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Educational Directory 



State Superintendent of Public 

Sckool Year 1917-1918 
(Beginning July 1, 1917) 

Denver, Colorado 


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Educational Directory 



State Superintendent or Public 

School Year 1917-1918 
(Beginning July 1, 1917) 

Denver, Colorado 

AliCe b clark mAry c c Bradford aLice Lambert 





November 1st, 1917. 

To the School People and 

Friends of Education in Colorado: 

It is with pleasure that the State 
Department of Public Instruction issues 
the 1917-' 18 edition of the Educational 
Directory of Colorado. That the Book may 
prove of service to all interested in 
educational work, is the wish of the de- 

May the Directory prove a valuable means 
of communication for all those engaged in 
the greatest work that a commonwealth can 
perform — Education. 

Yours for service, 

State Superintendent of 
Public Instruction. 

Colorado Educational 


Incumbents for the term ending January 12, 1919. 

MARY C. C. BRADFORD State Superintendent of Public Instruction 

ALICE B. CLARK Deputy Superintendent 

ALICE LAMBERT Assistant Librarian 

MAY A. BRADFORD Stenographer 




MARY C. C. BRADFORD -State Superintendent. President Bx-otticio 

LESLIE E. HUBBARD Attorney General 

JAMES R. NOLAND _ _ ..Secretary of State 

ALICE B. CLARK .....Deputy Superintendent, Secretary Ex-orficio 


MARY C. C. BRADFORD Chairman, Denver 

ALICE B. CLARK Secretary. Denver 


LESLIE E. HUBBARD Attorney General 



...State Superintendent of Public Instruction, President Ex-officio, Denver 

ALICE B. CLARK Deputy Superintendent. Secretary Ex-officio, Denver 

WTLLTAM H. SMILEY Assistant City Superintendent of Schools, Denver 

MATHEW E EAGLETON ... Principal Garden Place School, Denver 

MISS ANNA LAURA FORCE Principal L-ncoln School. Denver 

MISS EMMA T. WILKINS County Superintendent of Schools, Fort Collins 

J. F. KEATING Superintendent of Schools. District 20, Pueblo 

.1 A. SFXSON Principal Logan County High School. Sterling 

ROSCOE C. HILL Superintendent of Schools. Colorado Springs 

JOHN M. DOWNEN Superintendent The George W. Clayton College, Denver 


SUPERINTENDENT MARY C. C. BRADFORD, Chairman, State House, Denver 

DR. D. E. PHILLIPS Denver University, Denver 


J. H. SHRIBER State Teachers' College, Greeley 

MISS ELEANOR DAVIDSON ...Shirley Hotel, Denver 





Adams ' Miss Helen Lamb Brighton 

Alamosa Miss Ada M. Sundquist Alamosa 

Arapahoe Mrs. Sada R. Wilson Littleton 

Archuleta Mrs. Alice Noland Pagosa Springy 

Baca Earl C. Denney Springfield 

Bent Miss Allie V. Richmond Las Animas 

Boulder E. D. Webb Boulder 

<'haffee Mrs. Rose W. Ridgway Buena Vista 

Cheyenne Mrs. Esther B. Weir Cheyenne Wells 

Clear Creek Mrs. Elizabeth Gleason Idaho Springs 

Conejos L. H. Mortensen Sanford 

Costilla Mrs. Catherine S. Wood Blanca 

Crowley Walter Dalby Ordwav 

Custer Lloyd Wright Westcl'iffe 

Delta Mrs. Adah Price Delta 

Denver Mrs. Emma G. Seldon Denver 

Dolores Mrs. Bessie Custiss Rico 

Douglas Mrs. Maude Hoskins Castle Rock 

Eagle Miss Ollie Graham Red Cliff 

Elbert Miss Minerva McCarty Kiowa 

El Paso Mrs. Inez Johnson Lewis Colorado Springs 

Fremont Miss Anna S. Garwood Canon City 

Garfield Mrs. Tippet t Westerman Glen wood Springs 

I ".ilpin Mrs. Edith Williams Central City 

Grand Mrs. Carrie D. Schnoor Hot Sulphur Springs 

Ounnison Miss Verna Waterman Gunnison 

Hinsdale Miss Alice Madison Lake City 

Huerfano Mrs. Martha Thorne Walsenburg 

Jackson Mrs. Minnie Bock Walden 

Jefferson : Miss Berness Bunger Golden 

Kiowa James R. Walker Chivington 

Kit Carson Mrs. Jessie Gray „ Burlington 

Lake Mrs. Martha B. Johnson. Leadville 

La Plata Miss Nell McCartey.... Durango 

Larimer Miss Emma T. Wilkins Fort Collins 

Las Animas Elmore Floyd Trinidad 

Lincoln Miss Lennie Beavers Hugo 

Logan... Miss Flora A. Allison Sterling 

Mesa... Mrs. Elizabeth Hinton Grand Junction . 

Mineral Mrs. Mary N. Oates No. Creede 

Moffat George W. Norvell Craig 

Montezuma Mrs Artie M. Lewis Cortez 

Montrose... Miss Emma Full Montrose 

Morgan Mrs. C. P. Cochran Fort Morgan 

Otero S. S. Phillips La Junta 

Ouray Miss Alma Brockway Ouray 

Park Miss Marian Hill Fairplay 

Phillips Chas. B. Peters Holyoke 

Pitkin Miss Ethel Higinbotham Aspen 

Prowers Miss Mary Z. Lake Lamar 

Pueblo Mrs. Lillie O. Baker Pueblo 

Rio Blanco JR. B. Garrison Meeker 

Rio Grande Miss Carrie Deitrich Monte Vista 

Routt Mrs. Emma H. Peck... Hayden 

Saguache S. E. Forbes Saguache 

San Juan Mrs. Mary B. Hodges Silverton 

San Miguel Miss Bertha T. Cameron Telluride 

Sedgwick Miss Emma Carlson Tulesburg 

Summit Mrs. Melissa Hayden Breckenridge 

Teller Mrs. Nellie Slusher Cripple Creek 

Washington Mrs. Rose Bachman Akron 

Weld.. A. B. Cnpeland Greeley 

Yuma Miss Clara Tegner Wray 



UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO— President, Livingston Farrand, Boulder. 

STATE TEACHERS* COLLEGE— President, John G. Crabbe, Greeley. 

STATE NORMAL SCHOOL— President, James H. Kelley, Gunnison. 

STATE SCHOOL OF MINES — Acting President, Victor Alderson, Golden. 

A. Lory, Fort Collins; Principal, G. F. Snyder, Fort Lewis; County Ento- 
mologist, H. B. Scammell, Grand Junction. 

Colorado Springs; Teacher for Adult Blind, Jennie C. Jackson, 422 East 
Bayaud, Denver. 

STATE INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL FOR BOYS— Superintendent, Fred L. Paddel- 
ford, Golden. 

STATE INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL FOR GIRLS — Superintendent, Elizabeth Pur- 
cell, Morrison. 

intendent, C. A. Donnelly, 2305 South Washington, Denver. 

Superintendent, A. P. Busey, Ridge. 


University of Colorado — Boulder 




CLIFFORD C. PARKS Glenwood Springs 



State Teachers College, Greeley, and State Normal School, 
Gunnison, Colorado 


The State Superintendent of Public Instruction. 



(Term 1913-1919) 



(Term 1915-1921) 

HON. H. V. KEPNER 1720 Hudson Street, Denver 


(Term 1917-1923) 


HON. HENRY P. STEELE , 1425 Sixteenth Street, Denver 


HON. H. V. KEPNER, 1729 Hudson Street, Denver President 

MR. A. J. PARK, Greeley _ Secretary 

Colorado School of Mines — Golden 

FRANK G. WILLIS, President Cripple Creek, Colo. 

ORVIL R. WHITAKER 932 Equitable Bldg., Denver, Colo. 

A. E. CARLTON Colorado Springs, Colo. 

H. M. RUBEY Golden, Colo. 


State Agricultural College and Branches— Fort Collins 

HON. J. S. CALKINS Westminster, 1917 

HON. J. C. BELL Montrose,, 

DR- R- W. CORWIN Puebio. 1919 

HON. ("HAS. PEARSON Durango, 1919 

HON. A. A. EDWARDS Fort Collins, 1921 

MRS. J. B. BELFORD Denver, 192] 

Mils. AGNES 1.. RIDDLE Denver! 1923 

HON. H. I). PARKER Creeley, 1923 

PRESIDENT ('HAS. A. LORY £ Ex-officiO 


HON. A. A. EDWARDS, President Port Collins. Colo. 

HON. J. C. BELL, Vice-President Montrose. Colo. 

HON. G. A. WEBB, Local Treasurer Fort Collins. Colo. 

HON. L. M. TAYLOR, Secretary Fort Collins, Colo. 

Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind — Colorado Springs 

J. F. HUMPHREY President 

CHAS. J. SCHRADER Secretary 

A. J. LAWTOX. Treasurer 



State Industrial School for Boys — Golden 

D. R. HATCH President 

MRS. A. G. RHOADS Secretary 

C. W. OWENS .Member 

State Industrial School for Girls — Mt. Morrison 

HOX. E. C. STIMSOX President 





Colorado State Home for Dependent and Neglected Children 






The State Home and Training School for Mental 
Defectives — Ridge 






(Districts having over 1,000 school population.) 


Superintendent, H. H. Van Fleet. Principal, L. L. Moore. 

Superintendent, William V. Casey. Principal, S. S. Kingsbury. 

Superintendent, Milo L. TVhittaker. Principal, Wm. G. Gambill. 

Superintendent, E. C. Best. Principal, Robert Poer. 

Superintendent, Roscoe C. Hill. Principal, H. Allen Nye. 

Superintendent, Wilson M. Shafer. Principal, A. E. Holch. 

Principal, George Barry Durtield. 

Superintendent, E. H. Homberger. Principal, Fred J. Hendershot. 

Superintendent, Carlos M. Cole. Principals: Harry M. Barrett, Charles 

A. Bradley, Edward L. Brown, I >. M. Carson, Laura H. Pettit. 

Superintendent, E. E. Smiley. Principal. Mrs. Rosepha Pult'ord. 

Superintendent, Chas. H. Hay. 

Superintendent. C. C. Brown. Principal, Geo. E. Hook. 

Superintendent, A. H. Dunn. Principal, U. G. Cordon. 

Superintendent, W. A. Franks. Principal, I. E. Stutsman. 

Superintendent, G. E. Brown. Principal, William S. Roe. 

Superintendent. J. Henry Allen. Principal. Richard I-:. Tope. 

Superintendent. Fred P. Austin. Principal, R. D. McClintock. 

Superintendent, A. H. Bushey. Principal, K. A. Shanner. 

Superintendent. Jos. B. Walton. Principal, Lulu Pinger. 

Superintendent. Charles C. Casey. Principal, John C. Casey. 

Superintendent, R. W. Truscott. Principal, Geo. W. Ross. 

Superintendent, D. E. Wiedmann. Principals: L. D. Hightower, L. E. 


Superintendent, J. W. McClinton. Principal, C. K. Fletcher. 
PUEBLO (Dist. 20). 

Superintendent. J. F. Keating. Principal, D. K. Dunton. 

Superintendent. R. J. Walters. Principal, Jas. H. Wilson. 

Superintendent, Edgar Kesner. Principal, C. E. Tanton. 

Superintendent, J. A. Sexson. Principal, Chas. N. Saltus. 



Superintendent, J. R. Morgan. Principal, F. H. Merton. 

Superintendent, S. M. Andrews. Principal, B. H. Caughran. 



Superintendent, W. B. Hughes. 

Superintendent, Carlton Aylard. Principal, Benjamin Poxson. 

Superintendent, O. B. Drake. 

Superintendent, L. L. Johnson. 

Superintendent, E. G. Baker. 

Superintendent, H. G. Nelson. 

Superintendent, George F. Moll. Principal, Oscar Wycoff. 

Superintendent, G. B. Warner. 

Superintendent, W. L. Bailey. 

Superintendent, W. H. Wolfe. 

Superintendent, Montello Gray. Principal, H. D. Parrott. 

Superintendent, H. E. Black. Principal, Karl Winchell. 

Principal, Mrs. Edith Mills. 

Superintendent, J. Wilbur Koch. 

Superintendent, J. G. Gigax. Superintendent Union High School, Minnie 

O. Hall. 

Superintendent, E. M. Collins. 

Superintendent, Elmer Underwood. Principal, B. G. Cross. 

Superintendent, W. H. Simons. 

Superintendent, J. H. Kelley. Principal, William M. Goldsmith. 

Superintendent, J. I. Cochran. 

Superintendent, Wm. Lady. Principal, Clement S. Fox. 

Superintendent, W. L. Baker. 

Superintendent, Arthur H. Mueller. Principal, O. L. Dever. 

Superintendent, Edwin A. Schreck. Principal, C. W. Muir. 

Superintendent, C. B. Raybourn. 



Superintendent, D. L. Lucas. 

Superintendent, L. E. Mohler. Principal, F. J. Arnold. 

Superintendent, C. M. Barnard. 

Superintendent, M. E. Logan. 

Superintendent, George R. Momyer. 

Principal, W. A. Morrison. 

Superintendent, C. M. Sandifur. Principal, Robert Berryhil 

Superintendent, H. A. Miller. Principal, E. H. Criswell. 

Principal, Geo. Wheatley. 

Superintendent, R. E. Greene. Principal, W. E. Detwiler. 

Superintendent, U. O. Anderson. Principal, H. H. Wilson. 

Principal, G. W. Allen. 

Principal, F. A. Cradler. 

Principal, E. W. Terrell. 

Superintendent, Frank O. Soule. 

Principal, Elizabeth Cully. 

Superintendent, Chas. E. Greene. Principal, Dell Garby. 

Superintendent, W. R. Jones. Principal, A. M. Ross. 

Superintendent, W. E. Baker. Principal, Arthur Gilbert. 

Superintendent, E. N. Freeman. 

Superintendent, E. A. Lanning. 



Lory, Chas. A., President. 

Johnson, S. Arthur, Dean and Registrar. 

Corbett, Virginia H., Associate Professor of English and History and Deai 

of Women. 
Gillett, C. P., Professor of Entomology and Zoology. 
Xetherton, T. M., Principal of the School of Agriculture. 
Taylor, L. M., Secretary and Purchasing Agent. 

Lawrence, J. W., Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering. 
Headden, Wm. P., Professor of Chemistry and Station Chemist. 
House. E. B., Professor of Civil and Irrigation Engineering. 
Glover, G. H., Professor of Veterinary Medicine. 
Coen, B. F., Professor of English and History. 
Macdonald, S. L., Professor of Mathematics. 
Morton, G. E., Professor of Animal Husbandry. 


Lorigyear, B. O., Associate Professor of Forestry. 

Xewsom, I. E. ( Professor of Veterinary Medicine. 

Kettle, Sarah I.. Professor Modern Language. 

Kingman, H. p:., Professor Veterinary Medicine. 

Kezer, Alvin, Professor of Agronomy. 

Person, F. <;.. Professor of Physics. 

Allison, Inga M. K., Professor of Home Economics. 

Vail, C. E., Associate Professor Chemistry. 

Baker, Charlotte A., Librarian. 

Robbins, W. W., Professor of Botany. 

Sargent, C. G., Professor of Rural and Industrial Education. 

Pennock, O. P., Associate Professor of Civil Engineering. 

Sandsten, E. P., Professor of Horticulture (and State Horticulturist). 

Crain, L. D., Professor of Mechanical Engineering. 

Durward, Margaret E., Associate Professor Rural and Industrial Education. 

Marshall, James D.. Associate Professor of Agronomy. 

Carpenter, Charlotte E.. Associate Professor of Home Economics. 

Jones, C. R., Associate Professor of Entomology. 

Davis, C. F., Associate Professor of English and History. 

Aldrich, Wm, S.. Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering. 

McGinty, R. A.. Associate Professor of Horticulture. 

Gross, E. R., Assistant Professor of Farm Mechanics. 

Bray, C. I., Associate Professor of Animal Husbandry. 

Morrill, W. J., (State Forester) and Professor of Forestry. 

Goeder. F. P., Assistant Professor of Physics. 

Foltz, L. S., Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering. 

Avery, G. T., Associate Professor of Pedagogy. 

Louis R. Ball, Professor of Military Science and Tactics. 

Whiteford. G. H.. Associate Professor of Chemistry. 

Carey, L. F., Assistant Professor of Agronomy. 

Huffman, Assistant Professor of Horticulture. 


Anderson, Annabell. Assistant in English. 

Anderson, C. S.. Assistant in Animal Husbandry. 

Anderson, Mrs. Robert, Assistant in Home Economics. 

Bradley, R. A., Instructor in Shop. 

Burnett. W. L., Curator of the Museum. 

Burton Edith, Assistant in Home Economics. 

Chisholm, Francis, Assistant in Horticulture. 

Copeland, J. T., Instructor in Agronomy. 

Dilts. Arlene, Assistant in Library. 

Dixon, Beryl, Instructor in Home Economics. 

Droge, "Wm. F., Instructor in Animal Husbandry. 

Feldman, Wm. H., Instructor in Veterinary Medicine. 

Glidden, Clara A.. Assistant in Library. 

Graves. Mrs. Lauras Assistant in Mathematics. 

Goodacre. Hal. Florist. 

Hahn, Helen M., Instructor in Home Economics. 

Hoddle, Mabel, Instructor in Home Economics. 

Hughes, H. W., Physical Director. 

Hull, Mary E., Assistant in Library. 

Killgore, Nellie M., Instructor in Home Economics. 

Lacey, Louise F., Instructor in Home Economics. 

Layman, Edwina, Instructor in Physical Training. 

Lippelt. Gertrude, Instructor in Modern Languages. 

Robinson. Elizabeth, Instructor in Zoology and Entomology. 

Ross, S. I., Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering. 

Scott, "Wm. J.. Instructor in Veterinary Medicine. 

Seamans. H. L., Student Life. 

Schott, H. A., Instructor in Forge. 


Shipley, Harriett, Instructor in English and History. 

Tucker, Rodney. Instructor in Animal Husbandry. 

Vasey, H. E., Assistant Professor of Botany. 

Westfall, Alfred, Assistant Professor of English and History. 

Wilson, H. J., Instructor in Carpentry. 

Wilson, Maryetta, Instructor in Home Economics. 

Haynes, Miriam, Home Economics. 

Sheridan, Maude E., Assistant Boys' and Girls' Clubs. 

Crosman, R. L., Editor of Publications. 

Clark, R. W., Animal Husbandry. 

Gillette, C. P., Director. 
Headden, W. P., Chemist. 
Kezer, Alvin, Agronomist. 
Sackett, W. G., Bacteriologist. 
Morton, Geo. E., Animal Husbandman. 
Sandsten, E. P., Horticulturist. 
House, E. B., Irrigation Engineer. 
Glover, Geo. H., Veterinarian. 
Robbins, W. W., Botanist. 
Kerr, W. H., Market and Marketing. 
Bell, Jas. D., Assistant in Irrigation. 
Boyack, B., Assistant in Agronomy. 
Cone, V. M., In Charge Irrigation Investigations. 
Douglass, Earl, Assistant in Chemistry. 
Egginton, G. E., Seed Analyst. , 

Halliday, E. G. 

Leiper, T. E., Assistant in Animal Investigation. 
Palmer, Miriam A., Delineator. 
Parshall, R. L., Assistant in Irrigation. 
Rohwer, Carl, Assistant in Irrigation. 
Trimble, R. E., Assistant in Irrigation. 

Gillette, C. P., State Entomologist. 
List, Geo. M., Deputy State Entomologist. 
Burnett, W. L., Curator of Museum. 
Morrill, W. J., State Forester. 
Longyear, B. O., Deputy State Forester. 


Morton, G. E.. State Dairy Commissioner. 

McCann, Roud, Deputy State Dairy Commissioner. 

Nevins, H. C, Field Man. 

Darrow, E. B., Inspector. 

Sandsten, E. P., State Horticulturist. 


Chas. A. Lory, M.S., LL.D., D.Sc, President, Fort Collins. 
G. F. Snyder, Principal. 

Maryetta Wilson, Instructor in Home Economics. 
Lee Klinefelter, Instructor in Shop Work and Mathematics. 
Ernest H. Bader, Director in Industrial Work. 
R. A. McGinty, Instructor in Horticulture. 
J. P. Copeland, Instructor in Agriculture. 
Annabel Anderson. English and History. 
Mary S. Mack, Pedagogy. 
Jessie M. Harwood, English and Household Arts. 



W. K. Argo, A.M., LL.D., Superintendent. 



Katherine E. Barry, Head Teacher. 
Grace It Beattie, Mary Burch, Margaret Compton, Mary E. Griffin, A.B., 
Mary Lyne, Evelyn Dynes, M.L., Maggie Neel Proctor, Demma Futnam. 
U. H. Sturdevant, Sara B. Trimble, Bessie Veditz, M. Frances Walker, 
J. C Winemiller, B.S. 

Ida M. Donald, A. L. Brown, A.M. 


Phillip Van R. Adams, B.A., Head Teacher. 
Jessie Baker, Geneva Lemons, Louise Sloan. 


Edith M. Shapcott, Pd.B., Domestic Science, Elementary Sewing, etc. 
Mary A. Munro, Physical Culture, Girls and Junior Deaf Boys. 

, Physical Culture, Blind Boys. 

, Physical Culture, Older Deaf Boys. 


A. L. Bohrer, Piano, Organ and Tuning; Mary E. Churchman, Piano; Edwin 
Deitrich, Violin. 


S. W. Brown, Broommaking, etc.; W. E. Husted, Barbering; Harry G. Schif. 
Carpentry; Alan E. Dunster, Floriculture and Gardening; O. H. Hill, 
Painting; F. R. Foster, Printing; H. M. Harbert, Printing; Emma C. 
Allen, Needle-Work for the Deaf; Ada McBride, Needle-Work for the 



Fred L. Paddelford, Superintendent; J. Bruce Mather, Principal and Teacher; 
E. E. Weller, Teacher; C. B. Sappentield, Teacher; Mrs. E. E. Weller, 
Teacher. Manual Training Teachers: D. J. Kiser, Blacksmithing; L. 
Ladner, Gardening; Frank Waters, Steam and Electrical Engineering; 
A. J. Lincoln, Shoe and Harness making; Robert MacKay, Mason Work; 
D. H. Dickason, Printing; Wm. A. Alger, Machine Shop Work; Miller A. 
Bell, Carpentry; Roy Davis, Laundering; August Hampe, Animal Hus- 
bandry; Mrs. Nannie Mathews, Sewing and Mending; J. C. Dougall, 
Floriculture; Frank Winklepleck, Baking; A. Nelson, Tailoring; Wm. 
Jones. Cooking. 




Miss Elizabeth Purcell, Superintendent; Miss Anna L. Cooley, Assistant Su- 
perintendent; Miss Katherine M. Warren, Stenographer and Bookkeeper; 
Mr. M. E. Hutton, Supervising Farmer; Mr. Jos. L. Roberts, Assistant 
Supervising Farmer; Miss Ada Dinsmore, Domestic Science Teacher; Mrs. 
Celia T. Lowe, Teacher; Mrs. Louise Madarasz, Teacher; Miss Margaret 
Shugart, Dressmaking Teacher; Mrs. Alice M. Hurst, Matron; Miss Nora 
M. Weddle, Matron; Mrs. Mary Baxter, Matron; Mrs. Ella Lewis, Matron; 
Mrs. Belle Lewis, Matron; Mrs. Anna J. Moore, Assistant Matron; Miss 
Margaret Doody, Assistant Matron and Art Teacher; Mrs. Elizabeth 
Woody, Assistant Matron and Primary Teacher; Miss Mary C. Lavelle, 
Assistant Matron and Model Teacher; Miss Arlotta Rinehard, Music 
Teacher; Miss Rhoda Burke, Dietitian; Miss Elizabeth Kelly, Dietitian; 
Mrs. Julia A. Thompson, Dietitian; Mrs. Julia L. Bowen, Dietitian; Miss 
Frances Kitchen, Nurse; Dr. Ethel M. V. Fraser, Physician. 



A. P. Busey, M.D., Superintendent; I. M. Conners, Matron; R. H. Rubidge, 
Steward and Accountant; H. C. Smiley, M.D., Assistant Physician; Rose 
W. Tully, Teacher. 



Victor Alderson, Acting President; C. R. Burger, M. F. Coolbaugh, W. J. 
Hazard, Jas. L. Morse, I. A. Palmer, J. C. Roberts, G. E. F. Sherwood, 
H. M. Showman, C. D. Test, C. C. Van Nuys, F. M. Van Tuyl, H. J. 
Wolf, Victor Ziegler. 



James Herbert Kelley, President, Education, M.Di., Iowa State Teachers' 
College; B.S., Cornell, Iowa; A.M., Harvard; D. Litt., University of Den- 
ver. Principal and Superintendent, Iowa; President Institute of Tech- 
nology, Oklahoma; Executive Secretary, University of Illinois; C. S. N. S., 

Alice Adams, Primary Methods, Supervisor of Primary Training, Folk Danc- 
ing; Diploma, Northern Illinois State Normal School; Ph.B., University 
of Chicago; Teacher in grades in Illinois; C. S. N. S., 1916 — 

Allen P. Berkstresser, Physical Education; A.B., Morning Side College; In- 
structor in Physical Education in Iowa State Teachers' College; C. S. 
N. S. 1917 — 

Lois Bertha Borland, English; A.B., University of Kansas; A.M., University 
of Chicago; Student, Harvard University Summer School; Teacher of 
English and History, Norton County High School, Kansas; Fort Wayne 
High School, Indiana; and Oklahoma Institute of Technology; C. S. N. S., 

Gilbert Davis Brillhart, Piano and Harmony; Graduate of Indianapolis Con- 
servatory of Music; student of Allen Spencer, American Conservatory, 
Chicago; Teacher of Piano, Harmony, and History of Music in Indian- 
apolis Conservatory; Member of Advisory Board of Indiana State Music 
Teachers' Association; C. S. N. S., 1915 — 


Eva Carpenter, Secretary; Ph.B., Colorado College; Student, Universities oi 
Chicago, Minnesota, and Colorado; Teacher in Pueblo Public Schools; 
Deputy State Superintendent; Secretary of State Board of Examiners; 
C. S. N. S., 1911— • 

F. Ceorge Damson, Director of Band, Orchestra, and Choral Work; Graduate 
of the American Conservatory, Chicago; Diploma in Public School Music 
and Violin; Student at Mount Hope College, Michigan, and Indianapolis 
Conservatory; leave of absence 1916-17 for study in New England Con- 
servatory, Boston; much experience in conducting band, orchestra and 
choruses; C. S. N. S., 1914— 

Kathryn Firebaugh, Public Speaking; A.B., Knox College; Graduate Elias Day 
School of Oratory; C. S. N. S., 1916— 

Amy Houchin Goldsmith, Domestic Science; Student at Oakland City College, 
Indiana; A.B., University of Indiana; C. S. N. S., 1917 — 

William M. Goldsmith, Principal of High School, Biological Science; B.Pe., 
Missouri State Normal, Springfield; A.B., Hillsdale (Mich.) College; 
A.M., University of Indiana; Principal and Teacher of Science, High 
School, Maldin, Mo.; Assistant in Biology and Chemistry, Hillsdale Col- 
lege; Head of Science Department, Oakland City (Ind.) College; Assist- 
ant in Zoology and Embryology, University of Indiana; C. S. N. S., 1917 — 

Fred L. Griffin, Manual Training; Student, Syracuse University; Graduate, 
Normal Manual Training Course, Mechanics Institute, Rochester, X. Y.' t 
Student, University of Illinois; Teacher of Manual Training, Tharp Uni- 
versity School, Louisville, Ky. ; State Normal School, Oswego, N. ¥.; 
Kamehameha School, Honolulu; Industrial School, Seattle, Wash.; C. S. 
N. S., 1917— 

Mary Mildred Hughes, Director of Rural Education; M.Di., Iowa State Teach- 
ers' College; A.B., and A.M., University of Colorado; Graduate Student, 
University of Washington; Teacher in Rural, Grade, and High Schools, 
Iowa; County Superintendent, Washington County, Iowa; Psychology 
and Education, Normal School, Maryville, Mo.; C. S. N. S., 1916 — 

Alexis Ben Kori, Modern Language; A. B., Atlantic Christian College; A. M., 
Texas Christian University; Graduate Student, University of Chicago, 
University of California, University of Paris, and at Bonn, Germany; 
Teacher of modern languages, Atlantic Christian College, Wilson, N. C; 
Texas Christian University, Fort W^orth, Texas; Pacific University, For- 
est Grove, Oregon; C. S. N. S., 1917 — 

Mary A. Lawrence, Assistant Supervisor of Training School; Pd.B., Colorado 
State Normal School; Student, Lake Forest University, Illinois; Teacher 
in Rural and Grade Schools in Colorado; Wolfe Hall, Denver; Paonia 
High School; Primary Grades, Gunnison; C. S. N. S., 1915 — 

Miss Rachel Whittaker, Stenography and Typewriting; Graduate of Marietta 
Commercial College and Barnes Commercial College; Certificate from 
Zanarian School; Teacher in Rural Schools and Principal of Grade 
Schools, West Virginia; Principal of Business College, Ripley, West 
Virginia; C. S. N. S., 1916— 

Fern Allen, Library Science; A.B., University of Minnesota; Student, Uni- 
versity of Illinois Library School; Assistant in St. Cloud, Minnesota, 
State Normal School Library; Librarian, Hammond Library, Chicago, 
Theological Seminary; C. S. N. S., 1914 — 

Kellaphene Allred Morrison, Preceptress, History; A.B., Colorado State Teach- 
ers' College; Student at University of Chicago and at Washington State 
University; Principal and Teacher of English and Latin, Colorado and 
Wyoming; Principal of High School and Teacher of History and English, 
Ouray, Colo.; C. S. N. S., 1915— 

Samuel Quigley, Dean, Education and Psychology; M.Di., Iowa State Teachers' 
College; A.B., University of Iowa; A.M., University of Chicago; Graduate 
Student, Harvard University; Principal and Superintendent, Iowa; head 
of English Department of Institute of Technology, Oklahoma; Assistant 
Professor, College of Education, University of Minnesota; C. S. N. S., 


Catherine M. Richter, Construction and Design; Pd.B., Colorado State Teach- 
ers' Coi.ege; Student in Academic and in Decorative Design in Art In- 
stitute of Chicago; C. S. N. S., 1916 — 

Henry L. Richter, Drawing and Art; Student in Vienna Art Academy and 
Chicago Art Institute, also with A. E. Burbank, the painter of Indians; 
Leave of Absence 1913-14 at the Royal Academy of Munich Studying 
Under Professor Knirr; C. S. X. S., 1911 — 

Eva Alberta Rogers, Public School Music and Voice; Diploma from Colorado 
Agricultural College; Graduate of Columbia School of Music, Chicago; 
National Summer School, Chicago; Des Moines College of Music; Con- 
servatory of Music, State University, Boulder; Assistant Pianist and 
Accompanist to Director of Music, Boulder; Accompanist, Columbia 
School of Music; Experience as Teacher of Piano and Voice, and Con- 
ductor of Choirs and Choruses; C. S. N. S., 1914 — 

Grant Ruland, Supervisor of Training School, Pedagogy; Life Diploma, New 
York Normal School; A.B., University of Denver; Student, Columbia 
University; Principal and Superintendent, New York and Colorado; Su- 
perintendent of Schools, Gunnison, Colorado; C. S. N. S., 1911 — 

Elmer Lawrence Sargent, Agriculture and Physical Science; B.S., Colorado 
Agricultural College; Teacher in German Parochial School, Fort Collins; 
Assistant to State Plant Pathologist; C. S. N. S., 1917 — 

Lucy Elizabeth Spicer, Dean of Women, Mathematics; M.Di., Iowa State 
Teachers' College; A.B., University of Chicago; Phi Beta Kappa; Teacher 
in Rural Schools and Grades, Iowa and Minnesota; Latin and Mathe- 
matics in High Schools, Iowa and Colorado; C. S. N. S., 1911 — 

Anna R. Todd English; A.B.. Baker University; Graduate Student, University 
of Chicago; Teacher in Grades, Iowa; Teacher of English, High School, 
Neodesha, Kansas; Institute of Technology, Tenkawa, Oklahoma; High 
School, Ft. Wayne, Indiana; C. S. N. S.. 1917 — 

Florence Julia Uglow, Latin and English; A.B., University of Colorado; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Student, University of California Summer School; Teacher 
of Latin, Rowland Hall, Salt Lake City; Teacher of English and Assistant 
Principal, High School, Delta, Colorado; C. S. N. S., 1915— 

Faith Kiddoo, Household Science. 

Carmen Butterworth, Critic Teacher of Fifth and Sixth Grades; B.S., Colo- 
rado Agricultural College; Teacher in Grades, Idaho Springs and Man- 

zanola; C. S. N. S., 1916— 
Myrtle Hood, Critic Teacher of Seventh Grade; A.B., University of Denver; 

Student, University of Nebraska; Colorado State Teachers' College; 

Teacher of English and History, High School, Manzanola; Principal, 

Struby; C. S. N. S., 1915— 
Minnie L. Green, Critic Teacher of Fourth Grade; Pd.B., Colorado State 

Teachers' College; Pd.M., Colorado State Normal School; Teacher in 

Rural Schools in Colorado; C. S. N. S., 1917 — 



J. G, Crabbe, President. 

F. L. Abbott, Professor Physical Science. 
L. A. Adams, Professor of Biology. 

Mrs. Lela Aultman, Training Teacher, First Grade. 

G. A. Barker, Professor Geology, Physiography and Geography. 
M. F. Beeson, Assistant Professor of Education. 

J. R. Bell, Principal of High School. 

Rae E. Blanchard. Literature and English. 

C. J. Blout, Assistant Professor of Chemistry. 

A. F. Carter, Librarian; Professor Library Science. 


Mary F. Cochran, Assistant Librarian. 

Jean Crosby, Teacher of History. 

i: A. Cross, Professor of Literature and English. 

.Mrs. Grace Cushman, Assistant Librarian; Instructor in Library Science. 

Hulda A. Dilling, Training Teacher, Primary Grades. 

Emma C. Dumke, Teacher of Reading. 

I >u Poncet, Professor Modern Foreign Languages. 
G. \V. Finley, Professor Mathematics. 
Amy II. Foote, Training Teacher, Sixth Grade. 
1 .M. Foulk, Professor Manual Training. 
Helen Gilpin-Brown, Dean of Women. 
Ralph Glaze, Director Physical Education. 
S. M. Hadden, Dean of Practical Arts. 
Charlotte Hanno, Modern Foreign Languages. 
Josephine Hawes, Teacher of English. 

J. H. Hays, Professor Latin and Mythology (on leave). 
J. D. Heilman. Professor Educational Psychology. 
Emma T. Hemlepp, Training Teacher. Eighth Grade. 
Lucille Hildebrand, Latin and Mathematics. 
Agnes Holmes, Instructor in Industrial Arts. 
W. P. Isaacs, Professor Fine and Applied Arts. 
.1 . ' '. Johnson, Professor of Biology. 
Mildred Julian, Training Teacher. Kindergarten. 
Mrs. J. C. Kendel, Instructor in Voice. 

J. C. Kendel, Director Conservatory of Music; Professor Public School Music. 
Elizabeth H. Kendel, Training Teacher. Fifth Grade. 
Margaret J. Keyes, Assistant Professor Physical Education and Dramatic 

Merle Kissick, Professor Household Art. 
J. H. Kraft, Director and Professor Agriculture. 
Mrs. Nellie Layton, Assistant in Music; Piano. 
Lucy McLane, Teacher of English. 
G. R. Miller, Professor Sociology and Economics. 

W. B. Mooney. Director Extension Service; Professor School Administration. 
W. B. Page, Assistant Librarian. 
Helen Payne. Director and Professor Home Economics. 

A. L. rhillips. Professor of English. 

B. D. Randolph. Professor of Sociology. 

Florence Redifer. Assistant Professor Household Science. 
Frieda B. Rohr, Training Teacher. Fourth Grade. 
Lila M. Rose, Instructor in Music, Public School Methods. 
Gladys Scharfenstein, Assistant Professor Household Science and Arts. 
Max Shenck, Instructor in Book Binding. 

F. W. Shultis. Assistant Professor Mathematics, Business Education. 

Mrs. B. B. Sibley. Training Teacher, Second Grade. 

J. H. Shriber, Director County Schools Administration. 

E. B. Smith. Professor of History and Political Science. 
Margaret Statler. Training Teacher, Third Grade. 
Frances B. Tobey, Professor of Oral English.. 

Clara H. Town. Professor of Educational Psychology. 

Jennie L. Tressel, Normal Courses. 

Edna F. Welsh, Commercial Education. 

J. B. White, Professor of Commercial Education. 

Grace Wilson, Assistant to Dean of Women. 

M. Eva Wright, Instructor in Piano and Pipe Organ. 

F. L. Wright, Professor of Education. 

Ralph T. Bishop, Printer, Assistant Professor of Industrial Arts. 
Inez Emerson, New Liberty Demonstration School. 
Alice Peterson. Hazelton Demonstration School. 
Laura V. Riley, Bracewell Demonstration School. 
Eleanor Salberg, Ashton Demonstration School. 




♦Livingston Farrand, A.M., M.D., LL.D., President. 

George Norlin, Ph.D., Acting President; Professor of Greek. 

James H. Baker, A.M., LL.D., President, Emeritus. 

J. Raymond Brackett, Ph.D., Dean of the Graduate School; Professor of Com- 
parative and English Literature. 

human M. Giffin, M.D., Professor of Surgery,. Emeritus; 

Ira M. DeLong, A.M., LL.D., Professor of Mathematics. 

John Chase, A.B., M.D., Professor of Ophthalmology, Emeritus. 

Thomas E. Taylor, A.B., M.D., Professor of Obstetrics, Emeritus. 

Albert A. Reed, LL.B., Professor of Law, Emeritus. 

William B. Craig, M.D., Professor of Surgery, Emeritus. 

E. Barber Queal, M.D., Professor of Physiology, Emeritus. 

Fred B. R. Hellems, Ph.D., LL.D., Dean of the College of Liberal Arts; Pro- 
fessor of Latin. 

Charles C. Ayer, Ph.D., Professor of Romance Languages. 

Francis Ramaley, Ph.D., Acting Dean of the College of Pharmacy; Professor 
of Biology. 

Newton Wiest, M.D., Professor of Dermatology, Emeritus. 

Melanchthon F. Libby, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy. 

John Bernard Ekeley, Ph.D., Sc.D., Professor of Chemistry. 

Russell D. George, A.M., Professor of Geology 

John D. Fleming, A.B., LL.B., LL.D., Dean of the School of Law; Charles 
Inglis Thomson, Professor of Law. 

James R. Arneill, A.B., M.D., Professor of Medicine, Emeritus. 

Milo S. Ketchum, C.E., Dean of the College of Engineering; Professor of 
Civil Engineering. 

Charles B. Lyman, M.D., Professor of Clinical Surgery. 

John M. Foster, M.D., Professor of Oto-laryngology, Emeritus. , 

Edward Jackson, A.M., M.D., Sc.D., Professor of Ophthalmology. 

Herbert S. Evans, E.E., Professor of Electrical Engineering. 

John A. Hunter, M.E., Professor of Mechanical Engineering. 

Theodore D. A. Cockerell, Sc.D., Professor of Zoology. 

William P. Harlow, A.B., M.D.. Dean of the School of Medicine, Emeritus. 

George M. Chadwick, Professor of Music. 

James F. Willard, Ph.D., Professor of History. 

Oliver C. Lester, Ph.D., Professor of Physics. 

Frank E. Thompson, A.B., Director of the College of Education; Professor of 

Ross C. Whitman, A.B., M.D., Secretary of the School of Medicine, Boulder 
Division; Professor of Pathology. 

Junius Henderson, A.B., Curator of the Museum; Professor of Natural His- 

John S. McLucas, A.M., Professor of English. 

Ci-aee van Sweringen Baur. Ph.D., Professor of Germanic Languages. 
tAlvin R. Peebles, M.D., Director of the Henry S. Denison Research Lab- 
oratory; Professor of Preventive and Experimental Medicine. 

Clough T. Burnett, M.D., Professor of Bacteriology. 

Milo G. Derham. Ph.D., Director of the Summer Session; Professor of Latin. 
Lawrence W. Cole, Ph.D., Director of the School of Social and Home Service; 
Professor of Psychology. 

George E. Neuhaus, M.D., Professor of Neurology and Psychiatry. 

Edmund J. A. Rogers, A.M., M.D., Professor of Surgery, Emeritus. 

Thomas H. Hawkins, A.M., M.D., LL.D., Professor of Surgery, Emeritus. 

Robert Levy, M.D., Professor of Oto-laryngology. 

William H. Davis, M.D., Professor of Dermatology, Emeritus. 

William J. Roihwell. M.D,, Professor of Medicine, Emeritus. 

Francis H. McNaught, M.D., Professor of Obstetrics, Emeritus. 

Leonard Freeman, B.S., A.M., M.D., Professor of Surgery. 

Charles A. Powers, A.M., M.D., Professor of Surgery, Emeritus. 


Herbert B. Whitney, A.B., Ml). Professor of Medicine. Emeritus. 
Sherman <;. Bonney, A.M.. M.D., Professor of Medicine, Emeritus. 
George B. Packard, M.D.. Professor of Orthopedics, Emeritus. 

T. Mitchell Burns. M.i>.. Professor of Obstetrics, Emeritus. 

Walter A. Jayne, M.D., Professor of Gynecology, Emeritus. 

Charles B. Van Zant, M.D.. Professor of Physiology, Emeritus. 

William < '. Mitchell. M.I'.. Professor of Bacteriology, Emeritus. 

David H. Coover, M.D., Professor of Ophthalmology, Emeritus. 

James C. Todd, Ph.B., M.D., Professor of Clinical Pathology. 

Carbon Gillaspie, M.D., Professor of Anatomy. 

♦Homer C. Washburn, Ph.C, B.S. (Phar.), Dean of the School of Pharmacy; 
Professor of Pharmacy. 

•Arthur J. Markley, D.D.S., M.D., Professor of Dermatology and Syphilis. 

Loran D. Osborn, Ph.D., Director of the Extension Division; Professor of 

Frederick A. Bushee, Ph.D., Director of the College of Commerce; Professor 
of Economics and Sociology. 

Ralph D. Crawford, Ph.D., Professor of Mineralogy and Petrology. 

•Harry A. Curtis. B.S. (Ch.E.), Ph.D.. Professor of Physical Chemistry. 

•Fred G. Folsom, A.B., L.L.B., Professor of Law. 

William R. Arthur, A.B., LL.B., Professor of Law. 

Charles N. Meader, A.B., M.D., Dean of the School of Medicine; Professor of 

Frank L. Clapp, Ph.D., Professor of School Administration. 

Arnold J. Lien, Ph.D., Professor of Political Science. 

Robert C. Lewis, Ph.D.. Professor of Physiology and Biochemistry. 

Herbert S. Hadley, A.B., LL.B.. LL.D., Professor of Law. 

William Black, M.E., Professor of Steam and Gas Engineering. 

•Clarence B. Ingraham. Ph.B.. M.D., Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology. 

•Oscar M. Gilbert, M.D., Associate Professor of Medicine. 

•Josiah X. Hall, B.S., M.D., Associate Professor of Medicine. 

Howell T. Pershing, M.S., M.D., LL.D., Associate Professor of Psychiatry. 

Moses Kleiner, M.D., Associate Professor of Therapeutics. 

Melville Black, M.D., Associate Professor of Ophthalmology. 

Samuel B. Childs, A.B., M.D., Associate Professor of Roentgenology. 

•William C. Bane. M.D., Associate Professor of Oto-laryngology. 

Oliver Lyons, M.D., Associate Professor of Genito-Urinary Surgery. 

•Samuel Fosdick Jones, M.D., Associate Professor of Orthopedic Surgery. 

F. P. Gengenbach, M.D., Associate Professor of Pediatrics. 

David R. Jenkins, E.E., Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering. 

S. Antoinette Bigelow. AM.. Dean of Women; Assistant Professor of English 

Frost C. Buchtel. M.D., Assistant Professor of Surgery. 

Edward F. Dean, M.D., Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery. 

Aubrey H. Williams, M.D., Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery. 

C. Henry Smith, Ph.B.. Librarian; Assistant Professor of Bibliography. 

WilPam A. Cook, Ph.D.. High-School Visitor; Assistant Protessor of Educa- 

Whitney C. Huntington, C.E., Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering. 

Howard E. Phelps, C.E., Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering. 

Max M. Ellis. Ph.D.. Sc.D., Assistant Professor of Biology. 

Carl C. Eckhardt, Ph.D.. Assistant Professor of History. 

Frank S. Bauer, M.E., Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering. 

Philip G. Worcester, A.M., Assistant Professor of Geology. 

William F. Baur. Ph.B.. Assistant Professor of Germanic Languages. 

Frank G. Allen, B.S. (M.E.), Assistant Professor of Engineering Drawing. 

Charles S. Sperry, A.B., C.E., Assistant Professor of Engineering Mathe- 

Jay W. Woodrow, Ph.D.. Assistant Professor of Physics. 

•Ivan C. Crawford, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering. 

Herbert B. Dwight, E.E., Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering. 

Paul M. Dean, Ph.C. Assistant Professor Of Chemistry. 

Hugh C. Pryor, A.M., Assistant Professor of Education. 


George H. Light, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Mathematics. 
Thomas M. Marshall, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of History. 
♦George H. Cattermole, M.D., Assistant Professor of Pediatrics. 

Edward Delehanty, M.D., Assistant Professor of Neurology. 

Claude Edward Cooper, A.B., M.D., Assistant Professor of Oto-laryngology. 

Rudolph W. Arndt, M.D., Assistant Professor of Medicine. 

George A. Moleen, M.D., Assistant Professor of Neurology. 

Edwin W. Patterson, A.B., LL.B., Assistant Professor of Law. 

Charles M. Gruber, Assistant Professor of Physiology and Pharmacology. 

♦Charles F. Poe, A.M., B.S. (Phar. ), Acting Assistant Professor «of Pharmacy. 

Francis J. Perusse, B.Sc, Acting Assistant Professor of Pharmacy. 

James N. Ashmore, Director of Physical Education. 

Helen Masters Bunting, Director of Physical Education for Women. 

John Campbell, A.M., LL.B., LL.D., Dean of the School of Law, Emeritus; 
Lecturer on Law of Municipal Corporations. 

Robert S. Morrison, Lecturer on Law of Mines and Mining. 

John A. Riner, LL.B., Lecturer on International Law. 

Willard J. White, A.M., M.D., Lecturer on Medical Jurisprudence. 

James W. McCreery, Lecturer on Law of Irrigation and Water Rights. 

John E. Robinson, Lecturer on Bankruptcy. 

Harry S. Silverstein, A.B., Lecturer on Criminal Procedure. 

Henry E. Lutz, LL.B., Lecturer on Equity Pleading and Practice. 

Erwin Louis Regennitter, LL.B., Lecturer on Colorado Code of Civil Pro- 

Lyman P. Weld, LL.B., Lecturer on Conveyancing and Abstracts. 

John H. Fry, LL.B., Lecturer on Auxiliary Code Remedies. 

Henry Sewall, Ph.D., M.D., Sc.D., Lecturer on Medicine. 

James H. Pershing, A.B., Lecturer on Medical Jurisprudence. 

Arthur H. Earley, M.D., Lecturer on Rectal Surgery. 

Frank R. Spencer, A.B., M.D., Instructor in Oto-laryngology. 

Clay E. Giffin, A.B., M.D., Instructor in Surgery. 

Donald McFayden, B.D., Ph.D., Instructor in History. 

Lorena Underhill, A.M., Instructor in Philosophy. 

Ruth M. Shelledy, A.M., Instructor in German. 

John H. V. Finney, B.S. (E.E.), Instructor in Physics. 

♦♦Jessie Hutsinpillar, A.M., Instructor in English. 

Marie Sorenson, A.M., Instructor in English. 

Claribel Kendall, A.M., Instructor in Mathematics. 

♦♦Francis Wolle, A.M., Instructor in English Literature. 

Charles M. McCormick, E.E., Instructor in Electrical Engineering. 

Henry Williams Wilcox, M.D., Instructor in Orthopedic Surgery. 

♦Cyrus L. Pershing, B.S., M.D., Instructor in Neurology. 

Florence Galligan Joslyn, A.M., Instructor in Education. 

James L. Merrill, B.S. (C.E.), Instructor in Engineering Drawing. 

Walter F. Mallory, B.S. (M.E.), Instructor in Mechanical Engineering. 

♦Clarence L. Eckel, B.S. (C.E.), Instructor in Civil Engineering. 

Edward R. Mugrage, A.M., M.D., Director of Laboratories (Denver); In- 
structor in Pathology. 

Dorothy M. Burton, A.B., Instructor in English Literature. 

♦Erskine R. Myer, A.B., Instructor in English. 

♦William Wiley Jones, A.B., M.D., Instructor in Medicine. 

Maud E. Craig, A.M., Instructor in Latin. 

♦♦Arthur T. Evans, A.M., Instructor in Biology. 

♦♦Edwin B. Place, A.M., Instructor in Romance Languages. 

Irene P. McKeehan, A.M., Instructor in English. 

Elmore Petersen, A.B., Instructor in the University Extension Division. 

Arthur E. Gilman, A.B., Instructor in the University Extension Division. 

John J. Flach, B.S. (E.E.), Instructor in Engineering Mathematics. 

♦George P. Lingenfelter, M.D., Instructor in Dermatology and Syphilis. 

Clair V. Mann, B.S. (C.E. ), Instructor in Engineering Mathematics. 

James H. Cowles, A.B., Instructor in Life Insurance and Extension In- 

Oscar A. Randolph, Ph.D., Instructor in Physics. 


Gladys C. Curtis, A.M., Instructor in Education. 

Alice Downing Hunter, A.M., Instructor in English. 

Olin Ingraham, A.M., Instructor in Economics. 

•Willard W. Rusk, B.S. (C.E.), Instructor in Civil Engineering. 

Ellert L. McGrath, B.S. (C.E.), Instructor in Engineering Mathematics. 

Chester H. Elliott, M.S., M.D., Instructor in Pathology. 

Beatrice Bolan, Instructor in Physical Education for Women. 

James C. Stephens, A.B., Instructor in the University Extension Division. 

Arthur Chapman, Litt.M., Instructor in Journalism. 

♦Esbon Y. Titus, Ph.D., Instructor in Chemistry. 

John Rennell, Instructor in Art. 

Bessie R. Green, A.M., Instructor in Biology. 

Arthur Williams, A.M., Instructor in Greek. 

Susan Blakey, A.B., B.S., Instructor in Home Economics. 

John D. Cooke, A.M., Instructor in English Literature. 

Cornelius C. Janzen, A.M., Instructor in Extension Division. 

Lazare B. Alssid, A.B., Instructor in Romance Languages. 

Philip B. McDonald, B.S., E.M., Instructor in Engineering English. 

J. Murray Barney, M.D., Instructor in Medicine. 

John B. Davis, M.D., Instructor in Genito-Urinary Surgery. 

Casper F. Hegner, M.D., Instructor in Surgery. 

Oscar M. Shere, M.D., Instructor in Surgery. 

Cuthbert Powell, M.D., Instructor in Gynecology. 

Foster Cary. j^..D)., Instructor in Obstetrics. 

Charles A. Ferris, M.D.. Instructor in Obstetrics. 

♦Phillips M. Chase, M.D., Instructor in Obstetrics. 

Harry R. Baum. M.D.. Instructor in Oto-laryngology. 

Harold Tupper Mead, M.D., Instructor in Anatomy. 

Richard B. Scandrett, Jr., A.B., LL.B., Acting Instructor in Law. 

Bryant Smith, A.B., LL.B., Instructor in Debating. 

Mary V. McFarland. A.B., Instructor in Psychology. 

Russell N. Loomis, B.S. (Phar.), Instructor in Chemistry. 

Horace B. Van Valkenburgh, M.S., Instructor in Chemistry. 

Benjamin D. Cornell. A.B., Instructor in Chemistry. 

Ben W. Rowland, A.B., Instructor in Chemistry. 

Eva M. Baum, A.B., Instructor in Chemistry. 

Robert A. Klahr. A.B.. M.C.S., C.P.A., Instructor in Economics. 

Wanda I. Fraikin. A.M.. Instructor in English. 

Charles A. Rouse, A.M., Instructor in Engineering English. 

Carl Knoettge, A.B., B.S. (C.E.). Instructor in Civil Engineering. 

Wayne S. Beattie, B.S. (M.E. ), Instructor in Mechanical Engineering. 

Leslie E. Miner, B.S., Instructor in Civil Engineering. 

John F. Greene, B.S. (C.E.), Instructor in Civil Engineering. 

L. M. Becker, Instructor in Mechanical Engineering. 

Arthur L. Edgecomb, Instructor in Telegraphy. 

May Snyder, A.B., Assistant in Romance Languages. 

V. A. Van Duzer, Assistant in Romance Languages. 

Glenwood C. Roe B.A.. Assistant in Biology. 

W. Warren Howe. A.B.. Assistant in Chemistry. 

Fred B. Southwell, Assistant in Chemistry. 

Louis R. Sheldahl, Stock Room Assistant. 

Glenn E. Mills, Stock Room Assistant. 

Laurence E. Wright. Assistant in Chemistry. 

James Terry Duce. B.A., Assistant in Geology. 

Doska Monical, Assistant in Geology. 

Kenneth M. Willson, Assistant in Geology. 

Ralph Hubbard, B.A., Assistant in Museum and Zoology Department. 

Hazelle Brazil, Assistant in History. 

LeRoy A. MacColl, Assistant in Physics. 

Winifred H. White, Assistant in Education. 

Helen Slane, Assistant in Education. 

Bernard P. Heubner, A.B., Assistant in Education. 

Arthur H. Rholl, A.B., Assistant in Norwegian and German. 


Frieda Meents, A.B., Assistant in German. 

Julia C. Prouty, Assistant in Psychology. . , 

George J. Arnold, Extension Assistant. 

Floyd House, Assistant in Economics. 

Charles M. Schloss, Assistant in Electrical Engineering. 

Frank C. Kennelly, M.D., Assistant in Medicine. 

E. T. Boyd, M.D., Assistant in Ophthalmology. 

William H. Crisp, M.D., D.Oph., Assistant in Ophthalmology. 

♦William C. Finnoff, M.D., D.Oph., Assistant in Ophthalmology. 

John A. McCaw, M.D., Assistant in Ophthalmology. 

William A. Sedwick, M.D., Assistant in Ophthalmology. 

Hiram R. Stilwill, M.D., Assistant in Ophthalmology. 

♦William M. Bane, M.D., Assistant in Oto-laryngology. 

Icie Macy, A.B., B.S., Laboratory and Library Assistant. 

Thaddeus P. Sears, A.B., Assistant in Clinical Pathology. 

Sara E. Granham, A.B., Laboratory Assistant. 

Inez Kennison, Laboratory Assistant. 

Maurice Katzman, Laboratory Assistant. 

Leo. B. Cohenour, Laboratory Assistant. 

Agnes P. Bechmann, Ph.B., Assistant in Pharmacy. 

Wilbur W. Adams, Assistant in Gymnasium. 

♦War service. 

fDied, October. 

♦♦Leave of absence, 1917-1918. 



County Supt. Miss Helen Lamb, Brighton, Colo. 120 Teachera 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

Union High School No. l, Brighton. Mrs. Frances Pratt Douglass, Principal, 
kyards Sta., No. 3, Denver; Cora Bishop, no add; 
al Teachers — Mr. L. H. Allworth, Penmanship, Arvada R. l >. : Charles 

shaii". Musi.-. Denver; 1 >ella Hoover. Musi.-. Denver. 

District — 

1. Mrs. Mary Philbrook. Stockyards Sta.. R. 1, Denver. Kobert Walker. 

Superintendent. 2140 Grant St., Denver; Chlo Greene, L760 Pennsylvania 
St., Denver; Marguerite Ratclilre. 2130 Eliot St., Denver: Lola Miller. 
1411 Ogden St., Denver; Elizabeth Lewis. 3853 Shoshone St., Denver. 

2. Mrs. Mary Mitze. Highlands Sta.. Denver. Helen Weirich, Broomrteld 

R. D. 

3. Mrs. Lulu Mathews. Brighton R. D. Marion Andrew, Prin., Henderson 

R. D.; Evelyn Cline, Brighton R. D. 

4. Ceo. Nelson, Brighton R. D. Katherine Hutchinson, Broomfield R. D. ; 

Helen Eastom, East Lake. 
.".. c. A. Martin. Simpson. Miss Florence Hendrickson, Adena; Gladys 

Groves, Eskdale; Ethel K. Hogan, Adena; Guy E. Curry. Adena; Lydia 

Glover, Simpson; Dora Albertson. Deer Trail; David Larmer, Deer 

Trail. Two have not been reported yet. 
G. Lafayette — Mrs. Rosa A. Spruce. Mabel Boge. Lafayette. 

7. Derby — S. E. Anderson. Helen Matson, Derby. 

8. R. S. Mcintosh, Brighton. Gladys Seymour, Henderson R. D. 

9. Westminster — Mrs. Anne Morrison. Prin. Geo. p. Unseld. David Kyle. 

Bernice B. Kelley. Carrie Bishop. 

10. Brighton — Mrs. Emma Alter. Hazel Pearce. Cordelia Edwards. 

11. Herbert van Every, Brighton R. D. Mrs. Mary J. Hanson, Henderson; 

Doris Meyers. Henderson: 

14. C. C. Towle, Henderson R. D. Annie Foster. Henderson K. D. ; Anna 
Bulger. Henderson R. D. : Nellie V: Lind. 3414 Lafayette St., Denver. 

16. James Smith. Stockyards Sta.. R. 1. Denver. Marie Hansen. Prin. of Cine. 
Stockyards Sta.. R. 1; Bertha Hansen. Stockyards Sta.. R. 1: Bessie 
Tuttle. 440 Elati St.. Denver; Elsie Gilmore, 1712 Humboldt St.. Den- 
ver: Ruth Anderson. Prin. of Rankin. Stockyards Sta., R. 1, Denver; 
Genevieve Moreland. Stockyards. R. 1. Denver; Ethel Kidder, Stock- 
yards Sta.. R. 1. Denver: Marguerite Brush. 2919 Lafayette St. Denver. 
Broomfield R. D. — J. E. Whytal. Anna C. Wilkie. 

23. Stockyards Sta.. R. 3. Denver — Ceo. Rittmayer. Margaret McGroarty. 

24. Aurora R. D. — A. H. Packard. Gertrude McBride. 

26. A. D. Linder. W. K. Dunn. Leader. Three not yet reported. 

27. Brighton — Mrs. Prudence Meeker. E. G. Baker. Supt.; Edna Maxwell. 

Anna Bryce. Helen Kramer. Myrtle Allen. Emma Toby. Frances Smith. 
Lenore Brand. Lottie Swain. Edna Johnson. Hazel Oviatt, Grace Mer- 
rill. Minnie Reed. Vallie Hallock. 

2 8. Wm. Smith. Aurora R. D. Margaret F. Eddy. Supt.. Aurora; Violet 
Hopper. Aurora: Lulu Kramer. Aurora R. D. ; Harriet Ferril. Aurora 
R. D. : Margaret Smith. Mabel ranter. Edith Hamilton. Delia Hoover. 
Music: L. H. Allworth. Penmanship. 

29. Bennett — H. A. Dunbar. George "Winterbourne. Supt.: Mrs. Maud Fland- 
ers. Mrs. George Sheesley; Agnes Elder. Edna Nelson. 
Mis. Julia Arment. Bashor. Mary Hazlet. Bashor; Tda Hazlet. Bashor: 
Man on Milan. Keenesburg. Two not reported 


31. George Turner, Comanche. Eva Grace Ater, Strasburg; Margaret Con- 

ners, Strasburg; Martha Johnson, Strasburg; Viola Perry, Strasburg; 
Carol Brisbin, Strasburg; Katherine Harrison, Comanche. One not 

32. Oliver H. Smith, Byers. Vendla Johnson, Hoyt; Nina Joy Smith, Byers; 

Ethel Nylin, Byers; Helen Bawsell, Byers; Irene Reynolds, Byers; 
Anna Reinsch, Byers; Mary Bruce, Leader; Marguerite Rothaus, Hoyt. 
One not reported. 

33. Watkins — Mrs. Edna Traut. Sybil Smith. 

34. Broomfield R. D. — Mrs. Florence Brandt. Mrs. Lyda Poitz. 

37. Henry Windier, 2440 Larimer St., Denver. Maybelle Oeniston, Aurora 

R. D. 

38. J. A. Williamson, Barr Lake. Delia Hoover, Prin., Barr Lake; Mrs. Dora 

Magers, Bessie Wigginton, Brighton. 

52. Watkins — Fred Sanger. Mary Ann O'Toole, Vivian Smith. 

53. Broomfield R. D. — Mrs. Mabel Ludwig. Mary Lawlor. 
56. Henderson R. D.— W. G. Parker. Matilda Witt. 

61. Stockyards Sta., R. 3, Denver — H. G. Tiffany. Gladys Clark, Sadie Top- 

71. Ruty O. Gormley. Mamie Egan, Broomfield R. D. 

81. Mrs. T. E. Cundall, Brighton R. D. — Margaret Robertson, Prin., Broom- 
field R. D. ; Addie Nunemaker, Brighton R. D. 

!)5. J. J. Coffey, Brighton R. D. Lucy Greene, Prin., Henderson; Emma 
Stewart, Henderson. 

97. Henderson R. D. — Chas. W. Black. Tva Walker, Henderson R. D. 

98. Robert H. Dickinson, Arvada R. D. F. W. Day, Prin., Highlands St., 

R. 5, Denver; Mrs. Lulu Whitlock, no address. One not reported. 


County Supt. Ada M. Sundquist, Alamosa. 4 5 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

District — 

1. Consolidated. Mosca — Mrs. Ethel Ulrich. Prin. C. W. Little, Jymmie 

Blackwood, Eva Cornell. 

2. Consolidated. Monte Vista — Harry B. Stroup. Addie Mae Filbin, Prin., 

Alamosa; Linnie T. Hiles, Alamosa. 

1. Alamosa — Mrs. Lou Zeigler. Roy Heilman, Monte Vista, Colo. 

2. Alamosa — J. A. Ellis. Mary Emogene Carrel. 

3. Alamosa — Herbert Traveller. Carlton Aylard. Supt. Alamosa School; 

Carrie Boyd, Grade Prin.; Cora Bruns, First Grade; Nona Calvin. Sixth 
Grade; Harriet Dalzell, Third Grade; Carrie Doughty, Fourth Grade; 
Lola Foulk, Fifth and Sixth Grades; Mildred Harbison, Second Grade; 
Mary James, Fourth and Fifth Grades; Elvira Martinez, Third and 
Fourth Grades; Loretta McGraw, First and Second Grades; Edna Rob- 
ertson, First Grade; Mrs. J. A. Tripp, Third and Fourth Grades; Benja- 
min T. Poxson, H. S. Prin.; Annie L. Ford, Mathematics and Engineer- 
ing; Gerard Krythe, Science; Isabel Roberts, Domestic Science; Bessie 
Webster, History and English; Mayme Richardson, Latin and German; 
Francis Sherwood, Music; Nina Crandall. 

4. Alamosa — W. W. McElheney. Mrs. Ora Patty. R. 

5. Alamosa — Morgan Lewis, Jr. C. M. French, R. 

8. Alamosa — Robert Newsom. Lillian Nissen, R. ; Jennie Best, R. ; Georgia 

Johnson, R. 

9. Jesse Denton, Alamosa. Lena Mang, R., Hooper, Colo. ; Emma Clark, R., 

Blanca, Colo. 


1 I Alamosa Olaf Nergaman. Aurelia Freedle, R, 

LBjt Alamosa — John Hunter. F. B. Knowles, R. 

28Jt ('on. Hooper. C. F. Chapman. H. H. Journay, Prin. ; G. C. Phippeny, 
Hooper, Colo.; Ethel Gwartney, Hooper, Colo.; Margaret Aylard, 
Hooper, <'<>!<>.; Mrs. Louise Wallace, Hooper, Colo.; Mrs. H. H. Journay, 
Domestic Science, Hooper, Colo.; Pluma Tuttle, Hooper, Colo. 

L'ljt. Alamosa — J. J. Sechecter. Belva Snodgrass, R. 


County Supt. Mrs. Sada R. Wilson, Littleton. 84 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

District — 
1. Englewood — Mrs. Sadie Jones. Chas. H. Hay, Supt. 

High School — J. F. Krill, Prin., Englewood; Helen Phelps, Denver; 
Ruth Larner, 156 So. Lafayette St., Denver; Lucy Naive, 1435 Adams 
St., Denver; Norma Hansen, 427 So. Emerson St., Denver. 

Grades, N. Englewood School — Gladys Hill, 266 Sherman St., Denver; 
Delia Stanforth, 1663 Gilpin St., Denver; Frances Coit, 240 Sherman 
St.. Denver; Muriel Austin, 48 So. Pearl St., Denver; Jessie Wilson, 
766 York St., Denver; Zell Messerve, 2315 Bellaire St., Denver. 

Grades, Lowell School — Grace Van Gordon, Prin., Morrison; Alice Cor- 
nish, 1430 Gilpin St., Denver; Florence Hill, 266 Sherman St., Denver; 
Louise Boaz, 2332 Race St., Denver; Magdalene Dolan, 2124 Seven- 
teenth Ave., Denver; Marie Kreimer, 3554 Marion St., Denver; Clara 
Farrelly, 2611 Williams St., Denver; Adele Skatts, 3719 So. Chero- 
kee St., Englewood. 

Grades, Hawthorne School — Ethel Hook, 4100 So. Acoma St., Englewood; 
Pearl Baum, 740 Grant St., Denver; Elizabeth Morgan, 1326 Hum- 
boldt St., Denver; Florence Chapman, 977 So. Downing St., Denver. 

4. Capitol Hill Sta., R. F. D. 2, Denver — Alice Kerker. 

5. Englewood. R. F. D. 1 — Wm. Faulhaber. Lewis Owen, Prin.; Nell Battin. 

6. Littleton — -Mrs. R. G. Carson. C. B. Raybourn, Prin. 

High School — Ida Walker, Mabel Miller, R. M. Jones, Grace Akolt. 

Grades — A. B. Cook, Kathryn Curtis, Louise Allen, Bessie McClintock, 
Mary K. Elstun, Grace Downing, Minnie Dailey, Susan Smiley, Ma- 
bel Curtis, Gertrude Bean, Reah Parker. 

12. J. W. McCoy, So. Denver, R. F. D. 2. Nellie Spetnagle, 725 Galapago, 


13. Fort Logan — Mrs. S. W. Erickson. Thos. Booth, Prin., Littleton; Mad- 

eline Quick, Ft. Logan. 
15. Parker — A. J. Peterson. May Hession, Englewood. 
18. John H. Wilson, Villa Park. Mabel I. Dulmage, 2524 W. Byron St., 

10. So. Denver Sta., R. D. 2 — Theresa Davidson. Bertha F. Childress, Parker. 
23. Littleton R. D. 2 — Harry Hively. Cyprienna Turcott, 3428 Bryant St., 

Prin.. Denver; Laura Wilson. Englewood. 

25. Mrs. Elizabeth Gully. Mary Gully, 3000 E. 2nd Ave., Denver. 

26. Deer Trail — Elmer C. Hobson. Marie Davidson, Prin.; Maude Jakeman, 

Mrs. Gertrude Landen, Vivienne Cuddy, Lillian Ross, Edwin Doherty, 
Tressa Maher, Mrs. Mary Calleley, Laura P. Sheldon, Alma Reed, 
Cassie Ross. 

28. Wm. Smith, Aurora. 

29. H. A. Dunbar, Bennett. 

30. Bennett — Geo. J. Gordon. Mae Slinkhard, Ada Elder. 

31. Geo. W. Turner, Strasburg. 

32. Byers — Bert E. Carothers. Catherine Carroll, Prin.; Lena Stober, Lana 



33. Fred E. Larson, Watkins. Justine Wiberg, 3437 Lafayette St., Denver; 
Hildred Kirby. 

35. H. B. Nelson, So. Denver Sta., R. D. 2. Mrs. A. C. Griffin, 4131 So. Acoma 

St., Englewood; Mrs. Da Volt, So. Denver Sta., R. F. D. No. 2. 

36. Thomas Race, Englewood R. F. D. 4. Esther E. Nelson, 76 Lincoln St., 

Denver; Bertha Hoskins, Littleton. 

37. Mrs. Louise Jackson, Littleton R. F. D. 2. Mrs. Clyde Raybourne, Lit- 

51. Aurora, Motor Route A — John T. Connell. Ida M. Torgas. 
62. Aurora R. F. D. 1 — Chas. M. Breit. Mary Walsh. 
69. So. Denver Sta., R. F. D. 2 — T. S. Taylor. D. C. Campbell, Prin.; Orrie 


72. Mrs. Julia Deter, Byers. Mary Alexander, 3768 Walnut St., Denver; 

Ellen Wedow, Littleton. 

73. Mrs. Isabel Mitchell, Strasburg. Ramona Robinson, 87 So. Pearl St., 

Denver; Mrs. M. J. Patterson, Claribell Shawhan. 


County Supt. Mrs. Alice G. Noland, Pagosa Springs. 26 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 


1. Pagosa Springs — Fred Catchpole. Geo. Wheatley, Prin. High School; 

Barbara Tawner, Teacher High School; Hazel Lamm, Teacher High 
School; Ruth Eckle, Grade Teacher; Mrs. lone Bostwick, Grade Teacher; 
Mrs. Frances Brooks, Grade Teacher; Edna Galbreath, Grade Teacher; 
Lucille Gillette, Grade Teacher; Nellie Cox, Rural Teacher; Kate Halm, 
Rural Teacher. 

2. Chromo — B. F. Jackson. Celeste Martin, Rural Teacher. 

3. Edith — F. A. Clark. Norma Miller, Rural Teacher. 

4. Piedra — Susie Ford. Emilie Healey 

5. Pagosa Springs — Mrs. M. Hazelwood. Korleen Chambers. 

6. Pagosa Springs — B. F. Smith. Norma Miller (taught summer term). 

7. Pagosa Springs — Lino Lucero. No teachers hired. 

8. Pagosa Junction — Ramon Chavez. No teachers hired. 

9. Dyke — S. Sullenberger. Roxie Reed. 

10. Arboles — J. E. Walker. Mrs. Jessie Hayden, Mrs. Olive Williamson. 

11. Pagosa Springs — O. Jacobson. Esther Boone. 

12. G. E. Kingsley. Vivian Chambers. 

13. Trinidad — Martinez Kerns. Kate Hall. 

14. Piedra — C. D. Ayres. Lucy McGirr. 
15jt. G. A. Black, Bayfield. Margaret Oling. 

16. Charles Johnson, Pagosa Springs. Elizabeth King. 

17. Mrs. Walter Brown, Pagosa Springs. Nettie Bryant. 

18. Jesse Boone, Pagosa Springs. (Summer term.) 
25jt. Allison — Wade Young. Bessie McChesney. 


County Supt. Earl C. Denney, Springfield. 75 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

District — 

1. A. E. Clark, Blaine. Leah Gant, Blaine; Rose Pond, Monon; Ernest 

Records, Plains; Etta Cooper, Plains. 

2. Two Buttes — Alfred B. Allen. R. W. Riffenburg, Alice Jack. 


3. Estelene — Mrs. Millie Nugent. P. Wm. Beckman, Estelene; Susie 
Looney, Kenton, Oklahoma. 

I. Springfield li. i;. Homsher. Bar] I \ Denney, Springfield; Margaret 
Jackson, Springfield; Margarel Glasgow, Springfield; Marie Herndon, 
Springfield; Mabel Vaughn, Joycoy; Elva Bvans, Joycoy; Rothwell 
Sparkman, Setonsburg; Edna Lovell, Clyde; V iway, oularado; 

Moline Chamberlain, Campo; Roenah Hynes Springfield; Homer v. 
Robb, Springfield; Mac Trussell, Springfield; Frieda Hays, Springfield. 

5. Vilas — I. J. Thorne. Cora Mordica, Vilas; < 'laude Benefiel, Springfield; 

i.ouisc Schweizer, Stonington; Mrs. Geo. Lund. Blaine. 

6. Stonington -('has. Stoner. .J. T. Biggins. 

7. Vilas — Wilfred Konkell. Iva Wiley, Richards. 

8. T. F. Evans, Springfield. Ruby Scarbrough, Graft; Ruth Seymour, 

Graft; Meda Mauk, Flues. 
It. Frank Starit, Springfield. Etta Atkinson, Vilas. 

10. Elkhart, Kan. — F. B. Carr. Mrs. E. J I. Wheeler, Elkhart, Kan. 
li. Rodley — Joseph T. Hawkins, ina Van Geison, liodley. 

12. Springfield — B. G. Clifton. Wm. A. Ballard. 

13. J. N. Whitlock, Rodley; Charles Finley, Vilas. 

11. I). M. Harris, Springfield. Mary Clayton, Springfield; Grace Seymour, 


15. Vilas — H. McClintock. Minna Lepel. 

1G. Wentworth — Jennie D. Long. I. A. Humberd. 

17. Wentworth — Alvin L. Bourquin. Mrs. I. A. Humberd. 

18. Baker — J. E. Sanders. Mary Black, Frank Baker. 

19. C. A. Wiley, Richards. Mae Beecher, Campo. 

20. Will Hecox, Two Buttes. Lois Dale, Two Buttes; Wilma Turner, Two 

Buttes; Belle Moorhead, Springfield. 
22. Secretary not listed. Mrs. Georgia Davis, Richards. 
2G. Kinsman Dean, Konantz. Mary Jones, Stonington; Mary Lockhart. 

Stonington; Bertha Bryan, Konantz. 
.".". I >. H. Collins, Lamport. Rachel Alexander, Lamport; Mrs. J. C. McKin- 

ley, Lamport; Claribel Beckman, Baker; Edna Kelley, Lamport; Camilla 

Forman, Lamport; Mrs. Bertha Fields, Pride. 
31. Stonington — W. A. Thompson. Mrs. Audria Riggs, Mabel Heckethorn. 
33. Maxey — J. A. Durrstein. O. K. Joseph, Janie McEndree, David H. Mur- 

ry, Mary E. White, Joycoy; Blanche Albert, O. D. Graham. 
35. G. S. Vallentine, Springfield. Esther Skinner, Lamar; W. A. Shiflet, 

Two Buttes. 
40. Mrs. M. E. Hankins, Richards. Wilbur Shepherd, Rodley; Arkley Dor- 
man, Campo; J. E. Sanders, Baker; Julia Stewart, Pride. 
43. Sylvia E. Blinn, Campo. Anna Finley, Campo; Blanche Bodine, Campo; 

Lloyd Brown, Regnier; Ruth Rosengrants, Nowlinsville. 


County Supt. Allie V. Richmond, Las Animas. 80 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 

of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 
Bent County High School, Las Animas — Allie V. Richmond, L'dwin A. 
Schreck, Supt.; C. W. Muir, Prin.; Albert J. Allen, Science; Harry B. 
Milholin, History and Athletics; Olive Watson. Algebra; Edna Rosen, 
Spanish; Isabel S. Miner, Rhetoric and Biology; Anita Kepler, Latin 
and Literature; Alta Shoen. Commercial Department; Frederick W. 
Voss, Manual Training; Edith L. Givens, Domestic Science; Nell Nich- 
olson. Music and Art; Harriet E. Bodine. Physical Education. 
District — 
1. Las Animas — Dr. S. V. Hageman. 

Columbian School — Ora L. Capps, Prin., Eighth Grade; Martha J. Cain, 
Seventh Grade; Elizabeth Hogle, Sixth Grade; B. Pearl Nicholson. 
Fifth Grade; Frances Work, Fourth Grade; Bertha Fladager, Third 
Grade; Ruth M. Ketcham, Second Grade; Dorothy E. Greet', First 
Grade; Isabel P. Eadie, Primary. 


Frey School — R. H. McXeal, Prin., Eighth Grade; Agnes Bartlett, 

Seventh Grade; Minnie lsenhart, Sixth Grade; Lucile Dilts, Fifth 

Grade; Ruth Collins, Fourth Grade; Alice Parsons, Third Grade; 

Elizabeth B. Key, Second Grade; Nelle P. Flanery, First Grade. 

2. Lewis Marlman, Las Animas. Margaret B. Miller, Las Animas R. R. 1; 

Miss Manire, La Junta. 
:). Las Animas R. R. 1 — James Tyson. Minnie Rimmer, Prin.; May Lily. 

4. Las Animas R. R. 2 — Ross Xickerson. Mrs. Louise Petersen, Ruth Amy. 

5. McClave — F. S. Keener. Tersa Miller, Prin.; Mrs. Myrtle Pope. 

6. J. O. Manful. Las Animas. J. F. Scott, Prin., Las Animas R. R. 2; Ida 

Scott, Las Animas R. R. 2. 

7. John E. Biggs, Las Animas. Edith Bickel, Las Animas, R. R. 1; Delia 

McHenry, Las Animas R. R. 1. 

8. W. E. Mick, McClave. Reno Hiltabidel, Prin., Wiley; Lora Toliver, Mc- 


9. Hasty — Mrs. Dale Baldwin. Ella Pryor, Hasty. 

10. Wiley — James Carver. Grace Davis, Prin.; Grace Gilbert. 

11. McClave — James A. McLean. Lydia Davis. 

12. McClave — W. A. Jordan. Mary Stout, McClave. 

13. Wiley — Scott McKitrick. Ward Ira Miller, Prin.; H. F. Hudson, Vera 

Wood. Edna A. Matson, Mary Burger, Evaline Scott. 

14. J. S. Daniels, La Junta. 

15. Caddoa — E. G. Duncan. Bertha Duncan. Chester Wolf. 

16. Caddoa — Mrs. Cyrus Caler. Letty Ham, Irene Trumbel, Dona Johnson. 

17. Las Animas — Carl F. Holmes. May Chambers. 

18. Caddoa — Dr. W. E. Ashley. Grace Chamberlain, Allie Johnson. 

19. Caddoa — G. E. Elliott. Bertha Chappelear. 

20. Caddoa — Newton Alford. Ludwick Bailey. 

21. Lamar — L. C. Pryor. Mabel Plotner. 

2 2. Mary Burt, Las Animas. H. S. Hartzell, Caddoa. 

23. Alice Sweetman, Lamar. Ralph M. Plotner, Mud Creek. 

2 4. Medford Springs — E. N. Eckert. Sebie Wolf. 

25. Lamar — R. H. Wade. Edna Nicholas. 

26. Caddoa — Frank Riner. Floyd E. Helfrich. 

2 7 Lamar — C. G. Marriott. Hattie Plotner, Mud Creek; Fern Bradfield, 
Lamar; Katherine Akers, Prowers; Beulah Eckles, Lamar; Opal A. 
Wild, McClave. 

28. Ninaview — F. W. Stough. Mrs. Zella McPherron, Opal. 

80. Wiley — F. A. Froman. Edna Davis. 

4 5. Hasty — Albert Gaskill. Clarence Cormack, Gertrude Helin. 


County Supt. E. D. Webb, Boulder, Colo. 238 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

District — 

1. Superior — P. J. Kerr. Clara Naeve, Prin.; Anna Gleeson, Mary Mathews. 
ft. ('. 1. Matt. McCaslin, Longmont, R. F. D. 3. Lillian Maider. Prin., Hy- 
giene; Alma Wetterberg, Hygiene; Rosanna Davis, Hygiene. 

2. Boulder, R. F. D. 3— Mrs. W. O. Crosby. Ruth Walsh, R. F. D. 1. 

3. Boulder — V. May Smith. Wm. V. Casey, Supt. 

Preparatory School — S. S. Kingsburg, R. J. Bretnall, Henry M. Sayre, 
E. W. B. Mark, Mrs. Hortense W. Hellems, Anna M. Grant, Mrs. Wil- 
matte P. Cockerell, Theodore Dru Cockerell, Mrs. Geneva A. Hoel- 
scher, Mary Flueckiger, Marion Park, Elizabeth Stine, Catherine 
McCartey, Winifred Carpenter, Mrs. Lola H. Kelso, Clara M. Lauder- 
dale, Clara M. Fees, Sophie M. Jourdan, C. S. Dunham, J. C. Keeler, 
August Daeschner, Leonard C. Jones, Olive Jones* Elizabeth Rick- 
etts, Homer F. Sanger, Helen M. Richardson, Viola Philips, Sec'y, 


Central School — Beulah Hanks, Prin.; Lotta B. Putman. Josephine Mor- 
gan, Ethel Ball. 

Washington School — Viola Lichtenwalter, Prin.; Margaret Lauderdale, 
Mrs. Esther F. White, Maude McKenzie. 

Mapleton School — Susie M. Lovelace, Prin.; Minnie E. Blake, Marion 
H. Robinson, Mrs. Jessie W. Dwyer, Mrs. Ida Breitenstein, Katherine 
Armstrong, Edna L. Harkins, C.eorgina Rowland, Ruth Wallace, Mrs 
Florence H. Dodge, Asst. 

University Hill School— F. A. Boggess, Prin.; Emma Gehrung, Madge 
McNair, Lulu L. Ehlers. Hulah Smith. Helen Brown, Keene Nichols. 
Katherine E. Peers, Asst.; Huldah Nelson. 

Whittier School — Arthur Ridgeway, Prin.; Lenore Bradford, Alice M. 
Webber, Jessie K. Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Daisy A. Johnson, Beatrice Tro- 
villion, Dora E. Andrus, Oletha Stearns, Mrs. Clara G. Coulson, Asst. 

Highland School — Blanche Ricketts, Prin.; Mae MacLean. Genevieve 
Potter. Mabel Guise. 

Lincoln School — Cora E. Lycan, Prin.; Mary Stryker, Mina Hocking, 
Hattie A. Smith. 

Special Teachers — Miss Carpenter, Domestic Science; Lillia McCrack- 
en, Music; Elizabeth Ricketts, Domestic Science; Alice Bratton, Sew- 
ing; Katherine Chase, Drawing; Sophie Jourdan, Drawing; J. C. Kes- 
ler, Manual Training; R. W. Simons, Manual Training; V. May 
Smith, Sec'y Board of Education; Helen Kaye, Sec'y; Mrs. Addie M. 
Benson, Prin., R. F. D. 1, Boulder. 

4. Richard Sammons, R. F. D. 1, Boulder. Charlotte Pughe, 1333 Pine St., 


5. R. F. D. 1, Boulder — W. B. Oliphant. Genevieve Brubaker, Elsa Johnson. 
•I. Longmont. R. F. D. 2 — W. A. Dickens. Louise Buchert. 

7. Niwot — Philip Haass. . Reva Koon, Prin.; Petrine Whitten, Lillian Tay- 

lor, Vernice Johnson. 

8. Lyons — C. H. Hollyman. Lillian Weedon. 

10. R. F. D. 3, Boulder — E. L. Douglas. Bess Morgan. 

11. Jamestown — R. O. Stoner. Agnes Piers. 

12. Ward — R. D. Ward. Leenel Denham. 

13. Wm. E. ArButhnot, Niwot, R. F. D. 1. Edyth Hartson. 

14. Boulder. R. F. D. 1 — J. A. Knauss. Margaret Joss. 

15. James Patterson, Gorham. Mr. J. M. Kirby, Prin., Boulder; Apollonia 

Schons, 409 Spruce St., Boulder; Nellie Spicer. Superior. 

16. Boulder, R. F. D. 2 — Mrs. Lillian Swain. J. A. Feather, Prin.; Geneva 


17. Longmont — Mrs. Ida F. Comstock. Charles C. Casey, Supt. ; J. C. Casey, 

Prin.; Olin P. Lee, B. F. Kitchen, Grace B. Davies, Julia T. Carlson, J 

L. Mickey, Archibald Taylor. W. C. Pittenger. Trvetta Smith. 

Lincoln School — Bessie Forsythe. Jessie Peoples, Jessie Blair, Mary 
Catherine Moore. 

Bryant School — Frances Dougan, Mrs. Angeline B. Adkisson, Lillian 
Richart, Daisy E. Sprague, Edith Crandall. 

Columbine School — Mae A. Plumb, Gladys Lindsley. Genevieve Peter- 
son. Martha Donovan. Harriett Smith, Jewel Wilhelm, Mrs. H. C. 
Griswold, Ruth Biddle, Sarah Gay. Ruth Dudley. 

Central School — Mrs. Edith Murray, Florence Rowe, Blanche Rowe, 
Minnie V. Laurenstein, Jessie Ingmire, Gladys Hubbard, Eva Hurst, 
Mary McLean. Mrs. Nevada Root, Mrs. Etta Beard. 

Special Teachers — Mary Bartlett, Domestic Science; Helen Bassler, 
Domestic Science; Dorothy Ellis, Art; Flora Farrington, Music; H. 
G. Nowles. Manual Training. 
18 Xederland — J. C. Todd. W. A. Morrison. Prin.; John Dixon, Asst. 

Prin.; Bertha M. Bachman, Martha Crocker, Violet K. Norris, E. Lucille 

Rupert. Ida E. Dryden, Lela Moncreiff, Tungsten; Mrs. Ethel B. Reid. 

19. Caribou — Rufus Gray. Lena Davis. 

20. Niwot — Geo. W. Dodd. Ada McConnell, Prin.; Florence Housel. 
2 2. Boulder, Star Route — Chas. Faivre, Sr. Emily Kern. 

23. R. F. D. 5, Longmont — Mrs. J. E. Clark. Mary Klein. 


24. Gold Hill — Mrs. Jacqueline Ingold. Marguerite Lewis. 

25. Lyons, R. F. D. 1 — Charles Daube. Marie Shinkle. 

26. Niwot, R. F. D. 1 — E. E. Johnson. Margaret Moncrieff. 

27. Wallstreet — Wm. H. Hubbard. Bertha Johnson. 

28. Sunshine — Irving Van Keuren. Edith Harvison. 

29. Louisville — Owen Thirlaway. D. L. Lucas, Supt. ; Newton J. Rice, Asst. 


High School — Marian F. Hawkins, Frances H. Townsend, Beulah Bliss 

Grade School — Hazel Campbell, Alice Taylor, Catherine Callahan, Nellie 
"Wolfer, Bessie Eggleston, Emma Naeve, Margaret King, Bessie Ken- 
nedy, Mary Latronico. 

30. Crescent — Wm. E. Walker. Ruth Levine. 

31. Salina — E. T. Meyring. Jeanette McNair. 

32. Crisman — Paul Amicone. Elsie West. 

33. Boulder, Star Route — Mrs. May H. Burt. Mrs. Harold Wheatley. 

34. Sugar. Loaf — Dan Loughlin. Mrs. Joseph Smiley. 

35. Longmont — Mrs. Jasper Hunter. Marguerite Wagner. 

36. Hawthorne — John E. Dunn. Florence Seeberg. 

37. Henry R. Culver, Berthoud, R. F. D. 2. Margaret Smith, Longmont; 

Rubye Jones, Berthoud, R. F. D. 

38. Fred Gibbony, Magnolia. No teacher listed. 

39. Rowena — Mrs. C. E. Lytton. Ethel Bray. 

41. Arthur De Backer, Boulder, R. F. D. 1. Mildred Gregg, 1703 15th St., 


42. Longmont, R. F. D. 2 — L. E. Johnson. Ernestine Belser, Annetta 


43. No secretary listed. Hazel Boham, Broomfield. 

44. Longmont, R. F. D. 3 — T. J. Trevarton. Mabel Wilcox. 

45. Emmett Taylor, Longmont, R. F. D. 2. Lola Gregory. 

46. J. J. Thomas, Lafayette, R. F. D. 1. J\frs. Mabel G. Miller, 1147 Lincoln . 

PI., Boulder. 

47. Lyons— M. W. Turner. Louis J. Rote, Prin.; Ruth Packard, Delia 

Saunders, Mary Bashor. 
4 8. Longmont, R. F. D. 3 — Mrs. Arthur Nelson. Adella Beckwith. 

49. James A. Webber, Allenspark. Lillian Winans, Longmont. 

50. Boulder, Box 8 — Mrs. Hannah Anderson. Florence Wetterburg, Boulder. 

51. Sunset — Mrs. Jessie Dickson. Esther Farrell. 

52. Lafayette — Wm. T. Wilkinson. A. H. Mueller, Supt.; O. L. Dever, Prin.; 

Mrs. Edith A. Lakin, Stella Wiebelt, Hazel Read. 

Grade School — Mrs. Ruth B. Hopkins, Esta Bashor, Maud Morgan, Mar- 
garet Davis, Agnes Campbell, Helen Kautter, Elsie Sanburg, Frances 

53. Lyons, Box 25 — Mrs. Minnie Larson. Mrs. Mildren Poage, R. F. D. 1. 

54. Gorham, Box 4 — C. E. Eggleston. Rosina Stutheit. 

55. Jamestown — M. L. Mosher. Ethel Arfsten. 

56. Eldora — Mrs. Evalyn Lilly. Beatrice Lebagh. 

57. Pine Cliff — C. P. Wing. Isabel Bliss. 

58. Ward — F. W. Davis. No teacher listed. 

59. Allenspark — James N. Webber. Esther Sweeney. 

61. Broomfield, R. F. D. 1 — Mrs. Inez Rossiter. Bernice Geer. 

62. Longmont, R. F. D. 2 — Merritt Wiltsie. Mabel Smith. 

63. Longmont, R. F. D. 5 — George A. Jones. Mrs. Nora ('arson. 

64. Lakewood — James Hughes. Mr. W. A. Hunter. 

65. Boulder, R. F. D. 1 — R. R. Lyman. Mr. Earl C. Sellers. 

66. Geo. H. Phelps, Broomfield. Lillian Watson, Louisville. 

67. C. A. Graves, Broomfield. No teacher listed. 



County Supt Mrs. Rose W, Itidgway, Buena Vista. 65 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

i district — 
1. Granite — Frank Bradbury. Irene O'Dea. 
L\ Centerville — Earle Ehrhart. Frances Bailey. 

Poncha Springs — P. C. Bond. Pearl Ramey, Prin., Salida; Christine 
I. Maysville — Ernest Chapin, Salida. Genelle Haus. 

5. Smelter — Ralph Sneddon, Salida. Agnes Vaughn, Prin.; Eunice Graham, 

Winifred Williams, Salida. 

6. Free Gold — William Walsh, Buena Vista. No school. 

7. Salida — F. C. Woody. E. Kesner, Superintendent. 

High School — C. E. Tanton, Prin., Mathematics; Anna Gilpatrick, 
Ass't Prin., English; W. S. Stoddard, History; Mary Melcher, Latin 
and German; F. E. Kimble, Science and Athletics; Florence Kendall, 
Assistant in Mathematics and Science; Elsie W. Wadeli, Secretary 
and Assistant in English; J. Mabel Gloyd, East Eighth Grade; Ella 
Goodin, West Eighth Grade. 

Central Building — Mrs. Mary Foss, Prin., Seventh Grade; Mrs. G. N. 
McCray, Sixth Grade; Clara Shattinger, Fifth Grade; Elva Taft, 
Fourth Grade; Ruth Rubin, Third Grade; May Hanks, Second Grade; 
Abby Perry. First Grade; Josephine Randol, First Grade. 

Longfellow Building — Hettie M. Rogers, Prin., Seventh Grade; Emily 
Crosby, Sixth Grade; Lida B. Hogue, Fifth Grade; Monda Tomlin, 
Fifth Grade; Alice K. Haynes, Fourth Grade; Nellie Buck, Fourth 
Grade; Rose Hogue, Third Grade; Mrs. Bina Laverty, Third and Sec- 
ond Grades; Sadie Wiley, Second Grade; Margaret Covey, First 
Grade; Luella Quinn, Ass't in First Grade. 

Special Teachers — C. R. Bernard, Manual Training; Gladys Parks, 
Domestic Science; Amy Whitson, Music and Drawing. 

8. Alpine — W. B. Clark, Buena Vista. No school. 

9. Buena Vista — Miss Louise Wade. George F. Moll, Superintendent, 

High School — Oscar Wikoff, Prin., Science and Athletics; Ruth Bradley, 

Latin and German; Clara Needham, English and History. 
Grades — Thelia Simonson, Eighth and Seventh Grades; Helen Taylor, 

Sixth and Fifth Grades; Ruth Wade, Fourth and Third Grades; Mrs. 

Sadie Ayres, Second and First Grades. 
in. Garfield — A. T. Fergus. Mrs. Edith J. Behrens. 

11. Krain — John Lanich. Iverne Haus. 

12. St. Elmo — Mrs. Margaret Taber. Orphie Sundet; Bertha Lippard, Rom- 


13. Nathrop — C. Omer Switzer, Buena Vista. Louise Goodwin. 

14. Pinon Grove — Ben Postararo, Poncha Springs. Frances Sullivan, Poncha 

16. Pine Creek — Wm. McFadden, Granite. Mrs. Frank Keithley, Granite. 
18. Turret — P. J. Schlosser. Eva Corlett. 
10. Hortense — Mrs. H. C. Hayes, Buena Vista. Sarah Wright, Buena Vista. 

20. Gas Creek — Mrs. J. J. Donley, Nathrop. Thelma Brush, Nathrop. 

21. Monarch — H. W. Ott, Garfield. Jeanette Carson. 

23. Newett — Secretary not named. Edw. L. Lynch. 

24. Sand Park — C. A. Fuller, Salida. Lydia Parker, Salida. 

Clear Creek — Theodore Giebfried, Granite. Mamie Lunnon, Granite. 

26. Mt. Princeton — Wm. Sebring, Buena Vista. Elizabeth Esser, Buena 


27. Wild Horse — Edw. Wright, Buena Vista. No school. 


28. Cleora — Peter Egglebright, Salida. No school. 

29. Valley View — "W. J. Groves, Salida. Bessie Corlett, Salida. 

30. Brown's Canon — M. O. Suppington, Salida. Fay Edwards, Salida. 


County Supt. Esther B. Weir, Cheyenne Wells. 57 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

County High School, Cheyenne Wells — Vivian Sadler, Agnes Nickerson, 
Robert H. Giedd, E. H. Akerly, Mrs. G. K. Gwathmey. 

I Ustrict — 

1. Kit Carson — L. R. Anderson. W. B. Waite, Prin. ; Olive Nye, Grades 

5 and 6; Mrs. L. L. Comfort, Grades 3 and 4; Zeda Hadsell, Grades 1 
and 2; J. F. Matthews, Prin. Upper Grades, Mt. Pearl; Jennie E. Ren- 
ner, Lower Grades, Mt. Pearl. 

2. Cheyenne Wells — J. A. West. Edna M. Shy, Grades 7 and 8; Bernice P- 

Baber, Grades 4 and 5; Leta M. Trumbor, Grades 1, 2 and 3; Qorothea 
Wilson Arterburn, Lois Sheeley, Myrtle Coe. 

3. Lee Roush, First View. J. H. Curtis, First View; Gertrude Plessinger, 

First View; Rachel King Cheney, First View; Minnie Dunkel, Orsika; 
Margaret Ward, Arena; Grace Hinkley, Arena; Hazel Williams, Arena; 
Flora Luff Herrick, Arena; Grove Woodford, Arena; Hattie McNulty, 
Kit Carson; Elmer Schuelke, Medill; Rosalie A. Kircher, First View; 
Elizabeth A. Fleming, First View. 

4. Amos Killion, Arapahoe. Eunice Pierson, Arapahoe; Ethel Cossins, 

Arapahoe; Martha A. Paul, Arapahoe; Amy Hill, Cheyenne Wells; Mrs. 

A. J. Matley, Cheyenne Wells. 

5. Arapahoe — H. E. Howell. Cecile G. McClaskey, Guy H. Lambert, Grace 

B. Petty. 

6. Cheyenne Wells — David Robertson. A. L. Tenney, Zella Richards, Marie 

Mallette, Faye Sherman. 

7. Arapahoe — Emery Petty. Mary Prior, Phillip Oglesby. Rhee A. Pfost, 

Howard E. Lambert, Lucy D. Neal. 

8. Wild Horse — Chas. Stelter. H. R. Graham Jr., Loco; Vera Close, Wild 

Horse; Leon Short, Wild Horse; Mattie P. Mitchell, Galatea. 

9. Aroya — C. A. Hicks. Maud Short, Hazel Gillespie, Margaret Duddy, Irla 

C. McKinney, Willard Thomas, Eva M. Davis. 


County Supt. Mrs. Elizabeth J. Gleason, Idaho Springs. 33 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

District — 

1. Empire — August Horstmann. Ethel U. Guanella. 

2. Idaho Springs — B. J. Gibbons. 

3. Georgetown — Anna D. Osborne. E. M. Collins, Lillian Catren, Alice Ma- 

son, Anna Tschiche, Ethel Palmer, Mattie Oklun, Ruth Copeland. 

4. Dumont — W. H. Brooks. Alma Duesher. 

5. Idaho Springs — Inez Jaynes. W. L. Baker, Chas. A. Diggs, G. G. Rogers, 

Edith A. Mattoon, Clarissa Wheeler, Jennie Neil, Hattie Richards. 
Margaret Coffman, Elizabeth T. Graham, Euphrasia Gibson, Florence 
Mohrbacher, Thora B. Case, Margaret Bond, Rhoda Cadwalder, Louise 
Theobald, Marie Cribbis. 
fi. Silver Plume — H. H. Noyes. W. T. Davis, Helen D. Kenyon, Eva For- 
rest, Mary L. Catren. 

10. Lawson — Martin Michel. Annetta Cruse. 

11. Brookvale — C. F. Cummings. Margaret Chiles. 

12. Idaho Springs — Albert Trenbath. Sy villa Mitchell. 
19. Alice — Mrs. Lillian Werber. Nathalie Riedy. 



County Supt. I.. H. Mortensen, Sanford, Colo. 59 Teachers 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

I 'istrict — 

1. La Jara— W. S. Mount. 

La Jara Consolidated School — G. W. Todd, Supt., La Jara; Miss Alta 
M. Jones, Prin. High School; Miss Grace Rutlidge, High School; 
Miss Winnie Bernard, Seventh and Eighth Grades; Miss Eleanor New- 
comb, Sixth and Seventh Grades; Miss Josephine Casey, Fourth 
Grade; Miss Elizabeth Milyard, Third Grade; Miss Beulah Bernard. 
Second Grade; Miss Leila Mount, First Grade. 

2. Lobatos — C. E. Mondragon. Elisee Lucero. 

3. Aifctonito — Celestino Ortiz. Miss Mary Matthews. 

4. Magote— Fred Jaramillo. Miss Marina Martinez. 

5. La Jara — John Wood. Miss Phylis Hamblen. 

0. Sanford — W r . O. Crowther. T. O. Soule, Supt. and Prin. High School; 
D. E. Poulson, Seventh and Eighth Grades; B. W. Warnock, Fifth anil 
Sixth Grades; Nellie Thomas, Third and Fourth Grades; Mrs. Emma 
Bettis, Second Grade; Mrs. Edna Nielson, First Grade. 

7. Conejos — Louis A. Chacon. Sister M. Eudocia, Prin.; Sister M. Carlos. 

Sister M. Fides, Sister M. Marian. 

8. La Sauses — Flaviano Gallegos. J. D. Narango. 

9. W. D. Hicks. Antonito. Mrs. Jennie C. Smith, Magote. 

10. Antonito — W. C. McGregor. C. A. Hampton, Prin. High School; Miss 

t Genevieve Marvin, Seventh and Eighth Grades; Irma Madarez. Fifth 
and Sixth Grades; Miss Elizabeth Swanson, Miss Helen Enright, Miss 
Placida Garcia. 

11. Los Cerritos — J. C. Salazar, Manassa. Mrs. Edna W. Smith, Manassa. 

12. Lafayette Garcia, Antonito. Miss Bernice Patterson. Manassa. 

13. Capulin — Juan M. Gallegos. Miss Nellie Hourihan, Prin.; Miss Pulgencia 


14. Ortiz — Ricardo Casias. D. Webster Mery, Prin. High School. 

15. Sanford — John Hunter, Alamosa. F. B. Knowles. 

1G. A. K. Wilkinson, Antonito. Miss Georgia Willis. Manassa. 
17. Alamosa— Claude Piercefield. Carmel D.. Joint District; Miss Rhea 

2 2. Antonito — Antonio Martinez. Mrs. Ada M. Velasquez. 

23. La Jara — Mary J. Olsen. Miss Winnifred Hatfield. 

24. Alamosa — A. L. Moss. Bell Snodgrass. 

25. Espinoza — Anastacio Lobato. W'illard Sowards, Manassa. 
2G. Paisage — J. G. Lopez. Mrs. Victoria Valdez. 

27. Magote — Epimino Garcia. Teacher not elected. 

28. Romeo — Andrew Crow. E. P. McVey. Prin. High School; Miss Florence 

Robinson, Mrs. E. P. McVey. 

29. Capulin — Manuel Martinez. G. W. Vanhee, Prin.; Mrs. Clara Vanhee. 

3 0. Manassa — J. P. Haynie. Mrs. Marguerite Thomas, Prin.. Seventh ana 

Eighth Grades; Jas. A. Holman. B. H. Harrison, Mrs. Emily J. Dunn. 
J. A. Thomas. Miss Cora Willis. 

32. La Jara — Louis Bookhouse. Miss Nell Milyard. 

33. Platora — Mary J. Stewart. No teacher; may have to disorganize. 
35. Harry Patterson, Alamosa. Miss Lola Nelson. Monte Vista. 

:W,. Xew District, Jose Barella. Xo teacher elected. 



County Supt. Mrs. Katherine Wood. 33 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

District — ■ 

1. San Luis — F. A. Barela. Mrs. Jas. H. Gentry, Clyde A. Freed, Mrs. 

Sophia Jenkins, Miss Elsie R. Bauer. 

2. Garcia — Serafina Cordova. Tranquilino Manchego. Another to be sup- 


3. Blanca — Beckwith District — G. C. Hufman. Mrs. Maude Macmullen. 

4. San Pablo — J. E. Esquibel. L. E. Bernol. Another not yet reported. 

5. San Acacio — Josie Gonzales. F. W. Beidler, Miss Hazel Holmes, Eleuto 

Medina, Elina Martinez. 

6. Chama — Antonio Vialpando. J. R. Valdez, Miss Hazel Patton, Miss 

Ruth McCleary, Miss Acasita Vigil. 

7. La Valley — Dominisio Martinez. To be supplied; Mrs. Simodosea Vigil. 

8. Jarosa — B. A. Wolcott. Miss Leah Barnes. 

10. Blanca — L. S. Ratliff. Wm. S. Heustes, Prin., Miss Harriett Posse, Ass't 

Prin.; Miss Bernice Larkin, Miss Grace Scott, Miss Vivian Jenkins. 

11. Russell — J. H. Watson. Miss Edna Young. 

12. Mesita — William Barnes. W. J. Rhynsburger, Miss Helen Swann, .Miss 

Ethel Tully. 

13. Fort Garland — Geo. B. Hoagland. P. H. Ward, Miss Alice Hasenkamp. 
22. San Pablo (Los Fuertas District) — Adolfo Rodriguez. W. F. Sanchez. 

Another not yet reported. 


County Supt. Walter E. Dalby, Ordway. 53 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
v of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

1 nstrict — 
7. Olney Springs — A. S. Butchers. M. V. Roberts, Prin.; Nellie Trainor, 
Ida B. Largent, Mrs. J. R. Williams, Mrs. H. R. Potee. Two to be 
12. Ordway — J. A. Mast. Charles Sandifur, Supt.; Robt. Berryhill, Prin. 
High School; Anna B. Hyde, Mildred Long, Audrey Mcintosh. 
Grades — Helga Isberg, Marie Hicks, Clara Coons, Susie Adams, Chris- 
tine Riggs, Ruby Case, Esther Kelley, Mrs. Cora Crooker, Grace 

16. Ordway — A. W. Ulrich. T. C. Higgins, Prin.; Bernice Harris, Matie 

Hicks, R. E. Rhine, L. E. Shive, Frank Galbraith. 

17. Olney Springs — Ed. Whitney. Carrie Schreiber, R. S. Rhine, Ordway. 
21. Olney Springs — A. D. Snodgrass. T. C. Mercer, Prin.; Clarissa Ingalls. 
25. Sugar City — T. W. Butler. W. R. Jones, Supt.; A. M. Ross, Prin. High 

School; Mattie M. Ivey, Mary McAndrew, M. E. Haines. 

Crades— H. W. Charlesworth. Nellie Minnis, Lola Colyer. Pauline 

Klinkenberg, Mrs. L. P. Houghton, Gertrude Odd, Elizabeth Joyce, 

Eileen Richards. 
27. Sugar City — J. L. Brubaker. Mrs. Amy Trotter, Bertha Brubaker, Ruby 

30. Crowley — J. S. Bunger. F. B. Bolles, Prin.; Edith Kendrick, Mary Mor- 


31. V. E. La Rue, Fowler. Dorris Sears, Olney Springs; Lottie Harford; 

Mrs. Gertrude Mcintosh, Boone. 



County Supt. Lloyd Wright, Westcliffe. 22 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

i tistrict — 

1. Chas. Byer, Rosita. Daisy Brainard, Westcliffe. 

2. Ferdinand Neermann, Westcliffe. 

3. Westcliffe — Hattie Menzel. Mertie Irwin. 

4. Westcliffe — Harry Schwab. Rev. Reinga. 

5. J. C. Callaghan, Westcliffe. Stella Ryan, Silvercliffe. 

6. Ceo. B. Riggin, Beulah. Mabel Barnes, Greenwood. 

7. Westcliffe — Edw. Brandon. Mrs. Curtis. 

8. Hillside — G. E. Trout. Irene Trout. 

9. Wetmore — William Andis. Mrs. Murgatroyd. 

10. Greenwood — John Harmes. Emma Allen. 

11. Greenwood — Mrs. Laura A. Blake. Dorothy Merriam. 

12. Frank Lawson, Rosita. Lester Sutcliff, Westcliffe. 

13. Silvercliffe — Mrs. E. John. Elizabeth Boyle. 

15. Westcliffe — Chas. Donahoe. Francis Spurgeon. 

16. Westcliffe — H. L. Lockwood. Antonette Schneider. 

18. Maurice Hennessy, Rosita. Mertie Irwin, Westcliffe. 

19. Wm. Satterlee, Rosita. Pauline Clinkenberry, Greenwood. 

20. Use — James McKinnon. Miss Catnig. 

21. Mary Loens, Rosita. Elizabeth Boyle, Silvercliffe. 

23. Use — William Harold. Winona Harrold. 

24. Westcliffe — Miss Mabelle Haskel. Mr. Albright, Prin.; Miss MonioJe. 
26. Westcliffe — James L. Reilley. Irene Robinson. 


County Supt. Mrs. Adah Price, Delta. 121 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

District — 

1. Delta — W. S. Cleland. E. H. Homberger, Supt.; Fred J. Hendershot, Prin. 

High School; Arthur J. Foster, Virginia Crisenberry, Gladys Fisher, 
Winifred Castle, Ethel M. Baldwin, Hazel Musser, Vera Gillett, John 
Neutze, Margaret McClanahan, B. F. Yoeman, Prin. Lincoln Bldg. ; Ada 
Horton, Alice Royce, Winifred Wonders, Jessie Howard, Ruth Budd. 
Kate Walker, Louise Hammond, Clara Bell. Lola Lee Briggs, Grace 
L. Adams, Kathleen Nutter, Minnie Koppe, Beulah Baker, Olive Inger- 
soll, Esther M. Curtis, Marian Chapman, Eva Raichart, Ethel M. Scheid, 
Lucile Champagne, Pearl Anderson, Mary Ross, Whitewater. 

2. Hotchkiss— Wm. Cook. Wm. Lady, Supt.; Clement S. Fox, Prin. High 

School; Darthula Lindberg; Lorene Kitch, Jessie Filed, Geo. C. Black- 
well, Alta Welch, Ruth Mclntyre, Edna Ingersoll, Harriette Sayre, Edna 
Goodwin, Gertrude Fleming, Eunice Le Valley, Crawford. 

3. Paonia — J. G. Curtis. U. O. Anderson, Supt.; H. H. Wileson, Prin. High 

School; A. W. Hoyt, Elizabeth Richardson, Lida Garrett, K. L. Morri- 
son, Agnes Kreutzer, Alma Maroel, Gladys Serviss, Mary Rule, Tressa 
Ballard, Mabel Parker, Anna Dawes, Irene Hazlett, Ethel Dimm. 

4. Delta — K. O. Daniels. Clarence Hurst, Prin., Olathe; Jennie Hand, 

Delta; Ivan Sample, Prin., Delta; Mrs. Ivan Sample, Delta. 

5. Paonia — J. A. Lundin. Helen Lundin. 

6. Cedaredge — W. D. Bryson. Madge Davis, Lois McDowell. 

7. Chas. Reigles, Crawford. Dorothy Bennett, Hotchkiss. 


9. Austin — G. H. Dixon. 1. E. Williamson, Jessie Artt, Laura lines. 

10. Delta — Mrs. Eva J. Seeley. Blair Killian, Prin., Read; Blanche Pinnell, 

Read; Nita Hinman, Austin. 

11. W. J. Barrow, Hotchkiss. Ray Sechrist, Supt., Hotchkiss; Arthur Slack, 

Amy Slack, Lazear; Ivy Austin, Lazear; Hattie Van Oort, Hotchkiss. 

12. Mrs. Okie Craig, Hotchkiss. J. A. Cochran, Prin., Lazear; May Yoxall, 


14. Crawford— Wm. Hopkins. Miss M. E. Trusal, Mrs. L. Heilman, Jessie 

Heuchmer, Tommie Mae Caldwell, Mrs. J. G. Campbell, Marian Le 

15. Hotchkiss — G. H. Corsant. J. B. Drake. 

17. Delta— B. F. Wheeler. Mrs. Phebe Dickerson, Delta; May Belle Harring- 

ton, Roubideau. 

18. Eckert — William Wood. J. A. Hunsicker, Supt.; J. Paul Phippeny, 

Gertrude Miller, Edith Burkhalter, Grace Hazlett, Ethel Steele, Olive 
Stanton, Nita Hanson. 

19. Paonia — L. M. Cowgill. Mrs. M. E. Russ, Prin.; Edith Ballard, Esther 

Stump, Inez Stout. 

20. Crawford — Clark Collins. Gertrude Elkine. 

21. J. F. Parks, Hotchkiss. Dora Decker, Paonia. 

22. Cedaredge — H J. Wick. W. L. Bailey, Supt. and Prin.; Bess McBride, 

Mary Hill, Ella Davidson, Gladys Griffin, Lucile Hunter, Olive Lowell. 
Hazel Stanton, Mary Gardner, Odessa Stowell. 

23. Cory — Will Griffith. Lena Stewart. 

24. Austin — J. N. Hawkins. Maggie McCarrier, Delta. 

32. Crawford — C. F. Le Valley. Kate Fobare. 

33. Martha Kretschmer, Crawford. Clio B. Chapman, Clara Haymaker. 

Nellie Bruce, Bowie. 


County Supt. Mrs. Emma G. Seldon, Denver. 1,149 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

District — 
1. DENVER — W. A. E. Stutt. Supt. Carlos M. Cole. 

East Side High School, 19th and Stout Sts. — H. M. Barrett, Principal; 
Mary E. Haskell, Secretary; Cora L. Arundel, Assistant Secretary; 
June Linn, Librarian; Mary E. Adkisson, Annette Badgley, William 
R. Blumenthal, George L. Cannon, Alice M. Cardwell, Stella G. Cham- 
bers, Edith R. Chase, Wm. H. Clifford, Thyrza Cohen, I. N. Crabb, 
Rose L. Curry, Irma H. Eck, E. Waite Elder, Elizabeth S. Fraser, 
John B. Garvin, Evelyn Griffin, Ruby E. Harding, D. R. Hatch, Lucile 
G. Hewitt, Elizabeth B. Hoyt (Sub.), Helen Hunter, Julia D. Inger- 
soll, Laura E. Irwin, Bernhardina Johnson, Ellen A. Kennan, Cath- 
erine G. Kline, Roberta H. Leigh, O. S. Moles, Gertrude Nafe, Robert 
C. Newland, W. M. Parker, Clarence P. Pearson, Ralph S. Pitts, Myrta 
B. Porter, Charles A. Potter, R. A. Puffer, Walter S. Reed, Mary S. 
Sabin, Marion W. Small (Sub.), Emma L. Sternberg, Lynda Strickler, 
William Triplet, Ruth Wallace, Marie L. Woodson, O. O. Whitenack, 
Jessie H. Worley. 

Manual Training High School, 27th Ave. and Franklin St. — Charles A. 
Bradley, Principal; Mary H. G. Winton, Secretary; Minnie E. Thomp- 
son, Assistant Secretary; Meta M. Anger, Helen L. Atkins, Benicia 
L. Batione, Agnes L. Blanck, Chas. R. Borst, Ella Henry Borst, Ethel 
Ada Caldwell, L. F. Cowan, Bernadetta M. Daly, Eva C. Davis, Marian 
H. Emmons, Frank A. Foster, Chas. D. Hall, Corinne E. Hall, Vir- 
ginia Hardin, Jno. R. Henderson, Eddah Hillier, Albert G. Karge. 


Maud A. Leach, Mary M. Livesay, William Mahin, Emily Marrs, 
Lida A. Millar, Wilhelmina Mohr, Mary E. Morris, Carrie E. Orton, J. 
Y. Parce, Ralph A. Parsons, Mary Holme Peck, Mildred A. Peck, 
Ethelyn M. Price, Marguerite T. Rardin (Sub.), W. w. Remington, 
W. P. Rhodes, Mary V. Rice, U. G. Sanger, William C. Shute, Jas. H. 
Steele, Sarah Stinson, Ida Bell Tenney, R. I. Thomas, William C 
Twieg, Mary B. Walsh, Ella L. Warner, Vina L. Warr, Ardra S. 
Wavle, Eveleen Welpton, Cora T. Westhaver. 

North Side High School, West Lake Place and Eliot St.— E. L. Brown, 
Principal; W. C. Borst, Director of Manual Training; Florence R. 
Stubbs, Secretary; Margaret Cochran, Assistant Secretary; M. Jean 
Macdonald, Librarian; Josephine H. Sharrah, Clerk; Ruby B. Albert, 
Harry A. Aurand, Lillian L. Beck, C. W. Bigelow, F. E. Brainard, 
Katharine Bruderlin, E. A. Cummings, J. M. Dillon, Sarah Dow, 
Lillian Duer, Therese F. Dupree, Emma B. Ecker, A. H. Felger, 
Philip Fitch, Jane R. Fowler, Mary C. Frost, Marion W. Graham. 
B. Raymond Greene, Hazel Haines, Eva Harrison, Maria Hathaway. 
Charles I. Hays, Martin A. Higgins, Mary Neppa Holliday, Jean R. 
Ingersoll, Ellen C. Jackson, Grace C. Jones, Tilly E. Lash, Myrna C 
Langley, H. L. Lawyer, Emma E. Maxwell, C. H. McGuire, Alice 
Menke, Daisy D. Metzler, Ira F. Nestor, Louada Newton. Letitia R. 
Odell, Marguerite L. Palacio (Sub.), Helen Perry, Marian E. Pulsifer, 
Mabel S. Randall, Emma Richardson, Lena I. Sater, Ruby Shute, 
Alv.yn C. Smith, E. W. Smith, Grace E. S. Smith, Henry B. Smith, 
Hester M. Smith, Nellie Sparlin, Bertha Steinhauer, Estelle Stinch- 
field, Mary G. Swerer, Jessie L. Thompson, W. A. Tucker, Albert 
Weber, M. Belle Williams, Stanton Winston. 

Denver School of Trades, West Lake Place and Eliot St. — W. C. Borst. 
Director; T. F. Balfe, James Duncan, H. R. Hayes, Samuel T. Jones. 

South Side High School, South Pearl St. and Colorado Ave. — Davis 
MacA. Carson, Principal; Helen Armstrong, Secretary; Josephine S. 
Bartosch, M. Janette Conine, Rex. V. Curtis, Elizabeth D. Edsall, 
Cora V. Emery (Sub.), Marjorie S. Ford, Julia H. Gardiner, Everett 
Hanel, Sam R. Hill, Helen M. Hollister (Sub.), Carolyn E. Hosmer, 
Elmer A. Kenyon, Martha N. Kimball, Arthur J. Lewis, Martha C. 
Markusen, May Belle McCandliss, Halcyone J. Morrison. Louise U. 
Preston, Jennie S. Rudolph, Charles S. Shively, Susanne Thompson, 
George L. Watson, Natalie C. Wilson. 

West Side High School, Fox St. and West 5th Ave. — Laura H. Pettit, 
Principal; Frances T. Miller, Secretary; Ann M. Baker. Edith M. 
Banta, Marie Bell, Phebe S. Copps, John J. Cory, Barbara Dearborn, 
Louise J. Eppich, L. V. Fergus, Irene Fisher, Mabel R. Ford, Caroline 

D. Hopkins, Doane Hughes, Madelyn M. Keezer (Sub.), Rose M. 
Longan, Maurine Montgomery, Newton C. Morris, Ruth Morrison. 
James S. Motherwell, Arthur L. Patton, Mary C. Porter, Ernest L. 
Sanford. Edna L. Scheidt, Bertha Schmitz, Herbert H. Sess, Luella 
Stocks, Mary E. Wedgwood. 

Alcott School, West 41st Ave. and Tennyson St. — H. S. Phillips, Prin- 
cipal; Barbara C. Bach, Emma S. Baker, Emily Virginia Brown. 
Helen Browning, Lucile B. Chase, Helen T. Clair, Josephine H Clark, 
Nell M. Coursey, Alice F. Darlington, Ella C. Davis, Mary S. Det- 
moyer, Emma M. Filson, Alma J. Freelove, Marie D. Garrison, Marie 
L. Gunsaul, Margaret Jamieson, Harriett Kauffman, Genevieve Ly- 
man (Sub.), Lillian G. Norris, Lida G. Romick, Edna L. Shaw, Inez 

E. Sweet, Mary A. Willsea, Bettie P. Ellerbe. Kindergarten; Olive 
Norton, Kindergarten; Elizabeth Gage, Domestic Science (Sub.); 
Mae L. Bennett, Manual Training. 

Ayhland School, West 29th Ave. and Firth Court — Ralph W. Strong. 
Principal; Antje B. Dickman, Emily G. Eggeman, Mary F. Gavin. 
Virginia E. Hance, Charlotte M. Johnson, Estelle M. King, Genevieve 
K. Knight, Gladys M. Lynch, Florence E. Lyon, Florence K. Maclear, 


Mary E. MacDonald, Calla A. McCausland, Elizabeth MacClelland 
(Sub.), Lucretia Miller, Agnes I. Miner, Helen G. Moore, Louis Irene 
Pratt, Inez V. Rasmussen, Belle Skinner, Lelah C. Starr, Rena Sylves- 
ter, Ann A. Tierney, Mary E. Towne, Harriet E. Tuggy, Mary A. 
Tyrrell, Maud E. Varney, Cecilia J. Veniere, Mary E. Welborn, Alice 
Hedeen, Kindergarten (Sub.); Rita R. Weeks, Kindergarten; Mary P. 
Clauser, Manual Training. 
Barnum School, West 1st Ave. and Perry St. — Lydia R. Cornish, Prin- 
cipal; Mayne B. Crownover, Nina Gratz, Evelyn M. Jacobs, Frances E. 
Cherney, Manual Training. 

Berkeley School, Lowell Boulevard and West 51st Ave. — Elizabeth Cord- 
ingly, Principal; Hazel A. Anderson, Edna M. Carlson, Barbara 
McBreen, Ida B. Morse, Emily T. Spray (Sub.), C. Pearl Tulles, 
Ethel M. Williams, Marian Knight, Kindergarten. 

Boulevard School, West 24th Ave., and Federal Boulevard — Joseph M. 
Erwin, Principal; Bonnie Bonham, Angenette E. Bovier, Agnes V. 
Clancy, Susan C. Cleverly, Ethel L. Combs, Mary G. H. Green, Mary 
M. Hawthorn, Blanche Herman (Sub.), Mayme L. Hunt, Mattie 
Gertrude Johnson, Winifred Jones, Stella McClure, Christina Palm- 
quist (Sub.), Ruth W. Raine, Harriett Weed Rice, Lillian Symon, 
Bertha Taub, Libbie Wheaton, Lydia Wilbur, Helen H. Wright, 
Helena Thompson, Kindergarten; Lillian D. Matheson, Kindergarten; 
Thomas J. Wardell, Manual Training; Celia S. Griswold, Domestic 

Bromwell School, 4th Ave. and Columbine St. — F. M. Montgomery, 
Principal; Frances E. Cahoon, Grace Evarts, Helen C. Fullman, 
Blanche J. Keller, Elizabeth M. Keller, Elizabeth McDowell, Adelaide 
Weiss, Mary Stuart Wilson, Marie J. Jenkins, Kindergarten; Winona 
F. Andrew, Manual Training, A. M. (Sub.). 

Bryant School, West 36th Ave. and Shoshone St. — Louise Klein, Prin- 
cipal; Annie M. Briggs, Grace F. Barhydt, Gertrude Cross, Ruth 
Dale, Helen Fletcher, Belle D. Hile, Jessie Hutchison, Mary E. 
Lewis, Lillian Noce, Minnie Pavella, Elizabeth I. Perry, Pearle 
Schisler, Charlotte E. Smith, Mary E. Sullivan, Sadie E. Thomas, 
Gretna C. Waller (Sub.), Grace Besser, Kindergarten; Rilla Stenhouse, 
Kindergarten; Emma A. Vroom, Manual Training. 

Byers School, West Byers Place and South Bannock St. — Anabel Hol- 
land, Principal; Lina C. Bunn, Marie McC. Chapman, Margaret R. 
Grace, Ida M. Hughes, Clara M. Keirn, Louise Lloyd, Ruth McFarlane, 
Mabel F. Montgomery, Rachel Moore, Adele M. Hall, Kindergarten; 
Marie E. Noell, Kindergarten (Sub.), P. M.; Chas P. Adams, Jr., 
Manual Training. 

Central School, Kalamath St. and West 12th Ave. — Adela McClure, 
Principal; Harriet A. Alderson, Ida M. Anderson, Pearle Anderson, 
Anna M. Clark, Maude L. Craig, Alice L. Cunningham, Julia Daly, 
Marie M. Fergus, Ruth Purse, Dorothy F. Reed, Sara Sleeper, 
Bertha Woolverton, Eva M. DeRocher, Kindergarten. 

Cheltenham School, West Colfax Ave. and Irving St. — Warren E. 
Knapp, Principal; Mary A. Brines, Olivia Brinker, Charlotte R. Chris- 
tian, Julia E. Desmond, Frances R. Doull, Laura Eberhardt, Sarah 
A. T. Eccles, Nina R. Fauquier, Virginia Fauquier, Julia D. Ferris, 
Elnora Frye, Lucile Harward, M. Isabel Holloway, Mary E. Ivers, 
Ella A. Lawson, Agnes McKenna, Ethel Murray, Helen L. Neff, Vida 
Noll, Esther J. Palmquist, Pearl Queree, Jennie M. Thompson, Mary 
N. Currie, Kindergarten; Olive Dawson, Kindergarten; Margaret 
McGavock, Manual Training. 

George W. Clayton School, Columbine St. and 11th Ave. — E. C. Stevens, 
Principal; Mary L. Adams, Nellie K. Bauserman, Monta J. Boyer, 
Lelia C. Cook, Katherine A. Detrick, Nellie T. Gardner, Maude A- 
Jones, Helen E. Knight, Jessie Lazear, Vernie C. O'Neill, Frances 
E. Parker, L. Adelle Porter, Johanna Reiss, Mary E. Safford, Ruby 


Schrader, Lydia M. Schaefer, Juanita L. Smith, Myrtle J. Wells, 
Annie L. Widdis (Sub.), Emma H. Youngclaus, Margaret W. Cockins, 
Kindergarten; Gladys M. Jones, Kindergarten; Maude C Johnston, 
Manual Training. 

Columbian School, West 41st Ave. and Federal Boulevard — Emma M. 
Brown, Principal; Beatrice W. Block, Ruth Ann Bonham, Myrtie T. 
Campbell, Edith M. Culton, Estella D. Darrah, Mary L. Farquhar, 
Ada E. Gardner, Effie Z. Hallam, Belle Hartung (Sub.), Willmette 
Hassinger, Mary E. Mulvehill, Gertrude F. Nichols, Florence F. Pray, 
Blanche Ross, Addie H. Searles, Lillie E. Watts, Lina Wickard, Clara 
C. Tuttle, Kindergarten; Anna B. Davis, Kindergarten (Sub.); Hazel 
Gottstein, Manual Training. 

Columbine School, Columbine St. and 28th Ave. — Susanne E. Morrison, 
Principal; Nellie Bergstrand, Serepta A. Crabtree, Mary Crater, 
Lida M. Fletcher, Cecelia M. Hedges, Minnie F. Homsher, Ruthella 
Hummer, Anna Ryan, Dora Singletary, Etheldreda G. Smith, Clara 
G. Sperry, Elsie M. Strauss, Eva M. Walsh, Hulda M. Woods, Edith 
M. Lafferty, Kindergarten; Rose A. Reilly, Kindergarten; Mary A. 
Wilson, Manual Training. 

Corona School, Corona St. and 9th Ave. — Dora M. Moore, Principal; 
Eulalia Baroch, Ethel E. Bryan, Ella B. Carpenter, Fannie M. Coy- 
kendall. Maude M. Curry, Mary A. Davidson, Winifred J. Doan, Annie 
C. Fisher, Clara Grossmayer, Anita L. Herrick (Sub.), Marie Hughes. 
Emma S. Kennon, Clara L. King, Mary L. Leonard, Myra M. Mac- 
Donald, Wanda H. Mansbach, Myrtle M. Metzger, Winifred S. Munroe, 
Irene Nichols, Edna P. Potter, Mary A. Rankin, Ethel B. Reed, Anna 
M. Robinson, Nellie E. Sampson, Bonita M. Schraeder, Josephine 
Steadman, Genia H. Stillman, Irene L. Strickland, Flora C. Thompson, 
Alleah M. Wakeman, Sara R. Whitehead, Bronte Whitham, Helen C. 
Wright, Ruth GaRup, Kindergarten (Sub.); Caroline Sewall, Kinder- 
garden; Nelle P. Simms, Domestic Science; Rose M. Doull, Manual 
Training; Florence Marron, Manual Training. 

Crittenton Home, 4901 West Colfax Ave. — Louise P. Cotton (Sub.), 
Kate P. Elms. 

Denver Orphans' Home, Albion St. and East Colfax Ave. — Eugene C. 
Stevens, Principal; Kathleen J. Browne, Caroline O. Morgenstern. 

Ebert School, Court Place and 22nd St. — Cornelia S. Miles, Principal; 
Hazyl Anthony, Martha Baerresen, Viola Baerresen, Amy J. Brown. 
Leila E. Brown, Ama E. Bushnell, Catherine G. Cohig, Helen B. 
Davis, Marguerite G. Futvoye, Jo Harrigan, Alice M. Harrington, 
Helen Heald, Dorothy M. Little, Margaret Mahoney, Myrtle I. 
Osborne, Gladys Esther Ritter, Hattie A. Thomas, Lutie Frantz. 
Kindergarten; Genevieve C. Garnett, Kindergarten; Ethel M. Bram- 
kamp, Manual Training; Mary B. Rudolph, Manual Training (Sub.); 
Mary E. Shannon, Manual Training. 

Edison School, Quitman St. and West 30th Ave. — Mary G. Carson, 
Principal; Elizabeth J. Buckisch, lima C. Filger, Lucy B. Foster, 
Fannie E. Graff, Ellstine C. Harbaugh, Mary Harrington, Sybil A. 
Hosmer, Alice E. Knight, Clara D. Lott, Alice L. Moore, Catherine 
Moran, Clara E. O'Toole, Mayme R. Randell, Carrie E. Richard, 
Elizabeth Rudolph, Viva R. Smith, Blanda Swenson. Sophie Godley, 
Theresa J. Stanhope, Roscoe Stockton, Manual Training. 

Elmwood School, Seventh Ave. and Galapago — J. W. Ellison Principal; 
Helen F. Banks, Veronica Casey, Iona H. Chandler, Annie M. Clark, 
Elizabeth Corey, Maude B. Gass. Katherine Gust, Rae L. Jackson. 
Carolyn Klein, Nano E. Mahoney. Gwendolyn Mallonee. Hazel 
McNeill, Mary E. Orton, Lillian Rafert, Pearl Raine, Ida Wagner, 
Esther Werthan, Kathryn Hall. Kindergarten; Mary F. Harker. 
Kindergarten; Olive G. Harlow, Domestic Science: Edith W. Smith. 
Manual Training. 


Elyria School, Nelson St. and 5th Ave.— J. H. Dodds, Principal; Mary 
E. Hougland. 

Emerson School, Ogden St. and 14th Ave. — Margaret M. Smith, Princi- 
pal; Margaret Bradley, Sedelia G. Chase, Inis E. Coon, Emeline Cum- 
mings, Maude Gilfillan, Augustine M. Girardot, Grace B. Hall, Rutn 
Kuster, Margaret Lambert, Fannie V. Lindsey, Nellie Ellison Miles, 
Ruth E. Mills, Marie L. Overton, Ida Welker, Anna Gormley, Kinder- 
garten; Edna M. Craig, Kindergarten (Sub.), P. M. 

Evans School, W. 11th Ave. and Acoma St.— E. G. Arnold, Principal; 
Margaret W. Henderson, Secretary. 

Junior High School — Florence Ames, Adella Condit, Bertha DeCora 
Crowe, Elizabeth S. Feltner, Nellie French, Sallie Hill, Mildred 
McClintock, May Nichols, Margaret A. Price, Hattie E. Richardson, 
Margaret A. Smith, Mabel W. Stuart, Alice Taylor, Grace Tuck, 
Margaret Wallace, Edna Mae Sprague, L. H. Mahoney. 
Elementary School — Christabel Campbell, Mary M. Collins, Gertrude 
Lord, Susannah McChesney, Bee Mclnhill, Alice B. Stowe, Edith 
Weber, Grace S. Zirkle, Hypatia Hooper, Kindergarten; Genevieve 
Nockin, Kindergarten, P. M. (Sub.); Mary Taylor, Domestic 
Science; G. H. Roberts, Manual Training. 

Fairmont School, 2nd Ave. and Elati St. — Richard Parsons, Principal; 
Margaret W. Baldwin, Alice M. Bethel, Dorothy E. Elder; Emily A. 
Emery, Marie A. Lewis, Alice S. Mitchell, Elsie C. Ramage, Emma M. 
Richmond, Genevieve Simpson, Alice M. Watson, Eugenia B. Clapp, 
Kindergarten; Matie F. Young, Kindergarten; O. L. Brainard, Manual 

Fajxview School, Decatur St. and West 12th Ave. — Clara F. Gard, Prin- 
cipal; Rosa Cohen, Florence M. Giers, Anna M. Johnson, Faye 
Jones, Ellison Mackie, Zellah M. McCollum, Edna Hardy, Kindergar- 
ten; Leah F. Laird, Kindergarten. 

Fleming School, South Grant St. and Colorado Ave. — Geo. M. McMeen, 
Principal; Kate D. Harris, Ida R. Johnson, Lota A. Todd, Emma 
Wheeler, Marguerite M. Kellerman, Kindergarten. 

Franklin School, Stout Street and West Colfax Ave. — James B. Ragan, 
Principal; Anna J. Bell, Emma A. Finney, Minnie Inches, Celia C. 
Klavans, Carrie A. Klein, Elizabeth Macpherson, Margaret Quinlivan, 
Idelma Rigdon. Irene Savage, Suzanne Throop, Olive Triplett, Sue 
D. Ward, Ethel J. Wakeman, Mary F. Wheeler, Merle A. Yetter, 
Winifred Ames, Kindergarten; Esther Stone, Kindergarten; Omer L. 
Brainard, Manual Training; Mary E. Shannon, Manual Training. 

Garden Place School, West 44th Ave. and Lincoln St. — M. E. Eagleton, 
Principal; Helen Blake, Stella M. Campbell, Avis P. Colfran, Ethel D. 
Crawford, Augusta S. Dresser, Harriet L. Force, Chlo Greene, Ellen 
Hellesen, Essie Howze, Annie W. Kelly, Alice G. King, Mima P. 
Lees, S. Alice Lees, Kate M. Mackie. Grace M. Morgan, Ruth E. 
Reidy, Josephine S. Scheffler, Ethel M. Sims, Elsie M. Whitlock, 
Margaret Wisherd, Julia M. Brown, Kindergarten; Maude C. Lauder, 
Kindergarten; Hero L. Conesny, Manual Training. 

Garfield School, West 11th Ave. and Yuma St. — Flora I. Doble, Prin- 
cipal; Lillian Carter, Nellie T. Hackethal, Mary P. Hurd, Effie Jack- 
son, Pearl Norfolk, H. H. Rood, Brenda W. Cannon, Kindergarten. 

Gilpin School, Stout and 29th Sts. — Arthur J. Fynn, Principal; Roxana 
Adams, Florence E. Allen, Anna "V. Anderson, Caroline M. Balcam, 
Edward U. Bourke, Sadie J. Boyles, Mary Larsh Brownfield, Eldora 
Chapin, Ruth C. Emmons, Charity I. Ethell, Mary M. Fynn, May E. 
Gillis, Alice M. Howell, J. Catherine Kinport, Iva Mallonee, Kath- 
arine A. Miller, Lilian K. Perry, Wilma H. Ryals, Rose E. Swan, 
Frances Johnston, Kindergarten; Sadie A. Wright, Kindergarten 
(Sub.); Adda Marie Burnette, Manual Training. 

Glen Park School, West Colfax Ave. and Tennyson St. — W. E. Knapp, 
Principal; Luan B. Hannah, Elizabeth G. McNulty. 


Globeville School, West 52nd Ave. and Washington St. — M. E. Eagleton, 
Principal; Ethel D. Boge, Nellie Hamilton, Mabel McCammon, Edna 
M. Craig, Kindergarten (Sub.). 

Aaron Gove School, Colorado Boulevard and 14th Ave. — Ella Switzer, 
Principal; Hazel Wilford, Secretary. 

Junior High School — Isabella H. Abair, Helen Allphin, Myra A. 

Carson, Helen M. Decker, Evelyn Estabrook, Ada B. Hannahs, Irene 

Marlow (Sub.), Anna L. Ormond, Annie Olcovich, Louise S. Peck, 

Helen M. Pulsifer, Leo Seubert, Theodosia Slothower (Sub.), Edna 

Mae Sprague, Maud L. Stevens, Marguerite C. Wagner. 

Elementary School — Helen Barbee, Lucy I. Caldwell, Esther Jeffery, 

Jessie E. Myers, Celia O. Peterson, Mary E. Smith, Alice M. 

Wight, Dorothy Baker, Physical Training (Girls); Edward Eagan, 

Physical Training (Boys); Caroline E. Glaze, Kindergarten; Nan- 

nette Gutshall, Domestic Science; Gladys Myers, Kindergarten 

(Sub.); Frank Whitney, Manual Training. 

Grant School, South Pearl St. and Colorado Ave. — Geo. M. McMeen, 
Principal; Mary E. Benner, Laura J. Bettes, Mary L. Fletcher, Lil- 
lian M. MacArthur, Belle MeMichael, Cora M. Meyers, Edmonia 
Pfrimmer, Clara G. Shreve, Howard D. Wise, Manual Training. 

Hyde Park School, Gilpin St. and 36th Ave. — Geo. W. Wyatt, Principal; 
Florence Chapman, Catherine W. Charles, Edith L. Dugan, Agnes M. 
Agan, Anna J. Greenbaum, Helen R. Gumlick, Hannah Johnson, Mad- 
eline Keating, Anna M. Longan, Eva M. McKelvey, Margaret D. 
Ogden, Rose B. Poff, Sade A. Rowland, Adele Ryan, Mollie E. Winn, 
Grace E. Barrett, Kindergarten; Edna B. Fleming, Kindergarten 
(Sub.); Genevieve Christopherson, Manual Training. 

Ironton School, Delgany and 36th Sts. — Lina Wisebart, Principal; Edna 
E. Baerresen, Annie Dunlap, M. Virginia Jones, Alsina W. Smith, 

Lincoln School, Exposition Ave. and South Pearl St. — Anna L. Force, 
Principal; Minnie B. Addleman, Estelle Boggess, Florence V. Brauns, 
Martha Duffes, Elizabeth E. Ferguson, Josephine Foster, Alice 
Grace, Christine Hansen, Elizabeth Hemberger, Amelie D. Irving, 
Leota Larimer, Loretto Loughran, Beatrice S. Meddins, Laura F. 
Ogborn, Alice R. Peterson, Isabel H. Pratt, Carrie M. Prince, Helen 
A. Singleton, Frances B. Trehearne, Helen Jefferay, Domestic Science; 
Catherine Maher, Manual Training; Edwina Fallis, Kindergarten; 
Eva Fulwider, Kindergarten (Sub.). 

Logan School, Bayaud Ave. and South Logan St. — Jessie M. Hamilton, 
Principal; Kate Wood Ashley (Sub.), Mary E. Beatty, Vinna K. 
Boydston, Bessie E. Briggs, Estelle Faker, Bertha Feldwisch, Edith 
I. Hoop, Frances Hoop, Harriet L. Meyer, Anne Miller, Abbie Mosher, 
Kathrina Pfrimmer, Hypatia Hooper, Kindergarten (A. M.). 

Maria Mitchell School, Lafayette St. and 32nd Ave. — H. T. Cluxton, 
Principal; Lizzie K. Blackmore, Lottie Brower, Martha E. Cain, 
Tessie C. Carr, Essie Edwards, Mary D. Frye, Olive H. Gass, Ethel 
Hamer, Mary Hecker, Fannie K. Lake, Margaret Pierce, Minnie 
Phillips, Elizabeth Sloan, Alice Swann, Linnea Swanson, Adelaide 
Turcotte, Essie Vaughn, Stella Wilson, Mary E. Wright, Catherine 
O'Bannon, Kindergarten; Laura Whitney, Kindergarten; Katherine 
Acker, Manual Training; Jessie Gutshall, Domestic Science. 

McKinley School, Louisiana Ave. and South Logan St. — Clara J. Coney, 
Principal; Lillian C. Becker, Henrietta Bradley, Sara B. Hague. 
Martha D. Lyle, Mary E. Maloney, Tena McFadden, Edna V. K. 
McGillivray, Emma B. Mitchell, Alice Newberry, Clara Pugh, Isabelle 
Staub, Edith H. Summers, Frances Sweeney, Hester Caldwell, Kin- 
dergarten (Sub.); Rose Dryton, Kindergarten; Minnie L. Bramkamp, 
Manual Training. 

Meeker School, 5036 Tennyson St. — Lydia Meeker, Principal; Dora 
Cameron, Lottie B. Peak. 


Milton School, Bannock and West Evans Sts. — Alfred G. Hoel, Prin- 
cipal; Edna Farrell, Susan E. Godda'rd, Barbara Orr, Julie Van den 
Bergh, Callie Weeber. 

Montclair School, 13th Ave. and Quebec St. — Nell Romick, Principal; 
Elizabeth Garrison, Caroline E. Glaze, Amelia Helander, Marie 
Muller, Edna M. Nielsen, Gertrude M. Oakes. 

Myrtle Hill School, South Race St. and Mississippi Ave. — Sarah P 
Ketner, Principal; Una R. Beaghler, Lillian M. Churchill, Bessie 
Hawthorne, Fern Hoffman, Noble Miller, Blanche Myers, Mary A. 
Lee, Kindergarten (Sub.); Mary Belle Rudolph, Manual Training 
(Sub.); Hal. S. Kendig, Manual Training (Wednesday). 

Opportunity School, 13th and Welton Sts. — Emily Griffith, Principal; 
Mary F. Miller, Secretary; Miriam E! Barker, Wm. R. Blumenthal, 
Rose H. Cole, Daisy L. Cunningham, Ethel Griffith, Alfred G. Hoel, 
Mary Isbell, Curtis McCombs, Emma H. Shumway, James Thoro- 
man, Margaret J. Weldon, Elvira B. White, Reuben M. Winston. 
Substitutes — Blanche B. Ames, John S. Arndt, Alice Burnside, Effie 
M. Cline, Gertrude Dienst, Elsie Gross, Clarence A. Littleton, Roc- 
cena McCarn, Augustin H. Mantey, Evaline Mills, Winifred E. 
Roberts, Gertrude Schrader, Elizabeth H. Thompson, Leslie C. War- 
ren, Adeline H. Weber, Joyce L. Wood. 

Park Hill School, Elm St. and 19th Ave. — Rufus H. Palmer, Principal; 
Martha M. Balkin, Ruth Bishop, Mabel Colby, Tolande B. Comstock, 
Frances G. Fenton, Ada G. Glenn, Mamie C. Grace, Harriet A. Havi- 
land, Isabel L. Hummer, Julia A. Kelly, Etta M. King, Mary E. 
Shanks, Frances M. Ure, Gertrude W. Webster, Kindergarten; Gladys 
M. Meyers, Kindergarten (Sub.), A. M.; Agnes H. Gallagher, Manual 

Reynolds School, 2305 South Washington. — Louise A. Merrill, Prin- 
cipal; Susie Armstrong, Alice Johnson, Sara M. Jordan, Helen F. 
Reed, Harriett L. Rice, Jennett Spencer, Hal. Kendig, Manual Train- 
ing; Mary Belle Rudolph, Manual Training (Sub.). 

Sheridan School, 1st Ave. and Lipan St. — L. A. Stueland, Principal; 
Florence A. Doland, Ethel E. Holmes, Mary La Velle, Anna F. Lowe, 
Ellen A. Ransom, Elizabeth C. Sieg, Louise Sims, Kindergarten. 

Sherman School, 2nd Ave. and Grant St. — Josephine G. Moore, Princi- 
pal ; Lillian Bliss, M. Evelyn Brent, Laura E. Cornell, Ruth M. 
Cowell, Grace Dailey, Muriel W. Heyer, Alice G. Huntington, Flora 
B. McCrimmon, Elizabeth J. Mahoney, Harriet A. Metcalf, Mary 
Tully, Mary Van Deren, Kindergarten; Sallie V. Williams, Kinder- 
garten; Garret S. Voorhees, Manual Training. 

Smedley School, West 42nd Ave. and Shoshone St. — M. Allien Lander, 
Principal; Rachel Cunningham (Sub.), Ida F. Helmick, Carrie T. 
Hipp, Ruth Holland, Clyde E. Hon, Lenora M. Johnson, Edith H. 
Jones, Nell E. McClellan, M. Lois McLeod, Louise L. Miller, Jessalyn 
L. Parsons, Mamie E. Peoples, Olive F. Smith, Olive A. Suess, Mary 
Wishard, Grace Crawford, Kindergarten; Lillah Ferris, Domestic 
Science; Lewis S. Herrmann, Manual Training. 

Stedman School, 29th Ave. and Dexter St. — R. H. Palmer, Principal; 
Helen Mullins. 

Robert W. Steele School, Alameda Ave. and South Marion St. — Julia 
M. White, Principal; Lucile Anderson, Lillian Blakley, Mabel D. 
Davis, Madge C. Evans. Nora G. Fryer, Elizabeth Howland, Mary C. 
Peavey, Lucile Schureman, Martha T. Wingren, Estella E. Boring, 
Kindergarten, Garret S. Voorhees, Manual Training. 

Swansea School, Columbine St. and 46th Ave. — J. H. Dodds, Principal; 
Annie J. Amnions, Edna D. Carlson, Alberta Davis, H. H. Denbo. 
Laura Hiatt, Ella C. Johnson, S. Edna Jones, Mary E. Newmeyer, 
Minnie Price, Emma Probst, Ida E. Reinhardt, Edna Weekes, Hazel 
Helen Moore, Kindergarten, Ethel M. Bramkamp, Manual Training. 


Twenty-Fourth Street School, 24th and Walnut Sts. — Carlotta G. 
Abbott, Principal; Eleanor Davis, Lucy M. Flath, Grace Hamilton, 
Grace A. Ladd, Florence M. Lane, Sara J. Robinette, Sarah H. Royal, 
Mabel White, Julia Meryweather, Kindergarten; Alsina Smith, Kin- 

I'niversity Park School, East Iliff Ave. and South St. Paul St. — Elizabeth 
Ellis, Principal; Mabel E. Parse, Ethlyn Rogers, Elizabeth B. Smith, 
Ethel May Tucker. 

Valverde School, South Navajo St. and West Exposition Ave. — Char- 
lotte J. Godsman, Principal; Cora M. Bliss, Jenet Griffith, Grace C. 
Montrose, Eva M. Pellenz, Ella K. Quayle, Gladys Riedel, Demetrius 
Van Landingham. 

Vassar School, South Lincoln St. and Vassar Ave. — Lila M. O'Boyle, 
Principal; May E. Clark, Ada B. Gibbs, Genevieve J. Short. 

Villa Park School, Hazel Court and West 8th Ave. — William H. p]agle- 
ton, Principal; Grace E. Allison, Margaret M. Beynon, Hattie B. 
Boyles, Helen Doyle, Jessie Force, Anna M. Frees, Grace Heabler, 
Ethel Hollander (Sub.), Dora C. Jameson, Kathryn M. Maloney. 
Adeline R. Marron, Nellie M. Mitchell, Pearl Morris, Sarah C. Park- 
inson, Sadie M. Tobin, Lina C. Weber, Lillian K. Young, Winifred 
Daniels, Kindergarten; Frances E. Cherney, Manual Training. 

Washington School, 11th and Lawrence Sts. — L. P. Norvell, Principal; 
Victoria Carter, Katherine Craig, Annie Kerr Gibson, Zelma Hansen, 
Annette Newcomb, Jennie J. Ryan, Rose Lee Smith. Jessica M. 
Wolff, Faith Caroline Waxham, Kindergarten. 

Webster School, West 36th Ave. and Lipan St. — Eliza L. McGrew, 
Principal; Lydia A. Bigler, Alma M. Ellermeier, Frances B. Ellery 
(Sub.), Margaret D. Evans, Jessie E. Goebel, Minnie Macdonald, 
Elizabeth H. Moore, Harriet Lamb Putnam, Eva L. Reno, Eliza K. 
Steffan. Jessie M. Tredway, Sadie Walter, Vera M. Peck, Kinder- 
garten; Roberta Davy Jung, Kindergarten. 

Whittier School, Marion St. and 24th Ave. — H. W. Zirkle. Principal; 
Edna M. Anderson, Marion W. Anderson, Katherine Ball, Kate M. 
Connelly, Anna C. Curran, Minnie Duray, Evelina W. Eisnor, M. Edna 
Hayes, Etta K. Hildebrand, Anne H. Holmes, Anna Johnson, Alma 
Krusen, Mary E. Lawson, Gladys May, Anna P. McArthur, Jessie E. 
McArthur, A. R. Merryman, Cora B. Morrison, Josephine E. Perkins, 
C. H. Porterfield, Ella G. Remsberg. Katherine E. Sale (Sub.), Dora 
Sawyer, Mabelle Scrafford, Myra Sinclair, Gertrude A. Stephens. 
Evelyn Walker, Helen P. Walsh, Grace E. Jones, Kindergarten; 
Edith C. Ross. Kindergarten; Elsie Sullivan, Manual Training; 
Winona Andrew. Manual Training (Sub.). 
Wyman School, Williams St. and 16th Ave. — J. C. Mclntyre, Principal; 
Ella Brooks, Mary Jane Callan. Effie M. Chadsey. Eva Clark, Eleanor 
Davidson, Wintie M. Emery. A. Louise Ennis, Mabel G. Ferguson, 
Katherine Hansen, Louise Sherret, Lucile Short. Edith Vickers, 
Alice I. Wilson. Jean Wilson, Kate Woodruff, Olive M. Moss, Kinder- 
garten; Ralph S. Hobson, Manual Training; Velma Powers, Domestic 


County Supt. Mrs. Bessie Custiss, Rico. 9 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 

of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 
District — 

1. Rico — E. B. Clark. Claude Robey, Prin. ; Iva Noble, I ma Stockham. 

2. Mrs. J. E. Johnson, Cedar. Mattie Downey. 

3. Dunton — Lottie J. Ardway. Mrs.Myrtle Jordan. Georgia Pinkerton. 

4. Dove Creek — Geo. W. Snyder. Eunice Womack, Mrs. D. A. Wood. 

5. Cahone — C. S. Fink. O. C. Selig. 



County Supt. Mrs. Maude Hoskins, Castle Rock. 45 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

Douglas County High School, Castle Rock. Mrs. Maude R. Hoskins. J. J. 
Ward, Supt.; C. A. Bent, Lorena Woltzen, Helen Richardson, Mattie 


District — ^ 

1. Sedalia — Nels Anderson. Hazel Kullgren, Gwendolyn Curtis. 

2. Franktown — John Sheehan. Nelson Cantril. 

3. Greenland — A. S. Best. Hainan Cameron. 

4. Louviers — John Doolin. Grace Lamb. 

5. Sedalia — A. Bon Manhart. Ruth McLain. 

6. A. L. Johns, Larkspur. Alice Eichling, Castle Rock. 

7. Sedalia — E. M. Juergens. Carrie Hartman. 

8. Mrs. Mary Fredinburg, Parker. Ethel Cantril, Castle Rock. 

9. Littleton — Philip Renner. Estella Hally. 

12. Chas. Breuss, Castle Rock. Maurice Hill, Cherry. 

13. Castle Rock — Simon Ehmanr. Elma Wood. 

14. Irving — Andy Johnson. Josephine Schoff. 

15. Larkspur — Mrs. Effie Mclnroy. Bertha Lewis, Josephine Herzog. 

16. Littleton — Matt Plews. Mina Murchison. 

17. Sedalia — R. H. Clarke. Maude R. Sweet. 

19. Littleton — A. E. Woodward. Marguerite Kane, Littleton, R. F. D. 1. 

20. Cherry — D. N. Gilbert. Modeste O'Brien. 

21. Deckers — Mrs. Alena Day. 

22. Elbert — Miss Anna Russell. Mary Best, Greenland. 

23. Greenland — Mary C. Riggs. Lois Merman. 

24. Joseph Hagspiel, Irving. Iva Lambert, Cherry. 

25. Castle Rock — Christ Weckley. Stella Benton. 

26. O. J. Martin, South Platte. 

26jt. Monument — M. G. Olson. Persis Goddard. 

27. West Creek — A. H. Hayes. Clara McCallum. 
27jt. Monument — J. C. Hodgin. 

28. Parker — L. C. Tuggle. Ruth Schweiger. 
30jt. Hill Top — John Davis. Daisy Adair. 

31. Mrs. Jerry Burke, Castle Rock. Irma Kroeger, Sedalia. 

32. Sedalia — Mrs. G. F. Harrison. Jean Stewart Lowell. 
33jt. J. C. Brace, Elbert. 

35. Franktown — J. C. Clark. Blanche Boegel. 

36. Louviers — J. H. Cunningham. Mary Ball, Alice Mclnnroy. 

37con. Parker— T. J. Swank. Morris Sobel, Prin. ; Shirley Fletcher, Helen 

38con. Castle Rock — L. L. Hunter. J. J. Ward, Supt.; Norma LeVeque, Prin.; 

Agnes Alford, Lucretia Allen, Josephine Whitehead. 


County Supt. Ollie Graham, Red Cliff. 44 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 

of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 
Eagle County High School, Gypsum — Ward I. Miller, Prin.; Maude Chamber- 
lain, Assistant Prin.; Ray Staley, Commercial Teacher. 
1. Red Cliff — R. V. Dismant. M. C. Pancoast, Prin.; Eugene Stewart, 
Assistant; Lecla Beardsley, Upper Grades; Julia Dickenson, Inter- 
mediate; Mrs. Josephine Mays, Primary. 


2. Pando — R. R. Probert. Miss Alice Hunter, Rural. 

4. Eagle — R. T. DeFoor. H. L. Doxsee, Prin. ; Adair Gee, Upper Grades; 

Grace Martin, Intermediate; Emily Hockett, Primary. 

5. Gypsum — John Heyer. Alice Thompson, Principal; Leah Tracy, Assistant. 

6. Gilman — Roy Jordan. W. E. Brunell, Principal; Ida Kenton, Intermedi- 

ate; Ethel Boies, Primary. 

7. Basalt — Mrs. Mary Harris. Dorothy Norris, Rural. 

8. Burns — Geo. Benton. Leona White, Rural; lva Noble, Rural; Mary 

Oberta, Rural; 
y. Avon — G. Offerson. Gertrude Quinlan, Rural. 

10. Eagle — Carl Erickson. Florence Evans, Rural. 

11. Minturn — Thomas Trump. E. F. Smith, Prin.; Ida Cooper, intermediate; 

Nina Henderson, Primary. 

13. Edwards — Louise Brett. Theresa Mahoney, Rural. 

14. Wolcott — Mrs. R. Ridgeway. Mrs. Dora Greiner, Rural. 

15. Sloss — W. T. Fuhrman, Castles. Miss Fay Fuhrman, Rural. 

16. Gypsum — W. H. Lea. Marie Sallach, Prin.; Francis Watt, Assistant 


17. Eagle — Mrs. L. Hart. Mrs. Ralph Reynolds, Rural. 

18. McCoy — Sam Kibler. Evelyn Hartman, Rural; Leona White, Rural. 

19. Ruedi — Mrs. M. Biglow. Cornelia Bottoll'son, Rural. 

ljt. Basalt — C. L. Gilbert. W. E. Reid, Prin.; Rose E. Ankerman, Dorothy 

Sherret, Elsie Lucksinger, Marie Letey. 
2jt. Gypsum — George Jackson. Miss Messmer. 
3jt. Mrs. B. Butler, McCoy. Carrie Marion, Emma. 
4jt. W. F. Miller, Emma. No teacher reported. 
5jt. Sheephorn — Carl Forester. Orrel Chapman. 
6jt. Carbondale — Mrs. K. Trumble. No teacher reported. 


County Supt. Minerva McCarty, Kiowa. 86 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

Union High School No. 1, Elizabeth — E. T. Evans. Walter W. Weller, Prin. 
Union High School No. 2, Simla — Mrs. Ralph Kimble. W. R. West, Prin.; 
Eleanor Forsee, Jessie Woodworth. 

District — 

1. L. M. Phillips, Elizabeth. Louisa Grutsch, Elbert. 

2. Elizabeth — Winnie Shepherd. Harry Steckel, Prin.; Esther Dill. 

3. Kiowa — Mrs. Alice Wood. Carra Hunt, Prin.; Bessie Sheppard, Petra 


4. Elbert — F. J. McNamara. Sue Brewer. 

5. J. H. St. John, Keysor. Marie Bellmar, Kutch; Lester Sims, Matheson; 

Zora Baker, Keysor; Carrie Turner, Kutch; Emma Meadors, Yoder; 
Arthur Pease, Simla; Gertrude Weber, Keysor; Sarah T. White, Rush; 
Myra Wagoner, Keysor. 

6. A. W. Moody, Matheson. J. P. Jackson, Prin., Calhan; Lillis Combs, 

Keysor; Hazel Ruehle, Matheson; Lucy Berry, Keysor; Mary Devine, 
Matheson; Sadie Ketcham, River Bend; Lois Frame, Kutch; Ruth 
Campbell, Limon; Edna Smith, Matheson; Helen Campbell, Matheson; 
Ethel Smith, Matheson; Ruth Hunt, Matheson; Ruth Sandy* Keysor; 
Wanda Groff, Matheson; Margaret Laughran, Matheson; Sadie Jacobs, 
Kutch; Mildred Black, Matheson; Lois Youberg, Keysor. 

7. Elbert — Tom Williams. Veronica Meyers. 

8. Kiowa — A. F. Dietermann. Hannah Ohlson. 

9. Elizabeth — Louis Miller. Idabelle Sullivan. 
10. Elbert — Fred Dittemore. No teacher. 


11. Elbert— Mrs. Georgie Putnam. C. Gertrude Joseph, Violet Hutsel, Ruby 


12. Kuhn's Crossing — Chas. Sparks. Martha Sanders, Esther Hathaway, 

Josephine Gwartney, Elsie Halstead. 

13. O. N. Segerstrom, Watkins. 

14. Elizabeth — Mrs. Ray Cogswell. Elsie Evans. 

15jt. John Doubrara, Peyton. Georgia A. Senereff, Elbert. 

16. Elizabeth — Owen Cline. Margaret Cline. 

18. Mrs. Alta Thomas, Hargisville. Clara Ohlson, Kiowa. 

19. Kiowa — Henry Wedemeyer. Louise Hargraves, Martha Cushing. 

20. Fondis — W. P. Beaman. J. T. Kiggins. 

21. Elizabeth — Mrs. Lulu Miller. Florence Barber. 

22. Agate — W. F. Romans. Gwendoline Wltitmore, Ina Boston. 

23. Agate — Ralph Hickel. Mae Mathews. 

24. Ernest W. Stone, Deertrail. Nannie B. Tillery, Agate. 

25. James O'Neill, Parker. 

26. Elizabeth — Fred Evans. Mrs. Ida Hale. 

27. Elbert — Sharold Adams. Gladys Merdith. 

28. Elbert — Mrs. Eva Irwin. Mildred Clow. 

29. Elbert — William Casey. Elsie Anderson. 

30. J. H. Davis, Hilltop. Nellie Williams, Elbert. 

31. C. E. Castle, Kiowa. No teacher. 

32. Kiowa — Robert L. Blakely. Lila Heusi. 
33jt. J. C. Brace, Elbert. No teacher. 

35. Fondis — Alfred Maul. Hazel Hanks. 

36. Elbert — Andrew Severin. Ruth M. Phelps. 

37. Kiowa — Richard Maul. Jessie Phillips. 

38. Calhan — Mrs. Viola Shaver. Mary Gallagher. 

39. Kiowa — S. J. Darum. Marie Johnsen. 

40. Henry Snell, Ramah. No teacher. 

41. River Bend — John Akers. Lillian O'Connor, Ester O'Connor, Annie 

Carlson, Bertha Slade, Elnore O'Connor, Rose Schott, Limon; Anna 
Grace Seyler, Limon. 

42. Elbert — Ed. C. Clark. Minnie Erwin. 

43. Simla — M. J. Pease. Blanche Rayli, Prin.; Nina Woodworth, Bernice 


44. Ramah — Frank Woodard, Jr. Mildred King, Emma Woodard. 

45. Byers— W. O. Ewing. Elsie Culver. 

46. Matheson — Mrs. N. Norris. Emily Bowman. 


County Supt. Inez Johnson Lewis, Colorado Springs. 346 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

District — 
1. Colorado City— R. R. Riley. Elbert C. Best, Supt., 2225 West Bijou; 
Esther A. Sweeney, Music Supervisor. 2223 West Colorado Ave.; 
Augusta Kneip, Drawing Supervisor, 2002 West Colorado Ave.; Flor- 
ence Brown, Domestic Science and Art Supervisor, 2106 West Bijou; 
E. B. Moore, Manual Training Supervisor, National Hotel. 
High School — Robert Poer, Prin., Department of History; Wm. H. 
Steele, Department of Science; Emma Wieman, Department of Ger- 
man; Pearl Brennicke, Commercial Department; Ruth Stuntz, De- 
partment of English. 
Bancroft School — Theo Courtwright, Bertha De Shazo, Beatrice A. 


Whittier School — Laura Ryan, Prin.; Mary E. Joyce, Josephine Cowgill, 
Ruby Lisenby, E. B. Moore, Mary Wolfe, Elizabeth Le'ibold. 

Longfellow School — Emma C. Jocelyn, Prin.; Katherine Bunner, Carrie 
M. Spencer, Katrina Stoelzing. 

Midland School — Augusta Kneip, Prin.; Elizabeth Leibold, Esther 
Huff, Vesta May Jamison, Edna M. Hadley. 

Arensdale School — Jennie W. Keiser. 
2. Colorado Springs, R. R. 1 — E. N. Huntoon. R. D. Stearns, Edith Mason. 
::. S. A. Wilson, Fountain. Rosetta Ross, Fountain; Harriet Farrell, Colo. 

Springs, Motor R. A; Grace Bancroft, Colo. Springs, Motor R. A; 

Mabel Sharp, Yoder, R. 2; Hazel Miller, Yoder, R. 2; Mrs. A. C. 

Blair, Yoder, R. 2. 

4. Falcon — Henry Blaney. Emily Brown. 

5. Monument — Frank R. Judd. P. A. Kirton, Wilbur Fulker, Lottie Peak. 
G. Husted — Mrs. Melita Stout. Pearl Murphy. 

7. Fountain — Mrs. Ida Roger. Coral Toothman. 

8. W. P. Riddoch, Fountain. R. L. Hunt, Prin., Fountain; W. R. Ballenger, 

Fountain; Rosamond Wells, Fountain; Nellie Mills, Fountain; Mary E. 
Jones, Fountain; Bessie Lum, Fountain; Mrs. Lucy Eichel, Fountain; 
Laura Haines, Fountain; J. W. Sullivan, Fountain; Crystal Gordon, 
Fountain; W. B. Evans, Hanover; Esther Weidenheimer, Colo. Springs, 
Motor R. A; William West, Yoder; K. N. Littell, Yoder; Mrs. Lizzie 
Howard, Kendrick; Olive Haun, Yoder; Ethel Gillaspia, Yoder. 

9. Wigwam — D. C. Stelson. Mrs. Rena B. Francis. 

10. Husted — Mrs. B. A. Losey. Madge Peak. 

11. Colorado Springs— T. J. Fox, 216 De Graff Bldg. Roscoe C. Hill, 216 

DeGraff Bldg. 

Special Departments — Supervisors in the Elementary Schools — O. K. 
Gillett, M.D., City Health Officer, City Hall; Katheryn J. Morgan, 
Supervisor of Penmanship, Plaza Hotel; Louise Wadell, Supervisor 
of Music, 320 North Cascade Ave ; Edith M. Brittain, Supervisor of 
Physical Training, 632 North Nevada Ave. 

Art — High and Elementary Schools — Susan F. Learning, Director, 1614 
Wood Ave.; Marguerite Barnes, High School, 415 North Tejon St.; 
Marjorie Dudley, Construction, 14 Cheyenne Road. 

Home Economics — High and Elementary Schools — Elizabeth Stone, 
Director, 224 East Monument St.; Anna Meier, Cooking and Sewing, 
130 East Willamette Ave.; Gladys E. Moore, Sewing, 429 North 
Nevada Ave.; Marguerite A. Moft'att, Cooking and Sewing, 814 East 
Boulder St.; Carolyn Latas, Sewing, 114 North Chestnut St. 

Manual Arts — High and Elementary Schools — Harold C. Stillman, Di- 
rector, 15 Ramona Ave., Ivy wild; Joseph J. Albrecht, Furniture and 
Pattern Making, 402 East Espanola St.; Maurice H. Keesling, Ele- 
mentally Wood Work. 507 North Tejon St.; Malcolm L. Ord, Forging 
and Auto Repair Work, 422 East Bijou St ; E. Leon Fowler, Printing, 
308 East San Miguel St. 

Bristol School, Corner Monument and Walnut Sts. — Nellie A. Remick, 
Prin.; Daisy Tipton, Lillian C. Bateman, Sarah C. Huntoon, Rosa 
Thoman Kennedy, Belle Willis, Emma Moss, Ethel Eubank, Kath- 
erine Sawin. Celia Gormley, Elloine L. Havens. 

Buena Vista School, Corner 16th and Park Sts.— Katherine Courtney, 
Prin.; Minnie B. Crowder, Elizabeth Slaughter, Blanche Johnson, 
Evelyn B. Sturdevant, Edna W. West, Florence Turner. 

Columbia School, Corner Boulder and Institute Sts. — Laura A. Leech, 
Prin.; Adah N. Johnson, Ruth Jocelyn Wattles, Margaret M. Rus- 
sell, Alda Flansburg, Luella A. Hall, Ella N. Strohm, Kate J. Kinney, 
Essie Mae Cox, Louise Martin Burgess, Ethel Gordon, Amanda 
Evans, Avis Jones. 

Curtis School, Curtis — Joseph Flynn, Prin.; Ella Sheehan. 


Garfield School, Corner Willamette and Wahsatch Aves. — L. B. Graf- 
ton, Prin.; Lilly Banschbach, Zita Gormley, Lucille Parsons, Mabel 
McGuiness, Delia Pogue, Ada Freeman, Ethel L. Brown, Louise 
Chamberlin, Lois Smith, Fanny Witbeck, Eva Riggs, Cora B. Perk- 
ins, Grace Loper, Dorothy Buren, Ethel Brown, Avis Jones. 

Helen Hunt School, Corner Institute and Moreno Sts. — Eva Shannon, 
Prin.; Helen Wright, Beatrice Marion Berwick, Nettie Anderson, 
Gertrude Peirson, Jennie M. Hadley, Kathleen Fryhofer, Susan W. 
Eastman, Myra H. Moore. 

High School* Nevada and Platte Aves. — H. Allen Nye, Prin. Com- 
mercial: F. C. Onstott, Head Teacher; Faith R. Cox, Gertrude E. 
Laughlin, Ara B. Ferryman. English: Martha W. Dorsey, Head 
Teacher; Marjorie W. Dearing, L. A. Hutchens, F. Stillwell Moore, 
Alva P. Taylor, Belle Turnbull, Ruth F. Woodsmall, Harmony Wood- 
worth. History: Mark J. Sweany, Head Teacher; Hester Frost, 
Lillian Johnson, Gertrude A. Wiley. Latin: Edna May Jacques, 
Head Teacher; Edna Dessaint, Maisy B. Schreiner. Mathematics: 
Adelaide Denis, Head Teacher; Mabel S. Bateman, Ruth Bateman, 
R. M. Grindle, Ernest Stirwalt, Mary Strachan. Modern Languages: 
Mrs. Louise Reinhardt, Head Teacher; Frances Fickes. Science: 
I, Allen Keyte, Head Teacher; E. E. Hedblom, Robert S. Black, L. D. 
Roberts, Vanita Trovinger, Eva Lindquist, Alma Larson. 

Ivywild School, Corner South Cascade Ave. and 3rd St., lvywild — 
Edna Kinder, Prin.; Frances Clarahan. Nan D. Wilkinson, Helen 
Kirkwood, Annie L. Ferrier, Esther Samuelson. 

Liller School, Corner Cucharras St and Wahsatch Ave. — Lillian E. 
Lowry, Prin.; Kathryn Gardiner, Edith L. Phillips, Harriet Jordan, 
Nellie Thompson, Louise Simkins, Ana Gardiner, Louise A. Field 
Ellen McCaffery, Wilda Kindig. Anna Schneider, Marie S. Cochrane. 

Lowell School, Corner Las Animas St. and Nevada Ave. — Anna M. 
Rudy, Prin.; Grace Benton, Marie Rohl, Margret Taylor, Martha 
Stockdale, Bella Glau, Minnie L. McCall, Ruby Gardiner, Nancy 
Juden, Marguerite R. Pease, Agnes L. Pace, Caroline M. Morse, 
Carrie S. Bybee. Eva May Moss, Emma C. Simkins, Lida A. Hart, 
M. Florence Littlefield, Myra H. Moore. 

Pike View School, Carlton Coal Mines. — O. C. Ecke, Prin. 

Roswell School. Roswell — Louisa D. Coffin, Prin.; Caroline M. Salmon, 
Violet Fuller. 

Steele School, Corner Del Norte and W>ber Sts. — Fred K. Pratt, Prin.; 
Elizabeth McFadden, Harriet Gayman, Lillie B. Strohm, Edith L. 
Hall, Emma G. Stevens. Alice England, Nettie Kennedy, Mabel S. 
Arnold, Marjorie Crissey. Alice McKinnie, Ethel M. Hall, Maude 
Miller, Amy C. Weld, Louise C. Miller, Katharine Grayson. 

Washington School, Washington Ave. near Adams St. — C. M. Ware, 
Prin.; Frances Anne Hunter, Flora J. Nichols, Mary S. Day, Agnes 
R. Sandine, Sarah Pugsley, Ida M. Hamilton, Rosita M. Kellogg, 
Harriett E. Gilman, Eleanor A. Wharton, Ethel M. Cadwell, Elloine 
L. Havens. 
12. Colorado Springs — C. D. Weimer. Lloyd Shaw, Prin. Cheyenne School; 

Harold Davis, Maude Nethers, Hattie Evans, Margaret Morrow, 

Ethel Botting, Lucy Nowles, Mrs. H. Howard Brown, Supervisor; 

Kenneth Hartley, Supervisor; Mamie Gray, Supervisor. 

14. Manitou — E. F. Brandenburg. C. M. Barnard, Supt. and Prin ; R. A. 

Hampshire, Blanch Luella Ratcliffe, Ella Lucille Wood, Lucy J. 
Merry, Martha Farrier, Stella Reno, Alice D. Reno. 

15. Peyton — John Doubrava. Georgia Senneff. 

16. Calhan — Dr. Dale Groves. N. N. Bailey, Prin.; Marjorie Thacher, Lu- 

cile Horton, Cora Jackson, Norvelle Bailey, Gertrude Hall. 

17. Peyton — Harry L. Slocum. Laura Grain, Peyton, Motor R. A; Zola 

MacPhetridge, Peyton, Motor R. A. 

18. Eastonville — J. F. Walker. Alice Berry. 


L9. Monument — Hans O. Saue. Lucy A. Lambert, Monument. 

20. James W. Green, Pikeview. Bessie Hagen, Woodmen; Adeline F. Green, 


21. Eastonville — Mrs. T. M. Jessup. Marie McCoy. 

23. Peyton — Martin L. Wolffe. Maurice Bejach, Mrs. Mae Churchill, Grace 

-I. Colorado Springs — Henry Nielson. Mary Coldiron. 

25. Monument — Mrs. Anna Pettigrew. Charles Garrett. 

26. Monument — Nath Olson. Persis Goddard. 

27. J. C. Hodgin, Monument. Mary O'Hare, Monument; Lora Patton, East- 


28. C. E. Smith, Kendrick. Florence Bond, Kendrick, R. B; C. V. Dedman, 

Hanover; Mrs. M. C. Schmitt, Hanover; Fern Sparks, Buttes, Smith 
McNutt, Tacony. 
2!'. Alf. W. Hopkinson, Box 164, Colorado Springs. W. E. Fickel, Box 164, 
Colorado Springs; Izora Heather, Box; 164, Colorado Springs; Ruth 
Newsome, Colorado Springs, Motor R. A; Mary Roche. Colorado 
Springs, Motor R. A.; Evelyn Thrall, Yoder: Lois McCurdy, Rush; Eve- 
lyn Norton. Rush; C. P. Cassiday, Yoder; Rita Dawson (Supv.), Box 
164, Colorado Springs. 

30. Eastonville — A. R. Barrett. Elvessa Courtwright. 

31. G. H. Musser, Eastonville. 

32. No secretary listed. Pearl Patton, Eastonville. 

33. Palmer Lake — Mrs. Grace Giem. Mary Morrison, Levina Moore. 

34. Falcon — Lizzie Newman. Ruth Overton. 

35. Mrs. Rosa Burghard, Glen Eyrie. Bessie Johnson, Colorado Springs. 

37. Peyton — Ray Dugan. Grace Thrump, Mrs. Viola Spencer. 

38. Colorado Springs — James Long. Vivienne A. Howell. 2 7 N. Prospect 

St., Colorado Springs. 
30. Lytle — Mrs. Susie Tanner. Lena Chipman. 

41. Calhan — John Edling. Genevieve Blair, Yoder; Margaret Cole, Kutti 

Hanna, Alice Cole, Sara E. Wilks. 

42. Green Mt. Falls — Mrs. Margaret Hart. Mae Goss, Mae Brown. 

43. Cascade — Mrs. Jeanette Gardner. Helen P. Kitrick. 

4 k Calhan — Arthur Adams. Alma Jones, Loretta Howland. 

45. Simla — J. C. Foushee. Lillian Frost, Ramah ; Lily E. Peterson. Kamab; 

Lucie Jahn. Simla; Irene Henry, Ramah; Elva Greer. Calhan; Susie 
Greer, Calhan; Edith V. Pease, Simla; Flossie P. Harper, Ramah; Nell 
Greenlee, Ramah. 

46. Ramah — Lem Gammon. F. C. Kessler, Rosamond Welch. Grace More- 

land, Florence Tyrrell, Mrs. Margaret Rayl. 

47. Yoder — Mrs. Emma Metzger. Lena Jones, Sadie Hinch, Nina Farthing. 

4 8. Calhan — E. O. Auldridge. Melvin Douglas, Mrs Mildred Douglas. 
10. Falcon — Mrs. Abbe Gray. Olive Hill. 

50. Calhan — Mrs. E. A. Nelson. Isobelle Gardiner, Rose M. Saylor. 

52. T. C. Denney, Peyton. No teacher listed. 

53. Calhan — I. M. Goshen. Olga Appelman. 

54. H. J. Meyer, Eastonville. G. C. Knauf, Tacony, C; Hazel McFarlane, 

Hanover; Alline Phillips, Hanover. 

55. Peyton — M. E. Bradshaw. lone Bartholomew. 
58. H. S. Meyer — Eastonville. No teacher listed. 

5 0. Calhan — Mrs. Carrie Farthing. Elsie Burrows. 
61. Calhan — G. A. Barney. Josephine Miller. 



County Supt. Anna S. Garwood, Canon City. 159 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

District — 

1. Canon City — Mrs. A. H. Burgess. Milo L. Whittaker, Superintendent. 

High School — Wm. G. Gambill, Prin.; Mrs. Edith Hall Wood, Assistant 
Prin.; Myrtle B. Raymond, Mathematics; Bernice Gregg, English; 
Aileen Monahan, History; Mary L. «Taft, English; Irene Aitkin, 
Latin and German; Ethel Young, Spanish and History; Katherine 
Miller, Commercial; Thomas Spring, Agriculture, etc. 

Washington Building — Ralph Ellis, Prin.; Catherine Harris, Dorothy 
Wilkin, Esther Craig, Elma Smith, Katheryn Kennison, Margaret 
McKenzie; Mate Finlee, Dessie Sidwell, Katherine McConnell. 

Lincoln Building — J. C. Cuthbert, Prin.; Irene Mitton, Anne Gannett, 
Nannie Gibbs, Margaret Ross, Minnie Merriam, Mina Munroe, Alice 

Harrison Building — Millicent Steacy, Prin.; Nona Friar, Miriam Ben- 
son, Mary Tucker. 

Jefferson Building — Bertha Rich, Prin.; Una Coy Harrison; Elizabeth 
Burgess, Henrietta Carson. 

Eight Mile Park — Edith Burton. 

Supervisors — Eva B. Kirkton, Drawing; R. L. Dick, Music; Carrie 
Thomas, Physical Director; Blanche Sharpe, Nurse; Helen Linkins, 
Household Economics; Floyd Bricker, Industrial Arts and Manual 

2. Florence — N. R. Usher. Charles C. Brown, Supt. 

High School — Geo. E. Hook, Prin.; Mary B. Miller, History and Latin; 

Dagmer Holm, Elizabeth King, Bernice Flemming, M. M. Faber. 
Central Building — Ruth Allen, Amy Deibert, Jessie Eldredge, Pearl 

Mitchell, Alice Powers, Virginia Stockdale, Sylvia Shirley, Emma 

Emerson Building — Henry Job, Prin.; Carrie T. Anthony, Hazel Bob, 

Bertha O. Miller, Edith Rich, Florence Evans, Grace Edwards. 
McCandless Building — Martha E. Stone. 
Supervisors — Amy Deibert, Music; Ruth Allen, Domestic Science; 

E. R. Kelley, Manual Training. 

3. Portland — P. P. Hoop. W. B. Ryle, Prin.; Mary Daniels. 

4. Fruitmere— Frank Steinmeier, Canon City. Glades Thomas, Prin., 

Canon City; Ruth Merriam, Canon City. 

5. Garden Park — Mrs. Walter Nelson, Canon City, R. F. D. Mary J. Bell. 

6. Upper Beaver — Etta Hight, Florence. Mary Wilson, Canon City. 

7. Wetmore — Jessie Dickson. Sylvia Gaines. 

8. South Canon — J. P. Farmer, Canon City. G. B. Warner, Superintendent. 

High School — G. B. Warner, Prin.; Marie Graven, Mathematics and 
German; Edith Hamilton, English; Wm. Deibert, Science; Mabel 
Dunsmore, Latin and History; Vera Campbell, Eighth Grade; May 
Snow, Domestic Science; C. E. Williams, Manual Training; Mrs. 
Florence Lowell, Supervisor of Music. 

Alcott Building — Geo. I. Steinsultz, Prin.; Dorothy Gregg, Cleona 
Elliott, Elizabeth Griffiths, Stella Sandy, Hazel Long, Martha Lloyd. 

Lincoln Park Building — E. B. Woodford, Prin.; Ida McCarty, Pearl 
Berkey, Lena Hodgin, Cora Woodford. 

9. Micanite — Frank L. Rowe. Ella Moorehouse, Micanite; Bethel Miller, 


11. Concrete and Woodruff — J. T. White, Concrete. Mary Warner, Prin., 

Concrete; Opal Mosely, Concrete; Iva Bailey, Portland. 

12. Adobe — Mrs. Hart Porter, Wetmore. To be selected. 

13. Stout School — J. E. Mitchell, Howard. Josephine Kramer, Howard. 


14. Brookside — Wm. M. Bridges, Canon City. R. J. Harry, Prin., Canon 

City; Antoinette Vezzetti, Brookside; Mrs. Kathryn Heitsman, Brook- 
side; Mary Connors, Brewster. 

15. Coal Creek — D. G. Davies. Alfred Durfee, Prin.; Sarah J. Little, Emma 

Tate, Ruth Howells, Blanche Anderson. 

16. Parkdale and Twelve Mile Park — Mrs. J. G. Hershner, Canon City. 

Myrtle Hillary, Anna Giem, Canon City. 

17. Coaldale — Mrs. Fred Feil. Marguerite Reilley. 

18. Glendale — R. M. Curtis, Penrose. Maude Angel, Penrose. 

19. Yorkville — J. H. Fisher, Canon City. Mrs. Nellie Colgate, Bassick 

Route, Canon City. 

20. Cottonwood — L. D. Spell, Canon City. Mrs. S. Catherine White, Mic- 

anite Route, Canon City. 

21. Rockvale — Edward Agard. F. A. Cradler, Prin.; Lucy Martin, Rita 

Johnson, Florence McKenzie, Mary Vezzetti, Sara Lloyd, Etta Star- 
buck, Blanche Williams, Mrs. J. W. Griffith. 

22. Tribble — E. E. Jennings, Florence. Salome Comstock, Florence. 

24. "Williamsburg — Jos. John. J. A. Perkins, Prin., Florence; Hanna Morris, 

Williamsburg; Anna Tate, Coal Creek. 

25. Wilbur — Mrs. Addie Bond, Victor. Catherine McGuire, Victor. 

26. Hillside — Rhoda Squires. Charlotte Gerlach. 

27. Four Mile — E. H. Williams, Canon City. Grace Wilson, Canon City. 

28. Wellsville — P. Englebright, Salida. Beulah Rivers, Salida. 

30. Whitehorn — Horatio Angell, Salida. Irene Edwards, Salida. 

31. Cramer — Cyrus Sheffield, Canon City. Helen Underwood, Canon City. 

32. Chandler — Dr. G. M. Noonan. Marian Evans, Prin.; Jane Lloyd. 

33. Brush Hollow and Fairview — J no. M. Phillips, Florence. Edna How- 

ells, Florence; Audrey Emerson, Portland. 
3 7. Howard — Dr. D. D. Hamilton. Nellie Miller, Prin.; Velma Hubbard, 
Helen Sidford. 

38. Pyrolite — Dr. G. B. Lewis. Mrs. Ida G. Burroughs, Prin.; Celia Job. 

39. Lytle — Mrs. W. O. Tanner. Lena Chipman. 

40. Penrose — Chas. E. White. George C. Miller, Prin.; Gertrude McDonald, 

Elva Gault, Jessie Moderwell, Gladys Barnard. 
4 Icon. Cotopaxi — No secretary listed. Ada Muehlbach. Cotopaxi; Irma Jeff- 
rey, Cotopaxi; Bertha Strayer, Cotopaxi; G. A. Van Buren, Texas 
Creek; Isabel Taylor, Texas Creek. 


County Supt. Mrs. Tippett Westerman, Glenwood Springs. 108 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

Carbondale Union High School at Carbondale — D. S. Lauver, Prin. and Supt. 
Helen Moore, History; Glen Gebhart, Science; Jessie Crawford, Eng- 
lish; Viola Hanson, Latin. 

Grand Valley Union High School at Grand Valley — J. M. Morrison, Supt. and 
Prin. Ruth Shumate, Mathematics and English; Stella Nichols, Latin 
and German. 

Rifle Union High School at Rifle — G. W. Allen. Prin. Gertrude McGinnis, 
History; Inez Byers. German and Latin; Louise Lacy, Science. 

Silt Union High School at Silt — A. M. Craven, Prin. 

Garfield County High School at Glenwood Springs — Elmer Underwood, Supt. 
B. J. Cross, Prin., Science; Mabel McCusky, English; Betty Brown. 
Mathematics; Hope Cleveland, Latin and German; Leonard Sims, Com- 
mercial; Ruth Drumm, History and Physical Training; Willa Clanton, 
Music; Laura Rhone, Domestic Science. 

Branch County High School at New Castle — R. W. Amspoker, Prin. Mar- 
garet Burke, Assistant. 


District — 

1. Glenwood Springs — C. E. Hubbard. Elmer Underwood, Supt. ; Margaret 

Mahoney, Isa Robins, Elizabeth Tully, Elsie Foote, May McKeavy, 
Mina Walz, Beatrice Drach, Jennie Simme, Mae Walters. 

2. George Jackson, Gypsum. Blanche Darnell, Gypsum: Hazel Misemer, 


3. Carbondale — Charlotte Wilson. Viola Wimmer. 

4. New Castle — J. C. Payne. Pearl Davison, Vergil Weller. 

5. DeBeque — M. E. Letson. Avis Haggerty, Ruth Marble. 

6. Carbondale — Kate Trimble. Elsie Hopkins. 

7. Grand Valley — Bertha Benson. Minnie Sandusky. 

8. Carbondale — Rosetta Harris. Elizabeth Harris. 

9. Rifle — Maud Chivers. Florence Rice. 

10. New Castle — Ellen Ganley. R. W. Amspoker, Supt.; Florence Walters, 

Ada Thorine, Maudelle Urquhart. 

11. Grand Valley — Edna Freeland. Henrietta Sill. 

12. Carbondale — H. W. Robison. D. S. Lauver, Supt.; Glen Gebhart, Jessie 

Crawford, Dora Craig, Theresa Pattison, Mildred Hewitt. 

13. Antlers — W. E. Tippett. L. L. Cramp, Prin.; Nellie Witteman. 

14. New Castle — O. B. Finn. Ruth Carter. 

15. Carbondale — Ella Ozburn. Mary McNulty. 

16. Grand Valley — Elmer Wheatley. J. M. Morrison, Supt.; Marie Gerkin, 

Margaret Brennan, Olga Nordstrom, Louise Locke. 

17. Silt — Frank Croyle. A. M. Craven, Supt.; Esther Heyduck, Ida Bishop, 

Esma Lewis 

18. Grand Valley — R. O. Gardner. Clara Green. 

19. New Castle — Adam Blackwood. Larita Collins, Jessie Raley. 

20. Rifle — James Mikkelson. Minnie Miller. 

21. New Castle — C. G. Harris. Laura Sutherland, Jessie Hill. 

22. Mrs. M. A. King, New Castle. Nita Heatherly, Raven. 

23. W. H. Williams, Silt. Edyth George, Raven; Barbara Thurman. 

24. Glenwood Springs — A. H. Smith. Agnes Walker, Helen Finlay. 

25. Cardiff — H. C. Crawford. Ella Saylor, Prin.; Emogene Collier. 

26. Carbondale — Blanche Smith. Catherine Roche. 

27. Elizabeth Shideler, Silt. Ella Lynch, Rifle. 

28. Rifle — H. H Graves. Mabel Skinner. 

29. Highmore — Abe Van Cleave. Effie May. 

30. Rifle — Lynn Kennedy. Eugenia Beale, Prin.; Ida Davis. Laura Shebal, 

Olive Johnston, Anis Turner, Jessie Lanzendorf, Mary Salmon. Eliza- 
beth Elliott. 

31. Rifle — Maud Tillotson. Harriet Osburn. 

32. Glenwood Springs — Anna Korupkat. Leah Sandusky. 
:',3. Silt — Barney Wright. Nellie Ewers. 

34. DeBeque — J. D. Nethery. Myrtle Trueblood. 

35. New Castle — J. D. Llewellyn. Margaret George. 

36. South Canon — W. Johnson. Mrs. E. J. Ware. 

37. Rifle — Tony Perry. Gladys Weller, New Castle. 

38. Grand Valley — Ben Lemon. Gertrude Osburn. 

39. Atchee — Mrs. Ray Garrison. Ruth Ferguson, Florence Tyler. 

40. Rifle — Otto Hahnewald. Ruth Joyce. 

41. Rifle — Sarah Hill. Julia Crawford. 

42. Silt — F. M. Stobaugh. Bernice Smith. 

43. Grand Valley — Clara Lovely. Laura Beckner. 



County Supt. Mrs. Edith Williams. 29 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

Union High School, Central City — Judge W. C. Matthews. W. H. Wolfe, 
Supt.; Mrs. Carroll, Mrs. Gill, Miss Landon, Josephine Mitchel, Grace 
Rule, Music and Drawing. 

District — 

1. Central City — Judge W. C. Matthews. W. H. Wolfe, Prin.; Rosanna 

Thomas, Hermina Peeck, Hazel Stribley, Bessie Henley, Mrs. Melita 

2. Mrs. Mary A. Warren, Bald Mountain. Helen Hopkins, Prin., Bald 

Mountain; Minnie Welch, Central City. 

3. Black Hawk — Charles Niccum. Cama Fulton, Prin., Hilda Hardenberg, 

Eva Sorenson. 

4. Mrs. Katherine Malenk, Central City. Laura Rohling, Black Hawk. 

5. Russell Gulch — John W. Jones. G. T. Steinsultz, Prin.; Lillian Hughs, 

Ethel Mellow. 
G. Black Hawk — William O'Hea. Florence Crook. 

7. C. C. Stanley, Gilpin. Grace Harrell, Rollinsville; Mary Slattery, 


8. Black Hawk — Arthur Nichols. Lettie Lee Thompson. 

9. John Gullikson, Black Hawk. Vera Goldberg. Central City. 

10. Black Hawk — Jno. L. Robins. Celelia Allebaugn. 

11. Mrs. Grace H. Webb, Apex. Xo teacher listed. 

12. Central City — James H. Dunstan. Vera Goldberg. 

13. Tolland — Mrs. Sadie Newcomb. Kdith Taylor, Tolland. 


County Supt. Mrs. Carrie D. Schnoor, Hot Sulphur Springs. 17 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

Union High School, Kremmling — O. C. Mugrage, Walter Hart. 

District — 

1. Sulphur Springs — Mrs. S. J. Button. Anna Kennedy, Mary Alma Crist. 

2. Fraser — Gust Palmquist. Adolph Miller, Prin.; Lois Lail. 

3. Grand Lake — Mrs. M. L. Cairns. Ruth Bye. 

5. Kremmling — J. Laskowitz. Clyde Baskett, Prin.; Kliea Hsmiol. 

6. Kremmling — William J. Harsha. Grace Kendrick. 

7. A. P. Brown, Scholl. No teacher listed. 

8. Radium— O. C. Mugrage. Dorothy Yust. 

10. Walter Smith, Kremmling. No teacher listed. 

12. F. C. DeBerard, Martin. Leah Carnine. 

14. Granby — Ben Merrick. Gertrude Milligan. 

15. Granby — R. Curtis. Roberta J. Neely. 

16. Tabernash — Frank Vulgamott. Mrs. Bertha Pireher. 

17. Parshall — F. Jessmer. Edith Young. 

18. C. B. Rundell, Sheephorn. No teacher listed. 

19. O. C. Pickering, Pearmont. Grace Crowell, Pearmont; Minnie Detwiler. 


20. Parshall — W. H. Carr. Annabel Smith. 



County Supt. Miss Verna Waterman, Gunnison. 53 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

County High School, Gunnison — James H. Kelley, Supt.; William M. Gold- 
smith, Prin. ; Alexis Ben Kori, Modern Languages; Mrs. William M. 
Goldsmith, Household Science; Fred L. Griffin, Manual Training; Mrs. 
Kellaphene A. Morrison, History; Lucy E. Spicer, Mathematics; Anna 
R. Todd, English; Florence J. Uglow, English; Kachel Whitaker, 
Business Branches. « 

District — 

1. Gunnison — Nannie Harwood. Grant Ruland, Prin.; Mary Lawrence, 

Myrtle Hood, Carmen Butterworth, Minnie Green, Emma Meyers, 
Blanche Ross. 

2. Parlin — Vernon Brown. Viola McLaughlin. 

3. Doyleville — H. W. McDonald. Mrs. Daisy Huntington. 

4. Marble — Henry Thode. Marvin C. Presher. 

5. Pitkin — Mrs. Mary Reed. Mrs. Eva Miller. 

6. Tin Cup — A. H. Bauer. No teacher listed. 

8. Crested Butte — W. H. Whalen. F. J. Schommer, Prin.; Isabelle O'Neill, 

Margaret Crary, Helen Heuchemer, Florence Adams, Palmyra Mazza, 
Mary Hoy, Evelyn McCarthy. 

9. Whitepine — Emil Peterson. Mrs. Orpha Warner. 

10. Gunnison — F. D. McKee. Ellen Zeigler. 

11. Gunnison — Martin McKinley. Ivy McGee. 

12. Sapinero — Chas. Mendenhall. Clarice Gardner, Lake City. 

13. Ohio City — J. M. Flick. Vescey Jencks, Ohio City; Gertrude Bain, 


14. Powderhorn — Mrs. Luene McGregor. Gertrude McLaughlin. 

15. Iola — E. C. Perry. Mrs. Emmeline Austin. 

16. Crested Butte — E. E. Bottenfield. No teacher listed. 

17. Iola — Mrs. May Rouviers. Sarah McNaughton. 

18. Jack's Cabin — Grant Lawrence. Florence Lucero. 

19. Iola — J. H. Curtis. Sarah Soden. 

20. Sapinero — Mrs. S. J. Carpenter. Mrs. Ella Simmons. 

21. Gunnison — Otis Moore. Ruth Curtis. 

22. Gunnison — Mrs. J. F. Outcalt. Jane Wilkinson. 

23. Baldwin — Frank Kunze. Mary Bissell. 

25. Cebolla — Mrs. J. J. Carpenter. Arline Crews. 

26. Gunnison — A. L. Wilson. Emma Lucero. 

27. Gunnison — Mrs. Lou Bissel. Maude Saunders. 

28. Sapinero — Mrs. Maud Carr. Lonna Arrington. 

29. Cimarron — Mrs. E. A. Richardson. Millie Vandenburg. 

30. Somerset — Robert Williams. Francis Rouck, Prin.; Leola Bates, Hazel 

Hewett, Frances Barnes, Elizabeth Berg. 


County Supt. Mrs. Alice Madison, Lake City. 8 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

District — - 

1. Lake City — B. N. Ramsey. H. G. Heath, Prin.; Hou Hightley. Vada 

Crews, Margaret Sloan, Ruth Milstead. 

2. Mrs. J. T. Witherite, Capitol City. No teacher listed. 
5. Lake City — Mrs. Chas. Steele. Francis Hobson. 

7. Debs — O. C. Reed. Maud Baylis, Pagosa Springs. 

8. Hermit — H. C. Bent. Mabel Steele, Hermit. 



County Supt. Mrs. Martha Thorne, Walsenburg. 101 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

Huerfano County High School, "Walsenburg — Martha Thorne. S. M. Andrews, 
Supt.; B. H. Caughran, Prin.; W. H. Saatoff, Commercial Dept. ; Nell 
Hunt, English Dept.; Lola Wilson, Language Dept.; Mary Kittinger, 
Mathematics; Mary Unfug, Music and Art. 

Union High School, La Veta — J. P. Stranger. O. D. Smith, Prin.; Helen 
Clune, Maud Crawford. 

District — 

1. Tioga — Mrs. D. T. Kimbrel. Pearl Chase. 

2. Huerfano — J. H. Phillips. Lena Heath. 

3. Tioga — Felipe Jacques. Gussie Archuleta. 

4. Walsenburg — Dora Unfug. S. M. Andrews, Supt. 

Hill Building — Lee Saunders, Prin.; Marie Flach. Stella Hayes, Har- 
riet Hanson, May Roberts, Anna Owens, Elizabeth Murphy. Kuby 
Bell, Janet Chatin. 

Washington Building — Eva Evans, Prin.; Marie Busch, Isabel Young. 
Gretchen Unfug. Freda Mazzone, Florence Lillis. 

Seventh School — Lucy Lester, Prin.; Frances McNabb, Mary Unfug, 
Evelyn Hersum, Elsie Brock, Virginia Housman. Lois Chilson, Mae 

5. Redwing — Mrs. F. A. Dietz. J. W. Barker. 

6. Sharpsdale — J. W. Gale. Cora Gerks. 

7. La Veta — Luther Martin. Claudia Groves. 

8. Tioga — A. L. Trujillo. Adah Epperson. 

9. La Veta — J. P. Stranger. O. D. Smith, Prin.; Emma Vories, Grace 

Ritter, Mary Stranger, Helen Clune, Maud Crawford. 

10. Crecendio Trujillo, Walsenburg. Gladys Duey. La Veta. 

11. Gardner — J. B. Hudson. Mary Dillon. 

12. Cuchara — J. G. Bustos. Mary Wike. 

13. Flora Arnold, Lascar. Meryle Miller, Huerfano. 

14. Rouse — Bartolo Andrietta. Anne Hebdon, Summer School. 

15. La Veta — Lucy Bandino. Effie Cook. 

16. La Veta — J. H. Jones. Lila Louheed. 

17. Camp Shumway — J. H. McMorrow. Garnet Bell. 

18. Clover — Aniseto Martinez. No teacher listed. 

19. Walsen — C. S. Buckland. A. S. Neely. Prin., Farr; Helen Glenn. Farr; 

Miss Cheney, Farr; Helen Kirk, Prin.; Elva Evertt. Helen Babeoek. 
Hazel Sharpnack. Florence Treadwell. 

20. Gardner — Ida Tiery. E. J. Martin. 

21. Cuchara Camp — J. W. Powell. Mary Hopkins. 

22. Ideal — H. Carlton. Miss A. Webber, Prin.; Anna OHagan, Rose 


23. Clover — Matilda Wilburn. No teacher listed. 

24. Gardner — Wm. Garritson. Bertha Hiett. 
2 5. Cuchara — J. A. Trujillo. Anna Hebdon. 

2 6. J. F. Karst, Apache. Beth Codding, Apache; Ella Harden, Huerfano. 

27. Rouse — Clarence Nagle. E. W. Jerrell, Prin.; Katherine MeBreen, Dora 

Erskine. Edith Worthington, Frances Marsh. 

28. Rouse — William Sperry. Bertha Boyd. 

29. Walsenburg — Mike Marchori. Valentine Brunelll. 

30. Mrs. James Murray, Toltec. F. H. Campbell, Prin.. Pictou; Elin Beck, 

Pictou; Mary McCurdy, Pictou. 

31. Ravenwood — John Harps. Maud Mahon. 


32. Oakview — J. Michelleti. Emory Shull, Prin.; Martha Price, Idele MeKee, 

W. E. Meyer. 

33. Pryor — Chas. Beuchat. Dell Lillis, Prin.; Effie Lee McKee. 

34. Tioga — J. S. Castro. S. E. Thorne. 

35. Maitland — R. E. Bishop. Margaret McNally, Prin.; Mary Young. 

36. Walsenburg — Tobias Maldonado. Tinny Martinez. 

37. Redwing — Miguel Bravo. La Yeta Springer. 

3 8. Delcarbon — Frank Tofoya. Bertha Becher, Pearl Phipps. 

39. Mustang — Clarence Eklund. Mae Harrison. 

40. Tioga — Vincent Simpson. Kate Kessler, Prin.; Artie Unger. 

41. Ideal — J. J. Duran. Frances Rogers. 

42. Walsenburg — Francisco Espinoza. Myrtle •Andrews. 


County Supt. Mrs. Minnie Bock, Walden. 10 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

County High School, Walden. Xo pupils this year. 

District — 

1. Walden — E. N. Butler. Pearl Doyle, Prin.; Margaret Uoulson, Mrs. 

Carrie Oldfather, Mary A. Gaddie. 

2. Coalmont — Dr. T. W. Eichelberger. Hazel M. Donelson, Anna Mae 


3. Casper Fox, Cow-drey. Grace Holderness, Cow-drey; Gladys Bergquist, 


4. Spicer — William B. Allen. Bertha Wade. 

5. Rand — John Jurgen.sen. Teacher not yet employed. 

6. Carl D. Johnson, Walden. Alice Wattenberg, Owl. 


County Supt. Berness Bunger, Golden. 112 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

District — 

1. Golden — Mrs. X. M. Townsend. 

High School — W. H. Simons, Supt.; George Fitch, Grace Graham, 
Helen DeRusha, Todd Downing. Ralph Morrison. 

Grades — Ida Vogel, Florence Timpte. Margaret Taylor. Jessie Scouler, 
Mrs. Eldora Guyselman. Prin. X. B. ; Mrs. Gertrude Bell, Mrs. 
Grace J. Rowe, Mrs. Grace B. King, E. A. Johnson, Music. 

2. Arvada — John Webber. 

High School — O. B. Drake. Supt.; Lillian Hall, Bernice Bowman, 
Eunice Robinson, H. B. Peterson. 

Grades — Bertha Keener, Mildred Carne, Frances Mehaffey. Mary 
Schultz, Emma Cheatly. Edith Muncaster, Jessie Griffith, Helen 
Lawrence, Edith Champion, E. A. Johnson, Music. 

3. Evergreen — Walter Bergland. Myrtle Milner. 

4. Evergreen — Theo. F. Johnson. Xo teacher listed. 

5. Mt. Morrison — Mose Moffat. Olive Peterson. 

6. Golden, R. D. 2 — C. M. Tyrell. R. M. Earley, Thirza Davis. 

7. John Kemmett. Box 838, Denver. Alice McGovern, 2214 Lafayette St., 



8. Wheatridge — F. X. Felch. 

High School — E. X. Freeman. Supt., 3715 Meade St., Denver; Mina 
Zirkle, 357 Lincoln St.. Denver; Erma Sprague, 3715 Meade St.. 
Denver; Ruth Foley, 8715 Meade St., Denver; E. A. Johnson, music. 
Grades — Dorothy Sieg, Golden; Lola Armstrong, Wheatridge; Xellie 
Feikert, 3112 Raleigh St.. Denver; Arda Frans. 1224 17th St., Den- 
ver; Lulu Stone, Cor. W. 38th Ave. and Perry St., Denver; Harriet 
Hosmer, Broomfield; Harriet Sanger, 3925 Sheridan Blvd., Denver; 
Edith Tucker, 150 Maple St.. Denver. 
9 Conifer — Lulu M. Kemp. Helen Shelden. 
10 Golden R. D. 4 — Henry Ramstetter. Xorton Gorman, Beanda Xero, 

Ruth Williams. 
11. Evergreen — Mrs. Margaret Roy. Xo teacher listed. 
12 Golden R. D. 1 — H. Irving Jones. Maude Graham. 

13. Golden R. D. 3 — Mrs. William Robson. Ruth Tubbs. 

14. Kilian Mauz, Edgewater. Zou Bennett, Prin., Golden; Mrs. M. E. 

Bailey, Golden. 

15. Littleton — Xorman Steele. Lena Jones. 

16. Mt. Morrison R. D. — J. C. Dewall. Myrtle Griffith. Maude Ralph. 

17. Mt. Morrison R. D. — Elizabeth Fraser. Lucy Griffith. 

18. B. W. Spencer, Pine. Marie Conway. Pine; Frances Fechner, Buffalo 


19. Critchell — Mrs. C. M. Huebner. Mrs. Clara Baker. 

20. Jas. Tegarden, Golden. Urbana Xoonan, Prin., 707 E. 1st Ave., Denver; 

Josephine Engelhardt, 4500 Winona Ct, Denver; Ruth Candee, Golden; 
Mrs. B. A. Metz, Music, 3339 Moncrief PI., Denver. 

21. Edgewater — C. M. Augustine. Mrs. Edith Mill. Prin.. 3338 Moncrief 

PI., Denver; Irene Kennicott, Edgewater; Ada Gay, 3631 Raleigh, Den- 
ver; Sadie Taylor. 1525 Sherman St., Denver; Helen Hicks, 228 So. 
Corona St., Denver; Lilla Graves, 330 E. 19th Ave., Denver; Mrs. B. A. 
Metz, Music. 3339 Moncrief PL. Denver: Mrs. Mae A. Johnson, 32U8 
Hayward PL, Denver; Georgia West, 768 High St., Denver; Frances 
Grutzmacher, 3250 Bryant St., Denver. 

22. Mt. Morrison — Alice Derby. M. C. Rhue, Prin.: Ee'na Weirich, Phyllis 


23. J. S. Calkins. Westminster. Carolyn Schoech. Arvada. 

24. Anna Vermillion, South Platte. Helen Rooney. South Platte; Frances 

LeRoy, Foxton. 

25. Broomfield— O. P. Smith. Dorothy Clay. 

26. William Bratten, Mt. Morrison. Xellie Stapelton. Conifer. 

2 7. August Brumm, Plainview. Ruth Williams, Crescent. 
2S. Pine — Mrs. M. B. Owen. Bertha Bosley. Pine. 

29. Frank Boyle, Golden. Isabel Hooper, Golden R. D. 4. 

30 Evergreen — Iva M. Downes. Hazel Goodman. 

31. Evergreen — A. J. Elmgreen. Ellen Johnson. 

3 2. Wheatridge — J. B. Hill. Mrs. Myrtle Combs, Mrs. Myrtle Reid. Mrs. 

B. A. Metz. Music. 3339 Montcrief PL, Denver. 

33. Plainview — Chas. F. Wilson. Anna Markey. 

34. Littleton R. D. 1 — B. C. Bernard, Box 105. Irene Hogan. 

35. Pine J. O. Bevans. Rose Wingate. 

36. Critchell — Arthur Green. Mary Streit. 

37. Littleton — C. J. Lightburn. Pearl Brown. 

38. Mt. Morrison — Mrs. J. V. Davis. Mrs. Gertrude Landen. 

3 9. Broomfield— J. B. Plato. Mabel Cochran. 

4 0. Buffalo Creek — Harry Higginson. Ethel Candor. 

41. Edgewater R. D. 2 — M. H. McLinden. Florence Miller. 

42. J. A. Harnes. Golden. Mrs. Emma Pearson, Evergreen. 

43. Geo. Lasser, Golden. Bertha Sloan, 3823 Osceola St., Denver. 

44. Wheatridge — Chas. Elder. Easther Haakenson. 
4r. James Perley, Morrison. Mabel Dunn, Littleton. 

46. C. E. Lytle, Critchell. Maggie Olsen, Littleton, Star Route. 


47. A. Kennicott, Edgewater. Mrs. Ella Posten, Edgewater; Alice Beamer, 

Golden; Myra Miller, 2633 Vallejo St., Denver. 
4 8. Edgewater — Mary H. Cole. Mary Tintle. 

4i). L. L. Rogers, Golden. Lillian Collins, 1122 So. Emerson, Denver. 
50. Edgewater — Iva J. Schnars. Flora Barbour, Maude Ruggles. 


County Supt. James R. Walker, Chivington. 64 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

District — 
1. Eads — A. R. Rittgers. Henry B. Amyx, Supt.; Harry C. Smith, Prin.; 
Alice McElin, Helen Hays Rhulandt, Anna V. Reed, Marie Sinkey, 
Marion H. Smith, Linna Cline, Carlia Dallas Sinkey, Francis M. 
2 Arlington — W. McNall. Charles Durrett. 

3. Sheridan Lake — P. O. Meyer. Ellen Rupp, Agnes DeSpain, Edna De- 

Spain, Mrs. Ruby Kelly. 

4. Arlington — M. D. Allen. Cecil E. Eagle, Supt.; Mrs. Ethelynd C. Wag- 

goner, Mrs. Maude Robertson. 

5. Henry Eder, Eads. Mrs. Nola F. Belew, Eads; Beulah M. Schriner, 

Eads; Mrs. Mary J. Warman, Lamar; Carolina Hull, Lamar; Faltn 
C. Gilbert, Wiley; Bess Haynes, Eads. 

6. Alonzo Ferguson, Eads. William Edward Rose, Eads; Grace Lemon, 

Haswell; Mrs. Eva M. Buell, Haswell; Mrs. Erne Matthews, Galatea; 

Carrie E. Melton, Hasty; Allie Haynes, Galatea; Lela Brannaman, 

Eads; Lena Thurlow, Galatea. 
Eads — Mrs. O. C. Roark. Reba Barnes. 
Chivington — Burton Smith. L. B. Kindred, Prin.; Mrs. Irma Spurgeon 

Brandon — Harold Hutchison. Albert Ross Hutchison, Prin.; Minnie E. 

Neat, Gertrude Otten. 

10. Sheridan Lake — J. B. Holtz. John L. Gilchrist, Robert D. Hicks, Wil- 

liam E. Hammond, Jennie Hammond. • 

11. Edw. R. Veables, Brandon. Martha Adamson, Sheridan Lake. 

12. Eads — J. E. Benscoter. Floyd C. Anderson. 

13 Wm. S. Beach, Brandon. L. S. Giffin, Brandon; Eulah V. Neat, Bran- 
don; Helen G. Humbarger, Bristol. 

11. Arlington — Clifford Shank. Virginia Mikkelson. 

16. Towner — C. J. Wagner. Russell Ingle, C. E. Heaney, Walter D. Pres- 
ton, Blanche E. Matthews, Paul S. Neal, Brandon; Adrian M. Guy. 

21. Fred Randolph, Haswell. Leola Ptomey, Prin., Arlington; Mrs. Almee 
Sires Johnston, Arlington. 

25. Haswell — A. A. Allen. Elsie I. Chambers, Supt.; W. S. Durrett, Prin., 

Dorothy Ryan, Margaret G. Cordes, Vivian Hollingsworth, Florence 

26. Arlington — D. C. Mathes. Mark R. Clay, Madge Sires. 


County Supt. Mrs. Jessie M. Gray. Burlington. 107 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

Consolidated No. 1. Burlington. W. E. Richey, Prin.; Miss Eskelson, Higli 
School; Miss Flemmings, High School; Mae Cusic, Florence Heale, 
Mary Collins, Sylvia Price. 

District — 

1. S. W. Abbott, Burlington. Mrs. Pearle Grate, ^Stratton. 

2. Eli McClure, Bethune. Hazel Yount, Burlington; Mabel Norton, Burling- 



A. I. Tyler, Burlington. Carl Seheidegger, Hermes. 

Crist Bauder, Hermes. Agnes A. Quinn, Burlington. 

Kanorado, Kans. — E. H. Leuthje. Vera S. Thoman. 

Burlington — Mrs. M. Brammeier. Jua Waggoner. 

Stratton — Mrs. Esther Brantley. Gertrude Stafford. 

Seibert — Ted Tillotson. Lloyd F. Speake, Vesta Pettis. 

Chas. E. Steele, Cole. Mrs. H. E. Vallin, Burlington; Theresa Youtsey, 

li. 11. Beeler, Flagler. M. Gillespie, Arriba. 

Kanorado Kans. — C. Gephardt. Mary E. Bogart, Hilda A'elson. 
('has. Vander Kooi, Seibert. Marie Klassen, Vona; Olive R. Stiner, 

Von a. 
Kanorado, Kans. — L. E. Frye. Gladys M. Sherwin. 
Flagler — C. Cuthbertson. Verena M. Petty, Daisy M. Howe, Hannah D. 

Gagan, Jessie M. Buchanan, Kathryn E. Gagan, Lucy Muck, Violet 

LaRue, Bernice M. Garrett, Mrs. Birdie McBride. 
15. F. M. Searcy, Flagler. Evelyn Priest, Seibert. 
1G. No secretary listed. Mrs. Sadie Alt, Vona; Helen K. Heinrich, Elphis; 

Edith Waterman, Vona. 
17. Kanorado, Kans. — D. F. Morrow. Ida Stalgren. 

19. Flagler — Adam Pfiester. W. I. Conley, Prin. Central School, Seibert; 

Mrs. W. I. Conley, Seibert. 

20. Burlington — C. W. Elder. Irene Gould, Genevieve Shannon, Georgia 

Barker, Eleanor Gould. 

21. Kanorado, Kans. — John Dwyer. Gertrude A. Gephardt. 

22. Sam Schaal, Bethune. No teacher listed. 

23. A. Schauffler, Vona. Zoe Boyd. 

24. Bethune — C. E. Mills. Irene Neller, Ellen Holm. 

25. Kanorado, Kans. — Amos Munyon. Lulu Farquhar. 

26. L. C. Brown, Kanorado, Kans. Bernice Chase, Burlington. 

27. Kanorado, Kans. — A. McElfresh. Mabel Munter. 

28. Bethune — Frank Stolz. Ida Erickson. 

29. Stratton — O. E. Wellman. Delia Glaze, Wilsie Hughes. 

30. Burlington — A. B. Yarnell. Mrs. Cora M. Chandler. 

31. Burlington — Ellis L. Clark. Clara Shanon. 

32. Burlington — G. W. Towers. Mrs. Geo. Kieffer. 

33. Kanorado, Kans. — F. J. Weeks. Mrs. Ana Bell Van Winkle, Mrs. 


34. Burlington — Albert Walters. Mrs. Delia Hendricks. 

35. Flagler — C. M. Smith. Marjorie Yewell; R. F. Ward, Prin. Flagler 

School; Phyllis Ward, High School; Kuth Cramb, Ina J. Foard, Lucille 
Laycock, Lillian Burbank, Edna M. Searway. 

36. Stratton — Mrs. R. P. Felch. Hildegarde Forsberg, Susie Underwood. 

3 7. Seibert — H. F. Simmons. Paul R. Veeder, Prin. Seibert School; Blanche 
Paul, Opal Johnston, Miss Pool. 

3 8. Bonny — F. H. Parmer. Lola Reneau. 

39. Roy A. Smith, Bethune. Mrs. Mary Miller, Burlington. 

40. A. Youngkin, Seibert. Edith B. Huntzinger, Flagler. 

41. Stratton — Frank Connaway. Marie Van Hook. 

42. Jacob Dircks, Tuttle. Wilma F. Foard, Stratton. 

43. Stratton — E. L. Beattie. Sheba Morris, Miss Hamilton. 

4 4. E. W. Salisbury, Stratton. No teacher listed. 
45. Burlington — M. S. Rogers. Ethel Ragan. 

4(5. Seibert — Peter Rasmussen. John H. Husband. 

4 7. Vona — W. W. Goff. Matilda Kliewer, Eva A. Reeves. Marie Farquhar, 
H. A. Lakin, Seibert. 

48. J. G. Scherrer, Hermes. No teacher listed. 

49. Stratton — Orvil Brown. Leva Van Hook Lintord. 

50. O. C. Dunlap, Burlington. Blanche Johnston, Vona. 

51. Burlington — W. A. -Hess. Myrtle Branon. 

52. Stratton — R. O. Hoover. Hildred Perry. 


53. Tuttle — S. D. Hitchcock. Mrs. Tena Meracle. 

54-. Stratton — F. C. Fuhlendorf. Mae Harper. 

55. Bedford Nelson, Seibert. W. L. Knies, Flagler. 

56. Stratton — Peter Burggraff. Blanche Glaze, Minnie Heid. 

57. Stratton — E. W. Tarrent. C. W. Wright, v Prin. ; Ada G. Billings, Winona 

L. Runquist, Iris Dorothea Mager. 

58. Stratton — Chas. Wilson, W. R. Linford. 

59. Seibert — W. I. Conley. Blanche Greek, E. M. Short. 

60. Stratton — R. N. Simerton. Ray Dorothy. 

61. Vona^N. P. Iverston. Ethel G. Lewis, Prin.; Sydney E. Willis, Hazel 


62. Stratton — S. E. Travis. Josephine Stalgren. 


County Supt. Mrs. Martha B. Johnson, Leadville. 59 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. Ail other names are those of teachers. 

District — 

1. Leadville — William Carson. 

Oro School — Jeannie Lindsay. 

Graham Park School — Mrs. Ollie I. Vivian. 

2. Leadville — A. V. Hunter. 

Jos. H. Walton, City Supt. 

Supervisors — Zulah E. Bird, Music and Drawing; Clarence F. Haaff, 
Manual Training; Frederick H. Wiebesiek, Physical Training; Wilma 
B. Paxton, Domestic Science; Stella R. Pearson, Primary Work. 

High School— Lulu M. Pinger, Prin., Mathematics; Clara A. Black, 
Mathematics; John M. Allison, English; Edwin H. Menke, German; 
Adelia M. Mead, Commercial Subjects; Nellie A. Stevens, Latin; Evan 
E. Anderson, History; Minnie O. Carlson, Biology; Joseph A. Griffin, 
Physics and Chemistry; Rowena P. Schaefer, Spanish and Assistant. 

Central School — John K. Stratiff, Prin.; Ruth Fisher, Assistant Prin.; 
Adeline H. Eddy, Ruth Spangler, Anita F. Sargent, Nell M. Miller, 
Grace E. McCreary, Mary Gildea, Bess M. Miner, Mary A. O'Dea, 
Bessie L. Newton. 

Ninth Street School — C. C. Wise. Prin.; Margaret V. O'Dea, Assistant 
Prin.; Adeline H. Eddy, Linda McCoy, Ella M. Chenault, Sylvia G. 
Weston, Olive Jorgensen, Florence R. Fulton, Ethel M. Gage, Mary 
L. Darling, Thelma J. Lumsden. 

Carbonate Hill School — Kate R. Larson. Prin.; Ethel Rhodes, Alberta 
Wallace, Olivia Reichle. 

Seventh Street School — -Lelia Holt, Prin.; Alta Clarke, Thelma Lums- 

Smelter School — Marguerite DeLaney, Prin. 

Finntown School — Irene Tracey, Prin. 

Tennessee Pass School — Wilda Crispelle, Prin.; Irene Murchison. 

4. Twin Lakes — Sara Orner. Irene Hackward. 

5. John Holden, Box 981, Leadville. 

Adelaide Park School — Annie Holden. 
Ibex School — Nellie Sullivan. 

8. W. B. Dorrington, 308 W. Chestnut, Arkansas Junction. 

Soda Springs School — Emily Craig. 

9. Court Parsons, Leadville. 

Hayden School — Ellen Brady. 

10. Mrs. Cecelia Paddock, Box 394, Leadville. 

Crystal Lake School — Bernadette Sullivan. 

11. Daniel Colahan, 326 Elin St., Leadville. 

Malta School — Katherine Clune. 
13. Elario Preti, Box 52, Leadville. 

Stumptown School — Ruth A. Streitenberger, Prin.; Rose A. Briardy. 



County Supt. Miss Nell McCartey, Durango. 96 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

District — 

1. Durango — J. J. Alexander. W. A. Price, Prin.; Mrs. Magdalen Hatfield, 

Mary Quinn. 

2. Durango — M. T. Lomason. Zelma Baldwin. 

3. Rockwood — Josiah Moore. Sarah Rule. 

4. Bayfield — Robt. Morrison. F. E. Groves, Prin.; Mrs. Walter W. Wilson, 

I '■•lores McCormick. Mrs. Earl Smith. 

5. Griffith — Mrs. W. Calhane. Mary King. 

6. Secretary not listed. Alice Hunt, Hesperus, Colo. 

7. Mancos — Elmer Olbert. Bertha Pollock. 

8. Bayfield — J. C. Maloy. Alice Wheeler. 

9. Durango — R. I. Clements. E. E. Smiley, Supt.; Mrs. Rosepha Pulford, 

Prin. H. S.; Edna Turner, E. J. Myers, Dr. S. Boyd Calkins, Frank 
Rodecker, Esther Celin, Sara Cody, Miss Weyland, Mary O'Rourke, 
Mrs. Rose Koogle, Mrs. Minnie Evans, Shelby Patrick, Goldie 
Hocker, Edwin Bluck, Prin.; Anna Pickering, Mrs. Jennie Gervals, 
Louise Welk, Mrs. Rose Thomas, Katherine Murphy, Mrs. Wilda B. 
Barnes, Emma Gross, Bertha Biggs, Nell R. Earhart, Prin.; Marie 
Matley. Florence Salabar. Mary O'Connell. Myrtle Hill, Ellen Gill- 
mor, Prin.; Ruth Jackson, Margaret Kreoger, Emily Arnold. 

10. Bayfield — Milas Sommers. Lena Townsend. 

11. R. R. 1, Durango — O. R. Silliman. Mrs. Elizabeth Carney, Prin.; Ona 

Harris, Mary Cummins. 

12. R. R. 1, Durango — Fred W. Kreoger. Mrs. Hannah Bryan. 

13. Rockwood — A. A. Lechner. Susie Winner. 

14. Durango — Roby Nelson. Helena Kreder. 

15. Bayfield — Geo. A. Black. Margaret Ong. 

16. R. R. 2, Durango — F. Cienfuegos. Mrs. E. M. Bryce. 

17. Griffith — Mrs. Retta Darby. Dola Merry. 

18. H. M. Taylor, Redmesa. F. J. Busch, Prin.. Redmesa, Colo.; Dorcas 

Barton, Redmesa, Colo.; Jas. Pickering, Prin., Kline, Colo.; Mrs. 
Mabel Rutherford, Kline, Colo. 

19. Secretary not listed. Dorothy Hill, Hesperus, Colo.; Hazel Lester, La 

Plata, Colo. 

20. Hesperus — Mrs. M. M. Holder. Frank Elliott, Prin.; Marie Kolz. 

21. Ignacio — Mrs. Sadie Aspaas. M. E. Munsil, Prin.; W. S. Herring, Faw- 

ney Myers, Willie Turner, Mrs. Alice N. Babbitt, Mrs. Margaret 
Baldwin. Mrs. Erne Smith, Martha Conroy, Julia Townsend, Bay- 

22. Griffith — W. B. Morrison. Alta Long. 

23. Oxford — Harry Smith. Linda McCoy, Susie Winner, Elsie Stevens. 

24. J. E. Dale, Pendleton, N. Mex. Mamie Stewart, Redmesa. 

25. Allison — Wade Young. Name not reported, Prin.; Bessie McChesney. 

26. Griffith — Chas. Hafling. Lena Bowman, Josephine Steans. 

27. Bayfield — Joseph Swain. Abbie Taylor. 

2S. H. N. Linebarger. Tiffany. Ruth Linebarger. Prin.. Tiffany; Sylvia 
Pargin, R. R. 2, Ignacio; Ruth Meller, R. R. 2, Ignacio; Addie John- 
son, R. R. 2, Ignacio; Inez Hill, Prin., R. R. 2, Ignacio; Georgia Tur- 
ner, R. R. 2, Ignacio. 

29. R. R. 2, Durango — Mrs. J. Anderson. Dorothy Bell. 

30. R. R. 2, Durango — S. A. Masters. Mary Bryce. 

31. H. T. Lippard. Durango. Mrs. Dora Ent, Breen; Ethel Pollock, Breen. 

32. Breen — Mrs. Jenet Mason. Grace Nicholson. 

33. R. R. 2, Durango — Mrs. J. Nabors. Vadis Paxton. 

3 1. Kline — A. C. Mohney. Eva Rutherford, Prin.; Laura Rutherford. 



County Supt. Emma T. Wilkins, Fort Collins, Colo. 216 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

District — 

1. Pleasant Hill — A. R. Dohner, Loveland. Mable Landers, 622. Franklin 

Ave., Loveland. 

2. Loveland — Mrs. G. W. Foster. 

R. W. Truscott, Supt. 

High School — Geo. W. Ross, Prin., Physics and Chemistry; John H. 
Harms, Latin and German; Grace Dickinson, History and English; 
Inez McLean, Geometry; Lillian Pulliam, History and English; Lu- 
cile Wakefield, Biology; Lenore Snodgrass, English; Mary A. John- 
ston, Latin and General Science; Cecil Graves, Algebra and Science. 

Special Teachers — Helen E. Parker, Music and Art; B. F. Rickel, Man- 
ual Training. F. M. Allworth, Commercial Subjects and Supervisor 
Penmanship; Mrs. Clara Gookins, Domestic Science. 

Lincoln School — Mary Blair, Prin.; Leila Hook, Leota Hook, Edith Mil- 
ler, Esther Bailey, Myrtle Green, Maude Rumley, Florence Head, 
Jessie Carder, Gertrude Nelson, Anna Fiedler, Viola Cluph. 

Washington School — Edith Young, Prin.; Edna Taylor, Alice Jones, 
Elsie Cheesman, Nelle Bates, Maude Snotty, Clara Woodmansee, Mrs. 
Letitia Scott, Bertha Harlacher, Mabel Stoddard, Frances Smith, 
Martha Wegner, Ethel Ora Rink. 

Garfield School — Belle Burkholder, Prin.; Florence Coy, Carrie Martin, 
Gertrude Cluph, Ella Vinacke, Jean Cross, Cora Bishop, Louise 
Truant Officer, Walter Price. 

3. Albert C. Cross,' Loveland. 

Mountain View — Mrs. Olive G. Wailes, Loveland, R. 1. 
Big Thompson — Edna M. Graham, Loveland. 

5. Fort Collins, E. H. Hall. A. H. Dunn, Supt. 

High School — U. G. Gorgon, Prin.; Elizabeth C. Peek, Asst. Prin., Ger- 
man; John S. Congdon, Physics and Chemistry; George W. Scott, 
Mathematics, Athletics; Sara B. Libby, English; Gertrude E. Norris, 
Latin; J. R. Lanphear, Commercial Subjects; Edyth Gustafson, Bi- 
ology, Frances W. Adams, English; Blanche Newell, English; Ella 
L. Sorenson, History; H. M. Brown, Mathematics; Robert L. Born, 

Supervisors — Margaret G. Ross, Sewing; Margaret L. Smith, Cookery; 
E. J. Thompson, Manual Training; Odessa D. Cortland, Music; Agnes 
Young, Penmanship; Laura M. Purcell, Art. 

Laurel Street School — Marguerite Demmel, Prin.; Caroline Kettle, Jen- 
nie N. Pingrey, Ethel McKissick, Jamie Allan, Edith Mcintosh, 
Delpha Dilts, Eunice Akin, Anna H. Croze. 

Remington School — J. M. Campbell, Prin.; Norma H. Steel, Adella 
Keck, Sue Quick, Lillian C. Webster, Lillian Newton, Ethel E. Lucas, 
Gladys Farr, Ethyl P. McMillan, Maude E. Fruehling, Prin. Kinder- 
garten; Merle Bennett, Asst. 

Franklin School — Margaret E. Fessler, Prin.; Florence Hi. Reed, Alva 
McClintock, Eva Shriber, Myrtle Terrien, May Anderson, Elizabeth 
Bryson, Luella Ott, Mrs. Caroline W. Greenacre. 

La Porte Avenue School — Minnie A. Barton, Prin.; Jessie R. Moore, 
Rosa E. Snyder, Dorothy Armstrong, Edith Meyer, Elizabeth Fischer, 
Willa C. Coughlin, May Scott, Helen Love, Anna F. Thompson, Nell 
L. Warden, Prin. Kindergarten; Jane Kinney, Asst. 

Rockwood School — Sue M. Barton, Prin.; Wilhelmina Douglass. 

Special — Pearl L. Moore. 

6. Timnath — G. N. Akin. Elizabeth Luzmoor, Prin.; Hila HasBrouck. 


8. Weldon School — P. H. Boothroyd, Jr., Loveland. Harriet Puntenney, 

Prin., Masonville, R., Loveland; Ethel S. Perkins, Loveland. 

9. Livermore — Geo. G. Campton. Agnes Rasmussen. 

Owl Canon School — Hazel Zenor, La Porte, care John Rigden. 

10. Fort Collins — Mrs. Nora West. M. Alice Williams, Prin., 512 S. Mel- 

drum St.; Jessie Brunton, 117 N. Whitcomb St.; Beth Williams, 512 
S. Meldrum St 

11. Fort Collins — Martin V. Bogard. Feme Myers, 1310 La Porte Ave. 

12. Virginia Dale — Marion G. Boyd. Sarepta Gray. 

13. Berthoud — W. F. Edmondson. L. L. Johnson, Supt. ; Anna Johnson, 

Latin and German; Mrs. H. D. Garwood, English and Commercial Sub- 
jects; Nettie M. Carey, History and Science; Annabel Farnsworch, 
Lelia M. Traynor, Gladys K. Drach, Helen Shonyo, Florence Rose, Mrs. 
Helen Nichols. 

14. Stratton Park — Mrs. Frank E. Cope, Bellvue. Martha I. Schueler, R. 1, 


15. Boxelder — Mrs. E. L. Pitcher, Fort Collins. Ella M. Leonard, Prin., Box 

174, R. 2, Fort Collins; Elizabeth Root, Box 174, R. 2, Fort Collins. 

16. Pleasant View — W. F. Edmondson, Berthoud. Anias Helm, Prin., R. 3, 

Fort Collins; Opal Nebergall, 801 La Porte Ave., Fort Collins. 

17. Harmony — George L. Gross, Bellvue. Arlene Gill, Prin., R. 1, Fort Col- 

lins; Ethie Stockton, 1218 Remington St., Fort Collins. 
IS. Jay S. Bosworth, Bellvue. 

Stove Prairie — Linna Harris, R. 1, Bellvue. 
Welch Park — Helen Grether, R. 1, Bellvue. 
Buckhorn — Hilda Johnson, R. 1, Bellvue. 
Red Stone — Ora E. Cornelison, Masonville. 

19. Pinewood — Mrs. Wilma Edmonds, Bellvue. Mrs. Alice E. Sprague. 

20. Lone Tree — C. D. Ramsey, Loveland, R. 3. Bessie M. Hesse, Loveland. 

21. Riverside — F. H. Church, Fort Collins, R. 4. Hazel M. Tanner, R. 4. 

Fort Collins. 

22. Old Berthoud — Irvin Edmonson. J. M. Long, Prin., Berthoud; Ivy Stock- 

well, Berthoud. 

23. Red Rock — W. C. Gillet, Berthoud. Gertrude L. Lauck, R. 2, Berthoud. 

24. Proctor — Earl Stobbe, Loveland, R. 3. Jessie M. Evett, 821 Garfield Ave., 


25. St. Cloud — Mrs. Ida L. Elliott, Livermore. Esther Wilkin. Cherokee 

Park; Ruth Price, Tie Siding, Wyo.; Ruth E. Richardson, Livermore; 
Clara Petzke, R. 1, Laramie, Wyo. 

26. Plummer — Geo. W. Graham, Fort Collins, R. 2. Norma Smith, R. 2, 

Fort Collins, Prin.; Dorothy M. Kermode, R. 2, Fort Collins. 

27. Highland — J. H. Gritton. Fort Collins, R. 5. Zenada Alexander, R. 5, 

Fort Collins. 

28. Ray Stouffer, Log Cabin. Alice Billington, Livermore. 

29. Loveland — J. B. Foster, R. 1. W. A. Booton. 

30. Estes Park — Mrs. Louise Hayden. Evelyn V. Moore. Prin., H. S. subjects. 

Music, Drawing; Elva Erwin. Asst. in High School, Sewing; Beulah 
Hix, Cooking; Doris Bond, A. L. Cobb, Manual Training. 

31. Fossil Creek — W. H. Prendergast, Fort Collins, R. 1. Mary Prendergast, 

R. 1, Fort Collins. 

32. Mount Hope — Adolf Donath, Ft. Collins, R. 1. Emma J. Pirie, R. 5, 

Fort Collins. 

33. Boxelder — F. L. Maxwell. Dorothy M. Dodds. 

3 4. Wellington — Arthur J. Piatt. Mrs. Nora R. Miller, Supt.; Stella G. 
Deaver, High School subjects; Esther Dickinson, Asst. High School; 
Janet McCoy, Katherine Greenamyre. Dora C. Wolfer, Florence C. 
Watts, Esther A. Wheaton, Stella C. Wilson. 

35. Fort Collins — C. A. Bartels, Lula Gray, Prin., R. 2; Katherine Gray, 

R. 2; Tirzah Bullington, R. 2. 

36. M. W. Dealy, Fort Collins, R. 3. Helen K. VonVihl, La Porte. 

37. Henry R. Culver, Longmont, R. 5. 

Culver — Margaret Smith, Longmont. 
Pinedale — Rubye Jones, Berthoud. 


38. Twin Mounds — Mrs. Ruth Hamilton, Loveland, R. 2. B. B. Case, Prin.; 

Helen Evans. 

39. Trilby — W. J. P. Henderson, Fort Collins, R. 1. Vera Stockton, 1218 

Remington St., Fort Collins. 
41. Rocky Ridge — H. M. Dixon. Lydia Schlitt, Box 364, Fort Collins. 
4 2. Gleneyre — Mrs. H. F. Piper, Jelm, Wyoming. Alice Billington, Jelm, 

Wyo. ; Martha A. Boresen, Jelm, Wyo. 
49. Waverly — William A. Martin, Wellington. Lora M. Ebert, Prin., R. 1, 

Wellington; Geleah Kissinger, R. 1, Wellington. 

51. Masonville — C. A. Weightman. Alice Milner. 

52. North View — Mrs. C. A. Westerdoll, Fort Collins. Orda Landers, R. 4, 

Fort Collins. 

53. Elkhorn — Mrs. Jessie McConnell, Log Cabin. Margaret A. Wolfer. 

54. Summit — C. M. Eidson, Loveland. R. 3. Ruth M. Zoll, Loveland. 

55. Wellington — J. M. Rodgers, R. 1. 

Spring School, Laura Makepeace. 

Soapstone — Mrs. E. C. Hodges. 

East School — Katherine Lyndon. 

Fairmont — Marguerite M. Diddel, Box 2 4. 

Round Butte — Ineze Crabill, Carr. « 

56. Westlake — J. W. Hardin, Log Cabin. Sophie R. Romire, Log Cabin. 

57. Lake View — W. E. Bader, Loveland. Helen Roach, R. 2, Loveland. 

58. Dry Creek — Mrs. Nellie Brown, Loveland. Berneice G. Stewart, R. 3, 


59. Moessner — A. C. Barlow, Wellington. Bessie Gaylord, Prin.. "Wellington; 

Lillian Bittner, Wellington. 

60. La Porte — Arthur Matthews. 

Cache La Poudre School — Six-Six Plan — Clyde W. Young, Supt., Mathe- 
matics; W. S. Hill, Agriculture, Botany, Grammar, History; Mary 
E. McKibben, English and History; Mrs. Elizabeth McCullah. Physics. 
Cooking, Sewing; H. Hildebrandt, Manual Training; Esther R. Nel- 
son, High School German; Minna Cathcart, Martha E. Falloon. 

61. Chimney Hollow — Mrs. Annie M. Howard, Lyons. Cora Rasmussen. 



County Supt. Elmore Floyd, Trinidad. 230 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

1. Trinidad — F. W. Jones. J. R. Morgan, Supt. 

High School — F. H. Merton, Prin.; A. H. Minton. Ass't Prin.; J. H. 

Wellenkamp, Chas. Swindler, J. F. Sinclair, F. G. Springsteen, Jas. 

M. Lord, Edwin Winterbourne, Elizabeth Babcock, Clara^ Bunnell, Lela 

Taylor, Elizabeth Sanzenbacher, May Morrison, Lucille Powell. 

Nellie Roberts, Gertrude Shanks, Nellie Tyler, Clara Wight. 
Special Teachers — A. De Foe Miller, Manual Training; Luella Burk- 

hard. Music; Annie Garber, Drawing and Writing; Isabel Cordova. 

Spanish: Nita Williams, Sewing; F. W. Jones, Manual Training in 

High School; Vernon Murray, Ass't Manual Training; Helen Eakins, 

Ass't Sewing. 
East Street School — Nellie Baird, Prin.; Grace Mehlman, Minnie 

Moynahan. Sadie Musselman, Grace Rice, Mabel Huston. 
Columbian School — Nora Clark, Prin.; Carrie McClellan. Elizabeth 

Eckhart, Ella Horn, Mary O'Brien. 
Park School — B. H. Allsworth, Prin.; Mabel Milligan, Melinda Logan, 

Minnie Adamson, Maud Godfrey, Helen Duling. Mabel Bailey, Joyce 

Massey, Frances Schulz, Elizabeth McClure. Ruth Cooley, Jessie 



Centennial School — L. B. Breeden, Prin.; Bertha Keiper, May Wilson, 
Daisy Ranney, Carrie Miller, Katherine Mason, Maud Butler, Mattie 
Taylor, Pattie Caldwell, Margaret Brown. 

Santa Fe School — R. L. Price, Prin.; Anna Peters, Frances Hawley, 
Margaret Hawley, Gertrude Young, Myrtle Anderson, Helen Boyle, 
Frances Borgman, Lucille Murphy, Grace Brandon, Geneva Bnod- 
grass, Alice Thorpe. 

Rice School — H. M. Corning, Prin.; Mary Schurman, Mayme McDer- 
mott, Clara Stark, Florence Paris, Florence Wilson, Edna Noonan, 
Ruth Shepherd, Esther Parkyn, Margaret Shenkle, Laura McRorey, 
Margaret Trout, Lena Wren. 

2. Trinidad — J. M. Cordova. Ruby Dalholtz. 

3. Lauriano Trujillo, Virgil. May Follin. Weston. 

4. Madrid — Jose Bueno. Frank Torres, Prin., Agnes Larsen. 

5. Trinidad — Mrs. X. C. Valdez. Mary Horn, Mary Gerardi. 

6. Aguilar— George Shaddy. W. B. Hughes, Prin.; S. J. .Daley, Evarista 

McEnerney, Mary Zuech, Marie Kaleser, Anna Cavenah, Sophia Cav- 
enah, Mary Martino. 

7. Trinidad — George Vaiana. Don Vigil, Prin.; Gwladys Logan, May 


8. Trinidad, R. F. D. — O. W. Fuller. Helen Frisbey. 

9. Aguilar — Toribio Ortiz. Catherine Kaye. 

10. Emeterio Madrid, Trinchera. No teacher listed. 

11. Stonewall — Mrs. Viola Russell. Martha J. Jurgens. 

12. Zacarias Martinez, Segundo. Mrs. R. Sandoval, Primero; Jose A. Mar- 

tinez, Segundo. 

13. John Edgar Dye, El Moro. F. T. Frisbey, Prin., Trinidad; Hazel Brad- 

ley, Trinidad; Julia Duling, Trinidad. 

14. Delagua — Harry Beirne. Mary Moore. 

15. J. S. Apodaca, Gulnare. Kathryn Murphy, Aguilar. 

16. Weston — F. B. Cordova. Sofia Madrid, Prin.; Stephy Petochnick. 

17. Forbes — Dr. W. B. Woods. Mrs. Clara Hoffman, Prin.; Edna Campbell. 

18. Cokedale — D. D. Dodge. E. E. Edgerton, Prin.; Bernit-ce Barnes, Mabel 

Williams, Winifred Chandler. 

19. Earl — Mrs. H. E. Hargrove. Mrs. Ella Lewis, Emma Flynn. 

20. Trinidad — Frank Garcia. No teacher listed. 

21. Trinidad — Mrs. Alma Cox. Ella Kalene, Prin.; Lillian Sperry. 

22. Troy — Chas. G. McCash. Mrs. Rozzie Snowden. 

23. Gulnare — J. Vincente Virgil. No teacher listed. 

24. Casimioro Barela, Trinidad. No teacher listed. 

25. Gulnare— J. H. Belarde. R. M. Griswold. 

26. Aguilar — Mrs. F. A. Cruz. No teacher listed. 

27. Hicks — Mrs. Arch Lane. No teacher listed. 

28. Forbes — J. P. Carey. Anna Bader. 

29. Torres — J. E. Torres. Ollie M. Schibler. Prin. 

30. Dr. C. O. McClure, Starkville. Luella Johnson. Prin., Trinidad; Alma 

McLin, Starkville; Frances Thomas, Trinidad; Murl Huffman, Trin- 

31. Rudolph Jensen, Raton, New Mex. No teacher listed. 

32. Morley — W. L. Jones. R. E. Rockwell, Prin.; Stella M. Bragg, Mrs. 

Cora V. Wood, Grace E. Lee, Wooton. 

33. Trinidad, R. F. D. — Andrew McDonald. Mary Hanger. 

34. J. A. Lucero, Trinchera. No teacher listed. 

35. Edouardo Gonzales, Alfalfa. No teacher listed. 

36. Barela — C. A. Parks. Xana Gorham. 
3 9. Julian B. Sanchez, Gray Creek. 

40. Ludlow — Wm. Gloystein. Susan Hollearin, Isabella Baxter, Elizabeth 


41. Geo. Shields. Berwind. Elizabeth Tennant. Prin., Tollerburg; Ida Conn. 

Tollerburg; Amelia Francks, Tollerburg; Jennie Wiles, Prin., Berwind; 
Anna Ring, Berwind; Elsie Mars. Berwind; Mary Ann Thomas, Ber- 
wind; Edith Wiles, Berwind. 


42. Fred Baker, Sopris. E. G. Morand, Prin., Trinidad; Frances Barnes, 
Trinidad; Helen Light, Trinidad; Kathryn Casey, Katherine Loughery, 
Trinidad; Sybil Staples, Sopris. 

4-3. Hoehne — Dr. W. C. McNeal. A. V. Wilson, Prin.; Margaret Massey. 

45. Albert E. Perry, Aguilar. Alice Towne, Prin., Augusta; Mrs. Saidie 

McDonald, Augusta. 

46. Hoehne — Savas Lujan. Bessie Woodward. 

47. Trinchera — S. J. Mock. Achsah Hardin, Prin. ; Harriet Lewis. 

48. W. M. Phillips, Duncan. No teacher listed. 

4 9. Bias. Sanchez, Watervale. Ara Davis, Atwell. 

50. Trinidad — Antonio Mantelli. Antoinette Clerici. 

51. D. J. Griffiths, Dalagua. William H. Weher, Prin., Hastings; Luna 

Teegarden, Hastings; Augusta Rooney, Hastings; Oscas S. Smith, 
Prin., Delagua; Mrs. Lena Smith, Delagua; Mayme Lloyd, Delagua; 
Elizabeth Bell, Delagua. 

52. Antonio Trujillo, Segundo. No teacher listed. 

53. Leandro Fernandez, Starkville. H. B. Bostick, Prin., Hoehne; Alice 

Maes, Trinidad; Lola Maes, Trinidad; Mary MacLiver, Trinidad. 

54. Aguilar — Donaciano Valdez. No teacher listed. 

55. Rugby — R. D. Bishard. Elizabeth Mallot, Elizabeth Murphey. 

56. Camilio Jaron, Starkville. Florence Nelson, Trinidad. 

57. Aguilar — J. J. Cordova. No teacher listed. 

58. No secretary listed. Mabel Frisbey, Trinidad. 

59. Gray Creek — Thomas Foster. C. L. Diveley, Prin.; Mrs. Purl Diveley. 

60. Weston — Bernardino Zamoran. Edna Couey. 

61. W. B. Taylor, Valdez. Mrs. Hulda Chandler, Prin., Valdez; Gladys Rod- 

erick, Valdez; Sigfried Soder, Valdez; Mrs. Florence Feldhauser, 
Valdez; Elizabeth Cully, Prin., Segundo; Lucile Boyle, Segundo; 
Tracy Petochnick, Segundo; Edith Robertson, Segundo; James Elli- 
son, Prin., Segundo; Helen Reinke, Segundo; Homer Dodds, Prin. 
J. H. S., Primero; Mrs. Estella Flowers, Primero ; Blanche Woftey, 
Prin., Primero; Mrs. Maud Shaw, Primero; Amy Ring, Primero; Ruby 
Campbell, Primero. 

62. Trinidad — W. W. Estep. Esthrid Dalholtz. 

63. Max Sandoval, Sopris. Teresa Valdez, Prin., Trinidad; Rebecca Madrid, 

Trinidad; Josephine Flynn, Trinidad; Mary Barrett, Trinidad. 

64. Trinidad — J. L. Robinson. M. T. Flannery. 

67. Bowen — L. D. Mauk. Grace Campbell, Prin.; Ruth Larsen. 

68. Tercio — E. F. Hunt. Meldred Allen, Prin.; Eva Dunlavy. 

69. Joseph McGinn, Aguilar. Mary McEnerney, Prin., Aguilar; Emma 

Bachman, Brodhead. 

70. A. Austin, Higbee. No teacher listed. 

71. A. F. Wagner, Flues. Mrs. Edna Andrews, Ninaview. 

72. Thatcher — Mrs. Minnie Martin. Mrs. Fay Monroe. 

73. Fidel Garcia, Troy. Mrs. Iva Griffiths, Dalerose; Effie Grey, Dalerose. 

74. Jesus Torres, Weston. Mrs. Margaret Sanderson, Primero. 

75. Thomas Thompson, Alcreek. Rose Huiatt, Alcreek; Yvetta Snowden, 


76. Forrest Button, Model. Mary Rayner, Prin., Model; Mrs. Blanche Tal- 

bot, Model; Carlos B. Carter, Yetta; L. C. Swegart, Model. 

77. J. I. Miller, Augusta. No teacher listed. 

78. Stamford — C. F. Rhodes. Ethel Whitcomb. 

79. Barela — Antonio Passerelli. Inez Dalholtz, Trinidad R. F. D. 

80. Trinchera — Mrs. Elfido Lopez. No teacher listed. 

81. Estelene — James McArthur. Irma Clerici. 

82. Atwell — R. E. Barnes. C. L. Watson. 

83. Trinchera — J. I. Ballengee. Mrs. R. W. Manning. 

84. Melvin Woodey, Atwell. Clara Lynch, Yachita. 

85. Thos. B. Litsey, Trinchera. No teacher listed. 

86. Model — G. L. Dearinger. Riley Shackelford. 

87. Edwest — F. W. Bourne. Minnie B. Shafer. 

88. G. W. Bland, Buster. No teacher listed. 


89. H. P. Brown, Kim. No teacher listed. 

90. Flues — W. H. Rhodes. Grace Burwell, Samuel ('. Burwell. 

91. W. H. Kenner, Plum Valley. No teacher listed. 


County Supt. Miss Lennie Beavers, Hugo. 107 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

District — 

1. Hugo — M. E. Rothwell. J. T. Osborne, Supt., Limon. 

High School — John C. Unger, Prin.; Belle Shore, Assistant Prin. ; D. B. 
Walker, Science; Bess Low, Music and German; Marie McGovern, 
Commercial; Ruth Ingersol, Domestic Science; Frances C. Hyland, 
Mrs. Sadie Noble, Mrs. Delia Winder, Margaret Tefft, Mrs. Minnie 
Taylor, Ruth Huntling, Esther L. Larson, Eva Battles. 

2. Bovina — C. A. Sager. Mae De Hart, Mrs. Georgia Allen. 

3. J. E. Hobden, Arriba. Mrs. D. R. Williams, Arriba; Vera Parke, Flagler; 

Alma Magill, Thurman; Elsie T. Hein, Thurman. 

4. Limon — J. T. Osborne. L. Ryan, Prin.; Grace McGovern, Assistant Prin.; 

Ruth Voorhees, Domestic Science; Ruby L. Peck, Manual Training; 

Mrs. J. G. Olsen, Thelma Sample, Eva VonBerhn, Rosamond Little, 
Weila Bell, Mabel Utter. 

5. Limon — Ernest Hegwer. Gertrude H. Reini. Marie A. Stepstad, Laura 

Evelyn Duree, Anna Bee Salmon. 

6. R. J. Seaberg, Limon. Esther Manlove, Glen. 

7. Mrs. Emil Johnson, Genoa. Marie Jansen, Glen. 

8. Boyero — Theo. G. Fick. F. W. Collins, Prin.; Mary E. Hall, Mrs. F. W. 

Collins, Laura Johnson, Maurine Bilderbeck, Ruth Baker, Thos. G. 

9. W. R. Nimmo, Forder. Lurline Stump, Forder; Leona Humphries, Carr 

Crossing; Mrs. Irene Wilcox, Ordway; A. V. Darnell, Carr Crossing; 
May Sharp, Forder. 

10. Cecil Taylor, Glen. Gladys Echternacht, Genoa; Lorena Sorensen, 

Genoa; Blanche Reiss, Glen. 

11. J. C. Anderson, Genoa. Thos. J. Rouner, Genoa. 

12. Arriba — Mrs. M. L. Youngdale. Mrs. Pearl Ye well. 

13. Genoa — Milo H. Jones. E. E. Keena, Prin.; Ramoneita Sayers. 

14. Fred Rose, Clifford. Edith Kraft, Clifford; Ruth D. Kearns, Hugo; Mrs. 

Emma McAllister, Arriba; Lillie L. Schell, Hugo. 

15. Genoa— H. S. Sutliff. Grace Magill. 

16. A. E. Gee, Glen. Flo Tefft, Bovina. 

17. Edwin Whitmore, Aroya. Lina Hiatt. Aroya; Irene Hiatt, Aroya; Mrs. 

A. Whitney, Swift; Lavina Bradfield, Aroya. 

18. Hugo — S. E. Keepers. Kathryn Lloyd. 

19. Haswell — W. E. Bressler. Claude A. Kane. 

20. L. M. Laurie, Hugo. Vernon Keepers, Hugo; Mrs. Carrie L. Eastwood, 

Hugo; Enid Ward, Swift; Florence M. Barnard, Swift; Blanche A. 
Keena, Swift; Georgia Lamson, VVezel; Christine Farney, Boyero; 
Bertha Fremgen, Amy. 

21. Roy Mundell, Karval. Marjorie Dryhurst, Karval; Florence Barrett, 

Swift; Mrs. Hallie Dye, Karval; Mrs. Tucker, Arlington. 

22. W. J. Suchanek, Karval. No teacher listed. 

23. Karval — J. Webb, Boyero. Elsie Crosson. Kate Sturgeon, L. K. Dal- 


24. Rush — B. A. Babcock. Caroline A. Finch, Maude Tefft, Gladys Dilling- 

ham, Frances Stringham. 

25. Hugo — L. N. Calvert. Lucile Foreman. 

26. Karval — Clara Wills. Avis Sterling, Zella Plumlee. 


27. Mrs. W. L. Beedy, Bovina. Jennie Fesler, Karvai. 

28. Kendrick — Erla Shields. Mrs. Elizabeth Wilcox, Ordway; Edna Perdue, 

Nanna Perdue, Louis C. Wittrock, Clarence Hern, Neva Lunst'ord. 

29. Jay Lewell, Shaw. Florence Wagner, Kendrick. 

30. Amy — J. D. Huffman. Beulah Thompson, Jennie 11. Dickman. 

31. Arriba — John Davis. George N. Fisher, Prin. ; S. G. McConnell, Lavina 

Donaldson, Edna Tyler. 

32. Arriba — J. A. Switzer. Etna Denton, Jas. G. Robb. 

33. Girard — J. M. Newell. Margaret Owen. 

34. J. E. Simmons, Hugo. Minnie Fremgen, Karvai. 


County Supt. Flora A. Allison, Sterling, Colo. 166 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

Logan County Industrial Arts High School, Sterling — E. C. Withrow. J. 
A. Sexson, Supt.; C. N. Saltus, Prin.; R. Ewing Stiffler, Manual Train- 
ing; R. R. Knowles, Mathematics; K. C. Morse, Science; E. J. Hadsell, 
Agriculture; Louise Hagen, German; Genevieve Hixson, Commercial; 
Florence Holder, Commercial; Grace Lowe, History; Lillian Shrum, 
Latin; Helen Anderson, History; Elizabeth Tohill, Expression; Mrs. 
C. N. Saltus, Domestic Science; Ruby Coffin, Domestic Art; Charles 
Hauptman, Agriculture; George C. Burckhalter, Agriculturist. 

Union High School No. 1, Atwood — C. A. Craig. O. N. Perrigo, Frin. 
Union High School No. 2, Merino — Sumner Dilley. A. A. Birdick, Prin. 
Union High School No. 3, Crook — J. D. Masters. S. R. Parvin, Prin. 

District — 
1. J. C. Woodside, Willard. Elsie Kent, Prin., Willard; Miss Clark, Willard; 
Grace Fisher, Willard; Edna Connor, Willard; Ethel Snider, Willard; 
Marie Humphreys, Merino; Irene Walgren. Willard. 

7. Kelly — Mrs. Alice Lindstrom. Bessie Stout. 

8. Leroy — Chas. Green. Ethel E. Hurley. 

9. Peetz — Geo. Howard. Chas. D. Metcalf, Prin.; Jennie Richardson, Grace 

Benson, Ula A. Vaughn, Mrs. Mary Wilcox. 

12. Sterling — W. E. King. J. A. Sexson, Supt. 

Junior High School — Chas. N. Saltus, Prin.; Elsa K. R. Von Ruecau, 
Science; Earl H. Peterson, English; Janette Libby, History; A nix- 
Dickinson, English. 

Lincoln School — Sallie McGavock, Prin. Ruth M. Kelsey, Mrs. Myrcle 
Roe, Nettie Smith, Anne Neville, Mary A. Jordan, Ruth Smith, Celeste 
Donnelly, Christina Budin, Ella Nash, Gladys Miller, Mrs. Edna 
White, German. 

Franklin School — Thela Gossage, Prin. Erdeena Walker, Nettie Beat- 
tie, Anna Walek, Clara Sutherland, Myrta Pantall, Ruth Benson, 
Sarah Williams, Pauline Wesner. 

Special Teachers — Stanford Conant, Supervisor of Grades. Dorothy 
M. Green, Music; Emma Teller, Manual Training; R. E. Stiffler, Art; 
Mary Munson, Art. 

13. Haxtun — Lee Dix. Nettie Damm. 

14. Haxtun — J. R. Danks. Bertha Krueger. 

15. Chas. See, Crook. Nancy Williams, Stoneham; Dorothy Sharp, Crook. 

16. Merino — Mrs. J. P. Lee. Nada Ballard, Effie Anderson. 

19. W. A. McEndaffer, West Plains. Nell Allen, Peetz; Essa Law, Peetz; 
Mrs. Louisa role, West Plains; Rose Peverley, Peetz; Doris G. Rhein- 
hardt, Kimball, Nebr. 

22. Clarence Robirds, Padroni. Roy F. Street, Padroni; Hazel Braddy, 
Peetz; Hobarta Odor, Peetz; Evelyn Robirds, Winston; Mrs. Grace Lind- 
say, Winston; Mayre Castleberry, Peetz; Emma B. Scott, Peetz; Sarah 
Hughes, Peetz. 


24. Merino — K. C. Brown. A. A. Birdick, Prin.; Ethel Hunt, Olliem Paxton, 
Mrs. A. A. Birdick. 
sterling: — .las. Snodgrass. Clara B. Litch. 

28. I). E. Gould, Sterling. Hazel Olds, Prin., Atwood; Eva McDonald, Au 


29. Sedgwick — Mrs. Lily Kursch. Lily Mabel Drake, Edith Anderson. 

30. Sterling — Robert Harley. Georgia M. Smith. 

31. Sterling — Z. Dickinson. Audrey Greenman. 

3 4. Atwood — A. S. Peterson. Mrs. Mima Richards. 

::8. Sterling — J. B. Scott. Esther Schmidt. 

13. Fleming — B. H. Harms. Mrs. Vina Work. Mabel Bailess. 

50. Proctor — W. L. Strickland. Loucille Reynolds. Everitt Gentry, Mrs. 

Elsie Miller. Mrs. Fay Lehmkuhl. 

52. Haxtun — Genevieve Clark. Agnes Frerker. 

54. Iliff — I. R. Collard. C. D. Safford, Trin.; Mrs. C. O. Finch. Minerva 

Waterfield. Mrs. Frances Reed. 

55. Fleming — J. B. Reinhardt. 

.">•'>. Earl Ricke. West Plains. Mary Hays. West Plains; Helen Crichton, 

60. Atwood — W. R. Woodward. C. X. Perrigo, Prin.: Lois Van Ullem, Mrs. 

C. N. Perrigo. 
62. Crook — J D. Masters. S. R. Parvin. Prin.; Adeline Jamison, Faye 

Xorthey, Mrs. S. R. Parvin. Vera Young. 
65. Mrs. Chas. Glackin, Kelley. Alma C. Calvert, Leroy. 

69. Fleming — Mrs. E. J. Rudel. E. A. Gibson, Prin.; Hazel White, Ethel 

Hutchinson, Mary O'Rourke. 

75. Fleming — J. A. Longnecker Wm. A. Crichton, Ida M. Hunter, Louisa 


76. Graylin — F. H. Wlllard, Stoneham. Zela Beahm. Leona Beahm, Mrs. 

Mary Baker. 

77. J. D. Henson, Proctor. Ethel Chandler, Iliff; Lois Goodman. Iliff. 

78. Mrs. P. C. Dolan, Iliff. Verne Elliott, Iliff; B. R. Church. Proctor. 

70. Atwood — Frank Dilley. Mrs. Emma Hatch. 

80. J. L. Secrist, Haxtun. Eva B. Hitt, Fleming. 

81. Sterling — Mrs. C. M. Jones. Elbert Coats. 

82. Atwood — I. C. Rice. Margaret Carrigan. 

83. Sterling — J. M. Anderson. Emma R. Vogt. 

84. Sterling — Mrs Will Tetsell. J. K. Morrow. 

85. Sterling — Emerson Warren. Mrs. Rosa Maxwell. 

86. L. U. Sherwin. Winston. Hazel Souders. Winston: Emma B. Scott. 

Peetz; Esther Jane McClure, Sterling: Eunice Cole, Iliff. 

87. Sterling — Jas. Rasmussen. 

88. Merino — John Hastings. Pearl Cox. 

89. Will Sipes, New Haven. Louise Walek, Fleming. 

90. Geo. Lauderback. Sidney, Xeb. Druella Walker, rroetor. 
01. Padroni — L. K. Parr. W. A. Huffman, Prin. 

2. Sterling— B. Van Gundy. Lida McClain. 

03. Sterling— John August. Olga Ourecky. Minnie Mitchell. Mildred Patter- 

son, Ella Walters, Graylin. 

04. Padroni — Harry Green. Marie Mehl. 

95. Sterling — J. M. Heist. Mrs. J. R. Haynes. 

06. John Clawson, Crook. Lulu Brooks, Fleming; Itha Cool. Fleming. 
97. W. B. Klee, Iliff. Opal Ruth Xorth, Peetz; Agnes Scott, Iliff. 
9S. H. F. Bell, Haxtun. Goldyn Horney, Red Lion; Miss Osborn. Red Lion. 
99. Consolidated-Dailey — O. E. Mock, Atwood. T. E. Breezely. Prin.; Minnie 
Mitchell. Mrs. Anna B. Xaugle. 



County Supt. Mrs. Elizabeth Hinton, Grand Junction. 181 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

Fruita Union High School — Minnie O. Hall, A.M., Superintendent; Anna M. 
Berg, A.B., Mathematics and German; Grace Kenahan, A. B.. English 
and Music; Elizabeth Gault, B.S., History; Gretchen Parker, B.S., 
Science; Olive L. Smith, Commercial Branches; Mabel Botkin, B.S., 
Home Economics; Earl Simpson, Manual Training. 

Collbran Union High School — F. N. Nisley, Ph.B., Principal; Clara Kramer, 
B.A., Assistant. 

District — 
1. Grand Junction — J. R. Wentworth. 

J. Henry Allen, A. B., A.M., Litt.D., Superintendent. 

Senior High School — Richard E. Tope, A.B., Principal; Julia C. Taylor, 

A.B., Latin; Raymond R. Weaver, B.S., Mathematics; Marie Killhef- 

fer, A.B., English; Hazel Ela, A.B., English; Donna May Lewis, 

Pd.B., A.B., History; Mrs. J. K. McClintock, A.B., A.M., Spanish, 

French and German; Ella Shimek, A.B., M.S., Science; Eva Wagner, 

A.B., Commercial Department. 
Junior High School — W. G. Hirons, A.B., Principal, Science; Marian 

Hinds, Vice Principal, Geography; Grace D. Clark, A.B., Latin; 

Emma Groom, A.B., English; Lucile Morrison, A.B., History; Eva 

Brooks, A.B., Algebra; Grace Greenfield, Historj'; Rita Andrews, 

A.B.. Reading and Spelling; Essie Foote, Arithmetic; Eva Ehren- 

feld. Pd.B., K.D.S.. English; Sadie Daniell, Reading and Spelling; 

Myrtie Palmer, A.B., English; Nora Riddle, Pd.B., Arithmetic. 
High School Supply Teacher — Mrs. R. L. Magill. 
Grade Supply Teachers — Mrs. Chas. K. Holmberg, Pd.B.; Mrs. Edith 

Supervisor of Penmanship — Fred M. Bacon. 
Supervisor of Music — Harriet J. Moulton, B.M. 
Supervisor of Manual Training — R. E. Hindman, A.B.. Merchants' 

Instructor in Domestic Science — Dorothy Montgomery, B.S. 
Lowell School — Helen A. Dewey, K.D., Principal; Eunice Farnham. 

Georgia O'Boyle, Pd.B.; Olive B. Crosby, B.D.; Luzetta Davis, Pd.B.; 

Lenore Watkins, B.E. ; Alwilda Thomas, Florence Nordstrom, Pd.B.; 

Frances Strock. 
Emerson School — Agnes Gigax, Pd.B., Principal; Margaret McConnell, 

Minnie Gigax, Pd.B.; Etta Lapham, Pd.B.; Signe Ericson, Pd.B.; 

Gladys Pemberthy, Pd.B.; Nellie M. Cullen. 
Hawthorn School — Beulah Van Buren. Principal; Maude Lyon, Alice 

Aldrich, Pd.B.; Agnes Dodson, Pd.B.; Leon Voils, Pd.M. ; Dessie 

Brown, Pd.B.; Anna DeLan, Edna Blaisdell, Pd.B. 
Bryant and Riverside Schools — Ada B. Copeland. Principal; Helen 

Webster, Pd.B.; Hope Taylor, Pd.B. 
Truant Officer — John Allison. 
■2. Fruita — J. L. Lockett. J. G. Gigax, Pd.B., Supt. and Prin.; Viola Burson, 

Pd.B.; Mrs. Josie Long, Mrs. Enola Mock, PdB.; Ruth Kilby, Pd.B.; 

Edith Page, Pd.B.; Vesta Sharp, Pd.M.; Mabel Righdneour, Pd.B.; 

Mrs. Lula Gigax, Mabel Botkin, Pd.B., Domestic Science. 

3. Whitewater — Mrs. S. L. Dodgion. Myrtle Scoville, Principal; Mrs. 

Carrie Steele, Oida Burford. 

4. Purdy Mesa — Mrs. Nettie R. Laurent, Whitewater. Mrs. Belle Mettress, 

Prin., Whitewater; Hazel Bradbury, Whitewater. 
f,. Collbran— Dr. W. V. Watson. F. N. Nisley, Ph.B., Prin.; Jessie Coryell, 
Pd.B.; Ina Dyer, Frances Campbell, Faye Laeurance, Pd.B. 


7. Rhone — H. I>. Connor, Fruita. Nellie M. Haynes, Prin., Fruita; Mary- 

Martin, Grand Junction. 

8. Molina — W. J. Myers. Eidelweiss Miller, Pd.B., Prin.; Myrtle Bahnet, 

!». Mesa — Soren Rasmussen. F. A. Khysburger, A.B., Prin.; Lelei Hesler, 
Harriet Foster. 
lit. De Beque — C. P. Edgerly. Miss I,. E. Allen, Prin.; Doris Stratton, B.A.. 
High School; Louise McCormac, B.A., High School; Lulu Stuart, Pd.B., 
.Junior High School and German; Elnora Brown, Mrs. Olive W. Myrick. 

11. Pride — M. F. Gilbert, Whitewater. Lulu Cheeley, Pd.B., Prin., White- 

water: Pauline Montgomery, Whitewater. 

12. Pleasant View — E. B. Wert, Collbran. No teacher listed. 

13. Allen — George Patterick, Grand Junction. Jessie Mead, Grand Junction, 

R. F. D. No. 1. 

14. Heiberger — Wm. D. Turner, Collbran. Dennis Harrison, Ruth L. Smith. 

15. Camoe — H. V. Rice. Isabel McCall, Susie Layden. 

17. Parker Basin — Mrs. E. Davis, Collbran. Anna M. Osgood, Collbran. 

18. Pear Park — S. N. Wagler, Grand Junction. Ermie Seiss, Pd.M., Prin., 

Grand Junction, R. F. D. No. 1 ; Emma Berg, Minnie Chatfield. 

19. Palisade — R. H. Bancroft. R. E. Greene, Superintendent; W. D. Det- 

wiler, M.D., Principal of High School, Music; Jennie R. McCall, B.A., 
Mathematics; Belle V. Miller, B.A., Latin and German; Emma H. 
Stevenson, B.A., A.M., English; Elizabeth Rutherford, Pd.B., Manual 
Training and Domestic Science; Emma F. Carpenter, Mabel B. Eyer, 
Grace R. Meyers, B.A.; Helen Jones, Pd.B.; Mildred Sherman, Mary 
Saunders, Pd.B.; Florence Nucholls, Pd.B. 

20. Carfield — n. W. Patten, Clifton. B. G. Moulton, A.B., Clifton, Prin.; 

Hannah Schryver, Clifton; Jennie Goddard, Clifton. 

21. Clover — Jas. A. Mow, Collbran. Neva Dowell, Collbran. 

22. Eagalite — Mrs. Hattie Long, Collbran. Mrs. Grace Curtis, Collbran. 

23. Loma — J. D. Payne. Chas. Rogers, Pd.M., Principal; Mary O'Bryan, 

Naomi Elliott, Fern Sharp, Pd.B.; Sara Krhu, Pd.B. 

24. Little Creek — Mrs. Burley Anderson, Collbran. Anna Webber, Collbran. 

25. Hunter — Chas. Kirkendall. Fruita. Mrs. Blanche Chambers, Principal, 

Grand Junction: Mae Fellows, Grand Junction. 
26 Canyon — -Mrs. Flora A. Carter, Mesa. Oreene Welch, Mesa 

27. Star — Hugh J. Groves Fruita. Elsie Hoskins. Fruita. 

28. Fruitvale — Chas. M. Jaquette, Grand Junction. E. E. Wilmore, A.B., 

Principal. Grand Junction. R. F. D. No. 1; Alice Gooding, A.B.. English, 
Grand Junction; Bertha Walker, A.B., Mathematics, Grand Junction; 
Mary Jaquette, M.D., Science, Grand Junction, R. F. D. No. 1; Helen 
Whiting, A.M., Domestic Science. Grand Junction; Maude Witherby, 
Elsie Lowenhagen. Ruth Pearce, Pd.B. 

29. Lincoln — Mrs. Lee Reaney. Grand Junction. Ruth Larson, Grand Junc- 


30. Georgia Mesa — J. G. Long, Molina. Mrs. Amy Miller, Molina, Georgia 

Mesa School; Mrs. Doralee Woody, Collbran, Sunnyside School; Freda 
Linton. Molina, Mormon Mesa School. 
32. Pomona — Ed. J. Currier. Grand Junction. R. R. Giffin, Principal. Grand 
Junction. R. F. D. No. 2; Mrs. Martha Giffin, Grand Junction, R. F. D. 
No. 2. 

35. Mt. Lincoln — H. G. Hottes Palisade. W. J. Stebbins, B.A.. Palisade. 

Principal; A. E. Taylor, B.A.. Palisade, Assistant; Gladys Low, A.B., 
English; Ruth Greenwood. A.B., Domestic Science; Mary Rait, Nellie 
Bricker, Irene Voils, Mrs. Tennie Long, Pd.B. 

36. Clifton— W. G. McDonald. T. A. Butcher, A.B., Principal; Mrs. Jennie 

Butcher, Pd.M.; Mrs. Sara Thompson. 

37. Mack — Mrs. James A. Gordon. Faye Wagner. 

39. Appleton — E. T. Matthews, Grand Junction. E. E. Cole. Ph.D., Principal, 
Grand Junction, R. R. No. 4; R. H. Arms, A.B., Assistant. Grand Junc- 
tion. R. R. No. 4; Jennie Tyler. Pd.M.. Grand Junction, R. R. 4; Minnie 
Reed. Grand Junction, R. R. No. 4; Mrs. Alda Lindsay, Pd.B., Grand 
Junction, R. R. No. 4; Ruth McDowell. 


40. Columbus — Mrs. Anna Jacobs, Grand Junction. Mrs. Rose Schroeder, 

Grand Junction; Mary McCarthy, Grand Junction; Gladdys Glendenning, 
Grand Junction, Redlands School. 

41. Glade Park — A. M. Ferguson. Georgia E. Parker, Little Park School, 

Grand Junction; Eva. M. Wood, Glade Park School, Glade Park; Alta 
Piatt, Sleeper School, Glade Park; Alma Martin, Coates Creek School, 
Glade Park; Mrs. Phil Carrington, West End School, Glade Park, 

42. Salt Creek — Secretary not listed. Mary Ashcroft, Collbran. 


County Supt. Mrs. Mary N. Oates, North Creede. 11 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

County High School, North Creede — D. E. Clark, Prin.; Agnes McCallum, 
Ass't Prin. 

District — 

1. Creede — Mrs. Thad Elliott. Miss Jarbo, Miss M. Shaffer. 

2. Creede — James Howard. Mrs. McCrow. 

3. Creede — Dr. S. McKibben. Mrs. Allsworth, Helen Gee, M. Miller, Mrs. 

Schroter, C. Downs. 

4. Creede — J. J. Corbett. Miss M. Moudy. 


County Supt. George W. Norvell, Craig. 2 8 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

District — 

1. Ladore — Mrs. Geo. Bassett. Lucy McClure. 

2. Baggs. Wyoming — P. E. Paulson. Mrs. Flora J. Benner. 

3. David Gillespie, Slater. Not hired yet. 

4. Craig — John Van Dorn. Hannah M. Faul, Hazel A. Johnson. 

5. Graig — C. A. Van Dorn. Otho L. Davis, Supt.; Blanche Durham, Miss 

Leonard, Lorena Pence, Lucile Haubrich. Almeda Rucker, Dorothy 
Bacon. Two teachers not yet hired for this district. 

6. P. C. Booten, Maybell. Margaret Martin, Prin., Maybell; Esther Medill, 

Maybell; E. C. Johnson, Lay; O. L. Wilson, Lay; E. M. Wilson, May- 

7. H. N. Kemper, Sunbeam. Not hired. 

8. Graig — Joseph Biskup. Elizabeth Lindsey. One teacher not yet hired. 
!). Graig — Harry Durham. Maude Owen. 

10. Hamilton — Geo. Pitchford. Dagney Dietrichson. 

11. Mrs. O. P. Jordon, Morapos. Margaret Thompson, Axial; Salome 

Comstock, Morapos. 

12. Lily — F. C. Barnes. Katharine Barnes. One teacher not yet hired. 

13. Graig — John Nutter. Irving P. Beckett. 

14.> Craig — Sophia Edinger. Mrs. Clara Sturman, Mrs. Oliver Keeley. 
15. Craig — Leslie LaForce. Mrs. Amy Johnson. 




County Supt. Mrs. Artie M. Lewis, Cortez. 55 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

District — 

1. Cortez — John J. Downey. Elza Xeedham. Prin.; Anna Downing, Katht-r- 

ine Dodson, Myrtle Meinzer, Martha Clark, Jennie Rose. 

2. Cortez — B. E. Hampton. F. K. Bartlett, Prin.; Grace James. 

.!. John Bieger, Dolores. Ora M. Clark, Prin., Lake Vista; Essie Tschop, 
Lake Vista. 

4. Dolores — Henry Ferrar. Ramona J. Outcalt, Prin.; Gladys B. CJunby, 

Maude Runnae, Margaret Ingersoll, Carrie C. Sharp, Bertha Longen- 
baugh, Helena Randall, Ruth A. Elam, Imogene Roberts, Myrtle 

5. Lebanon — W. L. Glenn Williams, Prin.; Mary Meller. 

G. Mancos — Geo. R. Mallett. L. E. Mohler, Supt.; F. J. Arnold, Prin.; 
W. L. Morse, Ruth Ames, Grace Coppe, Bess Maytield, Ada Fluharty, 
Eileen Kelly, Fonta Smith, Ibba Saylor, Ruth Price, Lola Taylor, Neva 
Newell, Josephine McNicholas, Bertha Humiston. Ruth Spargo, Yida 

7. Cortez — Mrs. Georgia Craig. Baker Jones. 

8. Mrs. Mont McCall, Arriola. A. W. Muse, Prin., Arriola; Xora Hutch- 

ings, Arriola; Beth Frederick, Cortez, R. F. D. 

9. Lewis — Clark Surguine. C. J. Smith, Prin.; Marie Dahlberg. 

10. Dolores — Mrs. Addie Bowman. Mamie Pirn. 

11. Cortez — E. A. Porter. Goldie Short. Two vacancies. 

12. Cortez — S. P. Thomas. Edward Kemper. 

13. Cortez — T. R. Jordan. Lucy Walker. 

14. Stoner — Albert Knoblock. Myrtie Jordan. 

15. Clarence Carroll, Cortez. Nina McCammon, Arriola. 

16. Bearcreek — William Virden. Florence Dillon. 

17. John W. Exon, Mancos. Vacancy. 

19. J. H. Stanley, Renaraye. Vacancy. 

20. Idris Thomas, Dolores. No teacher listed. 

21. Yellow Jacket — Eugene Bane. Maud Moody. Three vacancies. 
2 2. Mancos — John Nelson. Ida Knight. 

23. W. W. Troup, Lewis. Vacancy. 

24. Dolores — George Greenwood. Kathleen Guillet. 


County Supt. lMiima Full, Montrose. Ill Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

County High School, Montrose. D. E. Wiedmann. Supt.; L. D. Hightower, 
Prin.; Elizabeth Chaney, Agnes Young. Louise Berg, Ada Kansgen, 
Clay Watkins, Frances Hoyt. Herman Fauber. Alice van Diest, Anna 
Peterson, Clark H. Spitler. 

Olathe Branch County High School— L. E. Goss, Prin.; Ola Douden, Maud 
Erickson, Ralph Wilson. 

Xucla Branch County High School— Mrs. L. M. Brown. Prin.; Elda Chat- 
field, Mrs. Lola Taylor. 

Uncompahgre Branch County High School— Jessie F. Beattie. Prin.; Mont- 
rose. R. 2; Helen M. Gardner. Montrose. R. 2. 


District — 

1. Montrose — Ira H. Monell. D. E. Wiedmann, Supt. ; G. P. McLaughlin, 

Prin.; Mrs. Kate G. Nairne, Winifred Wheeler, Margaret Erdman, Lou 
Staples, Mary Abernethy, Jessie McVey, Stella Claybaugh, Marjorie 
Strang, Cora D. Wilson, Winnie Lewis, Clara B. King, Katherine Sid- 
ford, Mary Allen, Helen Avery, Jacob Kreider, Mildred Burch, Domes- 
tic Science; Elva Bixler, Music; A. J. Barney, Manual Training, Cal- 
lie Busey, Prin.; Lura Stone, Anna Kline, Katherine Green, Niota 
Hounsom, Mary Atkinson, Marci Anderson, Muriel Faulk, T. C. Clay- 
ton, Cedar Creek; Ella Day, Ruth Anderson, R. 4; Blanche Hendricks, 
Olivje Umstad. 

2. Montrose — Mrs. Edna King. Mrs. Zilpha Hammond. 

3. Montrose — C. F. Brigham. Louise Burtis, Prin., R. 2; Alma Von Hagen, 

R. 2; May Humphrey, R. 2; Bernice Hebel, R. 2. 

5. Olathe — T. C. Anderson. Mrs. Florence Glezen, Prin., R. 2; Elizabeth 

M. Giss, R. 2. 

6. Cimmaron — Clyde R. Yandeburg. Mrs. Bertha E. Snipes, Anna L. Ditto. 

7. Maher — Mrs. W. H. Tuttle. Bertha Berry, Mrs. Annie Cowley. 

8. Olathe — L. Gehrig. Grace Sullivan, Prin.; Mrs. Effie Hall. 

0. Paradox — Mrs. Dora Daniels. Mrs. Emily Dirrim, Prin.; Anna Zunich, 

Lucy Markley. 

10. Montrose — T. M. Baldrey. Harry Hammond, Prin.; Winifred L. King, 

R. 3. 

11. Montrose — E. B. Smith, Jr. JJ. L. Hiatt, Prin.. R. 1; Grace Tripler, R. 1; 

Jetta Kuhn. R. 1; Ruth Loss, R. 1. 
] ::. Montrose — E. W. Romig. Orpha Lee, Prin., k. 1; Mamie Clement, R. 1. 

14. Olathe — Miss Lou Price. Virgie Lutes, Prin., R. 2; Mabel Burtis, R. 2. 

15. Olathe — F. E. Spencer. L. E. Goss, Supt.; Edna Vigus; Mary Daniels, 

Mrs. Edith Newell, Beryl Nutting, Beulah Hendricks. Julia Courtney, 
Gertrude Ramsdell. 

16. A. P. Seymour, Olathe. Mrs. Cecil Hathaway, Prin., Montrose, R. 3; 

Charlotte M. Matthews, Montrose, R. 3. 

18. Nucla — J. W. Belfield. Adelene Ashton. Prin.; Augusta Nitzsche, Wini- 

fred Rowley, Kate Blair, Elizabeth Wilson, Ursula Shoemaker. 

19. Mrs. Laura McElroy. Sams. Marguerite Dupuy, Leonard. 

22. Redvale — M. P. Naff. Mrs. Bessie W. Lines. 

23. Coventry — H. D. Bement. Clara V. Foster. 

24. Olathe — S. I. Harris. Ethel McKay, Prin.; Mrs. Lillian Anderson. Mrs. 

Nora McEwen, R. 2. 

25. Mrs. Belle Hutchins, Naturita. Margaret Biglin. Nucla. 

26. Redvale — Mrs. E. W. Bray. Mary McKee. 

27. Bedrock — Mrs. B. A. Hartman. Madeline Matthews. 

29. Montrose, R. 2 — W. S. Hewey. Jessie F. Beattie, Supt.; Helen M. 

Gardner, Prin.; Alma Freedle, Katherine Archer. 

30. Tom Middleton, Colona. No teacher listed. 

31. Ute — Mrs. W. H. Beavers. C. C. Sheats. 

32. Crawford — C. F. Le Valley. Kate Forbare. 


County Supt. Mrs. C. P. Cochran, Fort Morgan 149 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

District — 

1. Snyder — G. L. Bosse. Mrs. Ona Boyer, Prin.; Pauline Woodward, Miriam 

Braden, Bessie Weber, Bertha Wilson, Fern Blakeman. 

2. Brush— Nellie A. Gill. H. G. Nelson, Supt. 

High School — C. A. Wolff. Science; E. C. Benson. Manual Training; 
R. M. Nehr, Mathematics; Myra Chace, Domestic Science; Marietta 
Denchfield, Languages; Phebe Marsh, Commercial. 


Junior High School — Hyacinth Craze, Gertrude Mowery. 

Grades — Mrs. Lillian Hersh, Anna Burns, Agnes Bleasdale, Lilly Laura 

Xix. Elvira Deardorff, Ethel Greenlee, Dorothy James, Viola Dand- 

ridge, Music, Drawing. 
Knearl Building — Lela Morris, Prin.; Mae Leise, Helen Smalley. 
Rural — Mrs. Goldie Weimer. Stella Mae Spafford, Laura Resch, Helen 

Rose, Mrs. E. C. Denson. 

3. Fort Morgan — S. H. Rathbone. W. A. Franks, Supt. 

High School — I. E. Stutsman, Prin.; Emma Gibson, Asst. Prin.; Sarah 
Crouch, English; Esther Warner, History; Nelson A. S\ Miller, Mathe- 
matics, Athletics; Pauline Maloit, Languages; Alvina Albers, Lan- 
guages; F. M. Maris, Commercial; R. J. Hale, Agriculture; L»ulu 
Good, Expression ; Lela M. Rahm, Music, Drawing; Alma Eyser, 
Domestic Science; W. E. Middleton, Manual Training. 

Junior High School — F. L. Kurtz, Prin.; Maude C. Hammond, Reading, 
Penmanship; Myrtle Sedgwick, Geography, Physics; Elnora Simpson, 
English, History. 

Grades — Central Building — Hixey Harrison, Edna Peyton, Verna Gil- 
mour, Frankie Carroll, Ruth Dotson, Edna Dotson, Harriet Wilson. 
Katherine Voris. 

Baker Building — Mrs. Viola Bell, Laura Burchsted, Maude Eyser 

Grant Building — Margaret Brosnan, Lela Wilson. 

Lincoln Building — Frances Wyss, Mary McFarland. 

Garfield Building — Mathilda Tarmolen, Mrs. J. A. Neiman. 

Rural Schools — Ft. Morgan — Nellie Brawley, Laura Work, Sadie Smith, 
Willard Graham, Mary Graham, Abbie Petticrew, Helen Marshall, 
Anna Burchsted, Adrienne Jones, Jessie Gair, Frances Wilkin, Esther 
Haener, Clara Johnson, Mrs. A. A. Henning, Miriam A.nkeny, Doro- 
thy Carruth, Genevieve Preston, Mildred Brown. Ruth Graves, Ava 
McGrew. Alice Restedt, Mabel Williams, Myrtle Creel, Ruth Davis. 

4. Weldona — A. Petteys. 

High School — W. A. Sellers, Supt. Ruth Stein, High School Asst. 
Grades — Anna Chase, Eptabelle Lamb, Frances Baker, Jennie M. Tucker. 

5. Hillrose — Chas. Schluter. Frances Hood, Prin.; Margaret Andrew, Mary 

fi. Fairview — Chas. I. Colwell, Brush. Minnie Wisroth, Prin., Brush; 

Bernice Foy, Snyder. 

Colwell — Alice Short, Prin.. Snyder; Cora Sickels, Hillrose. 
7. Gary — T. O. Tennant. Estelle Tooley, Dola Hersh, Mrs. Pansy Smiley, 

Ruth Henderson. 
S. Goodrich — Jesse Etchison. Nolan Howe, Prin.; Hazel Thomas. Mildred 

Priddy, Harriet Loud. 
9. Morey — A. A. Leech, Brush. Lillian McVey, Prin., Brush; Patti Roberts, 


Snyder — Mrs. R. J. Brown. R. J. Brown, Russell Woodward. 

10. Mrs. Ella P. E. Upton, Hillrose. W. E Lewis, Willard; Anna Shackley, 

Willard; Lottie Mead, Pawnee; Mrs. Katherine Frary. Hillrose 

11. Orchard — M. S. Richeson. Esther Shriber, Prin.: Helen Campbell. 

12. Wiggins — Mrs. J. H. Fetters. Edna Bilstad. 

13. Geo. R. Gilmore, • Ft. Morgan. Edwine Cutler. Ft. Morgan: Frances 

Brown, Ft. Morgan; Mary Franklin, Ft. Morgan: Gertrude Dund, Ft. 
Morgan; Grace Peters, Adena; Inez Paulson, Bijou View; Marie Paul- 
son, Eskdale. 

14. J. H. Sanford, Orchard. Elsie Elliott, Buckingham. 

in. Weldona — J. W. Trimble. Edna Arcwright. Mabelrose Wildman. 

16. Snyder — S. S. Gilliland. Ethel Allison. Ethel Pollock. Mary Ferguson* 

Florence Smith. 
42. Wiggins — Hans Clausen. Orville J. Grisier, Supervisor; Edna Davis, 

Emma High. 

Rural — Jeanette Edwards, Irma Mason, Dorothy Edwards Twilight 

Cline, Mrs. "Letia Windsor. Janet M. Bluebaugh, Ruth Lemmon. Ethel 

Eldrick. Kate White, 



County Supt. S. S. Phillips, La Junta. 173 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

District — 

1. Paul E. Craig, Timpas. Jay Hatfield, Timpas; Fannie M. Hare, Ayer. 

2. La Junta — G. W. Williams. Mabel Patterson, Allie L. Guy. 

3. Manzanola- — R. O. McClain. M. E. Logan, Supt. 

High School — Cora Kiker, Edyth L. Brewer. 

Grades — A. J. Wall. Emma G Huston, Margaret E. Warner, Margaret 

E. Logan, Beulah Palmer, Dora Thomas, Lola Dunton, Lulu Craig. 

4. Rocky Ford — R. W. Boney. R. J. Walters, Supt 

Junior and Senior High School — J. H. Wilson, Prin. ; Alice Henderson, 
English; Maude Shulters, English; Alice Lott, English; Helen Dugan, 
Mathematics; Edna Stuntz, Mathematics; Sadie Campbell, Mathe- 
matics; A. B. Childears, History; Ruth Lytle, History; Selina Taub, 
Latin; Nettie Pike, Spanish and German; F. A. Riedel, Science; J. T. 
Moon, Science; Delia Campbell. Geography; Edla Collins, Commercial; 
H. L. Kennedy, Commercial; Harriet Yates, Drawing and Construc- 
tion; Thomas Street, Manual Training; Pansy Sheldon, Music; 
Bernice Engels, Special Pupils; Elizabeth Wasley, Domestic Science. 

Liberty School — I. E. Wilson, Prin. ; Ruth Cain, Helen Thompson, Vir- 
ginia LaShier, Florence Mundy, Irma Latson, Mary Shumate, Elsie 

Washington School — Nettie Partner, Prin.; Laura Taylor, Pauline 
Metroz, Eva Martin, Carrol Hollett, Gertrude Dewitz, Ethel LaShier. 

Lincoln School — Anna Ericsson, Prin.; Florence Shaw, Olive Walk, 
Edith Lovejoy, Grace Hall, M. Eva Thomas. 

Lafayette School — Leo J. Whitney, Prin.; Bernice Darnell, Beulah 

Eureka School — Faye Littell. 

West Side School — Alice Burke. 

5. A. J. Luginbill, La Junta, R. R. 3— 

West Cheraw — R. R. Bartholomew, Prin., Cheraw; Elizabeth A. 

Hausing, Cheraw; Evelyn Sidford, Cheraw; Evelyn Parker, Cheraw. 
East Cheraw — J. M. King, E. 10th St., La Junta; Trus:e Zook. La Junta, 

R. R. 3. 

6. Fowler — E. G. Herzberger. Sarah Grizzell, Zella Kouns, Olga Watson. 

8. Geo. R. Harrison, Rocky Ford. Helen Bakke, Timpas. 

9. Rocky Ford — C. N. Gibeson. Winifred Nesbitt, Josephine Holahan. 

10. Higbee — Mrs. Edna V. Phebus. C. A. Wright, Nancy A. Sullivan, care 

Mrs. Cora Kimsey, Higbee. 

11. La Junta — Ellen G. O'Neil. Frederick P. Austin, Supt. 

High School— R. D. McClintock, Latin; Gertrude Ballard, Commercial; 
Fannie Boswell, English; Rose C. Greenen, German and Mathematics; 
Gladys Hough, History and Latin; A. R. Reelhorn, Commercial; Vera 
Smith, English; M. H. Taylor, Science; Karol C. Koehler, Mathe- 
matics and Science. 

Supervisors — Mary Calfee, Drawing; Pearl Horn, Domestic Science; 
Valentine Preston, Music; R. O. Trueblood, Manual Training. 

Lincoln School — Roger Q. Mitchell, Prin.; Katherine Berry, Elizabeth 
Barkley, Florence Stansbury, Anna McMahon, Hazel Wolfe, Mary 
Farthing, Edith Rowe. 

Columbian School — J. W. Roberts, Prin.; Ethel J. Ewert, Marie Moore, 
Joanna Carey, Mildred P. Rogers, Elda Stubbs, Gladys Wood, Eliza- 
beth Gibbs. 

Park School — C. M. Herren, Prin.; Ethel J. Ewert, Agnes Fedde, Kate 
Gobin, Mabel Spicer, Alma Mickelson, Anna Cabeen, Justine Rourke, 
Hattie Broadbent. 



North La Junta — Lloyd Colburn, Prin. ; Bessie Jones, Katherine Miller, 

Pauline Schulz, Katherine Jordan. 
South La Junta — Mrs. M. A. Peterson. 
East La Junta Schools — Clo Pleasant. Lucy Pleasant. 
Kindergarten— Ruth Larson, Director; Hazel Lee, Cadet; Bertina L. 

Bowen, Director; Mrs. Howard E. Goldie, Assistant. 

13. Swink — Dr. H. M. Newkirk. B. L. Jordan, Prin.; Beulah Tillinghast, 

Inez Rea, Mabel Black, Louise Lafevre. 

14. Lu Junta— J. L. Dauels. Mabel Verhoeff. 

15. La Junta — D. A. Bole. Marguerite E. Knight, Norine Irelan, Cora A. 


18. Weitzer — B. F. Zimmerman. Leonard C. Elvor, Irene A. Norton. 

19. Rocky Ford, R. R. 2— F. E. Rice. Xina M. Grant. 

20. Rocky Ford, R. R. 1— Wm. M. Rickman. Catherine Sullivan, Lillian A. 

Nicholson, Sophy Meyer, Florence Crook. 

22. Rocky Ford, R. R. 3— W. E. Walker. Mildred Stewart, Edith F. Rarick. 

23. J. J. Hoskins, La Junta. Ethel S. Sherar, La Junta, R. R. 1; Bettie 

Bingham, Swink; Mrs. R. L. Bryson, La Junta, R. R. 4; Ruth L. Tal- 
helm, Timpas. 

24. La Junta — B. A. Shelton. A. C. Plunk, La Junta, R. R. 3; Daisy Yates, 

La Junta, R. R. 3. 
26. Fowler — R. B. Edwards. J. W. Koch, Supt. 

High School — James Astbury, Violet Spoor, Thelma Smith, Ruth Love- 

Grades — Beulah Wolfe, Effa E. Judd, Louise Shepherd, Edna M. 
Shaffer, Lucy Mundell, Mabel Phelps, Florence Math is, Grace Rod- 
man, Veffie G. Milstead. 

28. Chas. A. Watson, Fowler. Oza Johnson, Timpas; J. M. Kirkpatrick, 

Bloom; Ruth McClure, Waremart; Bessie A. McClure, Fowler. 

29. H. Cothren, La Junta. Etta M. Carr, Rocky Ford, R. R. 3; Helen G. 

Russell, Rocky Ford, R. R. 3. 

30. Higbee — Mrs. Frank Landon. Bertha E. England. 


County Supt. Alma Brockway, Ouray. 32 Teachers. . 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

Ouray County High School — Alma Brockway, Ouray. E. H. Criswell, Supt., 
Ouray; Statie Erikson, Prin., Ouray; Bertha Johnson, Ouray; Albert 
Kiesel, Ouray; George Saunders, Prin., Ridgway; Jean Auld, Ridgway; 
W. F. Hunter, Prin., Colona ; Letitia Brace, Colona. 

District — 

1. Ouray — Mrs. Fannie Smith. H. A. Miller, Supt.; Chester Cochran, Anna 

Bardwell, Vida Wieborg, Nellie Holaday, Esther Braddock, Eliza 
Stone, Josie Hendricks. 

2. Ridgway — Thos. McBride. Arta Williams. 

3. Ridgway — Harry Flora. Delsie Holmquist. 

4. Ouray — Guy L. Day. May Summerville. 

5. John Peterson, Ouray. No teacher listed. 

(5. Ironton — Mrs. Nellie Butcher. Bessie Adams. 

7. Ridgway — Josie Smith. Marguerite Chelders. 

9. Ridgway — Patricio Stealey. Hattie Knous. 

10. Mary O. Martin, Ridgway. Mrs. Herbert Koss, Colona; Edna Mc- 

Laughlin, Ridgway. 

11. Ridgway — E. W. Roscoe. Mrs. N. W. Hudson, Prin.; Theresa Meade. 

Viola Kennison, Mary Cusick. 

13. Camp Bird — Anna Ross. Anna Garchar. 

14. Colona — Jos. L. Massey. Maude Covington. 

30. Colona — Thos. Middleton. Uarda Nesbit, Irene Hendricks. 



County Supt. Miss Marion Hill, Fairplay. 21 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

District — 

1. Shawnee — Mrs. Maude Singleton. Winnifred Steckle. 

2. Jefferson — Lew Robbins. Naomi Butler. 

3. Fairplay — Ed. N. Barlow. George Copeland, Prin.; Berniece McLeod, 

Ruth Hall. 

4. Alma — J. E. Dollison. H. Rutherford, Prin.; Cora Dewey. 

5. Guffey — B. D. Nash. Cora M. Skamser. 

6. Howbert — H. E. Rogers. Effer Vaseen. 

8. Hartsel — Arthur Buckley. 

High School — Mrs. Marguerite' Scheib. 
Rural — Mary Withington. 

9. Como — Ida R. Geddis. Lillian Singleton. 

11. Garo — Mrs. Clara Sherman. Mildred Guiraud. 

12. Frank Casselberry, Lake George. No teacher listed. 

14. Frank W. Evans, Lake George. Maude Bowen, Lake George; Mattie 

Siebert, Hayman. 

15. Fairplay — T. J. Berry. Lucy Cheney. 

17. J. E. Short, Cripple Creek. No teacher listed. 

18. E. E. Portis, Shawnee. Nelle Denney, Jefferson. 

19. Shawnee — W. H. Price. Helen Goodwin. 

20. J. A. Lamping, Grant. No teacher listed. 

21. Tarryall — May M. Patten. Lillian Holmetz. 

22. Bailey — J. S. Proctor. Elaine Ross. 
24. Gus Cohen, Guffey. No teacher listed. 

2 8. Pine — Mrs. M. B. Owen. Bertha Rosley. 


County Supt. Charles R. Peters. Holyoke. 51 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

County High School, Holyoke — Ralph Robb, Prin.; Edna MacKibben. 
Language; Guy Barnett, Science; Bertha Pick, Mathematics; Henri- 
etta Paulsen, Domestic Science; Ella Williamson, Commercial. 

Haxtun Branch County High School, Haxtun — H. R. Ayres, Prin.; Ethel L. 
Weed, Assistant. 

District — 

1. Holyoke — Mrs. Belle Briggs. Ruth Webb. 

2. Amherst — H. Rodeman. 

High School — Margaret Moffett, Prin. 
Grade — Elizabeth Willson, Elizabeth Kropp. 

3. H. C. Clark, Holyoke. No teacher listed. 

4. Julesburg — Uriah From. No teacher listed. 

5. Holyoke — L. R. Martin. Martha Hyers. 

6. Haxtun — M. W. Gordon. Ethelyn Zoll. 

7. Holyoke — Adaline Riffenburg. Pansy Haskell. 

8. Holyoke — F. D. Hotaling. Pauline Lyon. 

9. Holyoke — F. B. Pitney. Bernice Payne. 

10. Haxtun — F. B. Schneider. Mabel Schroeder. 

11. Paoli — Mrs. G. I. Hunt. Rae Crowner. 

12. Holyoke — Eva Seebold. Mrs. Emma Ostrom. 
14. Holyoke — Chas. B. Wilson. Thos. Hargreaves. 


15. Holyoke — A. C. Moehnert. Ruby Dille. 

16. Holyoke — E. H. Wettstein. Olive Young. 

17. L. W. Aird. Amherst. No teacher listed. 

18. Secretary not listed. Ruth Collins, Holyoke. 
26. C. C. Morris. Amherst. Ruth Wilcox, Holyoke. 
87. Holyoke — Lydia L. Guernsey. Hazel Helland. 
31. Haxtun — E. T. Clark. John Moore. 

33. Haxtun — Geo. E. Lucke. Martha Johnson, Agnes Frerker. 

36. Herman Senstock, Venango. No teacher listed, 

39. Holyoke — Paul Renck. Madge Crowner, Prin.; Edna Youtsey, Eliza- 
beth Thompson, Jessie Gerrish. 

41. Holyoke — Mrs. Etta Weir. Jessie Correll. 

47. Haxtun — Mrs. Esther Skold. Hilder Bentson. 

48. Holyoke — C. A. Eckman. Ida Walls. 

51. J. T. Timm. Venango. Xo teacher listed. 

5 2. Haxtun — Genevieve Clark. Mrs. W. S. Miller. 

">7. Haxtun — Mary E. Wood. Liddie Johnson. 

58. Haxtun — Oscar Franson. Isabel Mussey. 

61. Holyoke — P. C. Werner. Lelah Trowbridge. 

63. Holyoke — H. F. Behnfelt. Mrs. J. X. Tomlin. 

66. Paoli — W. G. Harmon. Lillie Cochell. 

71. Haxtun — J. L. Chaney. Mary Moore. 

7 7. M. M. Hair, Paoli. Catharine Flanagan, Holyoke. 

78. Holyoke — E. L. Hosehauer. Ruby Webermier. 

7 9. F. G. Trumper, Amherst. Xo teacher listed. 

81. Holyoke — C. A. Guernsey. Lillian Payne. 

84. Haxtun — Mrs. F. A. Montgomery. R. H. Ayres. Prin.: Ruth Richardson. 
Ethna Harmon. Sara Johnson, Carrie Fleming. 


County Supt. Ethel Higinbotham, Aspen. 3 7 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

District — 

1. Aspen — H. Brown H. H. Van Fleet. Supt.: Mr. Siebold. Prin.: Mrs. J. 

Hetherly. Prim: L. L. Moore, Prin. High School; L. H. Lehman. Mary 
Tunstall. Maud M. Copeland. Alma Wilhelm. Grace Baker. Ethel Stone. 
Ruth Hunt. Bertha Hicks. Miss Mason. Constance Garrett. Esther 
Xordahl, Elma Law, Marguerite Pings. Delia Bornholdt. 

2. Snow Mass — John Wheatley. Marguerite Mogan. 
Watson — True Smith. Louise Putzell. 

6. Snow Mass — D. Chisholm. Edith Light. 

7. Carbondale — Mrs. J. Bennett. lone Riley. 
B. Xorrie — J. Irion. Ella Scanlan. 

9. E. Renstrom. Gulch. Mary Kearns, Redstone. 

10. H. Lehow. Redstone. Annie Erikson. Gulch. 

11. Thomasville — Lulu Crowley. Mary Smith, Thomasville: Margaret Mil- 

ler. Meredith. 

12. Aspen — R. Kemper. Frieda Workentine. 

13. Aspen — R. Kemper. Lilian Smith. 

14. Emma — Mrs. S. A. Donegan. Helena Walsh. 

17. E. Reeves. Watson. Mildred Light. Snow Mass. 

Jt. 1. Basalt — C. L. Gilbert. R. F. Reed, Prin.: J. Sherritt. Elsie Lucksinger. 

Rose Aukerman. Eva Letey. 
Jt. 3. Emma — W. F. Miller. Grace Marion. 



County Supt. Mary Z. Lake, Lamar. 133 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

1. Lamar — E. C. Lutes. S. O. Watson, Mrs. Vida P. Hollenbeck. 

2. Lamar — Mrs. Alma Leatherman. Isadore Good. 

3. Lamar — Lee Gist. Lydia Bailey. 

4. A. W. Leonard, Webb. Nerva Ross, Welbb; J. Gertrude DeLaney, Plains. 

5. Holly — A. W. Hornbeck. No teacher listed. 

6. Holly — W. H. Shiveley. John I. Cochran, Supt.; Agnes Phelps, Glen 

A. Bingham. Stella B. Stueland, Rosalie Adminston, Harriett Leonard, 
Myrtle Hoffman, Rose M. Carlson, Viola W. Oliver, Grace Golladay, 
Ella Haskell, Ellen Gernon, May Barnes, Cora Hill, Mrs. Jennie 

7. Grant Wods, Brandon. Mrs. B. F. McLerran, Bristol; Katharyne Myers, 

S. Granada — A. Cleaves. W^illard E. Graves, Supt.; Henry Ford, Cora E. 

Sessions, Laura A. Brake, Emma Doepke, Mildred H. Timme, Elsie 

Thomas, Charles Sanders. 
9. Carlton — Henry Massar. Florence Cain. 

10. Holly — John S. W^alton. George Hankins. 

11. C. E. Haven, Bristol. Naoma Zellers, Bristol; May E. Johnstone, Granada. 

12. Lamar — R. B. Morrison. Myrtle Southard. 

13. W r iley — Scott McKittrick. A. V. Hamilton, Supt.; Evaline Scott, Lor- 

raine Trainer, H. T. Hudson, Vera Wood, Edna Matson, Mary Burger. 

14. Lamar — L. M. Markham. A. H. Bushey, Supt.; K. A. Shanner, Prin. ; 

Pearl Irene Odell. Frank C. Hemphill, Ethel Maricle, J. C. Burgener, 
Orpha Berkey, Viola Beebe, Ethel Barnes, Alda Sherman, Guy Gilbert. 
Grace D. Allen, Mollie J. McComb, B. F. Hamon, Millicent Clark, Vera 
Rosebrough, Mrs. Clara Enlow, Florence Sayler, Gale A. Lee. Mrs. 
Eugene Church, Gladys Jones, Freda Teetor, Corrine Strain, Sophia 
Rourke, Lena Cooper, Clai'a Morris, Mrs. Iva Orton, Ethel Gordon. 
Florence Morris, Veda Hasty, Margaret Ford. 

1."). Lamar — Tom F. Hover. Lucie Champlain. 

16. Lamar — Mrs. J. Q. Pollard. Grace McKenney. 

17 Mrs. J. H. Holstine, Plains. Maude O. W T right, Lamar; William Pearson, 
Plains; Dena Johnson, Plains; Florence Walters, Wiley; Charlotte 
Ferguson, Plains. 

18. J. W. Overstreet. Barton. Cora Smith, Granada. 

19. Lamar — B. F. Johnson. Lora Alexander. 

20. Bert Loughmiller, Holly. Maude E. Nichols, Bristol; Bertha Puntenney, 


21. Granada — Mrs. Jessie Cline. Eliza Kearns. 

22. Lamar — R. A. Jarboe. George F. Geer, Hattie Stephans. 

23. T^amar— Geo. A. Cooter. Tressa Copeland, Cora Giltner. 

24. Lamar — W. S. Strain. J. Russell Wood, Saida Cook. 

25. Lamar — R. H. Wade. Lula B. Marck, Edna Nicklos. 

26. Lamar — Pearl Petticrew. Bessie E. James. Una Ward, Frances Chris- 

tesson, Charlotte Davis. Lucy Hill, Florence McKenny. 

27. Amity — Oscar Batterton. Bertha Vincent. 

28. Harry Hopkins, Hartman. Mary Creel, Hartman; Mildred M. Gordon, 


29. Lamar — Mrs. Mary Cain. Leona Cain. 

30. Holly — W. P. Steele. Nellie E. Dyksterhuis. 

31. N. Zeller, Holly. S. S. Surles, Bristol. 

32. R. V. Burke, Wiley. Erna DeShane, Lamar. 

33. Lamar — Wm. Houston. Ethel Barnard, Mabel Winstead 

34. Mrs. Bertha Millard, Lamar. Hilda E. Shue. Lamar; Clemma Robin- 

son. Bristol. 

35. Bristol — B. T. White. C. G. Smeltz, Emma Martinson, Ethel Rupp. 


36. Chas. Miles, Carlton. Lydia Wood, Bristol. 

37. Holly — O. W. Olson. Dora Summers. 

38. S. S. Perdue, Lamar. Mae Williams, Wiley. 

39. Holly — M. L. Long. Elizabeth Lowney, Ethelyn Richards, Pearl Clark. 
4 0. Northway — Ollie Shouse. Ray G. Harnbarger. 

11. Hartman — James F. Moore. Edna Shively, Beryl McLean. 

\'2. Hartman — R. *E. Nye. No teacher listed. 

43. T Tolly — Cecil B. Hart. Mabel Fowler. 

4 4. J. W. Houlton, Holly. Ethel Crabill, Cheney Center. 

15, Heo. A. Scott, Fisher, Kans. Mrs. Gracie Harper. Webb. 

4 6. Two Buttes — Mrs. Edith Edwards. Leslie Lacy. 

17. Granada — N. M. Stimson. Mrs. Etta Stephens. 

48. E. W. Barnes, Webb. Arthur V. Lewis, Bristol. 

49. Lamar — Joe A. Smith. Harry L. Jacobs. 

50. B. M. Lindsey, Cheney Center. Edna Ducher, Holly. 

51. S. H. Rector, Cheney Center. Blanche McAlexander, Plains. 

52. Bessie L. Fritz, Two Buttes. E. O. Moore, Plains. 


County Supt Mrs. Lillie O. Baker, Pueblo. 381 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

District — 

1. Pueblo — L. A. Horeish, Centennial High School. 

J. W. McClinton, Supt., 2020 Elizabeth. 

High School— C. K. Fletcher, Prin., 1438 E. Eighth; B. H. Beck, Y. M. 
C. A.; Mrs. I. E. Brainerd, 504 W. Eleventh; Marie Bryce, 1 Pitkin 
Place; Grace Cunningham, 1210 Elizabeth; Valeria Coldwell, 229 W. 
Twelfth; Charles E. Freed, 208 Bradford; J. W. Hardin, 1306 Grand; 
W. M. Heaton, 1220 E. Eighth; Harriette Hill, 1301 Grand; R. W. 
Legg, Y. M. C A.; Margaret Meikle, 420 W. Seventh; Alinda Mont- 
gomery, 303 W. Seventh; M. D. Morton, 3002 Wabash; J. T. Moses, 
715 W. Fourteenth; Edna Prevost, 1102 W. Abriendo; L. C. Porter, 
2824 Fifth Ave.; Adalyn Seevers, 405 W. Twelfth; Mary L. Shaw, 
Congress Hotel; Charmian Simpson, 211 W. Twelfth; Ruth Spencer, 
2829 Cheyenne; J. L. Tomlinson, 407 W. Tenth; Ella Taylor, 413 W. 
Thirteenth; H. A. Tiemann, 407 W. Tenth; Helen Wiley, 420 W. 
Eleventh; Alfred Werner, Y. M. C. A.; Dorothy Chew, 2028 Court; 
Mrs. William Jehle, 2714 High. 

Hinsdale School — M. N. Porter, Prin.; Maud Rand, May Campbell. Bes- 
sie A. Nash. Etheline Turner, Leila Rapp, Mary Langdon, Erne Miller. 
Josephine Rupp, Minnie Guy, Wave Richardson, Velma Rodefer, 
Helen Brosius, Clara Wilson, Belle Berliner, Isabelle Meigs. Clayton 
Pearson, Mary Cherrington, Luella Rantschler, Leila Haines 

Fountain School — W. D. Blaine, Prin.; Gertrude Trent, Hazel .Watford. 
Eva Poe, Maud Boreing, Maude Cressy. Blanch Reckford. Ruth Rob- 
bins, Olive Coyles, Katherine Sheldon, Maude Patrick, Hollis 
Michaels, Florence Williams, Mrs. Lillian Penney, Eliza Evans. Mil- 
dred Crosby, Virda Laylander, Genevieve Larson, Harriett M. Spen- 
cer, Irene Mott, Marion White, Loretta Schenck, Maud Blain, Mary 
Slattery, Cordelia Crain. 

Somerlid School — Lucy A. Morse, Prin. ; Iva A. Dean. Mary Shirley, 
Sophia Ann Harbison, Cleo Bryson, Jacqueline Lawler. Bess C. Hanna, 
Lois Akin, Jennie Munn, Emily Ethel. 

Irving School — Mary Wright Hopkins, Prin.; Naamah Lowe, Gladys 
Walter, Bernice Bickford, Clara M. Bales, Clara Jacobs, Anna Geiss- 
ler, Mary Chew. 


Bradford School — Mary Lyle, Prin.; Mildred Ford, Virginia Anderson, 
Mabel McDaniel, Ethyl Walter. 

Riverside School — Laura Taylor, Prin.; Margaret Curd, Celia Kershaw, 
Meta Olmes, Grace Truman, Hattie Bear, Hazel Kaufman, Estelle 
Haverty, Mary Kramer, Mary Gardiner, Helen Holly, Garnett Ritter, 
Harry Brown, Eva Parker. 

Annex School — Henrietta Robinson, Prin.; Lucile Allard, Celia Ker- 
shaw, Mary Gaines, Ruby Scofield, Dena Coyle. 

Park View School — Cora May Gwynn, Prin.; Gertrude Trent, Hazel 
Watford, Mildred Proctor, Morna Hall, Ethel Williams. 

Special Teachers — Matthew I. Hunt, Manual Training Director; Homer 
C. Thompson, Manual Training; Louise Gaines, Director of Sewing; 
Elsie L. Bowman, Director of Drawing; Pauline Abraham, Director 
of Music; Lavina Smith, Assistant in Art; Henrietta Robinson, Su- 
pervisor Penmanship; Maude Brothers, School Nurse; Andrew Piatt, 
Manual Training Assistant; B. H. Beck, Physical Director. 

2. Mrs. Jennie Setters, Avondale Station. E. P. Kendall, Prin., Avondale 

Station; Anna Wiley, Boone; Ruth Mathews, Avondale Station. 

3. Secretary not listed. Chas. D. Cave, Cedarwood. 

4. Pinon — F. D. Risley. C. E. Cash, Prin.; Mildred Cash. 

5. Lime — Mrs. Charles Ross. Elsie Wood. 

6. W. E. Calhoun, Undercliffe. Letitia Porter, Pueblo; Ruth Burkett, 

Grimaldi; Martha Dalton, Undercliffe. 

7. Undercliffe — Fred A. Byer. Margaret Naughton. 

8. Lime — H. L. Short. Agnes Dalton, Irene Donnelly. 

-9. W. C. Woodyard, Graneros. Pearl Kenny, Graneros; Mrs. J. B. Randol, 
Rye Star Route, Pueblo. 

10. Rye Star Route, Pueblo — W. A. Finlay. Suvilla Gann. 

11. Pueblo — S. J. Rooney. Alice Power, Prin.; Rosalie Larson. 

12. Pueblo No. 1 — A. C. Wells. Chas. E. Scott, Supt., Route 2; Grace Mc- 

Daniel, Prin.; Agnes Mills, Prin., Route 2; Anna Boucher, Prin., 
Route 2; Ruby Bradley, Prin., Route 1; Ruth Songer, Route 1; Eliza- 
beth Hazlett, Route 2; Audis Waite, Route 2; Bessie Curtis, Route 2; 
Alice Baker, Route 2; Gene Leonard, Lucy West, Mary Hughes, 
Route 2. 

13. Rye — Mrs. H. T. Ashley. Mrs. Mary Tobey. Prin.; Marie Manners, Mary 


14. Beulah — Mrs. Ethel Whitlock. Belle Torbet. 

16. Swallows — W. P. Cooney. Clara Brown, Anna Duffy. 

17. Mrs. Amy Emerson, Rye Star Route, Pueblo. John Porter, Pueblo. 

18. N. F. Danielson, Boone. C. W. Kelly, Prin., Avondale; Christina Smith. 

Avondale; Jessamine Hattenhauer, Avondale; Mrs. C. W. Kelly, Avon- 
dale; Mrs. Holly Timme, Boone. 
10. H. E. Englebrech, R. R. 2, Pueblo. Eloise Carlson, Pueblo; Barbara Con- 
verse, Pueblo. 
20. Pueblo — Chas. E. Saxton. 

J. F. Keating, Supt., 1627 Carteret Avenue. 

Pueblo High School— D. K. Dunton, Prin.. 1707 Palmer Ave.; Lida Bell, 
210 W. Thirteenth; Helen Cuthbertson, 1247 Lake Ave.; B. C. For- 
sythe, 1317 Carteret Ave.; Vera Flynn, 612 W. Abriendo Ave.; E. K 
Giffen, 1417 Berkeley Ave.; Tanetta Gilleland, 1013 Lake Ave.; Bertha 
Henningsen, 95 Adams Ave.; Fred W. Huling, 1701 Claremont; Lois 
Fern Hull, 212 Madison; Alice Hurford, 1205 Lake Ave.; F. C. Kay, 
1020 Beulah; Frances Keen, 111 W. Adams Ave.; Annie K. Keight- 
ley, 513 Broadway; J. I. Lockhart, 327 Quincy; Mary C. McNally, 6 
Carlile Place; Mary L. Mclntyre, 1129 Spruce; Katherine Omanney, 
711 Berkeley Ave.; Lemuel Pitts, Jr., 1416 Vernon Ave.; Janet M 
Preston. 928 S. Union Ave.; Corinne Stodghill, 501 Broadway; Lavina 
B. White, 414 W. Seventeenth; Helen Wiley, 420 W. Eleventh; Edith 
Harriet Wilson, 1319 Lake Ave.; Mary Sharp, 753 W. Abriendo Ave.: 
Olga A. Hellbeck, 521 E. Evans Ave. 

Junior High School — Sarah E. Elwell, Anna Maud Garnett, Helen B 


Grade Manual Training Department- — I >. N. Wells. 

Special Teachers — Harriet Barkeley, Household Economics, Grades; J 
Pearl Gaines, Teacher of Applied Design; Elizabeth R. Hopkins. 
School Nurse; Sadie Mulnix, Sewing; Amy Ragle, Sewing Assistant; 
Fred W. Huling, Play Ground Supervisor. 

Carlile Building — Inez J. Chase, Prin. ; Lucile Allderdice, Florence Ber- 
gin. Belle Dorsey, Hortense Ferris, Teresa McNally, Mayme Ogle, 
Bess M. Sterrett. Mona Whiteley. 

Central Building — Bessie Belle Richey, Prin.; Helen E. Bagley, Edith 
M. Bailey, Loretta Burns, Elizabeth B. Collins, Adah A. Ellis, Edna 
Hawke, Alice Laney, Lulu M. Mitchell, Irwinna Owen, Marie Smith, 
Eva Sprengle, Blanche L. Swinehart, Hazel L. Williams. 

Lincoln Building — Linah Swanzey, Prin.; May Allen, Lulu D. Graham. 

Columbian Building — Nirma E. Palmer, Prin.; Elsie V. Albert, Currie 
Bell, Marie Dodge, Lulu W. Granger, Nelle Haworth, Jennie 1m- 
boden, Lucy H. Laney, Helen G. McGraw, Marie Maroney, Mary Bell 
Offutt, Anna R. Rainey, Grace Savage, Vida V. Williams. 

Lake View Building — Jennie K. Dingman, Prin.; Fthyl Boggs, Mabel 
Kindall, Mildred E. Palmer, Annie Pool, Anna Constance Robe, Gert- 
rude Stone, Florence Vickers. 

Danforth Building — Caroline Strack, Prin. ; Ruth Bench, Florence 
Booth, Alice O. Cameron, Hazel Colvin, Helen A. Flynn, Celestine 
Cray, Emma M. Keough, Agnes McDowell, Ida E. McMorris, Gertrude 
Rees, Katherine Walsh. 

Edison Building — Elizabeth Alexander, Prin.; Jessie Allin, Margare^ 
Burns, Maude C. Gregg, Stella Grout, Lizzie G. Gilbert, Olga Green- 
man, Irene Rayner, Bernice Sharp, Harriet Barkley. 

Corona Building — Dell Barkley, Prin.; Bessie Bell, Myrtle Eyer, 
Mayme Stone. 

Wildeboor Building — Nannie Walker, Prin.; Mary S. Doak, Eliza R. 
Farrar, Elsie Wheatley, 

Minnequa Building — Alice Macdonald, Prin.; Birdie F. Adams, Edith 
C. Biddall, Lulu Cuthbertson, Jessie Donahue, Gertrude Galligan, 
Sarah Lou Harrison, Alice Haines, Mollie Jones. Elizabeth Patton.. 
Hazel Read, Marjorie Sharp, Annie R. Teller, Anna L. Whetsel, 
Mildred Whetsel, Jean Williamson. 

Bessemer Building — Amy McEvoy, Prin.; Anna J. Dyer, Agnes Elliott. 
Edna R. Garinger, Julia H. Gayton, Anna L. Greist, Ellen H. King, 
Winnifred Mowe, Mary Miles, Helen Nadin. Faye Read, Anna L. 
Scott, Liffie L. V. Smith, Edith Shomaker, Besse M. Wilkinson, Mary 

22. Pueblo — Oscar Peterson. Mrs. Myda McCluny. 

23. W. J. Rains, Cousin Springs. Holga Anderson, Goodpasture. 

24. P. B. Pettypool, Fowler, Star Route. Georgia Oliver, Fowler; Reva 

Keagle, Waremart; Helen McClure, Waremart; Eldora Lester, Ware- 
mart; Dorothy Hazlett, Whiterock. 

25. Charles Stump, Siloam. Helen Mosley, Siloam; Frances McAmis, Beulali. 

26. Rye — Will Wixson. Opal Irwin. 

27. Fowler — L. C. Gilbert. Irene Linn, Prin.; Ruth Witt, Ruby Sigman. 

28. Bert Willard, Swallows. Effie Pratt, Bronquist, Edith Donley, Box 646. 

20. Boone — W. E. German, Sitton. Tillie Heath, Prin.; Melle Malles, Nellie 
Briggs. Florence Mathews, Roxie Soper. 

30. Swallows — Mrs. Clara B. Hobson. Ruth Caldwell, Prin.; Viola Gouclie. 

31. R. 1 Pueblo — J. P. Harbor. Mrs. Lena Hood. 

32. Goodpasture — A. J. Biby. Mrs. Gene Carpenter. 

34. Cousin Springs — Ray E. Carley. Irene McFarlan. 

35. Rye Star Route. Pueblo — Mrs. E. S. Edmundson. Edna Bowles. 

36. Avondale — L. M. Johnson. Lillie Whitlock. 

37. Goodpasture — Frank L. Murray. Mrs. H. C. Harris. 

38. A. G. Bracy. Box 30, Pueblo. Ella O'Connor, Stone City; Mayme Taylor, 

Stone City; Gladys Lynch, Stone City. 


39. W. E. German, Sitton. Irene Pigott, Burnt Mill. 

41. W. B. Hamilton, Burnt Mill. Mary Ann Savage, Rye. 

44. Lime — Fred Fass. Mrs. Lena Turner. 

45. R. 2, Pueblo — Frank Berry. Cecelia Hewett. 

46. Mrs. A. E. Gunter, Box 342, Pueblo. Lillian Dalton, Box 60, Pueblo. 

47. W. F. Cotner, R. 1, Pueblo. William Warner, Prin., Route 2; Estelle 

Shacklett, Route 2; Mallie Lee Campbell, Route 2; Genevieve Warner, 
Route 2. 

48. R. 1, Pueblo — Burdett Russler. Mrs. Stella Bishop, Prin.; Burleigh 


49. L. M. Sperry, Pueblo. Anna McCloskey, Pueblo. 

50. R. G. Mayer, Undercliffe. Anna Clark, Underclili'e; Mabel Young, 

52. John W. McDaniel, Nepesta. W. B. Firth, Prin., Nepesta; Mrs. Florence 

Wallace, Nepesta; Nola Denning, Boone; Emma Crawford, Evelyn 

54. J. A. Seigler, Boone. Eda Nachtschatt, Pueblo. 

56. R. 2, Pueblo — L. E. Woodward. Mabel Stevenson. 

57. Beulah Way, Pueblo — Mrs. Eliz. Driscoll. Evelyn Wiley, Mary Divel- 


Special Teachers — Julia Mount, Music, Pueblo; Marie Schwartz, Music, 

Avondale; Jo Haverstock, Music, Pueblo; A. M. Hughes, Manual 

Training, R. 1, Pueblo. 


County Supt. R. B. Garrison, Meeker. 36 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

Rio Blanco County High School, Meeker — R. B. Garrison. C. T. Zumwalt, 

Prin.; Marie A. C. Brown, Rachel Phelps, Lillian Campbell. 
District — 

1. Meeker — Henry J. Hay. Lillian Baker, Jennie Brown, Louise Hay, Ethel 

Hanley, Ethel Ball, Olive Chapin, Lulu Anderson, Esther Martin, Prin.; 
Thelma Fairfield, Adelaide Boyle. 

2. Meeker — W. A; Thomas. Eva Skinner, Anna Kracht, Marie Hopkins, 

Geo. Davis. 

3. Meeker — Fred E. Peaslee. Mrs. Ramola Fisk, Clara Buchannan. 

4. Rangely — F. A. Nichols. Miss Peck, Mrs. James Fletcher. 

5. Meeker — Peter A. Hausser. Bertha Lamb, Margaret Taylor, John J. 


6. Geo. M. Lord, Sulphur. Miss Johnson, Geneva Wilson, Roby Davis. 

7. Mrs. Jennie La Kamp,* Meeker. Bonnie O'Bryan, Edna Gourley. 

8. Meeker — Rosie Baldauf. Grace Patrick, Mrs. M. Thomas. 

9. Meeker — Mrs. Edna M. Stadtman. Mrs. Lottie Mobley. 

10. Rangely — C. L. Cole. Miss Faye Gigax. 

11. Raleigh Chinn, Pyramid. Juanita Graves. 

12. Meeker — S. A. Wright. Lois Flagg. 


County Supt. Miss Carrie Deitrich, Monte Vista. 62 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

District — 

2. con. T. J. Bahr, Monte Vista. George R. Young, Supt., Monte Vista; 
Ellen Speicer, Center; Mrs. Gladys Clarke, Center; Valentine Groat, 
Monte Vista; J. Peck, Center; Anna Duboff, Monte Vista. 

1. Monte Vista — B. F. Ayers. Opal Hocker. 


2. Del Norte — Lee Fairbanks. Montello Gray, Supt.; H. D. Parrett, Prin.; 

Mrs. Nettie Taylor, Russell Goodrich, Leila Buck, Lorena Fonda. Nita 
Lawrence, Clemmle Hopkins, Mrs. Kate Hayton, Lou 'Mark, Frieda 
Off. Mrs. Elvira Borrego. 

3. Del Norte — J. T. Pennington. Phemia Reid. 

5. Monte Vista — Gavino Valdez. El P. Cordova, Josefita Garcia. 

6. Monte Vista — Alfred Paeheco. Lizzie Myers. 
Fred Kernen. Del Norte. Nellie Newton, Monte Vista. 
A. J. Stoeber, Monte Vista. Irene Ellsworth. Del Norte. 

Monte Vista — Omie Stephenson. George Momyer. Supt.; J. H. Hayes. 
Prin.; Mary Christy, Mrs. Ida Curtin, Ruth Lowery, Mary Avery, Una 
Catham, G. O. Koonsman. Ruth Edwin. Supervisor of Music and Art; 
Bertha Hendricks, Domestic Science; C. E. Hart. Prin. of Central 
Bldg. ; Marie Drtina, Abbie Corlett, May Worth, Nellie Westlund. Irene 
Porges, Anna Heisig. Ada Faus. Zeta Blankenbaker, B. Bowling. Jessie 
Burns, Jennie Webber, Prin. of Marsh Bldg.; Mary Riley, Esther 
Martin, Viola Donatelli. 

10. James P. Burns. Center. No teacher listed. 

11. J. C. Hynds, Center. No teacher listed. 

12. Del Norte — Mrs. Hilda Cochran. Lois Le Roy. 

13. Del Norte — George Fuchs. Edith Todd. 

14. South Fork — Thomas Breen. Paul Ritter. 

15. Monte Vista — O. H. Perry. Stella Felmlee. 

16. Monte Vista — Samuel Riggenback. H. L. Kloeptel. 

17. Fred Martinez, Del Norte. Margaret Gruver, Monte Vista. 

18. Monte Vista — C. A. White. Ruth Batchelder. 

19. Monte Vista — J. Frank Goff. Glacia Martin. 
21. Del Norte — May B. Warr. La Veta Fox. 

2 2. Laura M. White. Monte Vista. Enid Ericson, Del Norte. 
25. Del Norte — Duncan Colville. Minnie Voss. 
26 jt. con. Mrs. Hattie Woman, Center. No teacher listed. 
28. Carl Seavey, Del Norte. Edith Taylor, Monte Vista. 


County Supt. Mrs. Emma H. Peek, Hayden. 75 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

District — 

1. Slater — Marcus Lucksinger. Mrs. Ina Collins. 

2. Hayden — Clayton Whiteman. Phillip Norvell, Isabell Tulley, Mrs. Dee 

Stukey, Kathryn Bruce, Iva Rench, Nan B. Scales, Mrs. Sam Wright. 
Music; Elsie Pultz, Rural. 

3. Mt. Harris— Ethel M. Hobbs. Prof. V. E. Worley. Prin.; Mrs. Nellie 

Colburn, Anna Clatte, Blanche Trussell. 

4. Steamboat Springs — Clay Monson. George O. Thompson, Prin.; D. A. 

Muir, Rita Keller, Ethel Carpenter, Lura Bradley, Eva Rowell, Evalyn 
Heisen, Marion Burroughs, Margaret Robinson, Eva Donelson, Nettie 
Anderson, Leona Stukey, Gertrude Gates. Lillie McLogan, Art. 

5. Louis Summers, Steamboat Springs. Margaret Golsen, Sidney. 

6. W. C. Rockhill, Yampa. Miss Loper, Phippsburg. 

7. E. D. Chase, Deep Creek. Inez Koons, Clark. 

8. Toponas — R. T. Charponnel. Jean Charbonnell. Grace Foresman, Pam- 

elia House. 

9. Trull — Mary Lollar. Flora Smith. 

10. Sam Weed, Steamboat Springs. Rebecca Kobey, Clark. 

11. Hayden — Mrs. C. D. Fulton. Ruth Bodfish, Delcenia Neilson, Mary 



12. Jacob Pressler, Oak Creek. No teacher yet. 

13. Steamboat Springs — Geo. J. Phillips. Alice Fitzpatric, R. R. 1. 

14. Dunkley — Albert Brooks. Ernest Long. 

15. Pagoda — R. J. Sanders. Sadie Hoover. 

16. Steamboat Springs — Henry "Noyce. Mary Officer. 

17. Oak Creek — Manford Skinner. Gladys Meyers, Vera Martin. 

18. Frank Moore, Steamboat Springs. No school. 

19. Clark — Claude A. Smith. Eberta Hall. 

20. Yampa — Jas. A. Alfred. Mrs. Sadie Barr. 

21. Dunkley — Mrs. J. E. Johnson. Mrs. Amy Osterhaut. 
2 2. Emil Barth, Clark. No school. 

23. B. F. Sandercook, Pagoda. Elfreida Speier, Dunkley. 

2 4. S. M. Swab, Bear Creek. Ruth Wiley, Mt. Harris. 

25. Andy Heish, McGregor. Winnifred Hitches. 

26. Elmer Dorr, Steamboat Springs. Mina Larimoare, Sidney; Ruth Officer, 

Steamboat Springs. 

27. Walter Neff, Oak Creek. Mary Smith, Oak Creek; Helen Egry, Pinnacle; 

Mrs. Walter Neff, Oak Creek; Mrs. Daisy Branson, Oak Creek. 

28. S. O. Songer, Mystic. Mrs. Jessie Westlake, Clark; Florence Webster, 

29. Hayden — Albert Walrod. Mrs. Effie Black. 

30. Secretary not listed. Margaret Sickles, Oak Creek. 

32. Yampa — E. H. Godfrey. H. F. Dowell, Prin. ; four other teachers not 


33. Steamboat Springs — R. C. Heintze. Alberta Dory, Steamboat Springs 

R. R. 

34. Herman Muhler. Hahn's Peak. School not started. 

35. W. R. Bartholomew, Sidney. Isabel Dingman, Oak Creek. 

38. Oak Creek — C. L. Cleaver. Earl P. Bell, Prin.; Martha Oster, Ass't 

Prin.; Lois Jones, Lillie Avers, Letitia Sickles, Jennie Burgess, Vera 

39. Ira Stewart, Oak Creek. Lillie Lewis, Steamboat Springs. 

4jt. McCoy — Kate Butler. Leolyn White, Leona White, Leah Tracy. 


County Supt. S. E. Forbes, Saguache. 4 9 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

Saguache County High School, Saguache — S. Earle Forbes. F. M. Chapman, 
Prin.; Minnie A. Chapman, Dorothy C. Gregory, Mary Garvin. 

District — 

1. Saguache — E. B. Noland. Lillis Tisdale. 

2. Elmer Burns, Moffat. Mrs. Addie M. Tisdale. Saguache. 

3. Orville Cox, Mirage. J. F. Johnson, Moffat. 

4. La Garita — A. M. Coolbroth. Mrs. Lydia C. Paris, Mrs. Fleeta Fond. 

5. Alder— C. B. Showalter. Edna Wilcox. 

6. Saguache — M. E. Hensley. James Freedle, Julia Chamberlin, Louise 

Woodard, Mae Sanders, Kate Newcomb, Marjorie Boyd, Margaret 

7. Moffat — C. S. Coleman. No teacher listed. 

8. Crestone — John L. Charles. Margaret Alexander, Kathryn Anderson. 

9. Moffat — Mrs. C. E. Young. No teacher listed. 

11. Saguache — Mrs. T. M. Rominger. Helen Wheeler. 

12. Fred S. Cuenin, Bonanza. Madge Brown, Villa drove. 

13. Villa Grove — Lester H. Hall. Marie Kennison. 

14. Villa Grove — John Mackenzie, Jr. Ruth Tiller. 


15. Saguache — F. L. Bailey. Bertha I. Truitt. 

it;. Villa drove — John W. Blurton. No teacher listed. 

17. Center — Mrs. Margaret Snell. Flora Morris. 

18. Center — Chas. Martiny. Ruth Howard. 

19. Sargents — Thos. L. Xorthrup. Mrs. Claude Starks. 

20. Center — C. D. Wadsworth. Florence Cunningham. 

23 jt. con. Hooper — D. F. Chapman. H. H. Journay, Prin.; G. < >. Pipphany, 
Mrs. Louise Wallace, Pluma Tuttle. 

24. Saguache — James E. Forbes. George Burch. 

25. La Garita — Juan E. Trujillo. Hulda Anderson. 

26 jt. con. Center — Mrs. O. A. Worman. F. A. Walker, Prin.; E. A. Hoagland. 
Fern Mitchell, Lois Sharpless, Zula Bennington, Mrs. Zoa Pattee. 
Edna Diller, Rosell Baugh. 

27. Saguache — Fred McCullah. Bertha Kelsey. 

28. Center — Mrs. H. Gibson. Elizabeth Speiser. 

29. Liberty — Jos. T. Williams. No teacher listed. 

30. Sargents — Mrs. B. C. Walters. Margaret Shaffer. 

51. Moffat — J. F. DeVinna. Charles G. Smith, Prin.; Mrs. Ethel McCormack, 
Anna Riley. 

32. Center — J. C. Mayheld. Mary K. Brown. 

33. Del Xorte — Mrs. F. Davies. Jr. Xo teacher listed. 


County Supt. Mrs. Mary B. Hodges, Silverton. 16 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

Silverton — Joseph M. Boyce. Chas. E. Greene, Supt.; Dell Garby, Prin.; 
John McKnight, Mary Gray, Lutie Arnold, Lyle Gayle Williams, 
Portia Olwin, Mary Louise McLean, Regina L. Gerstle, Ethel R. 
Fisher, X"ell Xelson, Lillian Johnson. Mary Hoagland, Bertha Case. 
Eureka School — Valentine Crooke, Elizabeth Gray. 


County Supt. Bertha T. Cameron. Telluride. 43 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 

of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 
1. . Telluride — Geo. R. Painter. W. E. Baker, Supt.; Arthur Gilbert, Prin.; 
Fannie O. Ames. Hazel Shue, Edna M. Randall. F. W. Van Atta, Marie 
Garwood, Muriel Baker, Blanche McCray. Grace Marvin. Xellie 
O'Kelley, Zella Priest, Gena Walde. Felicia Fleckenstein, Alice Hamp- 
ton Annie O. Dill. Mary Van Atta. Phillipene Ebler, Ina Scandrett. 
Lucile Johnstone, Elizabeth Welch, Clara Ball. 

2. Telluride — Frank P. Brown. Kathleen O'Kelley. 

3. Mrs. Jane Richards, Ames. Aneita Bappert, Ames; Carrie Sauer, Ophir. 

4. Vanadium — Frank E. Ripley. Dora Gabler. Thomas Welch. 

5. C. V. Hummell, Sawpit. Agnes Griffin, Sawpit; Xettie Elliott, Xoel. 

6. Xorwood — Mrs. E. A. Tracy. Agneita Evans, Prin.; Lillian Sehmerehech, 

Hedwig Vernold, Gladys Ransdale, Ruby Herendon. Xellie Clamp. 

7. Cedar — J. W. Westcott. Blanche Xaff. 

8. Vernon Smith, Sawpit. Bertha Haines. Vanadium; J. F. Wilkinson, 

Sawpit; Frances Roscio, Placerville. 

9. Placerville — Mrs. Freda McKinley. Gladys Edwards. 

10. S. D. Batchelder, Sams. Fern White. Leonard: Mildred Merling, Sams. 

11. Leonard — W. E. Lindsay. Alice Xash. 

12 Mrs. Edith Walker. Redvale. Xo teacher listed. 



County Supt. Miss Emma Carlson, Julesburg. 41 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

Sedgwick County High School, Julesburg — Emma Carlson. Geo. P. Young,* 
Prin. ; Mrs. Ida Reich, Louise Eismann, Anna Gallagher. 

1. Julesburg — Mrs. Grace Gilchrist. Lizzie Spencer. 
3.. Julesburg — Mrs. Mary Huston. Maytie Wallace. 

4. Uriah From, Julesburg. Hilda Holcombe, Holyoke. 

5. Julesburg — Chas. V. Froid. Olive Pound. 

6. ("has. Hemberger, Venango, Neb. Eva Hiatt. 

8. Ovid — Frank Herfert. Ethel McKinstry. 

9. Mrs. Anna Stratton, Julesburg. Carolyn Sherman, Sedgwick. 

11. Mrs. Jessie Dunlap, Julesburg. Helen Engelhardt, Julesburg; Myrtle 

Sagel, Venango, Neb. 

12. Perry Monjar, Sedgwick. No teacher listed. 

13. Sedgwick — Len Davis. Corinne Thomas. 
20. Julesburg — F. F. Stevens. Grace Duttorj. 

35. E. A. Carroll, Ovid. Alice Enersman, Prin.; Bertha Baerresen, Ovid. 

36. Herman Senstock, Venango. No teacher listed. 

46. Sedgwick — E. M. Frink. Loren D. Root, Prin.; Miss Althopper, Mrs. 

Bowman, Stella Baerresen. Birgitthe Seeley, Olga Euersman, Jules- 

47. Haxtun — Mrs. Esther Skold. Hilder Bentson. 

51. Amherst — John Timm. Stella Smelser. 

52. Haxtun — Genevieve Clark. Mrs. Ada Miller. 

53. Julesburg — H. C. Spillman. C. W. Lanning, Prin.; Ethel Wickstrum, 

Ethel Kissack, Bertha Denham, Ethel Hurley, Irene Lavelle, Bess 

58. Oscar Franson, Haxtun. Fern Schaeft'er, Sedgwick. 

59. Julesburg — J. A. Dawson. Doris Kinsman. 

68. Sedgwick — Mrs. Laura Toyne. Archie Hinds, Prin.; Ola Pyle, Mary 

73. John Bartels. Venango. No teacher listed. 

74. Holyoke — Frank Austin. Minnie Duncan. 

76. A. V. Jacobson, Venango. Louise Dunlap, Julesburg. 
83. Sedgwick — Hattie Woodham. Martha Kissack, Holyoke. 


County Supt. Mrs. Melissa Hayden, Breckenridge, Colo. 15 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

District — 

1. Breckenridge — J. A. Theobald. L. J. Hall, Ada R. Cunningham, 

Helena Zahnen, Grace Powers. Florence Detwiler, Rose Francis, 
Marie Waller. 

2. Montezuma — Roberta C. Sharp. Clara Blair. 

3. Kokomo — Mattie Neve. Wm. Creamer, Eva Carlson. 

6. Dillon — W. P. Knorr, Lakeside (Dillon P. O.). Erma Boggs. Dillon. 

Blue River Stage. 

7. Lizzie Marshall, Slate Creek. Elizabeth Rothermell, Dillon, Blue River 


8. Dillon — Lulu L. Myers. Rose Ganson, Katherine O'Dea. 

9. Frisco — John Deming. Rachel Isbell. 

10. Harry Abbett, Sheephorn. No teacher listed. 
12. H. G. McKinley, Grandview, No teacher listed. 



County Supt. Mr*. Xellie Slusher, Cripple Creek. 1<>1 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

District — 

1. ('ripple Creek — Charles A. Starr. 

Wilson M. Shafer, Superintendent, Office in the High School Building. 
Cripple Creek. 

Supervisors — Xellie Jones, Music, 303 East Eaton, Cripple Creek; 
Marjorie Shockey, Music, 221 North Third. Cripple Creek; Ruth 
Bebee, Domestic Science, 400 Main, Cripple Creek; A. Judson Lohr, 
Manual Training, 204 North A, Cripple Creek. 

('ripple Creek High School (Senior and Junior) — A. E. Holch. Prin., 
315 North Third; Mary J. Walters. Latin and Algebra, Imperial 
Hotel; Mary Cole Dixon, History, 317 East Carr; Jeane Cleveland, 
English, 106 Porphyry; Beulah G. Wilson, Science, Imperial Hotel; 
Maude E. Brinton, Mathematics, 317 East Carr; Clarion W. Taylor, 
History and English. 317 East Carr; William F. V. Leicht. Science 
and French, 317 East Carr; Mary Nash, English, 213 North Fourth; 
Sarah Philpott. History and Mathematics, 106 Porphyry; Olive M. 
Braden. Science and English, 117 Hayden. 

Victor High School (Senior and Junior) — George Barry Dufheld. Prin.. 
318 South Second; Chas. E. Cutler, Science. 324 South Second; Zula 
G. Simmons, History and French, Gold Coin Apts.; Hester B. Crut- 
eher, Latin and History, Gold Coin Apts.; Floy Foote. English and 
History, 216 South Second; Frances Keeth, English. 124 North Third; 
Willard Richard Helmke, Mathematics, Baltimore Hotel; Jean Mc- 
Allister. English. Gold Coin Apts.; Emma Repetschnig. Science and 
Mathematics, 4 20 Goff; Hazel D. Harrison, History and Civics, Gold- 
field, Colorado. 

Garfield School. Victor — E. E. Merris, Principal; Clara B. Mangun. 
Arithmetic: Marcella Monroe. English: Delia Smith. Language; Grace 
Cox. Geography; Rachel Hallock. History and Physiology: Emma F. 
O'Neal, Margaret Lehman. Helen Jones. Edna Bourk. Lov Ballfinch. 

Golden School, Cripple Creek — W. W. Black. Prin.; Ethel Woodward, 
Arithmetic and Language: Nettye B. Nicholson, History and Read- 
ing; Ellen Olson. Geography and Hygiene: Mattie Richardson, Bliss 
Connor, Olive Irving. Pearl B. Craigue. 

Grant School, Cripple Creek — L. C. Ormes, Prin.; Elizabeth R. Morris. 
Arithmetic; Arthyrn M. Wogan. Geography; Hazel Farrell. 
Language; Anne T. Whiting. Lela Pearce, Gertrude Cox, Ella Pen- 

Washington School. Victor — Louise H. Jones, Prin.; Ruth Farley. Al- 
verda Moore, Anna Davis. Emma Klopfenstein. Florence Gallagher. 

North Goldfield School — Elizabeth Tidball. Prin.. Goldtield; Eva 
Doonan. Victor: Sadie DeBoer. Cripple Creek; Loretta Surber. Cripple 
Creek; Marie Roach. Cripple Creek; Helen Gorman. Cripple Creek. 

South Goldfield School — Bea Jones, Prin., Goldfield; Alice Fowler, 
Cripple Creek; Elizabeth Repetschnig. Victor. 

Independence School — Emma L. Baldwin, Prin.. Cripple Creek; Flor- 
ence Boyd. Cripple Creek: Mary E. Blair, Independence. 

Elkton School — Margaret Nash, Cripple Creek; Ereka Reed, Cripple 

Cameron School — Ida M. Rider. Prin.. Cripple Creek; Rosa Duffy, 

Anaconda School — Lou Mannering. Prin., Cripple Creek. 

McKinley Annex — Delia Walsh. Prin., Cripple Creek. 

Spring Creek School — D. B. Shields, Prin.. Cripple Creek. 


Substitutes — Gladys Schwartz, Cripple Creek; Mrs. J. J. Flemming. 
Cripple Creek; Mrs. M. Lehew, Independence; Shirley Harrison, Gold- 
field; Mrs. Mary E. Weiner, Cripple Creek; Stella Koppf, Cripple 
Creek; Mrs. C. E. Reagin, Cripple Creek. 

2. Mrs. John C. Wilson, Florissant. Helen O'Connor, Cripple Creek. 

3. George Harker, Florissant. Verna B. Garber, Cripple Creek. 

4. Florissant— George Harry. Helen Winsome Whitmore, Prin. ; Evaline 

Gertrude Goe. 

5. P. W. Eseb, Cripple Creek. No school. 

6. Divide — J. M. Devine. Olive Reed, Prin.; Lory Pearl Cary. 

7. James G. Butler, Divide. Bessie Smith, Cripple Creek. 

8. Mrs. Simon Peterson, Victor. Xellie Catharine Hoar, Vict6r; Grace 

Elizabeth Stone, Cripple Creek. 

9. 'Divide — John S. Bruner, Box 4. Mary Jane La Rue. 

10. Mrs. Fred Morse, Victor, Box 563. Mrs. H. Lou White, Cripple Creek. 

11. Woodland Park — John L. Locke. Sybil M. Jones. 

12. Woodland Park — W. C. Wells. Kathryn Marts. 

13. Mrs. H. H. Brown, Rosemont. Mrs. Myrtle Thompson, Rosemont; 

Maude Eudora Norris, Cripple Creek. 

14. No secretary listed. Mrs. B. L. Fisher, Woodland Park. 
31. George Musser, Green Mt. Falls. No school. 


County Supt. Mrs. Rose Bachman, Akron. 95 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

County High School, Akron — C. E. Stewart. Prin. ; A. T. Flint, Agriculture 
and Science; Allen Sansburn, Manual Training; Mrs. Irwin Lowe, 
Language; Mrs. Allen Sansburn, Domestic Science; Theodosia Slo- 
thower. History. 

District — ' 

1. Akron — E. T. Dole. Minnie Ball, Ethel Stein, Laviena Carpenter, Ruth 

Harris, Nellie Maize. 

2. C. L. Yingling, Yuma. Nettie Pike. Otis; Mary Carpenter, Hyde; Floise 

Carre, Yuma; Ella Shedd, Otis. 

3. Otis — J. V. Gregg. Mrs. Crawford, Alta Johnson, J. B. Richardson, Miss 


4. E. Carey, Bunker. Ida Edmonds, Akron, care A. S. Edwards. 

5. Akron — Mrs. Mary Preising. Edith Lange, care J. E. Forree. 

6. Akron — Chas. Mowry. Mary Brown. 

7. Akron — Ivy E. Davis, Lillie Shane. 

8. Otis — J. L. Parker. Helen Faris, Emma Greer, care F. M. Miller. 

9. Joseph Daniels, Pinneo. Etta Foor, Pinneo; Mrs. Hattie Kimball. Pinneo; 

Evalyn Boswell, Rago. 

10. Ella P. T. Upton. Pawnee. No teacher listed. 

11. Ed Nolte, Akron. Allie Winterbourne, Platner; Erma Smith, Akron, 

care Mrs. Core; Gladys Roberts, Akron. 

12. Geo. W. McCoy, Akron. No teacher listed. 

13. K. M. Nichols, Plumbush. Hazel Byron, Plumbush; Lily Harbert, 

Spence; Cecil Edwards, Plumbush; Mrs. May Dahlem, Plumbush. 

14. Otis — Mrs. Geo. Farris. Elizabeth Brandon. 

15. Otis — K. J. Molt. Gwendolyn Halladay. 

16. F. N. Rayborne, Platner. Annie Shane, Otis. 

17. Anna Imes, Otis. Grace Allison, Merino. 

18. Hillrose — A. Brochman. Winnifred Hicks. 

19. Mrs. A. Meckelburg, Yuma. Julia Keenan, Otis; Miss Krienalmeyer, 


20. Harrisburg — Andrew Jefferson. Pearl Porter, care Andrew Jefferson. 


21. N. D. Holt, Platner. Florence King, Otis. 

22. Ben Gasser, Brunker. Xo teacher listed. 

23. Burdett — Burel Davis. Ethel Epperson. 

24. Mina B. Lord. Thurman. Dashice Magill, Arickaree, care R. L. Stewart. 

25. Henry — C. Gr. Kennison. Lausa Smith, care Ralph Kirby; Kathlyn Hu- 

lun, care C. G. Kennison. - 

26. Akron — Grace Andrews. Cora Horn. 

27. A. B. Henderson, Gary. Walter Branson. Woodrow; Dora Combs, 

Cary, care Mr. VanAllen. 

28. Brie Miller, Yuma. Loretta Dodds, Otis; Xellr Wilson. Yuma. 

29. Ray Culbertson. Akron. Meadowlark Emery, Akron: Miss Shelling- 

hausen, Burdett. 

30. Otis — J. T. Wilcox. Ruby Gallaway. 

31. Abbott — C. L. Brooks. Marie Manlove. 

32. Akron— Ben (Mine. Martha Shane. Ft F. D. 1. 

33. Glen — O. S. Presler. Josie I). Jones. 

34. Cope — C. H. Odell. Buena Wood, care R. C. Martle. 

35. Thurman — Ruth Johnson. Simon Schultz. 

36. Mrs. Jennie Vibber, Arickaree. Mary Young, Thurman. 

37. H. J. Scrivner, Shaw. Mabel Branson. Thurman, care H. J. Scribner. 

38. Henry — Win. Yolberding. Ellen Gasser. 

39. Earl Arbothnot. Lindon. Florence Frederickson. Glen; Nora Hall, 


40. Thurman — M. J. Clement. Anna Shultz. 

41. Akron — Myron S. Lyon. Lulu Murray. 

42. Akron— Mrs. J. B. White. Lottie Hooper. 

43. Lydia Moore, Prairie. Edna Horn. Akron; Anna Sutton, Frairie, care 

Mrs. Lydia More. 

44. Thurman — M. C. Betts. Mrs. Bessie Harrington. 

45. W. H. Stanley, Elba. Mrs. A. J. Cross. Brunker; Rose E. Hester, Elba, 

care Joe Plummer. 

46. Burdett — W. C. White. Ella Hagam'eier. 

4 7. I. E. Heath, Otis. Mae Yalleu. Dillingham; Mr. Earl Traylor, Henry. 

48. J. A. Hunsaker, Harrisburg. Xo teacher listed. 

49. Burdett — J. A. Xugent. Bessie Gramly. 

50. Grant Alishouse, Henry. Grace McBride, Akron. 

51. J. A. Finney, Genoa. Ruth Krause, Genoa, care J. Sidell; Marian 

Stevens Cady, Flat Top. 

52. Statia F. Cook, Dillingham. Hazel D. Miles, Genoa. 

53. Rose Xickerson, Lindon. Xo teacher listed. 

54. Seibert — John P. Wrape. Xo teacher listed. 

55. Ora Axom, Dillingham. Xo teacher listed. 

56. T. G. Dudley, Meckton. Xo teacher listed. 

57. Cope — Mrs. F. M. Gulbreath. Mary Foster. 

5 8. Akron — Chancie Welch. Dorothy Griffin, care Pearl Myers. 
5 9. Gary — Mrs. Sue Archbold. Mrs. Lou Archbald. 

60. Lloyd Wilson, Steffins. Eva Savage, Burdett. 

61. H. M. Stanley, Burdett Mary Crosby. Otis. 

62. James Birk, Atwood. Lavinia Irwin, Akron, care H. J. Schmidt. 

63. ('ope — T. G. Packard. Mamie Blakely. 

64. Edward Edkins, Gary — Opal Payne. Arickaree. 

65. W. C. Shedley, Lindon. Edna Oramse. Elba; Clara Gramse, Lindon. 

66. Cope — L. Dalziel. Bertha Iff. Wamberg, care L. Dalziel. 

67. F. C. Libby, Burdett. Xo teacher listed. 

68. Secretary not listed. Hazel Hammond, DeXova. 

69. Secretary not listed. Orpha Bennett, Rago. 



County Supt. A. B. Copeland, Greeley. 455 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. AM other names are those of teachers. 

Union High School No. 1, Johnstown — H. L. Caillet, Mrs. Sarah Ruple. 

District — 

1. Longmont, R. R. 4 — Maude E. Hunter. Leora Blackwood, Valborg Han- 

sen, Georgia Burtle. 

2. Longmont — A. H. Borgman. Mamie Hogan, R. R. 1. 

4. Windsor — E. P. Hickman. E. A. Lanning, Grace Irene Ellis, Fannie 

Douden, Myrna Laybourn, Amie Frye, Opal Smith, Virginia A. Fisher, 

Grace Hall, Mrs. Nellie Murch, Lydia Hoffman. Wilda Forgy, Mabel 

Welch, Rebecca Vaile, Hattie May Brown, Gladys Dickey, Rosamond 

Patton, Robert R. Crie. 
6. Greeley — Chester William Horner. 

Ct. E. Brown, Supt. 

High School, 9th Ave. and 14th St. — William S. Roe, Prin.. 1845 11th 
Ave.; W. H. Hill, Mathematics, 1227 9th Ave.; Marian Ward, Mathe- 
matics, 1718 7th Ave.; Linnie D. Coil, Mathematics and 
Latin, 1103 11th St.; Mary McCutcheon, Latin and French, 
1019 10th St.; Anne M. Hellner, German, 1411 9th Ave.; L. S. 
Ward, Chemistry, 1809 7th Ave.; F. B. Morgan, Physics, Biology, 
General Science, 1809 7th Ave.; Lura A. Mercer, History, 1744 8th 
Ave.; Minnie Pearl Carr, History, 1018 9th St.; Bertha Whitman, 
English, 1112 6th St.; Mrs. Alida Page, English, 604 13th Ave.; 
Samuel Bristol, English, 7 Strubel Apts. ; Mary Dodds, English, 1405 
9th Ave.; W. H. Dodds, Public Speaking, 911 19th St.; C. W. Horner. 
Commercial, 1809 13th Ave.; Margaret Dunlap, Commercial, 811 11th 
St.; Gussie Brown, Penmanship, 1117 15th St.; F. A. Ogle. 
Agriculture, West 16th St.; Edith McCreery. Home Economics, 
1002 9th St.; Clara Peery, Sewing, 1512 7th Ave.; Marian 
Brink, Cooking, 814 5th St.; G. A. Raeth, Manual Training, Mechani- 
cal Drawing, 1210 9th St.; Charlotte Gauss. Art, 1411 11th Ave.; 
J. R. Whiteman, Music, 1458 8th St.; Mrs. A. F. Bristol, Music, 7 
Strubel Apts. 

Junior High School, llh Ave., and 8th St. — Carrie Fashbaugh, Prin., 
Evans; Nana Wright, Music, 1229 10th St.; Vera Sullivan, English, 
1114 9th St.; Lillian Lackore, Arithmetic, 1417 10th Ave.; Minnie 
Bush, Reading and Hygiene. 1512 11th Ave.; Etta Richardson, His- 
tory, 1443 5th St.; Bertha Baab, Penmanship and Spelling, 1834 8th 
Ave.; Katherine Inman, Drawing and Geography, 1308 9th Ave.; Mrs. 
Josephine Myers, Arithmetic and English, 2111 9th Ave.; Ethel 
Cochran, Special Children, 1450 9th St.; James Vaughn, General 
Science and Agriculture, 1731 6th Ave.; Daisy Wallace, Sewing, 15U3 
9th Ave.; S. L. Roark, Manual Training, 2118 8th St. 

Central Building. 11th Ave. and 8th St. — Carrie Fashbaugh. Prin.; 
Edith Hays, Lila Benton, Pauline Mallott, Dorothy Shaffer, May 
Waldron, Irene Matson. 

Meeker Building, 10th Ave. and 8th St. — Carrie Fashbaugh, Prin.; 
Jean E. Wilson, Mrs. Velma Sullens, Jessie Swift, Irma Brubaker. 

South Ward Building, 11th Ave. and 12th St. — Luna Smith, Prin.; 
Edith V. Heath, Mabel Wool!', Hattiebelle Merrill, Mrs. Mabel S. 
Marsh, Grace W. Finley, Elizabeth Miller, Ivalou Rogers, Lora B. 
Wright, Pearl Joy, Mrs. Jessie Page. Chalice M. Kelly, Exceptional 

North Ward Building, 13th Ave. and 6th St. — Jessie Alice Fink, Prin.; 
Sarah A. McNutt, Mrs. Anna Brooks, Louise Dauth. 


East Ward Building, 5th Ave. and 11th St. — H. P. Brunell, Prin.; Mrs. 
Mary Colgate Elmer, Edna Wright, Mrs. Ethel H. Dowell, Mildred 
Baldwin, Mrs. B. T. Hunter, Inez Beardsley, Jessie Hall, Emma 
Guiraud, Hattie Yardley, May Phenix, Mrs. Etta Stender, Exceptional 

West Ward Building — Mabel Cochran, Prin.; Mabel Shultis. 

Gipson Building, 20th Ave. and 2nd St. — Anna Johnson. 

Supervisors — J. R. Whiteman, Music, 1450 8th St.; Mrs. A. F. Bristol. 
Music, 7 Strubel Apts. ; Charlotte Gauss, Art, 1411 11th Ave.; Gussie 
Brown, Penmanship, 1117 15th St.; Edith McCreery, Home Econom- 
ics, 1002 9th St.; G. A. Raeth, Manual Training, 1210 9th St.; C. W. 
Horner, Commerce and Athletics, 1809 13th Ave.; Dr. W. F. Spaulding. 
School Physician, 1941 10th Ave.; J. H. Kidder, Truant Officer, 1117 
9th St. 

7. Leroy Wailes, Milliken. Pearl Gard, Loveland, R. R. 1; Gladys Rosen- 

burg, Loveland, R. R. 1. 

8. Fort Lupton — John E. Philpott. 

Geo. W. Alps, Supt. 

High School — Elizabeth Knous, Lydia Myers. 

Grades — Florence Barber, Pauline Belschner, Veronica Casey, Myra 
Stockley, Theresa Fish, Margaret Twombly. 
'.i. I*. W. Snook, Grover. Myrtle Waugh. Grover; Mrs. Edna Wichman, 
Grover; Grace Bruckner, Grover; Clara Bruchner, Grover; Martha 
Lundin, Keota; Alice Lee, Pine Bluff, Wyo. ; Elena McAleer, Pine 
Bluff, Wyo.; Edna Brabham, Pine Bluff, Wyo.; Mary Miles, Keota; 
Ellen Mallot, Sligo; Faye I. Nye, Pine Bluffs. Graham R. R. 

11. Greeley — Mrs. Fred Gedge. Margaret George, R. R. 4; Esther Anderson, 

R. R. 4. 

12. F. A. Cordill, Hudson. Sarah B. Duboff. Keenesburg; Florence Henton, 

Hudson; Lula B. Cassill, Hudson. 

13. Fort Lupton — Wm. Millensifer. Ruth York. 

14. Erie — Wm. E. Heffelboicer. Nellie M. Hardwick, R. R. 1; Mrs. Nina 

Schenck, R. R. 1. 

15. Evans— A. R. Weinhold. Lilly Craton, Ethel Craig, Effie Minns, Ruth 


16. Erie — Dr. C. W. Bixler. 

Charles E. Davis, Supt. 
High School — Louise Holman. 

Grades — Esther Wickham. Ruth Thuma, Ruth Hemmingway, Anna 
Wheaton. ^ 

17. Greeley — B. F. Pfalzgraff. Laura Riley, R. R. 2. 

18. Berthoud — John B. Davis. Carrie Remington, Edna Wilson. 
1ft. Mrs. Peter Wickhorst, Fort Lupton. Dorcas Ramey, Brightop. 

20. Greeley — Mrs. W. B. Tatum. Jas. O. Jenkins, Ruth Werkheiser, R. R. 4. 

21. Milliken — C. M. Williams. Mrs. Ola A. Greenlee, Anna Warburg. 

22. Windsor — O. E. Crayhead. Jennie Dempewolf. 

23. F. L. Poawar, Fort Lupton. J. B. Griffith, Brighton; Ruby Beeten, Fort 


24. Greeley, R. R. 3 — D. O. Cooperider. Eleanor Salberg. 

25. Longmont, R. 4 — Mrs. Edna Johnson. Florence McCoy. 

27. Greeley. R. R. 2 — S. K. Body. Mrs. Minta Bartholomew, Anna Martin. 

28. Henry Brennen, Longmont, R. R. 1. Paul Nicholson, Frederick; Mittie 

Cave, Platteville, R. R. 2. 

29. Otto Hartz, La Salle. M. R. Shrader, Peckham; Mrs. Ruby Naffziger, 

Peckham; Mrs. Helen McMechen, Peckham. 
31. Fort Lupton — Mrs. Nettie Davis. Delia Lake, Ft. Lupton, R. K. 2; 

Benita Reese, Longmont. 
3 4. Ault — C. A. Bray ton. 

T. E. Burns, Supt. 

High School — Katheryn I. Phillips, Francis Myer. 

Grades — Rhea Gillett, Louise Mergelman, Louise Schoonmaker, Harriet 
J. McNee, Helen Lamma. Mabel J. Wright. 


06. Berthoud — Mrs. Minta Early. Florence Early, Florence Sloan. 

37. Eaton — Fred Gazell. 

H. E. Black, Supt. 

High School — Karl Winchell, Prin. ; Ernst Proemmel, Lucille Carr, 

Grace E. Clark, June Eaton, and 8th grade; Elizabeth Cooper, and 

8th grade. 
Grades — Faye McMenamin, Nell McAllister, Ruth Farr, Goldie E. 

Keener, Estella Newton, Dagmar Anderson, Vera Newton, Lodicia 

Everett, Eula Smith, Lula Beck, Anna King, Sloyd and Art; Mabel 

Marsh, Music. 

38. Loveland — Mrs. Ruth S. Hamilton. B. B. Case, Helen Evans. 

3 9. Lucerne, R. R. 1 — D. C. Straight. Ella Dickerson, Alice Crawford. 

40. Pierce — Mrs. A. L. Munger. J. G. Damon, Eva M. Erwin, Erma McMul- 

len, Ruth Lytle. 

41. J. P. Klug, Hudson. Martha Oster. 

42. Wiggins — H. Clausen. Orville J. Grisier, Supt.; Kate White. 

43. Brighton — John Kellerman. Samuel A. Keys. 

45. Longmont, R. R. 2 — Emitt Taylor. Mrs. Lola A. Gregory. 

46. Mrs. L. E. Reinheimer, Carr. Earl Smith, Carr; Kathleen Cleaveland, 

Carr; Mary Mantey, Carr; W. C. Smith, Carr; Mrs. Ethel F. Smith, 
Nunn; Mildred Hudner, Nunn. 

47. Secretary not listed. E. C. Steele, Ault; Mrs. E. C. Steele, Ault; Letty 

Simpson, Pierce. 

48. Johnstown— Mrs. T. H. Hill. 

High School — H. L. Caillett, Mrs. Sarah Ruple. 

Grades — Edith Brown, Floy M. Banard, Genevieve M. Pearson. 

49. Wm. Brauher, Sligo. Mrs. Lucy Shack, Sligo; Ferol E. Martin, Sligo; 

Elma Bigelow, Sligo; Susie Sylvester, Grover; Earl Lynd Johnston, 
Coleman; Mildred Coonrad, Coleman. 

50. Berthoud — J. D. Pancake. Nellie A. Bosworth, Florence Pancake. 

51. Windsor — R. J. Walker. Lulu Lowe, Ethel Hughes. 

52. Severance — Mrs. Dora Tinsman. 

High School — George J. Mayer. 

Grades — Mrs. Mary Homan, Elsie Erdbrugger, Siddie E. Rice. 

53. Ault — O. C. McWilliams. Lena A. Lewis, Helen Page. 

54. Barnesville — Dwight Decker. Clara Heilman, Carrie Doke. 

55. Platteville, R. R. 2 — W. D. Condon. Louise Gauss. 

56. Eaton — F. M. King. Sarah Bracy, R. R. 2; Gladys Higgins, R. R. 2. 

57. Loveland— W. E. Bader. Helen Roach, R. R. 2. 

58. Greeley, R. R. 1 — C. E. McCoy. Mrs. Emma Fugate, Greeley; Mrs. Mary 

S. Sullivan, Greeley. 

59. Greeley, R. R. 2 — Arthur Leaver. Iona E. Prouty, Mary E. Turney. 

60. Lucerne, R. R. 1 — H. N. Bickling. Mrs. J. P. Anderson, Mildred Hopkins. 

61. Longmont, R. R. 1 — Chas. Longan. Gladys Gilmore. 

61'. ('has. F. Meyer, Ault. Marie Nye, Pierce; Lillian English, Pierce. 

64. Milliken— E. J. Elam. 

High School — D. P. Choisser, Velma Elam. 

Grades — Mrs. Bessie O'Grady, Eda Gross, Letha McCune, Esther 

65. La Salle — Jno. H. Behrens. 

High School- — Rilda Betts, Josephine Smith. 

Grades — Lyda Welch, Hazel Markle, Emma Cheek, Nellie Jay, Clara 

66. Nona Harris, Eaton, R. R. 2. Margaret Jacobson, Windsor, R. R. 1. 

67. Nunn — Fred Laycock. 

High School — Mrs. Mary McLaurin. 

Grades — Leo Lemonds, Nora Bechtolt, Mrs. Ella M. Weingarth. 

68. Will Waite, Osgood. Myrtle Rose, Orchard. 

69. Dover— E. E. Merritt. Mary Hodge, Hazel Bakerink, Orpha M. Preston. 

70. Windsor — Geo. G. Cazir. Mrs. Inez E. Reynolds. 


71. H. F. Warren, Masters. Isa M. Biggs, Masters; Louise Gorneman, 

Masters; Mina Scott, Orchard; Alta Marsh, Orchard. 

72. Hardin — John Van Wyke. Mabel B. Baker. 

73. Kuner — S. W. Loloff. Burton L. Hooker, Laura Doudna, Lillian Thomp- 


74. Fred E. Anderson, Purcell. Rose M. Lind, Purcell; Janette Anderson, 


75. H. F. Large, Nunn. Ethel Mock, Pierce; Phyllis L. Raymond, Welling- 

ton; Lucy M. Lewis, Fort Collins, R. R. 2. 

76. Jas. Jardine, Frederick. H. H. Donley, Supt., Mathematics and Science, 

Frederick; Gertrude R. Gray, Language and History, Frederick; Grace 
May McNeil, English, Frederick; Clifford Allman, Manual Training, 
Frederick; Margaret Long, Domestic Science, Frederick; Evelyn W. 
Miller, Frederick; Florence A. Johnston, Frederick; Sadie E. McNeil, 
Frederick; Agnes B. Cunningham. Frederick; Laura D. Clark, Fire- 
stone; Mamie Latronico, Firestone; Julia Kilian. Dacona. 

77. Walter Fry, Pierce. Maud Wilson, Ault; May Stevenson, Ault. 

78. Emma F. Cole, Camfield. Syble R. McLean. Purcell. 

79. Greeley, R. R. 3 — Nettie Mellin. Edith E. Comin. 

80. Hudson — Martha Ireland. Mabel Tilyou, Nancye Furlong, Crea Robb, 

Anna G. Seyler. Harriet Seyler. 

81. Kersey — Wm. Stronsky. J. B. Bishop. 

82. Roggen — Archie Knox. Lavernia Walter, Geraldine Onstine. 

83. Greeley. R. R. 3 — J. B. Dickey. Alice Peterson. 

84. La Salle — G. Bohlender. Irene McGuckin, Mina Girvin. 

85. La Monte Saylor, Grover. Beatrice Morrison, R. R. 1; Lela H. Mason. 

R. R. 1; Savilla Calkins. R. R. 1; Josephine Saunders, R. R. 1; Jessie 
"Warren. R. R. 1 ; Florence Cox, R. R. 1; Xancy Glover, Carpenter, Wyo. ; 
Kathryn Smith, Nunn. 

86. Greeley, R. R. 1 — Mrs. L. R. Peasley. Elizabeth Billing, Floy Day. 

87. Gill— Fred C. Russell. 

Ray Fitzmorris, Supt. 

High School — Mary Whiteman. 

Grades — Genevieve McKee. Mrs. Harriet Madison, Caddie Klein. 

88. A. L. Boyer. Hoyt. Ruth I. Edmundson, Roggen; Helen Nelson, Roggen; 

Helen Clark, Roggen; Frances M. Conkling, Crest; Daisy B. Cooks. 
80. Charles T. Philp, Hereford. 

Grover High School — Jas. A. Briggs. 

Grades — Agnes Briggs, Grover; Verdie Milburn, Grover; Belva L. 

Leach, Grover; Frances K. Dardis. Grover; Ina Efner, Hereford; 

Imogene Fox, Hereford. 

90. Ault — Dan Thomas. Virgie Godwin, Anna Carlson. 

91. Raymer — C. R. Graves. Paul J. Hewitt. Supt.; Lola Hosford. 

92. Keota — W. R. Bowles. 

High School — Harry E. Green. 

Grades — Lillian Gleasman, Gladys Robb, Anna E. Stowers, Bessie Cal- 
lahan, Vera Dickerson, Leota Spitzer, Pearle Rhoadarmer, Josephine 
M. Coe. Maude A. Strickland, Beulah Jones. Briggsdale; Margaret 
McCracken, Briggsdale; Catherine Crosby, Briggsdale; Philomena 
Wassner. Osgood. 
9:;. Wm. Batterton, Kauffman. Alice G. Brady. Kalous; Josie Peterson. 
Avalo; Mrs. Geneva Briggs, Kalous; Olive Ward, Kauffman; Muriel 
Cherry, Kauffman; Florence Coe, Avalo; Martha Henney, Spurgin; 
Gladys Vera Witwer. Spurgin. 
94. Hardin — Mrs. A. B. Sanford. Lois Wilson. 

96. Keenesburg — A. R. Stewart. Anna Duboff, W. R. Carder, Verda Bowe. 

Opal Parker. 

97. Gilcrest — W. F. Hines. 

High School — Edgar W. Burbridge. 


Grades — Beatrice Black, Julia Wolland, Garnette L. Haskins, Elsie 
B. Hamilton. 

98. Kersey — Thos. Trueheart. 

Harry E. Johnston, Supt. 

High School — Alphonse Mott, Eunice Hindman. 

Grades — Percy R. Candlin, Esther Corsberg, Ada Van Cleve, Laura 

99. La Salle— August Nohlender. Veda Kyle, Gladys Van Gorder. 

100. Fort Lupton— C. J. Davidson. Marietta Ball. 

101. Windsor — Chas. J. Skold. Elsie Williamson, Jessie Williamson. 

102. Fort Lupton — Robt. B. Burkhardt. Cascadia Dunn. 

103. Galeton — G. A. Johnson. B. V. McCready, Maude E. Conner, Florence 


104. Fort Lupton — C. B. Benedict. Alice M. Hause, R. R. 1; Bessie M. 

105. Osgood — E. E. Behring. Maude Gabriel, Sadie Doke. 

106. Keota— W. C. Rupe. 

Buckingham High School — Elizabeth Reynolds, Buckingham. 

Grades — Ruby H. Northrup, Buckingham; Gladys Meredith, Bucking- 
ham; Fred Heiken, Buckingham; Floye Allen, Raymer; Hattie Jones, 
Buckingham; Mildred Bailey, Buckingham; Mary Luttrell, Keota; 
Lucile Wolfe, Keota; Ruth Boyer, Keota; Elizabeth Wolfe, Buck- 
ingham; Hulda Eades, Buckingham. 

107. Briggsdale — Elmer Winegar. Frederick H. Beach, Mary Porter. 

108. Greeley, R. R. 2 — L. G. Anderson. Geneva Stone, Ruth DeVinney. 

109. Mrs. Myrtle E. Coon, Fosston. Mrs. Reecie B. Ketelsen, Osgood. 

110. Stoneham — Robert Hoff. Emily Thomas, Elizabeth K. Bean, Lillian 

Cykler. Mabel Nicks, Olga V. Sanders. 

111. Earl Barber, Milliken. Grace Hall, Johnstown. 

112. Cornish — Wm. Holdorf. Bernice Bishop. 

113. Mrs. Luella P. Johnson, Brighton. Lucile Alexander, Hudson; Jessie R. 

Sprague, Brighton. 

114. Jas. McLain, Barnesville. Nellie Martin, Cornish. 

115. Purcell — G. N. Smedegaard. Sara F. McLean, Purcell. 

116. H K. Puver, Avalo. Retta W. Lewis, Avalo; Mable Irene Wood, Avalo; 

Viola Van Devender, Avalo; Mrs. Floretta Dennison. Kimball, Neb.: 
Esther Elmer, Stoneham. 

117. Mead — J. E. Kitts. 

High School — F. I. Gammill. 

Grades — Mrs. R. H. Love, Syble Payne, Iva C. Watson, Mrs. F. I. 

118. Platteville — James Scott. Edwin G. Young, Muriel Sheppard, Mrs. 

Fannie K. Boak, Ettah Strong, Mrs. Cynthia Camden, Madonna Burdick. 


County Supt. Miss Clara V. Tegner, Wray. 143 Teachers. 

The first name given in the case of each district is that of the secretary 
of the school board. All other names are those of teachers. 

County High School, Yuma — C. E. Patton, Prin.; Eleanor Walker, Pearl Goe- 
bel, Ass't at Wray; Nell Stillwagon, J. A. McKelvey, Ass't at Yuma; 
Eliza Hudson, Marian Orris. 

District — 

1. Yuma — S. T. Hamsher. J. W. Hesler, Prin.; Elmyra Miller, May Atkin- 

son, Edna Hofeld, Imogene Hannan, Jennie Funk, Lulu Miller, Bertha 
Gray, Lena Buchanan. 

2. Wray — H. A. Klingner. H. W. Curtis, Agnes Watson, Lila Sisson, Faye 

Breckenridge, Beatrice Scott, Donna Wittmeyer, Myrtle Humberstone, 
Belle Roush, Pauline Hill. 


3. Yuma — W. F. Johnson. .Minnie A. Benson. 

4. Laird — Mrs. Florence Neifert. J. C. Hunt. 

5. Yuma— Phil. Theobald. Addie I. Phillips. 

6. Wray — Mrs. Art Wells. Lorena Stewart. 

7. Laird — Frank Holcomb. Maggie Calhoon, Fred Tuck. Olive Basquin. 

8. Yuma — H. G. Seide. Mary B. Carter, W. E. Gossett, Ada M. Ramsey. 

9. Wray — Harvey Speicher. Ella Hookinson. 

10. Wray — Henry Renzelman. Etta M. Galbreath. 

11. Laird — N. H. Rifle. N. G. Gish. 

12. Laird — Jesse Roe. Anna I. Bolender. 

13. Wray — Gustave Jesse. Bessie Stewart. 

14. W. T. Burke, Eckley. Mrs. E. Ostrom, Yuma. 

15. Wray — J. J. Cassins. Alice Reed. 

1G. Eckley — F. H. Pounds. Bessie Conway, Charlotte O'Doherty, Adeline 

17. Yuma — Cliff Frydendall. Edith M. Smith. Verna Hartman, Rose Tate. 

18. Wray — A. X. Wilkins. S. G. Sutton. 

19. Yuma — H. H. Brand. Winnie Mae Mackey. 

20. Mrs. Jacob Klein, Wray. Austine Turman, Wray; Lillie Jacohson. 

Wray; Fred Sheridan, Holyoke. 

21. Yuma — W. A. Noble. Mrs. C. E. Critchlow, Hazel C. Johnson. 

2 2. F. O. Minton, Alvin. Vivian Ambler, Wray. 

23. Henry Thompson, Haxtun. H. M. Tucker, Wages; Adelpha Brown, Hax- 

tun; Fowler Hines, Wages. 

24. Eckley — Bert L. M. McKenzie. Ben F. Taylor; May Rice, M. M. 


25. J. W. Weekly, Yuma. Kathryn Swartz, Yuma; Ruth Lind, Eckley. 

26. J. L. Ruberg, Yuma. Ronald Wilson, Haxtun. 

27. Wray — C. C. McGinnis. Jessie C. Wallace, Mary F. Jennings. 

28. W. S. Bradford, Holyoke. Elsie G. Hughes. Lamont. Xeb. ; Charles J. 

Hoschouer, Holyoke. 

29. Yuma — N. A. Basford. Josephine Liden. 

30. Yuma — Warren Giboerson. Xo teacher listed. 

31. Wray — A. R. Baldwin. Vera E. Divine, J. Blair Roush. 

3 2. Holyoke — C. E. Curtis. Alice Fox. 

33. Wray— John C. Clark. Stella May. 

34. John W. Bacon, Holyoke. Miss Ruth Baker, Holyoke; Cecil B. Gossard, 


35. Yuma — Wenzel Black. Mildred J. Bailey. 

36. Eckley — Mrs. Lizzie Allen. Dorothy Dewar, T. H Hooper. 

3 7. Yuma — Edwin Korf. Lily Colson. 

38. H. E. Weeks, Eckley. Virginia Bruce, Wray; Mildred B. Shell, Eckley. 

39. J. M. Morey, Eckley. Harriet Short, Wray; Lulu Horrell, Eckley. 

40. Wray — S. W. Jones. Ina G. Crum. 

41. Louis Korf, Yuma. Anna E. Hall, Alvin. 

42. W. C. Richard, Alvin. Frances Cummins, Yuma. 

43. Vernon — V. H. Yount. Emma Adamson, Fern Allison. 

44. Armel — G. W. Thompson. William Xash. 

45. Armel — A. S. Wreninger. Mrs. Goldie Hedman. 

46. F. E. Anderson, Vernon. Marjorie Xordahl. Wray. 

47. Idalia — Chas. E. Ingalls. Emma Ramsier. 

4 8. Hermes — J. G. Scherrer. Xo teacher listed. 

49. Yuma — E. H. Adair. Leonore Higley. 

50. Eckley — Clifford Whittenburg. Esther Cleland. 

51. Secretary not listed. Maude Davidson. Yuma; Mrs. Bessie Broadstreet. 


5 2. H. B. Campbell, Happy ville. Joephine Essig. Eckley. 
63. Wray — O. E. Peterson. Aestel Kettley. 

55. Yuma — John Slover. Beatrice Kriemelmeyer. 

57. Cope — Mrs. F. M. Galbreath. Xo teacher listed. 

58. Wray — E. M. Cook. Dotie Graham. 


59. Wray — O. A. Clinger. Doris Jordan. 

60. Kirk — Mary E. Justice. Lorene Darling. 

61. Kirk — John Brownwood. Ruby Comstock, Minnie JLewis. 

62. Armel — Frank Nash. Elinor Shirkey. 

63. Kirk — George Liming. No teacher listed. 

65. Vernon — J. M. Botkin. Carrie Thompson. 

66. C. M. Sweazy Vernon. Matilda Gerber, Idalia. 

67. Idalia — J. W. Lentz. Elsie Davidson. 

68. Idalia — John C. Hughey. No teacher listed. 

70. Wray — E. A. Backus. Gladys Leininger. 

71. Wray — C. A. Gelvin. Ellen Jones. 

72. Secretary not listed. Lillian Martin, Yuma. 

73. Laird — F. D. Bullard. Anna Mary Emanuel. 

74. Idalia — J. F. Dieckmann. Lee Maggs. 

75. Thos. E. Morel, Laird. Fannie Bashford, Haigler, Neb. 

76. Mrs. Lucy L. Clarke, Idalia. Anna Mercer, Kirk. 

77. Jaqua, Kans. — Edw. Browning. Grace Mercer. 

78. Jason Morrell, Armel. Glen Soper, Wray. 

79. King S. Davis, Hermes. Grace Daniels, Idalia. 

80. Gurney — Geo. F. Klie. Anna Klein. 

82. Kirk — Geo. Idler. Pearl Millsap. 

83. Hale — Geo. Westfall. Ida Crews. 

84. Yuma — S. J. Ness. Mrs. Winnie Lohman. 

85. Vernon — Mrs. Ida Blacker. Nina Dickson. 

86. J. W. Winfrey, Hale. Mrs. Sadie W. Nohr, Kanorado, Kans 

87. Hale — Mrs. Hazel Cody. Lulu Coston. 

88. Kirk — Walter A. Thompson. Mabel Lohman. 
90. Mrs. Sadie Black, Joes. Mae Nutter, Yuma. 

92. Landsman — Henry C. Delto. Viola Coffey. 

93. Mrs. Lucy Russman, Newton. Fay Wooley, Landsman. 

94. Vernon — J. C. Easton. A. W. Bagley. 

95. Happyville — O. S. Polly. Verda Polly, Mrs. O. S. Polly, Frances Palm. 
97. Kirk — G. D. Warkentin. Dorothy Smith. 

99. Vernon — G. G. Kohlman. Wayne Kohlman. 

100. Charles B. Davis, Happyville. No teacher listed. 

101. Vernon — E. H. Rutledge. Edith Morford. 

102. Armel — Herman Chase. Nellie Kirkland. 

103. Wray — Mrs. Urias Morton. Beulah Briggs. Edith Horton. 

104. Vernon — Henry Foltmer. Fern Wooley. 

105. G. M. Cummings, Armel. Leo Devlin, Hale. 
125. Wray — J. T. Paris. Helen Seegmiller. 


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