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College of the Atlantic 

world changing. 

2003 annual report 

This Annual Report caps 15 years of Richard Borden's tenure as Academic Dean for College of the Atlantic. 
We are grateful for his leadership oyer the years and are pleased to dedicate this report to his legacy. 

table of contents 

Introduction P i 

Letter from the Chair of the Board P 2 

Letter from the President P 3 

COA Final Projects PP 4"9 

Financial Operations Report P 10 

Board of Trustees, Council of Advisors, Administrative 

Staff and Faculty P 11 

Donors PP 12 " 1 9 

COA Facts P 2 ° 


In 1603. Samuel de Champlain, geographer and explorer, set out on his first journey across the Atlantic Ocean. 
At the time, only a handful of Europeans had ever ventured to the northern shores of the new world. Before long, 
Champlain (1567-1635) found himself charting areas unknown to his counterparts in Europe, including the coast 
ol the island he named Lisle des Monts-desert. our home. 

Four hundred years later, students at the College of the Atlantic are still exploring territory on the frontiers of 
science, creativity and geopolitics. Whether composing a new sign language to help divers communicate 
underwater, writing a screenplay about heading out into the wide world to make one's fortune, tracing the 
vocalizations of Leach's Storm-petrels or mapping out a video vision of a vital national park in Kenya, students at 
the college consistently challenge themselves to open new doors. 

The college has been engaged in many other frontiers over the past year. Faculty members have published books 
and created music and video productions, often to national acclaim. Out on Great Duck Island, the school has 
partnered with Berkeley Intel Research Laboratory to create what has been called, "one of the most sophisticated 
tests of wireless sensor networks yet devised." In the underground burrows of Leach's storm-petrels, scientists 
and students from both institutions have installed remote sensing devices linked to satellites and the World Wide 
Web via a wireless network. This national and international contribution to field biology and conservation science 
goes far beyond monitoring the habits of an elusive seabird. It could be as revolutionary as binoculars. 

But. as always, the college's strongest offerings are its students. Year after _year, College of the Atlantic graduates 
prepare for their own voyage into the world by conceiving, creating and completing exceptional and 
comprehensive projects. 

In the following pages, we've highlighted some of these projects. It's been hard to choose just a handful. Those 
we left out are as engaging as those we included: each project completed last year was a compelling exploratory 
journey into excellence. 


letter from the chair of the board 

Human Ecology has deep roots on Mount Desert Island. Generations of explorers, artists, scientists, year-round 
and summer residents, teachers and students have been drawn to the island's natural history and beauty. College 
of the Atlantic advances that legacy. 

On |une 30, 2003. Isabel Mancinelli was named the college's first Charles VV. Eliot Professor of Ecological 
Planning. Policy and Design. Charles Eliot (1859-1897) was one of landscape architecture's yisionary practitioners, 
the first to analyze landscapes as layers of cultural, economic and ecological systems, to deyise scientific methods 
for recording them and to implement political measures for conserving them. He was an environmentalist 50 years 
before the term was coined. 

Eliot had a special association with Mount Desert Island, dating from 1871 when the Eliot family spent its first 
summer on the island. As an undergraduate student at Harvard. Eliot and several friends formed the "Champlain 
Society" and spent their summers camping on Mount Desert Island, exploring and recording its natural resources. 
Each of these young men worked in a distinct branch of natural science: geology, ornithology, marine 
invertebrates, meteorology, entomology and ichthyology. The scientific publications and papers that resulted from 
their work form the first scientifically based, interdisciplinary natural resource inventory of the region. 

Isabel Mancinelli holds a Master of Landscape Architecture from Harvard University. Graduate School of Design. 
She worked for the North Atlantic Regional Office of the National Park Service for ten years as a park planner and 
was team captain of the planning team for the General Management Plan for Acadia National Park. She has been 
a member of the faculty at College of the Atlantic since 1992. She and her students have worked extensively with 
planning boards and comprehensive planning committees in almost all of the surrounding communities, with MDI 
Tomorrow and Acadia National Park. We are thrilled to have someone of her capacity serving as our first Eliot 

In the pages that follow we share with you the stories of a new generation of explorers — seniors at College of 
the Atlantic who. like Eliot, have learned to think across disciplines and to translate personal values into projects 
and institutions that bring human and natural communities together. As we recognize their accomplishments, we 
thank you. our loyal friends, for supporting their exploration and education with your vision and philanthropy. 

A*, n 

lohn N. Kelley 

2003 annual report 


letter from the president 

The spot where College of the Atlantic stands today is not very far from where Samuel de Champlain "stove the 
undersides" of his boat while mapping Mount Desert Island in 1604. Our intent is also exploration, discovering 
nen ways of understanding the world and, like Champlain, applying our knowledge to utility within the world. 
Often, this means encouraging students to repair the environmental damage done since Champlain's time. 

During 2003, the thirty-fourth year since College of the Atlantic was chartered, we have continued to build on 
our academic excellence, financial sustainability. and national reputation. 

New strategic partnerships have extended the college's reach and perspectives. The Eco League, formed by 
College of the Atlantic, Alaska Pacific University and Antioch, Green Mountain, Northland and Prescott colleges, 
promotes education for sustainability and exchanges across the nation. Students explore genetic maps and their 
functional consequences in partnership with the Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory, the lackson 
Laboratory, the University of Maine and Bates, Bowdoin and Colby colleges. The Union River Watershed 
Coalition, headquartered at the college and focused on a watershed of five hundred SQuare miles, engages twenty- 
five towns, schools, nonprofits, government agencies, and businesses in research, education, planning and 
outreach activities. 

Successful exploration of new vistas of human ecology requires both resources and leadership. For ten_years. Rich 
Borden tirelessly led the college to success as academic dean. Following his return to full-time teaching and 
research, we created a team to broaden and deepen academic leadership, appointing Karen Waldron as academic 
dean and three associate deans: Dave Feldman, for academic affairs; Ken Hill, for academic services and |ohn 
Anderson, for the graduate program. Also in 2003, social anthropologist David Camp joined the faculty and 
Isabel Mancinelli became the first Charles W. Eliot Professor of Ecological Planning, Policy and Design. 

I hope that^ou will take pleasure from_your support of College of the Atlantic and from the accomplishments of 
its students, faculty, and staff. You have been an essential partner in building this college of human ecology on 
the coast of Maine and sending its students out to explore the challenges and opportunities of the world of the 
twenty-first century. 

Steven Katona 


The Cost of Tourism: Jennifer Lynn Atkinson '03 

If Mahahual Were Costa Maya . . . What Would the Fisherman Do? A Look at the Social Aspects of 
Conservation Planning and Tourism Development in Quintana Roo, Mexico 

When a cruise ship descends on its port of call, the arriving tourists can hardly be called explorers. They are 
covering known ground. But, as with the explorers of old, what they come upon is altered, irrevocably In her 
senior project, lennifer Atkinson of Boise. Idaho, explored the impact of cruise ship tourists by speaking directly 
to the inhabitants of Mahahual, a beachfront village in southern Quintana Roo, Mexico, positioned to be the 
epicenter of a new tourism industry. Written into the project (for which travel was funded by the Kathryn Davis 
International Advanced Studies Award), are plans to bring the research back to the community after Jennifer's 
2003 graduation. Says one Mahahual fisherman she interviewed, "We are evolving. . . from farmers to fishermen 
and from fishermen to tourism attendants. . . It's the turn that life deals. Like this we continue, like this." 

lennifer became involved in the project after receiving an Educational Travel Fund grant from COA to spend five 
months in the Yunnan Province of China looking at how residents were approaching issues of cultural conservation 
and sustainable development. She returned with many Questions, especially of ecotourism. She writes: "When I 
read about the Costa Maya Tourism Corridor Development Project as a sustainable development plan intended to 
conserve the coastal ecology of Southern Quintana Roo and better the Quality of life of regional populations, I 
thought, great! When I discovered that the first stage of development was the installation of a cruise ship pier, I 
became worried. When I showed up in Mahahual and found that the local community had been marginalized and 
that the social aspects of conservation planning had been neglected. I decided to document it." 

scuba pic- 


"/ extend my gratitude to the entire faculty and staff of College of the Atlantic for empowering 
students by showing them their options and then letting them choose what education looks like 
and what human ecology means." 

2003 annual report 

Exploring the Known: Alana Ruth Beard '03 

Sign-Posts: Living on MDI 

Sometimes, the greatest unknown is what lies right before our eyes: the world we grew up in, a world 
that seems so familiar and yet is filled with so many deep mysteries. Alana Beard, born on Mount Desert 
Island, focused her senior project on her own home island, using photographs, reflections and oral 
histories to understand the island and the impact of its changes upon those who live here. "I hope the 
writing will reach people on a very basic, human level so that they are able to associate characters and 
aspects of this island with whatever place they call home." Alana writes in her introduction to the project. 
This volume, written just as she was setting out into the world, allowed Alana to explore the deep sense 
of place she found on MDI. As she says. "I used this project as an opportunity to deepen my connection 
to this place — a way to pay homage to the mountains, waves, trees and people that I have looked to 
for guidance, knowledge, forgiveness, solace and reflection over the past twenty years. " 

"Because I have so many interests - writing, photography, science, the island - this project became 
a collage of my favorite activities. Being able to design a project like that and put it all together 
would be hard to do in another school. When you have found one thing that you're going to focus 
on, the perspective of College of the Atlantic lets you see what you're interested in from many 
different ways, many points of view." 


Diving In: E. Brooke Hartley '03 

Drawing Water 

When Brooke Hartley came to College of the Atlantic from Maryland Institute College of Art, she was looking for 
something deeper than art training, something that probed the very essence of experience. "How can an artist be 
clairvoyant if only taught to look at life through the eyes of an artist?" she asks in the narrative to her senior 
project, which is a collection of surrealistic drawings that she calls "Drawing Water." These images explore the 
details of water as a means for understanding "the subtle intricacies of life that we ignore and take for granted on 
a daily basis." 

"Purpose is not an object that you can set your mind to and create; it is a development that 
redefines itself at every moment in life. " 

2003 annual report 
P 6 

From Disease to Display: William Berkeley Kauffman '03 

Articulation and Display of a Pilot Whale Skeleton 

When a pilot whale repeatedly stranded itself on the shores of the Penobscot River in the summer of 2001, it 
caught the attention of thousands along the coast who were shocked and distressed to watch it die. Little did they 
realize that it would become immortalized in the hands of Berkeley Kauffman, whose senior project was the 
articulation — or reassembly — of its skeleton. Berkeley, who hails from San Francisco and transferred to the 
college in 2002 from Tulane University, heard about the stranding through his involvement with Allied Whale. 
Berkeley credits Toby Stevenson, who was part of the stranding response team, with the foresight to care for the 
bones, burying the delicate ones in manure to allow insects and bacteria to clean them off. "Without them, my 
project would never have happened." Berkeley writes. "Because Toby was worried about maintaining the delicate 
bones. I was able to produce a far more captivating skeleton." Berkeley not only put the bones back together for 
all to see, but he created a professional display that now stands in the Whale Museum on the pier in Bar Harbor. 

"/ came to CO A primarily because of Allied Whale. I knew that my interests lay in marine science. 
Now, I've learned how to learn. I know that I can figure out a way to do anything that I want to do. 
I have the confidence to try and the resilience to try again if I fail. " 


Giving Something Back: Douglas Lerch '03 

The Creation of a Fair Trade Organization 

During the winter of 2002-2003, Doug Lerch of Fair Lawn, New lersey. spent three months studying in the 
highlands of Guatemala. Like many who have journeyed there, he was entranced by the beauty of the indigenous 
people, their faces, their gentleness, the splendor of their rainbow-colored garments. He was also appalled by 
their poverty. Before he returned to COA, Doug vowed to give something back. When he left the highlands, he 
carried a suitcase of weavings and an idea: he would start a business selling the woven work of his Guatemalan 
friends at fair market prices. The money would flow back to Guatemala. Doug's senior project was the business 
plan, product catalog and brochure of his new fair trade business. Before he graduated, his business was up and 
running, along with a website, "My project lives on beyond my senior project," he writes in 
his final project narrative. "I have my first order from Eden Rising and have located many other possible suppliers 
for the weavings. This means potentially steady consumers for the weavers of Guatemala, something they so 
desperately need." 

"/ am very grateful to College of the Atlantic for giving me the structure, freedom and confidence 
to pursue my goals and dreams. " 

2003 annual report 

Into the Future: Hope Elizabeth Rowan '03 

Using Conservation to Manage Growth in the Union River Watershed: A Case Study of Mariaville 
and Otis 

It's not easy to explore the future. It's hard to consider today what factors may loom twenty years from now. Yet 
that is the task of planners in towns and cities across the globe, and sometimes with minimal tools. In her master's 
project for College of the Atlantic. Hope Rowan used the college's sophisticated Geographic Information System 
to predict the future of two rural towns on the Union River watershed just north of Ellsworth. By speaking with 
town officials of both Otis and Mariaville, and by gathering information about the regional economy, recent 
growth, endangered species, geology, and water availability. Hope has helped these towns see their future. Hope, 
who is originally from Wayland, Massachusetts, mapped out a vision of Otis and Mariaville twenty years hence. 
showing where development could occur, and what forms it might take, from suburban sprawl to conservation 

"We're working with real people on real issues, and there's plenty of work out there to be done." 


FY 20( 


Tuition and Fees 

$ 5.924,721 

Contributions - annual fund 


Contributions - restricted 


Investment and endowment income 


Government and other grants 


Student housing and dining 


Summer programs 


Museum and Summer Field Studies 


Research and projects 


Indirect cost reimbursement and other 


Beech Hill Farm 


Total revenues 



Instruction and student activities 




Student housing and dining 


Summer programs 


Museum and Summer Field Studies 


Financial aid 


General and administration 


Payroll taxes and fringe benefits 




Buildings and grounds 




Grants, research and projects 


Beech Hill Farm 


Total expenditures 


Excess revenue 


Transfers and capital expenditures 


Net operating surplus 


The operating budget for 2002-2003 was approved by the Board 
of Trustees with a planned surplus of $460,000. the result of the 
Board's resolve to eliminate operating debt accumulated in prior 
fiscal years. We are pleased to report that the College not only 
met, but exceeded, the budgeted surplus goal retiring $517,452 
in accumulated operating deficit in fiscal year 2003. 

Goal $460,000 

Actual $517,452 

2003 annual report 

board of trustees 
FY 2002-2003 

|ohn N. Kelly. Chair 

William V.P. Newlin, Vice Chair 

Les Brewer, Treasurer 

Suzanne Folds McCullagh, Secretary 

Edward McC. Blair 
Kelly S. Dickson 97 
Alice Eno 
David H. Fischer 
William G. Foulke, |r. 
lames M. Garnett, |r. 
Philip Geyelin 

lames M. Gower, Lite Trustee 

George B.E. Hambleton 

Samuel M. Hamill. |r. 

Elizabeth D. Hodder 

Sherry F. Huber 

Susan Storey Lyman, Life Trustee 

Casey Mallinckrodt 

Charlene Marshall 

lay McNally '84 

Stephen Milliken 

Polly Morgenstem 

Daniel S. Pierce 

Cathy L. Ramsdell 78 

|ohn Reeves 

|ohn Rivers 

Hamilton Robinson, |r. 

Walter Robinson 

Maurine Rothschild 

Henry D. Sharpe, |r., Life Trustee 

Samuel Shaw 

Clyde E. Shorey. |r. 

Donald B. Straus 

Ann F. Sullivan 

|ohn Wilmerding 

council of advisors 
FY 2002-2003 

H. Keith Brodie 
Mabel H. Cabot 
lanis Coates 
Barbara Danielson 
Shelby M.C. Davis 
Judith Fischer 
Neva Goodwin 
Polly Wheeler Guth 
Katherine Hazard 
Sophia lohnston 

Philip Kunhardt 
Carl Little 
David E. McGiffert 
Daniel Morgenstem 
Phyllis Anina Moriarty 
William C. Osborn 
Ambassador Henry Owen 
George Page 
Keating Pepper 
George Putnam 

Roxana Robinson 

Robert Rothschild 

Steve B. Savage 

Edwin Schlossberg 

Peter Sellers 

Theodore R. Sizer 

Thomas Stephens Thomas. IV 

Marc S. Tucker 

Carol Wishcamper 

administrative staff 

Steven Katona 

Richard Borden 

Academic Dean 
ludith Allen 

Director of Information Services 


|ohn Anderson 
Nancy Andrews 
Douglas Barkey 
Elmer Beal 
Richard Borden 
loAnne Carpenter 
William Carpenter 
Donald Cass 
Kenneth Cline 
|ohn Cooper 

Sarah Baker 

Director of Admission 
Andrew Campbell 

Director of Student Life 
Eleanor Courtemanche 

Director of Development 

|. Gray Cox 
David Feldman 
Craig Greene 
Helen Hess 
Kenneth Hill 
Anne Kozak 
Susan Lerner 
Todd Little-Siebold 
Isabel Mancinelli 
Ernest McMullen 

lonathan Ehrlich 

Director of Finance and 

Theodore Koffman 

Director of Government Relations 

and Summer Programs 

Suzanne Morse 
Christopher Petersen 
Stephen Ressell 
Doreen Stabinsky 
Bonnie Tai 
Davis Taylor 
Sean Todd 
|ohn Visvader 
Karen Waldron 



It is with deep gratitude and appreciation that we acknowledge the generosity of our alumni, trustees and friends. This 
Annual Report recognizes all those who made gifts to College of the Atlantic from |ulv I. 2002 through |une 30. 2003. 

Annual Giving 

THE CHAMPLAIN SOCIETY Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rothschild/Amistad 

The Champlain Society honors individuals of Fund of MCF 

vision and commitment who contribute Dr. and Mrs. Peter Sellers 

SI.SO0 or more to the college's Annual Fund. Mr. and Mrs. William VVister. |r. 


Mr. Edward McC. Blair. Sr. 

Mrs. Charlotte T. Bordeaux 

Ms. Carmen M. Christensen 

Ms. Barbara Danielson 

Mrs. Amos Eno 

Mrs. Anne M. Franchetti 

Mr. and Mrs. lames M. Garnett. |r. 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Geveiin 

Cyrus and Patricia Hagge 

Mr. Samuel M. Hamill. |r. 

Mr. and Mrs. Melville Hodder 

Mr. and Mrs. lohn N. Kelly 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Kogod 

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Milliken 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Milliken 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Pierce 

Mr. and Mrs. George Putnam 

Dr. Walter Robinson 

Mr and Mrs. Henry D. Sharpe. |r. 

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde E. Shorey. |r. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Stewart 

Mrs. Charles R. Tyson 

PATHFINDER SS000 - S9.999 
Elisabeth |. McCormack and lerome I. Aron 
Linda Shaw and lefTrev Bakken 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Bass 
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Cabot 
Estate of Mrs. Frederic E. Camp 
Mr. and Mrs. F. Eugene Dixon. |r. 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. I. Goddard 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Guthrie. |r. 
Hon. and Mrs. Charles A Heimbold 
Barbarina '88 and Aaron Heverdahl '87 
Seventh Generation Fund of MCF 
IBIS Consulting. Inc. 
Mr. and Mrs. lohn L. Kemmerer III 
Ms. Casev Mallinckrodt 
Claudia Besen and lay McNally '84 
Mr. and Mrs. William V. P. Newlin 
Elwood R. Quesada Educational Foundation 
Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton Robinson. |r. 
David Rockefeller Fund. Incorporated 

DISCOX'ERER - S2.000 - S4.999 

Bar Harbor Banking & Trust Co. 

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie C. Brewer 

Cadillac Mountain Sports 

Susanna Porter and lames Clark. |r. 

Diversified Communications 

Mr. Larry DufTv 

Ellen and lohn Emerv 

Mr. and Mrs. David Fischer 

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Foulke. |r. 

Dr. and Mrs. George Gorham 

Rev. lames M. Gower 

Mr. and Mrs. Phil Grantham. Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Habermann 

Mr. and Mrs. George B. E. Hambleton 

Ms. SheiTv F. Huber 

Barbara and Peter Hunt/Point Harbor Fund 

at MCF 
Mr. Robert I. MacDonald 
Mrs. Marcia MacKinnon 
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Moore 
Mr. and Mrs. G. Marshall Moriartv 
Dr. Frank Maya 

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin R_ Neilson 
Ms. Sandra Nowicki 
Lynn and Willy Osborn 
Mr. and Mrs. C. VI. Eliot Paine 
Mr. and Mrs. lohn P. Reeves 
Mr and Mrs. Winthrop A. Short 
Sidney Stern Memorial Trust 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sullivan 
Mr. and Mrs. Rodman Ward. |r. 
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Weg 
Ms. Katherine Weinstock '81 
Mr. lohn Wilmerding 
Mr. David |. Witham 

EXPLORER - SI.500 - SI.999 
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Aronson 
Man Donna 80 and Wells Bacon '80 
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Benjamin II 
Mr. Charles Butt 

Mr. and Mrs. Wistar MorrisThe Cotswold 

Ellie and Wvatt Courtemanche 
Mr. and Mrs. Roderick H. Cushman 
Dead River Company 
Tina and Philip DeNormandie 
Kelly S. '97 and George Dickson 
Mr. and Mrs. George H. P. Dwight 
Mr. and Mrs. David Fischer 
Mrs. Patricia CL Foley 

am G. Foulke. Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs. W. West Frazier IV 
Dr. and Mrs. lames C. A Fuchs 
Mr. and Mrs. Will Gardiner 
Mr. Edwin N. Geissler 
Mr. Louis Gerald 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul |. Growald 
Ms. Man T. Hall 
Mrs Anne Stroud Hannum 
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon S. Hargraves 
Mr. Philip Heckscher 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hodges 
Mr. and Mrs. Denholm M. Jacobs 
Susan Lerner and Steve Katona 
Ms Dorothy Wills Knapp 
Mr and Mrs. Anthony A Lapham 
Stan Gurell and Ira Lew 
Mrs. Francis A. Lewis 
Mrs. Susan Storey Lyman 
The Hon. and Mrs. Anthony D. Marshall 
Grant and Suzanne McCullagh 
Mr. and Mrs. Gerrish H. Milliken 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Morgenstern 
Ms Emily Neilson 
Amb. and Mrs. Henry Owen 
|im and Suzanne Owen 
Barbara Mover and Walter C. Paine 
Ms. ludith S. Perkins 
Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson E. Peters 
Mr Bruce A Phillips '78 
Ms Cathy L Ramsdell '78 
Mrs. Dora L. Richardson 
Mr. and Mrs. lohn Rivers 
lane Tawnev and Samuel Shaw 
Mr. Kenneth Simon 
Mr and Mrs. Allan Stone 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Straus 
Ms. Ellen Reid Thurman 
Kathv Bonk and Marc Tucker 
Ms. Elena V. Turn- '90 

2003 annual report 





Acadia Senior College 

Dr and Mrs Peter T. Adler 

Mis I II Michael Agar 

Ms. Cynthia Agnami Chisholm '86 

Ms. M. BernadcttcAlie '84 

Mr. William W. Allen 87 

David Zuk and Caroline Allen 

Mr. Peter Anderson '81 

Mrs. Diane H. Anderson 

Ms. Wcndv Anderson 

Mr. and Mrs. O. Kelley Anderson. |r. 

Mr. and Mrs. I. lackson Angell 


Mr. and Mrs. |ohn E. Anthony 

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Arnold 

Atwater Kent Foundation, Incorporated 

Dr. David Avery '84 

Awards Signage & Trophies 

Mr. leffrev Baker 77 

Sarah and David Baker 

Ms. lane Baker 

Dot and Art Baker 

Bill and Tina Baker 

Ms. Tenia Bannick '86 

Bar Harbor Lobster Bakes 

Bar Harbor Motel 

Mr. Edwin Barkdoll 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Barnes 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Barnhart 

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred P. Barton 

Mr. H. B. Beach 

Drs. Wesley and Terrie Beamer 

Mr. Bruce C. Becoye '81 

Mr. Raymond Belding 

Ms. Ka'therine M. Bell 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Beltramini '79 '80 

Ms. Barbara Simon and Mr. Bruce 

Bender '76 
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Berlin 
Mr. Robert C. Bickford 
Mr. and Mrs. lames G. Blaine 
Mr. and Mrs. Francis I. Blair 
Ms. Susan Thomas Blaisdell 
Hon. and Mrs. Robert O. Blake 
Ms. lennifer Blansfield '89 
Mr. lerry Bley 78 
Ms. Edith Blomberg 
Ms. Cedar T. Blomberg '93 
Tricia and Michael Blythe 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Boduch 
loanne Gardner and Thomas Boisvert 
Rev. Paul |. Boothby '88 
Dylan C. Bosseau '98 
Ms. loan D. Bossi 
Dr. and Mrs. lames L. Boyer 
Mr. Dennis Bracale '88 
Ms. Emily Bracale '90 
Julie and Bill Bracken 

Mr. Anselm Hitchcock Bradford '02 

Keisha Luce '02 and Timothy Bray '02 

Ms Ann L Breen Carroll '91 

Ms. Virginia Brennan 

Ms. Letitia Brewster 75 

Mr. Marc Brilliant 

Dr. and Mrs. H. Keith Brodic 

Ms. Teisha Broetzman '88 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bromage 

Ms. Brunette Brozek 

Mr. lason R. Brvson-Alderman '91 

Mrs. Coleman Burke 

Mr. Sherman Burson '83 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Burton II 

Mr. and Mrs. E. Farnham Butler 

Gilbert and lldiko Butler 

Becky '83 and Skip Buyers-Basso '81 

Ms. Nicole MoniQtie Cabana '99 

Mr. Henry Cabot '97 

Mr. Robert E. Cahill '84 

Roc and Helen Caivano '80 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Caja 

Ms. Jul ie Cameron 78 

Ms. Frances S. Carlin 

Ms. lanelle Carroll '95 

Ms. Liza Carter 76 

Mr. Mitchell Carter '80 

Ms. Annette |. Carvajal 

Mrs. E. Sims Casey 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Cawley 

Mrs. lohn H. Chafee 

Mr. Erin B. Chalmers 00 

Mr. Charles M. Chapin 

Ms. Kim S. Cherry '94 

Mr. and Mrs. George M. Cheston 

Ms. Sanae Chiba '94 

Mrs. Katherine K'aufer Christoffel 

Ms. Katherine D. Clark '91 

Hannah S. Sistare and Timothy B. Clark 

Ms. Pamela Cobb '83 

Ms. Tammis Coffin '87 

Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Cohen 

Mr. Francis Cole 81 

Mr. and Mrs. E. ludson Cole 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas L. Coleman 

Mr. and Mrs. Francis I.G. Coleman 

Mr. and Mrs. Tristram C. Colket. |r. 

Mr. Darron Collins '92 

Russell '89 and Gillian Comstock '88 

Alexandra 77 and Garrett Conover 78 

Ms. Lisa L. Conway '91 

Mr. Douglas Coots '83 

Dick Atlee and Sarah Corson 

Mr. and Mrs. Melville P. Cote 

Ms. Moira Creaser 

Dr. David B. Crispin 

Ms. Sally Crock 

Mr. Gideon Bezalel Culman 02 

Ms. Carter Cunningham 

Ms. Mary Curtis 

Mrs. Lawrence Cutler 

Lois and Paul Cyr 

Ms. E. Nicole D'Avis 02 

Ms I isa Damtofl 79 

Mr. |ohn Allen Dandy 

Mr. and Mrs. William V. Daniel 

Ms. Kate Darling 76 

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Davis 

David and Kay Dawson 

Ms. Angela Delvecchio '92 

Stephen and Rose Demers '80 

Ms. Adrianne Ruth Deupree 02 

Ms. Catherine Devlin '93 

Mrs. |ohn K. Devlin 

Dick's Plumbing 

Mr. Scott Dickerson '95 

Mr. and Mrs. S. Whitney Dickey 

George and Kelly Dickson '97 

Ms. Angela DiPerri '01 

Prof, and Mrs. Arthur A. Dole 

Mr. Stephen H. Dolley 

lanet Anker and Charles Donnelly 

Mr. Richard P. Donohoe 

Ms. Geraldine E. Doran 

Mr. Millard Dority 

Mr. Peter Drachman '93 

Ms. Anne Drager 

Ms. Susan Dreier 

Mrs. William H. Drury 

Ms. Lucinda Nash Dudley 

Mr. Paul Dumont 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Dupree, |r. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dworak 

Mr. Peter Dyer 

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Eacho III 

Eaton Vance Management 

Mr. and Mrs. George R. Ehrhardt. Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. lonathan Ehrlich 

Mr. lacob Eichenlaub '99 

Mr. Donald W. Elk 

lennifer Schroth '84 and lonathan 

Ellsowrth '87 
Mr. David Emerson '81 
Ms. Carol B. Emmons 
Dr. Richard Emmons '92 
Dr. Dianna and Mr. Ben Emory/Ocean 

Ledges Fund of MCF 
Mrs. Carol B. Stevens Eno 
Mrs. Bertha E. Erb 
Ms. Julie A. Erb '83 
Mrs. Sylvia H. Erhart. |r. 
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon I. Erikson 
Ms. Lynne Wommack Espy '93 
Mr. Richard Estes 
Dr. and Mrs. William E. Evans 
Mr. |ohn D. Evans '96 
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Factor 
Mr. and Mrs. loseph Fass 
Dr. and Mrs. Clifford Faull 
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Faust 



Ms. loan Feely 79 

Mr. William Fenton 

Mr. Thomas |. Fernald 

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Finn 

First National Bank of Bar Harbor 

Ms. Barbara Flannery 

Mr. and Mrs. William M.G. Fletcher 

Mr. and Mrs. A. Irving Forbes 

Ms. loanne Rodgers Foster '85 

Mr. Charles K. Foster. |r. 

Dr. and Mrs. Richard R. Fox 

Mrs. Ruth B. Fraley 

Mr. Albert Francke 

Marv |o Brill and Peter Freedman 

Mr. Lijun |ia and Ms. Frances 

Ms. Ardrianna C. French '02 
Mr. lames Frick '78 
Ms. Glenon Friedmann '86 
Mr. Bernard Fuller 
Furbush-Roberts Printing Co, Inc 
Mr. David Furholmen 
Dr. and Mrs Valentin Fuster 
Mrs. lames L. Gamble. |r. 
Mrs. Robert Gann 
Ms. Laurie Geiger 
Mr. Kevin Geiger '88 
Ms. Jennifer George 02 
Ms. Susan M. Getze 
Ms. Anne Giardina 
Mr. lackson Gillman '78 
|une Lacombe and Bill Ginn '74 
Ms. Allison K. Gladstone '00 
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Gladstone 
Dr. and Mrs. Donald |. Glotzer 
Mr. Lyman B. Goff 
Mr. Paul M. Golas 
lill and Sheldon Goldthwait 
Mr. and Mrs. David Gooch 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Goodman 
Prof. Bruce Mazlish & Dr. Neva Goodwin 
Ms. Sara Goodyear 
Mr. Geoffrey Gordon 
lonathan '78 and Nina Gormley '78 
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Gossart 
Mr. and Mrs. |ohn P. Gower 
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph |. Graff 
Dr. and Mrs. loseph L. Grant 
Graves Supermarkets, Inc. 
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Green 
Ms. Linda Gregory '89 
Mr. Richard W. Griffin '80 
Mr. Robert S. Gulick 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gumpert 
Ms. Elizabeth Gwinn 01 
Ms. Bethany Haase '01 
Dr. and Mrs. loseph H. Hafkenschiel 
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore |. Hahn 
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Hallett 
Mr. Christopher Hamilton '85 

Ms. M. Rebecca Hancock '97 

Rev. Patricia Handloss 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hansen 

Ms. Mary Todd Hardeman 

Mr. Matthew Hare '84 

Mr. ludson A. Harmon 

Ms. Mary Harney '96 

Mr. Brian A. Harrington 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Harris 

Ms. Laurel Michele Harris '99 

Ms. Holly Hartley 

Mrs. Henry Hartmann 

Mr. and Mrs. |ohn S. C. Harvey III 

Ms. Christine Hashimoto 

Ms. Lois Hayes '79 

Mr. and Mrs. loseph S. Hayes 

Mr. Edward Hugh Haynsworth III '98 

Ms. Katherine W. Hazard '76 

Ms. Barbara |. Hazard 

Mrs. August Heckscher 

Ms. Mary Heffernon 

Mr. and Mrs. lorgen H. Heidemann 

Mr. Peter Heller '85 

Kate Russell Henry and Eric Henry 

Mr. and Mrs. William Hersey 

Mr. and Mrs. lames Hesser 

Ms. Susan Hester 

Ms. Katherine Hester '98 

Mrs. Henderson Heyward 

Highbrook Motel 

Ms. Susan Highley '86 

Ms. Barbara Hilli 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hinckley 

Dr. and Mrs. Leonard F. Hirsh. |r. 

Dr. and Mrs. |ohn P. Hoche 

Ms. Margaret A. Hoffman '97 

Dr. Kathleen Hogan '81 

Mr. William Hohensee '81 

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Hollenbeck 

Ms. Betsey Holtzmann 

Homewood Benefits 

Mrs. Mark Hopkins 

Dr. and Mrs. William Horner 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Huber 

Ms. Sarah F. Hudson 

Ms. Deidre Humphrey 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Huntington 

Mr. and Mrs. |ohn |. Inch. |r. 

Ms. Susan B. Inches '79 

Mr. Orton P. lackson, |r. 

Mr. Isaac S. lacobs '99 

Alison and loplin lames '84 

Mr. Peter leffery '84 

Ms. Catherine B. lohnson '74 

Ms. Laura lohnson 

Ms. Leslie L. lones Esq.- '91 

Ms. Constance lordan 


Mr. and Mrs. H. Lee |udd 

Mike '91 and lulie Kacergis '92 

Ann Sewall and Ed Kaelber 

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Kales 

Ms. Esther R. Karkal '83 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kates 

Mr. Michael Kattner '95 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Keisch 

Dr. lames Kellam '96 

Mr. and Mrs. )ohn G. Kellogg 

Mr. and Mrs. lames M. Kellogg 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Kelly 

Ms. Michele S. Kelsey '90 

Ms. loanne S. Kemmerer 02 

Mr. |ohn Kemmerer, |r. 

Mr. and Mrs. Moorehead Kennedy 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lee Kennedy 

Dr. Barbara Kent 

Lorraine Stratis and Carl Ketchum 

Lori Gustafson '87 and Mike Kimball '89 

Mr. and Mrs. Neil |. King 

Margee and Bob Kinney 

Ms. Borbala Kiss 02 

Ms. Barbara Knowles 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Knowles 

Knowles Company 

Ms. Aleda Koehn 

Mr. and Mrs. S. Lee Kohrman 

Ms. Anne M. Kozak 

Mrs. Franz Kraus 

Dr. and Mrs. lulius R. Krevans 

Mr. Samuel Ladd III 

Ms. Angela Lambert '83 

Dr. Geoff Korn and Dr. Lynda Lane 

Ms. Susan B. Lavenson 

Ms. Nicole C. Lavoie 

Mr. Clark Lawrence '92 

Dr. Barbara Kent Lawrence 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lawson-Stopps 

Dr. and Mrs. David Lebwohl 

Ms. Kendra Scott Lebwohl '99 

Kathryn Harmon '94 and Rob Ledo '91 

Dr. and Mrs. Leung Lee 

Mrs. Susan Shaw Leiter 

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Leonard 

Ms. Andrea Lepcio '79 

Randy Lessard and Melissa Lessard-York '90 

Dr. and Mrs. leffrey Levine 

Mr. lames R. Lindenthal 

Mr. and Mrs. K. Edward Lischick 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Little 

Ms. Abigail Littlefield '83 

Mr. Michael Lium-Hall '91 

Ms. Winifred Livengood 

Ms. Elizabeth Lokocz '99 

Ms. Nancy D. Lokocz 02 

Dr. |ohn H. Long. )r. '86 

Ms. Maria Vanegas Long '84 

Dr. and Mrs. Ralph C. Longsworth 

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Lord II 

Mimo and Pamela Lord Camara '83 

Mrs. Merloyd Ludington 

2003 annual report 


Mr.and Mrs. Lewis Lukens 
Ms. Mayo Lynam 
Mrs. Constance B Madeira 
Ms Melinda R. Magleby 00 

Dr and Mrs. Stephen A. Mahoney 

Maine Communitv Foundation 

Mi and Mrs. Christopher |. Makins 

Mr. David Malakoff '86 

Mr. Daniel Maldarella 

Ms. Carol Manahan 77 

Ms. Margaret C. Manter 

Ms. Christine Manzey 

Mrs. Elizabeth Hulbert Marler 

Mr. Robert Martin 

Mr. Alfred S. Martin 

Mrs. Eugene Mason 

Mr. and Mrs. Finlav B. Matheson 

Prof. Ernst Mayr 

Mr. Francis H. McAdoo. |r. 

Mr. |ohn Drury and Ms. Lucy McCarthy 

Mr. and Mrs. Prestlev McCaskie 

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin W. McCleary 

Mrs. Gertrude L. McCue 

Ms. Karen McDonald 

Ms. Karen L. McFarland '91 

Mr. and Mrs. Clement E. McGillicuddy 

Mr. and Mrs. |. R. McGregor 

Mr. Ian Scott Mclsaac '76 

Mrs. Mary Goodyear McKee 

Mrs. Donald G. McLean 

Mrs. Ann McLucas 

Ms. Katharine M. McMenamin 

Mr. Donald K. McNeil 

Ms. Carol A. Mead '93 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert |. Meade 

Mr. Scott Mercer 

Mrs. lean P. Messex 

Mrs. Paul L. Miller 

Mr. leffrey Miller '92 

Laura Ellis and David Milliken 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Millon 

Mr. Frank Mocejunas 

Mr. Peter W. Moon '90 

Mr. and Mrs. Sung Moon 

Ms. Chelsea K. Mooser 00 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Morgenstern 

Mrs. Lorraine B. Morong 

Mr. and Mrs. |ohn R. Moyer 

Ms. Anne M. Mulholland 

Mr. and Mrs. Creighton B. Murch 

Dr. and Mrs. lames S. Murphy 

Ms. Barbara Nalley 

Mr. Michael Nardacci 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Nathane 

National Park Tours & Transport. Inc. 

Ms. Mary K. Nelson '97 

Mr. and Mrs. |ohn H. Newhall 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Nicholas 

Ms. Vicki Nichols '84 

Ms. Stephanie Nichols '94 

Mrs. A. Corkran Nimick 

Lisa '89 and Fid Norton 

Ms. Kendra Noyes 01 

Mrs. Elizabeth lliggins Null 

Mr and Mrs. |.D. Nyhan 

Mr Christopher O'Connor '87 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. O'Leary 

Mr. and Mrs. lames Oliver 

Ms. Hope Olmstead 

Mr. Benoni Outerbridge '84 

Cara Guerrieri '83 and Francis Owen '83 

Mr. and Mrs. |on R. Pactor 

Drs. Kenneth and Beverly Paigen 

Paradis True Value Hardware 

Ms. Mary B. Partridge 

Ms. Pamela Parvin '93 

Dr. and Mrs. Lewis E. Patrie 

Mr. Robert W. Patterson. |r. 

Mr George L. Peabodv 

Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm E. Peabody 

Mr. Tobin Peacock '95 

Mrs. |ohn I. Pearce 

Mrs. Stephen Pearson 

Ms. Anne Peaston 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pennington 

Ms. Margaret Pennock '84 

Kim and Keating Pepper 

Mrs. George W. Pepper III 

Mrs. Alice T. H. Perkins 

Rabbi Shoshana M. Perry '83 

Ms. Andrea Perry '95 

Mr. Eric Picard '91 

Ms. Susan Pierce 

Dr. and Mrs. Richard N. Pierson 

Mr. Shiva Polefka 01 

Ms. Frances L. Pollitt 77 

Ms. Emily Poole '92 

Dr. and Mrs. Steven Price 

Mr. and Mrs. Ben G. M. Priest 

Mr. and Mrs. Hector Prud'homme 

Mr. and Mrs. George C. Putnam 

Mr. and Mrs. Eben W. Pyne 

Quimby House Inn 

Mr. and Mrs. David Quinn 

Drs. Mona L. and Louis Rabineau 

Mr. Gregory Rainoff '81 

Mr Nishanta Rajakaruna '94 

Randy Sprague Heating & Plumbing 

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Rappaport 

Mr. and Mrs. Dean Read 

Ms. Rebecca L. Renaud 

Mr. and Mrs. Owen W. Roberts 

Mr. and Mrs. lared I. Roberts 

Ms. Aileen B. Robertson 

Dr. and Mrs. Gordon Robinson 

Drs. Paul and Ann G. Rochmis 

Ms. Sydney R. Rockefeller 

Mr. and Mrs. David Rockefeller. |r. 

Dr. and Mrs. Steven C. Rockefeller 

Hilda K. and Thomas H. Roderick 

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Rodman 

Mr. Ronald D. Rogers 

Mr. Dennis Michael Rogers '98 

Dr. Burt Adelman and Ms. Lydia Rogers 

Rooster Brother 

Mr IV David Rosenmiller '84 

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Ross 

Mr. and Mrs. Max Rothal 

Mr. and Mrs. loseph Rothstein 

Ms. Elizabeth Rousek '95 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Rudolph 


Ms Marcie D. Ryan '01 

Mr. Mark Sadocjues '90 

Ms. Kerri Sands 02 

Mr. Daniel Sangeap '90 

Ann and Walter Sargent III 

Ms. Barbara Sassaman '78 

Mr. and Mrs. George Savidge 

Ms. lessica K. Schindler 00 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Schindler 

Ms. Chrystal R. Schreck '03 

Diane Held and |im Schwartz 

Ms. Kirsten Schwarz 00 

Amy '97 and Ryder Scott '97 

Ms. Yvonne Segerlind 

Ms. Ellen Seh '75 

Mr. lames S. Senter '85 

Mrs. Adele H. Seronde 

Mr. and Mrs. Roland Seymour 

Ms. Rolanda Seymour 00 

Mr. Edward P. Shaughnessy Esq.- 

Mrs. Warner F. M. Sheldon 

Ms Clare F. Shepley 

Dr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Shubert 

Dr. and Mrs. Charles L. Sidnian 

Mr. H.T. Silsbv II 

Mr. Irving I. Silverman 

Richard '88 and Lilea Simis '90 

Mrs. Caroline T. Simmons 

Mr. Mark E. Simonds '81 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Simonson 

Ms. lessica Lynne Sirois 01 

Ms. Susanne Slayton 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Smith 

Ms. Stacy Smith '92 

Mr. Gordon C. Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Smith 

Ms. Jennifer lones A. Smyth '97 

Ms. Harriet H. Soares 

Mr. and Mrs. lerome Soloway 

Ms. lamie S. Somes 

Ms. Catherine S. Spengler '80 

Ms. Natalie Springuel '91 

Ms. Margery Stafford 

Mr. Michael Staggs '97 

Mr. and Mrs. Edric Starbird 

Mr. |ohn R. Steele 

Mr. and Mrs. |ohn Krey Stephens 

Mr. Edward W. P. Stem '03 



Mr William N. Stevens 84 

Dr. Elizabeth Kellogg and Dr. Peter Stevens 

Stewart Brecher Architects 

Ms. Marion Stocking 

Ms Dorie S. Stollev '88 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stone 

Austen Yoshinaga and Gregory Stone '82 

Carol and Sid Strickland 

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Sullivan. |r. 

Mr. Stuart Dickev Summer '82 

Summit House Health Care Ctr.. Inc. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Sutman 

Ms. loan H. Suann 

Mr. Gilbert L. Sward 

Ms. Sally C. Swisher 78 

lean and Bill Sylvia 

Ms L\nn Thompson 

Mr. and Mrs. lohn L. Thorndike 

Mr. and Mrs. W. Nicholas Thorndike 

Mr. and Mrs. William Thorndike. |r. 

Town & Countrv. Realtors 

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Trimble. |r. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tucker 

Union Trust Company 

United Wav of Central New Mexico 

Mr. and Mrs. David Vail 

Ms. Katrina Van Dine '82 

Ms. Katrina Van Dusen 

Mr. and Mrs. C. |. VanDeWater 

Mr. lohn E. Viele 

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Voorhees 

Mr. William Wade 76 

Ms. Ann Staples Waldron 

Ms. Amanda lane Walker '98 

Mr. Benjamin Walters '81 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Watson 

Ms. loan Weber 

Mr. Arthur Edward Webster Esq.- 

Ms. lean McHugh Weiss '81 

Mr. and Mrs. E. Sohier Welch 

Ms. Alice N. Wellman 

Mr. lames Wells '95 

Mr David Wersan 79 

Westside Florist 

Ms. Katherine N. Wheeler 

Ms. Rebecca Anne White '98 

Mr. and Mrs. David Whittlesey 

Douglas and Priscilla Williams 

Mrs. Edward P. P. Williams 

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Williams 

Mr. and Mrs. lames M. Wilson 

Ms. lane M. Winchell '82 

Mr. David Winship 77 

Dr. and Mrs. George P. Winship, |r 

Dr. Dennis M. Wint 

Ms. Emily Withycombe 01 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Witt 

Mr. Christopher Witt '97 

Ms. Susan G. Woehrlin '80 

Dr. and Mrs. Otis D. Wolfe 

Prof, and Mrs. W. Howard Wriggins 

Dr. and Mrs. Charles K. Wright 

Rick and Wanda Wright 

Ms. lingran Xiao 

Ms. Sara Yasner '95 

Mr. Fred Zerega 

Mrs. lane S. Zirnkilton 

Mr. Michael Zwirko 01 

Ms. Amanda Zvch 


>ln memory of lames Abeles 

Mr. and Mrs. 1. lackson Angell 

Ms. lane Baker 

Mrs. Coleman Burke 

Mr. Charles M. Chapin 

Mrs. Henry Hartmann 

Mr. lohn Kemmerer |r. 

Ms Winifred Livengood 

Mrs Eugene Mason 

Mr. and Mrs. Prestlev McCaskie 

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin W. McClearv 

Ms Mary B. Partridge 

Mr and Mrs. Robert L. Sutman 
>ln memory of Ethel H. Blum 

Mr Robert I. MacDonald 
>ln Memory of Richard S. Davis 

Mr. and Mrs. lames G. Phillips 
>ln memory of Tom Hall 

Mrs. Oliver H. Lowry 
>ln memory of Dr. Edward |. Meade. |r. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert |. Meade 
>In memory of Valarie Rough 

Mr. Peter Dyer 
>ln memory of Nancv T. Ryle 

Ms. Barbara Flannerv 
>ln memory of Nancv Silverman 

Mr. Irving I. Silverman 
>ln memory of Olivette C. Theriault 

lean and Bill Sylvia 
>ln memory of Mr. and Mrs. R. Amory 


Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Schindler 

Mr. and Mrs. W. Nicholas Thorndike 
>ln memory of lames H. Wakelin. |r. 

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Sullivan. |r. 


Dr. lohn and Karen Anderson 

Sarah and David Baker 

Allison Martin '88 and Elmer Beal. |r. 

Becky '81 and Skip Buyers-Basso '83 

Dr. William Carpenter 

Dr. Donald Cass 

Melissa and Frederick Cook 

Dr. Gray Cox 

Mrs. Craig Greene 

Ms. Brenda Horton 

Ms. Isabel Mancinelli 

Glen '89 and Penelope Tingle Mittelhouser ' 

Dr. Suzanne Morse 

Dr. Helen Hess and Dr. Christopher Petersen 

Mr Andrew Peterson 

Drs. Mona L and Louis Rabineau 

Dr. Davis Tavlor 

Dr. Karen E. Waldron 


>ln honor of Mr. Edward Blair 

Mr and Mrs. lohn Krev Stephens 
>ln honor of Leslie C. Brewer 

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon I. Erikson 
>ln honor of Sally Chetwvnd 76 

Mrs. Lorraine B. Morong 
>ln honor of Rev. lames Gower 

Ms. Brunette Brozek 
>ln honor of Susan Lerner and Steve Katona 
Dr. Geoff Korn and Dr. Lynda Lane 

Mr. Corky Philip Steiner 
>ln honor of Mr. and Mrs. lohn Kelly 

Mr. and Mrs. lames Oliver 
>ln honor of Fae |olie-ge Silverman 03 

Ms. loan Silverman 


Chubb & Son 

CIGNA Foundation 

Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation 

Fidelity Foundation 

Fiduciary Trust 

Ford Motor Company Fund 

Freeport-McMoRan Foundation 

GE Foundation 

Northern Trust Company Charitable Trust 

Proctor & Gamble Fund 

UnumProvident Corporation 

Raytheon Company 

State Street Bank and Trust Company 

Ms. Martha Agan 
Mr. Timothy Aikman 
Ms Annette Altmaier 
Ms. Nadine Anderson 
Ms. Toni Andriulli 
Mr. Allen Archer 
Ms. Virginia Bailey 
Mr. Thomas Balier 
Ms M Susana Bamford 
Ms. Karen Barks 
Mr. Robert Barnes 
Ms Susan Barnes 
Ms. Gail Barth 
Ms Bonita Bates 
Ms. Mary Rae Bayless 
Ms. Eloise Behrends 
Ms. Barbara Benjamin 
Ms Marsha Perri Bennett 
Ms. Shari Bennett 
Mr. Ross Benson 

2003 annual report 


Ms. Karen Best 

Ms. Virginia Bliss 

Ms. Cincle Bowler) 

Ms. Aimee Braca 

Ms. Tammy Brainin 

Ms Robin Brittelli 

Mr. |osua E. Brown 

Ms. Ejyse Brown 

Ms. Marybeth Bush 

Ms. Karen Calcott 

Ms. Dolores Caporale 

Mr. lames Case. PA 

Ms. Kristin Cashore 

Ms. Rosalind Chaisson 

Mr. Hansen Chen 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chorba 

Ms. laime Churchill 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Clark 

Mr. Matthew Coburn 

Dr. Alice Cohen 

Mr. Barclay Corbus 

Ms. Susan Corey 

Dick Atlee and Sarah Corson 

Ms. Dolores Cote 

Ms. Marilyn S. Coughlin 

Ms. LA. Davis 

Mr. George Davis 

Ms. |eneli"Del Rio 

Ms. Elisabeth DiPaula 

Ms. Martha Dorchester Distel 

Ms. |oy Dorriety 

Mr. |ohn Douglas 

Mr. Laurence Druckenbrod 

Ms. Taniara Duff 

Ms. Katherine Duvall 

Ms. Stephanie Eisenberg 

Ms. Amma Elphee 

Ms. Samantha Fairbairn 

Ms. Kay Farkas 

Ms. Traci Finch 

Mr. Elliot Fisher 

Mr. Stewart Forster 

Franklin Pierce College 

Ms. lessica Fredican 

Ms. Louis Friedman 

Ms. Natalie Furlong 

Ms. Gail Marie Gabrielle 

Ms. Vicky Gamage 

Mr. Marc Gamble 

Mr. Melvin Garbark 

Agatha and lames Gately 

Mr. lames Giambra 

Mr. William Gittlen 

Mr. and Mrs. David Glick 

Mr. Dan Goldthwait 

Ms. Mary Graziano 

Mr. Edward Griffin 

Ms. Lisa Guay-Woodford 

Ms. Meryl Gwyn 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hall 

Dr. C. Hardle 

Mr. Roger Hayden 

Ms. lean Hecht 

Ms. Patricia |. Hennessey 

Ms. R. Peter Hcnrikson 

Ms. Carole Henry 

Ms. Cindy Holly 

Ms. Fran Howley 

Ms. Stephanie Huges 

Ms. Lisa Hummel I 

Ms. Laurie lameson 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. lamieson 

Ms. |udy lensen 

Ms |udv lensen 

Ms Sara lones 

Ms. Erica Kapilofl 

Ms. loanne Kaplan 

Ms. Jennifer Kelmenson 

Ms. lessica Kiamco 

Ms. Alice Kirby 

Ms. Cheryl Klein 

Ms Barbara Kling 

Mr. Dan Kosak 

Ms. Terri Ann Kovalski 

Ms. Ruth Kreisel 

Ms. lanice Kreitner 

Mr. Luke Krummel 

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin V. Larson. |r. 

Ms. Becky Laymance 

Ms. Deborah Leavitt 

Mr. lerry Leeman 

Mr. Sid Lefavour 

Ms. Sarah Lewis 

Ms. Dorothy Light 

Ms. Christine Lippincott 

Little Lamb Learning Center 

Ms. Lori Machacek 

Ms. Katherine M. MacNeish 

Ms. Patricia Malone 

Ms. loyce Manchester 

Ms. Linda Mazza 

Ms. Deborah McAfee 

Ms. Liane B. McCarthy 

Mr. leffrey McDowell 

Ms. lena Merryman 

Mr. Richard Mey 

Ms. Megan Mistry 

Ms. Peggy Moore 

Mr. D. Mark Moore 

Ms. Laurie Moring 

Dr. Thomas Morrish 

Ms. Virginia Morrow 

Ms. Annelle Moser 

Mr. Brady Murphy 

Linda and |ohn Neumaier 

Ms. Diane Nielsen 

Ms. Heidi Norweg 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Nqyes 

Ms. Kimberly O'Brien 

Ms. Barbara Patterson 

Ms. Carroll Payne 

Ms. Nadinc Pearson 

Ms. Linda Penikis 

Ms. Terri Philmon 

Ms. Linda Porter 

Mrs. K. Price 

Mr. Stephen Provost 

Ms. Aletha Pung 

Ms. Tracie Quinn 

Mr. Greg Randolph 

Mr. Connor Randolph 

Ms. Cara Marie Rawe 

Ms. Diane Rieck 

Ms. Rene Loree Roberts 

Ms. Christie Rohner 

Antje Roitzsch 

Dr. Bret Rosenblum 

Ms. Donna Rowe 

Ms. Katlin P. Saltzer 

Dr. Walter G. Sannita 

Mr. D. Laine Santa Maria 

Mr. Chris Saper 

Scandia Custom Homes. Inc. 

Mr. David Schatsky 

Ms. Pamela Scheppele 

Ms. Susan Schutrum 

Ms. Lois V. Seamon 

Ms. Peggy Seeley 

Ms. Linda Smart 

Ms. Linda Sorter 

South Mountain Elementary School 

Dr. |une Spirer 

Ms. Madonna Stallmann 

Susan Kay Stein. DO 

Ms. Audrey D. Steinhilb 

Ms Peggy Stevens 

Ms. Deidra Lee Stewart 

Ms. Pamela Sullivan 

Ms. Beth Swann-Wortman 

Mr. Charles Tewksbury 

Ms. Lola Thomas 

Ms. Lynn Thompson 

Ms. Flyma Thompson 

Ms. Cindy Thompson 

Ms. Christina Trapalis 

Ms. Barbara Trudel 

Ms. Mary Turcotte 

Stephanie and Brian Urban 

Ms. Maxeen Vashro 

Vocational Opportunities of Cherokee 

Ms. Dorothy Vogel 

Mr. and Mrs. Bryce M. Waddell 

Mr. George Wallrodt 

Ms. Debra Walsh 

Ms. Caroline Wenck 

Mr. Bruce Wentworth 

Ms. Anne Westermann 

Mr. David Westlake 

Ms. Carmela Santorelli Whalen 

Ms. Linda Wilcox 



Ms. Penny Williams 
Ms. Gloria Williams 
Ms Lila Williams 
Ms. Susan Willott 
Ms. locelyn Wills 
Ms. Gail Winterburn 
Ms. Terry Witowsky 
Mr. Richard Yowler 
Ms. Renie Zettell 


Abercrombie & Kent Global Foundation 

Mr. Timothy Aikman 

Mr. and Mrs. Filiberto Augusti 

Elinor Patterson Baker Trust Foundation 

Mr. Thomas Balier 

Bernice Barbour Foundation. Incorporated 

Ms Susan Barnes 

Chris and Becky Bechhold 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bird 

Mr. David Bolmer 

Mr. Robert Buckheit 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald |. Calise 

Michele and Agnese Cestone Foundation 

Mr. and Mrs. W. Scott Cluett. |r. 

Ms. Marilyn S. Coughlin 

Mr. and Mrs. ]. Staige Davis 

Mr. and Mrs. Lennox Debra 

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory T. Federspiel 

Mr. Thomas Flemma 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Fountain 

Ms. lacQueline Goldstein 

Mr. Walter H. Goodnovv 

Mr. William M. lackson 

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence B. Kurland 

Ms. ludith S. Long 

Ms. loyce Manchester 

Mr. Richard Mey 

Ms. Barbara Nalley 

Ms. Sandra Nenninger 

Mr. Christopher C. Quick 

Mr. and Mrs. Israel |. Rigal 

Ms. Nancy Roberson 

Ms. Karen Rutten 

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Schilling 

Ms. Mary Alice Self 

Mr. Mark Skolnick 

Ms. Olivia B. Spradlin 

Mr. Daniel Stadler 

Ms. Veronica Stein 

Swan Agency - Insurance 

Mr. and Mrs. lames S. Vick 

Henry E. and Consuelo S. Wenger 


Ms. Marsha Wiley 

Mr. Wilbur York 

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie C. Brewer 
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Cabot 

Ms. Annette |. Carvajal 

Mr. and Mrs. Francis I.G. Coleman 

Ellie and Wyatt Courtemanche 

Mr. |ohn Allen Dandy 

Prof, and Mrs. Arthur A. Dole 

Ms. Susan Dreier 

Mrs. William H. Drury 

Ms. Lucinda Nash Dudley 

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Eacho III 

Dr. and Mrs. Clifford Faull 

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Faust 

Mr. and Mrs. W. West Fra/ier IV 

Rev. lames M. Gower 

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore |. Hahn 

Mr. and Mrs. Melville Hodder 

Mrs. Mark Hopkins 

Ms. Deidre Humphrey 

Susan Lemer and Steve Katona 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Kelly 

Mr. and Mrs. S. Lee Kohrman 

Mrs. Susan Shaw Leiter 

Mr. Robert I. MacDonald 

Friends of the Arts Fund - MCF 

Laura Ellis and David Milliken 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Milliken 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Morgenstern 

Mr. and Mrs. G. Marshall Moriarty 

Ms. Anne M. Mulholland 

Ms. Barbara Nalley 

Mr. and Mrs. William V. P. Newlin 

Mr. Robert W. Patterson. |r. 

Mrs. |ohn I. Pearce 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pennington 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Pierce 

Mr. and Mrs. Hector Prud'homme 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rothschild 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Schindler 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry D. Sharpe. |r. 

Ms Clare F. Shepley 

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde E. Shorey. |r. 

Mr. Irving I. Silverman 

Mr. Michael Staggs '97 

Mr. and Mrs. Edric Starbird 

Ms. Marion Stocking 

Carol and Sid Strickland 

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Trimble. |r. 

Ms. Ann Staples Waldron 

Dr. and Mrs. Charles K. Wright 



Roc and Helen Caivano '80 

Dr. Margaret Dulany 

Lois M. Gauthier Charitable Trust 

Ms. Susan B. Inches '79 

The Agnes M. Lindsay Trust 

Ms. Elizabeth Lundberg 

Alice Blum Yoakum Scholarship Fund-MCF 

Ms. Gabrian McPhail '97 

Mr. Charles E. Merrill |r. 

Newman's Own. Incorporated 
Ms. loan Silverman 
Mr. |. Clark Stivers '84 
United World College 


Mrs. lanet Jordan Additon 

Dr. |ohn and Karen Anderson 

Bangor Daily News 

Bar Harbor Banking & Trust Co. 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Barkey 

Dr Richard Borden 

H. King & lean Cummings Charitable Fund 

Shelby Cullom Davis Foundation 

Dead River Company 

Wendy Rodger and Henry Elliott 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. George 

The Philip L. Graham Fund 

Dr. and Mrs. Craig Greene 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Huber 

Mr. and Mrs. Reginald D. Hudson 

Laura Fisher and Michael B. Kaiser '85 

Kenduskeag Foundation 

Mr. Steven R. King '80 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Kogod 

Ms. Isabel Mancinelli 

Grant and Suzanne McCullagh 

Mr. Peter W. Moon '90 

Mr. and Mrs. Clayton D. Rose 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel |. Rosenfeld 

Estate of Mrs. Robert Ryle 

Estate of Charles W. Sawyer. |r. 

Dr. and Mrs. Peter Sellers 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Smalley 

Dr. Ellen V. Spain 

Ms. Dorie S. Stolley '88 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Straus 

Dr. Davis Taylor 

Ms. Elena V.'Tuhy '90 

Dr. Karen E. Waldron 

Ms. Katherine Weinstock '81 



|ohn and Karen Anderson 

Ms. Maren Anderson 

Ms. Tamara Bannerman 

Dr. Nancy Berliner 

Mr Frederic Driscoll III 

Dr. Mary Dudzik 

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Eacho. Ill 

Matt and Andrea Gerrish 

Ms. lillian Glaeser 

Prof. Bruce Mazlish & Dr. Neva Goodwin 

lonathan '78 and Nina Gormley '78 

Ms. lanice Graham 

Ms. Cherie Harris 

Ms. Andrea F. Otis Higgins 

Christiana and Michael Holland 

Ms. Audrey W. Homer 

2003 annual report 


Ms. Karen Huber 

Ms. Mary Klausici 

Mrs. Annette Klaver 

Ms. Linda Levesoue 

Ms. Celeste Lindsey 

Ms. |udith H. Loebl 

Ms. Dencie McEnroe 

Ms. Sarah Stroul 

Dr. Bonnie Tai 

Ms. Suzanne Tinkel 

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony X. Uliano 


Mr. |ohn S. Avila 

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred P. Barton 

Mrs. Bobbie Be! ki n 

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie C. Brewer 

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Cabot 

Ms. Barbara Danielson 

Deering Foundation 

George and Kelly Dickson '97 

Diversified Communications 

lennifer and Thomas Englerth 

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Foulke. |r. 

Mr. lames Frick 78 

Mr. and Mrs. George B. E. Hambleton 

Mr. and Mrs. Melville Hodder 

Edward C. lohnson Fund 

Mr. Michael Kattner '95 

Lori Gustafson '87 and Mike Kimball '89 

Ms. Suzanne Knecht '86 

Ms. Anne M. Kozak 

Mr. Gordon Longsworth '91 

Mark Woolman Horner Music Educational 

Fund at MCF 
Ms. Susan W. Flynn Maristany '82 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Morgenstern 
Grant and Suzanne McCullagh 
Mr. and Mrs. William V. P. Newlin 
Barbro Osher Pro Suecia Foundation 
Mr. and Mrs. lames G. Phillips 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Pierce 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rothschild 
Salt Pond Community Broadcasting 
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Sellers 
Swan Agency - Insurance 
Mr. Curtis Sweet 
Dr. Karen E. Waldron 
Ms. Amanda lane Walker '98 



Drs. Stephen and lanet Andersen 

Mr. Sid Bahrt 

Mr. Ed Baum 

Ms. Muffy Cabot 

Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph DeHarak 

Doreen Stabinsky and David Feldman 

Dr. and Mrs. Richard R. Fox 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Geyelin 

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hollins 
Ms. Volha Roshchanka 
Mrs. Riley Sunderland 


Atkins Printing Service 
Atlantic Oakes-by-the-Sea 
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Barkey 
Mr. Edward Blair 
Michael Boland 94 

Rupunini/Guinness & Porcelli's 
Rev. William Booth 
Bowden Marine Service 
Mr. Ansel m Bradford '02 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bromage 
Tim Burch/2 Cats Restaurant 
lanis Coats 
Mr. Federico Ciller 
Mr. Philip Geyelin 

Atsuko Watabe '93 and Bruce Hazam '92 
Ms. Hillary Hudson 
lack Russell's Brew Pub 
Mr. Darrin Kelly 
Mr. lohn N. Kelly 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kenway 
Mr. Christopher Kroot/ME DEP 
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony A. Lapham 
Ms. Nancy Manter 
Mr. Charfes O. McBride. |r. 
McCarthy Company, Inc 
lay McNally '84 

Ms. Lynda Millar/Connors-Emerson School 
Dr. Kathleen Prunier/Mainely Animals 
Mobile Veterinary 

Ms. Ellen Robinson/Connors -Emerson 

Ms. Lucy Bell Sellers 
Mr. Don Smith 
Ms. Susan Tamulevich 
|ohn M. Williams Company Inc. 


Henry Luce Foundation for Coastal Ecology 
and Integrated Marine Studies 

Fund for the Improvement of 

Education, U.S. Dept. of Education for 
A College-Community Watershed 
Curriculum for Regional Planning 

Duke University for OBIS/NOPP Finback 
and Humpback Identification Contract 

Illinois State University for Osmoregulation 
in Euryhaline Fish: Physiology. Ecology 
and Molecular Biology 

Surdna Foundation for Eco-Eco Smart 

Growth Forum 
Robert N. Haskell and Gladys M. Stetson 

I und of MCF for Union River Watershed 

Baseline Study 

U.S. Dept. of Education-Title III Planning 

College of the Atlantic pays special tribute 
to the Davis United World College Scholars 
Program, which supports the enhancement 
of the College's international studies 
program by supporting talented graduates 
from ten United World College campuses 
worldwide to attend COA. 


COA facts 




Coeducational, NEASC-accredited, 4-year independent 
college with graduate program 


Bar Harbor. Maine (population 4,500). located on Mount 
Desert Island (population 10,000), 45 miles south ol 
Bangor, 300 miles northeast of Boston, Massachusetts 


34 shorefront acres overlooking Frenchman Bay. adjacent 
to Acadia National Park 

School Year Calendar: 

Three 10-week terms 



Financial Aid: 

More than 75% of the student body receives financial aid 

Number of students: 

292 — from 35 states and 23 nations 

Number of classes offered: 


Number of independent stuc 

lies offered: 


Average class size: 


Percentage of classes under 

18 students: 


Percentage of classes under 15 students: 


"To err is human, to forgive divine." 

Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy in preparing our donor list for this 
Annual Report. If a mistake has been made in the way you or your spouse or 
partner is identified or if your name was omitted from the donor list, we 

With your help, we can ensure that future donor lists report your name as you 
prefer. Please notify the Development Office at 207.288.5015. ext. 327. with any 
changes in the way your gifts should be reported. 


Mission Statement 

College of the Atlantic enriches the liberal arts tradition through a distinctive educational 
philosophy — human ecology. A human ecological perspective integrates knowledge from all academic 
disciplines and from personal experience to investigate — and ultimately improve — the relationships between 
human beings and our social and natural communities. The human ecological perspective guides all aspects ol 
education, research, activism, and interactions among the college's students, faculty, staff, and trustees. The 
College of the Atlantic community encourages, prepares, and expects students to gain the expertise, breadth, 
values, and practical experience necessary to achieve individual fulfillment and to help solve problems that 
challenge communities everywhere. 

Vision Statement 

The faculty, students, trustees, staff and alumni of College of the Atlantic envision a world where people value 
creativity, intellectual achievement, and the diversity of nature and human cultures. With respect and 
compassion, individuals will construct meaningful lives for themselves, gain appreciation for the relationships 
among all forms of life and safeguard the heritage of future generations. 


Editors: Ellie Courtemanche, Donna Gold. Dorothy Knapp 

Design: Carroll Gordon 

Printing: Atkins Printing Service 

This annual report is printed on Sappi Nortwest Dull which is recycled, using a chlorine free, acid free manufacturing process. 

College of the Atlantic 

world changing. 

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