65th year. Ch : Arie, b. 
Dee. I. 1784, d. 1811 ; Gerrit. b. Sept. 17. 1787, d. Jan. 
17, 1863. a. 75 y. ; James, b. Oct. 21, 1789, d. Sept. 1, 
1828; Alida, b. Sept . 28, 1791,(1 Aug. 11,1793; Myn- 
dert, b. Mav28. 1793, d. Mav 26, 1794 : Marv Ann, b. 
Sept. 23, 1797. d. April 13, 1848: Susannah, b. March 
90; John, b. Oct. 27, 1800, d. 
Nov. 12. 1Mb; Susannah. I). U tn. Peter 

V. Sbankland, and d. March 6, 1838; William, b. 
July 2, 1804, d. Feb. 23, 1869; Stephen, b. Dec. 21, 
1806, d. Nov. 5, 1897; Stephen, b. Oct. 14, 1808, d. 
■>. 1813; George, b. June 1, 1810; Stephen Mc- 
Crea, b. May 10, 1815. 

De La Grange, Gillis [son of Christiaan 
Jenneken Adriaense Molenaar. Ch: Chri , ■ 
bp. Sept. 24, 1693: Elisabeth, bp. Oct. 6,169'.; Anna, 
bp. in Schenectady, Dec. 29, 1700; Chris .iaan, bp. 
July 25, 1703. 

De La Grange, Christ iaan, and Marytje Evert- 
sen. Ch: Anna, bp. March 20, 1748. 

De La Grange, Omy, m. Marytje Van Brakelen, 

Oct. 2, 1743. Ch: Marytje, bp. March 12, 1749. 

De La Gram and Elizabeth Menoy. 

Ch: Metje, b. Feb. 24; 1762, 

De La Grange, Ooenraad, m. Annatie (De) La 
1768. Ch : Maria, b. Aug. 7, 1778. 

Johani es, and Maria Knoll. 
Ch: Christiaan, bp. Oct. 

(De) La Grange (Granzy), Christiaan, and Eliza- 
beth Freeman. Ch: Engeltie. b. Dec. 11. 1786; Jan- 
netie, b. May 25, 1790. (See also Schenectady Fami- 
lies) , 

(De) La Grange, Pieter, and Judith Maas [Bloem- 
endaal]. Ch: Jelles, bp. Aug. 16, 1798. 

De La Grani SLriaantjeTruax, May 4, 

1783. Ch: Ann, b. Oct. 23, 1799. 

De Lamater, Claude, and Christiana Ch : 

Christiana, bp Feb. 12, 1717. 

De Lamater, Evert, m. Mary Cole, Oct. 20, 1795. 

Delamonl, Jacob, died March 14. 1719, aged 81 
] ed in Schenec- 

Delamont, Marten Ja ke"m. 

• .li : Pieter, bp. Oct. 

1, 1703 : ' ! >bia, bp. 

v Oct. 7, 1711; Abraham, bp. 


DeKoni])<r, Jan. and Geertruy Janse. Ch: 

Margariet, bp. June, 26, 1799. 

DeLaWarde, Jan, came over from Antwerp 
in 1662: : Albany and land in Niska- 

land in the Mohawk river 
ehenectady, foi which in 1698, he acknow- 
■ received Sd fom Joris 

jrears previously. He 
died iu Albany, Jan. 28, 1702. 
DeLavlI (perhaps DeLaval), see Donnowa. 
DeJLaval, Capt. Thomas, a trader in New York 
and Albany, 1668 82, owned one or more houses in 
Albatr, Mew York and commissioned 

one of the council; 1677, farmer of the weighhouse 
for 6500 guilde n on John his ex. 

Dellius (Van Dell), Godefridus..'... Ch: 
bp. Oct a Allette. bp. Dec. 23, 

a-sistant minister to 

Domiir e4'l in 1099, on account of his 

ti i agant land grants ob- 

ladians. His salary for the first three 

and for 

DeLons, James, and Margariet.... Ch: Mar- 
tfarch 7. 1736. 



l>eIiOop«'r, •' -.'1 on affray 

and wi qj 



Qi nished for b 

lam, Holland, 
lie lot in 
I>e ITlanse, Adam 

DeUIarchal, Willem, a trader iu Beverwyck, 

Defies*, Benjamin, and Kachel Ch : B 

DelHetseljier, see Metselaer. 

>b, bp. 

DeVysselaor, see Visscher. 
Dcnnfson, J., and Elizabeth. . 

Von Nieuw York." m. ' 
- 1757. v'h: Jacobus, b. May 


Dennis ton She 

d. M:u qo name 


■ lourlay, Jr., d. v 
Denniston, (ten-it Visscher, and Eleanor Visscher. 

cher, b. April 27, 1791. 
Denny, John, and Peuella Lydie,. . . Ch : Lydia, 
b. Oct. i. 
DoNoorraau, see Noormauand Bratt. 
DePej'ster, Johnn 


in the 


bp March 6, 

DeKeinei -, 

Derhani, Stephen, and Susanna Cool. Ch 

Oct. 22, 1780. 
DeHham, see Rhain. 
DeRiddt I r. m. 



Jaue ': 

DeRid Cli : Anna, 

DbBi rad Ililletie. . . . Ch : Woutcr, 

bp. April . 
DEliii i .... Ch: Johannes, 

1, 1761 ; Sim 

; ::n. 3, 

Derrith, se< 

Dufour (Fov. Voe, Fou. etc.), Jean, jf " Halve 


wife' was buried Juli ; Feb. 


lem, bp - 1?18; 

aa and Ariaantj 
DeVoc (Vous), Jan. m. Fvtju Vanderkar. May 
17. 1735 < •■■['■ Oct. 

12, 1752 . 

DeVons, Roeloff, m. Eli* ■ »ct. 23, 

1741. ' P Feb. 

,<. Dec. 

Willem .bp. 

\ illem, 

Del' an," m. Maritie 

VanOln Catarina, 

; ; Jan, 


14, 1766. 

De Voe, Job i 
raet, '<><> 

['■ I 

p. May 

Keller) ' ^61 ; 

Dunnin Maria, 



Itedly. Ch : 

Dor, Sept. 10, 177S. Ch : 

April, 15, 1781. 

De Vos, A arly as 


mie un- 
ci Id 


I | 

ad died 


: ice of the W. I. Company in 

after he 

logies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


DeVries, Adriaen Dirckse, owned a lot in Be- 
verwycl id #ith Wynant 

Gerritse [Vander Poel] ; com] 

or blowing- horns and 
lie door and at him in •,><■ 
of his neighbors : 1001 gave power of attorm 

in Holland on account of his son L) 

whowi ledead. One Adriaen Dirckse 

ierhaps the above) m. Maritie I ti 
widow in ' < -Inly 23, 1745. 

De Waudelaer. aLeyden,Hol- 

land, tra hepmoes of New York 

te and 
Chapel Jan Thomase in 

■II June 20, 1705, and spi 
the following- Ch: except Abi 

not of his wife. In 1702 he war- a merchant in New 
York. led iu 

N. Y., where he bad a son bp April 2, 1704 -. Abjaham 
hp. M." 

bp. Aug., 17 1689 ; Anna, bp. Feb. 7, 1092 : Pii I 
Nov. 19, 1693; : ee fol- 

lowing were probably born in New York, Johannes ; 
Adriaen ; Pieter. 

De Wandilaek, Johannes Jr., of Schaatl 
his house lot in 1714, was on the west corner of 
Broadwaj and Maide i iwned land in 

1 b, fee city of .'■ 

: . April 
Sara, bp. July 20, 1701 
Johannes, bp. Oc.i. a2, 1704; ;. 
it. 29, 1706 ; Andnes, bp. Dec. I 

. i : Pieter, bp. Sept. 20, 1713; 
Maria, bp. Dec. 25, 17)5; Harmen, bp. Feb. 16, 1718; 
Adriaan, bp. May 1!', 

DeWandelaer, Pieter, first wife, Ariaantie Van 
Vecht..'. I. and were buried in 

'i..4i 11,1750 lib second wife, Anna tBogar- 
dus) Van Vcrhten. widow, hem. March In, 1753. Ch : 
rohann ipril 25, 

175(>, [Mr. b hn De W., of Palatine, d. Aug. 1 

a. 69 y.] ; Johannatje, b. June 7, 1763 
De v 

voort,Mayl4. 17 77. Maria, 

b. Dec 1,1779; Harmen,- b. Sept. 10, 1781. 

De Wevcr owned 

id was 

d v. ft] island 

and his wife 

Dirckielb ■■ - ■• >en 'id Kinderhook 


De WeevenWcever). Abi Kerni 

- i . i Kernel Ken 

nelis, bp. Feb 


1 ib. July 
21, lib' raham 

Wever, d. Marc LOO \. and Mr. Peter 

un, 10 nl.J 

DeWiHegcr, Simon, and Jane Coon. Ch. : Ann, 
b. Oct. 27, 1791. 
De Winter, 

Holland, in, >■ tg s< n Falling 

sick, in 1070 he 

gether with bis bouw 

Jan Labatie, ' 

Van Guv sling, with the intei 

Holland doing In 

'blj ob- 

tained his prop, ■ 1 
to have left no heirs ii ■ tntry. 

DeWftt, Tjerck Cla 

use, iu i East Frieslan ; 
. DeW. in 1661 h 

ither fi ats. lie 

• landatEsopus where hi rmanent 

iboutl was ordered to be pnn- 

.- dhority. lie sold bis 
in 1000. Hem. Barber An- 
il. Holland, on April 24, 1656, 
in Ne'\ \.i 

DeWit, Jac e, "wednwnaer Van 

Barber ,...:.- -veduwe Van 

Jan Jaco r," Sept. 10, 1695. Ch : An- 

natie, bp 

DeWit, Bastiaan, of Kinderhook-. and Margarita 
Pearson (Pearse). Ch:Barban i~06. 

I Hester Dykman. Ch: Tho- 
- I, 1781. 
Diamond, William M., and Rebi 
Ch : Thomas, b. June 3. 1707 ; Mary Ann, b. Oct. 22, 
1801 ; John Wendell, b. May 18, 1799; Alida Wendell, 

Diclcinsoi- Elsie Lansingh 

Dtcl, Bastiaan, and Catharina Ruyter. Ch: Pe- 
trus, bp. April 8, 1757 ; ' >ct. 18, 1761. 

Dillon, Hugh, and Judith Dunagoe. Ch : Mary, 

Dingznan, Adam, born in Haerlem in Holland, 
farm 1077 in 
Kinderhoeck >l I ' ■ ■ • ' ihbi 

■ 083 they made 
a joint will ; oil 

ters (not 
by name) and son-in Ii ; . Ch : Jacob; 

Barents Cool; Josyntie, bp. 
in, bp. Jan. 16, 1687. 
Dinoman, Jacob, of Kinderhook. and Eva Swart- 
Ch: \bain, bp. Jan. 7. 1700 ; Johannes 
Feb. r; ', 1700; Gerardus, bp. 

DingM&n, Gerrit, of Kinderh«ek,m. Cornell. 

1714. Ch: Maria, bp. April 19, 1719; 
uly 26, 17-24. 
Dingman, Johannes, and Marytje Muller, Ch: 
Geesje, bp. Dec. 17, 1749. 
Dingman, Abraham, and Lena (Lea) Salsbury. Ch : 

,, 1785 : Margarita, b. Nov. 11, 17S8. 
Dinoman, John. and Cai.alina Springer. Ch: Philip, 
b. July 1 1 . 

Dobel, Willi una Ch: Catharina, 

b. Jan. 29, 1707. 
Dole, James, m. Antic Van Santvoord, July 22, 
i IB : Staats Van Santvoord, b. Angus! 6 

McGurah. Ch: Jane, 
,. 1775. 
Donaldson, Lrck (Isaac ?) and Margaret Eichey. 

i bam, b. Oct. 25, 1778. 
Dounowa, (Dunnevan, De Lavil), Jan and 
Hopie (Hope), Hunt. Ch: William, bp. Feb. 22, 
p. Oct. 16, 1743; Geertruy, bp. April 
11. 1747. 

Donneway, James, m. Elsie Smith, Nov. 20, 
170S. Ch: Marytje, b. Aug. 9 1700; John, b. May 
27, 1771 ; Maria,'b. Jan. 18, 1774; Geertruy, b. Dec. 11, 
1775; Geertruy, hp. Get. 17, 1771 Thoiiias, b. Aug. 
10 1779; Wiilem, b. March '.'P., 1782; Geertruy, b. 
Au". 15.1784: Catharina,!). Nov. 10, 1780; Margarita, 
1).- March 5, 1780. 

Dool, George, and Catharina Seger. Ch : Alex- 
ander, b. Sept. 6, 1778. 

Dorscher, Volkert, and Geertruy Hilten. Ch: 
Barent, bp. Nov. 21, 1761. 
Douw, Capt. Volkert Janse, from Frederick- 
. -- ni Beverwyck 1038 1686. His house lot was 

ii-ii, i- of State street and Broa 
,; lib owned by the family. He was a 
and brewer, and in connection with Jan Thi 
dealt largely in real estate. Their br< 
on the east half of thi 

iver, they sold in 1675 to Harmen Rutg - 

t he In- 
dians Hchotack oi I I 
ol ii. He alsi ' 
isite Bethlehem, 
i in 1077. he sold to Pieter Winne. Iu l 





Dotrw, Andr 

■i. bp. 

. all of 

38 '1. : 


Van JM'hakk, 



. b. Juiv 11, 

I : Alida, 

Eyck, I 

Downa), John, andLydia Donnan. Ch : Wil- 
. 1T74. 

ana a. 

v. His 
Catharine, wi I 


I>ec. 16, 
line Louisa, b. 

Henderick. ol torch SI, 

b. Oct. 10. 17<U ; Houdrick Ten 

Q] B8, bp. 

a? cfeSt& ^t ' " rapson 

m buried Cb ' 


1711; Margarita, bp April 14, 1717 I Do.; in lang 

' April 11, 1718; Job 

m. Anna Vai 


June 14, 

l'^!. Doxie (D.- 

KVn V* ' ? r, d. at Benton, 



ieter, bp. July 12, 

1, 1757. 

Douv, Vi . Ch : HenricuB, 

- i 
10. [Henry Douw 


Dos. Isaac, i m. Lena De Vo 



ith, b. July 1 

n in. 14 d. 01, ■ ;. Pieter 


John De Peyster, bp 

Peyster, bp. J;i. of Albany after his ' ro- 

Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


ther's death, in 1816, d. at Waterloo, Aug. 2, 1847, 

a. 62: Pi ter, b. Sept 27, 1785 Post aasl at Al- 
bany, d. Nov. (21) 27, 1815; Jacob, b 

at Geneva, Jan. 15, 1S23, a. 30 y. ; Myndert M 

b. Jan. 0, 1790. 

Dox, Pieter, m. Nancy Rendell, April 8, 1781. Ch : 
Thomas, b. Oct. 7, 1783'; William, b. Nov. 24, 1785; 
Sept. 17, 1796. 
Diet (Durctta, Derith, Droit. Duret), Jan, from 
Utrecht, m. Rvckie Van Dyck from same place, Nov. 
1. 1654, in New Amsterdam. Soon after, he came to 
Beverwyck where he remained till hi 
1000. liis name often appears in the Records as the 
buyer and seller of lots. 

Dret. Jan. m. M. (Anna) DeVoe (Du Fou), Aug. 15, 
1735. Oh : Jan, bp. Jan. 25, 1736; Rachel, bp. June 
19 1737 ; Catharyna, bp. June 17, 1739; Jaunetie, bp. 
Ma-Th 15, 1741: Tobias, bp. Dec. S, 1712; Isaac, bp. 
. 15 ; Rachel, bp. Sept, 11, 1748. 
Dret (Derith, Duret), John, m. first, Sara Revison 
(Levingston), Maj 22, 1703: and secondly, Nelly Du- 
ret in |1771]. Ch : Johannes, 1). Oct. 17, 1703 : Isaac, 
b. Sept. 17, 1705; Tobias, b. Sept. 1, 1707; Rachel, b. 
L772; Annatie, b. Oct. 6, 1781. 
Dviesbacli, Joost, and Caty Hooghstrasser. Ch : 
Elizabi i 13 ; Catharine, b. Aug. 15, 1795 ; 

Simon, b. Nov. 12, 1797. 
Droit, see Dret. 

Dubois, Jacobus, of Esopus, and Susanna Leg. 
Ch: Pieternella "70S. 

Dubois, Solomon, of Esopus, and Tryntje Gerritse. 
Ch: Cornells, bp. Feb. 1, 1708. 

Dubois (DeBoy), Salomo, and Ariaautje. .., Ch: 
Hendrikus, b. March 23,1775; Rebecca, b. May 18, 
1777; Johannes, b. July 17, 1779. 

Duer, William, and Catharina Alexander. Ch : 
John, b. Oct. e 
Du Four, Du Fou ; Du Foy ; see De Voe. 
Duivebacli, Christiaan, m. Cathalyna (Ann) 
De Foreest, June 25, 1704. Ch : Johannes, bp 
10 1764; Rebecca, bp. Jan. 25. 1707; Abraham, b. 
Feb. 24 

Dulleman, Jan Barentse, baker, from Zwoll, 
Holland, in Beverwyck, in 1661. His father Barent 
Barentse Van Ernst and mother Beertie Janse Dulle- 
mans, were both deceased in 1003. 

Dultloree, Pieter, in 1070, owned land behind 

Dunbar (Tnmbarr), John, m. first, Bata Winne ; 
and secondly Marin Van Hoesen, April 1,1724. He 
was b. Aug. 81, and d. May 7. 1730, in Schenectady. 
In 1714 lie was associated with Rev. Thomas Barclay 
• .Matthews in building the Episcopal 
church in Albany. In 1730, he removed to Sche- 
ie resided on the south corner of Front 
and i 'ri :ie made his will April 13, 1736, 

speaks of the following Ch: Robert; 
John ; Mary ; Catharim ; Willempie : ami Alexander. 
He was a vintner or " taffering ceeper." Ch: bp. 
in Alb. uneUe, May 17, 

1724 in! ^nna, Jan. 7, 1733 ; Alexander, 

Nov. 1 . 

Robert, m. Cornelia Spoor, 
Oct. 8, 1732. Ch: John, bp. 

May 12, 1734; Gerrit, bp. S aria, bp. 

May 27, 1739; Levinu Wilnel- 

mus, bp. July 15. 1714. 

bab (Tnmbaar, hn, m. Helen 

Gerritse Lansing, April Id, 1755. Ch : Robert, bp. 
June 27. 1756 : I 11, 1759 ; Cornelia, bp. 

April 12, 1761. 

a Baar) Genii tie Bratt 

ch: Cornelia, > i01 ; Margarita, 

: • hi. 28, 1700: Ji b 

. Nov. 1, 1772; Robert, 

'en Baar), I.avie 
Cornelia, o. Jan. 11, 1770; Robert, b. June 9 1772; 
o. Oct. 2, 1777. 

Dunbar (Ten Baar), Willem, m. Elizabeth Van 

i. -Tune 9, 1770. He d. July 10, 1825, a. 81 y. 

lmo.22d 82, a. 73 y. 5 mo. 13 d. 

Tryntje, b. Nov. 20, 1770: Robert, b. June 19,1773. 

[Gen. Robert D., Jr., d. June 30, 1837, a. 04] ; Arent, 

b. April 27, 1770; Arent, b. Nov. 0, 1778, d. April 4, 

,s y. 4 m. 28 d. ; Cornelia, b. Sept. 21, 1785. 

Dunbar, Robert, m. Annatie Slingerland, Nov. 27, 

1780. Ch: Johannes, b. May 24, 1782; Cornelius, b. 

June 16, 1802. 

Dunbar, Jacob, and Margaret Crannel. Ch : Jacob, 
b. Feb. 24, 1791. 

Dunbab, Philip, and Susanna Angus Mcintosh. 
Ch : Angus, b. July 22, 1795 : Margaret, b. May 5, 1797. 
Dunuevaii, see Donnowa. 
Duret, see Dret. 
DuTrieux, or Du Triu ; seeTrnax. 

Duyveudorp, Johannes, and Elizabeth Ch : 

Jacob, bp. April 0. 1740. 

D» vkmaii, Jan, came to New Netherland in 
1651, as book keeper, and to Beverwyck in 1654, as 
, which office he filled one year when he was 
disabled bv insanity. He d. in Sept., 1672. His 
wife, Maria Bosyns, d. in 1076. They left two sons, 
Cornells, b. 1647, and Johannes, who was b. 1662. 

Dtckman, Johannes, of Benthem, Holland, m. 
Maydalena Tourueurs, of Midwout, June 15, 1673, in 
New York. Ch; baptized in N. w "York, Daniel, 'v- 
1073: Maria, bp. April 2b, 1070; Gerrit, bp. 
April 0,1078; Magdale'na, March 27, iGoO ;, bp. 
May 6, 10s2; Grietie, bp. Jan. 11, 10S5 ; Johannes, bp. 
in Albanv, May 11, 1690 ; Jacob, bp. in New York, 
July 11-, 1092. 

Dtckman, Cornells. oi'Niskavuna, 1085. Ch: Claas, 
bp. Feb. 23, 1690; Geertie, bp. in New York, July 
94; Elizabeth, bp. in S^iaw York, Sept. 7, 1201. 
EasterlyrThomas, m. Baata Van Woert, Dec. 8, 
1770. Ch: Elisabeth, b. Aug. 27, 1780; Maria, b. 
July 16, 1782 : Thomas, b. March 7, 1783 ; Theunis,b. 
April 20. 1786 : Catharina, b. Jan. 14,1788; Martiuus, 
b. Feb. 4, 1790; Charlotte, b. April 28, 1792. 

Easton, John, and Janet Rutherford. Ch: 
James, b. Jan. 10, 1779. 

Baton, John, and Christiana McArthur. Ch: 
Barbara, b. July 27, 1790. 
Ebbei, see Abbot. 

Belter, Thomas, and Elizabeth .... Ch : Marytje, 
bp. Oct. 2, 1720. 

Edigli, Jacob, and Margaret York. Ch : Su- 
sanna, b. Sept. 23, 1700, 

Edigh (Ebigh, Eadick), Christopher, and Sophia 
Radley. Ch: Margaret, b. Nov. 18, 1792; John Rad- 
tfarch 11, 1799. 
Edicli (Ettich), Frederick.and Geertruy Smith. 
Ch: Catharine, b. April 19, 1793. 

Ednrson (?) Thomas, and Christina Ch: 

Willem, bp. July 3, 1703. 

JEgberlse, Barent, probably son of Egbert Teu- 
nise Metsekieroi- de Metselaer, m. Maria DeGarrneau, 
Aug. 20 buried Jan. 9, 1725. Ch : Eg- 

bert Teunise, bp. Jan. 13, 1705; Pieter, bp. Sept. 19, 
1708; Maritie. bp. Feb. 10, 1712; Catrina, bp. Jan. 
•>3. 171.7 ; Vpri! 0, 1718; Jacob, bp. Sept. 

13,1724. June 1. 172' it e being about 

■ - ri low of Omj La 1 

1 1 3 to re- 
y now owned or which 

B ojamin, probably a son of Egbert 

• Metselaer, and Annetje Vis- 

22, 1753. Ch: Egbert 

Teunise. bp. .March 1, 1711: Marretje, bp. Feb. 21, 

1714 : Femmetie, bp. Jan. 16. 1717 ; Lena, bp. May 

Eobi ' a. Engeltie Beekmau, Feb. 28, 
1710. Ch: Mai' lie. bp. July 15, 1716; Neeltie, bp. 

June 30, 1718; 8usanna, bp. March 13, 1720; Lena, 

bp. Oct. 22, '. • 3; Lena, 

bp. Am a. bp. Oct. 1, 1727 ; Maria, bp. 

Jan. 4,'; March 11, 1733; Marten and 
Jacob, bp. 


■ of the Fir- Albany. 

Egbertsen, Egbert B., m 

i. bp April 18, 
The follov 

ier, bp. 

Egberts, Jacob, and Man 

i, 1749. 

Eirer, Johannes, and Catharina Young. Ch: Jo- 

ri ray Young. Ch : Eli- 

Eggclbeymel, Hi 

.... Ch: .21,1753. 

Esraottt, • and Ch: N 

■orcu nae des Yadcrs 

[ONT, Jacob, in 17-20. bought a lot of th 

'aria. bp. Nov. 
it. bp. May 5 
. is, bp. Oct. 11. 
1721 : Evert, 1 hannes, b] March 

Ecra I 

y, bp. Ang. 14, 
Rachel, bp. June 7. 1752; Catarina, bp. May 

Eiby, Hannes, and Margarita Heenes (H 

riaan, b. Oct. 21, 1766. 
Eights, Abrahani.andCatharinaBrooks(Broccks). 
Hed. Jan. 10. 

771: | Or. Jonathan E. 

d. Ang. 10. 1848, a. 75; Alida Wyncoop, his 

v.] ; Rebecca, b. Dec. 

b. Feb. 

:, Rachel, b. May 7. 1784; Rachel, b. Jan. 

Eivry (Avery ?), Thomas, and Elizabeth 

Ch : Thomas, bp. Nov. 23, 1760. 


\niia. bp. Nov. 14,1725; Jen, 1 
John, bp. Feb. 23. 1729. 
Ellis, Frederick .... Ch: Nathaniel, bp. Sept. 

Elmendorf, Cbenraad, " jong man Van 
ton en Ariaantie Gerritse weduwe Van Cornell 

m. se- 
i a Jtierstede, mother of Jenneke, bp. 
Jan. 6 

Elmendorp, Jacob. Jr., and Lea Bloemendal. 
Ch: Coenraad, b. Sept. 25, 1781. 
ElvendoriF(Elmendorff?), Jonathan, and Mar- 

Ch: John Fett I ?92. 

Elmeudorff, Peter Edmund, an 

' ved on 

mother. Maria Sanders, dau 

W. of Pliilio Van Rensselaer. This lot descended to 
her dan. Maria, w. of Peter Sanders. Peter E. El- 
meudoiV d. May 15. 1835, a. 70 y. ; she d. A 

[aria. b. 
John Vanl 

Entry, John, and Neeltie Staats. Ch : Maria, b. 

Engelsi, 'del. and Ida ... Ch : 

: Margariet, bp. March 

Ensign, Ezekiel, and Abigail Gibbs. Ch : Allen, 
bp. Jan. 21, 1773. 

Erliart, Johannes, and C Ch: 

Erl (J >, and Ann .... Ch : William, 

Erlng, Samuel, am Ch : 

Bring, Hannes, and Elisabeth Wolff. Ch: Catha- 


Cath: i 

toffel, b ina, b. Dec 81, 1709; 

Ertyberger, Jacob . Ch: 

Envin, John. m. Mary Thomson (McMillen), 

Esmy (Ismy) Tho, :h Palmatier. 

■ : 15 : Isaac Hegeman, b. July 

Esselsteyu, steyn. 


On Jan. 12, 

i living 


k, and 
. : rgh(Vri mad 

his will June 21, 1740, proved Jan. ' i 
spoke i,i VUlem, eldest son, 



his will Jan. 15,1747-8 

in which he speaks*of his mo- 
brothers Johannes, 


Evans, Thomas, and Elizabeth Ch : Mary, 

bp. Jan. » 

Everlse, Jan. master shoemaker in Beverwyck,. 
1661-7. [This family were probabl 

... Ch: Aaltie. bp. to 

Jannetie, bp. in New York, 

... 1664; Hendrick, bp. in New York May 

in New York, May 5. 1672; 

070 ; riendrikie. 

in Al- 

1686 ; Arent, 

Everson, Benjamin, and Antje Ch: Tjerk 

Harmeuse, bp. * 

Evert Janse, kuyper (the cooper), pert | 
of Jan ■ had a lot on ea.-t corner of 

ifterwards occu- 
, pied by his son Johanc made his will, 

April . 

he eldest ; Jar. 

rd, Dec. 
i a son Abraham, bp. July 14, 
i -icd in 
] the Lutheran ch 

■i-tse, Johannes, m. Barentje Bruyn, ' 

irtse, a 

pay and' 

1713; Alitha, 

i >eran church, 

Jan. 1, 1715; Evert, bp. May 10. 171«. 

m. Elizabeth Bouman, July, 
da, wife of Johamn buried 

Feb. li. 
Eveetse. Jacob, was buried Jan. 11, 1755. His 
" de week voo ' a < 

i chui 

bp. iu 


8, 1710. and bp. in the Lutheran church, Feb. 

Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


4, 1711; Johannes, b. March 30, and bp. in 1 he Lu- 
theran church, April 15, 1716 in the 
Dutch cl 

3, aud bp, in Lutheran church April 8, 1731 : Jacob, 
20, 1724, in the Dutch church. 

Eveb i and ffarytje 

bp. April 

Evertsen, Johannes, 'and Susanna La Grange, 
Ch: Bernardus, bp. Nov. l. 1747; Evert, bp 

ie, bp. 
March 8, 1756; 
tina, b. M 

Eve;, i Vander Kar. 

Ch: Fytje, bp. July 29, 1750. 

,. Ch: Johan- 

Eve::. {' is, (Maritie) Hogh- 

■> m. 22 

d. ; she d. May 8, 1807, a. 57y.7m. 4d. Ch : William. 

9y. lltn. 6d.; 


Maria, : 

June 18, 1800, a. 15 y. 10 m. 2 • 
3, 1789 ue, bp. 


I Ben), John, m. Nancy Howard, Jan. 

16, 1777. Ch : Margarita, bp. Nov. 21, 1779; Engeltie, 
b. Oct. 13, 1783. 

Evem , toewey, July 10, 

1779. ' ' June 13, 1780; Catharina, b. 

b. July 
; Bernardus, b. May 10,1799; Gerrit,b. Oct. 
Evbbtsbn, Johannes, and Jennet White. Ch: Ja- 
cob Truex, b. Sept. 2, 1780. 
Eveetsen, Hendrik, m. fii iVinne, 

' d. Aug. 

9,1795 53 y. 3 

m. 6 d i la, b. June 2, 1784; John, b. 

I : July 5. 1834, in IMh v . ; Fikie, b. 
March 5 idrikie, 

b. Oct 
March 26 

Evei i and Hannah Slingerland. He 

d. Julj ■ d ohannes, 

b. No-. 

b. J. 
Truax, b. June ' 

Eseen, Alexander, and Catharyntje Waldron. 
Ch : Johar 11,1776. 

F.y ter, Anthi I urgha Ch : Pieter, 

26, 1755. 
Fairchild (Feerquil), Joseph (Jesse), and Ma- 
[saac, bp. Aug. 6, 17 
becca, b. Maj 31, 1777; Susannah, b. July 19, 1779. 

Fairlie, Major James, aud Maria Yate 
was for 3D years clerk of the Circuit I'oii,! of Kcw 
York city where he diei 
dence, 41 Cortland street. Ch: l-fobert, b. .i; 
1796; Louisa, b. in New Yorh in Al- 

n 1798. 
Falkner, Domine Justus, and w. Genii : 

ig Island . 



2d dau. b. May 2, 1721 

Fallon. Patrick, ... Ch; Elea- 

. ■ t. bp. March 12, 1749. 

Fallor, Zacharias, and Femmy De Poy. Ch: 

.. L777. 
Fanuine, Matthew, m. M an. 15, 

5, 1724. 
Farqusott (Farguson), ael), and 

bp. Jan. - ' 
Pari i. Ch: Elisa- 

tfov. 20, 1777. 

Hist. Coll. iv. 1(5 

Farguson, Duncan, and Isabella Emerson. Ch: 

Fatten, Francis Mark, and Catharine V. D. 
Groesbeeck. Ch : John. b. Dec. 13, 1799; Catharine 
eek, b. Oct. 23. 1801; William Groesbeek, b. 

Faulkner, William, and Margareta Anderson . 
Ch: Jenetandlsal L, 1778. 

Feero, Hendrik, and Maria Van Vredenburg. Ch: 
Abraham, b. May 7, 1775 ; Catharina, b. May 14, 1779 ; 
Elias, b. Dec. 22, 1786 ; Rachel, b. March 11, 1789. 

Feero, Christiaan. m. Catharina Levison, March 
Ch : Da\ id, b. June 12, 1781 ; Maria, b. May 
19, 1783 ; Pieter and Margarita, b. Nov. 23, 1786. 

Fero, Petrus, m. Jannetie Van Deusen, Dec. 18, 
1785. Ch: David, b. Aug. 3, 1786; Lea, b. Dec. 15, 
■ elis, b. Sept. 16, 1789. 

Fell (Fyle), Johan Melchior (Melchert), and Elisa- 
beth Rickart, I Hansing, Hursinger, Hansinger). Ch : 
1761 : Maria, b. Kai 
tharina, b. May V. 1764; Isaac, b. 'in 
bp. July 13. 1766; Jacob, b. June 5, 1768 ; Magdalena, 
b. April 4, 1771 ; Melchert, b. May 3, 1773. 

Ferguson, or Farquson, see Farguson. 

Fester, Johannes, and Catharina Ch : Jo- 
hannes, bp. Dec. 6 

Fetterly, Peter, and Hannah Borsley. Ch : 
Frederic, b. April 9, 1791. 

Flerse, Pieter, and Maty Hunter. Ch : Cathar- 
iue, b. Jan. 29, 1786. 

Fllman , Richard, and SaraMarll. Ch : Richard, 
bp. Dec. 6, 1778. 

Fine, John, cooper, ' ' Van Waterfort in Yrlandt," 
m. first, Jopje Claase Van Slyck (Schaak), June 4, 
1696 : and secondly. Alida Janse Gardenier, dau. of 
Jan Jaobse, G. of'KJn 1 3, 1699. Ch : 

Willem, bp. Feb. 13, 1698; Catharine, bp. Dec. 29, 
1700, was buried, Nov. 12, 1735 ; Jan, bp. Oct. 8, 1702. 

Finke, Hendrik, and Annatie Cocks. Ch : Jo- 

Finkelbacn, Adam, and Helena Finger. Ch : 
Hannah, b. March 28, 1792. 

Flnky, Johannes, and Maria Luyts. Ch: Eliza- 
beth, b. Oct. 20, 1776; Elizabeth, b. Aug. 16, 1778. 
Fisher (see Visschi 
Flaniisliain, Dennis, and Rachel Milton. Ch : 

b Dec. 13, 1794. 
Flanisborougb, see Flansburgh. 
Flansburgh, Ylensburgh. 
Flaxsburgh (Flamsborough), Peter, m. Maritie, 
Becker. Dec. 24, 1783. Ch : Sophia, b. July 12, 1791. 
TPeter Flansburgh and Frankse van den Bogart " Van 
la," m. July 24, 1790]. 
Flat, Patrick, and Eleanor Viele. Ch: Patrick, 
bp. Nov! 26, 1749. 
Flemming, James, m. Magdalena Gardenier, 
I, 1738. Alexaudcr, bp. Dec. 17, 1738; John, 
bp. Jan. 7, 1741. 

Flensburgli, Mattheus, m. Maria Van Zanten 

Feb. 12, 1716. He had a lot near the " Horse Guard 

blockhouse;" corner o ; Green streets 

in 1718: was buried Jut h : Joannes, bp. 

Nov. 4, bp. Aug. 24, 1718; Joseph, 

bp. Oct. 14, 1721 bp. Dec. 2, 1722; An- 


ina, bp. Maj 5 irina, bp. Jan. 

I 32; David, bp. 

1 1737. 

Flensbprgh, Daniel, m. Johanna Yates in New 

York, Julv 20, 1717. He was buried Aug. 24, 1725. 

Ch: Johannes, bp. June 30, 1718; Anna, bp. April 

23; 1721: Margarita, bp. Jan. 8, 1723; Margarita, 

bp. Oct. 4, 1724. 

t, Johannes, m. Cornelia Hooghteling, 
L741 Ch: Mai 1,1742; Lena, 

bp iVIav 29, 175:2; Daniel, bp. Nov. "3. 1751; Maria, 

e 19, 1757; Peti I 

bp May 3, 1701 ; Lena, b. Oct. 28, 1705 ; Maria, bp. 
, 1709. 


ogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


i h : Johannes, 



>!. 1707: Cornelia, b. \i 

Cornelia, b. Dec. lu, 

i Willeni, and Christina Boeckes (Bak- 
kes, Bacches). Ch: Cornelia, b. Sept. U 

id, I . May 1, 1769; 1 c 1770; 

Lena, b. July ' '. Mat- 

1 II 

FLENSBURGH, David, m. Maria Smith. Aug. 17, 

h: Cornelia, b. March 17, 1783; Elizabeth, b. 

Bept. 16, 

Flhnsbubgh, John M., rn. Catharine Bekker 
(Baker), July 11, 1785. Ch : Jacob, b. May 

[atthew,b.< S6, 1792. 

Fletclier, John, and Svntje Seger. Ch : Anna- 
tie, bp. Nov. 5 1780. 

Flint), Jan onetie Vrooman. Ch : 

Abraham, b. Anj bp. June 30, 1780. 

Flinn. Johannes, and Catharine Keesselbery. Ch: 
John, b. Nov. 14, 1779. 

Flint, Robert, and Johanna (Susanna) in 

1735 he had a lot on GallowsHill. Ch: Adam, bp. 
83, 1735 ; Alexander, bp. Nov. 6, 1787. 

Flipso Frederick, carpenter in 1663, of Amster- 
dam in >ew Netherland, wife Margarita Harden- 

Flodder, see Gardenier. 

Florid (Floyd), James, and Margarita Seger. 
[argarita, bp. March it, 1781. 

Follett, Charles, and Mary Bloodgood. Ch : 
Francis, b. March 5, 1708 ; Joseph, b. Jan. 10, 1779. 

Folllnsby (Volansby), George, and Jannetje 
Van Valken burg. Ch: Johannes and Catariua, bp. 
May 10, 1702. 

Follansbee (Vollansby). Jeroom, m. Elizabeth 
Witbeck, Dec. 25, 1777. Ch : George, b. March 1. 

Fonda, Jillis Douwese. was in Beverwyck as 

early as 1054, I ester ; in 1066 a suit 

was brought against her for removing Lodovicus 

Cobes' wile's petticoat from the fence ; defendant 

6aid plaiutilT pawned the article tor beaver ; put over ; 

1004 Hester Douwse assisted by her si 

and daughter Greetien ( lillisi sold to Jan ' oster Van 

Aecken two distiller's kettles for 400 

She was then probably a widi Hester 

Donwse was the widow of Barent Gerritse. 

Fonda, Doaw Jillese, and Rebecca He owned 

land at Lvbberde land (Troy) in 1076, d. Xu< 
1700. Ch : Jan. 1). V 

Fonda, Jillis, gnnstockei idy, m. 

Rachel \Viune. Dec. 11. 1695. Ch: 1' 

23, 1000 ; T.mneken, bp. March 9. 1698. Bee 

Fonda. JohaDnes, of manor Rensselaerwyck, m. 
Maritje Loockermans, Dec. 6, 1694, b< ivas buried 
June 26, 1710. Ch : Rebecca, bp. May 10. 1696 ; Pieter, 
bp. Nov. ,. 1697; Maria. bp.Jan. 7,1700; Dm 
. Sepr, ■'. 
bp. Jan. 23. 1706 ; Abraham, bp. Jan. 
bp. Oct. 28, 1710; Geertruy, bp Feb. 21, 1714. 

Foxda. Isa n. ol Hendrick 

and E:: D - be was buried 

March 23, 174s. Ch : Douw, bp. July 24, 1709; Elisa- 
beth, bp. in New York, July 4, 17i 

tt, 1714: Henderick, bp. Juh . 
ham, bp. Aug. 10, 1718: Maria, bp. June 4, 1721; 
Isaac and Jacob, bp. June 31 [80 

Fonda, Claa-. n'ov. 16, 1716. 

bp. April 

er, bp. 

' nch 7, 
1724. She was ! Ch: Maria, bp. 

na, lip. 
(.let. 8. 1727; !i' 
bp. March 4, 1733; Job. a 

Fonda, Dou^ ' lerkerk, dau." 

Mayke van N -",'. lie 

■ on east side of Pearl, imbia, 

Ch : Isaac, bp. Jan. 17. 172.S, Ma i. f|30; 

Jan. 10. 1731; Alida. b liria, 

bp. Jan. 14, 1 ,." ; I-aac, bp. April 15, 1744. 

FONDA, Douw. m. A. Van Nes, Oct. 29, 1732. Ch: 
i, bp. March 25. 1733; Maria, bp. Aug. 13, 
1736 : Hendrikje. bp. March 1, 1738 : Jacob, bp.. March I.",, r, 11. 

[It is not ea-- i lie children belonging 

to the above two Douw Fondas, bv the church register. 
The above distribution is th>> best that could be made 
by the compiler.] 

Fonda. Ahra m bertje (Hendrikje) Van 

Alen. Ch: Jan. bp. March 23, 173" : Stephai i 
Aug. 11, 1736: Stephanus., bp. April 10, 1738; l'etnis, 
bp. March 8, 1740; Laurens, bp. Jan. '10, 1712; Abra- 
ham, bp. Jan. 18, 1744 ; Elbertje, bp. Dec. 27, 1747. 

Fonda. Johannes, and M. . . . Ch : Jan, bp. Sept. 
5. 1736. [The w. of Johannes Fonda was buried at 
the 1'arroon's June 12, 1755. J 

Fonda. Hendrik, m.ifirst Anna Van Vechten, Feb. 
17. 1730: seondly, Catharina Groesheek [1745 
Alida, bp. Aug. 31. 1740; Isaac, bp. May 12, 1745 ; Eli- 
sabeth, bp. Oct. 25, 1747; Isaac, bp. Jan. 13, 1751: 
bp. June 15. 1755 ; Johannes, bp. Aug. 27, 
1758; Johannes, b. Feb. 19, 1760. ■ 

Fonda. Abraham Isaacse, m. Maria Van Schoon- 
hoveu, Sept. 8, 1743. Ch: Alida, op. Feb. 17. 1745 : 
Jacobus, bp. Dec. 25, 1746; Alida, bp. Jnlv 30, 1749; 
Isaac, bp. May 22, 1752; Susanna, bp. April 3, 1757; 
Abraham, bp. Oct. 7, 1759: Abraham, bp. Oct. 14, 

[The baptism of this last child seems to have been 

be Church Register.] 
Fonda, Isaac Isaacse. and Cornelia (Cordelia) De 
Foreest. Ch : Alida. bp. April 10, 1748 
Nov. is. 1750; Isaac, bp. May 6,1753; Jesse, bp. Aug. 
3. 1755 ; Jesse, b. Feb. 14, 1760. 

Fonda, Douwe, and Aaltje Van Buren. Ch : Elisa- 
beth, bp. Jan. 13. 1751 ; Rebecca, bp. Dec. 14, 1755. 

DA, Johannes, m. Elisabeth Ouderkerk, Dec. 
' Ch: Eldert, bp. April 28. 1751; Aaltje, bp. 
I. 1752: Helena, bp. May 12, 1754; Don 
July 0, 1755; Isaac, bp. Jan. 10, 1757; Johannes, bp. 
Juiie 11. 1758 ; Abraham, bp. Oct. 15, 1759 (?) : Jacob, 
bp. May 3, 1761 : Annatje. odd 4 Weken bp. Dec. 27, 
1702 ; Pieter. b. March 28, 1704 : Cornelius, b. April 12, 
1766; Willeni, b. Julv 23, 176S: Douwe, b. Aug. 17, 

Fonda, Isaac D., and Susanna (Saintje t De Foreest. 
Ch: Abigail, bp. Sept. 9, 1753; Douwe, bp. Oct. 13, 
1754; David, bp. Jan. 10, 1757; Douwe. bp. Aug. 26, 
1759; Johannes b, "May 

■ ;: Phillipus, b Aaltje, b. July 

8, 1770. 

L, Gvsbert. m. Elsie Douwe, Oct. 0. 1753. 

i; Levntie, bp. 
April 23, ii5-: Lvnti , 1761 : Nicolaas, 

bp. Oct. 9, 176 , Nico- 

laas, h LI 28d.; Abra- 

ham, b. April 5, 1773. 
Fonda, Johannes, tn, Dirkie Winne, March U 

I aria, Dp. Nov. 13, 1757; Pieter, bp. July 15, 1759 
Rachel, b. Aug. . 

Daniel, b. .: b.M .ch 5, 1771 

Willem, b. Jan. 9, 1773 ; Johannes, b. April 2, 1775 
Tauneke, b. June 21,11 

Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


Fonda, Jan, m. Eegie Vander Zee, Jan . 5, 1759. 
Ch: Susanna, bp March 9, 1760; Susanna, b. Dec. 
Wouter, 1). June 4,1764; Elisabeth, 1). Mav 
16, 1766; Maria, b. June 2, 1768; Johannes, b. July 
20, 177(1: Wyntje, bp. Aug. 2, 1772; Johannes, b. 
Aug. 5, 1776.' 

Fonda. Isaac, m. Rebecca Groesbcck, Jan. 1, 1766. 
[IsaacFoiidam SaraWvnkoop, Nov. 23, 1779.] Ch : 
Donwe, b. Dec. 7. 1767; Janneije, b. Nov. 16, 17(19; 
Wouter, b. Dec. ! . ' ■ .21, 1773. 

Fonda, Jacob, m. Dirki 10, 1768. 

Ch: Douwe, b. Aug. 2*. l'.(19; l-ianu'.;n. b. Aug. 9, 
bp. Aug. 21, 1771 ; Harmen, b. Oct. 11, 1773. 

Fonda, Abraham D., in. Heiidrikje Lansing, Aug. 
20, 1771. Ch : Douwe, b. Sept. 2, 1772 : Sara,b. Nov. 
7, 1773; Aaltie, b. March 28, 1775; Douwe, b. Oct. 
13, 1770 ; Anneke, b. Jan. 1 ,1779 ; Anna,b. Oct. 13,1781: 

Fonda, Isaac J. (Junior), m. Antje '. 
April 11, 1779. Ch: Isaac, b. Dec. 6, 1780, d. at Co- 
hoes, D nelis, b. Sept. 

, b. April 27, 1786 : Jacob, b. March 11. 1790. 
IDA, David, and Catharina Ten Broeck. He d. 
Aug. 3, 1805, a Ch : Susanna, b. Jan. 

11, 1781: Johannes Ten Broeck, b. Feb. 15 
Elizabeth, b. Nov. 7. ', ; ;;. 1785; 

Tobias, Feb. 20, 1781 
Mary. b. July 2 

Fonda, JohaE iltie), Levison. 

Ch: Hendrik, b. Feb. 5, 1783; Maria, b. Dec. 15, 
1780; Catharina, b. Julj S 

Fonda, Douwe and Machtel Lansing. Oh : Lan- 
sing, b. March 21, 1789. [Douw F. m. .' . 
Beekman, 'Nov. 22, 1794, and d. May 17, 
74y. 1 mo. 6d. She was b. Nov. 21, 1768, d. Oct. 3, 

Fonda. Johannes (J. Jun ?), m. Cornelia H'>:;, 
Oct. 19, 1783. Ch: Sura, b. June 5, 1784; I?aac, b. 
March 7.1786; Maria, b. July 3. 1788; William, b. 
.Aug. 27, 1791 ; Cornelia, b. Aug I 

Fonda. Jacol m Willempie Bogert, 

Aug. 30, 1783. Ch : Maria, b. Feb. 7, 1784; Willem- 
pie, b. Feb. 9 ham, b. Aug. 28, 1786; 

Abraham, b. March 18, 1788; Rebecca, b. Jan. 3, 
1790; Alida, b. Aug. 22, 1791 ; Abraham, b. March 
10, 1793; Douw Bogert, b. F< I I aac, b. 

Nov. 1. 1796; Magdalena, b. Sept. 25, 1798, d. Feb. 
20. 1838, in 41st yr. 

Fonda, Abraham, H. (?), and Penina Petteson. 
Ch: Isaac, b. Oct. 17, 

Fonda, Walter, and Catrinc Fort. Ch: Egje, bp. 
Oct. IV 

Fonda, William, and Susanna Halenbeck. Ch : 
[name omitted], b. Any. 2d. 1795; Cornelia, b. Feb. 
' , 
Fonda (?) (Sardy), Eliahan (?), and Rachel Hun. 
Ch: Catalina,b 

Foo md Elizabeth Williams. 

Ch: Mi ov. 3, 1779; John,bp. Sept. 27, 


Foot, Asa. m . Caty (Catharine), Davis (David), 
Jan. 19, 1790. Ch : Ephraim, b . Nov . 6, 1790 ; Henry, 
b. Feb! 7, 1799 ; Elizabeth, b. Aug . 81, 1801 ; James, b, 
Dec. 18 

Forbeliot. Ch: andUz....Ch: Ann,bp. Oct. 
Foreestand Forrest, see DeForeest. 
Forselsjht (Forsyth;-), Alexander, in. Ma 
Ber, Dec. 10, 1776. Ch: 1,1777. 

Forster, • kmkins. 

Ch : Jacobus, bp. Nov. 12, 17". 
17, 1776 , 

Foster, James, and Elizabeth Clintoj 
Nancy, b. Jul Jbv. 25, 1801. 

Fort, Jan ■ ■. ulower, 

m. Mari Grande, in m, Nov. 24, 1641. 

Fort (La F« [ Niska- 

yuna, i his will 

Nov. . i . ■■. tie makes 

mem wing Ch : Anna: Johannes; 

Abraham ; Nil p. Sept. 

1, 1687 : Isal - t. 3, 1699 

Fort (Le Fort), of Half Moon, 1720, m. Gerritie 

oct. 23, 1709. Ch: Margarita, bp. 

! trgriet, bp. Feb. 10, 1712: Teuntje, 

1 27. 1713: Johannes, bp. Sept. 18. 1715; 

Ariaanl ie » 1 717 ; Eva, bp. Dec. 21, 1718 ; 

■■■!. 18, 1720; Margarita, bp. June 24, 

1722; Isaac, bp. June 28, 1724. 

Fort, Jan.of Nistigieone, and Rebecca Dauielse Van 
Antwerpen. CI r Oct, 12, 1713; Maria, 

bp. April 7, 1715 ; Margarita, bp. Jan. 21, 1728. (See 
Schenectady Families) . 
Fort, Abraham, of Schaagkooke, 1720, and Anna 
Frederick, bp. April 9, 1721. 
See Schenectady Fm 

Four (De Fort) Jacob (Jacobus), of Half Moon, 
1731, m. first, Sara.De Waudelaer, Jan . 14, 1726; and 
secondly. Mari tie Oosterhout [1750.] Ch: Elisabeth, 
bp . April 23; 1727 ; Johannes, bp. Jan. 12, 1729 : Abra- 
ham, bp . Feb. 3, 1731 ; Margarita, bp . March 24, 1734 ; 
Harmen, bp. Jan. 8, 1737 ; Leendert, bp. July 6 
Abrain. bp. May 19, 1751 ; Elisabeth, bp. Nov. 3, 1753. 
Fort. Isaac, of Schachtekooke, 1751, in.. first, Ja- 
Viele, Sept. 7, 1729; secondly, Sara Viele of 
Stillwater. July7, 1751 Ch : Margarita, bp. in Sche- 
nectady. Feb. 13, 1732 : Maria, bp. Jan. 8. 1735; Jo- 

D ria, bp. May ' 
Gerritie. bp. May 29. 1757: Louis, bp. May 0, 1759; 
Johannes, bp. Sept. 6, 1761. 

Fort, Johannes, of Genistagioene, m. Maria Van 

Vranken, in Schenectady Nov. 24, 1750. Ch: Nico 

laas, bp. Jan. 1 I 

Fort, Abraham, m. first, Sara Van Woert, Nov. 18, 

ennewe (Benoit). July 1, 1758. 

Ch: Matga ita, bp. Dee. 30, 1753; Sara, bp. Jan. 6, 

racob, b.' May 22, 1763; Annatie, bp. Jan. 30, 


Fort, Frederick, and Debora Van .... Ch : Elisa- 
beth, bp. April 15, 1753. 

Fori', Harmen, and Rebecca Van Woert. Ch: 
Hendrikie, bp. June 7. 1761; Sara, b.Jan. 11,1763: 

■ , July 12, 176 1 : Margarita '•'•in huis gedoopt, 
June;;, 1766; Margarita, bp. in Schenectady, Sept. 
4. 1768; Annatie, bp. June 17, 1770; Marytje, b. 
Dec. 18, 

1 1. and Catharina Van Aalsteyn. Ch : 
Cornelia, b. Aug. 15, 1763. 

Fort, Simon, of Onestounyjoone. m. Annatie 

Vranken, in Si I ; Ryck- 

ert, b. Aug. 12, 1766. See Schenectady FafnUies. 

Fort. Johannes, and Elizabeth Quackenbush. 

'• trus, b. Sept. 4,1777. 

Fort, Nicolaas, and Catharine Van den Bergh. 

Ch: Abraham, b. April IS, 1783. 

Frank, Nicolaas, and Elizabeth Fonda. Ch : 
John, b. June 17, 1787 ; Catharina, b . March 22, 1790 ; 
James, b. March 22. II 

Frank, John, and Isabella Eesbester (Isbister). 
Ch : John, bp. March IS, 1793; Isaac Van Arnhem, 
18 1796; Ann, b. Oct. 10, 1798. 

Fraser, James, and Mary Ch: Jean, bp. 

Frederick, Jacob, and Christina Metiker. Ch : 
Maria V 1771. 

Frederiekse, Carsten, Van levereu, master 

smith. He and hie brother Myndert Frederiekse 

had their smith shop on the north 

f Broadway and Spanish (now Hudson) street, 

and ov a north corner of Broadway 

rife was Tryntje Warners. 

They made a joint will, July 1, 1689, in which they 

aildren. Margaret, a. 20 y. ; 

Warner, a. 15 y. : Anna, Marytje, a. 12y., who owned 

the lot on north corner of Broadway arid State street, 

in 1714, and was buried Sept. 18, 1728; Magdalecntje, 

a. 9y. 

Freehold... ind Catarina Ch: 

■ I ,59. 
Freelich, Marten, and Anna Maria Hagedorn. 

12, 1764. 
Freeman, Mark, and Frances Ch: Eliza- 
beth, bp. June 19, 1759. 


of the First Settlers of Albany. 

'.lister at Bche- 



Ff.'i. B etcher. Ch: 

Fret*, Ja ts. Ch: 

Frcy. Alida Barheit. Ch : Johaunes. 

Freydacli, Ilenderick. and Christina Deppen. 
Ch : Johannes, op. No\ . 10, 1764. 

ta Debt. Ch: 
Coeu-:. . >.n." bp. Dec. 

ham, b. 

Friday, Philip, and Hannah Bussing. Ch : 

FrlellngLtuysen, Dominie Theodoras, came to 
Alban. - or of the church, hi:- : 

th of July, the I 
- tiled from New York i 
Holland, fro:. .■_•■ er re- 

turned ' Ch : Eva, bp. 

Dec. 5,1750; Eva. bp. 

Fry, Michael, of Halve Maan m. Engeltie Van- 
derkar • geb : voor 3 

weken," bp. Aug 

Fryer, Isaac, and Elizabeth In 1720 he had a 

lot on north corner of Pearl and Hudson sr 
by 120 ft. and in l7o»i another lot on north 
Hudson street the 5tl 
buried ''in the English chun 
Wiiliam. bp, March 11, 1723; Lydia, bp. Nov. 
10. 1723; Isaac, bp. No p. Nov. 

Catharine, b. 1731, d. Oct. 8, 1791, a. 60 y. 
2m. 3d. 

Fryer, John, and Annatie VanZanten. Capt. John 
Fryer.'' ', ■:. «i v. Ch : Sarah, bp. Dec. 

Sarah, bp. N rah, bp. Feb. 

23, 1752. 

Fryer, John, m. Elizabeth Van Woert. March 2, 
1739. Ch: John. bp. I . Annatie, bp. 

Jan 17. 1762; Jacob, b. Oct. 9. 1764: Elizabeth, b. 
Jan. 10, 1766; Eldert, b. Jan. 4 I 
4. 1770: Lena, b. Sept istina, b. Jan. 

1 Ulem,b. Oct. - 
Fryer, Willem. and Hanna Ferrel. Ch: Isaac, b. 
March 6 
Fryer, Abraham, and Jannetie Hetril. Ch: Annatie, 

Fryer, Isaac, and Elizabeth Hilton. Hed. June 
S . 5 m. 19 d. ; Sne d. Sept. 27. 1794, a. 
57 v. 10 m. 28 d. Ch "\. 15, 1704 d. 

Dec. 27. lslo. a. 51 y. 10 d. ; Anny, b. . 

Fryer. Johi r ; na Kennryk. Ch : Jo- 

hannes, b. Ma: 

John. ! Maria, b. April 

b. Jim Elisabeth, 

8, 1793. 
Fri e 


Fry- . je (Annatie, Hannah), 

Mnller. Dec. 2" 
Annatie, b. IV 

John, b. Nov. 21, 1793; Elisabeth, ». March 
Agnes, b. March 26, 1800 : Jacob Van 

Fbyeb; Eldert, and Helena Melger (McGee). Ch : 
John lames, 

b. Feb. 29. 179!); William, b. Julv 4. 1801 : Elis; 
b. An", i . Elijah 

Samuel, b. Jan. 9, 1S09. 

Frver. Matthew, and Susanna Carles. She d. April 
18, 1855 

Fuller, James, and Jane Kert. Ch : William, b. 

Ii : Sa 
■ William, b. March 10 

Fulnoni, John, n July 

• th, b. 

Furt (Finr), Roeloff, and Barbara Koen. Ch: 
j Adam. bp. Dec 28, 1701. 

Fnrtle, Stephen, and Maria Graham. C b 

Fyle, see Feil. 

Gaaf, John, and Immetie Ch : John, bp. 

July 3. I . 
Gaffers. Reuben (William Funic 

Ch : Barbara, b. March 5, 1793 : William Matthias, b. 
Jan. 14, 1791. 
Gaignen, Francois, m. Ariaantje Janse, June 
Ch: Agniet,bp 

Gansevoort (Van Gausevoon. so written by 
in Beverwyck 
ht of Poulus M 

his de- 
scendants. Hem. Marl :ewas 
bnried Jan. 7. 1743. pt. 19, 

•-. ; Hendrick, b 

vooht. Leeudert, ni. Catrina De Wandelaer, 
1712. He d. N 

i me n. !■•■ . 2 ; Hendrick, bp 

b April 3, 1719 
bp. April 7. 1721; Maria, bp. Juni 

■li.ied, March 20, 17.-.:;: agnietie, bp. 
Feb. -!. 

Hagdalena Douw, May 
29. 1740. Hed. March 7, 

1741: Petrus, bp. Jan. 10,1743; Anna. bp. i 
1744: Anna <;.. relict of C. D. Wynfe 
1794, a. 49 v. 10 m. 3 d. 
■ Petrus. bp! Julv 10 1749; Leendert, bp. July 

Hendrick, bp - Hendrick, bp. June 5, 

I 1757 ; Cja iarina, bp. Oct. 1 

Gansevoort. Johannes, m. first, Maria Don w, dan. 
J of Petrus Do 

. Effie 
Beekman, Sepl 

at the Hooghe Berr/h. He d. N 

>rina. bp. June 9. 1751 : Leend 
:, b. June 3, 1764, and 

rina, b. Oct. 24,1765, and d. Nov. 1)'. 

sr, m. Gerritje Ten Eyck, Jan. 
7. 1752. She was dau. Eyck, d. Julv 31, 

Dr. Pieter G., d. Map b 
8m. i : . 1841, 

■'. bp. July 1 1. 1751 : ' 

d. April f 1. 1802, a. 42. v. ; Coenraad, 


: 1761, and 
I in Ho 
i Oct. 12, 

March 12. l"70s. and d. Nov. ; Hen- 

\ drik and June 27. 1770. 

Leendert. Junior, m. Hester Cnyler, 

ua, b. 
i, 1771 : Cathari 
; ham Cnyler, b. Julv 

cob Ten Eyck. and (1. Sri 

Pieter, Junior, m. Cathani 

A., d. m. 16 d.. Catharine his 

i widow, d. Dec. 30. 18:30. a. 79 v. : Ch : II . 


j6 : Pieter, b. I 

.ria.b. April 6, 1791. 




eKHB f 

Genealogies of t7ie First Settlers of Albany. 


Gansevoort, Leendert, Junior, ra. Maria Van 
Rensselaer, dan. of Col. Kilian V. R, at the age of 
17 y. on the 17th i 

and was buried,; She d. April i 

Ch : Maria, b. Feb. 17, 1778, m. Abm. Hud : ! 
tie, b. Aug. : .;. Dec. 7, 1839, a. 59; 

CatharinaDouw, b.'May 9, 1782; Elizabeth Richards, 
b. April 2, 1784, m. T. Ross in 1S11. and d. Sept. 7, 
1830 ; Johannes, b. March 30. 17S0 ; .... a son, b. 
June -22, 1788 "lived on hel Douw, b. 

Nov. 9, 1790; hat my wife (Maria 

•Van Rensselaer) was the first child baptized by Domi- 
nie Westerlo, and this daughter of hers the last one 
baptized by him during a ministry of thirty 
Eefie. b 13, m. Jacob 'H. Ten Eyck, and 

d. May 25, 1833; Ann Van !. 
1795, d. Nov. 0. 1806; Elsie, b. Feb. 11, 1797, 
Aug. 17 eb. 8, 1799; Dr. Rens- 

selaer G. d. in Louisiam 
b. Nov. 8, 1801, in. R. M. Cuyler, July • I 

Gansevoort, Leonard H . , and Mary Ann Ch : 

Lert, b. June 27, 1812: 
Catharine, b. April 27. 1814; Leonard, b March 14, 
1816 : Frances, b. Sept. 2i 

Gantz, George, and Jane Neal. Ch : Rosina, bp. 
April 17, 1791 . 

Gardenier (alias Flodder), Jacob Janse, a car- 
penter in Beverwyck as early as 16i 
owned the north side ot Wall street from V 
street to Pearl street, which he divided into 1 
sold by his agent Sander Leendertse Glen ; he early 
bought land in Kinderhook t< igether with the Goyi i-'s 
kil op] ! chotack. His 

immediate desi rally si led in that 

vicinity. His first w. was Josyua <?., who d. Feb.. 
1669; lie afterwards id 

ofHans Coenraatse ; widow 

with ten childrei b-erflrethus landand five by 

her second, all I of the two fathers 

were I 15 children. The 

following childn I rardenier arrived 

to mature age and had >; Samuel; An- 

dries ; Hendrick ; Albert ; Aeltie, who m. Adam Ding- 

Gardenier, Albert Jacobse, and Maritie He 

was a carpenter in Albany in 1677. Ch : Josyntje, 
bp. Jan ibeth, bp. March 

ber. b. I ornelia, bp . in New York, June 

14, 1693 ; Hermanns, bp. in New York, Jan. 8, 1696. 

Gardenier (Flodder), Jan Jacobse, millwright of 
Kinderhook, in J720; his wife was Sara Jans 
Bremen. By bis will made v ppears 

that he then' had six children living: his widow ad- 
ministered on the es; . v In 1697 there 
were th '. of Edward 
w. of John Woodcock; Alida ; 

lelena, bp. Feb. 13, 16S7 ; Jan, bp. 

Oct. 11, 1691. 
luel, of Kinderliook, and Helena 
i: Dirk, 



May : 

bp. I 


in. 19, 1707 

Gardiniek, Andries Jacobse of Kinderhook, m. 
Eytie Ariaans ■ B nderick Ger- 

ritse Van Wyen. Nov. 13, 1692 ; made a will July 1. 
1704; proved Aug. 13, 1717, in 
brother Samuel and the foil' i w 
Oct. 2S 
cob, bp. May 26, 1695 ; Arie, bp. 

Gardenier, Heuderiek, and 
about dow in. Johannes Ou- 

■h in Schenec 

Andries ; Jos 
Gard 13, 1713. 

Gardenier. Hendvik, m. Margarita Van Wocrt, 

I . : Neeltie, bp. Nov . 22, 1719 ; Jacob, 

Neeltie, bp. June 17, 1722; Hendrik, 

inter, Andries, m. first, Josyna Gardenier, 
715. Ch : Evtje, bp. Oct. 2, 1720. He m. se- 

. tie, bp. Nov. 13, 1731. 
inter, Jacob, m. Anna (Johanna) Tippen, 
b : Helena, bp. Sept. 5, 1725. 
amuel, m. Barentje Barheit Bareith), 
Junell,1736. Ch: Samuel bp. July 10,1737; Catha- 
June 17, 1739 . Nov. 6, 1743 ; 

Johanm 1753. 

.. Julv it, 1741 ; Nico- 
li : beth, bp. Maj L, I 
I75i>; Cornelis, bp. March 15, 

Gardenier. Hendrick H., m. first. Maria Dingman ; / 
second! < nnel, 

i . Helena, bp. Jan. 7, 1750 ; Hendrik, 

Gardenier. Adam Winne, and Jannetie Ch : 


Gard; > ina DeGarmo. She 

Bebecca, bp. Dec. 22, 

1751 ; Hester, bp. Aug. 29 

Gardt H., of Albany, in. first, Mar- 

_, 1754. Ch: Hende- 

rick, bp bp. April 4, 1756; he 

Hanse (Hansen). Ch Hendrick, 

b. Jan., 1764; Margarita, e idrik, 

b. April 17, 1768; Philip, :, dries, 

1772; Anna. I. . I 77; Neeltie, 

b. March 

Van Schaaick, 
ct.l7,bp.Oct 2 (sic), 
arah, b. Feb. 5, 
Gardenier, Henry A. . and I • ■ eren. 

Ch: John, b. Aug. 25, 1797; George, b 

Land Harriet. 
Ch: Cath: i Dec. 11, 1812. 

Gardner, Thomas Champion, m. WillempieBo- 

f Aug. 18, 1799; 

28, 1801: Mary, b. March 16, 
Cornelia, b. Dec. 25, 1807: Cornelia, b Ji 

Gates, John, of Halve Maan, m. Geertrny Van 
Vranken, March ■ ■ 75 y. 



Hanna, b. Jar. 26, 1787; John, b. 

2 i, 1810. 

Gates, John, and Van Vranken. Ch: 


Gebbns(Gib iaForry. Ch: 

Gebhard f Dhann (Hannes) 

mg. 10,1746. 
Gerbertsen (Cruiff), Elber '. Hil- 

. mtual 


m. He 

have been a \ . e man, 



. his wife, M 

ick. and mother of (;• 

sen kilboi 


■ • . ■ 
an Schaick. 
.. iceased 


i im Settlt rs in Albany. 

Mmati" ; 

- buried in i;.. hix w. 

nried Aug 21 I 

\'i(ia,i>|). Jan. 12, 1696; ilida, bp. June 
op. A] 

\ pril 23, 


Of "m Elbert 

| John, 
i g, and of niv 

ase, Ch: 

bp June 7, 1691 

sing, Bee. 20, 

! I 1694. 

Gcrritseii, Jan (J Christina Prnyn, 


last), and 

b)>. May 30, 171 bp. Dec. 16, 1722. Jan 

buried in the cl 

Dock). Ch: ' Ai natie, bp. March 11, 


derick, bp. Jan . 6, ) 764; Elizabeth, b 
Lh, bp. March ; 

Garritsen, Abraham, and Jane Francisco . Oh : 

Gevick (see Hevick and Jleven). 

Gibkert (see 

Gibson, David, and Maria .... Ch : James, b 
Aug. 2, 1777. 

Gibson, Collin, and Ellen Story. Ch : Mattheus 
b. Jan. 7, 1778. 

Gilbert, John, baker, and Cornelia Van den 
Bergh, dau. of ArentV. D. B. Jan Gilbert, 
11, lW una, bp. 

694 . f. 1,1 

GiLi- I and Margarita Smith. Ch; 

L2, 1785. 

Gilchrist, William, and Hester kelson. Ch: 
John, I). April 28 

Gillespie Lei, and Mary Jackson. 

Ch: Daniel, b. Ocl 2, 1781. 

GillilandWGillilom, William, and Anna Doff (?) 
William Gillil 
iilizai. Steward 

July lii. i 

Ginniug, Jacob, and Christiana Paasagle Ch • 
5, 1799. 

Giver, John, and Magdalena Schermerhorn. Ch • 

William, p. .„ 

Glen, Sane servant of the 

v\ est India ' m j n KJ33. re . 

ceived a grant of land 


for Ian ly, which land, he called iViwa 

ame his permanent residence He 

ud wasa 
considerable trader wi I 


9ander Leenderl 5. See 

Schenectady Families. 

t Leen- 
dertse Glen, trader of Albanj where he died Oct 2 

16a5, as appears by the following entry ■■ 

is rnyu broeder Jacob 
den he 


owned a 1 nth side of £ 

the second wesl from I wards 


in married Joi pril 24, 

ia, b. 
.:■>. only 
son livii living 

onmarri d ler, bp. No\ 

Glen, Johan ■ Anna- 

1 b« ertje w ■ nd \ an 

pril 10, 

1. Jan. 1,1692. Bee Schenectady 

: m. Rebecca Swits, Dec. 18. 1714, 
were baptized in - 

!r.. m. Jannetie Bleecker, 

Johannes, bp. Feb. 26 II Sept. 

20, 1700.... pro i jave half his 

to the four children <>1 b Jacob, 

viz.. John. Ilendric!:. ijinidi . 
w. of Abraham Ct to the 4 

children of hissister Catharina, late w. of Johannes 
Jr.; Cornells Cuyler, Jr., and 
Glen, Jacob, m. Elizi 29, 1782. 

He had a lot on wesl ■,, n and Chapel 

it, was buried in the church April 10, 1710. ch : 
tie, bp Nov. 11, 1733: Johannes, bp. July 2, 
1735; Elsie, bp. April 

. Nov. 1, i". n 
I Oct. 27, 1713, and was buried in the church Jan. 

Glen, Johannes, m. Cathari May 24, 

ob " Gedoopl op Schonechdate, Jan. 
I 25, 1761. lilies. 

. Cornell, of Watervliet, and Elizabeth 

H^ made his will Aug. 28, 180"), and speaks of wife 

Blizabet John and Henry, sister Jane 

and neices but 

this own children. He d. Mar. 21 

leaving a considerable estate; his widow d. Nov"— 

Goarley (Gourley ?) James, and Annatie Schuy- 
ler. Ch: James. | p. Sept. 3, 1772. 

Goes (Hoes). Jan Tysse of Kinderhook, son of. 
Matthys Jansse, who was in Beverwyck,- in 1661;.' 
m. first Biecbje Maryns, widow of ( a 
Van Voorhout ; she wa 1, 1663, leaving 

two Ch: Maryn and Jacob Van Voorhout; he m.' 
1' Janse Van 1 1 ilay 31 . 

lowing Ch: Tys Jan. Dirk. Anna. w. 
burgh . ' inne, Judith > 

May 1, 

Goes derhook, and 

Lvbetj : rune I, 

of the 

ip. June 

Goes (Hoes), Matjhj ''hook, 

n, Oct. 

i h: Jan. bp. Aug theus, 

bp. Jan. 20. 1005; Dirt ia, bp. 

rOO; Herbert ' :, Christina, bp. 


17, 1712. 

Ma' theus. and Jannetie Bries. Ch : Cornelia. 

Maltlu 11 ' H t. 20, 

1717: Johannes, h 1. 

first Mar- 

farita ' : Van 

: ' 1712). 
Ch: Jan Tyssen, bp. Pi April 

-tVntie, bp. 1 

a, bp. Feb. 12, 1727. 

Genealogies of the First Settlers in Albany. 


i id Eytic .... Cli : Jannetie, bp. 

April 20, 1718; Baiect, bp. June 12, 1720. 

Goi:- Buren. 

Ch: Jannfce, bp. Jan. 12, 1746; Marten, bp . July 
24, 174- IIay27, 1753. 

Goes (Hoes) i iaan, and Cornelia Van Buren. 
Ch: Maria, bp. Dec. r i ■ 

Goes (Hoes), Johannes, and Maria Quackenbush. 
Ch: Dirk, b. Jan.l, 1777. 

(Hoes), Jurriaan, and Judike Van Buren. 

Goewey, Salomon Abelse, b. in Amsterdam, 
carpenter in 1. - life time in Beverwyck. He had the 
following Ch: Philip; Jacob ' in Al- 

bany; Lysbel 

living ia 166S : Dornelis Teunii 

Goewet. Ja< ob Salomonse, owned a house and lot 
in Albany, in : 

Goewet, Jan Salomon ■:■ 

His house lot was on 

f Bleeoker Hall. He was buried S 
1731. Ch: Annetie, bp. - . ami in. i 

Doksi of Long Island, lice. 9, 1704; Lvsberh. bp 
Aug. 26, 1685; Salomon, bp April '7. 1687; Hilletje, 

bp. Sept. 10, 101)3; Cai 

■i i. Jai 10, 1697 ; J oh.. ■ 
tpril 13, 1701. 
Goewet, Johannes, m. Jannetie Van den Bergh, 
u-iiy, bp. Jul v 27. 1729; Maria, 
,.i. 5. 1731 ; Johannes, bp Jan. -Jo, 1731 : Cata- 
1\ na. bp. March 7, 1736 ; Barent, bp. Dec. 
Goewet, Salomon, m. first Alida And se- 
condly Margarita . . ■ ■!.■ His first wife 
was buried Oct. 17, 1726 unin, bp. March 
I I : Elizabeth, bp. June 

bp. June 9, 1729; Catharina, bp A 

.'J, and 
1 Nov. 27, 

1732; Johanna Calharina. hv > ' Mar- 

garita, bp. May 15, 1735 ; Sara, bp 

Goewet, Benjamin, m. Catharina Vanden Bergh, 
Oct. 2, 

bp. April 25. 1", 10; Mula,' bp. June 12, 1748; Annatie, 
bp. Ja 
bp. Jul] 

, bp. Jan. 4. I 
11,1761 Feb. 13, 1764: Catharina, b. 

Dec. 4, 1766. 

lohannes and Elizabeth Young. Ch : 
Solomon, bp. Sept. 2,1753: Elizabeth, bp . March 15, 

Goewet. Pieter, in. Maria Young. May 5, 1753. 
Ch: Mai [arch 24, 1754 : Daniel, bp. Dec. 

Daniel, bp. 1). 

ibeth ter, b. 

. Daniel, bp. Nov. 17, 1705; Annatie, 
b. March 14, 176 bp May 6, 1770 ; Alida, 

b. March 30, 1772. 

Goev. , Jr., m. Maria Van Ivere, Nov. 

26,1757. Ch: Jannetie, b. Oct. 15, 1758: Jan 

C. 4, 17G2; Corn 
Feb. 15. 17<il; Pieter, b. Sept. 12, 1707; Sara, b. 
Nov. I:' iiy, 1> Oct. 4,1771; Maria, b. 


Rachel Van I 
dcr, Mil annes,b. Jan. 26, 1760; 

Maria, b June 9, 1768; VVillera,b. Jan. 2, 1771 ; Jan- 
netie, b. Feb. l, 177. 
Catharina, b. Aug. 13, 

Gokv lorena), Young, 

(Gyoung Ch: Jannetje, b. June 26, 

i. April 27, 1772. 

Goewei m m]Santvoord. 

Ch : Johanues, b. Ocl I in, b. April 23, 

m. Pietertje Jeralymon, 

:hanna. b. Nov 
-.Alida, b.VJan.& 1793 

laas, b. Oct. 18,1793,; Benjamin, b. Dec. 15, 1796: 
Hannah, b. < ■ hn, b. Dec. 17,1801; 

Solomon and Nelly, b. June 7, 1808, 

Goe\. it. i.ook, May 28, 

9, 1790; Cath u 
21, 1793; Benjamin and Jacob, b. Oct. 23, 1796; 
Rachel, h. 

Goewet (Gnyer), John, and Christina Roff. Ch : 
Annatie, b. Sept, 21, 1790 ; Rebecca, b. July 1, 1796. 

Goewet (Goey), Peter, and Mary Miik. Ch : David 
b. Feb. 17, 1795. 

Goewet (Goey), John A., m. Rebecca De Foreest, 
Aug. 11 I m. 28, 

d. She i d. Ch: John, 

b. July 10 
' Gonsaulus, Gunsaulus, Consaulus, Goneanl. 

Gom .'si. Johannes of "Nistigi- 

oene," m. Machl • - Ch: 

Sara, 1;;. Schenectady, 

Nov. 5, I . 19; Francyntie, 

b. Feb. 2,1772; Engeltie, b. Jan.- 10, 177!; Bata, 
b. Jan ' ■.....,. Em- 

anuel, bp. in Scl telt, b. 

July 31, 1785 ; Ann 

baulus, John, and Dirkse i D archie), Hogau. 

Goudair, Benjamin, and Jannetie Adley. Ch: 

Goodbrood, Willem, and Barbara Coen. Ch : 
Bastiaan, b. Oct. 21, - 1 

Gordon, William, and Rebecca Ch : Mary, 

bp. Jan. 

Gourley, James, m Lauy. (Lana) Bromley, 
Sept. 10, 1799. Ch : Annatie, b. Oct.. 4, 1799 ; Maria, 
.:. 1801. 

Graham, John, m. Maria Fryer, Nov. 9, 1777, 
Ch. Sara, b. Jan. 31, 1779 ; Annatie, b. Sept. 26, 1780. 
Graham, John, major in the Revolutionary army, 
■' -. 1778. i'b : Sara, b. May 
■ ■ ;i Schenectady (Feb., 1871); 
Dehor: ' I . !6, and d. Feb.. lS66,at Sche- 

nectady . 

Graham, John, and Gertrude Hilton. Ch : Sarah, 

Grant, James, and Elizabeth Ch: Richard, 

.:. 1737. 
Grant. Gregory, and Margaret Echad. Ch : Jam', 
18, 1778." 

r, Louis, na". Margaret, (Majory), Frasi£ r 

Ch. Simon b . May 2, 17?9. 

Grant, John, and Mary dimming. Ch : James, D - 

Grauw, Leeudert Arentse, and Ch. G7 9_ 

bertje, bp. May 19, 1089. 

Gray, Robert, m. Susanna LaGrange (Grant), 
May T, 'lit, b. Oct. 29, 1779; Jellis, 

man, b. Oct. 26,1797. 

Gbat, Robert, and Elizabeth Drummer. Ch: John, 
b. March 16, L71 

Grat, John, and Catharine Osburn. Ch: Catha- 
rine, b William, b. Dec. 2, 1800; Sa- 

Greedy, Darby, and Ariaantje Symeuse. Ch: 
Margriet, bp. Sept. 12, 1736. 

Grcelraad (see Greveraad). 

Green (Groen), Edmund, and Antje — Ch: 
. Nov. 6, 1720. 

Gbee - iom), Willem, and Sara Cod- 

dington. Ch : Edward, bp.- Aug 5. 1744 ; Ytje, bp. 
Jan. 12, 1740. 

Green, Willem. and Elizabeth.... Ch: Anna, 
bp. Dec. 11. 1700. 

Green (Groen), Willem, and Catlialyntje Borns. 
Ch: Johannes, b. Maj 10, 1772. 

iUiam, b. Oct. 22, 1778; 
Thomas, b. March 26, 1781. 


ilogies of the First Settlers in Albany. 

Greg . as last), 

and M 

Gregory, Philip, and Margaret Herring. Ch : 

Grennel (see Cram 

Grenuuer, Haunts, and A. Margarita . 
». Ang. II, 17U. 

4. 168< Marytje 

Nov. 11, 
June 9, 1728, a 

[aria, bp. 
July 2, 1731; Maria, bp. Feb. 4. l i 

bp. Dee 26. 1737 ; Ann 

bp. Nov. 16, 1740; Alida, bp. July 10, 1743: Gerrit. 
bp. April 21, 1746. 

Greieradf, Hendrik, in Marytje VanDriessen, 
March 8, 1772. Ch: Alicia, b. J 
Grewell, see Cribel. 

Griffith, John, and Jannet. Ch: James, bo 
Jau. U 

Grocu, see Green. 

Groenendyk, Pieter. and .... Ch: 1 
in N«v Von.. 

April 26. 1680 ; Abraham, Mav 13, 1682 ; Petrus, b 
Aug. 16, 

I xe.ndtk. Johannes, sheriff of Albany connty, 
uere lie 

was buried in the church. Dec 1739: his wife 

continued his 1 r He 

m. I). 

1694. Ch : .Mary bp. in New York, -Sept. 16, 169(i ; Sara, 
bp. A; . enrick 

bp. Sept. 19, 1703: Anna. 

Groeiiwout, Jin 
a licensed butcher in ud sold divers' 

, e Thomat 

broeck. Her dan. Wynne Oornelise Bos, m. Pieter 
Bogardns. J. J. Groenwout probably left no children. 
Groesbeck (alias Van Rotterdam), Nicolaas 
penter ; on the 10th Oct., 1600 
he deposed that he was about 72 vrs. old: he then 
had a house and lot on the west side of Per: 

fe was 
eth .... ; made a will Jan. 3. 1 i 

Iren, Jacob, Catrine I 
of Jar in Woert] ; Y\ 

w. ofGysberl [fe of Domini- 

ens Van Schaick ; Johannes ; Stephanus. 

3BECE, Willem Claase, an chnyler 

bp. Oct 
id, bp. June 17. 1688; David, I. 

Jan i 
icobtUB, bp. Oct. 5, 
Gbosbeck. Stephanus, trader, m. Elizabeth Lans- 
ing, J ii 1 .- 
Catharina, bp. . March 

Jan. 10, 1705; 
Aug. it, 1707; Gerardu 

Gboesbeck. Johannes Claase, m. Geertje Quack- 
enbos, Dec. r I 
Ch: Lysbeth, bp. Mar 

ma, bp. Nov. 
Aug. 15- 
buned June 

■ nil. bp. Oct. I 
Joannes, bp. Dec. 11, 17.'0. 

Gboi las, of Schachtekook. m 


laer, A buried 

Dec. 1712 - 

i740: Pieter. bp Nov ' 
29, 1719 ; Jacobus, bp. Feb. ne, bp' 

June 13, 1725; Maria, bp. Jan - bp 

1788: Johannes, bp. Feb. 18. 1735; Harmen 
rch2, !7:;7: Woi 
pp. Oct. 1!, 1741 ; Pieter. bp. April 24. 1743; Jacob. 

David, son or Will.>ni Claese G., m 
1'fb 3 

ha. b. 
and d. Jan. 1, | 

30, 1730, 
nil 13. 1732. and 
annes, b. Feb 28, 1734. and d. 
■ i. b. April, 17*;: Catharyna, 
ruy, b. April 30, 1T30. d. Aug 
. July li. 1741 : Catelyna, b. 
... andd. Jan. 0. 1756. Abraham, bp. 

Gboh i (Jacob), m. Bars 

.: 1751. . 
CH: W1 da, bp. Feb. 8, 

:>. July 
ibus G., m. Catharina Yates, Oct. 18, 

. m. Maria Ten Broeck, March 
Hizabeth, bp. Jul vs. 1730: Siephanus, 
bp. May 9, 1712 ; Margrieta, I p 

bp. Jan. 10, 1740: Dirk. bp. May 29, 174s- 
Johannes, bp. Feb. 18. 1760; Anna. bp. Dec I 
Johanm i ;.-„•:. Catarina, bp. 3i 

1756; Catarina. bp. April 

sbeck, Wonter, m. Jannetje Bogaard, Dee. 
Ch: Maria, bp. Jul ■ ,• bp. 

Aug. 14. 1713: Rebecca, bp. April in. 

: Pieter. bp Oct 23, 1748; Oecrtruv, 
bp. July 29, 1753 ; Geertray, bp 

beck, Wonter X., of Halve Maan, m. first 

B tardus, Oct. condly, Alida 

Quackenbos, June 5, 1761. Ch: Johannes, bp. Feb 

; Jannetje, bp. July 31. 1743; Jannetje. bp. 

April 21. 1745; Anthony, bp. J, 

bp. May ii. 1760; Nicolaas, bp. Ja 

. 1763; Jacob, b. July 24. 1764 
Meinard, b. June 28, 1707; Harmen, b. July 10, 1769; 
Wonter, b. Aug. 8, 1771. 

beck, Willem, m. Catharina Van Nes, June 

He was buried April 21, 1740: made his 

will April 17. T. Ch: 

Mantle, bp. D \~i-2- 

Nicolaas, Up. June 17: 1744; Willem, bp. July 26, 

keck, David, Jr., m. first. Catrina Tedder, 

. Sara 

28, 1765. Bhe d. April 20,1818. Hed. 

■ :11cm. b. June 17. 1753- Cor- 

nelis, b. Nov. 30. 1754. and d. 1811, a 

Giioesbeck. Hannes, andEl : rakel 

• an Schagtekook,'" m. Nov. 22, 1752. Ch- 

Neeltie, bp. Aug. 20. 1754; Geertje, bp. Ang. 21 

1757: Gysbert, b. May 9. 1760; Johannes, b. 

. b. Feb. '17. 1705: Neeltie, b. Feb' 

Groksbeck, Johannes N.. of Schachtekook, m. 

Maria Viele July 28; 1755. Ch: Catarina, bp. Dec. 

: Hugo. b. Dec. 13, 1762; Willem, b. June 

■oesbeck, of Schachtekook. in 

Gk01 Van Arnhem 

July 13, 1705. Ch : Maria, b. July 5, 1 

12,1770; Jan, b 
April 29, 1772. 

!;:htekook. m. Mart- 
tie Benneway (Benoit), Sept. 29, 1763. Ch : Agnietje, 
b. July 28, 
Groesbeok. Anthony, m. Cathalyntje [De] Foreest, 
11 m 
17 d. She d.June 27. : - . ch: 

Pouter, b. May 11, 1771; Rachel, b. Jan. 5 1775- 

i 13' 
nnatie, b. Dec. 2 -,-,.., tt ' 

Gkoe- rtje Waldron, Oct. 17 

,1771; em, b.Nov. 20J 

Genealogies of the First Settlers in Albany. 



Geo i 
He d. July I 
clerk of 
Cornells ami David tin 

y. Ch : David 

Groesbeck, Johannes 1) la Van 

: argaret 

. 1795. 
Gro- !m (Van 

uly 4. 1779. 
Ch: Annatie, I 

b. Oct. 

Groesbeck Valken- 

burgh. Jan. I, tb Grail'. 

.. Nov. 
other then "overledeu ;" < i 

Dec. 4 Ch: 

Catharina, b. Jan. 3, eb. 17, 

Groesbeck. John, and Cornelia Batt. Ch . 
b. Aug. 5, 1791. 

Groesbeck, Walter, m. Ha 
Jan. 16, 1793. 

3, 1799. 

Groesbeck. David, m. first, Elizabel 
d. Sept . 

whod. May 6, 1810, a. 33 y. 2 ia id W. 

G. d. in Nei 
Catharine, b. J 310; and 

m. Ja^ tnd d. March 16, 1842, a. 33 y, 

Groesbeck, David P. (T) ?) and ! ; 

■ Aug. 

and d. ' let. b. 

July 13, 1808 ; Alida, b. July 17, 

Groom, see 

Groot, s, d it of the 

al Beverwyck in 
He becarri 

ruhior, in. ( ■ 

July 3, 1692; 

Schene< ■ Harmanus, bp. July 

13, 1701 

geu. ■ :. ■; Symon, bp. 

May 2, 17 ; 

Groot, Symon. oi 
Ch: Elizabeth, bp. v 


Gnnini, I 

Growel, see Cribel. 

Guest, Thomas, and Gertrude Schuyler. Ch : Sa ■ 
DerWerken,b. Oct. 10, 
.07 ; Schuyler, b. Jan. 22, 1810 ; 
Johu,b. July 28, 

•, John, Junr., and Sarah Williams. Ch : Han- 
nah, b. Feb. 9, 1799. 
Gul, see Goewey. 
Gunner, Are, and Mary Ch: Mary, bp. 

Gunsaulus, see Gonsaulus. 
Gujer, see Goewey. 

Haak, Frederick, and Margarita Scheffer. Ch: 
: ■ 

Haan, Zacbarias Hendrick. of Niskatha, m. 

Anna Hezy, Sept. 2, 1704. Ch : Harmanus. b. April 

22, 1767. 

Haax (Hall). Hannes and Catharina Boossen. 

vth, b. March 

6, 1709. 

Haas, Simon, and Anna Rosina Ch : Johan- 

• op nooten Hock" and bp. Nov. 11, 

<eesie (Geefle, Geetje) Wit- 
1737. Ch: Symen,bp. 

Lug. 1, 1742 : 
p. Oct. 21, 1744; Catharina, bp 

Hagedom, Dirk. m. Mi q, Aug. 

bp. June 30, 1718 ; Hans- He 

Maria, bp. Jan. 6, 1723; Catharina, 

uectady, and Sofia Reea. 
. April 11, 1774. 
Hafght, Il> < jarita Smith. Ch:Ma- 

Hainer, see Heiner. 
Haiues, see Heens. 
Hale, Daniel, and Cathalyna Dyckmai 

Halenbeck, Caspar Jacobse, was in Beverwyck 
at Aug. 

Hai and Dorothee Bosch 

; .-g children. He ov 

Lutheran church yard, 

■ her ; Maritie, 
'■'/outer Vrooman; Hendrick, 
15 ; Ra- 
. irrit, bp. May 

radd. Oct., 1749. 
mi 'im- 

children following, except Johannes, 

a . Rachel, wife 

■ ife of Jan Van 


nbergh, Nov. 21, 1714. 


• Samuel, bp. 

luly 5, 





ick, of Albany 


Ch : 

. 1721 ; 





in the 
Lutheran church there, Jan. 1, 1721. 

Hali and Willempie Ch : 

1. in New Fork - 

metie Ch- Fvtie 

Haii ■ Jaco- 


r Catskil, and Cathariua 


■r returned. His three childJ 

:.: Heudrik, bp. June 24, 17+! 

Daniel, m. first. Heudrikje Hilten ; 

Hali . Jiarch 

Hendrick, b.Oct. 11, 1766 ; Cornelia 

ry; Bernard; Catalina. 

• '. a 23 


Juue' I 


., Dec 

25. 171/.. 

rrit,*b. : 

Dai. ; ruin, Aug. 24. 


' uly 29, 
h. Jan 


me 30, 

Hall. - m. Ch : Jehu. 

b. June in, r. ; ] 
July 15, 


Hall, Thon Philip 

Haui, Caspar, tn. \ ;•>!. he 


Anne Morris. Ch: Elizabeth, 

Hansen. 1 by the 

10 early 

on the ( 
Hall. 1 
ceased i; (Jellis 


derick Harmei 

. El>je. 
Hansen, Hendrick. ra <:, Dam, 

Sept.. 21 


• e. bp. 
ch 22, 





Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


April 21. 1743: Debora, bp. Jan. 6. 1715: Jeremie, 
bp. 17. i ". Hen- 

rlrick i 

Hansen, Philip, m. Geertruy Van Nes. Feb. If., 
1740. Ch: Sara 1740; Jan, bp. March 

28, 1742; Catha [arch 11, 1744; Marga- 

rietie, bp. Feb. 10, I74i 

Henderick, bp ' latanna, bp. Oct. 28, 

1753 ; Hendrick, bp. July 16, I 

sen, Hans, Junr., m. Margarita Kip in New 
York. 1 i Apr. •24.1741. 

CIi : Johannes, bp. Ocl -t-. bp. 
Jan. 4, 1745; Magdalena, bp . V 
bp. Oct. 26, ! 
bp. Jul | 
lempj- 0, 1757. 

Hansen, Johannes, m. Geertruy Slingerland, Oct. 
14 1704. Cornelia, b 

b. Dec i : Isaac, bp. 

Dec. '. 
b June 26, 17S4, d. in Albany. April -j. 

Hansen, Jan. m. Elizabeth Vander Heyden, Dec. 
18,1771. Ch: Elizabeth, b. April 30, 1774. 

Hansen, Albert, m. Q, Dec. 7. 1778. 

Ch: Margarita iria, b. Aug. 

Hansen, Dirk, m. Lena Low, July 1. 1781. Ch : 
Catharine, b. May 26, 1782; Debora, b. June 7. 1787; 
Richard, b 

Hansen. Pie la. Ch: Hen- 

drick, b. July 6. 

Hansikker, Jnrri h, Sept. 

27, 1777. Ch : Adam, b. : 

Han way, John, and Hester Ham. Ch: John, 
b. Dee. 27, 1777. 
in Ali:;u '-h ; in 1090, o - 

Royal Albany; lie and w 
a joint will in 1678, their child 
not byname; one named Barendine, was bp. Oct. 

28, 1683. 

Harding, Prank, e Jause 

VanHoeseii. Hemade will Dei .proved 

Nov. 3, ring children : 

but not his wife : Jar.. ra, wife 

of Jo i ■ i. ' :n. 17, 1692, in. 

date of will; 

Hak h lavarac, 

rina, b. erack" and bp. at 

Jan. 13, 1712; Hilletje, b. Feb. 18, 
1715; ' 

Harenstrong, ' i>:Jan, 

bp. A; ' 

Hark, Jurriacn, and Jannetie Van Buren. I h : 

Ha r rick 

Harrington (Hi hristina 

Coens, I '774. 

Harris, Ja 

land." . 

■■ :i "■ 

1701 . 
April , 

bp. Jnn« 

. : 1750. f 

Harzen, ■ 


Hak; Pruyn 


... bp. June 5. 1743; Margarita, bp. 
" trgarita, bp. i 
bp. Aug. 12, 1750 ; Maria, bp. April 15, 17J 

' lida Groesbe< k, June 4, 1731. 

:n, Mattheus, and 'Toesen. Ch: 

, : Robert, b. April 19, 

Aaltie Quackenbush It. 

Oct. 21, 1775; 

i), Prans, m. Rebecca Spoor, 

July id, Sept. 19, 1780 ; Catha- 

rina, b. Oc:." 14, 17^3; Catharina, b. Feb. 21, 1785; 

Feb. 1.1790; 

' c, and Maria Roller. Ch: Geertruy, 
b. Jan. 5, 1 
Harstcr, Zacbarias, and Rebecca Spoor (See 
ibove). C b : Johannes, b. Dec. 1, 1792. 

Hart, Nicholaas, and Margarita Ch : Phoebe, ' 

bp. Dec. 26, 17U8. 

Hart. Henry, m. Elizabeth Visscher, Oct. 25, 1782. 
Ch: Bzekiel, b. March 22, 1783; Harmcu Visscher, 

Hartgers, Pieter (Van Vee), came over in 1643, 

, i red in 1654 to Bever- 

ites; m. Sytje 

Roeloffse, daughter of Anueke Janse, and had two 

bp. in Manhattans, Sept. 5, 

1649; and Rachel. He returned to Holland andd. 

in 1670. 

Harten, William, and Any Dody (Doty?). Ch: 

h, b. Jan. 1, 1781. 
Hartley, William, and Frances .... Ch : Tho- 

"■ H57. 
Hart well, John, and Mary Holiday Ch: Han- 
nah, b. ( 
Hartwicli, John, and Rachel Archer. Ch : Cath- 

Juiy 12, 1784. 
Harwich, Joost, in. Christina Philips. A 

h: Jacob, b. April 11, 1768; Christina, b. 

[CH, Philip, and Susanna Walton. Ch: Eliza- 
! uly IS, 1777. 

Harwig, Coenraad, m. Magdalena Meyer. Nov. 
23.1770. Ch : Catharina, b. M Magda- 

lena. b 

Hash, Hannes, and Catharina Possiiiij (Buss- 
iann Fieter, b. June 27, 1764. 

Haslet, Thomas, and M 
Thomas, b. A] 10,1783. 

Haswell, John, and Mary Halliday. Ch: John, 
b. Jan. i 

Haswj Q Sarah Mark, Nov. 24, 1780. 

Ch: Mary, b. March 1,1781. 

Haswell, Joseph, m. Mary Mark, Oct. 14, 1779. 
Ch: Jol 

ELi . Arthur, m. Mary Coughtry (Cofftree), 
An" 19, 1781 . Ch : Elizabeth, b. May 12, 17S2 ; Mary, 

Hatfield, Edmund, and Jane Ranken. Ch: 
John. b. Nov. 20, 1797; Mary Anna, b. Oct. 16. 1798. 

Haver, Christiaan, and Eneeltie Vander Werken. 
Ch: Geertruy, bp. June 2, 1751; Christiaan, bp. 
June 3. 

Hawks ;> '""- 1 - Mary Pase 

udrew, b. Oct, 5, 1796; Anna 

Hay, Udny, and Margariet Smith. Ch: Jane- 
Ann, b. Jan. 2, 1778. 

< Uaylingh, William, and Jenny .... Ch:Wil- 
, 1723. 

Hayner, see Heiner. 

Heaton, John, and M Ch : Rebecca, bp. 

Hcener, see Heiner. 

Heemntraat 'Van Heemstraaten), Takel Dirks 
and Maritie .... Ch: Dirk; Jan 

First Settlers of Albany, 

Dirk Takelee 

: il: Jo- 

bp. Jan. 
bp. Aug. 

I p Jan. 


ft . Fran- 
1. 1778: Jo- 
:. 177!) 


: Up. ill 

»p. ia Schenec- 

■ erken, 
li ':. b. March 2, 1781 : Albert. 

Oida, bp. June 
Hcene, Ja • Her. Ch : Cor- 

Ilecus, or !' 

•id Elizabeth Freelig. 

Haines, Lo d. Ch: 


Heft'enaar, Valentine, and Catrina Ch : Ka- 

I tct. 20, 1751. 
Hegerman, Christofer a 

Hcidely, Johannes, and Cathai 
Ch: Ji : 
Hctuer, Heener, Hainer, Hehner. 
Heliuer I Feller, 

! . 1703; 
5, 1766. 
Heiuer, Philip, and Eva i. Ch: 

1764; Philip, bp. Feb. 5, 1707: 
S, 177(1. 
Heener, Johai r, Nov. 

Wilhelmus, b J 
Heiner (Hayner), Wilhelmus 
Elizabel 1787; 

K inter. 
Ch: Catn 

Heller, Jai 

"0, I'ii'iH: Maria I haru 

Helllnsh, William, and I Ch: 


SVilliam, and Elizabeth Hali 

tie, bp. 

Hclnier. I Catharina Muller. Ch: 

Hendrickse, Andries (al , of Kin- 

I went, made will Jan 

■ Inert, his iiei' 

ii ick [Van Bare 

le a contract of-marriage with 

ii t, aged 
- andJudick, aged 8 years, by bet late hus- 
Henry, !;■•' 

Herberts* ; 

Herder, M Nen- 

tfaria, bp.Apri 
Herman, 3 Coen- 

raad, b. March 8, 1764; Willem, b 


1 .ergeu. 

i rae. 

Ch: John, 

Hcrrick, Juriaan, and Jannetie Van Buren. 
Herriny;., Abraham, and Elizabel 

Herttenbcrch, see Hardenl 

Herty, John Jacob, and Margarita Pii 

Hesty, William, and Margarita .Ch: Robert 

He«sclingli, Dii 

in", l.a 
bonwery of Jiu he sold 

the following year to Ha bought 

laud at ; In 1667 be m 

Hendrickse, who with b 

: onkers in K55. Her 
rescued in 1667 and brought 
into New Haven. 
Hevick (Gevick), Jacob. burgh, 


Van Ha 
half the 

andJndii id HendrickH. 

in company with Keynderi Pii Pieter 

Hyer, Gen < b : Ta- 

, : Elizabeth, b 
Janneti Lydiab. June II 

Lydia, b. 
Hick son, James, and Eli k. Ch: 

Hieralyni:in, see Jeroloman. 

Hiesoor, Stcphanns of Kinderhook, an I 
Hoorbeck. Ch : Neeltie, bp. Jan. 9 1 ~m>. 

Hilbina, William. Jr.. ai ubeck. 

Ch: Doi 

Hillebrand, Wendell, m 

| in 17--: 

: . ' . 

April -). I i iabeth, h. April 



beth, bp. Dee. 10. 1696; -: Kicb- 

i.) 1703; 

IIlVl : 

iiten "a 
young i: 

I 174). [Richard Hilten d. Jan. 1, 1795, in his 

97th y.. the •• oli 

ITn i IV. 11, 

1 . Ob : 

bp. Feb. 1!). 1746; Sara, bp. June 2b, 1717; 

logies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


Robert, bp. Oct. 22, 11 I :ehem, June 13, 

i 30th y. ; Jacobue 
lutionary soldier, d. Dec. 7, 1S36, a. 81 y. jvDirk. bp. 
Nov. 30, 

Hilton, Willem, Junr. (R.) m. Maria 
Jones, Oct. 31, 1736; 
Feb. 3, 1740; Thomas, 

i, 1745. d.intkiild 16, 1836, a. 9.2y. ; 

Richard, bp. Dec. 30, <■ , bp. June 24, 

ran, bp. Dec. 2 

Hilton, Benjamin, m. Mary Price, S 
Ch: Benjamin, bp. Sept. 3, 1749; William, I 
27, 1751. 

Hilton, Pet) 

second' | 

bp. July 1, 1753 

9, 1756; Jonaihan, bp. Man tnathan, 

1 : Maria, b, July 24, 1764 ; Pie 




Hilton, Robert, and Elizabeth Burgea (Bi 
Hed. at Bethlehem, ; 

CU : Maria, b. Sep 

Hilton. Jacobean 

Willi b. May 26, 1779 ; 

Douwe, b. Jan. 

Hilton, William B.. and Margarita Gladdon. Ch : 
Maria, b. Feb. 13 I 

Hilt Elizabeth Eights. Ch: Wii- 

letn, b. A 

Cadoghan. Ch : Anna, 
ig. U 
Bn n sr, Jonathan, m. first, Cornelia Van V 
April 27, 1783; second 

1789/ v. lm. 

22 d. 

. 70 y. ; Philip, b. Oct 

Hilton, Philip, and Sara Barrington (see Philip 
Hilton above). Ch : Johannes Ten Eyck, b. Oct. 10, 
1784; d. - 

Hilton, Jonathan, and Maria Baldwin. I - 

Hilton, John W., m. Elizabeth Black, Aug. 15, 

ih, b. Aug. 17, 

.me 29, 

1799; Rebecca, b. July 24, 1800; John, b. July 21, 

Hil ept . 6, 

1789. ■ ■■ imes, b. 
dan. 7, 1790, d 

Dee. 9. 179-2: Hannah, b Mav 10, 1797; William, b. 

Him Norton, Dec. 9. 

179-2. Ch: Sa- 

rah, i- ' ' 

Maria, b. !• 

Hilton, Dirk, and Mary Van Deusen. Ch : Catha- 
rine, b. Jan. ll. 

Hilton, Benjamin. 
Ch: John, b - rohn, b. Feb 2f 

Hinde, John, and Annatie Thomas. CI 
bp. Aug 
Hiuiiei'moiid, see 
Hinderr.. Ch: 


Jan. ;i. , 

Hodlck, Thomas, and Catharina Conny. Ch : An- 

ine 11, 1783. 
Hoeudermont, Johann< Anna 

Ch: Dorothee, bp. Sept. 7, 1755. 

Hoouderman, 11 

Hoendermond. I 

.,.. Nov'. 9, 177; . I 

Hoes, see Goes. 

Hoesie (Huzzon), Daniel, and Mary .... Ch : Si- 

' [arch 7, 1736 ; Ann, bp. Aug. 14, 1737. 
Hoffman, Marten, sadler, of Revel 

13; and 
Emberland, in 
Manhattans, May 16, 1664; in Albany, 1662-76; owned 
md lot in New York. 
Hofi . and Maria Carnin ( 

1 I Elizabeth Clerk. Ch : ■ 

Hoffman, Hermauus, and Catharina Douw. Ch : 

Hoffman, Marten, and Mary Van Benthuysen. 

Aug. 1, 1792. 
HofTmeyer, Willem, in 1656. was fined 500 

i -eying 
beer up the river and selling I 

li'.-i ■ 
Ba ■ ' i ictionai . • .■■■ ■ 

Hog-en, Hogan, Hoogen, Hoghing, Hoghil, Hogh, 


j; Dirckse. Ch: 
Dirk, bp. June 19, 1692. 

Nov. 9, 1714. Ch: Joannes, bp. : 

!va, bp. Oct. 20 
rita. bp 

bp. Dec. 4, 1737: Susa 

Bor in Yrlandt 

in de ; tena (Anna) 1 

Sept. . ' Ch : 

, bp. April '-' arch 10, 

vug. 4, 

Pietertje Dow. Ch: 
lis, bp. Oct. 3, 
1736; Martinus, bp. Dec. 24. 1738; Margarn 



i ■ " 1742 

Hoai m. Susanna Lansing. Jan. 17, 

1740. Ch : Maria, bp. July 16, 1740 ; Isaac, bp. Nov. 

14, 1742: Juriaan. bp. Aug. 25, 1745: Jannetie, bp. 

Martina, bp. Nov. 4, 1750; Elsje, bp. 

'»p. Sept. 21, 1755 ; Gerrit, bp. 

July 29, 

Hogen (Hogel), Edward, m. Maria Egmond, June 
14,1742 ' ob,bp. 

. ma, bp. March 10, 17.V 

I atrina 
- ) raham, 
1751 ; 
:' "*c 11, 

b. May 
eke, b. 

H ick , 

buried June 7. 1 




i. 1771. 



chil), Francis, m. 

b. June 2 

Holhrook, >n, Ch: 


rollaii'l. 11 

nimand of the garrison at Albany, in 

, ■ 

Henry, bp. March 1. • 

»4loi.: 11 ; his 

id m the 


t^iloii Ch : 

I ! 

•iristiua Baiheit. Ch : 
Houd .11. totLon- 

MondetouliM . 

Hoogebo'. ' brick- 

and sn 



Hoogeboom, Dirk or 
Ch : Catharina, bp. Aug. 21. i. May 

Hoose .omeus, and Hendrik; 


.and Jan netie Ch : Jan- 

Itje Van Deasen. Ch: 

Hoogeti, see 

Hoaghkerke (Van Hooghkerke), Lucas Ln- 


ria. bp. ' 

195; Maria, bp. July 10. 1698: 
Elizat : ; 
I Johaiii. 
Rachel, bn. Ma 

. was buried ^■■• 
Hoc i.d.i, Aug. 11, 

June 16, 176 • 

17(17. Hed. M 



bp. >■•• 


lly, Helen) 

. - 

Hootrli«.triis«er. Pai and Eliza- 

Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


Hooghteeling, S 

In 1676,11. H. was 32 v old, tie d. 1706. Ob: Coen- 
raad; fa llorris, 

Rachel, bp. D( 

Hooghteeling, Cbenraad Mathys, in. Tryntje Wil- 
lemse V <■ ;-- 

17, 1689 ; Willem, bp. Jan. 17, 1692 ; Maritje, bp. April 
15. L694 ieter, bp. Oct. 

9, 1698 ; Beertje. bp. Dec. 39, 1700 ; Hendrik. bp. June 
20, 1703 ; Teuni IS 1705; Johannes, bp. 

bp. April 30, 1710 ; Jonathan, 
bp. April 20 

Hooghteling, Jacob, of Kinderhook, and Jan- 
netje . . Ch : Elizabeth, bp. Jan. 7, I 

Hook. Lena Uzile, 

1716. Ch : Co 
Oct, 19 

it. 80, 1722; Mi 
bp. April 23, 1727i I^ 1 - 
than, i,; in, bp. Sept. 7, 

-.:. Hendrik, m. Hester Pricker 
(Bricker), Sept. 12. 1729. Ch : Thomas, bp. Dee. 23, 

Hooghtblino, Tennis, and Dorol 
Bergh. >p. Jan. 25, 1744; Catarina, 

Hooghtelu. Jatharina .... ; 

2d, Cornelia Bratt. Ch : Catharina, bp. April 15, 

Hoogi id Anna Becker. Ch : 

Lena. ' ; ' ' ; Wil- 

lem. bp. 

ji . bp. Dec. n, 

:) 1770. 

• iinetie 

Hoogi .. m. Ariaantje 

Van de 

• ■ken," 

illetie (Helegonda) Van 

I, 1761 ; 

Pangb ir 

: ■ : ■ 

I Lena 
Jan. 10, 17; I 


r th 

; David, b. Jun 

i. first, Antje Hilton : 



■ tie) Ad- 
Ch: Jah- 

Hook, Thomas, and Catharine Crane. Ch : Sarsa 
b. July 20, 1780 ; Hannah, b. April 6, 
b. March 

Hook, Frederick, and Marga ri ra Sckefer . Ch : Phi- 
lip and Jacob, b . June 27 

Hopkins, Benjamin, and Mary Rickeley. Ch: 

Horn, Mathys, and Catharina Ch : Joseph, 

Horn, Johannes, and Catharina Poosen. Ch : Ca- 

27, 1771. 
Hosford, David, and Christiana Petrie. Ch : Da- 

Hovenback, Benjamin, and Jenneke Ooster- 
hout. Jenneke, b. July 29, 1782. 

House, David, and Maria Ch : Jan, b. 

May 20. 1733. 

House. Jacob, and Catharine Snyder. Ch 

Howell, Chrismas, and Margaret Ch : 

bp. June 19 

Hudson, Ephraim, and Hannah Claus Ch : 

I, 1779. 
Hrjn-< ad Amelia Upham. Ch: 

Hughson (Huson), John, and Anna Cock 
(Koch). Ch: Casparus, bp. July 16, IToS ; Annatie, 
b. Jan. 30, 1767. 

Humphrey, Morris, and Margaret ... Ch : Mor- 
ris, bp. Oct. 4, 1757. 

Hun (Van Hun), Harmei is from 

Amersfort, Holl 
deltii Haruaense his fa i Ickmar, 

of Din 

Janse < Ise Bui. 

At the Hun she had 5 

md his 
wifem; tie to 

whom • i morgens of land on 

Hun, Tomas Barmense, m. Mayke Janse Oothout, 

'uly 21, 
17, 1704; Ruth, bp. March 16, 1707; Adriaan, bp. 

Hun. Johani ■ '"<- Ch : 

Thomas, bo. June 19. I 

33; Thomas, bp. 

Hun*. Dirk Ch : Catalynrje, 

bp. Aug. 13, 1732 : Willem, bp. ' nomas, 

bp Ma' p. Dec. 24, 1738 ; Pieter, 


Hun. Dirk, and Elizabeth .... Ch : Mayke, bp. 

Hun. ■■ Ch: 


athalina, bp.D 

Hun. Willem, m. Sara De V 
Ch: Dirk, bp. Dec. 7, 1760; Cornelia, b. May 28, 

Ch: Cathalj - 

tune 19, 1768; 1. 



1761. She d. April 19 

his w. d. Oct. 19 
Hun, Johannes, and < April 

Hun, Dirk, m. Annatie (Ann, Hannah) La 
Dec. 8, 1782. Ch:. Cath cl 9, 1783; 

2!. 1787 

Neeltie, IB9; John, b. Dec. 1 

Dirk. b. D 


of Albany. 

Hunger, Nicolaas, andA u 

iluiigcrt'ord, Eli Ch: 



rael, b Jan. 9, 

HuybtrtM', .Tan. ra. Lysbeth Van Klinke i 

Hti \ ■ 'hook, 


er, of Kinderhook, m. Mayke Goes 

Jacobus, bp. 
Aug. 19, 1716 : Dirk, bp 


Hot Irst, Maria Oncierkerk. April 

29. 1713; and second;'.. 

r, 1723; 
Andru er, bp. Jan. 11, 1741; 

1 743. 

tmy.. p. April 21, 1717. [Cornelia H. 

! 1739.] 
U U , | >m, m..Anna Oudcrkerk. Feb. 

Oct. 10, 1725. 
Hi tk (Huygh), Johannes, of Kinderhook, m. Lena 
, croon, 
bp. April . 

aes, m. Catharine Bovie (Be- 

[ 1742; Andm 

. bp. Feb. 16, 1. April 

. bp. Dec. 31. 1752 : .Maria, bp. Oct. 27, 
. . 1761. 
Urn;. Isaac, m. Neeltie Clute, Feb. 18, 1740. 

Huyek, Aiidries, and Maritie Van Deusen. 
Ch : Elizabeth, bp. Dec. 21, 1746 ; Johannes, bp. Oct. 

rcK, Johannes, and Engeltie Van Hoesen. 
Ch: Burger, bp. Dec. 21, 

Huyck. Andries, and Gerrl 
Ch : Cornells, bp. June 21, 1747; Maria, bp. April 

Huyck, Andries, and Neeltie Bovie. Ch : Ilcn- 

driek. bp. April 5, 3751 ; Cornelia, bp. July 19, 1752. 

Deusen. Ch: 


bp. Dec. 31, 1752; Elisabeth, bp. 
Kov. 12, 

. r. and JannetjeHoogeboom. Ch :Bur- 
», 1753. 

md Jacomyntje Van Deusen. 
Nov. 11, 1753. 
Hi;- 1 Lena Beekman. Ch : Lode- 

I 1775 

■ d Hester Gardenier. Ch: Hen- 
rick, b 

Hittck, Andries. of Hellonberg, and Rachel Carr. 
Ch: Ji 

Hctck (Huick) Andries.and Rebecca Quackenbush. 

Ch: l Uibh, b. 

'•inirch: record.* Kov. 23, 1801. (Ilim- 

Huyter, Christoffel, andCaterina Ch:Johan 





;. and Elizabeth Jackson. Ch : Har- 
ry, b. Mai 
Jacobl, Chrifitiaan, and Margarita Hogen (Ho- 

fhing) CI 

Jacobsf i' drick, and Ch : 

Hendrick. bp. '■ 

Jafesh, Tcunis, and Alida I 8ara,h. 

March 11), 1791. 

Jajjer, Wendel, and Anna Maria Simmons. Ch : 

Jauer (Yager), Salomon, and Sarah Price. Ch : Ly- 
dia. b. M 

James, Roger, and Sara .... Ch: Richard, bp. 
Dec. it; i 

. Paulas, m. Annatie Crankheid. Kov. 11, 
1771. ' 

jAMt- , argarita Van der Werken. Ch : 

John, b. Dec. 29, 1777. 

Jansc, Jacobus, at Greenbush 1663. and Judik 
Franse. Ch: Brant, bp. April 6, 1684;Gerri1 
Oct. 24, 1686; Mantje. bp. Sept. ; 

je Min- 
gael. C 

bp. Ma 

Janse, Anneke, see Bogardus. 

lannetie Cornelise. Ch: Ma- 
ritie, b tie, bp. Oct. ! 

Lvdia. bp. Feb. 5, L690 
Abigail, bp. Jan. 20, 16 

Janse, Broer, aud .... Ch : Heyltie, bp. April 

iot on 
Maiden Hall. His wife 

Jochimse, wife of Major Abram Staas to serve for 

Janse. Gerrit, and Maritie Louys . < 
Feb. 12, 

Janse, Arenl in the 

service of the W. I. Company . 

lot on I drick 

Gerritse Vermenlen: bout to return 

to Holland he mortgaged the same. 

■-. Anthony, 1662, court messenger of colony 
his ho'use and lot was on tb< 

: Wis wife was Orseltle 
Dirkse. probably from Rotterdam. 

E de Boer (Yuri Hoorn), Pieter, b. in Hoorn, his 

wyck i and lot which 

I yck. 

nd Mayke Bo- 
gart. Ch 

ritie Janse (Corn 
1709. Ch: Dina. bp. Oct. 14, 1711: - 
25. 1713: Dirk. bp. March 21, 1714; Pieter, b. Oct. 

Janse. Evert; bis wife was Maria — CI 
sanna. ' II; Ar- 

Janse. Evert, see also E 

janten. ft Sckermerhooni, 

May 16, 1786. 

Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


Jansen, Johannes, and Jannetie Schermerhoorn, 
m. Tunc 28, L75I 
beth, bp. Jan. 19,1752; racob, 

Jansen (Johnson), Isaac, m. Annatie ' 
Aug. 21, 1773 ; Oh : Gerrit, b. Jan. 23, 1774. 

Jansen, Pieter, and Elizabeth Huik. Ch : Abra- 
ham, bp. June!), 1777. 

■ son), Evert of Noormanskil, m. Antje 
LaGrane I 70. Ch: Jelles, bp. Jan. 2, 

1778 : ■ natie, bp. Feb. 20, 

1785; Ariaantje, b. Aug. 8, 1788; Angeltie, b. Feb. 
5, 1791. 

Jaksen, Jacques, and Catharine Beeknian. Ch: Ja- 
cobus Van der Veer. b. Aug. 27, 1785. 

Jenkins, Richard, and Ma n. Ch: 

Richard, bp. Aug. 27, 1749. 

Jeralomon (Jeronymer, Hieralomon), Nicolaas, 
in. Jan ' b : I'ietertje, 

b. Oct zabeth, 

b. Fel). 

iaas, b. April ' 
Annatie, 1). March 27, 1784; Isaac Lansing, b. Jan. 

Jehalomon, Nicolaas (prol 
Eva Be Feb. 3, 

Johannes, Jan, Ch: Lysbeth, lip — 


Jocliemsc, HendrickinBi 
was lieutenant of the Burghi 
lot on cast corner of Broadway and 
part ot'i i ot. which his attorney sold in 

1669, to Ins bi 

Johnson, Peter, and Susanna. . . . Ch : Thomas, 
b. Aug. 20,177!). 

Johnson. William, and Margarita Frets. Ch: Sara, 

: Helena Lotteridge, 1 
17s'.i. OU- Eleanor, b. Oct, 21, 1790; fl 
2, 1794; Eleanor, b. July 21, 1796. 
Joh* '■■' ■ Ch : Reuben, 

i. 1796. 
Johnson, Rev. John B., became minister of the 
h Church of Albany, c< 
Mr. Wesfeiio, March 23, 1796, remov 
in Sept.. 1802. and d. in Newtown. Aug. 2ft. 1803. Tie 
m. Elizabeth pril, 1803. Ch : 

Maria aid 

Liev. Wm. : 
of Grace Church, Jamaica, d. Aug. 1. 1870, in I 

Johnson, Y\ illiam,and Rebecca Hickson. Ch : Sa- 
rah Eliza, b. Nov. 5, 1799. 
Johnson, John and Eliza 11 Ch : 

lohn,.b. June 
Jones, T.I ■ i - I i it etc. 

W'iiiue, Oct. 30, 1748. 

ip. .Tune 

, ; Thomas, bp. 

Oct. '*. . i Pieter, b. Sept. 

Joni ad Anna Bohannan. Ch: Sa- 

muel, b. Oct. 22, 1707. 

! Eannah Barnham. C 
hala, b. Oct. 12, 1700. 
Joons, (Jo tfary ( ; 

Jordan, Martin, and Sara.... Ch: Pieter, bp. 

Jordens. ' Ch : 

9, 1700. 
Kaatsbah (Katiebach, ; - udrick, 


Kane, i 

in Philadelphia, bee I 

m. DeboraVan Scherluyne, Oct. 29, 
abeth, b. Oct. 17, 1798; Mary. b. Oct. 
1801 ; 
Louisa, b. May31,1803;Theodorus,b 

h 3, 1810, a. 6y. 3m. 

Kannick, Jonathan, and Margarita Perry. 
Ch: Alida. b. May 22. 1779. 

Kartritcli, Jan, and Catharyna — Ch : Charles, 
bp. Feb. 5, 17:38. 

Katieback, see Kaatabah. 

Kaye, see Van Oosanen. 

Keating:, John, and Jane Duryea. Ch: Jane 
Maria, b. Sept. 21, 1790. 

Keller, Christiaan, th Boeckes (?). 

Ch: Frederick, bp. Nov. 11, 1700. 

Kellinin, Patrick, and Susanna Raw. Ch: Mary, 
I, 1770. 

Kemtnel, see Cam] 

Kennal , William, and Margarita Ch : Hen- 

drikje, b. Nov. 19, 1720. 

Kerchener, Willem, and trmsin. 

Kercher, Heudrik B. Schultren. 

Kerel, Kl : and Judikie Irtsin Ch : Si 
"oud omtr. 6jaan I, 1771. 

Kerhart, Christiaan, and Anna Barbara YValhTi. 

tarina, bp. July 1, 1750. 
Kerkeuaar, Ryckert, and Annatie Van Alsteyn. 

ifla, b. Dec. 23. I 
Kernel. John, and. £ Ch: Johan Jury, 

Kerner, Joh : Juriaan, m. Susanna M. Kenny, 
Haak), Aug. 12, 1759. Ch : Anna Dorothea, 
onaDorothea, b.Nov. 5 
Kerner, Philip, and Ch: Willem, 

b. May ; 

bb, Philip, and Hannah Crannel. Ch : George, 
I 1800. 

Kernryk, Juriaan, and Margarita Rockenfeller. 
Ch : Zacharias, b. March 14, 1771. 
Kersten, Roeloff. ... Ch : Roeloff, " geboren 

Ketelhuyn, (Kettel, Kittle), Joachim, fn 
myn, ca k in 1012, the a 

• i uer of 

laidenLane. The following si 

families: William. Davie 

Ketelhuyn, Willem, had a lot on north side of 

He was buried 

hi. Hilletie Van der 

1087 and Gerrit Van 
Ketelhuin, David, m. Johanna (Anna) Brat, 

Jan. Mi I 
2:;. 1706 

I ' 



Anna, bp. Sept. 13, 1696 

bp. Nov. ?,. 1700; Cornells, < 

nil, bp. Aug. I 
. : Douw, bp. Dec. 19, 

6, 171) ; David, 


m. Eva 


KETEr.nrYN, Douwe, m. Nelletje Brouwer, Sept. 0, 
la, bp. July 15, 1730 ; Willem, bp. Juue 



Jmicheiii. b. July 20. . 

lifjser, II 

Kidu \ m Barbados" 

'Joel off 

He had a lot v., 
Beaver - 


3, bp. April 11 

• ertruy, bp. Jan : .as. bp. .March 

: Andriee, bp. 

a, bp. 

June 13, 1742 ; Margrietje. bp. July 1, 1744 ; Elizabeth, 


Kidney, Johannes, and Geertie Van der Werken. 

1730 h'. 

of Pearl street. Ch : Maritie, bp. Nov. 20, 
i. bp. June 7. 1747 

•y. Jacob, ru. An latie Uagedorn Oct. 23. 1737. 
Ja^ob K., many Years high constable, d. Aug. 19, 
bp. Sept. 23. 1739 : Annatie, bp. Sep! 

Kidney, Jan. and Phoebe Ch : Jonatan, bp. 

Dec. 11, I 

Kidney. Jonathan, and Hannah Van Zandt. He d. 

March 20. 1849 ; she d. 1 ■ , Ha, b . 

• v. 21. 1795: William, 

b. Oct. ; ,ca, b. June 2, 1800. 

Kierstedt . ! Sara Elewaert. Ch: 

■ i. bp. Der. 84, 1704. 
Kim, Jacob, and Elizabeth Fort. Ch : Maria, bp. 
July 30. i 
KlinuH'l. see Campbell. 
King, Thomas, and Jannetie Krankheid. Ch : 

and Rebecca Ch : Ann Mary, b. 

Kinney, Jacob, and Elizabeth Fort (see KimV 

Kinter, Joseph, and Maria Ering. Ch: Magda- 


Kip, Abraham, m. Geesie Winder Heyden, Oct. 

o; Maiden Lane and Pearl street. His w. was buried 


is. bp. 
v and Catharina, twins, bp. 
June 24. 1705. 
Kir. Jacob, and Rachel Swartwout. Ch : Catalyu- 

Bratt. Nov. 1 
Ch : Anthony, bp. Jan 27, 1754; Benjamin, bp Jan. 

Kip, Ignas. fee, m. Anna: 

' »Ct. 27, 

Kir, Abraham, and Saartje Hansen. Ch : Geertruy, 

Kirchuer, Wilhelm. and Jnstina .... Ch : Jo- 

Km _••-, and Margaret Wedi- 

man. Cl 

Kirk, Gerrit. and Mary Pritchard. Ch : Yt'illiam, 

Kitchel (Ketelhuyn?), Nicholaas, am! Catharina 
Lei bp 
: 1721 : Margai . 1705. 

Kitk. 1. see Kettelhuio. 

Kit«nolt, arabie, and Femmetie 

Van Yeveren. Ch: Jacob, b Got. 8, 1771. 

Kittle, see Ketelhuyn. 



Kit} • 
with hi 

d and 
tm: 1667-9, he 

m. a dau. of 

cif that tov 
aatje, bp. April 2. 1CS6. 

Klet- bugler, 

Cooch'. . Eliza- 

beth, b. 


Nicola^- laas, b. Aug. 1 

KiKr, ph, and Hannah Tolhammer. 
Ch: Peter, b. Jul] 
Klock, nendiik, and Jacomyntie Ch: Mag- 

•■:. Jacob, and Rachel Ch : Egj 

• 7G1 . 
Knikkelbakker. Van Wye, Harrnen Janse, of 

made his will Jan. 7. 1707 8, in which he mentioned 
the following children Johau: -uelia, 

adrick Lansing. 
Jr., Cornelia. The following children were baptised 
in ihe i 
Cornelis, r>p. J 

t. 3. 1699; Pieter, bp. April 19, - 


kooke. in. ..; 
Ch : I. - 

p Oct. 

19, 1712: Cornelia, bp. Oct. -21.1716; Johannes, bp. 

March 2 » 

Knickerbacker, Won Fonda, 

a. 94 y. 

9 m. Ch : Anna, bp . and 

Alida. bp. No- a 25, 

Johannes, bp. 

April 3. 1743: ■ 1746; Rebecca, 

bp. June . 

Knickerbakker, Han ca De 


Knickerbacker. Johannes, and Rebecca 

51, d. in 

. Anna, 

d Elizabeth, bp. Nov. 

Knickrrbacber, Harmen, and Judith Marl (.Mor- 
rellj. Ch: Daniel, b. A 
Knickebbacker, J \.'inne, 

Koch, Hendrik, 
b. Oct. r 

Koci: beth Hall. Ch 

beth. b. ' 

Kodnian, Tames, and B Ch: 

Koeler, Matthias, and Anna Ch : George 

and Wendell, 
19 1764. 
Koen, Jurriaen, ai F.rhart. 

lenraad, bp. Jb - mon, bp. Aug. 

]'. Dec. 

. irita, b. 

May 9, 

Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


Kobh, Pelrus, and Marytje Welch. Ch: Coutina, 

b. Sept. 14, 1771 [Pieter Kocns, and Cathariua Soill, 
m. Aug. 17. 1775]. » 

Koex, Petrus. andLydiaDuitscher. Ch: Catha- 
riua, b. Dec. 29, 1789 : Elizabeth, bp. Aug. 14, 1791 ; 
Margaret, b. Sept. 11, 1794. 

Koens (Kntths), Philip, and w. Maria Elizabeth. . 
Ch: Cathariua b. Feb. 6, l, op Taghkauick," and 
bp. at Claverack. Feb. 28, 1 :2i. 

Koens (Coens), Abraham, and Annatie Hegeman . 
Ch: Christoffer, b . Dec. 27,1774. 

Koens, Coehraad, and Anna Stafford. Ch : Annatie, 
I, 1778; James, b. Dec. 11. 1782 

Koens (Coons. Conse), Adam, and Margaret 
Snyder. Ch : Catharine, b. Sept.. 12, 1793. 

Kool, Jacobus, of Ulster county, m. Jannetie 
Witbeck, of Albany county, Oct. 22, 1762. Ch : Abra- 
ham, b. Oct. 19. 1763; Jannetie, b. March 1, 1766; 
Maria, b. July 10, 176s ; Jacobus, b. July 31, 1775. 

Kool, Jacob, and N Ch: David and Petrus, 

tweegebroedfrs, bp. Aug. 13, 1769. 

Koolbrat, Will' Van Deusen. 

Ch : Catharina Van Deusen, b. July 8, 

Koolhamer, Stefanus, and Anna B. Freelich. 
Ch: Anna Maria, bp. May 13, 1764. 

Koorenbenrs, Jacob, and Ch: Catalyn- 

tje, bp. Aug 26, 

Koorn (Coom), Nicdifias, came to Beverwyck, 
in 1642, was appointed wachtmeester for the Patroon, 
in 1644. and fortified Beeren island to command the 
river, for his master. He ere; tement 

in the Province by tiring upon the Goet Uope on her 
way down for refusal to lower her colors. On the 
retirement of Van der Donck in 1644, he succeeded 
him as sheriff of Rensselaerswyck. (f Callagharfs 
History A'.A. i. 

Kraiiktiif, Judlof, and Neeltie Gardenier. Ch : 

Kregier (see Cregier) . 

It rimer (see Cremer). 

Krui'k (Crook). William, m. Margriet Anderson, 
Feb. 22, illetie, bp.May27, 1739 ; Ro- 

bert, bp. May 26 

Kruel, Franciscus. and Annatie Bulsing, Ch : 
Rachel, b. May 1, 176:2. 

Kulerman, see Gerrit Claes Van Vranken. 

Kuyper, Evert Janse, in Albany 1675-1725. 

Kuyskcrk, Pieter, and Elizabeth. . . . Ch : Elise 
Margarita, bp. Ang. 1 I 

Kwee, Alexander, and Margarita Ch : Johan 

Andrei 1767. 

Labagli, Nicholas, and Eleanor Wilsie. Ch : 
Jan, b. ■ 

Labatie(Labaddie), Jan, a native of France came 
to Bev. 

held a like ot i W. I. 

A . i. 434. lie 

and sold various lots of ground in Albany and 

aunt of Claes and Isaac Corm Schenec- 

tady, and widow ol 

Vander Bogart. It is not known, that he left any 

Lady, John, and Catrina Oliford (Alvord ?) Ch : 
Thomas, bp. Ang 25, 1731. 

La Fort, see 

LaGrange, and La 

Lancaster. Samuel, and Sara Warrei 
, L780. 

Lanck, Phi Ch: Anna 

1717; Jacob, bp. May4, 1718; 

Ijanjic, Ch ii. Ch : 


26, 1742. 
Lang, Willist I a, and Betsey Jo 

Ch : Drew, I), May 5. 17S7. 

Lang, Hannes, and Christina (Stina) Bratt. Ch : 
.i. b. March 1. I - 1764; 

Coenraad, b. Oi 1768; 

Beertje, b. Jan. 16, 1771; Geerit, b. Dec. 4 

b Nov. 2, 171 1 : Susanna, I). May 24, 17S0. 
Lang, John, of Saratoga, and Elizabeth Rob. 
Ch: John, b. Sept. 22, 1786; Jane, b. June 19 

Langburn, Edmund, and Maria Van Oostran- 
der. Ch: Ca 

Lansing (Lansinck, Lansingh), Gerrit, from Has- 

sell near Swoll in Overyssell, was deceased before 
Oct, 3, 1079. He left the following children : Gerrit ; 
Hendrick; Johannes ^Aeltie, w. of Gerrit Van Slick-N 
tenhor- ' of Hendrick Roseboom ; and 

Hilletie, widow of Storm Van der Zee. 
Lansing, Hendrick. son of Gerrit L.. was in Al- 
d. July 11, 1709. His wife was 
Lysbet .... Oh: Alida, bp. July 3, 1685; Jacob; 
Maria, wife of Huybert Gerritse ? Henrick ? 

Lansing, Gerrit (son of Gerrit), baker and trader, 
resided at different times in Albany, Schenectady 
and New York; m. secondly, about 1692, Catryntje 
Sanderse Glen, widow of Cornells Barentse Van Dit- 
b.o was killed at, the burning of Schenectady, 
in 1690: and thirdly, about 1696 (?), Elsie .... The 
name of his first wife is not known. Perhaps he d. 
July 20, 170S. Ch : Elizabeth, bp. Jan. 20. 16S9 ; Ge>- 
rit, bp. Aug. 20, 1693, perhaps buried Jan. 26,1736; 
Johannes, bp. March 10. 1695 ; Anna, bp. in N. Y., 
March 21 bp. iu N. Y . March 12, 1699; 

Sander, bp. in N. Y.. April 20, 1701 ; Susanna, bp. in 
N. Y.. Ji Dec. 31, 1704; Jacob, 

[Jacobus?] bp. Dec. 22. 1706; Abraham, bp. Feb. 27, 
1709; Isaac (?); Jacob (?). 

Lansing, Johannes (sou of Gerrity, merchant, m. 
in 1678, Geertie Goosense Van Schaick, widow ofHen- 
drick Coster; naturalized in 1715; d. and was buried 
in the church, Feb. 26, 1728. Ch : Elizabet, b. 1679, 
m. Stephanus Groesbeck, in 1699 ; Geertruy, bp. 
Nov. 2, 16S4. m. Ryer Gerritse; Johannes, bp. Sept. 
4. 1687; Engeltie, bp. Aug. 17, 1690; Gerrit (?) ; 
Abraham (7). 

Lansing, Jacob (son of Hendrick), m. Helena 
Pruyn, Sept. 27. 1701. [Jacob L. "was buried by 
( h : Alida, bp. 
July 26, 1702 : Henrick, bp. Dec. 1, 1703 ; Elizabeth, bp. 
June 30, 1706; ■ July 18, 1708. 

the following baptisms and thi b Ger- 

ritse which follow cannot be placed with certainty, 
owing to ambiguity in the Record.] Gerrit, bp. 
.. July 12, 1714; Anna, bp. 
July 15, 1716 ; Johannes, bp. Oct. 19, 1718 ; Abraham, 
bp. Nov. 13, 1720. 

Lansing, Jacob (son of Gerrit), baker, 1711, owned 

the lot on west corner of Steuben St. and Bros 

and was then ab arreet- 

he had a " boulting 

house " there ; in 1715. petitioned for addition to his 

lot. His wife was Helena (?) Ch : Gerrit, bp. 

Oct. 7, 1. Oct. 29, 1713; Johannes, bp. 

1715; Catryna, bp. Sept. 7, 1718; Ab 
bp. April 24, 1720; Isaac, bp. Jan. 28, 1722; Sander, 
bp. Aug. 18. 172.1 d. April 3, 1807, a . 84 y. ; Elsie and 
Isaac, bp. Oct. 21, 1725. 

Lansing, Isaai I ?], m. Januetje (Jo- 

hanna) Beekman, June 27, 1703. Ch : Maghtel, bp. 

Gerrit, bp. Dec. 12, 17 
bp. Sept. 11, 170" 

Nov 13, 1715: Jacob, bp. April 27, 1718; Neeltje. bp. 
I, 1723. 
Lansing, Abraham [son of Johannes!, in 1710 had 
■ ■ i -. ; m. 
a Van Tricht, Nov. 28 
, 1745. Ch: Abraham, bp. May 14, 
bp. Nov. 28, 1705 ; Johannes, bp. May 16, 1703 ; 
[Jacob ? J, bp. April 23, 171" [Jacob, son of 
15] ; Elsie, bp. 
>th. bp. Nov. 10, 1717; Mvu- 
bp. April 7. 1728, buried July 31, 1747. 
-,.;. ileurik. Jr. [son of Henrik ? ], m. Jan- 
netie Knikkelbakker, March 4, 1704. Ch: Lysbeth, 
5, 1705. 


Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 

Lan- a north 

the river Bide ; m. B - 

7, 1711 : Joannes lip p 1724; 

5 m 2 il . 


. Johannes, bp. April . 

m. Qeertruy Schuyler, dan. 

1714. [The wife of Johannes L , was buried Jnne 
■ Johannes, bp. April i 


Jan. !, 1727: 
bp. Feb 
Lansing, Gerrit, Jui errit ?]. lie had 

a lor i . 

Dean St. and the river. 75 feet front and rei 

\ . 1).. 
it G. 

p. Jul 

Vechten, May 12,172!' "0, 1752. 

i'li : < . '<p. Nov. 

! : Maria, Dp. Jan. 22, Dtje, bp'. 

May 16, 1742. 

of Goosen V. Schaici: : 

secondly, Helena Van ' . ■> V. 1). 

April 21 

Harper ; thirdly, Catharine De ] 

widow, April bp. April Hi. 

1732; Catharina, bp. April 11, 1734 ; Lena, b 

29.1736: Anuatie, bp. May 28, 1738 ; Harpert, bp. 

Lans'NG, Gerrit Jacol se ; in 1732, he had a lot on 
the north eoriier of Hudson and Green streets (10 ft. 
square; m. Ida Van Wie, dau. of Jan V.W., An 
1 Aug. 1, 1746; She was buried 
1743 Ch: Helena, bp ; Catharyna, op.' 

1737; Jacob, bp. June 10, 1741. 

gariia Rosebobm, Dec 5, 1 134, who was buried Sept . 
bout 1748, who 
was buried Mayl4, 1749; and thirdly. Catan , 
Broeci laverack, 

June 27, Nov. 2, 1735; Ileu- 

drik. bp 17 13 ; 

Helena, bp. Oct. 0, 174 tfargarita, bp. 

April 16, 1749. 

' I en Nov 

29, 1731. she was bnned Jan. 27, 1741. Ch : Jacob, 
bp. April t. 1736; Maria, bp. I lida, bp. 

Sept.. 7, 1738. 

Lansing, Set I. m Annatje 

Ouderkerk. Ch : Leu. 

May 6, 1789; Jacob, I ; | e , bp. 

1, 1746. 

Lan- m . Anuatie 

Cooper. Iia,bp 

Jan. 11. 173s : Obedia, 
June 29, 1740 ; Catharin 
1,1743; Annati 

LANsrNG, Franciscus I riaLie- 

Helena, bp > p 




y. 11 in. 20 d. : Benjamin, bp. June 31 (sic) 1750: 
Femmitie. bp. July 7. 1751 ; Jacob. | 

7, 1755: Benjamin, bp. July 

ip. <)an. JO. liiu; ^erru. up. wri . ao, 1,1, ; 

..', 1751; 

July 27, 1755; 

. 175(1; 

Helena, bp. Jan. 

Ariaantje Beeckman 


buried Aug. 21 
Ch: Hi iham, bp. May 



Hill, Feb. 21, 
70 y. 
Lansing, Jacob Jai 

mse on the comer ofBn 
treet; commam 1 
berts) ' 

'. 11 111. 20 d. : Benjamin, bp. June 81 
'Vniinitie. bp. Jl 

3; Mi 

Abraham Jacobse. m. Elizabet 

cob", bp. « 
John, lip. 
Cornelia. " 

iel Lie- 
veii.-, .' 

nirdly, Catha- 
[arch 31, 1797, 

ane ; died 
April l!i. id. Ch: Goosen, bp. 

Sept. 11, 17 i 
Nicolaas Lansing, d. at Tappai 
y. ; Lena 
Philip, bp. Noi •. bp. July 15. 1759. 

mi, Abraham 2 na Lie- 

vens. Ch: Levinus, bp. Jan. 12, 1746; Levinus, 

July 6,1752. 
Lan.- chaick. 

Lansing. Jo!i V7en- 

ip. July 26, 1746; Evert, bp. May 
•iv, bp. July 22, 1750: 
Engeltn leertruy, bp. 

1756; Joh in 
Lansino. Pieier, and Elizabeth Wendell. He d. 
36 v. ( li : Maria, bp. July 26, 1746 ; 
Maria, bp. July 30, 1749; Catalyntie.bp. Nov. 17, 
• May 9, 

Lansino. Isaac, and Anuatie Van Woert, Ch : Ja- 
cob, bp. 

Helena, bp. Sept. 1, 1751 ; Jai i 
d. June Sara, bp, Aug. 28, 1757; Sara, 

ran 31 
lior, and Anuatie Sates. Ch : 
• 1746. 
/ La\-i ! . and Maritie Huyck, 

JCh : Maria, bp. Jan. 24, 17 IS ; Joeh (Ji 
1750; Gerrit, bp. April 26, 1752; Lena, bp. .March 12, 
I p July 24, 1757: Andr 

rohannes, b, April 10, 

i lied. 

. Ch: Geertrny, bp. N 

1749: An 


John, ii. 

,, bp. Dee. 12 

. bp. Nov. 11, 1760, an 

Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


1831, a. 70 y. Sara, b. June 23, 1763, ra. Barent Blcek- 
17, 1767, m. Catha 
ck,and d. in Manheim, Sept. 19, 
o. 2d. 
Lansing, Gerrit, Junior, and Wyntie Van don Bergh 
Ch:Anna, bp. Nov. 4, 1750; Gerrit, bp. Si 
175.'! : Catalyntje, bp. Aug. 15, 1750; Genii;, bp. July 

Lansing, Hendrick, and Anna Ouderkerk. Ch: 
A brain, bp. June 2, 1750. 
Lansing, Philip, and Elsie Hun. Ch : John. bp. 
1748; Johannes, bp. Jan. 4, 1760 ; Jan. bp. 
Feb. 15,1761; Annatie, b . June G 'trayd, 

b. .March 13, 1700 ; Maria, 1.. Jul\ 23 1771 ; Johannes 
,u-il li.1774; Pieter, b. Dec. 15, 1778. 
Lansing, Hendrick R., m. Marv Mareelis, Sept. 19. 
1702. Ch; Margarita, b. Sepl Johannes, 

geboren > 

Nov. 14, 1766; Robert, b. \ov 28 1767: Margarita, 
b. Oct. 30, 1770. [Henry R. Lansing, d. Aug. 9, 1819, 

a. 81 y. 7 mo.] 

Lansino, Harpcrt (Herbert), and Maritje Visscher, 
Ch: Abraham, b. Oct. 14, 1763; Gerrit, b. March 
4,1765; Johannes, b. April 20 

Lansing. Johannes, m. Catharyntje Burhau 
Oct. 6, 1763; Sara, 1>. Sept. 6, 1765 : Meinard, b. Aug. 
1,1767; Helena, b. July 2, 1709: David and 
bp. March 2, 1773; R ■ '• . '■ ; Hans 

Burhans, b. July 25, 1778; Gerrit, b. Oct. 31, 1783. 

Lansing, Jacob H.. and Maria Ouderkerk. Ch : An- 
natie, b. April 10, 1764; Maria, b. Feb. 28, 1706; He- 
lena, b. July 21, 1708; Elizabeth, b. Dec. 31 
William, b.'May 11, 1774. 

Lansing, Jacob Frai « ie, m. Jannetie 

Visscher, June 2T, 1702. [widow Jane Lansing, d. in 

Watervliet, Nov 1830, in her 92d yeai 

Isaac,!). Auc-. . .mis, b. Jan. 10. 1766; 

Mamie, b. Oct 22. 1707: Maehlel, b ■■ 
Dirkie, b. April 9, 1775 ; Ffanciscus, b. Aug. I 
Helena, b. Nov. 14, 17S0. 

Lansing, Isaac H., m. Anuetic Van Arnhem, June 
19, 1701 . Ch : A braham, b. July 24, 1765 ; Jacob, b. 
Dec. 26, 1709. 

Lansing, Rutger, m. Susanna Van Schoonhoven, 
Oct. 27, 1764. Ch: Gerrit. b. Nov. 18, 1705. 

Lansing, Christofer, of the Colonic, m. Sara Van 
I. Christopher L., was 
quarter master of Col. Schuyler's regiment in the 
Revolutionary war ; he built and occupied, in 1766, 
the house on norih corner of Broadway and North 
Lansing street, ; d. Oct. 25. 1819, a. 76 y. 8 in. 26 d. ; 
his wit)' b. Noi 14y.4 in. 

28d. ■ rune 15. 1766; Alida, b. Aug. 

14, 170- ■ ■ , ,, ■ May 20, 1771, d. 
April:;c '. . < nl. 10 d. : Hubertje, b. July 
26, 1773 • Sara. b. June 
18, 1784. 

Lans' • Lllempie Brat, 

Nov. 2, 1764. C'a : Lena, b. Nov., 1700, m. Dr Van 
Zandt of Watervliet; Jan "Van Arnhem, b. June 

15, 1709. , , 
Lansing. Jacob A., and Alida Levison. Ch : 

h : Ali- 
da, b. Abra- 
ham, I 
Cathari 1787. 

' 1709. She d. in Wal 
I rson Benjamin, \ug. 27, 1827, in her 
b ' ig. 2, 1770; Si 

\i oiler, 

I ibertje, b. Sept. 11, 1787; Li 
! 1792. 
Lansing, Lavinus F., of the C6lonie,m. first Catha- 
rtna Van 

15, 1780. Ch: ( ••: 
rina, bp. Oc 1772: Alida, 

b. June 4, 1783; i 1790. 


Lansing, Gen Oct.l, 

secondly, Catharina Swart about 1776 

I ;;.2: Annatie,b. July U 

Lansing, Obadiah, of Greenbush. m. first, Cornelia 

r about 

1774. • 1; Evert, b. Feb. 

■ept. 4, 

lurch 6, 

1782; : • -;; Obadia, b. Oct. 23, 

', 1787. 

, NG, Gerrit J., m. Alida Fonda, June 5, 1773. 

Feb. 20, 

1776; Isaac, b. Sept. 19, I 12, 1781. 

I Elsie Van Rensselaer. 

i Abra- 

?75 ; Ariaantje, b. Nov. 11, 

1778; Ariaantje. b. A; 

15; Kilian, b. 
MayS, 1787; Ma 

bp. April Kiliau 

Van Rensselaer, b. 

Lansing, Jacob G., m. Femmetie Lansing, Aug. 
28, 1774. He d. Nov. 25, 1803, a. 00 y. [lis wife 
Frances, d. M.! . 50 y. [Jacob G. L. 

in. Neeitie Ro e 

b. July 19, 1779; 
Sanders, b. Dec. 21, 1781 ; Jannetie, b. May 14, 1780. 
I ' m. Eli . !. Fryer, Feb. 10, 

1776. He d. Jan. 30, 18! ■■ 33 South Pearl 

on. Ch: Abraham, b. Aug. 6, 
1770, d. June 2, 1820, a. 44 y. ; Annatie, b. May 13, 
1T78 ; Annatie. b. Nov. 23, 1779 ; Wil 
1782; Jai - rune 1, 

Elizabeth and Maria, b. Sept. 5, 1788; Gerrit, 
b.Feb. 15, 1791. 

i l. Elizabeth Wynkoop, Dec. 
[This or another Gen-it A. L. m, Catha- 
liua Van Aelstyne, Feb . 27, 1708] . Ch : Abraham, 
b. Dec. 0, 1777; Abraham, b. Jan. 3. 1782; James 
op, b. April a Wynkoop, b. 

Alida, b. Jan. 
19, 1787; Elizabeth, b. Dec. 30, ies,b, April 

2, 1791 : Abraham, h. ■: ornelia Wyn- 

koop, bp. Dec. 25. bp. Sept. 10 (sic) 1794; John, 
b. March 10, 1797; Robert, b. May 6, 1800; Sarah, 

.. 1802 

ise, m. Susanna Fonda, Jan. 
. 1830, a. 77 v.: she d. April 
25, 1817: in her 61st y. Ch: Annatie, b. Dei 


'■4. d. April ;-, 1861, a. 

77 y. : Isaac, b. April 8, 1787; Jacob and Alida, : . 

Oct. 25, 1789 ; Jacob, b. June 17, 1791 ; Alida, b. Dec. 

30, 1794 ; Alida, b. May 17, 1796. 

Lansing, Abraham, and Annatie Van den Bergh. 
Ch: Abraham. - 1779; Isaac, b. Man 

inatie, b.Feb. 25, 1780. 
Lansing, Abraham G., and Susanna (Sanneke) 
Yates, daughter of Abraham Yates. [Dr. A. G. Lan- 
L5, 1844.] Ch: Jannetie, b. Feb. 18, 
1180: .', b. Jan. 12, 1782; Gerrit, b. 

!. 1783, d. Jan. 3, 1802, a. 79 y. ; Cornells De 
Ridder. b. Nov. 17, 1785; John. b. March 10 
Antjo, b. June 6, 1790; Sanders, b. April 15, 1792; 
Christopher, b. May 27, 1795; Antte, b. Jan. 26, 1799; 
,pt. 5 
.g, Jacob, and Maria Knipp. Ch: Johan- 
mg. 9, 1781. 
Lansing. Jeremie, m. Lena Wendell, Oct. 1, 1780. 
She d. Oct. 11, 1829, a. 09 y. Ch : Pieter, b. April 13, 
1781; Her 6 1783 ; Elizabeth, b. Aug. 

r9 y. at No. 80 North 
18, . . . Ji cob Jere- 
i'bara, b. June 19, 1800. 
Cansi rr., late chancellor, lived on 

nstreel a; 1805; 
id never 

' Jl D 


26, n:ti;Eiiza- 
Oct. 21, 1834; Sara and Cor- 


st Settlers of Albany. 


ruy, b. April 5, 


\ . I' 

Rachel Ver- 
planck. Ch: Lydla, b. S; Sara. b. July 

5. 1790. 
Lansing, Gerrit J., m. Maria Van Aernha 
I, lTffi Lea, b. -Tun.- 26 

rrit R.. m. Alida [De] 

-uac De 

Lansing, 'John Van Aernhem, m. Ariaai.' 
plauck. Jnrj 9, 1788; h( 

vliet. a. !'i v. • ■ iraham 

. 1790; Jacob, b. Dec. 16, 179:5: 
Will.; 1795 ; Gerluyn Verplanck, b. 

April 27, 1797; Johi 1899; Helena; 


LANS] Jr., and Annatie Marshall. 

Lani son of Gerrit J. L.i. was a law- 

yer; removed to Little Falls -ears a 

Land agent there; one of the judges of Herkimer 
county; removed to M : 

1S50, a. S4 y. 3 m. 2 d. He in. Catharina Ten Eyck, 
eldest daughter of Abraham T. E.. Dec. 9 
she d. - four days after her husband. 

Ch: Jane Arm lamTenEyck, 

12, 1792, d. at Manheim, Feb. 10, 1842, a. « 
ria, b. Jan. 10, 1797 : Robert, b. Feb. -2. 1799; 
Maria, b. Feb. 21, 1-':. -', b. April 3, 

1S03; Frederic, b. Mav 30. 1806; Edward, b. June 
13, 1S08. 

Lansing, Jacob Jacobse (son of Col. Jacob J. L., 
and Marytje Egbertse), m. Annatie Quackenbu-h, 
Jan. 21, 1790. Ch : Margarita, b. Nov. 5. 1790 ; Jacob, 
b. Dec. 17. 1792. He was born m the ancient Dutch 
house on the north-east comer of North Pearl and 
Colui. duated at. Middleburg College; 

practiced law in Albany ; was judge of the ' 
Common Pleas : and d. March 20, 1S5S. Ch ; Eliza- 
beth, b. Dec. 1. 1794. 

-in'c;. Jacob, and Alida Donwe. Ch : Mary, b. 
April 26. 1793 ; Andriee I b. 29, 1796, Gen. 

AndriesD. L., d. Julv 26, 1864, a. 68 y. ; James b. 

.-.'. 1799: Volkert Donwe, b. April 3, 18 
kert Douwe. b. Feb. 10, 1807. 

Lansing. Myndert, m. Mar.- Usher, dang 
Rev. John U. of Bristol. R. I.. June 3, 1791. He d. 
April 10. 1814, in his 40th v.. she d. March ", 
f94; Pieter R-. b 
e Dunbar, b. George Dunbar 

April 24. 1.-42. a. 43 j ; 8 

B I Hoffman. Ch : Mary, 
b . Nov. 5, 1794. |Gerrit L. d. April 29, I860. 

Lansing. John, and Ariaautie Lansing. Ch : Hele- 
na, b. • 

Laut, Johannes, aud Sara Winne. Ch : Michael, 
bp. Aug. 26. 1752. 

Lantmau (Landman). Pieter, and Elizabeth 

Ch : -■ 


La - - Broower, 

Oct. 6, 1751. « ! -. Catha- 

rvnti ,' March i. 17( i 



Lappa ry. - 

Lappin.x, William, in. Alida Van Dewsen, May 

i : Johannes, b. Jon 
Lun ! braham, and Maria d' 

Elizabeth, b. 
Jan. 3. 1789; Susanna, b. March 29, 1791 (r), bp. April 
26, 1791. 
Larraway, Willem, m. Sara Wynkoop, June 

aarina, b. Oct. 
Larwec (see Le Roy). 

Mark, and Elizabeth Kilmer. Ch : I 
rine, b. .1 

La **ingh. Pieter Pieterse. in 1059. ran away from 
to Hartford, Connecticut; in 1675, in company with 
Goose i: brew- 

ery of Harmen I - on the easterly half 

of th- E nently he sold his half 

in i: to Sybrant Goosense VanSchaick; in 
iter, Jr., lorn at Albany, and dwelling 
-<■:•] ma'rried Corneba 
, at Albany. 
Lath, Willem, and Nancy Jackson. Ch : John 
b. Ang. 11, 1780. 
Lattimore, Franci .n'Esch 

abeth, b. Dec . 
Lauer, Michael, and Jauneke Van Buren. Ch : 
a. b. Aug. 16, 1771 : Catharina, b. Apr.l 1 
5, 1775. 
Lawrence, William, m. Maria Perrv, March 6, 

Andrew McNeally, b. April 25, 1799. 
Leek, Nicolaas, and Marytje Snyder. Ch : Cor- 

. 1768. 
Leen (Lanck), George, m. Mary Shaw. May 11, 
!h: James, b. Jan. 16, 1771 ; Cornells, b. Jan. 

Leendertse, Jan. and Eliaan Janse. Ch : Tinio- 
theus,bp. April 30, 1710. 

Leeuert iLingert, Leonerti, Johannes, m. Cor- 
nelia Richter (Rechteren), Aug. 29, 
hannes. b. Oct. 1. 1770 i 

b. March 19, 1779 : William, b. Oct. 1 
Le Foy s Abraham, and Anna Maria Forer. Ch: 
Catharina. bp. Feb. 18. 1705. 

Legged (Legate), John, and Rata Ch : Cor- 

Le "tlailre, Cornells of E^opus. and Margarita 
•nbergen. Ch : Anna Catharina, bp. Jan. 28, 
Lent, Jacob, and Hannah Odell. Ch: Catharine 
Odell, b. Dec. 1 

Leonard, Enoch, and Maria Van Vechten. Ch; 
Anna, i 35; Cornelius Van Vechten, b. 

July 28. 1791 : Miriam, b. Jan. 15, 1794: Hen; 
Oct. 11. 1797; Richard, b. March 10, 1800; Helena 
Maria, b. Dec. 20, 1803. 
Leonard, John, and Maria Van Vechten [perhaps 

lh: Reuben, bp.Jnh I 
Le Roy, Larraway, Lanvee. Lerway, Lerrday,&c. 
Rot, Jonas (Job. Maria 

Ch: Blandina, bp. Feb. 1, 17<«: Jonas, bp. 
Sept. 19. 1714: Jonas, bp. June 24, 1716; 3 
Oct. 19. 
Lerway (Larraws ; ira Heemstraat. 

.i: dcr Volgen, 1). April 
20,1796. See also Le 

Leycher, Johanm and Elizabeth 

.... < I 
bp. Ap <irik. b. Sept. i.. 

L,i.»sc-r, Hendrick. and Anhatje Huvck. Ch : 
bp Mi. 28, 1737; I 
1739: Catharina, bp June?, 1741; Ma 

Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


, Christina, bp. May 29, 1753; Johannes, bp. 
March 19, 1757. 

Lespinard, Anton baker, hired 

the bak. in 1070, with 

sion to bake for both Christiai b . id Indians 
a will April 2, 16! • of his wife Abeltie and 

cbildre ■ Marga- 

rita; and Abelti '• t 6 mos. (bp. Si , 

lie gave to the poor of Albany 8 beavers or 
the valui '■ er money. His son Antony. 

b'p. Oc! > not living at the date 

of his will ; he had another son of the same name 
Li i ork, where he married Elisa- 

beth DeKleyn, Nov. 3, 1705. 

Letteson Q am and Murine: [Wm. 

Letteso h Boaman, Dec. 16, 1720.] Ch: 

Jems, bp. June 30, 1717. 

Levy, Asser, a Jewish trader of New Amsterdam, 
Who ov and lot, and did business in Al- 

Lewis (Li and Mary French. Ch; 

Nov. 19, 1707. 

Lewis. Anthony, and Jannetje Morenes. Ch: 
Barent, bp. March 4. 1711 ; Johanna, bp. in New York, 
April 10 York, Feb. 17, 

1717 ; David, bp. in New York, Oct. 7, 1719. 

Lewis, Barent, and Catharina Van Slyck. Ch : 
ie, bp. Dec. 16, 1741; Jannetie, bp. Jan. 12, 
1746 ; Annatie, bp. Nov. 10, 1751 . 

Lewis, John, and Hillegont Ch: Mary, bp. 

July S, 1744. 

Lewis (Louis), Hendrick, m. Marytje David 
3, 1771. Ch; Johannes, b. Dec. 6, 1771; Elizabeth, 
-I: Elizabeth, b. May 9, 1776. [Hen- 
drick Lewie and Janni • Vug. 16, 1778.] 

Lewis, Neimy, and Maria Davis. Ch: Magdaleua, 
b. Sept. 2, 1789. 

Liethers, John, and Maria .... Ch: Richard, 
bp. May 21, 1731. 

Lievens (Lievense, Liverse, Lieverse, Levison), 
Janse, in 1657 conveyed to Andries Andriesen a 
house and plantation consisting of 25 morgens lying 
in the town of Newtown, adj- e; about 

this time he probabh !'■ verwyck. He 

had at least two child "I Annatie, who 

married Goosen Gorritse Van Schaick in 1657. 

Lievense, Harm.- > l of the above), 

and Maritje Teunise. He had a form on Van 
Schaick's island at the mouth of the Mohawk river, 
inl681. His wife was a wido> Tomas, 

bp. Dec. 15. 16 ran. 13, 1 i92, buried, 

11 1746; Livinus? Tennis? Livinus Harmense 
(probably son of the 1; 'an den Bergh, 

tfaritie, bp. March 26, 1714,; 
Willv 'ii rmen, bp. Jan.28, 1718; 

Cornells, bp. ■' 

1723: lla 1726; Pieter, b] 

7,1729. Teunis son of Harmen 

Lievense above i ort, Nov. 6, 1714. 

Ch: Hi ' :. 27, 1715; Maria, bp. Oct. 6, 

1717: Rachel, bp. April 19, 1719; Agniete, bp. May 
13,1722; Liciiu.bp. Jan. 17, 

Lievense. v- a Fonda, Dec. 9, 1742. 

Ch: Lavhuis. bp. May 15, 1743: Alida, bp. Oct. 23, 
1748 ; Levinus, bp. Oct. 6, 1754. 

Lieverse, Livinus, and Catharina — Ch : Li- 
vinus, bp. July, 1746. [Levinus Lieverse was buried 
July 2, 1749. 

Lievekse, Harmen, and Anna Van Schoonhoven, 

beide , - m. Jan. 30, 1752: She was 

buried Jan. 6. condly Catharine Winne 

: i'liO. Ch: Catarina, bp. 

July 12, 1752; Susanna, bp. Aug. 20, 1754; Geertje, 


. m. Cornelia Bratt, March 5, 
?57 ; Antony, bp. 

, I Ch : Don we, 
inus, bp. Nov. 14. 1761 ; Aaltie, 
b. Sept. 6, 1763: Marytje, b. April 1 I 

b. Sept. 24, 1708 : Isaac, b. April 14, 1771; Maayke, 
b. Oct. 20, I 

Levison (Lieverse), Douwe, and Annatii 
scher. Ch : Barent. b. Dec. 2, 1766 ; Pieter, bp, Oct., 

Liglithall, Nicolas, of Schenectady, and Elisa- 
beth VVageman. Ch: Margarita, bp. Oct. 21, 1776. 
See Schenei 
Lincoln, Hosea, and Elisabeth Correl. Ch : 
». Jan. 9, 1777. 

Lins, Jur(iaan), and Maria Ch: Molh 

Dec. 17, 1736. 
Lis well, John, and Annatie Lansing. Ch :' John, 
bp. Jul;. am, bp. Jan. 13, ' 

Littelriel, David, and Susanna Ch : Lou- 

rens, bp. Dec. 3, 1715. 
Livingston, Robert, secretary of Albany, from 
2 1 . when lie was succeeded by his sou Philip ; 

i house lot was on the . n 
north corner of State and North Pearl streets :_2i 1 Jj J^H 
Alida, widow of the Rev. Nicola- Vai I . 'fy j£| 

i, led in the church in \ . 1725.? d'. <ii 

Ch: Philipina Johanna, bp. Feb. 3rl684; Phili] 
bp. July 25, 1686 ; Robert, bp. Jul i 
bp. Mar ' lem, bp. March 20, 1692; Jo- 

hanna, Dec. 16, 1694; Catrine, bp. July 17, 1798. 

Jr., cousin (nephew) of the 
last; appointed deputy secretary of Albany in 1699; 
in. Margarita Schuyler, Aug. 26, 1697. Ch f Engeltie, 
i r, 1698 : Jacobus, bp. Dec. 21, 1701 ; Jannet, 
bp. Nov. 24, 1703; Pieter, bp. Jan. 6, 1706; John, bp. 
March 6, 1709 ; [Robert, bp. in New York, Aug. 31, 

Livingston, Philip, eldest son of Robert, senior, 
admitted Slew York, Dec. 31, 1719; in 

ropi -oner for Indian affairs ; 1721. 

. y of the commission- 
. id clerk of Albany county; 
. '725, and continued in public 
life until his death Feb. 4, 1749. He occupied his 
and lot on the north corner of Slate 
m. Catharina, dau. of Piet 
Brugh of Albany, Sept. 19, 1707. Ch: Robert, bp. 
Dec. 25, 1708; Pieter (Van Brugh), bp. Nov. 3. 1710, 
m. Maria Alexander in New York, Nov. 3, 1739; 
bp. April 20, 1712; Johannes, bp. April 11, 
1714; Philippus, bp. Jan., 1717, d. June 12, 1778; 
Hendrik, bp. April 5, 1719; Sara. bp. May 7. 1721 ; 
William, b I . ' : Sara. bp. Nov. 7, 1725, m. . 

Gen. Lord Sterling; Aiida, bp. July IS, 172S; Ca- 
tharina, bp. April 15, 1733. 

Livingston, Pieter. m. Zelia Holland, dau. of Henry 

H., Nov. 13, 172S Ch: Robert, bp. July 2".. 

Henry Holland, bp. Sept. 25, 1730; Margarita, bp. 

July 2, 171 p. Oct. 5, 1733 ; Jane, bp. June 

ita. bp. June 23, 1736. 

. Maria Thong in New York, 
; : Catharina, bp. Aug. 6, 1732. 

Catharyna Ten Broeck, Sept. 
6.1739. Ch: Kobert. bp. March 16, 1740; Margrieta, 
bp. Oct. in bp. Oct. 19, 1744. 

Livi\'< ■ . in Christina Ten Broeck, 

April 14, 1740. Ch: Philip, b. May 28, 1741; Dirk 
ny and bp. June 8, 1743 ; Catharina, 
bp. Aug. 25, 1715. ' 

Livingston, James, and Elisabeth Ch : John, 

b. May 1! 
Livingston, Jacob, and Sarah House. Ch: Mari- 

Lock, Claas Hendrickse; 1665 in Albany; 1668 
■ sloop ; 1674 valuation of his property w : as 
600 guilders; 1684 master of the sloop Sarah plying 
Albany and New York; in 1671, he m. 
widow, in New York. 
Lodewycksen, Thomas, a carpenter, in part- 
hip with 1 ' ..euningn; in 1658 they 
. hurch for 270 guilders 
■ baptistery), and reco- 

partner sued 

tter of fitting out a sloop which they 
were building together. 


s <>f Albany. 

Lot b 

Ch: Philip. 

Phili'i . ia, bp. March .". 

1 looey), 
Ch : Philip ai d 
• her then being dead. 

gen). H • h : Alida. bp. July 1. I 

Loek, Loeck, Louk. Look. Luke, Lock, &c. 

c), Philip, and Magdalena Ch: 

1188. Philip Louk was buried 
near his house, April 1. 1151. 
Loek, Hendriek. and Neeltie Scherp. Ch: Mar- 

Loek (Look;. Philip of Niskatba. in. Magdalena 
Van Wie, Julv 9, 1772. Ch: Hendrik, b. Nov. 17, 

Loek (Luke), Philip, and Aitie (Eitie) Van der 
Spaan (Spawn). Ch: Johannes, b. March 10, 17T7 ; 
Catrina. * 

Lobs ' an Wie. 

Ch: Johanm - 

Loek (Look . i id Lena Moock. Ch : 

Jacob, b. Aug. 10. 1790; Maria b. Jai 

Loek (Luke), Coenraad, and Elizabeth HillebranL 
m. May 84,1790. Ch: 

Loockrrmans, Three brothers of this name 
were a of New Netherland, — 

Cover im, where 

hem. Marine Janse. July 11, 164 .ndPie- 

ter Janse Loockerm:. - in Beverwyck. 

Jacob v 
brought a suit against him for having 

lOgeboom and split his face open from his 
head to his underlip with his knife : he wat fined 350 
guilders and ordered to pay for loss oft ime, board and 
i ! attendance. In 1664 hi ie com- 

ty of peace bed 
Mohawk and Northern Indians. Pieter Janse Loock- 
ermanswas a citizen of Beverwyck in 1666 : in 165S. 
he was boatswain in the service of the W. I. Com- 
pany. He had a son Pieter, and daughter Lammertie 
who married Alien Uothout. 

Logen, Hendriek (Andries). geborU in Irland 

[probably intended for noeen], m. Alula Pruyn, Oct. 

3 Ch: Johannes, bp. i Francis- 

■ July 26, 1736; see Hogen i : David, bp. April 

. Hendrik, bp. April 20, 1740; Anna. bp. Aug. 

Margarita, bp. May 20, 1744. 

Long. Adam, anil :" ck. Ch : John. 

b. June 21 

Lottcridge, William, and Anna Be We\ i 
John b. April 4. 1777; Abraham, b. March 9, 1779. 
Lottrid^e, Thomas, m. Mary Bratt, Julv 13, 
rnardus Bratt. b. Jan. 19, 1779; John, 

Lottridtre, Robert, and Sarah Bloemendal. Cli :' 
William, b. N i;obert L., d. Oct. 31, 

1848, in his 75th y. 

Louw, Nicolaas. and Sara .... Ch : Pieter Ni- 
colaas, b. Bee. 23. 1777. 

Love, William, and Elisabeth Banielson. Ch: 
Jennet, bp. Sept. 24, 17S0. 

Low, William, and Elisabeth Baniels [see the 
last.] Ch: Pieter. b. Jan. 4. 1 
Lowe (Loery), Thomas, and Ge- 
ms Witbeck b. March 25. 
March 11, 1793. 
Loveridge, William, hatter. In 1671 he bought 
and lot of Pieter Jacobse Borsboom on the 
. bounded north by th. 
- i 

i eh with supplying the Indians with 
ammunition, and order .-. until 

he made good ot] roving Ihe -. 

ed 20 beavers. In 1678 he and others were 

ned for planting a sea: i ire the 

! Richard Pretty, magistrate; he addressed 
Brockhols in exl 
ot'the place t" B( t up a tree oi 



for an en Be had a BOD William. 

LubbertNOD, Gei..f ft" Alida 

' -rietje, 

bp. Jan. 1. 1686; Gnetie, bp. Aug. 15, 1686 ; Rebecca, 

Lubklns, ■ et 

. April 
Alb< rtus Meinert, bp. 8i pt. 9, L789. 

Luitton, Eev. Brant Schavler.and Esther Brown. 

jabeth Schuyler, b. Oct. I 
Lush, Richard (Dirk), m, • Dec. 14. 

1780. In 1806 he dwelt on the north ( 
d Maiden Lane. Ch: John, b, 
May 3, 1783, d. June 

I ' b. April 19. I 
Bee. 10. 18S 

Lush, Stepl \. w York, graduate of 

Coluni bi . at the 

. officer of the Revolutionary war at 
the close of which he removed to Alba 
attained eminence in his pro). Lydia, 

dan. of Boctor Samui April 19, 1805. 

She d. Aug. 10, 1841. a. 82 v. Ch : Samui 1 Stringer, 
b. Sep el Stringer, b. Oct. 20, 17S3; 

he was an eminent lawyer and sometime member 
ofthe legislature; d. i William, 

Trotter, d. Sept. 1, 1870; Marv b. Jan. lb. 1787, m. 
Doctor John M. Bradford ; Richard, b. June o . 
d Oct. 25. 1828. in 30th y. ; Rachel, .. m, II 

Wheaton; Gertrude, m. Win. S. I 

Lutber, John, and Elizabeth Roller (Rowler). 
Ch: Jeremiah. May 6, 

1791 ; Helen and Susanna, bp. Jan. 14. 1793; George, 
b. July 29, 1795 ; Elizabeth, b. April 10, 1799. 
Luwes isee L 

Luyca*sen, Evert, baker (perhaps son of Lucas 

purchased land behind Kinderhook of the Indians ; 
Gardenier; in 
i th Lourens Van Alen, he petitions for another 
land in Kinderhook. 
Luyks 'Louxi. Hendrik. and Anna Elizabeth 
Coen. Ch : Margariet, bp. May 22, 1743 ; John Pieter, 
85, 1745. 
Lydins, Domine Johannes, arrived in Albany 
from Holland with Bomine Barnhardus Freerman, 
July 20, 1700. and officiated as minister of the church, 
until his death on March 1. 1710. He lived in the 
Parson;! . _ ■. n the site of Bleecker Hall. 

Ills wife i':i Isabella Staats. and daughters (?) Geer- 
tiuy Isabella Lvdius, and Maria Adrianata 
were naturalized Feb. 28, 1710. The latter was buried 
in the church, May 4. 1733. Children baptized in 
Albany: Margarita Johanna. Nov. 19, 1701: Johan- 
•icus. July 9. 1704: Susanna Cathanna. July 
13, 1707. buried in the church, Oct. 2. 
Ltdius. Johannes Henrieus. Serious charges were 
him in 1747. by the council of the 
Province : for abjuring his rrotestaut rehsion in 
Canada; of marrying a woman there of the Romish 
faith: and of alienating the friendship of the Indians 
from the English: he d. in K Lon- 

don, in 1791, having retired to I. His 

wife was Gen- - I Mazee). Ch : 

- Jacob, bp. Oc bp May 

19, 1784; Isabella Mar- 
Maria, bp. July 7. 1738; Balthazar, bp. March B, 1740. 
lived unmarried, on the east corner of State and Pearl 
iu eccentric man, the terror ofboys, d. Nov. 
17 (19), '- 

Lynd, Haum- (Herculeus, Archelaus), and Mary - 
tje Duivebach. Ch: Johanni 1762; 

. : e, b. Oct. 25. . 

Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


Lynn, Arent, and Phoebe Woodruff. Ch : 
Eleanor, b. April 13, 1788. 
Maat, alias Van L 

[keeper, in 1(151, became farmer of the excise 
for 1300 gfl. ; in 1665 


Maby, -Johannes, and Christina Ch : Ilauna, 

b. Oct. 12, 1769. 

31c Adam, Hugh, and Catharina Gerritsen. Ch : 
Mary, b. All 

Mc Alpine, James, and Margarita Bratt. Ch : Da- 
vid, 1). i ' 
McBead, Daniel, and Rachel McCantisb. Ch : 

i. April 6, 1779. 
MeJBridc, William, and Elizabeth Chambers. 
'.: : George, b. June 17, 

McCanteish, William, and Geertruy Kidney. 
Ch : Roeloff, b. March 1, 1771. 

Maearty, Pieter (Patrick), of Half Moon, m. 
first,, -.<. 

. Ch : Philip, bp. Jan. 8, 1730 ; 
Catharina, bp. Feb. 6, 1743. 

Macaett, John, and Anna Dorson. Ch: Eliza- 
beth, hi.. 

McCarty, Dennis, and Nancy Homes. Ch: Ra- 
chel, bp. Feb. 21 

bit, Timothv, and Rebecca Patiu. Ch: 
MeCasory, James, and Dolly Ramsey. Ch : John, 

MeCay, John, and Alida Barheit. Ch : I 

McCa y. Neil, and Catharine McKinzy . Ch : John, 
b. Aug. 21 

McCnesuey (McChesnut), Hugh, and Joanna 
Plum (Plumb). Oh: Joseph.. ; ; Isaac, 

' 1780. 

McChesney (McChesnut), Robert, and Mary Can- 

McChesney, Joseph, and Marv Monncv (Mnllen- 
nichs). Ch: Samuel, b. March 14, 1780; William, 
b. Sept. 15, 1781. 

McChesney, John, and Catharina Heei' 
b. Dec. 5, 1780. 

McCiiesney, John, and Rebecca Hooghkerk, m. 
Aug. 25, 1790. Ch: John Hooghkcrk, b. i 

McClairen, Pieter, and Margaret Thompson. 
Ch: John, bp. Jan. 8. : 

McClellan, Robei Williams. Ch: 

ertMcClellan, formerly 

McClesky, John, 
tha, bp. April 24, 171 STov. 31, 1781. 

McCloud, Mordai and Christina 

Rose. ' i 8, 17S0; Reynold and 

Macluur, John andJannetie CI : Johann, 

bp Sept. 5, 1731 ; Andries,bp. Jan 25, 1733; Thomas. 
ie, bp. Dec. 26 

Aug. 21, 1743. 
M<'«' b.:May- 

kc. b. Ji 

McCouglitry, John, and Elizabeth Seabury. 
Ch: Jai 1793. 

McCrca ^Carree), John, and Eva Bei 
Ch: Sa • June 5, 1772; 

l l 80, 1773. 

es, and Maria Hoghing. 
Ch: Maria, b. Feb. 2, 1771. 
McCullogh, Willem, and Elizabeth Bride. Ch : 

RIcDeerwith, impbell. 

McDole (Doll). Georp I itharina Zeger. 

1 bi ih, 1). June 24, 

rob. b. June 22, 1781; Maria Catharina, b. 
1 787. 
McDole, John, and Eleanor Chasley. Ch : Wil- 

McDonald, Neil, and Anna Davie . Ch : George, 
bp. Aug. 26 

lonald, and Catarine — Ch : John, 

McDonald, James, v vols (Nevins). 

1 756. 
McDonald, Jacob (John), Lydia Pangburn. Ch : 
Jacob, b. March 20, 1781 ; Joseph, b. Apnl 4. 1782. 

Daniel, and Nancy BtcGrieger. Ch: 
b. Sept. 16, 1781. 
McD< and Eleanor Ch: Wil- 

liam, b 

mcDougal, Pieter, and Catharina Thompson. 
Ch : Malcolm, b. July 20, 1781. . 

McEIwayn, Thomas, and Jenny — Ch: 
Elizabeth, b. Jan. 21. 17S1. 
McFarland, Thomas, and Catharina Kincheler 

eth, bp. Nov. 2, 1756. 
McGinnis, Teddy, and Sarah Coss. Ch : Ca- 
tharina, bp. April ■ 
McGregory, Patrick, uyt ScJvotlandt, m 

■ of Frank Marrits, 
May 4, I Patrick M. was commissioned 

general of Stat en Island ; 1697, he was in Al- 
bany and petitioned the city council for his father- 
in-law Hendrick Marcelis's place as city porter, the 
latter being th< admitted city 

carman, provided he take out edom:" 

in 1707. Ch: Tryntje, bp. July 25, 1697: 
p. May 9, 1700; Rachel, 1- 
Aug. 20, 1704. 


Magregorie, Pieter, m. Annatle Broedts, Nov. 
12, 1733. Ch : Elizabeth, bp. April 13, 1735. 
McGriger, Alexander m . Ebbie (Betsey) McVie, 
i iry and Jannet, b. March 13, 
! iu. bp. Sept. 5, 1782. 
Mack, John, and Anna Sudita (?) Mack. Ch: 
Anna, b. Nov, 25, 1707. 

Mackanscto, Andries, m. Hagar Pyck I 
18, 1725. Ch: Johannes, bp. Nov. 27, 1720; Maria, 
9 1729 , Patrick, bp . May 4, 1735 ; Elizabeth, 
bp. Oct. 16, 1737. 

Mackansh, John, and Anna .... Ch ; Volkert 
Van Hoesen, bp. Jan. 26, 1743. 
Mackans, Patrick, and Jannetje — Ch: 

McKans, Daniel, and Rachel McKentish. Ch: 

i m . 

Mackay, (Coy) Charles, m. Mayke Ouderkerk, 
i, b. June 3 1762; Eliza- 
beth. 1). ••■ aria, b. Aug. 3, 1781., Jam Logan. Ch: Elizabeth, 

and Margaret, b. 

MeK.ent.ick, John, and Eleanor McNeal. Ch : 

Mackie (Magee), Jan, m. Catharyna Olivei 
21.1737. Ch : rohn, bp. Jan. 14, 

■ Ma< .. i d Sara Cos. Ch: Elizabeth, 

1, 1745. 

McKinney, John and Elizabeth McCarty. Ch: 
Elizabeth, b. May 19, 1782. 

Mackintosh, Anniar and Ebbetje Vanden 
Bergh, Ch : Catharina, b. Aug. 2, 1766. 

Mcintosh, John and Mary Smith. Ch : Rebec- 
ca,!). Aug. 22, 1788. 

McKinsey, Hugh, and Maron McCloud. Ch: 
Catharine, b. ' 

McKinsey, I Eleanor Watson. Ch: 


McKinsy, Henry, and Elizabeth Van Alsteyn. 
Ch : Janm i 

McLiean, John, and Catrina Van Deueen. Ch: 
Isaac, bp. Nov. 24, 1751. 

14 C 

I irst Settlers of Albcmy. 


Mac n.niu- 

»i< Sana 

MeMlchael, is. Ch: 

McMiohabl, John 

MrMulleii, I!k — Ch. 

John. b 

a. Ch:Alexan- 

McNaugliton, B 1 th McDonald. 

McPlierson, Alexander, and Anna Mr 

- and Ann Ch : Lewi*, 

McVie, William 'Donald. Ch: 




Maloney, John, and Elizabeth Erskine. Ch : 
Elizabeth, b. 

Man, Jacob, and C .. Ch : Marytje, 

hp. Jan. 

Mangelse, Jan, 

• Pieter Adriaens 
mackelyk. Ch : Johannes, bp. Jan. 2"i 

Mancins. Wilhelmus, m ■ Evck. 

Dec. I! 

■ I 

t>. April 
• : Anna. b. Maj lSATTt ; . Dec. 

b Ten Eyck. b. Dec. II 


mauler. John, and Richard (sic) Turtle. Ch : 

Manuypenuy, John, and Darky Kend 

i ?.jG. 
Marimis, WiUem, of Schenectady, and Bata 

ectady, and Margareta 

Marking, Hendrik, and Frena .... Ch 


ot St:i probably with 


a permanent settlement. In !■ "behind 

raedse lived. Hi- ott k Mc- 

year he died about Nov. 1. His wife was Tryn 
Van den Bergh. 

1 use Van Bommel. "born at Bommel 
srland," one of the first eetlera of Bev< i 
and air 

nerof the excise for several 
■ iritse. 
■Tune 11, he made his v 

andt]: Judith 
errit with wife 
at SchenecunI 

Mar-- - 


tarina, bp. Jan. 
1. 1701. 

Mal- » -maker, had a 

Ch : Johannes, bp. Jos i Jan. 

Johanna, bp. it, bp. 

June i. . 
Jan. 1 
1711 ; Ma 

1717: Abraham, bp. J a . bp. June 29, 


lyndert, m. Tyrji '1,1713 

I, 1713 
10,1717; ' 


robannes, m. Anna (Johanna i 
man, Jn ■■ made her wi: 

proved ter Ch : 

Barbara idrick I. Bogart : Maria, 

ek. . .. The foil 
Ch: wen: bp. iu the church. Q 
Eva. Jan. 1. 1726; Barb 

of: Maria. Aug. 31, 1735 ; Hen- 
i.Johai: , 1717; 

Gernt, m. Margarita Bleeckei 
22.17:%. Ch: baptiz -' 

vpri' 31 (sic), 1737; Nicolaae, Slay 25 

3 icob, March 27, 1748; Anna, 
April 29, 

.. Catalina Wendell. Nov. 29. 
1751 . Ch : bp! —Johanna. June 10, 1753 : Johannes, 

ran. 13, 
1761; I. 


13, 1760; Fytje. b 

. Jr.. m. AnnatjeStaats, Feb. 
31, 17fW: Margarita, bp. 

II, 1768; Isaac, I 

25. 1769; Anna,Dec.3. I 

Maria, Jane 5, 1776; Margarita, June 

pbanns, Oct. 19, i. Johannes, Junr.. m. Margarita Van den 
Bergh. June 8, 177*.). ; 

•. Sept. :22, 1772: Annatie, April 12, 
1774 ; Lyoia. Oct. 13, 1775. 
Marselia, Hendri.' ;.-eest, 

She d. Jan. 4, 181t5. Ch : Johanna 


bert, June 9, 1792; Mary, 
May 3i 

Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


Marshall, Pieter Bnsie, m. Annatie Flensburgh, 
July 33, i 743. < Jo :. 1745; 

Diinicl. Feb. 15, 1717; Franciseus, .Inn. 15, 1719: Jo- 
hanna, Feb. 23, 1753; Johannes, Dee. 7, 1755 ; Johan- 
. 765 . 

Marshall, Franciscus, m. Geertruy Van Deusen, 
Nov. 23 

Cornell-. ■ .Maria, 

bp. Feb. 8, 1778; Immetje, .Tan. 81, 1780 ; Lea, 
17, 17.8-2. 

Marshall, Daniel, and Elizabeth Conchron 
ron, Cochron). Ch: born: Petras, -Tan. 17, 1773; 
Petrus, April 20, 1771 : Daniel Flensburgh. Feb. 11, 
1781; Joseph, [ay Franciscus, March 5, 


i md Hannah Bacon. Ghrborn; 
Daniel, Aug. 23, 1797; Rebecca, An,;. 9, 1801. 

Martcnse, Jan, see DeWeever. 

Martense. Jacob, perhaps brother of Jan Martense 
DeWeever, and Paulus Martcnse Van Bemhuyeen. 
In 1571 he bought a lot of land behind Kinderhook 
of Robert Orchard. Ch : baptized ; Johannes, April 
17. 16S5; Maria, Jan. I 1688. 

Martin, Patrick, trommel slager onder de com- 
pagnie granadiers van de Hon. Richard Iugoldsby 
m. Mary Cox, March 15, 1707. Ch : baptized ; Eliza- 
beth, July 27, 1"! 

Martin, Daniel, and Alida Ch: baptized, 

Jonathan, April 27, 1735; Margrieta, May 15, 1737. 

Martin, Peter, and Elizabeth Burns. He was bur- 
ied, Nov. 24, 1755 . Ch: baptized; .Maria. Feb 
Patrick. Juni irita, March 31, 1754. 

[Petras Meerthen ofHosak and Elizabeth Creller, m. 
June 17. 

Martin, Alexander, m. Annatie Philipse, May 13, 
1753. Ch: Alexam 17,1754. 

Martin, John, and Cath. Beemus. Ch: Geertruy, 
b. March 23, 1781. 

Maryns, and Lysbet Tyssen; 

dau. Brechie Maryns, in 1663, late wife of OlaesCor- 
nelise Van Vooi ' 

Matthews, Vincent, and Catryna .. . Ch:Cata- 
lyna, bp. Aug. 18, 1723, 

Matthias, Blias, and Margaret Soor. Ch : Maria. 
b. Dec. Hi, 1792. 

Mattliison, John, and Margaret Sunderland. 
Ch : Jenny, bp. Nov. 7. I 

Matthysse, Tjerk, of Esqpns, and Maria Ten 
Eyck. Ch : Tjaatje, bp. Jan . % 

Mcoie, Jan Pieterf 
Pieterse Borsboom . Ch: Pieter, bp. Jan. 21 
Annetje, bp. April 16, 1693. (See Schenectady Fami- 

Megapolensis, Domine Johannes, came to 
Beverwyck in 1642, with his wife Machtelt Willem- 
sen : removed to New Amsterdam iu 1649. His 
children were Hillegonda. who married Cornelis Van 
Ruyven. the colonial secretary; Dirck ; Jan. who be- 
came a physician and practiced in Be-. 

■ Amsterdam 1655, and removed to Holland 
L656; Samuel, educated in Harvard College, 
and at Leyden, and returned 

Meigs* (Miggs), Seth, and Jemima Boskerk. Ch : 
Jenny, b 

Meisserger, Hans, and Anije Van den Bergh. 
Ch: Petrus, bp. Feb. 18, 1770. 

Merky, Roeloff, and Catharina Bovie. Ch: 
Antje. b. Aug. 9, 1705. 

Merriday, William, m. Hilletie (Bratt) Lewis 
widow, Dec. 3, 1748. ch : Susanna, bp. Aug. 27, 

Metselaer (De Metselaer) llarmen, in Albany 

Metselaer iDe '. 

wounded in th 

Metselaer (De Metselaer) Tennis Teunise, came 
rwyck in 1641; made his will Aug. 7, 
.ds wife Egbertien Egi 
Maritie Lieverse ; Egbert; Gerritje, 

llanse; Dirkje, w. of Bastiaan Har- 
\ isscher;] Willemtie, a. 23 y. ; Anna, a. 
n 'vn, a. 19 y. 
Met- i i Teunise. and Maritie Ba- 

• consistory of the church dealt 
to pay his seat rent, for the 
salarj ; after standing ont for 
led. Ch: baptized ; Benjamin, March 
28. 1080; jeremia, Dec. i. 1687; Susanna, m. Jan. 
Dec. 6, 1691. 
Meyer, See Gillis Pi. 

Meyer, llendriek, m. first, Susanna who was 

buried - ' .I, Maria Merry June 1 

Ch: ilei 18.1740; Johannes, bp. Oct, 27, 

1743 ; Susanna, bp. April 21. 1745 ; Johannes, bp. Feb. 
1, 1747; 1. Johannes, bp. June 11, 1749 : Susanna, bp. 
■nelis, bp. Sept. 20. ! vol : Elizabeth, bp. Dec, 
Hendrick b. Jan. 23, 1769. 
.:, Hendrik. and Maria Snyder. Ch: Johan- 
nes, b. May 26, 1766; Leendert, b. Nov. 1, 1771. 

Meter, Andries, m.- Catharina Ronkel, Jan. 22, 
1771 . Ch : Andries, b. April 14, 1777. 

Meter, Stephen, and Catharina Bernard. Ch: 

b. March 19, 17S1, 
Meter, Abraham, and Geesie Bont. Ch: Theuntje, 

5, 17S8. 
Michel, Pieter, m. Maria Bosch, June 25, 1764. 
Ch : Maria b. Jan. 27, 1767. 
Michel, Hannes and Sarah Church Ch: Haimes 

r, 1771. 

Michielscn Jan (Van Edam), tailor, came to 

Beverwyck in 1637 with his '■ Tryntje 

Jansen died in 1665, when an inventory of her effects 

le, amounting to 414 guilders. " Willem Janse 

reed to take these goods and maintain for 

life Jan Michelsen. who was to do what work he 


Middleton, Benjamin, and Elizabeth Owens. 
Chtbo, 17, 1794; Richard, July 5, 1798; 

Joseph, June 27, 1801. 

Miller, Richard, and Elizabeth ... . Ch: Sjene 
(Jane?) bp. Sept. 26, 1736. 

Miller, Robert, and Margaret .... Ch: Mary, bp. 
Nov. 8, 1717. 

Miller, Andries, and Margarita Kets. Ch: Jacob, 
b. March l". 

Miller, Jacob, and Annatie Bratt. Ch : Margarita, 
b. Aug. 2 : 
Miller, Henry, and Mary McCarty. Ch: William, 

Miller, John-Ernest-Coonr m. Ma- 

John Ernest, 
b. April 14, 1792; Co-en Van Schaaick, b. April 13, 
1794; '.I. ichaack, b. April 4, 1790; Wil- 

liam I). .'. . 

Milligaii, James, and Isabella Campbell. Ch : 
Ann, bp. Jan. 29, 

Milltgan, Thomas, m. Catharine Outhont. Nov. 
3, 1797. Ch: Robert, b. July 12, 1798; Margi 
. 1800. 
Millington (Willinton), Thomas, gel 
public cfirmau, m. Trj 
" 1099. Ch- Mavke. bp. April 28,1700: Tho- 
ran. 21, 1702: .Anna, bp. April 23, 1704. 
Mills, Abraham, and Margaret Britton. Ch; Guy, 

Milton, Hendrick, m. first, Jannetie Eivens; 

,, Ra.chel Naarreu (Norton), Dee. 31, 1757. 

bp. Aug. 2, 1752 ; Hendrick, bp. Nov. 

\>. July 

■ vvillem, b. Nov. 5, 1770; George, b. June 

17, 1770. 

hick. b. J urn 

iel, h. Aug. 1! 




Min<rael, Jan Thomase, of New Amsterdam, 

..Hi her 


i ttled in 
: Maritic 

bywb lighter: 

who marrii . 
rita Ros< Dboom -\o\ . 15, 1686 and d. In April. 1706 ; 
and A 


I terof .Jan Jan i 

• Lane, 1703-14; 
hi* pasture in 1706 w • of Hud- 

son ai 

Mitchell, James, and Mary Cameron. Ch: 

■ James, and Mary McGrieger, 
Ch: Ja a 1781. 

Biol. . Whine. Ch: 

.< prill*;. 
1704; ■ ' ii, 170V: 

1709; Rachel, April 20 
Anna; . Abraham, July 4, 1716 ; 

nes, Jan. 8, 171S; Jacobus, Dec. 9, 1710. 
Mol (Mor.), Johai ... a Barheit (Bor- 

ptized : Jacobus. Jan. 12. 1746; Wouter, 
June 14, 174, Rachel, Aug. 

i Jogeltie, May . 
Abraham, and Tjtie Barheit . Ch : baptized ; 

Sept. 26, 1749; Bngeltii . 
Wouter, and ( orneli lannes.h. 

March 10. 1778. [Wouter Mol ui. Catharina 

Mol. [saac, m. Jannetie Schermerhorn Feb. 1. 
1784. Ch : John, b. Dec. 24, 1785. 

Monroe, William, and Hester Blackfield. Ch : 
John, bp. Nov. 5, 1756. 

Montgomery, William, m. Alida Halenbeck, 
July 10, 1796. Ch: born; Mary 1 , Aug. 10 1799; Rli- 
saheth, March 20, 1801 ; John, Aug. 21, 1802. 

Klontour, Andrew, and Sara .... Ch : Nicolaas, 
bp. Oct. ■ 

Moogli, Jacob (Hannes Jochem) m. first, Frena 
.... ; secondly, Catharina Claasen Feb. SI, 1781. Ch : 

Hendrik, bp. June 29, 1740; Elisabeth, bp. Jan. 82, 
1744: Anaani > s pt.29 

Jan. 14, 
20, 1771. 

Mook, Johannes, and Barber Beekman. Ch : 
Johannes, bp. Jan. 30, 1757 ; Elisabeth, b. Jan 3. 1767: 
Lena, b. June 1 •„■ 

Moot sabeth Keller 

r). Ch: born; Ariaantje, July 22, 1780; Wil- 
liam, Jan 11, 1791. 

Mook, Jacob, and Mary McGee. Ch : John, b. Aug. 

moon, Jan, and Christina Logon. Ch : Susanna 
bp. Oct. 12, 1735 ; Catryn, bp. March 6, 1738. 

Moor, Richard, jonr/ man geboren 
nu wonende a 

Salsbergen (Salsbury), dau. o 
Nov. 3, 1700. Ch: baptized; Joham 
1 .01 : Jannetie, March 21, 1703 : Omphry, Oct. 
Richai ; 

verak and bp. at Klinkenberg . Jacob, 

bp. Jan 10,1.14; Omphrey, bp. June 
l. Man 

Moon, John, and Christina McKiulev. Ch : Mar- 
garet, bp. Jan. a 

x Mo T ?a ,"\ c, '?'. K ' s ' 1 m - Sa:a 

Jul*;;, "' j ^ «■ *& 

Morrill (Marl), Daniel and Alida Doxat 


13; Jo- 
Julj 29, 1750. 
irll), m. first, Rachel Gardenier, March 
ii . Andries, M I, Feb. 1, 

1779; Barmen, M 

Jacob, April IS, 1791; Samuel, D 

L (Mai and Cornelia 

and. Ch: born; Richard, Jan. 12. 1795; 

thia. Feb. 6, 1800 ; Bamuel.Jan. 18, 1802. 
Morris, Fr 

tized; Lysbeth, June 7, 1(591 ; Mari-. 

Mokrh Eva Bratt, Dec. . 
John, bp. Oct 23, 1737. 
Morrow, John, and Judy Ch : Samuel, 

Mourissc. nielisc 

. their mother was a Mohawk woman. 

Mowers, Philip, and Hi 
Ch : born ; William, Aug . 1, 1795 ; John, June 
Muller, Mulder, Miller. 

Mulder, Jan Pieterse, a soldier in the service of 
the West India Company at Be 1 ; in 

garrison at the Esopus in the village of Wiltwyck in 

Muller, Cornells Stephense, of Greenbush, 1663 ; 
ofClaverack. 1720. He owned a large lot. of more 
than 100 feet front, on west side of Broadway, two 
rode and ten feet north of Maiden Lane, which 
by will to his sons Jacob, and Johannes. He tn 
Hilletje Loockermans, probably dau. of his ni 
PieterL. Ch : baptized : Jan: 

i loogeboom ; Jeremiah (?) ; Pieter. D 

28, 1685 ; Jacob, Jan. 8, 1688 ; 
Johannes, March 9, 1691 
Christoffel, Nov. 19,1693: Ariaantie, July 19 
Kiliaan, May 12, 1700 : E 

Muller, Jeremiasof Claverac. M. Lysbeth Halen- 
beck, ■■■:■ 

10. 1705. Ch : baptized ; Cornell «; Hen- 

July 4. 1708; and bp. , r April 

22, 1711. Johannes, and Hevlie, Mav 10, 1715: I 
July 27. 1718- Jannetie, June 11. 1721: Jacobus, b. 
ak, March 22. 

Mcller, Johannes, ni. Lvbetie Halenbeck. June 5, 
1715. He was buried March 24. 1727. Ch:ba 
Cornelis, June 9,1717; Isaac. May 7, 1719; 

1721 ; Jeremias, April 25. 1724 ; Hendrik, Oct . 

Muller, Jacob, and Agnietje Ch : baptized ; 

Cornelis. Sept. 6. 1719 ; Philip. July 9, 1721 ; Heyltie, 
Mav a. 1724; Wyntie, Ji I Leendert, May 

1729 ; Johannes. March 11. 1731. 

Sept. 6, 
1719. < h ; baptized ; Fytje, Aug. 6, 1721 ; Jeremias, 
April 1 • 

Muller. Stephen, and Maria Ch: Hevltie, 

April 15, 1722. 

Mcller. Isaac, and Elizabeth Kittle. Ch : baptized; 
Maria. April 85, 1742; Elizabeth, Mav 27, 1744; Eliza- 
beth. Oct. 23, 1748. 

Muller,. Cornelis, m. Maria Van Hoesen, Feb. 

17. 1743. Ch : baptized ; Jacob. Mav 8, 174:-;; I 

June 10, 1744: Harmanus, May 25, 1746; Philip, Oct. 

Ma 86, 11 B. ndrik, Jan. 7, 

. . April 27. 1755: Qeesie, March 12. 

Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


Muller, Philip, and Geertruy Goewey. Ch: 
He vide. bp. ." arch 29, 

Lug. 26, 
1762; Agnietje, b Oc I rune 22, 

1760 ; Jannetie, b Jau. 39. 17T4. 

Muller, Willein. and Rachel llallenbeck. Ch; 
Rachel, bp. Aug. 26, 1752. 

Mttller, Cornelia J., and • alken- 

bnrgh. Ch: Elizabeth, bp. June 17, 1753. 

■ gr, Jacob, and Heyltie Ch : Hcyltie, bp. 

Jan. 22, 1754. 

Linnes, m. Sam Van Iveren, June 30, 
1753. Ch: Barent. bp. July '27. 1765; Augenietjc, 
bp. An. Barent, 

b. Aug. 21, 1762; Heiltje, b. ; Jacob, 

b. April 25, 1761 Cornelia, 

b. March 23, 11 

Muller (Millen. Leendert, of Halve Mann, m. 
Brat Maritie Ts 
April 9, 1781. Ch: Angenii I 
Angenietje. bp. Dec 
1761 ; Jacob, b. Nov. • .Jul 

Marytje, b. Di c. 5, 1770; Johannes, b June i I 

i 1 i ; Cornelia, b. Jan. 9, 1785 ; 
Maritie, b. June 12, 1791. 

Mui i : i iVan'J Driessen. Ch : 

John Hendrick, bp. July I 

Muller (Miller), Hendrick, and Rachel Norton. 
Ch: Willem, bp. Oct. a Miller.] 

Mttller, Philip, and Geesie Van Hoesen. Ch : 
Maria, b. March 29, 1772; Harmon, b. Jau. 31. 1778; 
Maria, b. March 11, 1783: Cathalina, b. Oct. 

Muller, Jeremiah and Catharina Moor. Ch: 
Heiltje, b. Nov. 15, 1774; Geesie, b. Dec. 2, <■/■ 
phanus, b. Jan. 30, 1780; Ridgard (Richard?). I 
19, 1783. 

Muller, Hendrick, m, Catharina Van Ostrander, 
Oct. 6, I, 1777 ; Abra- 

ham, b. Jan . 16, 1780. 

■v. Ch: 
. Jan. 8,1781. 

Muller. Barent, and Cornelia Gooy (Goewey). 
Ch: Johannes, b. Oct. 15," 1781 ' Oct. 4, 

Muller, Jacob P., i leder, Oct., 1783. 

Ch: Rachel, b. Dec June 4, 

Feb. 14, 

1797: Cornells Veedei I », 1799: John, b. 

Feb. 27, 1803. 

Muller, John, and Catharine Strunk. Ch: Hen- 
drick, b. Sept. I 

OTurpliy, Peter, and Catharine Cannel (Connor). 
Ch : born ; Peter, b. Oct. 

Sarah, Jan. 15, 1797; Peter. .. Jaraea 

Jan. 16, 1808. 

Myndertse, Barent, masl feer, in 

Bever.wyck, as early a 

Pieter Voabo > -.It is 

not known that he lei: 

Two brothers, Mynd 
smiths, were among die early settlereof Beverwyck. 

in the village they owned the norfn 

street aud Broadway, and had 

out the south gate on the north con . 

bers of the Lul 
elder and Ca 

probably about 1690 leaving four chili 

1697; made his will >i 




York; Neeltie, w. of Hendrick Douw ; H 

Johannes, who settled in 


The unsettled condition of the early Dutch family 
names is well shown by the descendants of Myndert 
Frederickse, which follow ; some took the surname 

■ >'. rise, his Christian name ; whilst others 
that of Van Iveren, the place from whence he came in 

Myndertse, alias Van Iverer. ni. Saartje Bratt, 

Sept. 7, 1699. She was buried, Feb. 4, 1756. Ch: 

baptized ; Myndert. April 28, 1700 ; Susanna, Oct. 

},1703; Barent, Jan. 6, 1706 ; 

Johannes. Jan. 4. 1708. buried. May 15. 1746 ; Antony, 

Oct. 12, 1712, buried ■ 
1731; Jacob, Dec. 25, 1714 Susanna, June 31 (sic), 

iebtsb, Van Ivere, Johannes of Schenectady, 
■ '■: Margarita, bp. June 
8. 1707; Jacobus, bp. April 22,1709. See also Sche- 
nectady Ft 
Myndertse, Van Ivere, Frederick, m. Sara De 
laer, Oct. 9. 1706. He was buried Feb. 12, 
Dec. 11, 1732. in 1716, his 
out the south gate on the north corner 
of Spanish [now and Broadway, and 

: the privilege of building a black- 
i irth of his house keeping 6 feet away 
from the stockadoes. Ch: baptized: Myndei 
June 12, 1789; Johannes, Oct. 1 
Feb. 14, 1714: Andries, June 3, 1710. moved 
' 19 : Abraham, 
,1721; Marten, April 
16, 1727: Hei 13,1729, 

Myndertse, Harmen, [VanderBogart ?] and Geer- 
truy. Ch: Harmen, bp. Sept. 13, 1712. 

Myndertse, (Van Iveren) Myndert [son of Rey- 
nier M. and Saartje Bratt] m. Ariaantje Wyngaart 
Dec. 2. Sara March 18, 1722; 

Hessie, March 5, 1727 ; Reinier. Dec. 4, 1728 ; Anna, 
, 1731; Gerrit, Oct. 7, 1733; Susanna Feb. 
20, 1737. 

1 1 rrtse, alias Van Iveren, Barent [son of Rey- 

• Bratt], m. Cornelia Van ■ 
1728 Be was buried May 12, 1746, I 
tized; Reynier, May, 1729; Cornelia Dec. 12, 1730; 
Sara, Aug. 10, 1734; Maria, Oct. 3, 1730; JV 

1739: Martinus, Dec. 25, 1741 ; Barent, July 

Myndertse (Van Ivere), Warner, see Casparse. 
Myndertse (Van Iveren), Anthony, rson of Rei- 
Saartje Bratt], ni. Maria Van Den Bergh 

1740. Ch : baptized ; Reinier, Nov I 
Cathalyntje, July. 27, I 

- Jan. 21, 1750; Corne- 
lls, July 19, 1752; Sara, July 25, 1756. 


a ra De 1 


ihannea [son of 

i i Ostran- 

>. May 10, 1741; 

•■■ . d. Aug. 

■ '.'in Iveren, Jacob, [son of Rei- 
i Saartje Brat t. . Bergh, 

• • ■ 12, 1746. Ch: 

b] Oct. 19, 1744. 

w), (son of Frederick: 

and Sara kman, Nov. 16, 

I. : she d. Feb. 15, 

1791, a. 60 y. 1 mo. Ch : Sara, bp. March 29, 1752 ; 

Sara, bp. Oct. 11, 1761 ; 

D us, b. July 11, 1767. 

i n), Reinier (son of 


■ ■ ■ ' • ' p. Jan. 4 K) Catha- 


leric, and Sara 

r, who 

Catharina Lan- 

■ Q ; Sara, Juiy 6, 1702 ; 



iettlers of 

ami A 

Myi • henec- 

dhbtbb (Van Yvcroni. Barenl 
Bratt, March 5, 1770. Ch : born ; Barent, Jir 

80; Mei- 
I : Cornelia, De< 
Mtnderi si: r, and Annatie 

Myndxbtse (Van Iveren). Reinier, m. Re 

■• inierm. Elizabeth Os- 
trandc spt. 12, 

Mrai Hartinue (son of Barent, 

and Cornelia Van Aalsteym. in. Cornt 

Ch: bom : Barent. Oct, 1« 

July 1" ornelia, 

April 1, 17S6 ; Annatie. May 3, 1790. 

OTynderse, Frederic (son of Johann- - 
Maria Ostrander), m. Machtcl Witbeck, Jan. 12, 1777. 
Ch: born ; Maria, Sept. 29,1717; Gerritie, I 
17S0: Johannes 

Naarten (Narden, Norton f) William, and Ra- 
chel Ch : baptized; Margariet, Jan. 7, 

Rachel, Jan. 7, 17:ft. 

Nak, Jan, trader and gunstocker. m. Cathnrina 
Roomers in New York, Oct. 28, 1063; d. Dec. 12, 
hi: Matthys. 

Nak. Matthvs. m. lit -i. Susanna Lansing. 
and secondly, Agnietje Sehaets gj 
neciade dau>:hter"of Eeinier, eon of Domine Gideon 
S.,D.. , Johannes, and Gerril 

hp. I. Catnarina, Dp. Oct. 24. 1703; 

Catharina, bp. May?" . " Jan. 23, 

1700; Willemmtje.bp. April 23. 1710;Reiniei - 
bp. Do 6, 1712: Alida. bp Aug. 13, 171(3; Alida. bp. 
July 26, 1717 ; Chistina in New York. Oct. 12 

Neer, Barent. and Mary B Ch : Anna Maria, 

b. Jan. 12, 1765 : Johannes, b. June 6 I 

Neiber, Johannes, and Anna Maria Folin. Ch : 
Catari!< 1752. 

Neidhart. Fredrik, and Maria Strongk. Ch: 
Maria, bp. Feb. 19, 1777 

Nellinfier, Coenraat. and AnnaTiel. Ch: Anna, 

Ogel, Daniel and Martha Ch : Debora, b. 

Nevin, Peter, and Elizabeth Caldwell. Ch : 
dwell David, b. Feb 15. 1791. 

Nichols, Ren-selaer, and Eliz« 
bp. Ju 

bp. Dec 23, 1737: Catharyna. bp. June 17, 
Francis, bp. Oct. 31, 174y: 8y 
1745 ; Frances, bp. April 8. 1750 ; Rachel, bp. Jan. 1, 

Nicolaas, Michael, and Maria B. Wagenaar. 
Ch : Jacob, b. Feb. 23. I 
NIcolls, Francis, and Margarita Van Rei 

... b. July 21, 1764; Wi-leni, b. April 

Nienwkerk, Gerrit, and Anna Ch: 

'. 7710. 
Nightingale, John, and Elizabeth Neitthall. 
Ch: Eli:. 1780. 

Nin 5 Michael, and Catharine Power. Ch: Eliza- 
M 1703. 

Nlvlu, David, and Margaret Waggener. Ch : 
Ann. b I 
Not-,. ' ' rse. Ch: Wil- 

nd Catharina ' 

■ : 

Anthony, bp. in New York Jan. 20, 

Nordman, Tobias, and Maria Ch : Su- 

North, Joshua, and Martha Ch : Joshua, 

Northeu, Norton. 

I el Ch : baptized ; 

Richard, Feb. 23,1724; John, June 10, 1726; Jan, 
North ex i Norton*. William. andMarvEa-. 
Ch : Christoph 

i, bp. March 4, 1702 ; Maria, b. 
- 1764 ; Johannes, b. 0. .nbeth, 

b. July 7 

B airy, of Halve Maan. m. Margarita 
Van derWerken. Feb. 18. 1762. Ch: William, b. 
Nov. 3 

Nobthbn, John, and Elizabeth De Voe ; Ch : born, 
Willem. Sept. 21, 1763; Abraham, June 1, 
Lta, Jan. 11. 1769 ; Rebecca, bp. Oct. 1 - 
Northen, William, an 
born ; Maria. . : Eliza- 

beth, Oct. 16. 11 

Norton, Samuel, and Elizabeth Radlev. Ch : 

John. bp. Sept. 16, 1702; Lamb:-rt. and William, b. 

■ , William, b. 

Nottingham, William, trader in Albany, 
in 1676. he and wife Ann, were residents of 
i. where he was still livii g : : 1722 - 
was captain of the Marbletown cot 

Noxon. Tomas. m. Geertray Hoogeboom, Dec. 
23,1691. Ch:"A: 

Oake, Abraham, and Elizabeth De Assigne. Ch : 
Elsie Lansing, b. Aug. 7. 17:i7. 

Oakey. John, and Jane Williams. Ch : born. 
Edward, Sept. 12.1796; Stephen Williams, Feb. 4, 
O'Brien, Louis, and Catharina Rendell. Ch : 
born : T. ^tharina, bp. F 

oseph, Nov. l. . 3, 1784. 

O'Briex. John Graham, and Nancy (Hanna) Daven- 
port. Ch: James, b. - uria, bp. Oct. 

Oliver (Olivert, Olphcrt, Olfer). 

Oliver. Charles, and Margaret Schuyler. Ch: 
Robert, bp. Dec. 1 . 

Oliver, Richard, m. Martha Bennewe. [Bennoit], 

. 1734 Ch: bai . 1735; 

John, Oct. 6. 173s; Thomas, Jan. 18, 1744; Martha, 

Oliver (Olivert, Olphert), Jan, and Antje Blom, 
Ch : bp ; Wvntie. Dec. 23, 1737; Frederick Blom. Feb. 
24. 174i 1742; Arent. Jan. 4 

ran. 16, 

Nov. 11, Elsie, b.May8, 

1767 ; Ja< • 81, 1773. 

; -kitha, m. Annacie Sixbv, May 
Ch: Antje. bp. Sept. 20. 1761 

ohanncs, b. Feb. 13. 

Oliver (Olfer), Frederick, of Niskitha, m 
ariua Van den I .Tohan- 

i irnelis, 
Arent, April 1. p. Feb. 

Ch: hi- 

Qenealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


Oly (Oley), Christoffer, m. first, Eleanor Kern. (Cor- 
nelia Kerl) ; and • .about 
1798. I Rachel, 
March 3, 1780; Eleanor, Augi Eleanor, 
August 14, 1800. 

Oniroid (?) Benjamin, and Cornelia Van Arnhem, 
Ch : Annatie, bp. March 4. 1761. 

Oost, Johan Philip, and Maria Elisabeth .... 
Ch : Johanna Charlotta, bp. Jul. 

Oosterliout, Johannes, m. first AgnietjeWinne, 
Oct. 1, 1775: and secondly. M ' about 

1792. Ch: bon Helena, 

Oct. 1. 177S; Helena, Oct. 25, 1779: Maria, Nov. 30, 
1781 : David, August 6, 1783 ; Elias, Feb. 17, 1785 ; 
John, Feb 30, 1793. 

Oosteehout, Hendrik, m. Caty Warner (( 
Warraur weduwe Van James Burnside), Feb. 27, 
1785. Ch : Elias, b. Oct. 1 

Oostbehotjt, Wilhelmus, and Jane Chrysler 
(Schuyler) . Ch : born ; Henry, April 30, 1785 ; Agnes, 
March 23. 1791 . 

Oosterum, Gerrit Willemse, came to Beverwyck 
in 1631. 

Oostrander, Pieter, and Rachel Din 
Ch: Petrus, bp. Feb. 6. 

Oostrander, Arent, and Geertruy Van Bloemen- 
daal. Ch: Petrus, bp. Oct. 7, 1711. 

Oostrander, Johannes, an r an den 

Bergh. Ch: baptized ; Maria. Jan. 26, 1715: Petius, 
Nov. 12, 1716 : < 
28, 1722; Lea, Feb. I 
Elizabeth, March 27, 1732 ; Johannes, Feb. 20, 1734. 

Oostrander, Abraham, and Elizabeth Oostrander, 
of Esopus, m. Jan. 23, 1753. Ch : Maria, bp. Dec, 23, 
1753 ; Elizabeth, bp. July 25, 1750 ; Teunis. ! 
21, 1759: Johannes. ' bert, b. 

June 12, 1764: Elizabeth, b. Dec. is. ' 
March 31, 1771; Teunis, b. Fi 
Oct, 6, 1775. 

Oostrander, Isaac, m. Elizabeth McKans, Sept. 
Ch: Andries, bp. Auj 

Johannes, b. Sept, 5, 1765; Annatie, b. May 10, 

Oostrander, Gerrit, m. Chri Bergh, 

Sept. 25,1761. Ch : born; Elizabeth, Ocl ! 
Catharina, Feb. 22. 
Maacke. Jan. 22, 1770 ; Johannes. Jul 
kie, March 19, 1 1 , 1780. 

Oostrander. Ham 
June 11, 176a Ch : bom ; Folkie, Jan. 
hannes, Oct 
Catharina, Dec. 10, 1771; Cornelia, Oct. 19, 1776; 
Aug. 23, 1779. 

Oostrander. Johannes, and Anna WoltTeu. Ch : 
Comfj i I Rachel, twins, 

S6 1775. 

Oostrander, Hendrick. and Maria Van den Bergh. 
Ch : born ; Andries, March 1. 1772 : Johannes, Jan. 29, 
1774; Barent ; May 1. 1776 : Elizabeth, Sept. 9 ; 1778. 

Oostrander, Petrus, and Catharina Ering. Ch : 
born ; Jacob, June 19, 1773 : Petrus, April, 14, 1777. 

Oosteandeb, Petrus. and AntjeDienmaker (Dene- 
mark). Ch : born ; Petrus ; Sept. 10, 1777 ; Geertje, 
May l 

Oostrander .(Van Ostrander) Hannes. and Maritie 
Van Deusen. Ch : A ib. 4, 1778; Ja- 

comyntje, b. Jan . 1, 1780. 

Oostrander, Jonathan, and Lea Ch : Jacomvn- 

tje, b. Dec. 3, : 

Oostrander (Ostrander), Teunis, and Marytje Van 
Vliet. Ch : born ; Benjamin, Aug. 8, 1786 : Catharine 
Dec. 3, 1800. 

Oostrander, Johannes, Jr. aDd Catharina Witrel, 
' (Wetsel). Ch: Cornelia, bp. M arch 4,1787; Mary, 
h. Oct I . b. Feb 1, 179 

ider, d. in Tally, Nov. 13, 1847. a. 97y.J 

Oosxbandee, John, and Mary Scott. Ch : born ; 
Maria, Oct. 31 

Oostbandeb, Johannes, and Anna Muir. Ch: 

!>. JulyS, 1800. 
Oostrander, John, and Fanny Consaul. Ch : Anne, 
b. June '. 

Ootbout (Oothoet), Jan Janse, of Gre< 
brewer, in Albany as early as 1665 ; I 

■ t, 1687-8 ; letters of artn- '■ is sons 

. 3, 1695-6. gave to sou Johan- 
nes a red mare : to Hendrick, 3 or 4 years after " my 
decease" a young horse or an old one ; Aden, aged 
about 12 y . to have two years schooling and a trade, 
red stone horse with a. -head; 

when 20 years of age a new suit of clothes, and then 
the remaining nroperty was to be divided equally 
anions i His ch. were Johannes, eldest 

son : Hendrick : Arien : Mayke w. of Capt. Johannes 
Antje : and Jannetie. 
Oothodt, Hendrick Janse, in 1700, and succeeding 
.; vevorof the city ; made hi swill Oct. 11,1738, 
proved, April 26. 1740, mentioned the following eons 
and daughters - tried, July 15. 1739. He 

»ouw, April 30. 16S4. Ch : bap- 
tized ; Volkerl 5 ; Hendrick, March 10, 
I . .rothee, Dec. 18, 1687, m. Cornells Bogard ; 
Volkert, Oct. 23, 1692 : Jan, 
April 7, 1695 ; 11 > 2, 1697 ; nenderickje, 
Sept. 3, 1699. m. Isaac Bogard ; Margariet, July 13, 
1701, m. Domine Johannes Van Driessen ; Anna, 
Dec. 15, 1703, m. Pieter Wouterse Quackenbos ; 
C. 9, 1705. ' 
Oothout, Johannes, m. Aaltie Evert se, widow of 
Gerrit Lubbertse. May 5, 16S9 ; she was buried _ Dec. 

; Feb. 5, 1745. i 
Rebecca, Nov. 17, 1695 ; Jan, 
Jan. 7, 1700 ; Henrikje. Jan, 5, 170 
Oothout (Ootland). Ariaan (Adriaan), m. Lam- 
(ockermans. Nov. 3. 1700 : He was 
'. 1752; Ch: baptized; Johannes Arie, Nov. 

29, 1702; was buried. Sept. 27, 1756; Pieter Loock- 

, Hendrikje, Dec. 15, 1706; 
una Catryna, March 4, 1711 ; 
Pieter Loockermans, March 1, 1713; Anna, Jan. 1, 
1716 ; Catryna, Jan. 11, 1718 ; Mayke, Feb. 10, 1723. 

Oothout, Jan (Johannes), m. Catalina Van Deusen, 
July 15. . iptized ; Catharina, April 29, 

M La, May 6,1727: 
Margarita, Feb. 15, 1730. 

Oothout, Jan (Johaunese); m. Maritie Wendcl 

June 23 >tized ; Johannes, Jan. 6, 1731; 

Maicke, Sept. 24, 1732 ; Abraham, Dec. 8. 1733: Cor- 

. . ke, April 30. 1738 : Myndert, 

April 20, 1710; Evert, June 27,1742; Alida, Oct. 19, 

Oothout, Jonas, m. first Elizabeth Lansing, March 

30, 1741 ; secondly, Elizabeth Vinhagen, April 13, 

trictly true] that 
child baptized in the old church wa - 

vile of Jonas Oothout ; and that the church 
: sd the last time at her burial, she having died 
: -06, in her 92d year . His fir a 

1 arch 11, 1754. Ch : baptized, 

. k May 16, 1742; Abraham. May 27. 1744; 

Volkert, Dec. 26, 1747 ; Volkert, Sept. 2, 1750; 

Magdalena, July 8, 1753; Johannes, Feb. 6, 1757; 

Catarina, May 7 

Oothout, Johannes (Hannes). m. Elizabeth Van 
Woert, June 30, 1759. Ch: Marytje, bp. Jan. 18, 1761 ; 
Alexander, owl 5 weken, bp. Oct. 9. 1763 ; Cornells, 
b Dec. 5, 1766; Cornells, b. Feb. 20, 1769 ; Elizabeth, 
b. Dec. 14, 1772. 

Oothout, Hendrick. junior, m. Lydia Douw, Sept. 

1 1765 Ch: born : Jonas, Sept. 13, 1766; Aaltie, 

July 24,1768; Jonas, Oct. 12,1770; Volkert Douw, 

Dec 4,1772; Abraham, Feb. 7, 1775 ; Andries Jan. 

26, 1778: Hendrik, Feb. 11, 

0. 1782; Hendrik, March 21, 

lizabeth, Dec, 71786. 

Oothout, Abraham, m. first, Martha Benneway 

[Bennoit] May 7, 1769 ; and secondly, Maria Dos about 

1776. Ch : born ; Jacobus, Feb. 5, 1770 ; Evert, Oct. 

21, 1776. 


of the First Settlers of Albany. 

Oothout, B -'" Davenport. July 20, 

1771. Oh: bo July 13, 


Oct. 1, 

Oothout, Myndert, and Maria SLsby. Ch: born; 

Cornel; ngeltle, 

Dec. 3 

Ooti and Kliza Aim Ch : Sa- 

! i, 1810. 

Orchard, see Archard. 

Orchard. Robert, in 1671, May 31, with Jannetie 
Doncki tdow of the late Thomas 

Powell, conveyed diverse parcel bindKin- 

derhoek"' to HendriceCoenraetse, Lourene Van Alen, 
Jacob Martense, Dirk B Andries 

Hanse [Sharp], and Jan Martense [De Weever or 

Orloop (Orlok, Oorloff, Orlogh), Willcm, and 
Maria Harman cHartraan). Ch : Wilkin Hendrik, 
bp. Feb. 7, 1702 ; Jacob, b. June 4, 1766 ; Pieter, bp. 
May 12, 1771 ; Peter, b. Dec. 18, 1801. 

Otteii, Helmer, from Isens [Essen?], Baker, was 
r .\ yck from 1663 to 1676, when he died ; among 
other lots owned by him was the north corner of Pearl 
and State streets, which he conveyed to Domine Nico- 
marriedAriaantje Arent 
Bratt, dau. of the first settler of that name in Sche- 
nectady ; 1670 I twery of 26 uk 
Schenectady of Pieter Adriaen- relyk; he 
left one dan. Catharyna. who married Gerrit Syracuse 
Veeder. After his death Otten's widow married Ryer 
Schermerhorn . 

Onderlkei'k, Jan Jause, cooper, in Beverwyck 
as early as 1664 ; in 1692. lived on north Bide of Xon- 
ker [State] street and was commonly called Smalle 
city per. 

Ouderkerk, Johannes, m. Neeltie Claase, widow 
of Hendrick Gardenier, Mav 20, 1695. Ch : baptized ; 
Maria, June 21, 1696: Annetie, Oct. 30. 1698, d. 17U6; 
Ariaantje, June, 1. 1 <01 ; Neeltje, July 11, 1703. 

O iperkerk, Isaac, of Kinderhook, 1709, Half Moon, 
1720, m. Mayke Van Nes, May 3. 1696. She was bu- 
ried. Oct. 20,1747. Ch: baptized; J ohannes, April 
5,1697; Cornells, Sept. 3,1099; Abraflam, Sept. 14, 

1704, in. Douw Isaacse 
Cornelis, Sept. 22, 1706; Annatie, Jan. 9, 1709; 
Willem. Oct. 7, 1711; Maiitie, Sept. 27, 1713: Isaac, 
. [, 1716; Jacob, April 3, 1720. 

Ouderkerk, Pieter, of Half Moon, and AlidaClute. 
Ch : baptized ; Johannes, Jan. 19, 1707 ; Pieter, May 
8, 1720. 

Ouderkebk, Abraham, of Canistagioene, m. first, 
Lysbeth Clute. Dec. 1,1705 ;'secondly, Ariaantje Van 
Nes, Jan. 24,1724. He was buried, Oct. 24, 1743. 
Ch: baptized; Johannes, Jan . 11, 1708; Benjamin, 
Oct. 30, 1710 ; Isaac, May 3, 1724. 

Ouderkerk, Eldert, of Half Moon, m . Lena So- 
phia Knipping, July 21. 1714 Ch: baptized ; Anna, 
Jan. 23. 1715; 

1718 ; Joannes, April 10, 1720 ; Susanna, April 1, 1722 ; 
Abraham. lizabeth, April 17, 1720. 

Oudekkekk. Abraham, and Metty Ch : bap- 
tized : Anna, July 30. 1721; Jacob, Oct. 4, 1724: 
Jenneke, Sept. 15, 1727. 

Ouderkerk, Johannes, m. first Jannetie Viele May 
15, 1720 ! secondly, Helena Fonda, July 27, 1735. He 
was buried. Sept. 30, 1746. Ch : baptized; Maycke, 
May 0. 1722, buried, March 19, 1717; Maria, May 31, 
1724; Jacomyna, Oct. 2, 1726 ; Elizabeth, Feb. 8, 
1736; Jan. Dec. 4, 1737; Abraham, Oct. 28,1739; 
Elizabeth, and Maria, twins, Oct. 19, 1744. 

Otjdebkerk. Willem, of Schachtekook, ai 

tie was buried, Aug. 26,1746. Ch: baptized; 

Mayke, Feb . 18, 1739 : Marytje, Sept . 

OrnERKERK, Cornelis. m. Catharina Hayek, Jan. 

b baptized ; Maria. Feb. 1,1741 . 

Dec. 12. 1742 ; Isaac, Feb . 17, 1745 ; Anna, March 13, 

1874; Andries, Nov. 18, 1750; AlMa, March 30, 1755. 

Oubbrkbbk, Isaac, m. first Anna Clnte, Feb. 21, 
19; his 
L748. Ch : baptized; 

. Oct. 

OuDHRKBRK, Jacob, and Nd : bap- 

ncke, May 22, 1752: Francyna, Mai 

r66; Frederic, Aug. 27, 1758; 
Frederic, b. April 4,1760. 

Oudbb Eary Foster, she was 

buried, Mav 7. 1754. Ch : baptized ; Abraham. Feb. 
17, 1751 ; Anna, July 1, 1753. 

Ouderkerk. Isaac, and Annatie Rodgers. Ch : 
born ; Jacob, March 1, 1772 ; Neeltie, Dec. 22, 1777. 

Ouherkerk, Abraham, ni. Alida (Aaltie) Ouder- 
kerk. Sept. 11, 1774. Ch : Isaac, b. Jan. 1776. 

Ouderkerk, Andries, and Annatie Fero. Ch : 
Cornelis, b. Dec. 6, 1779 ; Margarita, bp April 16, 1780 
Nov. 10, 1781 ; Maayke, b. Jan. 4, 1788. 

Ouderkerk, Johannes [Andries above ?] and An- 
natie Fero. Ch : Maria, b. Sept. 10, 1785. 

Ouderkerk, John J. and Man Sickels. Ch : Jo- 
hannes, b. Oct. 23, 1799. 

Overbach (Oevenbach). Benjamin, and Jenneke 
Oosterhout . Ch : born : Marytje, Oct. 5, 1774; Sara, 
March 1 1777 ; Catharina, June : .:. 

Owen, Thomas, and Elizabeth Norman. Ch: 
Thomas, bp. Oct. 24, 1756. 

Owens ( Ojens), John, and Lena Ch : Lena, 

bp. Julp27. 1772. 

Owens, Daniel, m. Elizabeth Springsteen, Mav 2 

Owen, John, and Ariaantje Hegerman. Ch: Le- 
na, b. D 

Owens, Owen (Oyje Oyjens), geboren tot Corkin 
lerland, m. .Maria Wendel. June 10, 1704. Ch: bap- 
tized ; Ilenrik, Nov. 29, 1704; Auna, Feb. 2, 1707. 

Paal (Pawl, Paul or Powell ?) James and Ann 
i (Cowen). Ch : Robert, and Duncan, bp. April 
; James, b. Jan. 17, 1, b. July 

Palinentier, Damin, and Elizabeth Bertley. 
Ch: Pet< 

Pain mer ton, see Pemberton. 

Pangbnrn, Pengburn, Bengbnrn. 

Pangburs (Bengb:i 
Bogarr | art). She died Jan. 18, 

87 y. 4m. Ch: born ; Johannes, Aug. t 
Oct. 10. 1766; Lvdia, Sept. 10, 1768; N 
1770 ; Elizabeth, I (avid, March I 

Margapet, June 18, 1779. 

Pangbcr>- (Pengburn), Richard, of Niskatha, m. 
Cathaivntje Van Etten, Sept 28,1769. Ch : born ; 
Willem, Oct. 6, 1771 ; Hilletje iamiu, 

Feb. 24, 1777 ; Isaac, Aug. 12, 1791. 

Pangburn, Stephen, and Sarah Seger. Ch : Gerrit, 
b. July 15 

Papendor p, Adriacn Gerritee, probably came to 
colony Rensselaerswyck, in j ; vvears 

as magistrate ; his wife was Jannetje Croon : i 
will, Oct. 7, 1688, in which he did not speak of any 

Pars, (Puis), Matthys, of Kingston 1701 ; of Kin- 
derhook. 1706 ; m. Tanna Winne, Nov. 1, 1701. Ch : 
Adam, bp. Jan. 13, 1706 

Parse, see Pearse. 

Paree, (Pary, Pareois), Johannes, and AnDe- 

tie, Ch : baptized ; Johannes. April 5 

Nicolaas, June 18, 1721 ; J ; 1762. 

Parker, S<-i , owned lot on the hill 

which he Bold in 1670-1, to Lnrck Albertee Bratt, and 
Ryck CI U uen.] 

Passage, John, and Margarita Cramm. Ch : 
Lena, b May 16 

Passage, Henrv. and Elizabeth Clans. Ch : Eliza- 
beth, b. Sept. 5, 1793 

Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


Pastoor, Frans Barentse, in 1(554, one of the 
ss of Fort OraDge ; a bn I owned 

among other property a loi on east -ideof Broadway 
next north of Bleecker Hall, which with hoi. 
den and brewery he sold to Hendrick Andii 

Doesburgh, for 3030 guilders 
he left any children . 

Patridge, Thomas and Mary McGuire. 'Ch: 
Nancy, b. Jan. 8, 1778. 

Patterson, David, and Phebe Cox . Ch : George 
b. Dec. 29, 1778. ( 

Patterson, William, and Mary McEntee, Ch 
Peter, b. April 13, 1782., 

Pearse, JPcrsen, Peers, Parse, &c. 

Peaese, Nehimian, in 1075 bought bouse and loi 
on the hill of Evert Janse Wendel, which in 1070 he 
soid to Samuel Holman. 

Pearse (Parse), Jacobus, m. Maritie Van den 
Bergh.Nov 18,1781. Ch: born ; Abraham, Jan. 11, 
1788; Rachel, 'May 28,- 1800. 

Persen (Peers), J> eone in 1750, 

and Jannetje ... Ch : baptized ; Annatie, April 20, 
1712; Geertruy, April 5,1719; Johannes, Nov. 27, 
1720; Elizabeth,Oct. 7,1722. 

Peersen (Pearse), Johannes, m. Alida Van Vran- 
ken in Schenectady, Nov. 8, 1745. He was buried 
Oct. 20, 1750. Ch: baptized; Ryckart, March 24, 
1751 ; Abraham, Jan. 17, 1753; Johannes, August 5, 
1754 : Maria, in Schenectady, March 0, 1757 ; Jacob ; 
Anuatie . 

Pearson, George and Gitty Huyck. Ch : Cata- 
lyna, b. Dec. 10, 1790. 

Pearson, George, m. Judith Van Vechten, Dec. 
12, 1808. Ch : Ann Van Vechten, b. Feb. 10, 1818. 

Peck, Abraham,]and Mary Hammond. Ch : Sarah, 
b. July 14, 1790. 

Peebles, Thomas, of Halve Maati, and Elizabeth 
Bratt. Ch: born ; Gerrit, March 28, 1709; Ger itje, 
Sept. 12, 1771. 

Peek. (Peeck), Jan, innkeeper of New Amsterdam ; 
in 1055, sold two houses in Fort Orange, to Joannes 
in for 1027 guilders. The creek at Peebskil. 
takes its name from him. He in. Maria Volchers 
widovs olckertse, in Nei 

Feb. 20,1050. Ch : baptized in New York. Anna, 
Oct. 15, 1051 ; Johannes, Oct. 12, 1053 ; Jacobus, Jan. 
10, 1050; Maria, March 0, 1058. See Schet 

Peek, Jacobus of Schenectady, and Elizabeth 

•. J Ch: baptized; Ludovicus, July 14, 1686; 

Margriet, March 27, 1692. See also Schenectady 


Peek, Abraham, m. Catarina Van Santen [Zaudt], 
Aug. 22, 1752. Ch: ,i 

Joseph, bp. April 13, 1755; Maria, bp. Dec. I! 
Gerrit, bp. April 5, 175 I i July 5, 1761 ; 

Joseph, b. March 13,1704; Elizabeth, b. Aug. SO, 
m, b. July 17, 1708 ; Joseph, b.Feb. 14, 

Peelen, Brandt, Van Nieiiwkerk, came to Fort 
Orange iu 1030 ; his second (?) wife was Maritie Pie- 
terse widow oi ' ' ■ of New Amsterdam, 
whose daughter Aaltie Claese, m. Claes Caltf. 
Brandt Peelen died in 1044, leaving at least three 
children: Lysbet, Gerrilje, w. of Goosea Gerritse 
Van Schaick, deceased in 1057; and Cornelia Brantse 
Van Nieuwkerk. His descendants iu Albany county 
are said to pass by the name of Brandt. 

Peeren, Wilhelm, and Lysbeth Sickell. Ch: 
Maria, bp. March 1 

Peesing (l 

5. 1763 

Isaac, Aug. 16. : 


Young, Oct. 18, 

Andries, of Niskitha, m. 
Ch : born ; Annatie, Dec. 
15 ; Andries, June 5, 1709 ; 
■iua, March 10,1780. 

Oct . 30, 
1776; Johannes, April 1,1779 
Pels, ISvert, Van Steltyn, sett] 

i42, was a brewe brewery in 

the Colonic ; lived on Mill creek in Greenbueh; also 

owned a sloop an the river and a lot in Broadway 

• ns, which he sold in 1050. In 1057 he sent 

l 2100 beaver skins. His son 

Evert Evertse, m . Breechtje Elsvvaerts in New York 


i grandson of the first settler?] 

iii New York. Sept. 29, 1695. 

Ch : baptized in Albany, Breechje, and Evert twins ; 

June 7,1696; baptized in New York, Bregie, and 

l'.resrje»Feb.4, 1700; Rachel, 

July 2, 1704; Annatie, Aug. 

24,1700; Abraham, March 28, 1708, buried Sept. 1, 

ichel, Dec. 9, 1711 ; Annatie, April 17, 1715. 

Pemberton (Pammerton), Jeremiah, and Mari- 
tie In 1730, he had a lot on the " Plain " northside 
of Hud - ; > i street . Ch : baptized ; An- 

dries, March 28, 1730 ; Andries, and Willem, May 14, 
1732; Andries, May 13, 1733; Willem, Aug. 20, 1735. 

Pemberton, Jeremiah, and Susanna Bratt. Ch 1 
Adam, b. Dec. 6, 1776. 

Pendell, Thomas, m. Januetie Salsbury, July 
17, 1770. Ch : Jannetie, bp. July 17, 1776. 

Pender, Christiaan, and Elizabeth Cramer, Ch : 
Sara, b. Oct. In. 

Pennlman, James, bought John Cornell's lot 
for 70 pounds Boston money, and sold the same in 
1077, to Andries Teller. 

Pepper, William, and Elizabeth Simpson. Ch: 
born ; William, Aug. 22, 1795 ; John, Aug. 14, 1797 ; 
Magdalena, Aug. 24, 1799; John, Oct. 24, 1801. 

Perry, Johannes ; of Claverac, m. Francyntje 
Clute, Jan. 9, 1748. Ch: baptized ; Emmetie, Nov. 
7, 1752 ; Marytje, Dec. 21, 1700. 

Perry, William, and Elizabeth Gardenier. Ch : 
John, bp. Feb. 19, 1754. 

Pest (Pess), Jacob, and Annatie Jaart (Shaat), 
Ch : born ; Annatie, July 22, 1704 ; Margarita, Feb. 9. 

Pest, Jacob of Hosac, m. Catharina Mcllingtown 
(Mellendon, Mel i H. 1766. Ch: born; Ja- 

cob, Nov. 9, 1768 ; Thomas Oct. 12, 1770. 

Pest, Jacob, and Jaunetie Vredenburgh. Ch : 
Nelly, b. May 10, 1777. 

Petit, Jonathan, and Agnes Riddle. Ch : born ; 
vpril 13, 1777 ; George, Jan. 13, 1780. 

Philips, Michael, m. Margarita Wyngaart, Nov. 
28,1748. Ch: baptized ; Maria, Sept. 24, 1749; Mi- 
chael, Aug. 16, 1752 ; Machtelt. Nov. 24, 1754. 

Philip, Willem, and Church. Ch : bap- 
tized; Jm .752. 

Pleterso, Meyer, Gillis, carpenter of Gouda, m. 
Elsie Hendricl m, in New Amsterdam 

July 6. 1642. Valentine says he resided on the site 
of Wail Btreel \\ here it joins Pearl ; on his decease in 
j 070, his son Hendrick Gillise, purchased the interest 
of his brothers-in-law, Capt. 'Hans Hendrickse and 
Johannes Wen. lei in said lot. He received a patent 
for a house lot in Beverwyckin 1054. Oh. baptized 
Amsterdam : Eva, April 20, 1043, m. Capt. 
Hans Hendrickse ot'Beverwvck ; Pieter, Nov. 20, 1*444 ; 
Tryntje, Ipril 22, 1647 ; Tryntje, July 4, 1G48; Hen- 
drick, March 6, 1050, cordwainerin New York, 1702; 
Maria, Jan. 21, 1652; m. Johannes Wendel, of Bever- 

Pieterse, Reyndert, in 1662, with Jacob Gevick, 
bought Pieter Bronk's brewery, lot, etc., he died in 

Pietersen, William, and Lena Van Eps. Ch : 
Sophia, bp. Sept. 28, 1745. See Schenectady Families. 

Pietersen, Petrus, and Rebecca Montagne. Ch : 
Geertruy, bp. Dec. 7, 1700 ; Petrus, b. Dec. 18, 1762. 

Pikkart, Bartholomeus, jmig man Van Lester 

schierin cut Englandt,m. Aagje Claase, Van Sche- 

negtade, Nov. 12, 1098. In 1716, he purchased a parcel 

berg on the north side of the 

I idy) over against the house of 

. ilkenburgh. Oh : Rachel, bp. Jan. 29, 1709. 

Pitman, Nicolaas, and Anna Margarita Pit. Ch : 
Sophia Christina, hp. Feb. 22, 1756. 


Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 

Plank, Jacob Albertse Sheriff of Ronsselaere- 

Plas*, Johan Ernmerick, of Claverack, made his 
if wife 
aid "myonlyda 
l'lass" and "my grandson J < 
merick Prase." 
Ploe«, Picter, and Aaltie Pels. Ch : Cathariua, 

Poel, Willem, and Elizabeth Ch : Eli 

bp. Feb.' J 

[atthens abeth Shutter. :■ 

>.errit, Nov. 24, j 

Johaunes, and Geertruy Van Buren. Ch: 

Poel. Johannes, and Isabella (Elizabeth) Douglas. 
Ch : born ; Abraham. John. Sept. 11, 

■,-arita, March 2 

Poel, Isaac, and Maria Van Buren. Ch : Catharina, 
b. June 4, 1766. 

Poel, Gerrit, and Catv Cowenhoven. Ch: Pieter, 
b. Dec. 20. 1786. [Gen-it Poel, and Margarita Wilson, 

Poentie, Young, an alias for Theunls Cornelise 

Poln, Johannes, and Maria Geertruy .... Ch: 
Anna Cathariua. bp. Feb. 11, 1739. 

Footman [now Putman], Victor, of Schenec- 
tady, n. 

Cornelia, Au" 3, 1707; Antje, April 25, 1, 
Schenectady Fun 

Pootman, Arent of Schenectady, and Lvsbeth 
AkermanB. Ch: Jannetje, bp. June 12, 11 

Pootman, Lodowyek, of Johnston, and Elizabeth 
Soets. Ch : Elizabeth, bp. Aug. 29. 1754. 

Potman, Adam, and Cathariua Myers. Ch: Sa- 
loino, b. Oct. 20, 

Pork, Joh.Thys, and Catharina Keveling. Ch: 
Jacob, b. July 2. 1763 

Possl, Henri, geboren in Engelandt te Boorton, 
m. ADtje Hooueboom, Sept. 10, 1695. Ch : 
bp. Jan. 12, 1690. 
Post, Simon Janse, m. Janiietie Paulusse, Feb. 
35 Ch: baptized; Jan, Not. 14.1686, Jan, Jan 
Aug. 10, 1690.- 
Post, Elias. from Amsterdam, m. Catalvntje Co- 
ninck of New Albany, May 0, 1071. in New York, again 
Lhas P. widower m. Maritie Cornelise, June 
in New York. 
Post or Poest, Jan Barentse, see J. B. Wemp. 

•lohaunes, m. Frena 1751 \]i 

Ch: Jacob, bp. April lit. 1752. Anna, bp. April 14,-.. V 
1754; Catrina, and Margarita twins b. Feb. f 
Benjamin, and Catharina Van Nordi 
rgarita, Oct. 14, 1770 I 
na, July 10, 1779 ; Benjamin, Oct. 

Potton, J. andE. ... Ch: William, bp. Oct. 5, 

Powell fPoulussen), Thomas, baker, wa- ser- 
geant in the W. India company's service in 

. ,vhere 
he remained till his death ii several 

I uarcel of land behind 
Kinderhoek and between Kinderhoek and Neuten- 
.>bichhis widow, Jannetie Donckertse, and 
Robert Orchard conveyed to diverse persona in 1671. 
Powell, William, and Charity Brown. Ch • Ja- 
cob b. July 6, i 

• Pr f5^ s , R [ ch ?£ (L in 1677 was collector of the ex- 

? n -, w u 8t corner °f Pearl aud stat e streets w 
SUv^teSlury 10 *"' ^^ Wife 0f <*»■ 

c£9XS^.asss^ andMary Gold - 

: Gould, aud Hannah Wallv. Ch : Hannah, b. 

Primmer, Hannes, and Mary Powell. Ch : Ja- 

Proper, Jacobus, and Eva Althouser. Ch: 

Prout, Albert, and Magdalena Lang. Ch: Ha- 

I !. 1765. 
Pro roost, Johannes, clerk in Fort Orange under 
Joham. •• from 

1G50 to -Nov. 1664, when he became secretary of 
Albany until August, I 

He had 

. . 

they made a joint will "■ 

' w r ere granted on her 
thirdly, hem. 

In 1696, the Bh( 
(ted to expot' 
" pay his debts so far a B 

the same name .lizabeth 

i j her inventory made in 1693. 

Pkovoost, Abraham of Catskill. and Jannetie 

Ch : Isaac, bp. Oct. 10, 1718. [Abraham P. m . Janneke 
Meverin New York, May 27,1701, andhadOCh: 
bp. there from 1708 to 1715.] 

Prnyn, Frans Janse, tailor, was in Albany as 
earlv as 1005. previously in New Amsterdam where 
most of his Ch: were born. In 1699, he could not 
take the oath of allegiance, &c, because he was a 
Papist. probably Alida,.... Ch: 

bp. in New York. Tryntie, Nov. 24, 1641 ; Jannetie 
April 9, 1050 : I 14, 1659 ; Johannes, 

Jan. 5, 10G3 : bp. in Albany, Samuel, Helena (?) w. of 
Jacob Lansing. Maria, w. of Elbert Gerritse : Chris- 
tina (?); Frans. Sept. 2b, 1G83; Barentje, April, 11, 
1686; Arent, May 24, 1688. 
Pbutk, Samuel, blacksmith, m. Maria Bogart. Jan. 
made will March 27, 1752. proved Jan. 26, 
1753, and spoke of wife Maritie, and Ch. Francis ;■ 
Johannes; and Jacob, buried June 27. 1752 

iV. 17, 
1712; Maritie, Sept. 20, 1713; • 
Johannes, July 14, 1723. 

Prlyn. Johannes, m. Emilia Sanders, Sept. 
1705. He was buried Aug. 23, 1749. Ch ; bp. : 

J707; Johannes, June 12, 1709 ; Elsie, 
14, 1714. 

rgarita Ch : bp. ; Chris- 
tina, Mav 28, 1715: Maria, March 8,17.. 
Jan. 11, 1721 : Antje. M ., June 

13, 1725; David. Oct i JCU8, June 8, 

1731 ; Hendrick, Due. 30, 1703. 

i m Catryna Gansevoort Nov. 2". 
1714. Ch: bp.-; Alida. March 11. 1716; Marti 
81, 1719: Christina, mid Lydia. Jan. 34. 1722: Ftun- 
cisens, : arman, Oct. 18, 1727. 

Pkuyx, Fran t. Anna — ; secondly, 

Alida Van Yveren; July 15, 1720. Ch : bp. ; 1- . 
cus, Jan. 16, 1117; Anna. Oct. 80, 1726; Samuel, Oct. 
6, 1727 : ■ 

"v. 2m. 21d.; Jacob, July 22, 
Prutn, Johannes S., and J;; - -teyu 

Maritie, Nov. 4 
- ■ . ' 

r, May 22. 1751 
Franciscns, b. Oct. 1. it 

iscus, bp. July 1>. . 

Jacob. 3 f Y., July 20, 

-. .Nov. 1, 176s. 

i. April 
Log. 24, 

Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


Pruyn, Jacoo, Jr., and Hendrickie Van Buren. 
Ch : b. ; Alida, Jan. 20, 1775 ; Cathalyna, April 24, 
177S; Franciscus, Jan. 31, 17S1 ; Margarita, Dec. 10, 
1783; Annatie, Aug. 22, 1786; Debora, April I 

Pruyn, (Pruin) Samuel, m. Neeltie Horsford 

n, Eleanor Horse-field), dan. (if Reuben H. 

of Schenectady, June 11, 1775. Ch : born, Johannes 

Nov. 17, 1776 ;' Reuben, in Schenectady, Jan. 25, 1778 ; 

Dirk, April 2, 1786 ; Jannetie, Sept. 30, 1700. 

Pruyn, (Pruin) Johannes J. and Ariaantje Ver- 
planck. Ch : born, Johannes, April 13, 1783; Johan- 
nes, April, 1, 1785 : Willem, March 81, 1787 ; Teunis, 
. 1780 : Rynier, August 7, 1793. 

Pruyn. (Pruin), Reiner, m. Jannetie Goey, (Goe- 
wey.) Oct. 3, 1786. Ch: born, Jannetie, August 27, 
1787 : Loreiiia, May 31, 1789 ; Maritie, August 18, 

Pkuyn, (Pruin) Jacob J. m. Neeltie De Foreest, 
March, 17. 1786. Ch : born, Isaac, Feb. 3, 1788; Jo- 
hannes, May 28, 1790, d. July 12, 1S62, a. 72y. ; Alida, 
Sept. 4, 1792; Jacob, Dec. 12, 1794 ; Jannetie, August 
3, 1796. 

Pruyn, (Pruin), Francis Cm. Cornelia Dunbar, 
August 30, 1791. Ch : born, Casparus, May 26, 1792, 
d. Feb. 11, 1845 a. 54y. ; Catharine, Jan. 30, 1794; Le- 
vinus, Oct. 4, 1796; David and Margaret, Jan. 26, 
1799; David, Nov. 20, 1801 ; Gertrude, Oct. 19, 1802; 
Maria, June 5, 1808; Cornelia, Dec. 12, 1810. 

Pruyn. (Pruin), John S. m. Margaret Lansing, April 

4, 1795. He d. May 8. 1816, a 47y. 6m. 8d. ; she d. Oct. 

15, 1839, a. 07y. 5m. 25d. Ch: born ; Sarah, Sept. 26 

1795: Alida Ten Evck, Nov. 23, 1797; Samuel, Feb, 

0, d. Feb. 18, 1862, a. 63 y. ; Agnes, June 15. 

Pruyn, David, and Hubertie Lansi ng. He d. Jan., 
1843; she d. Sept. 2, 1855, a. 83 y. Ch: b. ; Sara, 
Aug. 5, 1796; Catharine, Feb. 14, 1803; Casparus, 
April 2, 1809 : John Van Schaick Lansing " June 22, 
23, 12 o'clock," 1811. 

Purnel, John, and Joanna .... Ch : John, bp . 
Aug. 7, 1748. 

Putuaiu, Elisha, m. Esther Johnson, Dec. 25, 
1792. Ch: b. ; Laina, Jan. 4, 1798; Stephen, June 
14, 1800. 

Quackerbos, Pieter, brickmaker, in 1668, 
bought Adriaen Van II pendam's brickyard ; had the 
following sous probably: Wouter; Reinier; and 

Quackenbos, Wouter Pieterse,m. first, Neeltje 
Gysbertse, and secondly, Cornelia Bogart, dan. of 
Lonrens B., Oct. 4, 1696, buried Nov. 21, 1736. Ch : 
bp Mart je, May 7, 1684; Pieter, March 18, 16S8: Mar- 
ritje. Sept. 13, 1691 ; Neeltje. Aug. 22, 1697 ; Cornelia, 
Sept. 3, 1699 ; Maria, April 19, 1702; Pieter, June 9, 
Nov. 13, 1709. 
■ kenbos, Johannes, of Niskayuna. m. first, 
Magtelt Janse Post; secondly. Anna Clute, Oct. 20, 
1700. Jan and Reyer [Reinier '?] Q. owned farms on 
the north side of the Mohawk river in the present 
town of Clifton Park, which were extended north one 
mile bv patent, April 22, 1708. Ch : bp. Geertrny, 
May 10," 1681 ; Magtelt, Feb. 13, 1687 ; Abraham. March 
23, '1690; Isak, Feb, 19, 1693: Jacob, Nov. 17,1695; 
Dec. 7, 1707; Abraham, Nov. 3, 1710; Isaac, 
Jan. 25, 1713 ; Jacob, Oct. 30, 1715. 

Quackenbos, Reinier Pieterse.from Oestgeest,Hol- 
land, m. first. Lvsbet Janse of Flushing, New Neth- 
erland, March 8,1674, in New York; and secondly, 
Claesje Jacobse, Sept. 13, 1692. Ch : bp. in Albany ; 
Livcrtjc and Claas, Dec. 9, 1685; Claas, Sept. 15, 
1689 ; bp. in New York : Jacob, June 4, 169. ,J 
tie, Feb. 16, 1696 ; Johannes, Jan. 22, 1699 ; Abraham, 
, 1705. 

i kenbos, Adriaan of Schaatkooke, m. Catha- 
rina Vai S., Jan. 18, 1699. 
Jan. 7, 1700; Sybrant, June 14, 
Ldriaan, Dee 6 
Johannes, Oct. 28. 1710; Gosen, Oct. 19, 3712; Gi- 
1714, buried Sept. 13, 1747; Anthony, 
Oct. 13, 1717, an innk iderhoek, by the 
a, Oct. 28, 1719. 

Quackenbos, Pieter, m. Neeltie Marens (Marinus) 
of Schenectady, Nov. l, 1701. In 1733 he bought 
lands on the Mohawk river, of Edward Collins ; was 
buried July 20, 1748. Ch : bp. : David, June 21, 1702; 
Abraham, Nov. 19, 1704; Maghtelt, Dec. 30, 1705; 
Abraham, Sept. 19, 1708; Jeremias, Oct. 26, 1713; 
Rachel, Jan. 22, 1716. 

Quackenbos, Johannes, m. Elizabeth Rumbly, 
Dec. 22, 1730. Ch : bp. : Johanna, August 30, 1730 ; 
Adriaan, Nov. 17, 1734; Catharina, Oct. 26, 1735 ; Eli- 
zabeth, Sept. 10, 1738 ; Goosen, May 27, 1744. 

Quakkenbos. Jacob, m. Geertruy Van der 
Werke. Sept. 20, 1719. Ch : bp. ; Abraham, May 14, 
1721 ; Gerrit, March 15, 1724; Isaac, April 21, 1728; 
Maria, Oct. 2, 1731 ; Jacob, April 13, 1735 ; Machtelt, 
May 28, 1737. 

Quakkenbos, Sybrant, m. Elizabeth Knickerbac- 
ker, Feb. 8, 1725. Ch : bp. ; Catharina, Sept. 5, 1725 ; 
Anna, Feb. 25. 1728 ; Johannes, May— 1729 ; Adriaan, 
March 18, 1732 : Annatje, Jan. 8, 1735 ; Elizabeth, 
Sept. 11, 1737; Harmen, Dec. 6,. 1738; Neeltie and 
Elizabeth, Feb. 28, 1742. 

Quackenbos, Johannes Wouterse, and Margarita, 
Ch : bp. ; Wouter, Sept. 3, 1732; Nicolaas, August 28, 
1734; Pietertje, Dec. 8, 1736 ; Cornelia, June 17, 1740; 
Johannes, March 7, 1742; Cornells, June 27, 1744. 

Quackenbos, D . , and Anna. ... Ch : Abraham, bp. 
Feb. 5, 1732. 

Quackenbos, Pieter, m. Anna Oothout, Dec . 27. 
1733. Ch : bp. ; Wouter, August 18, 1735 ; Jan, April 
11, 1742. The wife of Pieter Q. was buried Feb. 1, 

Quackenbos, Jacob, and Geertruy Huyck. Ch: 
bp. ; Johannes, Feb. 16, 1746 ; Cornells, Nov. 18, 1753. 

Quackenbos, Hannes (Johannes), and Rachel Gar- 
dinier. Ch : bp . ; Pieter, August 17, 1746 ; Nicolaas, 
Jan. 21,1750. 

O.uackenbos, Adriaan, m. first, Elizabeth Clute; 
secondly, Volkie Vanden Bergh, July 9, 1757. Ch : 
bp. Jacob, August 14, 1748; Machtel, July 7, 1751; 
Machtel, August 31, 1755. 

Quackenbos, Gerrit, of Saratoga, m. Catharina De 
Voy (Yoe ?) of Half Moon, Feb. 6, 1750. Ch : bp. ; 
August 16, 1752; Hannes, August 20, 1754; 
Jacob, Jan. 18, 1750 ; Abraham, Oct. 16, 1757 ; Cata- 
rina, July 29, 1759 ; Isaac, March 15, 1761 ; Gerardus, 
June 28, 1762 ; Ariaantje, b. June 10, 1763. 

Quackenbos, Abraham, and Bata Ouderkerk. 
Ch:Lena, bp. July 7, 1754. 

Quackenbos, Jacob, m. Catharina De Voe, Feb. 3, 
1776. Ch : b. ; Rachel, Nov. 19, 1777 ; Isaac, July 3, 

Quackenbos, Jacob, and Catarina Huyck, Ch: 
Cornelia, bp. Dec. 14,1755: Cornelia, bp. July 30, 
1758 ; Geetruid, b. June 13, 1762; Bata, b. May 3, 
1764; Willempie, bp. Jan. 26, 1767. 

Quackenbos, Johannes S . , m. Jannetie Viele, Dec. 
9, 1758. Ch : Elizabeth, bp. July 1, 1759 ; Teunis, bp. 
Oct. 25, 1761 ; Rebecca, b. Nov. 20, 1767; Annatie, b. 
Nov. 1. 1769 ; Sybrand, b. Nov. 17, 1771. 

Quackenbos, David, (Jacob ? see above) and Ca- 
tarina Huyck ; Ch : Isaac, b. May 19, 1760. 

Quackenbos. Harmen of Schaagtekook. and 
Judith Marl (Morrell), Ch : Elizabeth, bp. Sept. 20, 
1761 ; Sybrant, bp. Sept. 29, 1763; Jacob, b, Nov. 15, 

Qaackenbuscli, Wouter, of the Colonie, m. 
Bata Clute, Oct. 29,1763. Ch : Pieter, b. Sept. 3, 

Quackenbusch, Hendrik and Margarita Oothout, 
Ch : b. ; Annatie, Jan. 30, 1765 ; Cathryna, Sept. 16, 
1766 : Catharina, Sept. 11, 1768 ; Margarita, March 17, 

Quaekenbush, Johannes P., and Cornelia 
Quackenbnsh. Ch : b. ; Pieter, Nov. 7. 1771 ; Jo- 
in:;-. Wouter, Sept. 20, 1775 : Anna, 
Dec. 18, 1779 ; Hendrik, July 20, 1782 : Johannes, 
uita, June 6, 1788; Walter, 
1791 : Henry, Nov, 22, 1793, 


Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 

Qua'-- iter J.,nndMari:: - 

; Willem, Nov. U, r. 
true. Fob. 16, 17S3 : I 

I Catharine (Althui 

Garden ier. Ch: b. ; I e 
June 16 

C 14, 1790: Nicholas, ■ 
Jan. 29. 1799. 


He was a lawyer and d. in 8ch< i 
Aate. >i .;.iil 26, 1841, a 

dan. of John (?) B. ofNormanskill, and d. at E 
John Bancker, 
Magdalene, May 3, 1793 ; Antbony, A. 
1795; Esther, Feb. 4,18 

Quackenbusu, Nicholas A., and &j 
voort. He wa - 
49 y. ; She d 

. Nicholas, ]•'.'• 
May 27 

Quackknbttsh, Abraham, and Caty Radliff. Ch : 
b ; Lan • rohn, Aug. 5, 17! '. 

March 7, 1^00; Abrahan 

Qua. ; Elisabeth Banker. 'Ch: 

Ann, b. March 1, 1797. 

Qullliot, Harry, and Mary Lansing. Ch : Philin. 
b. Hep- s F ' 

(tain (Quint) Chi - llizabeth Carlin. 

Ch: bp. ; Catarina, May 28, 1749; Eva, Feb. , 

Ba. ' i i Elisabeth Daalhanier. Ch ■ 

Maria, b. 

Raca (Riker'<) Jeremiah, and Ann M' ' 
.. 1790. 

Radcliffc, Rateliffe ; Ratle ; Rattelief: Redliff; 
Redley, &c. 

Radcliffe (Redley, &c), Jan, was appointed city 
porter in place of Hendrick Marcelis, in 1697, and 
Iclockluyer instead of Hend. Roseboom, in 1703. 
His wile, Rachel Lambertse Jochemsi 
burgh, was a widow in 1727. and was buried April 7, 
1748. Ch : bp. ; Anna, Jan. 10, 1G86, buried April 24, 
: .- the widow of Billy Sixberry. who d. 
Jan. 19, 1740; Rykert, July 17. ] sent. 

: Johannes, Aug. 19, 1694: Jocheni. t 
1697: Willem, Nov. 3, 1700, buried Feb. 12 1734- 
Jacobus, Sept. 12, 1703; Margarita, June ! 

Radcliffe, Joannes, m. first Selia Yates March 
24, 1717, secondly, Gfv 
first w. was buried J;. 

19, 1757. In 1719, he had a lot 35 1 he foot 

of Gallows Hill on the west side of Pearl, south of 
Beaver street. Ch: bp. ; Johannes, June 3 
1717; Anna. Nov. 30. 1718: n 
Rachel, Dec. 9, 1722, buried April 7 
Feb. 17, 1726: Rykert, June 30 na Nov* 

1, 1730; Johannes, Jai uitie," July 12 

1747; Andries, Aug. 20, 1749 ; Celia, Feb. 17, 1751. 

Ratteliei. lartha Bennewe (Ben- 

noit), Feb. 13, 1725. He was buried, Feb 1 
Ch: bp. ; Raclu . , Pleter, Jan S 

Johannes, Oct. 24, 1730 ; Rachel, Oct. 1 

Rattelief, Samuel, and Anna .... Ch: Johan- 
nes, bp. Jan. 17 

Rattelief, Lambert, m. Antie Tan Santen Jan 4 
1724. In 1733. he had an acre of laud on Gab, 
for a brickyard. Ch : hp. ; Maria, Oct. 
chel, Oct. 13, 1725; Johannes. Nov. 8,1730,: Anna 
Dec. 24, 1732 ; Margarita, Jan. 18, 1735. 

Rettclief (Radclif), Jacob (Jacobus), and Catha- 
J iruii: '" : 120 ft., at the 

foot of Gallows Hill, on west aide of P. 
of Beaver St. Ch : bp. ; Rachel < . Mat- 

theus Oct. 3. 

Jg. 1T38; Willem, Dec. 23, 1739; Willem, July 12, 
1741; Maria, Feb. 26,174-1; Elisabeth, Aug. 16.1747. 
Rettellef, Jochem, and Hilletie ... Ch: Jo 
hannes, bp. Feb 22, 1730. 

Radcllef, Joseph, m. Margriet Bratt, Feb. 19, 

Radcllff, Johannes, Jr.. m. Anna Marans. May 
■ 17.7 1; Geertruy,Feb.l6,1756: Andrk 
4, 1757. 

iff, Johannes, Jr. [perhaps the same as the 
last) m. .Margarita Passage, Ch: Ja- 

cobus, bp. Aug. 2. 1761 
Nicolaas. b. Oct. 26, 1766; Johannes, bp. M u 

'. illem. b. Mar a. b. Feb. 24 

Radcliff (Redloi), Ryckert, of Niskitha, m. Maria 
Oliver (Olfer), Jan. 5, 1755. Ch : Johannes, bp. May 
16, 1756 ; Areut, bp. April 23 

bp. June 5, 1763; Antie, b. Sept. 3, 1765: 
Ryckert, b. Aug. 22, 1768; Jacobus, bp. Aug. 18, 1771. 

Redley, and Cathalyntje Ch : Mar- 
tha, bp. June 22. 1761. 

Radcllff, Johannes, and Oatharina Van .... 
Ch: Annatie.bp. June 22, 1761 ; Jtic6buBOUd4weken, 
bp. June lip, b. Oct 9, 1765; Ryckert, 

b. April 10, 1768; Catharina. b. Feb. 13. 1772. 

Radcxiff (Redly), Johannes L. , and Elizabeth .... 

lied] iff, Johannes, and Elizabeth Wilkeson. 
Ch: b • Elisabeth, Nov. 24, 1763, m. Samuel N 
d. April 30, 1841, a. 77 v. ; Lambert, April 18, 1766: 
Lambert, April 17, 1767.' 

Redley, Joeeph. and Gcertruy ... Ch: Johan- 
Sept. 10, 1769. 

Redliff, Johannes, and Marytje Egmond. Ch: 

b.: John. Nov. 5, 1774; Jacob, Feb. 5. 1776: Andries, 
Nov. 18, 

Redlif, Jacobus, m. Mary Otman, Nov. 9, 17S3. 
Hed.Mayl6,1831,in72dy. Ch: b.; Margarita, Oct. 
7. 1784. d. Julj 2, 1865, a. 82 y. ; Catharine, May 21, 
1790; John. May 26, 1792. 

Redlif, Her.drik, m. Elizabeth Jacobs, May 4, 
1784. Ch : Margarita, b. March 5 

Redlif, Jacobus, m. Susanna Claasen, Nov. 10, 

Redly (Raidley), Philip, m. Nancy (Newman, 
Hesbe, NaomH Hall. Feb. 23. 1786. Ch 

; William, Jan. 21, 1792; Thomas, 
. 1794. 
Redlt, Philip, and Susanna Seger. Ch : Mary, b. 
June 11. 1790. 

Radley, William, and Margaret Cline. Ch : b. ; 
Nicolaas, Jan. 4, 1794 ; Nicholas Kline, Jan. 18, 1800 ; 
William. A 

Radney, Jonathan, and Hannah Van Zandt. 
Ch: b. ; John, May 29. 

Raiuter, Adam, and Magdalena. ... Ch : Catha 
rina Barbara . 

Raraert, Francis, and Carolina Beever. Ch : 
Mary, b. July 15 I 

Ricbter, Nicolaas, of Niskitha, m. Maria Hinder- 
mond. (Uoenemond), Feb -.'7. 1762. Ch: Margarita, 

bp. March 4, 1764 ; Cat] 
bp. Dec. b, 1765 ; Cornelia, b. June 1, 1767 ; Ml 
April 11. 1769 ; Johannes, b. June 26, 1771 ; Catha- 
lyna, bp. August. 22. 1779. 

Reddeines, Peter and John (?) Lodowic. Ch: 
Jane, b. Nov. 28, 1794. 

Bees. Willem. of Clavevac 1720, m. first Catrina 
Janse, ' iriaGoewey. Ch : bp. ;Corne- 

ota <r 
oude>\< * 

getuygi onser- 

Icke. op-U brt roe : Henderick, Feb. 16, 1696; Willem, 

Oct. 31. 171 

Rees, Andries, of Claverac, m. Ariaantje Andries 

;iiau, Jan. 26, 

1690 ; Johannes, in New York Feb. 12. 1696 ; Catryn- 

I 9, 1697 ; Andries, April 9. 1099 ; Neelfje. July 

Lysl sth Jum rtruy. May 11, 

1707 : Willem, Jan. 22, 1710. 

Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


Rees, Jan, of Kinderhoek, 1709, Clavorac, 1720, m. 
Maria Jansc Goewey, Oct. 9, 1702'. Ch: Catelyntje, 
iv. 8, 1700 ; Andries, bp. 

Rees, Johann, and Catharina Ch : Catharina, 

b. Oct. 5, at Claverack, and bp. Jan 15, 

Bees; Benjamin, and Geertruy. . . . Ch : Wilhelin, 
b. April 9, and bp. by tl alkner, 

at Claverac, April 30, 1721 ; Catharina, bp. May 19, 

Keep, Ephraim, and Margarita Ch : Christoffel, 

bp. at Gos-pel-hoek in Claverac, 
22 naar Trinit: 1721. 

Reese, Philip, aud Eleanora Callingon, (Calligan) 
Ch: John, b. July 21, 1779. 

Reese, George, and Anna Bullocks. Ch : Nicolaas, 
b. Dec. Z 

Reisdorp, Lourens, and Margarita, Ch: 

Jane 28, 1762. . 
Reisdorp, Leendert, and Jannetie (De) Foreest, 
Ch: b. Marten, Sept. 11, 1788; Lourens, July 21, 
1790 ; Philip, Oct. 3, 1800. 
Keinis, Edward, victualler, made will sept. 14, 
del Wil- 
keson to whom he gave 10 pounds. " for his care of 
me in i imer in Capt. 

company to v •-■">; and 

of Capt. Henry Holland, whom he made his executor ; 
letters of administration issued S 

Rendel, Timol 
Antwerpen, Ch : Willem, b. March 1, 1762. 

Rendell (Rundle) Jeremiah aud Geertru; 

denier. Ch ; b. Temp i 

Anna, March 2 
15, 1799. 

Rear, Hendrick Jansen, in Beverwyck and the 
(Troy) which after his decease in 1604 was let to wife 
of Marcelis Janse. 

Rcydt, Hendrick, and .... Ch : Jonathan, bp. 
June 30, 

Reyerse, Gerrit, and Jannetie Van Slyck. Ch : 
Hendricl 1775. 

Reyersen, Jan, came to Beverw , 

'ed llyckert Rutgersen in the poesessiou of 
the Bel i in 1652, and gave his i 

it. O ;. He died in 


Reyndertse, Barent, en 
and lot in Be\ i 
there until hi- ■. 

I which 

in 1082 to his son in law Joa I 
Reynlie (Rail 


drik, June; 8, 1747 ; Da 

22, 1752 ; Jannetie, Dec. 22, 1754. 
Reyley, PI unetie 

Slyck. Ch: Jac 

Reynold on. Ch: 

Rhaiu (De Kham), Joli; 

Richards, John Hendrick 


(lendrick, ami k. Ch: 

Margarita, Sept. 21 
Rici, b . Elisa- 

Rickert, Jurriaan, and Eva Staring. Ch : Geer- 

Riddeke m. Elisabeth 

Clute (Wells), Nov. 17, 1 uric. bp. June 

ilaas, b. April 


Riddeker (Rideeker), Nicholas, m. Hannah 

(Alida) : LC . ; a child, name 

rtruy, Aug. 15, 1799; 

Riddeker. Peter, m. first, Elisabeth Suatt, and 
secondly, Mary Clute, about 1803. Ca: b.; Hen- 
derick, Dec. 30, 1791 ; Elisabeth, May 22, 1804. 

Riddle, John, and Mary Creaton. Ch: Jean, 
bp. June 2 

Riddle. Walter, and Margaret Brown. Ch : Henry, 

bp. Oct. 

Rigktmeyer, Coenraet, m. Catharina Hoogt- 

. who was buried April 8,1733 ; 

secondly, Elisabeth Houst, about 1835. Ch: bp. ; 

Johannes, April 20, 1729 ; Coenruat, Nov. 25, 1730 ; 

!, March 31, 1733: Elisabeth, Aug. 22, 1735; 

Eva, Nov. 14,1736: Jurriaan, Chris- 

tiaan, April 20. 1740; Elisabeth. Oct, 27, 1743: Elsje, 

1746; Heyltie, April 17 

Rlne, (Ryan?) Michael, and Josina Clerk. Ch: 

1 754. 

Rinckhout, Daniel, was in Beverwyck as early 

louse and lot on the south corner of Ex- 

streetand Bros da brother Jan 

ed after Lis death in 1662. Uc was born in 

Pomeren. Holland, and in 166S i ; then 

made a will giving to his brother Jan hie house and 

; i eathed to his 

brother Aertman of Pomeren. i -other 

s a baker, and in It; 
Drinckvelt leased hia bakery to Antony Lespinard. 

Roberts, Ebenczer (Abner). of New England, m. 
irg of Hosack, 
-i 1771. 
1755 ; Abner, bp. Jan. 18, 1757 ; Sara, b. May 7, 1771. 

Robertson, Hendrick, and Ann Weeger. Ch : 
Mary b 

Robinson, Jof | una Ch: 

Maria, ou< 

en. Ch: 

.lliam, in. Jum 

James, June 16, 1795 ; Elizabeth, March 2 
Rock, Adam, and Maria Van der Hoel'. Ch: 

• 1760. 
Rodey, Hendrik, and Maria Smith. Ch 
garita, b. June " I 
Rodgortj William, 

hnson geboren, 

,-annah Foreest, m. Feb. 7,1721.] Ch: 

ta bp. Feb. 19, 1707; Mary, bp. Feb. 11, 

aim, bp. Dec. 4, 1709. 

Rodgi m. Mary White 

Ch : bp. ; Susanna, Oct. 21, 

a lor Murray (Morry). 
rge, b. Sept. 27, 1778 ; 

Rolantscn, Adam, schoolmaster in Beverwyck 

f erwards in New Amsterdam. 
RocloiTse (De Cover), Jan, son of the noted 

. st husband. See Bogardus. 
Roej, Tlnr tarina Tarrant. Ch : 

Roeso(Ro;'- linMpnderen, 

m. Mai - 
Ch: Maria, bp. 

Roman, Barent, m. Ma;- arch 3 n 

1701. Ch; Piet< 1762. 



i: Mar- 

Ronckol, Hendrik, and Margarita Toep< 


erhaps same as 

Baatie Ponk 





an who 

the Lutheran 




- farmer 

- I 

Ch: Johann. 


mril 88, 

Margarita and Anna. 

•ader, m. Maria, dau. of Robert 


.■ubeth, July 23, 

HeBderick, Jr., m.DeboraSta 

p.; Hendrik, l 

: rny Lydius. A 

Feb. 4. 
Irick Jacobus, 



. Jul) T. 

Hendrik Hendi aiyna 

. noil, N , and M Ch : Johannes, 

Hendrik Myndertse,m. Maria Tei 

36; Ba- 


Eoseboom, John Jac. m. Mogtel Ryckman, May 
Rosi ■. an. 20, 

763 ; Johannes, - 


i 774 ; 

• . Lena. April 
>nd Johannes, twins, Dec. 6, 
Ros>eboo3i. Meinard. m. Qei 
1705. Ch: Maria, b. June 1, 1706. 

leltie — Ch : Gerrit, 

Roseboom, Dirk, aud Rhoda Dowev. Ch: Gerrit, 
b. March 11, 1791. 

Josina Hnrnbeck (Halen- 
beekl Jan. 28. 1T98. Ch : b. : Jacob, August v 
Hester, Nov. 16, 

HoscnbtTj: Jacob, and Regina 

- . Ch : Johannes, bp. Dec. 29, 1751 : Hans 
Oct. 21, 1753. 
Rosie, Jan, an early settler of AJbany, was buried 
. ;iio;her of the same name (his son 
buried > 

Ross, John, and Mary Russell. Ch: Sara, bp. 
Feb. 20 

Roube, Coeuraad, and Sara. 


Ch: F 

Roul, Nicolnas, and Ann Dorothe'Margarita 

Rons, Johanne-, of Halve Maan. and Alida Van 

Ch : Lena, b. J 
Rouw, Wilhelmns, m. Geertruy Schuuk iSchup) , 

U: Annatie, b. Jan. 4 
Rnger, Frans, op S 
Ch: Elizabeth, 

Rniler, HarmaDUS, and B I Ch : 

Ramney, (Rambly), Jonathan, gtbvr^n in Lon- 

Hvd' Sept. 10. 1722. Ch : B 

-T, John. m. Rachel M 

Rumple, Hendrick, and Margaret Hooper. Ch : 
Russell, I . Rachel Bank Ch: 

Kutjiers. md Tennis Ja- 

md set- 
in AJbany ecu. 

Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


Rutger JacobseD, alias Rut Van Wocrt, was a man 

OfCOJi ' 

he owned a sloop upon the rh 

commanded himself; . Abraham De 

Truwe [Truax now] was his skipp 

considerable dealer in village lots and farming 

lands, among " island called Pachona- 

kellick or Mohicander's [sland, "obliquelj 

Bethelehem," owned in partnership with 
Andries Herbertsen Constapel, and hence sometimes 
called I bought Jacob 

Jan sc Van Noorstrant' . Beaver 

learly opposite the present Middle Dutch 
church ,vh is son Herman; he 

m. Tit* i 

June "3,- 1646; her sister Do: 
Volcke I raw. Aftei ' sdeath, 

his widow in her old i i k Janse Rose- 

boom. Dec. 5, 1695. She is said to have d. 
son'- 1 in 1711 at a very great known 

that Jacobsen had mo're than three ch: two daugh- 
ters. :i i Jan Janse Bleecker ; and En- 
gel, bp. in New Amsterdam, April 10, 1650 ; and one 
son, Harmen. 

Rutgers, Harmen, son of Rutger Jacobsen Van 
Schoenderwoert last mentioned, was probably b. in 
Beverwyck soon after his father in 

i a 1720. He' 
ery, whichhe sold in 1675 to Goosen Gerritse Van 
Schaick, and Pieter Lassingh, being on 
of the present 

Pretty, collector of the excise complained of him for 
defrauding the excise and selli 
but after con ii 

dismissed. He had two sons, Anthony and ! : 
who settled in New York. 

Rutgees, Anthony, 

i rk, in 1699, m. Hem' nor. of 

N. Y.. Dec. 30, ■-: nar- 

manus, Nov. " May 4, 5 701 : 

; tiarina, 
Nov. 21. 170.".-. " 
Oct. 37, 1708; A 59,1711. 

Rutgers, Hermanns brewer, admitted freeman in 
New York, in 1696, m. Catharina Myer, in 

Feb. 1. 1710; li :. 1712; Catha- 

rina, Feb. 21, 1714 Lpril 11, 171G ; Anthony, 

Ruyter (Ruiter), Frederic, m. Enj 


0; Hendrik, Sept. 20, 
1742; Jo 26, 1T44; Catharina, Jan. 10, 


Ruyter, Philip, m. Geertruy Vander Werken, 
March b: bp. ; 

Hendrik, E ihannes, April 24, 1743. 

rtjti Hendrick, of Hoosac, m. Re- 

becca D Vug. 10, 1703. Ch: b. ; 

Gertruii ..nines, June 10, 17GS; 

Elisabeth, - 

Ruyter, Johannes, of Hoos 
Nov. 14, 1704. Ch : Annatie, b. Sept. 23, 1768. 

R uy ting, Gerrit Janse, and .... Ch : Louys, 
bp. June 2! 

Ryan (Revel), James, and 
bp. ; William,' Sept. 5, 1730: • 173!); 

11, 1741; Phii; 

Ryckensen (Richardson?), Samuel, and Ca- 
tryna .... Cb 


Ryekers, Michael, and Maria ... Ch: Johan- 
nes, bp. Oct. 5, 1706. 

Ryckman, Harmen Janse, was a resident in 

the wit ien bad 

Ryckman. Capt. Albert Janse, brewer, had his 
brewei ■■ <• of Broadway on or near the 

south corner of Hudson street and Broadway hereto- 
property of Pieter Bronck. Ho was mayor 
will, Dec. 23. 1736, 
as buried Jan. 12. 1737. In 
his will he spoke of the heirs of his son Johannes, of 
Margaret dalena, wile of 

in Bratt; of Tryntje; Pieter; Harmanus ; of 
the two ch. of his dau. Maria, who m. Barent Bratt, 
and of Tobias. His wife Neeltie Quackenboi 
buried Oct. 17, 1738. Ch : Johannes, deceased in 
1730; Albert, buried Oct. 8, 1722; Tryntje: Pieter; 
Harmanus; Margaret. ife of Anthony 

Dries; Maria, bp. Aug. 20, 1683, w. of Barent Bratt, 
1729; Magdalena, bp. May 13, 1685; Tobias, 
bp. Oc; lalena, bp. March 24, 1689 ; Ra- 

chel, bp. Dec. 18 

HAN, Pieter. tailor, [son of Albert] m. Cor- 
nelia 1\< . [ay 6, 1696. He made 
will in 1717, proved Oc 21, 1749, and spoke of his 
. I Petrus, and of his grand dau. 
Cornelia, dau. of his son, Wilhelmus. Ch: Wilhcl- 
. in N. Y., June 18,1699; Lelletie, bp. in 
inN.Y.,July21, 1706; 
Petrus. bp. in Albany, Nov. 14. 1708. 

Ryckman, Harmen [son of Albert], made b 
August 28, 1750, proved Oct. 11, 1756, spoke of his 
- Tobias, John, and Pieter, and of 
i . Maria, and Magdalena, also of his father, 
of any wife or children. He was buried Nov. 
3. 1155. 

Pobias [son of Albert], in 1745 had a 
sevoort's Point" [foot. 
?], He m. Helena Beekman, August 
Led August 26, 1744. Ch : bp. 
ihtelt, August 22, 1719; 
Sept. 29, 1723. 
Ryckman, Pieter [son of Pieter], m. Catharyna 
I 1743. Ch: bp. ; Cor- 
nelia, Dec. 15, 173 April 3, 1737.. 
Ryc K and Marvtj e Ch ;- 

Ryckman, Wilhelmus. and Anna Vander Heyden. 
Ch : Rachel, in ondertrouw zynde, bp. June 1£ 

je, bp. June 28, 1741; Ariaantje, bp. June 29, 


Ryckman, Pieter, m. Lvdia Vanden Bergh, Nov. 

He d. Jan. 22 il.Yi lsll. in his 80th year. 

ri 8, L759 ; Margarita, May 3, 

Ubert. b. Jan. . 

a. ,2 : Pieter, b. Oct. 23, 1769; 
Cornells, b. June 14, 1777. 
Rycki Buren, Dec. 5, 

i. May 
I trch 19, 

i, Dec. 15, 1784: Cor- 
■ ; Hester, b. Dec. 13, 1788;" 
!, 1791. 
Ryckman, Wilhelmus C. [P. ?] m. Maria Fonda, d. 

Sep!. 10. 1840. i Gen-it. Jan. -J 

• rence Fonda, Jan. 29, 

Ryerse, Gerrit, probably son of Reyer Elbertse, 

Ch : bp. : VYouter, August 12, 1683 ; 

! ; ; Goosen, March 7, 

iarent, June 4, K 

Ryverdingh, Pieter, in 1054-5 clerk and court 

i Beverwyck. 
Saffin. George, and Jennette Stewart. Ch: 
James, bp. Nov. 6 

Salisbury, Capt,. Sylvester, was commissioned, 

July 13, 1670, to be lieutenant of the governor's 

company of foot and commander of the fort at Al- 

.i 1073, he was sheriff 

continued in the office 

,i :. until his death about 1071. 

id., then w. of Doctor Cornelis Van 

.u Catskill, where his descendants w< 



It. Ch: 

Ch: David, b. 

Tohii, and Alida Martin. Ch : Ger- 

Sanders, Thomas, smith, of Amsterdam, m. 
Sarah I ■ 'Orcum. in New Amsterdam, 

ise and lot in Bei 
lam. Ch : bp. in Xov 

Sam i'ork, eon of 

the last, had the following York: 

Jan. 1 Oct. 19. 1701; Fleie, I 

Jacob, June 9, : 

Sanders. Robert, eon of Tho in Yan 

Gorcun in Al- 

bany a- nd Ilarnianns 

eceived a patent for a 
mile square of land in Dutchess county, including the 
he city of Poughkeej - 

Helena, wife of Johar 

i k Gree- 

<iau. of 
• buried in the 

Maria. J i 

debs, Robert, merchant, m. first, Maria Lan- 
r, Jan. 
15. 1743. and the second d. abi 
i 65, proved Jut 

Debc . : bp. ; 

Barer: ; Maria. 

Pieter. -abeth, 

b. July 9, 1760; Elisabeth, bp. Dec. 30, 1761. 

Sanders. Johannes, m. Deb Schenec- 

tady, D lid. and heir of 

Col: Ja. - the purchase 

of the any, and John 

Glen, 3 
ders an 

Scheiu Johan- 

nes B' 
m. her cousin Jno. Sat 

; Robert Sandei - Barent, 

b. Dec. 26, 1759, d. !>■ • 


in. 12. 

rina, Oct 
York ; Ho 


dore (or Derrick \ 

Bl -eker, 
June 9. 

Feb. 1, 1812; D( 
Sans, ITendrick. and Catarina Ham. Ch: bp. : 

atarina, July l n 
Sautiiatrer e Roff. Ch : 

Schaats, Domine Gideon, became the second 

.. duties 

r in 
• f his 
firet wife 

married t York, 

•e of 
his children reached my ■;dest 

i id Thomas Kike- 
bell, of B 

finally amicably arr; 

4, in 
I in New York as a 
to the church records, he, 
with Catalyntje 


la daughter 


in. JacobaKit: i N. Y.. April 

Scbaets, Reynier. '• Chyrur°rion," 


:irh of Feb. 

Jonathan Broadhurst, in Albai 
Reynier ..and 

Scha. in. Catharina j-. , 

Margarii ;734; 

Sohaks, I Catharina Ham. Ch : An- 

dries, bp. - 
Scliants, David, m. Maritie Immerick, June 22, 

Scliauns, Bee 

Sc-hcer, 1'etrus, of Halve Ataan, m. Catharina 


Schefer, J> ! Daniels. Ch: 

Jacob, i 
Sclienklin, Andrew, and.. .-Tan. 

Schermerhooren, Jac( and 

trader . v <iud. 


dam. He came o 

a prospet - 


Van Voorhoudt, I 

Genealogies of the First /Settlers of Albany. 


mon. Helena, w. of Myndert Harmense Vander Bogart 
Jacob, Machtelt, w. of Johannes Beeckman. Cornelia. 
Jannetie. w. of Caspar Springsteen, Neeltie, w. of 
Barent Ten Eyck, and Lucas. 

ScrrERMERnooBKN, Reyer Jacobse, born in Bever- 
wyck, in 1G52, settled in Schenectady, and became, a 
prominent and influential citizen there. Hem. in 1676, 
Ariaantje Arentse Bratt, widow of Helmer Otten, 
baker, of Albany. He made his will Aprils, 1717. 
and d. Feb. 19." 1719. He had the folio wins; Ch : 
Jan, bp. ; Oct. 14, 1685; Catalina, w. of Johannes 
Wemp: Jamie Ikert Symonse Veeder, 

Jacob, and Arent, bp., Jan. 1693. 

Schermerhooren, Symon Jacobse, was born in 
1658. At the burning of Schenectady. Feb. 9, I 
rode to Albany by way ot Niskayuna to carry thi 
of the massacre, although shot through the thigh and 
his horse won itherwith 

his three negroes, were killed on that fatal night. In 
1691 he removed to New York where he die 
1896, leaving a widow and one son Arnout. He mar- 
ried YCiilempie Viele. probably dan. of Arno 
nelise V. and had the fol bp. in Albany : 

Johannes, July 23, 1681, killed in 1690 ; Arnout, Nov. 
7, 1686 ; Maria, bp. in N. Y., 1693 ; Jannetie, bp. in 
N. Y., March 24, 1695. 

Schermerhooren, Jacob Jacobse, resided in the 
manor of Rensselaerswyck and was master of the 
sloop Star plying between New York and Albany, in 
1681^4. He was buried at Papskuee, below Albany, 
June 20. 1713. He married Gorritie Hen 1 
[Van Buren] and bad i E Ch: bp. ; in 

Albany; Jacob, Dec. 27,1685; Hendrick, Oct. 16, 
1687 ; Cornells. Sept. 
Jannetie, May 6, 1694; Elizn 
Johannes, July 21, 1700 ; Reyer, Feb. 21 

Schermerhooren, Cornells Jacobse. was living in 
the of Manor Livingston, nea 

He had previously been master of the sloop Star, lie 
married first ; Maritie Hendrickse Van Buren, Jan . 
21, 1695 and secondly. Margarita, Ail, 

1713. Ch : bp. ; in Albany Jacob, Oct. 4 
drik. inN. Y., Sept. 9, 1699; B 

Cornells. Sept. 9, 1705; Lysbeth, Feb 16, 1701 
netie. April 23, 1710 ; Jannetie, May 24, 1719 ; ] 
July 3, 1720. 

Scherherhooren, Lucas Jacobse, settled in Rari- 
tan, N. J., and is said to have married Elizabeth 
Dame, in 1700. He had two Ch: bp. ; in 
Jannetie. Oct. 29, 1701 : Sophya, April 7, 1703. 

Schermerhooren, Arnout, son of Symon Jacobse. 
of New York, ha a Ch : bp. there 

rina. May 10, 1711 : Willemyntje, Oct. 14. 1713; Jo- 
hannes. July 13, 1715 ; Aeltie, May 19, 1717 ; Jannetie, 
Sept. 20, I 

Scbxj: ' rent, of Schenectady, m. Antje 

Fonda, April 16. 17U. Cb. : Catalyntje, bp. Oct. 10, 

1714. Si 
Sclicrmerhoorn, Jacob, m. Mar 

Nov. 20. 1715. 

Schermerhoon, Jacob, and Susanna Ch : 

Catryna, bp. ; July 10, 

Sciierherhoorn, Jacob Cornelise, and Antje 

[A Jacob Schermerhoorn, and Agniete Van 

were m. in Albany June 23, 17) ib S. m. 

Johanna Beekman, May 4,171s.] Ch: bp. ; Maria, 

March 6 

1. 1719; Marti : 


tie. Oct. 11, 1724; Hem 1726; Johannes, 

May 13, 1727; Jannetie. Feb. 25, 1728: Philip, April 

17. 1737. 

Schermerhoorn, Hendrik, and Elsie.... Ch: 
Gerritje, b. Nov. 24, op de Jlak'.e Loonenbun 
bp. in the Lath. Ch 
1716 : Johannes, bp.At 
27. 172. 
June 13, 1725 ; Roeloff, bp 

Schz i .ebeck, 

[son ol • ■ . i . i. July 4. 

Jacob, Jan the youngest, Johannes, Jannetie, Catha- 
rine, and Gerritie, w. of Gerrit narmenci; of these 
following were bp. in Albany, Barent, May 
17. 1725 : Gerritie, April 2, 1727; Reyer, June 5. 1737. 

Schermerhoorn, Johannes, [son of Jacob Ja- 
cobse], and Engeltie Ch : bp.; Gerritie, April 

July 2, 17:38; 
■Trine, March 7, 1742. 

ScbermerlioriiyJacob. Jr.. of manor of Livings- 
ton [son of Jacob Jacobse,] and Cathalyntje He 

made « . proved July 21. 1761. in which 

he mentioned ch : Cornells; Jacob: Tennis: Wil- 
liam: Hendrick: Marten; Neeltie, w. of Johannes 
Radclift of Jeroo Halenbeck, of 

bp. Nov. 1, 1741 ; and 
Cornells, April 2 I . 

Schermerhorn, Cornells, m. Maria Winne, Oct. 
22. 1742. Ch: bp. : Jacob.' June 12, 1743; Philip, 
1750; Dirkie, June 14. 

Schermerhorn, Jacob, Jr., m. first, Elisabeth 
Wbltaker, and secondly, Annatie Stroop,abo 
Ch: b . 11. 1767: Rel 

1770 ; Maria, Dec. 3, 1773. 

Schekmebhobn, Jacob C, and Gerritje Schermer- 
horn. Ch: bp. ; Marvtje. Dec. 17. 1769: Marytje, 
Aug. 16, 177S: Cathalyna, Jan. 20, 1782: Gerritie, b. 

ScHERMERHORN,Ryer, and Dirkie Van Buren. Ch : 

Schermeruorn, Johannes, and Margarita Folksby. 
tetie, bp. June 23, 1777. 

ohn W., and Cathalyntje (Van) 
Valkcnburg. Ch : Cornelis, bp. March 1, 1778. 

Schermerhorn, Hendrik, and Cornelia Lansing. 
Ch: Cornelia, b. July 1, 1778. 

Sch; er B., of Albany Co., m. Ma- 

ry tie I V5. Ch: Willeru, b. April 11, 

Schermerhorn, Jacob, and Geertruy Ch: 

April 19, 1779. 

Scheb rk, and Cathalyntje Ch: 

[arch 20, 1779. 
Sen; iel. and Maria Van Der Poel, 

Schermerhorn, Johannes, and Bata Van Valken- 

. ii : Neeltie. b. Dec. 25, 1781. 
Schebmebhobn, Jacob J., and Aaltie Schernier- 
horn. Ch: Cornelia, b. April 15, 1783. 

Scuermerhorn, Jacob, and Annatie Kenneda. 
Ch: Samuel, b. April 17, 
Scherjierhorx. Cornelius, and Catharina Van 
Henry Rensselaer, March 24, 
; Dec. 30, 1799. 
Sclierp, see Sharp. 

Scliever (Scheber, Schiever), Hendrick. and Ma- 
rytje .... Ch : Catharyna, bp. Dec. 17, 1733 ; Chris- 
rune 7, 1741 ; Philip, bp. Jan. 26, 1743. 
;vER,Diederich, and Maria Margarita Hendrich. 
slse, bp. Aug. '. 
Sclioltus, Johannes, and Elisabeth Doth. Ch : 
Hendrik. b. July 2 
Schoen, Jan Willemse, farmer in colony Rens- 

yck, in 1660. 
Selioonmaker, Jan Barentse (Van Edam) 
came to Bevenvvck in 1636, and was still there in 

Schoonjiaker, Harmen, owned a house lot in Al- 

nmakeb, Michael, and Catharina Oatner. 
Ch : Anna, bp. March 1 1 . 

:r, Johannes, and Aaltie (Alida) Bur- 
bp. May 21, 1775; Abraham, 
■ ta, b. Margrita, b. Ma 
b. Jan. 14, 1783. 
- inmakbb, Tjerk, and Cornelia Acker 
larch 17, 1786. 
shakes, John. Jr., m. Magdalcna Honser 
Ch : John, b. July 22, 1791 ; 


Scbonter Si 

Schram, Jolinim - uburgh. 

Scbreydol, Jan L< 

Scnufeldt, (Schoufeld, Zoufeld) Adan 

Ch: b. ; Pet! ne 

■ Itie, April 11 i 

Scliat (Schuidt) alias Domnielaer, Willem Janse, 
tailor • 

Schuyler. Two brothi rs David 


and the p 

uity. They came from J 

dan. of 

on the 
Broadway and 

it will reach k- 

■ lived 
to mar, uiliesin Albany 

1694, lived in Claverack ; in 


: '. Jerri I 

S. Ch 

d, bp. Dec. v 
L6 13; Philip, bp. Oct. -J.-, 
Pieter, bp. 

•e, lived on the ' 

He d 

Wendel: he m. secondly Su- 

-.1 had one Ch: Catalynije. bp. April 2 

I 1709, resided 
- father bud occupied on the 
eet. In 
sring be- 
in his will no 
leaks of the five following children of 

oeck. He in. i • 

88, 1700: Abraham bp 
Aug. 27. 1704; Jacob':- ,;();. 

David Davidtse, 

' Ch- 
rid, bp. April il 1697- 
inns,bp. July 21, 1700: Cathanna.bp D< 

•man of 
N. Y. city. 1734, m. El. t 735) . 

Anthony, bp. Oct. 80, . \ V ' 

lee), merchant- 

mayor of All. 

occupied a lot on the south side 

. l< liel ( 
buried in the c. 

ii, On. 21, 

Anna, b 

all the - Like bis 

• most 
a. tra- 

I March 

His wife. Margarets Van Slichtenhorst, dau. of Brant 

• Guys- 

bert, b. 



i. I 

■ . 

i .es, b. 
April 5, 166 >. Jan. 2, 107;>. 

.il. Pieter (Phil I of Al- 

Brst mayor of the city, 

the east Hide of 

d back 
to the river. Be : and 

secondly, Maria 


.. 1090; 

■ lee. Brandt (Philipse), lived i. 
New York, in 1686. He m. first, Coin. 

Wyck, April 10. 1741 : . bap- 

tized in New York, Philippus : Ojoff, 

. i. i:k. Arent (Phi mittcd 

wa> probably - 


: Phi- 
irus in X. Y , 
Wilhelmus. June 2, 1700. 

th De 

bp. Sept. 21, 1692, in X. V. 

of Phi. i -ion in 


b cor- 
ner of : tto tbe 

ridow of Johannes Wendel, was m. April 25, 

1 ■ iii-. : 

Philip, Dec. 25, 1695, killed by the French at Saratoga, 

Johannes, net 31, 1697; Mi 

Lady," Jan. 13. 1701; Oatalyntje, 

March 5, 1704. m. ' ', 

Schuyler, Gerritor Qerardus [son of Pieter and 
Alida Van Slichtenhoi - ted freeman of 

New York city in 1703. and m. '. there 

v. lf», 
1704 : Jai 

Pieter. Jan. II. 1713; Aegje, March 20, 171S; Johanna 
Gouda, June ■>, 171V: Maria, Feb. in Col. Philip [son of Pieter and Maria 
Van Rensselaer], m. .his com 
Schuyler'"] dan. of Johannet Philipse. He lived on 
the Flats [West Troj ] and d. 

- Y.'l, 
m. Aim 

i'h. bp. in >.'. Y. : Jo 

,me 7, 

Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


Schutler, Jr., Philip [son of Arent?], m. Sara 
Rosevelt, in N. V.- Feb. 28, 1718. Ch : Sara, bp. in 
N. Y., Aug. 19,1719. 

Schuyler, Nicolaas [son of Philip and Elisabeth 
De Meyer], was a surveyor, m. Elsie Wendel, Dec. 2, 
1711, was buried July S, 1748. Ch: bp. ; Elisabeth, 
Sept. 18, 1715; Philip, C/ct. 27, 1717; Harmanus? 

Schuyler, David [sonoOliraham, and Geertruy 
Ten Broeck], had a lot in 1735 on the south corner of 
Broadway and Steuben street: m. first, Anna Bratt, 
July 17, '1720. who d. Sept. 24, 1722,; and secondly, 

Maria about 1734. Ch : bp. ; Alida, Feb. 12, 

1721 ; Pieter, March 10, 1723 ; Abraham, Nov. 15, 1734 ; 
Abraham, Dec. 25, 1735. 

Schuyler, Pieter, dr. [son of Pieter and Maria Van 
Rensselaer], m. first, Catharina Groesbeck, Nov. 4, 
1722, and secondly, Geertruy Schuyler, dau. of Johan- 
nes S. He was "buried at the Flats Sept. 2. 1753. 
Ch: bp.; Pieter, Feb. 20, 1723; Elisabeth, Jan. 3, 
1725; Maria, Jan. 22.1727; Stephanus. Oct. 3,1728; 
Stephanus, Dec. 13. 1720; Stephanus, April 2, 1732; 
Philip, April 22, L736; Col. Philip P. Schuyler d. 
June 3, 1808, a. 73 y. ; Maria, Dec. 20. 1738: Maria, 
May 7, 1741 ; Johannes, Aug. 14, 1743 ; Cornelia, July 
26, 1746; Johannes, Dec. 10, 1740. 

Schuyler, Jeremias [son of Pieter and Maria Van 
Rensselaer], in 1728, lived on the east side of Broad- 
way in the first ward, by the bridge over the Rutten 

kil,just south of State street, lie in. Simnna ; 

was buried at the Flats, Dec. 10, 1753; she was bu- 
ried June 17, 1717. Ch : bp. : Magdaleua, Nov. 3, 
1723; Maria. April 17, 1726; Pieter, Sept. 22 
Thomas, Nov. 15, 1734 : Margrieta, Sept . 3, V 

Schuyler, Harrnanus [son of David and Elsie Rut- 
gers], was admitted freeman of N. Y. cil\ 
m. Januetie Bancker in Albany, Dec. 1, 1722. Ch. 
bp. in Albany : David, Feb. 7, 1725; Evert, Aug. 28, 

Schuyler, Johannes, Jr. [son of Johannc ami 
Elizabeth Slants], m. Cornelia Van Courtlandt of 
N. Y.,Oct. 18,1723. [He or another of th 
was mayor of Albany, 1741-2.] Ch : bp. ; Geer- 
truy (?) w. of Pieter Schuyler. Jr. ; Catharina. July 14, 
1728; Philip, Oct. 17, 1731 : Philip [Maj. Gen.] Nov. 
It, 1733; Cortlandt, July 0, I ns, Aug. 

14, 1737 ; Elizabeth, Oct. 8. 1738 ; Oliver, Feb. 22. 1741 . 
[Johannes Schuyler, Jr., was buried at. the Flats 
Nov. 6, 1741: another Johannes S. was buried in the 
church March 2, 1747 ; Johannes S., Jr., was buried 
church Nov. 7, 1746 ; and another Johannes S. 
was buried in the church July 22, 1740.] 

Schuyler, Abraham, [sou of Abraham, and Geer- 
truy Ten Broeck.] m. Catharine Staats, Sept. 7, 1732. 
Ch : Christina, bp. June 20, 1733. 

Schutler, Abraham A. [perhaps same as last] and 
Maria .... Ch : Hendrick, bp. Feb. 8, 1738. 

Schuyler, Jacobus [son of Abraham and Geertruy 

in. Geertruy Staats, Nov. 12 

bp. May 2.1730; Geertruy, bp. Oct. 

rch 16, 1740; Neeltie, bp. Aug. 

p. Nov. 

bp. Feb. 18, 1750; Christina, 

24, 1752. 
vlek. Harmanus [son of Nicolaas, and Elsie 
Wendel,] m. Christina Ten Broeck of Claverack, 
Sept. 4. 1754. Oh; Nicolaas, bp "• : Sam- 

uel, bp. Nov. 20. 1757; Elsie, bp. March 9, 1760; Dirk, 
bp. Dec. 6, 1761; Johannes ren, bp. 

Aug. 1. 1703; Maria. '. : Philip, b. Dec. 

ill 25. 1709 ; Philip, b. Aug. 22, 

.i.f.r, Gen. Philip, Jr., [son of Johannes and 

ines V. R., Sept. 7, 1755, d. Nov. 18, 

I h : Engeltie, bp. Feb. 22, 1756; Eliza- 

b Aug. 7, 1757, m Bamilton, Dec. 

d. in Wasbington,No\ .rgarita, 

bp. Sept. 24, 1758, m. Stephen r ; Cor- 

1, 1701 : John Bradsl 

. 1705; 
atoga Aug. 19, 1795 ; Philip J< remiae 
, d. Feb. 21,1835, in N. Y. ; Rensselaer b. 
Cornelia Lynch b. Dec. 22, 1776, m. 

. . . Morton, d. in Philadelphia, July 5, 1808 ; Cortlandt, 
b. May 15, 1778; Catharina Van Rensselaer, b. Feb. 
" 20, 1781, m. first Samuel Malcolm son of Gen. Mal- 
colm, and secondly Maj. James Cochrane, son of Sur- 
fn. Cochrane of the Revolutionary army, and 
. in Oswego, Aug. 20, 1S57. 

ScnuvLER, Stephanus [son of Pieter, Jr., and 
Catharina Groesbeck]. in. Engeltie Van Vechten. 
Ch: Pieter, bp. May 14, 1758; Geertruy, bp. Jan. 4, 
1760; Reuben. iug. 21, 

;. b. Oct. 9,1765: Johannes, b. May 
: Jeremie, b. Sept. 2-7, 1771. 
Schutler, Stephen or Stephanus, J. [son of Jo- 
hannes and Cornelia Van Cortlandt], m. Lena Ten 
Eyck, April 29, 1763. Ch : born ; Johannes, b. Jan. 4, 
1704; Tobias, b. Nov. 27, 1765; Philip, b. Jan. 24, 
1768: Hendrick Ten Eyck, Dec. 31, 1772; Philip 
Cortland, July 30, 1775; Cornelia, Nov. 1, 1777; 
Parent, April 12, 1780; Stephen Van Rensselaer, Oct. 
Cortlandt, bp. Sept. 24, 1786, d. July 31. 
1858, a. 72 y., and was buried from his residence in 
Tivoli Hollow. 

rc-EB, Abraham [son of David and Maria — ], 
m. EvaBeeckman, Dec. 2, 1703, d. May 27, 1812, a. 

70 v. ; shed. July 17, 1803, a. 69 y. 5 mo. 3d Ch : 

born ; Maria, Dec. 18, 1764 ; Martin Beeckman, March 
2, 1707; David, March 31. 1700 : Maria, Feb. 14,1771; 
Geertruy, July 16. 1773; Hcndrik, Sept. 8, 1775. 

-. ler. Col . Philip Pieterse [son of Pieter, Jr. 
and Catharina Groesbeck], m. Annatie Wendel, 
April 21. 1705. d. June 3, 180S, a. 73. Ch : b. ; Catha- 
rina, March 23.1766; Elizabeth, May 4. 1771 ; Geer- 
truy, June 26. 1773; Pieter, Julv 15, 1776; Maria, 
Sept. 11, 1778; Stephen, Nov. 17, 1780, d. Feb. 5, 
06 y. ; Ariaentje, Sept. 15, 1782 ; Lucas, March 
9, 1785. 

Schuyler, Dirk, [son of Jacobus and Geertruy 

Staats], in. Maria Van Deusen, in N. Y., April 26, 

29, 1768; Catharina, 

Nov. 20, 1770; Willem Van Deusen, May 9, 1773; 

Geertruy, July 25, 1775., Pieter, Jr., m. Geertruy Lansing, Jan. 
17, 1767. Ch : Anna, b. Feb. 6, 1769. 

Schuyler, Reuben, [son of Stephanus andEngeltie 
Van Vechten], m. Sara Foss. Ch : Sara, b. March 

i ler. John Bradstreet, [son of Gen. Philip, 
and Catrina Van Rensselaer], m. Elizabeth Van Rens- 
selaer, Sent. 18, 1787, d. in Saratoga. August 19, 1795. 
Ch: Philip, b. Oct. 26,1788; Stephen Van Rensselaer, 
. and d. May 25,1790. 
Schuyler, Pieter S. [son of Stephanus, and Engel- 
tie Van Vechten], m. Caty Cuyler, Dec. 2\ 1780. 
Ch : b. ; Engeltie, Sept. 8, 1790 ; Angelica, Jan. 30, 
1704; Angelica. Oct. 1. 1708, in. Sander Lan-i 
and d. March 24, 1863, a. 67 y. buried at Wesl 
John Cuyler, Dec. 1, 1801. 
ScnuvLER. Harmanus P., [son of Philip P. and An- 
adell?], in. G ■-.. Oct. 2, 1790; 

and secondly. Maria Dean, about 1800. [Harmanus 
P s and Hester Beeckman, m. Feb. 16, 1797.] His 
first Mile d. March 24, 1794, a. 20 y. ; his wife Mary 
Dec. 28, 1810. a. 33 y. 2 mo. 28 d. ; he d. in 
ma, Oct. 13, 1822. a." 53 v. Ch: born; Mary, 
1791; Philip, Jan. 26, 1703; Mary Anna, July 

Schuyler, John S., [son of Stephen J., and Lena 
Ten Eyck], m. Catharine Cuyler ; she d. at Watervliet, 
Sept. 28, 1855. a. 92 v. Ch : born ; Stephen, Nov. 26, 
.. 1707; Helena, Jan. 16, 1803. 
Si, Philip S., [son of Stephanus, and Eu- 
an Vechten ?], m. Rachel Van den Bergh, July 
Ch: horn; Stephen, Oct. 27, 1794; a child 
name not registered, Dec. 12, 1700; Abraham, Sept. 
5, 1709 ; Lucas Van Vechten, Nov. 20, 1801. 

Schuyler, Jeremiah, [son of Stephanus and En- 
geltie Van Vechten?], in. Jai i d. at 
let, Feb. 15, 1832. Ch: Cornelius, b. July 1, 
ame Jane, b M 
Schuyler, Philip S. [son of Stephen, and Lena Ten 
Eyck?], m. Cynthia Carpenter. Ch : b. ; John Car- 
penter, Oct. 2, ! iug, 30, 1803. 


I \arch (Church), William and Mary 



: !ae. Ch: Mar. 

lary Ch : 

Seaton, William, and Cathy Connick. Ch : Alida, 

. Ch : Mary, 

See, David, and Leentje Sn -. ■ ;>h, bp. 

Jan. 6, 
Sejjers is the surname of a far. 
:n earlier time* 

-eVan Yoorhoudt. thi 
• Beverwyck in 1648, " and succeeded Vander 
Donck on the farm cs 

lade a joint will, shebei 

rannetje, w. of 

Jacob ' rhoorn; Neeltje. w. <-f Hans 

i doorman ; and Lysbeth, w. of Francis Boon. 

m. Jannetie. dan. of 

I 'irkse Van Vec 

[Seoers,] Claas Cornclisse, m. Bregje Marvns, and 


Goes and d. in 1663. In 1663. the following ch.. of 

Van Voorhoudt were living ; 
a. 12 v. ; Jacob, a. 10 y. ; Lysbeth, a. 
a. 5 y. 

:nnes, m. Breechie Wielaars [Wheel- 
he bought a lot on the 
: of South Pearl next to Jacob 1 : 
..orth from Iludson street . Ch : bp. E 
Billet 1 .' drik, April 25 

Thomas, Jac 
Roeloff, Aug. 13, 17-27 ; Johaiii 

Hilletic. Jan. 6, 1735; Jacob, 
Josyntje, July 31, 1738. 
- lata, m, Susanna Bratt. Dec. 
. March 22, 1741 : Pieter, Dec 
Adam. -.752; Adriaan, 

Jan. 5, 1755 ; Staata, May 30. J 

of Johannes and Brec b 
laars^. m. Sura Orchert [Orchard], April 21, 1744. 
Ch: bp. : Johannes, Feb. 17, 1745 ; B 

, March 17. 1751 ; 

: Brechie. b. May l , 

Tohannes and Brechje 

Judith B ftrst wife was 

buried. - he d. March 2 

- ; Adriaanus nosrelam'.. 
drian Hoc geland, b. F 

Segers. Jo: 
Feb. 20, 175: ; Gerrit. Jane -2 : 

>>hanncs and Brcghie 


.". 1771 ; 


m. Marv Pengburn (R 

of Evert and Sara Or- 
burn a 
anna, b. 

: Susanna, bp 
i i, 17S0. 

and Sara Or- 
Ch: Evert. I 
v Johannes S.. : 

Seoeks. Jacob [son of Roeloff, and I 

Segers. Alexander, and Mary Potter. Ch 
ander. b. April 2. 

Segers. Hendrik [son of Evert, and Sara Orchard. J 
and Annatie. Ch: b. ; 17S0; Sara, 

Oct. 17. 

. r, and Sara Orchard.] 
arine\ ander Williger [Terwilliger.] Ch : 
b. ; Dirk 

Segers, William Tson of Gerrit, and Mar.- 
burn,] m. Annatie Brant. Ch: Gerrit, b. Jan. 18, 

Seqna, Jacob, and Marearita Dunbar. Ch: Elisa- 
beth Koe, b. Ma 

Sharp, Scharp, Scherp, Schaap. &c. 

Scliarp, Andries Hanse. in Beverwyck. as early 
as 1660 ; in 1671. bought a farm behind Kinderhook. 
Hehad sons; Johanhe- 

Schabp. Johannes Andriese [son of the lai 
Kinderhoek, and 1720. of Claverack, m. Geertruy 
Andries, Jan. 5. 1701 ; Willem. Julv 10, 
Andries. Jan. S. 1704: Neeltie, July 6, 1707; Cornells 
April 30. 1710 : C I 1713. 

Scharp, Gysbert Andriese. of Kinderhoek, m.Lys- 
bert Ja: -21.1701. Ch : bp.: Andries, 

. 1702: Catharina. Aug. 20, 1702: Jan 
mon, March 24, 1706 ; Cornelia 1'hilip, 

Oct. 30. 1710; Laurens, Oct. 19, 1712; Maria, May 

'" Sohabp, Laurens r son of Andries Hanse 

: bp.; Andries. ' 

uomon, Dec. 16, 1716; Catalvna, Ai 

De Warran. Ni 


g. 12, 172-2 : Th 


<1 Barbara Ch : bp. ; Co- 

Btinus, Mav 13 
I ; Pieter (-). 

-. Andries. Jr - and Hilletie . 

Elizabeth tian. ■ . 
Ch : Laurens, bp. Joi 

... m. i 

.761 : Jacob, 
ie, b! 

;:d Maria De 
krp, m. 
CI : Ma 

Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


Scharp, Pieter, Jr., [son of Jnrriaan and Barbara ?] 
— m. first Catharina Berringer, Nov. 1762, and se- 
condly Mary Donncway, about 1778. Ch : b, - I 
Oct, 6, 1765: Frederic, Juh 22, 1709; Margarita. Dec 
6, 1776 ; William, Oct. 20, 1778 ; Mary, June 12, 1781. 

Sharp, Willem, and Nceltie Suydam (Zerdam), 
Ch: Johanna, b. Sept. 15, 1767. 

Sharp, Nicolaas, m. Lena Hoogeboom, Jan. 31, 
1767. Ch:b. Jacob. M Bartholomew, 

April 1, 1769; Jnrriaan, Dec. 7, 1771 ; Barbara, June 
25, 1776 ; Margarita, April 9, 177!). 

Sharp, Lourens, and Geesie Schermerhorn. Ch: 
Hendrikaud Gerritje, twins, bp. March 14, 1769. 

Sharp, Augustintis, m. Maria Van Alstevn, Dec. 
10,1707. Ch: b. ; Maria, August 17, 1769; ] 
Oct. 29, 1775; Jnrriaan, March 30, 17:0; Jannetie, 
April 22, 1788. 

Sharp, Coenraad, [son of Juriaan and Barbara. . .,] 
and Elizabeth Staats. Ch : Jurriaan b. April 
Jnrriaan, b. Aug. 25, 1778; Catharine, b. Mi 
1786; Catharina, b. Mayl2, 1790. 

Sharp, Johannes, ai rerisia) North 

(Notho. Ch: Elizabeth, b. Feb. 6, 1779; Abraham, 
b . March 

Sharp, Salomo, and Rachel Halcnbeck. Ch : Jo- 
hannes, b. June 25, 1781 ; Hilletje, b. Nov. 15, 1784. 

Shabp, Abner, and Cornelia Halenbeck. Ch: Sib- 

ble, b. Jan. 22. 1788; Henry Halenbeck, b. Nov. 15, 

Sharp. Jacob, m. Ariaantje Van Iveren [Everen], 
April 9, 1789. Ch : Catharine, b. Sept. 22, 1789; 
Elizabeth, b. Aug. 12, 1791. 

Sharp, Gilbert, m. Annatie Schoenmakcr. b. Mav 
28, 1792. Ch : Peter, b. March 

Sharp, Jacob, and Geertruy Wing. Ch: Samuel, 
b. March 22, 1800. 

Shaw, Joseph, and Sara Duischer . Ch : Thomas, 
b. March 1, 1709; Ca:, b. Feb. 25, 1771. 

Shaw, Benjamin, and Antje Ch: Benjamin. 

b. Sept. 10, 1769. 

Sherman (Shairman), Job, and Anna (Any) Con- 
ger. Ch : Lydia, b. Jan. 3, 1781. 

Shever, Carel, m. Sara (Celia) Redly, M 
1770. Ch : Johannes, b. March 1, 1779. 

Shewdy (Shoudy), Johannes, and Catharina Kei- 
zer. Ch: Barbara, b. & John, bp. Feb. 

13, 1793. 

Shuckburgh, Richard and Mary Ch : 

John. bp. March I 

Shutter, Hendrick, m. Jannetie Hiudermond, 
March 29, 1779. Ch : b. ; Margarita, May ;. 
Temperance, May 10, 1787. 

Shutter, Abraham, and Geertruy Vosburgh. Ch : 

Sibry (Sibre'e), William, m. Rebecca Yates, May 
30, 1779. Ch: b. ; Maria, Sept. 28, 1783; Johannes 
Yates. April 28, 1780. 

Sickels, Zikkels, Zichelson. 

Sickels, Van Weenen, Zacharias, was for many 
years in the West India Company's service as cor- 
poral, first, at Curacoa, and from 1656-9 at Fort 
Orange and New Amsterdam. In 1093, he removed 
from Albany to New York. In the years 1070-1-2 and 
1681-2-3 he was ihe town's herder, and contracted to 
perform this duty for the season at 18 guilders a 
head. In 1089, he wat 

He had the foil I b. 1666; Zach- 

arias, b. 1670; Grietje, bp. May 17, 1084; Lea, bp. 
May 8, 16 

i, Rob 

Ch. bp. in 
- ; Sophia, July 27, 1090 ; 
i ■ ■ 
beth, bp. inN. Y., Aug. 13. I I 

Sickels, Lambert (Lambrccht) [son of Zacharias 
the fir-' bp. in N. Y.: Johannes, Dec. 

Mida, May 9, 1703. 

Sickels, Lea, [dau. of Zach.i rsi fttler.] 

had a dau. Martha, bp. inN. Y., Aug. 25, 1700. 

Mist. Coll. iv. 21 

Sickels Zacharias [son of Zacharias the first set- 
tler], m. Maryheu Janse in N. Y., Aug, 29, 1693. and 
had the following ch. bp. there: Johannes. July 29, 
cobus, Nov. 17, 1005: Zacharias, Sept. 4, 
Zacharias, June 12, 1700; Thomas. March 28 

Sickels, Thomas, [son of Zacharias the first set- 
tler], had Ch bp. in N. Y, : Zacharias, Aug. 30, 
1702; Zacharias, Feb. 23, 1704; Hendrikje, Oct. 7, 
n ; Thomas, March 6, 
1709; Thomas, Sent. 24, 1710; Wilhelmne, April 13, 
1712; Maritie, Sept. 13, 1713: Robert, Nov. 2, 1715; 
Annatie, June 2, 1717 ; Jannetie, Nov. 30, 1718 ; Jan - 
netie,Sept. 18, 1720. 

Sickels, (Zikkels, Zilchelson) Zacharias, [perhaps 

son of Lambert], ra. Annatie Wyngaard, July 4, 3 728. 

I 0, 1746. Ch. bp. in Albany: 

19, 1731;' Eliza- 

ie, August 8, 1733 ; Lammert, July 30, 

Abraham, June 5. 1737 ; Gerrit, Feb. 17, 1740 ; 

Christina, August 7, 1743; Christina and Margtireta, 

1 745. 

Sickels, Abraham, [son of Zacharias and Annatie 

Wyngaard], m. Maria Cannel, (Kanner, Conner), 

April 16, 1707. She d. 27 (28. ) Mav 1829, a. 89 y. Ch : 

b. ; Annatie, August 16, 1767: Daniel, Sept, 14, 1769 ; 

.771; Jacobus, Dec. 31, 1773; 

Elizabe h 6 ; Willem. June 24, 1778; Ca- 

trina, Oct. 20, 1779; Johannes, Sept. 6, 17S5. 

Sickels, Zacharia, ni. Catharina Sheers (Cheir, 
Sheerura, Sharer, Shaver) June 19, 1777. Ch : b. ; 
John, Mav 16, 1778; Rachel, Nov. 9, 17S0 ; Letty, 
April 6, 1784; Jane, Oct. 28, 1793. 

. s, Christoffer, and Neeltie Fynhout. Ch: 
Debora, b. Sept. 7, 1778. 

Sickles, Thomas, and Mary Norwood. Ch : Richard, 
b. July 9, 1780: John Brazier, bp. Oct. 11, 1782. 

Sickels. Daniel, and Jane Dox (Jennet Dunse). 
Ch: born; Alexander, Oct. 27, 1796; Marian, Jan, 

Sickket, Lodcwyck, m. Christina Vretje (Fra- 
tien), Nov. 23, 1765. Ch: Jacob, b. Feb. 20, 1768. 

Sill, Richard, m. Elizabeth Nicolls. May 2, 1785. 
Ch: born: William Nicolls, March 25. 1786; John 
I I, 1787. 
Silverssen, Pieter, and Jannetje Van Schaick. 
Ch: Francis, b. July 22, 1707. 

Simnioiis, Benjamin, and Annatie Manley. 
Ch: John, b. July 20 ' 

8imm< . Elsie Strunk (Strong). Ch: 

Pieter. b. Dec. 6, 

Simpson, John, and Catharine Douglass. Ch : 

1797: Christiaan, Aug. 25, 

I, 1803. 

Sinhoo, Jacob, and Matnamskidaa. Ch : Johan- 

July 26, j 724. 
Sitzer, Andries, and Sara Allen. Ch : Pieter, b. 

Siverse, Siwerts, Siversend, Syberse, Siwers, 
. Swart, &c. 

nephew of Marten Gerritse 
Van Berj 
Sivbksb (Sywertsi in. Jnrriaan, of Catskil 1732-5, 
f Schenectady, Feb. 5, 1727, in 
S. Ch. baptized in Albam . .,30, 

■i : Gertraud in Catskil), March 
CatSkill, Jan. 27, 1735. 
Sixberry, Nicolaas, and Mary Ch : Nicho- 
las, bp. June in 

1 Elsie Egmond. Ch : bp.; 

Anna, Jan. 11, 1741; Cs.tha- 

ilj 18, 1744; Catarina, 

lay 19, 1751; Willem, July 22, 

Sixberrt, V. i Radcliff, Dec, 9, 1738, 

"Billy Sixbert 19, 1740. Ch: 

Nicola;; Billy Sixberry's child 
■ ■ 

Eva Backes (Baccis, 

Ch : Maria, bp. March 19, 1758 ; 
Abraham, b. Oct. 15, 1766. 


Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 



Slxsby, J 

. 6, 1780: Jol 

d Alicia Bont, m 
Skidmore, John, ami Ann Clark 

Skinner, Jared, and Marv Drew. Ch : Mary 

Slick oten, thehua- 

ifthe late Claas 

Sliniserland, Tennis Co 

Of Ms children, 
. j a,nd lefl i i! 
; Elizabeth, < 




made Ji 

. «); Al- 

! ;oi. 

Bnkk i- le July 7, L725, 

I '. 1731. he men 
following chili bp. July II 

ok, Jr. ; 
Thomas, Dp. March 5, 1704. 
Sling ■ m. Eva 

>p. April 
: Eva, bp. July 12, 1714 S :e also 
Slingebland, Tennis [eon of Arent,] m. first. Eli- 
zabeth Vanderzee, Oct. 4, 1719 

10; liis 
ent, bp. April 24. 

Abraham, bp. Nov. '< 

- I 

. Johannes (B Albert] 

m. his cousin Anna,'! 

i: fleeter, bp. July a . 


tL736 ' 


bp. Feb. 17. 1751 : Wouter. bp 

laas, bp. March \. 1756; Antony, bp. Feb. 26, 

Eliza' i L764. 

aelie of 
Ch: bp. : 

Hendrik, b. Aug., 1765; Albe 1 

in of Teunis, and Elisa- 
beth Van derZ i Johannes Slin- 
gerland. Ch. : Nov. 4, 1750; Arent, 
March 22, 1752; Isaac, May 21, 1756; Wbn1 

Claartje Clute, 
Sept. '-' . S; iii tic ( luti 

April 7. 1754; Dirk. Jan. 7, 1759; Wouter, b. April 

Sungerland, Abraham [son of Teunis.] m. Re- 
becca Viele, D I amis, bp. Oct 

2, 1757; Petrus f60; Abraham, Dec. 13, 

1707; Ma 

Storm f; Lena, 


-. Nov. 
lu, 1704 ; Jobanm hann 



■: .'una], 
m. Ells r60. Ch: 

Maria. Oct. 2, ll 


Ryckert, Mar 

Feb 3, 177!) ; Abra- 
:. 1781. 

i son of Woater and 

rst, 31. 1177 ; and 

Rachel Davis, tied. June 2(5, 

April 4, 

'pril . 

Annatie Drett, Oct. 22. 1797. 
nis [son of Abraham and Re- 
luil is, 1779 ; 
i ii i, 1791. Ch : 
Maria. March 2. 1782; Ma- 
ria. No. 

?92; Maritie, Oct. 13. 1793. 
SlingERLAND, Arent W. [son of Wouter : 
ter], m. Annatie Aarnoi 
Hester, Da .25 
1790; Jacob. July 8. 1793 ; Angeltie, Sept. 5. I I 
Sun. ' i [sou of Gerrit and i 

am! Annatie Halenbeck. Ch : Gerrit, b. Julj 2! 

. Pieter [son 
becca], m. first, Marv Vander Veer; aud p» 

ildron ab.att 1789. Ch : Rebecca, bp. Feb. 3, 

icis, and Rachel Davis. Ch. ; 

Sltngkrland. Abraham [son of Abraham and Re- 
a. Sarah Schoenmaki r, Mat 0. Ch : 

h. Rebecca, April 18, 1791 : Jann< I 

brland, Wouter [sou of Anthony and 

• laartje, 
. L792; Esther Ri 

ham and Re- 
,.i. Maritie Van der Werken, Jan. 2 
raham, b. May 20, 1793. 
• kland. Jacob [son oJ 

>',: || ; a 

condly ' : born ; 


I] i. .'.'. 1SU0. 

Slingbrland, John [son of Isaac and Eva], and 

Susan;, r : .Martina, Dec. 15, 

ii . Jan. 8, 1S00. 

Slover, is. Whitlock. Ch : 

born : Eleanor, March 25, L799; i a March 

Sluyter, Will Ch: Cornelia, 

bp. March 1, 1718; Edward, Oi 

Sinit, Rem Janeen, in N< > 

rwyck, 1055-00; at Waleboght, 1663 

aan for 

tceitin thespol id and if he had 

Lm to prosecute it at law. His w. was Jan. 
i-\- Rapailie. 

Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


Smith, Thomas, and Maria Barret (Bergen). 
Ch: bp.; Elsie, June 14, 1747; Margarleta, July 2, 
1749; Barentje, May 18, 1755. 

Smith, Bennoni, and Mary Springer. Ch: Daniel, 
bp. March 18, 1750. 

i , Jacob, and Mary Ch : Wilhelmus, bp. 

April 15, 1760. 
Smit, Coenraad, and Jannetie Hoogeboom. Ch: 
as, bp. Jan. 22, 1751. 

i Jacob, Van Saratoga, m. Maria Barbara Smit, 

Oct. 14. 1753. Uh: bp .; Johannes, Feb. 10, 1754; 
Eaehel, Jan. 15, 1758; Jacob, Aug. 17, 1762; Mar- 
fa July 10, 1769. 
Smit, Wilhelmus, m. Annatie (Hanna) Bratt, Dec. 
6, 1761. Ch : born ; Elizabeth, Nov. 6, 1762 ; Barent, 
' p. April 7, 1765; Anna! ; 
Oct. 30, 1770: Elizabeth, Dec, 14,1773; Cor- 
I Dec. 7, 1776. 
Smit. Johannes H., ofNiskatha, m. first, Margarita 
Weitman ; and secondly, Margarita Pei 

Dh : Zacharias, 
Andries, b. July 1, 1766 ; Elizabeth, bp. Oct. 
Feb. 17, 1771. 

1 1, and Barbara Crafter . Ch : Mi 
b. Oct. 16, 1704, 

Smith, Alexander, and Rachel .... Ch : Catha- 
Feb. 2, 1708. 

. ■ ■ I Neeltie Larraway. Ch : Saar- 

tie, b. April 7. 
Smith, Jacob, and Elizabeth Vinkel. Ch : Jurri- 

i;;rch 13, 1770. 
Smith, David, and Any Smith. Ch : David, b. July 

Smith, James, and Elizabeth Allen. Ch: James, 
b. Jan. 31, 1778. 

Smith, Willem, and Mary Corker. Ch : Willem, 
2, 1778. ' 

Smith, Elisha, m. Alida Bulsing, April 5 
Ch: Helena, b. May 10 

Smith, Theodoras, and Caty Simson. Cli : Nico- 
laas, b. April lb, 1780. 

Smith, Cha I ;aret Asurine (?) Ch: 

Margarita, bp. April 14, 

Smith. John, of Saratoga, and Mary McDole. Ch : 
Abijah, b. April 

Ch : Jeremia 

and <;*'.■ i ., . , siekte 

June 7, 1790; Elizabeth, b. April 11, 1706. 

Smith, Barent, m. Hannah Bel, March 21. 1790 

nn: Margaret, Dec. 1, 1700; Jeremiah. March 

: Anna, Sept. 23, 1795; Elizabeth, Sept. 28, 

April 3, 1801. 

Snoet, Johann Mattbys, and Geertruy Re< 

Anna, b. Jan. 30, 178S. 

Snyder, Jacob, and Anna Ch : Pieter, bp 

May 25, 1713. [Jacob Snyder m. Elizabeth Feek, 
June 9, 1722.) 

mi, Willem, and Barber Clapper. Ch : Mar- 
garita, bp. Jan. 22, 1754. 

Snyder, Andries, and Annatie Harris. Ch : An- 
natie, b. June 23, by de Fo, U i u , n 

, 1769. *' 

Snider, Johannes and Maria Cool^Ch: Lvdia 

bp. Jul;. 1, 171 

Snyder. Lourens, and Elizabeth llecccrrv Ch • 


ihn and Mary Deerstine. Ch : Henry, b. 

rametie Van Sinderen 
lis, b. Dec. 12, 1788. 

Soeabergcn, Reyer Cornelise, miller, in 1660 

Soe»emakel}k, alias Van Woggelum Two 

.- name, Pieter riaense 

with their mother, were early settlers of Beverwyck •' 

i 1660, their mother Anna 
Pieterse Soegemakelyk was a widow by the death of 
- ud husband. Barent Janse Bal: she d. in 
was apprehended by 
the revenue officer, Johan De Dekkere, for refusing 
sales of wine, beer, &c, but 
': he denied - the right of the officer of Fort 
. collect this excise in the Colonic where he 
lived and in this he w.-< \ the Patroon. 

In 1664 he received a patent for a bouwery and home 
lot at Schenectady, whi i L670, to fielmer 

Otten for 35 beavers ; after Otl widow 

married Reyer i ton .'1 this 

bouwery thus acquired has rei 
until the presenl ti lei echi dren, 

Pieter Jan, and a daughter who m. .'• 
The first, Capt. Pieter Pieterse Van . 
1669 had a lot and garden at Lubberde's land [a part 
of Troy] and in 1672 he bought of Myndert Janse 
Wemp of Schenectady his father's bouwery lying 
upon and south of the Foestenkil, for 250 beavers ; 
subsequently he-sold this land to Dirk Van Der Hey- 
den from whom it passed to his three sons, Jacob, 
David, ai Tan Woggelum was a 

skipper, i aster of the open boat 

Vnltii pi .■... 'mw York and Albany. Jan 

1 -k, the brother of Pie- 
ter, was also an in 1655, and because he 
lived without the village of Beverwyck, in the Colonic 
refused to allow the excise collector to gauge his 
liquor casks. He is sometimes called Jacob' Adri- 
an Utrecht (?) 
Sornberger, David, and Christina Louwer. 
Ch: bp. ; Jurrie Jacob, Jan. 1, 1754; Coenraat, May 
r^0, 1759. 
Soul (Sool), William, m. Margaret Wyngaard 
Philips) June2, 1758. Ch: Robert, bp Jan 
21. 1759; Martha, Dec. 21, 1760; Hannes Wyngaart, 
b March 14, 1703 ; Elizabeth, bp. March . 

Soup, Dirk, and Mary Couverd. Ch : Mary, h. 
Nov. 8, 1791. 

Sperry, Jan, andFrancyntje Clute. Ch : Antje, 
bp. Oct. 23 

Spculman, Johannes, and Christina Huyck. 

Ch : Christina, bp. June 2i 

Spitsbergen, Teunis, see Vander Poel. 

Spoor, alias Wybesse, Jan, of Niskayuna ; in 

1662, Jan Wybesse Nan Ilarlingeu. farm servant, 

of( 'hristoft'el Davidts 16 morgens of land over 

the kil at Cat.skil, lying next Eldert Gerbertse Cruiff's 

land. In 1698, be owned land at Niskayuna, which 

he sold to Joha. ■ ■ 

Anna Maria ll bp. ; Antje; she was 

kiled and burnt ai Schenectady by the French and 

Dec. 3, 1684 ; Nicolaas, 

: 1690; Annetje, June 7, 1691 ; Rebecca, April 

Rachel, Jan. 31, 

Spoor, Johannes, of Kindcrhoek. joined the church 

■ .'■ Van Kingstowne / 

was Maria Singer. Ch: bp. ; Henricus, Jan. 

13, 1707 ; Abraham, Aug. 3, 1707 ; Dirk, April 30, 1710. 

Spoor, Gerrit, and Mary Gilbert, were m. before 

17(!0. He made his will May 26, 1719, proved June 3, 

..I mentioned his wife Mary and the fo ' 
Oh : Ann ; Mary ; Cornelia, bp. April 20, 1712 ; Jo- 
hannes, bp. Nov. 29, 1713: Willem or Wilhelmus, 
' U6 ; Abraham. Feb. 2, 1718. 
Spoor, Hendrik, and Rebecca Van Valkenburgh. 
Ch : bp. ; Hieronymus, Rebecca, Aug. 

5, 1744 ; Abraham. I 

Spoor, Johannes, m •■■■•art, June 18, 

1757. Ch: Reb 11, 1759 ; Maria, bp. 

Dec. 7, 1760; Maria, b. Feb. 1, 1764; Gerrit, b. Dec. 
8, 1767. 

Springer, Dennis (Daniel) and Mary .... ■ 
bp.; Abigail, Jan. 12, 1737; Dennis, Sept. 10,1738; 
Benjamin, June 1 I 

i ger, J., and A Ch : John, bp. March 3, 


Springer, Hendrik, and Frena Keyser. Ch: bp. ; 
Jacob, May 8, 1743 ; Elizabeth, Aug. 17, 1746. 

168 ' Gkrt >' Albany. 

Sprinoer. 0i 

Benjamin, and Hendrikje Oliver 

■'.nt. Ch: born; 
I Alida, April I 

r,Feb. 10, 1771. 

■J ui> 86, 1771 . I ■ ■ 

Sprlngstetle, Joseph, and Elizabeth Mi I 
rerniah, b. Dec. > 

Sprlu^steeii, Caspar, i 
1707, m. first, Wyntje Jurcx iu New York Aug. 9, 
Hid secondly. Jai Schermerhoorn 

in N. Y.. Jn'- bp. in N. Y 

Jan. 31. 1694; Jannetje, June 13, 1007 ; Jao 
14, 1099: Simon, June 19, 1709, in Albany. 

iham, andAntie .... Ch: Mach- 
telt, bp. May 16 

Spki> :,m Horner (Tur- 

ner), Nov. 21. 1735 ; secondly. Helena.. . . about 1751 
Ch: bp. ; Caspar, A ig 
1739; \\ fllem, Oct. 86, 15 10 ; Jann i 
Jacob, April 27, 1746 ; Isaac, Aug. 30, 1752. 

Springsteen, Simon, m. Ma 1,1744. 

Ch: bp. ; Casparus. July 7, 1715; Oerrit, June 5. 
1748; Magtel, Maj 27, 1751 , Jannetje, April 15, 1753: 
Staats, Jan. 5,1755. 

Springsteen, Jacobus (Jacob) m. Rachel Cole 
(Cool) Aug. 15, 1779. Ch : Jacob, b. July 4, 1780. 

Springsteen, Daniel, of Greenbush, mid Annatie 
Schermerhorn. Ch: Cornelia, b. M 
- - Sprong, Cornells, and Margarita Schans 
(Schawns; TJaans, Jones '<) Ch : Johan 

i ina. bp. Juh -. 
nes, bp. June 63: Chris- 

tiaan, b. Oct. 7,1764, 

eth, b. OcrTJ0770; Yolkert, bp. Mav 16, 1713- 
Marytje, b. Sept. 2, 1775. 

Sprott, William, of Saratoga, and Margaret Mc- 
Grieger. Ch : James, b. Sept. 21, 17SS. 

Squlnce, Jolin, and Jane Nixon. Ch : John b 
March 19 

Staats iStaes), Maj. Abram, surgeon, came to 
Rensselaerswyck in 1612, with Dominic M . 
sis ; in 1643. he became one of the council and presi- 
dent of the board iu 1641, at a salary of 100 florins ■ 
he obtained a license to trade in furs [in 165. 
toN. Amsterdam 4200 beaver skins], and 1 n 
conskb : 1 1 lt (he practice 

of his profession (0'< y~.,. i-,,, 

many years he was a skipper on the North ri \ 
mandiDg the sloop Claverack, plying 
York and Albany, in 1684. He m. Catriua Jochemse 
[dan. ot Jochei He lad lour sons who 

reached maturity (and perha Jacob- 

Abraham, b. in 1665 ; SamueK and Jochem 

Staats, Jochem, m. Antje. dau. of Parent Reyn- 
dertse; shed, in 1707. Ch : bp. ; Barent; Trvni je 
Jan. 7, 1685; Isaac, J; ^ept. 8* 

1689; Isaak. June 28, 1691; , fork- 

July 29. 1696: Richard, in New York Aim. 10, 1698 
Isaak, July 20, 1701; Elisabeth, in New York, June 
18. 1712. 

Staats, Samuel, " chirurgeoD," is said o have 
learned his profession in Holland, and on bis return 
to have settled in New Amsterdam. ' 
vince surrendered to the Eul^ 
to Holland where he remained until! 
Orange ascended the English throne in 1688, when 
he returned to New Y'ork. Di. dminis- 

tration ot the g-overnnient he 
and councillor. His death occurred in 1715. 
tme's Mem., 1864.] The name of his first wif 
known; May 7, 1709, he m. Catharina ilawarden, 
in .New York. Of then children, which he had in 
1,03, the first five were probably b. in Holland • the 
four. bp. m New York, 

Anna Elizabeth, Dec. 21, ibbi. in Philip Schuyler : 
Joanna, Jan. 31, 1694; Tryntje, April 5, 1697 

;s, Jacob, surgeon, eldcet son 


, ■■■■■! 1 ■ 

tyckie, d. in Sep 
ithal be lefl air, < 
Staats, A t>r 
m. Elsje, dan. of Johi 
made his will Sept. 21. 1731, pi 

in which the fi ■ uaham' 

i, p. Ma 
bp. Jf liarina, Nov. 1, 

ept. 26 

; Elisa- 
beth, bp. Jan . 4, 1713: Jochem, bp. May 20 
. Samuel. 
i of Jochem], m. Neeltje Ger- 

May3, 1702; Anna, Dee antje, May 13, 

1706; Catharina; Dec. L2, March 

11,1711; Jannetie, Feb. 22. I ,,, Sept 

15, 1717: Teuntie, March 20, 1720 MGerrit, June 8. 

Staats. Abraham, and Maria Ch : bp. ; Pieter 

Jan. 7, 1713: Barent, March 20. 1717. 

Staats, Isaac [son of Jochem], 111. Maria Van 
Deusen, June 23, 1728. Ch : bp. ; Joachim, April 20 
1729;- Elisabeth, April 16, 1731: Anna. Oct. 22, 1733 
Willeui, May 2, 1736: Barent, Jure :>. 1739; IJendrik 
Sept. 20. 1741. 

Staats, Joachem [son of Barent], m. Elisabeth 
Schuyler, Maj 12. 173:*. Ch : bp. ; Neeltje, , 
1739; Barer, $9, 1741; Nicolaas, Oct. 2.1743 

Elsie, Oct. 25. 1747; IST& , 1750; Gerrit 

March 29. 1752; Philip, Aug. 12, 1754; Johannes' 
Nov. 20, 1756: Annatie, Jan. 4, 1160. 

Staats. Barent [son of Abraham], m. Ma^dalena 
Schuyler. Nov. 2, 1743. He was buried at Dibllaoge- 

she was buried June 16 
Ch : bp. ; Maria, Oct. 19, 1741 ; Susanr 6, 1746. 

on of Abraham,] m. Necltie 
Staats, -Ian. 8, 1742. Ch: bp. : Neeltie, Feb. 16 1746- 
Elsie, June 4. 1749 ; Anna, Maj 

Staats, Gerrit [son of Barent.] and Debora Beek- 

man. Ch: bp. ; Jacob May 3, 

1750; lb John Graham • 

■ teob. Nov. 20, 1756: Neeltje' 

: Barent. b. May 16, -1762: Hendrik 

b. July 27, 

Staa -i - [son of Barent ?], and Geesie Yed- 

i . b. May 7, 1767. 

Staats. Parent J m. Antje Winne, August 24 
■ hem, April 11, 1829, a 
Ch:b. Joachim, April 27, 1769: Daniel, Sept. 19 
1771; Cathalyna, Jan. 11 1774; Gen-Hie. April 18 
ilisabeth, May 3, 1779. 

Staats, Gerrit, and Catharina Cunningham. Ch • 

born, Joachim, bp. Jan. 4, 1769; Joachim, b Feb 

6, 1771 : Margarita. Nov. 10, 1773; Hendrick, Dec. 8 

' illem, April 19, 1718; Johannes, Sept 25' 

1780 ; Annatie, Nov. 2 

Staats, Hendrick. and Maria Du Mont, Ch : b 
Hendrik Du Mont. Dec. 1. nil ; Maria. May 10, 1773; 
Catharina, Feb. 1. 1776; Hendrik Du Mont, Dec. 13, 

-. Hendrick, and An. - f 

Henry S . born on Long Island, d. Fel 
1). August 29, 1 
Staai \nnatk (Hannal 

1. 1771. He d. May 22, 1825, a. 89y. 15 d. ; his widow 
d. June 3, 1829, a. 79 y. 5 mo. 11 d. : Ch : born, Isaac 
Nov. 1, 1772; Rebecca, Nov. 9. 1774 : Johannes Yates 
Sept, 6, 1776. d. at his bro. Willem's, 195 N. Market 
St. April 21, L830 ; Hendrik, Get. 21. 1778 ; Catharina 
1783; Elisabeth, Sept. 20, 1786; Isaac, June 
1,1789; Willem Oct. 16,.1791. 
Staats. Nicolaas, and, Maria Salisbury. Col.Nicho- 
Mav 1. 1Mb, in "hi- 73d year. 
Ch: born; Willem. June 16. 1773; Jochem, Jan. 25, 
. i 778. 

1. Cornelia Lansing, Feb. 6, 
1114. Ch : b. feaac Jan. 7, 1775 ; Gerrit, Nov. 29, 1780. 

Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


Staats, John, m. Jcnm McClellan, Sept. 24, 1780. 
Ch : b. Joachim, July 5, 1781 ; John, April 15, 1784. 

Staats. Gerrit, Jr., m. Elizabeth Low (Yates), Nov. 
22, 1779. Ch : b. Corn. 'lis Lug. 1,1780; Maria. Feb. 
22. 1781 ; Elizabeth, April 10, 1782 ; Samuel Provost, 
Sept. 6, 1784. 

Staats, Gerrit, and Ann Lowe, Ch : Nancy, b. 
March 20, 1793. 

Staats, Barent, and Antje Winne. Ch : b. ; Joa- 
chera, bp. Aug. 1782; Dirkje, b. Nov. 28, 1785; Ger- 
ritje, b. Feb. 5. 

Staats. Barent G, merchant, on west sidd of Broad- 
way one door south of Maiden Lane, m. Catharina, 
dau. of Jacob Cuyler, March ■■: \ug. 25, 

1810, ii. 78 v. his widow d. Sept. 16, 1852, a. 86 y. 
Ch: born ; Willem, March 22, 1790, d. at Have 
about April 1, 1830, a. 30 y. (?) ; Catharine Cuyler, 
July 13, 1792; John, Nov. 15, 1795; Gerrit, March 1, 
1798; Richard Cuyler, July 16, 1800; Henry, Jan. 17, 
1S02; Richard Heitrv, Oct, 6, 1803; I ' ■■ 
Jau. 24, 1832, a. 35 v. 6 mo. 18 d. ; Edward, Jan. 31, 
1810; Lydia, Ma, 

Stalker, Joseph, van de Presbyteriansche ge- 
sabeth Boils; she d. 1707; se- 
condly, Hannah '. Ch:b. ; Al- 
exander, Nov. 13, 1707; William, April 16, 1781. 

Staring, Nicolaas, and Catryna. Ch: bp. ; Jo- 
seph and Catryna, April 11, 1714. 

Stater, Jurian Henrich. and Maria Rosina Renit- 
sin. Ch : Johan Philip, bp. June 24, 1759 ; Elisabeth, 
b. July 13, 1766. 

Stavast, Gerrit, and Claas Janse, left New York 
about 1672. and came to Albany ; the former d. about 
1676, and his wid. m. Pieter Meese Vrooman. Soon 
after the brother, Claas returned to New 

York, and in 1686, was living with his w. Eetie Ger- 
ritsen, in Stone street. 

Steele, Daniel, m. Elisabeth Van Benthuysen, 
April 15, 1797. Ch : Daniel, b. Jan. 24, 179S. 

Steeu (Sting), Juriaan, and Lea Van der Hoef (Van 
iioef);Ch: born ; Johannes, Jan. 17, 1702 ; Leona, 
July 15. 1704; Michael, Jan. 29,. 1707 : M rii 
August 13, 1769 ; Lydia. 1772 ; Rachel. April 

rohannes, May 24, L780. 

Stenliouse (Steenhuysen), James, m. An] 
garita Vedder, Sept.. 16, 1732. She was buried April 
9, 1748. Ch : bp. ; Anna, Oct. 5. i ?33 ; Margai 
12, 1737; Johannes, June 17, 1739 ; Robert, Dec. 13, 
1741 ; Serb. March 27, 1 I 

Sterrevelt, Cornells Cornelise, owned a house 
and lot in Beverwyck, ; 

Stevenson Iroenen- 

dvck, 1 ' in the church 

Dec. 12, 1730 ; Pieter, 
June 28, 1741 . 

Stevbnson, John, and Magdalena Douw. He d. 
April 24, 1810, a.75y. Ch : Catharina, b. Jan. 6, 


Still, Francis, and Rosino Fero. Ch : Francis, b. 
April 20, 1780. 

Stooner, Pieter, of IIellenbergh,and Mary Steely, 
Ch :Geertje, bp. 

Stol, alias Uap, Jacob Janse. came to Beverwyck. 
in 1030 and succeeded Hendrick Alberteefl as ferry- 
master About 1057, he bought land at E- 
Kit Davidte and removed thither. lie was ai 
man in : ere, frequently 

i -din- with the Governor in relation to the 
Indians. His wife was Geertruy Andriese, sister of 
mrgh. After her hus- 
bandry death in 1661, - 1 ' :|B - 

Stoll, Willem Janse, probably brother of > 
sold a 

bergb P usbanu 

of the ■ late Claas Hendrickse Van 

Stoppelbeeujllendrici-. th. Ch; 

Story, Rol ei ' houses 


of Maiden Lane and IV:;n 

Stokt, Thomas, and Helena (Eleonora) — Ch: 
bp. ; Catryn, Dec. 9, 1722; Maria. Feb. 26, 1724. 

Story, Frans, and Catharina De Wever. Ch: 
Magdalena, b. April 2, 1785. 

Stover, William, m. Elisabeth Halenbeck, Oct. 
1, 1789. Ch : Mary, b. Dec. 24, 1790. 

Streel, Johannes, and Margarita Ch: Mar- 

bp. Oct. 2, 1763; Mat- 
Nov. 12, 1709. 
Strcler (Strell), John, and Marytje Elva. Ch : 
Eva, on Aug. 25, 1705; Elizabeth, b. 

. 1707. 
Stridles, Gabriel Tomase (Gabriel Thompson 
i, in 1003,, hired himself to Thomas Powell 
for two years at breadmaking, for 22 beavers [$70.40] 
a year and found ; 1665. hired Jochem Ketelhuyn's 
1670, bought a house and lot of Jan Clute ; 
1684. was master of the sloop Hopewell, plyin 

rew York and Albany. About 1090, he re- 
moved to New York, and in 1701, was an innkeeper 
irrit Van Laer of New York, baker, 
petitioned Tor administration on the estate of Gabriel 
Thompson Strudles. He was brother-in-law of Rich- 
i lie following children bp. : 
Jannetie, Aug. 19, 1083; Thomas. Sept. 28., 10S4; 
Dirk. Jan. 31, 1080; Elisabeth. Mav 12, 1089! Johan- 
nes, in New York, May 7, 1693; Fytje, in New York, 
. 1694. 
Stringer, Samuel, and Rachel Vander Heyden. 
Doctor S. was a native of Maryland, settled in Al- 
bany nt the conclusion of the French war; d. July 
in his 83d y. His house was on the west 
ay, trie 9th north from Maiden Lane, 
office was next north of the house. Ch : 
1 . March 23, in //■as r/fi/loojd wegens zietke, 
March 24, 1765: Lydia, m. Stephen Lush; Gertrude, 
; S. Treat, and d. March, 1837. 
Strobcl, Emanuel, m. Helena Bum, wid. Oct. 
15, 1758. Ch : Johannes, bp. June 24, 1759. 

Stroop (Strook), Johannes, and Dorothea Can- 
ner. Ch : Christina, bp. Feb. 1, 1701 ; Willem, b. 
Irederic, b. Jan. 13, 170S ; Catharina, 
l 1770. 
Slronk (Strunck ; Strong); Hendrick. geboren in 
Elsie Harwich (Harbich), Nov. 23, 
ii : Maria, bp. Oct. 2, 1757: Catharina, b. 
March I Jan. 29, 1766; Christina, bp. 

. Dee. 24, no!/; Johannes, b. 
. i ; '70 : Johan Joost, b. July 25, 1779. 
Strunk, Philip, and Elisabeth Cooper. Ch: 
Henry, b. Nov. 5, 1799. 
Stuart (Stewart), Jan, bought a lot on the hill in 
I .lohn Conell, which his administrators sold 
Uen in 1075. 
Stuart. James, and Jenny .... Ch : Thomas, bp. 

Stuart, John, and Jane Campbell. Ch: Nancy, 

1779; Jenny, b. June 14, 1781. 
Stiulevant, James, and Mary Devenant. Ch: 
ept. 22, 1758, bp. Sept. 28,1796. 
■ etaht, Caleb, and Sarah Chandler. Ch : born ; 
:. bp. Sept. 28,1796; Sarah, 
1788, bp. Sept. 28, 1796. 
Stuip, Frans, and Catharina DeWever. Ch: 
born ; Maria, March 20, 1774 : Abraham, Aug. 10, 1776 ; 
--.79; Annatje, April 3, 
Sturges, Isaac, m. Sally Hardy (Smith), Nov. G, 
1777. Ch : Elizabeth, bp. July 8, 1779. 

Suidam, Tennis Pieferse, and Margariet Law- 

rense Ch : bp. Pieter, Jan. 28, 1694 ; Lourens, -June 

Samuel, Aug. 12, 1705 ; Catharina, Jan. 30. 

Sulliman (Sullivan?) Charles, and Dorothea 

. Ch : Angenita, bp, Dec. 20, 1757. 
Sullivan, John, and Elizabeth Cooper. Ch: 

, i. bp. : Ma> 8. 1713 ; Maria, b. April 11, 1775; 
Sutherland, William, and Elizabeth. Ch : 
eth, bp. July 3, 1759. 


Genealogies oj th First Settlers of Albany. 

sheritl , 

Salisbury : tin- ma 

(HO : il' lllis line 


: they hail then i 

heir of 1 

'vn in 1662 ; In 1715, tie v a 

bp. An : i::abcth, Nov. I 

.;. 1690. 

bp. ; Sara. Dec. 16, 1696 ; Jesa 

Swart. Adam Anton- 
"A an S 

.. m. Jannetie Van der Zee, July 22, 

BT, Jacobus, and Nelly .Whi taker. Ch : born ; 
Edward, Jan. 10. 1771 ; Dirk,< I 
. 1775. 
Swartwout, Rooloff, a resident and freeholder 
erwyck, until 1000. when he was appointed 
Wiltwyck, al theEsopus; 1669 

d jus- 
te grand excise of Ulster 
Hem. Eva Albertse, dau. of Albert Andriese Bratt, 

and widow of Antony de Ilooges, of Bevei 

Swautwout. Barnhardns i 
Schepruoes. Ch : bp.; Eva, Feb. 18. 1705: 
Feb. 1, 1708. 

Swfts, Isaac Cornelise, c '" - and Su- 

sanna Groot. Ch: bp. : Is:;: Jacob, 

.v03. Sec also > milies. 

Swits. Cornelia, ^a \enech- 

tade in J 

buried June i 

lantje, April 15. 17H 

Bwits, Isaac, m. Maria Vrooman, Feb. 25, 1728; 

Ch ; bp ■ 'ornelis, April 

- : Geertruy, Jan. 10, r I . -lau. 10, 

■ I uyler, in New 
York, Jan. 16, 1762 Ch: b. ; '•' . 1703; 

Margarita. Sept. 20. 1765 . 1- 

Feuimetie, August 17, 1774; Catharina, Aug 

Swrr It S buyler, m. Alida, dau. 

1707. She d. April 1, 
1823, a. 52 y. then a widow. Ch: Schuyler, b. August 
April 15, 1799. 

i ms, and Katharine his 

-1' land 

on the boundary line between New York and New 

formerly granted by th< NewJer- 

Symes, Lancaster, Jr.. n 
Jan. 15, 1720. Ch : Lancaster, bp. Noi . 

Sjmonse, Willem. servant of Volkerl 
Domv, in 1659 : with his fellow servant 
Lassingh ran away to ' master 

i appre- 
hend and send them back. 


Tack, Aerl 
of Bre 

lis, living ; in : 


innkeeper, 1664 1677. He wae 

ll" "MM 

oi Coi 




i Dochter 

made a joint will in 1661; at this time they ha.' uo 
Teabear (T: iph, and Debora Smith. 

Talbot (Tarbird), William, m. Annatie (Johanna, 
ig, March 16, 1777. Ch ; b. ; Robert, 

Taunsou, Jan. m. Maria Huvgh, Jan. 20. 1717. 
Ch: Anna, bp. July 13, 1717. 

Taylor, James, and Rachel Ilaoghkerk. Ch : 
Jacobus, bp. June 10, 175:5. 

Tatlob, John, and Susanna Baxter. Ch : William. 

Tayi.ok. John, and Sara Wilry. Ch : Phcebe, b. 
Sept. 12 

Tati i and Emmetje 

Hendrb 19, 1768; Jo- 

hannes -' 

Tatxok, John, and Claartje Clute. Ch : Phcebe, 
b. June I 

Tatlob, Lucas, andCelia Bi 

Taylor. Alexander : Jenny Brig 

by. Ch:Jane, b] 

Taylor. Johi 
March 28 

Teller, YViliem, the first, settler, merchi 

. a deposition 

id in this Province in 


id to be 

• (1 bis 

small inl ■ w York, Del- 

. • was 
a trader for abou nee he 

removed to Xew York in tii'.»2, with bis sous : he died 
in 1701. In his will ma 

.e ofbtitOof i ,i living, viz, 

Andries, Helena, Elizabeth, Willem, Johann 


mong his child 
i he early proprietors of Sche- 
nectady, in 1662, though probably never a resident 
•itioued in the 
at oi the town in 1684. Hie 

; which 
■ irleth, 
iied in 1702, w I- 

lena, b ondly 

m. afsl 

Wynanl >b, b. 1655; Wii 

ar : and Jannetie, m. 

A rent Phil 
Telli b, Lnd tes, merchant and for manj 

fork, to 

1 w ill 

Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


Dec. 16, 1702, and he spoke of his Ch ; Andries, and 

ita, tie likewise had a son Oliver Stephen, bp. 

Nov. 29, 1685. 

Teller, Oliver [sou of Andries], m. Cornelia De 

in Nov, York. Oct. 12, 1712. ( hi: bp. in New 

York. Margareta, March 18, '■'■ 

a, Dec. 25, 1716; Cornelia, March 29, 

Teller, Amines [son of Andries,] resided in New- 
York: made will Sept. 3, 1702, and spoke of son An- 
brother Oliver; tret ; and mother 

Sophia. His ?on Yndries >.. ■ 

rineVandew: i r22, and secondly, Maria 

Marias, Nov. 15. 1730; made will Feb. 15," 1730-31, 
poke of w. Mary: dan. Catharina; and Uncle 

Teller, Jacob [son of Willem T., senior], of New 
Albany, m. Christina Weasels, of New York, Oct. 
24, 1083, in N. York, in 1080, he lived in Whitehall 
street. He was master of the , plving 

between N. York and 

1696, and spoke of w. Christina ; and dan. Am 
garita; his wid. made will Se, i 
of dai h : bp. in New York; 

Willem . vima Margarita, Aug. 1, 1694. 

Tei/u i !. [son of Will T., senior], of 

New Albany, m. Kachel Kierf k, Nov. 

19, 16SI removed to New York; made 

will June 25, 1710. Ch : bp. in New York ; 
rita, Aii:'. 17, 1687; Willem Willem, 

Dec. 25. 1000; Hans, March I 1 . Let, Feb. 

2, 1696; .la.'., bus, April 18, 169! ran. 25, 

1702; Jacobus. Aug-. 29, 1703. [Willem Telli 
Maria Van Tricht reo to marry Jan. 

19, 1700.] 

Teller, Willem, probably son of the last, had a son 
Willem, bp. in New York, March 21, 1714. 

Teller, nans [son of Willem T ,Jr .]. m . Catharina 
Van Til 23, 1710. Ch: Willem, bp. in 

New York, May 26, 1720. 

Tbllbb, Johannes [youngesl a T.. Se- 

nior], settled in Scheii 'Susanna Wen- 

del, August IS, 1086. Ch : bp. ; Margarita, Feb. 19, 
1003; Willem, Oct. 4, 1695 ; Jacobus, July ! 
See also Schenectady Fa.:. 

Teller, Johannes, and Elizabeth Ch : John, 


Ten Broeck, Major Dirk Wesselse, bom in 
> ant of Pieter Van Men in Beverwyck, 
as early as 1002 ; soon after, he began to trai 
himself, and t'oi 

Indian and other public affairs at Albany. "Some 

1 exported as m mis. In 

the first recorder under the charter 

oftheci i Thefollow- 


., | 

Ih,:,t , 

kit. 7 1, 

marrii d< n . In 'his will 

madeF ntioned 

Cuylei - itje, w. of Johan] r ; Cornelia, w. 

of Johi u of Abraham 

Schuyler; Christina, w. of Johannes Van Alen ; Elisa- 
beth v i ■ er ; Lidia, w. of Volkert Van 
mel ; Johannes . ■ i eb. 20, 

Ma.i r| Y:i la 

iter her 
death in 1003. the lot on the ea • 

which he retained till his death. lie- 
sides this lie owned a bouw al'Jan- 
I. [Hi Qdrick \\ else 'J'iii f.nn k, of New 
York, 1686, and Jochem Wes rwyck, 
bis brothers.] 
Ten Broeck, Wet- - 
mans, April 2. 1684. In his \. : 
1752, he spol 
1' Jacob Looki 
d, of his ch: Dirk; J; 

a a Catharina. He d. Ma 

1078, he and Cornelia Van Dyck bought land of the 
Indians on the east side of the Hudson river. The 
following ch. were bp. in Albany: A child, name 
omitted Dirk, Dec. 5, 1086; Christina, 

Oct. 20, 1689; Jacob, ' bristine, Juue 

ng 23, 1696; Maria. June 26, 
tcob, Aug. 18, 1700; Cornells, March 10, 1700. 

Ten B 1 , of Claverack, m. (Maria, dau. 

of Hendrick Van Rensselaer, and Catharine Van 
Brugge, Nov. 7, 1712. She d. April 4, 1756, in Albany, 
a. 74 v. 7 m. and was buried in Greenbush. Ch: 
bp. ; Christina, Feb. 7, 1714: Dirk Wesselse, May 1, 
1715; Hendrik. March 24. 1717: Johannes, Sept. 4, 
1720, d. Oct. 23, 1793; Cathrina, d. May 18, 1753; 
Jeremias, Feb. 1,1727, d. Oct. 24, 1802;" Christina, 
Jan. 7, 1730. 

Ten Broeck, Dirk, mayor of Albany, 1746-8; m. 
Margarita Cuyler, Nov. 26, 17 I in the 

church Jan. 7, 1751. Ch : bp. : Catryna, Sept. 4, 1715 ; 
Anna. June 0. I7i7, was buried Dec. 30, 1731; Chris- 
tina. Jan. 1, 1710; Maria, Anril 23, 1721; Wessel, 
1723: Sara, Mav 30. 1725; Margarita, March 
20. 1727 : Abraham, April 6,1729 ; Margarita, Oct. 10, 
1731; Abraham. May 10, 1731; Dirk, May 16, 1736; 
Dirk, July 26, 1738. 

Ten Broeck, Tobias, of Claverack, m. Maritie Van 
Stry. Oct. 24, 1714. 1724 Den 8 Juny, Is Tobyas 

'jo&ry op 
Ro::li>jfJartHeri'sKU. /'■ rJ//eop- 

sliuvlirjc. f'h: bp. ; Catryna Johanna, Sept. 20.1715 ; 
Dirk. April 14. 1717; Christina, May 17, 1719; Elisa- 
beth, Jan. 8, 1721. 

Ten Broeck, Johannes, m. [first, Elisabeth Wen- 
del, June 18. 1700. and , aa Van .Rens- 
selaer, Dec. 29, 1714. Ch : bp. ; Dirk Wesselse, Oct. 
30, 1715; Catryna, Jan. 6, 1717; Hendrik, .March 9, 
1718; Johannes, Sept. 20. 1719; Ephraim, Jan. 15, 
1721; Christina, March 18. 1722; Jeremias. Jan. 18, 
1724; Christina, Sept. 5, 1725; Cornells, Ma* 22,1727; 
Pieter, Nov. 17,1728; Abraham. June 18,1730: Ma- 
ria, Nov. 21, 1731 ; Ephraim, Aug. 15. 1733. 

Ten Bkoeck, Jacob, and Christina Ch: bp. ; 

Catharina, June 4, 1727; Johannes, Feb. 9, 1729; 
Christina, Feb. 15, 1738; Maria, March 30, 1710. 

Ten Broeck, Cornelia, m. Maria Cuyler, Oct. 12, 
1733. Ch : bp. : Catharyna, May 19, 1737; Johannes, 
1740, d.Dec. 26, 1822, a. 83 y. 

Ten Broeck, Hendrick, m. Annatje Van Schaick, 
Oct. 14, 1743. Ch- bp. ; Antony. Nov. 1, 1747; Antje, 
July 7, 1754. 

Ten Broeck, Dirk Wesselse, m. Catarina Conyn 
June. 28. 1743. Ch : Leenderl 1753. 

[Dirk Ten B. m. Annatje Douw, Nov. 25, 1761.] 

Ten Broeck, Johannes, m. Sara Gansevoort, June 

y. Ch : born ; Corne- 

1765 ; Ilarmen, 

March 25. i 7 « . 7' : Maria. Nov 11, 1768; Johannes, 

March . day 9,1773; Leendert, 

Jan. 2 .. harina, Nov. 

: George. Dec. 23, 1781; Wessel, Sept, 25, 

Teh Broeck, General Abraham, mayor of Albany, 

md 1796-99 ; d. Jan. 19. 1810, a, 75 y. He m. 

... \ an Renss ; a ; Dirk, and 

: Elizabeth, Aug. 25, 

1772 ; Margarita, July 18, 1776; Maria Van Reusse- 

23, 1770. 

Ten Broeck, Dirk, and Cornelia Stuiversand 

Ch: It. ; Abraham, July 13, 1788; 

Margarei Muvve-emt, July 24, 1700; Petrus Stuyves- 

Maria. May 20, 1795 ; 

Cornelia, April 23 

Ten Eyck, Coenraad, of New Am - 
ner and shoemaker. Ch. bp. in New Yoi 
•' ■ 
2. 1054; Hendrick, April 30. 1656; Mat1 

aet, Oct. 22, ll i ' 

Jan. 15, 1662 ; Metje, April 11, 1 Lrk. • 

Ten Etck, Coenraad, Jr.. of New York, m. Beletie 

May 19, 1675. Ch : bp. in New York; 

ad, Dec. 13. 1075; Samuel, July 24. 167S ; 

Maritie, Nov. 3, 1680; Wyntje, Jan. 15, 1684; Belitie, 


of the First Settler* 

Feb. j 

April 9, 

r. of Al- 

her i i! 1 

27, 1785-6. Ch : Coenraat, b 
q, b. April 8, II 

m. Johannes 



b : bp. : JaDnetie, 

I, 1708 ; 
Johannes, Nov. 27. 1T09. 

Ten Etik. Coenraad, silversmith, m. Oorritje Van 
Schai. b 

(Family Bible). He ,■ 

Jacob, b. April 21. 1706 1707, m. 

Germ . ... : Antony, b. 

Sept. 11 - L712; Barem. b. Si 

1714, d. March e, w. of 

Barent Ten Ej i 1791, a . 68 v. 2m . Id.) ; 

Catrina, b. Jan. 29, 1716-7, d. Nov. ri 

sc. 18, bp. Dec 
Anna Margarita, b. Feb. 12. 1721: '' 

August 19. bp. Juh 
Tex _ arita Bleecker, 

Nov. v- bp.; Jacob, Jan 

hanneB.Oct. 28,1710 ;Qeertie, Jan.] s.i 71 3: Margarita. 

'■'■'■'■ ' ,1720; Barent. Sept. 

TenEtck, Jacob, m. Alirla Visscher. June 17, 
1728. Ch: bp. ; Neeltie, Jan. 15. 1729. m. Samuel 
Pruyn. andd. April 14,1 
Nov. 15, 1730; Alida, Sept. 15. 1732 ; Barei 
22, 1734; Geertjc, Jan. 11, 1736, m. Johannes F. 
Prnyn, and d. May 16, 1807, a. 70 v. 3 m. 27 d. : Ba- 
rent. Sept. 24. 173S ; Barent, Sept 7. 7740 : Maria, Feb. 
27, 1743. 

Ten Etck. Jacob H. m. Annatje Wendel, Nov. 
30.1737. Ch : bp. ; Margarita, Oct. 1. 1738; Anna, 
Aug. 31, 1740; Anna. - k, Oct. 

9, 1714: Harmanas, March 29. 1747: Harmanus, Jan. 
14, 1750. 

Ten Etck. Jacob C. m. Catharyna dau. of Abra- 
ham Cuyler, Aug. 1. 7136. He was* jndire of the court 
of common pleas, and mavor 1748. Ch : b. ; Conraad, 
Nov. 27, 1741 -50, d. Sept. 9, 1793. a. 88 y. 
Nov. 22. 1790. a. SI v. oraad, Nov. 27, 

1741: Abraham. Nov. 29. 1713; Catharina, March 14, 
1746; Anthony. 

Ten Etck, Barent Ilenderickse, merchant, m. Lena 
Ryckman, April 21. 1745. Ch : bp. ; Lena, Sept. 8, 
1745 ; Hendrick. Nov. 8, 1747. [Barent Ten E. and 
Elsie Cuyler. m. Jan. 29, 1759] 

Ten Etck, Johannes H. and Sarah Ten I 
He d. July 31, 1794, a. 83 y. 11 m. 10 d. ; she d. Feb. 
16, 1801. a 70 v. Ch : bp. ": Hendrick, April 17, 1748 ; 
nendrickM-.- drick, Jnne, 23 

Margarita, April 16. 

TenEtck. Andries, and Anna Margarita Coey- 
mans. Ch: bp.; Pieti r, b. Oct. 29, 1749; Maria, and 
Charlotte, Jan. 30, 1752: Coenraad, .. 
Pieter Coeyman, July 15, 1759; Andrea- (?), Char- 

Ten Etck, Tobias c. of Albanv. m. Judithje Van 
Bnrcn of Schotack, Feb. 6, 176 ■ 

1, 1761 ; Gerrirje, b. March 15, 1765. 

Ten Etck. Hendrik. Jr.. m. Margarita Donw, May 
22,1767. Ch: 17,11 'o-ntje, 

March 28, 1770; Catharina, Sept. 7. 1 
June 15. 1774. ■: 

! eb. 19, 1779; Jacob, 
Dec. 8. I 

m, ■ ■:. Annatie Lansing, April 
14, m 1 Nov. 7, 

1769; J 

1774: Abrahai 

I, July 17, 1782; 
Jeremiah ^":. 1. oa, June 

Barent, and Sara Codwies. Ch: Maria, 

Ick B., and Catharina Sanders. 
- dead at the baptism of her child. Ch: Ro- 

ri ly 28, 1771. 

Etck, Anthony, 1 ..-a member of 

the co. he constitution 

of the ' . 'rst judge of Rensselaer county 

until 60 1. 1 member of th ■ senate for8 

a: b. ; 
rina, Dec. 14, 171 i [118,1779: An- 

thony. I ithony, Dec. 28, 

Tex Etck, Coenraad. m. first. Charlotte Ten Eyck ; 
secondly, Geertje Ten Eyck, Feb. 18, 1781. Ch: Ja- 
ran. 10, 177a 
Ten Etck, Harmanus, m. Margarita Bleecker, 
March 30 - 
362 N. Market St.; she d. Sept. 1, 1834, a 

1777; Cathalyna, Oct. 18, 
Hendrik, Feb. 21. 1786; Margarita, \ 
Margariet, Julj 22, 1791; Catharine Van Ingen, Feb. 

Tex Ktck. John De Peyster, son of Tobias Ten E., 
of Schenectady, m. Maria Donw. Jan, 20, 1782. Ch : 
John De P 

Ten Etck, G ualena Lpham. Ch : 

b. : Andreas, SeptflO, 1789; Hendrick. June 30. 1795; 
Hendrick, Nov. 12, 1797 (?); Susanna. July 11. 1801. 

Ten Etck, Barent, m. Annatie Hoffman, July IS, 
1790. She m. secondly, Dr. Met). Hand. Ch : b. ; 
Catharine, April 7. 1791, m. Barent Mynderse, of 
Schenectady ; Harmen Hoffman 1793 (?) 

Tex Etck. Andreas, and Luetie Van Esh. Ch : 
Sarah, b. May 28, 1791. [Andrew Ten E., and Lucy 
La Grange were m. March 10, 1797] 

Tex Etck. Jacob. m. Magdalene Gansevoort. March 
6, 1795; he d. at Whitehall, near Albanv, July 26, 
1S62, a 90 y. 5 m. 9 d . ; she d. at same place, May 14, 
1863, a. 86 y. Ch : b. ; Hester Gansevoort. Jan. 4, 
1796: Abraham Cuyler, July 6, 1797: Anna, Jan. 3, 
1800; Leonard Gansevoort. Oct. 12, 1801; Jacob Lan- 
sing, Dec. 20, 1803: Harmen Gansevoort, Jan. 17, 
1806 : Peter Gansevoort, Dec. 19 

Terwillegen, Simon, and Jannetie Coen. Ch: 
Saartie, b. June 28. 1789. 

Teunissen, Gerrit, and Geertray Groesbeck. 
Ch: Jacobus, b. Nov. 1, 1776. 

Teunisse, Jnriaan, see Tappen. 

Thiel. Bastiaan, and Ca arinaRuvter. Ch : bp. ; 
Henderick. April 20, 1753 : Catarina, April 20, 1755. 

Thing (Tingy, Tingly, Tinky), John and Mary 

Lucy fLuitz, 1 ,:;nn, Nov. 11, 

170; Johannes, July 17, 

177:; ; Maria. Au| March 21, 1787. 

Thomas, Evan, and Catharine. ... Ch : Willem, 
and Susanna, twins, bp. April 19 

Thompson, William, an d Mary . . . . Ch : Wil- 
liam, b. March 27, 17 77. 

Thompson,- John, and Jannet Wilson. Ch: Chris- 
tina, b. .ui-u.-t 1,1778. [John T. and Janny McFar- 
son, m. Jan. 21. 11 

Thompson, Robert and Agnes Webner. Ch: 
Nov. 15.1779. 

Thompson, Alexander, and Nelly Grant. Ch : Ann 
b. Juue31 (sic) 1781. 

Thompson, James Elliott, and Gertrude Conner. 
Hed. A Ch : a child, no narc; 

tered b. Feb. ] I May 8, 1791 : 

Archibald, b. August 2, 1799. 

Thompson-. George, and Elisabeth Bratt. Ch: 
Jane, b. Oct. 18, I 

Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


Thomson, Capt. Gabriel, see Strid 

Thorn, Jan, geboren tot N. F., m. Geertje Bres- 
ser, (/• '• stoivn, Jan. 23, 1706. She d. 

Oct. 23. 1707. Ch : Nicolaas, bp. Sept. 21, 1707. 

Thousck, Caspar, and Elizabeth.... Ch: 
Catharina, bp. March 7, 1769. 

Tiets, Willem, and Maria M. Cregeler. Ch : 
Catharina, b . July 5, 1780. 

Tietsoort, Willem Abrahamse, of Schenectady, 
removed to Dutchess county. He m. Neeltje Swart. 
Ch: Ariaantjc, bp. August 2, 1685. 

Tilman, Christopher, and Lucy Tracy. Ch : 
Christopher William, b. July 29 

Tilton, Pieter, and Margaret, Yhl (Ehle). Ch : 
b. Dec. 20, 1782. 

Timmel, Jan, a resident of Greenbush in 1671. 

Toinel, Anthony, a trader of Bevervvyck. In 
1661, Mrs. Sophia Van Wyekersloot, wife of Mr. 
Toinel, sold certain goods to arrive from Holland to 
Asser Leevi. a Jewish trader, at 75 pr. ct. advance 
and freight. In 1662, he acknowledged a debt of 60 
guilders and two beavers to Philip Pieterse Schuyler, 
for his fare from Holland, which he promised to pay 
when he returned from Holland, next year. His wife 
was the widow of Didrick Van Hamel late secretary 
of Kensselaerwyck. 

TJans, see Jones. 

Tjerkse, Isaac, and Ch: Willem, bp. 

May 23, 1686. 

Toll, Carol Hansen, of Schenectady, and Lysbet 
Rinckhout, Ch: bp. : Neeltge, June 20, 1GS0 : Da- 
niel. Aug. 1 1, 1691 : Neeltje, uly 7, 1695 ; Simon, May 
8,1008. (Si tady Families), 

Toll, Carel H., of Schenectady, m. Maryije Kittel 
at S., Oct. 2, 1759. Ch : Maria, b. Oct. 5, 1771. (See 
also Sclienectady 

Toll, Jesse, of Saratoga, and Maria Viele. Ch : An- 
na, b. Dec. 31, 1786. 

Tomase, Jacob, and Ch : Eutgert, bp. 

April 17, 1087. 

Tomase, Cornells, and Ch : Agniet, bp. 

April 10, 16S7. 

Tortler, John, and Elisabeth Cribble. Ch : An- 
na Maria, b. July 3, 1791. 

Teunsel, James, and Rachel Gardenier. Ch: 
JameB, b. May 6, 1770. 

Towhay, Timothy, and Elisabeth Jones. Ch : 
Jacob, bp. June 21, 1747. 

Treal, Hannes, and Elsie Mucret. Ch : Catarina, 
F, 1762. 

Treat, Richard S., and Gertrude Stringer. Ch : 
b. ; Elisabeth, Jan. 30, 1795; i jer, Dec. 

30, 1790: Samuel Stringer, April 27, 1708: Rachel 
Stringer,' Jan. 15, 1800 ; Richard Joseph, May 30, 1802. 

Treunagen, Johannes, a nd Aagie Winne. Ch : 
Willem, bp. Jan. 8,1700; Alida, bp. inN. York, Oct. 
10, 1708. 

Trotter, John, and Annatie Hogeu. Ch: Mar- 
ten, bp. Sept. 16, 1730: Matthi 

Trotter, Gen. Matthew, and Margaret Wendell. 
He d. Dec. 9, 1830 ; she d. July 23, 1849, in her 80th 
yr. Ch: b.; John, Oi tenry, Dec. 11, 

1792, d. March 25, 1825, at !>s ■'■ ,uth Market St.; 
Margaret, Sent. 3, 1796, m. William Lush, and d. 
Sept. 1,1870; Anna Maria, Aug. 2, 1803, d. Dec. 2, 

Trotter, John, merchant, m. Sarah Ten Eyck, 
dau. of Dr. E he d. Oct. 22, 1830, in 

her 41st v. ; he d. Dec. 31, 1S02. a. 75 y. Ch : John; 
and .... 

X'rowbridge, Luther, m. Elisabeth Tillman, 
March 15, 1778. Ch: b. ; Margaret, June 14, 1796; 
Aim Maria. Sept. 7, 1798; Charles Christopher, Dec. 
29, 1800. 

Truex, a corruption both in pronunciation and 
spclliii'.' from Truy, an early 

settler in New Amst 
there. His son- 
21, 1012; Jacob, bp. in N. Amst., Dec. 7, 1015. and 

Hist. (ML iv. 22 

Abraham (?) and dau. Sara; Susanna; Rachel; and 

. of Schenectady, m. Maria Willemse 
Brouwer. Ch : Isaac, bp. March 2, 1690 ; Lysbeth, bp. 
July 3, 1692: Johannes, -bp. Dec. 11, 1696. (See 
Schenectady Families). 

Truex, Abraham, of Schenectady, m. Christina 
La Grange. Ch : bp. : Joanna, Sept. 20, 1713 ; Anna, 
April 14, 1717 ; Abraham, E eb. 21 

e, Isaac Jacobse, of Schenectady, m. Maria 

aart, June 16, 1750. Ch : bp. ; Jacob, April 21, 

1751; Petrus, March 19. 1762; Maria, Nov. 2,1766; 

[Isaac T. of the Normanskil, m. Christina Pelleger, 

Jan. 21, 1769.] (See Scl rtUies). 

Truex, Jillis, and Ariaantje Jansen. Ch: Jacob, 
bp. June 26, 1755. 

Truax, Gillis, and Nancy McKinney. Ch : Andries, 
b. Nov. 2, 1775. 

Truex, John W., of Schenectadv. and Magdalena 
Huyser. Ch : Isaac, b. June 13, 1779. (See Schenec- 
tady Fan, 

Truex, Andries, of Schenectadv, and Cathalyna 
Wyngaard. Ch: Elisabeth, b. March 4, 1780. [An- 
. and Cathalyntje Maris, m. Feb. 13, 1770.] 
(See Schenectady Families). 

Truex, Jacob I, and Catharina Dochsteder. Ch : 
b. ; Jacob, Jan. 8, 1780 ; Catv, July 23, 1783 ; Elisa- 
beth, Dec. 16, 1786 ; John, Dec. 28, 1790. 

Truex, Isaac, m. Jenneke Bleecker, March 16, 
1788. He d. Oct. 12, 1812. a. 53 y. 5 m. 9 d. ; she d. 
March 26, 1811. a. 47 y. 5 m. 11 d. Ch : b. ; nendrick 
Roseboom, March 30, 1789 ; Ann Bleecker, April 7, 
1791; Isaac, July 21, 1793: Gerritie. Aug. 29, 1795; 
John Bleecker, Dec. 14, 1798, d. May 9, 1817, a. 18 y. 
4 m. 25 d. 

Truex, Henry, m. Ann Yates, Nov. 9, 1789. He d. 
Dec. 15, 1834, in his 74th y. ; she d. Nov. 23, 1845, in 
her 77th y. Ch: b. : Catharine Waters, June 26, 
1791, d. Aug. 15, 1791; Catharine Waters, July 25, 
May 19. 1794 ; Susanna, Oct. 15, bp. Sept. IS 
(sic), 1795; Catharine Waters, Feb. 28, 1800, d. July, 

Truex, Isaac P., and AnnBovie. Ch: b. ; Sarah, 
Ann, Oct. 24, 1805 ; Isaac Van Santvoord, April 17, 
1808; Elisabeth Maria, June 5, 1816. (See Schenec- 
tady Families). 

Truax, Isaac Ieaacse, of Schenectady, m. Su- 
sanna Roseboom. Ch : b. ; Cathalyna, Nov. 9, 1770 ; 
Cornells, April 9, 1773. (See Schenectady FamUies). 

Tuck, William, and Ruth .... Ch*: b. ; Routh, 
Dec. 9, 1722; Mary, April 4. 1725. 

Turk, Jacobus, of Kinderhook, high sheriff of 
Albany county, 1703, m. first, Catharina Van Benthu- 
sen, who d. Feb. 4, 1705; and secondly, Tryntje 
(Tenntje) (Hoes, wid. i . le, Oct. 27, 1705. 

Ch : bp. ; Jacob, Oct. 1 1 16 bus ran 1,1685; 

Johannes. May 16,1681 ; ,; , 1689; Alida, 

Nov. 27, 1092; Sara, Apr- ., ! ! - . .-.hasuerus, Nov. 
11, 1697; \ugusuiuis, Juh 21, 17U'J; Thomas, June 
22, 1707; Catharina, Jan. 9, 1709. 

Turk, Thomas, and Eva Van Valkenburgh. Ch : 
bp. ; Ma 23, 1740; Johanna, April 25, 

1742; Johannes, and Eva, twins, Oct. 21, 1744. 

Turk, Jeronimus, Jr., and Elizabeth Bussing. 
Ch : b. ; Timothy, Sept. 24, 1790 ; Angelica, Feb. 12, 

Turner, William, of Kinderhook, geboren 
in oude , Abigail Bogart, Nov. 7, 1702. 

Ch: bp. ; Jacobus, Oct. 17.1703; Helmer Johannes, 
Jan. 7, 1705; Jacobus, b. Nov. 1, op de Vlakte Klin- 
,,. and bp. there Dec. 12, 170S; Geisbert, b. 
on de fiakte Loonenburgh Feb. 28, and bp . there March 
4, 1711. 

Turner, Robert, and Rebecca Gardenier. Ch: 
William, bp. Feb. 19, 1754. 

T utile, Stephen, and Mary Graham. Ch: Guy, 

Tymensen, Cornells, of Niskayuna, and Mari- 
ne Ysbrantse; in 1713, she willed to the church of 
Albany £20, for the poor of said church. Ch: lymen, 
bp Dec. 13, 1691; Eldert. 


rst Settlers of Albany. 


u. July 
: . July 

I I 1") is ; 

Tt h i 

bp ; P( March 11. 1750; 

<>ct. 14, 1753; Rachel, 
. . 1750. 
Ftmh 'iid Geertmv Cregier. Ch : 


Urlub, Willem Henry, and ' irtman. 

Ch: b] arila, Sept. 15, 

Uslle, riii 
Ch: David, bp 
Dsilb, Pieter, Jr., m. Anna Acker son, June 4, 

: Cornelia, Julv 5, 1724; Anna 

Uzile. David, and Engeltie Ch : lv . 

ter, .In. nelia, Sept. 1,11 
Valk, Johannes, and Lysbet Ch: B 

Vai.k, Isaac, and Maritie Warner Ch: bp. ; Ma- 
rine. May 28, 1758; Cornelia. Aug. 16, I 

Van Acckcn, Jai 
wyck, 1(55 4 1072, and perhaps later: 
dealer in houses and lots. His w. was Elsie 

Van Alen. There were two persons of this 
name at Beverwyck, Pieter and Lourens, sons per- 
haps of Lonrens Van Alen . 

i'ieter, trader and tailor, in Beverwyck, 
1658— J i ■ L674, and m- ■ ■ . u 

bouwervat Kinderhook was sold to liannen Janse 
He m. Maria Teller, dan. of Willem T. In 1676, his 
Wid. was called Maria Loockermans. Ch: Willem. 
and Johannes. 

Van Alen, Willem [son of the last], of manor 
Rensselaerswyck, m. Maritie Van Petten, Nov. 4. 
1694. I tie", June 21,1695; Eva, 

1(597 ; Rachel. July 21, 1700 :. 1702; 

Gerrit Cornelise. .Slay 21, 1704 ■ : rickee, 

8 1706; Cathariua. Sept. 14. I 
derick, Feb. 5. 1710. 

Van Alkn. Johannes [son of Pieter], m. Christina 
Ten I'.roeck, 1701 . He was buried April 12, 1750 : 
6 nil Ch: bp. ; Maria. Feb. 
7. 1703: Christina. April 16, 1704: ; 
Lena, Sept. 19, 1708; Dirk V ■ 

Alen, Lourens. in Beve* 
resided in Pearl Btreet, east - Steuben 

and Maiden Lane. Heprobabl; 

1673-160!!. Li 1677, he owned a lot oi 


which he coir- 

1600, commissi' elected 

a: bp, a child nam 

ii us, Pieter. 

a lot i 

m. Sara Din: 

1702; Elbertje, Jan. \ .,, 1707 ; 

12, 1711, 
Klinkenbergh, by Domine Falkner the Lu- 
theran minister, Jan. 20, 1712 
Va- . Kinder- 

ilnller (Mulder), 
I ;. 1703; Heyltj 

-. Oct. "19, 
1713 : Ephraim. Oct. 5, 1718; Jam 

Van.'- irene], ofKinderhook, 


S, April 

ion of Willem], m. Anna Van 

Ch : bp pril is. 

lothe . \mm 
Van Ben 1 ! 

63 y. 8m.; Jenneke, '■: 

Oct. 1, 1700: a.61y. 3d.; Mirk, .Nov. 28, 1712; 
1 1], August 21, 
: Anna 
\ ai Benthuye 

r Ki iderhook, and Helena 
Van AlBteyn. Ch: bp. : Maria, July 3, 1737 ; Johan- 
.". 1744. 
Van Alen, Dirk, andCatharina Johanna. Ch:bp. : 
Maria, Jan. 21 
.'.dam, and Catharyna — Ch:Jaco 
bus. bp. Jan. 20, 
Van Alen, Gen-it. m. Catharina Van Wie, June 
Lllem, June 12, 1743 : W 
• .Ma-eii 13, 1748 ; Maria 

111.; Catarina, August 
1 ;55 . 
v lex, Lourens. and Cornelia Ch : Elbert- 
je, bp. July 31, 1743. 
Van Alen, Adam, and Annatie Vosburgh. Ch: 

Van Alex, Even, and Margarita Vergerls. Ch: 
-, bp June 19, 1748. 

'.lex. Adam, weduvmaar van Kinderhook. 
m. Maria Roseboom, June 20, 1752. Ch : Gysbert, 
bp. April LI 

- and Maria Lansing. Ch : 
Van Alen. Johannes, m. Maria Look, March 8, 
• Ii : b. ; Gcrrit, June 11, 1770 : Geesie, May 12, 

ii.EN, Willem [Gcrrit], m. Magdalena Van 
Wie, wid. of Philip Look, Sept. 20, 1780. Cu : Gerrit, 

UBN, John J., and Mary Diamond. He d. 
June 26 I d. Ch : b. Thomas Diamond, 

April 15, 1704; Anna Fitch, Feb. 4, 170(5: I 
June 20. 1708, d. Feb. 3, 1802, a. 3 v. 7m.: Margaret, 
Sept. 2- 27 d.; 

Van Alen, Gerrit and AnnMoodv. Ch : Mai 
b. Oct. 23 

Van Alstyn, Isaac • ise of Kinderhook, m. 
first. Maritie Abbedie " I and 

secondiv, Jannetje Joel a, Feb. 

Jan. 8, 1600; Harmon. ' ' imeus, 

Muie 9, 

mmert, April 30, 1710. 

Van ■ Luderhook, m. 

first .. Jan. 17, 

May 22, 

der, Jan. 5. 1701; Ale. .5.1703; Lena, 

Nov. 18 

2, 1713; Jaci 
1717; M L719. 

■ (Lambert ? see th.; next], of 
and Jannetje Mingael. Ch : bp. An- 
natje, July 28, 1700. 

\ \ ; Alsi x. Lambert Janse, and Janneti Min- 
gaai. He d. Oct. 16, 1703. Jan. 31. 15; 
a widi 1 Van 

9, 1702. 
m Maria Van 
!, buried Max 1! 

1712;': Jan. 21, 1710 ; 

Isaac. Pel 

Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


Van Alstyn, Marten Janse, m. first, Jannetie Cor- 
nelisejf ■ ■■ Den Bergh, Nov. 10, 

1705. Gl -'line 20. 1703 ; Martinus, Sept. 

22, 1706, was buried higuat4, L755; Cornells, Sept. 
26, 1708 ; Johnan I '.'ill: Cornelia, Sept. 

20. 1713: Gysbert, Dec. 3. 1716; Jannetie, Vugust 22, 
\ ,pril 8, 1723 : Abraham, Oct. 11, 1724. 

Van Alstts, Pieter and Margarita CI 

Isaac, April 17, 1720 \ Jochum, Sept. 9, 1722; Isaac, 
April 11,1725. 

Van Axbttn, Thomas, of Kinderhook, in. Maria 
Van Alen, Dec. 12, 1718. Ch : bp. ; Jannetie, 
6, 1720; Willen, n, Oct. 4, 1724; 

•lay 16, 1736. 

Van Alstyn, Ilarmen, m. Dorothe Van Slyck, 
Nov. 12, 1721. Ch: bp iept.9, 1722; Eva, 

Jan. 15, 1721 ; Jm ■ ■ ' ;, 1720. 

Van Alsttn, Jacob, in. Pietertje Van Iverin, Oct. 
10, 1723. He iv. 4, 1730. Ch:bp.; 

Jauuetie, No 1 
Sara, Jul ily 27, 1729. 

Van Alsttn, Marten, m. Catharina Van Den 
Bergh, March 6. 1727. Ch: bp. : Cornelia, Sept. 24, 
1727;Volkie, Jan. 5, 1729 ; Volkie, Sept. 13,1730; 
Wynant, August 13, 1732 ; Isaac, June 2. 173:. 
July 31, 1737: Volkert, May 18. 1740: Maritie, and 
Cathalyntje, March 3, 1743. 

Van Alsttn, Isaac, m. Maritie Van Den Bergh, 
Jan.23, 17.28. He was burled July6, 1746; she was 
buried Oct. 24,1750. Ch : bp. : Jannetie, Nov. 10, 
1728 ; Jannetie. June 18, 1730 ; Volkie, April 22. 1733 ; 
Marten, Feb. 8, 1730 ; Wynant, April 23, 1738 ; Johan- 
nes, Dec. 19, 1739; Willem, July 21, 1742; Maria, 
April 19, 1745. 

Van Alstyn, Jan. and Elizabeth , lie was 

buried, Sept. 27, 1738.' Ch : Maria, bp . April 0, 1720. 

Van Alstyn, L,, and M . Ch: Isaac Valk, 

Sept. 1, 1734. 

Van Alstyn, Alexander, and Elbertje . Ch: 

Abraham, bp. Sept. 3, 

Van Alstyn, Bartholomeus, and Agnietje . 

Ch: Johannes, bp. June 3, 1739. 

Van Alstyn, Cornelia C, in. Catharina V 
Feb. 21, 1742. Ch: bp.: Cornells, Sept, 19, 1742; 
Abraham, Jan. 10, 1746. [Cornelia Van A. and Teuu- 
tie For m 

VanAlsttn, Gyaber.t,and Annatie Gardenier. He 
was buried May 3, 174(5. Ch: Rachel, bp. May 25, 
1710. [Gysbert Van A. and Annati i Bidders, m. June 

Van Alsttn I Cornelia Van Den Bergh, 

Nov. 5, 1748. Ch: bp.; Jacob. May 28, 1749; Cata- 
lyntje, March 17, 1751 ; Mattheus, June 3, 1753; Pie- 
tertje, b. Aug. 31 

Van Alstyn, Hannanus, and Anna Catrina Pes- 
inger (Besinger). Ch : bp. ; Eva, July 4, 1754 ; Anna 
Rosina. July 15, 1759; ' i. 13, 1762. Ch: 

born ; Elizabeth, Nov. 15, 1704; Lydia, Oct. 25. 1766 ; 
Zeferinus, Sept. 18, 1768; Catharina, Dec. 20, 1770; 
Dirkje, May 31, 1771 : Harmanus, April 7, 1779. 

Van Alstyn, John, arid Lena Scharp. Ch : born ; 
Maria, Dec. 1,1703; B.irhara, April 29, 1765 ; Marytje, 
March 13, 1707 ; Isaac. Jan. 23, 1700. [See Johannes 
Van A. below.] 

Van Alstyn, Wynand, m. Margarita Beudor (Reia- 
dorp) Oct. 10, 1767. Ch : b. ; Isaac, March 27. 1709 ; 
Margarita, Aug. 29, 1771, 

Van Alstyn, Willeno [a an, and Catha- 

rina Hogeboom. Ch : Isaac, b. Aug. 2 

Van Alstyn, Johannes, and Lena Scherp, m. Sept. 
31 (sic) 1763. Ch: Isaac, b. Oct 5.1771. [Same as 
John Van A. above ?] 

Van Alstyn, Cornelia, and Maria Goewav. Ch: 
b. ; Daniel, Nov. 9, 11 i . iec. 8, 1779 ; Cor- 

nelia, Aug. 31, 1 [a 30, 1784; Gerrit, 

Dec. 7, 1788. 

Van Alstts racol itie Lansing. Ch : 

Cathalyntje, -May 9, . 

•Van Alstyn. Hans, m. Dirl Jan. 12, 

1775. Ch: Adam Winne, 1780 

Van Alstyn, Mathys, m. Rachel DeForeest, March 
31.1782. Ch: b.: Marten, July 10, 1784, d.March23, 
1810, a. 05 y. ; Cornelia, Feb. 4. 1788. 

Van Alstyn. Isaac, and Barbara Scharp. Ch : 
31, 1790. 

Van Antwerpen, Daniel Janse, of Schenec- 
I e Groot. Ch : bp. ; Neeltie, July 27, 
tebecca, Dec. 25, 1002. [See Schenectady 

Van Antwehpen, Simon Danielse, of Schenectady, 
and Schaaghtekooke 1720, m. Maria Peak, Dec. 22, 
1700. Ch: bp. ; Lysbeth, Jan. 15. 1710; Sara, May 
13. 1710; Margarita, Oct. 1, 1721; Jacobus, May 17, 
1724 . Johannes, Jan. 22, 1727; Lowys, Feb. 25, 1731. 
{See Schenectady Families.'] 

Van Antwerpen, Arent Danielse, of Schenectady, 
and Sara Van Eps. Ch: bp. ; Maria, Dec. 25, 1706; 
Neeltie, April 28, 1710. [See Schenectady Families.) 

Van Antwerpen, Jan Danielse, of Schenectady, 

and Agnietie (Annetie) Vedder. Ch: bp. ; Neeltie, 

1710; Rebecca, March 2, 1715. [See Scheme- 

Van Antwerpen, Daniel S., of Schenectady, m. 
Rebecca Van Antwerpen in Schenectady, Oct. 21, 
1738. Ch: bp. ; Angenietie, Dec. 2, 1750; Annatie, 
Jan. 23, 1757. [See Schenectady Families.'] 

Van Antwerpen, Johannes, of Schenectady, m. 
Catarina Vedder (Veeder) in Schenectady. Aug. 11, 
1750. ("li: bp. : Simon. March 24, 1751; Engeltie, 
April 15, 1753. [See Schenectady Families.] 

Van Antwerpen, Lewis, of Schactekook, and of 

tan 1771 ; m. Hendrikje Fonda (Van Buren), 

Nov. 27,1754. Ch: Simon, bp. ; March 30, 1755; 

Douwe.bp. July 24, 1757; Johannes, b. Jan. 12,1700 ; 

Alida, b. March 10, 1702 ; Louys, b. Aug. 17, 1771. 

Van Antwerpen, Simon D., m. Maria Dunbar, 
Nov. 20, 1761. She d. April 11, 1826, a. 87 y. 11 m. 
Ch: born; Rebecca, Sept, 19, 1762; Cornelia,. Jan. 
30, 1704; Saartie, Jan. 4, 1771; Sara, Jan. 27, 1774. 

Van Antwerpen, Arent, of Nisthigioone, m. Hea- 
ter Cregier. Nov. 20,1701. Ch : Geertruid, b. Oct. 
6,1765; Neeltie, b. Feb. 20, 1707; Hermanus, bp. 

1770. £ 

Van Antwerp, Daniel, m. Dirkie Winne, Dec. 
•: h : b. ; Gerrit, Dec. 11, 1767 ; Willem, Jan. 
23, 1T70. 

Van Antwerp, Daniel, m. Gerritje Witbeck, m. 
Oct. 27, 1772. Ch: Andries Witbeck, b. Jan. 30, 1774. 

Van Arnhem, Jan Janse, m. Hester Fonda, 

Oct. 14.1690. He d. April 1, 170S. Ch:bp.;Sara, 

,,1097; Abraham, April 28, 1700; Rebecca, 

March 25, 1702 ; Isaac, May 7. 1704 ; Rachel, Nov. 17, 

1706 ; Jan Dirk, Oct. 17, 1708. 

Van Arnhem, Abraham, m. Alida Lansingh, July 
11,1721. She was buried July 11,1755. Ch: bp. ; 
Johannes and Jacob, Dec. 17, 1721 ; Helena, Sept, 20, 
1724 -Hester, April 17. 1726, buried Feb. 23,1753; 
Jacob, August 30, 1730 ; Sara, April 10, 1732; Elisa- 
beth, Nov!" in", 1734; Jacob, April 4, 1736; Anna, 
Sept. 23, 1739 ; Isaac, April 19, 1745. 

Van Arnhem, Isaac, m. first, Jannetie Salisbury, 
i J2;and Becondly, Elisabeth .... about 1729. 
Ch : bp. ; Hester, August 10. 1724 ; Johannes, Feb. 1, 

Van Arnhem. Jacob, m. first A and se- 
condly, Margarieta .... about 1739. Ch : bp. ; Jacob, 
Oct. 30, ' Nov. 25, 1739. 

Sjsnhem, Jan D. ,m. Elisabeth Lansingh, July 
is, 1 1 Ch:bp.; Hester, Feb. 14. 1735; Hendrik, 
July 2 1738; Abraham, Sept. 28 1740; Isaac, Feb. 
26, 174* ; Isaac, August 25, 1745; Abram, Nov. 19, 

Van Arnhem, Johannes, m. Alida Van der Heyden 
March 1. 1756 Ch : bp. ; Abraham, August 14, 1757; 
Alida, Jan. 7, 1750; Jacob, May 3, 1701. Ch : b. ; 
Hester, April in, 1763; Abraham, June 3, 1766; Elisa- 
beth, Noi I •■ >irk, Nov 20, 1770. 

m. Anneke Van Vranken, 

p . Alida, June 11, 1758. Ch : 

- rt, May 28, L760 ; Abraham, Oct. 30, 1762; 

Annatie, Dec. 8, 1704; Elisabeth, Nov. 9, 1700; 

Helena. March 9, 1771 ; Jacob, April 18, 1773. 

of Albany. 

. m. Susanna Winne, May 

h. March 8 

rina Van Wie, 


- ac, and Runne' - 

" . £ 1780 : -Jacob Boirert. 

m, Jacob, and Maria Van Densen. Ch : 

ek, Abraham, and Maritie Lansing. 
Ch : La- 1799. 

Van Arsdalen. Dirk ai I Oranw. 

Ch: bp. ; Goi 

I in Baal, Jan B .Bever- 

wyck . - tud lots iu the ■ 

had a patent l i land on the N 

kil, which was sold to Omy LaGran- 
Symouse Veeder for £250. lie had a I 

re 1710. and four da 

Bter, merchant of N. "5 . : Mar- 

-en. mariner c I 
and Rachel, who m. Henry Wileman of X. Y. 

Van Benthnysen, Paulas Mai 

and Beverwyck of real 

estate in the -. ■ on the 

6oath corner ol . which 

he so! He had three 

sons, who arrived at ; 
Marten of Schenectady . 

ilalthus (Balthazar', merchant. 
m. Lidia Deal 

made a will Nov. 5. 1730, pro 
which he spoke of the following children, 
brothers, Marten and Barent. Ch: bp. : Johannes, 
Sept. 19, 170S: Catriua, Oct. 27 
reker [Parker] ; Elizabeth, Jane 30, 171* ; Maria, 
July 16, 17-21. 

Van Benthctsen, Gerrit, m. Maria Van Alen, 
Jnly 12. 1729. She was buried Jan. 16. 1738. Ch : bp. ; 
1734: Christina, May 15. 1785; 1 

Van Bentbtysen. Jacobns P. <Ja 
Sara Cooper. Feb. 6, 1741 rhazar. 

March 28, 1742 ; Obadiah. Jo ; < irnelia. 

April 7. 174S; John. Nov. 4. 1750; Dorothea. Mavl3. 
1753: aj Jane 19, 1760: 

Hendrick, b. Oct. 12. 1702. d. June 8, 1834, . 
Thomas, b. Sept. 5. 1707 

•!e and 

born: Jacobus. Jan. 

• >rnelia' 


Johanna) Rum- 

75 y. : "Maria, bp • 

July 17. 1770: Jacobus Parker. Oct. 1, 1772: d. May 

bp. Ms elia. Jan. 24. 17^1 : Benjamin 

March July 13 

1791, d. a 

Benthtjtsen, Johannes 

sen. D b. Jacobns, June 2E 

a. Sept. 14, V, 

'• illem, and Margarita Conklin 
(Cochran). Ch : b. .- 
John, Dec. 10. 1764: Jacobus . 


Hendrick, m. C( 

Dec. 1 . 


Van Benthi . 



Van Beht hu x bkn , James, and Elizabeth Herman. 
Ch: b. ; William B ' 
1791 ; '! 

Mary Ch: 

Geesie, b 

Van Benthctsen. Jamee P., and Hannah Van Ben- 
thuvsti, < 
Parker. \ 

Van Bergen, Capt. Marten Qei 
had a! 

Gerritsen*s Island, and in 1090, he lived south of that 
Island on the .'. iver. ]_0' CaUaghan s 


1669. he bought 69 mo: g 
[Coxsackie] of Jaa .'. 
purchased more land at Coxsackie of Jan Cln I 

of the count- 
commissioned captain of a company of 
first. Janneiie Martense. and- tie Myn- 

dertse. Jan. 21. 1686. Lett 'ration 

- led to his wi; • 
she m. Hendrick Don 

1692; Pieter, Feb. 21. 1094: Johannes. Oct. 4 I 
Van B -kill. 1720, and 

Ch : bjr 

April 13, 1718 ; Anna. J 

Mever, June 7. 1715. Ch: b ritsen, 

June 3, 1710 ; Wilhelmus, Jan'. 11. 1718 : Hendrickns, 
: Catharina, 3 

Oct. 24. 

Van Bebqe l 

Coster. . .Tan. 28. 1731. 

Mithonv, Jan jabetna, 


[The following Va>. copied 

from the C 

Van Bergen . Van Bergen. 

Ch : Petrus. bp 

i'.ERGEN. Gerrit, and Catharine Van Bergen. 
Ch : bp. : Mari- . 1771 ; Catharina. Mai 

id Annatie. . 
[a, Jan . 16, 1754 : Ann 
Van B 

Dyck. I 
Jiily 19, 1703. 

Van Bergen, David, and Catharina... Ch 
Jan. July 1. 17?1 : Marten Gerri teen, April 25 

Jan. 2. 17!H. 
Van Bergen, Petras, and Annatie ... Ch: 

Marten « 

Ch: btj . 
1 791 : A 

Vau Berger. Peter. :n. E March 


Van iiloc-uiciiun . 

Genealogies of the First /Settlers of Albany. 


He and hi 

Van Boecknoven, Claas Janse, in 1672-7 in 
company with ' mken, boughl 

land ovi Niskayuna. In 1662, he owned 

i B rerwyck. In :■ 
wife was 

- and widow of 
Arent He probably died about 

10 children ; his property passed to tlie 
children of Bis la 
Van Rommel. Ilarmen Janse, perhaps brother 
'■. Ch: bp. ; Lourens, Jan 1. 
Van Breuckelen, (Brackelen) Cornells Tcu- 
L631-62. A Van 
Brakel family early settled in Schenectady. 

Van Brakel, Ge 

'■mi'' Stephi n 
Janse wi Cb : 

bp. ; Anneke, 15, 1 


if Schenectady, 
: bp. ; Maria, 
Feb. 15, 1710 ; Claas, Oct. 12, 1712. [See Schenectady 

VanBkakh. Schenectady, and Maria, 

Van Antwerpen. Ch : bp. : i' - . 1715 ; 

- July 10, 174(1: Sara, Aug. 5, 175:;. 
) | 
Van Bremen, Jan Dirkse, in Beverwyck. 
to deliver 400 logs for 
Frans Pieterse Clau, on the banks of the Fluid', r's 
kil [in Columbia county.] 
Van Brugb, See Verbragge. 
Van Buren, Cornells Maas, came out in the 
ship 1; a I a farm at Papsknee. 

and &i 
■ '.'an \ 

his es- 
dest son ; 
,• Styntje. w. of Dirk 
Broeck, in 1003; lobias; all these children were 
living in 1002. 

Buren, Hendrick, and Ch : Maas; 

Van Buren, Marten Cornelise, alias Black v 

born at Honten, in the 

Province of Utrecht. In 1662, he owned a barn, 

which he sold 

his will 

rune 7, 1710, and -p ke of his 

-\\ . Maritie, an 1 1 a ol hi - 

-. riaan- 
■ndorf, June 2 
mat! .\ . ■ 


mvnt'u i*o4 ; 

Jan. Dei o ! ertruy, 

Van e, of Kinderhook, 1790, 

m. Ari 

I .. 1693; Ban 

1700; .'.. 


I ladehi 



1 ' 


1740. Ch : bp. : Maritje, Jan. 1, 1701 ; Barent, Sept. 

[da, June 

» ; Jannetie, April 20, 

Van ; of Halve Maan, 

m. Hen Ch: bp. ; Lys- 

beth, A] 

April i L712; Henrik, 

March I tlyna, Dec. 11, 

1717: Maria, July 2, 17-21 : Maria. Feb. 24, 1725; Cor- 
nel is. W 

Van Buren, Pieter [son of Henrik], m. Oeertruy 
ried, April 21, 
rannetae, Nov. 

5, 1710, :. 1716; 

'..Jan. 11. 1718; Corn !1 ; Maas 

and Madalena, June 26, [arch 14, 

Van Buren, Mat-ten [son of Pieter Martense], m. 
Maria Van I >en Bergh, July 14, 1710. Ch : bp. : Geer- 
truv, Jan. 1-1. 1720; Cornelia, 

. Dec. 

6, 1727; Benjamin, Oct. 24, 1731: Tobias. May 
22, 1737. 

Van Bures, Tobias [sou of Pieter Martense], m. 
Anna Goes, Jan. 10, 1721 : Ch : Pieter, bp. July 16, 

Van Buren. Barent [son of Pieter Martense], m. 
first Maria Winne, Dec. ! 

' >ec. -23. 1737. tin /Aug. 

11,1743 : terhorn, about 

1747. Ch: : Elsie, Oct. 23, 

i.-nelise, Oct. 22, U3s : Maria, May 11, 
1740 : Marytje, July22, 1741 ; Margarita, Nov. 1, 1747; 
IleiiiiiO H dikje, Dec. 0, 1753; 

Elizabeth, March 1. 1755; Willem, May 27, 1759. 

Van Buren, Cornejis [son of Pieter Martense], m. 
Maria Litser, Sept. 8, 1724. Ch : Pieter, bp. May 30, 

Van Buren, Marten Cornelise, Jr. [son of Marten 
Martense . m. first, Th. Van den Ber; 
1730: mid secondly. Lena Ilns (Hoes), abo. 
Ch : Dp. ; Barent, March 14, 1731 ; Marten, April 25, 

Van Buren, Hendrick Maase [sou of Maas Hen- 

m. Aaltie Winne, C ■< : . : bp. ; 

Ariaantjo Aug. 0, 1732; Dirlii ; .Maas, 

June 13, el, Aug. 

31, 1740: Johannes. Nov. 0, 1713; Ariaautje. Feb. 1, 

tannes, May 17, 1752. 

Van Buren, Johannes Tson of Maas Hendrickse], 
m. Ida (Evtje) Van Buren, Oct. 18, 1732; Maas, Oct. 28, 
1733: Jiuiickie, Ap. 13, 1735; Johannes, Oct. 6, 1745. 

Van Buren, Willem [son of Cornells Hendrickse], 
and Teuntje Van den Bergh. I aried : : Paps- 

i ; bp. ; Cornelis March, 

■ irikje, 

a, July 

19, 1747 eb. 4, 1750 ; Hendrick, Feb. 2, 

Van Buken, T, and Maritie — Ch : Harmen, bp. 
Jan. 7. I 

M arten, and Dirkie . . . . Ch : Abraham, 

Van!. i ck, [son of Pieter], m. Annatie 

Van Sal ■ Ch: bp. ; Pieter, Sept. 14, 

tnneke, Nov. 1, 1747; 

Geertruy, March 10, 1754; Harmanus, Feb. 8, : 
Van Buren. Pieter, and Elbertje Ch: Christina, 

Van I a. Angenietje Conyn, Mar. 10. 

1740. Ch: Hendi 1746. 

VanBuren : ofMarten], and Marytje 

VanDe bp. Feb. 22, 1747 : Maria, 

i, bp. Jan. 5, 1752; Abraham, 

19, 1700. 

Van Bronck. Ch : bp. ;Leen- 

dert, Ju !753. 

[son of J 
Ariaautje Van u i omelise, bp. 


filers of A 

Feb 9 : ■ Antje, 

id Cor- 

Cornelie, m. Maicke Han, Dec. 23. 

i!ina Van Den Ber~h. 

m. Hendrikje Van Buren, 
• Mar- 

Ilannes. and Marytje Briesch. Ch: 
Hcrex. Tobias, and Catalyntje Witbeck. Ch : 

Catharina, July 
15. 1767. 
Van Buren . Maas. m. Bel Feb. 14, 

n : b. ; Douwe. May 29, 1771 : Marytje, April 

\ an BUBBN, Marten, m. Jannetie Hollidav. 
177-1 Ch: b. Maria, July 21, 1771: Abraham. April 

Van Bcrex. Hendriek. of Saratoga, m. Annatie 
Ch : h. Geertje, Feb. 
11.1774;Teuutje. Mas ! 

V..N Buren. OorneliB, and Molly Ojens 
Owens'i. Ch: b. Gteertray, March 4 1775: Magda- 
lena, Aug. 15, 1779: Jannetie, June 10, 

Van Buren. Johannes, and Anne tie Van der Poel. 
Ch : b. Catharina, Aug. 0, 1776 ; Jannetie, Aug. 10, 

Van Buren, Johannes, and' Jannatie Ch: 

Tanneke, b. Feb. 5, 1777. 

Van Buren. Cornells, and Jannetie Van der Poel. 
Ch:b. ;Gerrit, Dec. 10 

Catharina, March 31. 1784: Pieter, April 23. 1760. d. 
Sept. 26. 1862. a.". Pieter. m. Dorothea Shutter (Poel), 
.. : Abraham, March 13, 1781 ; 

Van Buren. Hendriek, and Hilletje Shutter. Ch: 
Pieter, b. Feb I 

C. m. ThenntieVan Buren, 
Dec. 2, ia, b. Dec. 29, : 

Van Cleef, Lourens, and Catbalvntje Jackson. 
Ch : Hendrik, l 

Van Coppernol, Clans Willemse, of Schenec- 
tray. He m. a Mohawk woman who after Van Cop- 
pernol's death m. Jonathan SI aectady. 

In 16 7! onell on 

his bousvery at Catskil for one yeai I 
Ch: Willem, bp, May 22, 1691. | • 

Van Covelens, [Van der Coulen ?] Jacob Joos- 
iiouse in Bevei 
Bold to Jan Di 

mth of the court house on or near the 
south corner of Broadway and Hudson street. In 
1671 b - ise Van Velpen 

ad lot to Jan Conell. 

Van Corlaer, Bennony, glazier 

Elizabeth Vanderpoi . Sybrant Van Schaick, 

June 2. 1686: d. in 17 . Mav 1. 

1696, d. 
atMapietovvu, March 1. 1795. a. 99 y.: Gidi •■ 
15, 1700. 

Van Curler, Arcnt, m _hboom 

After I Jy until 

her death. J:: 

Van Dam, Claas Ripse, carpenter, in Bever- 
wvck. ]<:: 

rwyck, about 
1660; Deboi 


cial council : m. Sara Van der 9 

d. June.' 


• rday, 
Dec. 10. 1749, died I 
merchan n of the late Hon. Rip 

Van den Berjili. Arent, corporal in thi 

■ ■ at Fort Orange, 1654: still 

in Gilbert, and 
was Andries Hendrikse' 

Van Den Bergh. Claas Cornelise, in Bevel 
1660-5. i 

Van Den Berg, Gysbert Cornelise, 1660-7. In 

of Bethlehem," of Marten Cornelise Van Buret 

corporal in the W. I. Company's service, at Fort 
Orange in 1661 : Maritie, bp. Jul;. 

Van Den Bebgh, Gerrit (< 1663, a 

servant on the Bouwerv of the late Jan Barentse 
Wemp. Ch: Bat 

Van Den Bergh, Cornelia Gysbertse. of Manor of 
Renssela,:-:-^ yck made his will March 3, 1114, proved 
Julv li. Cornelia Wyiiaiiise Van der 

Poel. and secondly, Maria Van Buren. widow of Teu- 
bp. ; and all 
led in the father's will. 1714: Marin 
v. of Cornelia Van Ale 
lia in will), Oct. 2. 1687; w. of Marten 

• June 24,1694 rit, bp. 

Sept. 19, 1703: Tryntje, w. of Pieter Waldnm. . 
Van Den Bergh. V •. carman, and 


9; Wiikelt)tvc, 
June 12, 169-J; Geertie, April 10. 1698. 

Van Den B I rod '■. 

Maria I in Fort 


Van Den Be ■ i 

1695), March 16 
rit. Oct. 18, 1691; Mai 

March 26, 1699 
25, 1702 

Feb. 14, 

Vex Den Be; 
Co. 169! "uderkerk. Dec. 13, 1693, and 

buried. Ang 18, 1744. 

; J 

Van " Janoe, 

19 170! 

Lidia, April 24, I 

Van Den Bei ian and 

April 1 

1701 : Adam, 

Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


Van Den Bergh, Wynant Willemse, brickmaker, 
m. Volkie Volkertse Van Hoesen, Dec. 4, 1700. made 
his wili .> roved, Aug. 8, 1750, in which 

1 Wilhelmus." 
1 17. Ch: bp.: Catharina, 
Oct. 26, 1701; Volkert, Dec. 17, 170-1: Willem, Oct. 
3, 1708; Maria Fan. 18. 

1713 ; Cataline, Oct. 27, 1716, in. Hendrick Van Hoesen; 
Volkie. Nov 27, 1720; Volkie, MarchlO, 1723, buried. 
Jan. 27, 1743. 

Van Den Bergh (Bey), Cornells, [son of Gerrit ?] 
and Maria Van Buren. Oh : Gerrit, bp 1703. 

Van Den Bei son of Cornel 

bertse?] m. first geboren en wo- 

nende /'- ; and secondly, 

Oatulyutje. . . . ; Cornells, May 

10,1702; Willem 0); Volkert, Oct. 12, 1712; Maria, 
Oct. 10, 1718; rune 18, 1721; Catharina, 

Mav 23.1723, buried, June 30. 1757; Volkie, 

Van Den Bergh. Gerrit Gerritse. m. first Egbertje 
Harmense ; and secondly, Maria, about 1729. Ch : bp, 
Teuntje. April 20. 1712; Maria, Jan. 1. 1715; 
dus, Sept. 1, 1717; Rachel, rFeh. 26, 1721; Gerrit, 
Sept. 26, 1725 : Cornells, Feb. 4, 1730. 

Van Den Bergh, Gerrit Cornelise, and Trvntje 

He was buried, Oct. 14, 1731. Ch : bp. : Cornells, 
Sept. 23,1716; Breghie. Jan. 1, 1719; Harmanus, 
March 1. 1721 : Gysberi, April 28. 1723 : Cornelia. Mav 
15. 1720; Abraham, Nov. 10, 1723; Volkert, Aug. 23, 
1729; Wynant May ?, 1732. 

A" an Den Bekqh, Wilhelmus [son of Willem], m. 

ie Van Den Bergh. Oct. 24, 1716. Ch: bp. ; 

Wilhelmus, Jan, 10,1717; Cornells, Feb. 24, 1720; 

Cornells. April 23, 1721 ; Cornelia, June 29, 1723 ; 

Catharina, Oct. 24, 1725 ; Cornells, Nov. 3, 1728 ; Ger- 

'>. 1731. 

Van Den Bergh, Matthias [son of Cornells], m. 
Cattm'r. . > • ■ .'"i.May 21, 1717: buried Dec. 

22. 1715. Ch: bp. : Cornell," April 13, 1718: < '< 
Oct. 9.1719: YVvntje, Dec. 17,1721; Cornel; 

bert, May, 1729 ; 
0; Gerrit, Dec. 24, 1732"; Cata- 
lyna, Aug. 18, 1735; Cathalyna, Oct. 3, 1730. 

Van Den Bergh, Wynant [son of Cornells], of 
Halve maan. 1720, in first Aaltic Van Nes, Nov. 21, 
1715 ; secondly, AnnaWendel, March 20. 1721 ; thirdly 
Catharina Van Nes. w • 25, 1750 ; 

she v.;. 1754. Ch: bp. ; Cornells, 

July 20, 1718 : Cornelia, March 11, 1722 ; Abraham, 
Aug. 25, 1723; Cornelia, Jane 6 

Laltie, Nov. 13, 
1731 ; Anna. , at, Junel,1735; Ev- 

Jnly 15, 1744; Cata- 
lit a, May 5,1751. 

Van Den Bee mof Cornells Claase], 

m. Ani; Ch: bp. ; Cor- 

nells, Oi li S pt. 11, 1720. 

Van Den Bi ■' of Willem], m. 

Alida Van Wie. ite. Jan. 

nina, Sept. 20, 1724; Anna, Dec. 13. 

1731 ; 

Maria. Nov. 1 : 

6, 1737; Hendrik, April 27, 1740; Cornells, Oct. 16, 

Den Bergh, Adam [son of Cornells Willemse], 
f24. Ch: bp. ; Maritie, 
Aug. 10. ! 

Van Den Ber rritse], 

and Engeltie . . . Ch : bp. : Barent, March 6, 1725 ; 
Rach . r, 1729; Engel- 

tie. May 7, 1732 1 , 1734 ; Cornells, Feb. 

20, 1730". 

den Beegh, Johannes, m. Maria, Van Nes 

Jan. 2' . 6; Mar- 

retie. D 1733; Xicolaes, 

.735: Marritie, Feb. 12, 1738; Susanna, June 

i 2s. 1742; Petrus, Oct. 19, 

I uly 26, n 16 ; Abraham, Jan. 8, 1749 ; 

Alida, June 2, 4751. 

Vam De.m I . , . f Wynant Wil- 

aud Catharina Huyck. Ch : bp. ; ... 

Aug. 2, 1730 ; Volkie, Aug. 28, 1734 ; Volkie, Aug. 3, 
1735; Christina, April 23, 173S ; Burner. Aug. 3, 1740; 
Catharina, March 20, 1743; Rachel, July 5, 1745; Ra- 
chel, May 15, 1748. 

Van Den Bergh, Gerrit C. [son of Cornelia 
Gysbertse], m. Alargarita Van Vechten. July 15, 1729. 
Ch : bp. ; Volkert, Aug. 22, 1731 ; Volkert, March 25, 
May 4. 1735, d. July 5, 1836, a. 101 v; 
Lydia, Aug. 10, 1737: Margarieta, Sept. .23, 1739; 
Gerrit Teunise, June 6, 1742; Christina, June 17, 
. May 28, 1749. 

Van Den Bergh, Pieter, [son of Cornells Claase(?)] 

and Maria Ch : bp. Cornells, May 19, 1731; 

Egbertie, April 31 (sic) 1737 ; Gerrit, Nov. 4, 1739 ; 
Vug. 14, 1748. 

Van Den Bergh, Andries, [son of Barent Gerritse], 
and Maritie (Margarita) Vinhagel (Pinhaarn). Ch : 
bp. Barent, July 23, 1732; Johannes, May 19, 1731; 
Geertruy, Jan. 9, 1737; Abraham, April 15, 1739; 
Gerrit, April 25. 1742 ; Maria, Feb. 17, 1745. 

Van Den Bergh, Turuf (?) and Maritie .... Ch: 
Cornells, bp. Sept. 30, 1733. 

Van Den Bergh, Cornells M. (?) [sou of Cornells 
Willemse(?)], m. Rachel (De)Ridder, March 13, 1783. 
Ch : bp. ; Cornells. Feb. 14, 1735 : Autie. Sept. 5, 1736 ; 
Cornells, Sept. 17, 1738; Marytje, March 21, 1742; 
Kiliaan, Aug. 17, 174G ; Kiliaan, June 11, 1749. 

Van Den Bergh, Mattys [son of Richard Janse], 
m . Rebecca Hendrickse .... 1733. Ch : bp. ; Rachel, 
Sept. 5, 1736; Ryckert, Jan. 6, 1742, m. Hanna 
Bronck ; Rebecca, June 21, 1752. 

Van Den Bergh, Cornells, [son of Cornells Claase], 
m. Anneke Ryckse Van Vranken, June 1, 1737. Ch : 
bp. Cornells, May 7. 1738; Anneke, March 23, 1740; 
Maas, April 11. 1742 ; Susanna, Oct. 23, 1748 ; Nicolaas, 
Dec. 9, 1753. 

Van Den Bergh, Willem G. Lson of Gysbert], m. 
Zantje (Susanna), Van Ivcren, Jan. 26, 1739. Ch: 
bp. Cathalyntje, Aug. S, 1739; Sara, May 2, 1742; 
Gysbert. July 5, 1745; Gysbert, Aug. 7, 1748; Eey- 
nier, Jan. 6, 1751 ; Catalina, June 17, 1753; Volkert, 
Oct. 23, 1755 ; Jacob, May 0, 1759. 

Van Den- Bergh. Johannes [son of Barent Ger- 
ritse ?] and Catharina Ch : Barent, bp . May 15, 


Van Den Bergh, Benjamin [son of Barent Ger- 

Johanna) Vinhagen, Nov. 20, 1741 . 

Ch : bp. ; Q :erti ly, March 27, 1743; Maria, Jan. 12, 

1746 : Barent, March 25, 1750 ; Neeltie, June 17, 1759. 

Van Den Bergh. Hendrick [son of Richard Janse], 
ra. Catharina Hoogteling, Nov. 21. 1743. Ch : bp. ; 
Catharina, Jan. 4, 1745; Lena, Dec. 21,1746; Ryckert, 
June 24, 1753. 

Van Den Bergh, Wilhelmus, Jr., and Angenietje 
Van Den Bergh. Ch : bp. ; Cornells, Jan. 3 
Alida, May 20, 1750 : Cornelia, '>■■ Gerrit, 

Dec. 9, 1753 ; Cornelia, Nov. 21, 1750 ; Geertje, Nov. 
28, 1701 . 

Van Den Be; Gerritse [son of Gerrit 

Gerritse] Meversen. Ch: bp. ; Teunis, 

Oct. 23. 174 : Ebbertie, and Rachel, twins, Nov. 4, 
1750; Gerrit. June 30, 1754 ; Maria, and Tennis, Oct. 
16, 1757 ; Maria, June 25 

Van Den Bergh, Cornells Matthys, m. secondly, 
Cornelia Van Den- Bergh. in New York, Feb. 1 
Ch : bp. : Rachel, May 28, 1749; Annatie, March 17, 
1751 ; Mattheus, Nov". : ii. 1754 ; Matthys, Aug. 13, 
■ ; Wynant, b. March 
17, 1704 : Gyshert, May 19, 1760. 

Van! Robert [son of Richard (?)], and 

Brando. Ch : Wilhelmus, bp. July 29, 1750. 

Van Den Bergh. Abraham [son of Wynant (?)], m. 

Rachel Lieverse, Nov. 22, 1751. Ch : bp. ; Anna, July 

54; Catharina, March 

Maritie, April 1,1759; Lavinus, Feb. 15, 

1761 ; Cornelia, b. April 4. 1707. 

Van Den Bergh, Cornells J., and Catarina De 
rrit, Dee. 31, 1752; Marytje, 
Dec. 20, 1708. 

Van Den Bergh, Cornells W. [son of Wynant (?)], 
and Maria ;Viele. Ch: Annatie, bp. Nov. 3, 1754; 


Genealogies of (lie First Settlers of Albany. 

I : Wynant, b ■ 
63; ! 
18, 1769. 

nam. and Catarir.a V 
Dbh Bergh. Wvnant - it], ami 

• Bidder. Oh: Annatie, bp. Mai 

1764; (. mens, b. Nov. 11. 1766 ; Johai i 

Van Den Bergh. Cornell?, and Elizabeth Pi 

lornelis G., and Elizabeth .... 
Oct. 11, 1761. 

-on of Matthys], m. 

b; . M 

j, bp. June IT, 1759; Alida, bp. Oct. 11, 1761 : 

Cathalina. b. .' I; G 

- : Alida. b. April >. 17; 

Van Den Bergh. Evert [son of Wvnant i?) ], m. 
Annatie Lansing. Sep1 i : Wynant, bp. 

Aug. 7. 1757 : Abraham, b. June 4. 1762: Annatie. 

Van- Den Bergh. Folkert G . in. Neeltie Waldron, 
Mav 10, . 

bert, Nov. 25, 1759; Willem, .Jan. 31, ' 
Elizabeth. Sept. 13, 1763 ; Willem, Oct. 5. 1704: Wil- 
lem. 8e] 1767; Willem 
Waldron. Oct. 8, 1770; Catharina • 

Van Den Bergh. 6erritJohanneae,i 
m. first Alida Gerritse Van I' a Van 

Nee). S ca Fonda. Nov. 

30 1769. Ch: bp. ; Maria, Jan. 14, 1758 
5, 1761 ; Ch : b. Maryl 

9 1774: Isaac. Nov. 11, 1770: Alida. March 20, 17-1 ; 
6 1860, a. 75 v. 

Van Den Bergh, Wynai .. first. 

MarritieVan Den Bergh. S< pt.28, 1758; and secondly, 
FrancyntieClute,abou • : Volkert, June 

24,175*9: Catharina. Nov. 23, 1760, Ch ; 1).: Maria. 
Oct. 3 1763 : Gvsbert. April 8, 1770 : Maria, Feb. 20, 

Van Den Bergh, Willem, and Marytje Ch : 

Maria, b. Jan. 22, 1703. 

Van Den 3ergh, Willem, m. Annatje Van Der 
Werkt 1. Ch: Wvnant, b. Jan. 30, 


Van Den Bergh, Willem. and Annatie Yosburgh. 
Ch: Abraham, b. Nov 18, 1707. 

Van Den BERGn. Evert, and Marytje Van Der 
Werken D. B. m. Marytje Ouderkerk. 

Aug. 31, 1764.] Ch:b. Kiliaan, 

Oct. 11, 1707: Cornells, June 10, 

Van Df.s Bebgh, Cornells, and MaickeOi 
m. Jui 

Van Den Be:. ,h. Johannes F.. of B 
Maayke Ouderkerk, May 20, 1770. Ch: b. ; 
Sept. 7, 3770; Johannes, June 6, 1773. 

Den Bergh, Richard, m. Hanna. dan. of 
John 3ronck, Dec. 24. 17o: j ,. Ch : b. : Matthew. July 
8, 1772; Teddy, April 21. 17'.: 

[Van Den Bergh Bible.] 

Van Den Bergh. Johannes . Ustyn. 

Ch : Harmanns. bp. A112. 13, 1774 ; Cornells. 

Van Den Bebgh, Jellis. and Marytje Ouderkerk. 
Ch-. Isaac, b. Sept. 17. . 

Van Den Bergh, Gerrit A. m. Annatie Jones 
(SJan . dries, May 14, 

1770: Catharina, March 15, 1779: Hendrik. .< 

Van Den Bergh, Reiuier. m. Elizabeth A 
(Van Allen), ; 
1779; Susanna, April 1. 

Van Den Bergh. Evert, and Jannetie Van Schaick. 
Ch. b. : Corn*: Maria. Nov 

Ch: Cornells, b. Iiec. 8, 



Van I'- 
ll, b.; Eva, Jan, 16, L780; Cati 

Van Den Bergh. »■ rina Waldron. 

Ch: Mai 

Van Dee Bee !l..nnah Clute. 

Ch: Anna 

Van Den Be» lagen, 

Nov. 21. : i 

Van Den BrRon. Wvnand, m. Annatie Cooper, 
.-O. Ch: b. : Evert. July 4. 1771 ; Catharina, 

Van Den Bk igh, Maas, and Catharina Sheer. Ch : 
Andries, b. March 19, 1781. 

Van DBS Bergh. Matildas, and Annatie 1 
Ch : b. : Cornelis, June 7. 1785 ; Catalina, March 22, 
1788; Wynand, Nov. 16, 

Van Den Bergh. Wvnand, and Maria Hi I 
Shed. Jane 22, 

L811, a. 
20 y. 9 m. 2-2 d. ; Wynai 

James, Jan. 31, 1803: 
Abraham, Dec. 1, 1811 : Stephen, Feb. 2, 

Van Den Oergh. Tennis, and Marytje Becker. 
Ch: Gerrit, b. 

Van Den Bergh. Nicolaas. of Saratoga, and Jan- 
nette Waldron. Ch: Cornelias, May 8, 17?9. 

Van Den Bebgh, Lavinns, and Elizabeth Anthony. 
Ch: Rachel, b. Jan. 2'.'. 

Van Din Bergh. Cornelius, m. Annatie Ten Eyck, 

Sept. 15. . ry, b. June 20, 1795 [1796 ?] . 

EH Bergh, Matthew R,. m. Caty Ray, Nov. 

Oh: b. ; Richard, Feb. 13. 17%: William, 

Dec. M. 1799 ; Hanna, Sept. 27. 1801 ; Joan, M. Aug. 


Van Den I T ytliofr, Wouter Albertse, baker, 

.ned a lot bounded east and south bv the 

river and the [/.' • aats's] 

alley, nov - ivingas late as 1074. 

Van Der Baast, Joris Aeftse, surveyor, of 

Schenectady, where he was killed by the French and 

Indians on the night of Feb. 8, 1690. 

Van Der Rogart, Cornelis. d. in Albany, 
about July 10, 1666. 

Van Der Bogart [Boghardij] Harmen Myndertee, 

came to the province in 1631, as a surgeon in the 

W. I. Coiapanv"- inted 

commissary of Fort Orange; he came to a violent 

Haese Schoaw . 

:. of Zierickzee, after hie death, m. Jan 

Labatie. Ch: Frans. bp. in New York. Aug. 26, 

idert, bp. in New York, May 3, 1643; Lys- 


Van Der Bogakt. Sfyndert 

Harmense. gunstocker. LI .', resided on 

'•arl : 
about 1686. he removed <■ aty where in 

compair. ined a patent 

i i the 
ity of Poughkeepsie one half of which he / 
mortgaged to A : ■ ■ rk, for ' 

£116-6-0 Schermerhoorn. Ch: 

Johanm - Us, Dec. 15, . 

Elizabe:: -■- lg. 10. 1690; 

Van Der Bo I Schenectady, 

m. Barbara Ileemstraat, in Schenectady. Dec. 31, 
I. [See also 

Van Dei: Bogart. '.of Jerico, 

Albany district, corporal in the first New Yoik 

ved • faithfully " 7 y. and 3 m. 
received a bountv of 600 acres ol land from the 
of New York, lie m. M 
1782. Ch: Catharina. b. 

Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


Van Der Heyden, Jan. Cornelise, b. at Seven- 
bersen in Brabant, trader, in Beverwyck, 1663, m. 
Aeltie Janse Wemp, daa. of Jan Barentse Wemp, of 
Colonie Rensselaerswyck. They made a joint will, 
Sept. 1, 1663, at which time they had no children 
\ Van Deb Hetden. Jacob Tyssen, tailor, came 
from New Amsterdam to Beverwyck in 1654. He was 
over 60 y. old in 1676. July 25, 1655, hem. Anna Hals, 
in Amsterdam, Holland. They had one son BirTc\ 

Van Deb Hetden, Dirk, "tapper," of mafiOB 
Rensselaerswyck, m. Rachel Jochemse Ketelhuyn, % 
March 9, 1687. He purchased a bouwery of Pieter 
Van Woggelum, at Lubberdes land [now Troy] which 
in 1731 from love to his three sbns, Jacob, David and , 
Matthys, he conveyed to them. He was buried Oct. 
13, 1738. Ch : bp. ; Agniet, Aug. 28, 1687 ; An 
1, 1689 ; Jacobus, Aug. 3, 1690 ; Jacob, April 23, 1692,1 
m. II I Nanning Hafinense Visscher, 

Dirk, Jan. 7,1694; David, May 19, 1695, in. Geertruy, 
dau. of Nanning Harm*. Visscher; Matthys, Jan. 10, 
1697; Anna,March 26, 1699, d. July 10. 1709; Jochem, 
Sept. 15, 1700 : Rachel, Sept. 19, 1703 ; Johannes, 
March 2, 1707. 

Van Der Hetden, Dirk, m. Egbertie Bratt, April 
22, 1716. Ch: Rachel, bp. July 29, 1716, m. Harmen 
Visscher . 

Van Deb Hetden, Jacob, m. Hester Visscher, 
May 3, 1720. He^v,:s buried, April 10, 1746. Ch : 
bp.;Dirk, June 19, 1720; Nanningh, Nov. 25, 1721; 
Jacob, March 6, 1725 ; Alida, Oct. 27, 1727. 

Van Der Hetden, Johannes, m. . Rachel Van der 
Heyden, Jan. 16, 1724. She was buried at the flats, 
Jan. 3, 1754. Ch : bp. ; Johannes, Nov. 14. 1725 ; Ra- 
chel, Nov. 19, 1727; Dirk, Jan. 19, 1729 : Jai 
15, 1731 ; Maria, Sept. 10, 1733 ; Rachel, May 2, 1730 ; 
David, April 27, 1740; Mattheus, Dec. 1, 1742; Jan- 
neke, May 8, 1748. 

Van Deb Hetden, Jochuni, of Schenectady, m. 
first Anna Ketelhuyn, Jan. 8, 1725; and second.y, 
Bata Clute, in Schenectady, July 10, 1730 ; she was 
buried June 19, 1746. Ch : bp. : Dirk, Oct. 24. 1725 ; 
Johannes, Nov. 7, 1731 ; Rachel, Aug. 24, 1735 ; Ja- 
cobus, Feb. 8, 1738. [See also Schenectady Fa 

Van Der Hetden, David, merchant, m. Geertruy 
Visscher, Dec, 26, 1725. He made a will Feb. 7, 
1770, proved Aug. 13, 1770, in which the following, 
children are spoken of except Nanning. Sept . 5, 1766, 
he leased in perpetuity of the city a lot of land for a 
faintly burial place on" the west side of Swan street 
north of Washington street at a rent of $2.50, which 
was commuted in 1856 ; on this lot a vaul t was erected 
called " the Stringer vault," from his dau. Ra- 
chel Stringer. Ch : bp. ; Dirk, Oct. 30, 1726 ; Nan- 
ning, who was buried, Sept. 23, 1739 ; Rachel, Aug. 
22, 1730; David, Nov. 19, 1732 : Alida. Aug. 2S, 1734; 
m. Domiue Barent Yrooniaii, of Schenectady : Jacob, 
March 3,1737; Rachel, July 16, 1740; m. Samuel, 
Stringer, M.D. 

Van Dek Hetden, Matthys, m. first Geertruy 
. . . . , and secondly, Marg. Bratt, Dec. 17, 1730. Ch : 
bp. ; Nauning, Oct. 20, 1728 ; Dirk. May 14, 1732; Jo- 
hannes, Dec. 12. 1733 : Joheni Bratt, June 20,1730; 
Matthys, Nov. 25. 1739; Mattheus, Feb. 
Maria, Jan. 10, 1746. [Matthys V. D.jHeyden's, two 
children were buried Aug. 81, 1743.] 

Van Der Hetden, Johannes, Jr., and Catryna 
Van Brakelen. She was buried. Feb. 22, 1754. Ch : 
bp. ; Elizabeth, April 2, 1738; Johannes, Jan. 14, 
1750. [See also Schenectady Families.'] 

Van Dek Hetden. Jonaune*, and Catrina Brown. 
Ch : Adam, bp. Nov 9 

Van Deb Hetden. Dirk, and Elizabeth Wendcl. 
Ch: bp. ; Elizabeth, Nov. 16, 1740; Elizabeth, Feb. 
19,1749: Hester, Aug. 12, 1750; Catarina, Jan. 5, 
1752: Jacob and Alida, July 14, J7."><; Susanna, aud 
Jacob, lUSanna.Oct. 24, 1762. 

Van Deb Heyden-, Jacob, and Maria Halenbeck. 
Ch: bp. ; Jaco:>. Dec. 3, 1749; Nanning. Sept. 29, 
1751 ; Nanning, Feb. 24, 1754; Dirk, Jan. 7, 1759; 
Maria, Nov. 1, 1761. 

Hist. Coll. . ^3 

Van Der Hetden. Dirk Jochemse van de draag- 
plaets, m. Mara-arita Kittle van Schagtekook, Feb. 28, 
1754. Ch : bp. fAnnatje, Sept. 8, 1754 : Joachim, April 
25, 1756 ; David, Feb. 20, 1758 ; Ch: b. ; Daniel, Feb. 
22, 1760 ; Eva, March 3, 1762 ; Jacob, May 17, 1765. 

Van Deb Hetden, Jacob, and Lea Brouwer. Ch : 
Johannes, bp. March 12, 1754. 

Van Der Hetden, Dirk Matthyse, m. Sara Wen- 
del, July 15, 1758. Ch : bp. ; Margarita, June 17. 1759 ; 
Johannes, Oct. 18, 1701 ; Ch : 
b. ; Dirk, June 3, 1703 ; Abraham, April 36, 

Van Der Hetden, Abraham, of Steen Rabie [Lan- 
singburgli], and Annatie Boorhais [Burhans ?]. Ch : 
b. : Auny,T)ec. 13, 1769; Jochurn, March 3, 1771 ; Ba- 
rent, July 12, in huis gedoopt, Oct. 5, 1775. 

Van Der Heyden. Johannes, and Annatie Price . 
Ch: Maria, b. March'l6. 1779. 

Van Deb Hetden, Jacob, and Jennet, Livingston. 
Ch : b. : Jennet, Nov. 22, 1779 ; David, Aag. 19, 1784. 

Van Deb Hetden, Jacob Dirkse, m. Jannetie 
Yates. He was buried from his residence No. 85, 
North Pearl street, Sept 24, 1820. She d. at the same 
place Dec. 21, 1823. He purchased of the Beekman 
family in 1788 the " Van Der Heyden palace " in 
Pearl street ; after the death of his wife in 1823 tho 
family left it : it was demolished in 1832 artd-the Pearl 
street Baptist church was erected on the site ; this 
in 1870 was turned into Btores. Ch: Dirk b. 
Dec. 23, 1781 : Jan Gerritsen, Nov. 5, 1786. d. at Troy, 
Jan. 5, 1829, a. 42 y. ; Samuel : " d. at Troy, Nov. 27, 
1823 Samuel V. D. H. son of the late Jacob D. 
Van Der Heyden. and one of the proprietors of Troy ;" 
Henrv, d. in Brunswick, Rensselaer Co. May 21, 1831, 
a. 42 y. 

Van Deb Hetden, Nanning, and Catharina Le- 
vison . Ch : Annatie, b. Jan. 22, 1782. 

Van Der Hetden, Abraham, and Maritie Sharp. 
Ch : Margaret, b. Aug. 4, 1790. 

Van Deb Hetden, Matthias, and Mary Denker. 
Ch : Margaret, b. Feb. 3, 1793 . 

Van Der Hoeven, Jan Corneli6e, of Kinder- 
hook, and Dorothe Janse, Ch : bp. ; Cornells, Sept. 
: Johannes. May 9, 1686 : Geertruy, March 29, 
psbert, Jan. 20, 1692; Isaac, and Jacob twins, 
Dec. 9, 1694. 

Van Deb Hoeven, Cornelise, m. Metie Beeckman ; 

u-as buried, Jan. 10, 1689-90. Ch : bp. ; Marten, 

March 1, 1685 ; Susanna, May 5, 1687 ; Johannes, 1689. 

Van Der Kar, Jan. m. Madalena Baart, Sept. 
25, 1718. Ch : bp. ; Hendrik, Oct. 30. 1720 ; Dirk, Oct. 

20, 1723 : Engel tie, Feb. 27, 1726; Jannetie, July 13, 
1729 : Jannetie, Dec. 12, 1731 ; Hendrik, May 5. 1734 ; 
Johannes, Feb. 28, 1736; Abraham, Sept. 3, 1738; 
Nicolaas, July 8, 1744. 

Ohb Kab (Kerre), Jan (Dirk), m. Feytje 
Claase Van Schaick. of Kinderhook. in 1087 Ch : 
bp. : Janneke, June 10,"1688; Ariaantje, Jan. 8, 1690 ; 
Claas, May 6, 1694 ; Salomon. June 28, 1696 ; Arent, 
and Lourens, twins, Dec. 25, 1698; Ariaantje Sept. 
7, 1701 ; Jannete, Aug. 15, 1703 ; Neeltje, May 17, 
1705 ; Emanuel, Oct. 16, 1709 ; Elizabeth, Oct. 14, 1711. 

Van Der Karr, Arent, and Charlotte. Ch : bp ; 
Fvtje, June 5, 1730 ; Hendrik, Nov. 4, 1733 ; Maria, 
and Elizabeth, Dec. 12. 1736 ; Geertruy, Feb. 18, 1739 ; 
Dirk. May 2, 1742. 

Van Deb Kabb, N. and A Ch : Maria, bp. 

June 16, 1736. 

Van Der Ear, Abraham, of Halve Maati, m. 

Margarita De Voe, Aug. 6, 1759. Ch : Dirk, b. Feb. 

1760; Abraham, bp. Aug. 9, 1761 ; Johannes, b. Nov. 

Hendrik, b. Feb. 27, 1767 ; Daniel, b. June 

21, 1769. 

Van Dek Kar, Dirk, and Fytje Ch 

lotte, b. Nov. 25, 1764. 

Van Dek Kar, Dirk A., and Hilletje Muller. Ch : 
Hilletje, bp . Aug. 6, 1775. 

[( nil ik, and Antje Williams. Ch : 
Rebecca, b. Jan. 24. 1781. 

Van Der Koek, Michael, and Corm,: 
Nes . Ch : Cornelia, bp . Sept. 13, 1761 . 


/ the First Settlers of Albany. 

Van Der Koek. Michael, and Maria Allen. Ch : 

Kokk iVsnDerLoekl, Simon, m Laryn- 
- . June 1, 1778. 
Ch: Pel 84, 1790. 

Vim Der Lyn, Pieter, ami Geertruy Ch : 

bp. ; Petrus, .March abetb, April 11, 


36 1780. 

Van Der .Tlark, John, and Cornelia Van Den 
Bergh. Ch : Evert, b. Aug. 13 

Van Dor Ittenleu, Hendrick Oerritse. master 
1662, then owned a no 
E. Bide Broadway nearly opposite Beaver street. 

Van Der Poel, Teunis Cornelise. alias Spits- 
' naff of 
sland opposite ' 671 was 

one of the magistrates of Albauy ; made his will June 
17, 1687, and spoke of his wife Catrine Janse Croon, 
to whom he left a house and lot in Amsterdam, which 
she devised to her three daughters : Elisabeth w. of 
Bennony Van Corlaer Hate wid. of Sybrant Van 
Sehaick); Maria w. of Anthony Van Schaick ; and 
Johanna w. of Barent Lewis. 

■ i)erPoel, Wynant Oerritse; in 1674 he bought 
of Geertruy Pietcrse, wid. of the late Abrahai 
bureh half a saw-mill on the east bank of the Hudson 
opposite Capt. Philip Schuyler's bonwery, on the 
creek on the south side of Jeronimus Ebbingh's 
bonwery ; Bince which time this creek has been called 
WynanVs kU. W. G. Van Der Poel." late of Albany 
now of New York,*' made his will Feb. 29, 1695, 
proved April 17, 1702, in which he spoke of his w. 
Tryntje Melgers, licensed vroedvrouw of Albany, 
eldest son Melgert, and eon-in law. Willem Van Den 
Bergh, who was named his executor. He was de- 
ceased in 1699. 

Van Dek Poel, Melgert Wynantse, gunstocker, m.' 
first, Ariaantje Verplanck ; and secondly, Elizabeth, 
dau. of Willem Teller, senior, and wid. of Abraham 
Van Tricht, June 29, 1692. His and his father's 
house fronted the fort, in 1675. probably on the south 
side of State street. He was not living Sept. 19, 1700. 
Ch: Melgert; Maria; Trinkc; Abraham; '■'•■ 
bp. Oct. 14, 1683; Gelyn, bp. May 17, 1685; Jacobus, 
March 9, 1687; Henderick. June 2, 16S9; Wilhelm, 
March 19, 1093 ; Ariaantje, Nov. 17, 1695. 

Van Dbr Poel, Gerrit Wvnantse, m. Catrvn Van 
Santen (Zandt). Her house in 1708 was ou'tre E. 
corner of State and Pearl streets; she d. April 8, 
1709. Ch : bp. ; Wynant. in New York, Aug. 27, 
1690; Wynant, Oct. 11,1 

Van Der Poel, Meigert. Jr., of Kinderhoek, 1720, 
m. Catharina Van Alen, May 17, 1696. Ch: bp.; 
Elbertje, Feb. 3, 1697; Ariaantje, Sept: 3. 1699; 
ru, Jan. 26, 1701; Maria, Jan. 10, 1703; Jo- 
hanneB. March 4. 1705: Abraham, Feb. 9, 1707; 
Jacobus, April, 17, 1709 ; /soak, Oct. 14, 1711 ; Catrvna, 
Dec. 16, 1716 

Van Der Poel, Wynant Tson of Melgert] , in. Cath- 
arina De Hoogen [Hoogesj, of Lister Co. Aug. 17, 
1706. Ch: bp.; Johannes, Aug. 3,1707; Abraham, 
Feb. 13, 1709; Melchert, March. 4, 1711; Ariaantje, 
March 1, 1713; Margarieta, Dec. 26, 1714: Antonv, 
Aug. 18, 1717; David, Aug. 30, 1719; David, Sept. 
27, 1721; Maria, Nov. 1, 1722. 

''an Dek Poel, Abraham [son of Melgert], m. 
Antje Van Den Bergh, Jan. 3, 1713. 
chert, Feb. 7, 1714; Anantje, Sept. 23. 1716; Teuntje, 
Aug. 3, 1718 • Gerrit, June 11, 1721 : Tountje. Nov .'3, 
1723; Maria, Nov. 21, 1725 ; Ariaantje, June 9, 1729. 

VanDekPoel, Lourens [son of Melgert, Jr.], m. 
Ariaantje Van Den Bereh, Oct. 29, 1726. Ch:bp.: 
Catharina, March 5. 1727; Jacobus, July 3, 1737; 
Jan, Mi 

Va^ Der Poel. Jacobus [son of Melgert, Jr.], m. 
1740. Ch : bp. ; Marytje. Oct. 
11. 1711 ; Catharina, Dec. 10, 1749; Catarina, Mav 10, 

Van Der Poel, Isaac [son of Melgert, Jr.], and 

Anna Ch : bp. ; Catharina. May 2. 1742 ; Abra- 


Van Der Poel, Johannes [son of Wynant ?] wi- 
dower, m. secondly, Aunatie Staats. Mav 5. 
Ch:bp. ; Isaac, Dec. 25,1747; Margarita, April 22, 

Van Der Poel, Melgert [Eldert, son of Abraham r] 
and Margarita \ bp. ; Abraham, 

1752: Jacobns, May 27, 1759; 
Gerrit, D.March 26 I IT66. 

Van Der Poel, Gerrit [son of Abraham], and 
Catarina Hoes (Hub), Ch : bp.: Jannetie, Feb. '.', 
1752 : Abram. M 
Melchei ; Pieter, b. March 22. I 

Van Der Poel, Abraham, and Dorothea Shutter. 
Ch : b. ; Margarita, Oct, 31. 1775 ; Margarita, May 1, 

Van Der Poel, Abraham, and Marytje Becker. 
Ch: Dorothea,!). I 

Van Dek Poel, Abraham, and Catharine Brasie. 
Ch ; Geertruy. bp. Aug. 15, 1784. 

Van Der Poel, Gerrit, m. first, Margarita Wilson, 
and secondly, Cornelia Mnller, about 1785. Ch : 
Antje, bp. May 21, 1780 : Margarita, b. May 3, 1786. 

Van Dek Poel, Jacobus, m. Marvtje Mailer, Jan. 
; Ch : b. : Margarita. Feb. 25, 1734; Catharina, 
April 9, 1786 ; Jeremie, Feb. 26, 1788. 

Van Den Poki., Malachi, and Annatie Seger. Ch : 
Gerrit, b. Nov. 29,1788. 

V 4N' Der Poel, John, m. Geertruy Van Buren, 
April 10. 1780. Ch : John, b. M:iy 87, 1795. 

Van Der Volgen, alias Van Purmerent, Claas 
Lourentse, of Schenectadv, and Marytje Swart. Ch: 
bp. ; Lysbeth, May 9, 1686; Nicolaas, Aug. 7, 1687; 
Ariaantje, May 18, 1690; Ariaantje, Feb. 12, 1793. 
[See also S 

Van Der Yolgen, Teunis, of Schenectai! 
Sara Harmense. Ch: bp. ; Claas, June 26, 
Neeltie, Oct. 12, 1713. [See also Schenectady Fami- 

Van Der Voort, Jacobus, and Nancy Krups . 
Ch : Geertruy, Jan. 31, 1785. 

Van Der Voort, James and Annatie (Mary) Schuy- 
ler. Ch: b -Johannes, Oct. 1,1787: Daniel, June 
2, 1792 ; Charles. July 20, 1794 ; Anna Gourlay, June 
IS, 1798. 

Van Deh Voort, James, and Annatie (Nancy) 

. Ch: b.; Margarita, March 

4, 1790 ; Richard, April 30, 1797 ; Henry, Jan. 8, 1802. 

Van Der Werken, Rocloff Oerritse, of Halve 

ad a film on " t'ahoos Island,'' above the 

4tli fork of the Mohawk river 

1680, bonght 7 morgens ndjo'ning his land on the 

west and north of the 4th fork, r.lso 2 morgens on 

-'and. of Annetie Lievens, widow of Go 
Oerritse Van Schaick. He m. Geertruy Jacobse. 
Ch: bp. ; Gen-it; Albert; Hendrick: Kicolaas; 
w. of John Kidney; Jannetie, Jan. 21, 1685, 
Catarina, Jan. 12, 16S7; Jo'iannes, Sept. 30, 1688; 
Elizabeth, Jan, 1, 1692 ; Jacrb. Aug. 20, 

Van Der Werken, Gen it Roeloffse. and Maritie 
Janse De Voe (De Vooer). He was buried Feb. 2, 
1756. Ch: bp. ; n. 5, 1700; Jannetje, 

Sept. 27, 1702; Catharina, May 6, 1705; Gerardus, 
March 4. 1711 ; Johannes, June 13, 1714. 

Van Der Werken, Albert Roeloffse m. Dirkje 
VanAlstein, July 15. 1704. Ch : bp. : Rocloff Cer- 
ritse. Oct. 14. 1705 ; Minimis, May 16. 1708 ; Johan- 
nes. Jan. 29, 1710; Roeloff, Feb. 10, 1712 : Johannes. 
.. 1715 ; Jacobus. April 
21, 1717 : Jacob, May 8, 1(19 ; Albert, March 1, 1721. 

Van Der Werken, Hendrik Roeloffse, of Halve 

Moan, and Marytje Ch : Geertruy. bp . March 

1. 1713; Maria," March 31, 1716; Catharina, Jan. 1, 

Van Dek Werken, Nicolaas [Roeloffse], and 
Maria Ch 

Van Der Werken, Mar- 

garita Baart, Jan. 8. 1715. Ch : bp. ; Engeltie, Nov. 
20,1715: Boelqff, Feb. 10, 1717: Gteertruy, Nov 1, 
1718 ; I! 
Johannes, Feb 10, 1725 

Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


rit, June 5, 1730; buried, June 26, 1746; Johannes, 
Jan. 16, 1734. 

Van Der Werken, Johannes [son of Gerrit Roe- 
loffse?] m. Christina Pruvn, March 1. 1737. Ch: bp. ; 
Margarita, Feb. 8, 1738 ; Frans, Jan. 24, 1739; Eliza- 
beth, Oct. 5, 1740 ; Barent, May 23, 1742 ; Gerardus, 
May 20, 1744; Marylje, April 25, 1746; Johannes, 
March 27. 1754 ; Barent, Aug. 31, 1755 ; Alida, Feb, 26, 
1758 ; Johannatie (Jannetie), Oct. 19, 1760. 

Van Der Werken, M[artinus ?J and Margarita .... 
Ch : bp. ; Johannes, Feb, 22, 1730 ; Dirckje, March 
8, 1732 ; Roeloff, May 5, 1734. 

Van Der Werken, Rocloff. Jr., [son of Johannes 
Roeloffse],and Annatie Vosburgh. Ch:bp- Mar- 
garita, Jan. 10. 1740 ; Abraham, Jan. 3, 1748 : Johan- 
nes, Feb. 6, 1749 ; Margarita, Oct. 7. 1751 ; Geertruy, 
Sept. 15, 1754 ; Abraham, Nov. 20, 1757. 

Van Der Werken, Roeloff [son of Johannes Roe- 
loffse ?], and Geertruy Fonda. Ch:bp.; Hendrik, 
Jau. 10, 1746 ; Johannes, April 17, 1748. 

Van Der Werken, Albert, of Halve Maan [son of 
Johannes Roeloffse], m. Maria Qackenbos, Oct. 3, 
1751. Ch:bp. ; Margarita, Nov. 26, 1752 ; Rachel, 
' Sep: . 8. 1754 : Geertruy, Sept. 19, 1756 ; Machtelt, 
Nov. 12, 1758 ; Machtelt, June 21, 1761 ; Johannes, 
b. Aprils 

Van Der Werken, Jacob [son of Johannes Roe- 
loffse]. and Maria Ch: Willem, bp. Dec. 30, 


Van Der Werken, Johannes, Jr. [son of Johan- 
nes Roeloffse] of Halve Maan, m. Marytje DeVoe,Dec. 
26, 1754. Ch : Engeltie, bp. Nov. 30, 1755 ; Margarita, 
bp. April 30, 1758; Marya, b. April 25, 1760 ; Johan- 
nes, b. Oct. 4,1762; Geertruy, bp. Dec. 23, 1764: 
Elizabeth, b. March 13, 1767; Annatie, b. July 24. 
1768: Abraham, April 15, 1771 ; Roeloff, bp. Feb. 7, 

Van Dee Werken, Hendrick [son of Johannes 
Roeloffse], in. Maria Viele, March 13, 1756. Ch : 
Margarita, bp. July 17, 1757 ; Johanna geboren den 
lesten Aug., 1762 ; Johannes, b. Sept. 6, 1764 ; Teunis 
b. Sept. 2, 1767 ; Hendrick, b. Oct, 11, 1772. 

Van Der Werken, Hendrick, and Catharina Eats 
[Eights or Yates V] Ch : Andries, b. July 27, xTA. 

Van Der Werren, Johannes, and Dirkje Van 
Aalstevn. Ch : Jacobus, bp. June 24, 1759 ; Elizabeth, 
b. Sept. 1, 1764. 

Van Der Werken, Albert, m, Annatje Van Den 
Bergh (Winne), Mav 13, 1758. Ch : Annatje, bp. 
Feb. 11, 1759 : Manrurita, bp. ornelia, 

b. Jan. 2, 1763; Wynand, bp. July 16, 1763; Wyuand, 
b. April ' 

Van Der Werken, Roeloff M., m. Cornelia Van 
Alsteyn. Ch: Margarita, bp. Sept. 15, 1764. 

Van Dek Werken, Albert, and Marytje Quacken- 
Ch: b. ; Jacob, Sept. 17. 1766; Hendrick, 
June 15, 1769. 

Van Dbr Werken, Martiuus, of Saratoga, m. 

Marytje Winne, July 1771. Ch : Annatje, b. 

Aug. h. '■ 

Der Werken, Martinus, and Geertje Van 
Den Bergh. Ch: Annatie, b. Dec. 19,1776. 

Van Der Werken, Johannes, and Annatie Bo- 
gardus. Ch: Roeloff, b. Feb. 28, 1774. 

Van Der Werken, Willem, of naive Maan, m. 
MarvtieBogardus, Feb. 10,1777. Ch: Jacob, b. Dec. 

Van Der Werken, Hendrick, of Halve Maan, and 
Catharina Kremer. Ch: Johannes, b. Jan. 14, 1787. 

Van Der Werken, Johannes H., m. Catharina 
Slingerland, Feb. 12, 1786. Ch: b. Abraham, Sept. 
28. 1789 ; Rebecca, Nov. 28, 1793 ; Hendrick, May 3, 

Van Der Wilge, Joannes, m. Catrvna Heyps, 
Sept. 6, 1717. Ch : bp. ; Margriet, May 18, 1718 ; 
Alida, Mav 8, 1 720 ; Philip, Dec. 17, 1721 : Maria, Jan . 
22, 1724. 

Van Der Willege, Dirk, and Saartje Larraway 
[Le Roy. | Ch : Johannes, b. Jan 25, 1769 ; Johannes, 
bp. April 

Van Der Vort, see Fort. 

Van Der Zee, Storm, son of Albert Andries 

Bratt "de Noorman" came to Rensselaerswyck in 

1630. The tradition is that one of Bratt's children 

in on shipboard on the passage out in the 

of a heavy storm, in consequence of which, he 

was called Storm Vanderzee. 0' Callaghan's Hid. IV. 

V. That Van Der Zee was an alias for Bratt in early 

- certain ; in an old deed Storm's Ron Wouter 

is called " Wouter Storm Bratt, alias Wouter Van 

Der Zee." Storm Van Der Zee was a trader, and in 

tfas complained of for smuggling in New 

dam. Hem. Hilletje, dau. of Gerrit Lansing, 

and had at least two sons who lived to maturity, 

Albert, and Wouter. 

Van Der Zee, Wouter Storm, m. Jannetje Swart, 
July 2, 1695. Ch: bp. ; Storm, April 5, 1096; Eliza- 
beth, July 10, 1698: Storm, Aug. 3, 1701; Antony, 
Jan. 5. 1704; Hilletje, Aug. 25, 1706; Catharina, Jan. 
1, 1709 ; Albert, May 20, 1716 ; Wouter, Nov. 29, 1717. 
Van Der Zee, Albert Storm, m. Hilletje Ganse- 
voort. Jan. 20, 1700. Ch : bp. ; Ariaantje. May 22, 
1707 ; Storm, June 26, 1709 ; Harmen, March 4, 1711 . 
Van Der Zee, Storm [son of Albert], m. Lena 
Slingerland, Nov. 4, 1734. Ch: bp. ; Ariaantje, June 
Echie, Jan. 5, 1737; Hilletje, Jan. 9, 1740. 
[Storm V. D. Z. m. Eva Slingerland, Nov. 11, 1737.] 
Van Der Zee, Storm [son of Wouter], m. Elisabeth 
Slingerland, Sept. 5, 1735. Ch : bp. ; Wouter, July 
26, 1736 ; Aegie, Dec. 17, 1738 ; Cornelia, Oct. 5, 1740 ; 
Albert, April 10, 1743 ; Teunis, Aug. 24, 1746. 

Van Der Zee, Anthony [son of Wouter], m, first 
Marytje I)e Ridder, Oct. 12, 1-735, who was buried 

July 31, 1744 ; secondly, Annatie who was buried 

Dec. 25, 1749, and thirdly, Annatie Van Ness, May 
10, 1752. Ch : bp. ; Jannetie, Sept. 18, 1737 ; Antje, 
Jan. 16, 1740; Elizabeth, April 4, 1742; Antje, March 
4. 1744 ; Wouter. April 11, 1747 : Wouter, Feb. 4, 1753 ; 
Marylje, Dec. 7, 1755; Catalyntje, April 9, 1758. 

Van Der Zee, Harmen [son of Albert], and Eva 
.... Ch: bp. ; Aalbert, June 28, 1738; Cornells, 
Aug. 10. 1740 ; Storm, July 11, 1742. 

Van Der Zee, Albert [son of Wouter], m. Antje 
Van Wie. May 1, 1741. Ch : bp. ; Jannetie, April 18, 
1742 : Hilletje, Feb . 26 1 Z 14 ; Jannetie. Aug. 2, 1747 ; 
Hendrikje Van Wie, March 4, 1750; Elizabeth, July 
22, 1754.' 
Van Der Zee, Albert [probably same as last], and 
Van Der Kar. Ch : b. ; Annatje, March 25, 
1765; Annatje, April 8, 17G6 ; Wouter, June 9, 1768. 

Van Der Zee, Cornells [son of Storm - ?] of Niska- 
tha, m. Annatie Veder, Nov. 20, 1766. Ch : b. ; 
Margarita. Dec. 17. 1780; Ra- 
chel, Aug. 9, 1782 ; Wouter, March 11, 178-4 ; Engeltie, 
Oct. 8, 1786. 

Van Der Zee, Wouter [son of Anthony], m. 
Marytje Peek i Beck), Mav 18, 1776. Ch : b. ; Anthony, 
Feb. 23, 1777; Marytje. July 7, 1779; Isaac, March 1, 

Van Densen, Abraham Ch: Melgerl; 

Matthew or Teuwis ; Jacob ; Pieter, who settled in 
New Amsterdam . 

Van Deusen, Teuwis Abrahamse, in Beverwyck, 
1657-1700. His wife was Helena... Ch: Robert; 
Jan; Isaac. 

Van Dbusen, Jacob Abrahamse, cooper, m. 
Catalyntje Van Eslant, of Amsterdam, Holland, in 
New Amsterdam, Sept. 23, 1663. In 1677 being about 
to return to Holland to collect certain legacies due 
her there, the commissarissen of Albany gave her a 
certificate that she was the dau. of Claes Van Eslant 
deceased, undertaker in New Amsterdam, and that 
her mother's name was Willemtie Harpers Van Der 
Linde. Her husband, Van Deusen, and her brother 
Claes also gave her power of attorney to collect the 
legacies left them by their uncle Harrnanus Antonides 
, Liude, minister in his life time at Naerden. 
Ch. bp: in New York. Willem; Herpert, Oct. 9, 
n , Jan. 11, 1667 ; Adriaen, May 31), 1668 ; 
Admen, March 13, 1670 ; Isaac, Nov. 5, 1671 
Oct. 7, 1674; Jacob, Sept. 13, 1676; Maryken, Nov. 
27. 1678. 


Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 

Van Deusen, Melgert Abral ;:;igeltie 

tee [dau. of Ri 

; sknce. 
Jan. (1, 1742. ' 

n>. Julv ll. it:, <0, 1G01, 

.. 1701. 

Van Deusen, Robert Teuwise, of Claverac, 1720, 
m. Cornelia Martense [Van Bnren]. Ch:bp. jJo- 
.. July 18, 1090; Matthei.- ttarten, 

Feb. 21, 1094; Tobias, Aug. 10, 169S; Robert. Sept. 
1, 1700. [Robert Teuwise, ui. Geertrny Van Ben- 
thuysen, Aug. SL, 1T18 J 

VanIm tjflBN, Willem Jacobse, ni. Elizabeth Rosen- 

the north 

corner, i and Pearl street iu 17:1. Re 

3 spt. 8. 1731. Ch: bp.; Jacob, Sept. 4, 

'. April 11, 1095; Oaialynlje, Nov. 81, 

t eth, March 81, 

1703 ; Henrik and Elizabeth, twins, Dec. 25, 1705. 

Van Deusen, Rut Melgertse, linen weaver, m. 
Wyntje Harmcuse, 8e Ch: bp.; Cata- 

lyntje, May 14, 1093; Eugeltic, March 22, 1696, m. 
Gerrit Lansingh, Jr. 

Van Deusen, Jan Teuwise, m. Maritie Martense 
Van Bnren, March 14, 1G95. His wid. m. C. G. Van 
Den Bergh, Nov. 21, 1702. Ch : bp. ; Mattheus, Jan. 
19, 1696. 

Van Deusen, Herbert (HerperO Jacobse, of Clav- 
eracl707. Albany, 1720, m. Mariije Gerritse (Reyertse,) 
Jan. 24. 1695. He was buried in the church, July 6, 
1742. Ch : bp. : Tryntje, Aug. 9, 1696 ; Tryntje, Aug. 
22, 1097 : Gerrit, Jan. 5. 1700, buried Jan. 29, 1741 ; 
Jacob. Nov. 19, 1701; Jacob, Oct 3, 1703; Henrik, 
Sept. 29, 1705 ; Ab?-aham, Nov. 17, 1700 ; Anna, March 
16, 1709 : Cataliua. Feb. 10, 1712 ; Maretie, Nov. 13, 

Van Deusen, (?) [Van Der Poel ? ] Caspar Melgertse, 
and Jar.netje Schermerhooren. Ch: Casper, bp. 
April 20, 1701. 

Van Deusen, Abraham [son of Jacob?], m. Ja- 
comyntje Van Schoonhoven, May 23, 1697. Ch : bp. ; 
Guert Hendrickse, Sept. 27, 1702; Isaac, Dec. 24, 
17U4 ; Henrik, June 15, 1707. 

Van Deusen, Isaac, of Claverac. 1720, Kinderhoek 
1740, -.geboren en wonende aan Claverack, m. Baata 
Van Ysselsteyn, silver plaatsen, Oct. 9, 1706. He 
made will May 24, 1740, proved Oct. 8, 1742, in which 
he mentioned his w. Baata, and the following children: 
Mattheus, bp . Aug. 3, 1707 ; Cornelia, bp. July 3, 1709 ; 
Batha; Cornells Andriese, bp. April 22, 1710; Isaac, 
bp. June 2, 1718 ; Marietie, bp. May 16, 1720 ; Tryntje, 
bp. Sept. 23, 1722; Elizabeth, bp. Aug. 9, 1724; 
Aunatie ; Sarah, bp. Jan. 4, 1730 ; Johannes ; Helena, 
bp. Sept. 29, 1734. 

Van Deusen, Harpert [son of Melgert] , of Claverac 
1707, Albany 1720, -m. first, Helena Van Deusen, Nov. 
7, 1707, who" was buried June 27, 1738 ; and secondly. 
The : Van Alsteyn. May 23, 1732. Ch : bp. : Helena, 
w. of AbmG. Lansing Jr. (?) : Melchert, Oct. 19, 1713 ; 
Engeltie, Dec. 25, 1714; Trvmjr. June 9, 171 
chert, Dec. 27. 1719; Mattheus, March 24, 1723; 
Rurgert, June 30. 1728. 

Van Deusen, Johannes [son of Robert], of Kinder- 
hoek, m. Styutie (Christina) Van Alen, Aug. 16, 1712. 
Ch: bp. ; Robert. Sept. 27, 1713; Elbertje, May 8, 
Elbertje, Dec. 16, 1710; Catharina, Aug. 20, 
1720; Maria, May 3, 1722. 

Van Deusen, Mattheus [son of Jan Teuwise], m. 
Engeltie Slingerland, June 2, 1716. Ch : bp. ; Johan- 
nes, Feb. 27, 1717 ; Arent, April 19, 1719. 

Van Deusen, Mattheus [son of Isaac], and Rachel 
... Ch: Data, bp. Jan. 21, 1741 

Vax Deusen. Marten [son of Melgert], m. Elbertje 

26, 1719. Ch: bp ; Catharina, 

Oct. 14, 1722: Melchert, April 17, 1720; Miliherl 

[Melgert ?] Feb. 23 

. Van Deusen, Abraham [son of Melgert?] and 

Ch : Hartman, bp. Jan. 7, 1722. 

Van Deusen, Tobias [son of Robert], and Ariaan- 
tle . . .. Ch: Robert, bp. April 17, 1720. 

Van Deusen, Hendrik [son of Willcm],and Ariaan- 
tje Sta Elizabeth, March 12, 1732: 

Neeltie, May llem, April 11, 1736; 

Neeltje, Nov. IS 

Van Deusen, Abraham [son of Herpert], and Ra- 
chel Pels. C h : bp. : Marritie, March 3, 1734; Marga- 
rita. July 11, 1730: Tryntje, Jan. 10, 1739; Mar t u 
July 23, 1740 ; Marritje, July 17, 1743. 

Van Deusbn, Melgert [son of Herpert], and Neeltie 
Quackenbosch. Ch : bp. ; Harpert, Jan. 12, 1740; 
Lena, Feb. 4, 1750. 

Van Deusen, Hannes [son of Mattheus], carpenter, 
m. Marytie Winne, April 19, 1745. Ch: bp. ; Mat- 
theus, Feb. 10, 1740: Pieter, Nov. 22, 1747: Arent, 
May 13, 1753. 

Van Deusen, Arent, mason [son of Mattheus], m. 
Catharyutje Waldron, April 20, 1745. CL: bp • En- 
geltie, Feb. 22, 1747; Elizabeth, Jan. 22, 1749; 
Engeltie, Oct. 27, 1751. 

Van Deusen, Robert [son of Tobias], and Catharina 
Van Alen . Ch : Pieter, bp. May 20, 1 753 . 

Van Deusen, Cornells, and Lea Ostrander. Ch ; 
bp. : Geertrny, Feb. 4, 1753 ; Arent (?) Dec. 28, 1750; 
Wilhelmus, Dec. 3, 1758; Jannetje, b. Dec. 13, 1708. 

Van Deusen, Wilhelmus, and Christina Kittle 
(Ketelhuyn). Ch : b. ; Cornells, March 14, 1704; 
Lena, Aug. 24, 1706. 

Van Deusen, Jacob, m. Elsie Lansing, May 19, 
1771. Ch : b. ; Marytje, Jan. 19, 1773; Marytje, July 
18, 1775 ; Rachel, and Elizabeth, July IS. 1778; Abra- 
ham, Dec. 22, 1780 ; Jacob Lansi) g, July 17. 1785 ; 
Rachel, June 0, 1788; Cornelia, Jan. 9, 1791. 

Van Deusen, Pieter, m. Catharina (Lena) Van Wie. 
Dec. 10, 1709. Ch : b. ; Maria, Dec. 39, 1774 : Rachel, 
June 8, 1782 ; Philip, May 12, 1793. 

Van Deusen, Mattheus, and Cornelia Van Wie. 
Ch. b. ; Maria, Feb. 2, 1775; Catharina, Sept. 3, 
1779. ' 

Van Decsen, Arent, m. Margarita McCloud, Feb. 
23, 1777. Ch: b .; Elizabeth, bp. Dec. 12, 1777; 
Cornells, b. April 23, 1780; Lea, April 10, 1782; 
Annatie, Oct. 30, 1784 ; Robert, April 7, 1787. 

Ljsusen, Harpert, m. Geertje Witbeck, July 
25, 1779. Ch : Anuatje, b. Aug. 7, 1783. 

Van Deusen, Wilhelmus, and Rachel Pieterse 

Ch: b. ; Simon, Aug. 25, 1782 ; Johannes, Oct. 6, 
1783; Lea, July 1, 1785. 

Van Deusen, John, m. Antje Witbeck, July 13, 
1789. Ch : b. ; Pieter, Oct. 4, 1790 ; Walter, Oct. 24, 

Van Deusen, Robert,and Geertrny Yager. Ch : 
Maria, b. May 3, 1792. 

Van Deusen, Peter, and Lidia Brewslin (Brewster). 
Lydia relict of Peter Van D. d. April 20, 1882, a. 69 y. 
Ch : b. ; Sidney Lewis, Feb. 4, 1793 ; Abraham 
Samuel Whittleaea, Sept. 12, 1795; Isaac Gilbert, 
Jan. 2, 1801 ; Peter, Dec. 3, 1805. 

Van Doesbnrgh, Hendrick Andriese, alias 
Hendrick Driessen, was in Beverwyck as early as 
1054, — deceased 1004. His wife was Maritie Damen, 
widow of Dirk Van Eps ; by her he had one daughter 
Jannetie, (11 y. old March 14. 1664), who m. Martiuus 
Cregier, Jr., son of Capt. Martiuus C. of New 
Amsterdam, and settled at Niskayuna, where their 
descendants may still be found. After Hendrick 
Audriese's death his widow m. Cornells Van Nes, in 
1604. Van Doesburgh was a considerable dealer in 
real estate. His sister Geertrny was w. of Jacob 
Janse Stol, alias Hap. 

Van Driessen, Dominie Petrus, Jr m. first, Eva 
Cuyler, Aug. 26. 1712 (by Do. Petrus Vas) ; he was 
buried in the church Feb. 3, 1738; she was buried 
in the church Aug. 10, 1756. He came to Albany in 
April, 1712. His brother, Dominie Johannes Van 
Driessen, m. at Albany, Margarita Van Stryer, July 
8, 1727. Ch : bp. ; Petrus, Jan. 17, 1713, resided for 
a time at Schenectady ; Hendrick, Oct. 30, 1715. 
" This my son Hendricl child baptized 

in the new Church :" Johannes. Sept. 29, 1717 ; Anna, 
Nov. 15. 1719; .Maria, Sept. 10, 1722. 

Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


Van Drtbssen, Cornelia, and Lea Van Ostrander. 
Ch: b. ; Maria, June 10, 1762; Catharina, April 11, 
1765 ; Elizabeth, July 5, 1771. 

Van J>wingelo, Geertroy Barenise, in 1663, 
widow of the late Hendrick Hendr: Harstenhorst 
and now wife of Jacob Hevick; being then about 
to depai -he mortgaged her house and 

lot in Beverwyck for the security of 100 guilders re- 
served from her property for her two children by 

Van Dye k s Hendrick, came from Utrecht in 
1645. He was schout fisconl under Stuyvesant who 
dismissed him from office on which account he ap- 
pealed to the states-general for redress. In 1652 he 
states that he had served the West India Company 
and the states-general 13 y. both as ensign com- 
mandant and a ' time he says he was 
burthened witk a wife — Duvertje Cornelise — and 
four children of whom two were Cornells ; and Lydia 
w. of Nicolaas De Meyer, lie il. in 1688. 

Van Dyck, Cornelise [son of Hendrick V. D., the 
Jlscaal.] received a chirurgeon's certificate in 1661 from 
Jacob D'Hinsse with whom he studied medi- 
cine four years. He m. first, Elizabeth Lakens ; and 
eecondly, Elizabeth Beck wid. of Capt. Sylvester 
-Salisbury ; after Van Dyck's death about 1687, she in. 
Capt. George Bradshaw, Oct. 29, 1691 ; — in 1692 she 
was again a widow, and was deceased in 1701. Ch: 
Hendrick; Jacob >■ Aliaa, bp. April 20, 1684; Eliza- 
beth, bp. Aug. 22, 1686. 

Van Dyck, Hendrick, chirurgeou, resided on the 
east corner of Broadway and State street ; in 1717 his 
widow Maritie, owned this lot. He was drowned 
April 11, 1707. He m. Maria Schuyler, Feb. 3, 1689. 
Ch : bp. : Cornells, Nov. 17, 1089 ; Elizabeth, April 23, 
1692; DcMd, Nov. 20, 1693; Catalina, Oct. 6, 1695; 
Pieter, Nov. 7, 1697; Arent, Jan. 5, 1700; Maria, 
Sept. 28, 1701 ; Lidia, July 1 6, 1704. 

Van Dyck, Jacobus [son of Hendrick], of Sche- 
nectadv, chirurgeou, m. Jacomyntje Glen, Oct. 25, 
1094. Oh: Cornells, bp. Aug. 28, 1698. [See also 
Schenectady Fear, 

Van Dyck, David [son of Hendrick], m. Christina 
Ten Broeck, April 10, 1718 ; Ch : bp. : Hendrick, May 
3, 1719; Catharina, March 1, 1721; Maria, Feb. 17, 
1723 ; Wessel, Oct. 11. 1724 : Elizabeth, Sept. 11, 1726 ; 
Dirk, June 28, 1728: Christina, April 4, 1731; Chris- 
tina Sept. 10, 1732. 

Van Dyck, Cornelis [son of nendrick], m. Maria 
Bries, July 9 (?) 1721 . He was buried, June 21, 1747 : 
she was buried April S, 1758. He made his will 
March 26, 1747, proved Sept. 0, 1768 : mentioned his 
w. Maria and cousin John De Peyster.. Ch : bp. ; 
Maria, June 17, 1722 ; Authony. Aug. 25. 1723, buried 
Jan. 4, 1740 ; Catharina, March 30, 1725 ; Hendrick, 
Oct. 2, 1726; David, April 20, 1729; Catharina, Sept. 
5,1731: [Cornelia van D.'s two daughters were buried, 
Jan. 16, 1740.] 

Van Dyck Areiit [son of Hendrick], m. Heyltie 
Van Alen, Nov. 16, 1722. Ch : bp. ; Mi 
1724; Stephanus, Dec. 13, 1726 : Lourens, Dec. 20, 173b. 

Van Dyck, Henricus, Doctor [sou of Cornells,] m. 
Margarita Douw, Dec. 21, 1752. Ch : bp. ; Cornells, 
Dec. 9. Jirch 21, 1756; Anna, Nov. 5, 

1753 ; Petrus Douw, b. 20, May (April (?) bp. May 5, 

Van Eeckelen, Jan Jansen, in Beverwyck, 
1657-67 ; schoolmaster in Flatbush, 1691 ; the minis- 
ter and elders of the church there desired his removal 
from office because he had been an active partisan of 

Van Iniburg (Emburgh). Johannes, m. Anna- 
tie (IT; i msburgh,) May 14, 1780. 
Ch: b.; Elizabeth, Sept. 23. 1 Jan. 8, 
1785 ; Elizabeth, April 20, 1787 ; a child, name not 
registered, Sept. 30, 1789; Matthias, Jan. 31, 1793; 
John, June 22, 1798. 

Van lips, Jan Dirkse. In 1664 he boughl the 
house, brewery, mill house, etc. of the late Philip 
Heudrickse Brouwer; 1667 his stepfather Cornelis 
Van N ■ ■ 

I ctad [iysbet,m Gerrit 

Van Eps, Evert, of Schenectady, m . Eva Toll in 
Schenectady, July 8, 1705. Ch : Johannes, bp. April 
28, 1710 . [Sec also Schenectady Famtti 

Van Eps, Jan Baptist, of Schenectady, m, Helena 
Sauderse Glen, in Schenectady ; July 9, 1699. Ch : 
Jan Baptist, bp. Sept. 27, 1713. [See also Schenectady 
Families. ] 

Van Eps, Johannes, of Schenectady, m. Neeltie 
Toll in Schenectady; Oct. 28, 1720. Ch : Eva, bp. 
Feb. 25, 1728. [See also Schenectady Families.] 

Van Esselsieyn, see Esselsteyn. 

Van Etten. Jacobus, and Annatie Pangburn 
(Pcngbany) . Ch' : Jacobus, b . July 16, ,1765. 

Van Etten. Benjamin, and Heiltie Vredenburgh. 
Ch: Jacobus, b. April 0, 1768. 

Van Ettbn, Benjamin, and Catharina Earl (Erl, 
Ell). Ch : b. ; Isaac, August 31, 1776 ; Catharina, 
August 26, 1778 ; Jacob, March 14, 1780 ; Benjamin, 
May 1, 1788 ; John, May 2 I, 

Van Etten. Hannes, and Geertruy Redliff. Ch: 
Heiltje, b. ; June 

VAn Etten, Isaac, and Celia Radley. Ch : William, 
b. Jan. 1,1793. 

Van Frank, Van Franken, see Van Vranken. 

Van Gansovoort, Gansevoort. 

Van Gndsenhoren. Jan Bastiaanse, a trader 
in Beverwyck as early as lu59, owned a house and lot 
in Broadway opposite the Court House ; he was de- 
ceased in 1667. 

Van Cycling, Elias, of Schenectady, came over 
in 1659 in the Ship Bonte koe from Zeeland ; pur- 
chased Bastiaan Dewinter's^awtatfie in Schenectady 
in 1670; d. before April 13, 1695, when his widow 
Tryntje Ball. Ch : bp. ; Jaco- 

myntje. ert, Oct. 25, 1691. [See 


Van Hamel, Didrick, secretary of Rensselaers- 
wyck in 1057 ; bought Madam Johanna De Hulter's 
house and lot for 2,100 guilders. Hie wife was Sophia 
Wyckersloot ; in 1661 she was w. of Antony Toinel. 

Van Heomstraat, see Heemstraat. 

Van Hoeefc, Arent Isaackse, master shoemaker 
in Beverwyck, 1659 ; had a son Bennony. 

Van Hoeck, Bennony Arentsc, of Schenectady, m. 
Jaquimina Swart, wid. of Pieter Cornelise Viele . He 
was killed Feb. 9, 1689-90 in Schenectady, by the 
French and Indians. Ch : Gerritje, bp. Jan . 24, 1686. 
' Van Hoesen (Hoesem), Jau Franse, an early 
resident of Fort Orange and Beverwyck : 1662 bought 
land at Claverac of the Indians ; d. about 1667. His 
w. was Volkie Jurriaanse, sister of Annatie Jur- 
riaanse, w. of Andries Herbertseo Constapel ; after 
his death she m. Gerrit Visbeeck. Letters of admin- 
istration were issued to his son Jurriaan, Aug. 2, 
1703. The following children were living in 1694: 
Jurriaan. eldest son : Jacob; Volkert ; Johannes (an 
old man in 17241; Annaw. of Luykas Gerritsen ; 

Styntje, w. of Jan Tys Goes ; Marya, w. of Hendrick 

Coenraetse,; Catharina, w. ofFrankflard! 

Van Hoes^is were Lutherans, hence but few of their 

children were registered in the Reformed church 
Doop Boek.] 

r Van Hoesen, Jurriaan Janse, came to Beverwyck, 
probably with his father, Jan Franse, in 1746 
Jan ; Caspar (f fr \ *\ -y * 

Van Hobsen, Volkert Janse, m. Maritje Bensing; 
was buried Aug. 30, 1725. Ch: Reiner, bp. Jan. 10, 
1692 ; Jan. 

Van Hoesen, Jacob Janse, of Claverac, 1720, m. 
Judik Franse Clauw. ICh: Jan; Elsje, bp. Feb. 12, 
1696 ; Maria, bp. Nov. 22, 1702 ; Jacob, b. op Klaverak, 
Sept. 3, 1707,. and bp. in the Lutheran church, Albany, 
May 23, 1708. [Luth. Ch : Rec, Athens . ] 

Van Hoesen, Johannes or Hannes, of Kinderhoek, 
Claverac 1720, m. first Jannetie Janse De Ryk, and 
secondly, Willempie Viele, wid. of Liviuus Winne 
June 19, 1709. Oct. 24, 1724 he conveyed certain 
property to " my two sons Gerrit and Jacob who 
have dutifully assisted and supported me in my old 
age" he spoke also of "my father Jau Franse Van 
Hoesen" and my brother Jurriaan V. H." Ch : Jan (? ) 


of the First Settlers of Albany. 

Johannes (;) ; Harmen (?; ; Gerrit ; Jai 

•\i. June 

Albany the last of April and bp. in the Lutheran 
.-., Feb. 
11. aim ".12. 

Hoesen, Jan Jurriaan 1 -. 
Ch: Cathariua, b. at < . : . -. .-nd bp. 

m the Lutheran church at A 
Trinit, 1705; Jurgen, b. at 

Paasc, ■ • . and bp. at Klinkenbergh, 

May 2G. 1706; Elizabeth, b. Feb. 2t5, ai 

. '< Aug. 
last of July and 
bp. at Klinkenbergh, -uelia, b. Sept. 

37, and bp. at Gospel-hoeck, Nov. 12, 1781. 

Van Hoesen, Caspar [eon of Jurriaan?], of Claver- 
ac 1720, in. Rachelje Slingerland, Jan. 10. 1701. -. Ch : 
bp. ; Cathariua, Nov. 2, 1701 ; Johair.. 
Maria, July 14, 1706 ; Jurriaan, April 10. 1709 : Tennis, 
Oct. 7, 1711; David, Oct. 13, 1717; Anna, Sept. 13, 

Van IIoesen, Jan Jacobse.m. Rachel, dan. of Jan 
Casparse nalenbeck, and w. Rachel f. . . Ch : Jan Cas- 
parse, b. last fall at Coxsaekie, an<H>p. at same place 
Dec. 7, 17HJ: Judith, b. Aug. 19, at Coxsackie, and 
bp. at Klinkenbergh, Nov. 11, 1716, Caspar, b. Feb. 
6, at Coxsackie, and bp. in on ,n hays 

jjp Claverack, Feb. 20. 1721. 

Hoesen, Jan Volkertse, shoemaker, of Cla- 
verac 1720, m. first, Jannetje Cornelise Van Schaick, 
Nov. 7, 1702; and secondly. E of Cox- 

sackie, Jan. 1, 1706. Ch: Sara, bp. June 13 
Maria, b. Aug. 21, 1706 op de flukte Loonenburgh, 
and bp. June 2. 1707, in the Lutheran church, Albany. 

Vax Hoesen. Johannes Hannessea [r-on of Johan- 

nee or Hannes ?] and Elizabeth Ch : Jannetie, 

b. in Oct. last andbp. in Camp Queensburg Dec . 3, 1721 . 

Vam Hoesen Hlusum), Jan Hannesen, of Claverac, 
reon of Johannes or Hannes f] and wife Danike or 
Tannike. Ch:.... Johannes, b. Dec. 20, 1 
ik. bp. at Klinkenbergh, Jan. 7, 171' 
rikus, b. Dec. 21, 1714; Petrus, b. Jan. S3, 1721 ; Jacob, 
b. Nov. 17. 1722. 

<. Harmen [son of Johannes (?)] and 
Geesie ; she was buried in the Lutheran church vard 
April 11, 1746. Ch : Jan. buried Aug. 28, 1754 ; 
\olkertr Reiner? Hendrick? Lucas, bp. April 24. 

^ = EN, ' 

bp. Jan. 22, 1730. 

Vah Hoesen, Volkert [son of Harmen ?] m Alida 
Marcelis, April 30, 1738. Ch : bp. : Harmen, £ 

. Sept. 2, 1750; Gerrit, 
Oct. 13, 1754 ; Jot, 

Van ' .ik [son of Harmen], m. Cata- 

lyntje Van Den Bergh. July 2. 1744. Ch : bp. ; Geesie 
Aug. 10, 1746; E 

Van Hoesen, Reiniei [soi of Harmen?] and Cor- 
delia ] : , buried Jan. 
tp. ; Harmen, Ju.; . . July 17, 1748. 

Van Hoesen, Johannes J., and Sara Reee. Ch- 
Sara,bp. April r 

«rt], m. 


vpril 1. 

' . 177»i : 

Geertr: Mi(la 

Dec. 5, . 

Va - at [son of Volkert], m. Geer- 

Inhagel, May 30. 1766. Ch March 

• Johannes. Nov. 24, 176S : Neeltie Aul' 3 

Maria, May 80, 

of Volkertl, and En- 

Alida, ,. 

kl, m. 

!., and Dirkie .... Ch : Jacob, 

hannes, Feb. 24, 1778; Wvnand, Ang. 

Van : 

. 1782 ; 
Sept. 8, . 

Van Hoesen, Reinier [son of Volkert], and En- 
geltie Cool. • Alida, 

Hoesen, Volkert, and Jane Young. Ch: 
Harmen. b. Dec J 5 

Van Hooglikerk, see Hooghkerk. 

Van Hun, 

Van Upendani, Adriaen Janse, settled in New 
Amsterdam, in 1645. and for some years taught a 
ic in Albany, 1669-85 ; com- 
mitted 6uiciu. ..angiug. Jacobus De 
Beavois was his uncle and heir. 

Van Ingen, James [son of Doctor Dirk Van 
Ingenof Schenectady.] m. first, Catharine Bleecker, 
who d. April 4, 1798, a. 29 y. ; secondly. Elizabeth 
Schuyler, who d. Feb. 28, 1801 a. 29 y. ; and thirdly 
Gertrude, who d. Dec. 21. 1825, a. 52 y. He d. Feb. 

22, 1843. Ch: b. ; Catharine, Jan. 26, 1800; Philip 
Schuyk-r, Feb. 9, 1801, d. at 1: larch 20, 
1847. a. 46 y. ; %\ illiam Henrv '-trgaret 
.... 1809, d. Sept. 6, 1810, a. 1 y, 1 m. 6 d. 

Van I veren, see Myndertse. 

Van Lioon, Jan. blacksmith of Loonenburgh 
1699, Coxhackie 1720. He was from Luyck in 
Holland: owned land at Coxsackie 1684; m. I 
Albertse in New York, Feb. 23, 1676. Ch : Jan; 
Elsie who m. first Omy La Grange; and secondly, 
Barent Egbertse in 1727: Albert, bp. Oct. 31 
Nicolaasin N. Y. Oct. 14, 1694 ; Mattheus, bp. Dec. 

Van Loon, Jan, Jr. andRebecca . . . . Ch : Maria, b. 
op Kogshagki. the iast of Oct. and bp. at Loonen- 
burgh, Nov. 25. 1711; Elsie, b. Sept. 8, at Loonen- 
burgh, bp. at Klinkenberg, Nov. 15, 1713 ; Johannes, 
b. at Looncnburgti. Sept. 18, bp. at Klinkenbergh, 
Nov. 18, 1715 ; Cathariua, b. Jan. 17, at Loonenburg, 
and bp. at Gospel hoeck, Jan. 28, 1722. 

Van Loon. Alt rt, and Maria.... Ch: Maria, b. 
Nov. 12. at Loonenburgh, and bp. at Klinkenbergh, 
Dec. 5. i s 

Van Loon. Jacob, of Albany, m. Cathalyntje (Chris- 
tina) Schuyler. Sept 27, 1772 Ch: b. ; Petrne, 
March 24, .lacobus, Dec. 

23. 1777; Jacobus. April 4. 1780; Dirkie, June 24, 

38, m. Ephraim Do Witt, an<i 
d. Jul> - ihannes, Feb. 26 

Barent, Oct. 15, 1789 ; barent Julv 29. 1791 : Barent, 
June 26. 1791 (sic) : Cathalina, Oct." 24. 1798. 

Van Loon. Pieter. and Sara Wendell. She d. 
March 28 Nov. 11, 

and Catharine Lusher, m. May 28, 17! 
Van Jttarcken, Jau Gerritse, and wife I ■ 

rise Van 
in 1657 
he received a patent for a lot at Fort Casiinir: ban- 
ished from New Amstel in 1657; came thence to 
ck and for several rears was farmer of the 
73, appointed a 
schont of Schenectady. 
Van Marie, Barent, trader in Beverwyck. 1661-4 

Van Neck, Lambert Albertse, in Beverwyck, 

Van Nes, Cornells Hendrickse [Hendrk!. 
ritse Van.Nes from Emberland, m. Anneke:-. 

. "ew Amsterdam. April 19. 
1154]. ,i Hendrickse" Burch- 



m the 
Haveudyck in 

d. pre- 
>amen widow 

Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


first of Dirk Van Epe ; secondly, of Hendrick An- 
driese Van Doesburgh : Van Nes was a brewer and 
came to Bevenvyck in 1642 ; had a house, lot, and 
in GrcerlbuBh. Ch : Hendrick ; Jan ; Gerrit: 
Gerritje, w. of Roeloff Coriielise Van Houten ; Hen- 
drickje.w. of Jan Janee Oothout: Grietje, w. of 
Pieter Claese, of Arnersfoct, L. I. ; Simon (r). 

Van Nes, (Each) Jan, off Greenbush 1663; Cahoos 
island 1061; Halve Maan 1700; [son of Cornells], and 
Aaltie . . . Ch : bp. ; Hendrikje, Nov. 2, 10S4 ; Johan- 
nes, Nov. 7, 10S6 ; Maria, March 3, 10S9. 

Van Nes, Hendrick, [son of Cornelis], m. first 
Annatie Evertse, and secondly, Catryn Van Dam, 

Nov. 25, 10SS. Ch: Jan: Gerrit, bp 1681; 

Maria, bp. April 0, 1092; Anna. bp. Dec. 16, 1004. 

Van Nes, Simon [son of Cornelis (?)]. and Rachel 
Melgertse Ch : Anna, bp. March 26, 1693. 

Van Ness, Gerrit [son of Cornelis] b. in 1645, 
resided in Greenbush : m. first, .... secondly, Maria 
Pieterse Loockermans, widow of'Pieter Van Alen, 
in 1077. He made his will Dec. 0, 1707, and spoke of 
son Willem, manner, who was to have the effects 
of his late mother deceased and former wife of Ger- 
rit Van Ness; provided his (Willem's) ; sister, wife of 
Lourens Van Schaick, late by name Jannetie Oothout 
have the value thereof in other clothing ; all the re- 
mainder of the property to go to said Jannetie and 
Willern, share and share alike : he had other children, 
Gerrit, b. in 1681 ; and Cornells ; Eve) 

Van Nes, Cornelis [son of Gerritji, of Halve Maan 
1720, m. Maritje Gerrirsc Van Den Bergh, July 17, 
1695. Ch: bp. ; AaifTje, Jan. 0, 1697; Gerrit, Dec. 
20, 1702 : Maria, March 10, 1706. 

Van Nes, Evert of Halve Jf««%1720 [son of Gerrit ?] 
m. Geertje Gerritse Van Den Bergh, Oct. 27, 1700. 
She was buried July 2, 1747. Ch: bp. ; Johanna, 
March 19, 1701 : Anaantje, Oct. 31, 1703; Hanna, July 
14.1700; Teuntje, Oct. 28, 1710; Jannetje, April 5, 
1713 ; Marretie, April 15, 1716. 

Van Nes, Jan [son of Hendrick], m. Catalyntje 
Groesbeck, Nov. 17, 1706. He was buried Aug. 12, 
1747. Ch : bp. ; Henrik, Nov. 23, 1707 : Henrik. Nov. 
Willern. March 4, 1711; Cornelis, March 22, 
1713 : Geertruy, Sept. 18, 1715 ; Anna, Dec. 6 
Catalyna. April 10,1720; Rachel, Sept. 10, 1722 ; Jan, 
Sept. 5, 1725; David, Feb. 25, 1728. 

Van > of Hendrick], m. Cat!, 

De Foreest, June 12, 1709; she was buried, March 27, 
1743. Ch: bp. ; Anna, Oct. 30. 1710; Catryn 
19, ntt: Hendrik, Jan. 30, 1715; Philippus, Dec. 8. 
1717; Sara, Sept. 11, 1720; Catalyna, Sept. 16, 1722; 
Mayke, Sept. 20, 1724. 

Van Nes, Gerrit C'ornelise, m. Sara Van Den Bergh, 

Aug. 20, 1724. Ch: bp. ; Cornelis, Jan. 19, 1726; 

Jan, Oct. 1, 1727; Sartie, Feb. 9, 1729; Petrus, Jan. 

•■>.">, 1730; Abraham, Dec. 20, 

1738 ; Aaltie, Aug. 23, 1741 ; Nicolaas, June 1". 

Van Ness, Cornelia [son of Jan], m. Susanna 
Swita, I Ch : bp. ; Johannes, June 17, 
1739: Tierk Harmense, Oct. 25, 1741 ; Comeli- 
1 • 
vess, Philip [son of Gerrit.] and Margarita 
Ch: Gerrit, bp. Jan. 12, 

Van Ness, C< , and Alida Van 

Woert. 13, 1751 : Jacob, June 

13, 1753; Sara. March 12, 171 
Johannes, Nov. 25, 175 
Petrus, bp. May 15, 1708. 

Van Nbss, Jan [son of Gerrit], and Maycke 
Van Den Bergh. Ch : Sara, bp. March ' 

Vau ; irgarita 

Winue. who was buried Dec ondly, 

■ : 
Van - of Ger- 

rit], m. Annatje De R Ch:b. 

Van Ness, Philip [son of Gerrit?], and Lena Ten 
Broeck. Ch : b ; Sara, Dec. 21, 1702 ; Catalyntje, Nov. 

Van Ness, John, and Hester Gerritsen. Ch: 
Dirkie, b ; Feb. 21, 1766. 

Van Ness, Gerrit [son of Cornelis], and Eva Scherp. 
Ch : b.; Alida, Jan. 31, 1771 ; Maria, Nov. 2 

Van Ness, John (D. ?) m. Margaret Van Woert, 
Nov. 7, 1773. Ch: b. ; Hendrick, Jan. 20. 1775; 
Jacob, April 5, 1770; Johannes, Sept. 8, 1777; Re- 
becca, Jan. 3, 1779; Rebecca, Feb. 8, 1780; Petrus, 
March 22, 17S2. 

Van Ness, Johannes, o/Claverack, 1777, m. Neeltie 
De Foreest, June 29, 1777. Ch : Jesse, b. June 12, 

Van Ness. Henry, and Christina Shelly. Ch: 
John Ouderkerk, b. Nov. 21,1797(?); George, b. July 
16, 1803. 

Van Ness. John, and Mary Sicker. Ch : b. ; John, 
Sept. 29, 1800; Anna Helena Ouderkerk, Oct. 18, 
1802 ; Elijah, Oct. 8, 1808. 

Van Nest (1st), Hendrick, m. Maria Ten Eyck, 
May 4, 1785. Ch : n. ; Sara, Sept. 21. 17&5 ; Andries (?) 
Sept. 29, 1787. 

Van Nlenwkerk, Cornelis Brantse (probably 
son of Brant Peelen Van Nieuwkerk,) was about 
departing for Holland in 1664 with Gerrit Hendrickso 

Van Noortstrant (Van Oostrand) Jan Jacobse, 
had a farm on Cahoos island 1077, bought from An- 
netie Li evens w. of Goosen Gerritse Van Schaick 
and sold to Roeloff Qerritse Van Der Werken, in 
1680 ; 1085, of Coxsackie and bought land at Nis- 

kaynna. He m. Agniette She departed for 

New York iu 1708. Ch : Margariet, bp. Jan. 11, 1688 ; 
Jan, Jr., who was killed in 1702, by the felling of a 

Van Noortstrant, Pieter, senior of Kinderhook, 
and Rebecca Trcphagen. Ch: Pieter (?); Jacob, bp. 
Jan. 13, 1706. 

Van Noortstrant (Oostrande), Willcm, and 
Marytje De Hoogen (Hooges.) Ch : Johannes, bp. 
Sept. 19, 1708. 

Van Nooutstrant, Jr.. Pieter, of Kinderhook, 
m. Rachel Dingman, of Kinderhook, May 31, 1704. 
Ch: Rebecca, bp. Jan. 13, 1706. 

Van Nooetsti cant (Oostrand) Johannes, and Eliza- 
beth Ch: bp. ; Huybert ; Catharina, Dec. 10, 

1727 : Gerrit, Dec. 13, 1729 ; Rachel, May 23, 1736 ; 
Hcndrik, Aug. 12, 1739. 

Van Oostrander, seeOostrander. 

Van Olinda (Van Der Linde), Pieter Danielse, 
tailor, m. Hilletie Cornelise, sister of Jacques Corne- 
She was a half breed, her mother 
being a Mohawk woman, her father Cornelis Anton- 
issen Van Slyck. She was for many years inter- 
preter for the province. The Mohawk '■ 
to her the Great Island in the Mohawk at Nieka- 
yuna, in 1667 which in 1009 Van Olinda sold to Capt. 
Johannes Clnte. The Mohawks alao gave her land 
at the Willow Flat (below Port Jackson), and at 
the Boght i;i Watervliet. She d. in 1707. Van 
Olinda. in his will made spoke of the follow- 
ing children : Daniel eldest son : Jacob ; Matthys 
(non compos.) 

I Olinda (Van Der Linde) Daniel, of Halve 
Maan, 1720, m. Lysbeth Kregier, June 11, 1090. Ch : 
! ier. Nov. 8. 1090; Johannes, Sept. 3,1699. 
.l'iso Schenectady Fam,. 

Van Olinda, Jacob, and Eva De Graaf. Ch: 
Pieter. bp. Feb. 17, 1712. [See also Schenectady 

Van Olinda, Marten [son of Daniel], m. Jannetie 

Van Der Werken, April 8, 1724. Ch : bp. ; Elizabeth, 

L725, buried, March 20,1 March 

. July 2, 1731; 


Van Olinda, Pieter, m. Sus I n!v27, 

1730. Ch: bp. ; Dar.i I 


Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 

. Jacob, and Elizabeth Schermerhorn . 


Daniel, of Halve Ma 

Nov. 29,1771;] 

Van Oi.lnda. G. tardus. I son of 

Martin,] in. Catharina Van Oostrander, March 14, 
: Jauuetic, Jan. 5. 1771 : Martinus, 
Dec. 15 

. I 'linda, Pieter, and Susanna Anthony. Ch : 
Elizabeth, b. Apr 

Van Oort, see Van Woert. 

Van Petten, ^laes Frederickse. of Schenectady, 
and Aeffie Arentse Bratt. She d. Jan. S3, 1728. a. 78 

y he d. Oct 3. i . . m. Ch: bp.; 

Andries, Sept • rtruv, April 1 . 

Claas, April 6, 1690 : Geertruy, July 38, 1602. [See 
also Schenectady Families.'] 

■• I'etten, Arent, wnnende tot Schannechtade, 
m. Jannetje Conyn, of Koxhakki, April 11 
Ch: Wevntje, bp. Oct. 30, so Sche- 

/ Families.] 

Van Petten, Nicolaas, of Schenectady, and Re- 
becca Groot. Ch: Frederick, bp. April 20, 1712. 
[See also Scheructady Famines.] 

Van Petten, Andries, of Schenectady, m . Mayke, 
dau. of Coenraet Ten Evck, silversmith, of Albany 
Nov. 25, 1712. He d - a. 64 y. Ch: 

Nicolaas, bp. Oct. 8, 1713. [See also Schenectady 

Van Petten, Johannes, of Schenectady, and 
Wyntje Clnte. Ch : Dirk, b. Nov. 18, 1778. [See 
also Schenectady Families.] 

Van Ravensteyn, Elias, in Albany 1666-1696, 
when he d. on Feb. 9. 

Van Rensselaer, Killiaan, merchant of Am- 
sterdam, m. first, Hillegonda VanBvlet; and second- 
ly, Anna Wely, who d. in Amsterdam. June 12, 1670, 
having survived her husband 24 years. Ch: Johan- 
nes, child of the first wife ; heir to his father's estate 
d. without issue. Ch: of the second wife, Maria, d. 
unmarried ; Jeremias, m. Maria, dau. of Olofl" Ste- 
vense Van Cortlandt ; Hillegonda, d. unmarried ; 
Jan Baptist, m. Susanna Wely, the first of the family 
to visit the Oblonie, d. Oct. 18, 1678 ; Eleanora ; Susan, 
m. Jan de La Court; Nicolaas a clergvman, for a 
time Director of Rensselaerswyck. m. Alida Schuy- 
ler, d. Nov. 1688 : Ryckert. m . Anna Van Beaumont. — 
vgharCi Hist. N. X. 

Van Rensselaer, Jeremias [son of Kilaan], suc- 
ceeded his brother, Jan Baptist, as director'of the 
colony in 1658, d. Oct. 12, 1674. He m. Maria, dau. - 
of Olofl" Stevense Van Cortlandt. July 12 (April 27) 
1662. She d. Jan. 29, 1089. in the 44th year of her 
age leaving 5 children, the eldest of whom. > 
was the first Lord of the manor of Rensselaerswyck. 
He conveyed the Claverac, or " Lower manor. ' to 
his brother Hendrick ; from these two proceed the 
numerous members of this wide spread family in 
this country. Jan Baptist sn: r Jere- 

mias 4 v., having d. Oct. 18, 1078. and Do. Nicolaas 
d. the following month.— O' Cali 

Van Bensselaer. Hendrick [son of Jeremias], m. 
Catharina. dau. of Johannes Pieterse Van Brugh and 
Catharina Roeloftse (widow of Lucas Rodenburgh), 
dau. of the celebrated Anneke Janse, in New 
York, March 1" She d. in Gre, 

Dec. 6, 1730; he d. in Greenbnsh, July 2. 17 I 
was buried, July 4. Ch : bp. ; Maria, in New York, 
March 29, 1689, m. Samuel Ten Broeck ; Catarina, Jan. 
1, 1692 ; Anna, Oct. 1. 1093 ; Anna. Feb. 2. 1696 : Eliza- 
beth, Mi 

reremy, April 29 >ct. 5, 

Jan. 11. 1708 k pril 20, 


son of Jeremia- 
lord oi 

rk. Ch • bn ■ 

iertrny.Oct. 10, 1703; Jeremy 

■■roon], March . 17,15- 

707; Johannes, Dec. IS 

t. 3, 1711; Jan 

iub, the third Patroon 

th Groesbeck, Julv 5, 

She was 

iliaan, Dec. 8, 

Kiliaan. April 17, 1737 ; Maria, Aug. 19, 1739 ; Stepha- 
nus, June 2, 1742. 

Van Rensselaer, Johannes [son of Hendrick], m. 
Engeltie Livingston, •' Juried 

in the church, Feb. 28 : Catbaryna, 

Nov. 8, [eta, Oct. 3, 1' 

Aug. 27, 1738 : Robert. Dec, 26. 1740 ; Hendrik, Oct. 
. 747. 

Van Rensselaer. Col. Kiliaan [son of Hendrick], 
m. first, Ariaantje Schuyler, who d. Oct. 17 
She was b. at Schenectady. March 10. J ; 
Maria, dau. of Col. John Low, "ran de Ja 
She d. July 11. 1807. a. 82 y. He d. Dec. 88, 
64 y. Ch : bp. ; Hendi in, June 

7. 1747. d. at Cherry Hill, March 12. 179s : Catharina, 
July 23, 1749 ; Nicolaas. June 30. 1751 : Catarina, Feb. 
m. Wui. H. Ludlow, d. April 29. 1772. a. 19, 
y.; Nicoiaas. Dec. 20. 1754; Elsie, Feb. 26 
Maria, Oct. 19, 1700, m. Leendert Gansevoort; Kili- 
aan, b. June 9. 1703. 

Van Rensselaer, Hendrick [son of Hendrick], 
m. Elizabeth Van Brugg, Oct. - York. 

Ch: bp. ; Hendrick. Jan. 22, 1737; Catharina, Feb. 
15,1747; Pieter. Feb. 2, 1752. 

Van Rensselaer, Lt. Gov., Jeremiah [son of Jo- 
hannes], m. Judith Bayard iBasert), Julv 3. 1760, in 
New York. He d. Feb. 19, 1810, a. 69% y Ch • 

Van Rensselaer, Col. Hendrick [son of Kiliaan], 
m. Alida Bratt, Oct. 7, 1764. He was a colonel in the 
Revolutionarv war. and desperatelv wounded in the 
battle at Bemie Sept. 9, 1816, a. 73 v. 

Ch : b. ; Eendrikus, June 20. 1705 ; Kiliaan, bp. Feb. 
25, 1709; Catharina, b. June 2. 1772; Salonio Van 
Vechten, Aug. 9, 1774; Philip. Mav 27, 1777; Johan- 
nes, Aug. 

He d. in 1709 ; in 1775, his widow m. Domine Wes- 
terlo. Ch : b.; Stephen, Nov. 1. 1704. in N. Y. ; 
Philip. April 15. 1700. mavor several years, m. Ann 
Van Cortlandt. and d. Sept. 25, 1824, a. 58 v. 5 m., she 
d. Jan. 10, 1855, a. 89 y. Ch : Elizabeth, b. Aug. 15, 

Van Rensselaer, Hendrick [son of Johannes], m. 
Rachel Douw, Nov 17. 1705. Ch : b.; Johannes, 
March 8, 1768; Engeltie, July 21, 1770; Anna, Jan. 

Van Rensselaer. Philip [son of Kiliaan], m. 
Maria, dau. of Robert - 

b. ; Ariaantje. Dec. 5, 1768: Elizabeth, Aug. 28 
Robert Sanders, Jan. 20, 1773: Ariaantje, Sept. 17. 
1775; Pieter Sanders, June 16, 1777 ; Pie;. 
July 16 Oct 

d. at Cherry 

1 hilip, Jan 20, 

Ln Bethlehem, Feb. 17, 18817, a. 44 V • Maria 
Matilda, April 20, 1786 ; Maria Matilda, May 10. 1787 - 
Schuyler, April 14. 1790, d. at Marietta, O 

Van Rensselaer, Col. Nicolaas [son of Kiliaan], 
m. Elsie Van Bnren. Nov. 20, 17S0. She d. in Green- 
bush, Sept. 28, 1S44. Ch : b. : Kiliaan, May 
Maayke, Feb. 10, 1785. Col. Nicolaas V. fi. a sol- 
dier of the Revolution, d. March 29. 1848. a. 94 v. He 
was with Montgomery, at the storming of Quebec, 
at Ticonderoga. Fort Miller. Fort Ann, and 1 
Heigh' 1. ted to convey the intelligence 

of Burgoyne's surrender to the citizens of Albany. 

Van .•' -phen [son of Stephana 

Patroon. m. fire! ..." dan. of Ger. 

Schuy: r, Cornelia, dau. of Judge Win. 

Patterson, of New Jersev. May .... 1802. She d. in 
New York, Aug. 6. 1844. a. 6 1 v. Ch : b. ; Catharine 
Schuyler, bp. Aug. 9 OB, b. June 6. 

Genealogies of tlw First Settlers of Albany. 


17S6 : 

teBbea. March 29, 1789; Catharine, Oct. 17, 
1803 ; William 05; Philip, Oct. 

14, 1806; Cortlandt, .May 26, 1808, d. at Burlington, 
N. J., July 26. 1860; Henry BeH, May 14, 1 
Cincinnati O. Ma >rnelia Patterson, July 

8,1812; Alexander, Noi .hernia White, 

Sept. 25, 1816: Margaret Schuyler, May IS 
Westerio, March 14, 1820, d. July 8. 1844. ' 

Van Rensselaer, Maj. James, and Cathalvna 
Cortlandt. He d. at Bethlehem, Jan. 25 I 
iy. Ch; Engeltie, b, Nov. 5, 1784. 

Van Rensselaer, Johannes Jeremiah, and Catha- 
rina Glen. lie d. in Greenbi 

66 y. Ch: b. 31 1785; 

John Jeremiah. Jnne C. 1790 ; Jen 4, 1793, 

d. in New York, Mar- j. ; Glen, June 

22. 1795: Elizabeth Bayard, Sept. 15. 1797; Cornelius 
Glen, July 27, 1S01 : Archibald, Feb. 6, 1803. 

Van Rensselaer, Hendrick, and Cornelia Van 
Alsteyn. Ch: Stephen, b. 

Van Rensselaer, Kiliaan [soil of Kiliaan], m. 

Margaret, dan. of John Sanders, of Schenectady. He 
was a lawyer of prominence, and represented his 
district in congress five terms, d. June 18, 1845, a. 
82 y. Shed. April 21 ; John 

Sanders. April 10, 1792. m. Ann Dunkin, d 
Debora Sandei i ing; William, 

b. 1797, d. 185! in. first, 'Eliza- 

beth ; second . on Van 

Van Rensselaer. Gen. Solomon [son ofHendrick], 
and Harriet Van Rensselaer. He d. April 23 

29, 1802; Van Vechten, April 26, 1806; Ruins King, 

Margarita, April : 
13, 181 16; Catharine 

Visscher, Dec. 23, 1817. 

Van Rotterdam, Jan Janse, of Schenectady. 
Ch : bp. ; Rachel, Jan. r, June 8, 1690. 

Van Rotterdam, Clans Jacobse, see Groesbeck. 
Van Salsbergen (Salsbur; ) Jan Hendi 

Gerrit Van Michtenhorst, received a 
conveyance from Gerrit Visheeckofa tract of land 
at Claverack, extending from the rive 
kil ; Nov. 1, 1675, he Co- i Van Slichlen- 

Abraham Staats's kil. He d. in Oct. J 700. Hem. 
asse; and secondly, Tanneke 
Janse, widow of Ryk Riddersen, Jan . 30, 1693. Ch : 
Hendrick. eldest son ; Harmen , Lucas ; Jan, b. 1673. 
Van Salsi i m. Marrietje 

Evertse, April 4, 1089. Ch: Lucretia, bp. March 5, 
1093. Nota. Ik L\i'ler Is op den 1 T /< /■■. ieuen syn vy- 
andt doodt •;;> I 
Van Sajlsbes i 

i, bought a farm at C. . J m H C n 

drickse V. S. Hem. Cornelia Claase Van S 
widow of Han- Ch: bp. ■ 

Jan. 1700; Jannetie, : 

1703; Jobje, Jai .. n<)7; 

Herman, b. op Klaverak. Aug. 9, audbp. op Klinken- 
bergh, A: mmetie, Jan. 10, 1713. 

Janse, of Kinderhook, 
ry, in K., to the heirs 
,\!en. for 201 beavers, for the purchase 
money of said bouwery ; also his house and lot then 
inhabited by him in Albany. 
Nov. 19, 1703. Ch : bp. : Johanm s, Aug. l; - 
Alette, Jan. ::, , ; H ar- 

ran. 22,1710. 

... Ch : Hen- 
6 1726. 
Van Salsbergen, Harmanus, and Tanneke Carich 
(Carik). Ch:/ i-Uetia, 

b. March 19, 1770; 

• atharina . .. 

Ch •' L ' '•■ 1762 ; Joan, b. Oct. 19, 1764. 

JItst. (Jott. iv. 24 

Van - m -!.::i ;i: . (Salsbury), Cornells, and Fytje 
.... Ch: b. ; Catharina, April 8. \ 

be, May 1. 1777 ; Johannes, 
April 10, 1719. 

i. Lucas, m. M 
Van Bnren, July 12, April 

29. 1709 ; Johannes, A ten, June 20, 

i it, Aug. 27, 1780; Lucas, May 10, 1783. 

• Salsbergen (Salsbury), Johannes, and Im- 
inetje— Ch:b.;< Jobje, 

Oct . 4, 1776 ; Cornelia, Dec. 28, 1 1 ?8 ; i tendrik. Aug. 

Van S 3 acobus, and Jannetie 

Ch : Tobias, b. April 4, 1774 ; Caspar, b. Dec. 31, 1776. 

Van Salsbergen, Harmen, in. Alida Scherp, May 
21, 1774. Ch : b. ; Andries, Aug. 14, 1780 ; Marga- 
rita. July ] 

Van SAi.siiF.RuEN, Joseph, and Margarita Oeter- 
sans. Ch : Hermanus, b. Feb. 9, 1784. 

Van Salsdyke [Schaick?] Emmanuel, of Kin- 
derhook, and Rebecca Westfacling, Ch: Marytie, 
bp. Jan. 
Van Sant, or Santen, see Van Zandf . 
Van Santvoord, Cornells, and Anna - 

ti n Island. He was the 

fifth minister of Schenectady where he d. Jan. 0,1752, 

. : years. [See j Ch : 

Zeger; Jacoba ; Geertje. w. of Ryk 

niton the Raritau ; Aune. 

smith, second son of 
Domic udm. 

Willem ' .i : bp. ; 

Feb. 2,1 i 24, 1754 ; Cornelis, May 

Is, b. March 10, 1700. 
. >ud, Cornells, eldest sou of Domino 
, emovedfrom S to Albany about 

id m. Ariaantje Bratt, Dec. 31, 

. , Bratt, 
upon the same day. He lived in 1761, on the site of 
: : ouse . Ch : bp. ; C 
fan. 5, 1752 ; A , 

Willempie. Nov. 19, 
• spt. 20, 1701. 

Santvoord, Cornelis, Jr. [son of the Iae 
b . Cornelis, A 

Van Santv... i I iony [son of Cornelis], 

m. first, Maria Roff (Ross, Rhoff), ■ 

Shed. Ni i m. 16 d. ; secondly, 

Rachel she a. in the Middle 

Dutch Church :. 00 y. 2 m. 3d. He 

d. Feb. 3d. Ch.: b .; 

Adriaanl i March 

d. at Ken 14 d.; Hosiah, 

Jan. 16, 1793 i ch 2, 1790: Re- 

becca, Sept. 7, 1799; Anthony Groesbeck, Oct. 13, 

Van Santvoord. Anthony [son of Cornelis, Jr.?] 
m. first, Catharine Groesbeck. Oct. 3, 1807, and se- 
aboutl815 Ch : b. ; •'■ una Ma- 
ria. June 12, 1808; Cornelia, 1810; 
Cornelius, March 11, 1813; Catharine Groesbeck, 
Nov. 29, 1815. 
Van Schaick, C: ritse, brewer, 
QeertieBrai Pi mVi 
who d. about 16 idly, Annatie Lievens, 

i Maan 

of the i hose of Connecticut" 

ought a lot 6 R. by 4 R. of 

his stepfather Reyer Elbertse, on th 

of Coir.:: i "■• he and Pieter 

'". wery on the 

. being 

oman ractin 

1000 guilders for 

his lour eldest children by the t! b ng her 


ahgiesof the First Settlers of AV '■■ 


b I 
Columbias treet and Broadway. He d. on the 11th 

i'. lived. 

Van ohah 
m. Maria dan. ol Tennis Ournelise \ an Iter Poel. 
Hewa I 
bp. Ocl 

Coenrai » xork, 

, - •■ Q, bp. 

E I 
bp. Ma; ita, bp. Dec. 6, 1702. 

Va\ - Of Goosen], D 

beth Van ] 
with 1. 

I.alf Of 
i very on the i 1 the Exchange 

block for 100 beavera 
thariua, b. 1(170, in. Adman Quackenbos; Anthony, 

Van Sohaick, Goo- 3ybrant], m. Ca- 

tharina StaatB, Dec. 10, 1699. In 1715, he occupied 

;Rykje, Sept. 

2a, 170' : :: l!\ki l>e< >L 17011, 

m. Abn 

. Dec. 19, 1708; Jacob, 
Oct. 7, 1711'; Sara, No Abraham, May ',. 

VAN Sen mck. Gen:: 

20. 1706; Sybrant. Feb. 23. 1707; Sybrant, 1 
1708: I 

a, Aug. 4, 1717: 
Cataiyna, June 28, 1719; Jacob, May 12 

Van Schaick, Antony, Sybrant, JUirts, glazier, 
m. Ani ■ '■'■ She 

wash;. ' lot was 

on th<- 1 

Ch: !•; Feb. 10, 

1712; ' buried May i 

Eliza! i L6, 1718; 

Livinus, Sept. 4, 1720 ' - i Dirk. 

Van Schaiok, Anthony (son of Anthony.]. 

idly, Anna 
Cuvii . a thi church, 

March 9, 1743 i had a lot on th 

Ch : bp. ; An- 
i . : Antony, July 
■■■' 1 
Oct. 22, L724, buried April 

19, 174: J ,: Chri L727. 

Van Schaiok, Goos "iiv], m. first, 


chaick, Aug. 30. 1734. Ch; bp. : Antony, May 
28, 1721 i • April 4, 

:• : Maria, Dec. 2, 1729; 
Goose, • 

Van Sciiaick, Syl ! nthony ?]. m. 

Janm _ 19, 1733. Oh : bp. ; Ca 

Oct. 10, 
Oath;,- 1751. 

Van Sen Ai' K,S 
m. AnnaRoseboom, 1 

ApriiaSriWiivGeertruy. March 22, 1741 ; Anthony. 
iMdf Ambon,. 




in-law. John L Bronck. in her 87tb j 
Maj 12, 1751. 


ulna, J_an._ 25, 
Van Schah br j, m. 

10. Oli: bp. ; Anthony, Oct. 19, 1744; Maria, 

rina, Aug. 16, 1752; Gerrit, 

Van Sohaick, Jacob Gen |,and Geertde 


April 14, 1704; I • ■ : Hen- 

drick, b. March 19, 1763; 
Van Sciiaick, Goosen [son of Germ], ni Maycke •' 

ara, March 31, 1761; Cornelia, June 
1757 ; 
.ov. 2. 1760; Maria, b. April 21, 1763; Eliza- 
beth, Jul 

Van Schaiok, Anthony [-on of Goosen], m. Chris- 
tina Van Schaick, Sept. 21, 1751 . Ch : bp. ; Goosen, 
June 21. 1752; Anna, Jl 

Van Sohaick, Jacob [son of Anthony], n, 
Catrina ' I : 1751 : and secondly, Eliza- 

beth Van Schaick, aboul 1 777. Ch : b] 

: b. ; 
Antony, Nov. 22. 1763: Ilcndrick, March 10,1767; 
11 I 
Van Irick, and Jannetie nolland. 

Ch: Margarita, b. Oct. 16 

Van Schaick, Jacob Johanne-e, in. Marytje Van 
Bureu. ! 

it. 13, 
1771 : a: ; in. 31. 


Van Schaick. Jacob I I Gcertie (De) 

Ridder. Oh: Gerrit, b. 

Vah Schaicb son of Sybrant], m. 

Maria Ten Broeck, in N. York, Nov. 15, 1770. 

il. in 
Albanv. ■'• nes, Jan. 1, 

[arc! ■ 

,. 26, 
1782; Elizabeth, June 11, 1786; Abraham, July 28, 
1787, d. Aug. 8, 1827, a. 40 y. 11 d. 

Van Schaiok, John Gerritse d],m. 

Annatie Van Scha he had 

.lift store on wi 
north of the .Museum building. He d. oi 
Schaick's island. July - . 

■ .!. July 
17, 1833, a, 57 y. ; Anthony, Apt i 
at law, d. March 9, 1822, a. 48y. : Maria, 

i, d. at 
jburgh, Oct. 7, 1829, a. 83 

osen], and Elizabeth 
Berry. Ch : b ; 
July 18, 1782; Dirk, Jan. 10, 1785; Elizabeth, Feb. 

Van Schaick, G errit [son of < ■ ■ ■ 
Berringer. Bed. at Lansingburgh, 1 
Ch. b.; Maayke, April 20, 1783 ; Margarita, April 

(?) Ch : 

667; Arent, b. 1676 ; Loi 

i Dominicus, ol I skil, 

Feb. 11 

1701; Stephanas, Jan. 7, 1705; Corne- 
lls. Nov. Ifi 

v Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 184^ 

Van Schaick, Arent Claase, of CatskU, i 
Marietje Van Loon, Feb. 22, 1698. Ch: bp. 
Dec. 25, 1698; ClaaB, Julv 5. 1702 : Albert b. op de 
Flakte. Jul 16, and Bp. in New York, Oct. I 
Marytje, Jan. 28, 170S ; Cornelia, b. Dec. '.. 

[ <> >iM'i;l)['i'^h, anrtbp. o/> Klinkcnbergh, Dec. 
17, J, i . 13, 1715, 

at Klinkenbe 

Van Schaick, Lourens Claase, of Kinderhook, m. 
Jannetje Oothout, of Albany, Dee. 4,1699. Ch: bp. ; 
Henrikje, July 21, 1700 ; Gerrit, 
Jannetje, March 25, 1705 ; Claas Louren^e ! 
1707; Johannes, Jan. 29, 1710; Cornells, 

. Schaick, Emanuel, of Kinderhook, m. Mar- 
gareta Lucasse Wyngaard, June 11, 1703. He d. Nov. 
■ bp. ; Jannetje, Dec. 15,1703; Cornells, 
Nov. r 

Van Schaick Nicolaas [son of Dominici 
Dorothea Witbeek, Feb. 2(1, iV-;-. Hew:. 
Sept. 15, 1750; she was buried June 24, 1740. Ch : 
bp. : Eno-eliie. May 15. 172S ; ,s', phuuvs. b'eb. 4, 1730 ; 
And i 1736. 

Van [son of Nicol ta 

Jannel >orothea, 

Nov. 23, 1760; i / April 4, 1764; Andries, 

Aug. 30, 1770. 

Van Schaick, Andries [son of Nicolaas], m. Alida 
Hogen, Aug. 27, 1757. Ch: bp.; Dorothea, March 
Maria, Dec. 21, 1760. 
Van Schaick, torn ■ m. Wil- 

|e Hanssen, Jan. 11, 1784. He was the bell 
church, and lived 01 
Pearl street above Maiden lane. Ch: Nicolaas, b. 
May 5, 1786. 

Van Schaick, Egbert [son of Stephanus], m. 
Maria Winne — 1791. He A. May 31,1816, 
lm. 25d. ; shod. Feb. 17. 1825, at 60 South 1'earl 

( ii: b.; s, 
Oct. lo. 1794, d. Feb. 2s, j,s:t;. a i:-.; Dorothy, July 
11, 1797: Benjamin, Oct. 30, 1799; Cornelius, July 
27. 1804. 
Van Schelluyne, Dirk, and Cornelia Van 
He came over in 1650, as notary public ; soon 
fre a ■ 'k , secretary of Alban 

1668 • 1667 the Mohawks gave him a tract ol land in 
portion of 
which he sold to Jan Clute. '• ' ''it-man ; 

Johannes, bp. in New York, Sept. 14, 1053. 

. Schelluyne, Cornells Dirkse, shoemaker, m. 
•:. scber. He was buried. May 
27. r, - nied, April 14. 1734. Ch: bp. ; 

Dirk 'i'ileman. 

Julv 29. i088; Johannes, June 11, 16 
iv 21,1695.buri ■■ 
Van m. first, 

' 82, who was buried June 
22, 17 ' Dec 25, 


Van Scheu dtni irnelie 

1 March 18. i. , 

■ 1769: Theodoras, May 19, 1771; 
. Cachel 
Jul 182; leavi 

Vau Sclii •■ 
the chun b in Fishkil, 
Albany. Ma; 

the church. He m. Josyna Prys. Ch : bp. ; Wil- 

Maria, Julv 18, 1736; Wilhi 

Nice!... 39; Maria, Fob. 22, 1741; Wil- 

helmus, b. Aug. 1, 1744. 
Van Schoenderwocrt, see Vau Woert. 
Van SclioonHoven, ' 


llendrikje ; Geertruy ; Jacomyntjc. 

or Van Utrecht, Claas Ilen- 
carpenter, of Fort Orange 1054, a con 
ble deal estate. His wife Ci 

Frederickse, after his death, m. Willeni Jans 
[arch 15, 1661. 
Van Schoonhovkn, Jacobus [son of Qeurt], of 
la Bratt. Feb. 17. 1714 ; he was 
buried.- Ian. 26, 11 u>. t'h : bp. . Oenrt. March 31, 1716 ; 
Qeurt, April 11. 1718 ; Dirk Bratt, Feb. 7, 1720 ; Maria, 
Aug. 12. 1722; 1 ', May 

6, 1727: Susanna, April 18, 1731. 

Van Schoonhoven, Qeurt [son of Jacobus], m. 
Anna Lansing, Feb. 3, 1743. She was buried 

i church yard, March 2, 1744. Ch: Jacobus, 
I. 1744. 
Van Schoonhoven, Dirk Bratt [son of Jai i 
m. Volkie Van Den Bergh. Ch : bp..: Jao 

•'.'. lets; Catelvntje, April 23, 1749; Jacobus, 

Dec. 45. 1751: Jacdbm, July 

13, 175; June 3. 1760; Heridriek, and 

Cornells, b. Oct. 2'.), 17(12; Dirk Bratt, March 23, 1705 ; 

Cornelis, b. Jul I uly 4, 1828, a, 60 y. 11 

m. 8 d. 

Van Schoonhoven, Jacobus [son of Geurt], of 

beth Clute uit de Boght, Jan. 

3, 17(15. Ch: b. ; Geurt, July ti. 1705; Gerardus, Dec. 

14, 1769 ; Susanna, Dec. 13, 1774; Elizabeth, July 28, 

1779 ; Jacobus, Nov. 4, 1781. 

Hendrick [son of Jacobus], 
in. Aaltie Van Ness (Van Den I 
-. 1771. ' Ch: b. ; Susanna, June 9, 1772; Ja- 
cobus, July 17, 1774: Jacobus, Dec. 24, 1775; Sara, 
Sept. 12. 

Van Schoonhoven, James [son of Dirk Bratt], m. 

Maria Spoor, A] . Dirk Bratt, "Nov. 

9, 11 9 Dec. 25, 1791: John, Feb. 17, 

:■>, 179!) : Gerrit, d. June 6. 

Sept. 25, 1807. 

Van Sleents, Caspar, and Jannetie.... Ch: 

i, 1717. 
Van, Brant Arentse, of Nieuw- 
kerk, i ppointed a director of 

the C'olonie Ren rned to 

Nieuwkerk whe 

ret, m. Col. Philip Pieterse Schuyler ; Alida, in. 
i aick, by whom 
.lis death, Nov. 11, 1079, she 
Van .-. , Gerrit, came ■ 

in 1646, with his father, and served i 
lorttime. He was one of the com 
Schenectady, 1672, soon after which he removed to 
in where he d. Jan. 9, 1684. Besides several 
d iu Claverac. 
Vau Slyci; Broer 

' 'is said, to have in. a Mohawk woman by 
whom he had several children . I wi 

and perhaps Lea. '..'.. I , ttled in 

nd, Mar- 
ten, was in Beverwyck i ap eared; 
■ . Lea m. 
■ nelly, 
Jona-bi rnelis" 
d. in 1676. P. 

- - ' ' - 

ict of land at K 

Van Slti nise, in Beverwyck 1659- 

68. He was 1 on for the colonie. 

Pieterse, in Beverwyck, in 
, Dirk, Tennis. 

Van Si.vik. Jacques Cornelise, owned a half island 

Schenectady and land 5 miles 

e natives. [See Schenectady 

-. illeinse, of Kinderhook, m. 
'• ' ■■ pril 9, 168» Ch: bp. ; V 

:< ■:■.!. Feb. 

!; Jo 

2S, 1700; Bar- 
entje, Jan. 3, 1703; Dirk, Oct. 28, 1705. 


logies of the First Settlers of Albany. 

.'ind Ch : 

Tannetje Hen- 


je Turk. 
. ■ 

■a, July 23, 1749 • 

Van* Slyck, Tennis [son of Pie: i 

Van S-ltcx, a. first, 

■ . ■ 
April 4, 1742; Janne'-- 

: Baltus, Dec. 81, 1749 ; Catalyntje. 

Slyck, Willem, and Catharina Van 

• Dec. 27 

Van- Slyck.. Andries 'son of Tennis], n-> 
Vau Benthuvsen. Ch : bp. : .Tanner 
Balt'i. iia b 

Mays. | 

Van Slyck. Pieter [son of Teunis], m 
• ranken. Ch : bp. ; Teunis, I 
nine, Nov. 12, | 

Van Slyck. Baltus [son of Andries], m. Anna 
Conyn. Ch : Elizabeth, b. Sept. 11, 1796. 

Van Slyck. Cornells . >, m. Claartje 

Janse B 

Dec. 15, 

Van Margarita 

•anken (Vranl :. 
nectady. Ch : bp. ; Margarita. Feb. 16, 1707 : Petrus, 
!W. [See also .- 
"-lyck. Barmen, of Schenectady, ru. Jannetie 

13, 1712. [See 

Vau Strey, Jan. m. Joanna fAnnatje) Van Der 
Poel. widow in New York, June .... 1694. Ch- 
p. Jan. 5, 1700. 
Van Thessel (Tassel), Abraham, and Annatie 

Van Tricht, Abraham, in. Lysbeth Teller, dau. 
of 'tt m. T.. -enior; 

Der Poel. Ch 

Van Twlller. Johannes, merchant, in Bever- 
wyek, 1654-62. 
Van Tivller, Aert Gooseuse, from Xiewkerk 

■ yek, 1601-3. 
Van Utrecht, Claes Hendrickse, see Van 

Van Valkenborgh, Lambert, and Annatie 
in 1015. he bought a house, arid ■:' 

1 a house audi 61 
and east by tin 

bubgh, Jochem Lambertse, of Kinder- 

b°°. k '■ Vrooman, who 

d. in 1706: secondly. Jaun ■.-- i i ow f 

1713. Ch: bp • 

Tendrick; Abrcu 

nbubsh, Lambi Kinder- 


Johar,: - . Wvii- 

L7, 1712. 

June 1 ,. 

t. 1, 1701 : Pieter, Jan. March 

.ham Dec 25 
1715: J 

Van Abraham [son of Jochem], m 

Catelyntie Schermer!: 706. Ch- bp • 

. L711; Isaac. I ■ 
Johar , rritjp' 


Van Valkenbubgh, Isaac [son of Jochem], lived 
at the I 

Ck. Ch : bp. . Lam- 

bert, J irmen 

March 2. 1 

f Jochem]. m. 
Anna Huyck. 

iochem, Oct. 6 
Van Valkenbitkgh. Johannes [son of Joch 
Kinderhook 1700. m. Margarita Barheit, 1 


Johanna, Sept. 23, 1716; Jochum, June 28 1719 • 
Marytje, M 

Van- Vaikenbobgh Johannes, and Elizabeth 
Ch : Dorothea, bj . 

Vah VA1KEKBCB6H, Johanra ' v Val- 

kenbnrgfa I • Marga- 

rita, April 29, i: s 

Van'' Winne, 

July 4, 1713. Ch:bp. ; 

1710 ; Jochum, March 9, 1720 ; Teunae 

Van Valkenburgh. Jochum [son of Jochem] 
and Elsie .... Ch : bp. ; Eva. Oct. 25. 1 1 
July 3, 1720; Eva, April 28, 1723; Jannetie, Aug. 7, 

Van VALKENnrRGH, Lambert [son of Jochem f], 
m. Lea Klauw, Sept. 17, 1725. Ch: Jnrriaai 
7. 1726. 

Van Valkenbuegu. Jacob or Jacobus [son of 
Isaac]. . Ch • 

bp.;Lydia, Oct. 2, 1738; 

Margarieta, D ■ 


Van Vaikekeubqh, Jacob or Jacobus, and Cath- 
arina, Durck or Turk. Ch : : 

' 1740 : 
tyntje, April 27. 1710: Johannes, April 9, 1749. 

Van L -ou of Isaac?], m 

Jannetie Klemet (Clem ?. ch • bp • 

Lidia, Oct. 21, 1737 ; Annatie, A 
4, 1741. 
Van Valbjknbukgjb, Hieronomus [son of Johan- 
. untie 
Junei: ..June 

Burns. Ch : bp. : Debora, Juno 22, 1740 ; Charles 

Van- Va.i^bnbukqh, Thomas [son of Jacob or 

Chris - 

I :uel. May 8,1743; Jacobus, 


Valkenburgh. Tboni ime as 

. and Rachel Van Den B 
>2 ; Bartholomei. 

"John Van Valkeriburg, b . Albany, IT.Y. 
May 12, 1770; m. at Albany, July 2, 
1789, by Rev. John McDonald, Pastor 
of Presbyterian Church, to 

Catherine Tingue, b. Alb any , IT . Y . , 
Sept. 14, 1770; d. Jan. 9, 1830. n 

ITrom a family diary in my possession. 

Genealogies of the First /Settlers of Albany. 


Van Valkenburoii. Abraham, B, [Braam(?) son 
of Abri urdenier, July 11, 1740. 

Ch: l)i).; Catharina, Jai Un-au, Dec, 20, 

17-17 ; Nicolaas, Oct. 22, 1749 ; Abraham, Nov. 18, 

Van Valkenburgii, Lambert, and Catharina Van 
Vechten. Cli: Jacobus, bp. March 1, 1753. 

Van VAXKENBrjBffH, Johannes [son of Johannes], 

m.EIizal )e», .March 25, 1764. CM; b. ; 

irita, March 12, 1766; 

bannes, May 12, 1770; Jacobus, 

Nov. 1,1772. 

Van Valkenb0roh, Isaac, and Annatie Van Den 
Bergh. Cli : Jacobus, b. Aug. 9, 1706. 

Van Vaxkenburgh, Isaac, and Engeltie Ch : 

b. ; Cornelia, Feb. 10, 1709 : Rachel, Aug. 6, 1774. 

Van Valkenburgh, Jacobus, m, Catharina Six- 
75. Ch : b. ; Elsie, Oct. 2;;, 17 
lit, March 9, 1780. 

Van Valkenburgh, John, and Cat v Tingue. Ch : 
b. ; John, Oct. 21, 1790 ; Maria, bp. Jan . 

Van Vechtenys Teunis, Cornclise [Dirkse ?] 
succeeded Michael Jausen on his farm in 1646, ana 
lived in 1648. in the south end of Greenbush. O' Cal- 
lo.ghan. gist. X. A'. . i. In 1662, one Theunis Cornelise 
is called Young Poentie. 

Van Vechten, Teunis Dirkse, alias Poentie, came 
out in 103S with wife, child and two servant;, in the 
Arms of yorviuy am! had a firm in 1G18 at Greenbush 
north of that occupied by Theunis Cornelise Van 
Vecht'-., ' toinl663asanoldinhabitau1 

here. CCaUagharCs ffist. If. N., i. Ch. living in 
1700. Dii Gerrit ; 

Pietertje, w. of';; rickse. 

Van Vechten Dirk Teunise. of Catskil (Cossackie 
1692), m. Jannetie Michielse; made his will April 4, 
1687, proved March 30, 1703 ; d. Nov. 25, 1702. The 
following cli;: , "din his will, Jannetie, 

b. 160(1: . . : ; U/c/thkl,. W-.M; Neeltie, b. 

1005; Johann.-s. 1>. ltiiii, '/' '/ids, b. 1009; Annatie, b. 
1071 ; F. imuel, b. 1673 ; Sara, b. 1075; 

b. 1079. 

Van Vechten, Samuel [son of the last] made his 
c. 3, 1739: spoke of his lather Dirk Teunise 
681, of Stephen 
Van Cortland, a tract of li skil, confirmed 

March 2] KisO, which land was afterwards made over 
to me :. by my 

broth : deed of 

March 30, 1715, and mj broth 
made i :h I am 

estate at Catskil to his is. son of his 


heir" o be world I" The above will was 


Van Veghten, Gerrit Teunise, of Colony Rens- 

Antje Janse ; and s< 

Grietje Volkertse, i'; a. ol Volkerl Janse Douw. In 

it, Jan date's 

claim it rritVan 

a negro man named Dick for 150 pieces 

, uied Harry for 

i a of hay and 24 

petitioned the governor in fa- 

: -. killed a child 

Ids will made March 8. 1680-1, 

Johannes, by 

by the second. 

Vai Has Keesoom, of 

3, 1689 

Lucas, bp. Fe 
Jannetje Lansing' 

Van . irkse, m. Maria Parker, 

e dot registered, Nov. 

n of Dirk Tea 

, is; and 

Van Vechten, Tennis Dirkse, of Loonenburgh 
(Athens) 1702, m. Caatie Van Petten, 

29 1695; Eva, May 12, 1700; 
Maria, Jud ■ 1, 1707. Of the pa- 

rents of this last child it is recorded th 
den doopdag gest 

:. Salomon Corn 
da, Nov. a- buried Oct. 17, 1750; she 

was buried Jan. 5, 1731. Ch: bp 
1709; Sam, Mav i ' : Re- 

becca, Jan. 12, 1709; Cornelis, April 20, 1712. 

. echten, Johni ii -paise] 

;oh 19, 1099. 

A more than dm; ftrst, 

Pieter -i |A 

it Papa 

i bari 
Nov. 4, 1099. m Bernard 

|e, b. May 17, 1702, 
■ . b. Nov, 24 
Buren ; Gerrit Teunise, b. Oct. 4, 1709. <1. Jan. 17. 
1710-1 ; a daughter b. Nov. 14, 1 . Feb. 

13, 1713, d. Feb.- I 1714. 

Van Vechten, Volkert [son of Gerrit Teuni 
LydiaTen Broeck, Aug. 26, 1702; made a will July 
15, 1747, proved April 15, 1749, in which he is said to 

-poke of his v 
Teunise's two children, Volkert. and Agnietie,andof 
his Ch. Dirk, Margarita, w. or Gerrit C : Vai 

Ephraim's dau. Lidia; and Johannes. Ch: 
aariiu. .March 
aim and Johannes, twins, June 12, 1709; 
Dirk, Oct. 19, 1712. 

Cornelise, of Schagtekock, 

Nov. 20, 1703s made v roved 

Oct. 17, 1752, and mentioned tl' 

rt. Ch; bp. : I 

'ana. Feb. 

!■' May 27, 1715; Philip, Nov. 23, 1718; 

Van Vechten, Lucas [son of Cornelis Teunise] 
m. Tanneke Woedes, April 29, 1710. Ch: bp. ; Eva, 
June 31, (sic) 1717 ; Maria, July 19, 1719: Johannes, 
Dec. 31, 1721; Anna, March 1, 1724; Antje. Oct. 23, 
Van Vechten, Reuben, of Albany, m. Geertruy 
is buried in the Pa- 
troon's vault," No 

i T20 ; 

: En- 

1729: Maria, 

Nov. 29, 1730; Johannes, Dec. 10. 1732, buried Dec. 

Van Vechten, Harmen [sou of Dirk Cornelise], 
tl Vpril 23. 1740. Ch: bp.; 
Maria. June 9, 17 


Van Vechten, Douw [son of Salomon], m. first; 
mdly Ariaantje . . .ab< 
i 8, 1154. Ch : bp. : J 
1731, d. Jan. 27, 1825, a. 94y. ; Salomon, June 17, 

. Dirk [son of Johannes and Eliza- 
beth] of Catskill, m. Lena Van Vechten. Ch: bp. 


[CatsMU Church Tiec.~\ 

1 echten, Theunis [son of Johannes and- 

i ofCatskill, m. Judikje Ten Broeck. Ch: 

Nov. 5. 1757; 

ic. 5, and bp. Dec. 27, 1702; Teunis. 

[Catskill Church Bee] 

Van Vei hten, Johannes Jr., [sou of Volkert] 
merchant of Albany, m. Neeltie Beekman, Oct. 29, 
1734. 11 

May 2, 174 >lkert, 

a mies, 
[ay 5, 1745; Hendricus, March 29, 

Van V [son of Volkert], 

in. Lena Witbeck, Nov. G, 1739. Ho was bi 



v. Tennis [son ol 



-.,11 of Dirk Cornelise], 

jon of Dirk and 

i Alula 


b. Aa. 

.1 Cornelia, of sdiagtekook, 
ktie Knickerbocker of 

.. May 

'; De W 

tthyear;Elizab 1767; Harmen, 

. John, of Albanv. m. Annatie Wil- 
Ch: Lydia. b. Oct. : 
kert [eon of Johannes, Jr.].' of 


Albanv m. Elizabeth V ui Den Bergb, Jun. 
tt Witbeck,bp Dec. 11, 1776; Geml 
b. Jan. 12 

Bis], of Schacn- 
kook, m. first, Cathaiyntje V. 
second "i r k . v ; 

Ch: b. , 
Teuni- .. irita,b. 

Jan. 8, 1767; Cathaiyntje, b. Dec. 9, 1771. 

Van ' Mim, of Albany [son of Johan- 

nes Jr ], m. first, Annatie Wendell. 

3on of Benjamin 

i. Ch: Bcujaii • 1771. 

- i of Tennis, and Judith 
Ten Brocckl.m. Elizabeth Dc Wandelaar. She d. 
Dec. ; 

lane Ch : 1. July 10, 

10. m. 21 d. : a 

Them w of Abraham 

the emineiu la 

mayor a 73 y. ; John, 

March % 
Vax Yecuten. Samuel [son of Teunis and Judikje 

bp • T 

Jin 3 sept 7, B oiamin, 

■,. Dec. 4. 1791 
uiuel. Auc. 4. 1796; William 
Washington, Jan. 13, 1799; Catharine Jndil 

dikjf i s;il . v 2°i 

1784 She d. 8 

j an . o. . i d. He was an eminent 

lawyer, and neld many responsible 
ciyii office.-, ch : b. : Judike, March 

d June 6, 1800, a. 18 y.; Teuni?. d. \ 
23 y 3 m. 17 d.: Geertrny, bp.; April U. 

m. Abraham x . I 
I, d. Dec. 20, 1W2; Judith. Maj 25, Into ; Jacob | 




Van Velst-n, aiiai Van M er Teu- 

nise, n 

of land fi - h -. a . t 

I with 


elaer and Lu< - 
mill aiid two morgens of land on th 

Lved a patenl in 1667, for a lol • 

corner of % an Tromp street and Broa 

which he sold in 1678, to Wontei 

the house to hchenectady 
w f e £e m , , \\\ a grist-mill and became a 

at the 
, b was 
coug uI, his wife's children and to the 

church. : - 
Van Vlieren, Hieroon ( Jeroon), m. Mare 
Dec. 13, 1715. 

1725; li: 

— and G . Ch : Johan- 

Van Voorhoudt, See S> -. 
Van Vorst, Gillis, of Schenecta . 
Van Eps in Schenectady. July 
bp. Feb. 15, 1710. [Se 

Van 6 «* h 

Scherraerhorn in Schenectady, July 7, 1789. <- h : 

ly Fa- 

Van Vranken (Van Franken. Van Franks 

Van Vbanken, Ryckert Claase, owned a lot in 

N'ortn V 

River in 

Van Vraxki " r P er ' 

hap> Kulernau], in. ■ ie ™- 

bp.; ( ! 
16, 1000. 
Van Vranken, (Van Pranke) Gerrit Ryckertse 

I; Hillegonda, Oi 

a 1720, 
m Geei 


e 1720, 

and d. 

: j , 1 1 : Annetie, 


. .buried 




leguuuu, out.' 
Maretje • 1-*, 1709 




Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


buried May 1, 1746. Ch : bp.; Alida, Dec. 18. 1723; 

Barber, Sepf. 24, 1727; Anna, Oct. 7, 173(1; Abr- 
Gerrit. ' 

< lerrit Ryckse], 
m. Anna .... Ch : bp. : Elizabeth, Dec. 12,1731: 
Barber. April 25. 11 3(5: Jannetie, Sept. 18, 1137; Ger- 
rit. March 30, 1740. 

Van Vf.ankex, Abraham [sou of Claas G> 
of Niskayuna, m. Dirkje Cregier, Nov. lit, 17. 
bp. : Claas: Maria, Aug. 23. 1747: Samuel, July 23, 
1749 • Samuel. Oct. 13, 1754: Samuel, in Schenectady, 
Feb. 8, 17(51. Uies.] 

Van Veanken, Ryckert [son of Maas], m. first in 

anatje Truax, Oct. 14, 1738; she was 

buried Jan". 1, 1755; secondly, C itharina Dunbar. 

Ch: bp.; Annatie, May 31, 1739; 

Christina, Feb. 15, 1741; Hillesonda, Dec. 15, 1742; 

Jaunetie, Nov. 10, 1740; Jannetie and Margarieta, 

July 10, 1748; Maritie, Nov. 4,4750c Maas, Nov. 


Van Veanken. Gerrit [son of Claas Gerritse], m. 

Maria Fort, July 7, 1738. Ch: bp. ; Gerrit, May 31, 

1741; Johannes, Nov. 27, 1743: Barbara, April 27. 

lida, Nov 11, 1753. [see also Schenectady 

Families} . 

Van Veanken, Adam [son of Maas], m. Ariaantje 
Clute, March 8, 1744. Ch : bp. ; Maas, April 21, 
1745; Geertray, Sept. 15, 1754. [See also Schenectady 

Van Veanken, Gerrit [son of Ryckert], m. first, 
Susann i Egbei E iberse) : and 

secondly, Alida Reyly, about 1705. Ch : bp. ; Maria. 
Nov. 16 it. 10, 1749; Elisabeth, 

Nov. 7, 1752; Geertray, Oct. 20, 1754: Elisabeth, 
ekert, b. May I 

Van Veanken, Pieter [son of Claas Gerritse], of 
Genistagioene, m Neeltie Groot, in Schene 
March 3, 1748-9. Ch: bp. ; Dirk, Jan. 19, 1752. [See 
also Schenectady Famili 

Van Vranken, Andries [son of Gerrit Ryckse], m. 
in Schenectady, Mari. 14,1750. Ch : 

bp.;Eli b< i '■ .;; Barber, Sept. 4, 1757. 

[See also 6 

Van Vbanki -n of Evert], m. Jan- 

nctje Van Vra ; ept. S. 

1754; Evert, August 8, 1756; Ariaantje, Jan. 28, 1759. 

Van Veanken, Jacobus [sou of Johannes Claas of 
Rosendaal], m. Geertje Fonda. Nov. 5, 1775. Ch : 
b. ; Catharina. August 24, 117s ; Alida, Sept. 3, 1782. 

Van Vranken, Maas [son of Ryckert], m. G 

, Feb. 23, 1783 ictive officer of 

the Revolutionary war, and d. March 3, 1816. Ch : 
b. ; Annatie, Dec. 10, 1183 : Simon. Jan. 20, 1787. 

"Van Vredcnbergh, Willem, of Kinderhook, 
m, Heyltjo VanEtten. Ch : Appolonia, b. Jan. 13, 

Van Wageueu, Hendrik, and Annatie Land- 
tus, bp. Jan. 81, 1790. 

Van Westbroek (see a' lis Teu- 

ni le, cai vck in 1031, a trader in 1654, 

when he shipped 700 beavers to Manathan. 1 ' 
he was a brother of Sweer Teunise Van Westbroeck 
alias Van Velsen, who settled in' Schenectady. 

Van Wie, Wye, Wey, Verwey. 

, in Beverwyck 

■ will in 1090 ; spoke of wile and eldest 

son, Gerrit. hi 1091. petitioned the 

governor tor the relief ot Hendrick Gerritse, a vo- 


cared for at the house of the widow of Jacob I 
Derheyden He died 

. Verwey), Tennis Gerritse, perhaps 
broth' r of 

Van Wie, Gerrit [son of Hendrick], m. Agnietje 

(Annatie: I lasparse Conyn. He was buried Dec. 20, 

■ >use March 20, 1740. 

Ch : bp. ; Alida, April 28, 1700; Anna, 1701 ; Hi , il , 


Va: ; of Hendrick] , m. C, 

Huyck. She was buried Sept. 2, 1748. Ch: bp. ; 

Yda, Aug. 21,1709, m. Gerrit Jacobse Lansingh ;. 
\rik, Sept. 2!, 171; 
■ , June 30, 1718; An- 
dries, N i en-it, April 28, 1723. 

Van Wie, Hendrik [son of Hendrick], m. Hilletje 
March 11. 1715. She was buried Dec. 23, 1744. 
Ch: bp.; Hendrik. Jan. 20, 1717; Antje, June 28, 
1719 ; Ariaantje Nov. 5, 1721 ; Ariaantje, Jan. 22, 
1724; Johannes, July 3, 1720: Eytje, Sept. 15,1728; 
Elizabeth, Aug. 8, 1731 ; Maria, Sept. 1, 1734; Cath- 
aryua. May 7, 173S. 

Van Wie, Hendrick, Jr. [son of Gerrit] m. Catha- 
rina [Cornelia] Waldron, Oct. 2. 1732; Ch: bp.; Ag- 
nietje, Aug. 19, 1733; Agnietje, June 18, 1735; 

1739; Willem, Oct. 19, 
1740; Casparus,T)ec. 5,1742; Tryntje, Jan. 6, 1745; 
Hendrick. Jan. 11, 1747 ; ( I <nu lis, April 9, 1749 ; Alida, 
Nov. 17. 1751 ; Cornelia, April 14, 1754. 

Van Wie, Johannes, Jr. [son of Jan], m. first, 
Gerritje Wendel. Oct. 14, 1742: secondly. Magi 
Loek, Aug. 8. 1759. Ch: bp.; Johannes, July 8, 
' . 28, 1745 ; Johannes, Jan. 3, 

Van Wie, Andries [son of Jan], m. Lena Van Arn- 

hcm. Ch. bp.: Johannes, Nov. 23, 1740; Johannes 

> a, July 23, 1749 ; Alida, Feb. 

23. 1752; Abraham, Nov. 18, 1753: Isaac, July 30, 


Van Wie, Hendrick Hendrickse, m. Johanna Gar- 
denier. Ch: bp. ; Hilletje, Oct. 30, 1748; Hilletje, 
Sept. 16, 1750; Andries, Feb. 23. 1758 
Jan . 5 , 1755 ; Anig (Anna i |, Dec . 11. 1700 ; Elizabeth, ' 
b. Dec. 19 

Wie, Hendrick [son of Jan], m. Marytje 

Loeck (Louk). Ch : bp. ; Catarina, Feb. 17, 1751; 

i ta, April 23, 1753; Cornelia. July 27, 1755; 

Philip, Nov. 6, 1757; Johannes, Nov. 25, 1759 (?) ; 

Philip, b. April 7, 1703; Agnietje, b. July 12, 1705. 

Van Wie, Gerrit [son of Hendrick], m. Catharina 
Lansing, Sept. 10, 1762. Ch: b. ; Gerrit and Ytje, 
v 18, 1765 ; Catharina, 
Aug. 27, 1767; Pieter, Dec. 30, 1709; Helena, bp. 
Julv 27. 1772; Cornells, b. Jan. 20. 1775; Pieter, b. 
April 6, 1780. [Mary the wid. of Peter G. Van W. 
d. May 20, 1864, a. 83 y.] 

Van V son of Hendrick], m. Jannetje 

Winne, April 20, 1706. He d. March 17, 1818, a. 75y. 
4 mo. 6 d. ; shed Aug. 16, 1815, a. 75 y. 8m.28d. 
Ch: b. ; Catharina, Jan. 21, 1707: Hendrik, July 
11,1709; Benjamin, Aug. 7, 1775; Rachel, Nov. 2, 
1777; Agnietje, Dec. 10 

Van Wie. Willem [son of Hendrick], m. Jannetie 
Lansing. May 20. 1707. She d . July 19, 1821. a . 75 y . 
Ch : b. ; Hendrick, Oct. 13,1767 : Gerrit, Julv 33, 1770, 
d. June 3. 1842; Pieter. May 30, 1773, d. March 9, 
1839 ; Isaac, Jan . 20, 1 1 TO ; Isaac, July 11, 1778 ; Catha- 
rina, Jan. 4, 1182. 

Van Wie. Johannes [son of Andries], m. Alida Van 
Wie. Jan. 27, 1771. Ch : b. ; Helena, Aug. 18, 
1771 ; Andries, Dec. 28, 1771 ; Hendrick, Mav 31, 1777; 
Trvut je, May 6, 1780 ; Johannes, Oct. 30, 1784 ; Pieter, 
March 17, 1781; Abraham, July 12, 1789; Gerrit, Oct. . 

Van Wie, Pieter [son of Hendrik], m. Ebbetje 
(Abigail) Van Den Burgh, Dec. 31, 1774. Ch: b. ; 
Hendrik, Nov. 8, 1770 ; Gerrit, Dec. 7, 177S; Willem, 
I, 1780. 

Van Wie, Abraham [son of Andries], m. Jaco- 
myntje Burhans, Feb. 22, 1777. Ch : b. ; Andries, 
Dec. 5, 1777; Januetje. Oct. 3, 1779; Johannes Bur- 
haus,Nov. 10, 1783; Gerrit,Nov. 4, 1785: Frederick, 
Jan. 17, 1788 Abraham, Sept. 24, 1790. 

Wie, Hendrick [son of Gerrit], m. Maria 
Merthei I-.; Hendrick, Nov. 27,' 

1713; Elizabeth, July. 7, 1710; Peter Martin, Jan. 23, 
1779; Catharina. June 22. 1781; Margarita, March 7, 
1784, d. Aug. 22. 1862, a. 79 y. ; Gerrit. Jan. 16, 1787; 

Van Web, Isaac [son of Andries], m. Neeltie 
ir) Oosterhout, Aug. 4. 1780. Ch: b. ; 

Helena, April Wilhelmus, Jan. 17. 

; W'il- 

Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 

1 atharina. b. Oct. 19, 

e. Ch : Jane. 

:li. Ch: 
Ariaantje, b. April T 

• Irick Jr.], m. 
Anna (Nancy) Shanklin, Fe ; . 


!and. Jan. 10, 


she d. April 9, 1844, a fit 

Jane. I April 23, 18W 

riue. May 27, 1810. 
Van Wilbeck, Bee Witbeck. 
Van Woert, Van Schoenderwoert, Van Oort. 
Two brothers of this name. Tennis Jacobse, and 

s, about 

ie descendants of The former remained in 

Albany county and assumed the surname of Van 

: the latter removed to New "i 
took the name of Ri ■ had a 

salary from the patroon of Re 

d 100 gl. for the 

April 19. 1660, in New Amsterdam. ' 1 
a trad'- rk 6 r probably for his brother 

the brewer. I Eva? ni. 

■ wart, of Schenectady. 
Van Woekt, Jacob Tounise. ni . first Catryn Claase 
and secondly. Anna Loockerman, wid. of 
Winne. Oct. 18, 1691. He was buried July 1( 

13 : Jeremias. June 16, 

. July 21, 1700: Heyltje, 
Nov. 2, 1701 ; Catharina, Dec. 24 

Van Wobbt Jeer, m. 

Maria Peek. He was for a time a resident ol 
nectariy. Ch:hp. ; Margariet, April 14, 1686; Wil- 
lem, May 16, 1690 ; Antje, August 14, 1692. 

Van Woert, Nicolaae [son of Jacob], m. Dirkje, 
(Gerritje) Barheit. Dec. 15, 1707. Ch : bp. ; Jacob, 
Jan. 8. 1710; Gerritje. April 20 

: Nicolaas and 11. 1718. She 

■was buried March 18.1749; Jannetie. Oct. 1. 1721: 

Wobbt, Ruth [son of Jacob], m. first, Eliza- 
beth and second Iv. M. 1. ho was 

buried July 9. 11 

Feb. 3. 1726; Elizabeth, Dec. 28, 1727, buried Sept. 

. . Jacob [son of Jacob], m. nendrikje 

1724; -i 7,1725, buried Aug. 26, 1716; 

Annek. 127 ; Alida. Dec 5 

Oct. 2. 1731 ; Fytje, 
1735; Louis. Jan. 11. 

Rebecca, May 16, 1742: Eva. March 11. 174 
dert, M 

Van - Woekt, Jacob Rutsche. m. first. Maria : 

Ouderkerk, Mai 
ted April 3, 1749. Ch: . March 

>eth, Sept. 17, 
Oct. 30. 1743; 

i der [son of Ruth], m. Eliza- 

. March 
: Elizabeth. D* . bannes, Jan. 5, 


f Nicolaas]. m. Eliza- 

I T 41 ; Hendrik. March 

\ an W oebt, Jacob Jacobse, and I 

Ch : bp. ; Johannes 

VakV ■ m . Elizabeth 

lia, Noi tharina, Oct. 2. I 

Iiachel Kidder, 
0ct - 26i Aug. SO, 1761 • 

Annatie. b. March 9, 1761. 

Van Woebt, Louis [son of Jacob], in. fatharvntie 
v »" 1 unkie, 

athartna, Oct. . . 
: Folkie. Juuc 5. 1773; Rachel, bp. Oct. 28, 

Van Woekt. Eldert [son of Jacob Rutee], m, Eliza- 
beth Fonda. Ch : b. : Annatie, June 2, 
Catharina. Jan, 1, 1772; Hi 

Alida, Dec. 24. 1775 : Jacob. May 8. 1778 ; Geertje, Jan. 
Elizabeth, Jun< ! 

Van Woekt, Johannes. Jr., m. Cathalyna Lansing, 
June 20, 1770. Ch : b.: Elizabeth, Feb. 17. 1772; 
Jacob Lansing, Jan. 9, 1774 ; Hnbertje, 

: Hen- 
dnkje, bp. Dec. 3, 1781 : Willempie, b. May 25 

■ ; Cathalina. b. Aug. 26, 1787. 
Woekt. Hendrik [eon of Andriee ?], m. Catha- 
rina Eights. Henry \ an Wiean old Revolutionary ofli- 
cer, d. Feb. 5, 1813. a. 65 y. 10 m.; she d. Oct. "3 (4) 
1825, a. 74 y .ham. Feb. 13, 

Elizabeth, Aug. 21, 1779: Elizabeth, Fob. 14 
Hendmk, April 3, 17s4; William. - 
Catharine, Apri rtharine, Oct. 19,1791. 

Vah Wobbt, Jacob, m. Sara [arch 30, 

1777. Ch : b.: Johannes. Dec. 21, 1781 ; Pieter, Feb. 

15, 17S4; Elizabeth, Jan. 12, 1788: Hadriaan, March 

16. 1790 ; Elizabeth, Feb, 18, 1793 ; Jacob, Nov. 15,1796. 
Van \f oggelnm, see Soegemakelyk. 

Van Wnrmdriek, Cornells Laurentse, m. An- 
natje Van Petten, widow" of Claas Sieverse, i 
1709. Ch : bp.; Lourens, Nov. 13, 1709; Frederik, 
April 20, 1712 ; Anna, Dec. 25, 1714. 
Van Yveren or Iveren, see Myndertse. 
Van Zandt, Van Santen, Van Sint. [Li the 
orda this name is Van Santen.] 
' vndt, Jan, and Jannetie — Ch : Johannes ; 
[This family is of Spanish origin.] 
Van Zandt (Sant), Johannes [son of Jan], turner 
m. Margrieta vanderpoel, and about 1(93, remaved 
to New York, Ch : bp. : in Albany, TYynatit, Dec. 

Jannetje March 17. 1686; Adam, E 
1687 : Johannes, Aug. 3, 1690 ; 

March 10. 1695 ; : 
riet. Feb. 7, 1697; Maria, Aug. 1698; I 
15, 1703. 

Van Zandt [Van Santen], Joseph Janse, m. Seitje 
Marcelis. 1688. He wat 
izedDec. 6, 1713; buried Oct. 16, I 

Maria. Jan. 2, 

Aug. 1, 1703; 
Aug. 6, 1704: Oysbert, Dec. 22,1706; Celia, 
Van Zandt, Wynant, of New York probably m. 
adau. of Pieter Praa. Ch. bp. in New York. Pie- 
ter Praa. May 30, 1708: Elizabeth. Aug 24. 1712 

fl2, 1714; To 1716? 

» 23, 1718 ; Catharina, Oct. 4, 1719. 

Van Zandt. < t I Joseph], m. Sara Hil- 

20, 1718. She was buried Sept. 6, 17* . 
bp. : Joseph, July 27. Sept. 4,1720; 

Anna, S 1724; mlkm, 

July 16, 1806, a 

rch 10, 1734; 

Van X [-on of Joseph], m. 

Winne about 1 
m. 10 d. Ch: 

Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


Rykert, Aug. 22, 1731; Catharina, -Tan. 7, 1733; Ey- 
kert. No pril 16, 1738 ; Racli - 

8, 1741: Sara, Jan. if June 21, 17-17; 

i es, July 9, 1750; Rachel, May 24, 1759; Sara, 
b. Sept. 

Van Zandt (Santen) GysDert [son of Joseph], m. 
first, Margrietje Kaarn (Care!). Feb. 22, 1710. Ch: 
bp. : Joseph, Jan. 11, 1711 ; Hendrick, Oct. 24. 1742: 
Marytje, Oct. 25, 1747; Elizabeth, April 26, 1752. 

Van Zandt (Santen) David [son of Joseph . m. 
first, Rachel Hooghteling, April 20, 1745: - 
buried Jan. 11, 1710: secondly, Ariaantie Fort about 
1748. Ch : bp. ; Joseph, Jan. 12, 1740 ; Joseph, 
5. 1749 ; Daniel. June 2, 1751 ; Anthony, June 17. 1753; 
Rachel, March 21, 1750. 

Van Zandt (Santen) Willem. [son of Johannes], m. 
Alida Smith. Oh : bp. ; Sara, Dec. 25, 1750 ; Sara, 3! ay 

6, 1753 ; Johannes , buried A pril 0. 1756 ; ■." 

Aug. 7, 1757. Ch: b.; Margarita, Fib. 28, 1760; 
Thomas. Aug. 9, 1703 ; Willem, Oct. 13, 1767 ; Annatje, 
Jan. 12, 1772. 

Van Zandt (Santen) Johannes, Jr. [son of Johan- 
nes], m. Margarita Wilkinson, Aug. 23, 1754. Ch: 
bp.; Sara, July 13, 1755; Sara, Nov. 27. 1757; Sara, 
Nov. 4, 1758: Sara, Oct. IS, 1701, d. March 26, 1835, 

a. 74 v. Ch: b.; Thomas, Sept 23,1763; Annatie. 
Jan. 9, 1761; Johannes, Aug. 3, 1700: Maria, Nov. 6, 
1767 ; Johannes, April 3, 1709 : Margarita, March 25, 
1770; Johannes. Nov. S, 1771; Alida, Jan. 24, 1773: 
Celia, June 16, 1775; Johannes, Feb. 1, 1778. 

Van Zandt (Santen) Joseph [son of Johannes], 
m. Maria Brouwer. Ch : Sara, bp. May 9, 1750. 

Van Zandt (Santen) Gysbert [son of Johannes!, 
m. Rebecca Winne, Oct. 25, 1759. Ch : b. ; Johannes, 
April 30. 1702; Rachel, Aug. 8, * f64 : Benjamin, May 
8, 1707: Gerril 9 Gerrit, Nov. 

Sara, Sept. 19, 1774; Hester, Sept. 14.1777; Annatie, 
Feb. 28. 1780. 

Van Zandt (Santen) Jacobus [son of Johannes], 
m. Mollv (Maria) Broecks, Dec. 24, 1758. He d. Nov. 
8, 1795, . 1814, a. 

75 v. Ch: b. ; Rebecca, Oct. 30, 1762; Johannes, 
March 21, 1767, d. April 28, 1858, a. 91 y. 

Van Zandt (Santen) Rykert [son of Gerrit], m. 
Sara miten, Jan. 20, 1705. He d. June 6, 1814, 
6 m. 10 d. She d. Dec. 13, 1830, a. 83 v 5 m. 20 d. Ch : 

b. ; Jacobus, May 1, 1765 ; Antje, Jan. 28. 1708 : Ger- 
rit, Aug. 31, 1709 : Jo 7 73, d. March 9, 

a.64y.; Willem, bp . Oct. 13, 1770; Antje, b. 
Seyt: 15, 1779; Judike, b. Oct. 1, 1785; Maritie, Oct. 
25, 1790. 

Van Zandt (Santen) Joseph [son of Gysbert], m. 
Rebecca De (.'anno, Nov. 13, 1766. Ch: b.j Gys- 
bert, Oct. 15, 1769 : Margarita, June 26, 1772 
May 19, 1774 ; Johannes, Oct. 17, 1780 ; Margarita, 
July 16, 17S3. 

Van Zandt (Santen) Hendrick [son of C>. 
m. Catharine De Garmo . Ch : Peter, b. Sept . 12, 1775. 

Van Zandt (Santen i, Joa Willem], 

m. Ml 

Oct. 6, 1782. [Johannes Van S. and Elizabeth Van 

/-Santen, m. Nov. 19, 1780.' He d. at Watervliet, 

/ May 17, 1829,1 >.; Willem, Oct. 

N Elizabeth, Mai ' ■■m. May 29, 1788 ; John 

May 7, 1791 ; John, Jan. 11, 1793 ; Gerrit, April 4, 

1794; Mary, Aug. 19, I 

Van Zandt (Santen), Benjamin [son of Gysbert], 
m. Sat Ch: b. ; Rebecca. 

March 29, 1788; Sarah, Jan. 11, 1790; Barent, Dec." 
29, 1792. 

Van Zandt (Santen), John G. [so i 
m. Leeutje (Helena,! Lansing, Aug. 30, 1787. Oh: b. ; 
Jacob, June 24, 1783; Willempie, June 13, 1797 : John, 
Sept. 18, 1801. 

Van Zandt, Gerrit [son ofRykertJ, m. Caty Hil- 
ton, Dec. 2, 17 
shed. April 13 

Aug 8, 1793; Margaret, b. July 2, 

Zandt, Thomas [son of Johannes, Jr.], m. 
Rebecca Hooghkerk, Feb. 25,1792. Ch: b 


beth, Jai braham, Oct. 16,1795; Marga- 

ret, Aug. 2, 1797; John, Oct. 4. 

lames [son of Rykert], m. Mary. Ch: 

r, 1793^ Gerrit, Sarah, 

Sept. 4, 1796 ; Margaret, Aug. 28, 1798; Anna, July 5, 

V an Zandt, .Jacobus, and Alida Ch : Alida, b. 

July 22. : 

Varley. Barnard (Peter), m. Rachei Bulsen. Ch : 
John, bp. Jan. 6, 1793 ; Gertrude, b. Nov. 

Vedder, narmen Albertse, trader, owne 
at Sch ■ .burgh), and 

•s in Albany. His children 
I ady. 
Vedder, Arent [son of Harmen] of Schenectady, 
tot. Ch: Rebecca, 1 1 
Agnietje, Feb. 11, 1694. [See also Schenectady 

Vedder, Harmanus, Jr., of Schenectady | 

ta .Jacques) Van Slyck, widow 
oi Andries Bratt, Dec. 10. 1091. Ch: bp. 
27, 179 a. 1,1698. [See ■ 

tady Fai^ 
Vedder, Albert [son of Harmen], of Schenectady 
a Glen, in Schenectady ; Dec. 17, 1699. Ch: 

bp. ; Catharina, Dec. 25,1706: Alexander, Feb. 20, 
ilso Schenectady Families.'] 


i] r, Johannes, m. Maria Fort (Van der Vort), 

inSchen i 'anus, 

June 8, 1 ■ < : Anna, June 


Vedder, Corset, of Halve Moan 1715, Schaatkooke, 

( 'hriSr 
taianse, March 11, 1711. Ch : bp. ; An 
Jan. 8, 1710 ; Isaac, Feb. 10, 1712 ; Anna, Aug. 7, 1713; 
lan, Jan. 7, 1720. [See also Schenectady 

Vedder, Corset (Gerzet)ofNiskayuna, m. ' 
Bonis (Birch). Ch: b 
. July 13, 1706. 

ieb, Arent J., and Jannetie Hoghing. Ch: 
Vedh . f Niskavuna, in. Elizabeth 

Vedder, Cornelius, and Caty V. Duieher. Ch : 

Veeder, SymonVi'' • of the 

early settlers of Sche i 
audio! a1 for 30 

re he settled in 166S 

and "Vulkert, 

Veeb pmonse ■:., m. 

Tryntjt ' 

Veeder, Pieter Symonse, of Schenectady, m. 

Volgen. Ch: bp. ; Maria, Feb. 19, 

1707 ;' i : 1 709 : at the date the last child's 

baptism the father was not living. [See also Sche- 


wick, i, 

\ endel, 
June 3 I 'V. 16, 

1739. antje, 

May 31, 1719. [See also Schenectady Fa\ 

aonse, of Schenectady, m. Jan- 

dalena. Oct. 30, 1709; Susanna, April 20, 1713 

ly Families.] 
lirst, GeertrayKip, Di 

bi condly, Anna, 

: Geertje, Oct. 28, 173; 

■•:■■.-,; Abraham, 3 1 

Hist. (Jul I. iv. 


Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 

:;>0; Johannes, Jan. 1, 1755; 

ndert-m. Elizabeth Donw, Dec. 19, 
'. olkert, 
Abraham, Oct. 
Dec. 14, 
I .. Jan. 14. 1753; Jacob, Jan. I ;. 
Veeder, Simon Johannese, and Catalyntje ' 
. m. April 9. I 
bant of Albany," it. u. Ch; bp.;8u- 
eanna, July 26. 1752 ; 3 rose, March 12, 

Vyngavt, July 24, 1757; Volki 

of Albany, m. Marytie 
Van Den Bergh, March 18, 1762. ch - 

May 26, 11 12, 1766. 

Veeder. Abraham, and Sara Hansen. Ch : bp; 
Isaac. i Pieter, July 1, I 

Veeder, Abraham, andNeellje Schuyler. Ch : b. ; 
Elizabeth, July 6, 1781 ; Geertruy, July 27, 1789 ; 
Myndert, July 6, 1793. 

Veeder, Johannes, and Catharina Winne [John V. 
and Catharine De Long. m. June 3, 1797.] Ch: b. ; 
Annatie, April 20, 1787 : Frans, Jan . 2. 1789 ; Rebecca, 
and Simon, twins, March 4, 1792; Simon, Oct. 16, 
1793 ; Rebecca, March 10, 1797 ; Ann, Jan. 28, 1799. 

Veeder, Arent S., and Jannetie Hoghingh . Ch : 
Anna, b. Dec. 10, 1787. 

Veeder, Jacob, of Normanskil, m. Catharine 
Spawn, March 4, 1787. Ch: b. ; Jochuni, Oct. 30, 
Jochum, April 1, 1791. 

Veeder, Volkert S ., and Ann Quackenbush. Ch : 
b. ; Catejyntje, March IS. 1791 ; Anna, bp. Feb. 15, 
1794; d. Aug. 24, 1797, a. 2 v. 12 d. : Anne, b. Aug. 
12, 1795, d. July 9, 1795, a. 17 m. ; Elizabeth, b. Feb. 
16. 1798; Maria, b. Jan. 22. 1801, d. June 13, 1803. 

Veeder. Lucas W., of Schenectady, m. Susanna 
Bratt. Ch : b. ; Elias, Jan. 1. 1794; Volkert, July 8, 
1796. [See also Schenectady Families.] 

Veeder, Myndert, and Elizabeth Perry. Ch : Ry- 
nier, b. Jan. 31, 1797. 

Venton, William, m. Annatje Egmond, March 
31. 17G2. Ch: Maria, bp. Oct. 12, 1766; Jacob, b. 
April 23, 1768. 

Venton, Robert, and Margaret Adams. Ch : Mary 
b. Dec. 28, 1779. 

Verbeeck, Jan or Johannes, came to Fort Or- 
ange, in 1635; probably returned to Holland, and 
brought over his family in 1648, arriving in Mana- 
thans with Anthony De Hooges, Nov. 29, in the ship 
King David. He \w b. in 1612, and d. in 1698, a. 
86 y. He was a considerable dealer in real estate 
in the village of Beverwyck ; magistrate for many 
years and orphan master. If he left any children 
their names do not appear in the records unless Ger- 
rit Verbeek, who was accidentally killed in 1670, by 
Jan Roeloffse, was one. 

Verbrugge (Van Brugh), Johannes Pieterse, 
from Haarlem in Ilolland, was b. in 1624. He was a 
trader in New Amsterdam an 1 Beverwyck, and in 1657, 
sent down from B. 300 beaver skin* ; m. Catrina 
Roeloffse, dau. of the noted Anneke Janseand widow 
of Lucas Rodenburgb, March 29, 1658, in New Am- 
sterdam where all his children were b. and bp. He 
made his will Dec. 22, 1690, and d. in 1097. [Valen- 
tines Man.. 1861, 1864, 1866.1 Ch : Up. ; Helena, April 
4, 1659 ; Helena, July 28, 1660, m . Tennis j • 
Anna, Sept. 10, 1602. m. Andries Grevenraed 
arina, April 19, 1665, m. Hendrick Van Rensselaer ; 
Pieter, July 14, 1066 ; Maria, Sept. 20, 1673, m. Ste- 
phen Richard ; Johannes. 

Verbrugge (Van Brugh), Capt. Pieter [son of the 
last] ; mayor of Albany, 1699, 1700, 1721-3 ; had a 
house lot on the south sidj of State street west of 
Pearl and near the stockades, the lot of his father-in- 
law, HeDdrick Cuyler • was buried in the church 
July 20, 1740. He m. Sara, dau. of Hendrick and 
Anna Cuyler, of Albany. Nov. 2, 1088, in New York. 
Ch: Catharine, bp.'in New York, Nov. 10, 1689. 

Verbruggl "hannes [son of 

nes],m. Margarita Provoost, July 9, 1696. 
York. Ch. bp. in N. Y., Johannes, May 16, 1697; 

Johannes, Aug. 6, 1699 : Catharina, Aug. 16, 1704 ; 
David, Sept. lS, 171 • , 1712. 

Vermenlen, Hendrick Gerritse, in Albany, 
house and lot of Cornelia 
Van Nes, on S. corner of Broadway and Maiden Lane, 
which he conveyed same day to Arent Janse. 

Vernoy, Cornelis, and Sara Ten Broeck. Ch: 
Cornells, bp Jan. 6, 1706. 

Verplanck (Planck), Abraham Isaacse, of New 

Amsterdam, m. Maria, dau. of Guleyn Vigne and 

ic Cuvilje. She d. in 1671; he d. about 

ii, m. A. Van Laets: Catalyna, m. 

David Pieterse Schuyler of Beverwyck; Guleyn, b. 

Jan. 1, 1637 ; Isaac, bp. June 26, 1641 ; Susanna, bp. 

May 25. 1612. m. Marten Van Woert ; Jaeomyntie, 

. [e, bp. Dec. 2, 1646; Hille- 

gond, bp. Nov. 1, 1648; Isaac, bp. Feb. 26, 1651. 

Verplanck, Guleyn [son of Abraham], merchant of 
New Amsterdam, m. Hendrikje Wcssels of Aernhem, 
June 20, 1668. He d . April 23, 1684, and she m. Jaco- 
bus Kip, May 29, 1685. Ch : bp. ; in New York. 
Samuel, b. Dec. 10, bp. Dec. 19, 1669; Abraham, bp. 
Jan. 24. 1674 ; Anna, bp. Sept. 15, 1680 ; Guleyn, bp. 
June 29, 1684. 

Verplanck, Samuel [son of Guleyn], of New York, 
m. Ariaantje, dau. of Balthazar Bayard, Oct. 26, 1691. 
He d. at sea Nov. 20, 1698. Ch. bp. in New York : 
Maria. Sept. 2, 1692; Henrica, Aug. 19, 1694; Hen-/W 
drik, June 17, 1696 ; Guleyn, b. May 31, 1698. 

Verplanck, Isaac [son of Abraham], shoemaker, of 
Albany, m . Abigail Uytenbogart ; she was a wid . in 
1729 . Ch . bp . in Alban v : Isctac ; Jacobus ; Abigail, 
buried Feb. 26, 1729; Jacob, June 21, 16S4; Dirkje, 
Sept. 19, 1686 ; Jacob, Oct. 28, 16S8 ; Guleyn, June 18, 
1693; David, April 14, 1695; Catalvntje, Jan. 19, 

1698; Rachel, May, 12, 1700, m. Winne, and a 

wid. in 1735. 

[Verplanck?] Abraham Inaacsse, fort sluytei; 1695, 
m. Anna Sickels. Ch: bp. ; Isaac, March 14, 1688: 
Marie, Feb . 12, 1690 ; Sacharias, Jan . 10, 1692 ; Jacob, 
Feb. 18, 1694; Jannetje, Nov. 17, 1695. 

Verplanck, Jacobus "Isaacse, of New York, m. 
Margareta Schuvler of Albany, Sept. 8, 1691. Ch: 
bp. '; Jannetie in Albany, April 13, 1690; Philip in 
New York, June 3, 1695. 

Verplanck, Isaac [son of Isaac], m . Amarencie — 
Ch:bp ; Isaac, Feb. 4, 1715; Cornelia, July 29, 1716 ; 
Abraham, Oct. 19, 1718, buried, Nov. 28, 1742; Abi 
gail, Oct. 30, 1720. 

Verplanck. Philip [son of Jacobus], m. Geer- 
truy Ch : bp ; Jacobus, Jan. 15, 1721 ; Johannes, 

Feb. 20, 1723; Margarita, Jan. 20, 1725; Johannes, 
June 4, 1727. 

Verplanck, Guleyn [son of Isaac], m. 'Ariaantje 
Van der Poel. Dec. 11, 1724. He was buried July 7, 
1749. Ch: bp. ; Isaac, Oct. 1. 1725: Wilkm, Nov. 
19, 1727; Abigail, Dec. 8. 1729: Melchert, Dec. 5, 
1731 ; Elizabeth, July 12, 1734 ; Abraham, May 6, 

Verplanck, David [son of Isaac], of Beeren is- 
land, m. first, Ariaantje, dan. of Barent Pieterse 
Coeymans, July 16, 1723, who d. without issue 
condly, ... Brouwer; and thirdlv, Catrina Boom, 
Nov. 10, 1752. Ch : David, bp. Sept . 4, 174S : Johan- 
nes, Nov. 12, 1752; Ariaantje. July 1. 1753: Isaac, b. 
1759; d. at Coeyman-, Feb. 4, 1836, a. 77 y. 

Verplanck. Willem [son of Guleyn], of Albany, 
m. Liflta' Liverse. July 7, 1759. Ch:bp 
May 4, 1760; Rachel, Oct. 11, 1762: Guleyn, July 16, 

Vekplanck. Abraham [son of Guleyn], m. fin-;t, 
Mantje Bogart, Aug. 8, 1761; secondly, Ilendrikje 
5, 1772. Ch ; b. : Guleyn. Jan. 19, 1763 ; 
Ariaantje, May 26 

Verwoy, see Van Wie. 

Victory, John, and Mary Pangburn. Ch: b. ; 
Edmund, Feb. 5, 1793 : John, Oct. 5, 1790. 

Vlele, Cornelis Cornelise, owned a lot on the 

i' Pearl streets \vl ich 

he sold to Richard Pn .ght a 

bowery in Schenectady, which he so' 

Jurriaan Thcniuise Tappen, in exchange for a house 


Barent Pieterse Koeymans was the original settler, having emigrated to this country 
from Utrecht, Holland, in 1636, and engaged himself as miller to the firsf. Patroon. He 
afterwards purchased of the Katskill Indians a tract of land having ten or twelve miles 
front on the Hudson river and extending westward to the head of the waters falling into 
the Hudson. A litigation followed between him and the Patroon, which terminated in 
favor of'Koeymans, and in 1714 he obtained a patent from Queen Anne confirming the 
whole tract to him, 

Barent Pieterse Koeymans had five children, and two only remained in Coeymans, the 
other three settled in other portions of the country. The two who continued to live on 
the Koeymans patent were Peter and Ariaantje. Peter married twice, but had no male 
descendants ; but left five daughters, all of whom were married. Of the two daughters of 
his first wife, Mayica married Andreas Witbeck and Elizabeth married Jacob Van Alen. 
01 the three daughters by his second wife Gerritje married John Barclay; Anue Mar- 
garet married Andreas Ten Eyck ; Charlotte A. married John Bronck. As we said before, 
there being no male issue, the family name of KoeymaiiB became extinct in this locality 
with the death of Peter Koeymans. 

Ariaantje Koeymans was married to David Verplank when she was of the age of 47, and 
died without issue. David Verplank subsequently married and left a large family of 
children : David inherited Ariaantje's portion of her father's property The property now 
known as the old Stone House and all that portion that is now owned by the Ten Eyck 
family came to them from Peter Koeymans — Ariaantje having never owned any property 
north of Coeymans creek. 

Elizabeth Van Dateon, great granddaughter of Peter Koeymans, married Abraham 
Verplank, and was the only member of the Verplank family related to the Koeymans 
tamily . 

Major Verplank, to whose memory a monument has been lately erected in the Cemetery, 
was in no way related to the old Koeymans family. 

The original Koeymans mansion, or Castle as it was called, stood on the site of the 
building now occupied by the family of the late Josiah Sherman. — Coeymans Gazette. 
See also Annuls Albany, and Hist. Collections Albany, for further notices of this family. 
Also O'Callat^han's New Netlierland. 

Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


and lot on south side of State street weBt of Pearl . 
Ch : Arnout ; Cornells ; Pieter. 

Viele, Arnout Cornelise, Indian interpreter for 
many years at all the great meetings held by the na- 
tives in Albany, and held in high esteem by them, 
m. Gerritje Gerritse, from Amsterdam, in 1677. 
Ch: Aernoul ; Willempie (?) w. of Simon Jacobse 
Schermerhorn. Aernout was carried away from 
Schenectady in 1090 by the French and Indians and 
was absent three years before his return. 

Vif.le, Pieter Cornelise, bought a boawery at 
Schenectady, in 1670 

Viele. Cornells Cornelise, chirurgeon, admitted 
freeman of New York city 1698, in. first, — ; second- 
ly, Catharina Bogardus/in New York, April 24, 1693. 
Ch:bp. ; Volkert, in Albany, Dec. 1, 1639; Sara, In 
N . Y . I 'ornelis, in N. Y. Dec. 16, 1702 . 

Viele, Lewis, of Schaatkook, and Maria Freer. 
Ch.-bu. ; Isaac, April 28, 1710; Abraham, Sept. 26, 
1715; Jacob, June 21, 1719 ; Teunis; Pieter ; Hugo. 

Viele, Teunis [son of Lewis], m. Maria Fonda, 
Oct. 12, 1721. Ch : bp. ; Lowys. Aug. 30, 1725 ; John, 
Sept. 17, 1727; Maria, Feb. 1, 1730; Rebecca, Oct. 
30, 1732; Stephanas, June 2, 1735; Stephanus, July 

1, 1736 • 30, 1737 ; Catharina, Sept. 28, 

er, Oct. 21, 1744 

Viele, Pieter [son of Lewi?!, m. Catharina Van 
Schaick, June 23, 1728. Ch:bp.; Lowys, Jan. 22, 
1729 ; Sara, Augi la, June 4, 1732. 

Viele, Hugo [son of Lewis] . of Schachtekook, m. 
first, Catharina Van Woert, Feb. 13, 1728 ; and se- 
condly, Elisabeth Van Vechten. widow,Sept. 17, 1752. 
Ch: bp. : Lodewicus. April 20, 1729; Jacob, August 

2, 1730 ; Maria, May Ss7, 1733 ; Stephanus, Oct. 26, 
17: J ,5 ; Maria, Mav ! i. 1737 , Anna, Feb. 17, 1739 ; Sara, 
Feb. 14, 1742 ; Pieter, Jan. 12, 1746. 

Viele [probably Veeder], Myndert, and Elisabeth 
. . . .Ch : Volkert, bp. Oct. 3, 1736. 

Viele, Isaac [son of Lewis], and Hendrikje. . . .Ch : 
bp.; Maria, July 3,1737; Lammetje, Jan. 23, 1740; 
Lodewicus Biblicua Jacobus, April 1, 1743/ 

Viele, Jacob [son of Lewis], m. Eva Fort, July 4, 
1742. Ch : bp. ; Lodovicus, in Schenectady, Oct. 17, 
1742 ; Abraham, August 25, 1745 ; Maria. July 12, 
1750 ; Stephanus, August 3, 1753; Annatje, May 27, 
1756; Johannes, June 24, 1759. [Jacob Viele and 
Catarina Coddington, m. Nov. 10, 1757.] 

Viele, Abraham [son of Lewis], m. Francina Fort, 
Jan. 22, 1739, and was buried June 28, 1746. Ch : 
Johannes, Jan. 12. 1746. 

Viele, Lewis [son of Teunis], andAnnatie Quack - 
enbosch. Ch : bp. ; Maria, Feb. 24, 1754 ; Elizabeth, 
Jan. 30, 1757 : Tennis, Aug. 5, 1759 ; Teunis, Feb. 14, 
1762; Stephanus, b. Feb. 3, 1767. 

Viele, John [son of Tennis], m. Geesje Slinger- 
land, Aug. 15, 1759. Ch : b. ; Cornelia, bp. March 15, 
17(31 : Teunis, b. Dec. 15, 1762 ; Maria, Jan. 21, 1764 ; 
Theunis, Nov. 19, 1765; Maria, Dec. 1, 1769. 

Viele, Philip G.. and Maria Bratt. Ch: b. ; Cath- 
arina, April 11, 1773; Barent Bratt, June 7, 1775; Ger- 
rit, Dec. 28, 1777 ; Rebecca, Aug. 13, 1780. 

Viele, Philip, and Maria Van Den Bergh. Ch : 
Alexander, b. Aug. 21, 1795. 

Viele, Simeon, and Neeltie Palmatier. Ch: b. ; 
Cornelius, April 30, 1777 ; Ariaantje, June 12, 1779. 

Viele, Stephanus [son of Jacob] of Saratoga, and 
Sara Toll. Oh : Jacob, bp. in Schenectady, Jan. 30, 
1771 ; Ludovicus, b. Oct. 3, 1777 ; Hester, b. June 23, 

Viellng, Memay, and Sarah Stierbrander. Ch : 
Mary, b. April 11, 1791. 

VIHeroy,. see De Garmo. 

Vinhagen, Jan Dirkse, tailor, b. 16&3, in Gee- 
men, Holland, iu 1 669, owned a lot in the Exchange 
Block fronting State street ; was living in 1708. Ch : 

Vinhagen, Johannes, Jr.,m. Maria Van Tricht, 
March 21-, 1706. Ch/ bp. ; Maria, Aug. '15, 1708; 
Johannes, Oct. 27, 1710; Abram, Oct. 19, 1712; 
Elizabeth, Sept. 4, 1715, m. Jonas Oothout ; Johanna, 

March 2, 1718; Jacobus, Aug. 20, 1720; Margarita, 
May 12, 1723. 

Vinhaoen, Johannes [son of Johannes], m. Neeltie 
Van Den Bergh, Nov. 16, 173S ; buried near his house, 
Oct. 22, 1750. Ch : bp. ; Maria, June 17, 1739 ; Geer- 
truy, Aug. 10, 1740; Johannes, Feb. 14, 1742; Ari- 
aantje, Dec. 11, 1743 ; Elizabeth, May 12, 1745. 

Vinhagen, Abraham [son of Johannes], m. first, 
Jannetie Van Buren, Feb. 27, 1741 ; who was buried 
May 20, 1748 ; and secondly, Catharina Bovie, about 
1756. Ch : bp. ; Maria, April 25, 1742 ; Marten, June 
17, 1744 ; Maria, April 8, 174S ; Maria, Sept. 18, 1757. 

Vinhagen, Jacobus [son of Johannes.] — Ch : 

Vinhagen, Johannes [son of Jacobus], and Baatje 
(Van) Valkenburgh. Ch : Jacobus, bp. Sept. 13, 
1777; Maria, b. Feb. 1,1786. 

Visbeeck, Gerrit, master of a sloop in 1665; 
1672, conveyed to Jan Hendrickse Van Salsbergen. 
and Gerrit Van Slichtenhorst, a parcel of land at 
Claverack called Preeuiven hoek, on the east bank of 
the river. 

Visscher, Visser, Visger, Visselaar, DeVysselaar, 
DeVisser, Fisher. 

Vyselaer, Jan Cornelise. alias Gouw, in Bever- 
wyck, 1654-91 ; 1658, drew his knife and wounded 
squint-eyed Harmon so that Doctor D'Hinese had to 
be called in ; 1675, in company with Lucas Pieterse 
Coeymans, hout saager, bought of Sweer Teunise a 
saw mill on the Poesten kil [Troy.] 

DeVisser, Frederick [probably brother of Har- 
men], before 1675, ac which date he was deceased, had 
a kleyne huysje on a corner of Gerrit Van Nes's lot in 
Greenbush . 

Visscher (DeVyselaer), Harmen Bastiaause, 
carpenter, born in 1619, was in New Amsterdam as 
early as 1649 ; and soon after came to Beverwyck. 
In 1675, his father lived at Hoorn, Holland. He had 
a garden on the river side below Hudson street, and 
a house lot on the west side of Pearl street between 
Mai den Lan c and Steuben street. He was the village 
surveyor in 1666. nis wife was Hester Tjerkse. Ch: 
Johannes, b. 1669; Bastiaan; banning, Frederick; 

Visscher, Bastiaan Harmense, brewer, m. Dirkje 
Teunise, dau. of Teunis Teunise de metselaer ; was 
buried April 23, 17 i7. Ch ; bp. ; Hester, May 17, 
1684; Maria, Oct. 10, 1686: Geertruy, Aug. 20, 1693 ; 
Anna, April 26, 1696 ; Hermanus, Jan. 5, 1700 ; Teu- 
nis, April 3, 1702. 

Visscher, Nanning Harmense, m. Alicia Vinhagen, 
Jan. 6, 1686 ; and was buried April 8, 1730. He was 
skipper of the Sloop Mary, in 1711. Ch : bp.; Har- 
manus, Jan. 23, 1689: Maria, Dec. 4, 1689, in. Jacob, 
Halenbeck; Hester, July 21, 1692, m. Jacob Van Der 
Hevden ; Harmanus. Sept. 2, 1694 ; Geertruy and 
Alida, twins, March 8, 1696, the former m. David Van 
Der Hoyden ; Johannes, Aug. 14, 1698; Harmen, Dec. 
26, 1700; Alida, Aug. 1, 1703, m. Jacob Ten Eyck; 
Nicolaas, Nov. 25, 1705. 

Visscher, (Visger) Tjerk Harmense, m. Femmetje 
Janse. He was buried in the church, Feb. 9, 1725. She 
was buried Oct. 15, 1723. Ch : bp. ; Jacob eldest son 
and heir, owned a lot in 1716, on north corner of 
Steuben street and Broadway; Geertruy, July 12, 
1091 ; Helena, June 16, 1695 ; Harmanus, Dec. 18, 1698. 

Visscher, Frederick Harmense, m. first, Margriet 
Hanse, Jan. 13, 1692, who d. Aug. 30, 1701 ; secondly, 
Elizabeth Sanderse Glen, widow of Evert Wendel, 
Jr Dec. 15, 1705. She was buried &ug. 7, 1739. In 
1715, he had a mill on the Beaverkil. Ch : bp. ; Eva, 
July 23, 1693 ; Hermanus, Aug. 18, 1695 ; Hester, Sept. 
27 1696; Elsje, Sept. 3. 1699; Harmen, Aug. 24, 1701; 
Willem, Jan. 1, 1708; Johannes. 

Visscher, Johannes Harmense, b. 1669; m. Eliza- 
beth, dau. of William Nottingham. In 1713-5 he 
lived on or near the west corner of Steuben and Pearl 
streets, and was complained of for encroaching upon 
the lane (rondweg) fronting the stpekades. Ch : bp. ; 
Anna, Sept. 6, 1696 ; Hatmanus, Nov. 27, 1698; Wil-- 
liam, May 30, 1703; Hester, Sept. 17, 1704; Elizabeth, 
Aug. ■»' 1706 : Hester, Oct. 1, 1708. 


hgiea of the First Settlers of Albany. 



i. Anna 

Anna, i 

; Barent, Man 

Apnl 23, 1739: Joachii 

ohannes [son of 
Frederick ?) and Maritie. . . .Cti : Margarita, bp. April 
9, 1727. ° ' V l 

■ eolaas [son of Nanning], ofNiskavnua. 
m. Annatie Tvruesen i 
Ch: bp.: Nanning. Sept. 26. 1736 ; Alida, Am 
1740; Hester, Oct. 25, 174 ..-u>\ a, 1750: 

Eldert, Feb. 11, 1753. [See also Schenectady Fami- 

Visscher, Tennis [son of Bastiaan], m. Machtelt 
Lansing, Jan. 10, 1727. Ch : bp. ; Bastiaan. March 24, 

,ii. buried Nov. 16, 1731 ; 
Sept. 15, 1732: Dirkje, April 1, 1735; Jannetje, Feb. 
5,1733; Tennis, June 17, 1740; Johannes, Feb. 12, 
1744 ; a child, name omitted, Dec. 14, 17 16. 

I Carmen [son of Bastiaan] . m . 

Ch: bp. ; Bastiaaii, Jan. 28, 1732: Gen-it, Oct. 6, 
734; Teunis, March 13, 1737; Sara, Dec. 

Sara, Sept. 20, 1741 : Dirkje; 

August 24, 1740 : Anna, Nov. 1 ! 

. armen. [son of Nanning], m. Eachel, 
dau. of Dirk Van Der Heyden, Feb. 24, IT 
was bnried in the church August 24, 1744. Ch : Nan- 
ning, bp. Dec. 2, 1739. 

\ isger), Harmen [son of Johann' 
of Schenectady, m. Hester Van Tveren. Feb 
Ch : bp. ; Johannes, May 26, 1751 ; Mvudert, Oct. 7, 
1753 ; Elisabeth, Augasl 10, 1755; Elisabeth, June 12, 
■ iner, b. June 3, 1700 

■stiaan [son of Tennis] m. Engeltie 
Van Den Bergh, July 24, 1751 . He d. May 9, 1809, 
a. 81 y. 1 m. 9 d. ; shed. Nov. 1789, a. 59 
bp- ; -'-' 1751 ; Tennis, Oct. 27, 1754; 

Teunis. Sept. 11, 1757: Magtel, Sept. 9, 1760 
telt, b. July 17, 1762; Isaac, b. June 29, 1708 ; 
lyntje, Jan. 27, 1771. 

heb, UarmenF , of Schenectady, and Cata- 
rina Brouwer. Ch : Geertruv, bp. August 30. 1754. 
[See also Schenectady F 

' ;er, Jacobus [son of Johannes?] van de 
Rosetham.m.. Rachel Jochemse Van Der Heyden, 
Oct. 25. 1756. Ch; bp. : Maria, August 21, 1757; 
Elisabeth, March I 

inning [son of Johannes], m. first, 
Catharymje Wendell; secondly, Lena Lansing, Nov. 
2,1764. Ch: Johannes, bp. Nov. 15, 1700: Ch: b- 
Annar rvtje, Mav 10, 1707 : 

Nicolaas, May 17, 1771 ; Franciscus, • 

son of Johannes ?], m. Eliza- 
beth i 

I; Bfendrikus, Nov. 28, 1764; Johannes, Jan 
na, Jan. 10. 1 March 

1, 1771: Rebecca, Sept. 2, 1773; Annatie, Feb. 18 
1779; Alida, April 30, 17s-<i. 

in. first, Alida Fonda uit de 
Boght, Oct. 29 an Den 

Bergh, about 1771 ;she d. Oct. 5, 1799. a. 49 y. He 
d- Jai- Ch: b .; An- 

natie. Nov. 25, 1763; 77 
Sept. 15, 1768; Oerrit, July 27 

Tennis [sou of Harmen], m. Barbara 
Fonda. Ch: b. ; Annatie, Nov. 0, 1700; Harmen, 

her, Barent [son of Johannes], rn. Sari 
cher, April 22, 1705. She d. . a. 80 y. 

11 m. 10 d. Ch : b. ; Anuatie, Aug. 25, 176 
Nov. 24, 1707; Johann April 13 

in. 9d. ; Alida, Nov. 7 1772- 
Harmen, Nov. 26, 1774; Alida, Feb. 8 1777 

of Niskaynna, 

[Tennis v., widower 

Jannetje, March 21, 1770; Johannes, Dec. 5, 1771. 
[See also 

Vis.-" "ohanna) Can- 

ker, Jan. 5, 1703. Ch: Johann Frederic, b. Sept. 
15, 1771. 

ebb, Johannes [son of Teunis], m. Annatie 
Pearse, Oct. 7, 1768. Ch: Machtelt, bp. Aiig. 13, 
1769. Ch : b. ; Johannes, March 2, 1771; Teunis 
Jan. 6. 1774; Elizabeth, Dec. 13, 1775; Tennis, Feb. 
13. 1779; Abraham, Jan. 20, 1781; Bastiaan, Feb. 8, 

ier, Matthens. counsellor at law [son of 
Bastiaan], and Lydia Fryer. He d. Aug. 8, 1793, a. 
42 y. She d. April 11, 1841. a. 83 y. Ch : b. ; Bas- 
tiaan, March 13, 1773, d Oct. 2, 1824, a. 52 y. ; An- 
natie, Oct. 25, 1778. 

oer, Nanning, m. AngenieteVan Buren, Dec. 
•■Kirina, April 18. 1777; Sara, 
Aug. 24, 1779. 

bkb, George, and Maria Ruthen (Reddin). 
Ch: b. ; Frederick, Oct. 15, 1779; Edward, Jan. 

■ BXB. Nanning H., m. Alida Fonda, April 21, 
1785. Ch : Rachel, b. Feb. 7. I 

Visscher, Tennis Gerritse, m. Alida Lansing. He 
d. Jnn 1848, a. 

82 y. Ch: b. ; Alida," June 1, 1787; Alida, Feb. 19, 
frit. Feb. 16, 1793; Christopher Lansing, May 
d. 1790: Lansing, March 17. 1797, d. Sept, 21, 

1840; John Van Schaick. May 11, 1799; Annatie, June 
I anes. Dec. 22, 1803, d. June 23, lis.30. 

;cf.. Teunis. m. Elizabeth Groot. Ch:b.; 
Catharine. Sept. 3, 1790 ; Eltie, June 5, 1795 ; Eva, Jan. 
21, 1801. 

Visscher, Henrv [son of Gerrii], m. Rebecca 
Brooks. June.', .low of 

iryV. Ch: b. ; Gorrit. Jure 3. 1793; Pieter, 
June 29, 1797, d 1799; 

Frances, Feb. 19 Fonda. Jan. 2, 

Abraham, July 15, 1800 ; I <nnah, 

April 1, 1811. 

Visscher, Gerrit Gerritse, ai d Rebecca Brooke. 

He d. Dec. 13, 1799, a. 27 y. Sir Dec. 

-. 30 y. 1 in. 19 d. Ch: b. ; Rachel, Sept. 27, 

1794: Elizabeth, March 25, 17 July 22, 

Visscher, Scbastiaan [son of Mattheus], m. Rosan- 
na Shipbov. ; she d. M- 65 y. Ch : b. ; 

Anna Matilda, Aug. 31 1800. 

Vlenaburgli, sec Flanspurgh. 

Voert, Frederic, and Dcbora Ch : Abraham, 

bp. Oct. 7, 1751. 

Voetje, Johannes Louis, m. Frena (Trina'i Id 
Dec, 3, 1705. Ch: b. ; Rachel, Jan. 14, 1707; Marga- 
rita. Maj 5. 1770. 

Volansby, see Folansbe. 

Voorliees, John, m. Jannetie Van 1st i N 
, t: Jan. June 1-1 
Jacob. J Bendrick, Nov. 21, 1783. [John 

J. V. d. . rk.Co., Jan. 1, John, m. Susanna Du Mont. Ch : b • 
Pieter, Dec. 23,1787; Joseph, Mav 21, 1793; Corne- 

Vooriiees. John V. in. Elizabeth Wicoff. Ch: 
Peter V: 7,1795. 

Voorhees, Jeremiah, m. Magdalena Terhuue. Ch : 

Vos I \ irt), Cornells 

Cornelise, de boer, in B - ued a 

sloop r, ithans, 

wife was Dirckie Pie- 
terse, who d. in 

sold at am m 1067 

lis father-in-law, 
Vos j : f-lc. 1042; re- 

moved to Katskil. In 1658, he and his wife were 

Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


committed to prison, probably for Belling liquor to 
the Indians. In 1061, he was appointed deputy sheriff. 

Vo8, alias Bogert, or Van de Bogert, Jacob Come- 
lise, m ! <P- : Cornelis, 

Sept. 28, 1683; Inch 8. 1685; Jacob, 

Sept. 18, 1687 ; Pieter, ! . Abraham, Feb. 

18, 1602; Isak, Jan. 23. 1695; Benjamin, March 9, 
1698. Cornelis Van de Bogert, perhaps father of the 
above, is begraven den July 28, 1665. 

VosburgU, Pieter Jacobse. Ch: Abraham. 

Vosburgh, Abraham Eieterse, carpenter and 
trader, m. Geertruy Pieterse Coeymans, owned a saw 
mill on the Wynaut's kil. which his widow sold in 
1074, to Wynant Gerritse Van Der Poel. In 1654, he 
sent down'1500 beavers ; died about 1660. Ch : Abra- 
ham, Isaac, Jacob, Pieter. 

Vosburgh, Jacob [son of Abraham], m. Dorothea 
Janse. In 1681, Jacob V. sold a negro named Jack 
to Tjerk Harm. Visscher for 37 beavers [$118.40.] 
Ch: bp. ; Abraham; , .. 1686: Isaac, 

June 16, 1689 ; Dirk, Dec. 31, 1693 : Marten, Jan. 31, 

Vosburgh, Isaac [son of Abraham] of Kinderhook, 
1720. m. Anna Janse Goes, 1686. Ch : bp. ; Abra- 
ham. Oct. 16. 16S7 ; Pieter, Aug; 3. 1690; Geertruy, 
April!. ' rtruy, Dec. it. 

1694; Abraham. March 11, 1090; Si 
1697 ; Jacob, Sept. 3, 1699 ; Antje, Jan. 4, 1702 ; Isaac, 
Feb. 13, 1704; Marytje, Feb. 22, 1708. 

Vosburgh. Pieter [son of Abraham], of Kinder- 
book, 1720, in. Jannetje Barentse. Ch: bp. 
June 11, 1693: Abraham, Jan. 20, 1695; Bare} 
7, 1697; Myudert, Jan. i 

Vosburgh, Abraham [son ' laartje 

Bressy (Brussy) . Ch : bp. ; Jacob (Jacobin 
29,1705; Dorothea, Sept. 7,1707; Christottel, April 
17, 1709. 

Vosburgh, Pieter [son of Jacob], m. Dirkie Van 
Alsteyn, Feb. 18, 1717. Ch : Jacob, bp. Oct. 28, 

Vosburgh, Abraham [son of Isaac], m. Geertje 
Van Den Bergb, Oct. 11. 1719. Ch: bp. ; Isaac, Jnly 
15,1720; ■-. 2, 1722; Anna, Nov. 25, 

1725 ; Catl 

Geertie, Oct. 2, 1 733 ; Johannes, Oct. 6, 1737 ; Maritie, 
Jan. 9, 1740. 

Vosburgh, Pieter [son of Isaac], m. Lena Goes 
Jan. 30, 1720. Ch : bp. ; Anna, Aug. 28, 1720; Mat- 
thias, Oct. 7, 172'?. 

Vo8burgh, Marten [son of Jacob], m. Eytje Van 
Buren, Oct. 21,1719. Ch : Ariaantje, bp. Dec. 17, 

Vosburgh, Johannes [son of Isaac], m. Marretie 
Van Buren. Ma i : bp. ; Isaac, Nov. 18, 

1722 ; Marten, Aug'. 9, 1724. 

Vosbukgh, Abraham [sou of Pieter], and Elizabeth 
.... Ch : bp. ; Pieter, July 3, 1726 ; Johannes, Oct. 7, 

Vosburgh, Barent [son of Pieter], and Jannetje 
. dert, bp. Feb. 6, 1726. 

Vosbuiu 5, Dirk, and Alida .... Ch : Elizabeth, 
bp. July 8 

Vosbi ion of Abraham], m. first, Cata- 

riua Van Woert, who was buried May 2,1757; and 
sccou" 1 . " ") Jan. 

27, 1759. Ch : op. ; Abram, March 6. 17 18 , Abraham, 
July 9, 1749 : I ' 

1763; Catharina, b. J Lnnatie, b. Jan. 

11, 1768 ; Willem, b. ! June 15, 1839, 

. ; Hendrik, b.Sept. 3, 1775. 

Petrna [son of Abraham], an ' 
Brouwer. both of Hoosack, m. June 9, 1752. Ch: 
bp. : Abraham. July 14,1753: Catharina, April 18, 
ray, b. Feb. 18. 

burgh, Willem [son of Abraham], m. Christ- 
; rritje, Dec. 31, 1749: 

17, 1757; Rutger, Jan, 4, 1760; 

Vosburoii. Barent, m. Annatje Gerritsen, Dec. 26, 

Dirkie ' March 23, 1766: Pie- 

h 10, 1771 : Meinert, 
April 27, 1774 ; Elizabeth, April 21, 1777 ; B 
April 17. 1779. 
Vosburgh, Jacob [son of Isaac], m. Hanna (Anna- 
■ • d. May 10, 1848, a. 
82 y. 5 m. 14 d. Slay 24, 1786 ; Barbara 

Clute, A th, Nov. 5. 1790; Abra- 

ham, Oct. 9, 1801. 

Miraham [son of Willem], m. Saartje 
. a. 84 y. . 
lie d. J y. Ch : b. : Willem, Aug. 19, 

17S8 ; Hannah, Feb. 10, 1791 ; Cornelius, Dec. 11, 1793. 
- [son of Isaac ?], m. Elizabeth 
Richmond. Ch : b. ;Ci . 8, 1790; Bar- 

bara, March 3, 1793; Elizabeth, Sept. 2, 1795; John, 

[saac [son of Willem], m. Elizabeth, 
Barry. Ch« William, b. Feb. 17, 1791. 

VosBURGn, Richard, m. Engeltie (Aniilia) Blocmen- 
dal. Ch : b. ; Maritie. June 15, 1793 ; Sarah, May 12, 
1797 ; Helena, Jan. 29, 1802. 

Trooman,) Bartholomeus. Ch: Pieter, Jacob, 

Vrooman, Pieter Meese, m . first . . . , and secondly, 
Volckie Pieterse. widow of Gerrit Janse Stavast by 
whom she had a son named Jan Gerritse Stavast. In 
1677 he lived in Yoncker street near the church; d. 
His widow m. Adriaan Appel, June 28, 1685. 
' had but one bo who with Ma 

wife .Maria Arnoutse \ will in 1684, in 

which they spoke of one child only, Geertruy. 

Vrooman, Jacob Meese, carpenter, m . Elizabeth, 
widow of Teuuis Cornelise Swarf, of Schenectady. 
He made a will July 20, 1691, proved Sept, 22, 1091; 
wife Elizabeth e Cioned no Ch : his wife 

occupy '" my house by the bridge formerly 
Domii!' • the south corner of State 

street and Broadway). 
Vrooman, Hendriek Meese, in 1670 was living 
id Kinderhool . I red a farm of 

il Stem Baby (Lansing- 
burgh) ; 16' and lived on a 
lot, the present site of the N. Y. Central R. Road de- 
pot : 1690 was killed by the French and Indians in the 
sack of the village ; all the Vrooman s of this vicinity 
are hie descendants. [See Schenectady Families.'] 

Vrooman, Adam [son of Hendriek], of Schenec- 
tady, m Itie Bloom; secondly, Grietje 
Mi : thirdly, GrietjeTal ' at, Jan. 
13 1697. Ch: bp". ; Christina, Oct. 18, 10S5: Johan- 
cob Meese, July 3, 1707. [See 
nectady Families.'] 
Vrooman. Jan [son of Hendriek], of Schenectady, 
' h : Engeltie, b. Jan. 
18, 1693. [See Schenectady Families.] 

Vrooman, Hendriek, of Schenectady, m. first, 

Geertr [arytje Wemp (Glen), 

about 1709. Ch : bp. ; Engeltie, Feb. 15, 1702; 

Maria, Oct. 14, 1705; Barent, Jan. 15, 1710, buried, 

An- 1 ' .1712; Engeltie, Sept. 

27, 1713. [S< e Schenecta ly Families.] 

Vrooman, Wouter, o m. Maria Hal- 

bp. ; Engeltie, June 

hea, Oct, 3, 1714. [See Schenectady 

(MAN, Pieter, of Schoharie, m. Geertie Van 
0, 1768, proved, 
L771 Ch:bp.; Martinus and Barent 

June 12, 1709: I unetie Feb.6, 

1720; Isaac, Jan. 30, 

■ : /;<?s.] 

Vrooman. Jacob, m v'oert, May29, 

Aug. 31, 1746. 
Vrooman, Abraham, m. Marytje Verplanck, Sept. 
23 17: ' Jacob, 

: Cornelis, July 
I 52 1742 ; Isaac, June 17, 1750; Maria, Jan. 7, 1753. 


logies of the First Settlers of Albany. 

,b [son of nannanus], m. Helena Van 

m. Catharina 
Jan. 22 ' : Pie- 

<r.u Abraham [son of Harmanus], merchant, 
s, ; and second- 
er! : she 
■was buried May 15, 176 pril 18, 

1800. Ch: bp. ; Eli 
April 3, 1738; Annati .Van 

1744 ; Tanneke, Jan. Id. 174*; : Tanneke, Dec. I 
Johannes. Nov. 19, 1749 ; Jacob, May 6, 1753; Susan- 

Wendel, Harmanus, Jr. [son of Harmanus], m. 
Catharina Van Vechten, March 6, 1742; she was 
buried Sept. 19, 1756; he made a will May 31, 1769, 
proved April 27, 1771. and spoke of the follow ing four 
eons. Ch : bp. ; Harmanus, June 6, 
and Anna. Dec. 7, 1743 ; Cornelia, Sept. 8, 1745: Geer- 
truy, Aug. :*>. 1747; Ariaantje, Nov. 12, 1749: Johan- 
nes, Ju!v 6, 1752; Jacob, Aug. 25, 1754 ; Catarina, Sept. 
12, 1756. 

•fl, Johannes J., and Sara Bergen. Ch : bp. : 
Johan, - 1752 : 

Joris, Aug. 17. 1755; Joris, Jan. 29 

Weni.el. Hemirik [son of Abraham ?], m. Cata- 
Jyntje Van Schaick. June 17, 1750. Ch : bp. ; Susan- 
na, April 21, 1751 : Gerrit, May 30, 1753 ; Sara, Jan. 1, 
1750 : Abraham, Oct. 1. 1758. 

:>el, Evert, and Elizabeth Van Schaick. Ch : 
bp. ; Abram, Jan. 13, 1751 ; Sara, Dec. 15, 1754. 

Wendel, Johannes Evertse, of Schenectady, m. 
Maria Catharina Van Santvoord, in Schenectady, July 
16, 1741. He was buried Sept. 19, 1756. Ch : bp. ; 
Geertruv, Sept. 22, 1751, d. Oct. 23, 1837. [See Sche- 
nectady Families.] 

Wendel, Harmanus [eon of Jacob], in. Barbara 
Bratt, Mav 8, 1753. Ch : bp. ; Elizabeth. Dec. 9, 1753 ; 
Jacob, and Helena, March 6, 1757; Helena, Oct. 26, 
1760. Ch : b. ; Catharina. Sep' . 224762 . Catharina, Nov. 
27. 1765 : Anna. May 3, 1768. d. Jan. 8, 1829, at house 
of her sister, Mrs. Helena Lansing, 80 North Pearl 
street ; Maria, June 6, 1772, d. Dec. 26, 1326 at 80 
north Pearl street ; Barent, Aug. 12. 

Wendel, Hendrick [son of Isaac] . m. Anna Mag- 
innis. Ch : bp. : Catalyntje, Nov. 23. 1755 ; Timothy, 
March 5, 175S ; Sara Bendrika, b. Sept. 2, 17G0. 

Wendel, Hendrick [son of Jacob], m. Maria Lan- 
sing, June 9, 1757 ; made will I 

he spoke of wife Maria, and children, Jacob, Robert, 
Harmanus, Hendrick, and Mai 
his wife and son Jacob were not livin 
bp. ; Jacob, Aug. 20. K I ;<il, in. 

Agnietje Fonda, and t 

he d. July 7. 1S4S; Harmanus. b. April 16, 1763; Har- 
manus, bp. Sept . 27. 1767. Ch: b. ; 
19. 1770, m. Gen. Matthew Trotter; Hcndrik, Mav 
Abraham, Dec. i 

Wendel. Evert J. [son of Johannes Evertse], 
made a will May 2. 1763. proved Oct. 6, 1704, men- 
tioned mother, Annatie E. an 1 Eliza- 
beth deceased, Cathaiina, w. of Gysbert Marcelis, 
and Catharina. 

Wendel, Philip [son of Evert], m. first, Cathaiina 
Groeebeck, Jn 

Vosb. ' 5y. Ch : 

b. : Even. March 20. 1 
Isaac, Oct. 6. 1775; Cathaiina, Dec. 

Philip, March 1 ' 

Wendsl, ( ornelis [son of Harmanus], m. Annatie 


3 elected first 
i.ted reporter 
of supn ourt of errors, d. in Hartford, 

Conn., De< 

•kl, Harmanus [son of Abraham], first, m. 

Chris; u Bergh, April 9, 1770; secondly, 

He d. July 


jus. April 19, 

342; Elizabeth, 

I .v 19, 1791, d. 

Oct. 21, 1816; Catrina, Nov. 9, 1793 ; Catharine, Sept. 

23, 1796 ; Ann Susan, Aug. 17, 1798. 

1,'abie (Lansing 
■ytje, b. Oct. 12. 
Willem, bp. May 30, 1773: Johannes, bp. Aug. 21, 

i'-l. Johannes, J., [sou of Johannes, J.l, m. 
Alida Hooghkerk. Ch : b. ; Rebecca, Sept. 9. 1774 ; 
.76; John, Jan. 26, 1779; Judika, 
. -1 : Alida, Feb 16 
Wsndsl, Abraham, m. Elizabeth Winne. Ch: 
Catharina, bp. Dec. 8, ' 
Wendel, Johannes W. and Maria Trotter. John 
ndell, keeper of the hotel in Court street d. 
dow Mary Wendell, d. March 
a. 77 y. burled from house of James L'Amo- 
reux. 59 Hamilton street. Ch : b. : Johannes, Sept. 
1, 1777 ; Mary. Dec. 23, ' 

dsl. Marten [son of Robert], m. Marytje 
Winne. Feb. 20. Nov. 20, 

1779; Lavinns, Oct. 27, 1785. 

Wendel, Gerrit, and Machtelt Heemstreet. Ch : 
Cathalyntje, Nov. 2, 1780. 

Wendel. Gen. Johannes H. [son of Harmanus, Jr.] 
m. Cathaiina Van B cupied 

house on west side of Broadway the 6th north from 
Lane; d. July 10, 1832, a. 80 y. : his w. d. Jan. 1, 
1817, a. 55 y. 11 m. 10 d. Ch : b. ; Hermr.nus, Sept. 6, 
1784 : Rachel, April 10. 1786 : Catharin . 
Harmanus. Jan. 30, 1790, d. July 11, 1810; Jane, Feb. 
13 ; Jacob, Oct. 24. 1794 ; Jane 
Maria, Oct, 29, 1796, d. Aug. 23, 179S : Maria Van 
Vechten, Aug. I, 1799 ; Jane Ann, Dec. 31, 1802; An- 
na. Aug. 31. 1804. 

Wendel. Jacob [son of Harmanus. Jr.], m. Geer- 
trny 1. 1 on corner of Columbia and 

North V d. March 23, 1826, a. 71 y. 5 m. 

e d. Mav 18, 1827, a. 68 y. 8 m. 18 d. Ch : b. ; 
Pieter. . Oct. 29, 1849 

a. 64 v.: Catharina, Feb. 13, 1789, b. Dec. 11, 1813; 
Mary Ann. Feb. 13, 1800. 

Wendel, Jacob, and Sara Trotter ; he d. before 
1796. leaving the following children living: Ch : b. ; 
1785; Ann. Sept. 18, 1788; Margaret, 
July 17. 1790. 
Wendel, Jacob A. [son of Abraham ?], m. Eve 
. Ch: b. ; Abraham. Mav 5. 1791; 
John. April 25. 1794 : Gertrude, June 10, 1801 ; Susan- 
Wendell, Philip, m. Sarah Packard (Pecker, Pack- 
et) ; Sarah, widow of Philip W. d. April 20, 1830, a. 
tti.iin, March 25. 1796; 
Elizabeth, Oct. 17, 1797 ; Philip, Dec. 22, 1799 ; Eunice, 
Wenuel, Jacob, and Anna — Ch : Ann, bp. 

Wens, Willem, and Elisabeth. ... Ch : Willem, 

Wentworth. Isaac, and Elisabeth Hauver. Ch : 

■ " 

Weith, (Weydt, White ?) Grylyn and Mary. Ch : 
Mary, bp 

irk, and Greesie. Ch : Dirk, 
bp. June 5 

Weit, [White] Patrick and Molly .... Ch: Patrick, 
bp . Dec . : l 

Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


Welth, Dirk, and Jannetie — Ch : Marytje, bp. 
Sept. 23, 1701. 

Wcrg smans, Hannes, and Anna .... Ch : bp . ; 
Susanna, May 18,1740; Hannes Jacobse, Jan. 23, 

Westercamp, Hendrick Janse, at Beverwyck 
1645, d. about 1655, when his widow Femmetie Al- 
bertse, sold a portion of her lot to Jan Thomase Wit- 
beck, and in 1667, a house and lot on the Exchange 
block fronting State street to Daniel Rinckhout ; she 
then lived at Esopus. 

Wesselse, Jochem, bakker; his w. was Geertruy 
Hieronimus. Ch : Tringen (Tryntje), w. of Abra- 
ham Staats ; Hendrick, who owned a lot on east cor- 
ner of State street and Broadway which was sold to 
his brother-in-law Abram Staets ; Andries Jochenise 
in Beverwyck, 1663-5. Jochem Wesselse made a 
will Feb. 9, 1680-1, and d. same year. His house and . 
lot was on the south corner of Broadway and State | 
street, extending east to the river and south to the 
R'lttm kil. He also had a lot on the south side of 
Yoriker street li upon ye hills there next above Capt. 
Philip Pieterse Schuyler's" near Lodge street, which 
in 1674. he sold to Hendrick Cuyler. His wife was 
the wid. of a former husband ; Jan Casparse was her 
son and heir ; in 1657, Willem Hoffmeyer called Jo- 
chem Wesselse his step father. 

Wesselse, Andries, and Geertruy Clute, m. June 
22, 1781. Ch: Lucas, bp. ; Nov. 11, 1781. 

Westerlo, Domine Eilardus, b. in Groeniugen, 
came to Albany, in 1760 ; his first recorded bapnsm 
being on the 19th Oct., 1760, the last on Nov. 28, 1790, 
d. Dec. 26, 1790, a. 53 y. Hem. Catharina Living- 
ston, widow Van Rensselaer July 19, 1775 ; she d. 
April 17, 1810. a. 65 v. Ch : b. ; Rensselaer, May 6, 
1776^ m. Jane Lansing, who d. June 15, 1871, a. 86 y. 
he was member of congress, and d. April 18, 1851, 
a. 74 y. ; Catharina, August 23, 1778, m. John Wood- 
worth, and d. Sept. 27, 1846; Johanna, March 13, 

Wheeler, Wiler, Wile, Wielaar, Wyllars, 
Wieler, etc. 

Wheeler, Edward (Evert) jon^ man van Nieuw 
Engelandt, of Kinderhook, 1720, m. Josine, dau. of 
Jan Jacobse Gardenier, of Kinderhook, in 
Ch : bp. ; Robert (?) : Jan, Sept. 11, 1692; Sara, May 
27 1694 ; Brcechje, May 10, 1696 ; Marietje, June 26, 
1698 ; Thomas, Jan. 5, 1700 ; Jacob, Oct. 12, 1701 ; 
Evert, Feb. 13. 1704; Helena, b. Sept. 1 
Henrik, bp. Sept. 26, 1795; Dorethe, Nov. 5, 1710 ; Sa- 
muel, Dec. 13, 1713. 
Wheeler (Weeler), Jan, [son of Edward], m. Mar- 

farita.... Ch : Ephraim, b. Feb. 21, bp. at Klin- 
enbergh, April 7. 1715 : Sebastiaen, b. in Kinder- 
hook, in Nov. last and bp. at Gospel-lwek, Jan. 7, 
1722. {Athens Luth, Ch. Bee.] 

Wheeler. Robert [son of Edward ?] and Catharina 
. . . . Ch : Hendrick, bp . Dec. 25, 1720. 

Wheeler (Wielaar), Evert [son of Edward], and 
Maria ... Ch : bp. ; Josyna, April 4, 1725 ; Arinantje, 
March 27, 1726 ; llendrik, Jan. 21, 1741 ; John (?) 

Wheeler (Wyllars) Thomas [son of Edward], 
and Catharina . ." . Ch : Edward, bp., Jan. 20, 1723. 

Wheeler (Wieler), Samuel [son of Edward], and 

Margarita Ch : bp.; Josyna, August 27, 1738; 

knguat 17, 1740. 

Wheeler (Wielaar), John [son of Evert ?], and 
Elisabeth .... Ch : Maria, bp. I 

Wheeler (Wieler), Henrik, of Niskatha, and 
Seintje Vander Hoef. Ch: Seintje, b. Dec. 10, 1770. 
[Johannes Van Wieler, of Kinderhoek, and Josyna 
Van Der Hoef, of New York, m. May 11, 1761.] 

Wheeler (Wieler), Heudrik, m. Bregje Boom, 
June, 1773. Ch : Bregje, bp. June 11, 1775. 

Wh>, Johannes, and Marytje Cooper. Ch : 
Maria, b. Sept. 31 (si 

Wheeler, Johannes, and Maria Hainer. Ch : Mary, 
b. Sept. 10, 1791. 

Wheger, Everhard, and Magdalena Kenlll (?) 
Ch : )>. ; Anna, Jan. 30, 1707 ; Willem, Dec. V 

Hist. Coif 26 

Wheoer, Jacob, and Retina B. . . . Ch : Anna, b. 
Feb. 11, 1767. 
White, see Weit. 

Whoop, John, and Haccost Barkley. Ch : Sarah, 
b. Dec. 12, 1792. 

Wi basse, Gerrit, m. Maria Gilbert, June 8, 1706. 
Ch : Anna Maria, bp. Oct. 19, 1707. 

Wideinan, Hannes, and Margarita Follevin. 
Ch:Mattheus,b. Feb. 12,1762; Nicolaas, bp. Nov. 

Wlldln, William, and Mary. ... Ch : Nathaniel, 
bp. Jan. 10, 1748. 
Wilding, Robert and Nancy Herrington. Ch: 

Wilkinson, Willekens, Wilkes. 
Wilkinson (Wilkenson, Willekens), Thomas, and 
Elisabeth Codinan. Ch : bp. ; Margariet, Feb. 29, 
-abeth, Jan. 1,1738; Maria, Junel, 1740; 
Thomas, March 29, 1747. 

Wilkinson, (Wilkes) John, m. Annatle Marshall, 

April 4. 1769. Ch : b. ; Thomas, Oct. 16, 1775 ; John, 


Will, Henry, and Magdalena Hun (Margarita 

Haan). Ch : b. ; Rebecca, Nov. 17, 1776 ; Catharina, 

May 27, 1780. 

Willard, Doctor Elias, m. Catharina Livingston, 

dan. of John Livingston of N. Y in Boston, in 

moved to Stillwater: 1801, to Albany. He d. 
: . 71 y. 2mos. ; shed. Jan. 86 
a. 71 y. 2 m. 7 d. Ch : John, b. March 20, 1781; 
Mary L., d. Nov. 15, 1840 ; Anna J., m. Estes Howe, 
and d. in Buffalo, Dec. 14, 1862, a. 75 y. 

Willenise, David, and Rachel Hanse. Ch: 
Johannes, bp. April 6, 1692. 

Willemse, Teunis (Van Woutbergh), b. at Hey- 
velt, in province of Utrecht, purchased and occupied 
a farm over the river, at Niskayuna, in 1673 ; m. Jan- 
neije Hendrickse . Ch : bp. ; Beertje, Nov 15, 1096 ; 
Willem, Oct. 23, 1698 ; Hendrick, Nov. 3, 1700. 
Willet, Thomas, " 1663, trader, formerly of New 
L now here in Beverwyck;" from Bristol, Eng- i 
land, originally ; m. Sara Cornell, of Essex, Eng., ) 


John Savine was his heir, 
r, Edward 

n New Amsterdam, Sept . 1, 1643 ; d. about 1677 ; 

, udd Sam Fryer. Ch : b.; 
Samuel, Nov. 4, 1775; Annatie, Feb. 9. 1778; Catha- 
rine, June 14, 1780 ; Lydia, Dec. 9, 1782 ; Edward S. W. 
d. April 5 m. ; his widow d. Dec. 30, 

1831, a. 70 y. 10 m. 8 d. 

Willett, Isaac, and Elisabeth Van Woerr,. Ch : 
b. ; Catalina, Sept . 28. 1794 ; Elisabeth, June 18, 1796 ; 
John Van Woert, July 7, 1798; Jacob, June 4, 1800. 

Williams, Thomas, jong man van New York, 
m. first. Airnietje Gansevoort, August 7. 1692 ; and 
secondly, Hillet'ie (Helena) Bronck, June 26, 1712 ; 
1699, sheriff of Albany Co. ; 1719, had a lot on or near 
if Green and Hudson streets, near the 
"Horse guards" blockhouse and stockades, which 
lot was form 
Maria, Sept. 16, I is, Nov. 4, 1094 : Anna, 

Feb 17 1697 m Wirbeck, buried July 23, 1729 ; 

Edward Margrietje, Sept. 28, 1701; 

Thomas. Nov. 7, 1703; Henrik, Nov. 4, 1705; Mar- 
grietje, May 2, 170S; Harmen, May 31, 1713 ; Agni- 
etie, Jai Sept. 1, 1717; Jan, 

April 12, 1719 ; Pieter, 16, 1721 ; Philip, March 
i, 1724. buried Nov. 1, 1744. 

\ ms, Ed ward [son of Thomas] and Ma 
Ch : bp. ; Thomas, Sept. 15, 1732 ; Martina, May 6, 

Williams. John [sou of Thomas], m. Cornelia 
Bogardus, Jan. 15, 1744. Ch: bp. ; Thomas, Oct. 21, 
1744 ■ Jannetje, Nov. 4, 1750 ; Elisabeth August 12, 
1763 : Maria,' I ' 

,eter [son of Thomas], m. first, Sara 
Van Ivere, Jan, pril 16, 

JO, 1755. 
; Hilletje, Feb. 17,1745; Thomas, June 20, 

1702: Gyi 


>gie8 of the First Settlers of Albany. 

! Thomas], m. Maria 
■>.v. 23, 

I i.omas, 

□ and Mary. Ch: Jo).' 

Wii June 8, 

ric, Feb. 

Hi Maria O'Connor. Ch : Ben- 

Wllliainaoii (Williams), John 

■ !) : b. ; 
. Benja- 

Wllll* (V Radcliff. 

Ch:bp Dec. 31, 

1752; I 

vlaria, b. May 3, 1766. 
Willi?. John, and Jane Bratt. Ch: Bobert, b. 

Wills, James, and Elisabeth ... Ch : Johannes, 
bp. Jan. : 

Wn.i.s. James, and AnnatieBoom. Ch: James, bp. 
Jan. 18, 
Wilson, Samuel, merchant of New York, and 
irl street 
and on Broadway, near 8 

sow, James, and Anna Ch: John, bp. 

March 4 
Wilson. Hugh, and Anna Townsley. Ch : Andries, 

n m. Barbara Dieppeudorp (Diepen- 
dal, Tievetorpi, March 30, 1750. Ch : bp. ; Barbara, 
Sept . 1, 1751 ; Catarina, March 3, 175-1 : James, April 
7, 175G. 
Wilson, James, and Martha Welsh . Ch : Margaret, 
-i in, John, and Marytje Bratt. Ch: Susanna, 
bp. Nov. 10, 1776. 

bert, and Catharine Wilsie. Ch : Da- 
vid, b. Dec. 27. 

Wilton, John, and Elizabeth Black. Ch Rebec- 
ca, b. Feb. 16, 1797. 

Winne. Pieter* " born in the city of Ghent in 
Flanders (now living in Bethlehem two miles south 
of the city of Albany "and Tannatje Adams his wife 
In thecityofLeeuwaordeninVriesl indt "made 
a joint will July 6, 1684. Letters of adMinistration 
were issned to Li vinns Winne and Cu - 

- valued 
at 860 pieces of8. In 1677 he bought ofVolker 
Douw. one half of C<- *- ear ne 

w-mlll in 
Beth! b property of £ 

onvn ; 

n : Thomas ; Lyntic ; .Marten : Jacobus • Eva • 

Rachel. ' 

Winne, Livinua [son of Pieter], m, first, Teuntje 

Martense ; and secondly, Willempje Viele, m idow of 

Bymon Schemerhorn, June 20, 1699 Bed Ko\ 15 

1706. Ch : bp. ; Kiliaan (?) ; Petrus, Dec. 11 

Marten. July 26, 1685; Bata. Sept. 11. 1687; Maria, 

trim 1700; Sara ' Aug ,80 ' 1702; '' 

Winne, Adam [son of Pieter], ropemaker, m. An- 
na Lookerman ; after his death she m . Jacob Teunise 
deMetselaar. Ch : bp 
Nov. 24, 1686; Annek. I 

ire.tyane [son ofPicter], in. El 
Oct. y.-;. 

F 1, V5- • ' 

6^1 (00 ; Harmanus, June 14, 1702 ; Lyntje, Jan. 31, 

Stvntje, S.-pt. 18, 1692; Rachel, in New York, Nov. 
7, 1694 ; Rachel 

Wins ,)arse [probably this 6hould be 

Be Dreeper. Ch : bp. ; 
Caspar, May 81, 1691 ; Johanna, Jan. 17, 1094 ; Isak, 
May 23, I 

. [son of Pieter], of Kinderhook, m. 
Marietj.'Bronl- K. 1706. 

Ch : bp 6, 1098 ; Pieter, April 25, 1703, 

Kiliaan Jan. 13, 1706. 

Winne, Daniel [son of Pieter], m. Dirkje Van Nes, 

1701; Kiliaan, Jan. 19, 1704; Jan, Oi 
1707; 2?fams,Mi April 22, 1716; 

Tanneke, Nov i. ' 1721; Adam, 

Jan. 12, 1724; Cornells, Oct. 28, I 

B, Pieter [son of Livinus],m. Maria De For- 
est. April 21, 1706. Ch 88, 1706 ; 
March 4, 1711; Isaac. 
Jan. 4, 1713; Marten, Feb. 13. 1715; Isaac, July 19, 
tfargarita, Oct. 25, 1719; Benjamin, Ap 
1, 1727. 

Winne, Kiliaan [son of Livinus], m. first, Maritie 
Cool, Feb. 15, 1714 ; secondly, Rebecca Fonda. June 
Ch: bp. ; Teuntje. Sept. 4, 1715; Livinus, 
Nov. 22. 1724; Livinus, June 19. 1726 ; Daniel, April 
Front, Sept. 22, 1734; 
Dirkje, Sept. 24, 1788 ; Iiachel, Nov. 23, 1740; Douwe, 
and Pieter, July 3, 1743. 

Winne, Pieter Danielse, m. Rachel Van Alen, Jan. 
21. 1720. Oh : bp. ; Daniel, Nov. 20, 1720 ; Maria, Dec. 
9. 1722 ; Willem, Nov. 7, a, Dec. 8, 1728; 

Tanneke. July 9, 1732; Willem, March 23. 17a5; 
Dirkie, Oct. 14, 1739. 

Winne, Jan [son of Daniel r ],m. Rachel Yerplanck, 
Jan. 2, 1726. He was buried Aug. 12, 1733. Ch : bp. ; 
Marritie, Oct. 30, 1726 ; Jonathan, April 23, 1727 ; 
I Dec. 1, 1728. 

Winne, Berjamin [son of Livinus], m. Eachel Van 
Arnhem. Ch : bp. ; Willenipie, Sept. 7, 1729 ; Hester, 
Dec. 12, 1731 ; Sara, July 12. 1784: Wfllempie, Nov. 
14, 1736 ; Rebecca, Sepl .' letie, Nov. 23, 

1740 ; Lavinus. Aug, 14, 1743 ; Levinus, July 5, 1745 ; 
Lena, Oct, 25, 1747. 

Winne, Livinus [son of Pieter]^ m. Susanna Wen- 
del. May 26, 1733 Ch : bp. ; Pieter, Jan. 9, 1734; 

Johannes (?) ; P obert, Feb. 11, 

1738; Philip, Jan. 24,' 1739 ; Jacob, July 23, 1740; Su- 
sanna. Aug. 30, 1741 ; Elizabeth, July 3, 1743 ; Jesse, 
April 27, 1746. 

Winne, H. and D Ch: Douwe, bp. Sept. 5, 


Winne, Philippus [son of Pieter], of Schachte- 
kook. m Oct. 6, 1786. She was 

buried Sept. 5, 1747. Ch: bp. ; Marytje, Feb. 11, 
1738 ; Simeon, Oct. 12, 1740 ; Pieter. May 27, 1744. . 

Winne, Frans [son of Daniel], m. first, Agnierje 
Van Wie, June 21, J736; and secondly, Marritje 
Hooghteling (widow Lorwfey ), Sept. 15, 1757. Ch : bp. ; 
Darnel, Jan. 10, 1739 ; Catharina, Dec. 
rit, JulvS, 1744: Johannes, Nov. 1, 1747: Pieter, June 
17, 1750; Caiharina, March 11, 1753 ; Angcnitie^Aug. 
ilia, Dec. 26. 1761 1 weken 

owl. May 22, 1763 ; Adam, b. April 2, 1767. 

b, Daniel Pieterse, m. Jannetie De Foreest, 
June 15, 1744. Ch : bp. ; Pieter, Aug. 25, 1745 ; Eachel, 
June 12. 174S: David, Aug. 25, 1751 ; Pieter, Sept. 9, 
1753 ; Willem. Aug. 8, 1756. 

m [son of Daniel], m. Maria De Wan- 
delaar. Ch:bp .zabeth, 

April 12, 1752 ; Catalina, June 2 a, July 

[son of Daniel], m. Gerritje Schemer- 

■z. Cornelis [aoi I Catarina Van 

Den Bergh. B ehem, Oct. 13, 

l : Daniel, bp. Feb. 18, 1760. 

Wist »1 Pieter], in. Annatie Van Den 

' 1756. 

122, 1764; Pieter 

Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


Winne, Jillis [son of Kiliaan i Woert, 

May 5, 1751. Ch : bp. : Kiliaan, Sept. 7, 1755 ; 
July 31, 1757; Jacob, / 

1700 ; Rebecca, bp. Dec. (i, 1761; Ch: b. Hendrikje, 
Nov.-13, 1703; Kiliaan. . : Feb. 

5, 1708 ; Daniel. Dec. 12, 1769, (1. Jan. 1. 1.819; Marga- 
rita, and Rachel, bp. Dec. J8, 1771 ; Meinard, b 
Sara, b. April 1 1 

Winne, Daniel, and Elisabeth Dox. Ch : Angeniet- 
je, bp. Nov. 14 

Winne, Daniel, and Jannetie De Foreest. Ch : Jo- 
hannes, bp. Nov., 175S (9). 

Winne, Daniel [sou of Kiliaan], and Jannetie 
Bantie. Ch : b. ; Kiliaan, Dec. 18, 1706 ; Jell is, July 
8, 1772. 

ne, Daniel [son of Frans], m. Cal 
Hooghi. , 15, 1701. Oh: b. ; Agnietje, 

bp. April ' Nov. 19,1764; Fran- 

ciscus, June 11, 1700; Catharina, July 3, 1708 : Wil- 
lem, Sept. 30, 1769; Jot 1, 1771; 

rina, June 7, 171 0, 1775 ; Catha- 

lyntje, 1781. 

Wis . ■ as 

LanBing. He d. in Watervliet, Dec. 6. 
she d. M a. 70v. Ch: b. ; Bei 

Sept. 16. 1708: Maria, 
30, 177?; David. Angus 

1776; Hendrick, Jan. 11,1779; 14, 1781: 

Lavinus, May 11,1783; Sara, June 22, 1785; Jacob, 
Jan. 12, 

Winne, Frans, Jr. [eon of Kiliaa; 
Vide. Dec. 2,1758. Ch: b. ; Kiliaan, bp. Oct. 15, 
: Catharina, b. Feb. 28, 1763 

■ Sept. 17, 1766; Rebecca, ' 
1768; Maria, Feb. I I ?3; Ja- 

cob Viele, Oct. 10, 1775 ; Stephanus, Jan. 19, 1779. 

Winne. Pieter [son of Livinus], and Susanna Van 
DenBergh. Cb March 10, 1762; Lavi- 

mis, Jan. 12, 1761 : Johannes, bp. April 

Wihne, Robert [son of Lavinus], m. Hillegonda 
VanFranken, Nov. 1762. Ch: b. ; Annatie. June 
26, 1764 ; Ryckert, April 11, 1769 ; Johannes, March 
12,1771; Pieter, April 21, 1775; Catharina, Sept. 8, 

Wixne, Johannes [son of Lavinus?], m. Santje 
(De) Ridder, March 4, . April 

4.1762: Gcvi-it, Man.: inns, Nov. 19, 

.nnatje, June :•.■ 1 777. 

Winne, Willera. Jr.. m. Hubertje Yates, Sept. 11, 

k, Daniel, and Jannetie Bar.cker. Ch: Wil- 
lem, March 21 

eras, Pieter Ph., and Cathalyntje Va 
Bergh. Ch: Wynand, b. Aug. 

e, Daniel C, m. Alida Van Den Ber ' 
20, 1770. Cb . 1774. 

Winne, Pieter W., and Rvckie Van Schaick. Ch : 
Abraham, b. Sept, 20. I 

NE, Pieter, Jr., 
1775. Ch: b.; Daniel, 
28, 1777; David, Feb. 13, 1779: Rach I 

Winne, Jacob, and Susanna Evertse (IToghseton). 
Ch:b. jJellii; 

hannes Evertsen, July 22,1780; Eli::.. 

r, David, m. Marytje ! ; , 1780. 

Ch: b.; Jannetje, Nov. 25, 1780; Rachel, i 

Winne, Kiliaan, and Maria Perry (Perny). Ch : b. : 

I. Winne, d. al 

Ldow of Kiliaan 1. W., d. Sej 

Winne, Da v i 
25, 17S0 ; secondly, ithuysen, about 

1795. Ch: b.; Jnunetie, Feb. 31 (sic), 17S1; Maria, 
A"hg. 3, 1780: Wouter, May 2, 1790; Geesie, Nov. 7, 
Nov. 11, 1801. 
Winne, Cornelia, and Elizabeth Van den Bogert. 

Winne, Frans, m. Lena Flensburgh, May 16, 1784. 
Dec. 22, 1784. 
E, Willem D., m. first, Marytje Becker (Mary 
Baker)'Jan. 26, 1783 ; secondly, Mary Oosterhou I 
1792. Ch: b. ; Daniel, Jan. 20, 1780; Dirk, Nov. 
23, 1787 ; Peter, April 11, 1790 ; Peter, Oct. 13, 1792. 

■ E, Johannes Danielse, m. Agnietje Van Wie, 
June 22,,. Ch : b. ; Jannetje, March 24, 1787; 
Hendrick, April 28, 1789. 

B, Benjamin, m. Elisabeth Bassett (Bussel), 

; La- 

ichael Basset, April 28, 1792; 

Mary, Oct.. 19, 1793 ; Rachel, hi). March 22, 1795 ; John, 

b. April 7, 

,. Daniel J. (T.), m. first, Hannah Swits ; and 
second!; ahem, about 1795. Ch:b.; 

: nelius Swits, Feb. 22, 1792, 
96; Catharine, 
Aug. 12, 1798 ; Tickie, Dec. 6, 1800 : Isaac, Feb. 12, 
1803 ; Myn 1805. d. April 18, 1831 ; JeDis, 

Aug. l:;. 'V. 26, 1810. 

. :. Kiliaan (Guliam) D., m. first, Sara Cornell 
(Connollv), June 2. 1788 ; secondly. Engeltie Clute, 
about 1801. Ch : b. ; Jannetie, June 28, 1790 : Rebecca, 
June 11, 179! 0,1801. 

Winne, Adam P., and Christina Lagrange. Ch: 
b. Ann, Oct. 20, 1790 : Maria, Oct. 18, 1792, 

:. nin, and Annatie Bratt. Ch ; Maria, 
b. Sept. 26 

..d Annatie Becker. Ch: Da- 
Winne, Lawrence, and Annatie Chambers. Ch : 
' . 

Wis n Alida Ch : b. ; William 

Sarah Catalina, Nov. 16, 1811 ; 
Willia a 8, 1813; Ann Maria, Jan. 2, 

1816; William \ ischer, April 7, 1818. 
Winnings, Leonard, and Annatie Muller, Ch : 

Barent, Feb, 6, 1792. 

Wisselpenningh, Reynier, carpenter in 

Beverwyck, 1054-01. He m. the widow - of Symen 

ceased in 1654. 

"Witbeck, alias Van Witbeck, Jan Thomase, b. 

atWitbeck in Holstein, m. Geertruy Andriese Doch- 


wyck v was the most cons 

ble deal - in the village. In 1664 in 

compan; ight the 

. Schotack and the mainland 

, fr im the 


of Jacob Sau- 

5 of Jonas Volckertse Douw. 



; Billetje, June 

ertray, Dec. 26, 

;<>v, io, 1700. 

I a use, and Lysbeth Leendertse 
vpril 15, 1694; Benja- 


Catrine Melgertse Vau 

...-.'. ■-•-■■.': : 

, Nov. 
Aug. 3, 1744 ; J 

. . 

Witbeck, Jonathan 

about 1705. Ch ■ bp. ; Johannes, Dec. 5, 

184a Genealogies of flu First Settlers of Albany. 

ipril 25. 1708: Tobias, Sept 
29, 1700; Jonaihan, Oct. 30, 1710 

Marritje, July 5, 

t.?.CK, Thomas Janse, m. Jannetje Van Deusen 

■". 1702. He was buried at Papsknee, May 6 


Jacob* March 

Witbeck, Jan [son of Andries], m. first. Agnietie 

Bronck, \\ ri: : raGama 

!, 1707 ; Lena' 

March 27, 1700 ; Jan, - ' Volckert, Aug! 

10, 1716 ; Pie-ter. May 6. 1722; Agnietfe, Oct. 

Wlr - m. Anna Wil- 

liams, Dec. 20, 1720. He was buried Dec 25 1712 
Ch : Joannes, bp. April 10, 1720. 
Witbkok, Andries [son i f Andries], and Engeltie 
Ch: bu. ; And'. r', Feb. 

5 ; Johannes, Dec. 17, 1727 ; Engeltie, Feb 22 
J tdy 2. 1732 ; Geertruy, Jan. 10, 1739. ' 
Witbeck, Jonas [son of Andries]. m. Dorothea 
Dec. 27, 1728. Ch : bp. ; Andreas, Nov. 9 
. njeltie, Jan. 1, 173S. 
Witbeck, Abraham [son of Lucas], and Anna "Van 
Densen. He was buried at P< 28, 1755. 

Ch: bp. ; Marretie, June 18, 17:30: Lucas. Jan. 9, 
■ ..tharina, Jan. 14, 1738 :;.sknee, 

Sept. 30, 1752 ; Lucas, March 9, 1 735 ; Harpert, Nov 
6, 1737; Johannes, Oct. 12, 1740 ; Abraham. Aug. 21 
1713 ; Geertruy, Oct. 19, 1744 : Catalina, Oct. 25, 1747 ; 
Abram, Jan. 28, 1750. 

Witbeck, Leendert [son of Johannes], m. Catharina 

Verplanck, Feb. 23. 1734. Ch :bp : Elizabeth Nov 

i Johannes, June 5, 1737 : Isaac. June 3, 1739. 

Witbeck, Johannes [eon of Jonathan f] m. Rachel 
Conyn. Ch : bp. ; Maritie. Mav 19. 1734: Marten 
Cornelise, Oct. 3, 1736; Leendert. • 
[Rachel, dau. of Johannes W., buried August 27,' 

Witbeck, Caspar [son of Johannes Janse], m. An- 
natie Van Der Zee, Oct. 17, 173 Johan- 

nes Jansen, August 22, 1736 ; Wouter, March 2, 1740. 
Witbeck^ Jonathan [son of Jonathan Janse], m 
v vngaart, Aprn ; , - buried 

-L-condiy, Gerritje (Mai-arita) Oo.-tran- 
der, about 1751. Ch : ' - 1739- 

Cathalyna. August 30, 1741 ; . , July 

8, 1744: Maria. April 

(achtelt, March 17, 17:. Dec 25 

a, 1758. Ch : b. ; Lea April 
10. 1762: Tobias, Mav 1, 1765 ; Maria, August 1, 1767 • 
Jacobus. March 1 

Witbeck. Andries [son of Jan], and Mayke 
Ch : bp. ; Elisabeth, July 29, 1739 ; Zelotti, June 28 
•, 1742. 

V'itbeck, Johannes Thomase, in. Eva Waldron 
May <J, 1740. Ch : bp ,;ril 90. 1741 

Tryntje, May 1, 1743 ; 1 Jan. 10, 1746 ; 

16,1752; WUlem, Jan. 1, 1755; Geertruy, April 10. 

Witbeck, Melchert A. [son of Thomas Janse], and 
Marytjc.... Ch : Janne^e, b] 1 Abra- 

ham Melgertse W. m Marytje Van Deusen, Oct. 17. 
17! 1.] , 

Witbeck, Jacob [son of Thomas], m. Cathalvna 
Vau Deusen, Dec. 25, 1712. Ch : bp. ; Marritie, June 
27. 1744 , . , 1750. 

Witbeck, Lucas [son of Thomas], and Geertruy 

.omas, and 6' 

Witseck, Lucas, and Catarina Carte r. Ch : Thomas, 

'•:jase 4 ] 
and Geertruy Van Den Bergh 

Witbeck, Johannes CHannes), [son of Caspar], and 
nan. Ch : b. : Mart vn us, Sept. 
JiJiis,bp. Der . 
WlTBEOK, Thomas fson of Johannes Thomaee], 
and Janneke }<■ 

Witbeck, Pieter V, . [son of Johannes Thomase], 

m. Rachel Van der. Bergh, Jan. 9, 1768. Ch : b. ; 

- r 1770; Annatie, 

Sept. 25, 1775; Cornells, 

Aug. 25. 1784. |PieterW. Winne, and Maritie Pruyn, 

m. Dec. '.'. 

Witbecc, Marten C. [son of Jonathan], m. Maria 
Van den Bergh, July 8, 1772. Ch : Machtel, b. Jan. 
7, 1773. 

beok, Gerrit [son of Lucas], m. ImmetjePerry, 
Fohn Pefrv. March 10,1775: 
Lucas, June 23, 1778 ; Antje, Jan. . 

Witbeck. Johaunes [son of Jonathan], m. Cath- 
arina Jones (SJans), April 19, : Cath- 
arina. Oi athan, March 23, 1770; Cath- 
arina, March 20, 1782. 

Witbeck, Johannes [son of Lucas?] and Lena 
Van Den Bergh. Ch : Geertruy. b. Nov. 19, 1786. 

Witbeck, Samuel [son of Lucas ?] and Rebecca 
Buys (Buis). Ch : b. ; Geertruy, April 22, 1778 : 
Christina, March 22, 1780. 

Witbeck, Willem [son of Johannes Thomase], m. 
Catharine CDe) Foreest. Oct. 17. 1779. Ch:b.: 
Eva, April 11, 1781 ; Johannes, Jan. 24, 1785 ; Marten, 

Witbeck. Harpert [son of Abraham], m. Geertruy 
Wendell, Oct. 15, 1783. Ch: b. ; Abraham, Sept, 10, 
1784; Catharina. Dec. 1, 

Witbeck, David, and Santje Fonda. Ch : Dirk, b. 
April 2. . 

Witbeck, Thomas J. [son of Jacob], m. Elizabeth 
Reisdorp, Sept. 22, 1771. Ch: Maria, b. Oct. 3, 1786. 
Witbeck. Isaac, and Elizabeth Van Woert . Ch : 
Elbert, b. July 11, 1792. 

Witbeck, Casparus [son of Johannes?], m. Cor- 
nelia Dunbar, June 5, 1783. Ch: b. : Martinus, May 
17. 1793; Gerrit, Jan. 11. 

Withardt, Johanues, owned a house and lot in 
Yonker street nest west of the Elm tree corner . He 
was a trader in New Amsterdam as early as 1654 ; 
1650, he was trading in Beverwick ; probably left the 
village about 1676, when Jan Janse Bleecker, his at- 
torney, sold his lot. 

Wltnioud, Jan, and Cornelis Cornelise, owned 
a brewhouse in the Groenebos (Greenbush). in 1657 
which they sold to Wiliem Brouwer for 1207 guilders. 

Wltrel, Jean Georg (Jurriaany ait de Bog! ■ 
m. Maria Barbara Nicolaasen, Dec. 17, 1764. Ch : 
. . Jan. 16, 1768. 
Wood, Samuel, and Marytjc Schana (Jones?). 
Ch': Maria, bp. Ml 

Wood, Thomas, of New York, rn. Catarina Gar- 
denier, March 23, 1752. Ch : Thomas, bp. Dec. 23, 

Woodcock, John, gebortr , Oude 

JSngelu/tdt, ni. Ariaantje, dau. of Jan J 

?•>! ; Abraham, Oct. 38 J uly 4, 


jck, Dirk, and Sara Ch : Ariaantje, bp. 


"Woodruff, Doctor Hunloke, m. Maria Lansing, 


Hunlock. July 13, 1786; Helen, m. Or. Samuel 

Freeman, and d. at Saratoga jb. 17, 

1*63. Doctor Woodnui on the north 

I 'earl street and Maiden Lane: died 


Wood worth, Absalom, and Catharine Sprong. 

Woud (Wi ■ . and Elizabeth 

Wrelght, Andrew, and Elizabeth Ch: b. : 

•>. U07 

Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 


TV resell, Hannes, and Maria Riesch. Ch : Susan- 
na, b. Jan. 5, 1770 ; David, b. Aug. 23, 1771; Johan- 
nes, bp. Sept. 15, 1773 ; Helena, bp. Jan. 28, 1776; 
Pieter, b. Jan. 3, 1778. 

Wrltli (Wright?) Richard, of Sjchachtekpok, and 

: Catharyna, bp. Feb. 17, 1739. 

"Wyfoesse, see Spoor. 

Wyngaart, Lucas Gerritse, baker, and Anna 

Janse Van Hoesen ; made a will Oct. 30, 1709. Ch : 

Gerrit, eldest - Feb. 15. 1685 : Lucas, 

youngest eon, bp. Nov. 21, 1086 ; Johannes ; Jacobvs ; 


Wotj a akt, Gerrit Lucasse, trader, m. Sara Har- 
mense Visscher, Nov. 4, 1694. In 1703 he bought a 
lot on south side of S' ct to Pieter Van 

Brugh's near Lodge street 30 feet deep if not hindered 
by the 

Hester, March 14, 1697; Lnca Feb. 26, 

1699; Anna, Aug. 24, 1701; Ariaantje, Oct. 10, 1703 ; 
Lucas, Jan. 6, 1706 : Sara, Feb. 15, 1708 ; Gerritje, 
Jan. 15, 1710. 

Wynqaabt, Johannes Lucase, m. Sara Wendel, 
April 25, 1605. Ch: bp. ; Lucas. April 28 
Johannes, Sept. 25, 1697; Ephraim, Aug. 11,1700; 
Lucas, May 7, 1704. 

Wyngaakt, Jacobus Lucase, m. Maria Quacken- 
bos, Nov. 3, 1700 ; he was buried Sept. 10. 1727 . Ch : 
bp. ; Anna, May 11, 1701 ; Johannes, May 30, 1703; 
Abrah t.-htelt, Jan. 28, 

Gerrit Lucase, Oct. 27, 1710 ; Gerrit Lucase. April 20. 
1712; Lucas, June 9, 1717: CnTislina. May 17, 1719; 
Lucas, Nov. 30, 1721, buried in the church Dec. 7, 

Wtnoaart, Johannes [son of Jacobus], m. Ma- 

1725. Ch : bp. ; Elizabeth, Aug. 

■:8; Machtel, June 14. 

•lay 19, 

1734 ; Cathalyna, Aug. 29, 1736 ; Jacobus, June 21, 


Wtngaart, Abraham [son of Jacobus] m. first, 
Elizabeth Van Fran!-. 1729; who was 

buried April 22, 1733 ; and secondly, Lybetje Van 
Aalstcyn. widow. Aug. 11, 1737. Oh: bp. ; Maria, 
Nov. 13, 1731 ; Elizabeth, May 22, 1738 ; Petrus, Aug. 

1 \ yjtoaart, Gerrit Lucase [son of Jacobus] and 
I iria,bp. Jan. 10, 1746. 

Wyukoop, Pieter, supercargo of Anns of Ren- 
selaerswyck in :Patroon; he 

remained in the colony for some 
Wynkoop, Cornelis, supposed to have been the son 
i a 1657, where 
: he is said to have removed 
to Eso . ' •;! in 1674 leaving six 

Wym: i je Gerritse. Ch: Nico- 

■ Feb. 18, I70o. 

ad Geertje Eluiendorp. Ch: 
Teola, b. I 

Wynkoov, . : Annatie Gansevoort, 

Jan. 2, 
Ch: Harm : L6, 1785. 

Feb. 11, 
1, 170! 

10. 17!'! 1,1809; 

p, "a merchant 

Wykki v. Ch: Helena, 

b.Jan. 18 
Yates, Joseph, smith, m. Hubertje Marselis. He 

as buried July 



April 16 

l V. m. Better 

Yatbs, Christoffel [son of Joseph], m. Catelynrje 
Winne, July 12, 1706. He was buried Feb. 26, 1751. 
Ch : bp. ; Joseph, April 20, 1707 ; Adam, August 16, 
1711: Catalyua, Oct. 19, 1712; 
Huvbertje, Nov. 7, 1714; Johannes, Oct. 14, 1716; 
Anneke, Oct, 5, 1718 ; Maria April 29, 1783 ; Abraham, 
28, 1724; Pieter, Jan. 8, 1727. 

i r [son of Joseph] , of Schenectady, m. 

/ab. 13, 1712. 

Ch: Joseph, bp. July 12, 1714. {See Schenectady 

is, Joseph [son of Josephl, m. Hendrikje 

m. 19, 

. ■ Joseph. March 9, 1720 ; Luycas, 

April;:' 1. 1724 : Judic, Feb. 

05. a. 77 y. 11m. 28 d.; Johan- 

: 780 ; Abraham, 

-June 10, 1736, 

iph, Jr., of Schenectady, m. Eva Fonda, 


Yates, Adam [son of Christoffel], m. Anr, 

1 ;;3, 1735; Chris! 
a. 71 y. ; Jose; ; 

. Jan. 18, 1747 ; 
. 1749. 
, Johannes G., blacksmith [son of Chris- 
toffel], m. Rebecca Waklrou, Nov. 2?,<1~37. He 
made'a will Dec red June 4, 1776; the 

Cornelia. Ch: bp.; Christoffel 

. Dec. 28, 1740. itnalina, 

Feb. 12, 1744 ; Cornelia. Jan. 12, 1746 ; •■ 

,e, Dec. 25, 1749, m. ' 
ly 6, 1752 m. Cornells Van 
Jr. ; Rebecca, Nov. 14, 1756. 

I Vdam], and Catalyn- 
tieGoewey. Ch : Annatie, bp . Johan- 

netje, b. May 10, 1762 ; 

ham [son of Christoffel], and Antje 

De Ridder. Abraham Yates, Jr., mayor cf Albany, d. 

June 30, .. Ch : bp. ; Christoffel, June 

748; Tanneke, Nov. 

'arch 11, 175:!. 

Yates, Pieter [sou of Christoffel]. D 

at Schaghi icoke, Nov. 21, 1831, a. 76. y, ; Abraham, 
Cathalina, June 7, 1761; Mai 
innatje, March 2, 1767. 
. ham J. in. Jannetje Bratt, A 
. d. Nov. 22. 

1709 ; 
I. Juue 

?], m. 
• . Ch: b. ; Abi 

Annate, July 
.' . Doctor Chri 

- ■',. 1848. 

i of Joseph of 

lie d. Sept. 

•'■:- 1, OCt. 

Sot. 3, 

.30 y.; 
Yates, Christofer [son of Adam], m. Cathariua 

71 y. 
Larcl 27, 1768 

Bank, d. 

Feb. 6, 

fel, and Adam, 

. Ann 

Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. 





..barine by her parents ; " Catharine. 
June 28 
Yaxi , and Rebecca 

ster, b. 

Jr.] m. Rachel 

-he d. April 5, 
i . ; Abrabam. E 

jv. 20, 

b 7, 1801 ; Judith, Au- 

and Margaret 
■ ina, b. Dec. 21, 1791. 
9, John, and Geertruy Van Vranken. Ch : 

Tongbans, Matthias, and Margarita Ch: 

Hendrik, bp. Feb. 3, 1740. 

Yonsen, Daniel, and Mary Barreth. Ch : Tho- 
mas, b. Dec. 28, I 

Torek, Daniel, and Mary... . Ch: Do - 
' 17o~. 

York. David, m. Susanna Grelle (Grennell, 

lesten A pfc **1762 ; Petros, Dec 
Young (Jongh), Simon, and AnnaRo (Rowe ?) 
•iv 10%. Ch: Elizabeth, bp. 
Young, W., and Ch: Mercy, bp. Nov. 9, 

va, .William, and Catharina (TtelPiia) Fonda, 
April 23, 1749 ; Maria, March 24. 1754 ; 
Catarina, Feb. 20, 1758 

Yodw m. Catrina Landman. Jan. 24, 

1744. ■; Pieter. Dec. 

.May 20, 

Young, Guv, and Elizabeth , 
March 27, 1748. 

Ch : John, bp, 

Young, George, van rf( rlachte. m. Catariua Lit- 
cher. Jai beth, March 5, 

May 6, 

•' m. Annatie Byphea Beckela, Sec- 
1781 ; 

Ch:b. I i une 24, 1766; 

rick, aud Maria Lidger (Fletcher). 
Oh- Dai . Aunatje, Oct. 

22, 170:3: Hendrik, April 22, 1768; Marytje, Oct. 6, 

... Hendrick, aud Catharine Keller. Ch : 

.. Guy m. first. Dirkie Winne. ?7ov. 19, 1769 ; 

■ :>out 1775. Ch : b. ; 

a, Sept. 11,' . Oct. 23, 1773; 

- r, Jamee, and Anne Snyder. Ch : Anthony, 
b. May 13 

Der Kar. Ch : 
b.; Ann : Charlotte, Oct. 27, 

1781; Willem, Jan. 1, I 

is, John, and Celia. ... Ch : Henry, b. Dec. 

Young, Alexander, and Elisabeth Sneed. Ch: 

t, and Elisabeth Rykers. Ch: Jo- 
hannes, bp. May 13, 1786. 

Young, Pieter, and Eva Moor. Ch : b. ; Catharina, 
August 1, 1780: Peter. Dec. 10, 1790; Margaret, Sept. 

Ysseistyn, see Esselsteyn. 

Zabrlskie, Johannes, of Hackensack.m. Leentje 

(Leena> Lanbing. of Albany, Jan. 11,1776. Ch : b. ; 

. annes Lansing, March 4, 1779. 

Zangb, Thomas, and Clara Ch : Pieter, bp. 

April 20, 1712. 

Zebo, Johannes, and Anna M. Rockefeller. Ch : 
Hendrick, b. May 28, 11 

Zeller, Johannes, and Catryna Ch : Anna, 

bp Oct. 12 

Ziele, Pieter, and Annatie Ch : Pieter, bp. 

Zlpperlcm, Barent of Hosak, m. Margarita 
Whegei ;. Ch : Catharina, b. Dec. 5, 


Zonp, Frederic, and Maria.... Ch: b. : Mar- 
garita, Sept. 2o. 1764 ; Dhk, Nov. 18, 

Zwaertweger, and... Hener. Ch:Lena, 

bp. Nov. 17, 1776. 

[ 184z ] 


The following are the names of the mayors of the city of Albany, from 
1686 down to 1871, with the terms of service of each : 

Peter Schuyler, 1686 to 1694 

Johannis Abeel, 1694 to 1695 

Evert Bancker, 1695 to 1696 

Derick Wessels, 1696 to 1698 

rick Hansen, 1698 to 1699 

Peter Van Brugh, 1699 to 1700 

Jan Jans Bleecker, 1700 to 1701 

Johannis Bleecker, 1701 to 1702 

Albert Ryckman, 1702 to 1703 

i is Schuyler, 1703 to 1706 

David Schuyler, 1706 to 1707 

Evert Bancker, 1707 to 1709 

Johannis Abeel, 1709 to 1710 

Robert Livingston, Jr.,. . . 1710 to 1719 

rt Schuyler 1719 to 1721 

Peter Van Brugh, 1721 to 1723 

Myndert Schuyler, 1723 to 1725 

Johannis Cuyler, 1725 to 1726 

Rutgor Bleecker, 1726 to 1729 

John De Peystor, 1729 to 1731 

Hans Hansen, 1731 to 1732 

e Peyster, 1732 to 1733 

. Edward Holland, 1733 to 1741 

John Schuyler, 1741 to 1742 

Cornelius Cuyler 1742 to 1746 

Dirck Ten Broeck, 1746 to 1748 

Jacob C. Ten Eyck, 1748 to 1750 

Robert Sanders 1750 to 1754 

Hans Hansen 1754 to 1756 

at G. Van Schaick,. 1756 

Volkert P. Douw, 1761 I 

Abraham C. Cuyler, 1770 to 1778 

John Barclay, 177e 

Abraham Ten Broeck, . . . 1779 to 1783 

John Ja. Beekman, 1783 to 1786 

John Lansing, Jr., 1786 to 1790 

Abraham Yates, Jr., 1790 to 1796 

Abraham Ten Broeck, 1796 to 1799 

Phil. S. Van Rensselaer,. . 1799 to 1816 

Elisha Jenkins 1816 to 1819 

Phil. S. Van Rensselaer,. . 1819 to 1821 

Charles E. Dudley, 1821 to 1824 

Ambrose Spencer, 1824 to 1826 

James Stevenson, 1826 to 1828 

Charles E. Dudley, 1828 to 1829 

John Townsend, 1829 to 1831 

Francis Bloodgood, 1831 to 1832 

John Townsend, 1832 to 1833 

Francis Bloodgood, 1833 to 1834 

Erastus Corning, 1834 to 1837 

Teunis Van Vechten, 1837 to 1839 

Jared L. Rathbone 1839 

Van Vechten, 1841 to 1842 

Barent P. Staats, 1842 to 1843 

Friend Humphrey, 1843 to 1845 

John Keyes Paige, 1845 to 1846 

Williain Parmalee, 1846 to 1848 

John Taylor, 1848 to 1849 

Friend Humphrey, 1849 to 1850 

Franklin Townsend, 1850 to 1851 

Eli Perry, 1851 to 1854 

William Parmalee, 1854 to 1856 

Eli Perry, 1856 to 1860 

H. Thacher, 1860 to 1862 

Eii Perry, 1 1862 to 1866 

FI. Thacher, 1866 to 1868 

Charles E. Bleecker, 1868 to 1870 

George H. Thacher, 1870 to 1871 

Of these officers four survive, namely, Messrs. Corning, Perry, Thacher, 
and Bleecker. 

Philip S. Van Rensselaer held the office of mayor nineteen years, being 
the longest period that any person continued in the office. 

Jared L. Kathbone was the first mayor elected by the people. Previous 
to his third term these officers were elected by the common council. 

'Dr. J. V. Quackenbush also claimed to have been mayor this year, the old 
board declaring for one candidate, and the new board for the other. Dr. Quacken- 
bush was the acting mayor. 


l^ome 3Lots of tfje tillage of IScbertogcfc. 

In the preface to the Early Records of the City and County of Albany, pub- 
lished in 1869, the translator made the following remark : " The identification of 
the village lots here described is rendered nearly impossible by the brevity and 
vagueness of the descriptions, the streets and lanes having been without names. 
A few lots have been located, others may be, perhaps, by a long and patient ex- 
orison." When this was written he h;. purpose 
og so difficult a task, but soon after, while the subject was still fresh, 
was led. as a matter of curiosity to test the truth of the foregoing remark, and 
after much puzzling and putting this and that together, there grew out of his 
Btudies the following ■ 1 accompanying explanations. It will 
that this attempted map of Beverwyck is confined in time to the earliest years of 
its settlement, and as to space to the limited territory within thu paligf"' 
deed this was pretty much all there was of Albany for many years after 1652, in 
which year Fort Orange ceased to be the centre of the embryo city, which there- 
after clustered around the new church built at the junction of State 6treet and 

Many conveyances of gardens and house lots around and within Fort Orange 
are registered in the county records, but none of them can now be located. The 
fort and the ancient streets there, have been completely obliterated. 

The remark that!. Beverwyck had no names should be qualified : 

several had names, though seldom used in the early conveyances. The names of 
Broadway were Cow, de breeds, or Broad, the Lower, Handelaers, and Brewers 
streets ; of Hudson, Spanish street ; of Green south of Beaver, Esplanade or Plain 
street, and north of Beaver, the Voddemart or Kag market, and Cheapside ; of 
Chapel, Berg street ; of State, Yonkers street ; of South Pearl, de Eleyne straat ; 
and of Maiden Lane, Rom street. After the charter was granted in 1686, the 
place was divided into three wards : the first embraced all that part of the town 
south of State and Exchange streets ; the second lay north of State and west of 
James streets ; and the third contained that portion lying north of State and Ex- 
change, and east of James streets. 

In the absence of any map of the lots of those early times, this attempt to con- 
struct one is based mainly upon the descriptions found in the Albany County Re- 
cords, the Patents in the Secretary of State's office, and Mr. Munsell's Annals of 
Albany. In most cases these descriptions are brief and obscure : some are not 
only defective but false and contradictory, and capable of a correct interpretation 
by subsequent repeated conveyances of the same lots. It is not to be supposed 
that this performance gives a complete picture of all the house lots in ancient 
Beverr. gaps in Broadway will be found which no ingenuity of the 

r could fill, and several lots will be found so imperfectly described in the 
records, that he has to confess his inability to locate them. 

Much remains to be learned in this matter, by the patient student, in The later 
registers of deeds and mortgages, and it is to be hoped that some one who has 
leisure may pursue r! es and render more complete this imperfect at- 

tempt to illustrate the History of Ancient Albany. J. P. 

Union College, 30 May, 1870. 

nns of Lots in Beverwyk. 




Evert Wen del, Jr. 

Jochem Wcsselse, baker c 

Henderick Cuyler 

Pieter Van Brugh a; 

^ Jochem Wesselse 
o Henderick Cuyler g 

i-Myndert Harmense ^ 
j^Van de Bogart 

^David Pietcrse Schuylerd 
f. Johannes Wendel i£ 

iiStoffel Janse Abeel 
§ Johannes Wendel 

Pieter Hartgers 
Audries " 
Jacob Sand 


a wife 
Richard Pretty 

a lU3^ft. (10) 

•■SUapt. Abrain Staets g 
ijTheunis Cornel; 
ggHarme Lievese linason£ 
lin. « 


State Street, south side, west of Pearl. 

(!)• 1724. : I, ought this lot of the city lor £47 

: ht lor a round passage and " to sett ye 

city stockadoes."- Alb An., \in, 300. 

ne- Wyngaard petitions for a 
- of this which was d< 100 

."—Alb. An.. 


In 1792, Robert Yates 

' aght eight feet of 
i) if not 
hindered by th- 
in 1" ! lot, to which was 
added 16 rest side of the same and as deep 
as Mr. , rovided it does not include the 

I > pounds : in 1724, he pi 
five feet more, making his lot 29 fe t wide on Jonker 
street.— Alb. An., v, 139; vm, 299. 1702. John Easton 
was the owner of this lot.— Alb. An., i, 284. 

(3). This lot from 1668 to 1674 was owned 1)y Jochem 
-<• the baker; in the latter year he - 
Hendrick Cuyler : then the tov 

rear boundary ; in 1703, Pieter Van Brugh, his son-in- 
law, owned it.— Alb. Co. Bee, 100 ; Alb. An., iv, 173. 

(4). 1668-74. Jochem Wesselse the baker owned this lot, 
when he sold it to Hendrick Cuyler ; in 1701. ; . 
i. ear ye Fort," In 1792, lots ■' and 
ly Jacob Van Ingen.— Alb. An., i, 284 ; Alb. Co. 
Bee, 100. 

(5). 1669, this lot was patented to Myndert Harmense 
Van de Bogar 100. 

1792. It was owned by Bloomendall.— An. Alb.,i, 284. 

(6). 1668. This lot was patented to David Pieterse Schuy- 
ler.- 1 
1676. Johannes Wendel.— Alb. Co. Bee, 96, 134. 
1792. Hn-manus Wendel.— Alb. An., i, 284. 

(71. 1668. Patent for Stoffel Janse Abeel.— Alb. Co. Bee, 
. 636. 

Vendel— Alb. Co. Bee,\U. 
u this lot. — Pat 
1702. — Roseboom owned it,— Alb. An., i, 284. 

(8). The original owner of this lot was Pieter Hartgers, 
whose trustees sold it to Hendrick Cuyler ii 
1668. "the cellar where the powder was kept. 

Sand 6] '."a Wen- 

Eec, 94, 97, 134, 
421, 470; Alb. An. i, 284. 

(9). The original owner of the western portion of this lot 
Tappen, who -old it. in 166S 
elis Comelise Viele : 1673. Richard Pr< 

: Andries Teller, 
owned portions of it. In 16S0, the whole .'ot was pa- 
tented to Richard Pretty. En- 179 
John Stevenson.— Patents, 1008; Alb. Co. Bee, 94, 97, 
. lit. 70. 

(10). 1071. Patented to Capt. Abram Staets; 1680, sold to 
mason, and Harme Lievese ; in 

Shephard.— Patents, 1098 ; 

Deeds, in, 79; Alb. A, 

ft, 11 feet 6 in. wide in 



of Lots in Beverwyh, 


Cornells Steemvyck g : 
Capt. Johannes Schuyler | : 
Lewis c ' 


Goosen Gerritse Van 

Anthony Syhrantse Van 


: h 

: 00 


Gerrit Bancker 
Myndert Schuyler 



& .Rntger Jacobsen, etc. 

g gjanVinhagen 

P »t Evert Bancker 

« 5r.2ft.-62 


^ .Rntger Jacobsen 

g gHarman Albertse Vedder : 

£ co Gerrit Bancker gl 

ALLEY, 5ft. 

Goosen Ger; V. Schaick § '• W 

State Street, south side, between South Pearl 
and Green Streets. 

All the lots on the south side of State, and on the 
■nle of Beaver- Pearl street, until 

ad perhaps later bounded upon the Rati 
flrot reference to Norton street found 

be laid out as wide as the oonimisnarissen shall 

see lit, and was to be extended to Broadway.— See 

i 115. 

. was patented I nwyck; 

mnes Schuyler; 17'.''.'. — Lewis;apor- 

o widen South Pearl street.— Patent, 

431 ; Deeds, in, 79; Alb. An. I, 284. 

(2). 1067. Patented to Goosen Gerritse Van Schaick; 
1703, Anthony V. Schaick, his grandson.— 
181; Alb. An., iv, 138. 

(3). 1659. Gerrit Bancker ; 1703, Atyndert Schuyler.— Alb. 
Co. Bee, 20; Alb. An., rv, 173-4, 188. 

(4). 1652. Patented to Rntger Jacobsen; Claas Hcn- 
drickse; 1657, Jan Vinhageu; 165S, BarentKeyndertse; 
165S. Baient Myndertse; 1607. Jan Vinhagen; 1682, 
Joachim Staats, son-in-law of Barent Reynderse ; 1703, 
Evert Bancker, Jr.— Alb. Co. Bee, 19, 20, 22, 30, 31, 
61, 250, 382 ; Patents, 385 ; Alb. An., rv, 174 ; Deeds, in, 

(51. 1652. Rutger Jacobsen, in 1657, dwelt here ; 1657- 
9. Ilarmen Albertse Vedder ; 1601-7, Gcnit Bancker.— 
Patents, 135, 585; Alb. Co. Bee., 19, 250, 382. 

(6). 1652-67. Patented to Goosen Gerritse Van Schaick. 
Patents, 135, 385; Alb. Co. Bee, 382. 


8r". (?)' 

Dirk Janee Croon 5 

Martin Cregier 
Jurriaen Theunisse Tap- I 
pen o 

Harme Rutgers 

marte, or 


(7). 1667. Patented to Dirk Janse Croon; 1671, Marten 
Cregier ; Jurriaen Theunise Tappen ; 1683, Harme Rut- 
gers.— Patents, 135. 402 ; Alb. Co. Bee, 491, 330 ; Deeds, 
m, 175. 

Diagrams of Lots in Beverioyk, 



9r. (1) 

■ Cornelia Vo^ 
5 Jurriaen Theunise <« 

ot Haraie Rutgers g 


8r.8ft. (2) 

. Comelis Vos 
^Barent Van Marie; ■?, 

adrickse Bruyn 2 
lis Van Dyck 


ALLEY of 3^ feet. 

Pieter De Maecker 
.Cornelia Corn: De Boer 

• and Daniel Verveelen 

• JanHender: Bruyn 


si ;ft^n . (4)^: # 

^ Pieter Hartgers 
£ Jurriaen Theunise 

'5r.9ft.'6in. (5) 

■S Pieter Hartgers 
^jJan Withardt 
S Thomas Delaval 

(6) : 
Willem Brouwer 

ana Ebbingh ^ '. 

2 Pieter Meese Vrooman £ : 

Frederic Philipse rH : 


Willem Teller 
Jan Withardt 
Jan Van Alen (?) 

Volkert Jause Douw 

State Street, south side, between Green and 

(1). 1653. Patented to Cornells Vos ; 1067, occupied by 
□ Theunise Tappen; 1876, Harme Rutgers.— 
Alb. Co. Bee., 147, 359, 383, 416 ; Patents, 368. 

(2). 1653. Patented to Cornelia Vos; 1001 -7, Parent Van 
Marie ; 1664, Jan Hendrickse Bruyn ; 1070, Cornelia 
>k.-Alb. Co. lice., 147,359, 373, 375,416,357; 
Patents, 484. 

i). 1059. Pieter De Macker : Cornells Cornelise Dc Boer 
and Daniel Verveelen ; 1667, Jm\ Hendrickse Bruyn.— 

Alb. Co. Pec., 117, 209, 330, 372, 379, 410; Patents, 485. 

Pieter Hartgers; 1668, Jurriaen Theunise; 
1073. GerritJanse Stavaat; 10S2, Joseph Yates.— Alb. 
Co. Rec., 95; Deeds, in, 165; Patents, 531. 

(5). 1658-67. Pieter Hartgers ; 1667, Jan Withardt ; 1673, 
Daniel Hondccoutre ; 1076, Thomas De Laval's house, 
" that Pieter Hartgers caused to be built."— Alb. Co.Bec., 
95. 184; Patents, 275; Deeds, in, 165. 

(6). 1058. Willem Brouwer; Jerouimus Ebbingh; 1676, 
Pieter Meese Vrooman; Frederic Philipse.— Patents, 
472, 525: Alb. Co. Pec., 124. 

(7) 1667. Willem Teller ; 1676, Jan Withardt ; 1702-14, 
Jan Van Men.— Patents, 493; Alb. Co. Bee., 124; Alb. 

(8). Volkert Janse Douw ; this lot has belonged to this 
family more than two hundred years ; perhaps there is 
not another case like it iu the city. 


i is in I» vertoyk. 

State Street, north side, between Chapel and 
North Pearl. 

(1). 1668. The con 

Thomase; it afterwards had the follow inu' 

q Thomase ti . Wande- 
laer. where he "at pr on the corner of 
Bergh street."— Patents, 500; Alb. Co. Bee, 105, 183, 
443 ; Deeds, in, 12. 

Commissioners* to Jan Coster Van Aecken ; 
•illein Teller: Johannes De Wandelaer ; 1674, 
Janllendr: Van Bael; lOTH-s, Jacob Janse Schermer- 
horn.— Alb. Co. Bee., 105, 144, 500. 

* Commissarissen, oi oi commissioners, 

frequently miscalled coninii? series. 

(3). 1668. Commissioners to Jan Hendr. Van Bael ; 1676, 
Gerritllardenbergh.-- lib. Co. Bee., 144, 


(4). 1667. Commissioners to Jan Coster Van Aecken'; Wil- 
lem Teller ; 1667-S, Abraham Van Tricht.— Alb. Co. Bee, 
144 ; Deeds, in, 100. 
1792. Charles R. Webster.— Alb. An., i. 3S4. 

(5). 16C8. Jan Coster Van Aecken ; Dirk HesBelingh who 
failed to pay for it; Nicolaas De Meyer; 1680, De 
Meyer's attorney, Cornells Van Dvck, sold it to Philip 
DeForeest.— /< 17 C J2, S. Pruyn.— Alb. 

An., i, 284. 

(6). 1661-7. Patent to Jan Thomase ; Reyer Jacobse Scher- 
merhoru; 1675-9, Jan Withardt.— Pafe^s, 389; Alb. Co. 
Bee., 122, 184, 185. Deeds, m, 1. 28 ; 1792, Livingston.— 
Alb. An., 2S4. 

(7). 1661-7. Patent to Jan Thomase ; 1675, Dernier Otten : 
1675-8. Rev. Nicolaas Van Rensselaer; 1708, Robert 
Livingston : 1726, Philip Livingston ; 1791, Living- 
ston.— Alb. Co. Kec 13 1 ; Alb. An., l, 284. 


'^Jan Thomase 

"Johannes De Wandelaer 


o : 
6 • 
5 : 

49 ft. 

1068, an ALLEY of 3 feet. 


1 : 
S3 : 

i •: 

(2) 49 ft. 

: Jan Coster Van Aecken 
: a William Teller 
: « Johannes De Wandelaer : 
ij-jjan Hcndrickse Van del : 
ISS Jacob Janse Schermer- : 
hoorn d : 
: 3 '. 

* ': 

4r. 9 ft.=57 ft. 


: (3) 

:p Jan Hendrickse Van Bael 
tsjGerrit Hardenbergh - 

i 1 i 



: (4) 

■ fcb 

: = Jan CoBtcr \an Aecken 
:§Willem Teller 
^Abraham Van Tricht 
: 3 Charles R.Webster 

o • 

§ ; 

& : 
> ■ 
« • 
3 j 

ALLEY of 3 feet. 

: (5) 

: siJan Coster Van Aecken 
'. [5 Dirk Hesselingh 
•J5 Nicolaas De Meyer 
.'d Philip De Foreest 
; g S. Pruyn 



: JfJan Thomase 
• W Reyer Jacobse Schermer- 
:*: horn d 
^Johannes Withardt g| 
:§ Livingston 





'■ o '■ 
■ g . 

: Jan Thomase 
i^-Helmer Often 

ilaaa Van Rensselaer 
: w Robert Livingston 
j Philip Livingston 

: "s : 


: J : 


: < : 


Diagrams of Lots in Beverwyh. 


State Street, north, side, between North 
Pearl and James. 

(1). 1664. Patented to Jan Thoinase ; 1678, Cornells Steen- 
wyck, where Hamburgh dwells ; 1678. Joachim Staats ; 
1678, Jacob Tyssc Vander Hcyden ; 1079, Pieter Schuy- 
ler occupied a house on this lot ; 170S, Catharine, widow 
of Gerrit Wynantse Van der Poel ; 1792, Baltus Lydius.— 
Alb. Co. Rec, 127, 143, 358, 185 ; Deeds, ni, 35, 46, 34, 
16C; AUj. An., yi, 1%1. 

(2). 1667. Patented to Capt. Jan Clute ; 1679, Ludovicus 
Cobes: 1679, Hieronimus Co. Rec, 143, 
185 ; Deeds, in, 34-5-6. 

(3). 1667. Patented to Capt. Jan Clute ; 1679, Ludovicus 
Cobes; 1679, nieroniinus Wcndel; 1679, Gi 
Schaick occupied a house here; 1080, David Pieterse 
Schuyler.— Deeds, in, 33-1, 84. 

(4). 1667. Patented to Capt. Jan Clute; 1679, Jan Janse 
Oudcrkerk " the smalle kupper,'"— Deeds, in, 33-4. 

(5). 1667. Patented to Wouter Albertse Van den Uythoff; 
1679, Antony Lespinard.— Deeds, ai, 33-8. 

uced to Annatie Janse Bogardus; \'-' 
Bogardus; 1079, Wouter Albertse Van den Uythoff; 
1679, Antony Lespinard.— Deeds, in, 37, 38. 

(7). 1679. Dirk Wesselse Ten Broeck.— Deeds, m, 37. 

(8). 1663-1704. Evert Janse Wendel ; 1714, Thomas Wen- 
del.— Aid. Co. Rec, 324; Alb. An., iv, 193, vn, 13. 

"QJ 69ft. 

• JanThomase * 

.5 Cornelis Steenwyck | 

".Pieter Schuyler 
£ Catharine, widow of Ger- 
=° rit Wyn : Van der Poel 

70ft I 
ALLEY of 3%ft. 30ft. long 
' "^2) 

.S Capt. Jan Clute 
^Ludovicus Cobes 
£ Hieronimus Wendel 

Capt. Jan Clute 

. Ludovicus Cobes 

J; Hieronimus Wendel 

"*Gerrit Van Schaick 

David Pieterse Schuyler 

<k Capt. Jan Clute 

a Jan Janse Ouderkerk 

S, Wouter Albertse Van den.S 

2 Uythoff 

S3 Antony Lespinard 


Annatie Bogardus 
Jonas Bogardus 
Wouter Albertse Van 

Antony Lespinard 

Dirk Wesselse Ten Broeck 

Evert Janse Wendel 
Thomas Wendel 



Diagrams of Lots in Bex 

State Street, north aide, east of James and 
nearly to Broadway. 

Anne] ' ■ and occu- 

pied bj i 8-7, Dirk 

Wfc»s. i- Da 

occupied it.- Alb. Co. Bee., 392, 321. 

(2). 1658. \uneke Janse Bogardus; 1660-2, 

David Pi • Jonas & Pieter Botrar- 

due;1665, WouterA! | vthofl'.— Alb. Co. 

Etc., 389, 277. 319. 324 836, 391.392 ; Patents, 406. 

3). 1652. Pateiued to Sander Leendertse Gl« 
Dirk Janse Croon, then ocenpied by Jan Vinhagel ; 
1600, Jan Coster Van Aecken ; 1663. Jan Clute ; 1665, 
S. L,. Glen.— Alb. Co. Bee., 399, 277. 336. 392, 300 ; Patents, 

(4). 1652. Patented to Sander Leendertse Glen ; 1662, Jan 
Thomas; 1664-7, Jan Coster Van Aecken.— Alb. Co 
Be.:.. 66. GO, 277, 2S3, 800, 336, 391. 392; Paten 

(5) & (6). 1652. Patented to Rut Adriaensen, the shoe- 
maker: Hen:- \ an Wie) ; Kern Jansen, 
the smith; 1660, Jan Thomase and Gerrit Bancker; 
eter Clacrbout ; No. 5. the westerly portion con- 
veyed byClaerbout to Rut Arentsen in 1064; No. G 
Jan Hanneu6e, the baker in 1674 
Alb. Co. Pec. 65, 66, 101, 283, 300 ; Patents, 408. 433, 43& 

to Rut Adriaensen, the Bhoe- 

liemlrick Gerritse (Van Wiej, Rem Jansen 
the smith, cjn which his great house stood ; 1660 Cor- 
nells Tueunise Bos, occupied No. 7, the westerly por- 

.Uow ; 1668-79, Cornells Van Nes. and his wife 
Maritie Damens; in 1674, Pieter Bogardus occupied it; 
No. 8jthe easterly portion, was owned by Capt. Tho- 
mas Willet, who succeeded Pieter Van Alen • '1671 
Philip Pieterse Schuyler; 1672, Jeremiah Van Rensse- 
laer; II Jofeonw, Maria V. R.—Alb Co 
m ; Deeds, m, 324 ; Patents, 540' 

(9) ti^I ! ' AdriaenB en ?; 1655, Adriaen Van 

Upend, i .Mil -en. the smith • 1660-7 4dri! 

Papendorp.-4^. Co. Pec, 7, 228, m.W: 



(1) Sr.Oft. 

las ^ 
Birk \\ oeck <=? 



(2) 6r.8ft. 

Anneke Janse Bogardus : 
Jonas and Pieter B 

dus 33 ; 
David Pieterse Schnyler g : 
Wouter Albertse Van den 2 : 

Uythofl' *- ; 



C3J : 

Sander Leendertse Glen : 
Dirk Janse Croon 
Jan Clute 



Sander Leendertse Glen £ : 
Jan Thomase ti : 
Jan Coster Van Aecken ^ : 

6r. rt - 

Rut Arentsen • 


i — 

Rut Adriaensen : 
Ilendrick Gerritse 
Rem Jansen . : 
Jan Thomase and Gerrit ^ : 

Bancker " : 
Pieter Claerbout 
Jan Harmeuse 


(7) 6r.3ft. 

Rut Adriaensen 

Ilendrick Qerr 

Rem Jansen, smith € : 

Cornells The mise Bos 

JurriaenJanseGroenwont « : 

Cornelis Van K 

Pieter Bogardus : 

(8) : 
Rut Adriaensen : 
Pieter Van Alen 
Capt. Thomas Willet 
Philip Pieterse Schuyler : 
Jeremiah Van Rensselaer 

6r.3ft. j 


Rut Adriaensen the shoe- 
maker : 

Adriaen Van Bpendam 

Rem Jansen Smith 

Adriaen Gerritse Papen- 


Diagrams of Lots in Beverwyk. 





















•n 3 5 = 


^«3 w o ° « 


a 3j 

e-<.2 a 

If I 

2 mo®! § « g §>| 

fc. c"^*> "rasa's S 

ws 1 


SB 1 - 1 






W A 

£•2 « 2 




--s a 


o a 




of Lots in Beverwyk. 



llr. 6ft. 

1 !.£?: 


2 J 








1 -; § 






* ra 













<o £ § 


M s- 



<a to a o ,,ts.H 

ont Albert? 
y (Steuben 
stward of y 
ii what is n 
47. On th 
ing the noi 
>en and Co 

Is S 



«' ^'5 3 


[A 1 

^.O OS W>» 4> O ID 

Diagrams of Lois in Bet 


''ir.' or 56ft. 

: 6r.5in. c 

TO • 

3 ; 

@ ' 

9ft : 



1 : 

; gfl 

a m 

t CI 

: a os 


: § 

"3 * 


: 'SI g 






: £& 

: S& 

t S 


" i-* ~ < "S 
■ 5?- 

;■; II;:' 

; K s 

: 1 Si 
• h - d 
: o o t 


-^ 5 


! ill 



. II 

; -5-/. 

1 II 

c3 ^ 

°£ o 

a | 
3 c a 

• §032 


: lai 

• • a 



o a** 






: *;i/ =r . oi 


: »r 

B K 


.-a £M 

1 Sp^© 

" C " 


- •:.- 

2-S.. « 

2 ,5? a ** ± eo N 

r ~ - -■ ~ a > .. 
Hist. '■ 

aw: yi» S 



ill a 

s £: '- • - 




- ; 

1 81 

sag !§ 

s^ > . 

* ^ 

si" 13 

' - V 


S -fas 

\t si 






Diagrams of Lots in Bevcrwyk. 





: d 

• '■". 
; -3' 

• S 


| ifj e ~ 

: ~ 





R fc§ 
.' .26 or 30ft. 


3 -d w » 



i§ i IP 

g P" : - - a 
£ p 

«S : ^3 
. __.llft.3in: 7r.7ft. 


B B O A 



a a> £ • «"3 " 
a» J ca 2 a) 

__■ S>-_ ' jaW 5 

►_>?3 : i?5t? 

30ft. : 67ft. 


A Y 




>-_ "_ __ 

o _>o __,__;.: r;it(icj 

■£~7. £ I 

_ |«1 lIPi-H I fflfs-| 5 i i g mu ¥ M 

Diagrams of Lots in Beverwyh. 







(4) 7r.lft. 

H. J. Westerkamp 
Volck. J. Douw and 
Jan Thomase 
Harme Rutgers 
G. G. Van Schaick and 
P. P. Lassingh 
Syb. V. Schaick 



J . F. Van Hoesen 
V. J. Douw and 
Jan Thomase 
Harme Rutgers 
G. G. V. Schaick and 
P. P. Lassingh 
Sybrant Van Schaick 

a- p 


Reyer Gerritse 


A llii! i 

• io ^" a Sk* jj 
: w lr.tft.10in. 

. (2) 

Jan Franse Van Hoe- 
: sen 

H. J. Westerkamp 
: Hendr. Jocln 
: Abraham Staats 

: (3) 

• Jan Franse Van Hoe- 

: sen 

: g Hendr. Jochemse 

: g Ph. Piet. Schuyler g 
&.' Abraham Staats P 
"1 Sir Wm. Johnson 

2-S I. 

HI C3 


53 a o:§ 

as® 51 

..C C3 * 




" -fes? 

S3 <B £o» 

ft 2 P . - 


s<3 - 

£sl H . 



■'S-2 34S 

a «.y o -tiT 

fi S <* - 5 -2 '-o 

|2qH « - H.Q 

O cj-r gg™ 

<o ■« in beos"^. 
^ S 3 S S 

2 * 

■ :" 5 





3 "3 ^ oB 


ime of Lote in 


- (3 

& & .- d 

■-■ -"-j. 








m S 










_ ;>_ -. 






C r\ 


►J P 

1 abatle 

ibse Bore 



Jacob Joo 

Hoffman : C 

Areul .7m. 







e . 




-§ = 


£- — 

o £ . 53 




* a 



P T- 

5 "2 - ? 

Its II 

§ ^og 

5 - .a •* S 


5 ' H c "* i£ 

g~ So* 9 

>• . jo 
•- 2 ~ ^ » 

Diagrams of Lots in Bever\ 






oo 5J 

S 2 ^ 



1 ^ 






X » 




02 S 



38ft. or 





to •■ 

g.M 2 




2 o 


= < a £<« 



IS sgS 

jfe; »j 


3 j 



'— '* 




3 3 - 




uns of Lots in Beverwyh. 





•g d 

e * * 



■g «? 
5 & 

1 § 

s s 




« -3 

s "3 


• § 


is « 








Cfe rt.Z; 




: O 

:s > 


5 > 5 




d c 


: 4r.2ft. 

"" 4r.2ft. 






*8 r 




Ch «j 










s s 







" ?-< 

S3 co 

OS , 


a . 




Diagrams of Lots in Beverwyh. 


•53 o w 

"3 SoSo 


§ s 121s 

J3 •* O g> eo 

03 O S.O*' •- 

■£ » a 


O 3 " — 


-8 g.S £ 

g-S g M 



Is I J 

*j a a O 

■SB £ a 


su ^a>§s 


I -^ 






'Sis; r 

•g au 

■so . 

6 a* 














03 5 










S 7 


a 1 




B3 >>"* 


^S 1 





C3 OS 













: a 

: > 

: jx 


• § 
: > 

; » 

: II 

: :> 

(2) 55ft. 
Bar. Mynderse 
Jeron's Wendel 

V. Schelluyne 
2 s im. J. Schermerhorn 
Stfacob Theuuise g? 
' Johannes Mingael. f? 

a . 












Reyer Elbertse 
G. G. Van Schaick 
Gerrit Van Schaick 

(5) 72ft. 




Albert Gysbertse de 
rademaker (or : 
Eldertse Goyer) : 

Arent Van Curler 

(6) : 

9r. • : 
_■ Pieter Meese Vroonian « : 
|C. C. Sterrevelt S; 
jj C. Theuuise Bos P ; 
t- Jurriaen Janse & 
,g Groenwout (7) : 


1660, a low lot : 



Diagrams of Lots in Beoerwyk. 

% 1-" a <= 

I l 


6 srs°s 

> o - 






* S c? 


5li S 

is i 

4> £ 

"a 1 

^ , 

t= a 



p - 'a 



«£ © 

















:*j §„ 


<£ : 

d W d 

CO cc 

• ** so 



l T i 

£ a & 

8r. or 

, Bael 





: 11 5 

: si 




<3 o 








: a 





•'.-v •? 

,->, s 








"" 4r. 


raws of -Lot* in Beverwyh. 


5 oH 

1 Sr. 


I £s 


a g* 
45 ^ w 

















*> £fc;a 






& 51 

o m 

e i 



§ Ho 


., H 
o o 


Si . 

•5 ?3 

a s - 


2 o^ 



ta 3 

S? a! 


"3 "3 -2 S -S 8 



c § 







+j B j- 

H '- £ 

*-» £ a " s 


.2*^ « .-a 

.25 s „-s~ 


^ & -s 

S. ; JA 

a sB°n S 



5 3 H 



5- => .t 

1§ 5 

CB Eh 

.1 a^pq 


3 - '-' ■'■ 


:Pmm S 

H 1 fl» 

Ill -i 



a 3^ 

- ■ 

5 Ph 

■S-r-^rg h .2(5 2 

4 a 

: gaSa I 

: * S § 1 : 


it - a 
to 3o 
o o'-s 

~ « 5? 


fiw«. ( 


Diagrams of IaAs in Beverwyk. 





* £-. 

•_■*» ir a m" 

s a 

*3 OS O-^g 

----- : a s 


£ q 




ai £ 







*i I 


1 '• 


O g. 






M ^ 

£ ' 

o- 2 







£ ftS 



t i*oS 














O W 8 

J T B 

E E T 


K O A D W A 


: 16Hft. 






5» .a 

: ^ 

sg d 

: fc 
: w 

• o 


; 9 


: » 

O e3 
1-3 Kg 




d : 

■ ^ ° 








O 3 «- 

"5 <B 


IO s> 


» =: -.i 

• £•« 



! ^s 


B Z. fc P 


ia >, 

•= a £ o 





, :: ^J : 


~ 20ft. 



Diagrams of Lots in Beverwyk 





» 3 5 * 
tie P 






» ►.« y 



I- 08 - 

y - — ■' 













u a. c £ 
B § r 

fe sag 


<o ... 

O '•}. f ,f 

75 X T3 ~- 

a 10 ,-A. 

g si 







2S N 




73^ a 
3 «o 

-05 .S 

•0 a § 


5 i 



■gS .J 

g 1 




o o 



'2 V 

CJ rlco 

Eh &■§ 


S 50 

S3 .13 K O 

2 *tfS 



.2 o 

.a - 





s 1 

a g 









C « 35 


£ o'S 


^ SJ 

■eg a ^5 

a g-S 6 "' 


a £0 P as © 



a = cs a « 
- a s 's rt ■" o 


a a'St "g^ 
& ^ t, .a g 


Diagrams of Loi 

t 3 

& 3 = 

o a 


c e 

5 a 




q ' 




„.- = £p 


B R 


:>= E 

3 " B 60 2 a 




— - C T. 


"52 — ; — , - -' l. ■ s 

= ==< 

— - r- 


10'/ 2 ft. 

: - 

■8® a 


Diagrams of Lots in BeverwyTc. 



*>02 ooo 


Capt. Joh. Schuyler 



53 W 


a K 


fr W 


nms of Lots in Beverwyh. 


3 ' z 

s -11 

5 II 


c •- 





S 08 rt 


s •■ - 



a I 


- I' 


<2 Bp.1T g 

o| 5 3 51 


xi o 




: § 

• o 


! £ 
i | 


I 8 

e 1 


(M d 



t? 1 









: (2) 

: Abraham "Vosburgh p 

' (1 l T - 

Isanc, Fryer „ 

: 120ft. 





" d 

' 8 










. 192ft. 






Diagrams of 'Lots in Bevencyh. 



>- rt 2 K 
pq o a, t* 

•f .-SoS 

_Ai ftp. 


3 3 


a rt 




■ 6) a 



in a 

1706, pasture of Robert Livingston, Jr.— Alb. I 
-4«., v, 129. : 

1706, pasture of heirs of Jeronimus Wen- 
dell.— Alb. An., v, 129. 













■: : 


» a S 



ft So 

"3 3 




2 p 


£ : 












Capt. Johannes Schuyler 

Goosen Gerrits V. Schaick 

Jacob Janse V. Noortstrant 

Ilendr. Ger. Vander Meulen 
Jacob Janse Van Noorstradnt 



3 M 


-fa ?! 

Diagrams of Lots in Bevcrw?/7e. 




o u 


98! »fl 


~ 30ft. 


















7/i's^. Coll. iv. 









it a a 


5 8 

- _• 



i-5 1 

Eg.2 SO 

"■• ^ a > G <- 

h - cs ~ a 

£«ph« so 


'- - r 

w oa -i 

Si 3 <s 



a — 



a K uL - 


S %% 

~ T ; 
£ t , - 
P, "i, § a "t rt 
- o 

1 ■- 

- = ;. 


e |- 

2 CD-C 

3 _■ - 

CO t: 


g 03 4 





















55 a^ 





6 g § S v 

Diagrams of Lots in Beverwyh. 




,m a o 

F. | 

- pi--' a> S C -: g ^ 


.' - 

8 2 


rams of Lots in I 


5r.- am. 














• ornellue Van We 

• : i oenwout 
Abraham Kip 



Marten Hoffman 


Marten Herberts* a 

Itin Hendricks* \ 
Timothy Cooper 





: ■-' 

: 5r.=60ft. 



O J. =r--r 

1 ijig 


: . 

•£ a 
■B . 

q B 

■bS . 



Diagrams of Lots in Bevenoyh. 


tJ5 8 

■*<= = as 



H oS g 

the Vossen 
udries De V 
outh, 28 rods 
to the chu 






y to 
to A 

yard . 















The palisades on the north side of the village crossed North Pearl 
of Maiden lane ; later 342 feet north of the same street ; at the next re 
junction of Columbia street, and finally in 1744, during the old Frencl 
Canal street. 

All the land from a point a few feet south of Stsuben street nearl 
(to Canal street ?), and lying west of North Pearl was patented in 1667 
The dimensions of this plat were 30 rods on the north side, 31 rods on 
the east and 15 rods on west. In 1675, De Vos conveyed this parcel o 
who conveved the same the next year to Cornells Van Dyck for a hop 
109, 132 ; Alb. An., vm, 243. 




o „ 













o O 

> a 

** a 

8 is -3 

- a) 2 





S o ° « *" 

o <8 

- ,-. -r . ^ 





A o » <u ., — -, .• 


8°g gjv 

- - 

*?' . 


2 * 

- - z. ~ 
SI hs 

. XI 

o a 

a I 

£ Is 

I I §2 




1 . s eg 

gS S eg 

- ? - 



g =ft: R| 

?, '_ S 

■a S"S 


"5 x 

0» ri 

5fi 15ft 45ft 45ft 

3Cft. . . . 

: 20ft. 


8i § 



: it?: 


: S^S : • 



: = = « -. ^ 

~ — — <r - - 
.Una ,5igP . " BQ 

■ *r s § g , ■ =s t 

: S^ a ■g|2 ■ i?£s 

: £ a 

: 18tt. "3 18ft! : g^O 



; « oo ; 





o •;• 2 


hcote Robt. Sande 

6 feet 


= ,_• 


: W. Nol 
ck : Robt. 8 

(1) : 8( 

rdner &'• 

d § g 



5-5 « 

S : 

5 c 

5 £ 

P -s : 

23ft.3in ; 


8r.7ft. : 






Diagrams of Lots in Bevcrwyk 





^ i 

2t> " 




i-io ax, 

Srf *° 

g§ eg 

•P^r -^"» 

1 1 

S - 

c3 a 


«> . 


I : 

x. _^ 

a 3*a 


' ■ — 

: 3654ft. 


:3G'/ 2 ft. 


3G</ 2 ft. : 





: ^ 


8r 1 




2r.llft. W J 




* 8 « 

o §34ft.lin 

• 1 " 

5 3 




■as 3|-a : 

pq> 6o£ g j 

?3 j? " 




5p r ;pgg. : 

^! iOfl "3.0 

'-' . 



• t, O -w «' o 

2 SS 





O^^W<1,i5 ; 



ft. : 

a .s 





— - -. 

Johannes and Hend- 


23ft. 3in 


9 tt£i 

. 5 

S T 

2'B. Rynderse 
C Jm Nack 

Barent Reynderse£ : 
g-G. Lansing 

■I 3rllft - I 

g Hendrick Koster £j 

gj-Hendrick Koster 
C.G. Lansing 

2 § 


| S 











= - 






J 1 






a _ 


J' I 

£fc si" 3 



S Sa h 

V.2.9 => 



c r 


v— ' 

•1 I - 

i-i oft 


Diagrams of Lots in Beverioyh 


r. V. D. i 

«D : < 

: 2r.llft.9in. 

, 2r. 




£r 1ft 311 

! | 1 

: < 8 

1 a 
? 1 

: 1 s3 

: £§§ 

(9) Sr.lOfl 

Magistrates of Albany to Jacob Loockerman 
rickse and Helmer Otten 
Reyer Jacobse Schermerhoorn : 
Capt. Jan Clute : 
Jurriaen Janse Groenwout Omy 

• ^.fcBO B 


: : d 

: g 

: M 

: « 


: -a 


: I! 



i—i ^ 



< cs S g 




i £ 

3 ©"H 


John Coneel 
John Stuart 
LourenB Van 


Jan ' 9 
Melgert Wyi 



Otten and 

Jan Janse B 





: ^ 








: 3r.6ft. 


C H A P E E 

T B E E T 

S g j 
5-2 a 


-d a _r 


» * *» t. 



I* 5 

: p 

o . 







I Si 


Coll. vi. 




o ... 

fej _H » w 

|Bi, o3 rH a 


£ CO - 

os • - . 



'&» J" 





■ ' LO ■ i 














feg 1 ' 











OS "m 


J =- 






x> 1 

~ a; 







_ '-5 


-9 ° 


P*. r 1 

B E R 

'":' 30ft.' 








Jacob Glen 






Isaac Lansing 







Richard Hansen : 







Cornelia Cnyler 





Abraham Cuyler 



Diagrams of Lots in Beoerwyk. 


Gerrit Van Zandt 















o : 

| I 
48ft.9in. : 

4 i<3 

5 :Sg 

: 2 

• a 


a : -3 


« ■ a 
■a £ 

1 ; % 

3 :C 
45ft. :28ft 






§ ° 

























•c o 









: (12) 60ft. 


Gerrit I. Lansingh 

P V N I S H 



h 5.. 

3 si 

d '^1 

«* Is 

2 l§ 

a - .s 

•u - r 

fe 32 ft 

.3 « a 

■5 ?* 


. _ o 




g ? 


S.el 00 

d ° 

•<3 a; 

I o 

to .S 

? r 

I I 



S © © £ 




































































Horse : c 
guards :g 

Diagrams of Lots in JBeoi 


Van Men 

Jan Robic 


: Rut Arentse 




Line of the stockades in 1719. 


: e> Adriaen Gerritse [Papendorp] 
I (4) 9r.7ft. 

:;« Gerrit Shohtenhorst 
• (8) 9r.10ft.fin. 


: Gabriel Thoinase [Stridles] 
: . Thomas Williams 

j (2) 10r. 




~ So 

e o 



; Frederick 
: Myndertse 



T R E E T 



O § 

o e : 
■" o s 
© — < 

**J3 5-* 

v.-° g'So 

-" -1 - - 




b. ot : 


h's shop lea 

ick Myndert 
57 ; vin, 342 



- ■• .; _ 

ie comer of 
his house fo 
as. Spanish 
the houses ol 
1716.— AW. A 

■^•a-a a >; 

9 « ' ' - a 

ck >i pnde 
feet of land 

riches wide 


Diagrams of Lots in Beverwyk. 


S a 

§ 2 

a ( ; 








^W ■ 




S- '" 















! - 

a Ca^SS 

tS So 

a oo a=o 

aaa ; S 

£f 3 >> s 


w bury 
lot wa 
is poin 
reen st 

as aS^> 

!)S £*ja 

15). 1676- 

line of t 
viii, 274 




5« 8 I. 

-« a sa -1 
a 8 " £ 

B E A V 




T R 


E T 

108ft. : 112ft. 

: 117/ 2 ft. 

: 57ft?. : 

w Is a • W 

: «„ : 


: S^ ' : 

P ^|» id fl 

• 1 

: ^3 i 

•S b -So 

« 108ft. : g 

enn Holland 

he Church 


: ^ 





: "s^ « i 

•: * 

Philip Livingston: o 

CI •: 

Ik ; 

2 : 112ft. 


^ ■ 



£ : 

rt s 


M Andries Bratt 

§, 108ft. : -g 




I ; 


> S3 

5 p. 



d Jno. Segers 

II i 


S3 3 : 


c5 j 


§ • Sm 


g g 




§ ;§ rt 



Sft.9in. :' 

jj a 

8 S 







Richd. Hilton 

Henry Holland, 
Jacobus Hilton 





a "" 





1 1 

I 1 

Edw. Holland 
Kobt. Kidney 

Willem Waldro 

"' 60ft. 

S" a« 

w 3% d: 
d M 'f g: 

l' s i 




28ft. ; 28ft. 


"f Lota in Btvcrwyk. 

B E A v E B 










: *****: 
: ***** 
: ***** 

: : nenry Holland (3) : 

Diagrams of Lois in Beoerwyk. 




.~. o o 

27ft. or 
2r.l>/ 2 ft. 

S 3 M 

a a s 





a a 

■a * 



■ ■ 3 




: s-< 


a • ■ ■ 


sj .a . 



°° £ : 



'• 03 


S : 


"63 • 



»s • 



JM : 



I : 



< : 



d- : 



* 55 

I ^® 

Hi •*« 

s s£ 

<B ho 

& £5 

"S 0"s 

ro ogl 

O fto 



£ o °s 


*■§ a £ 

o S o 

o v. ,a —3 
Z ° o-S 


> IT 

<3 ag 


i j ^ 


53^51 • 

o eS'T.Sf 

■- - 


-•- Skil- 
ls jj^a* 

a.3.a <rt «i aS 

^ -■■::■.- - 

a 33 



• 8 

93 ■ 

D 5 






d 1 



rt O 












5 s? 

S £1 



« a 

cos ^ r 00 a 



rams of Lois in Bern 


n a 


2 I 
2 | 

C5 2 
O 1 

1 I 

5 Is 



















•5 ° 


[ 225 ] 


Worshipful, valiant, most noble general, and right honorable sirs of the 
high council of New Netherland : 

As the first of May next will be the time when the terms of office of the 
three persons now serving as commissaries shall have expired, viz : Jan 
Verbeeck. Jacob Janse Schermerhooren, who last year departed for Holland, 
and Jan Thomase [Mingael], so to fill up the bench, according to former 
custom, a nomination is made of a double number of six persons, viz: Philip 
Pieterse Schuyler, Derrick Jausc Croon, ' Volckert Janse [Douw], Rem Janse 
[Smit], Evert Wendel and Arent Andriese [Bratt], from whom, if it 
please your honors of the high honorable court, to elect three persons, for 
this bench, to supply the places of the aforesaid retiring officers ; and our 
humble petition is, that your honor and the court will please make the 
election at the aforesaid time, otherwise the bench will be deficient, to the 
great inconvenience of the people here, and also the honorable company's 
service- awaiting the same, in the meantime, we pray Almighty God to 
prosper your honor's and the council's government, and that your counsels 
may long abide. In the meantime, Heer general and honorable sirs, we 
remain your honors' humble and trusty servants of the court, at Fort 
Orange and Beverwyck. 

Fort Orange, 30th of March, 1655. 

Steven Janse [Coninck] desires to sell, at this sale or auction, the 
following goods, on these conditions, to wit : The payments shall be made 
in good merchantable beavers, without any abatement, in the month of 
May. The buyers shall make said payments, at the time fixed, to Pieter 
Ryverdingh, who shall receive the money for the aforesaid goods : 

To Baehtgen, a tiektack table (ticktack bort), / 16.00 

Rensselaer, 11 axes (byleii), f 9.10 

Seger Cornelise, 861b tobacco, / 25.00 

Do. 6 beer glasses, / 6.04 

Jan the Jester (?) (met de boerf), 3 pictures, / 2.00 

Henderick Jochemse, a sign,'- / 3.12 

Jacob Adrianse, 3 a gun, f 13.00 

Pieter Bout, a canoe (knoo). / 35.00 

Jan Thomase [Mingael], 3 gutters [for a brewery], / 60.00 

Steven Janse. a sow (soch), / 17.00 

Henderick Gerritse [Van Wie], a hog, f 15.00 

Steven Janse. a hog, / 14.00 

Huybert the Rogue (?), (de guyt), a cask of No. 1 Holland beer, / 41.00 
Philip Pieterse [Schuyler], do. No. 2, / 33.00 

1 Dirk Janse Croon was appointed magistrate in 1055, and 1658. In 1660, he was superintendent 
of wells.- ipts, xiv, 199, etc. In 1664, he was probably in Amsterdam.— English 

• :ii, 3. 

i store the door of an inn. It would seem from the sale of his si<m, 
beer, etc., that Coninck at this time retired from the business. 
3 Jacob Adriuensc Van Utrecht, alias Radernacker. 

Hist. Coll. ir, 29 

Albany Qonmty Records. 

Willem Pietei ck],i a barrel (ton) No. 8 Holland beer,/ 30.00 

Willem I ditto / 24.00 


Jan Vei No. 4 Holland beer, / 24.00 

H niter, a chest / 9.10 

1 1 uy belt the Rogue / -.12 

Do. I'echen. f 

Foung ' f 8.10 

■ Hulter, four hogs at 14 guilders a piece f 54.00 

A nt ho:. -k of Holland beer / 

Leendert Philipse [Conyn] 5 a a press bed, / 4.00 

be, a book (paid from tbe brewery), / 10.00 

To Jacob from the Flat, a dog, but Andries and Goosen have assumed 
the debt. Also to Juryan the glazier, two hogs, for 3i beavers, but 
Andries Herpertsen and rritse [Van ^chaick], must also have 

mouey for stones, and the 3-^ beavers go as an offset. 

Jan Peeck desires to sell at this public sale his two houses, standing 
and lyin (range, with the garden thereto belonging, all according 

to the patent thereof. The houses adjoin on the west the angle of the fort, 
to the east Arent Van den Bergh ; the gardeu lies to the south of the 
aforesaid fort, adjoining to the north the Heer Rensselaer, and to the 
south a public ' •-/. — The person who, as buyer, bids in the same, 

shall be holden to make the first payment of six hundred guilders, in the 
month of May. or at furthest, by the end of said month, the half, in 
current seewant, and the other half, in good beavers. The second 
ing the last, shall be paid before the following May, in the 
year 1656, the half, in current seewant. and the other half, in be; 

on this condition that the person, who bids off the same, shall be 
holden to furnish sufficient sureties ; and failing in that, the property shall 
again be offered for sale at the charge of the buyer, and what less it shall 

he buyer shall make good. The seller of the aforesaid houses shall 

ien to deliver the garden inclosed in new pales, together with the 

sand that may be in the cellar of the one house, which he shall build and 

complete in a proper manner, after which the buyer must order matters 


Upon this 14th of April, 1655, Mr. Joannes Dyckinan remained the 

bidder, for the sum of sixteen hundred and twenty-seven Carolus 
guilders, and on the aforesaid conditions hereunder set his usui 
manual,; pledging the aforesaid houses and his estate, personal and real, 
all according to law. 

Joannes Dtckman. 

We, the undersigned, as principals, stand sureties for the aforesaid 
Joannes Dyckman, in the purchase of the two houses, according to the 
conditions, to stand in his stead in case of failure of payment, and to pay 

- had three sons: Pieter. Dirk, and Teunis, and perhaps Jacob, 
who settled hi ! Beverwyck and at Kinderhook, and had families. 

- Leeudeert Philipse Convn, in 1657, owned a house and lot in Beverwyck on the . 
which he still owned in ,. 04, 303. He died in 1704.- A 

He left ?ons. Philip and Caspar, and perhaps Jacob. 

Albany County Records. 227 

the aforesaid money; for which we pledge our estates, personal and real, 
according to law. 

Done this 16th of April, 1655, in Beverwyck. 


As witnesses, Evert Pels. 

( laes Hendrycl 
Willem Pieterse [Van Slyck~\. 

On this the 16th day of* April, 1655, appeared before me Pieter Ryver- 
dingh, clerk in the service of, etc., Mr. Joannes Dyckman, who acknow- 
ledged that he had sold to Clues Hendrickbc [Van Schoonhoven], citizen 
here, a certain lot adjoining on the south side of Abraham Pieterse [Vos- 
burgh] carpenter, and on the north side Mr. Jacob [De Ilinse] chirurgeon, 
on the east side a common cart road, breadth about six rods eight feet, 
length ten rods, together with a double garden, Nos. 1 and 2 lying behiud 
the aforesaid lot, with the timber lying there for a house, and the pales 
for the garden, all delivered free, lot, garden and timber ; provided that 
said Claes Hendrickse, therefor, shall pay the sum of four hundred Carolus 
guilders, the half in good strung current see want, and the other half in 
good whole beavers, under this reservation, that whenever the said Dyck- 
man delivers over the patent for the same, then the promised sum as 
aforesaid shall be paid without further delay. In acknowledgment of 
the same, they mutually pledge their respective persons and estat< 
sonal and real, present and future, subjecting the same to the force of all 
laws and judges. In witness of which, without craft or guile, this is signed 
with their own hands, on the date aforesaid in Beverwyck. 

Johannes Dyckman 

As witnesses, Claes Hendryckse. 

Andries Herberts. 
Jan Peeck. 

Acknowledged before me, 

Pteter Ryverdingh, Clerk. 

On this 17th day of April, 1655, appeared before me, Joannes Dyck- 
man, customs officer, etc., in Fort Orange, etc., the honorable Pieter Gel- 
lisse Metselaer (mason), at present living at said Fort Orange, who 
declared that he had appointed and empowered, as by these presents he 
does appoint and empower, the virtuous Marytgen Jacobse residing on the 
Prince's canal at Amsterdam, being the subscriber's wife, and his grand 
uncle, in her husband's name and for his sake to claim, demand and re- 
ceive all such sums of money as are due to him, for his child's portion, 
inherited by him from his mother, and further so to do and act as the 
matter demands, and as the attorney judges wise; the subscriber holding 
as fixed and irrevocable whate^ • .said itorney, Maritgen Jacobse, has 
done or shall do herein, as if he were himself present in person. 

In witness whereof, this is signed with his own hand, with witnesses 
hereto called and invited. Done as above. Pieter Jellesse. 

As witm 
Andries 11 
Pieter R;j>< dingh. 

Acknowledged before me, Joannes Dyckman. 

Albany Comity h 

Their honors of this court desire to farm out, at public sale, to the 
■ bidder, the tapsters' excise ■ • ad beer, for the time of 

ginning on the first of May next, on the following con- 
ic collector shall be holden to pay the promisi d Bom 
iv to the honorable court or to their order. This payment shall 
strung Beewant. It is conditioned that the highest bid- 
der Bhall be holden to furnish sufficient security for the payment, failing 
of which, it shall immediately be offered for sale again, at his cost and 
charge, without any opposition. On this 23d of April. 1 

became the buyer for the sum of two thousand 
and thirty guilders upon the foregoing eouditious. and Cl.v 
and Philip Bendrickse [lirouwer] ' became his sureties, to take his place 
of failure of payment, according to the foregoing conditions, 
pledging mutually their estates, personal and real, present and future, 
without exception, and subjecting the same to the force of all laws and 

In witness whereof this is mutually signed without craft or guile. 

i buyer, Marcelis Janse. 


On the 22d day of December, 1655. Adriaen [Papendorp] 

and Adriaen Van Ilpendam, have in friendship covenanted and agreed 
in manner following : The aforenamed Adriaen Van Ilpendam has sold 
his house, lot and garden, with all that is therein fast by earth and nailed, 
standing and lying in Beverwyck, and promises to deliver them on the 
first day of A '•. with the patent and a proper conveyance but 

expressly conditioned, that on the east side about three feet of the lot in 
front on the street, be sold to Rem Jansen Smit, so that the house of said 
Rem Jansen may stand on his own ground; for which aforenamed house, 
lot and garden. Adriaen Gerritse must pay to Adriaen Van Ilpendam, 
eighteen hundred Carolus guilders, in good merchantable beaver skins, at 
eight guilders a beaver, as consideration for the house, lot and garden ; 
on the further condition that Adriaen Gerritse may occupy half of the 
id house, and cultivate the garden ;. pledging mutually their per- 
sons an • rsoual and real, in subjection to all laws and judges. 

In witness of which, two copies of this agreement are made, and without 
craft or guile signed, of date as above. 

Adriaen Van Ilpendam. 
Rem Jansen, as witness. Adriaen Gebritsen. 

Andriese Hendrick, as witness. 

On this 28th day of February. 1650. Joachem Wesselse Backer of 
the one part and Adriaen Van Ilpendam of the other side, have in friend- 
ship, covenanted and agreed in manner following : Joachim Backer 
- Bold his house, lot and garden standing and lying in Bever- 

1 Philip Hendrikse Brouwer became on of the original proprietors of Schenectady 

the next year he accidentally shot Cornells Cornelise Swita ; in 1664, he died. His wil 

Tjerk. He probably left no children. The Bronwers of Schenectady are de^cend'-d 
from Wm. Brouwer of Beverwyck. 

Albany County Records. 229 

wyck, and promises to deliver the same to said Van Upendam, with a valid 
conveyance and the patent, when half the payment shall have been made, 
and he promises also to have a bedstead made at his own expense in the 
cellar, and to deliver all the shingles needed for the aforesaid house ; 
also some posts as agreed upon to be delivered on the lot, and the buyer 
may enter into possession of the house, lot and garden, nest first of May, 
for which aforesaid house, lot, etc., the buyer shall be holden to pay to 
the seller, or to his order, thirteen hundred guilders, half in good mer- 
chantable beavers skins, at eight guilders a beaver, and the ot) 
in good strung seewant, and the beavers must be paid before the first of 
August in this year, and the seewant on the first of April, 1657 ; hereby 
mutually pledging their persons and estates, without exception 
subjection to all laws and judges. In acknowledgment of the truth of 
which, they have signed this without craft or guile, in Beverwyck. 

Done as above. 

Jochem Backer. 

As rciinc- Adrian Van Ilpenuam. 

J. V. Hamel. 
Pieter Loochermaa. 

I, the undersigned, acknowledge that I have received upon this con- 
tract the first payment, to wit, one and eighty beavers, and, in confirma- 
tion of the same, have signed this with my own hand, in Beverwyck, this 
22d Feb., II 

Jochem Backer. 

I, the undersigned, acknowledge that I have received on this contract 
two hundred and two guilders in seewant this 27th April, 1657. 

Jochem Backer. 

I, the undersigned, Jochem Backer, acknowledge that I am paid in 
full for this contract by him [Adrian Van Upendam]; and I thank him 
for prompt payment and free him from all claims. 

Done in Beverwyck this last day of April. 

Jochem Backer. 

[Communication from the court at Albany to the director general and 
council at New Amsterdam-] 

******* farmed out to the collector, 
Marcelis Janse, the wine and strong beer excise, at public sale, at the 
house of Henderick Jochemse, for the time of a whole year commencing 
on the first of May next, for the sum of two thousand and thirty guilders. 
We cannot conceal from your honor and the council, that the report has 
come to our ears, that your honor desires the ordinary excise of wine 
and beer in the colony, not to be paid to us, but rather to establish them 
[of the colony] in a position against us; in regard to which therefore 
your honor and the council will please return a very speedy answer, and 
in the meantime we have sent and delivered to the court of the colony of 
, following reply : Reply to the written summons and 
protestation by the court of the colony of Kensselaerswyck, delivered in 

Albany County Records. 

Fort Ora B srerwyck], on Tuesday last ; where- 

U reply. — In- 
Jan B laer, in the cap 

id, through theschout (?) i 


be wine and beer excise ; so it is, that until 
: honorable the director general and 
council 1. we trust your honor will remain tout 

; "Mr honor's original written summons and protestation have 

le the director general and council of New 

mil. who will order, in relation thereto, according to their accus- 

and if your honor desiies to learn them he can address 

' aving proper authority. 

in our court 'range and Beverwyck this 29th of April, 

- 1 1 

. - • • ■ 


Franz Barentse Pastoob. 

Upon this the fin [ay, 1655, Steven Janse [Coninck] desires 

to sell, at this public sale, the house formerly belonging to the late 

1 1 Comelise [Van Wesap], as it at present stands, with the kitchen 

pen, and lot of the same, all according 

patent thereof on the following conditions : * * * * * 

[Wanting] shall furnish sufficient sureties to the content of 

the seller, and failing of this, it shall at once be offered for sale again, 

at the expense of the buyer, and whatever less it comes to be worth shall 

be made good by the buyer. The payment must be made in the three 

3tal »he first, within fourteen days, or at least bj r the 

end of the mouth of May. the second next Amsterdam Fairday I 

and the third, next 1656, also in May; all to be paid 

1 whole bea e aforesaid conditions without any delay ; 

led that the buyer or ladder is not to lay claim to the two mouths' 

rent due from Pieter the Fleming, who at present occupies the 

but Baid kitchen shall be delivered f July next, after which 

is to regulate matters himself. * * * * 

* [Wanting]. 

On this the third 1655, I, James Dyckman, in the charac- 

ter of clerk and officer, at the earnest petition of Marcelis Janse, the col- 
lector, betook myself to the house of Jacob Adriaense Soogemackelyck. 1 
Tlure were present sitting before the door, the following witnesses, Hen- 
rse [Coeymans], the miller, and the afore- 
emackelyck himself. It was my earnest request that the collector, 
Marcelis Janse, should guage his ding to the farming of the 

excise [Verpachtinge], for which end he had come there. Th< 
ceived for an answer from the aforesaid Soogemackelyck that there was 

ifPieter Adriaense Soogemackelyck and ere They 

hadanot) elnm. 

: Rear, was dei 

Albany County Records. 231 

another gentleman undertaking it, and he would not permit it, so then I, 
Joannes Dyckman, before doing anything else, there at the house, before 
the door, made the following protest : since you, Pieter Andriaense 
Soogemackelyck, will not permit us to guage the wine and beer you have 
in your cellar, in the name of the right honorable director general and 
council of New NetheFlaud. I protest that all the damage and expense 
which the honorable company and collector may suffer shall fall upon 
your person. * * * * * * * * [Some 

lines wanting] Steven Janse [Coninck] and also a person whose name I 
could not tell, from whom, on my friendly request for an answer, I received 
the like answer as Pieter Adriaense Soogemackelyck gave me; whereupon 
I departed again with the like protest and betook myself to the house of 
Adriaen Janse Van Leyden, finding him and his wife at home, I received 
the same answer as the other gentlemen gave ; he expressly refused 
permission for the guaging, * * * * so I protested 
against him word for word as I had done against the others. 
Fort Orange, this 4th of May, 1665. 

Johannes Dyckman. 

Marcelys Jansen, Collector. 

* * * [Wanting]. I, Anthonys de Hooges, acknowledge 
that I have sold to Volckert Janse [Douw] the west portion of my lot 
extending behind the house of the buyer aforesaid for a certain sum of 
money to my satisfaction, the length of the aforesaid part, being ten and 
a half and the breadth four rods, and I therefore so convey and release 
the same to and for the behoof of Volckert Janse, with such ownership 
and possession as were granted to me and others without making any 
pretension of right, claim, or authority to the same from this time forth. 
As witness my hand here subscribed in Beverwyck this 5th of May, 1655. 

Antonitjs de Hooges. 

I, Joannes Dyckman, customs officer and vice director in Fort Orange, 
and village of Beverwyck, having seen the above standing conveyance, 
promise that I will procure that Volkert Janse shall shortly be furnished 
with a patent in debita forma, for said lot of ground, ten and a half rods 
in length, and four rods in breadth. 

Done as above, 

Joannes Dyckman. 

Worshipful, valiant and most noble sir, and right honorable gentlemen 
of the council of New Netherland. General and" right honorable sirs : 
Our last to your honors was of date the 29th of April last, but to our 
great surprise, although a continual south wind has been blowing, no 
answer to the same has been received, notwithstanding the urgent letter 
that we wrote respecting the farming of the excise, about which the 
collector, as is proper, at the first opportunity, * * * or other like 
heavy claim makes, of which the honorable president and clerk of this 
court will give your honors minuter information by word of mouth, what 
treatment his honor [the collector] met with from the innkeepers 
dwelling without the limits [of the village of Beverwyck], who would 
by no means permit the guaging of their liquors, whereupon nothing 

Albany County Records 

me, than in ice of th< oolleotor, Maroelia 

the names of your honors, as your 

own in writing. Now i ! in case 

of your honors in this matter, we shall not 

only be a by- ' i in consequ 

l, u t ho; b >nors will, in proper time, put in execution 

' , w needful a secretary is here requires 

* * [wanting], being a sober and fit person to relieve 

be clerk l , since his honor decline* longer to serve here (?), 

of whicb his honor, by word of mouth, will give your honors an explaua- 

d ro bis house, is no longer fitted to perform 

mmunity so greatly multiplied. Diverse 

ich us, of those, who, last year furnished your honors with 

time of need, asking restitution and payment, for examples. 

se, "Willem Bout, and others; your honors will | 

ing to promi -yment thereof, or confirm the writing 

a to the same, to which cud the original requisition, the said honora- 

3tom otficer takes with this, and further will so do and act therein 

given order. Our humble petition is that your honors will 

and also will please grant it to us speedily; 

and further referring you to bis honor [the custom officer], for a verbal 

report respecting the condition of things up here; in the meantime, 

I and right honorable sirs of the council, we pray Almighty God 

'.nors' counsels to bless and prosper more and more, and remain 

your honors' faithful servants of the court of Fort Orange and Bever- 

wyck. 2 

hange, 10 April, 1655. 

* * * [Wanting] of the court of Rensselaerswyck, delivered 

the following petition: The court of the colony of Rensselaerswyck, 

g that from the fight between Steven Janse [Coninck] and 

Jacob 1 ! !aet, there exists just reasons and motives, in the matter 

of their bounden duty, to be vigilant and watchful in the administration 

of justice, the offense being such, that Steven Janse was struck in the 

left side with a knife in the hand of Jacob Janse [Hendrickse] aforesaid 

in such a manner that be was redeemed from periculum citse, and that 

et was committed in the jurisdiction of the aforesaid colony. So 

it is that they [of the court of Rensselaerswyck] send a friendly request 

'ile court of Fort Orange and Beverwyek, who have proposed 

the matter that they will please detain the aforesaid Jacob Hendrickse 

under their honors' jurisdiction, and put him into the hauds of our 

officer, to be disposed of only according to his crime, and to do with 

ts shall be found in accordance with the laws: this request 

oftheii ;, led on a reciprocal accommodation and duty in case 

a like occurrence should happen on their side; their honors also not 

such is a mutual obligation of all (principal assi 

they wait for a speedy a and answer to this, inasmuch as 

danger comes from delay. 

i Job; i wealth failing, he retired from the office and bees 

i Th: - ier recorded by Joannes Dycktnan, in these records. 

Albany County Records, 233 

Done at the session of their honors of the aforesaid colony this 2d 
of July, 1655. n registro. Lower stood hy order of the 

same. 1 

A.De Hooges, Schout and Secretary. 

[Wanting] reading as follows : the court 
of Fort Orange and the village of Beverwyck, having seen and examined 
the request made to them by the court of the colony of Rensselaerswyck, 
return as answer thereto, that they are sufficient of themselves as they 
have always sliowu, and with a like desire for the maintenance of justice 
are inspired, and moreover shall not stand idle. On the contrary, their 
duty shows that the person of Jacob Hendrickse Maat, in case he shall 
be found in their jurisdiction, must be apprehended and taken under the 
keeping of justice, placed and confined in a secure place, until such time 
as the state and condition of the patient Steven Janse [Coninck], 
have taken a favorable or unfavorable turn, in order that he may then be 
dealt with as justice and right may demand In meantime their honors 
[of the Court of Fort Orange] testify their pleasure, that the court afore- 
said [of Rensselaerswyck] show themselves lovers, and affect the main- 
tenance, of justice. 

Done at the session of their honors aforesaid, on the 7th of July, A.D. 
1655. Presentibus omnibus. 
By order of the same, 

J. De Deckere,- 1655. 

* [Wanting] by the schout, made to secretary 
Johan de Deckere, in order that certain persons, dwelling uuder our 
jurisdiction, may be brought by our constable, before the tribunal and 
court of Rensselaerswyck, are answered as follows: Your request, sent 
to me this morning, is, I acknowledge, in some cases wholly founded in 
justice and right, also some cases may occur, where the concession sought 
for with good reason should be withheld, unless the reasons, occasion and 
question were made known to us, why one dwelling under our juris- 
diction should properly appear before your honor's court and there be 
tried. We request, therefore, that your honors will afford us, by the 
bearer, the occasion for this demand of yours, that Having found reasons 
for refusal the same may be adhered to, or otherwise renounced, being 
content under similar circumstances to regulate our conduct in the like 
manner. Vale. 

Done this 7th July, 1655. 

J. De Deckere, 1655. 

* * [Wanting]. Immediately after our arrival 
here, we composed and promulgated a certain placard, a copy of which 
accompanies this; the effects we await with more patience than hope, as 
yet seeing nothing more than a superficial cure, because the disease (in my 
opinion), has grown old and penetrated to the bone. As it respects the 

1 The last paper was d.'ited the 10th of April, from which date till July 2d, the village appears 
to have been without a secretary. The above is the first paper recorded by Secretary De 

account of Jan De De;: ., . . , of New Netherlands ir, 304, note. 

He remained in Port Orange, as vice director one year, and then returned to New Amsterdam. 

Hist. Col. iv. 30 

Albany ( 

according fco th reporl 
ubtful, which is most impe I 
understanding or B] I I events he is absolutely unfil i 

to civil, or judicial matters. As to the salary and hundred guild* 
maintena »} Dyckman, I hope to be allowed the same, and 

tl receive it. Johan de Hn 

the 2nd (?)of July, having appeared before the magu 

lecommem! or honors, to the end that they 

would please make and publish a placard, for the prohibition, refbi 
and checking of the insolence, opposition and disobedience of his servants 
in particular, and of others in general, complaining and testifying that 
they are great and intolerable. 

***** [Wanting]. I request that some paper be 
sent, having hitherto used other folk's as my own, also four quires (?), in 
restitution of what the constable says he has used. According to order 
I have I ie house of pastor Schaets. for six guilders a week; I 
request a warrant by which the same may be paid. Herewith, worshipful 
sir, I commend you to the protection of the Almighty. 
Fort Orange, the of July, 1655. 

On the 23d day of July, 1655, I, Johan de Deckere, in the character 
of clerk and officer, at the request of Marcelis Janse, collector, assisted 
by our constable, betook myself to the house of Jacob Adriaensen 5 
mackelyck, 1 and requested him to please let the collector make a proper 
guaging of the wine and beer he had in possession. Whereupon the afore- 
said Soogemackelyck gave me as an answer, that he could not serve two 
r asters, and also that it was forbidden him. Since nothing else can be 
done at this time, I, Johan de Deckere, have made the following protest. 
As you, Pr. Adriaensen Soogemackelyck, will not permit us to guage 
the wine and beer in your cellar * * * [wanting] 

in the name and behalf of the honorable the director general and high 
council in New Xetherland, for all the expense, damage and interest which 
the honorable company and the collector have been put to and suffererh 
through your refusal, and by your perseverance therein shall cause them 
to suffer, that upon your person and those who may have ordered the same, 
such a punishmeut may be rendered as shall be proper. And in the act 
of making this protest, there appeared the person of Jan Bapi 

laer, accompanied by his brother and Brant Van Slcchtenhorst.- 

ving been informed of the reasons of my coming there, said that 

I did not appear there with proper qualifications, demanded the same of 

me, and declared that unless the same were shown he would not permit 

•ging, on the other hand, if the same were shown, the guaging 

should immediately be allowed; also that it was not according to forms of 

law, or the custom of soldiers, without previously notifying the person,' 

as if boarding a vessel; that before they were brought to the knowledge 

thereof, they might have armed themselves against the same. So, in like 

r, on this occasion, I have protested against the same as before. 

» From the manner in which the names of Jacob and Pieter Adriaensen Soogemackelyck are 
i t would seem that they were in partnership. 
a account of Brant Van Skchtenhorst, director of Rensselaerswyck, see O'Callaghan'e 
p. 69. 

Albany County Records. 235 

As before, by request, I betook myself to the house of Maria Goosense 
[Van Scbaick], and made the aforementioned demand of her ; she made 
the same kind of answer as Soogemackelyck did before. Accordingly I 
protested against her as before. * * * * [Wanting] at 
the house of Arien Appel, and to him made the same demand. He gave 
for an answer, that he dare not take it upon him. Therefore I protested 
against him also as before. 
Done on the 23d July. 

J. De Deckere, 1655. 
ceh/s Janse. 

Worshipful, valiant and most noble Heer general, and right honorable 
sirs of the council, etc. My lords : 
Herewith is sent a copy of a placard, which was referred to in a former 
letter, but omitted; there goes also with this a copy of certain questions 
and answers, and the protest made thereto ; from which the condition of 
things may easily be judged and considered, and that without your 
honors, nothing more can be done by us for the maintenance of order. 
Therefore we shall await, in respect to this matter, for advice or the 
pleasure of your arrival. In the meantime, Heer general and right hono- 
rable sirs, may Almighty God grant his favor and blessing upon your 
honors' government. 

We remain your honors' humble servants. 

* * * * [Wanting]. Most noble Heer general and right 
honorable sirs of the council of New Netherland. My lords: 

With the expiration of the service of commissaries Jan Verbeeck and 
Jan Tomasse [Mingael], according to old custom and use, we think it 
proper to propose to your honors herewith, a double number of persons, 
to wit: Rut Jacobsen, Andries Herbertsen, Dirk Janse Croon, and Dirk 
Telyer (?). We request, that you will please out of the said proposed 
number, or otherwise out of the body of the burgesses, two such | 
to elect in place of the aforenamed, according to your honors accustomed 
wisdom, for the service of the aforesaid office of commissaries, as you shall 
judge fit and capable. Heer general, we cannot neglect this opportunity 
to congratulate your honor on your safe and happy voyage and arrival; we 
protest that the report and tidings of them were very pleasant for us to 
hear ; it gave us occasion to thank Almighty God therefor, and to pray, 
that He would please more and more be present by His grace in your 
honors' government, and bless your honors' weighty affairs. 

Your honors' willing and trusty servants of the court of Fort Orange 
and Beverwyck. 

30th of July. 1655. 

[Wanting] nevertheless afterwards 
being in discourse with Dominie Schaets, and from him understanding 
that the poor's purse was richly garnished, I particularly requested him in 
your honors' name, for the remission of some alms, with the recommenda- 
tion that the church consistory should propose the same, it being a point 
that the power only depends on them, wherein he was wholly agreed," and 
consented that it was in the highest degree proper that to the poor with- 


nut dial "• stretched out ; acce] 

authority nth the cone lelivered 

him an extract out of the lettei was 

allowed by the con ad a sum of 200 guilders was sent to the 

of the city of iNew Amsterdam. The last matter to di 
about the disobedient tapsters, is the most scandalous; some being willing 
rather to fiuht to the last drop of blood, and others * * * 
that those persons should be sent away. In the mean while with this 
explanation (since winter is upon us), we shall wait till the next year. 
Mods. Rensselaer desires to send a pleasant greeting; he has as yet 
I no corn, on the contrary appears not inclftied to do so. 
Thomas Chambers, 1 alias Clabbort (so it was reported), has indeed 
several hundred schepels of wheat; but on account of his absence at the 
Esopus he cannot be spoken to. Wherefore, on his return, the business 
can be arranged, and a vessel dispatched also. Tour worship may look 
for the grain ordered, or at. least a part of it. In place of the 4000 ordered 
not more than 2050 pantiles were sent, there being no more at present to 
be had ; these were all sold to a third person, who not being able to get 
them off, threw up the purchase. The matters intrusted to Sander 
Leendertse [Glen] should have been dispatched by this time, except 
that in respect to the contemplated blockhouse of necessity to be set up 
and used, those of the respective courts ordered that it should be delivered 
again by Sander Leendertse to your honor next spring (God willing), or 
a contract and agreement be made with him on account thereof. Yester- 
day the </■ \ondt wr, Mr. Oldaten (?), arrived. I wish your honor had given 
order for more provisions, indeed I see not, who will help us to meat 
(for all have been called upon), and from what magazine to draw rations 
for them ; and though I well remember that your honor has given 
recommendation in this respect to the magistrates, and letters have been 
received by them, and excellent promises made ; nevertheless I also observe 
that they make a mere show of favorable inclination, and a superficial 
acceptance of short duration ; and at once the major part as soon as your 
honor is lost sight of, will artfully get rid of their * * and 
thrust the weight upon my neck (who have no remedy therefor or any 
means in hand) ; howbeit it is just what commonly happens with such 
shabby commissaries, having been too long in the world, your honor, not 
experienced the proof thereof at some time; nevertheless I shall 
do whatever is granted me within my short reach, and whatever shall fall 
within my capacity. There came here about 300 Mohawks, proposing 
{ut 'i and) to go to fight against the French Indians, in the meantime a 
a vessel (?) has set sail and the watch is doubled. What conversation was 
had with them to-day, your honor can perceive from the annexed 
document. ***** [Wanting] the magistrate 

must allow (although contra mandatwri), and thought highly needful to 
make a demand on the farmer of the excise for one or two hundred 
guilders, to be used for the purchase of wood and lights for the use of 
the watch, together with some food for the soldiers as necessity shall 
demand. The aforesaid Clabbort 2 is here also to-day ; on his arrival, I 

'For an account of T>' see O'Callagl 

3'J!, note. 
•- Thomas Chambers. 

Albany County Records. 237 

spoke to him and asked for the said wheat; C. said, however, he did not 
believe he had it to spare. I see no chance elsewhere for doing anything. 
Herewith, worshipful sir, I commend myself to your honor's favor and 
yourself to that of Almighty God. To conclude, I am sir, etc. 
Done 19th of November, 1655. 

Propositions made by certain sachems (sachimaes) of the Mohawks 

before the clerk and those of the respective courts of Fort Orange 

and the colony of Rensselaerswyck, together with some burghers on 

the 19th of November, 1655. 

Present. — J. De Decker, Rutger Jacobsen, Andries Herpertsen, Volc- 
Jcert Jame (Douwe), J. Bp l Van Rensselaer, A. Van Curler, J. Van- 
Tw tiler, J. Hap [or Stoll~\, II. Jochemse, Philip Pr 68 [Schuyler], etc. 

The first proposition was a remembrance of the late affairs, and a re- 
newal of harmony and peace, including the French nation, together with 
the river Indians at the Esopus. Also they said they should go to war 
with the French Indians, and suspected the French of being opposed to their 
treaty, and their promises of being mingled with many lies ; hence their 
request was, that we would keep ourselves quiet and show neutrality. 
Thereupon they laid down a belt of seewant. The second and third pro- 
posals were in form of a complaint, that we did not entertain them in 
such a manner as they entertained us when visiting their land. * * 

* * [Wanting] that we did not provide the least thing for and 
mend their guns or other things, except they were asked payment and 
seewant therefor ; with other trifles of the like kind : they held that it 
was not altogether brotherly. Hereupon they gave two bundles or belts 
of seewant. 

Answer to the aforesaid propositions. 

To the first that we were inclined as yet and at all times to maintain 
with their chiefs a renewal of peace, faithfully and without breach, that 
we could do nothing having an opposite appearance, and recommended 
that they on their side should remain faithful, suggesting that with their 
fights and wars we should not meddle or concern ourselves as being ex- 
ternal to, and not concerning us. Hereupou were given them fifteen bars 
of lead. On the secoud complaint that we did not entertain and satisfy 
them as fully as they did us [we answered], that if one two, or three of 
them came as we did they should be properly lodged and accommodated, 
but that justice and law provided in this respect that none should be com- 
pelled to do so, since every person being free, must earn his own main- 
tenance, and that no one was holdeu to be another's servant for nothing, 
that such being the custom among us, no more complaints were to be 
made about it, as our other brothers did. Whereupon there was laid 
down and presented to them 25 pounds of gunpowder : all of which with 
their customary barbarian applause they received and accepted. 

Done ut supra. 

J. De Decker, 1655. 

Most noble, worshipful, valiant and right honorable Heer general : 

Since my last intelligence delivered orally by Andries Herpertsen, touch- 
ing the offenses of the tapsters, to me recommended and given in charge, 
that your honor [it being your purpose to come hither] should think it 

Albany County Re* 

to begin Hie execution <jf my order and commission; the written 
countermand th< reof has been received, causing me to doubt and stand in 
ime your honor, in am further 

ling and wishes. In the meantime inasmuch as your 
written order (-onii iincs in existence, I request more enlarged 
commissions, or at least instructions how to conduct myself in case of cer- 
. or affront which I suspect will happen. Pro- 
vided your honor will appear with the first open water, you shall not for 
the present be troubled with any particular complaints, but they shall be 
postponed till then. I am teased by divers other [persons] and lately have 
been spoken to and petitioned by the wife of Dyckman, for some aid in 
ress, for the settling with certain traders for provisions ; I protest 
have no opportunity or means at hand from which to help her. 
But if your honor forbids any money to be levied from the farmer of the 
we ourselves shall suffer from the like destitution. Your honor 
will first make known the same, and give an order to levy fifty, sixty or 
an hundred guilders out of the farmer's money, for this purpose, or in- 
form me what, is to be done. I desire also, that an authentic copy of the 
instructions for th< bench of justice be made and sent to me. 

Herewith most noble, etc., Heer general, kissing your hand, I remain 
your worship's humble servant. 
10th January, 1656. 

Worshipful, noble, valiant, wise and right honorable Heer general and 
right honorable sirs of the council : 

All are here, God be praised, also the thirty Dutchmen, who, as rumor 
had it at Manhatans, were slaughtered, still live, and the report of the 
same post or messenger, of the infraction of the peace and the com- 
mencement of war between the two nations, is false. Heer general and 
right honorable council, as nothing material has occurred just now, I 
shall make no further complaints, especially as your worship proposes to 
arrive by the first open water. Only all are very desirous to under- 
the condition of things there, the news about which, by the bearer, 
we shall anxiously await. In the meantime we wish your worship and 
the right honorable council, a happy and more prosperous new year. 
We hope on the one hand that with the old year shall cease all sad rumors, 
adversities and calamities, and on the other hand that with the new 
year the rod of Dud's wrath shall also be cast into the fire, and at once 
with general tranquillity, prosperity and wealth be renewed. To this 
end we supplicate the Court of Heaven, that the divine Majesty will 
please to preside as well in the assemblies of the burgomasters, as of 
your worship and right honorable council, and that He will inspire the 
spirit of prudence wisdom and manly valor, and also bless their designs 
and expeditions with desired prosperity (?) to the glory especially of 
His holy name, and the welfare of this province and the inhabitants of 
me. Herewith Heer general and honorable sirs, we remain your 
worship's faithful servants of the court of Fort Orange and Beverwyck. 

16 January, 1656. 

Albany County Records. 239 

Worshipful, valiant and honorable Heer General and right honorable sirs 
of the council : 

On the ninth of September last, your honors' letters with the accom- 
panying placard came to hand, which, having examined, it was thought 
proper to publish two of them, viz : those for the combination of separate 
dwellings, and the farming out of the duties on peltries, the third relating 
to the duties, or payment of the twentieth penny on slaughtered animals, 
hogs, etc., we have for pregnant reasons withheld, judging it to be unrea- 
sonable to publish the same, it being apparent at this conjuncture of time, 
and on the occasion of excessive expense which the community has in- 
curred or shall hereafter incur by reason of the buildiug of the fort, 
blockhouse and other works connected with the same, together with the 
ransoming of prisoners; that nothing less than murmurs, opposition, and 
resistance would arise ; which we trust will be considered and examined 
by your honors with due deliberation. For the purpose of meeting the 
aforesaid expense, we convened the community, causing them to stand 
within, one by one, and inciting them to a free contribution, which ended 
to our reasonable contentment; upon the unwilling we imposed a certain 
tax. We have built a blockhouse according to resolution, ... feet square, 
and about a man's stature in height; receiving a communication from four 
qualified supervisors (j/emeemmanneii) that they desired to have it pulled 
down, and in place of it, contracted for a house with entablatures (gebinten), 
v the size of which and the reasons for it, the bearers of this, Sander 
Leendertse [Glen], and Dirck Janse Croon, our assistants and fellow com- 
missaries, will inform your honors and what is pertinent thereto ; further 
recital is therefore unnecessary. Wherefore we are necessitated and forced 
to find some new source of taxation ; though to make the best of it, to- 
gether with the first [tax] it cannot reach farther than a bare subsistence : 
we would petition your honors therefore, to solicit and dispose the inhabit- 
ants of the city of New Amsterdam to a liberal contribution for the 
building of a church began here by us, and truly will they less doubt and 
mistrust this, inasmuch as on the like and other occasions, and especially 
in regard to the church there, we and our citizens gave and contributed 
according to our ability. From your communication can easily be per- 
ceived the uncertainty of your worship's coming up, which we earnestly 
request, and esteem the presence of your honor's person and the influence 
of greater authority highly needful, and especially is it demanded for the 
introduction of new imposts, and chiefly in reference to opposing factions 
whose shoulders are unaccustomed to such burdens. Herewith goes a copy 
of a certain placard against the congregation of certain persons of the 
Lutheran sect, published and executed by us against the transgressors and 
disobedient ; we will await your earliest approbation, and otherwise request 
your honors' wise advice, how we must conduct ourselves on such an occa- 

Herewith, Heer general and right honorable sirs, we pray God to pro- 
sper and bless your honors' government, and remain your honors' trusty 
and faithful court of Fort Orange and Beverwyck. 

Hone at Fort Orange, lUth of March, 1G56. 

240 Albany County Il< 

Worshipful, valiant and honorable Heer general, and light honorable 
sirs of the council : 
The time having come again, that three of the existing commissaries, 
ierti [<;ien], Frans Barents* I istoor, and Volckert Janse 
[Douwe], according to custom, ought to be dismissed from their office, so, 
- . in accordance with the same custom, we desire to nominate and 
propose to your honors, a double number, viz: Abi . Jacob 

-M-hermerhoorn, Goosen Gerrir- [Van Schaick], Philip Prse. 
Schuyler, Cornelia Teunise Bos, and Evert Wendel, to the end that your 
honors will choose from the same, two others as ordinary, and one as 
extraordinary commissaries, as may be esteemed fittest according to your 
usual wise discretion and judgment. We are much surprised, that no 
to onr last letter, at least none on the subject of our expected 
collection there, has beeu received by us, indicating good success for it; in 
h< contracting for the Blockhouse church, and the excessive 
3 for the same, * * * * our expectation and hope 
in the commencement having been very greatly set thereon, in case of a 
failure of the same, we should be very much confounded and distressed; 
even if everything should turn out for the best, it would be very difficult 
to collect the remainder from the church here. Will your honors please 
to recollect the next article of our instructions; and if ever orders ought 
to be carried into effect, these certainly, on this occasion, would bring forth 
good results, and be accomplished in the right time. Your honors cannot 
be ignorant of the fact, that the consumption of wine and beer here ought 
immediately to be farmed out, without any communication respecting 
the same having hitherto been received; in consequence of this we are 
uncertain how to regulate ourselves. It is true that the clerk, Johan de 
Deckere, by a special mandate, given to him by the Heer general, has 
reported to us that the payment of the excise should not be suspended, 
but continued according to the order of the collector thereon ; likewise 
that no new farming out of the excise was to be made before the arrival of 
the Heer general or committee, with a recommendation, besides, to the 
collector, to keep a record of the wine and beer, consumed both in the 
colony, and in our jurisdiction ; to which, your honors, we would object, 
that it is uncertain whether the collector will accept of, or acquiesce in, 
the aforesaid continuation; and, if he would, it must be done on the fore- 
going conditions and extension, which has not been done by him hitherto, 
and would require no little knowledge and exertion to carry out. More- 
over, about three hundred guilders, not to be retained, have been paid by 
him on the promised excise money to relieve him from the promised con- 
ditions (?). * * At present, and before the close of the term [of 
the excise], it is impossible for any more money to be paid (so he says). 
arising from a registering of the beer, etc., consumed by the three public 
3j Soogemackelyck, Marg. Goosens [Van Schaick], and Arien Jans 
Van Leyden, but is more reduced than the remainder of the excise money 
would amount to, wherefore, according to what he says, no money should 
come into his hands, so that the aforesaid continuation in the future, 
would cause and bring forth nothing, but a mere pretense. If, on the 
contrary, the collector shall decline or refuse the aforesaid registry, and 
further, if the honorable clerk, De Deckere, be impracticable, then your 
honors' orders, highly necessary in respect to that, or what is much better, 
your worship's immediate arrival in person, will be waited for and 

Albany County Records. 241 

expected. Herewith, etc., your honors' obedieut and faithful sei 
the court of Fort Orange and Beverwyck. 
Sent the 8th of April, 1656. 

Noble, worshipful, valiant, wise, and right honorable sirs. Gentlemen : 

In accordance with your honors' order to apprehend and positively 
to send away the public tapsters, P r Ariensen, alias Soogemackelyck, and 
Arien Janse Van Leyden. the business was so directed by me, that the 
aforesaid P r Ariensen had notice to come to my house, and, of course, was 
detained; I guarded him with some soldiers till evening, when Jan 
Baptist Van Rensselaer, with the schouf, of the colony, appeared before 
me, requesting that the prisoner might be set free, on representation that 
he, Rensselaer, was ready to interpose and answer for him; which by me, 
being declined, I was asked if he (the intervenient) was not considered 
sufficient ; my answer was that his sufficiency or insufficiency was not 
disputed, but that my order was simply to send the prisoner away, and 
that if he wished to answer for him, he could do so; finally he requested 
ilico et stante pede a copy of my order and commission, but this was 
denied him ; whereupon threatening (?) me with divers mischiefs, etc., 
he delivered a protest and therewith departed. This day being Wednes- 
day, I sent the sloop (Jacht) to the other side of the river, and, with 
Rutger Jacobsen, having examined the boards, I was with the sloop's 
boat, for some tools for the vessel and for my own service, having like- 
wise two soldiers to keep up a constant watch; rowed to the fort again to 
catch in the trap the rat who had as yet not been taken ; in the mean- 
time, let the men on sloop busy themselves loading the boards; the plan, 
hitherto so successful, was, by the disobedience and carelessness of those 
boobies, the boatmen and soldiers, to my extreme distress and vexation, 
shamefully spoiled. Firstly. — By the boatmen, who came to me in the 
evening insisting on the boat, saying that it was necessary for getting in 
the rest of the boards in a proper manner at night, so I, crediting them, 
yielded, with the express and reiterated order nevertheless, that the boat, 
before the next morning, at least by day break, should be brought to the 
fort, my intention being to carry the prisoner then, immediately, to the 
sloop ; in the meantime, that he might be well watched and securely 
kept, Imadehimsleep in my bed and by myside; but inquiring in the morn- 
ing, I could hear of neither boat nor boatmen, without .which I could not get to 
the sloop unless some other vessel was at hand. Owing to the car./ 
of the three soldiers and my nigger, to whom the keeping and watch were 
intrusted, he was suffered in their presence to run away. I was made 
aware of his escape, and speedily was at the heels of the fugitive, aud 
it would not have been in vain, except that he retired and took refuge 
in the house of the aforesaid Rensselaer : nevertheless, I addressed him 
there, and admonished him to go back with me, otherwise it would go 
hard with him; yet he refused, but said if I took the other tapsters, then 
he would willingly go with me; on the other hand, came Johannes Van 
Twiller, also (Rensselaer not being at home, but with some of his com- 
panions last night at the house of Arian Janse [Van Leyden] had watched 
with their guns and awaited my coming there), and asked what I wanted 
there; my answer was, that 1 wished to bring the prisoner away from 
there; he replied, that thatshould by no means be; being alone and having 
no help nor soldiers there present, and not seeing how I could conveniently 
Hist. Col. iv. 31 

242 Albany >' '• unty R& 

in to iny hon it to he in the I 

absurd, that there should be an asylum in the mid.-! 
fcion for fugiti free place foi d usurpations, 

as have now lately existed in regard to Do Hulter's widow, who, whilst 
dwelling in our fort, would hold a public sale of some wood without con- 
me therein, and regardless of my rights with respect to the pay- 
' the auction - upon a registry and interdict being made to 

her. to hold no public sale in our jurisdiction without consulting me, or 
. my just dues, yet said widow, notwithstanding, held the 
tout consulting me, in the church, or at the house of 
- ai . 'her impertinences and violences will 

the moi the future, not so much through the impulse of the 

people themselves ac indeed through the inducements and persuasions of 
certain bullies iters who have the management of the colony [of 

ck], unless a fitting and timely order be made therefor 
by your honors, according to your wise discretion. I should have re- 
paired to the house of Alien Janse Van Leyden to-day, with proper 
bat the aforesaid Eensselaer (such hypocrisy is indeed 
suspicious) came to my I day evening, saying that if I would 

keep quiet, he would be answerable for the aforesaid persons, and, with 
the fir.-- I nhatans, would go thither; considering that there was 

not much danger in this, and moreover that some of them had escaped, 
I acquiesced in the proposal, leaving the disputes with the other people to 
your honor. The bellweathers being there, your honor understands that 
the public tapsters and others, who have not been as yet taken, must 
appear there also. Be pleased to send up more soldiers, and among them 
one or two who are not nice about taking hold of a man, that the people 
may be intimidated by numbers, and ali bloodshed and mischief may be 
prevented. I have spoken to Dyckman's wife, and requested to have her 
husband sent to Manhatans, to go to Holland on the warship, which she could 
hardly make up her mind to, inclining to speak about the matter herself 
with your honor, perceiving which, I advised her that the sooner she does it 
the better, and to take her husband with her, where she will learn the 
time thereof [departure]. In the meantime having commended your 
honor to the protection and defense of the Almighty, with my re?pects, I 
conclude, as your honor's humble servant. 
May, 1656. 

In accordance with the command and order, of date loth of May last, 
to me, the subscriber, given and granted, by the director general, Petrus 
Siuyvesant, to apprehend, and securely to send away, the persons of Pieter 
Adriaens. n. alias Soogemackelyck. and Arien Janse Van Leyden, both 
tapsters, I, Johan De Dcckere, clerk at Fort Orange, on the 24th 
following, brought the person of said Soogemackelyck to my house and 
detained him there; through the carelessness of certain soldiers, to whose 
keeping he was intrusted, he escaped the following day and fled : in the 
meantime, watching for an opportunity to apprehend in like manuer the 
aforesaid Arien Janse, this evening Mr. Jan Baptist Van Rensselaer came 
t" my house and put the question, whether I would keep quiet and not 
send away said tapsters, if so. he promised, iu such case, personally to 
repair to Manhatans, by the first sloop, declaring that the aforesaid per- 
bods u - a- H was throng] - or that 

Albany County Records. 243 

he would be answerable for them, which was acquiesced iu by me for the 
following reasons: First. — Because the aforesaid Soogemackelyck, 
having fled, would perhaps remain away for some time. Second. — From 
fear of shedding blood ; because, as was reported, the aforesaid Rensselaer, 
with some of his colleagues, passing tbe night watching at the house of 
said Arien Janse, waited and watched for mv coming there, from which 
it is easy to see what might follow. And Lastly. — In consequence of 
the aforesaid free proposal, considering that the commotion, whilst they 
were in durance, the outworkings also of their desires, would indeed be 
put to rest and subjection. Notwithstanding this, on the 29th of this 
mouth, having received a certain letter from the said director general, of 
the date 2od of May, past, containing a renewal of my aforesaid order to 
send away also besides the aforesaid two persons, Marg. Goossens [Van 
Schaick] ; so I, Johan De Deckere aforesaid, in conformity to the afore- 
said reiterated order and commission, followed by three soldiers and the 
afternamed witnesses, found myself before the house of Marg. Goossens, 
but the door not being opened, from thence, I repaired to the houses of 
Pieter Ariensen and Arien Janse Van Leyden, and there finding the 
aforesaid Rensselaer with his colleagues, together with the schqut and 
secretary of the colony [of Reusselaerswyck], and in the presence of them 
all, in the name and behalf of the director general and council of New 
Netherland, I warned, admonished and commanded the aforesaid tapsters, 
immediately, to go with me, and commit themselves into my hands and 
keeping; whereupon they separately answered as before, '•'• There sits my 
lord," pointing to the aforesaid Rensselaer, " who will answer for me; " 
and said Rensselaer, in like manner acquiesced in the same, not suffering 
the tapsters to go with me. Whereupon, I, the clerk aforesaid, as well 
against the aforesaid Rensselaer and colleagues, as against said tapsters, 
respectively, in the name, etc., as before, protested in respect to all costs, 
damage and interests, which the honorable [W. I.] company, through 
their opposition, disobedience and non-compliance with the excise, have 
suffered, and may hereafter suffer, to be reclaimed and recovered, as shall 
be found reasonable. 

Done and protested on the 31st day of May, 1656, in presence of Rut- 
ger Jacobsen, Andries Herpertsen, and Jacob Schermerhooren, as wit- 
nesses hereto invited. 

J. De Deckere, 1656. 

According to the order and mandates of the director general and coun- 
cil of New Netherland, of date 28th of June, 165(3, to Mr. Rensselaer and 
those of the court of the colony [of Rensselaerswyck], to request that the 
placard, respecting the tenths, may be published in the colony, I, Johan 
De Deckere, chief clerk at Fort Orange, repaired with the afternamed 
witnesses, to the session and meeting of the court aforesaid, and said order 
introduced in the name, etc., as before, and requested, that they would 
please cause said placard to be published among them, as was done by us; 
whereupon Mr. Rensselaer answered : " We are not obligated, we and 
mine cannot grant it." 

Thus done, introduced and answer received on the 6th of July, 1656, 
• nee of Rutger Jacobsen, and Dirk Janse Croon, as witnesses to 
this iu . 

J. De Deckere, 1656. 
[End of Johan De Deckere's record of official acts.] 

2 I t Albany Count i, > 

[The following record was made by Joannes Dyckman.] 
[1657], the 20th of June, J. de Kaper [the privateer (?)], with 

2,000 beavers, sent down from here. 

the 25th, Klaes This, with about,... . 1,500 
the 2Stli, Pieter Jacobse[Vosburgh], 

with, 1,500 

2nd July, Lucas Andriese, with, 1,500 

" KlaasBordin, 1,400 

10th " [Adrian Janse] De Fries,... 300 

10 " Johannes Verbruggen, 3,000 

8,400 = [11,200.] 

Ditto, 300 Otters. 

12th « 1.800 

" Jan de Kaper, 300 


18th " Abraham Staas, 1,900 

" Lucas Andriese, 3,000 

20th « Keucke, 1,000 

" Aryaen Klaes [Vryman], 1 70 
27 " DerikWessils [Ten Broeck], 5,000 

14,070 = [17,370.] 

1st Aug., Michiel de Karreman (the 

Carter), 1,000 

2 » Eevert Pels, 2,000 

" Claes Thys, 1,800 

6 « Claes Eordin, 200 

" Hans Karel [Noorman],.... 2,300 

" Lucas Andriese 250 

10 " Dr. Abraham Staes, 2,000 

14 " Abraham Du Triu [Truax], 120 


25 " Abraham Staes, 300 

" EvertPelss, 100 

30 " Michiel de Karreman, 400 

" De Pries. 300 

1 Sept., Hans Kaerlse, 100 

3 " Jan de Kaper, 400 

" Pieter Jacobse, 300 

8 " Jan Van Bremen, 300 

27 " Jan Jostensse, 400 

" Jan Van St. Aubin, 100 


[Total, 40,940 beavers.] 

1 In 1054, Ariau Claes was wounded by Jacob Clomp Baroquier, in a tavern affray.- 

Albany County Records. 245 

[Memoranda by Johannes Dycknian, secretary, etc.] 
N.B. A laborer of Elbert de G oyer * * * * compromised 

with me for sixty guilders, for which "Willem Frederickse Bout stood 


Claes de Goyer was sentenced in a bond of two hundred guilders, for 

which the late Willem Frederickse Bout is surety. 

Memorandum per N.B. [1657.] 

Jan [Helmerse] de Boek has complained to me, that Jacob Arentse 
being his servant has hired himself to Jan Helmersse [De Boek] for a 
year, who has paid to said Jacob, in hand, a half barrel of beer and three 
guilders, as earnest money, but that this same Jacob Arentse has again 
hired himself to Hans de Vos, 1 at Katskil. 

The 8th of March, 1657. Jan Andriesse [the Irishman, at Katskil], 
substitute for * Willem Frederickse Bout, collector of the excise at 
Fort Orange, village of Beverwyck, and appendances of the same, has been 
complained of to me, by Hans de Vos, for selling brandy and spirits to 
the Indians; delivered to me an affidavit of the same, signed L. A, with 
his own hand. 

3d of March. Pieter Stevense declared to the magistrates, that some 
improprieties had been committed at the house of Albert de Timmerman 
on Shrovetide last ; that some had put on women's clothes. 

5th March. * [Erased] * to me, that at Albert de Tim- 

merman's, when they were raising his house, Thomas Paulus [Powell], 
and Marcelis Janse [Van Bommel], had * * * [erased], in 

presence of two men, to wit: Rip , Jan Vinhagel, Jan Roeloffse 

[De Goyer], Jacob Lokerman, and Pieter Laedemaeker, etc. 

Sunday, the 25th of Feb. I found at Albert de Timmerman's, during 
the morning service, Cornells Teunisse, alias *, and Jan Gou. 

Tuesday, 13th Feb., 1656. Pieter Simense, at Harme de Timmer- 
man's, put on a woman's clothes ; present Wocke Janse. 

Saturday, the 7th of April, Claes Ripse [Van Dam],' 2 wounded Har- 
men de Metselaer, with a pot. (Settled for two beavers ; paid). 

The 10th ditto. Hans de Vos has been apprehended. 

Ditto. Harmen Jacobse, alias Banibus, with his sloop, sailed from 
here for Manhatans, laden with three hundred boards. 

The 13th. Jan Van St. Aubin sailed from here, laden with . 

Ditto. Frederick Hendrickse. 

Thursday, the 18th of April. Pieter Bronck fought with the window- 
maker of Madam Van * * * ; and afterwards, this Pieter 
Bronck had a dispute with Harmen, the servant of Jan Tl 
[Mingael], and drew out his knife; present Martin de Metselaer, Gerard 
Slichterihorst, and Jacob, Frans Barentse's [Pastoor], servant, * 
* for which he was sentenced in a bond of one hundred guilders. 

Monday, the 23d of April. Frans Barentse Pastoor, with a bare knife 

1 Hans Vos, or De Vos Van Baden. 

- Claas Ripse Van Dam was a carpenter. By his wife, Maria Bord, he had one son, Rip 
Van Dam, who resided in New York, and attained to considerable note in the government, of 
the province. On the 10th January, 1057, Jan Yinhagen and Jan Byvanck de] 
Claas Ripse, Van Dam's wife, said that Gerrit Slichtenhorst's wife, said that he (Van Dam), 
stole the planks, out of which his pigstyc was built.- ipers, II, 

AH •'/.*. 

in his hand, in his plac< ft unto the fence of the same, Jacobus 

i. p< r, who hastily leaped over said fence, to escape 
out of his hands ; in presence of the Heer Gerard Swart. .<■ hout of I ; 
laerswyck, Jacob Schermerhooren, Jan Verbeek, and Pieter Arentse (?), 
for which lie was condemned by me : f one hundred guilders. 

L9th of April. Steven Janse Tinimerman, 1 at Martin de Brou- 
. ) inn, drew his knife, and with the same wounded Keesie Wyp in 
two pla of Ariacn Appel, and Jan Thys de *. 

ber de Goyer had Hendrick the aged's cow at Jan deBrouwer's(P), 
h of April. 

N.B. To present a requisition to oblige the traders to * * * 
an increase often or twelve soldiers; for two hundred lbs of powder; two 
■ mons; the oak for barrels must be got out (?). 

Sunday evening, 4th of June. Martin de Metselaer, in the * 
guard (?) of the Burgesses, cut and wounded Pieter Bosboom in the head 
with his dagger (?). for which act, early, on Thursday, the 7th of June, 
I had him hauled out of bed and set in the stocks. 

The 21st of July. Jacobus Teunisse, alias de Looper, fought with 
Henderick, alias Kint, with his * *. 

The 2.M ditto. Jacob Lookerman drew his knife, and with it 
wounded Mewus Hoogboom, servant of Claes Hendrickse [Van Schoon- 
hooven], for which he was sentenced in a bond of three hundred and fifty 
guilders, of which I have acquitted him my third part, and he has paid the 
two-thirds * * *. 

The 23d of July. Fob Barentse complained, that Elbert de Goyer 
called him a thief aad beat him, in presence of Jacob Schermerhooren, 
and Harmen Janse. 

The 19th of August. Thomas Konnig abused the court as an unlawful 
court, taking materials from the sayings of Dyckman, who sang the 82d 
Psalm, and called the high council rogues and talebearers (verklickers), in 
presence of Evert Pels, Art Jacobse, and Gillis Fonda. 

The 29th of August. Harmen Bastiaense [Visscher], complained to 
me, that Myndert Frederickse [Smith] had villified him as a hay (hoy) 
thief, in presence of Tierck and Spietsberg, at Myndert's house. 

Saturday, the 26th of August, Henderick Klootdrayer, * * 
quarreled on the street and with the same * * attacked (?) his 

door and hacked it in pieces, in presence of Jan Henderickse, Mr. Abra- 
ham Steinwyck's 9 .servant Rem, and others. 

Gerbert Gisbert arrested in the name of Elbert Gerbertse. 

19 November. Pieter Bronck was complained of by Pieter Stevense, 
alias the wicked Dominie (yodloosm D m ), who was at work with him in 
his harvest at the Flat, near the * *, with Pieter Laemacker and 
Jan Roeloff. 

November 22d. Evert Knool complained of violence done in his 
house, by Jan Gou, on the 20th, about 10 o'clock in the evening, in pre- 
sence of Jan Thomase [Mingael], Willhem Bout, Ale Klaes, Claes 
Teunise, and others ; and he was condemned in a bond of twelve guilders. 

1658, May 13. Ruth Jacobse [Van Woert] is to pay three whole 
beavers, thirty guilders, for his servant, named Hendrick De Brower. 

1 Alias Coninck. 

- Abraham Jacobse Steinwyck was an inhabitant of Manhatans. 

Albany County Recor 247 

The 21st November. Klaes de Goyert drew his knife, tot de trom- 
petten, against Pieter Stevense, alias wicked Dominie (godloosen D^),for 
which he was condemned by the court, in which sat J. Schermerhooren, 
Philip Pieterse [Schuyler], and Jan Thomase [Mingael], in a bond of 
one hundred guilders, for which sum Willem Frederickse Bout stood 

The 2d December. Jan Iloeloffse, with a pot, made a hole in the head 
of J. Eraerdse, soldier, tot de trompct, for which offense he must pay. 
according to the law of Amsterdam, fifty guilders. 

10th December. Cornells alias Keys Korste (?), has settled 
with me for an offense of him and his wife, done by them against G-osen 
Gerritsen [Van Schaick], in presence of Ilutger Jacobsen, and Jan Ver- 
beeck (who have testified that they have arranged with Gossen Gerrits- 
sen), for a beaver (?) coat for mc, and two beavers for the poor. 

14 December. Henderick De Backer has settled with me for injuries 
done Andries Herpertsen, by him and his wife, in presence of Andries 
Herpertsen, Jan Verbeeck, and the magistrate Philip Pieterse [Schuy- 
ler], for two beavers to Harmen [Herpertsen ?]. 

N.B. 9th December came here, from Klaeverracht, 1 Derick Klaes, 
skipper of the Eendracht, with Lamber, sailor. 

The 12th ditto. Paid (?) to me in a settlement with H. Jochemse 
twenty-three guilders twelve stuivers, for food consumed. 

25th ditto. The skipper, with Lambert, came here from Klaeverraecht. 

The 11th Jan., 1658. Willem Frederickse [Bout] complained to me, 
against Marcelis Janse, who had villified him as a thief, in presence of 
Philip Peterse [Schuyler], Derick Janse Kroon, Ruth Jacobse, and H. 
Jochemse, the 9th Janv. 

The 25th January. Cornelis Wouterse, and Pieter Messen [Meese 
Vrooman ?], stood sureties for the offense of Jan Andriese [De Graff?], 
Pieter Jacobse Voosboorg, and Kip Haecker, in presence of Gisbert Van 
Imbroock, and Johannes Provoost. 

The 27th of Janv. Jacob Knop came bringing me (?) the request of 
Ariaen, the boor, redeemed from the Indians. 

Friday, the 22d Feb. Jacob Teunise de Looper drew his knife 
against the maelboer, and afterward against Jan Roeloffse, and wounded 
him, at or before the door of Jan De Wever. 

The 25th of Feb. Jan Gou drew his knife, and wounded one 
squinteyed Harmen, whom Dr. Jacob [D'Hinse] visited and doctored. 

The 9th March. Harmen * * *, called the squinteyed 
Harmen, was * * for the sum of sixty guilders, for which Willem 
Frederickse Bout stood surety. 

21st of June. Jacob Teunise [De Looper], schout, saw an Indian by 
night go in and out at Thomas Paulus (Powell's) ; he said, he had in the 
house of said Thomas, wine, beer or brandy, in presence of Wynter, Jan 
Teunise, and Bastiaen Pieterse. 

27th April. Pieter Janse Laemacker complained to me, that Evert 
Nolding had committed violence upon him, at his place, and drew his 
■ hist him, and afterwards, pulled his hair and laughed at him(?), in 
presence of Louys Kobes, Arnoud Cornelise [Viele], and Jan Mangelse. 

Pieter Janskjn. 

248 Albany (Jointly Records. 

On this 'JTth day of April, 1G59, appeared before the Heer officer, 

Johan I . Cornelia Teunise Van Brackelen, 1 and Evert 

bo offered themselves as sureties, according to the judgment of 

the court, for the penalty of Evert Nolden, who was indited by the 

evidence of Pic tor Janse, under his own hand, of date above written. In 

whereof he subscribes this with his own hand. 

rt Orange. Exert . 

Evert Pels. 

i • ■'".//• 

5th May. Mattheus Janse has complained to me of Jacobus Teunise 
per], who. without cause, struck him at the house of Georgiaen 
Grlasemacker, in presence of said Juriaen, Jacob Van Luider, Gurgiaen 
de ''upper. Arnoud, and others. 

itions according to which Hendrick Jochemse is minded to soil at 
public sale to the highest bidder, his house and lot, lying on Fort Orange, 
or to the north of the same, in which dwells Joannes Dyckman, who has 
hired the said house and lot till the first of May, A. D. 1600. for the sum 
of one hundred ind forty guilders, the full rent of which from the first of 
May, 1659, till the first of May. 1660, the buyer shall receive. First. — 
The aforesaid house shall be delivered to the buyer, also the lot as it lies 
inclosed in fence with all that is earth and nailed fast, from this 16th day of 
July. PaymeDt shall be made in two installments; the first, on I 
day of September, 1659, half in good merebantabl beaver-, and the other 
half in good current seewant; and the second installment, on the first of 
August. A. D. 1660, in the aforesaid currency. The buyer shall be holden 
to furnish two sufficient securities, each for the whole, immediately, to 
the content of the seller, and if the buyer cannot furnish said sureties i r . 
said time, then it shall be offered for sale again at, his expense and c t, 

- it comes to be worth, he shall be holden to make £ 
whatever more it comes to be worth, he shall enjoy no profit therefr m. 
The auct'on fees become a charge to the buyer. After many offei 
nelis (' rrevelt remained the last bidder for the sum 

hundred and seven guilders, and offered as sureties and principals Cornelis 
Teunise Bosch, and Cornelis Teunise Van Slyck. for the payment of the 
id sum. for which they bind their persons and estates, real and per- 
present and future, submitting the same to all laws and ju 
Done in the village of Beverwyck, on the 16th of July, 1659. 

Cornelis Cornelise Sterrenyelt. 
This is the mark of -f Cornelis Teunise Slyck, with his own 

hand set. 
Acknowledged before me, 

La MONTAGNE, Clerk at Fori Oral 

Conditions according to which Hendrick Jochen:3e is minde I 
at public sale to tl I dder, hi> house and lot, where hi I 

1 Cornelia Teunise Van Breuckelen, or Erakelen, came to Rensselaerewyck in \f,V. 
" Raedtsperson."— (/ CallanhaiSs History of M 
among the early settlers of Schenectady. 

Albany County Records. 249 

present, lying on Fort Orange. First. — The aforesaid house and lot, as it 
stands in fence, shall be delivered to the buyer, with all that is fast by earth 
and nailed, just as the seller has possessed it. Delivery shall be made on 
the first of September, A. D. 1659. ****** 
[This paper is incomplete, no sale having been recorded.] 

Conditions on which Arent Van den Bergh proposes to sell at public 
sale to the highest bidder his house, lying in Fort Orange, bounding 
eastwardly on Henderick Andriesse [Van Doesburgh], and westwardly on 
Michael Janse [Van Broeckhuysen]. First. — The aforesaid house shall 
be delivered to the buyer as it stands, with all that is fast by earth and nailed, 
in such possession and ownership as the seller has in the same, with a 
garden, lying behind Fort Orange, with the garden crop, which is 
therein. Delivery shall be made on the first of August next. * 

[This paper is incomplete, no sale having been recorded.] 

Conditions and proposals according to which Pieter Bronck is minded 
to sell at public sale to the highest bidder his house and lot, lying in the 
village of Beverwyck, on the hill, where Jacob Teunise [De Looper?] 
now lives. First. — The aforesaid house, one board long, shall be delivered 
to the buyer, with an Indian house near by, except a little shed, which 
belongs to Jacob Teunise, who shall take it down immediately, or else 
resign it to the seller provided the aforesaid Jacob Teunise receive proper 
satisfaction therefor, as they can best agree, with a parcel of land there, 
twenty rods in length and five rods broad, according to the patent thereof. 

[This paper is incomplete, the sale not having been recorded]. 

Goods of Pieter Claerbout to be sold, and paid for in beavers in the 
time of eight days, or else what is not beaver and is reckoned in sewant is 
to be paid at 12 guilders the beaver. 

This 16th of July, 1659. 

Geurt Gerritsen, a picture, , / 9.00 

Abraham Staets, a ditto, / 8.00 

The Heer Rencelaer, a ditto, / 8-05 

Cornelis Teunisse Bosch, a ditto,... / 14.10 

Adriaen Gerritse [Papendorp], 2 chandelaers, / 9.00 

Cornelis Teunise Bosch, a smoothing iron and lamp. f 10.05 

Jau de Kuyper, 3 porcelain cups, •••••/ 5.05 

Willeui Janse Schut, 3 ditto, / 4.04 

Roeloff Willenise [Van Heerden], 2 porcelain dishes, / 6.16 

Pieter Jacobse, 6 ditto plates, / 5.05 

Lowies Cobussen, 7 ditto, f 6.13 

J. La Montague, 3 ditto platters, / 5.10 

Frederic Harmense [Visscher], 3 ditto, / 5.00 

Geurt Gerritsen, 3 ditto, / 9.00 

Adriaen Gerritse, 2 valances, with 2 curtains, / 24.00 

Arent Isaackse [Van Hoeck] 1 , a black petticoat, / 21.05 

Abraham Staets, a black mantel, / 35.00 

» Bennony Areutse Van Hoeck, son of the above Arent Isaakse, was an inhabitant of 
Schenectady, and was killed in the destruction of .he town, Feb. 9, 1690. 

Hist. Col. iv. 32 

Albany County Records. 

Retained a child's petticoat, and waistcoat, / 17.00 

Geurt Gerritse, a red coat, / 44.00 

Arnout Cornelise Yiele, a guides (?) woolen coat, / 48.00 

Hcndrick Jochenise, a blue coat, / 42.00 

Woutert do Backer, a black coat, / 52.00 

Arent b, a child's clothes, / 14.04 

Ileer La Montagne, a black linnen apron, / 13.00 

/ 414.02 

Eldert Gerbertsen [Cruiff], a little bible, / 14.15 

Barent Pietersc [Coeyruans], 2 child's caps, / 8.16 

Abraham Staets, a child's petticoat, ... / 5.05 

Retained a silver girdle (i-iem), / 20.00 

Retained two gold rings ; the one for twenty guilders, and the 

other for sixteen guilders; total, / 36.00 

Harmen Vedder, a child-bed basket, / 2.00 

/ 500.08 
/ 73.00 

/ 427.08 

Appeared before me Johannes La Montagne, clerk of Fort Orange and 
Village of Beverwyck, Evert Pels, who declared that he was honestly 
indebted to Mr. Hendrick Van Dyck, in the number of fifteen whole 
merchantable beavers, remaining from an obligation. 

Done in Fort Orange, the 16th of July, A. D. 1659. 

La Montagne, Clerk at Fort Orange. 

Appeared before me Johannes La Montagne, in the service of, etc., 
in the presence of Mr. Francoys Boon and Andries Herpertsen, magis- 
trates of the same jurisdiction; Barent Meyndersen, who declared that he 
had transferred, as he by these presents does grant and transfer in real 
and actual possession to the behoof of Barent Reyndersen, his heirs or 
those who shall receive title from him, a just half of his house and lot, 
lying in the Village of Beverwyck, to the west G-errit Bancken, to the 
east Rutger Jacobsen, with all the right and title, which the grantor has 
had therein, which title said grantor received by conveyance from Jan 
Vinhagel, of date the 12th of July, A. D. 1658, and frees the grantee 
(acceptanf) from all claims, demands or pretensions, which may hereafter 
arise ; pledging therefor his person and estate, real and personal, present 
and future, submitting the same to all laws and judges. 
Done in Fort Orange, the 17th of July, A. D. 1659. 

Barent Meyders. 

Andries Herberts. 

Fioncoys Boon. 

Appeared before me Johannes La Montague, in the service of, etc., in 
the presence of honorable Jan Verbeeck and Sander Leendersen Glen, 
magistrates of the same jurisdiction, Cornelis Segersen [Van Voorhoudt], 
burgher and inhabitant of Colony Rensselaerswyek, who declared that he 
had granted and transferred as he does grant and transfer by these 

Albany County Records. 251 

presents in real and actual possession, to the behoof of Gerrit Slichten- 
horst, burgher and inhabitant here, his heirs or assigns, a house and lot, 
lying in the aforesaid village, on the hill ; length along the road, nine 
rods; to the west the hill, breadth six rods and three feet; to the east, 
five rods one foot, or two feet exclusive ; to the north, nine rods ; title to 
which the grantor received by conveyance from Jan Rooloffse, of date 
the 10th of December, A. D. 1657, and frees the grantee from all claims, 
demands and pretensions, which hereafter may come against it ; pledging 
his person and estate, real and personal, present and future, putting the 
same in subjection to all laws and judges. 

Done in Fort Orange, the 18th of July, A. D. 1659. 

Jan Verbceck. 
Sander Lenrsen Glen. 

Appeared before me Johannes La Montague, in the service of, etc, in 
the presence of Sander Leendersen [Glen] and Jan Verbeeck, magistrates 
of the same jurisdiction; Jan Roeloffse, who declared that he had trans- 
ferred as by these presents he does grant and transfer, in real and actual 
possession to the behoof of Henderick Jochemse, his heirs or those who 
may receive title from him, a garden lying in the Village of Beverwyck, 
behind Fort Orange, adjoining to the east upon the garden of Pieter 
Loockermans, to the north the garden of Rem Janssen [Smith], west and 
south the road ; length on the north side, three rods and one foot ; on the 
south side, length three rods eight feet ; on the east side, breadth five 
rods and four feet ; on the west, five rods seven feet ; which aforesaid 
garden was granted to said Jan Roeloffse by the Heer director general 
and council of New Netherland, of date the 24th of March, 1654, pro- 
mising to free the grantee from all claims, demands or pretentions, which 
may hereafter arise ; pledging therefor his person and estate, real and 
personal, and submitting the same to all laws and judges. 

Done in Fort Orange, the 18th of June, A. D. 1659. 

Jan Roeloffse. 
Sander Lenrsen. 
Jan Verbeeck. 

Conditions on which Tomas Janssen Mingael proposes to sell at public 
sale to the highest bidder his house and lot, lying in the village of Bever- 
wyck, to the north Henderick de Backer, to the south Pieter Loocker- 
mans. The aforesaid house shall be delivered as it at present stands 
with what is fast by earth and nailed, and the lot, belonging thereto, as it, 
stands in fence. 

[This paper is incomplete, the sale not having been recorded]. 

Goods of Christoffel Davids, to be paid for in the time of three weeks, 
from date, in beavers. 

29th July. 

Willem Brouwer, six pewter plates and seven napkins, / 21.00 

Anderes Herbertsen, ditto, / 20.00 

Conditions on which Mr. [Paulus] Schrick proposes to sell to the 
highest bidder a house, which is to be delivered to the buyer immediately, 

^252 Albany County Records. 

to be paid for in beavers, half in cash and the other half in two months 
from date, or else to be paid in scewant, at twelve guilders the beaver, 
d that the buyer give proper sureties. The auction fees become 
a charge upon the buyer. 

Appeared before me Johannes La Montagne, in the service of, etc., in 
the presence of the honorable Sander Leendersen Glen and Jan Verbeeck, 
rates of the same jurisdiction, Claes Kipse [Van Dam], who de- 
clared that he is well and honestly indebted to Henderick Anderissen 
[Van Doesburgh] and Cornelis "Wyncoop, in the number of nine and 
thirty good whole beavers, and promises said beavers to pay in the month 
of June, A. D. 1660, which debt grew out of the sale of a house and lot, 
which the said Clacs Ilipse bought at public sale of said Henderick An- 
deressen and Cornelis Wynkoop, which said house and lot the buyer 
mortgages as a special pledge for the payment of the said nine and thirty 
beavers, for which he further pledges his person and estate, real and per- 
sonal, present and future, putting the same in subjection to all laws and 

Done in Fort Orange, the 18th of August, A. D. 1659. 

Claes Bjpse Van Dam. 
Sander Lenrsen. 
Jan Verheeclc. 

Acknowledged before me, 

La Montagne, Clerk at Fort Orange. 

Appeared before me Joannes La Montagne, in the service, etc., on the 
day underwritten, in the presence of the afternamed witnesses, Jan Coster 
Van Aecken, who declares that he has appointed and empowered as by 
these presents he does [appoint, etc.], the honorable Stoffel Janse [Abeel] 
and Pieter De Maecken, in the subscriber's name and for his sake, to 
demand and receive of the honorable Jan Dareth, at present ready to 
depart for Patria [Holland], the sum of three hundred and twelve guil- 
ders and ten stuivers in Holland money, growing out of fifty beavers, 
which said Jan Daret bought of said Jan Coster Van Aecken at six guil- 
ders five stuivers a piece ; acquitance to pass for the receipt thereof, and 
in case of his declining to pay, using therein all the limits of the law ; to 
act as if the subscriber were himself present, promising to hold good and 
just, all that the attorney shall do in the matter, on a pledge of his person 
and estate, real and personal, present and future, submitting the same to 
all laws and judges. 

Done in Fort Orange, in New Netherland, in presence of Harmen Al- 
bertse Vedder and Johannes Provoost, witnesses thereto called, on this 
18th of August, A. D. 1659. 


This is the mark ^BJSSP^ °*" '^ AN Coster Van Aecken, 

with his own hand set. 

Harmen Albertse Vedder. 

Provoost, as witness. 

Acknowledged before me, 

La Montagne, Clerk at Fort Orange. 

Albany County Records. 253 

Appeared before me Johannes La Montagne, in the service of, etc., in 
the presence of honorable Francoys Boon and Anderies Herbertsen, 
magistrates of the same jurisdiction, Jacob Loockermans, burgher and 
inhabitant of said village, who acknowledges that he is well and honestly 
indebted to the honorable Johannes Withart, trader here, in the sum of 
four hundred and forty guilders in good whole merchantable beavers, for 
invoices of goods, to his content received, and promises to pay said sum of 
four hundred and forty guilders on the first of July, A. D. 1660, specially 
therefor pledging his house and lot, lying in the village of Beverwyck as 
a binding mortgage and pledge for the payment of said sum, as also his 
person and estate, real and personal, present and future, and placing the 
same in subjection to all laws and judges. 

Done in Fort Orange, the 18th of August, A. D. 1659. 

Jacob Lokermans. 

Appeared before me Johannes Provoost, clerk of the court of Fort 
Orange and village of Beverwyck, on the date underwritten, in the pre- 
sence of the afternamed witnesses, Jacob Adriaense [Soogemackelyck], 
who declares that he has appointed and empowered as by these presents 
he does, the honorable Eldert Gerbertsen [Cruiff], in the subscriber's 
name and for his sake to demand and receive all the outstanding debts, 
which are due to the subscriber here in New Netherland according to 
bonds and other evidences which serve for that end; as also to pay all the 
subscriber's debts which shall be brought to the attorney with good proof; 
especially in case of declining to pay to sell the house of Paulus Martense 
[Van Benthuysen], promising to hold good and just all that the attorney 
in said matter shall do, on a pledge of his person and estate, real and per- 
sonal, present and future, and subjecting the same to all laws and judges. 
Done in Fort Orange, in the presence of Sacharias Sickels and Jan 
Eerarts, as witnesses hereto called, on the 20th of August, A. D. 1659. 

Jacob Adryaensen. 

Sacliaryas Syckelse. 

Johannes Eeraerts. 

Acknowledged before me, 

Johannes Provoost, Clerk. 

Appeared before me Johannes Provoost, clerk, etc., in presence of the 
afternamed witnesses, the Honorable Jan Dareth at present about to 
depart for Patria, who declares that he has appointed and empowered, 
as by these presents he does, the Honorable Gerrit Swart, Schout of the 
colony of Rensselaerswyck in the subscriber's name and for his sake, to 
demand and receive of Reynier Wisselpenningh such moneys as are to 
the subscriber due according to his obligation ; acquittance to pass for 
receipts and in case of declining to pay to proceed against him according 
to law ; and further, to do and perform all things as if the subscriber 
were himself present, promising to hold good and true all that the 
attorney in said matter shall do, provided the attorney shall render a 
proper account and return. 


Thus done and passed in Fort Orange, in presence of Arent Janse and 
unesses hereto called and invited on the 20th of Au- 
gust, Ao 1659. 

Jan Daretii 
Art '•( Janse, 
Jan Ban ■ 
Acknowledged before me. 

Johannes Provoost, clerk. 

tared before me Johannes La Montagne in the service of, etc., on 
the date underwritten, in the presence of the afternamed witnesses, Jan 
Francen Van Hoesem who declares that he has appointed and empowered 
as by these presents he does, Tielemau Van Yleck, notary public, resid- 
ing at Amsterdam in New Netherland specially in the subscriber's name 
and for his sake to demand and receive of Gysbert Van Loenen, the sum 
of a hundred and eleven guilders growing out of food and drink con- 
sumed, together with all the expenses thereto depending ; acquittance for 
receipts to pass, and in case of his declining the payment, to proceed 
according to law, and the rigor of justice, and for that end all the terms 
of the law to observe unto sentence and extreme execution, from these 
if need be to proceed by arrest against persons and estates, and further 
to do and perform all things which the attorney shall find reasonable, 
promising to hold as good and true, whatever shall be done and executed 
by said attorney, provided when required he shall make a proper account- 
ing and return of his transactions and receipts. 

Thus done and passed in Fort Orange, in the presence of Jan Barentse 
and Arent Janse, as witnesses hereto called, on this 20th of August, A. D. 

This is the mark of + Jan Fransen Van Hoesem, 
set by himself. 
•it J an sen. 
Jan Barentsen. 
Acknowledged before me, 

La Montagne, Clerk in Fort Orange. 

Appeared before me Johannes La Montagne, Senior, by the Heer direc- 
tor general and council of New Netherland, admitted clerk and vice-direc- 
tor of Fort Orange and Village of Beverwyck, residing in Fort Orange, 
Henderick Martense Van Coppenhagen. who in the presence of the under- 
written witnesses, declared that he had granted, transferred and assigned 
to and for the behoof of Lucas Dirckse, for goods to his content and satis- 
faction, * * * * the sum of fifty guilders, to be received 
in fatherland for his monthly wages and subsistence due him ; said Hen- 
derick Martense Van Coppenhagen, further hereby, appoints and em- 
powers the lawful holder of this paper to solicit, demand, and receive 
said sum of fifty guilders in fatherland of the right honorable directors of 
the privileged West-India Company at the Chamber of Amsterdam, 
- being had to pass acquittance therefor, which shall be valid, as 
though given by the subscriber himself, also to do and perform all things 
in regard to the aforesaid sum to be received, as the subscriber himself 

Albany County Records. 255 

being present could or might have done ; besides wherever the matter 
demands greater and more special authority than stands expressed in this 
paper, promising always to hold as good and true whatever shall be done 
by virtue of this instrument, under pledge of his person and estate. 

Thus done in Fort Orange, in presence of G-errit Slichtenhorst and 
Sacharias Sickels, as witnesses hereto called, on this 21st of August, 
A. D. 1659, in Fort Orange, in New Netherland. 

This is the mark -f of Henderick Martense, 
with his own hand set. 
Gerrit Slichtenhorst. 
Sacharyas Seeckelsen. 
Acknowledged before me, 

La Montagne, Clerk at Fort Orange. , 

Appeared before me Johannes La Montagne, by the Heer director 
general and the honorable council of New Netherland, admitted clerk and 
vice-director at Fort Orange and Village of Beverwyek, resident in the 
aforesaid Fort Orange; Pieter Cornelise, Junior (dejongli), and Cornelis 
Jacobsen By, traders here, also about to depart together for fatherland, 
who declare that they have appointed and empowered, as by these pre- 
sents they do, the honorable Evert Wendel in the subscribers names and 
for their sakes, to demand, collect, and receive here in New Netherland 
such outstanding debts as to the subscribers are due, according to bonds 
and other evidences which serve the same purpose, for their receipts 
acquittance to pass, and in case of refusal to pay, by law and the rigor of 
justice to proceed, and for that end, all terms of laws to observe to sen- 
tence and extreme execution, also if need be to proceed by arrest against 
persons and goods, and moreover, to do and perform all things, which the 
attorney shall think proper, promising at all times to hold as true what- 
ever in the matter aforesaid shall be done by the attorney, provided that 
the attorney shall be holden when requested, a proper statement and 
return of his transactions and receipts to make, on pledge of his person 
and estate. 

Thus done and passed in Fort Orange, in New Netherland, in the 
presence of Claes Pieterse and Johannes Provoost, as witnesses hereto 
invited, on the 22d of August, A. D. 1659. 

Pieter Cornelise D'Jongh. 
Cornelis Jacobse. 
Clas Peytersen. 
Johannes Provoost, witness. 

Acknowledged before me, 

La Montagne, Clerk at Fort Orange. 

Appeared before me Johannes La Montagne, Senior, by the Heer direc- 
tor general, etc., Zacharias Sickels Van Weenen, who, in presence of the 
afiernamed witnesses, declares that he has granted, transferred and 
assigned to and for the behoof of Reyndert Janssen Hoorn for goods, 
received to his content and satisfaction, the sum of thirty-six guilders and 
ten stuivers, to be received in fatherland for his monthly wages and sub- 
sistence, which he, on the Island of Curaeoa in Fort Amsterdam, in the 
service of the Heer directors of the privileged West India Company, 

256 Albany County Records. 

earned - >A"' according to the settlement thereof signed by 

Rodenbergh and Verellcn; further the said Zacharias Sickels Van \\ 

appoints and empowers the lawful holder of this paper to ask, 

demand and receive said sum of thirty-six guilders and ten stuivcrs in 

fatherland from Baid right honorable directors of the privileged West 

India Company at the Chamber of Amsterdam, and having received it to 

quittance therefor, which shall be valid as though it were given by 

the subscriber himself, moreover to do and perform all things, in order to 

the aforesaid sum, which the subscriber, himself being present 

could or might do ; also if the matter demands more special authority than 

expressed in this paper, promising to all times to hold good and 

rhatever by virtue of this paper shall be done, under pledge of his 

person and estate. 

Thus done in Fort Orange, in presence of Lowies Cobussen and Johannes 
Provoost, as witness hereto called, on this 28th of August. A. D. 1659. 

Sachabyas Si 
■icus Cobes. 
Joha\ »*#, icitness. 

Acknowledged before me, 

La Montagne. Clerk in Fort Orange. 

Appeared before me Johannes La Montagne in the service of the Gen- 
eral Privileged West India Company etc., on the date underwritten in 
presence of the after named witnesses, the Honorable Dirk Dirkse Keyser 
and WalraeflP Pieterse Claerfout. who declare that they have appointed 
and empowered, as by these presents they do, the Honorable Philip 
Pieterse Schuyler in the subscribers' names and for their sakes to demand 
and receive all such outstanding debts as are due to these subscribers. 
here in Fort Orange in i land, according to bonds and other 

evidences which serve the like purpose ; for receipts acquittance to pass, 
and in case of refusal, payment to exact with law and rigor of justice 
to sentence and extreme execution ; also to proceed by arrest against 
persons and estates, and further all things to do and perform, which the 
attorney shall think proper, promising to hold good and true all that the 
attorney shall do in the matter provided that he shall be holden when 
requested to make a proper statement and return of hi? transac- 
tions and returns, on pledge of their persoi .ts. Thus done in 
Fort Orange in presence of Zacharias Sickels and Johannes Provoost as 
witnesses hereto invited on this 2Sth of August, A.D. 1659. 
Dirck Dirckse Keyser, 
Walrave Pieterse Claerbout 

Johanna Proovost, Wit. 
Acknowledged before me, 

La Montagne Clerk at Fort Orange. 

Appeared before me Johannes La Montagne in the service of etc., in 
presence of theafternamed witnesses, Philip Pieterse Schuyler who declares 

nt, a gentleman soldier, something mere than a common soldier. In another place he 
called corporal. 

Albany County Records. 257 

that he has received of Dirck Dirckse Keyser, and taken for safe keeping 
the following obligations for all which he is attorney. 

Rutger Jacobsen, one of 38, and another of 32 beavers. 

Jurrian Teunisse [Glasemaeker] an obligation of 22 beavers. 

Jan Verbeeck one ditto of 27 beavers. 

Pieter Adriaensen Soegeniackelyck one ditto amounting to 7 beavers. 

Anderies Herbertsen, an obligation of 28 beavers. 

Jacob Tyssen Vander Heyden, one ditto of 16f bea 

Broer Cornelis [Antonissen Van Slyck,] one ditto of 33} beavers. 

Henderick Bierman, one of 12 beavers. 

Geurt Hendrickse [Van Schoonhooven,] one ditto of 3 beavers. 

Which foregoing obligations said Philip Pieterse, the subscriber pro- 
mises to restore again to the aforesaid Dirck Dirckse Keyser, or a settle- 
ment thereof to make so soon as he [Keyser] returns from fatherland, 
for which he binds his person and estate movable and immovable, present 
and future, putting the same in subjection to all laws and judges. 

Done in Fort Orange, the 29th of August, A. D. 1659, in presence of 
Jan Barensen [Wemp], and Johannes Provoost, as witnesses hereto in- 
vited, on this 29th of August, A. D. 1659. 

Philip Pieterse Schuyler. 
Jan Bare 
Johannes Provoost, witness. 

Acknowledged before me, 

La Montagne, Clerk in Fort Orange. 

Appeared before me Johannes La Montagne, by the Heer director 
general and council of New Netherland, admitted, etc., at the date under- 
written, in presence of the afternamed witnesses, Mr. Joannes Dyckman, 
assisted by Maria Bosyns, his wife, who declares that he has appointed 
and empowered as he by these presents does empower the honorable Cryn 
Pieterse Van Seventer, bookkeeper of the general privileged West India 
Company at the Chamber of Amsterdam, in the subscriber's name and 
for his sake to enquire for and demand all such claims as are due to 
them by way of the estate left by Aeltien Poulus Root, widow of Joris 
Dyckman, father and mother of the subscriber and in said enquiry and 
demand, to act according to law and as though the subscribers were 
present, promising to hold as good and true all that the attorney in said 
matter shall do, under a pledge of his person and estate, real and personal. 
Thus done in Fort Orange, in New Netherland, in presence of Adriaen 
Janse Van Leyden and Arent Janse, as witnesses hereto invited, on the 
3d of September, A. D. 1659. 

Joannes Dyckman. 
Maria Bosyns. 
A. Janse Van Ley Jut, 
Arent Jo 
Acknowledged before me, 

La Mojstagne, Clerk at Fort Orange. 

Appeared before me Joannes La Montagne etc., on the date under 
written in the presence of the after named witnesses, the Honorable 
Hist. Gol 33 

AUxinji Oownty Records. 

Volckert Janse [Douw] burgher of said Village of Bcverwyck, master 
if the Bouwery lying in the Colony of llencelrerswyck, 
who deolares thai I i tted and empowered, a.s by these presents 

- the Bonorable Paulus Schrick, merchant at Hartford (Herforf) 
in New England in his name and for his sake in New England or else- 
where, to enquire after Pietcr Picterse Lassen 1 and Willem Symonse, 
both his servants according to contracts, which aforesaid servants have 
ay from her. rvants having found to bring or send 

to their master the subscriber aforesaid and hand over to him; and there- 
fore should the necessity demand it, the attorney is authorized to substi- 
tute one or more persons in his place to. recover by law the said servants 
i in said matter to act as though the subscriber was himself present, 
Dg moreover to hold good and true all that the attorney in the 
matter shall do, on pledge of his person and estate. 

Thus done in Fort Orange, in presence of Mr. Jacob DeHinse and 
Johannes Pro itnesses hereto invited, on this 21st of September, 

A. D. 1659. 

J. 1)> III, 

Johannes Provoost, toitness. 

Acknowledged before me, 

La Montagne, Clerk at Fort Orange. 

Conditions on which the Heer clerk and the Messrs. commissaries of 
Fort Orange and Village of B